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917.94 S227~ A 



fORM 3427-5OO0-B-46 

APR 4 





1858 '-ii'si>'r:w"^ mjTDE,.:T«Afii'! 

CompUed by HENRY a. LANGLEY. . . v»^-r ->' J 

I'UBLIC^A'rtOftf, 144 "WvT' irWiTON- STipSET, TTE STAIBS. • I 

[^ JoilAH J. EiSoUNT, i 

^^ cXO: 111 MOj^TGOMEKi r^T^lET, . i 





^' '1 

V^NI ) 

^ , ^'d> Ajf :^^ J^ '"" t,'y X .'/.: ^it^^j.. '-r 
iixjiLiisra- .a.i>tid|i^it f^oc3-:^. /^ t > i 

vlvAl;.-) (>vl'«'.-"T' *'.'':r:!;, s f,r;,i:.' ;i' i -^i../ .>iiwi.w«ji »'1?sn 



^ ■!'**i*l-lV*|l> 

• >'^*^•■-^^Tl^I3B*^^" 

i I\ FISHKR, A -. I.N :V--.--S \ fSC^. ' 


I • 




Nos.'lld and 117 California i 


ir^ The Public are respectfully .invited to call an 
^ "Goods and Prices. Having been established in the 
the Fall of 1850, we flatter ourselves on being able 
keep up a Stock of FURNITURE which 


< •• » » 



^^' Particular attention paid to Packing and Forwarding Gooc 
Wholesale Sealers and Hotels Fnmished on the most reaso 


.. 1 


Importer and Wholesale Dealer in 




k W^ %^^i5* 



Importers and Dealers in 


* »■ •ifii 



Noi1li-¥esl Corner of Saiisome and Commercial Sts. 

m? A 

J-- R. 3VIEA.3D, I. B. I»XTIlI3-5r, 







i^:) ^ 02. 5^ ca ^e:? a 


mind 8TifB8 Mm §TBAM8HIP CO. 

U. S. MAIL LINE for GARDNER CITY, (Umpqna River,) EUREKA, 
(Humboldt Bay), CRESCENT CITY and PORT ORFORD. Leaves immedi- 
ately after the arrival of the Atlantic Mails. Steamer COLUMBIA. 

(W. T.) Leaves immediately after the arrival of the Atlantic Mails. Steamer 






President, James Whitney, jr. Vice-Preaident, B. M. Jessup. Secretary, Wm. Norris. 

Carrying the United States Mails. 

Steamer JS'EW WORLD, Capt. Sam'l Seymour. 
Steamer ANTELOPE, Capt. E. A. Poole. 
Steamer WILSO]^ G. HUNT. [Chadwick. 

Steamer HELEN HENSLEY, Capt. E. C. M. 
Steamer URILDA, Capt. E. Concklin. 
Steamer J. BRAGDON, Capt. E. Z. Clarke. 
Steamer CORNELIA. 

One of the above Steamers will leave Jackson Street Wharf, 

EVERY DAY, at Four o'clock, P. M. 

(Sundays excepted,) for 


Connecting with light draft Steamers for 

•IfKarysville^ Colusi and Red Bluffs. 

For further particulars inquire at the ofiSce of the Compauy, 

AGEWTS— A. REDINGTON, Sacrartiento ; H. OILMAN, JfarvwiJk ; J. S. JOHNSON, 
Red Bluffs; J. S. PRATT, Stockton. 





m mm 


The undersigned has established in the City of San Francisco a BANK, under 
the above name, style and title. The object is to furnish a safe place of deposit to all 
classes of the community, especially to FAKMERS, MINERS and MECHANICS. 
For the accomplishment of this object there has been conveyed to competent and 
reliable Trustees, 

Amounting to not less than Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars. 

Certificates of Deposit will be issued for any amount, from Five Dollars upwards, 
but no Certificate will be issued bearing interest for a less sum than one Hundred 
Dollars, nor for a shorter time than si.\ months. The interest paid upon these Cer- 
tificates will be at the rate of three per cent, per annum. 

ALL MONEYS LOANED will be upon First Class Securities — but borrowers will 
be required to pay all the expenses of searching titles, drawing mortgages and other 
papers — the right reserved to the Bank to say who shall search the titles, draw the 
papers, and the manner in which they shall be drawn. 

Gold Dust will be received and deposited at the United States Mint, or any Assay 
Office, for Assay, and the depositors of the same charged the usual market rates for 
so doing. 


Purchased and forwarded, charging usual commissions in such cases, but no Exchange 
will be forwarded without funds or ample satisfactory security in hand. 
The Bank is situated in the CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, on the North-East 


"And will be open daily, (Sundays and Holidays excepted,) from 9 A. M. until 4 P. M. 
On every Saturday Evening from 7 to 9 o'clock, and on the Night previous to the 
sailing of the Steamers from 7 o'clock until IIP. M. 


San Francisco, October 31, 1857. 



















coivdivXissioasrER, or ideeids eok, 

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Oregon. 


Carefully drawn in Spanish and English, and Translations made. 





S.A.:tT EK,-A.lSrCISCO- 

BAILEY SARGENT, Peopeietor. 

• The EXCHANGE has been entirely Remodeled, Painted and Renovated 

throughout, — new Furniture supplied, and a commodious Dining Hall and Reading 

Room added ; making it one of the most comfortable Hotels in the State. Every 

exertion will be made to satisfy the Public, both as to accommodations and prices. 

The Proprietors will set the 


And has 130 fine hard-finished Rooms. Ladies' Entrance to the Hotel, 
corner of Sansome and Halleck Streets. 

Is always in readiness to convey passengers to and from the Hotel, or to 
any part of the City, for ONE DOLLAR. 









Wm. Taaffe, Thomas McCahill, Thomas Uasterson, A. T. Green, 



Henry Baker & Co., - Waite & Battles, 

The ORIENTAL RICE MILLS are now in successful operation, and are capa- 
ble of hulling, cleaning and polishing, from 50,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. of Paddy, 
Rice or CofiFee per day. Having a spacious fire-proof Brick Building, where Insur- 
ance can be effected with the BEST COMPANIES at low rates, we are enabled to 
receive the above articles for cleaning, etc., to the extent of 1500 tons, free of storage. 



Surveying and Navigation Warehouse 


lut^ tu (SBSTSM Emm. 





We have now our ROPE WALK in operation, and are Manufacturing 
CORDAGE of the best quality, from PURE HEMP, direct from MAN- 
ILA, and have constantly on hand, 


TUBES & CO., 139 Front Street. 













zsiTOR or tax "statz ezoisies." 


OFFICE OP THE DIRECTORY, 144 Washington St., Room 4, up stairs ; J. J. LECOUNT, 



No. 129 SaoBome Street, near Washington. 


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the Tear of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, 

By henry G. LANGLET & CO. 

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Northern District of the State of California. 


The San Fsan-cisco Directory for 1858, is the first volume of that 
■work issued by the present compiler ; and in placing the result of his la- 
bors before the public, he considers it an appropriate occasion to make a 
few remarks relative to the enterprise in which he is engaged. 

In the preparation of the present volume, the compiler has aimed to 
arrange a Directory more comprehensive in its plan, and more systematic 
in its arrangement, than any publication of a similar character hitherto 
issued in California. He has endeavored to present a Manual of Ref- 
erence so useful and valuable, that its successors may be deemed wel- 
come annual visitors to every citizen. To this end he has devoted un- 
remitting industry and the most vigilant care. How far he has given evi- 
dence of his ability to accomplish this, must be del^ermined by the succeed- 
ing 'pages; and in referring thereto, he only asks that indulgence for any 
defects which may exist therein, that he has a right to expect, when the 
peculiarities of the enterprise are taken into consideration. 

There is, probably, no enterprise which is surrounded with so many 
obstacles to its successful prosecution, as the preparation of a work like the 
present ; and especially in this city, where there is so much reluctance ex- 
pressed by many persons to communicate the necessary information. In 
this respect, the compiler has met with so many cases where parties have 
refused their names, occupation and residence, that it has required con- 
siderable time and labor to complete the work in a satisfactory manner. 
He anticipates, however, that these difficulties will not exist to any con- 
siderable extent hereafter, and that a more universal desire will be ex- 
pressed to assist him in his efforts to establish permanently a work of 
so much importance to the city, as a ' complete and reliable Directory. 
The almost entire a.bsence of numbers from buildings throughout the 
city, is another obstacle which prevents the exact locality of residence 
being fixed. The only portion of our population who appear to regard 


this matter in a proper light, are the Chinese merchants, who, without 
an exception, have their places of business correctly and conspicuously 
numbered — an example that should not be lost sight of by their more 
intelligent neighbors. 

The contents of the present volume will be found, on examination, to be 
of considerable interest to the citizens of San Francisco, and in its selection 
the compiler has aimed to include, not only a register of the residents, but 
such information connected with the progress and present condition of the 
city as would best illustrate its importance and character. The register 
comprises eighteen thousand, five hundred names — nearly seven thousand 
more than are contained in the Directory of last year published by Mr. Col- 
ville. This addition is not owing altogether to an increase of the population, 
but from the fact of a more thorough canvass of the city having been made, 
and many portions included which hitherto were omitted. In the arrange- 
ment of the different firms, the style of the Boston Directory of Mr. 
Adams, has been adopted, and a thorough alphabetical arrangement pur- 
sued throughout. 

The Business Directory, a feature introduced in a' General Directory 
for the first time in California, comprises over six thousand different per- 
sons, residents of the city, arranged and classified under appropriate 
heads. This department will be found useful for reference, and a valuable 
addition to the work. The Appendix contains the organization of the mu- 
nicipal government, including the various departments and the oflBcers 
thereof, together with appropriate references to the different associations, 
and a variety of information connected therewith. The Historical Eeview 
also contains many interesting facts and statistics, exhibiting the progress 
and present condition of the city, worthy of attention and consideration. 

In closing these remarks the compiler would express his thanks for the 
uniform courtesy extended to him during the progress of his labors; the 
prompt and ready acquiescence exhibited by the different public officers in 
furnishing information, and the valuable assistance rendered by numerous 
friends is warmly appreciated. The San Francisco Directory for 1859, will 
be issued in January next. 



Historical Review 7-34 

Improvemeats 7 

Population 7 

Public Scliools 8 

Finances of the City 17 

Valuation of Property 17 

Debt of the City 18 

Receipts and Expenditures 18 

Returns of County Assessor 18 

Operations of tlie Custom House 19 

Operations of the Branch Mint 19 

Tonnage of San Francisco 19 

Exports 20 

Imports 20 

Arrivals and Departures of Passengers. . .20 

Clipper Fleet 2o 

Chronological History 21-34 

General Review 34-44 

Education and Public Schools 35-40 

Churches 40 

Relipous and Benevolent Societies 40 

Sunday Schools 40 

Masonic Fraternity 41-383 

I. 0. of Odd Follows 41-384 

Associations 41 

Fire Department 41 

Review Industrial Enterprises 42-44 

Register of Names 49-291 

Changes, Removals, etc .■45—48 

Directory of Streets 291-296 

Numerical do. do 297-299 

Paries, Squares, etc 296 

Buildings 299-300 

Halls, Blocks and Rows 300 

Places of Amusement 300 

Prominent Points 300 

Public Buildings 301 

Wharves 301 

Key to Public Offices 301 

Business Directory 303-327 

Consolidation Act 329-360 


Municipal Government 361-363 

Board of Supervisors 361 

City and County Officers 361 

District OClicers 362 

Police Department 363 

Public Scliools 363 

Board of Education 363 

Fire Department 363-369 

Act of Organization 367-369 

Federal and State Offices 369-372 

Custom House 370 

Branch Mint 371 

U. S. Surveyor General 371 

Post Office 371 

Courts 372 

Churches 373-377 

Baptist 373 

Congregationalist 373 

Episcopal 374 

German Lutheran 374 

Hebrew 377 

Methodist Episcopal 374 

Presbyterian 375 

Roman Catholic 376 

Unitarian 376 

Swedenborgian 377 

Associations and Societies 377-384 

Masonic Fraternity 383 

I. 0. Odd Follows 384 

Military .,..385 

Newspapers 386 

Insurance Companies 386 

Incorporated Companies 387 

Telegraph Lines 388 

Consuls 389 

Hospitals 389 

Cemeteries 389 

Ocean Steamers 390 

Steamboats 390 

Expresses 390 

Omnibusses 391 

Stages 391 

I1>TI3E^ TO -A.r)"V"EK,TISEIva:E3SrTS. 

Advertising Agent. 

L. P. Fiflher, (corcr), 1 


Craine ft Englnnd 87 


C. Nahl & Brother 212 


Henry Hcntsdi 148 

.lusth A, Hunter 166 

Wass, Uznay Sc Warwick 199 


Mme. De Cassias 412 

Attorneys at La^v. 

Cyril V, Grey l.'iS 

Thompsou, IrvinfE & Pate 268 

Manchester &, llodgea 404 


Joseph Boyd 72 


Henry Hentsch 148 

Samuel Brannnn 4 

Wells, Fargo * Co 328 


Dr. Bourne 71 

Geo. Locicero & Co 180 

J. Orief ft John C. Smith 40* 

BlHInrd Saloons. 

Torrence & Parker 397 

Billiard Table Ilaiinf. 

W. Jurres 409 

Blind Manufacturer. 

P. R. .Tuhnson 166 

Boiler atid Sheet Iron AVorks. 

Coffey ft Risdon 102 

Book Binders. 

Alexander Buswell 101 

J.J. Lecouut, (cover) 1 


J. J. Lecouut, (cover) 1 

Lee ft Carl 179 

Bool 8 and Shoes. 

Jonkina & l>ugan 166 

John Lavi-U ISO 

SwaiD ft Slocomb 412 

Brass Foundry. 

John C. Ayrea 64 


Hochler, Wieland ft Co 4OT 

Albert 0. Randall 6 


C. W. ft G. W. Amies 54 

John A. Wolf. 282 

Cauiphene and Oil. 

Geo. Diotz&Co 108 

Stott ft Co 260 

Stantord Brothers 400 


Thomas W. Clark 95 


Lanszweert ft Co 259 

Farmer, Cliase ft Co 411 


Thomas Tennent 8 

Barrett ft Sherwood 60 


Miohels ft Co 234 


Lockwood ft Hendrio, (cover) 4 

Mead ft Co 1 

Boucher ft Garwig 60 

Bernard Curran 88 

Davis ft Bowers f. 114 

Ooldstone, Friedlander ftCo 138 

L. King ft Brother 392 



Colleges and Schools. 

Ban FranciHco College 393 

Young LadifB' Seminary 402 

CommlJialoti MerchaiiUi, 

Flint, I'eabody & Co 130 

M. Frisius 1^59 

John Winter 281 

J. y. Wilson , 281 

Sam 11. Prichard & Brother 398 


Mercer & Bernheim 200 

J. Began 233 


Jas. Ramage & Jas, Stewart 398 

^ Cordage. 

Tubbs AiCo 8 

Crockery and Glass. 

Joseph Gonella 135 

Swain & Co 260 


CO. Knowloa 268 

Drugs and Medicines. 

Charles Morrill 1 

Dry Goods. 

F. J. De St. Ours .' ,114 

N. Goldschniidt & Co 136 

Ilambnrger Brothers 147 

Eugene Kelly »fc Co 171 

Simon & Bohni 246 

TaatTo, iMcCahill &Co 7-267 

M. Elgntter & Co 392 


R.Christian 88 

JSniployment Office. 

George W. Chapin 96 

S^ngravers and Designers. 

"Warreu C. Butler 7S 

Harrison Eastman 120 

A. Kiiner 172 

William J;;. Goldsmith .*. 402 

William Klump 403 

' Expresses. 

Alta Express Co 53 

Freeman & Co 130 

Nichols & Co 212 

Wells, Fargo & Co 328 


Peter Donahue 113 

Goddard & Co 191 

Vulcan Iron Works' Co 282 

Fulton Foundry 394 


G.O.Whitney, (cover) 2 

Jonas G. Clark &. Co. (cover) 4 

J. T. Pidwell 222 

Uent^s Furnishing Goods. 

Neustadter Brothers 2l2 

Gold Pens. 

George E, Higgins 156 

Grocers . 

Reynolds & Law 233 

Biedericli Tienckon 268 

Guns, etc. 

0. H. Bogart 60 

Charles Curry 96 

1. C. E. Klepzig & Co 172 

A. J. Taylor & Co 404 

Hair Ornaments. 

D. Bush 78 


William Alvord &Co .',.53 

Kenyon & Co .'392 

Hats and Caps. 

Collins & TiflFany 88 

Fisher & Co 129 

Hosiery, etc. 

M. Cannavan 37 


American Exchange 6 and 2U 

Xew York Hotel , 69 

Franklin Hotel 200 

Mansion House 211 

St. Nicholas 221 

Union Hotel 267 

California Hotel 403 


William Schmolz 245 

Thomas Tennent 8 

J. Boach 413 

Insurance, etc. 

Arthur B. Stunt 96 

Dickson, Do Wolf & Co 107 

Falkner, Bell & Co 129 

Haven & Johnston 147 

K. S. Haven 147 

Morris Spcyer .' 191 

Smith Brothers & Co 246 

Alsop &Co 393 

Iroit IVorks. 

Joua. Kittredge 171 

liacc 'Washer. 

Madame Bigot 59 


Marcus M. Baldwin 403 

liard Refinery. 

E.Gallagher & Co 412 


Henry Hangary 259 

Leather, etc. 

William Field 129 

Lime and Cement. 

Da-\is & Jordan 108 


Dr. S. Hayes 408 


S. H. Meeker & Co 200 

Wormser Brothers 282 

S.S.Phillips & Co 410 

Looking Glasses. 

Jones, Wooll & Sutherland 404 

SlacaronI and Vermicelli. 

Meuli & Schulthi-ss 395 


h. P. Garcin & Co .ISC 


Pioneer Match Manufactory 395 


Mrs. H. Garrison SS 


Oriental Rice Mills 7 

A. Kohler 172 

Music Teachers. 

Mr. & Mrs. Planel 221 

Native Wines. 

Kohler & Frohliog 171 

Saiusevain Bros 245 

IVcM'S Agents. 

J. H. Still & Co 401 

L. P. Fisher, (cover) 1 

JVcvrspapers and Journals. 

Daily Evening Bulletin 119 

>\'eekly Gleaner 120 

The California Family A'isitor 405 

Notailcs Public. 

C. J. Erenham 59 

Wm. L. Higgins 156 

Swasey & Peckham 246 

Opera House. 

Thomas Maguiro 192 


Charles McDonald & Co 200 

Paints, Oils and <Sla8S. 

Bloomer & Raye 72 

Painters. Sign and Ornamental. 

JohnW.Denny 107 

Thomas Robinson 233 

Wilkcy & Donovan 281 

Patent Medicines. 

T. Jones 396 

S. Hayes 408 I 

Paper Dealers. I 

Geo. J. Brooks & Co 77 

Lee & Carl 179 I 

Pa^vn Brokers. 

H. Myers 408 


Dr. L. J. Czapkay 406 '■ 

Piano Fortes. 

Woodworth & Co B 


S. D. Valentine & Son 4U I 


Hill&Butler 156 

Lcmoine, Froment & Co 180 


Henry J. Labatt 406 

Henry G. Langley &, Co. (cover) 4 4 302 

D. Norcross ! 


Saulmann Jk Lauonsteiu 259 1 

Creamer & Linderman 412 I 

Sail Makers. 

Berwick & Burns 59 

!!iniaiuander Safes. 

F. Tillman J 

Sash, nilndsand Doors. 

Chittenden & Culverwell ^. 95 

P. A. Johnson 165 

Waiving and Planing. 

Hobbs, Gilmore & Co 155 


Rev. J. A. Shepherd 402 : 

Serving Machines* 

S. 0. Brig:ham 72 ' 

Wheeler & Wilson, (cover), S and 156 
J. H. Duuuell 409 1 


Lyman Clark 101 

L. Coburn 102 


California Stage Company 391 


J. J. Lecount, (cover) 1 

Lee & Carl 179 


Pacific Mail S. S.Co 2 

California Steam Navigation Co 3 

Stencil Cutter* 

J. F. Hall 155 

Stereotjije Foundry. 

Burke A Kellogg 413 


J. G. Libbcy ISO 

Stoves, Furnaces, etc. 

Henry Austin 54 

Sugar Refinery. 

San Francisco Refinery 413 : 

Syrups, Cordials, etc* 

Crevolin & Co 95 

Turner Brothers 398 

Tailors and Drapers. 

Boucher & Garwig 60 

Bernard Curran 88 


Helena Wingatc 281 

Nathaniel Gray 405 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

J. S. 4 P. D. Taylor 267 I 

"Watches and tfeivelry. 

A. Andrews 63 | 

Barrett & .Sherwooil 60 

L. Brunner 78 

A. Dubois & Co 114 

Isaac S. Josephi l65 

M.Jordan 165 

"Wlllo^v Ware* 

Joseph Ottignon & Co 403 

AVood and Coal. 

James Adams 64 ' 

Writing Academy. 
Sears & Heffley 234 


Since the publication of the San Francisco Directory for 1857, the progress of the 
Citv has been more liealthy than during any previous year of its existence. It is true 
tliat there has not been the same reckless spirit exhibited as characterized the opera- 
tions of many of its citizens during the early period of its history, but an examination 
of the statistics of trade and commerce and the returns of the different departments 
of government, together with the evidences set forth in the present volume, will fully 
establish the fact that the City has never been more substantially prosperous than it 
is at the close of the year 1857. Under the wise and salutary operations of the Con- 
solidation Act, the municipal affairs of the government have been administered with 
energy, fidelity and success ; although the stringency of a few of the provisions of that 
measure, may have occasioned, in some instances, considerable inconvenience ; jet 
the genial result of it9,operations, in checking the extravagance of former administta- 
tions, and providing a safe and economical City government lias been such as to meet 
the approval of every true friend of the City. 


The improvements during, the past year have been numerous and permanent in 
their character. Several extensive and substantial edifices dedicated to religion and 
benevolence have been erected and improved, while the number of buildings comple- 
ted for the purposes of trade have been numerous and extensive. One of the most 
gratifying evidences of the real prosperity of the City is exhibited by the number of 
buildings occupied as private residences, many of which have been finished during 
the past year. It is believed that of those vacant a year since, not one-fourth are now 
unoccupied. The condition of the streets exhibits a marked improvement, and the sys- 
tem of sewerage now being adopted must have a tendency not only to improve, but 
greatly to advance the value of real estate. 

The Public Schools. 

Notwithstanding that during the entire year past, the Department of Public Schools 
has been oppressed by constant and serious embarrassment, perceptible progress has 
been made in the perfecting of our School system. The High School has been per- 
manently established, the grades of other Schools have been raised, and consequently 
the standard of qualification for admission to the corps of Teachers ; three new School 
Houses have been erected, one purchased, and several improved. In all respects 
throughout the department, evidences of improvement are to be observed. For a full 
review and historical sketch of the Public Schools, see page 35. 

The census returns for this City and County, as given by Henry B. Janes, County 
Superintendent of Public Schools, show the following returns of children in this City: 


Total number of children 9,024 

do. do. between the ago3 of 4 and 18 years: boys, 2,498 ; girls, 2,572 5,070 

do. do. between 4 and 10 years 2,983 

do. do. under 4 years; boys, 1,933; girls, 2,013 3,946 

do. do. attending schools, public and private 3,407 

do. do. of orphans 265 

do. do. white children 8,910 

do. do. of colored children 114 


In the absence of reliable data, it is difficult to make an estimate that will approxi- 
mate to the present population of this City. From careful observation, however, and 
a consideration of such information bearing upon the subject, as we have been able to 
obtain, it is believed that it exceeds the estimates heretofore made. This is evident 
from the extent of names in the present volura'e, over eighteen thousand, which is fifty 
per cent, more than are contained in the issue for 1856, and the greatly increased 
number of women and children now residing in the City. The following estimate is 
offered as the result of our investigations : 

(her twenty-one years of age. — The number of names contained in present volume. .18,600 

Foreigners, including Chinese, not registered 7,000 

Floating population, and persons engaged upon the rivers, etc 4,000 

Females 15,000 

^ 44,500 

Under tipenty-one. — Between four and eighteen years of age 6,000 

Under four years 7,000 

Over eighteen, and under twenty-one 3,000 


Total population 60,600 

Inquests of 1866 and 1857. 

We are indebted to the courtesy of ex-Coroner Kent for the following list of inquests 
held by him during his term of office, extending from October, 1855, to the close of 
September 1857 : Apoplexy, 16 ; Burnt to Death, 6 ; Casualty, 25 ; Cholera, 6 ; Com- 
pound Fracture, 1 ; Congestion of Brain, 4 ; Convulsions, 4 ; Debility, 10 ; Delirium 
Tremens, 3 ; Drowned, 83; Exhumed, 7 ; Falling from Horse, 1 ; Heart Disease, 8 ; 
Hemorrhage, 8 ; Hung by Law, 1 ; Hung by Vigilance Committee, 4 ; Infanticide, 8; 
Intemperance, 26 ; Killed by Circular Saw, 1 ; Killed by falling in the Station House 
at the hands of Officer Bowers, 1 ; Knife Wound, 3 ; Lus Venerea, 4 ; Murdered, 25 ; 
Natural Causes, 37 ; Ossification of Aorta, 5 ; Pistol Shot Wound, 5 ; Poisoned, 7 ; 
Premature discharge of Cannon, 1 ; Rupture of Blood Vessel, 4 ; Scalded, 3 ; Scurvy, 
1; Skull, fracture of, 8 ; Spine Disease, 1 ; Still Born, 16 ; Suffocation, 3; Suffocation 
by Carbonic Acid Gas, 2 ; Suffocation by button in the Throat, 1 ; Suffocation by 
piece of meat in the Throat, 1; Suicide, 44; Syphilis, 10; Unknown Causes, 14; 
Total, 418. 

The above comprises the most important cases ; the total number of inquests held 
amounted to nearly five hundred. During the first year there were more drowned 
than during the last, in consequence of the condition of the wharves in the eastern 
portion of the City. During the past year the number of murders and suicides have 
greatly increased over those of the year 1856. 


Finances of the Oity. 

The condition of the Finances of tlie City at the close of the year 1857, as exhibited 
by the figures herewith presented, is of the most gratifying character. For the first 
time since the organization of the municipal government, the expenditures are much 
less than the receipts, and if the operations of the Treasury for the first six months of 
tlie fiscal year, are to be taken as an indication, there will be at its close, in addition to 
the amounts appropriated by law for the redemption of the Civil Bonds of 1851, 
$50,000, and the Fire and SchQol Bonds of 1854, 821,607 ; total, $71,607, a hand- 
some surplus in the Treasury. The expenditures for the present fiscal year are esti- 
mated at $770,693 including f;241,000 for interest, and $71,667 for the redemption of 
Bonds; leaving a balance of $457,900 as the actual expenses of the government. 
This sum includes the outstanding indebtedness of 1856-'57, amounting to $123,467. 
Tlie average yearly expenditures from July 1853 to June 1856, were $1,778,045, mak- 
ing an annual saving under the present Municipal Act of |>1,320,079, per annum. 

The report of the Treasurer, December 31, 1856, exhibits a balance in the Treasury 
of $240,808 74; of this amount $137,135 50 is set aside for the payment of interest 
and the redemption of the Bonds of 1851, the remainder as follows : 

State of California $28,490 G3 

Sinking Fund County of San Francisco 1,900 00 

Sdiool Fund (old) 6,028 22 

School Fund ISSWSS 20,313 71 

Redemption State and County Taxes 268 22 

Special Prosecuting Attorney's Fund 5 'jg 

Interest account Fire and Civil Bonds 19,000 00 

Sinking Fund Fire and School Bonds. .> 21,666 66 

Valuation of Property for 1857— '68.* 

Ahstrad from the Assessment Books of the City,forthe Current Fiscal Year commencing July "f, \%h1 : 

Real Estate $16,106,890 

Improvements thereon 7,814,920 

Personal Property 15,784,295 

Total Assessments, 1857-58 $39,706,105 

It may not be uninteresting for property owners to compare with the above, last 
year's amounfe, viz. : 

Real Estate $17,827,61 7 

Improvements thereon 8,345,667 

Personal Property 4,194,970 

Total Assessments, 1856-'57 $30,368,264 

As contrasted with last year, there is an increase on the present, on the gross amount, 
of ($9,337,851) nine miUion.1, three hundred and thirty-seven thousand, eight hun- 
dred and fifty-ond dollars : attributable to the fact that mortgages and consigned 
goods, together with the shipping as registered in the Custom House, have been in- 
cluded in the personal property for the first time, this year. The item of " Steamers, 
Vessels and Sailing Craft," alone amounts to ($1,637,400) one million, six hundred 
and thirty- seven thousand, four hundred dollars. 

• Evening Bollclln, Oct. 28, 18S7. 




The subjoined tabular form gives at a comprehensive glance the amounts of the 
assessments, together with rates of taxation of the City and County of San Fran- 
cisco, for eight fiscal years, since the first organization of our local government, viz : 


Rate of 
Taxation por 




Eenl Estate. 


Personal Property. 

Yearly Total. 


§2 00 


In Peraonal 




4 10 





1852 — 1853 

4 41 






3 88J 





1854 — 1855 

3 85J 






3 85i 





185G— 1857 

2 30 






2 30 





Debt o£ the City and County, January 1, 1858. 

Bonds outstanding, 1851, ten per cent $1,456,400 

To liquidate which there is in the hands of Fund Com- 
missioners $114, 1 03 

Duefrom City ^^S.^-^ 

Bonds, School, 1854, seven per cent 60,000 

•' Fire, 1854, ten per cent 200,000 


■ $1,203,467 


To liquidate which there is in City Treasurj', (Sinking Fund) 21,667 


" Civil, 1856, sis per cent 324,500 

" Civil, (County), 1852, seven percent 1,900 

Scrip registered (estimated), bearing ten per cent, interest ^08,500 ^^^ ^^^ 

To liquidate which there'is in City Treasury ^'^"Q ^^g ^^^ 

Scrip* outstanding, 1856 l,3n,U2 

■ Total Present Debt $3,646,932 : 

Receipts and Expenditures for Fiscal Tear ending June 30, 1858 : 

Receipts from all sources, estimated $1,105,000 ' 

Expenditures as folloios : 

Outstanding audited accounts $123,467 

Interest account Bonds 1851 146,540 

School Bonds 4,200 

" Fire Bonds 20,000 

" " Civil Bonds 19,470 1 

'• " Countv Scrip and Bonds 50,850 

■' 241,060 I 

Sinliinfr Funds for payment of Bonds ' • • • 71,666 

GeneralFund 192,000 

Police " ^O'""" 

School " ^O'^OO 

„ . , „ 2,500 

Special : „0,Cil3 

Estimated esce'ss for year ending June 30, 1858 $334,307 

* Amount reported by Board of Esaminers, 1856. Forged Scrip rejected, $362,826. 


Returns of the County Assessor, San Francisco Co., November 1, 1857 : 

Si'RFACE.— Approximate area in acres, 26,000; land cultivated, 900 acres; land, 
arable, uncultivated, 9,000 acres; land for grazing, 6,000 acres; land occuiiied by the 
city proper, 2,100 acres; land, mostly barren sand hills, 8,000 acres. Of the culti- 
vated portion, 500 acres are used for vegetable gardens, producing several crops a 

Aguicultukal rBonrcTS. — Wheat, 25 acres, 700 bushels; barley, 110 acres, 4,200 
bushels; oats, 90 acres, 1,960 bushels; beans, 2 acres, 100 bushels; potatoes, 60 
acres, 5,000 bushels; hay, 22 acres, 45 tons; butter, 6,000 pounds; cheese, 2,000 
pounds ; eggs, 9,000 dozen. 

Fruit Tkees and Vi.\es. — Fruit trees of various Ifinds, about 10,000; gooseberry 
bushes, 4,500; raspberry, 3,000 ; currant,4,500; strawberry vines, 50,000; grape, 1,200. 

Live Stock. — Horses, American, about 2,500; horses, Spanish, tame, about 100; 
mules, about 100 ; cows, 1,800 ; bulls, 40 ; calves, about 300 ; oxen, about 100 ; stock- 
cattle, none, except such as from time to time are brought in for slaughter ; total 
number of horses, about 2,600 ; total number of cattle, about 2,240 ; sheep, about 
800 ; goats, about 100 ; hogs, about 500 ; chickens, about 4,000 ; turkeys, about 300 ; 
ducks, about 600; geese, about 100. 

AxiMALs Slaughtered a Year.— Cattle, about 10,000; hogs, about 5,000 ; sheep, 
.about 10,000. 

Operations of the Custom House, 

Value of goods entered for duty, 84,410,265; for warehousing, $1,987,089; with- 
drawn for consumption, 81,000,963 ; do. for export, 8238,226. The amount of cash 
received during the year 1857, §1,507,019 50. Amount received 1856, $1,675,108 ; 
decrease, $168,088 50. 

Operations of United States Branch Mint at San Francisco, for the year ending 

December 31, 1857. 

Deposits of Gold, 1,067,594 ounces; do. of Silver, 45,314 ounces. Coinage, Gold 
Coin, $20,407,000 ; Silver Coin, $109,500 ; do. Bars, $16,541. Total Coinage, in- 
cluding Silver Bars, $20,533,041. The total Coinage for 1856, amounted to $28,- 
903,044. During the year 1857, the operations of the Branch Mint were suspended 
for the purpose of settlement and repairs, from the 23d of April to 10th of August, 
and again'from the 1st to the 23d November. 

Tonnage of San Francisco, 1857. 

The number of vessels which arrived during the year is 1583. Total tonnage, 
427,560 ; of which 1458, with a tonuage of 382,858, were American, and 125, with a 
toimage of 44,708, were foreign. The tonnage for the year 1856, amounted to 
345,897, of which 305,519 were American, and 40,378 were foreign; increase in 
1857 : American, 77,339 ; foreign, 4,330. Total 81,069 or nearly 24 per cent. 

The number of departures during the same period was 848. Total tonnage, 
337,022 ; of which 719, with a tonnage of 291,879, were American, and 129, with a 
tonnage of 45,143, were foreign. The tonnage for the year 1856, amounted to 
389,260, of which 347,451 were American, .-md 41,809 were foreign. 



Exports for 1867. 

The valuation of sliipments, other than treasure, during the year 1857, amounts to 
$4,473,845 ; of which, ii2,342,000 was shipped to New York, and $2,131,845 exported 
to foreign countries. Shipments of flour, 9,342 barrels; wheat, 3,801 bags; barley, 
179,556 bags; oats, 50,558 bags; potatoes, 15,521 bags; quicksilver, 23,409 flasks. 


The imports for the past year exhibit a large decrease compared with the year 1856, 
which may be accounted for in a measure by the fact that this State is increasing its 
manufactures, thereby lessening the demand for articles of eastern manufacture. The 
total sum paid for freights during the year amounts to nearly $3,000,000. 

Amount of Treasure Shipped from the Port of San Francisco, 

From 1849 to 1857, inclusive. 


January ... 
February .. 







September . 
October . . . . 
Noveir.ber. , 
December . . 



■ 84'l,658 









4,921,250 27.676,346 42,582,696 46,586,134 57,881,024 51,328,658 43,080,211 48,887,543 48,916,207 





4 072,886 


(.18,508,895 .j 
i 12,415,178 ■! 




Total from April 11th, 1849, to December 31st, 1857, $371,370,063. 

Arrivals and Departures of Passengers for 1857. § 
The total arrivals during the year is 24,759, of whom 18,802 were men, 4,272 wo- 
men and 1,685 children. The departures during the same period were 16,902, of 
whom 14,924 were men, 1,104 women and 814 children. E.xcess of arrivals, 7,857, 
of whom 3,878 were men, 3,108 women, and 871 childen. The arrivals during 1856, 
amounted to 29,630. Departures during same period, 22,747. Excess of arrivals, 
0,883. Do. of 1857, 7,857. Increase for 1857, 974. 

The California Fleet of 1857. 

The shortest passage from New York to San Francisco in 1857 was made by fhe 
Great Republic, which arrived on March 9th, in 91 days. The Flying Dragon arrived 
March 5th, in 97 days, and the Westward Ho on the 2eth of same month, in 101 
days. The average time made direct from New York during the year, was a fraction 
over 130 days, against 128 days in 1850, and 135 in 1855. 

The shortest time from Boston, was made by the Morning Star, which arrived 
March 16th, in 101 days. The average time during the year was 136 days, against 
131 days in 1856, and 136 days in 1855. 

* The amount shipped previous to April, 1849, is estimated at $3,200,000. — Himfi Magazine^ 1853. 

f Books of the Custom House destroyed by .fire. The amount shipped during the year is here stated. 

J The books of the Custom House were destroyed by fire, June, 1861. The returns previous to that date, have been 
obtained from the foUowintr sources : From April, 1849, (date of departure of the first steamer for Panama,) to No- 
vember, 1849, from the shipments of the Pacific Mail S. S. Co., and from that date to June, 1S61, from a communi- 
cation of T. liutler King, Collector, to the Senate of California. See Senate Journal, 1852, p. 650. 
2 San Francisco Prices Current, Jan. 2, 1868. 



From October 1, 1836, to December 31, 1837. 

October 1. 1856. — The first paper mill in California was put in operatiou. It is 
situated near Toiuales Bay, about ten miles above Bolinas, and was erected by Messrs. 
V. B. Post and Samuel B. Taylor. The experiment proved very successful, and the 
'paper made at this mill has since been used by the San Francisco publishers in pre- 
ference to that imported. 

Oct. 7. — An attempt was made to sink the new steamer Orizaba, while lying 
at the wharf, foot of Washington street. Some malicious person went on board 
through one of the ports, and opened the fire-room valves, or stops. Water flowed 
in with great rajiidity, and when discovered in the morning, the steamer was aground 
with several feet of water in the hold. She was soon pumped out, and the valves se- 
cured. Had the water at the landing been very deep, the damage would have been 

Oct. 22. — The Attorney-General of the State of California commenced a suit 
in the Twelfth District Court, claiming the steamships Uncle Sam, Cortes, Pacific and 
Brother Jonathan, and*the storeships Ark and Rowland, as h.aving escheated to the State, 
on the ground that the corporation of the " Accessory Transit Company," owners of 
said property, had been abolished and dissolved by the government of Nicaragua. 

November 5. — James Kennovan, an American by birth, aged 43 years, accom- 
plished the feat of walking lOG consecutive hours on a platform. This was considered 
the greatest teat on record, but he exceeded it by several hours a few months after- 
wards in this city. 

Nov. 13 AXD 14. — The great real estate sale of the Folsom property took place. 
The total amount of prices for which the lots were sold, was §423,135, and the 
aggregate prices realized exceeded the appraised value of the property by about 
818,000. The purchasers generally were not speculators, but those who soon after 
improved their property. The Union Theatre on Commercial street brought $8,000 ; 
and the Custom House Block sold for $47,000. 

Nov. 15. — The newly elected Police Judge, H. P. Coon, took his seat and com- 
menced the duties of his office. On the Monday following, James F. Curtis, the 
new Chief of Police, went into oflSce. At the same time the new Board of Supervi- 
sors held their first meeting; there was no business transacted after the election of 
Clerk of the Board and Police Clerk. 

Nov. 22. — In the U. S. District Court, in the case of tlie United States vs. the 
executors of J. L. Folsom, deceased — suit brought to settle up the accounts of 
Capt. Folsom, as Quartermaster — the Jury rendered a verdict in fiivor of the United 
States for the sum of §186,058, with interest from November 14th, 1855, and costs of 

December 1. — The official votes of the State, (the counties of Plumas and Colusi 
excepted, as the returns had not been received), were counted by the Secretary of 
State and showed the following result: 

For Buchanan ."i 1,925 

" Filmore 35,113 

" FremoDt 20,339 


Geo. Freaner, one of the Presidential electors, was chosen as Messenger to carry the 
electoral vote to Washington. 

The Legislature of the State it was ijscertained Stood : Senate — Democratic, 28 ; 
Picpublicans, 5; Americans, 2. Assemhly — Democrats, 67; Republicans, 9; Amer- 
icans, 4 ; giving the Democrats in joint ballot, a majority of 75 over both the other 


The Fire Di^partinont held au elec-tion for ofticeis, when Frank E. R. "Whitney was 
elected Chief ]inginecr, and Vi. O. f^iuith, D. T. Van Orden, and C. S. Simpson, As- 

])ec. 3. — Complete changes were itiade in the Police Department. Four new cap- 
tains and a niimher of policemen were sworn in; very few of the old force were retained. 

Dec. 5. — Maguire's new Opera House was commenced on the 15th of October and 
finished this date. The first performance was given on the evening of the 6tli. 

Dec. 10. — Jose Y. Limantouv arrested, under an indictment found against liim for 
presenting a fraudulent claim (which was confirmed), to the Land Commission, invol- 
ving a large portion of the City of the San Francisco, Alcatraz Island, and other prop-' 
crty. There was a great excitement in certain quarters in consequence of the arrest, 
lie gave $30,000 bail for his appearance. 

Dec. 15. — An entertainment in compliment to Mons. P. Dillon, late Consul of 
France at this port, was given at the International Hotel on the evening of this date. 
It was a farew ell testimonial previous to his departure from California, and was nume- 
rously attended. 

The San Francisco Gas Company removed the lanterns from almost all the gas 
posts in the city, with the exception of oue at the intersection of each cross street. 
This reduction of light was the result of the action on the part of the Board of Super- 
visors in refusing to pay the price charged for gas by the Company. 

Dec. 22. — Forefathers' Day, celebrated at the International Hotel by a grand 
dinner, which was principally partaken of by gentlemen from the New England States. 
It was well attended, and altogether, was a very happy affair. A great many ad- 
dresses were made on the occasion by difterent gentlemen, most of them worthy of 
doing honor to the Pilgrim ftithers. 

Dec. 31. — The San Francisco Divorce Calendar for the j-ear 1856, shows that 110 
divorce suits were instituted in the Fourth and Twelfth District Courts. In 39 of 
these cases, decrees of divorce were granted, previous to the expiration of the year. 
In 1855, there were 72 suits commenced in the city, and decrees dissolving marriage 
were rendered in all of them. 

During the year 1856, there were 146 applications in insolvency, in which, 42 were 
made in the Fourth District Court, and 10-1 in the Twelfth District Court. The total 
amounts were as follows : 

Liabilities $3,401,042 

Assets, aa given ' 637,903 

Balanco of failure $2,763,134 

In. the year 1855, the number of applications were 197, and the failures much 
larger, as follows : 

Liabilities $8,377,827 

Assets 1,519,175 

Balance of failure $6,858,662 

The passenger statistics show that in 185G, the arrivals and departures by sea, were 

as follows : 

Total arrivals 29,G30 

" departures 22,747 

Excess of arrivals 6,883 

Showing a net gain of population from arrivals by sea of only 6,883, which is a 
very unfavorable exhibit. About 8,000 were added to the population by the overland 
route, and it is estimated they brought with them from 25,000 to 30,000 head of 
horned cattle. 

The following is a comparative statement of the exports from San Francisco for the 
years 1855 and 1856. 

ISS* 1S56. 

Treasure $43,080,211 $48,887,543 

Merchandise, Produce and Quicksilver. . .4,189,611 4,270,515 

$47,269,822 $53,158,058 


The exports of gold alone from California from 1848 to January 1, 1856, amounted 
to about §330,000,000. This amount does not include the sums taken or sent away 
without record, by passengers — this it would be difficult to ascertain, but the estimate 
of §180,000,000, would be'low, which would make the total exportation of gold amount 
to over five hundred millions of dollars. (See State Heffister for IBS'?, p. 219.) 

The operations in the Branch Mint at San Francisco during the year 1856, ware as 


Gold, ounces $1,645,055 50 

Silver " G9,S73 C8 


Gold coin ,$25,146,700 00 

Gold bars 3,547,001 30 

_, Gold bars, refined 122,136 65 

Silver'coin 184,000 00 

Silver bars 25,343 30 

Total coinage $29,025,181 25 

The City Sexton reported the whole number of deaths in the City and County of 
San Francisco, during the year 1856, at 1346, being 54 more than during the prece- 
ding year, aiid 359 less than during the year 1854. The deaths are classed as fol- 
lows: men, 292; boys, 460; women 119; girls, 262; still-born, 133. Of the number 
23 were colored persons. During the year 15 persons were killed or murdered; 4 
hanged by the Vigilance Committee; 1 by the civil authorities ; 02 were drowned and 
49 committed sin'cide. 622 were natives of the United States, and 724 were born 
in other countries. 

January 2, 1857.— -The ship Bostonian arrived bringing the celebrated Sam Bran- 
nan Engine, made to the order of Mr. Brannan, in New York, at an expense of §11,000, 
and presented by him to the Brannan Fire Association of this city. 

Jan. 5. — Consul I'atrice Dillon, for several years resident Consul of France in this 
citv, took his departure on the John L. Stephens. 

The State Legislature met at Sacramento. During the session, David C. Broderick 
was elected U. S. Senator for the long term, and Wm. M. Gwin for the short term. 
The Annu.ll report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the year 1856 was 
read ; from which it appears that there were, at the close of the year, in thirty-four 
counties, 310 schools, 30 of which were in the County of San Francisco. There were 
in all, 26,100 children in attendance — 4,751 of these, in this city. 

Jan. 8. — D. C. Broderick was elected by the Legislature, Senator for the long term. 
The election was made on the first ballot, which stood : for Broderick, 81 ; scattering, 
28. The news was telegraphed to this city, when the friends of Mr. Broderick turned 
out en masse, fired guns to his honor, and made bonfires on the hills overlooking 
the city. 

The first public Temperance Meeting in this city was held at the Baptist Church, 
on Pine street. It was well attended, anil about twenty names were added to the 
pledge. The meeting resolved to hold public meetings every month throughout the 
year ; but the slim attendance at the two next meetings induced the friends of tem- 
perance to abandon the movement. 

The annual report of the Trustees of the Catholic Orphan Asylum, shows that on 
the 31st Dec. there were one hundred and forty-five children in that institution. The 
ex])enses from May 25, 1855, to Dec. 27, 1856, amounted to !5!30,007 43. 

Jan. 9. — The city was visited by a violent earthquake, which seemed to have ex- 
tended nearly through the entire length of the State. In San Francisco it was felt 
at a quarter past 8 o'clock, A. M. ; in Sacramento, at a quarter before 8 o'clock; and 
at .San Diego and all along the Southern coast, at about half past 8 o'clock. On the 
coast it is represented as having been the severest shock experienced by the oldest in- 
habitants. In this city in many places, the clocks were stopped, and boxes and bales 
thrown from the shelves in stores, and a small frame house at the corner of California 
and Market streets, thrown several feet from its foundations. In the last five years, 
no less than sixty shocks of earthqu.akes have been felt in this city and vicinity. 


January 13. — Win. M. Gwiu was elected by the Legislature Senator for the 
short term. The vote stood — for Owin, 82; Crabb, 17; Sergeant, 11; Shafter, 1. 

The trial of the gamblers arrested by the police officers on the night of the 7th, 
came otl' before Judge Coon. They were declared guilty, and his Honor ordered a 
fine of JilOO to be entered against each of them. 

J-ANUAKY 20. — The steamer Orizaba left for Nicaragua, crowded with passengers. 
The prices were — first cabin, $160; second cabin, llOO ; steerage, $50. Tickets 
were sold for the steerage as low as 125. 

Senators Broderick and Gwin left for Washington. Their friends assembled at 
North Point and honored them with a salute of twenty-five guns, as the steamer 
left the port. 

January 21. — The officers of the U. S. Army met in session at tlie Tehama 
House, as a Court Martial, to investigate the charges of disobedience of t>rders and 
of conduct subversive of good order and military discipline, against Major R. B. Lee, 
of the Commissary Department. Col. Fauntleroy, President of the Court. 

The Hon. H. A. Crabb, Col. K. N. Wood, and other well-known personages, left 
on the steamer Sea Bird, for San Diego, en route for the Gadsden Purchase. The 
fate of the gallant company is well known. 

A meeting of the merchants of this city was held, at which a series of resolutions 
were passed relative to the evils of the Attachment Laws, suggesting certain amend- 
ments ; and a committee was appointed to present and urge the same for adoption 
by the Legislature. 

January 22. — The Legislature passed an act preventing the State Treasurer from 
paying out any moneys. A resolution was also passed appointing a Committee to 
investigate the Treasurer's accounts, and to ascertain if the law had been violated in 
that department. 

Jan. 25 and 26 — The Chinese New Year's Day was celebrated. Tables Laden with 
the choicest Chinese delicacies were prepared and set by the wealthy Chinese, and 
the time was passed in visiting and feasting. The performances at the Chinese 
theatre were kept up day and night without intermission. 

Jan. 28. — Jose Y. Limantour was arraigned before the U. S. Circuit Court, and 
plead "not guilty" to the indictment of perjury found against him by the grand jury. 

February 1. — The seventh anniversary of the Sau Francisco Bible Society was 
held. The report gives the number of the volumes of the scriptures issued during 
the past year, as 4,815 ; of which 325 were in foreign languages, the remainder in 
English. 2,386 were copies of the Bible, the remainder copies of the New Testa- 
ment. 400 copies were donated, the balance were sold. 

In the evening, a destructive fire broke out in Washington street near Kearny, in 
the building adjoining the chemical laboratory of Dr. Lanzsweert, and before the 
flames could be arrested, several frame buildings and contents were destroyed. Loss 
estimated at $50,000. 

February 2. — At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the Board refused to 
pay the piice demanded by the San Francisco Gas Company for lighting the streets 
and City Hall ; and the consequence was that the gas was shut oft', and the Hall and 
streets have remained in darkness ever since. At several subsequent meetings of tlie 
Board, each member brought his own candle. 

In the U. S. District Court, in the case of Jas. McGuire and Thos. H. Place vs. 
the steamer Golden Gate, Judge McAllister rendered an opinion giving judgment in 
favor of McGuire for $965, and in favor of Place for 8250 and costs. The causes of 
action were, injuries sustained by the plaintiffs, passengers on the Golden Gate, from 
certain of the officers of that steamer. 

February 5. — Sixty-five men embarked on the steamship Sea Bird, with the in- 
tention of joining the forces of Gandara, in the Mexican State of Sonora. The 
original number enlisted in this city was eighty-six — twenty-one of whom backed out 
when their names were called. They were well supplied with United States arms 
and ammunition. 


Two distinct siiouks of an earthquake were felt at about 7 o'clock, P. M. The 
sensation resembloJ the sudden jar as of an explosion by powder. No damage was 

Fed. 6. — The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce appointed a committee 
to memoralize the proper department for tlie establishiirent of a penny post delivery 
for letters in the city, and also for the reduction of box rents. 

Feb. 10. — The " Sailor's Home," on Front street, between Pacific and Broad- 
way was solemnly doilicated witli appropriate exercises. The institution was placed 
under the sole management of the ladies composing the Seamen's Friend Society. 

Fed. 11. — The State Treasurer was impeached at the bar of the Senate. In the 
afternoon Mr. Bates resigned the office, and James L. English, former Mayor of Sac- 
ramento, was appointed in his place. , 

Feu. 17. — The Brannan Fire Association, with their splendid machine, turned out 
for the first time, and paraded through the streets. They were accompanied by a 
delegation from each of the city engine companies, by the Chief Engineer and Assist- 
ants, and the city authorities. It was a very imposing and creditable turn-out. 

Feb. 20. — Major General John E. Wool, having resigned his position as Com- 
mauiler of the Pacific Division, left on the steamer. Previous to his departure many 
of our prominent citizens tendered the General a public dinner, as a slight testimo- 
nial of their regard ; but the official duties of Gen. W. were so pressing as to occupy 
all his lime. Ills departure from our shores was announced by national salutes from 
Fort Alcatraz and Fort Point. 

Fed. 22. — Washington's birth-day was generally observed throughout the city. 
All tlie banking houses and wholesale stores were closed. The military compauies 
p.iradod in full uniform, .and in the evening the Continental Guards gave a grand ball. 

Fei!. 24. — The election for State Senator to fill the vacancy occasioned by the res- 
ignation of Hon. Frank Tilford. There were three candidates — F. A. Woodworth, 
F. L. Jones, and Fred. Tracy. Woodworth received 4,501 votes, giving him a ma- 
jority of 1,121 over both his opponents. 

Feb. 28. — The sur\iving passengers of the steamship California, which arrived here 
in 1849, celebrated the eighth anniversary of their arrival. 

March 3. — A fleet of clipper ships and other vessels arrived in the bay. Among 
them were the clippere War Uawk, Morning Light, West Wind, Beaver, and Harvey 
Birch, and the Danish clipper ship Cimber. The latter made the passage from Liver- 
pool to the Heads in 106 days, the shortest passage ever made from that port. She 
was built at Darmstadt, Germany, and is one of the finest specimens of naval archi- 
tecture afloat. 

March 19. — In the evening. Calvary Church, on Bush Street, was discovered to be 
on fire ; before the front doors could be beaten in, the building was densely filled with 
smoke, so that it was impossible for any one to enter. The streams of water were 
directed at random, and an hour elapsed before the flames were subdued. The build- 
ing was deluged with water and the library and furniture destroyed. The building 
was fully insured. It required two months' labor to put it in repair again. The fire 
was doubtless the work of an incendiary. 

March 20. — The mail steamer Golden Gate left for Panama on her regular day of 
sailing; but had proceeded only as far as North Point when she struck on a rock, and 
was so far injured as to be compelled to return and go upon the dry dock at Benecia. 
She was detained until the 23d, when she left fully repaired. 

April 7. — The warmest day of the year. The thermometer stood in the shade, 
where there was a free circulation of air, as follows: — 12 o'clock, 81°; 1 o'clock, 
82= ; 2 o'clock, 84° ; and at 3 o'clock, P.M., 80°. 

The old pioneer ship Arkansas, which arrived here in 1849, under command of 
Capt. W. W. Shepherd, and on which the United States Hotel, on Pacific street, was 
built, was torn to pieces by the Chinese in April. The old hulk was sold for $1,000. 
Most of the timbers appeared to be in a perfectly sound condition. 

April 21. — The barque Ocean Bird sailed for San Juan del Sud, with fifty pas- 


sengers and a load of freight destined for Walker's army. The freight consisted of 
provisions and munitions of war, and was in charge of Major F. Muhon. 

At half [last G o'clock in the morning, a fire broke out. in a frame building on Mil- 
ton I'laco, which was quickly consumed. Two children, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. 
Murray, burned to death. The firemen endeavored to penetrate the room in which 
they were sleeping, but as it was in a perfect mass of flame, they could not enter. 

April 27. — A destructive fire occurred, which consumed five frame buildings on 
Broadway, five on Dupont street, and three on Adler street. The buildings were all 
of the most flimsy and combustible material, and burned with fearful rapidity. Tim 
loss is estimated at about §25,000. 

April. 29. — In the U. S. District Court, in the case of the U. S. vs. Jos. de Haro, 
Vincent P. Gomez testified that at Monterey, in 1850, he drew up the " Potrero 
Grant," and that afterwards the blanks were filled up and the signatures added. This 
evidence proved the Spanish title spurious. 

May 1. — Ninety laborers employed on the government works at Alcatraz Island 
.ibandoned their o'ork, in consequence of the inferiorit}' of the food provided for them, 
and the compulsory payment of 60 per week exacted for it. Only four laborers were 
left on the Island. 

Mat 1 1. — The ceremony of laying the corner stone of the First Baptist Church, on 
Washington street, was performed. The Rev. Mr. Brierly, pastor of the church, ofii- 
ciated, and the Rev. A. A. Guernsey delivered the address. 

Mav 28. — Another destructive conflagration occurred, ■which originated in the 
kitchen of the Barnum Restaurant, on Commercial street, south side, between Mont- 
gomery and Kearny, and before the flames were arresteil eight frame buildings were 
destroyed. A man by the name of Francois Jaconnetti Francisco, sleeping in the 
building adjoining the restaurant, was burned to death. From the second story of 
the same building, a woman, by the name of Minna Ilarter, was injured by leaping 
from tlie window into a blanket held below to receive her. She recovered from her 
injuries in a few 3ays. The value of the buildings was trifling, only about $1,500 ; 
loss of personal property, about $11,000 

Edward McGowan, charged with being accessory to the murder of James King of 
Wm., was tried at Napa. The trial occupied four, days, and on the 1st of June the 
jury, after a short consultation, brought in a verdict of "not guilty." 

June 4. — Mr. C. C. Russ, proprietor of Russ' Garden, died, aged 62 years. lie 
came to this country in 1847. 

June 5. — The Genesee Flour Mills, on Gold street between Montgomery and San- 
some, were destroyed by fire. Loss in building and material estimated at ^20,000. 
The mill belonged to Kennedy & Hopkins, and covered an area of 67 by 79 feet. 

June 7. — R. E. Woods, City and County Treasurer, surrendered the keys of his 
office to Mr. Burr, President of the Board of Supervisors, who placed the Commis- 
sioners in possession. The cash on hand amounted to $20,565. Wm. Hooper was 
appointed Treasurer, ^o tern., in place of Mr. Woods. 

June 22. — The Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge for the State of Cali- 
fornia F. and A. Masons, was held at Masonic Hall, when the following officers were 
elected and installed : Louis L. Mortimer, M. W. G. M.; Charles W. Parker, D.G. M. 
Wm. Isaacs, S. G. W.; Henry C. Cornish, Jr. G. W.; Anthonv Osborne, G. T.; Jas. 
G. Marshall, G. S.; R. W. Freeman, Cor.S.; John P. Scott, G. Tyler. The session 
continued for three days. 

The clipper ship Golden Fleece, which had just arrived from New York and was 
lying a few miles distant from the bay, struck on the North Shoal and received seri-. 
ous injury. She immediately set sail, entered the harbor and came alongside of Val- 
lejo Street Wharf, when she immediately commenced discharging cargo, with seventeen 
feet of water in the hold. By constant working the pumps the water was reduced to 
seven feet, and the cargo was saved in tolerably good condition. About three years 
ago, a fine clipper, bearing the same name and commanded by the same officers as 


this one, was wrecked near the same spot where this cHpper struck. She was beating 
out of port at the time, and became a total wreck. 

JiNE 29. — A tine lot of valuable stock arrived by the steamer of June 5 ; among 
them were four bulls, imported by L. Stone, of Colusi ; also, a lot of beautiful merino 
sheep, imported by Samuel Brannan, Esq. 

.luLV 1. — Jose V. Limantour and a number of witnesses in the Limantour case, 
arrived in the steamer Sonora from Me.\ico. Auguste Jouan, a witness for the Uni- 
ted States, came in the same steamer. 

Ji:lv 4, 1857, was marked by no great municipal parade in the city. The stores, 
banks, markets, and all other places of business were closed, and the population gen- 
erally sought amusements. The day was ushered in by a salute from the Old Cali- 
fornia Guard, Capt. Johns, at a quarter to 5 o'clock, when immediately the bells of 
the churches and engine houses pealed forth that the anniversary of our independence 
had arrived : during the day salutes were fired from many ves-sels in the harbor, 
and the national stars and stripes floated from every mast in the bay and staff in the 
city. The Independent Guard, Capt. Wat.son, the National Guard, Capt. Moore, and 
the California Fusileers, Capt. Seidenstriker, turned out in full uniform and made a 
fine display. The First Light Dragoons, the Continental Guards, and the Young 
America Guards also paraded in the afternoon. The Marion Rifles, with a brass band, 
proceed to Mare Island, where they met the Sutter Rifles from Sacramento, and en- 
gaged in target shooting. The steamboats Goliah and Antelope carried large num- 
bers of passengers to Henicia and Mare Island, and the Oakland and other ferry-boats 
Were crowded all day. In the evening the California Guard fired a parting salute, 
and until a late hour at night the general jubilee was kept up by fire-crackers and 
exhibitions of fire-works. The day passed off pleasantly, and but few accidents oc- 
curred to mar the pleasures of the celebration. 

July 8. — The steamer Constitution left for Puget' Sound and returned on the 13th 
in a very leaky condition. Soon after passing I'oint Reyes she encountered a heavy 
sea and commenced leaking, and as all her pumps could not keep her free, a large 
portion of her cargo was thrown overboard. When oft" Cape Mendicino it became 
evident that she could not complete her voyage, when she was turned about and 
headed for this port. She had eighty jiassengers on board, all of whom worked with 
a good will. 

Jllv 9. — A land-slide occurred at the government works at Alcatraz Island, by 
which seven hundred tons of earth were removed, and two of the workmen, Daniel 
Pewter anil Jacob Unger, buried beneath the mass. Two other men were very 
severely injured, but afterwards recovercl. 

Ji-LY 22. — The Fourth Anniversary Meeting of the Ladies' Protection and Relief 
Society was held on the evening of this date, at the First Congregational Church. 
The Treasurer's Annual Report was read, from which it appears that the Society re- 
ceived by donations, etc., during the year $2,400 38, all of which, except 8128 38, 
has been disbursed, besides which, 209 garments, 153 3ards material, and 111 pack- 
ages of groceries have been given away. The Society has relieved 207 cases, of des- 
titution among women and children, and furnished many poor people with employ- 
ment <ind the means of earning an honest livelihood. 

Ji Lv 20. — The first regatta of the season came oft" on the Bay. The contending 
boats were the Alcatraz, Frank Flint, Star of the South and Breckinridge. The 
.stakes were $500, and were won by the Alcatraz, beating Frank Flint five minutes, 
and Star of the South seven raiimtes. The distance was from Shaw's wharf to a stake 
boat near Fort Point and back. 

JiLv 20 and 27. — The first annual Jubilee of the United German Musical Socie- 
ties of the State was held on the 25th, and consisted of a grand concert, a pic-nic 
and ball. It was a very successful aS'air throughout. Tickets were sold amounting 
to §3,408. 

JuLV 29. — John Bigler, U. S. Minister to Chile, sailed from this port for Yal- 
pariso, he was accompanied outside of the Heads by a large party of friends. 


August 5. — The Rev. Mary tie Sales, of the Sisters of Mercy, departed tliis life, 
and was hiiried on tlio 8tli, in a vault under St. Mary's Cathedral, with all the cere- 
monies of the Church. The lay name of the sister was Joanna Reddin. She was 
about 57 years of age, a native of Ireland, a cousin of the celebrated Daniel 
O'Counell. She dedicated an immense fortune to religion, and for thirty years pre- 
sided over the Magdalen Asylum of Limerick, Ireland, of which she was the founder. 
She was a pure and pious martyr, and sacrificed fortune and life in the cause of uni- 
versal benevolence. 

Aug. 9 — Was the "hot day." The thermometer in the city at 12 o'clock, ranged 
from 102° to 115° in the shade. In many gardens, the sun gave such intense heart as 
to burn many leaves to a crisp. 

Aug. 10. — The Chief of Police marched out of the station house to tLe Plaza, 
eighteen of the most notorious tliieves and vagrants that ever committed depreda- 
tions on a community. They were kandcufted and tied two-by-two, and keiit on 
the public si|uare several hours, during which time they were subject to the gaze of 
thousands of persons. Public opinion was divided at the time as to the policy of 
this act on the part of the Chief — some pronouncing it a " horrible outrage on pub- 
lic decency," whilst others applauded the act, and urged regular public exhibitions of 
the well known thieves and pickpockets, that they might be known to the connnu- 
nity and guarded against. Since the exhibition, most of those who were shown up 
have been convicted of crimes and are now in the State Prison, and the balance, 
who have been so fortunate as. to escape, have left the Country. 

Aug. 1 4. — The Settlers of the city and county held a large and enthusiastic meet- 
ing at Musical Hall. The meeting was eloquently addressed by several distinguished 
gentlemen, and resolutions adopted urging the Settlers throughout the State to sup- 
port the Settlers' State Ticket. The meeting acknowledged no obligation to the 
Democratic, Republican or other party, " being convinced that their duty to them- 
selves, their families and the State, is paramount to the obligations of party." 

Aug. 15. — That public edifice known as the Metropolitan Theatre was destroyed 
by fire, which broke out in the basement about 8 o'clock, and continued to burn until 
midnight, when almost the whole interior of the building was destroyed. The 
cisterns in the immediate neighborhood gave out early in the evening. This Temjile 
of the Muses, decidedly the finest on the Pacific coast, was built in 1853, at a cost 
of $80,000, by Mr. Joseph Trench, and opened on Christmas Eve of that year, under 
the management of Mrs. C. N. Sinclair. At the time of the fire, the building was 
owned by H. Hentsch and L. E. Ritter, whose loss is estimated at 850,000. There 
was no insurance. 

Aug. 17. — It was discovered that the U. S. Branch Mint had been robbed, and 
one of the employees, "Wm. Bein, was suspected as being one of the thieves. He 
was closely watched for two days and then arrested. At first, when accused of the 
theft, he denied it ; but subsequently, when it was determined to search his room, he 
acknowledged to the Superintendent that he was guilty. He told that ofiicer that 
he had 9)7,000 or $8,000 in Jho vault, and begged him not to send him to the State 
Prison, but to take the money and pay for any losses that had occurred. He ad- 
mitted that he had stolen two lots of clipjiings worth $3,333, and paid the amount 
over to the Superintendent. In his trunk was afterwards found a lot of gold and 
silver clippings and blanks, a lot of tools, crucibles, <fec., which had also been stolen 
from the Mint. Bein was tried for grand larceny and convicted. 

Aug. 21. — An attempt was made to assassinate Manuel Castanares, the chief: 
witness of Jose Y. Limantour, whose testimony had partially been taken before the 
U. S. Commfssion. He occupied a room in the third story of the Union Hotel, 
corner of Kearny and Merchant streets. About two o'clock in the morning, it ap- 
pears that some person unknown entered his appartment, took his knife from the 
bureau, approached the bed, and made one stroke at the sleeping man. The knife 
penetrated through a roll of bed clothes, and entered the right breast of Castanares, 
about an inch and a half. The blade struck a rib and glanced into the hollow of the 


breast. The knife was left in the wound. Before inHicting the wound, the assassin 
had overhauled and ransacked his papers, and abstracted some of value. A reward 
of ^5,000 was otiered for the arrest of the attempted assassin, but he was never 
heard of. Some of the papers of the day uncharitably insinuated that it was a 
" made up affair." Castanares soon recovered, concluded his testimony, and left for 

Aug. 30. — The Annual Regatta took place on the Bay. The race was contested by 
the yachts Alcatraz, Capt. Taylor ; Star of the South, Cajit. Ratcliff ; W. II. Woodward, 
Capt. Kennedy ; Frank Fhnt, Capt. Brown ; and Fisherman, Capt. White. The boats 
started from tlie foot of Battery street to a stake boat off Hunter's Point, back, round 
a stake boat near Goat Island, thence to a stake boat at Fort Point, and back to the 
place of starting. The race was .well contested, and won by "Fisherman," which 
came in in 3h. 26m. 10s., beating the " W. H. Woodward," the second boat, 3m. 
21s. • 

September 4. — The election for City and County officers was held, and was one 
of the most quiet and peaceable elections ever held in the city. Although there was 
much excitement, the whole number of votes polled in the twelve districts, amounted 
to only 10,585, being 1,567 less than were cast at the general election last year. The 
ticket known as the " Peoples' Ticket," was successful throughout the city. 

Sei't. 5. — The corner stone of the new German Hospital, on Brannan street, was 
laid with appropriate ceremonies — the Masons, Odd Fellows and all the other bene- 
volent institutions, with the German Fusileers, participating. N. Green Curtis, M. W. 
G. M. of F. and A. Masons, with the assistance of the officers of the Grand Lodge, 
performed the ceremonies. 

Sept. 7. — The most imposing spectacle ever witnessed on the Pacific coast was the 
celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of Lafayette, which took place on this date. 
Preparations had been going on for months, and full and complete committees had 
been appointed for each detail. At daylight, the first gun was fired, and in a few 
minutes after the streets were spanned with banners, and every flag-staff' in the city, 
and all the shipping in the harbor were fully adorned. The Mechanics' Institute Pa- 
vilion was comjiletely draped from every corner to the top of the dome, with hun- 
dreds of streamers of every nation. The banks and all the stores were closed ; me- 
chanical work of every description was postponed ; the streets were crowded with 
men, and every window and balcony in the principal thoroughfares crowded with 
ladies and children. It required several hours to range in order, and to get all ready 
for the grand procession ; during which time, the different companies auil societies, 
with appropriate banners and music, marched and countermarched through the streets. 
At 1 o'clock, however, the procession formed in six divisions ; and each division under 
the care of a Marshal and Aids, and the whole under the direction of Chief Marshal 
J. P. Haven. The procession numbered near 3,500 persons, composed of nearly all 
the Military, the Fire Department, Masons, Odd Fellows, and other benevolent So- 
cieties; together with the United States, State and County officers. Foreign Consuls, 
etc. After marching through the city for two hours, the procession halted in the 
square in front of the Oriental Hotel, being the most convenient place in the city, ca- 
pal>le of accommodating so large an assembly. Here a large platform had been raised, 
on which were seated the Foreign Consuls, the United States and State Officers, and the 
I'ross, and from which, M. S. Latham, Esq., delivered an elegant oration ; and F. 
Soule, Esq., recited an appropriate poem. At 5 o'clock the ceremonies were concluded, 
and the various companies returned to their res])ective places for disbanding. The 
celebration of this day will be ever memorable in our annals. 

Sei't. 8. — C>n the morning of this date, the Pavilion of the Mechanics' Institute Fair 
was first opened for the admission of visitors. It is impossible in our limited summary, 
to do justice to the exhibition, and we can only remark that it exceeded by far the 
antici]iations of its warmest friends and projectors. On entering the Pavilion, the 
visitor was surprised at the great multiplicity of beautiful objects before him, the 
exquisite taste displayed in draping and festooning the interior of the Pavilion, and 


the multiplicity of tlie choicest productions of nature and art presented to the view. 
A large number of the articles on exhibition were the productions of the soil of our 
own State, or the work of our own artizans ; yet many varieties were on exhibition 
from every quarter of the globe. Many gentlemen who attended the World's Fair, 
at London and New York, assert that this first California Fair, considering all circum- 
stances, compared most favorably with them, and far exceeded their expectations. 
During the continuation of the Fair, which was about three weeks, the Pavilion was 
densely crowded every night, and the Institute realized a handsome sum, although the 
expenses were very heavy. The management set apart the receipts of one day for 
the benefit of the orphans of the city, and the amount handed over was $1,.3.34 80. 

Sept. 9. — The corner stone of the new First Presbyterian Church, on the west side 
of Stockton street, between Washington and Clay, was laid. There was no 
ceremony on the occasion. The Rev. Dr. W. C. Anderson, Rev. J. A. Anderson, and 
the Trustees of the church, performetk the ceremonies. The history of the church, 
a copy of each of the daily papers and other documents were placed in the corner stone. 

The seventh Anniversary of the Admission of California into the Union, was cele- 
brated by the Society of California Pioneers, assisted by large numbers of companies, 
societies, and citizens of the State. In the route of the procession, banners were 
thrown over the streets, and flags waved from all the engine houses and flag stafts in 
every portion of the city, and the American vessels in the bay were handsomely deco- 
rated by the flags of all nations. The day was held as a sacred holiday — the stores 
were all closed, and no business whatever was transacted. From an early hour in 
the morning the various bands, companies and societies paraded the streets, and at 11 
o'clock, united in Market street, and formed into procession; and .ifter a general re- 
view, marched to the American Theatre, where Judge T. W. Freelon delivered a 
suitable oration, and Mr. Edward Pollock recited an original poem. At an early 
liour in the evening, the ceremonies of the day concluded, and the societies moved to 
their respective places of meeting and disbanded. 

Dr. Henry Bates, ex-Treasurer of the State of California, was arrested, in obedience 
to a bench warrant issued at and transmitted from Sacramento. He was taken to the 
Capital by a police officer, the same afternoon. 

Sept. 19. — The Grand Jury of the United States presented an indictment against i 
Augiistin Harazthy, for embezzling gold to the amount of $151,550, from the U. S. 
Branch Mint. The indictment set forth that the said Melter and Refiner did, while 
employed in the Mint, " unlawfully and feloniously embezzle a portion of the metals ■ 
committed to his charge for the purpose of being coined, to wit: 8,092 ounces of gold i 
bullion, and one gold bar," the whole valued at the above amount. He was arrested! 
the same evening by the U. S. Marshal, and admitted to bail, giving two sureties in ; 
S10,000 each, and himself the sura of 820,000. 

Sept. 26. — Wm. Bein, convicted of embezzling gold to a large amount from the 
U. S. Branch Mint, was called up for sentence. He made a statement acknowledg- 
ing that he had committed the act, and that his former confessions were true. On 
motion of the District Attorney, and in order to give Bein time to settle up his aft'airs, . 
his sentence was postponed for two weeks. At the end of that time, he was again 
called up and sentenced to be imprisoned at hard labor in the State Prison for the 
term of six years, and be fined in the sum of 82,000. 

OcTODER 5, (Mokday). — Tho steamer Golden Gate left the wharf for Panama. 
She proceeded smoothly until half-past 1 1 o'clock on Tuesday night, when by a sudden 
shock on board, it was apparent that some part of her machinery had become disar- 
ranged, and it appeared on examination that her main shaft had been snai)ped ofi", 
by which one wheel was rendered useless. As soon as the broken shaft was cleared 
away, she was started back on one wheel. In the morning, and when on her return, 
the passengers were not aware that any accident had occurred. AVhen she reached 
her wharf the Golden Age was ready to take her place, and left at 8 o'clock on the 
next (Sunday) evening, with the passengers, mails and treasure. The Gate was imme- 
diately sent to Benicia, where she received a new shaft. 


Oct. 31. — In the evening, a great Mass Meeting wa.s held at Musical Ilall, for the 
purpose of giving expression to public feeling in regard to the loss of the steamship 
Central America. Lafayette Maynard was appointed President ; twenty Vice Presi- 
dents were named and five Secretaries. After several addresses had been delivered, 
a long series of resolutions were unanimously adojited. One of the resolutions attri- 
buted the loss of the steamer to the negligence and indifterence of the U. 8. Mail 
Steamship Company to the safety of those whose money it had received, under the 
higliest obligation on its part, to convey them to their port of destination, at least, as 
safely as the acts of God and the perils of the sea wouUl permit ; and that such negli- 
gence and indifference is little short of crime." The meeting also recommended, that 
a steamship company should be formed whose stock shall be held and controlled in tliis 
State, and be directly responsible to the people. After the adoption of the preamble and 
resolutions, the following was offered, and carried by au unanimous vote: "Resolved, 
That Congress be most urgently rcijuested to open and complete at least one Wagon 
Roail to California, and protect the same by a sufficient military force, and that the 
same be completed in one year." 

NovEjiiBKR 2. — In the evening, the steamer John L. Stephens arrived, bringing the 
news of the great financial jianic in the East. It was the most important and thrilling 
intelligence that had ever been rececived, and its effects on California were sensibly 
felt. The banking house of Sather & Church, as well as two firms which had before 
been considered among the most substantial in the country, failed almost immediately 
on the receipt of the news. For a few days there a complete stagnation in busi- 
ness, and it was with great difficulty that collections could be made for the next 
steamer dav ; but after the steamer had left, business revived, and as no more failures 
occurred, confidence was restored. • 

Nov. 3. — The French frigate Perseverante arrived in our bay, from the Sandwich 
Islands. Rear-Admiral Luguel, commander of tlie French squadron in the Pacific, 
was on board. The Perseverante mounts sixty guns, and had a crew of 560 men. 
She remained about three weeks, during which time, many of our citizens visited her. 
The officers and crew received every attention, and on their departure, expressed them- 
selves highly gratified with their visit to California. 

Nov. 4. — Sather & Church, bankers, furnished for publication a statement of their 
affairs, which shows the following result : — 


Bills receivable, checks on other banks, advances to gold dust correspondents, and real 

estate $464,000 


Due depositors on book account, and on certificates of deposit $242,000 

Assets over tlie amount due 222,000 

Of the Bills Receivable, most of them would bo due in thirty days. 

Several convicts at the State Prison were killed, under the following circumstances : 
A boat loaded with wood, liaving a number of convicts on board, was moored at the 
wharf. When the wood was partially unloaded, the prisoners endeavored to move 
the boat further along ; having orders to do so, they say, from the overseer. As the 
boat moved, one of the guard by the name of Cortin, who was on an eminence about 
two hundred yards distant, standing by a loaded six-pounder, says he thought the 
prisoners were endeavoring to escape, and fired the gun, killing three men, and wound- 
ing four or five others. Two of the wounded have since died. The cannon was 
loaded with grape shot. 

Nov. 7. — Wm. B. Chapman, the well known comedian, departed this life, aged 70 
years. "Uncle Billy," as he was familiarly termed by those with whom he was inti- 
mate, was decidedly the best artist in his line that has ever appeared in California. 
lie came to this country in 1852, and immediately determined to make it his per- 
manent home. He was a great favorite, and will long be regretted by thousands of 


friends and all lovers of the drama in the State. Uis funeral was very largely at- 

Nov. 18. — The annual examination of the puhlio .schools of this city commenced, 
and resulted in showing that our educational institutions are in a high state of useful- 
ness and efficiency. 

Augiistin llarazthy, late Melter and llefiner in the U. 8. Branch Mint, indicted for 
the alleged embezzlement of *i2.51,000 from the (lovernment, was arraigned in the U. 
S. Circuit Court On the 2.3d November. He waived the reading of the indictment, 
pleaded not guilty, and asked for a continuance of the case. lie filed an affidavit, in 
which he stated, that time would bo reijuired to prepare himself for trial, as he would 
have to make out a full and complete account of his term of office ; a work of intri- 
cacy and complication, lie also averred that two important and material witne-sses 
were absent, and ho could not safely proceeil to trial without them. On considera- 
tion, the case was continued by the Court until the third Monday in February, 1858, 
for trial. 

Nov. 20. — On the night of this date, the building knowni as the Helvetia House, 
on Clay street, between Drumm and East, with several adjoining buildings, were de- 
stroyed by tire, the result of accident. Loss estimated at 812,000. 

Nov. 21. — The boy William Kelly, aged only ten years, but one of the most no- 
ted thieves in town, was convicted of grand larceny, and sent to the County Jail for 
sixty days. Had there been a House of Refuge in the county, he would have been sent 
there with his numerous accomplices. 

An ordinance was passed by the Board of Supervisors, to suppress the sale of ob- 
scene books, papers, prints, etc. 

Mr. F. Mahoney was re-elected President of the Board of Delegates of the San 
Francisco Fire Department. Terra of service, one year. 

Nov. 23. — The U. S. Branch Mint resumed operations, and notwithstand- 
ing the withdrawal by the United States of the "bullion fund," and the consequent 
inability to make prompt returns, the deposits came in as fast as usual. The 
deposits of gold during the first three days amounted to 25,517 ounces, equal to 

Nov. 26 — (Thursday) — was observed generally as a day of Thanksgiving. The 
stores and banking houses were all closed, and morning and evening services were 
performed at all the churches. There was a great demand in our markets for tur- 
keys, and on Wednesday morning they sold readily at 40 cents per pound ; but by 
Thursday, 11 o'clock in the morning, they commanded 81 per pound, at which price 
a great many were sold. 

The jury, in the case of Henry Bates, charged with plundering the State Treasury, i 
failed to agree. Before the trial, some of the Sacramento papers openly charged that . 
the jury was packed for that purpose. 

Nov. 27. — The banking house of J. C. Palmer, formerly Palmer, Cook & Co., was 
closed by attachments sued out by J. H. Turney and M. G. Reed, for ^36,090. 
Reed was Palmer's book-keeper. On each suit attachments were issued and served. 
The bank was closed by the Sheriff, and the keys taken possession of by him. 

Nov. 28. — .Judge Hager, of the Fourth District Court, made a decree in the Adams 
& Co. case, ordering that $50,000, in the hands of the Receiver, be distributed among 
the creditors, and that the Receiver proceed at once to settle up the estate by prose- 
cuting pending suits to judgment, and by collecting and selling at auction all the bills 
receivalile, notes, etc., belonging to Adams & Co. The decree was appealed from by 
the first attaching creditoi's. 

The U. S. Circuit Court has decided that the steamers Cortes, Brother Jonathari, 
Uncle Sam and Pacific are the property of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Mr. Garrison, through 
his agents, appealed to the Supreme Court. 

The average number of patients in the U. S. Marine Hospital, per month, for ten 
months, from January 1, to October 1, 1857, was 151 — total number, 1,510; deaths 
during the same period, 45. The average monthly expenses of the Hospital are ^3,800. 


Nov. 29. — In the case of James Galbraith to the tract called "Bolsa deTomales," 
five square leajrues in Marin county, in the U. S. District Court a decree of confirma- 
tion was entered. In this case, the jifrant was made in June, 184C, after the declara- 
tion of war between the United States and .Mexico, which took place on May 19th, 
1846. There is consequently an important question decided bv the confirmation ; 
that is, that a grant made after the declaration of war may still be valid. 

During the last week in November, District-Attorney Osborne commenced suits 
agamst some seven or eight huudred parties for non pavment of State licenses. In 
such cases the amount of license is doubled when sued for, besides which *20 is added 
for Court and lawyer's fees, so that if the original license was $15, when collected by 
suit the party would be compelled to par *56. 

December 4.— A case that e.'fcited great interest in the communitv came on for 
trial in the Court of Sessions. The Grand Jury had found a true bill acrainst the 
publishers of the Morninri Call newspaper, for publishing an editorial char^no- crim- 
inality on the part of Major J. R. Snyder, Treasurer of the U. S. Branch Mmt'^in this 
city. The article was published on the loth of last September, and pronounced a 
libel, inasmuch as it charged Major Snyder with having proved faithless in his posi- 
tion ; with having recommended 8zabo as successor of Ilaraszthy ; with connivin.r at 
the frauds of the late Melter and Refiner, etc. Cols. Baker and" Hart, with Distnct- 
Attorney Osborne appeared for the prosecution, and Messrs. J. V. Watson and H. S. 
Love on the part of the defense. The case occupied two days, and the principal wit- 
nesses for the prosecution and defense were persons connected with the Mint. In the 
course of the trial Mr. Hempstea.l, Superintendent, testified that there was a deficiency 
of 8152,000 in Haraszthy's accounts; that he had spoken to Haraszthy concernino- it 
and that officer told him that some of it went up the chimney ; that'he might have' 
by accident, turned over bars twice; and that employees under hiin miaht have 
stolen the money. He always denied anv fraud on his'part, or the connivam-e of any 
one else. Mr. Hempstead said that "during the time Harazthy was in the Mint there 
were three settlements ; the wastage on the first settlement was about 204 ounces • 
the next one was a bad settlement, and the last was an awful one." After hearino- all 
the evidence, the accused waived the opening address ; Col. Baker, for the prosecu- 
tion, made an eloquent summing up, which was most ably responded to by Mr Wat- 
son At 11 o'clock on Saturday night, the Court gave a short but impartial cbaree 
and the jury retired, but returned at 12 o'clock, when, in answer to the usual question' 
the foreman said, "There is no possibility of an agreement upon a verdict." Judo-e 
Freelon then discharged the jury and the Court adjourned, sine die. " 
Antonio Orlinski was arrested by the police for grand larceny. On the examina- 
tion of his eflects his trunks were found to contain gold watches, diamond jewelry 
silver ware, valuable cases of surgical instruments, and other articles to the amount of 
ten or htteen thousand dollars, all of which had been stolen from our citizens. As 
soon as the articles were exposed to view, many of them were recoo-nized and claimed 
by those from whom they had been stolen. On Saturday, Orlinski was brought into 
the I'ohce Court, when he was examined on six ditferent charges of o-rand larceny 
Ihe proof was clear against him, and he was sent to the Court^f Ses'lions for trial 
on each case Orlinski was temporarily confined in the Station House, but beino- a 
desperate villain was determined not to remain there. By some means ho had been 
urnislied with a file, a crowbar, and a pair of pincers, and on Wednesday raornin<r 
the 0th inst., about half past three o'clock, having succeeded in loosenin<^ one of th%' 
wooden bare of his cell, he crept stealthily up behind oflicer Moore, who was seated 
by the stove, raised the bar and inflicted a stunning blow upon the officer's head 
knocking hira to the floor senseless. He then dealt Bim two other blows on the 
head fracturing his skull, and left him for dead. The villain then robbed the officer 
ot X40, took the jail key from his pocket, let himself out, and walked leisurely throu-h 
the rear of the City Hall. The alarm was soon given and he was followed, but made 
good his escape. This fellow is a Polander bv birth, aged about 37 years. He is an 
escaped convict from his own country, and is said to have served th'ree years in the 
3 ■ 


penitentiary in one of the Eastern States. Ho is certainly one of the most desperate 
scoundrels we ever had amongst us. Orlinski was retaicen at a pawnbroker's on Com- 
mercial street. It apjjears that he had secreted himself among the sand hills in the 
immediate vicinity of the Court, and had made several visits to the City in disguise. 

Dec. 7. — Judge Freelon delivered an opinion on the Kendo case. R. A. Potter 
had been convicted in the Police Court under the old law of 1855 for playing the 
gambling game of rondo, and fined 100 dollars. The case was appealed and brought 
before Judge Freelon on a Habeas Corpus. His Honor said that he was satisfied 
there was no repeal of the law of 1855 as to games of chance, and therefore the con- 
viction was rightly had. It was ordered that the prisoner be remanded to custody. 

The Fireman's Election, under the Consolidation Act, took place. There were four 
candidates for Chief Engineer — Messrs Whitney, Nuttinan, O'Brien and Lane. The 
contest was very warm and exciting between the two first named, and the vote stood 
as follows : F. E. II. Whitney, 400 ; James Nuttman, 395 ; O'Brien, 60 ; Lane, 55. 
Whitney, having a plurality of five vo^es, was elected. At a meeting of the Board of 
Delegates, held on Tuesday evening, Mr. Nuttman gave notice that he should contest 
the election. The term of service is three j'ears. D. T. Van Orden was elected First 
Assistant, to serve three years ; L. H. Robie, Second Assistant, two years; and Cor- 
nelius Walsh, Third Assistant, one year. 

The following named gentlemen were elected Directors of the Sacramento Valley 
Railroad for the ensuing year : — J. P. Crocket, G. C. Johnson, C. K. Goodwin, Wm. 
Freeborn, G. F. Bragg, Y. F. Moss, J. B. Bayerque, G. Touchard, H. R. Payson, W. 
C. Ralston, J. P. Robinson, H. W. Harkness and S. J. Field. 

Dec. 9 — Articles of Incorporation were filed in the office of the Secretary of State 
in favor of the San Francisco Market Street Railroad. 

Dec. 22. — A dreadful murder and suicide took place at the Red House, near the 
Race Course. The proprietor, Sylvester Murphy, aged 27, a native of Pittsburg, Pa., 
murdered a servant named Mary Ann McGlynn, aged 23, b)' shooting her in the 
htiad, and then cutting her throat ; afterwards he took his own life, by inflicting with 
a small knife, eight stabs upon his left breast, and also by cutting his own throat. 
The whole aflair is wra])ped in mystery. 

Dec. 24. — A slight shock of earthquake, was felt in this city, about half past ten 
o'clock, A. M. 

Dec. 25. — Christmas Day was celebrated in an appropriate manner. Ser\'ice was 
performed in the various churches throughout the city ; business was suspended, and 
every one gave themselves up to the enjoyment of merry Christmas. 

Dec. 31. — Number of applications, in insolvency, during the year 130, of which 
55 were made in the Fourth District, and 75 in the Twelfth District Court. The to- 
tals of liabilities are not as large as in the failures of 1856, and not near as large as in 
1855, as will be seen by the following tables : 

In 1855: Number of applications, 197; liabilities, $8,371,821; assets, $1,516,175; balance of 
failure, $6,861,652. 

In 1856; Number of applications, 146; liabilities, $3,401,042; assets, $657,908; balance of 
failure, $2,743,134, 

In 1857: Number of applications, 130; liabilities, $2,719,497; assets, $271,507; balance of 
failure, $2,447,990. 

Number of divorce suits instituted in San Franci.sco during the year 1857, 106 ; of 
which 36 were commenced in the Fourth District, and 70 in the Twelfth District 
Court. In 40 of these cases, decrees of divorce h.ive already been granted. 

The total number of claims for laud under Mexican titles in the Northern District i 
of California is 426, Of these, 211 are finally settled in favor of the claimants. 
These claims cover in all 2,469,338, or upwards of 11,000 acres each on an average. 
Of the remainder, 72 have been finally rejected or dismissed ; about 70 are yet unde- 
cided, and the remainder have been appealed to the United States Supreme Court. 

The amount of fines imposed by tlie Police Court for the thirteen months ending 
this date is §34,686, of which 820,560 was collected. 


Is this departmcDt of the -work we propose to 
give a brief glance at the operations of the differ- 
ent public institutions, and those private estab- 
hshments wliich arc deemed worthy of notice, 
with such details connected therewith as we may 
deem interesting to our readers. 

Education and the Public Schools. 

Most fortunately for her own interests as well 
as for the permanicnt good of tlio wliole State, 
San Francisco from an early period in her history, 
as an American community, has extended a fos- 
tering care to the cause of free schools, and has 
to the fullest extent provided tho means of in- 
struction for the children of every citizen. No 
institution within her limits has received greater 
or more zealous attention ; none has been more 
liberally and faithfully sustained. This is as 
it should have been, as w? hope hereafter, may 
ever be the case. That our Public Scliools form 
the basis upon which securely rests our nation's 
present greatness, and depend our future na- 
tional permanence; and progress and improve- 
ment is not merely a well rounded, euphonious 
sentence, but one which expresses a substantial 

When in 1849, there rushed to these shores 
the busy throng of eager and restless adventu- 
rers, impatient in the pursuit of fortune, fame, or 
pleasure: liappily for San Francisco, there came 
also others having a more abiding interest in her 
■welfare; a higher object of pursuit, than those 
impelled by a mere onobling ambition. And when 
the exciting clatter of a thousand hammers re- 
echoed from every hill side, and San Francisco, as 
if by magic, was hastening into a real existence; 
these were busily, unobtrusively, yet perseve- 
ringly employed in giving her a moral and social 
li/e, rt'hich has signally elevated her charfvcter; 
but which, as we trust, will hereafter grow with 
her growth, and strengthen with her strength 
till they shall ripen into those graceful propor- 
tions of a moral and social society which shall 
render her the pride, and endearing home of al] 
her citizens. 

Prominent among the early /rienrfj of San Fran- 

cisco were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Polton, who, as it 
appears, left Boston, Mass., in the early part of 
1849; and (strange as it then appeared to those 
unacquainted with them, or the real motives that 
prompted their acts) with the object, of establish- 
ing here on tho far off shores of the Pacific, a free 
Public School on the New England plan. 


Arriving in San Francisco in the autumn of 
1 849, Mr. Pelton immediately made preparations 
for carrying out his cherished object. ■ He soon 
found friends, and through them secured the free 
use of the Baptist Chapel, then standing on Wash- 
ington street near Stockton, (and still occupied 
by the Primary Department of the original 
School;) and on tho 2Gth December, 1849, three 
children having been gathered, the first Public 
Free School in this City, or indeed on the Pacific 
coast, was accordingly commenced. This School 
was continued free to pupils from the first, and 
was sustained several months entirely by the vol- 
untary and gratuitous services of Mr. and Mrs. 
Pelton, aided, in paying the incidental expenses 
of the School, and procuring the services of extra 
teachers, who were soon required, by the contri- 
butions of citizens who had become interested, in 
what had at first appeared to them an enterprise 
as strange as it was new. The names of those con- 
tributors having been preserved, we take pleasure 
in giving them a permanent place in the record of 
early benefactors of San Francisco : 

Theo. Payne, Friedlander & Co., Wm. Meyer 
& Co., M. E. Gould, J. C. Palmer, S. Otis, I. C. 
Woods, Wm. T. Coleman, J. D. Hutton, B. F- 
Sherwood, B. Davidson, Wm. D. M. Howard 
Talbot Green, F. Yassault, Newton & Co., Hussey 
& Bond, Henry M Hale, E. Dunbar, Dunbar &, 
Emerson, John Wilson, Jacob B. Moore, T. J. L. 
Smiley, A. A. Selover, John Middleton, R. S. 
Dorr, David Paige, C. V. Gillespie, Wm. Burling 
J. H. Coghill, Burgoyne & Co., Adams & Co., 
Wm. Hooper, Nathaniel Lane, Capt. Tibbs, C. L. 
Ross, J. R. Bolton, D. Gibb, Moorhouse & White- 
head, E. Micklo & Co., J. D. Stevenson, Capt. 
King, R. M. Sherman, Wm. Sherman, Geo. H. 



Hudson, 'Wm. Greene, Tlios. Hayes, 8. Brannan, 
Eugene L. Sullivan, Capt. Folsom, Capt. Tilden, 
J. L. Little, Wm. Vischer and P. C. Ewer. 

On or about the first of April, 1850, the School 
had greatly increased in number, and in every 
way prospered beyond the expectations of its most 
sanguine friends. It had beoorao an ornament to 
the City, a blessing to the children and youth, 
tlicn rapidly gathering in from every habitable 
part of the globe. It was appreciated and referred 
to with pride and satisfaction by San Franciscans, 
who had now commenced to feel some interest 
in her, other than felt for a place only of business 
and turmoil, the field of adventure; for there 
were those there, who thought to make here a 
future homo for themselves and for their children ; 
accordingly, the Ayuntamiento or City Council, 
adopted the School then formed, (by ordinance 
passed April 10th, 1850), and undertook its sup- 
port as a free Public School, employing Mr. and 
Mrs. Pelton, to continue it at a nominal salary of 
$500 per mouth, for the services of both, and by 
them it was taught till the fall of 1851, (uninter- 
rupted except by occasional fires and short vaca- 
tions) ; when, to meet the then greatly increased 
demands of the youth of the City, a new School 
ordinance was matured and adopted, (not differing 
materially from the one now in force), and a new 
Board of Education and Superintendent elected. 
Under this new Board of Education, acting under 
the provisions of the new ordinance, the following 
Schools were organized, viz. : 

No. 1. Washington Street School, now Powell 

Street established Dec. 1849. 

No. 2. Denman Grammar " Sept. 1851. 
No. 3. Riucon " " Jan. 1852. 

No. 4. Spring Valley " " Feb. 1852. 

No. 5. Union Street " " June, 1852. 

The history of our Public School Department 
from this period (1853) to the present time is not 
without great interest ; but the facts and circum- 
stances connected therewith being within the re- 
collection of most of our present citizens, no more 
than a cursory glance will be expected from us 
to complete this sketch, which up to this time has 
been dwelt upon somewhat in detail. 


Our Public Schools are supported partly by a 
special School-tax, and partly by semi-annual 
appropriations of State School Funds. The 
School-tax this year is thirty-five cents on each 
one hundred dollars of assessment. From this 
source about $100,000 should be realized. The 
appropriations from State funds now amount an- 

nually to about $10,000. These united sources, 
therefore, should yield an annual fund of about 
$110,000 00. Should this entire sum be real- 
ized, it will be no more than sufficient to meet 
the demands to be made upon it during the com- 
ing year, as will be seen from the following state- 
ment of ordinary expenditures and debts of the 
Department : 

Monthly Expenditures are — for salaries of twelve 
male Teachers, whose salaries are from $125 
to $208 per month, and fifty female Teachers, 
whose salaries are from $50 to $125 per month, 

about $6,500 

Monthly rents 1,000 

Janitorial service, water, fuel, etc 500 

Total expense of Dcp't per mo. about $8,000 
or, about $80,000 per annum for ten mouths' 

The following exhibits the cost of education 
per pupil in the Public Schools of the City : 

Cost of tuition per month, for each scholar, $2 92 
" Rents " " " 33 

" Incidentals •' " " 45 

Total $3 70 

There must also be satisfied from the School 
funds of the coming year, the unpaid bills on last 
year's account, amounting to nearly $15,000; and 
unless legislation be had during the approaching 
session of the Legislature, for the relief of the 
School fund, the further sum of $4,200 must be 
drawn therefrom to pay the interest on $60,000 
of School Bonds issued in 1854, for the building 
of School-houses. We find, therefore, that not- 
withstanding the liberal provisions which have 
been made, there are demands to be made upon 
the School moneys during the coming year, which 
even though the strictest economy be exercised, 
will be quite equal to the largest amount that can 
be expected to be placed to its credit; but, should 
there be a deficiency in the legitimate funds of 
the Department, we presume our Scliool officers, 
as heretofore, will bo found equal to the emer- 
gency. It is gratifying to note, that though pay- 
ments of Teachers' salaries have sometimes, and 
too frequently heretofore, been long delayed, they 
have always been finally provided for. 


There are now organized in the Department — 

Grammar Schools 1 

Mixed " 3 

Intermediate " 7 

Primary " 9 

Total No. Schools 26 



Taught by male Teachers* 10 

" female " 50 


There are attending the Grammar Schools. . 900 
^ " " Mixed and Intermediate 950 

" " Primary Schools 1,100 

" High School 75 

" Night School 150 

Total attending Public Schools 3,175 


It has always been claimed by the friends of 
our Public Schools, that, in general intelligence, 
capacity and talent, the pupils found in them 
were unequaled Ijy those to be met elsewhere, in 
this or any other State. The recent examinations 
were auspicious occasions for the pupils of the 
Public Schools of this City. By the very large 
number of ladies and gentlemen who gave them- 
selves the pleasure of listening to and witnessing 
those interesting rehearsals, it was conceded that 
the pupils are not only all that has been claimed 
for them, but, without dissent, it was acknowl- 
edged that no better Schools are to be found in 
the City, or in fact desired, than are our Public 
Schools as they are or as they 7nay be conducted. 

We cannot do better in expressing our ideas 
of the oliildren generally of the Public Schools as 
they have appeared to us at our recent visits, 
than to quote the following remark upon the sub- 
ject recently made by a careful observer and ex- 
perienced teacher. She says : — " One peculiar 
feature to be marked in the children attending 
these Schools is their healthful appearance. Their 
robust proportions, clear complexions, and excess 
of animal spirits, give full evidence that the bra- 
cing climate of San Francisco is highly favorable 
to the growth and development of the physical 
nature of children ; and if properly trained, the 
mind, from very sympathy, must be susceptible 
of large culture, giving fair promise for the future 
of California. Perhaps in no city in any part of 
the world are there children brought together 
with such diversity of habits, creeds, thouglits 
and feelings, but with the ready adaptation and 
quick assimilation of childhood these destructive 
traits gradually pass away; they catch the im- 
press of the prevailing tone, and when they enter 
upon the responsible duties of life, will prove 
themselves Americans in heart and Americans in 
action. All ranks in society send their children 
to these Schools ; hence, if for no other reason, 
they should be exalted to the highest point of 
excellence, that the rich and the poor may alike 
• Not Including those of the Night School. 

draw their intellectual sustenance from the same 
fountain. How important, then, that the teachers 
should bo experienced, competent and responsi- 
ble, that the instruction imparted be solid and 
practical, and that morality and refinement here 
find a place." 


In our Public Schools as a general rule, have 
been sucli teachers as have given character to 
their Schools and to the Department, and dignity 
to their profession ; such as have deservedly com- 
manded and obtained the confidence of pupils, 
patrons, and the public generally. May the high 
character of the present corps long bo sustained. 

The following list comprises the names of the 
Teachers appointed for the year 1857 : 

Union Grammar School — Principal, Ellis Holmes; 
Teacher of Natural Sciences, George W. Minus; I^'irst 
Assistant, Miss M. E. Hewes. 

Grammar Schools. — Rincon No. 1 — Principal, Mr. John 
Swett,; First Assistant, Miss 0. A. Hall; Second Assist- 
ant, Miss M. V. Kund. JDenman Grammar School \o. 2~ 
Principal, George Tait; First Assistant, Mrs. S.J.Dud- 
ley; Second Assistant, Miss M. J. Armstrong. Powell 
Street, No. 3 — Principal, Mr. H. P. Carlton; First Assist- 
ant, Mrs. Louise Clapp; Second Assistant, Miss M. A. 
.Nugent. Union Street, Ko. 4 — Principal, Ahira Holmes; 
First Assistant, Miss R. W. Foster; Second Assistant, 
Miss Lizzie Kennedy. Spring Valley, No. 5 — Principal, 
Mr. J. C. Morrill; First Assistant, Miss I,, A. Bridgeman. 
Market Street, No. — Thomas S. Myrick ; Fii-st Assist- 
ant, Miss S. L. Larkiu ; Second Assistant, Miss Kate Ken- 

I-VTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS. — Kincon, No. I — Principal, Miss 
H. J. Kirtland ; First Assistant, Miss M. L. Tracy ; Second 
Assistant, Miss J. B. Sheldon. Denman, No. '1 — Pi-inci- 
pal, .Mrs. L. A. Morgan; First Assistant, Miss A. Starkic ; 
Second Assistant, M. V. Tiogley. Stockton Street, No. 
3 — Principal, Mies A. £. Sandford; First Assistant, Miss 
L. K. Smith ; Second Assistant, Miss C. S. King. Powell 
Street, No. 4 — Principal, Miss H. A. Hanakc ; First As- 
sistant, .Miss G. S. Pearce; Second Assistant, Mrs. F. G. 
Forrester. Union Street, No. 5 — Principal, Miss A. S. 
Barnard ; First Assistant, Miss J. A. Law less ; Second As- 
sistant, Miss E. Ciisey. Spring Valley, No. — Principal, 
Miss S. F. Fitzgerald. Nonantum, No. 7 — Principal. Miss 
C. A. Tompleton. Hyde Street, No. 8 — i'rincipal, .Mr. J. 
C. Pelton. Greenwich Street, No. 9 — Priucipal, Miss M. 

Prim.uii Schools. — Rincon, No. 1 — Principal, Miss C. 
V. Heryamin : First Assistant, MissL. E. Chapin; Second 
Assistant, Miss U. E. Moir. Market Street, No. 2 — Prin- 
cipal, .Mrs. K. Ilarstow; First .\ssistaiit, Miss A. E.Clay- 
ton; Second Assistant, Miss E. Mitchell. St. Mary's, No. 
3 — Principal, Mrs. M. Dean ; First Assistant, Miss L. U. 
Morgan ; Second Assistant. Miss S. C. Knox. ^Vashing- 
Strect, No. 4 — Principal, Mrs. S. E. Seagrave; First As- 
sistant, Miss S. F. Luring; Second Assistant, Miss B. 
Weed. Union Street, No. 5 — Principal, Mrs. L. J. Bow- 
ers ; First .\ssi8tant, Miss A. C. Hasty. Greenwich Street, 
No, 6 — Principal, Mrs. R. D. Bird, Spring Valley, No. 
7 — Principal, Miss H. Kittridge; Pupil Teacher, Miss A. 
Van Itanigan. Hyde Street, No, 8 — Principal, .^liss M, J. 
C. Palmer. Nonantun), No. ©^Principal. Jliss S. M. 
Reed. Mission, No. 10 — Principal, Miss F. A. Thomson. 
Miss J. C. Gilbert was elected to the position of Second 
Assistant of Rincon Intermediate for tour months; Miss 
Sheldon being aiipointed to till the vacancy occasioned by 
Miss Tracy's absence on leave for that time. 

Umo.n Gbamm.vr Scuool. — The Committee on the Union 
Grammar School reported in favor of changing its name 
to that of the "tinn Francisco High School." The course 
of studies to bo adopted is yet under consideration. 

* For list of the names of the present Officers, and loca- 
tion of the different Schools, see p. 363. 




The oflDcers of the School Department consist 
of one School Director, elected in alternate dis- 
tricts once in two years, (tlio Directors conse- 
quently holding office during two years), and a 
Superintendent of Schools, elected once in two 
years, at the general elections, and a Secretary 
of the Board of Education, (the Superintendent 
acting in that capacity by virtue of his office.) 
San Francisco has always been extremely for- 
» tunate in the choice of officers, elected to take 
the care and management of her greatest trea- 

Under the circumstances attending the estab- 
lishment of the first School in 1849— and not less 
under those attending the re-organization of the 
Schools in 1852, nothing but true zeal and a de- 
votion to their interests could have overcome the 
difficulties that opposed their progress. Neither 
of these requisites were wanting on the part of 
Mr. Pelton, who gave the Schools their first exis- 
tence., or Mr. T. J. Nevins, who succeeded him. 
A Board of faithful and zealous friends of 
Education succeeded that] which was joined 
with and assisted Mr. Nevins, with Mr. O'Grady 
as Superintendent, and Mayor Garrison as Presi- 
dent. By this Board much was done, and more 
attempted ; and except for the unfortunate loca- 
tion of one or two fine School Houses they would 
have now very much to look back upon with 
pride and pleasure. Much progress was made 
by the Schools under their administation. Of 
the succeeding Board Mayor Webb was Presi- 
dent ; in him the Board had a dignified officer and 
the teachers a kind and safe adviser. The next 
Board was organized with Mayor Van Ness as 
President. Though, during his term he was con- 
stantly oppressed, sometimes well nigh over- 
whelmed by an accumulation of varied and per- 
plexing duties, sufficient to completely overcome 
almost any man, he, nevertheless, evinced a deep 
and continued interest in the welfare of the 
Schools: Dr. E. A. Theller was Superintendent. 
The great act of this Board during the year, 
the one which alone should entitle it to the un- 
ceasing gratitude of every friend of Education, 
was the harmoniously uniting of the two sets of 
Schools, (called the Ward and City Schools,) 
which had existed for several years dividing, 
rather than concentrating the efforts of their res- 
pective friends and advocates. 

We have now come to the Board of last year. 
This was the first organized under the provisions 
of the Consolidation Act J. C. Pelton, County 

Superintenent, became City and County Superin- 
tendent. Mr. H. B. Janes was chosen President, 
and acted as such till the election of 1856. The 
Board was then re-organized, by the choice of 
Wm. Sherman, Esq., as President, and George 
Taitc, Esq., Secretary, pro tern. 

The facts connected with the operations and 
efforts of the Board of Education of last year, are 
doubtless, too fresh in the mind of every one, to 
render it necessary for us to more than remark, 
that though encompassed by many difficulties 
and by constant embarrassments and annoyances, 
the schools, by the exertions of Mr. Pelton, the 
Superintendent, united with those of the Board 
of Education, were enabled to overcome, and 
safely surmount every obstacle that presented it- 
self to their continuance, now to bo permitted to 
enjoy a more propitious day. 

The schools are now as they have heretofore 
been, in safe and able hands. For President of 
the Board of Education, a better choice could 
scarcely be made than Wm. Sherman, ]':sq. His 
long experience in connection with the schools 
of this city, his untiring zeal, and known devotion 
to their interests, well fit him for the discharge 
of the duties of his responsible position, and en- 
title him to the confidence of parents, teachers 
and pupils, which we believe he fully enjoys. 

Mr. Janes has long manifested a deep interest 
in the cause of education in this city. Having 
bad much experience in connection with schools 
and a practical acquaintance with teaching, much 
may, no doubt, be expected of him during the 
ensuing two years. 

As a part of the system, the Board should es- 
tablish a Normal School, which should be atten- 
ded weekly by the Teachers and others interested 
in the subject of education. If properly conducted 
it would soon become a useful adjunct to the 
Department, and tend to the mutual improvement 
of the Teachers, the elevation of the char- 
acter of the Department, and dignity of their 

To the arduous labors of the Board of Education 
the Department is indebted for much of its ef- 
ficiency. The citizens will gratefully remember 
these gentlemen, who have devoted so much 
time and labor without fee or hope of reward. 

Wo have seldom seen gathered into so small 
a space so much valuable information as is con- 
tained in the following tabular exhibit of the 
Schools, which, from the great value of the sta- 
tistics it contains, we take the liberty of intro- 
ducing from the late report of Superintendent 
Pelton. From this table can be obtained, at a 



glance, a "bird's eyo view" of the School Depart- 
meut. from its origin — the organization of tiie lirst 
School — to tho present time — and through it the 
general progress of the City. 

C !s ^ P T 

— = ; 

— a o n 

£ c o i c c p 

3 t - C O O 

^ — =r 

§ 5 "^ 3 * 

ffi b X = 3 

c ;£■? = :: 

3 = = =:2^ 



= *-= -9Sa 

g- 3 t (15 ^ 5 

5:T "^ "t ft % 

3^= * 3 3 

Jl^ CO 

•« — = S 

e o 

B 3 

a o 

to = ^ -^ 


W rf» -^ i-i 3 

O C .fa. i> ■>:■ S tc V I 

— -I y^ '-a ^-^ >:j ^j c: — i-o^tCiiC'r ~ o«o-^-) 

00 = 5 
4- -^ o 

CT JD -/> tc »» /j CO !»■*- Ijij-ic o— y>egw-j-) 

— JO** 

— ft — MOD 


on 7* — ;» — c© ;^ 

o a 



In closing our remarks on this subject, Tire 
earnestly desire to impress upon citizens the 
great importance of [the Night School. It is 
ably conducted and well attended, and while it 
is an object of especial interest and benefit to 
t' ■ youth of tha_city, it should receive the fos- 
i . ng support and countenance of the citizens. 
Gentlemen of standing, fathers and guardians. 

should make it a point to visit it, and thus hold 
up tho hands of the Teachers, and cheer on the 
Board in their most commendable eflbrts to ex- 
tend the benefits of education to an important 
class, who otherwise would be in a great degree 
debarred from the advantages of Schools. 

It is gratifying to observe, that commencing 
with one School in 1849, wo now have fifteen, 
or, as now classified, 26; that from obc the num- 
ber of Teachers has increased to sixty-fivo or sev- 
enty ; that, though the first School at commence- 
ment numbered but three pupils, the short period 
of seven years has increased that number till we 
have in daily attendance in the Public Schools 
nearly three thousand pupils 1 1 These statistics 
are of an interesting character, and we commend 
them to the perusal of all citizens interested in 
School affairs. 


San Francisco is not only fortunate in the pos- 
session of her excellent public schools, and in 
the enjoyment of their blessings, but she has 
also many flourishing private institutions of a 
deservedly high character. We note the follow- 
ing which have come under our notice : 


Commenced in March, 1854, as the Trinity 
High School, aud was in June of this year organ- 
ized on its present basis, supplying a necessity, 
to wit : an institution where an University edu- 
cation con bo obtained, contiguous to the city, 
and free from any sectarian associations. " The 
College and College School are situated on Bush, 
between Mason and Taylor Streets, on a planked 
road, easy of access from the city, on an eminence 
commanding an extensive view of the surround- 
ing country." The dwelling house is commodi- 
ous, affording [ample accommodation for such 
students as board at tho College, with suitable 
conveniences and comforts. A play-ground in- 
closing two fifty-vara lots is attached to the 
College, with a gymnasium, etc. The sessions 
are half-yearly, commencing on the fifteenth of 
May and fifteenth of November, and containing 
five mouths each — with a recess of two weeks at 
Christmas. Terms of tuition, with board, $40 to 
$C0 per month, payable quarterly in advance; 
day scholars, $7 50 to $15 per month. There 
are about seventy-five students in attendance. 
The course of studies in the several divisions in- 
cludes the ordinary English branches, Latin, 
Greek, modern languages, mathematics, drawing, 
painting, music, etc. There is a well selected li. 



brary, and the raost complete act of iiliilosophical 
apparatus in the State, and a globe seven and a 
liali feet in diameter, 


In charge of Rev. Mr. Shepherd and Lady. 
This school was opened with the express design 
of establishing in San Francisco a permanent 
institution, whore advantages for a thorough 
and complete education should remove all neces- 
sity or desire, on tho part of parents, for seud- 
^ ing their daughters to any Eastern school. It 
has been in successful operation since the early 
part of 1855. Under the experienced Principal, 
aided by his accomplished lady and the well 
qualified instructors in the several branches, a 
finished female education can be here obtained. 


At the Emanuel Synagogue, Broadway, be- 
tween Powell and Mason Streets, a school is 
taught One hundred pupils in attendance. Mr. 
Levy, Principal. There is also a school at the 
Synagogue of the Shireth Israel, Stockton street, 
near Broadway. Eev. H. A. Henry, Principal. 
About thirty pupils in attendance. 

ST. mart's female institute. 

Under the care and management of Rev. Pr. 
Ver Mehr and lady. Situated corner of Powell 
and Geary streets. Few schools of this class 
sustain a higher character for tlie thorough and 
finished education given those attending, and 
the high moral influence imparted to all con- 
nected with the institution, thau does the school 
in question. 

The course of study includes all those com- 
mon English and advanced branches necessary 
to a complete system of education ; also drawing, 
painting, music, etc. 

The Institute is now in a highly flourishing 
condition, now numbering in attendance about 
sixty young ladies. Those who elect are accom- 
modated with board in the family of the Princi- 
pal, Dr. Yer ilehr, a desirable home indeed for 
young ladies absent from the parental roof. 

Beside the schools, public and private, that we 
have enumerated, there are a number of others 
— male and female. Catholic and Protestant — of 
which we can furnish no particulars; as their 
conductors have either failed to respond to our 
inquiries, or we have overlooked them. But the 
facts shown demonstrate conclusively, that while 
the facilities for obtaining a finished classical 
education in San Francisco are second to but 
few cities in the Union, the means aQbrded for 

good common school instruction are superior to 

Religion — Chnixhcs. 

The spirit manifested during the past year in 
the erection of\ new and appropriate houses of 
public worship and the improvements of numer- 
ous others, afford the best evidence of the res- 
pect the people of San Francisco have for religion. 
The new Baptist Church on Washington street, 
erected at a cost of $30,000, and the First Pres- 
byterian Church on Stockton street, now being 
finished, are spacious buildings, and well adapted 
to the holy purposes to which they are dedi- 
cated. The St. Mary's Cathedral, now in a state 
of completion, is the most extensive and im- 
posing church edifice in the State. 

For a historical sketch of the organization of 
the several congregations of tliis city, and the 
operations of the different religious associations, 
our readers are referred to the Appendix, page 
373, wliich will be found complete and worthy 
of attention. 

Religions and Benevolent Societies* 

The number of these associations have greatly 
increased during the year just passed. The lib- 
eral spirit manifested by our citizens towards 
these important public institutions, evince a 
noble and proper appreciation of the efforts of 
the directors in relieving the destitute and the 
needy. The numerous list of associations of 
tliis ch.iracter to be found in the Appendix, and 
the operations of each therein detailed, are the 
best evidences of their efficiency and the fidelity 
of those benevolent citizens under whose super- 
intendence they are placed. 

SUSDAT schools. 

The Sabbath Schools connected with the 
different churches are in a very prosperous 
condition. We are indebted to the courtesy of 
J. F. Laradin, Esq., the Secretary, for the fol- 
lowing statement of the operations of the 

San Francisco Sabbath School Union. — The 
Union was re-organized May 1S57. 

The anniversary was held on the 14th June, 
1857, at the First Congregational Church, when 
reports were read by the Secretary from the diff- 
erent schools, showing them to be in a very en- 
couraging state. A number of conversions had 
taken place during the year, and a religious feel- 
ing pervading the schools which gave promise of 
a still more encouraging result from the labors 
of the ensuing year. But few deaths were re- 
ported to have occurred in all the schools the 



past year, which was a cause sufficient to call 
forth the liveliest emotions of gratitude to Him 
who is the Author of all gooil. For list of 
ofiScers of the Union, see page 377. 
' The following schools compose the " Union :" 


First Presbyterian School 
HowftrclSt. rresl>yt?rittii. 
Culvarv rresl-J teritui . . . 
WHstiiiimoii SI. Hnptl»t.. 
PnWf'U St. Mflliodiht. , . . 

Third Btiptlsl 

Tnbernacle. llflptist 

Clurk St. lliMliel 

Sortli HeAcli School, {held 

in (Jrecnwich SI. (Ml.) 
HiKxioii. (cnnicr Mnson uiid 

tJenry jitreelf..) 

Polsora St. Methodist.. 
S.fnmeir» Betlud " 
ElKhth Wnrd Mission.. 
FirHt ConjrrcKHtioiml. . . 
Oenntin Mission, (cor D' 

pout and Pine) 


U. Sloddnrd. . 

P. Knox. 

H. P. Coon 

II, J. Weils 

J. Burns 

T. I*. Freemitn. . 

U.S. Uilhert 

— Cbtliuberlain. 

F.. W. Plnj-ter. . . 

.1. Warren Oox. , 
W. H. Codington 

II. Vidilo 

Thos. H. Stevens 
\V. Leonard.. 

.Uhert Miller... 

• Average Monthly Attendance. 


■i ' 

M2 608 13-1 109 

Grace Church Parish Sunday School — corner 
of Powell and Jackson. Officers — Stephen Smith 
Superintendent, L. R. Townsend Librarian, H. 
Smeathraan Asst. Librarian, W. D. Carnagio 
2d Asst. Librarian. Number of Yolum'cs 480, 
number of Pupils 120, Teachers 20, total 110. 

Masonic and Odd Fello'wa. 

The dilVerent associations connected with the 
Masonic Fraternity and the I. 0. of Odd Fellows, 
are represented to be in a very prosperous state. 
The Fraternity of F. and A. M. have dispensed 
during the year 1857, up to the Ist of Decem- 
ber, the sum of $3,000. The sura dispensed by 
individual Lodges, during the same period, 
amounts to $1,500. The Board of Relief are at 
present contributing to the support of five wi- 
dows and fourteen orphans of deceased members. 

In the dispensing of charities, each Lodge 
supports its own infirm or indigent members, 
buries deceased members, and provides for their 
widows and orphans, and,, in addition thereto, 
contributes to the general relief fund, to be dis- 
pensed by the Board of Relief, in aid of members 
of the Order who are strangers, and in support 
of the widows and orphans of members. 

The amount contributed by the individual 
Lodges to the Board of Relief, is ten cents per 
month for each member, and $5 for each degree 

Since the publication of the list of Lodges 

and officers on page 383, the following new 

officers have been installed. 

Ocdi/nrnta hndnt Xo. 1.— J. F. Swift, S.D., A. D. Piper, 
J. 1)., A. J. Kellogg, Martflml, Frank Kastmaa, and B. 
Kendrick, S., Lewis Pock, T. ISO Members. 

San Francisro Lodge. .Vo. 7. — John Stoutenborowph, S. 
D., Wni. Cntiimm, J. D., A. Wassermau, M., P. J. Kvaus, 
S., Lc\virt IVck, T. 75 Members. 

La I\irfaiU Union Lodfff. Xo, 17. — Meets every Friday 
oveninff. Joseph Hninc, W. M., F.niile Gitgueu.\, S. !>., 
Constant Hubert, 8. W., Jean IJranger, J. D., Bcrnanl 
Dennery, J. W., Jacques Delango, and D. Samuels, S., 
Henri Lncko, T., Prosper Corbiniere, S., Joel Noah, T. 
30 Members. 

Occiile.ntal Lodgr No. 22.— Wm. 11. Stowell. S. D., Wm. 
F. Flick. J. D., John Kehoo and John Kobinott, S., J. M. 
Unxley, M., Joel Nooli, T. 70 Members. 

GoMin Oale Lntlije, -Vo. XI.— 3. L. Jlilk-r, S. D., Martin 
Can (dl, J. D.. Jos. A. Wripht, M., John Madison, and C. S. 
llidibs, S., Joel Noah, T. 110 Members. 

Mmint Moriah Lodgt, No. 44. — S. H. Kecfor, S. D., — 
Hunter, J. D., Die Hergson,,M., C. Cameron and Alex. 
Kdeii, S.. Joel Noah, T. 123 Members. 

Fideliti/ Lodge, U. i).— Joel Noali, T. 25 Members. 

California tliapttr, jVo. 5. — K.K. Itaimond, H. P., Alex. 
O. Abell, K., Eli Cook, S., E. S. Benson, C. II., Wm. II. 
Lyon, P. S., W. W. Neal, R. A. C, E. E. Morse, M. 8d V., 
Frank Eastman, M. 2d V., A. P. Piper, M. Ist V., llii-am 
Tubbs, T., E. W. Bourne, S., Lewis Peck, G. 50 Members. 


The following is a list of the officers of the 
different lodges in this city, elected since the 
publication of the list on page 384. 

California Lodge, No. 1. — Thomas Stesiley, N. G., Anto- 
nio Bellier, V. G., B. Wellman, K. Secretary, H. S. Whet- 
stone, T. 

&Ln Francisco Lodge, No, 3. — "William Jlartin, N. G., 
B. A. Sheldon, V. 0., T. Rogers Johnson, R. Secretary, D. 
T. Mitchell, T. 

Ilarmonie Lodge, No. 13. — H. Meese, N. G., C. E. Raabe, 
V. G., II. Schuck, R. Secretary, A. Himmelmann. T. 

i'erha Buena Lodge, No. 16.— T. U. Bryant, N. O., C.C. 
Knowles, V. G., J. A. J. Bowen, R. Secretary, A. S. Ire- 
dole, T. 

Templar Lodge. No. 17.— .lohn S. Ellis, N. O.. W. Tams, 
V. 0., U, K. Derbyshire, R. Secretary, G. W.Ryder, T. 

Magnolia Lnlge, No. 29.-1!. C. Austin, N. 6., Geo. W. 
Briggs. V. G., D. II. Hunter, R. Secretary, M. Myer. T. 

Bay City Lodgr, No. 71.— JI. Sporburg. N.G., D. Sam- 
uels, V. G., M. Ooodnmn, R. Secretary, — Lindauer, T. 

KxceUior Degree Lodge, No, 2. — J." A. J. Bowen, D. M., 
B. A. Sheldon, I). D. M., Alexander Eaton. A. D. D. M., J. 
K. Phillips, V. G., Ant Belller, S., J. L. Van Bokkelen, T. 

Golden O'ute Knaimpment, No. 1. — J. L. Wilson, C. P., 
J. C. Mitchell. H. P., G. T. Bowen, S. W., B. A. Sheldon, 
J. W., H. M. Tice, S., G. M. Garwood, T. 

Walhalla Encumpmcnl.—iohn Bohn, C. P., 0. G. Stahl, 
n. p., A. Himmelmann, T. 

Asswoclatlons, Literary, Protective, etc. 

For a description of the dilTereut Associations, 
the reader is referred to the Appendix, page 
37T, in which will be found the officers and ope- 
rations of each during the past year. The pro- 
gress made by many of these Associations, re- 
flects credit upon the members tlioreof, and 
worthy of the liberality so generously exhibited 
in their support. 


The quarterly report of the Chief Engineer, 
Franklin E. R. Whitney, of October 1, 1857, 
represents the Department in a high state 
of efficiency and prosperity. From it we find 
that there at present 1,037 members of the 
Fire Department — divided into fourteen engine 
and three hook-and-ladder companies. For their 
accommodation there are sixteen houses, and 
one in the course of completion ; and for their 



use, fourteen fire-engines, fourteen hose car- 
riages, and three hook-and-ladder trucks. There 
are in the city sixty-one cisterns, capable of 
holding 1,648,900 gallons of water — many of 
them substantially built of brick and cement. 
Since December, 1856, there have been one 
hundred and four fires, and nine false alarms — 
out of the fires only fifty were such as caused 
loss. The total amount of the losses by fire 
since the date mentioned, is $108,250. 

We refer our readers -to the Appendix, page 
363, for a complete description of the organiza- 
tion of tliis important branch of the public ser- 
vice, in which will be found a mass of informa- 
tion concerning the different companies, useful 
to its members, and interesting to every citizen. 

Review of Industrial Enterprises. 

The Business Directory, published in the pres- 
ent volume, will best exhibit the progress al- 
ready made in the different branches of Mechan- 
ical industry in this city. We propose in this re- 
view to make a brief reference to a few of the 
most Important branches and to exhibit some 
very interesting statistics collected during the 
progress of our labors. 


This establishment is owned by a'company of 
San Francisco and New York merchants, organ- 
ized by act of the Legislature of the State. The 
works of the company are located in the City of 
San Francisco, they are of the most extensive 
character, and of a capacity sufficient to supply 
the entire consumption of sugar in this State. 
The main building is seventy-five feet in width, 
by one hundred and twenty-two feet in length, 
and five stories high; several small buildings 
are attached for the prosecution of the different 
branches connected with the refinery. 

The raw material consumed at these works is 
obtained from Manilla, Batavia and other Islands 
of the Pacific, and a line of clipper barks is now 
employed in maintaining a regular supply to 
meet the requirements of the company. 

It is estimated, that four hundred tons of su- 
gar and twenty thousand gallons of syrup per 
month can be manufactured at these works. The 
number of hands employed is one hundred and 
fifty. Cost of building and grounds, one hundred 
thousand dollars. 

The Works are located in the vicinity of San 
Francisco. This enterprise was -commenced in 

April, 1856, since which time tlie operations oQ 
the company have been successful. 

The buildings connected with the works are 
of the most extensive and permanent character. 
The main structure occupied as the rope-walk, 
is one thousand feet in length, and the spinning 
factory is one hundred by forty feet in length. 

The consumption of the raw material is about 
four thousand pounds of hemp and three thousand 
pounds of oakum per day, which is obtained from 
Manilla, and arrangements have been completed 
for regular shipments thereof until California shall 
be able to furnish the same from the products of 
her own soil. 

The enterprising projectors of this establish- 
ment have made arrangements for the impor- 
tation of seed from Manilla to test the capacity 
of the soil of California for the production of 
hemp, and there is no reason why the article 
should not be produced here in a sufficient quan- 
tity to supply not only the home consumption, 
but a share of the demand existing abroad. 


Theses works, recently erected by a company 
of practical workmen, are located on the corner 
of Brannan and Johnston streets. The machine- 
ry employed is of the most improved construction, 
and is believed to be of sufficient capacity to sup- 
ply the entire consumption of matches iu this 
State. The capacity of the works are about one 
hundred gross of matches per day, which can be 
increased whenever the demand requires it. 

These Works, situated on Harris near Bran- 
nan street, have been in successfiil operation dur- 
ing the past eighteen months. They are both 
extensive and admirably adapted for the assay- 
ing of different descriptions of ore, and especially 
for the extraction of gold from the taiUngs of 
Quartz mills. 

During fifteen of the eighteen months these 
Works have been in operation, but one furnace 
was used ; during the last three months, two 
have been employed. The aggregate amount of 
gold extracted from quartz tailings and ores dur- 
ing this period, is $150,000. The whole of this 
sum may be considered clear gain, and as two- 
thirds, or $100,000, were paid to the owners of 
quartz leads, who have invested their money, as 
a general thmg, in this State, the item becomes 
of considerable importance. About $50,000 have 
been taken firom sweepings, polishiugs, cinders 
from assay offices, etc. ; and of this amount two- 
thirds, or $33,333 00, have been paid to the par- 



ties from whom Iho material was obtained. Tho 
entire cost of these Works is $150,000, and fur- 
nish employment to sixteen persous. The agents 
of these Works are Wass, Uznay & Warwick." 


The Kureka Gold and Silver Refinery is situ- 
ated on the corner of Brannan and Harris streets. 

The building— a substantial brick structure, 
one story in hight, and sixty feet in width by 
one hundred and thirty in length— togetlier with 
the various implements in use, represents a per- 
manently invested capital of about $60,000. Em- 
ployment is furnished to an average of from twen- 
tj'-fivo to thirty persons. Operations were com- 
menced at tho Refinery on tho 14tli of last 
Marcli, and continued until August 8th, when 
thoy were temporarily suspended. Since that 
time the facilities have been greatly increased, 
and in February or March next tho business will 
be resumed. The Refinery has a capacity equal 
to the refining of twenty thousand ounces of gold 
per day, or, at 817 per ounce, $340,000. The 
amount refined during the period it was in ope- 
ration, was equal to $10,000,000. Messrs. Jusih 
A Hunter are tho proprietors. 

One laudable feature in the management of 
this establishment is, that all gold deposited is 
returned to the depositors in American coin. By 
au arrangement with the Mint in this City, this 
desirable result has been readied, and the finan- 
cial evils consequent upon the issuance of private 
coin avoided." 


The San Francisco Chemical Works are located 
near the Mission Dolores ; F.\rmii:r, Cuase & Co., 
proprietors. These Works have been success- 
fully employed for the past three years in the 
manufacture of Acids. The average number of 
persons employed is fourteen, and tho amount of 
Acids disposed of during the past year amounted 
to over $100,000. 


The various establishments of this character 
are numerous and extensive. They are five in 
Qumber — Union, Pacific, Vulcan, Sutter and Ful- 
ton — employing, in the aggregate, nearly four 
[lundred men. 

Union Iron Works.— The present proprietor, Mr. Peter 
Donahue, with his brothers, are well known among tho 
most entcrpriHiDg aod succcssrul uf tlie busiui-Hd muu of 
3an Franot^co. Commencing in 1S49 in a small way as 
[)]aiek8mithB and machini8t8, they coDtinueil to enlarge 
their works as their capital justifled, and the businesa of 
the city rt'ijuired, until they have extended to their pres- 
pnt importance. In March, 1850, the first essay at iron 
casting was Buccossfulty made at these works, consisting 

of propeller boxes for the steamer McKim. Although 
the enormous price of fifty cents per pound was received 
for this work, it was unprofitable, owing to the great ex- 
pense of preparing for it. A brick foundry and machino 
shop Ims boon completed, which with the different 
machino ami boiler shops, etc., covers a fifty vara lot and 
an adjoining Bjiaco of 40x80 feet. All the maciiinery of 
theee works was constructed within them, and the ex- 
tensive castings and machinery of tho Cms "Works of this 
city wore also made hero. From 50 to 170 men are em- 
ployed at the Union Works, according to the exigencies 
of business. 

Pacific Foundry. — Ooddard & Co., proprietors. These 
Works were established on their present location, Sep- 
tember, 1850, by Kgcry & Ilinkley. Tho improvements 
consisted of a one-story frame building, 50x50, in which 
a general foundry and machine business was trausacted. 
December, 1853, the proi)rietor8 purchased the interest of 
the original owners— erected a three-story building, 
30x00 — and added greatly, by improvements in machine- 
ry, etc., to former facilities for meeting the increase of 
trade. The cupolas, two in number, have a capacity of 
melting 12 tuns of metal per day. The Works employ 
from 50 to 80 men, and the average annual business is 
$i;40,000 per annum. 

Vulcan Iron Works Co. — Successors to Geo. Gordon & 
Stoen. Tho Vulcan Iron Works were establishetl in Au- 
gust, 1851, by Gordon & Stecn, for tho manufacture of 
steam engines and machinery. In January, 1855, they 
were converted into a joint stock incorporated (jompany. 
Present proprietors, T. A. BJonkhouse, S. Aitkcn, A. C. 
Austin, Paul Torquet and Charles L. Steiger, the foreman 
of tho various departments, who had been with the con- 
cern from its commencement. These works have turned 
out about 150 engines and 260 boilers, with the machin- 
ery of upwards of 170 saw, flour and quartz mills, candle 
and starch factories, etc. All the hydraulic machinery 
for raising brick buildings in San Francisco, were in- 
venteci and made at theso works. The amount of wages 
paid to workmen, including amounts withdrawn by the 
proprietors, since the commencement in 1851, have been 
$400,000. Tho number of hands employed varies from 
forty-five to ninety. The business averages $170,000 
per annum. 

Fulton Foundry. — Ilinckley, Worth <fc Field, propne- 
tors. These works were established by Worth, Hyde & 
Field, September 8th, 1S55, as a machino shop; July 2d, 
1S56, facilities were added for casting metals, and changed 
to present stylo of firm on the 6th of same month. Tho 
works at present keep about thirty hands employed in 
the different departments. 

Sutter Iron Works. — These works were established on 
the corner of Folsom and Beale streets, January, 1850, 
by George K. Oluyas, in connection with the Interna^ 
tional Navigation Company, known as the Aspiuwall 
Company. Tho buildings were not fully completed until 
September of tho same year, when the works were in full 
operation, and did a very large business. Prior to Sep- 
tember, the work that was transacted by this establish- 
ment, was, to a great extent, performed in the open air. 
Number of hands employed, thirty. 


The Boiler Works of Messrs. Coffey & Risdon, 

is the only establishment on this coast confined 

to this manufacture exclusively, and are engaged 

in an extensive and increasing business, employ- 



ing a large number of hands, involving a heavy 
outlay for labor and materials the past year of 
$90,000. The worthy proprietors are men of 
family, settled here as permanent Califomians, 
and deserve, as they will certaiuly achieve, suc- 
cess. The number of men employed, about forty. 
The number of Mills eleven, with an aggre- 
gate run of thirty-one stones, and a capacity of 
about eleven hundred barrels of flour per day of 
twenty-four hours. Several of these mills are 
constantly employed, with profltable results to 
their proprietors. 


The number of mills engaged in the cleansing 
of rice, coffee, etc., is two. The Oriental Mills, 
owned by Henry Baker & Co., and Waits 4; Bat- 
tles, located on Fremont street, have a capacity 
of cleaning and polishing from fitly thousand to 
one hundred thousand pounds per day. 

There are four Steam Saw Mills at present in 
operation in this city, employing forty-five men. 
Attached to these mills are manufactories for the 
production of sashes, doors, packing boxes, etc., 
and one of these mills, (Chace's) has connected 
with it machinery for making barrels, with a ca- 
pacity for two hundred and fifty per day. 


The number of Breweries in the city is nin e- 
teen, employing about one hundred persons. 
The new establishment of Holcher, Wieland & 
Co., the Philadelphia Brewery, situated on Second 
near Folsom, is the most extensive establish- 
ment of the kind on the Pacific coast, and the 
enterprise displayed by the proprietors in its 
completion is worthy of attention. 

The number of firms engaged in the sale of 
Furniture is forty. Several of the establishments 
occupied by them are of the most extensive char- 
acter, and are largely engage^l in the manufactu- 
ring and importing of the diffierent articles of 
this important branch of trade. The bouse of 
George 0. Whitney & Co., is largely engaged 
both in manufacturing and importing, and their 
estabUshment contains one of the largest assort- 
ments of Furniture to be found on the coast. 

Messrs. J. G. Clark & Co., occupy the old Clip- 
per Warehouse, extending through from No. 128 
Washington to Jackson street. Their premises 
front on Washington 30 feet, and 75 feet on Jack- 
son, besides an extensive yard west of the ware- 
house, work shops, etc., assigned to the diff- 

erent departments of their business. This house 
has a largo number of haniis constantly em- 
ployed in the manufacture of Furniture, from 
native California wood, and their display of arti- 
cles of home manufacture, is a gratifying evi- 
dence of their eObrts to encourage home industry. 

The establishment of J. T. Pidwell, also con- 
tains an extensive assortment of Furniture, and 
may be included among the first establishments 
of the City. 


The number of newspapers issued in this City 
is twenty-seven ; of which twelve are daily, four- 
teen are weekly, and one semi-monthly. Of the 
dailies, seven issue Weekly and five issue Steam- 
er papers, in addition to the regular publication, 
making in the aggregate thirty-nine different pa- 
pers. Four are published in the French language, 
one in German, and one in Spanish. In addi- 
tion, there are three monthly publications; one 
devoted to Literature, one to Law, and one to 

To be added to the list on page 386, is the new 
Medical Magazine, just issued, and the useful 
and valuable paper edited by Col. Warren — The 
California Farmer — which was unintentionally 


The Hazard Gunpowder Company, tlirough their agent, 
Mr. E. H. Parker, of this Cit.v, have completed a maga- 
zine situated on the bay, midway between Rincon and 
Hunter's Points. Tiie butUling is of the most substantial 
character, is fifty feet long by thirty feet wide, and two 
stories in hight. The capacity of the m.-igazino is about ' 
seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds, or nearly four 
hundred tons. Besides the qualities of powder need by 
Government, and by ships and sportsmen, a vast amount 
is used in California for blasting operations, and it is, 
therefore, an article of great importance to the conntr.v. 
Its dangerous character, however, makes it a very unfit t 
article to be kept in the City in any great quantity. 

There are five establishments engaged in the refining . 

of Oil and the manufacture of Camphene. The works ' 

of the Fairhaven Company, Stott k Co., and Dietz k Co., 

are each engaged in an extensive and profitable business. 


There are several depots for the sale of machines of 
Eastern m.anufacture. The new pattern of Wheeler k ■ 
Wilson's, is one of the handsomest we have seen, and is 
justly entitled to the attentions bestowed upon it by the 
ladies of this city. From the warm commendations re- 
ceived by the Agent from those who have tested its work- 
ings, we have no doubt it will be generally used. 

The limited space assigned to the " Re- 
view," prevents a reference to many enterprises 
which, under other circumstances, would afford 
us pleasure to notice. 



AcH Leon, clothing, 81 Montgomery, dwl Har- 
lan place 

Adams K. hats and caps, 170 Washington 

Adler Jonas, book-keeper, at JI. Louisson's, 83 

Alexander A. boarding-house, 14 Sansome 

Anderson S. G. proptr Match Manutactory, cor 
Brannan and Johnston 

Armstrong Chas. steward, at Vigilance Engine 
House, No. 9, Stockton bet raclHc & lidw'y 

Arnold T. J. clerk, National Wagon Road, Wes- 
tern Division, 39 Montgomery Block 

Bachmax S. (Steinhart, B. & Co.) dwl C2 Sac 
Bagley W. P. plasterer, bds 4 Belden's Block 
Bailey John, professor of music, San Francisco 

College, Bush near Mason 
Baker A. D. & Co. (S. F. Gray), Pickle Waro- 

house, Sacramento below Davis 
Baker George W. clerk, Oriental Hotel 
Barrow Samuel L. liquors, etc. SE corner Com- 
mercial and Front 
Barry E. L. door-keeper, TJ. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl Union bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Barstow D. P. attorney at law, 4.5 Mout'y Block 
Bauck John Henry, {Kohler, Fivhliny &, B.) NE 

cor Montgomery and Merchant, bet Kearny 

and Montgomery 
Bazin J. tripe dealer, 4 Clay Street Market 
Beideman {J. C.) & Page (Robert C.) real estate 

agents, office 94 Merchant 
Berel Jacob, furniture and collector, N s Pacific 

near Stockton 
Bernard Wm. R. sign and ornamental painter, 

Sutter near Dupont 
Bigelow E. bpg dealer, 40 Clay 
Bigger Reed, clerk. National Wagon Road, Wes- 
tern Division, 39 Montgomery Block 
BIOREN {C. Vr.)i OAKLEY (R. 0.) real estate 

and general auetioneer.s, 184 Montgomery 
Bishop F. A. engineer, National Wagon Road, 

Western Division, office 39 Mout'y Block 
Black William, (YaUiard k, Co.) dwl cor Green 

and Kearny 
Blake James, butcher. Clay Street Market , 
Blolim C. G. teacher of languages, etc. VSUejo 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Blum Leopold, clerk, dwl N side Broadway near 

Blun Simon, clerk, at S. L. Jones', 70 California 
BIydenburgh Jessie S. quartz mining machinery, 

120 Market 
Bookstaver (Samuel) & Godney (Hohert), Fulton 

Market, SE cor Washington and Stockton 

Boruck Marcus D. editor Fireman's Journal, dwl 

Leavenworth near Sacramento 
BOSQUI EDWARD, real estate agent, office 114 

Washington, dwl cor Union and Taylor 
Boyd 0. H. & Co. (C T. Blah), hatters, 138 

Branger Mrs. jewelry polisher, Wash'n place 
BRESLAUER (Tltnn/) & CO. (Ahraham Morris), 

importers and wholesale dealers in fancy dry 

goods, etc. 93 Sansoma 
Brewer J. H. attorney at law, 53 Mout'y Block 
Brittan J. \V. & Co. stoves and hardware, 58 & GO 

Brocas John W. delivery clerk. Post Office, bds 

What Cheer House 
Brooks Charles W. 123 Sansome 
Brown David R. bds Davis near Sacramento 
Bruuner Lewis, watch-maker, ICl Clay, dwelling 

85 Post 
Bryan C. H. bell-ringer. City Hall 
Buol Frederick Rev. dwl Mout'y bet Sutter and 

Buhrmistcr Claus, Stewart Street Exchange, bet 

Market and Mission 
Bultmann (Uenry), Marciuard (Axiyust) k Mar- 

wede, importers and dealers in hardware, 

127 Clay 
BURROWS SONS, (SUas E. Burrows, jr. and 

0. Ilofftnaii Burroxos), commission mchts, 

1G8 Sansome 
Butler Joseph, (IliU & Butler), 48 Washington 


Caohot M. hair-dresser, Washington Baths 
Campbell (Alexander) &, Turk (Frank), attorneys 

at law, 7 & 8 Express liilg 
Carpenter Henry, Presidio Road near Toll Gate 
Carter George R. (Treadwell &, Co.) res Boston, 

Chittenden Joseph G. {Morrell & C.) Chase's 

Clapp Caleb, foreman Engine Co. No. 14, dwl 

Second near Jessie 
Coleman (Samuel) & Brother (Abram Coleman), 

clothing, cor Montgomery and Washington 
Constant S. billiard-maker, dwl Vallejo between 

Stockton and Dupont 
Constant S. Mrs. J'rench millinery^ Vallejo bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Courtier P. Steamboat Exchange, Drumm bet 

Pacific and Jackson 
Cox Clement, surveyor, bds Tehama House 
Cramer H. teacher of music, dwl No. 2 Trainer's 

Row, Kearny near Sutter 



Creamer (J. H.) & Linderman (C.) MerchaDts' 

Saloon, 148 Montgomery 
Crowell P. wliarlinger India Dock, foot of Bdwy 
CuUen William, produce, 57 Clay, dwl i-'ilbert 

bet Dupout and Kearny 
Ciinniiigliam John R. shipwright and caulker, 

Stewart Street Wharf 
Cutter Jas. II. commission merchant, 103 Front, 

dwl SW cor Hyde and Sutter 

Darneli. Heitkt T. Ritch between Folsom and 

Davidson {John W.) &, Lane {Sich'd), dry goods, 

137 Sacramcuto, dwl N s Mission ur Third 
Darley James, pilot, cor Pacific and Davis 
Do'Blois G. L. {Stanton, Dc R k Co.) 86 Davis 
Delavan John, pilot, cor Pacific and Davis 
Dennery Alfonso, cigars and tobacco, 160 Monty 
Deunery Bernard, clothing and dry goods, 112 

Dennery L. L. billiard saloon. El Dorado Bdg 
Depierris Hypolito, physician, office S 3 Vallejo 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
De Prefontaine Joseph R. at Price Current and 

Shipping List Office, 128 Sansome, dwl 57 

Detels {Henry) k Schorling {Benry F.) grocers, 

cor Sutter and Dupont 
Dibbern H. J. J. porter, 157 Clay, dwelling Val- 
paraiso near Beach 
Dickenson {W. T.) & Co. {Benjamin L. Savory), 

wholesale vegetables, 9 Washington 
Dillon Thomas, hardware, 3 Battery, and corner 

Post and Kearny 
Doane Charles, Sheriff, dwl Minna, 4 doors from 

D'Oliveira A. physician, 234 Washington 
Donahue Phil, ]3ank Exchange, corner Mont'y 

and Washington 
Dowling Edward, fruit trees, 44 Washington 
Dunn George A. & Co. {Michael Gurvey), rice 

mills. Market bet First and Second 
Dupouey Hippo, teacher San Francisco College, 

Bush near Mason 
Dupouey Jules, teacher San Francisco College, 

Bush near Mason ., 

Dutard B. produce, 69 Clay 

Eberh.^rdt {Joseph) & Mast (John), St Nicholas 

Edwards A. L & Co. grocers, 81 Clay 
EGGEKS {Geo U.) k, CO. {Christian U. Voight 
and nomas Basse), groceries and liquors, 
G2 California 
Elliot August, at Clinton Temperance House 
ELLIOT "( Washington) k BELL {Lucius), gro- 
ceries and provisions, SE cor Mont'y k C'al 
Elton W. Meyer, S s Jackson near Montgomery 
Enscoe John, physician, 52 Montgomery 
Etienne C. {Guerin & Co.) dwl NW cor Broad- 
way anj Koarnj' 
Evett Edward J. 53 j Montgomery 

Farg Alt D. optician. 152 J Washington 
Farwell \V. B. Alta California Office, 124 Sac 
Fay {Cakb T.) k WiUis {Horatio P.) importers 

and commission merchants, 61 California, 

bds Oriental Hotel 

Finkbonner Christopher, (McCkVand & Co.) 7 

Fish F. & Co. Intelligenco Office, 140 Mont'y 
Fisher A. K. New York Dining Saloon, 65 k 67 

Fitch (tf. K.) k Rutherford (Thos.) proptrs San 

Francisco Prices Current, office NE corner 

Sansome and Merchant 
Flannory Henry, dwl NE cor Sacramento and 

Flitcroft {Thos.) k Co. {Jama F. Swift), awning 

and tent makers, SE cor Jackson k Battery 
Forbes Alexander, storage, Front near Vallejo, 

dwl S s Clay near Stockton 
Fordham (/?. B.) Jennings {I). A.) & Co. ( IT^ F. 

Ualseii), groceries and provisions, 138 Front 
Frank Otto, cigar store, 108 Montgomery 
Franklin John, book-keeper, dwl 179 Stockton 
Froomberg Isaac, drayman, dwl 143 Mission 
Fropolli {S. k B.) k Scalmanini (C.) 23 Clay 

Galloup J. B. agent Pacific Pottery, office 42 

Gautier L. P. physician, office S s California near 
Montgomery, dwl Ellis near Powell 

Gianer Basil, cooper, Pacific near Montgomerv 

GLADWIN WALTER B. provisions, 67 Front 

Gluyas George K. sup't Sutter Iron Works, cor 
Mission and Beale, dwl 30 J Minna 

GODCHAUX BROTHERS, (Adolph k Jos'pfi), 
importers and jobbers in dry goods, 82 Cal 

Godfrey {Nathanid), Vosbnrgh (J.) k Dcnison 
{A. G.) hair-dressers, 126 Commercial 

GOODWIN {Charles JR.) k CO. {M. B. Almy and 
J. D. Hawltes). wholesale grocers and job- 
bers, 53 and 55 Front 

Gordon George, wood and coal, comer Market 
and Second 

Gordon {John), Brooks {John W.) & Backus 
{Oscar J.), imffortersof stoves and metals, 
160 Battery 

Govert Theodore, Oregon Market, Jackson bet 
Front and Davis 

Graves {Edmund S.) k Smith {Cltarks Tl'.) cop- 
persmiths and plumbers, 80 Jackson, dwl 
N 3 Vallejo near Taylor 

Gray itatthias, at J. F. Atwill's, dwl Filbert abv ■ 

Greenebaum {Jocoh) k Co. importers of fancy 
goods, 64 i Battery • 

Greenebaum Elias, minister Congregation Eman- 

Greenhood Wm. at Greenhood k Newbauer's, , 
92 California 

Haixe J. physician of La Parfaite Union Lodge : 

No. 17 
Hale James, {Jlovty k Hale), bds 280 Stockton 
HallQck {H. W.) Peachy {A. C.) k Bilhngs {F.): 

att'ys at law, 45 Montgomery Block 
Harobly Thomas C. attorneys at law, office 175 

Clay, bds Hotel International 
Hamilton Charles F. daguerreian artist, 1S2 

Wash'n, dw! Fremont near Folsom 
Hanna John, Minna bet First and Second 
Harold Ernst, stage manager, Amer. Theatre 
Harvey Alfred A. 9 Parsons' Bdg 
Hass Soloman, {Kosenfddt k 11.) dwl 7 Stevenson 



Hatch T. H. batter and cheese, Wash'n Market 
Hatloj- Jolin, laborer, dwl Stevenson near Annie 
Haven R. S. average adjuster and insurance 

broker, office U. S. Court Bdj^, dwl NW cor 

Sacramento and Yerba Buena 
Hayward Barzilli, at Pioneer Paper Mill Depot, 

70 California, bds Railroad House 
Heller {.Vises) ft Brother {Martin UeUer), dry 

and fancy goods, 88 California 
Henry H. A. Rev. bds 14 Sansotne 
Hcrre W. P. Foreign Book Store, a 17 Clay 
Hill John, dwl W s Mason bet Green and Union 
Hobart (Benjamin, jr.) & Brother (Joseph), boots 

and shoes, 6 California Block 
Horn Beiijami;) C. importer of cigars and tobacco, 

50 Front, dwl cor Harrison and Essex 
Horton Richard k Co. ale and porter bottlers, 96 

California, dwl cor Second and Jessie 
Hyde P. E. Davis bet California and Sacramento 

Jilliahi) M. Mrs. boarding, Druinm bet Pacific 

and Jackson 
Johnson William Neely, attorney at law, ITS 

Johnston (John) Jk Co. lumber, cor Stewart and 

Market, and Stewart near Howard 
JONKS T. patent medicines, 185 Washington 
Jorres W. (successor to J. Sirahle & Brother), 

billiard table manuf, 123 Sacramento 

K.\SKAi. M. hat and cap manuf, 143 Commercial 
Kennedy James S. com produce, tiS Merchant 
Kenny Michael, saloon, Dunbar's alley 
Kerrison Henry W. livery stable, 114 California, 

dw! n Sutter 
Kirk John, superintendant National Wagon 
Road, Western Division, office 39 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Knowles D. M. dwl NE cor Clay and Kearny 
KOHLKR [diaries), FROHLING (John) & 
BANCK (John Henry), California wines 
and brandies, NE cor Mont'y and Merchant 
Kohn Joseph S. cigar store, 160 Montgomery 

Lane (J. C.) k Strattox (Abraham W.) con- 
tractors, Sutter bet Sansome and Mont'y 
Lang (Jacob L.) k Sporborg (Moses), importers 

and jobbers, dry and fancy goods, 5 Custom 

House Block 
Lassalette (Julian) k Lafargue (Jean B.) produce 

commission merchants, 42 Washington 
Lavergne Antonia, boot and shoe maker, 157 

Lawler (William) k Murphy (Williatn D.) gold 

and silver-ware manufacturers, 172 Clay 
Loo Albert, (eol'd) poiter, 137 Montgomery 
Lee Henry C. machine sewing, 157 Sacramento, 

bds American E.xchange 
Levy Mrs. hair-dresser, 237 Washington 
Loszynsky Alexander, 110 Sacramento 
Leszyiisky L. dry and fancy goods, 137 Sao 
Lcszvnstty Lesser, (Leszynsky k W.) dwl 242 


L'hote .Vdolph, compositor, LePhare, 120 Mont'y 
L'hoto Eugene, (Lhote Bros.) 220 Dupont, res 

in France 
L'bote Bros. (Rene k Eugene'}, boots and shoes, 

220 Dupont 

LOUD (Warren), HOSMER (Charles), TIL- 
TONS (Charles E. & A. E.) & SNYDER 
(.4. IV.) wholesale liquor merchants, SW 
cor Front and Cora'l, dwl Cal nr Stockton 

Lougee F. W. paints and oils, 105 Clay, dwl cor 
Sutter and Mason 

Lulofs B. dwl 1 Laurel place 

Macquart George, veterinary surgeon, Sutter 

near Kearny 
Mallon John, examiner. Custom House 
Malmgren (Niles) k Nordgrcn (E. H.), diamond 

setters, 138 Sac, dwl N s Post nr Powell 
Marriott Frederick, real estate and proprietor 

News Letter, 134 Clay 
Mast John, (Eherhardt k M.) St. Nicholas Hotel 
Mastick S. L. k Co. 10 Stewart Street Wharf 
Matttield Henry, groceries, SE cor Folsom and 

Mayer Simon, broker, office 62 California, dwl 

NE cor Stockton and Washington [Front 
McDermot C. F. (Oliver, Flanayan k Co.) 99 
McGaraghan William, wholesale wines and li- 
quors, 50 California 
McGuegan B. Clinton, saloon, Davis near Bdwy 
McNally Peter, pilot, cor Paciflc and Davis 

• and liquors, 153 Sansome 
Mentel G. drayman, cor Sansome and Sacramento 
Merigot Antonio, hairdresser, 157 Kearny 
Merkle Christian, polisher, with J. G. Clark & Co. 
Jlerrilt S. physician, SE cor Mont'y and Cal 
Meyer' A. proptr Cincinnati Brewery, Third near 

Meyer (U. H.) k Kraus (E.) proptr Franklin 

Hotel, cor Sansome and PaciHc 
Meyer Sieginund T. & Co. office 62 California 
Middlemis Joseph, book-keeper, with W. Jorres, 

bds Harris House 
Miller Jacob, stoves and tin- ware, 166 Clay, dwl 

Pacific near Dupont 
Miller W. drayman, dwl Stevenson near Second 
Miller W. jr. carpenter, with Tbos. Clark, Dun- 
bar's Alley 
MiUou (Sebastien) k Deney (A.) importers wines 
Mino Marco, Kossuth Saloon, cor Front and Com'l 
Montanya De La (Hudson) k Wilkins (Peter V.) 

Franklin Hoiso, cor Sansome and Bdwy 
Morgan (S. Griffithi), Stone (Edward F.) & Co. 

commission merchants. 28 Front 
Morgan David B. Inspector, Custom House 
Mortal Theodore, dwl S s Post nr Taylor 
Mose Samuel, boots and shoes, 228 Dupont 
Mouttet Lewis, commission merchant, 25 Clay 
Murphy Wm. D. (LawUr & M.) 112 Clay 

Natdan David, cigars, 80 Commercial, d%vl 168 
Nathan Samuel C. pilot, cor Vallcjo and Davis 
Neal William W. pilot, cor Washington and E.ast 
Newman Charles, salesman, 105 Commercial, 

dwl 255 Dupont 

Officer Thos. S. portrait painter, 110 Montg'y 

Page Robert C. (Beideman 4 P.) 94 Merchant 
Palmer E. C. invoice clerk. Custom 
Palmer T. carpenter, bds Isthmus House 
Pardow George, prop'r Sierra Nevada Mills, 
Third nr Howard, bds Oriental Hotel 



Parks (S. TV".) & Tyler (C. W.) books and sta- 
tionery, 102 Commercial 

Parrott Charles, dwl W s o( the Lagoon 

Patlan P. J. mariner, dwl Purdy pi 

Patterson A. \V. liquors, Dupont nr Washington 

Peres Peter, carpeuter, dwl V'allejo bet Uupont 
and Kcaru}' 

Petigny Pe L. Chas. dwl Vallcjo bet Stockton 
and Dupont 

Petigny De L. Mme. millinery, Vallejo between 
Dupont and Stockton 

Pettit (N. L.) & Robbins {John) grain and pro- 
duce, 38J Clay, dwl cor Eddy and Larkiu 

Placide Save, florist, 207 Washington 

Pollard J. broker, bds 53 Montgomery 

Provost (D. A) & Co. (Jaines W. White), pickles, 
preserves, etc. 67 Front 

Ratliff Hexut, liquors, NW cor Davis and 

Reddish Thomas J. pilot, cor Pacific and Davis 
Redington (John II. ) & Co. {Andrew J. Almy), 

wh'lsale druggists, 107 Clay, dwl 31 S. Park 
Regan P. 0. liquors, N s Pacific nr Front 
Reynolds {John) & Gray ( Gtfes II.) attorneys at 

law, 40 Montgomery Block 
Robbins John {Fctlit & R.) dwl Turk bet ?olk 

and A'an Ness Avenue 
Robinson J. boot and shoe dealer, dwl comer 

Brannan and Second 
Root {James) & Iredale {A. S.) importers stoves 

and metals, 98 California 
Rorrizy Eugene, restaurant, W s Sullivan near 

Ruhling J. C. book-keeper, with Speer & Co. dwl 

S s Vallejo nr Dupont 
Runnell John T. dwl Tehama nr First 

(F. L.) coffee saloon, 128 Montgomery 

Sayward W. T. 86 Washington 

Schaifer Edward, liquors, Dupont bet Clay and 

Schander.John F. pilot, cor Vallejo and Davis 

Scbard William, restaurant, 177 Washington 

Seamen V. wharfinger, Vallejo Street Wharf 

Selling John, (Rosenlaum, tjchubart &Co.) cor 
Sacramento and Leidesdorff 

Sevigne Adolph, litliographer, Dupont nr Comm'l, 
dwl Mission nr Harris [Stockton 

Seymour E. P. dwl S s Green bet Dupont and 

Shattuok {Dudiii D.) i Co. {Aaron C. Htndky) 
produce, NW cor Merchant and Sansome 

Shedd W. W. at match manufactory, cor Brannan 
and Johnston 

Shonwasser Samuel, dry and fancy goods, 6 Vir- 
ginia Block 

Shuler George L. inspector. Custom House 

Shultz F. cigars, 108 Montgomery 

Silverthorn William H. Deputy Sheritt, dwl Lea- 
venworth nr Sacramento 

Smith Isaac Plummer, book-keeper at Walton 
House, cor Battery and Vallejo 

Son A. A. cigars, American Exchange 

Speer {J. P.) k Co. {J. Warren Cox) NE & NW 
cor's Battery and Broadway 

Stamper {J.) & Brother {S. Stamper) importers 
clothing. Battery nr Sacramento 

Stanley {Samud L.) A Grimes (George T.) im- 
porters of liquors, etc. 89 Front 

Stanton {Charla/H) De Blois {G. L.) & Co. 
produce, 86 Davis 

Stauly Joliii, straw hat manufacturer, Vallejo 
bet Dupont and Stockton 

Steinhart {William) Bachman (S.) & Co. (E. A. j 
Stern) wholesale dry goods, G2 Sacramento 

Stephens Francis Mrs. dwl Montgomery bet Fil- 
bert and Union 

Stephenson Samuel, Arbour, SE cor Kearny and 

Stern (David) & Regensburger (ff.) propt'rs St. 
Nicholas Hotel, SW cor Commercial and 

Steuart C. V. general store, cor Stission and Cen- 
ter, Mission Dolores 

Steward { Warren A.) & Hawkins ( WUliam J.) 
Mount Hope Market, SE cor Broadway and 

Stillman J. W. 96 California [Powell 

Stone Edward F. {Morgati, S. &. Co.) 28 Front 

Strode C. B. attorney at law, 7 Armory Hall 

Stoutz De Alexander, {Kutle & Co.) dwl Clay 
bet Stockton and Powell 

Stuart Charles V. general merchandise, cor Mis- 
sion and Centre 

Sutton Wm. liquor saloon, cor Jackson 4 Dramm 

Taylor Park D. propt'r San Francisco Horse 

Market, Market opp Second 
Theller Edward R. farmer, dwl San Jos6 Road 
Thompson (/?. Aug.) Irving (//. P.)&. Pate (B. T.) 

attorneys at law, 42 Montgomery Block 
Tilden {A. P.) & Co. produce, 28 Clay 
Titus Joseph, treasurer, American Theatre 
Tollifie Mrs. millinery and artificial Howcr maker, 

Vallejo bet Dupont and Stockton 
Turner George R. County Surveyor, office, 28 

City Hall, bds E s Mason nr Union 
Turney John H. paying teller, at Tallant A 

Wilde's, and Treasurer of California Pioneers, 

dwl Pioneer Hall, Washington nr Kearny 

Underhill Jacob, wholesale stationer, etc. 132 

Urmy George S. pastor, Folsom M. B. Church, 

dwl Prospect pi nr California 

Vandeveer Mrs. ice cream saloon, 202 Wash'n 
Van Ness Henry, pilot, cor Vallejo and Davis 
Valliard {Tliomas) & Co. ( Williairi Black) livery 
stable, S s Jackson nr Montgomery 

Wallace W. C. NW cor Montgomery and Sac 
Walton David W. Walton House, cor Battery and 

Watkins William T. wood and coal, Stewart nr 

Webber J. bell ringer. City Hall 
Wesendorfl' M. printer, bda N s Pine bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Wilcocks Benjamin, bds American Exchange 
Wind M. bUliard table manufacturer, 123 Sac 
WOOD SAMUEL A. importer boots and shoes, 

64 California 
Worth Frederick, with E. Bosqui, 114 Wasli'n 
WRIGHT J. T.. office, Northern Coast Liut 

Steamers, U. S. Court Building 



For the Year commencing January 1st, 1858. 

Notice. — Names too late for regular insertion, removals, changes, etc., which have occurred 
during the preparation of the work, may be found on the pages immediately preceding this. 


abv Above 

acct Accountant 

Rttj Attorney 

av Avenue 

bdg... .Building or buildings 

bds Hoards 

bet Between 

blk Block 

B. M Brunch Mint 

C. H Custom House 

elk Clerk 

com Commission 

cor Corner 

dept Department 

dwl Dwelling 

E East 

excb Exchange 

exp Express 

F. P Port Point 

h House 

lab Laborer 

manf Manufacturer 

mec Mechanic 

mcht merchant 

Miss Ds Mission Dolores 

mkr Maker 

mkt Market 

N North 

nr Near 

oir. 0111 ce 

op Opposite 

pi Place 

P. O Post Oftico 

Pre'o Presidio 

proptr Proprietor 

S South 

8 Side 

stm... Steamer or Steamship 
W West 


Bdwy Broadway 

Btty Battery 

Cal California 

Com'l Commercial 

Leid'ff. Leidesdorff 

Merch Merchant 

Mont'y Montgomery 

Pac Pacific 

Sac Sacramento 

San Sansomo 

Stock Stockton 

Wash'n Washington 

Aalmqcist JonN, iron-finisher, dwl NW corner 

Montgomery and Bush 
Abbate Paul B. conveyancer & agent, 4 Hentch's 

bdg, dwl Cl.iy nr Powell 
Abbot Chas. L. pilot, office SW cor 'VTashington 

and East, dwl SW cor Jackson and Mason 
Abbott John, cook, 18 Bush 
Abbott Osborn, dealer in bullion, N"W cor Cal'a 

and Battery, dwl 38 Virginia pi 
Abbott Samuel, at Nelson & Doble, dwl 33 Webb 
Abecasis J. S. (J. R. Brandon & Co.) NW cor of 

California and Battery, resides New York 
Abeeo RaOtel. musician, SWcor Dupont and Bruce 
ABELL ALEX'D G. Commissioner of Emigrants 

and Gd Sec'y of Gd Lodge F. St, A. Masons, 

116 Battery, bds Oriental Hotel 
Abell Frederick, teacher, dwl cor Monroe & Bush 
ABERNETHY (George), CLARK (Hiram) & CO. 

shipping merchants, Stewart bet Market and 


Able Benjamin, laborer, bds Dupont bet Califor- 
nia and Sacramento 
Abraham P. II. dwl 90 Sutter 
Abraham Y. butcher, 191 Jackson 
Abrahamson Peter, stoves and tin ware, 224 

Dupont, dwl 133 Bush 
'' Abram David, cap raanf^ 81 Kearny 
Abraras & Brother (David & Moses), grocers, 56 

Front, dwl N s Green nr Stockton 
Abrams Isaac (Jacobs iSc Co) dwl W s Dupont nr 

Abraras James, boots k shoes, East bet Clay and 

* Abrams Samuel, dry goods, 18 Kearny 

Abrams Moses [Abrams & Brother) 56 Front, dwl 

N s Green nr Stockton. 
Abrott Andrew, dwl SW comer Dupont and St. 

Marks place 
Ach Leon, dwl Harlan place 
Achbald John, clerk at Flint, Peabody & Co's, 

dwl Vallejo bet Hyde and Larkiu 
Acheson Francis, butcher, 9 New World Market 
Achick Tong K. Chinese mcht, 175 Sacramento 
Ackerman August (Samuel Wasserman & Co.) 

165 Kearny 
Ackerman Lewis S. dwl N s Green bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Ackerman Sam. (Ackerman 4k Brother),^ Virginia 

Ackermaun Joseph, dry goods mcht, dwl E side 

Stockton bet Clay and Washington 
Ackermaun & Brother (Lazarus <t' Samuel), fancy 

and dry goods dealers, 5 Virginia block 
Ackland Edward, laborer, dwl Third bet Everett 

and Howard 
Ackley George W. cabinet maker. Union bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Ackley Lyman, inspector, U. S. Custom House, 

dwl Spring nr California 
Ackley Royal G. cattle dealer, dwl E s Kearny 

bet Green and Union 
Adams Abraham, bds N s Jackson nr Stockton 
Adams A. painter, bds 84 Bush 
Adams Andrew, real estate broker, office comerr 

Sacramento and Front, resides at Oakland 
Adams Boylston, liquor de-tler, dwl 241 Clay 
Adams (Caleb A.) & Marks (John J.), ship chan- 
dlers, East nr Clay, dwl Hampton place 



Adams Charles, (col'd) cook, dwl 5 Virginia 
Adams Daniel, cigar maker, bds 68 Montgomery 
Adams P'rank, at Tnflt & Adams', boards Amer- 
ican Kxcliango 
Adams ft. W. macliinist, Pacific Foundry, bds 

h?t. Charles Hotel 
Adams Henry, packer, American Flovir Mills, 25 

First, dwl 6 Jessie 
Adams Henry, porter, dwl B s Sutter bet Kearny 

and Montgomery 
Adams Herman, tailor and repairer, 118 Jackson 
Adams Hiram W. laborer, Presidio road, W of 

Valley House 
Adams H. W. C. wood dealer, dwl N s Turk bet 

Taylor and Mason 
Adams James, dwl Clementina nr Ecker 
ADAMS JAMES, wood and coal, cor Davis and 

Adams Jas. with John C. White, bds St. Charles 

Adams James C. Pacific Museum, NE cor Clay 

and Kearny 
Adams James H. dwl S 8 Union nr Mason 
Adams Jeremiah Mrs. dwl NE cor Filbert and 

Rock alley 
Adams John "W. (col'd) hand carman, dwl 287 

Adams Joseph, Jr. guager, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Union and Green 
Adams L. S. (Tafft <fc A.) NW cor Front and 

Coni'l, dwl Minna bet Second and Third 
Adams Lawson S. mcht, dwl Second nr Folsom 
Adams Lemuel T. painter, dwl 8i Bush 
Adams R. dwl N s Jackson nr Stockton 
Adams R. Henry {Adams d- Bro.) SE cor Clay 
and Kearny, dwl cor Jones and Sacramento 
Adams Brother {R. Milton & R. Be7iry), hat and 

cap manuf, SE cor Clay and Kearny 
ADAMS SAMUEL, Druggist, NE cor Clay and 

Dupont, dwl cor Sacramento and Pike 
Adams Samuel, dealer in lime and cement, 42 
Battery, dwl S s Sutter bet Powell and 
ADAMS THOMAS, liquor saloon, SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Commercial 
Adams William, Proptr Pacific Museum, NE cor 

Clay and Kearny 
ADAMS ( Waiiam J.) BLINN (SanVl P.) & CO. 
(George W. Prescott), lumber dealers, corner 
Stewart & Market, dwl Mission bet Second 
and Third 
Adams Z. B. with "W. P. Loring, dwl 68 Merch't 
Adcock William, shoemaker, dwl 50 Minna 
AdJigan John, laborer, dwl 30 Battery 
Addis Benancio, clerk, 128 California, dwl Mary's 

lane nr Sutter 
Addis Charles, laborer, .Fort Point 
Addis Peter, carpenter, Mary's lane nr Sutter 
Addison John B. 85 Montgomery blk 
Addison Wm. A. book-keeper. Custom House, 

dwl 154 Sacramento 
importers of fancy goods, cutlery, etc. SE cor 
Sacramento and Sansome, bds 249 Powell 
Adelsdorfer Jos. (Adebdurfer & Brother), SE cor 

Sansome and Sacramento 
Adler Bernhard, butcher, dwl Sac above Dupont 
Adler Chas. clerk, SW cor Stockton and Pacific 

Adler Charles, clerk, 84 California, dwl Second 

nr Minna 
Adler E. baker, N 8 Vallejo bet Stockton and 

Adler Henry, book-keeper at S. L. Jacobs & Co's, 

70 California 
Adler Julius, book-keeper, 87 California, dwl 294 

Adler Julius Mrs. millinery and fancy goods, 294 

Adler Laporte, shoe-maker, 125 Bush 
Adler Leopolina Mrs. millinery and fancy goods, 

294 Stockton 
Adley Thomas, brick-layer, Fort Point 
Adlington D. M. waterman, dwl 263 Kearny 
ADRAIN (Wm.) k STORY (Wm. F.) ship- 
chandlers, 89 Front, bds 193 California 
Aezr Florence, lodgings, NW cor California and| 

Agard William B. (Dupuy, Foulkes & Co.) dwl 

Green bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Agate Wm. boarding-house agent, 16 Sansome 
Agnew Agnes Mrs. dwl S s Greenwich bet Mas > , 

and Taylor 
Agnew John, fireman, S. F. Gas Co. First corner 

Agnew (Thomas E.) i DefTebach (Thomas B.) 
printers, NW cor Sansome and Merchant, 
bds Franklin House 
Ahem Isaac, hand-cartman, dwl S 8 Jessie nta- 

Ahem Jeremiah, ship-carpenter, dwl Mission nr 

Ahem John M. groceries and liquors, First c - 

Ahlenfeld Morris D. (J. W. Courts & Co.) 181, 

Ahlers H. clerk, NW cor Front and Pacific 
Ah Quong, washing, Sansome bet Pacific am 

Ahrens August, cabinet-maker, Kearny between 

Geary and St. Marks' place 
Ahrens Christian, watch-maker, 214 Dupont 
Ahrens Henry, clerk, 67 Sacramento [placrf 

Ahret Michael, shoe-maker, Sutter cor Rassett 
Ahumada Joseph M. teacher of languages, 18' 

Aibischer Bruno, laundery, 329 Dupont 
Aigen Martin, laborer, Mary's lane nr Sutter 
Aigen Michael, laborer, Mary's lane nr Sutter 
Aiken John (Amory & A.) dwl 134 Bush 
Aiken Mary Mrs. dwl Hunt nr Third 
Aikens Isaiah, jeweller, 189 Clay, dwl Dupol 

i et Vallejo and Green 
Aine Louis, carpenter, dwl 127 Bush 
Aitchison Geo. physician, office basement Baptia 

Church, Washington nr Stockton 
Aitken James, boiler-maker, Yulcan Foundry| 

dwl Clementina bet Third and Fourth 
Aitken Samuel, boiler-maker, Vulcan Foundrji 

dwl Clementina bet Third and Fourth 
Alband Henry, bar-keeper, cor Davis and Bd^ y 
Albert Aubert, butcher, with Angus Dolet 
Albert Lewis, teamster, bds St. Charles Hot-i. 

21 First 
Albert Thomas, foreman. Pacific Oil Works 
Albertson Joseph C. att'y at law, Bolton &, Ba^, 
ron's Building, 98 Merchant 




Albin Leon, editor and proprietor of Bibliothique 

Populaire, 61 Merchant 
Albin Leonce, printer, 61 Merchant 
Albrent John, clerk, SE cor Pacific and Powell 
Albrich Joseph, dairy, Presidio Road, op Vly II 
Alburn Mathias, (Geo. Arp & Co), cor Union and 

Alden James, U. S. C. Survey, off Custom House 
Alden Judab, drayman, with W. F. Walton & Co 
Alden Samuel, drayman, with y\m. F. Walton & 

Co. dwl Clay bet Mason and Taylor 
Alden S. K. restaurant, N s Clay nr Montgomery 
Aldersoy John, accountant, dwl Rich nr Brannan 
Alderton Robert, collector, Pacific Mail Stm's 

Co. cor Sacramento and Leidesdorff 
Aldrich Andrew, dairy, Presidio Road E of Pre- 
sidio House 
ALDRICH LEWIS, {Foote & A.) dwl Mission 

near Brown 
Aldrick Lorena Miss, dress maker, dwl 210 Stock 
Aldridge S. street paver, bds Pine cor Leid'fl' 
Alemany Most Rev'd Joseph S. Archbishop, St. 
Mary's Cathedral, dwl NE cor Pine k Quincy 
Alers Augustus, physician, 223 Dupont 
Alexander A. waterman, dwl Mary lane 
Alexander D. Mrs. cloaks and mantillas ITl Clay 
Alexander Edward, dwl cor Pike and Clay 
Alexander Eli, dwl cor Sumner and Kearny 
Alexander F. dwl SW cor Bdwy and Dupont 
Alexander George F. at City Laundry near cor 
Tliird and Brannan, dwl Liberty bet Bran- 
nan and Townsend 
Alexander Henry, boots and shoes, 254 Dupont 
Alexander Izidor, boots and shoes, 254 Dupont 
Alexander Jacob, 82 Sacramento 
Alexander J. D. engineer, U. S. B. Mint 
ALEXANDER (John) & CO. (Rmamtd Braham), 

auction and commission, 88 and 90 Com'l 
Alexander John H. accountant, dwl NE corner 

Washington and Dupont 
Alexander (Julius) & Co. (Abram Rosenthal and 
Andrew D. Ellis), wholesale clothiers, 82 
Sacramento (up stairs) 
Alexander (Julius) &, Levy, (Louts), paper box 

manufacturers, 82 Sacramento 
Alexander Julius, cigar store, Jackson bet Davis 

and Dramm 
Alexander Marcus, tailor, dwl 121 Bush 
Alexander Mary Mrs. (col'd) washing, 293 Pacific 
Alexander N. F. Lieut. U. S. A. Fort Point 
Alexander Theodore, clothing, 81 Commercial 
Alexander William, importer and jobber, 111 

Sacramento, dwl 14 Sansome 
Alexo E. butcher, 8 Clay Street Market 
Alexis John, dwl NE cor Stockton and Union 
Alford Amasa, surveyor, with De La Rue & 
Schnepel, dwl Fremont bet Har'n & Folsom 
ALLAN, (George T.) LOWE (Thomas and James) 
& CO. (Archibald McKinlay, James A. Gra- 
hame, and Alexander C. Anderson) commis- 
sion merchant.", 132 Clay, resides in Oregon 
Allard Louis, clerk, 89 Broadway 
Allen A. carpenter, dwl cor Folsom and Second 
Allen A. H. Capt. seaman, dwl SE cor Perry 

and Third 
Allen Asa. hair dressing saloon, 71 Davis 
Allen, Amos S. prup'r Pavilion Saloon, 84 Mont- 
gomery, bds Summer 

Allen C. E. moulder, Pacific Foundry, First near 

Allen Charles H. clerk, NE cor Wash'n and Stock 
Allen Cornelius, book-keeper, with J Kirnan, dwl 

S s Jessie bet first and Second 
Allen Emma Mrs. 3, 4 and 10 Armory Hall, NE 

cor Sacramento and Montgomery 
Allen Frank, ship-builder, dwl 3 Bay State Row 
Allen George, carpenter, dwl Russ N of Folsom 

bet Simmons and Harris 
Allen George, clerk, dwl 281 Washington 
Allen George, bar-keeper, Pavilion Saloon, 84 

Mont'y, bds Wash'n bet Stock and Powell 
Allen H. A. dwl Harris House, Pine nr Sansome 
Allen Henry, drayman, for Irvine & Co. 68 Front 
Allen Henry H. (Greene, Heath & A.) 56 Front 
Allen James, machinist, bds with R. Cunning- 
ham, Market op Battery 
Allen Joim, dravman. dwl School Alley 
ALLEN (Joseph E.) & SPIER (Richard's.) book- 
sellers and stationers, 148 Clay 
Allen J. Mrs. dwl 3 Armory Hall 
Allen J. M. bds What Cheer House 
Allen Lorenzo H. at Chaco'a Mills, bds What 

Cheer House 
Allen M. W. carriage-maker, at J. Berry's, dwl 

E s Dupont near Geary 
ALLEN ROBERT Major, Quarter-master TT. S. 

A. 94 Montgomery 
Allen Theodore H. Commodore of Stevedores, 

dwel Stone bet Washington and Jackson 
Allen William, moulder, Sutter Iron Works, cor 

Bcale and Folsom, dwl rear of works 
Allen William, barkeeper, 71 Pacific 
Allen William, 33 Clay near Drumm 
Allen W. F. ship-carpenter, dwl Bay State Row, 

Sansome near Pine [Chambers 

Allen yfm. R. agent Stockton vessels, Davis cor 
Allen William S. paper-ruler, bds Central House, 

Clay near Dupont. 
Alley Henry E. door-keeper U. S. B. Mint, bds 

376 Stockton 
Allison Capt. seaman, dwl cor Clay and Dupont 
Alhson Eliza, liquor saloon. Third near Market 
Allison John, ranch, S of Pioneer Race Course 
Allman Richard, waiter. Rail Road House 
Alloch Thomas, boiler-maker, dwl cor Bush and 

Allovon Alfred F. clerk, with Woodworth & Co. 

dwl cor Jackson and Virginia 
Allovon John D. piano-forte maker, with Wood- 
worth & Co. dwl Jackson cor Stone 
AUyn Jonathan W. painter and paper-hanger, 

dwl 34 Webb (rear) 
Almstrom J. G. W s Trinity near Bush 
Almy Andrew J. (Redington & Co.) 107 Clay, 

dwl South Park 
Almy G. M. Clay bet East and Drumm 
Almy Moses B. (Goodivin & Co.) 53 and 55 Front 
Almy R. teamster, bds 2 Beiden's Block 
Alonza Andrew, barber, N s Jackson, bet Davis 

and East 
Alpeas Charles, musician, bds SE corner Powell 

and Vallejo [Broadway 

Alphonse P. printer, Chronicle office, dwl 160 
Alsbury Thomas S. ranchero, bds Niantic Hotel 
Alston John, waiter. Oriental Hotel 
Altman Harris, tailor, dwl Na Pacific near Front 



ALSOP 4. CO. (Charles B. PoViemus and George 
W. P. BisseWj, commisaion mercbaats, 111 
and 113 California 
Altaian Samuel, fancy and dry-goods, SW cor 

Stockton and Pacific 
ALTON, ( William S.) WELCH (Ahram) * CO. 
flour, grain and nioal, 88 Front, dwlNsJobn 
bet Powell and Mason 
Alvarado Governor, dwl NE comer 'Washington 

and Dupont 
Alverson Lewi.s M. merchant, dwl 375 Powell 
Alvord S. M. {Benchky& Co.) resides inN. York 
ALVORD ( William) &C0. (Richard Patrick and 
Joseph Tarratt), importers of hardware, 60 
Battery, bda Oriental Hotel 
Alvyan Charles W. (Noon & A.) 181 Jackson 
Ambrose Bianowich Mrs. fruit-dealer, Sansome, 

E s bet Pino and Bush 
Ambrose Saral. (Garviood <fc A.) bds with John 
F. Pope, Mason bet Pacific and Broadway 
Ambrose (Sebastien) & Deriens, (Hypolite), butch- 
ers, 2 Clay Street Market 
Ambrose Thomas, bda What Cheer House 
Amell May Mrs. dwl NWoor Mont'y and Kearny 
Amerige George, printer, dwl Ws Stockton, bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Ames B. F. drayman, dwl First nr Howard, bds 

2 Belden's Block 
Ames George H. furniture dealer, 153 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 5 Central Hotel 
Ames Henry, butcher, dwl Minna near Second 
Amoretti Franijois, (Zemmar & A.) 181 Com'l 
Amory ( Cliarks G.) & Aiken (John), sail-makers, 

cor Clark and Davis 
Amos Frederick B. 68 Merchant, dwl N s Mis- 
sion near Second 
Amos Zachariah, millwright, SE cor San & Bush 
Amy Robert, blacksmith, Hunt near Natoma 
Anderson Alexander C. (Allan, Lowe <fc Co.) re- 
sides in Oregon 
Anderson Alexander S. carpenter, bds 89 Bush 
Anderson Charles, Pacific Club, 160 Com'l 
Anderson Charles, collector, 174 Clay 
Anderson Christ, dish-washer, SW cor Pacific 

and Kearny 
Anderson Daniel, laborer, Fort Point 
Anderson David, watch-maker, 103 Commercial, 

dwl Green bet Montgomery and Sansome 
Anderson David C. Maguire's Opera House, bds 

El Dorado Building 
Anderson Edward, groceries and liquors, corner 

Folsom and Second 
Anderson Edward A. dwl Bluxum bet Brannan 

and Townsend 
Anderson George, dairy, Presidio road E Pre- 
sidio House 
Anderson (Henry C.) & Sweetser, (Andrew J.) 
dealers in oysters, 32 Washington Market, 
dwl 10 St. Charles 
Anderson H. W. bds Niantic Hotel 
Anderson James, watch-maker, at J. W. Tuck- 
er's, dwl Minna near Third 
Anderson James, at Bowman, Gardner & Go's 

stables, dwl SW cor Howard and Third 
Anderson James, Tremont House, 215 Battery 
Anderson James, bds What Cheer House 
Anderson James, (ool'd) (Cox & A) Sansome bet 
Pacific and Broadway 

Anderson James, (Gerrard <fc Co.) dwl cor V:il- 

lejo and Battery 
Anderson Jas. M. gauger, C. H. bds 161 Ooni'l 
Anderson Jas. R. clerk with A. A. Louderbail< 

& Co. bds .9 Virginia 
Anderson James T. A. book-keeper, Sutter Ir 

Works, cor Beale and Folsom 
Anderson John, carriage-maker at Witbcck s. 

Battery nr Pine 
Anderson John, steward. What Cheer House 
Anderson John, laborer, Fort Point 
Anderson John, (col'd) cook, dwl Washingtuu 

nr Mason 
Anderson John A. Rov. bds E s Powell bet Clay 

and Washington 
Anderson Joseph (Hare dk A.) nursery, NW cor 

Folsom and Sparks 
Anderson Peter, clothes renovator, 71 Merchant 
Anderson Robert, laborer. Fort Point 
Anderson Sam'l G. liquor saloon, basem't Amer. 

Theatre, dwl Howard Engine House 
Anderson Simon, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Anderson S. J. match-manuf, nr Brannan Bridge 
Anderson S. blacksmith. Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Anderson Thos. (Doyle <fc A.) dwl NE cor Powell 

and Ellis 
ANDERSON WM. REV. D. D. pastor First 

Presbyterian Church, dwl E a Stockton bet 

Clay and Wasliington 
Andororetti (G. B.) & Co. grocers, cor Dupont 

and Pacific, dwl Pike nr Clay 
Andre A. dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Andres Andreas, cigars, 147 Kearny 
Andres Christian, musician, bds Wm. Tell House, 

88 Kearny 
ANDREWS ABRAHAM, importer and whole- 
sale dealer in watches and jewelry, 102 

Andrews Andrew J. carriage-maker, Kearny cor 

Hardie pi, dwl N s Post bet Mason & Taylor 
Andrews Elizabeth Mrs. washuig, Jessie near 

Andrews Ephraim, dwl 276 Stockton 
Andrews Frank, laborer. Lone Mountain Cemet'y 
Andrews I, H. room No. 2,104 Montgomery 
Andrews James, bds with Mrs. N. H. Stevens 
Andrews John, boarding-house, 29 Leidesdorff 
Andrews R. Capt. seaman, bds SE cor Clark and ; 

Front ' 
Andrews Rich'd, laborer, dwl Union bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Andrews Samuel, farmer, bds with Mrs. W. M. 

Stewart, 25 Jessie 
Andrews William, stone-cutter, dwl W s Jones • 

nr Pine 
Andrews W. E. B. Captain of Police, City Hall 
ANDREWS W. 0. Justice of Eleventh District, . 

office Mission cor Sparks, dwl E s Mission) 

Creek, S of Centre Street bridge 
Andriot Peter, 49 Bush 
Andrus Thomas J. printer. Chronicle Office 
Angel Joseph S. at Freeman's Express 
Angel Joseph F. plasterer, dwl E s Taylor near t 

cor Sacramento 
Angelis E. beer saloon, 125 Kearny 
Angell Emerson C. dentist, SE comer Clay and 

Kearny, dwl Jackson nr Powell 



di I2^ Esa 12 O I^o 


(Armory Hall Building,) SilSS" S'IBASS'(S1I©(S®0 



AU the Principal Cities and Towns in California, 



Jfrccman ^ €o5 %\\m\k, OBuropfait ^ ^outlj American dEi'prtss. 

Orders, Collecting, and GENERAL EXPRESS BUSINESS, 

Promptly and Carefully attended to. 

C. L. FARRINGTON, N. M. FORD, San Francisco. A. BADLAM, Jr. Sacramento. 





Importer and Wholesale Dealer in 

nil lif eiiij ®iii@iiij 

Ko. 102 Mcrcliant Street, between Montgomery and Kearny, 



Brass Foundry and Lock Factory, 

Oregon Street, between Front and Davis, . . San Francisco. 


LOCKS,— Bank, Vault, Store and Prison Locks,— Also, Brass Padlocks of different Patterns, made to order. 

BELL H A^israiisra, 

Engineers^ GoMga nnd House BeUs made and Fitted to order. AU Jobs promptly attended to. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 



No. 92 Clay Street, 

Below Battery, opposite Railroad House, 

wki3 mikmmm. 






UiiM f MiVl€Si€€). 



Supplied at the shortest notice, and at 
the lowest market prices. 

All Orders Promptly Attended to. 



G. ■W. ARMES. 

C. Vr. 8c a. W. ARMES, 

Manufacturers, and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Junction of Market and California Streets, 

All Orders promptly attended to. 

e^sj ij'iBASS'csnsscDo 



Angell Horace B. foreman Pacific Foundry, dwl 

Fourth bet Mission aud Howard 
Angell Jos. ornamentjvl plasterer, Verba Buena 

nr Sacramento 
Angelo Henry, clerk, 88 Kearny 
ANGLE MILES B. physician, office SE cor Clay 

and Montgomery 
Annan David N. cooper, bds Manhattan House, 

Front bet Pacific and Broadway 
Annis William, ship and steamboat joiner, dwl 

Drumm nr Jackson 
Anahel Levi, tailor, Sullivan's Court 
Ansiglioni Henry, dwl S s Pine nr Dupont 
Anson Rich'd, painter, dwl cor Jackson & Geary 
Anson Sigman, waterman, dwl W s Monroe nr 

Ansory (Charles) & Morris {Pinkus), clothiers, 39 

Antelme Joseph, brewer, Lafayette Brewery 
Antlies Frederick, musician, dwl 28 St. Mark's pi 
Authes John, musician, dwl Folsom, first house 

SW of Third 
Anthes P. shaving saloon, What Cheer House, 

dwl S 8 California bet Dupont and Stockton 
Anthony (Edward T.) & Co. (Chas. Johnson and 

Win. Anthony), re-packers of goods, SE cor 

Sacramento and Battery 
Anthony Jas. M. Capt. dwl 2 Oregon 
Anthony Jos. P. importer of wines and liquors, 

proptr " Snug," Washington st, near Mont- 
gomery ; and " Old Ship," cor Battery and 

Pacific, dwl SW cor Lombard and Taylor 
Anthony William, (E. T. Anthony & Co.) SE cor 

Sacramento and Battery 
Antonio F. dwl NW cor Bdw'y and Dupont 
Antonio (Z.) & Samuel (John), dealers iu eggs 

and fruit, Clay Street Market 
Appleby Levi, porter, 81 Clay, dwl cor Jackson 

and Davis 
Appleby P. boatman, Stevenson nr First 
Applegato Josiah E. attorney at law, 140 Clay, 

dwl 115 Washington 
Applegato ( Uriah) k Co. (Jos. Denney), carriage- 
makers, 61 Pine, bds Battery Street House 
Appleton D. E. (Sec'y Noisy Carrier's Co.) 122 

Archbald John, clerk at Flint, Peabody & Co'a 
Archer Edwards, waiter, dwl 4 Brandon pi cor 

Powell and Washington 
Archer Isaac H. hatter, bds El Dorado Bdg 
Archwell John, dwl S s A'^allejo nr Hyde 
Ardle Owen, moulder, bds New Orleans House 
Arees (Peler) & Co. (John Eigne), Restaurant De 

France, 195 Kearny 
Arfmann Henrich, laborer, Fort Point 
Argonti Felix, banker, dwl N s Vallejo between 

Stockton and Powell 
Ar Hing, washing and ironing, 140 Mission 
Armanj Eugene, tailor, SW corner Dupont and 

Armbester Barbara, dress-maker, 181 California 
ARMES CHAS. W. k G. W. manfs of brooms, 

junction of Market and Cal, dwl Tehama nr 

Armes George W. (0. W. & G. W. Armes), dwl 

Tehama abv Second 
Armitage John, sail-maker, dwl N 8 Union bet 

Dupont and Kearny 

Armor Jos. G. house and sign painter, 90 Clay 
Armor J. G. painter, 53 Montgomery, up stairs 
Arms Dundee, liquor saloon, S s Jackson betw'n 

Front and Davis 
Armstrong Catharine, dwl Antique Castle, cor 

Sacramento and Powell 
Armstrong Chris, artist, 108 Washington 
Armstrong I. J. cooper, 150 Battery, dwl Bush 

nr Dupont 
Armstrong Jane Miss, teacher of music, dwl 262 

Armstrong Thomas, saddle and harness-maker, 

Leidesdorff nr Pine 
Armstrong Wm. clerk, dwl cor Clay and Pike 
Armstrong W. W. bo.x-clerk, P. 0. dwl Virginia 

bet Washington and Jackson 
Arnaud Jos. Sutter Restaurant, Sutter nr Koarny 
Amauld Bernard, sculptor and modeler, S side 

Broadway bet Dupont and Stockton 
Arnheim Sauel, clothing, 91 Pacific 
Arnheim Samuel S. cigars & tobacco, 41 Pacific 
Arnold Abraham, 88 Montgomery 
Arnold Amelia Mrs. washiug, 16 Merchant 
Arnold Edward, ranch, S s Folsom bet Johnston 

and Thorn 
Arnold Frances (Handy & Co.) cooper, boards 

Pacific nr Sansomo 
Arnold Isaac L. cigars, 88 Montgotaery, bds St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Arnold Samuel, merchant, dwl 269 Stockton 
Arnold AV. cigar-dealer, bds St. Nicholas 
Aron Joseph (Weil ik Co.) dwl 61 California 
A.rp (George) & Co. (Mathias Alburn), grocers, 

cor Union and Kearny 
Arquire John, box-maker, 195 Pacific 
Arrington Joseph J. clerk, U. S. B. M. bds Inter- 
national Hotel 
Arrington Thos. stevedore, bds SE cor Drumm 

and Sacramento 
Arrington William, 53 and 55 Front, dwl W s 

Mason bet Jackson and Pacific 
Arrivets Jaques, shoe-maker, 155 Kearny 
Artaud A. nursery, cor Simmons and Bryant 
Artaud Theodore, dentist, 135 Montgomery 
Arthur J, D. agricultural warehouse, cor Wash'n 

and Davis, dwl Powell bet Wash'n and Clay 
Artliur W. N. with J. D. Arthur, Washington eor 

Davis, dwl Powell bet Washington and Clay 
Artman Edward, painter and glazier, dwl SE cor 

Greenwich and Scotland 
Arzberger Geo. barber. Eureka Baths, 98 Pacific 
Asay Jacob, wheelwright, Ns Stevenson nr Ecker 
Ash David, blacksmith, Jane near Jessie 
ASHE R. P. Navy Agent, oft'Wash'n cor Kearny 
Asher Simon, tailor, 14G Kearny nr Sacramento, 

dwl St. Mary's, bet California and Pino 
ASUm (Mmris B) k BRO. (Soloinon Ashim), 

clothing, etc. etc. 118 Sacramento and 

Commercial nr Leidesdorff, dwl Geary, bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Ashim Solomon, (A. ifc Bro.) 118 Sacramento 
Ashley John, miner, bds with R. Cunningham 
Ashley Veloras W. tanner, Union, bet Frank- 
lin and Gouch 
Ashton Charles, fruit-dealer, Kearny near Post 
ASHTON CHARLES, real estate agent, ac- 
countant and collector, 114 Clay 
Ashton Goo. dwl N s Tehama bet Fourth &. Fifth 



Asmus John, laborer, City Flour Mills, dwl NW 
cor Powell and Filbert 

Asounp, Cliinese washing, Clay near Davis 

Aspinall Benj. dwl Folsom cor Essex 

Aspley E. machinist, bds 89 Bush 

Assion Bros. (Uenry and Josqih), merchant tai- 
lors, 148 Sacramento, bds Helvetia Bazaar 

Assion Joseph, {Assion Bros.) 148 Sacramento 

Astol Edmond, G5 Kearny 

Astley James, hat manufacturer, at Mcuasdorffer, 
165 Commercial 

Aston James, porter at Macondray's, dwl Mission, 
bet Second and Third 

Aswong, (Cliinaman) washing. Chambers, bet 
Front and Davis 

Atcheson Francis, butcher,bds Manhattan House, 
Front near Broadway 

Atchinson Bezaleel, clerk with N. 'Wentworth, 
First near Mission 

Athearn Charles G. (.4. J. Roulstone & Co.) 3 
Clay Street Wharf nr East, dwl Kearny, bet 
Broadway an<l Pacific 

Athene Edward, butelier, dwl Brd'wy nr Polk 

Athews J. ship chandler, dwl Larkin nr Clay 

Atkins Henry B. 112 Sansome, bds Harris House 

Atkins Robt. C. mate steam-tug Resolute, bds 
Kellogg House, Stewart bet Market & Mission 

Atkins , grocer, cor Third and Minna 

Atkinson Alfred, M. D. druggist, NE cor Jackson 
and Kearny 

Atkinson J. B. bds What Cheer House 

Atkinson John H. (Bevans db Co.) SE cor Broad- 
way and Stockton 

Atkinson Joseph B. dealer in clothing, 156 Sac- 
ramento, up stairs 

Atkinson Joseph H. bricklayer, dwl N W cor 
Taylor and Broadway 

Atkinson Painter, dwl 155 Stockton 

Atkinson Thomas, boat builder. Main bet Mar- 
ket and Mission 

Atkinson William, drayman, dwl 23 Battery 

Atlez George, bds E a Sutter, bet Kearny and 

Atridge Edward, porter -with Turner, Selden & 
Co. dwl Mission near Third 

Atridge Thomas, porter, Crowell's warehouse, 
dwl Sansome near Union 

Attard Lawrence, dwl old San Jose road hf mile 
S Mission church 

ATWILL JOSEPH F. &, CO. music and fancy 
goods, 172 Washington, dwl NW cor Clay 
and Powell 

Atwood William, brick-mason, dwl Tehama Place 

Auberleu {Theodore August), & Eggert, (Her- 
man), luanutacturer iron safes, vaults, etc. 
NE cor Oregon and Battery, dwl Jackson 
cor Sansome 

Aubert Alfred, clerk, Hentsch's Bank, dwl with 
Henry Hent^ch 

Aubert Paul, jeweller, with Haas & Louderback, 
dwl rear 351 Dupont 

Aubert Paul, Jr. jeweller, with Haas & Louder- 
back, dwl rear 351 Dupont 

Aubineau Charles, dwl 294 Stockton 

Aubry Oliver F. cabinet-maker, dwl Mission nr 

Audeflred Rouchent, wood and charcoal, Market 
Street Wharf cor East 

Auger B. (Rousaet, Auger & Co.) S 8 Sacnr San 
Auger Louis E. laundry. Union Place nr Union 
Augusta Joseph, (col'd) at Barry * Patten's, 116 

and 118 Montgomery 
Auld K. carpenter, dwl Powell W s nr Union 
Auldwell William G. dwl E s Stockton nr Filbert 
Anrean Lucien, drayman, dwl Third, cor Silver 
AUSTEN JOSEPH, Justice Third District Court 

117 Merchant 
Austen Robert H. clerk, 117 Merchant 
AUSTIN (A.) k CO. (John Kelley), importers 
and dealers in foreign and domestic dry 
goods, 115 Montgomery, resides New Tork 
Austin Albert C. Vulcan Foundry, dwl Clemen- 
tina nr Ecker 
Austin Benjamin 0, with Henry Austin, boardi 

Kearny one door N Broadway 
Austin Franklin B. clerk. Recorder's office, dwl 

NW cor California and Dupont 
Austin Geo. wheelwright, IG Bush, dwl 18 Bush 
AUSTIN HENRY, importer and dealer in stoves 

and tinware. Pacific Tin Works, 92 Clay 
Austin Henry, dentist, 182 Washington 
Austin Jacob, produce commission merchant, 13 
Washington, bds SE cor Front and Clarke 
Austin L. merchant, bds SE cor Front and Clarke 
Austin Marcus E. (J. Baker <fc Co.) 45 Sacra- 
mento, bds Kearny, bet Sutter and Post, at 
Mrs. Smith's 
Austin Thomas P. cooper, bds cor Washing- 
ton and Drumm 
Autfaux Eugene, harness-maker, 87 Broadway 
Auzane Madame, dwl 302 Stockton 
Averell Anson, proprietor Winchester Market, 

88 Kearny, dwl Belden 
Avery Elihu, captain, dwl Prospect Place, bet 

California and Pine 
Avery Harris G. stoves and tin-ware, cor Davis 
and Commercial, dwl Fremont bet Harrison 
and Bryant 
Avery Wm. L. bds Railroad House 
Avla Rosalie Donna, dwl rear of church op cem- 
etery. Mission Dolores 
Ayer Washington, physician and surgeon. Bush 

near Kearny 
Ayer William, bds American Exchange Hotel 
Ayres William 0., M. D. 211 Stockton 
Ayers, (Janies J.) & Co. (Charles P. Jobson, Da- 
vid W. Hig'jins, Peter E. Forster and George 
E. Barnes), proprietors and publishers Morn- 
ing Call, 138 Montgomery, dwl St. Mark's 
Place, bet Dupont and Stockton 
ATRES JOHN C. brass foundry, Oregon, bet 

Front and Davis, dwl Protrero 
Ayres Joseph, at Eureka Iron Works, First nr 

Babcock Benjamin, bds W s Montgomery bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Babcock Benjamin E. Deputy County Clerk, dwl 

E s Stockton near Greenwich 
Babcock D. druggist, 77 Davis 
Babcock Frederick A. druggist, 77 Davis, dwl 

cor O'Farrell and Mason 
Babcock H. S. cashier banking dept Wells, Fargo 

& Co. dwl Essex bet Folsom and Harrison 



Babcock H. B. bds St. Charles Hotel, 21 First 
Babcock William F. {F(yrbes & B.) dwl Essex, 

first house above Folsom 
Babson W. Edwin, book-keeper with Sawyer k 

Co. 97 Front 
Bach John, guu-smith, 12 Commercial 
Bach Louis, barber, 63 Montgomery 
Bach M. interpreter in courts, dwl Card's lane 
Bache Martin, billiard manufacturer, 80 Jackson, 

dwl Dupont bet Union and Filbert 
Bache F. M. bds Oriental Hotel 
Bache Hartman, Maj. Top'l Eng. U.S. A. Super- 
intendent Light Houses Pacific Coast, office 

Custom House, bds Oriental Hotel 
Bache R. M. clerk Light-bouse Department, bds 

Oriental Hotel 
Bachegaloupe Dominique, dwl E s Dupont, bet 

Union and Filbert 
Bachelder Captain, stevedore, dwl 210 Clay 
Bachelder C, M. D. Davis nr Jackson, bds Clin- 
ton Temperance House 
Bachelder William H. porter at Castle Bros, dwl 

Mission near Second 
Bachman David, {B. Bros.) 64 Battery 
BACHMAN (Isaac), & ELSASSER (S) proptrs 

New York Hotel, SW cor Commercial and 

Battery, dwl IT Minna 
Bachman Joseph, barkeeper at N. York Hotel 
Bachman Brothers {Xathan, Herman, and David), 

wholesale dealers in millinery and fancy 

goods, 64 Battery 
Backet Matilda Mrs. (col'd) washing, S B Jessie 

nr First 
Backus Clias. San Francisco Minstrels, Maguire's 

Opera House, Washington 
Backus Henry M. book-keeper at Chas. Morrill's, 

SW cor Clay and Sansome 
Backus N. M. clerk, cor Clay and Sansome, bds 

Plaza Hotel 
BACKUS OSCAR J. & CO. importers stoves, 

tin-ware, etc. cor Front and Washington 
Backus Philip M. merchandise broker, 46 Front, 

up stairs, dwl Clay nr Stockton 
Bacon Dean, carpenter, Clara nr Bush 
Bacon Francis N. machinist, Sutter Iron Works, 

cor Beale and Folsom 
Bacon George, machinist, Sutter Iron Works, cor 

Beale and Folsom, bds Beale bet Folsom and 

Bacon Jacob, (Wliitton, Ibwne & Co.) dwl 101 

Bacon Jasper W. cabinet-maker, NW cor Cali- 
fornia and Webb, bds comer St. Mary's and 

Bacon Joseph S.(T. H. &J. S. B.) dwl Harrison 

bet Essex and First 
Bacon Louis, silver sculptor, 181 California 
Bacon Robert H. book-keeper, 63 Battery 
Bacon Thomas H. t Jos. S. com mchts, Cal near 

Battery, res Boston 
Badacoki Luige, charcoal and wood. Union pi 
Badarous Camille, physician, office and dwl 203 

Badger J. B. office Plain Dealer, dwl E s Powell 

bet Pine and Bush 

(T. E.) wholesale dealers in clothing, 103 

and 105 Battery, dwl Second nr Harrison 

Baeur John 0. apothecary and importer of drugs, 

163 Pacific, dwl Pike bet Washington and 

Baglin John J. liquors, etc. Stevenson nr Ecker 
Bagnovini Jneque, laborer, dwl W 8 Taylor bet 

Lombard and Chesnut 
Bahrans Dedrick, gardener, bds Powell between 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Bahre (T.) & Lemman (A. H.) in liquidation, 141 

Bailey Alexander H. boarding, 89 Bush 
Bailey (Benj.) &, Murphy (John), liquor saloon, 

110 Wash'n, bds SE cor Kearny and Union 
Bailey E. W. at S. A. Metcalf 's, Chace's Mills, 

ifarket, bds Mrs. Williams' 
Bailey Frederick P. with L. C. Dodge & Co. 94 

Front, dwl cor Pine and Prospect place 
Bailey Isaac L. (Knapp <k B.) Kearny nr Geary 
Bailey John (col'd), at Barry & Patten's, dwl 2 

Brooklyn place 
Bailey Jos. H. grocer, W s Stockton nr Union 
Bailey L. C. Capt. dwl Perry bet Bryant and 

Bailey Orrin, Justice of the Peace, 2d District, 

office Bdw'y, E of Dupont, dwl W s Kearny 

near Filbert 
Bailey Patrick, boiler-maker, bds 18 Bush 
Bailey Sarah, Mrs. (widow), 134 Kearny 
Bailey Wm. cutler. Mission near First 
Bailey Wm. laborer. First near Folsom 
Bailey William, 46 Front, dwl NE cor Bush and 


Bailey , carpenter, bds 2 Belden's BIk 

Bailly Clotite La, groceries, etc. E s Dupont nr 

Bailly Fan^ois, cabinet-maker, 69 Broadway 
Baily Wm. fruit-dealer, 95 Davis, dwl St. Charles 
Bain John, blacksmith, Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

Ritch bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bain Michael, dwl Telegraph Hill nr cor Battery 

and Union 
BAINBRIDGE HENRY, banker,SW cor Mont'y 

and Merchant, bds NW cor Stockton and 

Bainbridge John, workman, U. S. B. M. boards 

Bake Wm. cooper, dwl cor Davis and California 
Baken S. N. dwl Silver bet Third and Fourth 
Baker A. D. California Pickle Ware House, Long 

Wharf and Sacramento below Davis 
Baker Conrad, workman, U. S. B. M. boards 

Anthony nr Jessie 
Baker C. C. (Stevens, B. &, Co.) 55 Front 
Baker David, 66 Sacramento 
Baker Edw. D. att'y at law, 7 Express Bdg, bds 

Greenwich bet Stockton and Dupont 
Baker Edward D. (col'd), dwl S 8 Chesnut near 

BAKER FRANK, importer of carpets and up- 
holstery, 110 and 112 Clay 
Baker Ferdinand, shoe-maker, dwl N s Washing- 
ton below Mason 
Baker George, collector, bds 146 Bush 
Baker George, mason, dwl 138 Dupont 
Baker Geo. W. dwl Agnes Lane 
Baker Godfrey W. cabinet-maker, SW comer St. 

Marks and Dupont 
Baker Henry, cook, 243 and 245 Dupont 



BAKER HENRY A CO. {N. B. Slant); Waite 

{Abram) &■ Battles ( Wm. W.) proptrs Orioiital 

Rico Mills, Fremont near Market, dwl 141 

Bush, (Secretary of Mission Dolores Plank 

Road, office 94 Montgomery.) 
Baker Henry Oliver, shoe-maker, 59 Montgomery 
Baker Henry Y. engineer. Market nr Eckor, bda 

with J. W. Ross, Mission nr Second 
Baker J. P. (Bull, Baker & Co.) office NW cor 

Front & Clay, up stairs ; bds International II. 
Baker James, {Boioman & (Sardner's Staljles), SB 

side Folsom bet Third and Fourth 
Baker James, machinist, bds Barkley House 
Baker James G. (Sleek & B.) dwl 25 Stone 
Baker (Ju?in) & Co. {Marcus E. Austin), whole- 
sale grocers, 45 Sacramento, dwl SW corner 

Second and Bryant 
Baker J. P. salesman, 69 Front, room Court Bl'k 
Baker John W. (cord) cook, Jessie nr Annie 
Baker Judah Jr. {Stevens, Baker & Co.) dwl cor 

Vallejo and Mason 
Baker L. C. police, S s Pine near Stockton 
Baker {Louis) & Maer {Louis), grocers, SW cor 

Ecker and Stevenson 
Baker Samuel, jobber and wholesale dealer in 

boots and shoes, 66 Sacramento, dwl S side 

Riley nr Taylor 
Baker Samuel Y. carpenter, dwl Broadway bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Baker Sylvester Capt. bds cor Clark and Front 
Baker ( William) & Meyer {Louis), grocers, 40 

Front, dwl cor Clay and Wetmore 
Baker W. dwl Virginia Block 
Batch Alfred P. 96 California 
Balch {Lafayette) & Webber (/. B.) lumber deal- 
ers, Stewart bet Howard and Folsom 
Balch Stephen M. {Eall &, Co.) dwl Stockton pi 

nr Dupont 
Baldwin Alexander R. bds Union Hotel 
Baldwin Benjamin Jr. book-binder, dwl N side 

Broadway bet Kearny and Dupont 
Baldwin Calvin T. boys' clothing, 151 Sac, dwl 

305 Pacific 
Baldwin Charles H. {C. AdolpTie Low & Go.) dwl 

Folsom bet Second and Third 
Baldwin Edwin, police, Chambers bet Front and 

Baldwin Elias J. {Em^son & B.) dwl Tehama 

nr Second 
Baldwin {Elihu F.) & Co. {Dennis U. Norton), 

liquors, wholesale and retail, SE cor Oom'l 

and Battery, dwl Hayes' Valley 
Baldwin Geo.W. lapidary, 114 Clay,bds 35 Minna 
Baldwin H, S. physician, office 163 Clay 
Baldwin Joseph G. ( Crockett, B. Sc Crittenden), 

attorney at law, Express Bdg, bds at Mrs. 

Baldwin J. dwl Hayes' Valley [pont 

Baldwin John, (col'd) vegetables, Sutter nr Du- 
Baldwin Marcus M. lapidary, 174 Clay, dwl 35 

Baldwin Julius C. merchant, 280 Stockton 
Ball A. M. W. {Rufus S. Sells & Co.) NE cor 

Pine and Front, res Newark, N. J. 
Ball Francis, dwl Quincy near California 
Ball George E. oyster saloon, SE cor Merchant 

and Slontgomery 
Ball James, blacksmith, bds Stevenson nr Ecker 

Ballager Henry, at G. 0. Whitney's, dwl Virginia 
bet Jackson and Pacific 

Ballard Joseph H. dischar'g ship clerk, dwl 
Kearny near Union 

BALLENTINE JAMES, builder. 169 California, 
dwl W. 8. Johnson, bet Mission and Market 

Balleux Alex, waiter, GuUlaume Tell Hotel, Pa- 
cific near Sullivan 

Bailey Wm. I. (Edwards <fc B.) California, dwl 
Stockton near Greenwich 

Ballhaus A. Co. (Frederick), Brekle (Gotlieh), pro- 
prietors Golden Gate Brewery, N s Union, 
bet Jones and Leavenworth, dwl S s Green- 
wich, bet Taylor and Jones 

Ballin Edouard, tinsmith, 249 Dupont 

Ballinger Patrick, lab, cor Pratt Court and Cal 

Ballou William, clerk, 19 Front, dwl same 

Bamber John (J. W. Hoag & Co.) Val- 
lejo and Broadway 

BANCROFT H. H. & CO. (George L. Kenny), 
booksellers and importers, 151 Montgomery, 
bds SW cor Price and Powell 

Bander Caroline Mrs. dwl Geary nr Dnpont 

BANDMANN (Jul.) NIELSEN {H.) k CO. im- 
porters and commission merchants, 48 Front 

Banfield John F. carpenter, dwl Harrison bet 
Third and Fourth 

Bangle Edward, coach -painter, 158 California, 
dwl 4 Central Place 

Banhams Wm. veterinary surg'n. Pine cor Morse 

Bank Joseph, billiard table maker, 80 Jackson, 
dwl Dupont bet Union and Filbert 

Banks Geo. S. proplr Rassette stable, Bush near 

Banks James A. carpenter, bds N s Kearny near 

Banks John H. blacksmith, Ns Pacific nrMont'y 

Banks Robert, (col'd) dwl cor Union and Sonoma 

BANKS {Thos. C.) & BULL (Tlios.) bankers, SW 
cor Mont'y and Commercial, dwl 180 Stock 

Banks William, dwl W s Montgomery, bet Union 
and Green 

Bannan Edward, porter at Treadwell & Go's, cor 
California and Battery 

Bannan Hugh, laborer, dwl N s Bdwy nr Mason 

Bannan John, laborer, dwl Polk bet Vallejo and 

Bannan John, ale and porter. Green nr Bannan 

Bannan Joseph, laborer. Fort Point 

Bannatt (Harris), & Co. (Godfrey Cohen and Geo. 
J. S. Hyams), auction & commission, 81 Com- 
mercial, bds 124Com'l 

Banner M. F., U. S. B. M. emp. dwl Bush bet 
Mason and Taylor 

Banner Simon, (Isaac (k, B.) 262J Dupont 

BANNERMAN JOHN B. card, sea^ and gene- 
ral engraver, 162 Sacramento 

Bannister Edward Rev. minister, Powell Street 
Methodist E. Church, dwl 271 Powell 

Bannister Robert, clerk at Austin & Co. dwl cor 
California and Montgomery 

Baptiste D. barber, shop 46 Pacific, dwl same 

Barbat John, physician and druggist, S s Pacific 
near Powell 

Barbeau Louis J. (Pinchard & Co.) dwl E s Tay- 
lor near Turk 

Barber Peter J. carpenter, bds 4 Central Place 




r^ VC^ 


BACHMAN & ELSASSER, Proprietors. 



C. J. BRENH^ISd:. 





€mmsmtx (qx t|e Irifent ^Mts. 

'N. W. cor. Montgomery and Merchant Streets, 




Mme. BIGrOT, from PARIS, 



Msas sipiiiii ^is wasiai 

so -A.S TO -A-I^FE-A^R NBAW- 

ihh anb Jilath fates Ckaneb, gtsigns Oruiliroibfrfb I0 Orkr. 


FRENCH COTTON for Embroidering. PINKING, etc. 












* ^ • * ► 

"We import direct from England and Geneva, and sell at New York Prices. 

5:1:) 5:2 .^x. s:^^ csD Ksr 3:15 S3 


WATCH REPAIRS are executed under onr own inspection, and WARRANTED. 

Montgomery Street, one door North of Commercial, 

San Francisco. 



i:mi>ohter. of 


^Qais>0 Sf><^>^:sac9Q□l<ss3s ;f>(£>^5;y<£IcBa> £^Uxia30s.S3s 

Colt's Revolvers, Eley's Caps and Gun Wads, Sharpe's Rifles, Gun Materials, Rifle 

Barrels, Cutlery, and every article in the Trade necessary for the Sportsman or Manufacturer. 

All Guns and Rifles made to order or sold at this Establishment, are warranted to Shoot well and give satisfaction' 


■* «• ♦i •« »■ 


Strahl's New Boilding, No. 123 Sacramento Street, near Montgomery, 

Would call the attention of gentlemen wishing 

<©^(©^lSl®q^ MAmm ^ 


to their well selected and beautiful assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, Velvets, and the choicest 
SILKS for Vestings, of the very LATEST STYLES. 
Gentlemen wishiDg their CLOTHING made in the beet and most fashionable manner, will find it to their advan- 
tage to give u8 a call. No gentleman will be asked to take our work, unless we give full satisfaction in every par- 
ticular. JB^ Our material is of the best quality; our Garments are made by experienced workmen, and gurpassod 
by none in the City. 



Barbor Edward E. express and furniture wagon, 
dwl Koarny nr cor Pacilic 

Barber Thomas, boatman, dwl First nr Howard 

Barbier Adolph, manufacturer wines, syrups, etc. 
148 Washington 

Barbolla Louis, 317 Dupont 

Barclay Francis, boiler-maker, bds Isthmus H. 

Barclay George R. Captain steamer Queen City, 
bds Hotel International 

Bardon Michael, campliene distiller, with Deitz 
& Co. dwl S 3 Minna bet Second and Third 

Bardon Patrick, drayman, at Deitz & Co's distil- 
lery, dwl NE cor First and Clementina 

Bardosy John, dairy, Presidio lioad S 3, W of 
School House 

Bardwell (John L.) 4 Co. produce commission 
merchant, 2 Merchant 

Barger B. foreman brick yard, Fort Point 

Bargirin J. tailor, cor Virginia and Jackson 

Bargmann Nicholas, wheelwright, 64 Sansome, 
dwl Kearny bet Sutter and Post 

Baring Henry, painter, SW cor Dupont and Jack 

Baring John P. dwl Lewis Place 

Barkeloo John, clerk tax collector, dwl Califor- 
nia near Dupont 

Barker (A. II.) & Paddock {N. C.) NE cor Jack- 
son and Front, dwl 1S4 Montgomery 

Barker Benjamin F. carpenter, 158 California 

Barker Henry, drayman with Geo. J. Brooks & 
Co. dwl llarrison above Third 

Barker Henry R. drayman, with Haynes k Law- 
ton, dwl Harrison abov» Third 

Barker J. accountant, 71 Front 

Barker John, dwl Folsom N s, cor Wood 

Barker Joshua, with Coghill & Co. Tehama near 

Barker Samuel F. drayman, with CWhalley & Co. 
dwl Folsom near Fifth 

Barker Timothy L. N s Jackson nr Powell 

Barker William, Mission Street Wharf, dwl Sut- 
ter N 8, bet Jones and Taylor 

Barker W. M. San Francisco Minstrels, Maguire's 
Opera House 

Barkhau.s D. laundry, dwl cor Ellis Jt Hyde 

Barkhouser J. carrier Democrat, dwl Card's lane 

Barkley E. J. Miss, teacher Mission school, dwl 
NW cor Mission and First 

Barkley Samuel, Clerk Board of Education, Ma- 
sonic Hall, dwl NW cor cor Mission and First 

Barkley William, proprietor Barkley House, NW 
cor Misson and First 

Barlage Henry, carpenter, dwl E s Virginia nr 

BARLING HORATIO H. billiard saloon, 114 

Barlow Ferdinand, dwl SW cor Lombard and 

Barlow William W. speculator, dwl NW cor 
Taylor and Bernard 

Barman A. Mrs. variety store, Ss Third, bet Ste- 
venson and Mission 

Barmore John, dwl S s Folsom bet Simmons and 

Barnabie, B. packer, at Turner Brothers 

Barnard A. S teacher. Union Street School 

Barnard George, teamster, bds 20 Sansome 

Barnard George W. harness-maker, at Main & 
Winchester's, 82 Battery 

Barnard Thomas, carpenter, dwl Hawthorne bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Barnard ( W. H.) k, Yeomans ( Charles), proprietor 

Albion Saloon, 108 Montgomery 
Barney Elizabeth H. B. Mrs. teacher, Tehama nr 

Barnes Alexander, 321 Stockton 
Barnes Daniel H. wheelwright, G4 Sansome, bda 

Pine bet Battery and Sansome 
Barnes David, NE cor Sansome and Jackson 
Barnes Dennis, carpenter, dwl First, cor Tehama 

Barnes Geo. E. (Ayres & Co.) 138 Montgomery, 

dwl cor Clay and Pike 
Barnes Henry, Montgomery cor Pine 
Barnes James, boiler-maker, cor Bush and Mark't 
Barnes James H. merchant, dwl 28 Prospect pi 
Barnes William W. printer. Chronicle office 
BARNET (Joseph) & CO. {Samuel Barntl), cloth- 
ing, cor Montgomery and Pine 
Barnet Samuel, (Barntt k Co.) Mont'y cor Pine 
BARNETT (Norman) & TILLNEY (Lazarus), 

milk ranch, one mile S Mission church 
Barney Benjamin G. with Justh & Hunter, 108 
Battery, dwl S 3 Broadway bet Stockton and 
Barney Robert, dwl Tehama near Second 
Barnum George, teamster, bda 95 Pine 
Baronn Bernard, salesman, with Jos. Genella, 

dwl Green bet Powell and Mason 
Barovieh (Nicholas) & Co. (..1. ilarkh), proprie- 
tors Sebastopol Saloon, N W cor Clay & Davis 
Barr Charles, blacksmith, at Donahue's, First cor 

Barr Frederick, (Smft dk B.) 192 Pacific 
Barr Neil, (1) moulder, dwl Jessie near Second 
Barr Neil, (2) moulder, Vulcan Iron Works 
Barr William Henry, boatman, dwl Vallejo near 

Barraolough John, salesman, 108 Sansome 
Barrere Fran9ois, carpenter, Stevenson nr Third 
Barrett J. waterman, dwl Clay nr cor Davis 
Barrett Lewis, engineer American Flour Mills, 26 

First, dwl 26 First 
Barrett Robert, laborer, dwl Valparaiso 
BARRETT (Samuel), &. SHERWOOD {Robert), 
chronometer makers and jewelers, 136 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 246 Powell 
Barrett William, laborer. Fort Point 
Barringtou William, laborer, Yansen nr Lombard 
Barrie Adolph, dwl cor Mason and Geary • 
Barris A. clerk with Rutto & Co. 104 Battery, 

dwl cor Bush and Dupont 
Barris Hiram D. proprietor Brighton Market, dwl 

220 Stockton 
Barritt Edward, blacksmith, Sutter Iron Works, 
Beale cor Folsom, dwl SW s Boale bet Fol- 
som and Harrison 
Barron Edward, butcher, 13 and 14 Washington 
Market, dwl E 3 Mission bet Fourth St Fifth 
Barron Henry, dwl Bryant Place bet Harris and 

Price, N Brannan 
Barron William E. {BolUm, B. & Co.) 92 Mereh 
Barrow Morris, tailor, dwl NE cor Union and 

Barrow Samuel, bar-keeper at Thompson's Sa- 
loon, 36 Commercial, dwl Tehama nr First 
Barrow Sam'l M. liquors, dwl 41 Minna 



BarruHlao Charles, ( Oltignon & R) dwl S 8 Cal- 
ifornia but Dupont and Kearny 
Barry David, grocor, NW cor Lombard * Mason 
Barry D. W. Petaluma Messenger Wells, Fargo 

ft Co's Express 
Barry Davis W. laborer, Fort Point 
Barry Edward K doorkeeper U. S. B. Mint, dwl 

W 8 Kearny bet Union and Green 
Barry Edward N. fruits, cor Mission and Jane 
Barry James, boot and shoe store, 20 First 
Barry James, blacksrailh, dwl E s Mason near 

Barry John, laborer, Fulton Foundry, dwl Minna 

near Jane 
Barry Luther M. clerk with Wm. F. Waters & 

Co. dwl 154 Sansome 
Barry Michael, carpenter, bds 89 Bush 
Barry Michael, groom, 160 Calilornia 
Barry Patrick, attorney-at-law, 3 Hentsch's Build- 
ing, dwl 301 Pacific 
Barry Robert, tailor, with John H. Brown, 170 

Barry T. clerk, dwl N s Union near Stockton 
Barry, Teresa Mrs. dwl Hubbard near Howard 
BARRY (Tlieodore A.) ft PATTEN (Benjamin 
A.) wholesale and retail wines and liquors, 
116 and 118 Montgomerj', dwl N s Mission 
bet First and Second 
Barry Thoma.?, laborer, dwl Union and Sansome 
Barry T. T. drayman for Irvine & Co. 58 Front 
Barry William, Liquors, 162 Sansome 
Barry William, comedian, Maguire's Opera House 
Barry William, dwl Barton's Hall 
Barry William, teacher, St. Ignatio Church, Mar- 
ket bet Fourth and Fifth, dwl NE end Mis- 
sion Valley 
Barstow Alfred, with Joseph G. Baldwin, 40 

Montgomery Block 
Barstow David P. attorney at law, 40 Mont'y blk 
Barstow E. M. Mrs. assistant. Denman Grammar 

School, dwl Clay above Dupont 
Bart Jean, Sacramento near East [Powell 

Bartet Jean B. laundryman, dwl S s Green near 
Barthe Gabriel, cork cutter, W s Virginia near 
Pacific [Laundry 

Bartheau Tarnec, matrass-maker, Easton's Steam 
Barthelemy John, proprietor He de la Societie, 

Sacramento bet Davis and Druram 
Bartlett C. drayman, dwl E s Powell bet Pine 

and Bush 
Bartlett C. H. paper-hanger, dwl Stockton bet 

Sutter and Post 
Bartlett C. Julien, associate editor Bulletin, bda 

Rassette House 
Bartlett Earl, attorney at law, 163 Montgomery, 

dwl NE cor Bush and Dupont 
Bartlett Francis A. discharging clerk, dwl Third 

near Jessie 
Bartlett Job C. drayman for Whiting & Co. 64 

Front, dwl cor California and Spring 
Bartlett J. C. drayman, dwl E s Powell bet Pine 

aad Bush 
BARTLETT (Jonathan) k WAUGH (J!) liquor 

saloon. Mansion House, Mission Dolores 
Bartlett Mary Ann, teacher private school, 215 

Bartlett Washington, Deputy County Clerk, dwl 
185 California 

Bartley W. painter, dwl W a Stockton bet Post 
and Sutter 

Bartling William, book-binder with J. J. Lecount, 
dwl Alameda 

Barton J. K. laundryman, dwl Sherwood Place 
near Third 

Barton John, (B. k Grimm, Sacramento), office 
Sansome Street House, room 5 

Barton William, proprietor Barton Hall, N s Pa- 
cific near Virginia Alley 

Barton William, rigger, dwl Hodge's Place near 

Baruch E. J. book-keeper, with Blumenthal & 
Hirsch, dwl cor Dupont and Filbert 

Barwig E. merchant, dwl NW cor Broadway and 

Basch (Israel) i Cohn {Manhim), cigar manu- 
facturers, 111 Sacramento, bds 119 Bush 

Basford J. K. NE cor Kearny and Pine 

Bass Thomas J. clerk with Bioren & Oakley, 
bds Rassette House 

Basse Thomas, (Eggers & Co) dwl 112 California 

Bassett Abner, contractor, dwl Bush bet Powell 
and Mason 

Bassett Andrew, stone-cutter. Fort Point 

Bassett Ebenezer, stone-cutter, dwl Post comer 

Bassett Nathaniel, fruit, 92 Montgomery, dwl St. 
Mary's Place, near Dupont 

Batchelder J. M. (Brenan k B) Pier 3, Stewart 
near Market, bds American Exchange 

Bateman David, engineer, dwl Vallejo bet San- 
some and Montgomery 

Bateman Michael, Eagle Bakery, Jessie cor Annie 

Bates George, Captain schooner Hamilton, dwl 
Folsom, bet Fremont and First 

Bates J. bds Union Club 

Bates W. porter with S. P. Taylor 

Bates William, engineer, dwl 256 Kearny 

Battaile T. G. book-keeper, Custom House 

Batters Ed%vard T. dwl 64 Minna 

Battersby John, stoves and tinware, dwl Bryant 
Place near Bush 

BATTEUX DANIEL, door-keeper of Musical 
and Pickwick Hall, SE cor cor Bush and 

Batteux (Daniel) & Kohn (Henry), iiquorjsaloon, 
Montgomery cor Bush 

Battles Edward, clerk, cor Sacramento and San- 
some, dwl Minna near cor Second 

Battles William Ward, (Waite ft B.) proprietors 
Oriental Rice Mills, Fremont near Market, 
bds Oriental Hotel 

Battu Hypolite, professor languages, dwl Broad- 
way rear of 111 

Bauchamp Leandro, tinsmith, dwl W s Kearny 
near Vallejo 

Baudat Casimere, (Dubrusle & B) 175 Clay 

Bauer Charles G. gun-smith, dwl E s Dupont nr 

Bauer John A importer of drugs and apothecary, 
163 Pacific, bds 3 Pike 

Baugh Theodore E. (Suveny ft B) Merchant's 
Exchange Reading Room, 135 Clay 

Baugh W. Washington, clerk, 135 Clay 

Baugh W. Williamson, clerk, 135 Clay 

Bauk Henry, with Kohler & Froliling, bds 3 Wa- 
verley Place 



BAUM CHARLES, Custom House Broker, cor 

Battery and Washington, dwl 156 Broadway 
Eaum Julius, clotliing, 85 Commercial 
Baum R. dwl 53 Minna 

Baum Wm. dwl Beale, bet Folsom and Harrison 
Baumann Fritz, confectioner, dwl Ss Mission bet 

Filth and Simmons 
Bauzelle Jules, wholesale wines and liquors, 117 

Baxter Benjamin D. 12 Merchant, dwl 22 Court 

Baiter Charles G. clerk with John B. Hughes, 

147 Montgomery 
•Baxter H. W. 2G Battery 
Baxter J. drayman, U. S. Appraiser's store 
Baxter James, {Rankin & C7o.) N s Battery near 

Baxter James E. waterman, dwl Market nr Third 
Baxter T. P. clerk, Rankin &. Co. bds Oriental H 
Baxter Thomas H. saddler, 108 Btty, bds 89 liiish 
Baxter Wm. H. clerk with.B. Gardiner 108 Bat- 
tery, dwl Union above Mason 
Baxtrum John, carpenter, dwl Mission Road, 

opposite Ellen 
Bayer N. dwl NW s Folsom near Fourth 
Bayerque J. B. {Pioche & £.) SE corner Mont'y 

and Jackson 
Bayerque B. with Pioche A Bayerque 
Bayct Wm. dwl S s Brannan, bet Simmons and 

Baylard Charles, dwl cor Com'l and LeidesdorfT 
Bayle Edward, miner, dwl cor Howard and First 
Bay less Charles E. {Kerr & B.) dwl Pine bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Bayless, T. J. SE cor Clay and Kearny 
Bayley Henry, moulder,Tulcan Iron Work8,Fir8t 

bet Mission and Howard 
Bayley Henry, cutler, etc. Jessie near Ecker 
Bayley John, musician, bds E s Dupont near Sac 
Bayley Pauline Mrs. midwife, Jessie nr Ecker 
Bayley Townsend, dwl 3 Beldens Block, Market 
Bazille Mario Mrs. milliner, 176 California 
Bazin Victor, tailor, S s Third bet Stevenson and 

Bazzini Joseph, cook, bds Swiss Republican Sa- 
loon, Pacific near Montgomery 
Beach Benjamin C. salesman, 72 Battery, dwl 

S s Piioilic above Stockton 
Beach Chilein, drayman, with R. E. Brewster, 

dwl cor Mason and Broadway 
Beach Eliza Mrs. S s Pacific near Stockton 
Beach J. D. C. stage office, Kearny op Plaza 
Beach Joseph, dwl 94 Montgomery 
Beach Lewis, waterman, bds N s Pine between 

Kearny and Dupont 
Beach ( Wm. W. ) & Co. (Dow J. Blake) grocers, 

SE cor Union and Stockton 
Beaohor Wm. A Co. bakers. Clay above Powell 
Beagle Ira J. sign painter and paper hanger, 

Jessie, near First [San-sonio 

Beale Albert S. segars, 176^ Clay, dwl Bush nr 
Beale J. carpenter, bds Albion House 
Beals H. Channing, dwl 282 Clay 
Beamis Thomas W. {Xash & B.) resides in Boston 
Bean James M. oyster saloon, 202 Clay, dwl 

Pine bet Kearny and Dupont 
Bean Moses T. sea captam, dwl N a Filbert bet 

Powell and Mason 

Bean Samuel, (liogers & B.) carpenter, dwl 196 

Beard Abraham, boards Niantic hotel 
Beard Charles, merchant, dwl cor Clay & Dupont 
Beard John, drayman, dwl Townsend nr Fourth 
Beardsley F. A. shipwright, foot of Boal 
Beardsley Foster, dwl 139 Union 
Eearso Peter, dealer in fish, 31 Wash'n mkt 
Beatty Amos, clerk with Jacob Wray 
Beatty David C. butcher, dwl cor Bush k Mont'y 
Beatty Lawrence, butcher, bds with Mrs. Walsh, 

Beatty Patrick, mattrass maker, with Jonas G. 

Clark & Co 
Beatty Patrick, painter, dwl 7 Berry 
Beatty Samuel G. Jr. dwl Stockton nr M.arket 
Beau Jean B. broker, dwl Turk S s bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Beauchamp Leandro, tinsmith. Commercial K a 

near Kearny 
Beaudie Charles, laundryman, dwl S s Filbert nr 

Beaugrand Antomo, cake vender, 56 Pacific nr 

Beauharnais.V. E. spiritual physician, dwl 151 

Beauro V. dyer, Ws Mason bet Post and Sutter 
Beaver George W. (James Patrick & Co.) dwl 44 

Bee Barihelemi, bottle dealer, 341 Stockton 
Bee Henry, dwl 341 Stockton 
Bech Martin, bilhard table niant; dwl Ws Dupont 

near Union 
Becherer Aug. cabinet maker, 63 & 66 Mont'y, 

boards American hotel 
Bechman (Andrew) & Co., (George Bryant), sail 

makers. Sac cor East 
BECK ADOLPUUS G. professor of book-keep- 
ing, 52 Bush, dwl. cor Turk and Taylor 
Beck Charles H. bds NW cur Powell & Filbert 
Beck David L. clerk, NW cor Front and Cal, bds 

N s Broadway nr Stockton 
Beck Joseph, Fulton's tannery, Simmons near 

Beck Joseph P. grocer, 223 Pacific 
Beck AVilliam, cooper, dwl 24 Davis 
Beck W. bds N s Broadway nr Stockton 
BECKER BROTHERS, (Bernhard, A. & R. C.) 

cigars and tobacco, 144 Mont'y and Wash'n 

nr Kearny, bds 212 Washington 
Becker Michael R. C. (/?. & Brus.) 144 Mont'y 

and Wash'n near Kearny 
Beckford Daniel, bds Brannan House 
Beckford George, at N. Y. restaurant, Kearny 

between Com'l and Clay 
Beckh Gustavus W. ( To ytor & JS.) County Re- 
corder, office lironham place, dwl Pine two 

doors below Stockton 
Beckley Theobold, vegetable dealer, Sansome, 

dwl 5 Leid'f 
Beckman Conrad, ( Wfecfe & B.) dwl cor Pacific 

and Battery 
Beckman John, carpenter, bds Isthmus House 
Beckwith Henry, stone cutter at granite yard 

Pine, dwl S s Post near Kearny 
Beckwith James, dwl Molton Place 
Bedell H. machinist. Pacific Foundry, First bet 

Mission and Howard 



Bedell William, machinist, dwl Second nr Mission 

BKK CAMILLK, tailor, 259 Pacific 

Bee Alfred W. dwl E a Mason nr Bdwy 

Beebo Cliarles A. clerk, 34 Clay 

Beebe Cliase, porter, 67 Front 

Beebe H. boards 20 Sansome 

Beebe Henry W. Empire Warohouso, Beale cor 

Beebee Joseph, caulker, bds Barkley House 
Beeler Albert L. gas titter, with G. W. McDon- 
ald, bds International Saloon 
Beer Julius, ( Weil & Co.) 62 Front, dwl Pine nr 

BEERS (Henry I.) & DATIES, (John S.) im- 
porters and com. merch's, 83 Clay, dwl Eddy 

between Mason and Taylor 
Beers John, laborer, bds Pacific, bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Beers John B. dentist, Masonic Hall 
Beggs James, machinist at Donahue's iron works, 

First cor Mission 
Beggs John, machinist at S. F. gas works 
Beggs Thomas, laborer, dwl Howard nr Third 
Beggs W'm. W. engineer of S. F. Gas Co. First 

comer Natoma 
Begin Joseph, butcher with Samuel Lafaille, Wa 

Kearny near Commercial 
Behr Herman, physician, 226 Stockton 
Behrens Henry C. F. physician, 14 Mont'y 
Behrens J. agent, coal yard and Cliquot cham- 
pagne, 55 Sansome, dwl Stockton SE corner 

Belanger Julien Madame, widow, dwl 238 Pac 
Belcher Frederick B. drayman, dwl 277 Pacific 
Belcher Robert H. drayman, dwl 277 Pacific 
Belden Francis C. boards Union Club 
Belden Josiah, cor Sacramento and Mont'y 
Beldering Mary Mrs. Second near Folsora 
Belding H. S. patern maker, Pacific Foundry, 

boards Istlimus House 
Belding Orrin, pattern maker. Pacific Foundry, 

bds SE corner Larkin and Union 
Belknap D. P. Deputy County Clerk, of probate 

etc. courts, bds Brannan House 
Belkowsky Peter, job wagon, dwl 4 Mary Lane 
Bell Abraham, plasterer, bds 6 Belden 's Block 
Bell Alexander, dwl S s Broadway bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Bell G. W. sup't banking dep't Wells, Fargo & 

Co. office NW cor Mont'y and Cal. dwl 256 

Bell Henry, laundry, Morris near Pine 
Bell Henry W. exchange elk Wells, Fargo & Co. 

dwl 256 Stockton 
Bell James, (Falkner &. BeU), dwl South Park 

Bell James, wholesale and retail hardware, 26 

Cal. dwl Howard bet Third and Fourth 
Bell James, milk ranch, old San Jose road i mile 

south of Mission church 
Boll James H. (col'd) barber, dwl 12 Lafay- 
ette Place 
BELL JOHN, {Kennedy &. B.) 105 Mont'y, dwl 

SE cor Bush and Powell 
BELL JOHN C. upholstery, carpet and paper 

hanging, 182 Clay, dwl NW cor Greenwich 

and Dupont 
Bell Joseph, (col'd) laborer, dwl rear 139 Union 

Bell John W. New York Express dep'l of Welta, 

Fargo k Co. dwl 256 Stockton 
Bell Lucius, (Elliot &, Co.) dwl 16 Minna near 

Ball Patrick, baker, dwl Webb bet Cal and Sao 
Bell Samuel, ex State Controller, dwl 161 Com'l 
BELL THOMAS, liquor saloon, 70 Clay, dwl 

Lambert cor Jane 
Bell Thomas, com. mcht, 92 Merchant 
Bell Wm. shipwright, dwl Brannan bet Second 

and Third 
Bell William, mate stm J. L. Stephens, dwl 96 

Bell William, ( Wilson, Tardiff & S.) beach foot 

of Brannan 
Bell William, foreman Alta California 
Bell William H. inspector C. H. dwl NW comer 

Chesnut and Belle 
Bell William J. 177 Mont'y, dwl Merchant bet 

Mont'y and Sansome 
BELLEAU EUSEBE, proptr St. Francis Hotel, 

dwl comer Clay and Dupont 
Bellanger (Joseph) & Co. ( Charles Colin), billiard 

saloon and liquors, 181 Commercial 
Bellemere Gustave, jeweler, with Hass & Louder- 
Bellemere Louis, hair dresser, 123 Com'l, dwl 

Howard near Third 
Bellehumme Louis, tinsmith, S s Bush 
Bellew John, laborer, dwl Ohio bet Broadway 

and Pacific 
Bellier Antonio, pattern mkr, Vulcan Iron Works, 

bds 107 Dupont 
Bellierre (Eugene) & Rouillard (Prosper), hair 

dressers, 2G3 Dupont 
Belloc Freres (Benjamin & I.) & Sescau (John), 

office 147 Clay, up stairs 
Belloc I. (B. Pi-eres & Sescau), res Paris 
Bellows H. H. 82 Front 
Belo Michael, tailor, dwl 236 Kearny 
Bemal Jules, laundry, N s Lombard nr Powell 
Bement George, drayman, cor Clay and Front, 

dwl Silver bet Third aud Second 
Bemis Charles C. engineer Aubin Gas Co. dwl 

159 Mission 
BENCHLEY (Leonidas B.) & CO. (S. M. Alvord), 

importers of hardware, 62 Battery, dwl 248 

Beneken William, clerk, with George S. Dickey. 

jr., 113 Washington 
Bender John, piano- forte maker, dwl 185 Stock 
Bender Josiah, bricklayer. Fort Point 
Bendix Christian F. elk. NE cor Bdwy & Stock 
Bendixen George L. J. (S. L. Jones & Co.) Ma- 
son, bet Union and Filbert 
Benham Calhoun, attorney at law, U. S. Court 

Bdgs, dwl E 8 John bet Powell & Mason 
Benham John, cigar-box maker, 152i Sansome 
Benhart, John M. miller, Alta Mills, Market nr 

Benjamin Carrie Y. prin. Primary Dep't Rincon 

School, Hampton Place 
Benjamin Charles, (col'd,) barber, bds W a 

Kearny bet Union and Filbert 
Benjamin Edmond B. (Cameron, Wliittier i, Co.) 

105 Front, dwl S s Tehama bet First and 

Benjamin Frederic, quartz dealer, cor Sac & San 



BenjamiQ Joseph, 56 Montgomery 

BoDJaniiD Joseph Mrs. fancy & childrens' clothes, 

66 Montgomery 
Benkin Martin, near Sugar Refinery, cor Price 

and Harrison 
Bcnkner William, baker, Bush near Powell 
Bouneau Thomas, barber, bds E s Mason bet 

Union and Green 
Bennecko C. Augustus, tailor, 103 Montgomery 
Benuer F. H. foreman cutting-room U. S. B. Mint 
Bennett Alvin P. clerk, with L. R. Mills, boards 

Green near Dupont 
Bennett Dennis, waiter, American Exch. Hotel 
Bennett Henry, laundry, 95 Bush 
Bennett 11. M. late of North American Circus, 

bds El Dorado Building 
Bennett James C. carpenter, dwl Laura pi 
Bennett John II. dwl with R. H. Bennett, 3 a 

Esso.x place bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bennett Mary B. Mrs. millinery, 152 Sacramento 
Bennett Max, tailor, N a Pacitio near Front 
BENNETT (A^tWiotes), & STEBBINS, {J. C.) at- 
torneys at law, 9 Court Block, dwl N s Lom- 
bard near Stockton 
Bennett Peter B. (JVtco/as & B.) dwl NE comer 

Broadway and Kearny 
Bennett {Robert M.) Si Co. (W. L. Kirhy) produce 

commission merchanta store-ship cor East 

and Washington, dwl Essex pi 
Bennett Thomas, physician, dwl N s Pine near 

Prospect pi. office 141 Sacramento 
BENNETT WM. H. Pioneer Laundry, Harrison 

one door E of Simmons 
Benningo George, proptr Ocean Pearl, cor East 

and Washington 
Benois Jean M. fruit and vegetable dealer, 204 

Beuoit Hormand M. butcher, 4 New Market, dwl 

Clay St. Market 
Benoit Pedro, baker, Dolores near the church 
Bensley John, captain, office 62 Battery, dwl NW 

s Mission near Third 
Benson Edward S. NE comer Montgomery and 

Clay, dwl 13 Lucas, Turner & Co's Bdg 
Benson James, book-keeper at A. R. Biggs & Co. 

146 Front 
Benson Jamos, dwl S 8 Simmons W of Brannan 
Benson John, notary public, SE cor Montgom'y 

& Clay, bds NE cor Keamy i Washington 
Benson Lewis, (cold,) porter with Smith McDan- 

iel &, Co. dwl Varrcnne 
Benson Mary Mrs. laundress, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Benson Sowall, dealer in hay and grain, pier 9 

Stewart, dwl i'olsom opposite Essex 
Bent Samuel, waiter, Hotel International 
Bent Winslow, stables, Bush cor Kearny 
Benton John E. Rev. ptxstor Mission Congrega- 
tional Church, res Valencia adj'g Church 
Benton M. J. Mrs. teacher of drawing, San Fran- 
cisco Institute, dwl Stockton nr California 
Bents Henry, barber, 83 Kearny 
Benty Lewis, baker, 89 Kearny 
Benzen Gustavus A. clerk Argua office, dwl cor 

Powell and Bush 
Benzi (F.) & Roturier {CharU»), chemists and 

apothecaries, SW cor Pacific and Dupont 
Bequette Henry D. dwl Union between Stockton 

and Dupont 

Bequetto Lewis L inspector Custom House, dwl 

Union bet Stockton and Dupont 
Bequette Paschal, Receiver of Public Moneys and 

Pension Agent, U. S. Land Office, dwl Union 

bet Stockton and Dupont 
Beraud Brothers {Louis k Fdix), bakers, S s Third 

cor Stevenson [Davis 

Berbowicbe Trepo, liquor saloon, cor Oregon and 
Berdani Maria, laundress, Sullivan nr Dupont 
Beretta Peter, machinist, dwl Mission nr First 
Bergen Peter, Sansome Exchange, NE cor San- 
some and Washington, dwl 171 Sansome 
Berger E. clerk with M. Kanitz 
Berger Gabriel, carpenter, dwl 188 Pine 
Berghauser John, dwl E s Dupont nr Filbert 
BERGIN & BROTHER {James & Michael), soap 

manufactory, S 3 Green near Powell, dwl 

Powell nr Green 
Bergin Michael {Bergin &, Brother), dwl Powell 

near Green 
Bergin Thomas, dwl Powell nr Green [Post 
Bergman Nicolas, wheelwright, dwl Keamy near 
Bergson D. (Peper & B.) dwl 68 Merchant 
Berg,son M. bds What Cheer House 
Bergson R. carpenter, dwl 68 Merchant 
Berie Elleck, dwl cor Green and Sansome 
Berkowitz Meyer, French dress and cloak maker, 

148 Sacramento 
Berliner Marx, tailor, 104 Battery 
Bernal Carmel SeBora, ranche, San Jose road. 

Mission Valley 
Bernal Jos6 Jesus, dwl rear of church opposite 

cemetery. Mission Dolores 
Bernan Bernard, laborer, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Bernard Arnold, sculptor, 55 Broadway 
Bernard B. dwl Hinckley near Keamy 
Bernard Charles, cofiee manufacturer (Chartres), 

355 Dupont 
Bernard CordLs, laborer, Fort Point 
Bernard Francois, baker, N s Green E Dupont 
Bernard GuiUiame, upholsterer, 39 Kearny 
Bernard Henry, lodgings, N s Vallejo bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Bernard J. manf Chartres coffee, 110 Dupont 
Bernard John, seaman, 42 First 
Bernard Paul, watch- maker, 105 Commercial, 

dwl SW cor Dupont and St. Marks 
Bernard Robert, painter, dwl Bush, bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Bernard Venhoff, boots and shoes, 203 Keamy 
Bernard William R. sign and ornamental painter, 

bds Bush near Powell 
Bernard , stucco-maker, dwl N s Vallejo, bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Bernare C. at Barre Marseillaire, 195 Pacific 
Beruede John, butcher, 8 New Market, dwl Van 

Ness Avenue, bet Union and Green 
Berney William M. grocer, 341 Dupont 
Bernett George W. butcher, dwl E 8 Hyde near 

Pacific [near Minna 

Bemheim Maurice, {Mercer & B.)dwl E s Second 
Bernhard Samuel H. blacksmith, 90 and 92 Bush 
Bernstein Elia.s, boarding house, 167 Com'l 
Bernstein J. dwl Es Dupont bet Green & Union 
Berratie Joseph, bds Ns Pacific bet Leavenworth 

and Hyde 
Berraule J. Louis, dwl N s Stevenson, bet Third 

and Fourth 



Borrgofear Conrad, butcher, at Braokett & Keyes, 

dwl Folsom bet Fremont and First 
Berri Emanuel, banker, 135 Montgomery 
Berron Auguste Jr. Golden Ball Restaurant, 197 

Berrotzheimer Max, accountant, 62 Sacramento, 

bds Custom House Block 
Berry Albert, ( Conro & 5. ) 136 Pine & 104 Front 
Berry Geo. clerk, with Spence, Tismoro & Co. 
Berry George, tailor 81 Merchant 
Berry John, bds What Cheer House 
Berry John, white- washer, 124 Montgomery 
Berry John & Co. importers and manufacturers 

of carriages, wagons, etc. 21 Bush 
Berry Lewis, white-washer, 126 Montgomery 
Berry Richard, N. merchandise broker, 79 Front, 

dwl Powell bet Jackson and Pacific 
Berry Robert, barber, 4 First 
Bersell Zephenius, clerk. Wells, Fargo & Co. bds 

N s Greenwich near Dupont 
Bert Edward G. druggist, dwl Mason bet Eddy 

and Ellis 
Bertar F. miner, bds Pacific near Montgomery 
Bertheau C. (^Ziel, B. &. Co.) 72 and 74 California 
Berthelot Arsene, merchant, dwl Stockton (rear) 

near Filbert 
Berthelot Charles L. salesman, SE corner Sacra- 
mento and Montgomery 
Berthloch B. dwl Agnes lane 
Bertody Charles, physician, 225 J Washington 
Berton Francis, cashier Hentseh's banking office, 

dwl NW cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Bertrand , water works and portable baths. 

Market near Third 
Bertrand Geometris, boot depot, 81 Merchant 
BERWICK (TVtoHio*) & BURNS (^Charles F.) 

sail-makers, 50 Commercial and 32 Clay, dwl 

cor Lombard and Mason 
Berwin (Piticus) & Bro. (Aaron), importers and 

jobbers in clothing, dwl cor Mission & First 
Besby Henry, bar-keeper, dwl Pine nr St. Marys 
BessoQ August, Sen. Golden Ball Restaurant, 

197 Pacific 
Besson {H. Madame), & Pons (Charlotte Ma- 
dame), French corset makers, 143 Sac 
Bessort Eugene, (Favre, Pionneau & Co.) 174 

Bessy (Albion P.) & Co. (Ransom Ripley and 

Solomon S. Giles), draymen, 106 Sansome, 

dwl Minna bet Second and Third 
Best William, dwl Montgomery bet Filbert and 

Bester William, bar-room, St. Mark's nr Dupont 
Besterfeldt Herman, drayman, bds N s Grand 

Place, bet Kearny and Dupont 
Betker Samuel, engineer, Washington Baths, 174 

Washington, dwl Howard nr Third 
Bettengen Albert, tin-smith, dwl cor Post and 

Betts David W. stoves and tin-ware, Sac near 

East, dwl Beale abv Folsom 
Betyman Louder, ( White &, Betyman) grocery, 

cor Third and Folsom 
Beuchel Gottlieb, tailor, dwl NW cor Pacific and 

Powell [Howard 

Beuilieu John, at Cincinnati Brewery, Third nr 
Bevans John, S E cor Bdwy and Stockton, dwl 

Greenwich nr Stockton 

Bevans Richard, compositor, Eve. Bulletin, dwl 

6 Minna 
Bevans (Thomas P.) & Co. (John IT. Atkinson), 

druggists, SE cor Bdwy and Stockton, dwl 

Vallejo bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bevans Isaac, carpenter, dwl Teleeraph Place 
Bevell Richard M. Mercantile Saloon, 188 Mon'y 

dwl Vallejo nr Montgomery 
Beverly Mrs. R. N. nurse, bds at Frank Sleeper, 

SW 8 Fremont bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bevis W. G. dwl SW cor Dupont and Harlan 

Bewley Allen H. book-keeper and collector, with 

G. 0. Whitney, 117 Cal, dwl cor Natoma and 


Beziade Jean, tailor, 155 Kearny, dwl 210 Clay 

Beythien (Caiys) & Schenk (Uv^o), New Tork 

• brewery, S s Post bet Kearny and Dupont 

BIANCHI BAPTISTA, carpenter, W s SuUivan 

nr Jackson 
Bicherd Nicholas, store ship Louis, Stewart cor 

Bicherd Stephen, store ship Louis, Stewart cor 

Bickel C. dwl S s Post nr Dupont 
Bickford Joseph, engineer, Sutter Iron Works 

cor Beale and Folsom 
Bidau Peter, agent, 232 Dupont 
Biden Charles, printer, Herald 
Bidleraan George B. captain of watch. Custom 

Bidleman Joseph B. dwl 209 Washington 
Bielefeld Henry, cooper, Leidesdorfi' bet Pine and 

BIEN H. REV. proprietor Emanu-El Institute, 

dwl Powell bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Bierd George, SE cor Greenwich and Mason 
Bierning Harmon, grocer, NW cor Stockton and 

BIESTA FREDERICO, Sicilian consulate, 106 

Biesterfeld E. at German club rooms, 136 Mont'y 
Bigarel Dominic, clothing,store 175 Wash'n, dwl 

NE cor Union and Jones 
Bigelow Adoniram J. proptr New England Soap 

Manufactory, Mason bet Pac and Broadway 
Bigelow Elijah, dwl 14 Clementina 
Bigelow (Jabez) &■ Co, (Joseph Crane) boots and 

shoes, 53 Commercial 
Bigelow Martin B. dwl Eddy nr Mason 
Bigelow Samuel S. NW cor Sac and Mont'y, dwl 

N s Laurel place 
Bigger William J. at Isaac S. Josephi, 177 Wash, 

bds Hotel International 
BIGGS (Abk R.) & CO, (J. A. T. Overand), 

wines and liquors 146 Front, dwl Everett 

bet Third and Fourth 
Biggy Terrence, with John Logue, dwl Ecker nr 

Bigins John, dwl 149 Kearny 
Bigley Cornelius, grocery 48 Clay, dwl cor Trin- 
ity and Pine 
Bigley Daniel, clerk at 48 Clay, dwl cor Trinity 

and Pine 
Bigley Thomas, (Ringot k Bigley) Sac nr East, 

dwl Powell cor Washington 
Eigne John, ( Urees k Co) 195 Kearny 
Eigne Vincent, at Rest't de France, 195 Kearny 



BIGOT ERNEST, laoe washer and mender, 150 

Bigot Leon, apprentice hairdresser, 185 Clay 
Bikfiuger Augustus, at Winn's Fountain Head, 

163 Clay t 

Bill Philip, liquor saloon, 184 Pacific 
Billing Edward, machinist, Fulton Foundry 
BiUinghurst H. Plaza Hotel, cor Clay and Bren- 

ham place 
Billings Benjamin, liquor saloon, 148 Commercial 
Billings Frederick, (Halkck, Peachey & B.) 68 

Montgomery block 
Billings John, (col'd) laborer, 2 Brooklyn place 
Billings John F. drayman, N s Vallejo bet Stock 

and Dupont 
Bills H. C. machinist, dwi Knickerbocker engine 

Bills P. dwI Virginia block 
Bing Henry A. clerk, 101 Merchant, dwI Tele- 
graph Hill 
Bing L. clerk with William Hart, bds W aide 

Montgomery bet Yallejo and Green 
Bingenheimer Christopher, cooper, Front nr cor 

Bingham C. Edward, bds Hotel International 
Bingham (James W.) & Reynolds (0. A.) com 

nichts and impt'rs, 201 Sansomo 
Binney Isaac B. ( Widber & Co.) cor Washington 
Biondo A. tailor. Union Hotel [and Kearny 

Bioren Benj. dwI E s Mason bet Union &, Green 
Bioren(C. IF.) & Oakley (fi. 0.)real estate and 
general auctioneers, 15G & 158 Montgomery, 
dwl E a Wash'n bet Union and Green 
Biorkman Aug. clerk with Andrew Thompson 
Birch Bernardo, storeship Imperial, Mission bet 

Beale and Stewart 
Birch Charles, storeship Imperial, Mission bet 

Beale and Stewart 
Birch Edward, clerk with C. Morrill, bds Niantio 

Bird D. T. C. house-mover, dwl Ritch bet Bran- 
nan and Townsend 
Bird George W. carpenter, bds 111 Mission 
Bird James, moulder, Fulton Foundry, dwl SE 

cor California and Davis 
Bird James, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Bird Lawrence, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Bu'dsall B. engineer of steamer Antelope, dwl cor 

Drumm and Pacific 
Birdsall Edward M. ship carpenter, dwl Rincon 

Point nr British Hospital 
Birdsall {Edward M.), Coghlin (Daniel C.) A Co. 
shipwrights, cor Folsom and Spear,dwl Main 
nr Harrison 
Birdsall George, warehouse department, C. H. 
Birdsall Z. e.'cp. department, Wells, Fargo & Co. 

dwl SE cor Kearny and California 
Birges J. J. dentist, ofBce 323 Dupont 
Birghara Adolphus, (Loevjy Brothers & B.) 125 

Sacramento, bds 81 Sutter 
Bisagno (Louis) &. Brother, wholesale dealer in 

crockery and hardware, 114 Clay 
Bishop Charles S. flour inspector's office, NE cor 

Davis and Washington 
Bishop George W. salesman, 95 Com'l, SW cor 

Sansome, dwl W s Powell nr Clay 
Bishop Reuben, cook, dwl Geary bet Powell 'and 

Bissell Geo. W. P. (Abop & Co. ) dwl N s Folsom 

nr Third 
Bisset Andrew, stone-cutter, dwl Howard bet 

First and Tremont, in the rear 
Bisso Jos. wood-dealer, SE cor Union & Powell 
Bitter Wm. proptr Mechanics Exchange, SW cor 

Pacific and Kearny 
Bittner Andrew, shoe-maker, dwl 5 St. Mary's pi 
Bivins Samuel (col'd) job cart, dwl E s Scott's pi 
Bixby Robert G. hay and grain, Beale, dwl 45 

Sansome nr Market 
Bixler David, attorney at law, NW cor Com and 

Monl'y, dwl 13 Lucas, Turner &, Go's Bdg 
Black Andrew, inspector, Custom House 
Black, David, blacksmith, 38 Webb 
Black George E. machinist, bds Belden's Block 
Black Wm. proptr livery stable and veterinary 

surgeon, 158 Pacific, dwl 246 Kearny 
Black Wm. K. carpenter, dwl Howard nr Third 
Blackburn Geo. R. laborer, Stevenson nr Howard 
Blackburn John M. book-keeper, dwl cor Clay 

and Dupont 
Blackburn Wm. teamster, bds with Miss M. J. 

Williams, Belden's Block 
Blackman Cassius H. (B. Howards Co.) 79 Front 
Blackman ( 0. P.), Howard ( Gluts. Webb) k Co. 
( Cassius II. Blackman), dealers m wines and 
liquors. 79 Front 
Blackman Thomas, private boarding, NE s Beale 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Blackstone Nath'l, Lombard S of Lagoon 
Blackwith Henry, stone-cutter, dwl S s Post bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Blackwood John, clerk with T. L. Horn, Front 

nr Commercial 
Blackwood Wm. secretary of Arizona Mining Co. 

dwl Ritch bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bladerman Sara'l, ranchero, bds with Mrs. Walsh, 

Jessie nr First 
Blaikie James, ship-joiner, Prospect Place nr Cal 
Blair Archibald, cutter, U. S. Branch Mint dwl 

Sonoma place 
Blair Thos. N. police, dwl St. Mark's pi nr Dupont 
Blaisdell Samuel, accountant, 15 Court Block 
Blaive Dominique Rev. pastor, Notre Dame des 
Victories Church, Bush near Stockton, dwl 
basement of Church 
Blake Calvin T. salesman, SE cor Sansome and 

Com, dwl Montgomery, in Sherman's Bdg 
Blake Chas. E. ( Cok & B.) cor Clay and Dupont, 

bds Hotel International 
Blake Edw. drayman with Hammond AKnowles, 

• bds Jessie nr First 
Blake (Francis) & Moffit (James), power press 
printers, 68 Merchant, dwl SB corner Bush 
and Jones 
Blake George W. carpenter, dwl Sherman's Bdg 
Blake G. M. book-keeper, cor Sac and Sansome 
Blake Jas. (Stclgley k, B.) butcher, 1 Clay Street 

Market, dwl Mission Road nr Hayes' Lane 
Blake (John) & Quinu (Edward), (col'd) boot- 
polishers and waiters, 180 Clay 
Blake John, drayman, dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
Blake John, shoe-maker, bds Union 
Blake Margaret Mrs. dwl Jessie near Ecker 
Blake Maurice C. County Judge, SW cor Clay 

and Montgomery, bds 14 Clementina 
Blake William H. (col'd) shaving-saloon 128 Clay 



Blakely Francis, carpenter, Fort Point 
Ulakcston Jolin S. sail-maker, 15 Clay, dwi Ns 

Union near Mason 
Blanc Alexander, butclier, dwl N 8 Battery near 

Blanc Morris, laundry, Clementina bet Third and 

Blancliard Alexander, mariner, dwl N s Clay bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Blanchard C. D. clerk, at J. J. Lecount's, dwl Na- 

toma near Second 
Blanchard David L, store-keeper Custom House, 

dwl Dupont near Lombard 
Blanchard H. engineer, Am Flour Mills, 25 First 
Blanchard {Louis) & Porter (Fiayi^vis), carpen- 
ters, dwl Piuckncy Place 
Blanchard M. bds What Cheer IIouso 
Blanchard V. P. waterman, SE cor Powell and 

Blanchard W. waterman, bds 97 Dupont 
Blanci Louise, grocer, dwl S a Tyson Place near 

Blanding Lewis, (Blanding & B.) dwl S a Pacific 

near Stockton 
Blanding ( Tr?n.) & Blanding {I.ewis), attorneys 

at law, 11 and 12 Montgomery Block, dwl 

cor Harrison and First 
Blankman William, physician, dwl NE cor Green 

and Sonoma Place 
Blankstein Louisa Mrs. milliner, 81 Montgomery 
Blasdell H. G. produce coumission merchant. 

Clay Street Wharf 
Blaser John C. coftee, pepper and spice factory, 

Clementina near Second 
Blathner John, pattern-maker, Donohue'a Iron 

Works, cor First and Mission 
Blattnel John, pattern-maker. Union Foundry, 

dwl NW s Everett, bet Third and Fourth 
Blauvelt R. D. jr. clerk. Quartermaster's depart- 
ment, 44 Bush 
Blethen Alphons G. aail-maker, bds What Cheer 

Blethen Charles A. teamster, bds What Cheer H 
Blethen James, mariner, dwl 134 Dupont 
Blethen James E. (C. L. Taylor & Co.) dwl Fol- 

som near Harris 
Bley Abraham, (Pinner & S.) Clay Street Wharf 
Bleyman Edward, (Schmidt & .B.) 204 Clay 
Bligh Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Union nr Stock 
Blinn Samuel P. (Adamji, B. & Co.) dwl Tehama 

bet First and Second 
Bliss George G. butcher, dwl Pacific bet Larkin 

and Polk 
Blitz B. S. ex-policeman, dwl Kearny nr Sao 
Bloch Abraham B. clothier, 304 Stockton 
Bloeh Davis, boot and shoe maker, 244 Dupont 
Blochman Emanuel, dwl E s Stockton nr Jackson 
Blochman E. Mrs. millinery, dwl E s Stockton 

near Jackson 
Block Abraham, (of Nevada), 10 Sacramento 
Block Elias M. dwl Stone bet Jackson and Wash'n 
Block Isaac F. (of lowaHiU), office 92 California 
Block J. merchant, dwl Stockton near Sutter 
Block John, fancy and dry goods, 4 Virginia Blk, 

dwl cor Pacific and Dupont 
Block John, tailor, cor Sacramento and Kearny, 

dwl 5 St. Mary's Place 
Blockman Manuel, dwl 2G2 Jackson 

Blodget Thomas D. wood yard, NW cor Market 
and Front 

Bloed Charles, proprietor Washington Hotel, 15G 
and 168 Pacific 

Blohm Christian C. teacher, dwl 240 Yallejo 

Blommer William, police ofBcer, bdsEsPikf, 
bet Clay and Washington 

Blondeu John, dwl 89 Broadway 

Blood James, boatman, dwl Monlg'y bet Green- 
wich and Filbert 

Blood J. IT. attorney at law, 9 and 10 Lucas. 
Turner & Co's Building 

Blood Levi L. book-keeper, bds 280 Clay 

Bloom J. bds Railroad House 

BLOOMER (Ilirmn G.) k RATE ( William li ) 
importers of paints, glass, brushes, etc. 185 
Mont'y, dwl cor Jackson i Buruham Place 

Bloomer Isaac, mill-wright, dwl cor Natoma and 

Bloomfield George, boatman, dwl Union bet Bat- 
tery and Sansome 

Bloomingdale Emanuel, {Reinhart & £ ) 83 Sac 
dwl Vallejo bet Stockton and Powell 

BLOSSOM W. H. proptr La Belle Creole, 89 

Bluevelt Robt. laborer, bds SE cor Clarke and 

Blum Isadore, clothing and gent's furnishing 
store, 103 Mont'y, dwl cor Mont'y and Cal 

Blum L. jobber, dwl S s Broadway nr Stockton 

Blum (il.) t Schwartz (Lazarus), dry goods, NW 
cor Stockton and Pacific 

Blume Charles (Saulnier & Co) 141 Front 

Blumenthal A. importer and wholesale dealer in 
wines and liquors, 137 Clay 

BLUMENTHAL A. L. importer and dealer i; 
cloth, cassimere and trimmiug.s, 142 Sac 

Blumentlial Julius, at 142 t^ac 

Blumenthal (J/urhn ^.) & Hirsch (Adolph),Uv 
porters of china, glass, etc. 152 Kearny ami 
149 & 151 Clay, dwl Bush below Stockton 

Blunn Edward, gardener. Silver first house abov 

Blunncy Bernard, boot and shoe store, 28 Jacksc> 

Bluxomo I. jr. merchandise broker, 46 Front 

BIyth Henry, clerk at Burnham & Gibbs, Stew- 
art nr Market, dwl Harrison, Rincou Point 

Blythe Robert, dwl cor Market, Jones and ilc- 

Blythe Thomas H. dwl S s Geary nr Kearny 

Boahner Julius, jeweler, bds Washington Ho- 
tel, Pacific street 

Boardman Jo.?eph, architect, cor Annie and Jessie 

Boardman T. dwl SW cor Stockton and WashD 

Boas Michael, drayman, dwl Howard nr Secomi 

Bocher Henry, saloon, cor Drum and Jackson 

Bock Charles, billiard saloon. Clay nr Dupont 

Bocken H. waiter at Schrolh & Carl 

Bockins John, bds What Cheer House 

Bookman Henry, clerk, SW eor Montgomery and 

Bockman John C. groceries and liquors, cor Sec- 
ond and Minna 

Bodeka Bernard, musician, dwl NE cor Filbert 
and Jones 

Bo(Je Andrew, dwl S s Post nr Dupont 

Bode George C. book-keeper, dwl SW cor Du- 
pont and Harlan place 



Body John E, flour, SW cor Wash'n and Battery 

dwl Virginia block 
Boetz Gcoigo, restaurant, Cal nr San, dwl SE 

cor Pine and Kearny 
Bofer Bernhardt, buildor, Sutter cor Rassette pi 
BOFER WILLIAM & CO. (ffenry Bultman, Auf/- 

usi Marquard and Charles Marwedc), dealers 

in hardware, 138 Sacramento 
Began Cliarles, printer, Alta California 
Bogane John, laborer. Fort Point 
Bogardus John P. solicitor, 151 Clay, dwl OTar- 

rell E of Stockton 
Boirart John M. clerk 136 Pine 
BOGART BROTHERS (Orhmdo H. and John 

M.) gunsmiths and sporting tackle emporium, 

112 Washington 
BOGART JOHN il. {Bogart Brothers), 112 

Boge J. carpenter, dwl St Charles nr Kearny 
Boggs Alexander, produce and commission mer- 
chant, cor Davis and Wash'n bds Hillmau's 

Temperance House 
Bohbens Henry W. cigar dealer, Second near 

Bohen George T. builder, 199 Pine 
Bohen James, bricklayer, bds 107 Dupont 
Bohen James A. J. bricklayer, bds 107 Dupont 
Bohen W. I. blacksmith, Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Bobm Solomon H. {Simon & B.), 59 Sao, dwl 

Minna nr Second 
Bohmister Crols, {John Schnackmherg & Co.) dwl 

Stewart bet Market and Mission 
Bohn John, stoves and tin-ware, 29G Dupont 
BoiUot {J.) & Co. grocers, cor Pacific and Bartlett 
Boiro Louis, salesman, 15-1 Kearny, dwl Powell 

bet Vallejo and Broadway 
Boisse Ermine M. dress-maker, 147 Sacramento 
Boisse Eugene E. hair-dresser, 147 Sacramento 
Boisse Morris, shaving saloon, NW cor Merch 

and Sansome [Sutter 

Bokee Frederick, wagon-maker, dwl cor Post & 
Bokee W. 0. commercial reporter of Chi-onicle, 

bds What Cheer House 
Bolan Martin, street-paver, dwl S s Sutter near 

Boland J. B. clerk, with Sullivan & Cashman, 

dwl 94 Kearny 
Boland John, contractor, dwl August alley 
Boland {John), & Gray ( William), Eureka Mkt, 

Bush nr Sansome, dwl Stevenson nr First 
Boland Wm. H. keeper Rincon Point Warehouse, 

Spear cor Harrison 
Boloy Seth, cooper, Oregon nr Battery, bds Jack- 
son cor Davis 
Bolger James, Fort Point, bds with John Bolger 
Bolger John, boiler-maker, dwl Clementina bet 

Third and Fourth 
Bella Henry, cooper, Leidesdorff bet Pine & Cal 
Bolster Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Stevenson near 

Bolts Henry, liquor saloon, 232 Jackson 
Bolten James, merchant, dwl Prospect PI nr Clay 
Bolton B. J. porter at Rcdington i Co's, 107 Clay 
BOLTON, {James R.) BARRON {William E.) 

&, CO. commission merchants, and agents 

New Almaden Mines, 92 Merchant, dwl N s 

Union bet Dupont and Kearny 

Bolton John H. clerk with Bolton, Barron & Co. 

dwl 19 John 
Bolyen Charle.«, dwl Steamboat Point foot Third 
Bon Charles, grocery, cor Third and Stevenson 
Bonuaniou {Dumiuic) i Joinet ( YicU^r), cutlers, 

LcidesdoriT nr Clav, dwl Pacific nr Sansome 
BOND ADDISON F. i JOSEPH W. proprietors 

"Bond's" Bakery, 305 Stockton 
Bond Alfred, boiler-maker, cor Bush 4; Market 
Bond Charles R. City and County Assessor, ofiSce 

City Hall, dwl 174 Clay 
Bond Charles W. (Janson, B. & Co.) 95 Battery 

cor Clay, dwl Clay cor Taylor 
BOND {James B.) k HALE {Henry M.) com- 
mission merchants, 59 A. 61 Sansome, res 89 

Beaver, N. Y. 
Bond Joseph W. (.1. F. & J. W. B.) 305 Stock 
Bond Richard, carpenter, dwl First bet Harrison 

and Bryant 
Bond Thomas, carpenter, dwl First bet Harrison 

and Bryant 
Bond Thomas, painter, dwl S s Washington bet 

Povvell and Stockton 
Bond W. F. bds Albion House 
Bond Willis, (col'd) dwl N s Pacific nr Powell 
Bonds George, ale and porter, SW cor Davis and 

Bonduel Charles, printer, dwl 277 Washington 
Bone J. W. carpenter, dwl S s Pacific nr Taylor 
Boneau Thomas, hair-dressing saloon, S s Jackson 

nr Front, dwl Montgomery nr Sutter 
Boner John, caulker, bds Isthmus House 
Bones Michael, laborer, dwl W s Powell bet Post 

and Sutter 
Bonestell L. H. clerk with Lee & Carl, dwl SW 

cor Stockton and Clay 
Bongert John M. drayman, dwl E 8 Dupont near 

Bonhomrae Louis J. liquor saloon and billiards, 

SW cor Pine and Kearny 
Bonis Peter, veterinary surgeon and horse-sboer, 

cor Kearny and Ver Mehr 
Bonker John, bds What Cheer House 
Bonnard Francis A. printer. Herald 
Bonnell A. C. book-keeper Evening Bulletin, dwl 

First bet Howard and Folsom 
Bonnell Edwin, clerk at Badger & Lindenberg- 

er's, bds with A. C. Bonnell 
Bonnell Henry, machinist, at Goddard & Co's 

Pacific Foundry, bds with A. C. Bonnell 
Bonnell Rufus, clerk Evening Bulletin 
Bonnerniau W. G. book-keeper, dwl cor Vallejo 

and Broadway 
Bonneron {John A.) k Co. importers of French 

brandies, wines, kc. 105 Sacramento, dwl S 

s Sutter bet Powell and Stockton 
Bonnet Sosthene, artist, dwl Adelle's alley 
Bonny George, machinist, dwl Prospect Place bet 

Pine and California 
Boobar Elijah, pile-driver, dwl Harrison bet First 

and Fremont 
BOOKER WM. L., H. B. M. Consul, office 126 

California, dwl Union Club, NW cor Califor- 
nia and Montgomery 
Boomsman Albert, bar-keeper, East bet Jackson 

and Washington 
Boone Chas. (col'd) white-washer, dwl cor Mis- 
sion and Third 



BOOTH (Adam) & CO. (Alexander Nicholion), 

produce commission merchants, 4 Merchant 
Booth K. importer of hats & caps, CO Sacramento 
Bootli JOdwin, cooper, Sugar Refinery cor Uar- 

rison and Folsom 
BOOTU (Geori/e) & NELSON (0.) boarding, 22 

Booth J. li. jr. comedian, dwl Calhoun bet Union 

and Green 
Booth William, hatter, Clementina nr Second 
Booth & Co. (of Sacramento,) oftice H Front 
Bootz A. billiard and liquor saloon, 98 Bush 
Borde August, saloon, SE cor Union and Powell 
Borden James, cook, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Bordin Eli, dry goods, dwl 93 Dupont 
Borel Alfred, merchant 172 Montgomery 
Borer Gustave, collector, dwl N s Pac nr Hyde 
Borland John, butcher, bds with Mrs M. Hurley 
Bom Charles, barber, American Exchange, bds 

Born (Peler) & Gordon (Sheldon S.) prop'r PhU- 

adelphia coffee saloon, 80 Montgomery 
Bornais Fran9oi3, gardener, dwl Presidio road W 

of School House 
Bernard Miss Abbie S. principal in't dep't Union 

St School, dwl cor Third and Brannan 
Borneman Wm. G. book-keeper at A. S. Rosen- 

baum & Co. dwl SE cor Btty and Yallejo 
Borneman F. G. florist, Pulsora cor Creek Lane 
Bornman Wm. porter at E. E. Brewster & Co. 

cor Front and Clay 
Bornstein Charles, 37 Montgomery 
Bornstein (Julius) & Theller (Arnoli^, importers 

and wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, 

139 Sansome, dwl N s Green bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Boruck Marcus D. editor Fireman's Journal, bds 

286 AVashington 
Boachulte Theodore, broker, Sansome nr Pacific, 

dwl Mary bet Mission and Howard 
Boscowitz Leopold, ( William Langenuan, & Co.) 

81 Front 
Bose John, dwl N s Folsom op sugar refinery 
Bose Richard, at sugar refinery Harris cor Fol- 
som, dwl SW cor Howard and Third 
Bosley Douglas W. 113 Mont'y, dwl Mission nr 

Bosqui Andrew, laborer, Mountain Lake House 
Bosqui Edward, clerk with J. C. Palmer, dwl 

Union cor Taylor 
Bosselmann William, prop'r Globe Hotel, 243 

and 245 Dupont 
Bossi Charles, marble-cutter, 166 Sansome, dwl 

Pac bet Dupont and Kearny 
Bossuge (John) &, Praget (Joseph), copper-smiths, 

189 Jackson 
BOSTON JOSEPH, leather dealer, 86 Washing- 
ton, Merchant's Exchange, dwl NW corner 

Dupont and Greenwich 
Boston Martin, laborer. Fort Point 
Boston Mary Mrs. Jane nr Jessie 
Bostwick Isaac D. (Eaton k 5.)SE cor Davis and 

Washington, dwl Mont'y bet Tallejo and 

BOSWORTH (John B) HASTEN (Nathan K.) 

& CO. (George B. Garamatis), importers and 

■wholesale dealers in groceries, 69 Front, dwl 

Taylor bet Filbert and Greenwich 

BoBWorth Charles, bds What Cheer House 

Bosworth G. F. laborer. Fort Point 

Bosworth M. L. laborer. Port Point 

Bosworth Thomas M. commercial reporter of 
Evening Bulletin and editor of Mercantile 
Gazette, dwl cor Washington and Powell 

Bosworth William, barkeeper, dwl Prospect PI 
bet Clay and Sacramento 

Bothe Charles, 153 California 

Bothe Sophia Mrs. midwife, 153 California 

Bothwell William, dwl NW cor Union and 

Botts William S. clerk, Custom House 

Bouard Joseph A. dwl NE cor Union and Jones 

Boubin James, carpenter, dwl cor Hyde and Fil- 

Bouch Herman, milk ranch, NW end Miss. Val- 
ley, rear of church 

Bouchard Pierre H. dwl Hunt nr Third 

Boucher Charles, laborer, dwl Tehama nr First 

BOUCHER (Eugene) & GARWIG (Constant) tai- 
lors, 123 Sac, dwl cor Bush and Kearny 

Bouclner Frederic, dwl Com'l between Davis and 

Boucker John W. bds N s Union bet Jones and 

Bouden Pierre Madame, dwl cor Sac and Brook- 
lyn Place 

Boudin Jules, at 113 Montgomery 

Boudin (Lotiis J.) & Glizes, (£.) prop'rs San Fran- 
cisco bakery, N s Green, rear, E Dupont 

Bouffe Ernest, waiter, 169 Commercial 

Bouisson John, trader, dwl Mason rear, bet Geary 
and O'Farrell 

Bouisson Joseph, laundry, 303 Dupont 

Boulen Peter, carpenter, dwl rear Green near 

Boulon Etienne, dwl S s Union bet Stockton and 

Boulton Charles S. drayman. 59 Front 

Boulux Paul, billiard table manf dwl Green near 

Bouquet Frederick, wagon-maker, N s Pine near 
Sansome, dwl Post bet Kearny and Dupont 

Bourdigreon Delinotte, gardener, dwl S of Lagoon 

Bourdin Chas. retail dry goods, 113 Montgomery 

Bourdin (John) & Co. (Martin Cometo), wheel- 
wrights, Bdw'y nr Stock, dwl 298 Stockton 

Bourgade Peter, carpenter, Mason bet Post and 

Bourn William B. shipping merchant, SE corner 
Sac and Front, dwl Fremont nr Folsom 

Bourne Elisha W. book-keeper, dwl Exp. Bdg 

BOURNE GEO. M. water-cure physician and 
electro-chemical baths, SE cor Sansome and 

Bourne John B. salesman with Castle Brothers, 
SE cor Front and Clay 

Bourquin, Charles, dentist, SW cor Dupont and 

Bourquin Victor, dentist, 263 Dupont 

Bouse Thos. laborer, Beale, bet Market & Mission 

Boutinon S. Stockton Exchange, NWeor Pacific 
and Stockton 

Bouton Louis H. agent for patent stamps, SW cor 
Clay and Sansome 

Bouwiuan Bernardus, boots and shoes, cor Sutter 
and Trinity 



Price Reduced to only ^X.SO, and LESS where a number of Tickets are purchased. 

Dr. Bourne's Electro -Chemical Baths. 


Mercury in all its forms, and all other Mineral Poisons, 

Administered bv DniK Doctors bv acrident. or hy pursuine nnfavorable calliogs; tbe almost nniversal CAUSES of 
THE STOMACH, LUNGS, etc., etc., and consequently effect 

in all those diseases. The.v purify the blooJ, equalize the Dervnus fluid, strengthen the entire nervous system, pro- 
duce delightful gensatioDS of quiet and repose, increase the natural warmth, and are in fact 

Tiie most ittxturioms Bath 'wMQh. lias eTer heea D©?ised I 

Thpy may be tnken by persons in perfect health; and all persons of sedentary habits, both male and female, should 
take from two to throe a month, and wonid do so were thoir merits once tested, 

Jt^ They are so invijjnrating, that cold or stormy weather Bhould not prevent taking them; in fiict, petBons in 
delicate health should take them at such times, as tJit^y impart warmth and strength to the system. 

They are adiuiiiistend undi-r the constant personal supervision of Dr. BOUR>'E, ami not entrusted to boys or in- 
experienced persons. They require great care and attention, and it is given. _ 

i^=- LADIKS are informed that these Baths clear and improve the complexion of the skin, rendering it also setter 

There is NO SHOCK whatever, nor any painful sensations \ 

The most delicate or mhurt, young or old. male or female, raav take Ihem in perfect safety, as Dr. Boi'RNR refrnlates them 
to suit e«rh ca^e. They are admiuialered ONLY by Dr. BOURNE, who has now employed them codswdHj for more thau two 
years, with pre-fintnent success. 

South-east corner of Sansomc and Commercial Sts., opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, San Francisco. 

aa* The L-fTecis of Poison Oak REMOVED in a few hours to a Hav or two at most, in ALMOST ALL CASES. 

a^ FEVKK AND ATtCE U POSITIVELY CURED Iwtter and qnicker than hy any other known mt-ans. 

3^ The most inveterate cases of DYSPEPSIA PERMANENTLY CURED, (not "patched up") iu from six to ten weeks. 

A^Intt confoandin? the KUrtroChemieal Baf/ia with the " flM*fi(in Sieam Hath*." Dr. BOURNE does JVOr admhilBtet 
'• Russian Steam Baths," and does not wish to Ixar xhe odinm of the charpc. In the Electro-Chemical Baths (A/> steam U NOT 
inhaled ii\to the Inm/ti. logether wiih the tffiuria from the heated and swclterinfr Bather, and perhaps (dis^nstinp ihnnsrht) the 
foul odors etc emitted byhalfadoien or a dozen oihers encaeed at the jisme time I NO 1 in the ELECTHOCHEMICAL 
BATHS there is "nothing of that Kort "— the Bather nrithrr frrinq. hrrathiwi uor fmeUit.g thv rapor. and each one has bin sep- 
arate and distinct apartment and apparatus. a&^ The KUctro-Chemical Batbs are NOT administered to persons suffer ing with 
Infectiotifl or loathsome diseases. 9^ COSSULTATIONS FREE! 






iSS^ m 



ff §©fflllY ?Mlf if ©11 

No. 185 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. 


Hission St. Cracker Bakery, 


Sli^mS. lEff fill iill ili&i 

]^o. 139 Mission Street, near First, 


For Sacks, &c. Tailoring 
and Family Use. 

Agcucy Established February 15, 1S52. 


SOLE AGENT for the Sale of 



In California, Oregon, Mexico, Soiilli America and the Islands. 

S. 0. B. keeps constantly ou hand, both Circular, Xeedle and Shuttle Machines 
of the above Patent, and challenges any person to produce a Machine that will do 
one-half the amount of work of the above, or is so simple and so little liable to get 
out of order. There are fourteen different sizes and patterns, and from this assort- 
ment all can select a Machine just calculated for their particular business. All Ma- 
chines warranted. 8®* Thread, Needles and duplicate parts constantly on hand, 
and for sale low, as above. 



Bovee {Ifekn A.) 4 Kirby {Mrs. S. M.) miUinery, 

etc. 346 Stockton 
Boveo Jaiueg S. policeman, dwl Lafayette Place 
Bovee William 11. Jt Co. (Ira Harden), Pioneer 

Coffee k Spice Mills, 123 Front, dwl Oakland 
Bovrat Lueien, ship and locksmith, Wallace Place 

nr Kearney 
Bow Ann Mrs. boarding-house, 124 Dupont 
Bowden Benj. Capt. dwl Fourth bet Polsom and 

Bowden Chas. clerk, North Point Warehouse, dwl 

Pine nr Dupont 
Bowden Joseph, painter, dwl Filbert nr Hyde 
Bowden Wm. painter, dwl Filbert ur Hyde 
Bowell Jeremiah, contractor, dwl S s Union bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Bowen ?'. C. coining-room, TJ. S. B. Mint, dwl 

Sutter nr Jones 
Bowen Gardner C. druggist, 200 Clay 
Boweu Wm. (col'd) barber, dwl 132 Broadway 
Bower Jacob, miner, dwl rear Green nr Stockton 
Bower Sophia Miss, dress-maker, 121 Pino 
Bowers H. M. private school, S s Stevenson bet 

Third and Fourth 
Bowei-s John B. (Davis * B.) 149 & 151'n 
Bowers John T. police, office of Sup't of Streets, 

dwl City Hall 
Bowers L. J. Mrs. teacher of piano forte and 

singing, S s Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 
Bowie Augustus J. physician, 174 Clay, dwl cor 

Stockton and Sutter 
Bowie David, cigars, NE cor Kearny and Sao 
Bowie Hamilton Mrs. dwl S s John bet Powell 

and Mason 
Bowie ilichael, porter at Bragg, Rollinson A Co's 
Bowland J. B. at Sullivan & Cashman's, bds 194 

Bowler Christian, express wagon, dwl N side 

Stevenson nr Ecker 
Bowler Mary Mrs. Jessie nr Second 
Bowler Thomas, coal-burner. Sugar Refinery, cor 

Price and Harrison 
Bowlin Wm. ship-carpenter, dwl Townsend near 

Bowlling Geo. K. musician, 68 and 70 Com'l 
Bowman C. C. attorney, 19 Heutsch's Edg 
Bowman H. H. book-keeper at J. H. Coghill & 

Co's, bds 107 Broadway 
Bowman James, real estate agent, dwl 80 Bush 
Bowman J. K. boarding-house, Folsom, third 

house SW of Third 
BOWMAN S. M. attorney, NE cor Mont'y and 

Jackson, dwl Harrison bet First k Fremont 
Bowman {Savi'l P.) & Gardner (John), omnibus 

lines, office Kearny nr Clay, (stables Third 

bet Howard and Folsom), dwl Third betw'n 

Fulsom and Harrison 
Bowman Wm. G. drayman, 2 Belden Blk 
Bowman W. baker with Pierce & Co 
Bowne Geo. ship owner, dwl Wing and Wing 

Saloon, cor Market and East 
Boyce John, moulder at Donahue's Iron Works, 

bds New Orleans House 
Boyce J. A. bds 180 Jackson 
BOYCE THOMAS, advertising agent, NE cor 

Montgomery and Washington, up stairs 
Boyd Alexander, commissioner of deeds, SW cor 

Clay and Mont'y, bds 191 Pine 

Boyd James T. (Jones, L<ike & £.) dwl NE cor 

Jackson and Montgomery 
Boyd John, carpenter, bds Albion House 
Boyd Joseph, baker, 137 Mission 
Boyd 0. C. hat manufact'r, IfjO >t 152 Commercial 
Boyd Oscar H. hatter, dwl 207 Stockton 
BOYD T. C. wood engraver, NE cor Montgomery 

and Clay, dwl Tehama nr Second 
Boyd Thomas, architect, SW cor Clay and Mont- 
gomery, up stairs 
Boyd William, captain brig Merchantman, No. 1 

Stewart St. Wharf 
Boyd William R. brick-layer, Fort Point 
Boyer William, laborer, Russ bet Simmons and 

Boyes Charles, tailor, 42 Montgomery 
Boyes J. M. bds What Cheer House 
Boyle Andrew A. (Hobart &, .B. ) dwl Fremont 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Boyle Edward, laborer, Hunt near Natoma 
Boyle James, dwl Bryant cor Third 
Boyle John C. gas-fitter, 171 Montgomery, bds 

171 Front 
Boyle John H. with John Logue, dwl Ecker nr 

Boyle Richard, baker, NE cor Stockton & Yallejo 
Boyle Wm. blacksmith, dwl Florence bet Broad- 
way and Vallejo 
Boylen James, bds 89 Bush 
Boyne Joseph, washing, dwl Codman Place near 

Boynton William, Contra Costa Mkt, 104 Davis 
Boysen Charles (Boysen Bros.) 159 Kearny 
Boysen Brothers, (Julius & Charles), hatters, 159 

Bracker Charles A. hand-cartman, dwl NE cor 

Jackson and Davis 
Brackett J. George, clerk at 41 California, dwl 

Clay cor Front 
Brackett John B. carpenter, dwl S s Pacific near 

Lark in 
Brackett Nathaniel, millwright, dwl Howard nr 

Second [Second 

Brackett William, butcher, dwl cor Mission and 
Brackett ( William L.) k Key es ( Orson U. ). gtew- 

art St. Market, Stewart near Mission 
Bradbury James W. liquors, 131 Kearny 
Bradbury John 6. clerk, 125 Washington 
Bradbury 0. N. drayman at 0. F. Giffen & Bro's, 

dwl Minna near Third 
Brader Peter, (Turner & Co.) 128 Broadway 
Bradford George R. lumber dealer, dwl Tehama 

near Second 
Bradford Thomas G. salesman with H. Johnson 

& Co. dwl NE cor Jones and Sacramento 
Bradford Woodbury, printer Prices Current, dwl 

S s Union near Mason 
Bradhofl' Henry, ( Whermann &, Co.) cor Third & 

Mission ^ v 

Bradley A. S. (Hurray & Co.) milk rancfixHo^- 

er's addition, S of Mission Church • Vj/.^ 1" 
Bradley George L. (Bryant & Co. SacraniSt^,) 

office 64 California, bds Third nr Bryant " 
Bradley Henry W. importer of daguerrc-ian and 

photographic artists' materials, 177 Clay 
Bradley John N. 112 & 114 Front, dwl Folsom 

near Third 
Bradley John N. clothing, Folsom near Third 



Bradslmw Charles, bds 2G First 

BRADSIIAW {Samuel C.) & CO. {Turrell T. 

Bnulshaw,) wholesale and rfilail grocers, NE 

cor Californin & Sans'e, dwl Post nr Kearny 

Bradshaw Turell T. {Bradahaw &■ Ck>.) dwl Post 

nr Kearny 
Bradstone Jacob, tinner, at S. P. Gas "Works, 

First cor Natoma 
Bradt Oarreon G. captain, dwl Miles nr Sac 
Brady Benjamin, jobber, 4G Sacramento nr Front 
Brady Bernard, waiter, Union Club 
Brady Jacol), [irinter, bds SE cor Mont & Bdwy 
Brady James, laborer, dwl Brooks nr Geary 
Brady James G. printer, 175 Mont, dwl 43 Minna 
Brady John, laborer, dwl Jessie cor Annie 
Brady John, boiler-maker, dwl Jessie nr Anthony 
Brady John J. dwl Folsom nr Third 
Brady Joseph, laborer, N s Stevenson nr Eoker 
Brady Michael, laborer, N s Stevenson nr Ecker 
Brady Michael, waiter, American Exch. Hotel 
Brady Patrick, cook, dwl rear Bardie's Place 
Brady Peter, G7 Dupont 
Brady Philip, moulder, dwl N 8 Pine bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Brady Philip L. moulder, 67 Dupont 
Brady Tliomas, dry goods, 140 Sacramento, dw! 

cor Jones and Chestnut 
Brady Thomas A. law reporter Herald 
Bragdou Sam\iel H. tinsmith, with HJbbard & 

Co. dwl Union cor Union Place 
Bragg ( Geo. F.) RoUinson {Joseph R.) & Co. com- 
mission merchants, 39 California, dwl Green 
bet Stockton and Powell 
Bragg Robert, ship-joiner, cor Beale and Main, 

dwl Rincon Point bet Folsom & Harrison 
Braham Emanuel, {J. Alexander & Oo.) 88 ,Sd 90 
Commercial, bds Sacramento bet San & Btty 
Braly M. A. accountant, 69 Front 
Brambell Aaron, 'longshoreman, dwl Union bet 

Battery aad Sansome 
Bramson Henrj' A. machinist, bds Phila House 
Branch ( 0. B.) & Gallagher (Btrnar^, carriage 

makers, 16 Bush 
Branch William, baker, at American Bakery, dwl 

Sonoma Place 
Branchdeide William, {Slraib &, Co.) dwl Pacific 

nr Stockton 
Brand Auatede, with Saulnier & Co. dwl S s 

Merchant nr Kearny 
Brands Adolph F. book-keeper, at Macondray & 

Co's dwl 165 Clay 
Brandenstein Joseph, {A. S. Rosenbaum & Co.) 

dwl 36 Natoma 
Brander T. S. dwl W s Trinity nr Bush 
Brandon {J. R.) & Co. (/. S. Abecasis,) commis- 
sion merchants, NW cor California and Bat- 
tery, dwl Folsom bet Second and Third 
Brandt Bernheira L. house and sign painter, SE 
cor Battery & Sacramento, dwl 209 Stockton 
Brandt Louis, (Pottle & B.) dwl Cal nr Mont 
Brandt James, moulder, Sutter Iron Works, cor 

Beale and Folsom 
Brankin Michael D. clerk U. S. Bonded Ware- 
house, bds N 8 Green bet Dupont & Stock 
Brannan James, tailor, at B. Curran's, Tehama H 
Brannan John, office of Samuel Brannan, dwl 

Second nr Natoma 
Brannan Martin, laborer, cor Green and Battery 

Brannan Miss, dress-maker, 272 Stockton 
Brannan Patrick, blacksmith, Broadway nr Stock 
BRANNAN SAMUEL, banker and dealer in real 
estate, NE cor California and Montgomery 
Brant John, bricklayer, bds What Cheer House 
Brasca Antonio, Hotel des 22 Cantons, 168 Cal 
Brash John, baker, dwl 43 Montgomery 
Brash Sarah Mrs. dry goods, 43 Montgomery 
Braticevich Louis, fruit dealer, 77 Montgomery 
BRAUER & CO. (Adoljih Wagner,) publishers 
of the San Francisco Journal, (German) 
office N 8 Merchant bet Montg'y & Sansome 
Braverman Isadore, segar nianf, 124 Jackson 
BRAVERMAN (Louis) Si LEVY (John) watch- 
makers and jewellers, 167 Washington 
Brawly Daniel, engineer stm Senator, bds SW 

cor Jackson and Kearny 
Bray Alexander, miner, bds 97 Dupont 
Bray Benjamin, carriage-maker, dwl Sacramento 

bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Bray & Brother (John G. and William A.), com 

merchants, 103 Front, dwl Santa Clara 
Bray William A. (Bray &, Brother), dwl Laurel 

PI bet Folsom and Harrison 
Bray nard Charles P. attorney at la w, Pac nr Kear- 
ny dwl W s Stockton nr Green 
Brayton Charles E. 67 Clay, dwl 118 Sac 
Breant Leon, tailor, 155 Kearny 
Breasher Alfred A. waiter. Railroad House 
Brecht A. wood and coal dealer, cor Stock and 

Brecht Albert, brewer, at Bavaria Brewery, Val- 

lejo nr Dupont 
Brecht F. cor Stockton and Geary 
Breck Charles E. book-keeper, at Soule & Page, 

dwl 20 Natoma 
Breda Celeste Mdm, prop Hotel de Belgique, 55 

Bdwy bet Kearny and Dupont 
Bree Margaret Mrs. dress-maker, Jessie nr Ecker 
Breed Daniel N. com merch and jobber, 94 Clay 

dwl NE cor Sacramento and Stockton 
Breed Thomas, machinist, dwl 185 Mission 
Breeden John H. clerk, 205 Clay 
Breen Thomas, machinist, 24 Btty, dwl Mission 

nr Second 
Breeze Thomas (Eugene Kelly & Co.), cor Sac and 

Sansome, dwl Bush bet Mason and Taj'lor 
Breidenstein Leonhardt, jewelry box maker, 77 


Breiner Jacob, at Cincinnatti Brewery, Third nr 

Howard [Dupont 

Breitling Phillipine Mrs. nurse, dwl S s nr 

Brekle Gotlieb, (Ballhaus & Co.), N s Union bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Bremen John, machinist, at Donahue's Iron Wks 

cor First and Mission 
Bremer Herman, (B & Seig/ried), carpenter, dwl 

S s Hartman alley. North Beach 
Brenal Peter, dwl 218 California 
Brenan (John T.) & Batchelder (Joseph if.) lum- 
ber dealers. Pier 3 Stewart nr Market, dwl 
Clementina bet First and Second 
BBENHAM CHARLES J. notary public, NW 
cor Mont'y and Merchant, dwl Chesnut bet 
Stockton and Powell 
Brenhan Michael, porter at Ra.i8ette House 
Brennan Edward, miner, bds with R. Cunning- 



Brennan James, tailor, bda at Barkloy House 
Brennan (James) i Co. produce com merchants 

N 3 Clay nr Drumm 
Brenner Brothers (^Anthony &, George), tailors, 

GG Montgomery 
Brenner George (Brenner Brothers), 66 Mont'y 
Brenschide William, boot and shoe dealer, dvvl 

N 8 Pac bet Stock and Powell 
Brenzel Nicholas, cabinet-maker, with Jonas G. 

Clark k Co 
BRESLAUR HENRY & CO. (Abraham Morris) 

importer and wholesale dealer in fancy dry 

goods, 93 Sansome 
Bresson Joseph, Tivoli House, Centre nr Valen'a 
Brestow John T. clerk with Whitcomb, Pringle 

and Folton, dwl 15 O'Meara's building 
Breton Charles, laborer, dwl Brannan Place nr 

Bretonelle Gustavo, laundryman, Sutter bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Brett John R. dwl Folsom nr Second 
Brew Nathaniel (Littk &, B.), ship-yard foot of 

Second, dwl Clara bet Ritch and Fourth 
Brewer Jacob, carpenter, Market bet Third and 

Brewer John H. attorney at law, 37 Montgomery 

Block, dwl O'Farrell bet Mason and Powell 
Brewer Joseph, Phclan's Branch, 180 Jackson 
Brewer William J. livery stable. Pine nr Mont'y, 

dwl Leavenworth bet Bush and Sutter 
Brewster Benjamin, (Jenningi & £.) 72 Battery, 

dwl Brannan House 
BREWSTER R. E. & Co. (0. Dickinson, Jr. & 

James Harrold), wholesale dealers in grocer- 
ies, NW cor Clay and Front, dwl NW cor 

Harrison and Second 
Briant Edward, messenger. Custom House 
Briant Robert, clerk, dwl 218 California 
Briard Charles R. at Lone Mountian Cemetery, 

dwl 31 Natoma 
Briard John, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Brickell John, contractor, dwl 161 Montgomery 
Brickwedel Charles, brewer, German Brewery, 

81 Bush 
Brickwedel Henry, groceries, SE cor Waverley 

PI and Clay, dwl 268 Powell 
Brickwedel John, groceries and liquors, cor Mar- 
ket and First 
Brieger Adolphe, stationer, 131 Sansome, dwl S s 

Chesnut bet Stockton and Powell 
Brierly B. Rev. Pastor First Baptist Church, dwl 

SW cor Clay and Yerba Buena 
Brigee Frederick, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 
Briggs Benjamin F. keeper Rincon Point ware- 
house, cor Spear and Harrison 
Briggs Edgar, salesman at T. L. Horn & Co's, 

67 Front 
Briggs Geo. W. (Lee & B.) bds SE cor Clarke and 

Briggs John, drayman at 63 Battery 
Briggs John, (Uorser i, B.) Stewart bet Market 

and Mission 
Briggs M. C. Rev. presiding elder Meth. Church, 

dwl Taylor bet Riley and Clay 
Brigham C. 0. (Hall & Co.) dwl Belden nr Bush 
Brigham S. 0. sole agent for Grover k. Baker's 

patent sewing machines, office 62 Sansome 

Brigham Dexter Jr. bds 169 Mission 

Brigham William H. ( Crowell, Crane & B.) dwl 

cor Second and Clementina 
Bright Robert, dwl N s Pacitic near Powell 
Brignardello E. (BrignardeUo &.Bro.) 191 Pacific 
Brignardello & Bro. (Stefen & E.) hardware, 191 

VELLO (John), Italian vermicelli and mac- 
caroni manlacturers, 164 Sansome, dwl Pa- 
cific near Dupont 
Brileer D. bds What- Cheer House 
Brinckerhotr E. A. with Adrian & Story, dwl 

Sophia Terrace 
Brindle William, brick-layer, dwl Jessie nr Eckor 
Brinkhoft' Edward, clerk, dwl N s Cai nr Powell 
Brisao Feli.x, (James T. McDougall & Co.) dwl 

NE cor Washington and Jones 
Briscoe John, teamster, dwl Sansome bet Broad- 
way and Pacific 
Brisler Henry, dry goods, 93 Sansome, bds 14 San 
Brison William, boiler-maker, cor Bush & Market 
Bristol Andrew, porter with Isaac S. Josephi, 177 

Bristow John T. dwl NE cor Wash'n & Dupont 
Britnell John, laborer, Isthmus House 36 First 
Briitan J. W. importer and dealer in stoves, 58 
and 60 Sacramento, dwl Sansome Street H 
Brittin^iam Edward L. copyist, bds 299 Dupont 
Britton (Joseph), & Rey (J. J.) lithographers, 
NE cor Montgomery and Commercial, dwl 
Union bet Taylor and Mason 
Britton William F. bds SE cor Reed and Wash'n 
Broad Charles, butcher, cor Bush and Dupont, 

dwl N 8 Bush bet Larkin and Hyde 
Broad James, dwl S s Chesnut bet Mason and 

Brock Reuben, Broadway Water Works, 118 

Brockman Henry, with J. C. Bookman 
Broderick David C, U. S. Senator, bds 136 Mont 
Broderick John, Sugar Refinery, dwl S s Har- 
rison near Price 
Broderick John, dwl NE cor Mission and Fifth 
Broderick Walter, lab'r, bds at R. Cunningham's 
Broderick Thomas J. boots and shoes, 59 Mont 
Broderick WilUam, wood and coal, dwl N s Ste- 
venson near Ecker 
Brodie Samuel If. attorney at law, 98 Merchant, 

dwl S 8 Jackson nr PowoU 
Brodie William, moulder, at Union Iron Works, 

dwl Jane nr Market 
Brodt John Henry, exp. dep't Wells, Fargo & 

Co. dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
Brogan Michael, baker, Astor Bakery, cor Thu*d 

and Hunt 
Brokaw Isaac E. manf mustard, cor Pine & Front 
Bromley Washington L. merchant, dwl N s Pa- 
cific bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bromley William P. pilot steamer Antelope, dwl 

N s Riley near Jones 
Brommer Carson A. fruit and cigars, 31 Kearny 
Brommer Claus, grocery. Third cor Bryant 
Bromville A. laundry, cor Stockton and Post 
Bronn John, proptr North Bay Hotel, SE cor 

Filbert and Stockton 
Brook Charles Walter, clerk, dwl Stockton bet 
Pacific and Jackson 



Brook Goorj^e, carpenter, Sac nr Prospect Place 

Brooks A. bedstead turner, at Mowry & Go's, dwl 
S 8 Sutter near Market 

Brooks Aaron, machinist, dwl S a Bush bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 

Brooks Benjamin S. attorney at law, 163 Mont- 
gomery, dwl NW cor Stockton and Pine 

Brooks Charles, ship-carpenter, dwl Dupont near 

Brooks David, painter, Stevenson near Ecker 

BROOKS EDWIN L. B. attorney at law, 98 
Merchant, bds cor Mason ft Greenwich 

Brooks Eliphalet C. 37 and 39 Webb, bds Bush 
bet Montgomery and Kearny 

Brooks Frank W. (George J. Brooks & Co.) dwl 
E s Mason bet Bush and Sutter 

BROOKS GEORGE J. ft CO. (FrankW. Brooks,) 
importers and dealers in printing, writing ft 
wrapping papers and printing materials, 123 
Sansnme, dwl cor Stockton and Pacific 

Brooks H. B. book-keeper, with 0. J- Backus & 
Co. Front cor Washington 

Brooks (Henry S.) & Marvin (John B.) boarding, 
275 Pacific 

Brooks Ira, agent for Backus' line MarysTille 
Packets, Washington St. Wharf 

Brooks Isaac, liquor saloon, 151 California 

Brooks (James) Daggett (R. M.) & Foard (J. Mc- 
Bomuijh, ) editors and proprietors of Golden 
Era, office 151 Clay, dwl 241 Kearny 

Brooks James H. clerk, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 

Brooks James K. dwl Stevenson N s bet Third 
and Fourth 

Brooks James N. commission merchant. Granite 
Warehouse, 35 Sacramento, bds 128 Dupont 

Arooks John, (Gordon, B. & Root,) 160 Battery 
' Brooks John, laborer, bds Isthmus House 

Brooks John L. cutter at Walter ft Tompkins', 
bds cor Post and Wendall's Alley 

Brooks Joseph, at A. D. Baker's, dwl 9 Everett 
nr Fourth 

Brooks Nathaniel, liquors, N s Union bet Frank- 
lin and Gouch 

Brooks Wm. steward steamer Sonora, dwl SW a 
Third bet Howard and Folsom 

Brooks William, waterman, bds Barkley House 

Brooks Wm. H. J. searcher of records, 163 Mont 

Brooks William P. dwl Agnes Lane 

Brooks William S. Appraisers' Office, Custom 
House, dwl Taylor bet Clay and Riley 

Brophy John, laborer. Fort Point 

Brophy Michael, Appraisers' Office, Custom H. 
dwl Sherwood Place near Third 

Brosnan C. M. attorney at law, 140 Clay 

Brouden Wm. H. bds 20 Sansome 

Brouman W. G. (Fitzgerald & Co.) 204 Wash 

Broustera A. importer of wines, SE cor Battery 
and Washington 

Brower Angelo, baker, dwl rear Geary nr Kearny 

Brower Daniel R. State Bakery, 248 Dupont 

Brown Alexander, keeper light-house, Pt Bonita 

Brown Alfred, rear Jessie near Ecker 

Brown Alouzo P. importer of beads and sporting 
materials, etc. 112 Battery, bds Railroad H. 

Brown Archibald, stoves, etc. S s Third bet How- 
ard and Folsom 

Brown Benjamin, police, dwl Mission bet Brown 
and Ellis 

Brown Bradley, (if. S. & B. B.) »e St. 88 Clay 
Brown Brown, carpenter, dwl Ritch bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Brown B. Mrs. boarding. 62 Jackson 
Brown Charles, stoves and tin-ware, 20 Kearny 
Brown Charles, office 83 Clay 
Brown Charles, bar-room, N a Jackson nr East 
Brown Charles, dwl Dolores E Mission Church 
Brown Charles, carpenter, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Brown Charles E. cigar store, 136 Montgomery, 

dwl cor Stockton and Washington 
Brown Charles F. (Sitka Ice Co.) 170 Battery, 

dwl Clementina bet First and Second 
BROWN CHARLES F. fruits and pop-corn, 230 

Brown Charles M. bds 20 Sansome 
Brown Charles W. tailor, dwl NE cor Taylor and 

Brown Chester, stair-builder, Market St. Mills, 

bds NE cor Bush and Sansome 
Brown Daniel, ale and porter house, 83 Montg'y 
Brown (David), & Stuzlnski (Eugene), clotliing, 

79 Kearny [and Green 

Brown David B. miner, dwl Calhoun bet Union 
Brown Edward, cook, dwl N s Union nr Jones 
Brown Edward, laborer. Fort Point 
Brown Ellen Mrs. fruits, Kearny nr Pacific 
Brown Francis, 94 Montgomery 
Brown Prank S. (Ring ft B.) bds Oriental Hotel 
Brown Frederic, steward Engine No. 11, dwl 

Kearny bet Bush and Pine 
Brown George B. laborer, dwl NE cor Beal and 

Brown George F. bds 52 Jackson 
Brown George T. drayman, bds cor Clarke ft Front 
Brown George W. bds Broadway nr Van Ness av 
Brown Geo. W. E s Kearny bet Jackson ft Pac 
Brown Harvey S. (Stow & B.) dwl 317 Powell 
Brown Henry, dwl S s Bdwy bet Front ft Batty 
Brown Henry C. clerk Black Hawk Slables, Pine 

near Sansome 
Brown Henry F. driver, 161 Kearny 
Brown Henry H. (col'd) job wagon, 289 Pacific 
Brown H. G. dentist, dwl NE cor Green ft Stock 
Brown H. S. merchant, dwl Montgomery betw'n 

Vallejo and Green 
Brown (Jacob) & Goodman {Fredrick), clothing, 

69 Kearny 
Brown Jacob, malster, Stockton nr Francisco 
Brown Jacob A. drayman, 71 Front, dwl N side 

Riley nr Taylor 
BROWN (Jaines) & DENNIS {Geo. W.) (col'd), 

stable 138 and 140 Sansome, dwl Scotland nr 

Brown (James) & Son (James R) hay and grain, 

145 Sansome 
Brown James Capt. Brig Quoddy Belle, boards 

Beale nr Folsom 
Brown James K. com mcht, 69 Davis nr Clay 
Brown (John) ft Kimp ( George), proprietors City 

Bakery, Dupont bet Bush and Sutter 
Brown John, teamster, bds 2 Belden's Block 
Brown John, carpenter, bds 1 Auburn 
Brown John, laborer, dwl Baldwin's Court near 

First and Fremont 
Brown John, ship-carpenter, Howard nr First 
Brown John, porter at Battery Street Warehouse, 

dwl Stevenson nr First 















^^^ S # M Sb. 

w. '^S 



For Show Bills, Circulars, Cards, etc., of all sizes, in one block or more, for Print- 
ing Colors. Fancy and ornamental Lettering, for Printers and others. Fine Wood 
Cuts, comprising views of Stores and their interiors. Public Buildings, Hotels, Land- 
scapes, Factories, Figures, Society Seals, Stamps of every description. Portraits, 
Yiews of Steamboats, Heads of Papers, and every build of Shipping Craft, drawn 
and Engraved in the first style of the art. 

By forwarding a rough Sketch or a Daguerreotype of any object, is all that is requisite to Insure 
perfect satisfaction in all cases. 







&T®a MAT^ms&aago 


ME. & MRS. D. BUSH, 



A^ W| *f^ 


(Over B8u:rett & Sherwood's,) 




Brown John, drayman with Cissna, Wand &, Co. 
Brown John, (col'd) drayman, dwl W s Hart- 
man Place 
Brown John, boot and shoe-maker, dwl S aide 

Sutler bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Brown John, bar-room, dwl Broadway nr Davis 
Brown John H. Clothing Emporium, 170 Clay, 

dwl Oakland 
Brown J. P. waiter, Hotel International 
Brown Lawrenco W. dwl Ritch nr Harrison 
Brown Lewis A. miller, bds Howard nr Second 
Brown Maria L. Mrs. bds with Cyril V. Gray, SE 

cor Taylor and Eddy 
Brown Michael, laborer, dwl Varreno nr Union 
Brown Morris, clothing, East bet Washington 

and Jackson 
Brown Morris, laborer, bds Union House 
Brown Morris S. & B. dealers in wines & liquors, 

86 and 88 Clay 
Brown Orlando C. teamster, 1 Stewart, boards 

Albion House 
Brown P. miller, bds 28 First 
Brown Patrick, carpenter, dwl Bestole between 

Sansome and Montgomery 
Brown Patrick, seaman, dwl 217 Washington 
Brown Peter, dwl W 8 Yanson place 
Brown Richard {Henderson & B.) dwl 38 Mont'y 
Brown Ricliard, gardener, N a Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 
Brown Robert, waiter. Railroad House 
Brown Samuel, (col'd) whitewasher, boards 132 

Brown Seth, carpenter, 70 Davis 
Brown S. M. Mrs. saloon, 88 Montgomery 
Brown Stephen, cabinet-maker, bds 25 Bush 
Brown Sylvester B. drayman, 71 Front, dwl N s 

Riley nr Taylor 
Brown Thomas, salesman with Treadwell & Co. 

dwl SW cor Montgomery and California 
Brown Thomas W. groom. Black Hawk Stables, 

Pine nr Sansome 
Brown Wm. Capt^ dwl Main betw'n Folsom and 

Brown Wm. cigar manufacturer, 61 Washington 
Brown Wm. crockery, etc. S s Market nr Sansome 
Brown Wm. laborer. Custom House 
Brown Wm. {Pierre & B.) dwl 287 Pacific 
Brown Wm. porter, 44 Front 
Brown Win. ship-carpenter, dwl Sac nr Market 
Brown Wm. E. 4G Front, dwl SE corner Kearny 

and Washington 
Brown Wm. II. scavenger, 74 Battery and 124 

Montgomery, dwl Rassette Place No. 3 
Brown Wm. P. J. dwl E s Powell nr Vallejo 
Brown Wm. R. {Woodside & B.) dwl Mission 

bet Wood and Thorne 
Browne J. Ross, U. S. Agent, resides at Oakland 
Browne Thomas, watchman, Tehama House 
Browne Thomas C. bds with J. P. Hoge, W side 

Stockton nr Pacific 
Brownejohn Thomas T. clerk with Geo. W. Kin- 

ser, dwl 146 Sacramento 
Brownell L. F. painter, bds 20 Sansome 
Browning August, clerk, oor Powell & Greenwich 
Browning Jacob, drayman with Conroy & O'Con- 
nor, bds What Cheer House 
Browning Wm. groceries, SW cor Dupont and 


Browning ( Wm.) & Scheper {John H.) groceries 

and liquors, SE cor Pacific and Kearny 
Brownlie James, watchman, Dow'a Distillery, 

nr Brannan Street Brdgo 
Brubaker Henry M. dwl Third below AsphaUum 

Bruce Robert, carpenter. Lick's Alley nr First 
Bruce S. C. bds Union Club 
Bruco Timothy, boots and shoos, dwl S s Market 

nr Kearny 
Bruce William, dwl 125 Washington 
Bruco William, wood yard, E s First nr Market 
Bruder William, cigar manufacturer cor Pacific 

and Montgomery 
Bruoninghausen (Ruchlph C.) & Schmidt, {Henry 

W.) apothecaries, cor Kearny and Sac 
Bruggemann Henry, tailor, dwl N s Green near 

Stockton . 
Brummer Henry, groceries, Harrison cor Beale 
BRUNER LEWIS, watch-maker, 161 Ciay, dwl 

85 Post nr Dupont 
Brunges, Deidrich, drayman, Lick's Alley near 

Bruning Joseph, Columbia House, Stewart bet 

Market and Mission 
Brunkhurst John, What Cheer House 
Brunney Isaac B. Plaza Gymnasium, NE corner 

Clay and Kearny 
Brunnings John & Harmon, groceries, SE corner 

Mission and Third 
Bruno F. packer. Pacific Flour Mills 
Brunnow John J. clerk with A. Kohler, 276 

Bruns Christian, physician, druggist and prop'r 

Russian Bath.s, 278 Dupont 
Bruns Frederick, {Scanliand & B.) cor Bush and 

Bruns Henry, prop'r Golden Eagle Hotel, 69 

Bruns {Ilerman) & Green, ( WiUiarii) produce and 

commission, 17 Clay st wharf 
Bruns John, (C. Haikr & Co.) 81 Bush 
Bruns John, grocer, cor Mason and Market 
Brunt John, dwl N s Union nr Mason 
Brusic George, gardener. Silver bet Third and 

Bry llelene Mr.?. French bakery, S a Bdwy bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Bryan D. Mrs. dwl W s Third nr Folsom 
Bryan Edwin H. tinsmith, dwl 139 Union 
Bryan G. H. tin and stove store, 84 Jacksou, dwl 

rear of 139 Union 
Bryan John M. {May A B.) 14G Kearny nr Sao 
Bryan Mark H. carpenter, 220 Mission 
Bryan Marshall, clerk. Custom House 
Bryan Thomas, driver, ICl Kearny 
Bryan William jr. at Randall & Go's, dwl Bdwy 

nr Stockton 
Biyan William A. laborer. Fort Point 
Bryan William E. bar-keeper, Patten's Exchange 

Sansome nr Sacramento 
Bryant Alexander H. conveyancer, 127 Cal, dwl 

cor Front and Jackson 
Bryant C. G. homeopathic physician, office 82 

Kearny [Davia 

Bryant George {Bechman & Co.), bds Pacific nr 
Bryant Henry, bar-keeper at W. H. Blossom'a, 

89 Washington 



Bryant Henry, Bryant's House, Miss, plank road 

cor Johnston 
Bryant Jolin, blacksmith, Folsom bet Third and 

Bryant John, mason, bds 25 Bush 
Bryant Samuel {col'd), carpenter, dwl Larkin bet 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Bryant Thomas H. tinsmith, 43 Clay, bds 97 

Bryant W'm. mason, bds 25 Bush 
Bryant WilUam C. prop'r Bryant's Hotel, 91 Du- 
Bryant {WiWam F.) i, Co. mining and agricultu 

ral implemeuts, GS,Btty, dwl Troapeot Place 

bet Gal and Sao 
Bryant W. P. brick-layer. Fort Point 
Bryarly Wake, physician, 135 Montgomery 
Bryce Robert C. carpenter, bds S s St Mary's PI 

nr Dupont 
Brydges Marshal, importer of English ale, Davis 

nr Pacific 
Brynes Mary Mrs. dwl Bryant nr Third 
Brysou William, boiler-maker, at Cotley &, Ris- 

don's, dwl E 3 First bet Howard & Folsom 
Buchanan A. AV. mess'r southern coast. Wells 

Fargo & Go's Express 
Buchanan J. carpenter, dwl G Bay State Row 
Buchanan John, porter with Cissna, Wand & Co. 

dwl cor Louisa and Fourth 
Buchanan Philip (_cul'd), boot black, 78 Mont'y, 

bds Mason nr Broadway 
Buck A. J. at sugar refinery, cor Price &, Har'n 
Buck Lewis (Schwarze & Co.), SE cor Dupont 

and Geary 
BUCK ROLAND A CO. (John Henderson), wood 

and coal, Brenham PI and Oregon bet Btty 

and Front, bds Anthony nr Mission 
BUCKELEW ANSEL a watch-maker. 172 Clay 
Buckelew Benjamin R. office foot of Francisco, 

North Point 
Buckelew (J/. S.) & Co, grocers, 205 Clay 
Buckingham Aurelius A. pilot, dwl cor Gal and 

Buckingham Charles E. dwl Perry above Third 
Buckley Charles P. watch'u, What Cheer House 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, dwl Wendel Alley 
Buckley E. P. door-keeper, U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl Clay nr Dupont 
Buckley F. carpenter and builder, 284 Jackson 
Buckley Francis, dwl NW cor Greenw'h k Jones 
Buckley Francis, jr. contractor, 284 Jackson, dwl 

NW cor Greenwich and Jones 
Buckley James, (W. k J. B.) cor San & Halleck 
Buckley James, Constable Ninth District, office 

SE cor. First and Market, dwl St. Charles' 

Hotel, 23 First 
Buckley Jeremiah, drayman, dwl N s Yallejo nr 

Buckley John, bar-keeper, bds Pacific bet San- 
some and Montgomery 
BUCKLEY JO H N P. ( Oliver & S.) dwl N s Tal- 

lejo near Stockton 
Buckley Michael, boiler-maker, bds 60 Jessie 
Buckley Patrick, boarding-house. Pacific bet San- 
some and Montgomery 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, dwl W s Auburn 
Buckley Samuel, salesman with John T. Pidwell, 

bds Chelsea Place near Bush 

Buckley Thomas, laborer. Fort Point 
Buckley William 4 James, liquor saloon, cor San- 
some and Halleck 
Buckley William, jr. bds 18G California 
Bucklin Edwin P. bds What Cheer House 
Bucklin John W. butcher, Kearny cor Sacramento 
Buckman John A. purser steamer Uncle Sam, 

118 Washington 
Buckman Charles, salesman, 117 Montgomery 
Bucknan Ezra T. tinsmith, dwl Folsom nr Sec 
Bucknell George, clerk at W. H. Grattau's, bds 

E 8 Kearny bet Washington and Jackson 
Buddington Moses J. captain, dwl Prospect PI 

bet California and Pine 
Buel Allen H. book-keeper with G. 0. Whitney 

& Co. dwl Second near Natoma 
Buel William P. physician, bds NE cor Chesnut 

and Stockton 
BuEfett J. S. painter, dwl S s Sutter bet Powell 

and Mason 
Buft'um J. C. dwl N 8 Bryant bet Fiflh Jb Simmon- 
Buhler A. L. teacher of French, 138 Sacramenti 
Buhler Asbury, tailor, (Morris &, B.) dwl W s 

Dupont near Filbert 
Buhler J. packer. Pacific Flour Mills 
Buhrmeister Henry, ( Vonglahn & B.) Sutter cor 

Rassette Place 
Buhrmeister John, groceries, NW cor Foi & First 
Bujac Daniel, stevedore, dwl 88 Sutter 
Buletti ( Costa), & Louderback (Davis), dealers in 

vegetables, 5 & 6 Washington Market 
Bulger John, boiler-maker. Sutter Iron Works 
Bulger Martin, engineer, bds cor Sansome & Bdwy 
Bulger R. compositor Evening Bulletin 
Bulinge (Jean M.) &, Mongrolle (Julien) tailors. 

198 Kearny 
Bull, Baker & Co. (of Shasta,) office NW cor 

Front and Clay, up stairs 
Bull Thomas, (Banks k B.) bds NE cor Stockto:. 

and Chesnut 
Bullard Dexter B. drayman, bds 101 Dupont 
Bullee Christ, (Sliaijt^ &. Co.) dwl Dupont be r 

Clay and Washington [and Beal 

Bullen Samuel S. mariner, dwl SE cor Missioii 
Bullock F. E. clerk with Mansfield & Wood 
Bullock John H. jeweler, C6 Merchant, bds Co- 
lumbia Hotel 
Bultman (Henry). Marquard (August), & Mar 

wede (Cfiarks), importers and dealers in 

hardware, 127 Clay 
Bumm Geo. S. brick-maker, dwl Morris nr Pine 
Bundy John, Metropolitan Baths, dwl Milton PI 
Buuemann Charles, clerk W s Davis nr cor Jack 
Bunker Albert C. butcher, NW cor Bush & Pow 
Bunker F. R. dwl Third bet Brannan & Town.send 
Bunker George F. Ciiptain. dwl cor Tay and Clay 
Bunker Henry, laborer at Turner Brothers 
Bunker H. S. dwl N s Ellis bet Powell & Mason .i 
Bunker Paul, at Eagle Warehouse, dwl S s Union 

near Mason 
Bunker Robert F. drayman with C. Hudson & 

Co. dwl N s California near Dupont 
Bunnell D. D. tinsmitli, IGO Battery 
Bunnell Edwin F. clerk Custom House, dwl Sac- 
ramento bet Van Ness Avenue & Franklin ' 
Bunner Ann Mrs. widow, furnished rooms, 45 

Bunting William, carpenter, dwl 249 Clay 



Burbank Caleb, attorney at law, SW cor Mont- 
gomery & Clay, dwi SW cor Clay & Joiiea 
Burbank David, dtntist, 2 A; 3 Express Bdg 
Burch Wm. S. builder, dwl Post nr Kearny 
Burckos Lewis M. carpenter, dwl N s Geary nr 

Burckhardt Frank, waiter, 168 Clay 
BURDELL GALEN, dentist, 1G5 Clay, dwl NE 

cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Burdett Peter, butclier, dwl W s Mason nr Vail 
Burdctt Ruben, at Moore & Folger's, dwl Vasser 

Place S of Harrison 
Burdett William, bds St. Francis Hotel 
Burdick Edward F. clerk with Newhall 4; Greg- 
ory, dwl Folsom opposite Essex 
Buret Loviis, clerk, SW cor Clay and Dupont 
Burge Francis, laborer, dwl Perry above Third 
Burges Robert, seaman, dwl Main bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Burgess G. H. engraver on wood, dwl 121 Pine 
Burk James, bds with Mrs. M. E. Tucker 
Burk John, blacksmith, dwl Jane nr Mission 
Burk L. dwl NW cor Dupont and Broadway 
Burk Wm. F. clerk with Holcombo & Dole, bds 

Niantio Hotel 
Burke Albert, bds El Dorado Bdg 
Burke Alfred J. mail clerk, Herald 0£Ece, dwl 

Jones nr Greenwich 
Burke Barbara Mrs. (widow), dwl Jones betw'n 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Burke James, dwl Stevenson nr Second 
Burko Joseph, wateliman, Vulcan Iron Works 
Burke John, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Burke {Martin J., M. D.) & Kellogg {AVicrt), 
stereotype and electrotype founders and 
stencil cutters, also dealers in drugs, 159 
Jackson, dwl 280 Clay. 
Burke Mathew, stevedore, dwl Sacramento near 


Burke Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Burke Peter, boiler-maker, cor Bush and Market 
Burke Thomas, carpenter, dwl S s Vallejo near 


Burke Wni. laborer, bds Isthmus House 
Burko Wm. A. repairer of pianos at Atwill & 

Go's, dwl NW cor Priest and Clay 
Burkenheuser Mrs. nurse, Bryant Place 
Burkhart ( C. Haist & Co.) dwl Berry nr Mary lane 
Burkhead William N. foreman Chronicle, dwl 

142 Bush 
Burlien E. N. salesman with Geo. 0. Whitney 

St, Co. dwl E 8 Stockton nr Jackson 
Burling Wm. merchant, N s Merchant nr Battery, 

dwl W s Stockton nr Lombard 
Burmiester Henry, grocer, NW cor Montgomery 

and Bush 

Burnap John, grocer, Jackson, cor Wasli'n Place 
Burnett A bram, brick-layer, dwl cor Union and 

BURNHAM GILBERT M. lumber-dealer, Stew- 
art near Market, dwl cor Folsom and Beale 
Burnham James W. clerk with Wm. M. Hixon, 

dwl W s Third nr Mission 
BURNHAM S. P. Justice of the Peace, Tenth 
District, Third nr Market 
rnhani Timothy, accountant, Jesssie, cor Annie 
urns A. M. wharfinger, Broadway Wharf, bds 
Tehama House 


Burns Charles, {Berwick & S.) 32 Clay 

Burns Dennis, waiter, dwl W s Montgomery bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Burns Ellon, chambermaid, Niantic Hotel 
Burns Felix, carpenter, dwl Howard nr Third 
Burns Hugh, laborer, dwl Geary nr Larkin 
Burns Lsidore, shipsmith. Market bet Beale and 

Stewart, dwl Taylor nr Clay 
Bums James, proptr Union House, 12 & 14 First 
Burns James, stone-cutter, dwl Taylor bet Post 

and Geary 
Bums John, at Hall's Ranch, Horner's Addition, 

S of Mission Church 
Burns John Jr. book-keeper with Abernethy, 

Clark & Co. dwl Powell bet Cal and Sac 
Bums Margaret Mrs. (widow), dwl Price 
Burns Michael, cooper, dwl Jackson bet Davis 

and Drumm 
Burns Michael, laborer, dwl Dupont bet Geary 

and Market 
Burns Patrick, lilacksmith at P. Whitbeck's, dwl 

Minna nr Third 
Burns Patrick, laborer, Presidio Road, W of Val- 
ley House 
Burns Patrick, at Oriental Hotel, dwl NW side 

Minna nr Fourth 
Burns Thomas, drayman, dwl Cottage 
Burns Thomas, waiter. Oriental Hotel 
Burns Thos. dwl Cliambers bet Battery & Front 
Burns Walter, watchman, U. S. Branch Mint 
Burns Wni. (col'd) laborer, dwl cor Powell & Clay 
Burns AVilson C. steward, Hotel International 
Buron Emanuel, starch nianuf, cor Jones & Ellis 
Buron Louis, starch manuf cor Jones and Ellis 
BURR E. W. President of the Board of Super- 
visors, office City Hall, dwl Union near 

Burr Henry T. {PUUhury k Co.) bds Mont'y bet 

Pine and Bush 
Burr Levi, liquor saloon. Bay bet Kearny and 

Burrill H. Mrs. comedian, dwl S s Third betw'n 

Everett and Howard 
Burrill H. dwl S s Tliird bet Everett & Howard 
Burroughs Charles, speculator, dwl 280 Powell 
Burrow Jolm, groom, 182 Commercial, bds What 

Cheer House 
Burrows Edward W. International Saloon, Hotel 

lutern.itional, dwl SW Stockton nr Union 
Burrows Elisha, clerk with Crowell, Crane & 

Brigham, dwl 8 Stono 
Burrows 0. Hofl'man, {Silns E. Burrows & Sons), 

168 Sansome, bds Hotel International 
BURROWS SILAS E. & SONS, {Silas E. Bur- 
rows Jr. & U. Hoffman Burrows), importers 

of China goods, 108 Sansome 
Burrows Silas E. Jr. {Silas E. Burrows & Sojis), 

residence Hong Kong 
Bnrscough Henry, South Park House, Third bet 

Bryant and Brannan 
Burt Silas S. butcher, 2 New World Market, dwl 

Natoma nr Second 
Burton Charles H. {Burton & JfcCarfy), Sacra- 
mento, office NW cor Front and Clay, dwl 

318 Washington 
Busch P. H. toll-keeper, Folsom, cor Fifth 
Bush Charles A. foreman New England Soap 

Manufactory, bds S s John nr Mason 



Bush (David) & Bush ( Wm. D.) manufacturers 

of hair jewoh-y, 136 Mont'y, dwl 07 Minna 
Bush David, salesman, 84 Battery 
BUSH HKNUY, daguerreian artist, 219Wash'n 
Bush Joliii, boiler-maker, Pacific Wharf, dwl S s 

Green nr Kearny 
Bush J. r. physician, Tehama House 
Bush Louis, hair-dresser, 149 Kearny 
Bush Nathan, furniture dealer, 235 Pacific 
Bush Norton, collector, San Francisco Gas Co. 

First, cor Natoma 
Bush Peter, malster. Pioneer Malt House, Stock- 
ton nr Francisco 
Bush Thomas, 84 Battery, dwl NW side Howard 

S of Third 
Bush Thomas H. book-binder with Alex. Bus- 
well, 128 Sansoms 
Bushman Wm. pattern-maker, Fulton Foundry, 

dwl S side Tehama bet Fourth and Fifth 
Businger Xavier, dwl S s Third bet Stevenson 

and Mission . 
Busters Uosea, porter with Diekson.De Wolf & Co 
Buswell Alex, book-bindery, 128 Sansome, dwl 

SW cor Union and Jones 
Butcher M. bds What Cheer House 
Butenop H. grocer, 193 Pacific 
Butler & Brother {Andrew J. & Enoch J.) silk 

hat raanufs, 86 Sacramento, bds Sacramento 

bet Mason and Yerba Buena 
Butler A. J. Col. dwl door N of Sparks 
Butler B. F. lithographer, 88 and 90 Broadway 
Butler Chas. C. agent State Telegraph Co. 101 

Merchant, bds NW cor Dupout and Cal 
Butler Edward, butcher, dwl Jackson nr Battery 
Butler Enoch J. {Butler & Brother), bds Sacra- 
mento bet Mason and Yerba Buena 
BUTLER (George) & McDONALD (James E), 

wines and liquors, cor Halleck & LeidesdorfT 
Butler James, 1 44 Washington 
Butler Joseph, produce mcht, dwl El Dorado Bdg 
Butler Jos. D. miner, dwl S s Sutter bet Powell 

and Stockton 
Butler Jos. K. proptr Ocean House, Ocean Road 
Butler Joseph M. cook, Steamer Antelope, dwl 

Clementina nr Second 
Butler Richard, at Sugar Refinery, dwl Bitch nr 

Butler Samuel, lodging-rooms, corner LeidesdorfT 

and Commercial 
Butler Samuel S. lodgings, 125 Washington 
BUTLER WARREN C. designer and engraver 

on wood, SE cor Clay and Kearny, dwl N s 

Sacramento nr Yerba Buena 
Butler W. U. mailing clerk, Post OfiBoe, dwl 11 

Butt Henry, boatman, dwl cor Davis and Pacific 
Butterfiold Samuel, waiter, Amer. Exch. Hotel 
Butters James A. (Dow, Cliilds <& Co.) 90 Front, 

dwl Custom House Block 
Butterworth James, tinsmith, 41 Battery, boards 

Pacific nr Bartlett 
Buttig Fred, boots and shoes, 60 Dupont 
Buxton George, waterman, dwl Mission nr Jane 
Byelierle A. laborer at Schroth & Carl's 
Byers John P. stevedore, cor Sansome &, Vallejo 
Byington (Hurrace W.) & Smith (Lyman), wood 

and coal, cor Beale and Market 
Byrne Dan'l, grocer, dwl SW cor Mason & Sutter 

Byrne Bernard, liquors, Third bet Folsom and 

Byrne Dennis, waiter, Clayton's Saloon, Com'l 

nr Mont'y, dwl Mont'y above Pacific 
Byrne Dominick, grocer, cor and Jane 
Byrne Edward, liquor saloon, 184 Kearny 
Byrne Edward, notary public, 157 Montgomery 
BYRNE HENRY H. attorney at law, 175 Clay, 

dwl 185 California 
Byrne James K. bds with P. J. Hickey, Mission 

near Jane 
Byrne John, waiter, 136 Montgomery 
Byrne John, shoe-maker, 75 Kearny, dwl Union 

bet Montgomery and Sansome 
Byrne John M. (C. GreUet & Co.) dwl Mason bet 

Sutter and Post 
Byrne Lafayette, clerk, 175 Clay, dwl Mission 

Byrne M. J. wine mcrht, 136 and 138 Jackson, 

dwl cor Mason and Sutter 
Byrne Thomas, porter, 59 Front 
Byrnes Patrick, well-sinker, dwl Pacific betw'n 

Mason and Taylor 
Byron Patrick, ostler with L. Cobum 
Byxbee R. G. (Place & £.) cor Beale & Mission 

Cabalero Augustcs, salesman, 115 Clay 
Cabana Theolis, shoe-maker, dwl cor Stout's alli 

and Washington 
Cabaniss John C. Folsom Street Coal Yard, d' 

190 Sacramento 
Cabaniss L. & Co. (Pierre Dupity), butchers, 

Washington Market, dwl near Lagoon 
Cadigan Timothy, dwl W s Harrison bet Harrii 

and Price 
Cadmus Wm. H. barber, dwl Virginia pi, No. 2 

bet Pine and California 
Cadot Madame, dwl SW cor Broadway k Dupont 
Cady David W. deputy Superintendent of Streets, 

bds 377 Stockton 
Cady John, boiler-maker, Howard nr Hubbard 
Cady Lorenzo, plasterer, dwl 251 Sacramento 
CADY' (Mills) & WILLEY' (Otis F.) carriage re- 
pository, 96 California 
Cady R. H. wharfinger. Mission Street Wharf, 

Mission bet Stewart and East 
Ca;sar Randall, (col'd) shaving saloon, Kearny 

near Clay 
Cafiell George, stevedore, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Caffray James, porter, dwl 6 Jessie 
CalTrey Anthony, dwl 7 Leidesdorll' 
Cagnard Edward, aeeordeonist, dwl Tallejo near 

Cagney Martin, laborer, dwl S 8 O'Farrell near 

Cahalan John, porter, at J. HofBin 
Cahill Anthony, porter, with M. O'Connor, dwl ! 

O'Farrell bet Mason and Taylor 
Cahill Edward, clerk, U. S. Branch Mint, bds 

Rassette House 
Cahill James, laborer, dwl Mary Lane 
Cahill John, laborer, bds Union House 
Cahill Mathew, porter, with Henry Johnson and 

Co. dwl SW cor O'Farrell and Mason 
Cahn A. dwl S s Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 



Calm Aaron & Co. (of Portland, 0. T.), office 92 

Cabn {Liimbert M.) A Co. segars and tobacco, 92 

Calm Leopold, {Uhlfdder & Co.) dwl 180 Anth'y 
Calm Woolf, clothing, 175 Kearny, dwl 228 Pow 
Cain E. t:>ilor, E s Stockton ur Jackson 
Cain Edward, (col'd) Mission Creek House near 

Braiinan Bridge 
Cain Martin K. miner, bds 97 Dupont 
Cain Michael, dwl Maiden Lane 
Cain RiilUs K. brick-layer, dwl 107 Dupont 
Cain Solomon, room 114 Sacramento 
Cain Thomas, drayman, dv\'l Michael Place 
Cain Thomas, dwl Maiden Lane 
Caiue .John (O'Connor it C), Halleck bet San- 
some and Leid'ff, dwl Cle'Vnentina nr Second 
Caire Brothers, (^Adritnne & Ju-ttiitien) importers 

of hardware, 142 Washington & 2G2 Dupont, 

resides in Paris 
Caire Justinien (C. Brolliers), dwl Vallejo bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Cairns Robert, with G. 0. Whitney k Co. dwl E 

8 Second ur Mission 
Caldwell William, machinist, dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
Calef Ciias. E. clerk with Redington & Co. 107 

Calef Jonatlian S. physician, 203 Wash'n, dwl N 

8 Post bet Stockton and Powell 
CaJcr Otmar, attorney at law, 93 Merchant, dwl 

S s Clay nr Mason 
Caler Theodore, printer, dwl W s Cartman Place 
Calhoun Charles A. printer, G4 Front, dwl Fourth 

bet Mission and Market 
CALHOUN, (James E.) WISE, (Tully R.) k 

DICLLA TORRE, (Pder) attorneys at law, 4 

U. S. Court Buildings, dwl 80 Mont'y Block 
Calish Louis, {L. Warszaur & Co.) 94 Sac, dwl 

cor Stockton and Pacific 
Calish Louis, cap manl^ 87 Montgomery 
Calish H. S. waterman, dwl Rassette Place No 2 
Calkin Milo, Clerk of Board of Supervisors, Citv 

Hall, dwl 241 Clay 
Calkins Ripley R. (J. JJawley & Co.) bds 159 

Mission [House 

Call George W. Pacific Museum, bds Franklin 
Call Jonas, drayman, opp Presidio House 
Callalian B. millwright, at sugar refinery, corner 

Price and Harrison 
Callahan D. J. dealer in native wines, 147 Wash 
Callahan Jeremiah, merch, office 99 Front, dwl 

Pacific nr Gouch 
Callalian John, boarding house, W s Kearny ur 

Callahan John, grocery, Folsom cor Fifth 
Callahan John, laborer, bds G4 Broadway 
Callahan 0. F. grainor, S s Market nr Ecker 
Callrthcr James, laborer, dwl Minna nr Third 
Callan, wines and liquors. Leid'B" bet Sac 

and California, dwl 32 Montgomery 
Callan P. dwl 209 Stockton 
Callely Michael, laborer, dwl NW s Everett near 

Callish William, butcher, dwl W s Taylor nr Pac 
Caliuon Patrick, Union Saloon, 10 First, boards 

Union House 
Calnan Donald, dwl S a Sutter bet Powell and 


Cambaceles Signer, Center nr Dolores 
Cambell Francis, waiter, N s Stevenson nr Ecker 
CAMERON. (Calth) WHITTIER ( 11'; F.) t CO. 
(Edmond B. Btnjumin), importers and deal- 
ers in paints, oils, etc. 105 Front nr Wash'n 
Cameron Duncan, boiler-maker, cor Bush & Mkt 
Cameron Hugh, drayman, cor Market and Davia, 

dwl Bcalo bet Folsom and Harrison 
Cameron James, U. S. Bakery, Beale bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Cameron John, police, dwl 69 Montgomery 
Canunack Jo.seph, snper't What Cheer House 
Cammut (John) &, Huff (Oliver B.) Exchange 

Bakery, 162 Kearnj', dwl Third nr Jessie 
Camp William F. saw-maker, 210 Montgomery 
Cainpa Henry, clerk, NW cor Montg'y & Bush 
Campbell A. C attorney at law, office Boltou k 

Barron's Bdg, dwl 4 Brenham Place 
CAMPBELL (Akxander) & PRATT (0. C.) at- 
torneys at law, N W cor Sacramento k Mont- 
gomery, dwl N s Turk bet Mason k Taylor 
Campbell Alc.'cauder, porter with Southworth k 

Co. dwl Powell nr Bush 
Campbell David S. San Jos6 Road op Union Race 

Campbell Edwin R. editor, bds Rassette House 
Campbell George, (Dickson, De Wolf k Co.) dwl 

Simmons one door N of Folsom 
Campbell Henry C. student with Campbell k 

Pratt, dwl Turk bet Mason and Taylor 
Campbell J. (Dusolier k Co.) resides in Havana 
Campbell James A. salesman, 68 & 70 Commercial 
Campbell John, groom, 1 7 Battery 
Campbell John, dwl Union bet Mont k Sansome 
Campbell Mary Mrs. laundress, dwlHuntnr Third 
Campbell P. D., U. S B. Mint, dwl Fourth bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Campbell Peter, laborer, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Campbell Phillip, laborer at San Francisco Gas 

Works, dwl Mission nr Simmons 
Campbell Samuel C. Maguiro's Opera House 
Campbell Sherwood C. San Francisco Minstrel, 

dwl 179 Stockton 
Campbell Thomas, blacksmith, at Donahue's 

Foundry, dwl Ritch nr Folsom 
Campbell Thonip.son, altorne)- at law, 146 Mont- 
gomery, dwl E s Second nr Tehama 
Campbell W. H. fruit dealer, Dupont nr Jackson 
Campbell William, carpenter, dwl Jones nr Pine 
Campbell W. L. accountant, 58 & 60 Sacramento 
Campbell Wynkoop, cigar-makor, 123 Bush, dwl 

Kearny nr Pine 
Cainpo Albert, coppersmith, 216 Jackson 
Campe G. cott'ee-stand, SE cor Sans'e & Merch't 
Canipe John, clerk, SE cor California k Kearny 
Campion Adolph, hair-dresser, 105 Commercial 
Campion Flore, hair-drcsscr, 105 Commercial 
Campion Thomas, baker at W. Uoir k Co. 
Cana John, laborer. Fort Point 
Canan Jerome, butcher, 12 New Market, dwl 

Sutter near Kearny 
Canary John, laborer, dwl Grand pi nr Dupont 
Canas Manuel, saloon, 231 Pacific 
Canavan Edward J. druggist, 24 First 
Caudar Lewis, starch manufacturer, cor Eddy k 

CANDKLKT ALEXD. stall 12 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl Everett cor Fifth 



Cane Felix, perfumery manufacturer, at M. Op- 

penlieim'8, ilwl W 8 Stockton bet Greenwich 

and Lombard 
Cane Oeorgc, cook, bds 68 Montgomery 
Cane Patrick, dwl N 8 Filbert bet Powoll & Mason 
Ganlield A. W. {Johnson it C.) resides in N. Y. 
Canfield Joseph G. dwl S s Green bet Powell & 

Canfleld Rufaa J. messenger North Coast, Wells, 

Fargo &, Go's Express, dwl Green nr Powell 
Canham William, ornamental gilder, Ns Jackson 

near Battery 
Cankne August, laborer, dwl Geary bet Powell 

and Mason 
Cannavan Edward, clerk of Navy Agent, cor 

Washington and Kearny 
CANNAVAN MICHAEL, furnishing goods, 222 

Cannon Adam, dwl NE cor Bryant and Second 
Cannon George Q. editor and publisher Western 

Standard, 118 Montgomery, dwl 150 Bdwy 
Cannon James, moulder, Sherwood pi nr Third 
Cantelow William, carpenter, dwl E s Mission nr 

Canty Michael, fruits, NW cor Howard & Third 
Canty Thomas, dwl SW s Tliird bet Folsom and 

Canty 0. William, boiler-maker, cor Bush 4; Mkt 
Capion Thomas P. baker, dwl 28 First 
Capp Charles S. Deputy County Clerk, and Trav- 
eling Correspondent Bulletin, bds N s Cali- 
fornia W of Stockton 
Capprise Joseph, saloon, 225 Dupont, dwl cor 

Vallejo and Sonoma place 
Cappy Thomas, tailor, Clay nr Sansome 
Caraye (Adolphe) & Chevance {Adeline), grocers, 

S s Pacific near Dupont 
Card Russell, drayman for Edwards k Walton, 

dwl Harlan place bet Bush and Sutter 
Card S. President Merchant«' TransportiUion Co. 

office SW cor Davis & Pacific, dwl St. Mary's 

place nr California 
Cardinett Emilie, dealer in, etc. 25 and 28 

Wash Market, dwl N s Vallejo nr Stockton 
Cardwell George W. bds IGl Commercial 
Careano Robert, bar-keeper, SW cor Pacific and 

Carew Thomas, hand-cartman, dwl 28 Natoma 
Carey Edward, 170 Mission 
Carey William, bds What Cheer House 
Carigan Patrick, dealer in fruit, corOregon k Davis 
Carkeek Morgan, seaman, dwl Calif 'a nr Market 
Carl Cliarles, (Lee & C.) bds 252 Powell 
Carl Henry, {Schroth & C.) 65 Kearny dwl 102 

Carl {Kitian) & Fetzer {Leinhard), groceries, SW 

cor Sacramento and Stockton 
Carl Richard, dairyman, Presidio road nr School 

Carlan Wm. street-planker, dwl NW s Howard 

near Third 
Carle Edward, bds What Cheer House 
Carleton M. E. carpenter, dwl W s Leavenworth 

cor Sacramento 
Carley William, laborer. Fort Point 
Carlin Nicholas, at warehouse Davis bet Califor- 
nia and Pine 
Carlisle George, seaman, dwl 6 Brenham place 

Carlisle Edward, (col'd) steward, dwl Kearny bet 

Union .and Filbert 
Carlisle Robert, boiler-maker, cor Bush & Market 
Carlnop Robert, beer saloon, dwl 3 St Mary's pi 
Carlos D. saddler, with F. Carlos 
Carlos Fernando, saddle manuf. Pacific nr Kearny 
Carlton Charles C. clerk with W. T. Coleman i 

Co. dwl Pine above Dupont 
Carlton Daniel L. captain, dwl NE a Fremont bet 

Folsom and Harrisqp 
Carlton Henry, jr. ( W. T. Coleman & Co:) dwl 

Harrison bet First and Second 
Carlton Henry P. Principal Powell St. Grammar 

School, dwl E s Powell nr Washington 
CARMAN BENJAMIN, Justice of Peace, Fifth 

District, ofBce 125 California, dwl SW cor 

Sacramento atd LeidesdorJf 
CARMAN WILLIAM, physician, office Bush 

second door from Montgomery, dwl 52 Minna 
Carnap Robert, ale and porter, Sansome nr Clay 
Carnaud Jules, professor of music, 181 Comm'l 
Carnduff, Samuel, laborer, dwl W s Taylor nr Par 
Carnein Joseph, laundry, Broadway nr Mason 
Carnell Richard, Mechanics' Home, 20 Sansome 
Carney P. boarding, N s Pacific nr Battery 
Caro (Julius) & Co. ( William Galland), clothing' 

and furnishing goods, 221 Kearny 
Caro Louis, at cigar store Jackson nr Kearny 
Caro M. bds St. Nicholas 
Caro Samuel, {GallancrSi. C.) dwl Ns Sutternear 

Carof James, dwl S s Sutter bet Dupont & Stock 
Carolan Patrick, laundryman, Annie nr Jessie 
Carpenter Adolph, fruits, dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
Carpenter Daniel, Constable Tenth District, officf 

Third near Market, dwl Tehama bet Fourth 

and Fifth 
Carpenter Daniel, porter with Jonas G. Clark & Co 
Carpenter D. H. physician, office Pioneer Hall. 

199 Washington 
Carpenter George W. clerk with Hammond i 

Knowles, bds cor Bush and Dupont 
Carpenter Isaac W. printer, CaUfomia Farmer. 

olBce 130 Wa.shington 
Carpenter Lucien V. rentier, dwl E s Powell nr 

Carpenter William L. (Smith & C.) dwl Pratt's 

Court bet Stockton and Powell 
Carpentier E. R. attorney at law, NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Merchant 
Carpentier H.W. attorney at law, NWcor Mont- 
gomery and Merchant 
Carr B. VV. agent, dwl Union bet Sac and Clay 
Carr ( G Wales) & Hoxie (Benjamin S.) flour and 

grain, 58 and 60 Clay, dwl Second bet Clem- 
entina and Folsom 
Carr John, bds at St. Charles Hotel. 21 First 
Carrie Joseph, book-keeper, 127 Montgomery, 

bds 159 Mission 
Carrere Adolph, merchant, cor Front and Clay, 

dwl SW cor Geary and Powell 
Carrey Dennis, laborer. Fort Point 
Carriere H. dwl N s Stevenson bet Third & Fourth 
Carrillo Abarristo, at Pacific Foundry, cor First 

and Mission 
Carrillo Ramon, Vulcan Iron Works, First bet 

Mission and Howard 
Carrington Wm. carpenter, dwl 221 Sacramento 



Carrison Henry, 149 Sacramento 

CAKRISON H. MRS. millinery and fancy goods, 

149 Sacramento 
Carroll Dennis, liquors, E s Powell near Pacific 
Carroll George H. painter, Middleton place bet 

Bush and Pine 
Carroll J. I), grocer, cor Dupont and Harlan pi, 

and California cor Quiucy 
Carroll John, painter and glazier, 153 California 
Carroll John, teamster, 16 Kearnj 
Cairoll Jolin, lamplighter, with S. P. Gas Com- 
pany, First, cor Natoma 
Carroll John, groceries and liquor, SW cor First 

and Mission 
Carroll Joseph, laborer. Fort Point 
Carroll Martin, drayman, 58 &.60 Sacramento 
Carroll Michael, (Tor^ty <fc Co.) bds at W. O'Brien's 

Stevenson near First 
Carroll Michael, laborer, dwl 57 Jackson 
Can-oil Patrick, laborer, bds Pacific bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Carroll Richard Rev. pastor. Mission Dolores C. 

Church, dwl Mission Dolores 
Carroll Richard, dairy, Presidio road, W School 

Carroll Thomas, clerk, 92 Kearny 
Carroll Thomas, carver, dwl Mary lane bet Bush 

and Sutter 
CaiToll W.-dter, col'd, hair-^resser, Tehama House 
Carroll William, drayman, S s Presidio road W 

of School House 
Carroll 'n'iiliam, bds Pine cor LeidesdorfF 
Carroll William, haekman, dwl S s Broadway nr 

Carroll W. W. clerk, California S. N. Co. office, 

N E cor Front and Jackson 
Carroty Michael, cook. Bank Exch, dwl Kearny Broadway 
Carson Bernard, engraver, 152 Sacramento 
Carson James, bds What Cheer House 
Carson John, boarding-house, Webb bet Califor- 
nia and Sacramento 
Carson Mathias N. carpenter, dwelling Broadway 

beyond Larkin 
Carson Samuel, tinsmith, dwl NW eor Sacra- 
mento and Dupont 
Carss Robert, at Bowman & Gardner's stables, 

dwl Louise bet Third and Fourth 
Carsteu Fritz, cook, 243 Dupont 
Carsten Hilderbraud, clerk, corner Hinckley and 

Carswell John D. printer, Franklin office, dwl S s 

Union bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Carter Campbell, carpenter, dwl W s Powell nr 

Carter Charles D. broker, dwl W s Powell near 

Carter George, boatman, bds Manhattan House, 

Front near Broadway 
Carter John, clerk, dwl Howard near First 
Carter John, laborer, dwl Brannan pi nr Green 
Carter John, laborer. Fort Point 
Carter John S. clerk with Bray Bro'S, 103 Front 
Carter John T. book-keeper with Joseph Gfnella, 

1B4 Montgomery 
Carter Lewis, dwl NW cor Ellis and Hyde 
Carter Paris, (col'd) white-washer, dwl SE cor 

M'Cormick and Pacific 

Carter Peter, book-keeper, dwl 89 Dupont 
Carter Robert ,tin.»niith, Whitmore pi nr Powell 
Carter R. W. at Smiley Brothers & Co. 
Carlmel James, laborer at Donahue's Iron Works, 

First cor Mission 
Carton II. P. teacher, Powell Street School 
Carton Joseph J. book-keeper. Bank Exch, dwl 

Union cor Robin's place. 
Carton Peter S. grocer, SW cor Greenwich and 

Cartonel James, laborer, 1361 Mission 
Carvalho Charles, Chinese Interpreter, dwl SW 

cor Dupont and Harlan place 
Carvallia Edmond, dwl NW a Folsom bet Third 

and Fourth 
Gary, {I>e Witt) it Winegar, {A. B.) flour mer- 
chants, 120 Front 
Cary James C. (HoUaday &<7.) dwl S a Clementina 

near Second [Sansome 

Cary Thomas G. jr. (Macondray & Co.) 64 & 56 
Carty James, (JIulloy <£• Co.) dwl SE cor Jackson 

and Sansome 
Casas Francis, box-clerk, P. 0. bds Washington 

near Dupont 
Casden Roth, saloon, Bartlett near Pacific 
Case A. George, teamster, dwl SW cor Stockton 

and Chestnut 
Case Elijah, merchant, dwl S s Green between 

Powell and Mason 
Case George, job-wagon, dwl Stockton between 

Chestnut and Lombard 
Case George, manf vinegar, Everett nr Fourth 
Case Peleg S. cigars, 56 Montgomery, bds 6 Bel- 
den's Block 
Case Philip, salesman, SE corner Sansome and 

Commercial, bds Sherman's building 
Casobolt George T. clerk, 157 California 
Cascbolt (Henry,) & Co. carriage-manfs, 157 Cal 
Casebolt M.A.Miss, teacher,Priraarj' School No. 5 
Caselli Alexander, 114 Sacramento 
Casey Edward, sail-maker, 15 Clay, boards N s 

Union near Mason 
Casey H. haekman, dwl Mission near First 
Casey Joseph, haekman, dwl Bush bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 
Casey Owen, boarding, rear Sugar Refinery cor 

Price and Harrison [Powell 

Casey Patrick, waterman, dwl S s O'Farrell near 
Casey Patrick J. groom, 160 California 
Casey Thomas, clerk, dwl Stockton place 
Cash Robert, (col'd), dwl Ss St Charles 
Cash Samuel, laborer. Pacific Foundry, First nr 

Cashcll Frank, dwl SW cor Broadway & Mout'y 
Cashman Dennis, laborer, dwl 24 Davis 
Cashman Wni. tinsmith, bds What Cheer House 
Cashman AVm. F. {Sullivan & C.) 44 Front 
Casky Ellis, steward, Rassette House 
Casperson Martin, upholsterer and paper hanger, 

84 Bush 
Cassady Ellen Mrs. (widow), dwl St. Vincent 
Cassagne John F. laundryman, dwl Mason nr 

Cassedy Owen, drayman, dwl San nr Bush 
Cassedy Phillip, laborer, dwl Ss Minna bet Third 

and Fourth 
Cassedy Thomas, stone-cutter, dwl NW comer 

Filbert and Stockton 



Cfissidy Wm. carman, ilwl Morris nr Pino 
Cassell Joseph, brick-layer, Fort Point 
CASSEKLY KUOKNK, counsellor at law, NW 

cor Comniorcial & Moatgouiery, dwl Second 

op Clementina 
Cassoy Peter, (Mercier & C.) basement of Union 

Cassie Willi.nm, mariner, cor Larkin and Ellis 
Cassia G. Patrick, syrup manufacturer, dwl NW 

cor Kearny and Broadway 
Cassins {Henry) &. Co. {John ffashegen), NW cor 

Stock and Broadway 
Cassou P. importer of cigars, 171 Sansome 
Castany Antonio, saddle-tree manf, N s Pacific 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Caatelano Andrea, cook, dwl Brannan place nr 

Castelle F. furniture, 255 Dupont 
Castera E. importer of J'rench wines and liquors, 

148 WasliiuKtQn, dwl cor Powell & Geary 
Castle Frederick L. merchant, SE cor Front and 

Clav, dwl W s Mason nr Pacific 
CASTLE BROTHERS, {Goodman Castle), im- 
porters and jobbers in groceries, wines and 

liquors, SE cor Front k Clay, dwl 54 Minna 
Castle Michael, merchant. SE cor Front and Clay, 

dwl W s Mason nr Pacific 
Castle Patrick, dwl Hayes' Valley nr Mission 

Castle Stephen W. carpenter, dwl NW comer 

Mission and Third 
Castow Louis, clerk with Delafont & Co 
Castran Edward, merchant, dwl SW cor Geary 

and Powell 
Castree David B. coUeotor Argus office, dwl 115 

Castro Josef; at Fonda Mexicana, Pacific near 

Castro Manuel, rentier, bds California Hotel 
Caswell A. blacksmith, Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Caswell John, boat builder. Dram cor Sac 
Gate John, bar keeper, Clay St wharf op East, 

dwl Mission nr Third 
Cately T. J. contractor and builder, dwl NWs 

Everett nr Third 
Caterener Joseph, hand-cartman, dwl Commercial 

nr Drum 
Catez Charles, mason, bds E s Pike bet Clay and 

Catlin P. H. fruits, 214 Dupont 
Catton P. dwl SW cor Kearny and Green 
Cau Dominique, (Lions & Co.) 164 Commercial 
Caufman Henry, musician, dwl Greenwich nr 

Caulfield Michael W. Pacific Foundry, dwl Mis- 
sion plank road nr Price 
Cauns J. laborer, Fort Point 
Cauty William, brick maker, bds with Mrs. Ring 
Cavalry Frederick, dwl W s Mont'y nr Vallejo 
Cavan George, {Duncan & Co.) ship joiners, 

Steamboat Point, foot Third 
Cavenaugh Michael, waiter Hotel International 
Cavignac Jean, boot black, Com'l nr Kearny 
Cazneau W. L. clerk, 137 Montgomery, dwl Ws 

Powell near Clay 
Ceasty Edward 8. dwl Howard bet Fourth and 


Cecil H. fruit dealer, dwl cor Pike and Sac 
Cellar Michael, dwlNW cor Kearny and Pacific 
Celle Eugene, physician, 172 Mont'y, dwl 246 

Cellers Michael, Now Orleans Bakery, 63 Kearny 
Cenly Michael, lab, dwl SW 8 Howard nr Third 
Center John, President Mission Dolores Plank 

Road Co. office 94 Mont'y, dwl cor Folsom 

and Center 
Centlivre Eliza^rs. dwl Sansome bet Green and 

Cerf Charles, dwl Ns Vallejo bet Powell and 

Cerf David, dwl N s Green near Kearny 
Cerf Jules, merchant, dwl W s Powell near 

CERINI FRANK, bottle dealer, Sullivan bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Ccrnich Antonio, fruits, 18 First 
Cezar William, waterman, dwl Dupont nr Post 
Chabert Leon, dwl W s Powell bet Un'n & Green 
Chabot A. bds Railroad House 
Chace {Benjamin T.) & Co. ( Wm. A. Haskell and 

Daniel A. McDonald), prop'rs Chace's Mills, 

NW cor Market and Beale, dwl SE corner 

Harrison and Post 
Chace J. comedian, boards Pbelan's Branch, 180 

Chace Jacob, market master, Washington Mar- 
ket, 127 Washington 
Chace William W. porter, 194 Kearny 
Chadbourne C. carpenter, bds Albion House 
Chadbourne Joseph, Eclipse Bakery, Dupont bet 

Green and Union 
Chadbourne Thomas, teamster. Eclipse Bakery, 

Dupont nr Union 
Chadderton Jacob L. clerk with C. H. Sherman, 

bds Bush nr Montgomery 
ChafTe C. L. clerk, bds 20 Sansome 
Chaigneau V. baker, 189 Pacific 
Chailley Eugene, artist, dwl S s Pacific bet Mason 

and Auburn 
Chambariere Isadore, {C. C. Grellet & Co.) dwl 

138 Jackson 
Chamberlain Chas. M. attorney at law, 98 Merch, 

dwl 197 Pine 
Chamberlain Henry L. tinsmith, with G. & W. 

Snook, dwl W s Kearny abv Broadway 
Chamberlain Joseph P. clerk P.O. dwl Post Office 
Chambers Calvin F. veterinary surgeon. Third nr 

Chambers George, dwl NE s Third bet Brannan 

and Townsend 
Chambers George, porter, bds Union House 
Cliambers James, liquor store. First cor Mission, 

dwl Howard nr Fremont 
Chambers James, harness-maker, at Main & 

Winchester's, dwl 204 Stockton 
Chambers Joseph T. tinsmith, 41 Battery, boards 

Montgomery bet Bush and Sutter 
Chambers, T. J. R. 187 Washington, dwl N s 

Greenwich nr Powell 
Chamblin J. L. com merchant, 11 Washington 
Champlain Isaac, dwl cor Hinkley and Dupont 
Ch.implin Wm. B. clerk, 200 Clay 
Chancey Aaron, millwright, dwl Mission nr An'y 
Chandler Adolphus, ranchero, bds Jessie nr First 
Chandler P. Mrs. dwl NW s Minna S of Third 





Near the Corner of Washington Street, . . BAN FBANCISCO. 


Against (ill Merchants who will not join "THE BEE mVE" in pnll- 
inp down the price 'of every article man, wtminn or child wears in 
California. Stop the TWO MILLIONS we send from here 
by every Steamer. We can manufactnre nearly all our wants — keep 
our gold and homesick citizens here — make every idler go to work, 
and every settler build his castle in HAPPY VALLEY, anil all round 


0,000 doz Ladies' Cotton Lisle, Angola and Merino Stockings, from GJ cts. per pair. 

0,000 doz. Gents' English brown and bleached Cotton Lisle. 

lerino. Lamb's Wool and Silk Socks, from 12J cents per pair. 

i.OOO doz. Gents' English and Scotch Silk, Cotton and Merino Shirts and Drawers, from 60 cts. 

SHIRTS ! SHIRTS ! SHIRTS !— 5,000 doz all pure Linen Shirts, Davis & Jones' 
Patent. Fine Linen-Front Shirts; French fancy and embroidered Shirts, from 60 cts. to the finest. 
Bales of pure wool Welch Flannel. Cases of all the best brands Sheeting, Shirting, etc. 

Blankets, Quilts, Merinos, Silks, Shawls, Mantles, Embroidery, Gloves, Laces, c. 

LINENS I LINENS I LINENS I— Pure Irish Linens, Linen Sheeting, Pillow Case Linens, Tabic Cloths, Tow- 
ils, Napkins, Diapers, etc., direct from the best makers in Belfast. Ballemena and Sligo. Ladies' Under Garments. 

The above, added to the large stock always at " THE BEB HIVE," makes the most extensive and useful stock of 
family Ooods ever off'Ted in this City. Many goods at less than one half the cost of importation. 

*3- NO SECOND PRICE ! — Come ono. come all — save half your money and judge for yourselt 

Romomber ■■ i II E BEE UIVE," 222 Sopout Street, near the corner of Washington Street. For every dollar you 
»t value for two dollars. 

M. CANNAVAN, Proprietor. 

•^N-Ji/L. CH-A-INTE. 

Tuos. E3sra-L.A.3srr). 



s^]sr FRA-isroisco, 

Offer their services for the preparation of accurate 

Dssigr.5, Plans, Spssifieatons and Drayrings, 


Of every description, and to superintend tlie erection thereof. 

Biiildings Inspected, measured k Yalned. 


STORE Opposite Maguire's Opera House. 




Would remind tlio Pulilic tliat at t!ie recent State Fair thoy took the 


the same in quality of material, finish, style and workmanship, as they are now making for those 
who favor them with their orders. They have also all varieties of STOKITl HATS, together 
with everything .appertaining to Hats and Caps for the wet season. COVERS made and fitted to 
Hats at the shortest notice. 





€M\s, Cassinicrts ^ Ihshp, 


which will Ije made to order in the most fashionable style 
N. B. — A full assortment of 


Of our own Manufacture. Particular attention will be 
paid to .MILITAKY WOKK. 

Near California Street. TEHAMA HOUSE Building, 





No. 76 Montgomery Street, 


Ladies' Habits Cleansed and re- 
stored to their original color. Gentlemen's 
Clothes cleaned and repaired. Steamboat 
Carpets and Satin Damask work cleaned 
on short notice. 


XKX X Xj. X:. X XV 30 


3» '^ofa-^o: 



No. 149 Sacramento Street, between Montgomery and Kearny, 




Chandler Richard, clerk, coal yard, dwl N 8 

Green ur Montgomery 
Chandler Robert, dwl E a Kearny bet Vallejo 4 

Chapin Eliza J. assistant teacher Rincon School, 

dwl E s Powell nr Clay 
CHAPIN GEORGE W. ft CO. general agency 4; 
eniployinent office, NE cor Clay and Kearny 
Chapin Samuel, farmer, bds 97 Dupont 
Chapin Samuel A. dwl E side Powell nr Clay 
Chapman Benjamin, captain, Robinson's wharf, 
dwl Montgomery bet Broadway and Pacific 
Chapman Caroline Miss, artist, dwl N 8 Green 

cor Sansome 
Chapman C. C. bds Railroad House 
Chapman George W. porter, with Washburn ck 

Co. bds SE cor Sacramento and Bush 
Chapman James Capt. bds Beale bet Eoliom and 


Chapman {Ralph J.) & Phinney, (Arthur) arte- 
sian well sinliers. Market St Water Works 
opp Sansome, dwl SE cor Bush & Sansome 
Chapman W. B. Mrs. dwl N s Green cor San'e 
Chapman William M. 168 Montgomery 
Chappee Benjamin, (col'd) porter, dwl 248 Sac 
Chappollo A. Murius, real estate agent, 97 Merch, 

dwl Dupont bet Pacific and Jackson 
Chappelle Jacob, police, N s Bdwy bet Kearny 
and Dupont [247 Pacific 

Chardino Arcnand, prop'r Hotel Noveau Monde, 
Charles Alplionze, dwl Dupont Alley 
Charles Henry, dwl S s Lombard bet Hartman 

and Yanson 
Charles Isadore, paper box maker, 112 Sao 
Charles L. L. clerk, Cal. S. N. Go's office, NE cor 

Front and Jackson 
Charles Madamo, vegetables, 6 Clay St Market 
Charles T. prop'r Miner's Restaurant, 129 Com'l 
Charles W. bds E s Powell bet Wasli'n & Jack'n 
Charpcntier A. with A Barbier, 148 Washington 
Charpin Pierre, architect, dwl Lafayette Hook & 

Ladder Co. Broadway nr Stockton 
Charrington Wm. H. (ex policeman), 21 Rassette 

Place No 2 

Chart Obediah, gardener, Presidio Road W Pre- 
sidio House 
Chase Alexander M. laborer, dwl W s Leaven'th 

near Pacific 
Chase Andrew J. commission merchant, 94 Clay, 

dwl Tay bet Clay and Sacramento 

Chase Charles M. publisher Fireman's Journal, 

office 156 Clay, dwl W s Stone bet Wash'n 

and Jackson 

Chase George Capt. dwl NE s Frem't nr Folsom 

Chase Henry A. printer, 72 Merchant, bds W s 

Stockton or Jackson 
Chase Jas. Stevedore, dwl W s Powell nr Union 
Chaso Quincy, clerk at A. Kohler's, dwl 276 

Chase Richard, machinist, Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Chaso Rob't P. {Farmer, Chase (jfc Co.) physician, 

64 Front, dwl 136 Bush 
Chase Wm. T. carpenter, dwl Howard Engine H. 
Chatham Robert, miller, Dow's Distillery, Mis- 
sion Creek 
Chator Alfred, foreman Sugar Refinery, dwl Fol- 
som near Price 

Chauche (Johii) k Son {George Chauxlie), storage 

and commission, 196 Montgomery 
Chauche Geo. (■/. Chaxtthe k Son). 196 Mont'y 
Chauveau (Thomas) & Romby (Edward), black- 
smiths, Dupont alley 
Chauvet Justin, caulker, dwl cor Main & Market 
CHAZAL P. A. com merchant and agent Napa 

steamers, office SW cor Pacific and Davis, 

dwl E s Dupont nr California 
Cheda John B. fruit-dealer, 3.32 Stockton 
Cheeny Wm. pile-driver, bds 20 Sansome 
Clieesebrongh E. boarding-house, 233 Kearny 
Clieever Henry A. dock-master, office U. S. Court 

Bdg, dwl Essex, cor Essex place 
Chcland Henry, carpenter, dwl St. Charles 
ChcU Eliza Mrs. boarding-house, 40 Webb 
CheminLeon (Rapp i/k Co.) 120 Mont'y, resides 

Washington, NW cor Montgomery 
Cheminant Adolplic, chemist, dwl Virgina bet 

Jackson and Washington 
Chenel (Isudnre) & Racouillat (Henri), importers 

of wines and liquors, 132 Washington, bds 

Kearny bet Calilornia and Sacramento 
Chenery Rich'd M. 41 U. S. Court Bdg, dwl South 

Park Row 
Cheney J. (Savory cfc Co.) dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Pino and Bush 
Cheong Hopp & Co. (Chinese) nichts, 197 Sac 
Cherry James, machinist. Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Cherry John, machinist, bds Isthmus House 
Cherry John W. sign and ornamental painter, 

186 Clay, dwl cor Hyde and Union 
Cherry Robert, machinist at Donaliue's Union 

Works, cor First and Mission 
Cherry Thomas, laborer, Ecker nr Folsom 
Chesley Charles P. (MiMt & Co.) dwl 108 Sutter 
Chevalie Henry, conveyancer, dwl W side Jones 

bet Pacific and Jackson 
Chevalier Mrae. dwl W s Dupont nr Pine 
Chevalier Victor, pharmacie fran5ai30, cor Clay 

and Dupont 
Chevance Adeline Mrs. ( Cavaye & Co.) S s Pa- 
cific near Dupont 
Chevassus Edward, salesman at J. Guerin &, Go's, 

105 Mont'y, bds Union Hotel 
Chevers Wm. H. office U. S. Court Bdg 
Chick Elwell, carpentar, dwl Jessie near Ecker 
Chick Harrison, clerk with Fisher & Co. dwl 

Jessie ur Anthony 
Chicolot Cadet, cooper, W 8 Stockton nearBdw'y 
Chilli Asa (Belalour & C.) N s Market nr Kearny 
Child Edward P. (J. M. Strolridye & Co.) dwl 

34 Minna 
Childs James M. carpenter, bds Columbia Hotel 
Childs Nathaniel R. {Kni'jht, Harmon & C.) 68 

Battery, residence Boston 
Childs 0. W. (Dow, Childs & Co. )bda Bachelors' 

Hall, Montgomery nr Bush 
Chimens Charles, salesman, 180 Kearny, boards 

Antique Castlo 
Chimpf Jolm, tailor, dwl Polk lane 
Chipmau James, tinner, dwl 251 Sacramento 
Chisholm Wm. pressman Alta California, dwi S 8 

Brannan bet Fifth and Simmons 
Chisty James, shipsmith with I. Bums, Market 

nr Stewart, dwl Protero 
Chittenden Austin, tinsmith, dwl Hunt nr Third 




{Slej'hen S.) imnh, blind and door manufs, ' 

Market Street Mills nr First, dwl 229 Clay 
Chittenden John, principal San Francisco College, 

dwl Hush bet Mason mid Taylor 
Chittenden Joseph G. carpenter, dwl Second nr 

Chittenden N. W. attorney at law, Washington, 

SW cor ]iattery 
Chofleld Leonard S. nurse, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Chourry Peno Mmo. midwife, dwl N 8 Broad- 
way nr Stockton 
Chourry Peter, dairyman, N s Pacific bet Jones 

and [.eavonworth I 

CHRISTAL (/W.-r) & CO. (John ilurau). impt'rs 

and wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, 

150 Sansome, dwl 370 Powell 
Christen Peter, proptr St. Louis Market, Union 

near Dupont 
Christian Anthony, barber, N s Battery betw'n 

Pacific and Broadway 
Christian Edwin, leronaut, dwl cor Sac & Davis 
Christian James, laborer, dwl 81 Montgomery 
Christian Rich'd, silk and wool-dyer, 76 Mont'y, 

and Market bet Powell and Mason 
Christian Samuel, wire-worker, Dennis' Wire 

Works, 108 Clay 
CHRISTIAN SARAH MBS. silk and wool-dyer, 

76 Montgomery 
Christiansen Christian, accountant, 99 Sansome, 

dwl Green near Powell 
Christie Ilcnry, 133 Clay, dwl Sacramento bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Christin Charles, melter, Uentsch's Assay Office, 

N\V cor Montgomery aad Jackson 
Christin Lewis, cook, 189 Pine 
Christy Christian H. book-keeper with Isaac S. 

Josephi, 177 Washington 
Christy Robert, blacksmith, Vulcan Foundry, 

bds St. Charles Hotel 
Christy S. P. clerk, naval officer, dwl 190 Sac 
Chrysler William L. office 30 Front, bds 236 

Chum Chong, washing, Stevenson nr Ecker 
Chun A. washing, Sacramento nr Drumm 
Chun Shun & Co. (Chinese) merchants, 173 Sac 
Chunez J. C. vegetable dealer, bds 58 Mont'y 
Chung E. washing and ironing, Clark nr Davis 
Chung Sing, washing, 75 Merchant 
Church Andrew S. clerk, NW cor Front & Cali- 
fornia, dwl Pine, cor Central place 
Church Christian H. book-keeper with Isaac S. 

Josephi, 177 AVashington 
Church Edward W. {Sather & C.) dwl NE cor 

Harrison and Second 
Church John, boiler-maker, Suiter Iron Works, 

bds New Orleans House 
Church Joseph, boiler-maker, Sutton Iron Works, 

bds New Orleans House 
Church Wra. lodgings, 168 Commercial 
Churchill Alfred, book-keeper, Meiggs' Wharf 
Churchill Joseph, cooper, dwl N s Stevenson nr 

Chute John R. clerk, bds W s Powell bet Wash- 
ington and Jackson 
Chy Lung, (Chinese) merchant, 166 Washington 
Ciam Thomas Rev., St. Francis Catholic Church, 

Vallejo bet Stockton and Dupont 

Cills James B. dwl 230 Stockton 

Cipriani 0. 124 California 

Ciprico George, Montgomery Baths, 1 63 Mont'y, 

dwl S 8 Washington above Powell 
Cissna {John C.) Wand {Thomas W.) & Co. (.4. /. 
Tobias), wholesale liquors, 57 Front, dwl 51 
Citron M. L. cigar store, 57 Pacific 
Civrac Baptiste, baker, Pinckney nr Broadway 
Claassen Peter, bar-tender, 243 and 245 Dupont 
ClafTey Michael, miner, bds with R. Cunningham 
ClalTlin B. M. bds Bachelors' Hall 
Clancy Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Clancy Thomas, butcher, cor Sutter and Dupont 
Clapp Gustavus W. clerk, 106 Kearny 
Clapp Ja.son, wheelwright. Second nr Tehama 
Clapp L. Mrs. teacher, Powell Street School 
Clapp Michael, carpenter, 45 Battery, dwl corner 

Jackson and Viginia 
Clar John, clerk, U. S. Surveyor-General, dwl 

S s Sutter nr Stockton 
Clark Allen, machinist. Union Foundry, dwl cor 

Howard and First 
Clark C. C. employment & real estate, 205 Clay 
Clark Charles H. clerk with C. J. Hawley A Co. 

bds N 3 Riley nr Taylor 
Clark Charles H. dwl N s Stevenson bet Third 

and Fourth 
Clark Charles W. ballaster, bds Hardie pi E end 
Clark C. P. dwl Ritch bet Folsom and Harrison 
Clark Daniel, attorney, office Wells' Bdg, corner 
Clay and Montgomery, dwl NE cor Fremont 
and Harrison 
Clark Elizabeth Mrs. dwl 171 Sansome 
Clark George W. wholesale and retail paper- 
hangings, 131 Clay 
Clark Hiram, {Ahermthy, C. & Co.) Stewart 

bet Market and Mission 
Clark James, laborer. Fort Point 
Clark John, carpenter and builder, comer Haw- 
thorne and Folsom 
Clark John, baker, dwl cor Berry and Mary lane 
Clark John, machinist, bds Union House 
Clark John G. paying teller with Fretz & Ralston, 

dwl cor John and Powell 
Clark John S. machinist, bds N s Rilevnr Taylor 
CLARK {Jonas G.) & CO. {George B. WUber), 
importers and manufacturers of furniture, 
128 Washington, bds International Hotel 
Clark Joseph, {Cross (fc Co.) dwl Folsom op Essex 
Clark J. Washburn, {Coghill & Co.) 71 Front, 

dwl 137 Stockton 
CLARK LYMAN, proptr International Livery 
Stables, NE cor Jackson and Sansome, dwl 
171 Sansome 
Clark Martin, dwl Batchelors' Hall 
Clark Michael, laborer, bds W s Powell bet Post 

and Sutter 
Clark {Kathan) & Lipman {Joseph), hair-dressers, 
51 Com'l, dwl Everett bet Third and Fourth 
Clark (P. B.) & Locke {S. M.) importers of tin- 
plate, sheet-iron, tin-ware. etc. 110 Battery, 
dwl cor Fremont and Harrison 
Clark R. Frank, salesman with John H. Brown, 

bds Rassette House 
CLARK {Reuben) k KENITZER {Henry), archi- 
tects, 117 Montgomery Block, dwl Clay, 
above Stockton 



Clark Rosa Miss, chambermaid, 68 Montgomery 
Clark Seymour B. at 0. F. GitVen & Bro's, dvvl 

Stevenson bot Tbird and Fourth 
CLARK TIIOS. W. carpenter, Dunbar's alley, 

dwl N s Filbert nr Mason 
Clark W. H. carpenter, dwl S s Sutter between 

Mason and Taylor 
Clark William A. clerk at C. & A. J. Langley's 

43 Connnercial 
Clark William H. attorney, 8 Court Block, bds 

Virginia place 
Clarke Alfred, police, dwl St Charles nr Kearny 
Clarke Augustus, special police, P. M. S. S. Co. off. 
Clarke Charles, pilot, dwl cor Dupont and Sac 
Clarke Edward bds Manhattan Ilouse Front near 

Clarke E. Z. captain steamer J. Bragdon, office 

C. S, N. Co. NE cor Front and Jackson 
Clarke Francis, carrier Town Talk, dwl Wash- 
ington cor East 
Clarke James, groceries &c. SE comer Second and 

Market, dwl S 8 Union bet Dupont & Stock 
Clarke James A. laborer. Fort Point 
Clarke Jas. U. cupper, etc. 210 Clay, dwl Union 

between Dupont and Stockton 
Clarke Jeremiah, attorney at law, SW cor Mont- 
gomery and Clay, dwl NE corner Fremont 

and Harrison 
Clarke Jonathan, with Joseph E. Clarke 
Clarke Joseph E. bag factor}',' Davis bet Clay 

and Commercial 
Clarke N. S. Bvt. Brig. Gen'l, Commanding De- 
partment of Pacific, U. S. A. office 4-i Bush 

bds Tehama Ilouse 
Clarkson Henry C. inspector Custom House, dwl 

SW corner Sansome and Broadway 
Clary T. P. plasterer, bds 6 Belden's Block 
Classen (James M.) k Co. (John Roho and Harmon 

Sckalte,) proprietors of Pacific Soda Works, 

Jessie near Second 
Cla.sson Benjamin, laborer, dwl Taylor near Post 
Classon John C. carpenter, dwl NE cor Powell 

and Francisco 
Claughley James, Filbert bet Mason and Taylor 
Claughley Thoma.s, manuf upholsterer, 19 Sac 
Clausse Julia Mme. dress-maker, 112 Dupont 
Clavetar F. C4 Montgomery 
Clawiter Mina Mrs. midwife, 96 Dupont 
Clay Jabez P. brick-yard, Leavenworth between 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Clay Thomas, trader, 35 Front 
Clayton Ann Eliza, assistant teacher, Rinoon 

School, Hampton place near Third 
Clayton Charles, (Scaks G. db Co.) dwl Folsom 

corner Hampton place 
Clayton Furman, engineer, dwl N s Jackson bet 

Mason and Auburn 
Clayton F. D. clerk Custom Ilouse 
Clayton Hugh J. oyster saloon, 136 Montgomery 

dwl Oakland 
Cleary Thom;is, ale and porter, 106 Kearny 
Clegg Mary Mrs. widow, Everett near Fourth 
CIcgg Thomas, 85 Front, dwl Third nr Harrison 
Clegg Webster, assistant. Railroad House 48 Com 
Clein (John) k Jaffes, (Louis), Pioneer Coal-yard, 

222 Pacific 
Clemans Jenally S. dwl Yansen 
Clemans John, laborer at Turner & Brothers 

Clemens Daniel, cabinet-maker with Strahle & 

Clement Daniel, cabinet-maker, dwl Sutter near 

Clement John, salesman with Sweetser, Hutch- 
in gs & Co. 115 Battery 
Clement Joseph, searcher of records, Brenham 

place, dwl Green nr Union place 
Clement R. P. attorney at law, 135 Montgomery, 

dwl First bet Harrison and Taylor 
Clement AVilliam, engineer Amer'n Flour Mills, 

dwl 6 Jessie 
Clemens William C. miller, dwl St. Mark's place 

near Stockton 
Cleron J. P. dealer in vegetables, 3 Clay St Mkt 
Cleveland Geo. W. merchant, dwl 126 Dupont 
Cleveland James G. harness-maker, with J. C. 
Johnson & Co. dwl N s Calitornia bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
Clifford C. E. bds 159 Mission 
Cliflbrd George, commission merchant, 134 Clay, 

dwl 225 California 
Cline John, gardener, rear Willows, Miss Dolores 
Cling George H. barkeeper Arbor Saloon, SE cor 

Kearny and Clay 
Clinton James, waterman, dwl Everett bet Mis- 
sion and Howard 
Clinton John, laborer, dwl S s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Cloak Daniel, waiter Railroad House 
Close John, dwl cor Pine and Monroe 
Clough Elijah, printer, dwl Bush nr Stockton 
Clough George, at Place & Byxbee's, Beale cor 

CLOUGH (Joseph) k DAM (George W.) house- 
brokers and real estate agents, 102 Montgo- 
mery, Exp Bdg, dwl SW cor Larkin & Sao 
Clousan Francis, jeweler, 144 Sacramento, up sts 
Clovejakh Andrew, bar-keeper, cor East & Sao 
Clowley Richard, blacksmith, 102 Kearny 
Cluver Harry, (Homlerg & Co.) dwl Sansome bet 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Clyde John, dwl NW cor Broad and Dupont 
Clyde Robert S. attorney, 3 Hentsch's Bdg, NW 

cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Coachman John C. Inspector Custom House, dwl 

181 Mission 
Coachman John H. clerk, bds 181 Mission 
Coad Henry, comedian, dwl Eeker nr Jessie 
Coad Samuel, musician, bds W s First nr Mission 
Coakley John, grocer, SW cor St. Marks & Dup 
Coanar John, laborer, dwl 260 Clay 
COBB HENRY A. real estate auctioneer. Ex- 
press Building 102 Mont'y, dwl 313 Powell 
Cobleigh John L. drayman, dwl N s Pine nr 

Coburu Hiram, laborer, Mountain Lake House 
Coburn J. bds 144 Sansome 
Coburn Lorin, Custom Ilouse Stables, 144 Sans'e 
Coch Charles, grocer NW cor Mason and Union 
Coch Joseph, miller, bds New England House 
Cochran Charles, bds 321 Stockton 
Cochran Irad, with Neefas & Tichenor, Stewart 

nr Folsom 
Cochran John, boiler-maker, dwl Post nr Mont'y 
Cochran Mary V. Mrs. 99 Mission 
Cochran AVilliam, groom, 129 Cal, bds Bush St 



Cochrane John, nurseryman, N s Presidio Road, 

E Pri'siilio House 
Cochrane Thomas, stone-cutter, Fort Point 
Cocke i'reduriclf, tinsmith at 57 Montgomery 
Code John. (VK It J. Code) 17 Battery 
COUE WILLIAM & JOHN, Battery Street Liv- 
ery Staljles, 17 Battery 
Coders Jolin (i. grocery, Third cor Brannan 
Codigan Jolm, laborer. Fort Point 
Codington Win. H. grocer, 110 Kearny, dwl cor 

Geary and Taylor 
Cody Jarne.? K. at J. Fitzpatriek's 130 California 
COJJY MICHAEL, foreign and domestic liquors, 

35 Front nr California, dwl SW cor Pacific 

and Diipont 
Coe Canilino Mrs. preserves, dwl 350 Stockton 
Coe Edward S. dwl E s Stockton bet Pine & Bush 
Coe Henry \V. (of H. McKenty, Columbia), 81 Clay 
Coen Raymond, laundryman, Sutter bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Coes George, Maguire's Opera House, boards 321 

Cofifee A. J. Lieut. Col. paymaster U. S. Army, 

office 44 Bush 
ColTee George W. U. S. inspector of boilers, and 

machinist, 51 Jackson, dwl Clay nr Prospect 

Coffee Patrick, laborer, dwl rear 341 Stockton 
Coffee Nebazaraadan B. groom, Market opp Sec- 
ond, bds 42 Jessie 
Cofifey (£.) k Edwards, (S.) liquor dealers, 170 

Coffey (Leiuis) & Risdon, {JohnN.) boiler-makers 

and macliinists, cor Bush and Market, dwl 

Howard nr First 
Coffey Michael J. dwl S s Union nr Stockton 
Coffin Albert, cooperage. Front nr Pacific, dwl 

42 Natoma 
Coffin Alexander, inspector provisions, Front nr 

Pacirtc, dwl Minna nr Second 
Coffin Edward A. Sitka Ice Co. dwl SE cor Sec- 
ond and Market 
Coffin Gilbert, waterman, dwl Selina Place abv 

Coffin Henry (Second), cooper. Front nr Pacific, 

dwl Clay bet Mason and Taylor 
Coffin J. B. book-keeper, with R. S. Eells & Co. 

bds 64 Broadway 
Coffin John W. drayman, at Truett &, Jones, dwl 

N s Broadway nr Mason 
Coffin Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Coffin Reuben, cooper, dwl cor Tay and Clay 
Coffin Zenus, Bdwy Water "Works, dwl Bdwy 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Coflroth James W. bds Rassette House 
Cofran George, mason, dwl cor Bush and Chelsea 

Cogan James, with Badger k Lindenberger, 103 

and 105 Battery 
COGGESHALL JOSIAH H. dru^ist & chem- 
ist, SE cor Stockton and Pacific, dwl Mason 

bet Broadway and Yallejo 
Coggeshall M. bds What Cheer House 
Coghan Morris, at Chase's Mills, Market corner 

Coghill Andrew J. (of Burke & Co. Sacramento), 

office 91 Front, dwl 269 Stockton 
CoghiU J. H. & Co.{j. Washburn Clark & Wm.N. 

Coghill), wholesale grocers and commission 
merchants, 71 Front 

Coghill Thomas B. clerk, with J. H. Coghill and 
Co. dwl Prospect Place bet Clay and Sac 

Coghill William N. (J. U. Coghill & Co.), dwl 
Prospect Place 

Coghlan Thomas, clerk, cor Wash'n and Battery, 
bds What Cheer House 

Coghlin Daniel C. (Bird-sail & C.) shipwrights, 
Folsom bet Spear and Stewart, dwl Fremont 
bet Folsom and Howard 

Cogill John, teacher of dancing, Harris House, 
Pine nr Sansome 

Cogliandolo, Frank, billiard saloon, SW cor Pac 
and Dupont 

Cogswell H. D. dealer in real estate, dwl corner 
Clark and Front 

Cogswell J. D. dwl N s Lombard nr Stockton 

Cogswell William, surveyor, dwl 8 Bay State Row 

Colialan Daniel, groom, Black Hawk Stable, Pine 
near Sansome 

Cohea Edward U. inspector Custom House, dwl 
Vallejo bet Leavenworth and Hyde 

Cohen A. A. Battery bet Jack.'on and Washing- 
ton, dwl 38 U. S. Court Building 

Cohen (Benjamin) i Co. (Michael Phillips) c\oth- 
ing merchants. Commercial cor Leidesdorff 

Cohen Benjamin, Winn's Fountain Head, 163 

Cohen , captain, bds 9 Auburn 

Cohen Catharine, cook U. S. Marine Hospital 

Cohen Godfrey, (Bannatt & Co.) 87 Commercial 

Cohen Harris, dwl 22 First 

Cohen Henry, merchant, (Orovilk), office 67 Cal 

Cohen Henry, dwl S s Post between Dupont and 

Cohen Jacob & Co. (Henry Alexander), importers 
.of dry and fancy goods, 82 Sacramento, re- 
sides in New York 

Cohen Joseph, dry goods, dwl Anthony nr Ecker 

Cohen Mankim, (Bosch & Co.) Ill Sacramento 
bds 119 Bush 

Cohen, Mayer A. variety store E s Second near 

Cohen M. & Co. (Abraham Himes), Catharine 
Market, Dupont nr Broadway, dwl Kearny 
near Broadway 

Cohen Samuel, tailor, dwl 359 Dupont 

Cohen William, waiter, 168 Clay 

Cohn A. glazier, dwl 55 Clay 

Colin David, dwl Natoma near Jane 

Cohn Edward (Levin & C.) 173 Clay 

Cohn Harris, farmer, dwl Dupont between Geary 
and O'Farell 

Cohn Harris, dwl 109 Bush 

COHN HENRY & CO. (ITenry Woodleaf.) im- 
porters and dealers in clothing, Gl Battery, 
dwl 347 Powell 

Cohn Henry, No 2, com merchant, 99 California 

Cohu H. M. dwl N s Geary near Dupont 

Cohn Hyman, drayman, dwl NE cor Mission and 

Cohn Lazard & Co. importers of cigars and tobac- 
co, 92 California, dwl Stevenson nr Third 

Cohn Louis, (Si>j7mmd T. Meyer & Co.) dwl SW 
cor Taylor and Sacramento 

Cohn Michael, fruit dealer, E s Second near Mar- 
ket, and Second near Mission 



Colin Morris, acgar store, Davis uear cor Clarke 
Cohn Morris, Tailor, E s Jackson bet Front and 

Cohn Nathan, d«rl E s Stockton bet 'Washington 

and Clay 
Cohn Paul, hntter, bds G3 & G5 Montgomery 
Cohn R. deiiler in dry goods, bds cor Sansome 

and Halleck 
Cohn S. ( Co/i» & Brother, MarysviUe.) 110 Sac. 

bds M Sansome 
Cohn Simon, peddler, Ss Jessie near First 
Cohrn Edward, clerk, 123 Sacramento 
Coit Bunjnmiu B. physician, bds 263 Stockton 
Colborn N Mrs. dress maker, dwl Dupont near 

Colburn Charles H. clerk with Nash & Beamis, 

99 Battery 
Colburn M. clerk, bds What Cheer House 
Colburn Ricliard, watchman, Mission near Third 
Colby A. D. Chace's Mills, Market comer Beal, 

bds 12 Sansome 
Colby Charles A. printer, Christian Advocate, 

bds Prospect place 
Colby Cyrus F. waterman, dwl Quincy place 
Colby Ebin C. waterman, Quincy place 
Colby Mathew H. waterman, dwl Quincy place 
Colcott (Hubert), &, Whitford (John F.) adamantine 

candle manufactory, Guerrero cor Buck 
Cole Delos, driver San Jose stage, Kearny opp 

Cole Henry, paper-hanger and musician, saloon 

NE cor Clay and Kearny 
Cole Horace, real estate broker W s Davis bet 

Clay and Washington 
Cole Ira, dwl 101 Merchant 
Cole J. L. carpenter, American Theatre 
Cole Josiah L., builder, dwl Second nr Natoma 
Cole Peter (col'd), teacher, dwl N a Pacific near 

Cole R. Beverley, Physician, Ns Washingtoc 

above Dupont 
Cole (lieclor E.) & Blake (C. £.) dentist, SW cor 

Clay and Kearny, dwl cor Sac & Prospect pi 
Cole William, hostler, bds Stevenson near First 
Cole William, laundr}*, Mission nr Second 
Coleman Abram, (S. Coleman Jt Brother), 159J 

Coleman Alouzo N. merchant, 46 Front, bds 252 

Coleman Asa, merchant, dwl 1G2 Sacramento 
Coleman David R. ( Gardner k Co.) dwl SW cor 

Kearny and Vallejo 
Coleman Edward, stevedore, bds 25 Natoma 
Coleman Edward, importer of dry goods, etc. 118 

Coleman John C. Alia California office [Trinity 
Coleman John G. carver and gilder, Bush corner 
Coleman Joseph W. 145 Sacramento 
Coleman Michael, groom, 17 Battery 
Coleman M. M. Mrs. millinery and dress making, 

145 Sacramento [Summer 

Coleman Peter, Exchange Hotel, Spring comer 
Coleman S. shoe dealer, dwl Bush bet Powell & 

Coleman Samuel & Brother (Abram CoUman), 

clothing, 159 J Wasliington 
Coleman Thomas, bar-keeper. Pioneer Hall, bds 

International lintel 

Coleman Thomas, cook, Kellogg House, Stewart 

bet Market and Mission 
Coleman Thomas, jr. (1/oyti.b C.) dwl N s Mason 

bet Washington and Jackson 
ton jr.) shipping and com merch's, NW cor 

Front and California, resides in N. Y. 
Coles Charles, waiter, 65 & 67 Merchant 
Coles N. Willis, clerk, sheritf's otiice, dwl S side 

Pino nr Dupont • 
Colgan William J. real estate agent, 148 Clay, 

dwl Brannan E Third 
Colin Charles, (J. BelUmger & Co.) 181 Com'l 
Colin Mme. laundry, SE s Everett bet Third and 

Colison Mis. dwl Clementina bet Third & Fourth 
Colla Jules, Nicaragua Billiard Saloon, ,SE cor 

Sac and Leid'ff, dwl N s Sac nr Sansome 
Collan Thomas, gunsmith, at C. Curry's 87 Btty 
Collier John, machinist. Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Collier Margaret E. Mrs. dwl Minna nr Fourth 
Collier Ricliard, stevedore, dwl SW s Fremont 

bet FoKsom and Harrison 
Collins Benjamin, justice of the peace 6th Dist't, 

office Clay nr Kearny, dwl 191 California 
Collins Benjamin, bds What Cheer House 
Collins C. E. Urn. milliner, 210 Clay 
Collins Charles, jr. hatter, 171 Washington, dwl 

143 Washington 
Collins Dennis, teamster, dwl Yer Mehr Place 
Collins Ed. H. builder, dwl Natoma ne.xt church 
Collins G. C. ass't keeper Farralone Liglit House 
Collins Henry M. (col'd), steward, stra Bragdod, 

dwl SW cor Union and Taylor 
Collins Is.iac C. dwl E s Stockton nr Post 
Collins James, machinist, bds 6 Beldeu's Block 
COLLINS (James C.) & TIFFANY, (liobert J.) 

hatmanfs, 171 Wash'n, dwl 65 Dupont 
Collins James Y. machinist at Donahue's Iron 

Works, bds 6 Belden's Block 
Collins John, laborer, dwl NE corner Greenwich 

and Yausen 
Collins John, machinist, Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Collins John, laborer, bds with Mrs. Mary Hurley 
Collins Joseph, porter with Montgomery & Co. 

dwl Pacific nr Mason 
Collins Michael, laborer, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Collins Patrick, brick-layer, dwl Rassette pi No 3 
Collins Pauline, (Jlisses 2'arbox di C.) milliners, 

147 Sacramento 
Collins Peleg, watch-maker, 28 Montgomery 
Collins Peter, carpenter with Farren & Eaton 
Collins Richard W. contractor and builder, dwl 

Powell nr Sacramento 
Collins Salvin P. (Porter it C.) Commercial, op 

U. S. B. Mint, dwl 12 Central place 
Collins Savory W. New York Restaurant, E side 

Kearny bet Commercial and Clay, dwl cor 

Stockton and Jackson 
Collins S. M. merchant, 55 Front, dwl cor Stock- 
ton and Jackson 
Collins Soloman Capt. dwl S 8 Vallejo nr Powell 
Collins Timotliius, brick-layer, boards SW corner 

Pacific and Kearny 
Collins Tiiimthv. brick-lnver. Fort Point 



Collins Win. teamster, 16 Kearny 

Collinsou Jus. boiler-maker, cor Bush k Market 

Collisclioun Charles, clerk, 38 Commercial, dwl 

Antique Castle 
COLLOPy TIMOTHY, groceries, NE cor Bran- 

nau and Uiirris 
Colmer Geo. S. clwl Harrison bet Harris & Price 
Colmon Henry, dwl Broadway bet Jackson and 

Colter James D. cabinet-maker with G. 0. Whit- 
ney & Co. dwl Green nr Montgomery 
Colter John, ihvl Broadway near Davis 
Colyer Frederic A. accountant, 174 Clay 
Comboy Patrick, waiter, N s Stevenson nr Second 
Cometo Martin, (liuurdin & Co.) dwl White bet 

Larkin and Hyde 
Oometti Domingo, bds 332 Stockton 
Comfer \Vm. brick-layer, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Comins Loring, waterman, bds Walton House 
Comins Pascal li. gunsmith, 69 Jackson, dwl S s 

Broadway nr Taylor 
Commenge J. waiter, NW corner Merchant and 

Commescel Herman L. book-keeper, 85 Cal, dwl 

254 Stockton [& Co 

Compes H. cabinet-maker with Jonas G. Clark 
Compton Manslield, attorney at law, 3 Court Blk 
Comstock A. M. broker, dwl N s Eddy nr Mason 
Comstock Mary Mrs. dwl Pine nr Stockton 
Comstock AVafter B. (Farrott & Co.) bds Oriental 

Comte Solomon, bds Hardie place, cor Kearny 
Con Lee, (Chinese) laundry, 55 Kearny 
Conckliu Enoch Capt. steamer Urilda, office Cal. 

Ste.mi Nav. Co. NE cor Front and Jackson 
Condeu Judson. machine sewing, bds 82 Sac 
Condley Terrence, porter. Sierra Nevada Mills, 

dwl Sherwood place nr Third 
Condon Daniel, painter, bds with Mrs. Ring 
Condon J. bag-maker, bds SE cor Sac & Drumm 
Condon Tliomas. shoe-maker, dwl 183 California 
Cone}' Alex, boot and shoe-dealer, 196 Kearny 
Congdon H. B. Capt schr. Arno, office Market, 

corner East 
Congiato Very Rev. Nicholas, (S. J.) pastor o' 

Catholic Church of St. Ignatius, Market bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Conherty- Peter, laborer, dwl Jane place 
Coniff John, teamster, dwl E s Powell nr Pacific 
Conikan Niel, Sweeny's Ranch, Horner's Addi- 
tion, S side Mission Church 
Conklin {Henry B.) &, Ha.skiu {Henry R.) editors 

and publishers Daily Times and Town Talk, 

175 Montgomery 
Conley Charles, carpenter, dwl Hunt nr Third 
Conley Edward, miller, 136 Pine 
Conley James, sail-maker, 37 Sacramento 
Conley Wra. gardener, SW cor Kearny & Chesnnt 
Conlin John, saloon, Clay bet Kearny & Mont'y, 

dwl N s Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 
Conlin John T. ijiogers & C.) dwl Stevenson nr 

Connaway James, laborer. Port Point 
Connell 'Thomas, ship-carpenter. Merchant bet 

Drumm and East, dwl Silver betw'n Second 

and Third 
Connell AVm. carpenter, N a Pacific nr Stockton, 

dwl Webb 

Connelly James, groom, 129 California, dw W ■ 

Morris near Pine 
Connelly Michael, blacksmith, dwl Jessie near 

Connelly Win. at D. C. Thome's, 46 Sansome, 

bds cor Sutter and Montgonieiy 
Conner Geo. carpenter, Sherwood place nr Third 
Conner James H. pressman with Blako & Moffit, 

dwl First nr Minna 
Conner John, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Conner John W. clerk, bds 177 Mission 
Conner AV'illiam T. printer, dwl Sao nr Stockton 
Conners Robert T. dwl W s Mason nr Broadway 
Conniff Nicholas, carpenter, dwl Clara bet Ritch 

and Fourth 
Connolly Bernard, dwl Jane near Natoma 
Connolly Cornelius, laborer. Fort Point 
Connolly Edward, miller, bds with R.Cunningham 
Connolly James, laborer, dwl Greenwich near 

Connolly Michael, laborer, Fort Point 
Connolly Michael, dwl S a Folaom bet Wood and 

Connolly Owen, laborer, dwl Howard bet Piflli 

and Simmons 
Connolly Thomas, butter, eggs, etc. 16 New Mar- 
ket, dwl Howard nr Fifth 
Connolly Wm. H. at G. 0. Whitney & Go's, bds 

What Cheer House 
Connor Francis, captain steamer Goliah, Pacific 

Connor Hubert, teamster, dwl NW cor Taylor 

and Post 
Connor John, tinman, 134 Davis, bds Manhattan 

Connor John, gardener. Willow Glen Nursery, 

Mission Plank Road nr Brady 
Connor Laurence, mason, dwl Stevenson nr Annie 
Conrat Andrew, carpenter. Pine near Laura pi 
Couro {Fred. D.) & Berry (Albert), proprietorsij 

Golden Gate Flour Mills, 136 Pine, office 104,, 

CONROT BERNARD, physician, Pac nr Mont i 
Couroy Francis, blacksmith, dwl N s Pacific bet) ; 

Taylor and Jones 
Conroy J. musician, bds 161 Commercial 
CONROY (Jcwus C.) & O'CONNOR {John F. A\ 

Thomas H. ) importers and dealers in iron and^Tl 

steel, 25, 27 and 29 Front ( 

Conroy Michael, book-keeper, dwl W s SeotlanM 
Conroy Thomas, laborer, dwl S s Vallejo (reaiw| 

near Mason , 

Constant Hourrette, butcher, with Mad'e Pierre^U 

61 Merchant 'j 

Constant Hubert, (Fayard & H.) 145 Moutgom'/Ij' 
Constantine Jolin, agent of A. C. Rossire k, Co. 

N. Y. dwl Mason bet Pacific and Broadway 
Constantine William, carpenter, Clementina near 

Consline A. {DinkeUpiel & C.) 209 Washington 
Conti Charles, moulder, Calif'a cor St. Mary's pi 
Conway Edward, clerk U. S. Surv'r Geu'l, dwl 

Dupont bet Union and Filbert 
Conway Henry, dwl Perry near Third 
Conway James M. engineer, dwl St. Mark's place 

nr Dupont 
Conway John R. Warehouse Dep't Custom H. 

dwl Perry nr Third 








n. W. CmTTKNDBX, > 
S. g. CULVKltWELL./ 

Keep Constantly on hand, and manufacture to order, 



I, WTRhmWT ©1 (GIIlHlGiaiLAlj 


Wood Turning, in all its hraches, done with dispatch. 



Between Merchant and Washington Streets, 

s-A.isr nt-A.3sr CI s CO. 


No. 147 Jackson Street, bet. Ksarny and Montgomery, 






Also, constantly on hand. Assorted Syrups, Curayoa, Annisette, Marascliino, Cherry Cordial, Cherry 

Brandy, Sauteme, Muscatel, Bitters, Peppermint, Vermouth, Assorted Liquors, Claret, 

Kirchenwasser, Hock Wine, Claret, Mescal, Anisado. 





Bi iipjfiiif wm\ 

TJnder the supervision of tbe YOUNG MKN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, 
fiud Employment for all kinds of HELP. Also, with the above, have a 



International Life Assurance Society, 


Capital Two aud a Halt ITIillion Dollars. 

Guarantee Fund One Hundred Tlionsaud Dollars, 


Juhn Moss, Esq. 
Thomas Nicholi, Esq, 
Jos. Thompson, Bsq. 
John Symes, Esq. 

Henry John Hogdson, Esq. Charles Bennett, Bsq. 
A. Campbell Barclay, Esq. ' " " " 

Samuel King Church, Bsq. 
John Elliotson, M.D., F.K.S. 
Thos. Colley Grattan, Esq. 







J. ELLIOTSON M. D., F. R. S., 37 Conduit Street. 

E. S. SYMES, M. D., Bourdon House, Berkely Sq. 




trict Court of California. 

con & Co. 


THOMAS G. CARY, of Macondray fit Co. 

BEVERLY O. SANDERS, at Sanders & Brenham. 

HENRY WESTER, of Paige & Webster. 




C. E. HABICHT and J. G. HOLBROOKE, 71 Wall St., New York. 

Agent for California, ARTHUR B. STOUT, M. D. 

Office, 240 WASHINGTON STEEET, between DUPONT and STOCKTON Streets, 



RIFLES, ...^.K'^^^Sta, SHOT, 
PISTOLS, 'ir^ § ^ CA.PS, ^c. 

Leman's, Wesson's, Wurflein's and Sharp's Rifles. All sizes Colt's Revolvers and 
Derringer Pistols. 1^ All kinds of Repairing done. 



Conway Michael, at P. H. Navin's, dwl cor Post 

and Eassette place 
Couway Michael, laborer, NE cor Howard and 

Coogaii Ann Miss, bds with R. Cunningham 
Coogan Kicliard, laborer, dwl Ste\ensou ur Third 
Cook Captain, stovedoio, bds Treniont House, 

Battery near Vallejo 
Cook Cliarles, Constable Sixth District, office 200 

Clay, dwl Prospect place nr California 
Cook Chas. W. 210 Stockton 
Cook Claus, steward, 5 Washington 
Cook (Dedrick) & Madel {Pek-r), saloon, NE cor 

iiission and Stewart 
Cook Eldridge G. (Joitoi & Co.) dwl S s Howard 

bet Third and Fourth 
COOK ELI, mason and builder, dwl 138 Dnpont 
COOIC ELISHA, attorney at law, UO Clay, dwl 

N s Folsom, bet Simmons & Harris 
Cook Francis, carpenter, with Farren & Eaton 
Cook Ira, drayman, dwl cor Pine and Laura pi 
Cook Isaac, ( \Vctherbee & Co.) bds Folsom nr Beale 
Cook James, dwl 248 Clay 
Cook James, accountant, bds NW cor Dupont &, 

Harlan place 
Cook .Tames, engineer, dwl Berry nr Mary lane 
Cook John II. cS. Co. (Xod B. Hudgers), dealer in 

galne, etc. 4 New World Market, dwl Fourth 

bet Market and Mission 
•Cook Lafayette, mason, dwl Louise bet Third and 

Fourth . 
Cook Louis, merchant, dwl 182 Stockton 
Cook Nelson (col'd), porter with Sather & Church, 

SW cor Clay and Battery 
Cook 0. P. porter Hotel International 
Cook {Pardon A.) & Whipple (Ltwis), milkmen, 

dwl Bush beyond Larkin 
Cook Kobert, S s Presidio road, W of Cottage H. 
Cook Thomas, miner, dwl N s Union bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Cook Thomas R. butcher, dwl Pacific bet Larkin 

and Polk 
Cook William, engineer Sierra Nevada Mills, dwl 

7 Berry 
Cook W iUiam, painter, W s Mason bet Post and 

Cook William, 83 Clay, bds 280 Clay 
Cook William S. captain, at Samuel II. Prichard 

it Brother's, 97 F'ront 
Cooke Baldwin, clerk, dwl 237 Clay 
Cooke Robert, straw hat manf. N s Sutter bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Cooke U. Mrs. millinery, X s Sutter bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
COOK !■: WILLIAM B. & CO. law blank stationers, 

N W cor Mont'y & Merchant, ilimt'y Block, 

dwl N s Harris bet Brannan and Bryant 
Cooley George, drayman fur R. ¥. Knox & Co., 

dwl N 8 Brannan bet Third and i'ourth 
Coolidge Joseph, dwl 48 Bush 
Coolidge Joseph A. cor Pine and Battery 
Coombs Cliarlotte LeB. Mrs. proprietress Kincon 

House, NW cor Folsom and First 
Coombs Pierre Le B. dwl cor First and Folsom 
Coomdas George, laborer, dwl Telegraph Hill bet 

Sansome and Montgomery 
Coon Henry P. {Fanner, Chase & Co.) Police 

Judge, dwl N s Folsom bet First & Second 

Coonan Michael, laborer, Lick's alloy near Ecker 
Cooncy John, grocery, Union bet Montg'y & San 
Cooney John, porter, dwl W s Powell between 

Post and Sutter 
Cooney William, tailor, Second near Jessie 
Coouky R. tailor, bds with Mrs. Walsh, Jessie nr 

Cooper A. refiner, U. S. Branch Mint, bds 19G Cal 
Cooper Benjamin, dwl O'Farrell bet\(-een Dupont 

and Stockton 
Cooper E. S. physician, N s Mission near Third 
Cooper Franklin, mclit, dwl S s Stockton nr Pine 
Cooper H. engineer with Hammond & Knowles, 

bds Pine near Dupont 
Cooper Henry, saloon, cor Pacific and Sansome 
Cooper Henry, dwl Pino corner Central place 
Cooper H. W. carpenter, at Turner & Brothers 
Cooper John, boiler-maker, bds Union 
Cooper Richard, cook, dwl E s Dupont nr Green 
Cooty {Patrick H. 4; Gilbert George S.) Phoenix 

Oil Works 55 Wash'n, dwl cor Post & Mason 
Copai Josepli, wood and coal dealer, N s Taylor 

between Lombard and Chestnut 
Copo H. C. i^roduce dealer, bds Ninatic Hotel 
Copland John, dwl Geary near Kearny 
Copp N. P. fruit store, 200 Clay 
Copperman William, bottle dealer, dwl Beale cor 

Cora A. tin.'^mith, 112 Ke.arny 
Coray J. laundry, Simmons near Brannan 
Coray Owen, shoemaker, Jessie near Annie 
Corbell G. W. painter, dwl 6 Brenham place 
Corbett Edward S. dwl Clara near South Park 
Curbett James, clerk 121 California, dwl Clara 

between Ritch and F"ourlh 
Corbett James, boiler-maker, bds Union House 
Corbett John, liquors wholesale & retail, 121 Cal 
Corbett John, boiler-maker, bds Union House 
Corbett John C. conveyancer, etc 93 Merchant, 

dwl E s Folsom beyond toU-galo 
Corbett Patrick, porter. Hotel International 
Corbett William, bds IG Sansome 
Corbett Wm. boiler-maker, Vulcan Iron Works, 

First bet Mission and Howard 
Corbett William, pilot, dwl Green bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Corbett William, physician, S s Centre Miss Dels 
Corbiniere {Prot^jwr) & Laroche {Eugene,) dealers 

in eggs, butter and poultry, 10 Clay St Mkt 
Corcoren Michael, grocer, cor Jessie and Annie 
Cordell Geo. grainer and painter, 100 California 
Cordes .lldrich J. P. grocer. SE cor Puc & Powell 
CORDES ( William) & WRIGHT (//. C.) grocers, 

Stewart corner Mission, dwl N s Mission bet 

Second and Third 
Cordier F. Miner's Lunch, NW cor Sansome and 

Merchant, dwl 234 Sacramento 
Cordier (//) Cliarles {T.) & Co. proptra. Miner's 

Restaurant, 129 Commercial 
Cordiner Cliarles L. tailor, 02 Montgomery 
Cordiss 'William, dwl Howard near First 
Cords Henry, laundryman, dwl N s Yansen near 

Corey Thomas, stoves and tin-ware 145 Sansome 

bds Jackson nr Davis 
Gorier S. (liatier k C.) 3 Trainer's Row 
Corniack William E. US .Sacramento [Folsom 
Cornarens Harman, grocery, SE cor Third and 




Cornelius Jacob, shoe-maker, l)ds 63 & 65 Mont'y 
Cornelius John, rigger, dwl Kincon Point bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Cornelius W. dwl S\V cor Broadway and Dupont 
Cornehus William, blacksmith. East bet Jackson 

and Pacific 
Cornell Andrew J. barkeeper, 93 Merchant 
Cornell Benjamin W. laborer, dwl W s Yansen 

near Greenwich 
Cornet {Euselic) & Sibour (Addlks), jobbers, 98 

Front, dwl 1S8 Pine 
Comigee William D. salesman, at TaaCfe, McCa- 

hill k Co. dwl SW cor California & Stockton 
Cornips Bernard F. grocer, NW cor Powell and 

Cornips Harman, waterman, dwl E s Powell nr 

Cornish Henry C. (col'd), junk dealer, dwl E side 

Cornwall Arthur, clerk, stm New World, office 

Cal'a S. N. Co. NE cor Front' and Jackson 
Cornwall George G. at Mark Sheldon & Go's, bds 

Hotel International 
Cornwall William A. attorney at law, 101 Merch 
Corn well Coi-nelius C. clerk, with S. P. Whitman, 

bds 233 Kearny 
Cornwell (Joseph II.) & Co. {Mark Shddon), 

dealers in provisions and produce, 10 Merch, 

dwl S s California nr Stockton 
Corrar Eugene, prop'r French Bathing House, 

240 Pacific 
Corrigan Elizabeth Mrs. (widow) Brannan Place 
Corrigan Eugene, dwl Bryant Place 
Corrigan John P. examiner, Custom House, dwl 

2S U. S. Court Building 
Corris John, boiler-maker, Vulcan Iron Works, 

First bet Mission and Howard 
Corrister William D. San Francisco Minstrels, bds 

228 Stockton 
Corrizy Eugene, restaurant, W a Sulliran near 

Corry L. Miss, dress-maker, W s Kearny nr Pao 
Corse Willis, dwl 215 Clay 
Corser Cliarles H. office 178 Montgomery 
Corson G. Q. blacksmith, at T. Ogg Shaw's, 33 

Cortes James, dwl Pacific nr Hyde 
Cortes B. V. dwl S s Stev'n bet Third & Fourth 
Coryell J. R. plij'sician, NW cor Bd wy & Kearny 
Cosgrove John, machinist, bds with K. Cun- 
Cosgrove Patrick, fruits, Wasli'n nr Montgomery, 

dwl Third bet Folsoin and Harrison 
Cosgrove Peter, mason, dwl cor Mont'y k Union 
Cosgrove Philip, drayman, at Pacific Foundr}-, 

dwl Bryant nr Second 
Cosgrove William, bailiff. tJ. S. District Court, 

dwl U. S. Court Building 
Cosgrove William, stone-mason, dwl (rear) Berry 

near Mary's Lune 
Cossiek George, fruits, Maguire's Opera House, 

Washington nr Montgi.;mery 
Costar Henry, groceries and liquors, cor Folsom 

and Third 
Costau Peter, butcher, 4 Clay Street Market, dwl 

Sutter nr Kearny 
Costelle X. D. lithographer, at Brittou & Key's, 

NE cor Commercial and Montgomery 

Coster Hermann, {Rankin & C.) cor Third and 

Costerauste Etienno, {J. Guerin k, Co.) dwl en 

Broadway and Kearny 
Costigan ,Iohn, blacksmith and carriage maker, 

W s Kearny bet Cal and Pine, bds Pine bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Costigan Thomas, blacksmith and carriage maker, 

W s Kearny bet Cal'a and Pine, bds Wl-1j;j 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
CostiUo .Tames, teamster, Donahue's Union Wks, 

First cor Mission 
Costlow John, boatman, dwl Union bet Sansome 

and Battery 
Gotten A. M. prop'r Presidio House, Pres'o Roinl 
Cotter Francis, painter, dwl Jones nr California 
Cotter John, packer, with C. Whalley, 176 & 17- 

Cotter Patrick, engineer, bds Manhattan Housi 
Cotter R, S. {Auhi.n Gas Co.) Market opp Mont y 
Cotter William, overseer, dwl Bush bet Powi. 

and Mason 
Getting Ebeu, Stevedore dwl WS Montgomery 

bet Union and Filbert 
Cottle Franklin D. contractor and builder. Pine 

bet Sansome and Battery, dwl Howard bet 

Fifth and Simmons 
Cottrell Ew'd M. salesman, with John S. Brown, 

NS cor Green bet Powell and Mason 
Couch John, express wagon, dwl S s Dolores nr 

Coughlin Cornelius, shoe maker,Post near Dupont 
CouUison Andrew, apprentice to Hinckly, Worth 
Coulon Edward, tailor, 303 Dupont [& Field 

County William, laborer, bds C4 Broadway 
Couran Martin, groom with Lyman Clark 
Courcelle Achille, lurniture dealer, 302 Stocktci 
Courson John, blacksmith, dwl Phelan's Brancli. 

180 Jackson 
Courtade (Josepli.)\k Co. ( Victor,) butchers, .'i 

Clay St. Market dwl Sutter cor Dupont 
Courtis Thomas, dwl Beal bet Harrison & Bryant 
Courtney John, vegetable dealer, bds 20 Sansoim 
Courts {John W.) la Co. {Morris D. AkleiijchD 

wholesale and retail dealers fancy and stupii- 

dry goods, 181 Clay 
Cousins J. C. shipwright. Steamboat Point, foot 

Cousins William, brick-layer, dwl SE cor Broad- 
way and Jones 
Coutard Mme. dwl Rassette pi No. 3 
Gouts Henry, {Dillon & C.) 103 Montgomery 
Couts Henry J. Constable, Seventh District, Busli 

nr Montgomery, bds E s Laurel pi nr Bu^li 
Couttolenc- J. A. carpenter and builder, Aw'. 

COVERT A. M. enginer Steamship Orizaba, bil- 

Oriental Hotel 
Cowan Hugh, laborer, Minna nr Jane 
Cowan AVilliam A. dwl SE cor Montgomery and 

Cowell Henry, storage and commission, cor Union 

k Battery, office 155 Sansome, dwl Union nr 

Cowin James S. SE cor Sansome & Commercial 
COWING TURNER, artesian well sinker, dwl 

Leid'ff bet Pine and California, dwl cor Thira 

and Brannan 



Cowles Samuel, ( Gunnison, Parker &, C), dwl 

McLaren's Lauu iir Mission 
Cowley William M. printer, tlwl 150 Broadway 
Cox Anson, {.Uoreliouse &, Co.), 24 Clay 
Cox Benjanian Jr. street contractor, dwl NS Sto- 

vcson bet Third and Fourth 
Cox Carter, bds 18 Bush 
Cox Edward, engineer, Steamer Santa Cruz, NE 

cor Wasliiiigton and Front 
Cox John, dwl 2G9 Washington 
Cox J. Warren, (i^}'^'"' & Co.) Battery nr Broad- 
Cox (J. IF!) Anderson, (James), (col'd) boarding 

house, Sansome bet Pacific and Broadway 
Cox Lorin, painter at Morehouse & Co. bds Al- 
bion House 
Cox M. B. Capt. ■Wharfinger, office, Folsou cor 

Cox Patrick, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Cox Patrick, dept. Custom House, 

bds G8 Montgomery 
Cox Richard, laborer. Fort Point 
Cox Sally, (col'd) saloon, Kearny nr Pacific 
Coyan Frederic, sail maker, bds SE cor Sacra- 
mento and Druinm 
Coye HiraQi L. {liuckwell C. & Co.) dwl First cor 

Tehama place 
Coyle James, teamster, pier 2 Stewart, dwl Post 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Coyle Patrick, boarding house 10 Sansome 
Cozzens James, ship carpenter dwl IG Clementina 
Crabb Alexander, compositor Eve. Bulletin, dwl 

Kearny bet Broadway and Pacific 
Crafts George W. office with R. E.Brewster &, 

Co. Front cor Clav, dwl Pacific nr Stockton 
CRAIB (William) &'0O. (John Pohoarth), fish 

emporium, 83 Davis ant^ll New World Mar 

ket, dwl Main nr Howard 
Craig John. (Duncan &, Co.) ship joiner, steam- 
boat Point foot of Third 
Craig Peter, dwl Bryant bet Third and Fourth 
CKAia WILLIAM', ale and porter saloon, 219 

Craig William, steward, SW cor Kearny& Chesnut 
Craiger Jacob, butcher, dwl Sutter E of Stockton 
CRAIXE (WiUiam) & ENGLAND (Tkomas), 

architects, 182 Washington 
Cram Mrs. midwife, cor Bush and Stockton 
Cramer John D. salesman, 63 Battery, dwl NS 

Washington above Powell 
Cramer V. & Co. importers, UG Clay, dwl 280 

Powell bet Union and Filbert 
Crandall Uwight, clerk Naval office, dwl Larkin 

bet Greenwich and Lombard 
Crandell Oliver L, commission merchant, G4 Front 

dwl 239 Stockton cor Sacramento, 
Crane Charles It. (Pearson & C.) 187 Clay, bds 

Hotel International 
Crane E. Mrs. midwife, cor Jane and Jessie 
Crano Henry A. (^Crowell C. & Brigham), 131 

Crane James C. dwl Drayman's Exch, 75 Davis 
Crane John, dwl Wash'u bet Stock and Powell 
Crane Joseph, (./. Ili'jetow i, Co.) res at Petaluma 
CRANE WILLIAM W. Jii. attorney at law, 12 

Well's Building, dwl NW cor Caland Jones 
Craner S. (Stoltz & C.) 117 Sacramento 
Crannan Michael, waiter, Railroad House 

Cranskey Henrj', boarding house, Bay between 

Kearny and Dupont 
Cranz Theodore, cabinet-maker, l.'!2 California 
Crature Henry, commission merchant, dwl "Ws 

Taylor between Pine and California 
Crawford Andrew & Co. sail-maker, 139 Front, 

dwl Greenwich bet Stockton and Dupont 
Crawford Samuel, carpenter, dwl Central place 
Crawley Geo W. dwl Brannan bet Third & Fourth 
Crawley J. dwl Bryant bet First and Second 
Creamer Aaron, hair dressing saloon, American 

Exchange, dwl S s Bush bet Dupont & Stock 
Creamer James, drayman, bds 152 Sansome 
Creamer Peter J. (Malone &, Co.) dwl Tehama 

bet Fourth and Fifth 
Creamer Peter, at Sugar Refinery, dwl Tehama 

bet Fourth and Fifth 
Creary Joshua J. clerk, dwl 6 Brenham place 
Creary Oliver B. Capt. coal-yard, Davis near 

A'allejo, dwl N s Laurel place near Essex 
Creigh John D. attorney at law, 53 Montgomery 
Creigh Michael, boot and shoe maker, 86^ Batty, 

dwl First near Market 
Creigh S. W. freight clerk, steamer Urilda, office 

C. S. N. Co. NE cor Jackson and Front 
Creigh Thomas, clerk and collector, S. F. Gas Co. 

dwl First cor Natotna 
Creighton Ferdinand, cashier. Post Office, dwl 

cor Post and Taylor 
Creighton Geo. cabinet-maker, Bush cor Trinity 
Creighton Geo. J. sexton. Trinity Church, dwl 

Russ court ■ 

Creighton Robt. dwl S s Bush bet Stock & Powell 
Cremony John C. office of Herald, dwl 101 Mcht 
Crepand William W. carpenter, dwl Sutter bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
CREVOLIN (Ftlial) & CO. (Joseph Nicholas), 

manufacturers of syrups, cordials and ginger 

wine, 147 Jackson 
Crinanon Michael, porter, dwl rear 7 Berry 
Critcher Henry, dwl NW cor Pine and Taylor 
Crittenden A. P. (CrocktU, Baldwin ifc C.) attor- 
ney at law, E.xpress Building [Kearny 
Croall James, carpenter, dwl S s Greenwich near 
Croccari Andrew, fruit dealer, 102 Dupont 
Crocker George II. wines and liquors, S s Sacra- 
mento near Battery 
Crockett Charles, drayman at 53 & 55 Front 
Crockett John, tin-smith at cor Davis and Com- 
mercial bds Knickerbocker House 
CROCKETT (J. B.) BALDWIN (Joseph G.) & 

CRITTENDEN (.1. P.) attorneys at law 1, 

2 & 3, Express Building 
Crocquell Cheodore, 11 Express Building 
Croft Alfred S. carpenter, dwl cor Vallejo and 

Sonoma place 
Croftop James, laborer, dwl Union bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Croignat E. bds Union Hotel 
Cromartie M. W. office at Smith Brothers & Co. 

NW cor Battery and California, bda NE cor 

Montgomery and Bush 
Cromer Henry, laborer U. S. B. Mint 
Cromie D. machinist, Market cor Fremont, dwl 

Montgomery cor Sutter 
Cronin Daniel, bootmaker, at Swain & Slocumb's 
Cronise Wm. H. V. speculator, SE cor California 

& Front, bds Green bet Stockton & Duponj 




Cronkriko Joseph W. boot & shoe maker, 35 Pac 
Crooks .lolin, merchant, dwl Wetmore pi, above 

Stockton near Clay 
Crooks ilathew, dwl Townsend bet Third and 

Crooks Samuel, drayman, dwl cor Jones & Pine 
Crosby ( C/mrfes W.) & Dibblee {Albert), commis- 
sion merchants. 111 Battery 
CROSBY KLISUA 0. attorney at law, 1 and 3 

Court Block 
Crosby i\ W. (K. B. Gray & Co.) dwl GG Merch 
Crosby James, tailor, with Alexander Gilmore 
Crosby Levi B. bJs at St. Charles Hotel 
Crosby N. jr. clerk with Balch & Webber, bds 

123 Bash 
Crosby Porter, compos'n roofer, dwl N s Bernard 
Crosby William, bds Barkley House 
Crosby William, laborer, dwl Mowry's lane 
Croskrey Robert, carpenter, Vulcan Foundry, 

dwl Silver bet Second and Third 
Crosly John W. accountant, 33 Sacramento 
CROSS (.1.) & CO. (Joseph Clark), commission 

merchants, 157 Battery 
Cross Horatio, miner, dwl Eddy bet Annie & Ellis 
Cross Richard, ale-house, N s Pacific nr Front, 

dwl G3 Broadway 
Crothers George, carpenter, dwl E s Yerba Buena 

near Clay 
Crouch Daniel, laborer. Pacific Foundry, First 

bet Mission and Howard 
Crouse Charles, dwl Cadel place 
Grouse John R. (Newhaus, C. & Co.) 110 San- 
some, dwl 139 Sansome 
Croux A. carpenter, dwl N s Clay above Powell 
Crovat P. A. Inspector Custom House, dwl 18 

Crowder John, dwl Filbert bet Taylor & Jones 
Crowe John, laborer. Fort Point 
Crowell Edgar, clerk, dwl Vernon place bet Jack- 
son and Washington 
Crowell Edgar W. 51 Jackson, dwl rear Barham pi 
Crowell {Eugene), Crane {Henry A.) & Brigham 
( WiUiatn H.) wholesale druggists, 131 Com- 
mercial, dwl cor Second and Clementina 
Crowell J. clerk, dwl S s California above Dupont 
Crowell S. G. Mrs. dwl NE s Third nr Polsora 
Crowley Cornelius, fruits, etc. Third bet Folsom 

• and Harrison 
Crowley Florence, carpenter, cor Natoma & Jane 
Crowley James C. clerk with Conroy & O'Connor, 

bds Third near Folsom 
Crowley John, laborer, dwl S s Brown's alley 
Crowley John, laborer, dwl SE s Minna bet 

Third and Fourth 
Crowley John, salesman with N. Hayes, 6S and 

70 Commercial 
Crowley John, caulker, bds SE cor Clark k Front 
Crowley Michael, steward, dwl S s Green near 

Crowley Patrick, Constable First District, office 
NE cor Pacific and Kearny, dwl St. Vincent 
Crowley W. ship-carpenter, bds 40 First 
Crownan Daniel, laborer, Fort Point 
Crowther Richard A. liquor merch, 37 Leidesdorff, 

dwl S s Sutter bet Dupont and Stockton 
Croze A. produce dealer, dwl W 8 Mason bet 

Post and Sutter 
Crozier Robert G. bds E s Pike bet Clav & Wash 

Crucavich Peter, dwl Powell bet Bdwy & Pacific 
Crummy John, butcher, dwl Chesnut nr Larkin 
Crunnion Dennis, dwl NW cor Mission & Third 
Crutchley Henry S. salesman, SE cor Sansome 

& Commercial, dwl Dupont bet Cal & Pine 
Oruyse Edward, ship-yard, foot of Second 
Cudgell .Tames, tallow factory, Lombard near 

Franklin, dwl Black Point 
Cudworth {A. W.) &, Co. (IV. C. Pease), propt'r 

E.Kcelsior Soda Factory, cor Hinckley and 

Cudworth 0. P. Mrs. teacher Spring Valley School 
Cudworth Wallace J. milk ranch, dwl Presidio 

road W of Schoolhouse 
Culbert James, waiter Railroad House 
Cullan William, dealer in produce, 57 Clay, dwl 

Filbert bet Dupont and Kearny 
CuUaton Edward, baker at Irving Bakery 
Cullen Thomas, ball alley, S s Market nr Ecker 
Culligan Michael, laborer, Ecker nr Clementina 
CuUum Francis, laborer, dwl S s Valparaiso bet 

Taylor and Mason 
Culver J. H. watchman, bds Beale above Folsom 
Culver William H. Justice of Peace, Fourth Dis- 
trict, office Brenham place, dwl S s Jackson 

nr Powell 
Culverwell Joseph, sash and blind maker, bds 

with S. S. Culverwell 
Culverwell Stephen S. ( Chittenden i, C.) dwl Ste- 
venson nr First 
Cummerford Michael, dwl Horner's addition S. 

Mission Church 
Cummings C. importer of clocks, bds 125 Wash'n 
Cummings Daniel G. furnished rooms, 39 Mont. 
Cummings E. J. Mrs. proptress Queen City Hotel, 

Davis bet Chambers and Broad ivay 
Cummings Francis M. salesman, 185 Montgomery, 

bds 4 Trainor Row 
Cummings George, machinist Vulcan Iron Works, 

First bet Mission and Howard 
Cummings H. K. & Co. ( Walter B. Cummings), 

importers and commission raerchts, 50 Cal 
Cummings {II. Kimball) & Swan {Leverett), veg- 
etable dealers, Washington Market, dwl 

Quiney bet Pine and California 
Cummings J. dwl Perry above Third 
Cummings James, carpenter, dwl Lincoln 
Cummings Thomas, boiler maker. Union Iron 

Works, First cor Mission 
Cummings Walter B. {H. K. Cummings <fc Co.) 

50 California 
Cummins George, Howard nr First 
Cummins Alexander, helper at Pacific Foundry, 

dwl Mission nr First 
Cummins John caulker, bds Union House 
Cummins Michael, tailor with Peter Anderson, 

dwl Pacific nr Toll Gate 
Cummiskey Henry, baker, dwl Leavenworth nr 

CUMMISKEY JOHN, wholsale and retail dealer 

in wines and liquors, 115 Sacramento cor 

Cum Sing, washing and ironing, Jackson bet 

Front and Davis 
Cunce John, dwl N s Green nr Powell 
Cundle T. J. shipping agents, 106 Davis 
Cunninaham Andrew, bar keeper. 13G Mont'y 
Cunningham John, drayman, dwl Orleans Av. 










128 Sansome Street, corner of Merchant. 


131 G BLAK B§mi 


Paper Ruled and Bound to any desired pattern. 






Corner of Market aod Bnsli Streets, 


Manufacturers of STEAM SOILERS, high and low pressure, 

Sl?:iivSC AST® Wi^.!?ISIB IPniFHa 

Of a better quality, and at prices more reasonable, than any other establishment on 
the PaciGc Coast. 

Being practical Boiler Makers, of long experience, confining onr whole time and 
attention exclusiyely to one branch of business, and using the best quality and brands 
of Boiler and Sheet Iron and Boiler Tubes, enable us to say to all that are in want 
of any work in the above line to give ns a call, and they shall find our work to be of 
the best quality — prices reasonable, and warranted according to order. 

Orders from the country, by express or otherwise, with a remittance or satisfactory 
reference, will be promptly executed, and shipped as ordered. Particular attention 



144 Sansome St., bet. Washington and Jackson 

Xj. 00:BTTH.3JJ", I»ror>n©toir. 

The best of Saddle and Buggy Horses to let on the most reasonable terms. 

Particular attention paid to Horses kept on liivery. 



I Cunninpliam James, dealer in produce, 55 Mer- 
, I'linnt, dwl NS Mission bet Fit\li ,t Simmons 

I CUNXINGIIAM JOHN R. Oregon House, Stew- 
art bet Mission and Howard 
Cunningliam Patrick, porter.Banic Exchange 
Cunuingliani Peter, printer witli O'Meara St, Pain- 
ter, dwl Stevenson nr Second 
Cunningham Richard, mechanics' boarding house, 

Market opp Sansome 
Cunniiiirham Samuel, engineer stm'r Commodore, 

dwl Howard nr Hubbard 
Cunningham Simon D. collector and constable. 

Fourth District, dwl SE cor Rood and Wash. 
Cunningham Thomas, pilot, dwl cor Washington 

and Stockton 
Cunningworth John, clerk with Alfred Atkinson, 

bds Dupont nr Broadway 
Cure John, tinsmith, dwl E s Larkin nr Union 
Curley Frederic, laborer, Broadway nr Sansome 
Curley John, porter, at Bingham & Reynolds', 

dwl S s Union nr Jones 
Curley {P.) & Harvey [Michel), boarding-house. 

Battery bet Pacific and Broadway 
Curley Patrick, miner, dwl S 8 Union nr Jones 
CURiiAN BAIiNARD, tailor, Montgomery bet 

Summer and Cal. bds What Cheer House 
Curran Patrick, dwl Pinkncy 
Curran Patrick H. clerk, dwl S s Brd'wy nr Mason 
Curran Thomas, dwl Greene cor Dupont 
Curren C. mes-scnger, U. S. B. itint 
Currie {Joliii 0.) Si, Richardson (Adnjph B.) auc- 
tion and commission, 106 Sansome, dwl 88 

Currier G. bds N s Broadway nr Dupont 
Currier Gorham, with J. J. Felt, pier 5 Stewart 

nr Mission 
CURRY CHARLES, guns & sporting materials, 

87 Battery 
Curry Charles H. (eol'd) boot polisher, Merchant 

nr Kearny 
Curry Edward, bargeman Custom House 
Curry Elias L. carpenter, N s Jackson nr Stockton 
Curry John P, Capt. dwl W s Dupont nr Francisco 
Curry John P. topographical engineer, dwl E s 

Kearny nr Pine 
Curtin Cornelius, produce racht, 32 Clay 
Curtis Chas. jr. {Curtis Sc Son), bds 2G3 Stockton 
Curtis (Charles) & Son (Charles Curtis, jr.) m- 

telligence office, cor Com'l and Leidesdorff 
Curtis Daniel, laborer, bds W s Powell bet Post 

and Sutter [Davis 

Curtis (E. S.) & Co. shipping office, Tallejo near 
Curtis Geo. A. dairyman, Presidio Road, West of 

Valley House 
Curtis Henry, book-keeper with Frank Baker, 

dwl W s Stockton near Jackson 
Curtis James F. chief of police, City Ifall 
Curtis J. B. street contractor, dwl 115 Bush 
Curtis Jolin, 131 Bush 
Curtis Thomas M. waterman, dwl Market, South 

of Third 
Curtis (WilUam H.) k Elliott (SamwX), wood 

and coal-yard, Broadway nr Stockton 
Cushing B. bds What Cheer House 
Cushing Charles H. book-keeper with Smith, 

MoDaniel A Co. dwl N s Bush nr Dupont 
Cushing J. J. physician, office 82 Kearny, dwl 

California nr Prospect place 

Cushing Brothers, (John M. & Henry), butchers, 

1 New AVorld JIarket, and Boston Market, 

East nr Jackson, dwl Clay nr Powell 
Cushing Robert, 123 Washington 
Cushnian Chas. D. dwl rear Mason, W side, bet 

California and Sacramento 
Cutler Rufus P. Rev. pastor of Unitarian Church, 

dwl Harriett, N of Folsom nr Simmons 
Cutler Rufus, laborer, dwl cor Gaines and Union 
Cutter II. E. cabinet-maker, 132 California, bds 

What Cheer House 
Cutter Horace F. merchant, dwl 153 Dupont 
Cutter James H, commission nicht, 30 Front, 

dwl SW cor Hyde and Sutter 
Cutter (Reuben S.) & Coyle ( John E.) Tehama, 

Market, cor Second and Tehama, boards G 

Belden's Block 
Cutter Wm. H. (Wa.-<hhurn & Co.) 121 Front 

dwl Montgomery nr Sutter 
Cypiot Ferdinand, clerk at Austin & Co's, boards 

Rassette House 
CZAPKAY L. J. physician. Medical Institute, 

SE corner Sacramento and Leidesdorft', dwl 

Third bet Harrison and Bryant 
Czarnikow Robert, cigars, 123 Sacramento 
Czhaykoski Leon, cigars, 199 Clay 

DAB.4.T Baptista, GuiUaumo Tell Hotel, cor Pa- 
cific and Sullivan 
Dabovich Nicola, fruit, 117 Washington 
Dabrod Charles, cooper at A. D. Baker's, Com- 
mercial below Davis 
Daggett John R. clerk with Newhall & Gregory, 

SW cor Sacramento and Battery 
Daggett Rollin M. (Brooks, D. & Foard), Golden 

Era, 151 Clay 
Daggett Samuel, teacher of French and Spanish, 

dwl cor Sacramento and Brooklyn place 
Daggett W'm. C. clerk, 112 California 
Dahlinger John, njattress-makcr, 86 Pacific 
Dahlmann Charles, clothing, 107 Commercial 
Dahlmann Nathan, salesman, 107 Commercial 
Dake E. C. (Harmon & D.) 145 Washington 
Daker Jacob, wagon-maker, dwl S s Geary near 

Dale Peter, seaman, boards junction Market and 

Dale Robert, seaman, dwl Green nr Sansome 
Daley Daniel, tinsmith, dwl cor Sutter & Mont'y 
Daley Michael, gardener. Mission, cor Maclareu's 

Dall C. C. Capt. stm'r Republic, office Pacific Mail 

Steamship Co. 
Dall Christopher, dwl 115 Broadway 
Dall John II. contractor, 177 Clay, dwl 115 

Dall 'William, dwl 23 Merchant 
Dall Wm. L. Capt. stm'r Columbia, office Pacific 

Mail Steamship Co 
Dallam R. B. bakery. Second near Tehama, dwl 

Tehama near Second 
Dalliba Henry S. bds S s Post bet Montgomery 

and Kearny 
Dally James A. book-keeper at Southgate & 

Mitchell's, dwl SW cor Stockton and Sac 



Dally William M. clerk at Crosby i. Dibblee's, 

111 Battery 
Palton Daiiiol, laborer, Fort Point 
Ilijiton Daiiiul, thvl Biauuan nr Simmons 
Dalton lUigli, What Cbeor House 
Dalton Putrifk, laborer, Fort Point 
Dalton Richard, waiter, Hotel International 
Dalton Wm. (Pcarce&D.) dwl Davis bet Pacific 

and Clark 
Daly Dennis, laborer, dtvl Firsst nr Tehama 
]1aly John, caulker, dvvl 34 First 
Daly John G. salesman, 11!) Montgomery, dwl 

Powell bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Daly Micliael, warehouseman, dwl Union betw'n 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Daly Poter, laborer, dwl Oliio bet Broadway and 

Daly Rose Mrs. laundress, St. Mary's PI nr Pine 
Dam Alphonzo, hair dresser, SW cor Larkin and 

Dam George W. {Clowjh & D.) dwl Larkin near 

Dam John, porter, at M. Hathaway's, bds 12 

Dame B. R. bookseller, dwl cor Sac and Davis 
Dame F. H. Captain, stm Santa Cruz, office NE 

cor Washiugton and Front 
Damerell Daniel W. compositor, Alta California, 

dwl Powell bet Pine and Bush 
Dameron W. B. surveyor, Custom House, bds S 

s Sutter near Stockton 
Damon James, stationer, 122 Commercial, bds 

159 Mission 
Dana Charles, at Dana Bros. & Co. dwl 128 Sme 
Dana Henrv F. {Bana Bros. & Go.) 123 Sansome 
DANA BROS. & CO. ( William A. & Henry F.) 

com merehant-s, 12S Sansome 
DANAHAR (P. //) & SCHMIDT {T. E.) dry 

poods, 119 Monty, dwl Minna nr Second 
Dancerault Moses, liquors, W s Kearny nr Post 
Daneal Francis, bar-room. Center cor Guerrero 
Daney Mmo. teacher of French, W s Kearny nr 

Danford William, carpenter, bds S s John near 

Danglada Domingo, dwl Avenue bet Sparks and 

Daniel John B. stage driver, bds W s Powell bet 

Bush and Pine 
Daniel Jolin M. proptr Pioneer Race Course, dwl 

SW cor Mont'y and California 
Daniels Joseph Maj. dwl ?A'i Powell 
Daniels Thomas, porter, witli W. F. Walton & Co 
Dannenberg Emily, embroidery, 36U Stockton 
Danneuberg Joseph, embroideries, 161 Sac 
Dausac Francois, collector. French Society, dwl 

S s Vallejo bet Dupont & Stockton 
Danziger Henry, {Woulfe Si. D.) dwl S 3 Sutter 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Danziger Henry, jr. salesman, 82 Commercial 
Danziger Isaac, cigar manf, bds 124 Jackson 
Darby Jerediah, carpenter, with Turner Bros. 
Darche Fran9ois, cook, dwl Mary Lane & Berry 
Darden James D. statistical clerk. Custom House, 

bds Hotel International 
Dargie Jolin, dwl E s Folsom bet First & Essex 
Dark E. proptr Eclipse Market, East bet Com'l 

and Sacramento, bds cor First and Folsom 

Darling Benjamin, carpenter, dwl 172 Bush 
Darling Charles, laborer, Stewart Pier No 4 
Darling Richard, harness maker, bds C Bclden's 

Darling William A. com merchant, 102 Battery, 

dwl S s Lombard bet Kearny & Dupont 
Darnaville Jo-seph, waiter, 252 Dupont 
Darnell Henry Y. clerk, dwl E 8 Kitch bet Fol- 
som and Harrison 
Darrinian E. S s Center bet Guerrero k Dolores 
Dart Alexander, flour merchant, dwl S s Second 

near Bryant 
Dart Charles H. clerk, at 124 Front, bds Mission 

bet First and Second 
DART PUTNAM C. Hour dealer, 124 Front, bds 

5 3 Minna nr First 

Dastugue Cary, butcher, 50 Wash'n Market 
Dauby Louis J. dwl 12G Dupont 
Dave Mrs. dwl cor Battery and Union 
DAVEGA (Benjamin F.) & SINAY (Sw) fancy 

and dry goods, SE cor Clay and Kearny 
Davenport John, stevedore, dwl Natomanr Jane 
Davenport Thomas, laborer, W s Lagoon 
Davenport Thomas, book-keeper, with D. L. Ross 

6 Co. dwl Mason nr Clay 

Davenport William H. office at Dana Bros & Co. 

dwl Mission bet Potter and Brady 
Davey James, waller. Railroad House 
David August, tinsmith, 249 Dupont 
David Frank, drayman, dwl alley on Taylor bet 

Post and Sutter 
DAVIDSON BENJAMIN, banker, NW comer 

Montgomery and Commercial, dwl Sutter 

bet Stockton and Powell 
DAVIDSON (Donuld) &, CO. commission mer- 
chants, 118 Sacramento 
Davidson H. V. physician, dwl W s Kearny nr 

Davidson {John W.) & Lane [Richard), dwl N s 

Mission nr Third 
Davidson Marx, stoves and tinware, 200 Pacific 
Davidson N. J. painter, dwl G Brenham place 
Davidson Thomas, laborer, N s Green nr Sansome 
Davidson Ule, cabinet-maker. Union bet Dupont 

and Stockton bds Card's Alley 
Davies John S. {Bms & B.) dwl N s Eddy bet 

Mason and Taylor 
DAVIES JUDAH P. commission broker, 67 

California, dwl E s Kearny nr Union 
Davies Shadracli, c.ibinet-maker, 260 Clay 
Davis Abraham, butcher, bds Kearny N s nrPost 
Davis (Alfred E.) & Co. {Samuel J. Davis, jr.) 

hog ranch, Brannan N of Bridge 
Davis A. L. M. Miss, assistant Denman Grammar 

School, dwl Bush above Stockton 
Davis carrier Alta California, SW cor Mar- 
ket and Ecker 
Davis Alviu H. undertaker, 161 Sacramento, dwl 

219 California 
Davis B. W. book-keeper -with Davis & Jordan, 

dwl Second nr Stcveson 
Davis Capt. bdiTremont House, Bat'y nr Vallejo 
Davis Charles, commission merchant, 84 Battery, 

dwl Fremont bet Harrison and Bryant 
Davis Charles, butcher, dwl Tehama nr Fourth 
Davis Daniel, cigars, N s Washington nr Mont, 
Davis Edward S. (A. M. Gilman &. Co.) dwl E s 

Powell bet Jackson and Pacific 



Davis ElwiD \V. 136 Montgomery, dwl cor Wash- 
ini;tori and Stockton 

Davis Ervvin, capitalist, 102 Merchant 

Davis George, cabiuet-niaker, bda SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Broadway 

Davis George, mattress-maker, Easton'a Steam 

DAVIS (G'iorge B.) & BOWERS (JohnB.) Quin- 
cy Hall clothing emporium, 149 and 151 

Davis George H. merchant, NW cor Front & Clay 

Davis George II. ticket clerk Pacific Mail S. S Co. 
dwl 27G Clay 

Davis H. speculator, dwl Post S a bet Dupont 
and Slockton 

Davis Harriet, dress-maker, dwl 115 Bush 

Davis Henry, carpenter, dwl N s Pacific nr Powell 

Davis Henry, salesman, 8S & 90 Commercial, 
bds Post bet Powell and Stockton 

Davis Henry L. dwl 270 Clay 

Davis Horace, Purser, Steam ship Sonora, office 
Pacific Mail Steam sliip Co. 

DAVIS (/»(wc E.) & JORDAN (A. P.) lime, ce- 
ment etc. office Steam .ship Santa Cruz, NE 
cor Front and Washington, dwl Mission bet 
Fourth and Fifth 

Davis Jane M. Mrs. dreas-raaker and millinery, 
206 Kearny 

Davis Jolin, ship-carpenter, dwl Broadway near 
Van Ness Av. 

Davis John, (col'd), white-washer, Kearny near 

Davis John B. F. boot and shoe store, Second nr 

Davis J. W. carpenter, Bush bet Stock. & Powell 

Davis Lewis, cor Sacramento and Battery, dwl 
Howard bet First and Second 

Davis Mark.s, clothing, 187 Pacific 

Davis Matilda E. (widow) dwl cor Union and 
Union Place 

Davis Morris, tailor. Third S a bet Stevenson 
and Mission 

Davis Oliver P. toys, 171 Clay 

DAVIS RICHARD D. W. & CO. auctionera and 
commission merchants, SW cor Calllornia & 
Sansoiiio, dwl Ss Washington above Powell 

Davis Russiil, (colo'd), laundryman, dwl corner 
Greenwich and Kearny 

Davis Samuel J. jr. {Davis & Co.) Brannan N 
of Bridge 

Davis Simeon, upholsterer, dwl Taylor bet Sacra- 
mento and California 

Davis S. S. hds Niantic Hotel 

Davia S. S. (col'd) porter, dwl 3 Virginia 

Dav'S Phineus H. book-keeper with R. H. Vance, 
SW cor Montgomery and Sacramento, dwl 
Second near Stevenson 

Davis Thomas, plasterer, bds What Cheer House 

Davis Thomas S. boarding house, Broadway near 

Davis ( William) i, Ilalla ( George), turners. Mar- 
ket op Battery, dwl NE cor Pine and Ilyde 
Davis William, cook, Drumm bet Pac and Jack 
Davis Wm. H. physician, SW cor Stock & Wash'n 
Davis William J. sasl> and door maker, bda NE 

cor Ecker and Stevenson 
Davison Wm. coach-maker, 21 Bush, bds 25 Bush 
Dawes James, bds SW cor Mason and Pacific 

Dawes John, book-keeper with Jaa. B. Roberta 

& Co. 115 Battery 
Dawes W. Jlrs. dwl NW s Folsom near Fourth 
Dawson S. A. Mrs. Rip Van Winkle Saloon, SW 

cor Pacific and Davia, and Davis but Vallejo 

and Broadway 
Day Andrew, laborer. Green near Stockton 
Day David (i. 127 Wash'n dwl Mis.siou cur Brady 
Day Henry F. book-keeper with Sather & Church, 

dwl 67 Howard 
Day John, tailor with Davia & Bowers, bda Du- 
pont near Geary 
Day Michael, porter, 91 Front dwl Tehama bet 

First and Second 
Day Micliael 0. teamster, bds 20 Sansome 
Day Samuel, gardener with G. W. P. Bissell 
Day Thomas, candelebras, lamps, etc. 173 Mont'y 
Day W. F. salesman at Place & By xbee's, Stewart 

cor Folsom 
Day William 11. oyster saloon, 63 Davis 
Dayton John B. book-binder with J. J. Lecount, 

bds Clay near Dupont 
Diizet Joseph, butcher, dwl Pacific bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
Dazet Julien, butcher, dwl Pacific bet Leaven- 
worth and Ilyde 
Deabus Frank F. bar-keeper. Pacific ur Dupont 
Deal Martin, laborer. Fort Point 
Dean Aunice C. Mrs. furnished rooms, Stockton 

cor Pacific 
Dean H. dwl NW cor Broadway and Kearny 
Dean James, painter, dwl .Sacramento nr Stock 
Dean Margaret Mrs. principal of Primary School 

No. i, dwl Folsom cor Wood 
Deane Coll, clerk at Eugene Kelly & Go's NW cor 

Sacramento and Sansome 
Deane {James li.) & Oliver (John B.) dealers in 

paints & oils, 142 Clay, dwl Fol'ni cor Wood 
D'Arcy John, Metropolitan Bakery, N a Pacific 

below Front 
DE ARCE L. PONTON, {Sanjurio&Co.)\1\ San 
Dcaring Christian, cigar manufactory, 123 Bush 
Deats Charles, butcher, dwl Mason bet Jacksou 

and Washington 
Deaves Edward, Maguire's Opera House, dwl S s 

Jackson near Powell 
Debanne Prosper, clerk with Sansevaine Bros 
Debenguy Desir6, prcptr Cafe Francois 154 Sac 
De Boon Corneille, rentier, dwl 1 94 Pine 
Do Breeze William, moulder, Fulton Foundry, 

dwl Minna near First 
DECASSINS ANN M'dme, fortune-teller, 271 

Deck James, laborer, bds with R. Cunningham 
Decker Jacob, messenger. Custom House 
Decker Martin, waiter, 65 & 67 Merchant 
Deconclois Isadore, {Dyer & Co.) daguerreian 

artist, 106 Clay 
Deeoster John B. steward, dwl St. Mary's place 

near Pine 
De Craeke Joseph, stoves and tinware, 150 San 
Deeray Augustus, laundryman, NE cor Taylor 

and Valparaiso 
Deedy Charles, bar-tender, N 8 Pac below Btty 
Deen James S. dwl W 8 Mason near Jackson 
Deering Matthew, drayman, 1 Clay 
Deeth (Jacoh) k Starr {Vtomas N.) Golden State 

Bakery, 31 Sacramento, dwl 51 Minna 



Defer Andre, assayer, Hentsch's Assay Office, 

dwl Ihipont near Pine 
Defer Prosper, barber, 216 Dupont [Hotel 

Dell'ebach Thomas B. (Agnew k Z>.) bds Niantic 
Do Fremery .lames, commission mercliant, Mer- 

cliant nr Battery, and Mecklenljurf; Schwe- 

rin Consul, dwl cor Taylor and .Sacramento 
De Fremery William C. B. clerk, dwl cor Taylor 

and Sacramento 
De Frevitte Kugeno, with ITenry Sweetser, dwl 

Sutter bet Powell and Stockton 
Defriezo Geo; W. porter at McUuer k Xferrill's 
Degar George W. carpenter, dwl 5 Auburn 
De Graft" David D. carpenter, dwl 57 Sansomo 
De Groot Henry G. assistant editorTimesi; Town 

Talk, dwl Pino near Montgomery 
De Groot L. A. collector, dwl cor Bush & Monty 
Dehon T. M. J. merchant, Dolores nr Centre 
Dejon Peter, tailor, bds 162 Pine 
DELABIGNE J. B. produce, 64 Clay, dwl 354 

Delatond Leopold, proptr Lafayette Brewery, dwl 

Green bet Powell and Mason 
Delafont Louis k Co. ( Thomas Paige), importers 

of wines and liquors, 130 Washington, dwl 

Dupont nr Powell 
DE LAGUNA A. DE LEO, "Laguna" Saloon, 

143 Montgomery, dwl W s Dupont bet Pine 

and Bush 
Delahanty (John) & Skelly (Michael), Empire 

Soda Works, Mission near Third 
De La Montaignie Joseph E. {Johnston & Co.) 

cor Market and Stewart 
De La Montanya J. & Brother (i/! De La Man- 

tanya), stoves and tin ware, 82 Jackson 
De La Montanya M. (J. De La M. k Brother), 82 

Delan Malvina Madame, fortune teller, dwl 198 

Deland Stephen, variety store, 31 Clay 
Delange Conrad, lumber discharger, dwl 137 

Delange G. cabinet-maker, SW cor Dupont and 

St. Mark's pi 
DELANT CHARLES MoC. attorney at law, 140 

Clay, dwl S s Union near Stockton 
Delany Martin, ( Ward k Co.) dwl NE cor Post 

and Dupont 
Delany Mathew, veterinary surgeon, SE cor Bush 

and Kearny, dwl Washington nsar Gouch 
Delany Patrick, laborer, dwl Dupont nr O'Farrell 
Delaney Patrick, well-sinker, dwl S s Minna bet 

Third and Fourth 
Delaney William, carpenter, bds with R. Cun- 
Delaney shipcarpenter, dwl Silver bet 

Third and Fourth 
Delaney Wm. D, shipcarpenter, bds 89 Bush 
DE LA RCE (Edgar) k SCHNEPEL (Ccesor) 

dealers in lumber, SE cor California k Davis, 

and pier 2 Stewart St. Whf, bds SW cor 

Dupont and Pine 
Delatour {Alexander) k Child {Aso), house and 

sign painter, N s Market near Kearny 
Delavan James, physician, dwl Presidio road nr 

De Leon Francisco, dwl 171 Sansorae 
DELESSERT EUGENE, agent general business 

and receiver for F. Argenti, Cavellier Jt Co. 

(in lifiuid.ation.) 172 Montgomery 
Delgardno Janet, grocer. Green near Stnckton 
Delger Frederick, boots and shoes, 90 Kearny, 

dwl 65 Bush 
Delhante Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Deliagre Matilda, professor of music, dwl rear 198 

Delia Torre Peter, {Calhoim, Wise A 7).) U. S. 

District Attorney, office i U. S. Court Bdg, 

bds Rassette House 
Dellen Mary Mrs. laundress, dwl Rassette No. 3 
Dollcpiane Joseph, grocer, NE cor Jack & Dup 
Deloche Baptiste, elk with Lemoine, Froment kCo. 
DeLong Francis, 63 Battery, dwl First corTeha'; 
De Luce George, watchman U. S. B. Mint, dwl 

S 3 Union bet Stockton and Powell 
Demarest Jacob D. physician. No. 1 Express Bdg. 

dwl 118 Pine 
Demas .Tohn, fruits. 196 Washington 
DE MASSEY ERNEST, foreign book store, 12C 

Montgomery, dwl G Armory Hall 
Demontreux Nicholas, plumber, dwl Agnes lane 
Demoro , captain bark Genova, dwl cor Sac- 
ramento and Brooklyn place 
De Mott P. bds What Cheer House 
Dempsey James, dwl Rassette place No. 3 
Dempster C. J. {D. L. Boss k Co.) dwl Virginia 

Denike William J. ornamental painter, 243 Pac 
Denio W. S. bricklayer, Fort Point 
Denison J. R. Inspector Custom H. bds 254 Powell 
Denison Thomas S. clerk Custom House, dwl N s 

John near Mason 
Dennery Alfonso, dealer in cigars and tobacco, 

160 Montgomery Block 
Dennery Bernard, crockery and glassware, 181 

Kearny, dwl W s Powell bet Washington 

and Jackson 
Dennery Eugene, clothing and dry goods, 101 

Denney Joseph, ( JX Ajrplegate & Co.) boards 

Battery Street House 
Denney Samuel D. bird fancier, dwl SE comer 

Green and Mason 
Dennis George, wire worker, 108 Clay, dwl W s 

Dupont near Lombard 
Dennis George, {Brown k D.) dwl W s Dupont 

near Green 
Dennis James S. clerk, dwl Mason bet Clay and 

Dennis John, sausage and pork dealer, G New 

Market, dwl 132 Clay 
Dennis Thomas, wire-worker, 108 Clay, dwl W s 

Dupont near Lombard 
Dennis Wm. sea captain, dwl NE cor Bush and 

Dennis Wm. E. contractor, 167 Mission 
Dennison Alexander G. {Godfrey k D.) (col'd), 

bds cor L^nion and Sonoma 
Dennison Frank, police. City Hall 
Dennison J. wheelwright, bds Isthmus House 
Dennison James G. dwl Dolores nr Centre 
Denniston J. V. dwl Campbell between Centre 

and Corbet 
Dennoe Alfred, clerk, 113 Sansome, dwl Jessie 

bet Second and Third 
Dennoe Elizabeth, dress-maker, Jessie nr Jane 




Capital, $ 10,000,000 

Head Of&ces, Unity Buildings, 8 and 10 Cannon Street, London. 

THOMAS GRAY, Esq., Manager. 

The Policies of this Company are not only guaranteed by a LARGE CAPITAL, 
but by the responsibility of SIX THOUSAND SHAREHOLDERS; being 

%\t largest ^xa^xMm ^f M Insuraiut €mpn in t\t Morlir, 

Affording the Public the most complete security for the faithful discharge of every obligation. 


4 m •• p — • 

8®- The undersigned, Agents for California, are authorized to make immediate 
settlement for any loss or damage by fire. 


Merchant Street, San Francisco. 




Corner of Washington and Sansome Sts. 

■EMM w'm&mmE^©o 

Faints of all kinds. Mixed ready for use. 



<3r^SO. X>IXI'X<Z, 

■A-XaW. C X>XSI'X'Z. 


sv ^esv^h/^!^^^.^ 


Office, 132 Washington Street, between Montgomery & Sansome. 

Factory, BTatoma Street, between First aud Second, 


Ninety-five per cent. Alcohol, Spirits of Turpentine, 
SPERM, LARD, POLAR AND CHINA OILS, of superior quality, 

In packages from fiye to twenty gallons. Also, a fine assortment of 



r)E-A.XjEIlS ZIsT 


mm ...... 

II @ 


€mimt, Plaster, Hair, Marble Dwst, 


Orders, accompanied with the Cash, promptly filled. 




Denny A. (Millou & D.) 153 Sansotne 

Denuy Edward, clerk with George Hitchock, 

Sansome l)et Clay and Commercial 
Denny J. J. contractor and supervisor Eleventh 

District, dwl Ellen bet Mission and Howard 
DENNY JOHN M. Iiouse and sign painter, 137 

Sansome, dwl 263 Stockton 
Denouen L. starch manufacturer, cor Eddy and 

Denslow Olive L. Mrs. dwl Mason bet Pacific 

and Broadway 
Dent Lewis, dwl W s Powell near Broadway 
D'Orcourt Sebastien, dwl Van Neaa aveuuo bet 

■ Union and Green 
Depke Henry, slioe-maker, 170 California, dwl 

Sutter near Kearny 
Dcplace Peter, machinist, N s Mission nr Anthony 
Deprics George, porter, bds cor Clark and Front 
Depntron Jacob, carpenter and builder, dwl NE 

cor Francisco and Dupont 
Derbec E. proptr and editor Echo du Pacifique, 

124 Sacramento 
Derby Edward M. {Derby ^ Bassett, Marysville), 

90 Front, dwl 2G3 Powell 
Derby Henry, boots and shoes. Second nr Mission 
Derby J. H. gardener, d\Vl Presidio Road op 

Valley House 
Derby Owens E. drayman. Clay near East 
Derby Samuel J. machinist at W. H. Moore's, 

Halleck nr Sausomo 
Derby William, broker, bds NE cor Chesnut and 

Derbyshire David K. blacksmith, 123 Pine, bds 

Columbia Hotel 
Derham Bartholomew, cracker baker, dwl E side 

Jones near Filbert 
Derham James, patent bread bakery, NE corner 

Stockton and Vallejo 
Dericksou Daniel D. painter, dwl 6i Auburn 
Dorickson M'iUiam, Lion Brewery Co. Pine near 

Deriens Hypolite (Ambrose & D.) 2 Clay Street 

Derkhiem Franz (J. li. Moller & Co.) dwl N side 

Hawthorn bet Folsom and Harrison 
Dcrmody Michael, drayman, dwl Prospect place 

bet Pine and California 
Dermonterder Alfred, dwl cor Virginia place and 

Dermony Antonio, produce dealer, dwl 14 St. 

Mary's place 
DeRo Charle.s {Poulterer, Delia i, Eldridge), 43 

California, res South Park 
DeRossignol Julien, grocery, comer Third and 

Stevenson [House 

Derrick Henry, dwelling Knickerbocker Engine 
Derrick John D. ship-joiner, Minna nr Second 
Derrick Michael L. printer, Plaindealer Office, bds 

S 8 Green bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Derrick Peter, gardener, dwl Fourth nr Folsom 
Derrick \Vm. H. dwl Second nr Stevenson 
Desalma John, blacksmith, 64 Sansome 
Deschamps A. with A. Barbier, 148 Washington 
Deschamps Alexander, {Fkury k D.) Com'l nr 

Desfarges Frederick, spice manuf, Hardie place 
Deshields Lewis, physician, dwl S s Bush near 


Desmond Felix, carpenter, dwl W s Mason near 

Desmond Michel, carpenter, dwl N s Vallejo nr 

Desmond Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Desroziers Ernest & Co. groceries and liquors, 

123 Commercial 
Deesat Antonie, hair-dresser, with Fayard & 

De St. Marina Eugene J. clerk, Recorder's office, 

Brenham Place 
De St Marina Joseph, cigar dealer, Rassette Ho. 
DE ST OUKS F. J. importer of foreign and Am- 
erican dry goods, 98 San.some 
De Tavcl Achille, veleriuary surgeon and black- 
smith, 56 Kearny 
Dete'.s {Henry) Sl Schorling {Henry F.) grocers, 

NW cor Luther and Dupont 
Detels J. & Co. grocers, cor Harrison and Main 
Detrick Eddington, proptr bag factory. Market 
cor Sec'd, bds with Mr.s. Washburn, Kearny 
bet Union and Green 
Detruit Charles, hair-dresser, 123 Kearny 
Dettelbach Morris, dwl 113 Folsom 
Dpttmar Henry, tailor, dwl E s Sutter nr Mont'y 
Dettmer Henry, grocer, SW cor Union & Mont'y 
Deu A. baker, dwl Sutter nr Stockton 
Deussing Otto, toy store, 274 Stockton 
Deutsch {Jacob) & Kuhn {George F.), liquor sa- 
loon, basement NE cor Kearny & Sac, dwl 
Stockton bet Sacramento and California 
Devanny Michael, laborer, dwl William 
Devanny Terrence, dra3'man, dwl 11 Minna 
Devercy A. T. dwl Stockton bet Sac and Clay 
Deverrue William, bar-teucier, cor East & Jack'n 
Deviercy Eugene, {Frotitier A. D. and A. Dubois 

k Co.) dwl 81 Bush 
Devine Dennis, ale and porter, 187 Montgomery, 

dwl Pacific nr Montgomery 
Devine Francis, laborer, dwl N s A'a'jo nr Mason 
Devine John, boatman, dwl Purdy Place 
Devine John, tailor, with B. Curraii, Tehama T^ 
Devine Michael H. intelligence office, 130 KesJ- 

ny, bds 137 Jackson 
Devine William, laborer, dwl W s Yansen 
Devinney Joseph, stevedore, dwl Leavenworth 

jkT I'aciHc 
Devlm James, carpenter, dwl Jessie bet First 

and Second 
Devlin John, hackman, dwl Bush bet Montgom- 
ery and Sansome 
Devoe Benjamin 0. Superintendent of Streets & 
Highways, olBce Citv Hall, dwl 175 Mission 
DEVOE (Jamen) & CO. {James Devoe. jr.) S. F. 

JIachine Works, cor Market and Fremont 
Devoe James, jr. of Devoe & Co. cor Market and 

Devoe Jame.s, machinist, dwl cor Clay and Pike 
Dewar A. at B. T. Cliaco & Co. bds Sansome bet 

Bush and Sutter 
DEWAR JOHN, shipping and com'n merchant, 

SW cor Com'l and East, bds 16 Sansome 
Dewey Alfred T. printer, dwl S s Washington nr 

Dewey Samuel L. dwl Post near Dupont 
Do Witt {Alfred) Kittle (,/. G.) i. Co. (N. G. Kittle), 
commission merchants, 189and 191 Sansomo 
Do Witt A. carpenter, dwl W sDupoutur Sutter 



Do Witt ir. R. blacksmith, dwi SGJ Mission 
Dexter Cliarlcs H. police, dwl G Central Place 
Dexter Peter B. secretary and librarian ifcclian- 

ics' Institute, 110 California, dwl 257 Sac 
Dey Daniel, laborer. Mountain Lake House 
Dey Richard V. importer of watches, 148 Wash, 

bds Oriental Hotel 
Do YounR D. M. Mrs. furnished rooms, 129 Buah 
Dezaldo Ramon, at Stow &, lirown, dwl Mias Ds 
Dibblee Albert, {Crosby &. D.) Ill Battery 
Dibiger Desire, bar-tender, 23-t Sacramento 
Dicaud Joseph, grocer, SW cor Vallejo Si Dupont 
Dick David, {Ihirr & Co.) 37 and 39 Davis 
Dick Stepliou W. {Ilorr & Co.) dwl Vallejo near 

Diokerman Cyrus P. cooper, Oregon near Battery, 

bds Jackson nr Davis 
Dickerman Lyman, lodgings, 63 Front 
Dickens Charles, macliinist, cor Market & Frem't, 

bds What Cheer House 
Dickey George S. jr. druggist, 113 Washington, 

dwl 252 Powell 
Dickinson E. bag-maker, N a Washington above 

Dickinson Harvey, rentier, dwl 7 Virginia 
Dickinson Obediah, jr. {R. E. Brevister & Co.) bds 

S s Pacific bet Stockton and Virginia 
Dickinson Robert, liquors, Davis nr Jackson 
Dickinson Stanhope, painter. Trinity bet Bush 

and Sutter 
DICKSON, (//. N.) DB WOLF &, CO. (,George 

Campbell &, Chas. F. Lott), com mercliants. 

Merchant bet Sansome & Batterj', res London 
Diedle August, bricklayer, dwl NW cor Sutter 

and Kearny 
Diedrich.sen (Vtm C.) & Ohlendorff(iewis), Ger- 
man Hall, 55 Montgomery 
Diel Valentine, dwl Tehama near Second 
Dierck, F. A. at Justh & Hunter's 
Dietterline (Julius) & Lntz {.luhii C.) proprietors 

Sand-hill Market. 57 Kearny, dwl 31 Kearny 
Dietz Adam, barber, 348 Stockton 
Dietz Alfred ( Geo. Dietz &, Co.) dwl 45 Natoma 
DIETZ GEORfiE & CO. {Alfred Dietz), cam- 

phene and oil manufacturers, 132 Wasbing- 

ington, dwl 45 Natoma 
Diffley Peter, bricklayer, dwl Geary bet l^upont 

and Stockton 
Dighton Ricliard, saddle and harness maker, bds 

275 Pacific 
Dilborn {Nathaniel B.) k Co. gas-fitters, 173 

Motitgomory, bds cor Mont'y and Broadway 
Dillon James, shoe-maker, E s Powell bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Dillon John, drayman, dwl S s Sutter bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
Dillon {Midiarl) & Cout3 (iTenri/), pistol gallery, 

108 Montgomery 
Dillon John, clerk, SE cor Post and Kearny, bds 

Rassette House 
Dillon Marks, miner, bds with Mrs. Mary Hurley 
Dillon Thomas, hardware, SE cor Post k Kearny 
Dillon William, drayman, dwl Ss Sutter nr Stock 
Dimon Jacnl) S. {Mead & Co.) dwl Vallejo bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Dimond M. laliorer, Port Point 
Dimond Michael, Union Ball Court, S s Mission 

near Third 

Dingeon {Leon) & Stock {Jacob), restaurant, Du- 
pont bet AVashington and Clay 
Dingley Charles L. Captain, dwl 77 Dupont 
Dingley John, macliinist, bds with Mrs. Walsh, 

Jessie near First 
Dingley Thomas F. dwl 77 Dupont 
Dingley Wm. IL {Folsom &. D.) dwl 77 Dupont 
Dinltelspiel Lazarus, {Simon D. & Co.) bds (i'J 

Dinkelspiel {Moses) & Constine (A.) furniture, 

209 Washington, dwl Third near Jessie 
Dicker Joseph, printer, dwl Bush bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Dinsmore Samuel, {Devoe &, Co.) S. P. Machine 

Works, cor Market and Fremont, bds 12 San 
Dirk T. Mrs. boarding-house, 33 Clay nr Drumm 
Dirking Auguste, watch-maker. Pacific nr Davis, 

dwl cor LeidesdorfT and Sacramento 
Ditty Samuel, express wagon, cor Clay and Mont- 
gomery, dwl Third near Folsom 
Dix Ellon Mrs. dwl cor Pino and Quincy place 
Dixon Clement, clerk, 35 Leidesdorff, dwl Na- 
toma near Jane 
Dixon Brothers, {John, Sainuel and Jlohert), dry 

goods, 136 Sacramento, dwl 10 Harlan pi 
Dixon Louis, clerk,' with Dixon Bros, bds 10 

Harlan place 
Dixon M. bds What Cheer House 
Dixon Richard, engineer Metropolitan Baths, dwl 

S s Sutter near Powell 
Dixon Robert, {Dixon Bros.) 136 Sacramento 
Dixon Samuel, {Dixon Bros.) dwl 10 Harlan pi 
DOANE CHARLES, Sheriir of San Francisco, 

ofiice City Hall, bds Oriental Hotel 
Doane J. H. Captain, dwl 1 99 Pacific 
Doane William, dwl 343 Dupont 
Dober Joseph W. carpenter, Hubbard nr Howard 
Dobezensky Morris, tinsmith, 6 First 
Doble Abner, {Nelson & D.) dwl Presidio W of 

A'alley House 
Dobson GriBin, (ool'd) waterman, dwl N s Pacific 

near Powell [Mission 

Dobson Henry, ship-smith, SE cor Beale ami 
Dodge A. {Kingsbury & D.) dwl SW cor Dupout 

and Broadway 
Dodge A. C. carpenter, cor Pine and Front 
Dodge Ale.xander Captain, dwl Clementina near 

Dodge Daniel, butcher, cor Second and Tehama 
Dodge Francis, carpenter, dwl Everett nr Third 
Dodge George, cor McAllister and Larkin 
Dodge H. L. (£. C. Dodge & Co.) dwl SW cor 

California and Prospect place 
Dodge John W. dentist, 170 Washington 
DODGE L. C. &. CO. {E. L. Dodge) provisions, 

94 Front 
Dodge N. P. 94 Front, bds cor California and 

Prospect place 
Dodge R. K. {Simonton <fc Co.) bds SW corner 

Stockton and Washington 
Dodge W. J. Captain, bds 191 Pine 
Dodge William W. clerk, with Moses Ellis & Co. ( 

bds 256 Powell 
Doe Bartlett & J. S. lumber, junction Market 

and California, bds Rassette House 
Doe C. F. with B. & J. S. Doe, bds Chelsea place 
Doe John, sash-maker, SE cor Sansome and Bush 
Doe J. S. {B. &, J. S. Doe), bds 22 Sansome 



DOE LUKE, milk-bread bakery, N a Mission bet 

Fourtli aud Fifth 
Doermcr Valentiu N. shoemaker, 85 Bush 
Doescher John, grocery and liquors, SE cor Jack- 
son and Saiisonie 
Doggett Richard J. laborer, dwl William 
Doherty Frank, laborer, dwl Vallojo bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Doherty James, boiler-maker, bds Union House 
Doherty John, laborer, cor Price and Harrison 
Doherty John C. cabinet-maker, dwl 12 Harlan pi 
Dohrmaun Frederick, fruits, 187 Kearny 
Dolan C. J. provisions, dwl E s Powell bet Sutter 

and Post 
Dolan Michael, Appraisers' Office, Custom House, 

dwl N s Vallejo bet Jlontgomery & Kearny 
Dolan Michael, laborer, Fort Point 
Dolan William B. wood, coal, etc. Third bet How- 
ard and Mission 
Dolaiid Bridget Mrs. (widow), dwl Pacific bet 

Mason and Auburn 
Dolanii Peter, clerk at J. D. Carroll's, cor Dupont 

and Harlan place 
Doland Michael, porter Tehama House 
Dole John S. (Uvkombe & D.) dwl Union near 

Dolet August, butcher, 18 New Market, dwl San 

Francisco bet Dupont and Stockton 
Dolheguy B. importer of wines, liquors and pro- 

vision.^ SW cor Front aud Oregon, dwl 155 

Dolidon Eugene D. dwl E s Kearny bet Tallejo 

and (ireen 
Dolliver, John, pilot, dwl St. Mary's pi nr Stock 
Dolson Do Witt C. dealer in fish, 29 Washington 

Market, dwl SE cor Fifth and Market 
Dolty Michael, painter, dwl cor Ver Mehr and 

Rassette place No. 3 
Domett Charles II. proptr Union Stables, Steven- 
son nr First, dwl S s Bush nr Stockton 
Domett William E. pilot, dwl S s Bush nr Stock 
Donahoc James, baker, dwl Mission nr Second 
Do|ialuio Dennis, laborer Union Iron Works 
Donahue Edward, dry goods, dwl W s Powell 

bet Washington and Jackson 
Donahue Frank, dairvman, S of Mission Church 
DONAIU'i: JAMES, Pres't S. F Gas Co. dwl 

58 Minna 
Donahue John, laborer Fort Point 
Donahue Peitrick, dwl S s Brannan bet Fifth and 

DONAHUE PETER, Union Iron Works, NE 

cor First and Mission, dwl 58 Minna 
Donahue Thomas, carpenter, dwl S s Vallcjo nr 

Donahue Thoma,s, agent steam-ship Goliah, NE 

cor First and Mission, dwl 58 Minna 
Donaldson Daniel S. physician, dwl 146 Kearny 
Donaldson John, saloon, NK cor Clay & Kearny 
Donaldson Thomas P. bar-keeper, NE cor Clay 

and Kearny, dwl 3 Geary 
Donally Mathew, bricklayer. Fort Point 
Donaugh J. 0. laborer, bds 20 Sansome 
Douavan J. B. 207 Clay, bds Plaza Hotel 
DouAvan John, laborer, dwl SE s Folsom bet 

Third and Fourth 
Donchue John, paper-carrier, dwl NW cor Pacific 

and Mason 

Donelty D. moulder. Pacific Foundry 

Donlery Rosana Mrs. dwl Fifth bet Howard and 

Donnovan John, moulder, Pacific Foundry 
Donnellan B C. Capt. of Police, dwl 130 Bush 
Donnelly Andrew, laborer, dwl Jessie nr Second 
Donnelly Bryan, dairyman, Broadway nr Mason 
Donnelly Edward, contractor, dwl S s St Charles 
Donnelly Daniel, laborer. Fort Point 
Donnelly Hugh, groceries, NW cor Ecker and 

Donnelly J. brick-layer. Fort Point 
Donnelly J. T, marble- worker, dwl 3 Bay S. Row 
Donnelly Luke E. clerk at Eugene Kelly & Co. 

dwl SW cor Pine and St. JIarys Place 
Donnelly Mary Mrs. (widow), SE cor Broadway 

and Auburn 
Donnelly Ned, carman, dwl SW cor O'Farrell 

and Mason 
Donnelly Peter, clerk Pacific Ware House, bds 

SE cor Broadway and Auburn 
Donnelly Robert, at G. M. Joslyn & Co. bds Kel- 
logg House 
Donnelly Thomas J. artist, 1 Jfasonic Hall 
Donnelly Tliomas T. dwl cor Post and Stockton 
Donnelly Timothy, marble-cutter, dwl E 3 San- 
some bet Pino and Bush 
Donohoe Joseph A. (Eugene Kelly & Co.) dwl 

Powell nr Jackson 
Donovan Ann Mrs. dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
Donovan Cornelius, head-waiter, American Ex- 
change Hotel 
Donovan James, laborer, dwl Rassette No 2 
Donovan James, ( WWcetj & D.) dwl cor Turk 

and Larkin 
Donovan James, Laborer, dwl First bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Donovan Jeremiah, blacks'th, dwl Huntnr Third 
Donovan Michael, carriage painter, 39 Webb, bds 

What Cheer House 
Donovan Ralph, grocer, 207 Clay 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, Ecker nr Jessie 
Donzelmau John U. grocery, SE cor Third and 

Donzelman John F. [Jurgens &, Co.) NW cor 
Kearny and Pine, and NE cor California 
and Kearny 
Doolittle William G. merchant, bds NE corner 

Washington and Mason 
Doran C. news and perioilical agent, 114 Wash 
Doran David, sliip carpenter, dwl First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
Doran James, drayman, dwl E s Scott 
Doran William, watchman. Custom House 
Dore (Benj'iniin) & Havens (Uenry T.) lumber, 

junction Market and Cal, dwl Tehama pi 
Dore Edward W. drayman, G8 Battery, dwl 

Folsom bet Third and Fourth 
Dore John B. hiacksmitli with Charles Mangeot 
DORE (.l/((«/-icv) * CO. (S. GimGd). wholesale 
liquors and wines, NW cor IJattcry and 
Merchant, dwl SE cor Powell aud Jackson 
Dorgerloh Theodore, Ci Montgomery 
Dokins Michael, drayman, Jessie nr Jane 
Dorland Thomas, dwl Dolores, S of the Church 
Dornian J. C. carpenter and builder, Brenhara pi, 

dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Dormitzer L. accountant, 90 Sacramento 



Dorr J. B. 3 Stewart, Ijda American Exclianpo 
Dorr Marin L. Mrs. (widow), dwl cor Hyde aud 

Dorr Kalph S. commission merchant, 47 &. 49 

Califoriiia, dwl 212 Washington 
Dorr Ralph S. jr. clerk with R. D. W. Davis &. 

Co. bds Tehama House 
Dorr Washington, drayman, dwl Folsom bet 

Tliird and Fourth 
Dorsa Johan, dwl Augusta Alley 
Dorsey J. dwl Cadet place 
Dorsey James, plasterer, dwl Leavenworth near 

Dorsey Richard, laborer, dwl Lombard nr Mont 
Dorwin George W. at Kellogg & Humbert's, dwl 

N s Vallejo near Taylor 
Doscher Clans, groceries and liquors, NW corner 

First and Stevenson, dwl SE cor Ecker aud 

Doscher Henry, grocer, cor Folsora and Ritch 
Dosclier John D. grocer, cor Brannan & Second 
Dosse Theodore, teacher of dancing, Vallejo bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Dott (J.) & Mitchcl {J.) grocers, 149 Battery 
Doty W. R. 132 Sansome, dwl Harrison ur Third 
Doai (Aaron) & Ordway (Robert J.), furniture 

and mattresses, 25 IJush and 53 Montgom'y 
Douu Philo, carpenter, 16 Sansome, dwl SW cor 

Taylor and Lincoln 
Doud R. carrier Bulletin, dwl Lincoln 
Dougherty George, engineer. Montgomery Baths, 

dwl Melvina Place op Mason 
Dougherty George, ship joiner, Minna cor Jane 
Dougnorty George, rigger, dwl Fremont bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
Dougherty Hugh, dwl Davis nr Oregon 
Dougherty John, at sugar refiuery, dwl Third cor 

Dougherty Michael, laborer, bds with E. Cun- 
Douglas Agnes Mrs. dwl Hunt nr Third 
Douglas (H'-nry L.) * Co. merchants. 4G Front, 

dwl Post bet Montgomery aud Kearny 
Douglas John A. dwl 113 Broadway 
Douglass Thomas, broker, bds 173 Mission 
Douglass Tliomas H. clerk, 59 and 61 Sansome, 

dwl 6 Geary 
Dougla,ss William, dwl rear 38 Montgomery 
Douglass William Y. police, dwl N s Geary near 

Dove William, alo and porter, Front bet Vallejo 

and Broadway 
Dove William II. coach painter, 5 Milton Place 
DOW (Jaraes G.) CHILDS (0. W.) k CO. 

wholesale grocers, 90 Front, dwl Tehama nr 

Dow J. Blake, {Btach & Co.) SE cor Union and 

Dow Stephen, laborer, dwl Bush nr Stockton 
Dow William, drayman, dwl Third nr Howard 
Dow William H. com'n merchant, 43 California, 

dwl Second nr Harrison 
Dowd John, warehouseman, dwl Dupout between 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Dowd Michael, laljorer, N s Stevenson nr Ecker 
Dowdell John, laborer, dwl 14 St Mary's Place 
Dowe William H. bds 48 Bush 
Dowe William, N s Jackson nr Stockton 

Dowell Archibald, dwl cor Pacific and Scott 
Dowling Richard, saddler, with Main Si Winches- 
ter, 82 Battery 
Downer Abner J. broker, 50 Cal, dwl Second nr 

Downer Fenno, physician, cor Sutter & Kearny 
Downerly Jackson, dwl Filbert bet Montgomery 

and Sansome 
Downes Charles J. salesman, 110 Clay, dwl cor 

Mason and Pacific 
Downey Mary Miss, domestic. Railroad House 
Downey Patrick II. clerk, Custom House 
Downing Lawrence, waiter, Oriental Hotel 
Downing T. R. laljorer. Custom House 
Downs George, clerk, bds SW cor Lombard and 

Hartman place 
Downs Alvah, teamster, 1 Stewart 
Downs Jame.s, mariner, bds with R. Cunningham 
Downs James N. cotlee saloon, cor Stewart and 

DOAVS JAS. i CO, (John Dotes & Jos. Mairs), 

distillers, distillery Mission Croek, office 30 

Dows John, (J. Dows & Co.) Mission bet Fourth 

and Fifth 
Dows Samuel, rectifier, Dow's Distillery, Mission 

near Brannan Street Bridge 
Dowsett George, seaman, dwl Folsom bet Fre- 
mont and First 
Doy Charles, grocer, 127 Bush 
Doyle Eugene D. dwl Beale betw'n Folsom and 

Doyle Hugh, dwl Eerry near Dupont 
Doyio James, marketman, dwelling near Church, 

Mission Dolores 
Doyle James J. carpenter, dwl N s Pacific near 

Doyle (James R.) &, Anderson (Tliomas), F.mpire 

Coal Yard, S s Jackson near Stockton, dwl 

Clav near Stockton 
Doyle John, at Prices Current and Shipping List 

Office, 128 Sansome, dwl N side Bryant bet 

Second and Third 
Doyle John, National House, N s Pacific below 

Doyle John, engineer at Cochituate Baths, 57 

Doyle John, coachman, bds N s Broadway near 

Doyle Martin, waiter, Hotel International 
Doyle Michael J. dry goods. Second nr Jessie 
Doyle Morris, blacksmith, dwl Market nr Ecker 
Doyle P. pressman, Alta Calilornia 
Doyle R. printer, bds with Charles Hughes, Jane 

nr Minna 
Doyle Richard, carpenter, dwl Mary bet Fifth & 

Doyle Robert E. publisher Prices Current, 128 

Sansome, bds N s Brvant bet See'd A Third 
DOYLE THOMAS, wines"and liquors, 76 Kearny 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, cor Tay and Sacramento 
Drall'cl H. F. Empire Bakery, Bush nr Powell 
Drake William, bar-tender, cor Bdwy and Davis 
Draper Simon F. clerk, 14 Montgomery 
Dray Ann, bds with R. Cunningham 
Dray Michael, miner, bds with R. Cunningham 
Drensinger D. bds What Cheer House 
Dressel Emil (Kuchel & D.) 174 Clay 





(Established in 1849.) 

North-East Corner of First and Mission Streets, 

s-A.isr m-A-isTOisoo. 

The above Establishment has been in successful operation for the last 
seven years, during Avhich time new and extensive Buildings, have been 
erected, and the latest improvements added to the Works, which enable the 
undersigned to supply all demands for 

of every description, on the shortest notice, and finished in a style of 
■svorkmanship that cannot be surpassed. 


Iquartz mills, saw mills, threshing machines, horse powers, 


1'. ^iacs the extensive assortment of MACHINERY PATTERNS, attention 
is called to the new and beautiful designs for 

liiiiMmg Gastsags, Iroa Froats aad Goteoias fop Stores, 

Railings for Balconies and Stairs, Door and Window Sills, Stair Cases, etc. 


PETER DONAHUE, Proprietor. 




U9 & 151 Vasliinglon St., Monlgomcry Block, 






wi wwf Jl^g 








F. J. De ^t. OURS, 


No. 98 Sansome Street, bet. Sacramento and Commercial, 

S.A.I>T m.A.3Sr CI S CO. 



Dressher Valentine, (Simonton It Co.) dwl 37 

Drew Ilonry P. {Elliott & Co.) SE cor California 

ami Montgomery 
Drew John, with C. E. S. McDonald, dwl 18 

Drew Mary Ann Mrs. dwl 18 Minna 
Dreyfous Henry, tailor, dwl 132 Busli 
Drcylbus J. mercliant, dwl W s Monroe 
Driebar Conrad, locloniith, 111 Sacramento 
Drinkhouso, Henry S. student, dwl N 3 Wash'n 

above Dupont 
Drinkhouso (J.A.) & Co. (John Kurtz) importers 

ol' cigars and tobacco, 96 Front 
Drinkwater Thomas, saloon, 150 Pacific 
Driscoll Charles, boatman, dwl N s Vallejo near 

Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, dwl St. Mary's place 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
DRISCOLL DANIEL, Dan's Saloon, 138 Mont 
Driscoll Daniel, sliip carpenter, bds Pacific bet 

Sansome and Montgomery 
Driscoll Dennis, printer, bds SK cor Washington 

and Dupont 
Driscoll James, laborer, Fort Point 
Driscoll John, laborer, dwl Clara bet Ritch and 

Driscoll Richard, brick-layer, dwl Bcklen John M. salesman, SE cor Clay Sb Kearny 
Droger (Henry) & Thyarck (Henry), grocers, SE 

cor Pine and Battery 
Dronet Victor, tinsmith, dwl E s Stock nr Filbert 
Drouilhat John, billiard table manf, 21G Dupont 
Drown Henry, clerk at Blackman, Howard & Co 
Drucker August, barber, dwl Montgomery bet 

Pacific aud Broadway 
Druhe Hammond, dwl cor Union and Lafayette 
Druhe John U. grocer, SWcor Mont'y and Jack- 
son, dwl Union bet Kearny and Dupont 
Druhe Jolin G. grocer, cor Union and Lafayette 
Druke Henry, laborer. Fort Pouit 
Druker Ellick [Elders & Co.) NW cor Kearny 

and Sutter 
Dmmm James, laborer, dwl W side Taylor near 

Dniry Cliarles W. dwl cor Bdwy and Mont'y 
Dryfuse Benjamin S. salesman, 117 Sacramento 
Duao WilU;im, clerk, dwl N s Washington bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Dubbs A. Mrs. teacher, dwl Powell nr Clay 
Dubeda (t. dwl S s Bdwy bet Dupont and Stock 
Dubeski Nicolas, jeweler, dwl Green nr Dupont 
Dubief Hypolite, dwl Brannan Place 
Dublin Thomas, bds SW cor Powell and Fran'co 
Duboc L. dwl 354 Stockton 
Duboc Victor, restaurant, Sullivan's court 
DUBOIS (Alexander) &. CO. (Pierre Frontier and 

Eugene Deviercy) watch-makers and jewel- 
ers, 129 Montgomery 
Dubois August, proptr La Croix Fedorale, 132 

Dubroca Camillo, with M. Dubroca 
Dubroca M. importer of wines and liquors, 157 

DUBRUSLE (Leon) & BAUDOT (Ga.timire). 

wholesale and retail dry goods, 175 Clay, 

dwl Vallejo nr Stockton 
Dochesneau John C. blacksmith, Hardie Place 

Ducker Glaus, grocer, cor .Tackson & Stent's .alley 
Ducorkea Eugene, gardener, dwl Presidio Road 

opp school-house 
Ducroquet Joseph, laundryraan, dwl Union bet 

Franklin and Gouch 
Dudley C. L. Mrs. boarding, Natonia nr Second 
Dudley Gilford L. accountant, 177 Clay 
Dudley S. C. Miss, assistant, Dennian Grammar 

School, dwl Powell bet Clay and Wash'n 
Duer John, groom, with Brown & Dennis 
DUER WILLIAM, County Clerl^ office City 

Hall, bds Brannan House 
Duff Francis, bar-keeper, Jackson bet Front and 

Duff Henry J. watchman. Custom House, dwl 

SE cor Kearny atid Pine [Pine 

Duff Isabella Mrs. millinery, SE cor Kearny and 
Duff Patrick, 110 and 111 Montgomery Block 
Duff Robert, clerk with Wm. Newell & Co. 109 

Battery, dwl Harlan place 
Dufl'ey Edward, carpenter, dwl Dupont near 

Duffcy Henry, bds What Cheer House 
Duftey Hugh, dwl N s Broadway nr Stockton 
Dutfey J. moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Duffey James, laborer. Fort Point 
Duffey John, laborer. Fort Point 
Duffey Thomas, blacksmith, Fort Point 
Duffield George, carpenter, S s Vallejo nr Mont'y 
Duffy J, sash & blind maker at Mowry k, Webber's 
Duffy James, soap and candle manufacturer, cor 

Card's and Maiden lane 
Duffy John, tailor, dwl Clementina near Second 
DuB'y Michael, laborer, bds Pacific bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Duffey Thomas, cutter, at Mead & Co. NW cor 

Sansome and Commercial 
Duffey Wm. tailor, dwl Ecker near Folsom 
Dugan Patrick, (Jenkins ifc Xi.) 116 Washington 
Dug<an Patrick, porter, dwl 24 Davis 
Dugin John, clerk, dwl NE cor Pine and Powell 
Duilataine Laime, porter, at 53 and 55 Front 
Duisenberg Edward, acting Consul for Bremen, 

office 70 Cal, dwl cor Harris and Harrison 
Duisenberg Charles A. C. (Melius D. & Co.) Bre- 
men Consul, dwl cor Harris and Harrison 
DUKES M. wholesale cigars and tobacco, SE 

cor Battery and Washington, dwl 375 Stock 
Dulip (.lohn P.) &, Waddington (Alfred), grocers, 

SW cor Dupont and Bdwy, bds Howard alley 
Dumoulin Eugene, dwl Leidesdorff bet Clay and 

Dumousset Nicholas, teamster, Lafayette Brewr'y 
Duncan James & Co. ship-joiners. Steamboat 

Point, dwl Bryant bet Third and Fourth 
Duncan James C. clerk, dwl W s Vallejo bet 

Powell and Mason 
Duncan John, mariner, bds 33 Clay 
Duncan Joseph C. editor Globe, S s Greenwich 

near Stockton 
Duncan (J. W.) & Holbrook ( Chas. H.) carpenters 

and builders, 242 Pacific, dwl Brown bet 

Mission and Howard 
Duncan Peter, clerk at Eugene Kelly & Go's, SW 

cor Kearny and Pine, bds What Cheer House 
Duncan William L. real estate agent, NE corner 

Montgomery and Merchant, dwl E s Dupont 

bet Greenwich and Lombard 



Dundas Thomas R. clork, Railroad House 
Duubar J. K. mcruliaiHlize broker, N\V cor Front 

and Clay, dwi JacUsiMi near Powell 
Dunegan Patrick,blacksniitli, dwl Berry nr Dupont 
Duugan A. S. agent Folsom estate, bds Tehama 

Dungan J. S. mailing clerk P. 0. dwl Green bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Dunham (John. S.)& Co. lime, etc. etc. 118 Front 
Dunham William M. waterman, dwl Larkin bet 

Union apd Filbert 
Duniran Jerry, laborer, bds Pacific bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Dunlap Wni. G. (French, Wilson & Co. 115 Sac 
Dunlevy James, agent of D. B. Roassi, 113 Sao 
Dunlap William, porter with Gushee & Co. dwl 

Taylor bet Pine and California 
Dunn Bernard, groom, dwl N s Green nr Kearny 
Dunn Cornelius, carpenter, dwl N a Tehama bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Dunn George, U. S. B. Mint 
Dunn George A. rice mills. Market nr Fremont, 

dwl Folsom near Beale 
Dunn James, drayman, dwl Fourth bet Howard 

and Folsom 
Dunn John, ship-carponter, dwl Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Dunn (John) A McDonald (John), boiler-maker.s. 
Pacific bet Drumm and Davis [Jane 

Dunn John, groceries and liquors, cor Minna and 
Dunn John C. dwl 125 Bush 
Dunn Lawrence, machinist. Union Iron Works 
Dunn Mary A. Mrs. widow, dwl S s Union bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Dunn Patrick, shoemaker, dwl Jessie nr Second 
Dunn Thomas, blacksmith, dwl Laura place 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, dwl Greenwich nr Dupont 
Dunn William W. machinist, dwl N s Mission 

near Third 
Dunnavan James, laborer, dwl Grand place 
Dunnavan Michael, laborer, dwl Sutter bet Pow- 
ell and Stockton [Mason 
Dunnavan Michael, dwl Geary bet Powell and 
Dunne E. F. Principal of Evening School, 186 

DUNNE (James) & CO. (Peter Dunne), Pacific 
warehouse, NE cor Broadway and Battery, 
dwl NE cor Kearny and Bdwy 
Dunne James, laborer, dwl Hyde near Chesnut 
Dunne John W. boot and shoe maker. Mission 

bet Ridley and Tracy 
Dunne M. G. printer. Bulletin, dwl 380 Pacific 
Dunne Peter, (Dunne & Co.) dwl NE cor Broad- 
way and Kearny 
Dunne William, grocer, SW cor Pacific and Lea- 
DUNNELL JOHN H. agent I. M. Singer i Co. 

ni+ Washington 
Dunnigan Frank, laborer, bds 10 Sansome 
Dunning John, caulker, bds Harrison nr Beale 
Dunningham, Patrick, blacksmith, Broadway nr 

Dunovan Michael, laborer, dwl 82 Bush 
Dunsing Fretz, grocer, SW cor Bush & Kearny 
Duperu Numa, lumber, 62 California, dwl Teha- 
ma bet First and Second 
Dupierris, Hy polite, physician, dwl S s Tallejo 
bet Dupont and Stockton 

Dupont Francis, wood and coal, First bet Folsom 

and Harrison [Taylor 

Dupont Henry, porter, dwl S s Valparaiso nr 

Dupont John II. boots and shoes, 7 Virginia Blk, 

dwl N 8 Vallejo nr Powell 
Du Prat Joseph J. book-keeper, Cunningham's 
Block, dwl E s Kearny bet Vallejo & Green 
DUPUY (James), FOULKKS (T/iomas) & CO 
(William B. Agard tfc William Meek,) im- 
porters and commia'n merchants, 157 Batty 
Dupuy Pierre, ( Cabaniea & Co.) dwl nr Laguna 
Dupuytren Pigni J. B. physician, 184 Washing'n 
Du Py Gibeliu, physician, SE cor Stockton and 

Duquemy Alfred, hair-dresser, bds Mont nr Pac 
Duquemy John, sculptor, dwl 215 Montgomery 
Duquesne Desire, salesman, 184 AVashington 
Duran J. dwl Third near Stevenson 
Durand George, lather, bds cor Sutter & Trinity 
Durand Joseph, with A. Giorgiani, 115 Wash 
Durbrow Joseph, jr. with Parrolt & Co. dwl Es- 
sex near Folsom 
Durfier Christiana (widow), dwl E s Clara nr Sut 
Duren George G. carriage-maker, bds Albion H. 
Durgan Cecilia Mrs. (widow,) dwl N s Valparaiso 
Durham Francis E. laborer, dwl Union bet Bat- 
tery and Sansome 
Durheau J. bds NW cor Broadway 4; Dupont 
Duriveaux, Felix, cook, 252 Dupont 
Durkan John M. clerk Tehama House, dwl How- 
ard nr Second 
Durkan Patrick, Appraisers' Office, Custom H. 
Durkan Thomas, waiter Union Club 
Durkin Edward, (Tully & D.) dwl Howard nr Sec 
Durning Thomas, press-room, SE cor Merchant 

and Kearny, dwl Montgomery nr Vallejo 
Dusenbery Henry, Commercial Printing Office, 

dwl 68 Merchant 
Dusenbury John, hatter, bds with Mrs. Walsh, 

Jessie near Second 
DUSOLIER (John S.) & CO, (J. Campbell,) im- 
porter of Havana cigars, 125 Jackson 
Dutard Bernard, commission merchant, 59 Clay, 

dwl Valparaiso bet Mason and Taylor 
Dutard H. dwl Valparaiso bet Mason & Taylor 
Duteil Alphonse, French interpreter, 2 St. Mary's 
Dutton Henry, (Sherman &, Co.) dwl SW cor 

Union and Mason 
Duwar John, dwl 77 Montgomery 
Duxbury, Paul C. clerk at 75 California, bds Hill- 
man's Temperance House 
Dwight George, broker, cor Battery 4; Washing- 
ton, dwl W 8 Dupont nr Sacramento 
DWINELLE SAMUEL H. attorney at law, 148 

Clay, dwl 3 Trainer's Row 
Dworzazek Benedict, tailor, at J. Lorber's, Bush 

near Battery 
DWTER DAVID, coal yard, 165 California, dwl 

N s Ellis bet Powell and Mason 
Dwyer Michael, porter with J. W. Brittan, dwl 

Hunt nr Third 
Dwyer John C. tailor, dwl 31 Montgomery 
Dyer Aaron, speculator, dwl NW cor Stockton 

and Sacramento 
Dyer C. Miss, American House, Pacific nr Batty 
DYER JAMES P. (col'd,) soap manufacturer, 

dwl John near Mason 
Dyer Joseph, bar-tender American House 



Dyer Arilliam H. (col'd,) dwl John near Mason 
DVER ( WiUi'im) .t CO. (/. Deconclois), dagucrro- 

ian artists, 166 Clay, dw! S s Pacilio ab Taylor 
Bycr \Vm. C. cooper, dwl Milton pi 
Dyaen Robert, clerk, 140 Clay, bds with Elisha 


Eades Joseph, printer Globo office, dwl SE cor 

Montgomery and Broadway 
Eades William, Buckeye Bakery, 46 First 
Bagan Cliarles, sea captain, dwl Union nr Btty 
Eagan Charles P. clerk with J. B. Hart, dwl E a 

Third bet Folsom and Howard 
Eagan William, waiter, 65 & 67 Merchant 
Eagleton George, tcaniSter, dwl Black Point 
Eakin Isaiah, silversmith, dwl Vallejo nr Stock 
Earl A. C. 87 & 80 Pacific 
Earle John H. mariner, dwl Pacific nr Hyde 
Earlea James, porter-bottler, dwl E s Powell nr 

Earloy John, omnibus-driver, bds W a Battery 

near Pine 
Early Thomas, laborer, dwl S 8 'Washington bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Eastland Joseph O. Secretary San Fraacisoo Gas 

Works, cor First and Natoma 
Eason William G. Secretary Merchant's Trans- 
portation Co. bds E s Dupont near Cal. 
Eastburn Theodore L. clerk with Smiley, Brothers 

& Co. dwl Second near Stevenson 
Easterley John M. dwl corner Second and Cle- 
Eastham H. S. mariner, dwl Fremont bet Harri- 
son and Bryant 
Eastham U. F. sea captain, dwl Fremont betw'n 

Harrison and Bryant 
Eastman Charles U. drayman, dwl cor Taylor 

&, Riley 
Eastman Cyrus A. dwl 63 Jlinna 
Eastman Cyrus A. sea captain, dwl Melvina nr 

Eastman Edson H. sewing machine, dwl Yerba 

Buena near Clay 
Eastman Frank, Franklin Printing Office, 111'n, dwl Sacramento cor Prospect pi 
EASTMAN H.YRRISON, designer and engraver 

on wood, dwl Taylor near Clay 
Eastman W'ebster, carpenter, dwl cor Clay and 

Yerba Buena 
Eastman Wni. II. carpenter, 201 Cal dwl Quiiicy 
Easton Ansold J. steam laundry, N side Presidio 

Easton Harvey S. dwl N s Presidio Road 
Easton Hazel surveyor, dsvl Ns Presidio Road 
Easton &, Brother, (Jiis. (tJwAn), cabinet-makers, 

52 Busli 
Easton John, (n/ Eastan i Brother), 52 Bush 
Eaton Alexander, (Farren &, E.) Market nr First 
Eaton C. J. office 187 W^ashington, dwl Fremont 

near Folsom 
Eaton Henry E. bar-tender, IDS Montgomery, 

dwl cor Dupont and Washington 
Eaton {haac F.) & Bostwick {Isaac D.) flour i. 

grain, SE cor Washington and Davis, dwl 

Jones bet Pine and California 
Eaton J. F. blacksmith, bds 2 Belden's Block 

Eaton J. Ward, (J. L. Riddle & Co.) dwl Essex 

cor Laurel place 
Eaton Lemuel P. broker, dwl 169 Mission 
Eaton W. L. laborer, U. S. Branch Mint 
Eayrs Harrison P. {Netjus & E.) dwl Clementina 

near Second 
Ebbets Arthur M. office 60 California, dwl NW 

cor Washington and Jones 
Eberhard (Josejih), & Mast {John), lessees Russ' 

Eehrich Hermann, carpenter. Berry nr Mary lane 
Eck Florent, cooper, 'W.s Stockton nr Broadway 
Eckel J. N. phy.sician, 196 Washington 
Eckenroth Joseph, carriage-maker, Kearny bet 

Sutter and Post 
Eckor George, watchmaker, dwl cor Washington 

and Dupont 
Eckert Frederick, carpenter, NW cor Cal * Webb 

bds Columbia [Oregon 

Eckert Hermann, {Auberkn & E.) cor Battery & 
Eckfeldt J. M. coiner, U. S. Branch Mint, dwl S s 

Clay above Powell 
Eckland Edward, seaman, dwl NJi cor Stewart 

and Mission 
EOKMAN JULIUS, Rev. proprietor Weekly 

Gleaner, office 133 Clay 
Eckstein Leon, importer, toys, etc. 144 Kearny 
Eddington George E. bar-keeper, bds E s Sutter 

bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Eddy E. AV. accountant with Newhall & Gregory, 

bds Oriental Hotel 
Edelen Lemuel H. {A. K Todd& Co.) dwl SUver 

bet Second and Third 
Edor H. M. merchant, office 133 Clay, dwl N s 

Vallejo near I'owell 
Edcs Geoge, drayman, dwl 141 Mission 
Edgar E. D. clerk at 53 & 55 Front 
Edgerly Napoleon, salesman at Tubbs & Co. 139 

Edgerton George H. carpenter, dwl Pine nr Btty 
Edgley Samuel, butcher, bds 6 Belden's Block 
Edmonds John, dairyman, dwl S s Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 
Edmonds M. dairyman, dwl S s Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 
Edmonds William, dwl Maiden Lane 
Edmoudson Alfred, stock dealer, bds Ns Vallejo 

bet Larkin and Hyde 
Edouart Alexander, artist, 94 Montgomery dwl 

Harrison near Third 
Edwards {Andrew L.) Fordham {R. B.) & Co. {D. 

A. Jennings &, W. F. HaUcy), groceries and 

provisions, 133 Front, dwl 118 Sacramento 
EDWARDS (.1. S.) &. WALTON (J/. C.) whole- 
sale liquors, cor Front and Wash'n, dwl N s 

Green bet Stockton and Powell 
Edwards Bridget Mrs. laundress, Jessie nr Ecker 
Edwards Edw. clerk, at Stanly & Grimes', dwl 

Harriet bet Simmons and Harris 
Edwards Frank, upholsterer, with J. C. Bell, bds 

Kearny bet Pacific and Jackson 
Edwards Henry, clerk, S s Jackson bet Drumm 

and Davis 
Edwards {H. F.) &, Bailey ( 'William J.) importers 

and commission merchants, California near 

Davis, res Hong Kong. 
Edwards Jas. physician, office 135 Montgomery, 

dwl Everett bet Third and Fourth 



Edwards Lawrence B. wbarflnger, dwelling Clay 

near Powell 
Edwards L. Miss, teacher, Stockton St School 
Edwards Jlrs. dwl McLaren's lane 
Edwards Stephen {Coffey & E.) 170 Front 
EDWARDS ( WiUiam P.) k ENGKRT (.1. F. C.) 

commission merchants, 48 Eront, dwelling 

Tehama near Second 
Eells George, drayman, with R. S. Eclls & Co. 

cor Front and Pine, dwl SW side Fremont 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
EeUs John S. {R. S. Edh & Co.) cor Front and 

Pine, dwl SW side Fremont hot Folsom and 

EELLS RUFUS S. & CO. (.4. M. W. BaU), im- 
porters of carriages, wagons, etc. NE comer 

Front and Pine, dwl Fremont near Folsom 
Eells Thomas S. salesman, with R. S. Eells & Co. 

dwl Fremont near Folsom 
Eowell John, watchman, 1G3 Clay 
Egan Ann Mrs. liquor saloon, NW cor First and 

Egan Edward, blacksmith, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Egan James, brick-layer, Fort Point 
Egan Jas. laborer, dwl E s Jones near Broadway 
Egan Patrick, laborer, dwl Stevenson nr Second 
Egbert James D. miner, bds Larkin bet Green 

and Union 
Eger Albert, merchant, dwl 318 Powell 
EGGERS {George ff.) &, CO. {Christian H. Yoigt 

& Tttoinas Basse), groceries and liquors, G5 

Cahfornia, dwl W s Stockton near Post 
Eggert Herman, ( T. A. Aulerliu & E.) NE cor 

Battery and Oregon 
Ehaan Robert, boiler-maker, Union Iron Works, 

dwl 56 Natoma 
Ehlers ( William) & Co. {Ellick Druker), grocers, 

NW cor Kearny and Sutter 
Ehrenpfort Andrias, dwl N side Broadway bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Ehrenpfort Frederick, confectioner, with Mercer A 

Bernheim, bds NW cor Broadway & Kearny 
Ehrenpfort (William) & Volberg {Charles), up- 
holsters, 212 Wash'n, dwl N side Broadway 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Ehrhardt Peter, shoe-maker, 186 Washington 
Ehi-horn Adolphus {Bellman Bros. & Co.) 124 

California, dwl Ellis, St. Ann's Valley 
Ehrlich Mayer, (Reinhart Bros. & Co.) dwl Bush 

near Powell 
Ehrlich Soloman, clerk, 182 Kearny 
Eichel Christian, upholsterer, with Jonas G. 

Clark & Co. bds A\'hat Cheer House 
Eickhoff {Henry) & Gruncnwald {Antoine), tai- 
lors, N s Pacific near Dupont 
Eidenmiller George, physician, office SW corner 

Dupont and Jackson, dwl 263 Dupont 
Einstein Zadock & Brothers, importers of bdbts 

and shoes, 69J Battery, dwl Geary between 

Kearny and Dupont 
Eisen Francis T. {George Eisen & Co.) HI 

Eisen George & Co. {Francis T. Eisen). proptr 

Pioneer Mills, Market near First, office 147 

Sacramento, dwl Stevenson near First 
Eisenberg Isadore, (Tobin &, E.) NE cor Mont'y 

and Washington 
Eisler Henry L. harness-maker, 268 Dupont 

Eitel Henry, clerk, 50 Montgomery, dwl Howard 

near First 
ELAM (li. JI.) & HOWES {Edward K.) wUlow 

ware, 84 Clay, dwl 324 Powell 
Elder Charles, ship-carpenter, dwl Greenwich 

below Montgomery 
Eldred Mumford J. quartz miner, Clementina nr 

Eldred Robert, laborer, Jessie near Eckor 
Eldridge Albert S. Empire Warehouse, Bcale nr 

Market, dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
Eldridge Edw. seaman, dwl Sansome nr Green 
Eldridge John 0. {Poulterer, DeRo & E.) 45 Cali- 
fornia, dwl 21 Minna [national 
Eldridge K. C. office 89 Front, bds Hotel Intor- 
Eldridge Nathaniel C. cigara and fruit-dealer, 254 

Eldridge William, carpenter, dwl Belden betw'ii 

Bush and Pine 
Eldridge Wilson, baker, dwl 6 Brenham place 
Elfelt Edwm S. office 48 Front, dwl Clay betw'n 

Sansome and Montgomery 
Elgerbrecht J. dwl 193 Pine 
Elgutter Aaron, salesman. 111 Sacramento 
ELGUTTER {Morris) k CO. {A. Nmburyer), im- 
porters fancy goods, 111 Sacramento, boards 
Broadway bet Stockton and Powell 
Elleman AVm. carpenter, dwl corner Pacific and 

Ellen 0. accountant, bds New England House 
ELLERHORST HENRY D. produce and com- 
mission mcht, NE cor Davis and Jackson 
Ellerhorst H. T. clerk, NE cor Davis and Jack'n 
EUery Epes, Antiquarian Book Store, 162 Wash- 
ington, dwl NW cor Stockton and Pacific 
Ellinghouse August, saddler and harness maker, 
45 Battery, dwl S s Post bet Dupont and 
Elliott {Gardner) & Tilden {Charles L.) carpen- 
ters, 201 California, dwl Quincey nr Cal'a 
Elliott George, bar-keeper. Bank Exchange 
Elliott Lieut. U. S. A. corps of engineers, office 
119 Montgomery, bds cor Sac and Brooklyn 
Elliott Richard, hardware, 86 Battery, bds 321 

Elliott Samuel ( Curtis & E.) Bdwy nr Stockton 
Elliott S. F. physician, 6 Court Block, bds Ori- 
ental Hotel 
Elliott T. book-binder, dwl 183 Mission 
Elliott Thomas, sea captain, dwl cor Lombard and 

ELLIOT, WASHINGTON & CO. (Lucius Bell), 
grocers, SE cor California and Montgomery, 
dwl 147 Mission 
Elliott William, Plaza Saloon, dwl 229 Clay 
Ellis Alfred J. office cor Mont'y and Sacramento, 

dwl S s Bdwy bet Dupont and Stockton 
Ellis Andrew D. (Akxanda- k Co.) res Placerville 
Ellis Edward, carpenter, dwl rear 28 St. Mark's 

Ellis George, baker. Second nr Stevenson 
Ellis Henry H. police, dwl S s Clem'a nr First 
Ellis John, carpenter, dwl Market bet Third and 

Ellis Jolin S. (Scott k E.) Deputy Sheriff, bds 

■with A. F. Scott, Minna nr Third 
ELLIS MOSES & CO. importers, 54 Front, dwl 
W s Stockton bet Washington and Jackson 










'r'l «i 

mil Biaaiis siii.sf ii 

Has the LARGEST CIRCULATION of any Paper on the Pacific Coast. 
It is published every afternoon at three o'clock, and distributed in the City 
by twenty-one Carriers. The Boats leaving the City at 4 o'clock, P. M., 
take the Country edition to the Agents, (ninety three in number,) who dis- 
tribute the Bulletin into 



TERMS.— Per Week 374 cts. 

Per Annum $12 00 

For 6 Months 7 00 

Is issued every Saturday. 
TERMS.— Per Annum $5 00 

T^\M ST 

iia [B(UI[L[Liir[|[ffl 

Is issued on the departure of each Mail Steamer. 
TERMS.— Per Annum .' , 

.$6 00 








All kinds of Book Illustra- 
tions, Views of Buildings, Ma- 
chinery, Landscapes, Marine 
Views, Mining Scenes, Por- 
traits, Animals, Birds, Socie- 
ties, Seals, Labels, Newspaper 
Heads, Bill Heads, etc. etc. 

promptly attended to. 




Editor and Publisher Office, 133 Clay Street, San Francisco. 


$5.00 per Anmrni; $3.00 for Six Months; $1.50 for Three Months. 

ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual Rates of other Weeklies. 

THE GLEANER is too well known by tliis to require further recommendation. Perhaps no 
paper in the State has received such encomiums on its appearance as the Gleaner. The Clironicle 
of Saturday, Jan. 25th, ISSt, pronounces it "complete in every department;" and again, "the 
Gleaner is a unique and valuable paper." The Daily Alta California, Jan. 17, 1857, says, "From 
the great variety of original and selected articles which it contains, it will, no doubt, prove a valu- 
able acquisition to the family literature of both Hebrew and Gentile." The Bulletin of Jan. 16th, 
1857, states, "such a paper will prove a valuai)Ie family companion to Christians as well as Jews." 
Want of space precludes us from quoting more. 



Ellis Russell, rentier, dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Ellis Valentine, brewer, Dow's distillery 
Ellison Cliarles, laborer, i'ort Point 
Elluiaker Frederic S. tanner, dwl Second near 

Ellmore Mrs. dwl AV s Stock bet Post and Sutter 
Ells Allen M. dwl S s Fremont bet Folsom and 

Ellsworth T. lumber, cor Market and Stewart, 

bds Tebania House 
Elsasser S. (Bachmaa <fc E.) New York Hotel 
Elsbury .lolni. wharQnper, Mission nr Annie 
Elter Morris, Rincon. Point Market, Folsom near 

Elwell G. W. with H. Matthews, cor Mkt& Beale 
Elwell Lott, metal-roofer, dwl Clara bet Ritch 

and Fourth 
Elwert Henry, dwl N a Yallejo bet Dupont and 

Ely (Ahxander) & Rankin (^Robert), attorneys at 

law, SW cor Montgomery and Clay 
Emanuel Isaac, drayman, dwl S s Filbert nr Pow 
EMBURY JAMES W. com and shipping mcrch, 

89 Front, dwl S s Jackson abv Powell 
Emerson George T. book-binder and paper-ruler, 

70 Murch, dwl 103 Dupont 
Emerson {Joseph) & Baldwin {E. J!) livery stables, 

182 Commercial, dwl Auburn 
Emerson William, laborer, dwl SE cor Clay and 

Emerson William G. dwl Hunt near Third 
Emery Robert, clerk at S. Adams' cor Clay and 

Emmerson Wm. Drayman's Exchange, '75 Davis 
Emmet C. Temple, attorney at law, NW corner 
Commercial and Montgomery, dwl SE cor 
Washington and Powell 
Emmet Temple, clerk. NW cor Cpm'l and Mont'y 
Emsley James J. bricklayer, dwl Broadway bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Enbury George A. Keystone Temperance House, 

57 and 59 Jackson 
Enders John & Co. (Peler Whelan and Benja- 
min A. Uendrickson), proprietors of Alta 
Mills, Market near First 
Engel Henry, boatman, dwl cor Market and East 
ENGEL MORRIS, optician and turner of metals, 
ivorj', etc. 177 Clay, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Engels Arnold, with Edwards & Bailey, dwl 189 

Engels Henry A. tinsmith, Mission near Second 
Engert A. F. C. {Edwards <fc E.) dwl Powell bet 

Green and Yallejo 
England Thomas, {Ct-aine <fc E.) 182 Washington 
Englander Charles, fruit-dealer, dwl 234 Sao 
Eoglander Leopold, drayman, 92 California, dwl 

Jessie near Third 
Englander William, fruits, Dupont near Jackson 
Euglander William Mack, drayman, dwl Hunt 

near Third 
Englebrecht Herman, grocer, SE cor Green and 

Englebrecht Louis, -with Justh & Hunter, 108 

English J. brick-layer, bds N 8 Pine bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
English {Jerome A.) & Lothrop (John J.) black- 
smiths, 58 Sansome, dwl SWcor Ma.son&Po3t 

English John, stage-driver, bds Rassette House 
English Lawrence, baker at W. Horr i Go's, 37 

and 39 Davis 
Enhieger Valentine, fruit-dealer, 274 Dupont 
Enner Bernard, SE cor Kearny and Jackson 
Enner Wm. H. grocer, SE cor Kearny and Jack 
Ennis Joseph, carpenter, Chaoe's Mills, cor Mar- 
ket and Beale 
Ensbcrry George, Keystone House, Jackson be- 
low Davis 
Enseove John, physician, 52 Montgomery 
Ensign George H. Water Works, office Wells' 
Building, cor Clay and Montgomery, dwl 
Mason near Green 
Entoine Eugene, paper box manf. 120 Kearny 
Enwright John, laborer, dwl Mnuia near Third 
Ephraim A. B. dwl St. Mary's place bot Dupont 

and Stockton 
Erba G. modeller, Stockton near Clay 
Erba J. (Roncati E. & Sixmna), dwl I6G Snnsome 
Erhard David, shoe-maker, dwl cor Sacramento 

and Waverley place 
Erkens {William) & Leken.i {Peter), cabinet- 
makers, 190 Jackson, dwl NW cor Kearny 
and Broadway 
Ernst Herman, store-ship Callao, cor Beale and 

Mission, dwl S s York near Mason 
Ervin Henry J. {Stringer E. & Co.) dwl corner 

Third and Townsend 
Ervin William, dwl 128 Bush 
Erwin George L. porter, cor California and Stock 
Erzgraber William, Union Cidor and Vinegar 

Manufactory, cor Eoker and Market 
Escaie Joseph, Leidesdortf bet Coni'l and Sac 
Esceche Francois, Family Market, NE cor Pine 

and Dupont 
Eshom Joseph S. {late ChamhUn & E.) 61 Wash- 
ington, bds 185 California 
Essberg Kutz, cigars, 75 Kearny 
Estad Thomas, vegetables, Dupont near Yallejo 
Ebtall {Tlwmas) & Moulton (.1. D.) Terminus 

House, cor King and Steamboat Point 
Estham Wm. F. dwl Fremont bet Harrison and 

Estell James M. office 178 Montgomery, dwl 

Third near Tehama 
Etel Charles, laborer, Howard near First 
Etel Henry, clerk, dwl Howard near First 
Eticnno Dersarps, wood & coal yard, 185 Pacific 
Etique John P. blacksmith, dwl S 8 Folsom bet 

Fremont and First 
Ettling Henry, cigars, corWa-shington and Mont- 
gomery, rooms cor Sacramento and Battery 
Ettinger Mauritz, 204 Clay 
Eugene Mrs. dress-maker, Broadway bet Du- 
pont and Stockton 
Euler {Henry) & Liescnfelt {Philip), billiard table 

manufacturers, 152 and 154 Battery 
Euler Julius, {Kreyenltagen, Kruse & Co.) 49 and 

51 Front 
Eures H. laborer, Fort Point 
Evans A. engineer. Commercial Flour Mills 
Evans Charles, blacksmith, bds Union House 
Evans Eliza Mrs. widow, dwl cor Green & Taylor 
Evans Francis, machinist, dwl Stewart bet Mis- 
sion and Howard 
Evans George R. bds N s Market bet Sansome 
and Battery 




Evans Halo, junk dealer, N a Market bet San- 
some and Battery 
Evans John, Napoleon Saloon, Pacific nr Barllett 
Evans Jolin, bds S 8 Jackson bet Mason & Taylor 
Kvans Jolin, tailor, dwl Card's lane 
Evans Lncy, (col'd), dwi Rasctte place No. 2 
iOvans Margaret Mrs. (widow), Union bet Van 

Ness avenue and Franklin 
Evans I'. J. dwl Market bet Bealo and Stewart 
Evans Ro,sana Mrs. (widow), furnished rooms, 

121 Pine 
Evans Thomas, (livery stable), 11 Pine, dwl SE 

cor Pine and Sansome 
Evans 'William W. dairyman, Presidio road op 

Valley House 
Evarest Longrois, compositor, bds Com'l bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Evatt & Brother, (Edward J. and Daniel), hell- 

hangers and lock -smiths, 54 Mont'y 
Evatt Daniel, (Evatt Bros.) dwl cor Fifth and 

Evatt William, hat manufacturer, dwl Mission 

near Fourth 
Eveillard {Francis) & Fredet (John), harness and 

saddle-makers, 130 Kearny 
Evelith Dwight, porter at Fargo A Go's, dwl S s 

Pacific near Taylor 
Everett Martin V. B. tinner, bds with S. J. Hop- 
kins, cor Folsom and Sutter 
Evers Henry C. grocer, SE corner Vallejo and 

Everson 'WiUiam H. (col'd), barber, dwl 41 

Evrar Auguste, watchman, 252 Bupont 
Evrard James, comedian, dwl 117 Broadway 
Ewald Edward, book-keeper, Washington Baths, 

163 Montgomery 
Ewald J. barber, bds E s Pike between Clay and 

Ewer Ferdinand C. Rev. pastor Christ church, 

dwl SW cor Hyde and Sacramento 
Expert Armand, grocer, NW corner Pacific and 

Eyeman J. dwl NW cor Bdwy and Dupont 
Eyre John, carpenter and builder, Rich bet Fol- 
som and Harrison 
Ezekiel Jacob, Secretary of Fire Department, dwl 

Wetmore pi bet Powell and Mason 
Ezekiel, — , bds 249 Powell near Clay 

Fabeks (fVancis A.) &, Tract (Frederic P.) atty's 

at law, 24 Moni'y block, bds Dupont bet 

Pine and Bush 
Fabra H. restaurant, Dupont near Washington 
Fabra Sauveur, blacksmith, 253 Dupont 
Fabre J. bds 212 Washington 
Fagan John, drayman, dwl Jones bet Tyler and 

Fagan John, laborer, V. S. Branch Mint 
Fagel Henry, brick-mason, dwl cor California 

and Quinoy 
Eager Andrew, brewer, at Bavaria Brewery, 

Vallejo near Stockton 
Fahay William, boarding-bouse, Sansome bet 

Pacific and Broadway 

Fahrback Christian F. (Miischwitz tfc F.) SE cor 
Montgomery and Pacific 

Fahrenkrug Christian, at J. Sander & Go's, 35 

Fairharik John, laborer, bds New Orleans House 

Fairchilds H. teamster, bds 20 Sansome 

Fairfield Geo. 0. (G. M. Josselyn & Co.) Market 
near Stewart 

Fairfield Hiram, produce, 15 Clay 

Fairfowl James G. (Jones & F.) Mission st wharf 

Fairman William 33. steward, Knickerbocker 
Engine Co. 

Faisandieu Madame, corset-maker, 301 Dupont 

Fake George S. bds N s Union bet Jones ami 

Fales Edward, agricultural implements, NE cor 
Davis and Washington, dwl Mission oppo- 
site Church 

Falkenstein (Henry) & Co. {ifoses JfeyerfeU), job- 
bers in segars and tobacco, 56 Front 

FALKNER (Evelyn R) BELL (James) & CO. 
com merchants, 128 California, dwl Union 
Club Rooms 

Fallen James, porter, 58 Front 

Fancher (Gilherl) k Gough, (liicliard J.) livery 
stable, 160 California, dwl 152 Cal 

Faran Patrick, stone-cutter, Fort Point 

Fardon G. R. photographic gallery, 203 Clay 

Farg A. D. optician, eor Com'l and Leid'ff 

FARGO (Calvin F.) & CO. (J. C. Wiliim-ding), 
importers and jobbers of liquors, 52 Front, 
dwl S s Post nr Kearny 

Farin Joseph, clothing, 77 Commercial 

Farley Frank, liquors, San Jose road Mission 

Farley George, painter, dwl Pacific abv Kearny 

Farley James, laborer. Fort Point 

Farley John, lithographer, dwl cor Montgomery 
and Pacific 

Farley John, laborer. Fort Point 

Farley John, Tennessee House, N s Pacific near 

Fa.r\ey ViWWam, (Welling & F.) NE cor Pacific 
and Kearny 

Farmer John, laborer, 170 Battery, dwl Natoma 
near Jane 

Farmer R. B. pressman, Alta California 

FARMER (Marcellus),CnASK (Hubert P.) & CO. 
(Egbert Judson, Henry P. Coon and John L. 
N. Shepherd,) manufacturers and dealers in 
chemicals, 64 Front, res Mission 

Farnam H. S. M. (C. 0. Gerberding & Co.) 

Farnswortli Francis L. carpenter, at Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co, dwl 13 Clementina 

Famsworth John D. sea captain, dwl 14 Cle- 

Farnsworth W. 0. printer, -with Robbins, SW 
cor Clay and Sansome, dwl 88 Kearny 

Farr Alonzo, stage agent, dwl SE corner Mission 
and Third 

Farr Charles, laborer. Fort Point 

Farran Cliarles, com merchant, 38 Clay, dwl Price 
bet Second and Third 

Farran Charles J. captain, Bryant nr Second 

Farran Robert, organ builder, dwl E s Powell nr 

Farre Charles, laborer, dwl E s White 

Farrell Edward, carpenter. Market street mills 



Fnrrcll James, laborer, dwl E s Yansen 

Farrell James, drayman, dwl S s Clay nr Jones 

Farrell James h. employment oflico, 1C5 Kearny 

Farrell Jolm, dwl 150 California 

Farrell John, watcliman. Oriental Hotel 

Farrell John, laborer, Fort Point 

Farrell Michael, wood yard, dwl Geary bet Jones 

and Leavenworth 
Farrell P. E. proptr Sarsfield Hall, N.W corner 

Montjjomery and Pacific 
Farrell Simon, laborer, dwl Minna Br Third 
Farrell William B. (SalcMl & F.) (col'd), 105 

Merch, dwl N s Green nr Dupont 
Farrelly Patrick, clerk, at J. W. Sullivan's, dwl 

S\V cor Pacific and Dupont 
Farren {Mm W.) & Eaton (Alexander), wagon- 
makers. Market nr First 
Farren William, bds with Mrs. C. Newman 
Farrin Augustus, baker, dwl Sutter cor Rassette 

place No. 1 

Co. boards First nr Tehama place 
Farron John, wheelwright, bds with Mrs. Cath. 

Parwcll George, sewing-machine, 95 Davia 
Farwell James D. ship-chandler, 79 Clay, dwl 

cor Filbert and Mason 
Farwell John M. bds 249 Powell nr Clay 
Farwell AVilliam, book-keeper, 79 Clay 
Farwell Willard B. Culitornia Pioneer rooms 
Fass Henry, dwl NE cor Union and Taylor 
Fa.ssett N."C. office 92 Front, bds El Dorado Bdg 
Fatteburt Peter, laborer. Fort Point [132 Clay 
Fatzer J. J. bar-keeper, at La Croix Fcderale, 
Faua Julius, bds 152 Bush 
Faulkner Goo H. clerk, with Fabons & Tracy, 

dwl W s Dupont bet Cal and Sacramento 
Faulkner James, pilot, dwl N s Green nr Kearny 
Faulkner Patrick F. (Hopper & F.) dwl Mason nr 

Faulkner , merchant, dwl 153 Dupont 

Faunreniie Frederick, laundryman, dwl Leaven- 
worth bet Pacific and Jackson 
Faures (Francis C.) & Reynolds ( William), Cus- 
tom House and ship brokers, cor Battery and 
Washington, dwl S s Lombard nr Stockton 
Favor Frank, painter, Third nr Howard 
Favre (Joseph), Pionneau (Pierre) &, Co. (Eugene 
Besaort). importers of French wines and li- 
quors, 174 Montgomery 
Fawcett J. bds El Dorado Building 
Fawcett Thomas, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 

Tay nr Clay 
Fay Burgess, (Ilildreth & F.) S Mission Church, 

Horner's Addition 
Fay (Caleb T.) &. Willis (Horatio P.) importers 

and com merchants, bds Oriental Hotel 
FAY JOHN, soap mauf. Chestnut bet Mason 

and Taylor ' ' 

Fay Patrick, laborer, dwl Maiden Lane 
Fay Sarah Miss, tailoress, dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
Fay Thomas G. office 9 Belden 
Fayard (John J}.) & Constant (Hubert), hair- 
drcs.scrs and workers in hair, 145 Montgo'y 
Feagau John, bds What Cheer House 
Fealy Dennis, bar-tender, S s Jackson nr Davis 
Feanlois Alexander, laundryman, cor Stockton 
and Post 

Feaster J. J. &. Co. night-work, 67 Pine 
Feohan John, liquor saloon and feed store, NW 

cor First and Natonia 
Feehan William, packer of glass-ware, dwl cor 

Natoma and First 
Fegan Michael. Empire Soda Manufactory, Mis- 
sion nr Third, dwl N s Cottage bet Howard 
and Third 
Feigcr Conrad, cooper, 118 Broadway 
Feix John, mclter, U. S. B. Mint 
Feldbush John, grocer, NW cor Stock and Jack 
Feldlieim Nathan G. (Feldheim & Co.) dwl Mis- 
sion bet First and Second 
Feldheim (Samuel) & Co. (Nathan G. Feldheim), 
gent's furnishing goods, 85 Battery, bds New 
York Hotel 
Felker L. M. dwl SE cor Greenwich and Mason 
Fell Edward L. carpenter and builder, S s Clay 

below Davis 
Fella Plazidus, dwl NE cor O'Farrcll and Powell 
Fella Charles, printer, bds cor Powell and O'F'l 
Felley J. machinist. Pacific Foundry, First bet 

Mission and Howard 
Fellows George W. dairyman, S s Presidio Road 

W of Valley House 
FELLOWS HART, attorney at law, office 7 Ex- 
press Bdg, dwl N s AVashington bet Mason 
and Powell 
Fellows Timothy, teamster, dwl Presidio Road 

op Valley House 
Felt J. J. lumber, Pier No 5, Stewart 
Folton John B. ( Wliitcortib, Pringle & F.) boards 

Union Hotel 
Feltz Jesse, miner, bds 97 Dupont 
Fenderich Charles, artist, bds E s Dupont nr Sao 
Fenoy James, bds E s Powell nr Pacific 
Fenkhausen Amandus, fancy goods and toys, 340 

Fonn Frederick C. M. card engraver, 94 Mont'y, 

dwl Perry abv Third 
Fonnell Michael, contractor, dwl First Avenue 
Fenner Clianning G. attorney at law, 140 Clay, 

dwl Mission Dolores 
Fennon Edward, bds What Cheer House 
Fenstermacher M. dwl NS Vallejo bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Fenton Charles, cooper with Daniel Leahy 
Fenton James, cooper, N s Wasli'n below Front 
Fenton John J. drayman, dwl NW cor Pacific 

and Hyde 
Fenton John, drayman at 53 & 65 Front 
Fenton John, drayman with Gonroy & O'Connor 
Fenton Samuel, moulder. Union Iron Works 
Feran John, dwl 315 Stockton 
Ferguson Clement, clerk. Tax Collector, dwl Du- 
pont near California 
Ferguson David, principal clerk. Quartermaster's 

Department, bds Harris House 
Ferguson Davis, teamster, dwl N s Wash'n nr 

Ferguson Daniel, bds What Cheer House 
Ferguson George N. clerk, 129 California 
Ferguson Henry P. hair-dresser, 57 Sansome 
Ferguson Isaac, bds with Mrs. AValsh, Jessie 
Ferguson John, Assistant Postmaster, dwl S s 

Jackson above Powell 
Ferguson John, miner, dwl Midway 
Ferguson Russell, farmer, bds 97 Dupont 


SAJi FKANCISOO [f] DIBECTOKY. Mary Mre. Olire Branch Hotel, Sacra- 

meiiti) for Drunim 
Ferniich Furtoiiiito, dwl cor Davis ami Oregon 
FernaUl Duviil L. blacksmith, dwl Kimble nr Sac 
Fornani-les Riitio, gnicer, E s Kearny nr Bdwy 
Fernandez Gregory, fruit dealer, E s Second near 

PerraU John, Assistant Weigher, Cnstom House 
Forrand B. butcher, with Mad. Pierre, 01 Merch 
Ferrand Charles, daguorreiau artist, rear 18'! 

Ferre Joseph, tailor, 175 California 
Ferreira Antonio J. rentier, dwl rear 166 Bush 
Ferrel! Mar^jaret ilrs. toys and fancy goods, Du- 

pont cor St. Mark's place 
Ferrenbach II. jeweller and watch-maker, 262 

Ferrer Manuel, professor of Music, dwl cor Sac- 
ramento and Brooklyn place 
Ferrey A. tailor, Clay near Sansome 
Ferris David, stevedore, bds at Wm. Robinson's, 

Beale near Folsom 
FERRIS (David C.) & CO. importers and dealers 

in clotliing, 196 Clay 
Fetherly Henry, butcher, dwl W s Taylor near 

Fetzer Leinliard, (Carl& F.) dwl cor Sacramento 

and Stockton 
Peuersteiii Rudolph (Loning <fc F.) 50 Front, dwl 

S s Chesnut near Stockton 
Feusier Henry, {Feusier & Co.) SE cor Commer- 
cial and Davis 
Feusier Henry, jr. drayman, at Feusier & Go's 
Feusier [Louis) & Co. {Henry Feusier), produce 

and commission merchants, SB cor Com- 
mercial and Davis 
Fey E. Mrs. dress-maker, dwl Wash'n nr Powell 
Fibbiger Tlieophilus, washing fluid manufacturer, 

dwl Greenwich near Dupont 
Field Charic-, cabinetmaker, S a Sutter bet 

Montgomery and Sansome, bds 62 Mont'y 
Field E. A. Mrs. (col'd) dress-maker, dwl E s 

Mason near Vallojo 
Field Edward X. with A. C. Nichols, bds Ras- 

sette House [Clark 

FIELD HAMPTON E. restaurant, Davis near 
Field Martin, waiter, Railroad House 
Field Silas C. dwl cor Harris and Bryant 
Field Thomas, Second Street Exchange, comer 

Second and Minna, dwl 56 Minna 
Field Thomas D. at Pennsylvania stables, 58 

Field Timothy, umbrella maker, dwl Stockton, 

(rear), near Filbert 
Field William, buckskin, morocco and fur manu- 
factory, S s Simmons W of Braunan 
Field Wm. A. [Binckley, Worth & F.) Davis bet 

California and Sacramento 
Fienberg Abraham, watch-maker, 21'? Eearny 
FIFER MAX W. physician, office and dwl 212 

FLIield Abram, dairyman, Broadway bet Franklin 

and Gouch 
Fifleld Wiut, dairyman, Broadway bet Franklin 

and Gouch 
FIGEL JOSEPH & BRO. {S. Figel,) importers 

clothing and furnishing goods, 191 Clay, bds 

Powell bet Union and Green 

Figcl .S. {Figel Brother), residence New York 

Figh Alexander, tailor, 351 Dupont 

Figuera Louis, receiving clerk at G. 0. Whitney's, 

dwl Sherwood near Third 
Fildonse Frederick, laborer, L. M. Cemetery 
File John, cooper, Oregon below Davis 
Fillobrown James, contractor, dwl N 8 Mission 

bet Tliorne and Wood 
Fillman Louis, grocer, cor Green and Calhoun 
Filteau Henry, 156 Sacramento, dwl Dupont bet 

Pine and Bush 
Finan Bartholomew, shoemaker, 42 Montgomerj', 

dwl 231 Pacific 
Finch D. B. dwl Harrison, Rincon Point 
Finch Henry G. dwl cor Stone and Jackson 
Finch Horatio G. clerk Quarter Master's office, 94 

Montgomery cor California 
Finch John, hackman. Bush bet Montgomery and 

Finch William G. hack stables. Bush bet Mont'y 

and Sansome, bds 128 Bush 
Finder Adolph, embroideries, &c. 147 Sac 
Findla James, wood and coal, cor I'ine and Batt'y 

res South Park 
Finigan Holmes, druggist, Kearny nr Pacific, 

dwl Broadway nr Scott 
Finigan James, W s Battery nr Pine 
Finigan Peter, W s Battery nr Pine 
Finigan Thomas, Finigan's Stables, W s Battery 

near Pine 
Fink Henry, machinist, dwl N s Berry nr Dupont 
Finkbonner Christopher, bds Hillmau's Temper- 
ance House 
Finkeldcg Frederick, clerk, SW cor Stockton and 

Finkner Henry, paper-hanger, dwl 6 Brenham 

Finley Francis, clerk, cor Ohio and Broadway 
Finley Hamilton, engineer Market street mills, 

bds with S. S. Culverwell 
Finley Richard, stock dealer, dwl N s Vallejo 

bet Larkin and Hyde 
Finley Thomas E. merchant, dwl 177 Dupont 
Finley William, plumber, at J. Hudson's, Webb 

bet California and Sacramento 
Finn Cornelius, boot and shoe-maker, 63 Davis 
Finn David, N s Vallejo below Montgomery 
Finn Jeremiah, drayman. Pacific Foundry, Bryant 

near Second 
Finn John, clerk, with N. Maher, E s Dupont nr 

Finn Patrick H. laborer, Howard nr First 
Finn William, dwl Mont'y bet Green and Vallejo 
Finnegan James C. tinsmith, with G. & W. Snook, 

dwl 19 John 
Finnegan P. A. What Cheer House 
Finnerty Peter, mason, dwl Howard bet Fifth 

and Simmons 
Finnerty Thomas, fireman U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl Lafayette place 
FINNEY C. G. & CO. flour merchants, 67 Clay, 

dwl Montgomery above Broadway 
Finney Josiah T. carpenter, dwl S s Greenwich 

nr Stockton 
Finney Richard, laborer. Fort Point 
Finteison August, carpenter, S s Commercial bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Firgustein Henry, porter, SW cor Sac and Front 



Fisch Frederick, steward, 280 Powell 

FUiclibi'k llanii;ui, {Fiicltbek Bros.) NW corner 

I'aciHc and Mason 
Fischer Cliarlos, Austrian Consul, office 157 Jack- 
son, 2iid lloor, dwl 198 Pine 
Fischer Morris, hand-cart, dwl Clem'a cor Ecker 
Fisehbek Brothers, {John li. and Uarman), gro- 
cers, NW cor Pacific and Mason 
Fish Benjamin F. Black Hawk stables, Pine nr 

Sansonie, dwl Whetraoro place 
Fish (Franklin) & Co. intelligence dBce, 140 

Fish James H. wharfinger, Jackson street wharf, 

bds Wlietmoro place 
Fishbeck (John) & Imbrie (A. C.) saloon, cor 

Commercial and Kearny, dwl Pacific corner 

Fishbourne R. W. draughtsman, U. S. Surveyor 

General, dwl Ohio bet Pacific and Bdwy 
Fishbourne S. J. Miss, assistant Union St. School, 

dwl Ohio bet Broadway and Pacific 
Fishel Benjamin, tinsmith, 86 Kearny, bds 168 

Fishel William, salesman, 69 Sacramento, bds 

Mission bet First and Second 
Fisher A. Augustus, (Fisher & Co) residence 

New York 
Fisher Alfred, captain, bds 237 Clay 
Fisher Alfred A. captain, office cor Clarke and 

Drumra and New York dining saloon, 65 

and 67 Merchant 
Fisher Benjamin, IkIs with Mrs. C. Newman 
Fisher B. P. dwl SB s Everett second house S of 

Fisher Benjamin H. drayman, at Jonas G. Clark 

6 Co'.s, bds Jessie nr Ecker 

FISHER (Cliarks A.)&CO. (A. Aug^tsias Fish- 
er), hatters, NE cor Conjmereial and Mout'y, 
bds hotel International 
Fisher Henry, plasterer, dwl i Minna nr First 
Fisher Henry J. nieltor, U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

7 Auburn 

Fisher John, manufacturer jewelry, 133 Clay, 

dwl Second nr Tehama 
FISHER LUTHKR P. advertising and news- 
paper agent, 171J Washington 
Fisher L. W. broker, NW cor Montgomery and 

Merchant, dwl W s Virginia south Jackson 
Fisher P. bds cor Clarke and Front 
Fisher W. H. drayman, SW cor Sac and Front 
Fisk Royal, bds Washington nr Jones 
FISK WILLIAM T. liquor saloon, 150 Mont'y, 

dwl 101 Merchant 
Fiske Edward S, (//. G. & B. S. Fiske) 190 

Fisko Henry G. &, Edward S. metal roofers, 190 

Fiske John S. barkeeper, Drayman's Exchange, 

75 Davis 
Fisler G. M. salesman, 110 and 112 Clay, dwl 8 

Fitch Andrew, drayman, dwl St. Anne's valley 
Fitch George, jr. cor Hinkley and Pinkney 
Fitch Henry S. 177 Clay 
File J. S. carpenter, W s Stockton nr Clay 
Fito T. J. What Cheer House 
Fitter Elbe H. ( Witschief & Co.) SW cor Bdwy 

and Battery 

Fitter Henry, clerk, SAV cor Bdwy and Battery 
Fitzgerald Catherine, chaniberniuid, Am. Ex. 

Fitzgerald E. bds i Penni>ylvania avenue 
Fitzgerald Henry, boots and shoes, dwl N s Pac 

near Taylor 
Fitzgerald James, liquor saloon, SE cor Market 

and Third 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, Fort Point 
Fitzgerald James D. laborer Fort Point 
Fitzgerald Michael, ranchero, dwl Hunt nr Third 
Fitzgerald Michael, boiler-maker, bds with Mrs. 

Mary Hurley 
Fitzgerald Michael J. machinist, bds with Mrs. 

Mary Hurley 
Fitzgerald Morris, tin-smith, dwl N s Vallejo nr 

Fitzgerald Patrick, liquor store, SE cor Market 

and Third 
Fitzgerald Patrick,dwl Baldwin's Court, bet First, 

Fremont, Howard and Folsom 
Fitzgerald Peter, laborer, bds Stevenson nr First 
Fitzgerald Stephen, lab'r, N s Stevens'n nr Ecker 
Fitzgerald S. F. teacher Market St. School 
Fitzgerald (T. G.) k Co. ( William G. Browman), 

grocers, 204 Washington, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Powell and Mason 
Fitzgibbons David, porter, 71 Front 
Fitzgibbons Fritz, drayman with R. A. Swain & 

Co. dwl Post near Kearny 
Fitzgibbons John, ship-carpenter, Howard nr First 
Fitzgibbons Michael E. drayman, dwl E s Sutter 

bet Kearny and iloutgoniery 
Fitzmorris George, drayman, bds W s Powell bet 

Bush and Pine 
Fitzpatriek Andrew, drajTnan, dwl S s Tyler 

bet Turk and Taylor 
Fitzpatriek John trunk-maker, 180 California, 

dwl 258 Kearny 
Fitzpatriek John, bds S s Tyler bet Taylor & Turk 
Fitzgerald John, (Turner &, Co.) 128 Broadway 
Fitzpatriek John, contractor, bds Union House 
Fitzpatriek Michael, butcher, SK cor Second and 

Market, bds SW cor St. Mark's pi and Pine 
Fitzpatriek P. bricklayer, bds Pine cor Central pi 
Fitzpatriek Patrick, bds 84 Bush 
Fitzsimons John, dwl Filbert bet Mont'y & San 
Flack John, gardener, Presidio road E of Presidio 

Flagg Murray, bds 323 Stockton 
Flagley B. bds What Cheer House 
Flaglor Gilbert, dwl 21 Natoma 
Fhihant James, laundrynian, E s Stock nr Union 
Flaharty John, laborer, dwl William 
Flaherty Michel, boatman, dwl cor Pacific and 

Flamley Miles, laborer, dwl 65 Minna 
Flanagan Daniel, groom, bds Ecker nr Clementina 
Flanagan John, (Oliver, F. & Co.) 99 Front 
Flanagan John, cordwainer, with Patrick Tracy 
Flanders Alvin, salesman with De la Rue & 

Schnepel, bds NW cor Stockton &. California 
Flanders John C. printer. Golden Era, bds Pros- 
pect place 3d door S Sacramento 
Flanders J. P. at Rincon Point Warehouse, dwl 

Fremont bet Harrison and Bryant 
Flavel George, captain, pier 3 Stewart St. wharf 
Fleishmann Israel, book-keeper, at Schloss ABros 


Fleming John, pedlor, dwl Francisco nr Mason 
Fleming John E. purser, Uwl 20 Minna 
Fleming John, ihvl 2G Minna 
Fleming Micliael, laborer, Uwl Stevenson ur Ecker 
Fleming Patrick, boiler-maker, Vulcan Iron Wks 

Fleming William, ship-carpentor, dwl Clementina 
near First 

Fleming John J. dwl Green near Dupont 
Fleming Michael, laborer, Jessie near Ecker 

Flenner Thomas R. {I'orter & Flenner,) stables, 
133 Kearny 

Fletcher A. K. carrier Bulletin, dwl 25 Bush 

Fletcher Barney (culVl,) waiter, dwl Mason nr Val 

Fletcher Cliarles F. salesman, 191 Clay, bds El 
Dorado Bdg 

Fletcher J. bds What Cheer House 

Fletcher Thomas U. grainer, dwl cor Summer &, 

Fletcher William, salesman with Taaffe, McCahill 
& Co. NW cor Front and Sacramento 

Flick William F. 31 Sacramento, bds Pine, Har- 
ris House 

Flint Daniel, book-keeper, dwl Folsom bet First 
and Second 

Flint Edward P. (Flint, Pedbody & Co.) dwl Har- 
rison bet Essex and First 

Flint George, dairyman, Mission Valley 

FLINT {James P. & Edward P.) PEABODT 
(Alfred) k CO. ( George H. Kellogg,) commis- 
sion merchants, Is W cor Front and Broad- 
way, residence Boston, Mass. 

Flint John, compositor, 64 Front, dwl Bush near 

Flint Thomas P. painter, dwl cor Kearny k Sutter 

Flint {William G.) & Monell (Charles), Custom 
House Exchange, NE cor Battery & Wash- 
ington, dwl cor Market and Dolores 

Flint William K. clerk with Flint, Peabody & Co. 
dwl Harrison bet Essex and First 

Flintoir Joseph, (Kennedy & F.) dwl Howard bet 
Second and Third 

Flitcroft Thomas, awnings, SE cor Jackson and 

Flood Christopher, stevedore, Jesse nr Ecker 

Flood Henry S. clerk at Eugene Kelley & Co. N 
W cor Sansome and Sacramento 

FLOOD (James G.) & O'BKIE'S (William S.) 
dealers in wines and liquors, 125 Wash'n, 
bds N s John bet Powell and Masen 

Flood John, laborer, dwl Jessie nr Ecker 

Flood M. bds What Cheer House 

Flood Michael, Catholic book-store, 121 Kearny, 
dwl Sutter nr Montgomery 

Flood P. stone-cutter, dwl Clara bet Fourth and 

Flood P. dwl NW cnr Broadway and Kearny 

Flower Samuel H. (Waded- F.) 172 Mont'y, bds 
Mrs. Pettit's, 186 California 

Flowers Edward, engineer, dwl S s Union near 

Fluerin J. boarding, SW cor Stockton and Wash 

Flye Jacob S. wood and coal, E s Dupont bet 
Green and Union 

Flynn Edward, cook, 138 Montgomery 

Flynn John, carpenter, dwl Sutter, rear, bet 
Stockton and Powell 

Flynn John, laborer, dwl Hunt nr Natoma 

Flynn Michael, brick-layer. Fort Point 

Flynn Michael, groom, NW cor Pine and Leav- 
Flynn Morris, laborer, Stevenson nr Second 
Flynn Patrick, porter, with Swain & Co. dwl 

Howard bet First and Second 
Flynn Patrick, porter, 69 Front, dwl Everett nr 

Flynn Patrick, 162 Kearny 
Flynn Richard L. inspector of flour, with Alton, 

Welch & Co, dwl cor First and Tehama 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, dwl Dupont, (rear) near 

Flynn Timothy, laborer, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Foa J. dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Foard J. McDonough, (Brooks, Daggett & F.) 151 

Foard Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Foard T. J. printer. Chronicle oSico 
Fobes Geo. P. attorney at law, 93 Merchant, dwl 

N s Howard bet Second and Third 
Fobes Thomas, boarding, Clark bet Front and 

Focht David, ranch, Ellis nr Jones 
Foeht Michael, bds New England House 
Foerner (John) & Co. (John Merker,) saloon NE 

cor Washington and Dupont 
Fogarty Ann Miss domestic, Union Club 
Fogarty James, butcher. Second nr Stevenson 
Fogarty John, boot-fitter, at Swain & Slocomb, 

bds W 3 Kearny nr Pacific 
Fogarty Patrick, carpenter, dwl Stevenson nr 

Fogarty William, blacksmith, bds Stockton place 
Fogarty William J. dwl Stockton place 
Fogg Charles J. sea captain, dwl 12 Bay State 

Fogg Joseph S. carpenter, with J. & 0. S. Pierce, 

dwl Merchant nr Davis 
Foley Cornelius, laborer, dwl N s Greenwich bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Foley Ellen Mrs. (widow), boarding, 321 Stock 
Foley Francis, porter, with Jones & BendLxen, 

dwi cor Hyde and Filbert 
Foley John, bds NW cor Mont'y and Vallejo 
Foley John, laborer, Jessie nr Second 
Foley M. C. calker, dwl N s Fremont nr Folsom 
Foley Michael, cor Jackson and East 
Foley Patrick, vamisher, at G. 0. Whitney's, dwl 

53 Pacific 
Foley Patrick, drayman, boards Albion House, 

Foley Patrick, laborer, dwl Berry nr Mary lane 
Foley Terrence, business manager Herald, bil- 

S s Green nr Moutgomerj' 
Folger Alfred, at Eagle Warehouse, Davis bet 

California and Pine 
Folger Edward S. ( C. H. Swain & Co.) dwl 

opposite Union Race Course 
Folger Francis B, (Moore & F.) dwl Black Point 
Folger George, bds NW cor Chesnut and Mason 
Folger James A. clerk, 123 Front, dwl N s Bdwy 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Folger James S. book-keeper, dwl Kimble near 

Folger Peter, (No. 2,) collector, dwl Selina pi 
Folger William H. ship chandler, 71 Jackson, 
dwl 12 Minna 




Folk Saniuol, dwl 236 Pacific 
FoUert M. jj;rocery, SW cor Third and Everett 
Follctt M. i)ds Wliat Cheer House 
Folsom (Albert} & Dingley, ( William K) black- 
smiths, 38 Webb.'iiwl 99 Pine 
Polsoni B. J. caiitain, K s Stockton bet Battery 

and Vallcjo 
Folsom Kdmund, captain police, dwl Pine bet 

Van Ness avenue and Franklin 
Folsom Francis T. blacksmith, 33 Webb, dwl 99 

Folsom George T. book-keeper, 'Wells, Fargo & 

Co. dwl Chatham place but Pine and Bush 
Folsom James, captain, dwl Beale nr Harrison 
Folsom J. L. offiuc of estate of, S3 Montgomery 

Fonda (Alfred), Gray (Juhn) & Jennings (77iO- 
»noji), auction and conmiissiou, SE corner 
Sansomeand Clay, dwl Folsom near Third 
Foote {U'Hiry S.) & Aldrich (Le^l;is), attorneys at 

law, 101 Merchant, resides in Clinton 
Ford George, boatman, dwl cor San and Union 
Ford John, boots and shoes, Jackson near East 
Ford Joseph C. 81 and 83 Washington 
Ford Lewis S. imi>orter of wines and liquors and 
ninnufacturor of malt, 81 and 83 Wash'n, 
• dwl 2s W cor Green and Powell 
Ford Martin, laborer, dwl SW cor Kearny and 

Ford Nathaniel M. of Alta Express Co. bds SW 

cor Powell and John 
Ford Patrick T. soap manufacturer, dwl W s 

Mason near Pacilic 
Ford Robert, liackman, Pino bet Montgomery 

and Kearny 
Ford Susan Mrs. dress-maker, dwl E s Dupont 

near Green 
Ford S. II. accountant, 64 Sansomo 
Ford William, boots and shoes, S s Pacific near 

Ford William, feed store, Brannan nr the bridge 
Ford William, carpenter, dwl Prospect place 
Ford William, surveyor, dwl E s Dupont near 

Ford William, laborer, dwl Tehama place 
Ford William A. bds 197 Pino 
Forbes Alexander, storage, Front near Vallejo, 

dwl cor Stockton and Greenwich 
Forbes (J«rf/t!ii> B.) & Babcock, {William F.) 
Agents Pacilic ilail Steamship Co. office N 
W cor Sacramento and LoideadorH; dwl cor 
Essex and Harrison 
Forbes James, boiler-maker, dwl Baldwin's court 
Forchheimer David, (Kline k F.)^^ Sacramento 
Fordham R. B. (Edward F. & Co.) 138 Front 
Forest A. Chancellor of French Consul, cor Ma- 
sou and Jackson dwl 13 and li Hentsch's 
Forester K. S. Mrs. teacher, Powell St. School, 

dwl W 3 Powell bet Clay and Sacramento 
Forester Henry B. book-keeper for Bragg, Rol- 

linson ,t Co. dwl 241 Powell 
Formhuls Ferdinand, tinsmith, cor Front and 

Forney Jacob, dwl rear 81 Bush 
Forrest Curtis T. waterman, dwl Market S of 
Third [Geary 

Forrester Thomas, (col'd) dwl W s Dupont near 

Forsaith Edward W. dealer in butter, cheese, 
eggs, etc. 49 and 50 Washington Market, 
dwl Chelsea place near Bush 

Forst Henry, cook, bds 243 Dupont 

Forster Peter B. (Ayers Ji Co.) 138 Montgomery, 
bds Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 

Forster W. engineer, Pacitic Flour Mills 

Fortman Henry, clerk, SW cor Bdwy and Front 

Fortmau Frederick, (Koster & F.) Tehama near 

Fortune Henry, clerk with C. Hudson & Co. dwl 
Powell near Jackson 

Fortune James A. salesman for C. Hudson & Co. 
dwl Folsom near Second 

Fortune M. bds What Cheer House 

Foshay Isaac W. dwl 100 Sutter 

Foshay John, clerk, 131 Commercial 

Foster Abraham, boiler-maker, corner Bush and 

Foster Albert, dwl Harrison bet Fremont and 

Foster Benjamin F. compositor Alta California 

Foster Caspar, boot maker, 161 Washington 

Foster Daniel, ship-joiner, Folsom bet Beal and 

Foster Frederick A. broker, office 30 Front, bds 
with L. B. Benchley, 248 Powell 

Foster Felix, gardener, Presidio Road, W of Val- 
ley House 

Foster James A. printer, dwl 189 Kearny 

Foster John, boot and shoe maker, 100 Com'l 

Foster Joseph, liquors, SW corner Powell and 

Foster James G. Purser Sierra Nevada, 118 

Foster Rebecca W. Miss, assistant teacher Union 
Street School, dwl Folsom near Second 

Foster S. blacksmith. Pacific Foundry, First bet 
Mission and Howard 

Foster Thomas A. at New York Market, comer 
Stewart and ilission 

Foubert E. goldsmith, Trinity near Bush 

Foughill John, druggist, dwl N s Vallejo near 

Foulk Levi, tailor. Commercial near Davis 

Fountain Edward, (col'd) white-washer, bds 
Kearny bet Bush and Suiter 

Fountain William U. produce and commission, 
2 Clay, dwl cor Green and Montgomery 

Fouratt Enos, pilot, dwl N s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 

Fowler James L. dwl E s Stockton bet Bush and 

Fowler John, E,x;press Department Wells, Fargo 
& Co. bds Folsom bet First and Second 

FOX EMANUEL, Washington Baths, 174 Wash- 

Fox George, (Woods &, Co.) dwl cor Commercial 
and LeidesdorfV 

Fox Henry A. gun-smith, 69 Jackson, bds Dray- 
man's Exchange 

Fox Horatio, carpenter, Merchant near East 

Fox Ilyman, tailor, 84 Sansome, dwl Jessie near 

Fo.x James, laborer. Fort Point 

Fox James, laborer, dwl Perry near Third 

Fox John, boiler-maker, dwl Bestoll 

Fox Lewis, 183 Clay, dwl 65 Montgomery 



Fox (J/. A.) & Melville {John), wholesale wines 

and liquors, SW cor Clay and Loidegdorfl' 
Fox Peter V. engincor, dwl Howard nr Hckor 
Fox Richard, painter, dwl Pomona place 
Fox Thomas, {lidjnohls <fc F) IIG Front 
Fox Thomas, gardener, dwl S of the Lagoon 
Fox AVilliam, laborer, dwl W s Dupout near 

Fox Williani, uianf wash boards, 42 Washington 
Foy Jolm, ljlaol<sinith, 39 Sansome, bds New 

England House 
Foye Cliark'S E. sail-maker, dwl N s Ellis bet 

Powell and Stockton 
Foye George, sail-makers, 139 Front 
Foye Warren, mariner, dwl N s Ellis bet Powell 

and Stockton 
Fraiser John, liquors, cor Folsom and Beale, dwl 

Beale bet Folsom and Harrison 
Franc Alexander, liquors, S s Pacific nr Dupont 
Franc William, engineer, dwl Washington above 

Francis David B. salesman, 56 Front, dwl 104 

Francis Sapane, furniture, 325 Dupont 
Francis Titus P. with Lymau Clark 
FBANCK (Fiechrkh) A CO. (Ernst Seyd), im- 
porters and commission merchants and Con- 
sulate of Wurtemburg, 89 and 91 Cahfor- 
nia, dwl Union bet Stockton and Powell 
Francke Louis, paper-hanger, 4 Mary lane 
Frank A. drayman, dwl E 8 Folsom bet Second 

and Essex 
Frank A. D. (Prescott k F.) (colored) Clay near 

Frank Augustus, " Frank's Market," Third near 

Frank Charles, proptr German Bakery, 8G Keamy 
Frank Christian, brewer. Golden Gate Brewery 
Frank Edward, cigars, etc. 179 Washington 
Frank G. tailor, Davis near Clarke 
Frank John, packer. Commercial Flour Mills 
Frank Joseph, cigar dealer, 31 Minna 
Frank Joseph, harness-maker, 272 Dupont 
Frank J. & Co. (R. Jordan, E. Eirshfield and 
William Wtiblen), dealers in tobacco and 
cigars, 85 Clay, dwl Minna bet First and 
Frank M. collector of El Eeo Del Pacifico, dwl 

E s Scott 
Frank Moses, dwl NW cor Green and Lafay- 
ette place 
Frank Otto H. Consul for Hanover, off 179 San 
Frank Simon, warehouse dept, Custom House 
Franke Henry, upholsterer at Scharter & Bros 
Frankel Jacob, boots aud shoes. Third nr Jessie 
Frankenbah Falenbah, brewer, Golden Gate 

Frankenthal Max, book-keeper, 112 Sacramento 
Frankish Robert, gardener, dwl Presidio road 

rear of Valley House 
Franklin Adolphe', (Boillol k Co.) dwl cor Pa- 
cific and Bartlett 
Franklin Edward, [S. & E. FranUin), cor Sacra- 
mento and Battery 
Franklin Jolui H. book-keeper at Bingham & 

Reynolds, bds Rasaette House 
Franklin Lumlcy, agent British Commercial Life 
Insurance, office 82 Sacramento 

Franklin Roderick P. foreman, G4 Sansome 
Franklin (Stlim and Eduard), real estate agents, 

82 Sacramento, resides in Martinez 
Franks (ieorge, bds Railroad House 
Franks Henry, cigar manfaclurcr, NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Pacific 
Franks James, waterman, dwl William 
Fransioli 0. proprietor Swiss Republican saloon, 

Pacific near Montgomery 
Frantzkee F. W. furrier, SE cor Mission & Third 
Frapolli B. (Scahvinni & F.) 23 Clay 
Eraser Donald, attorney at law, 1C5 Mont'y, dwl 

W s Sutter bet Stockton and Powell 
Eraser Simon, {Sivis & F.) bds What Cheer H 
Eraser Thomas, drayman, dwl W a Ecker near 

Eraser William, ship-carpenter, cor Mission and 

Frawley Thomas, laborer, dwl cor Ecker and 

Frazee Carman, Inspector Custom House, dwl 

XW cor Chesnut and Bell 
Frazer Joseph, carpenter, dwl cor First & Minna 
Frazer J. bds What Cheer House 
Frazier J. J. messenger, U. S. B. Mint 
Freaner John, 83 and 84 Montgomery block 
Freeh Francis, dwl S s Mission near loll gate " 
Frederick Mrs. prof music and languages, 156 

Fredet John, {Eveillardk F.) 130 Kearny 
Free M. bds What Cheer House 
Freeborn Wm. 63 and 55 Front, bds 236 Wash'n 
Freelon Hugh, lapidary, bds S s Bush bet Mont- 
gomery and Keamy 
Freelon Thomas W. County Judge, office City 

Hall, dwl W 8 Taylor near A'allejo 
Freeman Benjamin H. {Smith & /') aud boarding 

house, 5 and 6 Beldeu's block 
Freeman Calvin, bds Beale bet Folsom and 

Freeman Charles W. printer, SW cor Clay and 

Sansome, dwl 88 Kearny 
Freeman Elisha, sea captain, bds Beale bet Fol- 
som and Harrison 
Freeman George, laborer, dwl Bdwy nr Davis 
Freeman George F. clerk, cor Pino & Leidesdorff 
Freeman Jacob, stoves and tinware, 73 Keamy 
Freeman Jacob, waiter Railroad House 
Freeman James, surveyor, bds Rassette House 
Freeman John, dwl Folsom near Harris 
FREEMAN JOHN M. & CO. (F. E. WthsUr), 
proptr Freeman's Express, NE cor Mont- 
gomery & Sacramento, dwl 1II4 Montgomery 
Freeman Mary Mrs. "American Eagle," Folsom 

bet Simmons and Harris 
Freeman Thomas, seaman, dwl Baldwin's Court 
Freeman Thomas P. (eol'd), shoemaker, 83 Jack 
Freeman William, blacksmith, Vulcan Iron Works 
Freeman William, job-wagon, 245 Sacramento 
Freeman William (col'd), cook, dwl Morris alley 
Freeman William L. (S. T. King i, Co.) dwl 245 

Freie {Henry) & Waterman ( Georje), grocers, SE 

cor Sacramento and Dupont 
Freiermuth George A. stoves and tin- ware, Jack- 
son bet Drumm and Davis, dwl Drumni cor 
Fremey Michael, porter, cor Wash'n and Batty 



%(l(f^ ^ ^ 1^ ^ i^ 

Mp% fsr A^?i JS^ A M 

^ ^J 


ESTABLISH ED, 1808. CAPITAL, ^8,000,000. 

The undersigned, liaviug received permission to issue Policies 
Insuring detached Frame Buiklings and their Furniture, are now 
prepared to receive applications for the same. 

FALKNBR, BELL & CO., Agents, 

Brick Buildings, and Merchandise stored in them, or Merchau. 
dise stored afloat, insured against Fire on the most moderate terms- 

Also, LIFE INSURANCI!, for a period of years, or the 
whole term of life. 

Corner Montgomery and Commercial Streets 





118 Sacramento Street, adjoining Faci&o Mail S. S. Co.'s Office. 





On the 5th and 20th of each month, 



co.viviiecTrx.UG x.v metv xo««l ^wfrrm tthk 

^lucritan O^uropcan drvcfjctirgc nnb €t"pitss Compn^T, k €\mp. 

* » • » » 

TREASURE forwarded and Insured on Open Policies, held from the best InsHrance Companies 
in New York aud London. PACKAGES. PARCELS, FREIGHT AND LETTERS, forwarded 
Semi-Monthly, via PANAMA and NICARAGUA, in charge of SPECIAL MESSENGERS. 


Is made up for PANAMA, CALLAO, LIMA, VALPARAISO, and all the principal Ports of 
the West Coast of South America, which is promptly forwarded by our House in Panama, per 
English Steamers leaving that place on the 14th and 29th of each month. Also, to the SAND- 
WICH ISLANDS and MEXICO, by every ship for Honolulu and Mazatlan. 

Collections Made, and all orders pertaining to a legitimate Ex- 
press and Forwarding Business attended to vrith Dispatch. 

No. 124 Moutgomery Street SAN FRANCISCO 

59 Broadway NEW YORK 

116 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 

84 Washington Street BOSTON 

164 Baltimore Street BALTIMORE 

72 Camp Street NEW ORLEANS 

61 King William LONDON 

1 Rumford Street LIVERPOOL 

Cochrane Street VALPARAISO 

Wheelbrough & Co CALDERA 

Cox, Gutierrez & Co GUYAQUIL 

H. Higginson CALLAO & LIMA 

A. Ruden A;Co PAYTA, PERU 

Bourne & Henriques, PANAMA & ASPINWALL 
A. P. Everett HONOLULU 

8 Place do la Bourse PARIS I Smith & Mason MAZATLAN 


T E3 






French Alfred, inspector, Custom House 
French Antonio, dealer in poultry and eggs, 5 

CLiy St market 
French Arthur, stm'r Columbia, dwl 270 Clay 
French, (CA<«. C) Wilson (Enoch II.) St, Co. 

( Wm. G. Dunhip) importers and dealers in 

clotking, 115 Sacramento, dwl Prospect pi 

bet Clay and Sacramento 
French Ira G. operator at Vance's, SW cor Sac- 
ramento and Montgomery 
FRENCH M. A. Rassotte House, SW cor Bush 

and Sansome 
FRENCH {Robert B.) & Co. flour aud grain, 92 

Front, dwl S s Green lift Powell and Mason 
French William A. dairyman, Ss Presidio road, 

W of Valley House 
Freso M. at George Sunder'a, dwl N s Hawthorn 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Frctis Frank, fruit-dealer, 325 Dupont 
Fretz F. H. baker, dwl cor A'allejo and Battery 
FRETZ {R. S.) &■ RALSTON (William C.) 

bankers, SW cor Buttery and Wash'n, bds 

cor Dupont and Harlan place 
Frcy W. dwl Lombard S s bet Hartman & Yansen 
Frey William, salesman atlL Baunatt &Co's. 87 

Fricker J. H. Shakspeare House, G5 Paciflo 
Fried Jacob, dressmaker, 235 Clay 
Friedberg Charles, cigars, NE cor Kearny and 

Friedberg Michael, cabinet-maker, E s Dupont nr 

Friedel Henry, blank-book manf and book-binder, 

67 Merchant 
Friedlander A. office 132 Clav, dwl 1-14 Bush 
FRIEDLANDEU ISAAC, com. merchant, 59 & 

61 Sansome, dwl South Park near Third 
Friedlander Louis ( Goldstone, F. & Co.) residence 

New York 
Friedlander William, book-keeper, 95 California, 

dwl \i Sansome 
Friedman Josepli S. real estate broker & .searcher 

of titles, 163 Montgomery, dwl W s Kearny 

bet Broadway aud Vallejo 
Friedman Marcus, drayman, dwl Laura place 
Friedman Myer, salesman, 8S & 90 Commercial 
Fried Arthur, plasterer, dwl Clara near Sutter 
Friel William, stoves and tin-ware, 96 Pacific, 

dwl Kearny bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Fries Charles, ale bottler, 368 Stockton 
Friis Charles, wood and coal, First near Market, 

dwl 38 First 
Frimot Prosper, fiorist, dwl Post near Dupont 
FRINK GEORGE W. proprietor Tehama House, 

NW cor California and Sansome 
Frink Jane Miss, at Teliama House 
Fripp William, bds Manhattan House 
Fri.samonn Robert, shoe-maker, cor Bush and 

Frisbce James, saloon. Pacific near Davis 
Frisbie George, machinist, bds 6 Beldeu's block 
Frisbie John B. office 163 Montgomery 
Frisbie William, dwl N s Jackson near Powell 
Friseh J. G liquor saloon, 25 Kearny 
Frisch William, grocer, cor Mission and Fifth 
Frisius Anton, book-keeper, with M. Frisius, 34 

Front, lids 343 Stockton 
FRISIUS MARTIN, commission mcht, 34 Front 

Fritch George, ships'-clerk, dwl E a Kearny bet 

Green and Union 

Frittou , colltctor, bds E s Dupont near Sac 

Fritts Thomas G. carpenter, cor Jackson and San 
Fritz Henry, usher, Maguire's Opera House, dwl 

Dunbar's alley 
Fritz Nicholas, lanndryman, dwl S s Filbert near 

Frizell J. S. veterin.ary surgeon, dwl NW corner 

Powell and Green 
Frocauhoolz Pliilip, at Bavarian Brewery 
Frodsham Edw. porter. Commercial Flour Mills 
FrodsUam John, watch-maker, 214 Dupont, dwl 

Frohling John, [Kulikr & F.) res Los Angeles 
Frohling Lewis, derk, with Kohler & Frohling, 

boards 3 Waverley place 
Froment J. (Lemoine. F. A Co.) res San Jose 
Frontier (Pttcr) & Deviercy {Eugene), jewelers, 

rear 81 Bush 
Frontier Pierre, (A. Dubois & Co.) 129 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 81 Bush 
Froomberg Abram, salesman, 83 Commercial 
Froomberg Samuel, auction and commission, 83 

Frost Henry, musician, dwl 375 Powell 
Frost Henry M. trunk-maker, 180 California, dwl 

258 Kearny 
Frost (//) & Richards (C.) importers paints and 

oils, 98 Battery, dwl S side Broadway near 

Frothingham George H. dwl Hunt near Third 
Frothiugham Jolin, pattern-maker, Jane near 

Fruchoy J. C. light-house keeper. Fort Point 
Fry B, D. clerk, C. H. boards Rasette House 
Fry Thomas G. broker, S s Pacific near Kearny 
Frye J. B. mdse broker, dwelling cor Third and 

Sherwood place 
Frye J. D., U. S. Mail agent, office Post Office, 

dwl SW cor Pacific and Mason 
Fuchs Harman, at AV. A. Krahe's, 51 Mont'y 
Faht (Faul) & Co. (Frederick Uagermann), boots 

and .shoes, 142 Kearny 
Fulder P. dwl Hayes' Valley 
Fullard William, shipping-master, dwl N side 

Green nr Kearnj' 
Fuller James, dwl 152 California 
Fuller Orlando, furniture, 82 Montgomery, dwl 

Fuller Silas, agent Cooso Bay Coal Co. office 

junction of California and Market 
Fullerton Samuel (Rnr/ers ife F.) dwl S s Green- 
wich near Powell 
Fullura Thomas, Sugar Refinery, dwl Howard 

near Third 
Fulmer J. wire worker, at Dennis' Wire Works 
Fulrath Ad:un, blacksmith. 38 Webb 
Fulton Alonzo, waiter. Railroad House 
Fulton John J. tanner, dwl Townsend nr Second 
Funck Louis, hog ranch, SE corner Ellis and 

Funk Conrad, baker, dwl St. Mark's place 
Funkensteia (JaUus) & Co. {Titel PhiUip.s), im- 
porters of wines and liquors, 99 California, 

dwl N s St. Man,-'s place 
Furbush Moses, blacksmith, dwl NW cor Vallejo 

and Mason 



Furgor Mary Mrs. variety store, S 8 Mission near 

Furley Cliarlcs C. dwl 8 Varenne 
Furley John F. gold leaf and foil manufacturer, 

8 Varenne 
Furlong Philip, clerk, NW cor Pacific and Pavis 
Furnian Malhew H. attorney at law, 140 Clay, 

dwl Stockton near Sacramento 
Furman W. B. dwl 153 Bush 
Furstenthall Goodman K. agent for Isaac S. 

Joseplii, 177 'Washington 
Fusilier John, butter stall, Washington Market, 

dwl rear Dupont bet Geary and O'Farrell 
Fusilier John, (Heinhardt & Co.) N side Dupont 

near Geary [Jackson 

Fusilier William, Golden Gate Hotel, 57 and 59 
Fythe Thomas, bar-keeper, Oriental Hotel 


Gabbs William H. ship-carpenter, dwl Main bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Gadopp Ringolf, dwl cor Lombard and Kearny 
Gael Wm. 82 Sacramento, dwl cor Clay and Pike 
Gaoran William, dwl 109 Bush 
Gaetz Daniel, shoe-maker, 126 Dayis 
Gatfney James, laborer, Jessie near Ecker 
Gafl'ney Michael, grocer, NW cor Pacific i Davis 
Gafining Francis, dwl NW corner Francisco and 

Midway place 
Gage Joseph B. boards 18 Bush 
Gagne Charles, paper-box manuf, 120 Kearny 
Gaige Edmond M. painter, boards SW cor Union 

and Taylor 
Gailhard Bernard, (G. Bros) California Hotel 
Gailhard Bros. ( Charles, Peter, Gabriel and Ber- 
nard), propts. California Hotel, SE corner 

Commercial and Dupont 
Gailhard Edward, California Hotel 
Gailhard Gabriel, ( G. Bros.) California Hotel 
Gailliard Justin, California Hotel 
Gailhard Peter, (G. Bros.) California Hotel 
GaiUetz Achille, laundryman, dwl E 3 Stockton 

bet Filbert and Union 
Gaines Richard, machinist, dwl Stevenson near 

Gais August, cook. Am. Exchange Hotel 
Galacar Charles, bookseller, 101 Commercial, dwl 

157 Stockton 
Gale Amos, bds Railroad House 
Gale George, 97 Davis, bds Third bet Mission 

and Howard 
Gall Joseph, bar-keeper, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Dupout and Kearny 
Gallagher Anue Miss, domestic, Union Club 
Gallagher Barnabas, laborer, bds Leavenworth 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Gallagher Bernard, {Branch & G.) K Bush 
Gallagher Charles, clerk, dwl Melvina place 
Gallagher Edward, watchman U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 3 Central place 

T. Gallagher), inspectors and re-packers of 

provisions, Beale bet i[arket and Mission, 

dwl N s Fremont bet Harrison and Bryant 
Gallagher Edward A. T. {E. GnUagher & Co.) 

dwl Fremont bet Harrison and Brvant 

Gallagher Rev. IL P. pastor St. Mary's Catlic- 

dral, dwl NE cor Pine and Quincy 
Gallagher Hugh, dwl cor Commercial and Davis 
Gallagher Hugli, cooper, dwl O'Farrell nr PowcU 
Gallagher Rov. J. A. St. Mary's Cathedral, dwl 

XE cor Pine and Quincey 
Gallagher Jame.s, dwl NW cor Kearny and Pi. 
Gallat'licr James, laundryman, Stockton u' 

Gallagher James, dwl NE cor Commercial and 

Gallagher James, tanner, Simmons nr Brannan 
Gallagher John, workman U. S. Branch Mint^ 

dwl Stevenson near Ecker 
Gallagher John, shoe-maker, Commercial bet 

Front and Davis 
Gallagher John P. brass moulder, Oregon bet 

Front and Davis 
Gallagher Joseph M. book-keeper, with J. & II. 

Gallagher (TViomas) & McKewn (Peter), gas-i ■ 

ters, etc. 190 Clay, dwl 16 Natoma 
Gallagher Thomas, laundryman, dwl O'Fai; 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Gallagher Thomas J. clerk with George Clifi'i" 

dwl 181 California 
Gallagher William, grocer, W s Powell bet IN 

and Sutter 
Gallagher William R. salesman, 140 Sacramento, 

bds 53 Montgomery 
Galland A. Rev. office 165 Montgomery, dwl 

Stockton near Clay 
Galland (Benjamin) & Caro {Sa^nuel), clotli 

emporium, SW cor Montgomery aud Wa- 

ingtoD, dwl cor Clay and Stockton 
GALLAND (Samuel N.)& LUDERS (John V. 

billiard saloon, SWcor Sacramento '• M i.;- 

gomerv, dwl 222 Stockton 
Galland win. (J. Caro & Co.) dwl 221 KLai^- 
Galley L. {Lecadieux, G. k Co.) dwl SW cor:. : 

Turk and Taylor 
Gallichau ilathew, blacksmith, dwl Centre ni : 

Gallick William, clothier, dwl 5 St. Mary's p!.i 
Gallier ( George) & Heard (Frank), dealers 

poultry, etc. 57 Merchant, dwl 21 Leid'U 
Gallo Michael, musician, dwl SW cor Dupon: 

Galloway Joseph, dwl SW corner Powell ai 

Galloway William, dwl Stevenson bet Third aud 


Galpen , bds 280 Stockton 

Galvin Jeremiah, clerk, 219 Pacific, dwl 40 Cle- 
Galvin Morris, laborer. Fort Point 
Galvin Patrick, laliorer, Fort Point 
Gambert Felix, (Lemoine, Froment & Co.) 

San Jose 
Gamble James, superintendent State Telegra] 

office 101 Merchant, bds W s Stockton 

Jackson and Pacific 
Gamble James, bds 190 Sacramento 
Gamble Peter, dwl 287 Washington 
Gamljle Samuel, 126 Kearny 
Gammans George B. (Bosworth, Masten & Co.) 69 

Front, dwl Sacramento near Stockton 
Ganahl P. attorney at law, bds Tehama House 



' ; Hide jr. Vi'. 5 Milton place 

mIo William, salesman, at Asliim & Brothers 
^.luijen Louis, cooperage, Pacific ur Mont'y 
Ganer Mathew, with RamsdoU & Co. dwl St. 

Ganlroft' Joseph, tin and sheet-iron, 95 Kearny 
Gannon .lames, laborer, U. S. Branch Mint 
Gannon James, wheelwright, 89 Pine 
(;annon Patrick, miller, dwl cor Stockton & Post 
Gans Jacob, Jackson bet Dupont and Kearny 
Gans Solomon, butcher, Jackson bet Dupont and 

Gant 'Vrilliam I. boot-polisher, 83 Merchant 
Ganvreau Oliver Louis, book-keeper, cor Clay 

and Dupont [Commercial 

Garand Henry, ( Cafe de Paris), cor Kc.arny and 
Garbut Robert, (col'd) boot-polisher. Merchant 

near Kearny 
Garcia Francisco, bar-keeper, Bank Exchange, 

dwl 10 Central place 
Garcia J. S. mariner, office cor Market and East 
GARCIN (L. P.) k CO., machinists, 3-i Mont'y 
Garder Bartholcrae, blacksmith, dwl Filbert bet 

Montfcomery and Sansome 
Gardiner Baldwin, saddlery and harness, 108 

Battery, dwl 237 Clay 
Gardiner Jas. J. surveyor, dwl Ifission nr Brown 
Gardner, Charles, porter, Castle Brothers, bds cor 

Front and Clark 
Gaiiner (George M.) & Co. painters, N 8 Pacific 

bet Front and Davis, dwl Broadway, bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Gardner Henry, Artesian well borer, dwl NW cor 

Mission and Third 
Gardner, Jamea II. clerk Custom House, dwl 28"; 

Gardner John, (Bowmani <r.)offi Kearny nr Clay 
Gardner John A. pier 12 Stewart, dwl Harrison 

Rincon Point 
Gardner John H. salesman, BO Battery, dwl 

Bachelor's Hall 
Gardner {J. M.) ,fe CoUman (David R.) ship- 
smiths, 113 Front, dwl 317 Stockton 
Gardner M. dwl 2G2 Jackson 
Gardner Marshal D. operator with S. P. Howes, 

SE cor Clay and Kearny 
Gardner Robert M. house and sign painter, 100 

California, dwl 12 Quincy 
Gardner Rowland R. steward No. 4 Engine 
Gardner Samuel, Sazarao saloon, 215 Clay, bds 

Sutter House 
Gardner S. C. at Aubin Gas Co. dwl Stevenson, 

bet Third and Fourth 
Gardner William, sea captain, dwl N s Filbert 

near Taylor 
Oareau James, broom-maker, with John A. Wolf 
Garfield Susan Mrs. dwl 4 St. Mark's place 
Garlne Henry, dwl Taylor bet Ellis and O'Farrell 
Garlam George, seaman, dwl 20G Stockton 
Garlic William, salesman, at Ashim & Go's, Com 
Garneau A. provisions, dwl Post bet Powell and 

Garneau Gaspard, com mcht, 84 Davis, dwl Post 

bet Powell and Mason 
Garner, James. Constable Twelfth District, dwl 

Filbert bet Larkin and Polk 
Gomery Jacques A. proptr Franco American 

Hotel, 252 Dupont 

Garuett, A. S. clerk U. S. B. Mint, bds Stockton 

bet Pine and Bush 
Garnett Louis A. melter and refiner U. S. B. 

Mint, dwl Stockton bet Pine and Bush 
Garnsey Francis, waiter, dwl Battery bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Garratt Josepli, brass and bell- founder, dwl Taylor 

near Post 
Garratt (William T.)& Greeaherg (Morris), brass 

and bell-founders. Market op Battery, dwl 

Ecker uoar First 
Garraud John, surgeon-dentist, 203 Clay 
Garreau Joseph, bds What Cheer House 
Garrestrie P. ranch, NW Mission Church 
Garrett Mrs. dress-maker, dwl Broadway nr San 
Garrety Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Garrigan Laughlin, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 
Garrino Victor, bar-keeper, NW cor Merchant 

and Sansome 
Garrioeh Alexander, (McKinlay G. & Co.) dwl 

Geary bet Powell and Mason 
Garrison ( C. K.) & Co. ( William R. Garrison) 

agents Nicaragua Steamship Co. office SW 

cor Battery and Wasliinptou, up stairs 
Garrison, L. B. drayman, Castle Brothers 
Garrison William 11. ( C. K. Garrison & Co.) dwl 

W s Third bet Howard and Folsom 
Garrite Miguel, mariner, dwl cor Sansome and 

Garritty Martin, gardener, dwl Turk bet Polk and 

Van Ness av 
Garrocino Stephanno, gardener, Mission Valley 
Garrone Felix, carver, dwl Bush bet Taylor and 

Jones [Jackson 

Gan'othy John, laborer, dwl E s Auburn near 
Garstnor Antoine, cor Market and Beale 
Garterraan Daniel, clerk, dwl cor Pine and Dupont 
Garthorno Charles, book-6eeper, dwl NW cor 

Fremont and Harrison 
Garthwaite Henry, book-keeper, dwl E s Taylor 

bet Clay and Sacramento 
Gartly William, porter-house, Pacific near Front 
Gartter Robert, waiter. American Exchange 
GARVEY CHRISTOPHER, conveyancer and 

examiner of titles, 2 Court Block, dwl E s 

Fremont S Folsom 
Garvey Purcell, clerk, with Hoge & Wilson, 4 & 

5 Montgomery Block 
Garvey William, mariner, dwl Brannan bet Sec- 
ond and Third 
Garvin Gasper, laborer. Fort Point 
Garvin John, dairyman, dwl cor Geary & Larkin 
Garvin Keran, bar-keeper, Commercial Hotel, 

47 Pacific 
Garvin Peter, laborer. Fort Point 
Garwig Constant (Boucher & G.) dwl Tyson pi 
GARWOOD (George M.) &, AMBROSE (Samucr), 

butchers, 54 Wash'n Market, bds Oriental 

Garwood Joseph S. office Gilbert M. Bumham, 

dwl NE cor Wash'n and Dupont 
Gaskey John, tailor, cor Post and Wendell alley 
GaskiU J. L. brick-layer, p'ort Point 
Gasne F. Social Hall, Bra'n bet Third !c Fourth 
Ga.ssner Valentine, dwl NW Mission q^urch 
Gassert William, liquor saloon, NE cor Davis and 




GatcleyJohn, boarding, 93 Pacific 
Pratelev Jolin. laborer, Fort Point 
GATKS HORATIO S. physician, G8 Mercliant, 

tlwl S\V cor Geary and Stockton 
Gattan Williaiii II. importer hardware, 135 Sac, 

d%vl 18S Kearny 
Gauchet Henry, lauudry, Louise bet Third and 

Gaudon Mark, hatter, 321 Dupont 
Gaulain Francois, barber, N s Pacifle bet Front 

and Davis 
Gauloy James A. broker, 87 Merchant, dwl Du- 
pont nr California 
Gault Jacques, dwl Adelle's alley 
Gauntlett {john) & Co. Red Lion, cor Post and 

Sutler, dwl Po.^t nr Ke.iriiy 
Gautier, Frederick, French Consul, dwl NE cor 

Jackson and Mason 
Gautier L. P. physician, dwl S s Pine nr Mont'y 
Gftvens D. office 111 Sacramento 
Gavett Jonathan, dwl Armory Hall 
Gavett William, vinegar manf, dwl W 8 of the 

Gavigan 'William, {Roper & G.) 71 Commercial, 

dwl Mi.^sion bet Second and Third 
Gawlcy Joseph, agent Contra Costa Market, 104 

Davis, dwl Kearny bet Jackson and Pacific 
Gawley William H. agent of G. A Meiggs, Pier 

10 Stewart, dwl Har'n bet First and Fre't 
Gay A. C. coachmaker, dwl Folsom nr Second 
Gay Charles, with John C. Bell, 182 Clay 
Gaylord Henry 0. real estate Vjroker, 150 Mont 
Gaynor Matthew, laborer, dwl Jackson between 

?ront and Davis 
Gaynor Michel, laborer, bds Pacific bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Gazan Amic, musician, dwl Apollo place 
Geapson John, laborer. Fort Point 
Geary John, carpenter, dwl 8 Milton place 
Geary John, laborer, dwl SE cor Union & Pow 
Gebhardt Charles J. dwl cor Price and Harrison 
Gebhardt Herman, bds S s Post nr Dupont 
Gedge George, wharfinger, Greenwich dock, dwl 

Riteh bet Brannan and Townsend 
Gedney Robert (^Staver &. G.) dwl SE cor Wash 

and Stockton ^ 

Gee Lewis, printer, 145 Clay, dwl Whitmore pi 
Geer Noble S. dwl Cadel's alley 
Gegax Samuel 80 Davis 
Gegus Charles, Charles' Market, Third bet Ev'tt 

and Howard 
Geiger Charles, proptr Hamburg Bakery, corner 

Kearny and St. Mark's place 
Geilfriess Henry, baker, 162 Kearny 
Geils Harmon H. grocer, SW cor Sutter & Kea'y 
Geloich Y. pliyslcian, dwl Hinckley 
Gelien Gustave, fruits, 284 Washington 
GENARD FRAXgoiS, preserved fruits, etc. 

Second nr Mission 
GENELLA JOSEPH, importer and dealer in 

crockery and glass ware, 180, 182 and 184 

Montgomery, bds Hotel International 
Gensen T. C. cooper, cor Kearny and Yer Mehr, 

bds Minna bet First and Second 
Gensler Michael, tailor, Jackson bet Davis and 

Gensont Adrien, agent and collector, F. B. M. 

Association, 159i Sacramento, dwl S s Post 

Gontil Alfonso, butcher, with Thos. Moylau, bds 

NW cor Broadway and Dupont 
George David, laborer, U. S. Branch Mint 
George Henr)' H. livery stable, comer Bush and 

George James C. book-keeper, 129 Clay, boards 

Plaza Hotel 
George Robert, commission merchant, dwelling 

Greenwich bet Dupont and Stockton 
Oeraghty B. laborer. Custom House 
Gerald James F. 92 California, dwl Bush betw'n 

Sansome and Battery 
Gerard L. boards Union Club 
Gerard Zavier, porter, with L. A. Hitter & Co. 

dwl Sacramento near Dupont 
Geraty Thomas, Stockton Exchange, NW comer 

Stockton and Pacific 
GERBERDING C. 0. & Co. {Tlios. S. King k B. 

S.M. Farnam), proprietors Evening Bulletin, 

SE cor Mont'y and Merchant, dwl N s Clay 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Gerceau , carpenter and gilder, bda SE cor 

Drunini and Sacramento 
Gerima Charles, South Park Saloon, Brannan bet 

Third and Fourth 
Gerke Henry, office 165 Kearny, up stairs, dwl 

Mason bet Eddy and Ellis 
Gerken Peter, clerk, cor Union and Lafayette pi 
Gerlach Conrad, boot & shoe-maker, 116 Kearny 

German , bds North Bay Hotel 

Germane Henry, drayman, dwl cornar O'Farrell 

and Powell 
Gemess Thomas, groom, dwl Mary lane 
Gerrard ( George) &. Anderson (James), shipping 

masters, Davis nr Pacific, dwl corner Yallejo 

and Battery 
Gerreaud Joseph, laborer, First op Clementina 
Gerry Sam'l R. physician, office NE cor Wash'n 

and Dupont 
Gershings Joseph, cooper, dwl 18 Washington 
Gerstle A. book-keeper, 81 California, bds S side 

Pine bet Dupont and Stockton 
Gerstung Henry, wholesale grocers, 91 Cal, dwl 

S s Union bet Stockton and Powell 
Gervais Prosper, grocer, 258 Dupont 
Geschel Conrad, baker, dwl Whitmore place 
Geske Joseph, blacksmith, at D. Yan Pelt's 
Gessel Eulie Mme. 144 Washington, room 12 
Getchell J. C. tinsmith, 260 Dupont, boards Bay 

State Row 
Getlesou Henry, merchant, office 95 California 
Getsky Edward, cigar store, 89 Kearny 
Getzandener S. brick-layer. Fort Point 
Geurin Nicolas, cook, 136 Montgomery, dwl 43 

St. Mark's place 
Ghiradelli Domenico, manufacturer of chocolate, 

coffee, liquors, etc. 123 Jackson 
Gianinni P. A. watch-case maker, 174 Clay 
GIBB DANIEL & CO. ( Wm. Gibb), merchants, 

SW corner Front and Yallejo, dwl Chestnut 

Cottage, SW cor Kearny and Chestnut • 
Gibb WUliam, (Daniel Gibb & Co.) dwl SW cor 

Kearny and Chestnut 
Gibbins Thomas, baker, 249 Pacific 
Gibbon J. M. Fitz, laborer, Custom House 
Gibbon Patrick, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Gibbons Henry, physician, office 163 Clay, dwl 

228 Stockton 



(Established in 1849.) 



mmm and 



180, 182 & 184 MONTGOMERY STREET, 

First St. south side, between D and the Plaza, MARYSVILLE, 


m i» » ■■ » 

8®" From an experience of 21 years in my present business, and having complete 
arrangements with the Manufactories of Europe, I am enabled to offer the most 
extended facilities to the Trade, not only in point of the magnitude and variety of 
my Stock, but in the price thereof. 







JciliMaX tt uXilJllaju oUJH,X IxUuJJaf 

169 Clay Street, between Kearny and Montgomery, 



Office No. 2 COURT BLOCK, 


AMP FMMirm(^ IPMEgg FA(Ef(0)]RYo 

L. P. &^RCIN & CO. 


No. 34 Montgomery Street, bet. Bush aiid Sutter, San Francisco. 

■ STEAM ENGINES, from one to six horse power ; Gold Machines, Stamper and Quartz 
Machinery, Wind Mills, Hydraulic Presses, &c., made to order on the most reasonable terms. 




Keep constantly on hand a full assortment of the above Goods, which they will Sell 
32 Sftczr^xxxouto St. Saxx ^F*x>etn.olsoo. 


LOUIS GOLDSTONE, San Francisco. 


- New Yobk. 



Gibbons John, waiter, 65 and 67 Merchant 
Gibbons Rodniond. agent for Pupont's gunpow- 
der, 64 California, res. Oakland 
Gibbons Theodore, ofHco of Argus, bds Battery 

bet Jaekson and Pacific 
Gibbons Thomas, clerk, 378 Stoclrton 
Gibbons William A. (it(mt<jomt:ry &, Co.) boards 

Harris House 
Gibbs Charles E. merchandise broker, ofBce 68 

Front, bds cor Second and Tehama 
Gibbs Cornelius V. S. dwl N s Greenwich near 

Gibbs C. E. (late Ediuard GaUagher & Co.) dwl 

cor Second and Clementina 
Gibbs Eugene B. clerk, at Geo. C. Johnson's 
Gibbs George "W. (G. C. Johnson & Co.) dwl 108 

Gibbs John S. {late Burnham <t Gibbs), lumber 

dealer, Stewart nr Market, bds cor Clarke 

and Front 
Gibbs Joseph W. merchant, dwl 108 Dupont 
Gibbs J. R. (col'd), porter P. 0. dwl cor Virginia 

and Jackson 
Gibbs Mifflin W. {Lester & G.) dwl "W s Dupont 

near Washington 
Giblin Thomas, plasterer, dwl Broadway near 

Gibney Margaret, Mrs. dwl N s Sutter nr Kearny 
Gibson J. (col'd), drayman, with Montgomery & 

Co. dwl Powell near Pacific 
Gibson {Lewies), Winter (Gabriel) & Co. com. 

merchants, 26 Battery 
Gibson Margaret, Mrs. (widow), dwl N s Union 

near Montgomery 
Gibson Orrcn, merchant, dwl 259 Powell 
Gibson {Tkomos) &, Walker (Andreto), feed store, 

Market opposite Sansome, dwl 38 Natoma 
Gielow John, mariner, dwl W a Montgomerj' 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Gics {John) & Brother {Killian Gies), shaving 

saloon. Hotel International 
Gies Killian, {G. & Brother), Hotel International 
Gieschen {John) & Co. {Peter Meyer), groceries, 

etc. cor Third and Natoma 
Giesoman Henry, tailor, Rassette Place No. 1 
Giffm Henry E. ( Gijffin 4; Bro.) resides in N. Y. 
Giffin John, tinsmith, W s Stockton nr Green 
GIFFIN 0. F. 4; BRO. {Henry E. Giffin), im- 
porters of fruit, &c. 129 Clay, dwl Stevenson 

bet Third and Fourth 
Gilford Paul J. dwl Fremont bet Harrison and 

Gilford Stephen, cooper, dwl Stewart nr Second 
Gift George W. tl. S. Land Office, 194 Mont'y 
Gift William W. Register U. S. Land office, 194 

Montgomery, bds Hotel International 
Gignons Henry C. 144 Washington 
Gilbert George S. ( Cooty & G.) Davis nr Wash'n 
Gilbert Honor^, dwl Adel's alley [Clay 

Gilbert James A. with J. W. Sullivan, dwl 135 
Gilbert Julia C. Miss, teacher Union St. School 
Gilbert Mary, Mrs. dwl Hunt near Third 
Gilbright Kdward, laborer, Fort Point J. G. {McGlas}ian!c Co.) 127 Mont'y 
Gildomeester Adrian II. office 116 Battery 
Gildemeester J. P. H. Consul for the Netherlands, 

office 116 Battery 
Giles Charles, liquors, Jackson bet Front 4 Davis 

Giles Edward, book-keeper, Alsop & Co. dwl 

NW cor California and Stockton 
Giles J. G. carpenter, 242 Pacific 
Giles Solomon S. (.1. P. Bessey & Co.) 106 San- 
some, bds Minna bet Second and Third 
Giles W. T. Ill Battery, bds 182 California 
Gilespie Richard, painter, bds 20 Sansome 
Gill Margaret J. Mrs. dwl W s Ecker near Ste- 
Gill Warren B. liquors, NE cor Francisco and 

Gille Lawrence, boots and shoes, 68 Kearny 
Gillespie C. V. searcher of records, office 212 
Wash'n, dwl NW cor Kearny and Chestnut 
Gillespie John, dairyman, NW llission Church 
Gillfoy Michael, tailor. Pacific N s nr Kearny 
Gilligan Charles, porter, cor Clay and Front 
Gilligan Peter, groom, dwl 256 Stockton 
GUlin Frank, laborer, dwl Vallejo bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Gillingham Charles A. mecht, dwl 155 Stockton 
Gillis A. inspector Custom House, dwl S s Bran- 
nan bet Harris and Pine 
Gillis Neal, tinsmith, bds Columbia Hotel 
Gillmor John B. (5. T. King &, Co.) dwl 245 

Gallop , bds 212 Washington 

Gills William, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Oilman (^4. M.) &, Co. {E. S. Davis and Frederick 
Smith), wholesale liquors, 82 Front, bds 
cor Powell and John 
Oilman Lawrence, carpenter, bds 89 Bush 
Oilman T. G. builder, cor Broadway and Battery 
Gilmore Alexander, merchant tailor, 181 Wash'n 
Gilmore David W. Secretary California Board 
Land Com'rs, office Lucas, Turner & Go's 
GUmore George W. {ffobbs G. & Co.) dwl 32 

Gilmore John W. A. merchant broker, 40 Front, 

dwl 25Gi Stockton 
Gilmore Stephen D. {Eobbs, G. &.Co.) dwl Folsom 

near Ecker 
Gilmore William, laborer Fulton Foundry, dwl 

Jessie near Ecker 
Gilpatrick George and Francis, tailors, basement 

Tehama House 
Gilpatrick Francis, ( Geo. Sc F. Gilpatrick,) base- 
ment Tehama House 
Gilroy Thomas, carpenter, dwl Minna nr Third 
Gilson Brian, drayman, bds Mrs. Mary Hurley's 
Gilson Charles, drayman, bds Union House 
Gilson Edward, inspector of provisions, 28 Clay, 

dwl NW cor Jones and Chestnut 
Gilson William F. printer. Chronicle office 
Gilvery Michael, laborer. Fort Point 
Gimmy John G. stoves and tin ware, 260 Dupont 
Ginas Jerome, bricklayer. Fort Point 
Gincosta Antonio, dwl cor Mission and Stewart 
Gindrum John B. proptr Essex Market, cor Green 

and Dupont 
Ginny David, groom. Black Hawk stables 
Giorgiani A. wholesale fruits, 115 Washington 
Girad George, shipping-master, Batt'y nr Vallejo 
Girard Caroline M'Ue, flutmg and crimping, 61 

Girard Eugene, 113 Montgomery 
Girard Fran9ois, dwl 61 Montgomery 



Girard Louis, laundryman, 51 Montgomery 
Girard Loonco {M. Dore ik Co.) dwl NW corner 

Montgoniory and California 
Girauil Nicholas, furniture, 35-1 Stockton 
Giraud Peter, bar-koeper, S s Broadway nr Front 
Giraud M'mo, midwife, dwl 232 Wasliington 
Giraudon Bernard, porter with Abel Guy 
Girdas Kichard. liquor saloon, SVV cor Sacra- 
mento and Drumm, bds Pacific Exchange 
Girod Stephen, teamster, dwl 81 Broadway 
Giron Marc, ( Vachon & G.) 153 Kearny 
Gishel Conrad, baker, cor Clay & Wetmore place 
Gladding Allen, butcher, dwl NW cor Larkin 

and California 
Gladding J. A. grocer, NAV cor Powell & Bush, 

dwl cor Larkin and California 
Gladson Adam, mason, bds New England House 
Gladwin G. S. & Co. wholesale groceries and pro- 
visions, G7 Front, dwl N s Tehama bet First 
and Second 
Gladwin Walter B. dwl 256 Powell 
Gladwin {Wm. H.) Hugg {Henry) & Co. office 

61 Front, dwl 256 Powell 
Glary Hannah, house-keeper, 89 Washington 
Glascock William H. attorney at law, dwl Taylor 

bet Riley and Clay 

Glascow, James R. bricklayer, dwl 139 Sansorae 

GLASSELL (Andrew) & LEIGH {BeiijaminW.) 

attorneys at law, 26 and 27 U. S. Court 

Block, dwl Clementina nr Second 

Glatz Felecit6 M'me, dress-maker, dwl rear 198 

Gleason David, laborer. Fort Point [Battery 
GLEASON H. B. carriage and wagon stock, 47 
Gleason Wm. cook, American Exchange Hotel 
Gleddou George, dwl E s Mission bet Tracy and 

Gleeson Susan Mrs. boarding, 133 Mission 
Glennon John, pressman, dwl 133 Kearny 
Gleizes Benjamin, (Boudin tSc (?.) N s Green, 

(rear,) E of Dupont 
Glendyon James, blacksmith, dwl cor Folsom 

and Ritch 
Glenon John, laborer, bds W s Mason bet Cali- 
fornia and Sacramento 
Glessen Daniel, laborer, bds with R. Cunningham 
Ghddon A. M. ship-carpenter, Stewart bet Market 

and Mission 
Glindan James, blacksmith, Folsom bet Third 

and Fourth 
Gline Charles F. dwl cor Market and Mason 
Glover D. H. tin plate worker, 92 Clay 
Glover John, carpenter, Chace'a Mills, bds cor 

Market and Sutter 
Gluck Cohnan, cigar manufacturer, 123 Bush 
Glusing George, cl'k, bds NW cor Clay & Mason 
Gluyas George K. superintendent Sutter Iron 

Works, dwl 30i Minna 
Glynn James, Inspector Custom House 
Glynn John, moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Gobbee Joseph, pattern maker, Sutter Iron 
Works, dwl E s Folsqpi'bet First and Essex 
Gobner (Ernest) & Meyer (Louis), grocers, SW 

cor Folsom and Fremont 
GODCHAUX BROS. (Adolph and Joseph), im- 
porters and jobbers in dry goods, 81 Cali- 
fornia, dwl SW cor Dupont and Pacific 
Godchaux Joseph, (G. Bros.) 81 California 

Godchaux Lazard, dry goods, NE cor Missioa 

and Second 
Goddard (E. B.) & Co. ( W. L. Palmer & I. IT'ins- 

com) Pacific Foundry, First bet Mission and 

Howard, dwl N s Bush bet Powell & JIason 
Goddard George E. purser st'ship Golden Gate, 

office Pacific Mail Steamship Co. 
Godden William, gas fitter, 173 Montgomery, 

dwl First near Market 
Godean A. laundryman, Broadway near Dupont 
Godefl'roy Alfred, office cor Leidesdorffand Clay, 

dwl S 3 California near Dupont 
Godet Louis, laundry, cor Howard and Fourth 
Godeus John D. washing fluid manufacturer, E s 

Sutter near Montgomery 
Godfrey Charles, gardener, Presidio road, W of 

Valley House 
Godfrey George, dwl Tehama bet Fourth & Fifth 
Godfrey Jeremiah, waterman, dwl corner "Vallejo 

and Larkin 
Godfrey Joseph, dwl E a Kearny near Vallejo 
Godfrey (Katltaniel) & Dennison (A. G.) hair-dres- 

rers, 126 Commercial 
Godfrey William, printer, dwl N a Riley near 

Godkin Thomas, blacksmith, dwl SW cor Kearny 

and Broadway 
Godley Montgomery, dwl N s Market bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
Goebel George, waiter, 156 and 158 Pacific 
Goes Andrew, cooperage, Gold nr Montgomery 
Gogartey Owen, carpenter, dwl Sherwood place, 

near Third 
Golan Edward, laborer, dwl W side Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
Gold Able, dry goods, E s Dupont nr Vallejo 
Gold James, mason, bds 89 Bush 
Gold Lewis, clothing, Davis nr Broadway 
Goldberg Henry, tailor. Pacific bet Davis and 

Golden Alfred, bds 21 First 
Golden Henry, machinist, bds 21 First 
Golden Thomas, messenger Custom House, 'dwl 

W s Dupont near O'Farrell 
Golder Lewis, bar-keeper, 84 Montgomery, bds 

cor Sacramento and Montgomery 
Goldman Isaac, shoe-maker, 149 Kearny 
Goldman Isaac A. commission merchant, 57 Sac- 
ramento, dwl S 3 Chestnut near Miison 
Goldman Joseph, waterman, dwl 3 Virginia \A 

near Pine 
Goldman M. cigar and tobacco dealer, dwl S3 

Goldner Herman, dwl 29 Natoma 
GOLDSCHMIDT N. & CO. fancy dry goods, 1G9 

Goldsmith Adam, tailor, bds 184 Kearny 
Goldsmith Abraham, book-keeper, 93 California, 

dwl 10 Minna 
Goldsmith Abraham, peddler, dwl SB comer 

Kearny and Pine 
Goldsmith (David) & Stern (David), proptrs St. 

Nicholas Hotel, Sac bet San and Leidesdorff 
Goldsmith Isaac, butcher, dwl Virginia between 

Jackson and Washington 
Goldsmith Jacob (S. L. Jacobs & Co.) resides 

New York [Larkin 

Goldsmith Joseph, dwl O'Farrell bet Hyde and 



tioldsmith (J. 0.) & Winnie {J. V.), liquor 

ealoon, cor Marlcet and Stewart, dwl Uarri- 

3on bet Beale and Fremont 
Goldsmith Moses, dwl 8 Minna 
Goldsmith Solomon, book-keeper, 12 and T4 Cali- 
fornia, bds St. Nicliolas Hotel 
GOLDSXIITH WILLIAM E. engraver, corner 

Clay and Mont'y, dwl O'Farrell nr Larkin 
Goldstein A. Samuel, stoves and tinware, 261 

Goldstein Emanuel L. {IT. Levi & Co.) dwl N s 

Mission bet First and Second 

& CO. {Julius Stick), importers and jobbers 

of clothing, 82 Sacramento, dwl Mission 

near First 
Goldstone Samuel, accountant, 82 Sacramento, 

dwl Mission bet First and Second 
Gomas Charlotte, (col'd) widow, dwl SE corner 

Greenwich and Jones 
Gombaud Henry, wig-maker, 185 Clay 
Gonsaloz Dominick, carpenter and builder, Third 

near Jessie 
Goodale Samuel P. commission merchant, NW 

cor California and Battery, dwl Hawthorne 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Qoodall Charles, Captain steam-tug Hercules, 

office cor Washington and Drumm, dwl Te- 
hama bet First and Second 
Qoodchild Edward, liquors, NE cor Green and 

Goodell Geo. A. harness-maker, 84J Kearny, dwl 

Stockton near Pine 
Goofinkol A. minor, dwl Scott 
Goodhue (John) & Nathan {Lewis), jewelers 

and watch makers, 250 Dupont 
Goodman David, {Strasser & G.) dwl Stockton 

bet Washington and Jookson 
Goodman Frederick (Brown & G.) 69 Kearny 
Goodman George, (colored) porter, dwl Miles 

near Sacramento 
Goodman Goodman S. book-keeper, 60 California, 

bds New Tork Hotel 
Goodman Henry M. bds Harris House 
Goodman Jacob k Max, fancy and dry goods, 

8 A^irginia block, bds 171 Powell 
Goodman James H. ( Wliiting, G. & Co.) dwl E s 

Powell near Broadway 
Goodman Louis, accountant, 8G Sacramento, bds 

cor California and Sansome 
Goodman Mai (J. & M. Goodman), bds Vir- 
ginia block 
Goodman Simon, merchant, bds N s St. Mark's 

place near Kearny 
Goodrich , as.sistant teacher evening school, 

186 Montgomery • 

Goodridgo George, 90 Front 
Goodridge William E. accountant at Fulton 

Foundry, bds Webb 
Goodrum George, dwl E s Brown bet Mission 

and Howard 
Goodsell D. C. M. shipwright, dwl First bet Har- 
rison and Bryant 
Goodsell W. shipwright, dwl Beale bet Market 

and Mission 
Goodwin Albert W. bds cor Second and Clem'a 
Goodwin Andrew, shoe-maker, Stevenson near 


Goodwin A. waterman, dwl N s Post bet Powell 

and Mason 
Goodwin ( Charles) & Bierd ( George), Greenwich 

Mkt, SE cor Greenwicli and Mason 
Goodwin (C. Ji.) & Co. ( William Freeborn, J. D. 
Hawks and Moses B. Almy) wholesale gro- 
cers and jobbers, 53 and 55 Front, dwl S s 
California nr Powell 
Goodwin James P. importer and manf furniture, 
130 and 132 California, bds What Cheer Ho 
Goold Edmond E. attorney at law, 4 Express 
Bdg, dwl SW cor Stockton and Washington 
Gordon George W. (col'd), barber, Sansome cor 

California, dwl 00 Minna 
Gordon John, ship-carpenter, bds 10 Sansome 
Gordon John H. carpenter, bds with B. H. Free- 
Gordon Thomas, 143 Sacramento, dwl 128 Bush 
Gordon W. tinsmith, bds Plaza Hotel 
Gordon E. boat builder, bds SE cor Clarke and 

Gordon George, ofBco Sugar refinery, 59 and 61 

Sansome, dwl 26 South Park Row 
GORDON J. B. physician, 175 Clay, bds Ame'n 

Exchange Hotel 
GORDON (John), BROOKS (John W.) & ROOT 
(James), importers of stoves and metals, 160 
Gordon John, NW cor Pacific and Front 
Gordon Samuel, dwl Ecker nr Folsom 
Gordon Sheldon S. (Boi-n & G.) 80 Montgomery 
Gordon Stephen, Davis nr Clark 
Gordon V. N. boat-builder, Clark bet Front and 

Gordon William (col'd), boot-polisher, Sacrame'o 

nr Kearny 
Gore Benjamin B. book-keeper, at Bond & Hale's, 

dwl Sophie Terrace Pine abv Dupont 
Gorevan James, porter, Jessie nr Minna 
Gorham John, clerk, dwl cor Clay and Pro.ip't pi 
Gorham William R. dwl cor Clay and Prosp't pi 
Gorman John, laborer, dwl N s Vallejo nr Mason 
Gorman John, laborer. Fort point 
Gorman John, laborer, dwl cor San'e and Vallejo 
Gorman P. B. 1st officer stm Senator, office Cal. 

S. N. Co. NE cor Front and Jackson 
Gorman Thomas, mariner, dwl Chamber nr Front 
Gorman W. J. teacher St. Francis School, N side 

Vallejo nr Dupont 
Gornong Jacob, vegetables. Third nr Folsom 
Gorton John H. carpenter, bds Belden's Block 
GOSTORFS LEOPOLD B. com merch, 70 Batty 
Gotgen Nicholas, (SchuUze & G.) Stewart cor 

Gotzelman Adam, butcher, with H. Hentz 
Goud G. L. Ill Washington, dwl California, bet 

Sansomo and Montgomery 
Gough Charles H. dwl N s Broadway nr Dupont 
Gough Henry 0. Inspector Weights and Mea- 
sures, office 102 Battery, dwl 226 Stockton 
Gough James, saloon, dwl 50 Pacific 
Gough Richard J. (Fancher & G.) 160 California 
Gould A. S. Alta California office, dwl SW cor 

Mason and California 
Gould Frank, liquors, Clay opposite East, NW cor 
Washington and East, and SW cor Jackson 
and Front, dwl Third near Minna 
Gould James, com mrcht, dwl Berry nr Dupont 



Grould William B. dwl S s Union bet Powell and 

Goulding Alfred, machiniat, bds St. Charles Hotol 
Goulding Henry, machiniat, bds St. Charlea Htl 
Gourney David, bds 1 1 Bay State Row 
Goux John B. dyer, Sacramento, bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Gouzy Santiago, dwl cor Broadway and Dupont 
Gove Andrew J. wharfinger, Clay street wharf, 

dwl 61 Broadway 
Gove John H. dep. wharfinger, Clay street wharf, 

bds 61 Broadway 
Graan Harris, tailor, 315 Stockton 
Grace Patrick, dwl Winter's lane 
Gracier Francis, bung-maker, Chace's Mills, dwl 

Kearny bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Grady Auijustus, salesman, with Lockwood & 

Hendrie, bds Plaza Hotel 
Gragg Finton, laborer, dwl Vallejo bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Gragg Joseph M. waterman, dwl M'ket nr Third 
Graham Andrew J. printer. Globe office, dwl cor 

Montgomery and Broadway 
Graham Anthony, blacksmith, dwl School alley 
Graham Campbell, Capt. U. S. A, bds Tehama H 
Graham E. Mrs. boarding, Chambers bet Battery 

and Front 
Graham George H. carpenter, cor Pacific and 
Eearny, bds SW cor of Pacific and Kearny 
Graham Gertrude Mrs. boarding, NE cor of Pow- 
ell and John 
Graham Henry A. printer, SE cor Montgomery 

and Broadway 
Graham James, bds 161 Commercial 
Graham James, cooper, Lion Co. Brewery 
Graham James R. shoe-maker, S a Pac nr Btty 
Graham J. S. 148 Battery 
Graham Mrs. dwl Taylor near Clay 
Graham P. blacksmith. Fort Point 
Graham Richard, mariner, dwl Chambers bet Btty 

and Front 
Graham Wm. Hicks, attorney at law, dwl Pre- 
sidio road, opposite Valley House 
Grahame James A. (AUan, Lmoe & Co.) resides in 

Gramer Charles, tinsmith, 140 Broadway 
Gracini E. clerk with Caire Brothers, 142 Wash'n 
Grandlees Wilham, boiler-maker, Vulcan Iron 

Grant Adam, {Eugene Kelly & Co.) dwl Stockton 

bet Jackson and Pacific 
Grant Charles, dwl Fremont bet Folaom and Har- 
GRANT GILBERT A. atty at law, 24 Mont'y 
block, dwl W a Prospect place nr California 
Grant James, ex-Recorder, dwl 118 Bush 
Grant John, marble-yard, 143 Cal. dwl 91 Mont'y 
Grant John, dwl S s Stevenson bet Third & Fourth 
Grant Joseph A. watchman U. S. B. Mint, and 
commissioner of deeds, office 91 Merchant 
Grant Justus, dwl 1 mUe S of Mission Church 
Grant Lewis T. spec'l police, dwl Berry nr Dupont 
Grant Mary Mrs. widow, dwl Geary near Kearny 
Grant WiUiam M. shoe-maker, 111 Battery, dwl 

No. 4 St. Mark's place 
Grantham J. M. clerk Custom House, bds Ameri- 
can Exchange Hotel 
Grase John, drayman at Eugene Kelly & Co. 'a 

Grasshoff Frederick, cai-penter, dwl 368 Powell 
Grattan William H. hardware merchant, dwl E s 

Kearny bet Washington and Jackson 
Grauley William, laborer, bds Isthmus House 

Graves , dwl S side California near Powell 

Graves A. B. adjuster of weights, U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl W side Mason near Vallejo 
Graves (Edmund S.) & Smith (Charles W.) cop- 
persmiths & plumbers, dwl N s Vallejo near 

Graves Hiram T. adjuster weights U. S. B. Miut, 

dwl W side Ma.son near Vallejo 
Graves James, dwl Everett bet Third and Fourth 
Graves Margaret Mrs. 24 First 
Gray Asaph, manf, cor California and SansorE- ' 

dwl Stockton W side bet Pine and Bush 
Gray Bernard J. clerk U. S. B. Mint, bds Filbert 

near Jones 
Gray Charles G. dwl Geary near Dupont 
Gray George, baker. Oriental Hotel 
Gray Giles H. (^Reynolds & G.) bds 61 Powell 
GRAY H. M. physician, office SE cor Clay and 

Gray Jeremiah, printer, dwl Prospect place 
Gray Joel, builder, dwl E s Powell bet Pine and 

Gray John, (Fonda G. & Jennings) bds Folsom 

near Third 
Gray John, teamster, bds 2 Belden's block 
Gray Joseph H. drayman, dwl SE cor Green and 

Gray Michael, dwl W a Dupont near Francisco 
GRAY NATHANIEL, undertaker, 155 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 241 Clay 
Gray (R. B.) & Co. (F. W. Groshy), manufactur- 
ing jewelers, 66 Merchant 
Gray Thomas, dwl Filbert near Jones 
Gray WiUiam, (Boland &, G.) bds Sansome bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Gray William D. Constable of Sixth District, dwl 

155 Sacramento 
Gray William J. ( Waters & Co.) dwl 288 Jackson i 
Greasy Mathew, blacksmith, East bet Jackson i 

and Pacific 
Greaves Benjamin, jr. com and brokerage, Sac 

cor East 
Greavey Wm. M. machinist, Fulton Foundry 
Grebs Henry, carpenter, dwl S s Sutter nr Dupont : 
Greely Samuel E. bds What Cheer House 
Green Abigail Mrs. (widow) 3, 4, 5, 8, Express • 

Green Adam T. (Taafe, McCahiU «fc Co.) bda • 

Hotel International 
Green Alfred F. clerk, NW cor Powell and Pac 
Green Asenith Mrs. (widow) dwl Greenwich ur 

Green Augustus R. (Green, Brothers & Co.) dwl 

189 Pine 
Green Benjamin P. dwl Beal bet Harrison and 

Green Cornelius, carriage-maker at P. Witbeck's 
Green Daniel, dwl W s Mason bet Clay and 

Green Frederick P. com merch, and agent Sac'o 

packets, office 64 Front, dwl W s Kearny 

bet Union and Filbert 
Green Frederick W. contractor and builder, dwl 

Geary bet Leavenworth and Hyde 



Oreon F. (S Price & Co.) dwl 155 Battery st 
,liKEN GEORGE W. Butcher, 17 & 18 Wash- 
ington Market, dwl N s Mission nr Third 
reen Hannah, chambermaid, American £xch 

(.;recn (//. i?.) & Pickett (E. W.) restaurant, 160 

anil 152 Clay Ijda HiUman's Temperance 

aiEEN BEOTHERS & CO. {J. de P. &, Au- 

ijnstxis R) com merchants and agents of 

Lloyd's, 60 California 
i liccii James, waterman, bds Philadelphia House 
Green John, plumber, IIG Front, dwl Broadway 

near Greenwich 
lii' 1 1: John, hoso-maker, dwl Bestole nrSan 
il; I John, book-keeper, Brooklyn House 
I iiixii Julius C. hay, grain and wood-yard, NW 

cor Powell and Pacitic 
' ireen Laurence, porter, bds What Cheer House 
Green Nathan, matrass-maker, Eaaton's Steam 

Oreen Richard W. clerk, with W. H. Moore 
■ reen Samuel, baker, dwl Stockton place 
I., roen Thomas, dwl First bet Howard and Folsom 
Green William, (TesUerli Co.) W s Kearny near 

Groon William, Lessee Mission Street Plank 

Road, dwl Ashland place 
Green William, furniture and crockery, 272 

Green William, (Bruns k G.) dwl N sTallejo bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Green William A. dwl N s Market bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Greenberg Henry, dwl 264 Pacific 
Greenberg Leopold, Clerk, with Swain & Co. 138 

Clay, dwl Second nr Minna 
Greenberg Morri.s, ( Garratt ik G.) dwl S s Harri- 
son near Third 
Greene D. M. compositor. Evening Bulletin, dwl 

380 Pacific 
GREENE (Samuel H.) HEATH {Richard W.) 

& ALLEN (Henry II.), com merchants and 

dealers in tobacco, and oflfico of Consulate o( 

Costa Rica and Guatamala, 56 Front, bds 

18G California 
Greene ( WiUiara) & Lucas, ( William) liquors, 

Brannan street Bridge 
Greene { Wm. E.) & Nelson, (Jeremiah) import- 
ers of butter, i6 Front, res Now York 
Greene William G. Toll-gatherer, Mission Road 
GREENBAUM (Jacob) & CO. importers fancy 

goods, 64 .J Battery, dwl Minna, bet First 

and Second 
Greenebaum Seigmund, clerk, at 64^ Battery 
Grcenham Frederick, porter, Cal S. N. Co. dwl 

cor Front and Jackson 
Greenhood (Herman) &. Newbaur (Joseph), 92 

California, of (Sacramento and Weaverville) 

dwl 19 Minna 
Greenough (John R.) & Co. (Henry Dutton), hay, 

grain and wood, NE corner California and 

Drunini, and Mission Street Wharf, boards 

2 Beldcn's Block 
Greenwood Jas. bag manufacturer, cor Wash'n 

and Davis, dwl Geary bet Powell & Mason 
Greenwood Mary Ann Mrs. dress-maker, 237 


Greenwood William M. merchant, office SE cor 

Clay and Front, bds Kassctto Houso 
Gregg Joseph W. coppersmith, dwl Polk betw'n 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Gregory F. P. carrier, Evening Bulletin, dwl SE 

cor Pino and Montgomery 
Gregory Henry, (Ntwhall & G.) dwl 70 Minna 
Gregory John, waterman, bds Bush bet Mont'y 

and Kearny 
Gregory Paul, laborer, dwl Minna near Second 
GREIF (John) & SMITH (John 0.) proprietor 

San Francisco Baths, 182 Wasliiugton, dwl 

cor Post and Dupont 

Greisolmaver , jeweler, dwl 79 Dupont 

GRELLET (Cliarles C.) & CO. (Johi M. Byrne & 

Jsudore Chamhariere), importers of spirits, 

■wines, liquors, etc. 136 and 138 Jackson, 

dwl Union near Dupont 
Grellier S. commission merchant, 148 Wash'n, 

dwl NW cor Broadway and Kearny 
Gremke Henry, grocer, cor Davis and Clark 
Grenouillau Numa, baker, dwl N side Broadway 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Greverns George, 92 California, dwl Sutter near 

Grevey James M. agent sewing machines, dwl 

Jessie near Ecker 
Grey Arthur, waiter, Niantic Hotel 
GREY CYRIL V. attorney at law, 2 Court Blk, 

dwl SE cor Taylor and Eddy 
Grey Mathias, clerk, 172 Washington, bds N s 

Filbert near Taylor 
Gribbin Wm. boatman, dwl Pacific near Davis 
Griere Pierre, clerk, with Tallaut and Wilde, 91 

Battery, bds What Cheer House 
Griesel Mme. furnished rooms, 114 Sacramento 
Griesinan James, bds E s Stockton bet Wash'n 

and Clay 
Griffin B. P. Boomerang Saloon, 191 Kearny 
Griffin Edward, tinsmith, at D. W. Bett's, dwl 

Beale near Folsom 
Griffin Frederick, bds Oriental Hotel 
Griffin George, clerk, dwl Stockton bet Pacific 

and Jackson 
Griffin John, laborer, dwl O'Farrell near Dupont 
Griffin Lynch, dwl East bet Jackson and Wasli'n 
Griffin Jfiihael B. salesman, 142 Sacramento, 

dwl 8 White near Vallejo 
Griffin Thomas, boarding, 64 Clay 
Griffin William, pilot, dwl Calhoun 
Griffin Miss, boarding, SE cor Bdw'y and Mont'y 
Griffing Archibald, rentier, bds 45 Battery 
Griffith James F. book-keeper, with iforgan, 

Hathaway & Co. bds Rasctto House 
Griffith John W. gilder, dwl N s Sutter nr Hyde 
Griffith (MUlrn) & Wells (lioM.) Lion Co. Brew- 
ery, 136 Pine, dwl corner Harrison and 

Stanly place 
Griffith W. dwl S 3 Pacific betw'n Leavenworth 

and Hyde 
Griffiths James, machinist, bds N side Stevenson 

near Ecker 
Griffiths John, boatman, dwl Natoma near Jane 
Grimes George T. (Stanky &. G.) dwl 27 Bush 
Grimes Michael, laborer, Jackson between Front 

and Davis 
Grimes Patrick, blacksmith, 102 Kearny 
Grimm Ferdinand, dwl Folsom near Thome 



Grimm K. dwi S s Pacific near Larkin 

Giimwood Adolphus D. conveyancer, 8 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl Bu8li bel Stock & PowoU 

Grinuello Philander, hostler, 65 Kearny 

Grinsell Peter, boiler-maker, bda 2o Bush 

Grisar Kmile, dwl 373 Powell 

Grisel Cecil Mrs. dwl SE cor Jackson and Monfy, 
room 10 

Grissim James, moulder, Donahue's Union Iron 

Grissim W. T. (of W. T. Grissim & Co. Sacra- 
mento), office 64 Front 

Griswold llcury, clerk, with Hall &, Co. Wash'n 

Griswold John C. surveyor, 144 'Wasbington, 
room 5 

GROAT RICHARD V. attorney at law, 98 

Grob Troutman, teacher of drawing, SW cor 
Montgomery & California, dwl Jessie nr Jane 

Grogan Alexander B. office NW corner Sansome 
and Jackson 

Grondoner Ellen Mrs. dwl S s Yallejo nr Mason 

Grontsch Nicholas, furniture, E s Second near 

Groom Henry, 248 Clay 

Groom H. Mrs. dress-maker, 248 Clay 

Grosbeck John, fruits, 161 Kearny 

Grose Martin, dealer in vegetables, 23 Washing- 
ton Market, dwl Trinity place, nr Bush 

Grosetta (John) 4. Co. [Sanaitl Mathoitich), fruits, 
E s Kearny nr Commercial 

Grosh (Samuel) & Rutherford (Tlwmas i.) Com- 
mercial Flour Mills, cor First and Natoma, 
dwl Tehama near First 

Gross Charles, dwl Oak 

Gross E. S. provision, 91 Front, dwl NW corner 
■Washington and Taylor 

Gross John, baker, dwl E s Mason nr Pacific 

Grosshotl" J. bds S s Pine nr Dupont 

Grossman B. varieties, S s Thii'd bet Minna and 

Grosso Constactine, blacksmith. Mission road, 
south of Nightingale 

Grotjan George W. commission merchant, 112 
California, bds 195 California 

Grotjan P. A. drugs and chemicals, 112 Cal, dwl 
195 California 

Grotton William, laborer, dwl 76 Jackson 

Grou Alfred, artist, dwl St. Vincent 

Grover (Morgan) & Ohmeis (Georgt), cabinet-ma- 
kers and turners, 70 Davis, bda 5 Bay State 

Grover William, physician, bds 323 Stockton 

Grozinger , dwl N s Stevenson bet Third and 


Gruber Frederick, taxidermist, NE cor Sansome 
and California 

Grunenwald Antoiue, (Eichhoff &. G.) Ng Pacific 
near Dupont 

Gruner Ferdinand, jeweler, with Haas & Lon- 

Gruner Frederick C. dwl S s Vallejo nr Kearny 

Grunhagen Martin, clerk, 95 Battery, dwl W s 
Dupont near Greenwich 

Grymes J. Edgar, deputy clerk U. S. Dis. Court, 
office U. S. District Court Building, dwl 186 

Gucan V. saddler, with F. Carlos 

Gucell John, miner, dwl Taylor bet EUia and 

Guechel August, boot-maker, 81 Merchant 
Guerin Amddie, liquors, S a Pacific nr Stockton 
GUERIN J. &. CO. (Ledovick Pottier and 0. 

Etienne), importers of dry goods, 105 Mont- 
gomery, resides in Paris 
GUERIN MICHAEL, boots and shoes, NW 

cor Commercial and Battery, dwl cor Third 

and Bryant 
Guerno Henry L. hay and grain, 370 Stockton 
Guerson Christopher, sail-maker, dwl W a Mason 

near Greenwich 
Guess Henry W. porter, dwl 7 Virginia 
GuUbert Honor^, with E. Cardinett, dwl Jackson 

cor Adele alley 
GuUd Albert H. 90 Clay, dwl S s Sutter near 

Guild John, laborer, dwl Ws Auburn nr Jackson 
Guilford John, sail-maker, Stewart bet Market 

and Mission 
GuiUemen Eugene, laundry, Ritch, bet Brj-ant 

and Bran nan 
Guillemot Charles J. (L. B. Garcin & Co.) 34 

Guillot Jacque, tailor, E s Dupont nr Bdwy 
Guirolo Domingo, coffee stand, Jackson wharf, 

dwl Broad ivay nr Stockton 
GuIIickson Severin, (Klepzig k Co.) 212 Wasb'n 
Gulliver Harriett, liquors, cor Dolores and Centre 
Gullison (Henry) & Nelson (John), upholsterers, 

94 Kearny, dwl 148 Washington 
Gummer Sarah Mrs. (widow), 269 Stockton 
Gundlach Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, Vallejo, bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Gundlach Mas, boots and shoes, 76 Montgomery, 

dwl Kearny bet Pine and Bush 
Gunion Terry, Bush 1 door W of Stockton 
Gunn Felix, engineer Pacific Foundry, dwl 22 

Gunn John, dentist, 117 Montgomery 
Gunn John, cooper, 150 Battery, res. Alameda 
Gunn Peter, laborer. Pacific Foundry 
Guim Peter, laborer, Sutter bet Mary and Clara, 

dwl Minna near Second 
Gunn Robert, cooper, 150 Battery, dwl 153 

Gunn Robert W. cooper, 150 Battery, dwl Union 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Gunn William, cooper, dwl S s Union bet Mont'y 

and Kearny 
Gunn William J. with J. J. Lecount, dwl S 8 

Union bet Montgomery and Kearny 
GUNNISON (Andrew J.) PARKER (Saimtel 

U.) & COWLES (SamueT), attorneys at law, 

98 Merchant, dwl E s Mason nr L'nion 
Gunnell Charles W. Sutter Hou.'se, Beale bet 

Foisom and Harrison 
Gunter W. watch-maker, with Joseph Brothers 
Gunthcr Jacob, laundryman, dwl W a Mont'y, 

near Vallejo 
Gunther Loreng, boots and shoes, 109 Kearny 
Gurine Charles, butcher, 251 Pacific 
Gurmendez Eli, dress-maker, 234 Sacramento 
Gurney D. bds What Cheer House 
Gurvey Michael, ( Geo. A. Dunn & Co.) Market 

bet First and Fremont 




Gushee Frederick A. bds N side Bernard 
GUSHEK HORACE, com mcht aud dealer in 
butter, cheese, etc. 119 Washington, dwlW 
side Montgomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Gusman (Antonio) & Co. (Josi Gusjnan) saddle 

manufacturer, 150 Pacific 
Gusman JosS, of Gusman & Co. 150 Pacific 
Gusern Lewis, porter at Daniel Gibb's, dwl Lafay- 
ette place 
Gustu.s C. musician, dwl 14G Bush 
Gusyna Michael, fruit, Pupont near Clay 
Gutiirie Claud, carpenter, 161 Pac, dwl 18S Stock 
Guthrie George W. deputy surveyor, Custom 

House, dwl N side Jackson near Stockton 
Guttraann Samuel, tailor, 209 Kearny 
Guy Abel, banker and com mcht, \V'ash'n opp 

Post Office, dwl Sutter near Powell 
Guyol Armand, dwl 8 & 9 Hentsch's building 
Guyton Samuel, police, City Hall 
Gwin John R. book-keeper, 115 Clay 
Gwin William M., U. S. Seaator, dwl N s Jackson 
near Stockton 


Ha.^Ct R. bar-keeper, IIG and 11 S Montgomery 
Hoagen Jacob, brewer, Bavaria Brewerv 
HAAS(CTi(irfe«) & LOUDERBACK (wmam) 

manf jowclers, 171 Washington, dwl W side 

Stone bet Washington and Jackson 
Haas George, jeweler, with Haas & Louderback 
Haas Patrick, laborer, dwl White 
Haas Soloman A. cigars, NE cor Wash'n & Btty 
HAAS {Soluman) & ROSENFELD (^Julius) fancy 

goods, 86 California 
Haating Theodore, jeweler, at John Fisher's, dwl 

Pino near Dupont 
Habenicht F, clerk, with Henry Schmieden 
Habersang C. E. clerk, 340 Stockton 
Hacker William, salesman, 150 Kearny, dwl Sut- 
ter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Hackett Frank M.'dentist, 187 Clay 
Hackett John, laborer, dwl cor Greenwich and 

Hackett Patrick, laborer, dwl Ohio bet Broadway 

and Pacific 
HACKETT THOMAS W. wharfinger, Lombard 

Dock, dwl W 3 Montgomery bet Union and 

Hackew Thomas, 126 Kearny 
Hadeler Hermann {Schmidt & U.) dwl S s Clay 

near East 
Hadloy Moses F. dealer in butter, cheese, etc. 3 

Wash Market, dwl N s Pine nr Kearny 
Haehnlon Jacob P. laborer, Custom House, dwl 

Sutter cor Rassetto place No. 2 
Haehnlen Louis, stucco-worker, 182 Jackson, dwl 

Sutter nr Kearny 
Hagadorn H. C. draftsman, 156 Mont'y, dwl S s 

Union abv Powell ' 
Hagan Benjamin, dwl S side Union bet Powell 

and Mason 
Hagan Bernard, dwl 18 Merchant 
Hagan Catharine Miss, dwl Everett nr Third 
Hagan Henry, clerk, SE cor Mont'y and Pine, 

bds Pike nr Clay 
Hagan James, inspector, Custom House, dwl 37 



Hagar George, dwl Prospect pi bet Clay & Sac'o 
Hagarty Michael, grocer, cor Folsom and Ritch 
Hagemann Frederick, (Fuhr & Co.) boots and 

shoes, 142 Kearny and 170 California 
Hagemann P. & Co. {J. B. Peterson) importers of 

wines and liquors, 72 Jackson, produce com 

East bet Wash'n and Clay, dwl cor Jackson 

and Front 
Hagen B. book-keeper, at Steinhart Bros. 
Hagon John, stone-cutter, dwl cor Sansomo and 

Hagen Peter, upholsterer, dwl Card's lane 
Hagen Robert, apothecary, 110 Montgomery 
Hagor George D. Albion House, 40 Montgomery 
linger John S. Judge Fourth Dist't Court, office 

City Hall, bds Union Hotel 
Hagerman Frederick {Fuhr & Co.) 142 Kearny 
Hagorty Francis L. liquors, 137 Kearny, dwl 

Jessie nr Annie 
Haggatt Thomas, sea captain, dwl W a Kearny 

near Pino 
Haggerman Henrv, porter, 112 Battery 
HAGGIN JAMES B. attorney at law, NW cor 

Montgomery and Merchant, dwl NW corner 

Powell and John 
Haggin Joseph B. physician, NW cor Montgo'y 

aud Merchant 
Haghan Peter, coppersmith, Fremont bet How- 
ard and Folsom 
Hagthrop Edward, stoves and tin-ware, 124 San- 
somo, dwl S s Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Hahn Henry, grocer, SB cor Cal'a and Kearny, 

dwl cor Taylor and Sacramento 
Hahn Jacob, dwl Jane nr Mission 
Hahn John, agent of Lauzenberg, 144 Sac'to 
Hahn John, clerk, cor Sansome and Bush 
Halm John C. Mrs. dwl Anthony nr Ecker 
Haight Fletcher M. ( WUliams & Haights), dwl S 

3 Jackson nr Taylor 
Haight Harrison, carpenter, dwl 4 Quincy placo 
Haight Henry, {late Page, Bacon k Co.) office cor 

Merchant and Montgomery, dwl SW corner 

Powell and Broadway [Jackson 

Haight Henry M. ( WUliam.a & H) dwl Taylor nr 
Haight Lafayette F. livery stables, 106 Kearny, 

dwl 237 Clay 
Haight R. W. clerk, cor Sacramento and Sans'e 
Hailer Christian k Co. {John Bruns), German 

Brewery, 81 Bush 
Haine Arthur, assistant book-keeper, Vulcan 

Iron Works 
Haines John, salesman, 110 Commercial 
Hainey Daniel, laborer. Fort Point 
Haist ( Charles) k Co. ( C. Biirlchart), interpreters, 

Berrj' near Mary lane 
Haker AVm. clerk, with Terdier * Kaindler, bds 

N s Sutter bet Dupont and Mary 
HALE HENRY & CO. commismchts, 57 Wash- 
ington, dwl Minna near Third 
HALE HENRY M. {Bond k Male) dwl 269 

Hale Mathew, wood and coal, 38 Washington, 

dwl cor Tyler and Taylor 
Hale James, {Uovoy & JI.) bds 280 Stockton 
HALEY A. S. MRS. lessee Hotel International, 

Jackson near Montgomery 
Haley Dennis, waiter. Hotel International 
Haley Dennis, dwl Leavenworth nr Broadway 



Haley Elizabeth Mrs, dwl Louise bet Fourth 

and Fifth 
Haley James, carriage-maker at J. Berry's, dwl 

cor Broadway and Leavenworth 
Haley James, laborer, Fort Point 
Haloy John, Exchange Bakery, 1G2 Kearny 
Haley John, laborer, dwl N 8 Stevenson nr Ecker 
Haley John, waiter, dwl W s Powell bet Post 

and Sutter 
HALEY JOHN J. Hotel International 
Haley ilichael, dish-washer, American Exchange 

Hotel, dwl Stevenson nr Second 
Haley Moses, Wasliiugton Market, bds N s Pine 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Haley Patrick, drayman. Mission nr Third 
Haley Robert, Port Warden, office U. S. Court 

building, dwl Perry nr Third 
Haley William, laborer, dwl S s Broadway near 

Hall Abraham, calker, dwl Harrison nr Third 
Hall Barney, wharfinger Central Wharf) bds cor 

Sacramento and Sansome 
Hall C. Miss, teacher Spring Yalley School 
Hall Caroline M. Mrs. dress-maker, 66 Mont'y 
Hall Charles R. boarding, 68 Montgomery 
Hall Christiana Mrs. (colored) dress-maker, 271 

Hall Edward, {Hy. Johnson & Co.) bds 241 Clay 
Hall Edward, sea captain, bds Kellogg House 
Hall Edward, (Edu-ards & Halt, Sacramento), 

merchants, office 77 Front 
HaU Edwin, liquors, Stewart bet Howard and 

Hall Elbridge G. Bookseller, dwl SW cor Jack- 
son and Taylor 
Hall Elisha, carpenter, dwl cor Bdwy & Florence 
HaU Elisha H. stencil cutter, G4 Front 
Hall Elizabeth Mra matron British Hospital, 

Rincon Point 
Hall Ephraim, N s Jackson near Powell 
Hall G S. dairyman, one mile S Mission Church 
Hall H. dwl N s Ellis bet Powell and Mason 
Hall Harvey, sea captain, bds Kellogg House 
Hall Henry, cook, 163 Clay 
HaU Henry J. 171 Clay 

HALL {Isaac M.) & CO. (C. 0. Srigham and 
Stephen M. Batch), dealers in produce, vege- 
tables and fruit, -11 aud 42 Washington 
Market, dwl N side Brvant bet Second and 
Hall James, saw maker, dwl Baldwin's court 
Hall James, (cold) drayman, dwl 271 Pacific 
Hall Jefferson, sea captain, bds KeUogg House 
HaU John, dwl Pomona place 
HALL JOHN P. stencil plate cutter, 64 Front 
HaU John, printer, Christian Advocate, dwl Beale 

near Folsom 
HaU Joseph, furniture, 140 Mission 
HaU Joseph F. City Laundry, dwl Third bet Bran- 
nan aud Townsend 
HaU Josiah S. clerk, at Poulterer, De Ro& EI- 

dridge, dwl 13 Minna 
Hall Levi, brick-layer, dwl 14 Leidesdorff 
Hall Milton, carpenter, dwl 128 Dupont 
HaU Milton, jr. carpenter, 31 Leidesdorff, dwl 

128 Dupont 
HaU Osborn, Clay street wharf, bds cor Sansome 
and California 

Hall Philip, dwl cor Second and Townsend 
Hall Richard, teacher, dwl S s Chestnut bet Jonee 

and Leavenworth 
HaU R & Co. (Cliarlea & Alfred Langley) im- 
porters aud wholesale dealers in drugs, 149 

H.all Samuel, miller, dwl 6 Brenham place 
Hall Samuel, turner, dwl 66 Montgomery 
HaU Samuel, laborer, U. S. B. Mint 
HaU S. M. bds Plaza Hotel 

HaU Thomas, 38 First i 

Hall T. Jefl'erson, dwl SW cor Union and Lea- 
Hall Wmslow, at Chace's Mills, dwl S s Bush bet 

Montgomery and Sansome 
HaU ( W. D.L.)& Jellings ( Wm.) hay and grain, 

45 Battery 
Hall Warren F. Pioneer Stage Stables, Market nr 

Third, office 161 Kearny, dwl cor Third and 

Sherwood place 
Halla George, (Vavis & K) bds WUliam TeU 

House, Bush 
HALLECK(fl^nn/Tr.) PEACHY (Archibald C.) 

& BILLINGS (Fredtrick), attorneys at law, 

63 Montgomery Blk, dwl SW cor Folsom and 

Hallett WUliam P. attorney at law, 11 9 Sansome 
HALLOCK (JohnY.) k CO. (H. C. Parker), imptrs 

of hardware, 99 Sansome, bds PoweU bet 

Jackson and Washington 
Hallorau WiUiam, plumber, bds Steven.son near 

First [Kearny 

HaUoweU George R. coffee and oyster saloon, 29 
HalloweU Samuel L. dwl W s Jones bet Pacific 

and Jackson 
Halmau Thomas, laborer, bds Union House 
Halpin James, porter, with Conroy & O'Connor, 

bds Union House 
HALSET CHARLES, attorney at law, office NE 

cor Commercial and Montgomery, dwl SW 

cor Hyde and Greenwich 
Halsey Cornelius, Contra Costa Market, 104 Davis 
Halsey W. F. {Edwards, Fordham & Co.) 138 

Halsey, WiUiam R. contractor, bds 230 Stockton 
Halstead WiUiam, laborer, dwl Washington nr 

Stockton J 

Ham Edward A. printer, office California Fanner i 
Ham Horace, com merchant, dwl N s Clay near 

Ham Isaiah H. commission, grain, etc. 35 Clay, 

dwl N s Tehama, bet First and Second 
Ham J. H. salesman, with Frank Baker, dwl SB 

cor Clay and Taylor 
Haman John, ship-smith, bds Post bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
HAMBLY THOa C. attorney at law, office NB j 

cor Cora'l & Mont'y, bds Hotel International ' 
HAMBURGER BROTHERS, ( A. & B.) impor- 
ters of fancy and staple dry goods, 93 Cal 
Hamburger B. {Hamburger Bro's.) dwl 9 Minn:' 
Hamburgh Adam, upholsterer, with Jonas i':. 

Clark & Co. 
Hamersley George W. clerk. Custom House, dwl 

86 Kearny 
Hamile Eugene, waiter, dwl Virginia block 
HamUl William, principal Union St. School, dwl 

Pacific near Tan Ness avenue 



HamUton Albert, book & job printer, 130 Wash'n, 

liwl 19 Spring 
Uamilton Charles, boarding, 92 Pacific 
1 lamillon Charles F. daguerreian artist, cor Clay 

and Kearny, dwl Fremont near Folsom 
1 lamilton Isaac, (col'd) white-washer, dwl 280 

Hamilton James, porter, with Joseph Genella 
Hamilton John, (col'd) restaurant, NW cor Kear- 
ny &, Jack, dwl Jack bet Kearny & Dupont 
Hamilton Joseph, harness-maker, 82 Battery, dwl 

Stevenson near Ecker 
Hamilton M. Mrs. dwl Minna near Third 
Hamilton Orrin, vinegar man^ dwl N W cor Green 

and Mason 
Hamilton Robert, plasterer, dwl Minna bet Fifth 

and Simmons 
namilton Samuel, clerk, 129 California 
! lamilton Wm. B. comedian, dwl N s Union nr 

Hamilton W. P. rentier, office 92 Front 
llamm Joseph T. dwl Third near Brannan 
Ilamman John, porter, with R. E. Brewster 
ilamraell Francis J. dwl Third near Howard 
1 lamraell Henry, dwl NW cor Howard and Third 
Hammer Edward H. salesman, with T. H. Selby 

& Co. dwl cor Union and Kearny 
Hammer Frederick, 305 Stockton 
Hammerschmidt John, shaving saloon, Third nr 

Hammersmith Simon, trader, dwl E s Dupont nr 

Hammond Henry, teamster, Presidio road, E of 

Presidio House 
Hammond J. bds What Cheer House 
Hammond James, clerk, 146 Sac, dwl 79 Sutter 
Hammond Jessie, baker, 37 and 39 Davis 
HAMMOND JOHN, (late Eammond k Knowles) 

dealer in lumber, 23 California 
Hammond John, ship carpenter, dwl Minna cor 

Hammond Joshua, clerk, with L IL Knowles, 23 

Hammond L. clerk U. S. B. Mint, dwl 261 Stock 
Hammond Richard P. dwl cor Hsurison 4; Hamp- 
ton place 
Hammond Robert, (W.&E. Hammond) dwl 79 

Hammond William &, Robert, gents' furnishing 

goods, 146 Sacramento, dwl 79 Sutler 
Hammond William, {Uitchcock & Hammond) dwl 

42 Bush 
Hammond William, ship-joiner, SE cor Sansome 

and Bush 
Hamon Emanuel, baker, dwl W s Kearny nrPost 
Hamond J. carpenter, dwl Union bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
Hampshew William, dwl Bestole nr Montgomery 
HAMPTON ROBERT, grocer, cor Taylor & Val- 
paraiso and NW cor Clay and Mason, dwl 

Taylor bet Greenwich and Filbert 
Hanbon Felix 0. What Cheer House 
Hancock John , printer, dwl E s Kearny bet Yal- 

lejo and Green 
Hancock Samuel, dwl 6 Merchant 
Hand Charles Y. clerk, with Ellis W. Moss, bds 

180 Jackson [some 

Hand Stephen, 4 New World Mkt, bds 196 San- 

Hand W. clerk, bds SE cor Front and Clark 
Handlin Michael, lather, dwl Minna bet Third 

and Fourth 
Handly Peter, lather, dwl Jessie near Anthony 
Handy Adelaide E. dwl Mission near Second 
Handy {Luden N.) & Co. coopers, Oregon near 

Battery, dwl Bush bet Sansome and Mont'y 
Handy ilaria Mrs. dwl Bryant place 
Handy ( WUliam L.) & Newman {James), barrel 

dealers. Commercial near Front 
Haneke H. A. Miss, intermediate department, 

Powell Street School, dwl Stockton botw'n 

Green and Union 
Haney A. moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Haney Barney, waiter, 65 and 67 Merchant 
Haney Michael, waterman, dwl SW cor Larkin 

and Vallejo 
Haney William Mrs. milliner, 256 Stockton 
Haney William W. dwl 256 Stockton 
Hanford Benjamin T. police, dwl 107 Broadway 
Hangary Henry, Chelsea Laundry, Third betw'u 

Harrison and Bryant 
Hanley Nicholas, laborer, Fort Point 
Hanley Valentine, teamster, dwl iJ s Union near 

Hanlon Felix Joseph, book-keeper, What Cheer 

House, dwl Sherwood place near Third 
Hanman Edward, bds N s Jackson nr Stockton 
Hann Patrick R. ship-carpenter, Howard nr First 
Hanna John, dwl 64 Minna 
Hanna John, cement, etc. dwl N side Green bet 

Powell and Mason 
Hanna John jr. importer hops, etc. 45 Com'l, 

dwl N s Green bet Powell and Mason 
Hanna William, tailor, with Alexander Gilmore 
Hannah Harriet Mrs. (widow), dwl S s Union, 

1 door from Powell 
Hannan Wm. laborer, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Hannay Nathaniel, laborer, boards New Orleans 

Hanney Thomas, dwl N side Brannan bet Harris 

and Price 
Hannigan Patrick, carpenter, dwl Jessie near 

Hannigan William, dwl NE cor Hyde k Tallejo 
Hanrahan D. H. Justice of First District, office 

NE cor Pacific and Kearny, dwl W s Mont'y 

bet Union and Green 
Hanretty John, Philadelphia House, 96 Davis 
Hanscom I. ( Goddard & Co.) Pacific Foundry 
Hanscora John, book-keeper, SE corner Sansome 

and Bush 
Hansell William E. carpenter, dwl W a Mason 

near Broadway 
Hansen John C. {Sayhurn & H.) 5 California 
Hansen Peter, nurse, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Hanson A. G. plough maker, at Thomas Ogg 

Hanson Charles, bar-keeper, Vallejo near Davia 
Hanson Charles, (col'd) cook, dwl 6 Virginia nr 

Hanson Henry, drayman, with H. McNally 
Hanson Henry, dwl 22 U. S. Court Bdg 
Hanson Peter, dwl 18 Merchant 
Hanssmann Henry, mcht and consul of Prussia 

and Oldenburg, office 76 Jackson, dwl Turk 

bet Powell and Mason 
Hapersberger Frank, 156 and 158 Pacific 



Haplan Georgo, gardener, S of Lagoon opposite 

School House 
ITarazsthy A. (Iwl Jessie near Annie 
Il.irazslliy Charles, assayiat, Jessie near Annie 
Ilarby Horace, dwi cor Dupont and Ver Mebr 
Harby Julien, merchant, dwl 221 Sacramento 
Harden Benj. drayman, at Kdwards & Walton 
Harden Frederick, drayman, 79 and 81 Davis 
Hardie (David) & Ruteuborg (John II.) import- 
ers staple and fancy goods, 85 Sacramento, 
dwl S s Bush bet Powell and JIason 
Hardio William, blacksmith, Clark bet Davis 

and Drumm, dwl Greenwich near ilont'y 
Harding J. F. farmer, San Jose road 
HARDING (John) & LINEKIN (Ira W.) sail- 
makers, 55 I'ront, bds Front bet Pino and 
Harding Samuel 0. clerk at Frank Baker's, dwl 
Green near Dupont [89 Bush 

Hardman James, melter, U. S. Branch Mint, bds 
Hardy Benjamin, physician, bds Eassette House 
Hardy Peter, (Prager & Co.) cor East and Com'l 
Hardy William, dwl Montgomery nr Filbert 
Hare Alexander, plasterer, dwl cor Hyde k Bush 
Hare Charles, junk dealer, Rincon Point 
Hare E. C. shipwright, foot Fremont 
Hare George W. laborer, TJ. S. B. Mint 
Hare (John) & Anderson [Joseiih), nursery, KW 

cor Folsom and Sparks 
Hare Thomas, patteru-makcr, dwl S s Francisco 

bet Stockton and Dupont 
Harford John, laborer, dwl Ohio nr Broadway 

Hargitt , bds 321 Stockton 

Harmgton Owen, laborer, dwl Ohio nr Broadway 
Harjes Frederick, grocer, cor Pine and Dupont 
Harker J. W. commission merchant, 92 Front, 

dwl Harrison bet First and Fremont 
Harkin John, cigars, NE corner Sacramento and 

Front, bds Clay above Stockton 
Harkins Bernard, laborer, Jessie near Second 
Harkins Michael, 152 Pacific 
Harkness John K bds Nightingale House 
Harlan Thomas, bricklayer, bds What Cheer H 

Harlen , dwl Harlan place 

Harley David Mrs. dwl cor Howard and Harris 
Harley F. J. drayman, 170 Battery 
Harlock Robert E. bricklayer. Hunt nr Third 
Harlow Josiah C. clerk at Holcombe & Dole's, 

bds cor Taylor and Sutter 
Harlow Mark, captain, dwl cor Green and San 
Harman George, bds E s Powell nr Jackson 
Harman Michael, gardener, NW cor Stockton 

and Sutter 
Harmans Morris, crockery, 64 Kearny 
Harmer William, book-keeper, 48 Battery, bds 

Oriental Hotel 
Harmage C. J. dwl E s Sutter nr Montgomery 
Harmon A. K. P. (Knight, K & Childs), resides 

Sacramento City 
Harmon (Henry) & Dake (E. C.) clothing empo- 
rium, 145 Washington, bds SE cor Dupont 
and Washington 
HARMON (John, B.) & LABATT (Henry J.) 
counsellors at law, SW cor Commercial and 
Montgomery, dwl N s Stockton near Post 
Harmon Samuel H. (Htywood & H.) dwl Park pi 
Harms Henry, tanner. Union bet Franklin and 
Gouch, S of Laguna 

Harms John, (Timan & Co.) dwl Dupont bet 

Vallcjo and Green 
Harms John, laborer, dwl rear 323 Dupont 
Harmstead J. machinist, U. S. B. Mint 
llarnden Frederick A. bds IS Minna 
Harnden Sarah W. Mrs. dwl 15 Minna 
Harnden William H. express dept Wells, Fargo 

& Co. bds 15 Minna 
Hamet Michael, laborer. Fort Point 
Harnet Michael, dwl 14 Kearny 
Harney Wm. purser, dwl 185 California 
Haro J. & Co. Eliste Gardens, McClaren's lane 

near Folsom 
Haron John, paper-carrier, dwl Lincoln 
Harper H. E, (Loomia, U. & Stewart), dwl Sac- 
ramento City 
Harper W. cooper, bds 20 Sansome 
Harr John, dwl Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Harrier Etienne, laundry man, NW corner Mason 

and Valparaiso 
Harrington D. laborer. Fort Point 
Harrington John Rev. Pastor Mission Dolores 

Catholic Church, dwl Mission Dolores 
Harrington Peter, laborer, dwl 7 Milton place 
Harrington R. D..W'. stone-cutter. Fort Point 
Harrington W. dwl 27 Bush 
Harrington Weber, Fort Point, dwl Terba Buenri 

near Clay 
Harris Abraham, tailor. Mission near First 
Harris H. book-keeper, 171 Clay 
Harris A. R. dwl Market bet Powell and Mason 
Harris A. T. clerk, tax collector, dwl Stanley pi 
Harris Benjamin, blacksmith, bds What Cheer H 
Harris Benjamin, (col'd) gun-smith, dwl Clara bet 

Ritch and Fourth 
Harris Catharine Miss, dwl Minna near Jane 
Harris Charles, cigar-maker, 123 Bush 
Harris David, with M. Raphael, 50 Bush 
Harris David P. D. 75 Front, dwl Pine bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 
Harris David, butcher, with Lonis Pope 
Harris Edward, hair-dresser, 140 Kearny, dwl 

Montgomery near Sutter 
Harris Edward, clothing. 110 Commercial 
Harris Edwin, at W. T. Coleman & Go's, dwl lit 

Harris Edwin R. teamster, 95 Pine 
Harris Eli, painter, dwl NW cor Polk and Bdwy 
Harris Ellen Mrs. Harris House, Pine bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 
Harris George W. dentist, 132 Montgomery 
Harris Herman, captain, dwl N s Mission near 

Harris Isaac, clothing, 127 Davis 
Han-is J. dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Harris James, mason, dwl California nr Quinoy 
Harris J. Freeman, dealer in butter, cheese and 
eggs, 51 W'ashington Market, bds Harris H 
Harris J. L. salesman, 97 Front, dwl 148 Montg'y 
Harris John, mariner, N s Stevenson nr Ecker 
Harris John, (Wilson tfc K) 13G Montgomery 
Harris John W. tinsmith with 0. J. Backus & Co 
Harris Joseph, 91 Dupont 
Harris Joseph, hand-cartman, bds 110 Sac 
Harris Marx, clothing, 100 Commercial 
Harris Marx M. cloth cap manf; 169 Commercial 
Harris Max, tailor, dwl 6 Virginia 
Harris Morriss, hand-cartman, S s Jessie nr First 




The Liverpool and London Fire Insurance Co. 

O^PIT^L, S10,000,000. 

Insurance against loss by Fire in all parts of California, effected upon 


Claims will be paid by the undersigned so soon as the amount of loss is 
ascertained, without the sixty days' delay exacted by American Policies. 


ej. P. H:A.v^E]sr, 

Proctor and Advocate in Admiralty, Commissioner for Pennsylvania and Louisiana. 


lo. m BITTJSEI ETIEST, Ema Wmmhm. 



Importers aud Wholesale Dealers in 




D. HAMBURGER, New York. 
B. HAMBURGER, San Francisco. 
A. HAMBURGER, Sacramento. 









Nortli-west Comer Moiitgomery and Jackson Streets, 


Eeturns made in from twelve to twenty-four hom-s, in Coin or Bars, , 
at the option of the Depositor. 

Charges, one-quarter of one per cent., or $3 for lots under $1,200. . 







Deposits Received and GENERAL BANKING Business transacted. I 



Harris Nudolpb, slioe-maker, East nr Com'l 
Harris Samuel, furniture store, W aido First near 

Harris Samuel, importer, dwl cor Califomia and 

Selina place 
Harris Samuel B. Justice of Peace Seventh Dis- 
trict, office Bush nr Montgomery- 
Harris Simon, liquor saloon, 75 Commercial, dwl 
California above Dupont [erland 

Harris Sidney H. frame-maker with J. W. Suth- 
Harris Thomas, steward, dwl W s Mason nr Jack 
Harris Timothy, machinist, 53 Halleck, dwl 226 

Harris Wright, sign painter, 59 Wasliington, dwl 

Howard near Third , 
Harrison Charles, pilot, dwl S a Francisco bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
HARRISON {G. K) & GO. (Mrs. James Shep- 
pard), proprietors of " Willows," San Jose 
road S of Nightingale 
Harrison Geo. L. 103 Montgomery block 
Harrison I. Mrs. dry goods, 183 Kearny 
Harrison John, late Dep'y Sherifl", dwl Masonic 

Hall, Washington 
Harrison R. Inspector Custom-house 
Btarrison Thomas, Custom-house block No. 1 

Harrison , printer. Wide West, dwl 166 Bush 

Harrold James, (if. K Brewster & Co.) dwl N s 

Greenwich bet Stockton and Dupont 
Harrold John, (Lyon & Co.") dwl 106 Jessie 
Harron Timothy, drayman. Ft. Point, dwl Hayes 
Harrop John, dwl SE cor Folsom and Ritch 
Harrop S. boiler-maker, cor Bush and Market 
Hart Bernard, tailor, dwl S side Post bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Hart Daniel, laborer, dwl 31 Broadway 
Hart David, salesman, 87 Commercial, bds Hel- 
vetia Bazaar 
Hart Hugh, carman, dwl O'FarroU near Jones 
Hart Jesse, bricklayer, dwl cor Bush and Mont'y 
HART JESSE B. atty at law, 101 Merch, dwl 

N s Union bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Hart John, contractor, office Jackson bet Drum 

and David 
Hart John, blacksmith, 105 Keamy, dwl Morris 

near Pine 
Hart John J. salesman, with Ashim & Brother 
Hart Lewis, dwl Howard near Third 
Hart Michael, wood & coal, E s Powell bet Jack- 
son and Pacific, dwl Bryant place 
Hart Moses, porter, 62 Front, bds Sacramento bet 

Dupont and Pike 
Hart Patrick, store-keeper, dwl Purdy place 
Hart Richard, waiter. Oriental Hotel 
HART ( William) &, STEVENSON {Jonathan D.) 
attys at law and claim agents, office SW cor 
Mont'y and Merch, dwl Sans Souci road near 
Mission Dolores 
Hart William, laborer, dwl W side Cushman bet 

Sacramento and California 
Hart William J. miU-wright, bds 20 Sansome 
Hartgen Ernest, tailor, Second near Jessio 
Hartly William, brick-layer, bds 89 Bush 
Hartman Henry, dwl SE cor Lombard & Hartman 

HARTMAN ISAAC, atty at law, 9 Lucas, Tur- 
ner & Co.'s building, dwl 115 Townsend 
Hartmann J. hatter, 15i Kearny 

Hartman John H. 141 Washington 

Hartman Michael, waterman, bds N s Sutter bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Hartman William, grocer, SW comer Powell and 

Hartnett Michael, laborer, bds New Orleans H 
Hartnett Morris, vegetables, Jessie near Ecker 
Hartshorn Benjamin M. coal dealer, Davis near 

Broadway, bds N s Vallejo near Powell 
Hartwick John, baker, cor Clay and Wetmore pi 
Hartzele C. A. painter, with T. Robinson 120 San 
Uarveston Wm. brick-mason, dwl cor California 

and Quincy place 
Harvey Charles 0. com mcht, 116 Battery, bds 

182 California 
Harvey Charles, carpenter, Green near Stockton 
Harvey Edward C. sail-maker, 61 Jackson 
Harvey James C. paints and oils, dwl Fremont 

Harvey Michael (Curley & H.) bds Bellevue H 
Hasback Otto, Custom House broker, office U. S. 

Court block, dwl Kearny bet Post and Geary 
Haseltine (H.) & Co. (II. Uasktine, Jr.) ship 

stores, 112 & 114 Front, dwl Folsom ur Third 
Haseltine H. jr. (H. Hasldine & Co.) dwl Folsom 

near Third 
Hasenberg Madame, teacher, dwl Stock near Cal 
Hashigen (John) & Co. (Henry Cassans) grocers, 

NW comer Stockton and Broadway 
Haskell Barnabas, dwl 249 Stockton 
HASKELL (George S) & CO. (George M. Smith) 

dealers in teas, coffee, sugar, etc. 173 Wash, 

dwl S side Geary near Kearny 
Ha.skell Isaac, 143 Commercial 
Haskell John L. dwl W side Powell near Vallejo 
Haskell Leonidas, (Moore, Folger &\M.) and tallow 

factory, Lombard nr Franklin, dwl Black 

Haskell Morris, hat and cap manf, 143 Com'l 
Haskell Waldo F. machinist, dwl Market nr Stock 
Haskell W. H. machinist. Pacific Foundry 
Haskell William A. ( Chace & Co.) dwl 9 Geary 
Haskin Henry R. (Co»AKn<£; Z/) dwl Harlan pi 
Haskins Bernard, fireman, San Francisco Gas W 
Haskins J. wharfinger. Market Street Wharf, dwl 

Mission bet Second and Third 
Hass (Samuel) & Levy (Henry) clothing 61 Pa- 
cific, bds corner Front and Clarke 
Hassard Philip S. student, with C. C. Knowles, 

dwl Market near Fifth [Howard 

Ilassen William, blacksmith, dwl Hubbard near 

Hassen , jeweler, bds 275 Dupont 

Hassell A. D. Mobile Exchange, 185 Pacific 
Hassey Frank A. clerk, dwl S VV cor Jackson and 

Ilassin James, SE cor Montgomery and California 
Hasson John, porter-house, 134 Sansome 
Haste (John H.) & Kirk (Christian), coal yard, 

149 California, dwl N^8 Ellis bet Powell and 

Hastings George A. carpenter, bds 4 Central pi 
Hastings John, physician, office & dwl Oriental II. 
Hastings John F. dwl Summer nr Montgomery 
Hastings N. carpenter, bds Albion House 
HASTINGS SAMUEL A. Judge Ninth District, 

office SE cor Market & First, bds 177 Mission 
Hastings S. Clinton, attorney at law, office NW 

cor Montgomery and Merchant, res Benicia 



Hastings 'Williain, tinsmith, with Noon & Alvion 

Hastings , carpenter, bds 56 Montgomery 

Hasty William, jr. clerk Wells, Fargo & Go's Ex- 
press, dwl S s Union nr Jones 

Uaswell John C. printer, dwl S a Filbert near 

Haswell Lioner, dwl S s Filbert near Varenne 

Hatch A. D. Chroniolo offioe, dwl Sutter bet 
Hyde and Larkin 

Hatch Charles E. 80 and 82 Davis 

Hathaway Charles S. {Morgan, II. & Co.) 28 Front 

Hathaw.ay Charles W. oEBce Clay near East 

HATHAWAY EDMOND V. k CO. produce and 
commission merchants, Clay near East 

Hathaway P. laborer, Fort Point 

Hatman H. California Bakery, dwl 6 Pennsylva- 
nia avenue 

Haty William, laborer. Fort Point 

Haubert J. Philadelphia Bakery, Third bet Fol- 
som and Harrison [and Clay 

Hauck Lewis, bar-keeper, SE cor Montgomery 

Haumyer Frederick, (Iluck & Co.) 42 Webb 

Hauser ( Charles) St, Co. ( George Spanagel), boot- 
makers, 163 Washington 

Hauser David, boots and shoes, 244 Dupont, dwl 
E 3 Dupont near Green 

Haussman Hermann, (Schnell & Co.) NE corner 
Kearny and Commercial, dwl Virginia place 

Haulier Louis, syrup and liquor manufacturer, 89 

Haven C. machinist, Pacific Foundry, dwl 8 Bay 
State Row 

HAVEN {Joshua P.) & JOHNSTON ( WilUam 
S.) fire and marine insurance agency, proc- 
tor and advocate in admiralty, 106 Montgo- 
mery, dwl W s Powell bet Union & Green 

HAVEN R. S. average adjuster and insurance 
broker, 115 Battery, dwl NW cor Sacra- 
mento and Yerba Buena 

Haven W. S. purser steamer John L. Stephens, 
office Pacific Mail S. S. Co. dwl W s Stock- 
ton near Filbert 

Havens Henry T. {Dore & Havens,) dwl First bet 
Folsom and Harrison 

Havens W. S. with Dore & Havens, dwl First 
bet Folsom and Harrison 

Haverland Warren, machinist, bds St. Cliarles 

Hawes Horace, attorney at law, 161 Montgom'y 

Hawes Morrison, dwl W s Taylor bet Price and 

Hawes N. P. carrier Chronicle, dwl SE cor Broad- 
way and Montgomery 

Hawkins David D. (col'd), dwl Green nr Dupont 

Hawkins Henry, workman U. S. B. Mint 

Hawkins Homer B. {R. L. Robertson & Co.) dwl 
Simmons bet Folsom and Harrison 

Hawkins Otto, moulder, bds New Orleans House 

Hawkins William, laborer S. F. Gas Co. bds New 
Orleans House 

Hawkins William J. {Steward & K) Mount Hope 
Market, SE cor Broadway and Powell 

Hawks J. D. ( Goodwin & Co.) dwl Mission bet 
Third and Fourth 

Hawks William W. attorney at law, dwl cor Clay 
and Dupont 

Hawley Charles A. salesman with C. J. Hawley 
& Co. dwl Second near Folsom 

HAWLEY { Charlis J.) & CO. ( Wheekr Martin i 

Mipley R. Calkins,) family groceries, SK cor 

Mission and Second, dwl cor Battery and 


HAWLEY CHARLES J. family groceries, cor 

Battery and Commerce 
Hawley Christopher, bds 280 Stockton 
Hawley C. W. {Hawley & Co.) dwl Second near 

Hawley David N. {Hawley & Co.) dwl Park pi 

bet Essex and Second 
Hawley George T. {Hawley & Co.) dwl Park pi 

bet Essex and Second 
Hawley Jacob C. clerk, cor Battery & Commercial 
HAWLEY & CO. {milter K, David N. & George 
T. Hawley,) importers of hardware, SE cor 
California and Battery, residence Marysville, 
Yuba Co. 
Hawxhurst Robert, {Hawxhurst i; Son,) 39 Sac- 
ramento, dwl Second near Folsom 
Hawxhurst ( Walter) & Son {Robert Hatvxhurst), 
importers of wooden ware, etc. 39 Sacra- 
mento, dwl Second near Folsom [toma 
Hay Alfred M. speculator, 60 Front, dwl 22 Na- 
Hay Auguste, laundryman, 349 Dupont 
Hay John McH. clerk with Hill & Butler, bds 

N s Tehama near Third 
Hayden G. G. dentist, 113 Montgomery 
HAYDEN H. C. agent for Wheeler & Wilson's 
Sewing Machines, 157 Sacramento, dwelling 
Stockton near Green 
Hayden Ira, butcher, with Jas. Smith, dwl 230 

Hayden James Mrs. dwl Second bet Clementina 

and Folsom 
Hayes Cornelius, laborer. Fort Point 
Hayes Daniel, laborer, American Flour Mills, bds 

Isthmus House 
Hayes David, drayman, with R. B. French & Co. 
Hayes E. R. jeweler, dwl NE cor Washmgton 

and Dupont 
Hayes George W. ( Worikington & H.) dwelling 

Broadway near Kearny 
Hayes James, marble-cutter, 143 California, dwl 

Bush near Dupont 
Hayes James, laborer, Fort Point 
Hayes Jane Mrs. boaraing, 259 Stockton 
Hayes John, clerk, NW cor Jackson and Battery 
Hayes John, laborer, dwl E s Dupont bet Post 

and Sutter 
Hayes Michael, dwl Hayes' Valley 
Hayes Nicholas, auction and commission, 68 and 

10 Commercial 
Hayes Richard, rope maker, dwl 357 Dupont 
Hayes Robert, marble-cutter, 143 California, dwl 

Sonoma place 
HAYES S. physician, office 140 Montgomery 
Hayes Thomas, ex Co. Clerk, dwl Hayes' Valley 
Hayes Thomas R. accountant, 82 Battery, bds 

California bet Dupont and Stockton 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, dwl Rassette pi No. 3 
Hayes Wm. {Stanley & H.) dwl St. Mary's place 

near Stockton 
Hayes Z. steward, dwl 215 Montgomery 
Hayne Arthur, boards with W. B. Wood, comer 

Mission and Jane 
Hayne Arthur P. physician, dwl SW corner Cali- 
fornia and Powell 



Hayne Julia Dean Mrs. artist, dwl SW corner 

California and Powell 
Haynea {Bei^jamin) & Lawton (0.) importers of 

crockery, 128 Sansome 
Eayncs George, dwl K a Mason bet Pacific and 

Haynes John W. book-keeper, 31 California, dwl 

NW cor Mission and Fourth 
Haynes Nahum, sea captain, dwl E side Taylor 

near Sacramento 
HAYNKS THOMAS J. & CO. com mchts, 31 

Cal, dwl Howard bet Second and Third 
Hays D. commission merchant, 94 Front 
Hays Daniel, laborer, First near Tehama 
Hays George, carpenter, with Thomas "W. Clark, 

dwl Webb near Sacramento 
Hays John, blacksmith, dwl First near Tehama 
Hays John C. office Mont'y Block, res Oakland 
Hayward Luther, carpenter, dwelling Front near 

Haywood Geo. B. carrier Herald, bds 25 Bush 
Haywood Wm. (col'd) miner, dwl E side Mason 

near Broadway 
Haywood Z. B. lumber, dwl corner Kearny and 

Hazard James, produce dealer, boards Barkley 

Hazard Patrick, vegetables, dwl 14 Bay State 

Hazard P. F. professor dancing, SE cor Bush and 

Montgomery, dwl S s Market bet Fifth and 

Hazard Peter, (col'd) barber, 172 i Clay 
Hazelgrist Augustus, grocer, cor Jackson and 

Hazellon S. C. Mrs. Ist Assistant Grammar De- 
partment, Rincon School, dwelling Hampton 

place near Third 
Head Samuel, 62 Sansome 
Headley James C. brick-layer. Fort Point 
Heal Joseph \V. broom manufacturer, with C. W. 

& J. W. Armes 
Heal Leon, laborer, Chace's Mill 
Hcaley Edward, boots and shoes, dwl 166 Bush 
Healey John, tailor, dwl W s Trinity 
Hcaley Margaret J. Mrs. dress-maker,181 Wash'!! 
Heaney Bernard, baker, dwl 236 Kearny 
Heaney Edward, fireman S. F. Gas Works 
Heaney John, oyster saloon. East bet Jackson 

and Washington 
Heard Frank, {Uallier & H.) dwl 21 Leidesdorff 
Hearn John, carrier BuUetm, dwl corner Taylor 

and Lincoln 
Hearty M. laborer. Fort Point 
Heastad John C. maister. Lion Co. Brewery 
Heath G. waterman, bds SE cor Pine & Sansome 
Heath Henry, pressman, Alta California 
Heath James, groom, dwl rear Mason bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
Heath J. Mrs. midwife, dwl NW cor Dupont and 

Heath Richard W. ( Greene, H. & Allen), 56 Front 
Heatley Edward D. 157 Jackson 
Heberlin Bombard, jeweler, with Haas & Louder- 
Hecht Abram, importer of clothing, boots and 

shoes, &c. 86 Sacramento, dwl cor Battery 

and Sacramento 

HECHT ADOLPHE M. jobber millinery & fancy 

goods, 60 California, dwl Minna nr Third 
Hecker Frederick, boots and shoes, 24 Com'l 
Hecker Henry, boots and shoes, 24 Commercial 
Hedge William, machinist. Pacific Foundry 
Heo Hee & Co. Chinese merchant, 195 Sao 
Heeder August, mcht, California, dwl cor Taylor 

and Eddy 
Heeder Francis A. {Ziel, B. & Co.) dwl cor Eddy 

and Mason 
Heef James, laborer, Fort Point 
Heflley William, {Sears & H.) dwl Pino near 

Prospect place 
Hehraan Henry, {Monnich & H.) cor First and 

Clementina [Bergen 

Heidman Nicholas, drayman, with J. k A. Van 
Heigho William A. assay clerk, at Wells. Fargo 

& Co. dwl SW cor Montgomery and Cal 
Hoimburg Henry & Co. liquor saloon. East bet 

Jackson and Washington 
Hein John 0. accountant, 85 Sacramento, bds 

Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Heineberg Abraham, dwl Anthony pi nr Jessie 
Heineberg B. dwl Post nr Kearny 
Heineberg Benedict, book-keeper at 90 Cal, dwl 

Second bet Minna and Mission 
Heineberg Levi, boots and shoes, 90 California, 

dwl Anthony near Jessie 
Heinimann Miguel, physician, NE cor Mont'y 

and Jackson 
Heinolet John, proptr Union Bakery, 372 Stock 
Heinsohn Jacob, clerk, NE cor Washington and 

Heinzonberger Jacob A. carpenter, dwl S s Union 

nr Powell 
Heiser John, (Mormon & H.) SW cor Kearny and 

Heiser Michael, clothes renovator, 10 Sansome 
Heisner Frank, carpenter, St. Mark's place.near 

Heistand J. C. maltster, bds SWcor Geary & Stock 
Heisterbergh W. agent City Express, 127 Cal, 

dwl Cal bet Dupont and Stockton 
Heitmer Nicholas, drayman, dwl Grand place nr 

Heitmiller JL blacksmith, bds Golden Eagle hotel 
Heitzeberg Paul, {Ra]jj> & Co.) 120 Montgomery, 

dwl rear 1 09 Broadway 
HeizmanJohn, watchmaker and jeweler, 72 Com 
Helbing Augustus, book-keeper. Custom-house 

Block No. 3, bds 81 Sutter 
Held Louis, engineer, Pacific Flour Mills 
Helderbrandt Carsten, dish-washer, 67 Sac 
Helderbrandt Henry, clerk, SW cor Sutter and 

Heldreth (Elias) &, Fay (Burgess), dairymen, one 

mile S of Mission Church 
Helo N. L. lithographer, with Britton & Roy 
Helgoth Henry, plasterer, dwl S s Pest nr Dupont 
Helke Charles, saddle and harness maker. Third 

nr Howard 
Heller K. boarding, Pacific bet Stock & Powell 
Heller Martin, (M. Seller &, Bro.) dwl Geary nr 

Heller Moses & Bro. (^Martin Heller), dry and 

fancy goods, 83 California 
HoUiman Nathaniel, blacksmith, East bet Jack- 
son and Pacific 



Hellinghaus Frederick, 72 Commercial 
llellmann E. (HeUmann Brothers & Co.) 124 Cali- 
fornia, dwl Ellis nr Stockton 
HeUmann Max, with J. Seligraan& Co. bds Green 

bet Stockton and Powell 
HeUmann Brothers, (Richard^ Adolphus and E.) 
& Co. com merchants, 124 California, dwl 
O'Farrell bet Dupont and Stockton 
Helmering Clement A. grocer, SW cor Powell 

and Vallejo 
Helmke Gustave, {Jcmssen & JI.) NW corBatt'y 

and Bush 
Helmken J. S. hardware dealer, Koaruy, dwl 

Pine S 3 nr Powell 
Helmken Theodore, (Lakeman & II.) hardware, 

127 Kearny, dwl Pino nr Powell 
Helwig A. musician, dwl W s Trinity 
Heraau Dennis, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Hemmenway Sylvester, dwl l?irst nr Folsom 
Hempliill T. S. clerk, cor Sacramento and San 
Hemprioh Louis, hair-dre.sser, 149 Kearny 
HKIUPSTEAD CHARLES H. Superintendent U. 
S. Branch Mint, ofBce Commercial nr Mont- 
gomery, dwl SW cor Jackson and Powell 
HEMPSTEAD DAVID B. Notary Public, 91 
Merchant, dwl SW cor Jackson and PoweU 
Henaburg Michael, laborer, dwl Jessie nr Jane 
Henarie Daniel V. B. clerk with P. Christal & 

Co. bds Montgomery near Broadway 
Henarie Steward K. printer, dwl E s Mont'y nr 

Hencken (Henry) &, Co. (^Thomas Holmes), -gro- 
cers, SB cor Stockton and Sutter 
Hencken Carston, grocers, cor Folsom & Simmons 
Honcken WiUiam H. grocer, cor Third and Perry 
Hendel John, dwl Filbert bet Mont'y and San 
Henderson Benjamin, saloon, S s Pac nr Mont'y 
HENDERSON FRANK, importer and jobber 
foreign and domestic dry goods, 61 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 160 Sacramento 
Henderson Jane Mrs. widow, dwl N s Union bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Henderson John, {Roland Buck & Co.) dwl An- 
thony place near Jessie 
Henderson M. bds What Cheer house 
Henderson Samuel, (Henderson & Bros.) 158 Sac 
Henderson & Bros. (Thomas H. and Samuel), 

dry goods, 158 Sacramento 
Henderson Richard, paper-hanger, with Wm. M. 

Hixon, dwl 162 Clay 
Henderson ( Walter 0.) & Brown (Richard), Co- 
chituate Baths, 57 Sansome, dwl S s Bnsh 
near Stockton 
Henderson William, butcher with Geo. W. Green, 

bds N s Mission near Fifth 
Hendley Aaaron C. (D. D. Shattvdc & Co.) dwl 

Prospect place near Clay 
Hendren J. R. weigher at sugar refinery 
Hendrick Charles, goldsmith, SE cor Clay and 
Montgomery, dwl Washington bet Stockton 
and Powell 
Hendrick William, waterman, bds Columbia house 
Hendrick William, boarding, Jackson nr Davis 
Hendricks F. M. Mrs. lancy goods, 56 Mont'y 
Hendrickson Benjamin A. (John Enders & Co) 

dwl 88 Kearny 
Hendrickson Henry W. cigar store, 80 Com'l, 
dwl 168 Bush 

Hendrickson S. 80 Commercial [hotel 

Hendrio John W. (Ijockwood i, K) bds Plaza 
Hendry William W. blacksmith, dwl Natoma 

near Jane 
Hendy James, drayman, 115 Clay, dwl S s Lom- 
bard bet Powell and Stockton 
Henken John, clerk, SE cor Green and Powell 
Henken Martin, grocer, cor Harrison and Beale 
Henley Aaron C. dwl Prospect place 
Henley George W. clerk, Custom-house, dwl 155 

Henley Thomas J. Superintendent Indian Affairs 

for California, office and dwl 155 Dupont 
Hennecart Hypolite, artist, bds cor Dupont and 


and 161 Front 
Hennely Thomas, bricklayer. Fort Point 
Hennesey Honora, Mrs. widow, dwl Midway 
Heuning Otto, cooper. Pacific Oil Works 
Henny Louis, steward. Pacific near Powell 
Henrickson William, butcher, dwl Pacific bet 

Larkin and Polk 
Henright Daniel, laborer, dwl St. Charles 
Henry Alexander, (Jacob Cohen & Co.) 82 Sac- 
ramento, bds 14 Sansome 
Henry Ann, (col'd) dwl Monroe bet Pine & Bush 
Henry Augustus K. Commercial Office 127 San 
Henry Brice M. clerk U. S. Surveyor General, 

dwl Union bet Dupont and Stockton 
Henry B. T. book-keeper with Sweetser, Hutch- 

ings c& Co. 115 Battery 
Henry C, S. F. Minstrel, Maguire's Opera-house 
Henry H. A. Rev. bds 14 Sansome 
Henry Isaac, fruit, NW cor Union and Powell' 
Henry James, drayman, 3 Washington 
Henry Joel book-keeper, bds 280 Stockton 
Henry Louis, printer, bds 255 Pacific 
Henry (Paul) & Deschamps (Alexander), black- 
smiths, Commercial nr Dupont, bds 40 First 
Henry Rebecca Mrs. furniture, 236 Powell 
Henry Robert, plasterer, dwl Sonoma place 
Henry Samuel, furniture, 236 Pacific 
Henry William, book-keeper, 89 Front, dwl 28 

Prospect place 
Henry Miss, clothing, 185 Kearny 
HENSCHEL (H. L.) & MAURICE (Edward), 

Custom-house brokers, office U. S. Court 

block, bds North Bay hotel 
Hensing Otto, cigars, 60 Kearny 
Henson George, shoe-maker, dwl N side Pacific 

near Powell 
Hensley Samuel J. office Cal. Steam Nav. Co. 

NE cor Front and Jackson, res San Jose 
HENTSCH HENRY, banking and assay office, 

NW cor Montgomery and Jackson, dwl SW 

cor Dupont and Pine 
Henze Ernest, solicitor, California Democrat, 120 

Hepburn H. P. (Saunders & H.) dwl S s Sutter 

near Powell 
Hepnir Henry, sewing machines, Leidesdorffnr 

Herbert John Q. inspector. Custom-house, dwl 

Montgomery bet Greenwich and Lombard 
Herbert Richard B. clerk. Pacific bet Mason and 

Herbert , scavenger, dwl 234 Sacramento 



Horgot John, gun and lock-amith, N 8ide Pacific 

bet Front and Davis 
Heringer Joliii 0. jeweler, dwl 79 Dupont 
\ Herin(;lii lienj. importer of jewelry and watch- 
I maker's materials, 5 (jUstom-house Block 

1 Ilerls L. varnislicr, dwl S s Tost near Dupont 

Uerniaii Cigardo, cigar-dealer, dwl O'Farrell nr 
I Stockton 

1 Herman David B. botanic physician, dwelling 
I 273 Dupont 

I Herman George, billiard and liquor saloon, 1G3 
; Commercial 

Hermann Lucien, dwl NW corner Stockton and 

Hermann ,Iohn, laundryman, rear SI Bush 
HEKMANN SAMUKL, Notary Public, SW cor 

ilontgomery and Merchant, dwl W s Powell 

bet Washington and Jackson 
Hermann AVilliam, with Pioche & Bayerque, dwl 

Powell near Washington 
Hermaudez M. cigar manufacturer, 123 Bush 
Hermantz Smith, cor Broadway and Dnpont 
Heron John, book-keeper, Alta California 
Herrara F. teacher. Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Herre W. F. carrier, Alta California 
Herrera Francisco, Consul New Grenada, dwl 

cor Second and Bryant 
Herrick Augustus, bds K s Belden 
Herrick Hazard P. dairyman, dwl corner Polk 

and Clay 
Herrick Nelson R. machinist, "Water Works, 

Market near Ecker, dwl N side Second near 

Herrick Wni. F. designer and engraver on wood, 

mi Wasli'n, dwl N s Riley above Taylor 
Herrick Wni, boat-builder, Clark bet Davis and 

Drumm, bds S15 cor Front and Clark 
Hcrrigan Andrew, laborer, dwl 365 Powell 
Herringer John C. jeweler, dwl Uupont between 

Bush and Sutler 
Herrington U. P. groom, 182 Commercial, bds 

What Clieer House 
Herrington Margaret Mrs. dwl corner Bush and 

Mary lane 
Horris Max, dwl Clara near Sutter 
Herris Simon, cartman, dwl rear Mary lane 
Herrmann John, upholsterer, dwelling Pine near 

Herrmann Michael, physician, office cor Mont'y 

and Jackson, dwl rear 32 Montgomery 
Herrmann (Siegmond) & Co. importers and com- 
mission raercliants, 106 Clay, dwl E side 

Stockton bet Sutter and Post 
Herrmans M. watch-nniker, 130 Montgomery 
Herrold James, dwl Greenwich bet Dupont and 

Herrold Rudolph, professor of music, dwelling 

lOa Merchant 
Hersee George, (liriggs it K) Stewart bet Mar- 
ket and Mission 
Hcrtel Rudolph, clothing. East near Clay, dwl 

Ga (Jalifornia 
Herting Conrad, tailor, dwl S s Post nr Dupont 
Herting Krnest A. clerk, 178 Washington 
Herting Wetheba, widow, dwl N s Chesnut nr 

Hertle George F. A. hair-dresser. Clay St Wharf 
Hertmann Eugene, furniture, 231 Pacific ' 


Hertz Alexander, clerk with Hermann Hertz 
Hertz Henry, musician, dwl 2 Brandon place 
Hertz Hermann, butcher, cor Stevenson & Ecker 
Hertz Moritz, teamster, dwl Rassette place No. 2 
Hertzfelder Hermann, drayman, bds New Eng- 
land house 
Herwig William, music teacher, S. F. Female In- 

stitue, dwl 117 Bush 
Herzberg Julius, merchandise broker, Ss Green- 
wich bet Mason and Taylor 
Herzberg Martin, dry goods, dwl SW cor Dupont 

and Broadway 
Herzer Hermann, City Brewery, cor Kearny and 

St. Mark's place 
Herzer Steven, bar-keeper, cor East and Sao 
Hcrzog Herman, drayman, at L. E. Wcrtheimer's, 

bds cor Stockton and Post 
Hesketh Joseph, blacksmith, dwl Filbert bet 

Montgomery and Sansome 
HESLEP AUGUSTUS M. atty at law, and edi- 
tor Plaindealer, ofiico SW cor Mont'y and 
Merchant, dwl Jones bet Pino and California 
Hosier ( Willinni) &Co. {Ohristian Schaud), Amer- 

icau bakery, 249 Pacific 
He Son, Chinese laundryman, cor Front and Pao 
Hess Andrew J. {Streets II.) 6 Brenham place 
Hess C, wholesale clothier, 82 Sac cor Battery 
Hess Carl, foundryman, dwl Sutter near Mont'y 
Hess Charles, (T. Wetzel & Co.) First opp Cle- 
Hess Charles, waiter, 1G3 Clay 
Hess Eber, proptr T. H. Perkins' Intelligence 

office 87 Commercial ^. 

Hess Frederick, proprietor California Democrat, 
120 Montgomery, dwl cor Green & Dupont 
Hess George, cooper, dwl G Brenham place 
Hess Jackson, carpenter, dwl W s Stevenson nr 

Hess John R. stone-cutter. Fort Point 
Hess Joseph, drayman, P. M. S. Co. dwl Second 
near Stevenson [Stockton 

Hess Levi, (S. L. Jacobs &, Co.) dwl cor Post and 
Hesse E. Mrs., NE cor Washington and Dupont 
Hesse J. II. police, City-hall [ton & Dupont 

Hessecnaeur John N. brewer, Vallejo bet Stock- 
Hesson W. blacksmith, Pacific foundry 
Heston, J. F. carpenter. Market St ilills, dwl N 

side Bernard above Taylor 
Heuck Herman, cigars, G8 Kearny 
Ileuer Philip, (Reines <fe Co.) NW corGreenwioh 

and Yansen 
Houston 0. bds IGl Commercial 
Ileustis Charles H. engraver, 175 Montgomery, 

dwl Washington near Stockton 
Heverin Michael, stone-cutter, dwl Bay nr Kearny 
Hewes David, contractor and builder, dwl N side 

Stevenson bet Third and Fourth 
Hewig Robert, clerk, N E cor Commorcial and 

Battery, dwl cor Pine and Central place 
Hewitt Charles H. first officer J. L. Stephens, dwl 

W side Kearny bel Green and Union 
Hewlet John C. merchant, bds SW cor Jackson 

and Stockton 
Hewston John, jr. with Kellogg k Humbert 
Hoydenfeldt Elcan, attorney at law,^bd3 Califor- 
nia near Sansome 
Heydenfeldt Solomon, (Shafters, Park & K) room 
112 Montgomery block, bds 186 California 



ncyor {Albert) & Wilbern (Henry) grocers, NW 

cor Dupont nml Bush 
Ileyer , paper-carrier, bda NE cor Stockton 

and Cbesnut 
rieyfron Matlliew, laborer, dwl Perry nr Third 
][eyl A\'illiam S. dwl 130 Siicrameuto 
lleyiicmaDn (Leonard), Tick (Morris)&, Co. im- 
porters dry gooda, 83 Sacramento 
Heyncmann Martin, book-keopor, 83 Sacramento, 

dwl Bush bet Powell and Maaon 
Hoy wood Calvin, dwl Green bet Stock & Dupont 
Ileywood Franklin, with Ileywood & Ilaruion, 

bds S\V cor Kearny and Hinckley 
Heywood (2. B.) & Harmon (Scunuel Zf.) dealers 

in lumber, N s Cal nr Druram, & Pier 4 Stew- 
art St, dwl SW cor Kearny & Uiuckley 
Hiarson James, stationery, dwl 3 Bay Stale Row 
Uibbin Thomas N. (Xuisy Carriers' Book Co.) 

dwl 122 Commercial Second 

nickey Andrew, laborer, Howard bet First and 
Hickey Edward, clerk, CI Jackson 
Hickey James, wines and liquors, 01 Jackson, 

dwl Everett bet Third and Fourth 
Hickey John P. druggist, 323 Dupont 
Hickey J. F. brick-layer. Fort Point 
Hickey Patrick, dwelling Mission nr Jane 
Hickox George C. cashier, express dep't Wells, 

Fargo & Co. dwl Ellis bet Powell and Stock 
Hicks George D. machinist. Pacific Foundry 
Hicks Richard, fancy dry goods, 145 Mission 
Hidalgo Bitoriana, restaurant, S s Pacific near 

Hiddleston James, carpenter, dwl Green near 

Hider Cliavles, dwl NW cor Dupont & Harlan pi 
Hider Christian, baker, 234 Jackson 
Hiestand John C. maltster, dwl Prospect pi near 

Higbee George, clerk. 86 and 88 Clay 
Highberger L. B. (SecUler &, E.) \\2 Kearny 
Higgans James J. B. clerk, with H. S. Love, bds 

321 Powell 
Higgenbotham J. C. -watchman. Custom-house, 

bds What Cheer House 

Higgenbotham, , porter, 18 Battery 

Higgins David W. (Ayers & Co.) 138 Montgo'y, 

dwl 114 Sacramento 
Higgins Elisha, wood and coal. East nr Jackson, 

dwl S s Greenwich bet Stock and Dupont 
HIGGIXS GEORGE E. gold pen manufa'r, 148 

Montgomery, bds 270 Clay 
Higgins James S. soa captain, dwl Greenwich 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Higgins John, grocer, cor Sutter and Clara, dwl 

N s Pacific nr Powell 
Higgins John, laborer, dwl SE corner Pine and 

Higgins John Mrs. Morning Star house, San Jos6 

Higgins Mark, bds E s Powell bet Jack & Pacific 
Higgins Michael, mattress-maker, with Jonas G. 

Clark & Co 
Higgins Patrick, boarding. Chambers bet Front 

and Battery 
Higgins Patrick, dairyman, one mile S of Mission 

Higgins Ralph, miller, bds with Mrs. Walsh, 

Jessie nr First 

Higgins R. M. clerk, stm Antelope, office Cal'a 

S. N. Co. NE cor Jackson and Front 
Higgins Solomon, teamster, dwl cor Front and 

Higgins William, dwl Lick's alley nr First 
Higgins William, dwl S 8 John bet Powell and 

Higgins William, miner, dwl Auburn nr Pacific 
HIGGINS WILLIAM L. notary public. Herald 

office, dwl John nr Powell 
Higgins Wilson, sea captain, dwl Ritcli nr Fol'ra 
Uiggs Henry, drayman, with Alexander Coffin, 

dwl cor Turk and Leavenworth 
Highton Henry C. reporter, dwl 185 California 
Hilburn Charles B. porter, with Swain & Co. dwl 

118 Jackson 
Hildebrandt Martin, grocer, SW cor Brannan and 

Hildebrandt Martin, clerk, NE cor California 

and Kearny 
Hilderbrandt Conrad, cooper, at Sugar Refinery 
Hilderbrandt John, pedler, dwl Polk lane 

Hilderbrandt , musician, dwl N s Francisco 

nr Stockton 
Hildreth John D. (S. Z HUdreOi & Co.) 104 

Hildreth Luther S. (S. T. Hildreth & Co.) 104 

Hildreth Richard, bar-keeper, H't'l International 
Hildreth S. T. & Co. (Luther S. and John D. 

Hildreth), Contra Costa Market, 104 Davis 
Hilkiu John, bowling-alley, 376 Powell 
Hii; A. E. painter, bds 6 Belden's block 
Hill Albert A. book-keeper, at R. D. W. Davis' 

dwl 114 Sacramento 
Hill Anthony D. bds 42 First 
Hill Benjamin, shipwright, cor Sec'd & Townscnd 
Hill Ford, tin plate worker, 92 Clay 
Hill (J. Bryant) &. Bnller (Joseph), dealers in but- 
ter, cheese, etc. 48 Washington Market, dwl 
N s Sacramento abv Taylor 
Hill John, Police Captain, dwl Card's alley 
Hill John, machinist. Pacific Foundry, dwl cor 

Second and Minna 
Hill John B. Rev. Seaman's Bethel, dwl Clem'a 

nr Second 
Hill Joseph J. broker, 58 and 61 Clay dwl Stev- 
enson nr Third 
Hill Michael, brewer, Washington Brewery 
Hill Michael, N. 0. Bakery, 53 Kearny 
Hill Michael, laborer, dwl 1 Brandon place 
Hill Richmond, baker, 37 and 39 Davis 
Hill Samuel, steward, Bank Exchange 
Hill William, book-keeper, dwl E s Dupont bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Hill Wooster & Co. (Sacramento merch's,) office 

NW cor Front and Clay 
Hill W. C. 105 Front 
Hiller John R. blacksmith, 33 Webb, dwelUng 

77 Dupont 
Hiller M. bds What Cheer House 
Hiller N. sea captain, office cor Mkt and East 
Hilliard Benjamin F. Assistant Appraiser Custom- 
HiUiard James, property-man, Maguire's Opera- 
Hillman Henry, groceries and liquors, cor Second 
and Tehama 







mm^ a mjmm wm 

We have been engaged in our present business since May, 1854, and bave 
recently erected a NEW STEAM illLL, with greatly increased frcilities, 
which enables us to fulfil all orders in our line at the shortest notice. 

J. F' . H ^A- L L 5 

DE» rt E3 3Vt I TJ IVI 







mm^j) mmm^i 



§im mjimmm^u 

eg" Articles delivered free of charge. C^ Farmers will be paid the highest price for choice fresh 
BUTTER and EGGS, on delivery. 





r* -A. IS/L I IL. TE' 

The attention of the Ladies of California is respectfully invited to the 
new and beautiful SEWING MACHINE of WHEELER & WILSON, 
now for the first time introduced into this State. The decided superiority 
of this Machine over any other, is acknowledged by numerous heads of 
Families in this City, who have already tested their merits ; recommenda- 
tions from whom may be seen at the Office of the undersigned, where 
specimens will be found in operation. 

H. C. HATDEM, Agent, 

157 SACRAMENTO STREET, between Kearny and Montgomery, 


MB' ^ 

All Notary Business, and Claims for Extra Pay and Land Warrants, 
promptly attended to. 

GEonaE E. Hiaaii^s, 




1 -43 Montgomery Street, between Clay and Merchant, 1-48 

^^si.&^s' £gaiB.^^^ssr(;^a^(;^(S>» 



Hillmore Andrew, clerk, SW cor Bush & Ecarny 
Hills F. F. tinsmith, dwl Clara near Bush 
Hillsee Joseph, mason, dwl Second nr Tehama 
Hillyer Richard, mariner, dwl cor Stewart and 

Hillyer Munson C. (E. T. Pease & Co.) dwl 33 

Hilsen Joseph, bricklayer, Fort Point 
Hilton K. G. printer, dwl W s Powell bet Bush 

and Pine 
Hilton Joseph, book-keeper with S. P. Goodale, 

dwl Bachelors' Hall 
Hi'ton R. ship-carpeuter, dwl Sec'd nr Stevenson 
Himmelmau Andrew, broker, 177 Washington, 

dwl cor Bush and Powell 
Hinckley A. blacksmith, bds 25 Bush 
Hinckley, Charles E. {Little & Co.) bds 190 Cali- 
Hinckley {D. B.) 'Worth ( TTm. E.) & Field 

( Win. A.) proprietors Fulton Foundry, Da- 
vis bet California and Sacramento, dwl Fol- 

som nr First 
Hinckley George E. druggist and apothecary, N 

8 Mission nr Third, bds Rincon House 
Hinckley Luther M. carriago-maker, bds 80 Bush 
Hinckley William C. sea-captain, dwl 1 Milton pi 
Hineman Edward, bds N s Jackson nr Stockton 
Hinkle Charles, carpenter, Clara near Sutter 
Hinklo P. lumber, pier 6 Stewart 
Hinman M. E. M. Mrs. teacher Rincon School 
Hinson John, tailor, 41 Sansome 
Hinton William M. {RLipp & Co.) 120 Montgo- 
mery, dwl S a Union near Powell 
Hip Wo & Co. Chinese merchants, 199 Saoram'to 
Hirleman Philip, cor Stewart aud Mission 
Hirnan Jacob, butcher, dwl cor Folson & Third 
Uirsch Adolph, (BlumenthiM & II.) 152 Kearny, 

bds SW cor Mont'y and California 
Hirsoh Bernard, salesman, 89 and 91 California, 

dwl Union bet Stockton and Powell 
Hirshfeld E. (/. Frank & Co.) 88 Clay 
Hirstol Edward, merchant, dwl 177 Dupont 
Hisson Michael, laborer, Howard bet First and 

Hitchcock Andrew H. attorney at law, 140 Clay 
Hitchcock {Charles M.) & Hammond {Wdlmri'Cj, 

physicians, office 42 Bush 
Hitchcock George B. stationer, Sansome bet Clay 

and Commercial, dwl Powell bet Clay and 

Hitchings Edw. drayman, with W. Newell & Co. 
Hitchings Edward W. upholsterer, dwl N s Pine 

near Kearny 
Hittell John S. law reporter, Alta California, 

dwl S 8 Sacramento above Dupont 
Hittell Theodore H. law reporter, Bulletin, dwl 

Sacramento, W of Dupont 
Hixon Albert, coachman, bds N side Broadway 

near Stockton 
HixoD Henry, dwl NE cor Pacific and Larkin 
Hixon Wm. M. upholstery and paper-hangings, 

162 Clay, dwl Sansome near Bush 
Hoadley Milo, surveyor, dwl Bush near Lone 

Mountain Cemetery 
Hoag Elisha T. drayman, Clementina nr Second 
Hoag Horace, house and sign painter, 42 First 
HOAG J. W. & CO. (John Bamber), Contra Costa 

Express, Davis bet A''allejo and Broadway 

Hoag Jonathan, drayman, with Gordon, Brooks 

& Root, dwl IGl Mission 
Hoag Tliomas, dwl 10 St. Mary's place 
Hoar Ernst, grocer, dwl Washington, rear bet 

Mason aud Taylor 
■Hobart {B.) & Boyle {Andreiv A.) importers boots 
and shoe.?, 6 California Block, bda American 
Hobbie {Ross) & Patterson {Arthur), liquor sa- 
loon, 173 Washington, dwl N side Pike near 
HOBBS {Caleb), GILMORE {George W.) & CO. 
(S. D. Gihnon-), San Francisco Saw Mills, 
Market bet Main and Fremont, dwl Jessie 
bet First and Second 
HoVjbs Charles, stereotyper, 159 Jacskon, dwl cor 

California and St. Mary's place 
Hobby Ross, book-keeper with R. A. Swain & 

Co. 26 Front 
Hobe {George I.) &, Weihe (August), cigars and 
tobacco, 91 Montgomery, and NE cor Wash, 
and Dupont, bds SW cor Mason and Pacific 
Hobson Abraham, shoe-maker, Kearny nr Sac- 
ramento, dwl S 8 John nr Mason 
Hochstadter Elias, (of Marysville), office 90 Sac 
HOCHKOFLER RUDOLPH, acting Consul for 
Chili, office NW cor Front and Commercial, 
dwl S s Union near Stockton 
Hockwholter Henry, cook, saloon 168 Clay 
Hodes Augusta Mrs. dwl cor Sutter and Rassette 

place No. 1 
Hodes A. cigars, Commercial near Davis 
Hodes Clemens, dwl Russ alley ^ 

Hodes Henry, laborer, Fort Point 
Hodes John, cigars, Commercial near Davis 
Hodgdon Eliza A. Mrs. Sansome Street House, 

cor Sansome and California 
Hodgdon John B. hay and grain. Pier S Stewart, 

dwl Larkin bet Sacramento and California 
Hodge Chas, druggist, 134 Kearny, dwl 218 Cal 
HODGE (John G.) & WOOD {Frank S.) im- 
porters books, stationery, etc. etc. 116 Clay 
Hodge John M. drayman, 141 Mission 
Hodgekins D. S. speculator, bds SE cor Pine and 

Hodgekins Wdliam, barkeeper, Rassette House 
Hodges E. H. (Manchester & fi) dwl W s Du- 
pont near Greenwich 
Hodges John, dwl Hodge's place 
Hodgkin Pillsbury, Stockton Messenger, "Wells, 

Fargo & Co's Express 
Hodg^n B. S. (Moore, Fvlger & Co.) Davis nr Cal 
Hoeberlin Jacob, dwl NW cor Union and Powell 
Hoeg George C. sea captain, dwl Steve'n nr Third 
Hoelscher(.l!(yi(S<), Wieland (John) k Co. (Henry 
Myers), propts Philadelphia Brewery, Second 
near Folsora [and Stockton 

Hoepke A. physician, office and dwl NE cor Clay 
Hoerschner Christian, baker, saloon, 168 Clay 
Hoernster George, tailor, bds 348 Stockton 
HOESCH (llmrij) & CO. coffee saloon, 168 Clay 
Hofen L. laborer. Fort Point 
Hoff John G. cook, NW cor Kearny and Bdwy 
Hoff John, mariner, dwl junction Market and Cal 
Hoft' W. packer. Pacific Flour Mills 
Holl' Wm. C. dwl Centre first house N of Mission 
Hofllin Isaac, importers boots and shoes, 81i Sac- 
ramento, bds New York hotel 




Hofliin Meyer A Co. (Simon Wineschank), dry 

and fancy goods, 305 Stockton 
noll'man Abraham, clerk, 250 StocktOD, dwi 

Union bet Kearny nud Diipont 
Jlofl'man Charloa, waiter, New York hotel 
UOFFMAN II. F. W. publisher, California 

Chronicle office,99 Merchant, dwl EsEverett 

bet Third and Fourth 
Ilofl'man John C. at Dietz i Co. 'a distillery, dwl 

NE cor First and Clementina 
Hoffman John D. draftsman, TJ. S. Sur. Gen. dwi 

Stevon.son bet Third and Fourth 
HOFFMAN OGDEN, Judge U. S. District Court, 

office U. S. Court Bdg 
Hoffman Victor, architect, 94 Montgomery 
Hoffman William, dwl 22 Lucas, Turner &, Co.'s 

Hoffmann 13althasar, dwl Green nr Stockton 
Hoffmann Christian, carpenter, dwl Post bet 

Koarny and Dupont 
Hoffmire William, copper-smith, 80 Jackson, 

dwl 13 Auburn near Pacific 
Hogan Eugene, laborer, dwl Union nr Leaven- 
Hogan George, drayman, dwl W s Mason bet and Sutter 
Hogan John, laborer, Jessie cor Annie 
Hogan Michael, dwl Priest bet Washington and 

Hogan Michael, laborer, Fort Point 
Hogan Michael, laborer, dwl 24 Davis 
Hogan M. laborer, Vulcan Iron Works 
Hogan Thomas, (col'd) cook, dwl 6 Virginia nr 

Hogan William H. engineer, J. L. Stephens, dwl 

S 3 Vallejo near Powell 
Hogan Mrs. Empire hotel, 48 Oregon 
Hogan 0. Mrs. groceries and provisions, 137 

Washington, dwl N 3 Washington nr Taylor 
HOGE {Joseph P.) & WILSON (Samud M.) at- 
torneys at law, 4 and 5 Montgomery Block, 

dwl 281 Stockton 
Hogg Augustus, druggist, dwl Jackson bet 

Drumm and Davis 
Hogg Samuel P. bds E s Mason nr Green 
HOIT G. H. physician, office 26S Dupont 
Hoit H. clerk, 110 Wasliington, dwl 125 Wash 
Holahan James, laborer, dwl Broadway near 

Franklin pi 
Holbrook Charles H. (Duncan & K) 242 Pacific, 

dwl Virginia Block 
HOLCOMBE (SamutlE.) & DOLE (John S.) 9S 

and 100 Commercial and SW cor Clay and 

Kearny, bds Hotel International 
Holdbeehe William, blacksmith, 104 Kearny, 

dwl 33 Trinity 
Holden Edward, machinist, G Kearny 
Holderness Samuel M. broker, office 112 Battery, 

dwl W s Montgomery nr Vallejo 
Holden James B. clerk, store-ship, cor East and 

Washington, bds 107 Broadway 
Holden Martin, boots and shoes, 86 Montgomery, 

dwl 10 Stevenson 
Holden Wilham, laborer, dwl Brannan place 
Holitzky Mme. midwife, 129 Kearny 
Holje Henry, (Ileimburg & Co.) East bet Jaok'n 

and Washington 
Holje John B. tailor. East bet Jack and Wash'n 

Holladay (Benjamin') &, Brother (Jesse UoUailuy), 

stock dealers, SE cor Sac and LcidcsdorQ" 
Holladay Jesse, (Holladay & Brother), SE comer 

Sacramento and Leidesdorff 
HOLLADAY (Samud W.) & CARY (James C.) 

attorneys at law, 98 Merchant, bds Clemen- 
tina bet First and Second 
Holland Aaron, What Cheer House 
Holland B. E. real estate broker, 150 Mont'y 
Holland Edward M. book-keeper. 111 Batter)', 

bds 203 Stockton 
Holland Henry, drayman, dwl Filbert lane 
Holland James, porter, at bonded warehouse, 18 

Holland John, mariner, bds Manhattan House 
Holl.ind John, bds Seaman's Home 
Holland John T. carpenter, dwl N s Francisco nr 

Holland Joseph, saloon, NEeor Clay and Kearny, 

dwl N 8 John above Powell 
Holland Michael, brick-layer, dwl Hyde bet Uni- 
on and Green 
Holland Nathaniel, attorney at law, 148 Clay 
HOLLENBECK ( W. S.) & SON {James C. HoI- 

kKieoA) jobber's, 119 Front 
Hollenbeck James C. (Uollenbeck & Son), dwl SE 

cor Chestnut and Taylor 
Hollenberg George, wood, Clay Street WharfJ 

dwl Lewis place 
Hollenkamp William, cook, American Hotel 
Holling Martin, grocer, NW cor Battery and Pao 
Holliiig William, clerk, Bradshaw and Co. bds 

Pacific nr Virginia place 
HoUingside J. V. carpenter, dwl cor Mission and 

HoUingside Joseph, carpenter, dwl cor Mission 

and Ellen 
HoUiugsido William, carpenter, dwl cor Mission 

and Ellen [First 

HoUister Julius, machinist, dwl cor Howard and 
HoUub A. 7 California block, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Dupont and Stock 
Holman Francis A. physician, office, 226 Wash 
Holmes {Aaron)& Lovejoy (Eufus), produce com 

merchants, 38 Clay, dwl W s Mason bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Holmes, Cornelius, plasterer. Fort Point 
Holmes C. Miss, teacher, Hyde Street School 
Holmes Edward, moulder, Vulcan Iron Works, 

bds Belden's block 
Holmes Elisha, dwl NW cor Taylor and Green 
Holmes Ellen, (widow), dwl Trinity nr Bush 
Holmes Ellis H. principal Union Grammar Sch'l, 

dwl cor Clay and Larkin 
Holmes Freeland, merchandize broker, 47 Cal'a, 

bds 43 Bush 
Holmes Isaac E. attorney at law, 3 Mont block, 

bds E s Stockton bet Wash and Jackson 
Holmes John B. teamster, bds 2 Belden's block 
Holmes Kichard T. salesman, NE cor Pine and 

Holmes Thomas, (Henckenlc Co.) SEcor Stock'n 

and Sutter 
Holmes Thomas W. drayman, bds cor Bush and 

Holmes W. S. drayman, dwlE s Powell bet Pine 

and Bush 
Holscher Ernest, clerk, SW cor Dupont & Union 



Holt Francis, tailor, dwl 238 Kearny 

Holt Milton B. bds Nightingale House 

Holt Warren C. principal San Francisco Collegi- 

ato Institute, NW cor Folsom ami First 
HOLT Z. stock and money broker, 100 Morch 
Helton John D. 41 California, bds Franklin Ho 
Helton Lewis, clerk, 17 Clay, dwl N s Vallejonr 

Holyhan Richard, laborer, dwl Lafayette place 
Holzer George L. carpenter. Fort Point 
Homburg Martin & Co. ( Henry Ctuver), groceries. 

Sansomo bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Homer Charles, four-mile house, San J036 road 
Homeric Christian, tailor, with H. W. Stein, dwl 

W s Dupout bet Vallejo and Broadway 
Honey William, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansome 
Hong Ley, Chinese laundry, 68 SanSome 
Honori Lacouts, barber, bds 6 Brandon place 
Hood A. H. lodgings, 104 Commercial 
Hoogs Octavius, newspaper agent, 178 Montgo- 
mery, dwl Ellis near Powell 
Hook Ann Mrs. Jessie near Third 
Hook George W. weigher and measurer. Custom- 
house, bds American Exchange hotel 
Hook William 11. clerk, with Burnham & Gibbs, 

dwl Mission near jane 
Hooley Richard M. business manager, Maguire's 
Opera-houso, dwl NE cor Wash'n & Dupont 
Hooper Franklin P. clerk, with John Hooper, bds 

6 Belden's block 
Hooper John, lumber dealer, cor Cal & Dnimm 
Hooper John A. clerk, with John Hooper 
Hooper John J. lumber merchant, cor California 

and Drumm, bds 6 Belden's block 
Hooper William, Secretary of Fund Commission- 
ers, office 100 Merchant, dwl E s Taylor bet 
Washington and Jackson 
Hop Fung & Co. Chinese merchants, 229 Dupont 
Hop Kee 4; Co. Chinese merchants, 171 Dupont 
Hopkins Caspar M. merchant, bds Rincon House 
Hopkins Edward, dwl Natoma near First 
Hopkins Elbridge G. painter, dwl Augusta alley 
Hopkins, George W. {Poland & Co.), painter, dwl 

3 Auburn 
Hopkins John L. book-keeper, with Alexander 
Fobes, dwl Union bet Hyde & Leavenworth 
Hopkins Nathan P. dwl 95 Pine 
Hopkins Rufus C. clerk U. S Surveyor General's 

office, dwl cor Powell and Broadway 
Hopkins Samuel J. lumber, Wash'n bet Davis 

and Drumm, dwl cor Folsom and Eoker 
Hopkins S. C. salesman, 71 Front 
Hopkins, S. A. dwl S side Pine near Kearny 
Hopkins S. U. book-keeper. Custom-house, bds 

S side Bush bet Dupont and Stockton 
Hopkins Theron R. (Kemmly &, II.) Gold near 

Hopper (Garritt IT) & Faulkner (Patrick F.) 

liquor saloon, SE cor Davis and Pacific 
Hopper William, cooper, bds 20 Sansome 
Hopping Thomas N. carpenter, 45 Battery 
Hopps (Cliarks) & Lougee (J. W.) sign painters, 
122 Sansome, dwl NW cor Geary & Mason 
HORAN J. C. &, CO. importers wines i, liquors, 

92 Battery, bds Brannan House 
Eoran P. T. boiler-maker, Donahue's Union Iron 

Horbor John, jeweler and watch-maker, 2 Hel- 
vetic Bazaar 
Horlor John, produce dealer, dwl Oak 
Horn Benj. C. importer cigars, tobacco, etc. 67 

Front, dwl cor Harrison and Essex 
Horn Joseph P. hay and grain, 33 First, boards 

26 Battery 
Horn Philip, Sutter House, Beale betw'n Folsom 

and Harrison 
HORN T. L. & CO. importers and dealers in 

Havana cigars and tobacco, 67 Front, dwl 

cor Harrison and Second 
Horner R. H. stm'r Uncle Sam, 108 Washington 
Horning Frederick, cook, Columbia House 
Horr ( Wm.) & Co. {David Dick tt S. W. Dick), 

Steam Cracker Bakery, 37 & 39 Davis, dwl 

S side Vallejo near Powell [Kearny 

Horrocks William, painter, dwl S s Union near 
Horstmann Henry, cabinet-maker, 117 California, 

dwl Virginia near Jackson 
Hort Samuel, with C. Adolphe Low & Co. dwl 

S side Bush bet Stockton and Powell 
Horton E. S. dwl SE cor Stockton and O'Farrell 
Horton John A. {Geo. C. Johnson & Co.) residence 

Newark, N. J. 
Horton Richard, ale and porter saloon, comer 

Second and Jessie 
Horton Thomas R. {Mastin * 77.) dwl 128 Bush 
Horton Wm. salesman, with Hughes & Wallace, 

bds American Exchange 
Hosford Wm. mason, dwl SE cor Green k Taylor 
Hoskins H. jeweler, cor Sansome and Pine 
Hoskins Joseph, tinsmith. Clay near Druram 
Ilosman J. grocer, cor Bush and Powell 
Ilosmer Charles, {Loud & 77.) dwl E side Powell 

bet Jackson and Pacific 
Hosmer F. laborer, Fort Point [and Dupont 

Hossefross George H. dwl NE cor Washington 
Hosier Joseph, annealer U. S. Branch Mint 
Hosty Charles, clothing, 50 Commercial 
Hosty Michael, 50 Commercial 
Hoswell Fred, mason, dwl S s Sutter nr Dupont 
Hotaling Ansel P. & Co. {Patrick Rih'y), import- 
ers and jobbers of wines and liquors, 154 

Hotchim Thomas, salesman, 61 Sacramento 
Houck Cyrus K. cooper, Oregon ur Battery, bds 

Sansome nr California [Broadway 

Houel Victor, French Bakery, Pinckney near 
Hough James F. book-keeper, 137 Front 
Houghey Frank, laborer, 12 Sansome 
lloiiscley Joseph, coppersmith, dwl 283 Mission 
Houseman James, ship-carpenter, dwl Folsom 

bet Beale and Main 
Houseworth Thomas, {Lawrence & H.) 177 Clay, 

dwl Jackson near Powell 
Houston Alex. H. contractor, ofGce 110 Cali- 
fornia, dwl Rincon place 
Houston Charles Capt. Jessie near Eoker 
Houston David, dwl Rincon between Bryant and 

Houston Richard T. (col'd) tailor, 117 Merchant, 

dwl Clara near Ritch 
Houston Samuel, dwl 154 Sacramento 
Houston William, jr. printer, 72 Merchant, dwl 

Kearny bet Bush and Pino 
Hovey George, coach-smith, at 158 California, 

bds Stockton bet Sacramento and Clay 




Hovey Ivory A. clerk, \i Kearny 

Ilovty J. blacksmith, bds S s Pino near Dupont 

Hovey Jolm R. brick-layer, dwl Stevenson bet 

Third and Fourth 
Iloward Benj. builder, dwl Bdw'y near Sansomo 
lloward Benj. C. dork, at Flint, Peabody &, Go's, 

dwl cor Clay and Powell 
noward Charles Webb, (Blackman, If. & Co.) 

bds 14 Lucas Turner & Go's building 
Howard Charles, dwl 127 Kearny 
Howard Edward U. accountant, 25, 27 and 29 

Front, bda 283 Dupont 
Howard George, bds What Cheer House 
Howard George, cook, bds 125 Washington 
Howard George H. real estate, office 137 Mont, 

dwl 272 Powell 
Howard Henry 0. deputy wharfinger, Central 

Wharf, bds 137 Montgomery 
Howard Irvine, moulder, Vulcan Foundry 
Howard James, with 0. Fuller, 82 Montgom'y, 

bds Summer 
Howard James, laborer. Fort Point 
Howard John, blacksmith, Union Iron Works 
Howard John, boot-repairer, Kearny nr Jackson 
Howard Joseph, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Mont'y 

and Sansome 
Howard J. porter, U. S. B. Mint 
Howard Nicholas, baker, Pinckney nr B'dway 
Howard Thomas, carpenter and joiner, dwl Green- 
wich bet Dupont and Kearny 
Howard Volney E. attorney at law, office 4, 5 & 7 

Express IJuildiug, dwl SW cor Stockton 

and Washington 
Howard W. D. M. office of estate of; 137 Mont'y 
Howard W. H. office 116 Battery 
Howe Charles, carrier Bulletin, dwl cor Taylor 

and Bush 
Howe Elizabeth Mrs. (widow), dwl W s Kearny 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Howe Fayette, clerk, with Joseph W. Phillips, 

dwl cor Central place and Pine 
Howe George M. 116 Sansome, bds S s Bush bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Howe P. machinist, bds What Cheer House 
Howe ( WiUiam) & Co. grocers, 116 Sansome, dwl 

S s Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Howell Joseph L. carrier Bulletin, dwl cor Ellis 

and Annie 
Howell L. V. H. (N. Reynolds & Co.) 79 and 81 

Howell Orrin, clerk, SW cor Sacra'o and Front 
Howell Thomas, tinsmith, 82 Sansome 
Howes Edward K. (Elam and II.) Si Clay 
HOWES ( George) & CO. (Jalez Bowes), commis- 
sion merchants, 155 Sansome 
Howes Jabez {Howes & Co.) 155 Sansome 
Howes Peter S. druggist, 9 Clay, dwl E s Pros- 
pect place nr Clay 
Howes Samuel P. daguerreian artist, SE cor Clay 

and Kearny, bds N s Jackson nr Powell 
Howland Frederick P. stevedore, Bryant nr First 
Howland W. machinist, Vulcan Iron Works 
Howson Frederick, laborer, U. S. Marine Hosp'l 
Hoxie Benjamin S. (Carr & H.) dwl Second bet 

Clementina and Folaom 
Hoxie B. carpenter, bds Albion House 
Hoy Alexander, stoves and tin ware, S s Jackson 

nr Dupont, dwl Leavenworth nr Pacific 

Hoyer Cornelius, porter U. S. B. Mint, dwl Perry 

above Third 
Hoyt (Culvin U.) &, Coleman {Thminas, jr.) Mar- 
ket St. Water Works near Second, dwl N g 
Post bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Hoyt Frederick, brick-maker, bds Leavenworth 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Hoyt John, clerk, bds with J. C. Hoyt, Folsom 

near Second 
Hoyt John C. agent for underwriters, and XJ. 8. 
Inspector of Hulls, office NE cor Battery k 
Washington, dwl Folsom near Second 
Hoyt Lucian, dealer in butter, cheese, etc. 2 
Wash'n Market, dwl E s Stockton near Clay 
Hoyt M. bds What Cheer House 
Hoyt Sylvanus, dairyman, San Jos6 road S of 

Mission Church 
Huard Alexander, office cor Washington & Du- 
pont, dwl 292 Jackson 
Hubbard Catharine Mrs. Valley House, Folsom 

near Price 
Hubbard Diamond, (Ilvbhard &, Co.) dwl Wash- 
ington above Powell 
Hubbard George D. broker, 30 Front 
HUBBARD (Horace P.) & CO. (Diamond Huh- 
hard), stoves and tin ware, 117 Sansome & 
111 Washington, dwl NE cor Anthony place 
and Second 
Hubbard John, painter, dwl Tehama place 
Hubbard Lorenzo, physician, dwl 230 Washing'n 
Hubbard Samuel, Secretary Pacific Mail S. S. Co. 

dwl NW cor Powell and California 
Hubbard William, nurse U. S. Marine Hospital 
Huber Caspar, boots and shoes, 186 Washington 
Huber Edward A. harness-maker, cor Jackson 

and Front 
Huber Joseph, rentier, bds Helvetic Bazaar 
Huber Joseph, liquors, 113 Kearny 
Huber William, bds N s Mission near Anthony 
Huber William, clerk, bds 113 Kearny 
Hubert Numa, attorney at law, 106 Mont'y 
Hublin Victor, butcher, 5 Washington Market 
Hubner August, shoe-maker, 90 Mont'y 
Huck (John) & Co. (Frederick Haumyer), grocers, 

42 Webb, and SE cor Clay and Stockton 
Hucliez Paul A. 61 Sacramento 
Hucks (John J.) &, Lambert (Wm.) manufactur- 
ing chemists, Natoma bet Second and Third 
HUDSON C. & CO. (nomas McFurland, George 
A. Hudson & James A. Fortune), importers of 
boots and shoes, 101 and 103 Battery, res in 
New York 
Hudson Chas. M. clerk, 101 & 103 Battery, bds 

What Cheer House 
Hudson David, produce, 1 Clay, dwl Perry bet 

Second and Third 
Hudson George, attorney at law, NE cor Mont'y 

and Clay, dwl Anthony near Mission 
Hudson Geo. A. (C. Hudson & Co.) 101 Battery, 

dwl cor Brannan and Second 
Hudson Henry C. mustard manufacturer, corner 

Pine and Front 
Hudson Henry S. book-keeper, with Daniel 

Gibb & Co. 
Hudson H. D. shipwright, cor Minna and Thu-d 
Hudson Jas. salesman, 88 & 90 Commercial 
Hudson John, plumber and gas fitter, Webb nr 



Hudson Mnry Mrs. laundress, 18 Sacramento 
Hudson Nelson, dwl E s Powell betw'n Jackson 

and Pacitic 
Hudson P. ship-carpenter, dwl Minna bet Third 

and Fourth 
Hucn Alfred, gardener, Dolores K of Church 
Huenert F. Augustus, cigar manuf, 227 Dupont 
Huerne Prosper, architect, ofBcc cor Bdw'y and 

Kearny, dwl W s Mont'y bet Pac & Bdw'y 
Hueslis Charles P. engraver, 175 Montgomery, 

dwl N s Washington above Stockton 
HucstoD John, bds 195 California 
Hutr Oliver B. {Cammat & 11.) 162 Kearny 
Huflner William, office German Journal, dwl SW 

cor Stockton and Sutter 
HUG JOSEPH, liquors, SE cor Clay & Mont'y, 

dwl Howard near Third 
Hugg Henry, {Gladtoin, H. k Co.) dwl 16 Minna 
Hughes Abram, laborer, dwl Lafayette place 
Hughes Chas. pressman Alta California, dwelling 

Jane near Minna 
Hughes Chas. J. attorney at law, 140 Clay 
Hughes David P. with Henry C. Hudson, cor 

Pine and Front 
Hughes Edward, miner, dwl 18 Jackson 
Hughes Edward A. with John R. Hughes, 141 

Hughes Francis, laborer, Fort Point 
Hughes George, fruit dealer, NW cor Clay and 

Sansomo, dwl 8 Pike 
HUGHES (Benry) St, WALLACE {Thomas), im- 
porters of dry goods, 105 &. 107 Sacramento, 

resides in New York [89 Bush 

Hughes Hugh, harness-maker, 130 Sansome, bds 
Hughes H. cabinet-maker, bds 89 Bush 
Hughes James E. drayman, bds Drumm near 

Hughes John, bar-keeper, 48 Commercial 
Hughes John P. moulder at Donahue's Union 

Iron Works 
Hughes John R. boots and shoes, 147 Mont'y 
HUGHES MATHEW E. billiard saloon, 180 

Hughes Owen, drayman, for Bragg, RoUinson 

and Co. 
Hughes Robert, mason, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Hughes Thomas, tireman, dwl Pacific bet Davis 

and Front 
HUGHES {nomas A.) & HUNTER {A. A.) 

Custom-house ship brokers and Australian 

agents, office U. S. Court Building, dwelling 

Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Hughes William, sea captain, office cor Market 

and East [Larkin 

Hulbert Hiram, hog ranch, cor McAllister and 
Hulbert James M. harness-maker, dwl Ecker bet 

First and Second 
Hulelan John, miner, bds with R. Cunningham 
Hull Benjamin J. express dep't Wells Fargo &, 

Co. bds with R. M. Hall 
Hull George S. salesman, 42 and 44 California 
Hull Wm. brick-moulder, dwl Jones bet B'dway 

and Vallejo 
Hume Summer S. drayman, bds Plaza Hotel 
Humbert Augustus (Kdlugg & H.) bds 236 Wash 
Humbert John, pressman, dwl S s Vallejo near 


Humblet August, tailor, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Humil John, laborer. Fort Point 
Humphreys A. N. porter, 71 Front 
Humphreys Julius, produce, dwl Prospect place 
Humphreys J. bds Ra.ssetto House 
Humphreys Leavitt, dwl SW cor Cal and Mason 
Hung Sun, Chinese washerman, 14 Kearny 
Hungerford M. W. printer. Excelsior office, dwl 

Auburn nr Jackson 
Hunt Bartholomew, dwl cor Market and Brook 
Hunt Charles, shipwright, dwl Harrison nr Beale 
Hunt Charles A. produce broker, office 58 Clay, 

dwl Hardie place 
Hunt C. W. Mrs. comedienne, dwl S s Pacific nr 

Hunt David W. pattern maker, dwl Second near 

Hunt Edward, clerk, P. M. Stm Go's, dwl NW 

cor Powell and California 
Hunt Edwin, clerk, with Park & White, bds 1 

Virginia place 
Hunt Edwin 0. pattern maker, dwl Second near 

Hunt Ellen J. boarding, 163 California 
Hunt Jacob, cooper, lis Broadway 
Hunt James, shipwright, dwl Harrison nr Beale 
HUNT J. LEWIS & CO. {John I). Hunt), imp'rs 

hardware, 99 Battery, dwl 241 Clay 
Hunt John, hatter, dwl N s Union nr Stockton 
Hunt John A. laborer, one mile S of Mission C'h 
Hunt John D. (/. L. JIunt & Co.) dwl 241 Clay 
Hunt Jonathan, insurance agent, 151 Mont, dwl 

NW cor California and Powell 
Hunt 0. D. clerk, 86 Davis, bds Montgomery 

nr Broadw^ay 
HUNT PATRICK, livery stables, S a Sac'o near 

Kearny, dwl 200 Stockton 
Hunt S. R. shipwright, dwl Harrison nr Beale 
Huntenberg August, carrier Alta 
Hunter A. A. {Hughes & H.) dwl W s Stockton 

near Washington 
Hunter Charles C. flour, 122 Front, bds Dupont 

bet Pine and Bush 
Hunter David, carpenter, dwl 4 Harlan place 
Hunter D. H. compositor. Evening Bulletin 
Hunter George, dwl cor Battery and Union 
Hunter Gilbert, hides and wool, 106 Davis 
Hunter James, laborer. Custom-house, dwl S s 

Union nr Jones 
Hunter John, sea captain, dwl Clcm'a nr First 
Hunter John, carpenter, bds Albion House 
Hunter John, Hunter's Point, 2i miles South of 

Hunter Lewis C. clerk, at Bingham & Reynolds, 

dwl 284 Clay 
Hunter P. S. Hunter's Point, 2i miles South of 

Hunter Robert E. Hunter's Point, 2i miles S of 

Hunter Robert J. assistant light-house keeper, 

Fort Point 
Hunter S. blacksmith. Pacific Foundry 
Hunter S. Hillen {Jufth & Hunter), bds Union htl 
Huntington J. dwl 133 Clay 
Huntington Thomas, stmr Sierra Nevada, 118 

Huntington Urial, blacksmith, dwl 129 Dupont 




Huntoon Isaac D. book-keeper, 64 Front, dwl 

cor Stockton and California 
Huntoon'Jolin, builder, dwl 191 Pine 
Huntoon Jolin, book-keeper, with Taaft & Ad- 
ams, dwl O'Farrell bet Dupont and Stockton 
Huntoon Lewis, waiter, Niantic Hotel 
Huntoon William M. merchant, dwl 16 Minna 
Huntsman George H. 113 Montgomery 
Hunziker, Caspar, watch-maker and jeweler, 18C 

Hurd John, lumber, dwl S s Filbert nr Kearny 
Hurd William P. salesman, with John C. Bell, 

bds NW cor Greenwich and Dupont 
Hurdis (Samuel) .t Morrill (Edward A.) painters 

and japanners, SW cor Sac and Dupont 
Hurlbutt James M. saddler, dwl Ecker nr Stev'n 
Hurlbutt Mary Mrs. boarding house, Ecker near 

Hurley Mary Mrs. boarding, Stevenson nr Ecker 
Hurley Charles, shoe-maker, 86J Battery, dwl S 

s Broadway nr Sansome 
Hurley Dennis, laborer, bds 92 Pacific 
Hurley Michael, laborer, dwl Fourth bet How'd 

and Folsom 
Hurley Patrick, carpenter, dwl Pac bet Franklin 

and Gouch 
Hurley William, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Hurley William, Commercial Printing office, 127 

Husback Joseph, blacksmith, at Thos 0. Shaw's, 

dwl Webb bet Sac and California 
Husing (Henry) &, Co. (Richard Husing), groceries 

and liquors, cor Second A Howard 
Husing Richard, {^Husing & Co.) cor Second and 

Hussey Francis P. drayman. 59 and 61 Sansome 

bds cor Clarke and Front 
Hussey Frank, minstrel, bds 180 Jackson 
Hussey James, bds 180 Jackson 
Hussey Simon, laborer, dwl Mont nr Union 
Hussman Arnold, groceries, cor Second & Jessie 
Huston Guy, gunsmith, dwl St. Mary's place 
Hutaff Henry, porter, 121 Front 
Hutchings Andrew, dairyman, N s Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 
Hutchings Daniel, dairyman, N s Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 
Hutchings James, dairyman, N s Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 

(Antho7iy), booksellers and publishers of 

California Magazine, 146 Montgomery, bds 

SE cor Union and Montgomery 
Hutchings Urban P. (Stoeetser, H. &. Co.) dwl 

S s Folsom bet Folsom and Harrison 
Hutchinson Christopher & William H. carpenters 

and block letter makers, 44 Sansome, dwl 

Natoraa nr Jane 
Hutchinson H. dairyman, San 3os6 Road, two 

miles S of Mission Church 
Hutchinson James S. cashier, with Sather & 

Church, dwl Harrison 2d door E of Essex 
Hutchinson Hannah E. Mrs. dress maker, 44 

Hutchinson Mathew, teamster, dwl 31 First 
Hutchinson Thomas W. pilot, dwl S s Bush bet 

Dupont and Stockton [Sansome 

Hutchinson William, ( Christopher & W. H.) H 

Ilutin John, grocer, SE cor CaliforDia & Dupont " 
Uuttner Frederick, cooper, at A. D. Bakor'a, 

Commercial below Davis 
Ilutton Henry, butcher. Pacific Wharf, dwl NB 

cor Folsom and First 
Ilutton H. S. asst commercial reporter, Bulletin 
Uutton James, (McKay & II.) cor Paciflo and 

Hutton John, sea captain, dwl SW cor Taylor and 

Huxley Charles S. Deputy State Gauger, 64 Front 
Huxley J. Mead, Deputy State Gauger, office 64 

Front, bds Rassette House 
Hyacinth John B. (col'd) laborer, dwl NW cor 

Everett and Third 
Hyams Abraham, (M. Cohen &, Co.) dwl Hinkley 

Hyams Geo. J. S. (Bannait &, Co.) 81 Com'l 
Hyams Leopold, physician, office Niantic hotel, 

dwl rear 270 Clay 
Hyatt Caleb, bds Hotel International 
Hyatt Elisha, drayman, dwl Bryant nr Second 
Hyche Julien, laundryman, dwl Filbert bet Du- 
pont and .Stockton 
Hyde C. C. physician, office 203 Washington, dwl 

S s Vallejo nr Kearny 
Hyde Harvev, drayman, dwl 98 Sutter 
Hyde Henry C. cl'k, 129 Mont'y, dwl 254 Powell 
Hyde Isaac, What Cheer House 
Hyde James T. physician, office 169 Front 
Hyde Michael, tailor, SE cor Bush and Sansome 
Hyde Theodore B. clerk, 53 Montgomery, bds 

254 Powell 
Hyde William C. book-keeper -with Washburn 4 

Co. bds 254 Powell 
Hyde William F. dwl 254 Powell 
Hyde Wm. H. carpenter, dwl Folsom nr Second 

Hyde , bds NW cor Jackson and Stockton 

Hyland John, blacksmith, 102 Kearny, dwl Har- 
rison near Third 
Hyman Moses J. Quincy Market, NW cor Pacific 

and Kearny, bds 284 Jackson 
Hyman P. C. merchandise broker, NW cor Front 

and Commercial 
Hynes James, laborer. Fort Point 
Hynes James, laborer, dwl NE cor Vallejo and 


ICKELHEIMER H. painter, dwl rear 129 Kearny 

Ide James A. bds with Henry Cowell 

IDE JOHN, blacksmith, Sansome bet Pacific 
and Broadway [Sutter 

Igo D. drayman, dwl W s Mason bet Post and 

Igo James, bar-keeper, Presidio H, Presidio Road 

Ilieal Christian, bds 296 Dupont 

lis Francis, bath-tender, Russian Steam Baths 

ILS JOHN J. stoves and tin-ware, 176 Wash'n i; 

Use W. weighman U. S. B. Mint 

Imbrie A. C. (Fishbeck 4. Co.) corner Commercial I 
and Kearny 

Imhaus Louis, cigars, NE cor Sansome and Com- 
mercial, dwl SW cor Chestnut and Mason 

Inches Robert, teamster, dwl Jane nr Mission 

Indig Louis, tailor, 58 Kearny 

Ing Andrew D. clerk, 86 Washington, bds S 9 t 
Chestnut bet Hyde and Larkin 



■ iDge S. \V. ex-U. S. District Attorney, dwl.Cle- 

mentina nr Second 
. Inglehard Beujamin, sea captain, dwl Stewart 
• near Mifsion 
Ingols I. Parker, book-keeper with J. C. Horan 

& Co. 90 Battery, bds 230 Stockton 
Ingot Alexander, dwl E a Powell bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Ingraham M. Mrs. dwl cor Calhoun and Green 
Ingram William, (Olvian & /.) cor Com'l & Davis 
Insley John, cigars, bds C8 Montgomery 
Inwood George carpenter, dwl W a Powell near 

Iredale A. S. real estate agent, office 228 Wash- 
ington, dwl S 8 Mission bet Fifth & Simmons 
Ireland Louis F. dwl 280 Stockton 
Ireland Samuel, caulker, dwl Rincon Point 
Irriser Cavalier, 103 Montgomery 
Irviu Brown, dwl Vallejo bet Mont'y and San 
Irvin William, clerk Verandah Drug Store, cor 

Washington and Kearny 
Irvine James, Railroad Saloon, bds Railroad H 
Irvine James & Co. wholesale grocers, etc. 58 

Front, bds 153 Mission 
Irvine William, importer millinery goods, 8G Sac- 
ramento, bds 128 Bush 
Irving David, tailor, N s Pacific nr Kearny, dwl 

N 3 Post bet Mason and Taylor 
Irving Henry P. {Thovrpson & I.) bdsSW corner 

Washington and Piko 
Irving James, book-keeper with Wetherbeo & 

Co. bds Folsom nr Bealo 
Irving Samuel, salesman, 95 Battery, dwl N side 

Sutter bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Irving Washington, dwl 6 Brenham place 
Irwin Ann E. Mrs. ladies' furnishing goods, 296 

Irwin George II. liquors, 294 Stockton 
Irwin James, Club House, Com'l nr Kearny, dwl 

N 9 Folsom bet Thorne and Wood 
Irwin James, hog ranch. Wood nr Folsom 
Irwin Oliver, dwl 377 Powell 
Isaac Albert, tailor, 96 Dupont 
Isaac Marcus, tailor, 94 Pacific 
Isaac (JAorris) ,St Banner (SJnioJi)i clothing, 262^ 

Isaacs Benjamin, salesman at Ashim & Bro's, 

Commercial, dwl Tanson 
ISAACS HENRY J. "Identical Saloon," SB 

cor Sacramento and Battery 
Isaaks John, dwl Helvetic Bazaar 
Isenlaur Rinart, barber. Third nr Minna 
Isenring Charles, 131 Clay, dwl cor Pacific and 

Israeli II. C. Purser steamer Republic, off Pacific 

Mail Steamship Co. 
Israeli Jacob, salesman, 81 Commercial 
Isson Samuel, watch-maker, 42 Pacific 
Itgen Carl, grocer, SE cor Bush and Sansome 
Ivers Richard, clerk, office Sugar Refinery, 59 
and CI Sansome, bds Harris House 

Jacks Gilbert L. watch-maker, 139 Mont'y 

Jacks John, dwl 106 Dupont 

Jacks Rebecca Mrs. lodgings, 106 Dupont 

Jackson Andrew, hatter, NE cor Commercial and 

Jackson Charles Jk Co. (Henry P. Coon) vinegar 
manufacturers, N s Vallejo bet Dupont and 
Jackson Jeremiah, (col'd) restaurant, 179 Pacific 
Jackson J. G. bds cor Powell and John 
Jackson (John) &, Robertson (Alexander), grocers, 

cor Sutter and Rassetto place 
Jackson John, builder, bds with H. Ames, Min- 
na nr Second 
Jackson John A. (col'd) barber. Third nr Folsom 
Jackson Louisa, (col'd) dress-maker, 19 Spring 
Jackson Mary A. Mrs. dwl Howard nr Second 
Jackson Mary, (col'd) dwl W s Monroe 
Jackson William T. (col'd) carman, dwl N s 

Pacific nr Powell 
Jacob A. porter, 59 Sacramento, dwl Montgom'y 

nr Pine 
Jacob Abraham, hatter, 75 Montgomery 
Jacob Jacob, hats and caps, Davis bet Vallejo 

and Broadway 
Jacobi Albert, cigar bos manufacturer, bds E s 

Sansome bet Pine and Bush 
Jacobi David, merchant, dwl 321 Powell 
Jacobs Aaron, {S. T. Meyer & Co.) res N. York 
Jacobs (Ahraliain) & Co. (Isaac Ah-ams), cloth- 
ing emporium, 165 Washington, dwl 227 
Jacobs Isaac, tailor, dwl 22 First [Dupont 

Jacobs J. 10 Clay, dwl 124 Dupont 
Jacobs James R. watchman, Custom-houso 
Jacobs Joseph, tailor, 327 Dupont 
Jacobs M. clothing, 177 Pacific 
Jacobs (S. L.) & Co. (Jacob Goldsmith & Louis 
May) wholsale dealers dry goods and cloth- 
ing, 70 California 
Jacobs Simon, dry goods, 53 Keaniy 
Jacobs, Solomon, dwl Second nr Stevenson 
Jacobson Bernard, segars, 48 Front, dwl Sutter 

nr Dupont 
Jacobs Solomon, broker, offics, 133 Clay, dwl 

Dupont nr Pine 
Jacobson Jacob M. cigars, 127 i Sacramento 
Jacobson Peter, grocer, dwl Mason nr Greenw'h 
JAFFE JACOB, importer & manufacturer cloaks 

and mantillas, 141 Sacramento 
Jaffes Louis, ( Clein &J.) 222 Pacific 
Jagegy J. dwl S s Sutter bet Stockton & Powell 
Jagmetti S. Helvetia Union House, 203 Pacific 
James E. L. Sacramento Messenger, of Wells, 

Fargo & Co.'s Express 
James George F. attorney at law, office rear City 

Hall, dwl 183 Dupont 
James Oscar, clerk, NE cor Green and Dupont, 

bds Dupont bet Union and Filbert 
James P. Y. accountant, American Exchange 
James Samuel L. carpenter, Leidesdorfi' bet Cal 

and Halleck 
James Tlieophilus, carriage, cor Third and Market 
James William, speculator, NE cor Battery and 

James William S. 360 Stockton, dwl Union bet 

Powell and Stockton 
Jameson (Henry A.) & Shute (Henry M.) carri- 
age-makers and blacksmiths, N s Pine bet 
Montgomery and Sansome, dwl California 
nr Kearny [Carlo 

Jameson John, laborer, dwl cor O'Farrell and 



Jameson John, porter, 18 Battery, dwl Front nr 

Jameson John, miner, dwl Vallejo near Mason 
Jameson William, porter, 115 Clay 
Jander V. porter, 89 and 91 California 
Janes A. B. at Parish's Hotel 
JANKS HKNRY B. attorney at law and Super- 
intendent of Common Schools, office Masonic 

Iltill, dwl 177 Mission 
JANICS {norace P.) LAKE (Dctos) & BOYD 

{■Tames T.) attorneys at law, office SW cor 

Clay and Montgomery, dwl South Park 
Janke A. C. dwl Turn Verein Ilall 
.Tans Oljbe. liquors. East bet Jackson and Wash 
Jansen George, clerk, with John Stratman, 118 

JANSON (Charks J.) BOND (Oiarles W.) k 

CO. (Albert Miller), importers dry goods, 95 

Janssen Edmund & Co. (/. Pauli), dwl Second 

bet Minna and Natoma 
JANSSEN (Earnest) & HELMKE (Gfustave), 

grocers, NW cor Battery and Bush, dwl 

Harlan place 
Janus William, dwl E s Dupont bet Union and 

Jaoun Adolph, bds 154 California 
Jaquenot L. well-digger, dwl Post bet Jones and 

Taylor [Kearny 

Jaret Jules, boots and shoes, cor California and 
Jaretsky Marks, hair-dresser, S. F. Baths, dwl 

Sutter nr Montgomery 
Jarvis J. H. bds AVhat Cheer House 
Jaujou Lones, cabinet-maker, Virginia nr Pacific 
Jefferis Edward G. pub'r Wide West, office 162 

Washington, dwl Vallejo nr Stockton 
Jeffrey C. dwl Tehama nr Second 
Jeffrey Numa, dwl cor Broadway and Dupont 
Jeffrey R. H. Capt. dwl Bestole nr Simmons 
JeflYeys Edward, printer, dwl cor Clay and Pike 
Jefts James M. dwl S s Lombard nr Kearny 
Jellineck Albert, turner, bds S s Post nr Dupont 
Jellings Edward, jobber, ofBce basement Ameri- 
can Theatre, bds Sansome Street House 
Jellings William (UallkJ.) 45 Battery 
Jenkins Charles, boiler-maker, dwl First bet 

Market and Jessie 
Jenkins George A. carpenter, cor Folsom and 

Jenkins Henry, carpenter, dwl SE cor Lombard 

and Jansen place 
Jenkins James W. operator in quartz, dwl Folsom 

op Essex 
JENKINS (John) & DUGAN (Patrick), boot- 
manufacturers, 116 Washington, dwl 282 

Jenkins Lydia, Mrs. groceries, cor Union and 

Jenkins L. bds What Cheer House 
Jenkins Manding, Mrs. millinery and dry goods, 

282 Dupont 
Jenkins Patrick, laborer, dwl Union nr Battery 
Jenkins Thomas, liquors, N s Pacific nr Davis 
Jenkins William, waiter, 65 & 67 Merchant 
Jenkins William, tinsmith, bds 137 Jackson 
Jenkins William, laborer, dwl Hodges' place 
Jenner E. K. dentist, 196 Washington 
Jenner William A. clerk, Jane near Natoma 

Jenning:s D. A. (Edwards, Fordliam & Co.) 138 

Jennings Elisha E. merchant tailor, 166 Clay, 

dwl S 8 Green bet Stocktonand Dupont 
Jennings James A. (col'd), N s Pacific nr Dupont 
Jennings J. 0. clerk with Davis & Bowers, 149 

Jennings John, porter-bottler, dwl Molton place 
Jennings John, bds SE cor Clark and Front 
Jennings ( Oliver B.) k Brewster (Benjamin), im- 
porters and jobbers clothing, 72 Battery 
Jennings Thomas, (Fonda, Gray i, J.) bds What 

Cheer House 
Jessup (Albert) & Merrill (Reuben A.) hardware 

and crockery, 36 Clay 
Jessup Andrew, engineer, dwl St. Charles 
Jessup 0. waiter, 65 and 67 Merchant ' 
JESSUP RICHARD M. vice-president Cal'a S. 
N. Co. office NE cor Front and Jackson, 
bds 212 Wa-shington 
Jessup W. H. toll-gatherer, cor Folsom A Brown 
Jewett Charles, dwl 59 Montgomery Block 
Jewett Isaac, speculator, dwl cor Pike k Sao 
Jewett Jarvis, agent Palmer's Artificial Leg, S 8 

Sutter near Kearny 
Jewett Thomas, 59 Montgomcrv Block 
JEWETT WILLIAM S. portrait painter, 166 

Clay, bds cor Fremont and Harrison 
Jilliard M. Mrs. New York k Baltimore House, 

Drumm bet Pacific and Jackson 
Jininone E. tinsmith, 334 Stockton 
Jinny William, dwl 276 Powell 
Job Peter, Lafayette Restaurant, NE cor Wash- 
ington and Bartlctt alley 
Jobson Charles P. (Aijers k Co.) 138 Montgom- 
ery, bds E s Dupont near Sacramento 
Jobson David, dwl W s Powell bet Filbert and 

Jofi-o J. editor El Eco del Pacifico 
Johanning Lewis, tin-smith, 92 Clay 
Johanning Louis, millinery, 271 Dupont 
Johanning Margaret Mrs. millinery, 271 Dupont 
Johney William, tailor, 79 Kearny 
Johns Edward, dwl N side Vallejo near Powell 
Johns Peter, 128 Montgomery 
Johns T. D. bds Oriental Hotel 
Johns William M. book-keeper. Lion Co. Brewery 
Johnson Aaron, salesman, 100 Sansome, dwl W 
side Mason near Bush [Second 

Johnson Abraham, tailor, dwl N s Stevenson nr 
Johnson Abram, fireman, at Tehama House 
Johnson Andrew, drayman, dwl S s Greenwich 

near Dupont 
Johnson Charles, oyster saloon, 73 Davis 
Johnson Charles, repacker of goods, SE cor Sac- 
ramento and Battery 
Johnson Charles, laborer, dwl E s Dupont near 

Johnson Charles, laborer. Port Point 
Johnson Charles E. clerk, with Henry Johnson 4 

Co. bds 280 Stockton 
Johnson Daniel, office 35 Front, bds 24 Clay 
Johnson Daniel, moulder, bds 4 Central place 
Johnson David, carpenter, cor Market k Kearny 
Johnson Eben, dairyman, dwl S s Presidio road, 

W of Valley House 
Johnson Edward, white- washer, 116 Washing- 
ton, dwl 132 Broadway 




jJliLrdjiliiiBu d^>ul5iiS^3 SjlBMilSidQl 





No. 177 Washington Street, between Montgomery and Kearny, 






_ijiggrirTrrTr._ § o'^i-Q 

1 n !5 S = l-l 


o ?;• 5- " 

^ i^ E. — , 

cr- ft o o 

re — M . 

- o - t> 

a 0? o a 

I § ;r^ 




^ v^ Ivy -Jsji-::yi-:^isS9 


South-Wfst corner of Moutgomery find Washington 
Slrci-'ts, (Uur;:nyue's Uiiihlini:.) San I'riuuisco. 

California Jewelry and Diamond Work, 

Of iili kindit, Mnnufacturod to ordt-r, and warranted 
to give satisfaction. 

Watches Cleaned and Repaired 

At til'' !..u-cst mies, and nil Work Warntnti^d. 





Between Sansome Street and the Post Office, 

















tC/~\^ 'fiCT "f^f ^^ w. '^r — *i\ H-r «!*'■)' "^Cy 



FIRST STREET, third Door from D, 

Returns made in from twelve to t'n^enty-four hours, in Coin or Bare, 
at tte option of the Depositor. 




Johnson Edward, commission merchant, dwl Sec- 
ond near Minna 
I JOHNSON E. J. MRS. importer millinery and 

fancy goods. 156 Sacramento 
Jolmsou Kliliu, attorney at law, 101 Merchant 
Johnson Elizabeth Mrs. widow, dwl W s Scotland 
Johnson ElizabelU Mrs. dwl 4 Central place 
Johnson Frank i\ carpenter, St. Mark's place 
Johnson Frederick, stove."i and crockery-waro, 61 


JOHNSON (Geo. C.) & CO. (Geo. W. GMs,) iron 
and steel, and Consul for Sweden and Nor- 
way, 36 & 38 Battery, bds Brannan House 
Johnson George H. agent of E. Potter & Co. 185 

Johnson George W. sea captain, dwl SW corner 

Jackson and Mason 
Johnson George, wood, coal and feed store, N s 
First near Howard, dwl Auburn bet Pacific 
and Jackson 
Johnson Henry, dancing-master, dwl NW cor 

Clay and Dupont 
Johnson Henry, police, dwl Jessie near Tliird 
JOHNSON HENRY &. CO. {Edward Bdll), im- 
porters and dealers in drugs, 146 Washing- 
ton, bds 280 Stockton 
Johnson Henry J. dwl N s Broadway near Hj'de 
Johnson Isaac, (col'd) waiter, dwl 6 Virginia ur 


iJohnson Jacob, jeweler, cor First and Stevenson 
John,son {Jacob C.) & Co. {Xjhn A. Uorton,) im- 
porters harness, etc. 130 Sansome, dwl S s 
Washington nr Mason 
Johnson James, waiter. Hotel International 
Johnson Janios, fruit-dealer, 350 Stockton 
Johnson James, (col'd) waiter, dwl 280 Wash'n 
Johnson .Jeremiah, fruits, 124 Jackson 
JOHNSON (Juhn), CANFIELD (^1. W.) & CO. 
{John Keenan & J. W. J. Piersnn,) import- 
ers and jobliers of clothing, 100 Sansome, 
dwl Washington bet Taylor and Jones 
Johnson John, carpenter, SE cor i'ilbert and Va- 


Johnson John, lumber, bds 182 California 
Johnson John, teamster, bds 20 Sansome 
Johnson John, sea captain, dwl S s Green near 


Johnson John, baker, 163 Clay 
Johnson John, clerk, 92 Dupont 
Johnson John, importer millinery & fancy goods, 

156 Sacramento 
Johnson John M. 130 Sansome, bds Ss Wash'n 

near Mason 
Johnson John S. dwl 353 Dupont 
Johnson Joseph M. storage yard, dwl Yerba 

Buena bet Clay and Sacramento 
Johnson J. B. carpenter, dwl Ellen bet Mission 

aiTd Howard 
Johnson Kacey W. (col'd) barber, 41 Kearny, 
dwl Selina place [Washington 

fJohnson Lewis, (col'd) waiter, dwl 2 Virginia nr 
Johnson M F. What Cheer House 
Johnson Orrick, livery stable, 104 & 106 Kearny, 
] dwl 237 Clay [win's Court 

Johnson Peter, at Griffin's Warehouse, dwl Bald- 
iJohnsoii Peter, liquors, Washington near East 
jJOHNSON PETER R. Venetian blind manu- 
facturer, 84 Bush 

Johnson Ri.M A. dairyman, dwl S side Presidio 

road W of Valley House 
Johnson Robert C. book-keeper, 36 and 38 Bat- 
tery, dwl NE cor Bush and Sansome 
Johnson S.imuel M. clerk, 170 Montgomeiy 
Johnson Samuel, (col'd) wood-yard, Stevenson 

near Eoker 
Johnson {Sidney L.) & Rose {Julius R.) attorneys 

at law, office 137 Montgomery 
Johnson Simon S. builder, dwl Annie bet Eddy 

and Ellis 
Johnson Tlieopliilus, carpenter, S side Bush bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Johnson Thomas, drayman, dwl Walton place 
Johnson Thomas, miner, dwl Clementina nr Ecker 
Johnson T. Rodgers, regalia manf, and Grand Se- 
cretary of I. 0. of 0. F. 184 Montgomery, dwl 

Grove near Van Ness avenue 
Johnson William, cabinet-maker, 162 Pino 
Johnson William, (col'd) cook, bds 132 Bdwy 
Johnson William H. carrier Alta California, dwl 

Montgomery near Greenwich 
Johnson William H. jr. carrier Alta California 

Land Commission, office with II. Cobb, dwl 

5 >t 6 Lucas, Turner & Go's building 
JOHNSTON ADAM, Mansion House, Dolores 

near Centre 
Johnston Captain, dwl Natoma near Jane 

Court, bds cor Stockton and Washington 
Johnston (Jamea) Si, Reay {Alfred W.) tin, copper 

and sheet iron workers, 41 Battery, bds 48 

Johnston J.'mies, dwl 187 Washington 
Johnston John & Co. lumber, cor Market and 

Stewart, and Stewart near Howard 
Johnston John, mariner, dwl cor Sac & Drumm 
Johnston Thomas, machinist, dwl 36 Clementina 
John.ston Thos. waiter Clayton's Saloon 
Johnston T. J. with Johnston & Co. 
Johnston William B. {Uavtn &, J.) dwl Essex first 

house above Folsom 
Joice Erastus V. Notary Public. NE cor Battery 

and Washington, dwl 205 Stockton 
Joinei (Fi'dor C) & Bonamour (/).) machinists, 

55 Kearny, and Leidesdorff bet Clay & Com'l 
Jolliffe William H. pilot, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Jonas Is.iac A. watchmaker, 41 Pacific 
Jonas Nathan, jewelry, 43 Pacific 
Jones A. D. compositor, Alta California, dwl N s 

Union near Dupont 
Jones C. F. professor dancing, and machinist, 

SE cor Bush and Montgomery, bds 4 Cen- 
tral place 
Jones {Cliarles C.) & Stevens {Charles), coram'n 

merchts, 104 Clay, dwl SE cor Taylor & Eddy 
Jones C. W. l)Ook-kecpor, at Edwards & Walton's, 

dwl Everett bet Third and Fourth 
Jones {David), WooU {John) & Sutherland {Ed- 
win), gilders and frame makers, 89 Montg'y 
Jones David, mason, dwl Sansome near Union 
Jones David, proprietor National Hotel, Jackson 

near Sansome 
Jones David R. carpenter, dwl Apollo pi 
Jones David R. Captain U. S. Army, 44 Bush, 

dwl S 8 Bush bet Stockton and Powell 



Jones D. D. ifc CO. Thompson's Exchange, 36 
Commereial, dwl 154 Sacramento 

Jones D. W. Ap. bds Uassette House 

Jones Edward, eider manf, at A. D. Baker's, 
Comiiiorcial below Davis 

Jones Edward, machinist, 11 6- Front, dwl Jack- 
son near Front 

Jones Edward, caulker, dwl Clay nr Drumm 

Jones {Edway-d //.) Tobin {T/tomas) &, Co. {M. 
E. Tobin), importers of laces, trimmings and 
fancy goods, NE cor Sausomo and Sacra- 
mento, dwl W s Powell bet Jack k Wash'n 

Jones Evan E. porter, 54 Front, dwl N s Green 
bet Kearny and Union 

Jones F. blacksmith, Pacitic Foundry 

Jones Frank, clerk, 40 Webb 

Jones Franklin L. painter and glazier, 180 Jack- 

Jones Geo. E. seaman, dwl 117 Bush 

Jones Gideon C. (^Trmtt & J.) dwl Tehama nr First 

Jones G. machinist, dwl 208 Stockton 

Jones Harrison, harness-maker, 84i Kearny 

Jones Henry W. ( William B. Jones & Co.) bds 
Oriental Hotel 

Jones H. B. book-keeper with J. C. Palmer, dwl 
cor Stockton and Greenwich 

Jones J. commission merchant, 79 Front, dwl S 
side Jackson nr Powell 

Jones James, porter with Jones & Bendixen, dwl 
cor Riley and Jones 

Jones James J. foreman at Thos. 0. Shaw's, Da- 
vis near Sacramento 

Jones John & Co. (Eldridge G. Coo!;), groceries 
and liquors, S\V cor Howard and First, and 
NE cor Third and Minna 

Jones John, Mason, dwl NW cor Dupont and 
Harlan place 

Joues John, bar-keeper, Jackson bet Drumm and 

Jones Joseph, bricklayer, dwl Bay nr Kearny 

Jones Joshua, pile-driver, dwl Clay nr Drumm 

Jones J. R. bricklayer. Fort Point 

Joues Martha Mrs. lodgings, 154 California 

Jones Nathan, cooper, 150 Battery, bds SE cor 
Clark and Front 

Jones Peter, caulker, bds Isthmus House 

Jones Samuel D. bds 269 Powell 

Jones Samuel E. barkeeper with W. T. Fiske, 
bds cor Sutter and Post 

Jones {Simon L.) & Bendixen (George L. J.) 
auctioneers, 61 and 63 California, dwl Fre- 
mont near Folsom 

Jones Thomas, carpenter, dwl S s Greenwich nr 

Jones {TItomas W.) &FairfowI (Jos. G.) lighter- 
men. Mission Street Wharf 

Jones T. chemist, 144 Washington, room 4 

Jones William, laborer, Fort Point 

Jones William, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Mont'y 
and Sansome 

Jones Wm. stone-cutter, dwl Kearny nr Bdwy 

Jones William, dwl San Jose road, N of Willows 

Jones William, (Morse & J.) drayman, dwl Annie 
near Mission 

Jones William B. k Co. (Henry W. Jones), im- 
porters, 123 Sansome, up stairs, residence 
in New Tork 

Jones William H. stoves, etc. Third, cor Folsom 

Jones William H. dwl 2 Morse 
Jones William M. inspector. Custom House 
Joost Hermann, bar-keeper, cor Vallejo & Davig 
Joost Tonjes, grocer, cor Pine and Leidesdorff 
Jordan A. P. {Davis it J.) res Santa Cruz 
Jordan Chas. G. vegetables, 10 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl 133 Bush [Kellogg 
Jordan David S, N. teamster, bds T^-ith Geo. W, 
Jordan James, liair-dresser, 163 Mont'y, dwl E 8' 

Stockton bet Clay and Sacramento 
Jordan John, watchmaker, with M. Jordan, dwl 

177 Washington 
Jordan Juditli Mrs. (widow), dwl W s Stockton 

near Lombard 
JORDAN M. watches and jewelry, 165 Mont'y 
Jordan Rudolph, {J. Franck & Co.) dwl Folsom' 

near Fourth 
Jorgensen Jacob E. tinsmith, S side Commercial 

near Kearny 
Jorres George, carpenter, dwl SW cor Lombard 

and Stockton 
Jorres Henry, carpenter, dwl SW cor Lombard 

and Stockton 
Jorres William, carpenter, dwl SW cor Lombard 

and Stockton 
JOSEPH BROTHERS, (7?. & J. B.) importers 

of watches, jewelry, diamonds, etc. etc. 149*ll 

Joseph Bernard, importer and jobber of dry 

goods, clothing, etc. Battery nr Sacramento 
Joseph Hyam, bds 24l Kearny 
Joseph J. B. {Joseph Brothers), 149 Montgomery 
Joseph Michael J. salesman, 122 Sacramento 
JOSEPHI ISAAC S. importer of watches, jew- 
elry and watch-maker's tools, 177 Wash'n, 

dwl cor Clay and Dupont 
Joseph! Robert, importer of watches, jewelry, etc. 

171 Wash'n, dwl S side Sutter near Powell 
Josephs F. A. Mrs. dwl S s Vallejo bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Josephs L. broker, dwl S 8 Vallejo bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Josselyn George M. & Co. (Geo.O. Fairfieltl), ship 

chandlers. Market near Stewart, dwl Folsom 

near First 
Josselyn Joseph H. physician, bds Rassette 
Jourdain (ieo7j) & Syrence (Cltas.) L'Esperanco 

Rest.aurant, 1G9 Commercial 
Jourden William B. baker, dwelling Clemenlina 

near Second 
Journee Jean M. liquors, W s Kearny nr Post 
Joy E. F. bds Presidio road, W of ^'alley Hou-v 
Joj' Hartford, sea captain, dwelling W s Taylv: 

bet Green and Union 
Joy {Reuben M.) k Co. {Robert B. Joy), hay ami 

grain, 116 Broadway, bds E side Mason hi ' 

AVashington and Clay 
Joy Robert B. {Joy & Co.) bds E s Mason, hi : 

Washington and Cl.iy 
Joyce Martin, laborer, Sugar Refinery 
Judah Benjamin W. (cold) b.irber, dwl 87 Bdwy 
Judd B. 0. printer, dwl 113 Broadway 
Judevine Albert, broom-maker, bds Sailors 

Judge (Miss Henry) & Waterman (Sarah E.) 

dress-makers, 330 Stockton 
Judge Henrj', harness-maker, at Main & Win- 
chester's, 82 Battery 



Judge Thomas, 'What Cheer House 

IJudson Charles, at S. F. Chemical 'Works 

Judson Egbert, (Farmer, Chase & Co.) dwl First 

. avenuD 

jjuidici Charles, harness-maker, cor Jackson and 

I Front 

IJulcs August, tailor, dwl St. Charles 

IJunkcr Augustus, musician, dwl 376 Powell 

[Jurgens (/?.) & Co. {John F. Donztlmaa), grocers, 

X\V cor Kearny and Pine 
Just Antoiue, grocer, E s Stockton near Filbert 
PUSTH (£.) & HUNTER (& mileii), assayers, 

melterand refiners, 108 Battery, dwl Union 

LTustin W. laborer, at Turner Bros. 


tiED Andrew, butcher, dwl Pike nr Clay 
iaeding Charles, ink dealer, dwl Post bet Powell 

and Mason 
Kaelitz Henry, painter. Mission nr Third 
ICaf ka John, physician, olEce and dwl SW cor 
Kearny and Pine 
ifka Lee T. harness-maker, 84J Kearny, dwl 

SW cor Kearny and Pine 
alilan George, baker, 372 Stockton 
Ivfililke P. cigars, Stewart, bet Market &, Mission 
"ahn Solomon, cigar manufacturer, SW cor 
Broadway and Dupont 
ain John, laborer, dwl N s Mission bet Potter 
and Brady 
indler Alphonse, (Verdier & K.) dwl Mission 

cor Price 
lindler Gustavo, ( Verdier & E.) dwl Stock cor 

men Philip, carpenter, dwl Third nr Harrison 
laber Ilonora, (widow), dwl W s Mason near 

Ming ( Charles) &, Walsh ( William), books and 
stationery, cor Montgomery and Commerc'l, 
dwl Clay near Sansome 
Igsch Arnold, (J/arca* & K.') dwl cor Stock 
and Pacific 
SJilisher Edward D. office 94 Sacramento, dwl 

N s Sutter bet Kearny and Mary 
Calisky Myers, clerk, 75 JPaciHe 
^alkhoft' Joseph, liquors, cor Pacific and Bartlett 
almok M. cigar-maker, 123 Bush 
Canary Martin, butcher, Second nr Natoma, bds 

10 Sansome 
Cane M. appraiser. Custom House 
lane Patrick, porter, 58 Natoma 
[aoe Patrick F. store-keeper. Custom House 
Canitz Moritz. cigar dealer, 154 Montgomery, 

dwl 102 Merchant 
Caohnbcrk Johanna, baker, cor Bush and Trinity 
Caplan Lewis D. salesman, 82 Sacramento 
Caplan Louis, office SW cor Clay and Davis, bds 

American Exchange 
Carl Henry H. fruits, Dupont bet Jackson and 

Pacific, dwl Dupont near Green 
Carsch (Danid) k Co. importers drugs, 84 Btty, 
dwl N s Hawthorn bet Folsom and Harrison 
taster Albert, Union Brewery, Mission nr Second 
Caster Joseph, cook, SW cor Pacific and Kearny 
Cattenborn Henry, saloon, cor Jackson & Front 

Katz Benjamin, speculator, dwl cor Pino and 

Katz Frederick, butcher, 199 Jackson 
Kaufman Cliarles, butcher, dwl SW cor Sac and 

Kaufman David, clothes renovator, 213 Clay 
Kaufman Jacob, (Scholl & K.) i)7 Bush 
Kaufman 'William, musician, dwl 37(5 Powell 
Kavanagh G,eorge, Pioneer Bakery, Powell bet 

Broadway and Tallejo 
Kavanagh James Mrs. dwl S s Mission near 
Johnston [Mason 

Keagan Michael, laborer, dwl S s Broadway nr 
Kean John, laborer, dwl Calhoun 
Kean John, porter, 53 and 55 Front 
Kearney James, tailor, dwl Harrison nr Price 
Kearney James Mrs. ladies hair-dresser, E s 

Stockton bet Washington and Clay 
Kearney Jamos N. bricklayer. Mission nr Annie 
Keatincamp John C. cook with J. Kincaid, bds 

' cor Vallejo and Powell 
Keating Dennis, boarding, 137 Jackson 
Keating James, bar-keeper, 104 Merchant 
Keating James P. (Smith & K.) bds What Cheer 

Keating Patrick, moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Keating Patrick, laborer, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Keating Patrick, groceries, Stevenson bet First 

and Second 
Keay Alfred, mariner, dwl junc'n Market and Cal 
Kee Chong, washing, Washington nr Davis 
Keefo Peter, coach-smith, dwl Kearny bet Cali- 
fornia and Pine 
Keefe Margaret Mrs. widow, dwl E s Sutter nr 

Keefe F. shoe-maker, dwl W s Mason bet Pine 

and Bush 
Keefe William, varnisherat G. 0. Whitney's, dwl 

53 Pacific 
Keeler H. D. dentist and chiropodist, 87 Com'l 
Keen Hugh, laborer, dwl Green nr larkin 
Keen Owen, laborer. Fort Point 
Keen Sylvanius J. cooper, Chace's Mills, dwl 

Front near Market 
Keenan John (Johnson, Canfidd & Co.) dwl Ma- 
son bet California and Sacramento 
Keenan Patrick, tin-smith, bds Union'House 
Keep E. J. machinist. Pacific Foundry 
Keep John H. clerk, 62 Battery 
Keese David, second steward, Rassette House 
Keesing B. dwl NW cor Dupont and Bush 
Kegel Francis A. tailor, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Kegel Louis, clerk with Keith & Co. bds Helvetic 

Kehoc Henry, dairyman. Fourth bet Folsom and 

Kehoe John, tin-smith, 122 Jackson, dwl S side 

Green near Kearny 
Kehoe John, laborer, Fort Point 
Kehoe Thomas, laundryman, dwl O'Farrell bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Kehoe Thomas, laborer. Fort Point 
Keit'er Samuel M clerk P. 0. bds AVhat Cheer H 
Kiernan John, stone-cutter, dwl Hardie place 
Keith John W. carpenter, dwl 112 Bush 
Keith Samuel, machinist, '\''ulcan Iron Works 
Keith Samuel D. bds -with W. B. Wood, cor Mis- 
sion and Jane 




KEITH WILLIAM H. & CO. druggisto, SW cor 

Jloiitgomery aud Clay 
Kellelir Tliomaa, cai'iieutcr, N s Pacific bet Front 

and Davis 
Keller Frederic, proptr Republic Mkt, 152 Pacific 
Keller John, blacksmith and wheelwright,, N a 

Sutter near Kearny 
Keller Levi, clerk, 118 Sacramento, bds 232 Sac 
Keller Michael, laborer, Vulcan Iron Works 
Kellersberger R. (}{utte& Co.), and SwissConsul, 

104 Battery, divl cor Lombard and Dupout 
Kellett Charles, moulder, dwl Sherwood place nr 

Kellet M. plasterer, bds What Cheer House 
Kellett William, plasterer, bds What Cheer H 
Kellett Samuel, plasterer, Clementina nr Second 
Kellner Augustus Rev. dwl Pine near Dupont 
Kellner S. tailor, Pacific bet Davis and Drumm 
Kelley Arthur, lather, dwl Jessie near Anthony 
Kelley Bernard, drayman, dwl S s Greenwicli bet 

Mason and Taylor [thony 

Kelley Bernard, M. draj-man, dwl Jessie near An- 
Kelley Edward, mariner, dwl Clay near Davis 
Kelley Edward S. {Porter & K.) office Jackson 

bet Drumm and Davis 
Kelley Ellen Mrs. dwl Third near Howard 
Kelley E. A. Metropolitan Exchange 175 Mont- 
gomery, bds El Dorado building 
Kelley Frank, cabman, dwl N s Post nr Dupont 
Kelley George, fireman, S. F. Gas Works 
Kelley Houora Mrs. widow, dwl Mont'y bet Pa- 
cific and Broadway 
Kelley Hugh, laborer. Fort Point 
Kelley James H. steward, dwl Quincy near Cal 
Kelley James M. carpenter, dwl 88 Kearny 
Kelley John, laborer, Fort Point 
Kelley John, liquors, Davis bet Tallejo & Bdw'y 
Kelley John, drayman, dwl NE cor Powell and 

Kelley John W. messenger. Custom House, dwl 

S s Sutter near Powell 
Kelley Julia Miss, dress-maker, Dupont nr Sac 
Kelley Mallach, laborer, dwl Bestole nr Sansome 
Kelley Michael, laborer, dwl Leavenworth near 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, dwl Rassette place No 2 
Kelley Patrick, clerk, bds NE corner Powell and 

Kelley Patrick, plasterer, dwl N s Pine nr Taylor 
Kelley (Tliomas) & Wagner CSViltiara), cigars, 

Davis near Broadway 
Kelley Thomas, waiter, Ei\ilroad House 
Kelley Thomas, drayman, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Kelley William, tailor, 190 Kearny, dwl corner 

Mason and Tallejo 
Kelley William, laborer, dwl cor Market & Bush 
Kelley William, dwl Eincon Point bet Main and 

Kelley William, dwl W s Mason near Tallejo 
Kelley William, carpenter, dwl Tay near Clay 
Kelley Zeno, dwl 107 Montgomery Block 
Kellogg Albert, (Burke & A".) physician, dwl SW 

cor Pine and Stockton 
Kellogg Andrew J. with Kellogg and Humbert 
KELLOGG CHARLES L. seed store, 118 Clay, 

dwl SW cor Clay and Stockton 
Kellogg Charles W. with FUnt, Peabody & Co. 
dwl Essex bet Folsom and Harrison 

Kellogg C. TV. salesman, 52 Front 

Kellogg Franklin D. book-keeper, G2 Battery 

Kellogg George H. {Flint, Peahody tfc Co.) dwl 

Essex bet Folsom and Harrison 
Kellogg George W. Kellogg House, Stewart bet 

Market and Mission 
Kellogg Jas. book-keeper, with Sathcr &, Church, 

dwl E side Stockton near Pine 
Kellogg James, with Kellogg k Humbert I 

Kellogg {John G.) & Humbert {Anguitus), assay- j 

ers, 104 Montgomery l 

Kellogg J. H. Lieut, commanding revenue cutttci 

W. L. Marcy, office Custom House 
Kellon Robert, brewer, dwl Hayes' Valley 
Kells W. F. carpenter, 122 Jackson 
Kellum C. D. carpenter, Morris near I'i' ■ 
Kelly Archibald, laborer, Natoma neai 
Kelly Charles, cabman, Kelly's Stable 
Kelly Charles H. (Whiting &, K.) Presidio Toai^ 

W of Cottage House 
Kelly Delia, laundree.s, XI. S. Marine Hospital 
Kelly Edward J. bar-keeper, NE corner Kearny 

and Commercial 
KELLY {Eugene) & CO. {Daniel T. Muij 

Josejjh A. Donohoe, Adam Grant d: Tli 

Breeze), importers and jobbers of dry gi 

NW cor Sacramento and Sansome, resiil- 

in New York 
Kelly George, at Kelly's Stable 
Kelly J. hostler, at Wells, Fargo & Go's Exprea 

Kelly James, cooper, dwl Filbert bet Sansomt 

and Montgomery 
Kelly James, warehouseman, N. 0. W. dwcllinj 

Third bet Minna and Howard 
Kelly James, laborer, dwl Everett near Fourth 
Kelly James R. painter, 28 CaUfornia, dwl CO) 

Ritch and Clay 
Kelly James Wells, printer, Commercial Office 

bds 4 Belden's Block 
Kelly John, painter, dwl First between FolsoB 

and Howard 
Kelly John, (A. Aitstin & Co.) dwl corner Sacra 

mento and Powell 
Kelly John, laborer, dwl W s Clara near Bii.-i, 
Kelly John, boarding, cor Battery & Chambers j 
Kelly John J. express department at Wells, Far 

go & Go's, dwl SW cor Cal and Mont'y 
Kelly John jr. Brooklyn House, corner SansoBi I 

and Broadway 
Kelly Joseph, machinist, Tulcan Iron Works 
Kelly Manus, porter, 148 Battery, dwl corMaaoi 

and Broadway 
Kelly Martin, laborer, dwl Sutter near Sansome i' 
Kelly Mary Mrs. (ilcGowan <fc K.) dwl Jessie n.' 

Kelly Michael, porter, 99 Front, dwl Stocktm 

bet Pacific and Broadway 
Kelly Michael, dwl Rassette place No. 1 
Kelly Morton, laborer. Fort Point 
Kelly Patrick, liquors, 257 Dupont 
Kelly Patrick A. laborer, Fort Point 
Kelly Richard, tailor, 75 Merchant, dwl Sansom 

near A''allejo 
Kelly Rose Mrs. (widow), dwl 37 Trinity 
Kelly Samuel, livery stable, Pine betw'n Mont' 

and Kearny 
Kelly William, liquors, 186 Kearny 



Eugene Kelly, Daniel T. Kurphy, Joeeph A. Sonohoe, Adam Grant, Thoi. Breeze. 



BEi mom Am clothiis, 





(THEIH 0"Wasr r>I^OIDXJCE-) 





Battery Street, between Pacific and Broadway, 

JON A. KITTREDGE, Proprietor. 






San Francisco -^ 
DIRECT importer) 

-<(^ f )>^ - — ^ 

tusical ilTnstruments 



Orders for the alcove -by the case 

or otherwise . filled proimptly 

and at the lowest prices. 

A large assortmeDt, and every quality, varying from 
the rhenpest to the very best, lie is thereby enabled to 
Buit every customer and market. 


Prubiibly exceeds the 8uni total uf all other HiDiilar tttocki 

in Calitoiiiiit. Continently he muat and will sell CilKAP. 

The (J<M)ils inuht bf SDLD to make room for that 

Wlii< li i.-i lunv oil till- wiiy from France and Ui-nnjiny. 

FIANO FOKTES— From different ManufiicturcrB, and 
warranted i)erfer-t in every pwtlcular. 

LKASS IN^STItUMKiNTS— French and German, from 
tb'^ best niakerH. 

A lOLINt* — French, German and Italian, at jiricea vary- 
in fioiu 75 cents tu $5U each, with or without buwti and 

ITAKS — With paper or wooden cases, if required^ 
{ ■^ greatly reduced. 

I, C, I KIEPZIG i m 

Manufacturers and Dealers in 

<3^xyisf ^ 


til aitiiiMi, 

Of every descriptiou. 


Above the Hall of Records, 

C^ Rifles, Fowling Pieces and PistolKi 
repaired and warranted. 




Kelscy Melville, com mclit, S'VV corner California 

nnil Davis, dwl AV s Mason but Sutter & Bush 
Kelsey R. Mrs. Howard Temperance House, 35 

Kemble Aiitonia, waiter. Railroad House 
Kemble Edw. C. editor of Chronicle, bds Brannan 

Kemble George P. blacksmith. Market nr Third, 

dwl cor Third and Mission 
Kemp John, dwl N s Greenwich bet Mason and 

Tvoncke William, porter, 124 California 
Ix nilall Cyrus, carpenter, bds 12 Sansomo 
Kendall James, musician, dwl N a Mission near 

KeuJall Jerome, carpenter, dwl Valparaiso bet 

Taylof and Jones 
iC 'naall S. P. watch-maker, 163 Clay 
. 1 1 Jail Thomas, wharfinger, dwl corner Tallejo 

ami Hodges place 
. ii'lall Thom;is jr. at Excelsior Soda Works 
udrick (Daniel) & Smith (\V. M.) pniduco 

commission merchants, 21 Clay, dwl Monroe 
Keadrick John, laborer, bds E s Broadway bet 

Montgomery and Sansomo 
Konfert Henry, tailor, dwl 11 Kearny 
Keuick John, cabinet maker, with Jonas G. 

Clark & Co. 
Kenison William, engineer, dwl Bay bet Mout'y 

and Kearny 
Kenitzer Henry, (Clarlc & E.) Ill Montgomery 

Block, dwl 54 Natoma 
Kenna M. Mrs. dress-maker, N s Pacific betw'n 

Sansome and Battery 
Keunard Daniel, dwl E s Sutter bet Kearny and 

Kennedy {Barthohmeio) & Flintoff {Jos.) black- 
smiths, Halleck near Leidesdorff, dwelling 

Leidesdorff near Sacramento 
Kennedy Bernard, carpenter, dwl E 8 Emma bet 

Pine and Bush 
Kennedy Bernard, blacksmith, bds What Cheer 

Kennedy {Edward C.) k Bell {John), carpets, 

etc. etc. 105 Moiit'y, bds 41 Kearny 
Kennedy {Edward) & Hopkins ( Theron), proptrs 

Genessee Mills, Gold near Sansome 
Kennedy Elizabeth Miss, assistant Union Street 

School, dwl Clay near Powell 
Kennedy Francis, dwl 64 Broadway 
Kennedy Frank, liquor saloon, 124 Commercial 
Kennedy George, flour, corner Front and Oregon, 

dwl 144 Washington 
Kennedy James S. dwl Ellis bet Powell & Mason 
Kennedy John, drayman, dwl Taylor bet Filbert 

and Greenwich 
Kennedy James, with James M. McDonald, dwl 

Pacific near Seventh 
Kennedy J. D. at French, Walrath & Co's, dwl 

Dupont near Greenwich 
Kennedy J. 0. B. with H. Cohn & Co 
Kennedy John, machinist, dwl Stevenson near 

Kennedy L. Miss, assistant Union St. School 
Kennedy Mathow, cooper, dwl Pacific nr Btty 
Kennedy P. J. {J. Lynch & Co.) dwl Clay near 

Kennedy S. J. compositor, Alta California 

Kennedy Thomas, dwl N s Broadway bet Du- 
pont and Kearny 
Kennedy T. assistant keeper L. H. Farrallones 
Kennedy W. ( Vom Dyke &. K.) dwl W s Du- 
pont near Sacramento 
Kennerson John, carrier Bulletin, dwl N a Mis- 
sion W of Second 
Kenney Anna Mrs. widow, dwl N side Pine bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Kenney Isaac A. merchant, dwl Prospect place 
Kenney Michael, at saloon SE cor Montgomery 
and Merchant, dwl S s Jessie bet First and 
Kenney Michael, laborer, dwl NW cor Pacific 
and Auburn [Kearny 

Kenney Peter, blacksmith, dwl cor California and 
Kenniff Bosaua, widow, dwl W s Mason nr Bdwy 
Kennovan John, laborer, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Kenny George L. {U. II. Bancroft & Co.) dwl S 

W cor Powell and Clay 
Kenny John, dwl 73 Pacific 
Kenny Joseph, drayman, with Swain & Co. dwl 

Minna near Third 
Kenny Michael, laborer, at Turner Brothers 
Keno William, bricklayer. Fort Point 
Kent Antonio, 128 Montgomery 
Kent Edwin, at Donohue's Union Iron Works 
Kent H. R. clerk at Mead & Co's, NW cor San- 
some and Commercial 
Kent J. Horace, (ex-Coroner), office Argus, bds 

Tehama House 
Kent Samuel H. ship-carpenter, bds First near 

Kent Thomas, watch-maker and jeweler, 166 

Montgomery, dwl S s Mason nr California 
Kentfield John, office 10 Stewart, dwl Folsom 

bet Fremont and Beale 
Kentzel W. A. with William Burling 
Kenyon William P. & Co. hardware, 78 Com'l 
Keohner William, German Bakery, NW corner 

Greenwich and Hartman place 
Kepp Joseph, laborer. Fort Point 
Kerlin George R. dry goods. Second nr Minna 
Kern John, dwl Scotland near Filbert 
Kern Rodolph, baker, dwl Kearny nr Post 
Kemain John, cooper, dwl Baldwin Court 
Kernain Thomas, dwl Baldwin Court 
Kernan Frank, porter, with Haven & Johnston 
Kornan Thomas, dwl W s Auburn nr Jackson 
Kernoy Thomas, tailor, dwl S s Vallojo nr Larkin 
Kerr Andrew, porter, with Conroy & O'Connor, 

bds cor Green and Montgomery 
Kerr Andrew, laborer, dwl S s St. Charles 
KERR (Jainea II.) & BATLESS ( Charks E.) 
billiard saloon, SW cor Mont'y and Sacra- 
mento, dwl cor Broadway and Kearny 
Kerr Joseph W. liquors, SW comer Jackson and 

Kerr Thomas, clerk, at Sugar Refinery, dwl 
Brannan near Third [and Front 

Kerr William, boarding. Chambers bet Battery 
Kerrigan John, contractor, dwl Natoma nr Jan^ 
Kerrison George J. clerk, Battery nr Merchant 
Kerrison {Henry W.) & Co. {Cliarles Jordan), 
vegctablo dealers, 10 Washington Market, 
dwl n Sutter 
KERRISON HENRY W. livery stable, 14 Cal- 
ifornia, dwl n Sutter 

'^^''■■•-'^- ■ ■ ■ 



Kerrisou Robert K. livery Rtable, 114 California, 

dwl n Suttor [Bush 

Kervin Tlionia8, carpenter, dwl E b Powell near 
Kesmodel Frederick, cutler and instrum't maker, 

209 Kearny 
Kesseler Joseph, marble cutter, 91 Mont'y, dwl 

Pacific near Montgomery 
Kessing John H. fish dealer, 7 New Market, bds 

Franklin House 
Kester Levi B. syrup manufj at Turner Brothers, 

dwl Minna nr Jane 
Keunzi John, turner, at Market Street Mills, bds 

William Tell House 
Kewen William, pattern-maker, dwl SW comer 

Howard and First 
Zewer John, at Donahue's Iron Foundry, bds 

Tehama place 
Keyes Alfred, dwl S s Everett nr Fourth 
Keyes Edmond, porter-house, 60 Bush, dwl 31 

Keyes E. D., TJ. S. A., Fort Point, office SE cor 

Montgomery and California 
Keyes George, (Murphy & Keyes), 104 Kearny 
Keyes John A. dwl W s Stockton nr Union 
Keyes J. A. carpenter and builder. Green near 

Stockton [Mission 

Keyes Orson H. {Brachett & K.) Stewart near 
Keyes Rosanua Mrs. 37 Montgomery 
Keygan Bernard, gardener, dwl S side Sutter bet 

Powell and Stockton 
Keys George, produce merchant, 32 Clay 
Keyser Hermann, " Pennsylvania Market," NW 

cor Union and Kearny, dwl Lafayette place 
Keyser William, butcher, cor Kearny and Union, 

dwl Lafayette place 
Kibbe Millard, liquors, SE cor Montgomery and 

Commercial, dwl 162 Powell 
Kidder Charles, painter, 42 Washington 
Kidder Martin, dwl Ritch bet Bryant & Brannan 
Kiefer Michael, boots and shoes, 348 Stockton 
Kiening Andre, dwl 155 Sacramento 
Kiernan Eliza Mrs. widow, dwl Post nr Stockton 
KIERULFF J..N. store-keeper, dwl cor Union 

and Battery 
Kieski Isadore, clothing, 185 Pacific 
Kilduflf Patrick, bds S s Greenwich nr Powell 
Kile Samuel, bds Niantic Hotel 
Killaley Richard, mining engineer, 178 Mont'y 
Killilea Bernard, grocer, cor Jackson and East, 

dwl S s Green nr Montgomery 
Kimball Charles P. Noisy Carrier's Book Co. dwl 

77 Long Wharf 
Kimball Daniel W. bds 9 Virginia nr Jackson 
Kimball George P. blacksmith, dwl SW corner 

Third and Mission 
Kimball Henry, book-binder, at J. J. Lecount's, 

dwl Brannan nr Third 
Kimball James H. fireman stmr Senator, dwl Pa- 
cific near Front 
Kimball (Sotonion P.) & Knight {WiUiam K) 

merchants, office 38 i Clay 
^imball Theodore, (Kimball k Co.) carriage- 
painters, N 8 Pine bet Mont'y and Sansome, 

bda 99 Pine 
Kimball Thomas, copyist, dwl 121 Pine 
Kimbell Albert J. dwl Second bet Bryant and 

Kimmel Jacob, jobbing and commis'n, 108 San 

Kimp George, {Brown <fc K.) Dupont bet Bush 

and Sutter 
Kincaid Charles, storekeeper Custom House, dwl 

Sutter near Dupont 
Kincaid John E. ( Well k K.) dwl G5 Minna 
Kincaid L. S. ship-carpenter, bds Kellogg House 
Kindlier Patrick, laborer, dwl Taylor nr Post 
King Aaron, (L.King & Bros.) 71 Battery 
King Albert H. clerk at L. Coburn's 
King A. J. scrip broker. Merchant nr Mont'y, 

dwl 148 Montgomery 
King Alexander, at Pioneer Mills. Market near 

First, bds SW cor First and Stevenson 
King C. T. Miss, teacher Intermediate School No. 

3, dwl Powell nr Jackson 
King E. T. pattern-maker. Pacific Foundry 
King Henry L. builder, E s Sansome nr Paci! 

dwl E 3 Powell nr Washington 
King Irvine, pattern maker, Jessie nr Jane 
King James L. commission merchant, office NW 

cor Clay and Mont'y, dwl Jessie nr Annie 
King James of Wm. Mrs. widow, dwl S s Jack- 
son bet Stockton and Powell 
KING (£.) k BRO. (Aaron King), importers and 

jobbers, 71 Battery 
King M. carpenter. Oak near Mason 
King Mark, workman U. S. B. Mint 
King Minor, Aubin Gas Co. bds 159 Mission 
King Morris, miner, bds 25 Jessie 
King Nicholas, draftsman, U. S. Sur. Gen'l, dwl 

NW cor Fourth and Mission 
King P. clothing, dwl SW corner Dupont and 

Harlan place 
King Richard, carpenter, dwl Folsom nr Eckc r 
King Robert, fruit dealer, 1 54 Clay, dwl Brookn 
King Samuel, constable, dwl NW cor Broadway 

and Mason 
King Samuel D. attorney at law, 35 Montgomi : y 

block, dwl NW cor Mission and Fourth 
KING STEPHEN T. & CO. (J. Stamper V. ■ 

over, John B. Gillmor and William L. iV- - 

man), publishers and proprietors Spirit of 

the Times, office 113 Montgomery, bds In- 
ternational Hotel 
King Thomas, Alhambra House, 90 Pacific 
King Thomas S. { C. 0. GerheriJing k Co.) editor 

Evening Bulletin, dwl Jackson W of Stock 
King W. B. dwl Geary bet Dupont and Stockton 
Kings Rufus, ship-carpenter, bds Barkley Hor — 
Kingsbury Elisha, bds E s Dupont near Sac 
Kingsbury George, drayman. Market cor Stew- 
art, dwl Mission near Beale 
Kingsljury George W. drayman, dwl N s Mission 

near the Bridge 
Kingsbury 6. W. drayman, dwl S side Sutter bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Kingsbury (J.) k Dodge (A.) proprietors Franklin 

House, SW cor Broadway and Sansome 
Kingsley Alfred M. laborer, dwl cor Greenwich 

ami Sansome 
Kingsley G. bricklayer, Fort Point 
Kingston John, What Cheer House 
Kinlyside George, wagon-maker, 153 Pacific, dwl 

S side Post bet Mason and Taylor 
Kinney Henry, dwl N side Francisco nr Stockton 
Kinney Michael, laborer, saloon, Jessie nr Ecker 
Kinney P. watchman, Donahue's Union Iron 




'Kinsolla Patrick, Donahue's Union Iron 'Works 
Kinsman Charles W. carpenter, Tehama nr Second 
Kinsman Franklin, carpenter, Tehama nr Second 
Kinsman Jamos W. carpenter, Tehama nr Second 
Kinzel Theodore, cigars, SW cor Pacific & Kear- 
I ny, bds cor Broadway and Kearny 
Kinzer George W. wood & coal. SW cor Market 
; and Second, dwl Third bet Brannan & Town- 
; send 
jKip William Ingraham, Rt. ReV. V>. D. Episcopal 

Bishop of California, dwl N s California near 
I Stockton 

jCirby Edward C. porter. 111 and 113 California, 
; bds What Cheer House 
Kirbv John, bds What Cheer House 
Kirby S. M. Mrs. {Sovee A A'.) 34G Stockton 
K'iri'v William II. T. dwl SE cor Greenwich and 

.,1 i y W. L. (R. K Bennett &. Co.) dwl S sChos- 

nut bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Kirk I'hristian, {Haste ifc K.) dwl N side Ellis bet 

Powell and Mason 
I'^dward, tin-smith, with G. &, W. Snook, dwl 

tjt. Charles near Kearny 
Cirkwood Robert, machinist, dwl Howard near 

KIRNAN JOSEPH, liquor saloon, SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Merchant, bds 154 CaUfornia 
Earst Gustaf, liquors, cor California and Kearny, 

dwl S side Post near Dupont 
Kirtland H. J. Miss, teacher, Powell St School 
Kissane Henry, teamster, dwl Folsom nr Sim- 
Cissoau Henry, dwl Folsom near Fifth 
Kissling John W. dwl E s Folsom near Toll-gate 
Kittle J. G. (Be Witt K. & Co. ). dwl 56 Broadway 
Kiulo N. G. (7)e Witt K. & Co.) dwl 56 Broadway 
Kittredgo Charles, teamster, dwl Stevenson near 

Kittredge George, dwl Everett near Fourth 
KITTRiJDGE JONATHAN, Phoeni.x; Iron Wks, 

SE cor Battery and Chambers, dwl N side 

Ellis bet Powell and Mason 
Kittredge Miss, teacher. Spring Valley School 
Kittrell J. R. dwl 85 Sutter 
Klapperich John S. blacksmith, comer Bush and 

Milton place 
Klaus F. turner, bds New England House 
Klein Frederick, turner, dwl St. Mark's place 
Kleinolaus Balthazar, dwl N s Vallejo, bet Du- 
pont and Stockton 
KLEPZIG (John C. E.) k CO. {Severin Gullick- 

son), manufacturers guns, etc., 212 ATash'n 
Klina Charles, boots and shoes, 54 Commercial 
Kline Auguste, dwl S s Vallejo near Stockton 
Kline Benjamin, plasterer, dwl SE cor Vallejo 

and Montgomery 
Kline (Louis) & Forchheimer (Dnvid), importers 

hats, etc. and hatters' stock, 92 Sacramento 
Kling Olof W. watchmaker, 53 Jackson 
Klinicofstrom M. office Russian Consul, Esses 

above Folsom 
Kloephor Adam, cabinet-maker, 138 Broadway 
Kloppenburg Otto, (Koll &. K.) and groceries, SW 

cor Bush and Montgomery 
Kloss P. H. Shakspoaro House, 65 Pacific 
Kopenstein Andrus, merchant, dwl N s Union nr 


Klumpke (Geonje R) & Pfeifer (John), boots and 

shoes, 164 Clay, dwl 6 Pike 
KLUMPP WILLIAM, metal engraver & chaser, 

175 Washington 
Klund Henry, vinegar manufacturer, 196 Kearny 
Knapp Joel B. inspector, Custom House, dwl E 

side Scotland near Filbert 
Knapp Perry, wood and coal, Kearny nr Geary, 

bds Albion House 
Knapp (P.) A Bailey (Isaac i.) feed store, Kear- 
ny near Geary, dwl St. Mark's place 
Knapp William L. drayman, 67 Washington, dwl 

cor Sansome and California 
Knat Lewis, upholsterer, dwl Mason bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
Knibbe William, salesman, 147 Sacramento, dwl 

Leidesdorlf near California 
Knight E. D. city reporter Alta California, dwl 

250 Clay 
Knight Frank P. 35 Sacramento 
Knight Maria E. Mrs. lodgings, corner Bush and 

Milton place 
KNIGHT (Rohe-rt S.) HARMON (A. K. P.) & 

CHILDS, (K R.) importers boots .and shoes, 

6S Battery, dwl cor Second and Stevenson 
Knight William W. book-keeper, 82 Front 
Knights Judd, dairyman, Presidio road, east of 

Presidio House 
Knights Luther, laborer at A. D. Baker's, Com'l 

below Davis, dwl Chelsea place 
Knobloch Charles, laborer, Fort Point 
Knoll Charles F. tailor, 29 Montgomery 
Knop (Henry) & Co. (A. Mdwitz), grocers, SW 

cor California and Kearny 
Knop Henry, (M. Mangels & Co.) dwl SE corner 

Washington and Pike 
Knott Richard F. real estate agent, 150 Mont'y 
Knower William B. hatter, dwl N s Union near 

Knowles Amos P. cooper, bds Manliattan House 
KNOWLES C. C. surgeon dentist, office 166 

Clay, up stairs, dwl Silva bet Second and 

Knowles Frank F. cooper, bds Manhattan House 
Knowles Frederick A. cooper, boards Manhattan 

Knowles George H, hay and grain. Market op. 

Second, bds Sutter House 
KNOWLES IRA'ING H. (late Hammond & K.) 

dealer in lumber, 23 California, bds 6 Bel- 
den's Block 
Knowles James, butcher, San Jos6 Market, W 8 

First nr Natoma 
Knowles John, hay and grain, bds E s Sutter 

bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Knowles Joseph, cooper, bds Manhattan House 
Knowles Tlwraas, butcher, San Jose Market, W 

8 First near Natoma 
Knowlton G. AV. with Delahanty and Skelly, 

Mis.sion near Third 
Knoth William, laborer, 165 California, dwl Mis- 
sion near Third 
Knox Charles H. clerk, with R. F. Knox & Co. 

dwl 14 Clementina 
Knox F. (R. F. Knox & Co.) dwl Eddy between 

Jones and Taylor 
Knox George T. attorney at law and Notary 

Public, 106 Montgomery, dwl 94 Mont'y 




Knox Ilenry, (Pillsbury & Co.) boards Bachelors' 

Knox Israel W. with R. P. Knox & Co. dwl li 

Knox Jenny Miss, teacher Market St. School 
Knox John, 131 California, Ixls ISl California 
Knox R. F. ct Co. {F. Knox), New Bedford Oil 

and Campheno Works, Townsend S First, 

office 87 Washington, dwl 14 Clementina 
Knox S. C. Miss teacher, Washington School 
Ivnudsen A. mariner, bds junction Market and 

Knus Conrad, machinist, Sansome bet Bush and 

Market, dwl Sutter bet Mont'y and Sansome 
Kobecke John, Mission Bakery, Centre near 

Koch John C. carpenter, dwl S s Union between 

Powell and Mason 
Koch Margaret Mrs. 135 Bush 
Koegel Louis, clerk, NW cor Jfonfgomery and 

Clay, dwl cor Market ond Sansome 
Koegel Louis Mrs. embroidering, dwl Helvetic 

Koehler William, {Bclchel & E.) 102 Merchant 
Koelcer Anthony, barber, N s Jackson nr Davis 
Koen Charles, laborer, dwl St. Marks place 
Koening Arnold, cl'k, Hentsch's Banking House, 

bds with H. Hentsch 
Koffman August, musician, dwl W a Powell nr 

Koffman Frederick, musician, dwl W s Powell 

near Vallejo 
Kohl William, engineer, bds Sutter House 
KOHLBERG {Suloman) & CO. (Isnid S. Bosen- 

haum), cigars, SW cor Jackson and Davis 
KOHLER ANDREW, importer toys, music, etc. 

178 Washington and 276 Stockton 
Kohler August, merchant, dwl S s Sutter near 

KOHLER {Charles) & FROHLING (^John), dea- 
lers and producers of California wines and 

brandies, 156 Montgomery, Montgomery 

Block, dwl 3 Waverly place 
Kohler Frederick D. ex-County Recorder, bds 

Mission near Second 
Kohler Frederick, barber, W s Front nr Pacific 
Kohler George F. superintendent of laborers, 

Custom House 
Kohler Louis, printer, 120 Montgomery dwl cor 

Green and Powell 
Kohler M. bds What Cheer House 
Kohler Theodore G. proprietor California Demo- 
crat, office 140 Montgomery, dwl NW cor 

Greenwich and Mason 
Kohler Wilham, barber, dwl S s California near 

Kohlmoos {diristian) k Schwartz {Dedrick), 

grocer.?, NE cor Kearny and St. Charles 
Kohlmoos John, grocer, NW corner Dupont and 

Kohn Edward, clerk, Edwards & Bailey, dwl 

Powell near Green 
Kohn Emile, 88 and 90 Commercial, bds Powell 

bet Green and Union [Montgomery 

Kohn Henry, (Bctteux & C.) corner Bush and 
Kohn J. dwl N s Green near Powell 
Kohn John, boot-maker, with G. Webber, bds 

N s Pacific bet Montgomery and Kearny. 

Kohn Marcus, clothing, G9 Sacramento, dwl N ■ 

Mission near First 
Kohnoke John C. cigars. 322 Stockton 
Ko]l (Frederick \V.) & Kloppenburg (0/to), pro- 
duce and comm'n, 26 Clay, dwl 36 Mont'y 
KoUing Henry, bds American Hotel, G3 Mont'y 
Koltinsky Lewis, clerk, cor Com'l & Leidesdorff 
Kone Dewitt C. tinsmith and roofer, 4G Sansome 
Kong Chun, Chinese laundry, 190 Kearny 
Konig A. clerk, at Hentsch's, bds Dupont bet 

Pine and Bush 
Kool John, baker, 53 Kearny 
Koopmanschap Cornelius, commission merchant, 

bds Union Hotel 
Kopp Francis, tailor, 206 Clay 
Kojipitz Charles, professor music, dwl S 8 Fran- 
cisco near Stockton 
Kopky J. bds 107 Broadway 
Korb Mrs. midwife, 27 Montgomery 
Korff Henry C. grocer, NE cor Broadway and 

Korn Julius, bds S s Pine nr Stockton 
KornfeldA. Charles, ladies' dress-maker, 205 Clay 
KORNIKER LOUIS, oil clothing, SW cor Clay 

and Davis, dwl 245 Kearny 
Korten {Benjamin) k Co. {Henry Tieten), grocers, 

NE cor Pacific and Dupont 
Koshland Simon, dwl Mission nr Third 
Kosmiusky C. clerk, 1 Custom House Block, 

bds Bush bet Kearny and Dupont 
Kosminsky Harmon, cigars, 1 Custom House 

Block, Sansome cor Sacramento 
Kosta Frederick, blacksmith. Second nr Market 
Koster Henry, cigars 
Koster {Frederick) & Fortman (Frederick). Pacific 

Brewery, Howard nr Fourth 
Koster Henr)-, cigars and tobacco, 170 Wash'n 

nr Maguire's Opera House 
Kostmayer John, barber, Stockton nr Pacific 
Kostromitinofl' Peter S. Russian Consul, ofBce 

and dwl Essex nr Folsom 
Koughney Patalamus, varnisher, dwl W s Mason 

nr Broadway 
Kowalsky Samuel, 150 Sansome 
Kowalsky Mr.s. millinery, 150 Sacramento 
Krahe William A. manufacturing jeweler, 61 

Kraker Jacob A. Franklin Market, 97 Bush 
Krall John, miller, at Pioneer Mills, Market nr 

KRAMBACH ROBERT, with R. R. Swain i 

Co. 138 Clay, dwl 5.S Minna 
Kramer George M. miner, dwl Mason nr Cal 
Kramer Jacob, grocer, cor Dupont & Greenwich 
Kramer J. F. store ship, cor Beale and Mission 
Kraus C. fancy goods, S s Third bet Mission and 

Kraus Edward, Franklin Hotel, cor Sansome and 

Kraus Frederick, Harmony Hall, 145 Kearny, 

dwl 19 Sutter 
Kraus Jacob, drayman, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Krause Cbas. blacksmith and wheelwright, 155 

Pacific, bds Post bet Kearny and Dupont 
Krause Henry, operator, Vance's Daguerreau 

Krause William E. P. com merchant, SW cor 

California and Davis 



Krauth Frederick A. printer, dwl Prospect place 
Krebs Charles F. E. cigars, S s Pacific nr Davis 
Kiein Adam, clothing, Jackson bet Drumiu and 

Kreiter Robert, cook, SW cor Pacific & Kearny 
Krenip Elias, clothing, Jackson bet Drumm and 

Kress George, wagon-maker, 39 Sansomo, dwl 

46 Sansomo 
Kress John, wagon-maker, 35, 31 and 39 San, 

dwl 4G Sansome 
Kreutzer Philip, bds American Hotel 
Krevenhagen Edward, grocer, cor Sansome and 

Kreyenhagan Gustavus, groceries and liquors, 

cor Second and Minna 
Kreyenbagen Joaquin, miner, dwl W s Dupont 

nr Filbert 
Kreyenhagen ^Julius), Kruse (Edward) & Co. 

(Julius Eukr), com merchants and Consulate 

of Saxony, 49 and 61 Front 
Klriameke Werner, carriage-maker, cor Market 

and Third, dwl cor Post and Stockton 
Kriebcl Adain J. Union Market, SW cor Stockton 

and Broadway 
Kroger Henry, cooper, dwl 9 Broadway 
Krolm Frederick, cigars, 93 Pacific 
Krolm Henry, shoe-maker, 128 Commercial 
KroU John, bda 5G Pacific 
Kromeke Werner, wheelwright, dwl Post nr Stoo 
Kronan Jolui, laborer, dwl SW cor Union and 

Kroning William, grocer, 145 Kearny, dwl Sac 

nr Powell 
Kropp John, laborer, dwl Jessie nr Anthony 
Krug August, druggist, E s Stockton bet Union 

and Filbert 
Krug William, 9G Front 
Kruger Charles, clerk, dwl 22 Trinity 
Kruger Heinrieh, porter, 49 and 51 Front, bds 

St. Mark's pi 
Kruger Louis, (Schroder & K.) 5 Washington 
Krump Joseph, carpenter, dwl SpolTord nr Wash 
Kruse Edward, (Kreyenliagen, K. & Co.) 49 and 

51 Front 
Krutzenstoin Charles, clerk, with Mrs. A. Hogan, 

bds N s Sacramento bet Dupont and Stock 
Kuchel ( Charles C. ) & Dressel (Emil), lithogra- 
phers, 174 Clay, dwl N s Vallejo nr Powell 
Kuh Leopold, clerk, U. S. B. Mint, dwl NE cor 

Green and Lafayette 
Kuhn Albert, jeweler, dwl Vallejo bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Kulin George F. (Deutsch & K.) dwl 182 Stock 
Kuhn Jostph, carpenter, S s Commercial bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Kuhn Philip, dwl N s Valparaiso 
Kuhn Phillip J. confectioner, with Mercer & 

Bernheira, dwl 4 Milton placo 
KuU Henry, musician, dwl S s Vallejo nr Mason 
Kum Kee, Chinese washing, Kearny nr Pacific 
KUNER ALBERT, designer and engraver, 107 

Washington, dwl N s Clementina bet Third 

and Fourth 
Kunz Francis, laborer, dwl Maclaron's lane 
Kunz Joseph, (Sddenstreiker &, K.) Vallejo bet 

Powell and Mason 
Kurtz John, (J. A. Drinlchotise & Co.) 9G Front 

Kurtz William W. printer, 175 Montgomery, dwl 

cor Taylor and Sacramento 
Kusta Guide, miner, dwl cor First and Minna 

Labadie Jean', baker, cor Union and Dupont 

Labatt Abraham C. dwl W a Taylor bet Sac and 

Labatt Henry J. (Ilarmon (fc i.) bds W s Tay- 
lor bet Sacramento and California 

Labatt Joseph J. at Harmon & Labatt's, bds W s 
Taylor bet Sacramento and California 

Labatt Samuel K. salesman at 121 Montgomery, 
dwl W s Harlan pi 

Labatt Theodore A. clerk, bd.s W a Taylor bet 
Sacramento and California 

Labbe Peter, drayman, dwl Geary bet Leaven- 
worth and Jones 

Labrouse Louis, vegetables, dwl 240 Pacific 

Lacharme J. carpenter, N s Broadway bet Du- 
pont and Kearny 

Lachaud Marcus, baker, 161 Commercial 

Lackman George, bar-keeper, 145 Kearny 

Lackman Louis, tailor, dwl SW cor Sacramento 
and Leavenworth 

Lacourt Louis, book-keeper, with A. Barbier, 148 
Washington, dwl 245 Washington 

Lacoste John, butcher, bds N a Pacific bet Lea- 
venworth and Hyde 

Lacranipe Mme. laundress, N s Broadway bet 
Dupont and Kearny 

Lacures Moses, tailor, bds N a Broadway near 

Lacy Charles, architect, bds What Cheer House 

Lacy Edward S. Rev. Pastor First Congregational 
Church, dwl cor Clay and Powell 

Lacy Robert, carpenter, dwl S s Vallejo near 

Ladd George, jeweler, 139 Sacramento 

Ladd J. W. office 83 Front, dwl St. Mark's pi 

Ladd L. W. wood and coal. Mission opposite 
Nightingale House 

Ladd Moore, proprietor Irving Bakery, corner 
Ecker and Lick's alley 

Ladd Theodore, salesman, 44 Battery, dwl Sacra- 
mento near Powell 

Lafaille Samuel, butcher, 8 Washington Market, 
bds Rassette House 

Lafargue John B. (Lassaktte & L.) dwl corner 
Union and Mason 

Lafarre Joseph, Jackson Market, 241 Dupont 

Latebre Leon, baker, dwl Taylor bet Post and 

Lafferty Charles, laborer, dwl cor Jane and Jessie 

Lafontaine A. J. job printer, 174 Clay 

Lages Christopher C. clerk SE cor Vallejo and 

Lagarde August, miner, dwl Francisco between 
Dupont and Stockton 

Lagoarde Bernard, gunsmith, 205 Washington 

Lagrango Frederick, carpenter, Second nr Minna 

Lahuscn Henry, oysters, 84 Montgomery, dwl 
Bush near Kearny 

Lahy John, laborer, dwl S s Greenwich near 

Laidley Henry, produce, Washington nr East 



Laidley James, city laundry, S\V cor Third and 
Brannan, dwl Silver bet Third and Fourth 

Laiglio Patrick, laborer, Fort Point 

Laimbeer Jolin, contractor, dwl Brannan between 
Third and Second 

Ij'Aine Jules, hay and grain. Third nr Market 

Laird J. D. clerk, N. 0. Warehouse, cor Califor- 
nia and Davis 

Lake Delos, (Janes, L. & Boyd), dwl W s Stockton 
bet Sutter and Post 

Lakemann ( WiUiam) k Helmken (Tlieodore), 
hardware, 129 Kearny 

Lakeren V. broker, bds 191 Pino 

Lakmann H. A. teamster, dwl S a Union near 

Lalleniand Henry, watchmaker, 140 Broadway 

Lalyevack Olorf, bds Union Ilotel 

Lamb Clarendon, merchant, dwl Florence near 

Lamb Francis, metal roofer, 33 Leidesdorff, dwl 
4 Belden's Block 

Lamb George, butcher, dwl 241 Sacramento 

Lamb Martin W. dairyman, S s Brannan bet 
Fifth and Simmons 

Lamb R. R. saddler, with Van Sicklen & Co. bds 
SE cor Clarke and Front 

Lamb Thomas J. 109 Battery, dwl N s Green- 
wich bet Stockton and Dupont 

Lamb Mrs. 169 Clay 

Larabeck Christian, drayman, bds Stevenson nr 

Lambert Charles, office NW cor Front and Clay, 
dwl S s Jackson bet Mason and Taylor 

Lambert George G. with John L. Moore, Green 
near Mason 

Lambert Gilbert, cor Market and Kearny boards 
cor Geary and Market 

Lambert John, dwl Midway [Sutter 

Lambert Pierre, atR. H.Vance's, cor Kearny and 

Lambert Thomas & Co. {Charles Potter), commis- 
sion merchants, SW cor Front and California 

Lambert William, (ffucks & LJ) Natoma between 
Second and Third 

Lamdin J. P. ( Compton k L.) Stockton merchants, 
office 71 Front, dwl Taylor bet Riley & Clay 

Lami Joseph, cook, dwl 240 Pacific 

Lamoreaux Samuel, painter, dwl E s Yerba Bu- 
ena nr Clay 

Lamott Robert, powder, 64 California, bds W s 
Montgomery bet Vallejo and Green 

Lampey Charles, carpenter, dwl E s Quincy near 

Lanagan Charles, drayman, dwl Market nr Post 

Lanagan William, laborer, dwl 29 Broadway 

Lancaster William, waterman, dwl Market near 

Lanckenau William H. P. M. S. Co. dwl Commer- 
cial Row 

Landaeter George, tailor, dwl Sullivan place 

Lande Raphael, liquors, dwl Minna nr Third 

Landers James, liquors, cor Geary, Market and 

Landers Richard, blacksmith, bds 20 Sansome 

Landry N. clerk with A. Guy 

Landsberger {Isaac) & Mendheim (J/bn'fe), im- 
porters, commission merchants and agents 
of J. Mumm's champagne, 60 California, res. 
New York 

Landsberger Louis, clerk, GO California, dwl cor 

Broadway and Dupont 
Lane Daniel, drayman, with Hey ward & Harmon 
Lane H. bds Rassette House 
Lane Henry C. (Reynolds & £.) dwl Milton place 
Lane James, gardner, dwl Sutter bet Powell and 

Lane James, bds What Cheer House 
Lane John, coal and wood, cor Pine and Trinity 
Lane John C. contractor, bds UG Pine 
Lane N. C. carpenter, dwl NW cor Ellis & Powell 
Lane Peter, groceries, SE cor Sacramento an^l 

Lane Richard, {Davidson & L.) 137 Sacramento 
Lane Roscoe G. clerk, 131 Commercial 
Lane Silas, carpenter, 46 Washington 
Lane Thomas, dwl 200 Stockton 
Lang Catherine Mrs. cap manuf 201 Wash'n 
Lang Charles E. sign painter, 153 California dwl 

E s Union near Mason 
Lang {Jacob L.) k Sporberg (Hoses), importers k 

jobbers dri' and fancy goods, 5 C. H. Block, 

Sacramento, dwl E s Stockton near Sutter 
Lang Victor, dwl 201 Washington 
Langdon (Levi H.) Graham {George E.) k Van 

Tassell (John F.) carpenters, Spoflbrd near 

Clay, dwl Riley near Taylor 
Langdon Thomas, drayman, 90 Battery 
Lange Victor, (Sandrie k L.) dwl E s Vallejo 

bet Dupont and Stockton 

Parker and Leopold Boscowitz), importers 

and dealers in cigars and tobacco, 81 Front, 

dwl Brown bet Mission and Howard 
Langlev Alfred J. ( C. k A. J. Langley and P. 

Ball k Co.) dwl Fremont S Folsom 
Langley Charles k Alfred J. importers drugs 

and medicines, 43 Commercial, {and P. Sail 

k Co.) dwl Fremont S Folsom 
Langley David, teamster, dwl First near Minna 
Langley James, merchandise broker, office 43 

Langley Henry G. publisher of California State 

Register, the State Almanac and San Fran- 
cisco Directory, office 144 Washington, 

room 4 
Langley W. A. dwl S s Bush bet Mason k Taylor 
Langlier Claude, gardener, Presidio road, opposite 

School House 
Langstader Samuel, dry goods. Second nr Jessie 
Lanhard A. upholsterer, 110 and 112 Clay, dwl 

Mason near Post 
Lanhart James M. clerk, with P. Hunt, dwl 153 

Lankin Thomas, drayman, dwl Market near 

Lannon A. laborer. Fort Point 
Lantheaurae Louis, Lantheaume Bakery, 161 

Lanszweert Louis D. physician and chemist, 218 

Dupont, cor Washington, dwl 157 Jackson 
Lapfgeer August, professor of music, dwl NE cor 

Washington and Dupont 
Lapidge W. F. Capt. steamer Golden Age, office 

Pacific Mail Steamship Co. 
Lappen John, carpenter. Fort Point 
Larco Nicolas, provisions and liquors, 138 Jack- 
son, dwl S s Green near Kearny 








Montgomery Street, corner Merchant. 




BLANK BOOKS— full and half bound. 

PAPEES— Letter, Cap, Brief, Bill, Bath, Commercial and Packet Post, 

and Wrapping Paper, assorted sizes and colors. 
PENCILS— Fay's, Faber's, Haskin's and Mordant's Writing and Drawing. 
ENVELOPES — Buflf, White, Enameled and Fancy, Letter, Note and Official. 
INKS — Maynard <fe Noyes', Davis and Black's, and Arnold's Fluid. 
playing" CAEDS— Cohen's, Hart's, Felt's and Fisk's. 


Copying and Seal Presses ; Letter Books, Letter Clips ; Chessmen, Backgammon 
Boards; Steel Pens of all kinds, Gold Pens; Dice, Dominoes; Patent Rubber, Rub- 
ber Bands; Blotting Paper and Boards; Wafers and Sealing Wax ; Porte Monnaies, 
Pocket Books, Bankers' Cases, Pocket Cutlery ; Combs, Brushes, Indelible Ink, Car- 
mine Ink; Notarial Seals and Wafers; Gum Labels; Cotton and Linen Twine; Whit- 
ney's, Draper's, Sillman's and Pocket Inkstands; Sand Boxes, Wafer Cups, Letter 
Stamps, Paper Folders, Paper Weights, Black Sand, Motto Seals ; 

Together with a Largo Stock of 


ILANK i(D(0)IKi MAll f© ©EKDEI^o 

A share of Public Patronage solicited. 




Hair Dressing, Shaving and Shampooing Saloons 

MONTGOMEEY STBE ET, between Me rchant and Washington. 

Ciprico's Sedative, Alkaline, Ferruginous and Medicated Baths at all hours. 

Twelve Bath Tickets, $5.00.-Bath, 50 cents.— Hair Cutting, 60 cts. 

The best of English and French Perfumery, Cutlery, and Fancy Articles for the Toi- 
let, constantly on band. 


G-enes-al Produce Dealers, 

Game, Poultry, Rabbit, Eggs, Butter, Cheese. 
Nos. 1 and 2 NHVT MARKET, 

SAss" iFiBAsr©iiS(s®o 

Importer and Dealer in every variety of 

M m 


63 & 65 COMMERCIAL and 87 BATTERY STS. (South-west cor.) 




The undersigned, having removed from 35 Front Street to the above- 
^TOP A P^"P!'l^^ Warehouse, of 7,000 tons capacity, is prepared to receive 
oiujXAUJi at the lowest rates, and will obtain advances when desired. 

0". ca-. Xji:B:oE!"sr. 

Refersto Messrs J. & M. Phelan; Messrs. Stevens, Baker & Co.; H. K. Cummings & Co • J P 
Raymond &. Co. ; Messrs. Wormser Bros. , ^- ^ K^ummiDga a uo. , j. r. 






f Lardie Anselmo, liquors, Presidio road, West of 

Valley House 
La Rointrie Henry, clerk, Custom House, dwl 

Howard bet First and Second 
Larey Michael, laborer, dwl Geary bet w'n Powell 

and Mason 
Large Benvit, tailor, bds 'Washington place 
I.iirgo Thomas, printer, dwl First nr Clementina 
I.arkin Frederic H. office 123 Montgomery, dwl 

282 Stockton 
Larkiu Jerome, laborer, Fort Point 
Larkin Thomas, dwl Ritch between Folsom and 

Larkin Thomas jr. 123 Mont'y, dwl 282 Stockton 
LARKIN THOMAS 0. office 123 Montgomery, 

dwl 282 Stockton 
Larkin S. L. Miss, teacher. Market St. School 
Larkin William, paper carrier, boards junction of 

Geary, Market and Kearny 
Larkin William, Abode House, S side Centre bet 

Guerrero and Dolores 
L'Armee Talman B. Mme. midwife, dwl 49 Bush 
Laroche Abel, dwl Hentsoh'a Building 
Larrabee George B. watch-maker, 151 Bush, dwl 

Harlan place 
Larrabee John F. clerk, 43 Sac, bds Harlan pi 
Larraine J. cattle dealer, dwl SE cor Mont'y and 

Larrie Vincent, musician, dwl SB comer Pacific 

and Auburn 
Larriraoro Richard, builder, dwl S s Union bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Larue Francois, laundryman, N side Greenwich 

dear Taylor 
Larue John K. tinsmith, bds Calaveras House 
Lary John, porter, with J. G. Clark & Co. dwl 

Augusta alley 
Lascot Honore, hair-dresser, with Fayard & Con- 
Lask Louis, merchant, dwl 232i Stockton 

B.) 42 Washington, dwl N side Washington, 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Lataneur Emile, bds 236 Stockton 
Lately Henry, dwl E s Stockton bet Sutter & Post 
Latham James, carpenter, dwl W a Mason near 

Lathrop Elislia M. carriage trimmer, dwelling 

219 California 
Latier Alex. J. clerk, 158 Washington 
Latimer B. G. clerk, N. 0. Bonded Warehouse, 

dwl S s Green bet Dupont and Kearny 
Latimer William R. A. engineer, dwl Vincennes 
Latour Jeremiah, laborer. Fort Point 
Lattas John, cooper, with Louis Ganden 
Latz Henry L. {S. Latz & Co.) 95 Pacific 
Latz Isidore, tailor, N s Wash'n near Stockton 
Latz Jacob, {F. Strouse & Co.) dwl Mont'y bet 

Bush and Pine 
Latz Samuel, clerk, SW cor Pacific and Front 
Latz (Simun) &, Co. {Eenry L. Latz), clothing, 95 

Lauda John, cooper, at A. D. Baker'8,Commercial, 

below Davis 
Laudenschlager C. waterman, dwl cor Bush and 

Lauder P. C. dwl E s Jackson near Stockton 
Laudry Therrence, cooper, 24 Davis 

Lauenstein L. restaurant, 128 Montgomery, dwl 

8 Armory Hall 
Lauflin Orrin, carpenter, cor Bdw'y and Dupont 
Laughlan John, carman, Fay's Soap ilanufactory 
Laughrao John, feed store, SE cor Second and 

Laughran Patrick, tailor, 184 Pacfic 
Lauraeister F. W. Pacific Flour Mills, Pacific nr 

Laumeister L. miller. Pacific Flour Mills, Pacific 

near Montgomery 
Laurent Ange, book-binder, dwl 12'! Kearny 
Laurent Frederick, 147 Sacramento 
Laurent Natamie L. Mme. milliner, 147 Sac 
Laurie Blair, dwl Virginia bet Jackson & Wash'n 
Laurion Joseph J. salesman, 105 Montgomery 
Lauterwasser Frederick P. Oriental Market, East 

near Clay 
Lavalle J. bar-keeper, dwl Vallejo bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
LAVELL JOHN, boot and shoe-dealer, 63 & 65 

Commercial, and 87 Battery 
Lavell Michael F. 63 and 65 Commercial 
Laven Michael, laborer, bds W s Powell betw'n 

Post and Sutter 
Laveral John, porter, dwl Pacific nr Montgomery 
Lavergne Autonia, shoe-raaker, 155 Kearny 
Lavezzari F. wholesale grocer, 147 Battery 
Laviosa (FraTicis), Marengo (John) & Co. {Emile 
Pascal), wholesale and retail provisions 
and liquors, 169 Sansome, dwl 7 Green 
Law Henry, {Rcynvlds & Law), resides at Port- 
land, Oregon 
Law Henry, plumber, dwl S s Union nr Powell 
Law Robert A. {lieynohls & L.) bds 230 Stockton 
Lawler James, laborer. Fort Point 
Lawler John, engineer, dwl Green near Sansome 
Lawler John, rigger, dwl Bealo betw'n Harrison 

and Bryant 
Lawler Joseph, butcher, dwl Everett bet Fifth 

and Simmons 
Lawler Peter, gardener, Presidio road, W of Val- 
ley House 
Lawler R. C. book-keeper, with Fretz & Ralston 
Lawler {William) & Co. silversmiths, 172 Clay 
Lawless James, mechanic, dwl Montgomery bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Lawless Julia A., assistant Union Street 
School, dwl Mont'y bet Vallejo and Green 
Lawless J. Mrs. boarding. Spring near Summer 
Lawless M. harness-maker, corner California and 

Lawless Mary Miss, music teacher, dwl Mont'y 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Lawless Walter, hair-dresser, bds Spring near 

Lawmaster Andrew, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Lawrence Benjamin, jr. office SE cor Clay and 

Front, dwl W s Powell nr Clay 
Lawrence Bernard, soda water manf, 128 Bdwy 
Lawrence Edwin A. attorney at law, office 6 and 

7 Armory Hall, dwl Antique Castle 
Lawrence Franyois, Pacific Museum, dwl Hamp- 
ton place 
Lawrence Frederick, merchant, bds cor Clark 

and Front 
Lawrence Frederick W. clerk, office Sugar Refi- 
nery, 59 and 61 San, bds Front near Bdwy 



Lawrence Francis, NE corner Clay and Kearny, 

dw'l Hampton place 
Lawrence George, bds with Mrs. M. E. Tucker 
Lawrence George R. grocer, Eaat bet Commer- 
cial and Sacramento 
Lawrence (Gewj-ye S.) & Houseworth (Thxytnas), 
opticians, 177 Clay, dwl Stockton nr Jackson 
Lawrence Henry, dwl S s Jackson bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Lawrence H. H. workman, U. S. B. Mint, dwl 

Beale bet Harrison and Bryant 
Lawrence Joseph E. Entry Clerk Custom House, 

dwl 5 Mercantile Library building 
Lawrence L. L. clerk, with A. G. Eamsdell, dwl 

01 Jackson 
Lawrenson Patrick, painter, dwl cor Green and 

Laws Clmrles, (col'd) cook, dwl rear 341 Stock 
Laws James, (col'd) cook, dwl 361 Dupont 
Lawsou James, (A. A. Louderback & Co.) resides 

in Stockton 
Lawson Jolm, boot-maker, with Swain & Slo- 

cumb, bds SE cor California and Kearny 
Lawton A. T. merchant, office 77 Commercial, 

dwl N 3 California nr Dupont 
Lawton John, wheelwright, corner Bush and 

Milton place 
Lawton Macrea, laborer. Fort Point 
Lawton 0. {Huynes & L.) 128 Sansome 
Layzell Robert, house and sign painter, NE cor 

Eolsom and Simmons 
Lazar Levi, boots and clothing, 20 Sacramento 
Lazard A. (i. Frens), C4 Sacramento 
LAZARD FKERES, (,S'. A. & E. hazard), im- 
porters and Jobbers of dry goods and cloth- 
ing, 64 Sacramento 
LAZARD E. {L. Freres), 64 Sacramento 
Lazarus Elijah, tailor, Jackson bet Drumm and 

Lea Thomas, malt-house, Ritch bet Bryant and 

Bran nan 
Leahi Michael, laborer, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Leahy Daniel, cooperage, Sacramento bet Drumm 

and East, dwl Grove nr Stockton 
Leahy Timothy, laborer, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Leary John, porter, with Jonas G. Clark & Co. 
Leary Timothy E. varnisher, cor First & Howard 
Leavenworth T. M. physician, 23 Court block 
Leavilt Joseph, dwl S s California nr Dupont 
Leavitt William, boarding, cor Clark and Front 
Lebatad Alfonso, {Jlichad & A. L.) 127 Wash'n 
Lebatad Micliael & Alfonso, groceries, 127 Wash- 
ington, dwl 148 Washington 
Lebenburg Charles, bds cor Front and Clark 
Leblane Auguste, professor of French, bda cor 

Dupont and Vallejo 
Leblanc A. Mme. milliner, dwl S s Vallejo bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Lebouc Felix, house and sign painter, E s Stock- 
ton near Broadway 
Lebouc Felix Mrs, cloak and mantUla maker, E 

side Stockton nr Broadway 
LeBritton R. dwl S s Lombard nr Stockton 
Lecacheux {Julius), Galley (L.) & Co. importers, 
38 Commercial f < 

Lichaud James, steward, SW cor Pine and Dup't 
LeClere John, Custom House broker, dwl S Bide 
Lombard near Stockton 

Lecomte Alexander, mattress-maker, cor Kearny 

and Sutter 
Lecomte J. tinsmith, 59 Clay 
Lecomte M. stoves and tinware, 69 Clay 
Lecount Charles W. dealer in fruit trees, 99 Da- 
vis, dwl N 8 Jackson abv Davis 
LECOUNT JOSIAU J, importer books, station- 
ery etc. Ill Montgomery 
Lecount Thomas R, salesman, with J. J. Lecount 
Leddy James F. salesman, 115 Montgomery, bds 

Eassetto House 
Ledslord Thomas, laborer. Fort Point 
Ledwith Ann F. Mrs. midwife, dwl N s Pine bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Ledwjth Michael, brick-layer, dwl N s Pine bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Lee Benjamin F, sash and blind maker, bds N s 

Washington nr Taylor 
Lee B. F. secretary, Navy Agent's office, comer 

Washington and Kearny 
Lee Catharine Mrs. (widow), dwl Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Lee Daniel, dwl Vallejo bet Mont'v and Kearny 
Lee Franklin V. mason, dwl N s Washington nr 

Lee George W, printer, bds Niantic Hotel 
Lee Henry, upholsterer, 118 Sansome 
LEE (Henry C.)&OARL {Charles), booksellers ,t 
stationers, NW cor Mont'y and Merchant, 
bds Hotel International 
Lee Henry H. dwl Card's lane 
Lee John, dwl Vallejo bet Mont'y and Kearny 
Lee Joseph, sign painter, 120 Sansome, dwelling 

Belden nr Pine 
Lee J. liquors, N s Pacific nr Dupont 
Lee Lieut. U. S. A, corps topographical engin- 
eers, office 119 Montgomery, bds cor Sacra- 
mento and Brooklyn place 
Lee Margaret Mrs. dwl cor Mission and Jane 
Lee Michael, laborer, cor Price and Harrison 
LEE (X. A.) & BKIGGS {Gem-ge W.) stoves and 
tin-ware, 134 Davis, bds SE cor Front and 
Clarke [Fourth 

Lee Patrick, laborer, dwl Harrison bet Third and 
Lee Peter, brick-layer, Fort Point 
Lee Richard B. major U. S. Armv, office 57 Cal 
Lee Slmbeeal, copyist, 13 Court Block 
Lee William, salesman, 119 Montgomery 
Lee William, brick-layer, bds 25 Bush 
Lee William, job wagon, dwl S s Howard near 

Lee William, drayman, dwl Market nr Third 
Lee William, brick-layer, bds What Cheer House 
Lee William, waiter, Oriental Hotel 
Lee W. M, watchman, U. S. B. Mint 
Leedham J. clerk, at B. Davidson's 
Leek Christopher, porter, SE cor Sac & Drumm 
Leek Mary Mrs. boarding, SE cor Sacramento 

and Drumm 
Lees Isaiah W, police, S s Stevenson nr First 
Lefevre Baptiste, druggist, 215 Washington 
LEFINGWELL WILLIAM, real estate broker, 

118 Mont'y, bds Oriental Hotel 
Legay Charles, hatter, 150 & 152 Commercial 
LEGAT JOHN B. hat and cap emporium, 150 & 

152 Commercial 
Leger Charies, clerk, with Sandrie & Lange, bds 
W s Montgomery bet Jackson and Pacific 



Le Geune Cluirles, cook, dwl 240 Paciflc 
Lebay Patrick, drayiuan, dwl Jane place 
Lehay Patrick, laborer, dwl Ras^etle place No. 3 
Lchmanu (jcorfie, jeweler and watch-maker, 207 

WasITu, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Leibert John, brick-mason, bds S9 Bush 
Leidner S. \V. merchant, dwl cor Mason and Pino 
Loigh Benjamin W. ( Ghtssell & L.) dwl S 8 John 

bet Powell and Mason 
Leigliton Lewis, dwl Ss Sutter nr Dvipont 
Leiken Henry, clerk, with J. & N. Van Bergen, 

dwl S\\' cor Kearny and Pacilio 
Leinhardt Adam, upholsterer, dwl Mason bet 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Leinhardt Frank, tailor, dwl Mason bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
leipnitz Gnstave, druftgist, 82 Kearny 
Leisner John R. jeweler, dwl N s Washington 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Leith Louisa Mrs. (widow), dwl W a Stockton 

nr Union 
Lekens Peter, (Erkens & L.) 190 Jackson 
Leland George H. bds 190 California 
Leland Lemuel, dwl Mason bet Union & Filbert 
Leland S. A. Mrs. boarding. 190 California 
Lolevier Y. M. groom, 321 Dupont 
Leiu Joseph, store-ship Imperial, Mission Street 

Leniaitre .\r.<;ene, laundry man. .S of the Lagoon 
Lcmnitre Parfait,laundryraan, S of the Lagoon 
Ijeniaus Frank, bds What Cheer House 
Lemeur Francois, dwl N side Post near Dupont 
Lenike C'liri-stupher, grocer, NW cor Front and 

Clarke, and corner Davis and Clarke 
Lenime Frederick, manf jeweler, 140 Sacramento 
Lenioine Jean, watchman, dwl Mi*son bet Jack- 
son and Wa.shington 
LEMOIXE (Joseph k John Baptiste,) FROMEXT 
(■/.) & CO. (Felix Gaml>ert), game, butter, 
cheese, etc., 1 & 2 New Market, dwl Leides- 
dorft' bet California and Sacramento 
Lemoine Lueien. niattress-maker, 2G0 Kearny 
Lemon Mary Ann Mrs. nurse, dwl 43 Monty 
Lemon William, dwl corner Mission and Jane 
Lent John, clerk, 60 Front, dwl cor Green and 

Lent (iri/dV;;;) J/:), Sherwood {Benjamin F.) & 
Co. comnii.ssion mercliants, 130 California, 
bds 18(5 California 
Lentloual David, merchant, dwl Stock nr Sutter 
Lentz Louis, sea captain, dwl cor Cal & Quincy pi 
Leo Alfred, cook, 80 ilontgomery 
Leon George T. butcher, East bet Jackson and 

Leon Louis, cook, 240 Pacific 
Leon Manuel, passenjfer agent, dwl NW cor Pa- 
cific and Montgomery 
Leon Perra, with J. Melville, dwl cor Post and 

Leona Jolin, laborer, dwl N s Vallejo nr Kearny 
Leonard (Eitward A.) k Brother {George /l) fur- 
niture manufacturers, 34 Second, dwl E side 
Bush bet Stockton and Dupont 
Leonard George F. (Leonard k Brother), dwl 34 

Leonard E. W. office cor Montgomery and Sao 
Leonard Henry R. architect, 19 Court block, dwl 
N side Greene bet Montgomery and Kearny 

Leonard Joseph B. dwl Hawthorne nr Folsom 
Leonard Joseph H. dwl Hawthorne nr Folsom 
Leonard Mark, carriage-maker, W side Kearny 
bet California and Pine, dwl O'Farrell bet 
Mason and Taylor 
Leonard Patrick, groom, with Brown & Dennis 
Leonard Peter, groom, with Brown & Dennis 
Leonard Egbert K. dwl Beale near Harrison 
Leonartl T. 0. principal Mission School, dwl Du- 
pont near Geary 
Leonard William, merchandise broker, office NW 

cor Front and Clay 
Lconv Jacob 0. cigars, SE cor Mont'y and Clay, 

dwl 43 Pike 
Leopold Henry, bird-fancier, 203 Clay 
LeopolJ Joseph, ( WeiUer Brothers k Co.), bds St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Lepercque Henry, hay and grain, N s Pacific bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Leppieu Frederick, clerk, 106 Clay, dwl N side 

Greene near Larkin 
Leriter John, barber, with Henry Wass 
Lermen Jacob, bar-keeper, dwl Clay bet Powell 

and Mason 
Leroy John, dealer in paper hangings, 112 Mont'y, 

dwl 144 Washington 
Lesaint John, laundryman, W s Powell nr Filbert 
Leslie Julia iliss, dwl S s Post, bet Mont'y and 

Leslie Robert, What Cheer House 
Lester (Peter) k Gibbs (Mifflen W.) (col'd), im- 
porters and manufiicturers of boots k shoes, 
184 Clay, dwl S s Green near Larkin « 

Lestrade Paul, attorney at law, 100 Merchant 
Leszynski Morris, drayman, dwl cor Third and 


LESZYNSKY [Lesser) k WOLF (Ludwig), dry 

and fancy goods, SW cor Sacramento and 

Mont'y, dwl S s Sutter bet Dupont and Stock 

Leszy nsky Samuel, clerk. SW cor Sac and Mont'y, 

dwl Sutter, bet Stockton and Dupont 
Letchinfield J. dwl Mission near Annie 
Letts William, waterman, dwl Market near Third 
Levalk Charles, clothing. 133 Commercial 
Levalk Philip, clerk 133 Commercial 
Levarra Manuel D. deputy wharfinger, dwl Mol- 
ten place 
Lcverger Silvester, dwl cor Clay and Dupont 
Leverich Charles, tailor, 22 First 
Leverson Solomon, clothing, Stewart nr Mission 
Levet John B. carpenter and builder, dwl 105 

Levi Aiiron, dry goods, G7 Kearny 
Levi Abram, salesman with B. Joseph 
Levi Bennet, dwl E s Dupont near Post 
Levi Elias, dwl Green bet Dupont and Stockton 
Levi Henri, hand-cartman, dwl Jessie nr Eeker 
LEVI (Henry) k CO. (I^o])uld Loupe k Emanuel 
L. Goldstein.) importers of groceries and 
liquors, 60 California 
Levi Herman L. book-keeper, with Swain & Co. 

138 Clay 
Levi M. dwl Drumm near Clay 
Levi Morris, dwl Davis near Sacramento 
Levi Solomon k Co. (David Wolf,) butchers, Sec- 
ond near Minna 
Levi Solomon, merchant, dwl Green nr Stockton 
Levin Abram, salesman, 278 Stockton 



Levin ( Charles) & Colin {Edward,) cigars, 173 Clay 
Levin Morris, salesman, 278 Stockton 
Lovinegs William H. at Bowory Market, Third 

bet Stevenson and Mission 
Levinger S. clothing, dwl 51 St. Mary's place 
Levinsky Davis, hand-cartraan, 22 First 
Leviasky L. dwl NE cor Stockton and Geary 
Levinson Henry, cigars, 74 Battery, dwl NE cor 

Vallejo and Maiden lane 
Levinson Jacob, {Levinson k Bro.) dwl cor Groon 

and Bannan place 
Levinson Joseph, dwl 382 Stockton 
Levinson & Bros. {Louis & Jacob,) jobbers Ha- 
vana and domestic cigars, 97 Battery, dwl 

cor Green and Bannan place 
Levinson C. Mrs. music teacher, dwl NE<;or Val- 
lejo and Maiden lane 
Levinson Marcus, cigars, 116 Kearny 
Levison Abraham, cigars, cor Jessie and First 
Levitzky Haiman, furniture. Second nr Market 
Levy Abram, merchant, dwl SW cor Bush and 

Levy Adolph, boots and shoes, 142 Battery 
Levy Alexander, dry goods, 80 Kearny 
Levy Benjamin, dry goods, 187 Clay 
Levy Charles, dwl S s Broadway nr Stockton 
Levy David, clerk, SE cor Battery and Wash'n 
Levy Emanuel, cl'k, 64^ Battery, bds St. Nicholas 

Levy Henry, (7. & R. Levy), 259 Dupont 
Levy Henry, (ffass &, L.) 51 Pacific, bds corner 

Front and Clark 
ievy Isaac & Henry, dry goods, 259 Dupont 
Levy Bros. {Jacob & Morris), dry goods, 272 

Levy John, (Braverman & L.) dwl N side Green 

above Powell 
Levy Jonas, dry goods, 84 Kearny 
Levy Julius, {St. Loslcy, Levy & Co.) 109 Cal 
Levy Juliu.s, pedlar, dwl Polk lane 
Levy Louis. {Simon & L.) 87 Commercial 
Levy Louis, (Alemndei' k L.) 82 Sacramento 
Levy Marcus, clothing, Jackson bet Front and 

Levy Morris, (Lem/ Bros.) 272 Stockton 
Levy Morris, tailor, 2141 Kearny 
Levy M. B. clothing, 50 Clay 
Levy Peter, dwl 240 Pacific 
Levy Raphael, 10" Commercial 
Levy Samuel M. cigars, 274 Stockton 
Levy Siegmund, {St. Losky, L. & Co.) resides in 

Havana, Cuba 
Levy Solomon, tailor, 189 California 
Levy William, clerk, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Levy William, dwl 163 California 
Levy , tailor, dwl E s Powell bet Broadway 

and Vallejo 
Levyn Siegmund, cigars, NE cor Washington and 

Stockton, and NW cor Kearny and Jackson 
Lewi Abram, clothing, 73 Commercial 
Lewinsky David, hand-cart, dwl First nr Steve'n 
Lewis Andrew, (col'd) 194 Kearny 
Lewis Charles, waiter, S s Bush bet Montgomery 

and Sansome 
Lewis David, tailor, 41 Sansome 
Lewis D. P. with Smith, McDaniel & Co 
Lewis Edward, pedlar, dwl Filbert nr Taylor 
Lewis Edward F. clerk, SE cor Sac and Pike 

LEWIS {Edwin) & SONS, {Hodman P. and J. 

Roome), flour and grain, 67 Washington 
Lewis Elislia, Pioneer Stables, Market nr Third 
Lewis Frederick K., SW cor Sacramento and 
Battery, dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
Lewis George, dwl Everett bet Fourth and Fifth 
Lewis Henry, auctioneer, dwl Jane nr Jessie 
Lewis Henry, (col'd) laborer, dwl SB cor Green- 
wich and Jones 
LEWIS H. M. watches and jewelry, 189 Clay 
Lewis James, mariner, dwl Augusta alley 
Lewis John, billiard-saloon. Pacific nr Drumm 
Lewis John, dwl NE cor Pacific and Mason 
Lewis John, clerk stm'r XJrilda, office Cal. S. N. 

Co. NE cor Front and Jackson 
Lewis John B. warehouse dep'l, Custom House, 

dwl 267 Stockton 
Lewis John B. drayman, dwl Montgomery bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Lewis John C. (col'd) laborer, dwl Vallejo near 

Lewis Joseph, coach-painter, 67 Pino 
Lewis J. Roome, {Leiois & Sons), dwl NW cor 

Pine and Leavenworth 
Lewis Mary Mrs. dress-maker, 287 Stockton 
LEWIS MITCHELL M. watch-maker and jew- 
eler, 183 Clay 
Lewis {Richard) & Wallace {Henry), grocers, N 

W cor Sutter and Montgomery 
Lewis Rodman P. {Letois & Sons) 67 Wash'n 
Lewis Sabin F. engineer, 108 Washington, dwl 

Geary bet Kearny and Dupont 
Lewis William J. surveyor and civil engineer, 49 

Montgomery block 
Leykaufi' Alexander, (J. S. Moller & Co.) 110 

Leysner Nicholas, cigar manufacturer, dwl S side 

Turk near Polk 
Leyton Frank, dwl O'Farrell near Powell 
L'-.ote R. printer, 120 Montgomery, bds Com'l 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Libbey E. G. captain, dwl Mission nr Jane 
LIBBET JOHN E. storage. Union Warehouse, 
cor Battery and Union, bds Sansome Street 
Libbey Silvanus D. pile-driver, dwl 13 Minna 
Libourveau J. bds 275 Pacific 
Lichtenstein Solomon H. pawnbroker, S s ComI 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Liddell Mary K. Mrs. liquors. Eighth Ward H'e, 

cor Mission and Center 
Liddle Robert, gunsmith, dwl N side Union near 

Liebenberg Charles grocer, SW cor Front and 

Leibhauser W. machinist, Vulcan Iron Works, 

bds SW cor Pacific and Kearny 
Leibman Leopold, clerk, 88 California, bds San- 
some Street House 
Lieneau A. F. 157 Jackson 
Liere Henry, shoemaker, 164 Washington 
Leisenfelt Philip, (Euler <t- L.) 152 & 154 Battery 
Light Samuel, porter, with B. Joseph 
Light Wolf; hand-cartman, dwl cor Clementina 

and Ecker 
Lightenberg Charles B. jeweler, 256 Dupont 
Lightner C. W. superintendent Union Iron Wks, 
bds Rassette House 



Liglituer Joel F. merchant, bds Filbert nr Jones 
Liglituor Joseph, jobber, 4G Sacramento 
Linalian Patrick, laborer, dwl 134 Mission 

liimaiitour Josi Y. office of, Wilson 

Lincoln {Barney B.) & Wilxon ( George), fruits, 

128 Kearny 
Lincoln GeorRe W. porter, 53 and 55 Front 
Lincoln Jonas, 87 Commercial [Powell 

Lincoln William, dwl Lombard bet Mason and 
Lind C. J. porter, 84 Clay [Hospital 

Lind John Y. assistant surgeon, IT. S. Marine 
Lindau Arnold, grocer, NW cor Davis & Wash'n 
Lindaur Bros. (David and Muyer,) importers 
and jobbers clothing, 51 Sacrameuto, bds 
Stocl<ton nr Sutter 
Lindaur Mayer (Lindaur Brothers), 57 Sacra'o 
Lindenberger T. E. (Badger & L.), dwl 303 Du't 
Lindley T. M. (Lindley & Co. Sacramento), office 

77 Front 
Linden Ilenrv H. with Smith Bros. & Co. 
LINDOP WILLIAM, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Lindross Gustavo, clerk, SB cor Sac and Drumm 
Lindsey G. Mrs. liquors cor Greenwich and San'e 
Lindsay Margaret Mrs. dwl cor Howard & Harris 
Lindsey Thomas, waiter, Oriental Hotel, dwl 

Minna nr Third 
Lindsey William, printer, Evening Bulletin 
Linekin Ira W. (Harding &, L.) bds 136 Dupont 
LINKN JAMES, wines and liqviors, 94 Mont'y, 

dwl N side Geary nr Pupont 
Link Valentine, blacksmith, S s Pine nr Front 
Liniheimer Meyer, shoemaker, Dupont nr Green 
Lion Company, office 136 Pine 
Lion Leopold, jobber, dwl 126 Dupont 
Lions (Honors) & Cau (Dominique), proprietors 

Hotel do la Croix Kouge, 164 Commercial 
Lipman Charles F. (Randolph & L.) dwl 215 

Lipman Joseph, ( Clark & L.) 51 Commercial 

Lipmon , barber, bds S s Pino near Dupont 

Lippin William, market, cor Green & Stockton, 

dwl S a Union nr Powell 
Lippincott A. carpenter, bds 89 Bush 
Lippincott W. P. miller, American Flour Mills, 

dwl 6 Jessie 
Lippitt Francis J. attorney at law, 3 Montgomery 

Block, dwl Mission road opposite Ellen 
Lippman Joseph, watchmaker, 183 Clay, dwl 

Mason bet Clay and Sacramento 
Lissack Adolphus H. broker, 67 Front, dwl S s 

Clay near Stockton 
Little Archibald, machinist, Sutter Iron Works 
Little Jolin, shipwright, dwl Hunt near Third 
Little John T. 4; Co. produce commission mer- 
chants, 34 Clay, dwl 137 Stockton 
Little Margaret Mrs. dwl Mary lane 
Little William Mrs. dwl cor Filbert and Kearny 
Little William C. with Parrott & Co. dwl SE cor 

.lack.son and Taylor 
LITTLE WILLIAM B. & CO. (aiarksE. Hinck- 
ley). Apothecaries Hall, 137 Montgomery 
Little (WiUiam B.) &, Brew (Nathaniel), ship- 
yard, foot of Second, dwl Liberty bet Bran- 
nan and Townsend [Third 
Littlefield John W. ship-carpenter, dwl Perry nr 
Littleford John, jeweler, with Haas & Louder- 
back, dwl N 9 Francisco bet Dupont and 

Litton Thomas, mariner, dwl S s Jackson near 

Litton William H. stevedore, dwl Union bet San 

and Battery 
Livermore Abby Miss. (E. db A. Livermore), E a 

Powell nr Broadway 
Livermore Eliza & Abby, Misses, dress-makers, 

E s Powell nr Broadway 
Livermore H. P. clerk, with Redington & Co. 

107 Clay, dwl Minna nr Third 
Livermore 0. clerk, with Piocho, Bayorque& Co. 
Livingston Henry B. assistant editor Alta Cali- 
fornia, bds Hotel International 
Livingston Marks, dwl W s Powell bet Vallejo 

atid Broadway 
Lloyd R. H. clerk, dwl Folsom nr Simmons 
Lloyd Samuel H. clerk, with Horace Gushee, 

dwl SE cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Lobb Simon, clothing, dwl N s John nr Powell 
Lobb W. naturalist, dwl SB cor California and 

Lobdell Miguel, operator, with S. P. Howes, SE 

cor Clay and Kearny 
Lobree Isaac, clothing, 35 Jackson 
Locan (Frank) &, Co. (Emit Mendheim.) im- 
porters fancy goods, &c. 179 Clay, bds E s 

Stockton nr Sutter 
Lpch Jacob, clerk, 185 Kearny 
Loch Nathan, dwl S s Vallejo nr Powell 
Lochhead John, steam engine builder, 62 San, 

dwl N 3 Clay bet Jones and Leavenworth 
LOCICERO GEORGE & CO. shaving and hair 

dressing saloon, Montgomery Baths, -le^- 

Montgomery, bds NW cor Stockton and 

Locke Elislia, clerk, at 57 Sansome, bds What 

Cheer House 
Locke Royal P. ( Udell & L.) 79 Front, dwl 4 St. 

Mary's nr Cal 
Locke S. Morris, (CZar/c&i.) dwl 146 Sao 
Locke S. M. dwl N s Market nr Mason 
Locklan John, lab^er, bds SW cor Lombard and 

Lockman C. 'l. bds 117 Bush 
Lockman Lewis, tailor, dwl cor Sacramento and 

LOCKWOOD (Harvey M.) & HENDRIB (John 

W. ) importers and manufacturers of clothing, 

176 Clay, res New York 
Lockwood (R. A.) k Wallace (George), attorneys 

at law, office W s Kearny near Washington 
Lockwood Isaac, (col'd), dairyman, Howard nr 

Loder Richard B. oysters, 1 CustomHouse Block 

Sansome, bds Bush bet Dupont & Stockton 
Lodge William, blacksmith, Jackson near Dupont 
Loehr Ferdinand, physician and editor California 

Democrat, office 120 Montgomery, dwl Du- 
pont near Sacramento 
Loehr V. physician, dwl E s Dupont nr Sac 
Loevenhelm Julius, clerk, with Morris Speyer, 

bds SW cor Powell and Green 
Loewenstein Jacob, dry goods, Stockton bet Pao 

and Broadway 
Loewenstein John, New York Hotel, 85 Kearny 
Loewy Bros. ( Wm. dHermann) & Birgham (Adol- 
phus), importers books and stationery, 125 

Sacramento, dwl 81 Bush 




Loowy Benjamin, book-keeper, 93 Sansome, bda 

Mansion House 
Logan C. ship-carpenter, dwl Howard near 

Logan Henry C. stock and money broker, 157 

Montgomery, dwl 92 Merchant 
Loger Auguste, {Monddet &, Co.) 200 Washington 
Loguo John, propr Ked Bird line, office 161 

Kearny, dwl Clenicntina nr First 
Lohman E. cabinet-maker, 37 Montgomery, dwl 

Trinity pi 
Lohman ( //enry A.) & Moesta (John /'.) clothing, 

183 Washington, dwl E s Powell nr Bdwy 
Lohr Charles C. tailor, Kearny nr Jackson 
Loire Alfred, cook, dwl rear of l-l .St. Mary's pi 
LOLOR C. P. & CO. forwarding and conmiissiou 

merchants, 94 Front 
Londman A. liaud-cartman, bds New England 

London William, gardner, N s Presidio Road W 

of Valley House 
Long Claude, hardware, 158 Washington, dwl 

Virginia bet Washington and Jackson 
Long L. H. Napa messenger, Wells, Fargo & Go's 

Long Matthew, engineer, dwl E side Mason near 

Long Peter, gardener, NWcorLombard& Kearnv 
Long William, laborer, dwl Howard bet Tliifti 

and Fremont 
Long William C. dwl Leavenworth bet Bush and 

Longley Samuel, baker, 162 Kearny 
Longrois Evariste, compositor, Le Phare, 120 

Longrois Jules, traveling agent, dwl Davis bet 

Vallejo and Broadway 
Longrois Louis, baker, 179 Pacific, dwl S side 

Green near Powell 
LONING (Benry) & FEUERSTEIN {Rudolph), 

importers and commission merchts, 60 Front 
Lookayse Raphael, cook, li^lay, dwl W side 

Ecker near Stevenson 
Loomax John, (col'd) vegetables, ^1 Pacific nr 

Loomen Henry, tailor, dwl E s Powell nr Bdwy 
Loomis (Evarts J.), Harper (H. K) & Stewart 

{J. 0.), produce and com mchts, 3 Wash'n nr 

Loomis Roland, teamster, dwl 164 Sansome 
LOOMIS WILLIAM E. news agent, cor Sansome 

and Washington 
Loomis Riley, drayman, with Conroy & O'Connor 
Lorber Joseph, tailor. Bush opposite Oriental 
Lord Daniel S. importer, paper, printing mate- 
rials, etc. 104 Clay, dwl cor Bush and Hyde 
Lord John, groceries, cor Jackson and Washing- 
ton place 
Lord Thomas, carpenter, bds What Cheer House 
Lordan Daniel, dwl Hunt near Third 
Lorenzo & Co. fruit, cor Clay and Leidesdorff 
Loring Asa L. jeweler, with Haas & Louderback, 

dwl S side Greenwich near Mason 
Loring D. D. Capt., at J. R. Brown's, 69 Davis 

near Clay 
Loring Daniel, merchant, bds SE cor Clarke and 

Loring Leander, dwl Virginia block 

LORING (George Y.) & MASON {Wm. C.)gro- 

cer.s, SW cor Clay and Taylor 
Loring Samuel N. drayman, 103 Front, dwl Pre- 
sidio road W of Valley 
Loring Simeon, drayman, bds 6 lielden's block 
LORING WILLIAM P. dealer in wines and 11- 

quors, 72 Merchant, dwl 68 Merchant 
Lorquen Pierre, taxidermist, dwl rear 198 Cal 
Lothian Napier, minstrel, Maguiro's Opera House, 

dwl W side Kearny bet Union and Filbert 
Lothrop John J. (English & L.), dwl cor Market 

and Sutter 
Lott Charles F. (Dickson, De Wolf & Co.), dwl 

cor A\'ashington and Jones 
Lott Enoch, carpenter, dwl Hubbard nr Howard 
Loucks George P. commission merchant, 6 Clay 
Loucks. John C. agent Napa Soda, 97 Jackson, 

dwl 1 1 Bay State Row 
Loucks Orlando, commission merchant, 6 Clay, 

dwl K side Taylor near Washington 
LOUD ( Warren), HOSMER (Charles), TILTONS 

(^Charles E. k A. £.) &, SNYDER (A. W.) 

importers and dealers in wines and liquors, 

dwl California nr Stockton 
Louderback (Andrew A.) & Co. (James Lawson), 

dealers in game, 5 and 6 Washington M:ir- 

ket, dwl cor Eddy and Leavenworth 
Louderback Daxia (Buktti & L.), dwl 9 Virginia 
Louderback William {Ilttas & L.) dwl W end 

Harlan place 
Lougee Frank W. salesman, 105 Clay, dwl cor 

Sutter and Mason 
Lougee J. W. (Ropps &, L.) dwl E side Stockton 

bet Sacramento and Clay 
Loughlin George, melting dept V. S. B. Mint, 

dwl 65 Minna 
Louis A. laborer, dwl Francisco bet Jones and 

Louis Marie, boot-maker, 172 Clay 
Louis Moses, waterman, dwl corner Ecker and 

Louis William, laborer, dwl Mont'y bet Green 

and Vallejo 
Louisson (Morris) k Co. (CharlesWinzesheimer), 

importers fancy goods, etc. 83 Battery 
Loumes Xavier, butcher, with Mme. Pierre, 61 

Loundes A. L. teacher, dwl Bush bet Mason and 

Lount Daniel S. 187 Washington 
Loup S. J. driver, with Jonas G. Clark 
Loupe Leopold (E. Levi k Co.) E s Stockton 

bet California & Sacramento 
LOVE H. S. attorney at law, 93 Merchant 
Love James H. dwl Mission Dolores 
Love J. S. dwl 8 Mercantile Library Bdg 
Lovejoy Albert, porter. Commercial Flour Mills 
Lovejoy Alfonso J. at Commercial Mills, dwl cor 

Howard and First 
Lovejoy Rufus, (Holmes k L.) 38 Clay 
Loveland Lafayette P. broker, dwl comer Larkin 

and Greenwich 
Lovell Edward C. bds N s Jackson nr Stockton 
LoveU Lewis E. ship-master, dwl 139 Jackson 
Lovett Joseph, liquors, NW corner Dupont and 

Lovett Joseph, actor, Maguire's Opera House, 

bds Spring 




LOW C. ADOLPHE & CO. (Charles H. Baldwin,) 

coramissioii merchts, 30 Front, bds cor BusU 

and Chelsea place 
Low Henry S. merchant, 30 Front 
Low William, miller, American Flour MUis, dwl 

Tehama near Third 
Lowe Ann Mrs. washing, Jes.'^io near Second 
LOWK 15ENJ. F. ortice 60 California 
Lowe Henry, bd." 280 Stockton 
Lowe James, (Allan, Lowe & Co.) 132 Clay 
Lowe James, laljorer. Fort Point 
Lowe Thos. (Allan, L. & Cu.) resides in Oregon 
Lowell Nathan R. store-keeper, Eagle Ware- 
house, dwl 21 Natoma 
Lowenborg Leopold, real estate broker, 165 

Lowenberg Sampson, jeweler, dwl N s Yallejo 

bet Powell and Mason 
Lowenpan P. laborer, A'ulcan Iron Works 
Lowry Ricliard, stevedore, Battery bet Jackson 

and Pacific 
Lowry Walter, commercial reporter of the Herald 

and assistant editor of Price Current, bds 

Lowry William, commercial reporter, Alta Cali- 
fornia, bds Rasette House 
Lows John, dwl W s Mason bet Union & Filbert 
Loydec Ri5ne, Horist, dwl 69 Broadway 
Lubbersmeiren Conrad, laborer. Fort Point 
Lubbock Henry P. Capt. stm'r Sophie, office 

California Steam Nav. Co. NE corner Front 

and Jackson, bds E s Dupont nr Sacramento 
Lubbock William M. office Napa steamers, bds 

E s Dupont near Sacramento 
Lubeck (Charles W.) &, Co. ship brokers, office 

U. S. Court Bdg (basement), bds Powell 

bet Clay and Washington 
Lubey Mary A. Mrs. (widow), dwl 34 Virginia 
Lubin Ricliard D. clerk, cor Green and Dupont 
Lubree Isaac, clothing, dwl S side Broadway bet 

Sansomo and Montgomery 
Lucas John, carpenter, dwl W side Montgomery 

near Vallejo 
Lucas William, (Greene & L.)Brannan St. Bridge 
Lucas, Turner & Co. office NE cor Montgomery 

and Jackson 
Luce Jirah, carrier Bulletin, riwl cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Luce M. bds What Cheer House 
Lucie Dennis, waiter, Railroad House 
Lucien Doniinico, tailor, dwl cor Broadway and 

Lucke H. boots and shoes, 188 Washington 
Lucke Frederick, tailor, E s Powell ni- Broadway 
Lucke Solomon, pedler, dwl 23 Trinity 
Luders John W. (Galland &, L.) cor Mont'y and 

Ludlam Anthony, oysterman, cor Howard and 


Ludley , bds S s Post near Dupont 

Ludlow Charles S. livery stable, 163 Mission 

Ludlow James, pilot, dwl 163 Mission 

Ludlow Jas. Deputy City and County Treasurer, 

dwl NE cor Jackson and Powell 
Ludlow Levi P. mustard manufacturer, with H. 

C. Hudson 
Ludlum Cornelius, merchant, dwl E s California 
near Dupont 

Ludlum Edward, (C. P. Nichols & Co.) boards 69 

Ludlum Edward, clerk, dwl S side California nr 

Ludlum Thomas B. clerk, with Bradshaw & Co. 

dwl S s California near Dupont 
Ludwig Adam, carpenter, Bush near Trinity 
Lud/.iii Peter II. tanner, dwl Augu.^ta 
Lucdkc Ilamnics, watch-maker, with R. Luedke 
fjuedko Rudolph, watches and jewelry, 159 

Wash'n, dwl N s Pine bet Kearny & Dupont 
LuesTnanu Ernest, baker, 319 Dupont 
Luhdon Louis, clerk, with A. Hussman 
Luhr E. D. house and sign painter, corner Third 

and Folsom 
Lulcrs Charles, porter, 88 Front 
Luitz Marx, cordwainer, 104 Commercial 
Luke William L. jr. dwl Kearny nr Pacific 
Luly Edward, laborer. Fort Point 
Lum A. S. billiard-keeper, Bank Exchange, dwl 

W s Mason near Jackson 
Lum Cyrus, sexton Dr. Scott's church, bds cor 

First and Tehama place 
Lum John, musician, bds cor First and Tehama pi 
Lum J. G. umbrella maker, 152 Sacramento 
LUMLEY GEORGE, importer of ales, cor Union 

and Battery 
Lund Henry, clerk, 157 Battery 
Lunil John F. dwl cor Montgomery and Sumner 
Lund Robert, graiuer, dwl 213 Dupont 
Luning N. capitalist, cor Sacramento and Leides- 

dortf, dwl cor Pine and Powell 
Lunny James W. laborer, dwl S side Union near 

Lunt Detlaf, carpenter, dwl N s Yansen 
Lunt James R. salesman, J. Patrick & Co. dwl 

Riley near Taylor 
Lunt W. bricklayer, dwl Greenwich nr Dupont 
Lupton Samuel L. Deputy County Clerk, Fourth 

District Court, bds 107 Broadway 
Lurkensberg James, cabinet-maker, dwl Steven- 
son near Second 
Lusk Albert, broom-maker, bds with J. A. Wolf 
Lussey John, French and Spanish Interpreter, 

Police Court 
Lusteg Isaac, boots and shoes, 86 Jackson 
Lutgen Joahn, propt Lutgen's Hotel, 64 Mont'y 
Luther Frank C. A. clerk, 35 Kearny 
Luther Martin, cordwainer, dwl Market near 

Lutz John C. (Dietterline k L.) dwl 31 Kearny 
Lutz Michael, engineer. Pioneer St'm Bag Fac'y 
Lu Wo & Co. Chinese merchants, 18d Sacramento 
Lux George, butcher, cor Kearny and Sac 
Luyster Thomas G. W. fancy goods, birds, etc. 

214 Washington 
Lyford John, bricklayer, Fort Point 
Lykins Isaac, broker, dwl St. Mary's Place 
Lyle A. F. salesman, 103 and 105 Battery 
Lylo Joshua B. dwl Howard near Third 
Lyle William S. clerk, 72 Battery, dwl Harrison 

bet Second and Third 
Lyman P. R. Mrs. Mission Dolores 
Lymes John, laborer, Fort Point 
Lynch Bartholomew Mrs. dwl S s Everett near 

Lynch Daniel, laborer, Fort Point [Laundry 
Lynch Francis, mattress-maker, Easton's Steam 



Lynch {F. K) <t Rocding (/'') commission mer- 
chants, 138 Jackson 
Lynch George, dwl K a Stockton near Union 
Lyueli George, dwl \V s Stockton bet Post and 

Lynch James & Co. {P. J. Kermcdy,) wood and 
coal yard, SE cor Broadway and Sansome, 
dwl Clay above Powell 
Lynch Jerry, laborer, Fort Point 
Lynch John, butclier, bds cor Pacific and Larkin 
Lynch John, SE cor Dupont and Broadway 
Lynch John, steward, dwl Trinity 
Lynch John, 55 Sansomo, dwl Minna nr Third 
Lynch John C. carpenter, dwl W s Mason near 

Lynch Michael, Oakley's Saloon, NW cor Com- 
mercial and Sansome, dwl Mary's lane 
Lynch M. clerk, with T. M. J. Dehon 
Lynch Patrick, pressman, dwl Bryant place 
Lynch Patrick, foundryman. Second nr ilission 
Lynch Peler. laborer, Sugar Refinery, dwl Fourtli 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Lynch Thomas, pressman, with Blake & MoBit, 

dwl Bryant place 
Lynch Thomas, laborer, dwl 22 Trinity 
Lynch \Y. bds 210 Clay 
Lynch Samuel, dwl 125 'Washington 

Lynch , bar-keeper at Barry & Patten's 

Lynch , tinsmith, bds Union House, First 

Lynde Joseph B. salesman, witli Taafle, McCahill 

k Co. dwl Minna nr Second 
Lynn Jacob, brewer, Lion Co. Brewery, dwl W s 

Powell bet Post and Sutter 
Lynn Jacob, jr. Lion Co. Brewery, dwl "W side 

Powell bet Post and Sutter 
Lyon John, printer, bds 68 Montgomery 
Lyon Theodore, tinner, with 0. J. Backus & Co. 
Lyon Walter, dwl St. Mark's place 
Lyon Wendall P. printer, bds 68 Montgomery 
Lyon (■ William B.) & Co. {John Rorke and John 
Sarrold,) proptrs Empire Brewery, 106 and 
108 Jessie, dwl 94 Montgomery 
Lyon Worthington S. with Kellogg & Humbert 
Lyons Alexander, dwl SE cor Vallejo and Kearny 
Lyons Ann E. Mrs. fancy goods, NW cor Stock- 
ton and Green [Sansome 
Lyons Bernard, saddle and liarness maker, 147 
Lyons Charles A. teamster, bds with G. F. Mack 
Lyons Dennis, dwl S s Vallejo bet Mason and 

Lyons Michael E. blacksmith, Oregon nr Front, 

dwl Chambers 
Lyons Patrick, laborer, dwl St. Charles nr Kearny 
Lyons Samuel, laborer, U. S. B. Mint, dwl SE 

cor Greenwich and Mason 
Lyons John, clerk, bds with P. H. Danahar 
Lyons W. bonnet-maker, dwl N s Broadway, bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Lyvere MontraviUe, cordwainer, dwl Kearny nr 

Maas George, blacksmith, dwl Moore's alley 
Mablin M. cigar dealer, dwl 195 Pine 
Maeaire H. starch manufa'r, cor Ellis and Jones 
Macasser M. bds What Cheer House 
Macauley John P. physician, dwl 218 Dupont 

Macauloy Thomas, laborer, dwl Greenwich near 

Macclilavello Jolin, (Brignardello & M.) IGiSan 
Macrae George W. attorney at law, 101 Merch 
Mae Crelli.«h (Frederick) & Woodward ( Wm. A.) 

proptrs Alta Califoniia, 124 Sacramento, bds 

Sophia terrace 
Macgovern James, lamp manufacturer, 149 Cal, 

dwl cor White and Vallejo 
Maegrotty Edwin B. clerk. First Dist Court, NE 

cor Pacific and Kearny 
Machado Benito, merchant, dwl Prospect place 

bet Clay and Sacramento 
Macliado Manuel J. Washington nr East 
Maclioldt Henry, carpenter. Union place 
Mack Dennis, lal>ojer, Fort Point 
Mack Elizabeth Mrs. boarding, S side Pine near 

Mack George F. laborer, dwl Second nr Mission 
Mack Isaac N. (C. J. Finney & Co.) bds Hottl 

Mack Joseph, carpenter, dwl Annie bet Eddy 

and Ellis 
Mack Martin, liquors, cor Sacramento and East 
Mackall W. W. major U. S. Army, assistant Ad- 
jutant General, oEBce 44 Bush, dwl Pine nr 

Macken James, coppersmith, Fremont bet How- 
ard and Folsom 
Mackenzie John A. mariner, dwl Augusta alley 
Mackinlay Edward, attorney at law, 5 Hentsch's 

Mackintosh Robert, physician, ofBce 89 Mont'y, 

dwl Tay nr Commercial 
Macnamara James, saloon, Stevenson nr Eoker 
MACONDRAY (^Frederick IF".) & CO. {Jonas 

Mintwn, T. G. Cary,jr. William A. Macon - 

dray), commission merchants, 54 and 5<; 

Sansome, dwl Stockton bet Wash and Jade 
Macondray Frederick W. jr. clerk, 54 and 5(j 

Macondray WiUiam A. (Macondray & Co.) 54 k 

56 Sansome, dwl W s Stockton bet Wash'n 

and Jackson 
ifacopin James, engineer, bds 162 Pine 
Macpherson A. W. agent U. S. Court bdg, office 

U. S. Court bdg, dwl Centre nr Jlission 
Macpherson C. with John S. Gibbs, dwl Market 

bet Third and Fourth 
Macquart George, veterinary surgeon. Post near 

Macready John J. builder, Market Street Mills 

dwl Tay 
Macy Henry, contractor, dwl W side Mason bet 

Washington and Jackson 
Macy Henry C. carpenter, Oregon nr Davis, dwl 

S s Sacramento nr Taylor 
Macy M. bds What Cheer House 
Macy Robert D. secretary Wharf Convention, 

134 Clay 
Macy Seth, drayman. East nr Jackson, dwl N a 

Pacific nr Taylor 
Macy William W. clerk, bds with C. F. Brown, 

Clementina nr Ecker 
Madan John T. speculator, office 92 California, 

bds Mason nr California 
Madden Michael, waiter, bda with Mrs. Ring 
Madel Peter ( Cook & M.) cor Mission & Stewart 




Madigan John, stono-outter, Fort Point, dwl 

Green nr Polk 
Madigan Mary Mrs. dwl Stono nr Jackson 
Madigan Tliomas, stone-cutter, Fort Point 
Madigan WiUiaiu, stone-cutter, dwl Green near 

Uadin Alexander, fruit, SE cor Kearnr and Pino 
Madiu Mack, fruit, A\' s Kearny nr California 
Madison James, bds Busli nr Stockton 
Madison John, carrier of Evening Bulletin, dwl 

Stockton nr St. Mark's place 
Madison Jolin H. clerk, with L. P. Fisher, bds 

E s Stockton nr Geary 
Maduo Peter, cigars, cor East and Jackson, dwl 

cor Dupont and Paoilic 
Macger 'William, tailor, NE cor Battery and Bush 
Macr Louis P. (Baker & M.) SW" cor Ecker and 

Magagnos Julian A. collector Evening Bulletin, 

bds 177 Mission 
Magagnotto P. very Rer. pastor St. Francis 

Catholic Church, dwl Vallejo bet Stockton 

and Dupont 
Maggraf Joseph, billiard-table maker, W s Trinity 

bet Bush and Sutter 
Maginnis John Rev. pastor St. Patrick's Church, 

dwl Annie near Jessie 
Magnas Margaret, domestic. Union Club 
Magner Thomas, grocer, dwl SE cor Broadway 

and Scott 
Magner Dennis, porter, dwl N s Geary nr Stock 
Magnus George, printer, bds Commercial near 

Magnus Peter A. manufacturing jeweler, S s 

Commercial near Kearny 
Magork Patrick, dwl N s Union nr Mason 
Magougin James, brick-maker, dwl E s Leaven- 
worth nr Pacific 
Magrane Mathew, carpenter, N 3 Pacific nr Stock 
Magrath James, bookseller, 14 First, bds Union 

Magrath John, laborer, bds Union House 
Magrcna Mathew, carpenter, dwl 14 Albion pi 
Maguire Anthony, moulder, Pacific Foundry 
Maguire John, treasurer, Maguire's Opera House, 

bds 321 Stockton 
Maguire John, drayman, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
MAGUIRE THOMAS, propr Maguire's Opera 

House, N s Waslin bet Mont'y and Kearny 
Maguire Thoma.s, laborer. Union Iron Works 
Maguire Rodger, hand-cartman, Davis nr Sac 
Mahan James, laborer, dwl SW cor Broadway 

ami Auburn 
Mahan John, bargeman, Custom House, dwl E s 

Midway nr Francisco 
Mahan John, liquors, 210 Kearny 
Mahan Michael, drayman, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Auburn 
Mahan Peter, groceries and liquors, Natoma nr 

Mahar James, drayman, dwl Harrison near Third 
Mahar James, miner, dwl Varenne 
Mahar Patrick, laborer, dwl N a Broadway near 

Maher Nicholas, liquors, Dupont bet Vallejo and 

Green [Washington 

Mahl Christian, tailor, NE cor Montgomery and 
Mahland William, clerk, with Charles Melin 

Mahlar Joseph, eordwainer, dwl NW cor Pacific 

and Powell 
MAHLER PHILIP, dry goods, E s Stockton bet 

Washington and Jackson 
Mahon Bridget Miss, tailoress, dwl Jessie near 

Mahon Frank, printer. Herald office 
Mahon Jolin F. dwl Townsend nr Third 
Mahoney Daniel, porter, dwl First nr Minna 
Malioney D. J. laborer, Sutter Iron Works 
Mahoney Edward, engineer, SW cor Clay and 
Sansome, bds Ss Broadway bet Montgomery 
and Sansome 
Mahoney Jolin, What Cheer House 
Mahoney John, laborer. Fort Point 
Mahoney John, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Mahony David, butcher, dwl cor Pacific & Larkin 
Mahony Dennis, porter, 18 Battery 
Mahony Florence, 59 and 61 Sansome, bds San- 
some House 
Mahony James, eordwainer, 181 Pacific 
Mahony Timothy, laborer, dwl S 3 Broadway nr 

Mahony Timothy, laborer, dwl Russ alley 
Maier Morris, bds 224 Stockton 
Maiers Adolph A. Branch Hotel, E a Sansome 

bet Pine and Bush 
Malge Francis N. plasterer, dwl Mason bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
Maige Pierre, Washington Confectionery, 207 

MalUo Louis, baker, cor Union and Dupont 
Maille Vincent, French Bakery, cor Unioa and 

Mails Henry, Deputy Co. Recorder, bds E s Vir- 
ginia bet Piicflc and Jackson 
Malls Isaac, dwl Annie bet Eddy and Ellis 
Main {Charles) & Winchester (^zra i/!) manu- 
facturers and importers harness, &c. 82 Btt'y, 
bds American Exchange 
Main Peter, porter, with Eggers & Co. bds Na- 
toma bet Second and Third 
Mairs James (J. Bows &, Co.) dwl Distillery 

Mission creek 
Mairs J. B. policeman. City Hall 
Maish John, porter, 131 California, dwl Trinity 
Major F. bds Albion House 
Majorabanks John, drayman, 54 and 56 Clay 
Majouran C. hair-dresser, 227 Dupont 
Makin James, coachman, at Arrington'a 
Makin Samuel, Half-Way House, Mission Road, 
near Thorne 

Makin , bds with P. H. Dannahar, 

Malard Alphonse, dwl rear of 354 Stockton 

Malatesta Joseph, dwl Union place 

Malatesta L. Italian Bakery, Union bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Malatesta N. wood and coal, Sansome nr Pacific 
Malcom Robert, warehouseman. Front nr Vallejo 
Maldent J. driver of A. Barbier, 148 Washington 
Malech Caroline Mrs. midwife, dwl cor Bush and 

Trinity • 

Malech Gustavug, physician, Pine near Mont'y 
Malhez Frederick L. importer and manufacturer 

of watches, 98 Merchant, res New York 
Mallery George, foreman, Dow's Distillery 
Mallet Richard, miller, American Flour Mills, 
bds 23 First 




Mallet Jean, baker, 349 Dupont 

Mallcttc Napoleon, saddler, with Van Sicklen 

& Co, 
Mallory H. C. clerk, with Tallant & Wilde, 91 

Mallory 11. M. bds W s Montgomery bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Malmgreen {N'iks) &, Nordgren (R If.) diamond 

setters, 138 Sacramento, dwl N s Post bet 

Powell and Mason 
Malucros Fritz, bds 147 Sacramento 
Malone Edward, stoves and tin ware, Ritch near 

Malouc James, 55 "Washington, dwl Howard nr 

Malone Thomas, bds 18 Bush 
Malone {TItojnas C.) &, Creamer (J. Peter H.) 

coopers, Washiupton near Front, dwl Jack- 
son bet Front and Davis 
Maloney Dennis, laborer, dwl Tehama nr First 
Maloney James, wood and coal, Dupont nr Suiter 
Maloney James, laborer, bds NW corner Leaven- 
worth and Clay 
Maloney John, blacksmith, 64 Sansome 
Maloney Richard, at Eclipse Livery Stable 
Maloy Henrietta Mrs. dress-maker, 113 Kearny 
Maloy Pierre, painter, dwl 113 Kearny 
Maltbie Armstrong, accountant and Secretary 

Sausome Hook and Ladder Co. NE corner 

Front and California 
Maltby Robert, (Van Deveer k Co,) 202 Wash'n 
Mamlock William, paper-hanger, dwl 3 Virginia 

MANAHAN FRANCIS P. proptr. Gem Saloon, 

NE cor Sacramento and Front, dwl California 

above Stockton 
Manahan John, Staten Island House, 194 Pacific 

attorneys at law, 144 Wash'n, bds 269 Stock 
Man Chong & Co. Chinese merchants, 174 Dupont 
Mandeiield Edward, carpenter, dwl Stevenson 

near Ecker 
MANDEVILLE J. W., V. S. Surveyor General's 

OfBce, Montgomery Blk, bds American Exch 
Mangels (.V.) & Co. {Henry Knop), grocers, SE 

cor Waverley place and Washington 
Mangeot Charles, blacksmith and wagon-maker, 

147 Sansome 
Mangeot George, hatter, 175 California 
Manheims Maurice, cutter and book-keeper, cor 

Clay and Davis 
Maniort A. Sixnion Hotel, 63 Kearny 
Mann Anthony, bds NE cor Sutter and Stockton 
Mann C. N. Mrs. boarding, 185 California 
MANN GEORGE S. hardwood lumber, etc. C8 

Market, dwl Howard near Third 
Mann Pauline Mrs. liquors, 195 Pacific 
Manning James, paper carrier, dwl cor Trinity 

and Russ court 
Manning James M. inspector Custom-house 
Manning W. A. printer. Bulletin, dwl cor Cali- 
fornia and Sansome ■ 
Manrow John P. cor Montgomery and California, 

dwl NE cor Larkin and Chestnut 
MANSFIELD (WiUiam) & WOOD (Thaddeus 

if.) wholesale and retail clothing warehouse, 

159 Montgomery, resides in New York 
Manson John S. office 46 Front, dwl Hardie pi 

Mantine Amicl, dwl N s Green near Mason 
Mantiuo Morell, dwl N s Green near Mason 
Maolette G. B. coffee stand, comer Sansome and 

Mara Michael, laborer, dwl Vallejo nr Sausome 
Marangon Baptiste, waiter, 252 Dupont 
Marasclii Anthony Rev. (S. J.) of C. Church of 

St. Ignatius, Market near Fourth 
Maratto J. with A. Barbier, 148 Washington 
Marc Edmond, clerk, dwl 208 Stockton 
Marchal Nicholas, vegetables and produce, 'j 

New Market, dwl 132 Clay 
Marchebout Augustus, furniture, 275 Dupont 
Marcus Adolph, dry goods, 276 Dupont 
Marcus (Julius) k Kaigsch (Arnold), liquors and 

billiards, 123 Sacramento 
Marcy James L. sampler of liquors, Custom-housr 
Marden C. spice packer, 123 Front, dwl Pacilii 

bet Stockton and Dupont 
Marden Ira, ( \V. U. Bovee & Co.) dwl Pacific bet 

Powell and Stockton 
Marengo John, (Laviosa M. k Co.) dwl Filbert 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Mareshal Victor, dwl cor Leavenworth and Eddy 
Margrafl' Jacob, cabinet maker, with Strahle .v 

Marguerie Gustave, (iluthieu k Co.) 167 Com'l 
Marian Max, 174 Washington 
Marias Charles, merchant, dwl 109 Bush 
Maricli Elias k Co. (N. Burovich), Constitution 

Saloon, NW cor Jackson and Davis 
Markel Christian, polisher, dwl 238 Kearny 
Markham William, laborer, dwl E s Mason near 

Union [Card's lane 

Marks August, cutler, 150 Washington, dwelling 
Marks August M. cutler, 150 Washington, dwl 

Card's lane 
Marks Bennis, clothing, Third near Jessie 
Marks Christian, boots and shoes, Minna nr Jano 
Marks Christopher, cordwainer, dwl Minna near 

Marks Edmond, clerk, 69 Front, dwl Stockton 

bet Clay and Sacramento 
Marks James, compositor, Alta California 
Marks John J. (Adams & M.) dwl Kearny bet 

Sutter and Post 
Marks Morris, porter, 99 California 
Marks Selice Mrs. dry good.s, 278 Stockton 
Marks Simon, manufacturer and jobber cigars, 

122 Sacramento, dwl 146 Broadway 
Marks Simon Mrs. millinery, 226 Dupont 
Markwood Frederick, grocer, 228 Washington 
Marley Sophia, dwl Dupont near Pine 
Marmond Mary Miss, domestic. Union Club 
Maroney Thomas, laborer, Gi Minna 
Marquaud Adolphe, clerk, at W. Bofer k Co's. 

138 Sacramento 
Marquaud August. (W. Bo/er & Co., and Butt- 

man, M. k Marwede), 138 Sacramento 
Marquard D. F. grocer, Dupont nr Commercial 
Marquard H. T. grocer, SW cor Dupont k Com'l 
Marrer Albert, clerk, with Oliver k Buckley, N 8 

Vallejo near Stockton 
Marrin Miles, laborer, W s Dupont nr Francisco 
MARRIOTT FRANCIS, proprietor Nows-Letter, 

134 Clay 
Mars James A. workman, U. S. Branch Mint 
.Marsal Peter, restaurant, 179 California 



138 ^\^A.SH[I]SraTON STREET. 

►»» ♦ «. » 

Hamburg Bremen Fire Insurance Company 

CAPITAL, S1,000,000. 


Hambnre— WILHELM GOSSLER, Esq., President 
A. J. WOLDSEN, Esq. 

Bremen— LOtJIS DELIUS, Esq. 


Notary— ED. SCHRAMM, Dr., Hamburg. 
Manager— ALFRED KLAUHOLD, Esq., Hamburg. 

The nndersijrned, Agent for California, for the above highly renowned Company, 
is prepared to i.ssue Policies against loss by fire, on the most favorable terms, in all 
parts of the City, on 

r>-V7"EIjX.I3SrC3-S^ FXJI^lSriTTJIiE, 

8®- All claims will be paid by the undersigned immediately after the amount of 
loss is ascertained, particular arrangements for that purpose having been made. 


138 Washington Street, between Sansome and Montgomery. 


G^ODD^RD «fe CO. 



And IRON A NJ) BRASS CASTING S of all kinds. 




MfDiai em mm 

Washington Street, between Montgomery and Kearny. 

'£f3';???'5S3 ^? 

^ *{5^ ^ ^^^N> 'M 


■-*■*■♦♦■ »■- 



rs> A\ 




C3-EO. OOES, ■W. l!s/!E. E^A.I?,K:EE,, 


This Company, in point of excellence, 

Surpsscs mw o\\tx troupe of %xMs m i\t Moxlii ! 

And will give one of their 


At the above popular place of amusement, which is fitted up in the most : 

comfortable manner, and managed with the most careful regard to the 

tastes of the most fastidious of the pleasure-seekers of this City. 


Doors open at 7 o'clock. Performance commences at 8 o'clock. 
Private Boxes, $2; Parquet and Dress Circle, $1; Pit, 50 cents, i 



■ Marsellis Henry, cigar manufacturer, 152i Siin 
. Marsh Albert, tinner, with 0. J. Backus & Co 
Marsh David C. at 3G and 38 Battery, dwl Hart- 
I man place 

[ Marsh E. B. book-keeper, at 53 and 55 Front 
I Marsh Klias M. book-keeper, dwl E s Clay near 
i Stockton 

I Marsh K. S. dwl Silver bet Third and Fourth 
Marsh John B. dwl 35 Minna 
[ Marsh Moses, laborer, dwl Stewart bet Market 
t and Mission 
Marshall George, baker, Louisiana Bakery, dwl 

I Marshall George W. (col'd), steward, dwl W s 

Virginia nr Pacific 
M.usliall Henry H. coftee roaster, at 123 Front, 

dwl rear 356 Stockton 
M;ushall James G. (col'd), trader, 96 Jackson, 

dwl E s Dupont bet Green and Union 
I Marshall John, drayman, bds 2 Beklen's Block 
i Marshall Joseph, SE cor Montgomery and Coni'l 
I Marshall Lewis T. tinsmith, at L. Beauchamp's, 

Commercial near Kearny 
. Marshall Robert, blacksmith, W s Kearny bet 
' Geary and O'FarroU 

I Marshall Robert, blacksmith, W 3 Kearny near 
I Pine, dwl Mason bet Geary and O'Farrell 
! Marshall Samuel, oysters, bds junction Geary, 
i Market and Kearny [Brown 

: Marshall Sandy \V. dwl Mission bet Wood and 
' Marshall John, drayman, First near Howard . 
i Marsicano Patrizio, SW cor Dupont and Bdwy 
i Marston J. V. builder, bds First bet Howard and 
i Folsom [and Dupont 

Marston Sarah Mrs. boarding, Geary bet Kearny 
Martel James L. general agent, 163 Montgomery, 

dwl 41 Minna 
Martel John, silver plater. Commercial nr Kearny, 

dwl Prospect place 
Martenet J. clerk, 162 Washington, dwl Califor- 
nia near Dupont 
Martenstein Jacob, miller, 136 Pine, dwl 93 Pine 
Martigni Louis, furniture, etc. 169 California 
Martin Addison, merchant, 60 California, dwl 

Third bet Folsom and Harrison . 
Martin B. restaurant, 66 Merchant, dwl 68 Mcht 
Martin Camille, cashier at B. Davidson's, and 

Spanish Consul, dwl 14-4 Washington 
Martin Charles, carpenter. Fort Point 
Martin Edward, dwl Lombard, between Taylor 

and Jones 
Martin Edward, clerk, with Jas. Cunningham, 

bds NE cor Pacific and Battery 
Martin Fennell, laborer. Fort Point 
Martin Frank, lodgings. SW cor Cal and Mont'y 
Martin Garrett, steward. East bet Clay &, Wash'n 
Martin George W. rigger, dwl Spear, Rincon Pt 
Martin Henry, {Sliiling &, M.), SW cor Broadway 

and Front 
Martin James, blacksmith, at T. Ogg Shaw's 
Martin John, apprentice, Vulcan Iron Works 
Martin John, restaurant. East bet Clay & Wash'n 
Martin John, laborer, V. S. B. Mint, dwl N side 

Berry near Dupont 
Martin John J. marine reporter. Bay bet Kearny 

and Dupont, dwl Francisco near Dupont 
Martin John M. clothing and furnishing, etc., 45 
Commercial, bds 47 Commercial 

Martin John S. marine telegraph, off 110 Wash'n 
Martin Joseph, cook, with Louis Ganden 
Martin Judah, Minna near Jane 
Martin Michael, laborer, dwl XE cor Pac& Hyde 
Martin Michael, waiter. Railroad House 
Martin Michael W. hair-dressor, 140 Kearny, dwl 

cor Broadway and Powell 
Martin Patrick J. carpenter, Fort Point 
Martin Peter, laborer, with B. T. Chace & Co. 
Martin Richard, baker, dwl 44 Broadway 
Martin Robert S., U. S. buarding-ofticer, dwl 

Francisco near Dupont' 
Martin (S.) <fc Co., fruit, 18 Davis, dwl Com'l bet 

Drumm and East 
Martin {Thomas) & Horton {Thomas R), liquors, 

153 Clay, bds 39 Montgomery 
Martin Thomas, painter, dwl SW cor Pacific and 

Martin 'Thomas, laborer, dwl W side Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
Martin Wheeler, {C. J. HaioUy & Co.), dwl Minna 

near Second 
Martin William, grocer, dwl Minna near Second 
Martin William, {Pollock & M.), 175 Washington 
Martin William, carpenter, dwl Mission near the 

Martin William, {Rollins & il.), dwl Market nr 

Mission Dolores 
Martin William, dwl cor Kearny & St. Mark's pi 
Martin William, boiler-maker. Union Iron Works 
Martin William, moulder, Pacific Foundry 
Martin (J/.) & Co., (Martin Millinowich), New 

World Market, cor Clay and Leidcsdorff 
Martin William, (col'd) drayman, dwl 3 Virginia 
Martin William II. wood and coal. Mission St. 

Wharf, dwl Riley 
Martin Mme., Mansion House, Dupont bet Cali- 
fornia and Sacramento 
Martin T. speculator, Sacramento near Drumm 
Martinet Jefferson, clerk, 164 Washington, dwl 

6 Brenham place 
Martinez Francisco, proptr Barnum's restaurant, 

155 Commercial 
Martinez Loretto, Abode House, Centre bet Guer- 
rero and Dolores 
Martini Bartholomew, {A. TampUn & Cfa.), Paci- 
fic near Dupont 
Martiuon A. bds Union Hotel 
Martman M. baker, dwl 243 Kearny 
Marvin John H. {Brooks & J/), 275 Pacific 
Marwede Charles, (Buiiwan, Marquard & M.) and 

{W. Bo/er &, Co.), dwl S side Sac nr Mason 
Marwedel C. F. steam gauges, etc., 47 Mont'y 
Marx Isaac, news agent, 121 Washington, bds 

Powell bet Vallejo and Green 
Marx Samuel, examine C. H. dwl E s Powell 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Marx Simon, bds SE cor Powe'l and Vallejo 
Marziou {V.)& Co. importers and com mchts, 42 

Commercial, residence Paris 
Masdeu George, drayman, Stevenson nr Second 
Mason Archibald, printer, dwl corLarkin & Geary 
Mason David P. painter, Com'l bet Front & David 
Mason Jacob, dairyman, S s Presidio road W of 

School House 
Mason John, dwl NE cor Stockton and Union 
Mason John L. engineer. Market bet Fremont 

and First 




Mason Mack, dwl S side Eddy near Annio 
Mason Thomas 0. engineer, dwl Jessie nr Second 
Mason William C. (Loring & M.), dwl S s Clay 

above Taylor 
Mass George, biacksmitli, dwl Morris near Pino 
Massey Atkins, bds cor Sacramento and Webb 
Massie E. Kugeno Cafl'ei, 181 Commercial 
Masson August, {L. P. Garcin & Co.) ;U Mont'y 
MassouUe Paulina Mrs. dwl Diipont near Vallejo 
Mast Jolin, (Ehei-hard & M.) Kuss Gardens, and 

St. Nicholas, Sacramento nr Sansome 
Masten Nathan K. (_Bosvjorth, M. &, Co.), dwl 

Soutli Park 
Masten William C. clerk, with Castle Bros., dwl 

South Park 
Masterton Tliomas, (_Taaffe, McCahill & Co.), bds 

Oriental Ilotel 
Masterton AVilliam, painter, 64 Sansome 
Mastic Levi & Co., (L. B. Mastic), dealers in lum- 
ber, Pier 10 Stewart, dwl 153 Mission 
Mastic L. B. (Levi Ma.4ic k Co.), Pier 1 Stewart 

bet Mission and Howard 
Mastick Edwin B. attorney at law, NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Com'l, dwl cor Oalljoun & Union 
Mastin Abraham, com mcht, dwl 131 Mission 
Masti.s 11. boarding, Kearny near PaciKc 
Mastin James, blacksmith, with T. Ogg Shaw, 

dwl 139 Mission 
Mather Robert, cigars, etc. 132i Kearny 
Mathew Robert, cigar dealer, dwl Harlan place 
Mathews Charlotte Mrs. Jessie near Ecker 
Mathews David Mrs. dwl S s Zee pi nr Fremont 
Mathews Edward, teamster, dwl Mason bet Jack- 
sou and Washington 
Mathews Edwin G. produce com mcht, NW cor 

Clay and Drumm, dwl Powell nr Dupont 
Mathews James, at S. F. Chemical Works, cor 

Sparks and Valencia 
Mathews James, butcher, with E. Barron, bds E 

side Mission bet Fourth and Fifth 
Mathews James H. butcher, dwl W side Mason 

near Vallejo 
Mathews Patrick, laborer, S. F. Gas Co. 
Mathews Samuel A. dwl Yerba Buena bet Clay 
and Sacramento [Union 

Mathews Thomas, shoe-maker, dwl Sansome nr 
Mathews Thomas, cordwainer. Front near Cham- 
bers, dwl Green near Battery 
Mathewson (James) & Morris {Banjamin), manu- 
facturing jewelers, 155 Sacramento, dwl 
14 Harlan place 
Mathewson John, butcher, dwl 7 Bay State Row 
Mathewson Mark J. (col'd) steward, stm'r J. L. 

Stephens, dwl S s Union near Kearny 
Mathewson Oscar L. clerk, bds 275 Pacific 
Mathewson R. C. clerk U. S. Surveyor-General, 
dwl N s Greenwieli bet Stockton & Dupont 
Mathewson Thomas D. dwl 2 Sherman's Bdg 
Mathez Tobias H. representative of F. H. Mathez, 
New York, importer of watches, etc. office 
98 Merchant 
Mathias Ludwig, dwl SE cor Filbert and Dupont 
Mathias Nicolas, tailor, 259 Pacific 
Mathieu Alfonso & Co. ( Gustave Maguerie), hat 
manufacturers, 167 Commercial, bdsL'Hotel 
de Europe 
Mathieu Charles A. accountant, 86 Sacramento, 
dwl cor Sutter and Dupont 

Mathieu Christian, blacksmith. Bush bet Kearny 

and Dupont, dwl E s Dupont near Post 
Mathieu Gastou, jeweler, etc. 198 Clay 
Mathouillet Peter, carpenter, 301 Dupont 
Mathowick Samuel ( Grossttta &, M.) dwl E side 

Kearny near Commercial 
Mattat Mathiew, cigars, 227 Dupont 
Matte Henrj', cordwainer, cor Bush and Trinity 
Mattlicld Henry, groceries, SE cor Folsom and 

MATTHEWS HENRY, lumber dealer, corner 

Bcale and Market, dwl E side Third betw'n 

Folsom and Harrison 
Matthewson John, boiler-maker, Vulcan Foun- 
dry, cor Natonia and First 
Matthiesscn Nicolas C. proprietor ■Washington ■ 

Restaurant, 67 Sacramento 
Mattingley Simeon, trader, dwl 27 Everett near 

Maubec Henry. (A. E. Suhatie k Co.) dwl N side ■ 

Bush near Stockton 
Maubec Leon, with Theodore Leroy, 172 Mont'y 
Maulwansky, dwl Jane nr Minna 
Maume Matliew, groceries and liquors, SW cor 

First and Natonia 
Maurice Edward (Henschel &, M.) dwl Mason bet 

Union and Filbert [Jack.son 

Maurin John, comedian, dwl cor Virginia and 
Maury P. jr. importer of wines and liquors, 170 

Sansome, dwl E s Powell bet Washington 

and Clay 
Maurin Samuel, White Hall Saloon, comer Com- 
mercial and East 
Max Morris, drayman, dwl E s Post nr Dupont 
Maxant Charles, laundryman, dwl S s Post near > 

Maxwell S. L. printer, Alta California office 
Maxwell Lieut. U. S. A. bds corner Sacramento 

and Brooklyn place 
MAXWELL RICHARD T. physician, office and 

dwl 248 Stockton 
Maxwell Walter, carpenter, dwl N s St. Mark's 

place near Kearny 
May Charles, at St. Francis Restaurant, cor Clay 

and Dupont 
May Henry, clerk, bds 154 California 
May Hugh, dwl N s Montgomery near Green 
May (U.J.) & Bryan (John M. ) daguerreian artists, ■ 

116 Kearny 
May Jacob J. dry goods, 298 Stockton 
MAY JOHN A. proptr Golden Gate Market^ I 

dwl Davis bet Jackson and Pacific 
May ,Tohn, drayman, dwl N s Stevenson nr Sec'd ! 
May John, dwl Leidesdortl'bet Sac and Cal 
May Julius, with B. Davidson, dwl Third bet 

Mission and Market 
May Louis, (S. L. Jacobs k Co.) 70 California, •■ 

resides in New York 
May Prosper, wines and liquors, 184 Com'l, dwl • 

Powell cor Green 
May Thomas C. constable Eleventh Di.strict, office ■ 

Mission Dolores, dwl N s Mission plank road 

nr Ellen 
May William, dwl W side Montgomery nr Green 
Maybee J. physician, Bryant bet Simmons and 

Mayblum M. dealer in cigars and tobacco, 80 Bat- 
tery, dwl 195 Pine 




lybury Saiiuiel, drayman, dwl S s Union bet 
1 Mason and Taylor 
Mayer Isaac A. barOer, G2 Pacific [venson 

iMayer Jacob R. (F. Thayer & Co.), dwl 3 Ste- 
pilayer Jolm G. barber, B3 Kearny 
;Mayer Joseph, (Mayer & Brother), 85 California 
.Mayer Julius, provisions, 80 Davis, dwl Wash'n 
I bet Dupont and Stockton 
Jilayer J. R. drufrgist, Stevenson near Third, 
Mayer Leon, wutcli-inaker, etc. 213 Kearuy 
.Mayer Levi, trader, dwl Jessie nr Anthony 
ayer Samson, upholsterer, dwl Anthony near 

lyer Simon, broker, SW cor California & Front, 

dwl NE cor Powell and Washington 
MAYER & BROTHER (Samuel & Joseph), wh'le 

clothing, 85 California, resides in Piladelphia 
Mayerhofer Francis, pliysician, dwl 9G Busli 
Mayers Frederick A. book-keeper at Porter & 

Flenner's 133 Kearny 
Mayors Philip, carpenter, IS Commercial 
Mayers Robert, watches and jewelry, 81 Com'l 

dwl Lombard alloy 
Mayhew Setli, bricklayer. Fort Point 
Mayes George, (Spence, Tesmore & Co.), dwl 

Washington, Yolo county 
Mayhcr William, porter, NW cor Front & Com'l 
Maynard F. T. apothecarv, V. S. Marine Hospi'l 
Maynard J. C. inspector, Custom House 
Uaynard Lafayette, real estate. NW cor Cal'a 

and Battery, bds Union Hotel 
Maynard Seldeu A. drayman, at 79 Clay, boards 

cor Clark and Front 
Mayue Charles, cor Leidesdorff and Saoramento 
Mayo Allan, clerk, dwl 237 Clay 
Mayo Frank, cook, at Guilliame Tell Hotel, cor 

Pacific and Sullivan 
Mayrisch Brothers (Adophe and Gustave), cigar- 
makers, 123 Bush 
Mayrisch (Ernest) & Schafer (Henry), billiards, 

153 Kearny, dwl 41 Kearny [Bush 

Mayrisch Gustave (Mayrisch Brothers), dwl 123 
MaxariUe Robert, dwl NW cor Bdwy and Dup't 
McAllister Culter, deputy clerk U. S. Circuit 

Court and U. S. Commissioner, o£Bce U. S. 

Court bdg, dwl 277 Stockton 
McAllister hall, attorney at law, 148 Clay 
McAllister James, baker, bds 18 Commercial 
McAllister Mary Mrs. dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
McAllister M. Hall, Judge U. S. Circuit Court, 

office U. S. Court bdg, dwl 277 Stockton 
McAllister William F. proptr Pacific Temperance 

House, 35 and 37 Pacific, dwl Third bet 

Brannan and Townsend 
McAneny George B. clerk, 130 California, dwl 

lOSi Sacramento 
McAnnie John, engineer, bds Bush nr Stockton 
McAravy John, cordwainer. Battery nr Tallejo 
McArdle Barney, laborer, Donahue's Iron Works 
McAltee John F. Gleaner office, 133 Clay, dwl 

St. Ann's Valley 
McAuliffo Patrick, laborer, bds Manhattan Ho'e 
McAvoy James, laborer, dwl Union bet Sansome 

and Montgomery 
McAvoy Margaret Mrs. laundress, 12 Clara 
McAvoy Oliver, carpenter, dwl cor Jackson and 

Larkin [Stockton 

Mg^voy William, carpenter, S s Washington abv 

McBride John J. hatter, at Adams & Bro. dwl 

Rincon Point 
McBride Joseph, Sugar Refinery, dwl S a Har- 
rison nr Refinery 
McBride Peter, cordwainer, at Starr & Miller's 
McBride Thomas, laborer. Fort Point 
McCnbe Andrew, proptr Lombard Dock dwl S s 

bds Post bet Kearuy and Dupont 
McCabe Dennis, laborer, Fort PoiTit 
McCabe Edward, laborer. Fort Point 
McCabe James, attorney at law, 101 Merchant, 

Plaza Hotel 
McCabe James, dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
McCabe James, liquors, Folsom nr Stewart 
McCabe James, porter, 83 Clay 
McCabo James D. bar-keeper, dwl Davis bet 

Vallejo and Broadway 
McCabo John, Lombard Dock 
McCiibe John H. comedian, dwl Scliool alley 
McCabe Patrick, boarding. Pacific bet Sansomo 

and Montgomery 
McCabe Patrick, fruits, W s Kearny nr Jackson 
McCabo Richard, dwl Harrison bet Harris and 

McCafl'rey James, porter, bds Eddy bet Mason 

and Taylor 
JlcCafi'rey George, waiter, Railroad House 
McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, S s Union bet Stock 

ton and Powell 
McCaffrey Richard, physician, office N s Sac nr 

McCahill Thomas, (Taaffe, McCuhill & Co.) bds 

Hotel International 
McCall Abijah, shipsmith, dwl SEcor Pacificand 

McCall John, miner, dwl 8 Virginia place 
McCall Michael, miner, dwl S s Green nr Powell 
McCall William, salesman, with J. R. Raymond, 

dwl 54 Natoma 
MoC^allan Thomas C. clerk P. 0. dwl 218 Cal'a 
McCallum Edward, dwl 346 Stockton 
McCann F. J. porter, bds Bush nr Stockton 
McCanu Joseph, marble polisher, dwl Sherwood 

McCann Peter, dwl NW cor Jones and Vallejo 
McCann William, com merchant, office NE cor 

Jackson and Battery' 
McCarron Dennis, at Chelsea Laundry, Third bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
McCarry Robert, laborer, dwl Union bet Battery 

and Sansomo 
McCarthy Bartholomew, laborer, SE cor Cal and 

McCarthy Charles, laborer, dwl Jane nr Mission 
McCarthy Cornelius, laborer dwl Folsom nr Fifth 
McCarthy Daniel, Manhattan House, Front near 

McCarthy Daniel J. baker, dwl Jessie nr Second 
McCarthy Dennis, printer, 145 Clay 
McCarthy Eugene, plasterer, dwl S s Union bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
McCarthy E. carpenter and builder, dwl S side 

Vallejo nr Powell 
McCarthy Michael butcher, 38 Clementina 
McCarthy Michael, carpenter, dwl N s Everett 

near Third 
McCarthy Michael, printer, Herald office, dwl 

245 Stockton 



McCiirtliy Michael, bds E s Sutter nr Mont'y 
McCartliy Kodinoud, laborer, dwl Auuie near 

McCarthy Timothy, gardener, Folsom bet Harris 

and Price 
MoCartliy , cabman, dwl N s Post bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 
McCarty Hdward, tinsmith, bds Walton House 
JlcCarty Jolin, bds Sansoino St. House 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, dwl N s Post near 

McCarty Jereraiali M. carpenter. Fort Point 
McCarty Jerry, laborer, Lombard Warehouse 
McCarty Jolm, laborer, bds Pacific bet Sansomo 

and Montgomery 
McCarty Jolm J. laborer, bds W side Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
McCarty Patricl<, dwl Bash bet Dupont and Stock 
McCarty Patrick, cordwainer, Commercial bet 

Front and Davis 
McCarty Peter, dwl Sonoma place 
McCarty William, dairyman, dwl Bryant bet 

Harris and Price 
McCauley Cornelius, policeman, dwl Filbert bet 

Montgomery and Sansome 
McCauley James, State Prison Contractor, dwl 

369 Stockton 
McCauley Joseph, copper-smith, bds 18 Bush 
McCauley Terrence, carpenter, dwl Sherwood pi 

McCauley , broker, bds W s Kearny nr Bdwy 

McCay John W. W. Custom House Broker, bds 

94 Montgomery 
McCay Patrick, groom, with Brown & Dennis 
McCenery J. C. attorney at law, 37 Mont'y block 
McClain Peter, blacksmith, dwl S s Sacramento 

bet Jones and Taylor 
McCIaiu Peter, mariner, bds Jackson bet East 

and Druram 
McClary George, bar-keeper, 6 Brenham place 
McCleery James, rentier, dwl S s Harlan place 
McClelland D. D. clerk. Post Office, bds 32 Vir- 
ginia near Jackson 
McClelland Hugh, baker, Astor Bakery 
McClelland John, 103 Davis 
McClelland (JoA)i ^.) & Co. (Christopher Fink- 
boner and John W. Thurtnan), commission 
merchants, 7 Clay, dwl W s Stockton bet 
Sutter and Post 
McClentick Sam\iel, porter, bds 24 Clay 
McClinchery Patrick, waiter, Franklin House 
McCloskey James, {J. P. Sweeney & Co.) 116 Cal 
McCloskey Mary A. Mrs. dwl Natoma nr Stewart 
McCloskey Mathew, miner, Howard nr Third 
McCloud David, ship-carpenter, bds Sansome 
McCloud Joseph, drayman, dwl N s Valparaiso 

near Taylor 
McCloud John, carpenter, dwl Card's lane 
McCloud Joshua, drayman, dwl NW cor Pacific 

and Hyde 
McCloud Thomas, Express Mess'r, dwl 137 Clsy 
McClure John, moulder. Pacific Foundry 
McClure Jolm H. H. foreman Excelsior Soda 

Works, dwl 117 Broadway 
McClure Walter, miner, dwl cor Clay and Drumm 
McClusky James, baker, Exchange Bakery 
MoClusky Wm, drayman, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
McColgan {if.) & O'Kane (John), importers 
and manufacturers harness, 136 Kearny 

McColliam T. W. sail-maker, dwl Eddy bet Jonei 

and Taylor 
McCoUough Michael, laborer, dwl W a Mason nr 

McCoUough William, laborer. Fort Point 
McComb John, moulder, A''ulcan Foundry 
McCommet Thomas, laborer, bds Pacific between 

Sansome and Montgomery 
McOommick Hall, Davis bet Clay and Coml 
McConaghey Peter, painter, dwl NE corner Pice 

and Quincy 
McConn Thomas, groom, 133 Kearny 
McConnell Hugh, cutler, 223 Jackson 
McCoimell John, packer, S. N. Mills, dwelling 

Sherwood place 
McConville James, steward, St Francis No. 1 
McCord George, veterinary surgeon, Market new 

McCord Sylvester, ship-carpenter, dwl Hitch bet 

Bryant and Brannan 
McCord Thomas carpenter, dwl Third nr Folsom 
McCormick Hugh, real estate, office 94 Clay bdi 

S s Union bet Kearny and Montgomery 
McCourtney Ephraim J. dwl St. Charles 
McCovera Peter, drayman, dwl Fourth between 

Folsom and Harrison 
McCoward W. baker, bds N s Broadway near 

McCowan Edward, cordwainer. Pacific between 

Sansome and Battery 
McCoy William, dwl cor Clay and Mason 
McCraith Dennis, grocer, NW corner First and 

McCraith John, organ builder, dwl cor Broadway 

and Hyde 
McCraith John, harness-maker, N s Pacific neir 

McCraken John (Richards & McC.) resides Port- 
land, 0. T 
McCrea Anthony, miner, dwl Ecker near She^ 

wood place 
McCREA JAMES A. auctioneer, 1 64 Montgom'y 

dwl S 8 Market bet Fifth and Simmons 
McCready John J. carpenter, Tay near Clay 
McCreary A. bds 236 Washington 
McCreery Andrew B. merchant, 39 California, 

dwl 161 Montgomery 
McCreery Andrew, porter, IT. S. C. H. Block 
McCreery William, miner, dwl Steven'n nr First 
McCuUer Henry, dwl 181 California 
McCuUoch Florence, cabinet-mkr, dwl 6i Minna 
McCuUoch John, dwl Bryant near Third 
McDana Paul, dwl N s Berry near Dupont 
McDaniel David, (Smith, McDaniel &, Co.) dwl 

Green near Dupont 
McDermott Andrew, teamster, bds cor Broadway 

and Kearny 
McDermott Alice Mrs. dwl W s Ecker near 

McDermott C. F. ( Oliver, Flanagen * Co. ) 99 Front 
McDermott Barney, drayman, U. S. Appraiser's 

McDermott Frank, printer, NW cor Sansome t 

McDermott James, baker. Metropolitan Bakery 
McDermott James, mariner, dwl School alley 
McDermott John, brick-layer, dwl Everett near 

Third » 



[cDcrmott Patrick, blacksmith, dwl Clementina 

nr Koker 
[cDermott Patrick, tinsmith, dwl cor Mont'y 

aud Greenwich 
[cDcrmott Thomas, dwl Everett nr Third 
[cDevilt Dennis, wood aud coal, Stockton near 

[cDcvitt James, contractor, dwl cor Broadway 

and Ohio 
[cPouald Albert R. butclier, at Boston Market 
[cDonalU Andrew, boiler-mak'jr, cor Bush and 

tcDouald Anthony, Liborer, Fort Point 
[cDonald A. D. salesman, 58 A 60 Sacramento, 

dwl Minna bet Second and Jane 
[cDonald Bridget, chamber-maid, American 

[cDonald Charles, bds 18 Minna 
[cDonald Charles & Co. oysters, &c. New World 

Market, dwl Vallejo nr Hyde 
[cDonald Clias. E. S. importer wines and liquors, 

SW cor Sansomo and C;ililornia, bds Minna 
[cDonald C. Mrs. dwl N s Geary nrDupont 
IcDonald Daniel A. at B. T. Chace 4;Co. NW 

cor Market and Beale 
[cDonald Duncan F. ale and porter, 120 Sac 
[cDonald George W. gas titter, 1C5 Washington, 

bds 180 Jackson 
[cDonald James, {Butler & ilcD.) cor Halleck 

and Leidcsiiorfl" 
[cDonald James M. propr Eclipse Livery Stables, 

S 8 Pacific near Kearny, dwl Pacific bet 

Webster and Buchanan 
[cDonald John (Dunn & McD.) dwl Pacific 

Wharf bet Drumm and Davis 
[cDonald John, paints and oils, 8 Front 
[cDonald John, seaman, E s Powell nr Pacific 
(cDonald John, laborer, W s Yansen nr Lomb'd 
[cDonald John, dwl cor Harrison and Ritch 
[cDonald Luther, dwl SW cor O'Farrell and 

IcDonald Mathew, brick-layer. Fort Point 
IcDonald Patrick, dwlNs Greenwich bet Stock 

and Powell 
IcDonald Patrick, groom, 17 Battery 
IcDonald Peter R. (col'd) dwl 270 Washington 
IcDonald Phillip, laborer, Fort Point 
IcDonald William, butcher, dwl Broadway nr 

IcDonald William, drayman, 35 Leidesdorff, 

dwl W s Yansen nr Lombard 
IcDonald William, book-keeper, dwl Mission nr 

McDonnell Alexander, painter, bds at "Old Oak," 

Mission Plank Road nr Ridley 
ilcDonnell Angus, contractor, dwl cor Clay and 

tfcDonneU R. J. commission merchant, dwl 8 

Harlan place 
McDonnerd John, cordwainer, N s Stevenson nr 

McDonough Francis, porter, with 0. J. Backus 

& Co. cor Front and Washington 
McDonnough James, bar-keeper, Rassette House 
McDonnough James, cordwainer, 63 and 65 Com 

and 87 Battery, bds Ohio nr Broadway 
McDonnough Richard, laborer, Mary lane, near 

ilcDonough John, laborer, with John Fay 
McDoole Patrick, expressman, with John C. 

Bell, bds NW cor Greenwich and Dupont 
McDougall B. agent, for Benzole Gas Co. 105 

McDOUGALL (James A.) & SHARP (Sol. A.) 
attorneys at law, 101 Merchant, dwl Vir- 
ginia Block 
McDougall James T. & Co. (Felix Brisac), native 
wines and brandies, 173 and 175 Sansome, 
bds 280 Stockton 
McDougall John, drayman, dwl First nr Howard 
McDoul James, groom, 37 and 39 Battery 
McDouall Charles, dwl Jackson nr Hyde 
McDowall Charles, bds Rassette House 
McDowall Davis Mrs. dwl Howard nr Fifth 
McElhiuey John, clerk, dwl cor Larkin k Vallejo 
McElratli John, drayman, 69 Front, dwl Taylor 
McElroy Andrew, clerk, bds with Mrs. C. New- 
McElroy James, watchman. Custom House, dwl 

Howard nr First 
McElroy Robert, publishing agent. Christian Ad- 
vocate, 174 Clay, dwl Folsom nr the Church 
McElwain J. bds Hotel International 
McEntee John, sexton, St. Mary's Cathedral, dwl 

OTarrell nr Dupont 
McEvoy Francis, ship-carpenter, Sacramento, nr 
East, bds New Orleans House [Ecker 

McEvoy John, carpenter, dwl S s Market near 
McEvoy Thomas, blacksmith. Market nr Third 
McEwen (James) & Thompson (George C.) dwl 

N 3 Union nr Stockton 
McFadden Charles, dwl Guerrero nr Corbett 
McFadden John, dwl NW s Everett nr Third 
McFarland James, laborer, at P. Witbeck's, Bat- 
tery near Pino 
McFarland Burney, painter, dwl W s Dupont nr 

McFarland Gilbert, manufacturer Mc's Bitters, 

360 Stockton 
McFarland Owen, hackman. Pine bet Mont'y and 

Kearny, bds S s Howard near Third 
McFarland 0. Mrs. dresses and cloaks, dwl SE 

side Howard near Third 
McFARLAND THOMAS, (C. Sudson & Co.) 

101 and 103 Battery, bds Union Hotel 
McFee William, boiler-maker, dwl Tehama near 

McGANAGHAN WILLIAM, wholesale wines 

and liquors, 50 California 
McGarvin John, waterman, dwl Lombard bet 

Polk and Van Ness avenue 
McGee George, boatman, dwl cor Davis & Bdwy 
McGee James, milk ranch. Hunter's Point 
McGee John, seaman, dwl Kearny near Vallejo 
McGee Nelson, dwl E s Dupont bet Green and 

McGee Patrick, groceries, cor Jackson & Auburn 
McGee Patrick, messenger, U. S. Sur. Gen'l, 58 

Montgomery block 
JIcGee Thomas, groceries, cor First & Stevenson 
McGill Joseph, carpenter, dwl SE s Everett bet 

Third and Fourth 
McGill Lott, carpenter, bds 6 Belden's block 
McGill William H. carpenter, Tehama nr Second 
McGinnis John Mrs. dwl cor Howard and Harris 
McGinnis Felix, carpenter, dwl 11 Auburn 



McGinnis John, bnker, dwl 3 Pennsylvania av 
McGinnis Patrick, slioe-maker, 67 Montgomery 
McGinnis Patrick, !al>orer, IkIs 92 Pacific 
McGinnis Patrick, siiip-smith, dwl cor Jessie and 

McGlaslian John & Co. {J. G. Gilchrist), books, 

127 Mont'y, dwl S side Clay near Taylor 
McGlancy James, clerk, with John O'Brien, NE 

cor Sansonie and Clay 
McGlynn Daniel C. agent for Encinal tannery, 

NK cor Washington and Battery 
McGlynn John A. cashier naval olficc, C. H. dwl 

W side Dupont near O'Farrell 
McGolTeu James, cabinet-maker, with Jonas G. 

Clark & Co. 
McGorry John, drayman, IT. S. Appraiser's store 
McGovern Jackson, dwl 182 Jackson 
McGovern Philip, Mission near Third 
McGowan (Mrs. Bridget) & Kelly [Mrs. Mary), 

frnits and vegetables, 23 and 24 Washington 

Market, dwl Jessie bet First and Second 
McGowan John, laborer, dwl Post near Taylor 
McGowan John, dwl Jones near O'Farrell 
McGowan John, farmer, dwl Winter's lane John, waterman, dwl cor Sparks and 

McGowan Jonathan, groom, 16 Kearny 
McGrane Hugh, milk ranch, one mile S Mission 

McGrath George, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Green- 
wich and Sansome 
MeGrath James, porter -with A. Austin 4; Co. 

dwl 9 Everett 
McGrath Jeremiah, baker, bds with P. McGrath, 

First near Tehama 
McGrath John, saddle and -harness maker, bds 

with P. McGrath 
McGrath Phillip, bakery, First near Tehama 
McGreavey George, millwright and draftsman, 

dwl First bet Folsom and Harrison 
McGreavey, John, moulder, bds Union House 
McGreavey, Peter, cook, dwl N s Hodges' place 

near Montgomery 
McGreeder Daniel (col'd), blacksmith. Pacific nr 

McGregor Henry, with Lyman Clark 
McGregor James, Second Ward Ale House, 216 

McGregor Joseph, chronometer and watch mkr, 

103 Commercial, dwl N s Clay abv Stockton 
McGregor Richard, dwl NW cor Jackson & Stock 
McGregor, Bernard, saloon, Davis nr Broadway, 

dwl cor Kearny and Commercial 
McGuire Anthony, laborer. Fort Point 
McGuire Edward, laborer, dwl Second between 

Howard and Natoma 
McGuire Hugh, laborer, dwl N s Berry nr Dupont 
McGuire Peter, laborer, dwl S s Stevenson near 

McGuire Stephen, porter, with D. L. Eoss & Co. 

dwl Sacramento above Stockton 
McGuire Mrs. dwl N s Stevenson near Fourth 
McGuire W. groom, 106 Kearny 
McGuskey John, steward, at Winn's, 163 Clay 
McGwinn Patrick, laborer, Fort Point 
MoHafiie John, painter, Tliird near Howard 
McHenry Charles, storekeeper, Flint, Peabody & 

Go's, cor Sansome and Greenwich 

McHenry James, fruits, Third near Market 
McHenry Jesse, attorney at law, llOJ Mont'y, 

dwl Kiley 
McHenry John, attorney at law, 98 Merchant, 

residence in Oakland 
McHenry Joseph, clerk, dwl S 8 Clay, nr Davis 
McHugh John, produce, N s Clay nr Drumm 
Mcllugh Jolin, fruit, S s Third nr Everett 
Mellroy M. A. Miss millinery, 139 Sacramento 
Mclnerney Thomas, butcher, 43 Broadway 
Mclntee Patrick, well-sinker, Mission Plank Road 

near Ridley 
Mclntyre Albert A. at Barry &, Patten'.s 
Mclnlyre James, porter. Oriental Hotel 
Mclntyre Mathow, cooperage. Front nearBdwy, 

dwl 12 Clementina 
Mclntyre Roljert, at Barry & Patten's 
Mclntyre William, wheelwright, dwl cor Mason 

and Union 
McKarher J. G. clerk, bds Plaza Hotel 
McKay David, groceries and liquors, Davis near 

McKay George, dwl NW cor Mission and Fifth 
McKay (John G.) &, Hutton (James), groceries, 

cor Pacific and Powell 
McKay Thomas, cook, dwl 4 Auburn 
McKay William H. broker, 94 Montgomery 
McKean A. C. book-keeper, at James Patrick t ' 

Go's, dwl 195 California 
McKee Andrew W. (/f. McKee & Co.) 46 Front, 

dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
McKee Charles, engineer, dwl First near Mission ; 
McKee David, storekeeper, Custom-house 
McKee John, sen'r, bds Rassette House 
McKee John, book-keeper, with Tallant & Wilde, 

dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
McKee John H. 46 Front, bds Ra.ssette House 
McKee John K. B. (Jieilhj & McK.) East between 

Clay and Washington 
McKEE (Reddick) k CO. (Andrew W. McKee), 

merchants, 46 Front, dwl Tehama bet First 

and Second 
McKee William, liquors, 142 Sansome 
McKee William R. salesman at Verplanck & Mo 

Mullin's, dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
McKendy Archibald, dwl W s Taylor bet Ellis : 

and O'Farrell 
McKenna (Francis) & Pilling (John), bathing and 

hair-dressing saloon. Railroad House, dwl S ■ 

s Jessie bet First and Second 
McKenna Hugh, dwl 94 Montgomery 
McKenna John, book-keeper, cor Sac & Sansome ( 
McKennan H. bds 195 California 
McKcnney James, groom. 133 Kearny 
MoKenny Philip, groom, 161 Sacramento 
McKensie J. Washington, police, dwl N s Green i 

near Mason 
McKensie William, bag factory, 143 Sansome 
McKenty Jackson, speculator, 46 Front, dwl 161 

McKenzie Albert R. upholsterer, dwl S s Sutter ■ 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
McKenzie John, dwl 22 Natoma 
McKenzie J. K. mariner, bds Sutter House 
McKenzie William, labr, dwl Ritch cor Harrison ■ 
McKenzie W^illiam, sea captain, dwl 244 Kearny 
McKew John, dwl E s Kearny, bet Green and 




Wass, Uznay & Warwick, 

(Formerly WASS, MOLITOR & CO.) 


,\<lvances made on GOLD DUST. Bars Purchased. Eeturns in Bars or 
Coin made in from twelve to twenty -four hours. 



Purchase Gold and Silver Sweepings, Gold Bearing Quartz, Rich Tailings of Quartz, 
Rich Sulphuret in Ores or in concentrated Slate, Polishings of Jewelers, Coarse Metal 
Bars, Gilt and Plated Metals, Silver and Lead Ores ; and will soon be prepared to 
purchase Copper Ore, as they are about erecting extensive Copper Smelting Works. 

Mr. John AVarwick, a member of our firm, and late proprietor of the Hfirlem 
Smelting "Works, New York, who has a practical experience of more than forty years 
in his business, and who has been well and favorably known to the trade throughout 
the United States, during the last thirty years, having the entire charge of the Smelt- 
ing and Assaying Department, should be a sufficient guarantee that all matters en- 
trusted to our establishment will be promptly and accurately attended to. 

Assays of Minerals made for $5. No charge will be made for the Assay where the 
Ores are subsequently purchased by us. 

Keep constantly on hand and for sale, fine Gold, Silver and Copper, for Jewelers, 
Gold Beaters and Fire Gilders. 



Importers and Jobbers of 


©AST 2=lBiiSJ©nS(S®o 

Sole Importers of MAX SUTAINB & CO.'s Cabinet CHAMPAGNE. 

' ...---■ ■ ■ ■ -. 

CHARLES Mcdonald & co. 



^ a m&m 




^'^ SH ELL FI SH. 


lew Worfd Market, 

' Iftiv J^v JLiii XSIvi 

^S^^*# ^tS«J\<*&^ '^nX'S^ ^V^'?S'^ ' 

■^*v\\wi' "TOf.^'i"' 


H. H. MYER & E. KRAUS, Proprietors. 

— *->-*■ — - 

S. E. Corner SANSOME and PACIFIC STS. . 

ga.^' SF>£S<;£^s:3'(@Q^cs(S)a 





i£m Wmim€liMBo\ 

Constantly on hand, q, large supply of CANDY, or made to order at short notice. ■ 





McKe^en J. (G. C. Tliompson & ME.) soda 

water mauufacturcrs 
JIcKewn (Peter) & Gallagher ( Thomas), gas fit- 
ters, 190 Clay, (Iwl cor Clreeu and Mont'y 
McKibbeu Thomas, al Eureka Iron Works 
McKibbia William, proptr Eureka Iron Works, 

First near Folsom 
McKinlay Archibald, (Allan, JLowei, Co.) resides 

iu Oregon 
McKinlay (Finlay), Garrioch (Alexander) & Co. 

commission merchants, 11 G California 
UcKinna Francis, dwl Jessie near Eeker 
McKinnay Patrick, laborer, .lano near Jessie 
McKinner John, dwl S s Post bet Montgomery 

and Kearny 
McKiuney Patrick, laborer, 6G Sacramento 
McKown George W. bds S aide Bush bet Powell 

and Stockton 
'loKue John, drayman, at Henderson & Go's, 

dwl Brenham place 
McKuen Henry, (F. B. Taylor & Co.) dwl N side 

Lombard near Powell 
McKury Thomas, laborer, dwl O'FarrcU botw'n 

Stockton and Powell 
McLane Cliarlcs, bds American Exchange 
McLane John, boiler-mnker, cor Bush and Market 
McLANE LOUIS Ja. general agent of California 

for Wells, Fargo & Co. office XW corner 

Montgomery and California, dwl Bryant bet 

Second and Third 
McLaughlin Dennis, laborer, dwl NE cor Vallejo 

and Mason 
McLaughlin Duncan, drayman, 82 Front 
ilcLaughlin F. W. brick-layer. Fort Point 
McLaughlin Henry, coachman, bds N s Bdw'y 

near Stockton 
McLaughlin H. moulder. Pacific Foundry 
McLaughlin James, waterman, dwl cor O'Farrell 

and Carlo 
McLaughlin James, dwl Harrison bet Harris and 

McLauglilin John, laborer, Fort Point 
McLaughlin John A. rolling-room, U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl William 
McLaughlin Michael, "Cottage Lower House," 

Presidio road 
McLaughlin Michael, laborer, dwl Tallejo near 

McLaughlin M. dwl 215 Montgomery 
McLauglilin Sarah Miss, dwl N side Stevenson 

near Ecker 
1 Laughlin William, cook, N side Lombard near 

McLauglilin William, coachman, boards N side 

Broadway near Stockton 
McLaughlin Wm. laborer, Vulcan Iron Works 
McLEK DONALD, liquors and wines, corner of 

California and Webb, and 219 Dupont, dwl 

SW cor Dupont and Bush 
McLean Charles, pier 3 Stewart, bds American 

McLean Edward, broker, dwl 269 Stockton 
McLean John, carpenter, Annie near Jessie 
McLean John, boiler-maker, bds Union House 
McLelland Hugh, confectioner, dwl Taylor bet 

Pine and California 
Mel^eod Johanna Mrs. Young Ladies' Seminary, 

XE cor Broadway and Powell 

McLeod Isaac, printer, office California Farmer 
McLoughlin Daniel, laborer, dwl Dupont near 

McLoughlin Michael, cabman, dwl Jessie near 

McLouglin Michael, liquors, Presidio road, "W of 

School House 
McLoughlin William, liquors. 42 First 
McLusky Patrick, laborer, dwl W side Kearny 

near Green 
ilcMahon Arthur, What Cheer House 
MoMahon Frederick P. proptr Fair Haven Oil 

Works, office 68 Front, bds cor Tehama 

and First 
Mcilahon, Jas. laborer, bds Sutter nr San,somo 
McMahon Marj' Mrs. (widow), dwl Dupont near 

McMahon Mary K. Mrs. laundress, dwl Clemen- 
tina near Second 
McMahon Owen, cordwainer. Pacific near East 
McMahon Patrick, cordwainer, bds Union House 
McMahon Thomas, brick-layer, dwl cor California 

and Quincy 
McMann Catherine, midwife, dwl S s Greenwich 

nr Mason 
McMann James, waterman, dwl S s Greenwich 

nr Mason 
McMaun John, paper-hanger, dwl S 3 Sutter bet 

Powell and Mason 
McMannan Ricliard, at C. L. Cordiner's, 62 Mont 
McManus B. dwl 35 Kearny 
McManus John, boiler-maker, bds New Orleans 

McManus John, at Union Foundry, bds 60 Jessie 
McManus ilichael, waterman, dwl cor Jessie and 

McManus Terrence B. inspector. Custom House, 

bds 180 Jackson 
McMartin Alexander, blacksmith, at P. Whit- 
beck's, Battery nr Pine, dwl 6-t Sansome 
McMeachan James, bds What Cheer House 
McMeachan James, salesman, with Benchley &, 

Co. dwl American Exchange 
McMichael William, dwl 36 Minna 
McMillan D. teamster, at Turner Brothers, dwl 

Bush above Powell 
McMillan Daniel, ale and porter, East bet Jack- 
son and Washington, dwl Townsend bet 

Third and Fourth 
McMillan Daniel, mason, dwl XW cor Mission 

and Thorn 
McMillan Gustavus, porter, at 46 Battery, dwl 

AV s Kearny bet Sutter and Post 
McMillan J. porter, at 18 Battery 
McMillan Robert, upholsterer, at G. 0. Whitney's 
McMillan Robert, JI. D. surgeon U. S. Marine 

Hospital, office 202 Washington 
McMillan Thomas, brick-layer, Fort Point 
McMinn James B. Deputy County Clerk, dwl S s 

ilission bet Fourth and Fifth 
McMinaney William, laborer, dwl Stevenson bet 

Third and Fourth 
McMullin George 0. ( Ferptonci & MciT.) dwl 185 

McMullin Margaret Mrs. Irving Bakery, cor Ecker 

anil Jessie 
McXabb Thomas, dwl Broadway bet Montgom'y 

and Kearny 




McNair "William, attorney at law, dwl El Dorado 

McNally 11. agricultural implements, etc. 85 

IfcNally James, bargeman, Custom House 
lIcNally Jolin, at G. 0. Whitney's, dwl Louisa 

bet Fourth and Fiah 
McNamara James, propr Bush Street House, 18 

McNamara Robert, laborer, dwl N s Vallejo nr 

McNamee John, drayman, with Janson, Bond & 

Co. 95 Battery 
McNamee Patrick J. wholesale liquors, SE corner 

Battery and Jackson 
McNary Alexander, engineer, Vulcan Foundry, 

dwl Fremont bet Howard and Folsom 
McNary Samuel, cor Annie and Jessie 
McNeil Daniel, dwl Harrison near Beal 
McNulty C. A. examiner. Custom House, dwl 

29 Minna 
MoNULTY JAMES M. physician, County Coro- 
ner, office City Hall, dwl Stockton bet Clay 

and Washington 
McNulty Thomas, carpenter, bds Barkley House 
McPeake John, with (ieo. S. Maun, 68 Market 
McPherson Alexander, watch-maker, E s Davis 

near Jackson [Green 

McPherson Alexander, laborer, cor Sansome and 
McPherson Samuel George, painter, dwl S s Sac 

bet Taylor and Yerba Buena 
McPick Charles, groom, 133 Kearny 
McPick James, laborer, dwl cor Broadway and 

McQuade James, painter. Mission near Annie 
McQuade John, dwl Bachelors' Hall 
McQuade Michael, laborer, bds New Orleans H 
McQuade Peter, furniture, etc. 123 California 
McQuade Peter J. salesman, Clay near East, bds 

Minna bet Second and Third 
McQuillan James, boiler-maker, dwl Ecker near 

McQuillan Joseph, laborer, dwl Ohio bet Broad- 
way and Pacific 
MoQuinly Mary M. Mrs. widow, dwl Kearny nr 

Vallejo, rear 
MoQuin Mathew, carpenter, E s Mkt nr Kearny 
McRobert Alexander, drayman, dwl Harrison nr 

Rineon Point 
McRUER(i). C.)& MERRILL {John C), auc- 
tioneers and com mchts, 47 and 49 Califor- 
nia, dwl Laurel place 
McShane Philip, book-keeper, at Union Iron 

Works, dwl 226 Dupont 
McShea William, dwl W s Beal bet Folsom and 

MeShefl'rey Charles, pipe-layer, at S. F. Gas Co. 
McSherry Hugh, teamster, dwl N s Presidio road, 

near Valley House 
McSorley Michael, laborer, bds 92 Pacific 
McTamney Patrick, tailor, dwl Battery nr Pacific 
McVea James, cabinet-maker, 223 Stockton 
McVerry Thomas, printer, Alta California, bds 

107 Broadway 
McVoy Michael, laborer, dwl NW cor Pacific 

McWilliam John, blacksmith, Clarke bet Davis 

and Drumm, dwl Howard bet First & Second 

Mead Benjamin F. hatter, at Fisher & Co's, dwl 

60 Minna 
Mead Charles H. saddlery, cor Jackson and Front' 
MEAD {John /?.) & CO. (Israel B. Purdy &. Ja- 
cob i'. Dimon), importers dotliing and genl»' 

furnishing goods, NW cor Sansome & Com'l, 

bds Hotel International 
Mead R. P. purser Steamer Columbia, office P. 

M. S. S. Co. dwl 51 Minna 
Mead Warren B. produce, cor East and Me^ 

chant, dwl cor Dupont and Broadway 
Mead William C. saddlery and liarness, 101 Cal 
Mead William H. clerk, at Fisher & Co's, dwl K 

side Dupont near Post 
Mead W. L. drayman, dwl 40 Clay 
Meader Thomas, dwl Card's lane 
Meaher Michael, laborer, dwl Centre nr MissioB 

Meaher Philip, salesman at 12 Btty, dwl cor Com- 
mercial and Montgomery 
Mears James, dwl Stevenson bet Fourth & Fifth 
Mebius {Frederick), Duisenberg ( Charles A. C.) 

& Co. importers and commission mchts, and 

Consulate for Hanover, 70 California, dwl cor 

Bryant and Harris 
Medeau Johanson H. cigars and tobacco, SE cor 

Dupont and Pacific 
Medeau John P. clerk, cor Pacific and Dupont 
Meehan Charles, tin-smith, with G. & W. Snook, 

dwl 112 Bush 
Meehan Morris, boot-maker, atSwain ASlooumb's, 

dwl W s Kearny near Pacific 
Meehan Stephen G. tin-smith, with G. & "W. 

Snook, bds E side Kearny bet Jackson and 

Meek William, {Dupuy, Foulkes & Co.) bds Union 

MEEKER S. HARRIS & CO. importers and 

jobbers in wines and liquors, 59 Front 
Meeks W. N. attorney at law, dwl 131 Bush .. 
Meese {Herman) & Co. {Christojs StappenhecUj, 

carpenters and builders, N s Sutter nr Dup't 
Meetz {Theodore) & Co. {Benjamin Simon), gro- 
ceries, SE cor Post and Dupont 
Meger Henry, clerk, SE cor Bush and Sansoma 
Megloof Florence, varnisher, with Strahle & Bros 
Mehegan Robert B. marble-worker, 70 Mont'y, 

bds Stevenson nr First 
Mehrtens Henry, clerk, with George Schedel 
Mehrtens Martin, groceries, cor Front & Chambers 
Meierks Christian, (J. C. Moraiz & Co.) dwl Pow- '■ 

ell near Filbert 
MEIGS G. A. lumber dealer. Pier No. 1, Stewart . 
Meiklehaugh Daniel, gardener, dwl cor UcCo^. 

mack and J.ackson 
Mein Almah, dwl Monroe near Bush 
Mein John, dwl Monroe near Bush 
Meinberg, Joseph, boot-maker, 161 Washington 
Meiners Rudolph, (Stoke & Co.) Sansome bet 

Bush and Market 
Mejasson L. cashier, with Abel Guy, 'Wash'D,i 

opposite Post-office 
Mel John, commission merchant, 65 Clay 
Melero Walter, porter. Bank Exchange 
Melick Christopher, proprietor Isthmus House,, 

36 First 
Melin Charles, groceries, Clementina bet First, 

and Second, dwl cor Jane and Mason 



filelin Conrad, groceries, cor Jane and Mission 
Mollan John, dwl Harrison bet Tliird and Fourth 
iMellou Kdward, liquor saloon, 40 Webb 
'Mellen Henry B. clerk, NW cor Front and Cali- 
I fornia. dwl cor Broadway and Montgomery 
iMolIen William P. clerk, cor Brannan and Third 
'Melletz George, grocer, cor Mission and Second 
tUellish Richard, bar-keeper, with M. E. Hughes, 

180 Jackson 
Mellsner (Louis) & Steler (Powell), manufactur- 
ing jewelers, 148 Washington 
Ulolon Benjamin, carpenter, dwl Vallejo betw'n 
, ! Montgomery and Sansomo [Sparks 

I Meloon Horace H. groceries, cor Mission and 
Meloon John B. dwl cor Mission and Sparks 
Melville John, seaman, Rose alley nr Jane 
Melville J. E. bargeman. Custom House 
Melville John (Fox ifc M.) dwl cor Pacific and 
I Stockton 
!elville Michael, laborer, dwl S s Filbert betw'n 

Powell and Mason 
elvin Thomas, dwl NW cor Pacific and Mason 
ielwitz Anton, (Knop tfc Co.) dwl SW corner 

Kearny and Calilornia 
lenasses Francisco, dwl 168 Broadway 
lenberg Joseph, boots and shoes, dwl 44 Mont'y 
iendell I. F. liquor saloon, 75 Pine 
'.endes David, liquor saloon, SW cor Davis and 

lendheim Emil, (Locan & Co.) 179 Clay 
iendhoim Moritz, (J. Landsherger & Co.) 60 Cal 
lendleson Elkin, clothing, etc. 73 Pacific 
feodon G. A. with D. S. Lord, dwl 215 Stockton 
tBNGEL JOHN, butcher, NE cor Sutter and 


[enges Adam, Rassette Market, cor Sansome 
and Sutter 

fenges Francis, butcher, dwl 43 Montgomery 
enk Hemming, dwl cor Davis and Broadway 
enne Clements, tailor, with Davis & Bowers, 
149 Washington 

unomy Edward, mason, dwl Clay bet Taylor 
and Jones 

leDomy George W. clerk, with Edward For- 
saith, dwl N s Clay above Taylor 

llenomy John B. ( 0. B. Oakley & Co.) 149 Cal 

lentel William, paper-banger, dwl E side Sutter 
near Montgomery 

Jlenu Armand, with J. H. Menu, 147 Clay, dwl 
Monroe bet Pine and Bush 

lenu J. H. commission, wines, etc. 147 Clay, 
dwl Monroe bet Pino and Bush 

lercardo Felix, with Sansevaine Bros, dwl 171 

confectioners, and proprietors Steam Caudy 
Manufactory, 136 Kearny, dwl cor Second 
and Minna 

iferchant Frederick G. dwl 207 California 

Merchant Thomas, vegetables, dwl N s Filbert 
near Dupont 

llercier ( Charks) & Cassoy (Peter), (col'd) shav- 
ing saloon, basement Union Hotel 

iferijot Antonia, hair-dresser, 157 Koamy 

ilerithew Richard S. seaman, dwl S s Jackson 
below Powell 

iarker John, (Former & Co.) NE cor Washing- 
ton and Dupont 

Merle Peter, boots and shoes, cor Jackson and 

Merriam Andrew J. office Bulletin, dwl 110 Sao 
Morriam M. bds What Cheer House 
Merriam W. P. clerk County Recorder, dwl NE 

cor Clay and Powell 
Merrick George, bds with D. Barnes, cor First 

and Tehama place 
Merrifield A. D. dwl 64 Broadway 
Merrill Aunis, attorney at law, 177 Wash'n, dwl 

N 8 Pacific nr Mason 
Merrill Charles, laborer. Fort Point 
Morrill C. S. moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Merrill Edwin, clerk, cor Pino and Battery, bds 

What Cheer House 
Merrill Francis, dwl N s Union nr Stockton 
Merrill Isaac M. Aubin Gas Co. bds Rassetto Ho 
Merrill John C. (McRuer &, M.) dwl Stanley bet 

Harrison and Bryant 
Merrill Parker, waterman, dwl William 
Merrill Reuben A. (Jessitp <fc M.) dwl Merchant 

nr East [and Washington 

Merrill Robert, (Taba- !c Co.) SW cor Sansome 
Merrill S. S. physician and druggist, 125 Davis 
Merritt Ambrose, carpenter, 155 Sacramento, dwl 

Second nr Tehama 
Merritt Ambrose Mrs. teacher, private school, 

Second nr Tehama 
Merritt Henry, cabinet-maker, with J. G. Clark 

& Co. dwl Pine nr Battery 
Merritt Samuel, physician, office 10 and 11 Ex- 
press Building 
Merritt Phineas G. bds 280 Stockton 
Morryman R. house-mover, N s Market nr B'tty, 

dwl Clara nr Ecker 
Merry Thoma.s B. clerk Justice's Court, Fourth 

District, dwl N s Jackson abv Powell 
Merryman J. H. revenue cutter W. L. Marcy, 

office Custom House 
Mervy Didie, wood and coal, 351 Stockton 
Mi'shych Maryen, fruits. Mission nr Second 
Mess Henry, (Caching & M.) 1 New World Mrkt 
MESSENGER SIMON, butcher, SW cor Stock 

and Broadway 
Mestayer Augustus A. bds 180 Jackson 
Motcalf A. W. wit.) S. A. Metcalf & Co. dwellmg 

Stevenson nr Ecker 
Metcalf John W. sash and door maker, dwl Eck- 
er nr Stevenson 
Metcalf John, carpenter, bds 10 Kearny 
Metcalf Peter, liquor saloon, 10 Kearny 
Metcalf Samuel A. manufac'r sashes, blinds, etc. 

Chace's Mills, cor Market and Beale, dwl 

Stevenson nr Ecker 
Metz Jolm M. carpenter, dwl Russ' alley 
Mctz P. laborer, Fulton Foundry 
Metzger William, captain brig I. B. Lunt, office 

Abernethy, Clark & Co. 
Metzuer Frank, miner, dwl Rassette place No I 
Metzyer, G. Valentine, butcher, dwl 152 Pacific 
Meubec A. dwl Third nr Stevenson 
Meuli (Jacob A.) & Schulthess (John F.) mauufa's 

maccaroni and vermicelli, 174 Mission 
Meuser Henry, cigars, cor East and Washington 
Meussdorffer John C. hat manufr, 165 Com'l 
Meydenbaum William, pastry-cook. Am Exch'e 
Meyer Adam, liquor saloon, Tliird nr Howard 
Meyer Casper, tailor, at J. Lorber's, Bush 



Meyer ('. laborer, Fort Point 
Meyer CauffmaQ H. {Roggenburger & Co.) 1 Cal- 
ifornia block 
Meyer Cliarles, clerk, 127 Clay, dwl Piko near 

Mayer Charles, moltor, at 114 Montgomery 
Meyer Charles & Co. bag factory, 80 Davis, dwl 

Jessie nr Anthony 
Meyer Charles, clerk, SW cor Dupont and Jack 
Meyer Charles, cordwainer, 116 Washington 
Meyer Daniel, importer cigars and tobacco, 72 

Jackson, dwl S s Lombard nr Stockton 
Meyer Elton W. merchant, 157 Jackson 
ifeyer Frederick, laborer. Fort Point 
Meyer F. grocer, NW cor Post and Mason 
Meyer George, laborer, Sugar Refinery 
Meyer Henry, laborer, Fort Point 
Meyer H. II. Franklin Hotel, cor Sansome and 

Meyer John, blacksmith, dwl foot St. Mark's pi 
Meyer John, clerk, cor and Dupont 
Meyer John, at Dan's Saloon, 138 Montgomery 
Meyer John, with Cordes & Wright, cor Stewart 

and Mission 
Meyer John, clothing, 185 Washington 
Meyer John L. carriage-smith, cor Kearny and 

Hardie pi [entina 

Meyer John S. clerk, dwl cor Ecker and Clem- 
Meyer {/.) & Co. tinsmiths, 285 Dupont, dwl 321 

Meyer Jonas, with D. Meyer, dwl cor Greenwich 

and Stockton 
Meyer Leopold, clerk, 200 Washington, dwl 

Kearny bet Sacramento and California 
Meyer Leopold C. salesman, 7 California Block 
Meyer Louis, ( Gobner & M.) SW cor Folsom and 

Meyer Louis, {Baker &, M.) dwl SE cor Ecker and 

Meyer Louis, saloon, S s California nr Dupont 
Meyer Marcus C. clerk, 7 Calilbruia Block 
Meyer Morris, clerk, 1'73 Clay 
Meyer Peter, (Giescken & Co.) cor Third and 

Meyer Samuel, dwl W s Taylor nr Tallejo 
MEYER SIEGMUND T. & CO. {Louis Cohen, 

Aaron Jacobs,) importers clothing and dry 

goods, 62 Cal, dwl SW cor Sac and Taylor 
MEYER T. LEMMAN, agent, Bahr & Lem- 

man, 141 Clay 
Meyer William, porter, dwl S s Francisco opp 

Meyer William, Pacific Exchange, Stewart near 

Meyer William, with Peck, Rodgers & Co. dwl 

319 Stockton 
Meyer William & Co. {Lewis WorTnser), Clothing 

Emporium, 174 Clay, dwl N s Vallejo near 

MEYER WILLIAM M. cigars, 46 Washington, 

dwl S s Jackson bet Davi.s and Drumm 
Meyer W. T. dwl Leavenworth nr Sacramento 
Meyerbeck Soloman, grocer, 275 Dupont 
Meyerfeld Moses, {Falkenstein & Co.) dwl E s 

Stockton nr Union 
Meyers George, People's Market, SE cor Second 

and Market, dwl NE cor Montgomery and 


Meyers Lewis E. tea garden, Hayes' Valley 
Meyers Mieliael, pedler, dwl Stevenson nr First 
Meyerstein Henry {ileyerstein & Bro.) 77 Kearny 
Meyerstein (Lvuis) & Bro. {Henry M.) clothing, 

&c. 77 Kearny 
Mezes S. M. 124 California 
Mlas John, with E. Spear, dwl Russ lane 
Mibielle John, professor languages, 212 Wash'n 
Michael James, ofiice 53 Front 
Michael Hyman, tailor, E s Stockton near Green 
Michael Mieliael, waterman, bds Stockton bet'n 

Green and Union 
Michaels Fri-iierick, agent New York Brew 

Aw\ cor Third and Berry 
Michael M. bds What Cheer House 
Michaleis Christopher, {II. Schroder &, Co.) 257 

Michalsen Edward, clerk, 69 Battery 
Michelsen Michael, clerk C. C. Laundry, dw! 

Minna near Third 
Miohaud Mercellin, wood and coal, 258 Pacific 
Michel Theofield, clerk at Verdier & Kaindler's^ 

dwl N s Green near Dupont 
Micliell Russell, fruits, dwl Rassette place No. 2 
Michelle George, New Market, SW cor Vallejo 

and Dupont 
Michells F. J. {liehiy 4 M.) 149 California 
MICHKLS (Herman) k CO. importers Havana 

cigars, etc. 116 Battery, dwl Bush bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Michelson Michael, dwl W s Green bet Sansome 

and Montgomery [ginia 

Michelup Jacob, {J. Bapepoh & Co.) dwl 18 Vir- 
Mickle E. H. City and County Auditor, olBee 

City Hall, dwl NW cor Pine & Spoflbrd 
Micklenburg E. with A. Barbier, 148 Washing'n 
Middlehotf Gerrett, baker, cor Dupont and St 

Mark's place 
Middlemiss Joseph, bds Harris House 
Middleton Frank, dwl S s Union near Montg'y 
MIDDLETON JOHN, real estate auctioneer, 

SW cor Montgomery and California, dwJ 

257 Stockton 
Middleton Samuel P. clerk, SW cor Montgomery 

and California, dwl 257 Stockton 
Mier {Henry) & Wiilermann {Henry), grocers, 

cor Sansome & Pine 
Mier Jacob, bar-keeper, cor Jackson & Drumm 
Miesegaes 0. H. {Wadsworth & M.) dwl Mason^ 

near Filbert 
MIggins Elifas, drayman, dwl rear 35G Stockton' 
MighlU William, laborer, bds Kearny nr Green 
MIgnan Philip, wood and coal, 148 Pacific 
Mikael Aaron, tailor, 150 Wa.shington 
MIkel Caspar, tailor, 79 Kearny 
itilia Antonia, wood and coal. Market St. Wharf: 
Milatovich Antonio, tailor, S s Sacramento near 

Milegan Robert B. marble-worker, dwl Steven- 
son near Ecker 
Miles Walter, produce, 384 Clay, dwl Mission nr 

Miles William, clerk Quarter-Master's office, bds 

Bush near Stockton 
Milfcate Mercey Mrs. millinery, Kearny nr Pacific 
Millard Walter, clerk, 146 Montgomery 
MiUemann Frederick, liquors, basement, NE cor 

Sacramento and Mont'y, dwl 176 Mission 



I Milcnovitch Martin, New World Market 
[Miller Abel, waterman, SE cor Powell and Pine 
'Miller Albert, (Janson, Bond & Co.) dwl N side 
I Sacramento near Taylor [Fifth 

Miller Alexander, carpenter, dwl Howard near 
Miller Charles, laborer. Fort Point 
Miller Charles H. clerk, at Stats Guager's office, 

64 Front 
Miller C. florist, N a Mission between Price and 


Miller Kliza Mrs. house-keeper, IGl Front 
Miller E. S. merchant, office 83 Front 
Miller Frank, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Miller Frederick, confectioner, dwl 281 Wash'n 
Miller Frederick P. jeiveler, 127 Kearny 
'Miller George, laborer, Oil Works, cor Townsend 

and Third 
Miller George, carpenter, dwl Silver bet Second 
' and Third [Baths 

iMiller Gustavo, engineer, at Russian Steam 
jMiller Hans, Fulton House, 28 Jackson 
[Miller Henry, butcher, Fifth betw'n Mission and 
I Howard 

Miller Henry G. {Stow cfc if.) 104 Commercial 
Miller H. baker, Bush near Powell 
Miller Isaac, bds What Cheer House 
Miller Jacob, clerk, American Bakery, 249 Pacific 
■"LLER (Jame^ L.) & CO. (jMper B. Osborn), 
ale and porter house, Drumm bet Jackson 
and Pacific, dwl Bush near Stockton 
iller Jostus D. hardware, 19 Clay, dwl S side 

Union near Montgomery 
filler J. Frank, Deputy Collector and Auditor, 
Custom H. bds cor Second and Clementina 
!iller John, grocer, cor Post and Stockton 
"Her John, carrier Bulletin, dwl Water street. 
North Beach 
ler John, porter, 179 Jackson 
ler John, musician, dwl Kearny nr Vallejo 
"ir John, 128 Montgomerj' 
ir John, (col'd) porter, dwl Selina place 
ler Jonas, blacksmith, Oregon, below Front, 
bds Golden Gate Hotel 
iUler Joseph, with J. M. Freeman, boards 323 


iiller Leopold, butcher, cor Kearny and Pacific, 
bds 284 Jackson 
iler Lewis, boarding, Mechanic's Exchange, 

SAV cor Pacific and Kearny 
iller L. machinist, Vulcan Iron Works 
Uler M. IL operator, at Vance's Daguerreian 


iller Wm. drayman, with Hardie & Ruttenberg 
iller William, nurse, U. S. M. Hospital 
"'er William, waterman, dwl 33 Clay 
ler William, (col'd), grocer, 295 Pacific 
ler William, (col'd), barber, 41 Kearny, dwl 
Selina place 

r William Henry, collector, Bradshaw & Co. 
bds 93 Dupont 
Miller William H. printer, Alta California 
Miller W. J. & Co. produce and commission. Clay 
! bet East and Drumm 
Millett (S. P.) & Chesley (Charles P. ) stationery 
and cutlery, cor Commercial and Davis, dwl 
Commercial row, Clay nr Drumm 
MiUigan Henry F. printer, Wide West, dwelling 
Hardie place 

Millman Frederick, dwl Mission nr Anthony 
Millou (Si-baslien) & Denny (^1.) importers wines 

and liquors, 153 Sansome, dwl SE corner 

Pine and Kearny 
Mills (Daniel) & Evans ( WiUiam W.) dairymen, 

Presidio Road, op Valley House 
Mill.s James, baker, Beale bet Folsom A Harrison 
Mills John, carpenter, dwl SE corner Greenwich 

and Scotland 
Mills John C. laborer, dwl SE s Presidio Road E 

of Valley House 
MILLS LUTHER R. importer and dealer in 

wines and liquors, 108 Montgomery, boards 

Union Hotel 
Mills Robert, bds What Cheer House 
Mills Samuel B. clerk, with Whitcomb, Pringle 

& Felton, 170 Montgomery 
Mills Samuel C. clerk, dwl Knickerbocker Engine 

House [Mason 

Mills William, dyer, bds Market bet Powell and 
Mills William, laborer. Fort Point 
Milne David B. dwl St. Mary's place bet Pine 

and California 
Miner M. carpenter, bds What Cheer House 
Miner Thomas E. wood, coal and hay. Mission 

Street wharf, dwl 8 Bay State Row 
Mingorcamp Bennet, tailor, dwl 30 Battery 
Mingut Charles, blacksmith, dwl Sansome bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Minns George W. teacher. Union Grammar 

School, 252 Powell 
Minor Cicero, (col'd), drayman, bds W s Dupont 

near Filbert 
MINTURN CHARLES, proptr Contra Costa 

Ferry, office Vallcjo bet Front and Davis, 

dwl Battery bet Vallejo and Green 
Minturn John, captain, dwl Hampton place near 

Minturn Jonas, (Mhcondray & Co.) 54 and 66 

Minturn Walter B. dwl N s Vallejo near Powell 
Minzesheimer Charles, (if! Louisson &, Co.) 83 

Mish Felius, millinery, 2G7 Dupont 
Mish Sarah Mrs. milliner, 2G7 Dupont 
Mistre Simeon, tinsmith, dwl Kearny nr Webb 
Mitchell (^Charles) & Co. manufacturers vinegar, 

18 Sacramento 
Mitchell Charles, at Fairhaven Oil Co. First bet 

Howard and Folsom 
Mitchell David, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Green- 
wich and Sansome 
Mitchell David C. {Suuthgata & M.) dwl N s 

Vallejo bet Mason and Taylor 
Mitchell E. Miss, teacher. Market St. School 
Mitchell J. (DottkM.) 149 Battery 
Mitchell James, dwl N s Vallejo bet Mason and 

Mitchell James, dwl cor Oregon and Davia 
Mitchell James, press-man, Alta California 
Mitchell John, groom, 133 Kearny 
Mitchell John C. dwl W s Mason between Green 

and Union 
Mitchell John P. tinsmith, 46 Sansome 
Mitchell Mary Ann, Mrs. nurse, dwl W s Stockton 

bet Greenwich and Lombard 
Mitchell Mike, S. Francisco Minstrels, Maguire's 

Opera House 



Mitchell Thomas, laborer, dwl Fourth between 

Folsom and Harrison 
Mitchell Thomas, saleRman, 150 Keamy, dwl cor 

Green and Dupont 
ilitchoU Thornton, dwl S 8 Union nr Mason 
Mitchell Thomas F. {MoullonSi, Co.) boards Com- 
mercial Row 
Mitchell William, pressman, Alta California, dwl 

W s Stockton, bet Green and Larkin 
Mitchell William, {Thorn <fc Co.) dwl NE comer 

Bush and Montgomery 
Mitchell William, rigger, dwl Clay nr Drumm 
Mitchell Charles, (col'd), drayman, dwl Pacific 

near Hyde 
Mitchlcr G. confectioner, 251 Washington 
Mitzscherling Gustav, engraver, 77 Montgomery 
Mix A. A. inspector. Custom House 
Mir Warren, bds National Hotel 
Mixer W. B, engineer. What Cheer House 
MIZNBR LANSING B. State Guager, office 64 

Front, (iwl W s Third nr Bryant 
Moan John, baker, Powell bet Broadway and 

Mocker Christopher, butcher, Jackson near 

Mocker William, butcher, Jackson near Dumm 
Mockct Francis, 82 Sacramento, dwl cor Pike 

and Clay 
Moesta John P. {Lohman & J/.) dwl Ws Kearny 

bet Sutter and Bush 
Moflfatt Archibald, plasterer, dwl Trinity 
Moffatt Patrick, carpenter, dwl Dupont betG^ary 

and O'Farrell 
Moffatt Samuel, cabinet-maker, with J. G. Clark 

MofBt James (Blalce &, M.) dwl SE cor Pine and 

Mogan John, grocer, cor Third and Everett 
Mogan Joseph, driver, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Mogan Richard, dwl Natoma nr Jane 
Mohr Charles, SE cor Sacramento and Kearny 
Mohr Jolin, tanner. Union bet Franklin and 

Mohrhenne Henry, carriage-smith, Keamy bet 

Sutter and Post 
Mohrig C. Ferdinand, jeweler and watch-maker, 

220 Dupont 
Moigneu F. confectioner, dwl Sutter nr Kearny 
Moinet Charles, hair-dresser, 124 Kearny 
Moisau Alphonse, hair-dresser, 120 Montgomery, 

dwl Sacramento nr Montgomery 
Moise Henry, carver and gilder, 46 Montgomery, 

dwl 13 Sansome 
Molina Regolia, dwl S s Green near Dupont 
Molitor Stephen P. assayer, dwl 67 Dupont 
MoUer {John li.) & Co. {Frank Derheim and Alex- 
ander JUykauff), commission merchants, 

office 110 California 
MoUoy Hugh, waterman, dwl Mary's lano 
MoUoy Margaret Mrs. milliner, 30 Montgomery 
Moloney Duvid, sign-painter, Clementina near 

Moloney Michael J. waiter, Natoma nr Jane 
Molt J. P. South Park Market, Third bet Harri- 
son and Bryant 
Molthrop J. L. book-keeper, dwl E s Jones near 

Bush [Taylor 

Molton Charles E. drayman, dwl N s Riley near 

Monchut Caroline, dwl Mission nr Jano 
Mondelet {Francis) & Co. {August Loger), dyora, 

205 Washington 
Mondos B. A. ofHco N s Pino nr Koarny 
Mondragon Nicholas, late of ( Van Sicklen tS: M.) 

saddler, etc. 145 Sansome 
Mondweller Jacob, liquors, Clay nr Dupont, dwl 

A'^allejo nr Powell 
Monell Charles, {Flint & if.) dwl S s Union bet 

Jones and Leavenworth [Jane 

Moncypenny Charles, laborer, dwl Natoma near 
Monfort Louis, waiter, 252 Dupont 
Mongan W. D. bds American Exchange 
Mongrolle Julien, {Bulinge i, M.) 198 Keamy 
Monier {Jerome) k Co. hair-dressers, 185 Clay 
Monkhouse T. A. machinist, Vulcan Iron Work^ 

dwl cor Second and Silver 
Monks Samuel, hair-dresser, dwl S s Greenwich 

bet Dupont and Kearny 
Monlezun Alexander, cook, 128 Montgomery, 

dwl Stevenson near Second 
Monna Chas. {Santon & M.) cor Jackson & Eagt 
Monnich {August) & Hehman (Benry\ groceriai 

and liquors, cor First and Clementina 
Monro Peter, wines and liquors, 378 Stockton 
Monroe George W. flour nierchi, 69 Washington, 

dwl 71 Stockton 
MONROE JOHN A. clerk, U. S. District Court, ■ 

office U. S. Court Bdg, dwelling Merchants' 

Monroe John C. dwl 190 Sacramento 
Monson Burdett H. Commercial Printing Office, 

dwl W s Prospect place bet Sacramento and 

Monsula Dominique, dwl N s Riley near Jones 
Montague Frederic, physician, office 162 Sao, 

dwl Tehama near Second 
Montague John, at Sierra Nevada Flour Mills, 

dwl Everett near Third 
Montague W. W. (late of J. W. Brittan & Co.) \ 

58 and 60 Sacramento 
Montaro Joseph, (col'd), produce, comer PoweU 

and Bush 
Monterey Victor, laundryman, dwl Post between 

Powell and Mason 
MONTGOMERY (WiUiam) A CO. {Wmiam A.. 

Gilbons), auctioneers and commission mer-' 

chants, SE cor Washington and Keamy, bds 

Rassette House 
Montgomery William, (col'd), dwl E s Dupont ; 

near Green 
Montow Jos^, dwl Sullivan court 
Montpreville Cyrille, lithographer, 174 Com'l 
Montrose J. B. builder, S side Sutter nr Kearny, 

bds SE cor Front and Clark 
Moody Abby Miss, {Miss A. K Whitney & M.} 

366 Stockton 
Moody George, dwl cor Market and Price 
Moody Isaac A. carpenter, dwl S side JacksoiJ 

near Powell 
Moody J. L. superintendent of warehouses, Cus 

torn House, dwl 2 Mercantile Library Bd? 
Moody James T. sail-maker, 37 Sacramento, I 

Second bet Market and Jessie 
Moody J. H. printer, bds What Cheer House 
Moody Silas, 37 Sansome 
Moody William E. book-keeper, with P. A. i P 

H. Owens, 89 Front 



Moody William G. printer, bds 230 Stockton 
Moon Anilrcw, dwl Third bet Bryant & Brannan 
Moon K. broker and real cstuti> agent, SR corner 

Sac and Front, dwl Tliird op South Park 
MOON ELLEN E. MRS. liquor saloon, 104 

Moon George C. real estate, 101 Merchant 
Moon U. A. with P. A. & P. II Owens, dwl SW 

side Tliird bet Bryant and Brannan 
Moon William, liquor saloon, cor Dunbar's alley 

and Merchant, dwl N s Coni'l nr Dupont 
Moonoy Mathew, laljorer, Fort Point 
Mooney Michael, liquor saloon, S s Commercial 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Mooney Patrick, stone-cutter, dwl Taylor near 

Moor William H. commissary Cal. Steam Nav. 

Co. office NE cor Front and Jackson, dwl 

S side Washington above Powell 
Moorcroft Thos. C. drayman, bds 6 Belden's Bl'k 
Mooro A. laborer. Fort Point 
Moore Alexander, (col'd) white-waaher, dwl N s 

Stevenson near Eeker 
Moore B. P. salesman, with Jonas G. Clark & Co. 

bds Prospect place near Clay 
Moore Charles, dwl 50 St. Mary's place 
Moore Charles H. Capt. dwl Natoma near Jane 
Mooro David M. machinist, at 58 Ilalleek 
Moore Edward, merchant, dwl 221) Powell 
Mooro Elliott J. attorney at law, 23 Montgomery 

Block ■ 
Mooro Frank S. bookseller, bds S a Washington 

above Powell 
Mooro George, cabinet-maker, Second nr Mission 
Moore George B. at 151 Sacramento, dwl Clay 

below Davis 
MOORE (Gem,je IT.) & TOhGEU {Francis R) 

(B. S. Borf;/.•>•OT^,) shipping and commission, 

Davis near California, resides in New York 
Mooro Henry, plumber, dwl Mason bet Broad- 
way and Pacific 
Moore Horatio H. librarian Mercantile Library 

Association, dwl G Mercantile Library Bdg 
Moore James, engineer, dwl 115 Bush 
Mooro James,, at R. Hall & Go's, dwl 
Mooro J. B. police. City Hall [149 Clay 

Moore John, grocer, W s Dupont nr Francisco 
Moore John J. teacher, dwl W s Mason nr Green 
Moore John G. bds cor Prospect place and Clay 
Moore John L. furniture &, bedding, 186 Moutg'y 
Moore Joseph H. ( Walkr & M.) office 1 and 2 

Montgomery Block 
Mooro L. L. teamster, with J. J. Felt, dwl Jessie 

near Third 
Moore Nathaniel, (7?. & 2f. Moore, ) 68 Sacramento 
Moore Patrick, laborer, dwl E s Taylor between 

Washington and Pacific 
Moore Robert Ic Nathaniel, importers and job- 
bers dry goods, hosiery, etc. 68 Sacramento 
Moore Robert, baker, at 39 Mission, dwl Steven- 
son near Third 
Mooro (/?. 0.) & Murphy {John J.) Alta Job 

Printing OBBce, 124 Sacramento, dwl S s 

Union nr Kearny 
Moore Samnel W. with Shafters, Park & Heyden- 

feldt, dwl 195 California [California 

Moore S. W. seed store, 110 California, dwl 195 
Moore Thomas J. dwl 3 Milton place 

Mooro William, plumber, S s Summer nr Montg'y 
Moore William, boarding-house, S s Broadway 

near Front 
Mooro William, bar-keeper, with II. H. Barling, 

bds Walton House 
Mooro AVilliam, clerk, cor Powell and Washing- 
ton, dwl John above Powell 
Moore William II. brass-founder and machinist, 

58 Hallcek, bds American Exchange 
Moore Mrs. teacher, 374 Stockton 
Mooser William, architect, 94 Montgomery 
Moosliake Frederick Rev. pastor Lutheran Ch'ch, 

dwl S s Sutter nr Stockton 
Mora Raphael, dwl rear church, Mission Dolores 
Moran John, ( Valentine & M.) dwl cor Davis 

and Pacific 
Moran John, porter, dwl S side Greenwich bet 

Mason and Taj'lor 
Moran John, (^Christal <fc Co.) dwl Greenwich nr 
Yansen [and Davis 

Moran John, tailor. Pacific Wharf bet Drumm 
Moran John, fjrinter, dwl 3 Virginia place 
Moran Mary Mrs. (widow), dwl Lafayette place 
Moratli Valentine, book-binder, dwl E s Clara 

nr Sutter 
Moratz John C. & Co. ( Cliristian Meierks), Fil- 
bert Street Market, Powell nr Filbert 
Jfordecai Anna Mrs. boarding, 40 First 
Mordecai Isaac T. engineer, dwl 40 First 
More Samuel, boots and shoes, 22S Dupont 
Moreau Jos. liarness, etc. rear Kearny nr Webb 
Morecroft Thomas, drayman, at T. H. Selby & 

Go's, 42 California 
Moreens Josi M. physician and apothecary, Pac- 
ific nr Broadway 
Morehouse {Legrand) & Co. {Anson Cox and Alf. 
P. Parker], produce and commission, 24 Clay 
Morclos Joseph, What Cheer House 
Morey Richard, 175 Montgomery 
Morey William R. coach painter, 43 Pine 
Morgan Charles, express department. Wells, Far- 
go & Co. bds What Cheer House 
Morgan David, dwl S s Green bet Dupont and 
Kearny [Powell 

Morgan George E. clerk Tax Collector, dwl 254 
Morgan George J. express dcp't. Wells, Fargo & 

Co. bds S s Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Morgan Henry, porter, with N. Reynolds, bds 

New Texas House 
Morgan Henry, 'moulder. Pacific Foundry, dwl 

Zoe place bet Fremont and Beale 
Morgan James, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Mont'y 

and Sansome 
Morgan {James) .t Byrne {Bernard), liquors, 

Third bet Folsom and Harrison 
Morgan John, caulker, dwl First cor Boston p! 
Morgan John A. stage agent, bds Franklin Uo'e 
Morgan Joseph A. sail-maker, dwl 28 Minna 
Morgan Laura H. Miss, assistant, Primary School 

No. 4, dwl cor Minna and Second 
Morgan L. A. Jlrs. principal infant dep't Den- 
man Grammar School, dwl Bush abv Powell 
Morgan Peter, dwl S s St. Mary's place near 

Morgan Richard, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Morgan (.V. Griffiths) linthnwuy {Cliarles S.) & 
Co., {Edward F. Stone.) commission merch'ts, 
28 Front, resides in New Bedford, Mass. 



Morgan T. R. assistant clerk Board of Super- 
visors, office City Hall 
Morgan William, Alta California office 
Morgenstorn Samuel, clothit3g, SW cor Front and 

Morgentliau M. importer etc. gents' furnishing 

goods, 90 Sacramento, dwl W s Powell nr 

Morin Patrick, groom, 17 Battery 
Morin Paul, physician, dwl and office cor Wash- 
ington and Spofford 
Morison James, physician, office 94 Montgomery 
Morisey .lerrj-, porter, 103 and 105 Battery 
Moritz M. stoves and tin ware, 86 Kearny dwl 

168 Bush 
Morley W. S. book-keeper, Rassette House, SW 

cor Bush and Sansome 
Mormon (Frederick) & Heiser (John), grocers, 

SW cor Kearny and Broadway 
Morony ■\Villiani H. laborer, dwl cor Beale and 

Morrell (Oliver L.) & Chittenden (Joseph G.) 

manut'rs pine wood furniture, at Chace's 

mills, dwl Ilardie place 
MORRILL CHARLES, importer and wholesale 

dealer in drugs, medicines, etc. etc. SW eor 

Sansome and Clay, bds American Exchange 
Morrill Ebenezer, brick-maker, bds Leavenworth 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Morrill Edward A. (Uurdis & M.) dwl SW cor 

Sacramento and Dupont 
Morrill Joseph C. principal Spring V. School, bds 

Kimble near Sacramento 
Morrill Warren P. Commercial printing office, bds 

W side Prospect pi bet California and Sac 
Morris Abraham, (Breslauer & Co.) bds Geary 

bet Dupont and Kearny 
Morris Abram, cigars, 157 Kearny 
Morris A. (Bnrovitch & Co.) NW cor of Davis 

and Jackson 
Morris A. laundryman, Bryant bet First & Second 
Morris Benjamin (ilatheienon S; J/) 155 Sac 
Morris ( Charles) & Roth (Ilijram), liquors, base- 
ment NE cor Washington and Kearny 
Morris Charles, 82 Sacramento 
Morris Charles, brick-maker, foot of Third 
Jilorris Deikenberg, carpenter, 220 Pacific 
Morris Eliza Mrs. millinery, 37 Second 
Morris Gabriel, hair-dresser, Stewart nr Market 
Morris (Henry) & Buhler (Asbur^r), (col'd), clothes 

renovators, basement Union Hotel, bds W s 

Dupont near Filbert 
Morris James, bds Railroad House 
Morris James, laborer, dwl cor Taylor and Geary 
Morris John, engineer, dwl cor Pacific and Mont'y 
Morris John, clerk, 159 and 161 Front 
Morris John C. jr. 60 California, dwl Howard nr 

Fourth [Kearny 

Morris Julius, clerk, 7 California block, dwl 153 
Morris Maria Mrs. teacher, private school, corner 

Pacific and Montgomery 
Morris Marx, boots and shoes, junction Market, 

Sacramento and East 
Morris M. tin-smith, dwl 239 Clay 
Morris Paul. coB'ee-stand, Drumm near Wash'n 
Morris Pinkus, (Ansory & M.) 39 Pacific 
Morris Samuel, clerk, 4 Virginia block 
Morris Sarah Mrs. bds 26 First 

Morris William, moulder, Pacific Foundrj- 
Morris William, bds What Cheer House 
Morris William CapL dwl Stone near Jackson 
Morris William, broom-maker, with C. W. and 

.T. W. Armes 
Morris William M. dwl N s Sacramento nr Mont'y 
Morris William, drayman, at Smiley, Yerkes & Co. 

dwl NE cor Misson and Second 
Morrison Charles W. (^1. J. Hvuktonek Co.} dwl 

Kearny bet Broadway and Pacific 
Morrison Charles W. grocer, bds C Bolden's bl'k 
Morrison George H. carpenter. Bush op Oriental, 

dwl 1 Tehama 
Morrison G. F. bds Union Club 
Morrison Hector, carpenter, dwl E s Taylor bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Morrison Horace, book-keeper, Cal'a S. N. Ca 

office NE cor Front and Jackson 
Morrison J. physician, 101 Montgomery 
Slorrison James, dwl W s Powell nr Union 
Morrison James D. butcher, with S. Lafaille, bd«'i 

W s Kearny bet Sacramento and Com'l ' 
Morrison John C. jr. merchandize broker, 64 Cal- 
ifornia, dwl Howard bet Fourth and Fifth 
Morrison Joseph H. drayman, 59 Front, dwl 

Jackson bet Hyde and Larkin 
Morrison J. W. with B. T. Cliace & Co. bds S s 

Bush bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Morrison Samuel, real estate agent, dwl Brown j 

bet Mission and Howard 
Morrison T. H. paying teller with Fretz & Eal* 

ton, dwl Union Club rooms 
Morrison William M. merchant, (of Shasta), d^ 

E s Taylor bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Morrow Adolph, dwl S s Filbert bet Powell i 

Morrow George, hay and grain. 194 Kearny, d^ 

NW cor Washington and Mason 
Morrow Thomas, carpenter, dwl Valparaiso nq 

Morse Eben E. drayman, Mission cor Annie 
Morse {E. Eaton) k Jones {William), dray 

Annie near ilission 
ilorse Ezra, clerk at Flint, Peabody & Co'3 
Morse James B. clerk, 116 J Sansome 
ilorse J. F. printer, Alta California 
Morse Julius J. physician, dwl SE cor La 

and Union 
Morse Moses, waiter. Hotel International 
Morse Thomas, foreman. Griffin's warehouse i 
Morse T. S. merchant, bds E s Pike near Clay 
Mortelleo M. dwl Minna near Third 
Mortimer John C. barber, 27 Kearny, dwelling 

Dupont near Union 
Morton Bros. ( Charles 0. and Edward H.) steve- 
dores, office 145 Front, dwl W s Leaven- 
worth near Pacific 
Morton Edward H. (Mmrton Bros. ) dwl Bernard 

near Taylor 
Morton Henry R. barber. Battery bet Pacific and 

Broadway, dwl W s Leavenworth nr Pacific 
Morton H. J. drayman, dwl Minna near Third 
Morton John, drayman, dwl O'Farrell nr Taylor 
Morton Reuben, drayman, boards O'Farrell near 

Morton Samuel P. porter, 109 California 
Morton William, foreman, 31 Sacramento 
Morton William, carpenter, Jessie near Fourth 



Mosby Capt. dwl 190 Sacramento 

iIo3eley Thomas R. Stockton messenger 'Wells, 

Fargo & Cos Kxpresa 
iMoscs Abram, tailor, 1G9 California 
Moses B. Frederick, cor Battery and California, 

dwl SE cor Sacramento and Stockton 
tfoees Fisher, porter, 82 Sacramento, boards 56 

Moses Rosan, (col'd) 'Western Hotel, N s Pacific 
; bet Montgomery and Kearny 
fMoses {Wasliinijtvn D.) 4 Sampson {Henry F.) 

(col'd) Western Hotel, N s Pacific between 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Mosheimor Joseph, Chemical Laboratory, Bryant 

bet Third and Fourth 
Moss Ellis W. cigars. Bank Exchange, dwl 122 

UoBS F. T. (Ptoche, Bayerque & Co.) SE comer 

Montgomery and Jackson 
Moss J. Mora. {Pioche, Bayerque & Co.) SE cor 

Montgomery and Jackson 
Moss Ralph, book-keeper, 82 California, bds 14 

MOSSE DANIEL H. T. books and stationery 

and register office, 161 Kearny, dwl Mission 

nr Price 
Mosse D'Alva, clerk, 161 Kearny, dwl Mission nr 

Mossemann Samuel, refiner, U. S. B. Mint, bds 

What Cheer House 
Mosses R. lithographer, with Britton & Rey 
Molt Benjamin, caulker, bds Isthmus House 
Mott p:iijah, engineer, lOS Washington, dwl NW 

cor Dupont and Francisco 
Mott I. T, dwl Hawthorne nr Folsom 
Mott Peter, fireman, U. S. B. Mint, dwl Morris 

nr Pine 
Motteler Frederick, at 53 Clay, dwl Sansomo nr 

MOULD KE ANDREW J. Superintendent of 

Public Instruction, room No. 4 Mercantile 

Library building, SE cor Montgomery and 

Jackson, dwl SW cor Stockton and Wash 
Moulton A. D. {Estall&M.) cor Steamboat Point 

and King [California 

MOULTON BENJAMIN P. City Express, 129 
Moulton Charles, drayman, dwl Jackson bet 

Hyde and Larkin, rear 
Moulton {Jonathan) & Co. {Tliomas F. MiklieU), 

pump and block manufacturers, 22 Sacra- 
mento, dwl Clemeniina nr Second 
Moulton Josiah, ( Wilson & M.) dwl 'Vallejo above 

Moulthrop J. L. book-keeper, at R. B. Swain & 

Co. dwl E s Jones bet Bush and Sutter 
Moultry James S. liquor saloon. East nr Com'l 
Mouser A. carpenter, dwl N s Sutter bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Moutardier Delay, furniture, 284 Stockton 
Mouton Jules, machinist, dwl 153 Dupont 
Mouttet Lewis, (Robert k if.) 25 Clay, bds N side 

Broadway near Dupont 
Mowatt Commodore, clerk, "Winchester market, 

dwl E side Bel den 
Mowrer August, cabinot-mkr, at Strahlo & Bros' 
Mowrey 'W. R. bds What Cheer House 
Mowry Mary A. Mrs. widow, 95 Pine 
Mowry Sylvester, bar-room, Lombards of Lagoon 

Mowry {Hichard) &. 'U'ebber ( George), sash and 

blind manufacturers, Market near Second, 

bds 2 Belden's block 
Moxl Joe, cabinet-maker, bds SW cor Dupont 

and St. Mark's place 
Moy Eugene, tailor, dwl Grand place 
Mover John, grocer, cor Kearny and Jlarket 
Moyes Henry, clerk, dwl cor Cal and Quincy 
Moylan Thomas, butcher, 2 Clay Street Market 
Muche William, miller, Commercial Flour Mills, 

cor First and Natoraa 
Muckfun Eliza Mrs. fancy dry goods. First near 

Mudge R. Vr. 140 Clay 
Mudge Theodore A, 57 Front, dwl Chatham pi 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Mudgett John, at Eugene Kelly's, dwl E side 

Powell bet Pacific and Broadway 
Mueller Charles, musician, dwl Vallejo nr Powell 
Mugan John, bds American Hotel, 63 & 65 Mont'y 
Mugridge James, baker, dwl 82 Pacific 
Muhallen Patrick, fireman, S. i\ Gas Co. 
Muhm Ann Mrs. dress-maker, cor Minna Ik Third 
Muir Alexander, carpenter, dwl N s Union bet 

Powell and Mason 
Muirhead John, dwl 34 "Virginia 
Mulcahy Mathew, dwl Ritch bet Bryant and 

Mulcay Lott, laborer, bds with Mrs. Mary Hurley 
Mulchy James, laborer, dwl Valparaiso 
Mulcreevy Martin, laborer, cor Market & Mont'y 
Mulhaeser Michael, foreman Wash'n Brewery 
Mulhare James C. dwl S s Stevenson bet Third 

and Fourth 
Mulhare Michael, at Blossom's, 89 Washington 
Mulhollaiid J. laborer, Fort Point 
Mullalley J. D. (Tittd &. M.) 65 Kearny 
Mullane John, currier, bds with E. Ring 
Mullen James, boiler-maker, Vulcan Iron 'Works 
Mullen Jeremiah, laborer, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Stockton and Powell, rear 
Mullen Peter, dwl O'Farrell nr Jones 
MuUenhower Henry C. teamster, bds SE comer 

Post and Taylor 
MuUer August, boot-maker, 213 Dupont 
Muller George A. tailor, "W s Dupont bet Clay 

and 'Washington 
Muller Jacob, tailor, dwl Card's lane 
Muller John, grocer, cor Post and Kearny 
Muller Louis, carpenter, 87 Bush 
Mulhier Patrick, porter, dwl S s Broadway near 

Mulligan May Miss, dwl 13 Bay State Row 
Mullin Daniel, at Pacific Club Room, 160 Com'l 
MuUin James, plasterer, dwl Mary lane 
Mullin Jerry M. bds Pacific bet Montgomery and 

Mullin John, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Mullin 'William J. livery stable, 58 Minna 
Mullin Mrs. dress-maker, N s Vallejo nr Mont'y 
Mullot Aine, broker, dwl 229 Sacramento 
Mulloy Hugh, waterman, dwl N'W side Minna 

near Fourth 
Mulloy James, saloon, cor Broadway and Davis 
Mulloy (Patrkk) & Carty (James), coopai"s, 103 

Jackson, dwl S E cor Jackson and Sansome 
Mulloy Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
ilullhare Patrick, porter, Broadway near Mont'y 



Mulvan_v John, brick-layer, dwl cor Turk & Jones 
Mulviliill Micliael, laborer, with James Dully 
Muinphrey William, boarding, 191 Pine 
Mund Christian, carpenter, dwl S side Post near 

Mundragoii Nicholas, dwl Telegraph Hill nrBtty 
Mundt Adolph, salesman, 85 Commercial 
Mundwylor Lewis, carrier Evening Bulletin, dwl 

Vallejo near Mason 
Munfrey Henry, Commercial Printing Office 
Munfrey William, dwl 191 Pine 
Munier Francois, at French Hospital, dwl corner 

Post and Taylor 
Munro Robert, liquor dealer, dwl Jessie nr Sec'd 
Munro Wm. liquor dealer, dwl Jessie nr Second 
Munroe Geo. stevedore, dwl cor Green and Union 
Munroe James, laborer, dwl NE cor Vallejo and 

Munroe John, refiner, U. S. B. Mint 
Munson James, proprietor City Wood Yard, 14 

Munson 0. D. weigher, U. S. B. Mint, dwl 317 

Murafski Cliarles, carriage-maker, at 39 Bansome 
Murasky August, laundry, Folsom bet First and 

Murasky Edward, at laundry, Folsom bet First 

and Fremont 
Murch Caleb, teamster. Eclipse Bakery 
Murden Bartholomew, baker, NE cor Stockton 

and Vallejo 
Murdoch Alexander, cooper, Oregon below Davis, 

dwl Broadway near Dupont 
Murdoch Hugh M. carpenter, dwl 22 Trinity 
Murdoch George L. hog ranch, dwl cor McAllis- 
ter and Leavenworth 
Murdoch William D. carpenter, dwl Second near 

Murdnck John carpenter. Third nr Jessie 
Murdock William, NW cor Front and California, 

dwl Bryant nr Second 
Muroe William, dwl Battery nr Vallejo 
Murphy Abram, dwl 35G Stockton, (rear) 
Murphy Bernard, laborer, dwl cor Btty and Union 
Murphy Cornelius, millwright, U. S. B. Mmt, 

dwl cor Broadway and Larkin 
Murphy Daniel, rentier, bds 191 Pine 
iliirpliy Daniel, pilot, cor Washington and East 
Murphy Daniel, porter, at Charles Morrill's, SW 

cor Clay and Sausome 
Murphy Dan'l G. druggist, dwl Mission nr Annie 
MURPHY DANIEL J. attorney at law, 13 and 

14 Montgomery Block 
Murphy Daniel T. (Eugene Kelly & Co.) dwl 345 

Murphy Dennis, cordwainer, First near Natoma 
Murphy Ellen Mrs. dwl S s Third bet Stevenson 

and Mission 
Murphy Frank, fruits, 45 Montgomery 
Murphy Horace, book-keeper, at Whiting A Go's, 

61 Front 
Murphy H. S. physician, 150 Montgomery 
Murphy H. S. gas fitter, at S. F. Gas Go's Works 
Murphy James, waiter, at Nelson's Restaurant, 

Jackson near Drumm 
Murphy Jas. J. shoe-maker, S s Market nr Ecker 
Murphy John, painter, bds 116 Pine 
Murphy John, porter, at Rosenstock & Price's 

Murphy John, laborer. Fort Point 
Murphy John, waiter, Oriental Hotel 
Murphy John, What Cheer House 
Murphy John, (Baiky k M.) bds Railroad House 
Murphy John, saddler, dwl E s Sansome nr Pino 
Murphy John, laborer, dwl St. Charles 
Murphy John, laborer, dwl 2 Brooklyn pi nrSac 
Murphy John, engineer, Sutter Iron Works, dwl 

Baldwin's court 
Murphy John, laborer, dwl Ritch betw'n Folsom 

and Harrison 
Murphy John J. (Moore k M.) dwl 128 Bush 
Murphy John J. drayman, Howard, betw'n First 

and Second 
Murphy Joseph, pattern-maker. Pacific Foundry 
Murphy Julia Mrs. groceries, cor Anthony and 

Murphy (Patrick) So Keyes ( Geo.) horse-shoers, 

104 Kearny, dwl Morse bet Pine and Bush 
Murphy Peter, marble- worker, 70 Montgomery, 

dwl S 8 Francisco bet Stockton and Dupont 
Murphy Sylvester, proptr " Red House," San 

Jos6 road op Pioneer Race Course 
Murphy Thos. bar-keeper. Eighth Ward House, 

Mission Church Bdgs 
Murphy Thomas, seaman, dwl Berry nr Dupont 
Murphy Thos. laborer, Mont'y nr cor Lombard 
Murphy Thomas, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Murphy Timothy, carpenter, bds Barkley House 
Murphy Timothy, dwl Howard betw'n First and 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, dwl Grand place near 

Murphy T. D. messenger. Custom House, boards 

107 Broadway 
Murphy William, porter, at Joseph Genella's, 

dwl NE cor Montgomery and Vallejo 
Murphy William C. clerk, dwl 119 Leidesdorff 
Murr Chas. H. proptr Eureka Bakery, 89 Kearny 
Murr Christopher, dwl 91 Kearny 
Murray Francis, "The Old Oak," N side Mission 

planked road, cor Ridley 
Murray Geo. W. book-keeper, bds 323 Stockton 
Murray Hugh, warehouse dep't, Custom House 
Murray James, at Dow's Distillery, dwl S side 

Brannan, W of Harris 
Murray John, boiler-maker, Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

Ritch bet Folsom and Harrison 
Murray John, groom, 133 Kearny, dwl 10 St. 

Mary's place 
Murray John, laborer, porter, dwl Stevenson nr 

Murray John, laborer, dwl Union nr cor Battery 
Murray John, laborer, dwl Rassette place No. 2 
Murray M. laborer, bds W s Powell betw'n Post 

and Sutter 
Murray Michael, porter, Merchants' E.k change 
Murray Morris, dwl NE cor Brannan and Harris 
Murray Nelson H. clerk, dwl 218 California 
Murray Ona, clerk, dwl NE cor Pine and Powell 
Murray Owen, bailiff, U. S. Circuit Court 
Murray Owen, laborer, dwl Moore 
Murray Palrman, butcher, bds with Mrs. Walsh, 

Murray Thomas, laborer. Fort Point 
Murray Thomas J. pressman, bds Bryant place 
Murray William, accountant, dwl E side Kearny 

bet Green and Union 







BAILEY & SARGENT, Proprietors. 

* > »-■ 

- B®~The EXCHANGE has been entirely Remodeled, Painted and Renovated 
throughout,-new Furniture supplied, and a commodious Dining Hall and Readmg 
Room added ; making it one of the most comfortable Hotels in the State. Every 
exertion will be made to satisfy the Public, both as to accommodations and prices. 
The Proprietors will set the 


And has 130 fine hard-finished Rooms. Ladies' Entrance to the Hotel, 

coiner of Sansome and Halleck Streets. 


Is always in readiness to convey passengers to and from the Hotel, or to 

any part of the City, for ONE DOLLAR^ ^ 


iMiiii m 



The undersigned have opened the above House for the 
accommodation of the Pubhc who may visit them, where 
they will be pleased to see their old friends. 



11 <l'l 'I' 


C03S3-ST.A.lSrTIj-5r 03Sr li-A-lSriD- 

^ aiV^E us A. Oi^LL 1 



No. 79 Broadway, between Montgomery and Kearny. 

Lansoapes, Animals, Banners, etc. Painted. Likenesses taken from Daguerreotypes or life. Min- 
iatures on Ivory and India Ink. Drawings of every kind, on "Wood, Stone, etc. 





Loms W. Neiistadter,} gM f EAIglSe®. {Henrj Nenstadter. 

Office in New York, No. 72 WiUiam Street, up stairs. 


California & Oregon Express, 







CoUections made, and aU Orders prom ptly attended to. 

N. & Co. connect with ALTA EXPRESS CO. to Northern and Southern Mines 
and with FREEMAN & CO. to Atlantic States and Europe. 

■ ' "I ♦ ♦■♦ » ■ 




Murray AVilliam, at O'Councr & Caino'8 

Murr;iy Mrs. dwl Jessie near Kcker 

Murray A Co. (Sdh Tokott <t .1. S. Bradley), 

dairymen, Horner's Addition, S of Mission 

l[urris James, drayman. East nr Commercial, bds 

Cliambers near Front 
Murter James, dwl Lark in bet Sutter and Post 
Murtlia John, at ilorris Speyer's, dwl SE side 

Howard near Third 
Murtha William 0. stoves and tin-ware, 9 and 11 

Muschwitz ( Cliarles) Sc Fahrback ( Cliristian F.) 

groceries and liquors, SE cor Montgomery 

and Pacific 
Musson ■ Eugene, attorney at law, 137 Mont'y 

ilercantile Library Bdg 
Mutzenbecker Frederick, dwl Sansome nr Bush 
Mutzenbecker John, furniture dealer, Sansome 

nr Bush 
don Printing and PublishingCo. 113 Mont'y 
Jf uygridge George, clerk, at II 3 Montgomery 
Myer Frederick, grocery, oor Green and Dupont 
Mycr Joseph, tailor, 296 Dupont 
Myer Nathan, dry goods, SW cor Third & Mission 
Myer 0. dwl Stockton, two doors from Sutter 
Myer William, fruits, S s Broadway nr Dupont 
Jlyers Alexander, cigars, 65 Merchant, boards 

California Block 
Myers David, at E. Dennery'a, 112 Commercial 
Myers Emanuel, bds Jackson bet Powell & Mason 
Mvera Frank, dwl Kearny bet Pine and Bush 
MYERS HARRIS, pawn broker, 182 Kearny, 

dwl N s Jackson bet Powell and Mason 
Myers Henry, (lloelscher, Wieland & Co.) proptr 

Philadelphia Brewcy, res Sacramento City 
Myers Henry, upholsterer, dwl 41 Kearny 
Myers John, dwl S s Stevenson bet Third and 

Myers Leon R. 118 Sacramento 
Myers ilitchell, cutler, 118 Kearny, dwelling 228 

Myers Simon W. cigars, 69 California 
Myers Waldemar, cigars, dwl Jackson between 

Drumm and Davis 
Myers Wm. ship-chandler, bds Tremont House 
Myrick Christopher M. waterman, dwl E s Mason 

bet Washington and Clay 
Myrick Joseph, com mcht, 145 Front, dwl SW 

corner Mont'y and Vallejo 
Myrick Thomas S. teacher. Market Street School, 

dwl 241 Clay 
Myzel John, baker, 248 Dupont 
Myzell Joseph, baker, SE cor Sacramento and 



Nagel Louis, lithographer, 133 Clay 

Nagcl William, turner, bds Pacifio bet Front and 

Nagle George D. contractor, bds Oriental Hotel 
Nagle J. captain, dwl Folsom bet Second and 

Nagle Jeremiah, shipping aud commission mer- 
chant, SW cor Commercial and East 
Nagle John, porter, bds 10 Sansome 

Nagle John, porter, with H. Levi 4 Co. bds 20 

Nagle Richard, dwl D2i Minna 
Naglo WiHiam, {liotheraiaee & Co.) cor Dupont 

and Hinckley 
NAGLEE HENRY M. ofQce 3d floor SW corner 

Montgomery and Merchant 
Nahl Arthur, {Nahl & Bro.) T9 Broadway 
NAHL & BRO. {Charlts and Arthur), artists, 79 

Nareno Patricia, Union Saloon, SW cor Dupont 

and Broadway 
NASH {Umry A.) & BEAMIS [Thomas W.) im- 
porters boots and shoes, 99 Battery, boards 

American Echange 
Nason Benjamin, jr. book-keeper. Clay abvEast, 

dwl 323 Stockton 
Nassaner N. bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Nathan Lewis, ( Goodhue & N. ) 250 Dupont 
Nathan Soloman, clothing, 37 Pacific 
Natini D. Rev. (S. J.) of Catholic Church of St. 

Naumann Henrietta Mrs. widow, cor Bush and 

Navares Henrique, bds N s Broadway nr Dupont 
Navelet Victor, basket-maker, Leid'll' bet Clay 

and Commercial 
Navin Patrick H. harness and saddle-maker, NE 

cor Kearny and Sutter, dwl Post bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Nayler Peter, bds Oriental Hotel 
Neagle Richard, bds What Cheer House 
Neal David D. sign-painter, 100 California, dwl 12 

Neal Henry R. porter, cor Front and California, 

dwl Minna Third [Point 

Neal Thomas H. engineer, dwl Harrison Rincou 
Nealens Buessard, Metropolitan Coal-yard, 204 

Neall James, president Bear River and Auburn 

Ditch Co. office 94 Clay, dwl N s Broadway 

near Stockton 
Neaston Charles, dwl N s Clay nr Taylor 
Neaton John, appraiser's office. Custom House 
Needham Thomas, upholsterer, with Thomas 

Neefus (/. F.) & Tichcnor (H B.) lumber mchts, 

and proprietors S. F. Dry Dock, ofBoe Stew- 
art near Folsom 
Neefus {Af. S.) & Eayra (Harrison P.) plumbers, 

110 Front 
Neefus lUnr^', tailor, Kearny near Pacifio 
Neely Robert, at Josiah J. Lecount's, dwl How- 
ard near Third 
Neely Samuel, driver, 161 Kearny 
Negos Stcplien, bds W s Kearny near Filbert 
Neid Antono, miller, dwl N side Vallejo below 

Neil William, copper-smith, Davis near Sacra- 
mento, dwl First opposite Tehama 
Neitig Henr}', book-keeper, 70 Sacramento 
Neland Henry, laborer, dwl Larkin near Pacific 
Neland Timothy, laborer, dwl NE cor Taylor and 

Nelson Andrew, rigger, dwl Milton place 
Nelson Andrew, sea-captain, dwl Ritch nr Folsom 
Nelson Charles, sea-captain, dwl Brannan bet 

Second and Third 



Nelson Cliarles, baker, Hotel Internalional 
Nelson Cliristian, captain Saucelito water-boat, 

dwl cor Wiusliingtou and Drumm 
Nelson DaviJ, liquors, SK cor Montgomery and 

Pine, dwl cor iiubbard and lloward 
Nelson David, Golden Gate Nursery, ofBce 

lG5i Clay 
Nelson Elizabeth, boarding, Bush bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Nelson G. R. at Sickles & Taylor's, cor Clark 

and Davis 
Nelson Hugh, accountant, 68 Sacramento 
Nelson James, oarpeuter, dwl NW side Everett 

near Third, rear 
Nelson John, {GuUixon liN.) 94 Kearny, dwl 67 

Nelson John, bar-keeper, S a Broadway nr Front 
Nelson John, cook. Hotel International 
Nelson John P. at William T. Coleman & Go's, 

dwl Bryant bet Second and Third 
Nelson Jeremiah, (Grtene & N.) 46 Front 
Nelson Milton, laborer. Mountain Lake House 
Nelson 0. proptr Swedish boarding-house, dwl 

22 Jackson 
Nelson Ralph, wood and coal, East near Com'l, 

dwl 45 Broadway 
Nelson Thomas, wagon-maker, dwl Mason bet 

Sutter and Post 
Nelson {Thomas) & Doble (Avner), horse-shoers. 

Pine bet Battery and Front, dwl Green bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Nelson William, restaurant, Jackson nr corner 

Drumm [Sutter 

Neppert Phillip, upholsterer, dwl E side Clara nr 
Nesbitt Betljamin B. (Lucoi, Turner & Co.) dwl 

261 Stockton 
Neuberger Mary Mrs. shoe-store, Kearny near 

Neubert John, liquor saloon, 219 Kearny 
Neufelder F. com mcht, 65 Clay, dwl Potrero 
Neughten Mallachi, laborer, Lick's alley nr First 
NEUHAUS(C/ta)te) & TILMANN (fredencA-), 

liquor saloon, NW cor Wash'n and Kearny, 

dwl 3 Belden's block 
Neuhaus ( CItarles), Grouse (John B.) & Co. job- 
bing & commission merchants, 110 Sansome 
NEUHAUS BROTHERS (D. H. & B.) im'trs, 

■wines it liquors, 70 Btty, dwl Waverleyplace 
Neuhaus H. (K. Brothers), dwl Waverly place 
Neuman Edward, druggist, at Little & Go's, 137 

Neuman Isaac, dry goods, 41 Montgomery 
Neumann Emanuel, accountant, 69i Sacramento 
Neustadter Henry, (X. Brothers), cor Btty and 

Sacramento, bds 66 Sansome 

Henry), importers gents' furnishing goods, 

fancy goods, etc. cor Battery & Sacramento, 

resides iu New York 
Neuval August G. publisher of Le Spectateur, 

61 Merchant, dwl 5 Vallejo 
Nevill S. clerk, 280 Sutter 
Neville John M. office with Lewis & Sons, 67 

Neville Thomas J. clerk U. S. Sur. G^n'l, dwl 

NW cor Sutter and Powell 
Nevins A. M. drayman at Washburn & Co. dwl 

Bryant near Third 

Ncwall Patrick P. blacksmith, dwl Geary bet 

Leavenworth and Jones 
Newbauer Hermann, (Seelig & N.) office 92 Cali- 
fornia, dwl N. Y. Hotel 
Newbauer Harmon, dwl Mission bet First & See 
Newbauer Joseph, dwl N a Mission bet First and 

Newburger Abe, (M. Elgutter & Co.) Ill Sacra- 
mento, bds 61 Minna 
Newburger Elias, dwl 61 Minna 
Newby Ann Mrs. dwl 60J Minna 
Newcomb Charles S. {Power <b N.) 28 Clay 
Newcomb Martin, soap manufacturer, dwl SW 

cor Lombard and Yansen 
Newell Horace, drayman, with L. E. Hills, dwl 

St. Mark's place 
Newell J. A. Captain bark Brontes, Stewart bet 
Howard and Folsom, dwl Tehama bet First 
and Second 
Newell Patrick 0. C. miller, dwl Lombard bet 

Powell and Mason 
NEWELL WILLIAM & CO. (George Daniels,) 
commission merchants, 109 Battery cor Mer- 
chant, bds 280 Clay 
Newell Wm. printer, 68 Merchant, dwl Hardie 

place, Kearny nr Sutter 
Newell William H. printer, dwl W a Mason near 

Newen Mark, cordwainer, dwl W s Mason near 

NEWHALL (Benry M.) & GREGORY (Benry), 
auction and commission merchants, SW cor 
Sacramento and Battery, dwl Beale bet Har- 
rison and Folsom 
.Newhall Samuel, room 21, 94 Montgomery 
Nowhall William M. SW cor Sacramento and 
Battery, dwl Beale bet Harrison and Folsom 
Newhoff Francis, gun-smith, Leidesdorff nr Sac- 
ramento, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Newhouse Hardwig, (Spatz N. & Co.) 72 and 74 

California, dwl 171 Powell 
Newkon Solomon, cigar manufacturer, SW cor 

Broadway and Dupont 
Newland Andrew, stables, 166 California 
Newland Edward, proptr " Newland's Stables " 

16 Kearny 
Newland John, dwl W s Auburn 
Newland R. E. attorney at law, dwl at " Blos- 
som's," 89 Washington 
Newman Catharine Mrs, boarding, 60 Jessie 
Newman Charles, salesman, 105 Commercial 
Newman Charles, 255 Dupont 
Newman Edward, (JV. Brothers), 74 Battery 
Newman George, tailor, Pacific Wharf, bet Davis 

and Drumm 
Newman Gustavo, at Chelsea Laundry, Third 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
Newman H. jeweler & watch-maker, 256 Dupont 
Newman J. bds What Cheer House 
Newman James, (Bandy & N.) Com'l nr Front 
Newman John T. drayman, dwl NW s Howard 

near Fourth 
Newman M. bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Newman Maria, millinery, 255 Dupont 
Newman Brothers {Thomas atid Edward), brush 

manufacturers, 74 Battery 
Newsham John, blacksmith, at Sutter Iron 
Works, dwl cor Beale and Harrison 



Newstad Charles, dwl Louise bet Third & Fourth 
Newton Beiijaniin, (John B. Kewton .& Co.) 37 

Newton Charles, clerk, NE cor San and Coin'l 
Newton John B. & Co. (Benjamin Nmoton and 

Stephen A. Newton), commission mercbanta, 

37 Sacramento, resides Now York 
Newton Stephen A. auctioneer, dwl 270 Clay 
Newton Stephen A. [John B. Newton &, Co.) dwl 

28 Prospect place 
Newton William, watchman, IT. S. B. Mint 
Newton AVilliam, attorney at law, dwl S s Bush 

bet Dupout and Stockton 
Nias Georj^o E. printer, Commercial office, dwl 

68 Merchant 
Nichol George, clerk, 126 California 
Nicholas John, coflte saloon, 61 Merchant, dwl 

Sutter bet Montgomery and KcaiTiy 
Nichols Asa C. clothing emporium, 147 "Wash'n, 

dwl S s California nr Powell 
NICHOLS {C.P.) &, CO. (Edward Ludlum), Nich- 
ols & Co's Express, NE cor Mout'y and Sac 
Nichols E. B. ranch, Uunter's Point, 2J miles S 

Mission Dolores 
Nichols Elisha, watch-maker, 2 Sherman's bdg, 

148 Montgomery, dwl 320 Powell 
Nichols Franck, wharfinger, bds 287 TTash'n 
Nichols Horace C. at A. C. Nichols, bds S s Cali- 
fornia near Powell 
Nichols Jacob, dwl 319 Stockton 
Nichols John, upholsterer, 153 Sacramento 
Nichols John, fisherman, dwl 'Wash'n nr East 
Nichols John S. at 132 Sansome, dwl 319 Stock 
Nichols M. C. ranch, at Hunter's Point, 2^ miles 

S of Mission Dolores 
Nichols Peter, porter, at Geo. Howes & Co. 
NICHOLS P. K. professor of music, dwl 18 San 
Nichols Richard, toll collector, Jackson St. Wharf, 

bds Washington nr Powell 
Nichols S. A. dairyman, dwl S a Presidio Eoad, 

W of Valley House 
Nichols William, metal roofer, 33 Leidesdorfif 
Nichols William B. bricklayer, dwl W s Johnson 

bet Mission and Market 
Nichols William B. jr. bricklayer, "W a Johnson 

bet Mission and Market 
Nicholson Alexander, (Booth & Co.) i Merchant 
Nicholson John, grocer, NW cor Stock & Green 
Nilcholson John H. book-keeper, dwl S s Clay 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Nicholson John J. clerk. Hotel International 
Nicholson John Y. shipping master, ofBca Davis 

near Pacific, dwl 56 Broadway 
Nicholson William T. clerk, NW corner Stockton 

and Green 
Nickal William, dwl 14 Bay State Row 
Nickerson (Charles), Stahl (Christian G.) &, 

Quiun (Daniel II.) hat manf. 155 Com'l 
Nickerson D. R. police, City Hall 
Nicol Patrick, ale and porter house, NE comer 

Davis and Clay 
Nicolas Joseph, (Orevob'n & Co.) 147 Jackson 
NICOLAS (S,=muvigh) & BENNETT (Peter B.) 

vegetables, 57 Washington Market, dwl 

Clay St. Market 
Niedt Edward, miller. Pacific Flour Mills 
Niell William, pilot, dwl Taylor near Bush 
Nielsen Henry, (Bandinann & Co.) 48 Front 

Nicman J. H. Mrs. grocer}', cor Bealo Jt Folsom 
Niemann John, locksmith, dwl Pinckney place 
Nieusledt Ferdinand, clerk, NW cor Davis and 

Nightingale John, wharfinger, dwl NW corner 

Turk and Taylor 
Nightingale William, bds SW cor Jackson and 

Nightingale Wm. T. Sacramento below Kearny, 

dwl 166 Bush 
Nisbett James, associate editor Bulletin, dwl cor 
Washington and Powell [Wharf 

Nix Edward, deputy wharfinger, Wa.shingtou St. 
Nixon Mary Mrs. Tehama near Second 
Nixon Robert, police, City Hall 
Nixon William, printer, dwl Knickerbocker En- 
gine House 
Noah Manuel M. editor, dwl Hardie place 
Noah Joel, tyler for lodges, dwl 68 Merchant 
Noble G. S. machinist, Vulcan Iron Works 
Noble John, dwl E s Dupont bet Union & Filbert 
Noble Joseph, machinist, bds 12 Sansome 
Noble Thomas, painter, dwl Reed's place 
Noe James, real estate broker, 150 Montgomery, 

dwl 6 St. Mary's place 
Noo Jesus, dwl San Miguel ranch, N of Horner's 

Addition, one mile S of Mission Church 
Noe Miguel, dwl E s Centre near Dolores 
Noguez (Antonio) & Stumpf (Eyppolite), feed 

store, 242 Third 
Noice Horace, clerk, dwl 208 Stockton 
Noisy Carrier's Book and Stationery Go.(Charles 
P. Kiiiibiill, Tliomas N. Uilben and Uavid 
E. Appleton), 122 Commercial 
Nolan Edward H. foundryman, bds Union House 
Nolan Joseph, boot-maker, dwl S s Greenwich 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Nolan Joseph, laborer, dwl Filbert lane 
Nolan Mary Mrs. widow, dwl Lafayette place 
Nolan Michael, groceries, Stevenson nr Second 
Nolan Michael, weaver, dwl Beriy nr Mary's lane 
Nolan Patrick, laborer, dwl W s Auburn 
Nolan Patrick, laborer. Fort Point 
Nolan Thomas, laborer, bds Manhattan House 
Nolte Lewis H. carpenter and builder, S s Clay 
below Davis, dwl N s Green bet Mason and 
Nolting A. New Orleans Brewery, 35 First 
Nolting Henry William, grocer, cor Dupont and 

Noly Victor, SW cor Pine and Kearny 
Nermann Edward, dealer in vegetables and pro- 
duce, 119 Sansome 
Noon (Michael) &, Alvyan (Cliarles W.) tinsmith, 

181 Jackson 
Noon Patrick, laborer, dwl Augusta alley 
Noonan Dennis, laborer, dwl Fremont between 

Howard and Folsom 
Noonan Edward, laborer, bds W s Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
Noonan Jeremiah, dwl Minna nr Jane 
Noonan Jeremiah, painter, dwl Maiden Lane 
Noppel Constant, storage, 197 and 199 Sansome 
NORCROSS DANIEL, military and regalia em- 
porium, 144 Sacramento, dwl O'Farrell bet 
Taylor and Jones 
Norcross D. Mrs. dress trimming.s, etc. 144 Sac- 
ramento, dwl O'Farrell bet Taylor and Jones 



Noreross Isaac, sign and ornamental painter, 150 
California, bds S a O'Farrell bet Taylor and 

Norcul J. K. (Craih & Co.) 83 Davis 

Nord^ren E. 1 1. {Malmgren &, N.) dwl cor Stock- 
ton and liusli 

Noriega J. A. tailor, "W s Sullivan, (rear) 

Norman Victor, clerk, SW cor Powell and Union 

Normandy Jolin, bar-keeper, NVV cor Pacific and 

Norogutt Francisco, bds N s Broadway nr Dupont 

Norris AVilliam, Secretary California S. N. Co. 
office NE cor Front and Jackson 

Norris William, cooper, dwl Pacific nr Battery 

North E. J. ship-carpenter, foot Third, dwl Silver 
bet Third and Second 

North John K. sliip-carpenter, Steamboat Point, 
foot of Third 

Northara Edward F. real estate agent, cor Cali- 
fornia and Montgomery, dwl S s Pacific bet 
Stockton and Virginia 

Northrop David B. attorney at law, 68 Montgom- 
ery Block 

Northrop (A'Hson) & Simonds (Af.) proprietors of 
Coosa Bay Coal Co. foot California 

Norton Dennis U. {Baldwin &, Co.) SE corner 
Commercial and Battery 

NORTON EDWARD, Judge of 12th District, 
office City Hall, dwl 137 Montgomery 

Norton George M. dwl SW s Fremont near Har- 

Norton John, porter, at Bencbley & Go's, 62 
Battery, bds What Cheer House 

Norton Joseph, boards with Mrs. J. C. Hahu, 
Anthony nr Jessie 

Norton Joseph, drayman, dwl Pacific nr Polk 

Norton Joshua, bds 255 Kearny 

Norton Michael, bds with Mrs. Mary Hurley 

Norton Peter, laborer, bds Isthmus House 

Norton Sarah E. Mrs, dwl 57 Minna 

Norton William H. proptr. Commercial Hotel, 45 
and 47 Pacific 

Norvold A. E. tailor, dwl N s Sutter bet Kearny 
and Dupont 

Notra Marj' Mrs. (widow) dwl W s_ A''irginia nr 

Nottage Edward, dwl E s Powell bet Jackson 
and Pacific 

Nottemeyer Frederick, groceries and liquors, cor 
Van Ness Avenue and Union 

Nourse Joseph B. clerk, City and Cpunty Treas- 
urer, dwl N s Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 

Nouzillt Autonio L. jeweller, 175 Commercial 

Nowlan Thomas, drayman, bds 137 Jackson 

Noyes Amos, Harbor Master, office NE cor Btty 
and Wasli'n, dwl Folsom near Second 

Noyes Dillon, seaman, dwl S Harlan place 

Noyes Ephraim, salesman, SE corner Clay and 
Kearny, bds Kearny bet Commercial and 

Noyes George H. machinist, Vulcan Iron Works 

Noyes Horace C. clerk, 69 Front, dwl Stockton 
bet Clay and Sacramento 

Noyes James M. drayman, at Reddington & Go's, 
107 Clay 

Nubonann C. grocer, cor Bush and Powell 

Nuckel John W. liquor saloon, NW cor East 
and Washington 

Nudd Asa D. salesman, 95 Front, bds Sansomc 

St. House 
Nudd Phillips, porter, at Bradsliaw & Go's, dw ! 

cor Pine and Sansome 
Nueman Edward, druggist, at 137 Montgomery 
Nuemann Louis, groceries, 73 Jackson 
Nugent Dennis, drayman, dwl cor Turk &Larkin 
Nugent James, at Wide West office, 162 Wash'n 
NUGENT JOHN, editor of San Francisco Her- 
ald, Montgomery Block, dwl W s Stockton 
bet Bush and Sutter 
Nugent Mary A. principal intermediate depart- 
ment Rincon School, Hampton place, iv. : 
cor Stockton and Union 
Nugent Richard, cordwainor, 52-5 Commercial 
Nuuan Edward, hat block maker, 45 Pine, dv, . 

W s Larkin bet Union and Green 
Nunan JellVry, printer, Alta California, bds SW 

cor Dupont and Broadway 
Nunan Timothy, carpenter, dwl 222 Powell 
Nuttall Robert Kennedy, physician, office 103 

Nutting Calvin, blacksmith, dwl S s Lombard nr 

Nutting Joseph E. carpenter, dwl SW comer 

Powell and Clay 
Nutnian James E. dwl Mesonic Hall, Washington 
Nutz Frederick, ornamental painter, 155 Cal 

Oaklet L. F. 'longshoreman, dwl cor Battery and 

Oakley ( Oliver B.) & Co. (John B. ilenmiiy'), sil- 
ver-platers, 149 California, dwl N s Poslb'.i 

Powell and Mason 
Oakley R. 0. (Bioren & 0.) dwl S s Sutter bti 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Oakley Samuel E. manufacturer of vinegar, Fol- 
som bet Harris and Price 
Oakley Zophar, porter, with Goose Bay Co. cc: 

Market and California 
Oakes William H. printer, dwl Geary nr Dupont 
Obenauer John, groceries, cor A'allejo and Apollo 

Ober Benjamin, physician, office 16 Montgomery, 

dwl 45 St. Mark's place 
Oberg J. A. cigars, etc. cor Montgomery and Pine 
Obergh John Andrew, registrar, Y. M. Christian 

Association, dwl cor Sacramento and Pike 
Obra Constant, blacksmith. Broadway nr Stock 
O'Erady Patrick, 11 Washington, dwl Evereti 

bet Third and Fourth 
O'Brien Catharine, (widow) Ritch nr Harrison 
O'Brien Daniel, baker, Misson Street Bakery 
O'Brien Daniel, laborer, bds Jackson House ■ 
O'Brien Dennis, confectioner, with Mercer k 

O'Brien Edward, clerk, 138 Montgomery 
O'Brien Felix, laborer, Jessie nr Anthony 
OBrien James, porter, at 56 Front, dwl First nr 

O'Brien James, propr Eagle Retreat, 83 B'dway 
O'Brien John, gas-fitter, with Farmer & Eaton 
O'Brien John, saddler and hose manufacturer, 

79 Kearny [Fourth 

O'Brien John, laborer, dwl Clara bet Ritch and 



j O'Brien John, milkman, dwl Bryant bet Harris 

and Price 
1 O'Brien John, teamster, dwl Taylor bet Post and 
. Sutter 
i O'Brien John, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Montgom'y 

and Sansome 
I O'Brien John, carpenter, bds itanhattan House 
O'Brien John, Excelsior Iron Works, 169 Cal. 

dwl S s Sacramento bet Jones and Taylor 
O'Brien John, gas-fitter, at 17 1 Montgomery, dwl 

Post nr Kearnv 
O'BRIEN JOHN, 'druggist, NE cor Clay and 

O'Brien Michael, liquor saloon, Vallejo nr Davis 
O'Brien Michael, liquor saloon, cor Stewart and 

O'Brien Michael, butcher, II Washington Market, 

dwl N s Folsom nr Second 
O'Brien Mortimer, gardener, Mission bet Tracy & 

O'Brien Patrick, bar-keeper, cor Stewart and 

O'Brien Patrick, waiter. Hotel International 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, dwl Eckernr Stevenson 
O'Brien Patrick, coach-painter. 5 Milton place, 

dwl Bryant bet Harris and Price 
O'Brien Patrick M. jihysician, dwl S s Vallejo 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
O'Brien Peter, laborer, dwl cor O'Farrell and 

O'Brien" Robert, (Michael Wogan & Co.) 150 Pa- 
cific, bds SarsQeld House 
O'Brien Thomas, dry goods. 30 Montgomery 
O'Brien ( Walkr) & Ingram ( Win.) Knickerbocker 

Saloon, N\V cor Davis and Commercial 
O'Brien William, boarding, Stevenson near First 
O'Brien William S. (Flood & O'B.) dwl IS San 
O'Bryau John, laborer. Fort Point 
O'Bryan Patrick, cabinet-maker, dwl W s Dupont 

nr Sutter, rear 
O'Bryan Timoth v. laborer, dwl Dupont bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
O'Callaghan Dennis, dwl N s Green nr Kearny 
O'CALLAGHAN D. J, commission merchant 

and dealer in native wines, 149 Washington, 

dwl N s Green bet Dupont and Kearny 
O'Callaghan James, dwl Mission Plank Road, nr 

O'Carlandro Dominico, gardener, NE end Mission 

O'Carrol James, laborer, dwl Main bet Mission 

and Howard 
Ochs Louis Mrs. boarding, C. H. Block, SE cor 

Sansome end Sacramento 
Ochs M. dwl Stockton near Sutter 
Ochs Solomon, 275 Dupont 
O'Connell Anthony F. drayman, dwl Vallejo nr 

O'Connell Daniel, liquor saloon, cor Sacramento 

and Davis 
O'Connell Charles, at A. Austin & Co's, dwelling 

Bush bet Dupont and Stockton 
O'Connell James, wood, etc. Mission St Wharf, 

dwl Main nr Mission 
O'Connell John, butcher, cor Mission and Jane 
O'Connell Laurence, laborer, dwl Howard near 

O'Connell Michael, cordwainer, 22 First 


O'Connell Michael, carpenter, dwl Louisa bet 

Third and Fourth 
O'Connell Thomas, boiler-maker, bds N. Orleans 

O'Connell Timothy, carpenter, dwl Tehama bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
O'Connor Hugh, drayman, dwl corner Post and 

O'Conuer (Joseph) & Caine (John), housesmiths, 

etc. Halleck near Sansome, dwl Merchant 

near Sansome 
O'Connor Morris, laborer, dwl N s Francisco bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
O'Connor Cornelius, carpenter. Market nr First, 

bds with Mrs. C. Newman 
O'Connor Daniel, liquor saloon, Jackson between 

Drumm and East 
O'Coimor Daniel, laborer, dwl Louisa bet Third 

and Fourth 
O'Connor James, pressman, with Blake & Moffit 
O'Connor John, gardener, W end Mission Valley 
O'Connor John F. (Conroy & 0' 0.) dwl So. Park 
O'Connor Moses, wines and liquors, NW corner 

Jackson &, Sansome, dwl Sansome nr Pacific 
O'Connor Michael, American House, 18 and 20 

O'Connor M. T. attorney at law, I5G Sacramento 

dwl Centre bet Vallencia and Guerrero 
O'Connor Patrick, groom. Black Hawk Stables 
O'Connor Patrick, laborer, dwl 7 J Milton place 
O'Connor Patrick, drayman, dwl Howard bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
O'Connor Peter, (late Fox & O'C.) cor Clay and 

O'Connor Thomas, cor Union and Sansome 
O'Connor Thomas H. ( Cunroy & 0' C.) residence 

in New York 
O'Connor William, laborer, dwl Union near Sac 
O'Connor William S. dwl cor Union and Mont'y 
O'Dea Dennis, laborer, dwl Vallejo bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
O'Dohertv George, editor and reporter, dwelling 

183 Pine 
O'Donnell Anthony, carpenter, dwl S s Filbert 

bet Mason and Taylor 
O'Donnell Barney, dwl E s Stockton near Green 
O'Donnell Bryan, laborer, dwl W s Auburn 
O'Donnell H. dwl cor Vallejo and Dupont 
O'Donnell James, United States Nursery, corner 

Folsom and Fifth 
O'Donnell John, waiter. Railroad House 
O'Donnell John, dwl N s Green near Powell 
O'Donnell Miss, dress-maker, S s Third between 

Stevenson and Mission 
O'Dowd J. J. physician and surgeon, office 88 

O'DriscoU Jeremiah, gardener, dwl 6 Jessie 
O'Farrell Patrick, brick-layer, dwl W s Scotland 
O'Ferrall Francis accountant, dwl S s Chestnut 

bet Stockton and Powell 
O'Flannagan Daniel, at John Logue's, dwl Ecker 

near Clementina 
Ogden George S. at Bag Factory, Davis bet Clay 

and Commercial 
Ogilby James, brass founder, dwl O'Farrell bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Ogilvie John, drayman, dwl N s Sutter nr Dupont 
Ogilvie William, drayman, GI Sacramento 



Ogle James, (I'hilUpa & 0.) cor Stevenson and 

O'Grady Patrick, butcher. Pacific nr Mason, dwl 

N s Jackson bet Auburn and Mason 
O'Grady Patrick, drayman, 59 Washington, dwl 

Kverett bet Third and Fourth 
O'Hagen John, carpenter, Jolin near ifason 
O'Hanneran Florence, moulder, at Donohue's 

Foundry, dwl SE s Howard near Tliird 
O'llara Edward, machinist, at Uonohue's Union 

Iron Works, cor First and Mission 
O'Hara John, laborer, dwl Vallejo bet Mont'y 

and Sansome 
O'Hara John, waiter, Hotel International 
O'Hara Thos. laborer, dwl O'Farrell nr Stockton 
O'Hara Thomas, {O'NeU & O'K) E s Powell near 

Pacific, dwl Pacific near Lcavenwortli 
O'Hare Heurj-, labftrer, S s Presidio road, W of 

School House 
O'Harra Thomas, tinsmith, Powell near Pacific, 

dwl Hayes 
O'Hearn Thomas, hand-cartman, dwl Stevenson 

bet First and Second 
O'Hern John, laborer. Fort Point 
O'Heron Tliomas, laborer, bds with Mrs. Mary 

Ohlandt Nicholas, clerk, cor Clay & Wetmore pi 
Ohlen M. grocer, NW cor Post and Mason 
Ohlendorfl' Lewis, (Diederichson & 0.) dwelling 

Augusta alley 
Ohm Edward F. watch-maker, 157 Montgomery, 

dwl S s Post nr Dupont 
Ohmeis George, ( Grover &, 0.) bds comer Pacific 
^ and Sansome 
Ohr Michael, horse-dealer, bds SW corner Pacific 

and Kearny 
O'Kane John, {McColgan &. O'K.) 136 Kearny 
O'Keefe Catharine Mrs. variety store. Third near 

O'Keefe Daniel, dwl Bdw'y bet Mont'y & Kearny 
O'Keefe Henry K. broker, boards at Mme. Van 

Dam's, Pine near Dupont 
O'Keefe James, bds S s Pine near Stockton 
O'Keefe Thomas, boot-repairer, basement Union 

Hotel, dwl NW cor Bush and Mason 
O'Lay Patrick, boatman. Fort Point, dwl Bush 

near Dupont 
Olbrecht Augustus, dwl E s Kearny bet Tallejo 

and Green 
Olcott H. W. 94 Montgomery 
Old Thomas, carpenter, dwl alloy on Taylor bet 

Post and Sutter [near Third 

Oldbrisk Charles, drayman, dwl NW side Everett 
Olden W. R. clerk, Custom House 
Oldfield Frederick H. merchant, (Oroville,) dwl 

SW cor Union and Taylor 
Oldham Thomas S. proptr Fountain Head Water 

Works, S side Market near Ecker, boards 

Rassette House 
Oldham W. F. clerk, at Jonas G. Clark & Go's 
Oldmyer Aaron, clerk, 69^ Battery 
Olds William B. attorney at law, 140 Clay, dwl 

S s Union near Stockton 
O'Leary Dennis, drayman, dwl Jessie near Ecker 
O'Leary Dennis, driver, at A. E. Sabatie & Go's 
O'Leary William, boatman, foot of Market, dwl 

First bet Mission and Jessie 

Oliver Anthony, distiller, bds cor Greenwich and 

OLIVER (_Dennis J.) & BUCKLEY {John P.) 

importers of paints and oils, 80 Washington, 

dwl cor Stockton and Bush 
Oliver Edward J. clerk, 147 Battery 
Oliver John B. (Deane & 0.) dwl W s Stockton 

bet Pine and Bush 
Oliver ( W. K), Flanagan (John) & Co. ( ), 

importers and jobbers of brandies, wints 

and lifiuors, 99 Front, bds Rassette Hous" 
Oliver William, steamboat man, bds Stewart but 

Market and Mission 
Olmey Moses, dwl Prospect pi, nr Sacramento 
Olmstead T. C. D. bds Hotel International 
Olney James N. jr. clerk, dwl 278 Clay, 
Olney James N. gold dust dealer, office 112 

Montgomery, dwl 278 Clay 
Olpherts Robert, liquor dealer, Dunbar's allev, 

City Hall, dwl 260 Kearny 
Olsen Peter C. cabinet-maker, at Strahle & Bros 
Olson John, jeweler, dwl 1.3 Kearny 1 

O'Malley James B. machinist, at Donahue's ! 

Union Iron Works 
O'Meara C. H. salesman, at Hughes & Wallace, 

bds 1721 Commercial 
O'Meara (John) & Painter (Jerome S.) printers, ' 

132 Clay, dwl XE cor Washington & Dupont 
O'Meara Michael, laborer. Fort Point 
O'Meara William, clerk. People's Market, SE cor 

Second and Market 
O'Neal David, gun-smith, Geary nr Kearny 
O'Neal Fanny Mrs. dress-maker, Geary nr Kear'y 
O'Neal James, laborer, dwl NW side Everett nr 

O'Neal James, at Sugar Refinery, dwl Harrison, 

bet Harris and Price 
O'Neal John, What Cheer House 
O'Neil Bush, brick-mason, bds 89 Bush 
O'Neil B. W. freight clerk, steamer Antelope, 

office California S. N. Co. NE cor Front and 

O'Neil Charles, carpenter, dwl NW cor Powell 

and Green, rear 
O'Neil Charles, tailor, 222 Pacific, dwl Bestolenr 

O'Neil Daniel, dwl Clara bet Ritch and Fourth 
O'Neil Eugene, seaman, dwl Sacramento near 

O'Neil Hugh, butcher, dwl Hyde nr Pacific 
O'Neil James, groom, at 106 Kearny 
O'Neil James M. dwl 139 Sansome 
O'Neil John, sea-captain, dwl Midway 
O'Neil John, painter, dwl rear of 6 Lombard nr 

O'Neil Michael, boarding house, dwl 28 Mont- 
O'Neil Michael, carpenter, dwl Vallejo bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
O'Neil Michael, tinsmith. Market near Sansome 

dwl cor Sutter and Montgomery 
O'Neil Patrick, dwl Telegraph Hill nr Union 
O'Neil (Thoma-s) &. O'Hara (Thomas), tin, copper 
and stoves, E s Powell nr Pacific, dwl Pa- 
cific nr Leavenworth 
O'Neil Thomas, porter house, 120 Kearny 
O'Neil Thomas, drayman, 09 Front 



O'Neil William, laborer, Fort Point, dwl N side 

Union nr Stockton 
O'Neil William, painter, bda.Koamy one door N 

O'Neill Cornelius, laborer, Jessie nr Ecker 
O'Neill Dennis, hair-dresser, Montgomery Baths, 

163 Montgomery 
O'Neill Edward, machinist, at Donahue's Union 

Iron Works 
O'Neill Hannah Miss, domestic, Railroad House 
O'Neill John, drayman, dwl Jessie nr Second 
O'Neill John H. bottler of liquors, dwl Jessie nr 

O'Neill Richard, butcher, 15 and 16 "Washington 

Marftet, dwl S a Broadway nr Montgomery 
Onfray Mitchell, J. A. wholesale and retail liquor 

dealer, 220 Pacific 
O'Niel Charles, drayman, dwl Baldwin's court 

bet First, Fremont, Howard and Folsom 
Oppenheim Michel, perfumery manufacturer, 

NW cor Powell and Lombard, dwl W s 

Stockton bet Greenwich and Lombard 
Oppenheimer M. dwl Chatham pi 
Orbandscheck Diedrich H. grocer, cor Hinckley 

and Pinckney 
Ordway Robert J. (^Doud k 0.) 25 Bush, dwl 

Sutter nr Montgomery 
Ore Jolin, bds at St. Charles Hotel, 21 First 
O'Reilly Eliza Mrs. (widow) bds 68 Montgomery 
O'Reilly Patrick, clerk, dwl St. Charles Hotel 
Oreineing J. dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
O'Riley Michael, painter, dwl cor Filbert and 

O'Riley Patrick, dwl cor Harris and Harrison 
Ormard Henry, paver, dwl St. Vincent 
Ormsby Ellen, chambermaid, Amer. Exch. Hotel 
O'Rourke Barney, liquors, ball court and board- 
ing house, 152 Pacific 
O'Rourke Jeremiah, laborer, bds at Manhattan 

House, Front nr Broadway 
O'Rourke John, laborer. Fort Point 
Orr John R. clerk, 103 Moutg'y, dwl 248 Clay 
Ortelli G. B. porter, at Laviosa, Marengo & Co. 
Ortet Jean ( 0. k Brother), Leidesdorfi' bet Com 

and Sacramento 
Ortet & Brother (Joseph and Jean), cutlers, Lei- 

desdorff bet Commercial and Sacramento 
Osborn Augustus, waterman, bds SW cor Bdwy 

and Taylor 
Osborn George, porter, 100 Sansome 
Osborn Jasper B. (Mitter & Co.) dwl Franklin 

Osborn John, (col'd) clerk, NW cor Kearny and 

Jackson, dwl 218 Kearny 
Osborn Joseph, foreman New Bedford Oil and 

Camphene Works, cor Townsend and Third 
Osborn William G. wheelwright, NW s Folsom 

bet Third and Fourth 
Osborn William K. District Attorney, office City 

Hall, bds E s Taylor bet Broadway and 

Osgood Archer, coach-painter, cor Third and 

Osgood Jasper, blacksmith, cor Third and Market 
Osgood {John F.) &, Co. {William K Osgood), 

commission merchants, 6i California, dwl 

South Park 

Osgood John K. salesman, at Alsop & Go's, dwl 

NE cor Filbert and Mason 
Osgood William H. ( Osgood & Co.) dwl South 

Oshea John, boarding, cor Pine and LeidesdorCf 
Osmer George 0. (Schulte & 0.) cor Drumm and 

Oster Henry, drayman, cor Battery and Clay, 

dwl Mission Dolores 
Osterman D. liquor saloon, 98 California 
Ostner Charles, sculptor, 182 Jackson 
Ostrander Stephen, clerk, with Davis & Bowers, 

dwl 152 Sansome 
O'Sullivan Michael, plumber, Fremont bet How- 
ard and Folsom 
Othet Thomas, bds What Cheer House 
Otis Stephen, merchant, dwl_Prospect place 
Ott Jacob, vegetable dealer, 11 New Market, 

dwl Leidesdorff nr California 
Otterson Hermann, {Roeplce & Co.) dwl Vallejo 

bet Powell and Stockton 
OttigHon John L. carriage maker, 159 California, 

dwl Geary nr Kearny 
Ottignon (Joseph) & Co. {Charles Barruillac), 

basket manufacturers, 188 Clay, bds SW 

corner Sansome and Pine 
Ottman Frederick, grocer, NW corner Kearny 

and Post 
Otto Charles, {A. Phillippi & Co.) 44 Mont'y 
Otto John, tailor, dwl cor Vallejo and Apollo pi 
Oudard August, boot-black, Com'l nr Kearny 
Oughton William E. printer. Wide West, dwl 

166 Bush 
Oun Keeson, Chinese laundry, 241 Dupont 
Overand John A. T. {Briggs & 0.) dwl Calhoun 

nr Sansome 
Overn George, laborer, U. S. Branch Mint 
OVERTON J. P. attorney at law, office NW cor 

Montgomery and Merchant 
Owen Laurence C. clerk with A. G. Abell, and 

assistant secretary G. L. F. & A. Masons, 

bds Oriental Hotel 
Owen Nehemiah J. clerk, with Geo Hughes, 

NW cor Clay and Sansome 
Owens Henry, shipwright, dwl Eddy nr Larkin 
Owens James H. porter, 28 Front, dwl Clemen- 
tina nr Second 
OWENS JAMES W. & CO. ship-chandler. Clay 

nr East, dwl Eddy bet Mason and Taylor 
Owens John, carrier Evening Bulletin, dwl 16 

Owens Michael, cordwainer, Davis nr Oregon 
Owens Michael C. coach-painter, 157 California, 

bds St. John's Hotel 
Owens Patrick, cordwainer, NE cor Washington 

and Davis 
OWENS P. A. & P. H. ship chan'llers, 89 Front, 

dwl 46 Tehama 
Owens P. H. {P. A. & P. H. Owens), dwl Eddy 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Owens Phillip, cordwainer, Davis nr Oregon 
Owens Thomas, gardener, Presidio road W of 

school house 
Oxer John, porter, with Geo. J. Brooks & Co 
Oxley John, paper carrier, dwl 2 Auburn 



Pace Charles, chronometer and watch maker, 

Battery bet Jackson and Pacific, dwl corner 

Bush and Mason 
Pacey Edward H. dwl Mission nr Third 
Pack William, (col'd) dwl Morris alley 
Packard A. sash and door maker, cor Market and 

Second, bds Stevenson nr Ecker 
Packard Albert, attorney at law, NE cor Mont'y 

and Clay, dwl NE cor Wash'n and Kearny 
Packard Alvin, house-joiner, bds 2 Belden's bl'k 
Packard J. sea captain, bds Kellogg House 
Pacy Robert, butcher, dwl Bush bet Hyde and 

Paddock PMward 11. at Fair Haven Oil Manuf, 

dwl Hampton place 
Paddock Isaac, (Gardner & Co.) dwl Broadway 

bet Montgomery and Kearny [Row 

Paddock N. C. (Barker &, P.) dwl South Park 
Paech James, dwl S s Eddy nr Powell 
Page, Bacon &. Co. ofSce 12 Express Building 
Page Prank, 12 Express building, dwl SW cor 

Jackson and Powell 
Page James D. late of New York Dining Saloon, 

65 and 67 Merchant 
Page J. M. Captain, at William R. Allen's office, 

cor Davis and Chambers, dwl Railroad House 
Page Nathaniel, jr. (SoiUe & P.) Market, junc- 
tion California, dwl Tehama nr First 
Page Robert, coach-maker, S s Third bet Everett 

and Howard 
Page Robert C. office 121 ■Washington, dwl Mis- 
sion near Brady 
Paige Elbridge G. printer. Golden Era, dwl Rin- 

con Point, cor Beale and Bryant 
Painter Jerome B. (O'Mearaii; Painter), dwl 111 

Painter Milton, printer, with O'Meara & Painter, 

dwl 111 Broadway 
Painter T. P. printer, with O'Meara & Painter, 

dwl 111 Broadway 
Palecki Josepli, cooperage, 18 Washington 
Palette Paul, feed store, N side Bdwy nr Dupont 
Palm Edw'd, Manhattan Restaurant, 100 Kearny 
Palmer Charles, wood and coal dealer, dwl 195 

Palmer Cyrus, of Pacific Foundry, Furst, dwl N 

side Second nr Folsom 
Palmer DeWitt Clinton, 21 U. S. Court building 
Palmer B. C. 23 U. S. Court building 
Palmer Edward H. pilot, dwl Clay bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Palmer Heury, NW cor Commercial and Mont'y 
PALMER JOSEPH C. banker, cor Washington 

and Kearny, dwl cor Green and Stockton 
Palmer L. M. farmer, bds 79 Dupont 
Palmer Moses B. dairyman, S s Presidio Road, 

W of Valley House 
Palmer Nehemiah, wood and coal yard, 195 Stock 
Palmer Richard, carpenter, dwl E s Yerba Buena 
Palmer Samuel L. salesman, at Treadwell & Co's, 

dwl cor Front and Market 
Palmer Thomas, boatman, dwl cor Pacific and 

Palmer William, Pacific Foundry, dwl N side 

Park Place 

Palmer William H. at Thomas Ogg Shaw's, dwl 

33 Stockton 
Pnlmer W. L. at Pacific Foundry, dwl Park place 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Palmourie (C.) & Co. manufacturers of billiard 

tables, 147 Jackson 
Paltenghi Andrea, sculpture and marble yard, 

130 and 132 Jackson, dwl Stock nr Vallejo 
Paltenghi William, dressmaker, 330 Stockton 
Pauman Thomas, laundryman, bds with Mrs 

Walsh, Jessie nr First 
Papa Molina, fruits, NW cor Jackson and Dupont 
Pape Augustus, tinsmith, 296 Dupont 
Pappy J. J. attorney at law, 50 Montgomery blk 
Paquet William, carriage-maker, at Cal.* Carriage 

Manufactory, Kearny nr California 
ParcoU John, pile driver, etc. foot of California 
Pardee Enoch H. occulist, cor Clay and Brenbain 

place, dwl S s Clay bet Taylor and Jones 
Pardee F. F. rolling room, U. S. B. Mint, bds 10 

Pardee Lucien, clerk, at City and Co. Assessor's 

PARDOW GEORGE, proprietor Sierra Nevada 

Mills, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Parent C. L. house and ship joiner, Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific, dwl Fremont bet How- 
ard and Folsom 
Paret Cornelius W. clerk, 269 Washington 
Paris Albert, at Theodore Wetzel & Co's Stearine 

Candle Factory, First opposite Clementina 
Paris Charles, printer, dwl 238 Pacific 
Paris Ernst, mason, dwl S s Union nr Powell 
Paris Ernst, carpenter and builder, dwl Pinkney 
Paris Madame, restaurant, N s Bdwy nr Dupont 
Parish T. dwl Union bet Mont'y and Sansome 
Park A. C. office Seventh District Court, bds 

58 Montgomery 
Park Edward W. carrier Evening Bulletin, dwl 

14 Sacramento 
Park John C. agent Howsird Temperance House, 

35 Pacific 
Park (Johji D.) & White {JTiomas A.) importers 

patent medicines, 132 Washington, residence 

Park Thomas B. real estate, 137 Montgomery 
Park Trenor W. (Sha/ters, P. & Hegdenfeldt) 33 

Montgomery block 
Parkell Henry H. proptr Niantio Hotel, NW cor 

Sansome and Clay 
Parker Alfred P. (Morehouse & Co.) 24 Clay 
Parker Charles, stage agent, California Exchange, 

bds Plaza Hotel 
Parker Charles F. carpenter, dwl SE s Everett 

bet Third and Fourth 
Parker Edward, (cold) cordwainer. Merchant nr 

Kearny, dwl Green cor Baunan place 
Parker Edward H. com. merchant and agent for 

Hazard Powder Co. office 137 Front 
Parker Edward W. (col'd) cordwainer, dwl N s 

Green near Dupont 
Parker George A. ( William Langerman i, Co.) 

81 Front 
Parker Harry C. (J. T. HaUock & Co.) 99 San- 
some, dwl N s Washington bet Jones and 

Parker Hayward P. salesman, at Bradshaw & 

Co's, dwl Powell bet Jackson and Pacific 



^M ^ 


(Successors to GOLDSMITH & STERN,) 
Havin-^ purchased the Fixtures, and rented this well-knoArn Establishment, 
the present proprietors solicit a continuance of its former liberal patronage. 
Messrs. EBEEHART & MAST, after an experience of eight years in 
the business, feel confident that they can give satisfaction to everybody 
who favors them with their patronage, and they will spare no pams to make 
the House one of the best on the Pacific. The Table always supplied with 



Mr. Goldsmith, one of the former proprietors, will remain in the House. 

Eberliart &. Mast are also proprietors of the 



V„g leave to announce to the public of San Francisco, tUat they have considerably enlarged their 
MUSIC SCHOOL, and have spared no expense to put it in such a state that it stands without a 
rival on this Continent. 

Pupils will there find good Instruments and splendid Saloons, arranged with every view to per- 
sonal comfort. Parents may rest assured that Mr. and Mrs. PLANEL will pay solicitous atten- 
tion to the Children entrusted to their care. 

Although this MUSIC SCHOOL has only been established a short period, yet persons frequent- 
ing it easUy discern the rapid progress the Scholars make in this beautiful and in every respect 
useful Art,— a progress due to the assiduous eare exercised, and the peculiar method which Mr. 
and Mrs. PLANEL have adopted after a long experience in their profession in France and Italy. 

BAILY loml aad Iistrmeatal MSI© ELIESES, 

At different hours, to suit the convenience of the pupils. 

Ir. anil Irs. Ilancl als0 giUj Iribatt fman in Singing, fianff, Wialm, 

And also on HARMONY, and at moderate rates. The Instructions will be given in English, 
French, Spanish and Italian. For further particulars, apply at the School. 

Eeddence, 258 STOCKTON STREET, brick building, bet Washington and Jackson. 






J« ^« ^lO^^EE^I^ 




Is constantly receiving fresh supplies, and is now prepared to sell at greatly 
reduced prices. Ladies and Gentlemen furnisliing their Houses and Offices 
will find it to their advantage to call at 140 Washington Street. 

He offers for sale that curiosity and "piece of economy," which was on 
exhibition at the Mechanic's Fair in this City, 


Also, by late arrivals, a few of those justly celebrated 

PI A.N O S ! 

Manufactured by JAMES W. VOSE, of Boston, and which are now taking 
precedence of all other Manufacturers, evidenced by the many Prize Med- 
als awarded Mr. Vose. All Pianos warranted to give satisfaction. 



Which will be sold cheap for cash, and a liberal discount given to 
Churches and Sabbath Schools, and to Music Teachers. 

Constantly on hand. This to Housekeepers and Furniture Dealers is invaluable. 
A small quantity of it produces effects truly astonishing. 



Parker Marvel, agent San Jos« and Monterey 

Stage Line, office Kearny opposite Plaza, 

bds Plaza Hotel 
Parker Mary Mrs. boarding house, 169 Mission 
Parker K. com meroliant. 57 "Wash'n, dwl Pres'o 

road W of Valley House 
Parker Robert, Washington Market, bds Plaza 

Parker Robert A. dwl Hardie place 
Parker Samuel H. ( Gunnison, P. & Cowles), dwl 

98 Merchant 
Parker Thomas B. (Tbrrence & P.) proptra Bank 

Exchange, S s Jackson abv Mason 
Parker T. H. surgeon dentist, 3 Brenham place 
Parker William C. (U";;*-* & C.) 9G Merchant 
Parker William E. waterman, Solina place abv 

Parker William IT. dwl 45 Sansome 
Parker William M. R. clerk and book-keeper, 81 

Clay, dwl 282 Stockton 
Parks E. W. carrier Alta California 
Parks Lewis, bar-keeper, at L. Cobiirn's 
PARKS (S. W.) & TYLER (.1. W.) books and 

stationery, 102 Commercial 
Parks Stephen, pattern-maker, dwl 185 Mission 
Parlinar Hermann A. clothing, 33 Pacific 
Parnell John, dwl Lafayette pi 
Parrish Daniel, Plaza Hotel, Clay cor Brenham pi 
Parrish S. J. bds Plaza Hotel 
Parrish Charles, proptr vinegar manufactory, W s 

PARROTT (John) & CO. (Walter R Comstock), 

bankers, NW cor Montgomery and Sac. 

dwl Folsoni nr Third 
Parsons Adonijah, boat-builder, Oregon House, 

Stewart bet Mission and Howard 
PARSONS LE\a, attorney at law, 140 Clay, 

dwl 189 Stockton 
Partridge George E. carpenter, Mission bet Beal 

and Fremont- 
Partridge Peter, dwl cor Powell and Auburn 
Pascal Emile (Lavioso, Marengo & Co.) dwl 

Greenwich bet Powell and Mason 
Pascal Louise, hair-dresser, 199 Pacific 
Pasquale Benoit, toys, 278 Dupont 
Pa."ser Lewi.s, grocer, NW cor Union and Kearny 
PATCH WILLIAM Y. Tax Collector, office City 

. Hall, dwl 185 California 
Pate Thomas B. attorney at law, 45 &, 46 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Paton John, plumber, at W. Moore's, Sumner 
Palon Robert Mrs. dwl Baldwin's Court, bet 

First, Fremont, Howard and Folsom 
Patrick Fritz, coppersmith, dwl cor Powell and 

Patrick (James) & Co. (George Beaver), importers, 

161 Battery, res New York City 
Patrick Richard ( Wm. Alvord & Co.) 50 Battery, 

res New York City 
Patridge H. C. prop Clinton Temperance House, 

dwl St. Charles 
Patridge Joseph, carpenter, bds Barkley House 
Pattee Solon, book-keeper, with Jennings & 

Brewster, 72 Batterv, dwl 146 Sacramento 
PATTEN BENJAMIN A. (Barry & P.) 116 & 

118 Montgomery, dwl Mission bet First and 

Patten Benjamin A. dwl 5 Trainer's Row 

Patten George, moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Patten James R. tailor, Tehama House, Sansome 

near California . 

Patten J. moulder. Pacific Foundry 
PATTEN WM. H. proptr Patten's Exchange, 

1 Custom House Block, Sansome, dwl 157 

Patterson Arthur, (Uohbie &, P.) dwl E s Pike, nr 

Patterson C. P. dwl 44 Natoma 
Patterson David R. drayman, Stockton bet Union 

and Green 
Patterson Joseph, drinking saloon, SE cor Lom- 
bard and ifansen 
Patterson Margaret Mrs. (widow) dwl SE cor 

Union and Kearny 
Patterson Nancy, (col'd, widow) laundress, Russ 

Patterson William, cook, Presidio Road, opposite 

Presidio House 
Patterson William P. dwl SE cor Union & Kearny 
Pattridgc R. K. wliarfinger, Meigg's Wharf 
Paugburn J. L. at H. MoNally's, 85 'Washington, 

dwl 87 Washington 
Paul & Bro (Benjamin R. and William W.) 

proptrs Valley House, Presidio Road 
Paul George R. rentier, dwl E s Dupont near 

Paul James, at New Bedford Oil and Camphene 

Works, cor Townsend and Third 
Paul James, milk ranch, Hunter's Point, 2i miles 

S of Mission Dolores 
Paul Treanton, laborer, at Abel Guy's, Wash'n, 

opp Post Office 
Paul William, drayman, dwl Ritch bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Paul William W. (P. & Brotlw), Presidio Road 
Pauli (G. I.) Janssen (Ed/aimd) &. Co. (J. 

SchuUze), wholesale grocers, 70 Cal'a, dwl 

Minna bet Second and Third 
Paulina Madame, dwl NW cor Broadway and 

Paulmann Lewis, cabinet-maker, 34 Second, up 

Pausch George. (Shaifer & Co.) dwl Dupont bet 

Clay and Washington 
Pavilliez Jean, bds 1 Mercantile Library bdg 
PAXON JOSEPH S. patent force pumps, 48 

California, bds Brannan House 
Payne John, sea captain, N s Market nr Kearny 
Payot Henry, books and stationery, 184 Wash- 
ington, dwl Mason three doors below Union 
Payson Henry R. secretary of S. T. R. R. office 

1 Masonic Hall, dwl Bryant bet Second and 

Peabody Alfred J. (Flint, Peabody & Co.) res 

Salem, Mass 
Peabody Augustus, mason, dwl 28 Prospect pi 
Peabody Henry G. sign and ornamental painter, 

84 Sansome, dwl 146 Bush 
Peach James, porter, with Smith Brothers & Co. 

dwl St. Anne's Valley 
Peachy Archibald C. (JJalleck, P. & BiUings), 

68 Montgomery Block 
Peachy John B. 86 Montgomery Block 
Peak A. A. carrier Bulletin, dwl Powell bet Pa- 
cific and Broadway 
Peak W. B. flour and grain, 63 Washington 




Pearco G. S. Miss, teacher, Powell Street School, 
dwl Stockton bet Jackson and Paciiic 

Pearco Henry, machinist, N side Folsom near 

Pearco {Thomaf,) & Dalton ( William), boots and 
shoes, Davis bet Clark and Pacific 

Pearkes George, attorney at law, 6 and 7 Ar- 
mory Hall, bds 128 Dupont 

Pearl H. waterman, dwl 3 Bay State Row 

Pearman Eliza D. Mrs. groceries, SE cor Pacific 
and Larkin 

PearrowitcU Peter, coffee stand, cor Pacific and 

Pearson Charles T. book-keeper, with P. Maury, 
jr. dwl SW" cor Greenwich and Taylor 

Pearson Hiram, office 28 Montgomery Block 

Pearson (James) & Crane { Charles M.) dentists, 
187 Clay 

Pearson John & 'William, confectioners, 126 

Pearson Robert H. captain steamer Golden Gate, 
office P. M. S. S. Co. 

Pearson 'William, discharging clerk, dwl SE cor 
Bush and Montgomery 

Pearson 'William, (j. & W. Pearson), residence 

Peary J. C. drayman, with Frank Baker, 110 

Pease A. S. with E. T. Pease & Co. cor Front and 

Pease Edward, mariner, dwl Clay nr Davis 

PEASE E. T. & CO. (Munson C. Hillyer & J. 
G. L. Wadsxoorih), flour merchants, 86 Front 
and 41 California, dwl 207 Stockton 

Pease George, waterman, bds 6 Beldeu's Block 

Pease James H. with E. T. Pease & Co. cor Front 
and Clay 

Pease John H. Excelsior Soda Factory, cor 
Hinckley and Pinkney 

Pease N. L. drayman, with E. T. Pease & Co. 

Pease W. C. (Cudworth & Co.) cor Hinckley and 

Peasley Mary Mrs. 46 First 

Peat John F. glass and paints, Battery nr Wash, 
dwl S s Ellis nr Mason 

PECK {J. A.) RODGERS (Robert) & CO. com. 
merchants. 86 Washington, U. S. Court Bdg 

Peck John M. salesman, SW cor Sacramento 
and Front 

Peck Josias L. blacksmith, cor Third and Market 

Peck Lewis, Judge, Eighth District, office and 
dwl 151 Bush 

Peck Martin, groceries and liquors, SE cor Davis 
and Sacramento 

PECKHAM (Edwin P.) & SWASET ( William 
F.) notaries public, conveyancers and gen- 
eral agents, NE cor Montgomery and Mer- 
chant, dwl S s Greenwich bet Powell and 

Peckham George G. porter, 6 Clay 

Peel Jonathan, dwl Folsom opp Essex 

Peer John, pattern-maker, at San Francisco Ma- 
chine Works, cor Front and Market 

Pehl William, grocer. Bush bet Powell & Mason 

Peirce Horace, stone-cutter. Fort Point 

Peirce John W. clerk, 95 Davis 

Peirce Joseph & Otis S. importers and dealers 
furniture, 125 and 127 Jackson 

Peirce Joshua A. lithographer, 19 Court Block 

dwl Yorba Buena nr Clay 
Peirce Nelson, agent of line of packets, dwl Stone 

nr Jackson 
Peirce Otis 8. (Joseph & 0. S. P.) 125 and 121 

Peiser Eliza Mrs. millinery, 145^ Sacramento 
Peiser Henry, hand-cartman, dwl S 8 Jessie ur 

Peiser H. clothing, 75 Pacific 
Peiser Isaac & Samuel, tailors, 69 Montgoni'-ry 

and 91 Kearny 
Peiser Samuel (Isaac & S. P.) 69 Montgonit ry 

and 91 Kearny 
Pelham William J. liquors, SE cor Vallejo and 

Pell Elijah W. dwl W s Presidio Road W of 

School House 
Pell Philip, dwl W s Presidio Road W of Scli ; 

Pellam M. engineer, bds What Cheer House 
Pellissier Jean B. "L'Ermitage," NE end Mis- 
sion 'Valley 
Pelouze William S. type founder, 70 Merchant, 

dwl Tehama nr Fourth 
Pelton J. C. ex-Superintendent Public Schi" :- 

dwl S s California nr Larkin 
Pendergrast Thomas, moulder, bds St. Charles II 
Pendergrast W. moulder. Pacific Foundry 
Pendergrast William, laborer, at A. D. Baki -. 

bds St. Charles Hotel [M:.- : 

Penne David H. (Pinkham & P.) TS 8 Market i.r 
Pennell J. S. lumber dealer. Pier 11 Ste\Yuit, 

dwl Tehama bet First and Second 
Pennell Robert, clerk, Pier 11 Stewart 
Penney James R. sea captain, dwl 32 Second 
Penney J. P. carpenter, bds 89 Bush 
Penniman Thomas, dwl NW cor Washington and 

Penniman Thomas, jr. clerk, 54 and 66SaDBome, 

bds Cl.iy near Powell 
Pennington E. H. (colored) shaving saloon, 210 

Pennington George, 202 Clay 
Penny Isabella Miss, teacher, 34 Second 
Pennycook John, Manhattan Bakery, cor Third 

and Minna 
Perara Frank, fruits, 310 Dupont 
Percival Jane Mrs. widow, dwl SW cor PoweD 1 

and Union 
Peres Loves, dwl cor Pacific and Sullivan 
Perham H. M. police, bds SE cor Clay & Kearny ■ 
Perham J. P. M. laborer, S s Presidio road, IV 

of School House 
Periz Raymond, storekeeper. Oriental Hotel 
Perkins A. B. Secretary California Pioneers, office 

Pioneer Hall, Washington opposite Plaza 
Perkins Edward, mcht. dwl cor Clay and Dupont , 
Perkins Edwin S, office 92 Front, dwl E s Tay- - 

lor near California 
Perkins Joseph, bds SE cor Lombard and Jones i- 
Perkins Luke H. wharfinger, Wash'u Wharf, : 

dwl N s Stevenson nr Ecker 
Perkins M. bds What Cheer House i 

Perkins Orrin M. hardware, 112 Battery, dwl E ■ 

side Taylor bet Clay and Sacramento , 

Perkins R. F. office 6 Wells' building, SW comer i 

Montgomery and Clay | 



jPerkina Samuel, milk ranch, Fourth nr Harrison, 

; dwl Ritch near Harrison 

Perkins T. H. intelligence office, 87 Commercial 

^Perkins William C. Market St. Warehouses, Mar- 

I ket bet Fremont and First 

'perlberg A. tailor, Pacific Wharf bet Drumm and 

I Davis 

IPerrel Frank, salesman, 68 and 70 Commercial 

iPerrott Anna Mrs. widwifo, Minna nr Second 

Perrott James, dwl Minna near Second 

■Perry Albion K. carpenter, dwl comer Post and 

l^erry Benjamin, bricklayer, Jane nr Mission 
I'rrry Charles, baker, State Bakery, 248 Dupont 
I'ei ry Charles H. at Rincon Point Warehouse, 

cor Spear and Harrison 
rcrry Kdwin, ostler, with L. Cobum 
I'trry M. bds What Cheer House 
I'orry R. speculator, 49 California 
Purshbaker Charles M. clerk, at C. Whalley'a, 176 
and 178 Montgomery 
■^ubn H. copper-smith, 216 Jackson 
licr Henry, plough-maker, at Thomas Ogg 
.Shaw's, dwl First nr Mission 
Lille Forsaut Mrs. toy store, E s Dupont bet 
Broadway and Vallojo 

■lile Joseph, dwl E s Dupont bet Broadway 
and Vallejo 
r ii r.s Ale.xander, on board store-ship Oallao, cor 

Beale and Mission 
I'i lers C. C. bds Union Club 
ri:TERS f HARLES R. Battery St. and Bonded 
Warehouses 16, 18, 20, 22 and 46 Battery, 
dwl Union Club, cor Mont'y and California 
Pi ii rs Hermann, grocer, cor Folsom and Price 
;■ hraen George C. com. merchant, 39 Com'l 
, I'Liersen John, tailor, NE cor Montgomery and 

Petersen John A. (Smith & P.) 211 Kearny 
Peterson J. B. (Hagemann & Co.) dwl cor Jack- 
son and Front 
Peterson Frederick, drayman, dwl Ritch betw'n 

Folsom and Harrison 
Peterson Frederick W. drayman, at C. A. Lowe 

&, Go's, dwl Bryant 
Peterson M. bds What Cheer House 
Peterson Samuel, nurse, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Peterson Sirea B. captain, dwl N s Mission near 

Petterson A. office Washington nr Battery, op- 
posite Post Office, up stairs 
Petterson Oliver H. physician, office 179 Sansome 
PETTIBEAU EDWARD, agent French Drug 
Store, S s Vallejo bet Dupont and Stockton 
Pettibeau Virginia Mrs. French and English 

School, cor Third and Minna 
Pettinos George F. professor of the piano, 10 

Hentsch's building 
Pettinos Peter, dwl 175 Commercial 
Pettinos Wm. dwl 175 Commercial 
Pettit Anna Mrs. (widow), boarding, dwl 186 Cal 
Pettit George, bar-keeper, cor Drumm & Jackson 
Pettit Horatio N. carpenter, dwl cor Larkin and 
I Eddy 

■■ Pettit William H. (Stahk & P.) dwl 292 Kearny 
Petty William, engineer, dwl Natoma near Jane 
Petty William, machinist, at Donohue's Union 
Iron Works 


Petty John, sail-maker, Natoma near Hunt 
Petty ( Wm. H.) & Wright (Jos. A.) sail-makers, 

37 Sacramento, dwl cor Jessie and Annie 
Peturces Godfrey, carpenter, dwl N side Sutter 

near Kearny 
Pctz Philip, drayman, dwl Ellis nr Leavenworth 
Petzschler Gustavo, cooper, 160 Battery, dwl 

Stockton bet Sutter and Bush 
Peyser Jacob, {Proscliold &, Co.) 49 Montgomery, 

dwl 13 St. Mark's place 
Peyser Samuel, clothing, dwl 128 Kearny 
Peyton Balie, attorney at law, 11 Express Bdg, 

bds Oriental Hotel 
Pfau Jacob, tinsmith, 63 and 65 Montgomery, 

bds American Hotel 
Pfeiffer Ernst J. druggist, SB comer Powell and 

Pfeiffer H. William, confectioner, dwl Mason bet 

Market and Eddy 
Pfeiffer John (Klumplce & P.) dwl 6 Pike 
Pfeiffer John W. saw-maker and locksmith, 196 

Pfeiffer William A. proprietor Pfeiffer's Mill, dwl 

NE cor Chestnut and Stockton 
Pfurgsten Henry, musician, 376 Powell 
Pfirter John J. brewery, 43 Battery 
PFISTER CHRETIEN, hair-dressing saloon and 

fancy goods, 120 Montgomery, dwl cor Sac 

and Leidesdorft" 
Pflueger Hermann (Rasche&P.) 190 Washington 
Pforr Henry, (J. & H. P.) SE cor Kearny & Bush 
Pfoor & Brother, {John &, Hmry), grocers, SE cor 

Kearny and Bush 
Phaff Jauuary, ranch 4 mile NW Mission Church 
Pliair Anna Mrs. milliner, 119 Bush 
Phair Thomas, ale and porter, S side Jackson bet 

Drumm and Davis, dwl Howard nr Second 
Phair Thomas, gardener, dwl 119 Bush 
Phelan Daniel, tailor, at Walter & Tompkins' 
Phelan Edward, groceries, Natoma near Jane 
PHELAN J. & M. (James & Michael), wholesale 

dealers in wines and liquors, 137 Front, bds 

Hotel International 
Phelan Joseph, clerk, at R. D. W. Davis & Co's, 

dwl E s Mason bet Greenwich and Filbert 
Phelan Michael, (J. &. M. P.) 137 Front 
Phelan Patrick, printer, Herald Office 
Phelan Thos. Union Warehouse, bds 68 Mont'y 
Phelan Thomas, drayman, cor California & Front, 

dwl S s Howard W of Mission 
Phelps Alonzo R. comedian, dwl Prospect place 

near Sacramento 
Phelps Augustus E. shipsmith, dwl SW corner 

Pacific and Jones 
Phelps Bethue!, 140 Clay, bds 182 California 
Phelps Daniel T. shipsmith, bds SW cor Pacific 

and Jones 
Phelps Richard, cook. Oriental Hotel 
Phelps T. G. proptr match manufactory, Brannan 

near the Bridge 
Phelps Wm. S. shipsmith, Dramm nr Sacramento, 

dwl SW cor Pacific and Jones 
Phillip David, waterman, bds Columbia Hotel 
Phillipe Victor, newspaper carrier, Second near 

Phillippi Anthony & Co. locksmith, 44 Mont'y 
Phillips (Alexander') i, Ogle (James), grocers, 

cor Stevenson and Second 




riiillips Aslier, tailor, 164 Battery 

Pliillipa Cliarlea, dwl 8 Bay State Bow 

Phillips Charles, drayman, dwl Taylor bet Turk 

and Eddy 
Phillips Fitol (/. Funkenstein & Co.) 99 California, 

dwl 144 Bush 
Phillips Isaac, waterman, bds Columbia Hotel 
Phillips Jamos J. printer, office California Farmer 
Phillips James M. contractor, 150 Montgomery, 

dwl W side Masofl bet Green and Union 
Phillips John, dwl Silver near Third 
Phillips John, clerk, office California Farmer 
Phillips John B. liquor saloon, 192 Pacific 
Phillips John Jacob, grocery, NW cor Jackson 

and Battery 
Phillips Jos. W. butter and cheese, 5 New Mar- 
ket, dwl W s Taylor bet Bush and Sutter 
Phillips Michael {B. Cohen & Co.) cor Commercial 

and Leidesdorff 
Phillips R. boarding-house, Sacramento between 

Davis and Drumm 
Phillips Samuel, merchant and real estate agent, 

82 Sacramento 
PHILLIPS SAMUEL S. importer of wines and 

liquors, 106 Battery 
Phillips Sarah, millinery goods, 139 Kearny, up 

Phillips Thos. Mission Exchange, old San Jos6 

road, S of Mission Church 
Phillips 'William, plumber, at J. Hudson's, bds 

20 Sansome 
Philp Nancy Mrs. boarding-house, SB corner 

Sacramento and Davis 
Phinney Arthur, (^Chapman & P.) bda SE comer 

Sansome and Bush 
Phipps Alfred P. importer and dealer in hard- 
ware and cutlery, 113 Sansome, dwl 252 

Pick Morris, {Heynemann, P. & Co.) dwl Ma.son 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Pickering Chas. brass founder, bds with M. Bax- 
ter, Battery bet Pine and Bush 
Pickett E. W. proptr Alden Saloon, 150 and 

152 Clay 
Pickett Remmington F. 61 Front, dwl S sBdw'y 

bet Powell and Mason 
Pickett Wm. jobber, and wholesale groceries and 

provisions, 61 Front, dwl S s Bdw'y nr Mason 
Pickett Wm. C. printer. Chronicle Office 
Pidwell Cyril T. 61 Sacramento, dwl Clementina 

near Second 
PIDWELL JOHN T. furniture, wholesale and 

retail, 140 Wash'n, dwl Clementina nr Second 
Pierce Chas. mason, dwl 116 Pine 
Pierce Chas. W. at George E. Ball's, 152 Montg'y 
Pierce France E. milk ranch, S s Mission nr Fifth 
Pierce F. Moses, drayman, at Wormser Brothers, 

dwl Folaom near Second 
Pierce George, porter, at Spatz, Newhouse & Co's, 

dwl Market bet Mont'y and Sansome 
Pierce (Henry) & Co. {Wm. Pierce), bakers, 133 

Pierce Jesse A. (P. Chwch & Go. Weaverville), 

office 64i Battery, dwl S s Dupont nr Pine 
Pierce .John A. at restaurant, Davis near Clark 
PIERCE N. CAPT. shipping and com mcht, 
Southern Packet Office, cor Market & East, 
dwl Stone near Jackson 

Pierce Samuel H. book-keeper, at Wells, Fargo 
&, Co's, dwl SW cor Mont'y and California g 
Pierce Wm. (P. A Co.) dwl 133 Jackson 
Pierce Wm. porter, at Levy i, Co's, California, 

bds 12 Sansome 
Piercy John C. dwl S s Brannan betw'n Harris 

and Price 
Pierre F. Mme. dealer in sausages and hams, 24 

Washington Market 
Pierre John, cooper, Lafayette Brewery 
Pierre (Thomas) & Brown (WiUiam), (colored) 

clothes renovators, etc. 116 Merchant 
Pierson Edward, engineer, dwl E side Terba 

Buena near Clay 
Pierson James W. J. (Johnson, Canfield & Co.) 

dwl Stockton bet Washington and Clay 
Pierson John, ways for vessels, Beach bet Bry- 
ant and Brannan near First 
Pierson Joseph D. cabinet-maker, dwl 130 Bdwy 
Pierson Joseph T. printer, NW corner Merchant 

and Sansome, dwl 107 Broadway 
Pierson May Mrs. millinery, 66 Montgomery 
Pierson Thomas, porter, at Stanford Brothers', 

46 Front 
Pierson Wm. clerk, SE cor Sansome and Bush 
Pike James F. stevedore, dwl 146 Bush 
Pike Thomas, book and stationery stand, corner 

Leidesdorff and Commercial 
Pilkey Melville, laborer Fort Point 
Pilling John (McKenna & P.) dwl S B Clay near 

Pillion John, waiter. Oriental Hotel 
Pillabury Samuel, (hUe Pillsbury & Co.) feed store 
and livery stables, 37 and 39 Battery, and 
hay and grain, 116^ Sansome, bds Oriental 
Pinchard John Baptiste, chemist, dwl N a Mar- 
ket near Mason 
Pinckney Joseph, laborer, dwl Presidio road, rear 

of Valley House 
Pmcus Morris L. accountant. Custom House blk 

No. 4, dwl Vallejo bet Powell and Mason 
Pinet G. dwl N s Sutter near Stockton 
Piney Manuel, laborer, cor Sansome and Bdwy 
Pingle John, drying department, Sugar Refinery 
Pingree Albert, produce merchant, 29 Clay St. 

Wharf, dwl 23 Prospect place 
Pinkham (Byron) & Penne (David H.) butchers, 

N s Market nr Mason 
Pinkham Frederick W. carpenter, dwl 14 Pike 
Pinkham George C. bds What Cheer House 
Pinkham Jonathan C. boots and shoes, First nr 

Pinkus Mendel, tailor, Mary's lane 
Pinner (Isaac H.) k IJley (Ahraham), clothing, 

wholesale and retail. Clay St. Wharf 
PIOCHE (F. L. A.) &, BAYERQUE (J. B.) (J. 
Mora Moss and F. T. Moss), importers, SE 
cor Mont'y and Jackson, dwl Mission road 
Pioda Paul, rentier and professor of music, 164 I 

Pionneau Pierre (Favre, P. & Co.) 174 Mont'y 
Piper Asahel D. ship broker, dwl 34 First 
Piper A. W. baker, at Winn's, 163 Clay 
Piper J. fruits, bds What Cheer House 
Piper Jerome B. proptr Montezuma Billiard Sa- 
loon, 34 First [Washington 
Piper John, fruits, 77 Merchant, dwl rear 204 



Piper Joseph, fruits, 132 Montgomery 

Piper {Stephen L.) &Borgsoii (if.) carpenters and 

builders, 68 Merchant 
Piper William, broker, D2 Merchant 
Pipes James 6. cook, Niantic Hotel 
Pippy Houry J. dwl Sherwood place nr "Bhird 
Pique Edward, teacher music, office n2Wash'n, 

dwl K 3 Folsom bet Simmons and Harris 
Pique Madame, teacher dancing, Assembly Hall, 

cor Kearny and Post, dwl N s Folsom bet 

Simmons and Harris 
Piquott James, laborer, U. S. B. Mint, dwl Oak 
Pitcher Charles A. money broker, 55 Sacramento 
Pitcher Heury S. contractor, bds N a Lombard 

near Mason 
Pitcher John, ballast, dwl Sacramento nr Jones 
Pitron Kliza Mrs. commedieuue, dwl 47 St Ma- 
ry's place 
Pitts Abraham W. liquor dealer, 67 Jackson 
PIXLEY (Frank M.) & SMITH (C. Frank), attor- 
neys at law, 137 Washington, dwl Presidio 

road, opposite Valley House 
Pixley Seymour, assistant ganger. Custom House, 

bds 321 Stockton 
Pixley William, well-sinker, dwl Presidio road, 

opposite Valley House 
Place Charles, boot and shoe maker, 35 Pacific 
Place (C. L.) & Bixbee (H. G.) hay and grain, 

Beale, corner Mission and Stewart 
Place Gilbert J. Capt. real estate, dwl cor Sacra- 
mento and Prospect place 
Place Peter, apprentice, Vulcan Iron Works, oor 

First and Natoma 
PLANEL HORTENSE Mme. teacher music, dwl 

258 Stockton 
PLANEL LOUIS T. professor mtaic, dwl 268 

Plank Edward T. compositor. Evening Bulletin 
Plank Philip, dwl W s Mason bet Union and 

Plaskett William, drayman, dwl Pine nr Front 
Plate Adolphus J. gunsmith, 103 Commercial, 

dwl 107 Post 
Platsheks Julius, clothing store, 127 Commercial 
Platsheks Simon, at 127 Commercial 
Piatt George, book-keeper, at W. T. Coleman i 

Co's, dwl 269 Stockton 
Piatt Henry B. & Co. street contractors, Sacra- 
mento nr Drumm, dwl S s Geary nr Kearny 
Piatt Samuel, attorney at law, 108 Merchant, 

dwl E s Dupont above Greenwich 
Plavet Maria Mrs. dwl Post nr Stockton 
Playter E. W. book-keeper, at 75 California 
Pleasant Henry, laborer, dwl Howard bet Fifth 

and Simmons 
Plege Henry G. grocer, SW cor Powell 4; Vallejo 
Plesance Benjamin Capt. schooner Sneezer, dwl 

First bet Harrison and Bryant 
Plongeon August L. bds 152 Bush 
Plover Patrick, carpenter, dwl 81 Broadway 
Plum Charles, Steamboat point House, Townsend 

bet Third and Fourth 
Plum Charles, laborer, S s Mission near Fourth 
Plum Charles A. liquor dealer, dwl S s Vallejo 

near Stockton 
Plum Charles M. foreman upholstery department 

at Frank Baker's, dwl SW cor California 

and St. Mary's place 

Plum Mary Mrs. midwife, N 8 Mission near 

Plummer Charles A. saloon, 225 Dupont, dwl 
Vallejo nr Stockton 

Plummer Charles A. at Miller & Co.'a dwl cor 
Beale and Jackson 

Plummer {John A.) & Co. commission and grain 
dealers, 35 Clay, dwl Beale nr Folsom 

Plummer John A. jr. book-keeper, 35 Clay, dwl 
Beale nr Folsom 

Plummer M. D. late {Austin & P.) 65 Washington 

Plunkett Celia Mrs. dwl Hunt nr Third 

Plunkett James, plasterer, dwl Telegraph pi 

Plunkett Thomas, grocery, Sansome bet Green- 
wich and Filbert 

Plunkett Wm. A. law student, 10 Armory Hall, 
dwl Sansome bet Greenwich and Filbert 

Plush Charles, printer, dwl S s Union nr Kearny 

Poalk James L. book-keeper, dwl N s Jones bet 
Jackson and Pacific 

Poblete Antonia, fruits, 187 Pacific , 

Pochlman William, confectioner, 128 Montgom'y 

Pocknet Joshua, laundryman, dwl Card's lane 

Podd Jessie, laborer, dwl E s Chestnut bet Powell 
and Mason 

POE FRANCIS, attorney at law, office 8 Court 

Poehlman William, at Saulmann's Saloon, dwl 
Third bet Mission and Stevenson 

Poetz {G. C.) &. Zemlin {Frederick), California 
Restaurant, 107 California, dwl cor Pine and 

Poewsillie Adrien, importer, dwl E s Sutter nr 

Pogol Chere, cooper, with L. Ganden 

Pohlker John H. grocer, Folsom nr Fourth 

Polhman Henry, jeweler, with Haas & Louder- 
back, dwl S s Union bet Powell and Mason 

Pointer Nathan, (col'd) gent's furnishing store, 
203 Kearny 

Polack J. S. stock and money broker, cor Mont- 
gomery and California 

Poland Christian, restaurant, 234 Sacramento 

Polhemus Charles B. {Alsopk Co.) Ill and 113 

Polhemus Edward, clerk. 111 and 113 California 

Polistrade A. dwl Green nr Brenham place 

Polk Robert, clerk, steamer J. Bragdon, office 
California Steam Nav. Co. NE oor Front and 

Pollack Julius {Pollack Bros), 87 California, res 
New York 

POLLACK BROS, (Leopold & Julius), importers 
and jobbers fancy goods, 87 California 

Pollard (Isaac) &, Walcom (Jacob), carriage manu- 
facturers, 37 and 39 Webb, dwl 99 Pine 

Pollock Edward, attorney at law, 101 Merchant, 
dwl Clay nr Polk 

Pollock Ellick, 112 Sacramento 

Pollock (James) &, Martin ( William), clothing, 
175 Washington 

Pollock M. Mrs. assistant. Union Street School, 
dwl Clay nr Polk 

POLLOCK ROBERT, Pollock Saloon, 192 Wash- 
ington, dwl I Pennsylvania avenue near 

Poltney ( George) i, Smith (Joseph H.) South Park 
Livery Stable, Brannan bet Second and Third 



Polwarth John & Co. ( W. Oraib), game and fish 

stall, 14 New World Market, (and Oraib &, 

Co.) dwl Miiin nr Folsom 
Poly Solomon, butcher, Natoma nr Jane 
Pomeroy David, laborer, dwl Washington near 

Pond Elvina Mrs. dwl 88 Bush 
Pond Goldsborough 11. miner, dwl 88 Bash 
Pond William, agent, Suisun Line Packets, ofBce 

Pier 6 Stewart 
Pond Mrs. dwl Folsom bet Thorn and Wood 
Pons Charlotte Mrs. (Bason & P.) 143 Sac 
Pons Peter, dwl Union nr Dupont 
PONS TIIEOFREDE, bookseller and book-binder 

187 Washington 
Pool Lawrence, agent, at North Point Dock 

Warehouse, office 65 Clay, bds Brannan 

Poole E. R. captain steamer Antelope, office Cal 

S. N. Co. NE cor Front and Jackson 
PoWe Ellen Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 133 Bush 
Poole John H. commission merchant, dwl 229 

Poole Joseph, cook. Empire State Restaurant, 144 

Poole S. A. cabinet-maker, bds Plaza Hotel 
Poole Spencer, cleric, dwl Mission nr Annie 
Pooler Henry, Deputy Wharfinger, Broadway 

Wharf, dwl Filbert nr Jones 
Pooler Ruxton H. Toll Collector, dwl Jones near 

Pooley Edward, at Smith, McDaniel & Go's. 100 

Poore Walters, clerk, at R. E. Brewster & Co's, 

cor Front and Clay 
Pope Andrew J. lumber merchant, cor Pine and 

Battery, dwl Clementina nr First 
Pope Henry W. carpenter, bds 101 Dupont 
Pope Cord, liquor store, 92 Dupont 
Pope {Herman) & Brother (Myer Pope), proptr 

Commerce Market, NE cor Powell & Vallejo, 

dwl S s Vallejo nr Mason 
Pope John, boatman, bds Manhattan House, 

Front nr Broadway 
Pope John F. dwl E s Mason nr Broadway 
Pope John T. at Mark Sheldon & Co's, 93 Front, 

dwl Minna bet Jane and Third 
Pope Louis, butcher, 7 Clay Street Market, dwl 

S s "Vallejo near Mason 
Pope Myer, {Pope & Brother), NE corner Powell 

and Vallejo, dwl Vallejo above Mason 
Popler Justus, chemist. Mission nr Second 
Popoff W. service Russian American Co. Essex 

above Folsom 
Poppo Leopold, Jessie nr Third 
Poppe Chas. cigar store, NE cor Com'l & Battery 
Popper Charles, cor Third and Mission 
Popper Lettie Mrs. millinery, cor Third & Mission 
Poron Adolphe, bar-keeper, S s Pacific nr Dupont 
Porrot Franyois, dwl 206 Stockon 
Porter Asa A., U. S. drayman. Appraiser's store, 

dwl 161 Commercial 
Porter {Denman C.) & Kelley {Edw. S.) physicians, 

office S 3 Jackson bet Drumm and Davis 
Porter D. W. salesman, at Truett & Jones', bds 

N 8 Broadway nr Mason 
Porter Fran5ois, {Blanchard & P.) carpenter, dwl 

Pinckney place 

Porter (Horace) & Collins (Salvm P.) proprietor 

Clayton's Saloon, Commercial op Mint 
Porter J. C. express department. Wells, Fargo i, 

Co. bds Summer 
Porter James, {Simonton i, Co.) and inspector, 

Custom House, bds 135 California 
Porter Joseph, accountant, at H. A. Cobb's, dwl 

Jessie bet Third and Fourth 
Porter M. Kane, waiter, Niantic Hotel 
Porter {Ward) & Flenner (Thomas i?.) livety 

stables, 133 Kearny 
Portois P. architect and engineer, corner Mont'y 

and Merchant 
Post Frederic L. police, dwl 7 Virginia 
Post G. B. keeper City Jail, bds W s Mont'y nr 

Post Henry A. cleaning-room, U. S. Branch Mint, 

bds What Cheer House 
Post Joseph A. bds W s Mont'y near Vallejo 
Post Wm. dwl NE cor Powell and Francisco 
Potel Theobold, butcher, with Cary Dastugue 
Potter Charles, {Thomas Lambert & Co.) SW cor 

Clay and California 
Potter Charles S. book-keeper, at McRuer & Mer- 
rill's, bds 48 Bush 
Potter E. & Co. daguerreian artists, 185 Clay 
Potter James, dwl S s Harlan place 
Potter James, waiter, Oriental Hotel 
Potter Thomas F. jr. proptr Fashion Stables, W 8 

Kearny nr California 
Pettier Ledovick (J. Guerin k Co.) 105 Mont y 
Pottle August, {Brandt k P.) 112 Montgomery 
Potts Benj. B. brick-layer, dwl S s Union betw'u 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Potts Izakus, clerk, cor Sacramento and Sansonv 

dwl 1 Pennsylvania avenue 
Poudpe John, boot-black, N s Wash'n nr Dupont 
PouUain Alfred, watch-maker, 213 Kearny 
PouUet Paul, 246 Dupont, dwl Green nr Dupont, 

POULTERER THOMAS J. (late Poulterer, De 

Ro & Eldridgt), auctioneer and commission 

merchant, California bet Front and Davis,. 

dwl SW cor Stockton and Pacific 
Pourceiller Victor, French Laundry, Jessie near 

Powell Archibald, gardener, Presidio road, W of 

Valley House 
Powell C. P. inspector. Custom House, dwl 154 

Powell Patrick, gas fitter, 171 Montgomery 
Powell Richard C. porter, at J. G. Clark & Co's, 

Stevenson nr Second 
Powellsell Peter, drayman, dwl Lewis place 
Power (M. J.) & Newcomb (Chas S.) com mchts^ 

28 Clay, bds W s Dupont bet Pine k Bush 
Powers Charles, sail-maker, bds with R. Cun- 
Powers Charles, machinist, Vulcan Iron "Works, 

bds 12 Sansome 
Powers Charles H. painter, dwl Leavenworth nr 

Powers James, carpenter, bds 89 Bush 
Powers John, cooper, 45 Pine, dwl Jones near 

Powers Patrick, laborer, dwl Fremont bet Fol- 
som and Harrison 
Powers Robert, laundryman, dwl Brooklyn 



Powers John, carpenter, bds 222 Stockton 
Povrlcy Gustavo, grocer, dwl Minna nr Second 
Pracy George T. machinist, S s Market nr Sec'd, 

dwl N 3 Mission nr Second 
Prag Martin, stoves and tin-ware, 13 Clay, dwl 

Filbert nr Mason 
Prager (Abram J.) & Co. (Peter Hardy), cigars, 

207 Kearny and cor Commercial and East 
Praget Joseph {Bosmije & P.) 189 Jackson 
Prater Ann Mrs. (widow), dwl 142 Broadway 
Pratt Adolplms, captain schooner St. Pablo, dwl 

Yerba Buena bet Clay and Sacramento 
Pratt Benjamin, carpenter, bds Albion House 
Pratt Benjamin, at S. F. Steam Rice Mills Mar- 
ket bot Fremont and First 
Pratt Henry, captain, N s Vallejo E Kearny 
Pratt Henry G. carpenter, 40 Washington 
Pratt James, attorney at law, 98 Merchant, dwl 

W s Powell nr Pacific 
Pratt James, printer, bds with T. O'Brian, Folsom 

nr Second 
Pratt James, cook, SW cor Kearny and Chest't 
Pratt James N. druggist, at Little & Co's, dwl 

Pine nr Stockton 
Pratt 0. C. Hon. {Campbell & P.) office NW cor 

Sao and Mont'y, bds First nr Howard 
Pratt Samuel, attorney at law, dwl E s Dupont 

bet Greenwich and Lombard 
Pratt S. K. ciork, at J. F. Harris, dwl E s San- 
some nr Jackson 
Pratt Sylvenus, 51 Washington Market, bds "W 

s Mont'y bet Vallejo and Green 
Pratt William P. clerk, at Nash & Beamis's, 99 

Battery, bds What Cheer House 
Pray Atwell, ( Whipple & P.) dwl 119 Pine 
Pray Augustus W. captain stmr Resolute, bds 

What Cheer House 
Pray A. S. captain barque Charles, Devan's pier 

No. 1 Stewart 
Pray James, bar-keeper, American Exchange 

Precht Carl, physician, office and dwl 223 Dup't 
Prescott George W. (Adams, Blinn & Co.) dwl 

Mission bet Second and Jane 
Prescott ( George W.) &, Son, ( George W. Pres- 
cott, jr.) butchers, NWcor Stock and Green, 

dwl Valparaiso nr Taylor 
Prescott George W. jr. (P. & Son), dwl Valpa- 
raiso nr Taylor 
Prescott William, butter, dwl 24 Natoma 
Prescott (iraiiam^.) & Frank (A. V.) (col'd), 

clothing. Clay nr Dupont 
Presho Solomon A. stationery and cutlery, SE 

cor Clay and Kearny, bds Kearny bet Com'l 

and Sacramento 
Prestat August, cook, Mission nr Second 
Preston Otis J. at H. Matthews, cor Market and 

Beale, dwl N s Post bet Stock and Powell 
Preston William H. Metropolitan Baths, dwl S s 

California nr Sansome 
Pritinier Cond^, gardener, cor Annie and Eddy 
Pretzel August, blacksmith, at D. Van Pelt's, 

bds Belden 
Preval Joseph, blacksmith, 56 Kearny 
Prevost Victoiry Mrs. toys, Dupont nr Vallejo 
Prey John, at 128 Montgomery 
Prichard James, (Samuel II. P. &, Bro.) boards 

American Exchange 

PRICHARD (Samud II.) * BROTHER (James 
Prichard), commission merchants, 97 Front 
up stairs, bds NW cor Jackson and Mont'y 
Pricelle John, plasterer, bds cor Pine and Cen- 
tral place 
Price Alfred, seaman, bds Isthmus House 
Price Benjamin (Rosenstock i- P.) 91i Battery, 

dwl Stevenson nr Third 
Price George T. carpenter, dwl E s Taylor bet 

Ellis and O'Farrell 
Price J. bds 20 Sansome 

Price Jacob, (Dmica/Ki: Co.) ship-joiners. Steam- 
boat Point, foot Third 
Price Joel W. dwl Milton place 
Price John Charles, Chambers bet B'tty & Front 
Price John J. S. carpenter and builder, 50 Mout, 
dwl Leavenworth bet Clay and Washington 
Price Josiah, stone-cutter. Fort Point 
Price Morris, blacksmith, N s Lombard nr Mason 
Price Samuel & Co. (F. Green), com merchants, 

155 Battery 
Price William, laborer. Fort Point 
Pride John, baker, at U. S. Bakery, Beale bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Priest Samuel, coach painter, dwl Folsom near 

Prime F. E. Lieut. V. S. corps Engineers, office 

119 Montgomery 
Prince Allen G. carpenter, dwl 14 Albion pi, r'r 
Prince Thomas, mattress-maker, Easton's Steam 

Princel Nicholas, clerk, dwl S 8 Broadway bet 

Montgomery und Kearny 
Prindle David S. carpenter and contractor, office 

Metropolitan Market, Market nr Sansome 
Pringle Edward J. { Wliitcomb, P. St Felton), dwl 

W 8 Taylor bet California and Sacramento 
Prinz John, cigar store. Second nr :Iission 
Prior Francis, gas-fitter, 160 Washington 
PRIOR JAMES R. gas-fitter, 160 Washington 
Prisberry G. machinist. Pacific Foundry 
Pritchard James, Hodges place, VaUejo near 

Pritchard James A. "The Grizzly," N s Mission 

plk road bet Wood and Brown 
Pritchard James, cook, 65 and 67 Merchant 
Probasco West, rentier, dwl N s Jackson near 

Prockell Charles, driver, dwl N s Clay abv Pow'l 
Procureur Peter, jeweler at Haas i Louderback's 
Proll Henry, saddles and harness, 114 Kearny 
ProU J. carpenter and builder, cor Bush & Trin'y 
Promise George, grooer, NE cor Green and Du't 
Proscli Charles, printer, Alta California, bds cor 

Union and Kearny 
Proschold ( Charles) & Co. (Jacob Peyser), hair- 
dresser, 49 Montgomery, dwl N side Geary 
nr Dupont 
Prouty John, baker, at Pierce & Co's, boards 

184 Kearny 
PRO VINES ROBERT R. attorney at law, 100 

Provoncher Emanuel, carpenter, dwl McCormick 

nr Pacific 
PROVOST DANIEL R. & CO. (James W. White) 
commission merchants and agents for Wells 
& Provost, N. Y. 41 Sacramento, dwl Teha- 
ma bet First and Second 



Provost Jolin \V. 41 Sacramento, dwl Stanley 

place ur Harriaon 
Prue Loon, porter-house, cor Dupont and Vallejo 
Prunor Frederick, groom, bds cor Pine and Lei'ff 
Prusio Louis, merchant, Centre nr Dolores 
Puech Dieudonni, dwl Filbert bet Stockton and 

Pugh Edward, hatter, dwl S s Pacific bet Larkin 

and Hyde 
Pullen Augustus, laborer, Custom House, dwl S 

3 Green nr Kearny 
Purdue P. W. harness-maker, at Main & Win- 
chester's 82 Battery 
Purdy Edward B. bds at Nightingale, cor Mis- 
sion and Centre 
Purdy Elbert H. salesman, at Mead & Co. NW 

cor Sansome and Commercial, bds Brannan 

Purdy Israel B. (Mead & Co.) NW cor Sansome 

and Commercial 
Purdy John H. editor, 142 Clay 
PURDY SAMUEL, quartz owner, office Union 

Purdy Sparrow, clerk, with A. B. Grogan 
Purkett J. H. secretary, Im. Aid Association, 

106 Montgomery, bds Bush nr Sansome 
Purkhaber John, butcher, at M. Kanary's, bds 

NW cor Bush and Dupont 
Putit Albert, artist, dwl S s Pacific bet Mason 

and Auburn 
Putnam Samuel 0. book-keeper, California S. N. 

Co. office NB cor Front and Jackson, dwl 

N s Washington nr Powell 
Putnam Stephen, collector and news agent, dwl 

W 3 Jones nr Jackson 
Putney John, tailor, bds 28 First 
Puttman Henry, at Hughes Sc Hunter's, Battery 

opp Custom House 
Puyoon Peter, hair-dresser, 16'7 Kearny 
Puy Sing, Chinese merchant, 173 Dupont 
Pyser Samuel A. 138 Sacramento 

QuACKENBUSH Peteb, police, dwl Everett bet 

Fifth and Simmons 
Quaill Prank, waterman, dwl Tiehard's alley 
Quan Own. Chinese merchant, 169 Sacramento 
Quar St. Domingo, (col'd) drayman, dwl Morris' 

Quarles Samuel, merchant, 55 Front, dwl Clay 

abv Powell 
Quarles William, book-keeper, 37 Sacramento 

dwl Clay abv Powell 
Quast Charles, What Cheer House 
Quick J. W. machinist, Pacific Foundry 
Quigley Daniel, foreman, S. P. Gas Co. dwl 11 

Quigley James, boiler-maker, cor Bush & Market 
Quigley Michael, plasterer, dwl SW cor Union 

and Larkin 
Quigley Patrick, boiler-maker, Tehama nr Second 
Quigley Thomas, laborer, dwl SW cor Greenw'h 

and Taylor 
Quilhgan Michael, foreman, S. F. Gas Co. 
Quilhng Miles, baker, dwl W aide Dupont near 


Quimby Zebedy M. watch-maker and jeweler, 

148 Koaruy, dtvl Miles' place 
Quin Edward, {Blake & Q.) (col'd) 180 Clay, bds 

SE cor Powell and Vallejo 
Quin J. B. painter, dwl cor Commercial & Davis 
Quinchard Julius, book-keeper, at 89 and 91 Cal. 

dwl 9 Kearny 
Quinhard Julius, clerk, dwl cor Kearny and St. 

Mark's place 
Quinlan John, helper, (1) First bet Mission and 

Quinlan John, helper. (2) Vulcan Iron Works 
Quinn Ann Mrs. dross-maker, cor Sutter and 

Rassette place. No. 3 
Quinn Arthur, National Hall, Dolores, nr Mission 

Quinn Charles, fruit-dealer. Mission nr Annie 
Quinn Daniel H. {Nickerson, Stahl & Q.) dwl cor 

O'Farrell and Mason 
Quinn Edward, clerk, Saucelito Water Co. office 

cor Drumm and Washington, dwl 5 Penn- 
sylvania avenue 
Quinn James, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Montgom'y 

and Sansome 
Quinn John, proptr Hendrickson's Saloon, 14, 

76, 78 and 80 Commercial, dwl Tehama nr 

QUINN JOHN, liquor saloon, 89 Battery, bds 

Belden near Pine 
Quinn John, porter, at Edwards & Walton's, cor 

Front and Washington 
Quinn Michael, clerk, dwl cor Sutter & Rassette 

place No. 3 
Quinn Thomas, hostler, at L. Cobum's 
Quinton John B. builder, dwl 261 Powell 
Quirin Alexander, newspaper carrier, dwl 234 

Quirk William, gas-fitter, bds 28 California 
Quonn Mark, (col'd) boot-black, 20 First 

Raabe Adam G. 22 Kearny 

Raabe Charles E. painter, dwl cor Sutter and 

Rassette pi 1 
Rabby James F. laborer. Fort Point 
RABE WILLIAM, attorney at law, com. for 

all the States, office 163 Clay, dwl cor Clay 

and Whitmore pi 
Raber Martin, hair-dresser, 63 Montgomery 
Racouillac August, dwl cor Broadway & Dupont 
Racouillat Edme, laundry. Mason, bet Jackson 

and Washington 
Racouillat Henri ( Church <fc .R.) bds Pacific bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Raderwich Peter, coffee stand, cor Leidesdorff 

and Commercial 
Radford Michael, boots and shoes, Montgomery 

nr Pacific [nr Pacific 

Radford Thomas, boots and shoes, Montgomery 
Radiguet Charles, dwl 137 Kearny 
Radiguet Madame, Hotel del'Europe, 137 Kearny 
Radston Jacob, bds What Cheer House 
Rafferty Hugh L. metal-roofer, at J. F. Vail's, 

33 Leidesdorff 
Ragazzoni Joseph, clerk, 246 Dupont, dwl Filbert 

bet Dupont and Stockton 



Haggles Henry, lodgings, 130 Commercial 

Ragsdale E. B. bds Plaza Hotel 

Eahuers Henry L. porter, at Kreyenhagen, Kruse 

& Co. cor Jackson and Drumm 
Eahill Edward, dwl cor Yallejo and Leavenw'h 
Bahn A. Rev. pastor of Reform Church, Musical 

Hall, bds Helvetic Bazaar 
Raimond R. E. shipping and commission mer- 
chant, 105 Front 
Bailey Robert, clerk, S a Broadway bet Mont'y 

and Sansome 
Bailton Wm. foundryman, Ecker nr Folsom 
Bainey Charles, waiter, International Hotel, dwl 

Green nr Stockton 
Bainey Samuel, machinist. Union Iron Works 
Baiuey Samuel T. dwl W s Kearny nr Broadway 
Bainsford John, porter, 53 and 55 Front, boards 

What Cheer House 
Bainsh Wollf, 75 Montygomery 
Ralhders Henry, porter, at Janson, Bond & Co'b, 

95 Battery 
Ralston Andrew, ship-chandler, dwl Larkin near 

Balston W. C. (Fretz &■ R.) corner Battery and 

Washington, dwl Union Club Booms 
Baraage George W. dwl 118 Sansome 
Bamage James, coppersmith, NE 3 Fremont bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Bamder John, U. S. Branch Mint, dwl Clemen- 
tina near First 
Bamos Domingo, tinsmith, at Martin Prag's, dwl 

Valparaiso bet Mason and Taylor 
Ramsav John F. dwl SW cor Mason and Pacific 
BAMS'DELL ALEX. G. proptr coal yard, Jack- 
son bet Front and Davi8,idwl Taylor near 

Bamsdell Benj. H. at Ramsdell's coal yard, dwl 

61 Jackson 
Eamsdell B. H. carpenter, Jackson betw'n Front 

and Davis 
Ramsey J. D. plasterer, bds W a Powell bet Post 

and Sutter 
Bamas A. T. N. jeweler, dwl First nr Stevenson 
Band Augustus C. Capt bark EUa Francis, office 

of Adams, Blinn & Co's 
BAND CHAS. E. agent for Star Line Packets, 

office on wharf bet Com'l and Clay, dwl cor 

Sacramento and Prospect place 
Band Chas. W. dwl S 3 Vallejo nr Stockton 
Rand David H. police, S s California bet Kearny 

and Montgomery 
Rand Joseph, livery stable, dwl Meachem place 
Rand M. F. Miss, ass't Grammar Department, 

Rineon School, dwl A''allejo nr Stockton 
Band William, cook, 280 Powell 
Bandall A. Mrs. (widow), dwl 200 Pine 
Randall Albert G. real estate, stock and loan 

broker, commissioner of deeds, etc. SW cor 

California and Mont'y, dwl 228 Stockton 
Randall Chas. H. Deputy U. S. Marshall, office 

Merchants' Exchange 
Randall E. G. clerk, at Kohler's, 276 Stockton 
Bandall George, saloon and reading-room, 157 

Randall Henry, dwl NW cor Stock 4; Greenwich 
Randall John L. Mrs. dwl 4 St. Mark's place 
Randall Mary Mrs. fruit store, Davis bet Vallejo 

and Broadway 

Randall William, printer. Evening Bulletin 
Randall William, carpenter, dwl Hardie place 
Randall Wm. (ool'd) boot-black. Sac nr Kearny 
RAJJDELL FRANCIS M. & CO. wholesale gro- 
cers, NW cor Front and California, dwl SW 

cor Essex and Harrison 
Randolph Edmond, attorney at law, dwl Lom- 
bard near Dupont 
Randolph {B. Harrison) & Lipman {Charles F.) 

merchants, office 46 Front 
RANKEN {Hermann) &. COSTER {Hermann), 

groceries and liquors, cor Third and Howard 
Rankin Edward, clerk, at Rankin &, Go's, boards 

Walton House 
RANKIN {Ira P.) & CO. {Jam^ Baxter), com 

mchts, W 8 Battery bet Pacific &, Broadway, 

bds Oriental Hotel 
Rankin Mark, ship carpenter, bds Kellogg House, 

Stewart iDct Market and Mission 
Rankin Rob't, {Ely & R.) SW cor Clay & Mont'y 
Bankin Wm. Appraiser's office, Custom House 
Ransom James F. clerk. Custom House, boards 

Oriental Hotel 
Ransom Leander, chief clerk of U. S. Surveyor- 
General, dwl 280 Suiter 
Bapepoh (Jacob) &, Co. {Jacob Michelup), stoves 

and tin ware, 139 Kearny, dwl Taylor near 

Baphael {Abraham) & Co. {Nathan Raphael,) 

tailors, 90 Montgomery 
Raphael Morris, tailor, 50 Bush 
Raphael Nathan, (R. & Co.) 90 Montgomery 
Raphall James M. clerk, at S. T. Meyer & Co's, 62 

California, dwl 18 Sansome 
Bapp {A. H.) &, Co. {L. Chemin, W. M. Hinton 

and P. Heitzeberg), proptrs and publishers, 

"Le Phare," daily French Journal, office 

120 Montgomery, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Rasche (Frederick) & Pfiueger (Hermann) ,music 

and piano forte depot, 190 Washington 
Bassette Joseph, bds Helvetic Bazaar 
Ratcliff Samuel, omnibus driver, bds 56 Minna 
Ratham Daniel, laborer, dwl W side Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
Rathbum George S. clerk, stm'r Sophie, office 

California Steam Nav. Co. NE corner Front 

and Jackson 
I^tier (Prosper) & Corrier (S.) restaurant, 3 

Trainer's Row 
Rats Stephannos, gardener, NE end of Mission 

Raulet J. dwl NW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Ravcessot August, at St. Francis Restaurant, 

cor Clay and Dupont 
Rawlings Thomas, paymaster's clerk, 44 Bush 
Ray James H. office 119 Sansome 
Bay Jeremiah, confectioner. Trinity 
Ray F. bds What Cheer House 
Ray M. bds What Cheer House 
Ray Robt. clerk, at De Bo £ Eldridge's, 45 

Ray William, painter, dwl 112 Bush 
Raye Byard V. clerk, at At-will & Co's, 172 

Wash'n, dwl Mason bet Post and Sutter 
Rftye William R. {Bloomer &. R.) 185 Mont'y, 

dwl Mason bet Post and Sutter [Third 

Rayers Daniel, dwl S s Brannan bet Second and 



Raymond Charles H. physician, Bupout opposite 

St. Francis 
Raymond Prank, poultry dealer, dwelling 31 

Raymond James M, dairyman, dwl N side Pine 

near Larkin 
RAYMOND (JoJm P.) & CO. ( Wm. P. Raymond), 

grain mobts, store-ship, Com'l nr East, dwl 

N a Jackson near Powell 
Raymond Richard 0. carpenter, dwl Dupont op 

St. Francis Hotel 
Raymond ■William P. {John P. R. &. Co.) bds N s 

Jackson nr Powell 
Raynaud Felix, silver plater, 43 Koamy 
Rayncs John Capt. dwl W side Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Raynor Chas. carpenter, dwl Mission nr Anthony 
Raynor Joseph, sub-marine diver, bds Manhattan, Front nr Broadway 
Raynor Wm. S. clerk, at Treadwell & Go's, dwl 

N s Powell abv Clay 
Razin Jean, tripe dealer, 4 Clay Street Market 
Razoux Anna Mrs. (widow), dress-maker, dwl 

Vallejo nr Kearny 
Rea John, stevedore, cor Sansome and Vallejo 
Read Francis Capt. store keeper, dwl 162 Powell 
Read M. George cashier, with J. C. Palmer, dwl 

115 Stockton 
Read Samuel, carpenter, dwl 281 Montgomery 
Read Thomas, printer, Plaindealer Office 
Read William, at the " Snug," Washington near 

Reading James, gas-fitter, 160 Washington 
Reail Frederic, hog ranch, dwl NW cor Chestnut 

and Larkin 
Reail John, dwl NW cor Chestnut and Larkin 
Reardon Eugene, laborer, bds 64 Broadway 
Reardon James, cook, Hotel International 
Reardon John, porter, 68 Battery, dwl Mont'y 

near Vallejo 
Reardon John, S. F. Gas Co. dwl Natomanr First 
Reardon John L. porter-bottler, dwl E s Powell 

near Chestnut 
Reardon John P. groom, dwl Mason bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
Reardon Richard, waterman, dwl St. Vincent 
Reardon Samuel, salesman, 95 Commercial, dwl 

NW cor Kearny and Vallejo 
Reay Alfred W. (Johnston &R.)41 Battery, b^ 

Mission bet Second and Third 
Rebard Antoine, (Rebard Brotliers), SE corner 

Montgomery and Sacramento 
Rebard Brothers, ( Claude & Antoine), importers 

and manufacturers of hats, SE cor Mont'y 

and Sacramento 
Redding F. W. C. gardener, Presidio road op 

Valley House 
Redding J. bds 280 Powell 
Reddington Andrew, laborer, dwl Clementina nr 

Reddington William, drayman, dwl E s Minna nr 

Reddington (John H) & Co. {Andrew J. Almy), 

wholesale druggists, 107 Clay, dwl 31 South 

Redmond John B. {Mc William & Co. Sacramento), 

office 126 California, dwl Clay nr Davis 
Redmond Mrs. dwl Silver bet Second and Third 

Reed A. H. fruits, 128 Clay 

Reed Andrew J. Mt. Vernon Hall, 6 Brenfaam pi 

Reed Benj. P. book-keeper, with Loud, Hosmer 

& Tiltons, 83 Front 
Reed Benj. H. com mcht, 119 Front, dwl Sac bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Reed Chas. waterman, dwl O'Farrell nr Powell 
Reed Edwin, Chelsea Gardens, Fourth bet Market 

and Mission 
Reed Elizabeth Mrs. dwl S s Vallejo nr Mason 
Reed George, clerk, with Davis & Bowers 
Reed George, clerk, at Macondray A Go's, dwl 

Taylor bet Ellis and O'Farrell 
Reed George, steward on stm'r Goliah, dwl S s 

Pacific bet Mason and Auburn 
Reed George K. machinist, with S. 0. Brigham, 

bds Plaza Hotel 
Reed Henry, Alta Express, NE cor Montgomery 

and Sacramento 
Reed Henry R. conamission and forwarding mer- 
chant, 92 Front 
Reed Hilaria Mrs. (widow) dwl E s Center near 

Reed James, laborer, dwl Willow 
Reed Joseph, (col'd) teamster, dwl N a Pacific 

nr Powell 
Reed Joseph L. broker, dwl 193 Pine 
Reed John, carpenter, dwl NW s Everett near 

Reed John, dwl 245 Washington 
Reed John, laborer, bds Willows 
Reed John, dwl Kearny, bet Francisco and Bay 
Reed Michael, bds Nightingale, Mission cor 

Reed Samuel B. carpenter, dwl W s Mason bet 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Reed S. M. Miss, principal. Primary Industrial 

School, Mission bet Fourth and Fifth 
Reed William C. license collector, dwl Bryant nr 

Reed Capt. maruier, dwl Greenwich near Mont- 
Reel John, cordwainer, 126 Davis 
Rees Daniel, editor, dwl 156 Pacific 
Rees William A. E. dwl Sansome Hall, Montg'y 

nr Jackson 
Reese Henry, clerk, 89 and 91 California, bds 

North Bay Hotel 
Reese J. Martin, dwl 180 Jackson 
Reese Michael, real estate, dwl Masonic Building 

202 Washington 
Reese William S. attorney at law, 148 Clay 
Reetzhe Ernest, at Seamen's Home, Chambers 

nr Battery 
Reeve George B. merchandise broker, 79 Front, 

dwl B s Powell nr Jackson 
Reeve William, clerk, at Holcomb & Dole's, dwl 

281 Stockton 
Reeves John, cooper, Annie nr Mission 
Regan Jeremiah, confectioner, 33 Montgomery 
Regan John, peddler, dwl Trinity 
Regan Peter, What Cheer House 
Regensburger H. dwl St. Nicholas 
REGENSBURGER JACOB, physician, 224 

Rehnert William, blacksmith, Fremont nr Folsom 
Reich Christian, junk dealer, Sacramento near 




THOUAS REYNOLDS, ROBERT A. LAW, San Francisco. HENRY LAW, Portland, Oregon. 






No. 134 Washington Street, opposite the Market. 

N. B.— Goods delivered to any part of the City, free of Charge. 

il« ^Wt&M. 






BetTieen Bush and Sutter, 

MAm wmAmm'B^^. 


For Sale in quantities, at the LOWEST MABKET BATES. 

N. B. — All Candies sold by me, are warranted to be manufactured from 
Stuart's Double Kefined Sugar, and to be equal to any manufactured in the 
country. Up-River Merchants are solicited to call and examine my Stock 
and Prices. 


No. 120 Sansome Street, near Clay. San Francisco. 





INdllCHELS &; CO, 



Brick Building, 116 BATTERY STREET, corner of Washington, 

S-A.3Sr FI^-A-ISr CI s CO - 

Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call at our Rooms 

Washington Street, next door above Maguire's Opera House, 

(over Atvcill's,) and see the 


Of Scholars, and examine SPECIMENS OF PENMANSHIP. 
Those who write a stiff, cramped hand, or complain of aching wrists and trembling 
fingers, and Ladies who wish to acquire a NEAT EPISTOLARY HAND-WRIT- 
ING, are especially invited to call. Our 


Differs from that commonly practiced, as our instructions are based on the true prin- 
ciples of nature, by bringing into use the muscles of the hand and arm, 
which enables the Student to acquire a 




Arithmetic, NaTigation, German and English Languages, 


Executed with neatness and dispatch. 
Letters Written, Account Books Posted, and Complicated Accounts Adjusted. 

School Hours from 10 to 12 A. M., 2 to 4 P. M., 7 to 9 in Evening. 

Private Iiessona Given, if required. 

No Class System — Each Scholar receives separate instructions. Separate apartment for Ladies. 




Reichel {Frederick /?.) & Koeliler {William), 

manufacturing jewelers, 102 Merchant 
Keicbert John A. {Shattuck, li. &, Spencer), dwl N 

a Howard bet Fifth and Simmons 
Reid E. Williams, clerk, with C. Whallev, 176 

and 178 Montgomery 
Reilley James, laborer, bds S a Broadway bet 

Montgomery and Sansome 
Reilley James, porter, at 68 Battery 
Ucilloy James, grocer, 106 Kearny 
Reilley Joseph, plumber, at Sugar Refinery 
Reilley Patrick, messenger. Custom House 
Reilley Peter, laborer, dwl Greenwich nr Mont'y 
Reilley Richard, laborer, bds NE cor Washington 

and Union 
Reilly {Jatnes) & McKee {John), produce com- 
mission. East nr Clay, bds cor Green and 
Reilly, Michael, porter, at George Dietz & Go's. 

132 Washington 
Reilly Paul J. physician and druggist, SW cor 
Mission and Third, dwl Second nr Mission 
Roilly Terrence, gardener, Guerrero bet Sparks 

and Centre 
Reilly William, book-keeper, Oregon House, 

Stewart bet Mission and Howard 
Reimers Chas. groceries, cor Vallejo &, Hodges pi 
Reines {John !{.)&. Herrer {Philip), grocers, NW 

cor Greenwich and Yansen 
Reinhardt (J?.) & Fusilier {John), dealers in eggs 
and butter, 45 and 46 Washington Market, 
dwl E s Powell nr Bush 
Reinhardt William, porter, 99 Sansome, dwl 

Mason bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Reinhardt Benjamin, dwl Chatham pi 
Reinhart Brothers {Benjamin &, Simon if.) & Co. 
{Mayer Ehrlich), importers and jobbers cloth- 
ing, 5 Custom House Block, dwl Bush above 
Eeinhart {Frederick M.) So Bloomingdale {Emanu- 
el), wholesale dealers clothing and gents' 
furnishinggoods, 83 Sacramento, dwlMission 
nr First 
Reinhart Joseph, Mission Street Toll Gate, cor 

Mission and Harris 
Reinhart Simon {E. Brothers & Co.) dwl Bush nr 

Reinkelurs Henry, tinsmith, at Martin Prag'a, 

bds German Hall, Montgomery nr Bush 
Reinsteln Lewis, {Rothan & R.) 70 Sacramento 
Reith Paul, tailor, at C. Stallman's, 124 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 3 Quincy pi 
Relay {John K) &■ Michels {F. ■/.) manufacturera 

jewelry, 149 California 
Remy Peter, porter, at Laviosa, Marengo & Go's 
Renaud FraiKjoia, shoe-maker, dwl Adelle's alley 
Renault Charles, wines and liquors, 183 Pacific 
Renault John, wood and charcoal, Dupont bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Rendlach John, baker, dwl Bush nr Powell 
Rene J. Ernest, importer, 172 Montgomery 
Renitadler Frank, confectioner, Sutter nr Kearny, 

Renk Frederick, proptr Hamburgh Market, NE 

cor Dupont and Broadway 
Repenn Frederick, boots and shoes, 140 Mont'y 
Reuben George, fancy goods, 86 Sacramento 
Reuther George, machinist, 60 Montgomery 

Revalk John, mdse broker, dwl cor First and 

Revallo Matilda Miss, dwl cor Stockton and 
Card's lane 

Reve Paulo, florist, 128 Kearny 

Reveran Graciana, dwl Rassette place 2 

Revertegue Eugene, at A. Barbier, 148 Wash'n 

Revet Charles, restaurant, Davis nr Clarke 

Key Jacob J. {Britlon & R.) dwl SE cor Union 
and Taylor 

Reyburn Aquilla, at Mr. Haynes', dwl Howard 
opp Hubbard 

Reyer Charles E. boarding and restaurant, W s 
Dupont nr Vallejo 

Reynolds Charles, boiler-maker, bds Union House 

Reynolds Francis, cook, dwl Howard nr First 

Reynolds Frederick, surveyor, dwl SE cor Batt'y 
and Sacramento 

Reynolds George A. at N. Reynolds & Co. 79 & 
81 Davis, dwl Powell nr Filbert 

Reynolds George Lewis, tailor, dwl W s Dupont 
nr Sutter, rear 

Reynolds {George W.) & Lane {Henry C.) proptr 
Pine Tree Saloon, N W cor Kearny and Bush, 
dwl Milton pi 

REYNOLDS HERMAN J. liquors, 69 Califor- 
nia, dwl 13 Clementina 

Reynolds J. bds What Cheer House 

Reynolds James M. laundryman, dwl Ws Mason 
bet Washington and Jackson 

REYNOLDS {John) k GRAY {Giles B.) attor- 
neys at law, 30 Montgomery block, bds 61 

Reynolds Joseph, clerk, at J. W. Sullivan's, 108 

REYNOLDS NICHOLAS i CO. produce com- 
mission merchants, 79 and 81 Davis, dwl W 
side Powell near Filbert 

Reynolds 0. A. {Bingham & R.) dwl Clay near 

Reynolds Patrick, laborer, dwl Ritch bet Polsom 
and Harrison 

Reynolds P. B. salesman, 45 Commercial 

Reynolds Samuel, brick-mason, dwl cor Berry 
and Mary's lane 

REYNOLDS {Thomas) & LAW {Robert A. and 
Henry), importers and wholesale and retail 
dealers in groceries and produce, 134 Wash- 
ington, bds'279 Powell 

Reynolds {Thomas) & Fox {Thomas), copper- 
smiths, 116 Front, dwl S side Mission St. 
plank road bet Price and Johnson 

Reynolds William, {Faures &, if. ) bds E s Mason 
near Union 

Reynolds William, waterman, dwl Larkin bet 
Union and Filbert 

Reynard Alfred, carpenter, SE cor Kearny and 

Rhine Charles, bds What Cheer House 

Rhode Frederick, jeweler, cor Russ Court and 

Rhodes Anthony, clerk, dwl Oak 

Rhodes George, dwl cor Sansome and Halleck 

Rhodes Thomas, carpenter, dwl Kearny bet Post 
and Geary 

Rico Artemaa W. milkman, dwl Tehama near 



Rice Bonjamiii A. house-mover, dwl Rassette pi 

No. 2, cor Ver Melir 
Rice Bernard, at Red House, San Josi road, op- 
posite Pioneer Race Course 
Rice Charles, proptr Railroad Market, 22 Kearny 
Rice Cliarles R. blacksmith, 8C Bush 
Rice Edward I), carpenter and weather-strip 

manf, dwl Union bet Kearny and Dupont 
Rice George, moulder, Vulcan Iron Works, dwl 

NK cor Ecker and Stevenson 
Rice Henry, jr. office cor Mont'y and Sacramento 
RICE JAMES, Jr. attorney at law, 178 Mont'y 
Rice James, at Columbia Hotel, Pine nr Mont'y 
Rice James, drayman, dwl E s Market nr Mont'y 
Rice James, waiter, dwl 277 Washington 
Rice John, butcher, dwl Jackson bet Front and 

Rice Joseph B. drayman, at Moses Ellis & Co's, 

54 Front, bds 2 Belden's block 
Rice Margaret Mrs. dwlSE cor Green and Mason 
Rice Michael S. saddle and harness-maker, Ste- 
venson near First 
Rice Turner, at Pacific Museum 
Rice Zenas, clerk, NW cor Powell and Pacific 
Rich A. (S. Rich & Brother), 69 Battery 
Rich Frederick, tailor, dwl Vallejo near Kearny 
Rich George B. dwl Drayman's Exchange, 75 

Rich J. dwl Bush bet Stockton and Powell 
Rich Jacob, merchant, dwl 164 Mission 
Rich Solomon & Brother, {A. Rich,) importers of 

clothing, 69 Battery, dwl S s Bush nr Dup't 
Richard Louis, florist, 207 Washington 
Richard William, bar-room. Washington nr East 
Richards Calvin, (Frost & RA 98 Battery, dwl 

158 Dupont 

G. R.) Oriental Coal Tard, 12 Sansome, dwl 

S s Vallejo bet Dupont and Stockton 
Richards David M. drayman, dwl cor Taylor and 

Lewis place 
Richards Ezra, carrier Bulletin, dwl 16 Mont'y 
Richards Israel, contractor, office 111 Kearny, 

dwl cor Greenwich and Rock alley 
RICHARDS (James R.) & McCRACKEN (John) 

com merchants, 43 Sacramento 
Richards James, cook, dwl St. Charles 
Richards John, cigar-maker, dwl Hunt nr Nat'a 
Richards Jules, clerk, dwl N a Pacific bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Richards 0. S. commission merchant, 88 Front, 

dwl cor Kearny and Filbert 
Richards Thomas G. (R. & Bra.) 12 Sansome, dwl 

S s Vallejo bet Stockton and Dupont 
RICHARDS W. H. & CO. dealers in Tennent's 

ale and porter, 168 Sansome, dwl Prospect 

Richardson A. bds E s Sutter nr Montgomery 
Richardson Adolphus B. (Currie & R.) 106 San- 
some, dwl Howard bet Third and Fourth 
Richardson Benjamin, president Washington St 

Wharf Co. dwl Fourth nr Howard 
Richardson Jacob, gardener, Presidio Road E 

Presidio House 
Richardson Jesse, ale and porter, NE cor Front 

and Pacific 
Richardson Jesse Capt. dwl Everett bet Fourth 

and Fiah 

Richardson John, clerk, at D. L. Rossi. Co's, 113 

Battery, dwl Sacramento below Stockton 
Richardson John, Fasliion Stables, bds SW cor 

Kearny and Pine 
Richardson L. D. accountant. Oriental Hotel 
Richardson Mathew, dealer in vegetables, 46 

Washington, bds Codman place 
Richardson Prescott and Samuel, dairymen, dwl 

rear of Larkin bet Washington and Clay 
Richardson Samuel (P. & S. R.) dwl Larkin bet 

Washington and Clay 
Richardson Samuel S. machinist, dwl 133 Jack'n 
Richardson William, book-keeper, at A. Austin 

& Co's, 115 Montgomery, dwl Sutter bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Richardson William, drayman, at Abel Guy'Si 

dwl Folsom nr Ritch 
Richardson Windall L. contractor, office Market 

nr Battery, dwl 149 Mission 
Richart George B. harness-maker, dwl 24 Fu^ 
Richet Charles, electro-plater, 298 Dupont 
Richit Nicholas F. proptr Union grocery, S^V 

cor Dupont and Washington 
Richon Nicholas, exchange broker, 223 Dupont 
Richter H. W. Miss, music teacher, Green near 

Richus Peter, stone-cutter, Fort Point 
Rickards James, cook. Hotel International 
Rickards William, sail-maker, 37 Sacramento, 

dwl Second above Mission 
Rickerd Michael, drayman, bds cor First and Mkt 
Ricketson John, salesman, D. L. Ross & Co. 113 

Battery, dwl Sacramento below Stockton 
Riddell De Witt C. teller at Sather & Church's, 

SW cor Clay and Battery 
Riddell Spear, teller at Parrott & Go's, ITW cor 

Montgomery and Sacramento 
RIDDLE {Jaraes L.) & CO. (J. Ward Eaton), 

importers and dealers in carriages, NE cor 

Sansome and Pine, dwl 70 Minna 
Riddle R. H. jeweler, at Haaa & Louderback's, 

dwl 125 Washington 
Riddle William, clerk, NE cor San and Pine 
Rider John B. porter at Frank Baker's, 110 and 

112 Clay 
Ridgeley Caroline G. Mrs. widow, dwl Riley 
Ridgeway T. J. appraiser's store, Custom House 
Ridol Jack, laborer, bds Geary bet Dupont and 

Riedal Walter, barber, at San Francisco Bathli 

182 Washington 
Riehn C . F. assayer, at Justh & Hunter's, dwl 

Bryant bet Third and Fourth 
Riely Thomas, wheel-wright, dwl 18 Bush 
Riesener Anton, at J. G. Clark & Co's, dwl 176 

Riess L. room 3, 114 Sacramento 
Rieux Alonzo L. salesman at J. D. Roberts', bda 

276 Dupont 
Rifer Isaac, tailor, dwl 109 Bush 
Rifenrath P. laborer. Fort Point 
Riggs Edwin A. dwl 8 Harlan place 
Riggs James H. cigars, Tehama House 
Rigney James, dwl 96 Pacific 
Riker James, (col'd), saloon, W s Washington 

above Stockton, dwl Pacific above Masoa 
Riley Andrew, laborer, dwl S s St Charles 
Riley C. & Co. sail-makers, 36 Jackson 



EUey Kdward, engineer, dwl Hyde bet Sutter 

and Bush 
Riley Frank, at Eotaling 4; Go's, bda Brooklyn 

Riley George T. jeweler, 155 Sacramento 
Riley Henry, dwl S s Vallejo near Stockton 
Riley H. K. police. City Hall 
Riley James, sail-maker. Market bet San and Btty 
Riley James, drayman, dwl Sacramento nr San 
Riley Joseph, sugar-refinery, dwl Hunt nr Third 
Riley John, laborer. Fort Point 
Riley Mary Mrs. widow, dwl NE cor Stockton and 

Riley Patrick, (Ilolaling &, Co.) dwl SE cor San- 
some and Jackson 
Riley Peter, waiter, Alden's restaurant, dwl cor 

Market and Bush 
Riley Thomas, proptr What Cheer Hotel, 85 Jack 
Riley Thomas, plasterer, Jessie near Anthony 
Rimer Edward, gardener, dwl Creek lane near 

Ring D;ivid, laborer, Fort Point 
Ring Edward, saloon, Stevenson near First 
Ring Joha A. clerk at J. W. Sullivan's 
Ring {Reuben G.) & Brown {Frank S. ) butter, eggs 

and cheese, 57 Washington Market, dwl 

Sansomo bet Washington and Jackson 
Ring Richard, porter, 53 and 55 Front, dwl First 

near Minna 
Ringel C. at Kellogg & Humbert's, 114 Mont'y 
Ringen Peter, clerk at Baker & Meyer's 
Ringot (Juseph) &. Bigley ( Tkomas), ship-wrights 

and caulkers, Sacramento near Market, dwl 

cor Bush and Jones 
Ringre Celestin, assayer, dwl S s California above 

Rinman Otto, boat-builder, Market junction of 

Rinn David, porter, dwl First near Minna 
Rinneberg Herman, tin-smith, 57 Montgomery 
Riordan John, fireman, at S. F. Gas Co. 
Riordon James, halter, at 150 and 152 Com'l 
Riordon Samuel, clerk, dwl NW cor Vallejo and 

Ripley Ransom, {A. P. Bessey & Co.) lOG San- 
some, dwl Minna bet Second and Third 
Rippon Joseph, bag manufacturer, 123 Front, 

dwl Broadway bet Kearny and Dupont 
Rippon Joseph, bds 299 Dupont 
Rippon William, proptr St. Charles Hotel, 21 and 

23 First 
Ris Gustavus, book-keeper, 104 Battery, dw 120 

Eisdon John N. ( Coffey & R.) cor Bush and Mar- 
ket, dwl E s Harrison nr Beale 
Rising D. B. dwl Virginia Block 
Rising Richard, clerk, at McDougall & Sharp's, 

dwl Virginia Block 
Risner M. cabinet-maker, bds Wbat Cheer House 
Ritchie A. A. Mrs. dwl South Park Row 
Ritchie James, sail-maker, foot of Beale 
Ritchie William F. dwl 144 Vallejo, rear 
Bitt Christian, boarding. Pacific below Drumm, 

dwl E 3 Dupont bet Green and Union 
Rittenberry Joseph R. boots and shoes, foot of 

RITTER LOUIS A. & CO. brokers, 67 California, 
dwl S 3 Pine nr Dupont 

Ritterstreet Thomas, Leidesdorff nr California 
Rivanni Leonard, stucco-worker, dwl E s Dupont 

bet Union and Filbert 
River Wm. cook, Clinton Temperance House, 87 

and 89 Pacific 
Rivers Francis E. drayman, 34 Chambers 
Rivers Henry, steward, dwl Virginia Block 
Rivers Manuel, laborer, dwl Molton place 
Rivero Arthur & Co. hair-dressers, 198 Wash'n 
RIX ALFRED, attorney at law, 10 Court Block, 

dwl S 8 Pine nr Powell 
Rlx Hall, jr. attorney at law, office Justices' 
Court, 7th District, dwl corner Spring and 
Rix Oscar, general agent, 10 Court Block, bds 

Rassette House 
Roach John, optician, 55 Sacramento, dwelling 

Union nr Mason 
Roach Lawrence, fruit-dealer, dwl Stevenson nr 

Roach Patrick (1), laborer. Fort Point 
Roach Patrick (2), laborer. Fort Point 
Roach Patrick (3), brick-layer. Fort Point 
Roach Philip A. appraiser, Custom House, dwl 

Union nr Mason 
Roach T. carpenter, bds What Cheer House 
Roach Thomas, liquor saloon, Jaclfson St. Wharf, 

dwl cor Vallejo and Apollo place 
Roassi D. B. Chemical Laboratory, 113 Sac 
Robb Samuel, turner, Chace's Mills, cor Market 

and Beale, bds 2 Belden's Block 
Robbing Charles, bds 11 Bay State Row 
Robbing Charles, with Kellogg & Humbert, dwl 

159 Mission 
Robbins Charles F. card and job printer, SW cor 

Clay and Sansome, dwl 88 Kearny 
Robbins Elias, caulker, dwl 38 First 
Robbins John, store-keeper, stm'r J. L. Stephens, 

dwl 342 Vallejo 
Robbins John, carpenter, dwl 1 Pennsylvania av. 
Robbins John, ranch, dwl Turk betw'n Polk and 

Van Ness avenue 
Robbins Rufus, caulker, dwl 38 First 
Robbins Thomas, at restaurant, Davis nr Clark 
Robbins ( William) &, Martin ( William), wood 
and coal, California and Market, dwl Sutter 
near Powell 
Robbins William, caulker, bds 2 Belden's Block 
Robbins William S. caulker, bds 2 Belden's Block 
Robberson J. S. & Co. {John Shaw), com mchts, 

88 Front, dwl Sacramento nr Powell 
Roben John Francis, gardener, Dolores, East of 

Robenson Peter, dwl Filbert bet Mont'y and San 
Robert Antoine, laundrynian, W side Powell nr 

Robert G. dwl NW cor Broadway and Kearny 
Robert Jules D. Clothing Emporium, 178 Clay 
Robert Samuel, (late li. & Montet), dwl Com'l bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Roberts Geo. white-washer, Stevenson nr Second 
Roberts George, drayman, at Davis & Jordan's, 

cor Front and Washington 
Roberts James B. A; Co. importers of boots and 
shoes, 115 Batt'y, dwl N s Green nr Mont'y 
Roberts John, carriage painter, 35 Sansome 
Roberts Martin R. Capt. dwl NWcor Washington 
and Stockton 



Roberts "Richard, rigger, dwl Harrison, Rincon 

Point, op Hospital 
Roberts Steven N. mason, dwl corner Bush and 

Chelsea place 
Roberts William K. tailor, 222 PaciBc, bds Barlol 
Robertson A. millinery, 67 Bush 
Robertson Alexander, (Jackson li, JR.) dwl corner 

Sutter and Rassette place 
Robertson E. R. bds Hotel International 
Robertson Frederick A. express dept., Wells, 

Fargo & Co. dwl SW cor Montgomery and 

Robertson James, importer butter, office 116 

Battery, up stairs 
Robertson James, baker, cor Mission and Annie 
Robertson Laura, Mrs. 16 Spring 
Robertson John, merchant, dwl Sacramento be- 
low Powell 
ROBERTSON (Richard L.) & CO. (Homer B. 

Hawkins), coal dealers, 68 Clay, dwl Sim- 
mons bet Folsom and Howard 
Robie Levi, book-keeper, Pacific Steamship Co. 

dwl 2 Milton place 
Robie Levi H. bar-keeper, at Dan's Saloon, 138 

Montgomery, dwl California above Stockton 
Robinett J. plumber, 133 California, dwl Third 

near Townsend 
Robins George, clerk, Justice's Court, Third 

District, in Merchant, dwlSW corner Post 

and Jones 
Robins Mathew, drayman, Pickett & Co. 61 Front 

dwl cor Post and Jones 
Robinson Aaron, turner, at Smith &, Freeman's, 

dwl S s Ver-Mehr nr Kearny 
Robinson Alexander, stone-cutter. Fort Point 
Robinson Charles F. stage driver, Kearny opp. 

Robinson David G. physician, dwl W s Calhoun 

near Union 
Robinson David L. fruits. Wharf, dwl 39 Minna 
Robinson David N. fruit dealer, Drumm between 

Pacific and Jackson 
Robinson Derham, dwl Market near Third 
Robinson Ellen Mrs. (col'd), dwl NE s Fremont 

bet Folsom and Harrison, rear 
Robinson Emma Miss, teacher, 109 Dupont 
Robinson Gilbert James, drayman, dwl Chelsea 

Robinson Henry, Jr. butcher, at M. O'Briens', 

dwl Sansome nr Jackson 
Robinson Henry, (col'd), cook, dwl E s Dupont, 

near Green 
Robinson James, butter merchant, bds 16 San 
Robinson James, painter, dwl S 3 Washington 

bet Powell and Stockton 
Robinson J. C. clerk, P. 0. dwl 281 Stockton 
Robinson J. H. brick-layer, Fort Point 
Robinson John, mason, dwl Union bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
Robinson John Calvin, laundryman, dwl O'Farrell 

bet Jones and Taylor 
Robinson John M. paper-hanger, dwl Lafayette 

Robinson Joseph, importer and dealer in paper 

hangings, 122 Sansome, dwl Ss Bush bet 

Powell and Mason 
Robinson J. R. commission merchant, office room 

No. 11 NE cor Sansome and California 

Robinson Julius, clerk, R. D. W. Davia k, Co. 

bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Robinson M. A. engineer, bds Albion House 
Robinson Peter, cook, East bet Clay and Wash'n 
Robinson B. dwl Chelsea place 
Robinson Reucl, fancy goods and millinery, 160 

Sacramento, dwl 162 Sacramento 
Robinson Reuel Mrs. fancy goods and millinery, 

160 Sacramento, dwl 162 Sacramento 
Robinson Richard P. police, dwl 117 Broadway 
Robinson Robert, at Newhatl & Gregory's, b<i» 

NW cor Stockton and Green 
Robinson Robert, ship-joiner, Stewart bet Market 

and Mission, dwl Bealo nr Folsom 
Robinson Robert W. drayman, 46 Sacramento 

nr Front, dwl S s Stevenson above Second 
Robinson Thomas, sign and ornamental pamter, 

120 Sansome 
Robinson William, raa.'!on, dwl Union between 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Robinson William, at Newhall & Gregory's, bdl : 

NW cor Stockton and Green 
Robinson William, boat builder, Stewart bet 

Market and Mission dwl Beale nr Folsom 
Robinson William T. carpenter, dwl SW s How- 
ard near Third 
Robison Hugh M. dwl 339 Dupont 
Robitscheck Hermann, salesman, 87 California 
Robles Jose Marie, dwl rear of Church opposite 

Robles Tiburcio, dwl rear of Church opposite 

Roboam de Madame, millinery, 52 Bush 
Roch Antoine, barber, dwl 198 California, (rear) 
Rochbrane Alfred, drayman, dwl Geary between 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Roche William, butcher, dwl 12 Ohio bet Pacific 

and Broadway 
Roche Thomas, saloon, cor East and Jackson 
Roohenbach Louis, cook, N. T. Hotel, dwl cor 

Commercial and Battery 
Rocher Edward, waiter, 252 Dupont 
Rockwell E. A. assistant editor. Chronicle, bds 

W s Montgomery near Vallejo 
ROCKWELL ( Walter M.) COYE (H. L.) t CO. • 

importers and dealers in hardware, 63 Bat- . 

tery, dwl N s Jackson nr Powell 
Roden (Cliarles) &, Sharp (Harry), lager beer sft- i 

loon, cor Clay and Kearny, dwl cor Kearny t 

and Broadway 
Roden G. SE cor Clay and Kearny, dwl comer '■ 

Kearny and Broadway 
Roden Rudolph, (Wright & if.) SW cor Kearny i 

and Broadway 
Roderigurra Jesus, silversmith, Montgomery nr J 

Roderwitch Antonia, coffee saloon, Stewart cor « 

Mission, dwl NW cor Broadway and Kearny ; 
Rodey John, candy confectioner. Second near u 

Mission JTHonse a 

Rodgers A. F., U. S. Coast Survey, bds 'Tehama a 
Rodgers Albert, express wagon, dwl O'Farrell ) 

near Stockton 
Rodgers Albert, drayman, Geary above Dupont t 
Rodgers A. T. (col'd), tailor, 83 Bush 
Rodgers Frank, waterman, SE cor Powell & Pine 
Rodgers Henry, boatman, dwl N s Green near 




Rodgers Henry, (cold), room cleaner, Mont'y 

bet Pino and Busli 
Rodgers John, grocer, 92 Kearny 
Rodgers John, drayman, dwl S a Jessie nr First 
Kodgers J. P. broker, bds Oriental Hotel 
Roiigers J. N. laborer. Mission near Third 
Kodgers K. R. waterman, dwl Pine nr Powell 
Kodgers Michel H. ballast heaver, bds Golden 

Gate Hotel, 57 and 59 Jackson 
Rodgers Nelson J. waterman, dwl comer Powell 

and Pine 
Rodgers Noel B. (J. Cook & Co.) New World 

Market, dwl 196 Sansome 
Rodgers P. William, laborer, Fort Point 
Rodgers Robert, {Peck, R. k Co.) 86 Washington 
Rodgers Thomas, warehouse dept. Custom-house, 

dwl S s Jessie nr First 
Rodgers Thomas, pilot, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Powell and Scotland 
Rodgers Thomas, drayman, dwl S s Jessie near 

Rodgers William, pilot, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Powell and Scotland 
Rodgers Mrs. (widow), dwl SE cor Perry and 

Rodriguez Phillip, Bank Exchange, cor Mont- 
gomery and Washington, dwl Vallejo bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Rods John, boot and shoe-maker, N s Pacific nr 

Rody John, drayman, 55 Sansome, dwl Second 

near Mission 
Roe Rufus, butcher, 8 New World Market 
Roeben George, boarding, S s Pacific below Davis 
Roeben George, prop. Pacific Garden, cor. Third 

and Harrison 
Roeding F. (Lynch & i?.) 138 Jackson 
Roepke (Edward) & Co. (Herman Otterson), liquor 

saloon, SE cor Washington and Dupont, dwl 

Vallejo bet Powell and Stockton 
Roet Celina, Madame, coffee saloon, 151 Com'l 
Regan J. B. broker, bds NW cor Jackson and 

Rogers A. clerk, bds What Cheer House 
Rogers Charles, dwl SW corner Broadway and 

Rogers Daniel, (R. C. & D. Rogers), Bolton, Barron 

& Co's building, dwl Brannau between Third 

and Fourth 
Rogers Eugene, Paymaster Depart. U. S. Army, 

dwl Brannan bet Second and Third 
Rogers George E. clerk, at 72 Battery, dwl Post 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Rogers Henry, wharfinger, Folsom St. Whar^ 

cor Folsom and East 
Rogers H. T. Mrs. dwl Prospect place between 

Sacramento and California 
Rogers James, steward, dwl Bestole bet Mont'y 

and Sansome 
Rogers John, seaman, dwl Front nr Market 
Rogers John, porter, C. A. Low & Co. dwl SW 

cor Front and Pine 
Rogers Michael, chiropodist, 148 Montgomery, 

room No. 3 
Rogers M. A. Mrs. boarding, 230 Stockton 
Rogers (N. B.) & Bean (Samuel), carpenters, 196 

Rogers Patrick, groom, at 17 Battery 

ROGERS (Patrick T.) k CONLIN, (John F.) 

saloon, ne-S Clay, dwl 13 Court block 
Rogers Peter R. drayman, at J. R. Raymond & 

Co's, dwl 117 Bush 
Rogers P. E. Mrs. sewing machine, 10 Court 


at law and office Public Administrator, 98 

Merchant, dwl S s Brannan bet Second and 

Rogers William, ale and porter, Pacific Wharf, 

near Davis 
Rogers William, manager. Union Club, NW cor 

Montgomery and California 
ROGERS (W'm. K) k FULLERTON (Samuel), 

commission merch'ts, Battery bet Broadway 

and Vallejo 
Rogers William H. (col'd) boot-black, dwl Russ' 

Rogers Z. cooper, bds SE cor Clarke and Front 
Roggenburger (il.) k Co. (Cavffman IT. Meyer) 

importer, dry goods and clothing, 7 Califbr'a 

block, up stairs [Jane 

Rohe John, ( Classen k Co.) dwl cor Jessie and 
Rohrle Charles, manf soap, glue and candles, 

Scotland near Filbert 
Rohrlo Eliza Mrs. manf artificial flowers, dwl 

Rojer Joseph, at Contra Costa Ferry Restaurant, 

dwl California nr Kearny 
Roland James, laborer, dwl Louise bet Third and 

Roles A. coachman. Hotel International 
Roles Charles, 19 Btty, bds Hotel International 
Roles (William} k Smith (Philip), city coaches, 

19 Battery 
Rolfe A. T. lumber, pier 12, Stewart bet Mission 

and Howard 
Rolker (Henry) k Thasing (John), proptrs New 

Orleans Hotel, 148 Mission 
Rolling Jasper A. porter, at Cameron, Whittier 

k Co. 105 Front 
RoUinson Joseph R. (Bragg, Rollinson & Co.) 39 

California, dwl Second nr Harrison 
Roloft' John, ship-carpenter, dwl N s Green near 

Romaine James, mason, bds Union House 
Roman Ide, hand-cartman, dwl 30 Battery 
Roman Richard Major, U. S. Appraiser General, 

Custom House, bds E s Dupont nr Sacra'o 
Romans William, machinist, dwl Ritch nr Fol'm 
Romby Edward, ( Chauveau & R.) dwl Dupont al 
Romer Christel, tailor, dwl corner Vallejo and 

Apollo place 
Romer Frederick, tailor, dwl cor Vallejo and 

Apollo place 
Romero John B. importer Havana cigars, 139 

Rompsfeld John H. bar-room, cor Jackson and 

Roncati (Francisco) k Spaaoa (Peter and Erba J.) 

artificial marble mauufactory, 166 Sansome 
RONCATI FRANK, hardware, 246 Dupont 
Rondell E. lapidary, dwl Sutter bet Hyde and 

Rondell Josephine Miss, sausages, etc. 17 New 

Market, dwl California bet Montgomery and 




RoDcn James, laborer, bd8 Pacific bet Mason 

and Moulgomery 
Rooch F. musician, dwl St. Mark's place 
Rooney Nicholas, carpenter, dwl rear 16G Bush 
Rooney Samuel B. Rev. dwl Greenwich nr Stock 
Rooney William, laborer. Fort Point, dwl Vallejo 

bet Larkin and Hyde 
Root H. F. machinist, Vulcan Iron Works, bds 

Tehama place 
Root James, (Gordon, Brooks & R.) bds 159 Mis'n 
Root Ira C. keeper County Jail, bds NW comer 

Kearny and Broadway 
Roper (Daniel) & Gavigau (William), 11 Com'l 
Roper E. painter, with T. Robinson, dwl Mission 

nr Third 
Roper James, hardware, dwl cor Front and Com 
Roper William, steward, dwl Card's lane 
ROPES JAMES M. (Smith & K.) bds 241 Clay 
Rorke John, (Lyon &, Co.) dwl Mission nr Sec'd 
Rosa Salvator, music and musical instruments, 

157 Montgomery 
Rosa Silva Jos^ Z. bds with P. Higgins, Mission 

Rose David, furniture, 12 Kearny 
Rose Frederick, clerk, cor Virginia and Jackson 
Rose Frederick, drayman, dwl First bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Rose George, police, dwl Stout's alley nrWash'n 
ROSE GEORGE H. dentist, 20 and 21 Lucas 

Turner & Go's Building 
Rose Josiah, gardener, dwl Johnston nr Folsom 
Rose Julius K. (Johnson & R.) 137 Montgomery, 

dwl 272 Powell 
Rosenbanm Albert A. (F. & A. Rosentaum), 95 

ROSENBAUM A. S. & CO. (M. Rosenhaum and 

Joseph Brandenstein), importers cigars and 

tobacco, SE cor Clay and Battery 
Rosenbaum Isaac S. (Kohlherg & Co.) cigars, dwl 

Nlloma bet First and Second 
Rosenbaum Frederick, clothing, 74 California 
Rosenbaum P. & Albert A. com merchants, 95 

California, dwl Calhoun nr Union 
Rosenbaum H. Mrs. dwl 32 Natoma 
Rosenbaum , (./osepft) & Winkler (Morris'), dry 

goods, Third nr Mission 
Rosenbaum Joseph, accountant, cor Battery and 

Rosenbaum Leopold, accountant, with Rosen- 
baum & Schubart, 114 Sacramento 
Rosenbaum M. (A. S. Rosenhaum &, Co.) dwl 36 

Rosenbaum (Sigmund D.) & Schubart (Elias), 

importers fancy goods, 114 Sacramento, dwl 

cor Leidesdorff and Sacramento 
Rosenberg Joseph, cigars and tobacco, 3 Custom 

House Block, bds 224 Stockton 
Rosenberg M. chiropodist, SW cor Dupont and 

Rosenberg Morris, Metropolitan Baths, dwl cor 

Pike and Washington 
Rosenberg S. dwl cor Bush and Kearny 
Rosenblum Simon, cap-maker, at 75 Mont'y, dwl 

Pacific bet Dupont and Stockton 
Rosenfeld Emanuel & Jacob, cigars and tobacco, 

67 Sacramento, residence New York 
Rosenfeld Jacob, (E. & J. R.) dwl 83 Suiter 
Rosenfeld John, at coal yard, cor Folsom & Main 

Rosenfeld Julius, (Haas & R.) bds 7 Stevenson 
Rosenlleld Anthony, (Ilutchings i, R.) bds with . 

J. W. Welling, cor Pike and Sacramento 
Rosenheim Aaron, at 130 Montgomery, dwl 43 

St. Mark's place 
Rosenheim Isaac, bds Niantic Hotel 
ROSENSTOCK MEYER, dealer in furs, 65CaI 
Rosenstock (Samuel W.) k Price (Benjamin^ 

boots and shoes, 71i Battery 
Rosenswig Bernard, merchant, dwl SE cor Pow- 
ell and Washington 
Rosenthal Abrara, (Aleicander <fc Co.) dwl 321 

Rosenthal Abram, (Rosenthal &, Co.) 263 Dupont 
Rosenthal Morris, boots and shoes. East nr Com 
Rosenthal (Morris) &, Co. (Abram Rosenthal), 

boots and shoes, 263 Dupont 
Rosenthal Seemony, dry goods, 154 Kearny 
Roskill (Ferdinand) k Go. (A. S. Tobias), 62 Cal 
Ross Charles, stevedore, dwl Pine nr Prospect pi 
Ross Daniel, carpenter, dwl N side O'Farrell nr 

Ross David, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Ross Daniel L. & Co. ( V. J. Dempster and John 

Falconer), commission mercliants, 113 Btty, 

residence New York 
Ross Edward, bds 147 Sacramento 
Ross Hugh F. book-binder, dwl N side John nr 

Ross Isaac W. waterman, dwl 194 Mission 
Ross James, cabinet-maker, at 117 California, dwl 

Brooklyn place nr California 
Ross James, steward. Hotel International, dwl 

S s Green nr Montgomery 
Ross James (col'd), boarding, E s Battery near 

Ross Joseph, dwl S s Union nr Kearny 
Ross M. M. G. captain schr Ann Sophia, pier 6, 

Stewart wharf 
Ross Richard M. dwl W s Bryant bet Fifth and 

Ross Samuel, wagon-maker, cor Kearny and 

Hardie place 
Ross Thomas, gas-fitter, 160 Wash'n, dwl Lick's 

alley nr Stevenson 
Ross William, milkman, dwl S side Stewart near 

Ross William, dwl Filbert bet Montgomery and 

Ross William G. inspector. Custom House, dwl 

cor Montgomery and Chestnut 
Ross WiUiam^H. at 36 and 38 Battery, dwl W 8 

Kearny nr Post 
Rossi Ann Mrs. ladies shoes, 162 Sacramento 
Rossi Nicholas, dwl 162 Sacramento 
Rossignol Julien, grocer, SW cor Union and 

Rossiter Charles, printer, dwl Francisco bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Rossiter James, window blind manf, dwl N side ! 

Francisco nr Dupont 
Rosticher Jeremiah, dwl 212 Washington 
Roth Hiram, (Morris & R.) NE cor Washington 

and Kearny 
Roth John, fruits, 31 Montgomery 
Rothan (John) & Reinstein (Lexuis) importers of 

clothing, 70 Sacramento, res New York 
Rothchild Henry, merchant, 234 Sacramento 



Rothchild J. S. dwl 282 Jnekson 

Rotbeliild Simon, speculator, dwl NE cor Post 

and Dupont 
Rothermeo {Phillip) Jt Co. ( William Kagle), 

butchers, cor Dupont and Hinckley 
Rotligamger Frederick, carriage-maker, dwlRas- 

sette place No. 2 
Rotliman Henry, fruits, dwl 118 Jackson 
Rotlnvcll William, com merchant, 65 Clay, dwl 

SE cor Dupont and Harrison 
Eotonski Henry, tailor, S 3 Merchant nr Kearny, 

dwl SW cor Sacramento and Kimble 
Rottary Mathew, laborer, dwl Yallejo bet San'e 

and Montgomery 
Rottenberg Abraham, dry goods, 2 Trainer's row 
Roturier Ciiarles, {Benzi &, R.) SW cor Pacific 

and Dupont 
Rouard John, sculptor, cor California and St. 

Mary's place 
Roubles Theresa, dress-maker. Green nr Dupont 
Rouillard Prosper, (BtlUere k R.) 2G3 Dupont 
Rouke Hugh, liquor saloon, Davis nr Jackson 
ROULSTONE(.'lnrfre«) J.)&CO. {Charles W. 

Morrison and Charles G. Athearn), grocers, 

3 Clay, dwl cor Sacramento and Larkin 
Roulstone J. W. with 0. Fuller, bds Summer 
Rountree Benjamin F. auction and commission, 

115 Clay, dwl N s Clay abv Powell 
Rountree James 0. auctioneer, 115 Clay, dwl 

Clementina nr First 
Rourke B. printer, Alta California 
Rourke H. 0. liquor saloon, SE cor Davis and 

Rourke John, brewer, dwl Mission nr Annie 
Rouse Caroline Mrs. (widow) cigars, 252 Dupont 
Rouse John, mate Quoddy Belle, bds Stewart 

bet Market and Mission 
Roust Joseph, dwl N s Folsom bet Harris and 

Roussell 0. carpenter, dwl O'Farrell nr Stockton 
Rousset {Paul G.) Auger {Bernard E.) & Co. {P. 

K Rvmsett) importers and commission, 107 

Sacramento, dwl N s Market nr Mason 
Rousset P. E. {Rousset, Auger dt Co.) res Paris 
Roux Jean, upholsterer, bds California Hotel 
Rowan Jane Mrs. dress-maker. Mission nr Third 
Rowe Charles, fruits 32 Montgomery 
Rowe Joseph A. Pioneer Circus, dwl cor Clay 

and Pike 
Rowe Lewis, carpenter, dwl B 3 Larkin bet Union 

and Green 
Rowe Rufu.s, New World Market, dwl Rincon 

bet Harrison and Bryant 
Rowe 'William B. porter, 59 Front, dwl cor Sac 

and Davis 
Rowell Isaac, physician, 132J Kearny [Bush 
Rovvcn James, baker, with R. Swain, dwl 110 
Rowland Richard E. clerk, 205 Clay 
Rowlandson Thomas, importer of ales and porter, 
35 Leidesdorff, dwl S s Sutter bet Stockton 
and Dupont 
Roxby R. dwl Bush bet Mason and Taylor 
Roy David, carpenter, dwl Brannan bet Second 

and Third 
Rover A. C. boot-maker, 274 Dupont 
Ruhenstein R. dwl cor California and Leidesdorff 
Rubio Mariano, dwl N s Center bet Guerrero and 

Rudge Frederick, proptr Montgomery House, 19 

Rudmau John, wood yard, NE cor Market and 

Front, dwl Front nr Market 
Rudolph Jacob, brick-layer, dwlLarkin bet Union 

and Filbert 
Rudolph August, tin-smith, with E, Hagthrop, 

124 Sansome 
Rueby George, fancy goods, Dupont bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Ruehl Charles, clerk, U. S. B. Mint, bds North 

Bay Hotel 
Ruet Frederick, at G. Reuther's, dwl Dupont bet 

Broadway and Pacific 
Ruffino Francisco, groceries, etc, nr Mission 

Church Mission Dolores 
Ruggles Charles S. stevedore, dwl Scotland 
Ruggles E. W. stevedore, dwl E s Mason near 

Ruggles John E. salesman, 82 Front, dwl E s 

Powell bet Jackson and Pacific 
Ruggles John W. stevedore, dwl 100 Montg'y 

Ruhling Edward, assayer, at 114 Montgomery, 

dwl Pine bet Dupont and Kearny 
Ruhling J. C. accountant, with Dunne & Co. 

dwl Pine bet Kearny and Dupont 
Rumpp John, baker, dwl Clara nr Sutter 
RUMRILL CHARLES H. fruits, 47 Washing'n 

Market, bds American Exchange 
Runcdt Charles, cabinet-maker, dwl 251 Wash 
Randall William H. accountant with Jones & 

Bendixen, bds St. Marks place 
Runk Lewis W. at 79 Front, dwl Jackson bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Runklo Deidrick, {Zeile & R.) 234 Jackson 
Runnels Edward, dwl 129 Bush 
Runstetd Charles, cabinet-maker, at G. 0. Whit- 
ney & Go's, dwl S s Washington nr Stockton 
Rupke Edward, dwl N s Vallejo nr Stockton 
Russmau Henry, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Drumm 

and Jackson 
Russ Adolphus, dwl 51 Montgomery 
Russ Charles, dwl Russ Court 
Russ Christian Mrs. dwl cor Simmgns and Harri- 
Russell Daniel, machinist, bds Union House 
Russell Charles H. teamster, dwl 215 Pacific 
Russell George, commission merchant, 65 Clay 
Russell George T. printer, at Commercial Office, 

bds 190 California 
Russell Horace A. carriage-maker, dwl Berry nr 

Mary lane 
Russell J. B. steward, at Alden's Restaurant, 

150 Clay 
Russell James, accountant, bds 154 California 
Russell John, dwl cor Battery and Union 
Russell S. Capt. porter, bds SE cor Clark & Front 
Russell William, porter, 105 Clay 
Russell Wilmot, clerk, with John H. Kissing, 

bds Clinton Temperance House 
Rutenberg John H. (Hardie & R.) bds Waverley pi 
Ruth William, laborer. Fort Point 
Ruthardt Julius, druggist, 223 Dupont 
Rutherford Thomas, commission merchant, dwl 

NE cor Mason and Washington 
Rutherford Thomas L. (Grosh&R.) dwl cor 
Washington and Mason 



RuUiman Jolin. tin-smitli, at Gordon, Brooks i 

Root, 1 60 Battery 
Rutte Edivin do, clerk, with Rutte &, Co. dwl N 

s Clay bet Stockton and Powell 
RUTrK (77i. de) A. CO. {Ji. Kdkrsherger &. Alex- 

o.nder de Stoltz,) importers of French and 

Swiss Roods, 104 Battery 
Ryan Catharine Mis.s, dress-maker, 31 Montg'y 
Ryan Cliarle.s, with John Logue, opp Wis3ii;n 

Church Mission Dolores 
Ryan James, groceries, cor Pacific and Hyde 
Ryan James, sign-painter, dwl 37 Second 
Ryan James K. wiih Ryan & Co. 54 Clay 
Ryan John, pressman, with Blake & Moftitt 
Ryan John, livery stable, 25G Stockton 
Ryan Lawrence, inspector. Custom House, dwl 

Gough bet AVashington and Jackson 
Ryan M. laborer, U. S. Marine Hospital 
Ryan Michael, porter, with William Langerman 

& Co. 8 1 Front 
Ryan (P. ) & Co produce 54 and 56 Clay, bds 

American E.'cchange 
Ryan Patrick, coach-painter, at 159 California, 

dwl Broadway, bet Jlont'y and Sansome 
Ryan Peter A. watchman, Hotel International, 

dwl S s Sutter bet Stockton and Powell 
Ryan Richard F. attorney at law, 101 Merchant 
Ryan Rodger, rentier, dwl 144 Vallejo, rear 
Ryan Tliomas, proptr Louisana Bakery, Pinckney 
Ryan Thomas, cordwainer, 75 Kearny, dwl Ss 

Sutter nr Dupont 
Ryan Thomas, with Ryan & Co. 54 Clay 
Ryan Thomas, groom, dwl 256 Stockton 
Ryan Timothy, waterman, dwl Clara bet Ritch 

and Fourth 
Ryan William,, with Geo. H. Munroe, 

dwl Everett bet Third and Fourth 
Ryan William, laborer. Fort Point 
Ryan William, laborer, dwl Stevenson nr First 
Ryan William, laborer, dwl Ridley bet Mission 

Plank Road and Market 
Ryan William H. boots and shoes. Third near 

Ryberg Charles, broker. Front nr Tallejo 
Ryckman Albert, watchman, TJ. S. B. Mint, dwl 

N s Vallejo bet Stockton and Powell 
Eyckman G. W. dwl N s Vallejo bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Eyckman William, dwl cor Clay and Prospect 

RYDER GEORGE W. clerk, Board Port Ward- 
ens, office 42 D. S. Court Building, dwl S s 

Jackson nr Powell 
Ryder John, bds What Cheer House 
Ryder William, clerk, with Oliver & Buckley, dwl 

Everett nr Third 
Eyer George, actor, dwl S a Union bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Eyland Richard, brick-layer. Fort Point 
Ryorckman M. bds What Cheer House 


SA.BATIE Alex. E. & Co. {Henry Mauhec and 
Eugene P. Sabatie,) importers of groceries 
and provisions, 127 and 129 Sansome, dwl 
Bush nr Stockton 

Sabatie Eugene P. {A. £. Sabatie & Co.) dwelling nr Stockton 
Sabourin Peter, laborer, dwl rear 187 Pacific 
Sachet Theotield, book-keeper, 98 Sansome 
Sachs Leopold & Martin, iniporters and jobbers , 

of dry goods, 112 Sac, dwl St. Mark's place i 
Sachs Martin, (/.,. k M. Sachs,) dwl St. Mark's pi 
Sachs Samuel, dry goods, Stockton bet Washn 

and Jackson 
Sachs Samuel, clerk, 254 Stockton 
Sacks John C. NE cor Battery and Oregon, dwl 

N 8 California nr Stockton 
Sackroan Henry, cordwainer, 280 Dupont 
Sage Lewis P. warehouse-man, Crowell's Ware- 
house, dwl Presidio road op Presidio House 
Sage Rob't M. clerk, Chronicle Office, 97 Mercb 
Saghorn Henry, waiter, Railroad House 
Saicbranese Donna, dwl Dolores E of Centre 
Sainsevain Jean L. (^Sainsevain Bros.) res Los 

Sainsevain Brothers {Pierre k Jean L.) native 

wines and brandies, 188 Montgomery, dwl 

cor Mission and Third 
Salinger Julius, clerk, 106 Clay 
Salm Joseph, steward, at F. W. Macondray's 
Salmon Francis, dwl E s Stockton nr Sutter 
Salmon John C. dwl Jessie nr Ecker 
Salmon Julius W. clerk, 7 th District Court, dwl 

Larkin bet L'nion and Filbert 
Salmon Lewis J. candy manuf, dwl 275 Dupont 
Salsbury E. J. police. City Hall 
Salter Charles, 117 Sacramento 
Samis Edward B. brick-layer, dwl Harrison, Rin- 

con Point 
Samlacher John, cabinet-maker, bds N side Bush 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Sampson A. Herbert, drayman, bds 101 Dupont 
Sampson Charles, printer, dwl 8 Brandon place 
Sampson Charles E. pilot, bds Stone nr Wash'n 
Sampson James, (col'd) wood yard, Broadway nr 

Stockton, dwl cor Merchant and Powell 
Sampson Henry, rigger, dwl Kearny nr Vallejo 
Sampson Henry, laborer, dwl Sonoma place 
Sampson Henry F. (col'd), (Moses <fc S) N side 

Pacific bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Sampson John, (col'd) porter, dwl Pacific betw'n 

Powell and Mason 
Sampson Joseph, 59 Washington 
Samson Antonio B. dwl Tehama nr First 
Samuel John, laborer, at Sugar Refinery 
Samuel John, {Antonio & S.) 140 Clay 
Samuels David, dry and fancy goods, 3 Virginia ; 

Block, dwl N s Vallejo bet Powell & Mason t 
Samuels Julius, 3 Virginia Bl'k, bds N s Vallejo '; 

bet Powell and Mason 
Sanborn F. bds 20 Sansome 

Sanborn Isaac L. mason, dwl cor Turk and Jones " 
Sanborn Joseph T. clerk, at Bradshaw i Go's, 

dwl Central place 
Sanborn Theodore C. broker, office 43 California, 

2d floor, bds Union Hotel 
Sanchez A. Miss, boarding-house, cor Sacramento 

and Brooklyn place 
Sanchez Francisco, dwl E s Centre nr Dolores 
Sanchez Isidro, bds Abode House 
Sanchez J. L. coining-room, U. S. Branch Mint, 

bds Rassette House 
Sanchez R. B. clerk, U. S. Branch Mint 



Sander (Julius) &, Co. (Richard Sander), U. S. 

Brewery, 33 Montgomery 
Sander Peter, fruits, Tliird nr Minna 
Sander Rieliard, (J. Sander &, Co.) 35 Mont'y 
SAXDKR ROBERT & CO. druggist, 133 Cal 
Sanders John, cigar raanuf, 123 Basil 
Sanders Joliu P. Seamen's Boarding House, 22 

Sanderson George F. with Soule & Page, dwl 10 

Sandfbrd Anna E. Miss, teacher intermediate de- 
partment School No. 3, dwl corner Stockton 

and Pacific 
Sandford Edward, at 'Winn's, 163 Clay 
Saudford Edw. P. salesman, with Henry Johnson 

& Co. bds NW cor Pike and Sacramento 
Sandgren T. E. draftsman, office Light House 

department. Custom House 
Sandrie (George) & Lange ( Victor), importers of 

wines and liquors, 142 Washington 
Sandrie George, restaurant, 124 Wasliington 
Sands Frances Mrs. dwl Stevenson nr Ecker 
Sandy George H. printer, bds 210 Clay 
San Foran Forevio, dwl roar Church, Mission 

Sanford Thos. G. clothing and gents' furnishing 

goods, 117 Sacramento, dwl 6 Hardie place 
Saniter Herman, book-keeper, with Michels & Co. 

dwl Geary bet Taylor and Jones 
Sanjurjo (Francisco) &. Co. (L. Ponton de Arce), 

com mchts, 171 Sansome 
Sampher C. A. proptr Braunan Street Honse, cor 

Brannan and Johnston 
Santa Marina, cigars, etc. Rassette House 
Santiner C. Mrs. liquor saloon, 77 Jackson 
Santon (Joseph) & Monera ( Chas.) liquor saloon, 

cor Jackson and East 
SARGANT BAILEY, proprietor American Ex- 
change, 85 Sansome 
Sargent Francis L. editor, dwl N s Yallejo near 

Sargent John 'W. clerk, American Exchange, 85 

Sarmiento Filer, dress-maker, 307 Dupont 
Sarramia Pierre C. tailor, 173 California 
Sassman John, boots and shoes, 23 Sansome 
Sassman Robert, drayman, dwl N s Lombard nr 

Satchell (Charles) & Farrell ( mffiaja jB.) (col'd) 

clothes renovators, 105 Merchant, dwl N s 

Green nr Dupont 
Sather Joseph, brewer, at "Washington Brewery, 

Vallejo bet Powell and Mason 
Sather (P.) & Church (Edw. W.) bankers, SW 

cor Battery and Clay, dwl NE cor Harrison 

and Second 
Satori Giaconio, dwl W s Sullivan, rear 
Satori Giuseppe, liquor saloon, W s Sullivan, rear 
SATTERLEE JOHN, attorney at law, 14 Wells' 

Bdg, dwl E cor Taylor and Turk 
Satterlee William R. Deputy County Clerk, dwl 

N s Bush bet Union and Taylor 
Sanerbrei Ferdinand, jeweller, 140 Sacramento, 

dwl Montgomery nr Pine 
Sanffrignon Jules, laundryman, cor Post & Jones 
(F. L.) coffee saloon and bakery, 128 

Saul Edward, carriage-maker, W s Kearny near 

Pine, dwl Geary nr Kearny 
Sauhiior John & Co. importers of brandie."", 141 

Front, dwl 15 Hentsch's Bdg 
Sault Jacob, waterman, Jessie nr Third 
Saunders Beverly, bds Union Hotel 
Saunders J. D. draftsman, U. S. Surveyor-Gen- 
eral, dwl Stone bet Wash'n and Jackson 
Saunders Jolin, freiglit clerk stm'r New World, 

office California Steam Nav. Co. 
Saunders (John II.) k Hepburn (U. P.) att'ys at 
law, 129 Montgomery, dwl Stone bet Wash- 
ington and Jackson 
Sava Jose, saddler, with F. Carlo, Pacifio near 

Savage (A.) &, Potter (J.) oysters, etc. office 32 

Washington Market, res Oakland 
Savage Charles, caulker, bds Isthmus House 
Savage John, (col'd) white-washer, dwl Augusta 

Save Pacific, florist, 62 Montgomery 
Saville David Capt. dwl with J. B. Leonard, 

Hawthorne nr Folsoni 
SAVORY (Benj. L.) & CO. (J. Cheney), vege- 
tables, etc. 9 Washington Market, dwl SE 
cor Washington and Kearny 
Sawlett Prescott, drayman, bds 6 Belden's Block 
Sawyer Albert F. surgeon, 94 Montgomery, dwl 

Hentsch's Bdg 
Sawyer Charles H. clerk, 76 Kearny 
Sawyer ICathon, carpenter, dwl 129 Dupont 
Sawyer Ebenezer D. att'y at law, 10 Court Bl'k, 

dwl N s Green bet Stockton and Powell 
Sawyer Elbridge A. wood and coal, S side Bush 

near Sansome 
Sawyer Frederick A. att'y at law, 11 Exp. Bdg, 

dwl 116 Montgomery Block 
Sawyer James, carpenter, bds NW cor Dupont 

and Harlan place 
Sawyer Leander, dwl Leavenworth nr Bush 
Sawyer L. Latham, nicsenger, Custom House, 

dwl NE cor Dupont and Francisco 
Sawyer Otis V. & Co. importers of leather and 
shoe findings, 97 Front, dwl corner Stockton 
and Pacific 
Sawyer Thomas, fireman, dwl S side Mission bet 

Filth and Simmons 
Sawyer William B. agent Aubin Gas, office Mar- 
ket op Mont'y, dwl N s Fourth nr Folsom 
Saxlon Josso B. Rev. pastor Pine Street Church, 

dwl Clementina nr Second 
Saghorn Hammond, clerk, with Baker & Maer, 

SW cor Stevenson and Ecker 
Sayburan (John) & Hansen (John C.) block and 

pump nianuf, 5 Cal, bds 2 Belden's Block 
Sayer Edward, mariner, dwl N s Beale between 

Harrison and Folsom 
Sayer Joseph, boots and shoes, 90 Montgomery 
Sayer Reuben, drayman, with Abernethy, Clark 

& Co. bds cor Pine and Sansome 
Sayer (Thomas S.) & Smith (Robinson L.) hard- 
ware, SE cor Pine and Sansome 
Sayrs Hugh Capt. dwl Fremont betw'n Harrison 

and Bryant 
Sayward M. E. Mrs. boarding, SE cor Sansome 

and Bush 
Sayward William P. dwl Mission bet First and 



SaywartI William T. bds S s Union nr Stockton 
Scadburn Theodore, saddler, bds 167 Commercial 
SCALES {Wm. M.) CLAYTON & CO. (Samuel 

S. Johmon), produce and commission, 40 

Clay, dwl Powell near Ellis 
Scalmanini Charles, dwl 23 Clay 
Scanlan Morris, teacher, dwl Jessie nr Second 
Scanliiid (Frank) & Bruns (Frederick), grocers, 

cor Bush and Jones 
Scannell David, ex-Sheriff, dwl Masonic Ilall, 

■Washington op Plaza 
Scannell John, boot-maker, dwl cor Hyde and 

Micham place 
Scarborough Jas. W. ntt'y at law, 100 Merchant 
Scarfa George, dwl S s Centre nr Dolores 
Soellicr Louis, agent for F. J. de St. Ours, 98 

Sansome [and Green 

Schaaf John M. accountant, dwl NW cor Taylor 
Schaohmanu M. jeweler, 199 Pacific 
SCHAD (IVm.) & SCHWERIN {Henry), bakery 

and coffee saloon, 179 Waslungton 
Schadiker John, carpenter, dwelling Dupont near 

Greenwicli, rear 
Schaeben A. importer of toys, 286 Stockton 
Schaelijr Charles II. clerk, 144 Commercial, dwl 

124 California 
Sohaefer Charles G. clerk, with John Shirley, 

142 Washington 
Schaeffer Frank B. dwl Union Hotel 
Scliafer Chas. laundryman, N 3 Green nr Powell 
Schafer Florence, tinsmith, 41 Battery 
Schafer George, dwl Cottage nr Third 
Schafer Henry, (Mayrisch &, S.) dwl Vallejo near 

Schafer (ff. H.) & Brother (John F. ScJiafer), 

furniture, etc. 118 Sansome 
Schafer John F. (Schafer & Brother'), dwl Scot- 
land place 
Schafer John P. dwl cor Fourth and Howard 
Schaff William, liquor saloon, 201 Jackson 
Schaffer John B. dwl 186 Stockton 
Schaffner Frederick, baker, dwl Green nr Stock. 
Schaffner Susannah Mrs. dress-maker, Green nr 

Schaifer Edward, dwl Dupont bet Clay and Wash 
Schammel (Henry) &, Co. (Peter Seglaivitch), soap 

manufactory, Scotland nr Filbert 
Schanze George, cordwainer, 68 Kearny 
Scharff Martin, groceries, SW cor Market i Ecker 
Schaud Christian (Besler & Co.) 249 Pacific 
Schbirg William, shaving saloon, Pacific nrDup't 
Schedel George, groceries, cor Ecker and Jessie 
Scheid William, bds American Hotel 65 Mont'y 
Sclieinhardt H. baker, 319 Dupont 
Scheitweiler Anton, printer, California Democrat, 

dwl Stockton nr Yallejo 
Scheland Henry, carpenter, dwl Charles bet Bdwy 

and Pacific 
Schell Theodore, purser, stmr Golden Age, office 

P. M. S. S. Co. 
Schenk Hugo (Beythien k S.) dwl S s Post bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Scbeepel Louis. Stockton nr Bush, rear 
Scbeper John H. (Browning & Co.) SE cor Pac 

and Kearny 
Scherr Ferdinand, jeweler. 111 Sacramento 
Scherr Joseph, tailor, dwl S s Sacramento bet 

Mason and Taylor 

Schetter Frederick, warehouse, Davis cor Pine, 

dwl 68 Minna 
Schiff William, laundryman, dwl S s Mason near 

Schiff William, laundryman, Ss Vallejo nr Mason 
Schimcl J. cordwainer, bds New England House 
Schimp John, dwl 6 Brenliam place 
Schinnor Gottleib, dwl NW cor Union i, Kearny 
Schintz J. Herman, cutler, 223 Jackson, bds At 

lantic Hotel Pacific nr Kearny 
Scbirmer Herman, clerk, at 278 Dupont 
Schlawson Edward, dwl 5 Express Bdg 
Schleicher Jacob, proptr New England House, 

53 Sansome 
Schleiden B. clerk, with Chas. Baum, SE cor 

Oregon and Battery 
Schleiden F. J. clerk, with Chas. Baum, dv. i 

Broadway nr Powell 
Schleiden William, foreign bookstore, 200 Wa.=lj- 

ington and Custom House broker, U. S. 

Court Bdg, dwl E s Kearny bet Vallejo and 

Schley Daniel, books, etc, cor Pacific and Davis, 

dwl cor California and Quincey 
Schloss Benjamin, (Schloss Brothers), dwl Mission 

bet First and Second 
Schloss Brothers (Phillip & Benjamin), importers 

clothing, etc. SE cor California and Battery 
Schloss Morri.s. pawnbroker, 262i Dupont 
Schmee G. billiard manufacturer, 80 Jackson, 

dwl cor Sansome and Pacific 
Schmetes John, clerk, cor Jackson and Bartlett 

Schmidt Anthony, upholsterer, with Strahle i 

Brothers, 123 Sacramento 
Schmidt Caleb, clerk, 306 Stockton 
Schmidt Caspar, clothes renovator, 212 Clay 
Schmidt Frederick, groceries, SW cor Stockton 

& Vallejo 
Schmidt Henry W. (Brtieninghausen & S.) cor 

Kearny and Sacramento 
Schmidt J. tailor, 150 Washington 
Schmidt John, rentier, dwl N side Filbert, bet 

Powell and Mason 
Schmidt John, steam guage manufacturer, bds 

New England House 
Schmidt John, drayman, NE cor East and Wash 
Schmidt (John A.) & Hadeler (Hermann), fruits, 

134 Clay 
Schmidt (Julius) & Bleyman (Edward), uphol- 
sterers, 204 Clay, dwl cor Pine and Stockton 
Schmidt T. E. (Danahar&. S.) dwl Minna near 

Schmieden Henry, importer dry goods, etc, 106 

Clay, dwl E s Stockton nr Pacific 
Sohmitt Charles, importer dry goods, 6 Custom 

House Block, dwl Stockton nr Washington 
SchmoU John, dwl cor Third and Silver 
SCHMOLZ WILLIAM, instrument-maker, 118 

Montgomery, dwl S s Post nr Dupont 
Schuckenberg & Co. groceries, cor Clay and Whit- 
more place 
Schneider Edward, clerk, with Jonas G. Clark 

Schneider Valentine, billiard table manuf, bds 

Franklin Hotel 
Schnel Caesar (Dela Rue & S.) dwl Folsom opp 






< • • • > 

The above firm, established a long time 
since, is so well known among Surveyors 
and Engineers in California, Oregon, Utah 
and Mexico, that it does not need any fur- 
ther recommendations. 

Surveyors and Engineers, before making 

any purchases, will do well to examine first 

the lately improved Instruments, from 

the best makers in Philadelphia, France 

and Germany, for sale by Mr. Schmolz. 










Transit and Leveling Instruments, Solar and Field Compasses, Leveling Instruments, 

Mining Instruments, Roadameters, Slope Levels, Marine Glasses, Hydrometers, 

Syphon, Cistern & Aneroid Barometers, Leveling Staves, Assay Scales, &c. 

No. 118 MONTGOMERY STREET, San Francisco. 

Instrnmtnts |mprttli, pah la axht mti ^ti^wtij, bg Mm. Schmol^i. 


MTEi wmii Km mmmm 

(The produce of their celebrated Vineyard of EL ALISO, in Los Angeles,) 

In the Basement of Fioche, Bayerque & Co.'s Building. 







Montgomery Block, N. E. cor. Montgomery and Merchant Sts. 

All Business Connected with BOUNTY LAND Warrants, promptly attended to. 
U^ Always a Notary in the Office from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. 



Established in 1836. Capital, £1,259,760. 

The 21st Annual Sleeting of this Company was 
held on the 12th iust . when the following results 
of the busines." for tlie year ending the 31st of 
January last, were submitted to the nroprietors 
and the policy holders: 


Premiums for tlie j-car, fQL.'ioe 3s. 6(1. ; which, ttfter 
payment of all losses and expenses, and provisions for all 
outstanding claims, left to the credit of profit and loss, a 
net balance of £14,672 15s. 6J. 


Premiums of514 new Policies issued during 

the year £9.814 11 02 

Renewal Premiums and Interest 58,148 7 01 

Total Revenue for the year £07,962 18 03 

Claims during the £14,960 6 10 

Numher of Policies current. 3,986, for capital 

sums amounting to..... £1,832,798 04 09 

FiiTANciAL posmoir. 

Amount of Accumulated Funds £342,535 00 

Revenue from all sources 161,498 07 1 


The Directors having rfcommemled that the Dividen! 
to tho sharehoi(i(irs8huuld be continued at the former rr 
of 7W per ci'Ut., free of Income Tax, tht? same was adoi'i- . 

Progress of the Company daring the past five years. 

FiKB D£PT. Life Dept. 
£ 9. d. £ s. d. 
Revenue from Ist May, 1852, to 

30th April. 1853 13,43113 9 39,357 4 <' 

Revenue from 1st May, 1S63, to 

30th April, 1854 29,834 4 7 42,358 12 i 

Revenue from 1st May, 1854. to 

3l8t Jan., 1S55, (nine mo3.)..37,303 33,374 2 11 
Revenue from let KeU'y, 1855, 

to 3lst Jan'y, 185fi 77,850 19 9 62,184 7 11 

Revenue from Ist Feb'y, 1856, 

to 3l8t Jan'y, 1857 91,306 3 6 67,962 18 1 

Dated June 16, 1857. 


Corner of California and Battery Streets. 

s. X,- sii»ioisr. 

S. li. BOKlvr, 

H. r,. SII^OJM". 




Between Battery and Front, SAS3" IFIBASTSHSOOo 

A full assortment. of the above goods constantly on hand. Orders promptly filled. 



Scbnell {Feter) & Co. {Hermann Ilau^mann), liquor 
snloou, SK cor Kearny and Comraercial, biis 
N s Broadway nr Dupont 
Schnert F. clerk, SW cor Third and Everett 
Sclioen John J. waiter, Hotel International 
Schoepf Ernst, jeweler, dwl 79 Dupont 
Scholl (Louis) & Kaufman {Jacob), butchers, 91 

Scholl Michael, carpenter, Vallejo nr Mason, rear 
SchoUo {Jacob) & Brother ( Wm. Si:hollt). manu- 
facturers and importers clothing and gents' 
etc. -1 Cu.stom House Block, Sacramento 
SchoUe William, {S. Brothtrs), dwl St. Mary's pi 
SchoUeiiberger Frederick, at A. Kohler's, ITS 

Washington, dwl 27G Stockton 
Scholt?, C. grocer and commission merchant, 55 

Schorling Henry P. {Betels & S.) NW cor Sutter 

and Dupont 
Schoycr Raphael, (F. A. Theller & Co.) and auc- 
tioneer, dwl Gustavus bet California and Sac 
Schrader Adolphus, brick-layer, bds Belden 
Schram {Jacob) & Wiegant (Charles F.) hair- 
dressing saloon, 181 Montgomery, dwelling 
Washington bet Powell and Stockton 
Schramp Andrew, dwl Ver Mehr, cor Rassette 
Schreiber Jacob, furniture dealer, 179 Jackson 
Schribel Julm, grocery, SW cor Ohio and Bdwy 
Schriber John, saddler, at cor Jackson and Front 
Schrieber S. at 48 Front, dwl Sutter nr Dupout 
Schrider Christof, cooper, dwl Polk lane 
Schroder Bernard, musician, dwl corner Dupont 

and Sutter 
Schroder G. 43 Montgomery 
Schroder Gesiua Mrs. dress-maker, 43 Mont'y 
Schroder (Henry) & Co. (Christopher Michakis), 
importers of wines and liquors, office U. S. 
Court Block, and groceries 257 Pacific, res 
Schroder Henry, drayman, cor Kearny and Jack- 
son, dwl cor Fourth aud Tehama 
Schroder Herman, musician, dwl corner Dupont 

and Sutter 
Schroder Hermann, carpenter, bds New England 

Schroder (Louis) & Kruger (Louis), proptrs Blue 

Anchor, 5 Washington 
Schroeder Ferdinand A. constable of Justices' 
Court 3d District, 117 Merchant, dwl corner 
Jackson and Davis 
Schroeder Frederick, cabinet-maker, at Strahle 

& Brother's 
Schroeder William, dwl Bush betw'n Powell and 

Schroth (Charles) &, Carl (Henry), bakery, 65 
Kearny, and restaurant, 152 Montgomery, 
dwl NE cor Stockton and Post 
Schubart Elias, (Rosenhattm &, S.) 114 Sacram'o 
Schuck Herman, grocer, Dupont nr Green 
Schuler John, baker, dwl Grand place nr Dupont 
SchuU Valentine, baker, dwl Jackson between 

Stockton and Powell 
Schulte Harmon, {Classen &, Co.) dwlJessie near 

SCHULTE (John G. W.) k OSMER (George). 
liquors, cor Vallejo and Davi.9, cor Pacific 
and Drumm, cor Clay and East, and corner 
Market and East 

Schulter, Carl, podlcr, bds 22 Trinity 
Schultlicss Jolin F. (^fe^tl^&, Co.) dwl NE corner 

Saii.wnie and Market, Helvetic Bazaar 
Schulk Hermann, grocer, E s Dupont bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Schultz Charles, glue manf, SE cor Taylor and 

Schultz Charles, musician, dwl S