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3 1223 04590 0652 


917,94 .SPP7 



Form 3427 


he Inte 


in 2 

ith fun 

3 m 

San 1 

;co Pu 




Importer and Dealer in 

415, 417 and 419 CALIFORNIA STREET, 


Se«<xx Z"x'A.xxolsoo. 

^ ♦ 

Latest Styles of Sofas, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Chamber Sets, Bedsteads, Bedding. 



m:ale a^nd fema-LE 


.>l"/w V/l Vit'il \*J 







(Lower side of Plaza, near Clay) SAM PRlAN!eilS(S@« 



115]**' *^0, 



iW lORK Al iW ORLEiiS 




g^tlantk and §mft ^UmMi^ (1[0. 

j^rr j^^jPTi^-VsTAJiuiii. 




I ■■ ( 



O €> IWE 3F» jflL 2V "ST. 

Organized March 1st, 1854. ...... Capital Stock, $2,500,OaO. 

* 9 • » » 


Th© f©I!8owiin)g ar© tll«© ©ffieers fop tEt© Yeaira f8e2»"@3s 

President, JAS. WHITNEY, Jr.; Vice-President, RICH'D M. JESSUP; Secretary, WM. 
and C. L. LOW. Agents, Sacramento, ALFRED REDINGTON and WILLIAM H. TAYLOR; 
Marysville, G; P. JESSUP; Red Blufif, JAMES & JOHNSON; Stockton, B. Z. CLARKE. 

Steamer CHRYSOPOLIS, -Capt. E. C. M. Chad WICK 

Steamer ANTELOPE Capt. E. A. PoOLE 

Steamer NEAV WORLD Capt. ' 


Steamer J. BRAGDON Capt. D. B. MOSBY 

Steamer CORNELIA • Capt. E. CONKLIN 


Leave every Day, at Pour o'clock, P. M. 

Connecting with the light draught Steamers for 


For further particulars, apply at the OFFICE OF THE COMPANY, 

Northeast Corner Jackson and Front Streets, 






'€J^ 3S/^ Yfesri r??^ -t -b r.i 

*^M^ ^^ 





^ » 



mmm mm ttif §» §i§ ^ 

5th and 20th of each Month. 



C&Pl ST. LIhSs, m-AYMM, 



HOLLADAY & FLINT, Proprietors, 

407 WASHINGTON STREET, opposite Post Office. 











ii, OREGOI & flCTORIi, I ), 

S3 <CE> j;^ .£^ £;£2 SJB IX^ S3 




15^ o :fl 

San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Pedro, 

steamer SENATOR. 

♦ » 

SAM'L J. HENSLEY, Proprietor, 





The BUCKEYE MOWER has proved itself to be the BEST 
MOWER MADE, of which we have hundreds|of Testi- 
monials from all parts of the State. 

It is every where spoken of as the lightest running, less side draught, easy 
and excellent delivery of Grain, of any Reaper in use. i 





Made by C. AULTMAN & CO., Canton, Ohio. 
As a SEPARATOR AND THESHER, it has taken the lead in the Western 
States during the last few years, and now stands unrivalled for the purpose 
of Threshing and Cleaning Grain, by one operation. 


Connected with the above we have 

A Full Stock of Agricultural Implements & General Hardware 






§\mM h^ i\u Sl^Wxm of the ^oridg of Jusiis. 

4 t » 





Latin, Mathematics, History, 

Greek, Natural Sciences, Geography, 

English, Arithmetic, Use of the Globes, 

Mental Philosophy, Boook-Keeping, Pennaanship, 




TGjpSLirsLtcDJr-y TDeip^irtiocLeTxt. 

T E I?. 3>w^ S : 

Entrance or Matriculation Fee, $15, to be paid only once. 

Board and Lodging, Tuition, Washing, Stationery, Medical Attendance, and 
Medicines, per week, $8. 

Total, per session of forty-four weeks, $350, 

N. B. If more than two brothers enter the College, each additional one pays 
only $200 per session. 

The use of Instruments in Natural Philosophy and Chemicals, Modern Lan- 
guages, viz: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Music and Drawing, form extra 

Vacations, if spent in the College, $35. 

The Twelfth Annual Session will commence on Monday, August 25th. 

Prospectuses of the Institution, with full particulars, may be obtained at all 
the principal Hotels in the- State. 

For further information, apply to the President of the Santa Clara College, 
Santa Clara County, Cal., or to Rev. A. Maraschi, St. Ignatius College, Market 
Street, between Fourth and Fifth, San Francisco. 





Oi^PIT^L, S 1,000,000. 





And the S O XJ T H E R IV C O JL S T ; 




Connecting in NEW YORK with tbe 





E x c h" A. isr a E 

On all the PRINCIPAL CITIES in the United States and Canada ; Royal 
Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and Union Bank of London, London. 




N. W. corner Montgomery and California Streets. 


Jr iUvliik & lliwiMliUliM 






« • • • > 

H^ ^^"^"^©^ N^ 



€a!ifoFiiia €oal Miiimff €0. 










No. 432 Montgomery Street, 

% >KNy *x 




Rfctarns made ia from twelve to twenty-four hours, in Coin or Bars, at the option 

of the Depositor. 
Charges, one-quarter of one per cent, or $3 for lots under $1,200. 






Deposits Keceived and General Banking business Transacted. 

»♦ » 









Refinery and Chemical Laboratory, 

®AH FIEAH(BIi;©(D®, 


hours. The charge will be one quarter of one per cent, for all amount3 over $1,200, and 
three dollars for any smaller amount. 

Charges for Refining ten cents per ounce, gross weight after melting, for all bullion over five 
hundred parts Gold, and for all bullion from five hundred to three hundred, five cents per ounce; 
under three hundred fine, three cents per ounce. No charge less than Three Dollars. 

Deposits for Coinage will be refined by us immediately and deposited in the United States 
Branch Mint, and returns made to Depositors on the same day the returns are made to us. The 
charge for coin will be one half of one per cent, being the Bame as charged by the United States 
Branch Mint. 

Silver contained irf the deposit will be accounted for to the Depositor, in the manner and at 
the rate customary at the Mint. 

If required, returns will be made in Refined Bars in four days, at a charge of one sixteenth 
of one per cent, on the value ot all Gold Bars over $5,000, and one eighth of one per cent, on all 
under that amount, and one half of one per cent, on the value of Silver Bars. No deposits of Gold 
less than twenty-five ounces, or of Silver less than two hundred ounces, will be returned in Re- 
fined Bars. 


Minerals, Metals, Soils, Waters, and the Productions of Art, 


— < > « ■ > — 

The various applications of Chemistry to working of Metals, Manufactures, Agriculture, 

Etc, will receive especial attention, 

Refsr to all the Bankers and Gold Dust Dealers in California. 





Corner Front and California Streets, 
No. 70 Wall Street & 161 Pearl Street, New York. 

* ^ • — > ^ 

Agents for " Coleman's California Line " of Clippers, 



I3Vwfl:i»OI?,TER.S OF 

T-.^N.. v^^:* 














Agents of G-lidden & "Williams' Line of Clippers from Boston. 


[Successors to EUGENE KELLY & CO.] 

o sx£ o^ C2:> 1:12. "cp i:^ 02. ^ C2:> 15^ 




< » » » ► — 

SOLE .A.a-E3>TT E O K. 










l|<ig% ^7 ^(^^*w ^^^^^wi ^K^^^c^ ■■ w.^ ^511 

Insurance Broker and Accountant, 


Opposite the Custom House, ^3siSSl O^I?^SiISlC©QS3C©c2:>» 

Wm. Booker, Esq., H B. M.'s Consul. Messrs. Dickson DeWolp & Co. 

Capt. Robert Roxbtt, Lloyd's Surveyor. Messrs. Ziel, Bertheau & Co. 

Messr-!. Samuel Pr[CE & Co. Messrs. Daniel Gibb & Co. 

Messrs. Djpjr, Fojlkes & Co. Messrs White & Wilsos. 

LA cL*X.Jl 






Corner First and Market Sts. 







:f jr o:3>^ the 

IIYAIIS ©F 1. !• WftiOl, l©i AlSllsl^ 

Nos. 211, 2133 215, 217, 2193 221, 223 and 225 Market St. 

^ I » ♦ « I » 










Nos. 401 and 403 BATTERY STREET, 

S&' (Corner of Clay Street,) San FranciscO. 

» ^ 



Insure MERCHANDISE, SPECIE and HULLS, to and from all parts of 
the world at the lowest rates. 


JA^IVSOTV, BOivr> & CO. 


■♦ » » 

131 ]m:oivt»o]>i^ei^^^ str^eet, 


yv. C. TALBOT & CO. 


r®MW ®®Mg® itllMEEE 

Office— F ier- IS STE>V^AR> T HT R.EET. 

SPARS and PILES— All sizes always on hand, for sale by the carpro or singly. 


lncisco directory. 




vr i^tf^. miT 



,im "^^ 





Forwarding and Transhipment of Merchandise, Sale of Whalemen's Bills, 

and other Exchange, Insurance of Merchandise and Specie under 

open Policies, supplying Whale Ships, Chartering Ships, etc. 

Nos. 204 and 206 California Street, 



m^ mi w 

No. 428 Montgomery Street, 

Bet^^een Sacramento & California, 

JOSEM3: G-ri-A-JN'T, 

jr. B. E. C-A-"V"-A.IjXjIEI^. 









^iillloii and lloiae J Broke 



G-old and Silver Bullion, Mint Certificates, Stocks and Securities ; 
Make Investments, Negotiate Loans, and procure Discounts, 


REFERE^fCES.— Messrs. Svther & CiiCRcn, Messrs. Cjniioy & O'Coxnor, Messrs. Bbat & Brother, William 

NOKRis, KsQ., Messrs. DoNono£, Ralston & Co. 


sm i»'Sr 


616 xi:E.^iMX"sr s^ti^e:et. 

Between Commercial and Sacramento Sts., gam FptmcJsco, 



ixrws ifvp 

N. E. Cor. Montgomery and Commercial Sts. 






Estate and M®iie¥ Bi 



^ H ^ ^ ^^@ 




Importers and Dealers in 




' wi!m 11 . 

Nos. 418 and 420 (Old No. 116) CLAY STREET, 


M. LANZENBf:RG, Paris. 

JOHN UAHN, San Franeisco. 



Vestings, Billiard Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, 


No. 026 CLAY ST., and 631 MERCHANT, San Francisco. 










Importers and Jobbers of 

MUSI ^n® asiiMSSSf sii©§ 

Northeast Corner SANSOM and SACRAMENTO Streets, 


riiOlVl THEIIt 


-A.t X_iOS .A-XIg-OlOS- 

» I <#> » . 

Sainsevain's Exta' Cal. White Wine, Sainsevain's Ex'a Fine Madeira Wine 
Sainsevain^s Port Wine, Sainsevain's Cal. Wine Brandy, 

Sainsevain^s Sup'or Angelica Wine, Sainseyain's California Wine Bitters, 
Sainsevain^s Claret Wine, Sainsevain's Sparkling Champagne. 

I « <#■ ■ I 

506 and 508 Jackson Street, near Montgomery. 





\a/hoi_esai_e: and retail.^ 




411, 413 and 415 BATTERY STREET, 


Sole Agents for CHICKERING & SONS' 



O I^ O T 


Nos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery Street, Cor. Merchant, 

TEiiNr^^T^^^^sr cfc so:]Nrs' 

11^" These Pianos have taken the FIRST PREMIUM wherever and whenever Exhibited 
in competition with the best makers of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Among the Judges 
were GOTTSCHALK, WM. MASON, H. A. WOLLENHAUPT, and other Musical Celebrities. 




A. L. S O, 



♦ ^ 

613 CLAY STREET (South side), 3d Door above Montgomery. 

il^- PIANOS tuned and repaired by experienced worlimcn. Second Uand Piauos taken IN part payment. 



« • > » > 

No. 619 CLAY STREET, San Francisco. 





R. B. Woodward, Henry Hanssmaim, Herman Michels, 
Benj. O. Devoe, Robert Turner, H. L. Dodge, 

Isaac Hyde, "Wm. Bosworth, 




No. 611 MONTGOMERY Street, . . . Comer of Merchant, 


I IwO: 1= O I^ T E It -A.3Sri3 nDE-A-IjEH I3sr 

Envelopes, Law Books, Law Blanks, Fancy Articles, 



Orders will be received for any Book or other article required from the States, and obtained in 

the shortest^ussiblc time. 




« » • • ► 

5^" ORDERS from the COUNTRY are solicited, to which special attention will be paid. 





Secretary, HENRY WINKLE. 

hereby certify that the Cement manuftictured by the Benicia Cement Company, is fully 

equal, if not superior, to any Cement ever before used in this city, and that to our own knowledge 

it sets immediately under water : 


CALEB HYATT, Architect, 


H. KENITZEK, Architect, 

M. F. BUTLER, Architect, 

HOFPMAIV Si MOOSER, Architects, 

W. S. TVATSOIV, Chief Engineer California 
Northern Railroad, 

CHAS. W. SANGER, Secretary San Fran- 
cisco and San Jose Railroad, 


GEO. COFRAN, Contractor and Builder, 
O. H. RAND, late Master Mason Mare Island 

Navy Yard, 
SAMUEL ADAMS, Importer, 
A. H. HOUSTON, Contractor, 

WM. PATTEN, Architect, 

B. F. HORTON, Architect. 




^9 <^<^^^^C^^ ^^^ ®§fl*®l, 

Chartres Coffee, Rio Coffee and Green Coffee 



Branches in Oaklan d and Hornitas. 


Importers and Jobbers of 


Near Washington, 







Vice-President '. ALBERT MILLER 




Cashier and Secretary JOHN ARCHBALD 


liiii ©ifililf ^i. w. mm 


No. 512 CALIFORNIA STREET, one door West of Montgomery Street, 


MELTED and ASSAYED, with Correctness and Dispatcli.i 


igp- In the shortest possible time, and on the most REASONABLE TERMS. 

Having a complete CHEMICAL LABORATORY in connection with my facilities for Melting and Assaying, I feel 
confident of being able to give complete satisfi^tion to all who may favor me with their patronage. 

i^~For the convenience of Parties desiring Bars early on Steamer Days, Deposits will be received on 
arrival of the Expresses of the Evening previous. 




D. O. MILLS A CO. Sacramento. San Francisco. 

_ ___ 














Mmuik s 


WM. W^ADH:».MS. } San Francisco. 

U. S. BTTRB.£I>Ii. 

Portland, Oregon. 




Eeceive, Buy, Sell and Forward Goods. ORDERS and CONSIGNMENTS Solicited. 



Nil ''lUIIJ 


'''iJiii'illU ''iiiiiii) 


\l^ ''US 

'^ "® 

['' ''.IMU '■i'KV \>^^ ''''^ '^'^^ ^'^ 

Copper, Brass, Zinc, Sags, ILcad, Cflass, 

Bottles, Hope, Horns, Hides, Old. Iron, JBto. Etc. 

Depot and Office, 111 and 113 Davis Street, near California, San Francisco. 


S. I*. TAYILiOIt. froprietor. 

— ♦ 

All kinds Of Paper on hand and made to order. Wholesale and Retail. 










r— ( 




« o 




:^^ 1=1 


8 a 


o _ 



A, rt 






CO "^ 

S3 o 

o O 


^ rt 


S o 











TVos. 314 and S16 BATTEItY 

ST D^ W 




Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises. 

4 • » » » 




LAMES' fllKOT f 1A¥1ILM(S raiOMKS 

Of Every Description. 
Orders for CUSTOM CLOTHING will receive our most careful and prompt attention. 

Nos. 412 and 414 SA.NSOM: STREET, 






Also, the Celebrated 
^^Now conceded to be the Handsomest, Best Baking and most Economical Stove ever brought to this market."dl 

Nos. 406 and 408 Battery Street. 

~ — V 


Importers of 


^,£^^s:3^ s^ !S <dQ^ s:^' c^ Q ^ <@ cs> o 




Frnite and Farmers' & Gardeners' Produce. 

coiTsia-Kri^EnsrTS soliciteij. 

Fire-Proof Store, No. 312 Washington St San Francisco. 



UPPER & mm LiATlR JOROra, ROAlie. 

5 i"i/t^i/i^t VU5 

322 "Washingtoii St., near Battery. 

HAVE FOR SALE— Oak Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Skirting Leather, Belting Lea> 
ther. Bridle Leather, Alum Leather, Kip Skins, Colored Lining Skins, 

Russet Sheep Skins, Fump Leather, Etc., Etc. I 




CHAS. J. FOX, Now York City. 

n. B. BROOKS. 

0. J. BACKUS. 




3vr E! T .i^ L S , 

Etc. Etc. Etc. 




San Francisco, No. 404 Front Street, 0. E. GIBBS, Agent. 

Sacramento Warehouse Front Street, bet. L and M 

Folsom Warehouse Near Eailroad Depot 

Lincoln Warehouse Near Eailroad Depot 

Upper Placerville — Stone Warehouse 

J!^- Freight DISTINCTLY MARKED care W. L. P., wUl be forwarded to aU portions of 
California and Nevada Territory. 

P. S.— Send your Shipping Receipts per Express or Consignees' box, to "W. Xi. FIjBKINS, Saorameuto, 
that your Freight may be properly checked from Steamer to Cars or Teams. 




4^ Between Sacramento and California Streets, (Up Stairs,) 




Masonic Temple, No. 6 Post St. 


Etc, Etc. 




Masonic Temple; 5 Montgomery St 












MW (&\mhmp and S^ntkm^n'^ <|uvni;$WMg (^0OtK 

^ I . » »■ 

Nos. 632 and 634 SACRAMENTO STREET, 

And e31, e33 OOlVtMiElRCIAL STIiEET, 

tW ORDERS FOR EUROPEAN GOODS promptly and carefully filled for a rea- 
sonable commission by our House in Paris, 28 Rue de I'Echiquier. 





4 FMllSll 

Wholesale and Betail Dealer in 



For Stores, Dwellings, Churches, etc., Fitted up at Reduced Rates. 

I I ^ I I 

Jobbing done with Neatness and Dispatcli. All Work Warranted. 

No. 706 (Old Nori62yM0NT60MERY STREET, 

Below Washington,) SAN PKANCISCO. 



524 Montgomery Street^ 

(Old No. 136,) 





M i^NTJ F^C T O EY. 

• ♦♦ 



WbaU Cine, 23ale J^ope, €tc. 


Fnre IVIanila Hemp. 

Office at TTJBBS & CO., 611 & 613 FRONT STREET. 



ill |7|IS| tel 


^ m 


M illl S 


Agents for J. MILES & SON'S celebrated PMadelphia Manufacture of 

No. 216 CALIFORNIA STREET, sm^Er(5HS(s®(i 





^Imx, §mn ^mi iM»a mH 


.ciiMPieivBs km mmM of m um% 

*~»~^ — 


Choice 60S1IEN BUTTER selected by our Agent in i\ew York. 



FOLSOM STREET, near Center, (now Sixteenth St.) 

> « ^fc > < 

• ^ ^ » 

Mianxiflactxirci's of JiJLJJLi TVOOXj 











Corner of FRONT and CLAY STREETS. 

BOSTonsr packet ofitioe. 

Agents for Glidden & Williams' Line Clipper Ships. 

;0^ Liberal advances mode on 'Wool, Hides, Grain, and other Merchandise forwarded by the above Line. 


All the New Maps published inLthe East received by each Steamer. 

3IapsI«liio>ving tlie position of the Ajrniy, constantly arx'i'ving. 

dwst Ptfbrjished-MiW WAP QfQm.WQ)mm. QalUm's QgMiB. AL ATLAS. 



Room. No. 2, ----....... San Francisco. 

W^. HOLT, Agent for J. H. COL.TON. 





Corner California and Sansom Streets, San Francisco. 

steamer. Ship, Hotel and Family Siores, in every variety and choicest qualities. Orders Pbomptit Filled 




537 and 539 Sacramento St. 3d door below Montgomery, • . • . . San Francisco. 
Tft© Best LigEtted md^ West Gemfoptabl© Billiard Rooms la t?i© Gtty. 





nated, the Loaf being absolutely pure. — London Times. 





NA/ll_l_ SURRl_V TH 







la the language of Dr. Guy, a well-known Physician of Brooklyn, N. T., the Now Bread is 

The finest and most nutritious preparation of the Great Staff 
of Life ever presented for human use." 


-^ is invaluable," says Dr. Cox, of the New York Medical College. It is recommended for 
invalids, as "it agrees with the most delicate stomach." "Many persons have reported their 
OF THE BREAD AS A DIET," says the London Medical Times and Gazette. 


Orders Left at the Manufactory, 575 Mission St. near Second, 


Ladies and the Public generally are invited to call and see tills beantifnl pro- 
cess of Bread-Making without Fermentation or the use of 

W. F. NORCROSS, Superintendent. 





— Importer and Dealer in all kinds of — 

^ JM 




703 k 7U (Old M 167) IffoDtgoinery Street 


(MetropoUtan Bvulding.) SAH FUJ^ITOISaO. 

Jfancg ^ ipiain Maslj ^asins, ^at^ C4^, 


mmm ii PLiii iroi pipe 









No, 131 Montgomery St,, bet. Bush and Sutter, San Francisco, 



ITi^LIi^IST sTRiisras, 





Whose Pianos they have always on hand, for Sale and for Rent. 


Voice and Piano Piano, four hands, One Guitar, 

Piano alone. Piano, six hands, Two Guitars, 

Piano and Guitar, Two Pianos, Guitar and Voice, 

Piano and Violin, One Violin, Guitar and Violin, 

Piano and Violoncello, One Flute, Guitar and Flute, 

Piano and Cornet, Two Flutes, Guitar and Piano, 

Piano, two Violins, Violoncello and Bass, Small Brass Band, 

Piano, Violin, Violoncello and Organ, Full Orchestra, 15-25 Instruments, 

Small Orchestra, Full Brass Band, 15-35 Instruments. 

Also, Instruction Books for the following Instruments: 


PIANO— German, English, and French. GUITAR— German, English, French, and Spanish, 

VIOLIN— German and English. Melodeon, Organ, Accordion, Flutina, Concertina, 

FLUTE— German, English, and French. Banjo, Violoncello, Double Bass. 


Cfjurdj Husic, Complete operas & Oratorios, lounbltusic,etc- 

Violins, Guitars, Accordions, Etc., Etc., repaired neatly and cheap. Genuine Silver Strings, for 

Violins, Etc., Spun to order. Pianos Tuned. Music for Balls, and Parties Furnished. 

Music arranged for all Instruments. New Music received by every steamer. 

New Music published. Music assorted and bound in the best style 





116 and 118 California Street, 

» I ■ I » 

iM mm^, mm mm^^ mikm plmi^ 




€mmms ©ools anb glac^ks, §kclismi%' Spools anb Pacljincs, 

rBR tgrar^^ rs^ gfacia^ 


Iron, Steel, and other Metals, 

1 1 » 1 1 

25, 27, & 29 FEONT STREET, and 34 & 36 PIITE STEEET, 


CAPITAL, Ten Millions of Dollars. 

The undersigned, Agents in California for the above named Company, are prepared to issue 
Policies, Insuring Brick Buildings, or Merchandise stored therein. Household Furniture, etc., and 
are authorized to settle all losses here. 

The amount of the Capital of this Comp.any, viz., TEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which 
■would be immediately available to meet any unforeseen calamity, the well-known character of its 
Directors, the high respectability of its Proprietors, and the standing which it takes among the 
large Insurance Establishments, enable it to rank with the most eligible offices now in existence, 
either in Europe or America, with respect to the advantages offered to the Public. 

This Company will ever distinguish itself by FroinpUieas in the Settlement of Claims. 

J^- Fartias desirous to effect Insurance, will be furnished with all necessary information by 

ALSOP & CO, Nos. 411 and 413 California Street. 


James Qraves. H. F. Williams. J. P. Buckley. 




CLAY STREET, leading through to Merchant, opposite Washington Market, 



Basement under Gilbert' Melodeon. S^SSf 3?32l^Sr^22^<B<E>a 

Paper Eaagmgs aM Fmioiw Sliadds at Eedaeed Prices. 

Carpets made and put down, and all kinds of upholstery work done on the most reasonable term?. 


G37 Olay Street, Sa>ii. lE^rancisco, 

SBB p.A.G)-S 473. 

%M •■» Xm. » H „# jBS JC3L 



IVo. 318 OL^Y STI^EIET, 

Brick Store, between Battery and Front Streets. gaCD ppaticlsoo. 








< - 

p -^ 

-53 .2 


O to 




b i^ 


•r: to 

to C3 



W § 

W W 

r-, £« 

>■ a 

o ^ 

W o 

Qj I— ' ^^ 




<u to 

^^ CO 

S (5 








l-H O 

l-H 4) 

1^ d 

CD •" 


O 5 

o a> 

<5 ^ 


J. I>OT^S' Ac OO., Proprietors, 




IlLi dh CO 



No. 226 FRONT STREET, near Sacramento St. 

flS" WEIly & CO. fprei**' n-puliir i<hi|inieiitK of Havana CigurR, selerte'l for this market hy our agent in Havana, 
Also, Genuine Meerschaum Pipes, German Fancy Pipes, French Clay Pipes, Etc., Etc. 




Importers antr l®|olesale §xmx$, 





hiivc been entered into between the ROYAL MAIL 
STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for the forwaroing of treasure to 
the Bank of England, and to the Bank of France, in Havre, 
by the steamships of the two companies, by means of through 
bills of lading, to be granted by the Commanders of the 
Ships of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, for delivery 
to C. A. HENDERSON, Agent of the Royal Mail Steam 
Packet Company, to be sent across the Isthmus, and em- 
barked on the Ships of the R. M. S. P. Co. For particulars as to through rate of freight, apply to 
the undersigned. 

Arrangements can be made for the shipment of gold and silver ores from Aspinwall, by the 
Company's Steamers, on favorable terms. 

Tile steamships of the R. M. S. P. Co. depart from Aspinwall to the West Indies and Southamp- 
ton on the 8lh, (9th when there are 30 days in the previous month,) and 24th of each month. 

Passages can be secured on application to the undersigned, who will give any further particu- 
lars that may be required about the Company's arrangements. 








— AT — 

Ko. 410 mmT STREET. 


We have on hand and ■will manufacture everything in the shape of FIRE WORKS ever made, and we guarantee 
our WORKS to be as good as any manufactured in the United States. 



Patronize California Manufacture. We manufacture our Fireworks in San Francisco. 

N. B.— All Fireworks guaranteed to be of California manufacture, excepting such smaU works as Pinwheeli, Tor" 
pedoes, Pullers, and Grasshoppers. 

«^ Country Exhibitions attended to promptly, and men sent to superintend them when required. 





INTo, TOT ©ansom ' street, 


iS^iS? & 


11" ^f^.'^ ^S? A ^ 

'cj! ^ioy •+?/ idk io\ io^ «ii/ JihSPi ip}<< w 





No. 633 Clay Street, bet. Montgomery and Kearny, 

PARIS- • • • No. 5 Rue de Conservatoire. 






BgQS. Il@ aaa 21§ FmQMf STREET. 


SBi©©t Kiy^ Lead Pipe, Tm Fkt©, (Hopper Wke, 

ISTos. Il4,' 116, 118, and 120 Front Street, 

(Near California Strebt,) SAN FRANCZSCO. 






Montgomery Street, near Bush. 

It is on tlie ground, floor, is built of "brick, and entirely flre-proof. 
All Modern Improvements have been adopted in its Construction. 

From the Ceiling, in the same manner as the U. S. Senate Chamber. 


Thus doubling the space available to an audience when entering or leaving the Hall. 

%m a ^ £1 Emsyim. Er\ n 

Equal to one space of forty-five feet. 

Under the Hall, and connected with it, is 

-A- Large Dining Hoom^ 

75 feet by 100 feet, with 




Capable of accommodating: 300 Persons. 

Acoustic effect has been especially studied in the construction of the Hall, and in every re- 
spect it is fully adapted to every use which can be made of a public hajl, for large 



For Terms, apply at Office, No 9 Mercantile Library Building. 




And Dealer in U. S. Government Securities^ 



1 I ^ I I 

OFFICE— S. W. Corner Montgomery and Merchant Streets, 

^<£^s::3- OCN oa <£x s;:ar (29 u ^ cs» cs> o 


^ » » 

All kinds of Job Printing, at fair prices. 






319 Pine St, bet, Sansom & Montgomery, 


And No. 123 FRONT STREET, between L and M. 

K.-voi*,-^ >» i»:."v 'I'd 


.^•REPAIRING in all its branches, such as straightening, 
Qumming, Retoothing, and all other repairing necesbary. 

Circular Saws of a superior quality, always on hand. 

All Saws sold, or work done wurranttd. 




m > > • » 














" JULESBURGH-Crossing 

of South Platte 155 


" OMAHA 155 

" ST. JOSEPH 155 


9h Puils nU fass^njgtrs mil lag ovtri ou nijglit at fait ^ali^ C^itir. 

£^~ Passengers will be permitted to lay over at any point or the road, and resume their seat 
when there is one vacant. To secure this privilege, they must register their names with the Stage 
Agent at the place they lay over. Passengers allowed 25 pounds of Baggage; all over that 
weight will be charged extra. 

The Company will not be responsible for loss of Baggage exceeding in value Twenty-Five 

STAGE OFFICE, Second St , between J and K, to 

H. MOIsTTFORT, Argent, 















m u 
m [> 

m ^ 




-♦ » » 

respectfully informs the Public that he has lately made a large 
addition to his fine stock of Riding Horses, Ladies' and Gentlemen's 
Saddles and Equipments. 

For the beginner, the gentlest of horses and a careful Teacher are 

provided, so that the most timid Lady or Gentleman may take lessons 

in this superior and healthful exercise with perfect confidence. 

Spirited but well trained Horses always on hand for the general rider. 

Every attention paid to supply animals suited to the skill of the rider. 

a^iniEg' AST! ©ssrHsiEisiESJ's iMiiLS mwm 

Sent to any part of the City, Day or Night. 

1^" The Proprietor has no connection with any other Riding School in this city, havin" founded 
the present Pioneer Academy, and devoted his attention to this establishment only. He offers to 
the scholar or general rider all the advantages which years of experience, attention, and study have 
given, and feels confident that the most timid of either sex can be taught, without danger or fear 
to become a steady and graceful rider. 

OREIOK JOHNSON, Proprietor Pioneer Riding Academy, 

soy and. 800 MIoriLtgtomcry St, atoove Jackson. 






Incorporated June 15 th., 1857. 

» « *#■ « ■ 




< • « • > 

OiniPi OE3 : 

Corner Montgomery and Jackson Streets, 

Parties introducing Water into their premises, by applying at 
the Office of the Company, can obtain any information desired 
regarding the weights, strength, and sizes of service-pipe suitable 
for different localities. 






Incorporated viii<lci» A.ct or tlio XiCglslature, April 8, 1S58. 

■ « » » » 

C^PITA-L STOCK, S3,000,000, 


Main Reservoir, Laguna Honda, 

Capacity, 100,000,000 GaUons. 

Islais Reservoir, Cor. Brannan and Sixteenth Sts. 

Capacity, 500,000 GaUons. 

PRESIDENT, Eugene L. SuUivan. 

SECRETARY, Edward Mickle. 

CI'TEF ENGINEER, A. W. Von Schmidt. 

INSPECTOR, J. H. Von Schmidt. 

Eugene L. Sullivan, Robert Roxby, 

Henry Carlton, Jr., F. A. Woodworth, 

A. W. Von Schmidt. 






Corner of Francisco and Mason Streets, 

(N1©RTH! BEAGH).). 

^^^^.s:^' s:p^I^«£^l.^L:s'<;@u^<;sc^^o 

\ve ai'e px'epared to retlxice "by contract 


Will be as low as the charge of similar Establishments in Europe, 



And of Suitable Fineness for Reducing or Shipping. 






Inlaying- Oar<is, IBlaiili: ]Booli:s, 


B©t\»©era WasfiCngtoti tttd Merohartt,, « . . . .SAM FRANIGBSG©. 




1 ^ini Rlhi^cfc'lP rt\THirl Riin^^Tpifii 




SHORTS ^I^D BI?A.lsr. 

No. 422 (Old No. 113) CLAY STEEET, near Sansom San Francisco. 



^11 IVIontgomery Street 






Writing Desks, Ladies' & Gentlemen's Toilet Articles, 


sM^wiiMi^e wmm mmmw. 


Oil and Water Colors, Brushes, Varnish and Oil, 


I ■ ■#* » ■ 

White and Tinted Drawing and Water Color Paper 


New Goods received by every Steamer. 




E. IN/n^RTIN^ & CO., 



liffiaiimm jftTiri V ff AIT Ann 


S.W. Cor. Sansom and Jackson Sts., 


"R"P{, A. TsTT^TTHR — James Hennessy; Otard, Dupuy & 
Co. ; Roclielle, and Otlier Brands. 

(3r I IN" S — I^ew Drop ; Steamboat ; Swan ; Holland and 


POUT "WnSTES-Oporto, Malaga, Etc. 

SHERRIES-Duff, Gordon & Co.; Harmony. 

"WTHXSKIES — Bourbon; Monongaliela ; Eureka. 

I?»TT]S/ES — New England; St. Croix, and Jamacia. 

CIIA.MPA.G]SrES-Clias. Heidsieck; Mumm's ; 
Verzenay; Piper Heidsieck; Cabinet; Clicquot, and otlier 
Favorite Brands. 

Ci^LIFORISri^ W'lISrES-F'-om various 

Los Angeles Vineyards. 



I. B. FURDY & CO., 






Sansom and Commercial Streets, 

MIS mM€mm. 

^ :^ '^ 

^uavi^- I. B. PTJRDT, J. S. DIMON. 


Orders taken for Suits of Clothing, to be made in New York and delivered here. 


Manufacturers and Importers of 



(Oval and S<ixiaro,) • 








No. 236 (Old No. 68) MONTGOMERY ST. 


€l.a?lTi, BMm, ML SLOTHS 

With increased facilities at their new place of business, they are prepared to do work in every 
branch of the Upholstery Department. 

Particular attention given to the Re-StuflBng, Covering and Varnishing of 
Parlor Sets, and Refitting all kinds of Furniture. 


Plain and Fancy Decorations ])ut up from the latest French Designs. 


And all other kinds of Mattresses made to Order. 









ti4? IT^-^:! 






Orders from the country solicited and promptly attended to. 


SAN ni>\.ivdsco. 















MF ¥l^ ^^ M 




Earcioak Fiaaotortes^ Eeedl aid Pipe §rgaas, 

UWahons, |]imto Cokrs, |1imr0 Stools, |Husit |l;ulis, (6tt, 


Stoclart I^ianoforte and. tlie IPi'ince JVrelocLeon. 

'A large stock of Pianofortes for hire, always on hand. 







■ ♦ ■ . 

Clay Street, below Montgomery. 



jrosBcxvr o. s» jAl o iesi » 

Successor to THOMAS TENNENT, 
J303 M:0]VT00M:EI1Y street, liiisi^ Block. 



Transits, Tracing Cloth, Spectacles, Spy Glasses, Drawing Instruments. 

Leveling Staves, Theodolites, Ships' Compasses, Tracin<j Paper, 

Barometers, Drawing Paper, Solar Compasses, Charts. Sextants. 

U. S. Agency for Government Charts Kepairs Executed in the Best Manner. 

.'d. % 

xyvivu. (no 

vc_s;*^ S^gents for ^g*;^;^^ 

O^D (y/ixyvx^ ^Le^efe, Vi)xMv«A) cA) Vi)Wi), 
Ban, Francisco. 


Jfint Counting |)onsc Staliontrj in (61)trg inrictij. 


— ♦ — 

Inks; Gold Pens of the most celebrated manufacture ; and Rogers' and Wostenholm's Pocket Cutlery, 


423 SANSOM STREETTbetcfay and Commercial. 



For the Year commencing September, 1862 : 








The Consolidation Act and its Amendments; the Municipal Government; Societies and 
Organizations, and a great Variety of Useful and Statistical Information : 








OFFICE OP THE DIRECTOaT, No. 636 (Old No. 144) Washington Street, Room No. 4, up-atairs 

WM. B. COOKE & CO. 624 Montgomery Street; A. ROMAN & CO. 419 Montgomery Street; 

QEO. H. BEIjIi, south-weat corner of Montgomery and Merchant Streets. 



517 Clay and 6U Coiumcicial Streets. 

1 s'e b . 



r o I- 1 s o 3 , 




< • « > > 

Price, Three Dollars per Year, in half morroco ; or Two Dollars and a HaK, in paper for mailing. 

s A. asr i^ II, .A. 3sr c I s c o. 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the Tear of our Lord, eighteen hundred and sixty-two. 

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court, for the Northern District of the State of California. 


7344 --— ^ 

^ THE 


FOTi ises. 

4 SAH^si©©^ @f gf 4f 2if 204L f 4Qf i 


X3m.o. DC 1D"P , 

^ AND 


T*i«lrirs. '^S € 'on 


G-. Xi.A.iJSrG-LE-S', Publisher, 

SA.3Sr I^R,>^3SrC3ISCO 


The San Francisco Directory for 1862-3, will be found, on exami- 
nation, to be fully equal in interest and value to either of its predecessors, 
and entitled to the flattering support extended to it. 

The present issue of the Directory contains upward of thirty-four thou- 
sand names, an increase of nearly five thousand over the number contained 
in the volume of last year, or nearly nineteen per cent. The same gratify- 
ing results of the rapid progress of our city during the past year, will bo 
found in every department of the work. 

The difficulties annually referred to, which embarrass the efforts of the 
canvassers employed in the collection of names, have not diminished, but, 
on the contrary, seem to keep pace with the increasing size of the work. 
A continued and stubborn reluctance on the part of a few to furnish infor- 
mation when politely requested, annually imposes upon the compiler a 
considerable amount of labor and expense, and in order to prevent, as far 
as possible, such a result hereafter, he is determined to publish, in the 
columns of the work, the number of the building where such a course is 

The system of numbering, ordered by the municipal authorities, has 
added value to the work, and were it universally adopted, would doubtless 
be received with general favor, and would tend much to simplify future 
references. In order to facilitate public convenience, a " Numerical Street 
Directory," in accordance with the new plan, has been prepared, and will 
be found in the present volume under its appropriate head. The " Business 
Directory" has received from the compiler especial attention, and he feels 
confident that the industry devoted to that branch of the work has pro- 
duced a very complete list of all trades and professions carried on in our 
city, with an accurate register of the names of all persons or firms engaged 
therein. In this list over eleven thousand names will be found so arranged 
as to be of easy reference, and supplying to the stranger ready means for 
procuring much valuable information in regard to the trade of this city. 
The " Street Directory " has been carefully revised, and now conforms to 
the official data in the office of the Assessor of the city and county. 


In the "Appendix"" the Consolidation Act has been republished, with 
all the amendments so methodically arranged, that the changes in the law 
are perceptible at a glance. In this part of the work is also embodied a 
mass of information, extremely varied and much of it very interesting, 
embracing lists of the Federal, State, and Municipal Officers, notices of Local 
Societies and Associations, Churches, Military Organizations, Etc., Etc. 

The "General Eeview" presents a diary of the interesting local events of 
the year, brief notices of Schools, public and private. Benevolent Associa- 
tions, Cemeteries, Public Improvements, Eailroads, and other subjects wor- 
thy of special mention, with historical data of present interest, and well calcu- 
lated to make the book a valuable work of reference to future generations. 
But the particular feature of this department of the Directory is the Tables, 
presenting a corrected census of the population of the city and county for 
1860, 1861, and 1862, the compilation of the United States census of the 
city and county of 1860, and the statement of the buildings within the city 
limits. To these there has been devoted immense labor at considerable 
expense to the compiler, but as they satisfactorily prove the permanent 
growth and prosperity of the city, constitute most valuable data for subse- 
quent reference, and set at rest speculation on a much vexed question, he 
is fully rewarded for the expenditure. 

Prefixed to the Directory is a valuable map of the city and county of 
San Francisco, compiled and drawn from the United States surveys, care- 
fully revised and corrected to 1862, with the copious materials in the 
custody of the city and county Assessor. 

The compiler would again express his thanks for the uniform courtesy 
extended to him during the progress of his labors. The prompt and wil- 
ling assistance accorded by public officers, officers of societies, and others, 
to whom application was made for information for the work, is properly 
appreciated. The San Francisco Directory for 1863-64, will be issued 
in September next. 

San Francisco, September, 1862. 




(Jfiilos.V. Tiiiiosriipliv. Finances, etc 1 


Population 18G1 10 

National Census ISGO 16 

I'opulution 1S(J2 17 

CItv iniiu-ovenipnts 18 

NuinluTof Buildings 18fi2 21 

Cliiondlojrical Ilistorj' 22 


I'Mucatiiiii and Public Schools 27 

Privatn Sdiools 29 

Catliolic School-) 29 

St. iRnatiua College 2!) 

St. Mary's Cdle^-e 29 

St. Mary's School SO 

School of St. I'Yancis 30 

School Sisters of Presentation 'M 

School Sisters o/" Charity 30 

St. Thomas' Seminary 31 

Younp Ladies' Seminary 31 

ColleKiate Institute 31 

Union Cidlegp 31 

Citv Female Seminary 31 

City College 31 

llehrow Schools 31 

Industrial School 31 

University of the Pacific 31 


Saliliath Schools 31 

Salihath School Uniou 31 


Mission Dolores liuriul Ground 33 

Verba ISuena 33 

Lone Mountain 33 

Hebrew 33 

Calvary 34 





San Francisco and San Jose 34 

Omnibus 3d 

North IJeach and Mission 35 

Central 35 


S.avintis and Loan 36 

Ilibernia 36 

S. F. .•Savings Union 36 

French Mutual 37 


German _ 37 

UuildiuK and Loan 37 

Union Homestead 37 

Kccent Organ izatirtnsr. 37 


San Francisco 37 

Mutual Marine a7 


8 in Francisco City '. .07 

Spring Valley 38 


Foundries and Machine Shops 38 

Holier Works 39 

Gold and Silver Refinery 39 

Pacific Metallurgical Works 39 

Pioneer Woolen Factory 40 

Slission Woolen Mills 40 

Cordage and Oakum 40 

Refinery of Snsar ...., 40 

Unfermented Pread Co 40 

Dows' Distillery 41 

Wire Rope Manufacture 41 

Wire Works 41 






Buildings 421 

Halls, Blocks, Rows. Wharfs 421 

Places of Amusement 42;i 

Prominent Places 423 

Key to Public Olliccs .% .424 





Board of Supervisors .537 

Citv and County Otficors .; .538 

District Otliiers 531) 

Election Districts .540 

P<ilice Department 540 

Public Schools 540 

Board of Education 540 


Officers, Organization and Fire Districts 541 


Custom House 546 , 

Branch Mint 547 

U. S. Surveyor-Oeueral 547 

Post Office 517 

COURTS 1 648 


Baptist 549' 

CongreiJtationalist 549 

Episcopal 550 

Methodist Episcopal 661 

Presbyterian ri^i'l 

Itonian Catholic .'.■,:'. 

Sweden borgian C>!ij 

Unitarian 555 

Chinese Mission House 555 

Mariners' fliurch 555 

(!hurch of Christ 550 

Lutheran SoO 

German Evangelical 55fi 

Hebrew ."' 


Relifrious , 

Benevolent Si'S 

Protective 562 

Lit<'rary 5t!5 

Historical ,5(15 

Social 567 


1. 0. OF ODD FELLOWS 671 

















Adclsflorrer Bros xxvii 

Alsop & Co xxxvi 

Armes A nullum 594 and 628 

Austin & Schiuitt xxv 

Bach J 610 

Itadger & Liiidenberger xxii 

]!ailcy A Harrison 5')2 

Baireit A Sherwood inside front cover 

BanmO 50(5 

Bell A Treeman xlv 

Bell r,. H xxiii 

liell (!. W xxiv 

]!eirnios (>32 

ISonicia Ilvdraulic Cement Co.. .xxiv 

Bercrin J. J 610 

Bernard (^ 60« 

Bifc-elow Brothers & Flint 622 

Blake A Co xxx 

Booker W. L xli 

IJovce Thos 6()fi 

Br.idslKiw A Co xxxiii 

Br.aneh Hotel 614 

Braverman A Levy front cover 

Brittan J. W xlii 

Brodie Wra. A Co ."iO.S 

]5rooks Geo. J. & Co R26 

Brown A Wells 595 

Bruce A Co xviii, 

Buswell Alexander 414 and 6S.S 

IJutlerM.F 599 

Cal. Mnt. Marine Insnrance Co.. .585 

(Jalifornia Steam Navigation Co v 

Cal. I'nfermeutea Bread Co xxxiii 

Cannavan .M front cover 

Castle Bros xliii 

Cazncan T. .\ 605 

(^hapin O. W. A Co i" 

Clark Joseph xv 

CotTee ft. W 610 

Colfev A Risdon 6U 

Coleman W. T. A Co xiv 

(!onrad A 628 

Conrny A O'Connor xxxvi 

Cooke" Wm. B. A Co 639 

Ooniwall V. B 584 

Cox, Wilcutt A Co xxiv 

Craine VVm 603 

Crane C. A 6IKi 

Czapkay L. J 627 

Davis C. A. Mrs 636 

Day T front cover 

Deane .1. R xxxix 

Delavan J Dr 600 

Dickson , De Wolf A Co m 

Donahue V 613 

Donehis 1' xvii 

Dows.I. A Co xl 

Dunn P. F 622 

Kastman A Godfrey 509 

Kaston A Bro 616 

Kcliart H 504 

Kckman Julius Dr 474 

Edwards F. G xxxix 

Fishbourne R. W 624 

Fitz?ril>l)on M. E 474 

Flanajrun K 617 

Flint, Peabody A Co xv 

Freeman B. 11. A Co 595 

G.allagher A Weed 598 

Gardner A Davis 628 

Gattol B 615 

Gensoul A li 

Georue D 632 

Ghirardelli D xxiv 

GiirinO. K. A Bro xlii 

Gillespie A Gray 005 

Gilman .\. M. A Co xxxviii 

Goddard A Co fill 

Grant A. N. & Co 598 

Graves H. T 618 

Graves, Williams A Buckley, .xxxix 

Giav Mathias xxii 

.Gray Nathaniel 615 

Grimes N. K back cover 

Grosh A Rutherford 610 

Grover A Baker back cover 

HallJ. F 600 

Ilallidie A. S. Sc Co 619 

Hardenberfrh A Dyer xxxvii 

Hawley A Co viii 

Uayncs A I,awton xiv 

HenkeninsH 601 

Hensley S. J vii 

Ilenriqiies D xx 

Hentsch H xii 

Ileynemann A Co 633 

Hickox G. C xix 

Hill J. B. A Co Iv 

Hinckley A Co 612 

Hirsch A xix 

Hitchcock G. B Ivi 

Hobbs, Giltnore A Co xvi 

Horl-re A Wood xx 

Hoelscher, Wieland A Co 591 

Holladay A Flint vi 

Holt W xxxiii 

HornB. C. A Co Ivi 

Howard S 626 

Howland A Oliver 6.32 

Howland, Angell A King .'93 

Hucks A Lambert 600 

Hudson Geo 621 

Hunt K. 608 

Hyatt C 603 

Isaacs J 1 

Janson, Bond ACo. ....xvii 

Johnson Orrick xlvii 

.Johnson T. K xxxviii 

Johnston W. B 583 

Jones, Dixon A Co xxi 

Jones, Wooll A Sutherland liii 

Jordan A. H 602 

Jordan M 602 

Keith W. H. ACo., inside front cover 

Keller M xxxvii 

Kellogg, Hewston ACo xiii 

Kcsraodel F 616 

Kimball Geo. P A Co 605 

Kirby, Jones A Co xxvii 

Klep?.ig I. C. K. A Co 621 

Knapp, Burrell A Co x.w 

KnowlesG. B. A I. H xxxviii 

Koeliler A 595 

Kuner A 599 

Lane A Gordon, 617 

Langley A Co 6.38 

Langley Henry O Iviil and 583 

Lauzenberg M. A Co xx 

Lai son A. C 414 

Lawrence A Houseworth.xxxix & 473 

Leclerc J 697 

Ijcwit A Leonard 618 

Lick James 1 

Liddle R. A Co 621 

Little A Burrows xxxiii 

Locke A Montague xxvii 

IJovd S. H 637 and back cover 

LowC. A. ACo ..623 

LuckeH 684 

Mackay B 629 

Main A Winchester xxvi 

Market Street Railroad xi 

Marks A Gove 592 

Martin E. A Co lii 

Marx A Huter 631 

Massey A 614 

McDonald J. ACo 596 

McKhvee A Ackerman liv 

McFarland G. 602 

McGill J.A Co .594 

Mctiregor .J 606 

McKibbin W 612 

.McLean A Fowler 620 

McRuer A Merrill xviii 

Mead J. R. A Co back cover 

Meader. Lolor A Co xxxiii 

Merry T. B. 423 

Mission Woolen Mills xxxii 

Middlelon John A Son xix 

Mitchell J. C xix and xxix 

Molitor S. A Co 602 

Morrow Geo (W2 

MuIIlmA .W6 

Miirpliy, Grant A Co xv 

-Music Hall (Piatt's) xliv 

Newm.tnBros 631 

Kisbet A Garniss 624 

Norcross D xxix 

Norcross D. C .■.".'. ftjo 

O'Brien J. H. xxx 

Overland Mail .'.'..xivi 

Pacific Mail Steatnship Co iv 

Pacific Metallurgical Works 1 

Palmer, Hanscom A Co 5,88 

Paltenghi A Larseueur 609 

Parker K. H 604 

Parker (J. F 607 

Patrick James A Co 625 

Peiree J jji 

Perkins W. L xxviil 

Perry J.jr xlv 

Pettit A. P 631 

Phelan A Hughes 609 

Pioche A Bayerque xi 

Plum C. M 012 

Poriraann J. H. C 616 

Portois P 003 

Prior J. K xxxiv 

Purdy I. B. A Co liil 

Ransom L 620 

Rasche A Sons xxxv 

Reynolds T 598 

Roach J 595 

Roberts, Morrison & Co xxxi 

Robinson T ; liv 

Roman A front cover 

Rons A Wunderlich xxi 

Rosa S 622 

Sack J.C Ivi 

Sainsevain Bros xxi 

Santoid J. I,. A Co xxvii 

San Fran. City Waterworks . xlviii 
San Fran. Cordage JIanufactory xxxi 
S. F. Fire Insurance Co.. .front cover 

S. F. Union xxiv 

.San Francisco Sugar Refinery . . . 6.35 

Sargent A Ciistrce 432 

Santa Clara College ... ix 

Savings and Loan Societv xxiii 

Sawyer, Clarke A Laphana , ....597 

Schafer J. F. AH. 11 609 

Sclimolz W 589 

Schi eiber J.AC 63:^ 

Selby T. H. A Co xxxvi 

Shennan W. A Co xxvi 

Sherwood Robert ii 

Shreve Geo. C. A Co front cover 

Silversmith J 599 

Sims J. R 603 

Smith A Cutter xli 

Sneath A Arnold xxxii 

Snook G. A W 616 

Spaulding N. W xlv 

Speyer M. Insurance S86 

Speyer M. wines xv 

Spreckles Bros. . 092 

Spring Valley Water Works. . . . xlix 

Sipiarza V 6.3,8 

Steele II .598 

Stein, Simon A Co xxix 

Sterctt B . F 473 and 474 

Stott C 601 

Stout A. B 5S6 

StowullW. H 629 

Stratman J. A. Co xxxviii 

Slrahle J ,'5,84 

Sullivan A Tower 500 

Swain R. }!. A Co ,187 

Sweeney D.aniel 597 

Sweeny M. D xlii 

Talhot W. C. A Co xvii 

Tay, Brooks A Backus xxviii 

Taylor John 617 

Tavlnr S. P xxv 

Teiibner A Hoffman 621 

Tburnaucr A Zinn 629 

Tillman F 625 

Tubbs A Co xxxi 

Valentine A Co 6,33 

A'enard G 611 

Verdier, Freres, Scellier A Co .. .xliii 

Vice Martin .. 597 

Vulcan Iron Works Co J . . 590 

Washington Market 634 

Weil A(;o xli 

AVcl Is, Fargo A ('o. x 

Wheeler A Wilson back cover 

Whitman S. P back cover 

Wigmore J C^W 

Wilson J. A Son 617 

Winkle H 608 

Willie J. E back cover 

Woodwortb, Allovon A Co Iv 

Zeeh Jacob 629 

ZeileF. Dr 601 


Advertising Agents. 


Thos. lloyco POO 

C. A. Craiio 006 

AKTicultiiral Depots. 

Ifawley & Co viii 

Kuapp, Burroll & Co xxv 

Music Hull, IMatt's xliv 

Win. ir. Keith & Co. inside, front cover 
Carl "Williulm COl 


M. F. Butler 593 

Wni. Cr»ine COS 

C. Hyatt 003 

A. n. .Ionian 602 

15. Mackay C29 

A. 1'. I'otit lial 

P. Portois 6!)3 

J. E. Wolfe back cover 


O. W. Bell xxiv 

Hei>ry Hcntsch xii 

KcUoiri;. Ilewstou Sc Co xiii 

S. Moli'tor & Co 602 

PaciQc Metallurgical Works 1 


J. MiilJletoii k^im xix 

MoMuer & .Merrill xviii 

D. Sweeney 597 

Axle Grease. 

Ilucks & Lainliert 800 


Oil. Unfermonted Bread Co xxxiii 

II. WinlUe COS 


nenry Hentscli xii 

I'iuclie, Baj-erqiio & Co xi 

Welld, Fargo & Co x 


J. F. & 11. 11. Scliafer 609 

J. & C. Schreiber 633 

Billiard Saloons. 

Bank Exchange 007 

Little & Burrows xxxiii 

Billiard Table Manufacturers. 

lI.Ecbart 594 

Plielan & Hughes H09 

J. atrahlo 584 


A. N. Gmnt & Co i>98 

U. Steele 598 

Boat Builders. 
Martin Vice .597 

Boiler and Sheet Iron Works. 

G. W. Coffee 610 

Coffey & Uisdon 611 

Sullivan & Tower 590 

A. Buswell 414 


Adrien Gensoul li 

G. II. Bell xxiii 

A. Roman front cover 

Boots and Shoes. 

P.F.Dunn 622 

H. Luclvc 584 

lloberts, Morrison & Co xxxi 

Boxes, Packing. 
Ilobbs, Oilmoro &Co xvi 


Iloelsclur. Wieland Sc Co 591 

Spreckles Bros 592 


C. Baum 590 

Bruce .t Co xviii 

I). Uenrli)UC8 XX 

G. C. Ilickox xix 

J. Perry xlv 

W. II. ftowell 029 

Broom Makers. 

Armcs& Dallam 594 

Nowman Bros 631 

Cabinet Makers- 

A. Conrad 628 

Ka.ston & Bro 016 

J. Wigmore 030 

Camphene and Coal Oil. 

Bailey & Harrison 692 

Cha.s. Stott 001 

Carpenter and Builder. 

A.C.Latsou 414 

Carriage and "Wagon Manuf. 

George P. Kimljall & Co 005 

Benicla Cement Co xxiv 


G. McFarland 602 

Sawyer, Clarke & Lapliam 597 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

B. C. Horn & Co Ivi 

Weil & Co xii 

Clothing Dealers. 

Badger & Lindenberger xxii 

J. 11. .Mead & Co back cover 

I. B. Purdy & Co liii 

W. Sliernian & Co .xxvi 

Cloths and "Woolen Goods. 

Lanzcnberg & Co xx 

Stein, Simon & Co xxix 

Coal Dealers. 
E. Flanagan 617 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

C.Bernard COS 

D. Ghirardelli xxiv 

G. Vonard Oil 

Colleges and Schools. 

Dr. Julius Kckman 474 

Santa Clara Ix 

Commission Merchants. 

W. T. Coleman & Co xiv 

Flint, Peabody & Co xv 

Meader, Lolor & Co xxxiii 


Sargent & Castree 432 

Cooking Banges. 

Lcclerc J 597 


T. Reynolds 598 

Tubbs & Co xxxi 

Crockery and Glassware. 

P. Douglas xvii 

Haynes & Luwton xiv 

A. llirsch xix 

XUomas Day front cover 


Adelsdorfer Bros xxxvii 

Frederick Kcsmodel 016 


J. Dows & Co xl 

Doors, Sash and Blind Manuf. 

J. McGill & Co 594 

Dry Goods. 

Austin & Scliniitt xxv 

M. CanuHvan front cover 

Heynemann *Co 633 

JauKim, Bund A: Co xvii 

Murphy, Grai\t & Co xv 

Verdicr, .'^collier & Co xliii 

Engravers and Be^igners. 

R. W. Fishbourno 624 

J. F. Hall 000 

A. Kuucr 599 


T. Robinson liv 

Iloos & Wunderlich xxi 

Examiners of Deeds. 

Gillespie &, Gray 6C5 


Wells, Fargo <fc Co x 

Fancy Goods. 

Adelsdorfer Bro xxvii 

Jones, Dixon & Co xxl 

Fire Works. 

O.F. Giflin & Bro xii 

Flour Mills. 

Grosh & Rutherford ClO 

Jas. Lick 1 


McRuer & Merrill xviii 

W. L. Perkins x.xxiii 


Wm. Brodio & Co 593 

P. Donahue 013 

G.iddard & Co OU 

Hinckley & Co 612 

Ilowland, Angell & King 593 

Palmer, Ilansconi & Co 58S 

Vulcau Iron Works Co 690 

Fruit Dealers. 

Graves, Williams .t Buckley xxxix 

J. Bryant Hill & Co Iv 

Knapp. Burrell &, Co xxv 

J. L. Sanford &, Co xxvii 

Furniture Dealers. 

Kaston & Bro 016 

N. (i rimes back cover 

J. I'circe iii 

Fur Dealers. 

A. Muller 596 

Gas Fitters and Plumbere. 

Thomas Day front cover 

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J. K. Prior xxxiv 

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Jobn Taylor 017 


Bradshaw & Co xxxiii 

Castle Brcs xliii 

Smith & Cutter xii 

SucatU & Arnold xx.vii 


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KlepziK & Co 021 

R. Liddle & Co 621 




Conroy & O'Gonuor xxxvi 

Uawley & Co viii 

Harness and Saddlery. 

JIain & Winchester xxvi 

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Hats and Caps. 
Blake & Co xxx 

Hay and Grain. 
George Morro\v....„ 632 


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lluss House xxxvii 

Instrument Depots. 

J. McGregor 60G 

Jolin KoHch 895 

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William Schmolz 5S9 

Insurance Adjusters. 

T. N. Cazneau 605 

Joseph Clark xv 

Insurance Agents. 

Alsop & Co xxxvi 

Biijelow Brothers & Flint 022 

Hickson, UeWolf & Co 5S7 

Jauson, Bond & Co xvii 

W. B. Johnston 58:5 

S. II. Lloyd cover and 637 

C. Adolphe Low & Co 623 

McLean & Fowler 620 

N'isbet & Garniss 624 

E IL Parker 604 

M. Speyer 5S6 

A. B. Stout 5'!6 

R. B. Swain & Co 587 

Insurance Companies. 

California Mutual Marine 5S5 

San Francisco Fire Ins. Co cover 

Intelligence Offices. 

Geo.W. Cliapin & Co iii 

S. P. Whitman & Co cover 

Iron and Steel. 

Conroy & O'Conuor xxxvi 

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Iron Doors. 

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Land Agents. 
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G. B. & I. H. ICnowles xxxviii 

W. C. Talbot xvii 

Machine Sewing. 
S. Howard 626 

Machine Shops. 
Wm.McKibbin 612 

Mail Lines. 
Overland Mail xlvi 

n. Gattcl 615 

Maps, Etc. 

W. Holt xxxiii 

Marble Yards. 

A. Paltonghi & P. Larseneur 615 


AVashington Market 634 

Medical Institutes. 

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Model Makers. 

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Music and Piano Fortes. 

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Native "Wines. 

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Newspapers, Etc. 

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Paper Dealers. 

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Patent Medicines. 

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Picture Frames. 

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Printing Offices. 

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Regalia Manufactory. 

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California and Oregon S. S. 

California Steam N.nvigation Co v 

Oregon and San Diego S. S. Liue....vii 

Pacific Mail S. S. Co iv 

Royal Mail xli 

Stencil Plate Cutters. 

J. F. Hall 600 

Stoves and Tinware. 

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Sugar Refinery. 

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Suspension Bridges. 
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Wood and Willow-Ware. 

Amies & Dallam 594 and 628 

Thurnauer St, Ziun 629 

Woolen Goods. 

Mission Woolen Factory xxxil 

S. F. Pioneer 633 



Historical Sketch of California.* 

As an account of the Metropolis of Cal. 
fornia would be incomplete without some al- 
lusion to the history of the country, it may, 
hercfore, be expedient to give of it, a rapid 
dvcteh in this phxce. Half a century after 
lie discovery of America by Columbus, 
UAN Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese by 
jirth, in the service of Spain, discovered 
Upper California, having landed at San 
Diego in September, 1542. On the death of 
Cabrillo, the voyage was continued by his 
Pilot and Lieut. Bartolome Ferrclo, who 
made a .^ui ^ ■ j .. l..c cou?4t, during which, the entrance to the Bay of San 
Francisco is supposed to have been seen by him, when he discovered, what 
he considered to bo, the mouth of a great river; there is a pi'obability, there- 
fore, that he was the first European who beheld the Golden Gate. In 1579, 
Sir Francis Drake visited this coast, having landed a few miles to the north- 
ward of San Francisco, at a Bay which still bears his name; being ignorant 
of Cabrillo's prior discovery, he called the place New Albion. Francisco Vila 
landed here in 1582, and Juan De Fuca in 1595. In 1596, Sebastian Vizcay- 
no — a famous Spanish navigator — established a military post at Santa Cruz; 
the astronomical positions determined by him in 1603, was the only nautical 
authority for this coast during the subsequent 160 years. However, the 
permanent settlement of California did not commence till almost the close 
of the third quarter of the last century, after which 4 Presidios and 21 Mis- 
sions were founded (A. D., 1709 to 1822) with the view of civilizing the na- 
tives through the peaceful influences of Christianity. In this the Monks 
labored with patient energy and devoted zeal, and California continued 
tranquil for upwards of 60 years; the Fathers increasing the number of 
their converts, which at one period amounted to 20,000. Indeed, the settle- 
ment of the country has been felicitously termed a "spiritual conquest." 
With the commencement of the present century, accounts of earthquakes 
make their first appearance in our local archives. In October, 1800, the 
Mission of San Juan Bautista was visited by six severe shocks in one day. 
The next mention comes nearer home — the Presidio of San Francisco having 

*From the San Francisco Directory, 1861-62, with the statistics of the fiscal year ending June-SOth, 1S62, included. 


experienced 21 shocks between the 21st of June and 17th of July, 1808 ; and 
the church of San Juan Capistrano was destroyed by a violent earthquake 
four years afterward, when 41 Indians perished in the ruins. In 1829 and 
1839, several severe shocks were again experienced in San Francisco. In 
1812 the Kussians formed a settlement at Bodega, which they maintained for 
thirty years. In 1822 California became a Mexican Territory, on the sep- 
aration of all the Americas from Spain. Internal disturbances commenced 
about the year 1830, and a decree was issued in 1838, confiscating and secu- 
larizing the property of the Missions. Soon afterward the Natives became 
dissatisfied with the national government that succeeded the milder 
sway of the clergy, and more than once delared their independence, but just 
as often rejoined the confederation. Occasionally the poi;ts were visited by 
trading vessels for grain, and the hides and tallow cured at the Mission 
stations; and bands of immigrants, from time to time, crossed the Eocky 
Mountains, enduring hardships, and even horrors, in that slow pilgrimage of 
2,000 miles ! Thus, however, commenced the development of the resources 
of the country ; the beaver and the otter assisting in the good work, by en- 
ticing across the Plains the hardy Trapper. In 1845, the Americans revolted 
and fought under the "Bear Flag" for independence. On the 7th July, 
1846, Commodore Stockton took possession of Upper California, by raising 
the national flag at Monterey, and on the 2d of February, 1848, the country 
was ceded, by treaty, to the United States. About this time (19th January, 
1848,) the statements of the early voyagers were verified, gold was discovered ! 
" On the wings of the wind the glad tidings were conveyed throughout the 
world. Suddenly labor arose in value, and industry was universally^ stimu- 
lated. From the shores of the Atlantic and of the Pacific — from the isles 
of the Ocean and across the wide plains, the gathering of a multitude com- 
menced." The military government was superseded by one based on a Con- 
stitution, which was ratified by the people on the 13th of November, 1849, 
Thus, California became a State, and as such, was admitted into the Union 
on the 9th of September, 1850* 

Annals of San Francisco. 

Prior to the year 1835, no human being had ever resided north of Mission 
Creek, where the city of San Francisco is now built. Within the limits of 
this peninsula, there was scai'cely any spot more lonely. The few ships that 
found their way to this sequestered harbor, anchored in a little cove near 

» The following is a list of all the Governors of California with their respective nationalities, and the dates of their 
asBumption of office, viz : 

Spanish— Vi&l , Qaspar do Portala; 1771, Felipe de Barri; 1774, Felipe deNeve; 1782, Pedro Fegas ; 1790, J. A. 
Komeu; 1792, J. J. de Arrillaga ; 1794, D. de Borica; 1800, J. J. do Arrillaga; 1814, Joe6 Arguello; 1816, Pablo 
Vincente de Sola. 

J/e^icaji— 1823, Luis Arguello ; 1826, Joed Ma. de Echandia; 1831, Manuel Victoria; 1832, Pio Pico; 1832, Josft 
Figueroa; 1835, Jo66 Castro; 1S36, N. Gutierrez; 1836, M. Chico; 1836, J. B. Alvarado; 1842, M. Micheltorena ; 
1845, Pio Pico. 

TTnited States— lSi6, Military Government ; 1850, P. H. Burnett; 1851, John McDougal; 1852, John Biglcr; 1856, 
J. Neely Johnson ; 1858, John B. Weller; ISCO, Milton S. Latham ; ISCO, J. G. Downey ; 1802, Lelaud Stanford. 

For much valuable information, referenceis made to RnndoljA's brilliant address on the Ilistory of California. 


tho Pi'csidio, which had been tho ombarcadero of tho Mission. In the year 
named, W. A. Richardson, the Captain of tho Port, erected a tent on tho 
beach; and in 1830, Jacob P. Loese built iho first house, where the St. Fran- 
cis Hotel now stands, on thcyRorner of Clay and Dupont streets. Tho place 
was then known as the Parage of Yerba Buena. In 1838 Mr. Leeso built 
another dwelling on the southwesterly corner of Montgomery and Commer- 
cial streets, which he sold to the Hudson Bay Company, whose agents and /' 
servants formed nearly tho entire community. In 1839 Juan Vioget made 
the first survc}' of Yerba Buena — bounded by Pacific, Montgomery, Sacra- 
mento and Dupont streets. Up to the year 1843, this locality continued a 
comparative wilderness; cattle roamed undisturbed where now are crowded 
warehouses, and ravens croaked on the spots where peaceful dwellings stand. ^ 
In 1844 the village contained a dozen houses, and its permanent population 
did not exceed fifty. In 1846 the houses had increased to 50, and the people 
to 200, In September, 1847, the number of tenements was 157, and the 
population neai'lj^ 500. In the same year the local name of Yerba Buena 
was changed to that of San Francisco. A site so desirable for a city, formed 
by nature for a great destiny, " on one of the finest Bays in the world, look- 
ing out upon the greatest, the richest, and most pacific of Oceans — in the 
very track of empire — in the healthiest of latitudes, such a site could not 
fjiil to attract the attention of the expanding Saxon race." Commerce 
hastened it; the discovery of gold consummated it. In April, 1848, the 
town contained 200 dwellings, and a population of 850. In July, 1849, the 
number of inhabitants had reached 5,000. By the State census of 1852 the 
number then was 36,154; and now, in 1862, this, the Metropolis of the 
Pacific, numbers in population, 90,000 souls, and can boast of an assessment 
roll of fifty-five millions of dollars ! In exports standing first, and in imports 
and tunnage among the very first of the gi'eat ports of the Union. Within 
the past year, sand hills have been leveled, valleys have been filled in, streets 
have been graded, sewers have been constructed, miles of gas-pipes have 
been laid, and exhaustless supplies of pure water introduced. Substantial 
fire-proof warehouses have been erected, and hundreds of dwellings have 
been built. Who can foretell the future of San Francisco ? Her growth 
was sudden ; there was no infancy in her history. Within but a few years, 
her foundations have been laid, and after passing through the fiery ordeal 
and a series of financial abuses and disasters, she now is on her onward 
march to wealth and greatness. 

View of the City. 

For the information of distant readers, it may bo well to describe the lo- 
cation of "The City We Live In." San Francisco stands upon the hilly 
ridge which forms the barrier that separates the Pacific from the Bay, hav- 
ing the ocean four miles on the west. The city is on the northeasterly 
corner of this promontory; a series of lofty hills and sandy valleys originally 
marked its site; the march of improvement has, howevei-, to a considerable 


extent, leveled the one, and filled in the other. Probably the finest view of 
San Francisco is that which is enjoyed by the spectator, who gazes upon the 
city and the surrounding country from the top of Telegi'aph Hill, an emi- 
nence which rises to a hight of 289 feet. From it the landscape extends over 
portions of ten counties, combining the grandeur of the ocean, with the peace- 
ful evidences of agricultural industry — a blending of the wild and pictur- 
esque — with the proofs of advanced civilization at your very feet. In a 
northwesterly direction we behold the Golden Gate, against whose rocky 
portals the white waves of the Pacific are ever dashing, and into which the 
ocean breeze daily sweeps with its chilling but purifying mists. Due north 
are the harbor and village of Saucelito — Angel Island in full view — Alca- 
traces, with its formidable batteries, together with the rugged cliffs and 
picturesque headlands of Marin County. The northeasterly arm of the Bay 
stretches afar, till lost in the distance, studded with smoking steamers and 
sailing craft, on the silent highway to the numerous points on the Sacramento 
and San Joaquin. Looking eastward is the spacious harbor, crowded with 
ships, laden with rich and useful products from all quarters of the globe ; 
the Island of Yerba Buena <' with verdure clad," together with the rural 
cities of Oakland and San Antonio; behind which, hills rise on hills, and 
towering over these — nearly forty miles in the distance — may be seen the 
conical peak of Monte Diablo, 4,000 feet in hight, seeming like a giant 
sentinel, that for ages has guarded the slumber of these waters, when their 
glassy surfaces were unrippled, save by the plash of the Indian's paddle. 
Far away are the lofty summits of the Siei-ra Nevada, at whose rugged base 
lie the treasures that have astonished the world. Turning to the south the 
eye embraces the scenery of San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, 
whitened with habitations; together with the great southern arm of the 
; Bay, almost forming a horizon of water. Union City and the town of Alviso 
-are also visible; nigh at hand is the New Potrero, and also the Mission 
■ Dolores, backed by the Bernal Eights, and by graceful hills. At your feet 
is the busy city ; an adventurous population thi'ong its thoroughfares, ex- 
hibiting the complexions and costumes of many lands. The solitude of the 
desert has given place to the "hum of industr}'-, and the yell of the hunter is 
supplanted by the echo of the steam-whistle. Where formerly stood the 
bumble embarcadero, may now be seen numerous wharfs extending into the 
bay, beside which, are the vast hulls and loftj' spars of ocean leviathans. 
The permanent improvements visible, on all sides, indicating the- profound 
peace and prosperity which distinguishes California. From the North to the 
South Beach, the hissing of the jack-plane, the grating of the hand-saw, and 
the click of the trowel are heard on every side; workshops ring with the 
' clang of metals, and factories with the whirr of looms. Lines of steamers 
connect us with the East, and incidentall}^ with Europe, with South America 
and Australia, with the ports in the Gulf of California, with Oregon, with 
Washington Territory, and British Columbia. By means of the magnetic 
telegraph we are within speaking distance of every portion of the State — 


from tho gold-placers of Yreka to the orange-groves of Los Angeles; and 
during tho past year wo have been placed in telegraphic communication with 
the cities of the Atlantic. Fleets of ships from all quarters of the globe supply 
us with the richest wares of foi'eign climes, returning freighted with the sur- 
plus products of our fertile soil. All those cheering indications, together with 
an increasing population — the successful inauguration of railroads, with tho 
constant pouring into the lap of San Francisco of the treasures of our 
mountains — the establishment of the Daily Overland Mail and of the Pony 
Express — all these have imparted additional value to tho numberless inter- 
ests of the State — and more particularly of our city. 

The Mission and the Presidio. 

During the unnumbered centuries, the peninsula bounded by tho Pacific 
Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco, continued an unchanging wilderness, 
until " men, foreign to the soil, but imbued with a sublime faith, left home 
and kindred to teach civilization to barbarism, and to preach salvation to 
the heathen." Tho veiy year which gave birth to the great Western Ee- 
publie on the Atlantic shore of North America, witnessed the first perma- 
nent settlement on the coast of Upper California. In 1776, two Missionaries 
of the Eoman Catholic Church reached the bay of San Fi*ancisco, and pro- 
ceeded to establish a central point for their operations. Their names were 
Francisco Palou and Benito Cambon. They wore natives of Spain, but 
came to this place from Mexico. Finding a fertile tract of land, capable of 
irrigation, nearly two railes south of the present city of San Francisco, they 
selected it for their home, and with much pious pomp, they founded the 
Mission of our Father St. Francis; but in the course of years, the name was 
changed to that of the Mission Dolores, in commemoration of the sufferings 
of the Virgin. The Fathers evinced much good sense in selecting the site 
for their buildings, Avhich was a small, fertile plain, embosomed among green- 
clad hills. Several tiny rivulets of clear, sweet water met about the spot, 
whose united streams were conducted to the bay by one of larger size, now 
well known as Mission Creek, Among the first buildings erected was the 
Church, Avhich is still devoted to religious uses, while the adjoining adobe 
buildings are now used for secular purposes. The Missions were established 
with the view, not only of projiagating tho doctrines of tho Roman Catholic 
religion, but by so blending agriculture and trade, under the tutelage of the 
Church, as to render the Natives amenable subjects of the Spanish Crown. 
The Friars succeeded in reducing a largo number to a partial degree of 
civilization ; and to the self-denial of the good Fathers, La Pernuse, Van- 
couver, Beechey, nnd other enlightened travelers, afford unqualified tosti- 
mon3^ " During this primitive period, from which we are removed by so 
brief an interval, it would seem that kindness in their intercourse with one 
another, and hospitality to tho stranger, were the characteristics of the 
Friars and their converts." Three miles west of the city, and two :ind a 
half miles north of tho Mission is the Presidio, established to give military 


, ^.I WA \> &i 

aid to the clei'gy in the conquest of the Indians. . ^. 

this Presidio were the Missions of San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Rafael, 
and Sonoma. The original buildings were constructed in quadrangular 
form; the portions still remaining continue to be occupied as a Barracks. 
Here it is worthy of mention, that soldiers of three different nationalities 
have been successively quartered in this venerable garrison. The Presidio 
was founded on the 17th of September, and the Mission on the 9th of Oc- 
tober, A. D., 1776. Those interested in the early history of the Mission and 
Presidio, will find a very graphic account in Palou's life of Junipero Serra. 

Port Point, the Golden Gate, and the Bay. 

On the northwesterly extremity of the peninsula of San Francisco, four 
miles from the cit}'-, there stood, in early times, a bold, narrow, jutting pro- 
montory of hard serpentine rock, 107 feet above the level of the sea, sur- 
mounted by a small Mexican fortification, called Fort Blanco. The view 
from this point was one of the finest in the harbor ; but the entire headland 
has been cut down within a few feet of high water, and increased in area to 
make room for the present noble and substantial structure, known as Fort 
Point. It was commenced in 1S54, and is four tiers in hight, including the 
battery in the reai-, mounting in all 164 guns, with accommodation for 2,400 
men. The ordnance here and at Alcatraces combines all the improvements 
and appliances of modern warfare. A light-house and a fog-bell adjoin the 
Fort. The precipitate and rocky coast of California, which, in this parallel, 
from Monterey north, presents scarcely an indentation, here suddenly breaks 
asunder, causing the great cleft, or fissure in the coast range, known as The 
Golden Gate — the distance across, between Fort Point on this side, and Lime 
Point on the opposite shore, being one mile and seventeen yards. Here the 
tide varies about seven feet. The Bay of San Francisco, of which the Golden 
Gate forms the entrance, was not discovered till the end of October, 1769, 
when Don Gaspar de Portala,the first Governor of California, encamped on its 
shores. "Although navigators had passed it, anchored near it, and actually 
gave its name to adjoining roadsteads; yet it is most remarkable, that the 
clouds which concealed its entrance had never been lifted, and that it was at 
length discovered by land." The Bay is formed by the confluence of the 
blended waters of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. The former, 
with its tributaries, draining the rich agricultural valleys and the auriferous 
slopes of the Sierra Nevada from the north, as the latter does from the south. 
It affords the finest and most commodious harbor on the Pacific coast of the 
United States, extending in a southerly direction about 40 miles, parallel 
with the ocean, from which it is separated by the peninsula forming the 
counties of San Francisco and San Mateo, varjnng from five to twenty miles 
in width. When the geographical position of San Francisco is considered — 
holding the keys of the commerce of the Northern Pacific — looking upon 
Asia and the teeming population of the Indies, and the case with which it 
can be connected with the great seaports of the Atlantic, and thence with 


Europe — it would seem as if no city on the globe combined so many ma- 
terial advantages. Already, vessels freighted to and from her harbor may 
be seen in every sea, and in almost every port of the civilized world. 

Yerba Buena Island. 

Yerba Buena Island is situated in the Bay and within'the legislative limits 
of the City and County of San Francisco. From llincon Point and Market 
Street Wharf it is distant about one mile and a half, from Contra Costa 
nearly three miles, and the western point is one and three quarters miles 
from Telegraph Hill. The northern end is distant from the Golden Gate five 
miles and a half This island contains 198 acres, of which 75 consist of rich 
soil, well adapted for garden purposes; 15 acres are heavil}'^ timbered 23 
acres jungle and brushwood; 85 acres hilly, rocky and sand}'-, being thickly 
covered with the herb or mint plant, from which the island takes its name. 
Springs of excellent water abound on the eastern and western sides, in the 
midst of a fertile valley. The apex of this island is 343 feet above high 
water; the sides are steep and irregular — rising to a ridge running nearly 
east and west. In early times it was densel}'^ covered with wood, and was 
known to ancient mariners and whalers as Wood Island; but, in 1839, one 
Nathan Spear placed a number of goats thereon, and hence the still popular 
name of Goat Island. On the easterly side is a wide, shoal bay, dry at Ioav 
water, which, with the present material on the island, could be filled uj), so 
as to be more than double its size. This island is formed of compact beds 
of sandstone, from a few inches to six and eight feet in thickness. Its tex- 
ture varies but little in the difi'erent beds, and the grain is close and even, 
and generally very fine. The strata are laid bare by the action of the water 
around the base of the island, and form a bold, rockj' shore, which, in many 
places, appears to offer great resistance to the persistent denuding action of 
the waves and strong currents. On appi'oaching the island from the west, 
the evidence of stratification becomes visible, and the beds are seen to dip 
westwardly towards the observer. The position of these beds of sandstone 
is highly favorable for working, readily loaded at the wharf, and ferried over 
the channel to the city. Several quarries have been opened on the ipland, 
and the supply of building stone appears inexhaustible. The United States 
Government, having proposed to place some batteries upon the island, in- 
cluded it in the third lino of fortifications, and it was reserved Avith the other 
points in 1852. Angel Island, lying to the northwest of Yerba Buena, rises 
to a hight of 771 feet, with a shore-line of five miles and an area of one 
square mile. Being in Marin County, it does not call for a more extended 
notice in this place. 

Alcatraces Island. 

Alcatraces, or Bird Island, is'also within the Bay, and within the limits of 
the city and county, lying to the westward of the Island of Yerba Buena. 
It is composed of a fine-grained and very compact sandstone, of a dark, 
bluish o-rcen color. This island takes its name from the immense number 


of these aquatic birds (pelicans) which, in early days, sought it as an abiding 
place. The apex of this rocky eminence is 135 feet above the level of the 
water, and its area 35 acres. Its greatest length and its extreme breadth 
are 1,673 feet and 590 feet, respectively. The position of this little isle — 
suggesting at once extreme strength and impregnable defense — caused it to 
be reserved by the United States authorities, at the time of the cession of 
California by Mexico, and preparations were at once made to render it a 
formidable sentinel to watch over the safety of our city, even while its 
brilliantly-lighted summit indicated, during the night, the path of security 
to the fleet sailing in seaward from distant coasts — messengers of peaceful 
commerce. Three barbette batteries encircle this national stronghold. The 
one facing the city and commanding the Bay, in the direction of the Presidio, 
mounting 35 guns; another, facing the Golden Gate, mounting 16 guns; 
and one on the northern side of the island, facing Saucelito and Angel 
Island, mounting 40 guns. The ordnance is of the heaviest and most effec- 
tive used in the service,' some of them being of immense caliber — large Co- 
lumbiads — which throw shot weighing 120 pounds. The first structure, 
after landing at the pier, is a shot-proof guard-house, provided with a draw- 
bridge and heavy gate. On the crest of the island is a massive three-story 
barrack, or citadel, arranged so that every point can be brought under the 
effective fire of musketry. There are also three bomb-proof magazines, an 
extensive furnace for heating shot and cannon balls, a fog-bell and a light- 
house — the latter being provided with one of Fresnel's lanterns of the third 
order, which is 160 feet above the level of the sea. From Telegraph Hill it 
is distant one mile and two-thirds, and from Fort Point two miles and five- 
eighths. Deep water-marks exist all round the island, and with the excep- 
tion of one or two places, the sides are so steep that a landing could only be 
effected with great difficulty. 

Los Farallones de los Prayles. 

The Fai'allones were discovered by Ferrelo, in 1543, but Sir Francis Drake 
is the first who specially mentions them (in 1579) as " Ij'ing off- the bay 
where he refitted his ships." The Eussians founded a settlement here in 
1812, for the purpose of obtaining oil and skins, and several places are yet 
visible where the latter were stretched out and dried. The Farallones em- 
brace the northerl}^, the middle, and the southerly groups. The Northerly 
cluster is made up of four islets, within a space of half a mile square. 
Three of them are quite high and bold — the middle one attaining an eleva- 
tion of 166 feet — the other being a mere rock, 100 feet in diameter and scarce- 
ly 20 feet above water ; the latter is 6^ miles from the lighthouse. The Middle 
Farrallone is a single rock, 55 yards in diameter and 25 feet above water. 
From the light-house it is two and one quarter miles distant. The South 
Farallone is the largest and highest, extending nearly a mile east and west, 
attaining an altitude of 340 feet above the ocean. Upon it the lighthouse 
stands. The tower is built of brick, 17 feet in hight, and is surmounted 


by an illuminating apparatus of the first order, of the system of Frcsnel. 
It is 23* miles distant from the Golden Gate. A fog whistle has been placed 
upon the southeastern end of the island, about 275 feet from the water's 
edge, and 20 feet above the sea level. It is erected over a hole in the roof 
of a subterranean passage, which connects with and is open to the ocean, 
and is blown by the rush of air caused by the sea breaking into its mouth. 
The sound is heard in the vicinity at all times, except about an hour and a 
half before and after low water. At other times it may be heard a distance 
of seven or eight miles. It is really difficult to imagine a more desolate 
place than these rocky islets present to view. Being a mass of jagged rock, 
neither a tree nor a shrub relieves the eye by contrast, or gives change to 
the exceeding barrenness of the landscape. Collectively, these islets may 
be considered as the most extensive poultry-yard in the world; for here 
may be found, in mj'riads, the birds described by Buffon as the Guillamot — 
the Uria Troile of Linnaeus — which lays its eggs upon the bare rocks. The 
appellation of the Foolish Guillamot has been given to this species by 
Latham, from the fact of its being with difficulty roused to flight, and often 
suffering itself to be caught by the hand, particularly during incubation. 
Audubon, in his great national work, gives a charming account of the habits 
of this interesting species (Mtirre), which is well known to the eggers and 
fishermen of the North Atlantic. Some idea may bo formed of their num- 
bers, when it is stated that each bii'd, during the season, lays but a single 
egg, and that since 1851, millions of the eggs have been sold in the San 
Francisco market. They are mostl}" of a pale green color, blotched with 
umber. The egg season lasts about six weeks — from the middle of May to 
the end of June. The bird of the most varied and brilliant plumage to be 
found here is the Tufted Puffin. Though rather numerous on this coast, it 
is elsewhere very rare, as is the Horned-bill Guillamot ^ which has also been 
seen and caught here. Of neither of these had Audubon ever met Avith a 
living specimen. Here also may be seen the huge seals called sea-lions 
(^Phoca Otaria Jubatd). This species attains a weight of 3,000 pounds. Oc- 
casionally they are very savage, particular!}' during the nuptial season, 
when the fierce and bloody battles of the males render these islets of the 
ocean a very pandemonium. The Farallones are within the legislative 
limits of Sau Francisco. 

The Pueblo Lands. 

Bj' the colonization laws, usages, and customs of the Government of 
Mexico, and by virtue of an act of the Departmental Legislature of Cali- 
fornia, passed on the 9th day of November, 1833, a new town, containing at 
least thirty inhabitants and other requisites for a municipal organization, 
was entitled to four leagues of land. It follows that when, on the 7th of 
December, 1834, an election was hold at the Presidio, and the Ayuntamiento 
installed, that San Francisco was duly recognized as a Pueblo, and became 
vested with the title to the land. On the 21st of December, 1854, the 
Land Commissioners rendered a decree confirming to the City an amount of 


land that would not exceed three leagues — lying north of what is known as 
the Yallejo line — running from the mouth of Mission Creek to Point Lobos. 
The United States appealed from this decree to the District Court, on the 
ground that the city had no title to any land, and the city also appealed, 
claiming title to the land as far south as the Buri Buri, or Sanchez ranch. 
Subsequently the United States withdrew their appeal, and an order of 
court was duly entered, granting permission to the city to proceed under 
the said decree of the Land Commission, as upon a final decree. Since that 
order was entered, the city has introduced some further proof in support of 
her claim to the land, tending principally to establish the southern boundary 
of the Pueblo at the Sanchez ranch. On this peninsula, north of the San- 
chez ranch, there are eight leagues of land, of which one half (embracing 
the San Miguel, Bernal, Visitacion and De Haro ranches) has been con- 
firmed to private individuals by the Federal Courts, leaving four leagues 
to which the city is entitled under the laws relating to Pueblos. The 
Supreme Court of this State has, in a recent decision, (^Hart vs. Burnett,) 
held that the Pueblo of San Francisco was entitled by law, at the time of 
its organization, in 1834, to four leagues of land, to be measured from the 
centre of the Presidio Square. On this point. Judge Baldwin sa3^s that the 
evidence is irresestible. "With regard to the location of the land, he adds 
that " it appears from official documents that the Presidio was located near 
the middle of the northern extremity of the peninsula formed by the bay 
and the ocean ; that the width of the peninsula, as far south as Mission 
Creek, is less than two leagues, and that still further south, to the Buri 
Buri ranch, the average width is just about two leagues, although two or 
three points project somewhat beyond." " Of course," he continues, "the 
Pueblo could acquire no right or title to the ocean or bay ; and, consequent- 
ly, according to the laws of its foundation, the four leagues of land would 
be taken in a prolonged instead of square form." This high authority would 
therefore fix the southern boundary of the Pueblo claim at the Sanchez 
Eanch, extending into the present county of San Mateo. (See Map accom- 
panying this volume.)* 

Annual Municipal Expenditure. 

The City of San Francisco was, for the first time, incorporated by the Legis- 
lature in May, 1850, the organization of the County having been effected in 

* The following is a list of the Alcaldes and other Chief Magistrates of San Francisco, since the foundation of 
the Pueblo : 

Alcaldes under the Mexican Government.— ISSb, F. De Haro ; 1836, J. J. EstudUlo ; 1837, Y. Martinez ; 1838, F. D. 
naro ; 1839, F. Guerrero ; 1842, F. Sanchez ; 1844, W. Hinckley and F. De Haro ; 1845, J. N. Padilla and J. De La C. 
Sanchez; 1846, J. J. Noe. ■&^ The sessions of the Ayuntamiento, or Town Council, were held at the Presidio till 
the Ist of March, 1839, when they were removed to the Mission Dolores. 

Alcaldes under the XJ. S. i^Zap.— 1846, W. A. Bartlett; 1847, Edwin Bryant and George Hyde '. 1848, J. Townsend 
and T. M. Leavenworth; 1849, J. W. Geary. 

Mayors of the City and Ex-Officio Presidents. — 1850, J. W. Geary; 1852, 0. J. Brenham and S. R. Harris; 1852, 
C. J. Brenham ; 1?53, C. K. Garrison ; 1854, S. P. Webb ; 1855, J. Van Xess. 

Presidents of the Board of Supervisors— IShe, O. .T. Whelan, 1856, E. W. Burr ; 1369-62, H. F. Teschemacher. 

Mayor of the City and County. — H. F. Teschemacher. 

For further details, reference is made to the volume of " Municipal Reports^' for 1859-6' 



the month previous, by the election of a Sheriff and other officers, thus estab- 
lishing two distinct systems of government. During the six succeeding 
years, the charters and other local laws were repealed and amended over 
and over again, but apparently all action failed to check the career of reck- 
less extravagance that rapidly dissipated the wealthy estate which had 
belonged to San Francisco, as well as bequeathing tons a debt amounting to 
several millions of dollars. At length, the Legislature detached upwards of 
five-sixths of the territory — from which the present county of San Mateo 
was created — and, at the same time, united the governments of the city and 
county of San Francisco. The Consolidation Act took effect on the first 
day of July, 1856. Under its stringent provisions, our municipal affairs 
have been administered with energy and fidelity, and a thorough reform has 
resulted. The enormous outlay consequent on the dual system of govern- 
ment has been entirely abolished or seriously reduced, while the checks upon 
lavish expenditure were so well devised as to defy evasion, and the contrac- 
tion of debts has been inhibited. The financial history of all this is suffi- 
ciently indicated in the subjoined exhibit of the Aggregate Annual Expendit- 
wes of the City and County of San Francisco, from 1850 to 1862 — since the 
first legislative organization of the government — exclusive of the sums paid 
in liquidation of the principal and interest of the Bonded Debts: 





















1 ©."^fi f^T 


loOD— / 


The Grovernments of the 

City and County 












Total for thirteen years'* 


To the thirteen years' total, $12,293,031, may be added $2,269,927, paid 
toward the Funded Debts, and the amount collected for the State of Cali- 
fornia, which will increase the aggregate to eighteen millions of dollars! For 
the past six years, as contrasted with the previous six, must be deducted 
the expenses of the departments of the Sheriff, the County Clerk, and the 
County Eecorder, $70,000 annually,) the fees and emoluments of these 

*In 1859-60 $130,000 of old judgments was paid, and during the past three years about $150,000 has been ex- 
pended in permanent improvements, school lots, and houses, etc., and about $75,000 in payment of debts of former 
years— all included in the expenditures put down for those years. Sums paid for principal and interest of the 
Bonded Debt not included. i 



offices being now paid into the Treasury. Daring the same period, large 
amounts have been disbursed in liquidation of debts contracted prior to the 
Ist of July. 1856. 

Annual Revenue.* 

The following is an exhibit of the rjcceipts from State and City and County 
taxes, licenses, stamps, etc., collected in San Francisco during the twelve 
fiscal years ending the 30th day of June, 1862 : 


State of 


Oity Taxes. 








$ 59,591 












$ 341,632 




















582,732 389,620 
424,766i 244,337 




1<i^f5 f\7 





Citv & Co. 



554,203 Governmts 



iSfiO 61 





1861 62 







In addition to the above sources of revenue, may be enumerated the re- 
ceipts from Fines, Eents, Harbor-Dues, and Fees collected by the Sheriff, 
the County Clerk, the County Recorder, Auditor, Tax Collector, Treasurer, 

Topography, Taxation, and Assessments. 

The legislative limits of the City and County of San Francisco are co-ex- 
tensive, being bounded on the north and east by the bay, on the south by 
the county of San Mateo, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The south- 
ern boundary line separates township numbers two and three, running due 
west from the bay to the Pacific. The city and county may be considered 
nearly square, averaging six and a half miles each way, embracing an area 
of 42 square miles, or 26,861 acres, of which 5,000 are within the former 
city charter line; 8,000 are capable of cultivation, 7,861 are rocks, drifting 
sand and water; 4,500 are adapted for pasturage, and 1,500 within the Pre- 
sidio Eeservation. The subjoined tabular form gives the amount of the as- 

*The Bams received from State and County licenses, and several other sources, are not included. The entire 
amounts received for the years 1S60-61 and 1861-62 are as follows : 

1860-61— Taxes, $737,230; State and County Licenses, $104,230; Municipal Licenses, $23,179; Harbor Dues, 
|U,406; Wharf Eents, $11,845 ; Fines, $18,914 ; State School Apportionment, $13,496 ; Poll Taxes, $3,147 ; Sundries, 
$7,401; Fees which went toward payment of Salaries, $67,680 ; State, from Sundries, $277,280 ; Total, $1,278,808. 

1861-62— Taxes, $856,087; State and County Licenses, $103,111; Municipal Licenses, $29,167 ; Harbor Dues, 
$16,913; Wharf Rents, $10,392; Fines, $28,252; State School Apportionment, $19,835 ; Poll Taxes, $3,033 ; Sundries, 
$12,235; Fees which went toward payment of Salaries, $93,921; State, from Sundries, $303,626 ; Total, $1,475,472. 



8cssmonts, together with the rates of taxation, for the thirteen fiscal years, 
since the first organization of our local Government: 

Fiscal Yeahs. 

1860-61 . 


S2 00 

4 10 
4 41i 
3 88J 
3 85i 
3 85* 
2 30 
2 30 

2 45 

3 16,? 
2 85 
2 87 
2 74J 

Particular Class op Assess.mkxts. 

Real Estate. 



In Personal. 










In Ileal. 



Personal Prop. 

a 4,772,160 





Total Annual 



The large increase of valuation is attributable to the new tax on mort- 
gages and increased value of property. 

The actual value of the taxable property is much more than the amount 
the returns of the Assessor would indicate, a statement conceded by those 
who are at all familiar with the subject. It is equally well known that real 
estate bears considerably more than its rightful share of taxation, as com- 
pared with personal property. This is attributable to the difficulty experi- 
enced in ascertaining the amount and value of personal estate liable to as- 
sessments, and it is one of the causes which prevail of estimating landed 
property below its true value. (When contrasting these years, it should not 
be forgotten that, prior to 1856, the present county of San Mateo, contain- 
ing 155,000 acres, formed a portion of San Francisco.) High, very high as 
rates of taxation have been with us, ours will compare favorably with New 
Orleans, Mobile, Brooklyn, and other eastern cities. But the fact should not 
be lost sight of, that in San Francisco the difference bjotween the assessed 
and the actual value of the property may be averaged at about one third. 
It follows, that if property were assessed at its fair value, the diminution of 
rates would be in like proportion. The steady increase in our population, 
the annihilation of fraudulent land titles, the successful inauguration of the 
Market Street Eailroad, with the daily requirements of trade and commerce, 
have, during the past year, given a very perceptible impetus to investments 
in real estate. AH these, with a continuance of our present economical sys- 
tem of municipal government, will enhance the value of property, and 
thereby increase the amount of the assessment roll, insuring to us hereafter, 
a very decided reduction in the rates of taxation. 

Bonded Debts of San Francisco. 
On the Ist of May, 1851, the outstanding indebtness of the city, bearing 
interest at the rate of 3 per cent, per month, was estimated at about 82,000,- 



000. By an act of tho Legislature, passed May 1, 1861, a commission was 
appointed to issue bonds redeemable in 20 years, bearing an annual interest 
of 10 per cent, payable half-yearly in San Francisco. These bonds the Com- 
missioners were authorized to give in exchange for the indebtedness of the 
city contracted prior to May, 1851. As an inducement to parties holding the 
3 per cent, per month warrants or scrip, to make the exchange, the Funding 
Act stipulated that the sum required to meet the interest, and also $50,000 
annually as a "Sinking Fund," should be a lien on tho general assessment 
roll of tho city, and the Treasurer was forbidden, under penalties, to make 
any payment from moneys received for taxes, until the full amount required 
by the Commissioners should have been paid to them. Under this stringent 
law the Commissioners succeeded in calling in the sum of $1,635,600, for 
which they issued bonds, but of which a very considerable amount has been 
since redeemed. 

The statements already given would not be complete without an exhibit 
of our funded indebtedness, which forms so large an item in the rates of tax- 
ation. The following is a correct abstract of the San Francisco bonds now 
in circulation, with the rates of interest, dates of issue and maturity, etc.: 

Annual Interest. 


Bonds in 

Issued in. 

By the 

Payable in. 

Per cent. 

Payable in. 

Sinking Fund. 






San F'ncisco. 



1854 ... 

School Dep't 



New York. 




Fire Dep't. 



« (( 







(( (( 

In 1865 



City and Co. 



San F'ncisco. 

In 1867 






New York. 




a 11 


8 in Circi 





otal Amount of Bond 


$60,000 of the Eajlroad Bonds have been issued since July 1. The above 
$3,126,800 is made up to June 30, 1862, close of fiscal year. Bonded Debt, 
June 30, 1862, over and above all Sinking Funds and Corporation Debt 
Fund on hand, $2,661,467; Judgment Debt, $1,304,000. 

By an act of the Legislature, approved April 19th, 1861, the Board of Su- 
pervisors were authorized to take and subscribe $300,000 to the capital stock 
of the San Francisco and San Jos6 Railroad Company. This act was subse- 
quently ratified by a vote of tho people. Bonds will be issued from time to 
time, in sums of $500 and $1,000 each, payable in fifteen years, and will bear 
interest at the rate of seven per cent., the coupons payable in San Fran- 
cisco. In 1866, and every year thereafter, a tax shall be levied for the pur- 
pose of raising a fund for the liquidation of these Eailroad Bonds. A tax of 
eighty-five cents upon each $100 of the assessment is levied for the current 
year, to pay the interest and to provide for the Sinking Fund of the several 
Bonded Debts, and is known as the " Corporation Debt Fund." The Sink 


ing Funds for the School Bonds, $12,500, arc set aside from the School Fund 

Tliat this amount is large, is true; but it fortunately is not so largo as to 
alarm us. It must bo borne in mind that these bonded debts form an inte- 
gral portion of the early history of the city. The discovery of gold brought 
hither an immense population ; their accommodation and the requirements 
of commerce created an immediate necessity for a city upon the northern 
Pacific and the obscure cove of Yerba Buena was selected as its site. Works 
of absolute necessity had to be contracted for at rates exorbitant, almost 
incredible; the wages of labor, the cost of materials, and the interest of 
money, fiir exceeded all former precedent. The work of years was com- 
pressed into the labor of months; and to carry through these vast enter- 
prises involved indebtedness to which the incoming taxes were inadequate. 
The municipal revenue had to be anticipated, and warrants- were issued. 
Added to all this, the inflamable nature of the buildings subjected us to con- 
flagrations which frequently desolated the city. Public offices were occa- 
sionally filled by men neither competent nor reliable; unbridled extrava- 
gance and the confusion of our revenue system were among the consequences, 
as are these bonded debts, which, notwithstanding their magnitude, can, with 
ordinary prudence, be liquidated before the period prescribed by the Statutes. 



Believing that the National Census of the City and County of San Fran- 
cisco, completed during the year 18G0, did not truly represent the number 
of our population, and at the urgent solicitation of numerous patrons of this 
work, the following exhibit has been carefully prepared from the returns of 
the different canvassers engaged in collecting information for the present 
volume. The plan adopted to obtain the necessary data, was the same as 
that so successfully carried inib eifect in the months of April and Maj^', 1859, 
the results of which were published in the San Francisco Directory of that 
year, as follows : « To arrange and classify each sex in three divisions, viz : 
Males : First Class— ihQ head of each tamily, and members thereof over 
twenty-one years of age ; Second Class— those between five and twenty-one; 
Third Class— thoso under five years of age. Females : First Class— those 
over eighteen years of age; Second Class— those between five and eighteen; 
Third Class— those under five years of age. Also, to collect such other iu- 

*Froin the San Frnncisco Director}-, 1SC1-C2. 


formation as would furnish an approximation of the different elements com- 
posing our population not included in the foregoing classifications :" 

Wliite males over 21 years, names in Register of the present volume (a) 27,100 

" •• Residents lloating, names not obtained (6) 3,400 

" " Average number boarders, etc., at the hotels, board- 

ing houses, etc., in addition to the regvilar 

boarders (c) 4,100 

" " In the Hospitals 481 

" " U. S. soldiers at the Forts (d) 800 

" " Engaged upon water crafts, ocean, bay and river, 

" » claiming residence in this city (e) 2,500 

» " Foreigners, French, Spanish, etc., names not regis- 
tered (/) 1,950 

" " Between 5 and 21 5,919 

" " Under 5 6,803 

Total white males -53,053 

Females over 18 14,783 

" Names not Registered * • • ' 500 

" Between 5 and 18 4,821 

" Under 5 5,136 

Total white females 25,240 

Chinese males over 21 2,400 

" Females over 18 520 

" Males under 21 and females under 18 210 

Total Ciiinese 3,130 

Colored males over 21 800 

Under 21 250 

" Females over 18 600 

Under 18 150 

Total Colored 1,800 

Total population of the City and County of San Francisco 83,223 

(ii) The number of names in the present volume exceeds thirty tlionsand, of wliicli nearly three thousand 
are composed of non-resident partners of firms doing business in this city, feniales, Chinese, and colored. 

(b) This is from actual count, and ia composed of a class of population who have no permanent place of abode. 

(c) This estimate has been arrived at by careful investigation. iNumber of hotels and lodging houses in the city, 340. 
Id) The number at Fort Point, Alcatraces, and Presidio in June last. 

(e) This number is composed of persons sailing from this port who have shipped from this city. 
If) This number has been obtained from actual enumeration. 


From the official returns deposited at the office of the County Clerk. Com- 
piled expressly for the San Francisco Directory, 1861-62. 


Under 1 year. .1,730 

2 " .. 777 

" 3 " .. 730 

" 4 " .. 627 

" 5 " .. 645 


Under 1 year.. 1,563 
.. 739 



Total under 5 4,509 Total under 5 

Between 5 and 10 1,842 Between 5 and 10 

" 10 " 20 2,915 

" 20 " 30 10,184 

" 30 " 40 0,390 

" 40 " 50 2.581 

" 50 " 60 842 

" 60 " 70 162 

80 36 

" 70 

" 80 " 90. 

Total white males 32.463 

under 5 

1 5 

and 10 


















1 831 










Males of all ages 2,168 

Females of all ages. . 448 

Total Chinese 2,616 


Males of all ages 711 

Females of all ages . . . 435 

Total colored 1,146 


White males, all ages 32,463 

White females, all ages 20,610 

Total whites 53,073 

Chinese, male and female. . 2,616 
Colored, male and female. . 1,146 

Total white females. .20,610 Total pop.. City and Co.*.. 56,835 

*The official returns place the number at 56,805, a discrepancy as likely to exist in copying the census as In mak- 
ing our classification. — Editor. 


An examination of tlie foregoinirr table exhibits at a glance a vast differ- 
ence between the population of this city and count}', as there stated, and as 
found by the national enumeration made last November, the official return 
of which presents an aggregate of 56,805. A dissection of the data upon 
Avhich our enumeration is founded will confirm its correctness, and satisfac- 
torily prove the inaccuracy of the Federal census, after making a liberal 
allowance for the increase of population in the interval between the two 
periods of enumeration. 

It will be observed that our register of names includes nearly 30,000, of 
whom 27,000 are white males over twentj'-one years of age. There is, also, 
a class which, in San Francisco, has always been numerous, who may bo 
termed for the occasion municipally nomadic, who are residents, but who 
either from frequent change of abode or other cause, refuse to give name 
and residence, and hence are not registered, although permanent residents 
in this city. We have spared no pains to obtain an approximation to the 
actual number of such, and have not overstated it. When we inform our 
readers that San Francisco contains three hundred and forty hotels and 
boarding houses, they will not be disposed to question the accuracy of our 
figures, which assigns 4,100 as the number of boarders, over and above those 
regular residents whose names are registered as inmates of these establish- 
ments. The figures which make up our aggregate need no further explana- 
tion than our statement that they have been arrived at by the exercise of 
careful industry, with an anxious desire to avoid error. 

We might further fortify our returns by alluding to the number of dwo^' 
ings and other data, but we feel that we have presented sufficient facts am'. 
suggestions to enable any intelligent gentleman to arrive at a just conclu- 
sion upon this subject. We shall, therefore, close by giving our patrons the 
result of our own reflections, after a careful review of the figures presented, 
not only by ourselves but by the United States census, and this is, that San 
Francisco possesses at this writing nearly 75,000 permanent inhabitants and 
a floating population of nearly 10,000. 


The observations made during the progress of the canvass for the present 
issue of the Directory, fully confirm the accuracy of our population statistics 
of last year, which are again presented as a basis for forming an estimate of 
the progress of the city during the past twelve months, and the extent of 
our population at the present time. 

The number of names contained in the present volume of the Directory 
exceeds thirty-four thousand, of which thirty-two thousand are white males 
over twenty one years of age. This exhibits an increase over that of last 
year of four thousand, or nearly nineteen per cent. The number of females 
over eighteen, at present in this city, is estimated at seventeen thousand five 
hundred, an increase of twenty-three hundred, or over fifteen per cent. The 
aggregate number of males under twenty-one, and females under eighteen, 


exceeds twenty-five thousand, an increase of nearly twenty per cent. It is 
believed that the annual increase of children, to our permanent population, 
exceeds five thousand, and that the school census, to be taken during the 
next month, (October,) will show this element alone, of our population, to 
exceed twenty-seven thousand. 

The following table, compiled from the most reliable data, 4s presented as 
an estimate of the population of San Francisco, August 1, 1862, and in direct- 
ing attention thereto, it is believed to be as fair an approximation as can be 
made without an official and accurate canvass : 

White males over 21, names in the present volume 32,000 

" Females over 18, estimated 17,500 

" Males under 21 and females under 18, estimated 25,000 

" Males, names refused, and foreigners " 4,200 

Chinese, male and female 3,250 

Colored, " " 1,875 

Total permanent population 83,825 

To which should be added a large element of our population known as "float- 
ing," which consists of: 1st. Trausient boarders, etc., at hotels, boarding- 
houses, etc. 2d. Soldiers at the fortifications in the harbor. 3d. Persons 
engaged in navigating the bay, who claim this city as their residence. 4th. 
A large number of persons in our midst who have no permanent place of 

abode, together amounting to about 8,000 

Total population 91,826 


Intending to make our Annual Directory of San Francisco, a register and 
record of the progress and growth of the city, we again present an article 
upon the improvements which have been made within the past year, ending 
on the 1st July, 1862. There have been years before in Avhich more houses 
were built, and more new residents came to increase our population ; yet it 
has been a year in which the city was greatly improved and beautified. No 
other city in the Union has had so large a proportionate increase of popula- 
tion, or enjojT^ed so much prosperity. 

Streets. — And first in regard to street improvements. During the twelve- 
month ending on the Ist Julj^, 1862, a vast amount of work was done in im- 
proving the streets of the city. The amount of dirt removed in bringing 
streets to the proper grade, either by cutting away hills, or by filling up 
hollows, was 358,049 cubic yards, equal to a mass 213 feet long, 213 feet 
wide, and 213 feet high. The lumber used in planking, (for we are not yet 
rich enough to pave all our streets,) measured 1,430,363 square feet. In 
board measure, a square foot is an inch thick, but the planks used upon our 
carriage ways are nearly three inches thick, so that the superficial square 
feet of street, covered by that lumber, measure about 500,000. In other 
words, about two miles of street, at an average of forty feet wide in the 
carriage way, were covered with planks three inches thick in the course of 
one year. Of sidewalk, 17,666 front feet, or more than three miles in length, 
were made. Of paving, 122,764 square feet, equivalent to three fifths of a 
mile, of street, forty feet wide in the carriage way, were completed. Of 
brick sewers 10,000 lineal feet, or nearly two miles, have been made. Th© 


total cost of these street improvements was 8392,264, a sum which is much 
below the average annual cost of similar work in San Francisco. This osti- 
mate includes much work done by the property' owners. 

The site of the village of Yorba Buena, in 1846, was on the steep hill-sido, 
cut up by numerous gullies, and bounded on the south by a tract of sand^ 
which lay in a succession of steep parallel hills, from twenty to forty feet 
high, covered with stunted and tangled bushes. The place was inaccessible 
for a heavily-laden wagon, and when reached, it offered no broad expanse 
for the erection of a great city. But it was destined, nevertheless, that a 
great city should be built here and the work has been done. The cove, a milo 
across from Eincon to Clark's Point, and half a mile deep, has been filled in 
the hills have been cut down to gentle slopes to obtain material for encroach- 
ing upon the sea; gullies have been filled up; the sand-hills have been lev- 
eled down; the bay and the marsh have been changed into dry ground. 
There never was a city in which changes so great had been made by man ii.. 
the topography of its site; and he who now sees the place for the first time, 
can scarcely conceive how such great labors should have been accomplished^ 
or even seriously contemplated. The earth that has been moved in leveling 
the site of San Francisco, would make a mountain beside which all the pyr^ 
amids and artificial mounds would, as to size, sink into insignificance. 
Among the streets which have been graded, are Harrison, from Third to 
Eighth (where 150,000 cubic yards of sand had to be cut down or filled in;) 
Filbert, from Taylor to Jones; Bryant, between Third and Fourth; Califor- 
ma, between Mason and Taylor; Lombard, between Mason and Taylor; 
Broadway, between Mason and Powell; Hyde, between Sutter and Post,' 
Bryant, between Second and Third; Turk, between Taylor and Jones; Ma- 
son, between Bush and Sutter, and also between Chestnut and Francisco 
and also between Washington and Clay; Seventh, between Howard and 
Folsom; Larkin, between Bush and Sutter; Eighth, between Folsom and 
Mission; Sacramento, between Jones and Leavenworth; Sutter, between 
Powell and Mason, and also between Hyde and Leavenworth ; Jessie, be- 
tween Fourth and Fifth; Leavenworth, between Sutter and Bush; O'Far- 
rell, between Mason and Taylor, and also between Jones and Leavenworth 
and Taylor; Taylor, between Greenwich and Lombard, and some other less 
important blocks. In all, forty-seven blocks of street were graded during 
the year, and twenty other blocks are in progress. Most of this work wat 
done west of Taylor Street, or south of Bush, in the newer parts of the city 
No one street was graded more than Harrison, which was brought to the 
proper level from Third to Eighth Street. The planking was distributed 
round in all parts of the city. One of the most important improvements of 
the year, was the increase of the width of the sidewalks in a number of the 
most important streets, to the great gratification and increased convenience 
of those who are in the habit of walking much in the business parts of tJ- 
city. The change was especially needed in Washington, Kearny, and xAIout- 
gomery streets; the last has now sidewal ks worthy of the Broadway of the 



Pacific, and elegant ladies, no longer fearful of the disagreeable jostling of 
former times, now resort to it, not only for purposes of business, but as a 
pleasant promenade, and as the value of property in the fashionable retail 
street of a great city increases with the number of promenaders, so the 
value of property on Montgomery Street, has risen, perceptibly, in conse- 
quence of the widening of the sidewalks. The following figures from the 
report of G. T. Bohen, Street Superintendent for the past year, deserve a 
permanent record here : 







Brick Sewers, etc 

Redwood Sewers, etc.. 
Crosswalks, Curbs, etc. 
Piling and Capping. . . . 



979,643 cubic yards 

1,721,310 feet. 

122,754 square feet 

29,417 square feet 

16,806 front feet 

10,308 lineal feet 

1,606 lineal feet 

6,324 lineal feet 

771 lineal feet of Caps 


$226,788 85 

52,235 91 

20,542 75 

1,436 75 

15,443 36 

61,915 59 

4,942 63 

6,329 95 

2,628 22 

.$392,264 01 

Buildings. — These great street improvements were accompanied by a 
relative increase in the number and quality of the edifices of the city. 
During the 3'ear, 1,228 buildings were commenced, and most of them finished. 
About two-thirds of them, 856, were of wood, and the remaining third, 372, 
of brick. Among these were many of the largest and most elegant houses 
of the city, including the Kuss House, the Lick House, the Occidental Hotel, 
and the Metropolitan Theater. Parrott's building, on the northwestern cor- 
ner of Montgomery and Sacramento, and Belden's building, on the south- 
western corner of Montgomery and Bush, were greatly enlarged and beau- 
tified. Besides, 200 buildings commenced in the previous year, were finished 
in this. Among these, is the Masonic Temple, on the northwestern corner 
of Post and Montgomery streets. It is 75 by 160 feet on the ground, and 
one of the highest in the city. Most of the new buildings have been erected 
south of Market Street, but all parts of the city have improved greatly. 
The northwestern district made more progress within a twelvemonth than 
in three years before. 

The three principal hotels of the city were erected during the last year. 
Previous to 1862, the Oriental, the International, and the American Ex- 
chage were the favorite resorts of transient fashionable people ; but now they 
have been thrown into the second rank by the larger, more magnificent, and 
more favorably situated Lick House, Euss House, and Occidental Hotel. 

The Euss House was opened in April, 1862. It is one of the largest hotels 
in the world--that is upon the ground, but in hight it is only three stories. 
It IS 275 feet long by 137^ wide, and occupies the whole block on the west- 
ern side of Montgomery, between Pine and Bush, fronting upon all those 
streets. Whether any other hotel in the world has so long a front, we know 
not. The ground floor fronting on Montgomery Street is used for stores, 
save an entrance for the hotel, and a dining room. The material of the 
building 18 brick, covered with light yellowish brown stucco. The name is 
derived from the former owner of the land, who came to California in 1847, 



and loft a large estate to his widow and children. There are 46 parlors with 
bed rooms attached, and the total number of appartments is 190. 

The Lick House is 200 feet long by 160 wide, with fronts on Montgomery, 
Sutter, and Lick streets. It is a very strong building, with thick brick wails, 
carefully braced with strongiron rods, to secure it injury by earth- 
quakes. The ground floor on Montgomery Street is occupied by stores, ex- 
cept at the main entrance, which is 16 feet wide and 18 feet high. The 
building was designed to accommodate families of permanent boarders, and 
probably no hotel in the world is so well fitted to please that class of cus- 
tomers. It is elegantly finished and furnished, and it is supplied with all 
the modern conveniences. There are about 60 parlors in tiie house, each 
with a bed room attached. The hight of the building is three stories. The 
name is derived from James Lick, the owner. 

The Occidental Hotel stands on the southeastern corner of Montgomery 
and Bush, 137^ feet long on the latter street, and 81 on the former. The 
owner of the ground owns the adjacent land on Montgomery Street, and in- 
tends to add 127 feet more of front there so soon as the leases under which 
the present tenants hold shall have expired. The total length of the hotel 
will thus be 208 feet. The building is five stories high, but the ground floor 
is occupied for stores, and does not belong properly to the hotel, which con-" 
tains 156 rooms. The material is brick, covered with reddish brown stucco. 
After the additional structure on Montgomery Street is erected, the main 
entrance will be on that street. The building was erected by Jas. Donahue 
and Joseph A. Donohoe, but the former has died since its completion. 

These three magnificent hotels arc all within three blocks, between Pine 
and Post on Montgomexy Street, and in a part of it where there were pre- 
viously no fashionable stores, and no resorts for fashionable people. But 
these immense buildings have now attracted all the wealthy travelers, and 
many of the fashionable boarders ; and besides upon their ground floor are 
the most elegant stores of-the city. The consequence is not only that those 
hotels which were first-class a year ago have now sunk to a secondary rank, 
but Cla}'^ and Sacramento streets, between Montgomery and Kearny, which 
formerl}'' bad all the finest retail stores for ladies' goods, have now lost a 
large part of their trade, having been deserted for the new resort of fashion 
and wealth. The value of propert}' has been greatly aff'ected by the change, 
and the owners of lots in the southern part of Montgomery Street say they 
have the most valuable land in the city. 

Number of buildings in the City and County of San Francisco, including 
those in the course of erection August 20, 1861 : 

Wood. — One story 4,033 

" Two stories 5,090 

" Three stories 180 

Four stories. 


Brick.— One story 272 

" Two stories 1,126 

" Three stories 438 

Four stories. 
Five stories. 


Iron. — One story . , . . 
" Two stories. . 
" Three stories. 





Iron. — Four stories. 


Adobe. — One story. . . . 
" Two stories. . 

" Three stories. 

" Four stories. . 

Stone. — One story. . . , 
" Two stories . 
" Three stories. 
" Four stories. 



Number of buildings erected from August 20, 1861, to August 20, 1862, 
1,288, viz: Brick, 372; Wood, 856. Old buildings destroyed, 210. Net in- 
crease, 1,018. Total number of buildings in the city, August. 1862, 
12,283; of which 2,270 ai3 of brick. 


From July 1st. 1861, to June 30th, 1862. 

Jri.Y 1, 18G1. Shipment' of Treasure by 

steamship St. Louis, $1,008,297 84 The new 

public scliool house, coruer of "Washington and 
ilason streets, was opened to-day. . . .The new 
Metropolitan Theatre was opened for public per- 
formances to an immense audience. 

July 2. Appearance of the great cometr. . . 
District Attorney Harvey S. Brown, resigned. 

Jui-Y 3. Arrival of the Pony Express with 
Overland letters from New York, etc.. .. .A se- 
vere shock of earthquake. . . .A dozen wooden 
houses were destroyed by fire on Telegraph Hill. 
JcLY 4. The annual celebration of our glo- 
rious Independence was observed with great 
pomp and ceremony to-day. The military were 
out in full force. The various military and civic 
bodies formed in procession and marched through 
the main streets of the city. An oration was de- 
livered at the Metropolitan Theater by Edward 
Tompkins, the declaration of Independence read 
by Pr. H. M. Gray, and a Poem spoken by John 
R. Ridge. The Floral Procession had appropri- 
ate exercises at Piatt's Music Hall. In the even- 
ing fireworks on Washington Square. . . .Arrival 
of P. M. S. S. Orizaba. . . .A fire occurred in J. 
Frank & Co.'s cigar store, 315 Clay Street. Loss 
§100,000— insured for $60,000. 

July 8. The Society of California Pioneers 
elected officers for ensuing year. President, H. 
M. Oray; Vice Presidents, James Donahue, H. 
F. Williams, James Lick, George C. Yount, and 

Levi Hite; Secretary, W. R.Wheaton Ladies' 

Protection and Relief Society held its eighth an- 
niversary exorcises at the LTnitarian Church 

Joseph Jefferson, the comedian, made his first 

July 11. The steamship Uncle Sam left for 
Panama with $.1,273,699 93 in treasure Dis- 
trict Attorney Nathan Porter, commenced his 

July 12. Fire on Simmons Street. Loss, 
$15,000. . . .Amount of receipts over expenses 
of the Festival at the Willows, for the benefit of 
the French R. C. Church, Notre Dame des Yic- 
toires, $3,019 38. 

July. 15. A street fracas occurred between 
Gov. Downey, John Middleton, and Myles D. 

Sweeny Specimens of tobacco raised in Yuba 

County were exhibited to-day— said to be equal 

to Yirginia The Yemionters have raised $500 

to purchase a flag, the Rhode Islanders $700 for 
th(! same purpose, to send East for the regiments 
from each respective State now in the war. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Grosvenor, daughter of Thomas 
Hamblin, New York, died suddenly of apoplexy. 
. . . .The Custom House officers seized as contra- 
band, $10,000 worth of diamonds which came by 
last steamer, in care of Mr. Seliz. 

July 16. Report of the Superintendent of 
Public Schools, Mr. Denraan. Total amount of 
warrants drawn on the Treasury for fiscal year 

ending June 30, 1861, $182,361 46 Receipt 

of President Lincoln's Message sent to the Ex- 
tra Session of Congress on the 4th iust. 

July 19. Charles Estern, a Norwegian, com- 
mitted suicide by hanging. . . .The French Con- 
sul gives notice that French citizens must not 
enter the army, north, or south, but maintain 
strict neutrality The first Overland Mail ar- 
July 20. Departure of the S. S. Golden Age 

with .$1,249,539 73 in treasure An American 

flag was sent East for the New York 69th Reg. 

July 22. David Scannell, Chief Engineer of 
the Fire Department, made his quarterly report. 
During that time the Departmant were called out 
30 times — 18 for fires and 12 for false alarms. 
The report shows the force of the Department 
to be 822 members. 

July 25. The Cortez arrived from the North 
bringing $97,266 from the new mines. 

July 26. Franklin West, son of Col. J. R. 
West, was killed by a runaway horse. 

July 28. A fire occurred on Kearny Street. 
Loss, about $2,500. 

July 30. Dr. Munson, Assistant Assayer of 
the U. S. Branch Mint, resigned. A. G. Dexter 
was appointed successor. . . .Fire on Davis Street, 
and eight wooden buildings destroyed. 

July 31. A Democratic (Breckenridge) meet- 
ing held at Music Hall which was considered dis- 
union, and finally broken up by the strong Union 
portion of the audience. 

August 1. The steamship Golden Gate with 
$1,370,443 86, in treasure, sailed for Panama. 
... .A splendid American flag, cotton up by the 
New Hampshire residents of the city, at a cost of 
$800, was forwarded to the 1st New Hanipsbire 
Regiment. . . .The Sunday law went into effect. 

A fire on Davis Sti-eet, destroying property 

to the value of $8,000. . . .The colored people had 

a celebration at Hayes' Park. . . .John Sweeny 

was trampled to death- by frightened mules in a 
corral. ...... 

Aug. 2. Julius . Kreyeiihagen, a prominent 
merchant, and Consul. tor Saxony,' and William 
W. Bennett, died very suddenly. . . .News by 

Pony Express of a Federal retreat at Bull Run, 
Virginia... .Gen. Sumner, U.S. A., received a 

dispatch from the War Department, accepting 
one repiment 'jf infantry and five companies of 
cavah\ from OaJifoi lia. . . .Bonney, the murderer 

of Hirscli, -R-as s. i -enced at San Leandro, to be 
hung on tho.2Sti.: iN ptember The City Treas- 
urer's monthly report shows a cash balance of 
$87,ysa 01. . 

Aug. 3. Destruction of the Golden Gate Brew- 
ery by firo. Loss $10,000. 

Aug. 5. The Youiif? Men's Christian Asso- 
ciation held its annual meetini? and election. 

Auo. C. William Kirby, an otlicer of the brig 
Merchantman, fell dead at the house of L. B. 

Auo. 7. Francois Tisson, a Frenchman, at- 
tempted to commit suicide by placing his head 
under the car wheels of the Market Street R. R. 
Co. He was saved by an employ^ of the Com- 
pany A fire occurred at 225 Commercial 


Aug. 8. The Liquor Dealers Association met 
to adopt some to resist the operation of 
the Sunday Law. . . .Five recruiting offices have 

been opened in the city The quarterly report 

of the French Benevolent Society shows a cash 
balance of $1,098 13. 

Auo. 9. A boy named John Tierny, was 
drowned by falling off India Dock. 

Aug. 10. Departure of the S. S. Sonora from 
Panama, with $858,000 35 in Treasure. 

Auo. 11. The Sabbath School of the First 
Congregational Church held its 12th anniversary. 
. . . .The New Yorkers held a relief meeting at 
the Unitarian Church, to faise money for the 
families of volunteers who have fiiUenin the war. 
A large amount was siibscribed. 

Aug. 14. A fire took place on Oregon Street. 

Auo. 15. High Mass was given in the French 
Catholic Church in honor of the christening of 

Emperor Napoleon The headquarters of the 

Department U. S. A. of the Pacific were removed 
to the new building, 742 Washington Street. . . . 
The old Music Hall Building on Bush Street is 
being removed to Fourth wStreet, to be fitted up 
as a place of worship. . . .Steamship Uncle Sam 
arnved from Panama. 

Auo. 21. Departure of the steamship Uncle Sam 
with trea-sure to the amount of $1,249,080 37 
. . . .The remains of Terrence B. McManus were 
forwarded to New York, and from thence will be 
sent to Ireland for final interment. 

Aug. 22. A German musical jubilee is going 
on in which most of the Clubs of the State have 

Auo. 23. Reception of the news of the death 
of General Nathaniel Lyon on the battle field at 
Springfield, Missouri. 

Auo. 24. Arrivalofthosteam.ship Golden Age 
from Panama- . , .Ship Isabella cleared for Liver- 
pool with 41.000 sacks of wheat, and 200 bales of 
wool on board. . . .Former citizens of Massachu- 
setts held a meeting at the Academy of Music 
and adopted measures to get up a Volunteer Re- 
lief Fund, for the benefit of their brethren en- 
gaged in putting down secession in the East. . . . 
Hon. J. W. Nesmith, U. S. Senator from Oregon, 
arrived in the steamer to-day from Panama. . . . 
Fire at Russ' Garden— loss $2,500. 

Aug. 26. Mrs. Spanck, while laboring under 
temporary insanity, committed suicide by hang- 
ing, at the hospital on Stockton Street. 

Aug. 27. The Daily Times suspended A 

Republican Mass Meeting was held in Mont- 
gomery Street. 

I 'apt. 
H". with 


Aug. 30. U. S. Rteiiin inpkVe S 
Robert Ritchie, arrived from Pin 

Auo. 31. The steamship ."-i 
$1,135,910 GG in treasure, le(^ for I 

Ski'TE-mijkr 1. A fire occuWed oi. , 
ton Street — small amount of damage. 

Sept. 2. A Mr. Moreno, a native of 
Ayres, committed suicide by shooting. 

Sept. 4. Election for State Officers, result 
in the success of the entire Republican ti ;. ;. 

headed by Leland Stanford for Governor 1 ! 

Hebrew New Year commences The monthly 

report of the City Treasurer, shows a cash bal- 
ance of $34,690 64. 

Sept. 5. Arrival of the steamship Golden 
Gate from Panama. . . .The ship Henry Brigham, 
from Liverpool, was seized as the property of 
South Carolina Secessionists. 

Sept. 8. Death of Edmund Randolph, a prom- 
inent lawyer of this city. All the Courts ad- 
journed in respect to his memory. 

Sept. 9. A military company called the Mc- 
Clellan Guard organized. 

Sept. 10. Departure of the Orizaba with 
$1,090,516 54 in trea.sure for Panama. 

Sept. 16. $10,000 worth of tobacco, con- 
signed to Greene, Heath & Allen, was seized by 
the U. S. authorities on the ground that it was, 
owned by Secessionists. . . .Si.>: companies of snl- 
dies, Col. Carleton, left for the lower coast. 

Sept. 17. Henry W. Halleck, received his 
appointment and took the oath of office as Major- 
General in the regular army. 

Sept. 20. John McHonry, a lawyer, was nr- 
rested on complaint of a soldier in the U'. 
States army, named McManus, for tryin'- 
duce him to desert and join the Disun! 

Sept. 21. Shipment of treasure; j. 
ship Sonora for Panama, $1,152,062. 

Sept. 22. Great excitement in frjnt of Cal- 
vary (Rev. Dr. Scott's) Church, caused by the 
Secession sympathy of the pastor, expressed on 
several public occasions. He was hung in effig}'. 
At one time there threatened to be bloodshed, 
but through the good management of tlie police 
it was averted. Dr. Scott immediatelv resigne 

Sept. 24. R. M. Daggett and C. B. McDo 

aid, had a street encounter Fifty-five cases 

smoking tobacco were seized as the property t 
Secessionists. . . .John McHenry was discharrjeU 
from custody. 

Sept. 25. A military company called the Sigel 
Rifles organized. 

Sept. 26. The National Fast was very gen- 
erall}' observed. 

Sept. 28. The Mexican residents celebrated 
the Anniversary of tlieir Independence. 

Octoher 1. Treasure shipment per steamship 

Uncle Sam, $1,115,000 57 Rev. Dr. W. A. 

Scott and family left on the Uncle Sam for 

Oct. 2, Alfred Pierce was killed by falling 
into a well, 824 Greenwich Street. 

Oct. 3. The employes of the United States 

Branch Mint took the oath of allegiance A 

fire occurred at 192 Pine Street. 

Oct. 4. The schooner W. B. Scranton was 
sei/.ed by the United States authorities as be- 



I'ls. . , .A cohr 
., while the ituunors .■. '.re prac- 
A whale was < ; inrcl i' Bay. 
.. Arrival of th st' ii Kiiij .. Louis 
i. 7. Amount of cash in Cit.\ ireasury, 
.;,207 52. 

Oct. 9. Two painters, James Willock and 
Richard Smith, fell from a staging at Parrott's 
Bank to the pavement, a distance of forty feet, 
and are supposed to be fatally injured. 

Oct. 1 0. A French laundry destroj^ed by fire, 
opposite South Park. 

Oct. 11. Major-General Henry W. Halleck, 
and Oapt. Henry ik Naglee, left for the seat of 
war, ^a the steamer!* . J'he stejfcfsiii^t. Louis, 
left for Panama, with treasure fonfie%4nount of 

$999,093 81 A fire took place at the corner 

of Washington and Davis streets. 

Oct. 15. A portion of the Occidental Hotel 
fell burying several men beneath the ruins, 
alttiough no lives were lost. . . -Hon. J. W. Nes- 
mith, Senator from Oregon, arrived on his way 

to "Washington A fire took place in Genard's 

Restaurant, Washington Street. 

Oct. 16. Arrival of the Orizaba from Panama. 
Oct. 21. Brigadier-General E. V. Sumner, 
and other army oflScers, and U. S. Senator Nes- 
mitli, left on the steamer for the East. . . .Treas- 
ure shipment per Orizaba for Panama, 31,006,- 
130 38. . . .Capt. John H. Lendrum fatally injur- 
ed by a train of dirt cars at North Beach 

Ship Commonwealth seized by United States 
authorities as contraband. 

Oct. 22. A grand Union Festival is being 

held at Musical Hall. . . .News of the shooting 

of Capt. G. W. Staples, at Portland, Oregon. 

Oci.'. 24. Destruction of the San Francisco 

■>olen Mills by fire ; loss ,$60,000 ; insured for 

000 Completion of the Atlantic and 

<j Telegraph Line — the greatest work of the 

. . . A fire occurred on Green Street. . . . 

f the death of Col. E. D. Baker, at the 

his Brigade, at Ed,ward's Ferry. 

'\ The U. S. steam frigate Saranacleft 

3 in the Southern waters The U. S. 

int closed, and the Courts all adjourn- 
pect to the memory of Col. E. D. Baker. 

.6. Capt. Lendrum, U. S. .\., died 

(rge Wright appointed to the command 

J. S. Army Department of the Pacific. 

27. Arrival of the Sonora from Panama. 

i*. 29. Robert B. Schell shot and killed a 

.•ed barber named George Gordon. . . .Fred- 

_..jk Corless fell dead at the Plymouth Rock 


Oct. 30. A fire took place at the corner of 
Merchant and Kearny streets. 

November 6. The corner stone of the New 
Dashaway, on Post Street, was laid with appro- 
priate ceremonies Death of George A. Van 

Bokkelen, a pioneer merchant. . . .Three compa- 
nies of volunteers left on the steamer for Hum- 
boldt Bay Arrival of the Uncle Sam from 


Nov. 11. Departure of the steamship Son 
for-Panama, with $969,260 28 in treasure... 

A : ,:ii^^, .^,^^^ .. xJuuaiu, committed sui- 
cide at the St. Francis Hotel. 

Nov. 14. Opening of books for subscription 
to the National Loan The Russian steam cor- 
vette Calavela arrived A fire took place at 

the corner of Jackson and Dupont stieets 

James C. Duncan was found dead in his bed on 
Vallejo Street ; disease, apoplexy. . . . .Ten Bac- 
trian camels arrived from Araoor River. 

Nov. 16. Completion of the new St. Mary's 
Hospital, on Rincon Hill. 

Nov. 21. $1,200,627 82 in treasure went for- 
ward on the steamship Uncle Sam for Panama. 
The New York Relief Fund Committee for- 
warded $4,000 by steamer. 

Nov. 24. The L 0. 0. F. funeral obsequies of 
the late Thomas Wildey took place at Piatt's 

Nov. 26. The 12th anniversary of the Cali- 
fornia Bible Society took place Death of 

Caleb Cameron, of Cameron, Whittier & Co., by 
drowning at Benicia. 

Nov. 28. Thanksgiving Day — very generally 

Nov. 30. Departure of steamship St. Louis 
with treasure to the amount of $984,864 58. . . . 
A man named Curtis was found dead at the Ni- 
antic Hotel. . . .Angelo Chiarini, one of the Mar- 
tinetti Troupe, died from injuries received by 
falling from a rope, near the top of Hayes' Park 
Pavilion Building. 

December 3. The steamship Cortes, from 
Portland, Oregon, brought down $125,615 in 

Dec. 5. Arriv.'il of the steamship Golden 
Gate with the remains of the late Colonel E. D. 

Dec. 8. The new Catholic Church, St. Joseph's, 
was dedicated. 

Dec. 9. A fire occurred at 426 Commercial 
Street. . . .Intelligence of Sacramento City being 
overflowed from a sudden rise of the American 

Dec. 11. Funeral obsequies of Col. Edward 
D. Baker. This was one of the most imposing 
ceremonies ever witnessed on this coast, either 
civic or military. Hon. Edward Stauh' delivered 
the eulogy. . . .Departure of the steamship Gol- 
den Gate for Panama with $861,611 49. 

Dec. 12. $15,000 were subscribed for Sacra- 
mento sufferers. 

Dec. 15. Arrival of the steamship Sonora 
from Panama. 

Dec. 18. St. Nicholas Day was duly observ- 
ed by our Russian residents. 

Dec. 19. News of a great flood in Oregon, 
carrying away whole villages and destroying an 
immense amount of properly. 

Dec. 21. Treasure shipment per Sonora for 
Panama, $1,176,753 98. 

Dec. 23. A run was made on Savings and 
Loan Society Bank. 

Dec. 25. Christmas was very generally ob- 
served in all the Churches, etc An Americjin 

fiag was presented to the officers of the Russian 

f»nri'C»tfn ^n^r 

lip Uncle 



Dec. 27. Capt. W. D. Fair committed suicide 
by sliooting. 

Dkc. 31. Incorporation of tlio California Pow- 
der WorkH Willi n capital of $1(10,000. 

Januauy 1. 18U2. I><'iwirtiiruiil Uieateamship 
Golden Age with $756,51G 96 in treasure. . . .A 
miin named Jacob Wagner was found dead, near 
Brannan Street Bridge. . . .News of the death of 
Daniel Gibb, of D. Gibb & Co. 

Jan. 5. Arrival of steamship St. Louis from 

Jan. 7. A fire occurred at the corner of Pa- 
cific and Powell streets. 

Jan. 9. A terrible rain storm is raging which 
has already destro3-ed considerable property. 

Jan. 12. A woman, named Nancy Davis, 
was found dead in her bed. 

Jan. 13. A man, named Wilson, killed his 
wife by shooting. 

Jan. 14. Death of Herman Schroeder, the 
finest cornet player in the State. . . .The British 
ship Bella Marina was sold for $5,000. 

Jan. 15. Arrival of the steamship Golden 
Gate from Panama. . . .Piatt's Music Hall fitted 
and arranged for receiving and providing for the 
Sacramento sufferers, and others, by the late 

Jan. 17. A lunar rainbow was observed on 
the Sacrainento River. 

Jan. 18. The body of Michael Donovan was 
found in Islais Creek. 

Jan. 21. $873,018 26 in treasure was sent 
by the steamship St. Louis for Panama. 

Jan. 22. Henry A. Perry, the well known 
actor, died of consumption. 

Jan. 24. Meeting of the State Legislature 
in the Federal building opposite the Custom 
House. Temporary adjournment from the Capi- 
tal (Sacramento) in consequence of the late 
floods. . . .Michael McCarty, a special policeman, 
was shot by John Hettrick. 
Jan. 26. Arrival of the steamship Sonora 

from Panama Capt. Thomas Allen, of the 

ship Neva, has disappeared — supposed suicide 

Arrival of Hon. R. H. Pruyn, U. S. Minister 

to Japan, from New York. . . .Ice was found in 
various parts of the city, some of it being an 
inch thick. 

Jan. 29. Celebration of the Chinese New 
Year. . . .A light fall of snow occurred. . . .The 
thermometer indicated 22^ Fahrenheit. 

February 1. Shipment of treasure per steam- 
ship Golden Gate for Panama, $1,056,112 42. 
Feb. 4. Anniversary of the Protestant Orphan 

Asylum at Piatt's Musical Hall Arrival of 

the steamship Golden Ago from Panama. 

Feb. 5. Intelligence of tlie new mines called 
Nez Perces, on Salmon River, Oregon. 

Feb. 7. Snagging of the steamboat Nevada 
in the Sacramento River. 

Feb. 9. Death of John Fairchild, the well 
known scenic artist. 

Feb. 10. Fire at 406 Montgomery Street. 
Feb. 11. Shipment of treasure per steamship 
Sonora to Panama, $827,760 29. 

Feb. 17, News of the taking of Fort Donel- 
son by the Union farces, and a demonstration by 
our citizens in consequence. 

Feb. 21. Treasure shipments per Golden Affe 

for Panama, $1,019,231 45 .Fire at No. 408 

Sacramento Street. 

Feb. 22. Washington's birth-day was appro- 
priately' celebrated in the various churclios, by 

salutes, etc The body of James Morgan, 

assistant engineer of the Golden Gate, was 
found floating in the Bay. 

Feb. 24. A man named Wm. Richmond was 
found dead in the What Cheer House. 

Feb. 25. The body of A. Coilivau was found 
floating in the Bay News of a great hurri- 
cane in Carson Valley, Nevada Territory, and 
destruction of property. 

March 1. Shipment of treasure per steam- 
ship St. Louis for Panama, $603,366 HG. 

March 2. Isaiah Inman was found dead on 

Beale Street The ship Polynesia destroyed 

by Are off Pacific Street Wharf". 

March 3. The body of a man named Andres- 
sen was found floating in the Bay. 

March 6. Mrs. S. Johnson committed suicide 
by taking poison. 

March 7. Arrival of the steamship Golden 

Gate from Panama Arrival of the U. S. 

(steamer) flag ship Lancaster from Acapulco. 

March 10. A mass meeting at Piatt's Music 

Hall in regard to City Land Titles Thomas 

D. Carroll was fatally stabbed by F. U. Home. 

March 11. Death of Capt. Jonn J. Lewis, 
for many years connected with tlio Contra Costa 
Ferry Boats. . . .Shipment of treasure to Panama 
per steamship Ori'.aba, $728,917 14. 

March 14. The waters of a miniature lake 
in St. Ann's Valley burst through the bank, 
destroying a large amount of property. The 
residence, outbuildings, etc. of Mr. F. L. A. 
Pioche were utterly ruined. .. .InteUigence by 
telegraph of the capture of Manassas Gap, rnd 
the defeat of the Rebel iron-clad steamer Merri- 
mac by the Monitor and its subsequent destruc- 
tion on the 7th instant, creating great excitement 
among our citizens. 

March 15. The body of Jas. Lalor, n 

was found in the Bay Intelligence by l 

graph of the death of Hon. Frederick P. Tracj, 
in the East, a distinguished lawyer and resident 
of this city. 

March 17. Celebration of St. Patrick's Day 
by Irish citizens. . . .The U. S. sloop-of-war St. 
Marys left for Acapulco. . . . A Frenchman named 
Gay was fatally injured by a man named Riley. 

March 21. Shipment of treasure for Panama 
per steamship Sonora, $923,435 34. . . .Capt. J. 
P. Bagley, of the brig Energy, was drowned. 

M.\RCH 22. A fire occurred in Bush Street, 
near Calvary Church. 

March 23. Funeral obsequies of the Hon. F. 

P. Tracy at Piatt's Music Hall Geo. Duff'ey 

fatally stabbed by a man named Bates. 

March 25. The dead body of Patrick Lawlor 
was found in the Bay. 

March 26. Arrival of the steamship Golden 
Age from Panama. 
March 28. A fire took place on the corner of 

Front and Commercial streets Sudden death 

of Robert Crutchley. 
March 31. R. B. Schell sentenced for the 




murder of G. Gordon, the barber, to ten years 
imprisonment in the State Prison. 

April 1. Treasure shipment for Panama per 

steamship Golden Age, $752,891 70 Sudden 

deatli of W. B. Greer of Placer County. 

April 2. Arrival of the United States steam- 
ship Xarragansett. 

April 4. Fire on First Street. 

April 6. Arrival -of the steamship St. Louis 
from Panama. 

April 7. The body of Mrs. Geo. W. Colmere 
was found hanging — supposed suicide or murder. 

April 8. Opening of the Russ House by 
Messrs. Hardenbergh & Dyer, the lessees. 

■ April 9. Assault upon Geo. Barstow, Speaker 
of the House, by R. D. Ferguson, Assemblyman 
Irom Sacramento. 

April 11. Shipment of treasure for Panama 
per steamship St. Louis, $829,455 64, . . .Horace 
P. Hubbard, a stove merchant, was choked to 
deaih by a piece of meat while breakfasting at a 

April 12. Great excitement produced by 
the news by telegraph ; intelligence of the defeat 
of Rebelgunder Beauregard, Johnston, etc., on 
the 6ih instant. 

April 13. A fire occurred at the corner of 
Kearny and Pacific streets. 

April 14. The dead body of Charles H. "Wal- 
ker was found in the Bay, at pier 24 Stewart St. 

April 17. Arrival from Panama of the steam- 
ship Orizaba. 

April 18. The dead body of Peter Keenan 
was found-floating under Jackson Street "Wharf 

April 19. Mrs. Cud worth committed suicide 
by hanging. 

April 21. Departure of the steamship Ori- 
zaba with $732,219 84 in treasure Hon. Ed- 
ward Stanly left on the steamer with a commis- 
sion from the President as Military Governor of 
North Carolina. 

April 20. A woman, named Ellen "Warren, 
was found dead in bed. 

April 22. A Republican Mass Meeting was 
addressed by Gov. Nye, of Nevada Territory. - 

April 24. Several model artists were arrested. 

April 25. A report in the Pacific Medical 
Journal, upon the health of the city, shows a 
great improvement in that respect. 

April 26. The bodv of a U. S. soldier was 
found in a well at the P'residio. 

April 28. Impeachment trial "of James H. 
Hardy, Judge of the Fifth District, for misde- 
meanor, commenced in the Senate Chamber. 

April 29. An employe of the P. M. S. S. Co.. 
named "William P. Toomey, fell dead on Folsom 
Street Wharf. 

Mat 1. Splendid Festivals and Exhibitions 
by the children of the various schools of the city. 
Treasure shipment from Panama per steam- 
ship Golden Gate, $838,512 90 Sudden death 

in convulsions of J. D. Abbot, policeman • also 
G. P. Fobes, a lawyer. ' ' 

May 2. Fire on Market Street. 

May 5. Annual parade of the S. F. Fire De- 
partment which was very creditable. 

May 7. Shalmon E. Morton, an employ^ of 
the Mint, was shot dead by C. L! De Brittan. 

May 8. Shipment of treasure to Panama per 
steamship Sonora, $399,827 85. 

May 9. Execution of E. "W. Bonney at San 
Leandro for the murder of A. Hirsch. . . .A new 
gas company formed. 

May 12. A lump of gold weighing $3,000 
was deposited at the U. S. Branch Mint. 

May 13. A little girl, named Hassey, was 

killed by inhaling flames at a bonfire The 

rails on the Howard St. Railroad are being laid. 

May 15. A boy, named Henry Kramer, was 
run over and fatally injured by the cars on the 
Market Street Railroad. 

May 16. Treasure shipment to Panama per 
Golden Age, $811,138 83. 

May 18. Arrival from Panama of the steam- 
ship St. Louis. 

May 20. Municipal Election resulting in the 
success of the People's Ticket. 

May 21. Death of Capt. Francis B. Folger, a 
widely known and prominent pioneer merchant. 
....A Frenchman named Lacaya was found 
dead in his room. 

May 23. A little daughter of Thomas Mc- 
Colliam was drowned. 

May 24. Treasure shipment to Panama per 
St. Louii?, $562,399 93. 

May 26. Arrival of steamship Orizaba from 

Panama Rev. C. "Wadsworth. D. D., pastor 

of Calvary Church, arrived to succeed Dr. Scott. 

May 29. Sudden death of Mrs. Barrow. 

May 31. The treasure shipment per Orizaba 

for Panama was $801,961 03 Arrival of P. 

M. S. S. Golden Gate. 

June 1. A duel occurred between Frank 
Turk and 0. C. Hall. Settled without injury to 
either party. 

June 4. The annual Jewish Festival. 

June 6. The ship Robin Hood sustained con- 
siderable damage from fire. 

June 7. Treasure shipment per Golden Gate 
for Panama, $632,532 31. 

June 8. The Pacific, from Portland, brought 
$92,000 from the new mines. 

June 9. Arrival of the steamship Sonora 
from Panama. 

June 10. One hundred tons of copper from 
tlie Union Company arrived in the city. 

June 11. The U.S. surveying steamer Active 

was sold for $30,000 A military review came 

ofi" on "Washington Square. 

June 14. Sudden death of "Wm. F. Hamilton. 
. . . .Treasure shipment per Sonora for Panama, 

June 17. A fire occurred on Greenwich Street. 

June 19. Sudden death of Mrs. Sam'l Green. 

June 22. The U. S. sloop-of-war "Wyoming 
sailed for Manila. 

June 23. A lunatic, named Lewis Eastman, 

committed suicide Treasure shipment for 

Panama, $643,101 21. 

June 26. Arrival of the steamship St. Louis 
from Panama. .. .Jeremiah Sullivan was killed 
by the caving of a bank. 

June 29. A fire took place at Mission Dolores. 

June 30. Meeting of citizens to make arrange- 
ments for a general display in honor of the pass- 
age of the Pacific Railroad Bill. 


Public Schools. 


WALES L. PALMER, President. 

D1RECTOU.S. — L. B. Mastick, 1st District; J. H. 
Widber, 2d District; J. W. Dodge, 3d District; 
William Buitliiig, 4th District; Lafayette Story, 
5th District ; James Bowman, 6th District ; Wil- 
liam G. Badger, 7ih District; George Cofran, 
8th District; Wales L. Palmer, 9th District; 
C. C. Knowles, 10th District; M. Lynch, 11th 
District; Joseph M. Wood, 12th District. 

George Tait, Superintendent; D. H. Whitte- 
more. Secretary. 

It is a source of peculiar gratification to all 
who are concerned in the prosperity of our city, 
to observe the flourishing condition of our Public 
School Department. In proportion as the city 
has extended her limits to admit fresh accessions 
to her population^extended her trade and com- 
merce, and embellished the streets with princely 
edifices and stately rows of stores — so, with com- 
mensurate pace, has our School Department mul- 
tiplied and improved its school-houses and in- 
creased its educational advantages. 

Schools are the landmarks of civilization. The 
miserable hovels in which the first Public Schools 
were here held, had their counterpart in the 
wretched appearance of our streets and the dis- 
organized state of society prevailing here during 
the early years of our city's existence. 

So, too, the quiet and comfort of many a fire- 
side, the thrift of the artisan, the affluence of the 
merchant, and the familian sound of the church 
bell to be found here, on all sides, at the present 
day, are reflected in not a few of our schools 
by the neat attire of the pupils, their quiet de- 
portment, and their zeal in the acquisition of 
knowledge. During the past year, the Board of 
Education have labored earnestly to extend and 
improve the advantages of popular instruction. 

Ten additional teachers have been employed 
and three new schools have been opened in dis- 
tricts hitherto scantily supplied with school ac- 
commodations. The study of penmanship and 
drawing has been facilitated by the employment 
of a special teacher of these branches. 

The quality of the instruction given in the 
schools has been greatly improved by a new 

and more systematic classification of pupils, and 
by requiring of teachers greater uniformity in 
their modes of teaching. The influence of the 
Normal School and the Teachers' Institute baa 
been made of more practical benefit, and of 
greater interest to the teachers, by abridging 
the course of study in the former, and enlivening 
the latter association by a regular programme of 
lectures, essays, and other literary exercises. 

After payment of all current demands on the 
School Fund in cash, and discharging the float- 
ing debt of the previous fiscal year, ($23,000,) 
the School Fund showed, July 1, 18G2, a balance 
of $12,000 in the treasury. 

The Assessment Roll, according to which 
taxes are to bo levied, this year, places the taxa- 
ble property of this city at $50,000,000. On 
this basis, the School Fund lor this fiscal year 
will be $175,000, without including the surplus 
revenue of last year, or the amount apportioned 
by the State for the support of Public Schools. 
Now that this Department is relieved of the 
incubus of a heavy debt, a more substantial pro- 
gress in educational matters may be looked for 
during the present year. This progress will bo 
considerably advanced by the State Norm 
School, established recently in this city for f 
professional education of teachers. From tl 
source, we anticipate a home-made supply 0. 
well-trained teach«rs. 

The children of our citizens have a rich inher- 
itance in the valuable real estate owned by the 
School Department.. If this property be kept 
intact, a revenue maybe derived from the rental 
of it which will- render the tax levied annually 
for the support of Public Schools a matter of lit- 
tle concern to our tax-payers. This estate con- 
sists of seven 50-vara and two lOO-vara lots, be- 
sides six other lots little less than 50-varas, all 
of which are eligibly located on principal streets 
of the city. In addition to these, there are 
twenty -eight 50-varas located in various sections 
of the Western Addition, Mission blocks and the 

After indefatigable exertions made by the late 
City Attorney and the then Superintendent of 
Schools, a protracted law suit for the possession 
of the most valuable portion of this property 



was decided, in November last, in favor of this 

The amount expended on this property for 
erection of school-houses and other improve- 
ments, is nearly $200,000. 

School Statistics. 
Number and Classification op Schools. — 
One High School, six Grammar Schools, eleven 
Primary Schools, one Evening School, one Nor- 
mal School, one Teachers' Institute. 
School Census. October, 1861. 




:. V ae 


s u 

No. Child'n bet. 
18 and 21 years. 

« c 

No. Attending 
Privnfc Schools. 



•S . 















































































1419 1085 








381 7 1847 








889 341 








460 179 















Total number of blind, 15; deaf and damb,23; colored, 
259; Chinese, 196; orphans, 285. 



Hioh School 

""uion Street School 

json and Wash Street School. 

ish Street School 

neon, (V. and H. P.) School. 

mission School 

spring Valley School 

•• trket and Fifth Street School. 

.itter Street School' 

i'owell Street School.' 

Hyde Street School 

Greenwich Street School. ..., 

Colored School 

Chinese School 

No. of 






















Nativities of Children Attending PubUc Schools. 


Maine 13i;Louisiana 188 

New Hampshire. . 41Texas ' 26 

"Vermont 20 Arkansas .' '. '. '. '.'..' 14 

Mas.sachusetts 701 |Kentucky. ..!!!!' 33 

Rhode Island 55;Tennessee.!! ."!" ' 12 

Couneeticutt 30:Missouri. . . * " m 

New York 1356lOhio *.'.".'.'.'. 84 

New Jersey 65'Michigan ] 43 

Pennsylvania 255 lUinois " 75 

Delaware 7 Indiana '. 26 

Marjiand 67 

Virginia 25 

Iowa 19 

Wisconsin 36 

North Carolina. 
South Carolina. 



Mississippi. . . . 

2'California 1775 

leOregon 20 

39 Minnesota 1 

12|Utah 5 

25:Dist. of Columbia. 12 









South America. . . . 



Nova Scotia 

Central America . . 





Sandwich Islands. 






















Mexico 40 

New Zealand 12 

Hungary 1 

Cuba 2 

Australia 91 

La Plata 1 

Ladrone Island. . . 1 

New Brunswick.. 17 

British America.. 3 

Poland 5 

Italy 2 

Russia 2 

Cape Horn 3 

VanDiemens'L'd. 3 

Belgium 1 

Newfoundland.... 1 

At Sea 12 

Unknown 7 

Ordinary Expenditures of School Departments for 

Teachers' salaries $77,645 58 

Janitors' salaries 3,615 00 

School Marshals 500 00 

Secretary 1,500 00 

Carpenters 1,181 00 

Repairs of school-houses 5,534 72 

Lights 305 90 

Water 319 00 

Furniture and supplies 3,785 02 

606 28 

1,899 76 

1,134 06 

857 34 

2,307 94 

Printing and stationery. 
Rents. . . . 



Labor, etc. 

Total $101,191 60 


High School Mortgage 2,053 33 

Sinking Fund for Redemption School 

Bonds 12,500 00 

Interest on Bonds 12,578 33 

Buildings and Improvements 6,252 05 

.Total expenditures $134,575 31 

List of Teachers. 

High School. — Comer Powell and Clay 
streets. Mr. Ellis H. Holmes, Principal; Mr. 
George W. Minns, Teacher of Natural Science ; 
Mr. George D. Hanson, Mrs. L. A. Clapp. 

Union Street School. — Union Street near 
Montgomery. Thomas S. Myrick, Principal ; 
Miss Ellen Casey, Miss. C. A. Kidder, Miss S. 
M. Hunt, Miss Lizzie Kennedy (Principal Prima- 
ry), Miss Abbie F. Aldrich, Miss Estelle M. 
BuUene, Miss Hester Champlin, Miss Emily M. 
Tibbey, Miss Annie E. Alton. 



Mason and Washington Street Schools. — 
James Stratton, Principal ; Miss D. S. Prescott, 
Miss E. M. Tieboiit, Mrs. C. H. Stout, Miss 
S. J. White, Miss Qeraldino Price, Miss A. B. 

RiNcoN School. — Tassarand Hampton Places. 
John Swctt, Principal ; Miss Helen Thompson, 
Miss M. A. Casebolt, Miss A. S. Barnard, Miss 
M. E. Stowell, Miss M. L. Morgan, Miss E. P. 
Fcrnald, Miss E. M. Shaw, Mrs. J. H. Nevins, 
Mrs. H. F. Packer, Miss Mary R. Warren, 
Miss C. V. Benjamin (Principal Primary), Mrs. 
M. S. P. Nichols, Miss A. M. Nutter, Miss E. 
Emerson, Miss Lizzie Overend. 

Bush Street School. — Corner Bush and 
Stockton streets. -Theodore Bradley, Principal ; 
Mrs. L. A. Morgan, Miss L. E. Field, Miss M. E. 
White, Mrs. A. E. Du Bois, Miss M. E. Scotchler, 
Mrs. S. A. D. Lansingh, Mrs. F. E. Reynolds, 
Miss C. M. Hunt, Miss J. M. A. Hurley. 

Market and Fifth Street. — F. A. Elliott, 
Principal ; Miss L. Crocker, Miss Mary E. Very, 
Miss C. L. Smith, Miss P. M. Stowell, Miss H. 
E. Porter, Miss Alice Kenny, Miss A. M. Peacock. 

Mission Dolores. — Mission Street, between 
Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Thomas C. Leonard, 
Principal; MissH. H. Heagan, Miss A. A. Rowe, 
Miss Anna Hill. 

Spring Valley School. — Presidio Road. 
Geo. W. Bunnell, Principal ; Miss H. A. Haneke, 
Miss Ellen E. Hastings. 

Greenwich Street School. — Between Taylor 
and Jones streets. Miss Kate Kennedy, Prin- 
cipal ; Miss Margaret Keith, Miss Laura J. Mas- 
tick, Miss C. M. Pattee. 

Hyde Street. — Bush Street near Hyde. 
Miss J. M. Lyon, Principal ; Miss L. A. Hum- 
phreys, Miss E. R. Shaw, Miss J. H. Martin. 

Third District School. — Montgomery Street 
near Broadway. Miss Amanda S. Mosos, Miss 
Annie W. Lawrence. 

Hayes' Valley School. — Miss H. B. Gush- 
ing, Principal. 

Colored School. — Jackson Street near Powell. 
J. B. Sanderson, Teacher. 

Chinese School. — Corner Stockton and Sac- 
ramento streets. B. Lanctot, Teacher. 

Evening School. — Sutter Street near Kearny. 
Geo. H. Peck, Principal; J. C. Pelton; F. K. 
Mitchell, Teacher of Music; Hubert Burgess, 
Teacher Writing and Drawing. 

Friyate Educational InstitatioaB. 

To a large portion of those among us whose 
feelings ever are enlisted in the absorbing sub- 

ject of Education, but whose attention has nat- 
urally been mostly directed to the public schools, 
a glance at the facilities for education among us, 
other than those provided from that source, can- 
not fail to be productive of surprise at their mag- 
nitude and variety. 

The patriot and statesman, whatever his creed, 
must find abundant cause of gratulation in the 
fact that in a city which has sprung into metro- 
politan importance within a period less than the 
primal age of individual humanity, under the 
forcing influence of a devotion to wealth and fa- 
cility for its acquisition never before known in 
in the world's history, the population have yet 
found time, and exhibited the liberality and self- 
denial requisite to provide for the intellectual 
wants of their immediate and remote posterity. 
If the other communities on the Pacific make 
any reasonable approach to the energy of their 
great commercial emporium in this regard, the 
future of the American population of the west- 
ern slope of the continent can be safely prog- 
nosticated, and freedom, in its true social and po- 
litical acceptation, will be its heritage. As the 
most important in point of numbers and re- 
sources, we shall first direct attention to the 


ST. IGNATIUS college. 

This institution was incorporated in April, 
1859, -under the laws of the State, with lull 
power to confer academical degrees. The liberal 
studies are pursued under the direction of ten 
Professors, Fatiiers of the Society of Jesus. The 
new and magnificent structure now being erected 
fur the purposes of the CollejiO, is rapidly ap- 
proaching completion, and will be one of tlie 
most attractive features of our growing city. 
The ordinary attendance is about 2^0 pupils. 
Location, Market Street, between Fourtli and 

The Rev. A. Maraschi (S. J.,) who resides at 
this College, is the general agent for the Santa 
Clara College, San Jose, one of the oldest and 
most efficient institutions in the State. (See ad- 
vertisement, page ix.) 

The above are under the direction of the Fa- 
thers of the Society of Jesus. 

ST. Mary's college. 

This institution is situated near the county 
road to San Jos6, at a distance of four miles and 
a half from this city. The lot on which the 
building is erected consists of 60 acres ; it pos- 
sesses all the advantages of a salubrious situa- 
tion, and commands an extensive view of the 
Bay and surrounding scenery. The College 
building covers a space of 280 feet front by depth 
of 50 feet, which, in the center, is increased to 
a depth of 70 feet; 110 feet of the building will 
be three stories high, and the remaining portion 




four f5tories high. On the northern extremity of 
the main edifice is situated the refectory, which 
is 40 by 80 feet, and two stories in hight. On 
the southern extremity is the chapel, 40 by 130 
feet. By this arrangement the greatest advan- 
tage is secured for all healthful purposes, as the 
sun shines during the day on the three principal 
fronts of the building, and the narrow ends be- 
ing north and south, during the rainy season the 
smallest surface is exposed to the inclemency of 
the weather. Thus the structures form three 
sides of a quadrangle, and on the eastern front 
there is a cloister 13 feet 6 inches wide, whicii 
extends the entire length of the building, so 
that under any circumstances and at all periods 
of the year the students can have out-door exer- 
cise. The basement will contain the ofiBces of 
the steward, and all apartments in connection 
with them; the housekeepers' rooms, servants' 
rooms, general store rooms, bath rooms, and clos- 
ets for various purposes. 

The chief entrances to the QoUege are in the 
principal story. These consist of an entrance in 
the center through a spacious porch, and two 
side entrances. The center one leads to a hall 
IS feet wide by 30 feet long, on either side of 
which are the reception rooms. This hall term- 
inates in a corridor which leads to the three chief 
staircases and the different apartments in this 
story, namely: Lavatories, Professors' rooms. 
Recreation hall, and Library ; on the eastern 
side of this stor^v are the various entrances to 
the cloister. The second story consists bf school 
rooms, class rooms, music rooms, apartments for 
natural philosophy and museum. The third story 
consists of dormitories, bed rooms, bath rooms, 
and an apartment which will answer as a tem- 
porary infirmary. The first story of the refectory 
building consists of lavatory, refectory, and lunch 
rooms; the second stor}'^ is a dormitory. There 
are three entrances to the chapel, — one through 
the western porch which faces the altar, another 
through the tower which is situated on the south 
side, and one on the north side. 

The sanctuary is in the east end of the chapel, 
adjoining to,which are sacristies, and organ gal- 
lery. The top of the spire is to be 130 feet 
above the surface of the ground, and the south 
gable of the College building 86 feet high. The 
building will be supplied with gas and water 
throughout its entire extent. All sewerage and 
drainage is on the outside. The kitchen, bake- 
house, and laundry are disconnected with the 
main buildings ; every thing has been studied in 
order to promote the health of the students and 
give them all accommodation. The portion now 
in course of erection will accommodate 300 stu- 
dents. The entire building, when completed, 
will accommodate 700 or 800. The building is 
designed in the Gothic style of architecture, and 
in its completeness of outline as well as the 
faultless elaboration of details, reflects the great- 
est credit on the professional skill and taste of 
its architect, Mr. Thomas England. The pen- 
sion will be exceedingly moderate, not exceeding 
$150 or SlGO a year for board and tuition, thus 
placing its advantages within the means of all ; 
considering the great want of educational facili- 

! ties in 
dent th 
all dene. 

f the State, it must be evi- 
ution will be a great public 
nity at large, as children of 
[1 be admitted. 

.kxHY :. art's school. 

This scnooi is for boys, and meets in the base- 
ment of Saint Mary's Cathedral, and is con- 
ducted by Father Harrington, aided by six other 
teachers and a number of monitors, who receive 
compensation. The number of pupils connected 
with this school is 560, and the average attend- 
ance 320. 

A thorough English course is taught here, 
together with mathematics, the French and 
Spanish languages. Classical studies may like- 
wise be pursued with peculiar advantage, if so 
desired. There is a nominal charge of one dol- 
lar per month for each primary scholar, and of 
fifty cents additional for the higher branches, to 
those attending the school, but it is not exacted 
except in cases where ability and willingness 
unite in making the payment. As this is a reg- 
ulation common to the Catholic schooli=, male 
and female, in the city, it will not be necessary 
to repeat it in referring to the others. 


This is also a male school, conducted in the 
basement of the Church of St. Francis, on Val- 
lejo Street. The number of pupils is 260, with 
an average attendance of 170. The course of 
studies is the same as in St. Mary's School. 


This is a large female school conducted by 
the Rev. Mother Superior and fifteen Sisters of 
Presentation, at the Convent on Powell Street. 
The number of pupils belonging to the school is 
520, and the average attendance 350. The 
studies embrace a full English course, vocal and 
instrumental music. French and embroidery. 
An examination recently concluded elicited high 
commendation for the Sisterhood as teachers, 
won by the intelligence displayed by the little 
ones under their charge. The pile of buildings 
devoted to this purpose constitute a feature in 
the northern part of the city, from the extent of 
ground occupied on a prominent avenue. The 
cost of these buildings was over $50,000, of 
which about $25,000 was recently expended in 
tlie construction of the north half, and of which 
sum a large portion is still unpaid and is an in- 
cumbrance, which the liberality of our citizens 
will not suffer long to hang over so useful an 


This is a female day school on Jessie Street, 
under the direction of Sister Frances McEnnis 
and ten other Sisters of Charity, who are also 
in charge of the Roman Catholic Female Orphan 
Asylum on Market Street. The number of schol- 
ars belonging to the school is over five hundred, 
exclusive of two hundred and fifty orphan chil- 
dren in the Asylum. The course of studies is 
the same as in the school last mentioned, and 
the noble ladies who conduct it have established 
a high reputation for ability and devotion to their 



8elf-iinpo<«ed duties. As this school is supported 
by voluntary contributions, it appeals directly 
to the liberality of the gei.erous and charitable 
in our midst. 

In addition to the foregoing, the Sisters of 
Mercy have also a female school under their 
charge for children thrown upon their care, at 
which instruction in primary EngHsh studies is 
imparted, and the pupils are taught to be useful 
in the discharge of houseliold duties. The only 
recnaining Catholic institution of learning to be 
mentioned is 


This Seminary is for the pursuit of clerical 
studies, and was commenced at its present place 
(Mission Dolores) in 1854, although prior to that 
time a few students pursued their ecclesiastical 
8tu(iies at the residence of the Archbishop. The 
numl)cr of students is now fourteen, and seven 
have been ordained who were educated at the 



Rev. Peter S. Williamson and lady conduct a 
school at 629 California Street, commenced by 
them nine years ago at the same place. There 
is an average attendance of about 40 pupils 
who, in addition to the English branches, are 
taught French and music. 


This is the name of an admirably arranged and 
conducted female school, of which, Mrs. M. B. 
Swedenstierna, is Principal, assisted by Mrs. 
Goodridge and three other ladies, with music 
and dancing masters, and instructions in lan- 
guages. The average number of pupils is G3, of 
whom nearly one half are boarding scholars. 
The course of instruction is very complete, and 
gi'mnastic and calisthenic exercises are not 
omited. The location is on Silver Street, near 
Third, and the building large, pleasant, and well 
adapted to the purpose for which it is used. 


Tliis institution is located at 503 Dupont 
Street, and is under the direction of Rev. R. T. 
Huddart. There are about G5 pupils in attend- 
ance, a number of whom are from Mexico. The 
system of school government adopted here is 
most adinirable, and its efficiency is fully exem- 
plified in the discipline and progress of the 


This is a well conducted school in which from 
forty to fifty young girls are enjoying the advan- 
tages of a thorough course of instruction by the 
Rev. Charles R. Clarke, and a sufficient corps of 
assistants. The school room is in the basement 
of Calvary Church, which has been properly ar- 
ranged for the purpose and where it will perma- 
nently remain. 


The Rev. Doctor Burrowes, the President of 
this college, commenced his educational labors 
in this city in November, 1859, in the basement 

of Calvary Churcii. with 4 pupils, the germ of 
the present firmly establi!<hed and'ful in- 
stitution, which now numberc l'2't students. 
The present location of the college is on a filly- 
vara lot at the southeast corner of Geary and 
Stockton streets, upon which two buildings have 
been erected; one combining all the reqtiisito 
auxilaries used for purposes of general instruc- 
tion, and the other as a chapel. The faculty 
embraces six professorships, in addition to a pro- 
vision for elementary instruction for young scliol- 
ars. The City College is destined to lake high 
rank among the educational establishments of 
the Pacific. 


There exist two schools for religious instruc- 
tion for Hebrew children in this city. 


At the school-house on Sutter, second house 
from Stockton Street, (formerly the German 
Lutheran Church, (under the management of Dr. 
Julius Eckman, was opened July 26, 1854. At 
this .school, children are taught the Flebrew, and 
the principles of the Hebrew Faith. It is sup- 
ported by parents and voluntary subscriptions. 
Children of the needy receive in.structions and 
books gratis. The Hephtsi-bah School has its ' 
regular Sabbath and Holy-day services with a 
prayer-book in English and some portions in He- 
brew, prepared for the special use of this school, 
the only publication of this kind known for He- 
brew children. The school also has published a 
Hebrew and English vocabulary for the Hebrew 
prayers. See advertisment Harmonia School, 
page 474. 


Under the management of Rev. Dr. Elkan 
Kohn, teaches the Hebrew and the principles of 
the Hebrew faith. It is supported by the Syna- 
gogue Emanuel. The average numlier of ohildren 
attending each of these schools is about one 
hundred and twenty. Both teach children of 
the poorer classes gratis. 


The number of Hebrews of San Francisco can 
only be approximately stated. Probably they 
number from 5,000 to 8,000 souls. 

To judge from the great increase of pupils of 
the religious schools they must have increased 
considerably since late j'ears. The number of 
children attending religious instruction in 1854, 
was from forty to fifty, while the two schools 
now count about two hundred and fitly children, 
besides a number that receive private instruction 
or none at all. 


This is a public institution of a correctional 
and reformatory character, (or youthful offenders 
and refractory cl.ildren. It is supported by a 
monthly stipend o( §1.000, from the City, and 
annual contributions of gentlemen who form the 
" Department." There are about thiity children 
in the school, principally boy,s, and their schol- 
astic instruction is intrusted to a teacher appoin- 
ted by the Board of Education. 



Tlio Ibregoiug embraces the most of the schools 
now in operatiou in the city, but there are a 
number of others prmcipally devoted to primary 
studies which we have been unable to visit, and 
•which in the aggregate att'ord elementary instruc- 
tion to several hundred children, male and female. 

The aggregate thus exhibited we think lully 
sustaius the proposition that education is of car- 
dinal consideration in our good city of San Fran- 


Medical Department. — Faculty : A. J. Bowie, 
M. D., Professor of Pathology and tlie Principles 
and Practice of Medicine; Isaac Rowell, M. D., 
Professor of Chemistry ; R. Beverly Cole, M. D., 
Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women 
and Children; E. S. Cooper, M. D., Professor of 
Anatomy and Surgery; L. C. Lane, M. D., Pro- 
fessor of Pliysiology; Henry Gibbons, M. D., 
Professor of Materia Medica ; Hon. Geo. J3arstow, 
Protessor of Medical Jurisprudence. Number of 
Students 30. 

Location of the department, north side Mission 
Street, between Second and Third. 

Societies— Religious, Benevolent and Protective' 

Our Appendix contains a full list of charitable 
associations and organizations established for 
the benefit and improvement of every class of 
humanity requiring aid and encouragement. 
Copious explanations and historical observations, 
in the Appendix, give the desired information 
concerning each of these societies separat«ly, 
and leave but little to be said in this place, ex- 
cept of a general nature. It is, however, meet 
and pleasing to note the continued and regular 
increase in the number and importance of these 
indices of modern christian civilization in our 
midst. In the earliest phase of its American 
occupancy, steps were taken in San Francisco, 
by planting schools and by incipient organizations 
of a charitable character, to vindicate our right 
to the name of a civilized and christian people, 
and, in the tremendous whirl of the first gold ex- 
citement, if organization was necessarily for the 
time destroyed or suppressed, the land teemed 
with instances of individual charity, and of local 
and temporary combinations to aid the needy, 
which have had no parallel in number and extent 
in any other land. "Wben again men settled into 
regular business, and San Francisco began to 
assume the proportions of a metropolis her citi- 
zens, fully conscious of the duty which society 
owes to God and itself, to cherish its unprotected 
members— too young or too feeble from any 
cause for self-support— cheerfully entered upon 
the course necessary for its performance. 

A glance at our earliest issue of the Directory 
and a comparison with each succeeding volume 

will show how faithfully this holy duty has been 

discharged. All who feel a just pride in the 

progress of our city, who have gone with us 

through our Schools, public and private, our 

Churches, Hospitals, Orphan Asylums, Deaf and 

Dumb Institution, Magdalen Asylum, Christian 

Association, Bible and Tract Societies, Seamen's 

Friend Society, Sunday Schools, Industrial 

School, and the many other institutions which 
we have not room to name here, cannot fail to 
arise from the contemplation with hope invigo- 
rated, and confidence firmly established in the 
future of a city which, in its infancy, has done 
so much for humanity. 


The Sabbath Schools connected with the 
difierent churches continue in a prosperous 


The Union was re organized May, 1857. 

The anniversary was held on the loth of 
June, 1862, in Piatt's New Music Hall, when 
reports were read by the Secretary from the dif- 
ferent schools, showing them to be in a very 
encouraging and prosperous condition. 

The most pleasing feature connected with the 
schools is the energy, perseverance, and entire 
self-devotion manifested by the officers and 
teachers in their efforts to forward the glorious 
work of bringing the young and tender lambs 
into the fold of the Redeemer. 

One addition has been made, during the past 
year: The First Baptist Mission School. 

The mortality has been greater than reported 
at any previous anniversary, 19 deaths having 

Officers elected for the ensuing year : 

President, L. B. Benchley : Vice-Presidents, 
"William H. Codington, J. B. Roberts, A. B. 
Forbes, "Wales L. Palmer; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Ellis M. Furbush. 

The following is the Secretary's Annual Re- 



First Consregational 

First Baptisit 

First I're.sbyterian 

Howard St. Presbyt'n. 
Calvary Presbyterian.. 
Fi.lsom St. Method't K 
Powell St. Methodist.., 
Pine St.Method't South 

Mission St. Bethel 

Broadway German M.E 
MisMon St. Gern M.E 
Marincrs'Chiir'h School 
St. Paul's Presbyterian 

Industrial S. S 

Second C<>ngregational 

Union Mission 

Spring A'alley Mission. 
First Baptist Mission.. 

L. B. Benchley... 
A. B. Forbes.. 
3. B. Stoddard 
Wales L. Palmer 
.1. B. Roberts.... 

.1. Stratton 

Chas. Spencer.... 
I. M. Bdfflngton 
F. Knohcnbeisser 
Wni. Krug 

D. McK. Bokee.. 

Warren Holt 

W. U.Wadsworth 
H, Lelfingwell ... 
.John G.Thwing 

E. R. Waterman. 
Xath. Ueath 

Totals 244 163 1216 125' 












































Orpniiized Februar}', 1858. 

Officers. — Superintendent, C. H. Nichols ; 
Secretary, John H. Madi<on; Librarian, W. H. 
Davi.s: Treasurer, M. Ver Melir. 

Meetings iield at Dashaway Hall, Post Street, 
every Sabliatj morning, at 9 o'clock. 

Number of scholars, 400; teachers, 40. Vol- 
umes iu library, near 2,000. 

For a detailed statement of the diflerent Sun- 
day Sciiools, see Appeadi.x, Churches, p. 549. 


Organized June 1, 1862, with 12 teachers and 
39 scholars, under the supervision of tlie Right 
Rev. Wm. Ingraham Kip, D. D. This school is 
intended to offer religious instruction to the cliil- 
dren within the portion of our city bounded by 
Broadway on the south, from the section of 
Nortii Beach. Church Mission services at 3 P. 
M. every Sunday, at the Primary School Build- 
ing, Gieenvvicli Street between Jones and Leav- 
en woith sireets — seats free. The Sunday School 
assembles at quirter past 9 A. M., every Sab- 
bath, at the same place. Wm. R. Wads worth. 
Superintendent, 221 Clay Street. 

The Cemeteries of San Francisco. 
Adjoining the venerable adobe church of the 
Mission Dolores is the ancient. 


This sanctuary of the dead was consecrated A. 
D. 177(5, and in September of that year the first 
interment was make by the pious Fathers who 
selected this portion of the peninsula for their 
missionary labors, and who liave given a name 
to a great metropolis and to the magnificent bay 
which seeks the ocean through a golden passage. 
As a record ot mortality from those early days 
through the term of spiritual dominion down to 
a pi-riod almost contemporary with our present 
work, this sacred spot will always be a place of 
earnest interest. An examination of its varied 
monuments and inscriptions — some iu English, 
some in Latin, a few in French, and more in 
tpanish — will long afford matter for much curi- 
ous and instructive reflection. 

Tlio ground occupied by this sapctuarj'- of the. 
dciTd is known as block No. 84, and its restricted 
space has compelled the Archbishop to make a 
more suitable provi.-iou for the requirements of 
the very numerous and rapidly increasing mem- 
bership of the Catholic Church in this city and 
vicinity. Accordingly, a large tract of land has 
been procured for the purpose and dedicated 
as Calvary Cemetery, of which mention is made 
hereafter. Thus interments have in a great 
measure been suspended at the Mission Ceme- 
tery, and the spot will henceforth be preserved 
and protected as historical as well as '■ Holy 

Tlie early "Homes of the Dead" of San Fran- 
cisco other than that of the Mission just des- 
cribed, were found upon the summit of Russian 
Hill, where in 1847, a few scattered graves were 
made; the southerly slope of Telegraph Hill, 
upon which, in 1848, some sailors and native Cal- 

ifornians were buried; and a flfly-vara lot on tho 
southeast corner of Powell and Lomburd streets, 
used for tho interment of a number of pioneer 
immigrants. Tho bones of tho nioldering occu- 
pants of these uncon.secrated precincts, diaturbod 
by the march of population, have nearly, or per- 
haps all, been removed to more sacred and re- 
mote places of 

In. February, 1850, the gore bounded by Mar- 
ket, Larkin, and McAllister streets — embi«cing 
an area of sixteen acres — was set aside for burial 
purposes, and named 


The season which followed the opening of this 
"city of the dead" was one of pestilence, and it 
bec:ime almost as populous as the living city 
which made it what it was. Before Lone Moun- 
tain Cemetery was fully opened, seven thou.sand 
bodies had been deposited in this burial place, 
but it .soon became apparent that the expansion of 
the city in that direction would make Verba Bu- 
ena as delusive a "last resting place" as the 
earlier, though unhallowed spots it had suc- 
ceeded, and it accordingly ceased to be used. 

Admonished by the gigantic strides with 
which improvements were progressing, the city 
authorities have obtained legislative sanction to 
the expenditure of ten thousand dollars in the 
removal of the dead from this cemetery and its 
conversion into a park, which is to be orna- 
mented and kept open as one of the breathing 
places of the Pacific metropolis, instead of serv- 
ing as a receptacle of its dead. 


In 1854, a body of citizens, since incorporated, 
procured an extensive tract of land not far from the 
foot of a lofty hill about three miles from the Pla- 
za, known as Lone Mountain, which suggested the 
name of tho Cemetery for which this ground was 
dedicated. By judicious management, the natu- 
ral beauty of this truly rural and picturesque lo- 
cation has been preserved in the necessary 
changes required to adapt it for the purposes de- 
sired, aiid make it available for its own support 
and improvement. Winding avenues, grassy 
lanes, and devious paths, penetrating through 
the dense natural growth of dwarfish trees, open- 
ing here and there upon the mementos by which 
affection and veneration hallow the places of the 
hidden ones, or alluring to elevated spots from 
whicli distant scenes, to which cities and villages, 
gardens and islands, the tranquil bay, and the 
majestic ocean combine to give interest and de- 
light, afford to the visitor a melancholy, yet de- 
licious enjoyment, and ample reason to believe 
that the Lone Mountain is in point of attraction, 
to be classed with the most celebrated rural 
burial places of the older world. 


The pioneer Hebrew Cemetery was located at 
the Lagoon, in the northwesterly portion of the 
city, but being extremely limited in extent, 
within the year 1861 two new burial grounds, 
adjoining each other, have been opened near the 
Mission, situated respect,. ,!> on blocks 86 and 
87. The Navai Shalo' . i'oaceful Abode) has 



been purchased and opened by the Eureka So- 
ciety; the Gibolh Olam (Hills of Eternity) by 
the Syuugogue tihe-areth Israel. i>. iStern 
Esq., is tlie l^resident, and Mr. Meyer Steppacher 
tlie Sexion of the former; M. Morris, Esq., Pres- 
ident, with Mr. Jacob Reis as the bexion of the 
latter. Both are provided with brick dead- 
houses, and otherwise ornamentally fitted out. 


This is located upon an extensive piece of 
land purcliased by tlie Archbishop adjoining the 
Lone Mountain Cemetery It has only been 
dedicated about one year, and the improvements 
are of course lunited. A neat chapel has been 
constructed, and the grounds fenced in, and as 
means are realized and time permits, the grounds 
will be ornameuied and the entire space laid out 
and made accessible. 


The Legislature of 1861 granted privileges to 
two companies for the construction of macadam- 
ized roads, which will give access to Lone Mount- 
ain and Calvary Cemeteries, one oi them fi om Jiush 
streei and tlie other from Facitic. A very excel- 
lent road also extends to both of them from Mis- 
sion street through Hayes' Valley, which is 
known as Cemetery Avenue. 

Visitors will perhaps hnd it the most conve- 
nient route to Lone Mountain, Oy the Market 
Street Railroad to Hayes' Park, whence an om- 
nibus plies regularly to the Cemetery. 

Associations, Literary, Protective, Etc. 
For a description of the diflerent associations, 
the reader is referred to the Appendix, page 556, 
in which will be found the officers and opera- 
tions of each during the past year. The progress 
made by many of these associations, reflects 
credit upon the members thereof, and is worthy 
of the liberality so generously exhibited in their 


The different associations connected with the 
Masonic Fraternity and the 1. 0. of Odd Fellows, 
are represented to be in a very prosperous state. 

For hst of the different associations, and the 
oflacers of each, see Appendix, page 569. 

Fire Department. 

The Department at present consists of 834 
members— divided into 12 hand and 2 steam 
engines, 2 hook-and-ladder companies, and 2 
hose companies. For their accommodation there 
are 18 houses ; and for service, 15 fire-engines, 
2 hook-and-ladder trucks, and 16 hose-carriages. 
Two new and powerful steamfireengines have 
been recently added to the Department. There 
are in the city 34 cisterns, capable of holding 
1,470,000 gallons of water — many of them sub- 
stantially built of brick and cement. 

We refer our readers to the Appendix, page 

540, for a complete description of the organiza- 
tion of this important branch of the public ser- 
vice, in which will be found a mass of informa- 
tion concerning the different companies, useful 
to its members and interesting to every citizen. 


The construction of this means of communi- 
cation and transit has not kept pace with the 
other elements of progress which American en- 
terprise has brought into requisition in Califor- 
nia. The exceedingly high rates of interest 
whicli have heretofore ruled in our young, but 
rapidly growing community, and the scarcity 
and consequent dearness of labor during the 
same period, sufficiently explain this apparent 
departure from the rule of progre.''sion which 
has so distinguished the people of California in 
almost every other respect. As, however, the 
aggregation of capital and population has either 
removed or reasonably modified these impedi- 
ments, far-seeing and sagacious capitalists have 
secured such enactments as insure to the pos- 
sessors of the franchises a reasonable prospect 
of successful investment, and busy labor is now 
rapidly engaged in building or extending rail- 
roads on important routes through the State. 
Upon this enterprise San Erancisco may be said 
to have now fairly entered, and as our book is 
entirely local in its purpose, we shall confine our 
remarks upon this subject to the works within 
the territory of our city and county, completed, 
in progress, or contemplated, 


The company whose title we have just given 
was incorporated July 21, 1860, with a capital 
of $2,000,000, for tlie purpose of building a rail- 
road from this city to San Jose. The distance 
between the two cities is only fifty miles, but as 
the first link in the grand chain, which, pene- 
trating lufty mountains, spanning great river-s, 
and traversing the vast savannas and extended 
deserts of the American continent, is destined at 
an early day to connect the shores of the Pacific 
with the waters of the Atlantic, and to bind the 
States of the great East to those of the greater 
West, it assumes an importance and swells to a 
magnitude of consideration far beyond those in- 
volved in the immediate termini or the amount 
of capital directly required. 

The entire route between the two cities named 
is under contract to Messrs. McLaughlin & Hous- 
ton, ot this city, who are vigorously prosecuting 
the work to completion. 

There are at this lime, about 35 miles of the 
road, fully completed, ready for the iron rails, 
and over four filths of the balance done. It is ex- 
pected that the work will be fully completed, and 
the road in operation in April next. 


Of tlio capital fortius road, $600,000 is sub- 
scribed b}' tlie three counties tiirougii whicii it 
passes, of which amount, tiiree sixths is the pro- 
portion of San Francisco, two sixths of Santa 
Clara, and one sixth of San Mateo; and as the 
remaining $1,400,000 required for the work, has 
been subscribed by parties, or satisfactorily se- 
cured to the contractors, there seems to be no 
reasonable doubt that this important public work 
will be tinished within the time indicated. 

Those best informed in regard to the route and 
the resources of the country crossed by this 
work, express the opinion that it is a most de- 
sirable i.r.'estment of capital, wliile all must ad- 
mit its importance as a means of developing the 
industrial resources of the State, and its great 
convenience and benefit to the traveling public. 

The present Directors of the Company are T. 
Dame, Peter Donahue, C. B. Polhemus, H. M. 
Newhall. FI. F. Teschemacher, G. H. Bodfish, 
and C. T. Ryland. 

Officers — T. Dame, President; H. F. Tesche- 
macher, Vice President; Cliarles W. Sanger, 
Secretary; Peter Donahue, Treasurer; \Vm. J. 
Lewis, Chief Engineer. 


Against an opposition of the most determined 
description the proprietors of the principal omni- 
bus lines on what is known as the Norch Beach 
and South Park Route, succeeded last winter in 
obtaining from the Legislature a specific grant of 
power for laying down rails through certain 
streets between the two portions of the city 
wiiich are indicated by the name of the route 
above named. To overcome the strong resistance 
made to tiie privileges sought, those proprietors 
were compelled to associate with themselves a 
number of influential citizens and large property 
holders, and to accept the charter so far modified 
as to oblige them to pass through Sansom Street, 
unless they can induce a majority of the owners 
of property on Montgomery Street from Market 
to Jackson streets (estimated by the front foot) 
to consent to the substitution of that street for 

As in otlier respects the franchise granted to 
the company which has adopted the above desig- 
nation is substantially the same as those obtained 
by other street railroad companies authorized by 
subsequent enactment, we will give as concisely 
as possible, its general features, as sutlicing for 
all of them. The Act approved April 17tli, 1861, 
grants to Michael Skelly, John Gardner, and 
Thomas Donahue and associates, privilege to lay 
down and maintain a railroad, from the farther 
end of Third Street, along Tiiird to Howard, 
along Howard to Second, along Second to Mar- 
ket, along Market to Sansom, along Sansom to 
Washington, along Washim^ton to Stockton, 
along Stockton to Union, along Union to Powell, 
along Powell to, or near its northern end, and 
from the intersection of Sansom and Washington 
streets, along Sansom to Jack.son, and along Jack- 
son to its intersection with Stockton, connecting 
with the main line at the intersections ; and from 
the intersection of Market and Third, along 
Third to Howard, along Howard to Sixteenth, 

along Sixteenth to its intersection with Do- 
lores — with the privilege of the substitution 
of Montgomery for San.som Street, on the 
condition already named. Tiic lare allowed 
to be charged is five cents, with a proviso that 
for a single fare or ticket, ten cents may be ex- 
acted. Tiie limit of the is twenty-five 
years, witii privilege to the city ami county to 
purchase, at any time after the expiration of fif- 
teen years, the road, cars, etc., at an appraised 
valuation, which shall bo exclusive of llie value 
of the franchise. Two years from May Ist, 1861, 
is granted for completion, and a bond of , $30,000 
required to be given by the grantee for the ful- 
filment of the conditions of the grant. Tiie Com- 
pany under the above grant have fi.xed the cap- 
ital stock at $1,000,000 divided into shares of 
$100 each. The amount expended in the con- 
struction of the road up to the present time, Sep- 
tember 1, 1862, is about$150,000. Officers— Peter 
Donahue, Wm. A. Piper, Wm. Siiaron, Wm. II. 
Lyon, John Gardner, A. H. Houston, and Eugene 
Casserly, Directors, of whom the first named is 
President, the second. Vice President, and the 
third Treasurer, with James O'Neill as Secretary. 
The work will be entirely completed by the first 
of November next. Office of the Company, 18 
Montgomery Block. 


This Company is a consolidation of the two 
enterprises authorized by the Legislature of 1801, 
known as the Folsora Street Railroad and the 
Freight, or Battery Street Railroad ; the first au- 
thorizes the following route: From the inter- 
section of California and Montgomery streets, 
through California to Battery, along Battery to 
Bush, thence to the intersection of First to Mar- 
ket, thence along First to Folsom, along Folsom 
to Sixteenth, and through Sixteenth to the South- 
ern boundary line of the city and county. And 
the other from a point commencing at the 
south end of Fourth Street, tl-.ence through 
Fourth to Mission, through Mission to First, 
through First and Battery, and by the Northern 
limits of the city, outside of Telegraph Hill, to 
the north end of Mason, through Mason to Union, 
through Union to Powell, through Powell to 
Broadway, down Broadway to Kearuy, through 
Kearny to Geary, through Geary to Dupont, 
thence along Dupont and across and along Mar- 
ket to Fourth, and thenco along Fourth to the 
place of beginning. 

Officers — President, A. J. Bowie ; Treasurer, 
C. B. Polhemus; Secretary, Henry Baker; Di- 
rectors, A. J. Bowie, A. L. Morrison, John Cen- 
ter, Joseph S. Garwood, Timothy Dame, C. B. 
Polhemus, J. E. Davis, and Horace P. Janes. 


This charter was authorized by an Act of the 
Legislature of 1862. 

Routt — From the corner of Davis and Vallejo 
Streets, through Davis to Washington, Washing- 
ton to Sansom, to Bush, through Bush to Dupont, 
Dupont to Sutter, Sutter to Stockton, Stockton 
to Geary, Geary to Lone Mountain Cemetery. 

Branch at Taylor Street, through Sixth to 
Brannan Street, Brannan Street to Bridge at the 



Mission Creek. Also, through Davis Street to 

Incorporated 1862. Capital $500,000; 5,000 
shares, $100 each. 

6|^t;/A— President, John Middleton; Secre- 
tary, J. T. Iloyt ; Treasurer, A. J. Gunnison. 

Office No. 415, Montgomery Street. 

The above comprises all the Act for the con- 
struction of street railroads within our city now 
in existence, and from ihe peculiar topography 
of San Francisco, embraces about all the streets 
which such a franchise will be desirable for 
many years to come. As each of these are 
deemed of great value, the roads will probably 
be completed within the period fixed in the re- 
spective grants, unless by collusion, or other- 
wise, expensive and harrassing liiigation is re- 
sorted to, in order to delay or prevent their con- 

Savings Banks. 

There are four of these institutions in San 
Francisco, which are conducted on the same 
general plan. In each deposits are received of 
sums apparently insignificant, but which aggre- 
gated constitute an important capital, and in 
numerous individual instances gradually swell 
to amounts constituting a competence for the 
depositor. The investments made by these 
bunks are generally on bond and mortgage, and 
by a novel provision the security, sufficient in 
the first place, is rendered certain thereafter. 
Tfiis plan has also been found to operate favora- 
bly for the interest of the borrower, who makes 
the proper arrangement to meet the requisition. 
This is simply to require with each monthly pay- 
ment of interest a reduction of the principal 
to the extent of a monthly installment, whereby 
at the time fixed for the maturity of the loan, the 
debt has been extinguished by these gradual 
payments. The interest is adjusted so that the 
lender pays only upon so much of the original 
sum borrowed as remains in his hands. The 
first of these institutions which was organized 
upon this coast is the 


Incorporated July 23, 1857. Office 619 Clay 
Street. E. W. Burr, President; W. F. Herrick, 

The amount to the credit of the members of 
the Society is $1,530,899 92. A dividend of 
1^ per cent, was Jeclared iu July last for the 
preceding six months. The management of the 
Savings and Loan Society reflects high credit 
upon those who have it in charge, and its advan- 
tages to the masses can scarcely be estimated. 
By its means and under the admirable system 
devised, depositors are made perfectly secure, 
thrift is encouraged by accumulations of interest, 

small capitals are aggregated, and enterprise 
stimulated by the facilities thus provided. The 
savings of the laborer thus invested, also aid in 
produl-ing a general presperity in which he is 
himself a sharer, and doubtless it is a conviction 
(if these truths, with confidence in the fidelity of 
those in charge, whic-h have obtained for this 
Society the unparalelled success of which we 
have spoken. 


The Legislature having passed an Act last ses- 
sion for the Incorporation of Savings Societies, a 
few gentlemen of well known character and 
standing in this community, have taken advan- 
tage of it to incorporate themselves under the 
above name, for the purpose of ofi'ering to the 
public the advantages of a secure deposit for 
small savings, and of facility in obtaining 
loans on real estate, on terms very advantageous 
to the man who wishes to procure a homestead 
of moderate value, though le>s commonly re- 
sorted to either by large lenders or large bor- 

It oflers to its depositors the security of a cap- 
ital stock of $100,000, to be increased as the 
business increases by a Reserve Fund of equal 
amount, neither of which can be withdrawn un- 
der any circumstances until every dollar depos- 
ited has been repaid to the depositors. As with 
ordinary prudence it is all but impossible that 
the losses should ever amount to $200,000, and 
as the losses have to be borne by the Capital Stock 
and Reserve Fund before they can touch deposits, 
the latter may be considered as perfectly secure. 

In compensation for this guarantee, the stock- 
holdeis reserve to themselves twenty per cent, of 
the profits, out of whicli they form the Reserve 
Fund. The remaining eighty per cent, forms a 
dividend on the whole fund, which is paid to de- 
positors without further deduction for money 
lying less than a certain time, or for fractions of 
months, etc. In tliis way the dividend will 
amount to as much as one which, tliough nomi- 
nally larger, should be subject to such deduc- 
tions. The Savings Union, however, will refuse 
to receive deposits on accounts, of the nature of 
ordinary bank accounts, where the money comes 
in and goes out again every few days, as it evi- 
dently cannot use such funds to any advantage. 

As the Act under which this Corporation is 
organized was framed with a special view to the 
formation of such societies, it contains provisions 
not to be found in the General Corporation Law. 
Thus a married woman making deposits in her 
own name can draw them on her own .signature 
without having to consult her husband : the 
same in regard lo minors, etc., and several other 
points of considerable importance. 

Officers — President, James De Fremery ; Yice- 
President, Albert Miller; Directors, John P. 
Buckley, Edward P. Flint, Thomas P. Bevans, 
Washington Bartlett, Charles Pace ; Cashier, 
John Archbald. Office 513 California Street, 
south side, above Montgomery Street. 

Incorporated April 12, 1859. M. D. Sweeny, 
President; Edward Martin, Treasurer. This is 



also a very floiirishiuK Society, and the Inst re- 
port exhibits a state of affairs which must >>e 
highly gratifying to those interested. Thp 
amount invested on mortgage was, in July, 1862, 
S863,79J: GG, besides which there is a sinking 
fun<l and a considerable bahinco awaiting invest- 
ment. The success and economy willi which 
the business of the institution is managed, reflects 
higii credit upon tlie gentlemen who are ia charge 
of It. 


This institution was organized February 12, 
1860, and the same general remarks which we 
have made in reference to the other societies, 
apply to this one. The names of its officers, 
which we sulijoiu, affords a sufficient guarantee 
that the affairs of this society will be faithfully 

Its last dividend was one and one eighth (1^) 
per cent, per month, declared in July, 1862. 

Board of Administration — President, J. Caire ; 
Vice-President, N. Larco; Treasurer. C.Martin; 
Trustees, A. Favre, A. Weill, F. Berton, C. 
Drouilhat, G. Berger, B. Davidson. 


Of these societies there are sevend iu this city, 
all of comparatively recent formation. 

The first one organized is known as the Ger- 
man Society, the plan of which is by a capital to 
be created by an original deposit of one hundred 
dollars from each member, and a subsequent 
monthly payment of ten dollars, to procure a 
large tract of land within the city upon which to 
erect for each subscriber a dwelling-house. 

The ne.ict .society we have to mention in this 
connection, is the Building and Loan Society. 
which has been organized by a number of prom- 
inent gentfemen, and which has in view the set- 
tlement of the unoccupied lands within the 
borders of the city and county, but outside of the 
old city limits. 

The San Francisco Union Homestead Associa- 
tion was the next formed. Each member con- 
tributes ten dollars entraace fee, and monthly 
payments of ten dollars. The Society is numer- 
ous, and is composed of enierprising and thrifty 
citizens, and its managers are taking active 
measures to carry out the purposes of the organ- 
ization, which are substantially the same as 
those of the first named Society. 

In addition to the above, there are the follow- 
ing : The California Building, Loan and Home- 
stead ; the Pacific Savings and Homestead; the 
Eureka Homestead; the Hibernia Homestead; 
the Odd Fellows' Homestead; the Mechanics' 
Homestead, etc., each of which is either in ac- 
tive operation or about adopting such measures 
as will secure a share of the advantages enjoyed 
by the first named Organizations. 


The formation of Home Insurance Companies 
has attracted considoiablc attention during the 
past season, and already five different associa- 
tions have been formed, and are now in succcas- 
ful operation; of this number, the California 

Lloyds and California Mutual, are for marine 
risks, and the San Francisco Insurance, Fireman's 
Fund, and German Mutual, for fire only. In ad- 
(iition to, there are over fifty Eastern and 
European Companies represented iu this city, by 
reliable agents, a list of which may be found on 
pages 453 and 575. 

San Francisco lufiuranre Company. — Organ- 
ized March 20, 1801. t|/?icers— President, E. 
W. Burr; Vice-President, C. 0. Gerberding; 
Secretary, Geo. C. Boardman. Oflice G21 VAay. 
This is the first Fire Insurance Company organ- 
ized in the State of California. Its capital of 
$150,000 {bona fide cash), the sterling character 
of its well known managers, and the conserva- 
tive policy adopted by them, bespeak entire con- 
fidence in the Company, and promise them a 
high rank among the permanent institutions of 
the Pacific coast. 

California Mutual Marine Insurance Co. — Or- 
ganizied February 23, 1861. To arrest in part 
the flow of specie from California to eastern and 
foreign Insurance offices, and to retain in our 
own .State the accumulations from premiums as 
a fund whereon to base reliable security against 
the perils of the seas, are tlie objects of this 
Company. The amount of capital is $200 000. 
Surplus, $40,000. Office of the Company. 405 
Front. See advertisement on page 585. 


Capital stock, $1,500,000 in 3,000 shares of 
$500 each. Amount expended on the works up 
to October, 1862, s;l,076,000. Officers.— Wex^ry 
S. Dexter, President; Peter Carter, Secretary; 
C. W. Boynton, Chief Engineer; W. H. Francis, 
Registrar; H. S. Dexter, John Bensley, J. B. 
Thomas, C. H. Low, R. G. Sneath, C. H. Simp- 
kins, Erwin Davis, Trustees; John Parrott & Co., 
Bankers; 0. L. Shafler, Attorney. 

On the 19th of June, 1857, the company filed 
its certificate of incoriioration, and on the 27th 
day of September, 1858, succeeded in introducing 
the waters of Lobos Creek into the lower portion 
of the city; but it was not until January, 1800, 
that it brouifht into successful operation its per- 
manent works for the siipplv of the whole city. 

Its present sourcesof s'lpply are the waters of 
Lobo& Creek, a stream of pure soft water which 
falls into tlio bay near Point Lobos — distant from 
the Plaza, in a right line, three and a half miles. 
This remarkable stream — which furnislies be- 
tween two and three million gallons daily — is 
fed wholly by springs whose " reservoir" is the 
sandy desert lying between the ocean and the 
range of lofty hills w.?sl of the Presidio. 

During the past year the companv has super- 
ceded the wooden flume — first u.sed tor the intro- 
duction of water— from Fort Point to its receiving 
reservoir and pumps at Black Point— by an 
under-ground conduit of ma.soury of sufficient 
size to convey double the water now re<iiiired 
for the use of the city, its capacity being 4.000,000 
gallons daily. 

From the receiving re.servoir at Black Point 
the waters are elevated by machinery into two 
distributing reservoirs, on the adjoining hills. 
The loftiest of these is 315 feet above hi>'h-water 



mark, nnd is situated at the corner of Greenwich 
and Hyde streets. Tiie second is immediately 
below, at the corner of Hyde and Francisco 
streets, and is ] 45 feet above high water. 

The Ciipacity of the upper reservoir is 3,600,000 
gallons, and that of the lower 7,800,000 gallons, 
and is so located that 6,000,000 gallons can be 
added, whenever the requirements of the city 
render it necessar}'. The upper reservoir sup- 
plies all that part of the city which is over one 
hundred feet above tide water, while the last 
named serves the lower parts of the city. 

The company's mains, of all sizes, now aggre- 
gate nearly thirty-five miles. It supplies the 
public buildings and fire hydrants without 

By a provision in its charter the public are 
secured against oppressive water rates by the 
right of the Supervisors to reduce them when- 
ever they 3'ield an aggregate which shall exceed 
the annual income of 24 per cent, on the amount 
invested. The city also reserved the right to 
purchase, on repayment of the expenditures of 
the company together with reasonable interest. 

Spring Valley Water Works Company. 

This company was incorporated in the month 
of June, 1858, in pursuance of an Act of the 
Legislature approved April 23, 1858. The capi- 
tal stock is $3,000,000, divided into 3,000 shares 
of SI. 000 each. Officers — President, Eugene L. 
Sullivan; Secretary, Edward Mickle; Chief En- 
gineer, A. W. Yon Schmidt: Trustees, Eugene 
L. SuUivaH, Henry Carlton, jr., Robert Roxby, 
F. A. Woodworth, and A. W. Von Schmidt. 
Office ot the Company — South-east corner of 
Montgomery and Jackson streets. 

The company was formed for the purpose of 
introducing pure water into the city and county 
of San Francisco, and supplying its inhabitants. 
The water is collected from various branches of 
the stream known as the Pilarcilos Creek, in the 
coast range of mountains, distant from San Fran- 
cisco about fifteen miles in a southerly direction. 
1 Tiiis supply is taken at an elevation of 700 feet 
above the level of the sea, through the main 
coast range by means of a tunnel 1,500 feet in 
length. At the eastern end of the timnel the 
waters fall into a reservoir constructed in the 
bed of San Mateo Creek. From this point the 
water is conducted around the hills into the 
grand reservoir (Lake Honda) back of the Mis- 
sion Dolores, by a flume 18 by 30 inches, with a 
grade of seven feet to the mile. Three and a half 
miles of sixteen inch iron pipe are used on this 
route wliere it crosses ravines and low places. 

The flume conveys 5,000,000 gallons per 24 
hours. The company will have as a reserve in 
their reservoir at the creek 500,000,000 gallons 
which is filled during the winter season and can 
be drawn from wlienever required. "Laguna 
Honda," the distributing reservoir, is one of the 
finest natural reservoirs in the world; and when 
finislicd will hold 100,000.000 gallons of water. 
From this reservoir 16 inch iron mains will be laid 
to the corner of Market and Stockton streets, be- 
ing about four miles in length. From the 16 inch 
mains, 12 inch mains take the water into differ- 

ent parts of the city, which are again tapped 
with smaller mains. 

An intier, or smaller reservoir, capable of hold- 
ing 2,000,000 gallons, is constructed at the junc- 
tion of Market and Buchanan streets, which 
commands four-fifths of the city. 

All parts of San Francisco not exceeding 350 
feet above the city base are supplied with water 
from these works without machinery. 

The waters of the Pilarcitos are well known 
for their purity. They rise in a granite forma- 
tion, and have no vegetable impurities in their 

In addition to the above supply, the company 
have immense sources of water south of the Pil- 
arcitos and San Mateo creeks, should it ever be 
required. They are the Purissima, Tunitas, Lo- 
bitas and San Gregorio creeks. The last stream 
alone runs daily 12,000,000 gallons*. But it will 
probably be many years befbre this additional 
quantity will be required. 

The Islais Creek also belongs to this company, 
and runs 300,000 gallons daily. The waters of 
this creek are already running through a num- 
ber of the streets in the southern part of the city. 

The pipes of the company now laid (July, 
1862) from the source amount to thirty miles, 
and in the course of 1863, an additional twenty- 
five miles will be laid, within the limits of San 
Francisco— being the property of the Spring Val- 
ley Water Works Company. 

The water of the Pilarcitos Creek was intro- 
duced into the city on the morning of the 4th of 
July last. 

Review of Industrial Enterprises. 

The Business Directory, pubhshed in the pres- 
ent volume, will best exhibit the progress al- 
ready made in the different branches of mechan- 
ical industry in this city. We propose in this 
review to make a brief reference to a few of the 
most important branches, and to exhibit some 
very interesting statistics collected during the 
progress of our labors. 

Foimdries, Machine Shops, Etc. 

There is no department of mechanical indus- 
try in this city in which more enterprise and en- 
ergy is exhibited than in the manufacture of n,a- 
chinery and the working of metals generally. 
There is probably no city in the Union that will 
bear a comparison to San Francisco in this re- 
spect. The number of establishments is esti- 
mated at 270, affording employment to about 
1,800 persons. 


The number of iron foundries is twelve. Ag- 
gregate number of persons employed, from 650 
to 800. 

Union Iron Works. — Peter Donahue, proprie- 
tor. Established in 1849. These works, situ- 
ated on the corner of First and Mission streets, 
are the most extensive in the State, covering an 
area of seven full sized water lots. The works 
are supplied with massive machinery, consisting 
of Wentworth's drilling and slotting machine, 
compound planers, one of Z. Coffin's mammoth 
lathes, one of Nasmyth's steam-hammers, a large 
furnace for heavj- forging, a large riveting ma- 



cinnc, nncl lathes, planers, and drills adapted to 
every variety of work. The first castiu>?3 made 
in this State were done at the Union Works in 
1849. This establishment lias completed many 
heavy contracts, amonjf which was tliat of the 
boilers and oscillating engines of the U. S. 
steamer Saginaw, one of the most complicated 
and perfect pieces of machine work ever finished 
in this State. Those works give employment to 
near 200 persons. 

Pacific Foundry — Goddard & Co. Proprietors. 
These works were established on their present 
location, First Street, between Mission and Na- 
toma streets, September, 1850, by Egery & Hinck- 
ley. The linprovemeuts consisted of a one-story 
frame building. 50 by 50 feet, in which a general 
foundry and machine business was transacted. 
I December. 1853, the proprietors purchased the 
interest of the original owners — erected a three- 
story building, 30 by GO feet, and added greatly, 
by improvements in machinery, etc., to former 
facilities for meeting the increase of trade. In 
December, 1858, another addition was made of 
a brick building, 60 by 80, which is used for 
melting purposes alone. The cupolas, three 
in number, have a capacity of melting 16 tuns 
of metal per day. The works employ 100 men, 
and the annual business amouuts to near $300,- 

Fulton Foundry. — Hinckley & Co , proprietors. 
These works were establi-shed by Worth, Hyde 
& Field, September, 8, 1855, as a machine sliop; 
July 2, 1856, focilities were added for casting 
metals, and changed to present style of firm on 
the 6th of same month. The works are located 
at 47 and 49 First Street, between Market and 
Mission, and have facilities for the completion of 
every description of foundry, machine and en- 
gine work. This establishment gives employ- 
ment to 50 hands. 

Vulcan Iron Works Co. — The Vulcan Iron 
Works, located on the corner of First and Na- 
toraa streets, were established in August, 1851, 
by Gordon & Steen, for the manufacture of steam 
engines and machinery. In January, 1855, they 
were converted into a joint stock incorporated 
company. Present proprietors, S. Aitken, Paul 
Torquet, Charles R. Steiger, and R. Ivors, who 
have been with the concern from its commence- 
ment. These works have turned out about 300 
engines and 600 boilers, with the machinery of 
upwards of 500 saw, flour and quartz mills, can- 
dle and starch factories, etc. All the hydraulic 
machinery for raising brick buildings in San 
Francisco, were invented and made at these 
work.s, and the first locomotive built in this State 
was completed here. The number of hands em- 
ployed varies from 100 to 150. The business 
averages $300,000 per annum. 

Gulden State Iron Works. — Palmer, Hanscom 
& Co., proprietors. These works are located on 
the grouud of the late Sutter Iron Works, Nos. 
19, 21, 23, and 25, First Street, and are adapted 
to the manufacture of iron castings and machin- 
ery of all kinds. In addition to the various de- 
scriptions of foundry' and machine work, this 
establishment is also engaged in the manufacture 

of mantle grates, of all styles and sizes, of sujmj- 
rior finish, stove work, cauldrons, and, also, the 
celebrated Knox's Amalgamators, with Palmer's 
Improved Steam Chests and False Bottoms, now 
iu general use throughout the mineral districts 
of this State and Nevada Territory. 

Miners' Foundry. — llowland, Angell k King, 
proprietors; First Street, between Howard and 
Folsom. These work.s, established January, 
1860, have extensive facilities for the mamifac- 
ture of every description of quartz and milling 
machinery, steam engines, etc. Number of hands 
employed, 100 The business amounts to 
$250,000 per annum. 

Albion Foundry. — Corner Market and Beale 
streets ; J. Spratt, proprietor ; manufacture cast- 
ings of every description. 

In addition to the foundries above enumerated, 
there are numerous smaller establishments en- 
gaged in the working of iron, affording employ- 
ment to a large number of persons. 


The Boiler Works of Messrs. Coffey & Risdon 
are engaged in an extensive and increasing bus- 
iness, employing a large number of hands, in- 
volving a heavy outlay for labor and materials. 
Sullivan & Tower, 118 Davis Street, are also par- 
ticularly engaged in the manufacture of boilers. 

There are numerous other establishments en- 
gaged iu the working of metals, viz: Black- 
smith shops, 58 ; brass foundries, 4 ; carriage 
and wagon smiths, 24; coppersmiths, 10 — ex- 
elusive of those employed in the precious metals. 


The Gold and Silver Refinery is located on 
Brannan near Seventh Street. The refinerj', a 
substantial brick structure, is one story in bight, 
and 60 feet m width by 130 in length, together 
with the various implements in use, represent a 
permanently invested capital of about $60,000. 
Employment is furnished to an average of from 
25 to 30 persons. Kellogg, Hewstou & Co., 
proprietors, olBce 416 Montgomery Street. 


Are situated on the corner of Francisco and 
Mason streets, San Franci.sco. They are exten- 
sive, and admirably adapted for the assaying 
and working of gold and silver ores. They 
were erected upon European plans under the 
direction of Mr. Fouque, an able Metallurgist. 
Both wet and dry processes are used, and the 
works are capable of reducing three tons of ore 
per day, going through all the various manipu- 
lations of parting, assa^-ing, smelting, and re- 
fining. Thus, the metal contained in twenty 
tur\s of ore can be returned to the owner in fine 
ingots in one week. Ore has been reduced here 
from the Dana lead, Gould & Curry (Lucerne,) 
California, Bailey, and other mines in California 
and Nevada Territory, besides ores fi-om Mexico, 
Arizona, and other portions of Western North 

The proprietors are citizens of San Franci.sco. 
The Agent is S. C. Bradshaw, office 318 Califor- 
nia Street, who transacts all the preliminary 



business. Mr. G. F. Fouque is tlie Superinten- 

In testing ores, it is advisable to send to the 
works at least one tun, so that a fair approxima- 
tion of its general richness may be aimed at. 


Incorporated December 2, 1862. Location, 
Black Point; Capital, $100,000 Heynemann & 
Co., agents, 311 and 313 California Street. These 
mills manufacture all kinds of woolen goods, 
especially blankets, of which 150 to 200 pairs 
are made daily. The number of persons em- 
ployed are 90. Amount of wool used per day is 
2,obo pounds. 


Located on the corner of Folsom and Sixteenth 
streets. Leonard & McLennan, proprietors. 
These works were established in 1861. Num- 
ber of hands employed at the factory are 140, 
and 100 at other places, in connection with the 
business. Amount of wool consumed is 600,000 
pounds per annum. All qualities and colors of 
blankets, and all wool flannels of every descrip- 
tion — tweeds, cassimeres and broadcloths, army 
and navy cloths manufactured. AW these fabrics 
find a read}'' market here, and are superior in 
quality to tiie same line of imported goods. 


The San Francisco Cordage and Oakum Fac- 
tory is located at the Potrero. This enterprise 
was commenced in April, 1856, by Messrs. Flint, 
Peabody & Co., and Messrs. Tubbs & Co., since 
which time the operations of the company have 
been successful. The buildings connected with 
the works are of the most extensive and perma- 
nent character. The main structure, occupied 
as a rope-walk, is 1,000 feet in length, and the 
spinning factory is 100 feet in length by 40 feet 
in width. The consumption of raw materials is 
about 6,000 pounds of hemp per day, which is 
obtained from Manila, and arrangements have 
been completed for regular shipments thereof 
until California shall be able to furnish the same 
from the products of her own soil. Office of 
these works, 611 and 613 Front Street. The 
specimens of cordage exhibited at the last Me- 
chanics' Fair far excel the imported article. 
They have also made arrangements for the im- 
portation of seed, for the production in this State 
of a sufficient quantity of the raw material to 
supply the demands for home consumption. 

The " San Francisco Sugar Refinery " is owned 
by a company of San Francisco merchants or- 
ganized by Act of the Legislature of the State. 
The works of the company are located at San 
Francisco, corner Eighth and Harrison streets. 
Office of the company, 411 Merchant Street. The 
main building is 75 feet in width by 122 in length, 
and five stories high. Several small buildings 
are attached, for the prosecution of the different 
branches connected with the refinery. The en- 
tire premises cover an era of 275 by 412 feet. 
The raw material consumed at thg^se works is 
obtained from Manila, Batavia, and other islands 

in the Pacific, and a line of clipper barks is now 
employed in maintaining a regular supply, to 
meet the requirements of the company. Over 
400 tuns of sugar and 20,000 gallons of syrup 
per month are manufactured at the these works. 
The number of hands employed is 100. Cost of 
buildings and grounds, $200,000. Commenced 
operations, fall of 1850. 

A second sugar refinery, called the " Pacific 
Refinery," is now in progress of erection near 
the premises of the San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery. This refinery will consist, when com- 
pleted, of a melting house 80 by 45 feet and six 
stories high, a while-sugar house 60 by 60 feet, 
and five stories high, and a bone-charcoal foctory 
40 by 50 feet. This company possess implements 
of the largest and most improved kind. Their 
boilers were built in Boston at a cost of $21,000. 
Their vacuum pan, built in New York, is one of 
the largest ever made, and will boil eighteen 
tuns of sugar at one time. The air is exhausted 
from it by a pair of air pumps, each 20 inches in 
diameter, driven by a 40-horse engine. The 
cost of the works is estimated at $190,000. 

The two sugar refineries are to be under one 
management, and will together turn out 85,000 
barrels of crushed and yellow sugars, and 
360,000 gallons of syrup annually. 

California Unfermented Bread Company. 

One of the most notable enterprises establish- 
ed during the present year, is that for the whole- 
sale manufaciure of bread by a new process, 
without fermentation, patented in 1858, by Perry 
& Fitzgerald, machinists, of New York. 

The usual method of bread making is by fer- 
mentation. By the impregnation of the dough- 
mass with a substance known as yeast, which, 
according to chemical authority, (Kane,) "is 
nothing more than the decomposing vegetable 
gluten or albumen, produced by previou.s fer- 
mentation," carbonic acid gas is evolved at the 
expense of about one-tenth of the constituent 
elements of the flour. This gas is simply the 
agent of distending, or making porous, the loaf, 
and performs no other office. In the method of 
bread makmg by fermentation, afungo\is growth 
called "yeast plant," together with free acetic 
and lactic acids, are resuliiiig products, which 
have a tendency to impair digestion, and are 
among the most active causes of dyspepsia. 

The new process consists in the mechanical use 
of carbonic acid gas to " lighten " the dough. 
The modus oj)erandi is as follows: The flour, 
water and salt, are put together in a horizontal 
"mixer," and by means of a revolving shaft, with 
arms, worked into a consistent paste. The dough 
is then discharged through a trap in the bottom 
of the mixer into a hopper, whence by ingenious 
mechanism it is forced into a close vessel, or re- 
ceiver, called the " Carbonizer." This is an egg- 
shaped vessel holding about two barrels of flour, 
and made to resist a high pt'essure. It has a 
vertical shaft through the center, with arms, for 
the purpose of thoroughly kneading or incorpor- 
ating the carbonic acid gas into the dough mass. 
The gas is generated hj the decomposition of 
carbonate of lime (marble dust) with sulphuric 



acid, passed through water into a fjasometer, and 
tlionco supplied to the "Carboui/.cr" by means 
of tlio usual air or gas pump. At a pressure of 
175 pounds to the inch at which the machine is 
worked, the dougii becomes thoroughly "light," 
and is discharged by the pressure through faucets 
into pans, when it is immediately put into the 
ovens. The whole process, from the inception to 
the drawing of the baked loaves, occupies a little 
over one Iiour. In the language of Prof. St. John, 
of the College of I'hj-sicians and Surgeons, New 
York: "The process is simple, cleanly, and uni- 
form in its results, involving the use of no sub- 
stance re.spccting whose wholsomoness a question 
can be raised. It saves all the constituents of 
the flpur, while the process of raising bread by 
fermentation inevitably sacrifices some of them." 

The "California Unfermented Bread Compa- 
ny" was organized March 12, 18G2, with a capi- 
tal of $100,000, in shares of $100 each. The 
Trustees are: Jonas Winchester, Alexander G. 
Abell, James Pullman, Daniel Norcross, F. D. 
Conro, and Robert B. Gray. The officers, J. 
Winchester, President; D. Norcross, Treasurer; 
and S. P. Van Dyke, Secretary. The machinery 
was constructed in this city by James Devoe & 
Co., and its capacity is equal to the manufacture 
of from fifty to si.xty barrels of flour per day. 

The manufactory is located at 575 Mission 
Street, near Second. 


This establishment is located on Mission Creek, 
between Branuan and Folsom streets, and is the 
largest distillery on the Pacific Coast. Barley, 
wheat, rye, Indian corn, and rice, are used in the 
manufacture of whisky ; the monthly consump- 
tion over (1,000,000) one million p-^unds of grain, 
and production of whisky from 60,000 to 75,000 
gallons per month ; consumption of coal for fuel 
about 300 tuns per month. The proprietors have 
lately altered and refitted the whole establish- 
ment, and made many improvements, among the 
principal of which is in tlie furnaces, whereby 
they are enabled to use the Mount Diablo Cali- 
fornia coal exclusively, and with more success 
and economy than has been heretofore done, 
thereby enabling them to be independent of 
foreign coals, and keeping the money that has 
been heretofore expended for the imported arti- 
cle, at home. They also are rectifyers — the 
greater portion of their production is made into 
pure spirits — annually consume from 6,000 to 
7,000 sacks of charcoal in rectifying. They also 
have the only Column Still on this coast, for the 
manufacture of high proof alcohol and spirits — 
capacity 500 to 600 gallons of high proof alcohol 
daily. Their barrels are made principally of Cal- 
ifornia or Oregon white oak, and are made for 
them at the State Prison. 


This enterprise was established by A. S. Hal- 
lidie & Co. and has been in successful operation 
for several years. The consumers of wire rope 
are principally the mining and ferry interests of 
this State and Oregon, it being chiefly used for 
hoisting, pump, derrick, ferry and bridge ropes. 
The longest wire rope made at this manufactorj'-, 

without splice or joint, was more than one-third 
of a mile, and three inches in circumference. 
These works also manufacture conHideral)le cop- 
per and brass wire rope for sasli cord.s, lightning 
conductort», etc.. and iron wire stays for ship- 
ping. The manufactory is located at the foot of 
Taylor Street, North Beach. 

H. T. Graves' Wire Works manufactory, 412 
Clay street, were established in 1852, as the 
Dennis Wire Works, and is one of the oldest 
manufacturing establishments in San Francisco. 
It is fully adapted to the manufactiire of every 
article that wire is u.sed for, and in its consump- 
tion every style and size of wire is called in use, 
from the finest wire cloth, to the inch-square coal 
screens made of | inch wire. 

The Fluctuations of Trade. 
The following table has been prepared for the 
purpose of showing the changeable character of 
our business community. Only the leading 
branches of trade have been included, but these 
may be regarded as a fair indication of the 
whole. The yearly changes among the small 
dealers will not fall short of forty per cent, per 
annum : 



As8i\yer3 , 

Attorneys , 


Bakeries , 



Billiard-Table Makers.- 

Boariling Ilouses, £tc 



Butchers and Markets , 

Cabinet-Makers , 

Carpenters , 

Cigar Dealers and Makers... 

Clothing and Tailors 


Dry Goods 








Liquors, Etc 


Merchants, Commission 




Printing Offices 



Stoves and Tin Ware 

Upholsterers, Etc 

Watchmakers, Jewelers 

Wood and Coal 























Total 4,200 4,991 1,885 3,106 5,300 










































































37 1 















* This does not include Millinery Goods as last year. 

The limited space assigned to the " Re- 
view," prevents a reference to many enterprises 
which, tmder other circumstances, would aflbrd 
us pleasure to notice. 



Adsit L. B. real estate and general agent 42r 

Agnew (S T.) & Hobart (7).i.) groce's and liquors 

SW cor Mission and Fourth dwl 803 Mission 
Ainsa J. M. warehouse clerk Naval Office, Cus- 
tom House, dwl 405 Lombard 
Alden Richard C. chief clerk Subsistence Depart- 
ment U. S. A. dwl SW cor Eddy and Jones 
Allen C. D. Mrs. fruits and confectionery 225 

Allen Henry H. office with Greene, Heath & 

Allen 609 Front 
Allen William R. Allen's Stockton line schooners, 

office 617 Davis, dwl 910 Leavenworth 
ALSTROM S. & CO. {G. S. Johnson & John 21. 

Lavjlor) proprietors, Occidental Hotel SE cor 

Montgomery and Bush 
Antrobus Charles, chiropodist, 60 6 Montgomery 
Arnold George W. baker 575 Mission, dwl 28 

Ashcom Jas. E. clerk City and County Recorder, 

dwl 218 Bush 
ASHTON CHARLES, real estate and collection, 

office 523 Montgomery 
Aylward Thomas, sail-maker, dwl 824 Folsom 
Backus G. & Co. {E. Fitzgerald) real estate 

agents 203 Montgomery 
Bacon Truman F. book-keeper with Miller & Co. 

dwl 814 Bush 
Bailey Elizabeth Miss, teacher with Miss Lam • 

mond NE cor Clementina and Second 
Baldwin M. M. & Co. manuf jewelers, lapidaries, 

etc. 516 Clay, dwl S s Geary nr Taylor 
Bamberger Charles, dwl 812 Howard 
Barbour Henry, broom-maker 115 Davis 
Bariglit Walter L. contractor 771 Market, dwl 

27 O'Farrell 
Barkley Samuel, book-keeper with Wilson & 

Stevens, dwl N side Pacific near Hyde 
Barnard George W. clerk with Main & Winches- 
ter, dwl 28 Battery 
Bartlett Robert, carriage-maker, dwl 748 Market 
Baxter W. H. harness and saddle-maker 407 

Battery, dwl 538 Market 
Bearwold T. cigars 714 Kearny, dwl 112 St. 

Marks Place 
Beck Adolphus G. accountant 233 Bush, dwl 

Seventeenth near Dolores 
Beckford (Z). R.) & Nichols (^1. R.) New York 

Mastic Roofing 328 Montgomery 
Beckmann Henry, clerk NW cor Dupont and St. 

Marks Place 
BELDEN'S BLOCK, SW cor Montgomery and 

Bush ^ 

Bell James, miner, dwl 522 California 
Benjamin E. B. {Cameron, Whiltier & Co) dwl 

516 Third ' 

Benkert William J. agent for Benkert's boots SW 

cor Sac and Front, .bds American Exchange 
Bennison Henry, druggist NW cor Howard and 

Fourth, dwl 774 Howard 
Berry Richard N. broker Montgomery Block 
Bidlack B. A. clerk 326 Bush, dwl 1004 Powell 

Bigelow Adoniram J. & Co. {Artemas Rogers) 

■wood and coal 429 Pine, dwl SE cor Polk 

and Washington 
Bigelow Henry A. with Bigelow Bros. & Flint, 

dwl 514 Greenwich 
Bigley Thomas (Ringot & B.) dwl 832 Mission 
Black (B. W.) & Pool {T. B.) stock auctioneers 

622 Sansom 
Bleek William, dwl Telegraph Place 
BLOOD (/. M.) & HAWLEY {E. R.) bonnet 

bleachers and straw hat finishers 322 Ritch 
Blood Levi L. {E. W. Linsley & Co.) dwl N side 

Riley near Jones 
Boden John F. searcher of records 7 Barron's 

Building, Merchant 
Bonnet Hermann, carriage-maker 630 Broadway, 

dwl Mason bet Lombard and Chestnut 
Boswell S. P. produce commission 208 Clay, dwl 

W s Jones bet Turk and Eddy 
Bourgeois {Alexander) & Lallement {Charles) 

carriage and wagon makers 630 Broadway 
BOVEE WILLIAM H. proprietor Contra Costa 

Laundry, office 13 Broadway, res Oakland 
Bowman Samuel P. {Gardner tfc Co.) dwl Folsom 

near Third 
BOYD OSCAR H. & CO. {J. B. Le Gay) hatters 

526 Montgomery, dwl 206 Bush 
Bradford Alden H. engineer, dwl 2 Rincon Court 
Bradford Thomas G. druggist, dwl 707 Stockton 
Brady M. A. real estate office 311 Commercial 
Bray ton A. P. & Co. {Henry S. Nettleton) stoves 

and tinware SE cor Sansom and t'ine 
Brier Columbus, teacher, dwl 53 Natoma 
Brodwolf Geo. tailor with J. Tammeyer 325 Bush 
Brooks {D. C.) & Carle {A. J.) auctioneers 722 

Brown J. F. printer, dwl Telegraph Place 
BRUCE {Samuel G.) & CO. {Robert C. Page, Jos. 

Grant and J. B. E. Cavallier) real estate 

salesrooms 428 Mont, dwl Russ House 
Buchanan Miss, furnished rooms 17 St. Marks PI 
Buchanan McKean, manager Union Theater S s 

Commercial near Kearny 
BULL ALPHEUS, real estate, office 403 Front, 

dwl NW cor Leavenworth and Francisco 
Burson Lewis M. attorney at law NW cor Cali- 
fornia and Battery 
Byfield A. N. Consul for Portugal, office with E. 

Dupr6 606 Merchant 
Caffrey Mary Mrs. domestic 716 Stockton 
Calhoun James P. butcher, 82 Wash'n Market 
CALKINS {R. R.) & CO. {J. C. Hawky) grocers 

SE cor Second and Mission 
Calott Oliver S. pilot, dwl S s Bush nr Stockton 
Cameron John B. wood carver, dwl 2 Baright PI 
Campbell E. R. attorney at law NE corner Clay 

and Montgomery 
Carnahen Alexander {Wallace & Co.) dwl 632 

Cary Eliza, domestic 1206 Stockton 
Cary Isaac G. (colored) hair dresser 640 Clay 
Carter R. W. house and real estate broker 706 

Montgomery, dwl NW cor Pine and Jones 



Carter W. P. privnto scliool Ritcli near Harrison 

Catlia Preston H. fruits 43 Tiiird 

Cavallier J. B. K. {Bittce tfc Co.) 428 Montgomery, 

dwl Post bet Mason and Ta^'lor 
CENTKR JOHN, office 12 Atli:uneum Building 

SK cor Mont and Gal, dwl cor IGtli and Fol'm 
Chamberlain {E. C.) & Colby (J/. II.) feed 47 

Third, dwl I Quincy Place 
Chaubet Jane Mrs. dress-maker 225 Bush 
Child Edwin F. dwl 218 Stockton 
Childs Julia A. (widow) dwl 121 Dupont 
Cienega Masedouio, tailor, dwl 927 Pacific 
CLARK (/. \V.)k PERKINS (,/. ^.) wool and 

commission mclit NE cor PYont and Clay 
Clement Josoph, clerk County Recorder's office, 

dwl Green bet Stockton and Dupont 
Clowry (John) & Gannon (Peter T.) groceries, SE 

cor Third and Bryant 
Cogswell W. R. tailor'519 Market 
Cohen Meyer, clothing 51 G Commercial 
Cohu Isador. clerk 725 Mont, dwl 38 First 
Colburn Thos. W. office 215 Cal, dwl 721 Cal 
Colby il. H. ( Chamberlain & C.) dwl 1 Quincy 

Coleman Arnold, barkeeper Pleimburg's Hotel 

43 Jackson 
Conti John, silver plater 623 California 
Converse Albert, office 531 Washington 
Coombs George W. broker 412 Front 
Coon Henry P. physician, office 620 Howard 
Cooper ilrs. Clifton Academy 120 Natoma 
Cotter J. E. Mrs. knitting and stamp manufac- 
ture 148 Fourth 
Courter Sylvester, Plaza Saloon 716 Kearny 
Cousens Geo. W. with Preston Catlin 43 Third, 

dwl Dupont bet Jackson and Washington 
Craig (Pete?-) & Golden (Thomas) undertakers 

and city and county sextons 731 Market 

and 417 Pine, dwl 516 Bryant 
CRONICA ITALIANA, A. Neuval, proprietor, 

office SW cor Sansom and Clay 
Cummings Henry K. commission, fruit, and pro- 

duce 521 Merchant 
CUNNINGHAM JAMES, poultry, game, etc., 

53 Sutter, Met. Market, dwl 944 Mission 
Cunnion Kiward B. show cards and sign painter 

125 Montgomery 
Curley Patrick C. proprietor U. S. Hotel 706 Bat 
Currier Amos, picture frames and looking glasses 

620 Market • 
Curry Thomas, tailor 217 Bush, dwl 132 Sutter 
Curtis Rodolph, carpenter, dwl 104 Jessie 
Gushing (G. II.) & Selden (J. E.) wholesale 

liquors 309 and 311 Front 
Cutler William, commission merchant, dwl 800 

Cutler ( William K.) & Co. (De Buck Josias) pro- 
vision store 153 Fourth! 
D.A.LEY James, pilot, dwl SW cor Vallejo and 

DALY (James) & HAWKINS (Michael) real 

estate agchts 403 Pine, dwl 30 Montgomery 
Dame Timothy, President S. F. and S. J. R R. 

office 415 Mont, dwl 121 Dupont 
Danielle (Charles H.) & Fidler (Joseph W.) 

teachers dancing Piatt's Hall, dwl E s Du- 
pont bet Sacramento and California 
Dargan Wm. liquors 814 Howard, dwl 519 Mis'n 

Davis Isaac (Gardrtertfci).) dwl NE cor Sixth 

and Howard 
Davis Jacob A. private boarding NE cor How- 
ard and Fourth 
Davis Percival, carpenter with Banks k Sheldon 
Davis (fAos. C.) k Kelley (David 6'.) shipping 

masters 105 Front 
De Buck Josias (Culler <fc Co.) 153 Fourth 
De Camp James F. clerk with Jacob G. Jackson, 

dwl SW cor Sutter and Leavenworth 
De la Montanya James dwl 438 Jackson 
Denny Alexander (Ilildreih cfc I).) dwl 230 Mont 
Desert Silver Mining Co. office 502 Montgomery 
Devereux Alfred, storekeeper Gibbs' warehouse, 

dwl 906 Montgomery 
Devoe Benjamin 0. builder, dwl 917 Clay 
Dinkelspiel Lazarus (Simon, D. & Co.) dwl S s 

Post bet Jones and Leavenworth 
DORE BENJAMIN, lumber cor Market and 

Spear, dwl 19 Tehama 
DOTY WILLET R. & CO. agents and commis- 
sion merchants 118 Bat, dwl 677 Harrison 
Downie J. J. oils, etc. dwl 53 Natoma 
Dows Geo. G. book-keeper with D. R. Provost 

& Co. dwl 1018 Stockton 
Dumoulin N, (widow) dwl 828 Washington 
Dundas Thos. R. (Myers & D.) dwl Piatt's Hall 
E ASTON (James) & BROTliKR (John Easton) 

cabinet-makers 725 Market, dwl S s Mission 

bet Eighth and Ninth 
Easton John (Easton <k Brother) dwl E a Third 

bet Mission and Jessie 
Eckstein Alfred, clerk with E. W. Moss 
Eddy Alexander, teacher dancing 130 Mont 
P^instein Zadock (Einstein Bros.) dwl W s Mission 

bet Turk and Eddy 
Eissal Christian, furniture 108 Fourth 
ELDRIDGE J. OSCAR (U. M. Newhall & Co.) 

dwl 48 Minna 
Erskine George E. (^1. P. Jewett cfc Co.) 24 Mkt 
Evans Albert S. local editor Herald and Mirror, 

dwl N s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Fairmax ( W. B.) & Co. Our Opera Saloon, 615 

Farren S. M. measurer with County Surveyor, 

office City Hall 
FARWELL WILLARD B., U. S. Naval Officer, 

office G. H. dwl Third opposite South Park 
FAY CALEB T., U. S. Assessor, office NW cor 

Battery and Commercial 
Felt J. W. book-keeper with HajTies k Lawton, 

dwl 53 Natoma 
Fenner ( William) Russell (James P.) & Co. (iS^. 

W. Castle) auc'n and com 720 and 721 Mont 
Fish E. P. printer. Eureka Typographical Rooms 
Flahant James, Restaurant 318 Front 
Flaketield Charles, carpenter, dwl 31 Kearny 
Flanady J. foreman ironing room City Laundry 

Steamboat Point 
Forrest (James M.) & Thompson (Henry W.) 

bleachers straw goods 812 Market 
Francis Alfred, dwl 29 Clary 
Francis Willard H. water registrar S. F. City 

Water Works 806 Mont, dwl 621 Harrison 
Freeborn William, butcher 629 Third 
FREEMAN B. H. & CO. ( G. W. B. McDonald) 

scroll sawyers and turners Chace's Mills 

cor Market and Beale 



Frick AuKUst, stiir builder 521 Market, dwlNE 

cor Hyde and Green James, p;is fitter, dwl 38 Jessie 
Gardiner Georpe D. dwl 917 Clay 
Gardner (S. C.) & Davia {haac) wholesale liquors 

406 Front, dwl Sacr.imento nr Taylor 
Gpdffc F. J. bottler 406 Front, dwl 918 Jackson 
GKR13ERDING C. 0. office 415 Montgomery, 

dwl 1218 Clay 
Gertsle L. (Louis Sloss & Co.) dwl 98 O'Farrell 
Gilioa Tho. engraver 511 Mont, dwl 420 Bryant 
Goddard Brothers {Riley M. and Squire B.)'pTO- 
prietors United States Restaurant 507 and 
509 Clay, dwl 68 Minna 
Goddard Squire B. ( Goddard Bros.) dwl 639 Clay 
Goger {Charks) & Clements {Daniel) Plaza Res- 
taurant 712 Kearny 
Golden Age Brewery, S s Union bet Powell and 

Goodkind H. k Co. {A. Stern/els) fruits, nuts, 

etc. 322 Clay 
GORDON JOHN & CO. imp. and job. stoves, 
metals, etc., and manufs.'tin ware, 417 Wash 
Grant A. N. blacksmith, dwl 774 Howard 
GRANT JOSEPH, {Bruce & Co.) notary public, 
office 428 Mont, dwl 703 Geary- cor Jones 
Greenberg {Leopold) & Mandel {E.) crockery and 
glass ware 624 Sacramento, dwl 1517 Stock 
Greenewald S. {L. Sloss & Co.) dwl 39 Tehama 
GREY CYRIL V. attorney at law 60 Montgom- 
ery Block, dwl SE cor Taylor and Eddy 
Grimm (Adam) & Sonnenberg (Joseph) wines and 

liquors 305 Battery, dwl 820 Dupont 
Gross Frank W. clerk County Recorder's Office, 

dwl NE cor Geary and Stockton 
Grunman Nelson, driver City Laundry Steam- 
boat Point 
HAAS MARTIN L. importer and jobber station- 
ery SW cor Front and Sac, dwl 204 Mont 
Hall G. "W. foreman folding room City Laundry 

Steamboat Point 
Hall Henry A. driver City Laundry Steamboat 

Hall 0. C. broker with T. C. Sanborn & Co. dwl 

131 Montgomery 
Hamer A. Tremont Stable, dwl 53 Natoraa 
HANKS HENRY G. California Color Works 43 
Beale bet Market and Mission, dwl 54 Third 
Hanna Richard, shipwright, dwl Mission 
Hansen Emil, waiter Heimberg's Hotel 
Hardeman {J. E.) & Co. (P. Gordon Meritt) ship- 
pmg and com 323 Front, dwl 713 Greenwich 
Hardy Benjamin F. physician, 119 Natoma 
Hargrove A. S. dry goods clerk, dwl 104 Fourth 
Hargrove E. A. Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 104 Fourth 
Harte F B., U. S. Marshal's Office, dwl 312 Post 
Hartford J. W. contractor, dwl 3 Baright Place 
Harvey Louis S. baker 575 Mission, dwl 804 Bush 
Haskm C. A. dwl 345 Fremont 
Haskin Joseph W. State Ganger's Office 403 

Front, dwl 12 Tehama 
Hawes Noyes P. oils and lamps 404 Market 
Healy Jos. agent 429 Piue. dwl 3 Chatham Place 
Hecht Brothers {J. H. and Isaac) importers boots 

and shoes 417 Sacramento 
Hellmann Henry J. Collector French Relief Soci- 
ety T04 Market, dwl 106 O'Farrell 
HENKENIUS HERMAN, oculist 112 Sutter 

HENRIQUES DAVID, real estate agent, office 
422 Montgomery, dwl B s Stockton bet 
Broadway and Pacific 
Heick Chas. shoemaker, dwl Heimburg's Hotel 
Heiser Ernest, musician, dwl 914 Pacific 
Hemphill J. H. (colored) barber 640 Clay 
Heumann Adolph T. editor, office California 

Democrat, dwl Telegraph Place 
Higgins Daniel {Shattuck & H.) dwl S side 

O'Farrell bet Powell and Mason 
Hill George A. clerk with Jerome Rice & Co. 

dwl W s Calhoun bet Union & Green 
HINCHMAN A. F. attorney at law 40 Metro- 
politan Block, dwl 617 Bush 
Hitchcock Abraham F. machinist with Grover 

& Baker, dwl 415 Bryant 
Hobart Danville L. {Agnew & D.) dwl 803 Mis- 
Hodkias M. W. ( W! MilU & Co.) dwl 615 Mkt 
Hoffmann Ch. locksmith Stockton nr Broadway 
Holmes A. real estate agent 303 Montgomery, 

dwl W s Mason bet Bush and Sutter 
Hosmer Frederick, broom maker, 115 Davis, dwl 

240 Jessie 
Howe E. C. ironer City Laundry Steamboat 

HOWLAND {Steplien W.) &■ OLIVER (5! 2f.) 
manufacturers fire brick and mineral paint 
5295 Market 
Hoyt James T. attorney at law 416 Montgomery 
Huchez Mad. M. lace goods 640 Sacramento 
HUCHEZ {P. .!.)& QUAILE {Ja7nes) importers 

dry goods 640 Sacramento 
Huddart R. Townsend Rev. proprietor Union 

College 503 Dupont 
Hunt C. A. & Co. produce commission 221 Davis 
Hyover Mining Co. office 21 Stevenson House 
Irving David, tailor, dwl 341 Tehama 
James Octavie M'me millinery 629 Clay 
Jenkins J. T., L. H. keeper Fort Point 
Jewett A. P. & Co. ( George E. Erskine) hay and 

grain 24 Market 
Jewett W. S. portrait painter 612 Clay 
Johnson C. A. attorney at law 59 Montgomery 

Block, dwl SE cor Sixth and Clementina 
Johnson G. S. {S. Alsirom&Co.) Occidental Hotel 
Johnson J H. clerk Heimburg's Hotel 43 Jack- 
Johnson John, shoemaker 8 Sutter, dwl New 

Branch Hotel 
Johnson Sidney L. attorney at law 523 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Pine nr Leavenworth 
Johnson R. P. secretary Pilot Commissioners, 
office 521 Clay, dwl SE cor Second and Minna 
Jones.S. D. first entry clerk, Naval Office, Custom 

House, dwl Third op South Park 
Josephine Mining Co. office 21 Stevenson House 
Keatixg {Geo.) & Sweet {S. S.) Market Street 

Water Works 609 Market 
Kehoe Michael, boarding 6 Anthony 
Kehoe Peter, bootmaker 264 Third 
KELLER M. native wines SW cor Pine and Mont 
Kelly James, hackraan, dwl 648 Howard 
Kofod H. P. miner, dwl 1 St. Mary's 
Kohler {George F.) & Schreiber {John) Central 

Warehouse 210 Sac, dwl Folsom nr Sixth 
KOSTER {Henning) & CO. {John E. Ilensch) gro- 
ceries and liquors SE cor Third and Howard 



KostromitinotT Peter S. Consul for Russia, oflBce 

ami dwl 18 Essex 
Kower Kiiiik-, clerk City and County Recorder, 

dwl N s Filbert bet Powell and Mnson 
Kromer Ttieo. watchmaker 43 American Ilotel 
Kiish Joseph, barber S. F. Baths, dwl 405 Union 
Lacy T. J. Assistant Co. Surveyor, otfice City Hall 
Lalleinent Ciias. {Bounjeois it L.) dwl G30 Bdwy 
Lambert J. S. dwl 708 Mission 
Lambert Pierre, engineer City Laun'y Stmb't Pt. 
Lammond M. Miss, Young Ladies' Seminary NE 

cor Second and Clementina 
Lampe Charles A. carpenter, dwl Quincy bet 

California and Pine 
Lang J. L. {Tandler & L.) SE cor San and Com 
Lawlor J. M. (S. Alslrom& Co.) Occidental H. 
Leach Mary M. Mrs. agent Singer's Sewing Ma- 
chines 139 Montgomery 
Larrabec George B. watchmaker andjjewelor 303 

Montgomery, dwl 723 Bush 
Leffingwcll Ilonry, real estate agent 422 Mont 
Lemme Brothers {Charles and Ferdinand) manu- 
facturing jewelers 534 Commercial 
Levinson Louis, importer cigars, dwl 1206 Stock 
Leyde Thomas, broom maker 115 Davis 
Lincoln House, 771 Market 
Lippman Jos. watclima'r 707 Clay, dwl 634 Sutter 
Lorquin E. F. iiaturaHst 716 Washington 
Luscomb Charles, with DriscoU & Kohler, dwl 

526 Montgomery 
Luning Nicholas, real estate, office 428 Cal 
Lyons Henry, runner, dwl 904 Kearny 
MacKay B. architect 603 Market nr Mont 
Mack in Francis, dwl 917 Clay 
Macphersou A. W. dwl W a Beale bet Harrison 

and Bryant 
Maige P. Confectionery 733 Washington 
Maudel E. (Greenherg & M.) dwl 1517 Stockton 
MANN GEORGE S. lumber and wagon stock 

205 Market, dwl 731 Howard 
Mann John, pilot 13 Vallejo, dwl North Point 
MansoU Frederick, painter 422 California, dwl 

American Exchange 
Martell J. silver-plater 619 Kearny, dwl 50 

Martenet {Jefferson) & Schley {Daniel) booksel- 
lers and stationers 633 Market, dwl NE cor 
Mi.ssion and Ninth 
Martin F. modeler and carver rear 319 Bush 
Matliieu Julien, dwl 44 Tehama 
Malliiuu Julien Mrs. artist, dwl 44 Tehama 
Mayhew William E. druggist Welch's Block, 

Sixteenth bet Valencia and First Avenue 
McCREiiRY ANDREW B. merchant 209 Front, 

bd.s Lick House 
McDonald D. L. carpenter 323 Bush 
McElwain J. broker NE cor Montgomery and 

Merclianl, dwl 820 Washington 
McGann P. hatter 748 Market 
McGinn James, newspaper and Catholic book 

store SE cor Market and Third 
McGuirk Lawrence {McGuirk Bros.) dwl Bran- 
don Alley near Wasiiington 
McGuirk Bros. {James and Lawrence) Market 
Exchange Saloon 538 Market, dwl 29 Minna 
Mclntire Dennis, brick-layer 428 Third 
McKee David, dwl 1206 Stockton 
McKendry Archibald, dwl 25 Stockton 

McLennan Charles, butcher SW cor Geary and 

McMullen J. C. {T. W. Lockwood & (7o.) 421 

Clay, ilwl 1109 Clay 
McNALLY {Lawrence) & HAWKINS {James) 

plumbers and gas fitters 406 and 408 Pino 
McNear C. E. pilot cor Vallejo and Davis 
McRUER {IJ. C.) & MERRILL {J. C.) auction, 

shipping and commission merciiants, and 

agents Honolulu Lino Packets 204 and 206 

California, dwl 18 Laurel Place 
Menke (//e«7?/) & Itgen (C/(«r/eA-)- liquors and 

groceries NEcor Battery and Commerce 
Mesick R. S. attorney at law 402 Montgomery 

709 Davis, dwl W side Mason near Bush 
Miller J. H. collector 303 Monigomery, dwl E s 

Fourth bet Everett and Minna 
Mills Niles, dwl 7 1 6 Stocktx)n 
MITCHELL JOHN C. merchant tailor NE cor 

Montgomery and Commercial 
Monks Richard B. policeman, dwl 1116 Dupont 
Moustery J. teacher fencing Olympic Club Rms. 
More Samuel, book-keeper 309 Front 
Morion Bros. {Edward H. <fc Charles C. Morion) 

stevedores, office 621 Front 
Moulton B. F. dwl cor Valencia and Liberty 
Mowatt (jeorgo E. liquor saloon E s Leidesdorflf 

bet Sacramento and Commercial 
Murphy Frank, pdot, dwl 131 Broadway 
Myers {Leon R.) & Hagan {John) marble, grates, 

etc. 707 MarKct 
Myrick J. W. office Unfermented Bread Co. dwl 

NW cor Naioma and Second 
Nagle William, plasterer 406 Montgomery, dwl 

N s Sixth bet Howard and Folsom 
Nettleton Henry S. {A. P. Brayton tfc Co.) dwl 

48 Minna 
Newdorffor Harris, boots and shoes 423 Com, 

andNW cor Com and Leid, dwl 411 Pine 
Newell L. W. & Co. brokers NE cor Montgomery 

and Merchant, dwl 820 Washington 
Newman Philip, butcher 18 Clay Street Market, 

dwl S s Francisco bet Stockton and Powell 
Nicholas Joseph D. fruits 22 Sansom 
Nichols A. R. {Beck/ord <& K) dwl 328 Mont 
Nichols Julius, laborer, dwl 914 Pacific 
Nichols Richard {Well.iiit iY.)dwl Revere House 
Nichols Richard J. wharfinger, dwl 716 Slock 
Nisbet Benj. R. (A^. tfc Garniss) dwl 523 Fwlsom 
Nourse Joseph P. Secreiary Miua Priela and 

Burning Moscow Mining Cos. office NE cor 

Mimtgomery and Commercial 
NUTTING CALVIN, manufacturer fire-proof 

doors, vaults, etc. 123 Busii 
Ogden Charles C. carriage-maker with A. Searls, 

dwl 131 Stevenson 
Ohm Charles {Shattuck & 0.) dwl 46 Silver 
Oliphant H. D. with Hooker & Co. dwl 812 Bush 
Oliver H. M. {/lowland & 0.) 5294 Market 
OWENS JOHN B. lamps, oils, etc. 10 Thi.d 
Parker George H. & Co. imporier clocks 303 

Montgomery, dwl 814 Market 
PATCH W. Y., U. S. Collector NWcor Battery 

and Commercial 
Peabody Sarah (widow) dwl 271 Minna 
Peet Francis & Son {Francis Feet jr.) harness 

and saddle manufacturers 508 Battery 



Pepper Edward D. reporter Herald and Mirror 

Perkins Charles C. {Swain & Co.) 52 Clay 

Phillipe Lille, carriage blacksmith 630 Broadway, 
dwl rear Vallejo bet Stockton and Dupont 

Phillips Edward, fruits NE cor Kearny and Post 

Playter William, Deputy Cit}' and Co. Surveyor 

Planel L T. boarding and day school SE corner 
Powell and Jackson 

Plank Frederick, phonetic reporter, dwl "W side 
Mason bet Union and Filbert 

PLATE ADOLPIIUS J. importer guns, sport- 
ing materials, etc. 411 San, dwl 50 Eddy 

Porter George, pilot cor Vallejo and Davis 

Preda Joseph, saddle and harness maker 507 

Putnam Steplien, book agent, dwl N"W corner 
Ellis and Stockton 

QuAiLE James (Uuchez cfc Q.) 6-40 Sacramento 

Quiiilan P. B. dwl 606 Montgomery 

RAND CHARLES W., U. S. Marshal, office 14 
U. S. Court Building, dwl 730 Filbert 

Reiuers Henry {Schwarze dc- Co.) dwl 8 Geary 

REYNOLDS JOHN, attorney at law, office 6 
and 7 Metropolitan Block, dwl 716 Stockton 

REYNOLDS S. F. Judge Fourth District Court, 
dwl 1015 Jackson 

Richardson John H. carpenter N s Natoma bet 
Fiftli and Sixth 

Rich diaries E. Rev. office 542 Clay 

RUey William T., U. S. Branch M. dwl 917 Clay 

Roach Hldmund, liquor saloon SW cor Cal and 
Leid, dwl S s Post bet Powell and Mason 

Roberts E. W. butter, eggs. etc. 5 and 6 Pacific 
Fruit Market, dwl 836 Mission 

Rogers Artemas, inspector Custom House and 
(.1. J. Bigelow & Co.) 

Rosenthal M>>ses, tailor, bds Revere House 

Sanderson- F. & Co. ( G. F. Sanckrson) fruits 
Pacific Fruit Market, dwl 19 Clementina 

513 California 

Sawyer George, bar American Exchange 

SAWYER LORENZO, Judge Twelfth District 
Court, chambers 1 and 2 Metropolitan Block 
dwl rooms 23 and 24 Stevenson Building 

Schenck G. Everett, real estate agent 328 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 830 Market . 

Schley Daniel {Marienet & S.) dwl W s Dupont 
bet Pine and CaUfornia 

Scudder George M. ( W. F. Walton & Co.) res 
Rogue River 

Seaborn (Thomas) & Davis {William) turning 
and scroll sawing cor Mission and Fremont, 
dwl Natoma bet First and Second 

Seibel Peter, Wisconsin Saloon 931 Kearny 

Selden J. R. {Gushing & S.) bds Russ House 

Sellen Cliristopher, carriage-maker 630 Broad- 
way, dwl Broadway Alley 

Shattuck (Fmnfc W.) & Ohm ( (7 /lar^es) Califor- 
nia butter, ciieese, etc. 50 Metropolitan 
Market, dwl SW cor Second and Jessie 

SHED {E. K.) k WHITMORE {S. S.) liquor and 
billiard saloon NW cor Mout and Post 

Shuck Oscar T. collector and copyist, room 3 
NW cor Montgomery and Merchant 

SILVERSMITH JULIUS, editor Mining and 
Scientific Press, Patent Solicitor and Com 
Deeds for N. T. office 23 Federal Building 

Simons II. D. clerk 309 Front 
Slocura William N. printer, dwl 249 Stevenson 
Smith Algenon, C. H. broker, dwl 1206 Stockton 
Smith William, collector, office 24 Metropolitan 

Block, dwl SE corBrannan and Third 
Smith William Alpheus, real estate agent 328 

Mont, dwl NW cor Bagley PI and O'Farrell 
Sonnenberg Jos. ( Gnmw & S.) dwl 223 Second 
SPAULDING C. A. attorney at law and collector 

323 Bush, dwl cor Clay and Leavenworth 
Stearns W. H. {Swain & Co.) 52 Clay 
Stevens H. H. forwarding 402 Front 
STEVENSON HOUSE, A. J. Stevenson pro- 
prietor, SW cor Montgomery and California 
Stevenson W. W. editor Western tlvangelist 
Swain (/. C.) & Co. {Charles C. Perkins and W. 

B. Stearns) forwarding and produce 52 Clay 
SWEENY MYLES D. importer and jobber 

liquors 707 Sansom, and Supervisor Second 

District, dwl 905 Broadway 
Sweet S. S. {Keating & S.) Market St. W. Works 
TAAFFE G. O'HARA, Danish Consul 430 Cal- 
ifornia, dwl cor Francisco and Jones 
Tandler {Abraham) & Lang {J. L.) proprietors 

Continental Hotel SE cor Sansom and Com 
TAYLOR JOHN, importer chemists' glassware, 

etc. 514 dwl E s Mason nr Baoadway 
TAYLOR P. W. collector, 630 Montgomery, 

Montgomerj' Block 
Temple John, office 40 Montgomery Block 
Tillman Augustus, manuf. harness 221 Bush 
Timmerman Louisa Mrs. boarding 917 Clay 
Tissot Jerome, lithographer with G. Drouilhat, 

dwl William Tell Hotel, Pacific 
Toler William P. salesman at Japanese Store 321 

Montgomerv, dwl 252 Minna 
TORNING A. & T. painters 412 Montgomery 
Truett Henry B. merchant, dwl 316 Folsom 
UxiTED States Revenue (Internal) Department, 

District No. 1, office NW cor Bat and Com 
Van HAG.iN J. B. dwl 964 Mission 
Van Laak L manf brooms and brushes 8 Drumm 
Van Ranegan John, pilot cor Vallejo and Davis 
VENARD G. chartres coflfee manuf 625 Front 
Villemet M. L. Mnie, teacher French 726 Mission 
WAKELEE {Charles K) & CHARLES {Thomas 

C.) real estate agents 612 Merchant 
"Wallace R. A. {Becker tfc W.) dwl Gov't House 
W^ASHINGTON WHARF CO. office foot Wash 
Watson N. A. real estate agent 420 Mont 
Wells ■(TWWjawi T.) & Nichols {Richard) produce 

26 Metrop. Market, dwl Everett nr Fourth 
Weston Aaron, teacher music 561 Mission 
White Samuel, speculator, office with Geo. W. 

Chapin & Co. dwl E s Fourth near Jessie 
Whitmore S. S. {Shed & W.) dwl NW corner 

Montgomery and Post 
Whitney Cornelius S. dwl 345 Fremont 
Whitney George E. attorney at law, room 24 

Metropolitan Block 
Wilson William H. artist 125 Montgomery, dwl 

cor Washington and Mason 
WINTER JOHN, importer hops, corks, tanners' 

materials 208 California 
Woolley Jefferson H. dentist, 3 Government H. 
Worthington William, paints and oils 735 Market 
Wyckoft" Henry, with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. bds 

557 Market 



For the Year coiumencing September 1st, 1862. 

« < » » > 

Notice. — Names too late for regular insertion, removals, changes, etc., vjhich have occurred 
during the printing of the work, will be found on the pages immediately preceding this. 

For list of Hotels, Boarding Houses, etc., see Business Directory, page A33; for Packets, sail and 
steam, see Register of Names. 

abv AboTe 

acct Accountant 

atty Altorney 

av Avenue 

IkI^;... Building or BuilOings 

bds Boards 

bst Between 

blk Block 

C. H Custom House 

elk Clerk 

cotn Commission 

cor Corner 

dept Department 

dwi Dwelling 

E East 

exch Exchange 

r. P Fort Point 

li House 

imp Importer 

lab , Laborer 

manf. Manufacturer 

nice Mech:inic 

mcht Merchant 

Miii Dol Mission Dolores 

mkr Maker 

mkt Market 

N North 

nr Near 

off Office 

op Opposite 

pi Clace 

P. Post Office 

Pre'o Presidio 

proptr Proprietor 

res Kesidea or Residence 

rms Kooms 

S South 

8 Side 

stm... Steamer or Steam-ihip 
U.S.B.M...U.S.Branch Mini 

wkm Workman 

W West 


Bdwy Broadway 

Bat Battery 

Cal California 

Com Commercial 

Leav Leavenworth 

Leid Leiiieadorff 

Merch Merchant 

Mont Montgomery 

I'ac Pacific 

Sac Sacramento 

'^an J^ansom 

Stock Stockton 

Wash Washington 

Aaron Francis W. H. bo>k-keeper with S. 

Molitor & Co. dwl 2 Brenhain Place 
Aaron Isaac, peddler, dwl 32 First 
Aarons Kate Miss, domestic 70 Everett 
Aauser W. jeweler with Kainsler & Langer 622 

Abadie Mary Mrs. midwife, dwl 809 Clay 
Abbato Paul 13. Acting Consul Italy, and real es- 
tate agent 802 Montgomery, dwl SE cor 

Clay and Powell 
Abbott Charles L. pilot, office SW cor Wa.shing- 

ton and East, dwl 308 Folsom 
Abbott Charles M. apprentice with Lewis & 

Abbott Frank, cook Bush Street House 
Abbott Henry B. mariner, dwl S a Union bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Abbott John E. cooper, dwl W s Monroe nr Pine 
Abbott Maria C. Miss, dwl with Wm. A. Abbott 
ABBOTT (C.) & OLDXKR {John G.) commission 

merchants 406 Front, dwl 113 Virgmia 
Abbott Sophronia (widow) dwl 1108 Powell 
Abbott Wm. A. inspector C. H. dwl Rousch bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Abeel John, laborer Market Street Railroad 
Abel Joseph, bootmaker 20 Market 
ABELL ALEX. G. Grind Secretary Grand Lodge 

F. & A. M. office rooms 2 and 3, 2d floor, 

502 Mont, dwl SE cor Wash and Mason 
Abels Frederick, clerk 129 Bush 

ABEND POST, German daily, A. J. Lafontaine & 

Co. proptrs and publishers, office 610 Sac 
Abendana Raphael M. bar tender Masonic 
Temple, dwl SK corsacraniento and Battery 
Abraham Jacob, dry goods, dwl 171 Minna 
Abrahams Henry, merchant, dwl SW cor Battery 

and Commercial 
Abrahams Louis, clothing 327 East 
Abrahams Micus, dwl 248 Tehama 
Abrahamson J. elk 741 Wash, dwl 1110 Powell 
Abrahamson Peter, stoves and tin ware 439 Bush 
Abram David, foreman with G. Rosenberg, dwl 

319 Commercial 
Abram Rosentl)al (Morris Rosenthal <fe Co.) dwl 

Minna bet Third and Fourth 
Abramoski A. (widow) dsvl W s Brannan, Potrero 
Abrams David, cap maker, dwl 525 Mission 
Abrams David, grocer, dwl 29 Minna 
Abrams Jonas, boots and shoes 325 East 
Abrams Samuel, office Sacramento, dwl Ss Clem- 
entina bet Fourth and Fiftli 
ACADEMY OF MUSIC (Tucker's) 323, 325, 

and 327 Montgomery 
Achton George, dwl 328 Tehama 
Acker Frederick, machinist Davost's Foundry, 

dwl rear Beale S of Harrison 
Ackerly W. 0. carpenter, bds Original House 
Ackerman A. E. painter at 516 Davis 
Ackermann August F. W. clerk with C. F. Zwey- 
bruck,dwl W s Kearny bet Bdwy and Vallejo 



Ackerman Charles, carpenter, dwl 623 Third 
Ackorman Hart S. {Ackerman Bros.) dwl 746 

Ackerman Hyman S. {Ackerman -Bros.) resides 

Strasbourg, Germany 
Ackerman Joseph, cigars and tobacco 1194 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 518 Stockton 
Ackerman Joseph {McElwee & A.) dwl 518 Stock 
Ackerman Louis S. dry goods 638 Sacramento, 

dwl 722 Green 
Ackerman Bros. {Samuel S., Hart S. & Hyman 

S. Ackerman) dry goods 6-46 Sacramento 

and 300 Kearny cor Bush, dwl 746 Mission 
Ackerson Charles II. carpenter, California Engine 

Co. No. 4 
Ackerson Thomas, boatman P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 

100 Folsom 
Ackland (£". T.) & Kessing {Bernard) fish 34 Met. 

Market, dwl rear 79 Clementina 
Ackley B. F. clerk St. Francis H. & L. Co. No. 1 
Ackley George, merchant, dwl 902 Jackson 
Ackley {G. W.) & Davidson (0.) cabinet-makers 

N s Market bet Dupont and Stockton 
Ackley Henry F. clerk, dwl E s Prospect Place 

nr Clay « 

Ackley Hezekiah, farmer, dwl with Wheeler 

Ackley Joseph, laborer, dwl 419 Mission 
Adame Michael, waiter, dwl rear S s Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Adarai Michael, machinist, dwl E s Sansom nr 

Adams Charles, 'longshoreman, rms 11 Clay 
Adams Charles, dwl Potrero Road. nrRope Walk 
Adams C. J. fireman, bds 15 Jackson 
Adams Conrad, liquors 338 Third 
Adams Cyrus, clerk with T. Penfield & Co. dwl 

Adams Edson, real estate, oSice room 5 NW cor 

Montgomery and Merchant, res Oakland 
Adams Edwin, dwl W s Morey Alley nr Bdwy 
Adams Grove {Robert Mitchell & Co.) res Virgin- 
ia City, N. T. 
Adams Halsej-, machinist with Devoe & Co. dwl 

416 Folsom, rear 
Adams Harry, flour packer Golden Age Mills, 

bds 18 Jessie 
Adams H. E. brakeman Market Street Railroad, 

dwl Valencia, Mission Dolores 
Adams Henry Q. clerk with GiUespie & Gray, 

dwl 1224 Sacramento 
Adams Hermann, tailor 118 Jackson 
Adams Hugh, bar keeper 232 Stewart 
Adams Isaac, hair dresser at 117 Leidesdorflf 
Adams James, hay and feed, dwl S s Haves bet 

Van Ness Av and Franklin, Hayes Park 
Adams James {McEwen & A.) dwl Hayes bet Van 

Ness Avenue and Franklin, Hayes Park 
Adams James H. dwl E s Hyde bet Green and 

Adams John Q. clerk with Waller & Moore, dwl 

S s Hyde bet Green and Union 
Adams Joseph, City Ganger 403 Front 
Adams Lawson S. {Derby & A.) dwl 114 Minna 
Adams N. B. book-keeper with Fordham & Jen- 
nings, dwl with Chas. Adams 
Adams Quincy L. physician, dwl 14 Tehama 
Adams Rich'd, drayman, dwl Seventh r.r Mission 

Adams Robert E. attorney at law, off with Gun- 
nison & Beatty, dwl N W cor Mont and Merch 
Adams {Robert H.) & Brother {Ross M. Adams) 
hat and cap manufactory 647 Washington, 
dwl N s Wash bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Adams Ross M. {Adams & Bro.) dwl 1311 Stock 
Adams Samuel, druggist, dwl 814 Bush 
Adams Samuel, lime and cement 112 Battery 
Adams Samuel K. porter 310 Clay 
Adams Sarah Mrs. dwl 1123 Dupont 
Adams S. J. Mrs. boarding 728 Market 
Adams Thos. drugs and medicines 511 Jackson 
ADAMS THOMAS, liquor saloons 516 Mont SE 
cor Commercial, and junc Market and Mont 
Adams Warren P. delivery elk P.O. dwl 609 Pine 
Adams W. H. porter with Blackman, Howard & 

Co. dwl 19 Harlan Place 
Adams Wm. driver Gould, Martin & Co. 534 Clay 
Adams William A. stevedore, dwl 531 Green 
Adams WiUiam H. clerk 52 Third 
ADAMS ( William J.) BLINN {Saml P.) & CO. 
{George Plummer) lumber 215 and 217 
Stewart, piers 17 and 18, dwl 423 Harrison 
Adams Z. Boylston, clerk with J. C. Johnson & 

Co. dwl 643 Howard 
Adderholdt Christian, broom peddler, dwl 234 

Addison Eva (widow) dwl 1009 Washington 
Addison John E. dwl 85 Montgomery Block 
Addison Stephen, dwl 429 Bryant 
Adelsdorfer Joseph {Adelsdorfer Bros.) dwl 

316 Sutter nr Dupont 
Jostph) importers and jobbers fancy goods, 
cutlery, etc. SE cor Sansome and Sacra- 
mento, resides Bavaria, Germany 
Aderhold Christian {H. A. Roesler & Co.) dwl 

NW cor Beale and Folsom 
Adler Adolph. clerk, dwl 22 Montgomery 
Adler B. dwl 748 Howard 
Adler Charles, salesman 407 Sacramento, dwl 

424 Sacramento 
Adler David, butcher SE cor Vallejo and Mont, 

dwl W s Mont bet Vallejo and Green 
Adler Henry, clerk, dwl 22 Montgomery 
Adler Jonas {Simon, IHnkelspiel db Co.) dwl 530 

Adler Julius, book-keeper with Pollack Bros. 

dwl 118 Prospect Place 
Adley Mary Mis^s, dwl 302 Beale 
Adley Maurice, Rincon Point Market 302 Beale 
Adler Moses, clerk with Scholle Bros, dwl 1511 

Adler P. clothing 27 Pacific 
Adlers A. United States Bakery 316 Third 
Adley David, butcher SE cor Mont and Vallejo, 
dwl W s Montgomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Adlim Benjamin, stevedore, dwl rear 322 Vallejo 
Adlington David M. carpenter, dwl 1125 Kearny 
Adolpe Peter ( G. Bardet & A.) dwl Pacific bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Adolph William (colored) bootblack 548 Wash- 
ington, dwl S 8 Bdwy bet Dupont and Stock 
Adolphus Henry, physician, office 511 Jackson 
Adolphus Loiseau, printer, dwl 812 Wasi)ington 
Adriance Francis, dwlNE cor Wash and Drumm 
Adsit L. B. real estate, dwl S s Natoma bet 
Fifth and Sixth 



.ETNA INSURANCE CO. Hartford, Edward 

II. Parker agent 204 California 
Agard W. B. (Dupuy, Foulkes ifc Co.) dwl 319 

Ager Tiioinas, harness maker with M. CI. Conway 
Agnew Gilmore, compositor Alta California, dwl 

75 Minna 
AGNEW JOnN, Dashaway Livery and Sale 

Stable. 26 Kearny, dwl 28 Kearny 
Agnew Maria Mrs. dress-maker 75 Minna 
Agnew Samuel, merchant, dwl Austin cor Van 

Ness Avenue 
AGNKW {Thomas II.) & DEFFEBACH (TAos. 

B.) book and job printers 511 Sansom cor 

Merchant, dwl Treraont House 
Aguillon Camille, gardener Mis Dol, NW church 
Ahearn John, drayman cor First and Natoma 
Ahem John, laborer S. F. City W. W. Co. 
Ahem JuUa, chambermaid Pacitic Temperance 

Ah Hon (Chinese) washing 130 Third 
Ahlfeld Ferdinand, actor German Theatre, dwl 

1313 Stockton 
Ahlfeld Pauline Mrs. actress German Theatre, 

dwl 1313 Stockton 
Ahlstrom John, shoemaker with Hans. Larsen 
Ahpell Ilenrv, merchant Virginia City, office 318 

California, dwl 248 Fourth 
Ahren John, drayman Commercial Flour Mills 
Ahrens Henry, groceries SW cor Kearny and 

Ahrens {Jacob K) & Co. {Frederick lions) gro- 
ceries and liquors NW cor Second and 

Ahrens Michael, groceries 220 Sutter 
Ahrens Wm. bar keeper NE cor Cal and Davis 
Ahrens C. jeweler and watchmaker 836 Dupont 
Ah Sing (Chinese) washing 1011 Battery 
Ah Sing (Chinese) washing 832 Wasliington 
Ah Sung (Chinese) washing 722 Battery 
Aicken Graves, clerk 535 Com, dwl 320 Folsom 
Aiken Daniel, drug clerk, dwl 68 Minna 
Aiken Julia, servant St. Nicholas Hotel 
Aine L. & Co. carpenters 433 Bush 
Aine Mairot, carpenter, dwl with Aristide Vorbe 
Ainsa M. jr. translator 34 Montgomery Block, 

dwl 405 Lombard 
Aitken Charles {Hall & A.) dwl NE cor Larkin 

and Pacitic 
Aitken Charles, miner, dwl NW cor Union and 

Aitken Charles H. butcher, dwl E s Larkin nr 

Aitken Daniel B. SW cor Clay and Sansom 
Aitken James, boiler maker Vulcan Foundry 
Aitken James jr. apprentice Vulcan Foundry 
Aitken Samuel ( Vulcan Iron Works Co.) foreman 

boiler department, dwl N s Clementina bet 

Third and Fourth 
Akerly AVilliara, carpenter with Smith & More 
Alameda P. job wagon cor Pacific and Kearny 
Alamo Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 115 

Alarcon Charles, painter with W. H. Baxter, 

dwl 10 Ross 
Albany John, seaman, rooms 47 Sacramento 
Alberd John, waiter New England House 
Albera Marcus, groceries 641 Pacific 

Albert John, molder Miners' Foundry, dwl 331 

Albert John S. H. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl 

331 Fremont 
Albert Louis, teamster with G. A. Moigp, dwl 

24 Minna 
Albertson L. M. Mrs. dwl 1519 Powell 
Albertson Peter, 'longshoreman, bds 32 Stewart 
ALBIN LEONCE, foreign book and job printing, 

657 Washington, dwl 806 Kearny 

McPherson proptr, 20 Stewart 
Albrecht Andrew, milk rauch^W s Buchanan nr 

Albrecht John, tailor 236 Kearny 
Albrecht Joseph, teamster 637 Broadway 
Albrecht Joseph, cook 621 California 
Albron William, laborer 406 Sansom 
Albyne John, clerk witii Stanford Brothers, bda 

Rincon House 
Alcaraz Kossuth, dwl 1709 Powell 
Alcayaga Jos(5, groceries NE cor Vallejo and 

Alden 0. M. statistical clerk C. H. 
Alden Richard C. chief clerk U.S. Com Dept 208 

Sansom, dwl 125 Silver 
Alden Samuel, drayman, dwl NE cor Sacramento 

and Jones 
Aldersey John, asphaltum 605 Sacraiaento, dwl 

S s Grove nr Polk, Hayes Valley 
Alderton R. A. clerk, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Aldhouse Daniel, waterman, dwl 14 St Marks PI 
Aldrich Abbio F. Miss, teacher Primary Dept 

Union Street School 
Aldrich Eldred. laborer S.F. Gas Co. dwl 59 Jessie 
Aldrich J. Miss, Ladies' Seminary and Gymna- 
sium 122 and 124 Stevenson 
Aldrich Levi P. book-keeper with R. W. Carter, 

dwl NW cor Pine and Jones 
Aldrich Lorinda Miss, dress-making 510 Bush 
ALDRICH LOUIS, attorney at law, office 5 Ar- 
mory Hall, res Oakland 
ALEMANY JOSEPH S. Most Rev. Archbishop, 
St. Mary's Cathedral, dwl 602 Dupont ad- 
joining Cathedral 
Alexander A. dwl S s Silver nr Fourth 
Alexander A. butcher, dwl N s Stockton Place 

bet Stockton and Dupont 
Alexander Abraham, bootmaker with E. Kris- 
teller, dwl 72 First 
Alexander Daniel G. carpenter and builder 34 

Alexander Edward, toys and stationery 11 Third 
Alexander P]li, market 223 Sutter, dwl Stock PI 
Alexander P]li, dwl 16 Virginia 
Alexander Elizabeth (widow) dwl 120 Prospect 

Alexander F. actor American Theater 
Alexander Eraser, polisher with Jno. Wigmore 
Alexander George, cooper, dwl W s Ohio bet 

Broadway and Pacific 
Alexander George & Co. {Gustave Newman) 
Chelsea Laundry 435 Brannan, office Am- 
erican Exchange 321 Sansom 
Alexander Henry, cigars and tobacco, dwl Steck- 

ler's Exchange 
Alexander (/.) & Mayers {J.) boots and shoes, 
19 Third cor Stevenson, dwl 259 Stevenson 



Alexander Isadore, boots and shoes 1016 Du- 

pont, dwl 259 ."r^teveuson 
Alexander Jacob, paper box maker v^'ith Levy& 

Moeliet, dwl 11 Third 
Alexander James, miner, dwl 220 Fremont 
Alexander John {B. Miller & Co.) dwl Gardner 

nr Post 
Alexander John, auctioneer, dwl 834 Yallejo 
Alexander John F. ship-carpenter, dwl S s Silver 

nr Fourth 
Alexander Joseph & Co. auction and commission 

merchants 410 and 412 Commercial, dwl 

734 Yallejo 
Alexander Joseph D. {Kenny & A.) dwl 520^ 

Alexander Julius, dwl W s Folsora bet Twelfth 

and Thirteenth 
Alexander Julius, cigars 207 Pacific 
Alexander L. L. contractor, dwl 1 Delaware Court 
Alexander M. Mrs. dwl 411 Pine 
Alexander Mary A. Mrs. dwl 220 Fremont 
Alexander Oscar, clerk with S. 0. Alexander 
Alexander S. tailor 429 Kearny 
Alexander Samuel, cap maker, dwl 1339 Dupont 
Alexander Samuel C. dwl 3 s Silver nr Fourth 
Alexander Samuel 0. clothing, dwl 72] Yallejo 
Alexander Simon, cap manufacturer 1324 Kearny 
Alexander S. 0. clothing SE cor Dupont and 

Jacks(ip, dwl SE cor O'Farrell and Stockton 
Alexander Theodore, clerk with Joseph Alexan- 
der & Co. dwl Yirginia nr Jackson 
Alexander Thomas, seaman, bds 1 2 Sacramento 
Alexander "Wilson, laborer Omnibus Railroad 

Alfred James, bds What Cheer House 
Alger James, book-keeper Lawrence & House- 
worth, dwl 176 Minna 
Alger Thomas, tanner Brannan St. Tannery 
Alhambra Mining Co. office 315 Sansom 
AUard Patience H. Miss, dwl 20 Sansom 
Allardt G. F. {Maithewson & A.) dwl 516 Folsom 
Allan Charles E. gas fitter with John Robinett, 

dwl 24 Sansom 
Allan David jr. {Robinson <& Co.) res St. Louis, 

AUari Joseph, private boarding 124 Kearny 
Allemeyr Joseph, waiter, dwl 917 Dupont 
Allen A. hair dressing saloon 305 Davis 
Allen Alexander, watchman Woolen Mill, North 

Beach, bds 311 Pacific 
Allen Benjamin J. carpenter, bds Eagle Hotel, 

Allen Charles H. clerk 320 Front, rooms S s Clay 

op Plaza 
Allen Chas. R. {Greene, Heath & A.) bds Hotel 

Allen Daty, dwl with F. F. Pardee 
Allen {Edward) & Blakley {Robert F.) boarding 

and lodging 623 Market 
Allen Edward T. Cambridge House 208 Com 
Allen Elisha, carpenter, dwl 105 Sansom 
Allen Emma E. (widow) dwl rooms 1 and 2 fourth 

floor 502 Montgomery 
Allen E. W. with N. Palmer 
Allen George, carpenter, dwl 630 Sansom 
Allen Gideon, jr. tobacco dealer 609 Front, bds 

Hotel International 
Allen G. W. clerk 10 Third 

Allen Isaac S. accountant with Tubbs & Co. dwl 

N s Pine bet Taylor and Jones 
Allen J. actor Bella Union Melodeon 
Allen J. bar keeper, Crescent Engine Co. No. 10 
Allen J. laborer Union Foundry 
Allen James, boatman S s Pacific Wharf below 

Allen James, 1st asst engineer P. M. S. S. Orizaba 
Allen James, furniture N s Market bet Stockton 

and Dupont 
Allen John ilrs. dress-making 1438 Stockton 
ALLEN {J. Monroe) & CO. {Samuel Crim and 
Josejjh D. C. Beach) proprietors Market St. 
Livery Stables, 669 Market 
Allen {John) & Page {Robert) variety store 733 

Allen John, drayman Yallejo bet Front and Davis 
Allen John, professor of music, dwl 912 Market 
Allen John, clotiiing, dwl 1438 Stockton 
Allen John, tailor S s Brannan nr Third 
Allen John, tailor with F. Killpatriek, dwl Ritch 

nr Brj-ant 
Allen John H. blacksmith Brannan Street Bridge, 

ALLEN {Joseph E.) & SPIER {Richard P.) im- 
porters and jobbers books and stationery etc. 
542 Clay, res New York 
Allen J. W. bds What Cheer House 
Allen K. A. Mrs. lodgings, dwl 603 Pine 
Allen L. H. oysters, dwl 618 Harrison 
Allen L. S. shipwrioht, spar maker, etc. N s Fol- 
som bet Stewart and Spear 
Allen Lucius H. (of Allen «fe Lewis, Portland) 
office with De Witt, Kittle & Co. dwl 618 
Allen Michael, laborer, dwl 208 Sutter 
Allen 0. C. mechanic, bds 741 Market 
Allen Oscar, brick-mason, dwl 12 St. Marks PI 
Allen {R. K.) Webb {Henry) & Co. lime, NW 

cor Sacramento and Davis 
Allen S. D. deck hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Allen Sheldon {Curtis & A.) rooms NE cor Du- 
pont and Geary 
Allen Smith M. drayman 413 Sacramento 
Allen Theodore H. stevedore, dwl 911 Clay 
Allen Thomas, 'longshoreman, rooms 11 Clay 
Allen Thomas, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 
Allen W. B. compositor Bulletin, dwl cor Stock- 
ton and Clay 
Allen W. H. 3d officer strar Pacific 
Allen William, capt. schooner Albion 20 Stewart 
Allen William, carpenter, dwl 1318 Jackson 
Allen Wilham, liquor saloon, dwl HaUs Court 
Allen William, mariner, bds 327 Pacific 
Allen William, scroll sawyer with Wm. Davis 

409 Mission 
Allen William, seaman, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Broadway and Yallejo 
Allen William A. H. mariner, dwl W s Liberty 

nr Townsend 
Allen William R. shipping agent, dwl E s Leav- 
enworth nr Post 
Allen William W. capt. bark Catalpa, ofiBce with 

Edgerly & Wick man 
Allen W. S. bookbinder with Bartling & Kimball, 
dwl 604 Dupont bet California and Sacra- 
I AUenwine Josephine, servant 106 Geary 



Alley Wtn. II. stevedore, dwl Greenwich bet 

Sansom ond Montpomcry 
Alliii-; Frank S. tinsmith with II. G. & E. S. 

Fiske, dwl 847 Clay 
Allison James, hostler 532 California 
Allison John, with George Treat 
Allison John, brick-layer, dwl 73G Market 
Allison John, butcher at 17 and 18 Washington 

Market, dwl N s Natoma nr Fifth 
Allison 0. laborer C.II. dwl 13 Hartman Place 
AUister John, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds 

cor Eighth and Folsom 
A Hon K. T. 'longshoreman, dwl Pacific Engine 

Co. No. 8 
Allovon Alfred A. {Woodworth^ A. & Co.) dwl 

735 Folsom 
AUsop George B. rooms 1 Brooklyn Place 
Allyn William F. marine artist, dwl 3 Minna 
Allyn William H. apprentice machinist with De- 

voe & Co. dwl 3 Minna 
Almy Andrew J. {Redington & Co.) dwl 643 

Almy G. M. salesman with Hathaway & Co. dwl 

21 Clay 
Almy Moses B. with Dickinson & Gammans, dwl 

Russ House 
Alpers C. (Shullze & Co.) dwl 616 Sacramento 
Alpers Charles, Metropolitan Band, dwl 1416 

Alpers Frederick, barber 328 Pacific 
Alpey Louis F. seaman, dwl 129 Jackson 
Alphonse F. printer, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Powell and Mason 
Alpin Herman, boatman, dwl 254 Beale 
ALSOP & CO. ( Charles B. Polhemiis) commis- 
sion merchants 411 and 413 California 
Alsop John, umbrella maker 334 Bush, dwl S s 

McAllister near Larkin 

weekh' and steamer, Fred'k MacCrellish & 

Co. publishers and proprietors, ofiBce 536 

Altenberg Peter, shoemaker 119 Clay, dwl W s 

Gardner Alley near Post 
Althaus Daniel, waterman Market op Sansom 
Althoff Theodore, baker Green's Restaurant 

546 Clay, dwl Trinity near Bush 
Altenberg Peter F. bootmaker with Klumpke 

& Pfeiffer 608 Clay, dwl 114 Post 
Altenberg Rosalia Mrs. milliner 302 Kearny, 

dwl W s Gardner Alley near Post 
Altenburg Ernest, book-keeper with A. S. Ros- 

enbaum & Co. dwl 837 Sacramento 
Altenheimer John, cook 546 Clay 
Altmyer Aaron, salesman 209 Bat, dwl 22 Geary 
Altrayer Abraham, salesman 209 Battery, dwl 

22 Geary 
Alton Anna E. Miss, teacher Primary Depart- 
ment Union Street School 
Alton Jane L. boarding 1020 Stockton 
Altschul Louis & Co. {Ludtoic Taussig) jobbers 

foreign and domestic wines, cigars, etc. 723 

Sansom, dwl NW cor Bdwy and Kearny 
Alvarado J. B. dwl 418 Greenwich 
Alvarado John C. student with Alex. Ely, dwl 

cor Stockton and Pacific 
Alvenz (^Jacoh) & Hortkorn {Charle-) boots and 

shoes 609 Kearny, dwl N s Dupout nr Union I 

Alvey Chas. W. stoves and tm ware 906 Kearny, 

bds Mechanics' Hotel, Pacific 
Alvires Santiago, painter at '.\\2 Davis 
Alviso and San Josd Lino Packets ( WtsCa) Cen- 
tral Wharf 
Alviso and San Jos6 Union Lino Packets, Cen- 
tral Wharf 
Alvord II. B. messenger Wells, Fargo 4 Co.'s 

Express, dwl Lick House 
Alvord Henry B. book-keeper with William 

Alvord & Co. dwl Lick House 
Alvord Mary E. (widow) dwl 564 Folsom 
Alvord P. A. sawyer with Brokaw & Metcalf 
ALVORD WILLIAM & CO. {Richard Patrick 
& Joseph Tarrait) importers hardware 122 
Battery, dwl 564 Folsom 
Alwy Cha.s. tinsmith, bds Mechanics' Hotel 
Alwyns Peter, seaman, dwl N s Mission bet 

Beale and Main 
Amant Isnard, barber 632 Pacific 
Ambroiso S. Lafayette Mkt NE cor Pine and Dup 
Ambrose Goodhue, photographist, dwl 124 Mont 
Ambrose J. printer, bds Original House 
AMRROSE SAMUEL, Ambrose Restaurant 

124 Montgomery 
Ambrotv Gottleib, shoemaker, bds 14 Stewart 
Seymour proprietor, 323 Sansom corner 
York, Bigelow Bros, and Flint agents NW 
corner Montsomery and Sacramento 
AMERICAN HOTEL, Loohr & Ditz, proptrs, 

N s Bush bet Montgomery and Kearny 
American Quicksilver Mining Co. office cor San- 
som and Gold 

office 11 Broadway 
lessee and manager, E s Sansom bet Cali- 
fornia and Sacramento 
Amerige Chas. S. bds 100 Stockton 
Amerige George, printer, dwl 100 Stockton 
Ames Benjamin F. drayman 410 Front, dwl W 

s Jones bet O'Farrell and Geary 
Ames George H. acct, dwl 121 Prospect Place 
Ames Henry, stevedore, dwl 111 Minna 
Arnes Henry K. bag maker at 220 Davis, dwl 

Harlan Place 
Ames John A. clerk, dwl 518 California 
Ames Nelson 0. Rincon House, 270 First cor 

Ames Phineas, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Amic Gazan, musician, dwl 812 Washington 
Amme H. H. tailor with Walter & Brooks, dwl 

510 Front 
Amos (F. R.) & Ryan ( Thomas) dairy and prod- 
uce commission 219 Ciaj-, dwl 505 O'Farrell 
Amos John, apprentice with Vanderslice & Co., 

dwl 1100 Powell 
Amos J. T. millwright, dwl 349 Minna 
Amos Mary F. Mrs. Columbia Hotel 741 Market 
AMOS (Zechariah) PHINNEY (Arthur) & CO, 
( William U. Ilooke) lumber, and proprs 
Victoria and Puget Sound Packets 123 
Stewart, pier 9, dwl 664 Howard 
Amstutz {Henry L.) & Baur {John) watchmak- 
ers 606 Montgomery, bds Atlantic Hotel 



Ancarni Raplinel, clerk with Brignardello & 
Macchinvello 706 Sansom 

Anderfuron Jolin, tailor 14 Dupont 

Anders Oliver, butcher with Samuel Davis jr. 

Audersou Alexander, laborer, dwl E s Sonoma 
Place near Vallejo 

Anderson C. A. bar keeper with W. H. Blos- 
som, dwl 624 California 

Anderson Carrie, domestic 607 Harrison 

Anderson Charles, collector, dwl with Charles 

Anderson Charles (colored) cook 610 Clay 

Anderson Charles D. {Steaifies & A.) dwl 470 

Anderson Christian, seaman, bds 7 Washington 

Anderson Daniel, brick-maker, dwl N s Vallejo 
near Polk 

Anderson David C. comedian American Theater, 
dwl 536 Jackson 

Anderson Edward, dwl W a Liberty nr Town- 

Anderson E. M. tailor, dwl 825 Clay 

Anderson Erasmus, seaman, bds 13 Stewart 

Anderson F. M. engineer stmr Laura Ellen 

Anderson Francis B. maltster Eureka Brewery 
1612 Stockton 

Anderson George (Lee & A.) 529 East 

Anderson George, laborer. Volunteer Engine Co. 
No. 7 

Anderson George, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 

Anderson Hans C. 'longshoreman, dwl N s 
Alta bet Sansom and Montgomery 

Anderson Henry, cook 311 Pacific 

Anderson Henry (col'd) waiter, bds 718 Battery 

Anderson Henry C. {Potter & Co.) dwl E s Vin- 
cent near Union 

Anderson H. J. express wagon cor Davis and 
Broadway, rooms 633 Davis 

Anderson J. A. D. carpenter, bds 623 Market 

Anderson James {Stewart & A.) dwl with Louis 

Anderson James, boiler maker Vulcan Foundry 

Anderson James, hostler 246 Third 

Anderson James, watchmaker with J. W. 
Tucker, dwl 169 Minna 

Anderson James (colored) bootblack 630 
Kearny, dwl Virginia near Pacific 

Anderson James S. attorney at law, dwl 919 

Anderson Jane, chamber-maid Pacific Temper- 
ance House 

Anderson John, mariner, dwl N s California bet 
Hyde and Leavenworth (rear) 

Anderson John, mariner, dwl "W s Front bet 
Vallejo and Broadway 

Anderson John, mining agent, dwl 249 Steven- 

Anderson John, nurse U. S. Marine Hospital 

Anderson John M. clerk, rooms 34 Ellis 

Anderson Joseph, Commercial Nursery NW cor 
Folsom and Sixteenth 

Anderson Joseph, bds with William Swain 

Anderson Louis, laundryman, dwl 925 Green- 
wich, rear 

Anderson Mary (widow) dwl 24 Clementina 
Anderson Mary Mrs. dwl rear 336 Vallejo 
Anderson Mathew, capt. ship George Washing- 
ton, ofiSce with McRuer & Merrill 

Anderson Mathew A. {Blair & Co.) music teach- 
er, dwl 72 Natoma 
Anderson Matilda Mrs. proprietress St. John 

House 639 Clay 
Anderson Michael, miller Golden Age Mills, 

dwl S s Post bet Powell and Mason 
Anderson Peter (colored) publisher Pacific Ap- 
peal, and clothes renovator 541 Merchant, 

dwl NW cor Green and Sansom 
Anderson Peter, seaman, bds 7 Washington 
Anderson Peter W. salesman 607 Sacramento, 

dwl Brannan House 
Anderson {P. W.) & Prousergue {A.) importers 

laces and embroideries 111 Montgomery, bds 

Brannan House 
Anderson Renard, seaman, bds 7 Washington 
Anderson Sarah Miss, dwl 820 Sacramento 
Anderson Sarah A. stewardess stmr Chrysopolis 
Anderson Simon, 'longshoreman, bds 32 Stewart 
Anderson Thos. coal yard 737 Jackson, dwl 34 

Anderson Thomas, stevedore, dwl Sansom bet 

Green and Union 
Anderson Thomas, waiter Union Club Rooms 
Anderson W. bds What Cheer House 
ANDERSON W. C. Rev. D.D. pastor First 

Presbyterian Church, dwl 1008 Powell 
Anderson Weil T. stevedore, dwl W s Sansom 

bet Union and Green 
Anderson William boiler maker Vulcan Foundry 
Anderson William, calker at Nelson's Dr}' Dock 
Anderson William, machinist, dwl 254 Beale 
Anderson William, seaman, bds 46 Stewart 
Anderson Wm. H. calker, dwl S s Douglas Court 

bet Beale and Main 
Anderson William N. Fulton Market SE cor 

Washington and Stockton, dwl 412 Dupont 
Andornetti Giovanni B. Opera Liquor Saloon, 727 

Montgomery, dwl 928 Pacific 
Andrade Evavisto, compositor Eco del Pacifico, 

dwl cor Pacific and Mason 
Andres Chris, musician and leader Chris. Andres' 

Band 320 Kearny 
Andres Peter, clerk with Lawton & Duckert, bds 

Wm. Tell House 
Andresen ( Christian) & Brother {John Andrenen) 

carriage-maker.s, 119 Sansom 
Andresen John {Andresen & Pro.) dwl 119 San 
Andresen John {C. Nobmann & Co.) dwl NW 

cor Powell and Bush 
Andresen John, painter, dwl 336 Bush 
Andrews A. bar keeper Magnolia Saloon, 15 

Andrews Abraham, auctioneer, dwl 1024 Stock 
Andrews Beach, clerk Pacific Foundry, dwl 270 

Andrews Chas. N. wood turner with A. Brooks, 

dwl cor Howard and Main 
Andrews Fredrick J. distiller Dow's Distillery, 

dwl Brannan nr Fourth 
Andrews Frederick 0. with Rob't E. Hunter 
Andrews George P. Brevet Major 3d Artillery, 

dwl Fort Point 
Andrews H. H. groceries and liquors, NW cor 

Fifteenth and Mission 
Andrews H. S. Mrs. dwl 629 Market 
Andrews James, cabinet-maker, dwl N s Mission 

bet Main and Beale 



Andrews Jeremiah, fireman steamer New "World 
Andrews (Jvhn) k Dodge {Arthur) Eagle Hotel 

W s Bealo bet Folsom and Harrison 
Andrews John, broom maker 115 Sacramento, 

dwl NE cor Pacific and Jones 
Andrews John, waiter Railroad House, dwl 553 

Andrews John H. clerk Eagle Hotel Beale 
Andrews Joseph, seaman, bds Whitehall Saloon 

cor Commercial and East 
Andrews Joseph L. dwl 104 Jessie 
Andrews 0. bds What Cheer House 
Andrews Richard, stevedore, dwl W s Sansom 

bet Union and Filbert 
Andrews Thomas, broom maker at 115 Davis, 

dwl Pacific bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Andrews Tliomas, California Malt House NW 

cor Brannan and Zoo 
ANDREWS W. 0. {J. C. ITuMiinson & Co.) and 

notary public 630 Montgomery, dwl NW 

cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Andrews William, wood turner 227 Market, dwl 

35 Jessie 
Andriot Peter B. with L. Corthay New Market, 

dwl cor Market and Sixth 
Androskie William, at S. F. Sugar Refinery 
ANGKLIS EDWARD, German Hall 16 and 18 

ANGELL E. C. dentist 659 Clay cor Kearny, dwl 

656 Folsom 
Angell Henry, dwl rear Pacific Methodist Church 

Angell Hora«e B. {Eowland, A. <fc King) dwl 130 

Angell Joseph S. express wagon 515 Clay 
Angelke Louis, waiter 224 Cal, dwl 520 Vallejo 
Angelo Lucy Miss, domestic 811 Stockton 
Angerer Charles, shoemaker, dwl 126 Post 
Auglin Patrick, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Angus J. A. Sup't S. F. P. Woolen Factory Black 

Point, dwl 1922 Mason 
Ankal Maurice, express wagon, dwl 118 Jackson 
Anniss William, drayman, rms W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Anniss Wm. (widow) dwl W s Drumm bet Jack- 
son and Pacific 
Ansaldo Francisco, drayman with F. Daneri & Co. 

dwl 724 Union 
Ansbrow Thomas, special officer Broadway and 

Folsom St. wharfs, dwl Zoe Place 
Anschel L. tailor rear 1021 Dupont 
Anson Charles, mariner, dwl N s Harrison bet 

Beale and Main 
Anson Richard, groceries and liquors SW cor 

Larkin and Geary 
Antelope Silver Mining Company, office 621 Clay 
Anthes Frederick, musician, dwl 106 Geary 
Anthes John, lodgings 327 Kcarn.y 
Anthes John, musician, dwl 323 Kearny 
Anthes (Peter) & Diehl ( Christopher) hair dress- 
ing saloon and baths 533 Sacramento, dwl 

716 California 
Anthony E. T. & Co. (Lawrence Green and James 

Rice) re-packers merchandise 324 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 630 Howard 
Anthony John D. {Burdick & A.) 523 Davis 
Anthony Richard M. salesman with Wm. Sher- 
man & Co. dwl 732 Howard 

Antoine Frank, milk ranch Old San Jos^ Road, 
three miles from City Hall 

Antonio Thomas, milk ranch San Bruno Road, 
nr Six Mile House 

Anton iovich Floro, coffee saloon cor Clay and 

Antrobus Charles, Indian physician 427 Com 

Apel John M. builder, dwl 134 Geary 

A pel Julius, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 

Aplustill Charles, watch case maker, dwl S 8 
Fell bet Laguua and Buchanan 

Appel F. ( Wittrock A .4.) dwl 228 Sutter 

Appel Moses, tailor with H. Neeb, dwl Broad- 
way Wharf 

Appel Samuel, stock dealer, office 322 Commer- 
cial, dwl W s Kearny bet Pine and Bush 

Appel W. tailor 3 Broadway 

Apple W. millinery 1019 Dupont 

Applebee Hawley, teamster 19 Stewart, pier 1, 
dwl 37 Bealo 

Applegate Josiah H. attorney at law 702 Wash- 
ington, dwl 219 Stevenson 

Applegate Uriah, carriage-maker, dwl 72 Minna 

Appleton Abraham, shoemaker 414 California 
dwl cor Sutter and Dupont 

APPLETON DAVID E. books, stationery, cut- 
lery, etc. 508 Montgomery and SE cor Clay 
and Kearny, dwl 502 Montgomery 

Appo Junius B. (colored) porter steamer Senator, 
dwl 1022 Pacific 

Aral Oliver, driver with Gardner & Co. dwl 246 

Arbogast Frederick, upholsterer with F. G. 
Edwards, dwl 4 Wetmore Place 

Arbucklc Mary Miss, dress-maker, dwl 625 Davis 

Archbald John, auditor Savings and Loan So- 
ciety 619 Clay, dwl 1312 Powell 

Archer Catharine (widow) laundress 10 Minna 

Archer William, machinist with Devoe & Co. 
dwl N s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 

Archibald Kate Miss, domestic witli H. Trouette 

Archy Edward (colored) dwl 407 Filbert 

Ardemos Anselmo (colored) boot black 649 Merch 

Ardion (Edward) & Co. (M. Bayle) German Coffee 
Saloon 303 Montgomery 

Arees Pierre, dwl 821 Kearny 

Arey Edw. F. salesman with Cox, WillcuttA Co. 

Arey Walter, book-keeper with J. Underliill A Co. 

Arf Julia (widow) boarding 710 Washington 

Arfoai A. C. Miss, dwl 314 Dupont 

Argenti Joseph, sculptor and modeler, dwl 728 

Argenti M. (widow) dwl 728 Vallejo 

Argustures Michael, with Larroch & Loumes 

Arizona CopjHjr Mining Co. office SE cor Califor- 
nia and Montgomery 

Armbruster Gottlob, bootmaker 14 Sacramento, 
bds 12 Sacramento 

ARM?:S (C. W. <£: G. W.) & DALLAM (R B.) 
manfs Avood and willow ware, brooms, etc. 
217 Sacramento and 24 Beale (and Parrish 
& Co.) dwl NW cor Tehama and Second 

Armes George W. (C. W. <fc G. W. Armea and 
Parrish & Co.) dwl 106 Tehama 

Armitage John, keeper Home of the Inebriate 
NE cor Sansom and Pine 

Armitage Rachel C. Mrs. matron Home of the 
Inebriate NE cor Sansom and Pine 



Armor Joseph G. house and sign painter 611 

Armor Robert, laborer, Awl 820 A^'allcjo (rear) 
mento and Montgomery 
Arms Mosos, lumber agent, dwl SW cor Bryant 

and Third 
Armstrong Catherine, domestic 740 Howard 
Armstrong Charles, brewer, bds 524 Mission 
Armstrong Charles M. {Durkin & Go.) dwl 610 

ARMSTRONG {E. I.) k TODD {Samuel) proptrs 
Metropolitan Hotel SW cor Bush and San 
Armstrong James, laborer 546 Clay 
Armstrong J. J. plasterer, bds Benton House 
Armstrong (Jbfti) & Squires (iZbraiw N.) search- 
ers of records and copyists 612 Merchant 
Armstrong Julia Miss, domestic, dwl 1707 Stock 
Armstrong Mary Miss, serv't with G. P. Morrill 
Armstrong Rebecca Miss, teacher of music 40 

Armstrong Rebecca (widow) private school 40 

Armstrong Sarah Jane Mrs. with Cecilia Plum- 

mer, dwl 42 Ritch 
Armstrong Thomas J. tailor, dwl 23 Natoma 
Armstrong William J. hostler with Porter & 

Arnaud Ernest, box maker with L. Racouillat, 

dwl 205 Sutter 
Arnaud Joseph, eating saloon 205 Sutter 
. rnaud Paul, silversmith with Felix Raynaud 
ArndQl Thomas, plasterer, rooms N s Bush nr 

Arnlieim Aguste {Arnhiem & Bro.) 315 Pacific 
Arnheim & Bro. {Samuel and Aguste) clothing 

315 Pacific 
Arnheim Sam'l S. cigars and tobacco 8 Stewart 
Arnitz Xavier, Essex Market SE cor Kearny and 

Arnold Abram, clerk 526 Montgomery 
Arnold Amelia Mrs. saloon 35 Jackson 
Arnold Ames, teamster SE cor California and 

Davis, dwl 574 Mission 
Arnold Benjamin E. hog ranch, dwl S s Brannan 

bet Sixth and Seventh 
Arnold Casper, hats and caps 58 Third 
Arnold {Cyrus W) & Co. (P. B. CoinstocJc) vege- 
tables and poultry 11 and 12 Metropohtau 
Market, bds 607 Pine 
Arnold David H. laborer with Orlo F. Sweet 
Arnold Elbridge F. {Aniold Bros.) dwl S s Wash- 
ington bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Arnold Francis W. cooper 708 Front, dwl N s 

Fell bet Octavia and Gough 
Arnold G. F. cooperage 708 Front, dwl N s Fell 

bet Octavia and Gough 
Arnold Isaac L. cigars and tobacco 526 Mont 
Arnold Johanna Miss, domestic 610 Green 
Arnold John {Sneaih & A.) res Sacramento City 
Arnold John, butcher, dwl 20 Everett 
Arnold John, tanner S s Brannan bet Fifth and 

Arnold John A. wood turner with B. H. Free- 
man & Co. dwl 1 Hardie Place 
Arnold Brothers (John F. & Elbridge F.) hay and 
grain 320 Jackson, dwl Washington near 

Arnold Julie (widow) butter and eggs 19 Metro- 
politan Mkt, dwl cor Third and Stevenson 
Arnold Lewis, tanner, dwl Brannan bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Arnold Nicliolas, hostler with Orrick Johnson 
Arnold Robert, pantryman with Stevens & Oli- 
ver, dwl 28 Montgomery 
Arnold Thomas J. ass't engineer S. F. and San 

Jose Railroad Co. dwl 510 Dupont 
Arnold William A. salesman 635 Commercial 
Aron Joseph ( Weil & Co.) 226 Front 
Aron Simon, clerk 226 Front 
Aronsfield John, saloon 814 Pacific 
Aronsohn Sigmund, waterman, dwl W s Monroe 

nr Bush 
Aronson F. clerk Crescent Engine Co. No. 10 
Aronstein A. physician, office 810 Washington 
Ar Quong (Chinese) washing 822 Sansom 
Arras Domingo, dish washer 317 Sansom 
Arnault Leon, bar keeper, dwl 815 Pacific 
Arrington Nicholas 0. dwl S s Pacific bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Arrington Owen, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Eighth bet- Bryant and Harrison 
Arrington {Wm.) & Shipley (Andreio J!) real 

estate and money brokers, office room 7 502 

Montgomery, dwl 1309 Mason 
Arrive Pierre, florist Eagle Garden S s Fifteenth 

bet Guerrero and Dolores 
Arrivets J. bootmaker 631 Pacific 
Arron Chas. M. blacksmith, dwl American Hotel 
Arronide Frank, with Peter G. Somps 
ARROW SMITH DAVID B. State Ganger, office 

rnis 11 and 12 403 Front, dwl SE cor Post 

and Stockton 
Arthur Edwin M. with John D. Arthur & Son, 

bds 1027 Bush 
Arthur George N. with John D. Arthur & Son, 

bds 1027 Bush 
Arthur James, carpenter, dwl 34 Louisa 
ARTHUR JOHN D. & SON ( Wm. N. Arthur) 

importers agricultural implements and ma- 
chines cor Wash and Davis, dwl 1027 Bush 
Arthur Wm. N. {John D. Arthur & Son) bds 

1002 Powell 
Artigiies Frank, butcher, dwl 721 Pacific 
Artigues Louis, tripe, etc. stall 3 New Market 

518 Clay, dwl Sixteenth nr Potrero 
Arzlecrger Martin, painter, dwl S s Townsend 

op Liberty 
Asbury George M. engineer, dwl 214 Prospect 

Aschir Elias, tailor 104 Bush 
Ash Charles, drayman, dwl NW cor Taylor and 

Oak Place 
Ash David, blacksmith 167 Jessie, dwl Ewer PI 

nr Mason 
Ash Henry, tinsmith 120 Bush, dwl 58 Everett 
Ash Jacob, book-keeper with Joseph Alexander 

& Co. 
Ash Leo, book-keeper with S. Rich & Bro. dwl 

1014 Stockton 
Ash Leon, dwl 325 Sutter 
Ash William; salesman 007 Sac, dwl Ewer Place 
Ashburne James, jeweler with Seamans & Her- 

ing(!r, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Ashbury Monroe, real estate 204 Montgomery 
Ashby M. F. dwl 623 Broadway 



Ashcom J. E. clerk County Recorder's Office, 

dwl G21 California 
Ashcroft William, wood dealer, dwl 41 Natoma 
Aslie R. P. pliysician, dwl 44 South Park 
Asher F. & Co. (7^. Feeder) clothing 521 East 
Asher Jas. stevedore, dwl Union bet Montgom- 
ery and Sansom 
Asher Simon, clothing 3 Stewart 
Ashim M. R. clothing, dwl 34 Geary 
Ashland William A. local police, dwl E s Mason 

bet Eddy and Ellis 
Ashley John, porter Oriental Hotel 
Ashman Richard T. engineer S. F. Cordage Man- 
ufactory, dwl Potrero 
Ashmead G. S. carpenter 318 Dupont, dwl 320 

Ashmore David, dwl 720 Market 
ASHTON CHARLES, collecting and real estate 
agent, off with W. H. Keith & Co. 521 Mont, 
dwl E 8 Hubbard nr Howard 
Asmus John, porter Commercial Flour Mills, dwl 

Powell nr Post 
Asmussem L. cooper at 508 Davis 
A Soung (Chinese) washing 503 Pacific 
Aspinwall Benjamin, dwl 7 Essex 
Assion Joseph, tailor 230 Mont, dwl 248 Third 
Astcn John L. steamboatman at W. B. Gereau's 
Aston James, porter with John Sime & Co. dwl 

946 Mission 
Atchinson Bezaleel M. clerk with Stevens & Oli- 
ver, dwl 28 Montgomery 
Athearn {Charles G.) & Morrison {Charles W.) 

groceries 8 Clay, bds 260 Jessie 
Athearn George F. agent Los Angeles Stage Co. 

office 732 Kearny, dwl rm 11 214 Sansom 
Athearn W. messenger Weli.s, Fargo k Co.'s Ex- 
press, dwl NW cor California and Mont 
Athena?-um Building, SE cor Mont and Cal 
Atherton F. D. office with A. B. Grogan 705 

Sansom, residence San Mateo County 
Atkins H. B. groceries SW cor Geary and Mason 
Atkins Robert C. {Orr & A.) dwl 920 Stockton 
Atkins William, sail-maker with T. McCoUiam 
Atkinson Francis, machinist, dwl 532 Pacific 
Atkinson John P. dwl 365 Minna 
Atkinson Joseph H. superintendent Lone Mount- 
ain Cemetery, office 6 Government House, 
dwl room ]8 Government House 
Atkinson L. & Co. importers shirts and collars 

511 Sacramento, dwl Government House 
Atkinson N. broker, dwl 34 Federal Building 
Atkinson Rosanna Miss, bds 747 Mission 
Atkinson Thoma.s, bar keeper witii J. G. Hayden 
Atkinson Thomas, boat builder SW corner Main 

and Market 
Atkinson Wm. laborer, dwl Touchard nr Pine 

Parker agent 204 California 
York, C. A. Low <feCo. agents 416 California 
Atlar John, meat mkt 804 Sac, dwl 748 Howard 
Atlar L. shoemaker, dwl 807 Sacramento 
Atola Francisco, cook 530 Merchant 
Attenheimer Frank, bds 205 Sansom 
Attridgo Catherine Miss, dwl W s Sansom bet 

Union and Green 
Attridgo Edward, porter with Horace Webster 
& Co. N s Filbert bet Jones and Leav 

Attridge Thos. porter Cowell Warehouse, dwl 
W 8 Sansom bet Union and Green 

Atwill A. J. painter, dwl 506 Market 

Atwill Jesse {BaJirork A Co.) bds N s Jessie bet 
Second and Third 

ATWILL JOSEPH F. {Mining Agency, Virginia 
City, N. T) dwl 714 Vallejo 

Atwood A. J. (widow) dwl 428 Third 

Atwood E. T. dwl 802 Stoekti^n 

Atwood George A. with R. S. Eells & Co. dwl 
224 Second 

Atwood Lucy S. Mrs. private boarding 224 Sec- 

Aubert Constant, blacksmith with Grosso Cos- 

Aubert James M. physician, office and dwl 623 

Aubert Paul, jeweler with Baldwin & Crane 516 
Clay, dwl 416 Dupont 

Aubry Francis 0. bookseller, dwl NW corner 
Stevenson and Second 

Aubry Joseph, trunk maker 509 Broadway 

Audiffred {HypnUP) & Male {James) wood and 
charcoal Market st Wharf, dwl N s Bdwy 
bet Dupont and Kearny 

Auerbach {Leopold) & Frohmann {Stismann) 
boots and shoes 156 Third 

Auerbach Louis, clerk with A. Calish, dwl 515 

Auger B. Eugene, importer and commission mer- 
chant 704 Sansom, dwl 720 Mission 

Auger L. instrument maker with J. McGregor, 
dwl room 18 427 Commercial 

Auger P. M. captain schooner Dart, at Wharfin- 
ger's Office Commercial Wharf 

Augustus Charles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 

Augustus Joseph, painter at 328 Davis 

Ault John, miller, dwl 535 Howard 

Aultman Henry, tailor 130 Pacific 

Aune Eugene {Sorbier & Co.) dwl 530 Merch 

Auniss James, brass founder, rms W s Drumm 
bet Jackson and Pacific 

Auradon Leon {Andrew SecchiiSc Co.) dwl Leav- 
enworth near Pacific 

Aureau Lucian, salesman SW cor Com and 

Aurich A. merchant, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 

Austin Alvah C. superintendent Union Foundrv, 
dwl 522 Howard 

AUSTIN ALEXANDER, importer dry goods 
427 Montgomery, dwl Lick House 

Austin Ansel, bds 623 Market 

Austin B. molder, bds 54 First 

AUSTIN BENJAMIN C. imp and manf tin and 
sheet iron ware 324 Clay, dwl 720 Filbert 

Austin Edward, fireman stinr Chrysopolis 

Austin Emillus, tinsmith with B. C. Austin, dui 
N 8 Bush nr Franklin 

Austin Frank B. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 

Austin Henry, dentist 634 Washington, dwl 500 

Austin James, bar keeper 527 Washington 

Austin John, crockerv and dry goods 218 First 

AUSTIN (JoseyO^'SCHMITT ( //on i/) impor- 
ters dry goods 427 Montgomery, dwl 503 

Austin Joseph, laborer with Unfermented Bread 
- Co. dwl 150 Natoma 



Austin Lydia Aun Mrs. dwl 618 Greenwich 
Austin Marcus E. with Willard Hodges, dwl 618 

Austin Marguerita B. Mrs. dwl 24 Tehama 
Austin Mary, domestic with Joseph Myrick 
Austin M. E. wholesale grocer 223 Sacramento, 

dwl 616 Greenwich 
Austin R. teamster, bds 62 Clay 
Austin S. molder Pacific Foundry, dwl 54 First 
Austin Sampson jr. packer with R. A. Swain, 

dwl N s Union bet Mason and Powell 

agent, Merchants' Exchange Building 
Avahio Christina (widow) E s Montgomery bet 

Green and Union 
Aveny Ellen Miss, domestic Virginia Block 
Averell Sarah B. Mrs. dwl 232 Kearny 
Averill Chester, clerk State Geological Survey, 

66 Montgomery Block 
Avery Annie L. (widow) physician 82 Natoma 

cor Second 
Avery Benjamin P. State Printer, office 511 San- 

som cor Merchant resides Marysville 
Avery Clark, carpenter, dwl N s Presidio Road 

nr Cement Pipe Factory 
Avery D. R. {Brown & A.) dwl 810 Clay 
Avery Elihu, mariner, dwl 143 Townsend 
Avery H. G. tin and sheet iron worker at 209 

Washington, dwl 567 Mission 
Avery James, mariner, dwl 143 Townsend 
Avery Wm. C. harness maker with C. H. "Wein- 

traut, dwl 630 Sansom 
Avilla Alexander, gardener, dwl SW cor Russ 

and Folsom 
Aver Joseph Y. carpenter with J. McGill & Co. 

dwl 23 Clementina 
Ayer "Washington, physician 605 Sacramento 
Ayers Catlierine, seamstress, dwl 215 Mont 
Ayers Ira jr. book-keeper with George F. Bragg 

& Co. Ill Cal, bds American Exchange 
AYERS JAMES J. & CO. {Charles F. Jobson, 

George E. Barnes, and Peter B. Forster) pub- 

lisliers and proprietors Morning Call SE cor 

Clay and Montgomery, up stairs, dwl 25 

Ayers John C. brass founder, dwl Potrero Road 

nr Rope Walk 
Ayres H. bds Benton House 
Ayres Henry, carrier Morning Call, dwl 223 Bush 
Ayres Hiram, newspaper carrier, dwl 223 Bush 
Ayres William, printer with Brooks & Lawrence, 

dwl 223 Bush 
Ayres William 0. physician, dwl 815 Stockton 


Babbitt E. B. Lieutenant-Colonel U. S. A. Head 
Quarters Department Pacific 742 Washing- 
ton, dwl 314 Fremont 
Babbitt Horace F. carpenter, dwl rear Metropol- 
itan Theater 
Babcock A. C. (widow) dwl 11 Essex 
Babcock Kenj. E. {Scott & B.) dwl 1307 Bdwy 
Babcock Eleanor Miss, dwl 11 Essex 
Babcock E. A. assistant engineer Market Street 
Railroad, dwl Valencia nr Seventtenth 

Babcock George, book-keeper with Adams, Blinn 

& Co. dwl 150 Minna 
Babcock {George W.) & Co. {Jesse Ativill) livery 

stable S s Folsom near Third 
Babcock Henry S. cashier Banking Department 

Wells, Fargo & Co. dwl 11 Essex 
Babcock Jasper, contractor and civil engineer, 

dwl 536 Jackson 
Babcock Melvin D. physician, and proprietor 

Buckeye House 683 Market 
Babcock Thomas J. annealer Coiners' Departm't 

U. S. B. Mint, dwl 1015 Mason 
BABCOCK WILLIAM F. {Fories & B.) dwl 11 

Babler Frederick, milkman, dwl with Jas. Ryan 
Babs Ferdinand, musician, dwl E s Vallejo Place 

near A'allejo 
Babson Edward, bar keeper with C. L. Taylor & 

Co. dwl 512 Dupont 
Babson William E. book-keeper with Heuston, 

Hastings & Co. 
Baby Francis R. captain P. M. S. Golden Age, 

dwl 624 California 
Baccus Charles, tinsmith 906 Kearny, dwl E s 

Mason bet California and Sacramento 
Baccus John B. jr. printer, Eureka Typographical 

Bach Frederick, clerk with Henry Dreschfeld 
Bach John, gunsmith 408 Commercial, dwl 116 

Bachhaus P. F. bar keeper Pacific Gardens 408 

Bachelder Henry, porter with Castle Brothers, 

dwl Austin near Van Ness Avenue 
Bachelder Hiram, carrier Evening Bulletin 
Bachelder J. E. clerk with T. H. & J. S. Bacon, 

dwl room 114 Montgomery Block 
Bachelder P. J. carpenter, dwl 107 Montgomery 

Bacheldor William H. porter 213 Front 
Bachens D. carpenter, bds 205 Sansom 
Bachman {A.) & Co. {Samiiel Steinheiser) poul- 
try, eggs, etc. 13 and 14 Metropolitan Mark- 
et, dwl 56 Minna 
Bachman August, upholsterer, dwl 417 Kearny 
Bachman David S. {Bachman Brothers) dwl St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Bachman Herman S. {Bachman Bros.) res New 

Bachman Isaac, poultry, 14 Metropolitan Mark- 
et, dwl 56 Minna 
Bachman Leopold, clerk, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Bachman Malcom, wood yard SE cor Stewart and 

Folsom, dwl 424 Third 
BACHMAN BROTHERS {Nathan S., David S. 

and Herman S. Bachman) importers and job- 
bers staple and fancy dry goods 211 Battery, 

dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Bachman Simon {Selig. <fc B.) dwl 106 Mont 
Bacigalupi D. fruits 912 Dupont 
Bacigalupi Joseph, ornamental carver, dwl 55 Sac 
Backer Ferdinand, shoemaker, dwl S s Hayes bet 

Laguna and Octavia, Hayes Park 
Backer Henry, cook Globe Hotel 
BACKER WILLIAM, Sandy Hill Bakery NE 

cor Clay and Mason 
Backilmans John, milliner, dwl rear 820 Sac 
Backman Oscar S. waiter Union House 32 Stewart 



Backiia M. (widow) dwl 46 Telinma 

Backus Charles, Ethiopian comedian Maguire's 

Opera House 
BACKUS GURDEN & CO. {G. Smith) real es- 
tate, marine and money agents 203 Mont- 
poniery, dwl SW cor Larkin and California 
Backus Henry M. book-keeper with Morrill Bros. 

dwl 615 Bush 
Backus Jerome H. steward with Lafayette May- 

Backus Lizzie Miss, dwl w^ith Oscar J. Backus 
Backus Oscar J. ( Tay, Brooks & B.) dwl SW cor 

Green and Montgomery 
Backus Richard, workman with D. R. Provost 

Backus Samuel "W. salesman 631 Washington, 

dwl cor California and Larkin 
Bacon Jacob {Towne & B.) dwl 816 Bush 
Bacon James, laborer Miners' Foundry, dwl 33 

Bacon Joseph S. {T. H. & J. S. B.) dwl 1 Vernon 

Place nr Second 
Bacon Louis S. sculptor 625 California, dwl 623 

BACON T. H. & J. S. importing commission 
mercliants, and agents Boston underwriters, 
office 218 California, res Boston 
Bacon Truman F. book-keeper 124 Clay, dwl 568 

Badarous J. C. physician, ofiBce 732 Washington 
Badenhop Edward, dwl W s Mission nr Ridley 
Badenhop Henr}', groceries and liquors W s Mis- 
sion bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Badger James, laborer San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery, dwl Brannan nr Third 
Badger {Joseph B.) & Dyer (Samuel K.) auction- 
eers and commission merchants 300 Mont 
gomery cor Pine, dwl 232 Kearny 
Badger T. W. shipping office 305 Sacramento 
{Thomas E.) importers and jobbers clothing 
etc. and agents Chickering & Son's piano- 
fortes, 411, 413 and 415 Battery, dwl 218 
Badgley Oscar E. books etc. dwl 515 Sacramento 
Badt Morris, clothing 527 Commercial 
Baer Jacob, butcher with Henry Strauss, bds 177 

Baesel Frederick, hostler 211 Pine 
Baettge Charles, drayman cor Front and Cal 
Baez Carlos, compositor Eco del Pacifico, dwl 

Francisco nr Montgomery 
Baflfert Pierre, with Mme. Perret New Market 

518 Clay 
Bagley David, stone-cutter, bds Franklin House 
Bagley Townsend, dwl 45 Everett 
Bagnall Eliza (widow) dwl 709 Vallejo 
Bagnell Joseph J. 'longshoreman, dwl 56 Sac 
Bahin Fiuton, dwl W a Powell bet Post and 

Bahret Leramen, Lombard Warehouse cor Lom- 
bard and Sansom 
BAHRS ANDREAS, grocery NE cor Davia and 

Bailey Bessie Miss, dwl 38 Sutter 
Bailey Catherine Mrs. bakery 123 Fourth 
Bailey Charles, drayman, dwl 123 Fourth 
Bailey Charles A. carpenter, dwl 118 Sansom 

Bailey Charles G. New York Bakery and Res- 
taurant, G2G Kearny 
Bailey Daniel C. clerk steamer Sophie McLane 
Bailey David, carpenter, dwl 118 Snn.som 
BAILEY {F. P.) & SANBORN {Joseph T.) but- 
ter, cheese and eggs 7 and 8 Wasliinglon 
Market, dwl NE cor Second and Minna 
Bailey H. E. book-keeper 407 East, dwl cor Mer- 
chant and East 
Bailey Henry P. molder Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

4 Clementina 
Bailey Howard, boarding and lodging, 118 San 
Bailey Isaac, omnibus driver Original House, 

dwl 27 Jessie 
Bailey Jas. D. mariner, dwl cor Jones and Geary 
Bailey J. E. brick-layer, dwl 333 Bush 
Bailey J. L. omnibus Original House 
Bailey John, saddler, dwl NE cor Jackson and 

Bailey John F. attorney at law 40 Mont Blk, dwl 

NE cor Market and Montgomery 
Bailey John R. sawyer, bds 707 Front 
Bailey Joseph H. groceries 1513 Stockton 
BAILEY LEWIS H. proptr Portsmouth House, 

NW cor Clay and Brenham Place 
Bailey Martha A. (widow, col'd) dwl 6 Brooklyn 

Bailey Mary J. (widow) dwl 27 Perry 
Bailey Orrin, inspector C. H. dwl 1423 Kearny 
Bailey Oliver S. cigars 321 Pacific 
Bailey Sam'l M. drayman 307 Siicramento, dwl 

N s Clementina bet Fifth and Sixth 
Bailey Thos. foreman Rincon Wool Depot Rincon 

Bailey Thos. W. {Cables & B.) dwl 1017 Powell 
BAILEY ( William) & HARRISON ( Charles If.) 
Phoenix Oil and Camplicne Works and office 
of the Benicia and Mare Island Pilots 517 
Front, dwl 757 Howard 
Bailey William H. harness maker at 506 Davis 
Bailly Arthur, witli F. Bailly, dwl NW cor Mer- 
chant and Sansom 
Bailly F. sausages, pork etc. 24 Washington 
Market, dwl NW cor Merchant and Sansom 
Baily Alexander H. carpenter, dwl 33 Minna 
Baily David, carpenter, dwl 33 Minna 
Baily Wra. fruit dealer 407 Davis, dwl 124 Silver 
Baily Wm. J. proptr Isthmus (boarding) House 

54 First 
Bain John, blacksmith, dwl 27 Ritch 
Bainbridge Amos', bar keeper with W. Meehan, 

dwl Broderick Engine House 
Baird John H. {John W. Tucker & Co.) dwl Pa- 
cific Club Rooms 033 Commercial 
Bajo Peter {Finance & Co.) 837 Dupont 
Baker Albert J. carrier Evening Bulletin, dwl 

802 Montgomery 
Baker Alexander, book-keeper with Geo. M. Jos- 

selyn & Co. bds 609 Pine 
Baker Alfred N. clerk Melter and Refiners' Dept 

U. S. B. Mint, dwl 1016 Stockton 
Baker Alice Miss, assistant teacher Rincon Point 

School, dwl with ^A'm. L. Bovyer 
Baker Caroline (widow) dwl Bryant nr Seventh 
Baker Chas. W. painter, dwl rear 820 Sacramento 
Baker Colin C. {Stevens, B. & Co.) resides Provi- 
dence, R. 1. 
Baker Colin C. jr. {Johnson & B.) dwl 82 Everett 



Baker Conrad, foreman Assay Dept U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 351 Minna • 
Bilker Edraund, teamster, dwl 5G6 Mission 
Baker K. G. carrier Morning Call 
Baker Ferdinand, shoemaker 608 California, dwl 

Hayes Park 
BAKER FRANK, importer and jobber foreign 

and domestic dry goods, carpets, oil cloths, 

etc. 414 and 416 Clay, res New York 
Baker F. W. cigars 705 Davis, dwl 707 Davis 
Baker George H. lithographer and engraver 543 

Clay, dwl 49 Cleary 
Baker George L. at Kellogg, Hewston & Co.'s 

gold refinery cor Brannan and Seventh 
Baker George W. book-keeper with Lyon & Co. 

BAKP]R HENRY, cashier U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 212 Second 
Baker Henry, steward Railroad House 
Baker Henry, stock dealer, dwl 173 Jessie 
Baker Henry J. box maker with March, Jones 

Baker H. 0. dwl 683 Market 
Baker H. Y. engineer Chace's Mills, bds 122 

Baker J. boarding officer Custom House 
Baker {James G.) Steel ( Wm. H.) & Co. ( Wm. 

Parker) shipping agents and brokers 526 

Davi?, dwl NE cor Kearny and Jackson 
Baker J. B. dwl 72 Mission 
Baker John, driver Lick House coach 
Baker John B. book-keeper with J. Bryant Hill 

& Co. bds American Exchange 
Baker John H. Golden Gate milk ranch, Point 

Baker John P. with S. H. Meeker & Co. dwl 

Tehama House 
Baker John S. dwl 130 Montgomery 
Baker Joseph, fireman steamer New World 
Baker Joseph, furniture 127 Montgomery 
Baker Joseph H. bds 20 Jackson 
Baker Judah jr. {Stevens. Baker & Co.) dwl 

E s Leavenworth bet Wash and Jackson 
Baker L. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Baker M. bds Benton House 
Baker Madelaine Miss, dwl with B. Marks 
Baker Mary, domestic with John A. Landers 
Baker Mary Mrs. washing 173 Jessie 
Baker Samuel, dwl 953 Howard 
Baker Samuel Y. carpentei-, dwl N s Yallejo bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Baker Stephen N. policeman City Hall, dwl 108 

Baker Susan Miss, domestic with Mrs. Sharon 
Baker S. Y. laborer S. F. C. W. Works Co. 
Baker Sylvester C. captain ship Visurgis, dwl 

S s Bernard bet Taylor and Jones 
Baker William M. policeman City Hall, dwl 115 

Bakers Landing Line Packets, Clay St. Wharf 
Baladier Frank, eating saloon 716 Pacific 
Balch Barker S. milkman, dwl with G. W. Butler 
Balch Frank S. book-keeper with Balch & Web- 
ber, dwl 231 Stewart 
Balch Jeremiah, lumber dealer, bds Eagle Hotel 
BALCH {La Fayette) & WEBBER {Joseph B ) 

lumber and proprietors Yictoria and Puget 

Sound Packets, ofiBce 231 Stewart, pier 20 

Balcom George H. farmer with 0. Hanna 
Balcom Lydia Mrs. dwl with J. D. Vandervort 
Baldue Francois, lodgings 732 Pacific 
Baldwin Albert S. physician, office and dwl 639 

Washington, bds Tremont House 
Baldwin Amos G. butcher with A. J. Shrader, 

dwl Potrero nr Dow's distillery 
BALDWIN A. R. & CO. {James Michael) whole- 
sale liquors 219 Front, dwl 837 Mission 
Baldwin Benjamin, dwl 812 Sacramento 
Baldwin Charles H., U. S. N. ( C. Adolphe Low & 

Co.) 426 California 
Baldwin David P. brass finisher with W. T. & J. 

Baldwin Elisha F. dwl N s Fell bet Polk and 

Van Ness Avenue 
Baldwin George W. machinist Miners' Foundry, 

dwl S s Douglas Court bet Main and Beale 
Baldwin Henry, dwl W s Drumm bet Clay and 

Baldwin Hiram S. physician, office 612 Clay, 

dwl 818 Pacific 
Baldwin Jeremiah, liquors 20 Jackson 
BALDWIN {Joseph G.) & HAGGIN {James B.) 

attorneys at law, rooms 1 and 2 Court Block 

636 Clay, dwl 1509 Stockton 
Baldwin Josiah, soda inaker. dwl 105 Prospect 

BALDWIN {Marcus M.) & CRANE {Edward A.) 

manufacturing jewelers and lapidaries 516 

Clay, dwl S s Geary bet Taylor and Jones 
Baldwin Mary L. Miss, dwl 809 Mission 
Baldwin Owen D. steward Alden's Restaurant 

317 Sansom 
Baldwin Sydney M. carpenter, dwl Columbia 

Baldwin Thos. S. carpenter, bds Oriental Hotel 
Balf John, carpenter, dwl 407 Kearny 
Ball Albert, physician 619 Commercial 
Ball Charles, drayman with P. Riley & Co. dwl 

59 Natoma 
Ball Charles T. cook Market Street Restaurant, 

dwl 619 Market 
Ball David H. bookbinder and paper ruler 406 

Ball Ellen Miss, domestic 708 Stockton 
Ball Francis, mariner, dwl 1 Quincj'' 
Ball George, oyster and chop house 618 Mont- 
gomery cor Merchant, dwl 717 Pacific 
Ball James, 'longshoreman, dwl Kearny bet Lom- 
bard and Chestnut 
Ball J. G. dwl 318 Ritch 

Ball J. M. policeman City Hall, dwl 201 Kearny 
Ball Mary (widow) dwl 905 Howard 
Ball Thomas, printer with Charles F. Robbins & 

Co. dwl 1 Quincy ■ 
Ballantine James, plumber, dwl Eagle House 

Ballard Charle.s, Nicaragua Lodging House 206 

Ballard George, sign painter with B. L. Brandt, 

dwl Grass Valley House, Market 
Ballard Jefferson, photographist with Wm. Shew 

423 Montgomery 
Ballard J. H. discharging clerk, dwl 1111 Stock- 
BaUentine James, builder 539 California, dwl 

W s Ninth bet Market and Mission 



Ballcntine John P. brick-layer, dwl \V 8 Uow- 
ard nr Twelfth 

Ballctti Louis, slaughter-houso Eleventh bet 
Mission and Market 

Bailey Kdward, clerk with Daniel Gibb k Co. 
dwl with Alexander Forbes 

Balliu Kdward, tinsmith 1011 Dupont 

Ballhauf Alexander, shoemaker, bds New Atlan- 
tic Hotel 

Ballhaus Frederick, miner, dwl W s LeaTcnworth 
bet Lombard and Greenwich 

Ballinger Andrew, porter with James Phelan, 
dwl 825 Sacramento 

Ballinger Jomes, saloon, dwl rear W s Brooks 

Ballinger Patrick ( Wielaji <& B.) dwl Pratt Court 
nr California 

Ballinger Peter, liquors 724 Market, dwl 40 

Ballou Benjamin, ealker, dwl Crescent Engine H. 

Ballon Nelson S. bar keeper "Frank's" Old San 
Jos6 Road 

Ballou Thomas J. paver, dwl rear 1 28 First 

Balser Charles, with Henry Zimmerman 

Balzer C. A. {Ziel, Bertheau db Co.) resides Ham- 
burg, Germany 

Balzer Nimrod, pump and block maker, dwl 43 

BAMBER J. & CO. ( C. E. Driscoll) Contra Costa 
Express 719 Davis, dwl E s Montgomery 
bet Broadway and Davis 

Bamber William F. expressman with J Baraber 
& Co. 

Ban Charles, blacksmith with Devoe & Co. dwT 
Fourth bet Jessie and Stevenson 

Bancher Eugene, washerman French Hospital 

Bancher John, with Peter George 

Bancroft Albert L. {H. H. Bancroft & Co.) dwl 
NW cor Pine and Powell 

BANCROFT H. H. & CO. {Albert L. Bancroft) 
importers books, stationery, etc. 609 Mont 

Bancroft William B. clerk 609 Montgomery 

Bander P. boots and shoes 1 124 Dupont 

Bandieri B. fruits 1112 Dupont 

BANDMANN (Julius) NIELSEN (ff.) & CO. 
importers and commission merchants 210 
Front, dwl 514 Lombard 

Banfield John F. carpenter, dwl 732 Harrison 

Banhani William, machinery, dwl 555 Howard 

BANK EXCHAN(5E, George F. Parker propri- 
etor, SE cor Montgomery and Washington 

Bank George, rice mills, dwl 307 Dupont 

Bank Joseph, billiard table maker with Jacob 
Strahle, dwl 27 St. Marks Place 

Banks Albert, clerk 76 Washington Market, dwl 
W s Dupont bet California and Pine 

Banks D. C. dwl 724 California 

Banks Fletcher(colored) coachman with Stephen 

Banks James, steamboatman, rms NE cor Cali- 
fornia and Davis 

Banks (Jarnes A.)&, Sheldon {Hiram A.) carpen- 
ters and builders 233 Jackson (and State 
Senator) dwl 1107 Kearny 

Banks James F. mariner, bds 62 Clay 

Banks J. P. carpenter, rms 1107 Kearny 

BANKS {Thomas C.) & DAVIS {Enoin) bank- 
ers SW cor Montgomery and Commercial, 
dwl 724 California 

Banks William, clerk, dwl N s Virginia Place 
Banks William, tailor and comforter manufactur- 
er 400 Sac, dwl cor Sacramento and Mason 
Bannan Frank, book-keeper, dwl S h Filbert bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Bannan John, wood and coal 604 Green, dwl 

514 Green 
Bannan Philip, laborer Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Banner Mary, domestic 46 South Park 
Banner Philip, hats and caps N s Commercial nr 

Kearny, dwl 125 Kearny 
Baunett Harris, clothing 408 Sacramento, dwl 

232 Stevenson 
Banning John, dwl 546 Folsom 
Bannon Catherine (widow) dress-maker 213 Third 
Bannon Christopher, dwl W s Larkin, Nagle's 

Bannon Patrick, dwl W s Larkin, Nagle's brick- 
Bannon Philip, laborer, dwl 182 Jessie 
Banost Anna (widow) dwl 713 Vallejo 
Bans C. bar keeper, Columbian Engine Co.No. 11 
Baptiste John, drayman with Sullivan & Cash- 
Baptiste Louis, laborer with John Pfaff 
Baquet A. tailor with E. Boucher 537 Sac 
Baquier Jean, laborer Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Barbar James, laborer, dwl 425 Filbert 
Barbat J. physician and druggist 910 Pacific 
Barber Dennis (colored) bootblack 653 Merch 
Barber E. W. blacksmith with Lawton & Klap- 

perich, dwl 741 Market 
Barber Fannie (widow) dwl with E. B. Babbitt 
Barber John A. plasterer, dwl 434 Union 
Barber Mary E. (widow) boarding 16 Quincy 
Barber Peter J. carpenter 577 Market, dwl N s 

Virginia Place 
Barber Sarah S. Mrs. dwl 729 Union 
Barber Thomas H. boatman, dwl 162 First 
Barber Wm. R. seaman, rms SE cor Clay and 

Barbetta Fredrica, dwl 16 Washington 
Barbier Armand, painter, dwl 309 Fourth 
Barbier Eugenie (widow) dwl 547 Mission 
Barbieri Giobato {Barbitri & R.) SE cor Brannan 

and Eighth 
Barbieri {Joseph & Giobato) & Rosa {Giovant) 

wood yard SE cor Brannan and Eighth 
Barbolla Louis, fruits 414 California 
Barbour Edwin S. hair dresser at 105 Jackson, 

dwl 132 Jessie 
nevolent Society, ofifice rm 7 625 Merchant, 
dwl 8 Louisa 
Barclay Frank, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Barclay Geo. R. mcht, bds International Hotel 
Barclay James, private club rooms, 643 Com 
Barclay Johanna, domestic, dwl 917 Howard 
Barclay Robert, carriage-maker with Geo. P. 

Kimball & Co. bds 721 Market 
Barclay {Thos.) & Co. liquor and com mchts 709 
Sausom, dwl S s Green bet Leav and Hyde 
Bard Charles, cook 614 Clay 
Barde Dwight, attorney at law, room 11 NW cor 
Montgomery and Merchant, dwl 61 P>erett 
Bardenhagen M. teamster, dwl NW cor Folsom 

and Ninth 
Bardenweiper C. P. drayman 212 Front 



Bardet Adolphe {G. & A. B.) dwl 1031 Dupont 
Bardet Alexander, porter 140 Montgomery 
Bardet G. k Adolphe, saloon 1031 Dupont 
Bardon Michael, real estate, dwl 139 Minna 
Bardwell {H. H.) & Knowles {J. E.) cooperage 

120 Davis, dwl 55 Everett 
Bardwell J. L. {McKenzie & Co.) 105 Clay 
Bargas Louis, bds 916 Stockton 
Bargon M. tailor 515 Kearny, dwl California 

Baright G. P. carpenter Spring Valley "W. "W. Co. 
Baright Walter L. contractor, dwl 27 O'Farrell 
Baris Samuel, journeyman with F. Drechsler 
Barkei John, ranchero, dwl E s Folsom bet Tenth 

and Eleventh 
BARKELOO JOHN, real estate agent, office 

622 Merchant, dwl Lick House 
Barker Abner H. off NE cor Jackson and Front 
Barker Ann M. dwl 308 Tallejo 
Barker Benjamin M. teacher, dwl 679 Mission 
Barker Francis, saloon and telescope Telegraph 

Hill - 

Barker Henry, drayman with George J. Brooks 

& Co. dwl 58 Beale 
Barker Henry R. drayman with Haynes & Law- 
ton, dwl 679 Harrison 
Barker H. R. contractor, dwl 213 Tehama 
Barker Joshua, book-keeper with J. H. Coghill 

& Co. dwl Pine nr Leavenworth 
Barker Samuel F. policeman, dwl 532 Folsom 
Barker Samuel L. bar keeper with A. J. Holmes, 

Grove House 
Barker Stephen S. drayman 205 California, dwl 

532 Folsom 
Barker Thomas, elk U. S. Q. M. Dep't. dwl 603 

Barker T. L. (of Booth & Co., Sacramento) office 

321 Front, bds Lick House 
Barker "V^'illiam, wood and lumber Market Street 

"Wharf, dwl NW cor California and Jones 
Barker William M. vocalist Maguire's Opera 

House, dwl 536 Jackson 
Barkhaus F. W. {Frees k B) dwl S s Sacramento 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Barkley James & Co. private club rooms 426 

and 430 Montgomery 
Barkley William, wood dealer, dwl N s Pacific 

bet Hyde and Larkin 
Barlage Henry, cabinet-maker, dwl 114 Virginia 
Barley George, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds 

Mission Hotel Mission Dolores 
Barley James, handcartman cor Front and Pac 
Barlmg Horatio H. bar keeper Russ House, dwl 

809 Union 
Barlow Elisha, carpenter, dwl 256 First 
Barlow J. M. carpenter, dwl 603 Pine 
Barlow John, drayman, dwl S s Post bet Powell 

and Mason 
Barlow Samuel, handcartman cor Davis and 

Barlow Thomas, miner, dwl W s Ohio bet 

Broadway and Pacific 
Barmann Charles, tinsmith 28 Third 
Barmore James, drayman 32 Market, rooms 34 

Barmore John J. Market Exchange Saloon 527 

Barnard A. P. merchant, dwl 109 Geary 

Barnard A. S. Miss, teacher Rincon School 
Barnard C. Edwin, with James Findla, dwl 23 

Barnard Frank, clerk with A. G. Ramsdell, dwl 

23 Hawthorne 
Barnard George W. porter 214 Battery 
Barnard Isaac, dwl 113 Geary 
Barnard Isaac D. intelligence office, dwl 730 

Barnard Julius, dwl 9 Bagley Place 
Barnard Samuel, merchant tailor, dwl 7 Bagley 

Barnard Thomas G. dwl 25 Hawthorne 
Barnard William H. Pony Liquor Saloon 510 

Kearny, dwl 508 Kearny 
Barnes Alexander, mining, dwl S s Minna Place 

bet Fremont and Beale 
Barnes B. W. seaman, dwl 12 Commercial 
Barnes Charles, clerk, bds 623 Market 
Barnes Charles, machinist S s Stevenson bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Barnes Charles C. clerk with Diss & Co. bds 740 

Barnes Daniel B. wheelwright with G. Costan- 

tio, dwl SE cor Pine and Battery 
Barnes Dennis, carpenter, dwl 5 Hardie Place 
Barnes D. G. bds Oriental Hotel 
Barnes George, Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Barnes George E. {James J. Ayers-& Co.) dwl 

810 Clay 
Barnes James H. clerk Green's Restaurant, dwl 
, 133 Stevenson 
Barnes John, dwl 801 Clay 
Barnes John, bds St Francis Hotel 
Barnes W. W. printer, Eureka Typographical 

Barnett Norman W. milk ranch old San Jose 

Road, 3i miles from City Hall 
Barnett P. money broker, dwl 25 Stone 
Barney Aurelius, express wagon, dwl E s Lar- 
kin bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Barney David, bootmaker SW corner Stewart 

and Mission 
Barney Isaac, drayman 646 Clay 
Barney Mary Miss, domestic Brooklyn Hotel 
Barney Mary (widow) dwl 759 Mission 
Barney Milton S. dwl 745 Clay 
Barney Sophia A. Mrs. private boarding 745 Clay 
Barney Thomas V. clerk 423 Cal, dwl 615 Bush 
Barnhisel Epnetus, waterman, dwl 26 Battery 
Barnhisel Lewis, carrier Alta California, dwl SE 

cor Third and Howard 
Barnhisel Olivia Mrs. private boarding SE cor 

Third and Howard 
Bamstead Thomas S. manufacturer blacking 

junction Drumm and Market 
Barnwell G. bds What Cheer House 
Barnwell Thomas F. locksmith, dwl 106 Kearny 
Barokowsky Frederick, captain sloop Libby Ma- 
ria, bds 32 Stewart 
Baron T. cigar maker 514 Sacramento 
Barr Charles, dwl 312 Green 
Barr Charles, blacksmith, dwl S s Fourth near 

Barr John, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Barr Letitia, ironer with Wm. H. Bennett 540 

Barr Neil, molder, dwl rear 125 Fourth 



Barr Niol, clerk with S. J. Ilcnsley, dwl NW 

cor Montpoinery and Commercial 
Barr Robert B. draj-man, dwl S s Vallejo bet 

Battery and Sansom 
Barr W. H. boatman Vallejo St. Wharf, dwl 312 

Barr William, dwl 312 Green 
BARRA EZEKIEL I. importer New England 
rum and family liquors 118 First, dwl 4 
Barraclough John {Erskiiie & B.) 24 Market 
Barraco A. job wagon, dwl 421 Washington 
Barragcn Philip, waiter Metropolitan Hotel 
Barras H. D. drayman, 904 Stockton 
Barrata Jos. shoemaker 309 Broadway 
Barren Sam'l, office 209 Front, dwl Virginia Blk 
Barrett {Alex.) & O'Neil (Eugene) butchers SE 

cor Battery and Broadway 
Barrett Alfred, jeweler 57 Second, dwl 37 Second 
Barrett Chas. E. clerk with Wm. T. Coleman & 

Co. dwl 12 Tehama 
Barrett Edward, with Coffey & Risdon 
Barrett Ellen Miss, domestic 1119 Stockton 
Barrett Francis A. stair builder with B. H. Free- 
man & Co. dwl 239 Fremont 
Barrett H. Anna Miss, dwl with Henry Carlton 

570 Harrison 
Barrett Jas. boiler maker with Coffey & Risdon, 

dwl 228 Minna 
Barrett James, porter with M. Jordan, dwl room 

14 Ilentsch's Building 
Barrett James, waiter, dwl 128 Naloma 
Barrett John, clerk 106 Third, bds 557 Market 
Barrett Jno. pressman witii Agnew & Deffebach, 

dwl 333 Bush 
Barrett Margaret Miss, domestic with J. Johnson 
Barrett Marj'- E. (widow) dwl 1518 Dupont 
Barrett Michael, laborer, dwl 169 Jessie 
Barrett Robert (colored) waiter, dwl 143 Jessie 
BARRETT & SHERWOOD (Robert Sherwood, 
successor) importers watches, diamonds, 
jewelry, etc. 517 Montgomery 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, dwl 1 1 3 Jessie 
Barrett William G. book-keeper San Francisco 

Gas Co. dwl 31 Everett 
Barrett Wfn. stage driver, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Barretta Louis, cook St. Nicholas Hotel 
Barretta Peter, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

54 First 
Baretti Francois, butcher stall 1 Clay St. Market, 

dwl 237 Stevenson 
Barreve P. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Barrey Richard, laborer San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery, bds wit!) Owen Casey 
Barrigan Philip, laborer, dwl rear 74 Jessie 
Barrimoro C. A. dwl 683 Market 
Barring J. H. painter, dwl NW cor Jackson and 

Barrington Wm. B. porter with Dickson, De Wolf 

& Co. dwl 412 Broadway 
Barris H. D. Philadelphia Meat Market 904 Stock 
Barroilhet Heiirv, with Belloc Freres, and Consul 

for Peru 535 Clay, dwl 1020 Clay 
Barron Abraham, dwl Robbins Place 
Barron C. J. painter, dwl rear 21 Dupont 
Barron Edward, butcher, dwl 829 Mission 
Barron Fletcher, dwl 509 Jackson 
Barron Henrv, express wagon, dwl Ame'n Hotel 

Barron J. gardener. Market junction Dolores 
Barron John, painter, dwl S 8 Francisco bet Du- 
pont and Kearny 
Barron Joseph {Barron & Co.) dwl 606 Stockton 
Barron Michael, carpenter, dwl 228 Post 
Barron Victorino (widow) furnished rooms 538 

BARRON ( William E) & CO. {Joseph Barron & 
Thomas Bell) commission merchants and 
agents New Almaden Quicksilver Mines NE 
cor Mont and Jackson, dwl 606 Stock 
Barrow Henry, liquor saloon NE cor Stockton 

and Francisco 
Barrow Lewis, cook with Carl Walter 
Barrows Henry A. dwl 118 Sansom 
Barry Charles E. clerk with R. Tobin, dwl 923 

Barry David, dwl N s Chestnut bet Stockton and 

Barry David, laborer, dwl 22 St. Charles 
Barry Dennis W. groceries NW cor Vallejo and 

Barry Edward, mineralogist, dwl 636 Sac 
Barry p]mma H. (widow) dwl 923 Pacific 
Barry Hannah, domestic with Wm. H. Green 
Barry J. boots and shoes 225 Pacific 
Barry James, blacksmith with Nelson & Doble, 

dwi NW cor Filbert and Powell 
Barry James F. cook 919 Kearny 
Barry James W. bar keeper with P. Calnon SW 

cor Mission and First 
Barry John, carpenter, dwl S s Jessie bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Barry John, melter Fulton Foundry, dwl E 8 

Mason bet Turk and Eddy 
Barry John, tailor, dwl 229 Tost 
Barry John T. compositor Alta California, dwl 

542 Mission 
Barry Margaret Miss, domestic with N. Luning 
Barry Martin, tailor with Charles L. Cordiner, 

dwl 227 Post 
Barry Mary, domestic Brooklyn Hotel Broadway 
Barry Mary Miss, domestic 816 Sansom 
Barry Michael, bar keeper NE cor Second and 

Barry Michael, carpenter with James J. Do^de 
Barry Michael, laborer, dwl 221 Dupont (rear) 
Barry Michael J. laborer, dwl S 8 Valparaiso nr 

Barr}- Mrs. nurse, dwl 217 Third 
Barry P. 0. clerk City and County Recorder, 

dwl 923 Pacific 
Barry Richard, mariner sloop Swan foot of Clay 
Barry R. M. tailor, dwl W s Trinity nr Sutter 
Barry Teresa (widow) teacher, dwl W s Hub- 
bard nr Howard 
BARRY {Theodore A.) & PATTEN {Benjamin 
A.) liquors and saloon SE cor Montgomery 
and Sacramento, dwl 211 Geary 
Barry Thomas, drayman, dwl 133 Minna 
Barry Thomas, porter Griffiug's Warehouse, dwl 

Kearny nr Bay 
Barry William, actor American Theater, dwl 536 

Barry William, compositor Alta California, dwl 

S s Clay bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Barr}' William, laborer, dwl 514 Mission 
Barry Wm. liquors 624 Sansom, dwl 553 Howard 



Barry Wra. McG. naval architect, dwl 200 Stock 
Barstow A. (Z>. P. & A. B.) and notary public, 

dwl 116 Montgomery Block 
BARSTOW D. P. & A. attorneys at law 24 

Montgomery Block, res Oakland 
BARSTOW GEORGE, attorney at law, office 

502 Montgomery, and Professor Jurispru- 
dence Medical Department University Pa- 
cific, dwl NW cor Taylor and Broadway 
Barstow Simon F. compositor Alta California, 

dwl 612 California 
Barstow Williaai, dwl SW cor Wash and Battery 
Barvvood Louis, dwl 112 St. Marks Place 
Bartell Catharine Miss, domestic 607 Powell 
Bartes John, cooper at 206 Davis, dwl 48 Clem- 
Bartet Jean Baptiste, dwl 715 Green 
Barth Charles H. Serg. Major U. S. A. 742 Wash 
Bartholomew Henry, porter with C. H. Strybing, 

dwl 8 Rassette Place 
Bartin David, at San Francisco Sugar Refinery 
Bartlett Albert, coal dealer, "bds Tremont House 
Bartlett Charles H. painter, dwl 12 Everett 
Bartlett Columbus, Deputy County Clerk Probate 

Court City Hall, dwl 621 California 
Bartlett Earl, attorney at law 33 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 70 Minna 
Bartlett E. Mrs. dwl 621 California 
Bartlett Frank A. accountant, dwl 246 Stevenson 
Bartlett Henry, dish washer 121 Montgomery 
Bartlett J. C. drayman 223 Sacramento, dwl 1 

Central Place 
Bartlett Johanna M. Miss, domestic Golden Gate 

Bartlett Joseph C. dravman Commercial Flour 

Bartlett M. L. clerk, dwl 417 Montgomery 
Bartlett Pliny {W. H. Bovee & Co.) dwl 16 

Bartlett Robert B. porter with Macondray & Co. 

dwl What Cheer House 
Bartlett Rufus, ship-carpenter, dwl 335 Bryant 

Couutv San Francisco, office 2d floor City 

Hall, dwl 621 California 
Bartlett William, lodgings 830 Sacramento 
Bartley David, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds 

Mission Hotel Mission Dolores 
Bartley John, handcartman cor Mont and Wash 
BARTLING {Williavi) & KIMBALL {Henry) 

bookbinders 505 Clay, dwl Clarissa Place nr 

Barto GuiUaume, cook 224 California, dwl cor 

Dupont and Green 
Barton Benjamin F. {Barton & Brother) dwl SW 

cor Montgomery and Bush 
Barton James, horse dealer, dwl 711 Pacific 
Barton {Johyi) & Brother (Benjamin F.) Pacific 

Salt Works 218 Sac, dwl 15 Laurel Place 
Barton Joshua H. broker, dwl 51 Second 
Barton Nancy Mrs. sun-bonnet maker 51 Second 
Barton Sarah Miss, servant 514 Greenwich 
Barton WilUam, bar keeper Russ House, dwl 

N s Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
Barton William (colored) stevedore, dwl S s 

Vincent bet Union and Green 
Bascomb Frank {Taber <& Co.) 733 Mission 
Baseni Joseph, barber 633 Pacific 

Basford J. K. apothecary NE cor Pine and 

Basham Frederick, modeler 104 Dupont, dwl 

American Hotel 
Bass Benj. F. sash maker with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Bass Thos. J. drayman with Cameron, Whittier 

& Co. dwl N s O'Farrell nr Leavenworth 
Basse Thomas {Eggers & Co.) dwl 347 Fremont 
Bassett Abner(£'/)ier?/ & B.) SE cor Battery and 

Bassett Alonzo, stone-cutter, dwl 905 Battery 
Bassett C. F. clerk 111 Clay, dwl N s Mission bet 

Twelfth and Tiiirteenth 
BASSETT JOSEPH, flour and grain 213 Clay, 

dwl 715 Sutter 
Bassett Nathaniel, door-keeper Metropolitan The- 
ater, dwl N s Sleveoson bet Fifth and Sixth 
Bassity James, plasterer, bds S s Jessie bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Bassler Frederick, hatter with Marguerie & Ma- 

thieu 643 Commercial 
Baston A. Freeman, teamster Holmes & Hich- 

bourn, dwl 241 First 
Baston Joseph G. farmer, dwl 241 First 
Batchelder James A. engineer Market St. R. R. 

dwl Sixteenth, Mission Dolores 
Batchelder J. M. dwl W s Powell bet O'Farrell 

and Ellis 
Batchelder L. L. stevedore, dwl 1014 Washington 
Batchelor Edward P. attorney at law 52 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Bateman David, engineer stmr Columbia, dwl 

329 Yallejo 
Bateman James {Phillips & B.) 219 Davis 
Bateman Michael C. Eagle Bakerj' 43 Stevenson 
Bateman Moses, dwl 763 Mission 
Bateman Patrick, baker at 203 Sacramento 
Bateman William A. milk depot 329 and 331 

Kearny, dwl 610 Bush 
Bates Emma Miss, dwl 1001 Mason 
Bates Gustavus E. drayman, dwl 126 Natoma 
Bates Henry, with Harrison <to Bryant, dwl 921 

Bates Jacob, clerk Alden's Restaurant 317 San 
Bates James, livery stable 681 Market, dwl 683 

Bates John W. seaman, dwl 764 Harrison 
Bates Joseph, with Theo. C. Sanborn & Co. dwl 

17 Third 
Bates J. W:{F. J. Schaeffer & Go.) res Marysville 
Bateson William, machinist with T. Ogg Shaw, 

dwl 12 Tehama 
Bath Albert L. wheelwright 581 Market, dwl 

639 Mission 
Bathurst John, teamster, bds 707 Front 
Battams William, salesman 406 Battery, dwl 621 

Battcher Adolphe, carpenter Spring Valley W. 

W. Co. 
Batten Geo. waiter, Columbian Eng. Co. No. 11 
Batterman C. C. Port Warden, office 610 Front, 

dwl N s Clementina nr Fourth 
Battersby John, stoves and tin ware 228 Bush 
Batteux Daniel {Motleler & B.) dwl SW cor Bush 

and Kearny 
BATTLES ( William W.) & CO. ( W! M. Green- 

ivood) proptrs India Rice Mills 39 and 41 

Beale, office 217 California, dwl 13 Laurel PI 



Batturs Edward T. book-keeper with Frank Ba- 
ker, dwl 15G Silver 
Batycr Richard, bar keeper SE cor Market and 

Baucli P. G. ship and custom honse broker 508 

Battery, dwl E s Stockton bet Jackson and 

Baudot Casimer, with Etienne Costerauste, dwl 

California Hotel 
Bauer Aloys (Frederick Hess <fc Co.) dwl Stockton 

nr Broadway 
Bauer Charles F. compositor Morning Call, dwl 

1227 Clay 
Bauer Erail, clerk with J. "W. Sullivan, dwl 414 

Bauer George, waiter 506 Montgomery 
Bauer Heinrich, 'longshoreman, bds 32 Stewart 
BAUER JOHN A. {F. Wetor) drugs, medicines, 

chemicals, etc. 644 Wash, dwl 642 Wash 
Bauer Meyer, with M. Homberger, dwl 356 Minna 
Bauerle Jolm, carpenter, dwl E s Higgins Place 

near Pacific 
Baugh Theo. E. proplr Merchants' Exchange 521 

Baugh W. Washington, clerk with T. E. Baugh, 

dwl 521 Clay 
Baulser N. pump and block maker 22 Drumm, 

bds 43 Jessie 
BAUM CHARLES, custom house broker 510 

Battery op Cu.stom House, dwl W s Powell 

bet Union and P^ilbert 
Baum Charles, broker, dwl 1215 Kearny 
Baum {Frederick J.) & Co. watches, diamonds, 

jewelry, etc. 609 Clay, dwl 430 Green 
BAUM JULIUS, importer and jobber clothing 

407 and 409 Commercial and SJ5 cor Com- 
mercial and Leidesdorff, dwl 25 Minna 
Baum Simon, clerk 409 Commercial, dwl 427 

Bauman Charles, tailor, dwl 1319 Dupont 
Bauman George, tailor, dwl 1319 Dupont 
Baumann John, musician, dwl 29 St Marks PI 
Baumann Sophia Miss, dwl with Jacob Kohler 
Baumeister John, dwl E s Belden near Pine 
Baumeister H. tailor, dwl 825 Clay 
Baumgartner Valentine {JoJm Heerdink & Co.) 

dwl S s Mission bet Beale and Fremont 
Baimdy John (colored) waiter with Stable Bros. 
Baup Pierre, with Dazet & Loacoste 
Baur John (Amsiutz & B) 606 Montgomery 
Baurhyte Robert H. engineer, dwl 1223 Wash 
Baxter Anna Miss, domestic 1312 Powell 
Baxter B. D. dwl 18 Prospect Place 
Baxter Charles, carpenter, dwl S s Seventh bet 

Brannan and Bryant 
Baxter C. M. capt. stmr Petaluma, res Petahima 
Baxter E. H. clerk with Crane & Brigham, bds 28 

Baxter George, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Baxter J. assistant appraiser Custom House 
Baxter J. B. (Rainow & B.) dwl 70 Fourth 
Baxter John T. carpenter, dwl Thirteenth bet 

Mission and Market 
Baxter Joseph P. drayman. Volunteer Engine 

Co. No. 7 
Baxter Louisa Mrs. private boarding 28 Battery 
Baxter Nellie Miss, dwl 270 First 
Baxter W. H. harness maker 538 Market 

Baxter William, waiter 30 Clay 
Bayer A. J. baker at 128 Third 
Bayer Anthony, groceries, dwl SE cor Clay and 

Bayer Julius F. bag maker at 220 Davis, bds 

What Cheer House 
Bayerque J. B. [Pioche & B.) dwl 804 Stockton 
Baylo M. {Ardion <fc Co.) dwl 303 Montgomery 
Bayley George B. at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

with Clia.s. R. Strong 
Bayley Merrill F. (Bayley Bros.) dwl 006 Kearny 
Bayley Bros. ( Wilbur F. and Merrill F. Bayley) 

photographic gallery 606 Kearny cor Sac 
Baylies Charles, drayman cor Davis and Clay 
Bayly Charles A. clerk 512 Kearny, dwl 106 

Bayly Henry, molder Vulcan Foundry 
Bayly Pauline Mrs. doctorcss 106 Minna 
Bazan Gregorio, saloon 814 Paclic 
Bazen Christian, with Spreckles Bros. 
Bazin Victor, merchant tailor, dwl 447 Bush 
Bazina Louis, crockery, dwl 924 Pacific 
Beach Andrew, clerk Pacific Foundry, dwl Rin- 

con House 
BEACH C. books and stationery 34 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 910 Broadway 
Beach Eliza (widow) boarding and lodging, 807 

Beach Henry II. clerk with William Famlkner & 

Son, dwl 920 Montgomery 
Beach Henry Martin, book-keeper 616 Sacramen- 
to, dwl NW cor Stockton and Sacramento 
Beach John C. waiter Original House 
Beach Joseph D. C. (Allen & Co.) 669 Market 
Beach Lewis, waterman, dwl 602 Powell 
Beach Martin II. book-keeper, dwl NW cor Sac- 
ramento and Stockton 
Beachiuor Daniel, steamboatman, bds 127 Pac 
Beachinor John, steamboatman, bds 127 Pacific 
Beagle Ira J. painter, dwl 52 First 
Beais Jean, carpenter with L. Racouillat cor 

Market and Beale 
Beakley A. laborer, dwl W s Drumm bet Clay 

and Washington 
Beal John, dwl 741 Market 
Beale Charles, waiter, 814 Sansom 
BEALE EDWARD F., U. S. Surveyor- General, 

office SW cor Washington and Battery, dwl 

821 Bush 
Beale Henry, upholsterer with Julius Ackemann, 

dwl 518 Stockton 
Beale John, carpenter, dwl Trinity nr Bush 
Beale Thomas, driver with N. B. Jacobs & Co. 

res Oakland 
Beale \Villiam. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
BEALS H. CHANNING, commercial reporter 

Mercantile Gazette 536 Clay, dwl NE cor 

Pine and Taylor 
Bealy James, laborer Omnibus RaUroad Co. 
Beaman John, clerk, bds 54 First 
Bean T. marmer, dwl 1908 Mason 
Bean Philip, fruits, 115 Third 
Bean Redmond, laborer, dwl 009 Market 
Beanston Janet (widow) dwl rear 513 Greenwich 
Bear Otto, seaman, bds 7 Washington 
Beard George, butcher, dwl 52 First 
Beardsley F. A. (Pacific Coal Oil Co.) 210 Wash- 
ington, dwl 20 Clementina 



Beardslcy James, dwl 20 Sansom 
Bearse (Torhani C. stevedore, bds 316 Beale 
Beatto Patrick, porter, dwl S s Berry nr Dupont 
Beatty David, liostler White House nr Mis. Dol. 
Beatty Jane Miss, domestic with R. B. Fordham 
Beatty John, drayman, dwl S s Folsom bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Beatty John, house and sign painter 611 Market, 

dwl cor Jane and Minna 
Beatty Lizzie, domestic, dwl 35 Essex 
Beatty Robert, private club rooms 603 Wash 
Beatty Samuel G. (Grmnison & J5.) searcher of 

records NW cor Montp;omery and Merchant, 

dwl SE cor Ellis and Mason 
Beauchef Lean, domestic with Mile. Caroline 

Beauharnais M. (widow) dwl 605 Broadway 
Beaver George W {Jas. Patrick & Co.) dwl 927 

Bee Bartholemy. job wagon, dwl 1405 Stockton, 

Beck A. G professor book-keeping 222 Mont- 
gomery, dwl N s Seventeenth bet Dolores 

and Valencia 
Beck Christian, dwl 604 Dupont 
Beck David L. salesman with Wm T. Coleman 

& Co. dwl 18 Stanley Place 
Beck K. B. clerk with D. R. Provost & Co. dwl 

18 Stanley Place 
Beck H. shoemaker, dwl NE cor California and 

Prospect Place 
Beck James C. painter, dwl NW cor Clay and 

Beck Joseph B. broker, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Beck J. W. painter, dwl 529 Pine 
Beck Louis, laborer, 506 Montgomery 
Beck N. A. currier SE cor Braunan and Fourth 
Beck Paul H. handcartmin cor Commercial and 

East, dwl N s Commercial near East 
Beck Peter, groceries and liquors NE cor Beale 

and Mission 
Beck Thomas, ship-carpenter, bds 7 W&shington 
Beck William, cooper with P, MoUoy, dwl 106 

Beck William J. dwl 1 Quincy Place, rear 
Beck W. P. seaman, bds 32 Stewart 
Becker Brothers {Adolph B. & M. Rudolph E.) 

cigars and tobacco NE cor Clay and Mont 

and 703 Wash, dwl E s Mason nr Geary 
Becker {A. Y. A.) & Gage [John W.) vegetables 

and fruits 77 and 78 Washington Market, 

dwl Sansom St House 
Becker Christian, American Bakery 715 Pacific 
Becker C. J. liquors SW cor Fourth and Clem- 
Becker M. Rudolph E. {Becker Bros.) dwl E s 

Mason nr Geary 
Becker Nicholas, confectioner with M. Bernheim 

dwl 408 Clay ' 

Beckett Henry, vamisher with Joseph Peirce, 

dwl S 8 California bet Larkin and Polk 
Beckett James, vamisher with Joseph Peirce 

dwl S s California bet Larkin and Polk 
Beckford Dan'l R. with T. 0. Lewis, dwl 13 Minna 
Bechman Andrew, sail-maker at 2 1 1 Sacramento 

dwl 1 St. Marys 
Beckmann Henry, bar keeper with Wm. Feeney, 

dwl 605 Dupont 

Bederini H. waiter, rms 814 Sacramento 
Bedell William, machinist Fulton Foundry, bds 

119 Minna 
Bee Albert W. commission merchant 207 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 530 Harrison 
BEE HIVE BUILDINGS, M. Cannavan proptr 

NE cor Washington and Dupont 
Beebee John, stevedore, dwl 13 Tehama Place 
Beebee Mary (widow) teacher Chrystal Palace 

School NE cor Sixth and Harrison, dwl with 

Thos. Ogg Shaw 
Beebee Robert F. carpenter and builder 208 

Beehler David E. book-keeper 406 Sansom, dwl 

524 Greenwich 
Beehler (Joseph) & Hochstetter (ilform) clothing 

716 Market 
Beckmann Conrad, grocer, bds Mechanics' Hotel 
Beer Juhus {Weil <fc Co.) 226 Front 
Beers Barrit, dentist with Dr. J. B. Beers, dwl 

813 Bush 
Beers G. W. physician, dwl Railroad House 
Beers H. M. Mrs. millinery 1012 Stockton 
BEERS JNO.B. dentist 617 Clay, dwl 813 Bush 
Begbaze August, dwl 539 Vallejo 
Begg Mark, stone-cutter, bds 14 Sansom 
Beggs James, assistant superintendent S. F. 

Gas Co. dwl 153 Natoma 
Beggs Thomas, lamplighter, dwl E s William nr 

Beggs Wm. J. reporter Daily Herald and Mirror 
Beggs William W. superintendent S. F. Gas Co. 

dwl 1020 Stockton 
Begley Margaret, domestic 27 South Park 
Begley White, iron molder 326 Pine, dwl St. 

Marks Place nr Dupont 
Begstrom John, cabinet-maker, dwl 318 Vallejo 
Begue Chas, laborer, dwl 717 Pacific 
Begue Joseph, dwl Lafayette Hook and Ladder 

Co. No. 2 
Behnken Maviin {Cordes & .B.)dwl 1007 Battery 
Behr Hermann, Consul for Saxony Anhalt and 

physician, office 619 Montgomery, dwl NW 

cor Bryant and Fifth 
Behre H. confectioner 833 Washington 
Behren Charles, carpenter, dwl 44 Stevenson 
Behrens George, porter with Crane & Brigham, 

dwl 717 transom 
BEHRENS H. C. F. physician, office NE cor 

Dupont and Washington, dwl 540 Mission 
BEHRENS JAMES, commission merchant, 429 

Behrens Joseph, grocery SW cor Brannan and 

Behring H. clerk, dwl 719 Broadway 
Behrmann Henry, cooper, dwl 16 Sansom 
BEIDEMAN JACOB C. real estate office 502 

Montgomery, dwl cor Larkin and Sutter 
Beilstein William H. gilder, dwl 420 Bush 
Bein H. M. evening school 610 Montgomery 
Bein J. Frank, liquor saloon, 210 Second 
Beirrach U. baker, dwl SE cor Mission and Sixth 
Bek Caroline, domestic 407 Pacific 
Belcher Frederick P. drayman with Albert Dib- 

blee, dwl S s Union bet Jonea and Leaven- 
Belcher Robert H. furniture wagon with E. S. 

Spear & Cfc. dwl with F. P. Belcher 



Belcher Warren A. oysters Custom House Ex- 
chaiiRO Saloon 324 Sanaom 

Belden {F.G.) & Co. {Bernard MacKeon) wholesale 
wmes and liquors 413 Washington, dwl E 8 
Stockton bet Jackson and Pacific 

Belden II. dwl Original House 

Belden Joaiah, odice 204 Mont, res San J036 

fielding Aren, millwright, dwl 241 Fremont 

Bcldiug Wni. F. pattern maker, dwl 241 Fremont 

Belender Charles {WettsUimk A) dwl W s Clara 
Lane near fiush 

Belermi Geo. druggist, bds Meyers' Hotel 814 

Belford Chub. A. carpenter, dwl with P. Collins, 

Belger Freak, drayman with F. Tillman, dwl S s 
Union bet Jones and Leavenworth 

Belknap David P. {Tompkins & B.) dwl Virginia 

Bell Abram R. plasterer, dwl NE cor Sixth and 

Bell A. Frank, salesman 606 Clay, dwl W s Pow- 
ell bet Filbert and Greenwich 

Bell Alice Miss, boarding NW cor Beale and 

Bell Anne C. Mrs. private boarding 63 Tehama 

Bell Bridget Mrs. boarding 14 Sansom 

BELL GEORGE H. bookseller and. 'stationer 
SW cor Montgomery and Merchant, dwl 
S s Eleventh bet Market and Mission 

BELL GERRIT W. assayer, office 512 Califor- 
nia, dwl 1021 Leavenworth cor Pine 

Bell Henry, watchman Washington Market, dwl 
10 St. Marks Place 

Bell Henry W. exchange clerk Wells, Fargo & 
Co.'s Bank, dwl 715 Broadway 

Bell H. M. Miss, adjuster U. S. Branch Mint, 
dwl 39 Mason 

Bell James {Falkner B. & Co.) dwl 32 South Park 

Bell James, hardware, dwl W s Montgomery 
bet Union and Filbert 

Bell James M. (colored) plasterer, dwl 838 Bdwy 

Bell John {Kennedy & B.) dwl 817 Bush 

Bell John, clerk, bds 707 Front 

Bell John, sail-maker with T. McCoUiam, dwl 
NW cor Broadway and Larkin 

BELL JOHN C. carpets, paper-hanging, uphol- 
stery, etc. SW cor California and Sansom, 
dwl 504 Greenwich 

Bell John H. marine surveyor, teacher naviga- 
tion and editor Cal. Nautical Magazine 405 

Bell John P. clerk with S. H. Dwinelle, dwl 51 

Bell John W. New York departmort Wells, 
Fargo & Co.'s Express, dwl 715 Broadway 

Bell Joseph, boiler maker with Coffey & Risdon 
cor Beale and Mission 

Bell Patrick, baker, dwl NW cor Beale and 

Bell Peter, mariner, dwl rear Fremont nr Bay 

Bell Philip A. (colored) editor Pacific Appeal, 
dwl 840 Kearny 

Bell Samuel, bds Franklin House 

Bell Samuel, calker, bds 342 Brannan 

Bell Samuel B. attorney at law, office 540 Clay, 
dwl 41 Mason 

Bell Samuel W. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 

Bell Thomas {Barron & Co.) dwl 606 Stockton 
BELL THOMAS, Bell's Saloon 214 Clay 
Bull William, brick-maker Tice's Brick Yard 
Bell William, compositor Alta California, dwl 1 

Bell Wm. 3d mate Golden Age, dwl 180 Jessie 
Bell William H. accountant, dwl 622 Bryant 
BELL ( Wdliam J.) & FREEMAN (Charles W.) 

book and job printers, office 410 Clay, dwl 

NW cor Jackson and Kearny 
Bell William W. porter with Hooker & Co. bds 

Pacific Temperance House 
Bell Zadock, steward, dwl 707 Post 
Bellanger G. restaurant 524 Merchant 
Bella Union Melodeon, Samuel Tetlow proprie- 
tor 706 Washington 
Belleau Eusebe, proprietor St. Francis Hotel SW 

cor Clay and Dupont, dwl 820 Bush 
Bellemere Augustus A. jeweler with Baldwin & 

Crane 516 Clay, dwl 117 Natoma 
Bellemere Duff, carpenter 24 California, bds 117 

Bellemere Louis, hair dresser 37 Second, dwl SE 

cor Mission and Eigl;th 
Bellender Charles, painter, bds 336 Bush 
Bellhorn Joseph, carpenter, dwl Globe Hotel 
Bellie Frank, billiard saloon 109 Washington 
Bellier Louise (widow) laundry 111 Jessie 
Bellier Mary Miss, laundress with C. Boutard, 

dwl 111 Jessie 
Belliere Eugene, barber 1025 Dupont 
BelUngham Bay Coal Company, office NW cor 

Iklontgomery and Merchant 
Bellman Vincent, rope-maker San Francisco 

Cordage Manufactory, dwl Potrero 
Bellmer Hermann, clerk for Hey & Meyn NE cor 

Folsom and. Sixth 
BELLOC FRERES {B. & I. Belloc) importers and 

bankers 535 Clay, resides Paris 
Belloc Irenee {Belloc Freres) resides Paris 
Belou Michael, tailor, dwl 1009 Kearny 
Belrems George, druggist, dwl 814 Montgomery 
Beming Frederick, carpenter, bds Revere House 
Bemis {S. A.) & Thomas {F. E.) wood and coal 

18 and 20 Washington, dwl 820 Mission 
Bemis C. C, U. S. Inspector Boilers, office Cus- 
tom House 3d floor, dwl 417 Bryant 
Benard C. A. painter, bds 741 Market 
BENCHLEY L. B. & CO. {John Bensley, Frtn- 

cis D. Kellogg and Jos. McMechan) importers 

and jobbers hardware 206 and 208 Battery, 

dwl 1006 Powell 
Benckart Catherine (widow) tailoress, dwL S-s- 

Folsom bet Beale and Spear 
Bendaene J. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Bendeleben Ottfricd, clerk with Edward ViscHer 

515 Jackson 
Bender Benjamin, with Henry Hurd 
Bender Henry, dwl Whitehall Exchange 
Bender John, piano maker, dwl SW eor Post 

and Stockton 
Bender Josiah P. brick-layer, dwl S s Fiiberb bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Bender Philip cabinet-maker with It. Emanuel 

& Co. dwl NW cor Summer and Spring 
Bender Wildam H. butcher Fourth Street Market 

202 Fourth 
Bendert Isaac, peddler, dwl rear 91 Stevenson 



Bendit Herman, with Sam'l Bendit 1003 Dupont 
Beiidit Morris, job wagon cor Mont and Gal 
Bendit Samuel, furniture 1003 Dupont 
Bendixen George L. J. {Jones & B.) dwl 731 Cal- 
Beneaux J. J. clerk with Charles Roturier, dwl 

514 Bush 
Benecke C. A. (Schafer & B.) resides New York 
Benecke Louis, clerk, dwl American Hotel 
Benedict Courtland S. salesman 538 Clay, dwl 

616 Powell 
Beneuz Joseph, clerk, bds 514 Bush 
Beneuz Leon, clerk, bds 514 Bush 
Beneuz, Margaret J. (widow) dwl 514 Bush 
BENHAM ANSON C. & CO. {Lewis Gee, Nathan 
D. Simmons, James J. Knowlton, Leroy N. 
Glaze and John G. Smith) proprietors 
Evening Journal, office 532 Merchant, dwl 
Bryant Place ur Bush 
Benicia and Martinez Line Packets, Clay Street 

Bening George. Ocean Pearl Saloon cor East and 

Benjamin C. V. Miss, teacher Primary Depart- 
ment Rincon School, dwl 268 Stockton 
Benjamin E. B. {Cameron, Whiltier & Co.) dwl 

309 Harrison 
Benjamin Fred. A. merchant, dwl 1206 Powell 
Benjamin George M. carpenter with W. H. East- 
man, dwl SE corner California and Quincy 
Benjamin Joseph, dwl 256 Minna 
Benjamin Julia Mrs. music teacher, dwl 256 

Benjamin W. K. clerk U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

SW cor Geary and Powell 
Benklemann R. liquor saloon 1126 Dupont 
Benn Frederick ( Wm. Holiz &.Co.) dwl SW cor 

Pacific and Montgomery 
Benn George ( Wolcoit & B.) dwl 1002 Pacific 
Benner Frederick, wood and coal 831 Howard 
Benner Frederick M. hat finisher with Charles 
A. Fisher & Co. dwl W s Larkin near Sac 
Benner George, ship-carpenter, dwl 534 Bush 
Bennet Henry W. drugs and medicines 21 Third 

cor Stevenson 
Bennett A. P. book-keeper, dwl 407 Greenr 
Bennett Bridget Miss, domestic 22 Tehama 
Bennett Charles, molder, dwl 214 First 
Bennett Charles, packer with Turner Brothers 
Bennett Charles M. carriage trimmer with S. D 

Heudrickson, dwl 44 St. Marks Place 
Bennett Edwin S. book-keeper with Gough & 

Covey, dwl 508 Dupont 
Bennett James, dwl 327 Third 
Bennett James C. carpenter, dwl 108 Sutter 
Bennett Joseph, teamster, dwl 420 Bush 
Bennett Mary B. (widow) dwl 319 Minna 
BENNETT {Nathaniel) LOVE {Uarhw S.) & 
LOVE {John L.) attorneys at law 75 and 
76 Montgomery Block, dwl 736 Harrison 
Bennett Peter, fish, dwl W s August Alley near 

Bennett P. R. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Bennett R. H. & Co. produce commission 3 Clay 
dwl Essex Place ' 

Bennett Stephen, seaman, bds 313 Broadway 
Bennett Thomas, physician, office 620 Sacra- 
mento, dwl E s Pine near Powell 

Bennett William, teamster, dwl Folsom bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Bennett Wm. H. South Park Laundry 540 Third 
Benoit Jean, Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
Benoit M. H. butcher 4 New World Market 
Benoit Mrs. furnished rooms NW cor Jackson 

and Montgomery 
Benrirao Henry, cigars, dwl 416 Bush 
Benrimo Joseph, cigars, dwl 416 Bush 
Bensinger Daniel, baker P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 18 

BENSLEY JOHN {L. B. Benchky & Co.) pres- 
ident S. F. City Water Works, office 806 
Montgomery, dwl 708 Mission 
Benson Andrew, laborer, dwl W s Dupont bet 

Francisco and Bay 
Benson James, registry clerk Post Office, dwl W 

s Sixth near Brannan 
Benson John, book-keeper Contra Costa Laundry 
Co. 13 Broadway, bds Fisher House, Clark 
Benson John, broker, office 702 Washington 
Benson John B. dwl 820 Washington 
Benson Lewis (colored) porter with Smith & 

Cutter, bds 14 Scott 
Benson Peter, blacksmith with Pollard & Car- 

Benson S. double wagon pier 22 Stewart 
Benson Thomas, seaman bds Sailors' Home 
Bent P. carriage-maker, bds 741 Market 
Bent Samuel, (colored) porter Lick House 
Bent Silas E. carriage-maker with H. Casebolt 

& Co. dwl Columbia Hotel 
Bent Winslow B. carriage-maker, dwl 534 

Bente L. baker, Columbian Engine Co. No. 1 1 
BENTON HOUSE, F. J. Hanlon proprietor, 

624 and 626 Commercial 
Benton John S. purser stmr Pacific, dwl Ss Pine 

near Jones 
BENTZ {Henry) & HIMPRICR {Louis) bar- 
bers 18 Kearny, dwl S s Post near Taylor 
Benze William, spar maker, dwl 43 Jessie 
Benzen 6. Adolphus, attorney at law 34 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Bepler F. G. copper-smith 118 Bush, dwl South 

Bepler Justus, acid manufacturer and distilled 
water. Abbey Hotel, old San Jose Road 8 
miles from City Hall 
Beral Jacob, furniture 740 Pacific 
Berard Acliille, French laundry Sixth nr Bryant 
Berce Joseph, vegetables, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Berce {Peter) & Wolff {Augtist) fish 31 Washing- 
ton Market, dwl NW cor San and Mereh 
Berch Henry, boatman S s Pacific Wharf below 

Berdeman Louis, pantryman at 508 Washington 
Bereyessa Jose Y. real estate, dwl Niantic Hotel 
Berg Carl C. F. physician, office 904 Kearny 
Berge Erick 0. 'longshoreman, dwl 211 Green 
Berge Francis, clothes renovator, dwl 815 Pacific 
Berge Joseph {Buletti & B.) dwl cor Dupont and 

Bergen Peter Mrs. saloon 412 Jackson, dwl cor 

Fifth and Market 
Berger F. cigars, dwl 904 Kearny 
Berger Gabriel {Geneve & B.) dwl 604 Pine 
Berger Julius, clerk with Edward Cohn 627 Clay 



Bergerot Andrew, gardener, dwl Sixteenth near 

Bergcs Pierre {Bourdin & B.) dwl Lobos Creek 
Ber^henser John, dwl 1520 Dupont 
BERcaiOFKR {Conrad) k DODGP: (Daniel) 

proprietors Crescent Market, 202 Stewart 
BERGIN JAMES J. soap manufacturer SE cor 

Green and Powell, dwl 152G Powell 
Bergin Michael, law student, dwl 1526 Powell 
Bergin Thomas J attorney at law, office room 2 

Express Building, dwl 1526 Powell 
Bergin William, baker, dwl S s Broadway bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
BerginkUnu Charles, seaman, dwl S s Post bet 

Stockton and Dupont, rear 
Bergman George, importer watches and jewelrj' 

623 Wasliington 
Bergman Rodolph, cook New England House 
Bergman Samuel, butcher, dwl 639 Mission 
Bergman William, drug clerk NE cor Jackson 

and Kearny, bds Mechanics' Hotel Kearny 
Bergman Ferdinand, druggist, bds Mechanics' 

Bergner H. clerk with J. G. lis, dwl 122 Bush 
Bergner 0. dwl 722 Bush 
Bergonis James, drayman, dwl S s Francisco 

between Mason and Taylor 
BERGSON OLE, carpenter and builder 109 

Leidesdorff, dwl N s Fulton bet Franklin 

and Gough, Hayes Valley 
Bergst Louis hair dresser 8 Kearny, dwl 24 Post 
Bergsteiii Louis, dry goods 1221 Stockton, dwl 

835 Pacific bet Stockton and Powell 
Bergstrom John, cabiuet-maker with Ackley 

& Davidson, dwl 318 Vallejo 
Berk Morris G. {Hirstel&B.) dwl 213 Mont 
Berkowitz Meyer, ladies' dress trimmings, cloaks 

and mantillas 626 Sac. dwl 723 Vallejo 
Berlege Henry, cabinet-maker at 110 Front, 

dwl 114 Virginia 
Berlemann WiUiam, stevedore, dwl 20 Clay 
Berlin Charles H. teacher, dwl S s Clementina 

near Fourth 
Berliner H. A. commission merchant, ofl&ce 424 

Berman Emanuel, cigar maker 514 Sacramento, 

dwl 223 Minna 
Bermingham John, superintending engineer Cal. 

and Oregon S. S. Line, dwl American Kxch 
Bermingham William, bar keeper 21 Fremont 
Bernard A. & Co. {Morris Rosenhaum) cap and 

fur makers 645 Commercial 
Bernard Alexander, cook, dwl 262 Tehama 
Bernard Arnold, plaster modeler 40 Pino 
Bernard Bernard, clerk 53 Second 
Bernard Carmel (widow) dwl Mission Dolores, 

sduth of Church, rear 
Bernard Charles, Chartres coffeo maker NW cor 

Jessie and Annie, and groceries 20 Third, 

dwl NW cor Third and Stevenson 
Bernard Isaac. Philadelphia boot and shoe store 

53 Second 
Bernard J. furniture 1120 Stockton 
Bernard John L. vocalist, dwl 711 Pacific 
Bern;ird Joseph, ranchero, dwl with Mrs. Carmel 

Bernard Louis, baker with George Ellis, dwl 26 


Bernard Paul, watchmaker 520 Clay, dwl 624 

Bernard Robt. sign painter with Thos. Robinson, 

dwl S 8 Busli bet Mason and Powell 
Bernard Thomas, laborer, dwl 683 Market 
Bernard Viiihove, French boots and shoes 804 

Bernbash Fred'k, clerk, bds Revere House 
Bernedo John, butcher stall 5 Clay St. Market, 

dwl Presidio Road 
Bernhard Bernhard, hair dresser with Stable 

Bros, dwl Montgomery Block 
Bernhard Robert, gardener with F. Ballhaus 
Bernhard Samuel H. blacksmith with Pritzel & 

Eggert, dwl N s Harlan Place near Dupont 
BERNHEIM MAURICE, wholesale confectioner 

408 Clay, dwl NW cor Oak and Franklin 
Bernheim Reuben, boots and shoes 60 Third 
Bernnofer August, cook, bds 32 Stewart 
Bernius Frederick, cook 614 Clay 
Bernstein Abraham, job wagon cor Kearny and 

Bernstein Edward, cabinet-maker with John 

Bernstein Gairtey Mrs. furniture 806 Market, 

dwl 20 Dupont 
Bernstein Herman, tailor 514i Mission 
Bernstein J. job wagon cor Mont and California 
Bernstein Joseph, clerk 806 Market, dwl 20 Du- 
Bernstein Joseph, dwl N s O'Farrell bet Mason 

and Powell 
Bernstein Nathan, stationery, bds 432 Bush 
Bernstein S. Mrs. dress-making, dwl 810 Wash- 
Berring Herman, salesman with Becker Bros. 

dwl 729 Broadway 
Berry Albert, capitalist, dwl Lick House 
Berry Ann (widow) domestic with Pfailip W. 

Berry Anna Miss, ironer Chelsea Laundry 435 

Berry Catherine C. domestic 809 Mission 
Berry Charles W. miner, dwl Plymouth Rock H 
Berry Edward, waiter Barnum Restaurant 
Berry {Fidton G.) & Mott {Jacob B.) groceries and 

liquors NW cor Stockton and Jackson, dwl 

516 Dupont 
Berry Hamilton (colored) steward, dwl 827 Val- 
lejo, rear 
Berry Jas. driver Chelsea Liimdry 435 Brannan 
Berry John, carpenter, dwl N s Pine bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth. 
Berry John, painter, dwl S s O'Farrell bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Berry Richard N. broker 321 Front, dwl 712 

Berry Robert, dwl S s Brannan near Third 
Berry R. W. clerk 62 Washington Market, dwl 

NW cor Union and Union Place 
Berry Thos. ironer Chelsea Laundry 435 Brannan 
Berry William II. hair dresser at 215 Sansom, 

dwl American Hotel 
Berry — , shoemaker, dwl 231 Sutter 
Berson Adolph, upholsterer with C. Lefranc, dwl 

E s Kearny near Bush 
Bert B. {Henry Schroder & Co.) res Bordeaux, 




Bert Edward G. treasurer Gilbert's Melodeon, 

dwl S s Harlan Place near Duponl 
Bert Fred'k W. clerk with Koopmanschap & Co. 

dwl 108 Geary 
Bertheau Cesar (Ziel, B. & Co.) res Hamburg, 

Bertheimer Abraham, peddler, dwl 30 Kearny 
Berthelot Arsene, box maker with L. Racouillat 

cor Market and Beale 
Berthlor Augustus, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds 

with Joseph Shielder 
Berthoumien Jean, boat builder, dwl 130 Beale 
Bertody Charles, physician, ofiBce 807 Wash 
Berton Francis, cashier with H. Hentsch, dwl 

835 Howard 
Berton P. {Mesdames James tfc B.) dwl Sutter 

near Montgomery 
Bertraud B. dwl 721 Pacific 
Bertrand Felix, waiter 716 Pacific 
Bertrand Leon B. bootmaker 538 Merchant 
Bertrand Rosina (widow) dwl 261 Minna 
Bertz Henry, porter 226 Fron,t 
Berwin Aaron (P. Benvin <t Bros.) res New York 
Berwiii Henry, clerk 527 Commercial 
Berwin Isaac, tailor 324 Commercial 
Berwin Morris (P. Berwin & Bros.) dwl 828 Post 
Berwin P. & Brothers {Morris and Aaron Berwin) 
importers and jobbers hats, caps, hatters' 
stock, etc. 319 Sacramento, dwl 828 Post 
Berwin Rosa (widow) dwl 828 Post 
Berwick Thomas, sail-maker at 36 Clay, dwl TV s 

Mason one door S Greenwich 
Besbee Henrv, bar keeper with Barry & Patten, 

dwl 526"Pine 
Beschormann Agustus H. furrier 610 and 612 Bat 
Bess William, stair builder with Langland & 

Jesse, dwl 240 Fremont 
Bessey Albion P. express wagon 416 Sansom, 

dwl 147 Minna 
Besson August, restaurant 631 Pacific 
Besson Felix {Br esse & £.) dwl 516 Clay 
Besson (iTame^) & Pons {Charlotte) Mesdames, 

French corset makers 629 Sacramento 
Bessot Baptiste, gardener French Hospital 
Best John, polisher with John Wigmore 
Bestel John, bar keeper SW cor Montgomery and 

Sacramento, dwl 614 Sacramento 
Beston Elizabeth Mrs. dwl E s Powell bet Val- 

lejo and Broadway 
Beteaux Louis, with Castera & Lacour, dwl 418 

Beth John B. inventor, dwl 37 Natoma 
Betker Samuel, laundry N s Bryant nr Fourth 
Betkowski Peter {Isaac & B.) dwl 23 Silver 
Betkwith E. S. shipwright, bds 14 Stewart 
Betnor William, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds 

with Joseph Sheilder 
Bettman J. I. book-keeper with D. Hausmann & 

Co. dwl cor Folsom and Howard 
Betty John, with Samuel Adams 112 Battery, 

dwl S s Folsom bet Fifth and Sixth 
Betty Thomas, silversmith with Felix Raynaud 
Beluel F. laundry 807 Howard 
Betyeman Lewis, groceries NE cor Crooks and 

Betzel Louis {Rosenthal <& Co.) dwl 16 Second 
Beute Louis, baker, bds Brooklyn Hotel 
Bevans Isaac, drayman cor Larkin and Union 

BEVANS JOHN, apothecary SE cor Stockton 

and Broadway 
Bevans John J. pressman with Blake & Moffitt 
Bevans T. P. physician, office SE cor Stockton 

and Broadway, dwl S s Yallejo bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Beverly Fritz, cooper, dwl 338 Third 
Beverly John, bds 707 Front 
Beverly Ruth M. (widow) nurse, dwl NE cor 

Pacific and Larkin 
Beviere C. carpenter, bds Original House 
Bevill Richard M. store-keeper P. M. S. Golden 

Bevins John J. liquor saloon SW cor Fulton and 

Laguna, Hayes Park 
Bevison Charles {Roes & B.) dwl NE cor Anthony 

and Mission 
Beyer Lewis, barber 709 Front, dwl SW cor 

Front and Chambers 
Beyer M. bds Benton House 
Beziade Jean, tailor, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Bianchi Eugenio, manager and tenor Italian Op- 
era Troupe Metropolitan Theater, dwl 421 

Bianchi J. Signora, soprano Italian Opera Troupe 

Metropolitan Theater, dwl 421 Dupont 
Bibbins Tracy L. teacher book-keeping and ac- 
countant 305 Montgomery, dwl NE cor Pine 

and Prospect Place 
Bibeant Charles, rms 105 Geary 
Bibend Ferdinand, machinist Miners' Foundry 
Bible Barbara (widow) dwl W s August Alley nr 

Bible Temperance Lancet (weekly) Towne & Ba- 
con publishers, office 536 Clay 
Bichard Nicholas, importer anchors, chains, etc. 

205 Stewart, dwl 5 Post 
Bichard Stephen, yacht Pride of the Bay foot 

Market, dwl NW cor Sacramento and East 
Bickel Conrad, dwl 125 Post 
Bicknell Charies F. {Dow & B.) dwl NE cor 

Montgomery and Sutter 
Bidau P. dwl 924 Dupont 
Biden Charles S. Supervisor First District, dwl 

Niantic Hotel 
Biderman John W. State Ganger's office room 

12 403 Front 
Bidlack Benjamin A. druggist, dwl 1004 Powell 
Bidleman Joseph B. office 602 Clay 
Bidolph J. machinist Golden State Foundry, dwl 

Halleck House 
Bidwell H. G. bds Lick House 
Bielawski Casimer, draiightsman U. S. Surveyor 

General, dwl 242 Stevenson 
Bielfield Henry, cooper, dwl Shakespeare Hotel, 

Bielefeldt John, tanner with Henry Von Leggeren 
Bien Herman Rev. select school 635 Mission, dwl 

634 Howard 
Bien Joseph, machinist and locksmith 322 Com- 
mercial, dwl 634 Howard 
Bienfeld Elias, cigar maker 5 Sherwood Place 
Bierbrauer John, cabinet-maker 5 First 
Bierkraan A. drayman 220 Front 
Bigarel Dominique, clothing 635 Washington, dwl 

637 Washington 
Bigelow Daniel, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 
dwl S 3 Howard nr Eighth 



Bigelow Edward, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 
dwl S s Harris nr Eighth 

Bigelow George H. {Bigehw Bros. <fc Flint) dwl 
7G4: Howard 

Bigelow Henrv A. clerk with McLean & Fowler, 
dwl 326 Clav 

BIGELOW BROS. {Renry H. and George K Big- 
ehxo) & FLINT (Arigustus P.) insurance 
agents NW cor Monf^'fttery and Sacramen- 
to, dwl 764 Howard 

Bigelow Mtirtin, dwl 1719 Dupont 

Bigelow M. J. apprentice Golden State Foundry, 
dwl Pacific Temperance House 

Bigelow (Samtiel G.) & Bowman (Arthur W.) 
real estate agents 204 Montgomery, dwl 26 
Laurel Place ' 

Bigelow T. B. superintendent warehouses C. H. 

Bigelow T. F. machinist, bds 54 First 

Bigermann B. dwl W s Lafayette Place 

Biggey Terence, watchman with Skelly & Co. 
dwl 567 Market 

Biggin Alexander, pantryman, dwl 18 Natoma 

Biggins T. J. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 

Biggs A. R. with A. M. Gilman & Co. dwl 132 

Biggs John E. dwl Flume House San Bruno 
Road, 3 miles from City Hall 

Biggs Mary R. Flume House San Bruno Road 3 
miles from City Hall 

Bigler Jolin, laborer, bds 414 Pacific 

Bigler Michael, molder, dwl 31 St Marks Place 

Bigley C. grocer 134 Clay, dwl N s Kearny bet 
Pine an I Bush 

Bigley Cornelius, lodgings 323 Kearny 

Bigley Daniel, clerk with C. Bigley 

Bigley Johu. drayman with A. H. Todd & Co. 
dwl 56 Everett 

Bigley Thomas {Ringot& B.) dwl 906 Powell 

Biglow A. J. ranchman, dwl SB cor Washing- 
ton and Polk 

Bignami Celestine, dress-maker 723 Broadway 

Bigne F. waiter 821 Kearny 

Bigot Esther Mrs. laces and fancy goods Lick's 
Building S s Sutter nr Montgomery 

Bigot Loon, clerk with Mrs Esther Bigot 

Bilay Anthony F. clerk Globe Hotel, dwl 1621 

Bildosoia Rosa Miss, dwl 915 Vallejo 

Biles C. C. harness maker with Charles H. 
Mead, bds 530 First 

Bilfinger Mary (widow) dress-making 1116 Du- 

Bill Jacob, laborer with George Witmire 

Bill Philip, dwl 338 Third 

Bill William, liquor saloon N s Twentieth bet 
Guerrero and Valencia 

Billafield Henry, cooper 107 Vallejo, bds Shakes- 
peare Hotel Pacific 

Billet Edward, bar tender, dwl 12 St. Charles 

Billings A. laundrymau Chelsea Laundry 435 

Billings Edward P. machinist Fulton Foundry, 
dwl 40 Minna 

BILLINGS FREDERICK, attorney at law 42 
Montgomery Block 

Billings J. F. dwl rear 626 Vallejo 

Billings John, laborer, dwl W a Ohio bet Broad- 
way and Pacific 

Billings Samuel W. dwl 124 Market 

Billings Sydney, engineer, dwl 11 Hartman Place 

Bims W. bds Wiiat Cheer House 

Binden John, wheelwright, dwl 1220 Stockton 

Bing Elizabeth, domestic 26 Laurel Place 

Bingenheimer C. cooper 106 Davis, dwl First cor 

Natoma Place 
Bingham A. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Bingham C. Edward, cigars SE cor Kearny and 

Washington, dwl 730 Kearny 
BINGHAM JAMES W. clerk Board Supervis- 
ors office 2d Hoor City Hall 
Bingham L. F. carpenter, bds 623 Market 
Binning R. with D. Norcross, dwl 104 Jessie 
Birbi Louis, groceries and liquors Brannan Street 

Bridge, Potrero 
Birch Thomas, plasterer, dwl 252 Minna 
Birch William, with Leander Ransom 
Birch William, Ethiopian comedian Maguire's 

Opera House, dwl 730 Kearny 
Birch William H. machinist Vulcan Iron Works, 

dwl 68 Natoma 
Bird Ann S. (widow) dwl 3 Dupont 
Bird Catharine (widow) dwl 18 Baldwin Court 
Bird George F. rodraan with Turner & Short, 

Parrott's Building 
Bird George W. street contractor, dwl SE cor 

Florence and Vallejo 
Bird Henry P. mariner, dwl 17 Perry 
Bird Jas. molder Union Foundry, dwl 21 Ritch 
Bird John, machinist Miners' Foundry, bds 214 

Bird John W. clerk Alta California, dwl 308 

Bird Michael, laborer, dwl S s Clementina bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Bird Robert, jeweler with L. Miller 614 Sac 
Bird Thomas, liquor saloon 160 First 
Bird William, furnished rooms and merchant tai- 
lor 536 Washington 
Birdsall A. W. engineer steamer Contra Costa, 

resides San Antonio 
Birdsall Geo. policeman, dwl E s Clarissa Place 
Birdsall George, ship-carpenter, dwl foot Beale 
Birdsall Jonathan, dwl Eighth between Mission 

and Market 
Birdsall Z. driver Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, 

dwl NW cor California and Montgomery 
Birdseye John C. (San Francisco Chemical 

Works) resides Nevada 
Birge James S. dentist, office and dwl :?05 Mont 
Birminsrham Patrick, laborer, dwl 68 Stevenson 
Birmingham Thomas, groceries SE cor Turk and 

Birnbaum Charles, book-keeper California Brew- 
ery cor Jackson and Stockton 
Birrell Andrew, dwl rear 150 Third 
Birrell Andrew jr. treasurer American Theater, 

dwl 150 Third, rear 
Birt Charles, machinist, bds 54 First 
Bisagno Bartholomew {Bisagno Bros.) dwl N s 

Pacific near Scott 
Bisagno Brothers (Louis, Pio and Barthohtnew) 
importers hardware, cutlery, etc. 420 Bat- 
tery, dwl N s Pacific near Scott 
Bisagno Pio (Bisagno Bros.) res Stockton, Cal 
Bisby Elijah, dwl Eagle Hotel Beale 
Biscaccianti Elisa Mad. cantatrice, dwl 904 Kear 



Bischoff Louis, jeweler with F. R. Reichel, dwl 

147 Pine 
Bishop Benjamin F. jeweler, dwl 105 Mont 
Bishop Brown, bar keeper cor Clay and East 
Bishop Gurdon, teamster, dwl W s Florence bet 

Vallejo and Broadway 
Bishop Henry, groceries SE cor Geary and Wil 

Bishop Henry, liquors cor Clay and East 
Bishop James H. carpenter, dwl 327 Kearny 
Bishop Louis, jeweler, dwl 417 Pine 
BISHOP MARGARETTA S. (widow) miUinery 

106 Montgomery 
Bishop Oliver, butcher, dwl W s Florence bet 

Vallejo and Broadway 
Bishop Richard, stone-cutter 25 Everett 
Bisset Andrew, stone-cutter, dwl rear 417 How 
Bitt H. ( W. Schaberg <k H. B.) dwl 756 Wash 
BITTER WILLIAM, proptr Mechanics' Hotel 

SW cor Pacific and Kearny 
Bittner Andrew, shoemaker, dwl 7 St. Marys 
Bitzer Charles, driver, dwl NT\'^ cor Mission and 

Biux John P. groceries and liquors N s Sixteenth 

nr Dolores 
Bivin Robert, rigger, dwl N s Harrison bet Beale 

and Main 
Bivins Mary Mrs. (colored) junk dealer 622 Bat- 
Bivins Samuel (colored) porter, dwl 16 Scott 
Bixby A. R. stock dealer, dwl E s Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
Bixler Daniel, dwl 1009 Mason 
BIXLER DAVID, attorney at law NW cor Mont 

and Commercial, dwl 1009 Mason 
Bizard Etienne, attendant French Hospital 
Black Adam, boot and shoe maker E s Mission 

bet Eighth and Ninth 
Black Charles E. blacksmith 321 Pine, dwl 

Brooks House 
Black David, blacksmith with Skelly & Co. dwl 

SW cor Second and Jessie 
Black Diamond Coal Mining Co. office 800 Powell 
Black George, civil engineer, dwl 1107 Mason 
Black Henry M. Captain U. S. A. dwl Presidio 
Black (if. M.) & Miller {D. D.) carriage manufac- 
turers 719 Market, dwl 723 Market 
Black James, dwl NW cor Stockton and Ellis 
Black James, stone-mason, dwl 316 Bush 
Black James J. agent Golden Era, dwl cor 

Market and ElUs 
Black John, captain bark Ocean Bird, office at 

222 Sacramento 
Black John W. book-keeper with Thomas H. 

Selby & Co. 
Black W. W. stock auctioneer 622 Sansom, dwl 

S s Green bet Kearny and Dupont 
Blackburn Charles, carriage-maker with J. Cos- 

tigan & Co. dwl 1117 Kearny 
Blackburn John, cook Market St. Restaurant 

619 Market 
Blackman G. H. with A. R. Baldwin & Co. dwl 

873 Mission 
Blackman ( 0. P.) Howard ( Charles Weib) & Co. 

( Charles B. Marvin) importers and wholesale 

wines and liquors 325 Front, dwl Russ 

Blackmore Thomas, boarding 327 Beale 

Blackner John J. pattern maker, dwl rear 30 

Blackstone Nathaniel, U. S. poll-tax collector 
City Hall, dwl Presidio Road 

Blackwell Elhs H. with E. I. Barra, bds 513 

Blackwell John,.piilkman and gardener with John 
Warburton ^.'C-i/T-^-^ 

Blackwood John, ftmlHtf United States Commis- 
sary Department 208 Sansom 

BLACKWOOD WILLIAM, clerk U. S. A. Quar- 
termaster's Department 742 Washington, 
dwl 768 Harrison 

Blagemann {F.) & Hans (J!) groceries and liquors 
SW cor Stockton and Greenwich 

Blaikie Francis, bds 707 Front 

Blaikie George W. ship joiner, dwl W s Leaven- 
worth bet Clay and Washington 

Blaikie James E. carpenter, dwl 121 Prospect PI 

Blaikie Sarah (widow) dwl W s Leavenworth 
bet Clay and Washington 

Blain Rev. John D. pastor Folsom St. M. E. 
Church, dwl 525 Folsom 

Blain Mary (widow) dwl 203 Commercial 

Blain R bds What Cheer House 

Blair George W. waterman, dwl 739 Market 

Blair Harry, seaman, bds 227 Pacific 

Blair (James) & Co. [Mathew A. Anderson and 
Thomas Cowan) soap manufacturers Ninth 
nr Brannan St. Bridge 

Blair John, pool table 539 Sacramento 

Blair {Mattheiv) & Somers {Harvey) livery stable 
739 Market 

Blair Phineas S. varnisher, dwl 6 William 

Blair Samuel, captain schooner J. R. Whiting 
pier 11 Stewart, dwl 47 Tehama 

Blair Thomas, hackman, dwl 522 California 

Blair Thomas N. local policeman, dwl 108 Post 

Blair William F. clerk 540 Washington 

Blaive Dominique Rev. pastor Notre Dame des 
Victoires Church N s Bush bet Stockton and 

Blake A. bds What Cheer House 

BLAKE C. E. dentist SW cor Clay and Kearny, 
dwl 430 Bryant 

Blake {Calvin T.) & Co. {George W. Blake) hat- 
ters 524 Mont, dwl W s Calhoun nr Union 

Blake Elizabeth (widow) dwl S s Lick nr First 

Blake {Francis) & Moffitt {James) steam printing 
presses 528 Merchant, dwl SE cor Bush and 

Blake George M. book-keeper with Frank Baker, 
dwl 70 Minna 

Blake George W. {Bhke & Co.) dwl Calhoun nr 

Blake Henry C. book-keeper with Barclay & Co. 
dwl 323 Bush 

BLAKE JAMES, editor Pacific Medical and 
Surgical Journal and physician 219 Bush 

Blake James, laborer, dwl W s Second bet Bran- 
nan and Townsend 

Blake Joseph, boatman, rooms 423 East 

Blake Lazell W. hotel runner 306 Broadway, 
dwl S s Lick bet First and Ecker 

BLAKE MAURICE C. judge County Court, 
Probate Court and Court of Sessions City 
Hall, chambers Express Building 402 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 218 Bush 



Blako Michael, porter 106 Battery, dwl Broad- 
way Hotel 
Blake O. captain bark D. M. Hall, office 222 Sac 
Blake P. Henry, constable Fifth Township, office 

613 Market 
Blake Philip, butcher 47 Metropolitan Market, 

dwl S s Brannan bet Second and Third 
Blake Sumner C. carrier Herald and Mirror, dwl 

with P. B. Dexter - ,-•■ 
Blako William H. (colored) hair dressing saloon 

508 CI ly, dwl Green nr Kearny 
Blakcly Francis, carpenter, dwl 109 Powell 
Blakely William H. drayman 41() Battery, dwl 

S s Harrison nr Sixth 
Blakiston J. S. sail-maker 36 Clay 
Blakley Robert F. {Allen & B.) 623 Market 
Blanc Morris, laundry S s Clementina nr Fourth 
Blanc Woodhull, actor, dwl 409 Folsom 
BLANCH MARIANO, editor El Eco del Pacifico, 
office 538 Sacramento, dwl cor Broadway 
and Dupont 
Blanchard Alexander, mariner, dwl E 3 Reed 

near Washington 
Blanchard David, clerk, dwl 529 Pine 
Blanchard (D. L.) & Hunter (James) wholesale 

liquors 843 Dupont, dwl 906 Montgomery 
Blanchard John S. contractor, dwl Mechanics' 

Blanchard Julius, hardware and crockery 26 

Blanchard Robert, laborer Kimball & Co. dwl 62 

Blanchard R. S. teamster, bds 54 First 
Blanchard William H. dwl Tehama House 
Blanchon M. Jean, billiard saloon 713 Pacific, 

dwl 5 Lafayette Place 
Blanck M. C. bar keeper SW cor Clay and Davis 
Blanckardt Theodore A. clerk Q. M. Department 

U. S. A. 742 Washington, dwl 30 John 
Blandell Thomas, fish 35 Metropolitan Market, 

dwl S s Natoma bet Second and Third 
Blanding Edward J. salesman 306 Clay, dwl 35 

Blanding J. dwl 214 Sansom 
Blanding Louis, attorney at law BE cor Mont- 

g3mery and California 
BLANDING WILLIAM, attorney at law and 
President Ophir Silver Mining Co. office NE 
cor Mont and Jackson, dwl 1307 Taylor 
Blaney John, painter, dwl S s Ellis bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
Blaney John H. book-keeper Empire Soda Works, 

dwl 637 Howard 
Blang Stewart, bootmaker 705 Battery 
Blankan Henry, liquors San Bruno Road near 

Six Mile House 
Blankan John, clerk SW cor Davis and Clark 
Blankan Peter ( Granka & B.) dwl N W cor Front 

and Pacific 
Blasdell George E. bag maker 113 Clay, dwl No. 

2 Kngine House 
Blasdell George N. office SE cor Mont and Cal 
Blass Gai^son, clerk with M. Blass, dwl 60 Second 
Blass Meyer, dry goods NW cor Mission and 

Second, dwl 60 Second 
Blatt Sophia Miss, domestic 907 Vallejo 
Blauvelt Richard D. jr. clerk City and County 
Recorder's office, dwl 217 Stevenson 

Blease Henry, painter with Hopps & Kanary, dwl 

146 Second 
Bleattner John [Pope k B.) pattern maker UnioQ 

Foundry, dwl 30 Everett 
Bleck M. bds Benton House 

Bleck Win. porter with Rockwell, Coyo & Co 

Blegmann E. dwl 725 Lombard 

Blehl Henry {Charles Stulz & Co.) dwl 740 Mar- 

Bleret Edward, porter with E. De Rutto, dwl 936 
Dupont • 

Blesh Fredrick, butcher at 305 East, room NW 
cor Sacramento and East 

Blethen C. P. contractor 11 First, dwl 832 Mission 

Blethen James C. water works 577 Market, res 

Blewilt Philip, blacksmith Vulcan Foundry 

Bley A. {Pinner & B.) dwl 10 Clay 

Blick Pierre, Lafayette H. and L. Co. No. 2 

Blick Peter, carpenter "Vulcan Foundry 

Blidden Bridget Miss, domestic NE cor Pine and 

Bligh Andrew J. bds 707 Front 

Bligh Catherine (widow) dwl 528 Union 

Blinn Samuel P. {Adams, B. & Co.) dwl 64 Te- 

Bliss George D. {0' Connell & B.) dwl SE cor 
Pacific and Polk 

Bliss S. T. carpenter, dwl 225 Sutter 

Blitz Bernardus S. policeman City Hall, dwl 39 

Bloch Adolph, mcht, dwl Steckler's Exchange 

Bloch H. F. {A. Calm & Co.) res Portland, 

Bloch James, clerk, dwl Steckler's Exchange 

Bloch J. F. {A. Cahn & Co.) dwl 427 Post 

Bloch John, dry goods, dwl 1007 Pacific 

Bloch Sarah Miss, dwl 1007 Pacific 

Bloch W. boots and shoes 1022 Dupont 

Block A. merchant Nevada, office 300 Battery, 
dwl Steckler's Exchange 

Block A. B. clothing 1214 Stockton 

Block James N. book-keeper with H. Cohn & 
Co. dwl SE cor Sacramento and Stockton 

Block John, clothing 532 Kearny, dwl 110 Na- 

Block John, dry goods 1209 Stockton, dwl S s 
Pacific near Mason 

Block Samuel, clerk 1209 Stockton 

Block William, dwl 718 Stockton 

Blodes Theodore, barber San Francisco Baths, 
dwl 19 Geary 

Blodgett Andrew, teamster, dwl N s Bush near 

Blodgett Edgar C. packer with Wilson & Stevens, 
dwl 527 Pine 

Blohra Christopher, clerk with F. Lankeman 

Blohm Herman, with Frederick Fortmann 271 

Blohm Peter, groceries and liquors 42 Webb 

Blom J. bds Benton Hcuso 

Blom John, ship-carpenter Mare Island, dwl 
Vallejo bet Montgomery and Kearny 

Blondeau Z. with Prosper May, dwl 711 Com- 

Blongin Jos. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Blood {Jos.) & Clark {Francis J/.) coal and wood 
yard 1017 Battery, dwl W s Sansom bet 
Filbert and Greenwich 



Blood J. H. attorney at law 7 Montgomerj' Block, 

dwl SE cor Montgomery and California 
Blood L. L. produce commission 58 Clay, dwl 

N s Riley bet Taylor and Jones 
Blood Mary (widow) S s Greenwich bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansom 
Blood Wm. sail-maker with A. Crawford dwl 

N s Greenwich bet Sansom and Mont 
Blood William, washing machines, dwl 913 Bush 
Bloom Christian {H. Bruns & Co.) SW cor Davis 

and Commercial 
Bloom Hermann, wool grader, dwl SW cor 

Brannan and Sixth 
Bloom (Samuel) & Sandman (Alex.) tannery and 

wool works SW cor Brannan and Sixth 
Bloom Wolf, boots and shoes 124 Third 
Bloomer Hiram G. painter and dealer in paints, 
oils and glass 534 Jackson, dwl W s Union 
Place S Jackson 
Bloomer Isaac, millwright, dwl 130 Natoma 
Bloomer J. bds What Cheer House 
Bloomer William Mrs. lodging- and boarding 421 

Bloomer William, superintendent and special po- 
liceman Metropolitan Mkt, dwl 421 Dupont 
Bloomingdale E. dwl E s Mason bet Green and 

Bloomingdale Israel, book-keeper with A. Block 

300 Battery, dwl 652 Sacramento 
Bloomingdale Jos. B. clerk with Mrs. L. Popper 
Bloomfield Wm. G. mariner, dwl N s Union bet 

Battery and Sansom 
Bloor Geo. W. printer, dwl 44 Governm't House 
Bios Joseph, dwl W s A nn 
BLOSSOM WILLIAM H. Blossom's Exchange 

Saloon 323 Washington 
Blossor J. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Blucher John C. with M. Lindheimer 
Bluck George, waiter, dwl 909 Vallejo 
Blue M. H. furniture 732 Market, bds 623 Market 
Bluett Phillip, blacksmith, bds 24 Jackson 
Blum Charles, steward Meyers' Hotel 
Blum Herman, furnishing goods 317 Montgomery 
Blum I. dry goods, etc. dwl 1028 Clay 
Blum Isaac, clerk Original House 
Blum Isaac, tailor 529 East 
BLUM ISIDOR, importer clothing and gents' 
furnishing goods 411 Montgomery, dwl 728 
Blum J. M. dwl N s Ellis bet Powell and Stock 
Blum Simon, express wagon 810 Kearny 
Blume Charles, wholesale liquors SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Sacramento, dwl 818 Bdwy 
Blumenberg Hall, S a Pine bet Montgomery and 

Blumenberg James H. gilder and picture-frame 

maker 313 Pine 

BLUMENTHAL A. L. & SON (Julius Blumen- 

thal) importers and manufacturers cloths 

616 Sacramento and 615 Commercial dwl 

104 O'Farrell ' 

Blumenthal Elias W. tinsmith, dwl 718 Vallejo 

Blumenthal Henry (Lasar & B.) dwl 718 Vallejo 

Blumenthal Julius (J.. Z. Blumenthal & Son) dwl 

22 Montgomery 
Blumenthal L. tailor 333 Kearny 
Blumenthal M. A. crockery 730 Montgomery, dwl 
St. Nicholas Hotel 

Blumenthal Samuel, dwl Belden's Block 

Blun Edward, gardener, dwl N s Shipley nr Fifth 

Blun Simon, merchant, dwl N s Hardie Place nr 

Blundell Thomas, fish 44 and 45 Metropolitan 

Bluxome Isaac jr. coal and iron NE cor Califor-- 

nia and Front, dwl 14 Kearny 
Bly L. A. sash maker with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Blythe Heurv, tally clerk with Amos, Phinney & 

Co. dwf319Beale 
Blythe Isaac, dwl 707 Front 
Blythe Robert, cook, dwl NW cor Market and 

BOARD CITY ENGINEERS, office 623 Mont- 

gomerj', established April 30, 1 862 
Boardman Charles, clerk with Bailey & Sanborn, 

dwl SW cor Stockton and Pine 
BOARDMAN GEORGE C. secretary S. F. In- 
surance Co. 621 Clay, dwl Russ House 
Boardman Joseph, architect, room 15 Naglee's 
Building cor Montgomery and Merchant, dwl 
NE cor California and Sansom 
Boas Joseph & Co. ( Charles B. Richard and Em- 
anuel Boas) importing commission merchants 
and agents Hamburg Steamship Co. office 
427 Sacramento, dwl 411 Pine 
Boas Emanuel (Joseph Boas & Co.) res New York 
Bobst Cyrus E. with Heuston, Hastings & Co. 

dwl 327 Bush 
Bobst James R. dwl 327 Bush 
Bocher Mary Mrs. dwl SW cor Drumm and Clark 
'BOGK (Charles) & HAUSER (C.) liquor saloon 

773 Clay 
Bock W. S. dwl 521 Kearny 
Bocken Henry, German Coffee Saloon and Res- 
taurant, 614 Mont, dwl Union nr Powell 
Bockhurst John, carpenter What Cheer House 
Bockmann D. H. clerk 201 Fourth 
Bockmann Henry, groceries 201 Fourth 
Bode Geo. C. accountant for J. B. Thomas, dwl 

cor Harlan Place and Dupont 
Bodecker B. musician, dwl 422 Green 
Bodega Line Packets, Washington St. Wharf 
Boden John F. searcher of records, office with 

W. H. J. Brooks 
Boden P. (widow) dwl 424 Bush 
Boderacco John, laborer with Paul Reale 
Bodinier J. V. physician, dwl 919 Stockton 
Bodkin Thomas, plasterer, dwl 128 Natoma 
Bodv/ell II. H. cooper, dwl 55 Everett 
Bodwell Joseph R, shoemaker 604 Jackson, rms 

1102 Kearny 
Boehm Philip J. waiter 224 California, dwl W 8 

Trinity nr Sutter 
Boehm F. musician, dwl E s Clara 
Boehmer Frederick, dwl 611 Union 
Boell Charles L. pressman with C. A. Calhoun 

320 Clay 
Boese Julius, book-keeper 512 Davis, dwl SEcor 

Pacific and Davis 
Boetz Celestine (widow) dwl Mission Dolores 

rear Church 
BOFER WILLIAM & CO. (Carl F. Marwede, 
August Bultmann and Adolph Marquard) im- 
porters and retailers hardware 610 Sac 
Bofinger Jacob, silversmith with F. G. Bepler, 
dwl 18 Sansom 



Bogardus John P. canvasser and collector, dwl ! 

N 8 Green bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Bogart John M. book-keeper 127 Clay, dwl 15 

Boge Jurgen, carpenter 341 Pine, dwl E a Laura 

Place nr Pine 
Boge William, cook Franklin House 
Boge Wni. gardener Lone Mountain Cemetery 
Bogener Bernard, liquor saloon W s Dolores bet 

Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Bogel C. H. groceries N\V comer Market and 

Bogel Louis, clerk with Michael Ahrens 
Bogel Theodore (B. Lefevre & Oo.) dwl SE cor 

Washington and Dupont 
Boggs Alexnnder. clerk, dwl 172 Minna 
Boghiscich (S. N.) & Mitrovich {Peter) Ferry 

House 715 Davis 
Bogner Charles, tailor with I. B. Purdy & Co. dwl 

Sixteenth, Mission Dolores 
Bohen Benj. F. policeman, dwl 411 Dupont 
BOHEN GEORGE T. Superintendent Public 
tftreetsand Highways City and County S. F. 
office City Hall, dwl 617 Pine 
Bohen James A. J. Deputy Sup't Streets City 

Hall, dwl 411 Dupont 
Bohen Philip, fruits, dwl 19 Geary 
Bohen Reuben, book-binder, dwl 604 Dupont 
Bohen Walter J. {Gram & £.)dwl 411 Dupont 
Bohlens William, clerk with A. B. Schafer, cor 

Montgomery and Washington 
Bohm Simon H. imp dry goods, dwl 608 Green 
Bohm William, manufacturing jeweler, room 25 

614 Merchant 
Bohme Louis, salesman 641 Clay, dwl 108 Post 
Bohme William, bar keeper 603 California, dwl 

N 8 Post bet Kearny and Dupont 
Bohmer ¥fuz {Gerstung & Co.) dwl 611 Union 
Bohmer Henry, tailor with A. Milatovich, dwl 

Broadway bet Kearny and Dupont 
Bohn Christian, tinsmith, dwl 1216 Dupont 
Bohn John, job wagon, dwl 418 Union 
Bohn John, stoves and tin ware, 1218 Dupont 
Bohn Mary Ann (widow) dwl S s Green bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Bohner Joseph, dwl 403 Bush 
Boido Dominico. job wagon 9 Lafayette Place 
Boido Lorenzo, job wagon 9 Lafayette Place 
Boiel Gaspar, salt packer with S. H. Tyler & Co. 

dwl S 8 Gutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Boilleau Ferdinand, cashier with Alfred Borel, 

dwl 831 Sacramento 
Boiro Louis, salesman 618 Kearny, dwl 346 

Boisse Eugene, hair dressing saloon 526 Commer- 
cial, dwl 625 Sacramento 
Boisse Hermoine Mme. dress-maker 627 Sac 
Boissot Victoire Miss, domestic 1020 Clay 
Bokee D. McK. clerk Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

dwl Fella Place 
Bokco William 0. book-keeper with Barry A Pat- 
ten, dwl 6 Montgomery 
Bolado Joaquin (Sanjurjo, B. & Pujol) dwl 616 

Bolan Mary (widow) dwl 37 Stevenson 
Bolan Michael, carman, bds 519 Mission 
Bolaiid James, expressman S. F. Sugar Refinery, 
dwl Harrison nr Seventh 

Boland John, store-keeper American Exci)ange 
Boland {John) A Gray ( Wiiliam) butchers 39 Me- 
tropolitan Market, dwl SE cor Taylor and 
Boland William, book-keeper with D. Scbultze, 

bds 54 First 
Bolander Henry N. teacher with Mrs. Sweden- 

stierna, dwl 544 Folsom 
Bolard Louisa (widow) washing 604 Broadway 
Boldenwick Frederick, clerk, dwl 636 Sac 
Boldermami Arthur, dwl 713 Union, rear 
Boldiraan Adolph, clerk with C. Lindner, dwl N 

s Union bet Powell and Mason 
Bolen James, dwl 315 Tehama 
Bolf Loui.s, printer, dwl E s Minna bet Fifth and 

Bolger James, watchman C. S. N. Co. dwl N s 

Union bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Bolger John, boiler maker, dwl N s Clementina 

near Fourth 
Bolger John, plasterer, dwl 418 Folsom 
Bolsrer Myles, Davis St House cor Davis and Sac 
Bolinas Line PacKets, Jackson Street Wharf 
Boling George, fniits, dwl 730 Kearny 
Bolinger Rev. G. H. pastor German M. E. Church 

Broadway bet Stockton it Powell 
Bolion S. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Bolle Henry, cooper, dwl 107 Chambers 
BoUes John, laborer, bds with Patrick Bums, 

Lone Mountain 
Boiling George, musician, dwl 1 G24 Stockton 
Boiling George K. clerk, dwl 1624 Stockton 
Boiling Teresa Mrs. fancy goods 1624 Stockton 
Bolster Patrick, liquor saloon N s Grove nr La- 

guna, Hayes Park 
Bolster Thomas, special policeman City Hall, 

dwl Grove 
BOLTON JAMES R. real estate, office room 6 

618 Merchant, dwl NW comer Jones and 

Bolton John H. cashier with Barron & Co. dwl 

718 Filbert 
Bolton R. stevedore, dwl Howard Engine House 
Boltz Albert, cook 421 Dupont 
Bomeisler Hermau, at National Flour Mills, dwl 

67 Minna 
Bomeister Christian, groceries and liquors 301 

Mission cor Beale 
Bonacine A. carver with Ackley k Davidson 
Bonall John, shoemaker 727 Jackson 
Bond Alfred, boiler maker with Coffey & Risdon 
Bond Balaam, dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Bond Bridget Mrs. dwl W 8 Morey Alley near 

Bond Charles R. {Cobh, Sinton <fc A) dwl 410 

Bond Charles W. {Janson, B. <fc Co.) res N. York 
Bond David, compositor State Printing Office, 

dwl NE cor Washington and Powell 
Bond John, laborer, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Bond John W. dwl SW cor Dupont and Bdwy 
Bond Richard L. carpenter, dwl 429 First 
Bondil Pierre, bathman French Hospital 
Bonduel Charles, compositor Echo du Pacifique, 

dwl cor Washington and Tyson Place 
Bones Anna M. Mrs. proprietress Sansom Street 

House 306 Sansom cor California 
Bones John W. contractor, dwl 306 Sansom 




Bonestell J. T. clerk with H. Rosekrans & Co. 

dwl 512 Stockton 
Bonestell Louis H. with Hodge & Wood, dwl 512 

Bougert Michael, drayman, dwl 639 Broadway 
Bonglct Elisa, laundry 812 Union 
Bonnar Ellen, domestic, dwl 22 Stanly Place 
Bonnard Anloino, fruits and vegetables stall 2 

Clay Street Market, dwl Polk Alley nr Stock 
Bonnard Frank A. compositor Morning Call, dwl 

NE cor Stockton and O'Farrell 
Bonneau Thomas C. hair dressing saloon Rail- 
road House, dwl 785 Folsom 
Bonnell Allison C. cashier and book-keeper Even- 
ing Bulletin, dwl 219 Minna 
Bonnell Edwin, clerk City and County Recorder, 

dwl 219 Minna 
Bonnell Henr}', clerk with Gillespie & Gray, dwl 

219 Minna 
Bonnell Rufus, clerk with D. J. Oliver, dwl 219 

Bonnet A. workman Spring Yalley W. W. Co 
Bonnet (Augustus) & Daband (Joseph) asphaltum 

roofers and brick-makers, oflBce SW cor 

Third and Stevenson 
Bonnet Hermann, carriage-maker with M. T. Sier 
Bonnet Wolfe, clock-maker, dwl rear 1407 Stock 
Bonney George, purser steamer Senator 
Bonney Joel, books and stationery SE cor Stewart 

and Market, dwl 27 Minna 
Bonney Olplia, contractor, dwl 1407 Powell 
Bonzi (Peter) & Gamba (Louis) restaurant and 

bar 515 and 517 Merchant 
Boobar Elijah C. ( Galloway & B.) dwl 554 Folsom 
Booken Christian (Wilbern &, B.) NW cor Bush 

and Dupont 
Booken John, groceries SB cor Waverly Place 

and Washington 
Booker M. Miss, bds Virginia Block 
Booker J. C. L. dwl 651 Folsom 
BOOKER W. LANE, H. B. M.'s Consul, office 

428 California, dwl Union Club rooms 
Bookstaver Samuel, slaughter-house Brannan 

street bridge, Potrero 
Bool Wm. ship-carpenter, dwl 351 First 
Boomsma Albert, bar keeper Pacific bet Drumm 

and East 
Boon Wm. drayman, dwl Volunteer Engine Co. 

No. 7 ^ 
BOORAEM H. TOLER, attorney at law, office 

room 5 Metropolitan Block, dwl Union Club 

Boorem Thos. job wagon cor Pine and Battery 
Boorem(7b«;n«e7id) & Hadekoff (Adolph) stable 

18 Clementina, dwl 26 Clementina 
Boos George, driver with David George, dwl 

Helvetia Hotel 
Booth (Adam) & Co. (Alexander Nicholson) pro- 
duce commission 4 and 6 Merchant, dwl 
1713 Mason 
Booth B. E. book-keeper with Redington & Co. 

dwl 632 Mission 
Booth C. H. tow driver rope walk, bds 14 Stewart 
Booth Daniel E. clerk with Gillespie & Gray, dwl 

510 Dupont 
Booth E. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Booth Junius B. actor Metropolitan Theater, dwl 
W s Calhoun bet Green and Union 

Booth L. A. merchant, dwl Russ House 
Booth Robert, stone-cutler, bds 814 Sansom 
Booth William, importer and manufacturer hats 

and caps 314 Sacramento, dwl 42 Tehama 
Bootliby William L. teamster, dwl 308 Folsom 
Boothe Jemima Miss, dwl with G. K. Gluyas 
Boothman James, cooper at 508 Front, bds 707 

Bootz Adam, proprietor Bootz Hotel 435 Pine 
Boquillon Adrien (Eudes & Co.) dwl 53 Third 
Boras Felix, laundryman, dwl NW cor Taylor 

and Filbert 
Borboun James, builder, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth, rear 
BorcheV Charles (Hildebrand & B.) dwl SE cor 

St. Marks Place and Dupont 
Borches Frederick (Donzelman k Co.) dwl NE 

cor Kearny and California 
Borde Auguste, dwl 1618 Powell 
Borde Fritz, laborer, dwl 1616 Powell 
TIME LINE PACKETS, E. de Rutte agent, 

431 Battery 
Borden Edgar H. shoemaker with Robt. Inches, 

dwl 103 Sansom 
Bordwell George, architect 224 Montgomery, dwl 

S s Mission bet Seventh and Eighth 
Bordwell Waleot, millwright, dwl 783 Folsom 
BOREL ALFRED, importing commission mer- 
chant, office NW cor Montgomery and Jack 

son, dwl 280 Stockton 
Borel Antoine, clerk with Alfred Borel, dwl 280 

BOREL GUSTAVE, butcher, dwl SE cor Santa 

Clara and Hampshire, Potrero 
Borger Christian, manufacturing jeweler 409 San 
Borle L. assistant steward with W. H. Blossom 
Bormoun Ferdinand, butcher with W. H. Miller 
Born Charles, hair dresser with J. B. Riviere, dwl 

Lick House 
Bornemann F. G. memorandum clerk U. S. 

B. Mint, dwl SW cor Folsom and Thirteenth 
Bernstein Julius, with E. Martin & Co. dwl 433 

Borthwick Robt. porter with A. M. Oilman & Co. 

dwl 142 Natoma 
BORUCK MARCUS D. (Chase & B.) dwl 1007 

Boschen Fabian, clerk 707 Howard 
Boschen Nicholas (Hoferkamp & Co.) NW cor 

Pine and Dupont 
Boschken Jacob, carpenter, dwl W s Powell bet 

Post and Sutter 
Boscowitz Leopold, book-keeper with William 

Langerman, dwl 1707 Stockton 
Bose D. Sugar Refinery, dwl cor Howard and 

Bose Michael, cartman, dwl 542 Howard 
Bosman Maurice A. (KoopmuHschap & Co.) res 

Hongkong, China 
Bosqui Edward, drayage Custom House, dwl 

1617 Powell 
Bosqui Kenniff, book-binder with A. Buswell & 

Co. dwl 1703 Dupont 
Bosselman Wm. bds Mechanics' Hotel 
Bossuge J. mechanic, dwl St. Francis H. and L. 

Co. No. 1 
Boston Jos. (Kirby, Jones &, Co.) res Santa Cruz 



BOSTON LINK PACKETS, Gliddon A Williams, 

Mender. Lolor k Co. agents 405 From 
Boston L. liaudcartman cor Jackson and Davis 
Boslwiek H. II. foreman witli Tay, Brooks & 

Backus, dwl S s California near Dupont 
Bostwick Sarah (widow) dwl 1301 Taylor 
Boswell {S. B.) & Geddes {J. S.) dairy commis- 
sion merchant 208 Clay, dwl W a Powell 
bet Ellis and O'Farrell 
Boswortli Chas. bds Brooklyn Hotel 
Bosworth G. F. printer, bds Benton House 
Bosworth Mary T. (widow) with Mrs. A. E. 
Irwin, dwl NE cor Sutler and Montgomery 
Boswortli "Vi'm. commission merchant, dwl 14 

Prospect Place 
Bolfeld Ernst, cabinet-maker, dwl SW cor Jack- 
son and Battery 
Bothe Charles, dwl 439 Kearny 
Bothe Sophia Mrs. midwife, dwl 439 Kearny 
Bothic Chas. butcher, bds 814 Montgomery 
Bothwick Robert, porter, dwl 142 Natoma 
Bottessini Louis, porter with P. Maury jr. 710 

Bottle Mary Mrs. liquor saloon 808 Clav 
Bottom G. R. (Diss & Co.) bds 202 Prospect PI 
Botlomly James, dwl 18 Minna 
Bouchard Hypolyte, commission merchant, dwl 

S s Hinckley near Dupont 
Boucher Ciias. laborer, dwl 7 Tehama 
BOUCHER EUGENE, merchant tailor 537 
Sacramento, dwl NW cor Pine and Quincy 
Bouclet Selina Mrs. dwl 628 Pacific 
Boudon Alcicide, washing and ironing W s 

Mason bet Lombard and Chestnut 
Bouffe Ernest, waiter L'Esperance Restaurant, 

dwl 505 Dupont 
Boulden George T. ( Clayton & Co.) 40 Metropol- 
itan Market 
Boulin Pierre, carpenter, dwl 517 Green 
Boullanger Jean, minor, dwl Union Hotel 
Boullet Emma Miss, dwl 916 Powell 
Boullet Joseph, Lyceum Club Rooms 606 Wash- 
ington, dwl 916 Powell 
Boullet Joseph jr. dwl 916 Powell 
Boulon Etienne, syrup manufactory 613 Union 
Bourdette Peter {Cook & B.) Ninth nr Brannan 
Bourdin {Piene) & Berges {Pierre) proprietors 

French Garden, Lobos Creek 
Bourgeois Alexander, blacksmith, dwl 630 Bdwy 
Bourjade A. C. importer of wines 638 Pacific 
Bourquin Charles, dentist, dwl SW cor Pacific 

and Dupont 
Bourquine Emile C. laborer, dwl W s Minna bet 

Filth and Sixth 
Bourn William B. shipping and forwarding mer- 
chant, oflice 222 Sacramento, dwl 537 Third 
Bourne Elisha W. book-keeper and cashier As- 
sistant Treasurer U. S. dwl 428 Bryant 
BOURNE GEORGE M. water-cure physician 

629 Market 
Bourne John, miner, dwl 514 Bush 
Bourne John B. book-keeper 213 Front, dwl 222 

Bourne Russell, commission buyer 402 Front, 

dwl 921 Sacramento 
Bourne W. H. dwl Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Boursier Edward, with E. Cardinet, dwl N a 
Lombard bet Powell and Mason 

Bouse Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Harrison 

nr Main 
Bousquet Kloiso (widow) dress-making 621 Pac 
Boussuge Jean, coppersmith at 520 Davis 
Boutard Charles, French laundry 178 Jessie 
Bouvet Jules, laundry NW cor Taylor and 

Bovee James S. dwl 609 Union 
Bovee Wm. H. {Contra Costa Lanndry Co.) office 

624 Com and 13 Bdwy, resides Oakland 
Bovee William R. {Forrest A B.) dwl 28 Battery 
Bovyer William L. carpenter, dwl N s Pine bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Bow Edwin R. W. clerk 309 Montgomery, dwl 

Chicago Hotel 
Bowden Charles S. clerk J. Everding & Co. dwl 

510 Pine 
Bowden John, porter Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Ex- 
press, dwl rear 18 Mary Lane 
Bowden John B. seaman, dwl 66 Stevenson 
Bowen Archibald J. stevedore, dwl NE cor 

Montgomery and Alta 
Bowen Catherine Miss, with G. Rosenberg, dwl 

523 Mission 
Bowen ( Charles F.) &, Edmunds {Henry H.) milk- 
ranch N s Presidio Road nr Presidio House 
BOWEN {Charles li.) & BROTHER {Pardon M. 
Bowen) wholesale and retail groceries SE cor 
Montgomery and California, and 306 and 
308 Clay, dwl 211 Stevenson 
Bowen Dennis, hostler with N Gray 641 Sac 
Bowen E. C. coining room U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl Sutter nr Jones 
Bowen G. W. pork packer, dwl Brooklyn Hotel 
Bowen Hannah Miss, domestic E s Mason bet 

Union and Green 
Bowen James, gardener, dwl E s Park Avenue 

bet Bryant and Harrison 
Bowen James B. packer with Wilson & Stevens, 

dwl 307 Fremont 
Bowen James L. carpenter, dwl 1017 Mason 
Bowen Mary (widow) dwl 20 Natoma 
Bowen Michael, laborer, dwl W s Spring nr Cal 
Bowen Pardon M. {Bowen dc Bro.) res Stockton 
Bowen Reuben "W. bookbinder with Bartling & 
Kimball, dwl E s Dupont bet Cal and Sac 
Bowen Samuel M. dwl 1818 Stockton 
Bowen Thomas, pork packer with E. Gilson & 

Co. bds Western House Stewart 
Bowen Timothy, laborer, dwl 34 Webb 
Bower Annie, domestic, dwl with Horace Gushee 
Bower Charles, printer, dwl 804 Sacramento 
Bower Charles J. dwl E s Dupont bet Francisco 

and Bay 
Bower George, brick-layer, dwl 774 Folsom 
Bower George, superintendent Alden's Restau- 
rant, Tehama House, dwl 919 Sacramento 
Bower Jacob, liquor saloon 640 Pacific 
Bowers — , Hall of Records Building Washing- 
ton nr Dupont 
Bowers C. H. grocer. Pacific Engine Co. No. 8 
Bowers Charles, compositor Morning Call 
Bowers Elisha P. clerk with Selling, Marx & Co. 

dwl 510 Washington 
Bowers James, miller, dwl 683 Market 
Bowers Jno. B. {late Davis & 5.) dwl 732 Mission 
Bowers John T. agent for James R. Bolton 618 



BOWIE AUGUSTUS J. physician, office 622 
Clay, dwl NW cor Stockton and Sutter 

Bowie M. D. clerk with George F. Bragg &, Co. 
Ill California, dwl 24 Everett 

Bowlen Nellie Miss, with Cecelia Plummer, dwl 
160 Minna 

Bowler Thos. driver Clinton Temperance House, 
bds 311 Pacific 

Bowler Thomas, at San Francisco Sugar Refinery, 
bds with Owen Casey 

Bowles George R. carpenter, dwl N s Francisco 
nr Polk 

Bowles James, works with Cutting & Co. dwl 
Sutter bet Mongomery and Kearny 

Bowley Samuel C. {Joseph Roberts & Co.) dwl 
Lick House 

Bowman A. bds What Cheer House 

Bowman Adelia Mrs. boarding NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Broadway 

Bowman Arthur W. {Bigelow & B.) dwl 26 
Laurel Place 

Bowman Bernardus, shoemaker, dwl 17 Minna 

Bowman Bridget (widow) dwl Minna nr Eighth 

Bowman Charles C. merchant, office NW cor 
Mont and Jackson, dwl 606 Greenwich 

Bowman E. P. dwl 606 Greenwich 

Bowman Frederick, clerk with William Iburg 

Bowman George F. purser P. M. S. S. Go's stmr 
Golden Age, dwl 26 Laurel Place 

Bowman James, real estate and superintendent 
Greenwich Dock Warehouse, office 328 Cali- 
fornia, dwl 864 Mission 

Bowman James, real estate, dwl S s Sacramento 
bet Powell and Mason 

Bowman James F. attorney at law NW comer 
Montgomery and Merchant, dwl 21 Silver 

Bowman Joel K. (Gardner & Co.) dwl Folsom nr 

Bowman Louisa Miss, furnished rooms 9 Minna 

Bowman Peter E. produce merchant, dwl NE 
cor Montgomery and Broadway 

Bowman Wm. carpenter Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Bowman Wm. P. boiler maker, dwl 505 Jackson 

Bowne George M. shipping and commission mer- 
chant 311 East, dwl 334 Fremont 

Bowne Wm. F. shipping and commission mer- 
chant 311 East, dwi 334 Fremont 

Bowse Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl SE corner 
Harrison and Beale 

Box James, carpenter 606 Mission 

Box WiUiam, mason, dwl 604i Mission 

Boyce J. molder Pacific Foundry, dwl St. Charles 

Boyce John H. seaman pilot boat. Sailors' Home 

Boyce J. R. phvsician, rooms 845 Dupont 

BOYCE THOMAS, advertising agent NE cor 
Montgomery and Wash, dwl 526 Bryant 

BOYD ALEXANDER, attorney at law and com- 
missioner for all the States, room 11 Wells' 
Building cor Mont and Clay, dwl 609 Pine 

Boyd Catherine (widow) dwl 323 Dupont 

Boyd George, bds 210 Stockton 

Boyd George W. captain ship Coquimbo, pier 1 

Boyd James, proprietor Union House 1 6 First 

BOYD {James T.) & MORRISON {Robert F.) 
attorneys at law, room 8 Wells' Building 
cor Montgomery and Clay, dwl 962 Mission 

Boyd J. H. dwl 640 Commercial 

Boyd John, clerk, dwl 1123 Dupont 

Boyd John, laborer, dwl N s Geary bet Jones 

and Tavlor 
BOYD {John D.) k MERKLE {Christian) var- 

nishers, polishers and imitators fancy woods 

SE cor Pine and Montgomery, dwl 518 Sac 
Boyd Joseph, tin ware 519 Davis 
Boyd Michael, baker Eclipse Bakery 1414 Du- 
Boyd Oliver D. mining, dwl Tehama House 
Boyd Oscar H. hatter with Blake & Co. dwl 206 

Boyd Theodore C. stationer and engraver 228 

Mont, dwl S s Jessie bet Fourth and Fifth 
Boyd William, captain bark W. H. Gawley, pier 

1 Stewart 
Boyd Wm. {R. S. Cutter & Co.) dwl 572 Howard 
Boydt W. M. counting-room TJ. S. Branch Mint, 

room 60 Government House 
Boyer A. S. plasterer, dwl 118 Sansom 
Boyer D. peddler, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Boyes Charles, merchant tailor, 128 Montgomery 
Boyle Agnes F. Mrs. furnished rooms 505 How- 
Boyle A. M. dry goods, dwl Shield's Block 
Boyle Arthur, molder, dwl 539 Market 
Boyle Bridget (widow) dwl N s Harrison bet 

Beale and Main 
Boyle Catherine Miss, dress-maker, dwl SW cor 

Battery and Green 
Boyle Edward, dwl 505 Howard 
Boyle Edward, porter, dwl N s Tehama bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Boyle Ellen, domestic 212 Broadway 
Boyle Fanny (widow) dwl S s Berry nr Dupont 
Boyle James, melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

Market bet Sixth and Seventh 
Boyle James, plasterer, dwl 435 Pine 
Boyle John C. gas fitter with J. K. Prior, dwl 31 

St. Marks Place 
Boyle Patrick, carpenter, dwl rear S s Vallejo 

bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Boyle Robert, laborer, dwl East and nr Ocean 

Boyle Sally A. Mrs. dwl 632 Mission 
Boyle Sarah Miss, domestic 1307 Taylor 
Boyle Thomas A. ship joiner, dwl 742 California 
Boyle William, tailor 317 Montgomery 
Boyle William A. dentist 625 Clay 
Boyd William M. mariner, dwl 41 Clementina 
Boylin Charles, fruits 1326 Stockton 
Boylin Thomas, mariner, dwl 1214 Kearny 
Boyiie Joseph, washing W 8 Codnran Place nr 

Boynton Chas. E. carriage-maker with Frederick 

Boynton C. Whitman, chief engineer S. F. C. 

Water Works Co. dwl Monroe bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Boynton Luther W. carpenter, dwl S s Ellis bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Boynton Orrin P. speciai policeman, dwl 1108 

Boyreau John J. C. cashier Y. Marziou &Co. dwl 

E s Chatham Place nr Bush 
Boysen Charles, hatter 316 Kearny 
Boysen Hans, carpenter, bds 46 Stewart 



Boysen Julius, hatter witli J. Worts, dwl 1 1 Front 
Boz Leon, soda maker with Turaer & Co. 529 

Brach Gei)rge A. confectionery 1228 Stockton 
Brack Oswald, shoemaker 237 Sutter 
Bracken Henry, packer Golden Gate Flour Mills 
Brnckott Charles, seaman, bda Sailors' Home 
Brackett George, packer National Flour Mills, 

dwl 67 Minna 
Brackett H. H. clerk with Hooker & Co. dwl 131 

Brackett James, machiaist with E. 0. Hunt, dwl 

114 Jessie 
Brackett J. B. carpenter, dwl 83 Everett 
Brackett Nathaniel, millwright, dwl 536 Howard 
Brackett ( William L.) & Keyes ( Orson II.) Stew- 
art St. Market 50 Stewart, dwl 34 Tehama 
Bradbury William B. contractor 5j Third, dwl 9 

Braddock Mary Miss, dwl 31 Beale 
Bradel John, butcher, dwl with Thomas Hobson 
Braden Catharine Miss, domestic 224 Post 
Brader Christian, soda maker Pacific Soda Works 
Brader G. harness and saddle maker 506 Davis 
Brader Henry {^Louis Brader & Co.) dwl 736 

Brader Louis k. Co. {Peter and Henry Brader) Ex- 
celsior Soda Works 738 Broadway, dwl 740 
Brader Peter {Louis Brader & Co.) dwl 740 

Bradford Alden H. engineer, dwl 205 Harrison 
Bradford George B. merchant, dwl 65 Tehama 
Bradford Gershom, dwl 28 Sansom 
Bradford Rebecca (colored, widow) dwl 827 Val- 

lejo, rear 
Bradford Sarah Miss, seamstress, dwl 964 Mission 
Bradford Thomas II. seaman, dwl 65 Tehama 
Bradford Woodbury, printer, Eureka Typograph- 
ical Union Rooms 
Bradley August, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Bradley Bridget, cook 18 South Park 
Bradley Catharine Miss, chamber-maid Euss 

Bradley Ellen, domestic 551 Harrison 
Bradley Frank, bathman Original House 
Bradley George L. (Bradley & Chesley, Sacra- 
mento) office 404 Front, dwl 923 Bush 
BRADLEY HENRY W. importer daguerreian 
and photographic materials 622 Clay, dwl 
933 Sacramento 
Bradley Hugh, plasterer, dwl W a Mason bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Bradley James, liquor saloon 423 Mission 
Bradley Jas. B. carpenter, rms 305 Davis 
Bradley John H. hostler 219 Bush 
Bradley John N. salesman with Hazen, Hazel- 
tine k Co. dwl Ru33 House 
BRADLEY L. C. proprietor Paradox House NE 

cor Francisco and Powell 
Bradley Maria Miss, domestic with Moses O'Con- 
Bradley Mark, baker, dwl 717 Pacific 
Bradley Robert, laborer, dwl N s McAllister bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Bradley Stephen H. carpenter with B. H. Free- 
man, dwl S 3 Stevenson bet Sixth and 

Bradley Theodore, Principal Bush St. School, 

dwl NK cor Minna and Second 
Bradlf^y T. W. {Sawin & B.) dwl S 8 Pacific near 

Bradley William, dwl 110 Third 
Bradshaw George II. clerk 318 California, dwl 

20 Post 
Bradshaw Margaret (widow) dwl 721 Mission 
Bradshaw Samuel C. agent Pacific Metallurgical 

Works office 318 California, dwl 20 Post 
Bradshaw Samuel C. jr. clerk, dwl 20 Post 
BRADSHAW {Turell T.) k CO. {Geo. F. Bragg) 
groceries, liquors, eta NE cor Sansom and 
California, dwl 20 Post 
Bradt G. G. policeman City Hall, dwl E s Miles 

Place neir Sacramento 
Bradt John M. carpenter, bds Columbia House 
Brady Ann, domestic with Wm Sharon 
Brady Benjamin, wholesale grocer 120 California, 

dwl 628 Vallejo 
Brady Ellen, domestic with Francis Blake 
Brady George, laborer, bds 46 Stewart 
Brady Henry J. clerk with Patterson & Stow, 

dwl 612 Pine 
Beady James G. compositor Morning Call, dwl 

1709 Mason 
Brady Johana (widow) dwl W s Brooks 
Brady John, boiler maker Union Foundry, dwl 

74 Jessie 
Brady John, cooper Dow's distillery 
Brady John, hostler at Golden City Hotel 
Brady John, pressman 511 i Clay, dwl SE cor 

Montgomery and Broadway 
Brady John, printer, bds 707 Front 
Brady John J. proprietor Franklin House SE 

cor Sansom and Broadway 
Brady John R. laborer, dwl 160 Jessie 
Brady John T. clerk 309 Commercial 
Brady Jos. job wagon cor Sacramento and San 
Brady Joseph, laborer, dwl 64 Stevenson 
Brady Josephine Mrs. dry goods 1227 Stockton 
Brady Martin, stone-cutter, dwl S s Riley bet Tay- 
lor and Jones 
Brady Mathew, Washington Hose Co. No. 1 
Brady Mary, domestic 20 Laurel Place 
Brady Michael, carpenter, dwl 304 Pine 
Brady Owen, hackraan Plaza 
Brady Patrick, steward St. Nicholas Hotel 
Brady Patrick, tinsmith, dwl 12 Sutter 
Brady Patrick, waiter St Nicholas Hotel, dwl 

188 Je.*sie 
Brady Patrick F. upholsterer with J. Peirce, bds 

323 Pine 
Brady Philip, blacksmith Union Foundry 
Brady Philip, drayman cor Brannan and Gilbert 
Brady Robert ( 0".BrtCTi tfc B.) bds Branch Hotel 

BRADY THOMAS, employment and real estate 

office 633 Kearny, dwl 1227 Stockton 
Brady Thomas, plasterer, dwl S s Clementina nr 

BRADY THOMAS A. editor and proprietor 

Monitor, office 430 Montgomery, dwl 621 

Brady W. attorney at law, dwl Revere House 
Brady William, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Brady William, laborer with S. F. City Water 

Works Co. 



Brady Wm. D. cabinet-maker, bds Revere House 
BRAGG GEORGE F. & CO. importers and com- 
mission mercliants 111 California (and J3rad- 

shaw it Co.) dwl 822 Washington 
Bragg II. W. & Co. ( C. Waierhouse and J. W. 

Lester) importers wagon and carriage mate- 
rials 106 Front, resides Sacramento 
Bragg Mary (widow) nurse, dwl with Robert 

Braga: Robert, ship joiner, dwl W s Main bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Braghi Rinaldo, saloon NW cor Seventh and 

Brainard Richard, clerk 309 Commercial, dwl 

139 Minna 
Braisleu Patrick, drayman, bds 903 Battery 
Brakeman ( Charles W.) & Co. {John Carr) fruit 

and produce 25 Metropolitan Market, dwl 

15 Ritch 
Bralley Patrick, hair dre?ser with T. C. Bonneau, 

dwl N s Sutter bet Kearny and Dupont 
Braly Marcus A. real estate, "dwl N s Jessie bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Brara John, bds 24 Sacramento 
Bramhall Robt. C. door-keeper U. S. M. Hospital 
Bramsou Henry, machinist with William Ware, 

bds Philadelphia House 
Bramstone George, laborer with Cutting & Co. 

dwl 117 Commercial 
Bramwell Aaron, 'longshoreman, dwl NE cor 

Sansom and Union 
Branch Albert, butcher, dwl NW cor Mason and 

Branch L. H. butcher, dwl NE cor Mason and 

Branch William, baker Hotel International, dwi 

824 Filbert 
Brand Aristide {John Saulnier dc Co.) dwl 818 

Brand Herman, jobber cigars and tobacco 4D6 

Clay, dwl Vallejo nr Kearny 
Brand Jonas, jeweler with F. R. Reichel 620 

Brand Joseph, jeweler, dwl 16 Sansom 
Brandell Thomas, dwl 147 Natoma 
Brandenstein Joseph {A. S. Rosenbaum & Co.) 

dwl 39 Minna 
Brandenstein M. dwl 811 Mission 
Brandenstein Meyer, collector, dwl 665 Mission 
BRANDER J. S. groceries SE cor Mission and 

Brander Morris, clerk with J. S. Brander 
Brandhofer Michael {Joseph Lorber & Co.) dwl 

626 Merchant 
Brandon Joseph R. attorney at law 10 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl 915 Stockton 
Brandow Geo. tailor 624 Battery 
Brands James, foreman molders Fulton Foundry, 

dwl 811 Geary 
Brandt Alonzo, lab Empire Brewery 159 Jessie 
Brandt Bernard L. house and sign painter 322 

Com, dwl N s O'Farrell bet Leav and Hyde 
Brandt George E. lodgings NE cor Front and Com 
Brangon Richard M. {Hatch & B.) dwl 1006 Clay 
Branis Jacob {R. Darrick &, Co.) NE cor Battery 

and Vallejo 
Brankin Michael, clerk with Crosby & Dibblee 

dwl 612 Greenwich 

Brankurst John, butcher What Cheer House 
Brann Mathew, stableman at Orrick Johnson's 
Brann Robert, sail-maker with Harding & Lin- 

Brann Robert C. sail-maker, dwl 527 Pine 
Brannan Bridget Miss, dwl 849 Clay 
Brannan Bridget Miss, domestic Hotel Interna- 
Brannan Daniel, agent San Antonio Pottery 418 

Brannan Edward, drayman with Treadwell & Co. 
Brannan Eli, laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Brannan Ellen Miss, dwl 849 Clay 
BRANNAN HOUSE, Mrs. Sarah Enscoe, NE 

cor Bush and Sansom 
Brannan J. bds Pacific Temperance House 
Brannan James, brick-layer, bds 557 Market 
Brannan James A. tailor with John C. Mitchell, 

dwl W s Jansen bet Greenwich and Lom'rd 
Brannan John, laborer with G. A. Meigs, pier 1 

Brannan John, saloon and garden S s Presidio 

Road nr Franklin 
Brannan Mariin, foreman with D. C. McGlynn, 

Mission Dolores 
Brannan Mary F. (widow) dwl 130 Second 
Brannan Michael brick-layer, dwl 30 Ritch 
Brannan Michael, laborer with Brokaw & Metcalf 
BRANNAN {Patrick) & DUNNIGAN {Patrick) 

horseshoeing farriers Spring nr California, 

dwl N s Tehama bet Fifth and Sixth 
Brannan Patrick, fireman Metropolitan Hotel 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, bds 524 Mission 
Brannan Patrick, salesman 609 Sacramento, dwl 

Metropolitan Hotel 
Brannan P. J. bds Benton House 
BRANNAN SAMUEL, real estate, office and 

dwl 420 Montgomery 
Branscheid William {G. Weber dk (7o.) dwl 820 

Branson Ware, sail-maker with Harding & 

Brant William, brick-layer, dwl E s Jones bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Brash John, printer with Frederick Marriott, 

dwl 10 Rassette Place 
Brash Sarah A. Miss, dwl 350 First 
Braticerich L. coffee stand Jackson St. Wharf 
Brauer {Charles) & Co. {Henry Schroder) grocer- 
ies NE cor Pacific and Sansom 
Braun J. S. cook, bds 32 Stewart 
Bratint Lewis, stock dealer, dwl Hall Court 
BRAVERMAN {Louis) & LEVY {John) import- 
ers watches, jewelry, etc., 621 Washington, 

dwl 262 Minna 
Bray Edward L. driver with D. R. Provost & Co. 

dwl N s Market near East 
Bray John, book-keeper with Bray & Brother, 

dwl 917 Clay 
Bray John A. ( Wilkins & B.) dwl 654 Market 
Bray John G. {Bray <t" Brother) NE cor Front 

and Clay, residence Santa Clara 
Bray Margaret, dwl with Mrs. Mary Ann B. Drew 
Bray Mark, shoemaker, bds 14 Sansom 
Bray Michael, bootmaker with James Noble, dwl 

14 Sansom 
Bray Walter, comedian Gilbert's Melodeon, dwl 

14 Scott I 



BRAY {Walson A.) A BROTHER {John G.) 
coiiiinis-ion merchants and agents Alviso 
Flour Mills NE eor Front and Clay, resi- 
dence San Antonio 
Braye tJ. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Braylcy Sarah M. Miss, dress-maker, dwl with 

Janu'8 Strattou 
Brayman Thomas, fireman steamer Oregon, dwl 

905 Battery 
Bray ton Albert P. {Goddard & Co.) res Oakland 
Brayton Charles Fi. clerk, dwl American Hotel 

Brayton Edward, cook Russ House 
Brazanovich M.irtiu {Cielovich & B) dwl 252 

Brazer John. (Larrabee & B.) dwl room 95 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Bra/.il Honora, domestic, dwl 934 Kearny 
Brazil J. II. {McCarthy & B.) dwl 919 Kearny 
Breal Helena Miss, dwl 1520 Dupont 
Breant Leon, tailor 418 Dupont 
Brecht August, wood and coal 128 Geary 
Brechtel William F. house and sign painter near 

Lone Mountain Cemetery 
Breck Augie S. Miss, agent Hesperian, dwl with 

S. S. Brooks 
Breck Charles E. merchant, dwl NE cor Bush 

and Sansom 
Bredhoff C. saloon SE corner Drumm and Pacific 
Bredhoft' Charles {MarUns & B.) dwl 1G23 Powell 
Bredhott" Heriry, liquors 423 East 
Bredt Lewis, waiter, 530 Merchant 
Biee John, machinist 120 Bush, dwl 53 Jessie 
Breed Daniel C. {B. & Chase) dwl 1021 Wash 
BREED {Danid N. and Daniel C.) & CHASE 
{Andrew J.) groceries, provisions, etc. NE 
cor Clay and Battery, dwl 1021 Washington 
Breed Edward A. secretary Daney Mining Co. 
oft" 81 1 Mont, dwl SE cor Jackson and Stock 
Breen J. carrier .Morning Call 
Breen Jane, domestic 44 South Park 
Breen John, cooper at 117 Washington, dwl NW 

cor Stockton and Sacramento 
Breen Michael, hostler 425 Jackson 
Breen Michael, seaman, dwl 26 Perry 
Breen Thomas, machinist, dwl 120 Fremont 
Breen William, waiter Miners' Restaurant, dwl 

with James Rice 
Breeze Louis, clerk with Murphy, Grant & Co. 

dwl 8 s Suiter bet Jones and Taylor 
Breeze Thomas {Murphy, Grant & Co.) dwl Guy 

Place near First 
Brehan Mathew, laborer, dwl rear Metropolitan 

Breidenstein Leonard, jewelry box maker 637 

Washington, dwl 504 Vailejo 
Breisaker Solomon, baker with .Samuel Patek 
Breisather Leopold, Pioneer Market SE cor Du- 
pont and Sutter, dwl 222 Dupont 
Bremals Victor, Lifayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
Brfrmen Labrecht, tailor with Henry Burkhim, 

dwl 420 Bush 
Bremer Hermann {Schon/eld & B.) dwl 402 

Bremer W illiam, driver Empire Brewery, dwl 

158 Jessie 
Brenard R. druggist, California Engine Co. No. 4 
Brenckeu Adopli, clerk with Frederick Wolft" 

Brendel Christian, agent National Brewery, bds 

with J. F. Gluck 
BRENHA.M (J. J. commissioner of deeds for all 

the Slates and Territories NW cor Front and 

Jackson, dwl S 8 Sixteenth bet Mission and 

Brening Anna Mr.s. domestic 1511 Powell 
Brennau August, 'longshoreman, dwl SW cor 

Folsom and Spear 
Brennan E. carpenter, bds 336 Bush 
Brennan Edward, porter Goldstein, Ryan <k Co. 

dwl 5 Hunt 
Brennan J. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Brennan James, contractor, dwl NE cor Louisa 

and Fourth 
Brennan James, dwl United States Restaurant 
Brennan James, laborer, dwl 46 Louisa 
Brennan {James) & Co. {John Mcllwjh) produce 

commission and atients steamer Salinas 106 

Clay, res Watsonville 
Brennan John ( Clearyk B.) dwl 129 Montgomery 
Brennan John, laborer, dwl W s White bet Vai- 
lejo and Green 
Brennan John A. porter 313 Sacramento 
Brennan Michael, porter Metropolitan Hotel 
Brennan Patrick, porter with Kerby, Byrne & Co. 

7 Montgomery 
BRENNAN {Thomas) & RYDER {George W.) 

proptrs California Exchange Liquor Saloon 

NE cor Clay and Kearny, dwl 121 Natoma 
Brenner Ai.thony {Brenner & Brother) dwl 222 

. Kearny 
Brenner Charles, teacher music, dwl 443 Bush - 
Brenner {George) & Bro. {Anthony) tailors 222 

Brereton James, collector S. F. Gas Co. dwl 6 

Breslauer Henry, dry goods 412 California, dwl 

224 Stevenson 
Breslin John, mason, bds 557 Market 
Bresnahcn Michael, shoemaker, dwl 718 Pacific 
Bresse {Louis) & Besson {Felix) proprietors New 

World Coftee Saloon and Restaurant 526 

Clay, dwl 20 Minna 
Bresson Joseph, Tivoli Restaurant S s Sixteenth 

bet Mission and Valencia 
Bretonnel Gustave, French Laundry Valencia 

bet Fifteenth andSi-xteenth 
Brett Arthur, clerk, dwl Manhattan Engine Co. 

No. 2 
Brett Bridget Miss, wig maker, 22^ Post 
Brett G. W. blacksmith 620 Front, dwl NE cor 

Fourth and .Jessie 
Brett J. M. mechanic, bds 741 Market 
Brett J. R. dwl 146 Silver 
Brett Michael F. carpenter, dwl 22^ Post 
Brewer Frederick, butcher with W. A. Janke & 

P. Gerhardy, dwl 325 Kearny 
Brewer Fred, salesman 236 Montgomery, dwl 40 

Montgomcrj' Block 
Brewer John H. attorney at law 40 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 89 Montgomery Block 
Brewer Maggie Miss, vocalist Bella Union Me- 

lodeon, dwl NE cor Minna and Founh 
Brewer W. stevedore, dwl Howard Engine Co. 

No. 3 
Brewer Wm. H Professor, botanist State Geo- 
logical Survey, otBco 66 Montgomery Block 



Brewster Benjamin {Jennings & B.) 222 Battery 

Brewster E. M. Mrs. children's furnishing goods 
620 Market 

Brewster John, plunaber, dwl Summer St. House 

Brewster John jr. painter, dwl 620 Market 

Brewster R. E. office NW cor Clay and Front 

Brewton James G. Portsmouth Exchange Saloon 
NW cor Brenham PI and Clay, dwl 1030 Clay 

Brewton John C. bar keeper Portsmouth Ex- 
change cor Clay and Brenham Place 

Brian John, drayma», dwl 216 Ritch 

Brian Michael, butcher, dwl 1217 Washington 

Briant August, steward 24 Sacramento 

Briars Mary Miss, domestic Sutro House 

Bribener Joseph, laborer with Wm. D. Thomas 

Brice James, clerk with Miller & Bro. 

Brick "William, laborer, dwl N s Filbert bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 

Brickwedel Charles, handcartman SE cor "Wash 
and Sansom, dwl NE cor Dnimm and Jackson 

BRICK"«^EDEL CHARLES H. proptr Steamer 
Dining Saloon 253 and 255 Stewart cor 

Brickwedel Ernst {Brickwedel k Co.) dwl NEcor 
Clay and Stockton 

Brickwedel Frank, clerk with Herman "Wendt 

BRICKWEDEL HEXRY & CO. {Otto Kloppen- 
burg) wholesale liquors 208 and 210 Front, 
dwl 1104 PoweU 

Brickwedel Jacob {Brickwedel k, Co.) NE cor Clay 
and Waverly Place 

Brickwedel John, groceries and liquors, S'W Qpr 
First and Market 

Brickwedel {John) & Co. {Ernst and Jacob Brick- 
wedel) groceries NE cor Waverly Place and 
Clay, dwl SW cor Market and First 

Brickwell "William A. miller Commercial Flour 
Mills, bds Isthmus House 

Bride Richard, laborer, dwl E s Montgomery bet 
Broadway and Pacific 

Bride W. "U'. bds Pacific Temperance House 

Bridge Saml J., U. S. Appraiser General's office 
C. H. dwl Stockton bet "Wash and Jackson 

Bridge Thomas, mason, dwl with "W. M. "Wash- 

BRIDGE ( WUliam E.) & LORING {Simeon M.) 
Black Hawk Livery and Sale Stable 317 Pine, 
dwl 41 Minna 

Bridgens Richard P. draughtsman with C. C. 
Kuchel, dwl 443 Green 

Bridgewood Sam'l, seaman, dwl SE cor Lombard 
and Kearny 

Briebauer Charles, laborer 207 Davis 

Briecacher Leopold, Pioneer Market SE corner 
Sutter and Dupont, dwl 225 Dupont 

Brieger Siegmund, baker and confectioner 18 

Briel Henry, upholsterer with McElwee & Acker- 
man, dwl 518 Stockton 

Brier James "W. Rev. agent Livingstonian Insti- 
tute, dwl N s Bernard bet Taylor and Jones 

Brierly Francis, 1st assistant engineer P. M. S. 
Golden Gate 

Brigarts Lewis, clerk Porter & Collins, dwl 45 

Briggs Alfred "W. packer, dwl S s Union bet 

Powell and Mason 
Briggs B. F. book-keeper 202 Clay, dwl 312 Beale 

Briggs Castor, porter, dwl Columbian Engine 

Co. No. 11 
Briggs Clara Mrs. furnished rooms 206 Bush 
Briggs Edgar, salesman 226 Front, dwl 346 Third 
Briggs George N. laborer with 0. Hanna, dwl 624 

Briggs Harriet S. (widow) dwl E s "Wetmore PI 

nr Clay 
Briggs Margaret (widow) dwl S s Union bet 

Mason and PoweU 
BRIGGS M. C. Rev. pastor Powell St. M. E. 

Church, dwl 1008 "Washington 
Briggs William C. engraver with R. B. Gray & Co. 
Brigliam C. 0. {Hall & B.) dwl 15 Stockton 
Brigham D. machinist, dwl 521 Pine 
Brigham H. C. bds What Cheer House 
Brigham Lyman F. carpenter, dwl 215 Sansom 
BRIGHAM S. 0. & CO. {Henry Polley) dealers 

and repairers sewing machines and sUver- 

plat«is, and branch of Mad. Demorest's Fash- 
ion Emporium. Ill Montgomery 
Brigham Wm. H. ( Crane & B.) res New York 
Bright John, drayman, bds Shakespeare Hotel 
Bright Robert, fireman steamer New World 
Brignardello {Giacamo) & Bro. {Stephen Brignar- 

dello) hardware and crockery 623 Pacific, 

dwl 703 Stockton 
Brignardello Nicholas, clerk with Brignardello & 

Bro. dwl 623 Pacific 
Brignardello (Ste/a/io) & Macchivello {Giovanni 

B.) manufacturers maccaroni and vermicelli 

706 Sansom, dwl 703 Stockton 
Brimacomb William, bar keeper with Little & 

Burrows, bds Benton House 
Brimblecom Samuel A. produce, dwl 111 Leid 
Brind Caleb, with Buffington & Co. dwl 137 

Brines Chas. L. with James O'Donnell 
Brink Peter, ship-carpenter,dwl Pacific Exchange 

Briody {John) & Pardee {Sarmiel A.) groceries 

and liquors 60 First 
Brior Adam, machinist 326 Pine, dwl N s Bush 

nr Trinity 
Briordy Patrick {Burke & B.) dwl S s Emmet PI 

near Stockton 
Brisk E. clothing 23 Jackson 
BRISTOL JOSEPH D. attorney at law, office 

rooms 18 and 19 Metropolitan Block, dwl 

403 Lombard 
BRITTAN JOHN W. importer stoves and sheet 

metals 118 and 120 Front, res San Mateo 
Brittan R. W. dwl 540 Washington 
Brittingham Edward L. copyist 626 Merchant 
Britton Geo. W. book-keeper with Goodwin & Co. 
Britton Jane (widow) dwl with J. Britton 
BRITTON {Joseph) & CO. {Henry Steinegger and 

S. Van de Casteek) lithographers NE cor 

Montgomery and Commercial, dwl S a Union 

bet Taylor and Mason 
Broad James, laborer, dwl E s Taylor bet Chest- 
nut and Lombard 
Broadway Wharf Company, office NE cor Front 

and Broadway 
Brocas John W. commission merchant, dwl NW 

cor Moutgomery and Jackson 
Brock C. C. mariner, dwl W s Hartman Place nr 




Brockhago J. F. clerk with A. E. Thayer, dwl 23 

Br.>cklobauk {.\faimd T.) & Co. real estate agents, 

ollico G and 7 Kxprcss Building 
Brodek Joanna (widow) dwl 207 Pacific 
Brodek (Gustave) & Brother {Itodolph Brodek) 

clothing 62S Davis 
Brodek Rodolph {B. & Brother) 623 Davis 
Brodek Samuel, hair dressing saloon 111 Pacific, 

dwl 207 Pacific 
Broder Ellen, domestic 13 Laurel Place 
Broderick Alice, domestic 7uO Folsora 
Broderick Daniel V. agent Singer's Sewing Ma- 
chines 139 Montgomery 
Broderick David, siioeraaker 214 Stewart 
Broderick Edmond, wood-turner with L. Emanuel 

& Co. dwl Atlantic House Pacific 
Broderick Ellen (widow) cook 324 Fremont 
Broderick Eugenia (widow) dwl N s Stockton 

bet Bush and Sutter 
Broderick John, dwl Bryant nr Eiglith 
Broderick John, laborer W s Sixth bet Bryant and 

Broderick Patrick, boarding and lodging 55 Ste- 
Broderick T. J. boots and shoes 220 Montgomery. 

dwl 319 Kearny 
Brodie James, machinist Vulcan Foundry 
Brodie Samuel II. attorney at law, office room 28 

614 Merchant 
BRODIE WILLIAM & CO. {John Mcffaffie) pro- 
prietors California Foundry 16 Fremont, dwl 
144 Natoraa 
Brodigan Nicholas, laborer with Thomas Devine 
Brodwolf George, tailor, dwl 14 Jane 
Brogan Michael, dwl SE cor Third and Hunt 
Brogan Michael jr. baker, dwl SE cor Third and 

Broglie PJdward, cabinet-maker with John "Wig- 
more, dwl 10 Milton Place 
Broidy Margaret Miss, cook 652 Market 
Broiline John, butcher with Louis Scholl 
Brokamp Benjamin, mattress maker with J. F. & 

II. H. Schafer, dwl 504 Sansom 
Brokate Henry, tanner, dwl NE cor Brannan and 

BROKAW {James) & METCALF {Samuel A.) 
Mechanics' Mills sash, door and blind facto- 
ry SW cor Fremont and Mission, dwl 4 Bel- 
den's Block 
Brolly John C. waiter United States Restaurant, 

dwl Niantic Hotel 
Bromer Claus, milk ranch nr old San Jos6 Road, 

5 miles from City Hall 
Bromer Hcnr3', milkman with Claus Bromer 
Bromley Washington L. broker, dwl W s Leav- 
enworth bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Bromley William P. asst pilot stmr New World, 
dwl SW cor Sacramento and Leavenworth 
BROMMER {John) & MEIIRTENS (//.) grocer- 
ies cor Ninth and Brannan 
Bromson William, machinist, bds 336 Bush 
Broner A. groceries 1204 Dupont 
Broner Constantine, fruits and confectionery NE 

cor Bush and Dupont 
Broner 0. clerk 132 Clay 
Bronn J. W. fruits 737 Mi.ssion 
Brousden Thineas, superintendent 0. R. R. Co. 

Bronson Edward, laborer with Artemus W. Rice 

Brunson John, clerk -114 Front 

Bronstrup William {Comahune & Co.) cor Folsom 
and Dora 

BROOKLYN HOTEL, John Kelly jr. proprietor, 
S 3 Broadway nr Sansom 

Brooklyn House, SE cor Sansom and Pacific 

Brooks Aaron, bedstead and cabinet maker 407 
Mission, dwl 327 Jessie 

Brooks Benjamin, clerk with Sidney V. Smith, 
604 Clay 

BROOKS BENJAMIN S. attorney at law, office 
rms 11 and 12 Metropolitan Block, dwl 631 

Brooks Charles, ship joiner, dwl 13 Vincent 

Brooks Charles, .seaman, bds 46 Stewart 

BROOKS CHARLES W. & CO. ( W. Frank Ladd 
and Edward F. Hall, jr.) shipping and com- 
mission merchants, office 511 Sansom, dwl 
1109 Stockton 

Brooks Daniel W. carpenter, dwl 603 Market 

Brooks David, painter, dwl 50 Stevenson 

Brooks {D. C.) & Carle (^1. J.) auction and com- 
mission 533 Wa-shington, dwl 1016 Wash 

Brooks E. L. B. attornej' at law 1 Government 
House NW cor Washington and Sansom 

Brooks Edmund {Beid & B.) dwl S s Filbert bet 
Mason and Taylor 

Brooks Elisha C. carriage-maker with H. Case- 
bolt ifc Co. dwl 28 Sansom 

Brooks Ezra, carpenter, dwl Thirteenth bet Mis- 
sion and Market 

Brooks Francis, law student, dwl 1013 Stock 

Brooks Frank, porter 223 California, dwl S side 
Geary bet Powell and Mason 

Brooks Frank W. {Geo. J. Brooks & Co.) dwl 20 
Laurel Place 

Brooks G. merchant tailor, dwl 205 Dupont 

Brooks Geo. carpenter, dwl E s Kearny bet Lom- 
bard and Filbert 

Brooks George (colored) steward, dwl 829 Val- 
lejo, rear 

BROOKS GEORGE J. & CO. {^Frank W. Brooks) 
importers printing, writing, and wrapping 
papers 513 Sansom, dwl Lick House 

Brooks G. W. miner, bds Original House 

Brooks Henry B. {Tay, B. & Backus) dwl 661 

Brooks Henrj' S. book-keeper with Towno & 
Bacon, dwl W s Mont bet Union and F-ilbert 

Brooks Hezekiah, d\<^l with S. S. Brooks 

BROOKS {James) &, LAWRENCE {Joseph E.) 
editors and proprietors Golden Era, office 
543 Clay, dwl NW cor Market and Ellis 

Brooks J. N. & Co. Central Warehouse 210 and 
212 Sacramento, dwl 26 Second 

Brooks John L. ( Walter & B.) dwl N s Dupont 
nr Post 

Brooks Joseph, salesman with Cutting & Co. 
dwl 703 Greenwich 

Brooks Joseph H. vegetables 46 Wasliington 
Market, dwl Tremont House 

Brooks L. H. fish 19 and 20 Washington Mkt,. 
dwl 525 Clay 

Brooks Mary Miss, domestic with J. L. N. Shep- 

Brooks Nathaniel, laborer, dwl N s Union near 



Brooks Patrick, hostler with Geo. N. Ferguson 

Brooks Kobert C. ship-carpenter, dvvl 123 Jessie 
Brooks Shadrach, cutter with Walter & Brooks, 

dwi W s Dupont nr Post 
Brooks S. S. contractor, dwl 804 Bush 
Bn)oks AVm. S. (Cowan & B.) dwl 206 Third 
Brooks T. H. clerk 533 Washington, dwl 1016 

Brooks Thaddeus R. secretary Board City En- 
gineers, office 623 Mont, dwl Lick House 
Brooks Thomas H. with Brooks & Carl.', dwl 26 

Brooks AVilliam, seaman, dwl rear 208 Third 
Brooks William C. carpenter, dwl E s Dupont 

near Filbert 
BROOKS WILLIAM H. J. searcher of records, 
office room 7 NW cor Montgomery and Mer- 
chant, dwl 1008 Clay 
Brooks Wilhani S. {Cuwan & B.) dwl 206 Third 
Brooks W. P. laborer S. F. C, Water Works Co. 
Broon Ignacio, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Brophy James, laborer Mission Woolen Mills, 

bds Mission Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Brophy Jane Mrs. domestic with A. M. Ebbets 
Bruphj' Michael, hostler 826 Kearny 
Bros George, hair dresser 215 Sansom, dwl 814 

Bros Jacob, hair dresser, dwl 814 Montgomery 
Brosnan Charles M. attorney at law 519 Mont 
Brosnati John, waiter Lick House 
Brotherton Rev. Thomas W. rector St. John's 
Church Mis Dol, dwl Ashland PI nr Mission 
Brougham John, hair dresser with Stahle Bros 
Broughton Napoleon L. late State Pork and Beef 

Inspector, dwl 537 Howard Anguste, carpenter, dwl 605 Broadway 
BROWELL JEREMIAH, contractor and build- 
er, office 530 Clay, dwl N s Lombard bet 
Dupont and Kearny 
Brower Andrew J. Emblem Saloon NE cor 

Jackson and Drumm, dwl 507 Green 
Brower Daniel R. Brewer's Bakery NE cor Val- 

lejo and Stockton 
Brower Harry, cook steamer Cornelia 
Browley John, waiter U. S. Restaurant, dwl 

Niantic Hotel 
Brown A. D. policeman City Hall, dwl E s Mis- 
sion bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Brown Albert, seaman, bds 13 Stewart 
Brown Alexander, baker, dwl 28 Montgomery 
Brown Alexander B. porter Flint's Warehouse, 

dwl SW cor Battery and Greenwich 
Brown Alfred, cook, dwl rear 415 Sutter 
BROWN ALONZO F. importer Indian beads, 
cutlery, guns, sportsmen's materials, etc. 306 
and 308 Battery, dwl 761 Howard 
Brown Andrew, laborer Miners' Foundry 
Brown Andrew D. policeman, dwl Mission bet 

Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Brown Anthony, dwl 720 Market 
Brown Archibald, stoves and tin ware 212 Third 
Brown B. dish washer 121 Montgomery 
Brown Benjamin F. baker, dwl 1223 Stockton 
Brown Carrie Mrs. dwl 606 California 
BROWN CHARLES, proprietor Pioneer Saloon 
Mission Dolores, dwl W s Dolores bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth 

Brown Charles, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl 131 Minna 
Brown Charles, carpenter, dwl 134 Minna 
Brown Charles, carpenter, dwl S s Green bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Brown Chas. (colored) cook, dwl rear 626 Vallejo 
Brown Charles, seaman, bds 13 Stewart 
Brown Charles, stoves and tin ware 34 Kearny. 

dwl 132 St. Marks Place 
Brown Charles, waiter, dwl 28 Montgomery 
Brown Charles H. furniture wagon, dwl SE cor 

Mason and Green 
Brown Charles P. coffee saloon 517 East 
Brown Charlotte Miss, dwl with B. C. Howard 
BROWN [Chtster) & WELLS {Am R.) stair 

builders 535 Market, dwl 131 Stevenson 
Brown Cornelius (colored) porter, dwl 8 Brooklyn 

Brown Daniel T. jr. baker, dwl 806 Union 
Brown David {Stuznki & B.) dwl 309 Kearny 
Brown David B. pohceman City Hall, dwl 913 

Brown . D. C. clerk with Dnpny, Foulkes & Co. 

bds NE cor Vallejo and Montgomery 
Brown E. C. with C. W. Curtis & Co. awl 226 San 
BROWN EDGAR 0. real estate agent 19 

Naglee's Building cor Merchant and Mont- 
gomery, dwl 741 Market 
Brown Edward (colored) cook, dwl N s Eliza 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Brown Edward C. dwl 224 Sansom 
Brown Emanuel, packer National Flour Mills, 

dwl 625 Mission 
Brown Frederick, laborer, dwl W s Morse 
Brown Fritz, seaman, dwl 148 Stewart 
Brown George, agent Wilcox & Gibbs' sewing 

machines 251 Third 
Brown George S. superintendent gymnasium S. 

F. Olympic Club SW cor Market and Second, 

dwl 1.3 Geary 
Brown Gideon H. dentist 1302 Powell 
Brown Grafton T. draughtsman with C. C. 

Kuchel 622 Clay 
Brown H. A. carpenter, dwl 333 Bush 
Brown Harry, Great Eastern Hotel 9 Broadway 
Brown Harry, cook stmr J. Bragdon 
Brown Harry, miner, dwl 409 Folsom 
BROWN HARVEY S. attorney at law and real 

estate agent, office room 19 Naglee's Build- 
ing cor Mont and Merch, dwl 1309 Powell 
Brown Henry, calker, dwl with "William Brown, 

Main nr Folsom 
Brown H^nry, compositor California Farmer, 

dwl NW cor Sacramento and Waverly Place 
Brown Henry, seaman, dwl 30 Vallejo 
Brown Henrj', tailor, bds 219 Kearny 
Brown Henry J. collector with Barron & Co. dwl 

604 Merchant 
Brown Herman, seaman, bds 15 Jackson 
Brown H. S. dwl E s Montgomery bet Green 

and Vallejo 
Brown (Ireson) & "Wheeler {Robert) carpenters 

N s Summer nr Montgomery, dwl 548 Pine 
Brown Irving, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Brown Isaac W. W. butcher with Turner & Fish 
Brown James, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Brown James, captain bark Edmund B. Almy, 

dwl 18 Minna 




Brown James, carpenter with Chittenden & Cul- 
ver well, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Brown .Tames, carpenter, dwl 8 Ilardie Place 
Brown .Fames, engineer Miners' Foundry, bds 54 

Brown James, pardener, Taylor bet Chestnut 

and Lombard 
Brown James, laborer San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery, bds with Owen Casey 
Brown James, laborer, dwl with M. C. Hillyer 
Brown .Tames, laborer, dwl NW cor Montgomery 

and Union 
Brown Jas. laborer, dwl S s Union bet Sansom 

and Battery 
Brown James, seaman, bds 84 Sacramento 
Brown James (colored) livery stable 902 Sansom, 

dwl Scotland nr Filbert 
Brown .Tames A. drayman 315 Front, dwl N s 

Riley bet Taylor and Jones 
Brown James E. (colored) clerk 602 Sansom, 

dwl Scotland nr Filbert 
Brown J. C. carpenter, dwl 527 Pine 
Brown J. F. carpenter, bds 623 Market 
Brown J. F. saloon 1628 Stockton, dwl SE cor 

Stockton and Filbert 
Brown .T. H. bds What Cheer House 
Brown .Tohn ( Warwick <fc B.) dwl 209 Third 
Brown .Tolm, bds 707 Front 
Brown .Tohn, bds Original House 
Brown John, bar keeper Jones' Sample Rooms, 

dwl 2 Dupont 
Brown John, bootmaker, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Brown John, laborer, dwl 437 Jackson 
Brown Joiiii, laborer, dwl W s Sansom bet Green 

and Vallejo 
Brown John, laborer, dwl with J. S. McGowen 
Brown John, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Brown .Tohn, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Brown Jolui, laborer with James McDevitt 
Brown John, laborer, dwl 13 Baldwin Court 
Brown John, nurse U. S. Marine Hospital 
Brown John, seaman, bds 38 California 
Brown John, seaman, bds 33 Market 
Brown .Tohn, ship-carpenter, dwl 508 Howard 
Brown John, teamster with Stanyan & Co. 17 

Brown John, tinsmith, dwl 648 Mission 
Brown .Tohn (colored) whitewashing 539 Clay, 

dwl N s Broadwiiy bet Stockton and Powell 
Brown John A. (colored) cartman, dwl NW cor 

Pacific and Ixjaven worth 
Brown .Tohn C. tinsmith at 222 Com..\ercial 
Brown John D. li(inor saloon 112 First 
Brown .Tohn F. printer, dwl 4 Douglas Court bet 

Beale and Main 
Brown Joiin W. tailor with E. Gutman 
Brown Joseph, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Brown .To<epli, waiter International Hotel 
Brown .Tosoph T. harness-maker witii Mead A Son 
Brown J. P. engineer* Pacific Foundry, dwl 114 

Brown J. T. waterman, Market op Sansom 
Brown Lawrence, bookbinder with H. Fridel, dwl 

44 Ritch 
Brown Lewis, Sailors' Restaurant 148 Stewart 
Brown Lewis, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Brown Lewis M. carpenter, bds 122 Davis 

Brown L. S. A. (widow) dwl with E. K. Dodge 
Brown Martha G. Mrs. millinery 50 Third 
Brown Mary (widow) dwl 44 Ritch 
Brown Mary (widow) dwl N 8 Ann 
Brown Mary, domestic with S. 0. Beatty 
Brown Matiiew. laborer with James McDevitt 
Brown Michael, drayman, dwl 138 Silver 
Brown Michael, laborer, dwl W s Varenne 
Brown Michael J. laborer, dwl W a Varenne 
Brown M. .T. Mrs. millinery 12 Kearny 
Brown Nellie Mrs. actress Gilbert's Melodcon, 

dwl 409 Folsom 
Brown Nicholas, 'longshoreman, dwl 115 First 
Brown Nicholas, plain and ornamental plasterer 

772 Market bet Dupont and Stockton, dwl 

W s Jessie bet Foiu-tli and Fifth 
Brown Peter, dwl W. S Jansen nr Greenwich 
Brown Peter, machinist, bds Sailors' Home 
Brown Peter N. Protective Union Bakery 1223 

Brown Philip, clerk 525 East 
Brown Philip, hair dresser with Ciprico & Ewald 

621 Montgomery, dwl 814 Montgomery 
Brown Ralf, dwl 28 O'Farrell 
Brown Rich'd {Henderson & B.) dwl 520 Howard 
Brown Richard, laborer, bds 317 Broadway 
Brown Richard, 'longshoreman, bds 317 Bdwy 
Brown Robert, butcher, dwl 148 Stewart 
Brown Robert, seaman, bds Mrs. Bird's Baldwin 

BROWN ROLAND G. agent Grover & Baker 

Sewing Machine Co. 329 Montgomerj', dwl 

Lick House 
Brown Robert T. drayman, dwl Volunteer En- 
gine Co. No. 7 
Brown Seth, carpenter at 328 Davis, dwl Turk 

bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 
Brown Susan M. (widow) dwl 204 Montgomery 
Brown Tiieodore, gardener, dwl 805 Bush 
Brown Thomas, bds 707 Front 
Brown Thomas, artist, bds 14 Stewart 
Brown Thomas, laborer, bds 513 Mission 
Brown Thomas, laborer Folsom Street Wharf, 

dwl 20 Commercial 
Brown Thomas, laundryman Chelsea Laundry 

435 Brannan 
Brown Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl SW cor 

Market and East 
Brown Thomas, salesman with Treadwell & Co. 

dwl Brannan House 
Brown Thomas, ship-carpenter, dwl Folsom bet 

Beale and Fremont 
Brown Thomas, porter Tehama House, dwl 18 

Brown Thomas (colored) gardener E s Laguna 
Brown Thomas A. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl 

Mission Street House 
Brown Thomas B. laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Brown W. C. mate bark Helen W. Almy, office 

with Hiram Clark 
Brown William Mrs. (widow) dwl 616 Mission 
Brown William, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Brown William, blacksmith, bds 706 Battery 
Brown Wm. carpenter Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Brown William, cigar-maker, dwl 223 Kearny 
Brown William, crockery 508 Market 
Brown William, engineer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

bds with Owen Casey 



Brown William, groceries and liquors NW cor 

Filbert and Stockton, dwl 354 Powell 
Brown William, mariner, dwl W s Main bet 

Folsoni and Harrison 
Brown William, mariner, dwl 808 Greenwich 
Brown William, seaman, dwl -419 Batterj- 
Brown William, tinsmith with Archibald Brown 
Brown William A. wood turner, bds 500 Mission 
Brown William E. Governor's Private Secretary, 

dwl 620 Market 
Brown William H. {Swai7i & B.) dwl 5 Kearny 
Brown AMUiam H. clerk with Treadwell & Co. 

dwl 9 Front 
Brown William H. contractor night work 20.'? 

Brown William H. jeweler with Barrett & Sher- 
Brown {William H.) & Avery (Z>. B.) vegetables 
and fruits 41 and 42 Washington Market, 
dwl 810 Clay 
Brown William R. wheelwright with Lawton & 
Klapperich, dwl Mission bet Tenth and 
Brown William S. tinsmith, dwl 648 Mission 
Brown W. W. captain schooner Tolo pier 9 Stew- 
Browne Francis, bar keeper viith James F. Ca- 

hill, dwl 46 Minna 
Browne Thomas C. dwl 746 Howard 
Brownejohu Thomas, book-keeper with B. C. 

Horn & Co. dwl 622 Sacramento 
Brownell Abner H. tinsmith 10 Sacramento 
Brownell Charles E. dwl 764 Harrison 
Brownell Hiram, blacksmith, dwl NW cor Jack- 
son and Batter}' 
Brownhardt Bernard, dry goods 13 Third, dwl 

432 Bush 
Brownhardt Samuel, clerk 13 Third, dwl 432 

Browning {Augiistus) & Finck (Joseph) locksmiths 

and bell hangers 834 Kearny 
Browning {Augicstus) & Fink {Joseph) groceries 

NW cor Pacific and Dupont 
Browning Henry, blacksmith with Charles Stein- 
Browning J. waterman, bds Original House 
Browning Jacob, drayman, dwl N s Geary bet 

Mason and Powell 
Browning Jeremiah, dwl with Jacob Browning 
Browning John {Peters & B.) dwl NW cor Pa- 
cific and Kearny 
Browning John, drayman with Conroy and 

O'Connor, dwl NE cor Geary and Powell 
Browning Theodore, teamster with Stanyan & 

Co. 17 Cahfornia 
Browning ( William) & Kohlmoos {John) butter, 

cheese, etc. 505 Wash, dwl 771 Folsom 
Browning William (Scheper & B.) dwl N s Union 

bet Dupont and Kearny 
Brownlee J. cook 317 Sansom 
Brownlee John, with George H. Hossefross & Co. 
Brownson William I. {Cook, B. & Hittell) 519 

Montgomery, dwl 914 Jackson 
Bruce Alexander, tinsmith with Peter Abraham- 
son, dwl 25 Second 
Bruce Robert, furniture 25 Second 

I Bruce Samuel C. real estate, dwl Russ House 
Bruce Washmgton, bds Lick House 

Brudcr William, cigar maker, dwl 802 Mont 
Bruguiere Louis ( Vincent it B.) dwl 605 Sansom 
Bruhns Henry, seaman, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Brulms William, milk depot 1209 Dupont 
Brumagim Jacob H. {Mark Brumagim tfc Co.) 

res New York 
Brumagim John V^^. {Campbell & B.) dwl 1315 

BRUMAGIM MARK & CO. {Jacob H. Bruma- 
gim & John W. Brumagim) bankers 404 
Montgomery, dwl 1315 Mason 
Brumbaker Charles, Pioneer Furniture Factory 

31 Fremont, dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Brummer Charles A. carrier Herald and Mirror, 

dwl 820 Green 
Brunei Agatha (widow) proprietor AVillows Pa- 
vilion NE cor Taiencia and Seventeenth 
Bruner W. H. physician NE cor Market and 

•Brunet Simon, tailor, dwl 647 Sacramento 
Brunges Deidnch, groceries 425 Bush 
Brunham H. painter, bds Original House 
Brunings Hermann {John <t H. B.) dwl 100 Third 
Brunings Hermann jr. clerk 100 Third 
Brunings John & Hermann, groceries 100 Third 
Brunings Martin, clerk 100 Third 
Brunjes Henrj', groceries and liquors 201 San 
Brunu Dinah Mrs. dwl N s Hardie Place near 

Brunner J. A. dwl 743 Howard 
Brunner Louis, at 508 Washington, dwl SW cor 

Pacific and Sansom 
Brunner Louis, Cafe du Rhone, dwl 723 San 
Brunnet A. musician, dwl Filbert Place 
Brunning Frederick H. cook with Dr. Zeile 519 

Brunuiug Joseph, clerk with Patrick T. Flinn 
Bruns Bernard, cartman, dwl Minna bet Second 

and Third 
Bruns Catherine, domestic, dwl NE cor Battery 

and Vallejo 
Bruns Charles, laborer, dwl 18 Everett 
Bruns Christian, physician, office and dwl 611 


Bruns Fred'k (^rwns ^?uv.) dwl 114 Stevenson 
Bruns Fred'k {Scanlin & B.) dwl 114 Stevenson 
Bruns Bros. ( George and Frederick Bruns) gro- 
ceries and ship stores SW cor Spear and 
Bruns H. & Co. {Christian Bloom) grocery SW 

cor Davis and Commercial 
Bruns Henry {Pope & B.) dwl cor Van Ness 

Avenue and Presidio Road 
Bruns Henry, clerk with Scanlin & Bruns, dwl 

SW cor Market and Second 
Bruns Henry, grocery 525 Ea^t 
Bruns Nicholas, grocery 617 Davis 
Bruns Otto G. T. book-keeper with F. Tillman n & 

Co. dwl 512 Jessie 
Brunt William N. butcher,, dwl 1820 Stockton 
Brush Albert, shipsmith 24 Drumm, dwl N s 

Post bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Brush Joel C. carpenter and builder, dwl 1017 

Pacific cor Auburn 
Brush R. G. book-keeper with R. B. Swain & 

Co. dwl 156 Silver 
Bruzzo John, cook saloon 716 Pacific 



Brynn Cliarlcs H. with Flood k O'Brien, dwl 

Teliaina hot First and Second 
Bryan Conrad, drayman with De Witt, Kittle & 

Co. bds 706 Battery 
Bryan Edward, steward, dwl W s Trinity near 

Bryan Edward E. Empire Restaurant 426 and 

428 Sansora, dwl 129 Montgomery 
Bryan Henry, attorney at law, dwl Tehama H 
Bryan Henry, bar keeper with William Bryan, 

dwl 320 Sansom 
Bryan Henry, bar keeper for Timothy Giblen S 8 

Folsorn bet Main and Spear 
Bryan H. C. carpenter, bds 623 Market 
Bryan (John M.) it Johnston {James W.) photo- 

grapliic gallerj* 611 Clay 
Bryan McSwiney, clerk Hayes Park Pavilion 
BRYAN WILLIAM, proprietor Custom House 
Exchange liquor saloon 322 and 324 Sansom, 
dwl 320'Sansom 
Bryan William, dwl Belden's Block 
Bryan William, broker, dwl 310 Folsom 
Bryan Wm. J. {Goddard & Co.) dwl 128 Second 
Bryan ( William J.) & Farrington {E. D.) house 
brokers and real estate agents 420 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 316 Folsom 
Bryant A. J. {Morrison & R)dwl 921 Bush 
Bryant Alexander, Forest Saloon 204 Third 
Bryant Alex. H. conveyancer, dwl 226 Sansom 
Bryant Chas. workman Spring Vallej' W. W. Co. 
Bryant Charles, cabinet-maker, 836 Clay 
BRYANT ( Charks G.) & FOX {John W) homeo- 
pathic physicians, office 305 Montgomery, 
dwl 657 Howard 
Bryant Charles H. clerk, dwl with A. Doud 
Brvant E. restaurant, dwl Crescent Engine Ca 

No. 10 
Bryant Frances S. (widow) boarding 116 Natoma 
Br3'ant George W. assistant melter U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 18 John 
Bryant Hattie P. Miss, dwl 716 Harrison 
Bryant James, waiter, dwl S s Sutter bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Bryant Joseph, bar keeper NW cor Davis and 

Bryant Joseph, cook NE cor Front and Sac 
Bryant Leon, tailor, dwl 418 Dupont 
Bryant Lew, butcher, dwl with John Searles 
Bryant Margaret (widow) liquors NW cor Ninth 

and Mission 
Bryant Mary, domestic 32 South Park 
Br^'ant Samuel, calker Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Bryant Sam'l (colored) carpenter, dwl S s Green- 
wich bet Larkin and Polk 
Bryant Sarah Miss, dress-maker, dwl 652 Market 
Bryant Thomas W. (colored) cook, dwl 833 Clay 
Bryant W. 1). waterman, dwl S s Bernard bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Bryant W. D. coffee roaster, Vigilant Engine 

Co. No. 9 
Bryant William H. ship-carpenter, dwl with 

George Crowley 
Bryant William T. clerk 315 Davis, bds with 

Nicholas Reynolds 
Bryarly Wake, physician, office NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Market, dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Brydges M. E. stoves and tin ware 10 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 613 Kearny 

Bryngelson Peter A. broom maker at 115 Daria 
Bryson Ellen Mrs. dwl W 8 Main bet Fol.som 

and Harrison 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, dwl 505 Broadway 
Bryson William, with CofTey & Risdon 
BUCHAN PATRICK G. attorney at law, office 

room 4 Express Building 
Buchanan Henry, li(|uor saloon 324 Commercial 
Buchanan Isaiah (colored) bootblack 105 San 
Buchanan John, carpenter, bds 623 Market 
Buchanan John, groceries and liquors, 569 How- 
Buchanan W. waterman. Market op Sansom 
Buch J. G. salesman with Kcrby, Byrne & Co. 7 

Buchel Edmund, musician, dwl 37 Geary 
BUCHOLTZ J. &C0. (C. Kock) proprietors New 

Atlantic Hotel 611 and 613 Pacific 
Buck Benjamin (colored) cook, dwl 11 Scott 
Buck David W. special policeman, dwl 77 Na- 
Buck Louis, groceries SE cor Geary and Dupont 
Buck Warner, carpenter, dwl Sansom 
Buckelew Ansel S. watchmaker and jeweler, 632 

Washington, dwl 607 Pine 
Buckelew Moses S. with H. Casebolt & Co. dwl 

34 Everett 
Buckeye Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 410 

Buckham Samuel W. boarding 613 Mission 
Buckingham A. A. pilot, office NW cor Wash- 
ington and East, dwl 717 Bush 
Buckingham Charles E. insurance clerk, dwl 921 

Buckingham John W. carriage painter with S. D. 

Hendrickson, dwl cor Mont and Market 
Buckingham Joseph, brick-mason, dwl 12 St. 

Marks Place 
Buckingham J. W. painter, dwl Shiel's Block 
Buckler Mary C. (widow) dwl SE cor Second 

and Stevenson 
Buckles Myer F. dwl 6 Sutter 
Buckley Ann, domestic 332 Bryant 
Buckley Anna, domestic 364 Minna 
Buckley Chas. P. propertyman Maguire's Opera 

House, dwl 618 Washington 
Buckley Dennis, roofer, bds 513 Mission 
Buckley Edward, minstrel Bella Union Me- 

lodeon, dwl 127 Minna 
Buckley Eliza Miss, dwl with John C. Corbeit 
Buckley E. P. cutter coiners' department U. S. 

Branch Mint, dwl 1202 Powell 
Buckley F., dwl S W cor Devisadero and Eddy 
Buckley Francis jr. carpenter, dwl SW cor De- 
visadero and Eddy 
Buckley Ichabod, teamster with Stanyan & Co. 

17 Cahtbrnia 
Buckley James A. brick-layer, dwl 24 Sansom 
Buckley Jeremiah J. porter 223 California, dwl 

226 First 
Buckle}' John, 'longshoreman, dwl Bay ur San 
Buckley John, special policeman, bds Burr's 

Eureka House 
Buckley John P. {Graves, Williams & B.) dwl 

SW cor Taylor and Jackson 
Buckley Mary (widow) dwl 23 St. Marks Place 
Buckley Patriclc, laborer, dwl S s Broadway bet 
Taylor and Mason 



Bucklev Thomas, painter, Monumental Engine 

Co'. No. 6. 
Buckley W. H. clerk, dwl Manhattan Engine 

Co. No. 2 
Buckley William, brick-layer NW cor Greenwich 

and Larkin 
Buckley William E. dwl 830 Broadway 
Bncklin Edward P. clerk What Clieer House 
Bucklin J. W. broker, dwl 327 Bush 
Buckman George A. American Exchange Saloon 

325 San, dwl NE cor Kearny and Market 
Ruckman H. calker Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Buckmaster Margaret, domestic 621 Harrison 
Bucknall M. J. Mrs. dwl 425 Sutter 
Bucknara Charles, salesman 415 Montgomery, 

dwl 101 Prospect Place 
Bucknam Ezra T. stoves and tin ware 22 Stewart, 

dwl Lincoln Place 
Buckner Charles, cabinet-maker 719 Mission 
Buckner Charles jr. dwl 719 Mi.ssion 
Buckner William, cook 336 Bush 
Bucks Norman, carpenter, bds 6 Sansom 
Buckster George, engineer, dwl 740 Harrison 
Buckwater John, carpenter, dwl 27 Minna 
Buddington Moses, mariner, dwl 27 Perry 
Buddington Walter, pilot stmr Bragdon, dwl NE 

cor Front and Jackson 
Budovich Nicholas, coffee saloon SW cor East 

and Commercial 
Buehler J. M. Rev. pastor First German Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church 
Buel Caroline Mrs. dwl 3 St. Marks Place 
Buel Frederick Rev. agent California Bible Soci- 
ety, 34 Montgomery, dwl 9 Minna 
Buell Caroline (widow) dwl NW cor Jessie and 

Buel! John, calker, bds 54 First 
Buerer Rose Miss, dress-maker 747 Mission 
Buesson Joseph, merchant, dwl 816 Yallejo 
Buetell Augustus, cashier with McLean & Fow- 
ler, dwl 326 Clay 
Buffandeau E. B. (Dodsmi d- Co.) 130 Third 
Buffington {John M.) & Co. {Jacob E. Stagg) Pa- 
cific Steam Coufectionery and Ice Cream Sa- 
loon 211 Mont and 407 Third, dwl 137 Silver 
Bufford J. L. painter, dwl S s Sutter bet Powell 

and Mason 
Bufford Samuel F. bds with J. L. Bufford 
Bufieu John, groceries NW cor Union and Du- 

Bugbee S. C. architect 73 Montgomery Block, 

dwl 312 Post 
Bughalter Jacob, tailor with Walter & Brooks, 

dwl S s Bush bet Kearny and Dupont 
Buhler John F. shoemaker 6 Battery 
Buhman W. waterman Market op Sansom 
Buhrmeister Harry, grocery N W cor Mary and 

Buhrmeister Henry, lab witli Henry Schwerin 
Buhrmeister John, clerk NW cor Mary and Na- 
Buhsen D. grocer 727 Davis 
Buja {Niccolo) & Gliubetich {Marco) Radezik Sa- 
loon 605 Davis 
Bujac D. stevedore, dwl Traitier's Row, Kearny 

bet Sutter and Post 
Buletti {Constant) & Berge {Joseph) fruits and 
vegetables 507 Merch, dwl Polk Al nr Bdwy 

Bulger John H. plasterer, dwl 418 Folsom 
Bulger Martin, chief engineer stmr Oregon, dwl 

15 Russ 
Bulger Raphael, compositor Bulletin, dwl Mason 

nr Pacific 
Bulger Vincent, printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl Mason bet Pacific and Broadway 
Bulger William, brick-maker, dwl NW cor Green- 
wich and Larkin 
Bull Alpheus, real estate, office room 4, 403 Front, 

resides Oakland 
Bull Jacob, carpenter Spring Valley W . W. Co. 

dwl 812 Sacramento 
Bull John, carpenter, dwl NW cor Sacramento 

and Waverly Place 
Bull John, 'longshoreman, bds 14 Stewart 
Bull W. K. real estate, dwl W s First Avenue 

bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
Bullard James H. merchant, dwl 46 Tehama 
Bullene Estelle M. Miss, teacher Primary Dept 

Union St. School, dwl Government House 
BuUer George, butcher Mission Market, dwl 2 

Bullion Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 410 

Bullock Alice (widow) dwl E s William bet 

Geary and Post 
Bullock Frank D. salesman with J. R. Mead, dwl 

423 Sutter 
Bullock William, seaman, dwl 37 Sacramento 
Bulson John, 1st assistant engineer P. M. S. 

Golden Age 
Bultmann August (Wm. Bofer (fe Co.) dwl 610 

Bumberry Ellen, domestic Mississippi House, 

Buram Geo. S. mastic roofer with N. P. Perine, 

dwl 224 Jessie 
Bumm George W. printer with Waters Bros. & 

Co. dwl 224 Jessie 
Bumstead Henry, carpenter, dwl 5 Drumm 
Bunce William, dwl 357 Minna 
Buncker Kiser, marketman, bds 6 Sutter 
Bundy Dwiglit, wood-sawyer, bds Clinton Tem- 
perance House, Pacific 
Bundy Thomas (colored) job wagon cor Mont- 
gomery and Clay 
Bunemann Charles, clerk with Schultz & Von 

Bargen, dwl 726 Commercial 
Bunker {A. C.) k Co. (/?. L. Jefferson) butchers 

702 Bush 
Bunker {Charles) & Coffin {Frederick F.) fruits 

and produce 47 Waslnngton Market 
Bunker Frederick R. book-keeper with Moore & 

Folger, dwl S s Union bet Montgomery and 

Bunker George F. mariner, dwl S s DeBoora nr 

Bunker {Henry S.) Greaves {Benjamin T) & Co. 

Mexican shipping and commission office 

305 Sacramento cor Front, dwl Mission nr 

Twelfth Mission Dolores 
Bunker James A. stevedore, dwl Bryant bet 

First and Second 
Bunker Paul, porter Howard's Warehouse, dwl 

735 Union 
Bunker Robert F. drayman 413 Battery, dwl 

1320 Pacific 



Bunnell A. W. Mrs. adjuster U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl N 8 Bush nr Montgomery 
Bunnell Kilwin F. dentist M American Hotel. 

dwl cor Sacramento and Van Xesa Avenue 
Bimnell Geo. AV. principal Spring Valley Scliool, 

dwl cor Sacramento and Van Ness Avenue 
Bunner Ann (widow) dress-making 214 Second 
Bunner Stephen, drayman, dwl 47 Ritch 
Running J. inspector Custom House 
Bunt Joseph, stevedore, bds 46 Stewart 
Bunting Joseph, clerk Lockwood & Hendrie, 

dwl 'i."? Minna 
Bunting S:ephen, carriage-maker, dwl 810 Bdwy 
Bupler W. clerk with A. Gross 
BURBANK (Cuttb) & HUBBARD (James F.) 

attorneys at law, room 6 Wells' Building cor 

Clay and Mont, dwl SW cor Clay and Jones 
Burbank David, dentist room 3 Parrott's Build- 
ing cor Mont and Sac, dwl 871 Mission 
Burbidge Letitia Miss, seamstress with Madam 

Plummer, dwl with Thomas G. Cantrell 
Burch Charles, porter, dwl 605 Broadway 
Burciion Samuel, laborer, dwl 34 Webb 
Burck Louis, brewer with Jacob Plirter 
Burck Isaac, express wagon cor Mont and Cal 
Burckes Henry VV. carpenter with A. A. Sny- 
der, dwl 325 Broadway 
Burckes L. M. carpenter, dwl 8 Hardie Place 
Burckes Samuel, carpenter with A. A. Snyder 
Burckhardt Maximilian, assistant editor German 

Democrat, dwl 10 Scott 
BURDELL GALP:N, dentist 625 Clay 
Burdell — . machinist Fulton Foundry, dwl 505 

Burdenhaflf John, bakery 433 Pacific 
Burdett Peter, butcher, dwl Minna nr Ninth 
Bi rdick Edward F. clerk with H. M. Newhall & 

Co. dwl 36 Minna 
Burdick {James) & Anthony {John D.) Davis St. 

Market 523 Davis 
BURDICK JOSEPH D. importer zephyr worsted, 

fancy goods, etc. 651 Clay 
Burdick S. W. captain sloop P. A. Owens, 

Allen's Line 
Buret Louis, clerk with V. Chevalier 739 Clay 
Burfeind Martin {Siebe & Co.) dwl SE cor Green 

and Stockton 
Burganer L. handcartman cor Stock and Pacific 
Burge Robert K. blacksmith, dwl 16 Grove bet 

Laguna and Octavia, Hayes Park 
Burger John, hostler 246 Third 
Burgess Charles M. hostler 535 Jackson 
Burgess G. H. artist, dwl 409 Dupont 
Burgess Gilbert, box maker with Hobbs, Gilmore 

& Co. dwl 27 Natoma 
BurgeS3 Hubert, teacher writing and drawing 

public schools, dwl SW cor Stock and Wash 
Burgess Robert G. miner, dwl N a Greenwich 

bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Burgess R. W. bds What Cheer House 
Burgess William, teacher drawing, dwl 911 Stock 
Burginhiam William, driver with Gardner & Co. 

dwl 246 Third 
Burgoyne Mary (widow) dwl Mission bet Seventh 

and Eighth 
Burgstream U. bargeman Custom House 
Burhans Willet S. pattern maker Fulton Foundry, 

dwl 735 Market 

Burk Catharine Mis.i. at Raymond Coin's laundry 
Burk James, ho.stlcr with Porter A Flenner 
Burk James M. laborer, dwl Bryant nr Eighth 
Burk Joiin U. {Myer dt B.) SW cor Folsom and 

Burk Joseph, dwl Minna nr Eighth 
Burk Lewis, apprentice Vulcan Foundry 
Burk Michael, dwl 418 Green 
Burk Patrick, blacksmith helper Vulcan Foundry 
B«rk Thomas, carpenter, dwl 517 Vallejo 
Burk William, apprentice Vulcan Foundry 
Burkard S. butcher, bds 219 Kearny 
Burkcet Peter, dwl 407 Kearny 
Burke Alfred I. clerk Herald and Mirror, dwl 

SE cor Jones and Filbert 
Burke Alice Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 119 Jessie 
Burke Ann Miss, dwl 346 First 
Burke Barbara (widow) dwl NE cor Filbert and 

Burke Barney, farmer, east and nr Ocean House 
Burke Catherine (widow) dwl W s Sansom bet 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Burke Catherine (widow) dwl 337 Fourth 
Burke Catherine Miss, dwl with Henry Lubbert 
Burke Catherine M. Miss, milliner with W. We- 
ber, dwl 517 Vallejp 
Burke Cunniff, 'longshoreman, dwl W a Sansom 

bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Burke David, carpenter, dwl 36 Jessie 
Burke (Denim) & Briody (PatHck) wines and 

liquors 116 Jackson 
Burke Edward, shoemaker SW cor Commercial 

and East 
Burke Edward E. bootmaker at 315 East 
Burke James, laborer, dwl W s O'Farrell Alley 
Burke James, plasterer, dwl 119 Jessie 
Burke James, hostler, dwl 34 Webb 
Burke John, dwl 683 Market 
Burke John, hostler, bds 416 Pacific 
Burke John, hostler with Skelly & Co. 
Burke John, laborer, dwl 130 Minna 
Burke John, pattern maker, bds 512 Mission 
Burke John T. dwl E s Yerba Buena bet Clay 

and Sacramento 
Burke Joseph, carpenter Union Foundry, dwl 

414 Mission 
Burke Kate Miss, domestic 907 Clay 
Burke Margaret Miss, operator with H. C. Hay- 
den, dwl cor Cleary and Fourth 
Burke Martin, laborer, dwl E s Front bet Broad- 
way and Vallejo 
Burke Mary, dwl 111 Sacramento 
Burke Mary Miss, domestic 17 Post 
Burke Mary Miss, operator with H. C. Hayden, 

dwl cor Cleary and Fourth 
Burke Michael, carpenter, bds 721 Market 
Burke Michael, carpenter, dwl with Henry 

Burke Michael, cigar maker with Graff & Licker, 
dwl W s Sansom bet Filbert and Greenwich 
BURKE M. J. Chief of Police, office City Hall, 

dwl 116 Prospect Place 
Burke Patrick, baker at 203 Sacramento 
Burke Patrick, blacksmith, bds 317 Broadway 
Burke Patrick, book-keeper, dwl 266 Jessie 
Burke Richard, at San Francisco Sugar Refinery, 

bds with Owen Casey 
Burke Robert, boatman cor Pacific and Davis 



Burke Rose Miss, dwl 346 First 

Burke Thomas, dwl 28 Cleary 

Burke Thomas, polisher at Chelsea Laundry 435 

Burke Walter, laborer San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery, dwl N\Y cor Bryant and Eighth 
Burke William, carpenter, bds 721 Market 
Burke William, hackraan, dwl 1602 Stockton 
Burke William A. propertyman Metropolitan 

Theater, dwl S s Clay bet Jones and 

BURKE WILLIAM F. boots and shoes WW 

cor Montgomery and Pine, dwl 1006 Clay 
Burkenroad Henry, fancy goods 234 Kearny 
Burker Joseph, sawyer, 24 Cal, bds 122 Davis 
Burket J. T. carpenter, bds 623 Market 
Burkhardt George, bootmaker 323 Bush, dwl 

American Hotel 
Burkhardt George, watchmaker 209 Pacific 
Burkhardt John, with Hubert Lustenberger 
Burkhead W. N. compositor Bulletin, dwl SW 

cor Washington and Dupont 
Burkliim Henry, merchant tailor 22 Post 
Burkpaedt August, proprietor Union Bakery 

1516 Stockton 
Burlieu E. Nye, salesman with Joseph Peirce, 

dwl 924 Sacramento 
Burling William, merchant 410 Merchant 
Burlingarae Charles S. dish washer Metropolitan 

Burlingame Joel, stevedore, dwl 527 Mission 
Burmeister Alrich, clerk with H. Burmeister 
Burraeister Henry, groceries NW cor Cahfomia 

and Leavenworth 
Burmeister Henry, proprietor St. Marks Hotel 25 

St. Marks Place 
Burn Catherine, domestic 11 Essex 
Burn Frank, water-tender steamer Orizaba, dwl 

W s Montgomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Burn James, cartman. Union bet Mont and San 
Burn Mary A. Mrs. dwl 642 Mission 
Burn Patrick, laborer, bds 816 Sansom 
Burn T. laborer San Francisco City Water Works 
Burn Thomas, commission merchant, dwl 642 

Burnap John, grocer 425 Davis, dwl E s Larkin 

nr Green 
Burnesky Charles, at San Francisco Sugar Re- 
finery, bds with Owen Casey 
Burnett {Abram) & Lee {Franklin V.) builders, 

dwl XW cor Union and Leavenworth 
Burnett Frank, cook 54 First 
Burnett G. W. butcher N s Washington nr Van 

Ness Avenue, dwl S s Washington nr Polk 

Burnett John, Burnett Boarding House 34 Webb 

Burnett Thomas, at S. F. Sugar Refinery 

BUIINETX-WILLIAM C. attorney at law, office 

^^-- fooms 20 and 22 Court Block 636 Clay, dwl 

^ 1713 Dupont 

Burnett William H. laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Burnham Oilman M. lumber mcht, dwl 350 First 
Buruham James, peddler, dwl 200 Folsom 
Burnham James W. manager with W. M Hixon 

606 Clay, dwl 54 Third 
Burnliam Lucy Mrs. lodgings, dwl 54 Third 
Burnham W. T. contractor, dwl N s Stockton 

Place bet Stockton and Dupont 
Burning Moscow Silver ^Mining Co. off 215 Front 

Burns A. M. captain steamship Pacific, office 

NW cor Jackson and Front 
Burns Ann Miss, domestic Metropolitan Hotel 
Burns Ann Miss, dome.stic 218 Bush 
Burns Annie M. Miss, domestic 530 Howard 
Burns Barney, laborer, dwl 113 Jessie 
Burns Charles, liquor saloon, 520 Market 
Burns Charles F. sail-maker, 316 Davis, dwl E s 

Mason bet Eddy and Turk 
Burns D. painter at 8 First 
Burns David P. carpenter, dwl 725 Broadway 
Burns Dennis, steward with Porter & Collins, dwl 

115 Ohio 
Burns Edmund, laborer, dwl S s Stevenson bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Burns Edward, laborer, dwl SW cor Antonio 

and Jones 
Burns Edward, machinist, Columbia Engine Co. 

No. 11 
Bums Ellen Miss, with Bartling & Kimball, dwl 

NW cor First and Natoma 
Burns Ellen Miss, seamstress, bds 306 Bdwy 
Burns George, bds SE cor Front and Vallejo 
Burns Hannah, domestic with Otto F. Gehricke 
Burns Henry J. stencil cutter and engraver 

What Cheer House, dwl 73 Fourth 
Burns Hugh, laborer, dwl NE cor O'Farrell and 

Burns Isaac, blacksmith 37 Market 
Burns Isadore, shipsmith, dwl NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Montgomery Place 
Burns James, at Davis' Laundry 
Burns James, fireman U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

Dupont nr California 
Burns James, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Union bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Burns James, stevedore, dwl corner Main and 

Burns James L. book-keeper with Benjamin T. 

Chace k Co dwl SE cor Com and Leid 
Burns J. M. dwl 533 Sutter 
Burns John, baker, dwl 9 St. Marys 
Burns John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Burns John, laborer, dwl N s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis 
BURNS {John II.) & MAGUIRE {John) proptrs 

Snug Liquor Saloon 614 Washington, Branch 

Saloon 618 Washington, and Hayes' Park 

Pavilion, dwl 609 Greenwich 
Burns J. R. bds Original House 
Burns Joseph, cartman, dwl rear 61 Stevenson 
Burns Joseph, laborer with J. J. Bergin, dwl S 

s Pacific bet Taylor and Leavenworth 
Burns Julia, dwl with Michael Burns, Jessie 
Burns Juhan W. 'longshoreman,'dwlN s Filbert 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Burns Martin, laborer 212 Clay 
Burns Martin, laborer, dwl 37 Sacramento 
Burns Marj:, dwl E s Montgomery bet Broadway 

and Pacific 
Burns Marj', domestic, dwl 938 Mission 
Burns Michael, clerk with Brennan & Co. dwl N 

s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixtli 
Burns Michael, foreman with P. MoUoy, dwl E s 

Sixth nr Howard 
Burns P. laborer, bds with John Tucker 
Burns {Patrick) & Maloney(Jb/i») Market Street 

House, 506 Market 



Rums Patrick, blacksmilli, dwl 158 Minna 
Burns Patrick, hostler at Coniiuorcial Street Liv- 
ery Stiible, (hvl 70G CoinmercMal 
Burns Patrick, laborer, dwl 128 Minna 
Burns Pairick, laborer, dwl Rousch bet Folsom 

and Howard 
Burns Pat'k, liquors, cor Devisadero and O'Far- 

rell nr Lone Mountain Cemetery 
Burns Patrick, waiter Oriental Hotel, dwl rear 

2-i2 Minna 
Burns Patrick jr. hostler, bds 816 Sanson) 
Burns Patrick H. blacksmitii. dwl 58 Minna 
Burns Peto'-, lalprer, dwl SW cor Green and Bat 
Burns Robert, What Cheer House Restaurant, 

dwl 51 Second 
Burns Robert, waiter What Cheer House 
Burns Sarah J^Irs. nurse, dwl 100 O'Farrell 
Burns T. wheelwright, bds 205 Sansom 
Burns Thomas, boarding, 802 Sansom 
Burns Thomas H. machinist with Devoe & Co. 

dwl 717 Market 
Burns William, drayman, bds 903 Battery 
Burns William, laborer, dwl N s Oregon bet 

Front and Davis 
Burns William, 'longshoreman, dwl N s Filbert 

bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Burr Clarence C. clerk S. F. Insurance Co. 621 

Clav, dwl with E. W. Burr 
BQRR 'K. WILLARD. president Savings' and 

Loan Society and S. F. Insurance Co. ofiice 

619 and 621 Clay, dwl S s Filbert bet Polk 

and Van Ness Avenue 
Burr George W. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl S 

s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Burr Henry T. clerk 629 Washington 
Burr Levi, Eureka House S s Bay bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Burr Lucy Miss, dwl with E. W. Burr 
Burrell M. S. {Knapp, B ifc Co.) res Portland, 0. 
Burrige Robert, dwl Mission bet Seventh and 

Burriss George R. (colored) steward P. M. S. St. 

Burriss Samuel D. (colored) whitewashing, dwl 

21 Scott 
Burroughs Chas. private club rooms 614 Kearny 
Burrowes Georgo Rev. D. D. principal S. F. City 

College SE cor Stockton and Geary 
Burrows Edward M. {Little & B.) dwl 313 Minna 
Burrows John, hostler with John Agnew 
Burrows Richard {Sincock tfc B.) 41 1 Kearny 
Burry George, fishmonger, dwl W s Scotland nr 

Bursch Augusto, dwl 105 Prospect Place 
Burscough Henry, dwl 505 Third 
Burson James, teamster with Samuel Hoyt 
Burt Charles, boiler maker with Coffey & Risdon, 

dwl 141 Battery 
Burt E. C. Mrs. principal Powell St. Primary 

School, dwl 932 Clay 
Burt R. Mrs. dwl with E. Davis 
Burt Silas S. clerk, dwl 932 Clay 
Burt William Henry, mariner, dwl W s Mason 

bet Broadway and Yallejo 
Burt William J. laborer, dwl S s Turk bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Burt W. W. bds Benton House 
Burtes Casimer, baker with P. Maige 

Burton Ciias. stcamboatman, rooms 26 Belden's 

Burton Charles H. merchant, office room 4 403 
Front, dwl 1018 Washinglon 

Burton J. A. seaman, mis 714 Stockton 

Burton Janie.s, cabinet-maker witii 0. Fuller 

Burton J. D. furniture 9 First 

Burton John M. book-keeper with Murphy, Grant 

Burtt Wm. W. tinsmith with John Gordon & Co. 
dwl E s Quincy nr California 

Burwick Thomas, sail-maker, dwl W 8 Mason bet 
Filbert and Greenwich 

Bush Alonzo, porter with Wells, Fargo & Co. 
dwl NW cor California and ^Iontgome^y 

Bush George, cabinet-maker 610 Yallejo 

Bush Henry, photographic gallery 622 Kearny 
cor Commercial 

Bush J. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 

Bush John, boiler maker at 121 Jackson, dwl 324 

Bush John, laborer with S. F. Water Works Co. 

Biisli John H. cook, dwl rear 21 Beale 

Bush J. P. physician, ofTiee 605 Sacramento 

Bush Louis, dentist 613 Kearn}', dwl 47 Clem- 

Bush Nathan, furniture 708 Pacific 

Bush Norton, elk S. F. Gas Co. dwl 510 Howard 

Bush Patrick, waiter, dwl 39 Jessie 

Bush Peter, Union Malt House Brannan near 

Bush Thomas H. bookbinder with Alex. Bus- 
well & Co. dwl W s Yerba Buena nr Sac 

Bush William, carpenter 210 Sutter 

Bu&hard J. Rev. assistant pastor St. Ignatius 
Church Market nr Fifth 

Bushman William, pattern maker Fulton Foun- 
dry, dwl 227 Jessie 

Bushnell William C. seaman, bds 46 Stewart 

Busquet Andrew, porter with A. P. Hotaling & Co. 

Bussanger Emma Miss, milliner with Mrs. A. 
Wheeler, dwl 20 Minna 

Busse Albert {E. G. Cook & Co.) dwl 247 Minna 

Bussel J. ( Weblen & B.) Potrero nr Rope Walk 

Bussinger Frederick, brass molder with W. T. & 
J. Garratt 

Buster Hiram C. watchman Dow's distillery, dwl 
130 Montgomery 

Buster Mary Mrs. furni.shed rooms 130 Mont 

BUSWELL ALEXANDER & CO. bookbinders 
517 Clay and 514 Commercial, dwl SW cor 
Union and Jones 

Buswell Alexander, pattern maker Yulcan Foun- 
drj', dwl 535 Folsom 

Buswell W. S. foreman pattern shop Vulcan 

Butenop H. groceries and liquors 625 Pacific 

Biitlie C. L. clerk with Heriian Tietjen 

Butler Ann, domestic 549 Folsom 

Butler Benjamin F. lithographer SE cor Mont- 
gomery and California, dwl 1114 Taylor 

Butler C. C. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 

Butler Charles, fireman steamer ChrysopoUs 

Butler Charles H. cooper Empire Brewery, dwl 
10 Sherwood Place 

Butler Charles W. carpenter with Smith & More 

Butlef Edward, blacksmith with H. Casebolt & 
Co. dwl Stevenson near Second 



Butler Felix W. carpenter, dwl S s Chestnut bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Butler G. B. carpenter, dwl 333 Bush 
Butler Gr. W. milk peddler S s Bdw_y nr Octavia 
Butler Henrv, assistant mailing clerk Post-office, 

dwl 1009 Powell 
Butler Henry W. clerk with Epes Ellery 
Butler James, draughtsman, rms 22 Belden's Blk 
Butler James, sailor, bds 14 Stewart 
Butler James, waiter 306 Broadway 
Butler James (colored) barber witli N. A. God- 
frey 529 Commercial 
Butler James H. waiter 306 Broadway 
Butler John, carpenter, dwl N s Bush bet Pierce 

and Scott 
Butler John S. dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Butler Joseph, cook steamer New World 
Butler Joseph D. special policeman, dwl 417 

Butler M. laborer S. F. C. "Water Works Co. 
Butler Margaret (widow) nurse 324 Fremont 
Butler Mary A. Mrs. millinery 136 Montgomery, 

dwl W s Sixth bet Folsom and Howard 
Butler Matthew, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds 14 

Butler M. F. architect, rooms 33 and 34 Metro- 
politan Block, dwl 731 Folsom 
Butler Michael, laborer, dwl W s Salmon near 

Butler Parker, captain schooner Blanco pier 11 

Butler Patrick, dwl S s O'Farrell bet Jones and 

Butler Patrick, nail maker rear 321 Pine, dwl 

503 O'Farrell 
Butler Patrick F. dwl W s Sixth bet Folsom and 

Butler Richard, boiler S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

14 Russ 
Butler Robert, Emmet liquor saloon 14 First 
Butler Robert, assistant treasurer Maguire's 

Opera House 
Butler Robert, painter S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

14 Russ 
Butler Samuel S. lodgings 528 Commercial, 525 

Commercial and SW cor Wash and Sansom 
Butler Warren C. Chief Adjuster U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 1524 Stockton 
Butler William, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Butler William N. solicitor 24 Jackson 
Butlon F. carpenter, bds 336 Bush 
BUTMAN FREDERICK, artist 204 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 806 Howard 
Butmer Ann E. (widow) washing 502 Kearny 
Butna Adelaide Miss, dwl 813 Sacramento 
Butt Peter M. clerk 537 Kearny 
Butterfield William P. jr. pyrotechnist with 0. 

F. Giffin & Bro 
Butters John S. 1st officer steamer Senator 
Butterworth James, tinsmith with Johnston & 

Reay, dwl S s Folsom bet Beale and Mission 
Buttner F. H. teacher, dwl rear 524 Greenwich 
Buzzell Isaac, carpenter, dwl E s Minna bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Buzzolara J. waiter 821 Kearny 
Buzzolini D. commission merchant 415 Jackson 
Buxton Charles, with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. dwl 

527 Pine 

Buxton George, engineer Flint & Peabody's rice 

mill, dwl 740 Harrison 
Byanton James, molder Higgins' brick yard 
Byard Jolm (colored) whitewasher, dwl 908 

Pacific, rear 
Byatt William, gardener, dwl S s Eddy bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde 
Bye Susan Miss, ironer Chelsea Laundry 435 

Byear Oscar, laborer San Bruno Road nr toll gate 
Byer Augustus, plasterer, bds 623 Market 
B3'ers John, mariner, dwl N s Union bet Battery 

and Sansom ^ 

Byers Joseph M. agent Police Gazette, dwl cor 

Fourth and Howard 
Byfield A. N. Consul for Portugal, dwl 149 Jessie 
Byhan John, carriage-maker with George P. 

Kimball & Co 
BYINGTON HORACE W. hvery and sale stable 
414 Kearn}', dwl NW cor Steiner and Eddy 
Byorkman J. A. drayman with J. L. Taggard & 

Co. bds 2 Chelsea Place 
Byring James, carpenter, dwl 605 Broadway 
Byrne Bridget Miss, domestic 727 California 
Byrne Charles J. mariner. Vigilant Engine Co. 

No. 9 
Byrne Felix, carpenter, dwl 650 Howard 
Byrne Garrett J. (Kerby, B. & Co.) dwl 16 Mont- 
BYRNE (jyan-2/7/)&FREEL0N(7%07Ha5 W.) 
attorneys at law, office 15 and 16 Court 
Block 636 Clay 
Byrne James, laborer, dwl 116 Beale 
Byrne John M. {C. Grdkt & Co.) dwl SE cor 

Mason and Sutter 
Byrne Joseph J. laborer, dwl E s McCormick bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Byrne Lafayette, clerk, dwl NW cor Howard 

and Thirteenth 
Byrne Mary J. restaurant W s Valencia bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth 
Byrne Michael, salesman with Kerby, Byrne & 

Co. 7 Montgomery 
Byrne Patrick, laborer, bds 307 Post 
Byrne Patrick A. apothecary St. Mary's Hos- 
Byrne P. R. liquors NE cor Clay and Davis 
Byrne Thomas, cartman, dwl 1025 Pacific 
Byrne Thomas, commission merchant, dwl 642 

Byrne Thomas, shoemaker with Joseph Gallinger 
Byrne William, stevedore, dwl Filbert bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Byrne William C. dwl NE cor Yerba Buena and 

Byrnes Daniel, carpenter, dwl 828 Green 
Byrnes Patrick, laborer, bds 814 Sansom. 
Byrnes William, bds 506 Market 
Byrns James, laborer, dwl E s Dolores near Six- 
Byron John, brick-layer, dwl 249 Minna 
Byron Michael, brick-layer, dwl 338 Minna 
Byse Henry, carpenter, dwl E s Crook nr Town- 
Byxbee John F. book-keeper with H. B. Tiche- 

nor & Co. dwl 540 Howard 
Byxbee Robert G. {H. B. Tichenor & Co.) dwl 26 




Caballkko August, groceries and liquors SE cor 
Stockton and O'Farrell 

Cabanne Eugene, liquors Brannan Street Bridge, 
Poire ro 

Cabannes John {Dupuy & C.) Brannan Street 
Bridge, Potrero 

Cabannes Joseph, {Duj)uy tt Co.) dwl Potrero 
near Brannan Street Bridge 

Cabe Andrew, butcher, dwl 8 Virginia 

Cables {Al/.td II), & Bai\ey {Thomas W.) vege- 
tables, fruit, etc. 71 and 72 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl 176 Jessie 

Cadagan Timothy, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 
Ritter near Harrison 

Cadin Patrick, plasterer, dwl 233 Minna 

Cadiche P. bakery 634 Pacific 

Cadiz Ella M'lle, wire danseuse Bella Union Me- 
lodeon, dwl NE cor Jessie and Fourth 

Cadiz Eugenia (widow) private boarding 712 

Cadmus Arthur P. stage carpenter Maguire's 
Opera House, dwl Benton House 

Caduc Philip, cobblestone and granite depot 
North Point, dwl Union Hotel 

Cady Adelaide Mrs. dwl 625 Dupont 

Cady John, boiler maker Vulcan Foimdry, dwl 
W s Moss bet Folsom and Howard 

Cady John, job wagon N s Folsom bet Sixth and 

Cady Lorenzo, builder, dwl 105 Prospect Place 

Cady W. J. & Co. wholesale liquors 221 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 523 Howard 

Caesar William, waterman Market opposite San- 
son!, dwl X s Stockton Place near Dupont 

Cafiall George, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Kearny 
near Lombard 

Caff"rey John, laborer, dwl 115 First 

Caftrey Michael, boarding 515 and 517 Mission 

Cagney Martin, laborer, dwl S s O'Farrell bet 
Mason and Powell 

Cahalin Bridget Miss, domestic 615 Stockton 

Cahalin Edward, porter 209 Battery, dwl 271 

Cahill Adelia Mrs. domestic with W. P. Ray- 

Cahill A. G. drayman 22 California 

Caiiill Edward, book-keeper, dwl 422 Sacramento 

Caiiill Ed\^-ard, waiter Russ House 

Cahill Ellen Miss, domestic 707 Front 

Cahill Ellen Miss, domestic, dwl 938 Mont 

Cahill Fanny, domestic with Wasliington Pitts 

Cahill James, laborer, dwl W s Fifth bet Steven- 
son and Jessie 

Cahill James F. liquor saloon SE cor Bush and 
Kearny, dwl Everett near Howard 

Cahill John, carpenter with Brokaw & Metcalf, 
dwl 31 Kearny 

Caiiill Jolin, porter 210 Battery 

Cahill Mathew, porter witli Redington & Co. dwl 
SW cor Mason and O'Farrell 

Cahill P. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Cahill Patrick, drayman SW cor California and 
Davis, dwl NE cor Leavenworth and Pine 

Cahill Patrick, laborer, dwl 45 Jessie 

Cahill William, wool packer, dwl Third nr Mission 

CAHN AARON (A. Cahn & Co., Portland) 205 

California, dwl 12 Anthony 
Cahn David, clerk 2 1 7 Battery 
Cahn Israel (f7////fW«- .(• C.) dwl 10 Anthony 
Cahn Jolm, tailor, dwl 68 Jessie 
Cahn Lambert M. with A* Cahn & Co. dwl 427 

Cahn Leon (^1. Cahn <k Co.) residence Portland, 

Cahn Leopold {Uhlfddcr & C.) dwl 10 Anthony 
Cahn Sylvian, salesman 217 Battery 
Cain Bartholomew, milkman, bds 816 Sansom 
Cain Bridget Mrs. bds 816 Sansom 
Cain Edward, printer, Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Cain Edward (colored) whitewashing SE cor 

Cal and Mont, dwl W s Larkin nr Filbert 
Cain Frank, at S. F. Gas Co. dwl 115 First 
Cain James, laborer, dwl E s Mam bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Cain John, brick-layer, dwl 115 First 
Cain John, laborer Union Foundry 
Cain Margaret (widow) dwl with William Wright 

Cain Patrick, molder Union Foundry 
Cain Rufus K. brick -la3'er, dwl 411 Dupont 
Cain Thomas, laborer, bds Mississippi House 

Cairo Adrien (Caire Brothers) resides Paris 
CAIRE BROTHERS {Justinien & Adrien) im- 
porters hardware 530 Washington and 1028 
Dupont, dwl 313 Green 
Cairns Phoebe E. Miss, milliner with Mrs. Durn- 

ing, bds 39 Second 
Cairns Robert, salesman with Joseph Peirce, dwl 

243 Fremont 
Calahan Barnard, S. F. S. Refinery, dwl 12 Russ 
Calahan Christopher, laborer S. F. City Water 

Works Co. dwl Hyde near Union 
Calaher John, boiler maker with Cofley & Risdon, 

dwl 317 Broadway 
Calaly Michael, drayman, dwl E s Crook near 

Calderwell C. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Calderwood D. bds Benton House 
Caldwell Andrew, porter with Wm. H. Keith & 

Co. dwl N s Oak bet Mason and Taylor 
Caldwell Charles, waiter steamer Chrysopolis 
Caldwell David, drayman, dwl Volunteer Engine 

Co. No. 7 
Caldwell James M. dwl 226 Jessie 
Caldwell J. E. at 54 Washington Market, dwl 3 

Pennsylvania Avenue 
Caldwell William, machinist Vulcan Foundry, 

dwl W s Liberty near Townsend 
Caldwell Z. waiter steamer Chrysopohs 
Cale James, teamster with James McDevitt 
CALEF J. S. physician 726 Washington, dwl 

518 Bush 
CALHOUN CHARLES A. book and job print- 
ing office 320 and 322 Clay, dwl W s Mason 
bet O'Farrell and Ellis 
Calhoun John, dwl N s Sac bet Mason and Taylor 
LINE, Holladay & Flint proprietors, office 
407 Washington 
California Bible Societj', office 34 Montgomery 
California Building and Loan Society, office Ar- 
mory Hall 



(weekly) publislied by M. E. Church, office 
410 Clay. Rev. E. Thomas editor 

California Chronik (German weekly) office SB 
cor Mont and Sac, Chas. Ruehl, editor 

cor Montgomery and Jackson 

office SE cor Montgomery and Sacramento, 
Frederick Hess & Co. proprietors, Dr. F. 
Loehr editor 

Warren editor, office 728 Montgomery 

Co. proprietors, N s Fremont bet Market 
and Mission 

CALIFORNIA HOTEL, Gailhard Brothers, SE 
cor Dupont and Commercial 

California Letter Express 418 Montgomery 

ANCE COMPANY, office 414 Mont 

California Magazine and Mountaineer (monthly) 
Brooks & Lawrence proptrs, office 543 Clay 

ANCE COMPANY, office 405 Front cor Clay 

California Nautical Magazine, John H. Bell 
editor, office 415 Washington 


California Powder Works, office Hentsch's Build- 
ing cor Montgomery and Jackson 

agent, E s Kearny opposite Plaza 

California Sheep Raisers and Wool Growers 
Association, office NE cor Front and Clay 

California Silver Mining Co. office NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Jackson 

PANY, office 507 Montgomery, James 
Gamble superintendent 

office NE cor Front and Jackson 

office 573, 575 and 577 Mission 

Calipe Andre, painter, dwl 737 Commercial 

Calish Raphael S. waterman, dwl 15 Jessie 

Calkin Milo, dwl 729 Bush 

Calkins C. carpenter, bds Original House 

Calkins Ripley R. with C. J. Hawley & Co. SW 
cor Second and Jessie 

Call Dennis, laborer with James McDevitt 

Call George, laborer, bds 306 Broadway 

Call Jonas, milk ranch S s Presidio Road op- 
posite Presidio House 

Call Patrick, laborer witli James McDevitt 

Callaghan Charles, captain ship Starr King, dwl 
W s Seventh bet Howard and Folsom 

Callaghan Daniel (of J. & D. Callaghan, Shasta) 
dwl SW cor Howard and Fourteenth 

Callaghan Jeremiah (of J. & D. Callaghan, Shasta) 
421 Front, dwl Howard near Si.xteenth 

Callaghan John, groceries and provisions 121 
Front, dwl SE cor Hyde and Chestnut 

Callaghan Margaret, domestic with Albert Miller 

Callaghan Patrick, laborer, dwl 429 Sutter 

Callahan Ann, domestic 345 Fremont 

Callahan B. chief engineer S. F. Sugar Refinery 
dwl Russ near Howard 

Callahan Bernard, with James H. Deering 

Callahan C. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Callaliaii Cornelius, laborer, dwl E s White bet 

Vallcjo and Green 
Callahan Daniel, porter 419 Montgomery 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, dwl 170 Minna 
Callahan David, seaman, dwl 919 Battery 
Callahan Dennis, carpenter Spring Valley Water 

Works Co. 
Callahan Jas. liquors SE cor Chambers and Bat 
Callahan James, blacksmith, bds 741 Market 
Callahan James, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Callahan James, laborer, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Callahan J. K. blacksmith, bds 741 Market 
Callahan Joanna, domestic 362 Minna 
Callahan M. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Callahan Mary, domestic 14 Stanly Place 
Callahan Marj', domestic 430 Bryant 
{Samuel A.) importers crockery and glass 
ware 418 Battery, dwl 760 Folsom 
Callahan Michael, saloon cor Com and Drumm 
Callahan Patrick, laborer with Samuel L. Theller 
Callan Hugh, marble cutler witW Myers & Ha- 

gan, dwl NW cor Sansom and Broadway 
Callan Thomas, laborer, bds 17 Stevenson 
CALLAN THOMAS, ales and liquors 209 Leid- 

esdorflf, dwl 30 Ellis 
Callary Michael, drayman cor Front and Cal 
Callavatti Sylvester, waiter SE cor Mission and 

Callen John, machinist, bds 336 Bush 
Callinan Patrick, cutler 238 Montgomery, dwl 

NE cor Mission and Beale 
Callman Patrick, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Calloway Thomas J. lamplighter S. F. Gas Co. 
Callsen Peter, carpeuter, dwl S s Pacific betLar- 

kin and Hyde 
Callundaa (C. F.) & Colman (C. F.) saloon 6 Sac- 
ramento, dwl cor First and Brj'ant 
Calmann Philip, dwl 817 Mission 
Calmetz Adolph, watchmaker with Joseph Mc- 
Gregor, dwl Lutgeus Hotel 
Calnon Patrick, liquor saloon SW cor Mission 

and First, dwl 21 Jessie 
Calose F. wdieelwright, bds 741 Market 
Calvin Robert, tinsmilli, dwl 1013 Stockton 
Carnal Peter, laborer, dwl rear Second bet Bran- 
nan and Towusend 
Cambouruac Jean, Lafayette H. & L. Co No. 2 
Camden Christina (widow) dwl 130 Montgomery 
Camden Frank, waiter, dwl 265 Minna 
Cameron Alexander, bds 707 Front 
Cameron Angus {Saviuel Bobb & Co.) dwl 264 

Cameron Duncan, boiler maker Union Foundry, 

dwl 46 Ritch 
Cameron Edward, cook 814 Sansom 
Cameron Hugh, boarding 312 Boale 
Cameron James, proprietor U. S. Bakerj', 509 

Cameron John B. wood carver, dwl 307 Minna 
Cameron N. speculator, dwl Niantic Hotel 
Cameron Robert, book-keeper with McEwen & 

Adams, dwl 312 Beale 
Cameron Robert, carpenter with Brokaw & Met- 
calf, dwl 320 Folsom 



Cameron Snmiiel, clerk with Diincaa Williamaou 

N\V cor TowiiHencl and Third 
Cameron, Wliittier (W. Frank) & Co. {E. B. 
Benjamin) importers and jobbers paints, 
oils and window glass 425 and 427 Front 
Cameron William, apprentice Vulcan Foundry 
Cameron William, ranchman, bds 904 Kearny 
Cameron William, mechanic S. F. Gas Co. dwl 
149 Second 

Cameron , dwl 1014 Kearny 

Games Patrick, Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Cameto Martin, wheelwright with M. F. Sier 
Camillery Stepnen, with Lemoine, Froment &Co. 

New Market 
Cammet John, dwl 102 Stockton 
Oarnmett Louis, dwl 28 Third 
Cammon John, wheelwright, dwl 812 Sac 
Camp Charles L. porter U. S. Quartermaster's 

store, dwl 29 Clementina 
Camp Herman, mining, dwl 422 Sacramento 
Camp James, machinist, dwl 54 First 
Camp John, wood carver, dwl 221 Third 
Camp Sarah Mrs. {Mrs. Paul& C.) dwl 221 Third 
Camp Sarah (widow) dress-maker 57G Folsom 
Camp William F. saw maker 318 Jackson, dwl 

NK cor Fourth and Jessie 
Campbell A. bds What Cheer House 
Campbell Allen D. shoemaker 425 California, 

bds 323 Pine 
Campbell Alexander {Saunders & C.) late Judge 

Twelfth District Court, dwl 26 Turk 
Campbell Alexander, attorney at law, office room 
19 Naglee's Building cor Montgomery and 
Merchant, dwl Tehama House 
Campbell Alexander, dwl S s Post bet Powell 

and Mason, rear 
Campbell Bell Miss, milliner Russ Block, dwl 

J^iautic Hotel 
Campbell Bridget Miss, plain and fancy sewing, 

dwl 157 Second 
Campbell {Charles) <fc Morison {JamfiS H.) pub- 
lishers and proprietors Programme, office 
NE cor Montgomery and Clay, dwl 625 Cal- 
Campbell D. F. lamps, 10 Third 
Campbell Donald, hostler with Mary R. Biggs 
Campbell Duncan, rigger, dwl N s Union bet 

Sansome and Montgomery 
Campbell George ♦(Z?(cteon, DeWolf & Co.) res 

Campbell Henry, gilder, dwl 14 St. Marks Place 
Campbell Henry C. attorney at law. room 3 Me- 
tropolitan Block, dwl 26 Turk 
Campbell Isabella (widow) dwl 22 Jessie 
Campbell James, bds 48 Sacramento 
Campbell James, laborer, dwl W s Spear bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Campbell James A. inspector lumber Omnibus 

Railroad Co. bds cor Fourth and Market 
Campbell James P. 2d officer stmr Br£>ther Jona- 
Campbell John, boarding 214 First 
Campbell John, book-keeper with Wm. C. Talbot 

& Co. 
Campbell John, watchmaker with J. Wzynski, 

dwl 1 Milton Place 
Campbell John (i. {Gardner & C.) dwl 17 Cleary 
Campbell John G. baker, dwl 17 Cleary 

Campbell {J. W. 11.) k Sweeney (Ja?n<w) produce 
commission 35 Clay, dwl 2 Douglas Court 
nr Bealo 
Campljcll .Mary Mis.s, domestic 728 Green 
Campbell {Michad) & Sheahou (T/to*.) North Star 

House 208 Pacilic 
Campbell Patrick, siioemaker, dwl 76 Jessie 
Campbell Patrick, teamster, dwl 325 J'ourth 
Campbell Philip, laborer, dwl S s Stevenson bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Campbell Philip, purilier S. F. Gas Co. 
Campbell Thomas, blacksmith Vulcan Foundry, 

dwl 10 Ritch / 

CAMPBELL {Thompson) & BRUMAGIM {John 

TV.) attorneys at law 35 and 36 Montgomery 
Block, dwl 923 Jackson 
Campbell Walter C. pattern maker with Lewis & 

Leonard, dwl 318 Folsom 
Campbell W. C. dwl 832 Mission 
Campbell W. II. job wagon 412 Clay 
Campbell William, dwl N s Oak Place 
Campbell William Henry, carpenter, dwl 829 

CAMPE JOHN, groceries and liquors NE cor 

Folsom and Tliird 
Campe John H. (//. Decker & Co.) dwl NW cor 

Second and Tehama 
Carapi James {Mauktti & C.) dwl NE cor San- 

som and Merchant 
Campioni Emile A. printer with Blake & Moffitt, 

dwl 1107 Mason 
Campodonico John, drayman cor Clay and San 
Campodonico Stephauo, clerk with L. Malatesta 
Canavan James, 'longshoreman, dwl 25 Bcale 
Canavan P. H. salesman with Castera & Lacour, 

dwl 613 Pino 
Cane Ann Miss, at Coles' Laundry 
Cane B. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Cane Ilyman, porter, dwl 36 Everett 
Cane James, stage driver, dwl 6 Sutter 
Cane John, laborer, dwl 318 Tehama 
CANFIELD {Albert W.) PIERSON {James W. 

J.) & CO. {Aaron Johnson) importers and job- 
bers clothing 419 Sacramento, res New York 
Canfield Charles H. janitor Mercantile Library 
Canfield John, shipping mcht, dwl 333 Fremont 
Canfield R. J. collection dept Wells Fargo & Co. 

Express, dwl 1608 Mason 
Canham Frederick, cook 317 Sansom, dwl 605 

Canham Thomas P. painter 13 Kearny 
Canham W. F. painter and paper hanger 13 

Cann Thomas, carpenter, bds 557 Market 
Cannavan Bartley, billiard table maker with Phe- 

lan ct Huglie.s, dwl SW cor Vallejo and Leav- 
CANNAVAN M. importer of dry goods Bee 

Hive Building NE cor Dupont and Wash 
Canning James, porter 406 Battery, res Oakland 
Canning Patrick, tailor with Tim Harrington, dwl 

SW cor Pine and Sansom . 
Cannon Adam {Leon Dimjeon & Co.) dwl 622 Sac 
Cannon John, boarding 18 Natoma 
Cannon Patrick, laborer, dwl 12 Natoma 
Cannon W. painter, dwl 642 Mission 
Cannovan John, clerk, rooms 613 Pine 
Cantly Michael, fruit, dwl 28 Louisa 



Canoff Eliza (widow) dwl 223 Stevenson 
Cannon J. S. carriage-maker with Geo. P. Kim- 
ball & Co. 
Cantaloup Adolphe, harness maker with Felix 
Fontaine, dwl Barclay Alley bet Jackson and 
Cantrell George, stoves and tin ware 737 Market 
Cantrell J. B. tinsmith at 737 Market 
Cantrell Thomas G. machinist Fulton Foundry, 

dwl E s Larkin bet Pine and Bush 
Cantrell William B. sashmaker with Brokaw & 

Cant}^ Daniel, with Jeremiah Regan 
Canty Michael, laborer with G. S. Dana 
Canty Thomas, dwl 328 Third 
Canty Timothy, merchant tailor 646 Market 
Canty WiUiam, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl i7 Suiter 
Cany Edward, mining, dwl 552 Mission 
Cany John, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Caperton John, dwl Lick House 
Caplica Jolm, laborer with Durkln & Co. 
Capp Charles S. Dep. Co. Clerk Fourth District 

Court City Hall, dwl 527 Union 
Cappelle Frank, waiter 317 Sansom 
Cappelman Cornelius, groceries 366 Third cor 

Capprise Joseph, liquors 91 7 Dupont, dwl 516 

Captoe William, blacksmith with Nelson & Do- 

ble, dwl SW cor Dupont and Market 
Caraffa D. proptr Genoa Bakery 1309 Dupont 
Caraoova Eugene, elk, Vigilant Engine Co. No. 9 
CARD R. & CO. poultry and game 62 and 63 

Washington Market, dwl 321 Sutter 
Card Stephen, president Merchants' Transporta- 
tion Co. office 326 Clay, dwl 38 South Park 
Cardiff Richard, plumber with J. H. O'Brien, dwl 

E s Kearny bet Sutter and Post 
Cardigan Peter, boiler maker, dwl 516 Mission 
Cardinell John A. & Co. {Thomas Hayes and Mi- 
chael Fennell) Sacramento Valley Lime De- 
pot SW cor Market and Spear, dwl First 
Avenue bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
Cardinell William H. calkcr, dwl 327 Brj^ant 
CARDINET EMILE, fish 25—28 Washington 
Market, dwl N s Lombard bet Powell and 
Cardon {John) & Lakanp {Louis) carpenters 7 

Cardwell John, dwl 540 Washington 
Carelletta Charles, bar keeper, Howard Engine 

Co. No. 3 ^ 

Carenau John, laborer St. Mary's Hospital 
Carew Jeremiah, brick-layer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Carew Thomas, drayman, dwl 32 Natoma 
Carey J. H. professor English branches Union 

College 236 Second 
Carey John, porter, dwl E s Lafavetto Place 
Carillo Ebarristo, molder Golden State Foundry, 

dwl Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Carlo Manuelo, fisherman, dwl 56 Sacramento 
Carion Adolph, brewer Broadway Brewery 
Carl Charles, bookseller, dwl 1011 Powell 
Carl Charles, porter 307 First 
Carl Margaret Miss, domestic 504 Dupont 
Carlan Edward, hostler with L. Coburn, dwl 
Brooklyn Hotel 

Carlan William, blacksmith, dwl 440 Union 

Carland Michael C. laborer 502 Sansom 

Carle A. J. {Brooks <& C.) dwl 1016 Washington 

Carle E. A. drayman, bds Original House 

Carle Edward, porter 407 Sacramento 

Carleton C. Mrs. dwl with J. R. West 

Carleton Franklin B. {Whitcoinb &, C.) dwl NE 

cor Sansom and Pine 
Carleton S. M. with L Richards 
Carley John, laborer with Sargent & Castree, dwl 

112 Dupont 
Carley John, laborer, dwl S s Green bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Carlin Patrick, laborer, dwl 25 Annie 
Carlin WilHam, blacksmith 704 Broadway, d,wl 

NE cor Union and Vallejo 
Carlin William, porter with Dickinson & Gam- 
mans, dwl 2^ Annie - 
Carlisle George, bar keeper 921 Dupont, dwl 516 

Carlisle {Schuhel) & Roberts {John W.) milk 

ranch NW cor Larkin and Pine 
Carlisle Wm. E. (col'd) steward stmr Senator 
Carion John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Carion J. S. laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Carlos Liburcio, saddler 525 Pacific 
Carls John H. porter, dwl 20 Scott 
Carlsen Andrew, seaman, bds 13 Stewart 
Carlson Henry, teamster pier 1 Stewart, dwl 806 

Carlton Charles C. clerk 213 Front, bds 240 Ste- 
Carlton Frank D. (.1. Roman & Co.) 419 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Carlton Franklin B. livery stable, dwl 226 San 
Carlton George W. clerk with McRuer <fc Merrill, 

bds 240 Stevenson 
Carlton Harriet C. (widow) dwl 329 Fremont 
Carlton Henr}"^ jr. ( Wm,. T. Coleman & Co.) dwl 

570 Harrison bet Second and Essex 
Carlton Henry P. dwl 327 Bush 
Carlton Nettie Miss, actress Gilbert's Melodeon 
Carlyle Henry, at Coffey & Risdon's, bds Bran- 
nan House 
Carman Benjamin, Justice Peace Third Town- 
ship, office 526 Mont, dwl 630 Sacramento 
Carman William, physician, office and dwl 616 

Carmany Cyrus W. book-keeper Savings and 

Loan Society 619 Clay, dwl Revere House 
Carmany John H. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl Revere House 
CARM ELICIT GEORGE, manufacturer saddles 

and harness 412 Kearny 
Carmicliael John, carpenter, dwl 563 Mission 
Carmichael W. workman Spring Val. W. W. Co. 
Carmony Louis, porter Jones' Sample Rooms 436 

CarnaudJ. C. music teacher 1015 Stockton 
Carnduff Samuel, street contractor, dwl N s 

Harrison bet Fifth and Sixth 
Carnell {Richard) & Foss ( WiUiam M. ) fruits and 

confectionerjr 306 Mont, dwl 25 Geary 
Carney Daniel, porter 413 Montgomery 
Carnichlos James, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds 

Mission Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Carnin Joseph, Belvidere Laundry 835 Bdwy 
Caro Henry, clerk 54 Third 



Caro Lewis, cigars 31 Jackson 
Caro Samuel, clothing 54 Third, dwl 264 Minna 
Caro Wolf, merchant, dwl 111 Geary- 
Carpenter A. D. freight clerk C. S. N. Co. dwl 

131 Second 
Carpenter B. at Dovv's distillery 
Carpenter Daniel, soap dealer, rooms 806 Stock 
Carpenter George, Davis Laundry 
Carpenter George W. clerk with G. B. & I. II. 

Kuowles, bus 521 Pine 
Carpenter Harriet (widow) actress, dwl SE cor 

Jones and Geary 
Carpenter Harvey, delivery clerk Post-olfice, dwl 

NH cor Taylor and Jackson 
Carpenter Henrietta Miss, dwl 22 Stanly Place 
Carpenter L W. printer, Eureka Typographical 

Onion Rooms 
Carpenter Margaret, domestic 869 Mission 
Carpenter Miles B. {J. Y. Hallock & Co.) dwl 

828 Washington 
Carpenter N. T. bds Chicago Hotel 
Carpenter Rose, domestic 410 Harrison 
Carpenter W. H. Mrs. lodgings 16 Third 
Carpenter VVm. mashman Dow's distillery, dwl 

cor Harrison and Wood 
Carpenter Win H. (colored) billiards 926 Kearny, 

dwi 16 Third 
Carpenter Willfam L. compositor Bulletin, dwl 

1812 Stockton 
Carpenlier Edward R. attorney at law, room 5 

NW cor Montgomery and Merchant 
CARPENTIER HORACE W. attorney at law 

and president California State Telegraph 

Co. office room 5 NW cor Mont and Merch 
Carpin Charles, tailor, dwl W s Oneida Place 
Carpy John, drayman witli Millou & Co. dwl W 

s Montgomery bet Jackson and Pacific 
Carr Benjamin W. with G. McFarland 409 ""■ 

Carr George, liquor saloon 702 Pacific 
Carr James E. bottler with G. McFarland 409 

Carr Jesse D. real estate, dwl 316 Folsom 
Carr J. J. T. carrier Herald and Mirror, dwl Pine 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Carr John (Brakeman & Co.) dwl 15 Ritch 
Carr John T. saddle and harness maker, dwl 119 

Carr Mary Miss, dwl with William Carr 
Carr Mary, d )mestic, dwl 423 Harrison 
Carr Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Ellis bet Mason 

and Powell 
Carr William, boatman cor Pacific and Davis 
Carr William, laborer, dwl 2 California, rear 
Carr William W. groceries and liquors 59 Clem- 
Carrabine James, dwl 30 Jessie 
Carradine Peter, seaman, dwl SW cor Commercial 

and Kast 
Carrau John, butcher stall 10 New Market 518 

Carrello John, molder Union Foundry 
Carrey J. dwl S s Bryant near Third 
Carrey John, New England Luuidry 
Canick Bridget (widow) dwl rear 61 Stevenson 
Carrick John, dwl 841 Mission 
Carrick Riciiard. seaman, dwl rear 79 Stevenson 
Carrick Thomas, seaman, dwl 21 Stevenson 

Carriero G. H. club rooms 708 Montgomery, dwl 

513 Dupont 
CARRIE (Josep?i A.) & DAMON (James E.) 

importers and jobbers books, stationerv, etc. 

402 and 404 Battery, dwl SW cor Third 

and Bryant 
Carrigan Andrew jr. with Conroy & O'Connor, 

dwl 845 Mission 
Carrigan Ann Miss, domestic with W. L. Witham 
Carrigan Annie, domestic 727 Bush 
Carrigan Henry, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Carrigan John, laborer, dwl 15 Sherwood Place 
Carrigan Mary, domestic 338 Second 
Carrigan William, dishwasher 121 Montgomery 
Carringlon Henry, dwl 719 Clay 
Carrington William, dwl W s Oneida Place 
Carrion Rosalio, laborer Barnum Restaurant, dwl 

414 Vallejo 
Carrion Russel, waiter, dwl 414 Vallejo 
Carrique Edward, apprentice Vance's gallery cor 

Montgomery and Sacramento 
Carroll Ann (widow) dwl 24 Kearny 
Carroll Ann, domestic, dwl 931 Market 
CARROLL ANNA G. Miss, milliner 24 Kearny 
Carroll Catherine, domestic G04 Stockton 
Carroll Dennis, dwl NE cor Wash and Mason 
Carroll Dennis C. saloon NW cor Pacific and 

Carroll Eliza D. domestic, dwl 327 Union 
Carroll Frank M. waiter 508 Washington, dwl 

529 Pine 
Carroll J. A. dwl 516 Bush 
Carroll James, clerk with George W. Conkling, 

dwl Sutro House 
Carroll J. B. boiler maker Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

Rassette Alley No. 2 
"Carroll Jeremiah, machinist with Coft'ey & Risdon 
\.RROLL JOHN, importer wines and liquors 

305 and 307 Front, dwl 307 Folsom 
Carroll John, Tiger p]ngiue Co. No. 14 
Carroll John, bds 707 Front 
Carroll John, with T. Connolly, dwl 920 Howard 
Carroll John, blacksmith with Skelly & Co. dwl 

587 Market 
Carroll John, laborer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Carroll John, laborer, dwl 312 Vallejo 
Carroll John, lamplighter S. F. Gas Co. dwl rear 

509 Howard 
Carroll John, miner, dwl 29 Annie 
Carroll John, painter, dwl 333 Bush 
Carroll John C. bakery 4 Jessie 
Carroll John F. packer with R. A. Swain, dwl 

619 Market 
Carroll John L. porter with J. W. Brittan, dwl 

619 Union 
Carroll Joseph, clerk 20 Stewart, dwl 66 Natoma 
Carroll Joseph jr. clerk, bds 500 Mission 
Carroll Joseph P. clerk for A. W. McPherson, 

bds NW cor First and Mission 
Carroll Margaret Miss, servant I Chatham Place 
Carroll Martin, drayman with J. W. Brittan, dwl 

NW cor Filbert and Dupont 
Carroll Mary, domestic 254 Fourth 
Carroll Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 29 Annie 
Carroll Mary Miss, milliner 24 Kearny 
Carroll Mary (widow) dwl E s Lafayette Place 
Carroll Michael, bootmaker with Hirsch & Lis- 

man, dwl Varenne nr Union 



Carroll 0. machinist Pacific Foundry, dwl 513 

Carroll (Patrkk) & Brother (Thomas Carroll) 
groceries and liquors NE cor Third and 
Carroll Patrick, dwl N s Jessie bet Fourth and 

Fifili, rear 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, dwl NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Greenwich 
Carroll Richard, milk ranch Old San Jos6 Road 

4;i miles from City Hall 
Carroll Richard T. book-keeper 307 Front, dwl 

307 Folsom 
Carroll Thomas (Carroll & Brotlier) dwl NE cor 

Third and Minna 
Carroll Thomas, carpenter, bds with John Tucker 
Carroll Thomas, peddler, dwl 826 Clay 
Carroll Thomas, porter with F. A. Holman 
Carroll Thomas P. insurance accountant with 
Jansen, Bond & Co. dwl Green nr Stockton 
Carroll William, carriage driver, dwl S s Broad- 
way bet Powell and Mason 
Carroll William, laborer, dwl 335 Broadway 
Carroll William, teamster, dwl N s Presidio Road 

nr Lagoon 
Carson Bernard, card engraver, 602 Montgomery, 

dwl 115 Post 
Carson Charles, cook Globe Hotel 
Carson George, calker Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Carson Henry, clerk, dwl 723 Sansom 
Carson James, clerk with R. L. Ogden 
Carson (John) & Libby (E. L.) Bay City Restau- 
rant 30 Clay, dwl 10 OTarrell 
Carson Mary Miss, dwl E s Taylor bet Turk and 

Carss Robert, drayman, dwl 51 Louisa 
Carstens Frederick, clerk with Christian Scheper 
Carswell John D. foreman with Eastman k God- 
frey, dwl 325 Union 
Carswell George W. clerk with Tubbs & Co. dwl 

325 Union 
Carter Benjamin (colored) cook 118 Sansom 
CARTER CHARLES D. real estate agent, office 
610 Merchant, dwl W s Taylor bet Filbert 
and Greenwich 
Carter Frederick S. salesman with Holcombe 

Bros, dwl 744 Howard 
Carter George R. (Treadwelld; Co.) res Boston 
Carter George W. carpenter, dwl 23 Minna 
Carter George W. F. drayman, dwl 442 Third 
Carter Henry, driver with D. A. MUliken, pier 5 

Carter Henry P. bds with Albert Brush 
Carter Hiel K. tanner and currier NW cor Bat- 
tery and Broadway 
Carter James J. fruits and confectionery 206 

Second, dwl 225 Post 
Carter John S. carpenter, dwl 233 First 
Carter John T. salesman with Callahan & Sand- 
erson, dwl 744 Howard 
Carter Jolm W. book-keeper with R. A. Swain, 

dwl 744 Howard 
Carter John W. S. dwl 1120 Dupont 
Carter Louis, broker, dwl N s Ellis near Hyde 
Carter M. H. drayman ■mth Armes & Dallam 
Carter Myron, drajTnan, dwl 131 Stevenson 
Carter Peter, secretary S. F. City Water Works 
Co. office 806 Mont, dwl cor Pine and Morse 

Carter Robert, clerk with Frank G. Edwards, 

dwl 4 Wetmore Place 
Carter Robert C. tinsmith, dwl 4 Wetmore Place 
Carter R. W. house and real estate broker 714 

Montgomery, dwl XW cor Pine and Jones 
Carter Rose F. (widow) dwl 632 Mission 
Carter William, clerk, dwl 24 Sansom 
Carthcut James L. (^Handy & C.) bds Pacific 

Hotel Jackson 
Cartier Victor, job wagon cor Dupont and Bdwy 
Cartmell Margaret (widow) dress-maker 16 Ecker 
Carto Benjamin, carpenter, dwl NE cor Hayes 

and Octavia, Hayes Park 
Carton Peter S. dwl 'with L. M. Felker 
Cartrell C. tinsmith, bds 741 Market 
Cartrell G. tinsmith, bds 741 Market 
Cartwright Thomas, driver with Bradshaw & Co. 

dwl 741 Market 
Carty James, cooperage 516 Front 
Caruthers George (Ecker & C.) dwl E s Yerba 

Biiena nr Clay 
Carvalho Chas. Chinese interpreter Police Court, 

dwl 17 Minna 
Carvill Orrin S. (Pollard & G.) dwl 18 Sansom 
Cary Ann Miss, seamstress, bds 306 Broadway 
Cary E. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Cary Edward, laborer, bds 410 Pacific 
Carv Isaac G. (col'd) barber with N. E. Sneights 

' 632 Clay 
Cary J. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Cary James C. (Holliday & C.) dwl 20 Tehama 
Cary John, deck hand stmr New World 
Cary John, laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Cary John, laborer with N. R. Lowell, dwl 26 

Lafayette Place 
Cary John H. teacher Union College, dwl 548 

Cary Jo.seph W. engineer Helen Hensley, dwl 

9 Virginia Place 
Cary Peter, brick-layer, dwl 89 Stevenson 
Cary Sarah L. Miss, seamstress, bds 306 Bdwy 
Cary (S. D.) & Winegar (-4. B.) flour and salt 
221 Clay, dwl NE cor Taylor and Broadway 
CARY THOMAS G. commission merchant, of- 
fice 426 California, dwl 25 Prospect Place 
Caryl William B. with Robert Clark, old San Jos6 

Casamajore Peter, servant with Rev. D. Blaive 
Casanova Eugene, porter with F. Daneri & Co. 

dwl 421 Jackson 
Casanova Henry (E. Daneri & Co.) dwl 421 

Casas F. B. (J. B. Ofborne & Co.) Dnimm nr Pa- 
cific, res Oakland 
Case Elijah, merchant, dwl E s Sixth bet Harri- 
son and Clara 
Case George Albert, job wagon cor Montgomery 
and Washington, dwl E s Larkin bet Wash- 
ington and Clay 
Case Joseph D. brakeman Market St. Railroad, 

dwl E s Valon^:- - Seventeenth 
Case Philip with Wm. Sherman & 

Co. dwi 
CASEBOLT orters and manufactur- 

ers earn and 536 Market, dwl 

34 Evei 
Casebolt Ira with H. Casebolt & 

Co. dwl . 



Casebolt Jacob D. foreman with H. Casebolt & 

Co. dwl 34 Everett 
Casebolt Mary A. Miss, teacher Rincon School, 

dwl 34 Kverett 
Caselli A. with Pioche & Bayerque, dwl SW cor 

Sansoni and California 
Caslm;i^o Jean, waiter, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Casey Bartholomew, laborer San Bruno Road 
Casey Daniel, laborer, dwl 202 Green 
Casey Daniel H. hatter with R. J. Tiffany, dwl 

NW cor Hyde and Leavenworth 
Casey Daniel J. blacksmith with Lawtou & Klap- 

Casey Edward, agent, dwl 1324 Kearny 
Casey PJUen Miss, domestic with J. Bacon 
Casey Ellen Miss, teacher Union St. School, dwl 

S 8 Pacitic bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Casey Eliza Miss, domestic with J. C. Patrick 
Casey Eugene M. plumber and gas titter NE cor 

Montgomery and Jackson, dwl 510 Sacra- 
Casey Frank, laborer, dwl nr San Bruno Road, 

Casey Hannah, domestic 324 Ritch 
Casey Henry, clerk with Gillespie & Gray, dwl 

Micliigan Avenue 
Casey James, hostler with Skelly & Co. 
Casey Joseph, tailor, dwl NW cor Leavenworth 

and Hyde 
Casey John, laborer, bds 519 Mission 
Casey Kate Miss, dwl with D. Mahoney 
Casey M. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Casey Margaret (widow) dwl W a Salmon near 

Casey Margaret, laundress with Lafayette May- 

Casey Margaret Mrs. saloon 1005 Kearny 
Casey Mary Miss, dwl with D. Mahoney 
Casey Mary, domestic, dwl with Aaron Johnson 
Casey Mary Miss, domestic 1117 Stockton 
Casey Michael, carpenter, dwl 186 J'essie 
Casey Owen, carpenter S. F. Sugar Refinery, and 

boarding house cor Harrison and Eighth 
Casey Patrick, dwl W s Fourth bet Market and 

Casey Patrick, at S. P. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Mission bet Seventh and Eighth 
Casey Patrick, liquor saloon 533 Jackson 
Casey Patrick, painter at 105 California 
Casey Thomas brick-layer, dwl 111 Natoma 
Cash Samuel, machinist Miners' Foundry, dwl 4 

CashcU Catharine Miss, domestic 25 Post 
Cashell Frank, laborer, dwl Hodges Place bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Cashman sexton Howard Presbyterian 

Church, dwl 124 Natoma 
Cashman Daniel, bar keeper with Peter E. Farrell 
Cashman Dennis, dwl 8 Silver 
Cashman John, dwl 905 Howard 
Cashman William, tin-roofer, dwl S s Bush bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Cashman William F. {Sullivan & C.) dwl 731 

Caskell Benjamin J. fruit dealer, bds 7 and 9 

Casker James, merchant 904 Kearny 
Caspar Israel, SE cor Merchant and Kearny 

Caspersen Martin, upholsterer with Frank Baker, 

dwl Original House 
Casquino Peter, butcher with J. Carrau New 

Cass Margaret Miss, domestic 15 John 
Cassebohm William, book-keeper S. F. Sugar Re- 
fining Co. 411 Merchant, dwl 709 Mission 
Cassell Joseph F. biick-maker, dwl 158 Second 
Cassen John, cook Mechanics' Hotel 
Cassenave E. clerk with Charles Roturier, dwl 

SE cor Dupont and Pacific 
Casserly Alexander, laundryman, dwl SW cor 

California and Sansoni 
CASSERLY EUGENE, attorney at law NW cor 

Montgomery and Com, dwl 410 Harrison 
Casserly Michael, Waverly House 32 and 34 

Casserly Patrick, Atlantic House 210 and 212 Pac 
Cassiday Aim Mrs. domestic with Joseph Rich 
Cassiday Ellen Miss, servant 629 California 
Cassiday Hugh, laborer, dwl 8 Valparaiso 
Cassiday James W. laborer, dwl 519 Sutter 
Cassiday John, harness maker with M. G. Con- 
way, dwl S s Hunt near Third 
Cassiday John J. laborer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Cassiday Kale, domestic, dwl 1320 Kearny 
Cassiday Michael, carriage driver with John and 

Edward Ryan 
Cassiday Owen, deck hand steamer New World 
Cassiday Philip, cartman, dwl E s Gilbert S 

Cassidy Edward, with Bernard Mayer, dwl N s 

Howard bet First and Second 
Cassidy Hugh, drayman, bds 903 Battery 
Cassidy James, mariner, bds 46 Stewart 
Cassidy John, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwL 

27 Everett 
Cassidy John, waiter Russ House 
Cassidy John C. 2d steward Pacific Club Rooms- 

633 Commercial 
Cassidy Joim W. dwl N s Townsend bet Secondi 

and Third 
Cassidy William, bds 46 Stewart 
Cassie William, teamster Pioneer Flour Mlills, 

dwl W s Larkin bet O'Farrell and Ellis 
Cassin Benjamin, laborer, dwl 23 Baldwin Court 
Cassin Francis, book-keeper with P. Riley & C6. 

dwl 46 Natoma 
Cassin Mary F. Miss, teacher languages, music,. 

etc. 46 Natoma 
Casson Westciiester, clerk P. 0. dwl 1014 Stock. 
Casson Westchester Mrs. lodgings 1014 Stock 
Cassou P. importer cigars 713 Sansom, dwl SW 

cor California and Sansom 
Castagnet Dominique, groceries and liquors 709 

Castany A. saddles and harness 121 Battery 
Castel Francois, furniture etc. 819 Jackson 
Castelo Natividad Miss, sewing 414 Broadway 
CASTERA (J. E.) & LACOUR (L.) importers 

wines and liquors 540 Washington 
Castillo Gerardo, printer with L. Albin 657: 

Castiiier Frederick, laborer with Andrew Sproul 
Castle Charles, engineer Vulcan Foundry 
CASTLE BROTHERS {Frederick L. and Michael) 

wholesale grocers, etc. 213 and 215 Front, 

dwl 1115 Stockton 



Castle Michael {CasUe Bros.) dwl 1115 Stockton 
Castle Nicholas, carrier Alta and Bulletin, dwl 

"\V s Mason bet Pacific and Broadway 
Castle S. W. {tenner, Russell & Co.) dwl W s 

Dupont nr Geary 
Castles James, teamster, dwl "Franks," old San 

Jose Road 
Castner Charles A. ship-carpenter 212 Beale, dwl 

Tehama bet Second and Third 
Casto Louis, butcher stall 15 New Mkt and Clay 
Castorene Pascal, washing, dwl 638 Broadway 
Castree David B. {Sargent & C.) dwl 410 Dupont 

bet Bush and Sutter 
Castro Beatrice (widow) dwl 605 Broadway 
Castro Maria (widow) dwl N s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis 
Castro Pedro, dwl 1231 Stockton 
Caswell Allen, blacksmith Miners' Foundry, dwl 

43 Clementina 
Caswell John C. boat builder SW cor Main and 

Caswell Julia Miss, cap maker, dwl 13 Minna 
Cathcart Thomas, painter, dwl 617 Kearny 
Cathcart William, captain bark W. B. Scranton, 

dwl 552 Folsora 
Cathcart William S. waterman, dwl N s Pacific 

bet Taylor and Jones 
CatlinP. H. fruits 817 Clay 
Caton James, dwl 1004 Powell 
Caton (Thomas) & Wright (Thomas) boot and 
shoe dealers N s Sixteenth bet Valencia and 
Caton John (Scheper & C.) 428 Washington 
Catton J. C. broker, dwl SW cor Kearny and 

Catz Israel, tailor, dwl 604 Kearny 
Caughell Peter, captain schooner Union Forever 

pier 21 Stewart 
Caughlan John, drayman cor Fourth and Mission 
Caughlin John, laborer, dwl 115 First 
Cavallier Jean B. p]. office 607 Clay, dwl 521 Post 
Cavallier J. P. clerk with Castera & Lacour, dwl 

S s Post bet Mason and Taylor 
Cavanagh Edward, laborer, 523 Bush, rear 
Cavauagh John, laborer, dwl S s O'Farrell Alley 
Cavanagh Patrick, carriage painter with H. M. 
Shute & Brother, dwl S s Market bet Third 
and Fourth 
Cavanagh Wilham, hostler 419 Pine 
Cavanagh William, painter, bds 721 Market 
Cavanaugh Daniel, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Risdon, dwl St. Charles Hotel 
Cavanaugh Dora (widow) dwl NE cor Ninth and 

Cavanaugh Elizabeth Miss, dwl 82 Natoma 
Cavanaugh James, carpenter, dwl 110 Post 
Cavanaugh Morris, drayman, dwl 625 Davis 
Cavaye A. groceries 707 Pacific 
Cavely Ann (widow) dwl 16 Jessie 
Caven George, ship joiner California Steam Nav- 
igation Co. dwl 822 Union 
Cawain William, builder, bds Revere House 
Caystile Susan C. Miss, dress-maker with Mrs. 

Paul & Camp 
Cayton William, clerk Quartermaster's Depart- 
ment U. S. A. dwl 308 Fremont 
Cazales Eugene, manager with V. Marziou & Co. 
314 Com, dwl NW cor Powell and Cal 

Cazeaux D. restaurant NW cor Sansom and 

CAZNEAU THOMAS N. average adjuster and 

Commissioner of Immigration, Underwriters 

rooms 504 Bat, dwl Thirteenth nr Howard 
Cazneau William, shipmaster, dwl Thirteentjj nr 

Cazneau W. L. jr. clerk with T. N. Cazneau, dwl 

1007 Powell 
Cazorand Henry, dry goods, bds 816 Clay 
Cecil John, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Cecilien Verein (German Musical) Club 534 

Cedar Hill Tunnel and Mining Co. ofiice 509 Sac 
Cella Antonio, bar keeper with V. Squarza 120 

Celle Eugene, physician, office 829 Washington 
Celler Michael, express wagon 528 Washington, 

dwl 132 Minna 
Cement Pipe (Water) Manufactory N s Presidio 

Road nr Bay Shore 
Center David, dwl W s Howard bet Fifteenth 

and Sixteenth 
Center James, stock dealer, dwl W s Howard 

bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
CENTER JOHN, real estate, office Armory Hall 

502 Montgomery, dwl NW cor Sixteenth 

and Folsnm 
Centlivre Eliza (widow) dwl SE cor Sansom and 

Centlivre Henry, stevedore, dwl SE cor Sansom 

and Green 
Central House, Mortimer & James Cornynn pro- 
prietors 814 and 816 Sansom 
Central Silver Mining Co. office 721 Montgomery 
Central Wharf Company, office 522 Clay 
Ceverley Edward, laborer, dwl NW cor Vallejo 

and Montgomery 
Cerf David, dwl N s Wash bet Mason and Taylor 
Cerf Jule, ggent, dwl 213 Mmna 
Cerighino Antonio, drayman, dwl 513 Pacific 
Cerina Frank, bottles 813 Montgomery, dwl 84 

Cerrere Adolph, clerk with Henry Schroder, dwl 

Vallejo bet Dupont and Stockton 
Cery Ann (widow) dwl rear 91 Stevenson 
Cetlalin Chas. junk, dwl S s Vallejo bet Sansom 

and Battery 
Cew Thomas, job wagon cor Davis and Bdwy 
Chabot John, trustee S. F. City Water Works 

and superintendent Cement Pipe manufac- 
tory, dwl 904 Kearny 
Chabot Remi, broker, office 806 Montgomery, 

dwl NE cor Kearny and Jackson 
CHACE B. T. & CO. (Donald A. Macdonald and 

John II. Macdonald) proptrs Chace's Saw 

and Planing Mills SW corner Market and 

Beale, dwl 220 Fremont 
Chadbourue A. J. driver Eclipse Bakery 1414 

Chadbourne Charles F. driver Eclipse Bakery 

1414 Dupont 
Chadbourne J. proprietor Eclipse Bakery 1414 

Chadbourne Levi, clerk 425 Davis, dwl with 

John Burnap 
Chadbourne T. J. driver Eclipse Bakery 1414 



Cliadwick E. C. M. captain Cal. Steam Nav. Go's 

steamer Clirysopolis 
Cliadwick John, searasn SW cor Com and Sac 
Chaeinin Anaise, chamber-maid 31 South Park 
Chahill Mrs. (widow) bds Vir^i^inia Block 
CUaignaud Frangois, cutter, dwl W s Stockton 

* bet Broadway and Pacific 
Chalas Celestine (widow) Metropolitan Market, 

dwl 622 Clay 
Challman John A. rope maker S. F. Cordage 

Manuf'actorj', dwl Potrero 
Challonor Thomas, solicitor 39 Pacific 
Chalmers James P. street contractor, dwl "W s 

Hyde bet Sutter and Bush 
Chalmers William, waterman, dwl 730 Kearny 
Chambarriere Isadore {C. Grelktdk Co.) 426 and 

428 Jackson 
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, rooms 521 Clay 
Chamberlain C. M. attorney at law, dwl 935 Sac 
Chamberlain Edward C. dwl 802 Montgomery 
Chamberlain Henry L. foreman with Locke & 

Montague, dwl 1007 Mason 
Chamberlain James, laborer, bds Franklin Hotel 
Chamberlain J. C. pyrotechnist with 0. F. Giffin 

& Brother 
Chamberlain Samuel B. express wagon NE cor 

Wash and Bat, dwl HI s Mission nr Eighth 
Chamberland Blanch, steward 32 Stewart 
Chamberlin Joseph P. liquor saloon SE cor Te- 
hama and Second, dwl 18 Tehama 
Chambers Annie Miss, servant 706 California 
Chambers David W. real estate agent, room 10 
Court Block 636 Clay, dwl SE cor Filbert 
and Taylor 
Chambers George, messenger U. S. Surveyor- 
Chambers George, waiter steamer Chrysopolis 
Chambers James T. tinsmith, dwl Bryant's 

Hotel, Sansom 
Chambc-rs John, liquor saloon E s Laguna bet 

Hayes and Grove, Hayes' Park 
Chambers Joseph, tinsmith, dwl 12 Sutter 
Chambers Margaret Miss, servant 810 Clay 
Chambers T. J. A. real estate 31 and 64 Govern- 
ment House 
CHAMON EUGENE, editor L'Union Franco- 
Americaine and Le Courrier Des Ameriques, 
dwl 744 Washington 
Champcl Peter, cook Louisiana Restaurant 
Champhella John, shoemaker, bds Revere House 
Champion Auguste, clerk stall 1 New Market, 

dwl 433 Pacific 
Champion Thomas, porter with William Horr 

719 Bat, dwl Mason bet Eddy and Market 
Champlin Hester Miss, teacher Primary Depart- 
ment Main St. School, dwl Mission Dolores 
Champlin J. L. sawyer with H. Caaebolt & Co. 

dwl Mission Dolores 
CHAMPLIN WM. B. drugs and medicines 229 

Champrony {John B.) & Fety {Claudius B.) pro- 
duce and milk depot 249 Third 
Champs Charles, cigars, bds 904 Kearny 
Cliance Frank, ship-carpenter 111 Commercial 
Chandler A. D. coal agent Cal. Steam Nav. Co. 
ChandliT August, laborer 20 St. Charles 
CHANDLER CHARLES, liquor saloon 336 
Mont, dwl N s Howard bet First and Second 

Chandler George, hostler at Commercial Street 

Livery Stable, dwl 706 Commercial 
Chandler R. D. weigher NE corner Front and 

Broadway, dwl 300 Green 
CHAPELLE A. MARIUS, real estate agent and 

money broker, office 619 Merchant, dwl 65 

Chapellia William A. harness maker with Thos. 

Conway, dwl SE cor Sutter and Kearny 
Chapillar John, waiter 546 Clay 
Chapin Andrew M. miller Dow's Distillery 
Chapin E. M. clerk with Crane & Brigham, dwl 

349 Fourth 
Chapin E. Wood, liquor and billiard saloon 412 

CHAPIN GEORGE W. & CO. real estate and 

employment office 708 Kearny, dwl 1010 

Chapin H. L. clerk Dow'a Distillery, boards at 

Chapin Thos. R. librarian Young Men's Christian 

Association, dwl 629 Washington 

Chapman , carpenter, dwl 614 California 

Chapman C. D. job wagon, dwl with C. C. Chap- 
Chapman ( CAarfes C) & Cutler {Albert) c&t^qvl- 

ters 621 Market, dwl 509 Stockton 
Chapman Cyrus C. salesman 415 Front, dwl 246 

Chapman Ernest, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl 115 First 
Chapman F. G. washerman Easton's Laundry 
Chapman Francis, dwl Apollo Baths 687 Market 
Chapman George, dwl 531 Greenwich 
Chapman George jr. actor, dwl 118 Prospect PI 
Chapman George W. Apollo Baths, lodgings and 

water works 687 Market 
Chapman Howard, carpenter, dwl 211 Tehama 
Chapman John, sash-maker with Brokaw & Met- 

Chapman Mary E. (widow) dwl with Jas. W. J. 

Pierson, Sixth bet Harrison and Bryant 
Chapman Mrs. wax-work maker 220 Second 
Chapman Robert, dwl 127 Fourth 
Chapman Thomas, carpenter, dwl Rassette Alley 

No. 3 
Chapman William D. private club rooms 614 

Kearny, dwl Russ Ilouse 
Chappolle Jacob C. policeman City Hall, dwl S s 

llincklej'^ near Dupont 
Chard Ann M. (widow) dwl 1617 Dupont 
Chardine Amand, eating saloon 1013 Dupont 
Charet Heinrich, cook 526 Clay, dwl Washington 

Charlach C. M. physician, dwl 913 Dupont 

Charles , vocalist Metropolitan Theatre 

Charles Curry Mining Co. office 338 Montgomery 
Charles Edward F. clerk French, Wilson & Co. 

525 Sacramento 
Charles H. cook at 508 Washington 
Charles Henry, boatman, dwl 7il Lombard 
Charles I. paper box manufacturer 514 Sac 
Charles Thomas C. ( Wakelee & C.) dwl 508 Bdwy 
Charleton Francis (colored) bootblack 642 Merch 
Charpentier {Adulph) & Duverran {Leon) manu- 
facturers cigars 841 Pacific 
Charpiot Adeline Mrs. lodgings Keesing Block 

930 Dupont 



Chnrrica Eugene, cook 606 Stockton 
Cliarrau Melaine (widow) preserved meats, sau- 
sages, etc. stall 6 New Market 518 Clay, 
dwl 128 St. Marks Place 
Chart John, at Wool Pulling Mills, bds nr Bran- 
nan Street Bridge 
Chart Obed, gardener opposite Presidio House 
Chart William restaurant, dwl 304 Sutter 
Chase Albert, painter, bds 311 Pacific 
Chase Andrew J. (Breed & C.) dwl 1121 Taylor 
CHASE {Charles M.) &■ BORUCK {Marcus D.) 
editors and proprietors Spirit of the Times 
and Fireman's Journal, office 430 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 1007 Washington 
CHASE E. JACOB, superinieudent Washington 
Market, office with Graves, Williams & 
Buckley, dwl 536 Clay 
Chase George, vinegar manufacturer 86 Everett 
Chase George, drayman, dwl 417 Folsom 
Chase George, shipping merchant, dwl 319 Fre- 
Chase Henry A. compositor Spirit of the Times 

office, dwl 1007 Washington 
Chase James B. stevedore, dwl E s Mason bet 

Broadwaj' and Vallejo 
Chase James M. painter, bds 311 Pacific 
Chase J. L. solicitor, rooms What Cheer House 
Chase John, salesman 224 Battery, dwl 319 Fre- 
Chase John E. drayman, dwl 21 Beale 
Chase Marshall, laborer with Timothy Sargent 
Chase Quincy A. salesman with Andrew Kohler 

424 San.som, dwl 706 Pine 
Chase Robert P. physician, oflSce 23 American 

Hotel Pine nr Montgomery, dwl 436 Bush 
Chase Thomas, contractor, dwl 509 Green 
Chase William W. clerk 826 Kearny 
Chase W. T. carpenter, Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Chaifield R. E. teamster. Pacific Engine Co. No. 8 
Chatterton J. paper hanger, dwl 518 Vallejo 
Chaty John, billiards 809 Kearny 
Chauche Adrien G. importer French wines and 
liquors 809 Montgomery, dwl 1022 Dupont 
Chaumond Eugene (iawrews i Co.) dwl 1012 Du- 
Chauncey Adeline (widow) 445 Bush 
Chauncey H. N. clerk with Alsop & Co. dwl 411 

Chavering Henry, servant 615 Dupont 
Chavncha Julius, 2d cook Russ House 
Chavon Euhe Mrs. furnished rooms SW cor Cali- 
fornia and Sansom 
Chavon Jules, mariner, dwl SW cor Cal and San 
Cheater William, dwl 40 Third 
Chely Louis, machinist, dwl SE cor Bat'.ery and 

Chemin Leon, editor, office 517 Clay 
CHEESMAN DAVID W. treasurer U. S. Branch 
Mint and Assistant Treasurer U. S. office 
Branch Mint 610 Com, dwl 124 Silver 
Cheesman Morton, office room 3 Express Bdo-s 
dwl N s Folsom bet Eleventh and Twelfth ' 
Ciieever Henry A. dwl 26 Essex 
Cheminant Adolph. apothecary NE cor Broadway 

and Dupont, dwl Virginia near Jackson 
Chenango Mining Co. office 612 Front 
CHENERT RICHARD, U. S. Navy Agent, office 
NW cor Front and Jackson, dwl Lick House 

CHENEY D. B. REV. pastor 1st Baptist Church 

and editor Evangel, office 536 Clay, dwl W 

s Taylor bet Pacific and Jackson 
Cheney Henry W. book-keeper Kailroad House, 

dwl 318 Commercial 
Cheney Jesse {Savory & Co.) dwl 924 Mission 
Cheney Warrin, seaman, bds Sailors' Home * 
Cherra Eugene, cook, dwl 820 Clay 
Cherrv Charles, Philadelphia Bakery 31 Ritch, 

dwl 29 Ritch 
Cherry James, painter, dwl 683 Market 
Cherry John W. State Stamp Inspector and sign 

and ornamental painter 412 Montgomery, 

dwl SE cor Hyde and Union 
Chesley Charles P. student with Dr. J. B. Beers, 

dwl 238 Minna 
Chesley Ernest, drayman, dwl W s Morey Alley 

near Vallejo 
Chester H. {Hxjde & C.) dwl 619 Mission 
Chevalier Louise (widow) dwl 825 Washington 
Chevallier Victor, apothecary 739 Clay 
Chevassus Edward, book-keeper with J. E. Rene, 

dwl 716 Montgomery 
CHEVER3 WILLIAM H., U. S. Commissioner 

and Clerk U. S. District Court, office rooms 

16, 17 and 18 U. S. Court Building, dwl 

1803 Stockton 
Cheyne Robert, fruits and confectionery 140 First 
Chicago Hotel, Daniel Parrish proprietor, NEcor 

Pacific and Battery 
Chichester James R. painter, dwl W s Williams 

bet Geary and Post 
Chick Augustus C. dwl W s Leavenworth bet 

O'Farrell and Geary 
Chick Benedick, laborer, dwl S s O'Farrell bet 

Jones and Taylor 
Chick Elwell, ca'-penter, dwl E s Larkin bet 

Washington and Clay 
Chielovich Andrew, saloon Railroad Depot 7 Cal 
Chilcoat W. H. bds What Cheer House 
Child Adrian (widow) furnished rooms 9 Post 

and 608 Market 
Child Edwin F. with French, Wilson & Co. dwl 

812 Powell 
Child Gilbert, clerk 538 Market 
Child Thomas T. clerk with J. Bryant Hill & Co. 

dwl E s Montgomery near Green 
Childress Henry J. dwl 1703 Dupont 
Childress Pentus, porter 208 Clay 
Childs Charles, carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Childs George {Howe & C.) dwl 608 Sansom 
Childs George, ship clerk, dwl 740 Folsom 
Childs James, butcher at 512 Davis 
Childs James, stevedore Sans Souci House, Sans 

Souci Valley, 3 miles west City Hall 
Childs John M. dentist with Dr. E. C. Angell, 

dwl 659 Clay 
Childs 0. W. {Pacific Coal Oil Co.) 210 Wash- 
ington, dwl 538 Market 
Chin Lee (Cliinese) washing 1009 Dupont 
Chinmark Moses, shipwright, dwl W s Spear bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Chiouse (Joseph) & Salmon {Peter) French nurse- 
ry 716 Washington 
Chipchase John, pattern maker Miners' Foundry 
Chipman Joseph, clerk, dwl 158 First 
Chipman William W. attorney at Inw, office room 

17 Metropolitan Block, dwl 527 Greenwich 



Chisholm Donald, wool packer, dwl cor MissioQ 

and Kcker 
Chisholm Steplien, with Gallagher k Farran, dwl 

5i;< Mission 
Chisier John, drayman, dwl 108 Turk 
Chism Jolin, with Georjre H. Hosselross & Co. 
Chittenden Arthur, dwl Brannan House 
(St^-phen S.) sash, door and blind makers 519 
Market, dwl 403 Market 
Chittenden Joseph G. cabinet-maker, dwl 514 

Chittenden Xath W. attorney at law, office NE 

cor Mont and Jackson, dwl 1123 Powell 
CRO ATE (Thomas D.) & CO. {Dr. WiUiam A. 
Grover) apothecaries SE cor Montgomery 
and Bush, dwl 129 Montgomery 
Chock Dora (widow) dwl 6 St. Marks Place 
Chole John, boarding 816 Clay 
Chollar Silver Mining Co. office 53 Mont Block 
Choiig Loong (Chinese) washing 318 Bush 
Chuuvel John, laundryman with Z. Bouvet 
Choynski J. W. inspector Custom House, dwl 

237 Tehama 
Chressolm William, dwl with James Benson 
Chrismaud Henry, carpenter, bils 122 Davis 
Christian Anioine, barber 709 Battery 
Christian E. J. Manufacturers' Hotel 122 Davis 
Christian Jas. with Louis Strasser, dwl 516 Clay 
Ciiristian James, carpenter, dwl 310 Sutter 
Christian Richard, silk and wool dyer 693 

Market, dwl cor Gough and Fulton 
Christiansen Christ, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 
Christiansen Christian (J. Y. HaUock iSc Co.) dwl 

cor Fifteenth and First Avenue 
Christiansen Jergen. coffee packer with C. Ber- 
nard, dwl 425 Greenwich, rear 
Christie D. (S. McCullough & Co.) dwl Oriental 

Christie Henry, with C. Storm & Co. dwl 714 Cal 
Christin C. waiter, dwl 204 Sutter 
Christin Charles, melter with H. Hentsch, dwl 

335 Bush 
CHRISTIN LOUIS & PONS {Theoffried) pro- 
prietors Union Club Rooms NW cor Mont- 
gomery and California 
Christmas William, cook U. S. Marine Hospital, 

d.vl 10 Baldwin Court 
Christopher R. T. carpenter, dwl N s Bush nr 

Ciiristopherson Isaaa dwl with Mrs. J. Phillip.s 
Christy George, dwl 837 Sacramento 
Cliristy Jacob, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Christy James, shipsmith at 706 Front, dwl 

Christy Robert F. blacksmith Fulton Foundry, 

dwl 8 Quincy 
CHRISTY (A P.) & WISE {J. fl!) wool commis- 
sion merchants 610 Front, bils Lick House 
Chu Lung (Chinese) washing 326 Commercial 
Chu Yung & Co. Chinese mcrciiants 824 Dupont 
Chubbuck Henry, carpenter 113 Washington 
Chubbuck Leopold F. transcript clerk P. 0. dwl 

1113 Taylor 
Chughell Peter, mariner, dwl N s Filbert nr Polk 
Chun A. washing 105 Sacramento 
Chun Hong (Chinese) washing and iromng NW 
cor Clay and Mason 

Chung Shun & Co. (Chinese) merchants 709 Com 
Chung Sing (Chinese) washing NE cor Wash- 
ington and Montgonjcry 
Chung ung Co. mcrciiants 709 Sacramento 
CHURCH (.1. L.) k CLARK (S. B.) importers 
and jobbers dried fruits and nuts 407 Front, 
bds Lick House 
Church John, stevedore, bds S s Sansom oppo- 
site Greenwich 
Church John H. clerk, dwl 557 Mission 
Church Leiitia (widow) dwl 339 Second 
Churcii Samuel R. dravman, dwl 413 Folsom 
Church Thomas R. salesman with T. G. Sanford 
& Co. dwl N s Riley bet Taylor and Jones 
Church William, paints 823 Montgomery 
Church William A. lodgings 640 Commercial 
Churchill Alfred, butcher, dwl with Abraham 

Churchill Clark, attorney at law, office room 2 

Metropolitan Block, dwl 307 Third 
Churchill Joseph, cooper at cor Front and Ore- 
gon, dwl N s Drumm bet Clay and Wash 
Chy Lung & Co. (Chinese) importers teas, silks, 

crape, etc. 612 Washin^'ton 
Chy Lung (Chinese) washing 606 Sansom 
Cian Thomas Rev. pastor St. Francis Church, 

dwl 519 Green 
Cianega Anastacio, tinsmith, dwl 927 Pacific 
Cianega Isabel Miss, dress-making 602 Broad- 
way, dwl S s Pacific bet Mnson and Powell 
Cichton William, bag maker at 105 Clay, bds 28 

Cier Mary A. (widow) dwl SE cor Polk and Geary 
Cilirer August, billiard saloon 538 Broadway 
Cilley James \V. laborer, dwl rear 317 Mission 
Cills James H. dwl W s Powell bet Francisco 

and Bay 
Cilsbee George C. ( Wm. Fulton & Co.) 80 Wash- 
ington Market, dwl Powell nr the Bay 
Cimmino Domenico, clerk with Laviosa, Marengo 

& Co. 
Cinamen Abram, tailor, dwl 6 Jackson 
CINCINNATI BREWERY, Adam Meyer proptr 

Valencia bet Sixteentli and Seventeenth 
Cincovich Peitro (Jlatkh & C.) cor Pacific and 

Cincovich Peter, fruits 850 Washington 
Cinaet William, fireman steamer Clinton, dwl W 

s Taylor bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Ciphaine E. Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
CIPRICO (George) k EWALD (Edward) pro- 
prietors Montgomery Baths and hair drtss- 
ers 621 Montgomery, dwl First Avenue, Mis- 
■ sion Dolores 
Cisco Aaron, steward steamer Petaluma, dwl 913 

Cissa Eugene, dwl 630 Mission 
Cissal Loui.s, gardener, old Sau Jose Road near 

Five Mile House 
Citron M. L. clothing 129 Pacific 
CITY COLLEGE of San Francisco, Rev'd Geo. 
Burrowes, D. D. principal, SE cor Stockton 
and Geary 
City Female Seminary, basement Calvary Churcli 

Bush, Rev. Charles R Clarke piincifial 
ford, McLean k Fowler agents NE cor Bat- 
tery and Front 



City Laundrv, office 508 Clay 
CITY LETTER EXPRESS CO. office 418 Mont 
Claffey Hubert D. sash and blind maker with 
Chittenden & Culverwell, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Claffey Robert D. rooms 200 Stockton 
Clafflin Barney, with J. M. Strobridge & Co. 
Clartin Rufiis, driver with Gardner & Co. dwl 

246 Third 
Clahan Hannah, domestic 835 Howard 
Clahane Mary (widow) dwl 91 Stevenson 
Clancey Bridget, domestic 618 Third 
Clancey Patrick, cartman, dwl N s Lynch near 

Clancey Patrick, laborer 40 Commercial 
Clancey Thomas, drayman 301 Front, dwl SW 

cor Chestnut and Jones 
Clancey Thomas C. clerk with Hall & Brigham, 

dwl N s California bet Stock and Powell 
Clancey Thomas, waiter with TV. Taaffe 
Clapp C. P. tinsmith, bds 311 pacific 
Clapp F. W. bds Original House 
Clapp Gustavus W. delivery clerk Post Office, 

dwl SW cor Sansom and California 
Clapp Jason {Winall d; C.) dwl 505 Market 
Clapp L. A. Mrs. teacher High School, dwl 

Green east Stockton 
Clapp Michael, carpenter, 117 Battery, dwl S s 

Bush bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Clare John, clothes renovator 501 Davis 
Clare Mary Miss, domestic 1106 Clay 
Clark Ada Mrs. {Galavotti & 0.) dwl NE cor 

California and Montgomery 
Clark A. F. bds What Cheer House 
Clark Albert, dwl 1123 Stockton 
Clark Alonzo, dentist 219 Third, dwl 848 Wash 
Clark Augusta C. Mrs. variety goods 615 Mis- 
Clark Barney, carpenter at 12 Second, bds 26 

Clark Benjamin, laborer, dwl 79 Stevenson 
Clark Carrie F. (widow) dwl 136 Sutter 
Clark Catherine, domestic 29 Clay 
Clark Charles, bar keeper 923 Kearny 
Clark Charles, clerk with Francis Clark, bds 

814 Sansom 
Clark Charles, laborer, bds with James Blood 
Clark Charles, stone-cutter, bds 816 Sansom 
Clark Charles (colored) bar keeper, dwl rear 626 

Clark Charles B. bookbinder with Alexander 

Buswell & Co. resides Alameda 
Clark Charles H. dwl 242 Stevenson 
Clark Charles P. watchman with Gardner & Co 

dwl 30 Ritch 
Clark Costmor H. brick-layer, dwlS s Broadway 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Clark C. W. milkman, dwl S s Clay near Larkin 
Clark Edward, carpenter, bds 606 Third 
Clark Edward, clerk, dwl 73 Tehama 
Clark Edward, laborer, bds 11 Ecker 
Clark Edward, painter, bds 306 Broadway 
Clark Edwin P. carpenter, dwl 814 Stockton 
Clark Elizabeth (widow) furnished rooms 422 

Clark F. wheelwright, dwl 24 Sansom 
Clark Francis, seaman, dwl 36 Clay 
Clark Francis, wood yard, bds 814 Sansom 
Clark Francis M. {Blood & C.) bds Central House 

Clark Frank, carpenter with John Clark 12 Sec- 
Clark F. P. carpenter, dwl 429 Greenwich 
Clark George, paper hanging, dvi^l 715 Mason 
Clark George, ship-carpenter, dwl 43 Clementina 
Clark George, shipwright, bds 14 Stewart 
Clark George E. {Sawyer & C.) dwl NW corner 

Front and Broadway 
Clark George W. importer and jobber paper 
hangings 500 Sansom cor Clay, dwl Mason 
near Union 
Clark Goodhand, tobacco cutter Eureka Tobacco 

Factory, dwl 3 and 5 Gold 
Clark Hawkins, furniture dealer, dwl rooms 1 

and 2 Express Building 
Clark Henry, boiler maker with Cofifey & Risdon, 

dwl Ritch near Cleary 
Clark Hiram, carpenter, dwl 505 Market 
CLARK HIRAM, shipping and forwarding 12 

Clay, up stairs, bds Russ House 
Clark Hugh, at Knickerbocker Saloon NW cor 

Davis and Commercial 
Clark Hugh W. carpenter, dwl S side Sutter bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Clark Jackson, milkman with Norman W. Bar- 

Clark Jas. dwl Mission bet Seventh and Eighth 
Clark James, dwl 605 Jackson 
Clark James, dwl 801 Clay 
Clark James, butcher, dwl Manhattan Engine 

Co. No. 2 
Clark James, druggist, dwl S s Hinckley 
Clark James, laborer, dwl Filbert 
Clark James A. milkman with Norman W. Bar- 

Clark Jane W. Mrs. dwl 615 Harrison 
Clark J. E. merchant, dwl Metropolitan Hotel 
Clark Jesse, maltster Empire Brewery 159 Jessie 
Clark John, brick-layer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Clark John, carpenter 12 Second 
Clark John, laborer Greeuwich Dock Warehouse, 

dwl Filbert bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Clark John, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Clark John A. deputy sheriff Twelfth District 

Court, City Hall, dwl 817 Washington 
Clark John D. workman with N. B Jacobs & Co. 

dwl E s Powell nr Market 
Clark John G. teller Avith Donohoe, Ralston & 

Co. dwl NE cor Washington and Jones 
Clark John L. paper hanger, bds 623 Market 
CLARK JOSEPH, insurance broker 504 Bat- 
tery, dwl E s Mason bet Wash and Jackson 
Clark Joseph, pile driver, dwl SE cor Pine and 

Clark Joseph E. bag manufactory 218 and 220 

Davis, bds Metropolitan Hotel 
Clark {Joseph IF.) & Moore {George B.) fruit and 
confectionery SE corner Clay and Stockton, 
dwl rear 709 Stockton 
Clark Judson, baker at 124 Montgomery 
CLARK (,/. W.) & PERKINS {J. E.) wool com- 
mission merchants, office NE cor Montgom- 
ery and Clay, warehouse S s Union nr Bat- 
tery, dwl 615 Harrison 
Clark Leonard S. attorney at law, office NE cor 
Montgomery and Commercial, dwl S side 
Broadway bet Taylor and Jones 
Clark M. Mrs. dwl 615 Harrison 



Clark Maria (widow) dwl 912 Stockton 
Clark Maria U. Miss bds 9G2 Mission 
Clark Margaret S. Miss, dwl 122 Sacramento 
Clark Martin (Martin & Horton) dwl 522 Califor- 
Clark Mary Mrs. washing S s St. Charles 
Clark Matiiew, drayman cor San and Greenwich 
Clark Melissa (widow) dwl 615 Harrison 
Clark Miciiael A. builder, dwl 18 Geary 
Clark Mortimer, drayman, dwl N s Filbert near 

Clark Moses E. carpenter with J. G. Giles 
Clark Xatlian. keeperCounty Jail, dwl 1107 Pac 
Clark 0. P. hatter XE cor Jackson and Battery 
Clark Ortnge Rev. dwl with John G. Clark 
Clark Osmer N. cook, dwl -to Clementina 
Clark Patrick, laborer, bds 706 Battery 
Clark Patrick, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Clark Patrick F. boatman with William Gill, dwl 

76 Jessie 
Clark Peter, dwl 6 Bay State Row 
Clark Peter, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Clark P. G. photographist with Thomas J. Hig- 

gins 659 Clay 
Clark Richard, butcher with Meyer Rosenberg, 

dwl El Dorado Building 
Clark Robert, deck hand steamer Cornelia 
Clark Robert, milk ranch Rook House Hill near 

old San Jos6 Road, 5 miles from City Hall 
Clark Sally Miss, dwl 827 Sacramento 
Clark Seymour B. {Church & V.) -4:07 Front, dwl 

E s Mason bet liroadway and Vallejo 
Clark S. G. clerk with Cameron, Whittier <k Co. 

dwl with John Brewster jr. 
Clark Terence, laborer, dwl 113 St. Marks Place 
Clark Thomas, plumber with J. K. Prior 
Clark Thos. stone-cutter, dwl with John Kiernan 
Clark Thomas. Union Foundry, dwl SE cor How- 
ard and Fremont 
Clark Thomas F. mason, bds 62 Clay 
Clark Treat P. carpenter 545 California, dwl 429 

Clark William, dwl 218 Bush 
Clark William, dwl 110 Sansom 
Clark William, bar keeper cor Davis and Bdwy 
Clark William, laborer Fulton Foundry, dwl 110 

Clark William H. attorney at law, office room 43 

Metropolitan Block 
Clark William H. T. electrotyper, gilder, and pla- 
ter metals 134 Kearny 
Clark William M. physician, office 217 Third 
Clark William S. proprietor Clark's Point Ware- 
house, dwl 436 California 
Clarke Alfred, policeman City Hall, dwl 1028 

Clarke Alonzo N. dentist 219 Third, dwl Wash- 
ington nr Stockton 
Clarke Charles Ru.ssell Rev. principal City Female 
Seminary bisement Calvary Church, dwl 
NW cor Pine and Taylor 
Clarke Daniel {Murphy <fc C.) dwl 345 Fremont 
Clarke Elizabeth (widow) dwl 813 Vallejo 
Clarke Francis, book-stand SE cor Third and 

Market, dwl 911 Greenwich 
Clarke George E. {Sawyer C. & Lapham) NW cor 

Broadway and Front 
Clarke H. K. W. {Pratt tfc C.) dwl 718 Bush 

Clarke James, vegetables 31 and 32 Metropolitan 

Market, dwl 7 Second 
Clarke James H. .liurgeon, 917 Dupont 
CLARKE JEREMIAH, attornov at law, office 
room 11 Court Block 636 "Clay, dwl 345 
CLARKK MICHAEL A. mason and builder, 

dwl Revere House 
Clarke M. L. Mrs. teacher City Female Seminary, 

dwl NW cor Pine and Taylor 
Clarke Samuel J. jr. attorney at law, room 5 NW 
cor Montgomery and Merchant, res Oakland 
Clarke Simon P. barber 117 Kearny 
Clarke Thomas, blacksmith Union Foundry 
Clarkson Ed. T. local policemnn, dwl Kearny bet 

California and Sacramento 
Clarkson Henry C. dwl S s Brj-ant near Third 
Clarsey Madam, Pleisante Restaurant S s Dolores 

near Fifteenth 
Clary Hannah Mrs. housekeeper with W. H. 

Clary Robert (colored) dwl 819 Pacific 
Clary Thomas, watchman Metropolitan Hotel 
Clary Thomas J. waterman, dwl 137 Jessie 
Clasby Hannah Miss, domestic 1106 Taylor 
Clase M. bds Benton House 
Classen J. Milton, proprietDr Pacific Soda Works 

115 Jessie, dwl 406 Bryant 
Classen John, carpenter, dwl E a Powell bet 

Francisco and Bay 
Clauchet Hypolyte, cook 526 Clay, dwl cor Jack- 
son and Kearny 
Claughley James A. collector, dwl 1719 Leavt; 

Clans Jacob, bds 119 St. Marks Place 
Clausen Frincis, diamond setter 622 Clay 
Clausen Henry, bar keepet 7G5 Clay 
Clausson Henry H. veterinary surgeon 211 Pine, 

dwl Lutgen's Hotel 
Claveau Ernst, sign and ornamental painter 13 

Claves Paul, house painter 206 Sutter, dwl 26 

Clawson Benjamin, dwl N s Geary bet Taylor and 

Clawson Henry, bar keeper, dwl 210 Stockton 
Claiton George W. captain bark Yankee, Hono- 
lulu Packet, office with McRuer & Merrill 
Clav Street 'Market, 524 Clay 
Clay Street Wharf Co. office 526 Merchant 
Claybasch Moses, clothing, dwl 125 Kearny 
Clay burgh Albert, boots and shoes 518 Commer- 
cial, and clothing 523 Sacramento) 
Claybiugh Morris, clerk 523 Sacramento 
Clavpool William, painter at 516 Davis 
CLAYTON CHARLES & CO. {Santl S. John- 
son) produce commission and agents Santa 
Clara Flour Mills 223 Clay. dwl'uoS Folsom 
Clayton E. J. millwright, dwl N s Eddy bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 
Clayton Frank D. clerk 225 Front, dwl 711 Du- 
Clayton Furmau, chief engineer stmr Pacific, dwl 

1223 Mason 
Clayton {H. J.) & Co. {George T. Boulden) fruits 
and vegetables 40 Metropolitan Market, and 
03-sters, etc. basement Masonic Temple, bds 
Lick House 




Clayton "William, steward 707 Front 
Clayton William (colored) bds 718 Battery 
Cleary Francis D. bookkeeper 20 Montgomery, 

dwl 257 Tebama 
CLEARY (Patrick) & BRENNAN (John) dry 

goods 20 Montgomery, dwl 257 Tebama 
Cleary Patrick, fireman strar New World 
Cleary Peter, laborer, dwl 59 Minna 
Cleary Thomas, fireman stmr New World, dwl 

1015 Pacific 
Cleaveland Henry W. architect, dwl 109 Mont- 
Cleaveland Henry W. assistant U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl Lick House 
Clees Peter, billiard table manufacturer 510 

Clemencen Cornelius, seaman, bds 7 Washington 
Clemens Frank, waiter Louisiana Restaurant 
Clemens Harriet, seamstress, dwl 424 Broadway 
Clemens John, laborer with Turner Brothers, 

dwl NW cor Front and Pacific 
Clement Daniel ( Weiss & C.) dwl W s Trinity nr 

Clement E. B. clerk with Joseph Clement, dwl 

625 Greeu 

Clement Frank, waiter, dwl 830 Sacramento 
Clement J ahish { Clement, Smyi7i db C.) reporter 

Twelfth District Court, dwl 626 Wash 
Clement Joseph, searcher of records, office 9 

Brenham Place, dwl o26 Green 
Clement Marietta Miss, dwl 807 Union 
Clement Peter, upholsterer with Selling, Marx & 

Co. dwl Trinity 
CLEMENT (Roswell P.) SMYTH (John H.) & 

CLEMENT (Jabish) attorneys at law, office 

626 Washington, dwl 807 Union 
Clements Genero, engineer, dwl 717 Union 
Clements John, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Clements Julia Miss, dwl 714 Dupont 
Clements Matilda Mrs. (Mrs. Marshall & Clements) 

dwl 159 Second 
Clements Thomas, varnisher with N. E. Grimes 
Clemens Sarah G. Mrs. teacher music 568 Mission 
Clemens William, engineer, dwl 568 Mission 
Clendenuen James B. tally clerk S. L. Mastick & 

Co. dwl 51 Minna 
Clerc Peter F. {KMnclaus & C.)dwl Polk Alley 
Cleveland Reuben S. express wagon SE cor Clay 

and Mont, dwl SW cor Pacific and Jones 
Clew J. P. baker Eclipse Bakery 1414 Dupont 
Clifford G. dwl Union Club Rooms 
Clifibrd George B. wood and coal 429 Pine, dwl 

Chatham Place near Bush 
Clifford John, laborer, dwl S s Market bet Third 

and Fourth 
Clifford Thomas, teamster Golden Gate Mills dwl 

with E. W. Davis 
Clifton Harvey, actor, dwl 718 Stockton 
Clinch George, master mariner, dwl 1018 Powell 
Cline Catherina Miss, dwl 806 Sacramento 
Cline Henry, grocer NW cor Davis and Oregon 
Cline John, billiard keeper Bank Exchange, dwl 

S s Pacific bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Cline Peter, laborer, dwl with John Cline 
Clint Charles, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Greenwich 

bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Clint Henry, seaman, dwl Heimburg'a Hotel 



Clinton James T. drayman, dwl S s Natoma bet 

Fifth and Mary 
Clinton John, seaman steamer New World, dwl 

413 Vallejo 
Clinton Temperance House, Miner & Egon pro- 
prietors, 311 and 313 Pacific 
Cloak Daniel, machinist Union Fourdry 
Clock William Henry, dwl 1108 Clay 
Clohesy Sarah, domestic 322 Fremont 
Clohesy Bridget, domestic 322 Fremont 
C Long (Chinese) washing SW cor San and Clay 
Clolt Frank, carpenter, dwl NE cor Mary and 

Clooney Dennis, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Close Harriet A. (widow) milliner with Mrs. A. 

Wheeler, dwl 740 Market 
Close Myron {William & M. C.) dwl 740 Market 
Close William & Myron, coal oil and lamps 740 

Cloud Mary E. (widow) dwl E s Bryant nr Third 
Clough Benjamin L. clerk 649 Commercial 
Clough Elijal;, printer with Towne & Bacon, dwl 

939 Powell 
Clough G. dwl 103 Montgomery Block 
Clough James P. butcher 29 O'Farrell 
Clough {John) & McPharlan {John) blacksmiths 

581 Market, dwl 186 Jessie 
CLOUGH {Joseph) & DAM {George W.) real 

estate agents 424 Montgomery, dwl SE cor 

Hyde and Washington 
Clough Stevens S. fruits 147 Second, bds 270 First 
Clovis Bayb, cook 303 Montgomery 
Clown {John) & Gannon {Peter T.) groceries SE 

cor Third and Bryant 
Cluin Thomas, blacksmith SE cor Van Ness 

Avenue and Hayes. Hayes Park 
Clynes Margaret Miss, ironer Chelsea Laundry 

435 Brannan 
Coad Alfred, machinist, bds 18 Jessie 
Coad Henry, actor American Theater, dwl N s 

Geary bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Coad Samuel, musician, dwl 561 Mission 
Coady James K. trunk maker wath Steele & Co. 

bds Washington House 
Coakley J. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Coaley Patrick, laborer, dwl NW cor Jones and 

COATES {Caleb) & LUX {Henry) wood, coal 

and feed 1219 Powell 
Coates Moses H. carpenter, dwl 610 Third 
Coates Theodore H. clerk 627 Washington, dwl 

610 Third 
Cobb Charles E. ship-carpenfer, dwl W s Mont- 
gomery bet Union and Green 
Cobb David, clerk with Stallmaim & Herrlich 

424 Montgomer}', dwl 724 California 
Cobb Harriet Miss, Virginia Block 
Cobb Henrietta Miss, bds Virginia Block 
COBB {Henry A.) SINTON {Richard H.) & 

BOND {Charles A'.) stocks and real estate 

auctioneers 406 Mont, dwl 1413 Powell 
Cobb J. C. ironer Davis Laundry 
Cobden A. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Cobden Alexander, carpenter, dwl 619 Union 
Cobbledick J. {F. J. Schaeffer & Co.) 12 and 14 

Cobleigh John, milk ranch, dwl N s Bush nr Polk j 



Coburn Francis H. carpenter, dwl SW cor Te- 
hama and Fifth 
Coburn L. Hvery stable 610 Sansom 
Coburn Parker, carpenter Waaliington Hose Co. 

No. 1 
Cochran James, carpenter, bds 721 Market 
Cochran John, 'longshoreman, dwl 725 Battery 
Cochran John, porter with George J. Brooks & 

Co. dwl Valparaiso nr Taylor 
Cochran Margaret Miss, domestic 1 Central Place 
Cochran R. B. upholsterer with W. J. Silver 
Cochran Robert, carpenter, dwl 1309 Kearny 
Cochran Williai^, hostler, dwl NE cor California 

and Pro.spect Place 
Cochrane Alexander (colored) porter U. S. Navy 

Agent, dwl E s Sonoma Place 
Cochrane John, cartraan, dwl 16 Post 
Cochrane Mary V. (widow) dwl 11 Third 
Cochrane Michael, bds with William Hendricks 
Cochrane {R. N.) & Speckels {Wm. A.) butter, 

cheese, etc. 48 and 49 Washington Market, 

dwl 548 Tehama 
Cockburn William, waiter 121 Montgomery 
Cocker Henry, laborer, dwl with C. H. Gardiner 
Cocklin Jeremiah, boiler maker with Cofifey & 

Cocklin John, with Coffey & Risdon 
Cocklin John, drayman, dwl 813 Sansom 
Coddy A. dwl 28 Sansom 
Code John, hackman 2:5 Battery 
Code William G. dwl 636 Howard 
Codey Edward, raashman Dow's Distillery, dwl 

Ninth nr Brannan 
Codey Patrick, workman S. V. W. Works Co. 
Codington Charles P. collector, oflBce 9i Second, 

dwl 509 Taylor 
Codington William, collector with Lux & Miller, 

dwl 509 Taylor 
Cody John, Hayes Valley Saloon SW cor Hayes 

and Polk, Hayes Valley 
Cody Mary (widow) boarding 312 Post 
Cody Michael (McAran & G.) dwl SE cor Hyde 

and Chestnut 
Cody R. calker Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Coe Bernard, curtraan, dwl 234 Stevenson 
Coe Delos, driver Los Angeles Stage Co. 732 

Coe PMward H. inspector Custom House, dwl W 

s Codman Place 
Coes George H. musical director Maguire's Opera 

House, dwl SW cor Wash and Dupont 
Coos George H. Mrs. lodgings 845 Dupont 
COFFEK GEORGE W. engineer, blacksmith 

and boiler works 20 and 22 Fremont, dwl 

G12 Mission 
Coffee J. laborer with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Coffee Michael, laborer Mission Woolen Mills, 

bds Mission ?Iotel, Mission Dolores 
Coffey Esther (widow) dwl 1604 Stockton 
Coffey Joanna (widow) dwl 14 Jessie 
Coffey John, dwl 504 Davis 
Coffey John F. .stevedore, dwl 132 First 
Coffey Joseph, laborer, dwl 12 Battery 
COFFEY (Lezvis) & RISDON (J. N.) boiler 

makers NE cor Bush and Market, dwl 517 

Coffey Mary (widow) dwl SE cor Seventh and 


Coffey N. B. ( Worthlcy k Co.) dwl 235 Stevenson 
Coffey Patrick, painter with George P. Kimball 

& Co. bds 721 Market 
Coffey Timothy, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Coffey Wm. boiler maker with Coffey & Risdon 
Coffm A. G. {Iltdinglon & Co) res New York 
Coffin Albert, cooi>er at 7 1 Front, dwl 43 pjVerett 
Coffin Alexander, inspector and packer of pro- 
visions 710 Front, dwl 217 Minna 
Coffin Benjamin jr. at 710 Front, dwl 1123 

Coffin Charles, architect, dwl 241 Fremont 
Coffin Charles H. draughtsman with Kenitzor & 

Farquharson, dwl 241 Fremont 
Coffin Charlotte Abbie Miss, dwl with Geo. Coffin 
Coffin E. B. lauudryraan Chelsea Laundry 435 

Coffin Frederick F. {Bunker & C.) dwl cor Bat- 
tery and Pine 
Coffin Gtorge, stevedore, dwl 316 Beale 
Coffin George (No. 2) stevedore, dwl 316 Beale 
Coffin Henry, cooper at 710 Front, dwl N s 

O'Farrell bet Taylor and Jones 
Coffin Jarvis B. book-keeper with R. S. Eells & 

Co. dwl 609 Harrison 
Coffin John W. drayman with John Gordon & 

Co. dwl 822 Broadway 
Coffin M. C. waterman, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Coffin William, boiler maker, dwl 114 Bush 
Coffin Zenas, laborer Custom House, dwl NE cor 

Greenwich and Powell 
Coffran Daniel, engineer, dwl 20 Sansom 
COFRAN GEORGE, contractor and builder, 

dwl 615 Bush 
Cogan John, dwl 29 Pacific 
Cogan John, fireman steamer Orizaba, dwl 107 

Coges Joiin P. with A. Dulham 
COGGKSHALL J. H. druggist SE cor Pacific 

and Stockton, dwl 1108 Taylor 
Coggeshall W. A. salesman with Heuston, Has- 
tings & Co. dwl 506 Dupont 
Coggeshall William A. lumber measurer 17 Cal 
Coghan Morris, sawyer Chace's Mills 
Coghill Andrew J. (Fogus & Coghill, Sacramento) 

office 313 Front, dwl 1213 Clay 
COGHILL J. H. & CO. ( Witliam N. CoghiU and 
Samuel C. Hopkins) importers and jobbers 
groceries and provisions SW cor Front and 
Commercial, resides New York 
Coghill William N. {J. H. Coghill * Co ) dwl S s 

Washington bet Taylor and Jones 
Cogill John, dancing academy NE cor Jackson 

and Stockton, dwl 1410 Powell 
Cogswell James L. house agent and collector 

Cogswell's Building 610 Front 
Cogswell James P. stoves and tin ware 417 East, 

dwl 277 Second 
Cogswell J. L. surgical dentist 610 Front 
Cogswell John J. porter 307 Clay, dwl 52 Minna 
Cogswell William R. tailor with John C. Mitch- 
ell, dwl 415 Montgomery 
Cohalen Daniel, stock dealer, dwl 16 Virginia 
Cohea, E. U. freight master Market Street R. R. 

dwl N s Sixteenth, Mission Dolores 
Cohen A. A. otBce 77 Montgomery Block, resi- 
dence Alameda 
Cohen Abraham, glazier, dwl 23 Jessie 



Cohen Abraham, merchant, dwl 134 Natoma 
Cohen F. drayman 213 Battery- 
Cohen George M. salesman 305 California^ dwl 

SE cor California and Sansom 
Cohen H. drayman 325 California 
Cohen Harris, job wagon cor California and Bat- 
tery, dwl 144 Post 
Cohen Henry, book-keeper with A. C. Deitz & 

Co. dwl 816 Powell 
Cohen Henry, clerk with Blumenthal & Son, 

dwl 515 Pine 
Cohen Henry, jobber, dwl SW cor Leavenworth 

and Turk 
Cohen Henry, tailor, dwl 535 Howard 
Cohen Henry, L. book-keeper 616 Sacramento 
Cohen I. pawn-broker 741 Washington 
Cohen Isaac, cigars NK cor Commercial and 

Kearny, dwl 633 Commercial 
Cohen Joseph, dwl 18 Dupont 
Cohen Julius, salesman 509 Commercial 
Cohen Kinjr, cigar manufactory 942 Kearny 
Cohen {Louis) & Eiseu {Nathan) dry goods 1016 

Stockton, dwl SE cor Second and Howard 
Cohen Louis, tailor 70 First 
Cohen Louis, variety store 743 Pacific 
Cohen M. dwl Original House 
Cohen Max, tailor 722 Dupont, dwl 763 Clay 
Cohen Uorv'xs {Glass & Co.) dwl 414 Sacramento 
Cohen Morris, clerk, bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Cohen Morris, salesman 413 Sacramento, dwl 

24 Sansom 
Cohen Morris A. office 77 Montgomery Block, 

residence Alameda 
Cohen Samuel, collector, St Francis H. & L. Co. 

No. 1 
Cohen S. H. newspaper carrier, dwl 1505 Stock 
COHEN SIMON, physician and astrologer, of- 
fice and dwl 528 California 
Cohen Thomas, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Cohen Thomas, tailor 318 Sansom, dwl Jessie 

bet First and Second 
Cohen Waldow Madame, pianist 1505 Stockton 
Cohen WiUiam, clothing 912 Kearny 
Cohen William, waiter 317 Sansom 
Cohl A. bds with Michael Levy 
Cohn E. Rev. principal Academic Seminary N 

8 Post bet Stockton and Dupont, dwl 408 

Cohn Edward, cigars and tobacco 627 Clay 
COHN H. & CO. {Henry Woodleaf, Herman and 

Jacob Greenebaum) importers and jobbers 

clothing, hats, etc. 413 and 415 Sacramento, 

resides New York 
Cohn Hayem. porter 425 Montgomery 
Cohn Henry, dwl 134 Sutter 
Cohn Henry, clerk, dwl Steckler's Exchange 
Cohn Henry, drayman, dwl 1621 Dupont 
Cohn Henry, junk. Alley S s Pacific nr Sansom 
Cohn Henry, hostler, rear 407 Folsom 
Cohn Isadore, merchant, dwl 38 First 
Cohn J. & Co. {Adolph Metzger) cigars and to- 
bacco 616 Washington 
Cohn Jacob, bootmaker 33 Pacific 
Cohn Joseph {Michael & C.) 131 Pacific 
Cohn L. B. dry goods, dwl W s Auburn near 

Cohn Lemuel, barber with Anthes & Diehl, dwl 

Original House 

Cohn Lewis, clothing 411 Commercial 
Cohn Louis, office 205 Battery, dwl 1201 Sacra- 
Cohn Manx, dry goods, dwl 738 Vallejo 
Cohn Maurice B. clothing 214 Pacific 
Cohn Meyer A. cigars and shells 822 Market 
Cohn Meyers {Cohn Brothers) dwl W s Mason 

bet Pacific and Broadway 
Cohn {Richard) & Saniut {John) butter, cheese, 

etc. 607 Sansom 
Cohn Samuel, clothing 512 Commercial 
Cohn Samuel, salesman with Levine & S. 
Cohn Samuel A. peddler, dwl 29 Hunt 
Cohn Simon {Hyman & C.) dwl 525 Commercial 
Cohn Simon, cigars, dwl 707 Howard 
Cohn Selena (widow) dwl 205 Second 
Cohn S. S. clerk 129 Pacific 
Cohrn Edward, cigars NE cor "Washington and 
Montgomerj', dwl Stevenson bet Third and 
Coin Raymond, laundry Dora bet Folsom and 

COIT BENJAMIN B. physician, office 224 

Cokeley John, waterman, dwl 838 Yallejo 
Cokeley Margaret Miss, domestic 218 Bush 
Colbert Bridget Mrs. saloon 36 Jackson 
Colbert C. boiler maker with Cofiey & Risdon 
Colburn A. M. with Godens& Bender 202 Fourth 
Colburn Ann (widow) dress-making, dwl 619 

Colburn Charles, driver Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex- 
press, dwl NW cor California and Mont 
Colburn George, seaman Pride of the West, Clay 

Street Wharf 
Colburn Kate, domestic, bds 414 Pacific 
Colburn R. B. rooms E s Salina Court 
Colburn Richard, dwl 30 Silver 
Colburn Thomas W. office 215 California, res 

514 Dupont 
Colburt James, cabinet-maker 29 Fourth 
Colby Charles A. compositor 410 Clay, dwl 1812 

Colby Helen (widow) dwl N s Ellis bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Colby Hiram, waterman, dwl 1 Quincy Place 
Colby James T. ship builder, dwl 42 Natoma 
Colby Matt. H. teamster, dwl N s Jessie bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Colby Orrin P. teamster cor Mission and Stewart 
Colcord Mary J. (widow) dwl 563 Mission 
Coldwell David, porter with Wagener & Shoen- 

bar, dwl N s Pino bet Mont and Sansom 
Coldman Joseph, drayman cor Mission and Six- 
Cole Charles J. machinist American Theater, dwl 

646 Hov/ard 
ColeD. dwl 613 Pine 

ColeEdw'd, folder Chelsea Laundry 435 Brannan 
Cole Edward, laborer, dwl 319 Green 
Cole Pldward, porter with Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. 
Cole F. W. attorney at law, dwl 613 Pine 
Cole George, carpenter, dwl 8 Virginia 
Cole Henry, shoemaker, dwl rear E s Brooks 
Cole Jeremiah, with Coffey & Risdon 
Cole John, apprentice Vulcau Foundry 
Cole John H. boiler maker with Cofiey & Risdon, 
dwl 668 Howard 



Colo Josiah L. machinist, dwl 131 Second 

Colo Levi F. holler maker Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

K s Geneva S Brannan 
Colo Nellie Miss, actress Bella Union Melodeon 
COLK R. BKVKHLY, physician and Professor 

Obstetrics Medical Department University 

Pacitic, olficoanddwl 1121 Stockton 
COLE R. E. dentist 715 Clay, resides Oakland 
Cole Samuel, dwl with Gurdon Bishop 
Cole Sarah Miss, saleswoman 126 Second 
Colo Silver Mining Co. office 321 Front 
Cole Thomas, travelinp agent Wells, Fargo & 

Co 's Express, dwl Virginia Block 
Cole William, Cole's Laundry Dora bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Coleman Alonzo N. {Foster & 0.) International 

Coleman Bernard, shoemaker 34 Second, dwl 676 

Coleman Charles, waiter Original House 
Coleman Christian F. saloon Sacramento, dwl 

SW cor Bryant and First 
Coleman David R. [Gardnei- & C.) dwl SW cor 

Kearny and Vallejo 
Coleman E. coal dealer, bds Tremont House 
Coleman Edward {Harris ik C.) res New York 
Coleman Eliza, domestic 25 South Park 
Coleman James S. harness maker with M. G. 

Coleman John, dwl 801 Clay 
Coleman John, shoemaker, dwl 69 Stevenson 
Coleman, John II. collector Alta California, dwl 

St. Charles bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Coleman John P. cigars and fruit W s Valencia 

bet Fifteenih and Sixteenth 
Coleman Luke (//e?yes (fc C colored) 615 Market 
Coleman M. Mrs. dress-maker 21 John 
Coleman Michael, brick-maker with P. Huorne, 

dwl Mission Dolores, rear Church 
Coleman Patrick, cartman, dwl Ritch bet Bran- 
nan and Bryant 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, dwl 66 Stevenson 
Coleman Thomas, bootmaker, dwl 710 Bush, up 

COLEMAN WILLIAM T. & CO. {Edward Mott 

Robinson and Henry Carlton jr.) importing, 

shipping and commission merchants NW 

cor California and Front, res New York 
Coles George, carpenter, dwl 226 Sansom 
Coles Sarah Mrs. dwl 414 Bush 
Coley W. G. {Miller, Maulton <fc C.) 5 Washington 
Colgan Eugene, cartman, dwl Brannan nr Third 
Colgan William J. real estate agent, dwl 709 

Coligan Andrew, drayman Dow's Distillery 
Colinsky Adam, hatter, dwl American Hotel 
Colison John A. brick-layer, dwl W s Trinity 

near Sutter 
Colland Michael, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds 

Mission Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Collen Ferry, bds with Julius ^May 
Coller Patrick, porter 532 California 
Collet John, cook 526 Clay, dwl 516 Clay 
Collie Jane Mrs. dwl 403 Bush 
Collier Frederick {Geo. N. Ferguson & Co.) SE 

cor Sacramento and Kearny 
Collier Isaac, carpenter, rms 17 Geary 
Colligan Michael, dwl 214 Ritch 

Collin Charles J. bar keeper NW cor Sansom and 

Collin Henry, salesman with Wm. Sherman & Co. 
dwl S 3 Pacific nr Leavenworth 

Collins Anna Miss, dwl 1012 Montgomery 

Collins Barney, cigar maker with M. Ulmer 

Collins Barney, ho-^tler Wells, Fargo k Co.'a Ex- 
press, dwl NW cor California and Mont 

Collins Benjamin, carpenter, dwl 627 California 

Collins Benjamin, jr. i)rinler with Frank East- 
man, dwl 627 California 

Collins Benjamin I. teamster pier 9 Stewart, dwl 
N 3 Tehama bet Fifth and Sixth 

Collins Benjamin R. teamster with Amos Phin- 
ney & Co. dwl SW cor Fifth and Howard 

Collins Bridget Mrs. domestic with George L. 

Collins Bridget Miss, seamstress, bds 707 Front 

Collins Catharine S. Mrs. dress-maker 544 Howard 

Collins Charles, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds 
Mission Hotel, Mission Dolores 

Collins Charles E. watchmaker and jeweler 602 
Montgomery, dwl 821 Jackson 

COLLINS (C%aWe5 J.) & CO. {James C. Collins) 
hatters 323 Montgomery, dwl 528 Bush 

Collins Cornelius, brick-layer, bds Mechanics' 
Hotel, Kearny 

Collins Daniel, carriage driver with Dr. L. J. 

Collins Daniel, steamboatman at SW cor Davis 
and Broadway 

Collins David Capt. dwl N s Tehamu bet Fifth 
and Sixth 

Collins David, laborer, dwl N s Washington bet 
Jones and Leavenworth 

Collins Dennis, cartman, dwl N s Pine bet Mason 
and Taylor 

Collins Edward, seaman, dwl with Martin New- 

Collins Edward S. gas fitter 318 Jackson, dwl E 

Collins Eliza Miss, domestic, dwl 1227 Wash 
Collins Elizabeth (widow) dwl E s Lick nr First 
Collins Ellen, domestic, dwl 423 Second 
Collins Ellen, domestic 210 Pacific 
Collins George, with Spreckles Brothers 
Collins H. M. dwl 1427 Kearny 
Collins James, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Collins James, painter with John McDonald & Co. 

dwl 24 Second 
Collins James C. {Collins & Co.) dwl 824 Bush 
Collins Jas. S. teacher private school 432 Kearny 
Collins John, express wagon cor Clay and Davis, 

dwl 65 Stevenson 
Collins John, laborer, dwl 65 Stevenson 
Collins John, laborer, dwl 110 Minna 
Collins John, wool packer, dwl 508 Vallejo 
Collins John (colored) hair dressing saloon 152 

Collins Joseph C. superintendent Government 

Collins Kate Miss, dwl 1410 Taylor 
Collins {Lyman P.) & Merriam {Ezra D.) boots 

and shoes, and agents Ladd, Webster & Go's 

sewing machines NE cor Sutter and Trinity, 

dwl 3 Vernon Place 
Collins Mary Miss, domestic 1017 Clay 
Collins Michael, laborer, dwl 18 Valparaiso 



Collins Patrick, carpenter, dwl N s Clementina 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Collins Patriclc, farmer, dwl 544 Howard 
Collins Patrick, laborer, dwl rear 419 Mission 
Collins Patrick, laborer, dwl S s Stevenson bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Collins Patrick J. carpenter, dwl Clementina bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Collins Pauline Miss {Misses Tarhox & C.) dwl 

627 Saoraraento 
Collins Peter, carpenter, dwl 40 Cleary 
Collins Peter, waiter 1116 Stockton 
Collins Peter F. carpenter, dwl 505 Market 
Collins P. M. carpenter, dwl S s Post bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Collins Richard, carpenter, dwl 627 California 
Collins R. W. wharfinger Broadway Wharf, dwl 

16 Qnincy 
Collins Salvin P. {Porier & C.) dwl 114 Geary 
Collins Silas H. teamster with Amos Phinuey & 

Co. dwl SW cor Fifth and Howard 
Collins Solomon J. mariner, dwl 1906 Mason 
Collins S. W. secretary Mining Companies 326 

Collins Timothy, hostler, bds 707 Front 
Collins Timothy, laborer, bds 136 Stevenson 
Collins Timothy, mason and builder, dwlMechan- 

ics' Hotel, Kearny 
Collins Timothy, waiter Bank Exchange, dwl 115 

Montgomery Block 
CoUischonn Charles, clerk with Abel Guy 
Collyer Jacob, carpenter, bds Oriental Hotel 
Colman Abraham (Colman Bros.) dwl 427 Sac 
Colman C F. {CaUundan& G.) dwl 6 Sacramento 
Colman Charles {Colman Bros.) dwl 427 Sac 
Colman Hermann, clothing, 217 Pacific 
Colman John, stone-cutter, dwl 804 Sansom 
Colman Morris {Colman Brothers) dwl 427 Sac 
Colman Moses (Colman Brothers) dwl 427 Sac 
Colman Rachael Miss, dwl 217 Pacific 
Colman Brothers {Solomon, Abraham, Morris and 

Charles Colman) clothing and furnishing 

goods SW cor Montgomery and Washing- 
ton, res New York 
Colorado Mining Co. office 515 Front 
Colorado River Line Packets, R. E. Raimond 

agent 515 Front 
Colson Capt. Edward A. master mariner, boards 

Fisher House, Clark 
Colter John, policeman, dwl Pfeififer near North 

Colter Joseph, teamster. Monumental Engine 

Co. No. 6 
Colton Charles, porter "What Cheer House 
Colton David, laborer, dwl E s Hvde nr Lombard 
COLTON {David D.) & HARRISON {Ralph C.) 

attorneys at law, office rooms 6 and 7 Na- 

glee's Building cor Montgomery and Mer- 
chant, dwl 220 Third 
Colton Isaac W. dwl 220 Third 
Colton Wm. job wagon oor Mission and Stewart 
Columbia Fire Insurance Company, New York, 

Nisbet & '4arniss agents 318 California 
Columbia Hotel, Mrs. M. F. Amos proprietor 

741 Market ' 

Columbia Hotel, J. W. Spalding proptr 411 Pine 
Columbia House, 46 Stewart 
Columbia House, S s Broadway nr Davis 

Colvin Henry, porter, dwl 631 Mission 

Colvin Hugh, gas fitter with J. H. O'Brien, dwl 

S s Stevenson nr Ecker 
Colvin James, drayman, dwl Berry nr Dupont 
Colvin James A. machinist, dwl 28 Ecker 
Colvin James, gas filter with J. H. O'Brien, dwl 

S s Stevenson nr Ecker 
Colvin Lj^dia Mrs. dress-maker 631 Mission 
Colyer James P. milkman with Jonas Call 
Colyer John, milkman with Jonas Call 
Comarford P. teamster, bds What Cheer House 
Cornahrens {Herman) & Co. ( Wm. Brunsirup) 

groceries 300 Third 
Combes John C. with Driscoll & Kohler. dwl 111 

Combination Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 

410 Montgomery 
Come Chong & Co. (Chinese) mchts 806 Dupont 
Comear George, seaman, dwl 47 Sacramento 
Comerford Patrick, clerk with Moroney& O'Con- 
nor, dwl SE cor First and Market 
Comings John H. clerk with Nathaniel Page, dwl 

Howard Engine House 
Comins Paschal B. gunsmith, dwl S s Broadway 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Commarford Edward, bds 554 Market 
Commercial Flour Mills, Grosh & Rutherford 

proptrs. NE cor First and Natoma 
Commercial Hotel 125 Pacific 


Johnston agent 412 Montgomerj'- 
tine & Co. proprietors 517 Clay and 514 

Commeseel H. L. book-keeper with S. Mayer & 

Brother, dwl cor Mission and Twelfth 
Commons P. workman Spring Valley W. W Co. 

C. Adolphe Low & Co. agents 426 California 
Comonfort Michael, farmer old San Jos6 Road, 

3 miles from City Hall 
Compes Henry, cabinet-maker 316 Jackson 
Compton {G. M.) & Brother (Zerane^/t Covipion) 

cigars 56 Third 
Compton John, carpenter, dwl 126 Jessie 
Compton Kenneth {Compton k Brother) 56 Third 
Compton Lewis F. miller Golden Gate Mills, dwl 

N s Bush bet Kearny and Dupont 
Compton M. attorney at law, room 1 Express 

Building, dwl Lick House 
Comstock A. M. attorney at law, room 9 625 

Merchant, dwl 1719 Dupont 
Comstock Joseph, stevedore, dwl S s Bryant nr 

Comstock P. B. {Arnold k Co.) 11 and 12 Metro- 

poHtan Market 
Comyns John, ship-carpenter, dwl rear 141 Third 
Conant Benjamin H. {Rice & G.) dwl 74 Natoma 
Conboy Mary Miss, dwl 209 Tehama 
Conboy Patrick, teamster, pier 13 Stewart, dwl 

23 Stevenson 
Coriidell Joseph D. clerk with P. Douglas 421 

Conden Thomas P. steward steamer Oregon, 

dwl 1716 Stockton 
Condon Mary Mrs. dwl E s Mason bet Union and 

Green, rear 



Condrick John, hostler with J. Ryan, dwl 1006 

Cone ( William H.) & Hay (.John McH.) butter, 
fruit, ejigs, poultry, etc. Pacific Fruit Market 
532 arid 534 Clay, dwl room 15 NW corner 
Montgomery and Merchant 
Coney Alexander, assistant with H. P. Wakelee 
Coney {Akxande)) & Co. ( Geo. Rosenberg) pawn- 
brokers 813 Dupont, dwl 1112 Stockton 
Coney D. weigher and measurer Custom House, 

dwl N s Vallejo bet Mason and Taylor 
Congdon H. B. Commisiouer Nevada Territory 32 

Montgomery Block, dwl 85 Everett 
Congiato N. Rev. pastor St. Ignatius Church, 

Market nr Fifth 
Conihan John, laborer, dwl 17 Hunt 
Conkliu Catharine, domestic 720 Howard 
Conklin Enoch, captain Cal. S. Nav. Co.'s stmr 

Cornelia, dwl 436 Jackson 
Conklin E. R. milk 729 Mission 
Conklin S. B. printer, dwl 22 Harlan Place 
CONKLING G. W. auction and commission 714 

Montgomery, dwl 333 Jessie 
Conkling N. G. engineer, dwl W s Higgins Place 

nr Pacific 
Conlan Andrew, dish washer U. S. Restaurant, 

dwl cor Pacific and Kearny 
Conlan Jane Miss, dwl 534 Pacific 
Conlan John P. fireman Gas Works, dwl E side 

Montgomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Conlan Michael, lab, dwl W s Gilberts Brannan 
Con Lee (Chinese) washing 209 Kearny 
Conlen Patrick, laborer with Thomas Linnen 
Conley Bridget, domestic 739 Howard 
Conley Bridget Miss, domestic 816 Filbert 
Conley Catharine Mrs. nurse, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Conley Conley, domestic 746 Howard 
Conley Cornelius, laborer, dwl 314 Beale 
Conley Frank M. bar keeper 42 First 
Conley James, engineer, dwl 566 Mission 
Conley James, hostler 415 Market 
Conley James, sail-maker with T. McColliam 
Conley Jas. seaman, dwl S s Chambers bet Front 

and Battery 
Conley James W. engineer with Wm. Wynn, dwl 

537 Market 
Conley John, cartman, dwl 308 Dupont 
Conley John, brick-layer, dwl 518 Mission 
Conley John, teamster with Sargent «fe Castree, 

dwl Post bet Powell and Mason 
Conley Julia, domestic 727 Howard 
Conley Michael, with Coffey & Risdon 
Conley William, laborer, dwl S side Filbert bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Conlin James, blacksmith helper Union Foundry, 

dwl 14 Natoma 
Conlin John F. liquor saloon, dwl 659 Clay 
Conlin J. P. laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Conlon Elizabeth, domestic with Alex. Forbes 
Conlon John, carpenter, dwl 119 Minna 
Conlon John, carpenter, dwl 333 Bush 
Conlyn John, bds 707 Front 
Connally Frank, laborer, dwl 15 Sherwood Place 
Connally Martin, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 
don, bds Stevenson nr Second 
Connarton Martin, porter 410 Front, dwl N side 
Vallejo bet Powell and Mason 

Connaugton Jane Miss, domestic 1509 Stockton 
Connaugliton ThoniaH, porter Presentation Con- 
vent, dwl S side Lombard bet Powell and 
HARTFORD, Edward H. Parker agent 204 
Bros. & Flint agents NW cor Montgomery 
and Sacramento 
Conneghan John, hostler 413 Market 
Connell Ann Miss, domestic with K. B. Janes 
Connell Ann, domestic 412 Second 
Connell Ciiarles D. baker, dwl W s Stockton nr 

Connell C. M. assistant with H. P. Wakelee 
Council J. D. carpenter S s Sutter nr Powell 
Connell John, laborer, dwl 16 Jessie 
Connell Joseph, deck hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Connell Richard, carrier Evening Bulletin 
Connell Timothy, waiter Metropolitan Hotel 
Connell Wm. C. baker, dwl SE corner Bush and 

Connelly B. {Connelly & Brother) dwl 816 San 
Connelly Bridget, domestic 24 South Park 
Connelly Catharine (widow) dwl E s Taylor bet 

Union and Green 
Connelly D. W. farmer, dwl Pacific Club Rooms, 

623 Commercial 
Connelly E. T. Miss, millinery 1104 Stockton 
Connelly John, bar keeper with Jack Holmes 
Connelly Joiin, musician, bds Mississippi House, 

Connelly John J. bar keeper 40 Clay 
Connelly Juliu (widow) dwl NE cor Battery and 

Connelly Margaret, domestic 486 Jackson 
Connelly Martin, laborer, dwl SE cor Mission and 

Connelly (Jf. pr.)& Brother (.B. Conne%) Geyser 
Springs Soda Depot 722 Front, residence 
Geyser Springs 
Connelly Patrick, laborer with S. F. Water 

Works Co. 
Connelly Thomas, blacksmith helper Union 

Conner Charles, laborer, bds 512 Mission 
Conner David, cartman cor Bat and Chambers 
Conner Hannah Miss, domestic 115 O'Farrell 
Conner Irvine, carpenter, dwl 711 Lombard 
Conner John, waiter P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 9 

Conner John, carpenter, dwl 66 Stevenson 
Conner John, hostler, dwl 71 Jessie 
Conner Mary Miss, domestic 1117 Stockton 
Conner Simon, pantryman steamer New World 
Conner W. D. bds Original House 
Conner William, lard packer, dwl 66 Stevenson 
Conner William, porter with M. S. Wasson & Co. 

dwl Stevenson bet First and Second 
Conner William T. pressman Alta California, dwl 

Broderick Engine Co. No. 1 
Conner Wilson, cooper at 206 Davis, bds 408 

Conners David, teamster, bds 706 Battery 
Conners Edward, gardener, dwl 16 Louisa 
Conners John, peddler, dwl Rassette Alley No. 1 



Conners Patrick, gardener, dwl 16 Louisa 
Connerty Marj', cook with William H. Bennett 

540 Third 
Connery Mathew, laborer, bds with John Tucker 
Conncss Margaret Miss, domestic 218 Bush 
Conness Mary Miss, domestic 818 Pacific 
Conness Patrick, hide dresser, dwl 551 Howard 
Conney Margaret Miss, servant 615 Pine 
Conney Timothy, laborer with James McDevitt 
Connif Nicholas, carpenter, dwl SW cor Fifth 

and Bryant 
Connifl* Michael, carpenter, bds What Cheer H 
Connolly Catharine Miss, dress-maker, dwl 408 

Connolly John, laborer, dwl 228 Commercial 
Connolly J. calker, dwl Crescent Eng. Co. No. 10 
Connolly Jame.«, laborer, dwl 124 Natoma 
Connolly James, laborer, dwl 25 Beale 
Connolly James, mattress maker with J. F. & 

H. H. Schafer, dwl 41,2 Vallejo 
Connolly James, sail-maker at 211 Sacramento 
ConnoUj'- John, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Connolly John, blacksmith, dwl 408 Broadway 
Connolly John, saloon cor Market and O'Farrell 
Connolly Martin, express wagon, dwl 73 Steven- 
Connolly Michael, cabinet-maker, dwl E sFolsom 

near Eleventh 
Connolly Michael, laborer, dwl 37 Baldwin Court 
Connolly Nicholas, butcher, dwl Howard near 

Connolly Owen, butcher, dwl N s Market near 

Connolly Patrick, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds 

with Owen Casey 
Connolly Terence, laborer, dwl 17 Sherwood PI 
Connolly Thomas, carpenter, dwl 408 Broadway 
Connolly Thomas, poultry stall 16 New Market 

518 Clay, dwl 926 Howard 
Connolin Michael, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Gilbert bet Sixth and Seventh 
Connor Bridget Miss, domestic 19 Post 
Connor C. teamster Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Connor E. teamster Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Connor Francis, captain steamship Oregon, dwl 

S s Folsom near First 
Connor George, carpenter with James J. Doyle 
Connor J. B. clerk, bds Revere House 
Connor John, 'longshoreman, rooms WsDrumm 

bet Jackson and Pacific 
Connor Kate, domestic 349 Fremont 
Connor Mary, domestic with Thomas Hennington 
Connor Maurice, laborer, dwl N s Francisco bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Connor Peter, laborer N. 0. Warehouse NWcor 

Cahfornia and Davis 
Connor Susan Miss, dwl 249 Minna 
Connor Thomas, dwl 333 Bush 
Connor Thomas, lather, bds 707 Front 
Connor W. D. bds Pacific Temperance House 
Connor William C. seaman, dwl 18 Baldwin Court 
Connor William T. press feeder, dwl Broderick 

Engine Co. No. 1 
Connors David {Murphy & C.) dwl S s Bush bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Connorton Martin, laborer, dwl 818 Vallejo, rear 
Connory Martin, at S. F. Sugar Refinery,' dwl 

Mission bet Eighth and Ninth 

Conoley James, cook 30 Clay 

Conoley John, laborer S. F. City Water Works 
Co. Lobos Creek 

Couolly Edward, mason, dwl S s O'Farrell bet 
Jones and Leavenworth 

Conolly Mary Miss, domestic 915 Stockton 

Conolly Morris, laborer, dwl rear 417 Sutter 

Conopy Timothy, liquors SE cor Sixteenth and 

Conrad Andrew, cabinet-making Laura Place 
near Pine, dwl S s Bush bet Kearny and 

Conrad David {John and David Conrad) dwl 63 

Conrad Jacob, cook St. Louis Hotel 11 Pacific 

Conrad John & David, wholesale fruits 425 
Washington, residence New York 

Conrad William, cabinet-maker E s William bet 
Geary and Post 

Conrades Ferdinand, bar keeper 324 Montgom- 
ery, dwl Trinity near Bush 

Conro F. D. & Co. proprietors Golden Age Flour 
Mills 717 Battery, office 127 Clay, dwl 751 

Conroy Bernard, physician and apothecary 505 

CONROY {James C.) & O'CONNOR {John F. 
Michael J. and Thomas H. 0' Connor) import- 
ers metals and hardware 107 — 113 Front, 
and 208 Pine, resides New York 

Conroy John, laborer with Nicholas Gasch 

Conroy John, laborer with T. J. Gately 

Conroy Kate Miss, dwl 1817 Stockton 

Conroy Margaret Miss, domestic, dwl Alley N a 
Stockton bet Vallejo and Green 

Conroy Martin, grain weigher with A. H. Todd 
& Co. bds with A. H. Todd 

Conroy Michael, dwl 1912 Mason 

Conroy Thomas, agent S. S. Butler 511 Wash 

Cons Augustus, baker with G. H. Ramsey, dwl 
108 First 

Considine Catharine M. Miss, domestic with D. 
Marden 39 Second 

Consodine Michael, cook 707 Front 

Consolidated Silver Hill Mining Co. office 621 Clay 

Constance Constance (widow) millinery 928 Du- 

Constans C. H. clerk with E. Mayrisch, dwl B s 
Sansom bet Bush and Mark* t 

Constant Hubert {Fayard & C.) dwl room 8 Ar- 
mory Hall Building 

Constantine Abraham, barber 6 Stewart, dwl 
junction California and Market 

Constantine James, workman S. V. W. W. Co. 

Constantine P. billiard saloon 716 Commercial 

Constantine T. waiter 821 Kearny 

Constiue A. furniture, dwl 124 Geary 

Constine Ann Miss, domestic 1213 Taylor 

Contet {A.) & Plege (L.) hatters 721 ('lay 

Contie M. A. express wagon, dwl LTnion Place 

A. Low & Co. agents 426 California 

CONTRA COSTA EXPRESS, Bamber & Co. pro- 
prietors 719 Davis 

Contra Costa Ferry, foot Broadway 

Bovee, Geo. H. Ilallett, Pliny Bartlelt and P. 
Edward Dalton) office 13 Broadway 



Converse D. broker, dwl NW cor Broadway and 

Convery James, stone-cutter, dwl St. Charles PI 

near Montjromery 
Conwav Kdward, chief clerk U.S. Surveyor-Gen- 
eral's office, dwl 618 Third 
Conway Kdward, laborer, bds with William "Wal- 
lace, Lone Mountain 
Conway Hugh, gas litter, dwl 37 Stevenson 
Conway James, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl cor Sixth and Howard 
Conway James, tailor 317 Mont, dwl 187 Jessie 
Conway James H. policeman, dwl Pfeiffor near 

Conway James M. engineer India Rice Mills, and 

liquor saloon 42 First 
Conway John, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl cor Sixth and Howard 
Conway John, laborer E s Vincent nr Union 
Conway John R. policeman, dwl 320 Minna 
Conway John T. slaugliier-houso Branuan Street 
Bridge, Potrero, dwl nr Brannan St. Bridge 
Conway J. R physician, dwl 320 Minna 
CotnvHy Margaret Miss, at Coles' Laundry 
Conway Micliael, laborer, dwl NW cor Sixth and 

Conway Michael Gr. saddlery SE cor Sutter and 

Conway Nelson, clerk with Charles Huxley 
Conway Peter, laborer N s Pine bet Kearny and 

Conway Philip, plasterer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Conway Richard I. clerk U. S. Survevor-Gen- 

eral's office, dwl 618 Third 
Conway Thomas, hack driver, dwl 712 Bdwy 
Conwav Thomas, saddle and harness maker 6 

First, ilwl '23 Beale 
Coogan Richard, boarding 541 Mission 
Cook Adam, molder FuUon Foundrj', dwl W 8 

Marys Lane bet Sutter and Mary 
Cook (Alburt) & Bourdette {Peter) slaughter-house 

Ninth near Brannan 
Cook Alexander, carpenter, dwl 6 Milton Place 
Cook Allen W. book-keeper with A. H. Todd & 

Co. dwl 143 Third 
Cook Anna Mrs. domestic 1002 Powell 
Cook Charles, policeman City Hall, dwl 1018 

Cook Ch irles, steward Railroad House 
CookDharles F. {Eureka Soap Co.) 201 Sacra- 
mento, bds 722 Filbert 
COOK CHARLES W. Notary Public SW cor 
Montgomery and Clay, dwl Taylor bet Union 
and Filbert 
Cook Gliristian, upholsterer with McElwee & 

Ackerman, dwl 719 Union 
Cook D. D. clerk Contra Costa Ferry, dwl 69 

Cook E. mason, dwl 518 Dupont » 

Cook Edward, coppersmith, dwl 443 Bush 
Cook Kdward, miner, awl E s Seventh S Brannan 
Cook E. (.1. & Co. {Albert Basse) groceries and 
liquors 121 Second cor Minna, dwl NE cor 
Seventli and Bryant 
COOK {EUsha) BROWNSON {William I.) & 
HlTl'KLL {Theodore II.) attorneys at law 
519 Montgomer3-, dwl W s Mission bet 
Sixteenth and Seventeenth 

Cook ?]. N. bds Tremont House 

Cook Ernest, baker American Bakery, dwl 717 

Cook Erwin A. salesman 633 Washington 
Cook Fayette, mason, dwl N s Louisa bet Hay- 
wood and Elizabf th 
Cook Ferdinand, blacksmith with Geo. P. Kim- 
ball & Co. dwl 423 Bush 
Cook Francis, carpenter, dwl 6 Sansom 
Cook Frederick, carpenter, dwl 233 Sutter 
Cook George B. stevedore, dwl E s Calhoun bet 

Union and Green 
Cook Gilman G. fireman steam-tug Columbia, bds 
Telegraph House, Front between Vallejo 
and Green 
Cook Henry, coach driver, bds Tremont House 
Cook Henry E. baker American Bakery, dwl 

717 Pacific 
Cook H. N. with M. M. Cook 215 Front 
Cook Ira, mason, dwl 518 Dupont 
Cook Isaac ( Wetherbee & C.) dwl 68 Tehama 
Cook Jacob, bds Chicago Hotel 
Cook James, at S F. Sugar Refinery, bds with 

Owen Casey 
Cook James, book-keeper with Wm. H. Keith & 

Co. dwl 623 Mission 
Cook James, engineer Oriental Rice Mill, dwl 8 

Cook Jaraee, waiter 707 Front 
Cook John, dwl W s Powell bet Sutter and Post 
Cook John, pantrj'man Union Club Rooms 
Cook John, steward 823 Sansom 
Cook Joiin, steward Franklin House 
Cook Joseph, carpenter, bds Franklin Hotel 
Cook Joseph, miller Pacific Flour Mills 
Cook Julia Mrs. furnished rooms 6 Sansom 
Cook L. (widow) dwl SW corO'Farrell and Stock 
Cook Lawreuce, blacksmith at 16 Pine, dwl SW 

cor Davis and Broadway 
Cook Lewis, merchant, dwl 840 Vallejo 
Cook Margaret (widow) dwl 443 Bush 
Cook Margaret Mrs. dwl 822 Union, rear 
Cook Martin, laborer S s Card's Alley nr Stock 
Cook Mathew M. captain bark Early Bird, and 
tannery Lagoon, Presidio Road, office 215 
Front, dwl Presidio Road 
Cook Michael, saloon Oriental Hotel, bds Oriental 

Cook Napoleon B. carpenter with J. McGill & Co. 

dwl 4 Quincy 
Cook Nelson (colored) porter with Sather & 

Chnrch, dwl NE cor Dupont and Filbert 
Cook Philip, printer, Eureka Typographical 

Union, dwl 45 Minna 
Cook Patrick Q. laundryman Chelsea Laundry 

435 Brannan 
Cook S. bds What Cheer House 
Cook Sarah E. (widow) dwl 224 Stockton 
Cook Sydney P. tanner with M. M. Cook 
Cook Thos. butcher, dwl E s Seventh S Brannan 
Cook Thomas, dravman for James Willoughby, 

dwl 818 Battery 
Cook Thoma.s, passenger wagon, rooms S W cor 

Davis and Broadway 
Cook William, brass finisher with Morris Green- 
berg, dwl W s Battery bet Clay and Wash 
Cook William, carpenter, bds N s Bush bet Du- 
pont and Stockton 



Cook William, steward 331 Fremont 

Cooke George B. clerk with Wm. B. Cooke & Co. 
dwl 417 Mont<,'omery 

Cooke James, laborer Folsom Street Wharf, dwl 
20 Commeicial 

Cooke Michael S. milk ranch Lone Mountain Val- 
lej' nr Cemetery 

Cooke R. C. dwl N side Kearny bet Union and 

COOKE WILLIAM B. & CO. importing sta- 
tioners and law blank publishers 624 Mont- 
gomery, Montg, mery Block, dwl 417 Mont 

Cookes {J. F.) & Stumcke {Charles T.) fruits, etc. 
15 and 16 Metropolitan Market, dwl 113 

Cooley Charles B. carpenter, dwl N s Lewis bet 
Taylor and Jones 

Cooley Marion Miss, teacher Public School, bds 
331 Fremont 

Cooley {Samud B.) & Minor {William G.) Clin- 
ton Temperance House-311 and 313 Pacific 

Cooley Wra. produce 5 Wash, bds 331 Fremont 

Coolidge H. dwl 683 Market 

COOLIDGK JOSEPH A. lumber 157 Stewart, 
pier 13, bds 607 Folsom 

Coolier Jolin, hostler, dwl NE cor Battery and 

Coombs Frederic, phrenologist 761 Clay 

Coon Charles, apprentice with George Nagle, 
dwl 20 Sansora 

Coon Henry P. physician, office 558 Folsom 

COON NORMAN S. perfumery and agent Fish's 
Hair Restorative 232 Bush, dwl Mission op 

Coonau Michael, stevedore, dwl S s Lick nr First 

Coones Alonso, carpenter, dwl with Silas C. Field 

Cooney Ellen Miss, dwl with Alfred Shephard 

Cooney John, groceries S s Union bet Montgom- 
ery and Sansom 

Cooney John, job wagon, dwl W s Powell bet 
Sutler and Post 

Cooney Mary, domestic 222 Minna 

Cooney Patrick, lumberman, bds E s Main bet 
Folsom and Harrison 

Coongan M. coachman 811 Sansom 

Cooper Alfred G. carpenter, bds 306 Broadway 

Cooper Archibald, melter U. S. B. Mint, dwl NE 
cor Washington and Dupont 

Cooper Charles, ice cart, dwl rear 324 Vallejo 

Cooper Edwin, packer with Kohler & Frohling, 
dwl 87 Montgomery Block 

COOPER E. SAMUEL, prof Surgery' Medical 
Dep't University Pacific, and proprietor Clin- 
ical Infirmary 658 and 660 Mission 

Cooper Eugene T. storekeeper Albert Dibblee's 
Warehouse Union nr Battery, dwl 548 

Cooper Ezekiel (colored) porter Cal. Marine Ins. 
Co. dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde and Leaven- 

Cooper Henry, brick-layer, bds Benton House 

Cooper Henry, engineer National Flour Mills 
dwl 5 1 5 Pine ' 

Cooper J. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Cooper J. G. physician, zoologist State Geo. Sur- 
vey offace 62 Montgomery Block 

Cooper Julia M. (widow) dwl 264 Tehama 

Cooper M. bds Benton House 

Cooper Matthias (colored) barber, dwl 33 John 
Cooper Oliver, carpenter Spring Valley W. W. 

Cooper Randolph (colored) whitewasher, dwl E s 

Miles Place nr Sacramento 
Cooper Richard, house broker, dwl W s Morey 

Alle}'' nr Broadway 
Cooper Wm. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Coose Bay Packets, A. M. Simpson proprietor, 

pier 11 Stewart 
Cootey P. H. Rincon Warehouse, dwl S s Post 

bet Powell and Mason 
Copeland James, boarding house nr Dow's Dis- 
Copeland John, wine agent, dwl Shiel's Block 
Copeland Martin, carpenter, dwl rear 1405 

Copeland Melvina Miss, dwl 1621 Powell 
Copeland W. F. hatier, dwl E s Dupont bet 

Chestnut and Francisco 
Copeland Wm. M. mariner, bds 327 Beale 
Copithorne Richard, porter 406 Battery, dwl 

Rousch nr Howard 
Coplan Lucille (widow) lodgings 40 Third 
Coplan Willis F. compositor Mining and Scien- 
tific Press, dwl 40 Third 
Copp John G. tinner with Tay, Brooks & Back- 
us, dwl 618 California 
Copp Nathaniel P. ship-carpenter, dwl Belden's 

Coppe Victor, French Laundry 773 Clay 
Coppenheim Joseph, dwl 411 Sutter 
Coppi {Giacomo) & Pezzoni {Giuliano) wood and 
coal yard W s Taylor bet Chestnut and Lom- 
Coppinger Mary, dwl with James Kelly 
Cora James, laundryman Chelsea Laundry 435 

Cora Eliza (widow) dwl 1030 Jackson 
Corales Stephen, laborer, dwl 128 Beale 
Corbell George W. grainer, dwl 8 Virginia 
Corbell Hiram, painter, dwl 8 Virginia 
Corbett D. E. groceries NE cor Geary and Wil- 
Corbett Ellen Miss, domestic with J. Roome Lewis 
Corbett James, bar keeper 412 California, dwl 

34 Cleary 
Corbett James, cabinet-maker, dwl E s Second 

nr Rincon Point 
Corbett James, engineer, dwl 45 Ecker 
Corbett John, sanple hquor rooms 412 Califor- 
nia, dwl 728 Howard 
CORBETT JOHN, liquor saloon SE cor Pine 

and Montgomery 
Corbett Jolin C. real estate NE cor Sixteenth 

and Harriet 
Corbett M. plasterer, bds Original House 
Corbett P. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Corbett P. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Corbett Patrick, hackdriver, dwl 30 Cleary 
Corbett Patrick, laborer, dwl E s Mason bet Turk 

and Eddy 
Corbex Frederic, cigar maker, dwl rear 629 Pac 
Corbitt James, porter Russ House 
Corbyn Sheridan, manager Gilbert's Melodeon 

and theatrical agent, dwl 415 Pine 
Corcoran Catherine Miss, domestic 720 Filbert 
Corcoran Daniel, steward 12 Sutter 



Corcoran F. E. architect 224 Montgomery, up 

stairs, dwl 11 Mercantile Library Building 
Corcoran John, teamster, dwl IG I'ost 
Corcoran Mary, domestic 767 Howard 
Corcoran Michael, job wagon cor Mont and Cal 
Corcoran Patrick, dwl W s Larkin, Naglo'a brick- 
Corcoran Simon, laborer, dwl S a Lick bet First 

and Ecker 
Corcoran Thos. D. with J. B. Norton, dwl Mark- 
et opposite Montgomery 
Corcoran Timothy, laborer, dwl 510 Mission 
Cordelya Jose, boarding 309 Broadway 
CORDES ALBRICII J. F. groceries and liquors 

1300 Powell cor Pacific 
Cordes C. H. ( C. H. Cordes & Co.) NW cor 

Front and Pine 
Cordes Charles, laborer 207 Davis 
Cordes ( Clans II. ) & Co. {Martin Behnken) saloon, 

dwl 1007 Battery 
Cordes Claus H. & Co. {C. K Cordes) Union 
Saloon NW cor Front and Pine, dwl SW 
cor Market and First 
Cordes George, liquors, dwl 24 Stewart 
Cordes Herman, Pacific Liquor Saloon 24 Stewart 
Cordes Herman, salesman with H. Dopmann 

& Co. dwl G08 Third 
CORDES WILLIAM, Cordes Exchange Liquor 

Saloon 145 Stewart, pier 12 
Cordiavolla Joseph, boarding 309 Broadway 
Cordier J. H. & Co. ( Caspar Garntau) proprietors 
Miners' Restaurant 531 and 533 Commer- 
cial, resides Paris 
Cordiuer Charles L. merchant tailor 208 Mont 
Cords Henry, laundry E s Jansen nr Lombard 
Cordt Herman, musician, bds New Atlantic Hotel 
Corey Ammon, tinsmith with J. W. Brittan, rms 

528 Pino 
Corey Owen, shoemaker 39 Annie cor Jessie 
Corey Thomas, stoves and tin ware 204 Pacific 
Corgell A. H. carpenter, dwl American Hotel 
Corigan M. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Corkerey Charles, dwl 22 Federal Building 
Corkery Cornelius, laborer, bds 317 Broadway 
Corkery Elizabeth Miss, domestic 020 Green 
Corkery Hannah Miss, domestic G20 Green 
Corkery Mary Miss, domestic 5G6 Howard 
Corkland Mary J. Miss, domestic 248 Fourth 
Corkrey William, stone-mason, dwl NE cor 

Vallejo and Kearny 
Corless Catherine Miss, domestic Virginia Block 
Corlett William, pilot steamer Chrysopolis, dwl 

22 Green 
CORLISS JOSEPH F. & CO. (Ja.i. W. Schuyler) 
Folsom Street Market 406 Folsom, dwl 8 
Baldwin Court 
Corly Bridget Miss, servant 206 Stockton 
Cormick James, cook SE cor Battery and Vallejo 
Cornan James, plasterer, dwl 24 Sansom 
Cornelius Gustave, clerk 133 Fourth 
Cornelius John, rigger, dwl rear Main bet Fol- 
som and Harrison 
Cornelius Joseph, dwl 129 Sansom 
Cornelius Louis, proprietor Elysium Restaurant 

673 Market 
Cornell Charles, carpenter with Edward Nunan 
Cornell Chaunccy, Appraisers' Store, dwl N s 
Sacramento bet Taj-lor and Jones 


Cornell George, street contractor, dwl rear S s 

Brannan bet Second and Third 
Cornell Herbert S. salesman 411 Montgomery, 

dwl Belden's Block 
Cornell Jacob, captain strar Contra Costa, resides 

Cornell Michael, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Cornell Robert II. clerk with Gillespie & Gray, 

dwl 1200 Sacramento 
Cornell William, messenger George W. Chapin 

& Co. 708 Kearny 
Corneps Henry, packer Commercial Flour Mills, 

dwl 1508 Powell 
Corneps Hermann, at Golden Gate Mills, dwl 

1508 Powell 
Cornet Eusebe, commission, bds 604 Pino 
Cornet Joseph, cigars 714 Market 
Cornfoot Henry, waterman Market op Sansom 
Corning G. apprentice with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Corning Richard S. captain bark Helen W. 

Almy, office with Hiram Clark 
Cornish Henry C. (colored) with Mrs. Bivins, bds 

Scott bet Pacific ^nd Broadway 
Corno Paul, captain bark Industry, ofiBce with 

Hiram Clark 
Corner C. W. boots and shoes 430 Third 
Cornwall Arthur, pilot 0. S. N. Co. dwl 569 

CORNWALL PIERRE B. Notary Public, office 

608 Merchant, dwl SW cor Taylor and 

CORNWALL WILLIAM A. attorney at law, 

room 2 Naglee's Building cor Montgomery 

and Merchant, dwl 1423 Kearny 
Cornwell G. C. office 714 Front, res New York 
Cornwell George, porter with Knapp, Burrell & 

Co. dwl 310 Washington 
Cornynn James (M. & J. Cornynn) 814 Sansom 
Cornynn John, hostler, bds 814 Sansom 

House 814 Sansom 
Cornynn Peter, book-keeper 814 Sansom 
Corrard Eugene, New York Baths 738 Pacific 
Corret Francis P. laundry E s Sixth bet Br^^ant 

and Brannan • 

Corrigan Bernard, fireman, dwl 56 Bealo 
Corrigan Bridget, domestic 129 Silver 
Corrigan Thomas, miner, bds 81G Sansom 
Corrister W. D. vocalist Gilbert's Melodeon,. dwl 

Portsmouth House 
Corriveau Louis, hair dressing saloon 513 Clay 
Cors Louis, hostler 211 Pino 
Corson John G. blacksmith, second assistant en- 
gineer S. F. F. D. City Hall, dwl 810 Mont 
Cortel3-ou James, oysters, dwl 518 California 
Cortes B. V. miner, dwl E s Chatham Place 
Cortes Charles, dwl 621 California 
Corthay Louis, butter, eggs, poultry, etc. stall 5 

New Market 518 Clay, dwl cor Sixth and 

Cortis Aaron J. bookbinder with Geo. T. Emer- 
son 623 Montgomery 
Corvier G. box manufacturer, dwl W a Taylor 

bet California and Sacramento 
Corwin Joseph R. clerk with J. McCabo 625 

Cory E. bds Pacific Temperance House 
Cosmore Daniel, waiter 823 Sansom 



Cosgrove Hugh, dwl W s Jansen nr Lombard 

Cosgrove John deck hand stmr Sophie McLean 

Cosgrove M. bds Benton House 

Co?grove Patrick, fruits 35G Third 

Cosgrove Mary Miss, dwl 50 Silver 

Cosgrove P. C. salesman with Hayues & Lawton, 

dwl SE cor Kearny and Bush 
Cosgrove Peter, stone-mason, dwl "W s Mont- 
gomery bet Union and Filbert 
Cosgrove Philip, drayman, dwl 50 Silver 
Cosgrove William, stone-mason, dwl rear S s 

Coslow James, laborer, dwl 215 Montgomery 
COSO SILVER MINING CO. office 14 Steven- 
Costalin M. dwl August Alley bet Vallejo and 

Costall i[. A. Miss, dress-maker, dwl G52 Market 
-Costallo Samuel, bar keeper with James Linen 
Costant Henrietta Mrs. milliner, dwl 634 Vallejo 
Costello Catherine Mis?, domestic 311 Stockton 
Costello James, bds Tremont House 
Costello James, laborer, dwl E s Taylor bet Turk 

and Market 
Costello Peirce, laborer, dwl 1415 Dupont 
Costello Thomas, umbrella maker 116 Minna 
Costello Thomas, bar keeper 530 Sacramento, 

dwl 130 Pacific 
Coster John, groceries 719 Pacific 
COSTER AUSTE ETIENNE (successor to J. 
Guerin & Co.) importer dry goods 415 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 630 Sacramento 
Costigan John & Co. (Thomas C. Co5%an) black- 
smiths and wagon makers 116 Jackson, dwl 
Jessie bet Fourth and Fifth 
Costigan Thomas C. {J. Costigan & Co.) dwl Jes- 
sie bet Fourth and Fifth 
Costillo D. bar keeper Russ House 
CostiUo Nicholas, carpenter, dwl 333 Bush 
Costola Joanna (widow) dwl SW cor Folsom and 

Cota J. S. machinist Pacific Foundry, dwl cor 

Pacific and Taylor 
Cotter Dennis, laborer, bds 136 Stevenson 
Cotter Edward B. Clerk U. S. District Court, dwl 

826 Sacramento 
Cotter Ellen Miss, domestic 1017 Clay 
Cotter Frank, painter, dwl Leroy Place nr Sac 
Cotter James, laborer, bds 136 Stevenson 
Cotter James S. Rev. assistant pastor St. Mary's 

Cathedral, dwl 602 Dupont 
Cotter Jane E. Mrs. California knitting establish- 
ment NW cor Fourth and Howard 
Cotter Jeremiah, laborer, bds 136 Stevenson 
Cotter John, dwl E s William 
Cotter John, laborer 11 Sacramento, up stairs 
Cotter John C. bonnet presser, Vigilant Engine 
Co. No. 9 . fa 5 

Cotter John C. stamp maker, dwl NW cor Fourth 

and Howard 
Cotter William, road overseer, dwl E s Mason bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Cottingham R. J. silversmith with Vanderslice 

& Co. dwl 728 Montgomery 
Cottle Franklin D. carpenter and builder 212 

Pine, dwl 932 Howard 
Cottle John, plasterer, dwl E s Hyde bet Pine 

and California 

Cotton Benjamin, Ethiopian comedian Maguire's 

Opera House, dwl 730 Kearny 
Cotton John P. engineer Dow's Distillery 

Cottrell , insurance, dwl 22 Kearny 

Cottrell Edward M. with I. & S. Wormser, dwl 

734 Green 
Cottrell Sarah (widow) dwl 632 Mission 
Coubern Alice (widow) dress-maker, dwl 642 

Couch Arietta J. Miss, dwl 1908 Mason 
Couch John, Mission express wagon SE cor 

Kearny and Mercliant, dwl N s Sixteenth 

bet Valencia and Dolores 
Coughlan Jeremiah, laborer, bds 317 Broadway 
Coughlan John, laborer San Francisco Gas Co. 
Coughlan Michael, fireman San Francisco Gas 

Co. dwl W s Ecker near Folsom 
Coughlin Ellen (widow) boarding 85 Stevenson 
Coughlin Jeremiah, laborer with Brokaw & 

Coughlin Jeremiah, liquor saloon 85 Stevenson 
Coughlin Jeremiah, machinist Union Foundry 
Coughlin Michael, hostler with Wm. & J. Code, 

dwl 85 Stevenson 
Coulon A. tailor, dwl 1233 Dupont 
Coulter D. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Coulter James D. furniture dealer, dwl 564 

Coulter Joseph, steward Tremont House 
Coulter Joseph H. drayman 223 Front, dwl 

Brenham Place 
Coulter John, policeman, dwl Pfeiffer nr Dupont 
Coultoience J. A. dwl rear 520 Broadway 
County William, laborer, dwl 27 Stevenson 
Couplaud William F. hatter with Fisher & Co 

dwl E s Dupont bet Chestnut and Francisco 
Courcelie Achille, furniture 820 Washington 
Courcillon Eugene de, oculist and physician, of- 
fice 737 Clay, dwl SE cor Jones and Vallejo • 
Courier George W. carpenter, dwl 28 Silver 
Courneen Dennis, laborer Mission Woolen Mills, 

bds Mission Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Courtade Joseph, butcher stall 1 New Market 

514 Clay 
Courtaine Harry, comedian American Theater 
COURTENAY CHARLES, house and sign 

painter 314 Bush 
Courtier J. P. Union Hotel 24 and 26 Jackson 
Courtis Thomas, real estate agent, dwl 515 Bush 
Courts John W. salesman 10 Montgomery, dwl 

3 Ashburton Place nr Dupont 
Cousin Nicholas, merchant, dwl 604 Dupont 
Cousins Charles S. cleik Melter and Refiner's 

Department U. S. B. Mini, dwl 16 Minna 
Cousins James C. ship 3-aptl Koith Point Dock 

bet Sansom and Mont, dwl 28 Clementina 
Cousins William, mason, dwl S s Broadway bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Coutaux Charles, carpenter, bds Wm. Tell Hotel 
Cove Robert, porter 204 California, dwl Lafayette 

bet Howard and Mission 
Covell Charles A. tinsmith 28 Third 
Covelle M. C. Mrs. dwl 108 Montgimery 
Coveney John, with Richie & Brother 
Covert S. II. painter 327 Fourtli 
Covey Harris R. {Cough & C.) dwl 508 Dupont 
Covey Stephen, Russ House Coach, dwl Russ 




Cowan Bridget Mips, domestic with Jtio. B. Oliver I 
Cowan {Hugh) & Brooks ( William S.) furniture 

206 Third, dwl G05 Mission 
Cowan William, stevedore, rooma NW cor Sac- 
ramento and East 
Cowoll Heury, broker, dwl NE cor Chestnut and 

Hyde, dwl Chestnut bet Hyde and Larkin 
Cowell J. G. book-keeper with Davis & Jordan, 

dwl SW cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Cowen Cliarles, oysters Branch Saloon 618 

Washington, dwl 730 Kearny 
Cowen Ellen Miss, dwl 266 Jessie 
Cowen William, drayman with Allen, Webb & 

Co. rooms El Dorado Building 
Cowen William J. {Flint <fc C.) dwl Federal 

Cowes Robert C. (colored) store-keeper P. M. S. 

Golden Age 
Cowing Turner, artesian well Loidesdorff nr 

Pine, and boarding 12 Clementina 
Cowles James C. (colored) steward 355 First 
COWLES SAMUEL, judge Police Court City 

Hall, office and chambers room 5 1st floor 

City Hall, dwl N s Fourteenth bet Howard 

and Mission 
Cowper Jame.s, cooper, bds 524 Mission 
Cowper William H. book-keeper and collector, 

dwl S s Broadway bet Taylor and Jones 
Cox Andrew J. special policeman, dwl Presidio 

Cox Ann Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 336 Vallejo 
Cox Anson {McCull & C.) dwl S s Pine bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Cox Arthur P. clerk with Cameron, Whittier & 

Co. dwl 909 Clay 
Cox A. W. Mrs. dwl 910 Stockton 
Cox Daniel, dwl NE cor Davis and Sacramento 
Cox Daniel jr. soda maker Empire Works, bds 

25 Third 
Cox E. D. tailor 324 Dupont 
Cox Edwin, engineer, dwl 10 St. Marks Place 
Cox Eliza Mrs. domestic with Allen I. Gladding' 
Cox George, dwl 106 Clay 
Cox James, dwl NE cor Davis and Sacramento 
Cox James, steward P. M. Steamship Co. dwl 642 

Cox John, plasterer, bds Original House 
Cox John, seaman steamer Chrysopolis, dwl 336 

COX {J Warren) WILLCUTT {Joseph L.) & CO. 

importers leather and shoo findings 422 

Battery, dwl N s Thirteenth near Howard 
Cox Leandro, engineer, dwl 10 St. Marks Place 
Cox Lewis H. painte% dwl N s DeBoom bet Fu-st 

and Second 
COX MATHEW B. superintendent P. M. S. S. 

Co. oftice Folsom St. wharf, dwl 313 Third 
Cox Patrick, laborer, dwl 12 Natoma 
Cox Thomas, dwl 12 Cleary 
Cox Wm. dwl 529 Pine 
Coxetter L. painter and gilder 136 Folsom 
Coy F. & Co. (C. L. Fitch) produce commission 

404 Davis, resides Encinal, Alameda County 
Coye Hiram L. {Rockwell, G. & Co.) dwl 807 

Coyle Charles, conductor and messenger U. S. 

Branch Mint, dwl 319 Kearny 
Coyle Ellen Miss, house-keeper 519 Green 

Coyle Frank, butcher, dwl 1011 Pacific 

Coyle Henry, bootmaker 35 Tliird, bds 136 

Coyle James, teamster pier 5, dwl S s Post nr 

Coyle John, house mover, dwl rear W s Brooks 
Coyle Mary, domestic with Joseph Luraarck 
Coyle William, saloon, dwl W s (Jlara 
Coyne Mary Miss, chamber-maid Russ House 
Cozens G. W. fish Washington Market, dwl: 917 

Crabb Alexander, compositor Bulletin, dwl 122 

Crabb F. A. Mrs. adjuster U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 405 Lombard 
Crabtreo John A. doork oeper Maguire's Opera 

House, dwl 1101 Clay 
Crabtree Lotta Miss, comedienne Maguire's Opera 

House, dwl 1101 Clay 
Crack Peter, captain schooner Artful Dodger, pier 

15 Stewart 
Crackbon Joseph, clerk 413 Mont, dwl 358 Minna 
Crackenbush E. dwl 422 Bush 
Craddock Charles F. clerk with Wm. H. Culver 

623 Merchant 
Crakon Dora (widow) fancy goods 202 Pacific 
Crafey P. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Crafts Ellen Mrs. dwl 807 Pacific 
Cragan Catherine, domestic 16 Rincon Place 
Crage Louisa, domestic 43 South Park 
Crager Ferdinand, milk ranch N s Bernal Heights 
Cragier Simon, house raiser, Volunteer Engine 

Co. No. 7 
Craglich Peter, coffee saloon 4 Vallejo 
Craig Alexander, blacksmith with II. Steele, dwl 

512 Bryant 
Craig Benjamin F. carpenter, dwl W s Mason 

near Market 
Craig James, waterman Market op Sansom 
Craig James M. carpenter, dwl 5 Ilardie Place 
Craig John, salesman 642 Sacramento, dwl 

Quincy near Pine 
Craig John, ship carpenter, dwl 512 Bryant 
Craig Margaret (widow; domestic 837 California 
Craig Michael, lather, dwl 180 Jessie 
Craig {Peter) & Golden (7Vi07««s) undertakers 417 

Pine, dwl 516 Bryant 
Craig Peter, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Craig William, liquors 905 Dupont, dwl 25 John 

near Powell 
Craigan P. 0. boiler maker Union Foundry 
Craik John, clerk with Dickson, DeWolf & Co. 

dwl 150 Silver 
Crain Gustave, liquors and billiards 627 Pacific 
CRAINE WILLIAM, architect, office 634 Wash- 
Cram Charles, plumber at 520 Davis, bds with 

Charles W. Smith 
Cram {E.) & Bohen ( Walter J.) machine sewing 

14 Front, dwl 815 Bush 
Cram George W. bag maker 14 Front 
Cram J. T. local policeman, dwl 106 Dupont 
Cram Smith, engineer, dwl 815 Bush 
Cram William, liquors 757 Mission 
Cram William R. saddle and harness maker with 

William Lancaster, dwl 757 Mission 
Cramer C. W. dwl 615 Union 
Cramer Henry, teacher music 132 Kearny 



Cramer H. P. bookbinder with Alexander Bus- 
well & Co. dwl S s Fulton bet Larkin and Folk 

Cramer John, laborer witli G. S. Dana 

Cramm Job T. local policeman, dwl Rassette 
Place near Post 

Cramp Martha S. Mrs. seamstress 13 Mission 

Cramsey William, laborer S. F. Sugar Retinery 

Cramsie William, marble worker, dwl W s Hay- 
wood near Folsom 

Crandall D. merchant, bds International Hotel 

Crandel Nicholas {Smith & C.) dwl Ss Sixteenth 
bet Mission and First Avenue 

Cranden William, ship-carpenter, bds Eagle 
Hotel, ,Beale 

Crandrall M. bds Benton House 

Crane C. H. miner, bds Original House 

CRANE CHARLES A. Stamp Inspector and ad- 
vertising agent NW cor Sansom and Wash 

CRANE CHARLES H. {Pearson & G.) dentist, 
dwl 339 Tehama 

Crane Edward A. {Baldwin & C.) dwl Geary bet 
Taylor and Jones 

Crane Erwin J. book-keeper with A. B. McCreery, 
dwl 548 Folsom 

CRANE {Henry A.) & BRIGHAM ( William H.) 
wholesale druggists SE cor Front and Clay, 
dwl 40 Geary 

Crane John, dwl 923 Washington 

Crane Samuel P. conductor Market St. Railroad, 
dwl E s First Avenue bet Fourteenth and 

Craner Simon, book-keeper 616 Kearny, dwl 8 
Central Place 

Cranert Frederick, hatter with ColUns & Co. dwl 
632 Broadway 

Craugle W. C. boatman foot Market, dwl NW 
cor Sacramento and East 

Cranna William R. clerk with F. B. Taylor & Co. 
dwl 37 Natoma 

Crannan Michael, coachman Russ House, dwl 8 
Milton Place 

Cranshaw G. H. miner, dwl 504 Dupont 

Cranston Albert B. book-keeper Original House 

Crary Oliver B. {Hartshorne & G.) dwl 1212 

Craven E. machinist with Tay, Brooks & Backus, 
dwl 208 Commercial 

Craven Peter, boiler maker w'ith Coffey & Ris- 
don, dwl cor Second and Jessie 

Crawford Andrew, sail loft 611 Front, dwl Green- 
wich bet Stockton and Dupont 

Crawford Charles, driver with Wm. A. Bateman 

Crawford George, workman Spring V. W.W. Co. 

Crawford J. W carpenter, dwl 27 Second 

Crawford Samuel, carpenter, dwl S s Lombard 
bet Mason and Powell 

Crawford WiiUam D. dwl 210 Commercial 

Crawley George W. meat market 546 Third, dwl 
N s Brannan near Fourth 

Crayton Patrick, St. Clair House 607 Battery 

Crayton Robert, with Kellogg, Hewston & Co. 
dwl 621 Bush 

Crayton William, superintendent sewing, bds 
Oriental Hotel 

Creagh Michael, shoemaker with Patrick F. Dunn 

Creamer {Aaron) & Koch {John) hair dressing 
saloon American Exchange 319 Sansom, dwl 
568 Howard 

Creamer Casper, carpenter S s Clementina bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Creamer James, drayman with E. Martin & Co. 

dwl NW cor Powell and Vallejo 
Credit Isaac W. {Goddard & Go. and Smith, War- 
den <k Go.) dwl 906 Montgomery 
Creedon William, bootmaker 201 Commercial 
Creely James, dwl 49 Louisa 
Creery Joshua jr. bell-riuger S. F. Fire Depart- 
ment City Hall, dwl W s Brenham Place 
Cregan Edward, blacksmith, bds 324 Mission 
Creggs William, carpenter, bds SE cor Turk and 

Crego Cyrus {Gould, Martin & Go.) dwl 913 Sac 
Creigh John D. attorney at law, room 3 Naglee'a 

Building cor Montgomery and Merchant 
Creigh Patrick, laborer, dwl 14 Ecker 
Creigh S. W. freight clerk steamer New World 
Creighton Darby, deck hand sttnr New World 
Creighton George J. sexton, dwl 506 Market 
Creighton W. H. carpenter, bds Original House 
Crellin John {Morgan & Go.) res Shoalwater 

Bay, W. T. 
Crellin Thomas {Morgan & Go.) res Shoalwater 

Bay, W. T. 
Crelovicb {Ghristian) & Brazanovich {Martin) 

Bay Restaurant 250 and 252 Stewart 
Cremer J. P. H. ( WUdung & C.) dwl SE cor 

Commercial and Davis 
Crener James, drayman with John Taylor 
Creon Amandus J. salesman with E. Boucher, 

dwl 19 Dupont nr Geary, rear 
Crescent City Line Packets, Stewart St. Wharf 
Hensley proprietor, ofiBce N W cor Front and 
Creasey J. D. Capt. doorkeeper American The- 
ater, dwl Hall's Court 
Cressy Albert, ironer Davis Laundry 
Cressy Theodore, clerk with Gushee & Elder, 

dwl SE cor Kearny and Washington 
Crevolin {Francis) & Co. {Jos. Nicholas) manu- 
facturers syrups, cordials, wines, etc. 510 
Crews Lorenzo W. printer Gleaner office, dwl cor 

Sutter and Stockton 
Cribbius Patrick, hostler with Wm. A. Bateman 
Crim Samuel {Allen & Go.) dwl 669 Market 
Criman Patrick, laborer on San Bruno Road 
Crimmons William, laborer with Sargent & Cas- 

tree, dwl 23 Everett 
Crion ('atherine (widow) washing 622 Battery 
Cripey Thomas, porter, bds 311 Pacific 
Critcher Henry, broker, dwl with Madison Hawes 
Crittenden Alexander P. {Vrockett & G.) dwl 

1313 Taylor 
Crittenden Charles S. {Fuller & G.) dwl 219 Bush 
Crittenden Dwight {McNiel & Go.) dwl 417 Mont- 
Croall James, carpenter, dwl .' 04 Lombard 
Croall James jr. plumber with J. K. Prior, dwl 

504 Lombard 
Croanan Mary, domestic 28 South Park 
Croba P. dwl 314 Minna 
Croce Peter, engine turner with P. A. Giannini 

622 Clay 
Crochet Felix, gardener old San Jos^ Road near 
Five Mile House 



Crockard llii>{h, shipsmilh wilh I. Burns, dwl 

N 3 Harrison bet Fiflli and Sixth 
Crocker L. Miss, teaclier MarktH and Fifth Street 

Scliool, dwl Tehama bet First aud Second 
Crocker William, teacher of music, dwl 711 Pac 
Crockett David, dwl California below Davia 
{Al'X. P.) attorneys at law, office NE cor 
Montgomery and California, rms 1, 2 and 3 
3d floor, dwl 734 Mission 
Crockton Frank, dwl 358 Minna 
Crockton Joseph, dwl 358 Minna 
Crofoot David 0. operator with C. F. Hamilton, 

dwl 210 Second 
Crofton James, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Sansom 

bet Union and Filbert 
Crofts J. laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Crogan C. boiler maker Union Foundry 
Croghan Peter, plasterer, bds Wiuthrop House 
Crohn Christian, clerk NW cor First and Ste- 
Groin Daniel, boiler maker with Coffey & Risdon 
Croke James Very Rev. pastor St. Mary's Cathe- 
dral, dwl 602 Dupont 
Cromariie Matliew W. Acting Secretary H. B. M. 
Consul, office 428 California, dwl 511 Bush 
Crorabie J. H. tinsmith with J. W. Britian, dwl 

N s Broadway nr Powell 
Crorabrugghe Alfred Van, clerk Market St. R.R. 

dwl 313 Tehama 
Cromby John, tinsmith, dwl with James Whittet 
Cromer Henry, dwl 769 Folsom 
Cromer Nathaniel, butcher, dwl 532 Pacific 
Crompton John, fireman C. S. N. Co. dwl 20 Sher- 
wood Place 
Cromwell Ellen, domestic with James S. Hutch- 
Cromwell Mary, domestic, dwl S s Guy Place 
Cronan Ed. miner, dwl 412 Broadway 
Cronan Peter, carriage painter, bds 22 Sansom 
Cronan Thomas, carpenter, dwl 333 Bush 
Cronan Timothy, carpenter, dwl N s Bryant bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Cronin Cornelius, bootmaker with Abraham Rice, 

bds 115 Stevenson 
Cronin Corneliu.s, laborer, dwl 156 First 
Cronin Daniel, 'longshoreman, bds Sailors' Home 
Cronin Dennis, hostler with Allen & Co. 669 

Cronin Dennis, laborer, dwl 156 First 
Cronin James, plasterer, bds 115 Stevenson 
Cronin John, driver with \V. B. Dolan 
Cronin John, laborer, dwl "W s Ecker nr Folsom 
Cronin John, laborer, Filbert bet Kearny and 

Cronin John, Miners' Hotel 416 Pacific 
Cronin Mary Ann. cook, dwl 927 Market 
Cronin {Michael) & Dooley {Bernard) stone-cut- 
ters' yard cor Front and Green, dwl 228 
Cronin Michael, laborer, dwl 16 Jessie 
Cronin Michael, stone yard 823 Sansom, dwl 187 

Cronin Peter, painter with Pollard & Carvill, dwl 

18 Sansom 
Cronin Timothy, laborer, bds 414 Pacific 
Cronin William, laborer, dwl N 8 Minna Place 
near Beale 

Cronin ( William II.) k Gillespie {Famham) job 

printing 529 Clay 
Croniso Titus {Colburn <fe C.) dwl 514 Dupont 
CRONISE W. H. V. rice dealer 217 California, 

dwl 526 Green 
Crook John T. surgeon P. M. S. St. Louis, dwl 

5G8 Mission 
Crook Josiah, with Henry Hurd 
Crook Mathew. dwl W s Crook near Townsend 
Crook Mary Miss, domestic 816 Filbert 
Crooker Amelia Miss, private boarding, dwl 616 

Crooks James, laborer, dwl W b Bryant Place nr 

Crooks Thomas J. cooper with Handy & Cartb- 

cutt, bds Benton House, Commercial 
Croon Francis, storekeeper for Koopmanchap 

& Co. dwl Vallejo bet Mont and Sansom 
Crosby Charles W. office 421 Batiery, resides 

New York 
Crosby Chester W. .salesman 329 Montgomery, 

dwl N s Jessie bet Third and Fourth 
Crosby Daniel, butcher with Isaac J. Temple 
Crosby Frank W. laborer Jewish Cemetery, dwl 

with George Daum 
Crosby {Frederick W.) & Matthewson {James) 

importers watches, diamonds, jewelry, etc. 

638 Clay, resides New York 
Crosby George, produce dealer 21 Clay, dwl 

808 Taylor 
Crosby James, painter, dwl 333 Bush 
Crosby Patrick, carpenter cor Folsom and Ritch 
Crosby Porter, composition roofing, dwl with 

Charles Ashton 
Crosby William, with Grover & Baker, dwl 240 

Croskey Rebecca Miss, domestic with Rev. D. B. 

Gro^ey John W. with Treadwell & Co. dwl 708 

CROSS {Alex.) & CO. {John Wedd^spoon) com- 
mission merchants 613 Batiery, res Val- 
paraiso, Chili 
Cross Alfred, tailor 311 Montgomery 
Cross Donald, machinist, bds 54 First 
Cross Frederick S. steward 519 East 
Cross James, dwl 215 Montgomery 
Cross Mary (widow) dwl 1022 Dupont 
Cross Ricliard, drayman with A. M. Gilman & Co. 

dwl 327 I3road\vay 
Cross Robert, bookbinder with A. Bu.swell &Co. 

dwl 327 Broadway 
Cross Tliomas, lithographer with Louis Nagel, 

dwl 327 Broadway 
Cross William, miner, dwl 149 Jessie 
Crossing John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Crotty Daniel, porter St. Mary's Hospital, dwl 9 

St. Marys 
Crouch James, cigar maker, dwl N s Union PI 
Croue Augusto, superintendent of French Hos- 
pital and physician, Brannan 
Crouse John R. salesman with Fonda & Gray, 

dwl 226 Minna 
Crovat P. advertising agent Market St. R. R. dwl 

314 Minna 
Crow Hugh, porter 410 Front, bds American 

Crow James, plasterer, bds Pacific Temperance H 



Crow Jcanctte, domestic 20 Laurel Place 
Crow Johanna Miss, dwl with John McNamara 
Crow Marpfaret Miss, domestic lOG Stockton 
Crow Mary A. domestic with James L. W'atkins 
Crowe Bernard, laborer, dwl with George Dam 
Crowe John, hackman Plaza, dwl 255 Jessie 
Crowen Francis, laborer, dwl rear S s Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Crowell Edward, clerk, bds 623 Market 
Crowcll Eugene, real estate, office 415 Mont 
Crowell George, watchman Chace's Mills, cor 

Market and Beale 
Crowell J. W. bds What Cheer House 
Crowell Mark H. carpenter, dwl "W s Leaven- 
worth bet California and Sacramento 
Crowell Philander, teamster Lone Mountain 

Crowell Wm. L. clerk with J. B. Crockett, dwl 

713 California 
Crowell Zenas {Oldham & C.) dwl 128 Second 
Crowley Bridget, domestic 569 Harrison 
Crowley Catharine Miss, servant 634 Broadway 
Crowiej' Cornelius, fruits 334 Third 
Crowlcv Daniel, blacksmith with Skelly & Co. 

589 Market 
Crowley Daniel, drayman, dwl NE cor "Wash- 
ington and. Leavenworth 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, dwl 221 Sutter 
Crowle}' Daniel A. teacher, dwl 727 Broadway 
Crowley David, with James Findla, dwl with 

James McDevitt 
Crowlfy David, mate stmr Cornelia, dwl 517 

Crowley Dennis, deck hand stmr Chr}'Sopolis 
Crowley Florence, dwl 21 Clementina 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, dwl Mission Dolores, 

rear Church 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, dwl 16 Jessie 
Crowley Johanna, domestic, dwl with H. S. 

Crowley John, calker, dwl Manhattan Engine 

Co. No. 2 
Crowley John, deck hand stmr Cornelia 
Crowley John, drayman with Haste & Kirk 
Crowley John, express wagon SE cor Sacra- 
mento and Montgomery, dwl 55 Clementina 
Crowley John, laborer, dwl rear 128 First 
Crowley John, laborer, dwl 227 Sutter 
Crowley {John J.) & Daly {Edivard) Union Mark- 
et N s Sixteenth nr First Avenue 
Crowley John N. jeweler rear 214 Fremont 
Crowley Lawrence, carpenter, dwl 133 Minna 
Crowley M. J. waiter stmr New World 
Crowley Patrick, constable, dwl 314 Green 
Crowley Patrick, laborer,' dwl NW cor Front 

and Broadway 
Crowley Richard, blacksmith 616 Sansom. dwl 

120 Dupont 
Crowley Richard, deck hand stmr Cornelia 
Crowley Richard, laborer, dwl 120 Dupont 
Crowley Timothy, drayman, dwl W s Ecker S 

Crowley W. S. drayman W s Ecker S Bryant 
Crown Point Gold and Silver Mining Companv 

office 321 Front 
Crowiher Geo. T. liquor dealer, dwl N s Jessie 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Crowther J. E. carpenter with Brokaw & Metcalf 

Croze Augustus, laundry 231 Ritch 

Crozat P. cigars 923 Dupont, dwl Hall's Court 

Crummey John, slaughter-house Brannan Street 

Bridge, Potrero, dwl E s Folsom bet Ninth 

and Tenth 
Crump William, bottler with Hobbs, Gilmore & 

Co. dwl NE cor Mission and Stewart 
Crumpton W. R. teamster, Vigilant Engine Co. 

No. 9 
Crurr John, bakery 767 Folsom 
Crutchley, M. E. (widow) dwl 1126 Dupont 
Crusa Adolph, butcher, SE cor Oak Place and 

Cruse John, 'longshoreman, dwl 21 Beale 
Cruthers Burnette, dwl 246 Fourth 
Cruthers Burt, quartz miner room 8 3d floor 502 

Montgomery, dwl 526 Tehama 
Cruthers George, carpenter, dwl E s Terba 

Buena bet Clay and Sacramento 
Cruz Charles, teamster with J. Smith Waverly 

Cruz Henrique {LeiU & C) dwl N s Post nr 

Cruz Pedro, with Cutting & Co. 117 Commercial 
Cruzizer Hugo, upholsterer with N. E. Grimes 
Cryer Charles, engineer, dwl 566 Mission 
Cubery Samuel C. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl 740 Folsom 
Cubery W. M. printer, dwl 740 Folsom 
Cudworth A. W. importer soda water stock, dwl 

531 Vallejo 
Cudworth J. W. milk ranch S s Presidio Road nr 

Cuff D. bootmaker 4 California 
Culberson James, dwl 40 Third 
Culbert James, cook Empire Restaurant, dwl 

330 Commercial 
Culer Samuel, cigar maker with M. Ulmer 
Culfer Patrick, dwl rear 6 St. Marks Place 
Cullen Hall P. plumber with J. R. Robinett, dwl 

S s Market bet Third and Fourth 
Cullen J. laborer Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Cullen James, rigger, dwl rear 531 Maiket 
Cullen Jefierey, with B. Davidson & May, dwl 

Union Club Rooms 
Cullen Lizzie Mrs. with Roland G. Brown, dwl 

526 Pine 
Cullen Margaret, domestic 1519 Mason 
Cullen Mary (widow) dwl N s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis 
Ca^en Philip, laborer, dwl rear 14 Ecker 
Cullen Richard, miner, dwl 541 Market 
Cullen Thomas, gunsmith with Charles Curry, 

dwl 324 Bush 
Cullen Thomas, Shamrock Ball and Racket 

Court 543 ifarket 
Cullinnana James, carpenter, dwl E s Drumm 

bet Jackson and Pacific 
Cullins D. laborer, bds SE cor Francisco and 

Cullong Lewis, with Peter G. Somps 
Cullong Pascal, with Peter G. Somps 
Culloton Andrew, carpenter, bds Bush St. House 
Cullimi Philip, laborer San Francisco Gas Co. 
Cultner Charles, deck hand steamer New World 
Culver Edgar, commission merchant, office 221 

Sacramento, dwl 411 Bryant 
Culver F. bds Original House 



Culver James II. pattern maker 509 Market, 

dwl 225 Jessie 
Culver Willct, nmoh and ornamental shrubbery 
Siins Sonei Valley 3 miles west City Hall, 
Fulton Street 
CULVER WILLIAM H. Justice of the Peace 
Second Township, office G23 Merchant, dwl 
926 Jackson 
Culverwell Joseph E. sash and blind maker with 
Ciiittenden & Culverwell, dwl N s Clemen- 
tina bet Fifth and Sixth 
Culverwell Stephen S. {Chittenden & C.) dwl 234 

Cum Chong (Chinese) washing 6 Stevenson 
Cum Kee (Chinese) washing 922 Kearny 
Cummiugs A. H. Mrs. embroidery 231 Fourth 
CUMMINGS A. H. wood and coal agent 233 

Fourth, dwl 231 Fourth 
Cumraiugs Amelia M. Mrs. furnished rooms 15 

and 17 Third 
Cummings C. J. Mrs. proprietress Queen City 

Hotel 625 Davis 
Cummings Daniel G. express wagon SE cor 

Montgomery and Clay, dwl 714 Sansom 
Cummings D. 0. carriage-maker, dwl 62 First 
Cummings E., ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Cummings E. C. clerk, dwl 28 Sansom 
Cummings Elliot C. clerk 521 Merchant, dwl cor 

BusJfi and Sansom 
Cummings Emma Miss, dress-maker, dwl 625 

Camming^ Frank H. with A. H. Cummings, dwl 

231 Fourlh 
Cummings George, bargeman Custom House, 

dwl 510 Howard 
Cummings Henry K. commission, fruit and prod- 
uce merchant 621 Merch, dwl Post nr Mason 
Cummings J. express wagon, dwl 714 Sansom 
Cummings James, carpenter, dwl S s Union bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Cummings James, Railroad Exchange Saloon 

712 Market 
Cummings J. H. speculator, Howard Engine Co. 

No. 3 
Cummings Johanna (widow) dwl . with Lewis 

Cummings John M. salesman 414 Clay 
Cummings Margaret Miss, dwl 625 Davis 
Cummings Mary Miss, chamber-maid Lick House 
Cummings Mary, domestic 420 Second 
Cummings Mathew, laborer, dwl N 3 Brannan 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Cummings Phoebe Miss, seamstress, dwl 806 

Cummings Timothy, laborer, dwl roar 54 Steven- 
Cummings W. B. commission merchant 134 Cal- 
ifornia, dwl 719 California 
Cummings Wm. contractor 625 Davis 
Cummings "Wm. C. stevedore, dwl 1300 Kearny 
Cummins Matthew, barkeeper Mississippi House 

Pad tic 
Cummisky Henry, baker Metropolitan Bakery, 

dwl 1715 Leavenworth 
Cum Sing (Chinese) washing 327 Pine 
Cundell Thomas J. shipping, dwl 527 Howard 
Cunihan Patrick, driver Hayes Valley and Mar- 
ket St. Railroad Co. dwl with Michael Hayes 

CunnilT John, cartman, dwl 1304 Powell, rear 
Cunning Bridget Miss, servant 006 Pino 
Cunningham Andrew (S/erenacwi & C.) dwl 313 

Cunningham Barbara (widow) Oregon House 

232 and 234 Stewart 
Cunningham Francis, dwl 623 Commercial 
Cunningham llugli, lal)orcr N s Jessie nr Fourth 
Cunningham J. dwl Original House 
Cunningiiam James, butcher at 121 Sacramento 
Cunningham James, carriage painter, dwl W s 

Virginia nr Jackson 
Cunningham Jamds, laborer, dwl 55 Jessie 
Cunningham James, miller, dwl 510 Vallejo 
Cunningham James, produce merchant, dwl 944 

Cunningham Jane (widow) dwl 911 Sacramento 
Cunningiiam Jefferson, painter with Eaton k 

Cunningham John, drayman, dwl 33 Pitch 
Cunningham John, brick-layer, dwl 13G Xatoma 
Cunningiiam John, horse-shoer with Levi Wells, 

dwl Webb bet Summer and California 
Cunningham John, hostler, bds 114 Bush 
Cunningham John, workman Spring Valley W. 

W. Co. 
Cunningham Matilda Mrs. dwl 17 Dupout 
Cunningham Micliael hackdrivcr, dwl Crescent 

Engine Co. No. 10 
Cunningham Parian R. carpenter with Brokaw 

& Metcalf, dwl 9 Minna 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Shipley 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Cunningham Patrick, silversmith with Vander- 

slice & Co. dwl 1100 Powell 
Cunningham Patrick, workman Spring Yalloy 

W. W. Co. 
Cunningham Peter, silversmith with Vanderslice 

& Co. dwl 728 Montgomery 
Cunningham Richard, Six Mile House, San Bru- 
no Road 
Cunningham Samuel, assistant engineer Com- 
mercial Flour Mills 
Cunningham Samuel, engineer, dwl SW cor 

Howard and Hubbard 
Cunningham Simon D. sexton Unitarian Church 

and collector, office 623 Merchant, dwl SE 

cor Washington and Reed 
Cunningham T. B. real estate agent, dwl 843 

Cunningham Thomas, laborer, dwl Continental 

House. Mission bet First and Second 
Cunningham Thomas J. e.xpress wagon SW cor 

Sansom and Washington, dwl E s Main nr 

Cunningham William, freight clerk stmr Senator 
Cunningham William, dwl 362 Minna 
Cunningham, — real estate, dwl 623 Commercial 
Cunningworth John B. apothecary 228 Pacific, 

dwl 704 Battery 
Cunnion Edward, painter, dwl 515 Pine 
Curby Joseph, clerk 606 Mont, dwl 811 Mont 
Curie Joseph F. clerk with J. Mora Moss, dwl 

69 Minna 
Curley Conner, carpenter, dwl with John M. 

Curley Cornelius, waiter Metropolitan Hotel, dwl 

659 Mission 



Curle}'^ James, job wagon cor Sansom and Cal 
Curley James, laborer, bds 706 Battery 
Curley John, boarding and lodging 49 Stevenson 
Curley John M. teamster, dwl NW cor Eliza and 

Curley Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 1309 Taylor 
Curley Mary, domestic 618 Harrison 
Curley Patrick laborer, dwl W s St. Marys 
Curley Patrick, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Curley Timothy, laborer, bds with John O'Brien 
Curley William, laborer, dwl "W s McCormick 

bet Pacific and Jackson 
Curley William, steward with John McCormick, 

dwl 288 (old No.) Washington 
Curnow James, waiter Pacific Temperance House 
Curnyn John, hostler 622 Sansom, dwl Central 

Curran Bernard, draper and tailor 216 Mont- 
gomery, dwl cor Geary and O'Farrell 
Curran James, cook Empire Restaurant, dwl Bay 

Stale Row 
Curran James, 'longshoreman, dwl First bet 

Minna and Natoma 
Curran John, cartman cor Broadway and Battery 
Curran John, laborer, dwl rear 44 Jessie 
Curran Michael, baker with M. C. Bateman 43 

Curran Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Grove bet Oc- 

tavia and Gough, Hayes Park 
Currey Ellen, domestic, dwl 207 Pacific 
Currey John, attorney at law, office NE cor 

Montgomery and Jackson, dwl 24 South 

Currie James, gas fitter with P. McKewen, dwl 

6 Sansom 
Currie Robert, gas fitter with P. McKewen, dwl 

427 Fremont 
Currie Robert, machinist, dwl E s Crook near 

Currier Amos {Shaddock & C.) dwl 54 Minna 
Currier Charles H. clerk with J. T. Pennell, dwl 

87 Everett 
Currier E. bds What Cheer House 
Currier Lettie A. Miss, with M. S. Bishop, dwl 

41 Mmna 
Curry Charles, gunsmith 317 Battery 
Curry Charles H. with Hutton & Jordan 
Curry Charles H. (colored) bootblack 653 Merch 
Curry Edward, boatman, dwl Kearny bet Lom- 
bard and Chestnut 
Curry Ellen Miss, servant 718 California 
Curry George, dwl 77 Natoma 
Curry James, machinist, bds 6 Sansom 
Curry John, bell boy Russ House 
Curry Rosanna Miss, domestic 1112 Powell 
Curry Thomas, dwl 333 Bush 
Curtain James, painter with Sweett, Gadsby & 

Curtain Thomas G. steward 317 Sansom 
Curtaz Benjamin, piano tuner with Woodworth, 

AUovon & Co. dwl SE cor Sutter and Leav' 
Curtin Callahan, dry goods 30 Second 
Curtin James, hostler, bds 34 Webb 
Curtin James, painter, dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Curtin Margaret, domestic 104 O'Farrell 
Curtin Mary, domestic 829 Howard 
Curtis , carpenter, dwl 104 Jessie 

Curtis Bartholomew, laborer, dwl 27 Ecker 

Curtis Catharine (widow) dwl 101 Prospect PI 

Cortis Charles, sashmaker with Brokaw & Met- 

Curtis C. W. & Co. (Henry B. Fisher) Pioneer 
Employment Office 526 Montgomery, dwl 
NE cor California and Leidesdorflf 

Curtis Edward, stair builder, dwl NW cor Sac- 
ramento and Stockton 

Curtis Edw. G. sawyer with Brokaw & Metcalf 

Curtis Elijah S. dwl 17 Third 

Curtis F. bds Pacific Temperance House 

Curtis F. B. clerk, dwl 440 Bush 

Curtis H. K. dwl 506 Dupont 

Curtis James, 'longshoreman, dwl 911 Battery 

Curtis J. B. broker, dwl 843 Clay 

Curtis {J. M.) & Allen (Sheldon) produce commis- 
sion 58 Clay, dwl 1213 Clay 

Curtis John P. carpenter, dwl 173 Minna 

Curtis Lizzie, domestic 307 First 

Curtis Maria Mrs. dwl W side Taylor bet Pacific 
and Jackson 

Curtis Mary Mrs. domestic 815 Stockton 

Curtis Michael, blacksmith 616 Sansom, dwl E s 
Front bet Pine and Bush 

Curtis R. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Curtis Thomas, porter with Turner, Marsh & Os- 
good, bds Pacific Temperance House 

Curtis {W.K)& Eggers (C.) hay and grain 620 

Cusick Honora, domestic, bds 716 Battery 

Cusick James, hostler 413 Market, dwl 36 Ste- 

Cusick Jas. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Cushing Charles K.(Getchdl& C.) dwl W s Lar- 
kin bet Pine and California 

Cushing Charles H. book-keeper with Thomas G. 
Cary, dwl 639 Clay 

Cushing Ellen Miss, domestic 613 Bush 

Cushing Ellen Miss, teacher Primary Depart- 
ment Rincon School, dwl Bush St. House 

Cushing John J. homeopathic physician, office 
727 Clay, dwl N s Cal bet Stock and Powell 

Cushing Roioert, deputy superintendent streets, 
dwl 122 Kearny 

Cushing Volney, captain steamer Helen Hens- 
ley, dwl 604 Stockton 

Cushman Charles D. dwl S s Clay nr Jones 

Cushman Daniel, laborer with P. H. Cootey 

Cusolle John, with A. H. Cummings, dwl Mis- 
sion nr Seventh 

Custianson Margaret, domestic 865 Mission 


Cuthbert Bessie Miss, dwl 1315 Stockton 

Cuthbert John E. straw hat pressor 812 Market 

Cutler Acors S. machinist Miners' Foundry, dwl 
69 Tehama 

Cutler Albert G. (Chapman & G.) dwl 211 Te- 

Cutler William, bds 120 St. Marks Place 

Cutler William K. book-keeper, bds Internation- 
al Hotel 

Cutter Cliarles E. butcher with R. S. Cutter & Co. 
dwl 572 Howard 

Cutter D. S. bds 623 Market 

Cutter Horace F. office and dwl 523 Montgomery 

Cutter James H. (Smith & G.) dwl corner Hyde 
and Sutter 



Cutter R. S. & Co. ( Wm. Boyd) Howard Market 
and fi;rocerios NK cor Howard and Second, 
dwl 572 Howard 

Cutter Tliomas H. (Miller & C.) dwl with John 
W. Penoycr 

Cutter William M. short-hand reporter, dwl G52 

CUTTING {Francin) & CO. manufa pickles, 
sance.s, cidor, vinegar, etc. 115 and 117 
Commercial, dwl 330 Bryant 

Cutting Jane Miss, dwl with Louis Cutting 

Cutting Lev.'is, with Cutting & Co. dwl 332 Bry- 

Cuvelling Alexander, job wagon Brannan bet 
Fourth and Fifth 

Cypiot Ferdinand, salesman 427 Montgomery, 
dwl 91G Stockton 

Czajkowski Leon, cigars and tobacco 705 Clay 

CZAPKAY L. J. physician and proprietor Medi- 
cal Institute SE cor Sacramento and Leides- 
dorft", dwl 6G4 Mission 


Dabat Catharine, servant with G. B. Dannos 
Dabo Joseph, carriage-maker with F. G. E. Tittel 
Dabovich N. fruit dealer 420 Davis 
Dacota Raymond, dwl F* side Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Pacific 
Dacy Mary (widow) domestic 32 Second 
Daffit Charles, carpenter, dwl W side Auburn nr 

Dagan Philip, tannery NE cor Brannan and Sixth 
Dager Joseph "W. ship owner, dwl SE cor Pacific 

and Jones 
Daggett Sdas, drayman with Brokaw & Metcalf, 

dwl 114 Bush 
Dagon Bridget, domestic with Morton Cheesman 
Daldinger John C. cabinet-maker 312 Pacific 
DAHLMANN CHARLES, importer and jobber 

clothing 520 Sacramento cor Leidesdorff, and 

509 Commercial, dwl 320 Sutter bet Powell 

and Mason 
Dahlmann Jonas, salesman 509 Commercial 
Dahlmann Layard, salesman 509 Commercial 
Dahlmann Nathan, salesman 509 Commercial 
Dahm Charles, proprietor PhQadelphia Hotel 336 

Dahmke Frederick, grocer NW cor Davis and 

Daicaut Joseph, groceries SE cor Dupont and 

Daily Jeremiah, dwl W s Third bet Howard and 

Daingcrfield James, cook Nelson's Restaurant 7 

and 9 Jackson 
Daisey Dennis, seaman, bds 414 Pacific 
Daiscy Edward, seaman, dwl SE cor Folsom and 

Daisey James, laborer, dwl N s Bryant bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Daith Augustus, Abbey Hotel McLaren Lane nr 

Dake {Edmund C.) & Wood {Henry F.) clothing 

543 Washington, dwl 228 Green 
Dakin Edwin, bag maker with J. Dakin, dwl 642 


Dakin Jacob, bag factory 33 Clay, dwl 642 

Dalavou John, Merchants' Lino Pilot, office Val- 

lejo St. Wharf 
Dalby Kdgar, printer, rooms Broderick Engine 

Dalemore John, gardener, dwl 1008 Pacific 
Daleth Nicholas, bar keeper with Ix)ui8 Kilil- 

moyer, dwl W s Stock bet Wash and Clay 
Daley Anna Miss, dwl with Michael Bowen 
Daley David, blacksmith with James Glinden, 

dwl cor Kearny and Sutter 
Dalo3' Mar}--, domestic 215 Minna 
Daley Michael, grocery SW cor Sansom and 

Dalglcish Walter H. clerk with Daniel Gibb & 

Co. dwl Mission bet Third and Fourth 
Dall Christopher C. captain, dwl 733 Broadway 
Dall William, acting L. H. Inspector, office Cus- 
tom House, 3d Hoor, dwl 837 Sacramento 
Dall William L. Capt. dwl 531 Harrison 
Dallam R. B. {Armes & Z).)dwl NW cor Tehama 

and Second 
Dalliba Henry S. {Herald and Mirror Co.) book- 
keeper, office G04 Mont, dwl 1519 Stockton 
Dallis Alexander, cor Brooklyn Place and Sacra- 
Dalno Robert, calker, dwl 421 Folsom 
Dalton Daniel, carter, dwl S s Brannan bet Sixth 

and Seventh 
Dalton Eugene, stone-mason, dwl cor Washington 

and Dcvisadero 
Dalton George, seaman, bds 39 Pacific 
Dalton Margaret Mrs. domestic G24 Green 
Dalton Michael, painter, dwl N s Fulton bet 

Steiner and Pierce 
Dalton P. Edward {Contra Costa Laundry Co.) 

13 Broadway, bds Oriental Hotel 
Dalton Richard, waiter Russ House 
Dalton Richard (colored) steward steamer Brother 

Jonathan, dwl 524 Folsom 
Dalton William, boots and shoes 525 Davis 
Daly Agnes Miss, domestic with J. B. Hill 
Daly Celia (widow) dwl 1 13 Minna 
Daly Charles H. salesman with Hawley & Co. 

dwl Park Place bet Essex and Second 
Daly Daniel J. tinsmith 743 Mission 
Daly Dennis, laborer, dwl E s O'Farrell Alloy 
Daly Edward, hostler 532 California 
Daly Edward ( Croviky & D.) Union Market W s 

Sixteenth near First Avenue 
Daly Elizabeth, domestic, dwl 315 Folsom 
Daly Felix, stoves and tin ware 30 Montgomery 
Daly Francis, peddler, dwl S s Brannan bet Sixth 

and Seventh 
Daly George, printer with Charles F. Robbins & 

Co. dwl 517 Sacramento 
Daly (James) <t Hawkins (Michael) real estate 

agents 403 Pine, Russ Building, dwl 30 Mont 
Daly James, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Daly Jeremiah, hostler 24G Third 
Daly John, with Andrew Louderback, dwl NB 

cor Eddy and Leavenworth 
Daly John, carpenter, dwl 255 Beale 
Daly John, drayman, dwl N s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis 
Daly John, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Main bet 

Mission and Howard 



Daly John A. porter with Heuston. Hastings & 
Co. dwl X s Sutter near Kearny 

Daly John H. Our Opera Liquor Saloon and club 
rooms 615 Washington 

Daly Mary Frances Miss, dress-maker with Anna 
Haj-es, dwl 113 Minna 

Daly Michael E. bar keeper with J. G. Hayden, 
dwl 544 Washington 

Daly Mitchell, carrier Alta Calfornia, dwl cor 
Sansom and Burnett 

Daly Patrick, laborer, dwl W s Leavenworth bet 
Broadway and Vallejo 

Dal) P. H. dwl E s Lafayette Place 

Daly Rose (widow) dwl 18 St. Marys 

Daly Simon, laborer, bds 17 Stevenson 

Daly Thomas, tailor, dwl 151 Natoma 

Daly Thomas V. B. tailor with J. Strelitz, dwl 
123 Beale 

Daly Timothy, laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 

Daly William, clerk, dwl with John McComb 

Daly William, laborer, dwl 19 St. Marks Place 

Dam Alphonse, hairdresser, dwlW s Larkin nr 

Dam George W. {Clough & D.) dwl SW corner 
Larkin and Sacramento 

Dam Kosmas, upholsterer with Selling, Marx & 
Co. dwl 109 Kearny 

Damas John, fruits 712 Washington 

Dame Bradley R. book stand 552 Clay corner 
Montgomery, dwl 728 Sacramento 

DAME TIMOTHY, president and attorney S. F. 
& San Jose R. R. Co. office 415 Montgom- 
ery, dwl Russ House 

Dames William, ship carpenter, dwl 50 Second 

Damkroger Gotlieb, carpenter, dwl 728 Bdwy 

Damon Dexter, with Carrie & Damon, dwl 110 
Prospect Place 

Damon George, dwl 425 Third 

Damon James E. (^Carrie & D.) dwl 110 Pros- 
pect Place 

Damond C. A. professor dancing, bds Tremont 

Damont John, with Frost & Stevens 

Damrell Daniel, assistant foreman Alta Califor- 
nia, dwl 718 Tehama 

Dan George, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mis- 
sion Hotel, Mission Dolores 

Dan Jos. shoemaker, bds Revere House 

Dana Brothers ( William A. and Henry F. Dana) 
& Co. commission merchants 326 Clay cor 
Battery, dwl 218 Bush 

Dana George, clerk with Dana Bros. & Co. 326 

Dana George S. glue maker, dwl E s Lagoon 

Dana Henry F.(Z)a«a Bros. & Co.) res Brook- 
line, Mass. 

Dana Martin Y. B. glue maker with George S. 

DANAHER P. H. {Burning & D.) dwl W side 
First Av bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 

Danahey William, waiter, dwl 141 Natoma 

Dandeon John J. dwl 810 Stockton 

Daner Bartolemo, porter, dwl Sansom between 
Pacific and Broadway 

DANERI F. & CO. [Henry Casanova) importers 
wines and liquors 421 Jackson 

Daney Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 811 

Danforth Solomon, book-keeper, dwl 616 Mission 
Danforth William, laundryman Chelsea Laundry 

435 Brannan 
Danglada Antonio, salesman 626 Clay 
Danglada Domingo, dwl N s Fifteenth between 

Dolores and Yalencia 
Danglada Domingo jr. cigars 501 Kearny 
Dangler Andrew, dwl 216 Jackson 
Danhauzer M. tailor, dwl Bannam Place 
Daniel A. D. carpenter with W. Buckley 
Daniel Francis, oysters, dwl 605 Broadway 
Daniel John, marble cutter with Ottaviano Gori 
Danielenz Samuel, cigar maker 125 Jessie 
DanieU Thomas, carpenter and builder, dwl NE 

cor Filbert and Taylor 
Daniell William H. book-keeper with Smith & 

Cutter, dwl 617 Clay 
Danielle C. H. professor dancing, bds Tremont 

Daniels Adelaide Miss, dwl with G. B. Silsbee 
Daniels Benjamin, gardener SW cor Gough and 

Hayes, Hayes Park 
Daniels Charles D. dwl NE cor Broadway and 

Daniels G. impost book-keeper C. H. dwl 616 

Daniels J. M. dwl 823 Howard 
Daniels John Henry, cabinet-maker, dwl 1226 

Daniels Joseph, cashier Union Foundry, dwl 

Metropolitan Hotel 
Daniels Samuel, gardener, dwl SW cor Seventh 

and Folsom 
Danis Zocche, fruits 1325 Dupont 
Dankemayer Henry, basket maker with Thur- 

nauer & Zinn, dwl 23 Harriet 
Dann F. P. attorney at law with Shafters, Hey- 

denfeldt <fc Gould 11 Montgomery Block, 

dwl 906 Stockton 
Dannenberg Amelia Mrs. embroideries and in- 
fants' furnishing goods 19 Lick's Building 
Dannenberg Joseph, merchant 19 Lick's Build- 
ing, dwl 316 Sutter 
Dannheimer Louis, tailor, dwl 711 Pacific 
Dannos G. B. butcher Eleventh bet Mission and 

Market, dwl W s Mission bet Tenth and 

Danovan Daniel, miner, bds 816 Sansom 
Dantiguy Ernest, Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
Darbisher D. K. wheelwright, dwl S s Harlan 

Place above Dupont 
Darche Francis, dwl S side Sixteenth between 

Guerrero and Dolores 
D'Arcy George, laborer, dwl 552 Folsom 
Darcy James, plasterer, dwl 250 Tehama 
D'Arcy John, D' Arcy's Bakery 1 28 Third 
Dargau Wm. Continental (bd'g) House 519 Mis'n 
Dargie John, porter 406 Front, dwl N s Green 

W Kearny 
Dark Albert T. Bay Market 305 East, dwl 37 

Darley Ada, domestic 72 Everett 
Darling George, with George Treat 
Darling Henry, groceries NW cor Battery and 

Pacific, dwl SE cor Front and Broadway 
Darling Mary Mrs. dwl with Geo. F. Kohler 
Darling Timothy, dancer Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl 801 Clay 



Darling William, seaman, bda 127 Pacific 
Darling William A. merchant, dwl 328 Fremont 
Darnell Henrj' Y. with Whilcomb, Pringle & Fel- 

ton, dwl 41 Ritch 
Darrell Nathaniel, stevedore, dwl 30G Sansom 
Darriek {Richard) & Co. {Jacob Branis) grocery 

SE cor Battery and Vallejo 
Darrow John, laborer, bds 513 Mission 
Darrow Charles T. carpenter with F. D. Cottle, 

dwl 407 Kearny 
Darsey Ann Mrs. saloon SEcor Beale and Folaom 
Darsey John, seaman, dwl with Edw. Darsey 
Darsey Mary Miss, milliner, bds 706 Battery 
Dart P. C. commission merchant 419 Front, dwl 

W s Monroe bet Pine and Bush 
Dartois Giistave, dwl N s Post bet Jonea and 

Daryes Richard, liquor saloon 21 Fremont 
Dasha John, porter, dwl E s Union Alley near 

Dasha P. carpenter, bds Benton House 
DASHAWAY HALL, S s Sutter bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Dassel Otto, cook 7 Washington 
Dassonville Frederick, clerk 2 Merchant, bds 

with V. Dassonville 
Dastuguo Gabriel, butcher, stall 4 Clay St. Mkt 
Dasy James, laborer, dwl N s Bryant bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Daugherty Susan, domestic 39 Everett 
Daum George, sexton Jewish Cemetery, dwl W 
8 Dolores bet Seventeenth and Eigliteenth 
Daun Kathe Miss, domestic 300 Stockton 
Daunet G. waiter 821 Kearny 
Daunet T. waiter 821 Kearny 
Davan E. P. physician, office and dwl 814 Wash 
Davan Turrine, laborer, dwl rear 235 Minna 
Davant James, oil and lamps 1103 Stockton 
Davega Benjamin F. with M. Berkowitz, dwl 

629 Vallejo 
Davenport John, stevedore, dwl 150 Natoraa 
Davenport SUllman, carpenter, dwl 320 Folsom 
Davenport {Thomas) & Weston {F. E.) commis- 
sion merchants and wool dealers 211 Clay, 
dwl S s Union nr Clay 
Davenport Thos. upholsterer Easton's Laundry 
Davenport William H. book-keeper with Dana 

Bros. & Co. dwl 719 California 
Daves Louis, tailor with Kopp & Mailen, dwl W s 

Dupont bet Post and Sutter 
David A. stoves and tin ware 1204 Stockton, dwl 

S s Pacific bet Stockton and Powell 
David John, cook, dwl 605 Broadway 
David Lazarus, peddler, dwl 810 Sansom 
DAVIDSON & CO. commission merchants SE 

cor Montgomery and California 
Davidson A. tinsmith, bds 741 Market 
Davidson Alexander, cooper with Alex. Murdoch, 

bds Columbia Hotel 
DAVIDSON B. & MAY {Julius) bankers NW 

cor Montgomery and Com, res London 
Davidson Charles, teacher private school, -dwl 

318 Bush 
DAVIDSON DONALD & CO. receivers gold, 
silver, copper and other ores, SE cor Mont- 
gomery and California, dwl Union Club 
Davidson Douglas N. (colored) hair dresser with 
C. H. Mercier, dwl 11 Cleary 

Davidson Edward, ranchman one mile SE Bran- 
nan St. Bridge 
Davidson George, cashier with Jas. Patrick & Co. 
Davidson Hugh, salesman GOO Sacramento 
Davidson Jacob {Haas & D.) dwl 315 Minna 
DAVIDSON J. W. & CO. {Raphael WeiU, and 
George II. Ilunlfinan) dry goods 609 Sacra- 
mento, res Paris 
Davidson Louis N. tailor with Isaac Hintze, dwl 

134 Sutter 
Davidson M. stoves and tin ware 427 Kearny 
Davidson Nathaniel, plasterer, dwl 105 Prospect 

Davidson 0. {AckUy c& Z).) N s Market bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Davidson Thomas, porter with S. Brannan, dwl 

Mi>'sion Dolores 
Davidson Thomas, laborer, dwl 212 Green 
Davidson Thomas B. (colored) calker 100 Stew- 
art, resides Oakland 
Davidson Walter P. porter with James Patrick 

& Co. dwl Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Davidson William, book-keeper 609 Sacramento 
Davies Barry, importer fancy goods 205 Battery, 

dwl 132 Natoma 
Davies Elizabeth Miss, dwl with J. P. Davies 
Davies J. P. & Co. {N. Goodman) wholesale gro- 
cers 319 California, dwl 1320 Kearny 
Davies Shadrack, cabinet-maker 904 Clay, dwl 
N s Washington bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Davies Stephen L. hackman Plaza 
Davies {Thomas 0.) & Kelly {David G.) shipping 

masters and brokers 745 Front 
Davies — , ranchero, dwl 904 Kearny 
Daviney Eliza, domestic 41 South Park 
Davis Abraham, glazier with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Davis Alvin H. boarding 711 California 
Davis Ann Miss, dwl rear 8 Everett 
Davis Ann P (widow) furnished rooms 17 Belden 
Davis Augustus E. (colored) 400 Battery 
Davis B. dwl 683 Market 
Davis Barry, salesman, dwl 22 Montgomery 
Davis Bridget (widow) lodgings 215 Montgomery 
Davis C. A. drayman cor Clay and Battery 
DAVIS CATHERINE A. Mrs. proprietress 

Davis' Laundry Harriet nr Folsom 
Davis Cecilia Miss, dwl with J. P. Davies 
Davis Charles, deck hand steamer New World 
Davis Charles, laborer, dwl Bannam Place 
Davis Charles G. Tenth Ward Exchange NW 

cor Folsom and Third 
Davis Charles W. carpenter Mission St. Railroad, 

dwl with Samuel D. Keith 
Davis C. P. carpenter Pacific Foundry, dwl 305 

Davis Daniel, cigars Branch Saloon 618 Wash- 
ington, dwl 3 Hardie Place 
Davis David H. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl N 

s Milton Avenue bet Larkin and Polk 
Davis Dennis, cooper with C. Horr 31 Market 
Davis Edward A. rope maker San Francisco 

Cordage Manufactory, dwl Potrero 
Davis Edwin A. tinsmith, dwl 641 Merchant 
Davis Elizabeth (widow) liquor saloon 517 Cali- 
Davis Erwin {Banks & D.) dwl SW cor California 

and Powell 
Davis E. S. (.4. M. Gilman & Co.) dwl 250 Fourth 



Davis Ezekiel W. drnyman with Horace Davis & 

Co. dwl N s O'J'arrell bet Hyde and Larkin 
Davis Kva (widow) dwl 626 Market 
Davis Franklin A. wool dealer Pulling Mills nr 

Sixteenth, Potrero, dwl 839 California 
Davis George, bds What Cheer House 
Davis George, cutlery, dwl B s Calhoun bet 

Union and Green 
Davis George, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
DAVIS {Geo. B.) & SCHAFER (//. H.) Quincy 

Hall Clothing 545, 547 and 549 Washington, 

dwl NW cor Second and Yerba Buena 
Davis George H. (Horace Davis & Co.) dwl 27 

South Park 
Davis H. bds Original Housa 
Davis Hannah Mrs. cook U. S. Marine Hospital 
Davis Henrj'-, dwl 17 Everett 
Davis Henry, fruits N s Fourth nr Howard 
Davis Henry L. under sheriff City Hall, dwl 

1028 Clay 
DAVIS HORACE & CO. (George H. Davis) flour 

and grain 225 Clay, and Golden Gate Mills 

430 Pine, dwl 328 Fremont 
Davis Isaac, dwl NW cor O'Farrell and Leaven- 
DAVIS (Isanc E) & JORDAN (A. P.) lime, 

cement and plaster NE cor Front and Wash- 
ington, dwl 28 South Park 
Davis Isadore, tailor and clothing 29 Second 
Davis Jacob A. boarding 14 Hawthorne 
DAVIS JAS. A. groceries, liquors and butcher 

shop SW cor Filbert and Powell 
Davis J. L. drayman with Greene, Heath & 

Allen, dwl Bush bet Kearny and Dupont 
DAVIS JOB C. Davis' Laundry Harriet nr cor 

Folsom and Sixth 
Davis John, dwl 801 Clay 
Davis John, express wagon SW cor Davis and 

Davis John, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Davis John, miner, dwl 37 Second 
IJavis John, porter 500 Sansom, dwl Pacific nr 

Davis John, ship-carpenter, dwl NW cor Front 

and Broadway 
Davis John A. J. carpenter, bds 93 Stevenson 
Davis John B. F. carpenter, dwl N s Stevenson 

nr Fourth 
Davis John J. carpenter, rooms 810 Stockton 
Davis John R. job wagon cor Montgomery and 

Davis John R. stone-cutter, dwl 27 Cleary 
Davis John S. dwl RiJss House 
Davis Joseph, painter at 8 First 
Davis Max, clothing 619 Pacific 
Davis Morris, express wagon SE cor Second and 

Market, dwl NE cor Post and Powell 
Davis Moses, butcher 622 Mission cor Jane, dwl 

157 Minna 
Davis N. C. senior engineer U. S. Coast Survey 

schooner Marcy 
Davis P. F. carpenter, bds Pacific Temperance 

Davis Rebecca Mrs. dwl Malvino Place nr Mason 
Davis Richard, stevedore, dwl 6 Berry 
Davis Rich'd E. house and sign painter 213 Third 
Davis Russell (colored) drayman 400 Battery, 

dwl NW cor Vallejo and Hyde 

Davis Sa-nuel, printer, bds 707 Front 

Davis Samuel (colored) porter, dwl 310 Union 

Davis Samuel jr. hog ranch corner Brannan and 
Tenth, dwl SW cor Folsom and Eleventh 

Davis Samuel T. printer Golden Era, dwl Man- 
hattan House 

Davis Sarah A. (widow) lodgings 654 Mission 

Davis (S. H.) &, Witham ( Wm. L.) produce com- 
mission and flour 406 Davis, dwl E s Jones 
near Green 

Davis Shubal, carpenter at 31 Market, dwl First 
near Howard 

Davis S. J. Mrs. dwl 1026 Clay 

Davis Solomon, sail-maker, bds 122 Davis 

Davis Solomon J. dwl 226 Sansom 

Davis Solon H. produce, dwl with E. R. Water- 

Davis Sturges. foreman with R. B. Gray & Co. 

Davis Thomas M. private boarding 203 Third 

Davis Warren, teamster Golden Gate Mills, dwl 
N s O'Farrell bet Hyde and Larkin 

Davis William, wood turning 409 Mission 

Davis William G. carpenter, dwl NW cor Second 
and Tehama 

Davis William H. clerk with Nathaniel Page, bds 
19 Tehama 

Davis W. W. wool assorter S. F. Pacific Wool 
Factory, dwl 311 Pacific 

Davis — . (colored) whitewashing NE cor Wash- 
ington and Jones Alley 

Davison Edwin, sailor, bds 14 Stewart 

Davisson Robert G. book-keeper with Tobin 
Bros. & Co. dwl 565 Mission 

Davlin John, hackman Plaza 

Davochel August, shoemaker, bds 816 Clay 

Davock Michael E. salesman with Simon. Dink- 
elspiel & Co. dwl NE cor Sac and Battery 

Davola Frank, butcher with William N. Ander- 
son, dwl 412 Dupont 

Davoue Henry F. type-founder, dwl 415 Pine 

Davoue William 0. dwl 415 Pino 

Dawes M. (widow) dwl NE corner Stockton and 

Dawes John G. book-keeper with Roberts, Mor- 
rison & Co. 216 Cahfornia, dwl SE corner 
Washington and Larkin 

Dawley Peleg, carpenter, dwl Shiel's Block cor 
Market and Post 

Daws James, butcher with George D. Bliss 

Daws Sherry (widow) dwl 19 Silver 

Dawson George F. editorial department Evening 
Bulletin, dwl 200 Stockton 

Dawson H. C. (widow) dwl 19 John 

Dawson Henry, dwl 643 Commercial 

Dawson John, tailor with French, Wilson & Co. 
dwl 252 Stevenson 

Dawson Robert, painter, bds 210 Second 

Dawson William, miner, dwl SW corner Sansom 
and Union 

Day Daniel, cartman, dwl NE cor Vallejo and 

Day (David G.) & Hilton (John W.) fruits 106 

Day Dennis 0. teamster 212 Clay 

Day F. II. Mrs. editress Hesperian, office NE cor 
Washington and Dupont 

Day Franklin H. with Kellogg, Hewston & Co. 
dwl NE cor Washington and Dupont 



Day Jnno (widow) dwl with N. R. Ilerrick 
Day Jeremiah, bhicksmilh Unioa Foundry, dwl 

310 Mission 
Day Michael, porter with James Phelnn, dwl 

rear 535 Howard 
Day Oliver, ship-carpenter, rooms 5 Drumra 
Day Patrick, laborer, dwl N side Lombard bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Day Robert & Co. (Iltnry Keller) paper hangings 

823 Montgomery, dwl 205 Jackson 
Day Roscoe G. driver with A. R. L. Ripley, pier 

3 Stewart 
Day Tliomas, express wagon 732 Montgomery, 

dwl G28 Harrison 
DAY THOMAS, importer gas fixtures, iron pipe, 

table cutlery, etc. 732 Montgomery, dwl G28 

Day Thomas 0. drayman cor Front and Clark, 

dwl NH cor Jackson and Larkin 
Day Thomas S. clerk with Thomas Day, dwl 628 

Day William, carpenter, dwl 748 Market 
Dayball Martin, milkman with Francis H. Rob- 
Dayton John B. bookbinder with A. Buswell & 

Co. dwl 1010 Powell 
Dazet {Joseph) & Lacoste (John) slaughter-house 

Brannan St. Bridge, Potrero, dwl N s Chest- 
nut bet Stockton and Dupont 
Deal Anna, domestic 637 Folsom 
Deal Valentine, dwl 936 Mission 
Dean Benjamin {Hostttter, Smith & D.) dwl 106 

Dean Benjamin D. physician, office SW cor Bush 

and Montgomery, dwl 104 Stockton 
Dean Charles M. with S. S. Butler 511 Wash 
Dean James 0. book-keeper with McElwee & 

Ackerman, dwl 104 Stockton 
Dean J. T. merchant 314 Washington, dwl 516 

• Folsom 
Dean Samuel B. miner, dwl Sansom St. House 
Dean Theodore, office with Rodgers, Meyer & Co. 

dwl 516 Powell 
Dean Thomas ( colored) cook, dwl Broadway 

bet Mf)ntgomery and Kearny 
Dean W. E. book-keeper, and secretary Chollar 

Silver Mining Co. 612 Front 
Dean W. Y. {Fan- & D.) Terminus House foot of 

Deane Coll, book-keeper with Donohoe, Ralston 

& Co., dwl 118 Post 
Deane Hugh E. clerk with Tobin Bros. & Co. dwl 

118 Post 
DEANE JAMES R. importer and jobber paints, 

oils, window glass, etc. 318 Clay, dwl 239 

Deane William H. printer with T. G. Spear, dwl 

Typographical Rooms Naglee's Building 
De Angelis John, Ethiopian comedian Gilbert's 

Melodeon, dwl NW cor Market and Kearny 
Dearborn Ira W. wood and coal 607 Market, dwl 

SW cor Second and Jessie 
Dearborn Jo-^eph F. with George Hughes, dwl 

Pine near Dupont 
De Arce Antonio, tailor, dwl 1 024 Kearny 
Dearden Patrick, laborer Union Foundry 
Dearden Richard, dyer S. F. Pioneer Wooleu 


Deardofl' J. R. merchant, dwl 612 Powell 
Dearlove George, local policeman, dwl 1009 

Dearth Henry, hostler 739 Market 
Deas Zephaniah {Mortimer & U.) dwl 6 Delaware 

Deasy Corneliu.s, fireman S. F. City Water Works, 

dwl Black Point 
Deaves Edwin, scenic artist and engraver, dwl 

916 Pacific 
Deavitt Frank, boatman, dwl S 8 Greenwich bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Debanne Francis, dwl 519 Filbert 
De Berrio William, astrologer 1 Summer 
Debeugny Desire, liquors and billiards 716 

Deblois George L. seaman, dwl 654 Howard 
Dobney G. capt. scliooner Eagle, pier 21 Stewart 
Debrie William, machinist 326 Pine, dwl 245 

De Buck Louis, janitor Metropolitan Block 
Debue George, molder. Volunteer Engine Co. 

No. 7 
DEBUS FRANCIS, proprietor Mission Exchange 

Saloon SW cor Dolores and Seventeenth 
De Camp Napoleon, carpenter, bds 721 Market 
Decamps Joaquin, drayman cor Saco and Market, 

dwl N s Lewis bet Jones and Taylor 
Dechar Frederick E. engraver, dwl 904 Powell 
Decker Charles, job wagon 740 Wasliington 
Decker Christian, gardener SW cor Seventh and 

Decker H. & Co. {John H. Campe) groceries and 

hquors NW cor Second and Tehama, dwl E 

s First bet Folsom and Howard 
Decker J. calker Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Decker Jacob, wheelwright, dwl N s Jessie near 

Decker {John H.) & Fredericks {John) groceries 

and liquors 101 Sansom, dwl 202 Bush 
Decker Martin, restaurant 121 Montgomery, dwl 

118 St. Marks Place 
DeCosta John, cook 624 Merchant 
De Dong Charles, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Dee Mary M. Miss, servant 100 Stockton 
Deegan Eliza, domestic, dwl 240 Green 
Deegan Julia Miss, dwl 541 Mission 
Deegan Julia, domestic 246 Stevenson 
Deegan Richard, stone-cutter, dwl 541 Mission 
Deemer Wm. witii John 11. Allen 
Deen James S. cooper, rooms St. Francis Hook 

and Ladder House, Dupont 
Deering James H. (Deeriug & Brothers, Tuol- 
umne Co.) commission merchant, office 421 

Clay, dwl SE cor California and Prospect PI 
Deering Mathew, milk ranch old San Jos4 Road, 

3 miles from City Hall 
Deering William, carpenter, dwl 13 Louisa 
Deerlove G. waterman Broadway Wells 
Deeth {Jacob) &. Starr {Thomas K) Golden State 

Cracker Bakery 203 Sacramento, dwl 562 

Deetze Jurgan, miner, bds 32 Stewart 
Deffebach Thomas B. {Ag7iew & Z).) dwl 1 026 Clay 
Defiennes Henry, bag maker with Shourd & 

Bros, dwl cor Green and Varenne 
DE FOREST {J.) & TILDEN (//. N.) produce 

dealers 223 Clay, dwl 639 Clay 



DE FREMERY JAMES, commission merchant 
and Consul for Mecklenburg-Schwerin, of- 
fice 409 Mercliant, resides Oaliland 

De Fremery William C. B. with James De 
Fremer}', dvvl NE cor Wash and Dupont 

Defreville Eugene, fish dealer, dwl Rousch bet 
Folsom and Howard 

Defries Thos. stevedore, dwl S s Union bet Bat- 
tery and Sansom 

Defries George W. junk dealer, dwl 324 Folsom 

Degau Peter, carpenter, dwl 425 Green 

De Gear Geo. W. carpenter E s Leidesdorff nr 
Pine, dwl 113 Beale 

Degerrnaro Francis, sail-raaker, dwl E s Union 
Alley nr Mission 

De Grool David A. keeper corporation yard, dwl 
Broderick Engine House 

De Haga John, vocalist, dwl 226 Sansom 

Deiderich Charles, carriage-maker with H. Case- 
bolt & Co. dwl 10 O'Faprel! 

Deidesheimer Jacob, clerk P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 
W s Powell nr John 

Deiseiirotli Leo, barber with Cramer & Koch, 
dwl NVV cor Suiter and Sansom 

Deilerle Henry, seaman, bds 7 Washington 

Deitrich Henry, with David George, dwl White- 
hall Exchange 

Deitz John, shoemaker with P. Bander 

De Jean Louis, billiards, dwl N s Clay bet Stock- 
ton and Pike 

DeFiennis Henry, printer, dwl 424 Union 

Delabar Mocaja, carpenter, dwl N s Pine bet 
Hyde and Leavenworth 

Delabigne Joiin B. commission merchant flour, 
grain, etc. and leather depot 323 Clay 

De la Cruz Augustine, steward Bell's Saloon 214 
Clay, dwl Virginia Place 

De Laguiia A. De Leo, professor modern langua- 
ges, office 12i Mercantile Library Building, 
dwl 722 Bush 

Delahanty J. J. carpenter, bds 30 7 Post 

DELAHANTY {John) SKELLY (Pe^^r) & CO. 
{Michael Fagan) Empire Soda Works 29 
Third, dwl 47 Minna 

De La Montanya Geo. tinsmith with Jas. De La 
Moutanya, dwl 216 Jackson 

DE LA MONTANYA HUDSON, merchant and 
Supervisor Third District, office 216 and 218 
Jackson, bds Tremont House 

DE LA MONTANYA JAS. importer stoves and 
metals 216 and 218 Jackson, dwl 726 Mont 

Dela Montanya Mathew, clerk with J. De La 
MoDtanya, dwl 1107 Kearny 

Delamore John, hostler 622 San, dwl 24 Jackson 

De Lan M. H. (widow) fortune teller 6 St. Marys 

De Land Alvord, dwl 872 Mission 

Delande S. variety store 60 Clay 

Delaney E. bds Benton 

Delaney Isabella (widow) dwl 317 First 

Delaney Mutliew, livery stable and veterinary 
surgeon 733 Market, dwl S s Jackson near 

Delaney Patrick, laborer, dwl 762 Howard 

Delaney WiUiam, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Delanger Elizabeth (widow) dwl 306 Pacific 

Delano C. M. book-keeper with Sullivan & Cash- 
man, dwl 363 First 

Delano James, butcher, dwl 1217 Wa-shington 
Delano Walton H. with A. H. Cummings, 231 

Delanty William, laborer, dwl rear 223 First 
DELANY CHARLES McC. attorney at law 519 

Montgomery, dwl 12 Montgomery 
Delany Daniel M. band John Wilson's Circus 
Delany Edward, laborer, dwl 519 Mission 
Delany Michael, livery stable 723 Market 
Delany Stephen, laborer, bds 320 Broadway 
Delany T. clerk, bds Revere House 
Delareuelle Gustave, saloon 636 Pacific 
I- e Latour Alexander, painter, dwl N s Fell bet 

Lagiina and Buchanan 
DELAVAN JAMES, physician NW cor Sansom 

and Washington, dwl 57 Government House 
Delavan John, pilot, dwl N s Union bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Delavere Emanuel, toll collector Vallejo Street 

Wharf, dwl Moulton Place near Mont 
Deleolle Y. Madame, saloon 104 Pacific 
Delex Louis, laborer E s Valencia bet Sixteenth 

and Seventeenth 
De Ley John, stevedore, dwl 23 Kearny 
Delihay James E. brick-layer, bds 411 Dupont 
Dell Emma Miss, saloon 632 Jackson 
Dellarvehbrun Alfred, drayman with Melville & 

Delia Torre Peter, attorney at law, office room 

13 Government House 
Dellepiane Joseph, groceries NE cor Dupont and 

Dellian Mathew, cook Railroad House 
Dellinotte Jacques, gardener near Lagoon 
Delmas Joseph, porter with A. E. Sabatie & Co. 

dwl N s Jessie near Third 
De Leon Francisco, dwl 816 Dupont 
De Loche Jean B. {Kaymond die De L.) dwl cor 

Dupont and Sutter 
De Long Frank C. salesman with Rockwell, Coye 

& Co. bds 807 Greenwich 
Delonty Gabriel, tanner, dwl S s Brannan bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Delorme George, painter, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Delouey Leon, bar keeper SW cor Commercial 

and Kearny 
Delphi Bertin, at Raymond Coin's Laundry 
De Luce George, musician American Theater 
Delwig Theodore, baker with R. R. Swain 
Delyenthal William, clerk 301 Mission cor Beale 
DEMAREST J. D. physician SE cor Washington 

and Sansom, dwl 156 Minna 
Demass John, fruits, dwl rear S s Jessie near 

Demby John (colored) bootblack 426 Washing- 
ton, dwl N s Sac bet Powell and Stockton 
Demerest C. B. bds What Cheer House 
Demerest James R. laborer 17 California, dwl 

815 Union 
Demerit Emanuel, dwl W s Spear bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
De Merritt G. C. salesman 214 Battery, dwl 109 

De Merritt John, clerk, dwl 566 Mission 
Doming Celia (widow) dwl 55 Second 
Doming Horace A. book-keeper What Cheer 

Laundry, dwl with T. A. Cutter 
Doming John, steward P. M. S. Golden Age 



Domont Leonard, molder Vulcan Foundry 

De Montprovilla Cyrille, lilhograplicr NW cor 

Montgomery and Jackson 
Dompsoy Jeromiali, marble polisher 536 Cal 
Dempsey Michael, painter at 8 First 
Dompsey Peter, attorney at law, room 18 NW 

cor Montgomery and Merchant 
Dempster C. J. {Ross, I), d: Co.) dwl W s Twelfth 

ne ir Mission 
Donahy Jeremiah, laborer, dwl rear 54 Everett 
Doneliy Ellen Miss, domestic 620 Pine 
Deney (-1.) & Vorbe {X.) importers wines and 

liquors 623 Sansom, dwl NW cor Sansom 

and Jackson 
Dengor Catharine Miss, domestic 1609 Powell 
Dengor Rosa Miss, domestic 1607 Powell 
Denhiim Frank {Nurcross <fc Co.) bds American 

Denike William J. paper hangings 831 "Wash 
Benin Mary, servant 512 Stockton 
Benin Patrick, brick-maker, dwl with Patrick 

Benio John R. assistant melter U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl St. Lawrence Hotel 
DENIO WALTER S. melter and refiner U. S. 

Branch Mint 610 Com, dwl 1014 Stockton 
Denison B. T. bar keeper 718 Montgomery, dwl 

255 Minna 
Denman James, teacher, dwl 12 Montgomery 
Benmark (Jacob) & Co. groceries NW corner 

Pacific and Taylor 
Bennehy Dennis, shoemaker W s Sansom bet 

Bush and Sutter, dwl Trinity nr Sutter 
Bennehy William, steward Railroad House 
Denner William, saloon W s Kearny bet Jackson 

and Pacilic, dwl 934 Kearny 
Bennery E. E. clerk, St. Francis H. & L. Co. No. 1 
Denney Ernest, porter with Bewey & Co. dwl 

NW cor Sansom and Jackson 
Bennigan Patrick, laborer S s Vallejo between 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Denniu Baniel, coachman with Br. Augustus J. 

Denning Hannah (widow) restaurant Ns Market 

between Dupont and Stockton 
Dennis George (colored) job wagon, dwl Post 

between Hyde and Larkin 
Bennis George (colored) express wagon, dwl S s 

Post bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bennis James E. driver with G. McFarland 409 

Dennis John K. stone-cutter with P. Williams, 

dwl SE cor Pine and Battery 
Bennis Jo.seph, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Bennis Joseph, confectioner, dwl 1404 Stockton 
Bennis J. P. bds 741 Market 
Bennis S. William, dentist with Thomas Wado 
Bennis Thonas W. apprentice at Golden State 

Foimdrj', dwl Mont bet Vallejo and Green 
Bennis William, dwl 314 Tehama 
Bennis William, wood cutter 20 Washington 
Bennis William E. contractor, dwl 609 Folsom 
Dennison Alexander (colored) barber, dwl 430 

Dennison B. Franklin, carpenter, dwl W side 

Kearny nr Union 
Dennison Caroline M. iliss, dwl 1421 Stockton 
Dennison M. J. (widow) dwl 1421 Stockton 

Dennison Richard, tinsmith with G. & W. Snook, 

dwl 532 Pacific 
Dennison Thomas S. dwl 1421 Stockton 
Denniston Isaac V. fanner, dwl E side Dolores 

nr Sixteenth 
Denniston Jamea G. farmer, dwl E sido Dolores 

nr Sixteenth 
Bennoo Alfred, book-keeper N. 0. 'Warehouse, 

dwl 139 Jessie 
Dennoe P^liioabeth (widow) dress-maker, dwl 139 

Denny A. dwl NW cor Jackson and Sansom 
Denny Bavis, bird dealer 716 Washington 
Benny Bella Miss, dwl E s Ohio bet Broadway 

and Jackson 
Benny Edward, clerk, 423 Sansom 
Benny James, carpenter, dwl 22 Jane 
Denny Joseph J. contractor, dwl 124 Fourth 
DENNY J. W. sign and ornamental painter 542 

Merchant, dwl 276 Minna nr Fourth 
Denny M. Mrs. nurse 79 Clementina 
Denny Timothy, carpenter, dwl 47 Jessie 
Denny William, fireman, dwl SE corner Folsom 

and Main 
Denrie John, clerk, dwl 806 Stockton 
Denslow Melville, printer. Eureka Typograph- 
ical Rooms 
Densmore G. B. associate editor Golden Era, off 

543 Clay 
Dent Frederick T. Captain U. S. A. dwl Presidio 
Dent George W. dwl 22 Perry 
Dent J. Patrick, cooper at S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

dwl Rousch nr Howard 
Dentler Henry, vegetables, eggs, butcer, etc. 17 

New Market 518 Clay, dwl 731 Union 
Dentzler T. bds 205 Sansom 
Depass Benjamin, clerk with Battles & Co. dwl 

Virginia Block 
Depass Mary A. Mrs. adjuster U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl Virginia Block, Stockton 
Depee Thomas, whitewashing, dwl 915 Pacific 
Depelteau L. workman Spring V^alley W. W. Co. 
Depierris Henry, physician, office and dwl 619 

De Profontaine J. J. R. produce reporter Alta 

California, office 423 Wash, dwl 408 Dupont 

editor Alta California, office 423 Washing- 
ton, dwl 408 Dupont 
DERBEC ETIENNE, publisher and proprietor 

L'EchoduPacifiqucand El p]co delPacifico, 

office 538 California, dwl 13 Virginia 
Derby Cliarles, steward, dwl 809 Washington 
Derby Cliarles, waiter with Peter Job 
Derby {E. M.) & Adams (L. S.) commission mer- 
chants, office NE cor Front and Clay, res 

Brooklyn, Alameda Co. 
Derby William, dwl 24 Cleary 
Derems Hypolyte, butcher stall 2 Clay St. Mkt 
Derliam PMward, baker at 203 Sacramento, dwl 

W 3 Jones bet Greenwich and Filbert 
Derham James, baker, dwl W s Fremont Court 

near Clay 
Derham James, clerk with D. J. Oliver, dwl SW 

cor Clay and Powell 
Derham William, blacksmith, dwl 115 First 
Derniody James, sawyer with Hobbs, Gilmore 

& Co. dwl Tehama bet Fifth and Sixth 



Dermott John, carpenter, dwl 197 Stevenson 
De Ro Charles {Foidierer, De E. & Eldridge) dwl 

23 South Park 
De Eo Charles jr. clerk with De Witt, Kittle & 

Co. dwl 23 South Park 
Deron Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl N s Sansom 

rear bet Green and Union 
Derrick Michael L. compositor State Printing 

Office, dwl 559 Folsom 
Derrick Peter, dwl rear 140 Xatoma 
Derry "William (colored) cook with Dr. E. S. 

De Russ3' Edward, clerk office IT. S. Engineers 

37 Montgomery Block, dwl Fort Point 
De Russy R. E. Lieut. Col. corps Engineers U. S. 

Army, office 37 Montgomery Block, dwl Fort 

De RUTTE EDW. importer wines and liquors 

431 Battery, dwl 1120 Stockton 
Des Z. "W. fruit and vegetai)les, dwl Delaware 

Desealso Luca. seaman, dwl NE corner Polk and 

Deschasaiix Francis, restaurant, dwl NW corner 

Jackson and Montgomery 
De Senailhac Alberic, clerk with C. Grellet & Co. 

dwl N s Jackson bet Stockton and PoweU 
Desenfant Eugene, liquors N side Sixteenth bet 

Valencia and Dolores 
Desert Mining Co. office 623 Montgomery 
Desham William, blacksmith Vulcan Foundry 
Desmarets Henry L. clerk 339 Pine 
Desmond Anna Mrs. domestic 926 Clay • 
Desmond D. E. mariner, dwl 20 Sansom 
Desmond Dennis, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Risdon, dwl 317 Broadway 
Desmond Edward, stevedore, dwl 58 Beale 
Desmond Felix, carpenter, dwl 1521 Mason 
Desmond Joanna Miss, dwl 1118 Kearny 
Desmond Margaret Mrs. domestic 1121 Taylor 
Desmond Mary (widow) dwl 1118 Kearny 
Desmond Patrick, laborer, dwl rear E side Mont- 
gomery bet Broadway and Pacific 
Desmond William, cabinet-maker with "Weir & 

Irwin, dwl 411 Post 
Desneufbourgs L. Mrs. dress-making, 839 Clay 
Desneufbourgs Leopold, porter 212 Sansom, dwl 

839 Clay bet Dupont and Stockton 
Despecher A. merchant, dwl Union Hotel 
Desprez C. groceries SE cor Dupont and Clay 
Desprez Miguel, dwl 904 Kearny 
Dessaa John, collector 542 Merchant, dwl N side 

Union nr Stockton 
Dessardins A. workman Spring Valley "Water 

"Works Company 
Dessasault Francis, waiter 507 "Washington 
De Stoutz Alexis, salesman with E. De Rutte, 

and Vice Consul for Switzerland 431 Bat- 
tery, dwl 1231 Stockton 
De Tavel AchiUe, veterinary surgeon 427 Pine 
Detels Martin, groceries S"W cor Harrison and 

Detels {Martin) & Co. {Martin Mencken) groceries 

SE cor Minna and Fifth 
Detes Michael, barber, dwl 675 Mission 
Detrick E. {Lewis & D.) dwl 711 Taylor 
Detruit Charles, barber 509 Kearny 
Dettebach Morris, dwl S s Braunan nr Ritch 

Dettelbach Sigismund M. book-keeper with 

Lazard Freres, dwl 214 Sansom 
Dettmar Frederick, clerk 220 First 
Dettmar Henrjr, tailor 330 Bush 
Dettner George, dwl 508 Washington 
Deuch Jacob, bar kee{>er Meyers' Hotel 
De Uprey Samuel, real estate broker, dwl Berry 

near Dupont 
Devan Alice Miss, domestic 541 Mission 
Devanny Edward, bar keeper 42 Leidesdorff 
Devanny James, laborer, bds 410 Pacific 
Devanny M. laborer S. F. C. W. W. Co. 
Devanny Terrence D. cartman, dwl 238 Minna 
Devereaux James, with James McDonald & Co. 

dwl XW cor Buchanan and Pacific 
Deviercy Eugene {A. Dubois & Co. and Frontier &, 
D.) dwl S s Bush bet Kearny and Mont- 
Devine Andrew, laborer, dwl SW corner Bush 

and Hyde 
Devine Anna Miss, domestic 26 Jessie 
Devine Bridget, domestic with Presley Dunlap 
Devine Catherine, domestic 758 Howard 
Devine Henry, cook United States Restaurant, 

dwl 65 Stevenson 
Devine Henry M. employment office 434 Kearny 
Devine James, waiter steamer New World, dwl 

N s Natoma bet Second and Third 
Devine John, cook with C. Lindner 
Devine John, gas fitter, dwl 506 Market 
Devine John C. marble cutter with Myers & 

Hagan, dwl 531 Market 
Devine M. laborer S. F. C. W. Works Co. 
Devine Owen, baker with G. H. Ramsey, boards 

513 Mission 
Devine Patrick, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 
don, dwl W s Ecker nr Mission 
Devine Thomas, gardener N side VaUejo bet La- 

guna and Buchanan 
Devine Thos. F. marble cutter, dwl 828 Market 
Devine William, boatman, dwl Union bet Bat- 
tery and Sansom 
Devine William, special policeman, dwl N side 

Chestnut bet Stockton and Powell 
Develin Thomas, laborer, dwl N s Harrison bet 

Beale and Main 
Devinej- John, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Deviney Joseph, stevedore, dwl 1528 Stockton 
Devitt Edward, drayman, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Devitt James R. saddler, dwl W s Powell bet 

Post and Geary 
Devlin Elizabeth (widow) dwl 18 Post 
Devlin James, carpenter, bds 13 Dupont 
Devlin John, hackdriver 712 Broad waj' 
Devlin Margaret Miss, cook Protestant Orphan 

Devlin Mark, gardener S s Presidio Road nr 

Devlin Patrick, cartman cor Bdwy and Battery 
Devlin Sarah Miss, dwl 652 Howard 
Devoe {James) & Co. {Sain I Dinsmore and James 
Devoejr.) S. F. Engine and Machine Works 
SW cor Market and Fremont, dwl 620 
Devoe James jr. {Devoe & Co.) dwl 38 Sutter 
Devoe Nicholas, cook 20 Sansom 
De Vries John, salesman with Estrem & Worms, 
dwl NE cor Washington and Powell 



DKWAR (John) k GEURICKR (0. F.) shipping 
and eoinniission agents Pioneer Line Vic 
toria Packets 311 East, dwl 112 Natoma 

Dewes Taylor, cooper, dwl Pacitic bet Battery 
and Front 

Dewey James, steamboatman, rooms SW cor 
Clay and Davis 

Dewey S. P. otfico 327 Montgomery 

Dewiiirst Edward, carpenter, bds 306 Broadway 

De Witt (Alfred) Kittle (Nicholas G.) & Co. (Jon- 
athan G. Kittle) shipping and commisstiou 
merchants 807 and 809 Sansom, resides 
New Yorlt 

De Witt John, milkman, bda 741 Market 

De Witte Charles, bar keeper with Eugene Her- 
teman, dwl 13 Geary 

De Wolf Benjamin, wheelwright with Eaton & 
Laikin, dwl 2 Clielsea Place 

De Wolf Samuel, captain steamer Brother Jona- 
tlian, dwl cor Clav and Clay Avenue 

Dexter C. H. clerk, dwl 521 Pine 

Dexter Frank, book-keeper with Locke <fc Mon- 
tague, dwl 1107 Stockton ^ 

Dexter Henry S. president S. F. City Water 
Works Co. office 806 Montgomery, dwl 557 

Dexter Peter B. secretary and librarian Mechan- 
ics' Institute 314 Mont, dwl Sophie Terrace 

Dey W. J. carpenter, dwl Bootz Hotel 

De Young A. (widow) dwl 422 Bush 

De Young Charles I. printer with Waters Bros. 
& Co. dwl 422 Bush 

De Young Michael, clerk, dwl 422 Bush 

De Young Morris, commission merchant, dwl 
738 Vallejo 

D'Garcelon Joseph, drayman at Booth & Co.'s, 
dwl 808 Union 

D'Hemecourt E. A. surveyor, dwl 801 Clay 

Dliorn Selvano, dwl 5 Brooklyn Place 

Dhua Joim, stone-cutter, dwl S s Market bet 
First and Second 

Diamant Bernard (Kaiisher & D.) dwl cor Fourth 
and Jes.sio 

Diamant Leopold, clerk 307 Battery, dwl 3 
Hardie Place 

Diamant Mrs. M. & Miss C. millinery 415 Kearny 

Dias Thomas, stock dealer, dwl NW cor Dolores 
and Seventeenth 

Diaz Adolfo, teacher guitar, dwl 12 Virginia 

Diaz F. Miss, dwl 1033 Kearny 

Diaz Francisco (widow) dwl S s St. Charles 

Dibblee Albert (late Crosby & Dibblee) shipping 
and commission merchant 421 Battery 

Dick Alexander, molder Golden State Foundry, 
dwl Manhattan House 

Dick David (James Vantine & Co.) dwl NE cor 
Dupont and Washington 

Dick Robert D. dwl W s Brooks 

Dick Stephen W. clerk 210 Sacramento, dwl 
Hayes Park 

Dickens Joseph, brick-layer, dwl 12 Sutter 

Dickens Thomas W. dwl 240 Minna 

Dickenson Charles, mariner, dwl N s Stevenson 
bet Fiaii and Sixth 

Dickenson Harvey, commission merchant 1116 

Dickerson David E. dwl NW cor Powell and Cal 

Dickerman Lyman, furnished rooms 327 Bush 

DICKEY GEORGE S. drugs and medicines, and 
pliarmaceutical ciiemist 512 Kearny, dwl 
7()2 Mission 
DICKEY JAMES R. proprietor Ocean House 

8 miles SW City Hall 
Dickinson Erastus, carpenter, dwl S s Greenwich 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Dickinson Jas. G. clerk Gl Washington Market, 
dwl E s Powell bet Lombard and Chestnut 
DICKINSON (O.jr.) k GAMMANS (George B.) 
wholesale and jobbers groceries, provision.s, 
et'7. NW cor Front and Clay, dwl 807 Pacific 
Dickinson S. painter, dwl 720 Market 
Dickinson Stanhope, dwl 255 Tehama 
Dickman Elizabeth (widow) dwl G54 Folsom 
Dickman Peter, laborer, dwl 827 Vallejo, rear 
DICKSON, DeWOLF & CO. ( George Campbell 
and Charles F. Lott) importing and commis- 
sion merchants and agents Unity Fire In- 
surance Co. London, 410, 412 and 414 Bat- 
Dickson John, bootmaker, bds 414 Pacific 
Dickson John, tinsmith, dwl 112 Bush 
Dickson Thomas J. clerk with J. H. O'Brien, 

dwl 314 Broadway 
Diederich Charles, carpenter, dwl 89 Everett 
Diederich Charles W. billiard table manufactur- 
er with Phelan & Hughes, dwl 100 O'Farrell 
Diehl Christopher (Anthes & D.) dwl Pratt Court 

nr California 
Diehl Philip, clerk with Crane & Brigham, dwl 

717 Sansom 
Diele Robert, cabinet-maker Laura Place nr Pine, 

dwl S s Sac bet Stockton and' Powell 
Dienin John, laborer, dwl 12 St. Marys 
Dietcher Frederick, salesman 318 Clay 
Dieterle Julius, Sand Hill Market 215 Kearny 
Dietrich John, groceries and liquors SE cor Ma- 
son and Vallejo 
Dietrich Mark, meats 54 Washington Market, 

dwl W s Larkin nr Union 
DIETRICH WM. K. curer and packer provisions 
54 Washington Market, dwl NW cor Union 
and Larkin 
Dietrick J. L. draftsman Union Foundry 
Dietterle C. F. carriage maker NE cor Ritch and 

Dietterlen Julius, butcher, dwl E s Clara 
DIETZ A. C. & CO. oil and camphene, office 
505 Front, branch 5G Second, factory 49 Na- 
toma, dwl 21 Prospect Place 
Dietz Adam, barber, dwl 143 Post 
Dietz C. A. F. pattern maker Golden State Foun- 
Dietz George, oil merchant, dwl 560 Howard 
Dietz Loui-sa (widow) dwl 5G0 Howard 
Dietz Maria L. Miss, dwl 5G0 Howard 
Difley Peter, bricklayer, dwl 122 Geary 
Dilley Thomas, laborA^ dwl IGOO Mason 
Diggins Augustus C. teS^nster, dwl 417 Mission 
Diggins Byron, clerk wdiod and coal yard 413 

Mission, dwl 417 Mission 
Diggins Julius C. pail maker with Parrish & Co. 

dwl 417 Mission 
DIGGINS WESLEY, wood and coal 413 Mission, 

dwl 417 Mission 
Diggs Richard W. sail-maker, Monumental En- 
gine Co. No. 6 



Dikeman Dan'l S. deputy Superintendent Streets 
City Hall, dwi 138 Fourth 

Dillingiiain M. bds Benton House 

Dilhnan G. F. saloon 617 California 

Dillon Geo. J. book-keeper with D. C. Mitchell & 
Co. dwl 612 California 

Dillon James 13. coachman with J. W. Tucker 1 

Dillon James H. bootmaker, dwl W s Jones bet 
Clay and Sacramento 

Dillon John, bds Metropolitan Hotel 

Dillon John, clerk with Thos. Dillon, dwl 41 Post 

Dillon John, butcher with F. Murphy 40 Steven- 

Dillon John B. porter with Barclay & Co. 907 

Dillon John H. secretary H. B. M. Consul, oflSce 
428 California 

Dillon Luke, job wagon N W cor Battery and Com- 
mercial, dwl 350 Third' 

Dillon M. ( Waters & B.) dwl with S. A. Hopkins 

Dillon M. A. (widow) dwl 1201 Powell 

Dillon Margaret, domestic 30 Laurel Place 

Dillun Maria Miss, dwl 32 Everett 

Dillon Mary A. Miss, dress-makmg 350 Third 

Dillon Michael, laborer, dwl 314 Vallejo 

Dillon Michael, saloon, dwl 414 Bush 

Dillon Patrick, laborer, bds with Wm. Wallace, 
Lone Mountain 

Dillon Peter, laborer, bds 62 Clay 

Dillon Robert, clerk with Thomas Dillon, dwl 41 

Dillon Thos. hardware 38 Kearny, dwl 41 Post 

Dillon Thomas; 'longshoreman, dwl Sansom bet 
Green and Union 

Dillon Thos. stair builder with Langland & Jesse 
227 Market 

Diltz A. D. tailor, bds What Cheer House 

Dimant B. dwl 17 Belden 

Dimmer N. tailor, dwl 623 Broadway 

Dimmock Joseph, with Spear & Co. dwl 513 Clay 

Dimon Bernard, cap maker, dwl S s Jessie near 

Dimon J. S. (/. B. Purdy & Co.) dwl 250 Stevenj 

Dimon John, drayman California near Front, dwl 
236 Jessie 

Dimpfel 6. H. A. entrance and clearance clerk 
Custom House 

Dinand Jeremiah, hostler with George N. Fergu- 
son & Co. 

Dinaut Henry B. hatter with R. J. Tiffany 

DINGEON & CO. {Adam Cannon) proprietors 
Baruum Restaurant 621 and 623 Commer- 
cial, dwl 826 Washington 

Dingle George H. engineer stmr Sophie McLean 

Dingle Nelson H. with Gallagher & Farren, dwl 
730 Folsom 

Dingley Charles L. captain bark Adelaide Cooper 
pier 9 Stewart, dwl 343 Fremont 

Dingley William H. blacksmith, dwl E s Beale 
bet Folsom and Harrison 

Dinkelspiel Lazarus (^Simon, D. & Co.) dwl 745 

Dinnan Jeremiah, hostler with George N. Fen^'u- 
son & Co. ° 

Dinneen Catherine (widow) dwl E s Jones near 

Dinsmore S. machinist, bds 623 Market 
Diusniore Samuel {Devoe & Co.) dwl 200 Stock- 
ton cor Geary 
Dios Padre Gold and Silver M. Co. off 215 Front 
Dippel William G. tailor, dwl 44 Geary 
Dirking Auguste, jeweler 102 Pacihc, dwl SW 

cor Calilornia and Sansom 
Dirks John, carpenter, dwl N s Union bet Tay- 
lor and Mason 
Diroynat Louis, porter with Mellon & Co. dwl 

.Kearny bet Commercial and Sacramento 
Disbrow William, clerk with J. Reynolds, room 

6 Metropolitan Block 
Dismond Anna (widow) dwl 715 Howard 
D'Israel Guiseppe C. gardener Hunter's Point 
DISS {F. A. J.) & CO. {Gtorge R. Botium and J. 

A. Rawson) commission merchants SE cor 

Front and Washington, bds 63 Tehama 
Dissat Antoine, barber with Fayard & Constant, 

603 Montgomery 
Dittmer Henry, dwl N s Jessie nr Fourth 
Ditton James, drayman, dwl Ws Riich nr Bryant 
Ditty S. job wagon cor Montgomery and Clay 
Ditz George {Loehr & D.) dwl American Hotel 
Divisick Steven, cook American Bakery 715 Pac 
Dix Ezra, blacksmith, dwl 306 Mission 
Dix John, blacksmith, dwl 408 Pacific, 
Dixey James, deck hand steamer New World 
Dixey Francis {Follock & D.) dwl N s Geary bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Dixon Clement, liquors, office 708 Sansom, dwl 

333 Natoma 
Dixon {Elizabeth 3fiss) <k Putnam {Elizabeth Mrs.) 

milliners and millinery goods 615 Clay 
Dixon H. laundryman Chelsea Laundry 435 

Dixon J. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Dixon John {Jones, D. & Co.) res New York 
Dixon Richard, engineer San Francisco Baths, 

dwl 525 Filbert 
Dixon Thomas J. book-keeper with J. H. O'Brien, 

dwl Tehama nr Second 
Dixon William, i^ainter, bds 336 Bush 
Dixson Alexander H. agent, dwl 218 Third 
DixBon John, paper hanger, dwl SE cor Davis 

and Broadway 
Dixson John, tinsmith at 125 Clay 
Dizzon Charles, deck hand steamer ChrysopoHs 
Doane Charles, dwl Mead House 
Doane Charles (ex-sheritf) dwl 42 Hawthorn cor 

Doane J. G. job wagon pier 4, dwl 54 Louisa 
Doane John 0. book-keeper Kerby, Byrne & Co. 

dwl Annie bet Eddy and Ellis 
Doane M. manufacturer hay presses W s Drumm 

bet Clay and Washington 
Doane Michael, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Doane Silas F. compositor Alta California, dwl 

NE cor Dupont and Jackson 
Doane Wilbur G. salesman 028 Sac, dwl 636 Sac 
Doane Wihiam A. porter with Carl Wilhelm 517 

Doarfier Joseph, bootmaker Folsom near Eighth 
Dobbie James 13. tinsmith with John Gordon & 

Co. dwl 19 Government House 
Dobbins R. bds What Cheer House 
Dobelmann Louis, shaving saloon 9 Second, dwl 

109 Jessie 



Dobelniiinn Philip, barber, dwl 100 Jessie 
Dol)cr Joseph W. B. carpenter, dwl N s Tehama 

bet Fiah and Sixth 
Dobezensky Julius, tinsmith 120 Bush, dwl 43 

Dobezenskv Morris, pas-meter manufacturer 120 

Bush, dwl 30 Stevenson 
Doble Abner (Xdwn & D.) dwl G4 Everett 
Dobson William E. carpenter, dwl What Cheer 

Dockcndorf George, steward 417 Front, dwl 3 

Hardie Place 
Dockham Daniel S. furnished rooms G2f) Market 
Dodd Benjamin, 'longshoreman, bds 52 Minna 
Dodd James H. driver with Gardner & Co. dwl 

246 Third 
Dodd R. C. laborer, dwl Pacific Engine Co. No. 8 
Dodd William, dwl N s Washington bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Dodd James R. 'longshoreman, dwl 431 Fremont 
DODGE {Arthur) & ANDRKWS (John) Eagle 

Hotel W 8 Beale near Folsom 
Dodge Daniel {Bergho/er & U. and Conrad & D.) 

dwl Gil Howard 
Dodge Eleazer E. market wagon cor Ridley and 

Dodge Emma Miss, domestic 218 Bush 
Dodge Everett K. dwl 708 Lombard 
Dodge (Francis) & Ziegler (John L.) contractors 

6G9 Mission 
Dodge J. A. 'longshoreman, rms N W cor Drumm 

and Jackson 
DODGE (//. L. <fe L. G.) & SHAW (John) whole- 
sale provisions 406 Front (and Supervisor 

6th District) dwl SW cor California and 

Prospect Place 
Dodge John W. captain schooner Martha and 

P^lizabeth, dwl W s Powell bet Lombard 

and Chestnut 
Dodge John W. dentist 626 Washington 
Dodge Luther C. (Dod^je & Shaw) dwl SW cor 

California and Prospect Place 
Dodge P. H. carpenter, bds Original House 
Dodge William, dwl 785 Folsom 
Dodge W. W. salesman with Moses Ellis & Co. 

dwl 254 Fourth 
Dodson G. (colored) waterman, dwl 908 Pacific, 

Dodson John, job wagon cor Montgomery and 

Dodson ( Wilson IT.) & Co. (E. B. Buffandeau) 

grocers 130 Third 
Doe B. k J. S. doors, windows and blind.s, N s 

JIarket junction California, res Boston 
Doe Charles F. with B. & J. S. Doe, dwl 13 

Doe John, hostler with J. H. Mullins 
Doe J. S. (B. k J. S. D.) dwl 521 Pine 
Docrgcr Charles, turner with Bernard Lagoarde 
Doering John, with Selig & Co. 
Doggett Richard, dwl W s Williams bet Geary 

and Post 
Doggett Samuel W. attorney at law, dwl 1310 

Doherty Annie Miss, servant 19 Dupont 
Doherty Barnaby, ship joiner, dwl 1 Sherwood 

Doherty Catharine (widow) dwl rear 85 Stevenson 

Doherty Edward, miner, bds 136 Stevenson 
Doherty Edwanl, hiborcr, dwl E s Dodge bet 

Tyler and Turk 
Doherty Frances, domestic 36 South Park 
Doherty Francis, laborer, dwl S 8 Vallejo bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Doherty George, shipwright, dwl 416 Lombard 
Doherty James, at 525 Sacramento, dwl W s 

Spring near California 
Doherty Jolm, laborer with James McDevitt 
Doherty John, panman S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Harrison near Eighth 
Doherty John, shipwright, dwl 41G Lombard 
Doherty Josephine Miss, domestic Virginia Blk 
Doherty Margaret, domestic W s Vassar Place 
Doherty Margaret Mrs. lodgings, dwl 826 Sac 
Doherty Mary Miss, domestic 618 Bush 
Doherty Mary Miss, domestic Metropolitan Hotel 
Doherty Michael, saddler with John O'Kane, dwl 

526 Kearny 
Doherty Michael, gardener, dwl 558 Mission 
Doherty Patrick, laborer, bds 206 Pacific 
Doherty Richard, stage driver. Young America 

p]ngine Co. No. 13 
Doherty Samuel (colored) calker, dwl Brooklyn 

Place bet California and Sacramento 
Doherty Teresa Miss, milliner with Mrs. S. Marks, 

dwl 144 Minna 
Dohony John, drayman cor Stewart and Mission, 

dwl 304 Fremont 
Dohrmam Frederick W. clerk SW cor Howard 

and Fifth 
Dolan Conrad, dwl 129 Montgomery 
Dolan James, porter Tehama House 
Dolan James, dwl 323 Stockton, roar 
Dolan John, laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Dolan John, carpenter, dwl 59 Minna 
Dolan Margaret (widow) dwl rear 323 Stockton 
Dolan Mary, domestic, dwl with Andrew Thomp- 
Dolan Mary Miss, domestic with J. S. Hess 
Dolan Mary A. domestic 38 South Park 
Dolan Michael, bds rear 323 Stockton 
Dolan Michael, express wagon Tehama House, 

resides Alameda 
Dolan Michael, laborer, dwl N s Shipley bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Dolan Michael, laborer, dwl E s Ohio bet Broad- 
way and Jackson , 
Dolan Michael, laborer, dwl E 8 Scotland near 

Dolan Michael, teamster Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Dolan Michael J. with G. H. Hossefross & Co. 

dwl N 3 Pacific bet Sansom and Battery 
Dolan Patrick, laborer Wool Pulling Mills, 

Dolan Patrick, printer, bds Franklin Hotel 
Dolan Peter F. captain Sierra Nevada, dwl 127 

Dolan Rosanna (widow) dwl 324 Pacific 
Dolan Thomas, cook Metropolitan Hotel 
Dolan Thomas, laborer, dwl 115 First 
Dolan Thomas, miner, dwl W s Ohio bet Broad- 
way and Pacific 
Dolan Thomas, waiter Lick House 
Dolan William, hackman Plaza 
Dolan William B. wood, coal and hay yard 145 



Dole Daniel N. clerk with McRuer & Merrill, dwl 

with George M. Wood 
Dole Georpe M. painter with H. Casebolt & Co. 

dwl SecoDd near Howard 
Dole John S. boots and shoes, dwl 115 Prospect 

Dolet Aiiguste, butcher 18 New Market 518 

Clay, dwl S s Francisco near Diipont 
Polet 6. {Fltury & I).) dwl S s Broadway bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Dolet John, mechanic, dwl 639 Broadway 
Dolhegiiy B. importer liquors and provisions 507 

Frpnt, dwl 421 Sutter 
Dohveira E. physician, office asd dwl 924 Stock 
Dollari John, drayman 121 Front 
Dolling Henry, grocery NW cor Pacific and Bat- 
Dolliver John S. pilot, office SW cor Washing- 
ton and East, dwl 226 Minna 
Dolliver Thomas, ladies' shoe manufacturer 106 

Dolson Dewitt C. messenger C. H. dwl N s Lar- 

kin bet Mission and Market 
Domage Peter, dwl 1400 Stockton 
Donian Henry, cook, bds Franklin Hotel 
Domeniconi Anselme, Italian saloon NE cor Clay 

and Drumm 
Domerico Mascio, with Stetono Garasino 
Domett Charles H. Union Livery Stable 13 and 

15 Stevenson, dwl Domett Alley nr Bush 
Domett William E. pilot, office hW cor Wash- 
ington and East, dwl 640 Howard 
Domig Peter, chicken ranch, dwl N s Broadway 

btt Laguna and Octavia 
Domin Peter, laborer Uow's Distillery, dwl 

liraniian near Gold Retinery 
Domingo Lewis, (colored) cook, dwl 5 Broadway 
Dominick Frank, seayian, dwl Sailors' Home 
Donahoe Catharine Mrs. domestic, dwl E side 

Montgomery bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Donahoe Julia Miss, domestic with Edward Jones 
Donahoe Kate, domestic, dwl with Thomas Ford 
Donalioe Margaret D. dwl 311 Union 
Donahue Callierine Miss, domestic 908 Jackson 
Donahue Daniel, laborer Omnibus R R. Co. 
Donahue Dennis, drayman, dwl 46 Natoma 
Donahue lulward, laborer, dwl Lincoln Avenue 
Donahue Frank, farmer old San Jose Road, 3 

mileg from City Hall 
Donahue Honora, domestic 364 Mirma 
Donahue J. laborer Omnibus K. R. Co. 
Donahue J. laborer S. F. C. Works Co. 
Donahue James, baker with 6. H. Ramsey, bds 

511 Mission 
DONAHUE JAMES president San Francisco 
Gas Co. office SE cor First and Natoma, dwl 
346 First 
Donahue James, baker with George Ellis, dwl 

NW cor Minna and First 
Donahue James, lireman Dow's Distillery, dwl 

Ninth near Brannan 
Donahue James, laborer, dwl 14 .Jc^ssie 
Donahue James 0. bar keeper 683 Market 
Donahue Joseph, sash maker with Brokaw and 

Donahue Michael, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Donahue P. clerk, dwl 40 First 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, dwl 136 Natoma 

Donahue Patrick, street contractor, dwl S s Jes- 
sie bet Fifth and Sixth 
DONAHUE PETIOR proprietor Union Foundry 
NE cor Mission and First, office 412 Mis- 
sion, dwl NE cor Second and Bryant 
DONAHUE PHILIP, " Phil's Exchange " 417 

Front, dwl 122 Montgomery Block 
Donahue Sarah A. Miss, dwl 40 Third 
Donahue Thomas, foreman S. F. Gas Co. 
Donahue Timotliy, laborer, dwl 183 Jessie 
Donahue William, blacksmith, dwl 709 Stockton 
Donaldson Alex, carpenter, bds 101 Vallejo 
Donaldson Daniel, mason. Vigilant Engine Co. 

. No. 9 
Donaldson David, store-keeper Rincon Ware- 
house, dwl Mission Dolores 
Donaldson John, hotel San Bruno Road near 

the Flume 
Donaldson Samuel, painter 115 Bush 
Donaldson T. P. liquor saloon 744 Pacific 
Donaldson William, bootmaker Brannan Street 

Bridge, Potrero 
Donalty Mathew, brick-layer, dwl Brooks House 

Donavan Ann Miss, domestic 1119 Stockton 
Donavan Cornelius, laborer, dwl E s Front bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Donavan James, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Donavan Johanna Miss, domestic 1117 Stockton 
Donavan Margaret Miss, domestic 1009 Stockton 
Dondero Carlo, printer with L. Albin, dwl cor 

Vallejo and Kearny 
Donehay Philip, laborer Golden State Foundry, 

dwl Stevenson bet Ecker and First 
Donehue Daniel M. compositor Alta California, 
dwl N s Commercial, east of Montgomery 
Donehue Jno. miller. Volunteer Engine Co. No. 7 
Donehy P. J. molder Vulcan Foundry 
Donigan Michael, United States Hotel, Battery 
Donigan Patrick, blacksmith, dwl S s Sacramen- 
to i.ear Leavenworth 
Donian J. B. blacksmith, dwl 506 Market 
Donian Joseph M. dwl 42 Ecker 
Donian J. F. mechanic, dwl W s Dupont nr 

Donlevy Francis, seaman, dwl SE cor Beale and 

Donley Edward, street contractor, dwl N s Fil- 
bert bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Donley Margaret Miss, domestic 1118 Powell 
Donley Patrick, laborer, dwl with John Gavin 
Doulon Annie, nurse, dwl SW cor Seventh and 

Donnell George H. solicitor for Sailors' Homo 

316 Davis 
Donnell Oliver, handcartman cor Davis and 

Donnell R. P. carpenter, dwl 43 Clementina 
Donnella D. L. with Wadham & Co. dwl with 

George Crowley 
Donnellan Benj. C. Citv o. 

430 Bush 
Donnelly Andrew, 

Jones and Tay 
Donnelly Bernard, ; 

14 Russ 
Donnelly Bryan, mil 
Golden City Ho 

'or's office, dwl 
S s Tyler bet 
• Refinery, dwl 
iruno Road nr 



Donnelly Daniel, bds Washington House 412 

Donnelly James, artist, dwl Mead House 

Donnelly John {Ifwjh Qui</leij d: Co.) dwl SE 
cor Clementina and Fourth 

Donnelly Jolin, dwl with P. H. Danuher 

Donnelly John, book-keeper with John Flana- 
gan & Co. dwl Second Avenue nr Sparks 

Donnelly John, laborer, bds 306 Broadway 

Donnelly John, Metropolitan Market, dwl N 8 
Clementina bet Fourth and Fifth 

Donnelly John, Washington House, 412 Davis 

Donnellj' L. E. clerk with Murphy, Grant & Co. 
dwl Metropolitan Hotel 

Donnelly Luke, cooper, dwl S s Lewis bet Tay- 
lor and Jones 

Donnelly Margaret, domestic 12 Silver 

Donnelly Michael, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 
NE cor Silver and Fourth 

Donnelly Patrick, laborer, bds Mississippi House 

Donnelly Peter, njiner, bds 816 Sansom 

Donnelly Robert, laborer, dwl 215 Montgomery 

Donnelly Sarah A. domestic 3 Vernon Place 

Douuell}' Thos. P. teamster cor Stewart and 
Mission, dwl N s Broadway bet Franklin 
and Van Ness Avenvie 

Donnelly Timothy, marble cutter with James 
Kessoler, dwl Dwpont nr Chestnut 

Donnelson Ale.x. carpenter, bds 30 Vallejo 

Donnis John (Saux <fe D.) dwl 30 First 

Donnolly Brian, milk ranch San Bruno Road nr 
Golden City Hotel 

Donnolly Michael, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 
NE cor Fourth and Silver 

nolly & J. Landsherger) manufiicturers yeast 
powders 121 Front, dwl W s Mason bet 
Vallejo and Green 

Donnolly Thomas C. {Thomas Donnolly & Co.) 
dwl W s Mason bet Vallejo and Green 

Donnot Peter, New Market Excliange liquor 
and billiard saloon 530 Clay, dwl 717 San 

Donoghue Lucy Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 81 Na- 

Donoghue Michael, dwl 81 Natoma 

DONOHOE {Joseph A.) RALSTON ( TF. C.) & 
CO. {Eurjene Kelly and R. S. Fretz) bankers 
SW cor Battery and Washington, dwl 526 

Donohoe P. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Donohoo Patrick, laborer, dwl 3 s Harrison bet 
Fifth and Sixth 

Donohue Ja.s. cartman, dwlN s Geary bet Jones 
and Taylor, rear 

Donohue John, laborer S. F. C. Water Works 
Co Lobos Creek 

Donohue M. bar keeper 647 Pacific, dwl Vallejo 

Donohue Patrick, carriage painter 116 Jackson) 
dwl NK cor Vallejo and Sansom 

Donohue Thos. carpenter, dwl Moulton Place 

Donohue Thos. bds Pacific Temperance House. 

Donohue Wm. machinist, bds Nelson's Restau- 
rant 7 and 9 Jackson 

Donohue Wm. waiter Wiiat Cheer House 

Donoley John, Oregon Market 117 Jackson 

DonoUv P. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 

Donovan Ann Miss, real estate, dwl 44 Jessie 
Donovan Corneliu.s, cook American Exchange 
Donovan D. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, dwl Mission Dolores 

rear Church 
Donovan David, laborer 546 Clay 
Donovan Dennis, gardener, dwl 4 Hunt 
Donovan Denni.s, laborer, dwl 34 Webb 
Donovan Ellen E. Miss, dwl 1G4 Minna 
Donovan Eugene, laborer, dwl W a Park Ave- 
nue bet Bryant and Harrison 
Donovan Harriet, domestic 750 Folsom 
Donovan (James) & Dunphy (T. J.) house and 

sign painters 312 Davis, dwl N s Turk bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Donovan Jas. laborer, dwl 88 Jessie bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Donovan James, laborer, dwl S s Minna Place 

bet Fremont and Beale 
Donovan James, 'longshoreman, dwl Fremont 

bet Beale and Mission 
Donovan J. B. blacksmith Union Foundry 
Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, dwl W s Mary Lane 
Donovan John A. local policeman, dwl rear Beale 
Donovan Julia, domestic, dwl 320 Broadway 
Donovan Maria (widow) dwl E s Cadell Place 
Donovan Michael, laborer, dwl N side Jessie bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Donovan Michael M. laborer, dwl N side Jessie 

bet Fourth and Fifth, rear 
Donovan Nancy (widow) dwl 164 Minna 
Donovan Patrick, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Donovan T. shoemaker 545 Kearny 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, dwl rear 12 Dupont 
Donovan Timothy, shoemaker, dwl rear 522 

DONZELMANN ( Charles) & CO. (Frederick Bor- 

ches) groceries and liquors NE cor Kearny 

and California 
Donzelmann (Charles) & Kortejohn (Frederick) 

groceries and liquors 409 Pine, dwl NE cor 

California and Kearny 
Donzelmann J. F. groceries and liquors NE cor 

California and Prospect Place 
Donzelmann John H. restaurant 104 Front, dwl 

SE cor Pine and Front 
Doody Kate, domestic 35 Essex 
Doody Michael, brick-laj'^er, dwl 1920 Mason 
Doolan Thoma.s, brick-layer, dwl 1 1 Sutter 
Dooley Barney, stone-cutler, dwl 187 Jessie 
Dooley Bernard (Cronan (fc D.) dwl 228 Jessie 
Dooley Catherine (widow) dwl Cadell Place 
Dooley John, porter American Exchange 
Doolittle William G. teacher penmanship and 

book-keeping 328 Montgomery 
Doonan Peter, laborer, dwl E s Gilbert S Brannnn 
Dopmann H. & Co. (Edward Boepke) importers 

wood and willow ware, general merchan- 
dise, etc. 316 California, res New York 
Doran C. bds What Cheer House 
Doran David, ship-carpenter, dwl 217 Second 
Doran James, cartman cor Scott and Pacific 
Dorcy James, plasterer, dwl 250 Tehama 
Doran John, milk ranch Lone Mountain Valley 

near Cemetery 
Doran Timothj-, boiler maker at Coffey & Ri.^don's 
Dordy (Miles) & Finnegan (Michael) painters 775 




Dore Benjamin, lumber merchant, dwl 19 Tehama 
Dore Cheri, box maker with L. Racouillat, dwl S 8 

Pacific bet Diipont and Kearny 
Dore P^dward "W. dra3'mau 210 Battery, dwl ItS 

Dore Maurice &Co. wholesale wines and liquors 

417 Bat, dwl S s Mis bet Sixth and Seventh 
Doreille Domino, physician, office cor Pine and 

Doremer Nicholas, bootmaker 60 Third 
Doren James, drayman, dwl 6 Scott 
Doreri William, dwl 1009 Pacific 
Dorgan John, laborer, dwl cor Washington and 

Dorgan Margaret, domestic, dwl 330 Bryant 
Dorgan Mary, domestic, dwl 927 Market 
Dorger Charles, turner, dwl SE cor Mason and 

Dorio Loui?, cook Phil's Exchange 417 Pront 
Dorland Henry S. {Dorlandr Brothers) dwl with 

Thomas Dorland 
Dorland J. & H. Mi?sion Express wagon SE cor 

Merciiant and Kearny 
Dorland James F. [Borland Brothers) dwl with 

Thomas Dorland 
Dorland Tiioraas, dwl W side Dolores bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth 
Dorman {John) k McKew {John) Pennsylvania 

Wood and Coal Yard, Stevenson bet First 

and Second, dwl 45 Stevenson 
Dormitzer Ludwig P. book-keeper with Adels- 

dorfer Brothers, dwl 1605 Powell 
DORN MARX, dry goods 14 Montgomery, dwl 

223 Jessie 
Dorn Peter, bootmaker SE cor Busli and Kearny, 

dwl NE cor Sutter and Stockton 
Dorn Timothy, boiler maker, dwl 215 Dupont 
Dornay Patrick, miner, dwl SE cor Fremont and 

Dornen Mary, domestic, dwl with James Bolger 
Dornin Catherine, domestic, dwl 150 Silver 
Dorr Ceasar, cook Metropolitan Hotel 
Dorr E. A. shoemaker 616 Jackson 
DORR JOSEPH A. proprietor Railroad House 

318 and 320 Com and 319 and 321 Clay 
Dorr J. B. bds American Exchange 
Dorr Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Hinckley 
Dorr Ralph S. jr. record clerk Custom House, dwl 

53 Minna 
Dorrhing James, express wagon cor Montgomery 

and California 
Dorris William A. blacksmith with S. D. Hen- 

drickson, dwl 640 Commercial nr Kearny 
Dorsett Edw. second steward stmr Chrysopolis 
Dorsey B. J. purser Pacific Mail Steamship Ori- 
zaba, dwl 761 Mission 
Dorsey George, hostler with Miller & Hopkins, 

dwl N s Oregon 
Dorsey George, boarding house 5 Broadway 
Dorsey John, baker, dwl 226 Pacific 
Doscher piaus, groceries and liquors NW cor 

First and Stevenson 
Dosclier F. {E bbinghatisen & D.) NB cor Ninth 

and Bran nan 
Doscher Henry {Scanlin & D.) dwl with Frank 

Doscher Henry, with Buffington & Co. dwl 137 


DOSCHER HENRY H. groceries SE cor Seventh 

and Brannan 
Doscher {Herman) & Co. ( William Meahland) gro- 
ceries and liquors NW cor Second and Na- 
Doscher Herman, grocer 138 Third 
Doscher John, groceries and liquors 129 Bush 
Doscher John D. groceries NW cor Market and 

Dott {Andrew) & Mitchell {Jas.) groceries 609 

Battery, dwl 1024 Montgomery 
Doty John, painter at 8 First, dwl 415 Pine 
DOTY WILLET R. & CO. {Caleb Hammill) 
agents and commission merchants 118 Bat- 
tery, dwl 677 Harrison 
DOUD {Aaron) & HALL {Charles R.) furniture 
and bedding 634 and 636 Market, dwl S s 
Seventeenth bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Doud Frank, dwl 343 First 
Doud James, waiter Russ House 
Doud John 0. porter with DeWitt, Kittle & Co. 

dwl 813 Sansom 
Doud Philo, cabinet-maker with Goodwin & Co. 

dwl NW cor Clay and Polk 
DoHgall John, cook, dwl 10 Stewart 
Dougart John I. butcher at 512 Davis, dwl SW 

cor Pacific and Front 
Dougherty lilice (widow) dwl 202 First 
Dougherty Ann Miss, domestic NW cor Sacra- 
mento and Stockton 
Dougherty Anthony, cartman 96 Davis 
Dougherty Bridget, domestic with Charles H. 

Dougherty Bridget Miss, chambermaid Russ 

Dougherty Bridget Miss, domestic with H. K. 

W. Clarke 
Dougherty Charles, sailor, bds 14 Stewart 
Dougherty Daniel, tinsmith, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty George, engineer, dwl W s Tay near 

Dougherty George, carpenter 31 Pacific, dwl 

Lombard bet Stockton and Dupont 
Doughert}' George, engineer Montgomery Baths 

621 Montgomery 
Dougherty George, rigger, dwl 409 Beale 
Dougherty George, ship joiner, dwl 416 Lombard 
Dougherty Henry, bar keeper Fashion Saloon, 

bds NE cor Montgomery and Broadway 
Dougherty James, boiler maker with Cofiey & 

Dougherty James, hostler with John Kenny 
Dougherty James W. dwl 742 Mission 
Doughert}' John, boiler maker with CofiFey & Ris- 
don, dwl rear 85 Stevenson 
Dougherty John, clerk with M. O'Connor, dwl 

NW cor Mason and Filbert 
Dougherty- John, fireman, dwl N s Spear bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Dougherty John, sliip joiner 416 Lombard 
Dougherty Kate, domestic 218 Bush 
Dougherty M. tailor at 232 Commercial 
Dougherty Margaret Miss, domestic 1013 Clay 
Dougherty Michael, nurse St. Mary's Hospital 
Dougherty Michael, waiter Original House 
Douiiherty Patrick, whitewasher, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty Patrick J. painter, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty Richard, bds What Cheer House 



Poiiphcrly Susan, domestic 262 Minna 
Dougherty Susan A. Miss, dress-maker, dwl 202 

Dougherty Thomas, fruits and confectionery 202 

Dougherty Wm. 'longshoreman, bds 32 Stewart 
Dougherty "William, clerk with Kdward Cobrn, 

dwl NE cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Dougherty William, laborer S. F. Gas Co, 
Douglas Charles, with John Crummey 
Douglas Franklin, with Jolin Pierson 
Douglas J. F. (widow) gents' furnishing goods 

142 Third 
DOUGLAS PERCY, crockery and glass ware 

421 Montgomery, dwl 1121 Powell 
Douglass Arabella Mrs. dwl 325 Dupont 
Douglass G. dwl Original House 
Douglass G. laborer C. H. dwl Central Place 
Douglass George, carpenter Omnibus R. R. Co^ 
Douglass Hannah B. Mrs. dwl 325 Dupont 
Douglass Horace B. clerk with M. Gray, 613 Clay 
Douglass James, carpenter Omnibus R. R. Co. 

bds 500 Mission 
Douglass James, shoemaker 759 Clay, bds 409 

Douglass James, clerk pier 1 Stewart, bds 122 

Douglass J. William, harness maker, bds 323 

Douglass Mary A. servant 531 Vallejo 
Douglass Robert, cook, bds 32 Stewart 
Douglass Thomas H. clerk with I. Friedland & 

Co. dwl 710 Bush 
Douglass William, blacksmitli Vulcan Foundry 
Douglass William, real estate agent, dwl 251 

Douglass William A. physician 436 Jackson 
Douglass William B. watchmaker with Alfred 

Barrett, dwl 57 Second 
Douglass William J. F. sail-maker at 211 Sacra- 
mento, dwl N s Sixteenth bet Valencia and 

Douglass William P. with Treadwell & Co. dwl 

rear 11 Front 
Douglass W. Y. Captain of Police, dwl 20 Geary 
Doutre King, 'longshoreman, dwl Greenwich bet 

Montgomery and Sausom 
DOVE ALEXANDER, (colored) waterman, dwl 

E s Tay nr Clay 
Dove William, coach painter with E. J. O'Brien, 

dwl 320 Third 
Dove William, liquors W s Front bet Vallejo and 

Broadway, dwl Oakland 
Dow George G. dwl 328 Montgomery 
Dow {J. Blake) & Bicknell {Chaiie-i II.) chop and 

oyster saloon 630 Market, dwl XE cor Mont- 
gomery and Sutter 
Dow John, truckman 809 Sansom 
Dow N. Getchell, book-keeper American Ex- 
change Sansom 
Dow Ruth (widow) boarding 126 Fourth 
Dow William, dwl 531 Vallejo 
Dow William H. merchant 115 California, dwl 

607 Folsom 
Dowd Anna, domestic 42 South Park 
Dowd Robert C. brass worker with Gallagher & 

Dowd Timothy, bds Original House 

Dowde Patrick, laborer, dwl rear 319 Bush 

Dowdell R. l)ds What Cheer House 

Dowden James, asphaltum roofer, bds 115 

Dowod Achsa, domestic 609 Harrison 
Dower Philip, carriage trimmer, dwl 106 Silver 
Dowling Anna G. Miss, milliner with A. L. 

Warner, dwl W s Third nr Harrison 
Dowling B. office 630 Montgomery 
Dowling Bridget (widow) dwl E a Salmon nr 

Dowling Edward, liquor saloon 1021 Dupont 
Dowling Honora Miss, millinery with Dixon & 

Putnam, dwl with Mrs. Bridget DowliTig 
Dowling James, stage manager American Thea- 
ter, dwl 109 Stevenson 
Dowling John E. laborer with Soovill & Co. bds 

545 Market 
Dowling Kate, domestic, dwl NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Green 
Dowling Madison F. miller Golden Gate Mills, 

dwl 7 Central Place 
Dowling Mary, seamstress Davis' Laundry, dwl 

NW cor Harriet and Folsom 
Dowling M. F. miller, dwl 7 Central Place 
Dowling Michael, hackman, dwl rear 835 Clay 
Dowling Richard, harness maker with Main & 

Winchester, dwl 240 Tehama 
Dowling Robert W. dealer wfnes and liquors 

208 Jackson ' 
Dowling Samuel, laborer, bds 115 Stevenson 
Dowling William M. plasterer, dwl N s Folsom 

bet Sixth and Russ 
Downer A. J. merchant, dwl 932 Pacific 
Downer Frederick, carpenter, dwl S s Brannan 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Downer Thomas, collector Pacific Wharf, dwl 

SE cor Davis and Pacific 
Downes J. calker Spring Valley Water Works 

Downes William, dwl rear 15 Ritch 
Downey Catherine Miss, domestic 517 Dupont 
Downey James H. carpenter 200 Second, dwl 

70 Silver 
Downey Jolm, laborer, dwl 117 Stevenson 
Downey John, laborer, dwl Lone Mountain 

Downey John, plasterer, bds S s Jessie bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Downey Margaret, domestic 751 Howard 
Downey Patrick, carpenter, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Leavenworth and Hj-de 
Downey Richard, plasterer, dwl 333 Bush 
Downie James, laborer, bds 716 Battery 
DOWNIE JAMES J. & CO. lamps and oils 332 

Montgomery, dwl 560 Howard 
Downie Mary Miss, domestic 104 O'Farrell 
Downing Adelia Miss, servant 40 Geary 
Downing Henry C. dwl 245 Minna 
Downing Henry J. merchant, dwl S s Minna bet 

Third and Fourth 
Downing Jamo.«, furniture wagon, dwl' S s Jessie 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Downing Mary Miss, domestic with John Lowes 
Downing Mathew, plasterer, dwl 431 Sutter 
Downing Morris H. oysterman, dwl with John 

C. Corbett 
Downing Patrick B. plasterer, dwl 373 Jessie 



Downing T. H. lumber S s Sixteenth bet Mission 

and First Av, dvvl with Simeon F. Smith 
Downing Thomas, waiter Empire Restaurant, 

dwl S 8 Jessie bet First and Second 
Downs Alvah, teamster with Stephen S. Smith, 

dwl W s William nr Post 
Downs R. workman Spring Valley Water Works 

Dows Henry IT. clerk with J. Dows & Co. 
DOWS J. & CO. {James Maim) office 213 Sac- 
ramento, proprietors Dow's Distillery, Mis- 
sion Creek, dwl 36 South Park 
Doyle Charlotte (widow) dwl 38 Clementina 
Doyle Delia, domestic 549 Folsom 
Doyle Dennis B. carpenter, dwl N s Hayes bet 

Octavia and Gough, Hayes Park 
Doyle E. ironer Chelsea Laundry 435 Brannan 
Doyle Eliza Miss, dwl with John H. Phillips 
Doyle Ellen, domestic, dvvl 423 Second 
Doyle Ellen, domestic 333 Second 
Doyle Ellen, washing, dwl 207 Pacific 
Doyle Ellen Miss, dwl 1G4 Minna 
Doyle Eugene G. boarding 308 Beale 
Doyle Hugh, fireman stmr Sophie McLane, dwl 

NE cor Vallejo and Kearny 
Doyle James, driver with Skelly & Co. 
Doyle James, sexton Mission Dolores Cemetery, 

dwl rear Church 
Doyle James, silversmith with Vanderslice & Co. 

dwl Clara near Ritch * 
DOYLE JAMES J. contractor and builder, of- 
fice SE cor Pacific and Dupont, dwl 1902 
Doyle James R. coal yard 415 and 413 Pacific, 

dwl 1306 Kearny 
Doyle Jane E. Miss, dwl with Peter Mackie 
Doyle John, dwl 432 Bryant 
Doyle John, dwl with John J. Bevina 
Doyle John, bds Franklin House 
Doyle John, Hayes Valley Exchange Saloon NE 

cor Hayes and Laguna 
Doyle John, carriage painter 507 Broadway 
Doyle Jolm, seaman, bds 802 Sansom 
Doyle John M. with Jacob Princivalle 
Doyle Joseph, hackdriver, dvvl 41 Louisa 
Doyle Margaret Miss, domestic 1120 Powell 
Doyle Margaret Misa, dome-tic 714 Vallejo 
Doyle Mary (widow) dwl 941 Mission 
Doyle Maurice, blacksmith, dvvl E s Jones near 

Doyle Michael, liquor saloon NE cor Hayes and 

Van Ness Avenue, Hayes Park 
Doyle Morris, blacksmith with D. F. Fernald 
Doyle P. laborer S. F. C. W. Works Co. 
Doyle Patrick, pressman at 51U Clay, dwl SE 

cor Montgomery and Broadway 
Doyle Peter, tapper S. P. C. W. Works, dwl 806 

Doyle Richard, fireman, dvvl 639 Washington 
DoyJe Richard, laborer, bds 519 Mission 
Doyle Thomas, carriage driver with John & Ed- 
ward Ryan 
Doyle Thomas, carpenter, dwl NE cor Minna 

and Jane 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, dwl 57 Minna 
DOYLE THOMAS, liquors and passengers' 
stores 535 Sacramento, dwl 244 Storenson 
Doyle William, clerk 427 Davis 

Doyle William, laborer S. F. C. W. Co. 
Doyle WiUiam, laborer, dwl 114 Bush 
Doj'le William, porter, dwl 61 Stevenson 
Draddy Mary R. Miss, domestic 1105 Powell 
Draiue Daniel, calker Spring Valley Water W. 

DRAKE EUGENE B. attorney at law room 8 
Naglec's Building cor Montgomery and 
Merchant, dwl 323 Dupont 
Drake John, carpenter, dwl 26 Geary 
Drake Stephen, salesman with .J. L. Sanford & Co. 
Dr.ikie Theodore, dwl 1031 Kearny 
Drayeur Augustus, dwl 616 Broadway 
Drayeur Constant, horse-shoer with D. Van Pelt, 

dwl 616 Broadway 
Drechsler F. tailor 937 Kearny 
Diederechsen Charles, dwl 14 Everett 
Drennan John, laborer, dvvl 29 Beale 
DRESCHFELD HENRY, real estate and money 
agent and Notary Public, office rooms 24 
and 26 Naglee's Building cor Montgomery 
and Merchant, dwl 606 Pine 
Dresser Benjamin K. mariner, dwl 1320 Jack- 
Dreux Eugene, Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
Drew Henry P. with C. J. Hawley & Co. dwl 

540 Howard 
Drew Hiram, stair builder with Brown & Wells, 

dwl S s Stevenson bet Sixth and Seventh 
Drew M. bds What Cheer House 
Drew Margaret Miss, dwl 926 Pacific 
Drew Mary Ann B. (widow) dwl S s Clementina 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Drew Patrick, laborer, dwl 736 Market 
Drew Tliomas, bar keeper with C. E. S. McDon- 
ald 115 Leidesdorff 
Drexel Frederick, tailor, dvvl 531 Pacific 
Dreyer Charles, hackman 504 Clay 
Dreyer Deidrich, groceries and liquors SE cor 

Howard and Fremont 
Dreyer John <te Co. (//. Hutton) saloon SE cor 

Clay and East 
Dreyfous Zule, jol)ber, dwl 1715 Stockton 
Dreyfuse Benjamin S. clothing, etc. 541 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 108 O'Farrell 
Dreypoelcher Frederick, billiard table maker with 
Phelan & Hughes, dwl E s Leavenworth bet 
Geary and O'Farrell 
Driggs Joseph D. rooms 112 Washington 
Drill Fredericka (widow) dwl W s Stockton bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Drinkhouse J. A. & Co. {John Kurtz) wholesale 
cigars and tobacco 228 Front, dwl 42 South 
Drinkwater Thomas, new and second-hand fur- 
niture 437 Bush 
Driscoll Bridget Miss, domestic with Joseph Bas- 

Driscoll Catherine Mrs. dwl SW cor Fifth and 

Driscoll C. E. {J. Bamber & Co.) 719 Davis, res- 
idence Oakland 
Driscoll Charles, boatman Vallejo St Wharf, dwl 

N s Jessie bet Fourth and Fifth 
Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, dwl 30 Dupont 
Driscoll D.«wl 612 California 
DRISCOLL {Danid) & KOIILER {Frederick D.) 
Blue Wing Saloon 526 Montgomery 



Driscoll Dennis, laborer, dwl cor Vallejo and 

Driscoll Dennis, minor, bds 816 Sanaom 
Driscoll Dennis, printer, rooms 132 Geary 
Driscoll Dennis, stone-cutter, dwl N s Jessie near 

Driscoll Frank, laborer, dwl SW cor Filbert and 

Driscoll Jcrcminli, carpenter, bds 8 Anthony 
Driscoll Joanna (widow) liquor saloon 5 1 Mission 
Driscoll Joanna (widow) dwl Vj s Jane Plnr Pine 
Driscoll John, butcher with R. O'Neill, dwl 11 

Driscoll John, seaman, bds 30 Vallejo 
Driscoll Sandy, workman Spring Valley W. W. 

DriscoW {Timothy) &, Hurley (Daniel) ked store 

and coal yard N\V cor Mission and Sixteenth 
Drish John M. clerk with Lockwood, Ewell & 

Co. dwl 722 California 
Droge Henry, grocer SE cor Pacific and Front 
Drogcr (Ilennj) & Wuhrmann (Henry) groceries 

and liquors SE eor Pin«and Battery 
Drolea John A. G. cigars 723 Montgomery 
Droleo John, seaman, dwl N s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansora 
Drouaillet Gustave, li hographic printing 806 

Kearny cor Washington 
Drouat Constant, cook 523 Merchant 
Drouet Edward, shoemaker, dwl 1622 Stockton 
Drouet Victor, tinsmith, dwl 1622 Stockton 
DROUILH AT (John) & CO. (Jacqties J. Bey) man- 
ufacturers billiard tables 812 Montgomery 
Drucker Albert (Piper & Co.) dwl 624 Mission 
Drucker August, proprietor Eureka Baths, 328 

Pac, dwl NW cor Mont and St. Charles PI 
Drucker E. groceries NE cor Clay and Stockton 
Drucker John, groceries 723 Jackson 
DrufTel Francis H. Empire Bakery SW cor Bush 

and Mason 
Drugan Samuel, plasterer, dwl "W s Moss bet 

1 loward and Folsom 
Drulian Michael, grocery S s Clementina bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Drulic John G. groceries and liquors NW cor 

Bush and Battery 
Druho John H. groceries and liquors SE cor 

Market and Stewart 
Drum John M. porter U. S. Marshal's ofiBce, dwl 

room 10 U. S. Court Building 
DRUM R,IC}IARD C. Major U. S. A. Head- 
quarters Department Pacific 742 Washing- 
ton, bds Metropolitan Hotel 
Drumm Barney, harness cleaner Commercial St. 

Livery Stable 
Dnmimond J. H. boiler maker with Cofley «fc 

llisdon, dwl 14 Bush 
Drumniond S. boiler maker Union Foundry 
Drury F. tailor witii Davis & Bowers, dwl W s 

Larkiu near Geary 
Drury James, carpenter, dwl 226 Sansom 
Drury Kate Miss, domestic with T. S. Miller 
Drury Michael, dwl 714 Stockton 
Drury Mrs. dwl 629 Market 
Drury Peter, laborer, dwl NW cor Montgomery 

and Filbert 
Drury William, clothing, dwl SW cor Larkin 

and Myrtle Avenue 

Dryardins A. workman Spring Valley Water 

Works Co. 
Dryer Charles, clerk 228 Front 
Dryer J. Pacific Engine Co. No. 8 
Dryer M. C. cartman, dwl St. Marks Place 
Dryning Mary, nurse, dwl 215 Green 
Duane Charles P. dwl 625 Market 
Duane John, brick-layer, dwl 625 Market 
Duane M. S. tailor 124 Post 
Duane William R. printer, dwl 528 Commercial 
Duband Joseph (Bonnet & D.) dwl N 8 Union bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Dubbs Anna (widow) boarding 1234 Stockton 
Dubedat Eugene, importer French wines and 

liquors 809 Mont, dwl 128 St. Marks Place 
Dublin Thomas, liquor saloon SW cor Francisco 

and Powell 
DUBOIS A. & CO. (Pierre Frontier tfc Eugene 

Deviercy) imps and manfs jewelry, watclies, 

etc. 433 Mont, dwl NWcor Mont and Jackson 
Du Bois Anna E. Mrs. V. P. Bush St. School, 

dwl 818 Pacific 
Dubois August, dwl 837 Sacramento 
Ducatel (Mrs. Agate) & Racine (Mrs. Josephine) 

fruits and vegetables 10 Washington Market, 

dwl 723 Sansom 
Duchange Henry, junk 40 Com, dwl 605 Bdwy 
Duchow W. A. printer, Eureka • Typographical 

Duck John A. compositor Alta California, dwl 

29 Tiolcsori 
D'UCK (William B.) & JACOBY (James A.) 

Tehama Market 219 Second cor Tehama, 

dwl 7 Perley Place 
Ducker Frederick, clerk SW cor First and Market 
Duckert Mathias (Lawton dc D.) dwl 82 Natoma 
Ducroque Jean, cook, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Ducummund S. W. machinist, bds 54 First 
Duddy Martin, waiter International Hotel 
DUDGEON E. macliinist, dwl W s Mission bet 

Tenth and Eleventh 
Dudgeon R. bds 607 Pino 
Dudy Joseph, brick-layer, dwl 64 Natoma 
Dudy Mary, domestic 317 Broadway 
Dudy Sarah Miss, domestic 310 Stockton 
Duenwald Francis, cigar maker with Niemann & 

Plagemann, dwl E s Hinckley nr Broadway 
Duenwald Frederick, cigar maker, dwl rear W s 

Duer Beverley C. Deputy Clerk Twelfth District 

Court, City Hall, dwl 712 Bush 
Duff Andrew, bar keeper 765 Clay, dwl 823 

Duff Charles, book-keeper with J. R. Duff, dwl 

Duff F. bds What Cheer House 
Dnff Francis, butcher, dwl SW corner Front and 

Duff George, seaman, dwl 823 Broadway 
Dufl' James, carpenter, rooms W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Duff James, seaman, dwl 823 Broadway 
Duff James M. real estate agent, dwl cor Clay 

and Clay Avenue 
Duff James R. lumber NW corner Howard and 

Stewart, dwl S side DeBoom bet Second 

and Third 
Duff J. M. clerk with James P. Oliver 



Duff Robert P. book-keeper with Wm. Newell 

& Co. dwl Natoma bet First and Second 
Duff Thomas, engineer steamer Golden Gate, 

bds E s Union bet Folsom and Harrison 
Duff Thomas, porter Montgomery Block, dwl 110 

Montgomery Block 
Duff William, seaman, dv\-l 823 Broadway 
Duffecey Peter, plumber with B. F. Horgan, dwl 

237 Jessie 
Duffield George, yacht Maria corner Pacific and 
Davis, dwl NE cor Yallejo and Montgomery 
Duffield George "W. boatman, dwl 334 Yallejo 
Duffley T. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Duffy Barnett, domestic 905 Broadway 
Duffy Bernard, porter with M. D. Sweeny, dwl 

cor Mason and Broadway 
Duffy Catharine Miss, domestic 723 Yallejo 
Duffy Edward, carpenter with J. J. Doyle, dwl 

E s Dupont bet Lombard and Chestnut 
Duffy Frank, waiter Russ House 
Duffy Frank J. waiter Lick House 
Duffy H. upholsterer 706 Broadway 
Duffy Henry, steward Original House, dwl 912 

Duffy Hyacinth, seaman, dwl 162 Minna 
Dufiy James {Goodman & D.) dwl SE cor Wash- 
ington and Kearny 
Duffj^ James. boQer maker, dwl 306 Mission 
Duffy James, gas fitter with McXaUy & Haw- 
kins, dwl 541 Mission 
Duffy John, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds Folsom 

near Refinery 
Duffy John, lodgings 106 Clay 
Dufiy Michael, steamboatman, bds with George 

Duffy Patrick, Broadway House Broadway bet 

Battery and Front 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, dwl 41 Pacific 
Duffy Philip, laborer, dwl S s Frank PI nr Mason 
Duffy Timothy, laborer S. F. City W. W. Co. 
Duffy Thomas, laborer with James McDevitt 
Duffy William, Knickerbocker Saloon NW cor 

Davis and Commercial 
Dufreis John, mariner, dwl 248 Minna 
Dugan Cliarles, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Dugan Edmund, wool packer, dwl corner Davis 

and California 
Dugan Honorah (widow) dwl W s Higgins Place 

near Pacific 
Dugan Jeremiah, laborer, bds 317 Broadway 
Dugan Jeremiah, 'longshoreman, bds 306 Bdwy 
Dugan John, dwl 640 Commercial 
Dugan John, painter wiih Hopps & Kanary, dwl 

12 Sutter 
Dugan John, teamster with Sargent & Castree, 

dwl Post bet Powell and Mason 
Dugan Kate Miss, domestic, dwl 11 Baldwin 

Dugan Mark M. bootmaker with J. R Hushes 
dwl 640 Mission ' 

Dugan Patrick, laborer New Orleans Warehouse 

dwl 38 California 
Dugan Patrick S. shoemaker 1 Summer, dwl SW 

cor Mason and California 
Dugan Simon, laborer, dwl 106 Davis 
Dugan Thomas J. at Wool Pulling Mills, Potrero 
Dugan William, dwl 31 St. Marks Place 
Dugan William, with Robert E. Hunter 

Dugart John, butcher, dwl 207 Pacific 
Duggan William H. shipwright, bds 14 Stewart 
Duhne Herman (Kohlmoos & Co.) dwl 68 First 
Duisenberg Charles & Co. importers and com- 
mission merchants 218 California, dwl SE 
cor Harrison and Seventh 
Duisenberg C. A. C, Consul for Bremen, office 
218 California, dwl SE corner Harrison and 
Duisenberg M. T. painter, dwl Shiel's Block 
Duke Robert, carpenter, dwl 74 Natoma 
Dulainey Charlotte, servant with Julius Adler 
Dulhom A. slaughter-house Ninth nr Branuan 
Duhp {G. P.) & Waddington (^//rec?) groceries 
and liquors SW cor Dupont and Broadway 
Dullard John, drayman 121 Front, dwl Broad- 
way near Kearny 
Dullea Charles, laborer, dwl 143 Post 
Dullea John, stevedore, dwl 23 Kearny 
DuUierd Sarah Mrs. domestic Yirginia Block 
DuUigan James, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Dulligan Thomas, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Dully Bernard, stone-cutter 823 Sansom 
Dumass Jacob, slaughter-house W s Mission bet 

Ninth and Tenth 
Dumatherez F. dwl 88 Montgomery Block 
Dumont Yictor. broker, dwl 619 A'allejo 
Dumont William, dwl 24 Sansom 
Dumont William J. dwl 518 Sacramento 
Dumphv William, dwl 40 Geary 
Dunagan M. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Dunand Maurice, laundry 832 Clay 
Dunbar Anna E. Mrs. furnished rooms 119 Sec- 
ond and 74 Minna 
Dunbar John K. apothecary U. S. Marine Hos- 
pital, dwl 74 Minna 
Dunbar S. G. (Lee T. Kafka & Go.) dwl SW cor 

Stockton and Sacramento 
Dunbar William H. {Hobart Bro. & Co.) resides 

Duncan A. G. watchman stmr Chrysopolis 
Duncan George E. (colored) barber 234 Bush, 

dwl E s Salina Court near California 
Duncan Helarion, wharfinger India Dock, bds 

906 Montgomery 
Duncan Isaac, dwl 214 Tehama 
Duncan Isabel (widow) dwl S s Yallejo bet Pow- 
ell and Mason 
Duncan Isabella (widow) dwl Duncan Court rear 

610 Broadway 
Duncan James, carpenter, bds 8 Anthony 
Duncan James, ship joiner NW cor Drumm and 

Clark, dwl 518 Bryant 
Duncan James W. builder, dwl S s Union bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Dimcan John R. (colored) handcartman SW cor 
Front and Clay, dwl N s Pacific bet Kearny 
and Dupont 
DUNCAN (Joseph C.) & CO. real estate and 
general merchandise auctioneers NE cor 
Montgomery and Sac, dwl 430 Greenwich 
Duncan Peter, salesman 401 Sansom, bds Origi- 
nal House 
Duncan Thomas, laborer with C. Y. Grey 
Duncan William L. agent real estate and secre- 
tary California Pioneers, office 704 Wash- 
ington, dwl SE cor Mont and Jackson 
Duncan Zenas, dwl 214 Tehama 



Dundan John, laborer, dwl 941 Mission 
Diindan Tliomns, laborer, bds 941 Mission 
Duiiilan Tiiomas M. laborer, bds 49 Stevenson 
Diindas Tlioinas II. with Kdward 10. Bryan 
Dunjree F. G. tailor 713 Coinniercial 
Dunham A. A. carrier Herald and Mirror, bds 

with F. Clark, nr Mason 
Dunham A. M. printer with Wra. Shew, dwl Su- 

tro House 
Dunham Benjamin F. salesman with Conroy & 

O'Connor, dwl SE cor California and Mont 
Dunham Frank, stevedore, dwl Gaines nr Green 
Dunham Franklin {Norcross & D.) dwl Athe- 
naeum Building 
Dunliam Geo. A. express wagon, dwl E a Main 

between Harrison and Bay 
Dunham 0. S. painter with E. L. Brandt, dwl 

Sutro House 
Dunham Woodruff, brick dealer, dwl 25 Natoma 
Dunigan David, laborer, dwl NE cor Front and 

Dunigan Dennis, laborer, dwl 218 Clementina 
Dunigan Michael, laborer, dwl SE cor Front and 

Dunigan Michael, marble polisher, dwl NE cor 

Front and Commercial 
Dunker Adolphus, bar keeper Abbey House, old 

San Road 
Dunlap Albert, carpenter, dwl N\V cor Sansom 

and Pino 
Dunlap Hannah Mrs. dress-maker, dwl 1123 

Dunlap James, upliolstorer with Frank Baker, 

dwl 147 Jessie 
Dunlap Presley, attorney at law, office room 3 

NW cor Montgomery and Merchant, dwl W 

s First Avenue near Sixteenth 
Dunlap \Vm. calker, dwl cor Frederick and John 
Dunlap William, carpenter, dwl 304 Pine 
Dunlay John, laborer, dwl N s Oregon bet Front 

and Davis 
Dunlevy Jeremiah, harness maker with Aug. 

Tillman, dwl 320 Dupont 
Dunlon Thomas, cartman, dwl cor Folsom and 

Dunn Ann, domestic with Henry Wort 
Dunn Bernard, laborer, dwl with Michael S. 

Dunn Bernard, watchman with Baldwin & Co. 

dwl W s Vincent 
Dunn C. workman Spring Valley Water Works 

Dunn Charles, compositor Golden Era, dwl 130 

Dunn Ciiristopher, dwl rear 415 Sutter 
Dunn Cornelius C. wheelwright 321 Pine, dwl 

NE cor Minna and Jane 
Dunn (Daniel) & Ilewes {D. B.) contractors, 

office E s Mason nr Geary 
Dunn Daniel, fruits 414 Folsom 
Dunn Dennis, blacksmith Excelsior Iron Works, 

dwl S s Washington bet Stock and Powell 
Dunn Dennis, blacksmith Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

505 Howard 
Dunn D. P. drayman 221 Clay, dwl Y^Q Ness 

Avenue bet Turk and Eddy 
Dunn Edward, driver with Gardner & Co. dwl 

246 Third 

Dunn Edward, with Andrew Smith, dwl 159 

Dunn E. V. bds Lick House 
Dunn H. K. salesman 633 Clay, dwl Sutro 

Dunn Horace D. dwl 52 Silver 
Dunn J. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Dunn James, blacksmith, dwl E a Tyson Place 

near Wa.shington 
Dunn James, blacksmith with James Glinden, 

dwl 205 Tehama 
Dunn Jas. laborer with S. F. C. Water Works 

Co. dwl with M. McCormick 
Dunn James teamster 1 7 California, dwl P]ighth 

bet Howard and Folsom 
Dunn John, assistant melter U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 124 Minna 
Dunn John, clerk with Stanford Bros, dwl S a 

Riley bet Taylor and Jones 
Dunn John, hostler with W. N. Wade 
Dunn John, shoemaker N s Mission nr Ridley 
Dunn John C. bottler with Oakley & Jackson, 

bds Miners' Arms Jackson 
Dunn John P. Refiner's Department U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 124 Minna 
Dunn Joseph, Ciirlman, dwl S 8 Bernard bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Dunn Julia Mrs. dwl Lick House 
Dunn Lawrence, clerk 30G Broadway 
Dunn Lawrence J. machinist Union Foundry, 

dwl 124 Minna 
Dunn Martin, mason, dwl S a Filbert bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Dunn Mary, domestic 712 Folsom 
Dunn Matthew^ at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl W 

s Howard nr Eighth 
Dunn Michael, job wagon cor Bush and Kearny 
Dunn Patrick, bootmaker, dwl 12 Minna 
Dunn Patrick, drayman with Cary & Winegar, 

dwl NW cor A"an Ness Avenue and Turk 
DUNN PATRICK F. manufacturer boots and 

shoes 316 Battery, dwl 6 Minna 
Dunn Peter, dwl 709 Greenwich 
Dunn Richard D. produce, dwl 1112 Kearny 
Dunn R. J. (Boiler & Co.) Brannan nr Bridge 
Dunn Timothy, laborer, dwl Rassette Alley No. 3 
Dunn Wm. agent mining implements, dwl 1008 

Dunn Wm. machinist, dwl NW cor Mission and 

Dunn Wm. C. blacksmith with Eaton & Larkins, 

dwl 124 Minna 
Dunn Wm. 0. drayman, dwl 24 Ritch 
Dunn Wm. W. blacksmith and machinist 309 

Market cor Beale 
Dunn W. L. blacksmith, dwl 505 Howard 
Dunne John, boot and shoe maker, dwl W s 

Mission nr Thirteenth 
Dunne Wm. grocer SW cor Pacific and Leav 
Dunnigan Edward, painter with Jas. R. Deano 
Duunigan Ellen Miss, domestic 1105 Stockton 
Dunnigan Michael, laborer, bds 706 Battery 
Dunnigan Michael, marble worker 526 Cal 
Dunnigan Patrick {Brannan <& D.) dwl SW cor 

Jones and Sacramento 
Dunnigan Rose, domestic 807 Mission 
Dunning John, calker with A. M. Glidden, dwl 

12 Tehama Place 



Dunning Harriet (widow) dry and fancy goods 

828 Market 
Dunning Ralpli, clerk office U. S. Engineers 37 

Montgomery Block, dwl 86 Mont Block 
Dunning Thos. Emerald Liquor Saloon 3 Second 
Dunnwald Frederick, cigar maker 316 Mont 
Dunphy T. J. {Donovan (fc D.) dwl 52 Louisa 
Dunsing William, waiter Orisiinal House 
Duustan Sarah (widow) dwl 911 Washington 
Du Pass Benj. with Battles & Co. bds Virginia 

Block . 
Dupont J. H. boots and shoes 822 Wash 
Dupouey Henri (Dupouey Bros.) dwl 719 Cali- 
DUPOUEY BROTHERS {Eippolyte, Henri and 
Jules) professors and proprietors Union 
College 236 Second 
Dupouey Jules {Dupouey Bros.) dwl 236 Second 
Du Prat Joseph J. commercial editor Alta Cal- 
ifornia, office 423 Wash, dwl 408 Vallejo 
DUPRE EUGEXE. real estate broker 606 Mer- 
chant, dwl 426 Greenwich 
Dupre Louis, bar keeper, dwl 18 Minna 
Dupries John, ranchman, bds 904 Kearny 
Dupuy Constant, blacksmith 84 Jackson, dwl 

505 Pacific 
Dupuy Constance Miss, seamstress, dwl 505 

Dupuy Henry, waiter 508 Washington 
Dupuy {James) & Cabannes {John) butchers stall 

3 Clay Street Market, dwl Potrero 
DUPUY {James) FOULKES {Thomas) & CO. 
( W. B. Agard) importers and commission 
merchants 412 Front, bds NE cor Vallejo 
and Montgomery 
Dupuy John, blacksmith with M. T. Sier 
Duquemy A. barber 507 Kearny 
Duquemy John B. sculptor, dwl rear 610 Cal 
Durand Adrien, book-keeper French Benevolent 

Societj'^ 649 Sacramento, dwl 34 Hinckley 
Durand Anson P. gymnast Bella Union Melo- 

deon, dwl NE cor Jessie and Fourth 
Durand C. bds Benton House 
Durand Francis, saloon 609 Pacific 
Durand L. waiter at 508 Washington 
Durand Stephen, broker, dwl E s Stockton bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Durand W. P. bds 6 Sutter 
Durant Henry, laborer 66 Washington Market, 

dwl N s Pacific bet Kearny and Dupont 
Durant John, cabinet-maker, dwl 21 Stevenson 
Durbrow Alfred K. store-keeper Vallejo Street 
Bonded Warehouse, dwl NE cor Montgom- 
ery and Pacific 
Durbrow Joseph jr. with Parrott & Co. dwl 8 

Duren George, carriage-maker, dwl 324 Bush 
Durfee Mary Ann, domestic 407 Dupont 
Durham Benjamin F. clerk Charles W. Brooks & 

Co. dwH109 Stockton 
Durham W. W. with Bunker, Greaves & Co. 
Durie Pauline (widow) dwl 971 Sacramento 
Durkan John M. dwl Tehama House 
Durkan Patrick, laborer, dwl S s Tehama bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Durkee John L. Deputy Superintendent Streets 

City Hall, dwl 6 Pennsylvania Avenue 
Durker Peter, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 

DURKIN (Anthony) & CO. {Charles M. Arm- 
strong) proprietors Mission Street Brewery 

610 Mission, dwl 608 Mission 
Durkin Edward (Tm^ & D.) dwl S a Tehama bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Durkin James, hostler with Skelly & Co. 
Durkin James, laborer, bds 524 Mission 
Durlam Curtis, local policeman, dwl 412 Jackson 
Durnin Michael M. carpenter 714 Sansom, dwl 

junction Market and Dupont 
Durning Ann Mrs. millinery and fancy goods 

10 Second 
Durning ( Charles E.) & Danaher {P. H.) import- 
ers dry goods 8 Montgomery, res New York 
Durning Lesbeth (widow) dwl 266 Jessie 
Durning Thomas, printer, dwl 10 Second 
Durning Thomas G. pressman with Blake & 

Moffitt, dwl 210 Second 
Dusenburg Jacob, merchant Oregon, dwl New 

York Hotel 
Dussol G. book-keeper with Abel Guy, dwl 716 

Dustin C. H. livery stable 315 Kearny 
Dutard Bernard, produce commission 217 Clay, 

dwl Valparaiso nr Mason 
Dutard H. clerk 217 Clay, bds with B. Dutard 
Dutton Cyrus H. (colored) shaving saloon 663 

Wash, dwl W s Leavenworth nr Pacific 
DUTTON HENRY & SON {H^nry Dutton jr.) 

hay, grain and feed 111 Stewart, pier 7, 

dwl 801 Union cor Mason 
Dutton Henry jr. {Henry Dutton & Son) dwl 801 

Union cor Mason 
Dutton Samuel E. clerk with Henry Dutton & 

Son, dwl 801 Union cor Mason 
Duval Caroline M'lle, Golden Gate Hotel SW 

cor Valencia and Sixteenth 
Duveneck Charles & Co. {Richard Slrodthoff) 

Shakespeare Liquor Saloon NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Washington, dwl room 14 Me- 

politan Block 
Duverron Leon {Charpentier & D.) dwl 841 

Dwelley Andrew, hostler with John & Edward 

Dwineile John W. {Hepburn & D.) 1022 Stock 
Dwindle Samuel H. atiorne)' at law, office 540 

Clay, dwl SW cor Eddy and Leavenworth 
Dwight George, with C. Storm & Co. dwl 4 Ross 
Dwyer Bridget Miss, domestic 1005 Powell 
Dwyer Catharine Miss, boarding and lodging 

1309 Stockton 
Dwyer Catherine (widow) dwl E s Geary bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Dwyer David, coal yard 539 Cal, dwl 114 Ellis 
Dwyer Edward, laborer, dwl 185 Stevenson 
Dw^-er Frank, seaman, dwl rear 54 Everett 
Dwyer James, brass molder, bds 513 Mission 
Dwyer Jaraes, carpenter, dwl 162 Jessie 
Dwyer James 0. clerk with C. Curtis, bds 

Oriental Hotel 
Dwyer Jeremiah, dry goods 194 Third 
Dwyer Joseph, student, dwl S s Geary bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Dwyer Joseph, physician, office W 8 Davis near 

Jackson, dwl 1309 Stockton 
Dwyer Kate (widow) dwl 132 Sutter 
Dwyer Laurence, painter at 8 First 



Dwyor Michael, molder with J. W. Brittan, dwl 

18 Hunt 
Dwyer Thomas, bootmaker, dwl Alloy S Pacific 

bet Monlgoniery ^ud Kearny 
Dw.ver Tliomas, waited Lick House 
Dwyer William, boardiug 40 Jackson 
Dwyer William II. carpenter, dwl 106 Natoma 
Dwyer William II. carpenter, dwl 3G Natoma 
Dwyre John, apprentice Vulcan Foundry 
Dwyro Timotliy, at Tice's brick-yard 
Dye W. M. messenger Custom House 
Dyer Carlise, I'arpenter, dwl 121 Natoma 
Dyer Carlos, carpenter with J. McGill & Co. dwl 

SW cor Second and Jessie 
Dyer Columbia, ship carpenter, dwl 527 Pino 
Dyer E. auctioneer, bds 023 Market 
Dyer Francis E. assorting clerk Post-office, dwl 

1007 Powell 
Dyer George, book-keeper with EL M. Newhall 

k Co. dwl 621 California 
Dyer Henry, dwl 679 Harrison 
Dyer James, silversmith with Vanderslice & Co. 

dwl 227 Green 
Dyer James R. with Badger & Dyer, dwl Oriental 

Dyer James S. gardener S s Union bet Octavia 

and P>anklia 
Dyer J. P. {Hardenbngh <fc D.) dwl Russ House 
Dyer J. P. (colored) New England Soap Factory 

W s Mason bet Pacific and Broadway 
Dyer Margaret, domestic 15 Laurel Place 
Dyer Michael, laborer, dwl E s Mason bet Green 

and Vallejo 
Dyer R. conductor Market St. Railroad, dwl W 

s First Avenue, Mission Dolores 
Dyer Richard, drayman 315 Davis 
Dyer Samuel R. {Badger tfc D.) dwl 626 California 
Dyer Spencer, foreman track repairs Market St. 

Railroad, dwl W s First Avenue nr Fifteenth 
Dyer Thomas, butcher, dwl with William Dyer 
Dyer William, cooper Battery, dwl E s Bartol 

bet Broadway and Pacific 
Dyer WiUiam, diver, bds 14 Stewart 
Dyer William C. cooper 1015 Battery, dwl Bartol 

bet Broadway and Pacific 
Dyer William D. photographic gallery 612 Clay, 

dwl room 9 Sansom St. House 
Dyson Robert, clerk, Young America Engine 

Co. No. 13 


Eade George C. carpenter 619 Dupont, dwl 213 

Eadcs M. bds Benton House 
Eades William, baker, dwl 51 Everett 
Eadou William H. salesman with Morrill Bros. 

dwl cor Eddy and Mason 
Eads Joseph, compositor Herald and Mirror 
Eagan Ann (widow) furnished rooms 3 Minna 
Eagan Bridget, domestic 409 Pacific 
Eagaa Charles, shoemaker, bds 512 Mission 
Eagan Edward, foreman blacksmith shop CaL 

S. N. Co. dwl 230 Fremont 
Eagan James, teamster, dwl S s Brannan bet 

Sixth and Seventii 
Eagan James I), carpenter, dwl with Francis 


Eagan John, porter 219 Battery 

Kagan Michael, lal>orer, dwl 27 Ecker 

Eagan Patrick, laborer, dwl N 8 Jossio bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Eageu Michael, laborer, bds 700 Battery 
Eagle Hotel, Andrews & Dodgo proprietors, W 

s Bo; do near Folsom 
Eakins Isaiah, messenger Custom 
Ealmene lltnry, job wagon 42 1 Wasliington 
Ealy Nicholas, cartman, dwl IJ'i Cleiiionliua 
Fames James, dwl with A. C. Sabius 
Earl James, laborer, dwl roar 50 Stewart 
Earl John H. steward steamer Pacific, dwl 1119 

Earl John 0. president Gould & Curry Silver 
Mining Co. olEce NE cor Montgomery and 
Jackson, dwl SW cor Mason and Washing- 
Earl Tarleton B. ship carver W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific, dwl 104 Kearny 
Earl Thomas J. hair dresser at NVV cor Jackson 

and Urumm 
Earle Alfred, book-keeper coal yard, dwl 69 

Earle G. bds Benton House 
Earle George, dwl 319 Harrison 
Earle Halford, book-keeper with Johnson & 
Baker, dwl S s Tehama bet Second and Third 
Earle J. H. carpenter, Columbian Engine Co. 

No. 11 
Earley S. Greenleaf, delivery clerk Cal. State 

Telegraph Co. 407 Montgomery 
Early James, laborer Union Foundry 
Earnest T. W. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl 

Stevenson bet First and Second 
Eastham H F. mariner, dwl 10 Perry 
Eastham William F. druggist, dwl 16 Perry 
EASTLAND JOSEPH G. secretary S. F. Gas 
Co. office SE cor First and Natoma, bds 
Lick House 
Eastman Allen F. carpenter 34 California, dwl 

SE cor California and Quincy 
Eastman Charles H. dwl 1010 Taylor 
Eastman Cyrus A. broker NW cor Montgomery 

and Jackson, dwl 28 Hawthorne 
Eastman F. R. dwl N s Ewer nr Mason 
EASTMAN {Frank) & GODFREY {WiUiam) 
Franklin Printing Office 415 Washington, 
dwl 1117 Taylor 
Eastman {Harrkon) & Keith ( Wm.) wood en- 
gravers SE cor Montgomery and California, 
dwl S s Clay bet Ycrba Buena and Taylor 
Eastman Julia Mrs. teacher, dwl 504 Dupont 
Eastman Lewis, dwl 1010 Taylor 
Eastman Thomas S. carriage dealer, dwl 1010 

Eastman Webster, carpenter, dwl 118 Sansom 
Eastman William H. carpenter California, dwl 

528 Pine 
Easton Ansel J. steam laundry Presidio Road 

nr Lagoon, res San Mateo County 
Easton Charles C. bds What Chee' House 
Easton Oliver W. asphaltum roofer, dwl 803 

Easton Rich'd L. stevedore, dwl rear 322 Vallejo 
Easton W. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Eatels Martin {Gill & E.) dwl SW cor Harrison 
and Main 



Eaton {Alexander) & Larkins ( Williayyi) carriage- 
makers NE corner Summer and Spring, dwl 
Mission nr First Avenue 

Eaton Benjamin B. carpenter, dwl 316 Ritch 

Eaton Charles S. book-keeper 708 Kearny, dwl 
King, Steamboat Point 

Eaton Cornelius J. mining, dwl 330 Tremont 

EATON EDWARD B. physician, office and dwl 
724 Mission 

Eaton Frederick W. clerk with Redington & Co. 
bds 27 Essex 

Eaton Henry B assayer with Harvey Harris & 
Co. dwl 1213 Powell 

Eaton Henry E. 720 Montgomery 

Eaton I. Ward {J. L. Riddle & Co.) dwl 24 Essex 

Eaton Lemuel P. broker, office Coso Silver Min- 
ing Co. 14 Stevenson, dwl SW cor Post and 

Eaton William L. melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 
119 Ellis 

Eayrs Harrison P. painter, dwl N s Sacramento 
bet Taylor and Jones 

Ebbesen Herman, clerk 247 Third 

Ebbets Arthur M. wood and coal yard 206 Sac- 
ramento, dwl 1405 Jones 

Ebbingliausen (K) & Doscher {F.) liquors NE 
cor Ninth and Brannan 

Ebbinghausen Henry, clerk with Koster & Co. 
cor Third and Howard 

Ebere E. (widow) lodgings 440 Bush 

Eccleson Christopher, blacksmith with Devoe & 
Co. dwl 151 Natoma 

Echagaray Jose, dwl SW cor Union and Taylor 

ECHART HENRY, billiard table manufactory 
730 Mont, dwl SW cor Dupont and Bdwy 

Eehevaria Jean, jeweler, dwl 605 Broadway 

Echevarrina Mariana, domestic, dwl SW corner 
Russ and Folsom 

Eck Florent, French cooperage 1235 Stockton 

Eckart Charles, jeweler, dwl Summer nr Mont 

Eckel F. printer, dwl 812 Sacramento 

Eckel J. N. homeopathic physician, office and 
dwl 917 Stockton 

Eckenberg William, rope maker S. F. Cordage 
Manufactory, dwl Potrero 

Eckenroth Joseph, wheelwright with Chas. Stein- 
weg, dwl Rassette Place nr Dupont 

Ecker George 0. salesman 505 Montgomery, dwl 
room 9 Armory Hall Building 

Eckersou Peter, varnisher, dwl Whitehall Ex- 

Eckert Christian, jeweler with Kamslor & Langer 
622 Clay 

Ecker {Frederick M.) & Caruthers ( George) car- 
penters N s Summer nr Montgomery, dwl 
Benton House 

Eckfeldt John M. assistant melter and refiner U. 
S. Brancli Mint, dwl 1013 Clay 

Eckhald M. bds Original House 

Eckhard William, porter with James Patrick & 
Co. dwl Jessie bet Second and Third 

Eckley George R. book-keeper with Sather & 
Church, dwl 713 Geary ♦• 

Eckley J. L. dwl 54 Third 

Eckley Joseph E. compositor Alta California 

ECKMAN JULIUS Rev. editor and publisher 
Gleaner, office 427 Com, and Harmonia 
School S s Sutter bet Dupont and Stockton 

Ecks Jacob {Mallets & E.) dwl Sierra Nevada 

Eckstein Solomon, dwl 1011 Jackson 
Baly Nichoas, cartman, dwl S s Clementina near 

Edds William, dwl 51 Everett 

EDDY {Alex.) & FULLER {Joseph W.) dancing 
academy Piatt's Hall 222 Montgomery and 
353 Third, dwl 130 Montgomery 

Eddy E. W. dwl Union Club 

Eddy James F. salesman with R. B. Gray & Co. 
dwl 627 Sutter 

Eddy James G. packer National Flour Mills, dwl 
67 Minna 

Eden Landing Line Packets, Clay Street Wharf 

Eden John {Hines & E.) dwl NE corner Chambers 
and Battery 

Eden John H. groceries NE cor Geary and Leav 

Edes Jos. {Herald and Mirror Co.) dwl 504 Bush 

Edgar George K. dwl rear 334 Third 

Edgar Michael J. {J. Macdonough Foard & Co.) 
dwl Washington nr Montgomery 

Edgar Thomas, works with Baker & Johnson, 
dwl 55 Sacramento 

Edgerly Eugene, porter, dwl 632 Vallejo 

IMgerly H. barkeeper 18 Clay 

Edgerly {N. B.) & Wickman {Wm.) ship chand- 
lers 407 East, dwl 827 Vallejo 

Edgerton George H. carpenter with F. D. Cottle, 
dv/1 N s California near Dupont 

Edgstrom Thomas, trunk and harness maker, 
dwl 28 Post 

Edington {George W.) & Sbarbero {Joseph) Astor 
Liquor Saloon 610 Clay 

Edler Francis, bar keeper, dwl 7 St. Marys PI 

Edlekamp B. drayman cor Steivart and Folsom 

Edmands L. P. clerk with Geo. F. Bragg & Co. 
bds 510 Pine 

Edmond Edward E. F. carpenter, dwl E s Du- 
pont near St. Marks 

Edmonds Charles J. musician, dwl 1514 Powell 

Edmonds Emma Miss, dwl 1514 Powell 

Edmonds George H. violinist Gilbert's Melodeon, 
dwl 1514 Powell 

Edmonds Sophia (widow) dwl 1514 Powell 

Edmonds William (colored) steward stmr Weber, 
dwl 743 Vallejo 

Edmonston Brook B. house builder, dwl S s Sut- 
ter bet Jones and Taylor 

Edmund Henry H. {Bowen & E.) dwl with Chas. 
F. Bowen 

Edouard H. cook at 508 Washington 

EDOUART ALEXANDER, photographic gal- 
lery 634 Washington, dwl 141 Silver 

Edward C. J. liquor merchant, office with A. P. 
Hotaling & Co. bds Tremont House 

Edward {Schaumel) & Marot {Julius) hatters 656 

Edwards A. L. salesman with J. H. Coghill & Co. 
315 Front, bds 906 Montgomery 

Edwards Alfred, drayman 307 Clay, dwl Clark 
bet Front and Davis 

Edwards Anna Mrs. dwl S s Hardie Place near 

Edwards A. S. agent Harazthy's Wines, dwl 618 

Edwards C. J. dwl SE cor Mont and Jackson 

Edwards E. Mrs. seamstress Shiel's Block 



Edwards (Edward) & Lynch (Michael) Exchange 
Saloon SW cor Davis and Broadway, dwl 
Twelfth bet Howard and Folsoni 
Fldwards Kliza Mrs. dress-niakiug '202i Second 
EDWARDS FRANK G. importer carpets, pa- 
per hangings, etc. 646 Clay, dwl 4 Wetmore 
Edwards George, cooper, dwl W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Edwards Henry, porter 216 California 
Edwards H. F. merchant, dwl SW cor Chestnut 

and Kea'-Tiy 
Edwards James, seaman, dwl 516 Stewart 
Edwards James, physician, office room 8 3d floor 

Express Building, dwl 77 Everett 
Edwards Jane Mrs. saloon 128 Pacific 
Edwards John, carpenter with J. W. Wissinger, 

bds Pacific Temperance House 
Edwards John Rev. professor City College, dwl 
S 8 Sacramento bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Edwards John L. clerk with B. G. St. John, dwl 

21 Beale 

Edwards Joseph C. clerk with Crosby & Dibblee, 

dwl 619 Bush 
Edwards Justin, carpenter, dwl 2024 Second 
Edwards L. B. general wharfinger, office 522 

Clfl}', dwl 619 Bush 
Edwards L. S. cooper at 117 Washington, dwl 

Drumm bet Jackson and Pacific 
Edwards Michael, machinist Miners' Foundry, 

dwl 18 Natoma 
Edwards P. at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mission 

Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Edwards Philander, nail maker S a Halleck near 

Edwards Thomas M. clerk with J. H. Coggeshall, 

dwl 1108 Taylor 
Edwards William, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Edwards William E. bellows maker with Corne- 
lius Van Ness, dwl 9 Hardie Place 
Edwards Wm. P. syrup maker with G. McFar- 

land 409 Merchant 
Edwin Sophie Miss, actress Metropolitan Theater 
Eells A. M. dwl 22 Stanly Place nr Harrison 
Eells George N. with R. S. Eells & Co. dwl 22 

Stanly Place 
Eells John S. salesman with R. S. Eells & Co. 

dwl 224 Second 
EELLS RUFUS S. & CO. importers carriages 

and materials NW cor Front and Pine, dwl 

22 Stanly Place nr Harrison 

Eells Thomas S. clerk with R. S. Eells & Co. dwl 

22 Stanly Place 
Effenger Joseph, cooper at 508 Davis 
P:FFEY WILLIAM, watciunaker 212 Montgom- 
ery, dwl NE cor Sutter and Jones 
Effingor Joseph F. brewer with Henry Hayen 
EfTord N. C. groceries and ship stores 309 East, 
dwl E s Dupout bet Lombard and Chestnut 
Egan Edward, foreman California Steam Naviga- 
tion Co.'s machine shop 14 Broadway, dwl 
E s Mason bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Egan Elizabeth Miss, domestic 1116 Stockton 
Egan John (Kelly &. E.) dwl 30 Everett 
Egan John, shoemaker with Sam'l Feldhoim 516 

Egan Michael, blacksmith California Steam Nav- 
igation Co.'s Works 14 Broadway 

Egan P. D. brick-layer, dwl N 8 Clementina bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Egan Patrick, laborer, dwl roar 421 Bryant 
Egan Patrick, brick-layer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Egan Thomas, laborer, dwl 227 Sutter 
Egan William, laborer, dwl 127 Silver 
Eger Albert, salesman with Auguste Helbing, 

dwl 227 Fourth 
Egery A. J. groceries NE cor Third and Har- 
rison, dwl 114 Natoma 
Egery Benjamin D. with A. J. Egery 
Egestorft' Henry, waiter American Hotel 
Egets George, confectionery manufactory 1120 

Eggart William, seaman, bds E s Main bet Fol- 

som and Harrison 
Egger Jacob, confectioner with Peter Job, dwl 

433 Pine 
Eggers Christopher ( Curtis & E.) dwl 620 Bdwy 
Eggers Ferdinand, groceries SE cor Hinckley 

and Dupont 
Eggers George, varnisher with Goodwin & Co. 

dwl Summer near Montgomery 
EGGERS (George II.) & CO. (Christian H. Voigt 

and Thomas Basse) wholesale groceries, pro- 
visions, etc. 210 California, dwl NW cor 

Folsom and Twelfth 
Eggers John, bar keeper cor East and "Washing- 
Eggers John, clerk with E. Drucker 
Eggert Herman (Pritzel & E.) dwl S s Bush bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Eggleston Addis, with Wadhams & Co. dwl with 

George Crawley, Brannan 
Eggleton George, teamster with Emile Grisar, 

dwl Black Poiut 
Eglen Eugene, porter 809 Montgomery, dwl 634 

Ehahard George, shoemaker, dwl 343 Kearny 
Ehale Oscar E. bds 311 Pacific 
Ehle John A. driver witli M. S. Osterhoudt & Co. 

dwl What Cheer House 
Ehle John D. milkman with George "W. Butler 
Ehle Oscar, bds 311 Pacfic 
Elders John, solicitor St. Louis Hotel, 11 Pacific 
Ehlers W. groceries SE cor Hinckley and Pinck- 

Ehlinger Louis, brewer with Hoelscher, Wieland 

& Co. 
Ehmann G. E. Hamburg Bakery 775 Mission 
Ehman Henr}', barber 1005 Dupont 
Ehrech C. broker, dwl W s Stone nr Washington 
Ehrenborg I. cigars 531 Sacramento 
Ehrenpfort C. Andreas, hair picker Metcalf 

Mills, dwl 135 Third 
Ehrenpfort Frederick, confectioner with M. Bern- 

heim, dwl 14 Third 
Ehrenpfort William, carpets 14 Third 
Ehret John M. shoemaker, dwl 230 Sutter 
Ehrhardt Daniel, bootmaker with Hinders & 

Sackmanu, dwl 542 California 
Ehrhart John, carpenter with James Scouler, 

dwl E s St. Marks Place 
Ehrhorn Adolphus (Hellmann Bros. & Co.) dwl 

28 Ellis 
Ehrlich Louis, clerk 518 Commercial 
Ehrlich M. merchant, dwl 1607 Powell 
Ehrlich Theodore, carrier California Democrat 



Ehrman George N. upholsterer with Charles M. 

Plum, dwl NV/ cor Natoma and Jane 
Ehrmann Valentine, carpenter 229 Suiter 
Eichas John, handcartraan cor Stock and Pac 
Eichen Christian, upholsterer with Selling, Marx 

& Co. dwl 508 Green 
Eidenmiller George, physician, office 1021 Du- 

pont SW cor Pacific 
Eidlecamp Bernard, wood yard SE cor Folsom 

and Stewart, dwl 424 Third 
Eidoncutter Edward, pantryman 626 Kearny 
Eilderman (Bernard) & Seipell {Feier) Frankhn 

Hotel SB cor Pacific and Sansom 
Einstein Abraham {Einstein Bros.) resides Balti- 
Einstein Mver {Einstein Bros.) resides Baltimore 
EINSTEIN BROTHERS {Zadock, Abraham and 
Myer) importers and jobbers boots and 
shoes 207 and 209 Battery, dwl 22 Geary 
Eiser A. dwl 134 Fourth , 
Eisen Augustus F. architect 16 Athenaeum Build- 
ing, dwl N s O'Farrell near Powell 
EISEN FRANCIS T. Pioneer Flour Mills 515 
Market, dwl Guerrero bet Sixteenth and 
Eisen George, miller Pioneer Flour Mills 515 

Eisen Nathan {Cohen & E.) 1016 Stockton, dwl 

SE cor Second and Howard 
Eisenbach Adolph, dwl 28 Third 
Eisenberg Isidor, merchant tailor 617 Wash 
Eisenberg Jacob, merchant tailor, bds St. Nicho- 
las Hotel 
Eishaes Y. jobber, dwl 815 Pacific 
Eisle Charles, with James Quinley 
Eisler Henry S. saddlery 127 Sansom, dwl 131 

Eisner Joseph, coal, dwl Steckler's Exchange 
Eitel Charles, pilot, dwl N s Tehama bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Eitel Henry, with Hobbs & Gilmore, dwl N s 

Tehama bet Fifth and Sixth 
Eitzman William, waiter, dwl with John Stege 
Eixner Annie J. Mrs. dress-maker 537 Kearny 
Eixner Joseph, painter, dwl 537 Kearny 
Ekenburgh Wdliam, laborer rope-walk, Potrero 
EL AM {Eobert H.) & HOWES {Edward K.) im- 
porters, jobbers, and manufacturers brooms, 
wood and willow ware, etc. 310 and 312 
Clay, dwl 720 Howard 
Elder Alexander, book-keeper with Gushee & 

Elder, dwl Clarissa Place nr Townsend 
Elder Alexander J. with Benj. P. Avery State 

Printing Office, dwl Dupont nr Market 
Elder James, clerk 642 Sacramento, dwl E s 

George bet Townsend and Brannan 
Elder William ( Gushee & E.) dwl Clarissa Place 

nr Townsend 
Elder William J. tinsmith with D. S. Weaver, 

dwl 1117 Kearny 
EL DORADO BUILDING, SE cor Washington 

and Kearny 
Eldred Horace, bds Chicago Hotel 
Eldred Samuel, machinist, dwl 528 Commercial 
ELDREDGE ALBERT S. Empire Warehouse 

18, 20, and 22 Beale 
Eldredge Charlotte (widow) bds 906 Mont 
Eldridge Eliza Mrs. millinery 404 Kearny 

Eldridge Joseph G. inspector 618 Washington 
Eldridge Robert, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Eldridge S. A. book-keeper 208 Clay, boards 6 

Eldridge Thomas R. translator with Peter Por- 

tois Naglee's Building 
Eldridge W. H. clerk Collection Dept Wells, Far- 
go & Co.'s Express, dwl 521 Pine 
Eldridge Wilson, baker 317 Sansom 
El Eco del Pacifico, daily (Spanish) B. Derbec 

proprietor, office 538 Sacramento 
E. Lee (Chinese) washing 708 Broadway 
EU M. Mrs. fruits 718 Dupont 
Elias Ansel, Winchester Market 330 Kearny, 

dwl 419 Howard 
Elias Raphael, bds 410 Sutter 
Ehas .-rimon & Co. ( Wolf Peter) dry goods 1118 

Elich John, coSee stand foot Market 
EUer Frank, bar keeper 510 Kearny 
Ellerkamp Benjamin, foreman Portmann Soap 

Factory San Bruno Road, bds at Factory 
Ellerhorst H. D. & Co. {Aug. C. Teiiman) produce 

commission 64 Clay, res Alameda Co. 
Ellert John, dyer, dwl 161 Minna 
Ellery Epes, Antiquarian Book Store 225 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 736 Folsom 
EUhorst Christian, deck hand stmr Chrysopolis 
Elliot Alex, seaman, bdii 101 Vallejo 
Elliot Charles, superintendent workmen Spring 

Valley W. W. Co. 
Elliot Charles E. student with Dr. E. S. Cooper, 

dwl 660 Mission 
Elliot George H. Lieutenant corps Engineers, 

office 37 Montgomery Block; dwl 429 Bryant 
Elliot S. F. Surgeon U. S A. office room 7 Court 

Block 636 Clay 
Elliot Thomas, laborer, bds 716 Battery 
Elliot Washington, music teacher, dwl 227 Jessie 
Elliott Alexander, bds What Clieer House 
Elliott Augustus C. carpenter, dwl W s Leaven- 
worth near California, rear 
Elliott Charles, foreman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

dwl 902 Jackson 
Elliott Charles D. carpenter, dwl 515 Bush 
Elliott Edward, with George H. Johnson, dwl 6 

Elliott E. E. melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 10 

Elliott E. W. dwl 683 Market 
Elliott F. A. principal Market and Fifth Street 

School, dwl 7 Anthony 
Elliott George, liquors 504 Washington, dwl 

Government House 
Elliott Gardner, carpenter, dwl 6 Quincy 
Elliott H. C. teamster 17 California, bds with T, 

L. Elliott 
Elliott Heman, teamster, dvl with Thomas L. 

Elliott Henry, mariner, dwl 326 Third 
Elliott John, ranchman San Bruno Road 6 miles 

from City Hall 
Elliott John N. teamster B. T. Chace <k Co. dwl 

SW cor Market and Beale 
Elliott Michael, laborer San Bruno Road 
Elliott Richard, importer hardware etc. 310 and 
312 Battery cor Commercial, dwl Ss Mission 
nr Second 



Elliott Thomas, cartman, dwl N a Lombard nr 

Elliott Thomas L. teamster, dwl N a Willow Av- 
enue bet LarkJD and Polk 
Elliott Thomas W. pliyaician, office and dwl 565 

Elliott T. L. teamster 17 California, dwl Ellis bet 

Larkin and Polk 
Ellis Aaron, fruit peddler, dwl 32 First 
Ellis Alfred J. dwl 1123 Stockton 
Ellis Andrew D. dwl 68 Everett 
Ellis C. B. fcurveyor and draughtsman, dwl 303 

Ellis Charles, porter 58 Clay, dwl NW cor Drumm 

and Clay 
Ellia David 11. with Leonard & McLennan, Par- 

rott's Building, dwl 825 "Washington 
Ellis Edward, groceries SW cor Brannaa and 

Ellis Edwd. H. book-keeper International Hotel 
Ellis Georfje, Second Strret Bakery 26 Second 
Ellis Henry H. policeman, dwl 406 Lombard nr 

Ellis Isaac, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mission 

Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Ellis J. bds Pacific Temperance House 
ELLIS JOHN S. Sheriff City and County San 

Francisco, office City Hall, dwl 560 Folsom 
Ellis Michael, laborer, dwl SE cor Front and 

Ellis Morris, tailor, dwl S s Valparaiso nr Mason 
Ellis Morris, tailor, dwl 1431 Dupont 
ELLIS MOSES & CO. {P. L. Wtaver) wholesale 

grocers 218 Front 
Ellis Nathaniel, driver Contra Costa Laundry, 

dwl 16 Quincy 
Ellis Samuel C. Deputy Sheriff Fourth District 

Court City Hall, dwl 560 Folsom 
Ellis Thomas, bds Benton House 
Ellison David, hostler 1018 Stockton 
Ellison William, boatman, dwl W a Front nr 

EUmaker Frederick S. Phoenix Wood and Coal 

Yard 13 Second 
Ellsworth Frank, office San Francisco City Direc- 
tory, 536 Washington, dwl 70 Clementina 

shingle machine manufactory 411 Mission, 

dwl 1307 Stockton 
ELLSWORTH TIMOTHY, lumber SE cor East 

and Market St. Wharf, dwl 39 South Park 
EUwood Frederick H. fruits 262 Third 
Elm Elisha, painter, dwl NE cor Davis and Clay 
Elm George, dwl NE cor Davis and Clay 
Elm John, machinist Union Foundry 
Elmore Abby C. Mrs. dwl 1013 Washington 
ELMORE M. G. & CO. {Horatio G. Finch) pro- 
prietors Eureka Match Factory 136 Bcale, 

and SE cor Market and Beale, dwl 729 Bush 
Eloesser Leo, book and job printing 517 Clay 

and 514 Com, dwl cor Sutter and Powell 
Elsasser Jonas S. clerk with Greenhood, New- 

bauer & Klein, dwl 207 Sansom 
Eltweter Francis, milk ranch San Bruno Road 

opposite Golden City Hotel 
Elvarda Raimond, handcartman cor Dupont and 

Elwell Frank, merchant tailor 118 Montgomery 

Elwood William P. driver Davis' Laundry 
ELY ALEXANltER, attorney at law, office rms 

15 and 16 WclU' Building cor Montgomery 

and Clay, dwl Lick House 
Ely George, express wagon, dwl N a Kent Place 

nr Mason 
Ely House, W s Third opposite Jessie 
Ely Hubbard C. M. book-keeper, dwl SW cor 

Stevenson and Third 
Emanuel Isaac, trader, dwl 1521 Stockton 
Emanuel Lewis, clothing and dry goods 517 Sac- 
ramento, dwl 1014 Stockton 
Emanuel (Lewis) & Co. {James F. Haley) bedstead 

manufactory 11 Beale nr Market, dwl SW 

cor Third and Minna 
Embury Janres W. dwl 1024 Stockton 
Emeric Joseph, real estate, dwl 606 Montgomery 
Emerson Charles F. carpenter, bds 623 Market 
Emerson E. Miss, teacher Primary Department 

Rincon School, dwl 423 Howard 
EMERSON GEORGE T. bookbinder and blank 

book manufacturer 623 Montgomery, dwl 

SE cor Sutter and Montgomery 
Emerson J. bds Benton House 
Emerson John A. salesman with J, L. Sanford, 

dwl 530 Bush 
Emerson Wm. 'longshoreman, bds 126 Pacific 
Emery {J. S.) & Bassett {Abner) SE cor Battery 

and Washington 
Emery M. Mrs. dwl 605 Broadway 
Emery {Charles G.) & Irwin {George H.) import- 
ers and jobbers cigars and tobacco 310 

Commercial, dwl Lick House 
Emery John, laborer with Joseph Pinkney 
Emery John G. fruits and confectionery 112 

Emery M. drayman, dwl 5 Central Place 
Emery Robert, upholstery 760 Clay 
Emery Shirley, clerk 11 Montgomery 
Emery Thomas, calker, bds 54 First 
Emich Charles M. tinsmith with E. Hagthrop, 

dwl 827 Bush 
Emmerick Frederick, cigar maker, dwl rear 522 

Emmerton William W. with Robert E. Hunter 
EMMET C. TEMPLE, attorney at law NW cor 

Montgomery and Commercial, dwl SE cor 

Washington and Powell 
Emory Campbell D. Lieutenant U. S. Army, dwl 

Emory Israel M. drayman 513 Front, dwl Pine 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Emory Joseph S. {San Francisco Macadamizing 

Co.) resides Oakland 
Emory Thatcher, drayman National Flour Mills, 

dwl 7 Front 
Emory William, express Wagon pier 2 Stewart 
EMPIRE BREWERY, Lyon & Co. proprietors 

159 Jessie 
Emrich Charles, butcher with John A. Zoller 
Emslie Charles, machinist 326 Pine, dwl Jane 

Place nr Mason 
Enas C. H. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Enas George H. waterman, bds with A. E. Prince 

Enas J. D. carrier Evening Bulletin 
Endes Alfred, drayman 53 Third 
Engel Henry, boatman, dwl SW cor East and 





Enjrel Philip, shoemaker, dwl 60 Second 

Eugel Rose Miss, domestic 302 Stockton 

Eugclberg (Einile A. ) & Wagner (Friderick) Ger- 
man Bakery and Coffee Saloon 416 Kearny 

BROTHERS {Adolph and Gusiave) cigar 
manufacturers and leaf tobacco 308 Com- 
mercial and 307 Clay, dwl 535 Mission 

Engelhard Kaspar, importer ladies', misses' and 
children's shoes 414 Sacramento 

Engelke Louis A. waiter, dwl E s Sonoma Place 
near Vallejo 

Engels Charles H. tinsmith with H. A. Engels 

Engels Henry A. stoves and tin ware 602 Mission 

Engemundsen Peter, miner, dwl rear S s Green 
bet Montgomery and Sausom 

Engert A. F. C. with "Wegener & Shoenbar, dwl 
519 Montgomery 

England Thomas, architect, room 14 528 Clay, 
dwl cor Larkin and Chestnut 

ENGLANDER A. produce fsommission 207 Clay, 
dwl 35 Natoma 

Englander Leopold, policeman City Hall, dwl 41 

Englander Max, drayman with A. S. Rosenbaum 
& Co. dwl N s Turk bet Mason and Taylor 

Englander Wilham, cigars, dwl 233 Post 

Englehardt Ferdinand, drayman, dwl 727 Davis 

Engelhardt F. Benjamin, groceries and liquors 
210 Stewart 

Engelhardt George, cooper at 106 Market 

Englehart William, waiter, bds 537 Pacific 

English George, painter with H. Hoag, dwl 
Hayes Valley 

English James, bar keeper 336 Montgomery, dwl 
614 Howard bet Second and Third 

English {Jerome A.) k Lathrop {John J.) black- 
smiths 203 Sansom, dwl SE cor Franklin 
and FeU 

English J. M. (if. & J. M. E.) dwl W s Fourth 
near Minna 

English John, bds 311 Pacific 

English John, porter with Reed & Mitchell, dwl 
Clinton Temperance House 

EngUsh Joseph, dwl 64 Everett 

English Laurence, baker with William Horr, bds 
304 Pacific 

English Michael, dwl 84 Everett 

English M. & J. M. grainers 542 Merchant, dwl 
W s Fourth near Minna 

English Thomas C. Captain 9th Infantry, dwl 

English William F. gardener N s Bernal Heights 

Engoist Alfred, dwl Laskie bet Folsom and 

Ennen {Herman) & Siegmundt {Charles H.) gro- 
ceries and liquors SE cor Kearny and Jack- 
son, dwl junction California and Market 

Ennen H. W. saloon SW cor Cal and Market 

Ennis Nicholas A. stevedore, dwl 828 Green 

Ennis Wilham J. baker American Bikery 715 

Enos Abraham T. contractor and builder, bds 

Oriental Hotel 
Enos Joseph D. carrier Bulletin, dwl 1603 Mason 
Enos Sarah M. Miss, bds 213 Broadway 
Enquist Alfred A. {Arrtold Linden & Co.) dwl 
Old Mission Road, Millers Garden 

Enright Daniel, laborer with F. S. Ellmaker 
Enright J. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Enright John, relortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Enright Patrick, steward Clipper Restaurant, dwl 

25 Jessie 
Enright William, plumber with E. M. Casey, bds 

Burnett House, Webb 
Ensberry Annie Miss, dwl 306 Broadway 
Ensberry George, Western Hotel 306 Broadway 
Enscoe Joseph, dwl 1705 Mason 
Enscoe Sarah Mrs. proprietress Brannan House 

NE cor Sansom and Bush 
Enson Edward, carpenter, bds 6 Sansom 
Enwright John, laborer, dwl 232 Minna 
Enwright W. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Ephraim Alexander B. dwl 360 Minna 
Epstein Simon, dwl 204 Stockton 
Epting Frederick, paper hanger, dwl 343 Kearny 

New York, Bigelow Bros, and Flint agents, 

NW cor Montgomery and Sacramento 
Equrin Margaret Miss, dwl 784 Folsom 
Eranovich A. handcartman cor Bdwy and Davis 
Erb Manuel, tailor 1303 Stockton 
ERBA GASPARD, modeler and ornamental 

plasterer 527 California, dwl 522 Cahfornia 
Erbe Frederick ( Greozinger & Co.) dwl N W cor 

Greenwich and Sansom 
Erich Ernst, dwl 214 Sansom 
Ericksen Cassimere, rope maker S. F. Cordage 

Manufactory, dwl Potrero 
Ericksen S. R. liquor saloon 10 Jackson 
Ericsson Andrew, cook, bds 13 Stewart 
Ericsson Olof, cabinet-maker with B. H. Freeman 

& Co. dwl 318 Vallejo 
Erkens W. & Co. {Peter Lakins) cabinet-makers 

606 Jackson, dwl 912 Pacific 
Erland Nicholas, captain sohooner H. D. EUer- 

horst. Clay St. Wharf 
Erley John, liquor saloon 671 Market 
Ermann John, baker, dwl N s Berry 
Ernst Herman, hides, wool and tallow, ofiQce 206 

Front, dwl 362 Brannan 
Ernst L. H. dwl 613 Kearny 
Ernst Voigt, with Selig & Co. 

hay, grain and feed, 24 Market 
Erskine M. C. mate bark Jane A. Falkinburg 

Clay Street Wharf 
Ervin Samuel, fireman, dwl W side Haywood 

near Louisa 
Erzgraber ( Wm.) & Goetjen {Nicholas) manufac- 
turers pickles, cider, vinegar, etc. 207 Davis, 

dwl 21 Anthony 
Esberg (Jf.) & Wilner {A.) cigars and tobacco 

305 Kearny 
Escaich Jacques, with Ortet Brothers, dwl 223 
* Leidesdorff 
Escaig Francis, butcher 523 Pine, dwl 407 

Escherich Hermann, carpenter Spring Valley W. 

W. Co. dwl 210 Sutter 
Escot Frangois, with Castera & Lacour, dwl E s 

Virginia nr Washington 
Esdale Patrick, calker, bds 54 First 
Esmeralda Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining 

Co. office 621 Clay 
Esmeralda Silver Mining Co. office 411 Clay 



Ksnault Au(rust {Finance & Co.) 837 Diipont 
Ksuer Alexis, Lafayette liook and Ladder Co. 

No. 2 
Estabrook Clmrlea D. clerk with M. L. Haas, dwl 

555 Mission 
Estabrook John, butter, cheese, etc. 20 Metro- 
politan Market, dwl 555 Mission 
F;stabrook W. W. store-keeper Appraisers' De- 

partnjent Custom House, dwl 555 Mission 
Esterle Mary A. B. Miss, dwl G3 Tehama 
Estrem (Joseph) & Worms {Solomon) clothing 
and rurni.shing goods 506 Washington, dwl 
629 Clay 
Etel Henry, box maker with Hobbs, Gilmore & 

Co. dwl Tehama nr Eighth 
Etique John P. blacksmith, dwl 407 Folsom 
Ettiuger Moritz, fringe maker with D. Norcross, 

dwl W s Monroe nr Bush 
Ettling Henry, clerk, dwl 1105 Powell 
Ettling Marcus, clerk, dwl 1105 Powell 
Eudes {Alfred) & Co. {Adrien Boquillon) hay and 

grain 53 Third 
Euler Frederick, draftsman Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

6-12 Howard 
Euler Henry, billiard table maker with Phelan & 

Hugiies, dwl 4 Clementina 
Euler Julius {Kruse & E.) dwl 904 Kearny 
Eure Peter, milk ranch SW cor Scott and Turk 
Eureka Flouring Mills, G. B. Reeve & Son pro- 
prietors, SE cor Powell and Francisco 
EUREKA IRON WORKS, William McKibbin 

proprietor 324 Pine 
EUREKA SOAP CO. {Albert W. Bee and Chas. 

F. Cook) 207 Sacramento 
10 and 11 Naglee's Building cor Montgom- 
ery and Merchant 
Eusden Mary Miss, teacher City Female College, 

dwl 13 Ellis 
EVANGEL, Revs. D. B. Cheney and H. Sawtelle 

editors, office 536 Clay 
Evans Albert S. dwl S s Stevenson bet Fifth and 

Evans Eliza F. (widow) NE cor Green and Taylor 
Evans Frank, third assistant engineer S. F. Fire 

Department, dwl Crescent Engine House 
Evans George T. professor music, dwl rooms 11 

and 12 NE cor Jackson and Kearny 
Evans Jno. apprentice machinist, bds 8 Anthony 
Evans John, liquor saloon Green near Van Ness 

Evans John, builder, dwl 517 Greenwich 
Evans John, farmer 2 miles W Hayes' Park 
Evans John, machinist Union Foundry 
Evans John, mason, bds 115 Stevenson 
Evans John R. ( Wilson d: E.) res Sacramento 
Evans Joseph, printer, dwl 1019 Powell 
Evans P. J. carpenter, dwl N side Olive Avenue 

bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 
Evans R. M. Commissioner Deeds Nevada Terri- 
tory 402 Montgomery, dwl NE cor Sansom 
and Caliibrnia 
Evans William {Mills & E.) dwl 6 Jane 
Evans William, blacksmith Miners' Foundry 
Evatt Daniel, bell-hanger, dwl 90 Stevenson 
Evatt Ellen (widow) dwl 90 Stevenson 
Evatt John, policeman City Hall, dwl 90 Ste- 

Evatt William J. hatter and doorkeeper Gilbert's 
Melodeon, dwl 90 Stevenson 

Kvoleth Do.xtor, teamster, dwl 800 Broadway 

Evoleth Dwight, porter with Fargo & Co. dwl 
806 Broadway 

Evelko Hugo, porter with J. G. Frisch & Co. dwl 
German Hall 

Evelyn Edward, drayman Alley S s Sansom bet 
Vallojo and Green 

EVENING BULLETIN, daily, weekly and 
steamer, San Francisco Bulletin Co. publish- 
ers and proprietors, office 620 Montgomery, 
editorial rooms 517 Clay 

EVENING JOURNAL, daily, A. C. Benham & 
Co. publishers and proprietors, office 532 

Evensen John N. with Thos. Lee, dwl S s Wash- 
ington nr Sansom 

Everard Christopher, liquor saloon 254 Stewart 

Everding Henry, with J. Everding k, Co. 

EVERDING J. & CO. {Jacob Link) manufactur- 
ers starch 64 Clay, dwl Water bet Mason 
and Taylor 

Everett A. P. commission merchant and auction- 
eer Victoria, bds Virginia Block 

Everist U. G. iron worker 15 Pacific 

Evers Charles, drayman 309 Sacramento, dwl N 
s Lewis bet Taylor and Jones 

Evers Frederick J. M. book-keeper with Hoel- 
scher, Wieland & Co. dwl 724 Howard bet 
Third and Fourth 

Evers Hermann C. grocery SE cor Vallejo and 

Everson Wallace, book-keeper with Deeth <k 
Starr 203 Sacramento, dwl (old No.) 186 Cal 

Evrard James, policeman City Hall, dwl S a 
O'Farrell bet Larkin and Hyde 

Ewald Antone, tailor, dwl 403 Bush 

Ewald Edward {Ciprico & E.) dwl NW cor Mc- 
Laren Lane and Howard 

Ewald John, hair dresser Washington Baths 624 

Ewalt Frederick (Frederick Zech & Co.) dwl E s 
Dupont bet Union and Green 

Ewell D. A. (Lennox <& E.) resides Marysville 

Ewell Luther J. (IIoios & E.) dwl 225 Clay 

Ewell P. D. F. (Lockwood, E. & Co.) dwl 822 Bush 

Ewing Andrew, dwl N 8 Francisco bet Kearny 
and Dupont 

Ewing Charles 6. with Levison Bros, dwl Silver 
near Fourth 

Bacon proprietors 536 Clay op Leidesdorflf 

Express Building, NE cor Montgomery and Cal 

Eyman Charles, dwl San Bruno Road near Flume 

Eyrand A. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

Eyraud Alexander, bar keeper 19 Kearny 

Eysley Charles, butcher with Joseph M. Quinley, 
bds 204 Second 

Faas William, cabinet-maker 239 Jackson, dwl 

209 Pacific 
Faass Henry, upholsterer, dwl 16 Sansom 
FABENS F. A. attorney at law 46 Montgomery 

Block, dwl W s Dupont bet Wash and Clay 



Fabre Francis A. bag maker with Shouds & Bro. 

dv\l \V s Davis nr Clay 
Fabry Leopold {Meyer & F.) dwl 569 Mission 
Fader Charles, lumber dealer, dwl W s Jane PI 

nr California 
Fagan James, lodgings 555 Market 
Fagan James, hostler with Porter & Flenner 
Fagan John, dwl E s Joues bet Turk aud Tyler 
Fagan John, laborer, dwl 58 Stevenson 
Fagan John, laborer with Jas. McDevitt 
Fagan John, deck hand stmr New World 
Fagan Lawrence, drayman, dwl 413 Bryant 
Fagan Luke, butcher, dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Larkin, rear 
Fagan Mary S. (widow) liquor saloon 585 Market 
Fagan Michael {Dekihanty, Skelly & Co.) dwl 29 

Fagan Michael, carriage painter with H. M. Shute 

& Bros, dwl Salmon nr Pacific 
Fagan Michael, drayman pier 5 Stewart, dwlNs 

Yallejo nr Polk 
Fagan Michael, laborer, bds 17 Stevenson 
Fagan Sarah Miss, dwl with James H. Swain 
Fagen T. P. physician, dwl 274 Minna 
Fahey Ann Mrs. dwl with Richard Smith 
FAHEY JOHN, miner, dwl 1502 Taylor 
Fahey Thomas, laborer, bds 706 Battery 
Fahrbach Christian F. grocery SE cor Montgom- 
ery and Pacific, dwl 435 Pacific 
Fahren Charles, groceries 40 Ritch cor Cleary 
Fahrenherci William, groceries 224 Third cor 

Faby John, harness maker with Chas. H. Mead, 

bds 135 Jackson 
Fairburn William, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Risdon, dwl N s Clementina nr Fourth 
Fairchild E. (widow) dwl 510 Front 
Fairchild G. W. sawyer with Hobbs, Gilmore & 

Co. dwl 47 Jane 
Fairchild Hiram, compositor, Eureka Typograph- 
ical Union Rooms 
Fairfield B. L. mariner, bds Franklin House 
Fairfield George 0. {G. M. Josselyn & Co.) dwl 

Shiel's Block 
Fairfield Josiah, seaman, dwl SE cor Jessie and 

Fair Haven Oil Co. office 215 First 
Fairley EUen D. seamstress, dwl 557 Harrison 
Fairman William B. dwl 510 Sacramento 
Faisandieu Louis, laborer, dwl 619 Yallejo 
Faivan Thomas, laborer, bds 903 Battery 
Faivre Autoine, baker with L. Malatesta 
Falco Alexander, watch-case maker with P. A. 

Giannini 622 Clay 
Falco Jean, blacksmith, dwl I John 
Falcy Jacques (Ze JRoux & F.) dwl rear 115 

Fales Edward, wood and coal S 3 Post bet Pow- 
ell and Mason 
Faley John, painter at 8 First 
Faline Margaret (widow) dress-making 744 Mkt 
Falk Adolph, cigars NE cor Montgomery and 

California, dwl Kearny 
Falk K. boarding 8 Central Place 
Falk Samuel, groceries SW cor Post and Powell, 

dwl 9 Stockton 
FALKENAU IGNACE, importer gold chains, 
1 bracelets, etc. room 3 629 Washington 

Falkenburg Henry, boarding and lodging 721 

Falkenburg Nelson H. dwl 48 Government House 
Falkensteiu (Henry) &. Co. (J/. Mtye)-f4d) import- 
ers and jobbers tobacco aud cigars 323 Front, 

dwl NE cor Third and Stevenson 
FALKNER {Evelyn R.) BELL {Jumes) k CO. 

{Henry D. Harrkon) conmii.-sion merchants, 

agents Lloyds, and insurance ftgents, office 

430 California, dwl 33 South Park 
Fall Edward, laborer, dwl rear 325 Yallejo 
Fallan Delia Miss, servant 106 Stockton 
Fallan Mathew, U. S. B. Mint room.=< 711 Dupont 
Fallon Charles, cooper, dwl 520 Mission 
Fallon Christopher, bakery 302 Pacific 
Fallon Jane A. domestic 41 Everett 
Fallon Joseph K. private school N s Grove bet 

Laguna and Octavia, Hayes Park, dw 1 503 

Fallon Mathew, melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 

Dupont bet Sacramento and Commercial 
Fallon Michael M. bo^k -keeper and collector 

with Larroclie & Loumes 
Fallon Sarah Mrs. dress-making 503 Broadway 

MINING CO. office 704 Washington 
Falter Clement, cook at 643 Washington 
Falvy Eugene, steward with J. G. Goldsmith cor 

Market and Stewart 
Fanger Edward, mashman Dow's Distillery 
Fanjoy William, painter, dwl E s Winters' Place 
Fanniman William, cabinet-maker Commercial 

nr Davis, bds 500 Mission 
Fannin Barney, laborer, bds 136 Natoma 
Fanning Annie Miss, domestic 324 Sutter 
Fanning Edward, contractor, dwl E s Powell bet 

Chistnut and Francisco 
Fanning Mary J. Miss, dress-maker, dwl 640 

Fanshaw John, carriage-maker, dwl 505 Jackson 
Fantou James, laborer, bds 716 Batterj- 
Fanton John, brick -layer, dwl S s Clementina nr 

Farbra Antonette Mrs. dwl 249 Fourth 
Farell M. F. 0. carpei ter, dwl N s Clementina 

bet First and Second 
Farelner Charles, meat wagon, dwl 1013 Mason 
FARGO {Calvin F.) & CO. {Jacob C. Wilmer- 

ding and Calvin W. Kellogg) importers and 

jobbers liquois 214 and 216 Front, dwl SW 

cor Montgomery and Bush 
Fargo Earl A. merchant, dwl 119 Dupont 
Fargo John, fireman steamer Chry>opolis 
Fargue John, fireman Sacramento steamer, dwl 

625 Vallejo 
Farhbach George, musician, dwl 715 .^tockton 
Paris W. W. teacher Union College, dwl 46 

Parish A. T. & Co. {L. B. Parish) wod brokers 

and commission merchants 128 Clay, dwl 
742 Folsom 
Parish L. B. {A. T. Farish <fc Co.) res Pacheco, 

Contra Costa County 
Farland Barnard, clerk, dwl 1519 Dupont 
Farland Barney L. painter, dwl 1519 Dupont 
Farland J. laborer San Francisco C. W. W. Co. 
Farland Margaret Miss, domestic Sansom Street 



Farlaud Owou W. hackmnn Plaza 

Farlev Frank, dwl "Frank's," old San Jo86 

Farley J. laliorer San Francisco C. W. W. Co. 
Farley J. workman Sprinp Valley W. W. Co. 
Farley James, baker, bds 70G Hattery 
Farley James, boots and slioes i;{'20 Stockton 
Farliy James, butcher with J. II. Marvin, bds 

5i:i Mission 
Farley James, laborer City Warehouse, bds Bat- 
tery bet Union and Vallejo 
Farley James, shoemaker 832 Pacific 
Farley John, dwl 612 Pacific 
Farley Jolia, with John Sullivan, dwl N s Ellis 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Farley M. bi akeman Market Street Railroad, dwl 

First Avenue, Mission Dolores 
Farley Owen, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mis- 
sion Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Farley Patrick, butcher, dwl NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Union 
Farley Patrick, stair builder with B. H. Freeman 

& Co. dwl 725 Union 
Farley Patrick, laborer Griffing's Warehouse, 

dwl W s Sausom bet Filbert and Union 
Farle}' Thomas, dwl Golden Age Hotel 
Farley Thomas, butcher, dwl Chestnut nr Polk 
Farley Thomas, teamster, bds 127 Pacific 
Farmar R. B. clerk with J. Bamber & Co. 719 

Davis, dwl 1713 Stockton 
Farmer Esther (widow) dwl 622 Battpry 
Farmer James, laborer San Bruno Road 
Farmer John, porter 415 Kast, dwl 144 Natoma 
Farmer Moses, barber, dwl 523 Battery 
Farmer Rebecca Miss, cigars and tobacco 1010 

Farmer Thomas, silversmith with Vanderslice & 

Co dwl Lincoln Avenue 
Farn John, sail-maker with A. Crawford, dwl 

Leidesdorff bet Clay and Commercial 
Farnham Charles, domestic with H. B. Piatt 
Farnham John W. captain brig Merchantman, 

pier 1 Stewart 
Farnsvvorth E. S" captain P. M. S. Orizaba, office 

NW cor Sacramento and Leidesdorff 
Farnsworth Francis, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 
Farnsworth Isaac L. carpenter, dwl 264 Minna 
Farnsworth John D. salesman with Johnston & 

Co. dwl S s Geary bet Hyde and Larkin 
Farnnni John N. ship-carpenter, dwl 340 Fremont 
Farnum Rebecca Miss, dwl 622 Battery 
Farnum W. II. broker, office 130 Clay, bds 1108 

Farqnhar G. draughtsman U. S. Coast Survey, 

schooner Marcy, dwl 22 Kearny 
Farquharson David (Kenilzer & F.) 428 Cal 
Fanjuharson J. molder Pacific Foundry, dwl cor 

Mission and Ninth 
Farquharson James, salesman with Fisher & Co. 

dwl SW cor Dupont and Washington 
Farr (Alonzu) & Dean ( W. Y.) proprietors Ter- 
minus House foot of Third 
Farr Mary Mrs. dwl with John P. Sullivan 
Farracy Corneliiis, deck hand steamer Cornelia 
Farrall John, laborer, dwl Rousch bet Folsom 

and Howard 
Farrall Mary J. (widow) washing, dwl N s Alta 
bet Montgomery and Sansom 

Farrall Philip, bar keeper with James Cummings 

712 Market 
Farran Charles J. with E. H. Parker, dwl 03 

Farran Margaret Miss, domestic 019 Bush 
Farran S. at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mission 

Hotel, Mis-sion Dolores 
Farran S. M. assistant City and County Survey- 
or, City Hall, dwl 03 Clementina 
Farrar Kdward, physician, office 4 Brenham 

Farrar Edwin H. printer, 1018 Kearny 
Farrell Annie, domestic, dwl 336 Vallejo 
FarroU Catherine (widow) dwl with Michael Do- 

Farrt-ll Edward, carpenter, dwl 4 Quincy 
Farrell Edward T. bag maker 113 Clay, dwl N a 

Union b.'t Montgomery and Sansom 
Farrell Francis, laborer, dwl 822 Vallejo, rear 
Farrell James, laborer with James McDevitt 
Farrell James, drayman 33 and 35 Battery, dwl 

Haywood near Folsom 
Farrell James, laborer Empire Brewery, dwl 159* 

Farrell James, sawyer, dwl 1036 Kearny 
Farrell James A. boatman foot Vallejo street, 

dwl SW cor Vallejo and Davis 
Farrell John, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Rousch bet Folsom and Howard 
Farrell John, harness maker with Main & Win- 
Farrell John, laborer, dwl S s Vallejo bet Sansom 

and Battery 
Farrell John, 'longshoreman, boards 313 Broad- 
Farrell John, painter at 8 First, bds 513 Mission 
Farrell John D. express wagon cor Sacramento 

and Front, dwl 26 Ecker 
Farrell John J. proprietor Mechanics' Hotel 539 

Farrell Marks, dwl 14 Natoma 
Farrell Michael, butcher SW cor Minna and 

Jane, bds Winlhrop House 
Farrell Michael, laborer 546 Clay 
Farrell Michael, porter U. S. Bonded Warehouse 

22 Battery, dwl 14 Natoma 
Farrell M. 0. dwl 214 Sansom 
Farrell Patrick, brick-layer, dwl W s Scotland 

near Greenwich 
Farrell Patrick, junk, dwl Alley S s Pacific bet 

Montgomor}'^ and Kearny 
Farrell Peter E. liquors NW cor Valencia and 

Farrell S. laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Farrell Sylvester, drayman for Turner Brothers, 

dwl 1019 Folsom 
Farrell Timothy A. teamster, dwl W s Clara 
Farrell W. B. dwl 778 Harrison 
Farren Anna Miss, with Wolf Fleisher 
Farren Charles J. insurance clerk with E. 11. 

Parker, dwl 63 Clementina 
Farren (Hmry) & Iliggins (James) upholsterer 

205 Fourth, dwl rear 535 Howard 
Farren John E. stevedore, dwl 775 Folsom 
Farren John W. {Gallagher & F.) dwl 102 Te- 
Farren Michael, laborer, dwl 229 Boale 
Farren Robert, organ builder, dwl 417 Filbert 



Farrer Albert, sawyer, dwl American Hotel 
Farrer Maximilian Rev. assistant pastor St. Bon- 
iface Church, dwl 122 Sutter 
Farrier J. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Farrgher John, laborer, dwl N s Stevenson bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Farrington Barney, gardener 316i Beale 
Farrington Charles L. cashier with Harvey Har- 
ris & Co. 509 Sacramento, dwl 860 Mission 
Farrington Elvin D., U. S. poll tax collector City 

Hall, dwl Sac bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Farris Timothy C. clerk with H. Lucke, dwl 231 

Farwell George, express wagon 425 Washington, 

dwl 46 Silver 
Farwell) ship chandlers 307 Clay, resides 
Farwell Joseph A. book-keeper with James D. 

Farwell & Co. dwl 929 Sacramento 
Farwell Willard B. U. S. Naval Officer Custom 

House, dwl 900 Powell - 
Farwell WiUiam H. \j. D. Farwell & Co.) dwl 

929 Sacramento 
Fasi Sophia Miss, teacher Mr. and Mrs. Planel's 

School 1018 Stockton 
FASSETT N. C. (Hale & Fassett, Pacheco) office 

NE cor Front and Clay, dwl 750 Folsom 
Fatz Jacob, trunk maker with Steele & Co. bds 

Irving House 
Faulber Anlone, teamster Meiggs Wharf 
Faulhaber Francis, produce, dwl S s Post bet 

Powell and Mason 
Faulkner George H. book-keeper with Geo. J. 

Brooks & Co. dwl 421 Dupont 
Faulkner George L. ( Wm. Faulkner & Son) res 

Clinton, Alameda Co. 
Faulkner J. M. Mrs. with McElwee & Acker- 
man, dwl NE cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Faulkner Jas. with Haste & Kirk, dwl Summer 

nr Kearny 
Faulkner Jas. assistant pilot stmr J. Bragdon, 

dwl 332 Green 
Faulkner John F. carriage painter with Albert 

Folsom, dwl 20 Hunt 
Faulkner P. F. {Hopper & F.) dwl 43 Ritch 
Faulkner Wm. & Son ( Geo. L. Faulkner) agents 
N. E. Fire Ins. Co. and Conner & Sons 
New York, 528 Sansom, res Clinton, Ala- 
meda Co. 
Faures {F. C.) & Reynolds (Wm.) custom house 
brokers 413 Wash, dwl S s Lombard nr 
Fave Julius, cook 507 Washington 
Favor Frank, painter, dwl 683 Market 
Favor Jas. H. sash maker with J. McGill & Co. 

dwl 39 Second 
Favre (A. Romain) k MendessoUe {Bmj.) im- 
porters of French brandies, liquors, fruits, 
olive oil etc. 434 Jackson 
Faxon Wm. H. vocalist, dwl 8 Hardie Place 
Fay A. Burgess {Jenkins & F.) dwl Rock Hill, 

milk ranch old San Jose Road 
Fay Barley, painter with Albert Folsom, dwl S s 

Pacific bet Front and Davis 
Fay Catherine, domestic 440 Second 
Fay Charles, cook 24 Sansom 
Fay Chas. printer Police Gazette, dwl 826 Jack 

FAY C. T. & CO. commission merchants, office 

215 Front, dwl 218 Bush 
Fay Edward, chief engineer P. M. S. Sonora 
Fay Geo. clerk with Hellmann Bros. & Co. dwl 

835 Sacramento 
Fay John, soap manufacturer 810 Greenwich 
Fay John J. engineer S. S. Panama 407 Wash 
Fay Mary (widow) dwl 10 Sherwood Place 
Fay Mary Ann Miss, dwl with Fred. Nolting, 

Fay Michael H. steward United States Restau- 
rant, dwl 10 Sherwood Place 
Fay Newton, folder Chelsea Laundry 435 Bran- 
Fay Patrick, shoemaker, dwl W s VaUejo Place 

nr VaUejo 
Fay PhiUip S. clerk 718 Montgomery, dwl SW 

cor Montgomery and Bush 
Fay T. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Fay Thomas P. laborer, dwl 715 Tehama 
Fay Wm. J. cigars 718 Montgomery 
Fayard Jean B. tailor, dwl 603 Montgomery 
Fayard {Jean B jr.) & Constant {Hubert) hair- 
dressers and wig makers 603 Montgomery 
Feagan John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Fealey Dennis W. butcher at 512 Davis 
Feary James, molder Union Foundry 
Featlierly Henry, butcher, dwl 1011 Pacific 
Featherly Jacob, clerk 2 Washington Market, 

dwl 1011 Pacific 
Fedler Pajjl, carpenter Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Fee David F. engineer stmr Enterprise, dwl N s 

Union nr Kearny 
Fee Henry, iron molder, dwl 114 Bush 
Feeder K. {F. Asher <fe Co.) dwl 521 East 
Feehan John, groceries and liquors 142 and 144 

First cor Natoma 
Feehan William, packer, dwl 142 First 
Feely Jas. dwl W side Larkin bet VaUejo and 

Feely John, driver Los Angeles Stage Co. 732 

Feely Joseph, laborer, dwl with John Powers 
Feely Thomas, hostler with B. O'Donnell 
Feeney Martin, laborer, dwl N s Hayes bet Van 

Ness Avenue and Polk, Hayes Park 
Feeney Michael, laborer, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Feeney Nicholas, horse-shoer with Brannan & 

Dunnigan, dwl Spring nr California 
Feeney Wm. butcher with Wm. McGarvey & 

Co. dwl Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Feeney Wm. saloon SE cor Wash and Dupont 
Feeny Barney, with WiUiam Smith 
Feeny James, laborer C. H. dwl 54 Natoma 
Feeny John, job wagon cor Bdwy and Dupont 
Feeny Patrick asphaltum roofer, dwl 55 Ste- 
Feeny Patrick, tailor with Heuston, Hastings & 

Co. dwl 212 Pacific 
Fegan John, melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl cor 

Pacific and Dupont 
Fegan Michael, Third, dwl 227 Jessie 
Fehlmenn Edward, book-keeper with Henry 

Schroder & Co. dwl 1507 Stockton 
Feig Benj. jeweler with Baldwin & Crane 516 

Feige Richard, waiter Globe Hotel 



Feirieman Bernard, NW cor Green and Larkin 
Feist Jos. tnilor, dwl Alloy S 8 Sanaom bet 

Broadway iind Pacific 
Foix John, mcltcr, dwl 825 Greenwich 

fancy goods and toys 207 Montgomery, dwl 

30ti Minna 
Feldhoim Samuel, boots and shoes 516 California 
Feldiuann Louis, grocery NE cor Green and 

Feldinann P. N. clerk with John F. Ortman 
Felgines Mary (widow) liquors 19 Kearny 
Felbc Frederick, butcher with Henry A. Miller 
Felix Jacob, baker NK cor Dupont and Union 
Felix John, waiter, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Felker Henry, bds 741 Market 
Felker Henry, carpenter, dwl 64 Tehama 
Felker L. M. mariner, dwl SW cor Mason and 

Felker William, carpenter, dwl 64 Tehama 
Felker William, ship-carpenter, bds 56 Stewart 
Fell Caroline Mrs. dwl 1107 Mason 
Fell E. L. hydraulic house-raiser, ofiSce. S s 

Halleck near Leidesdorff 
Fella Charles, printer with Ciiarles F. Robbins & 

Co. dwl SW cor Sac and Yerba Buena 
Fella Placidus, books and stationery 224 Kearny, 

dwl 115 Geary 
Fellon C. J. oil bleacher with Bailey & Harrison 
Fellows David, milk ranch S s Presidio Road 

opposite Presidio 
Fellows L. B. (widow) 516 Pine 
Felsenthal Philip, clothing 34 Third, dwl 643 

Felt I. W. book-keeper with Haynes & Lawton, 

dwl 913 Sacramento 
Felton John B. ( Wfiilcomb, Fr ingle <fc i^) dwl7l7 

Fenck Henry, cook 540 California 
Fenck Christian, saloon 752 Market 
Fendenck Charles, artist, dwl 445 Bush 
Fenkhausen A. liquors 321 Kearny, dwl E s 

Mason bet Broadway and Green 
Fenn Charles M. student with Dr. H. H. Toland, 

dwl SW cor Montgomery and Merchant 
Fenn Elizabeth Miss, saloon 626 Jackson 
Fenn Frederick C. M. cjjrd engraver, silver plater, 

etc. 151 Second 
Fenn Lyman, carpenter, dwl N s Post bet Jones 

and Taylor 
Fennel Henry, shoemaker 322 Dupont 
Fennell D. bds What Cheer House 
Fennell Michael {J. A. Cardinell & Co.) con- 
tractor, dwl W s First Avenue nr Sixteenth 
Fenneman William, cabinet-maker 111 Com 
Fenner Charles, painter with Donovan & Dun- 

phy, dwl 640 Commercial 
Fenner ( William) Russell {James F.) & Co {S. 

W. Castle) auction and commission 720 Mont 
Fennin Luc}^ domestic with Henry Hughes 
Fenstermacher Martin, carpenter, dwl 19 Dupont 
Fenton Edward, machinist Union Foundry, dwl 

410 Folsom 
Fenton James, laborer Omnibus Railroad 
Fenton John J. drayman with Wegener & Shoen- 

bar, dwl W s Hyde bet Wash and Jackson 
Fenton Ormsby, laborer, dwl S 8 Eleventh bet 

Folsom and Harrison 

Fenton Samuel, molder California Foundry, dwl 

410 Folsom 
Fenton William, fancy goods 237 Third 
Fenton William, compositor Bulletin, dwl 235 

Forbour John, dwl Whitehall Exchange 
Fere John, peddler, dwl 541 Vallejo 
Feret Ferdinand, teacher music Union College 

236 Second, dwl G12 Pino 
Ferguson A. dwl with John WiUia 
Ferguson Caroline (widow) boarding 568 Mission 
Ferguson David, drayman 405 Sansom, dwl 1326 

Ferguson George, carpenter, dwl E s Miles Court 

near California 
FERGUSON GEORGE 1^. & CO. {Frederick Col- 
lier) Tattersall Livery and Sale Staliles SE 

cor Sacramento and Kearny, dwl 622 Sac 
Ferguson James P. ship-carpenter, dwl Zoe PI 
Ferguson William, coS'ee stand SW cor Stewart 

and Market 
FERNALD DAVID L. blacksmith 306 Pine, 

dwl W H Kimball near Sacramento 
Fernald E. P. Miss, V. P. Primary Deparment 

Rincon School, dwl 329 Fremont 
Fernald Horace F. box maker with Hobbs. Gil- 
more & Co. dwl 66 Jessie 
Fernald Joseph S. F. dwl with David L. Fernald 
Fernald Robert, carpenter, dwl 105 Sausora 
Fernandez Senora B. boarding and lodging W s 

Powell bet Jackson and Pacific 
Fernbach Joseph, shoemaker 125 Bush, dwl 420 

Fernier Mary, liquors 49 Sacramento 
Ferrair Antonio, dwl 528 Bush 
Ferral Walter, pressman Commercial Printing 

Office, dwl SE cor Bush and Sansom 
Ferran Andrew, fislierman, dwlW s Drumm bet 

Clay and Washington 
Ferrari G. job wagon cor Vallejo and Dupont 
Ferraro John, waiter steamer Xew World 
Ferras Henry ( Villeneuve & F.) dwl 1121 Dupont 
Ferrenbach Henry, jeweler 1024 Dupont 
Ferrenbach Otto, jeweler, dwl 412 Green 
Ferrer Manuel Y. guitarist and teacher music 

1709 Powell 
Ferrey John, laborer with Michael Higgins 
Ferrior James, carpenter with Ilargitt & Reese, 

dwl W s Dupont bet Bush and Sutter 
Ferris D. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Ferris {David) & White {Matthew) boots and 

shoes 530 Commercial, dwl 251 Beale 
Ferris David C. salesman with Wm. Meyer & Co. 

dwl 625 Harrison 
Ferris J. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Ferris John, hostler, bds 214 First 
Ferris Joseph, carpenter Spring Valley Water 

Works Co. 
Ferris Patrick, laborer, bds 716 Battery 
Ferris Richard, clerk 508- Montgomery, dwl 8 

Armory Hall Building 
Ferris Timothy, clerk with H. Lucke, dwl 231 

Ferris Walter H. carriage painter withS. D. Hen- 

drickson, dwl Bay State House 
Ferris William H. carriage painter, dwl NE cor 

Front and Sacramento 
Fescell Felix, dwl 22 St. Charles 



Fesil F. T. {McLaughlin & F.) dwl 529 Mission 
Fessender Mary C. Miss, secretary Ladies' Pro- 
tection and Relief Society, dwl 615 Harrison 
Fette Frederick, cigar maker, dwl S s Berry 
Fety Claudius B. {Champrony & F.) dwl 249 

FEUERSTEIN R. & CO. hides and wool 212 

Feuhner Adam, baker with Charles Frank 
Feusier Edwr.rd D. {Feusier& <Son) dwl Chestnut 

near Stockton 
FEUSIER {Henry) & SON {Edward D. Feusier) 

commission merchants, office room 5 405 

Front, and Louis Feusier & Co. Virginia 

City, N. T. dwl Chestnut nr Stockton 
Feusier Lewis, tuismith, dwl SE cor Jackson and 

Feusier Lewis jr. tinsmith, dwl Chestnut near 

Feusier Louis & Co. {Feusier & Son) merchants, 

Virginia City, N. T. office room 5 403 Front 
Fey Catharine (widow) dwl-S Virginia Place 
Fey Henry, shoemaker, dwl 7 Virginia Place 
Fichtner Charles, saw maker, S side Folsom bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Pick Joseph, gunsmith with W. Harris, dwl St. 

Mary nr California 
Fick John F. porter with J. R. Stewart & Co. 

dwl 704 Front 
Fickett Charles L. carpenter, dwl 639 Mission 
Fieckar Joanna, domestic 348 First 
Field Albert E. assistant store-keeper Custom 

House, dwl N s Vallejo bet Mont and San 
Field B. 0. real estate, dwl Tehama House 
Field Charles, foreman with A. Brooks, dw 1327 

Field Edward X. clothing 419 Washington, dwl 

N s Eddy bet Larkin and Hyde 
Field Francis, waiter, bds 206 Pacific 
FIELD {Hampton E.) & SHEPSTON {John A.) 

Market Street Restaurant 619 Market 
Field John P. printer with Bell & Freeman, dwl 

cor Fourth and Brannan 
Field Laura E. Miss, teacher Bush St. School, 

dwl Sutter nr Taylor 
Field Samuel, night waiter at 508 Washington 
Field Silas C. real estate, dwl S\V cor Bryant and 

Field Timothy, umbrella repairer 835 Wash 
Field WiUiam A. {Hinckley 6c Co.) dwl N s Ste- 
venson bet Sixth and Seventh 
Fieldbush J. D. National Bakery 765 Mission 
Fielding F. carpenter Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Fields John, dwl XW cor Pacific and Davis 
Fields Samuel, coppersmith, dwl 424 Broadway 
Fields Thomas, butcher, dwl NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Union 
Fields Wilham, molder, dwl 214 First 
Fielska Joanna Miss, dwl SW cor Union and 

Fiex John, melter U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 825, 

Fife Patrick, laborer Omnibus R R. Co. 
Fifield Albert B. milk ranch S s Broadway near 

Fifield Samuel, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Figarro Bertronela Miss, dwl 645 Broadway 
Fige Alexai^der, clothing 935 Kearny 

Figel Joseph, salesman with Isaac Joseph & Co. 

dwl 14 Stockton 
Figge Henry, carpenter, bds 336 Bush 
Figuera Louis, ranchero, dwl 801 Clay 
Fileo John, wheelwright 704 Broadway, dwl N s 

John nr Powell 
Fillebrown James, carpenter, dwl S side Tehama 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Filoucheau Matthieu, porter 508 Jackson, dwl 

Market bet Kearny and Dupont 
Finan Bartholomew, shoemaker 111 Leidesdorff 
Finance {Alex.) & Co. {Aug. EsnauU and Peter 

Bajo) coffee saloon 837 Dupont 
Finberg Aaron, jewelry 222 Pacific 
Fin berg Lewis, jeweler with Baldwin & Crane 

516 Clay 
Finch Cullen D. salesman with John C. Bell, dwl 

22 John 
Finch Duncan, dwl 783 Folsom 
Finch Horatio G. {M. G. Elmore & Co.) res St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Finch J. H. feed, wood and coal 765 and 767 

Finch William H. clerk with Holcombe Bros. 

dwl 22 John 
Finck Joseph {Broivning & F.) 834 Kearny 
Findiesen Augustus, cabinet-maker, dwl 202 

FINDLA JAMES, coal NE corPme and Battery, 

dwl 45 South Park 
Finegan James C. tinsmith with J. W. Brittan, 

dwl 5 Minna 
Finerty Peter, brick-layer, dwl SE cor Natoma 

aud Mary 
Finigan Holmes, physician and surgeon, office 

758 Clay, dwl 127 St. Marks Place 
Finigan John, pantryman stmr New World 
Finigan P. A. teamster What Cheer House 
Fink Augustus {Broivning & F.) dv;\ 834 Kearny 
Fink Conrad, hair dresser 117 Leidesdorfl^ dwl 

814 Montgomery 
Fink Edward, clerk with J. G. Frisch & Co. dwl 

Broadway bet Stockton and Powell 
Fink Henry, miner, dwl N s Berry 
Fink {James L.) k Sutton {Charles jr.) clothing 

and gents' furnishing goods 538 Clay, dwl 

Government House . 
Fink M. bds Benton House 
Fink Nancy (widow) with Julia A. Smith 
Fink P. Augusta Miss, with Julia A. Smith 
Fink William, at Union Brewery Folsom near 

Finkensted Henry, porter 404 Front 
Finkler Carl C. attorney at law, office rooms 38 

and 39 Metropolitan Blk, dwl 428 Greenwich 
Finley Eli G. express wagon, dwl SE cor Willow 

Avenue and Polk 
Finley Francis, butcher, dwl SE cor Willow Ay 

and Polk 
Finley George, job wagon cor Davis and Vallejo 
Finley Hamilton, plasterer, dwl N s Valparaiso 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Finley John, teamster with Bridge & Loring, dwl 

31 Beale 
Finley John B. hostler, dwl 31 Beale 
Finley M. bds Original House 
Finley Richard, stock dealer, dwl W s Fifth bet 

Howard and Tehama 



Finloy Thomas K. bar keeper with F. E. Vonder- 

raeden, dwl 29 lliuvtliorno 
Finn D. AuKustus, hiborer with Agnew & Deffe- 

bach, dwl .{22 Vallejo 
Finn David, dwl 322 Vallejo 
Finn ?]dward, teamster with B. G. St. John, dwl 

E s Russ bet Howard and Folsom 
Finn ICdward J. saddler with N. Weaver, dwl 

665 Mission 
Finn James, drayman 13 Stewart, dwl S s Na- 

toma bet Fifth and Sixth 
Finn Jeremiah, drayman Pacific Foundry, dwl 

417 Bryant 
Finn Patrick, flreman S. F. Ga8 Co. dwl rear 513 

Finn Tiiomas, job wagon 404 Battery 
Finn William, harness maker, dwl 657 Mission 
Finnan Margaret, cook, bds 206 Pacific 
Finnegan Anna Miss, cook 115 First 
Finnegan James 0. tinsmith, dwl 5 Mmna 
Finnegan Margaret Miss, domestic Metropolitan 

Finnegan Michael {Doody dc F.) dwl 775 Folsom 
Finnegan Peter, with Jas. Bates, dwl 280 Minna 
Finnerin Ann Miss, domestic 510 Sutter 
Finuertv Thomas, assistant melter U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl 723 Vallejo 
Finney James, pyrotechnist with 0. F. Giffin & 

Finney Joseph, carpenter, dwl 105 Sansom 
Finney Michael, laborer, dwl S s Green bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Finnicks Isaac (colored) drayman SE cor San 

and Clay, dwl E s Bat bet Pac and Bdwy 
Finnigan Ann Miss, domestic 1517 Mason 
Finnigan James C. tinsmith, dwl 7 Minna 
Finnigan Peter A. omnibus driver What Cheer 

House, dwl 10 Prospect Place 
lyn, N. Y. C. A. Low & Co. agents 426 Cali- 
FIRE WARDENS S. F. Fire Department, office 

3d floor City Hall 
Firetag Adolpli, dwl 119 Kearny 
First North Extension Esmeralda Mining Co. 

office 621 Clay 
Firth Josiah, wool puller,- dwl nr old San Bruno 

Race Track 
Fischbeck Herman {Fischbeck & Brother) dwl 1000 

Fischbeck {John R.) & Brother {Herman Fisch- 
beck) groceries and liquors 1000 Pacific 
Pischel A. porter 316 Sacramento, dwl American 

Fischel Bernard, porter, dwl American Hotel 
FISCHER CHARLES, importer, commission 
merchant and Consul for Austria, office 515 
Jackson, dwl SH cor Bush and Dupout 
Fischer Charles, leader orchestra American The- 
Fischer Charles H. bar keeper 812 Kearny 
Fischer Emilio M. actress German Theater, dwl 

Ellis bet Mason and Powell 
Fischer Max, wheelwright, bds 323 Pine 
Fischer Nicholas, barber witli Louis Dobolmann, 

dwl 27 Second 
Fish Edward N. {Turner &F.) dwl NE cor Leav- 
enworth and O'Farrell 

Fish {Henry L.) k Richards {Samuel S.) Ham- 
mond Cement Roofing Co. S 8 Brauuan bet 
• Fiah and Sixth 

Fish J. T. dwl 683 Market 

Fish William II. printer with Eastman & Godfrey, 
dwl NW cor Mason and Union 

Fishbeck Henry, clerk 1000 Folsom 

FISHBOURNK ROBKRT W. lithographer, en- 
graver and printer 529 Clay, dwl E 8 Ohio 
bet Broadway and Jackson 

Fishel B. handcartman cor Battery and Sac 

Fishel Charles, salesman with M. Kohn & Co. 
dwl 640 Folsom 

Fishel William (J/. Kohn& Co.) dwl 640 Folsom 

Fisher Albert, liquors near Brannan St. Bridge, 

Fisher Albert K. captain schooner H. T. Clay, 20 

Fisher Amelia Mrs. lodgings, 812 Clay 

Fisher Augustus A. {Fisher & Co.) res Bethel, 

Fisher Benjamin, team.ster, dwl rear 11 Front 

Fisher {Benjamin A.) & Jameson {Henry A.) 
wheelwrights and blacksmiths 125 Sansom, 
dwl 107 Sansom 

Fisher Beriah P. carpenter, dwl W s Williams 
near O'Farrell 

Fisher B. H, job wagon 722 Montgomery 

Fisher Brownhardt, private school 206 Dupont 

Fisher C. S. drayman with McNear & Bros, bds 
62 Clay 

Fisher Charles, musician, dwl 118 Ellis 

FISHER (C//a/-fcs A.) & CO. {Augtistus A. Fisher) 
hatters NE cor Montgomery and Commer- 
cial, dwl 1309 Taylor 

Fisher Charles F. 'longshoreman, dwl W s San- 
som bet Union and Filbert 

Fisher Charles II. (colored) bootblack 543 Mer- 
chant, dwl 429 Union 

Fisher Edward, boiler maker with Cofiey & Ris- 
don, bds Branch Hotel 

FISHER GEORGE, Justice of the Peace Fifth 
Township, office 613 Market, dwl 207 Minna 

Fisher George, book-keeper, dwl 1102 Taylor 

Fisher George H. bds What Cheer House 

Fisher George W. book-keeper with Crane & 
Brigham, dwl 716 Stockton 

Fisher Henry, plasterer, dwl 688 Geary 

Fisher Heniy B. {C. W. Curtis & Co.) dwl 915 

Fisher Henry C. book-keeper with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. cor First and Market, dwl Irving 

Fisher Henry J. melter with G. W. Bell, dwl E 
s Auburn nr Pacific 

Fisher John M. melter with G. W. Bell, dwl 512 

Fisher Lamar W. {John Sime dc Co.) dwl 49 South 

FISHER LUTHER P. advertising and news- 
• paper agency, room 4 629 Washington, dwl 
812 Bush 

Fisher Malcom ( Weller & F.) dwl 561 Mission 

Fisher Martha Miss, dwl 715 Filbert 

Fisher Max, wheelwright with Charles Steinweg, 
dwl 110 Washington 

Fisher Morris, job cart cor Battery and Jackson, 
dwl W s Jones bet Post and Suttet 



Fisher MjTon B. wool grader with Clark & Per- 
kins, bds Railroad House 
Fisher Obed F. boarding Clark below Front • 
Fisher P. proprietor Fisher House S s Clark bet 

Front and Davis 
Fisher Peter, brewer, bds with J. F. Gluck 
Fisher Philip I. book-keeper with Levi Strauss & 

Co. dvvl 22 Montgomery 
Fisher Sidney W. clerk Forwarding Department 

"Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, dwl 614 Cal 
Fishier George, merchant, dwl 124 Second 
Fishier Hannah Mrs. millinery and fancy goods 

124 Second 
Fisk Royal, commission merchant, oflBce SE cor 

Front and Sac, bds with E. W. Wiley 
Fiske Edward S. (H. G. & E. S. F.) dwl W s 

Mason bet California and Pine 
Fiske H. G. & E. S. metal roofers and tinsmiths 

820 Kearny, dwl W s Mason nr California 
Fitch Benjamin J. dwl 730 Kearny 
Fitch C. L. {F. Coy & Co.) res Encinal, Alameda 
Fitch George jr. driver with T. A. White 
FITCH GEORGE K. {San Francisco Bulletin 

Co.) dwl 317 Sutter ' 
Fitch George "W. miner, dwl NW cor Pine and 

Fitch John, baker at 203 Sacramento 
Fitch John (colored) porter with Holladay & 

Flint, dwl 14 Ritch . 
Fitch J. R. cashier with Banks & Davis, dwl 636 

Fitch Wm. S. attorney at law, dwl 536 Jackson 
Fite John, carpenter "W s Stockton bet Clay and 

Washington, bds Benton House 
Fitschen George, bar keeper 423 East 
Fitter Eibe H. California Saloon SW cor Clay 

and Davis 
Fitter Sophie Miss, dwl 545 Folsom 
Fitts C. laborer San Francisco City "W. W. Co. 
Fitz Ann M. (widow) dwl 1111 Kearny 
Fitz Jnsiah, baker 114 Third, dwl Metropolitan 

Fitzakley Joseph, porter with Selling, Marx & 

Co. dwl Mission bet First and Fremont 
Fitzgerald Annie, domestic with G. A. Worn 
Fitzgerald Austin, tailor 10 St. Charles 
Fitzgerald Charles, fireman P. M. S. S. Golden 

Age, dwl 5 Natoma, rear 
Fitzgerald Christopher, brick-layer, dwl SE cor 

Natoma and Mary 
Fitzgerald Elisha, machinist, dwl E s Sacramento 

bet Powell and Mason 
Fitzgerald Ellen Miss, servant 104 Stockton 
Fitzgerald George, Flora Temple Lodgings 813 

Fitzgerald George L. engineer 215 Sansom 
Fitzgerald Geo. R. house-mover, dwl 201 Fourth 
Fitzgerald Helen Miss, dwl with John Wightman 
Fitzgerald Henry, keoper County Jail, dwl N s 

Pacific bet Taylor and Jones 
Fitzgerald James, boatman, dwl NE cor Green 

and Sansom 
Fitzgerald James, carriage painter with George 

P. Kimball & Co. bds 721 Market 
Fitzgerald James, hatter, dwl 630 Green 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, dwl W s William bet 

Geary and Post 
Fitzgerald Jno. laborer Lone Mountain Cemetery 

Fitzgerald John, bar keeper NB cor Pacific and 

Fitzgerald John, laundryman, dwl N s Broadway 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, dwl 208 Sutter 
Fitzgerald Maurice, tinsmith with G. & W. 

Snook, dwl W s Ohio bet Bdwy and Pacific 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, dwl E s Salmon bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Fitzgerald Michael, machinist Fulton Foundry, 

dwl 4 Pennsylvania Avenue 
Fitzgerald Michael, painter, dwl 1816 Stockton 
Fitzgerald Morris, laborer with March, Jones & 

Co. bds Broadway House 
Fitzgerald 0. P. Rev. dwl 224 Post 
Fitzgerald Patrick, bar keeper, bds 524 Mission 
Fitzgerald Patrick, engineer, dwl N s Filbert nr 

Fitzgerald Patrick, saloon, bds 46 Stewart 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, dwl 106 Davis 
Fitzgerald Patrick, molder, bds 707 Front 
Fitzgerald Stephen, laborer with A. G. Rams- 
dell, dwl 136 Silver 
Fitzgerald Thomas, deck hand steamer Cornelia 
Fitzgibbon John M. ship-carpenter, dwl 545 

Fitzgibbon Michael E. asphaltum worker and 

roofer 224 Sansom 
Fitzgibbons D. dancing academy 303 Kearny 
Fitzgibbons David, porter 315 Front, dwl Branch 

Fitzgibbons Maurice, waiter, dwl Gardner near 

Fitzgibbons William, lamp-lighter S. F. Gas Co. 
Fitzmorris George, drayman 406 California, dwl 

607 Powell 
Fitzmorris John, coppersmith, dwl 642 Com 
Fitzpatrick Agnes (widow) dwl W s Moore's 

Place nr Broadway 
Fitzpatrick Ann Miss, domestic with C. C. Webb 
Fitzpatrick Edward, boiler maker, dwl 306 

Fitzpatrick James, bds with John Fitzpatrick 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, bds 115 Stevenson 
Fitzpatrick John, contractor, dvvl 13 St. Marks PI 
Fitzpatrick John, cooper with Alexander Mur- 

dock, dwl NE cor Front and Davis 
Fitzpatrick John, drayman, dwl 57 Sacramento 
Fitzpatrick John, trunk maker 608 California, 

dwl 1116 Kearny 
Fitzpatrick John E. {Turner & Co.) 529 Jackson, 

dwl NW cor Grove and Van Ness Avenue 
Fitzpatrick Margaret Miss, domestic Sutro House 
Fitzpatrick Mary (widow) dwl W s Powell bet 

Sacramento and California 
Fitzpatrick Michael, engineer, dwl 1109 Kearny 
Fitzpatrick Owen, laborer 207 Pacific 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, stevedore, dwl 12 Scott 
Fitzpatrick Timothy, molder, dwl 15 Everett 
Fitzpatrick William, contractor, dwl SW cor 

Geary and Dupont 
Fitzsimmons Charles, fruits 621 Mission 
Flagg A. & Co. {Lucius Flagg and William B. 

Swain) importers and jobbers groceries 531 

Washington, residence Boston, Mass. 
Flagg Daniel S. blacksmith, dwl 56 Tehama 



FlaKg Henry, dwl 215 Sansora 
Flagg Lucius (A. Flagg & Co.) dwl E s Mont- 
gomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Flagg Mutraj', clerk 531 Washington, dwl 

American Hotel 
Flagg Thomas, stone-cutter, bds 2'2 Sansom 
Flaglor fiilbcrt, dwl 23 Natoma 
Flaglor William G. grainer, dwl 23 Natoma 
Flahaut James, waiter ,520 Merchant 
Flahaut Valentine Mrs. washing 727 Mission 
Flaherty Bridget Miss, domestic 720 Bdwy 
Flaherty Dennis, dwl W a Fourth bet Market 

and Jessie 
Flaherty Dennis, hackraan, dwl 1402 Stockton 
Flaherty J. bds Benton House 
Flaherty Johu, laborer, dwl W s Williams bet 

Geary and Post 
Flaherty Mary Miss, dwl 626 Market 
Flaherty Thos. laborer, dwl N s Post bet Jones 

and Taylor 
Flaherty Wra. boiler maker Union Foundry 
Flakefield Charles, carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Flanagan Andrew, blacksmith with uallagher 

& Farran, dwl Smith Park 
Flanagan Daniel, hostler with Skelly & Co. 
Flanagan Daniel, laborer, dwl rear 81 Stevenson 
FLANAGAN EDWARD, agent Newport Goose 

Bay coal mines, office 1022 Battery, dwl 20 

Flanagan [James and Patrick) & Mann {Sanil. 

S.) coal office 1022 Battery, res Coose Bay, 

W. T. 
Flanagan John & Co. ( C. F. MacDermott) import- 
ers wines and liquors 421 Front, dwl 223 

Flanagan Lawrence, waiter United States Res- 
taurant, dwl S s Market bet First and Sec- 
Flanagan M. calker Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Flanagan Michael, dwl 640 Commercial 
Flanagan Patrick {Flanagan db Mann) res Coose 

Bay, W. T. 
Flanagan, Thos. H. A. book-keeper 413 Front, 

dwl Broderick Engine House 
Flanders Alvan, melter U. S. Branch Mint, NW 

cor Stockton and California 
Flanders Ephraim, calker, bds 54 Front 
Flanders J. ironer CheLsea Laundry 435 Brannan 
Flanders Nathan, engineer, dwl S s Pacific bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Flanigan James, saloon 8 Jackson 
Flanigan James, dwl 12 Sutter 
Flanigan John, porter with Armes & Dallam, bds 

What Cheer House 
Flanigan John, shoemaker, dwl 605 Broadway 
Flanigan Lawrence, waiter, dwl 23 Kearny 
Flannagan James, coup^ Plaza 
P'lannagan Michael, waiter 814 Sansom 
Flannagan Thomas, drayman with A. S. Hotaling 

& Co. dwl Tehama bet Third and Fourth 
Flannelly Patrick M. waterman, dwl S s Jessie 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Flannery Roger, laborer, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Flannigau John, cartman cor Bdwy and Battery 
Flannigan Margaret Mrs. dwl S s Sacramento 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Flater George, surveyor, dwl 806 Stockton 

Flattery Cliarles, dwl 8 s Brannan bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Flattery James, waterman Market op Sansom 
Flavel George, capt bark Jane A. Falkinburg, 

office witl) Hiram Clark 
Flear George, tailor, dwl 1428 Stockton 
Flear Louisa Mrs. dress making 1428 Stockton 
Flecii Joseph, butcher SW cor Scotland and 
Greenwich, dwl S s Greenwich nr Scotland 
Fleeson V. V. B. dwl 6 Sutter 
Fleig Cassimer, pork packer with Wilson & Ste- 
vens, dwl 14 Virginia Place 
Fleisher Wolf, cap manufactory 407 California, 

dwl 110 Sutter 
Fleishhacker Aaron, dwl 732 Mission — ^ 
Fleishman C. drayman 738 Sacramento, dwl rear 

23 Dupont 
Fleishman Charles, barber with Anthes & Diehl, 

dwl American Bakery 
Fleishman Leopold {Newman & Co.) dwl 558 

Fleming Ann Miss, domestic with J. W. Harker 
Fleming Charles, teamster with Jas. McDcvitt 
Fleming James, bds 48 Sacramento 
Fleming James, dwl with John Fleming 
Fleming John, with John Fay, dwl S s Francis- 
co bet Mason and Taylor 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, dwl rear 212 First 
Fleming Patrick, engineer with J. E. Blethen, 

dwl junction Market and Sutter 
Fleming Peter, farmer E and nr Ocean House 
Fleming R. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Fleming Robert, laborer, dwl W s Larkin nr 

Fleming Samuel, printer, Eureka Typographical 

Fleming S. C. local policeman, dwl 101 Dupont 
Fleming William, ship-carpenter, dwl 51 Clem- 
Flenner Thos. R. {Porter & F.) dwl 527 Kearny 
Fleres Antonio, hair dressing saloon 547 Clay, 

dwl 802 Stockton 
Fletcher Augustus K. carrier Alta California, 

dwl NE cor Jackson and Montgomery 
Fletcher A. W. bds Benton House 
Fletcher Barney (colored) porter, dwl rear 908 

Fletcher {Cfiarles A.) &. Lederer {David L.) Me- 
tropolitan Bakery 226 Pacific, dwl 122 Na- 
toma bet Second and Jane 
Fletcher (C/iarfes A.) & Levy {Morris) clothing 1 
Masonic Temple, dwl N s Natoma bet Sec- 
ond and Third 
Fletcher Edward (colored) porter with H. M. 

Gray, dwl 1604 Mason 
Fletcher John, painter with Thomas Robinson, 

dwl 1511 Stockton 
Fletcher Lingley, nurse, dwl with John Wight- 
Fletcher Thomas H. grainer, dwl W s Tyson nr 

Fletcher William F. carrier Alta California, dwl 

NE cor Jackson and Montgomery 
Fleury A. laborer with Turner Brothers 
Fleury Jules, machinist Vulcan Foundry 
Fleury (P.) & Dolet (G.) blacksmiths 724 Com 
Flick William, driver with Deeth & Starr, dwl 
331 Jessie 



Flinn Bridpret, domestic 537 Third 

Flinu Kllen, cook New England Laundry, Bran- 

Flinn John, seaman, dwl rear E s Montgomery 

bet Broadway and Pacific 
Flinn Patrick, dwl 231 Stevenson 
Flinn Patrick, dwl S s Brannan bet Sixth and 

Flinu Patrick, laborer N s Brannan bet Fifth and 

Flinn Patrick T. groceries SE cor Howard and 

Flinn Reynold P. physician and druggist 5 

Flinn Thomas, cordwainer, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Flinn Thomas, hostler 246 Third 
Flinn Thomas, stone-cutter 16 St. Charles 
Fliusberg Ernest, shoemaker, dwl W s Brandon 

Place near Washington 
Flint A. physician, dwl 512 Broadway 
Flint Augustus P. {Bigelow Bros. & F.) dwl 

1010 Bush 
Flint Edward {EoUaday & F.) dwl Union Club 
Flint Edward P. {Flint,' Feabody & Co.) resi- 
dence Oakland 
Flint E. T. clerk with FUnt, Peabody & Co. dwl 

109 Montgomery 
Flint Georf-e, milk ranch Mis Dol, rear Church 
Flint George C. book-keeper with Joseph Peirce, 

dwl Quincy near Pine 
Flint Henry, cabinet-maker with Joseph Peirce 
Flint H. P. cartman Market opposite Sansom 
FLINT {James P. and Edward P. Flint) PEA- 
BODY {Alfred) & CO. ( G. H. Kellogg) shipping 
and commission merchants, agents Glidden 
& Williams' California Packet Line 716 
Front, residence Boston 
Flint James P. clerk with Flint, Peabody & Co. 

dwl 616 California 
Flint Jane H. (widow) dwl 1312 Powell 
Flint John, groceries 227 Post 
Flint J. P. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Flint Mary Miss, millinery 938 Dupont 
Flint Milford M. carpenter, dwl W s Brooks 
Flint {Thomas P.) & Co. butter, cheese, etc. 50 
Washington Market, dwl NE cor Post 
and Kearny 
Flint William, book-keeper with Flint, Peabody 

& Co. dwl 218 Bush 
FLINT {Wm. C.) & CO WEN {Wm. J.) Custom 
House Exchange NE .cor Washington and 
Battery, dwl N s Market bet Laguna and 
Flint W. K. cashier with Flint, Peabody & Co. 
Flintie George F. porter with Wormser Bros. 

dwl 1302 Kearny 
Flintofif Joseph, blacksmith S s Halleck bet San- 
som and Leidesdorflf, dwl N s Twelfth near 

Flitfield carpenter, dwl 31 Kearny 

Flood Christopher J. stevedore, dwl 56 Jessie 
Flood Edmond, express wagon, dwl 59 Minna 
Flood Henry S. salesman 401 Sansom 
Flood James, hatter with Adams & Bro. 
Flood James, laborer, dwl 17 Baldwin Court 
FLOOD {James C.) & O'BRIEN {William E.) 
Auction Lunch 509 Wash, dwl 15 John 

Flood John, plasterer, bds 3 Dupont 
Flood John, fireman S. F. Gas Co. dwl 17 Bald- 
win Court 
Flood John jr. retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
FLOOD MICHAEL, Catholic Books and sta- 
tionery 428 Kearny, dwl 21 Harlan Place 
Flood P. bds 707 Front 
Flood Patrick, confectioner, dwl 17 Baldwin 

Court , 

Flood Patrick, miner, dwl 59 Minna 
Flood Samuel, steward steamer Contra Costa, 

resides San Antonio 
Flood William A. stone-cutter 28 Cleary 
Florence Henry, cook Lick House 
Flores Michel, cook with Peter Job 
Florin Louis, liquors S s Sixteenth bet Valencia 

and Dolores 
Flower Henry, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Folsom 

bet Beale and Main 
Flowers Allen, waiter steamer Chrysopolis 
Flowers E. 1st engineer steamer Senator, dwl 727 

Floyd Jeremiah, dwl 812 Sacramento 
Flubacher Mrs. French milliner, dwl 914 Dupont 
Flynn A. waiter Benton Hpuse 
Flynn Anthony, carpenter, dwl SE cor Clay and 

Flynn Bridget Miss, domestic 1201 Powell 
Flynn Charles, clerk with G. H. Ramsey 108 

Flynn Daniel, hackman, dwl 712 Broadway 
Flynn Edward, servant with H. F. Edwards 
Flynn Ehzabeth, domestic 28 Hawthorne 
Flynn Honora, servant St. Nicholas Hotel 
Flynn James, bootmaker with Thomas H. Paris, 

dwl 24 Stevenson 
Flynn James, laborer 517 Dupont 
Flynn John, deck hand steamer New World 
Flynn John, gardener near San Bruno Road, 

Flynn John, laborer, dwl 571 Market 
Flynn John F. hostler, bds SE cor Jackson and 

Flynn Luke, laborer, bds 54 First 
Flynn Margaret Miss, domestic Golden Gate 

Flynn Margaret, domestic 420 Second 
Flynn Martin, mariner, dwl 833 Howard 
Flynn Mary (widow) dwl 605 Greenwich 
Flynn Maurice, vegetables 10 Metropolitan Mark- 
et, dwl 117 Jessie 
Flynn Michael, baker, dwl S s Union bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Flynn Michael M. tinsmith, dwl cor Pine and 

Flynn Morris, at Miners' Foundry 
Flynn Morris, with Jeremiah Regan 
Flynn Morris, laborer, dwl 241 Jessie 
Flynn Patrick M. bar keeper with M. Kenney, 

dwl cor California and St. Mary 
Flynn Paul, dwl W s Larkin, Nagle's brick-yard 
Flynn Richard L. dwl 813 Greenwich 
Flynn Thomas, blacksmith, dwl 5 Milton Place 
Flynn Thomas, farmer near San Bruno Road, 

Flynn Thos. horse-shoer with Brannin & Dunni- 

gan, dwl 5 Milton Place 
Flynn Thomas, hostler 602 Sansom 



Flynn Thomas, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Flvmi Tliomaa, mason, dvvl 46 Jessie 
Flynn Tlios. C. shoemaker with Allen D. Camp- 
boll, dwl Montjjomery bet Bdwy and Vallejo 
Flynn Timothy, plasterer, dwl 252 Minna 
Flynn William, carpenter, dwl 136 Natoma 
Flynn William (t. stair builder with Brown & 

Wells, dwl 16 Third 
Flynn Wm. {Hoogs & F.) Lick House carriage 
Foa Julius, dwl 605 Broadway 
Shaeffer, Thomas J. Foard, Michael J. Edgar, 
James E. Prouse and John Hall) publishers 
and proprietors Sunday Mercury, office 410 
Clay, editorial rooms 528 Clay, dwl 659 Clay 
Foard Thomas J. {J. Macdonough Foard & Co.) 

dwl 52 Minna 
Fogarty David, wheelwright 671 Mission, dwl S 

side Natoma bet Fifth and Sixth 
Fogarty Edward, cleric ;512 Battery, dwl corner 

Sixth and Clementina 
Fogarty Eliza, domestic, dwl E«sex Place 
Fogartj' James, butcher, dwl 77 Clementina 
Fogarty Michael, groceries and liquors 35 Second 
Fogarty Michael, cartman, dwl corner Hunt and 

Fogarty Michael H. carpenter, dwl NE cor Jessie 

and Sixth 
Fogarty Patrick, carpenter, dwl 556 Howard 
Fogarty Patrick, driver with Skelly & Co. dwl 

1428 Stockton, rear 
Fogelson August, laborer, dwl 132 Stevenson 
Fogg E. C. hides and wool 15 Davis, dwl N s 

Lombard nr Kearny 
Fogg Parker S. {Nash & F.) res Stockton 
Fogg S. A. dwl 518 Greenwich 
Foggo Lizzie Miss, dwl with Andrew Dott 
Fo Kin (Chinese) washing 422 Dupont 
Foley Christopher, engineer steamer Rambler, 
dwl S s Union bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Foley Cornelius, laborer, dwl N s Greenwich bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Foley Daniel, boiler maker with Coffey &Risdon 
Foley Daniel, laborer, dwl 140 Mmua 
Foley Ellen Miss, lodgings, 820 AVashington 
Foley Francis, hides and wool with R. Feuer- 

stein, dwl 771 Mission 
Foley Frank, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds with 

Owen Casey 
Foley John, hostler 334 Brannan 
Foley John, nurse St. Mary's Hospital 
Foley Julia Miss, domestic 707 Front 
Foley Kate Miss, domestic with B. Keesing 
Foley Lawrence, laborer, bds with John Tucker 
Foley Margaret Miss, domestic 1515 Powell 
Foley Margaret A. Miss, dwl 729 Broadway 
Foley Maria Miss, domestic with A. P. Flint 
Foley Matthew, laborer, dwl rear 417 Sutter 
Foley Michael, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds with 

Joseph Shielder 
Foley Patrick, drayman SW cor Washington and 

Sansom, dwl Branch Hotel, Sutter 
Foley Patrick, laborer, dwl 518 Mission 
Foley Patrick, laundryman, dwl SB cor Fran- 
cisco and Jones 
Foley Patrick A. laborer, bds 518 Mission 
Foley Thomas, bds with Wm. Hendricks 
Foley Thomas, waiter Lick House 

Foley Thomas, waterman, dwl 1302 Powell 
Foley Timothy, bootmaker 25 Clay, dwl 33 Clay 
Foley Timothy C. teamster, dwl with John M. 

Foley William, molder Pacific Foundry, dwl 40 

Folger Agnes (widow) dwl 70 Clementina 
Folger Edward P. carpenter at 207 Sacramento, 
dwl E s Dupont bet Chestnut and Francisco 
Folger Frank R. reporter Herald and Mirror, 

dwl NE cor Greenwich and Powell 
Folger George, dwl 845 Dupont 
Folger James A. {Marden & F.) dwl 722 Filbert 
Folger James S. druggist, dwl NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Montgomery Place 
Folger Joseph, carpenter with Brokaw & Metcalf 
Folger Laura C. Miss, dwl with Jas. S. Folger 
Folger Lydia F. Miss, milliner with Mrs. Hannah 

Tishler, dwl 1127 Kearny 
Folger William A. porter North Point Dock 

Warehouse, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Folhaber Antone, drayman, dwl with JohnNob- 

Folk A. clothing 51 Sacramento 
Folk {Samuel) & Letter {Jacob) boots and shoes, 

20 Second cor Stevenson, dwl 229 First 
Folks Richard, laborer, dwl 511 Vallejo 
Follet Margaret Miss, restaurant 930 Dupont 
FoUrath Adam, blacksmith, dwl S s Vallejo bet 

Battery and Sansom 
Folmer Gabriel, wire worker, dwl 114 Kearny 
FOLSOM ALBERT, carriage manufactory 531 

Cahfornia, dwl 418 Post 
Folsom C. F. B. teamster cor Market and Kear- 
ny, dwl S s California near Larkin 
Folsom Edmund J. dwl W s Leavenworth nr Pac 
Folsom Franklin T. blacksmith with A. Folsom, 

dwl 418 Post 
Folsom James W. Magnolia Liquor Saloon 15 

Fonbergen Catharine Miss, dwl 241 Sutter 
Fonda (Alfred) & Gray {John) groceries and pro- 
visions SE cor Sansom and Clay, dwl 552 
Fonticella Lucas, with L. Raccouillat & Co. dwl 

629 Pacific bet Dupont and Kearny 
Foote C. cartman N s Brannan nr Fourth 
Foote Elizabeth, domestic 327 Minna 
Fopless Margaret (widow) W s Second nr How- 
Foran Patrick, laborer, dwl 518 Mission 
Forbes Alexander {Daniel Gibb & Co.) dwl S s 

South Park near Second 
FORBES {A7idrew B.) & BABCOCK {Wm. F.) 
agents Pacific Mail Steamship Co. office NW 
cor Sacramento and Leid, dwl Lick House 
Forbes Charles, clerk with Daniel Gibb & Co. dwl 

with Alex. Forbes 
Forbes David E. carpenter with Benj. Wheaton, 

dwl 209i Dupont 
Forbes James, with Geo. H. Johnson 649 Clay 
Forbes James, boiler maker, dwl 25 Baldwin 

Forbes James W. clerk SWcor Mission and Sec- 
ond, dwl 19 Dupont 
Forbes John, carpenter, dwl NE cor Kearny and 

Forbes John (colored) porter 215 Sansom 



Forbes William C. tragedian, dwl 130 Mont 
Forbes Wm. C. Mrs. actress, dwl 130 Mont 
Ford Alpheus G. dwl 315 Kearny 
Ford Charles, drayman SW cor Cal and Front 
Ford Dennis, marble worker, dwl Kearny bet 

California and Pine 
Ford Dennis J. bds Original House 
Ford Elihu, carpenter, dwl W s Clarissa Place 
Ford George, assistant City and County Surveyor 

City Uall, dwl Lick House 
Ford Henry, stevedore, dwl B a Vincent bet 

Union and Green 
Ford Henry C. clerk 204 Bush 
Ford James, dwl 911 Greenwich 
Ford James M. photographist with Silas Selleuk, 

dwl 512 Stockton 
Ford Jerry, dwl Railroad House 
Ford John, boots and shoes 12 Jackson 
Ford John, coachman with R. B. Cole 
Ford Joseph C. dwl 824 Jackson 
Ford J. W. entry clerk Custom House 
Ford Martin, laborer, dwl 427 Broadway 
Ford Michael, dwl 19 Everett 
Ford Michael, hostler 527 -Pacific 
Ford Patrick, teamster, dwl W s Mason bet Pa- 
cific and Broadway 
Ford Rosana Mrs. dwl 2 California, rear 
Ford Thomas, blacksmith with Joseph FlintofiF, 

dwl 412 Vallejo, rear 
Ford Thomas, blacksmith, dwl 120 Minna 
Ford Thomas T. boiler maker Union Foundry 
Ford WiUiam {Reynolds, Eowdl & F.) dwl 615 

Ford William, carpenter, dwl W s Jane Place 

near Pine 
Ford William, clerk with Henry B. Janes, dwl 

544 Washington 
Ford William, stevedore, dwl 71 Natoma 
Ford William, steward, dwl 1336 Kearny 
FORDHAM {R. B.) & JENNINGS (X>. A.) gro- 
cers NE cor Front and Jackson, dwl 1210 
Fore Eliza E. (widow) boarding 73 Natoma 
Foreman Frank, tailor, dwl rear 629 Pacific 
FOREST ANTOINE, acting Consul of France, 

ofiice 430 Jackson, bds Union Club 
Forest Francis, dwl 421 Lombard 
Forester E. S. Miss, S. A. PoweU Street Primary 
School, dwl NW cor Jackson and Stockton 
FORESTER {Henry B.) & MARKS {Edmund) 
wholesale grocers 311 Commercial, dwl 631 
Forman Henry M. attorney at law, dwl 709 

Stockton, rear 
Formhals Ferdinand, tinsmith with John Gordon 

& Co. dwl 605 Pacific 
Forner J. B. policeman, dwl NW cor Kearny 

and Broadway 
Forrest {Curtis T.) & Bovee {William K.) pork 
packers 219 Commercial, and candle manfrs 
SW cor Market and Beale, dwl 719 Market 
Forrester Peter, cartman, dwl W s Jones bet Fil- 
bert and Greenwich 
Forsaith Edward W. butter, eggs etc. 521 Mer- 
chant, dwl 13 Anthony 
Forster Emma Miss, dwl 209 Tehama 
Forster Kasper, shoemaker with W. F. Burke, 
dwl E 8 Dupont bet Broadway and Vallejo 

Forster Peter B. {James J. Ayers <fe Co.) dwl 108 

Forster Robert, dwl Clementina nr Fourth 
Forsyth P^dward W. commission merchant, dwl 

13 Anthony 
Forsyth Jane (widow) washing, dwl S s Turk nr 

Fulton, Hayes Valley 
Fortmann Frank, cigar maker 317 Pacific 
Fortmann Frederick, Pacific Brew'ry 271 Tehama 
Fortmann Frederick, proprietor "Frank's" saloon 

Old San Jose Road, 4 miles from City Hall 
Fortmann J. A. bar keeper 2 California 
Fortune Henry W. clerk 217 Front, dwl 42 Cleary 
Fortune James 0. {Hudson & F.) dwl SE corner 

Polk and Post 
Fosbery Annie (widow) furnished rooms. El 

Dorado Bdg, SE cor Wash and Kearny 
Fosgate Charles 0. teacher music, dwl 518 Cal 
Foss William M. {Carnell <fc f.) dwl 25 Geary 
Fossas Peter, compositor Echo du Pacifique, dwl 

605 Broadway 
Fossatt Chas. gardener Presidio Road nr Lagoon 
Fostbery Frederick, carpenter, bds 32 Stewart 
Foster Abraham, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Foster Alden B. book-keeper with J. G. Jackson, 

dwl 429 Fremont 
Foster Benjamin F. compositor Alta California, 

dwl 625 Powell 
Foster Ch&v\es {William C. Talbot & Co.) resides 

East Machias, Maine 
Foster Edward, engineer, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Green and Vallejo 
Foster Edward, machinist Union Foundry 
Foster Edwin J. clerk International Hotel 
Foster George, teamster with John Center 
Foscer Henry A. ship-carpenter, dwl 154 Second 
Foster Hiram, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Foster John, plumber, rooms 810 Clay 
FOSTER {Junitts G.) & COLEMAN {Alonzo K) 

proprietors International Hotel N s Jackson 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Foster Laura Miss, teacher 64 Silver 
Foster Nathan, clerk 52 Stewart 
Foster Nelson, blacksmith with John Wright, 

dwl 226 Jessie 
Foster Robert, boiler maker Vulcan Foundry 
Foster Samuel, clerk with Bradshaw & Co. dwl 

219 First 
Foster Samuel, machinist Golden State Foundry, 

dwl 327 Minna 
Foster S. G. private boarding 812 Bush 
Foster T. captain bark Auckland, office with 

Edgerly & Wickman 
Foster Whitney D. printer Commercial Printing 

Office, dwl 809 Mission 
Foster Wm. deck hand steamer Sophie McLane 
Foster William, hackman with W. N. Wade 
Foster William W. book-keeper, dwl 410 Bush 
Foth A. W. cook 416 Kearny 
Foubert Eugene, jeweler with E. Perrochon 622 

Foulbert Virginia, groceries SE cor Fourth and 

Foulkes Thomas {Dupuy, F. & Co.) res Liverpool 
Foundry House, Richard Lewis proptr 115 First 
Fount Mary Jane Miss, domestic with Eugene 
I Cazales 



Foimtiiin Charles, L'Krmitage Saloon and Garden 

Mission Dolores N\V Church 
Fountain Norman, dentist 9 Third 
Fouratt K. pilot stoanior New World, dwl E a 

Mason bet Union and Green 
Fournery Kmile, printer with L. Albin, dwl 806 

Fousane Antoine, cook 427 Sacramento 
Fonts Daniel L. clerk, dwl SW cor Powell and 

Fonts Maria Mrs. millinery 1105 Stockton, dwl 

SW cor Powell and Jackson 
Fowler A. G. contractor, dwl 513 Union 
Fowler Daniel, bds 62 Clay 
Fowler George H. pyrotechnist with 0. F. Giffin 

& Bro. dwl Market bet Seventh and Eighth 
Fowler llickion (Judson, F. & Co.) res New York 
Fowler James L. pilot, dwl 410 Stockton 
Fowler John [McLean & F.) dwl N s Mission bet 

Twelfth and Tiiirteenth 
Fowler John, hostler with John and Edw'd Ryan 
Fowler Monmouth H. druggist with William H. 

Keith cfe Co. 521 Montgomery 
FOWZER JAMES, cigars and tobacco 518 Bat- 
tery, dwl NW cor Bush and Broderick 
FOX ABRAHAM, dealer shells and gravel, dwl 

701 Third cor Townsend 
Fox Charles, book-keeper with D. Lynch, dwl 

Central Place nr Pine 
Fox Charles J. (Tay, Brooks & Backus) residence 

New York 
Fox Daniel P. shoemaker with J. P. Yore, dwl 

639 Market 
Fox Eliza Mrs. dwl S a Union bet Taylor and 

Fox Frederick, engineer, .dwl S s Brannan bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Fox H. B. dentist and hair dressing saloon 515 

FOX {Heniy A.) & PORTER (David) wholesale 

and retail wines and liquors SW cor Clay 

and Leidesdorff, dwl NE cor Dupont and 

Fox Henry L. book-keeper with Rockwell, Coyo 

& Co. bds 16 Tehama 
Fox Horatio, carpenter 419 Mission, dwl 419 

Fox Joseph, hatter with Le Gay & Co. dwl 3 

Milton Place 
Fox John W. {Bryant & F.) dwl 305 Montgomery 
Fox Max. cigar maker with Stamper & Schwerin, 

dwl 9 Berry 
Fox Morris dwl S s Berry 
Fox Morris, fruit peddler, dwl 1606 Powell 
Fox Peter F. engineer, dwl S a Brannan bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Fox Philip, express wagon, dwl SE cor Polk and 

Fox Richard, painter, dwl Hall's Court 
Fox Thomas, coppersmith at 35 Sacramento, dwl 

Priest above Taylor 
Fox Thomas H. machinist, dwl 256 Tehama 
Fox William, apprentice "Vulcan Foundry 
Fox William C. laborer, dwl rear 256 Tehama 
Fox Wra. C. hide curer, dwl 256 Tehama 
Foy John, drayman, bds 417 Folsora 
Foyo Charles E. captain schooner Mendocino, 
dwl with William L. Bovyer 

Foye Jane R. (widow) dwl 213 Prospect Place 

Foyo Martin, laborer, bda 903 Battery 

Foye { William) & Moore {Thomas) groceries W 

8 Suiisom bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Fradei Albert, copyist, dwl 116 St. Marks Place 
Fradier J. workman Spring Valley Water Works 

Framan Charles, printer, dwl 765 Howard 
Franc Alexandrie, job wagon Clay St. Market 
Frunci Charles, laborer, dwl 683 Market 
Francis D. B. accountant with Greene, Heath 4 

Allen, dwl 712 Bush 
Francis George, waiter Clipper Restaurant, dwl 

2. Jessie 
Francis George, clerk with Hooper & Co. dwl 

with Benj. Sliellard 
Francis G. G. salesman with Rockwell, Coye * 

Co. bds International Hotel 
Francis J. assistant with H. P. Wakelee 
Francis John, hair dresser NE corner Clay and 

Francis J. D. tobacco and cigars 19 Pacific 
Francis John, teamster with J. W. Dearborn 607 

Francis John H. laborer, dwl 206 Beale 
Francis Joseph, boarding house 226 Commercial 
Francis Jos. miner, dwl S aide Filbert bet Mont- 
gomery and Sansom 
Francis J. W. book-keeper with Cox, Willcutt & 

Co. dwl Hotel International 
Francis Manuel, machinist at 16 Pine 
Francis Nevetta (widow) dwl S side Green bet 

Montgomery and Sanaom 
Francis Robert C. (colored) barber 234 Bush, dwl 

E a Salina Court nr California 
Francis S. furniture 1224 Stockton 
Francis Willard H. water registrar and collector 

S. F. C. W. Works, bds International Hotel 
Francisca John, fruits 1402 Stockton 
Franck August, painter, dwl 205 Sutter 
Franck Henry, clerk with Peter King 
Franck John, piano maker with Frederick Zech 

& Co. dwl 4 Summer 
Franco Charles, mattress maker with Selling, 

Marx & Co. dwi W s Brandon PI nr Wash 
Franco Geo. Fred'k, handcartman cor Davis and 

Francois Adele Madame, milliner and dress-maker 

619 Sacramento 
Francois Charles, dwl 619 Sacramento 
Francoui L. merchandise broker 811 Mont 
Franconi Louis, merchandise broker 621 Sansom, 

dwl 716 Filbert 
Frank Abraham, drayman, dwl 420 Post 
Frank Adeline Miss, dwl 1511 Powell 
Frank Auguste W. painter with H. Casebolt & 

Co. dwl SW cor Sutter and Kearny 
Frank Bernard, express wagon SW cor Sansom 

and Clay, dwl W s Sonoma Place nr Green 
Frank Betti Mrs. embroideries and children's 

furnishing goods 650 Sacramento 
Frank Charles, German Bakery Belden nr Pine, 

dwl 326 Kearny 
Frank Ephraim, clothing 213 Pacific 
Frank F. saloon 917 Kearny 
Frank Frederick, cooper with T. C. Jensen 
Frank Henry & Co. {Henry WostefM) furniture 

and bedding 217 Commercial 



Frank ITenry L. clerk California Mutual Marine 

lusurance Co. dwi 710 Washington 
Frank {Isaac) & Ilirsch (J/arfc-.) liquor saloon 

;{08 Sansom, dwl 216 Minu:i 
Frank John, drayman 310 Broadway 
Frank John, miller Commercial Flour Mills, dwl 

417 Howard 
FRANK JOSEPH & CO. {Rudolf Jordan) im- 
porters tobacco and cigars 315 and 317 

Clay, dwl 37 Minna 
Frank Lewis P. superintendent with Haas & 

Davidson 305 Sac, dwl 650 Sacramento 
Frank Moses, salesman 413 Sacramento 
Frank Moses, office 009 Clay, dwl 430 Green 
Frank 0. H. Consul for Hanover, office NE cor 

Front and Clay 
Frank Samuel, clerk 615 Sacramento 
Frank William, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Frankel Max, porter 300 California, dwl SW cor 

Washington and Powell 
Frankenberg Joseph, saddlery 1110 Dupont 
Frankenheimer Joseph {Menges <fc F.) dwl junc- 
tion Sutter and Market 
Frankenthal Max, salesman 328 Sansom, dwl 

1605 Powell 
Frankenthall Henry, clerk, dwl Steckler's Exch 
Franklin Adolph, restaurant 507 Washington, 

dwl NW cor Montgomery and Jackson 
Franklin Charles, laborer, dwl S s Broadway bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Franklin Edward, real estate SE cor Montgomery 

and California 
Franklin G. clothing 513 Davis 
Franklin Hotel, SE cor Sansom and Pacific 
Franklin House, John J. Brady proprietor, SE 

cor Sansom and Broadway 
Franklin Jacob, job wagon 507 Clay 
Franklin John, dwl 124 St. Marks Place 
Franklin Morris, peddler, dwl 514 Sacramento 

Godfrey proprietors, 415 Washington 
Franklin Roderick P. melter U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 83 Clementina 
Franklin Salmon, drayman, dwl N s O'Farrell 

near Mason 
Franklin S. L. machinist with Peter Lannay, dwl 

E s Montgomery bet Green and Yallejo 
FRANKLIN STEPHEN, editor Mercantile 

Gazette and Prices Current, office 536 Clay 
Franks Frederick, actor Metropolitan Theater 
Franks James, waterman, dwl Ws Williams bet 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Franquelin Adolph, restaurant, dwl NW cor 

ilontgomery and Jackson 
Franz Bender, bootmaker NE cor Louisa and 

FrapoUi Baptista {Scalmanini & B.) dwl 50 Clay 
ERASER {A. Edward) & CO. mercantile agency, 

law, collection, etc. office 205 Battery cor 

California, dwl NW cor Post and Taylor 
Eraser Andrew, machinist, dwl 264 Minna 
Fraser D. dwl Union Club 
Eraser Hugh, blacksoiith with Gallagher & Far- 

ren, dwl 112 Bush 
Fraser Nicholas, driver with Gardner & Co. dwl 

246 Third 
Fraser Thomas, porter with Jacob Underbill, dwl 

136 Minna 

Fraters Mary (widow) dwl 314 Vallejo 
Fraueuhalz Philip {Francis Tilgner & Co.) brew- 

ermaster Bavaria Brewery, Vallejo 
Frazer Christian A. stevedore, dwl W s Main bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Frazer James S. molder Union Foundry, dwl N 

s Bernard bet Taylor and Jones, rear 
Frazer Jolin, cook 623 Market 
Frazer Louis, gas titter, dwl 408 Jackson 
Frazer William, ship-carpepter, dwl 12 Tehama 

Frazier James, assistant engineer stmr Cornelia 
Frazier J. J. contractor and 'builder 740 Mission 
Freddo Emanuel, cook 213 Broadway 
Frederick Charles A. gilder, dwl 604 Green 
Fredericks John {Decker & F.) dwl cor Hayes and 

Fredericks William, clerk with Henry Hayen 
Fredericks William, grocery SW cor Battery and 

Broadway, dwl 729 Battery 
Free William, machinist 121 Jackson, dwl 415 

Freeborn James, merchant, office 213 Front, dwl 

Lick House 
Freed A. job wagon cor Dupont and Wash 
Freekelton W. bds What Cheer House 
Freelon Thomas W. {Byrne & F.) office 636 Clay 
FREEMAN B. H. & GO. {George W. B. McDon- 
ald and Phineas Haskell) stair builders and 

wood turners SW cor Market &nd Beale, dwl 

14 Quincy 
Freeman Charles, confectioner, dwl 517 Pine 
Freeman Charles E. {Charles E. Hinckley & Co.) 

dwl Hotel International 
Freeman Charles W. {<Bell&F.) dwl 320 Kearny 
Freeman E. music director Gilbert's Melodeon 
Freeman Elisha, captain schooner Ella Florence 

at G. M. Josselyn & Co's, bds 327 Beale 
Freeman George, carrier Evening Bulletin 
Freeman George F. porter with Wormser Bros. 

dwl 1302 Montgomery 
Freeman Henry, paints and oils 112 Third 
Freeman Jacob, tinsmith S s Hayes bet Laguna 

and Octavia, Hayes' Park 
Freeman John, bar tender, dwl with Mrs. Mary 

Freeman Jchn, laborer, dwl 47 Stewart 
Freeman John, seaman 24 Sacramento 
Freeman John G. blacksmith 321 Pine, dwl 

American Hotel 
Freeman Lewis, sail-maker, dwl NE cor Front 

and Commercial 
Freeman Maria, dwi with Mrs. Mary Freeman 
Freeman Martha Miss, domestic 110 Stockton 
Freeman Mary Mrs. American Eagle Saloon N s 

Folsom bet Sixth and Russ 
Freeman Peter, dwl with Mrs. Mary Freeman 
Freeman Richard, laborer, dwl 541 Mission 
Freeman Samuel (colored) porter, dwl 35 St. 

Marks Place 
Freeman Thomas, stevedore, dwl 27 Baldvnn 

Freeman William, captain schooner Ella Forence, 

dwl 305 Sacramento 
Freeman William (colored) dwl E s Adelle Alley 

nr Jackson 
Freeman William L. compositor Morning Call, 

dwl Pine bet Mason and Taylor 



Frocinan William L. express wapfon 509 Wash- 
ingt<Mi, dwl S d Pino bet Ma.son and Taylor 
Frccso Niciiolas, laundry 513 Filbert 
Froesioiise Cliarlcs, cook AVillows 
FreeHtoii William, tinner with Tay, Brooks & 

Backus, dwl 60 Kverott 
Freestone Joshua, laundryman 311 Pacific 
Frogos Felix, carriage painter with W. II. Bax- 
ter, dwl S 8 Bdwy bet Dupont and Kearny 
Frei Andrew (Mtller & F.) dwl Bush nr Sansom 
Froio J. Henry, groceries SE cor Dupout and Sac- 
Freiermuth George A. jr. carrier Morning Call, 

dwl Central Place 
Freils Eihlard, cook 536 Battery 
Fremercy .Sophie (widow) dwl 1123 Dupont 
Fremont .Tolin, blacksmith, dwl American Hotel 
Fremy Michel, porter with Donohoe, Ralston & 

Co. dwl 409 Washington 
French Augustus, meat market 258 Third 
French {Charles G.) Wilson {E. Henry) & Co. 
clothing 525 Sacramento corner Leidesdorff, 
dwl 736 Howard 
Frencli Charles C. drayman, bds 417 Folsom 
French Charles H. dwl 16 Sutter 
French Kben, watchman Gilbert's Melodeon 
French Edward, seaman, bds 12 Sacramento 
French Frederick, hearse driver with N. Gray 

611 Sacramento 
French George, dwl 6 Sutter 
French Hospital, S s Brj-ant bet Fifth and Sixth 
French J. M. (of French & Gilman, Dalles, Ore- 
gon) office 419 Front, dwl Oriental Hotel 
French Joseph, dwl 403 Union 
French Joseph, broker, dwl 6 Sansom 
French Joshua W. (Ferine & F.) 415 Market 
French M. H. clerk 124 Montgomery 
TY ( Societi Fran^aise de Bienfaisance Mu- 
tuelk) 649 Sacramento 
French Norman G. book-keeper Tehama House, 

French Robert F. porter North Point Dock Ware- 
house, dwl 47 Folsom bet Fremont and First 
French Samuel, agriculturist, dwl 511 "Wash 
French Samuel, laborer, bds 414 Pacific 

( Caisse d'Ejyargnes Fran^aise) 649 Sac 
French William, contractor, dwl SE cor Seventh 

and Brannan 
French William N. drayman with Wm. T. Cole- 
man & Co. dwl 28 Perry 
Frencke Louis, paper hanger, dwl E side Mary 

Frese Anna Mrs. {Schumacher & Co.) dwl 307 

Frese Emil, druggist, dwl 38 Silver 
Fretillai re Louis, liquor saloon 119 Beale 
Fretz Ann (widow) lodgings 843 Clay 
Fretz R. S. {Donohoe, Balnion & Co.) dwl 3 Har- 
lan Place 
FREUND {Philip) & JOEL (Albert M.) blank 
books and stationery 511 Clay, dwl 215 San 
Frey Chas. cigars 11 Second, dwl 67 Clementina 
Frey Henry J. artist with George H. Johnson 

649 Clay 
Frey William A. clerk with Robert Mayers 
Friar Mary (widow) domestic 1307 Taylor 


Frichctto Louis D. carpenter with E. 0. Hunt, 

bds What Cheer House 
Frick A. conductor Market Street Railroad, dwl 

Mis.sion Dolores, Si.xtcenlh 
Frick August, carpenter N s Folsom nr Fourth, 

dwl S 8 Clementina nr Fourth 
Frick Daniel, machinist, bds 54 First 
Frick Emile, assistant ongmeer Market St. R. R. 

dwl Valencia, Mission Dolores 
Frick Lafayette, asst collector Market St. R. R. 

dwl Valencia, Mission Dolores 
Frick L. S. D. chemist, dwl 725 Vallejo 
Fried Abraham, express wagon cor Washington 

and Dupont, dwl 571 Market 
Fried David, hair dresser with Ciprico & Ewald, 

621 Montgomery, dwl 424 Kearny 
Fried J. S. clerk with Samuel Shonwasser, dwl 

NE cor Pacific and Stockton 
Friedborg Abraham, cigar maker 44 Third 
Friedborg Charles, book-keeper with M. Bern- 

hoim, dwl cor Prospect PI and Sacramento 
Friedborg M. cabinet-maker, dwl 1514 Dupont 
Friedberg Morris, cigar maker 44 Third 
FRIEDEL HENRY, book binder 522 Merchant 
Friedhofer August, cooper with Hoelscher, Wie- 

land & Co. 
Friedhofer Paul W. blacksmith 321 Pine, dwl 

147 Jessie 
Friedland Agnes H. Miss, dress-maker, dwl 911 

Friedlander Adolph, clerk 102 Montgomery 
Friedlander I. commission merchant 114 Califor- 
nia, dwl 30 South Park 
Friedlander Meyer, dry goods 102 Montgomery, 

dwl NE cor Powell and Vallejo 
Friedlander Philip, peddler, dwl 24 Clementina 
Friedlander William, watchmaker and jewelen- 

125 Jackson 
Friedmann Edward (Eosenbaum & F.) dwl 662: 

Friedmann Henry, dwl 659 Clay 
Friedman Henry, book-keeper Rosenstock <fc 

Price, dwl E s Stockton nr Lombard 
Friedmann J acob, express wagon SW cor Sansom> 

and Clay, dwl W b Leavenworth bet Sacra- 
mento and California 
Friedmann Nathan, merchant, bds St. Nicholas 

Friedmann S. poidtrj', dwl 683 Market 
Friel Edward, seaman, dwl 46 Clementina 
Friel Thomas, laborer, dwl N s Bush nr Pierce 
Friel William, tinsmith with W. 0. Murtha, dwl 

1113 Kearny 
Friel William, with James Mears 517 Filbert 
Friel William jr. dwl 1113 Kearny 
Friend George W. teamster with Davis & Jordan, 

dwl 241 First 
Friend Joseph, stationer, dwl 215 Sansom 
Friend J. W. captain bark Scotland, office with 

Edgerly &, Wickman 
Frieso Peter, .seaman, bds 33 Market 
FRINK GEORGE W. proprietor Tehama House 

NW cor California and Sansom 
Frinthammer J. musician, dwl 605 Broadway 
Frisch Henry (Levitzky & Co.) dwl 127 Third 
FRISCH J. G. & CO. ( Wm. Reichel and Thos. 

Taylor) importers and dealers wines and 

liquors 413 and 415 Clay, dwl 716 Union 



Frisch { Wilhelm) & Stilling (Peter) groceries 873 
Mission cor Fifth 

Frischnioutli Karl, baker American Bakery 715 

FRISIUS FREDERICK A. importer aud com- 
mission merchant (successor M. Frisius & Co.) 
ollice 224 California 

Fritch (xeorge, clerk with Jas. Doyle, coal yard, 
dwl 1318 Kearny 

Fritcher John, dwl 4 St. Charles 

Fritsche {Rudolph) & Kautfmann (Fritz) liquor 
saloon NE cor Kearny and Commercial, dwl 
1234 Dupont 

Fritz Deidrich H. blacksmith with Charles H. 

Fritz Frederica Miss, domestic 408 Pine 

Fritz Frederick, picture-frame maker, dwl Frank- 
lin Hotel 

Fritz Jacob, carpenter, dwl W s Morey Alley nr 

Fritzha Frederick, bar keeper 735 "Washington 

Frizell Joseph R. shoemaker, dwl 508 Filbert 

Frodsham Edward, well-sinker, dwl NE cor Du- 
pont and Francisco 

Frodsiiam John, watchmaker with C. Ahrens, 
dwl 1425 Kearny 

Frohling John (Kohler & F.) residence Los An- 
geles, California 

Frohmann Susmann (Auerbach & F.) dwl 156 

Froment P'ugene (Lemoine, F. & Co.) res San Jose 

Fromm August, billiard table maker with J. 
Strahle, dwl room 103 Montgomery Block 

Fromm William, waiter, dwl 623 Dupont 

Frontier (Pierre) & Deviercy (Eugene) manufac- 
turers jewelry 437 Pine (and A. Dubois & Co.) 
dwl W s Third bet Mission and Market 

Froomberg Abram, clerk with Sam'l Froomberg, 
dwl 427 Commercial 

Froomberg Isaac, clerk 421 Commercial, dwl 427 

FROOMBERG SAMUEL, Cheap John variety 
goods 419, 421 and 424 Commercial 

Frosse John, cigars, dwl 104 Kearny 

Frost C. L. Miss, adjuster U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 
133 Kearny 

Frost (Frank F.) & Stevens ( PTaZfer L.) poultry 
and game 6 and 7 Metropolitan Market • 

Frost Henry, musician, dwl rear 727 Broadway 

Frost (Horatio) & Richards ( Calvin) house and 
sign painters 13 Post, dwl S s Broadway t)et 
Taylor and Jones 

Frothingham John, pattern maker, dwl 650 Mis- 

Frowley Patrick, laborer, dwl SE cor Broadway 
and Battery 

FRUCHTNICHT JOHN & CO. (George Wrede) 
Island City Liquor Saloon NW cor Mission 
and Stewart, dwl 51 Fifth 

Fruelson Christian, watchmaker with John Re- 
valk 510 Montgomery 

Fruling Gottfried, dwl with William Fruling 

Fruling William, garden S s Presidio ur Webster 

Fry James, turner, bds 205 Sansom 

Fry J. B. liquor dealer, dwl 452 Sacramento 

Fry J. D. dwl 324 Fremont 

Fry Simon, cigar maker, dwl 67 Clementina 

Frydman J. dwl 429 Union 

Frye J. B. liquors, dwl NE cor Sacramento and 

Frytag John, dwl with Henry Schammel 
Fuchs Philip, job wagon cor Kearny and Sac 
Fulir Charles, upholsterer 123 Montgomery 
Fulford Robert, printer with C. C. Western 
Fijlham Thomas, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Clara bet Folsom and Howard 
FuUam Edward, laborer Vulcan Foundry 
Fuller Alexander, handcartman cor Montgomery 

and Merchant 
Fuller Ann (widow) hat trimmer, dwl 639 Mis- 
FULLER (Arnold) & CRITTENDEN (Charles 
S.) Metropolitan Livery Stable 219 Bush, 
dwl 220 Stevenson 
Fuller Benjamin, bed maker Original House 
Fuller Charles, deck hand steamer Bragdon, dwl 

W s Sansom bet Union and Filbert 
Fuller Charles C. bar keeper, Columbia Engine 

Co. No. 11 
Fuller Edmund A. carpenter, dwl N s Jessie nr 

Fuller E. K. market NE cor Geary and Taylor 
Fuller Frederick Mrs. dwl 139 Fourth 
Fuller H. S. waiter 121 Montgomery 
Fuller Joel W. (Eddy & F.) musician, dwl 535 

Fuller Josiah P. builder, dwl 11 Tehama bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Fuller Orlando, furniture, etc. 432 California 
Fuller Peter, carpenter, bds 557 Market 
Fuller Silas, commission merchant, office and 

dwl NW" cor Broadway and Front 
Fuller Thomas, saddler, dwl 605 Broadway 
Fuller William, dwl 522 Folsom 
Fuller (William P.) & Heather (Seaton) import- 
ers paints, oils, glass, etc. 307 Sacramento, 
dwl 3 Beale Place 
Fullerton John, dwl 106 Clay 
Fullmer A. G. Jwl New England House 
Fullmer H. E. at Tice's brick-yard, bds at brick- 
Fullmer James G. wire worker with H. T. 

Fullum Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl 37 Sac 
Fullum Thomas, laborer S. F. Sugar Refinery, 

dwl 47 Cleary 
Fulton Adonia, with R. Gibbons, dwl S s Elev- 
enth near Folsom 
Fulton Alonzo, cook Empire Restaurant, dwl S s 

Mission bet Second and Third 
FULTON FOUNDRY, Hinckley & Co. proprie- 
tors 47 First 
Fulton Jesse, watchman Tremont House 
Fulton John B. foreman spinning department 

Rope Walk 
Fulton John J. rope maker S. F. Cordage Manu- 
factory, dwl Potrero 
Fulton John J. tanner, dwl Townsend bet Second 

and Third 
Fulton Robert, dwl rear 528 Bush 
Fulton William & Co. ( George C. Cilshee) butch- 
ers 80 Washington Mkt, djvl 106 O'Farrell 
Fulton William, bds Original House •- 

Fulton William, porter with Treadwell & Co. 

dwl 500 Mission 
Fultz A. stevedore, dwl Howard Engine Co. No. 3. 



Funkenstein J. & Co. {Fitel Phillips) jobbers 

wines, liquors, etc. 323 Califoruia, dwl 35 

Ftnikoustein I'cter, liquors, dwl 75 Natonia 
Fuquluiy Fiiuikliii F. painter, dwl San Bruno 

Road nr Flume 
Furay Hup:h, laborer S. F. C. Water "Works Co. 

dwl Hyde nr Greenwich 
Furbee Thomas J. carpenter, dwl 118 Sansom 
Furbush Kills M. clerk with Allen & Spier, dwl 

W 8 Mason nr Broadway 
Furbush Moses, wharlinger Greenwich Dock, 

dwl W 8 Mason bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Furger Frank, clerk 641 Pacific 
Furger Frederick, baker Eagle Bakery, dwl 43 

Furger Mary A. (widow) adjuster U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 615 Mission 
Furguson Henry, plasterer, dwl W s Brooks 
Furguson Mary (widow) dwl Midwaj' nr Fran- 
Furley Edward, clerk with Gotleib Zeh 
Furlev John F. ( Win. & J. F. F.) dwl 8 Varenne 
Furley P. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Furley William & John F. gold-beaters 641 

Commercial, dwl 8 Varenne 
Furlong George, rigger, dwl S s Union bet Bat- 
tery and Sansom 
Furlong Patrick, bds with John W. Hoff 
Furman M. H. attorney at law 526 Merchant, 

dwl rear 917 Stockton 
Furst M. J. dwl 718 Green 
Furstenthal Goodman R. traveling agent with 

Isaac S. Joseph!, dwl 807 Mission 
Furter Samuel, locksmith with F. Tillman, dwl 

558 Mission 
Fury Hugh, laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Fusilier John, groceries SW cor Gearj'^ and Jones 
Fusilier William, proprietor Golden Gate Hotel 

728 Market 
Futter Jacob, tailor 427 Bush, dwl S s Bush bet 

Dupoat and Kearny 
Fuzari M. fruits, dwl 605 Broadway 


Gabb Wm. Dr. paleontologist, office 62 Mont- 
gomery Block 

Gabbs Albert S. ( W. U. Gabbs & Bro.) dwl 45 

Gabbs Wm. H. saw filing 315 Bush, dwl 248 

Gabbs Wm. II. & Brother {Albert S. Gabbs) fur- 
niture and bedding 45 Second 

Gabriel Delilah Miss, nurse, dwl Sixth S Bran- 

Gabriel Louis, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 

Gadsby E. H. {Sioeett, G. & Go.) Awl with G. W. 

Gaertig William, shoemaker 613 Pacific 

Gaetz Daniel, bootmaker 611 Davis 

Gaft'ney James, gas fitter S. F. Gas Co. 

Gaffney Owen, dwl with Ezra Brooks 

Gaffney Patrick, mmer, bds 707 Front 

Gagau Philip, laborer, dwl E s Montgomery bet 
Lombard and Greenwich 

Gage G. painter at 8 First 

Gage John W. {litcker & G.) dwl Sansom Street 

Gagiioii.x Emile, cook Union Club Rooms, dwl 
California Hotel 

Gahagan Mary Mrs domestic 1315 Mason 

Gahagan Michael, domestic 1315 Mason 

Gahan J. carpenter 807 Dupont 

Gahhan John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 

Gaige George M. painter, bds with Wm. Shear 

GAILHARD BROTHERS (C/ias. and Gabriel) 
proprietors California Hotel SE cor Com- 
mercial and Dupont 

Gailhard Gabriel {Gailhard Bros.) dwl Califor- 
nia Hotel 

Gailow John, boatman, dwl N s Turk bet Tay- 
lor and Mason 

Gainard Martin, laborer, dwl 12 Natoma 

Gaines Bridget Miss, domestic 1311 Stockton 

Gainor Wm. laborer S. F. Gas Co. bds 513 Mis 

Galacar Charles, stationery, dwl 605 Stockton 

Galan Charles F. {Parker, Head & G.) Notary 
Public, dwl 224 Montgomery 

Galavotti Italo, clerk with A. Dubois, dwl Tuck- 
er's Academy of Music 

Galavotti (7*.) & Clark {Ada Mrs.) teachers danc- 
ing Tucker's Academy of Music, dwl N s 
California bet Kearny and Dupont 

Galbraith John, dwl 226 Sansom 

Gall Albert, salesman 616 Sacramento, dwl 
NW cor Stockton and Sacramento 

Gale A. Augustus, with J. W. Gale & Co. bda 
, 41 Jackson 

Gale Andrew B. liquors, rooms 105 Geary 

Gale Charles, liquors, dwl 417 Bush 

Gale Charles A. furniture 121 Bush, dwl 106 

Gale H. fireman Market Street R. R. dwl '- 
teenth, Mission Dolores 

Gale Jeremiah W. fruits 409 and 411 Davis, 
dwl 609 Howard 

Gale John, carpenter, dwl 723 Bush 

Gale Joseph (colored) calker, dwl Dupont bet 
Filbert and Green 

GALE J. W. & CO. {Robert Howe) fruit dealers 
409 Davi.s, dwl 605 Howard 

Gale Louisiana (widow) dwl 213 Harrison 

Gale W. S. {Morehouse & G.) SW cor Dupont 
and Geary 

Galivan Jeremiah, laborer, dwl N s Hayes bet 
Van Ness Avenue and Polk, Hayes Park 

Gallagan John, salesman 643 Clay 

Gallaghaler Peter, boiler maker at 118 Davis, 
dwl First near Howard 

Gallagher Ann (widow) dwl 19 Natoma 

Gallagher Ann Miss, domestic 921 Stockton 

Gallagher Barney, boiler maker with Coffey & 
llisdon, dwl 524 Mission 

Gallagher {Bernard) & Farren {John W.) wagon 
makers 112 Bush, dwl 10 Perry 

Gallagher Bernard, dwl 55 Sacramento 

Gallagher Bridget Miss, domestic 1115 Stockton 

Gallagher Charles, blacksmith with Pollard & 
Carvill, dwl 18 Sansom 

Gallagher Charles, plumber at San Francisco 
Sugar Refinery, dwl Folsom nr Russ 

Gallagher Charles F. blacksmith, -dwl 333 Bush 

Gallagher Dominick, laborer, dwl with Patrick 



Gallagher Edward, miner, dwl N a Ellis bet 

Masou and Powell 
Gallagher Edward A. T. inspector and packer 
provisions, and salt manufacturer 17 Beale, 
resides Alameda 
Gallagher Ellen Miss, cloak maker, dwl 19 

Gallagher Fanny Miss, boarding 554 and 556 

Gallagher Francis, book-keeper with John Hogan 
Gallagher (//.) & Neagle {Thomas F.) cooperage 

117 Washington 
GALLAGHER H. P. Rev. pastor St. Joseph's 
Church, dwl Tenth bet Folsom and Howard 
GALLAGHER HUGH & CO. {T. F. Neagle) 
liquors SE cor Battery and Jackson, dwl 
208 First 
Gallagher Hugh, brass-finisher, dwl 43 Jessie 
Gallagher James, blacksmith with Gallagher & 

Farren, dwl 274 Tehama 
Gallagher James, driver St. Mary's Hospital 
Gallagher James, laborer, dwl SE cor Clay and 

Gallagher James, laborer Empire Warehouse 18 

Gallagher James, real estate agent, dwl 502 Pine 
Gallagher James, tailor, dwl W s Virginia nr 

Gallagher {James J.) & Kenney {Peter) Excelsior 

Iron Works 712 Sansom, dwl 721 Union 
Gallagher John, hostler, bds 34 Webb 
Gallagher John, hostler 532 California 
Gallagher John, laborer, dwl 113 Jessie 
Gallagher John B. collector San Francisco Gas 

Co. dwl 445 Bush 
Gallagher {John P.) & Weed {Joseph H.) brass 
foundry and lock factory Oregon bet Front 
and Davis, dwl SW cor Hyde and Filbert 
Gallagher John S. stock dealer, dwl 28 Battery 
Gallagher Julia Miss, domestic, bds 816 Sansom 
Gallagher Mary Miss, domestic 1115 Stockton 
Gallagher Michael, watchman U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 418 Filbert 
Gallagher Patrick, Sligo House SE cor Market 

and Sixth 
Gallagher Patrick, job wagon cor Market and 

Gallagher Patrick, paper hanger, bds 524 Mission 
Gallagher Patrick, salt packer with S. H. Tyler 

Gallagher Patrick, stage driver, dwl 19 Natoma 
GaUagher Peter {H. M. Black & Co.) dwl N s 

Virginia Place nr Powell 
Gallagher Peter, blacksmith, dwl 154 First 
Gallagher Peter, blacksmith, dwl N s Virginia 

Gallagher R. (widow) dwl 31 Geary 
Gallagher Sarah Miss, domestic 508 Dupont 
Gallagher Thomas, stone-cutter, dwl 306 Bdwy 
Gallagher Thomas J. clerk with C. Temple Em- 
met, dwl 913 Washington 
Gallagher William, laborer, bds 707 Front 
Gallagher William, stone-cutter, dwl with John 

Gallagher WilHam I. carpenter, dwl NE cor Cali- 
fornia and Sansom 
Gallahan Bridget, domestic 764 Howard 
Galland Abram, Ijroker, dwl 1807 Stockton 

Galland Anna Miss, dwl 1807 Stockton 
Galland Sem, machinist with Leopold P. Garcin, 

dwl 1807 Stockton 
Galliaund Angele (widow) dwl W s Drumm nr 

Gallichan Matthew, blacksmith op "Frank's" 

old San Jose Road 
Gallichan Patrick, blacksmith San Jos6 Road op 

Gallick William, miner, dwl 414 Post 
Galligin Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Sacramento 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Galligo R. porter with Clark & Perkins, dwl 

Montgomery Block 
Gallinger Joseph, boots and shoes 32 Mont 
Gallogly Margaret, nurse 316 Fremont 
Gallopin Francis, bottles SE cor Commercial and 

Galloup J. B. agency Pacific Pottery 324 Davis, 

dwl NE cor O'Farrell and William 
Gallovan J. trackman Market Street Railroad, 

dwl Hayes Valley 
Galloway Isaac (colored) bootblack 426 Wash- 
ington, dwl E s Dupont bet Broadway and 

Galloway James D. joiner 14 Broadway, dwl S s 

Broadway bet Taylor and Jones 
Galloway J. E. dwl Lick House 
Galloway {Joseph) & Boobar {Elijah C.) pile 

drivers and dock builders NW cor Stewart 

and Mission, dwl 1417 Powell 
Galloway Joseph W. student with HoUaday & 

Gary, dwl 1423 Powell 
Galloway Mary, dress-maker 326 Beale 
Galloway Nicholas, shipwright SW cor Commer- 
cial and East 
Galloway William, seaman, dwl 317 Vallejo 
Galmache Jean, shoemaker, dwl 605 Broadway 
Galotte Isidore, liquor and billiard saloon 520 

Clay, dwl 522 Clay 
Galpin Edward, dwl 239 Fremont 
Galpin Edward {Steele & Co.) dwl Minna nr First 
Galvin Garrett, cutter U. S. Q. M. Department, 

dwl N s Vallejo bet Mont and Kearny 
Galvin Jerry G. driver American Bakery, Pacific 
Gamage Armstrong, salt manufacturer, dwl N s 

Sutler near Hj'de 
Gamba Frances A. Mrs. furnished rooms 518 Sac 
Gamba Louis {Bonzi & G.) dwl 518 Sacramento 
Gambert Felix {Lemoine, Froment & Co.) resides 

San Jose 
GambiU Alexander J. dwl 704 Montgomery 
Gamble Alexander, mining, office 021 Clay 
GAMBLE JAMES, general superintendent Cal- 
ifornia State Telegraph Co. office and dwl 

507 Montgomery 
Gamble Robert T. blacksmith, dwl 112 Bush 
Gamble W. H. printer with Towne & Bacon, dwl 

1013 Stockton 
Gamblet James, dwl 801 Clay 
Game Mathew F. clerk with A. J. Moulder, bds 

Virginia Block 
Gammans George B. {Dickinson & G.) dwl 618 

Ganbar Francis, wood-cutter, dwl 306 Pacific 
Ganey Catherine, domestic 45 Ritch 
Gangloff P. J. stoves and tin ware 341 Kearny, 

dwl W s St. Marys near Pine 



Gannon Bridget Miss, domestic 932 Pacific 
Gannon hMwurd, laborer, dwl 12 Natoma 
Gannon James, dwl with John Short 
Gannon John, laborer .S. F. City Water Works 

Co. dwl S s Market bet Third and Fourth 
Gannon Midiael, laborer S. F. City Water Works 

Co. dwl S s Market bet Third and Fourth 
Gannon N. laborer S. F. City W'ater Works Co. 
Gannon Peter, coachman witii H. P. Janes 
Gannon Peter L. ( dowry & G.) dwl SE cor Third 

and Bryant 
GANNON THOMAS, Post-office Exchange 416 

Wash, dwl NW cor Sansom and Pine 
Gans Isidor, butcher 330 Kearny, dwl 339 

Gans Sam-jel {D. Wolf & Co.) dwl 339 Kearny 
Gansbery George, dwl Sacramento Hotel 
Gant G. bds Benton House 
Gantner Richard, express wagon cor Stockton 

and Pacific 
Gantner Richard, wheelwright rear Montgomery 

bet Vallejo and Broadway 
Garabine Bastian, express wagon cor Washing- 
ton and Sansom 
Garan William, plasterer, bds S s Jessie bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Garasino Stetono, gardener Hunter's Point 
Garbade Charles, clerk with Henry Bishop 
Garbct Charles, cook Meyers' Hotel 
Garcelon Harvey, carpenter Miners' Foundry, 

dwl 137 Fourth 
Garcer Josephine Miss, liquor saloon 527 Jackson 
Garcia Antoine, captain schooner Fanny Piper, 

20 Stewart 
GARCIA FRANCISCO, wines and liquors 718 

Montgomery, dwl E s Central Place nr Pine 
Garcia Jesus, bathman with Ciprico &■ Ewald 62l! 

Montgomery, dwl S s St. Charles 
Garcia Joseph S. captain brig Pride of the Sea, 

5 Market 

Garcia Manuel, tinsmith with A, Brown 
Garcia Ramon, clerk witli John Temple 
GARCIN LKOPOLD P. Vulcan Forges 32 Sutter 
Gardenburg Adolph, dwl W s Jones bet O'Farrell 

and Ellis 
Gardener Baldwin jr. clerk with Crane <te Brigham 
Gardener B. B. porter Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Gardiner Charles H. meat peddler, dwl W s 

Larkiu bet Taylor and McAllister 
Gardiner George D. salesman with R. B. Gray & 

Co. dwl 917 Clay 
Gardiner James J. Deputy City and County Sur- 
veyor, City Hall 
Gardiner John H. salesman with William Alvord 

6 Co. dwl NE cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Gardiner M. B. clerk, dwl 9 Minna 

Gardner Ann (widow) dwl 314 Beale 
Gardner B. C. carpenter, bds Franklin Hotel 
Gardner Benjamin C. F. carpenter, dwl Franklin 

Gardner Bridget, cook with Lafayette Maynard 
Gardner Charles, meat peddler, dwl Market near 

Gardner Ella Miss, dwl 14 Dupont 
Gardner Francis B. hostler 16 Sutter, dwl E s 

Montgomery bet Vallejo and Green 
Gardner George {Wilson tfc G.) 707 Davis 
Gardner George, laborer, dwl 1516 Powell 

Gardner George B. discharging clerk, dwl 73 

Gardner George M. painter with Wilson & Moul- 

ton, dwl 33 Jackson 
Gardner George H. stevedore, dwl 316 Beale 
Gardner James H. clerk, dwl 830 Washington 
Gardner {J. M. ) & Coleman {Daniel R.) shipsmiths 

706 Front, dwl 1305 Stockton 
Gardner {John) & Co. {Joel K. Bowman, Samuel 
P. Bowman) proprietors Pioneer City and 
Mission Line Omnibuses, office E 8 Kearny 
near Clay, stables W s Third bet Tehama 
and Folsom, dwl 246 Third 
Gardner John J. mariner," dwl 316 Beale 
Gardner John M. milk ranch Rock House Hill 
near old San Jose Road, 5 miles from City 
Gardner Jordan G. collector S. F. Gas Co. dwl 

633 California 
Gardner J. T. pamter, dwl NE cor California and 

Gardner Moses, dwl 254 Minna 
Gardner Nicholas, gardener, dwl W s Morse 
Gardner R. B. with Jerome Rice & Co. dwl 230 

distillers and manufacturers bitters, syrups, 
cordials, etc. Robinson's Wharf, dwl E s 
Mason bet California and Sacramento 
Gardner Sophia, domestic, dwl 2G5 Jessie 
Gardner Thomas M. waterman, dwl 1715 Leaven- 
Garden Angeles, laborer Tice's brick-yard, Mis- 
sion Dolores 
Garesi Giovanni B. boatman, bds N E. cor 

Drumm and Merchant 
Garrett John, job wagon cor Dupont and Pa- 
Garety P. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Garfield James, butcher Howard Market cor Sec- 
ond and Howard 
Gargan Patrick, bds 32 Jackson 
Garibaldi Gaitans, gardener Visitacion Valley 
Garibaldi Guiseppe, drayman with Bisagno Bros, 

dwl N s Union bet Dupont and Stockton 
Garland Holland P. waterman, dwl S s Market 

bet First and Second 
Garlineck John, tanner, bds 205 Sansom 
Garman John, stevedore, dwl E s Sansom bet 

Vallejo and Green 
Garneau Gaspar {J. H. Cordier & Co.) dwl 422 

Garner James C. Original Place NW^ cor Polk 

and Filbert 
Garncry Zacque, dwl 610 Lombard 
Garness Thomas, dwl S s Broadway bet Kearny 

and Montgomery 
Garness Thomas, hostler, dwl St. Charles 
Garnett Emily Miss, dwl with L. A. Garnett 
Garnett Louis A. superintendent Kellogg, Hews- 

ton & Co.'s gold refinery, dwl 35 I'-ssex 
Garniex Felix, Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
Garniss James R. {Nishet & G.) dwl 1109 Stock 
Garno Gasper, restaurant, dwl N s Post > r Mason 
Garricini Stephen, gardener Hunter's Pomt 
Garragan Laughlin, cartman, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Union and Sansom 
Garragan Patrick, laborer with James McDevitt 



Garran Thomas, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Garratt Joseph ( W. T. &, J. Garratl) dwl N s 

Sutter rear Tajlor 
and bell founders 507 Market, dwl Sixth nr 
Garrat}' Christian, cook Russ House 
Garraty John, stone-cutter, dwl 12 Sutter 
Garraty Patrick, waterman, bds 114 Bush 
Garraud John, dentist 719 Clay 
Garrecht Daniel, baker Lick House, bds 814 

Garren Louis, cap maker with Wolf Fleisher, 
dwl N s Ellis bet Polk and Van Ness Av. 
Garrett Davis, silver plater with S. 0. Brigham 

& Co. dwl 311 Pacific 
Garrett James, carpenter, dwl rear Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Garrett John, job wagon cor Oregon and Davis 
Garrety John, laborer, dwl E s Salmon nr Bdwy 
Garrick Osmiu, restaurant 532 Pacific 
Garrighan Laughlin, cartman, dwl Filbert bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Garrioch Alexander, merchafit SE cor Washing- 
ton and Battery, dwl S s Geary bet Mason 
and Powell 
Garrison Lewis B. drayman and teamster 215 

Front, dwl Rincon House 
Garrison William R. real estate, bds Union Club 

Garrity James, mason, bds 572 Mission 
Garrity John H. soda maker Pacific Soda Works, 

dwl 113 Jessie 
Garrity Patrick, dwl rear 77 Clementina 
Garrity Patrick, waterman, dwl 730 Kearny 
Garrone F. groceries SE cor Cal and Dupont 
Garsh Augusta, domestic with Rudolph Jordan 
Garslin Thomas, dwl Nagle's brick-yard 
Gartelmann Daniel, grocery 17 Jackson 
Gartelmann John {Rarges & G.) dwl NW cor 

Union and Mason 
Garten Washington, calker, dwl with Saul Irelan 
Garthorne Charles, accountant 223 California, 

dwl S s Post bet Mason aod Taylor 
Garthwaite Harry, book-keeper Empire Ware- 
house 18 Beale, dwl 1309 Leavenworth 
Garty Catharine, domestic with Jeremiah Calla- 
Garty Mary (widow) dwl rear S s Brannan bet 

Second and Third 
Garvey Catherine (widow) dwl 14 Silver 
Garvey James, bell hanger, dsvl 110 Natoma 
Garvey James, deck hand steamer New World 
GARVEY J. PURCELL, searcher of records 

622 Merchant, dwl 14 Silver 
Garvey Wm. hostler 317 Pine, dwl 9 St. Marys 
Garvey William Y. 622 Merchant, dwl 14 Silver 
Garvillg Francois, attendant French Hospital 
Garvin Andrew J. tailor 641 Merchant 
Garvin James, porter with Parrott & Co. dwl 29 

Garvin Thomas, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Garwood Daniel, book-keeper 6 Clay, dwl Mis- 
sion bet Third and Fourth 
Garwood George M. & Co. butchers 84 Washing- 
ton Market, dwl 823 Mission 
Garwood Joseph S. with H. Wetherbee 20 Stew- 
art, dwl Sutro House 

Garwood William T. student with Dr. I. Rowell 
Gasch Jacob, laborer with Nicholas Gasch 
Gasch Nicholas, farmer, East and near Ocean 

Gascoigne Gregory, laborer, dwl N side Caroline 

Place near Powell 
Gascon Leopold, laborer with Louis Richard, 

Mission Dolores 
Gaskin Charles M. special police, dwl SE corner 

Washington and Battery 
Gaspar Peter, shoemaker with F. Semler 691 

Gaspar A. shoemaker, dwl 659 Mission 
Gassert William, groceries E side Mission bet 

Eighth and Ninth 
Gassner Valentine, shoemaker 820 Montgomery 
Gaston John M. blacksmith 321 Pine, dwl 129 

Gate C. bds What Cheer House 
Gate Horatio, fireman Market Street Railroad, 

dwl with Samuel D. Keith 
Gately Delia, domestic 35 South Park 
Gately James, driver for T. J. Gately, dwl 721 

Gately John, lodgings 306 and 308 Pacific 
Gately John B. bds Brooklyn Hotel 
Gately Michael, with T. J. Gateh-. dwl 25 Geary 
Gately Patrick, teamster corner Stevenson and 

Gat«ly Thomas, currier with M. M. Cook 
Gately T. J. lumber 25 Geary 
Gately William, carpenter, dwl 721 Mission 
Gately William jr. carpenter, dwl 721 Mission 
Galen John, jeweler and peddler, dwl 9 St. 

Gates Daniel, shoemaker, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Stockton and Dupont 
Gates H. A. milkman with J. W. Cudworth 
GATES HORATIO S. physician, office and dwl 

526 Merchant 
Gates James R. clerk with R. Hall & Co. dwl 

129 Montgomery 
Gates Lewis, hostler with Horace W. Byington 
GATTEL BERNHARD, agent Germania Life 

Insurance Co. office 519 Montgomery, dwl 

22 Kearny 
Gattens Edward, hostler, dwl 12 Dupont 
Gaubert Joseph, wire rope maker, dwl St. Marys 

Place bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Gauchel Felix, gardener old San Jose Road 5i 

miles from City Hall 
Gauchet Frederick, laborer with L. Richard, 

Mission Dolores 
Gauchet Joseph, laborer with John Pfafif 
Gaughegan Thos. Columbian Bakery 257 First 
Gaul Albert, clerk with Blumenthal & Son, dwl 

NW cor Sacramento and Stockton 
Gaul James, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, bds with 

Owen Casey 
Gaul John, watchman, dwl 59 Minna 
Gauley Edward, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Gauley Jas. A. real estate, office 619 Merchant, 

dwl 611 Stockton 
Gauley John, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Gauls Carl, cigars 904 Kearny 
Gauthey P. workman Spring'Valley W. W. Co. 
Gautier H. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Gautier Jean ( Vincenot & G.) dwl 523 Merchant 



(Jauvrenii Oliver, hotel keeper, dwl 820 Buah 
(Javan T. laborer S. F. City Water "Works Co. 
Oavard Peter, dwl with A. Pomier 
Oavarra J. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
GAVEN DOMINICK:, real estate (and Super- 
visor Fifth District) office NEcor Montgom- 
ery and Commercial 
Gaven Ellen Mrs. domestic, dwl 1209 Taylor 
Gaven Margaret Miss, domestic, dwl 1209 Taylor 
Gavican Martin, coachman with W. II. Moor, 

dwl SW cor Boale and Folsom 
Gavigau William, wood and coal I''ast bet Clay 

and Commercial, dwl 22 O'Farrell 
Gavin John, hostler with L. Coburn, dwl Sacra- 
mento Hotel, Pacific 
Gavin John, laborer, dwl N side Sacramento bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Gavin Keran, clerk Commercial Hotel 125 Pac 
Gavin Thomas, laborer, dwl with John Gavin 
GAWLEY WILLIAM H. agent G. A. Meigs, 

pier 1 Stewart, dwl 417 Harrison 
Ga_v Albert C. carpenter, dwl W s First Avenue, 

Mission Dolores 
Gay Alfred, saloon 1019 Kearny 
Gay Chas. with John C. Bell, dwl 1005 Mason 
Gay Fannie Mrs. dwl with Peter Mackie 
Gay Francis, silversmith, dwl 1207 Dupont 
Gay Henry, laborer, dwl 429 Sutter 
Gay John, dwl S s Francisco bet Dupont and 

Gay M. Mrs. dress-maker, dwl with Albert C. 

Gayle A. B. merchandise broker, office 404 Front 
Gayle Charles T. with Ilobbs, Gilmore & Co. cor 

Market and First, dwl 417 Bush 
Gaynor Mathew, teamster with A. G. Ramsdell, 

dwl N s St. Charles nr Kearny 
Gazawaty John, fruits 706 Kearny 
Gazlay David M. dwl 51 Government House 
Geadeau Ale.xis, upholsterer with Selling, MVx 

& Co. dwl 1234 Dupont 
Gealdar Joseph, carpenter Spring Valley Water 

Works Co. 
Gearcy Daniel, mat maker, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Union and Green 
Geary John F. physician, office and dwl 632 

Geary Julia Miss, domestic with J. Roomo Lewis 
Geary Margaret (widow) dwl 325 Yallejo 
Geary Michael, coachman Russ House 
Gebbels Bertha Mrs. furnished rooms 515 Sac 
Gebbels Nicholas, miner, dwl 515 Sacramento 
Gebhardt Fredk. carriage-maker, dwl 115 Bush 
Gebhardt Wiendlen, carriage trimmer, dwl 115 

Gebler Theodore, stoves and tin ware, 827 Clay 
Geddcs Charles, builder 130 Stevenson, dwl Mis- 
sion nr Seventh 
Geddes J. S. {Bosivell & G.) dwl 315 Geary 
Gedge George, captain bark Christopher Mitchell, 

dwl 918 Jackson 
Gee Lewis (.4. C. Benham <& Co.) dwl Bryant PI 

nr Bush 
Gee Sing (Chinese) wa.shing 106 Bush 
Geer William, laborer Willows 
Goesdam H. bds What Ciieer House 
Geese Adam, barber, dwl 403 Bush 
Geff John, barber, dwl 405 Union 

Gega.\ (Samuel) & Harlow ( W. S.) machine .sew- 
ing, 528 Davis, dwl 126 Clay 
Geggus Charles, Charley's Market 140 Third, dwl 

5 Everett 
Geggus George, butcher, dwl Foward nr Fifth 
Gehan Frederic, dwl 309 Folsom 
Gehegan Battly, drayman, dwl 542 Howard 
Gehrcls William, groceries NW cor Mission and 

Gehricke Otto F. (Dewar A G.) dwl S b Rousch 

bet Howard and Folsom 
Gehrkens Henry, hatter, ilwl 16 Sansom 
Gehrls Charles, tanner, dwl NW cor SixUi and 

Geib Hamilton, piano-forte tuner with Badger & 

Lindcnberger, dwl cor Pacific and Mont 
Geiger Geo. bar keeper with Brennan & Ryder, 

dwl 5 Milton Place 
Goils H. C. drayman 710 Sacramento 
Geimann William, merchant tailor 825 Kearny 
Geiser Francis, barber 722 Market 
Geist William, jeweler, dwl 134 Suiter 
Gelcich Vincent, physician, dwl 605 Broadway 
Geldey Michael, dishwasher Metropolitan Hotel 
Gelien Rodolph G. commission raerch 318 Pino 
Gellatley James, clerk with Henry Von Borstel 
Gellongi August G. groceries and liquors 5 Mis- 
Gelston Julia M. Miss, private school 70 Clemen- 
Gelston Marvin E. dwl 70 Clementina 
Gelston Roland Capt. dwl 70 Clementina 
Genard Francis, dwl 645 Third 
Gendar Edward F. fruit dealer, dwl 120 Kearny 
Gendar Maria Mrs. dress-making 120 Kearny 
Gendorf Frank, tinsmith with D. S. Weaver, dwl 

202 Sutter - — 
General Wharf Association, office 522 Clay 
Genessee Flour Mills, Kennedy & Hopkins pro- 

pilefors. Gold nr Sansom 
Geneve (Louis) & Berger ( Gabriel) carpenters 

718 Commercial, dwl California Hotel 
Geney Henry, baker San Francisco Bakery 
Gensberger Max, book-keeper 420 Sacramento 
Gensler Henry, clerk 423 Commercial 
Gensler Michael, clerk 421 Commercial 
GENSOUL ADRIEN, importer foreign books, 
stationery, etc. 511 Montgomery, dwl 419 
Geohaghen Patrick, drayman 302 Battery 
George Benoit, cook 506 Montgomery 
George B. S. seaman, bds Sailors' Homo 
George David, wood and coal 430 Pine, dwl 229 

GEORGE H. A. George's Livery Stable N s 

Bush nr Kearny, dwl 410 Bush 
ander II.) attorneys at law, rooms 23 and 24 
Parrott's Building cor Montgomery and Sac- 
ramento, dwl 80G Green 
George Mary F. Miss, assistant teacher Den- 
man School, dwl 652 Market 
GEORGE (Peter) & ROCKWITZ (George W.) 
proprietors George's Saloon old San Jos6 
Road 4i miles from City Hall 
Georget Ernest, bar keeper 520 Clay, dwl 737 

Georgian Charles, waiter 530 Merchant 



Geraglity Bernard, groceries NW cor Turk and 

Gerard John, bds 107 Front 
Gerber J. B. French booimaker, 546 Wash 
Gerberding C. office 619 Clay, dwl 1218 Clay 
Gerdes Alexander, clerk 775 Mission 
Gerean W. B ship-carver W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Gereau Wm. B. groceries and liquors NW cor 

Bush aud Taylor, dwl Rincon Point 
Gerema Charles, liquors 420 Brannan 
Gereman Alphonse, cook, dwl SE cor Pine and 

Gereman EmQy Mrs. fruits SE cor Pine and Du- 

G*rhan James, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Gilbert 

bet Bryant and Brannan 
Gerhardy Philip {Janke & G.) dwl 325 Kearny 
Gerke Henry, real estate, office room 9 625 Mer- 
chant, dwl W s Mason bet Eddy and Ellis 
Gerkin Charles, driver with Adam Meyer 
Gerkin Peter & Co. {Frederick Lewison) groceries 

409 Union 
Gerlach Conrad, shoemaker 337 Kearny 
GERMAN CLUB ROOMS 5^2 Montgomery 
ETY, office 625 Merchant 
GERMAN HOSPITAL, S s Brannan nr Third 

office 58 Montgomery Block 

517 Clay 
Germania Homestead Association, office SW cor 

Kearny aud California 

tel agent 519 Montgomery 
Gernant John, job wagon cor Kearny and Pine 
Gernardy Philip, butcher, dwl 435 Pine 
Gernech A. bds N s California bet Montgomery 

and Kearny 
Gernes John, groceries NE cor OTarrell and 

Gerrain Henry, basket maker, dwl W s Clara 
Gerrecht John, washing, dwl W s Virginia nr 

G^rrigan Laughhn, cartman cor Sansom and 

G^rry Ferdinand F. clerk with Wetherbee & 

Cook, dwl 239 Minna 
Gerry Samuel R. physician City and County 

Hospital, office and dwl 817 Washington 
Gerstenberg Henry, bar keeper 811 Clav 
Gerstle Louis {Sloss & Co.) dwl 115 O'Farrell 
Gerstner Anton, butcher, dwl 45 Cleary 
GEBSTUNG (Henry) &, CO. {Fritz Bohmer) 

wholesale and jobbing grocers 315 and 317 

Cahfornia. dwl 611 Union 
Gerstung Herman, clerk with Gerstung & Co. 

dwl 611 Union 
Gervais Eliza (widow) dwl 912 Pacific 
Gerwes {John) & Seyden {Henry) groceries SW 

cor Jackson and Dupont, dwl NE cor Leav- 
enworth and O'Farrell 
Gessell Christopher, carpenter with Wm. Jorres 

rear Citv Hall 
G^ssell J. bds What Cheer House 
Getchell {J. G.) &. Cashing ( 0. A.) stoves and 

tin ware 54 and 56 Clay, bds 117 Davis 

Getchell Gardner G. with R. Gibbons, dwl Po- 

trero, SE Brannan Street Bridge 
Getleson Bernard, agent Pacific Leather Co. 644 

Market, dwl 343 Jessie 
Getz Louis, upholsterer with Goodwin & Co. 
Geuninck S. saloon 607 Jackson 
Geyser John {JIcAuliff & G.) dwl 419 Market 
Ghatam Roland, miller, dwl Potrero, SE Bran- 
nan Street Bridge 
GHIRARDELLI D. importer and manf choco- 
late and coffee 417 Jackson, res Oakland 
Giaccomazzi Antonio, porter with A. E. Sabatie 
& Co. dwl W s Stockton bet Pacific and 
Giaeot Louise Mrs. laundress, dwl 828 Wash 
Giandoni Giovanni, dwl 1404 Dupont 
Giannini Peter A. watch-case maker 622 Clay, 

dwl 19 Lafayette Place 
GIBB DANIEL & CO. ( William Gilh and Alex. 
Forbes) importing and commission mer- 
chants SW cor Vallejo and Front 
Gibb James, Cosmopolitan Liquor Saloon 617 

Gibb Wm. {Daniel Gibb & Co.) dwl South Park 
Gibbon John F. physician, office 427 Commercial 
Gibbon Paul, waiter 531 Kearny, dwl S s Berry 
Gibbons Andrew, laborer, dwl S s Lick nr First 
Gibbons Bridget Miss, domestic with P. D. F. 

Gibbons Charles, carriage painter with R. W. 

Martin, bds Western Hotel 
Gibbons G. W. physician, office 12 Montgomery 
Gibbons Henry, physician and Professor Materia 
Medica iledical Department University Pa- 
cific, office 6 Montgomery 
Gibbons James, cook 919 Kearny 
Gibbons Jane (widow) furnished rooms 320 

Gibbons John, local policeman, dwl SW cor 

Dupont and Greenwich 
Gibbons John, waiter, dwl 538 Commercial 
Gibbons Robinson, draughtsman U. S. Surveyor 

General's Office, dwl 242 Stevenson 
GIBBONS RODMOND, agent Dupont's Gun- 
powder, office 214 California, res Oakland 
Gibbons Sarah Miss, dwl 320 Vallejo 
Gibbons T. Golden Age Hotel 127 Pacific 
Gibbs Charles E. forwarding and commission 
{agent W. L. Perkins) office 404 Front, dwl 
Mission nr Eleventh 
Gibbs C. V. S. office 120 California, dwl SW cor 

Ellis and Powell 
Gibbs George W. {George C. Johnson & Co.) 

dwl NW cor Washington and Stockton 
Gibbs Henry, machinist Vulcan Foundry 
Gibbs John S. lumber 157 Stewart, pier 13 {and 
March, Jones &. Co.) dwl 16 Cogswell's Build- 
ing Front 
Gibbs Thomas, waiter Original House 
Gibbs Warren, carpenter, dwl 639 Mission 
Giblen Timothy, liquors S s Folsom bet Main 

and Spear 
Gibley Mary Miss, domestic 605 Broadway 
Giblin James, express wagon, dwl 315 Fremont 
Giblin James, waiter 526 Clay, dwl 516 Clay 
Giblin Patrick, waiter 526 Clay, dwl 516 Clay 
Giblin Thomas, plasterer, dwl 23 Scott 
Gibney Margaret (widow) dwl Rassette Al. No. 3 



Gibnoy Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Gil»ney Mifliacl, calkor, bds 903 Battery 
Gibson Adolpli B. printer with B. F. Sterett, dwl 

263 Minna 
Gibson Benjamin, seaman, dwl 114 Sacramento 
Gibson Charles, dwl 2G3 Minna 
Gibson Ciiarles (.1. Lusk & Co.) 529 Merchant, 

dwl K 3 Hyde bet Lincoln and Greenwich 
Gibson Charles, soap manufacturer, dwl E s 

Scotland nr Filbert 
Gibson E. A. Mrs. dressmaker rear 19 Cleary 
Gibson Margaret (widow) dwl with H. S. Brooks 
Gibson Mary, ironer with William H. Bennett 

540 Third 
Gibson Mo^^es (colored) dwl 1606 Mason 
Gibson William, seaman, dwl Union bet Sansom 

and Battery 
Giermann IT. C. washing, dwl W s Union Alley 

nr Union 
Giermann John, drayman, bds 903 Battery 
Gies Adam, barber 331 Kearny, dwl SW cor 

Bush and Kearny 
Gies John & Bro. {Kilian Gies) barbers 756 

Clay, dwl W s Mont bet Bdwy and Pacific 
Gies Killiau {John Gies & Bro.) dwl W s 

Montgomery bet Pacific and Broadway 
Gieseman Henry, tailor 202 Dupont 
Giflin Coleman J. tinsmith with John Giffin 
Giffin Herman E. (0. F. Giffin & Bro.) residence 

Nev York 
Giffin John, stoves and tin ware 1415 Stockton 
GIFFIN 0. F. & BROTHER (Uerman E. Giffin) 

importers, jobbers and manufacturers fire 

works, etc. 414 Front, resides Oakland 
Giffing I. M. Pennsylvania Engine Co. No. 12 
Gilford C. B. dwl W s Florence bet Vallejo and 

Gifford Charles F. carpenter, dwl 911 Bush 
Gilford Edward L. carpenter, dwl NW cor Sac- 
ramento and Waverly Place 
Gifford P. J. dwl 16 Perry 
Gifford William H. varnisher with Selling, Marx 

& Co. dwl 908 Stockton 
Gignoux Ciesar, broker, dwl N s Clementina bet 

Fifth and Si.xth 
Gignoux C. M. bds Metropolitan Hotel 
Gihon Thomas, engineer 511 Montgomery, dwl 

420 Bryant 
Gilardin Eugene, laborer with Pierre Arrive 
Gilbert A. S. dwl NW cor Bush and Ta)'lor 
Gilbert Catherine (widow) dwl 711 Pacific 
Gilbert Cecelia Mrs. dress trimmings and fancy 

goods 317 Montgomery, dwl 241 Minna 
Gilbert Chandler L. carpenter Dow's Dislillery 
Gilbert Christopher, boiler maker with Coffey & 

Gilbert Edward C. compositor Alta California, 

dwl 810 Clay nr Waverly Place 
Gilbert Elizabeth (widow) dwl 15 Sherwood PI 
GILBERT FERDINAND, proprietor Gilbert's 

Melodeon NE cor Clay and Kearny, and 

AVillows cor Mi.ssion and Eighteenth 
Gilbert George W. compositor Bulletin, dwl 24 

Gilbert {G. S.) & Childs (0. W.) lamps and oils 

538 Market, dwl 20 Clementina 
Gilbert Henry, dwl 241 Minna 
Gilbert Jane Miss, chamber-maid Lick House 

Gilbert Jane, dome.stic, bds 206 Pacific 

Kearny, F. Gilbert proprietor 
Gilbertson Emma Miss, dwl 20 Sansom 
Gilbride C. teamster Omnibus Rjiilroad Co. 
Gilbride Catharine Miss, domestic 1117 Stockton 
Gildomeester Adrian H. merchandise broker and 
Consul Nuova Grenada, office SIO cor Bat- 
tery and Washington, dwl 411 Lombard 
Gildemeester J. P. U. Consul Netherlands, office 

SE cor Battery and Washington 
Gildersleeve W. sail-maker, dwl 210 Jackson 
Giles Frederick N. carpenter with J. Giles, dwl 

Globe Hotel 
Giles Harman Henry, groceries SW cor Kearny 

and Sutter 
Giles J. G. carpenter and builder 435 Jackson, 

dwl Tremont House 
Giles William, horse-breaker, dwl 417 Mission 
Gilfeathcr James, laborer, dwl N s Pacific bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Gilfeather Owen, upholsterer with Selling, Marx 

& Co. dwl 64 Natoma 
Gilfillan James, driver with Cheney & Co. 
Gilfillan Jcnas C. waterman, bds Battery St. H. 
Gilfoile John, saddler, bds 513 Mission 
Gilford Frank, blacksmith with John Wright 

511 Market 
Gilfoy Thomas, carpenter, bds 115 Stevenson 
GILL [Andreio) & EATELS (Martin) saloon 

SW cor Folsom and Stewart 
Gill Ann Mrs. domestic 726 California 
Gill Bridget Miss, domestic 1513 Stockton 
Gill Catherine (widow) dwl NW cor Pacific and 

Gill Frank B. special policeman, dwl 108 Natoma 
Gill George, seaman, bds 12 Sacramento 
Gill H. B. clerk NE cor Front and Broadway 
Gill James, laborer S. F. G. Co. bds 17 Stevenson 
Gill James M. 1st officer stmr Brother Jonathan 
Gill M. S. with Charles Pioda 420 Montgomery 
Gill Margaret (widow) dwl 749 Mission 
Gill Margaret J. (widow) dwl E s Ritch near 

Gill Thomas, dwl 7 Bay State Row 
Gill Warren B. Washington Hose Co. No. 1 
Gill William, boots and shoes 38 First, dwl 76 

Gillan Barne}^ steward, dwl rear 727 Broadway 
Gillan James S. late State Controller, dwl Teha- 
ma House 
Gillen Bernard, hackman, dwl Battery nr Bush 
Gillen John C. miller, dwl 145 Fourth 
Gillen Michael, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Sansom 

bet Green and Vallejo 
Gillen Patrick, hostler, dwl 44 St. Marks Place 
Gillen Russell, shoemaker, dwl 605 Broadway 
GILLESPIE (C V.) & GRAY (Giles II.) attorn- 
eys at law 731 Washington, dwl NW cor 
Chestnut and Kearny 
GILLESPIE EUGENE F. crockery and glass 

ware 413 Mont, dwl 216 Pros|5ect Place 
Gillespie Farnham (Cronin & G.) dwl 529 Clay 
Gillespie Hannah Miss, domestic 917 Stockton 
Gillespie Helen Miss, domestic 23 Tehama 
Gillespie James Mrs. dwl S s Hinckley 
Gillespie James, broom maker with C. W. & G-. 
W. Amies 



Gillespie John, miller, bds 706 Battery 
Gillespie John, bds with William Hendricks 
Gillespie Robert H. broom maker with C. W. k 

G. W. Armes 24 Beale 
Gillespie W. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Gillespie "William, bootmaker, bds 814 Sansom 
Gillespie "W. J. carpenter, dwl NE cor Stockton 

and Geary 
Gilligan Joanna, domestic 325 Sixth 
Gilligan Margaret (widow) dwl 1017 Mason 
Gilligan Mary Miss, domestic with R. H. Hall 
Gilligan Peter, hostler 532 Cal, bds 34 "Webb 
Gilligan Thomas, Express Liquor Saloon 426 Mont 
Gillilant William, tailor, dwl 24 Third 
Gillis Angus, dwl Brannan near Eighth 
Gillis Stephen E. printer. Eureka Typographical 

Rooms, dwl Brannan near Eighth 
Gillise Patrick, mason, dwl N s Wash near Polk 
Gillman Alden C. dwl 325 Jessie 
Gillmor Anna A. Mrs. private school 82 Jessie 
Gillmor John B. {Herald and Mirror Co.) dwl 82 

Gillon Matthew, shoemaker with P. F. Dunn, 

dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Gillony Bridget (widow) lodgings 651 Mission 
Gillooly Hugh, with Couroy & O'Connor, dwl NE 

cor Tehama and Second 
Gilloto David, maltster Empire Brewery 159 

Gillott Frederick, maltster Empire Brewery 159 

Gilloway Bridget (widow) dwl W s Lafayette 

Gilloway J. G. brass finisher, dwl W s Lafayette 

Gilman A. C. job wagon cor Mont and Pine 
Gilman Adaline L. Miss, dwl with Truston C. 

GILMAN A. M. & CO. (Frederick Smith and R S. 

Davis) wholesale liquors 414 Front, dwl 830 

Gilman Benjamin F. laborer with March, Jones 

& Co. dwl rear 11 Front 
Gilman Charles {Mitchell & G.)dwl America Ho- 
tel, Bush 
Gilman Joseph jr. boat builder, dwl 65 Natoma 
Gilman L. S. hackman, dwl 683 Market 
Gilman Truston C. carpenter, dwl SW cor Val- 

lejo and Montgomery 
Gilmartin John, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Gilmer Joseph, carpenter, dwl 147 Silver 
Gilmor J. W. A. general broker 206 Front, dwl 

725 Bush 
Gilmore Alfred G. (colored) driver with George 

Dennis, dwl cor Washington and Laikin 
Gilmore Ann, domestic, dwl 215 Green 
Gilmore George W. {Hobbs, G. & Co.) dwl 547 

Gilmore James, clerk, dwl 214 First 
Gilmore Mary Miss, seamstress 119 Third 
Gilmore Stephen D. {Hobbs, Gilmore & Co ) dwl 

518 Fols6m 
Gilmour Margaret Miss, doniestic with Samuel 

J. Hopkins 
Gilmour Thomas, liquor saloon NE cor Laguna 

and Grove, Hayes Park 
Qilpatrick Joseph G. sawyer with Hobbs, Gil- 
more & Co. dwl 116 Stewart 

Gilson E. & Co. {George Smith) pork packers 
junction Pino and Market, rooms SW cor 
California and Sansom 
Gilson James, job wagon SB cor Sacramento and 

Mont, dwl junction Battery and Market 
Gimmy Anna (widow) dwl 1024 Dupont 
Gimmy John G. tinsmith, dwl 221 Pine 
Gincoste Antonio, laundry 27 Commercial 
Gingras Mary (widow) fancy goods 1218 Stock 
Ginley Timothy, laborer, dwl S s Alley bet Val- 

lejo and Green 
Ginn Henry, merchant bds St. Nicholas Hotel 
Ginner Jos. watchman 311 Pacific 
Ginnis Patrick, boots and shoes 723 Mission 
Ginnis S. A. bds Brooklyn Hotel 
Ginsberg A. glazier, dwl 217 Commercial 
GIORGIANI A. wholesale fruits and commis- 
sion merchant 421 Washington, dwl W side 
Dupont near California 
Girard Marie Mrs. Parisian Laundry 110 Sutter 
CO. Philadelphia (for fire only) A. Mecart- 
ney agent, office 107 Clay 
Girard George, tinsmith, dwl rear 91 Stevenson 
Girard Narcisse, cook French Hospital 
Girard Louis, washing 337 Bush 
Giraud D. book-keeper 225 Clay, bds Clay Street 

House 64 Clay 
Giraud Eugene, clerk with Cairo Brothers, dwl 

313 Green 
Giraud Joseph, carpenter, dwl 620 California 
Giraud Jules, wire rope maker, dwl E s Dupont 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Giraux Adelaide (widow) midwife 811 Pacific 
Giresti Albert, with R. F. Rocchiacioli 
Girod Jacque, laundry E s Adelle Alley near 

Girot Stephen, drayman, dwl 535 Broadway 
Girzikowsky William, clerk with C. Hilde- 

brandt & Co. 
Gisker Andrew, dwl 215 Sansom 
Gist William, jeweler 310 Montgomery 
Given Charles, painter, bds 306 Broadway 
Given Charlotte M. (widow) private boarding 

620 Howard 
Given C. M. (widow) dwl 118 Post 
Given John C. bds 312 Post 
Given John (colored) waiter, dwl Virginia Block 
Given William, miner, dwl 77 Natoma 
Givney Patrick, laborer, dwl 114 Bush 
Gladding Allen I. ex-pound keeper, dwl NW cor 

California and Larkin 
Gladson Richard, brick -layer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Gladwin William H. merchant, office 220 Front, 

dwl 331 Jessie 
Glare T. H. hackman, dwl 542 Washington 
Glasby H. mechanic, bds 714 Market 
Glaskin William, dwl 416 Second 
Glass C. hat and cap manufacturer 1016 Dupont 
Glass ( Charles) & Co. {Morris Cohen) dry goods 

414 Sacramento, dwl Trinity nr Bush 
Glass James, carpenter, bds 1 08 St. Marks Place 
Glassell Andrew, attorney at law, dwl 76 Clem- 
Glaspell Charles, laborer at Tice's brick-yard 
Glath John, seaman, bds 205 Sansom 
Glaze Leroy N. {A. C. Benham & Co.) dwl Bry- 
ant Place 



Qiazebrook John, job wagon cor California and 

Gleary Hannah, domestic dwl with J. W. J. 

Pierson Sixth bet Harrison and Bryant 
GLKANER (weekly) Rov. Julius Eckmau editor 

427 Commercial 
Gleason D. bds with William Hendricks 
Gleaeon David, bar keeper 543 Market 
Gleason Henry, waiter Orifjinal House 
Gleason Henry B. importer carriage and wagon 

stock 114 Battery, res New York 
Gleason John, hostler with \V. M. White, boards 

114 Bush 
Gleason P. bds Benton House 
Gleason Patrick, laborer, dwl 215 Montgomery 
Gleason P. H Front St. House E side Front bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Gleason Thomas, Jjds Benton House 
Gleason William, cook Russ House 
Gleason William, carpenter, bds 8 Anthony 
Gleason William H. salesman, dwl 202 Second 
Gleason William H. jeweler with W. Bohm, dwl 

31 O'Farrell 
Glein C. F. hardware 317 Kearny 
Gleunan Edward, stone-cutter, bds Sansom near 

Glennan John, harness maker with W. H. Baxter 
Ghdden Albert M. shipwright and calker SW cor 

Mission and Main, dwl 222 Jessie 
Glidden Albion K. P. captain bark Ella Frances, 

dwl 35 Tehama 
Glidden Charles E. surveyor, dwl N side Market 

near Laguna 
Glidden George W. United Slates poll-tax col- 
lector City Hall, dwl S s Market nr Guerrero 
Glidden John C. captain schooner Loyal, dwl 222 

Glinden James, blacksmith 38 jWebb, dwl NE 

cor Ritch and Harrison 
Glinn Catherine, domestic 422 Second 
Gliubetich Marco {Buja & G.) 605 Davis 
Globe Hotel, John P. Schaefer proprietor NW 

cor Jackson and Dupont 
Glover Alfred, painter with W. F. Canham 
Glover Andrew, dwl with Henry Schammel 
Glover John, furnished rooms 618 Market 
Glover Frederick B. actor Bella Union Melodeon 
Gluck (J. F.) & Hanson {Charles E.) National 

Brewery NW cor Williams and O'Farrell 
Gluesing Peter H. groceries and liquors junction 

Market and ElUs 
Glusing George, dwl NE corner Filbert and 

Gluyas G. K. superintending engineer Cal. Steam 

Nav. Co. dwl S side Harrison bet First and 

Gluyas Reese W. salesman 609 Montgomery, 

dwl SE cor Harrison and Rincon Place 
Glynn Amasa, ranchman, dwl 1 Central Place 
Glynn Bridget Miss, domestic 1312 Taylor 
Glynn James, laborer, dwl 26 Hunt 
Glynn John, waiter International Hotel 
Glynn John, laborer, bds Mississippi House, Pac 
Glynn John, wool packer, bds Mississippi House, 

Glynn Joseph, blacksmith, dwl 672 Mission 
Glynn Mary (widow) dwl 26 Hunt 
Glynn Mary Mrs. dwl W s Jane PI nr Pine 

Glynn Michael, laborer, dwl 26 Hunt 

Glynn Michael J. blacksmith, dwl NEcor Mission 
and Third 

Gnalo M. R. restaurant 637 Pacific 

Gobel Frederick, laborer, dwl 5 Dupont 

Gobener Ernst, groceries and liquors SW cor 
Ti ird and Brannan 

Gobener Henry, clerk with Martin Mangles SE 
cor Folsom and Main 

Gober William R. Rev. pastor Methodist Episco- 
pal Church (South) dwl Mission nr Ninth 

Goble George W. attorney at law, dwl 822 Union 

Gochey Thomas A. carpenter, dwl N s Bush bet 
La'-kin and Polk 

Godbold Edwin A. painter with R. S. Eells & Co. 

GODCHAUX BROTHERS (Adolj^h and Joseph 
Godchaux) & CO. {Henry ScJimitt) importers 
fancy dry goods 425 Montgomery, dwl 624 

Godchaux J. liquors, dwl N s Hinckley near Du- 

Godchaux Joseph ( Godchaux Bros. & Co.) resides 

Godchaux Joseph, clerk with L. Godchaux, dwl 
61 Second 

Godchaux Lazar, dry goods NE cor Mission and 
Second, dwl 570 Mission 

Godchaux Lazard, stock dealer, dwl 117 Natoma 

GODDARD {Elnathan B.) & CO. {Jra P. Ban- 
kin, Win. J. Bryan and Albert P. Bray ton) 
proprietors Pacific Foundry 127, 129 and 
131 First, res Oakland 

Goddard George E. purser P. M. S. Sonora, dwl 
International Hotel 

Goddard Henry K. elk Pacific Foundry 127 First 

Goddard Louis, dwl 807 Howard 

GODDARD {Riley M.) & CO. {Isaac W. Credit 
and Squire B. Goddard) United States Res- 
taurant 507 and 509 Clay, dwl 68 Minna 

Goddard Squire B. ( Goddard cfc Co.) dwl room 
13 St. John's House 

Goddchalk Jno. F. dwl S s Greenwich bet Sansom 
and Montgomery 

Godding Warren, pail maker with Parrish & Co. 
dwl 500 Mission 

Godding Warren, wood turner, dwl 500 Mission 

Godeau Alix, groceries 1236 Dupont 

GODEFFROY (.4Z/'rerf) SILLEM ( William) & CO. 
lumber, office 535 Clay, dwl 25 Prospect PI 

Godeus {John D.) & Bender ( Wm. H.) butchers 
202 Fourth 

Godfrey Arthur, with G. McFarland 409 Mer- 
chant, dwl E s Pratt Court nr California 

Godfrey Elizabeth (widow) cook Virginia Block 

Godfrey George, with J. Richards, dwl 325 Te- 

Godfrey Isaac L. carpenter with Brokaw & Met- 
calf, dwl 9 Minna 

Godfrey James T. {Lowndes & G.) dwl 272 Ste- 

Godfrey Nathan A. (colored) hair dressing saloon 
529 Com, dwl cor Pacific and Auburn 

Godfrey Seth S. laborer Davis Laundry 

Godfrey Thomas, machinist Union Foundry, bds 
Oriental Hotel 

Godfrey Wm. {Eastman & G.) dwl 1119 Taylor 

Godfrey William L. coffee roaster with S. H. Ty- 
ler & Co. dwl 248 Green 



Godfrew Charles, garden N s Presidio Road near 

Godkin Tlioraas, blacksmith 720 Battery, dwl 

723 Battery 
Godley Montgomery, with Parrott & Co. dwl 767 

Godreul Louis, restaurant 18 Market 
Godsoe J. S. printer, dwl 531 Pacific 
Goebel Frederick W. porter 313 California 
Goeljen Nicholas {Erzgraber & G.) dwl Leaven- 
worth nr Pine 
Goetz Joseph, Fashion Restaurant 631 Davis 
Goff Mary, domestic, dwl 346 Beale 
Gold Marks, clerk 417 Commercial, dwl 226 San 
Goldbaum L. cigars, dwl 11 John 
Goldberg Daniel, tailor 676 Mission 
Goldberg P. clothing 505 East 
Goldberg Solomon, furniture E s Kearny near 

Market, dwl 905 Jackson 
Goldberg T. tailor, N s Washington nr Davis 
Golden Age Flour Mills, 717 Battery, F. D. Con- 

ro & Co. proprietors, office 127 Clay 
Golden Daniel, waiter, dwl E s Ohio bet Broad- 
way and Jackson 
Golden Eagle Hotel, 217 feearny 
Golden Allen, domestic with John Fowler 
GOLDEN ERA (weekly) Brooks & Lawrence 

editors and proprietors, office 543 Clay 
Golden Gate Brewery, N s Filbert bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Golden Gate Flour Mills, Horace Davis &;Co. 

proprietors 434 Pine 
Golden Gate Hotel, William Fusillier proprietor 

728 Market 
Golden John, dry goods, dwl 12 Virginia 
Golden Louis, bar keeper with Martin & Horton, 

dwl 161 Second 
* com & Co. proprietors, 23 and 25 First 
Golden Thomas {Craig & G.) dwl 9 Dupont 
Goldiner Carl, tailor 418 Davis 
Golding Daniel, waiter 626 Kearny 
Goldman C. dwl 17 John 
Goldman Isaac A. importer gents' famishing 

goods, etc. 306 Battery, dwl 17 John 

Goldman Jacob {Neiuman & Co.) dwl 1202 Stock 

Goldman Joseph, wood, coal and feed store SE 

cor Sixteenth and Mission, dwl E s Mission 

bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 

Goldman Solomon, shoemaker 604 Market, dwl 

40 First 
Goldmann J. W. boots and shoes 431 Kearny 
Goklschmidt J. shoemaker, dwl 807 Clay 
Goldschmidt Julius, cigars, bds Revere House 
Goldschmidt Siegmund, clerk, bds Revere House 
Goldsmith A. dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith Abraham (G. & Blanding, Eugene City, 
Oregon) butter, etc. 42 Metropolitan Mark- 
et, dwl 61 Tehama 
Goldsmith Abraham, importer millinery, straw 

and fancy goods 416 Sac, dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith Gustave, with A. Goldsmith, Sacra- 
mento, dwl 773 Mission 
Goldsmith I. bds 708 Clay 
Goldsmith Isaac, dwi W s Stockton nr Bush 
and Wing Liquor Saloon SW cor Market 
and Stewart, dwl 313. Harrison 

i Goldsmith Joseph, mariner, dwl S s O'Farrell 
j bet Hyde and Larkin 

I Goldsmith James, theatrical agent, bds Chicago 
I Hotel 

• Goldsmith Lewis, book-keeper 632 Sacramento, 
I dwl 341 Mmna 

Goldsmith M. salesman with H. Kohn, dwl 743 

Goldsmith Moses, tailor, bds 814 Montgomery 
Goldsmith Rosetta, servant 429 Green 
; Goldsmith Walter, painter, dwl 1304 Powell 
i Goldsmith William, drayman 101 Clay, dwl cor 
I Pacific and Yan Ness Avenue 
Goldsmith William E. engraver and silversmith 

433 Montgomery, dwl Seventh nr Brannan 
Goldstein A. S. stoves and tin ware 525 Kearny, 

dwl E s Monroe bet Bush and Pine 
Goldstein E. clerk 333 East , 
Goldstein Emanuel, student at law with Edwin 

B. Mastick, dwl 532 Mission 
GOLDSTEIN {Emanuel L.) RYAN {John) & CO. 

( Wm. P. Taafft) importers fancy and staple 

dry goods NW cor Front and Sacramento, 

dwl 532 Mission 
Goldstein Lewis, merchant Victoria, office with 

M. Kohn & Co. 
Goldstein Louis, dwl 712 Folsom 
Goldstein Moses, tailor 625 Commercial 
Goldstein Peter, tailor, dwl 117 Stevenson 
Goldstein S. stoves and tin ware 1015 Dupont 
Goldstein Seelig, cigars 307 Sansom, Tehama 

House, dwl New York Hotel 
Goldstone Mitchell, merchant, dwl 411 Pine 
GoUer John, cabinet-maker with Selling, Marx & 

Co. dwl Pacific above Jones 
Golly Ambrose, barber with John Golly 
Golly John, barber 1203 Dupont 
Gonin Jean, cook, dwl 605 Broadway 
Gonnell John, laborer, dwl W s Russ Alley nr 

Gonnigan Patrick, 'longshoreman, bds 323 Pine 
Gonzales Dominick, carpenter 667 Howard, dwl 

949 Howard 
Gonzales Francisco, porter with Daniel Gibb & 

Co. dwl Vallejo bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Gonzales Josephine Mrs. dwl 714 Broadway 
Good Anna (widow) dwl W s Pitch nr Townsend 
Good John, miner, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Broadway and Pacific 
Good John M. clerk with Charles Curry 
Good L. C. miner, dwl 933 Sacramento 
GOOD ALL CHARLES, Harbor Master office 

SW cor Merchant and East, dwl 917 Howard 
Goodall Edwin, clerk with Cliarles Goodall, bds 

917 Howard 
Goodall J. miner, bds 707 Front 
Goodchild Edward, liquor saloon SE cor Stock- 
ton and Vallejo, dwl 1705 Stockton 
Goodell George X. harness maker with Harri- 
son Jones, dwl 806 Stockton 
Goodenow John, with Ilobbs, Gilmore & Co. cor 

Market and First 
Goodhue John, watchmaker, bds Hall's Court 

NEW YORK, McLean & Fowler agents 

NE cor Clay and Battery 
Goodman David {Hart & G.) dwl Washoe House 

Pine nr Montgomery 



Goodman (F.) & Lindner (J/.) clothing 235 Kear- 
ny, dwl Harlan Place 
Goodniuu G. Saniucl, book-keeper wilh Levi 

Strauss & Co. dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Goodman Henry, bar keeper ."JU Sansom 
Goodman Henry, laborer, dwl N 8 Brannan bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Goodman Isaac, job wagon, dwl E 8 Ohio 
Goodman James P. liquor saloon and bowling 

alley E s Laguna bet Grove aud Kayos, 

Hayes Park 
GOODMAN {Jame.<i P.) & DUFFY {James) El 

Dorado liquor saloon and oysters SE cor 

Washington and Kearny, dwl Hayes Park 
Goodman J. & M. importers staple aud fancy dry 

goods 30-i California, resides New York 
I id man Mary, servant with Mary J. Byrne 

1 nan Max {J. & J/. Goodman) dwl 225 Fourth 
Guoiluian N. (/. Pt Davies tk Co.) dwl 317 Minna 
Goodman Simon, jobber fancy and staple dry 

goods 410 J Sacramento, dwl 311 Fourth 
Goodrich John H. blacksmith with 11. Casebolt 

& Co. dwl 721 Market 
Goodrich Richmond R. physician SW cor Dupont 

and Washington, bds 203 Third 
Goodridge Ellen (widow) teacher 64 Silver 
Goodridgc George, newspaper clerk Post-office, 

dwl 1022 Montgomery 
Goodrum George, real estate, office 305 Sac, dwl 

N s Twelfti; bet Howard and Mission 
Goodsell Do Courcy M. shipwright, 429 First 
Goodstein H. jeweler 46 Second, dwl 665 Mission 
Goodwin A. A. waterman Market op Sansom 
Goodwin Charles, butcher 4 Metropolitan Market 

{and G. & Thomas) 
Goodwin {Charles) & Thomas {George II.) fruits 

50 Metropolitan Market, dwl W s Third bet 

Mission and Stevenson 
GOODWIN {James P.) & CO. {P. B. ZfoZmcs) im- 
porters and manufiicturers furniture 528 

Wasiiington, dwl 521 Folsom 
Goodwin Lewis, harness maker, dwl 11 Ecker 
Goodwin Michael {Marlow & G.)dwl 664 Folsom 
Goodwin Michael, groceries NK cor Mission and 

Third, dwl NE cor Folsom and Third 
Goold Edmond L. {Shafters, Hydenfeldt & G.) 

dwl Virginia Block 
Gordillo Miguel, gvmnast, dwl 611 Pacific 
GORDON GEORGE, manager S. F. Sugar Re- 
fining Co. cor Eighth and Harrison, office 

411 Merchant, dwl 35 South Park 
Gordon George (colored) barber 925 Kearny 
Gordon George W. clerk, dwlSE cor Montgomery 

and California 
Gordon G. W. dwl Original House 
Gordon Isabella P. (widow, colored) dress-maker 

71 Minna 
Gordon James, blacksmith with Gallagher & Far- 

ren, dwl 114 Bush 
GORDON JOHN & CO. importers stoves, 
metals, etc. and manufacturers tin ware 317 

Washington, dwl Chicago Hotel 
Gordon .lohn {Lane & G.) dwl NE cor Greenwich 

and Dupont 
Gordon John, laborer 17 Cal, dwl 11 Dupont 
Gordon John, lumber, dwl 17 Dupont 
Gordon John H. plumber 618 Clay, dwl E s 
Dupont near Greenwich 

Gordon John H. stair builder with B. II. Free- 
man A Co. 

Gordon .Joseph, oflflco 120 California 

Gordon J. S. G. dwl 640 Commercial 

Gordon S. attorney at law, dwl NE cor Sansom 
and California 

Gordon Samuel, dwl 765 Clay 

Gordon Samuel, laborer S. F. Ga8 Co. dwl 528 

Gordon Sheldon S. policeman City Hall, dwl 
Commercial near Mason 

Gordon Thomas, furnishing goods, dwl 428 Bush 

Gordon William (colored) bootblack 539 Merch 

Gordon — . dwl 767 Mission 

Goreven James, porter with Parrott & Co. dwl 
39 Jane 

Gorflnkel M. S. dry goods 1134 Dupont 

Gorfinkel William, clerk with M. S. Gorfinkel 

Gorham Daniel, clerk wilh John Stratman, dwl 
1314 Powell 

Gorham John E. usher Metropolitan Theater, dwl 
1314 Powell 

Gorham William R. watchman U. S. Branch 
Mint, dwl 1314 Powell 

Gorhey Michael, inspector moss, etc. with Joseph 

Gori Ottaviano, importer and manufacturer marble 
406 and 408 Pine, resides New York 

Gorman John, mariner, St. Francis Hotel 

Gorman Bridget Miss, domestic 52 Tehama 

Gorman Catherine (widow) dwl 820 Vallejo 

Gorman David, printer wilh Charles F. Robbins 
& Co. dwl Stevenson bet Fourth and Fifth 

Gorman {John) & McManus {Bartholomew) liquors 
Custom House Place 

Gorman John, clerk with Morrison & Bryant, 
dwl 423 Battery 

Gorman John, hostler with Allen & Co. 669 

Gorman John, laborer, dwl S 3 Gilbert bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 

Gorman John, laborer, bds 706 Battery 

Gorman John C. bds 46 Stewart 

Gorman Lawrence, hostler 219 Bush, dwl 418 

Gorman Mary Miss, dwl with William Gorman 

Gorman Mary A. domestic 432 Bryant 

Gorman Patrick, express wagon, dwl N s Taylor 
bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 

Gorman Patrick, porter with Booth & Co. dwl 
808 Union 

Gorman Thomas J. trunk maker, bds Mississippi 
House, Pacific 

Gorman William, merchant, dwl 406 Vallejo 

Gormley James, wool packer, dwl Mission bet 
First and Second 

Gormley John, plasterer, dwl E s Cadelle Place 

Gormley Micliael G. feed and produce, bds Chi- 
cago Hotel 

Gormly Patrick, drayman with Booth & Co. 
bds 808 Union 

Gorter William, tobacconist, dwl 18 Minna 

Gorton John H. stair builder with B. H. Free- 
man & Co. dwl Quincy nr California 

Goslinsky Adolph, cap maker with G. Rosen- 
berg, dwl American Hotel 

Goslinsky Elias, cigar manufacturer 321 Front, 
dwl NW cor Sansom and Commercial 



Goslinsky L. cigar maker, dwl 33 Geary 

Goss George, secretary S. F. & Oakland R. R. 

Co. office 72 Montgomery Block, dwl 248 

Goss Peter, brick-layer, bds Original House 
GOSTORFS LEOPOLD B. importing and com- 
mission merchant, office 220 Battery 
Gottneicht Peter, dwl N s Filbert bet Powell and 

Gottsclialk Ciiarles, stone-cutter, dwl 12 Sutter 
Gotisclialk William, tinsmith with John G. lis 
Gotty Barbara (widow) dwl 420 Bush 
Gotz Leopold, carpenter, dwl 814 Montgomery 
Gotze Henry, grocer NE cor Davis and Com 
Gougenheira Marks, butcher with Moses Davis, 

dwl 622 Mission 
Goujjerty Owen, carpenter, dwl 231 Jessie 
Gough Charles H. street contractor, office NE 

cor Montgomerj' and Commercial, dwl SW 

cor Stockton and Jackson 
Gough Henry 0. street contractor, office NE cor 

Montgomery and Commercial, dwl 1013 

Gough John T. waiter, dwl W s Bryant Place nr 

GOUGH [Richard J.) & COVEY {Harris R.) Pio- 
neer Livery and Sale Stable 530 and 532 

California cor Webb 
Gough William, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl 417 Market 
Gough William, seaman SE cor Beale and Folsom 
GOUGH WILLIAM T attorney at law, office 

NE cor Montgomery and Commercial, dwl 

906 Montgomery 
Gould Abram J. photographist with H. Bush, 

dwl 62 Davis 
Gould Albert, dwl 922 Stockton 
Gould Albe W. shoemaker, dwl with Ira C. Root 
Gould Alex, rigger, dwl N s Union bet Calhoun 

and Sansom 
Gould Alfred S. office Alta California, dwl 633 

Gould Allen, teamster, dwl 24 Minna 
Gould Alvin, clerk with Oakley & Jackson 

C. L. Wadsworth secretary, office NE cor 

Montgomery and Jackson 
Gould {Edward) & Co. {S. M. Keeler) groceries 

NW cor Silver and Third 
Gould Frank, Indian Queen Saloon 18 Clay 
GOULD {Javies G.) MARTIN {A.) & CO. (Cy- 
rus Crego) commission fruit merchants Pa- 
cific Market 534 Clay, dwl 536 Clay 
Gould Jane (widow) dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Gould John W. com mcht, dwl Virginia Block 
Gould Joseph, machinist, dwl 128 First 
Gould Mary A. Miss, actress Gilbert's Melodeon, 

dwl Filbert nr Dupont 
Gould Peter, cook steamer J. Bragdon 
Gould Richard, bds 707 Front 
Gould William B. weigh clerk U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl N s Broadway nr Larkin 
Goulden Edward, engineer Empire Brewery 159 

Goulding John C. salesman 401 Battery 
Goulet Isidore, cutter with French, Wilson & Co. 

dwl SW cor Washington and Dupont 

Gourdon Desir6, sculptor with Hayes & Pritchard 
Gourgeues Francais, distiller with Castera & La- 

cour, dwl 121 California 
Gourton Jean C. with Peter Job 
Goux J. B. dyer 747 Clay 
Gove A. J. {Marks & G.) dwl E s Montgomery 

near Broadway 
Gove J. F. bds 904 Kearny 
Gove Mary A. (widow) dwl 270 First 
Gove Sarah Mrs. (widow) adjuster U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 929 Sacramento 
GOVERNMENT HOUSE, Charles A. Crane pro- 
prietor, NW cor Washington and Sansom 
Govert Theodore, dwl W s Jansen nr Greenwich 
Govnall James, boiler maker with Cofifey & Ris- 

Gowan Edward, coach painter, dwl 20 Sansom 
Gowen Heber, drayman Rincon Point Wharf 
Gownan Patrick, job wagon cor Pine and Mont 
Grabe Conrad, cabinet-maker with John Wig- 
Grace Ann (widow) dwl E s Bartol bet Vallejo 

and Broadway 
Grace T. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Grace William, hackdriver, dwl 15 Everett 
Gracey William J. wagon maker 322 Bush, dwl 

136 Natoma 
Gracier Francis J. bung, broom handle and faucet 
maker Chace's Mills SW corner Market and 
Beale, dwl San Bruno Road nr Flume 
Grady Dennis, stone-mason, dwl 325 Vallejo 
Grady James J. morocco finisher SE cor Bran- 
nan and Fourth 
Grady Michael, butcher, bds 323 Pine 
Grady Thomas, bar keeper Tehama House Ex- 
Grady Thomas, tailor 317 Montgomery, dwl SW 

cor Folsom and Fifth 
Grady William, miner, dwl NW cor Front and 

Graflf George, waiter 317 Sansom 
Graff Gustav, butcher, bds Mississippi House 
Graff Hermann, bar keeper NE corner Clay and 

Dupont, dwl NW cor Pacific and Kearny 
Graff {Sa7nuel) & Licker {F.) cigars and tobacco 
1102 Dupont, dwl S s Broadway bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
Graffam Agnes Miss, dwl 305 Fremont 
Grafifam Elizabeth (widow) dwl 305 Fremont 
Graflfam Oliver H. fancy glass worker, boards 

Chicago Hotel 
Gragg J. H. captain bark Delaware, with E. M. 

Josselyn & Co. 
Graham Andrew J. printer with B. F. Sterett, 

dwl 97 Montgomery Block 
Graham Ann Miss, domestic 541 Mission 
Graham Geo. carpenter, dwl Mechanics' Hotel, 

Graham James, drayman with Samuel Adams 

112 Battery, dwl 333 Bush 
Graham James E. steward steamer Antelope, 

dwl 1204 Powell 
Graham J. B. compositor. Eureka Typographical 

Graham John, brick-layer, dwl 510 Sacramento 
Graham John S. toll-keeper San Bruno Road 
Graham Joseph, cartman, dwl S s Brannan bet 
Fifth and Sixth 



Graham Mary (widow) dwl 1118 Taylor 
Grabam Michael, at Wool Pulling Mills 
Graham Michael, engineer P. M. S. S. Orizaba, 

dwl 85 Stevenson 
Grabam Patrick, blacksmith, dwl with John 

Graham Richard, Xow York Hotel 510 Davis 
Graham Robert, job cart, dwl Branuan ur Sixth 
Graham Sarah Miss, milliner with Mrs. Eliza 

Graham William, gardener, dwl 35 Essex 
Graham William, liquors N side Sixteenth bet 

Valencia and Dolores 
Graham William H. State Sealer Weights and 

Measures, office 321 Front 
Gramer Frederick, laborer, bds 814 Montgomery 
Gramka (Z/en-i') & Blankan (Peter) grocerj-^ NW 

cor Front and Pacific, dwl 513 Davis 
Grancourt John B. confectioner, dwl E s Kearny 

bet Union and Filbert 

MASONS, A. G. Abell secretary, office 502 

Grandon Patrick, laborer, bds 320 Broadway 
Granfy Joanna, domestic 331 Jessie 
Granger Arthur, brewer, boards Pacific Temper- 
ance House 
Grangier B. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Grannan Michael {Kelly & G.) dwl 10 Kearny 
Granniss G. W. inspector C. H. dwl Brannan 

Grant Adam (Murphy, G. & Co.) dwl 1107 Stock 
GRANT A. N. & CO. (Chas. W. Taber andJno. 

Ord) blacksmiths and carriage makers 322 

Third, dwl 14 Hawthorne 
Grant Barbara (widow) dwl W s Lafayette PI 
Grant Charles B. stone yard 411 Folsom, dwl 322 

Grant Daniel, carpenter, bds tOT Front 
Grant D. W. book-keeper with Knapp, Bure 11 

& Co. dwl NW cor Wash and Sansom 
Grant Eliza Miss, dwl 829 Clay 
Grant George H. carpenter, dwl 410 Bush 
Grant George W. dwl E a Stanley Place 
Grant George W. shipsmith 136 Stewart, dwl cor 

Brannan and Bay Avenue 
Grant Henry A. teamster, dwl S s Eleventh near 

Grant J. bds 741 Market 
Grant James, liquor saloon SE cor Kearny and 

California, dwl 426 Bush 
Grant James, stair builder with B. H. Freeman 

& Co. dwl 117 Geary 
Grant John, laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Grant John, marble yard 12 Sutter, dwl 141 

Grant John, dwl Niantic Hotel 
GRANT JOSEPH, Notary Public and real estate 

agent, office 428 Montgomery, dwl 703 Geary 
Grant Marshall R., U. S. Deputy Marshal, dwl 

U. S. Court Building 
Grant Mary Miss, dress-maker, dwl 315 Fremont 
Grant Robert P. waterman, dwl E s Larkin bet 

Post and Geary 
Grant Thomas C. clerk with Hooker & Co. rooms 

109 Montgomery 
Grant William B. boatman foot Vallejo, dwl SW 

cor Vallejo and Davis 

Grant William M. porter 212 California, dwl 40 

Grapel John, 'longshoreman, dwl 2 California 
Grard Edward, cook 220 Merchant 
Grasar Louis, shoemaker with Jacob Hess 
Grasshofi" Frederick, carpenter and cabinet-maker 

1510 Powell 
Grattan Margaret (widow) furnished rooms 18 

Grattan William, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Spear 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Gratican John, steward, dwl NE cor Sansom and 

Gratz Leopold, carpenter, bds Meyers' Hotel, 814 

Graves Augustus B. clerk with H. T. Graves 412 

Clay, dwl 914 Vallejo 
Graves Converse, actor, dwl W s Wetmore Place 

near Clay 
Graves Edward, gas fitter with J. K. Prior 
Graves {E. S.) Smith ( C. TF.) & Hoffmire ( W. H.) 
coppersmiths and plumbers 520 Davis, dwl 
557 Mission 
GRAVES HIRAM T. importer, jobber and man- 
ufacturer wire goods 412 Clay {and A. S. 
Hallidie & Co.) dwl 1605 Mason 
GRAVES {James) WILLIAMS {Uenry F.) & 
BUCKLEY {Jno. P.) commission merchants, 
native wine dealers and proprietors Pacific 
Fruit Market 532 and 534 Clay, and 529 
Merchant, dwl 904 Jackson 
Graves J. L. bds What Cheer House 
Graves Margaret A. (widow) furnished rooms 

520 Mission » 
Graves Susan M. (widow) dwl 527 Union 
Graves William, dwl 801 Clay 
Gray Arthur, manager Commercial Lodgings 538 

Gray Barnard James, clerk, dwl with Thos. Gray 
Gray Christian L. merchant, dwl 1107 Mason 
Gray Cyril V. attorney at law 10 Montgomery 

Gray Daniel, driver Lone Mountain Omnibus, 

dwl Hayes Park Pavilion 
Gray Daniel, laborer, dwl with Lewis Runk 
Gray Daniel F. drayman, dwl Jackson bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde 
Gray Edward C. Contra Costa Laundry 624 Com- 
mercial, dwl 124 Silver 
Gray eorge, drayman 414 Clay 
Gra) Giles H. {Gillespie & G.) dwl 939 Sac 
Gray James, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mis- 
sion Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Gray Henrietta (widow) dwl 1202 Powell 
Gray Henry M. with N. Gray 641 Sacramento 
GRAY H. M. physician, office SE cor Clay and 

Gray Joel, carpenter, dwl 616 Powell 
Gray John {Fonda dc G.) dwl 635 Folsom 
Gray Jos6, carpenter, dwl 616 Powell 
Gray M. Mrs. dwl 629 Market 
Gray Margaret Miss, dwl 1032 Clay 
Gray Martha (widow) dwl 1032 Clay 
Gray Mary Miss, dwl 1032 Clay 
GRAY MATHIAS, importer piano-fortes, music 
and musical instruments 613 Clay, dwl 1032 
Gray Matilda Mrs. dry goods 112 Kearny 



Qray Michael, at Mission Woolen Mills, dwl NE 

cor Mission and Fifteenth 
GRAY NATHANIEL, undertaker, importer 

and manufacturer cofiBns, warerooms 641 

Sacramento, dwl 939 Sacramento 
Gray Patrick, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds with 

Michael Gray 
GRAY R. B. & CO. importing and manufactur- 
ing jewelers 616 Merchant, tiwl 911 Bush 
Gray Robert, dwl 528 Commercial 
Graj' Simon, tailor 112 Kearny 
Gray Thomas, U. S. service, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Gray W. H. clerk 216 Clay, dwl NE cor Pros- 
pect Place and Sacramento 
Gray William {Boland & G.) dwl 150 Second 
Gray William (colored) porter with W. H. Blake, 

dwl Pacific nr Mason 
Gray ( William D.) & Trim (Thaxter) undertakers 

714 Market, dwl NW cor Sacramento and 

Prospect Place 
Gray William J. {Miller & Co.) dwl 1202 Powell 
Gray Willis, laborer with George S. Mann 205 

Gray — , carpenter, dwl 111-3 Dupont 
Grazzeni James, with Gaspard Erba S s Califor- 
nia bet Kearny and Dupont 
Greany Michael, teamster, dwl Brannan nr 

Great Republic Gold and Silver Mining Co. 12 

Parrott's Building NW cor Mont and Sac 

TRUST COMPANY, marine, New York, 

W. B. Johnston agent 412 Montgomery 
Greate William (colored) NW cor Sacramento 

and Drumm 
Greaves Benjamin T. {Bunker, G. & Co.) 305 Sac 
Greely James, paver with Sargent & Castree, 

dwl 110 Dupont 
Green Adam T. with Goldstein, Ryan & Co. dwl 

N s Oak bet Franklin and Gough 
Green Alexander P. surveyor, dwl S s Lincoln 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Green Alfred A. immigrant commissioner for 

Sinaloa, Mexico, office 305 Sacramento, dwl 

nr Ocean House 
GREEN {Alfred T.) & BROTHER {Julius C. 

Green) milk depot 11 Jane, dwl San Bruno 

Road nr Thorp's 
Green Alonzo, produce commission merchant 

107 Clay, dwl 16 Silver 
Green Anna Miss, dwi with Joseph Stanfield 
Green Anthony, boiler maker Union Foundry, 

dwl E s Montgomery bet Pacific and Bdwy 
Green Asneath (widow) dwl 425 Greenwich 
Green Benj. S. ftjrmer, dwl with Alfred A. Green 
Green Charles H. stevedore, dwl W s Varenne 
Green Daniel, farmer South and nr Ocean House 
Green David E. plasterer, dwl E s Leavenworth 

bet O'Farrell and Geary 
Green Frank, with Daniel Green, Ocean House 
Green Frederick {Samuel Price & Co.) 714 Mont 
GREEN FREDERICK P. agent Green's Line 
Sacramento Packets, office 232 Front, dwl 
516 Howard 
Green George M. farmer NE and nr Ocean House 
Green George W. butcher 1 Metropolitan Mark- 
et, dwl 867 Mission 

Green Gustave, furrier, dwl 1216 Dupont 
Green Harris, clothing 105 Pacific 
Green J. Mrs. dress-making 1109 Dupont 
Green Jacob, job wagon cor Dupont and Clay 
Green James, baker, bds 127 Pacific 
Green John, engineer, dwl 532 Pacific 
Green John, laborer, dwl Lombard nr Mont 
Green John, 'longshoreman rear Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Green John, rope maker San Francisco Cordage 

Manufactory, dwl Potrero 
Green John L. dwl 5 Geary 
Green Joseph, bds 12 Sacramento 
Green Julius C. {Green & Brother) dwl 11 Jane 
Green Lawrence {E. T. Anthony & Co.) resides 

Portland, Oregon 
Green Lewis, blacksmith, dwl 527 Mission 
Green Lewis, salesman 406 Sansom, dwl 527 

Green L. William, farmer, East and near Ocean 

Green Lyman F. machinist, dwl Vallejo bet La- 

guna and Buchanan 
Green M. A. (widow) dwl 321 Dupont 
Green Nathan, driver Easton's Laundry 
Green Rebecca Miss, dwl W s Williams bet 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Green Richard W. book-keeper Alta Flour Mills, 

dwl 625 Davis 
Green Robert, carpenter, bds What Cheer House 
Green Robert, carpenter, dwl 12 St. Marks Place 
Green Samuel, baker, dwl 92 Everett 
Green Samuel W. assistant engineer steamer 

New World 
Green Sarah, cook 570 Harrison 
Green Sarah (widow) domestic with David Job- 
Green Thomas, Jackson Brewery 235 First, dwl 

26 Natoma 
Green Thomas jr. brewer Jackson Brewery, dwl 

26 Natoma 
Green W. furniture 1108 Dupont 
Green Wheelock, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Folsom 

and Main 
Green William, rigger, dwl 108 Mission 
GREEN WILLIAM A. Greenwich Dock Ware- 
house, dwl 918 Market 
Green William Q. dwl 254 Minna 
Greenberg Charles, boots and shoes 645 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 811 Vallejo 
Greenberg Henry, merchant (Yreka) dwl 828 

Pacific nr Powell 
Greenberg L. salesman with R. A. Swain, dwl 

1517 Stockton 
Greenberg Morris, brass foundry 120 Bush, dwl 

661 Harrison 
Greenbone L. bds What Cheer House 
Greene Abbie L. Miss, associate principal Miss 

Aid rich's seminary 126 Stevenson 
GREENE HENRY E. proprietor Greene's 
Restaurant 544, 546 and 548 Clay, and 
Alden's, Tehama House, cor Sansome and 
Halleck, dwl 639 Clay 
Greene John, boatman, bds cor Clay and Drumm 
Greene John, fireman, dwl W s Moss bet Fol- 
som and Howard 
Greene John, laborer, dwl E s Front bet Broad- 
way and Vallejo 



Greene Mary J. (widow) boarding 53 Minna 

GKKKXI':(.S'am7 //.) HEATH (liich'd W.) & 
ALLKN (Chas. Ji.) commission merchants 
and importers tobacco, Consulate Costa 
Rica and Gautemala, G09 Front, dwl 933 

Greene Samuel W. engineer stmr New World, 
dwl 555 Howard 

Greene Wm. plasterer, dwl N s Stevenson bet 
Firtii and Sixth 

Greene Wm. II. dwl Ashland Place W s Mission 
bet Eleventh and Twelfth 

Greene Wm. H. jr. dwl Ashland Place W s Mis- 
sion bet Eleventh and Twelfth 

Greenebaura Herman {H. Cohn ifc Co.) res New 

Greenebaum Jacob {ff. Cohn & Co.) dwl 22 

Greenebaum Sigmund S. book-keeper Steinhart 
Bros, dwl 137 Montgomery 

Greenenwald A. tailor 654 Pacific 

Greeuowald Jacob {Selling, Marx & Co.) dwl 
732 Green 

Greenewald Simon, dwl 39 Tehama 

Grecnham Frederick, porter Cal. S. N. Co. dwl 
308 Green 

Greenhau-scn llenrv, clerk 224 Third 

& KLEIN {John) coal yard SK cor Mission 
and Market and 209 Sansom, dwl 325 

Greenlaw J. W. {Taber& Co.) dwl E s Oak Park 

Greenlaw L. L. produce commission 410 Davis 

Greenleaf Wm. express wagon cor Folsom and 
Stewart, dwl with Elon Sutherland 

Greenleaf Wm. C. capt. bark Vernon, dwl 150 

Greenman J. folder Chelsea Laundry 435 Bran- 

hay, grain and feed 30 and 32 Market, dwl 
808 Taylor 

Greenwood Wm. M. {Battles & Co.) dwl Union 

Greer Ellen (widow) dwl 516 Green 

Greer Samuel, plasterer, dwl rear 1213 Kearny 

GrefiToz Julian, watchmaker with Barrett & 
Sherwood, dwl 514 Bush 

Gregg Isaac N. sheet iron and copper worker 
15 Pacific 

Gregg James, capt. bark Delaware pier 15 Stew- 

Gregg J. M. waterman Market op Sansom 

Gregg John, baritone Italian Opera Troupe Me- 
tropolitan Theater, dwl 421 Dupont 

Gregg J. W. carpenter, dwl E s Polk nr Broad- 

Gregg Mary, domestic, dwl 347 Fremont 

Greggains Thos. cartman, dwl Clementina bet 
Third and Fourth 

Grego George, fruits and confectionery 624 

Grego Marco, clerk 624 Kearny 

Gregoire Louis, salesman with H. Payot, dwl 
cor Kearny and Union 

Gregoire Louis, saloon 634 Pacific 

Gregory Elizabeth Mrs. dress-maker 111 Natoma 

Gregory Maurice, bds 19 Dupont 1 


Gregory Paul, laborer Vulcan Iron Works, dwl 

123 Minna 
Gregory Richard, copyist, dwl 111 Natoma 
Gregory T. P. carrier Evening Bulletin 
Gregory Wm. F. carpenter, dwl 524 Mission 
Greibs Cha.s. carpenter, dwP Whitehall Ex- 
change ■ • 
GREIF {Joh7i) & CO. {Edward Stahle) proptrs 
San Francisco Baths and hair dressing sa- 
loon 63G Washington, dwl 405 Unioa 
Greist Peter, carpenter, dwl 527 Mission 
GRELLET {Cha.t.) &. CO. {hadore Chamba- 
riere and John M. Byrne) importers French 
wines and liquors 426 and 428 Jackson, 
dwl N s Clay bet Taylor and Jones 
Grelley Virginie, furnished rooms SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Jackson 
Gretton George, 2d officer Golden Age 
Gremke H. grocery SW cor Davis and Clark 
Grenan Daniel, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 
Grenarde Euchel, drayman, dwl 1115 Dupont 
Grendi E. clerk with D. Ghirardelli, dwl 415 

Grenet Marie Louisa Mrs. millinery 408 Kearny 
Grenfell Thomas, seaman, bds 208 Commercial 
Greninger Diiniel, stoves 116 Third 
Grennen Michael, bar keeper, bds 524 Mission 
Grenthal M. tailor 539 Kearny 
Greser Henry, pantryman 230 Kearny 
Grete Christian, upholsterer with McElwee & 
Ackerman, dwl Fulton bet Larkin and Polk 
Grete Franz, upholsterer, dwl E s Fulton bet 

Larkin and Polk 
Gretton George, seaman P. M. steamship Golden 

Age, dwl 402 Folsom 
Gretton Hanuah Mrs. dress and cloak maker 402 

GREY CYRIL V. attorney at law 10 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl S s Eddy near Mason 
Grey Daniel, dra^vman, bds 417 Folsom 
Grey John, ice dealer, dwl 322 Green, rear 
Grey John, teamster with Stanyan & Co. 17 Gal 
Grey Peter D. Rev. pastor St. Patrick's Church 

Market, dwl adjoining Church 
Grey William H. silversmith, dwl 1114 Kearny 
Greyhino Antonio jr. wood yard 515 Pacific 
Greyson Christian, laborer, dwl NE cor Main 

and Harrison 
Gribben William, boatman, dwl 304 Vallejo 
GRIBBIN HENRY, Clipper Shades Solooa 51.0 

Gridley Joseph C. stock dealer, dwl with G. S. 

Griero Pierre C. porter with Tallant & Wilde, 

dwl 321 Battery, 
Griffen Lynch {Jofm Jf. Robinson & Co.) dwl 424 

Griffen Lynch Mrs. boarding 424 Union 
Griffin Daniel, steward Railroad House 
Griffin Edward, sexton Lone Motmtain Cemetery 
Griffin Ellen Miss, dwl with Ellen Griffin 
Griffin Ellen (widow) dwl S s Union bet Sansom 

and Battery 
Griffin Emily S. Miss, teacher Powell St. Primary 

School, dwl 741 Howard 
Griffin Hugh, iron molder 326 Pine, dwl 26 Jessie 
Griffin James, cook, dwl W s Morse 
Griffin John, boat builder with Wm. A. Herrick 



Griffin John, clerk, dwl 565 Mission 

Griffin John, cook witii Stevens & Oliver, dwl 28 

Griffin .folm, cook, dwl 417 Sntter 
Gritlin Joim, groceries and liquors SE cor Third 

and Jessie, dwl 191 Jessie 
Griffin John, laborer, dwl 40 Jessie 
Griffin Jolin, laborer, dwl W s Russ Alley near 

Griffin John, salesman with Tobin Bros. & Co. 

dwl 5G5 Mission 
Griffin John W. {A. P. Hotaling & Co.) dwl 532 

Griffin Margaret, domestic 154 Silver 
Griffin Margaret Miss, boarding and lodging 1123 

Griffin Mary (widow) dwl rear 12 Minna 
Griffin Mary Miss, domestic 526 Green 
Griffin Michael B. salesman 632 Sacramento, dwl 

227 Green 
Griffin Michael W. bar keeper 607 Battery 
Griffin Patrick, tailor, dwl 540 California 
Griffin Tl)omas, porter with Tubbs & Co. 
Griffin William, boatman Vallcjo Wharf, dwl 336 

Griffin William, job wagon cor Mont and Market 
Griffin William, pilot, office 115 Front, dwl 620 

GRIFFING FREDERICK. Griffing's Warehouse 
cor Filbert and Battery, res Brool<lyn, N. Y. 
Griffiug George J. Griffing's Wareiiouse cor Bat- 
tery and Filbert, dwl 751 Howard 
Griffith Alexander, painter, bds 115 Stevenson 
Griffith Charles, bottler with Gardner & Camp- 
bell, bds with S. C. Gardner 
Griffith John W. gilder 312 Montgomery, dwl N 

s Sutter bet Hyde and Leavenworih 
Griffith Mellen, captain steam tug Columbia, dwl 

569 Harrison 
Griffiths James, local policeman, dwl NW cor 

Beale and Harrison 
Griglietti Robert, plumber with J. H. O'Brien, 

dwl E s Kearny bet Sutter and Post 
Grilhet Edward, collector French Benevolent 

Society 649 Sacramento, dwl 1216 Clay 
GRIMES GEORGE T. commission merchant 

321 Front, dwl Russ House 
Grimes Lyman, dwl Russ House 
Grimes Michael, laborer with A. 6. Ramsdell, 

dwl W s Sonoma Place 
GRIMES N. E. importer and manufacturer of 
furniture 722 Montgomery, warehouse 620 
Battery, dwl Russ House 
Grimm Adeline Miss, dwl 14 Russ 
GRIMM CHARLES, proprietor Butchers' Home, 

Brannan St. Potrero 
Grimm Ferdinand, groceries NW cor Fourth and 

Grimm Henry, clerk with Henry Zahn 
Grimwood Adolphus D. attorney at law 604 

Clay cor Montgomery, dwl 817 Stockton 
Grinbaum Morris S. book-keeper P. Berwin & 
Bros, and merchant Sandwich Islands, office 
319 Sacramento, dwl 1014 Stockton 
Grinn Charles, cooper with Cutting & Co. dwl 

117 Commercial 
Grinnell Charles S. clerk 708 Kearny, dwl Buck- 
eye House 

Grinvrod James, carpenter with Langland & 

Jesse 227 Market 
ORIS A R EMIL, hides, wool, etc. Rincon Dock 

E s Spear near Folsom, dwl Black Point 
Gri&ch Cliretien, dwl E s Mission nr Fifteenth 
Grisel Adolph, melter with H. Hentt-ch, dwl 405 

Grissom William, dwl 109 Montgomery 
GRISWOLD GEORGE, drugs and medicines 

102 First 
Griswold Henry C. clerk with Savory & Co. dwl 

730 Kearny 
Griswold John C deputy Superintendent Streets 

City Hall, dwl 1209 Taylor 
Griswold Josiah, painter with R. S. Eells & Co. 

dwl SE cor Fremont and Folsom 
Griswold Julia Miss, dwl with Josiah Griswold 
Griswold Mary Miss, dwl with Josiah Griswold 
Grob T. draughtsman, dwl 308 Dupont 
Groca Mary Mrs. bds NW cor Battery and Val- 
Groezinger (Charles) & Co. (Goitlob Groezinger 
and Frtdmch Erhe) manufacturers starch 
and agents native wines, office SW cor Cal- 
ifornia and Front, manufactory NW cor 
Sansom and Greenwich, dwl W s Sansom 
near the Bay 
Groffman Charles P. tinsmith at 125 Clay, dwl 

17 Everett 
GROGAN ALEXANDER B. real estate agent, 

office NW cor Jackson and Sansom 
Groom Henry, with Donald McLean, dwl 842 

Groom Lydia Mrs. dress-making 840 Clay 
Groomes Isaac (colored) barber with N. A. God- 
frey 529 Commercial 
Grooms Samuel, porter Post-office 
Groper Carl, miner, bds 32 Stewart 
Gros A. Edouard, apothecary 619 Vallejo 
Grosh (iS'a77me/) & Rutherford (TAowjos L.) pro- 
prietors Commercial Flour Mills 143 and 
145 First, dwl W s Rousch bet Folsom and 
Groslit Charles, drayman cor Sansom and Sac- 
ramento, dwl 68 Jessie 
Grosman Mark.*, glazier, dwl W s Sonoma Place 
Gross A. druggist 754 Washington 
Gross Abram (colored) dwl N s Broadway bet 

Taylor and Mason 
Gross Elisha S. merchant, dwl 1301 Taylor 
Gross Frank W. clerk Hall Records, dwl NE cor 

Stockton and Geary 
Gross George, washing rear 628 Green 
Gross Jacob L. clerk 12 Sacramento 
Gross John, seaman, dwl 33 St. Marks Place 
Grosschuptf William, book-keeper 209 Front, 

dwl 714 Howard 
Grosseman N. tinsmith, bds Original House 
Grosse Martin & Co. {George Iluhenschild) fruits 
and vegetables 21 and 22 Washington 
Market, dwl 525 Clay 
Grossi L. basso Italian Opera Troupe Metropol- 
itan Theater 
Grossman George, porter L. Strauss, dwl 666 

G rosso Costantino, blacksmith 131 Sutter 
Grot Gertrude, seamstress 608 Kearny, dwl 908 



Grote Frederick, barber with Antliea & Diehl, 

dwl 1027 Kcaniy 
(jroie Gertriidy Mrs. dress-making, dwl 1027 

Grote Mary Miss, domestic 611 Union 
Grotjan George \V. with Kellogg, Ilewatoa k Co. 

dwl AGG Minna 
Grotiiy Frederick, drayman, dwl 218 Rilch 
Grouard Benjamin F. builder, dwl Ritter near 

Grouse Joseph, draj'man 306 California, dwl 

Turk bet Taylor and Mason 
Grousser Charles, blacksmith 507 Pacific 
Grove Frank J. watchmaker with H. Goodstein, 

dwl 46 Second 
Grove John, baker .\merioan Bakery 715 Pac 
Grove John, glass cutter, dwl 717 Pacific 
Grove John, hackman, dwl 109 Geary 

GO. R. G. Brown agent 32!) Montgomery 
Grover J. A. bds What Cheer House 
Grover Samuel, laborer, dwl NH cor Bush and 

Cemetery Avenue 
Grover William A. {GhoateA Co.) physician SE 

cor Bush and Montgomery 
Groves Charles, 'longshoreman, dwl Lombard 

bet Stockton and Powell 
Grow Almerin, attorney at law, office room 40 

Metropolitan Block 
Grubb Samuel, gas titter with J. K. Prior, dwl 

27 Minna 
Grubo John, gardener with Lafayette Maynard 
Gruber Ferdinand, naturalist 223 Stevenson 
Gruber J. C. F. job wagon cor Oregon and Davis, 

dwl Alley W Powell bet Greenwich and 

Gruendel August, liquors N s Eddy nr Mason 
Gruenhagen Caroline (widow) dwl 1619 Dupont 
Gruenhagen Martin, salesman 401 Batterj'-, dwl 

1619 Dupont 
Gruenwald (ieor'^e {Rulhardt & G.) dwl 31 Geary 
Grugan Anna, cook 26 South Park 
Grumby Ann Mis.s, dwl 1315 Stockton 
Gruner F. jeweler, dwl 515 Vallejo 
Griiner R. with Selig & Co. 
Grush J. Henry, pattern maker Vulcan Foun- 
dry, dwl 603 Howard 
Grymes J. Edgar, clerk, dwl' 826 Sacramento 
Grysoa Christopher, with Goft'ey & Risdon 
Guadalupe Min^.'S, Santa Clara Mining Associ- 
ation, G. Winter ag"t XW cor Front and Clay 
Guadalupe Mining Co. office SE cor Montgomery 

and C ilifornia 
Guadon Theodore, music teacher, dwl 910 Stock 
Guardian Life Insurance Co. New York, Nisbet 

& Garniss agents 319 California 

& Co. agents 314 Wa.shington 

Flint proprietors, office 409 Washington 
Gubbe Joseph, pattern maker, dwl 635 Folsom 
Gubser Frank, baker 210 Pacific 
Gudehus Christopher, clerk with J. G. Druhe 
Gudopp Ringolf, porter with Groezinger & Co. 

dwl W s Sanson! bet Fdbertand Greenwich 
Guerin John, dwl N s Thirteenth nr Folsom 
Guerin Louis, cap maker, dwl S s Olive Avenue 

bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 

GUERIN M. boots and shoes NW cor Battery 

and Commercial, dwl 459 Bryant 
Guerin P. meat market 709 Pacific 
Guerin William, cap maker with O. Rosenberg, 

dwl Je.saio nr First 
Guerini Loni-», cook Barnum Restaurant 623 

Guerit Paul, Lafiiyotte Hook and Ladder Co. 

No. 2 
GUERNE LOUIS, hay and grain 1514Stockton 
Guerrero Augu.stin, dwl 801 Clay 
Guerrero Philip, laborer, bds with William Wal- 
lace, Lone Mountain 
Guerwin Patrick, hJjorer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Guesnu Melange (widow) dwl NW corner Ritch 

and Brannan 
Guess Henry, domestic with E. Davis 
Guhan Patrick, dwl W s Fourth bet Market and 

Guhn Henry, 'longshoreman, dwl W s Sansom 

bet Green and Union 
Gnicheney John, groceries and liquors 815 Pac 
Guid Alexi, blacksmith San Jose Road op Frank's 
Guidej*Annie Miss, domestic International Hotel 
Guidi J. A. with Speiicc, Tesmore & Co. dwl 

NE cor Dupont and Broadway 
Guido Santas, waiter steamer J. Bragdon 
Guilderslive Wright, bar keeper Abbey Hotel 
Guilford John C. sail-maker 34 Stewart 
Guillemin Ernest, ironer witli Alex. Racouillat 
Guillemin Jacque Nicholas, liquors 207 Kearny, 

dwl 204 Sutter 
Guillen Manuel (J. S. TIall & Co.) 648 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 907 Pacific 
Guillien J. workman Spring Valley W. W. Co. 
Guillot James, tailor, dwl 1123 Dupont 
Guinde Stephen, painter, dwl 509 Green 
Guion George W. h.irdware 7 Post and 606 Mark- 
et, dwl 610 Market 
Gulily Kate, domestic NE cor Mont and Bdwy 
Gulley Michael, laborer, dwl 149 Townsend 
Gullickson Soverin (/. C. E. Klepzig & Co.) dwl 

733 Washington 
Gulliver Harriet (widow) liquors W 8 Valencia 

near Fifteenth 
Gullixsou {Henry R.) & Nelson (John G.) uphol- 
sterers and paper hangers 336 Kearny, dwl 
147 Jessie 
Gullmann Charles, jeweler with Lemme Bros. 

629 Washington, dwl 32 Geary 
Gummer Charles J. clerk with Chas. W. Brooks 

& Co. dwl 1109 Stockton 
Gummer Frederick C. clerk U. S. Surveyor- 
General's office, dwl 1 109 Stockton 
Gummer Sarah (widow) boarding 1107 and 1109 

Gunderson Christian, seaman, bds 62 Clay 
Gundlach J. Bavaria Brewery 620 Vallejo ' 
Gunkelin Agnes, stewardess stmr New World 
Guim C. machinist Pacific Foundry, dwl Moss PI 
Gunn Charles T. laborer, dwl Volunteer Engine 

Co. No. 7 
Gunn Christiana Miss, dwl with "Wm. Gunn 
Gunn Dennis, apprentice molder, dwl 28 Minna 
Gunn Feli.x, engineer, dwl 28 Minna 
Gunn John, captain brig George Emory, pier 10 

Gunn John, cooper 608 Battery, res Alameda 



Gunn John, dentist, room 1 Armory Hall Build- 
ing, 2d floor 
Gunn Jolin, 'longshoreman, dwl S s Vallejo bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Gunn John C. master brig George Emory, pier 10 

GUNN L. C. physician and Deputy Surveyor 
C. H. dwl W 8 Moss bet Folsom and Howard 
Gnnu Martin, blacksmith Miners' Foundry 
Gunn Pairici<, hostler 315 Kearny, dwl E s Mont- 
gomery near Pacific, rear 
Gunn Peter, laborer, dwl 541 Mission 
Gunn Robert, apprentice machinist Miners' Foun- 
dry, dwl 28 Minna 
Gunn William, cooperage 608 Battery, dwl 321 

Gunn William J. clerk, dwl 321 Union 
Gunner Charles, carpenter, dwl with Peter J. 

Gunnis Richard, miner, bds "707 Front 
Gunnison Albert R. editor, office NW cor Mont 

and Merchant, dwl with Jas. H. White 
GUNNISON {Andrew J.) & BE ATT Y (Samuel 
G.) attorneys at law, office rooms 12 and 14 
NW cor Mont and Mercli, dwl 114 Silver 
Gunnison Frederick, seaman, bds 32 Stewart 
Gunnison Harvey, asphaltum roofer, bds 55 Ste- 
Gunier Augustus, at S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Gunter Joseph, groceries 1421 Dupout 
Gunther Ernest, baker with Saulraann 506 Mont 
Guntrum Cornelius, cook, dwl 917 Dupont 
Guntrou Conrad {Krause & G.) dwl Dupont near 

Gun Woa (Chinese) dwl W s Clara 
Gurgon G. S. bds What Cheer House 
Gurmandez E. Mrs. dress-making 810 Stockton 
Gurmendez Eloi, waiter, dwl 810 Stockton 
Gurnett William J. cabinet-maker with Weir & 

Irwin, dwl with W. G. Weir 
Gurtler Robert (Meyer & G.) dwl N s Pacific 

4 miles W Plaza 
GUSHEE (Horace) & ELDER ( William) com- 
mission produce 319 Washington, dwl W s 
Montgomery bet A'allejo and Green 
Gushee Mary E. Miss, dwl with Horace Gushee 
Gusher Frank, liquors, dwl Central Place 
Gusina Marco, fruits 720 Dupont 
Gustus C. musician 320 Kearny 
Gutfreund I. paper hanger, dwl 1428 Dupont 
Guthridge Richard, witli Wra. M. White, dwl S 

s Minna bet Fremont and Beale 
Guthridge William, bds Benton House 
Guthrie Claude, carpenter with A. Massey, dwl 

6 Brooklyn Place 
GUTHRIE GEORGE W. (Herald and Mirror 
Co.) business manager, office 004 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 1117 Stockton 
Guthrie (Henry) & Silverman (S.) Kentucky Meat 

Market 524 Broadway 
Guthrie Jonathan ( Williams & G.) SW cor Mont- 

gomer}' and Sacramento 
Guthrie Jonathan B. cabinet-maker with A. Mas 

sey, dwl 6 Brooklyn Place 
Gutierrez Candido, clerk with Hepburn & Dwi- 

nelle,dwl 719 Clay 
Gutman E. clothing 913 Kearny 
Gutt Christien, confectionery 1233 Stockton 

Gutte Isador, dra3'man 309 and 311 Sacramento 
Guttridge Richard, hostler, dwl S s Minna Place 

bet Fremont and Be^le 
Guttridge William (Geo. A. Reynolds & Co.) 120 

Clay, bds Benton House 
Gutzeit Henry, barber 611 Kearny 
Guvit Robert (colored) bootldack 653 Merchant 
GUY ABEL, commission merchant and banker 

411 Washington 
Guy James, bds Chicago Hotel 
Guyot Camilla (widow) lodgings 814 Sacramento 
Guyot Elizabeth Miss, dwl 1405 Stockton, rear 
Guyot Ellen Mi-^s, dul 1405 Stockton, rear 
Guyot Therese (widow) dwl 1405 Stockton, rear 
Guzman Antonio, saddler, dwl 529 Pacific 
Gyer Henry, wheelwright with Dodge & Ziegler 


Haaf Jacob, mason, dwl 1407 Dupont 
Haaker Henrich, dwl 403 Third 
Haas Abram (S. Haas & Co.) resides Nevada 
Haas Charles A. merchant (Haas Bros. Portland) 

office 211 Battery, dwl St. Nicliolas Hotel 
Haas David (S. Haas & Co.) res Virginia City 
Haas Francisca (widow) dwl 503 Gie-n 
Haas Frederick, printer, dwl 503 Green 
Haas Frederick, dry goods, dwl St CKler's Ex- 
Haas Jaeo'>, cigars 118 -e .ond 
HAAS MARTIN L. importer blank books, sta- 
tionery, etc. SW cor Front and Sacramento, 
dwl 22 Kearny 
Haas Mary Mrs. dwl 111 Geary 
Haas S. bo k-keep.r with Wed & Co. dwl SW 

cor Mason and Filbert 
HAAS S. & <J0. (Henry Levy, Abram and David 
Haas) clothing and furnishing goods 210 
Battery, dwl 760 Mission 
Haas Samuel, clothing, di\l 317 Geary 
Haas (Solnnion) & Davidson (Jacoh) cigar man- 
ufacturers 305 Sacramento cor Front, dwl 
317 Geary 
Haas William, mechanic, dwl 111 Geary 
Haase Frederick, t;voceries and liquors Nl*] cor 

Beale and Folsom, dwl 254 Beide 
Haase Sanuiel (Leehe-s <fc //.) dwl 404 Davis 
Habel Jolin, shoemaker with .\. Katz 
Habeniclit Frederick, book-keeper with Rogers, 

Meyer & Co. dwl N s Bryant nr Sixth 
Hachille Giard, bar keeper, dwl E s Lafayette 

Hack H. drayman cor California ad Front 
Hack Jacob. Tammany Hall Liquor Saloon S.'fS 

Hacke (Christ- ipher) & Hink (John) grocries 

NE cor Pike and Sacramento 
Hackeket Cornelius, poi ter Mechanics' Hotel 
Hacker Charles, bds 623 Market 
Hackett Chas. A. carpenter, dwl 4 Milton Place 
Hackett Edward, hostler 246 Tliird 
Hackett Henry (Mayo it //.) dwl 2 Mission 
Hackett James, .seaman, dwl 1118 Kearny 
Hackett Jane (wido\> ) dwl 306 Vallejo 
Hackett Jeremiah, liostler 246 Third 
Hackett I'.ilrick, laborer, dw! rear S s Vailejo 
bet Montgomery and Sansom 



llackett Thomas, en^jincer, dwl 110 Fremont 
IIACKKTT T. W. dwl Hunter's Point 
Ilucklcy Simoon, book-koeper with Amos Phin- 

ney A Co. dwl pier 9 Stewart 
fladokopf Adolph {Boorem .fc //) dwl 18 Clem- 
Hiidisii \Vm. laborer, dwl 31 Baldwin Court 
Hadler ((7/u'w) A lloi'se (G-onji:) ^Toceries and 

liquors N\V cor Clay Hnd Mason 
Hadloy D. L. sawyer Chace's Mills, dwl 108 

Hadlock W n. & Co. (ffanry Wa>den) watermen 

5:!7 Market, dwl 26 Stockton 
llaedrick Herman, carpenter, bds Revere House 
Haehnlen Jacob F. miner, dwl 2:n Sutter 
Ilaohnlen Lewis, carver, dwl 231 Sutter 
Hafft-'y John, .stearaboatman, dwl 508 Davis 
Hart'ner John, bds Original House 
Hairord Thos. F. carpenter, dwl 45 Minna 
Hafner Cha.s. ( Wwiiienhurg ib Co.) dwl 135 Post 
Hafner John, cabinet-maker with Doud k Hall 
Hagan 13enj. salesman with Steinhart Bros, dwl 

S s Post bet Jones and Leavenworth 
TIairan Bern ird (.l/eyer tfc //.) dwl 120 Xatoma 
Hagan Bernard, clerk with Joiin Stratman, dwl 

K s Stockton bet California and Sac 
Hagan Fanny Miss, domestic 518 Sutter 
Hagan Henry, cigars and tobacco 241 Mont- 
gomery, dwl W s Stockton bet Broadway 
and Vallcjo 
Hagan James, dwl 34 Minna 
Hagan John {Myrs & //.) dwl 36 Minna 
Hagan Kate, domestic 213 Minna 
Hagan Patrick, laborer, divl E s Lafayette PI 
Hagan Peter, packer with Kohlcr & Frohling, 

dwl 1513 Stockton 
Hagar Bernard, clerk, dwl 7 16 J Stockton 
Hagar George, merchant, office 205 Battery 
H igedorn Chas. painter, bds 32 Stewart 
Hagedorn Herman C. draughtsman with Wm. 

Craine, dwl 1308 Powell 
Hageman Peter, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Hagemaun Peter, dwl 6 Sansom 
Hagen Catharine (widow) dwl 1313 Stockton 
Hagon Cliristian, laborer at Partmana's soap 

factory * 

Hagon Henry, cigars, dwl 1313 Stockton 
Hagen Peter, with KohlerA Frohling, dwl 1313 

Hagen Robert, druggist 534 Sacramento 
Hagenmeyer Engelberg, tinsmitli witli John G. 

Hagor G. D. assistant collector Market St. R. R. 
Hager George D. carpenter, dwl 803 Taylor 
Hager John S. attorney at law, dwl 93 Mont- 
gomery iJlock 
Hagerman Henry, bds 7 Washington 
Hagerty Tliomas, workman Spring Valley W. 

W. Co. 
Haggortj' Dennis, laborer, bds SE cor Broad- 

waj' and Mason 
Haggerty Lawrence, bottle dealer N\V cor Sac- 
ramento and Drumm 
HaggK-rty Michael, b >ttle dealer XW cor Sacra- 
mento and Drumm, dwl N s Oregon bet 
Front and Davis 
Haggett Thomas, mariner, dwl E s Ohio bet 
Broadway and Jackson 

HAGGIN {James B) A TEVIS (Lhyd) real 
estiite, olfico 3 and 5 Court Block 636 Clay 
{aud lialdwin cC" II.) dwl 1019 Jackson 
Hagle Niciiola.s, moldor Union Foundry 
Hagny John, drayman, dwl 333 Bush 
Hagstrom Chas. carrijigo trimmer with H. Case- 
bolt A Co. dwl 25 Bush 
Hagstrom N. P. carriage trimmer with H. Case- 
bolt A Co. dwl 25 Bush 
Hagthrop Edward, stoves and tin ware 510 San- 
som, dwl 927 Bush 
Hague Hen--}', washing, dwl 10 "Valparaiso 
Hagy William, boiler maker with CoCfey A 

Hahn August, blacksmith with Mangeot A 
Richard, dwl N s Vallejo bet Powell and 
Hahn Henry, groceries and liquors 1016 Clay 
Hahn Henry, musician, dwl 524 Vallejo 
Hahn Jacob, real estate, dwl 629 Mission 
HAHN JOHN, agent M. Lanzenberg A Co. 622 

Clay, dwl 266 Minna 
Hahn William, butcher 900 Broadway 
Hahn William, clerk with Henry Hahn, dwl 

1010 Clay 
Hahne Augustus, with A. J. Plate, dwl 110 

Haight Harrison, joiner California S. N. Co.'s 
Works 14 Broadway, dwl NW cor Leaven- 
worth and O'Farrell 
HAIGHT HENRY, Notary Public 607 Clay, 

dwl 139 Silver 
HAIGHT {Henry H.) A PEARSON (TV. 21.) 
attorneys at law 622 Clay, dwl 938 Pacific 
cor Mason 
Haight Marsh, dwl 28 Sansom 
Haight Marshall, carpenter, dwl 28 Sansom 
Haight William H. dwl 28 Sansom 
Hailman Jennie R. Mrs. lodgings 729 Market 
Hailman Peter A. dwl 720 Market 
Haims Barbara Miss, cook 549 Market 
Ilaine Arthur, book-keeper Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

522 California 
Haine "John, baker with William 
Haine Joseph, physician, office and dwl 812 

Haine Stanislas, clerk with Falkner, Bell A Co. 

dwl 522 California 
Haines Joel, painter at 105 California 
Haines Patrick, laborer, dwl 35 Louisa 
Haines Smith, dwl 520 Mission 
Hainsque Marshall, machinist Vulcan Foundr_v 
Hair Elijah (colored) bootblack 506 Kearnv, dwl 

414 Filbert 
Haker John, drayman 315 California, dwl Ws 

Simmons bet Market and Mission 
Haker Wilham, with Verdier Freres, Scellicr A 

Co. dwl 510 Stockton 
Halan Michael, hostler, bds 903 Battery 
Hale Ann Miss, domestic, bds 816 San.som 
Hale Bridget Miss, domestic 816 Sansom 
Hale David, plumber, bds with Dennis Marnliy 
Hale Eliza Miss, teacher Mr. and Mrs. Plancl's 

School 1018 Stockton 
Hale George, carpenter, dwl with S. Lamom-oau.x 
Hale H. A. tinner with Tay, Brooks A Backus, 

dwl NW cor Pine and Montgomery 
Hale H. B. bds 023 Market 



Hale Henry, produce commission 3 Clay, dwl 

1003 Mason 
HALE HENRY M. City and County Auditor, 

office City Hall, dwl 1411 Powell 
Hale James, brick-layer, dwl 566 Mission 
Halo & Norcross Silver Mining Co. office 16 

Metropolitan Building 
Hale Thomas T. laundryman at Chelsea Laundry 

435 Brannan 
Hale William F. student with Dr. I. Rowell, 

520 Kearny 
Hale W. M. (Hale & Fassett, Pacheco) office NE 

cor Front and Clay 
Haley Annie Miss, domestic 317 Sutter 
Haley Autliony, laborer, dwl W s Trinity nr 

Haley Bridget (widow) dwl 317 Minna 
Haley Dennis, paver, dwl W s Leavenworth bet 

Brondway and Pacific 
Haley Ellen (widow) dwl 51 Stevenson 
Haley James, laborer S. F. City "Water Works, 

dwl N s Willow Avenue bet Polk and 

Haley James, carriage-maker, dwl with P. Haley 
Haley James, cabinet-maker, dwl G39 Mission 
Haley James, miner, dwl N s Lick bet First and 

Haley James F. {L. Emanttel & Co.) dwl 629 

Haley James W. steward, dwl 79 Jessie 
Haley Jeremiah, bootblack SW cor Washington 

and Batterj', dwl Grove nr Van Ness Avenue 
Haley John, cook 20 Sansom 
Haley John, laborer S. F. City Water Works 

Haley Jolm, laborer, dwl W s Morey Alley near 

Haley John, packer at 203 Sacramento 
Haley John, tailor, dwl W s Trinity nr Sutter 
Haley John J. (ffa.ssey & H.) dwl Lick House 
Haley Margaret Miss, domestic 1107 Stockton 
Haley Mary, domestic 319 Union 
Haley Mary Mrs. dwl with Michael Dolan 
Haley Mary S. Mrs. dress-maker, dvrl 544 

Haley Michael, bar keeper, dwl with Stephen 

Haley Michael, drayman, dwl 35 Louisa 
Haley Michael, laborer, dwl rear 81 Stevenson 
Haley Morgan, laborer, dwl W s Dupont bet 

Francisco and Bay 
Haley Patrick, laborer, dwl S s Mason bet O'Far- 

rell and Geary, rear 
Haley Robert, at Kellogg, Hewston & Co.'s gold 

refinery, dwl 566 Mission 
Haley William, laborer, dwl S s Broadway bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Half Moon Bay Line of "Stages via San Mateo, 

office SE cor Washington and Kearny 
Halford George, seaman, dwl 104 Stewart 
Hall A. A. clerk liquors, rooms 421 Dupont 
Hall Abraham, corker, dwl 115 Silver 
Hall A. S. A. builder, dwl 24 Sansom 
Hall B. driver Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, dwl 

NE cor Washington and Dupont 
Hall Benjamin, stevedore, dwl 21 Stevenson 
Hall Charles A. H. R. employment office, dwl 

502 Kearny 

Hall Charles E. clerk with Willet R. Doty & Co- 

dwl N s Bryant bet Second and Third 
Hall Charles R. {Doud & H.) dwl NE cor Third 

and Stevenson 
Hall David W. painter, dwl S s Geary bet Leav- 
enworth and Hyde 
HALL EDWARD & CO. importer drugs and 

medicines 538 Washington. dwlS s Jackson 

bet Powell and Mason 
Hall Edward, file cutter, dwl N s Jessie bet 

First and Second 
Hall Edward, machinist with Devoe & Co. dwl 

Jackson bet Davis and Front 
Hall Edward, Miners' Arms House 106 Jackson 
Hall Edward B. upholsterer with W. M. Hixon, 

dwl 128 Second 
Hall Edward C. tile maker, dwl 15 Tehama Place 
HallEdwardF. jr. (C/ia»fe W. Brooks & Co.) 

dwl Russ House 
Hall Edward L. captain steamer Anna, dwl with 

Nahum Ha}^nes 
HALL E. J. Mrs. M. D. physician and electro- 
chemical baths 625 Market and 128 Steven- 
Hall Eldridge, book-keeper with Leony & Hirstel, 

dwl 1014 Stockton 
Hall Elisha jr. carpenter, dwl 32 Louisa 
Hall F. bds Lick House 
Hall Frederick S. waiter Bank Exchange, dwl 

II 5 Montgomerv Block 
HALL {Gardner S.) & HUNT {John A.) milk 

ranch old San Jose Road, 3 miles from City 

Hall George, teamster, dwl 174 Jessie 
Hall George D. painter, dwl NW cor Liberty and 

Town scud 
Hall George I'], bootmaker with S. Feldheim, 

dwl 1 1 1 Beale 
Hall George \V. waterman, dwl 21 Fremont 
Hall {Harvey) & Aitken {Charles) Sacramento 

Market 6 Washington, dwl E s Taylor bet 

Sacramento and California 
Hall Henrj', bar keeper, dwl W s Brenham 

Place near Clay 
Hall Henry, engineer, dwl 27 Second 
Hall Henry A. dwl NW cor Liberty and Town- 
Hall Henry J. Mrs. bds Brannan House 
Hall H. H. saw}-er with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 
Hall H. W. Mrs. "teacher music, dwl 1304 Taylor 
Hall {Isaac 31.) & Brigham (C 0.) produce, 

fruits, etc. 73 and 74 Washington Market, 

dwl 424 Bryant 
Hall James, laborer, dwl NW cor Montgomery 

and Filbert 
Hall James, milkman with Eben Johnson 
Hall James, saw tiler, dwl 19 Baldwin Court 
Hall James, ship painter, dwl 20 Commercial 
Hall James (colored) pautiymau, dwl E s Stone 

near Jackson 
Hall J. F. carpenter, dwl NW cor Liberty and 

Hall J. L. clerk with Edward A. Morse & Co. 13 

Hall John {J. Macdonough Foard & Co.) dwl 

Minors' Arms Hotel, Jackson 
Hall John {Edward A. Morse A' Co.) res Boston 
Hall John, blacksmith Union Foundrj' 



llHllJolin, cooper, dwl 133 Stevenson 

Hall John C. sexton First Baptiat Church, dwl 4 

Willium near Gear}' 
HALL JOHN F. manufa«?turer of brands and 

stencil cutter 305 Sac, dwl 1304 Taylor 
HALL JOHN J. real estate broker 415 Mont- 
gomery, dwl lOG O'Fiirrell 
Hall John S. engraver, dwl N s Lewis bet Jones 

and Taylor 
Hall Joseph, blacksmith, dwl 204 Sutter 
Iliill Joseph, real estate, dwl 514 Mission 
Htvll Joseph F. proprietor City Laundry, Crooks 
bet Third and Fourth, Steamboat Point, 
ortice Niantic Hotel 
Hall Josiah S. book-keeper with Charles De Ro, 

dwl 12 Clementina 
HallJ. S. &Co {}funuel Guillen) card and .seal 

engravers 648 Sacramento, dwl 13 Perry 
Hall L, G. laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Hall M. jr. watchman Custom House, dwl 103 

Hall Margaret Mrs. dress-maker 27 Second 
Hall of Records, SW cor Brenhara Place and Clay 
Hall 0. C. attorney at law, office with T. C. San- 
born & Co. bds Russ House 
Hall Paul P. wheelwright with H. Casebolt&Co. 

dwl Bay State Row 
Hall Q. A. carpenter. dwll6 Athenajum Building 
Hall R. & Co. wholesale and retail drugs and 
fishing tackle 531 and 533 Clay, dwl AV s 
Taylor near Lombard 
Hall R. B. physician 114 Montgomery 
Hall R. M. clerk N. Y. Department Wells, Fargo 

Co.'s Express, dwl 424 Bryant 
Hall Samuel M. dwl 32 John 
Hall Sarah Miss, private school Mariners' Church 
Clark bet Davis and Drumm, dwl W s Tay- 
lor one door N of Washington 
Hall Thomas L. merchant, dwl 5G First 
Hall Timothy, laborer, dwl SE cor Pacific and 

Hall W. laundryman Chelsea Laundry 435 Bran- 
HaU ( 17. D.) & Nichols {A. R.) manufacturers 

Milk's Mastic Roofing, office 406 Davis 
Hall William, bar keeper steamer Brother Jona- 
than, dwl 52 First 
Hall William, hair dresser, bds 54 First 
Hall William, 'longslioreman, dwl 727 Davis 
Hall William C. seaman, bds Sailors' Homo 
Hall Wdliam E. handcartman SE cor Clay and 

Mont, dwl W s Kearny bet Pino and Cal 
Hall Wdliam J. carriage-maker, dwl 13 Perry 
Hidl Winslow, carpent<r, bds 518 Bush 
Hall W. N. dwl 525 Pino 
Hallahan O. blacksmith Pacific Foundry, dwl 

139 Natoma 
Hallam John, stevedore, dwl Union bet Sansom 

and Battery 
Halle Theodore, laborer Barnum Restaurant 
Halleck George, agent Contra Costa Laundry, 

dwl 17 Post 
HALLKCK HENRY W. Maj. General U. S. A. 

(//., Peachy tfc Billings) dwl 326 Second 
Halleck House, Market bet Kearny and Dupont 
Halleck Oliver, dwl 17 Post 
Montgomery Block 

Hallcran Thomas, boiler maker with Cofley & 

Halleron Joseph, grocer, bds Benton Hnu'e 
Halleron William, plumber, bds Benton House 
Hallet Atwood S. clerk with W. D. Dver 612 

Clay ■ ' 

Hallett (leorge H. {Contra Costa La'iinl-ij Co.) 
13 Broadway, dwl S s Post bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
Hallell Oliver G. collector Contra Costa Laundry 
13 Broadway, dwl S s Post bet Montgomery 
and Kearny 
Hallidav Robert, boiler maker, bds 512 Mission 
HALLIDIE A. S. & CO. (Huam T. Graves) 
paient wire rope manufacturers and suspen- 
sion bridge builders foot Taylor, office 412 
Clay, dwl 529 Pine 
Halligaii John, butcher with H. D. Barris 
Haliinan Patrick, hostler, bds 314 Montgonu-ry 
Halliuen Nathaniel, laborer Fulton Foundry, dwl 

4 St. Maiys 

Hallinin Patrick, watchman U. S. Branch Mint 

HALLOCK J. Y. & CO. {/Itnry C. Forka; Miles 

B. Carpenter and Christian Christiiin.seii)\m- 

portors and johhers hardware, window glass, 

etc. 405 and 407 Satisom, res New York 

Halloran Thomas. black.smith, dwl S s Minna 

Place bet Fremont and Beale 
Halloren Ovaod, blacksmith, dwl 150i Natoma, 

Halloway Ansel, waterman Leidesdorff nr Cali- 
Halls John, surveyor, dwl Hall's Court 
Hallstram William, bootmaker 611 Davis 
Halms John, hay and grain, dwl 35 Clementina 
Halphan Alexander, merchant, dwl 13 Minna 
Halpin P. painter, dwl 333 Bush 
Ualpin Thoma.s, 'longshoreman, dwl N s Filbert 

bet Montgomery' and Sansom 

Halsey Charles, attorney at law, office room 29 

Metropolitan Block, dwl SW cor Hyde and 


Halsey Edward, clerk with Wm. T. Coleman A Co. 

Halsey William M. clerk with J. & D Conrad, 

dwl 423 Washington 
Halstead George, plumber S. F. Sugar Refinery 
Halstead John, dwl 913 Washington 
Ham E. laborer Omnibus Railroad Co. 
Ham Henry H. clerk 30S Bat, dwl Chicago Hotel 
Ham I. H. produce commission 211 Clay, dwl 

755 Howard 
Ham James H. salesman with Geo. W. Clark, 

dwl Prospect Place 
Ham Patrick, laborer, bds SE cor Market and 

llamakin Henry, drayman, dwl with F. P. Bel- 
Haman John, shipsmith 24 Drumm, dwl E s 

Kearny near Post 
Hamberger Charles, carpenter 54 Bealo 
Hamblin E. C. carpenter 117 Battery dwl Chat- 
ham Place ' 
Hambly Samuel T. clerk with W. B. Champlin, 

dwl 512 Howard 
Hambly Thomas C. attorney at law, office room 

8 3d floor Express Bdg, dwl 512 Howard 
Hamburg Adam, upholsterer witli Goodwin & 
Co. dwl W 3 Clara 



Hamburg Augiiste, upholsterer with Goodwin & 

Co. dwl St. Marys bet Kearnj' and Dupont 
ANCE CO. Morris Speyer agent 526 Wash 
Hamburger B. importer and jobber millinery and 

fancy dry goods 306 Snc, dvvi 720 Mission 
Hamburger Gustav, tailor 213 Pacific 
Hamburgh Jacob, dishwasher 507 Washington 
Hamel Anatole, Charlemagne Institute 628 

Hamelin L. physician 632 Vallejo 
Ilaraer Alpheus, boatman, rooms 423 East 
Hamer Anderson, livery stable, dwl 913 Sac 
Hamer George H. (colored) bootblacking 769 
Clajr, dwl W s Stone bet Wash and Jackson 
Hamett T. J. dwl Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Hamill William, milk ranch, dwl S s Pacific nr 

Hamilton — , cabinet-maker, dwl 49 Third 
Hamilton A. bds 707 Front 
Hamilton Andrew, brick-layer, dwl 1117 Kearny 
Hamilton Charles, hostler, bds 34 Webb 
Hamilton Charles F. photographic gallery 417 

Montgomery, dwl 504 Second 
Hamilton Edward, actor Gilbert's Melodeon 
Hamilton Edward, clerk, dwl 1715 Dupont 
Hamilton Edward, seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Hamilton Frances J. Miss, dwl 63 Tehama 
Hamilton Grace Miss, domestic Avith Joseph 

Hamilton James, job wagon NE cor Montgom- 
ery and Washington, dwl SW cor Jackson 
and Jones 
Hamilton James W. carpenter, dwl 211 Tehama 
Hamilton John W. book-keeper with B. G. 

Mathews & Co. dwl 548 Mission 
Hamilton (Joseph) & Trumbull ( William) har- 
ness and saddle ff anufacturers 245 Third, 
dwl 732 Folsom 
Hamilton Robert, lather, dwl E side Minna bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Hamilton Robert, painter, dwl W s Williams bet 

Geary and Post 
Hamilton Sarah Mrs. dress-maker W s Virginia 

near Pacific 
Hamilton Thomas, clerk, bds Mechanics' Hotel 
Hamilton W. Henry, carpenter, dwl 740 Mission 
Hamilton William, boatman foot Vallejo, dwl 

NE cor Hodge's Place and Vallejo 
Hamilton William H. actor Metropolitan The- 
ater, dwl 1715 Dupont 
Hamke William, clerk SE cor Sansom and Jack 
Hamlin A. E. carpenter 1018 Battery 
Hamlin Frederick, captain bark Madonna, pier 1 

Hamlin George 0. clerk with George H. Bell, 

dwl 1123 Stockton 
Hamlin William, engineer Chelsea Laundry 435 

Hamlington W. H. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Hamma T. R. snuff SE corner Hinckley and 

Hamman John W. groceries 828 Clay 
Hammelberg Charles, with H. A. Siegfried 
Hammer Andrew, cartman, dwl 522 Pacific 
Hammer Anna (widow) lodgings 039 Mission 
Hammer Edward H. salesman with Thomas H. 
Selby & Co. dwl 527 Bush 

Hammer M. bds Benton House 
Hammerberg William, store-keeper Lick House 
Hammerschmidt John, shaving saloon 129 Third 
Hammersmith Edw. operator with C. L. Weed, 

dwl SW cor Montgomery and Bush 
Hammersmith Jeannette Mrs. furnished rooms 

Belden's Block 133 and 141 Montgomery 
Hammes Philip, watchmaker with R. Luedke, 

dwl 514 Pine 
Hammond Andrew E. contractor, dwl N side 

Union bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Hammond Clark, dwl NE cor Pine and Powell 
Hammond Frank, fruits Oakland Ferry Wharf 

E s Davis bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Hammond Henry, groceries and liquors W side 

Hammond James, clerk with W. & K. Hammond 
Hammond James, currier, dwl 806 Stockton 
Hammond James, laborer, bds 8 Dupont 
Hammond James, tanner with M. M. Cook, dwl 

806 Stockton 
Hammond John, bds Original House 
Hammond John, dwl SW cor Fourth and Mission 
Hammond John, laborer, dwl N s Natoma bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Hammond John, laborer, bds 8 Dupont 
Hammond Joseph H. salesman with Davis & 

Bowers, dwl 545 Washington 
Hammond Joshua, lumber measurer 17 Cali- 
fornia, dwl 6 Lincoln Place 
Hammond Joshua, painter, dwl 4 Milton Place 
Hammond Robert (W. & It H.)2ld Montgomery 
Hammond, William & Robert, gent's furnish- 
ing goods 219 Mont, dwl 225 Stevenson 
Hammond William, drayman, bds 417 Folsom 
Hammond William, physician 211 Bush, dwl 

Metropolitan Hotel 
Hampe Frederick, waiter 508 Washington 
Hampshaw William H. Coon's Retreat Liquor 

Saloon 315 Commercial 
Hampton Edward, bds 135 Jackson 
Hampton (Robert) k Lehmkuhl (Hermann) gro- 
cers SE cor Minna and Fourth, dwl NW cor 

Mason and O'Farrell 
Hamshire J. W. bds What Cheer House 
Hanaberry Michael, cartman, dwl 141 Jessie 
Hanafee Abbey Mrs. domestic 1123 Taylor 
Hanavan Bridget (widow) dwl 9 Everett 
Hanberg P. laborer S. F. City Water Works Co. 
Hanberry P. laborer S. F. C. Water Works Co. 
Hanbridge Thomas, plumber and gas fitter 47 

Hancock George H. carpenter, dwl 119 Minna 
Hancock John, carpenter with Smith & More 
Hancock John, foreman Evening Bulletin, dwl 

526 Greenwich 
Hancock Sarah A. (widow) dress and shirt maker 

105 Dupont 
Hand John S. baker, dwl 257 First 
Hand Joseph, upholsterer with N. E. Grimes, 

dwl 443 Bush 
Hand Josiah, collector Griffing's Warehouse, dwl 

Bush bet Kearny and Dupont 
Hand Martin, cook 14 Stewart 
Hand Pierson, with Hobb.s, Gilmore & Co. dwl 

N s Pine bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Hand Stephen, watchman Broadway Wharf, bds 

Fisher House 



Hand William, dwl 443 Bush 

Hand William M. c-lerk with Bowcn & Bro. 308 

Clay, bds Fislicr House 
Handcg Joseph, book-keeper Hibernia S. and L. 

Society, dwl 506 Jackson 
Handey Adelaide K. Mrs. nurao 6:5;") Mission 
Tlniidley Catharine, domestic 20 Perry 
llaiidley Mar}', domestic 331 Second 
Handman Alvine, brass finisher, dwl 128 Post 
Handsford Wm. blacksmith with N. W. Spauld- 

Handy Francis, baker Genoa Bakery 
Hand}' {Lncian L.) & Carthciit {Jas. L.) coopers 

408 Jackson, dwl Stone bet Washington and 

Handy William L. cooperage 216 Commercial, 

dwl N s Turk bet Taylor and Jones 
Hancke H. A. Miss, teacher Spring Valley School, 

dwl Pacific bet Larkin and Hyde 
Hauevan Patrick, groceries 162 Third cor How- 

anl. dwl 704 Howard 
Uaney David, liquors, dwl G23 Market 
Hauey James, proprietor Winthrop House 522 

Mission cor Ecker 
Haney James, draj'man, dwl W s Leroy Place 

bet Sacramento and California 
Haney John, bootmaker, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Haney William, drayman Market below Cal 
HANEY WILLIAM W. Gem Saloon NE cor 

Front and Sacramento, dwl 19 Minna 
Hanford B. Thomas, dwl 1017 Powell 
Ilanford Benning T. dwl E a Leavenworth bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Hanford Edward, cooper, dwl N s Washington 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Hanford J. W. varnish maker 681 Market 
Hang Mathias, sawyer with B. H. Freeman & Co. 

dwl cor Pacific and Dupont 
Hangen Theodore, 'longshoreman, bds 32 Stewart 
Kang Yik & Co. (Chinese) provisions, etc. 706 Sac 
Hanifin J. J. Great Western Hotel cor Washing- 
ton and Drumm 
Hanisch Gottleib, tailor, dwl S s O'Farrell near 

Hanks A. miner, bds 6 Sutter 
Hanks Fanny Mrs. actress Gilbert's Melodeon, 

dwl 409 Folsom 
HANKS HENRY G. paint manufacturer 43 

Beale, dwl 54 Third 
Hanks Julius D., U. S. A. dwl 409 Folsom 
Hanley Catharine Miss, domestic 1608 Mason 
Hanley George W. stevedore, dwl 30 Sac 
Hanley James, laborer, bds K s Front nr Vallejo 
Hanley John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Hanley Mrs. Mary, dwl 16 Merchant 
Hanley Peter, lather, dwl rear 48 Stevenson 
Huuley William, porter with Hellmaun Bros. & 

Co. dwl 424 California 
HANLOX FELIX J. proprietor Benton House 

624 and 626 Commercial 
Hanlon Hall, dwl N s Vallejo bet Taylor and 

Hanlon Jas. C. market NW cor Post and Taylor 
Hanlon Jerry, porter International Hotel 
Hanlon John, porter Lick House 
Hanlon Mary (widow) washerwoman, dwl 42 


Hanlon Timothy, dwl 640 Commercial 
Hanlon Valentino, drayman cor Pacific and Davis 
Hanly James, at Mission Woolen Mills, bds Mis- 
sion Hotel, Mission Dolores 
Hanly Martin, dishwasher Lick House 
Hanly Michael, lather, ilwl 14 Sansom 
Hanly Patrick, laborer, dwl Filbert N s bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Hanly William, lather, dwl 14 Sansom 
Hann S. H. watchman, dwl 221 Dupont 
Hauna Francis A. captain schooner Mary, cor 

Pacific and Davis 
Hanna John, cement and plaster 215 Clay, dwl 

716 Green 
Hanna John, deputy County Clerk Fourth Dis- 
trict Court City Hall, dwl 224 Jessie 
Hanna Michael, hustler, bds 903 Battery 
Hanna Orville. tannery E s Larkin nr Bush 
Hanna Patrick R. ship-carpenter, dwl 543 How- 
Hanna R. G. merchant, dwl 917 Sacramento 
Hanna Rose, domestic, bds 903 Battery 
Hannabry M. C. cartman. dwl 141 Jessie 
Hannah Cotter (widow) dwl 419 Sutter 
Hannah Harriet (widow) furnished rooms 747 

Hannah L. capt. schr Alfred Adams, office with 

Davis & .Jordan 
Hannah William, dwl 640 Commercial 
Hannah Charles, Ivy Green Saloon 607 Cal 
Hannan John, laborer, dwl E s Park Avenue 

bet Bryant and Harrison 
Hannangher E. workman Spring VaWey W. W. 

Hannassy Patrick, bds with Wm. Hendricks 
Hannavan John, porter with John Flanagan & 

Co. dwl 16 Everett 
Hannay Thomas II. contractor, Braunan near 

Hannegan John, laborer, dwl NE cor Front and 

Hannigan James, carpenter, dwl 54 Jessie 
Ilannigan Owen, carpenter, dwl 54 Jessie 
Hannigan Patrick, carpenter, dwl 54 Jessie 
Hannigan Wm. 'longshoreman, dwl S s Green 

bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Hannon Mary (widow) dwl NE cor Battery and 

Hannon Wm. drayman cor Battery and Cham- 

berg^wl NE cor Battery and Chambers 
Hanoveritfohn, hostler 820 Kearny 
Hanrahan Edward, at S. F. Sugar Refinery, dwl 

Folsom bet Fourth an<l Fifth 
Hans J. {Blagemann & H.) dwl SW cor Stock- 
ton and Greenwich 
HANSCOM JOHN 0. ^Palmer, H. & Co.) dwl 

116 Elhs 
Hanscomb Lewis, clerk SB cor Battery and 

Hansell Wm. E. carpenter S s Geary bet Jones 

and Leavenworth 
Ilanscn Andrew, seaman, bds 13 Stewart 
Hansen Asmus, at Kellogg, Hewston & Co.'s 
gold refiner)', dwl Rousch bet Folsom and 
Hansen Christian {John Von Glahn & Co.) dwl 

NE cor Minna and Jane 
Hansen Frederick, seaman, bds 15 Jackson 



Hansen Frederick, waiter 417 Front 

Hansen Geo. D. teacher High School, dwl 606 

Hansen Harrold, seaman, bds 7 Washington 
Hansen Louis, harness making 307 Pine 
Hansen Wm. bds 205 Sansom 
Hansford Wm. carpenter, dwl G83 Market 
Hanson Andrew G. liquor saloon 411 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 848 Washington 
Hanson Alexander, mariner, dwl 734 Harrison 
Hanson Andrew, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 
Hanson C. shoemaker 743 Market 
Hanson Charles, lumber, dwl 804 Howard 
Hanson Charles E. {Gluck <k H.) dwl W s Wil- 
liams bet GrQarj and O'Farrell 
Hanson Christian, shoemaker 11 Kearny 
Hanson Christian, waiter 536 Battery 
HANSON GEORGE M. Supt. Indian Affairs 
^ A. D., office 21 Federal Bdg, dul 517 Pine 
Hanson Hostilla, stevedore, dwl 317 Harris 
Hanson Jane Mrs. dwl E s Drumm bet Jackson 

and Pacific 
Han.son J. C. pump, block and spar maker 6 

Cahfornia, dwl S s Mission nr Fourth 
HANSON {John P.) & N-ELSON {A. G.) furni 
ture and bedding 306 Kearny, dwl SW cor 
Bush and Kearny 
Hanson Lewis, bar tender Lovejoy's Hotel, 

Hanson P. drayman cor Mission and Stewart 
Hanson Peter, boatman, dwl cor Frederick and 

Hanson Stephen B. drayman with Wm. Alvord 

& Co. dwl 28 Battery 
Hanson Wm. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
HANSSMANN HENRY (of Von Muller & Co 
Marysville) Consul for Prussia and Olden- 
berg, office SW cor California and Front 
dwl 403 Stockton 
Hanssinann Leonia Miss, saleswoman 640 Sacra- 

memo, dwl SW cor Union and Kearny 
Happersett D. Eevd. dwl 517 Bush 
Happer-sberger Frank, cook 673 Market 
Hap Sing (Chinese) washing 531 Market 
Harbach Alexander, cook, bds 12 Sacramento 
tiarbach Daniel L. teamster 23 California, dwl 16 

Harbach Harry, dwl 16 Cleary 
Harbach J. H. bds with D. L Harbach 
a&Ther {Thomas) & Tice {Alanson) asphaltum 

roofers 683 Market 
chant and East 
Harby Horace, clerk 729 Commercial, dwl 23 
Virgmia Place 

Hardeman Patrick, laborer with D. C. McGlynn 
Mission Dolores ^-^-^vriyuu 

Harden Benj. dravman cor Front and Clnv 
HARDENBERGH {James /?.) 1 DYER r 

. ^ . .'.) & DYF.UiJ.P) 

aiTSuSr ' ^""''' Montgomery: Pine 
Hardenbergh James R. jr. dwl Russ House 
Hardenbergh S B. book-keeper Russ House 
Hardenbergh Wm. wood turner with A. Jellinck 
dwl 28 Sansom ' 

Harders Timothy F. drayman 407 Sacramento 
dwl 36 Cleary ' 

Hardgrove Antony G. dwl 3 Sherwood Place 

Hardie D. & Co. importers staple and fancy dry 
goods 312 Sacramento, dwl S s Twelfth bet 
Folsom and Howard 
Hardin Jeannette Mrs. dwl E s Mason bet Green 

and Union 
Harding Catherine Miss, domestic 314 Post 
Harding Edward, clerk with Wand & Co. dwl 22 

Harding Geo. S. clerk with Faures & Reynolds 
dwl 12 Jane ' 

Harding {John) & Linekin {Ira W.) sail-makers 

215 Front, dwl 14 Quincy near Pine 
HARDING SAMUEL C. Constable Second 
Township, office 623 Merch, dwl 913 Jackson 
Hardman James H. at Kellogg, Hewston & Go's 

gold refinery, dwl 8 Hardie Place 
Hardwick E. P. captain schooner J. K. F Mans- 
field, 20 Stewart 
•Hardwick Israel T. mariner, dwl 343 Fremont 
Hardwick John T. captain schooner Noyo 20 

Stewart, dwl 343 Fremont 
Hardy Benjamin F. physician, office and dwl 108 

Hardy John, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co 
Hare Alexander, mason, dwl W s Hyde bet Sut- 
ter and Bush 
Hare Charles, importer anchors, etc. and ship- 
chandler 34 and 36 Stewart 
Hare Edward, butcher with Louis Balletti 
Hare Elijah (col'd) dwl 41 1 Filbert 
Hare Joseph, salt maker, bds 8 Anthony 
Hare Richard, domestic 1003 Stockton 
Hare Richard, waiter, dwl 707 Union 
Hare Thomas, pattern maker Union Foundry 
Harford Edmund C. shipwright and calker, dwl 

foot Fremont 
Harford Hiram, calker, dwl 425 Fremont 
Harford W. G. W. foreman S. F. C. Waterworks 

Co. dwl 10 Sutter 
Hargeden Patrick, plasterer, dwl 127 St. Marks 

Hargen Catherine, domestic with Samuel Abrams 
Hargitt {Godfrey) & Reese {Evan A.) carpenters 

21 Gearj^, dwl 25 Geary 
Hargrove Henry (col'd) cook, dwl 908 Pac, rear 
Hariman John, dwl 513 Greenwich 
Haringx Christian F. box maker with L. Racouil- 

lat, dwl E s Mont bet Bush and Sutter 
Harjes Frederick, grocer SE cor Jones and Green- 

HARJES {Richard) & CO. {John Gartelmann) 
groceries and liquors NW cor Union and 
Mason, and NAV cor Stockton and Francisco, 
dwl NW cor Stockton and Francisco 

Harker Cliaries W. clerk with E. H. Field, dwl 
Lovejoy Hotel ' 

Harker J. W. merchant, office 404 Front, dwl 
NW cor Jones and Green 

Harkin Barnet, laborer San Francisco Gas Co 
dwl 110 Tehama 

Harkness David S. printer Commercial Printing 
Office, dwl 809 Mission 

Harkness John J. oyster saloon SW cor Tehama 
and Second 

Harks Joseph, laborer, dwl rear N s Jessie bet 
Fourth and Fifth 

Hariey Charies, porter, dwl Volunteer Engine 
Co. No. 7 



Hurley Charles, jimk 116 Davis, dwl Howard bet 

Sixth luul Seventh 
Harley Francis, dwl 1402 Powell 
Hurley Jonnotto (widow) dwl W a Howard bet 

Seventh and Kijihth 
Harlicli Augiisic, merchant tailor, dwl S 8 Jack- 
son bet Stockton and Powell 
Harlis John, dwl 3G Geary 
Harlock Margaret Mrs. midwife 29 Hunt 
Harlock Robert K. brick-layer, dwl 29 Hnnt 
Harloe Marcus, captain steaming Monitor, office 

415 East 
Harlow Fayette S. {William C. Taylor & Co.) 

dwl Dora nr Folsom 
Harlow James, carpenter, dwl Dora bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Harlow James 0. wharfinger Clay Street Wharf, 

dwl NK cor Sansom and California 
Harlow Josiaii C. compositor Police Gazette 

OtBce, dwl Dora nr Folsom 
Harlow W. S. {Gegax & II.) bds with James 

Harman George "W. local policeman, dwl Stone 

2d door from Washington 
Harmes Henry, groceries 765 Folsom 
Harmes Kate Miss, ironer Chelsea Laundry 435 

Harmon Calpluirnia A. Miss, teacher Ladies' Pro- 
tective and Relief Society 23 Tehama 
Harmon Emma Miss, bds 421 Diipont 
Harmon Henry, salesman Quincy Hall, dwl 711 

Harmon J. A. driver with Pierce & Co. dwl 433 

Harmon Samuel H. {Ileywood & H.) dwl 331 

Harms Glaus {Peter Meijer & Co.) dwl 250 

Harms Harmon, waiter, rooms NW cor Pacific 

and Kearny 
Harms Jacob, liquors N s King nr Third 
Harms John, cook, dwl W s August Alloy iir 

Harms John, groceries SE cor Union and Kearny 
Hamstoad J. B. machinist U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl 42 Metropolitan Block 
Ham J. laborer San Francisco City W. W. Co. 
Harnden Frederic A. clerk Banking Department 

Wells, Fargo & Co. dwl 109 Montgomery 
Harnden Michael, gardener, dwl N s Green bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Harnden Wm. H. Forwarding Department Wells, 

Fargo & Co's Express, dwl 109 Montgomery 
Harned Jacob, ma.son, dwl W s Jones bot Sac- 
ramento and California 
Harnett John, waiter United States Restaurant, 

dwl Ohio 
Harnett Michael, dwl SW cor Fourth and Ste- 
Harnett Timothj', cook 409 Pacific 
Harney James, laborer, dwl W a Scotland nr 

Harney Patrick, tailor 317 Mont, dwl 187 Jessie 
Harney Peter, plumber and gas filter, dwl 114 

Harney Samuel, coachman, bds 606 Third 
Harney William, deputy County Clerk County 

Court City Hall, dwl 021 California 

Harold Philip, blacksmith, dwl S s Folsom bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Harper Catherine Miss, dwl with John Harper 
Harper John, teamster cor Vallejo and Davis, 

dwl Moulton Place 
Harper Mary Miss, d^^l with John Harper 
Harper S. bds Lovcjoy's Hotel Battery 
Harr J. cook, Colinnbia Engine Co. No. 11 
Harraut Pierre E. {Iluerne & 11.) dwl 811 Mont 
Harragan Andrew, dwl W s Powell bet Vallejo 

and Green 
Harragan James, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Harrigan John, laborer, dwl W s Fol.som bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Harrington Alice Miss, cook 16 First 
Harrington Benjamin W. mason, dwl S s Ewer 

nr Mason 
Harrington B. J. drayman with Bray & Brother 
Harrington Cornelius, laborer, bds 136 Stevenson 
Harrington Cornelius, 'longshoreman, dwl 725 

Harrington Dan'l, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Harrington Daniel, butcher Brannan St. Bridge, 

Potrero, dwl Brannan nr Eighth 
Harrington Daniel, machinist Miners' Foundry, 

dwl 306 Folsom 
Harrington David, dwl 625 Davis 
Harrington Dennis, teamster, dwl with John M. 

Harrington Elizabeth Miss, milliner 115 Second 
Harrington Frank, jeweler with Baldwin & Crane 

516 Clay 
Harrington Isaac, drayman, dwl N a Stevenson 

bet Fifth and Sixtli 
Harrington James, blacksmith with R. Crowley, 

dwl 120 Dupont 
Harrington J. C. machinist Pacific Foundry, dwl 

33 O'Farrell 
Harrington Jeremiah, stone-cutter, dwl 64 Ste- 
Harrington John Rev. assistant pastor St. Mary's 

Cathedral, and principal St. Mary's School, 

dwl 602 Dupont 
Harrington John, boarding 136 Stevenson 
Harrington John, 'longshoreman, dwl 33 Beale 
Harrington John, saloon 505 Pacific 
Harrington John J. compositor Morning Call, 

dwl 271 Stevenson 
Harrington Margaret (widow) dwl 20 Sansom 
Harrington M. C. Mrs. with Joseph Peirce, dwl 

Brooks House 
Harrington Patrick, trunk maker with Steele & 

Co. bds 64 Stevenson 
Harrington Robert C. printer, dwl 504 Dupont 
Harrington Timothy, butcher Brannan Street 

Bridge, Potrero 
Harrington Timothy, hostler with Wm. Shear 
Harrington Timothy, laborer Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Harrington Timothy, tailor 814 Kearny 
Harris A. tailor, bds Revere House 
Harris Abraham, dwl 709 Howard 
Harris Abraham, tailor 504 Mission 
Harris Amelia Mrs. fancy goods 253 Third 
Harris Amelia (widow) dwl 225 Minna 
Harris Avery T. deputy Treasurer City Hall, 

dwl 14 Stanly Place 
Harris Cecelia (widow) dwl 52 Stevenson 
Harris D. cap maker 619 Commercial 



Harris D. tailor 845 Clay 
Harris Daniel. Railroad Market 36 Kearny 
Harris Davirl, laborer E s Winters Place 
Harris Edwin, clerk with William T. Coleman & 

Co. dwl Lick House 
Harris Edwin R. dwl 329 Pine 
Harris Ellen (widow) dwl American Exchange 
Harris Emile, billiard keeper Lick House 
Harris Emma Miss, with G. Rosenberg, dwl 504 

Harris Enon, property man Gilbert's Melodeon 
Harris Franci.s, machinist, dwl 304 Pine 
Harris F. laundryman Chelsea Laundry 
Harris George, hair dresser SW cor Jackson and 

Drumm, dwl SW cor Battery and Com 
Harris George W. teamster with William H 

Richards & Co. dwl NW cor Sacramento and 

HARRIS HARVEY & CO. assayers, office 509 

Sacramento, resides Marysville 
Harris Henry, clerk, bds Original House 
Harris Henry, trunk maker with Steele & Co 
Harris Henry P. bds Lick House 
Harris I. hats and caps 1104 Dupont 
Harris Isaac, clothing 613, Davis 
Harris Jacob, dwl with Moses Harris 
Harris James, brick-layer, bds 405 Dupont 
Harris James, porter American Exchange 
Harris Jane Mrs. dress-making 808 Stockton 
Harris J. C. seaman, bds Sailors' Home 
Harris J. Freeman, clerk with Wheeler Martin, 

dwl 253 Third 
Harris J. Langdon, salesman with Cox, Willcutt 

6 Co. dwl E s Stockton bet Wash and Clay 
Harris John, mariner, dwl 130 Third 

Harris John (colored) porter, dwl 1208 Powell 
Harris John N. (Jones dc H.) dwl 436 Cahfomia 
Harris Mark, clothing 802 Kearny, dwl 8 Pros- 
pect Place 
Harris Mark, cap manufacturer Gl"? Commercial, 

dwl 427 Commercial 
Harris Marks, job wagon cor Cal and Kearny 
Harris Marx, tailor, dwl W s Morey Alley near 

Harris Mitchell, tailor 845 Clay 
Harris Moses, handcartman, dwl 37 Jessie 
Harris Morris, groceries and liquors SE corner 

Third and Minna 
Harris Pincus, haudcartman SE cor Sansom 
and Sacramento, dwl cor Third and Mission 
Harris Richard, carpenter, dwl W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacific 
Harris Robert L. civil engineer, office 72 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Harr.s S. job wagon cor Second and Market 
Harris Samuel, clerk, bds Original House 
Harris Samuel, tailor 212 Stewart 
Harris Simon, clerk 632 Sacramento 
Harris {Simon) & Coleman (Edward) importers 
fancy goods 319 California, dwl 709 Howard 
Harris Solomon, tailor 337 Kearny 
HARRIS STEPHEN R. physician, office room 

7 Court Block 636 Clay 

Harris Thomas W. steward steamship Panama 
Harris Timothy, brass turner, dwl Yigilant En- 
gine Co. No. 9 
Harris William, gun and locksmith 208 Leides- 
dorff, dwl W 8 Selina Place 

Harris William, pantryman stmr Sophie McLane 
Harris William, seaman, bds 48 Sacramento 
Harrison Benjamin F. clerk 306 Clay, dwl 211 

Harrison Charles H. (Bailey & H.) Benicia and 

Mare Island pilot 517 Front, dwl S 8 Fran- 
cisco bet Dupont and Kearny 
Harrison C. Y. book-keeper with H. P. Wakelee, 

dwl O'Farrell bet Mason and Taylor 
Harrison David, waiter Russ House 
Harrison George, clerk 306 Clay, dwl 211 Ste- 
Harrison G. H. physician, office and dwl 223 

Fourth cor Tehama 
Harrison Henry D. (Fulkner, Bell & Co.) resides 

Harrison Isabella Mrs. dry goods 654 Wash 
Harrison James L. merchant (Yictoria, Y. I.) 

dwl 654 Washington 
Harrison James Y. collector Dr. A. J. Bowie 622 

Clav, dwl N s O'Farrell bet Jones and Leav 
HARRISON (John) & SMITH (W. Charles) 

Boomerang Saloon 901 Dupont, NW corner 

Washington and Dupont, dwl 1321 Stockton 
Harrison John, shoemaker, dwl 30 Jessie 
Harrison John B. book-keeper with J. K. Prior, 

dwl 211 Prospect Place 
Harrison John W. clerk with Mrs. Isabella 

Harrison Juan T. barber with Simon P. Clarke, 

dwl 30 Jessie 
Harrison Peter, dwl 340 Minna 
Harrison Ralph C (Colton & H.) dwl 313 Geary 
Harrison Randolph, dwl 817 Mission 
Harrison Robert, salesman 654 Washington 
Harrison Thomas, seaman, bds 62 Clay 
Harrison Thomas, dwl 43 Ecker 
Harrison T. W. (colored) bootblack 236 Bush 
Harrison William J. sale^^man 654 Washington 
Harrison William P. (Charles F. Bobbins dk Co.) 

dwl 6 Quincy 
Harrold James, commission, dwl 514 Greenwich 
Harrold John (Lyon & Co.) dwl 145 Jessie 
Harrold John, plasterer, dwl 12 Sutter 
Harrold John C. blacksmith with Fisher & Jame- 
son, dwl 409 Sutter 
Harrop John, with William H. Bennett, dwl 19 

Harrop Samuel, boiler maker with Coflfey & Ris- 

don, dwl 19 Cleary 
Harry George, tailor with Jakubowski & Warsz- 

aur, dwl SE cor Kearny and Pine 
Harshall Gerson, tailor, dwl 144 Third 
Harshall Gustof, dwl 144 Third 
Hart Barnard, dwl S s Post bet Taylor and Jones 
Hart Charles, plasterer, bds 54 First 
Hart Charles B. student with J. B. Hart, dwl 

307 First 
Hart Daniel, job wagon cor Davis and Clay, dwl 

209 Battery 
Hart D. E. ilrs. dress-maker 12 Montgomery 
Hart Frances M. Miss, dwl N side Chestnut bet 

Powell and Stockton 
Hart Francis, plasterer, dwl 4 Natoma 
Hart Francis B. clerk U. S. Surveyor-General's 

office, dwl 524 Suiter 
Hart Hugh, cartman, dwl S s O'Farrell nr Jones 
Hart Hannah Miss, servant 405 Union 



Hart H. F. bds Original House 

H>irl laaboUa (widow) dwl 522 California 

Hart (Jesar) & Scott(George) masons and builders 

202 Bush 
Hart Jesso B. attorney at law, office rooms 20 

and 21 Metropolitan Block, dwl 307 First 
Hart Joliii {Murphy ifc H.) dwl 210 Minra 
Uart John, contractor, dwl S side Francisco bet 

Stockton and Dupont . 

Hart John, blacksniitit, dwl 210 Minna 
Hart John, laborer, bds SE corner Stockton and 

Hart Jo) in, sawyer with Brokaw & Metcalf, dwl 

419 Powell 
Hart Laurence, laborer, bds Franklin Hotel 
Hart Louis, broker, dwl 115 Sacramento 
Hart Mary (widow) dwl 615 Stockton 
Hart Mary T. Miss teacher 735 Howard 
Hart Miciiael, brick-layer, bds 54 First 
Hart Michael, drayman cor Mission and Stewart, 

dwl W 8 Minna bet Fifth and Sixth 
Hart Michael, mason S. F. Ga$ Co. 
Hart Patrick, blacksmith Pacitic Foundry, dwl 

51 Mmna 
Hart Richard, steward with W. H. Blossom, dwl 

NW cor Sacramento and Mason 
Hart Sarah Mrs. dwl 51 Minna 
Hart (Simon) & Goodman (David) poultry, eggs, 
etc. 66 Washington Market, dwl 726 Mont 
Hart Susan Mrs. bds Franklin House 
Hart Thomas, boiler maker with Coffey & Ris- 

don, dwl 57 Minna 
Hart Thomas, waiter Benton House 
Hart Thomas X. Pennsylvania Engine Company 

No. 12 
Hart William, laborer, S s Sacramento bet Ma- 
son and Taylor, rear 
McLean & Fowler agents NE cor Clay and 
Hanford Hiram A. calker, dwl Volunteer Engine 

Co. No. 7 
Hartford John, laborer, dwl N s Union bet San- 
son! and Montgomery 
Hartlett Jeremiah, express wagon, dwl 22 San 
Hartley Henry, stevedore, dwl 10 Stewart 
Hartley William, omnibus Brooklyn House 
Haitlieb H. druggist 911 Dupont 
Hariman Ciiarles, groceries and liquors SW cor 
St. Marks PI and Dupont, and N W cor Bran- 
nan and Third 
Hartman F. waterman Market opposite Sansom 
Hartman F. G. cigars and tobacco 423 Kearny 
Hartman Henry, dwl SW cor Mason and Lom- 
Hartman Isaac, attorney at law, office 37 Belden's 

Block SW cor Bush and Montgomery 
Hartman Jacob, with Howland, Angell & King 
Hartman Jacob, molder, dwl 128 Post 
Hartman John, sash maker with Brokaw & Met- 
Hartman Michael, baker, dwl 1620 Powell 
Hartman Michael, cook Lick House 
Hartman William, cabinet-maker 218 Commer- 
cial, dwl SW cor Bush and Kearny 
Hartman William, Golden Age Liquor Saloon 

200 Stewirt cor Howard 
Hartmanu Edward, painter, dwl 719 Greenwich 

Hartmann Fred'k, book-keeper with J. Strahle, 

dwl SW cor Sacramento and Prospect PI 
Hartmann Frederick C. book-keeper with God- 

chaux Bros. & Co. dwl 25 Rousch 
Hartmann Michael, baker Original House 
Hartnatt Jeremiah, laborer, dwl NW cor Geary 

and Jones 
Hartnett John, laborer, dwl SW cor Stevenson 

and Annie 
Hartnett John, watchman with George N. Fer- 
guson & Co. 
Hartnett Michael, stoker S. F. Gas Co. dwl 136 

Hartnett Morris, laborer, dwl 63 Jessie 
llartog Edward, clerk 519 Clay, dwl 526 Cal 
Harton Theodore, dwl 371 Jessie 
Hartsell Charles, painter with Thos. Robinson 
Hartshorne B. M. office NE cor Front and Jack- 
son, dwl 323 First 
Hartshorne Samuel H. with Geo. F. Parker, dwl 

Montgomery Block 
Hartshorne William R. barkeeper with Hezekiah 

Smith 540 Merchant, dwl 505 Jackson 
Hartshorne W. L. waterman, dwl 642 Mission 
Hartung Charles, clerk 5 Washington 
Hartung Theodore, manufacturing jeweler 420 

California, dwl German Hall, Sansom 
Hartung W. (widow) midwife, dwl 404 Dupont 
Hartweil F. laborer, bds 741 Market 
Hartwig Frederick, hostler with Iloelscher, Wie- 

land & Co. 
Hartz Adam, painter, dwl W s Brenham Place 
Harvey Arthur, fireman stmr J. Bragdon 
Harvey Charles, carpenter, dwl 417 Greenwich 
Harvey Edward, stevedore, bds 62 Clay 
Harvey Edward E. (Nichols <& II.) dwl 555 Mis- 
Harvey E. 0. Mrs. dwl 1515 Dupont 
Harvey Henry, plasterer, bds 3 Dupont 
Harvey James C. painter, dwlS sClay nr Powell 
Harvey J. K. waterman Market op Sansom 
Harvey Joseph jr. mariner, dwl 173 Minna 
Harvey Joseph K. (Lloyd & II.) dwl 573 Market 
Harvey Julian, collector, dwl 722 Broadway 
Harvey Sarah Miss, dwl with Andrew Johnson 
Harvey W. H. compositor Bulletin, dwl SW cor 

Washington and Dupont 
Harwood Chas. B. broom manufactory 115 Davis 
Harwood R. carpenter, bds 122 Davis 
Hasbach Emilie Mrs. piano teacher 714 Green 
Hasbach (Frederick) & Brother (Henry Hasbach) 
English, French and German School 719 
Vallejo, dwl 714 Green bet Kearny and Du- 
Hasbach Henry (Hasbach & Bro.) dwl 7 14 Green 
Hasbach Otto, Custom House broker, dwl 803 

Haselbach Theodore, dwl S a Commercial bet 

Drumm and East 
Haselbach Theodore, New York Saloon 921 

Haseltine Charles, stevedore, dwl cor Battery and 

Haseltine Hazen, ship stores and provisions 618 

Battery, dwl 613 Dupcmt 
Haseltine Hazen jr. bds 613 Dupont 
HASELTINE ( William) & TOLER ( W. P.) Ja- 
panese Bazaar 321 Mont, dwl 821 Mont 



Hasford James, blacksmith with N. W. Spauld- 

ing 89 Pine 
Hasiiagau John, groceries and liquors 1301 Stock 
Hashagcn {John) & Schroder {John Henry) gro- 
ceries and liquors 700 Yallejo 
Hashagcn Martin, saloon SW cor Sac and Drumm 
Haskell Charles E. farmer with Mrs. F. J. Hub- 
Haskell Charles L. harness-maker with Harrison 

Jones, dwl 313 Kearny 
HASKELL GEORGE S. Canton Tea Store 24 

Montgomery, d<vl 110 Stockton 
Haskell George S. clerk Avith Badger & Dyer 
Haskell Greenleaf, pile driver, bds 62 Clay 
Haskell G. W. carpenter, dwl 525 Pine 
Haskell J. carpenter, bds 741 Market 
Haskell John L. furnished rooms 1231 Stockton 
Haskell Phineas {B. H. Freeman & Co.) cor 

Market and Beale. dwl 213 Stevenson 
Haskell R. P. pump and block maker at 6 Cali- 
fornia, bds Brooks House 
Haskell Samuel, carpenter, dwl 525 Pine 
Haskell W. H. clerk with Fenner, Russell & Co. 

dwl 1111 Kearny 
Haskell William, carriage-maker with Pollard & 

Carvill, dwl 22 Sansora 
Haskiii Charles A. clerk Paymaster's Department 

U. S. A. dwl 518 Powell 
Haskin Henry R. compositor Bulletin, dwl 22 

Harlan Place 
Haskin Joseph W. State Ganger's office, room 12 

403 Front, dwl Tehama House 
Haskins George H. drayman 107 Clay, dwl cor 

Vallejo and Polk 
Haskins J. E. wharfinger Market St. Wharf, dwl 

B s Park Avenue 
Haslam Henry, porter with James De La Mon- 

tanya, dwl Jackson bet Leav and Jones 
Hassan William, laborer, dwl E s Hubbard near 

Hassard Richard, foreman Spring Yalley W. W. 

Co. dwl 54 Belden Block cor Bush and Mont 
Hasselbeck George, butcher, dwl SW cor Filbert 

and Powell 
Hasser Henry, driver with Baletti & Berge, dwl 

Polk Alley near Broadway 
HASSEY {Frank A.) & HALEY {John J.) real 

estate agents and Notary Public 422 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Russ House 
Hasshagan John, groceries and liquors SE cor 

Saosom and Jackson, dwl SE cor Hyde and 

Hasslinger John, laborer with Christian Pfister 
Hasson James C. freight clerk Cal. S. N. Co. dwl 

NE cor Jackson and Front 
HASTE {John H.) & -KlViYL {Christian) coal 515 

California, dwl 709 Taylor 
Haster William, cook 506 ilontgomery 
Hastings Ashley, bds 127 Pacific 
Hastings C. C. {Ileuston, H. & Co.) resides 503 

Broadway, New York 
Hastings E. L. salesman with James Phelan, bds 

906 Montgomery 
Hastings Ellen E. Miss, teacher Spring Valley 

School, dwl 1011 Bush 
Hastings Edgar P. dwl 306 Fremont 
Hastings George A. carpenter, bds with WiUiam 

H. Taber 

Hastings Horace M. {Taylor & H.) dwl 109 Mont 
Hastings John, surgeon and manager U. S. 

Marine Hospital 
Hastings Nathaniel, builder, dwl 1011 Bush 
Hastings S. C. attorney at law 3 Court Block, 

residence Benicia 
Hastings Thomas, domestic with Joseph Ringot 
Hastings William, clerk with J. B. Manchester, 

dwl 103 Mmna 
Hasty Cyrus L. lumber, dwl 116 Natoma 
Hasty William, mariner, dwl 608 Bush 
Haswell J. C. compositor Bulletin, dwl E s Cal- 
houn near Union 
Hatch Asa D. inspector Custom House, dwl N s 

Suiter bet Hyde and Larkin 
Hatch James, cabinet-maker with A. Brooks, dwl 

8 Anthony 
Hatch Laura A. (widow) dwl 629 Market 
Hatch Sanford, cook Chicago Hotel 
Hatch {Theodore H.) & Brangon {Richard M.) 

butter, eggs, etc. 43 and 44 Washington 

Market, dwl ^ s Hyde S Bush 
Hatch Thomas, shingle cutter with F. B. EUs- 

wortli, dwl 8 Anthony 
Hatch William P. silver plater with Wm. H. T. 

Clark, bds 24 Minna 
Hatcher Scott, engineer, dwl S s Geary bet Tay- 
lor and Jones 
Hathaway A. L. book-keeper with Hathaway & 

Co. tads 521 Pine . 
Hathaway Benjamin W. physician and State 

Senator, office 606 Montgomery 
Hathaway Charles B. stevedore, dwl E s Card's 

Alley near Stockton 
HATHAWAY (C. W.) & CO. produce commis- 
sion and storage 21 Clay, bds 521 Pine 
Hathaway Edmund Y. porter Hathaway & Co.'s' 

Warehouse, bds 308 Beale 
Hathaway Nathan, stair builder at 737 Market, 

bds Hamburg's Hotel 
Hathaway Oromon W. tinsmith with E. T. Buck- 

nam, dwl 569 Mission 
Hathaway Samuel, upholsterer, dwl 239 Fremont 
Hathaway William S. carpenter, dwl 315 Kearny 
Hatherington Henry, hostler 205 Battery,