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Full text of "San Francisco Great Register 1866. The names comprising two volumes of Registered Voters of San Francisco for 1866 are copied from the files in California State Library, Sacramento, California"

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1^ A-v-«.aL. 

■ » 

Book No. 


920.079 D265SA A 



FORM 3427 5000 10-48 

CALIt'ORlCCii STATE 3001 k'TT 


19 4 8 

San Francisco Great Register ••• 1866 

The names ocxapriaing the two Volumes of Registered < 

Voters of San Francisco for 1866 are copied from the 

Files in California State Library, Sacramento, California, 

General John A, Sutter and Sacramento Chapters D.A.R, 

share the credit for doing this work. 

The typing was all done by the State Chairman of 

Genealogical Records Committee, 1946—1948, 

Total number of voters registered are 15,03ii of which 

78i^3 are recorded in Volume I. 

Mrs, William 3, Perry, 120 Grove St., Hoseville, California 
State Chairman, Genealogical Records Committee, 1946-1948 

J) 1 G 6 p.^ /^ 



The files in the State Library in Sacranivjnto from which 

Names beginning with : 

A • • • 
















































Room, State Library, Sacramento California. 
Mrs. William 3. J*erry, State Chairman, 
Genealogical Records Comciitteo. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

San Francisco Public Library 


The files In the State Library in Sacraraonto from which 

these rooords were copied, contain the following information 

of each registered voter. 

(Sample record) 

Name: McLean, Jolin Taylor 

Age : 43 

Occupation 1 Pliysician 

Nativity: *'*ative 

Local residence: 1*523 Washington St. 

Date of Registration: Juno 30, 1866 

Ward District: 4th V7ard District 
San Francisco Great Register, 1866 

To condense the record we have abbreviated In this manner: 

Name: age: occ: Nat: Loc#Ros.(top of each page.) 

All registrations were made during the months of June, July 

and August of 1366. 

W© have omitted the month and day, also the Ward number in 

most records, since the time given places the person at a 

certain location during one of the tliree months mentioned. 

If, for any reason tills additional information is desired 

it may be obtained from the Librarian of the California 

Room, State Library, Sacramento California. 

Mrs. William 3. !*erry. State Chairman, 

Genealogical Records Committee, 






Abbe, George 
Abbot f John 


Abe 11, 


34; Butohur; Naturalized; Stockton, 

near Union 
29; Cook ; Naturalized; Dora, noar 

Emery ii9; Carpenter; Native; 122 i^atoma 
Jackson 35; Stevedore; Native; Van ^'ess Ave,, 

So, of Eddy 
Charles 48; i^diinist; Native; Cor, Stockton & Geary 
Charl&s i^lliot 43; Miner; Nativo; 627 Commercial 
John 25; Parmor; Native; First Ave,, near 16th 
Alexander Gurdon 48; Secretary; New York 

1027 Washington St. 
Abbey, Charles Mills 29; Tinner; Native; 1520 Dupont 
Abrahams, Lewis 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 1316 Dupont 
Abrahamaon, ''eter 39; Tinner; Naturalized; 439 Bush St. 
Abrams, David 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 11 Minna St. 
Abrego, Yaniael 28; Clerk; Native; 320 Pine St. 
Ackerman, Charles 45; Carpenter; Native; Cor. Buchanan and 

l-IcAllistor Sts, 
Ackerman, Hyman Seligman 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 

413 Mason St. 
Ackerman, Tliomas 40; Boatman; Native; Howard, between 

12th & 13th Sts. 
Ackerson, Charles Honry 30; Carpenter; Native; Carlos, near 

O'Farrel St. 
Ackert, Peter A, 55; Laborer; Native; ^regon, b etween Davis 

and Drum Streets 
Ackland, Edward Thomas 43; Stevedore; Naturalized; Pell, west 

of Franklin 
Ackley, Albert N, i^; Gardener; Native; 13th, between Howard 

and Mission Streets 
Ackley, George Waslilngton 42; Cabinet maker; Native; 

Miner St, bet., 1st & 2nd 
J ames 32; Driver; Naturalized; 56 Everett St. 
Charles 50; Mariner; Native; fennsylvania Ave. 
Edward Murry 35; Contractor; Native; Filbert, near ^ason 



linerson George 28^ Butcher; native; 404 Bryant 
George W. 38; Teamster; Native; 12th bet, Howard and 

Polsom Sts. 
Hfilsoy 40; Machinist; Native; Howard, bet. 7th & 8th 
Halsey 40; Machinist; Native; 1106 Howard 
Henry Quinoy 39; Conveyancer; Native; 617 Larkin 
Herbert 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 110 Jackson, old no. 
Herman 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 118 Jackson old no, 
Horace Edward 33; V/aiter; i^atlve; Milton Place 
Hougli 27; Barkeejter; Native; *^regon House; Stewart St. 
Howard W. 46; Builder; Native; 319 :>lxth ^t. 
James 36; Merchant; Naturalized; Hayes Jii. of Franklin 
John 31; Waltur; Naturalized; Cosmopolitan iiotel 
Josej^ Gl; Gauger; Native; 6 Drumm St. 
Law.'jon Sibley 42; Mercliant; "atlve; 822 Washington St. 
Uichard 31; Teamster; i'ativo; Brannan. bet 7th & 8th 
w>a:i\uel 49; Lime Dealer; "atlve; Russ House 

Name age oco* nat. Residence 

Adams, Samuel 56; Druggist; i^atlvo; 83.4 Bush St. 

Adams, .Varren Preucott 26; P.O. Clerk; *^atlve; 609 Pine St. 

Adams, William 35; Stevedore; Naturalized; 331 Green 

Adams, William Honry 'dli Barkeeper; Native; Saoranento, b etween 

. Montgomery and San some 
Adam a I, V/illlam ^^enry 38; Laborer; **ativo; 15 Harlan Place 
Adams, William James 36; -ler chant; liative; 540 Second 
Adams, Labdel Boylston ol; Native; 30<^ Mason St. 
Addams, Manuel *i9; Clerk; "ative; Cor. Bay & Dupont 
Addis, *^ames K. 3*2; Glasa ^aoker; **ative; Dora, near ^arriaon 
Addison, John Jliason 46; Lawyer; i^'ative; 107 Sansome St. 
Adler, Burr 46; Heal upstate; Naturalized; Z'dO 3aeramento 
Adlsr, Julius 4ij; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; liil7 Powell 
Adlcir, Lewis 46; Morchant; Naturalized; Hayes K, of Ootavia 
Adlington, David Myriok 43; Carpenter; Nativo; llki5 i^earnoy 
Adlington, 1h:'t»k H. ii8; Longshoreman; ^^ativo; N.K4.oorner 

Broadway and i^earney 
Adflit, Laiion B. 40; Broker; Native; 7ii6 Sutter 
Agan, William i^; Fireman; Naturalized; Stewart St. between 

Howard & Mission Sts. 
Ager, «^olin E. 4<^; Expressman; Native; 15th and Howard 
Agnew, Jolin 38; Stablekeeper; Naturalized; 26 Kearney 
Agnew, Luke kS ; Omnibus U.K. Co. Receiver; *^ative; 66 Minna St. 
Agnew, Thomas tiQ; Clark; Native; 754 Bush 
Agnew, Thomas H, 35; Printer; Native; 469 *^esale 
Ahem, Jeremiah 41; Shipwright; Naturalized; Serp<3ntlne Ave.^ 

bet. Mission and Howard 
Ahem, Michael 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Clementina, bet 8th £c 9th 
Ahorn, John M. 20 ; Teamster; Natui^alized; 8 Tehama 
Ahlers, John Henry 31; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Powell and 

Vallejo 3ts. 
Ahrens, Henry 34; Grocer; Natui'alized; Cor. Brannan & Third 
Algettinger, Leopold 41; Furrier; Naturalized; 259 Clara 
Aiken, John 49; Sailraaker; Native; Cor. Grove and Oough 
Aitken, Charles iiamilton 43; Butcher; Native; Hyde, near ^^^ason 
Alaford, Amaaa 39; Savtr/er; ^'ativo; 311 Native St. 
Alarcon, Calisto 24; Cari»iage painter; Naturalized; 19 i'^atoma St. 
Albern, Bernd i«aroua 39; Grocer; Naturalized; 286 Stevenson 
Albert, Ccnrad 47; Lodging House; Naturalized; 931 Kearney 
Albert, Lewis 30; Tejinistdr; "ative; 148 Tehama 
Albreoht, Andrew 33; l^iilkman; Germany; Lombard & Octavia Sts. 
Albreoht, Richard 37; Confectioner; Naturalized; 1006 Polsom 
Aldon, Richard Coo 31; Clerk; Native; 405 Powell 
Aldan, Samuel Brigga 30; Drayman; liassachusetts; N.E. comer 

Sacramento and Jones 
Alden, Thomas Haskell 38; Seaman; Native; nVaahington & East 
rtlderman, Oscar 30; Cartznan; **ative; 1014 Market 
Aldred, Robert 50; Laborer; Naturalizod; 51 Jessie cot. 
Aldricli, Allen 21; None; ^<atlvo; Hunders Point; 

Aldrich, George Cornell 43; Upholsterer; ^*atlve; Cor. 3rd & Tehama 
Aldrich, W'llllam Dennison 59; Laborer; Native; 277 Minna 
Alers, Paul Frederick Augustus 44; Pliysician; Naturalized; 

517 Pacific St. 


ago occ. 


local residence 




Abniir P. iiSj Ship Carpenter; I^otlve; Rear J26 Polsom 
Ely 00; (lentlomen: Naturalized; Broadway, between 

Kearny ?« Montgomery Sts, 
Isadore 39; ^^cariuf aoturer; Naturalized; 311 Battery 
Josepti 38; Merchant; Naturalized; 734 Vallejo 
Joseph Dolbuy 40; Smelter & refiner; ^^atlve; 
Gre(»i, between Jones & Leavenworth 
Louis Leandor 37; Str't rJontractor; ^^atlvo; Post, 

west of -^arkin 
37; Tailor; Naturalized; 759 Clay 
40; Shipwright; Naturalized; 167 Silver 
Oaer 33; Merchant; Naturalized; lJi5 0»Farrell 
^anghead 68; Lawycsr; ^<ative; ii31 Pacific 








Alger, Janes 

Algo, Thomas "enry 24; Porter; Naturalized; 148 Silver 

Allaire, Joseph 45; acsrchant; Naturalized; 127 Fourth 

Allan, John 51; Teamstt^r; Naturalized; MontgoTiory, between 

Green and Union Sts, 
Allalrl, Henry 25; Porter; Native; 79 Clementina 
Allen, Adlson Fielder 30; Clerk; Native; 263 Folson 
Allen, Alexaider 44; rtatchman; Maine; Black Point 
Allen, Alexander 40; v/eavor; Naturalized; Shotwoll, 

19th and 20th 
Allen, Barney K« 23; Butchur; Native; Comer Jones & 
Allen, Charles :;. 34; Clerk; Native; 507 Powell 
Allen, iCmery 55; Carperiter; Native; 741 Market 
Allen, George 43; Carpenter; Naturalized; Perry, near Fifth 
Allen, Henry Hastings 30; Carpenter; Mass* North Point St, 
Allen, Isaac Smith 46; Merchant; Vermont; Jones, N, of Pine 
Allen, James P. 44; vVatolinakor; Native; 3 •W.Com^ir Beala and 

iioward Sts# 
James Monroe 41; Stable keeper; Native; 669 Market 
John 36; Carpenter; ^Naturalized; 830 Green 

42; Merchant; Native; First Ave., bet. 14th & 15th 
H. 50; Blackamith; Nativo; Kate, bet, 7th & 8th 
Kimball 42; Bookseller; i*a3S. Pine St, rtear Jones 
Scott 32; Saloon keeper; ^^ative; 728 Pacific 
Lorenzo D, 25; Teadrior; ^ative; Corner Haaon & Kddy 
Allen Lorenzo Hull 35; i-iarketman; Native; Government iiouse, 

Sansome Street 
Allen, Lucius ^aillton 49; i^ercliant; Native; 400 Harrison 
Allen, Michael 32; l*aborer; ^Naturalized; Chestnut, near fc^ason 
Allen, Oliver P. 33; Clerk; Native; 630 Sutter 
Allen, ^etdr J, 29; Laborer; Native; Valencia, bet, 16tii & 15th 
Allen, Sindloy Hoag 32; Tbamstor; Native; Glass works, Potrero 
Allen, William 46; Moulder; Naturalized; 315 Beale 
Allen, VVlllian (Jr.) 22; Scroll Sawyer; "ative; Beale Street, 

near Polsom 
William Jtenry 41; Lawyer; Nativo| Cor, Fourth and Folsom 
William Stewart 45; Bookbinder; ^^ative; Comer California 

and Kontgornury Streets 
enry L, 33; Purser of S.S.Orif lamrae; Native; 

Folsom St. V/harf 






Allen, William K. 43; Forwarding Agent; "atlve; 910 Leavenworth 








Allen, '.Villlara Henry 4o; Rigger: Native; Greenwich, between 

San some and ^>lontgomery, 

Charles 49; Shipwright; Naturalized. 38 Huss 

David iirsklne 25; Merchant; liative; East side of 
Dupont bet. Bush and Pine Streets. 

Frank J.iiSu Jeweler; i^ative; 106 0»Farrell St. 

Jotm 51; Carpenter; *'atlve. i^Sth St. & San Bruno Rd. 

Oscar 49; Sliip Clerk; i%tive; ii9 Russ. 
Allyne, John Winslow ii5; Bookkeeper; Native; 1019 Jackson. 
Almy, Moses Brown 48; Clerk; ^^lative; N.ri.cbr, Post and 

Leavenworth Streets. 
Aloes, Hegel 44; Moulder; Naturalized; 5ii0 Mission Street. 
Alphers, John 31} Musician; Naturalized; Grdenwich and 

Telegraph Place. 
Alphonse, »^erotne 34; i3artonder; Naturalized; 820 Washington. 
Alrtitz,John 26; Saloon keeper; New York; 62 1/2 Yerba Buena. 
Alsenz, *^acob 33; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Cor. V/aaiiington and 

Virginia Streets. 
Alt, Christopher 37; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 608 Vallejo. 
Althoff, Jolm 36; Painter; ^Naturalized; 10 Jane St. 
Altachuel, Ludwig 32; Speculator; Naturalized; 
Alverson, Benj. Brace 33; Hotelkeeper; Native,} 
Alvord, William 35; i^er chant; ^'ative; 
Amber/, Joseph A. 23; Barber; ^*ative; 
Ambrose, John Nicols 33; Painter; Mative; 

Ambrose, Samuel 48; Butcher; Native; 
Araerige, George 60; Printer; Native; 
Ames, Benjamin F. 32; Drayman; Native; 
Ames, Frank Mortimer 35; Clerk; Native; 
Ames, George Henry 41; Clerk; Native; 
Ames, Henry K.30; Bag .Manufacturer; 



956 Mission. 

Oriental Hotel. 

564 Folsom. 
7 Milton ^lace. 
627 Commercial. 


atlve; Jessie St. bet. 
7th & 8th Sts. 
Ames, Orville Truman 56; Butcher; Native; 113 Perry 
Amos, Frederick Rengwalt 35; Merchant; Native; 505 O'Farrell 
Amos, Henry 49; Stevedore; Native; 111 Minna, 
Amos, Zacariah 40; Lumber dealer; Native; 507 Harrison 
Anderson, Andrew E. oO; Engineer; Naturalized; Valencia St. 

bet. Fifteenth & Sixteenth. 
Charles Dunerie 42; Merchant; Native; 151 Tehama, 
Dariiel 30; Brickmaker; Native; 20th near San Bruno 

Comedian; Nqw Yor^^; corner of 
T/ashlngton and Dupont Streets, 
Ivlelter; "aturalized; Lombard 

near Mason Streets. 
Frank 40; Gentlemen; Native; 819 Mort1?gomery, 
Frederick W. 22; Butcher; "ative, 18 Mary, 
Goorge 38; Restaurant keeper; Naturalized; 

102 Jackson Street. 
George Field 41; Butcher; Native; 423 East St. 
Isaac Means 43; Miner; Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

George 28; Seaman; Naturalized; 51 Sacramento. 







David Christian 52; 
Francis Burdell 40; 






Anderson, James 27s Hostlur; Naturalized; —Tehama 
Anderson, John (Jr,)4k;5 ^^tr'nerj iiatlvei 335 Bryant. 
John 38; Boacding house keeper. Naturalized; 

18 Drumra St. 
John 5ki; Longshoreman; ^Naturalized; Commercial 

Anderson, John Sticklin '^ % Carpenter; ^'^atlve; cor. Pine 

and Belden 
Nathan Daniel 30; Lawyer; ^^ative; 313 Sutter. 
Nels 34; Clerk; **aturallzed; Sast bet. Jackson 

and Washington. 







(i.'h\ Clerk; Native; 


Willi an 

504 Clay. 
H, 3ii; Boatman; Native; Bealo St. near Folsom. 
i^l; -^aboror; Naturalized; San Jose R.R. near 

3t. %ry*s college. 
Anderson, Walter Bowles 33; Police Officer; New York; 

503 Dupont Street. 
35; lingineer; Native; Potrero. 
Guy 36; Ship carpenter; Naturalized; 

Potrero Street. 
Henry 41; Caulker; Native; 315 iiarrlson St. 
Homer 36; Contractor; Native; Folsom bet. 

19th and 20th Sts. 
Anderson, William N. 37; Butcher; Native; 1300 Taylor St. 
Andres, John ^eter 33; Laborer; Naturalized; 317 Bush. 
Andressen, Christian 43; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 119 Samsome 
Andressen, John 41; Blacksmith; i'aturallzed; 119 Sansome St. 
Andrews, Amasa B« 44; Teacher of penmanship; Native; 

601 Taylor St. 
Andrews Berjamln 45; Bricklayer; Native; Alcatras Island. 
Andrews, IMv/ln Oscar 37; Carpenter; Native; 111 Perry. 
Andrev/3, George Porter 32; Starve driver; Native; 420 Brannan. 
Andrews, Granville B. 32; Car driver; Native; cor, Tehama & 5th. 




Andrews , 

iiarry 22; Clerk; Native; 538 Sacramento. 
John 30; Porter; Naturalized; 15 Second Street. 
Richard 36; Stevedore; Naturalised; Alta Street. 

Thomas Jefferson 33; Printer; Native. 1709 

V/illiam Otis 52; Real 

Estate Agent; 
bet. 16th 


2nd Ave. 

and 17th Sts. 

Andrezejowski, «Y, Landeslaus 39; Agent; Naturalized; 702 Bush. 
Angel, Horace B, 36; Poundryman; Native; 11 Clementina St. 
Angells, Edward Henrist Fred 47; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 

18 Sansome Street. 

27; Blacksmith; Native; 15 Howard St. 

57; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 147 Post St. 

34; Cook; Natur alized; Hinpire Hotel, Jackson St. 

Angell, Hiram A, 
Angerer, Charles 
Anger son, Edward 

Angney, Samuel Jackson 41; Merchant; Native; Carlos St. 
Angus, Edward David 26; Laborer; Massachusetts; North Point St. 
Ankel, Norris 44; Expressman; Naturalized; 
Ann! 33, Richard 25; Teamster; Native; Cor. 

118 Jackson. 
Broadway & Davis. 


Nsune age occ, Nat. Resldonce. 

Ansaldo, Frank 40; Draymanj Naturalized; Union Street bet 

Mason and Powell Sta» 
Ansbro, Thomaa 28; Policeman; ^'Naturalized; 1108 Montgomery. 
Anshal, Levi 66} Tailor; Naturalized; Jackson V/harf 
Anaon, Patrick 43; Clerk; Naturalized; Myrtle Ave,, weat of 

Anaon, Rlohard 45; Painter; ^naturalized; S.W.oor. Larkln and 

leary Sta. 
Anther, John 43; Mualcian; Naturalized; 805 Bush. St. 
Anthea, Frederick 40; Musician; Naturalized; 27 St. ^ark*a 

Anthony Frank Gilbert 30; Clerk; Native; Chelsea Place. 
Anthony Edward Taylor 32; Packer; Native; Oak east of 

Gough Street. 
Anthony, Jamea banning 60; Shipmaater; Native; 176 Minna. 
Anthony, Julius Caeaar 30; Waiter; Native; What Cheer Houae. 
Anthony, Richard Mott 26; Saleaman; J'aasachusetta; 520 Pine St. 
Anthony, William Tyler 24; Clerk; New York; Dupont nr. California 
Apel, Wolfe 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 204 Kearney. 
Appel, Samuel 34; Merchant; Naturalized. 227 Jessie, 
Appell, Prank 32; Baker; Naturalized; 9 Sutter 5t, 
Appell, Jolin C. 30; Cabinetmaker; Native; 1059 ^arket. 
Applebee, Ilawloy 46; Teamster; Native; Cor. Beale & Mission 3ta. 
Applegate, J, Henry Jr., 21; Bookkeeper; Native; 522 Sutter. 
Applogate, Joslah Henry 49; lawyer; Native; 219 Stevenson. 
Applegate, Uriah 41; Vrfagonraaker; ^^ative; 531 *^arket St. 
Appleton, David Emble 33; Stationer; New York; 1010 Pine St, 
Araat Kicbl 27; Barkeeper; Naturalized; Cor. Sanaome and 

Broadway Sta. 
Arbogast, Frederick 26; Upholsterer; Native; John, 3rd door 

from Powell. 
Archbold, John 54; Caaiiler; Naturalized; 1312 Powell. 
Archbold, John 54; Cashier; Naturalized; 1312 Powell, 
Archer, William 33; i-lachiniat; Naturalized; 919 Shipley. 
Aren, laaac 51; Glazier; Naturalized; 125 Perry, 
Arenta, Hiram 50; Merchant; Native; 504 Taylor, 
Arey, Walter VYella 20; Bookkeeper; Native; 734 Green, 
Arfort, John Baptist 47; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 612 Post, 
Armager, Charles Jestley 26; Porter; Maryland; Branham PI, 
Armes, Charles William 37; Merchant; Native; 613 Greenwich, 
Armitage, John 49; Sallmaker; Native; McAllister, east of 

Amor, Joseph Guyton 49; Painter; Maryland; 7 Prospect Place, 
Arras, Moses 46; Merchant; Native; 506 Mason, 
Arms, Kichard Dale 26; Clerk; Native; Comer Pacific and 

Montgomery 3ts, 
Armstrong, Charles 40; Steward No, 9 Engine; Naturalized; 

Stockton, near Broadway Sts. 
Armstrong,T>dnni8 40; Dry Goods; Naturalized; Morse St. 
Armstrong, Edv^ard Irwin 52; Hotelkeeper; Native; 314 Bush 
Aaamstrong, Henry 28; Painter; Maryland; Cor, Clay & Dupont. 
Armstrong, Trueman Barlow 35; Tinner; Ohio; 616 California. 
Arnett, ^^athaniel i^^iiry 32; Mechanic; Illinois; 523 Kearny 
Arnhelm, Samuel 49; Merchant; ^''aturalized; 8 Stewart St; 
Arnold, Amos 62; Teamster; Native; Valencia, bet. 23rd & 24th, 






Arnold, 13enjaniln Edaon 36 j Butcher; ^'ative; Oak Park Ave. 
Arnold, Banjanin Franklin 26; Clerk: liative; N.W, comer First 

and i»atoma Sts. 
Arnold, Gyrus 32; Merchant? *^ative. 609 Folaora St. 

Arnold, ij^lbrldgo P'ranols 33; Stationer; ^*atlve; 20 Oak. 
Arnold, Ferdinand de ^scar 23; Butcher; ^^ative; 726 Mission, 
Arnold, Francis William 37; Coooor; i<aturalized; Fell, east 

of Octavia. 
Arnold, John 66; ^arlne; l<atlve; 726 Mission. 

Arnold, John Chesley 35; author; i^ative; ^ak Grove Avenue. 
Arnold, Jolin Frank 40; i:jcpre33man; Massachusetts; Washington, 

near Hyde. 
Arnold, Louis 35; Grocer; ^Naturalized; 735 Vallejo. 
Arnold, Noah Sanford 37; Merchant; Native; 914 Capp 
Arnold, Thomas Cook 24; Clerk; Native; 619 Mission. 
Arnold, Thomas J. 34; Contractor; Native; 421 Powell. 
Arnot, Natlianiel Duhoice 49; Mechanic; i^ative; Cor. 3rd t< Market. 
Aronsohn, Slgmund 40; Agent; Naturalized; 3 Monroe Place. 
Arrington, Nicholas Oscar 44; Broker; **ative; 
Arrison, Henry 46; Carpenter; ^ative; 828 
Arrowamith, David Bloomer 39; Insurance Agent; 
Arthur, John D. 61; i.Ierchant; Native. 
Arzberger, *^artin 39; Painter; Bush St, 

724 Folsora St. 
Union St. 

i-Jew York; 834 Clay. 
1027 Bush, 
near Franklin. ( 'Germany) 

Ash, Charles 47; Drayman; ^'ative; Cor. Third and Brannon. 
Ash, Jacob 28; Merchantj; Naturalized; 723 Geary St. 
Ash, Leo 37; Merchant; ^'Naturalized; 723 Geary St. 
Aahburner. vVllllan 35; Mining liar^ineov; Mass. 1002 Pine St. 
Ashbury, ^ionroe 48; Supervisor 5th Ward; ^^ative; 202 

Montgomery St. 
Ashcrof t, VVilliam 44; Steamboater; Naturalized; 41 Natoma St. 
Asher, Ellis 35; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Bush and Battery. 
Asher, F. Asher 32; Merchant; ^'Naturalized; 725 Battery, 

Asher, '^a^es 53; Stevedore; ^"Naturalized; 

Asher, Josephus M. 33; Revenue Assessor; 


Cor, Green and 

Battery Streets, 

i-iative; 1011 Bush St, 


Lewis 27; Miner; i*ative; 510 Sacra^iento. 
Ashlm, Simeon 44; Tidadesman; i'^aturalized; International 

Hotel, Jackson St. 
Ashley, Mark Terry 40; Real xCstate Agent; ^^ative; 

516 Greenwich Street. 
Ashman, Richard Turner 37; Merchant; Native; Potrero 

near Indiana St. 
Ashmead, Gustavus Spooner 39; Carpenter; ^^atlve; 

Corner "^arlposa & Florida. 
Asmus, John 42; Porter; Naturalized; 724 O'Farrell. 
Armussen, Asmus 34; Clerk; ^Naturalized; N.W. Kearney & Jackson 
Asten, John Lewis 45; Engineer; riative; 105 Pacific. 
Atchinson, Austin Johnson 26; Teacher; Native; 60 i^atoma St. 
Atchinson, Bezaleer. Merrlt 35; Merchant; ^^ative; 60 i'latoma St. 
Atdridge, Edward 33; Porter; '''aturalized. 101 Filbert. 

Atheam, William 26; Wells Fargo & Co. 


IIG Prospect Place. 


Name age ooc. nat. residences 

Athearn, Charles Qrandlson 40} Merchant; ^"atlvej McAllister, 

west of i^guna, 
Atheam, Jospph Horace 26| Clerk; "atlvej 909 McAllister. 
Athorton, Vta, Franklin 26; Tinsmith; Native; 15 Second St. 
Athy, Dominick 30; Walter; IJaturalized; Cosmopolitan Hotel, 
Atkerson, Samuel 49; Carpenter; L'ative; So. side of 15th St. 

near Folsora, 
Atkins, iilben 27; Porter; ^-iass. 503 Dupont Street. 
Atkins, ^^enry Blatchford 35; Grocer; i^atlve; Cor# 0*Farrell 

and Jonas Streets. 
Atkinson, Joseph Hendriokson 50; Real Estate ; Native; 

Broadway, 2nd house above Taylor. 
Atkinson, ?/illiam 50; SaiLnaker; ^*atlve; Clay & Drumm. 
Atkinson, William 55; ^borer; i'iaturalized; 1003 Pine St. 
Atkinson, William H.30| Liquors; "aturalized; Washington and 

•'^'•earney Sts. 
Attenbury, Ernest 32; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 822 Greenwich. 
Atwell, Albert Gen tor 32; Painter; Native; 116 Sansome 
Atwell, Charles ^age 43; Painter; ^^ative; 205 Fourth, 
Atwill, Patrick *'ames Calquehon 36; Seaman; Naturalized; 

627 Commercial, 
Atwood, Epliralm Arima 38; Windmill; ^''ative; 145 Hatoma St. 
Atwood, Geor;):e Anderson 21; Machinist, Native; 504 Third ^t. 
Atwood, William Treadway 27; Bookkeeper; Native; 622 Market. 
Aubert, ^aul ^wls 31; Jeweller; Naturalized; O'Farrell St., 

west of Octavia. 
Aubrey, Francis 0, 46; Carpenter; ^Naturalized; 10 i Sixth St. 
Aubrey, William 40; Carpenter ;Naturali zed; 30 Ecker St. 
Auerbach, Lewis 41; "erchant; ^*aturalized; 621 Post St. 
Augustus, *^oseph 32; Painter; ^^ative; 319 California, 

Howard Engine House. 
Augustus, Thomas - no infoxTnation^ given. 

Austin, Alezander 44; ^"^erchant; ^'Naturalized; Cor, 3rd & Market. 
Austin, Alvah Convers 39; Foundrynan; Native; 15 Rincon Place. 
Austin, Frank Benjamin 48; Real instate; Native; 410 Geary St. 
Austin, iionry 48; Dentist; Naturalized; 516 Lombard, 
Austin, Janes 46; Merchant; Naturalized; 212 First, 
Austin, Marcus Elijah 57; Wholesale Grocer > Native; Filbert, 

between Union and Taylor Streets. 
Austin, Reuben 25; Drayman; Native; 236 First. 
A\?erell, Anson 40; Merchant; Native; 320 0»Farrell. 
Avery, Sugustus 49; Mariner; Native; 309 Bryant. 
Avory, Benjamin Parke 38; xi^ditor; Native; 272 Stevenson. 
Avery, Clark 38; Carpenter; New Hampshire; Presidio Road. 
Avery, Dean Richmond 33; Marketman; Native; 147 Silver. 
Avery, Elihu 39; Shipmaster; Native; 147 Townsend. 
Avirill, William 32; Ship joiner; Native; 331 Beale St. 
Axlett, Samuel Beach 45; Attorney;01iio; Cor, Calif ornia & Dupont. 
Ayer, Joseph Young 38; Carpenter; Native; Folsom, bet, 20th & 21st. 
Ayer, Washington 43; Physician; Native; 410 Kearney. 
Ayers, Humphrey 36; Blacksmith; Native; Eighth near Folsom. 
Ayers, """ra Jr., 27; Bookkeeper; Native; 757 Howard. 
Ayles, Thomas W. 38; Car driver; Native; 4th & Folsom. 
Ayres, Charles ^arish 24; Tinner; Native; 774 Mission. 
Ayres, William ^^enry, 20hrs,llmos. 17 days; Carpenter; Native; 

Cor, ^arlposa & Carollan, 
Ayres, William Orville 49; Physician; Native; 613 Howard. 



Registry of names bo/^innlng wltti B# 

Name age occ* nat* Loc.Rea. 

Baaer^ ^ohn 33; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 243 I41nna. 
Babb, Charles 38; Printer; Native; Sutter, bet, Stockton 

and Dupont Streets, 
Babbett, Edwin B.61; U,S,Army; Native; 314 Fremont. 
Babcook, Benjamin Edward 43; Clerk; i^atlve; McAllister, east 

of Fillmore. 
Babcook, Edwin Burr 58; Lodgings; "atlve; 624 Commercial, 
Babcook, Ezra Allen 40; linglneer; Native; Valencia, bet. 

Sixteenth and Seventeenth. 
Babcock, Henry Stirling 37; Banlt ^^anager; Native; 11 Essex 
Babcook, Jasper 45; Minor; Native; 18 Stockton, 
Babcook, V/llllam F, 46; Merchant; Native; 11 Essex 
Babler, Frederick 27; Milk Business; Native; Bush, bet. 

Scott and Pierce Sts, 
Babson, William Edwin 32; Purser; Maine; 834 Clay St, 
Bachelder, John Vifarren 49; Lawyer; Native; 439 Broadway (sic) 
Bachelder, 7/illiara ^enry 40; Porter; Massachusetts; Austin St., 

and Van ^^ess.Ave, 
Bachman, David S. 20; Merchant; Naturalized; 237 O'Farroll. 
Baclir, wllllam 34; Jeweler; Naturalized; 533 0»Farrell, 
Bachua, Gurdon 45; U,S, Assistant Assessor; Venaont, Larkin 

and Pine Sts. 
Bachus, Samuel Woolsey 22; U.S.Army; Now York; Larkin & Pine Sts, 
Backer, Abnor Hogdon 47; Miner; Native; 14 Kearney. 
Backes, Charles Edgar 21; Printer; Native; Ifrilon, bet Hyde 

and %rkln Sts. 
Backus, ^scar Jerome 36; Merchant; Native; Taylor, nr. Lombard. 
Bacon, Dean 50; Carpenter; ^^atlve; Cor, Jones and Pine. 
Bacon, Francis Norton 44; ^^achinlst; Native; 1st S house 

First Street. 
Bacon, George ^enry 30; Clerk; Native; 40 Minna St. 
Bacon, Henry Douglas 48; Merchant; Native; 1803 Stotkooh, 
Ba[con, Horace 65; Deputy U.S.Marshall; iJatlve; S.W, Comer 

Jackson and Montgomery Sts. 
Bacon, Jacob 32; Printer; Native; 929 Howard St. 
Badger, Joseph Brown 34; Auctioneer; Native; 735 Pine St, 
Badger, ^arish 71; Clerk; Native; Meiggs Wharf. 
Badger, William G. 42; Merchant; Native; 333 Second. 
Badgley, William Henry 36; Lawyer; Native; 312 Mason. 
Badlam, Alexander Jr., 30; Bookkeeper; Native; 708 California 
Bagloy, David Terrell 44; Secretary; Louisiana; 834 Clay St. 
Bagley, Michael 35; Holder; Naturalized; Eureka Homestead, 
Bagley, Townsend 60; No occupation; Native; 45 Everett. 
Bahlmann, Henry 36; Driver; Naturalized; 238 Second. 
Bahrs, Andrew 23; Crocer; Naturalized; N.E.Cor. *^ackson and 

Davis Streets. 
Bahrs, ^^erraon 32; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Front & Oregon. 
Bal ley, Charles Alfrod 23; Druggist; Naturalized. 512 ^earney. 
Bailey, Charles Pay ton 23; Clork, Native; 47 Second. 
Bailey, Charles Wosley 40; J^ierchant; Native; 767 ^"iarket St. 
Bailey, David 60; Carpenter; Native; 116 Sansome. 
Bailey, H^nry ^"artin 35; Jeweler; New Jersey: 506 Dupont St. 
Bailey, Jacob Everett 34; Bricklayer; ^''ativo; 637 Mission, 








Bal ley, 

James Dyer 27; nstuaryj Native; I^.i). Cor .Bush & Mason. 

Louis Hamilton 57; Hotel Keeper; Canada (Parents i^atlve) 

Cor._^ Clay and Brenham Place, 
Bailey, John Norton 41; Carpenter; ^*ative; Cor, Mission & 3rd. 
Bailey, Joseph Homles 52; Merchant; Native; 330 Union St. 
Bailey, Major 46; Clerk; Native; 719 Market St. 
Bailey, Samuel ill lis 39; Hotel Keuper; ^^atlve; Oriental Hotel. 

William 27; Piotel Keeper; ^^atlve; 54 First. 

William 48; Merchant; Native; 124 Silver. 

William Ireland 42; Drayman; Naturalized; 69 Jessie. 

Alexander Howard 39; Hotel -^eeper; "^"atlve; 

116-110 Sansome Street. 
Bally, David 43; Bag<^ago master; Native; Russ House. 
Ball, Alexander 35; Longshoreman; 19 Katoma. 
Balnbridge, Arnop 33; R.R.Conduotor; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Baker, Albert *^ack3on 38; Teanster; Native; 5 Spring St. 

Bal ley, 
Bal ley. 

Baker, Alfred Worthing ton 28; 


Quartermaster's Clorkj 
3 .W, Comer Pacific Sc Stockton Sts, 
Baker, Charles Gomatock 24; Engineer; ^ative; 108 Stockton. 
Baker, Charles H. 23; Butcher; ^<atlve; Folsom, bet. 11th & 12th. 
Baker, Conrad 37; Assayor; Native; 320 '^osnle (Sic) 
Baker, Eugene Joseph 23; Drayman; Naturalized; 764 Harrison. 
Baker, Frank 34; Cabinet maker; ^^ative; 37 Second St. 
Baker, Frederick D, 25; Machinist; ^atlve; 270 First. 
Baker, George Holbrook 38; Mtliographer; Mass. 213 Prospect 

Baker, Goorga L. 38; Bricklayer; Native; N.W.Cor, 7th and 

Brannan Sts, 
Baker, Henry 38; Inspector; Native; 23 Moss St. 
Baker, Henry Young 35; Engineer; Native; Cor, Karket & Beal Sts, 
Baker, Isaac French 37; Saloon keeper; Native; 448 Bryant, 
Baker, Isaiah (Jr.) 49; Merchant; Native; 1805 Powell. 
Baker, Jolin B, 30; Bookkeeper; Native; 1109 Pine St. 
Baker, John Edward 26; Saloonkeeper; New York; 105 Prospect PI. 
Baker, John Henry 23; Faraior; Native of New Orleans; 

Union Street near Gough. 
Carpenter; Massachusetts; Dupont, 

near Sacranonto Sts. 
Merchant; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Baker, John Henry 31; 

Baker, John Perry 44; -w* v>ii<=iiiu^ -cn,a.v«, u^^^i^v^i^wj-a. y«*i . 
Baker, John Sciuires 39; Clerk; i'Jatlve; 131 Montgomery. 

Judah (Jr.) 37; Merchant; Native; Russ ^use, 
Luthor Gifford 34; Carpenter; Native; 741 Market. 
Melville Cox 33; Carpenter; Native; 2 Perry, 
Owen Vlnzen 38; Merchant; Native; Taylor, nr. Union. 
Samuel 21; Clerk; Native; 609 Pine. 
S|>ephen Norris 41; Captain Police; Native; 
William 26; Plumber; ^Naturalized; Congress 
Barker Sawyer 26; Milkman; Native; — *'ano 
Baldridge, Michael 40; Salesman; New i^ork; 528 
Baldwin, Albert Stewart 42; M.D. Native; Clay & 

Baker , 

108 Silver 
Hall, Bush. 
Pine St. 


Baldwin, Alexander Richards 45; Merchant; Native; 923 *^ackson, 

Baldwin, Amos Bradley 35; Butcher; Native; Potrero, 

Baldwin, Drudy P, 57; Lawyer; Native; Court Block, 

Baldwin, Ellas Jackson 41; Real Estate; Native; 312 Geary, 

Baldwin, Elihu Frost 51; Miner; i^atlve; Fell, west of Polk, 

Name age occ« Nat. Residence 


Baldwin, George Edward 24; Inspeotor of Customej Native; 

cor. Montgomery & Green* 
Baldwin, Hiram S. 48; Physician ; Native; 609 Sutter. 
Baldwin, Lloyd 30; Attorney; Maine; 930 Clay St. 
Baldwin, **^arcus Melancton 41; Jeweler; New fork; 805 Mason. 
Baldwin, Oliver Taylor 3^; Inspootor customs; ^''ative; 

1335 Taylor St. 
Baldv/in, Orville Dwight ii3; Fruit store; Native; 418 3rd. 
Baldwin Starr 42; ^^rchant; Native; Oriental Hotel. 
Baldwin, William ^enry 42; Shipwright; Native; Crook, near 

Balfrey, Michael 32; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 152 First St. 

504 Clay St. 

206 Rltch. 

I^atlve; 514 Third. 

Ball, Albert 60; M.D. ; Native; 

Ball, Charles 34; Glork; Native; 

Ball, David Honry 45; Bookbinder i 

Ball, Geor.f^e AuiTiistus 23; Bookkeeper; ^''atlve; Union ?c Powell. 

Ball, George Elliot 31; Cook; i'^ative; Sutter, between 

Sansome & Montgomery Sts. 
Ball, John M. 48; Polioo Officer; ^'^ative; 6 Moss St. 
Ball, Joel 46; Dentist; Naturalized; 129 Silver. 
Ball, Robert Gurry 26; Carpenter; Native; 741 Market. 
Ball, Thomas %r shall 21; Printer; Native; 217 Post. 
Ballard, Duan 32; Con. Merchant; liatlve; 1006 Bush. 
Ballentlno, James 67; Builder; Native; 9th Street, corner 

of Jessie St. 
Ballentlne, John P. 39; Mason; Native; Ninth oor. Jessie. 
Ballhouse, Frederick 51; Gardener; i.aturallzed; Lombard 

and Leavenworth 3ts. 
Balllnger, Andrew 33; Laborer; -Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Ballou, Nelson Sales 31; Carpenter; ^^ative; 

Precita Valley House. 
Ballou, William Newton 34; Laborer; Native; 29 Second. 
Ballou, William Thomas 36; Merchant; Native; 617 Post. 
Baltzer, Charles 36; Butcher; ^'Naturalized; Eighth Street 

near Brannan St. 
Bamber, John 34; Expressman; **ative; 928 Montgomery St. 
Banast, ^arrla 43; Bartender; Native; 54 Sacramento St. 
Beuicroft, Albert Little 25; Bookstore; CaL Ifornla, near 

Cough St. 
Bancroft, Azarlah Ashley 67; Farmer; Massachusetts; 

Franklin St. near California. 
Bandman, Julius 39; Merchant; ^Naturalized; 514 Lombard. 
Banks, Georfre Seley 42; Liverv Stable; 567 Market St. 
Banks, James 47; Blacksmith; Native; Laguna Honda. 
Banks, Thomas Crane 46; Banker; Conn^; 724 California. 
Banks, 'vyilliam 45; Merchant; Naturalized; Washington 

near Hyde. 
Bannan., John 41; Merchant; Imturalizod; 512 Green 
Bauin^y, Alpha Sen, 40; Canvasser; Native; 605 Taylor. 
Banning, John 40; Inspeotor of Customs; Naturalized; 

Russ House. 
Barbaich, Michael Francis 42; Cartman; Naturalized; 

Maiden Lane. 



^ame age Occ. l^at« Res, 

Barbe, Ludwig 56; Storokeopor; i*aturaliz«dj Potrero. 
Barber, Edward Thomas 27; Physician; ^iatlve; I^lorth aide 

//ashlngton,3 doors east of Stockton B.Churoh. 
Barber, Elas V/lnder 40 j Blacksmith; Native; 741 ^Wket. 
Barber, Elijah B. 42; Garpontor; ^'ativo; First Aoe,, between 

Fifteenth & Sixteenth Sts. 
Barber, Jonathan Kimball 37; Laborer; Native; 273 Minna, 
Barber, *^eter Joshua 35; Carpenter; Native; Columbia, 

bet, Dolores & Guerrero, 
Barber, Thomas ^enry 37; Boatman; Naturalised; 1222 Pacific, 
Barber, V/llllam lU 50; Blacksmith; Native; 24 I^ngton St, 
Barbier, A. 36; Pollve; Hatlve; 122 Fourth. 
Barcheld, Jolm Honry 43; Carpenter; Naturalized; Larkln 

near Union, 
Barclay, Francis 38j Bollomaker; Naturalized; 340 Mission, 
Barclay, Davie 51; -^^aborer; Naturalized; 915 Union, 
Barde, W.L.Dwiglit 4ki; Lawyer; ^"atlve; Harlem Place, 
Bardenwerper, Charles Philip 41; Drayman; ^''aturalized; 

Jackson St. 
Harden, ^atrlck 40; Laborer; "aturallzed; Turk west of 

Fillmore St. 
Barghofer, Conrad 37; Butcher; Naturalized; 542 Folsom. 
Barkhaus, Williara Dumont 46; Clerk; "atlve; -^eavenworth 

near B?y • 
Barker, Abel *arker 48; Police officer; ^*ative; 15 2nd St. 
Barker, Benjamin Franklin 48; Carpenter; ^<ative; V/ebb St. 
Barker, Erastus Hubbard 36; Miner; Maine; Cor. California 

and Mason Sts. 
Barker, Frank 43; Carpenter; ^'*atlve; 209 Rltch St. 
Barker, Frederick 23; Teamster; Native; Fell east of 

Barker, George 28; Farmer; Maine; Mountain Lake. 
Barker, Henry Theodore 34; Merchant; ^*atlve; No ,625 "^arkin 
Barker, *'aries Harden 22; Painterj **ative; 12 Sutter, 
Barker, *^a9ies T, 25; -hardware; ative; 609 Pine. 
Barker, Jerony Belknap 50; Attorney at Law; "atlve; 

137 Idontgomery St, 
Barker, Joshua 33; Bookkeeper; ^^atlve; 19 Ellis. 
Barker, Stephen 30; *^aohlnlst; ^*atlve; 12 Hubbard. 
Barker, Tlmotliy Leonard; 38; Merchant; "a Ive; 23 O'Farrell, 
Barldiaus, Dietrich 43; Stationer; ^Naturalized; Turk 

near ^ason. 
Barkhausen, Julius 44; Agent; "aturalized; 8 Louisa. 
Barkley, Andi'ew ♦^'^ackson 35; Printer; Tennessee; 1016 Pine St. 
Barkley, William 65; Trader; ^"aturalized; i'aclflc nr. "arkin. 
Barlow, John 28; La];)^!;.,^!;.. *^atui'alized; 60 ^atoma. 
Barman, Charles 25; Tinner; Native; 121 Fourth. 
Barman, ^Wry 36; V/ood h Coal yard; ^Naturalized; 122 4th. 
Barman, Jonas 46; ^"^orohant; ^Naturalized; 121 Fourth, 
Barman, Mlcheal 21;No occupation; "at^^ve; 121 Fourth, 
Barnard, J:idward 29; Police Officer; *atlve; 15 Second St. 
Barnard, Isaac D. 35; Heal Estate Sgent; "ative; 

224 Montgomery St. 





Nat, Loc» R©s» 


Barnard, **a3on '62} Ship carpenter; ^*ative; Northwest 

cor. Mission & First, 

Barnard, Hoses Smith 47; Stevedore; Native; 145 Silver. 

Barnard, Thomas Gardner 58; Contractor; ^^ative; 23 %wthome, 

Barnes, Alexander 37; Laborer; ^'Naturalized; Boardman Place. 

Barnes, Daniel 50; Farmer; ^^ative; 550 Commercial. 

Barnes, William H.L. 31; Lav/yer; ^*ative; 26 i-aurel Place, 

Bamott, Isaac 42; Manufacturer of clothing; Naturalized; 

113 Geary. 
Baker; "aturalized; Comer 4th & Jessie, 
37; Merchant; Naturalized; 149 Clara 


John 31; 
Joseph ?, 

Wilffe 51; Olockmaker; 

Barney, Daniel Green 57; Gauger; 
Barnlieimer, Francis 42; Tailor; 
Bamheisel, Epenetus Rogera 25; 

Naturalized; Filbert, 

and Powell, 
^"^ative; 1409 Stockton, 
Naturalized; 226 Third. 
Paper Carrier; Native; 
215 ^erry St. 

Barnliisel, Honry 24; Teamster; ^''ative; Cor. Folsom and Beale, 
Bams, Charles A. 42; Plasterer; ^^ative; 415 Stevenson. 
Bajcnatead, Thomas Delap 28; Policeman; Native; 307 

Barr, Charles 45; Blacksmith; *'aturalized; Harrison 

bet. Seventh & Eighth Sts. 
James Henry 49; Jeweler; Native; 523 ^ine. 
John 27; MacMniatj Native; 2^1 Second St. 

Dixon 37; Umbrella maker; ative; 627 Mission. 
31; Collector; Naturalized'; 246 Second. 
41; Moulder; Naturalized; 125 Fourth. 
Robert Burdick 36; Cardriver; Native; Garden bet. 

Sixth & Seventh Sts, 
Barr, William Henry 37; Boatman; Naturalized; Cor, Powell 

and Filbert. 
41; Jeweler; Naturalized; 35^ Second St. 
47; Laborer; Naturalized; 26 Clementina, 
50; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 505 Market. 
A, 39; Carpenter; Native; 3 Cleveland, 








Barrett, Henry 39; Clerk; Native; 
Barrett, James 59; Agent; Native; 

Barrett, John 38; Native; 
Barrett, John 45; Printer; 
Barrett, William Grant 44; 

639 Market. 
17th bet* Dolores and 
Clerk; Mission bet Ist & 2nd. 
Naturalized; 550 Merchant, 

Barrint^er, Peter "^^enry 51; 

Barri s , 



607 Howard, 
King bet. 


Bookkeeper; Native; 
Carpenter; Native; 
Third and Fourth Sts, 
Barrington, William Buchanan 33; Storekeeper; 

Broadway bet, ^^'earney k Montgomery 
Hyram Deer 38; Butcher; ^enrim 904 Stockton, 
Cornell 20; Vaiterj Naturalized; Russ House, 
Jolin 66; House painter; ''aturalizod; Francisco, 

bet, Dupont and ^eamey, 
Samuel 39; Cigar dealer; Native; 2016 Powell 

Barrus , 

Daniel "^ewis 31; Jeweler; Native; N.W, Corner 

Stockton and *'ack3on. 






Loc« Kes, 


Barry, Charles lidward ki3; 

Searcher of Ruoords: Native; 

9<i3 Pacific 

Barry, David 55; ""aborer; haturallj'.ed; Powell & Filbert 
Barry, iiidward 3ii; Keal iiistato; K^turaUzed; 1316 Powell 
Barry, James 30; Laborer; naturalized; Suttor, west of 

nebs tar 
Barry, Janes 41; Blaokanlth; Naturalized; Taylor, between 

Ellis and Eddy Sts. 
Barry, James 35; Shoenak<}r; ^''atu allzed; Cor. 5th k Mnna 
Barry, John 36; i^aborer; Natui'aL Izod; Stevenson, Bet. 6th & 7th 
Barry, Jciin 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 60 Tehama 
Barry, Jolm 35; Paintor; Natui^allzed; 116 Sansomo 
Barry, Michael 127; Carpenter; Naturalized; 11 Louisa 
Barry, filchael o«i; Carpenter; Natural izod; 38 J«atD!iia 
Barry, Patrick ^scar «i5; Recorder's Clerk; Native; 9ii3 Pacific 
Barry, Richard 30; Laboroi*; Naturalizod; ii60 Clara 
>r Barry, Robert 45; Tailor; Naturalized; Trinity, between Bush 

and Sutter 
' Barry, Theodore Augustus 41; V/lnos & Liquors; Native; Ooary, 

between L©avan worth & Hyde 
Barry, Thomas 31; Stable keeper; Native; 16 C lemon tlna 
Barry, Tlior.iaa 30; ^-aborer; Naturalized; 159 Minna 
Barry, Thomas i^ii; Bootmalcjr; Naturalized; 16 Minna St. 
Barry, Willlaia 30; Carriage driver; Naturalized; Russ Uquso 
Barry, William 33; ^aborer; Naturalized; 458 Natoma 
Bayry, William 36; Ships oarpentor; Natui»allzed; Rausch, between 

Seventh & rilglith 
Barry, ?/illlan 38; Printer; Naturalized; **ack3on, between 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Barry, William 53; Comddlan; Pannsylvanla; Comer Washington 

and Dupont 
Barry, William MoGlll 45; Oyntleraan; Naturalized; 200 Stockton 
Barston, Oeorge 50; Lawyer; Native; 607 Sutter 
Bars tow, Alfred 37; Justice; Native; 89 Montgomery Block 
Bars tow, Calvin Jr., 36; Mariner; Native; Bryant, near Hyde 
Baratow, Simon ritdh 34; Printer; Conn.; 910 Taylor 3t. 
Bartols, lonrad 39; Musician; Naturalized; 1516 Powell 
Barth, Charles Kunt^r 31; ii;x-Army officer; Naturalized; 

427 Third St. 
Charles ^enry 40; Police officer; i»atlve; 

8ki4 Greenwich St. 
Earl 40; Lawyer; Native; 212 Green 
Francis nsberry 41; Clerk; Native; 1 Jane 
Job Chase 36; Carman; Native; 10o4 Market 
3*-; Soxton; 

Bar tie tt. 

Bar tie tt, 
Bar tie tt. 
Bar tlett. 


Maine; Cor. Waver ly Place 

Bartlett, Pliny ^D ; 
Bax* tlett, Robert B. 

and Sacramento 
Native; 322 Jessie 
*^ative; 42 Moss 


Laundrynian ; 
33; Porter; 
Bartlett, Washington 42; Attorney at Lav/; Native; corner 

Stockton & Market 
Bartlutt, Washington George 62; Laborer; native; Drum Street 
Bart ley, John 53; Handcart; Naturalized; Cor. ''aciflc and 

Battery Sts, 
Birto, Cornelius 35; Trader; Native; 1220 Powell 
Barton, Abner F. 33; Teamster; "ative; Iiear corner of 6th 

and Polsom 
Barton, Bonjatiln Franklin 39; Manufacturer; I^ative; 12-J Third 

b7 15 

^ame age Occ. Nat. Loc. Kes. 

Barton, John 52 j Merchant; Native; 15 Laurel Place. 
Barton, Joshja ^iarrison 45; Ulner; Native; 181 Jessie. 
Barton, VVllllam 36; Painter; Naturalized; 1226 Union 
Baaford, Jacob K, 40; Apothecary; Native; 502 Mason. 
Basham, Frederick 29; Ornar.iontal ^lastorer; Naturalized; 

710 Taylor. 
Bashln, Henry Tobin 30; Grocer; Natural ized; 535 

California St. 
Baskervillo, Rich*d Davenport 44; Merchant; Native; 

17 Oak Park Avenue. 
Bass, Charles 34; Bartender; i*aturalized; 4 Milton Place 
Bass, Thonas »'efferson 33; Toaraster; Native; 526 0*Farrell. 
Bassett, Alonzo 33; Stonecutter; Native; 340 Ritch. 
Basaatt, Charles F, 35; Accountajit; Native; Mission bet. 

Brady & Potter. 
Bassett, Kath'l 69; Saloon; Native; 420 Stevenson. 
Bassini, Bernard 31; Clork; ^'aturalized; 510 Sacranento. 
Batchelder, David Fellows 38; Real Estate; "ative; 733 

Batchelder, Nathaniel 43; Carpenter; ^''ative; 726 Mission. 
Batchelder, Tliomas Fox 30; Lawyer; ^'ative; 320 Lombard. 
Batchelor, . xidwurd Payson 31; lawyer; Native; 117 Second. 
Batchelor,Levi Leathers 47; Sliip Master; ^aine; 1026 Clay St. 
Bateman, Michael Collins 37; Capitalist; Ireland; Gough 

and Pacific. 
Bateman, William Augustus 34; Milk dealer; Rhode Island; 

Kearney nr, Sacraraento St. 
Bates, Aaher Brovm 56; La\?yer; Native; 115 Dupont. 
Bates, Cliarlos David 33; Contractor; Native; ^age, west 

of LaiTxjna, 
Bates, Gustavus Edward 40; Drayman; Native; Hov/ard 

Engine House, 
Bates, Oustaviis Edward 40; Drayman| Native; 568 Mission St. 
Bates, Joseph Clement 30; Lawyer; Native; 765 Mission. 
Bateson, Janes H, 54; Tailor; i'iaturalized; 7 Clementina. 
Bateson, William 37; Machinist; Native; 7 Clementina. 
Battams, William 31; Salesman; ftative; 613 Mason St. 
Batten, Sampson 38; Stone cutter; t^aturalized; 216 Ritch. 
Battcm, V/illlaci DeSay 34; Laborer; ^lative; 66 Jesnie St. 
Batteux Dan*l 40; Saloon; Naturalized; 114 Fourth. 
Battles, William Ward 39; Merchant; Naturalized; American 

Battles, Winolow 47; Clork; Native; 731 Harrison St. 
Batturs, Edward T, 43; Bookkeeper; Native; 433 Clementina. 
Bauch, *etor George 41; Broker; ^Naturalized; 624 Lombard. 
Baugh, Theodore ^lliott 33; Merchants Exchange; Native; 

25 Soutli ^ark. 
Bauer, Gtistave 28; Cooper; Naturalized; Broadway Palm House. 
Bauer, i^lhas. Antliony 30; Printer; ^'atiu'alized; 511 Pino. 
Baugli, William '.Vashington 37; Clerk;^ Nat ive; 25 South ^ark. 
Baught, Goor^xe Pear sail, 35; Dealer; ^"ative; 10 Hubbard, 
Boulsir, Nlmrod 40; Blockmaker; ■"ativo; 1352 Washington St. 


Name: age Occ: Nat: Loc* Res* 


Baum, David Andrew 36: Clerk; Native; 6ii0 Market, 

Bauman; John 40: il^uaician: Naturalized; 29 3t. ^ark s i^lace* 

Baumoistor, Jolin 37; Saloon; ^Naturalized; 633 Broadway 
Baumly, Frederick 39; Wollen spinner; Naturalized; N, side 

16th botween 1st, Ave, and Valencia, 
Baurhyte, Isaac 34; lilnsineer; Native; Broadway Wliarf. 
Baurhyte, Robert Hitchcock 38; i^ngineer; Native; 428 

0»Farrell St. 
Bausman, William 46; Editor; Native; 321 Clementina. 
Baw, iildwin Ruthven 23; Clerk: Native; 730 Folsom. 
Baxter, Edward H. 23; Druggist; Native; 1109 Howard. 
Baxter, John T. 50; Carpenter: Naturalized; Ridley St. 

near Mission. 
Baxter, Joseph Grafton 56; Laborer; Native; Cor. Hyde 

and 0»Farrell Sts. 
Baxter, Joseph ^arkor 29; Watchman; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Bayard, Van Rensslaer Ray 26; Printer; Native; 232 Post. 
Bayhan, John 30; Carriage trimmer; Naturalized; 528 Bush, 
Bayless, Charles Ellas 32; Driver: Native; 127 Fourth. 
Bayley, George Blake 26; Deputy Tax Collector; i^ative; 

130 i>loAllister. 
Baynes, William 23; Sparmaker; Native; Irving House, 

Mission Street. 
Beach, Anson Buckland 52; Teamster; Native; Cor. Ellis 

and Taylor Sts. 
Beach, Henry Hotclikiss 54; Bookkeeper: Native; 545 Howard. 
Beach, Henry ^artin 37; Merchant; Native; 109 Sansorae. 
Beach, Joseph D.G. 40; Clerk; i^ative; 207 Second, 
Beach, Joseph Greer 36; Fruit dealer; ^^ative; Sutter 

and Dupont Sts. 
Beach, I*ewis 51; Porter; Native; 3 White s Place. 
Beadle, Donald 30; Commission Merchant; ^^ative; 515 Bush. 
Beagle, ^ra John 35; Painter: Native; 54 First St. 
Beakeart, Julius G. 44; Gunsmith; l«'aturallzed; 206 4th St, 
Beake, Henry Melville 26; Barkeeper; ^''ative; 10 0*Parrell. 
Bealo, William Benjamin 28; Merchant; Native; 111 Geary. 
Beals, Henry Glianning 50; Editor: Native; 726 Green. 
Bean, Francis W. 36; Stevedore; Native; Iviain bet, Polsora 

and Harrison Sts, 
Bean, Redmond 30; Stevedore; ^*ative; Sixth, between Bryant 

and Brannon 
Beard, Jolin 53; -^aborer; ^Naturalized; Tov/nsend nr. Crooks, 
Beard, Joseph R, 40; Miner; ^^ative; 963 Howard. 
Beardsley, Frederick Alanson 35; Clerk;ijative; 419 Poot. 
Beardsley, Jame? Stevens 39; I>iarketman; "ative; Hayes East 

of Octavia, 
Bearwald, Louis 55; Dealer in horsed; ^iaturalized; 15 Stockton 
Bearwald, Tobias 28; Cigar dealer; ^Naturalized; 15 Stockton 
Beattie, George 34; Miller; Naturalized; 504 Bush 
Beatt.7, Samuel G« 44; Searcher of Records; S.E. Corner of 

Mason and Ellis. 
Beaty, Robert 59; Saloon keeper; Native; liVhite House, 
Beaver, Danie.l E, 2c;; Dep, Collector I,R. Native; 927 Market. 
Beck, Adolphus Gustavua 49; ..ccouritant; 423 Powell, Native 
Beck, Anton 33; Musi clan; ^'aturallzed; 1819 Powell 








Book, David Leopold 5iij Merchant; ^*atlve; 18 Stanley Place. 
Beok, Eugene Dogart HZ; Glaerk; J^ative; 13 Stanley Place, 
Deck, «^aoob 33; Bricklaye ; "aturalized; 9 Hunt 
Beck, •'acob ^''rengia 43; Heal iiStato; i-ativa; 903 Pacific. 
Beck, Wathanlel Apploton 46; Currlor; Native; Poison bet. 

l^ineteenth and Twentieth Sts. 
Beokedorf Christian 30; Storekeeper; -^'aturalized; Potrero Ave. 
Becker, Bernard ndolph 55; -erchant; ^'Naturalized; California 

bet, Stockton and Po«';ell. 
Becker, Ferdinand 39; Shoemaker; **aturalized; Linden St. 

Beckor, George Jacob 46; Baker; 
Beckbr, Michael Rudolph iiinil 39; 
Beckor, William 48; Grocer; 

west of Octavia. 
^Naturalized; 1<;4 

St, *^ark*s 

Deckvir, William 40; Baker; 



Merchant; Naturalized; 
81ii California Street. 
Naturalized; Oor. O'Parrell 
and Leavenwortli, 
j^^aturallzed; Cor, Mason & Clay, 


G. S.9; 

35; Oculist; Mass.; 
Clergyman; ^^^ative; 

Beckwlth, Klliott Smith 


Ship carpenter; 
bet, Howard 

719 Clay St. 
15th St. near 

Amative; .'^tewart 
and Mission, 

Beckwlth, Seth -^ee 45; Boatbuilder; Conn, 802^Stockton 
Beecherer, Charles Prantz 41; ^ollce Officer; "aturalized; 

Riley St. near Clay St. 
Beech" ng, Mortimer 21; «^*anitor; I'tew York; Cor. Taylor and 

Beeching, Robert 50; Blacksmith; ^''aturalized; Cor. Taylor and 

Beeker, Joseph 51; Merchant; ■^Naturalized; ki31 Dupont, 
Been, George 3ii; Laborer; ^*atlve; S.W. :or. Powell & Pacific, 

Beurman, Prank 36; Carpenter: naturalized; 115 St, Mark's Place, 

Beers, Barrit ii4; Dentist; i'ative; lki7 Montgomery, 
Beers, ilerbert iiarsliall 49; Shoe «*ianuf acturer; Native; 

817 Montgomery, 
Beers, Jolin B, 54; Dentist; "atlvo; 211 Seventh St, 
Beeson, Predorlck Pierce 35; Tea^nster; Native; — Rltch, 
Beevan, Isaac 40; Teamster; England; Union St, nr. Larkin. 
Segg, Mark 41; Stonecutter; ^Naturalized; Cor, Howard k 4th, 
Beggs, ^Wry ki5; Bookkeeper; ^^atlve; 59 South ^ark, 
Begga, «^aie3 32; Engineer; i^atlve; 59 South Park, 
Beggs, Thomas 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 122 William, 
Beggs, 'vVm, Wallace 37; Engineer; "ative; 59 South ?ark, 
Behan, Dennis 39; Saloon; Naturalized; Cor, 4th & Howard, 
Behan, Ponton 66; Parmer; i^aturallzod; Mission bet, Bth & 9th, 
Bahan, Hynry P, 22; Conductor; ^Naturalized; Lliasion bet, 

Bth and 9th, 
Behan, *^ames 29; Laborer; Vermont; Black Point, 
Behnkenn, Jolm 32; Teams tor; ^''aturalized; li.ii. Cor, 

Wa shin a; ton ^ Larkin, 
Behre, ^^enry 38; Confectionery ^'aturallzed; 199 Perry. 
Behrond, iileyer 43; Merchant; Naturalized; N.S, Stockton PI, 
Behrens, Gottllck 36; Cabinetrnakor ; ^''aturalized; Green and 


b 10 18 

Name: Age: Ooc: Nat: Loc. Res! 

Behrena, John Dledrlck 65; Gentlemen: Naturalized; Gor« 

•^ackaon ^c Dalrls* 
Behrra, Frederick 30; Fruit 3toro; ^"aturallzed; Gor. Geary 

and Jones 3t3. 
Beln, V/llllan 50; Merchant; "aturalized; 116 Sansome, 
Beirne, Charles ok:; i^aborer; ^""aturalized; 416 J?acific. 
Beirne, •t'atrlck 30; Ilotelkoeper; ^Naturalized; 416 Pacific. 
Beisel, »>aoob 30; Faruer; iiaturalized; Cor, Mariposa 

and Santa Clara. 
Bekeart, Phillip 72; Prof, of French; ^'aturalized; 205 4th. 
Belcher, Frederick ''arson 41; Drayman; ^^ative; Union St. 
Belcher, Galltzin 44; Auctioneer; ^Kiw ^ork; ilalvina ^lace. 
Belendor, Cliarles 24; Varnlsher; ^naturalized; 624 Geary. 
Bell, Abraliari R. 52; Gasfitter; **ative; Sixth & Clementina, 
Bell, Charles £](teiund 40; Manufacturer; ^"ative; 436 Fremont. 
Bell, Frank Armory 34; Clerk; Mass. 921 Sacramento St. 
Bell, George Honry 47; Stationery; Native; 107 Turk St. 
Bell, Henry La 50; Mariner; Naturalized^ Turk E. of Polk, 
Bell, Henry Winn 41; Bookkeeper; Native; 1619 Powell 
Bell, John 37; iierchant; Naturalized; Occilental Hotel, 
Bell, John Winnes 46; Clerk ; Native; 611 Union. 
Bell, Octavlus 37; Attorney at Law; Naturalized; Cor. 

Ellis and Stockton Ots. 
Bell, Ronald 30; Shipwright; Native; 26 Stewart. 
Bell, Samuel 49; Ship Joiner; Penn, Polk 'c Sacramento. 
Bell, Tliorias 37; Liquor dealer; Naturalized; 1210 Tacific. 
Bell, V/illiam 44; Ship carpentor; Penn. Greenwich near Polk. 
Bell, '.Villlan 46; .ihip carpenter; Naturalized| i^entucky 

St. Potrero. 
Bell, William 33; Porter; Naturalized; Cor. Main ^ Mission. 
Bell, William -^enry 40; Justice of tlie Peace; "ative; 

S.E.Cornor 17th and Valencia 
Bellemere, Augustus 43; Jeweller; ^*ative; Goraraercial bet, 

Montgomery <Sc Sansome Sts, 
Bellini^am, Robert 51; .'Uioomaker; Naturalized; Cor. 

V/aahington and Leavenworth, 
Bellisle^ Francis N, 32; Street oar Shop S.J.R.R. naturalized; 

S.W, Corner Polsom and Fourth Sts. 
Bellman, Oliver Perry 27; Paiiitor; Wative; Cvorner Dupont 

and *Jackson Sts. 
Bellman, Vincent 38; -^aboror; "aturalized; Rcpo Walk, Potrero. 
Bellraer, Hyi«nian Asent 29; Glurk; Naturalized j 505 Green. 
Bellmer, Jolin H.G, 53; Cook; Naturalized; 502 Bush 
Bellow, John 47; Cripple; Naturalized; Ohio St. 
Belshaw, Mortimer V/ill:lam 36; Refiner; Native; 632 i^^arket. 
Belwin, .ye low 35; i'ative; Ocaan Road. 
Bemis, Charles Cook 30; U.S. Inspector Boilers; Native; 

417 Bryant Street. 
Bemis, Stephen A, 38; i»ianuf acturer; Native; 512 I>iinna« 
Bonard, A. 25; Grocer; Native; N.^i.Cor. 5th 5c Howard (sic) 
Benchley, Leonidas Brown 44; "ierahaiit; i\ew Y'oi'k; 1019 

California ^t. 
Bnnder, Francis Joseph 60; "aturallzed; 31 Ritch 
Benet, Itennan 27; Upliolsterer; Naturalized; 910 i>upont, 
Benedict, Courtland ^a,30; Purnishin;- Store; Native; 

Valencia bet. 14th and 15th Streets, 

b-11 19 

Hama: aga: Oocs Nat: Loc.Hes: 

Bonodict, William Arnoa 5k;j Shipmaator; Native; 589 Market St 
Bendlt, Samuol Z>^; Furniture 3toro; i^aturalizedj 1019 Dupont 
Benjamin, iiidmund B.3B; Merchant; Kativa; Polso-n near 13th. 
Benjamin, Jacob 38; Broker; ^Naturalized; Cor, Pine & iiyde. 
Benjamin, William K, 48; Clerk; I^ative; 908 Taylor. 
Benkelman, Adam 38; Storv^keeper; Ivaturalized; Potrero. 
Benkert, Ooor ^e l-'elix 55; musician; i^atlve; 119 Stockton, 
Benkort, George Frederick 30; Merchant; Native; 119 Stockton, 
Bennan, Michael Turns 33; i'-iaaon; Naturalized; 11 Birch, 
Benner, Goor re L, 35; Ship oarpentui*; Native; 319 Folsori. 
Bennet, Alvin Parker; 4ii; Accountant; Native; 407 Oreenwioh, 
Bennett, Charles ■'^enry 3G; Moulder; Native; 26 Baldwin Court, 
Bennett, lildwln Scott 37; Cl;.rk; i^atlve; 16 Sutter. 
Bennett, Frank Plumner 27; Conductor; Amative; 636 Howard 
B^annett, ftarriaon 25; Clerk; Native; 620 Market. 
Bennett, Henry Crabb 53; liditor; ^""aturalized; 1131 Clay, 
Bennett, ^amea Campbell 39; Glass iianuf ucturer 
Bennett, James P, 32; Omitted in Gr. Reg. of 1866; liative; 

1621 Powell St, 
Bennett, Joseph Turner 31; Boarding house keeper; ^"aturalized; 

919 Bautery ot, 
Bennett, Maurice 3*-; ijaborer; Maryland; V/aahin;^ton 3c Van l^oas 
Bennett, Robert H. 40; werohant; Native; liissax Street, 
Benniman, John 53; Wood & Coal yard; Native 417 Post, 
Bensley, John 54; ^erchant; ^*atlvo; 708 Mission St, 
Benson, Benjamin Franklin ^'^artin 24; Clerk; j-^ative; 

Tremont House, Jackson Street, 
Benson, James 46; Bookkeeper; ^naturalized; Sixth k Brennan. 
Benson, James Asbury 25; Teamster; *'ative; 1014 0*Farrell, 
Ber.3on, Jolrn 41; Merchant; ^'^ass, 90B Clay 3t, 
Benson, Sowall 59; No business; **ative; 411 Powell 
Bent, lildward Francis 27; Clerk; ^*ative; 649 Howard, 
Benton, Henry Andrew 59; Physician; "atlve; 109 utontgomery 
Benton, Joseph Augustus 47; Preacher; Conn, 1032 Pine St, 
Benyer, Louis 43; Barber; ijaturalizel; 625 Vallejo St, 
Bepler, Frederick Gottleib 42; Coppersmith; Naturalized; 

421 : 11 3 si on St, 
Berad, Abraham 39; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 36 First St, 
Beretta, Peter 44; "Machinist; ^'a turalized; 109 I.Iinna St, 
BergQ, Krick 38; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Calhoun h Green, 
Bergen, Thomas "^gnatus 30; *"awyer; i*aturalized; Russ House, 
Berger, Gabriel 45; Builder; ^Naturalized; Cor. Franklin and 

Hickory Sts, 
Berger, Julius 39; Cigars; "aturalizei; 627 Clay, 
Borghauser, John 56; Roal instate; tJaturalized; N.^. Corner 

Broadway and Taylor Sts, 
Bergln, James 38; Manufacturer; Powell -x Green; ""'i turalized; 
Bergln, Thomas 67; Gentlemen: Naturalized; 1520 PowjII Street, 
Bergnor, **erman Vv, 29; Teacher; A^aturallzed; 726 Bush, 
Bergaan, Ijle 37; ■;arpenter; Naturalized; 111 Leidesdorff 3t, 
Bergst, Louis 27; Hairdrosaer; ^-aturalized; 5 St, Ann's Street, 
Bergatein, Louis 51; i»ierchant; Naturalized; Cor. 6th & Folsom. 
Bering, Jolin Pierson 38; Vvlre-rope maker; A«atlve; Taylor St, 

bet, Jliestnut S: Francisco Sts, 

b 1'4 


Kame* ago* Occj Nat; Hesldenoe 

Bernard, Charlos Alexander 40; Painter; Native; 740 Market 
Bernard, Lewis ol; Bakory; i'^aturallzed; ii6 Second 3t« 
Bemhard, iiernhard 28; llairdrosser; naturalized; 626 Vallejo* 
Bernhard, Samuel Effner 47; Ilachinist; rlative; 4 Harlem Pi, 
Bem3tein, Herman 34; Clork; ^Naturalized; 114 Stevenson. 
Bernstein, Julius 49; Liquor dealer; i*aturallzed; 224 6th, 
Bernstein, Joseph 46; Furniture dealur; ^naturalized; 

37 0»Farrell. 
Bernstein, Julius Colin 29; Furniture; Naturalized; 

841 ^'acific. 
Berry, George 39; Hiborer; i-iaturalized; Filbert & Scotland. 
Berry, Green Fulton 33; Merchant; Maine; iXipont near Polk, 
Berry, Thomas «^errer3on 22; Soldier; V/liat Cheer, 
Bert, Predorick William 23; Collector; ^*ative; Cor, 20th, 

and Folsom Gts, 
Bertody, Charles 42; Physician; Massachusetts, 

807 Washing to- St, 
Bertram, Theophilus 28; Marfiliant; Louisiana, 

Isadora and Bay Streets, 
Bertz, ^^enry 34; Clerk; ^Naturalized; 423 Green St, 
Berwin, Pincus 39; Merfihant; Naturalized; 823 Post. 
Bessey, Albion Paris 42; Drayr.ian; liative; 10 Second, 
Best, Jolm Nelson 46; ^-^aborer; i'ative; 707 Mission 
Best, William 54; •''aintor; ^Naturalized; 26 Hunt, 
Bestor, Henry Tliomas 29; Architect; Native; 104 Sutter, 
Betebenner, Robert 30; Carpenter; Native; 615 Market, 
Betge, Robert Julius 42; Merchant; Naturalized; 525 Post, 
Bettman, lidward 33; Lawyer; ^Naturalized; 1217 Powell, 
Bettajan, Moses 36; Merchant; "aturallzed; 1110 Powell. 
Betzold, Jharles 27; Gigarmaker; fJaturaliaed; 312 Third, 
Bevans, Tliomas Phillips 53; Drug.dst; ^'Naturalised; 

Vallejo bet, Hyde and Larkln Sts, 
Beveir, Conrad 40; Carpenter; Native; Orlgenal House, 
Bevans, vVilllam i'iichael 48; Printer; *<ative; corl 

Tyler and Webster Gts, 
Bewley, Allen Hal liday 38; Clerk; Native; 1020 Jackson, 
Beyea, James Lq,,«s -^g* Bookkeeper; Native; 

Cosmopolitan Hotel, 
Bibb, John Staples 55; Carpenter; -^'ative; Commercial 

near -^^earney Sts . 
Blbbins, Tracy "atlirop 36; Accountant; Penn. Ilki7 Clay St, 
Bibend, Carl 44; Merchant; ^Naturalized; Twelfth bet, 

Howard and Folsom Sts, 
Bibend, Ferdinand 42; i^achinist; tJatlve; Sarrison bet. 

Seventh and xiighth Sts, 
Bichard, Nicolas 33; Uerciiant; Naturalized; N.iiJ.Cor, 

First and Harrison Sts, 
Biokford, Anson V/ayne 30; Drayman; Native; Cor, Stevenson 

and Second Sts, 
Bidleman, Joseph Beavers 46; Broker; Native; 1022 Dupont, 


San Francisco Great Register records 

Biedenbach, August 




106 Kearney 

Blelawski, Gaalmir 


Draf tanian 


242 Stevenson 

Blerbreaur, Jolin 


Cabinet maker 


122 Savis 

Blerachwle, Charles 


Cabinet maker 


23 Everett 

BigeloWjy Henry Holmes 


Insurance agent 


1020 Pine St, 

Blgelow, Jonathan Edwards 


Insurance Agent 

1020 Plr© St. 

Biggs* Abel Rutland 




720 Polaom 

Biggs, Jesse Edmond 




625 1/2 Mission 

Biggs, *'a trick 




Branch Hoiel 

Blggy, Terence 


Bus driver 


0*Farrell, east of Broderiok 

Billings, John Fletcher 


Police Officer 


626 Vallejo 

Bigley, Daniel 




Bush, bet. Montgomery & Kearney 

Bill, Phillip 


No occupation 


338 Third 

Bingham, Claudius Victor Spencer 




City Front House 

Bingham, •^ames William 


Clerk Board Supervisors 


108 Kearney 

Birch, Henry 




Cor. Battery & Jackson 

Birch, William H. 




409 Polsom 

Bird, George Harris 




Oriental Hotel 


Great Register 

Bird, George Warren 




Oriental Hotel 

Bird, "^acob 





Bird, James 



Citizen bu U.S. Service 

as a soldier* 
Union iiouse. Mission St* 

Bird, Thomas 




Folsora, N.ii;, Comer 

Birdsall, George 


Special police 


221 Ritch 

Birge, James Johnson 




305 Montgomery 

Blrlina, Herman Aaron 


Manufacturer of Clothing 


836 Market 

Blnnlngham, John 




451 Bryant 

Birmingham, Peter Shifler 




Cor, 16th & Valencia 

Bisbee, Elijah 




Webb & Sacramento 

Bishop, Benjamin Franklin 


Gold Chain Maker 


20 Post. 

Bishop, Duncan Mai comb 

Native of New York 
Res-California near Dupont* 

Bishop, Edgar 




662 Howard 

Bishop, Gurden 




N.E.Cor. Broadway & Jones* 

Bishop, Henry 




2 Clay 



Stone cutter 


421 Vallejo 

Bishop, Robert B , 




16th, nr. Poison 

Bishop, Thomas Benton 




Cor. 19th Sc Diamond 

Great Register 


Bishop, ¥/llliam Charles 




25 Stockton Place 

Bissellf Edwoni Cone 




Lombard & Dupont 

Bissett, iioratlo Nelson 




440 Third 

Bitter, William 


Boardinghouse (sic) 


911 Kearney 

Blttner, Andrew 




No 5 St, ^arys St. 

Bltzer, John 




1 Oardnesa* Alley 

Bixby, John Fletcher 


Book keeper 


210 0»Farrell 

Blxler, Daniel 



Cor, Minna & Second St, 

Blxley, Samuel Valentine 




46 Sutter 

Blacher, John Conrad 




Stockton, near Green 

Black, Adam 




Mission, near 8th# 

Black, Borden Charles 




No.B Engine House, Pacific St» 

Black, David 




748 1/2 Market St. 

Black, George E» 




225 Seventh 

Black, Henry ^elvln 


Carriage manufacturer 


14 Russ 

Black, John William 



New York 

707 Stockton St. 

Black, Robert Jr., 




Cliff House 

Black, Robert Jr. 




720 Market 

■ ( 

Great Roglster 


Black, William Kellsoy 




663 Howard 

Blackmore, Abraham 




1140 Pacific 

Blair, Joseph 




306 Fremont 

Blair, Matthew 




248 Stevenson 

Blackmore, Thomas 


Boarding house 


327 Beale 

Dlackrnan, Casslus Hubbell 




Stanly Place 

Blalkle, James longhead 




21 Prospect Place 

Blaln, George 




510 ^ason 

Blair, Phenls Sprague 




Fairmont Homaatead 

Blair, Thomas M. 


Officer Piatt »s Hall 


106 Post 

Blalsdell, Jay Plumraer 



545 ^arket St. 

Blalsdell, Samuel P. 



Nat Ive 

209 Second 

Blaln, Rodman P. 




31 Huas 

Blair, Chauncey Stiles 


Pattern maker 

63 Natoma 

Blair, James 

Zoe Street 

Blake, Benjamin Albert 




Oak Street 

Blake, Calvin Tisdale 



Calhoun St. 

Blake, Charles Edward 




334 Brannan St. 

Great Register, 1866 


Blake, Charles Millard 




S.E.Cor. Pine & Battery 

Blake, George H©nry 


Vallejo St»,so«slde, 
4 doors above ^^ason 

Blake, George Miller 




830 Paolfio 

Blake, James 

a06 Bush 

Blake, James 

142 Charles 

Blakeley, Wm. Henry 


R*R« Conductor 


Harrison & Oak Park Ave. 

Blakenay, Thomas Jay 

custom House 

Ru88 House 

Blakie, R« chard Town© 




22 Park Ave, 

Blaklston, John Story 




Cor, Stevenson & First Sts» 

Blanchard David 




265 Minna St, 

Blake, Maurice Carey 


Probate Judge 


Cor# Montgomery & Pine 

Blake, Philip Henry 




Point Xobos Road 

Blake, SSuner Commings 




Pine, near barney 

Blakeley, Francis 




922 Jackson 

Blanchard, Francis Hanry 




1110 Clay St. 

Blanchard, Josiah 




W. side First Ave,, N. of 16th. 

Blanchard, Lott 


Light house keeper 


Fort Point 

Blanding, Edward Jenks 




S.E.Gor. ^"atoma & 2nd. 

Great Register 1866 


Blandlng, William 




703 Bush 

Blaney, Jazaes 

Saloon keeper 
23 Third 

Blaney, John 

505 Ellis 

Blaney, John Henry 


Carpenter E.E, 


109 Garden 

Blauchard, Henry P. 


Commission Merchant 


18 Laurel Place 

Blelmann, Edward 


Alleyway on S.S.Vallejo bet 
Dupont & Stockton. 

Blen, Lewis W. 




Boston Court 

Blenken, ^enry 


Hotel Keeper 


Six mile house San Bruno Road 

Blanket! en, Henry Newman 




102 G'Farrell 

Blanvelt- Richard Demarest 




611 Mason 

Blettner, Nicholas 




Tremont House Jackson St» 

Bllnn, Cyrus Alphonso 




424 Fremont 

Blass, Meyer 

65 Jessie 

Bllnn, Samuel Preble 


Ship merchait 


542 Second 

Blassdell, George E* 




628 Folsom 

Blatner, John Jacob 




425 Third 

Bllnn, William J. 


Ship carpenter 


240 Fremont 

Bliss, George Dudley 



New York 

Pacific St. near Polk, 

Great Register 

Bllaa, Theodore iiowland 




340 Union 

Blitz, Bernard S, 


Deteotlve Police 


933 Howard 

Bliven, James I 


Soda Water Manufacturer 


209 Dupont 

Blooh, Isaac tVederiok 




111 Turk 

Bloohman, Abram 




109 Turk 

Block, Abraham Bernard 




1107 Dupont 

Blohm, George 




Fourth & Silver 

Blohm, Peter 




N.E.Gor.Miaaion & Beal Sts 

Blood, James 





Gor, Stockton & Franoiaoo 

Blood, Joseph Harris 

Notary Public, & Native 
S,E.Cor, Montgomery & Calif. 


Blood, Levi Laughton 




1104 Powell 

Bloom, Bennet Mitchel 




Vallejo & Dupont 

Bloom, Hightman 




Polsom bet. 18th & 19th. 

Bloomer, Hiram Green 


East side Leavenworth, 1 door 
N. of Washington 
Bloomer, Theodore Hanford 

1403 Leavenworth 

Bloomfield, William Jersey 

Francisco, bet. Stockton & Powell. 

Bloor, Geo. W. 



Cor. Clementine and Sixth 

Bios 3, ^enry Augustus 
Shotwell, bet. 2l3t. and 22nd. 

Blum, Edward 





46 Silver 

Blum, Isaac 

Merchant & Naturalized 
Grove, west of Franklin. 

Great Register 1866 


Blum, Isidore 




102;^ Jaokson (sio) 

Bliamberg, Julius P, 




Howard, bat. 15th & 16th, 

Blume, Honry 




16 St. liary's Place 

Blumel, Zeberecht 




33 St. Mark's Plaoo 

Blumenberg, Jacob ^errnan 



313 Pine 

Blumenschlner, Philip 


Gardiner (sic) 


Borland at* 

Blumenthal, Henry Ayer 




Brannan, bet. 3rd & 4th. 

Blumenthal, Henry Meyer 




Gor. 17th & Dolores 

Blunt, John Patten 




1112 Stockton 

Blunt, Phlnoas Underwood 


Inspector U.S.Custoras. 

Native ' 

1112 Stockton 

Bluxome, Isaac 

656 Pola(»n 

Bly, Leander Asa 




811 Mason St. 

Blyth, Henry 


Lumber dealer 


405 Folsom 

Blyth, Thomas H©nry 
Heal Estate 
Leldeadorff , bet Sao. & Commercial 

Bly the, Thomas B. 


Heal Estate 


N.W.Cor. Post & Dupont 

Boardman, George Ghauncey 




729 Sutter 

Boardman, Joseph 


Heal Estate 


Dupont & Francisco 

Boardman, Thomas Soott 
621 Clay 

Boch, Rudolyh (sic) 




902 Jackson 

Bock, Henry Cherles 


Saloon Keeper 


769 Clay St. 

areat Regis tar 1866 

Bookers, Hanry 35 


Naturalized, 811 Union St. 

Bocknan, Henry 39 



Cor, Freedom & Pourtii 

Bookman, Benjamin Franklin 31 



Union St# near Qough 

Bookrath, ^enry H, 53 



321 Fifth 

Bode, George C« 38 
826 Mission 

Bode, Louis 51 


Naturalized- 231 Fourth St. 

Boden, John P. 32 
Deputy County Clerk 
424 Bush 

Bodwell, -^enry Barton 


Windmill builder 


Bartlett, bet. 24th & 25th. 

Bodwell, Joseph Robi ison, 38 



S.E.Cor. Dupont & Pacific 

Boell, Charles Lewis 26 



9 Bernard 

Boea, •'araes 23 



American Exchange 

Boes, Michael, 34 
949 Polsom 


Boese, John 





Bofinger, Jacob 47 
Silver plater 
433 Kearney 

Bogardus, John *'eter 38 



Hyde, near Union 

Bogel, Theodore 29 
1015 Jackson 

Bogle, Joseph 32 
Poll ceman 
54 Belae 

Bogle, Joseph H. 

Omitted in Or. Reg. of 1866 

Bogner, Charles 51 

Saloon keeper 


Valencia, bet. 15th & 16th. 

Bo^^uist, Charles Victor 




Mountain Lake. 

Bohen, Benjamin Franklin 32 
Police Officer 
Brenhan Place 

Bohen, George T. 43 



617 Pine 

Bohen, James A.J. 37 



411 Dupont 

Bohen, John 56 
418 Union 

Great Register 1866 


Bohn, Christian 30 
lk22i^ Dupont 

Bohner, Charles Antolne 29 



816 Clay 

Bo in, Louis 47 
Dry Goods 
1414 Powell 

Bolshardt, Charles 35 
Conf eotioner 
822 Vallejo 

Bokee, David M.K. 27 



733 Pine 

Bokman, 28 
746 Market 

Bolado, Joaquin 44 
526 Sutter 

Bo land, John 38 



Cor. CB^arroll & Taylor 

Bo land, William ^enry 34 



47 Natoma at. 

Boloh, Steven Moore 40 

Produce dealer 


Folsom bet. 16th & 17th 

Bolger, Henry J. 24 
723 Bush 

Bolger, Miles 

201 Sacramento 


Bollard, John W. 23 



1006 Bush 

Boiling, George K» 39 

House moving 


Cor* Moss & Polsom 

Bollinger, John 30 
Stockton & Greenwich 

Bolstor, Thomas 32 



Cor« Market & Hayes 

Bolte, Henry 40 
Billiard saloon 
Naturalized, (no papers) (sic) 
S.U.Cor. Jackson 3c Dupont 

Bolton, James Robert 49 



Jones & Greenwich 

Bomeisler, -^erman 40 



1034 Folsom 

Bomer, *'ames Wilson 35 



118 St. Mark* I Place 

Bond, Balaam 39 



1007 Battery 

Bond, Charles Royal 49 



1010 Stockton 

Bolger, John 44 
260 Clementina 

Bond, John W. 35 



Harrison St. n4. 8th, 

Great Register 

Bond, Richard Lindsay ~60 

Bui Ider 


Broadway, bet* Leavenworth 

and Hyde 
Bond, Samuel Douglas AH 
Calif* near Dupont 

Bond, Thomas Harry Ingram 28 



Broadway, north aide bet* 

Hyde & Leavenworth 
Bones, John Weeler 47 
40 Minna st* 

Bonestell, Lewis H* 39 
Ber chant 
609 Sutter 

Bonnard, Francis Alexander 49 



Jackson on door east from 

Bonnell, Alison C. 65 
711 Bush St. 

Bonnell, Edwin 30 



708 Taylor 

Bonnell, Henry 28 
Searcher of Records 
711 Bush 

Bonner, Stephen 25 



510 Sacramento 

Bonney, Olpha Jr., 32 



752 Folsoa 


Bonny, George 42 
Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Boobar, Elijah C* 48 
Pile Driver 
554 Polsom 

Bookstaver, Samuel J. 49 



Eighth, bet* Howard & Folsom 

Boon, William 34 
Mission, bet* Beale & Fremont* 

Boorman, William 28 

Broom maker 


Sutter, bet. Montgomery & 

Booth, Charles Walton 42 
318 Pine 

Booth, Daniel Edward 32 
1711 Dupont 

Booth, Ell Runnels 35 



Cor, Calif. & Dupont 

Booth, George Robert 22 


Nat ive 

777 Market 

Booth, Henry Judson 36 
501 Harrison 

Booth, Rosea 65 


Great Register 

Booth, Lucius A 46 



First Ave. bet 14th k 15th. 

Booth, William 44 
42 Tehama 

Boothby, William L. 33 



533 Tehama 

Bootz, Adam 37 
Hotel Keeper 
435 Pine 

Boozane, John 42 
Branch Hotel 

Borchers, Fabian 26 



Cor. Greenwich & Sansome 

Borohers, Heinrioh 48 
Prult dealer 
215 California 

Borchirs, Bornliard William 33 



20 Frederick 

Bordell, Goorge 35 
411 Post 

Bordner, Jacob 42 
Huas House 

Bordwell, Henry Wolcott 35 



Cor. Bryant & Second 

Bom, Charles 30 
417 Post 

Bomeman, Ferdinand H. 21 



13th near Polsom 

Bomeman, Francis G. 44 



13th. near Folaom 

Borolln, Prank 26 

613 Commercial 

Boruck, Marcus Derkheim 34 



706 Post 

Bosler, ^enry 87 



539 Broadway 

Bosler, John 42 

Packin^f; house 


539 Broadway 

Bosley, Douglass William 



266 Tliird 

Bos qui, Edward 33 
814 Lombard 


Bordwell, George 45j architect; native, Bryai t & Second. 

Great Register 1866 


Boaanot, George Seymour 32 

No occupation 


937 Kearney 

Boston, Joseph Gardner 26 



Turk, bet, Jones & 

Bosworth, Samuel Noadlah 37 
Rusa House 

Bosworth, William 47 


New York 

14 Prospect Place 

Bottcher, Dledrioh 37 



Cor. Pacific & Dupont 

Botts, Charles Tyler 57 



Cor. Grove & Fillmore 

Bottcher, Dledrioh 37 



Cor. Pacific & Dupont 

Boucho^r, James 42 
559 Stevenson 

Bourn, Vto. Bowers 53 



537 Third 

Bourne, Eli aha Wilson 45 
Book keeper 
428 Bryant 

Bourne, George Mllaham 60 



10 Poet 

Bourne, John Baaaett 

Omitted in gr. Reg, of 1866 

Book keeper 


Jones near Filbert 

Bourne, William Henry 47 



Brehham Place 

Boutelle, William 51 



Folaom at, wharf 

Bouton, Daniel 60 

Livery a table 


1016 Stockton 

Bouton, Francla Granger 34 

Livery stable 


1016 Stockton 

Bouman, Bernard! a 52 
No occupation 
137 Jeaaie 

Boveo, William Reading 33 
504 Clay 

Bovyer, William Loe 39 
1014 Pine 

Bowen, Aaa Milton 40 
jail keeper 
751 Clay 

Bowen, Auguatua L,M, 43 



511 Pine 

Bowen, Gharloa Plaher 32 

*»• Jane 

Gr. Kog. 1866 34 

Bo wan, Ellsha B. 33 1 Clerk; Native j 430 Tehama 

Bowen, iizekiol Gowper 38; U.S.filnt; i^ativej S«S, Vallejo 

near '"oavenworth: omitted In Or.Reg, 

Bowen, George ^enry 33 j Prult dealer; *^ative; Cor, 3rd and 

Bryant Sta. 

Bowen, Henry 37; Clork; Native; 644 Sacramento 

Bowen, Michael 37; "^aboror; Naturalized; Cor. Polsom & Main 

Bowon, *'ardon ^aaon 40; Merchant; i^atlve; Cor, Polk & Sutter 

Bowen, Patrick Augustln 39; Brass finisher; Naturalized; 

Cor. Mission and Beale 

Bowen, Timothy 26; laborer; Naturalized; 3 Clara 

Bower, George 33; Agent; Native; Oriental Hotel 

Bowerman, Daniel 34; Carpenter; Native; 209 Second 

Bowers, Alexander 40; Penman; Native; Mission, bet 1st & 2nd 

Bowers, Benjamin Dexter 46; Expressman; Native; 48 Everett 

Bowers, Septimus Thaophilus 25; Bricklayer; Native; 

8 Harlan Place 

Bowie, Augustus *^esse 50; Physician; Native; 403 Stockton 

Bowker, Enoch Crocker 28; Clerk; liatlve; 126 Perry 

Bowles, George Robert 41; Carpenter; Ohio; Px'ancisoo & Polk 

Bowles, John 48; Laborer; Naturalized; 0*Farrell, east of 


Bowley, Sam'l. 0. 55; Broker; Native; 423 Bryant 

Bowlls, John Devaiport 45; Clerk; ^*ative; Ai.ierican Exchanr^e 

Bownian, Arthur W« o4; Real instate Agent; Native; 26 Essex 

Bowman, Charles Carson 56; Mining; Native; 728 Montgomery 

Bowman, Herman H, 30; Agent; Naturalized; 417 Stockton 

Bowmtm, Janes 45; Real Estate; Ponn,; 'or, Sacrsunento & Mason 

Bowman, Joel Kepior 55; Trader; Native; 21 ^erry 

Bowman, John 38; Carpenter; "ativo; 514 Union 

Bowman, John, Omitted in Great Register, 514 Mission 


Or. Reg. 1866 35 

Bowman, John Hllaey 47; Blacksmith; Hatlve; 1005 Kearney 

Bowman, Peter jjllmaker 54; Custom House; Native; 1119 Montgomery. 

Bowman, Ransom 46; Machinist; Native; Cor. 16th & Shotwell. 

Bown, Dennis 40; Naturalized; Berry St. 

Boyoe, Janes Edward 27; Advertising Agent; Native; 

442 Clementina. 

Boyce, John 49; Machinist; Naturalized; 511 Mission. 

Boyce, Samuel 47; Miner; Naturalized; Tremont House, 

Jackson St. 

Boyce, Thomas 38; Agent; Naturalized; 526 Bryant. 

Boyd, Alexander 45; Real Estate; Native; 335 Geary. 

Boyd, Frank 34; Seaman; Naturalized; Cor. Davis & Vallejo. 

Boyd, George Washington 43; faster Mariner; Native; 

Columbia bet. Dolores & Guerrero. 

Boyd, Henry Barby 30; Hotel; Native; 504 Clay St. 

Boyd, James 39s Machinist; Native; 350 Third St. 

Boyd, Janes Thomas 40; Lawyer Native; S.E.Cor. Pine and 


Boyd, John Damon 38; Vamisher; Naturalized; 772 Mission. 

Boyd, Joseph 45; Tinsiaith; Naturalized; Alta St. 

Boyd, Joseph C. 39; Clerk; Native; 142 Clara. 

Boyd, Oliver Dean 31; Restaurant; Native; 709 Greenwich. 

Boyd, William Alonzo 36; Butcher; Native; 247 Tehama. 

Boyd, William M. 48; Government Btapoly. i^ative; 827 Pine. 

Boylan, Bernard 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Pacific bet. 

Front & Davis 

Boylan, Charles 34; Merchant; Native; 1436 Stockton. 

Boylan, James 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Grove St. 

west of Octavia. 

Boylan, Michael 31; Gas-fitter; Naturalized; 568 Mission. 


Or. Reg# 1866 

Boy Ian, Patrick 39; Laborer; Naturalized; Clementine 

bet. Plfth and Sixth. 

Boyle y Edward 45 | Laborer; Naturalised; 432 Tehama 

Boyle, Edward 30; Furrier; Naturalized; 117 Turk. 

Boyle, Henry 24; Bookkeeper; Native; Northwest comer 

Pacific & Stockton. 

Boyle, Hugh Aloysius 22; Clerk. Missouri | 827 Washington St. 

Boyle, James 33; Hostler; Naturalized; Perry bet. 4th & 5th. 

Boyle, Janes 48; Shipwright; Naturalized; 512 Bryant. 

Boyle, John 48; Cartraan; i^aturallzed; 415 Greenwich. 

Boyle, John Francis 22; Orocer; Native; 121 Fourth. 

Boyle, Patrick 43; Carpenter; Naturalized; Ohio St. 

Boyle, *^eter 35; Carpenter; Naturalized; Cor. ^atoma 

and 5th. 

Boyle, Thomas 45; Ship joiner; Prince Edward's Island; 

Bush and Laguna Sts. 

Boyne, Joseph 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Godman Place near 


Boynton, Alnawzor Winslow 50; Mechanic; Connecticut 

California near Dupont. 

Boynton, Chas. Ezra 33; Carriage maker; Native; 

Brannan bet. Second & Third. 

Boynton, Samuel S* 28; Prf. nter; Native; 68 Clementina. 

Boys, Edward 32; Laborer; Ireland; California, near 

Van Ness Street, 

Bracker, Michael 36; Longshoreman; J^^aturalized; 29 Natoma 

Brackett, George Joseph 30; Miller; Native; 512 Leavenwortti. 

Brackett, Joseph George 56; Clerk; Native; 51 Natoma. 

Brackett, William 45; Lawyer; Native; 115 Dupont. 

Brackett, William L. 38; Butcher; Native; 34 Tehama. 

Brackin, John 33; Superintendent aaall Pox Hospital; 


Or. Reg, 1866 37 

Bradbury, William Blaokatone 31; Carpenter; Maine; Bush 

near Polk. 

Bradford, Qeorge B« 52; Lumber dealer; Native; 65 Tehama. 

Bradford, Woodbury 44; Printer; Native; Mason near IMlon. 

Bradlee, Stephen H. 45; Stair builder; Native; Jessie St. 

near Seventh. 

Bradley, Charles 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Perry between 

Fourth & Fifth. 

Bradley, Henry William 53; Importer; Native; 1112 Bush. 

Bradley, John 34; Walter; Naturalized; Rusa House. 

Bradley, Peter 37; Teamster; Naturalized; Folsom between 

16th and 17th. 

Bradley, ^eter Warren 24; Clerk; Native; Pacific between 

Davis and Battery. 

Bradley, Theodore 89; Teacher; Native; 620 Howard. 

Bradley, Thomas William 23; Wood and Coal; Native; 605 Broadway. 

Bradshaw, Turell Tuttle 31; Merohait;^^atlve; Cor Jackson 

and Stockton. 

Bradt, Garreon Q. 37; Police Officer New York;No. 1 Miles 


Brady, Barney 39; Gardner; Naturalized; 926 Clay St. 

Brady, Benjamin 38; Merchant; Native; 628 Vallejo. 

Brady, Chas, 40; Moulder; Native; 521 Howard St. 

Brady, *^enry Joseph 22; Law Clerk; New York; Pacific 

and Fraiklln Sts. 

Brady, Janes 54; Oyster Stand; Naturalized; 741 Mission. 

Brady, James Gould 48; Printer; Native; Mason near Filbert. 

Brady, John 31; Cooper; Native; 3th bet. Polsom & Howard. 

Brady, John 34; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 349 Tehama. 

Brady, John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 160 Jessie St. 

Brady, John Beverly 36; Draughtsman; Native; Central 

Macadamized Road. 

Or. Reg, 1866 38 

Brady, John James 42| Speculator; Naturalized; 620 Third. 

Brady, John Thomas 40; Druggist; ^Naturalized; Cor.Dupont 

and California. 

Brady, %rtin 59; ^borer; Ireland; Broadway and Van Ness* 

Brady, Matthew 22; Drayman; Native; Vinoent St. 

Brady, Michael 42; Manufacturer; Naturalized; 1812 Powell. 

Brady, Owen 40; Stage driver; Naturalized; Washington & Clay. 

Brady, i'atrlck 34; Upholsterer; Naturalized; 625 Bush. 

Brady, Philip 33; Carriage smith; 249 "Jessie St. 

Brady, Philip 35; Drayman; Naturalized; Gilbert Street. 

Brady, O^horaas 23; Bartender; *^ative; Vincent Street. 

Brady, Thomas 48; Assayer; Naturalized; Clementina near 5th. 

Brady, Thomas Abraham 21; Baker; ''^atlve; Mason nr. Filbert. 

Brady, Thomas Adls Emmett 30; Miner; New York; Pacific and 


Brady, Turns 28; Gas fitter; Naturalized; 288 Jessie St. 

Brady, William 35; Teamster; Native; Cor, Ellis & Taylor. 

Brady, William Joseph 28; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 

Beal bet. Mission and Howard. 

Bragg, Albert Leandor 24; Porter; **atlvej 29 Battery. 

Bragg, John Flint 55; Merchant; ^^ative; 824 Washington. 

Bragg, Robert 39; Ship joiner; Native; Main between 

Harrison and Polsom. 

Bragt, John A. 40; Carpenter; Native; 912 Folsom 

Brainard, Henry Clay 56; Carrier; Native; 625 Market. 

Brainard, Richard 29; Druggist; Native; 416 Geary. 

Braloy, George Alden 45; Fruit dealer; "ative; 305 Davis. 

Bralloy, Patrick 63; Peddler; **aturallzed; Beale between 

Howard and Poison. 

Brand, ^erman 32; Manufacturer; Naturalized; 810 Folsom. 

Gr» Reg. 1866 39 

Kama age occ* Nat. Loc* Res* 

Brandenburg, Oliver Cromwoll 58; Broker; Native j Montgomery 


Brandreth, William Pox 24j Agent; New York; 915 Stockton. 

Brands, 3'ames 4ii; Moulder; Native; 146 Tehama, 

Brandt, Cleorge Edward 32; Sailmaker; ^''aturalized; Comer 

Oregon and Driamm. 

Brandt, William Perry 36; Policeman; Native; 1330 Jones 

Brangon, Richard Morrieon 34; *^orohant; Naturalized; 

1006 Clay 

Brann, Alexander T, 23; Butchor; Native; 537 Howard* 

Brann, Robert Chaplin 36; Sailmaker; ^'atlve; Guerro, bet. 

19th & 20th. 

Brannagan, Michael 38; Carriage prop'r; Naturalized; 

Comnercial Hotel, ^aclflc Street. 

Brannagan, Patrick 32; Plasterer; Naturalized; Corner 

California & Leavenworth. 

Brannan, John 24; Boilermaker; Native; Stovenson bet. 

iicker and Second. 

Brannan, ^artin o4; Tanner; Naturalized; 606 Third, 

Brannan, Patrick 30; Blackaiaith; Naturalized; Cor, Guerrero 

and 16th Street. 

Brannan, Richard 23; Porter; Native; 209 Jackson, 
Brannan, Samuel 31; Merchant; Native; 510 Sacramento. 
Brannen, Jesse 34; Carpenter; Native; 719 Market 
Branaoheld, William 48; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 820 Pacific. 
Brant, John Honry 37; Drayman; Naturalized; 329 Sddy. 
Brasche, George Honry 44; Draftsman; Naturalized; 129 Jesse. 
Braun, Lorin 37; Teamster: *^atlve; Potrero, 
Brass, James ^enry 45; Salesman; ^''atlve; 5 Hardle Place. 
Bravermann, Louis 41; Jeweler; Naturalized; 322 Mason, 

Brawley, Marcus A, 50; Real Estate; Native; 360 Jessie St. 
Brawley, Patrick 31; (barber; Native; 6th & Brannan. 

QVm Rog» 1866 40 

liasiQ age Oco Nat* Loc« Hes« 

Bray, Prank i^S; Bookkeeper; i<atlve; Cor. 3rd & Market. 

Bray, John 2Ai Merchant; Miaaourl; 917 Clay St. 

Bray ton, Charles iiily 30; Searcher of Records; Native; 

1800 Dupont. 

Brechtol, William Frederick 34; Painter; Naturalized; 

3.V/. r;or. Post and Devlsadero. 

Bredwell, Tlioraas 35; Blacksmith; Native; Portrero Ave. 

Bree, John 50; Brass-finisher; Naturalized; 210 Minna, 

Breed, Daniel C» 32; Merchant; Native; 1011 Bush St. 

Breed, Daniel Newhall 66; Jobber; Native; 1213 Powell 

Breed, Edward Andrews 42; Accountant; Native; 1213 Powell. 

Bread, Henry Lincoln 27; Broker; ^^ative; 1014 Stockton. 

Breed, Jamas Frederic 27; Post office; Massachusetts; 

1009 Powell. 

Breedleve, John Madison 50; Clerk; Native; Webb and 


Breen, Michael J. 41; Paper-carrier; Naturalized; Mission 

cor. Brady. 

Breen, Thomas 40; Machinist; Naturalized; 91 Minna st. 

Breese, Joseph Conkling 22; Clerk; Native; 19 John St. 

Breeze, Thomas 46; Merchant; Naturalized; 983 Harrison. 

Brelg, John 30; Soda works; Naturalized; 629 Mission. 

Breillng, Jacob 32; Butcher; Naturalized; 335 Bush 

Breman, John 46; *^achinlst; ^naturalized; Beverly Place 

bet. Vi/ashington & Clay. 

Bremer, V/llllam 31; Drayman; Naturalized; 179 Jessie St. 

Brendol, Ghristman 27; Selling beer; Naturalized; 416 0*Farrell. 

Brenham, Charles Jamas 49; Merchant; Native; Oomer 

16th and Howard. 

Brenna, John 46; Laborer; Naturalized; Vallejo betv/een 

Hyde and Larkin. 

Brennan, lidmund 41; Porter; Naturalized; Potrero. 

Brennan, James 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Olilo St. 

Brennan, Jamos 33; Contractor; Naturalized; 113 Ellis. 


Gr. Reg. 1866 

Brennan, James 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Vallejo near Hyde, 

Brennan, John 43; Miner; Naturalized; Mission bet. Ist & i^nd. 

Brennan, Martin 35; Porter; ^Naturalized; 216 Stevenson. 

Brennan, "^icMnas 29; Carriagemaker; Naturalized; 164 Tehama. 

Brennan, Thomas vyilliam 44; Saloon keeper; Native; 112 Natoma 

Brennan, James 40; Gardiner; Naturalized; 46 Louisa St. 

Breslauer^ ^enry 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 042 Mission 

Breslin, William 29; Laborer; Naturalized; Ecker and 

Clementina Street. 

Bretthauer, August 33; Bay Sugar Refinery; Naturalized; 

813 Battery. 

Brew, Nathaniel 50; Carpenter; Naturalized; 27 Clara St. 

Brewer; William 40; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; St. Charles St. 

Brewster, John 48; Glazier; Naturalized; Harlan ^lace & Dupont. 

Brewton, John Calhoun; laborer; Alabama; 816 Clay St. 

Breyfogle, Ifta. E. 29; Carpenter; Native; 444 Clanentina St. 

Brian, Michael 0. 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Green Street 

between Larkin and Hyde, 

Brian t, Nathaniel 42; Minar; New York; 306 Clay St. 

Brickwedel, Aaron 29; Merchant; Naturalized; 4 First St. 

Brickwedel, Charles fienry 40; Restaurant; Naturalized; 

915 Clay Street. 
Brickwedel, Henry 41; Merchant; Naturalized; corner 

Pulton and Franklin. 

Brickwedel, Jacob 26; Merchant; Naturalized; 814 Clay St. 

Bridge, i^athew 36; Bricklayer; Native; 685 Harrison. 

Bridge, Samuel James; 54; U.S. Appraiser; Native; 1014 Stockton. 

Bridge, Williapi Edward 35; Stable keeper; ^^ative; Russ House. 

Bridges, George Rufus 23; Painter; Native; Commercial and 

Kearney Sts. 

Bridgwood, Samuel 35; Engineer; Naturalized; S.E, Cor. 

Kearney and Lombard Sts. 

Briel, Augustus 35; Burchor; Naturalized; Corner Brannan 

and Ninth Street. 

Gr, Reg, 1866 42 

Nama age* Ooc* Nat* Loo* Rea* 

Brlgaerts, Gerard 27j Box Maker; Naturalized; 66 Jessie St. 

Brlggs, Benjaialn P* 33; Merchant; Native; 31S Beale* 

Briggs, Edgar 40; Merchant; Native; 128 Turk St* 

Briggs, Edward Kingaland 45; Carger; Native; Comer 

Jackson & Dupont* 

Brlgga, Geo. Nixon 22; Machinist; Native; 24 Silver 

Briggs, Harrison Hodges 31; '/ftieelwright; Native; Mission 

"bet. First & Second* 

Briggs, Ira Saunders 30; Miner; Native; 197 Minna St* 

Brlgga, Oliver Parraar 24; Clerk; Native; 548 Howard St* 

Brlgga, William Butler 36; Gambler; ^atlve; 224 Montgomery 

Brlggs, William Henry 58; Moulder; ^''ative; 212 Second St 

Brigham, C.0.42; Marketman; Native; 844 Mission* 

Bright, John Lewis 35; Farmer; Native; What Cheer, 

Bright, Robert 48; Real Estate; Naturalized; 841 Pacific* 

Briley, William Henry 45; ^iamessmaker; Native; Central PI* 

Brinin, Michael 33; Laborer; Naturalized; South side of 

Sutter bet* Kearney & Dupont* 

Brinnlgion, Samuel 32; Teamster; Native; 12th St. near 


Briody, John 35; Grocer; Naturalized; 60 First St* 

Brisac, Felix 55; Insurance Agent; Naturalized; 

Corner Pine and Taylor Streets* 

Brislin, Daniel 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Clementina, cor. 


Bristol, Henry 31; Cooper; Native; S.E.cor* Natoma & 2nd Sts* 

Bristol, Joseph D. 45; Attorney-at-law; Native, 970 Harrison. 

Britt, John 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Ellis, east of Polk. 

Britt, William 36; Mason; Maryland; Brenham Place* 

Brittel, Charles Kelpie 29; Machinist; Native; 27 Drumm 

Britton, George Waahington 32; Barkeeper; Native; 

1313 Taylor St* 

Britts, ^arry Delos 32; Laborer; Native; 6 Clay St* 

Or, Reg. 1866 43 

Broad, Charles 46; Brewer; Naturalized; 1222 Bush St. 

Broadhoffer, Michael 4ii; Tailor; Naturalized; 628 Merchant, 

Brocas, John Wilson 42; Comraission merchant; iJatlve; 

530 Jackson st. 

Broder, Patrick 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Sansomo 

and Broadway Sts. 

Broderiok, David 5'^} Shoemaker; Naturalized; Stewart near 

Polsom St. 

Broderick, John 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 21 Langton. 

Broderick, John Campbell 23; Lawyer; i'lative; 607 Third St. 

Broderiok, Patrick 27; Coachman; Naturalized; 3 Brook St. 

Broderick, Thomas 49; Boots and Shoes; Naturalized; 

206 Montgomery St. 

Brodorick, Walter 47; Laborer; Naturalized; Market between 

First and Second.Sts. 

Broderson, Bune Jurgen 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 28 Post. 

Brodie, William 39; Moulder; Naturalized; 84 iiverett St. 

Brodwolf, Geori^e 54; Naturalized; 624 Mission St, 

Brokate, Honry 36; Grocer; Naturalized; 6th & Brannan Sts. 

Brokow, Henry Vanarsdale 33; Salesman; Native; 651 Howard. 

Bromley, Washington Lafayette 41 Purser; Native; 

426 Greenwich St. 

Bromley, William Palmer 40; St.Bt. Captain; Conn. Riley 

near Clay. 

Brommer, Glaus 34; Brewer; Naturalized; 72 Everett St. 

Brommer, Dledrich 31; Grocer; Naturalized; 6th & Bryant. 

Bronsdon, Phineas 44; Roadmaater S.F. & S,J, Railroad; 

Native; 17 Moss St. 

Bronstrup, William 40; Grocer; Naturalized; Comer Poison 

and Dora Sts. 

Brook, Christian Gleason 33; Seaman; Naturalized; 

No. 2 Hartman Place, 

Brook a 


Qr. Reg, 1866 44 

Albert Marsden 21; Bookkeeper; Native; Bermal Heights 

Albert Merldon 22; Clerk; Native; Bermal Heights. 

Charles Waloott 33; Merchant; Native; 1109 Stockton. 

Kdward 44; Merchant; Native; Filbert nr. %son. 

Sllsha 25; Clerk; Native; 23 Hawthorne, 

Ezra L. 34; Carpenter; Native; N. side Ridley St., 

near Mission* 

Prank P. 39; Porter; NatursQ. Ized; Cor. Qeary & Powell. 

Henry Benjamin 49; Merchant; Native; 766 Polsom. 

Henry E. 30; Clerk; 605 Pine St. Native 

James "enry 43; Miller; Native; 435 Pine. 

Joseph Hartshorn 38; Watchman; Native; 33 Hinckley. 

Noah 36; Naval Officer; Native; 1103 Powell. 

Patrick 32; Laborer; Naturalized; — Jessie St. 

Samuel Marsden 59; Artist; Naturalized; Bernal Hgts. 

Samuel Pierce 45; Clerk; Native; Cor, Second & 


Brooks. Stephen 3.45: Contractor; Native; 804 Bush. 
Brooks, Thaddeua Ranson 47; Surveyor; Native; 704 Howard, 
Brooks, Thos. H, 30; Merchant; Native; 310 Jessie St. 
Brooks, Timothy Hoyer 26; Sailor; Native; 626 Commercial St. 
Brooks, William Hales 47; Laborer; Native; Cor, Turk & Larkln. 
Brooks. Wm. Henry 32; Dealer; Native; 51 Third St. 
Brooks, Wra. Henry Jones 35; Searcher; Native; 1111 Montgomery, 
Bros, George 28; Barber; Naturalized; Cor, Jane & Mission. 
Brosman, John David 50; Printer; Naturalized; 150 Tehama. 
Brosnehan, Stephen 35; I^aborar; Naturalized; Natoma nr. 6th St. 
Brosus, Henry 29; Bookbinder; Naturalized; 404 Bush. 
Brougham, John 37; Hairdresser; Naturalized; 312 Oreen St. 

Or, Reg. 1866 


Name age Ooc* Nat* Loc« Res. 

Broulllard, Pierce «^; Shoemaker; Natupall2ed;Bootz's Hotel 


Brourer, Daniel Robblna 40; Native; Baker; Vallejo and 

Stockton Sts. 

Brower, Andrew Jackaon 33; Saloon; Native; 523 Green St. 

Brower, Gelsua 25; Clerk; Native; 407 Sutter. 

Brown, Alonzo P.46; Merchant; Native; 1107 Polaom. 
Alonzo P 46; Morchant; Native; 1107 Polsom 
Andrew 36; Laborer; Ireland; Calif, & Fillmore, 
Andrew 56; Laborer; Naturalized; Old San Jose Road, 







Andrew D,37; Police Officer; Native; Mission bet. 

Twelfth and Thirteenth. 

Archibald 4i^; Dealer; Naturalized; 214 Third. 

Benjamin 27; Laundry; Native; Occidental Hotel, 

Benjamin B.32; Porter; Native; 571 Howard, 

Benjamin Boyer 25; Engineer; Native; 525 Sacramento, 

Calvin 50; Sup*t L.M.Cemoteru; Native; 545 Second, 

Charles 51| Real Estate; Native; West Side Dolores, 

bet. 15th and 16th. 

Charles 55; Carpenter; Native; 134 Minna St. 

Charles P, 41; Manufacturer; Native; 66 Clementina. 

Charles Hussey 30; Teamster; Native; Larkin bet. 

Union and Filbert. 

Cheater 53; Stalrbuilder; Native; 56 Third. 

Daniel Herbert 29; Roof maker; Native; Taylor & 


Daniel Tears 31; Baker; Native; Winters Lane. 

David B, 43; Police; Naturalized; 913 Greenwich, 

David St, Louis 23; Pressman; Miss, Cor, Stockton 

and Clay Sts. 

Denton D, 45; Surveyor; Native; 452 Natoma. 

Edgar 0, 36; Real Estate; 3 Chatham Place. 

Gr. Reg. 1866 46 

Brown, PitzWllllams 47; Mining; Native; 518 Stockton 

Brown, Prank Edward 25; Bookkeeper; Native; 545 Second 

Browi, Prank Qulncy 52; Butcher; Native; Sixth & Brannan. 

Brown, Frederick 35; Real Estate; l&a.rj*a Lane; Native; 

Brown, Qoorge 42; Real Estate; Native; 251 Third. 

Brown, George Folger 35; Police Officer; i^atlve; 1316 Pacific. 

Brown, George Seymour 34; Superlntondant Olympic Club; 

Native; Club Room Sutter. 

Brown, Gideon Hopkins 49; Dentist; Native; 137 Third St. 

Brown, %rvey Smith 42; Lawyer; Native; 1309 Powell. 

Brown, Henry 25; Boarding House keeper; Naturalized; 

504 Davis. 

Brown, Henry Augustus 26; Calker; Native; ^reclta Ave. 

Brown, Henry Chapman 45; Asphaltum; Native; 609 Market. 

Brown, ^enry Clay 32; Bookkeeper; Native; 515 Broadway St. 

Brown, ftenry Smith 24; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 252 


Browny, Henry Stephens 61; Marine Surveyor; Native; 

1110 Stevenson. 

Brown, Hynan 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 261 Tehama. 

Brown, Isaac William White 32; Butcher; Native; Grove Jive. 

Brown, James 24; Weighmaster; ^'ative; 30 Everett. 

Brown, James Aldrich 38; Drayman; Rhode Island. 

Riley near Taylor Sts. 

Brown, Janes Franklin 41; Gau?penter; Native; Bush nr. barney. 

Brown, James Franklin 37; Soapnaker, Naturalized; 

207 Sacramento. 

Browi, James S. 39; i'aborer; Native; 38 Moss St. 

Brown, Jesse 42; Night Contractor; Native; Gardner Place. 

Brown, John 59; Miner; Native; Old San Jose Road. 

Brown, John 38; Bootmaker; ^naturalized; 917 Sutter. 

Brown, John 43; Longshoreman; Native; Oregon St. 

Brown, John 63; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 1628 Stockton. 

Qr# Reg. 1866 

I^ame age ooc* Nat* Local Res. 

Brown, Jolm 26; Barkooporj Naturalized; 430 California 

Brown, John 30; Saloon; Naturalized; 406 Montgomery St. 

Brown, 2d John 35; Clark, Native; 33 Clementina 

Brown, John Andrew 21; Pile Driver; Native; 264-1/2 Stevonaon. 

Brown, John B* 31; Butcher; Native; 316 Beale St. 

Brown, John D. 34; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 112 First St. 

Broiwi, John Henry 38; Ship Carpenter; ^*ative; 508 Howard 

Brown, John Rollo 32; Carpenter; ^atlve; N. side Washington 

between Front and Davis. 

Brown, John William 29; Telegraph; Native; 507 Montgomery 

Brown, Joseph 34; Laborer; Ireland; Van Ness & Chestnut Sts. 

Brown, Justis 28; Stearaboatman; Native; Broadway wharf. 

Brown, Lawrence A, 37; S & Ek Broker; **ative; 223 First St. 

Brown, Michael 67; Machinist; Naturalized; 137 Beale St. 

Brown, Michael 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Verena, bet. 

Dupont and Kearney 

Brown, *'atrlok B(no middle name) 29; Laborer; Naturalized; 

Union Court. 

Brown, Richard 46; Bath house keeper; Native; 564 Howard. 

Brown, Robert 37; Jailer; Naturalized; 111 Natoma 

Brown, Robert 32; Laborer; Naturalized; 725 Market. 

Brown, Robei»t 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 209 Clara 

Brown, Samuel A. 26; Carpenter; Native; Harriet, nr. Folsom 

Brown, Samuel Hutchins 38: Agent; Native; Russ House. 

Brovm, Seth 44; Carpenter; ^^ative; Cor. Turk and Larkln. 

Brown, Stephen Q. 31; ^^airriresser; Native; Juniper St. 

near Folsom. 

Brown, Sylvester B, 33; I^ayaan; Native; 6th near Folsom. 

Brown, Tliomas 28; Packer; Naturalized; 529 Mission. 


Browi, Thcxaaa 28; Longahoroman; Naturalized 5 Corner 

Front and Broadway. 

Brown, ThcMias Arthur 29; Iron moulder; Naturalized; 

Mission bet, Eoker and Plrst« 

Brown, William 60; Captain of schooner; Naturalized; 

Main bet, Polsoci and Harrison, 

Brown, William 40; Stevedore; Native; Cor, Broadway & Front, 

Brown, William Hall 36; Night Contractor; Native; 

Sutter iiast of Dupont, 

Brown, William Hall 55; Capitalist; New York; 751 Clay. 

Brown, William Henry 35; Merchant; Native; 605 Howard. 

apown, Wllllani Henry 39; Merchant; Native; 316 O'Parrell 

Brown, William Patrick 25; Clerk; Native; 45 Louisa St. 

Brown, William Pierce 39; Orocor; Naturalized; 1416 Powell 

Brown, Hllliam R. 5i; Carriage maker; Native; Mission bet, 

10th and Eleventh, 

Brown, William Ferris 49; Merchant; Native; 107 Powell 

Browne 11, HyrcMa 42; Machinist; Native; 617 Market. 

Brownell, William 35; LJcpressnan; Native; 60 First. 

Browning, August 29; Locksmith; Naturalized; 1600 


Browning, Jeremiah 32; Teamster; ^ative; Cor. Geary and 


Browning, Jacob 40j Deayman; Native; 316 Geary 

Browning, William 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 771 Polsom. 

Brownlle, Jan es S, 53; Miller; Naturalized; Nevada St, 

near Polsom. 

Brownstone, Isaac 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 295 


Bruce, Alexander 46; Fireman; Native; 132 Polsom. 

Bruce, James Henderson 33; Mariner; Native; 1218 Jackson St. 

Bruce, ^elaon 39; Saloon keeper; Native; N,E, Cor, 

Mission and Ecker. 

Gr. Reg, 1066 49 

Bruce, Washington 41? Hotel keeper; Native; 117 ? erry 

Bruce, William 55; Laborer; Native; ^age west of Octavla. 

Brueck, Herman 45; Minister; Naturalized; Tehama near 5th, 

Bruggy, Patrick 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Bryant St. bet. 

Eighth and Ninth, 

Brumaglm, Jacob Henry 37j Capitalist; I^atlve; 1315 Mason, 

Bruraagin, Patrick 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Gilbert nr. Bryant 

Brumagin, John Wagoaen 35; Lawyer; Native; 1315 Mason 

Bruner, Joseph Asbury 45; Clergyman; Native; 1008 


Bruner, Louis 41; Restaurant; Naturalized; Comer Pacific 

and Sanscxne, 

Bruner, William H, 38; Physician; Native; 21 Post, 

Brunjes, Dlodrick 48; Grocer; Naturalized; 425 Bush 

Brunnel, 39; Dep't. Store-keeper; iJaturallzed; Seven tli bet, 

Howard and Mission, 

Bruns, Frederick 36; Storekeeper; Naturalized; Cor, 

Mission and 16th, 

Bruns, ^enry 28; Merchant; Germany; Union and Franklin Sta, 

Brush, Kember Germanicus 21; Bookkeeper; Native; 533 


Bruster, Calvin 79; Parmer; Connecticut; Moimtain Lake, 

Bryan, Charles Henry 32; Clerk; Naturalized; Sansome bet. 

Pine and Bush, 

Bryan, Dudley Chapel 59; Attorney; New York; 906 Stockton, 

Bryan, Edward 52; Coppersmith; Native; 430 Union, 

Bryan, Edwin Hoalt 21; Plumber; Native; 516 Bryant, 

Bryan, Henry 74; Attomey-ot-law; Native; 25 St, Mark's Place, 

Bryan, William 33; Liquor Dealer; Naturalized; 813 Bush, 

Bryan, William J, 27; R.S, Agent; J^aturalized; 360 Jessie St, 

Bryant, Alex H. 53; Clerk; Naturalized; CdL ifomia and 

Montgomery Sts, 

Bryant, Andrew Jackson 33 j Merchant; Native; 716 Bush 

Bryant; Bdward 65; Collector; Naturalized; 634 Post St. 

Bryant, George W. 49; Internal Revenue; Native; 616 Taylor 

Bryant, John 40; Wood carver; Naturalized; Cor, Howard 5c 18th. 

Bryant, Robert 26; Box-maker; Native; 564 Mission 

Bryant, Robert Morton 40; Carpenter; **ative; N.W.Cor. Turk 

and Larkin. 

Bryant, Thomas 30} Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 813 Bush. 

Bryant, Willi am 21; Clerk; Native; 616 Taylor 

Bryden, George 25; Baker; Native; 715 Pacific 

Bryding, l^ter 35; Hotel keeper; ^Naturalized; 431 Pine 

Bryngreson, ^etor Andrews 34; Pile driver; Naturalized; 

Sacramento and l^ruram 

Buchan, Patrick G. 57; Attomey-at-law; Naturalized; 947 


Buchanan, John 44; Grocer; Naturalized; 561 Howard. 

aichner, Carl 52; Cabinetmaker; ^'Naturalized; Garden St. 

Buchner, Carl 52; Carpenter; ^Naturalized; 105 Garden. 

Buck, George 34; Teamster; Naturalized; 314 Ihird. 

Buck, John 24; Confectionary; Native; Potrero 

Buck, Lewis 40; Real Sstate; Naturalized; 207 Post. 

Backelew, Moses Scott 42; Booldceepar; Native; 524 Howard. 

aickinghara, Aurelius A. 37; Master Mariner; Native; 

917 Bush. 

Buckin^iam, Wra. Henry 33; Policeman; Naturalized; 110 Kearney 

Buckley, Andrew 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 127 Shipley. 

Buckley, Charles P. 26; Stage carpenter; Native; 5 Calhoun 

Buckley, David 42; Porter; Naturalized; 569 Mission 

Buckley, Dennis 27; Wood turner; Naturalized; 12 Sutter. 

Buckley, IHdward Patrick 41; License; Naturalized; 2006 Powell 

Buckley, Francis 49; Builder; Naturalized; Divisadero so. 

of Eddy. 


Duokley, Jamea 36 j Contractor, (sic) i^assachuaotts 

Polk and Green. 

Buckley, James Alexander 34; Bricklayer; Native; 

1221 Pacific 

Buckley, Jeremiah Joseph 35; Porter; Native; S.E. cor. 

Bryai t and First. 

Buckley, John 45; Boatman; Naturalized; Midway & Bay 

Buckley, Patrick 49; Laborer; Naturalized; 925 Broadway. 

Buckley, Richard Betta 32; Laborer; Native; 61 First St. 

Buckley, Samuel 64; Hay and Grain; Native; 19 Dupont 

Buckley, Timothy 31; Milkman; Naturalized; Central 

Park Homestead. 

Buckley, William 40; Brickmaksr; Masijachusettsi Polk and 


Bucklln, Edward P. 37; Jeweler; Native; Cor, Fourth & Folsom. 

Buckly, Jeremiah 33; Carpenter; New York; North of Point 

Lobos Road. 

Buokman, Ezra T. 49; Tinsmith; Native; 309 Fremont. 

Buckman, Henry 34; Gardner; Naturalized; Franklin, north 

of Grove. 

Buckman, John Austin 39; Clerk; Native; Occidental Hotel 

Buckman, Charles 40; Salesman; Maine, cor. Waahington and 


Buckamith, John 36; Clerk; Native; 49 Market. 

Budd, Charles P. 28; Broker; Native; 505 Bush 

Buel, Frederick 53; Clergyman; Native; 757 Market. 

Buell, Charles Christian 28; Engineer; Native; Pacific 

bet. Sansome and Montgomery. 

Buffard, Henry Lawrence 26; «— ; Native; Bartlett, bet. 

Valencia and Mission. 

Buffington, John Mason 48; Clerk; Native; 137 Silver. 

Bufford, Janes L 51; Painter; Native; 505 Sutter. 

Bufford, Samuel Fal;5an 23; Laundry; Native; 505 Sutter. 

Bugbee, Charles Lewis 29; Architect; Native; 722 Folsom. 

Gr, Reg, 1866 52 

Bugbee, John Stephenson 26; Lawyer; Naturalizodj 600 Geaj^y. 

Bugbee, Samuel Charles 54| Architect; Native; 20 Hawthorne, 

Biihler, John Frederick 34; Shoemaker; Naturalised; 632 


Buhlert, Julius 25; Clerk; Naturalized; Cor, 9th & Brannan* 

Bullenm, Antonio 44; Miller; Naturalized; San Bruno Toll Gate. 

Bujan, Antonio 44; same as above* error in Ist name. 

^ker, Levi Kais 38; Mason; Native; S, side Pine above 


Bulger, John Thomas 30; Miner; District of Columbia; 

Pacific and Buchanan. 

Buckley, Ichabod 29; Clerk; Townsend bet. 3rd and 4th. 

Buckley, Milton 26; Merchant; Cosmopolitan; Native; 

Bull, Alpheus 50; Omitted in Gr. Reg. of 1866. 

Bullard, Matthew Bowen 49; Stove dealer; Native; 

731 Harrison St. 

Bullen, Htairy Martin 55; Carpenter; Native; 76 Natoma St. 

Bullock, Amasa Marion 25; Carpenter; Missouri; Larkin 

near Union. 

Bullock, Prank D. 28; Merchant; Native; 423 Sutter. 

Bulson, John 41; Engineer; Native; 232 Stevenson 

Bumm, George Samuel 51; Policeman; Native; 20 Mason. 

Bunce, William 36; Clerk; New York; Cor. Leavenworth and 


Bunker, Albert 39; Clerk; Native; 700 Bush. 

Bunker, Frederick Randall 60; Bookkeeper; Native; Hyde, 

near Filbert. 

Bunker, Henry S. 46; Broker; Native; Mission, bet, Brady and 


Bunker, Paul 35; Clerk; Native; 72^ Filbert. 

Bunker, Robert Fosdick 29; Pork packer; Native; 1505 


Bunn, George Washington 24; Printer; Native; 316 0*Farrell. 

Bunnell, Edwin Fairbanks 58; Doctor; Connecticut; Franklin 

and Sacramento Sts. 


Bunnell, Oeorgd V/oodbu2*y 24| Teaoher; Massachusetts f 

Franklin & Sacramento. 

Bunnonan, Charles 29; Clerk; Naturalised; N.W.Cor. Geary and 


Bunting, Joseph 52; Merchant; Native; 508 Greenwich 

Burbank, Sheldon Clark 47; Superintendent F.P. New Hampshire; 

Fort Point. 

Burckea, Henry Warren 39; Carpenter; ^'''atlve; 606 0*Farrell, 

Burclchim, Henry 40; Tailor; Naturalized; 508 Bush 

Burd, Lawrence 35; Bricklayer; iiaturallzed; 12 Sutter. 

Burdell, Galen 38; Dentist; Native; 206 Chestnut. 

Burdlok, Edward C. 37; Clerk; Native; 1126 Polsoni St« 

Burdiok, Hugene B. 26; Butcher; Native; 1046 Polsom. 

Burdlck, Henry Clark 39; Piledriver; Native; First, "bet. 

Mission & Jessie Sts. 

Burdltt, William Waldo 46; Trader; Tennessee; 737 Washington. 

Burg, James 26; Carriage driver; "aturallzed; Russ House. 

Burges, Chas, Melzar 28; Hostler; New York; Cliff House. 

Burgess, Joseph 46; Mariner; Native; Jackson near East. 

Burgess, Warren 28; Carpenter; Native; 52 Mission St. 

Burhans, William Dumond 45; Clerk; Native; 327 Bush. 

Burk, John J. 63; Mason; Maryland; Yerba Buena, near Clay. 

Burke, Albert 45; Printer; liative; 535 Sacramento St. 

Burke, Edmund 58; Laborer; Ireland; Van ^ess and Chestnut, 

Burke, Edward 21; Printer; Naturalized; Commercial and 


Burke, Ethelburt 46; Deputy Collector; Native; Turk, east of 


Burke, Janes 25; Uostlor; Naturalized; Folsora St. near 12th. 

Burke, James 23; Clerk; Native; 109 Sansome. 

Burke, James 34; Plasterer; Naturalized; 5th near Bryant. 

^rke, James 36; Tailor; Naturalized; 1322 Kearney. 

Burke, John Jr., 22; laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Minna 

and Jane. 

Burke, John 30; Shocaaaker; Naturallaod; 115 IJI salon 54 

Burke, John 34j Laborer; Naturalized; N.W#Cor« Broadway and 


Burke, John 52; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 123 Jane. 

Burke, Martin John 45; Chief of Police; Naturalized; 

930 Clay. 

Burke, Michael £2; Tobacconist; Naturalized; 150 Clara. 

Burke, Michael; Baker; Naturalized; 8 Harlan Place. 

Burke, Patrick 39; Mechanic; Native; 12th bet. Howard and 


Burke, Patrick 45; laborer; Naturalized; —Broadway, 

Burke, Robert 32; Boatman; Naturalized; Davis between 

Broadway and ^aolfic. 

Burke, Thomas 24; Machinist; Native; 568 Mission 3t. 

Burke, Walter 30; Qlass-blower; Naturalized; Nevada, bet, 

Folaom and ^arrlaon. 

Burke, William 39; Wborer; Naturalized; 122 Shipley. 

Burke, William Francis; 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 1006 Clay. 

Burke, William John 24; Jeweler; Naturalized; 517 Vallejo 

Burkhardt, Christian 28; Porkpacker; Naturalized; 

Southwest cor. Pacific & Taylor. 

Burkhardt, Gottlieb George 41; Watchmaker; Naturalized; 

209 Pacific St. 

Burldiardt, John Goorge 25; Driver; Native; 1216 Pacific. 

Burkliart, Christian 36; Baker; Naturalized; 1216 Pacific. 

Burks, Charles Ishan 32; Carpenter; Native; Cor. Mission 

and Anthony 

Burling, V?llllam 42; Broker; Native; Cor. Polsom Ist & 10th. 

Burmelster, Alrich 22; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. 

-^oavenworth & California Sts. 

Burmelster, Christian H,33; Boarding; IJaturalized; 

Sacramento & Druram. 

Burmester, Henry 30; Carpenter; Naturalized; Valencia, bet. 

16th and 17th Sts. 

Burn, Michael 32; Merchant; Naturalized; 6th, bet, Polsom 

and Howard. 


Bumap, John 39 j Orooerj Native; Leavenworth, near O^Parrell, 

Burnett, Frederick Augustus 31; Steward; Native; 4i^0 

Montgomery St« 

Burnett, George Glasgow 24; Druggist; Native; 330 Montgomery, 

Burnett, Henry Ashbol 35; Carpenter; Native; 303 Montgoniery, 

Burnett, John May 2C; Law Student; Missouri; 1205 Sac, St. 

Burnett, Wellington G. 37; Lawyer; Native; N.E.Gor, Sutter 

and Jones* 

Burnham, Oilman M« 54; Lumber Merchant; Native; Howard, bet* 

Twelfth and thirteenth* 

Bernham, James William 28; Upholsterer; Native; 15 Minna, 

Burnham, William Pelton 33; Upholsterer; Native; Corner of 

Steiner and Taylor* 








D.P, 42; Carpenter; Native; Dolores bet, 16th & 17th, 

**enry Jameson 25; Engraver; Native; Oriental Hotel 

Hugh 34; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Geary & Larkin, 

Hugh 58; Real Estate; Naturalized; Cor, Polsom and 

Eleventh St, 

■^aadore 37; Ship smith; Native; So, side Bush, east of 


James 33; Laborer; Naturalized; N. side Sixteenth bet* 

Guerrero & Dolores, 

James 32; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Third & King, 

John 54; Laborer; Naturalized; Rausoh, bet, Howard 

and Folsom, 

John Cole 58; Carpenter; Native; Cor, Jane & Msslon, 

John Henry 37; Caulker; Naturalized; 12 De Boom* 

Martin 35; laborer; Naturalized; 105 William 

Michael 28; Machinist; Naturalized; 109 Minna 

Michael 48; Laborer; Naturalized; Market bet, 

9th and 10th. 

Michael 37; Porter; Naturalized; International Hotel* 

Michael 40; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Guerrero and 


Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 20 Rausoh* 


Burns, Patrick 35| Horse Shoorj Naturallzed| 675 Mission 

Burns, Patrick 37; Stewart; Naturalized; 24ii Minna, 

Burns, Patrick 38; Furrier; Naturalized; 513 Pine 

Bums, Peter 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Comer of Green 

and Battery^ 

Burr, Clarence C. 27; Clerk; Rhode Island; Filbert St. and 

Van Ness* 

Burr, Ephralm Wlllard 57; Banker; Rhode -^sland; Filbert st. 

and Van Ness. 

Burr, George W. 39; Moulder; Native; 430 Tahama. 

Burr, Henry Teb Broeck 37; Clark; Native; Brooklyn Hotel. 

Burr, James Penfiold 47; Porter; Native; Montgomery and 


Burr, Levi 55; Merchant; Native; Bay near Dupont# 

Burrell, Charles 45; -'hyslclan; Native; 724 Mission 

Burroughs, Jonathan 36; Carpenter; Native; 17 Fourth 

Burrows, John 28; Baker; Naturalized; Ist bet. Mission 

and Jessie Sts. 

Burson, Jones Nelson 34; Deputy Supt. of Streets; Native; 

22 Geary. 

Burt, Hiram 38; Cooper; Native; Rausch St. nr. Folsom. 

Burt, Howard 33; Clerk; Native; 511 Vallejo St. 

Burt, Silas Shepard 47; jTiployed In Mint; Native; 314 Bush 

Burton, Charles Henry 40; Merchant; Native; 1018 Jackson. 

Burtsell, John M. 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 1028 Bush 

Burtt, William Wallace 40; Tlnsmlth| New Hanpshlre; 

4 Qulncy St. 

Burcell, James Russell 30; Ba^^naker; Native; 129 Third, 

Busder, William ^onry 41; Clerk; Native; 524 Howard. 

Bush, Alonzo 33; Expressman; New York; Calif, near Dupont. 

Bush, Frederick Debols 25; Clerk; Native; Wiaitlc Hotel (sic) 

Bush, John 42; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 324 Green. 

Bush, Jonatlian Piatt; 61; Doctor; Naturalized; 645 Washington. 


Buah, Jonathan Piatt 61j Dootorj Naturalized; 645 Washington 

Bush, Louis 37; Dentist; Naturalized; 35 Clanentina 

Bush, Mark 34; Printer; Native; Pine nr« Montgomery. 

Bush, Peter 47; Maltster; Naturalized; Brannan bet. 8th & 9th, 

Bushman, Henry 34; Printer; S.W, Cor. Sutter & Dupont 

Busl:ffiian, William 39; Patternmaker; Native; cor, Jesnie & 4th, 

Bushnell, Horace MerMll 24; Box Maker; New York; 413 Kearney 

Buslinell, Jesse Hiram 25; Milkman; Native; Old San Jose Koad, 

Belroche City. 

Bushnell, Sullivan Hutchins 38; Painter; Native; 601 Third, 

Bushwell, Alexander 32; Bookbinder; Naturalized; Union & Jones 

Butenop, Henry 45; Grocer; Naturalized; 625 Paolfio. 

Butler, Alfred 39; Shipwright; Native; 149 Perry. 

Butler, Charles Carroll 38; Real Estate; Native; corner 

Sutter & Stelner. 

Butler, Charles Edwin 33; Steamboatman; Native; Broadway '^arf. 

Butler, Charles Wood 43; Carpenter; Native; S.E.Cor, Bush 

and Sansome Sts. 

Butler, Daniel 47; Steamboatman; Naturalized; cor. Sanaomo 

and Alta» 

Butler, Edward 30; Coach-finisher; Naturalized; 568 Mission 

Butler, Hanry Martin 36; Mariner; Native; Cor. Natoma and 2nd, 

Butler, Honry William 27; Native; 1026 Montgomery 

Butler, James 30; Manufacturer; liative; 13 Geary 

Butler, John Oliver 46; Carpenter; Native; Cor. Devisadero 

& O'Parrell. 

Butler, Matthew 38; Merchant; Naturalized; 867 Folsom 

Butler, Michael 23; Laborer; Naturalized; 1719 Vallejo 

Butler, Michael 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Filbert, near 


Butler, Patrick 63; -^aborwr; Naturalized; First Ave., bet. 

Fifteenth and Sixteenth. 

Butler, Patrick F. 34; Merchant; Naturalized; Slcth, nr, Folsom 


Butler, Robert 36; Grocerj Native; Cor. iiarriaon & Eighth 

Butler, Samuel Stone 37; Landlord; Native; Leavenworth & Lynch 

Butler, Theodoric Romeyn 25; Assayer; Native; Rusa ^ouae, 

Butler, Thomaa ^2} Laborer; Naturalized; Shotwell near Navy 

Butler, William Henry 38; Seaman; liative; Sacramento 

Butler, William Nicholas 28; Brooramaker; Native; O'Parrel St., 

Ko« Engine House, 

Butt, Caraten Ghriatoph 24; Grocer; Naturalized; S.W, Gor. 

Bush & Stockton. 

Butt, Peter Nicholas 28; Grocer; **aturalized; Cor, St*Charlea 

and Keaimey 

Butterfield, ^raon 55; Miner; Native; 814 Montgomery 

Butters, John Simpaon 30; Shipmaster; Naturalized; Sac- 
ramento near Leavenworth. 

Buttler, Joseph D« 37; Janitor; Naturalized; 503 Sutter. 

Buttler, ^ener Predorick 40; Architect; Native; Guerrero 

bet, 16th and 17th, 

Buttner, Charles 21; Florist; Naturalized; cor. Valencia 

and Thirteenth St. 

Buttner, **enry Adolph 27; Driver; Naturalized; 232 2nd St. 

Butts, Benj. Bumham 61; Carpenter; liative; Gor. Battery 

and Broadway 

Butts, Buel Williams 26; Oil Bleacher; Native; Broadway 

and Palm, 

Buxton, George 51; Engineer; liative; 608 Post. 

Buye, Otto 25; Laundry; Naturalized; 622 Greenwich 

Byers, John 37; Stevedore; Naturalized; Union, bet. Battery 

and San some* 

Byers, Joseph Morris 33; Publisher; Pennsylvania; 

1011 ""eaver worth St. 

Byington, Horace Williams 37; Stable keeper; ^'ative; 826 Sutter. 

Byrne, Bernard Senior 60; Grocer; Naturalized; Grove St,, 

east of Franklin. 

Byrne, Christopher 33; Laborer; Naturalized; 648 Mission. 


^^ame* age: Ooo: f^at: Loc* Res* 

ByrnQ, Dennis 35; '«7altor; Naturallzedj 1114 Kearney 

Byrne, Prank Kdward 29; Painter; Native; 510 Sacramento 

Byrne, Patrick 34; Laborer; Katuralized; S.ii, cor. 

Powell and Sutter. 

Byrne, Thomas 35; Boarding-house keeper; Naturalized; 

210 Broadway. 

Byrne, Thomas 43; i^atlve; Broker; l^th near Valencia. 

Byrne, Thomas 50; '-•aborer; Naturalized; 45 Stevenson St. 

Byms, Thomas 50; Cartman; Naturalized; 1029 Pacific. 

Byrne, William 37; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 137 Minna 

Byrne, William 33; Stevedore; Naturalized; Clreenwich 

between Montgomery and San some. 

Byrnes, Edward 60; Laborer; Naturalized; 158 Perry 

Byrnes, Francis 20; Coopjr; Naturalized; 510 Sacramento, 

Byrnes, John 35; Steamboat man; Native; cor. Green and 


Byrnes, Patrick 53; Mlnei*; Naturalized; cor. Devisadero & 

0» Parr ell 

Byrnes, Tliomas 37; Expressman; Naturalized; 47 Minna 

Byron, Edward 21; Laborer; Native; Occidental Hotel 

Byron, John 59; Bricklayer; Naturalized; ki49 Minna 

Byron, Michael 36; Bricklayer; 638 -Inna ; Naturalized; 

Byron, Thomas 29; Carpenter; Native; 404 Bush 




Nat* Log* R«s< 


Cadagren, Daniel 26 j Laborer; Naturalized; cor# Harrison 

and Dora* 
Caddy, John 49; C ntractor; Native; (Ireen and Powell* 
Cadel, Peter 53; Gapitaliat; Naturalized; 1515 Dupont* 
Cadiz, Joseph Garcia 60; Translator; Native; 909 Jackson 
Oadogan, Timothy 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Rltter, bet. 7th & Qth 

Cadmus, Hertford *'eret 31; Scene Painter; 

Oady, Johii 50; iioilermakar; Naturalized; 
Cady, Lorenzo 37; Mason; Native; Free Ion 
Caff In, Zenas 36; U.S. V/olghre; Native; 

Now York; 

Brenham Place* 
36 Moss * 

Prai Cisco, near 
iil5 0»Parrell 

Cagney, Martin 46; Teamster; Naturalized; 

Cahalan, John Leander 20; Carpenter; Naturalized; 723 Market 
Caliill, Edward 28; Waiter; Naturalized; Sanford Street* 
Cahill, James 47; Laborer; Natural iaed; Fulton S. of Franklin 
Caliill, James F* 38; Liquor dealer; Naturalized; South west 

corner of Howard & Seventh 3t». 
Cahill, James Henry 21; Carpenter; Native; Pulton, east of 

Franklin Street* 
Cahill, John Josepli 39; Painter; Naturalized; Allen St* 
Cahill, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturei Ized; Ghesley Street, bet, 

7th & 8th. 
Cahill, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 505 Howard 
Cahn, Lambert 42; Merchant; Naturalized; 547 Polsom 
Cain, Edward 28; Painter; Naturalized; 319 California 
Cain, James 40; Moulder; Native; 427 Union 

Cain, James 30; Tanner; Naturalized; Polscxn bet. 13th & 19th* 
Cain, John 32; Bricklayer; >?aturalized; 306 Broadway 
Cain, Michael 56; Carpenter; Naturalized; Chestnut St* 
Cain, Michael 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Jablne Alloy 
Cain, Miles B. 29; Hostler; Native; 1512 Polsom 
Caine, Michael 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 605 Third 
Caine, Michael 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 315 Vallejo* 
Cairnes, Thomas 37; Laborer; Native; 22 O'Farrell 
Calms, Robert 43; Salesman; Naturalized; 18 Guy Place* 
Caldwell, Albert 39; Produce; Native; 24 Mary 

Andrew 42; Parmer; Naturalized; Oak St. 
James 38; Plasterer; Naturalized; 11 William 
Patrick 42; Laborer; Naturalized; Lombard and 


Calhoun, Charles Adley 52; Printer; Native; 215 Mason 
Galish, Raphael Solomon 40; Express wagon; Naturalized; 

Sacramento nr. Hyde* 
Caliaher, JullUS 29; Merchant; Naturalized; S.E. Comer 

Howard and Second 3ta* 
Calking, Milo 56; Warehouseman; Native; 814 Bush 
Call, Jonas 40; Milkman; Native; San Bruno Road, 
Call, William Walker 44; Milkman; Native; San Bruno Road* 
Callagan, Cal 32; Laborer; Ireland; Lone Mountain 
Callagan, Daniel 45; Merchant; Naturalized; West side of 

Howard, cor* Fourteenth* 
Callagan, Michael 25; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor* Howard and 

Sumner Sts. 
Callalian, Dennis 24; Carpenter; Naturalized; 12 Sutter 3t* 









Cameron f 

Jasias 40; 
Robert ii4j 

Callahan, James ^m 40 j Blacksmith; Native; 741 Market 
Callahan, John 50; Bootmaker; ^Naturalized; 263 Third 
Callahan, John 37; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 6th & Brannan 
Callahan, Phillip 'd7 ; Mouldor; Naturalized; 127 Pacific 
Callahan, 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Jaekaon and Battery Sts. 
Callan, Jeremiah 29; Milkman; Michigan; Buchanan and 

Callan, Thomas 42; Heal Estate Agent; Naturalized; 

512 Bryant St, 
Callander, Henry 26; Jeweler; Native; 638 1/2 Mission. 
Gallily, Michael 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 220 Dupont St» 
Callin, Perclavl Homer 35; Fruit dealer; Native; 13 Fourth 
Gallinan, John; Omitted in Or. Reg. of 1866 
Calllnan, Jotm 21; Darber; Native; Cor. Ist. and Miasion 
Calnan, Daniel 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Calnon, Patrick 30; Saloon koepiir; Naturalized; 143 i-latoma 
Calvert, John 44; Mason; Naturalized; 423 ^ost. 
Calvert, John Thomas 22; Bricklayer; Native; 423 Post. 
Calvert, William i3; Dentist; Native; 19 Post. 
Cam, Rufus King 47; Bricklayer; Native; 411 Dupont 
Cameron, Angus 36; Turner; Naturalized; 371 Brannan 

Baker; ^Naturalized; 509 Third 
Clerk; Native; 312 Beale 
42; Weiglier; Naturalized; Beale, bet. 

Misalor: and Howard Sts. 
Carieron, William Gray 29; Teamster; Native; 9 William 
Campadenico, John 22; Drayman; Native; Dupont & Green. 
Cammet, John 37; heal Estate; Native; Cor. Howard & 13th» 
Campbell, Alexander 52; Porter; Naturalized; 419 Post. 
Alexander 56; Attomey-at-law; Naturalized; 

26 Turk Street. 
Andrew 34; Carpenter; Native; 118 St. ^ark*s Place. 
Edward 40; % Laborer; Naturalized; 44 Minna St. 
Edwin Ruthven 46; Editor; Ohio; California near 

Francis 37; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. 20th and 

James Armstrong 37; Cabinet maker; Native; 

641 Sacramento 
John 28; Parmer; Naturalized; Lake i^ercod. 
John 57; Watchmaker; Native; 428 Bush St. 
Jolin Addison 46; Carpenter; Native; Vgl enola, b et. 

19th and 20th Streets. 
Contractor; Naturalized; 325 Fourth. 
Laborer; Naturalized; Geneva St. 
50; Coiner; Naturalized; 1502 

•i^eavenworth St. 
Laborer; Naturalized; 513 Minna St. 
Blacksmith; i^aturalized; Brannan, bet. 

First & Second Sts. 
Blacksmith; Native; 25 Ritch. 










Patrick 40; 
Peter 36; 
Peter Henry 

Phillip 49; 
Tliomas 45; 



onry 39; Clerk; Native; 439 Sixth* 


Mama age occ* Nat« Res* 62 

Camp©, John 32; Grocer; Naturalized; N.K. Comer 1st and 

Folaora Sts. 
Campe, Mangua 25; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Sixth & Jessie 
Campe, William 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 639 Jackson 
Gatapron, Tiiomas 33; Drayman; I^aturalized; 456 Stevenson 
Canary, John 43; Laborer; Naturalized; 12 Clementina 
Candler, Thomas 24; Boarding house; Native; Bay, nr« Dupont 
Caneman, Jaraes 30; Milkman; Naturalized; 31 Rltoh 
Canfield, Hufus Jay; Clerk; Native; Taylor, west side, 

between Pacific aiKi Broadway, 
Canham, William 52; Painter; London; California St, 
Canlian, Thomas Phillip 26; Painter; Native; Cor, Third and 

Canlffo, James 33; Stevedore; iJaturallzedf Sansome, between 

Qreenwlohand Filbert 
Cann, Tixomas 45; Carpenter; i^atlve; 10 Stockton Place, 
Camavan, Bartholomew 31; Cabinet maker; Naturalized; 

1010 Pacific St. 
Camavan, Matthew 34; Stonecutter; Naturalized; eighth, bet, 

Folaom & Harrison Sta, 
Cannon, Daniel James 25; Carpenter; Native; 109 Geary St, 
Cannon, James 35; Plasterer; Naturalized; 8 Brook St, 
Catmon, John 32; Drayman; Naturalized; 18 ^^atoma 
Cannon, William 42; Butcher; Native; N.E.Gor, Washington and 

Davis Streets, 
Canny, Michael 54; Laborer; Naturalized; N,V¥. Comer Paclfio 

and Salmon Sts, 
Canovan, Patrick 23; Hack Driver; Naturalized; 363 1st, 
Cantus, Qerge 28; Grocer; Naturalized; vlomer Broadway and 

Ohio Sts, 
Canty, Michael 56; i*erchant; Naturalized; 26 Louisa 
Canty, Timothy 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 820 Washington 
Canty, William Wren 27; Boilermaker; i^aturalized; Crook and 

Townsend Sts, 
Capp, John Alfonzo 24; Glauk; Maine; 934 Clay St, 
Capp, Charles Singer 34; Real Estate Agent; i«atlve; Comer 

McAllister and Buchanan 
Cappal, Achilla Joseph 39; Mariner; Naturalized; 540 Bryant 
Cappal, James 39; Mariner; Naturalized; Fifth and Bryant, 
Cappell, James Robinson 41; Conductor; Native; 201 Third, 
Capprise, Joseph 41; Carpenter; Nni-'^ve; 17 Barnard 
Carberry, John 35; Carpenter; Natui'alized; Jessie, near 3rd, 
Cabre, Cormac 27; Carpenter; Naturalized; 61 Jessie 
Card, Russell 35; Poultry and Game dealer; Native; 321 Sutter 
Card, Stephen 55; Steamboat; Native; 18 Eddy 
Ceupdiff, Mark 50; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 530 Bryant, 
Cardiff, Miles 70; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 513 Bryant 
Cardiff, Richard Joseph 20; Plumber; Naturalized; ki4 Jane St, 
Carew, Thomas 45; Teamster; Naturalized; Fell, east of Octavia 
Cardlnel, Emile Mypolite 35; UarketmsLn; Native; Lombard and 

Cardlnell, John A, 36; Dep, Constable; Naturalized; 

Valencia bet, 15th and 16th Sta, 
Caren, John 21; Teamster; ^atur ^llzed; 510 Sacramento 

Name slqq ooo« Nat* Loc* Ros* 

Carey, Cornelius 24 j Drayman; Native; Ellis, cor, of i-arkln 
Carey, Michael ki3; Teamster; Native; Clarence Place. 
Carey, Michael 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 41 Jessie St, 
Carey, Thomas 40; Mason; Ireland; Franklin and Lombard 
Carl, Owen 32; Machinist; Naturalized; Cor, Teharaa & Hubbard 
Carlan, William 30; lilacksmlth; Naturalized; 440 Union 
Carle, Edward 44; Porter; Native; 615 Market. 
Carey, Michael 39; No Occupation; Naturalized; 8 Everett, 
Carey, Peter 35; Bricklayer; Naturalized; —-Howard, 
Carlln, John 30; Porter; Naturalized; ii71 Stevenson 
Carlin, William 36; Porter, Naturalized; Turk St. K. of Polk, 
Carlisle, George 3ii; Barkeeper; Native; 17 Bernard 
Carlialo, George Oliver 42; i-aboror; Native; 321 Pine 
Carlton, Charles G. 30; Carpenter; liative; 820 Howard, 
Carlton, David 22; Blacksmith; Native; Main, near Polaora, 
Carlton, Cook 29; Teamster; Native; 239 Stevenson. 
Carlton, Oeor ^,e W. 23; Clerk; Native; 64 Tehama, 
Carlton, Henry P, 40; Teacher; Native; 827 Howard 
Carlton, Henry (Jr) 46; Merchant; Native; 570 Harrison 
Carlton, Oliver Bradford 33; Marketman; Native; 321 Ritch 
Carlton, Silas Martin 23; Drayman; Native; 24 Post, 
Carlyle, Shubol Henry 41; Bookkeeper; Native; — Jane, 
Carmen, William 45; Physician; Native; 614 Howard, 
Carmany, Cyrus Wash 28; Bookkeeper; Native; 621 Clay 
Carmany, John Henry 32; Printer; Native; 621 Clay 
Cawiichael, William 29; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 21 Geary (rear) 
Games, George Albert 40; Letter express; Native; 412 Geary 
Carolan, John Smith 42; Coachman; Naturalized; Dore St,, 

near Polsom, 
Carroll, E^nnls Carrdll 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Cemetery Ave,, 

north of Post, 
Carroll, Jeremiah 40; Boilermaker; Naturalized; Pulton, 

East of Laguna, 
Carpenter, Augustine Dyer 46; Steamboat Captain; Native; 

1020 Jackson 
Carpenter, Charles Augustine 29; Driver; Native; 280 Minna St, 
Carpenter, Daniel 38; Painter; Native; S.V/.Cor, Bush and 

Dupont Sts, 
Carpenter, Dyer Augustine 24; Booklceeper; Native; 1020 

Carpenter, Edmund ^eter 37; Jeweler; Native; 32 John 
Carpenter, Lowis 28; Broommaker; Native; 626 "^ackson 
Carpenter, Isaac Wade 54; Printer; Native; 530 J^erohant, 
Carr, Clarence L, 25; Bookkeeper; Native; 503 Polsom, 
Carr, Horace P, 33; Mechanic; Native; 411 Tehama, 
Carr, John Poster 26; Bookkeeper; Native; 315 Geary, 
Carr, John Tliurston 43; Clerk; Native; 224 Minna 
Carr, Joiin Tyler 39; Produce; Native; 509 Bush 
Carr, Joseph 67; ^Manufacturer; l^ative; Columbia St, 
Carr, Matthew Doke 36; Printer; Ohio; 1016 Pine St, 
Carr, William Bramwell 36; Mechanic; Native; 542 Bryant, 
Carr, William Willis 33; Clerk; Native; Powell near 

Prancisco St, 
Carrew, *'eremiah 24; Stonecutter; ^Naturalized; 21 Clara, 





Loc. Res* 


Garrlck, James 
Carrigan, John 

Rosa 2Zi Contractor; Native; 312 Clementina 
58; Laborer; Naturalized; Stevenson, bet. 

Sixth ^ Seventh, 





Carrlngton, Henry 49; Spooulator; Connecticut; 709 Clay St. 
Carrlngton, William 50; Heal iistate; New ^ork; 825 

Sacramento St« 
Carrlque, Ed Alfred 21; Clerk; Native; 603 Comnerclal 
Carrlvan, Mark 35; j^^borer; Ireland; Washington and 

Carroll, Dennis 37; I3oilermakar; Naturalized; Pacific 

engine house. Pacific St» 
Edward 44; Merchant; Native; 213 Stevenson. 
James 33; Laundry; Naturalized; 1144 Folsom 

37; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 128 Sansome. 
28; Clerk; Native; Comer Pacific and 

Montgomery Sts» 
35; Market; Naturalized; 929 Howard. 
36; Printer; ^'*atlve; 670 Mission 
43; Lamplighter; Naturalized; Rear of 

509 Howard. 
47; Merchant; Naturalized; 728 Bush. 
30; Parmer; Naturalized; Old San Jose Road. 
Ambrose 42; Carpenter; Native; Second Avenue, 

bet. 15th and 16th Streets. 
C. Omitted from Cr. Reg. of 1866 

39; Baker; Naturalized; 5 Jessie St. 
Francis 23; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Rltch 

and Harrison Streets. 
John Francis 36; Porter; iJatlve; 523 Ceary. 
^rtln 43; Drayaan; Naturalized; 1521 Dupont. 
Michael 30; Engineer; Naturalized; 245 Jessie 
Michael 34; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Vemard St. 
Patrick 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Pratt Court, bet. 

Powell and Stockton Sts. 
laborer; Naturalized; Comer 

Montgomery & Greenwich, 
Patrick 45; Merchant; Naturalized; Comer of 

Third and Minna. 
Patrick 45; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; —-Fourth. 
Richard T. 21; Salesman; Naturalized; 728 Bush 
Thomas 29; Grocer; Naturalized; 123 Third. 
VKllllam 34; House raiser; Naturalized; 

335 Broadway. 
Carroll, William 34; Livery Stable; Naturalised; Broadway, bet. 

Powell and Mason. 
Carruthers, William 45; Carpenter; Native; 224 Second '^t. 
Carson, Bernard 49; oingraver; Naturalized; 115 Post. 
Carson, Janes Gilmore 22; Naturalized; 507 Bryant. 
Carson, John 30; Boardhouso keeper; Naturalized; 12 Anthony St. 
Carson, John S. 35; Oarriagemaker; Native; 256 Clara 
Carson, Matthies N. 50; Carpenter; Native; 20 Rltch 
Car^s , Robert 41; Butcher; Naturalized; 52 Louisa 
Carstens, Frederick 48; Butcher; Naturalized; Branch Hotel. 
Carswell, Geor;5e V/arren 38; Salesman; Native; 7 Rltch. 









Patrick 36; 

Name age occ: Nat. loc. Res. 65 

Carawell, John Durgan 45; Printer; Native; 74 Minna 
Carter, Abraham 43; Clerk; Naturalized; 7 Rltch 
Garter, Charlea Daniel 41; Real Estate Agent; Native; 

1307 Taylor 
Carter, Charles H« 28; Plasterer; Native; O'Parrell, west 

of Polk. 
Carter, C/eor^^e Vi/aahington 35; Toll gate keeper; Native; 

Ooean House Road. 
Carter, Hail K. 39; Tanner; Native; 130 Fifth 
Carter, Janes Monroe 31; Carpenter; Naturalized; Lombard, 

near Jones. 
Carter, John 26; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Dupont and 

0»Parrell Sts. 
Carter, John 40; Night watch; Naturalized; Augusta Alley, 

bet. Green and Union. 
Carter, Jo)m T. 58; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 300 Stockton 
Carter, Myron Henry 28; Drayman; Native; 167 Minna 
Carter, Petor 58; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 1213 Kearney 
Carter, Robert 56; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 6 /Vetmor Place. 
Carter, Robert Whittle 44; Broker; Pennsylvania; Comer 

Pine & Jones St. 
Cartlssoz, Samuel Hlam 37; Merchant; Naturalized; Larkln, 

near Sacramento. 
Carton, Oeorg© Roswell 38; Tailor; D.CG. Larkin & Filbert St. 
Cartwright, Thomas 37; Express Driver; Native; 1824 Powell 
Carty, Paul 34; Police officer; Naturalized; Montgomery, near 

Lombard St. 
Carvalho, Charles P. 31; Interpreter; Naturalized; Howard, 

between Seventh & Eighth. 
Carvery, Patrick 24; Carpenter; Naturalized: 164 "^essie St. 
Gary, James C. 41; Lawyer; Naturalized; 211 Tehama 
Gary, Jolm 22; Laborer; Naturalized; Rltch, near Bryant. 
Caser, William 31; Waterman; Naturalized; Cor. Sixth and 

Stevenson Sts. 
Case, Elijah 57; Merchant; Native; 502 Sutter. 
Case, George Albert 32; Teamster; Massachusetts; Larkin, 

near Clay. 
Case, Oscar ""eater 26; Painter; New York; 906 Stockton 
Case, Russell 23; Clerk; Native; Cor. 3rd, near Market 
Casebolt, Henry 50; Carriage builder; Native; Comer Fifth 

and Stevenson Sts. 
Casebolt, Ira Jones 24; Blacksmith; Native; Tehama St., ' 

between eighth and ninth Sts. 
Casebolt, Jacob Dickinson 25; Importer; Native; 

215 Stevenson 
Casey, Daniel Joseph 30; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 

V'/ashingtoii Ave. nr.Mlasion St. 
Casey, Edward 38; Cl«rk; Native; 325 Fifth. 
Casey, Frank 34; Dealer; Naturalized; Liberty, between 

Dolores & Guerrero Sts. 
Casey, Henry 36; Clerk; Naturalized; 435 Eddy- 
Casey, John 33; Stevedore; Naturalized; 511 Mission 
Casey, Michael 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 610 Leavenworth 
Casey, Owen 50; Carpenter; Naturalized; Harri3on,bet. 

7th and 8th. 




Ooc: Nat« Loc* Has. 


Casey, Patrick D. 36: Laborer: Haturallzed; Nevada, near 

Casey, Patrick Jeremiah <i3; Painter; Naturalized; 38 Natoma 
Casey, Richard 5;i; Carpenter; Naturalized; 561 Bryant 
Cash, Charles Gardner 41; Seaman: Native: Moore and Folgor's 

V^arf . 
Cash, George Hendrick 43; Seaman: Native; Moore & Polger*» 

Cash, Samuel 46; Machinist; Native; 416 Polsom 
Cashan, Thomas 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 551 Market 3t, 
Cashell, Frank 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Vallejo St. 
John ii3; Surveyor; Native; 905 Howard* 
Dennis 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 8 Silver 
Theo. J, 21; Machinist; Native; 903 Howard 
William 41; Roofer; Natural ized; Pratt Court, bot 

Powell & Stockton. 
27; Porter; Naturalized; 1115 Montgomery. 
Painter; Native; 28 San some 


Casonova, Eugene 
Casper, John 23; 
Cassell, John Francis 29; Miner; Native; N.E, Comer 

Dupont & Broadway. 
Casserly, Patrick 38; Boardinghouse keeper; Naturalized; 

707 Front St. 
Cassidy, Phillip 38; Teamster; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Gas sidy, iidward 24; Butcher; Native; 116 St, ^ark's Place. 
Cassidy, Hugh 35; Carpenter; New York; Presidio Road. 
Cassidy, John 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 25 Everett. 
Cassidy, John Henry 36; Engineer; Naturalized; 316 Vallejo 

Gas si e, 





Casson, Bernard 42; 
Castello, James 30; 

Engineer; Native; 516 Bryant 
Merchant; Naturalized; 42 Natoma 
Spinner; Naturalized; Howard St., bet. 

Fifteenth & Sixteenth. 
Laborer; Natiiralized; Cor. Geary and 

Tsgr lor. 
Laborer; Naturalized; 16 Taylor 
Castle, Frederick Levy; 36; Merchant; Naturalized; 

1115 Stockton. 
Castle, Josej^ 49; Bricklayer; Native; 49 Clementina 
Castle, Stephen ^Vestley 41; Merchant; Native; 723 

Castle, William 39; Newspaper carrier; Naturalized; 

57 Shipley 
Castles, John 22; Teamster; Naturalized; Mission Road. 
Castner, Charles Augustus 34; Carpenter; Native; 

31 Stanford, 
Castner, Frederick Storraer 43; I«aborer; Native; Potrero, 

near Kentucky 
Isaac 55: Lumberman; Naturalized; Precita Valley 
William 'i^enry 38; Shi pear pen tor; Native; Potrero 
Alfred 27; Prlut dealer; illative; 430 Tehama 


Allen 52; Machinist; Native; 270 First St. 
George Edward 28; Bookkeeper; Native; 249 

Stevenson Street. 
Caswell, John Chadwick 43; Boatbuilder; Native; 109 First St. 






Nat* Loc* Kea* 

Caawollf Wilder Pierce 41; Carpenter; Naturalized; 

18 Clarence Place. 
Catagan, Cornelius 25; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Harrison 

and Dora Sts. 
Cathcart, "^^aes 43; Cooper; Naturalized; Ghesley St., 

near Harrison 
Caton, Alexander 36; Blacksmith; Native; Mission St. bet, 

17th and 10th Streets. 
Cattarina, ISaanuel 27; Fruit dealer; Native; Main St. bet. 

Mission and Market. 
Cauirield, John 52; Bootmaker; Naturalized; Sutter, bet. 

Montgomery & Kearney. 
Caulfield, Jfatrlck 40; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 147 

Cavallior, Jean Baptist Edmund 43; Broker; Naturalized; 

521 Post. 
Cavallier, Julius Fierce 21; Broker; Naturalized; 521 Post. 
Cavan, George 39; Ship builder; Kadburalizsd; 822 Union 
Cavanagh,.. James H. 30; Policeman; Naturalized; 

25 Clementina 
Cavana^,John 35; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 226 Stevenson 
Gavanagh, John 40; Tailor; Naturalized; 15 Battery 
Cavanagh, Morris 34; Porter; Naturalized; 56 Minna 
Cavanaugh, Michael 34; Butcher; Naturalized; Market, cor. 

Cavanaugh, Patrick 30; Drayman; Ireland; Larkin & Clay 
Cave, John 38; Laborer; Naturalized; 323 Clementina 
Caverly, Richard 24; Boilermaker; Naturalized by his father; 

7 Stevenson 
Cazman, William Leslie 26; Clerk; Native; 1709 Dupont 
Cazneau, ThcMnas N. 46; Insurance Adjuster; Native; 13th, bet< 

Ho>«ard and Mission. 
Cedarbloom, John Simeon 38; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 3 Perry 
Collner, William 30; Cigar maker; Native; 612 Pacific 
Center, David 39; Carpenter; Naturalized; Folsom, bet. 

20th and 21st Sts. 
Center, •'ones 49; Parmer; Naturalized; Howard, between 

Fifteenth and Sixteentii. 
Center, John 52; Real estate; Naturalized; N.W.Comer 

Folsom and Sixteenth. 
Cehtllvre, Charles 22; Painter; Native; 234 Kearney. 
Gentllvre, Francis 20; Hack driver; Native; Kearney, bet. 

Bush & Sutter. 
Gentllvre, Francis 28; Laborer; Native; 1324 '^earney, 
Gentllvre, Louis 24; Boatanan; Native; Comer Drumm and 

Cert, Julus 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 407 Taylor St. 
Ceyt, Jos. Carltjn 61; Mechanic; Native; 504 Clay 
Chaff a, Hezekiah Charles 35; Saloon keeper; Native; 

Midway Court. 
Chace, ^onry Augustus 45; Merchant; Native; 524 Howard. 
Chadbourn, LqvI 56; Orocer; Nefcive; Leavenworth, bet. 

0»?arrell and Ellis. 

Nama age. Occ* Mat. Loc« Has, 68 

Chadbum, Charles Frederick 25; Drajmian; Native; 914 

Chadboume, Jabez 47; Attorney; Native; 827 Bush. 
Chadboume, Joseph 36; Baker; Native; 1414 Dupont. 
Ghadboume, Joshau 33; Hay dealer; Native; Treat Ave., 

Bet. 21at and 22nd. 
Chadd, Richard Varich 22; Printer; iiative; 817 Vallejo 
Chadwick, i^athaniel Gookin 31; Carpenter; New Hampshire; 

Buchanan & Lombard Sta. 
Chagneau, Victor 49; Miller; Naturalized; Green, between 

Kearney and Montgomery # 
Chalmers, William 32; Drayman; ^Naturalized; 240 Clara 
Chaloner, John 68; Gardner; Naturalized; 2nd, nr.Brannan 
Challiol, George 46; Tailor; ***aturalized; 31st Mark's Place. 
Chamberlain, Henry I^nnan 42; Tinner; l^^aine; 1106 Taylor 
Chamberlain, James 34; Drayman; ^^atlve; Liberty, near 

Chamberlain, Joseph P. 35; Saloon keeper; .Native; 18 Tehama 
Chamberlain, Oscar I*. 41; Miner; Native; 34 Essex 
Chamberlain, R.M. 39; Produce dealer; ^ative; 850 Mission 
Chamberlain, Thomas 26; Surveyor; Native; Guerrero, b et. 

19th and 20th Sts. 
Chamberlain, William 23; Salesman; Connecticut; 1110 Clay 
Chamberlain, Aaron -^ewis 41; Merchant; ^ative; 648 Howard 
Chanberlain, Andrew *'ack3on 29; Physician; Native; 

410 Kearney 
Chambers, Charles H. 25; Butcher; i«ative; Brannan, near 10th 
Chambers, Charles ^enry 25; Butcher; Native; Potrero Ave. 
Chambers, Gaorge 44; iiessenger; Naturalized; 409 

Washington St. 
Chambers, **aroius C. 36; Laborer; Native; 563 Howard 
Chambers, Thomas James Allen 53; Real Estate; 712 

Champion, Adison 30; Miner; S.E.Cor. Broadway & Stockton. 
Champlin, iienry 30; Clerk; Native; 503 Polsom. 
Champlin, John l^ester 35; Boot and shoe maker; Native; 

107 San some. 
Chance, Prank 46; Carpenter; Native; Eighth, near Polsom 
Chandler, William Gould 38; Cl^rk; Native; 409 Pacific 
Chaney, Aaron ^7; Carpenter; Native; 665 Mission 
Chaney, John 40; Driver; 214 Tehama 
Chapelle, A. Marius 53; Heal Estate Agent; Naturalized; 

65 Minna St. 
Chapelle, Jacob Oilman 37; Police officer; N. Hampshire; 

Cor. Washington and Dupont 
Chapius, George Weller 33; Real Estate; Native; 12 Hubbard 
Chapman, Charles C. 60; Real Estate; Native; 509 Stockton 
Chapman, Gyrus C. 33; Merchant; Native; 943 Howard 
Chapman, George ii?illiam 43; Merchant; Native; 113 Minna 
Chapman, Henry 38; Painter; Native; 320 Pine. 
Chapman, Robert 35; Newspaper carrier; Naturalized; Gor. 

Mission and Second. 
Chapman, V/arren J. 23; Waterman; Native; 12 Central Place, 
Chapman, William Wade 38; Auctioneer; Native; 735 Pine 
Chappell, Roderick Golton 36; Order Clerk P.O. Native. 

Hyde and Chestnut. 





Occ: Nat: Loc. Res, 

Charles, Oeorge 50; Slater; Naturalized; Chestnut, near 

Charles, Henry Asa 43; Clerk; Native; 226 Green 
Charles, Isidore 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 153 Fourth 
Charles, Meehan 31; Plumber; Naturalized; 429 Union 
Charlton, John 35; Agent; Naturalized; 414 Union 
Chart, Obod 59; Parmer; England; Presidio Road. 
Charter,. James N.H. 34; Porter; Native; 39 Sixth 
Chase, Andrew Jackson 51; Merchant; Massachusetts*, 

California and Polk. 
Chase, E. Jacob 38; Butcher; Native; Comer Broadway and 

M<»itgomery Sta. 
Clark, Benjamin Mlliken 57; Carpenter; Native; Comer of 

Hayes and Pierce. 
Chase, Elbridge Gerry 53; Printer; Native; Polk St. so. of 

Chase, George ^ader 25; Stevedore; Native; 809 Battery 
Chase, George Washington 27; Laborer; Massachusetts; 

Salina Court. 
Chase, ftenry Augustus 32; Printer; Native; 4 Monroe 
Chase, Henry Peck 53; Clerk; Native; 6 Brady 
Chase, James Allen 51; Farmer; Native; Mason & Green. 

39; Stevedore; Native; 1518 Mason 

Porter; Native; 222 Fremont 
28; Parmer; New Hampshire; Filbert and 

55; Physician; Native; 110 Powell. 
Mactiinist; Native; Polsora, bet. 16th 

and 17th» 
Thomas Pepper 54; Contractor; Ngt ive; 328 Third, 
William T. 36; Carpenter; Native; 33 Tehama. 
William W. 54; Clerk; Native; 222 Fremont. 
Alexander 27; No occupation; Native; Chicago Hotel, 

Pacific Street. 

Chater, Alfred 39; Sugar Refiner; Naturalized; 1138 Folsom 
Chesseman, David W. 42; Aat. Treas. U.S. Native; 

23 Hawthorn 
Chessman, Morton 42; Broker; Native; 17 Stanley Place. 
ChessBian, Robert Bowen 38; Pile Driver; Native; 63 i^atoma 
Cheever, Henry A. 49; Merchant; i^ative; 26 Essex. 
Chenery, iieecivy Wales 38; Bookbinder; Native; R.R. House. 
Cheney, David Bachelder 46; Clergyman; Native; 1417 Taylor 
Cheney, Edwin Montgomery 29; Stoae cutter; -^''ative; 

615 Market St. 
Cherry, John Wesley 38; Painter; Native; 1225 Union 
Chesley, Charles ^erkins 32; Dentist; Native; 236 Minna 
Cheater, Frederick 23; Clerk; I'ative; 739 Howard. 

C ntractor. Naturalized; 619 Mission 
V/a^chman; Naturalized; 19th Street 

Marks Place. 

Chevera, William ^enry 38; Lav;yer; Native; 641 Market 
Cheyne, Robert 47; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; 140 First 
Chichester, Janes Ringgold 55; Polisher; Native; 109 

Stevens ton 
Chick, Augustus Cutts 40; Clerk; Native; 147 Silver. 
Chick, Jlwell 56; Carpenter; Maine; Larkin, near Clay. 





James Brown 
John E. 27; 
Marshall T. 

Robert i'ark 
Russell 46; 

Chester, Henry 33; 
Cheater, John 27; 

Name age occ. Nat. Loc* Res* 70 

Chick, Harrison 'dG; 'bookkeeper; Maine; I«irkln, near 

Child, Edwin P. 36; Broker; Native; 930 Mission 
Child, Janes Merchant 36; Carpenter; Massachusetts; Pacific, 

near Van Ness* 
Child, Thonaa Teasdell 30; Clerk; liatlve; Midway Court. 
Chllorosf, Samuel Sargent *'rentlce 24; Messenger at W.P, &Co., 

Native; Congress Hall; Bush St. 
Chllda, Charles W. 41; Collector; Native; N.S. Bush, bet. 

Kearney a nd Dupont. 
Chllds, Oeorge 36; Deputy Sheriff; Native; N.S. 0»Parrell, 

bet. Hyde and Larkln. 
Chlnn, Jones W. 44; Miner; Native; Mission, near Eleventh 
Chlpman, Kdward S. 34; Lawyer; Native; Greenwich and 

Chlpman, John Smith 61; Lawyer; Native; Union and Powell 
Chlpman, 40; Painter; Native; Union and Powell 
Chlttonden, Charles R. 22 i Moulder; Native; 527 Tehama 
Chittenden, l"<athaniel V71111am 48; Attorney; New ^ork; 

613 1/2 Stockton St. 
Clemens, George 27; Boatman, Naturalized; Broadway, near 

Chocknower, John Lewis 23; Clerk; Ohio; Port Point 
Cheynskl, Isidore Nathan 31; Dealer; Naturalized; 

118 Natoma 
Chrlstensen, Prancls 45; Carpenter; Naturalized; 225 Fourth 
Christian, Kdwln John 34; Hotelkeeper; i^atlve; 344 Battery 
Christiansen, Christian 49; Prest Occidental Ins. Co. 

Naturalized; Plfteenth & Plrst Ave. 
Christ!, ^^nry 46; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 714 

Christmas, William 40; Cook; Naturalized; 302 Premont 
Christy, Janes 39; Ship Blacksmith; Native; Mississippi, b ot. 

Solano and Mariposa. 
Christy, Robert 43; Carpenter; Native; Bailey House, 

San some 
Christy, Robert Prancls 27; Blacksmith; Native; 

570 Sacramento 
Chubick, Chas. liions 33; Bookkeeper; Native; American iixchange. 
Church, Andrew S.(no middle name) 36; Merchant; Native; 

127 Montgomery. 
Church, John Henry 24; Clerk; Naturalized; 612 

Sacramento St. 
Church, Samuel R. 32; Teamster; i^^ative; Cor. Fourteenth and 

Church, Thomas Rodolphus 3B; Clotlriler; Native; 1104 Powell 
Churchward, James 39; Expressman; Native; 161 Perry 
Chute, Richard 24; Collector; Native; ashington & Dunbar 
Cllls, James Henry 37; Clerk; i^atlve; 415 Filbert 
Clprico, George 44; ^hairdresser; Native; N. Side of 13th, bet. 

Howard and Polsom 
Citron, Morltz Louis 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 31 Johns 
Claffey, Hubert David 39; Carpenter; Native; 13 Ellis 
Claffey, Jol^in 35; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; Cor. 4th, 

and Tehama. 




Nat* Loc Res* 



Claffey, John 35: Prult dealer: Naturalized; 220 Fourth 
Claftln, Russel Henry 28; Driver; i^at've; S. side Bush St«, 

easvt of Cemetery Ave. 
Clair, John 50; Tailor; Naturalized; 115 Pacific 
Clan, William 39; Sailor; ^naturalized; 20 Commercial 
Clancy, Thcwias CulloQ 3ii; Cartman; Naturalized; 9 Perry 
Clancy, Thomas 33; Steamboatman; Naturalized; Broadway Wharf 
Clancy, Patrick 31; Teamster; ^Naturalized; S«V.'. Comer 

Leavenworth and Pacific 
Frank William 22; V/agonmaker; ^''ative; 534 Howard 
George H, 33; Physician; Native; Cor. Sixth & Howard 
Jason 51; Wagon maker; Native; 534 Howard 
Michael 40; Carpenter; Native; 218 Kearney 
aey, William 45; Laborer; Native; Broadway Palm House. 
Alfred 34; Police officer; Naturalized; 1213 Clay 
Charles Henry 20; Porter; Native; 512 Mission 
Charles Kittridge 24; Bookkeeper; Native; S.W, Comer 

Stockton & Jackson 
Phillip 47; V/atchraan; Native; —Louisa 
Wentworth 28; Laborer; Native; Harrison Ave., 

Bet. Seventh & Eighth. 
Charles William 47; Collector; New Hampshire; Polk, 

near Sacramento 
Christopher Francis 24; Steward; Native; 273 Jessie 
Daniel 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Pell, east of Webster 
Daniel 31; Lawyer; Native; Pine, bet. Montgomery 

and Sansome Sts. 
Edgar Bostwic 31; Carpenter; Native; 15 Second St. 
Edwin Patt 42; Stonemason; Native; 106 Geary 
Forest Perry 42; Carpenter; Native: 429 Greenwich 
Francis 52; Printer; Native; 1316 barney 
George 56; Mariner; Native; Cor. Pacific & Stockton 
30; Ship Carpenter; Native; 53 Stevenson 
33; Laborer; Naturalized; Ecker, between 

Stevenson and Mission 
Burnett 27; Watchman; Native; What Cheer. 
Washington; 48 Carpenter; Native; Market, bet. 

Montgomery & Sansome. 
Grosvenor 38; Clerk; ^ative; 328 Montgomery. 
Washington 41; Merchant; Native; 720 Union 
48; Furniture Dealer; Native; 

26 Montgomery. 
James Augustus 23; Milkmai s Vermont; Scott and 

32; Car driver; Native; Sixth and Brannan. 
40; Laborer; l^aturalized; Corner of Filbert 

Old Sansome. 
47; Builder; ^Naturalized; 14 Hawthorne. 
Goddard 32; Bank teller; Native; Green and 

Leavenworth Sts. 
Josdph 38; Miner; Native; Occidental Hotel. 
Joseph 55; Pile driver; Naturalized; S.E. Comer 

Pine and Battery Sts. 
Clark, Joseph Edward 43; None; Native; Clementina, bet. 

First and Second, 























Loc. Res. 



Clark, Jubal 47; Laborer; ^ative; Spoar, near Folsom 
Clark, Judson Harris 33; Conf octloner; Maine; 5 Tay 
Clark, Leonard S. 30; Lawyer; Native; Nevada, near Polsom 
Clark, Michael Angelo 33; Contractor; Native; Cor .Hayes 

and Fillmore 
Clark, Murtoy 3iij Naturalized; Laborer; Filbert, near 

Mont gome r*^ 
Clark, Nathan 46; Artist; Native; North side Pacific, two doors 

above Taylor. 
Clark, Orange 68; Clergyman; Native; N.E. Comer 

Washington & Jones* 
Clark, Patrick 30; Shomaker; Naturalized; 141 Shipley 
Clark, Ponioroy Barnes 45; Merchant; Native; 50 South i'ark. 
Clark, Richard S. 26; Deputy Assessor; Native; 713 Bush 
Clark, Cool. Robert 46; Farmer; Mission Road; ^ative 
Clark, Robert Frank 25; Custom House J Native; 510 Ellis 
Clark, Rodney 37; Carpenter; Native; 1920 Taylor 
Clark, Seymour Benjamin 34; ^r chant; Native; 

Cosmopolitan Hotel. 


Terrence 35; ''^borer; ^Naturalized; 113 St. Mark's 






Willi an 



Thomas 38; Stone cutter; *»aturalized; Eddy, W. 
Thomas B. 43; U.S.TreasuryiNatlve; 26 Essex. 
William 48; Nurse City & Co. Hospital; Naturalized; 

71 Tehama 
Clark, William 37; Laborer; Naturalized; Downey, near 

Clark, William 32; Bartender; i^ative; Cor. Vallejo and 

en3?y 47; Attorney; Maine; 834 Clay St. 
Perrince 40; Carpenter; Native; Guerrero, 

bet 16th and Wth. 
Clarke, Charles Russell 34; Teacher; Native; Cor. ^ason 

and O'Farrell. 
Clarke, gdward 31; Carpenter; '"atlve; Hyde, near O'Farrell. 
Clarke, enry K. 47; Lawyer; Native; 913 Pine. 

^anes 32; Marketman; ^''aturalized; 145 *'essie 
Jeremiah 50; Lawyer; Native; 1517 Hason 
Jolin James;32; Carpenter; New York; 1216 Taylor 
Matthew 48; laborer; Naturalized; Filbert, between 

San some and Montgomery. 
Peter Gordan 40; Naturalized; Clerk. 639 Mission. 
Thomas 32; Dlaoksmlth; Naturalized; Natoma, bet. 

Eighth and Ninth. 
Clarkson, William "^scar 55; Lawyer; Native; 131 Second 
Clai^, raster 38; laborer; Naturalized; Folsom, bet. 16th & 17th. 
Clauson, Charles 40; Mariner; Naturalized; 18 Frederick 
Claussen, Honrj 43; Naturalized; Cor. Dupont and Harlem Place. 
Claxton, George Wilson 40; Mariner^ ^''atlve; R.R.House 
Clay, Jabez ^erry 52; Brlckmaker; "atlve; E* side Dolores 

between 15th and 16th. 
Clayberg, Albert 32; Clothier; ^»aturallzed; 212 Ellis 
Clayton, Charles 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 558 Folsom 
Clayton, Fra^ik De Lamar; 51; Bookkeeper; Native; 1206 Stockton 
Clayton, Furman 51; Engineer; Native; 1223 Mason. 
Clayton, Gilbert 24; Gas fitter; atlve; 1223 Mason. 







Kama age Occ* Kat* LocHes* 

Clayton, Hugh Jackson 56; Restaurant; Native; V/ebb and 

Sacramento Sts* 
Clayton, William 30; Painter; Naturallzedj 20 Rusa 
Cleary, Thomas Jennings 53; Waterman; Naturalized; Pulton, 

east of Laguna* 
Cleary, William Henry 40; Merchant; Native; American fix* 
Cleary, Edward 26; Iron Moulder; Naturalized; 39 Minna 
Cleary, John 34; Fireman; Naturalized; 50 Natoma 
Cleary, Patrick 30; Shoamaker; iiaturalized; 75 Stevenson St. 
Cleary, Robert 34; Stevedore; Naturalized; Polsor^i, near Beale 
Cleave, Thomas 33; Stevedore; Naturalized; 146 Natoma 
Cleaves, Payne Ed 32; Tanner; Native; Cor. Brannan & 9th St. 
Clees, Peter 41; Billiard table maker; Naturalized; 

315 Jackson St. 
Clement, Daniel 39; Carpenter; Naturalized; Trinity, between 

Bush and Sutter. 
Clement, Kj^iriam Berman 36; Searcher of Records; Na^tlve; 

526 Green. 
Clesient, Jabez 30; Lawyer; Native; 2004 Powell 
ClM&ent, Josepii 36; Searcher of Records; i^atlve; 

526 Oreen. 
Clement, Lucius Grldley 34; Gentleman; Native; 1803 Dupont. 
Cldaent, Peter 29; Upholsterer; Naturalized; 913 Post. 
ClMient, Roswell Parclvllle 40; Lawyer; Native; 803 Union 
Clement, Rufus Harvey 29; Salesman; Native; 31 Battery 
Clements, John 22; Pressman; Native; Chambers St. 
Cleveland, John 23; Blacksmith; Illinois; Presidio 
Cleveland, Reuben Swain 31; Clerk; Native; Ritch St., 
Clifford, Thomas Child 24; Drayman; Native; 714 Geary 
Clinton, James 32; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Cor. Rltch 

and Harrison. 
Clinton, James Joseph 22; Bag-sewer; Native; 1309 Stockton 
Clinton, James 41; Dray^^ui; Naturalized; Natoma, near 5th 
Cllsby, Set 28; Stevedore; Native; 66 Clanentlna 
Cloney, Denis; Laborer; Naturalized; 510 Minna 
Close, Myron Coleman 28; Clerk; Native; 742 Market 
Close, William 32; Policeman; Native; 742 Market 
Clothecy, William Purcell 37; Clerk; New York, 604 Dupont 
Clough, Amos 53; No occuj^atlon; Native; 722 Howard 
Clough, Elijah 35; Printer; Native; 245 Minna 
Clough, John Franklin 24; Laborer; Native; —Howard. 
Clough, Sidney Alonzo 26; Laborer; Native; Taylor, near 

Clough, William Woodward 30; Butcher; Native; 334 Third. 
Clusby, John 33; Teamster; Naturalized; Filbert, near Jones 
Clyde, James Stewart 41; Liquor; Naturalized; 

Leldesdorff and Halleck. 
Clyde, Bobert Sutter 46; Attorney; Naturalized; 

51 Stevenson 
Coad, Alfred 31; Engineer; Naturalized; K. 12 Engine House 
Coady, Patrick John 33; Roadmaster; Naturalized; 

San Jose Road. 
Coakley, Cornelius 60; Plasterer; Naturalized; 19th St. 

Mark's Place. 



occ* Nat» 

Loo* Res. 


Coaney, Daniel 29; Laborer; Naturalized; 112 Wllllaa 
CoateSf Moses Hamilton 56; Carpenter; Native; 610 Third 
Coates, Theodore Hamilton 25; Hatter; Native; 610 Third 
Cobb, Charles Henry 23; Jeweller; Native; 616 Merchant. 
Cobb, Henry Adolphus 49; Auctioneer; By adoption, 

1413 Powell. 
Cobby Uosea Gill 45; Attorney; Native; Cor, Steiner and 

McAllister Sts, 
Cobb, William H* 35; Clerk; Native; 331 Fremont* 
Cobum, Parker 25; Carpenter; Native; S. aide Vallejo 

bet# Powell and Stockton. 
Cochran, John 48; Builder; Native; Cor. 4th and Tehama 
Cochran, Joseph Park 36; Clerk; Native; 23 Hawthorn 

Cochran, Robert 47; Carpenter; Naturalized; 
Cocliran, Robert Nixon 42; Butcher; Native; 

1309 ^earney 
Green & Powell 

Cockrill, Theodore Ouvora o2; Salesman; Native; 28 O'Parrell 




Ulchael 42; 
^lomas 38; 


near Hyde 

Cochrin, John 60; Boiler-maker; Naturalized; Grove 

iiBL3t of Laguna. 
Cocks, Brazllla 42; Shlpjolner; Native; 46 Tehama 
Codington, Wllllan Henry 38; Bookmaker; Native; 509 
Cody, Matthew 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 49 Jessie 

Merchant; Naturalized; Chestnut, 

Policeman; Naturalized; 3 Beraard 

Coe, Edward ^enry 40; Custom House Officer; Native; 

Calhoun Street. 
Norwood 28; Box-maker; Native; 217 Market 
24; Clerk; Native; 13 Tehama. 
Coffee, John 37; Policeman; Naturalized; 57 Everett 
Coffee, John Fagan 42; Stevedore; Naturalized; 141 Natoma 
Coffee, Joseph 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Sixth, nr. Brannan 
Coffee, Lewis 42; Boiler Manufacturer; Native; 516 Stockton 
Coffee, Trucius 27; Painter; Native; —Jessie 
Coffin, Alexander Guy 46; Laborer; New York; Brannan Place. 
Coffin, Benjamin (jr.) 42; Cooper; Native; 31 Natoma 
Coffin, Charles Honry 27; Draftsman; Native; -—Minna. 
Edwin Austin 4ii; Laborer; Native; 20 Clara 
Fred Sanford 30; Mechanic; Native; 120 Natoma. 
Coffin^, George 54; Stevedore; Native; 530 Polsom. 
Coffin, James Henry 38; Carpenter; Native; 277 Stevenson 
John Folger 43; Manufacturer; Native; 618 Lombard 
John Wesley 59; Merchant; Native; 822 Broadway. 
Peter Folger 42; Porter; Native; Bernard bet. 

Jones and Leavenworth Sts. 
Coffin, Robert Gardiner 49; Cooper; Native; 21 Minna 
Coffin, Hodolphus William 27; Druggist; Native; Cor. 16th 

and Valencia Sts. 
Coggeshall, Josiah Hammond 44; Druggist; Native; 120 Perry 
Coggeshall, William A. 43; Merchant; Native; 703 Taylor 
Coggeshall, Willi ani Alny 59; Lumber surveyor; Native; Bush, 

bet. Sansorae and Battery 
Coghill, Andrew Jackson 38; Mercheuit; Virginia; 1215 Clay 
Coghill, Thovma Benton 30; Merchant; Native; Coanopolitan Hotel 
Cogll, John 47; Teacher of Dancing; Native; 1410 Powell 
Cogswell, Henry Daniel (Dr.)46; Physician; Native; 610 Front. 
Cogswell, Janws Lafayette 37; Dentist; i^ative; 117 Second, 
Cohea, Edward 38; Conductor i*arkot St., R.R. ; Native; 

Valencia between 16th and 17th Sts. 




Kame age occ* Nat. Loc. Res. 

Cohen, Abraham 26; Tailor; Naturalized; 6 Front. 

Cohen, Benjamin 20; Grocer; Naturalized; 232 Sixth 

Cohen, Harris 46; Merchant; Naturalized; 25 Stone St« 

Cohen, Henry 29; Accountant; Native; 515 Pine 

Cohen, Simon Shareps 28; Clerk; Naturalized; 131 Pacific 

Cohen, Adolphua 21; Printer; Native; Yifashington Hoae (sic) 

Cohen, Elkan 55; Clergyman; Naturalized; 117 Taylor 

Cohen, Henry 30; Draym«ui: Naturalized; 163 Minna 

Cohen, Isidore 36; Merchant; Naturalized; 217 Minna 

Cohen, Isador 48; None; Naturalized; 38 First St., 

Cohen, Lewis 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 510 Oreen. 

Cohen, Meyer A. 54; Clork; Naturalized; 822 Market 

Colt, Bonjamln Billings 65; Physician; Native; Cor. Market 

and Montgomery Sts. 
Colbert, John Honry 22; Blacksmith; Native; 516 Bryant 
Colboume, Charles Henry 30; Expressman; Massachusetts; 

14 Qulncy St. 
Colbum, Reuben Baxter 26; R.R. Conductor; Native; Seventh 

and Brannan 
Colboum, Richard 42; Sheriff's Officer; Naturalized; Calhoun St«, 
Colbum, George Lyman 35; Supt. Home Inebriate; Native; 

Stockton & Chestnut. 
Colbum, Thomas Wainwright 50; Mining Secretary; Native; 

1825 Stockton 
Colby, Benjamin Franklin 43; Bricklayer; Native; Howard, bet. 

10th and 19th. 
Colby, Hiram Hoyt 26; Ffaterman; Native; 416 O'Farrell 
Colby, James T. 44; Ship builder and caulker; Native; S, side 

Ridley, bet. Mission & Valencia. 
Colby, Tebuson Flanders 35; Merchant; Native; Meiggs Wharf. 
Cole, Edmond Clark 40; Painter; Native; Hyde, near Union 
Cole, Elijah Townsend 48; Custom House Officer; Native; 

Cor. Pine and Montgomery 
Cole, George ^enry 27; Carpenter; Native; 118 St. Mark's Place. 
Cole, John 36; Harness Maker ; Naturalized; 632 Second St. 
Cole, Josiah Leonard 58; Carpenter; Native; 1020 Jackson 
Cole, Nathaniel Palmer 35; Furniture dealer; Native; 

730 Sutter St. 
Cole, Nathoiiel William 42; Mechanic; Maine; 618 Pine 
Cole, Richard Beverly 37; Physician; Native; S.E. Comer 

Stockton and Broadway. 
Coleman; Alonzo Nelson 42; Merchant; Native; 330 Sutter. 
Coleman, Charles 24; Clothing; Naturalized; 1024 Jackson 
Coleman, David R. 40; Shipsmith; Native; 609 Powell 
Coleman, Ezra 56; Manufacturer; Native; 777 Market 
Coleman, James -^rrington 44; Merchant; Naturalized; 

Brooklyn Hotel. 
Coleman, James Stanislaus (sic) 27; Clerk; Native; 

118 Preelon 
Coleman, John 50; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Hayes St., east of 

Coleman, John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 9 Noble Place. 
Coleman, John E.W. 39; Painter; Native; 412 Tehama 
Coleman, Joseph Wadsworth 57; Carpenter; Native; 446 Siird. 





Nat. Log. Hea. 

345 }3rannan 
Sacramento and 
San some 
133 Clara 
777 Market 


Coleman, Michael 39} Hostler; Naturallzed| 
Coleman, Morris 31 j Merchant; Naturalized; 

Coleman, Patrick 35; -laborer; Naturalized; 

Goleiflan, Thomas •^r. 33; ^^erohant; Native; 

Coleman^ Thomas 63; Shoemakerjj Natural zed; 710 

Colea, Albert i^; Conductor; atlve; 7^4 Folaom 

Coles, lidward VVilks Snerks i^5; Walter; atlve; 51 Natoma 

Collan, Thomas 35; ^-aborer; Naturalized; Mary's ^ane 

Collerhahon. Cornelius 38; ^aborer; Naturalized! Hyda and 

^rkin Streets 

Collet, Christopher 36; Baker; Naturalized; 1223 Stockton 
Collie, Willi ari iiay 34; Gardener; Naturalized; 27 Oeary 
Collier, Frederick 40; Livery j Native; 630 Sacramento 
Colllgan, Terrence 30; Laborer; Naturalized; South aide Vallejo, 

one door from ^arkln 
Colllgun, Andrew o4; Distlllor; i-aturalized; Between Seventh 

and Eighth, ^ Bryant and Hrannan 
Collins, Albert Frank 25; i3ookkeopor; Vemont; 821 California 
Collins, Benjamin R. 40; Teamster; Native; 208 Fifth 
Collins, Jr. Banjamln 26; Printer; Native; 248 *'essle 
Collins, 13enjaniln 60; Carpenter; Native; 248 ^^essie 
Collins, Cornelius 30; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 151 Natoma 
Cornelius 46; Builder; Naturalized; Brooklyn iiotel 
David 50; Laboror ; i~*aturalized; 1332 Washington 
David 66; Mas tor Mariner; *'ative; 208 Fifth 
Dennis Benjaaln 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 922 Pine 
Edward Sanuel 34; Gas fitter; Native; S.E. Corner 

v^allejo and Kearney 
Collins, George H. 24; Clerk; Native; 525 Howard 
Collins, «fames Young 32; Engineer; ^'atlve; American Exchange 
Collins, John 28; Brass finisher; Naturalized; 565 Howard 
John 53; Laborer; ^"aturalized; 66 Stevenson 
John Washburn 21; Deputy Tax Collector; Native; 

1808 Stockton 

Mortimer 26; Plasterer; ^Naturalized; 277 Minna 
Patrick 35; Labor^^r; Naturalized; Polsom, b etwoen 

Minna and Beale 
Patrick 46; '^'aborer; Naturalized; 449 Stevenson 
Patrick J. 28; Carpenter; ^ atlve; 428 Clementina 
Peter 32; Porter; Natia'al Ized; 20 Dupont 
R*diard 33; Carpenter; "atlve; 248 Jessie 
Sal V in ^erry 37; Liquor Dealer; Native; 

610 Bush Street 





Collins, Savory King 42; *ie:'chant; Mass.; 839 California 
Collins, Silas H. 38; Teanister; ^^atlve; 206 i'^ifth 
Collins. Willi an 38; Nigtit ..atchman; Naturalized; Corner Butte 
' and Florida 

Collischom, Charles 34; Clerk; Naturalized; 110 Eddy 
Colllson, John A. 36| Coiner in Mint; Native; Corner Dupont and 

' Harlan Place 

Colson. Edward Augustus 48; ';„atom House Officer; Naturall^od; 

Potrero, near Glass ^ouso 
Colter, John 43; Police; Naturalized; Pfeiffer St. 
Colvln. James 62; Wood Dealer; ^''ative; Corner Ecker and 

karke t 

Name age occ. Mat* Loc. Rea* 77 

Colvln, John Hugh 36; Gasfltter; Naturalized; Filbert, 

near Hyde 
Combes, John Caman 40; Saloonkeeper; Native; 1230 Stockton 
Collins, Timothy 37; Mason; Naturalized; 548 Tehama 
Comer, Bartholomew 45; Laborer; Naturalized; —-Minna 
Comfort, Henry 3kJ; Parmer; Naturalized; Old San Jose Road. 
Comings, John H. 30; Clerk; Native; 264 First 
Comlns, Loring 33; Teamster; Native; N, side 16th, between 

Dolores and Guerrero 
Comlns, Paschal Bacon 57; None; Native; 1067 Broadway 
Coraraerseel, Herman L, 46; Merchant; Naturalized; 823 Suttor 
Commlns, Edward 36; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor. 11th & Mission 
Corapton, James Van Sellls 28; Car driver; Native; South East 

Cor. Seventh and Brannan. 
Compton, Kinnith Hawklnson 27; Cigamaker; Native; 318 Pine 
Corastock, Arnold ^rtin 44; Miner; Native; 810 Vallejo 
Comyns, John 37; Caulker; Naturalized; Liberty St. 
Comyns, Lawrence 40; Caulker; Naturalized; Gilbert 
Conahan, Francis 39; Naturalized; First & Bryant 
Conant, Benjamin Hartwell 38; Solicitor; Native; 212 Second 
Conary, Otis 35; Stevedore; Native; 260 First 
Condls, Charles Gooley 22; Clerk; Native; 8 0»Parrell 
Condlt, Ira Miller 33; Preacher; Pennsylvania; 800 Stockton 
Condon, Morris 28; Porter; Native; 510 Front. 
Condrick, John 30; Longshoreman; Naturalized; Filbert bet. 

Kearney and Montgomery 
Condrla, Jaaes Thomas 29; Butcher; ^atlve; S.K.Cor. Hayes 

and Laguan 
Cone, Jesse Brock 37; Broker; Native; 519 Jones 
Cone, William ^enry 33; Merchant; Michigan; Virginia Place 
Conelly, David Wilson 60; Capitalist; Native; 834 Sacramento 
Conelly, James Edwin 27; Galker; Naturalized; 510 Sacramento 
Conerton, Matthew 32; laborer; Naturalized; Sansorae, bet. 

Pacific and Jackson 
Coney, Alexander 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 813 Dupont St. 
Coney, Daniel 48; U.S. Weigher; Native; Filbert nr. Larkln 
Coney, John 28; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 509 Minna 
Congdon, George 48; Real Estate; Native; 4th and Mission 
Congdon, ^enry Bliss 32; Clerk; Native; Cor. Diamond & 16th 
Conklln, Frank G. 26; Clerk; Native; 800 Bush 
Conkling, David 30; Merchant; Native; 555 Harrison 
Conkling, George W. 41; iierchant; Native; 962 Mission 
Conlan, Bernard 35; i'aborer; Naturalized; Sherwood Place. 
Conlan, Michael 37; Laborer; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Conley, John 32; Printer; **atlve; Turk SI;. West of Laguan 
Cc»iley, John 28, Shlpcarpenter; Native; Potrero 
Conlln, Jsunes W. -:2; Laborer; Naturalized; Block bounded 

by Seventh & E*ghtti, Bryant and Brsuinan* 
Conlin, John Francis 32; Contractor; Naturalized; 111 O'Parrell 
Conlin, John James 27; Carpenter; Naturalized; 209 Perry 
Conlin, Patrick 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 508 Vallejo 
Gonlon, Francis 34; Naturalized; 4 Sherwood Place; Laborer 
Conlon, John P. 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 307 First. 
Conlon, Matthew 26; Teamster; Naturalized; New England House, 



i^aaie age occ« nat, loc. res. 78 

Gonlon, Mohael 'd9} ^aboror; Naturalized; Brannan, near 

(jonly, Patrick 30; i<'orerian; l^aturalized; Folsom and Stewart 
Coniiar, John <i4| ISoilerniaktir j l<atlve; 518 Mission 
Connauliton, Tliomas 44; Laborer; Naturalised; Lombard, 

near Powell 
Connel, Michael 39? Laboror; haturaliised; '^otrero, near 

North»3 Ship Yard. 
Conn ell, Gliarlea jOaniol 33; Bakor; **atui'ali£od; Stockton, between 

Pacific and Broadway 
Connell, Hu^^i 33; Laboror; J^reland; Pine and Larkin 
Goniiell, James 35; Laborer; Naturalized; ^^ain, between 

iiarket i: Mission 
Connell, James /• 29; Carpenter; Naturalized; Clotnentana, 

betwaen Eighth & Ninth 
Connell, Kichard 33; Garriur; i-'aturallzed; ii6 Perry 
Gonnell, Thocias 46 j Shimrright; Naturalized; 16 Silver it. 
Connell, Vi/ra« -harloa 35; Policeman; Naturalized; 

409 Brannan 
Connelly, lidward Andrew 35; Bricklayer; S.i']. Corner Kills 

and l«arkln 
Connelly, John Gardiner 54; Tailor; i*ative; 817 Kearney 
Connelly, John William isk;; Laborer; Native; 1020 Pacific 
Connelly, «iartin 51; Boiler maker; Naturalized; 

549 Mission 
Connelly, ^atriok Butler 30; Porter; Naturalized; Corner 

Howard and 21st 
Connelly, Thoraas 29 1 Laundrytiian ; Native; Brannan, near 3rd 
Connelly, Timothy 35; ''^boror; Naturalized; 38 Natoma 
Conner, Charles Wilson 35; Goopur; *«ative; 106 Market 
Conner, Hugh 27; Porter; Naturalized; 211 Clara 
Conner, Morris 62; ''^borer; Naturalized; Francisco, near 

Conner, Singleton Sen. 42; Garpontor ; Native; 441 Minna 
Conners, Daniel 22; Hiborer; Native; 40 Jackson 
Conner^', *^aBi©s 23; Machinist; "ative; 510 Sacramento 
Conner y, Martin 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Ninth and 

Conneston, J^artin 34; Laborer; Naturalized; South aide Broadway 

between Mason and Taylor 
Connlcan, Patrick 44; "^aborer; "aturall zed; ^askill Street, 

near Mission 
Conniff, Michael 40; Garpeittter; Naturalized; Perry, near Third 
Connlft#''lotiolas 46; Contractor; Naturalized; 29 V/elch 
Conniff, Patrick 70; No occupation; Naturalized; —Hubbard 
Gonnig, Peter38; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 26 Perry 
Connihan, Patrick 29; Teamster; Naturalized; 646 Howard 
Conning, James 54; No occupation; Naturalized; 662 Howard 
Connolly, James 34; Saloon; Naturalized; corner *^arket and 

Connolly, John 35; Te-inster; Naturalized; 922 Harrison 
Connolly, John 31; -laborer; ^Naturalized; lor, 4th & Jessie 
Connolly, John 50; Musician; Naturalized; 114 Bush 
Connolly, Martin 51; Teamster; Naturalized; Brannan, near Sixth 
Connolly, Michael 39; Hnnchor; Natural: zed; Potrero 




Nat* Loc« Res. 





Poter 23; 

Peter 53; 
Thomas 38; 

Connolly, Thomas 31; 

Michael 44; Laborer; Naturalized; —Mission 
Owen 45; Butcher; Naturalized; Cor* WdL ter and 

Patrick 34; Miner; Naturalized; 56 Tehama 
Patrick ti6; Gar driver; Naturalized Tehama, bet. 

Fourth and Fifth 
Conductor; Naturalized; 844 Folsom 
Contractor; Naturalized; 23 Rausch 
Provision Store; Naturalized; 

920 Howard* 
Laborer; Naturalized; Cor* Kate and 

Fi llmore * 
Connoly, V/lillam 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Tittell's Bldg* 
Connor, Edward Jr., 41; Gardener; Naturalized; 28 Hunt 
Connor, John 29; Butcher; Naturalised; Potrero 
Connor, John William 35; Clerk; Native; 504 Second. 
Connor, Oliver Franklin 45; Teamster; Native; Siiotwell bet* 

20th and 21st* 
Connor, Patrick 41; Broker; Naturalized; 22 Stockton 
Connor, William 0. 31; Butcher; Native; 410 Polaom 
Conolly, William 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Filbert, bet. 

Hyde and Leavenworth. 
Conrad, Christian 34; Druggist; Native; 641 Mission 
Conrad, i^avid 38; Fruit dealer; Native; 14 Tehama 
Conro, Frederick D* 50; Merchant; Native; 216 7th, near 

Fo la torn St* 
Conroy, Francis 52; Blacksmith; Ireland; Green and Van Ness 
Conroy, James 44; Laborer; Naturalized; Vallejo St* 
Conroy, John 24; Turner; Native; Spear, bet. Mission and 

Market Sts* 
Conroy, Jo^ 42; Janitor; Native; 420 Stevenson 
Conroy, John 28; Expressman; Naturalized; 18 Louisa 
Conroy, Michael Cornelius 34; Clerk; Native; 1912 Mason 
Conroy, Thomas 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 127 Pacific 
Convery, Patrick 40; laborer; Naturalized; 412 Davis 
Conway, Eli as N. 23; Clerk; Native; 820 Howard. 
Conway, Francis 39; Cooper; Native; Beal, near Folsom 
Conway, Janes ^onry 37; Parmer; Missouri; Broadway and 

Van Ness* 
Conway, John 35; Butcher; Naturalized; Potrero 
Conway, John 63; Laborer; Naturalized; Vincent Street* 
Conway, John Henry 24; Collector; Nst Ive; 106 Ellis 
Conway, John Hector 31; Policeman; Native; Midway Court 
Conway, Michael 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Garden Street 
Conway, Michael 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Sacramento Hotel, 

Pacific St* 
Conway, Michael Gorman 48; Saddler; Naturalized; 721 Market 
Conway, Morris 37; Laborer; Ireland; Pine and Gough* 
Conway, Philip 32; Plasterer; Naturalized; Clinton, bet* 

Bryant and Brannan 
Conway, Thomas 35; Carriage-driver; Naturalized; Clay St., 

near Hyde St* 
Coogan, John 49; Laborer; Naturalized; Sansome, bet* 

Union and Green. 
Cook, Alexander 43; Blacksmith; Native; 48 Minna* 






Loo. Res* 


Cook, Algernon Mornington 43; Teamster; Native; 

McAllister, west of Laguna* 
Cook, Charles 51; Policeman; New York; Van Ness & Clay 
Cook, Eli 47; Builder; Native; Cor. Bryant and Sixth. 
Cook, Iillisha 43 1 Attorney-at-law; Native; 847 Howard 
Cook, Fayette 35; Mason: Massachusetts: 522 Dupont 
Cook, George Gilman 28; Steamboat fireman; Native; City 

Front House; D^vis Street. 
Cook, Horatio Nelson 25; Merchant; Native; 1517 Taylor 
Cook, Ira 30; laborer; Native; 119 Natoraa 
Cook, Irvine Alfred 40; i^Iachinist; 6 Hinckley 
Cook, Isaac 40; Lumber dealer; Native; N.V/.Comer Laguna 

and Pulton 3ts. 
Cook, James 42; Machinist; Native; 305 Bryant 
Cook, James Alvan 25; Chemist; Native; 219 Tehama 
Cook, James Dixon 22; Waiter; Native; 12 Sutter 
Cook, John 35; Engineer; Naturalized; Green, near Mason 
Cook, John Hoc tor (sic) 45; Game dealer; Native; Vallejo 

St. side, 5 doors above Mason. 
Cook, Marcus Morton 30; Milk business; Native; Bush, bet 

Scott and Pine. 
Cook, Mathew Mark 57; Merchant; Naturalized; 1517 Taylor 
Cook, Michael 39; Laborer; Native; Point Loboa Road. 
Cook, Mchael 35; Conductor: Naturalized; 200 Third. 
Cook, Napoleon B. 38; Carpenter; Native; Howard, bet 

15th and 16th. 
Cook, Oliver Perry 37; Stewards Native; Brooklyn Hotel. 
Cook, Pardon Avery 40; !4ilk business; Native; I^sh, between 

Scott and Pierce Sts, 
Cook, Rome Casey 31; Clerk; Native; 1417 Kearney 
Cook, Samuel Mayberry 34; Tinman; Maine; Cor. Taylor and 

Cook, Thomas 25; Steamboat man; Naturalized; Cor. 

Broadway and Davis. 
Cook, William Alexander 33; Polloanan; Native; 

327 Green. 
Cook, Philip 36; Printer; ^Naturalized; 101 0»Farrell 
Cooke, William Brooks 39; Merchant; Native; 1116 Powell 
Cook, Seth 35; Miner; New York; Clay, near Stockton. 
Cook, Sidney Pearl 22; Assayer; Native; lgl7 Taylor 
Cook, Smith Benham 41; Moulder; Native; 407 Pacific 
Cooledge, Janes Appleby 51; Secretary; Native; 420 Second 
Coombs, John Hayes 38; Ship carpenter; Native; 

253 Tehama. 
Coon, Charles D. 31; Accountant; Native; 1010 Bush 
Coon^ Hftary P. 43; Mayor; Native; Geary, bet Hyde and 

Cooney, John 38; Porterman; Naturalized; 417 Powell 





local res. 






Eugene Thatcher 27; Clerk; Native; 137 Silver 
Henry 30| Bricklayer; Native; Cor. Montgomery 

and Bu3h, July 30, 1B66 
John Adams 33 j Driver; Native; 215 Tehcuna; July 12 
John B.H.74: Natui'alized; 821 Bush: Aug. 4 
Levis 46; Marina; Naturalized; 2 Clay; July 10 
Oliver 40; Boatbuilder; Native; 515 Broadway; July 27 
Copithorne, Richard 27; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 10 Rausch St. 
Copp, John Oreonshaw 50; Tinsmith; Native; 116-118 Sansome 

June 21, 1966 
Copp, Natlianiel Peabody 47; Merchant; Native; 30 Third 
Corbell, Qeorge V/ashlngton 33; Painter; Native; 8 Virginia; 

July 14, 1866 
Corbet, David 39; Grocer; Naturalized; 103 O'PaiTToll: 

June 15, 1866 
Thomas 23; Clerk; Native; 816 Bush; July 22 
Alexander C. 33; Plasterer; Naturalized; No. 3 

Howard Court; July 31 
fidward Willis 40; Merchant; New York; 123 Prospect 
James 27; Engineer; Native; 23 Natoma; July 31 
corbett, 48; Merchant; Naturalized; 43 Clara; July 30 
Corbett, John C. 34; Real Estate; Native; N.E. Corner 

Queri?dX»o Sc 16th Sts. June 11, 1366 
Corbett, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; S. side Broadway, 

bet. Leavenworth and Jonea; July 14. 
Corbett, Patrick Joseph 29; Haokm&n; Naturalized; Geneva St 
Corbett, Samuel Janea 28; Custom House lY^spector; New York; 

California near Kearny; July 5s6th Ward 
Corbett, William 37; Pilot; Naturalized; 221 Green; Aug. 2. 
Coroeds, Alldrich John Frederick 30; Merchant; Germany; 

Broadway and Octavia; July 11. 
Daniel 26; Laborer; *»ative; 903 Polsom; June 25 
Daniel -^etor 35; Tailor; Naturalized; 104 Bush 
David 22; Porter; Native; 516 Brycnt; July 30 
John 31; Porter; Natural ized; 83 Stevenson; July 17 
Michael 39; Drayman; Naturalized; 549 Bryant 
Simon 55; Laborer; Naturalized; 139 Shipley 
Yfilliam 34; Builder; Naturalized; 366 Minna 
William 39; Porter; Naturalized; 1334 Pacific 
William Join 39: Civil Engineer; Native; Market, 

bet. Gough and Octavia; June 26 
Cordes, Claus Honrioh (sic) 40; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

20 Natoma St; July 16 
Cordes, Claus Henry 38; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

1007 Battery; June 30 
Cordes, Hermon 39; Merchant; Naturalized; Calhoun St. 
Cordes, JoJrn 28; Liquor dealer; Naturalized; Calhoun St. 
Corey, Thomas 40; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 813 Harrison 
Corger, Benjamin Tate 35; Merchant; Native; 212 Minna 
Corkoy, Charles 61; Crimper; Naturalized; 519 Bush, July 28 
Gorkey, Joseph Bernard 45; Druggist; i*ative; Original 

June 17, 1866 


Nastdt ag9< Occi Nat: Loo .Res: Date of Regt 82 

Corkery, Joseph Bernard 45; Druggist; Native; Original, June 17 
Corliss, Albert 30; Carpenter; Native; 551 Mission; July 12 
Comahrens, Herman 36; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Howard and 

Sixth; July 6, 1866 
Cornelius, John P. 37; I«aborer; 307 Premont; Aug. 3 
Cornell, Chauncey 52; Agent; Native; 1226 Sacramento St, June 14 
Cornell, George 47; Contractor; Native^ 122 Shipley; June 18 
Cornell, Morris A. 52; Clerk; N stive; Essex near Polsom 
Cornell, Richard 48; Painter; Native; 24 Sansome; July 25 
Cornell, Robert Henry 27; Clerk; New York; 1226 Sacramento 
Cornell, William Chauncey 23; Clork; Native; 1236 Sacramento 
Corner, Charles W* 40; Mint Hmployee; i*ative; 42 Moss; July 23 
Coming, Burr VTheeler; 30; Tinshith; ^ative; 766 Howard; Aug. 2. 
Como, Paul 41; Shipmaster; 406 Eddy; July 16, 1866 
Cornwall, George Moiiroe 33; Broommakor; Native; 116 Jackson 
Cornwall, Pier son Barlow 44; Broker; *'*ative; Cor. Howard & 21 
Cornwall, William Augustus 40; i-awyerj Native; 1423 Kearney 
Comynn, Murty 40; BoaEding house keeper; Naturalized; 

228 Mission; July 5, 1866 
Corvyn, Harry W. 22; Clerk; ^Naturalized; No. 7 Engine House; 
Corwin, Joseph R. 41; Clerk; Native; 225 Sutter; July 13 
Cory, Isaac Hunt 27; Salesman; New Jersey; 532 Kearney, Jul 31. 
Cory, Owen 87; Shoemaker; Naturalized; — J«Qe| Aug. 6, 1866 
Coryell^ John Rittenhouse 39; Physician; Louisiana; Brenham 

Place; July 28,1866 6th Ward. 
Corynn, Jacies 40; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 814 Sansome St. 
Corr, William 32; i^borer; Naturalized; 825 Polsom; July 28 
Cosbie, Frederick 33; Harness maker; 36 Battery; July 26 
Cosgriff, John Edward 25; Marketman; Naturalized; Sutter; east 

of Broderick, July 9, 1866 
Cosgriff, Martin Francis 25; Conductor; Natural ized; Sutter, 

east of Broderick; July 9, 1366 
Cosgriff, Patrick Cliarles 32; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 

24 Kearney; August 3. 
Cosgi'ove, Bernard Joseph 23; Distiller; Naturalized; 

—Jessie; Jyly 21, 13'36 
Coagrove, Felix 52; Butcher; Naturalized; Bryant and High 
Cosgrove, Horatio Gates 30; Paperhanger; Native; 625 Bush 
Coagrove, James 25; Milkman; naturalized; San Bruno Road 

nr. Golden House City; Aug. 2, 1866 
Coagrove, John 31; Fireman; Naturalized; 617 Davis; Aug. 3. 
Coagrove, John 26, Painter; Native; 129 Jackson; July 21 
Cosgrove, Patrick 43; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; 356 Third 
Cosgrove, Patrick C. o2; Packer; Naturalized: 116 Bernard 
Cosgrove, Peter 48; Stonemason; Naturalized; Comer 

Montgomery & Union; July 30,1866 
Cosgi^vo, Thomas 22; Driver on H.R.; Native; Bryant St., 

near Eighth; Aug. 4, 1866 
Cosgrove, William J. 41; i^ason; Naturalized; 9 Berry; July 22 
Cossoboon, Enoch Towner 27; Conductor; Naturalized; Sutter, 

Easte of Broderick; July 9 
Costello, James 55; Laborer; Naturalized; 532 Bryant; June 22 
Costello, Samuel 23; Saloon ^oeper; Naturalized; 23 Tliird St. 
Costello, Thomas 49; Umbrella M'dr.; Naturalized; 118 filnna 
Costello, Wm. Henry 24; Confectioner; Native; 516 Bryant. 
Costigan, John 38; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 308 Jessie. 



age* occ* Kat» ix>c. nea* 80 

Cupi^, Pi'eaton 30j Silversmith; Naturalized? Union & Van Ness 

Curtice, Samuel 41; Paper hanger; Native; 331 Fremont 

Curtin, John Joseph iiV; Barkeeper; Native; 114 St, Mark's Place. 

Curtia, Charles 45; Boatanan; Natural! zed; 133 Polsom 

Curtis, George Henry 31; Mint Employee; Native; Ruaa House 

Curtis, Oeorge W* 42; Polic^uan; Native; 331 Beale 

Curtis, James Martin 34; Commission; Native; Cho3tnut,nr, 

Curtis, Jarvis Burrough 68; Broker; Native; 46 Sutter 
Curtia, John Phillips 38; Carpenter; Native; 133 Stevenson 
Curtis, Joseph Carlton 23; Clerk; New York; 1028 Clay St. 
Curtis, liUcien 47J Revenue Inspector; Native; 314 Bush. 
Curtis, Michael 29; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 445 Clementina 
Cushing, Benjamin Franklin 35; Calker; Native; Harrison, 

near Spear. 
Cuahing, Charles A. 38; Clerk; Native; S.W.Side Seveaith, 

Near Bryant St. 
Cuahing, Charles Davis 27; Clerk; Native; 18 Stanly Place. 
Cushing, Gardiner Howland 36; Merchant; Native; 772 Polsom 
Cushing, John 35; Carpenter; Naturalized; 416 Post. 
Cushing, John felorland 40; Butcher; Mass.| 1006 Clay 
Cuahing, Robert 36; State Gauger; Naturalized; 110 Kearney 
Cushing, Volney 39; St. Bt. Captain; Mass.; 917 Clay 
Cushman, Charles Davenport 49; Clerk; Mass.; H.E. corner 

Taylor and Sacramento Sts. 
Cushman, 2;acheua 29; Clerk; Mass.; Ewer Place, near Mason 
Cusick, Thomas 28; Caulker; Naturalized; 2 Beale Place, off 

"B" St. 
Cusick, William 34; Lumberman; Naturalized; 410 Folsom 
Cutlar, Reuben Spaulding 39; BulJcher; Native; Cor. Howard & 2nd. 
Cutler, Acors Sheffield 29; Machinist; Native; 540 Howard 
Cutler, Geo. P. 37; Painter; Native; 308 Mission 
Cutrell, Willlayn anraans 45; Saloon keeper; Native; 82 Everett 
Cutter, Amos Jr. 51; Painter; Native; 225 Ritch 
Cutter, David S. 32; Publisher; Native; Pi fte en th,nr .Howard 
Cutter, Ephraim Pierce 30; Miner; Native; 1521 Leavenworth 






Loc. Res* 










Curley, Cornelius 

Cur ley, Janes 30 j 

Cunnlff, William Augustus 28; Conductor; Naturalized; —Hubbard 
Cunninghani, Andrew 41; Liquor dealer; Naturalized; corner 

Market & Sutter 
Charles 46; Laborer ; Naturalized; 14 Dupont. 
Francis 36; Real instate; Native; 623 Comnerclal 
James 38; Ulller; Naturalized; Jessie St., bet, 

Ecker and First. 
James 42; Laborer; Naturalized; 55 Jessie 
Janes 44; Poultry dealar; IJaturallzed; Market, 

near Sixth. 
John 38; Carpenter; Native; Market, nr. Sixth 
John 36; Laborer; Native; Pacific, S.Slde, bet, 

Stockton & Dupont, 
John 41; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 30 Hunt 
Michael 26; Carriage driver; Naturalized; 1015 

Cunningham, Michael Charles 40; Steamboatman; Naturalized; 

Lombard & DuDont. 
Patrick 41; Clerk; Naturalized; 58 Minna 
Sam»l 42; Engineer; Native; 162 Perry 
Thomas 39; Speculator; Natural ized; 318 Minna 
William 27; Clerk; Native; 456 i'atoma 
ZOTiin H. 34; Blacksmith; 926 Mission 

28; Job wagon; Naturalized; 928 Harrison 
Boarding house keeper; Naturalized; 

318 Pacific 
Teamster; Naturalized; Union, nr# Prsuriclsoo 
Drayman; Naturalized; Harrison & Main 
Boarding house keeper; NaturfiO. ized; 

706 BaGtery 
Laborer; Ireland; Port Point, 
Porter; Naturalized; 541 Mission 
Tailor; Natural! zedj Cor. Larkln & Hayes 
Hugh 30; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; Corner Sansome 

and Pacific 
Janes 40; S.S. Fireman; Naturalized; 131 Polaom 
Michael 32; Baker; Naturalized; Brannan near 6th 
Owen 60; Gentlemen: Naturalized; 540 Commercial 
Patrick 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Hinckley St. 

Dupont a nd Kearney 
Naturalized; Comer Broadwq^ 

and Sansome 
Naturalized; 154 Shipley 
Laborer; Naturalized; Grove, 
west of Oough 
Currier, Albert Carlton 26; Butcher; Native; Third & Berry 
Currier, Benjamin 55; Carpenter; Naturalized; 567 Bryant 
Currier, Gorham 37; Clerk; Native; 201 Stewart 
Curry, John 27; Barkoepor; Naturalized; 609 Battery 

John 51; Judge Supreme Court; Native; 47 South ^ark 
Luke 36; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor. Valencia & 20th 
Nathaniel 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 228 Bryant 
Patrick 49; Merchant; Naturalized; 278 J.linna 
Preston 30; Silversmith; Naturalized; Union and 

Van Nesss 

John 45; 




William 49; 
Daniel 39; 
Bernard 40; 




Curren, John 40; Teamster; 

Curren, Joseph 34; Cooper; 
Curren, Patrick He s si on 42; 






Local Hes. 


Crow ley, Richard 
Crowloy, Timothy 
Crowthur, George 
Crowthor, George 
Cruddon, William 

37; Laborer; Naturalized; 516 Mission 
35; Laborer; Naturalized; lii6 Pacific 
Thomas 5;^; Merchant; Naturalized; 263 Tlilrd 
'Jhomaa 5^; Merchant; Naturalized; 263 Third 
42; Butchorj Naturalized; W, aide of Brannan, 

bet. Eighth and Ninth 
Gruden, David 29; Ship carpenter; Native; Minna, bet, 1st & 2nd 
Cruise, William 34; Plasterer; Naturalized; 916-^2 Folsom 
Crussell, Prank Robert 51; Locksmith; Naturalized; 409 Davis 
Cruz, Charles 33; Merdiant; Naturalized; 737 Green 
Cuddlebeck, Geo. Washington; 36; Photographer; Native; 

Cudworth, Abel Wilson 37; Capitalist; Native; 
Cudworth, James Wallace 41; Milkman; Vermont; 

422 Br anna n 
67 Minna 

Battery, b etwcen 

1109 Kearny 
Union and 
Cue, William 50; ^borer; Naturalized; 23 Stevenson 
Cuff, Dennis 38; I^ootmakor; Naturalized; Brannan, nr, Gilbert 
Culigai, John 32; Gardener; Naturalized; 
Culln, John Lewis 32; Assayer; Native; 
Cullagh, ^wen 40; -laborer; Naturalized; 

Broadway and Valle.^o 
Cullaum, Francis 34; Saloon keepur; Naturalized; Corner llarket 

and Freemont 
Gullen, John; Omitted in Great Register of 1866; 

"Maborer; Naturalized; 515 Pine St. 
Gullen, John Joseph 31; Engraver; Naturalized; 17 Fourth 
Cullen, iifichael 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 14th, between Polsora and 

Cullen, Phl.llpp 32; Laborer; Naturalized by fathor; 24 Jeaaia 
Gullen, Thomas James 42; Guni^aker; Naturalized; 319 Bush 
Gullen, William 44; Police officer; Ireland; Pine and Larkln 
Cullenden, Christian 41; Police; Naturalized; 23 Rausch 
Gulllgan, Michael 40; Manufacturer; Naturalized; Brannan, near 

Culliton, Thomas F. 21; Blacksmith; Native; 412 Bush 
Cullman, Patrick 31; Laborer; Naturalized; Gilbert 
Cullou^, Thomas 45; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 543 Market 
Culver, Ghancey Bolden 30; Grocer; Native; 75 Natoma 
Culver, Janes Henry 30; Mechanic; New York; Gusta\yus, noar f'owell 
Culver, Stephen Mead 44; None; Native; 43 Claca 
Culver, Wlllett 55; Florist; "atlve; Culver* a Ranch. 
Culver, Willi em Henry 40; Lawyer; Native; 722 Washlnf2;ton 
Culverwell, Joseph E' 29; Teamster; Native; 6th & Clementina 
Culverwell, Steven S, 39 | Sash and blind makur; Native; 

234 Sixth i^treet 
Cummlngs, Anthony 26; Porter; Naturalized; 648 Folaom 
Cummings, Kawln Jayrus 35; Clerk; New York; 616 California 
George 50; Boatman; Native; 510 Howard 
Thomas 25; iieaman; Natui^alized; 210 First St, 
Thomas 26; Gar driver; Naturalized; Folaom, nuar Fifth 
Walter Bailey 36; Mer*chant; Mass.; 719 California 
William Clegg 40; Stevedore; ^Native; 1306 Montgomery 
William H, 48; Clerk; Native; 540 Folaom 
Cummings, Henry Kimball 39; Merchant; Native; 311 Brannan 
Cummins, Patrick 29; Foundryman; Naturalized; 159 Shipley 


Name aga occ* Kat* Loc* Res* 

Gronln, John 48; Laborer; Naturalized; Filbert, between 

Kearney & Montgomary, 
Cronine, John ki8; Saloonkeeper; Natural Ized; 212 Broadway 
Cronlse, Titus Fey 35; Editor; Native; 103 Powell 
Cronlae, William Henry Vanbenberg 41j Merchant; Native; 

526 Green St. 
Cronk, John 38; Mason; Native; Illinois; Geary 
Gronnln, Mlohael 28; Stonecutter; Naturalized; 176 Minna 
Crooker, DeWltt Clinton 27; Clerk; Native; S.W, Corner 

Stockton Place & Dupont. 
Crooks, Richard 37; Drayman; Naturalized; Sutter, E» of Polk 
Crooks, Robert 43; Teamster; Naturalized; —Stevenson 
Crosby, Frederick William 35; Merchant; Native; corner 

Jackson & Stockton 
Crosby, George 47; Merchant; Native; 727 0*Farrell 
Grosett, James Lyman 49; Merchant; Native; 541 Second 
Grosley, John White 42; clerk; Native; 509 Bush 
Cross, Anthony 48; Laborer; Naturalized; 306 Broadway 
Cross, Frederick Leander 28; Stationer; Conn.; Qulncy St., 

near Pine. 
Cross, Richard 40; Teamster; Naturalized; 327 Broadway 
Crotty, Chaa. 23; Custom House Clerk; Naturalized; 

905 Sacranento St* 
Crotty, Daniel 45; Miner; Naturalized; 9 St» Mary»s 
Crouse, Jolrn R, 37; Merchant; Native; 241 Fourth 
Crow, Allen Dodsworth 25; Glass cutter; Native; 219 Ritoh 
Grow, Hubert Rlsher 29; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; South side 

Bush, bet. Montgomery & Kearney 
Grow, Patrick 31; Steamboat; Naturalized; 269 Stevenson 
Crowe, John 40; Undertaker; Naturalized; 709 Market 
Crowell, Amos R. 51; Laborer; Native; First Ave., bet. 

15th and 16th. 
Crowley, David 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 17th, bet. Howard 

and Mission 
Crowley, Florence 33; Carpenter; Naturalized; 670 Harrison 
Crowley, John 28; Teamster; Naturalized; Fell,W. of Laguna 
Crowley, John Josepih 27; Butcher; Naturalized; S.slde of 16th 
Crowley, Tinothy 41; Laborer; Naturalized; 25 Rincon Place. 
Crowell, Charles Imbrlc 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 410 Kearney 
Crowell, Janes Philander 28; Dentist; Native; 139 Fourth 
Crowell, Joseph George 31; Clerk; Native; corner Vallejo 

and Montgomery 
Crowell, Mark Hiram 41; Carpenter; Mass.; Cor. California 

aa d Leavenworth 
Crowell, Martin Luther 23; Clerk; Native; 408 Market 
Crowell, Zenas 38; Bookkeeper; Native; Russ House 
Growingshleld, Jacob 24; Bookkeeper; New York; 1018 Powell 
Crowley, Daniel 30; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Leroy, nr. Clay 
Crowley, Daniel 34; Laborer; Naturalized; N.S. Comer 

Washington and Leavenworth 
Crowley, John 35; Clerk; Naturalized; 55 Clementina 
Crowley, John A. 31; Caulker; Native; 555 Howard 
Crowley, John Desmond 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 17 Natoma 
Crowley, Patrick 35; Constable; Native; Green, bet. 

Montgomery and Kearney Sts 

Naaaie age oco. i'lat. Loo, Res. 87 

Crane, James -'ienry 30; Deputy Constable; I^atlve; Caroline, 

one door f i?oni i^owell 
Crane, Michael 30; Minor; Naturalized; Comer Broadway and 

Crane, t»atiianlol Hathaway 49; Carpenter; Native; 3ii3 Pine 
Crane, Thcxnas 50; ^^orchant; Native; Oosmopolitan Hotel 
Crane, V/illiam 35; -laborer; ^'Naturalized; 48 Louisa 
Crangle, William C. 37; Boatman; Native; N.iCcor. Mission and 

Craawell, Nicholas 45; Tinsmith; i^ative; Valencia, bet, 16 k 17 
Cranney, Jam© a 51; 13ootinakur; ^Naturalized; Sutter, between 

Montgomery k Kearney 
Cranston, Albert Brown 37; Bookkeeper; Native; liill Powell 
Cranz, Theodore 43; Cabinet mak^r; Naturalized; 505 Green 
Crary, Oliver Btaitley 43; U.S. Inspector; A"*atlve; Cosmopolitan 
Crawford, John 34; Carpenter; ^*atlva; 7 i^atoma St. 
Crawford, Charles 44; Gar driver; New ^ork; Polk and Jackson 
Crawford, Martin Lutdi^r 35; Farmer; **ative; '«Vhat Cheer 
Crawley, George iVashington 43; Landlord; I^ative; 446 Brannan 
Crawley, Richard 35; Blacksailth; Naturalized; Corner *'aciflo 

and Davis, July 24 
Crawly, Michael J, 34; Steamer servant; Naturalized 405 Green 
Craamor, Aaron 45; Hair^rasser; Nat;lve; 564 Howard 
Crasn, «>eremiah 48; Bootmaker; J^<atui*allzed; Main, between 

Polsom and i^arrison 
Cregan, Potwr 44; Lniboror; Naturalized; 543 Stevenson 
Creery, Joshua James 3y; Olerk; Maryland; Brenham Place 
Creigh, Sanuel i/illiamson 35; Clerk; Native; 7ki4 Filbert 
Croighton, Darby 36; i^ate of the Capital; Naturalized; 

Broadway Wharf 
Creigliton, Hugh ii7j Machinist; Native; Leidesdorff, near 

Creighton, ^atrlok 28; Butchur; ^'aturalized; 315 Tehama 
Cremer, John ^^eter Hubert 4ii; Coopor; Naturalized; Turk, 

west of ir/ebster 
Creasy, Theodore Stanwood 29; Porter; Native; Corner Montgomery 

and Vallejo 
Crim, Samuel 48; Real restate agent; Native; Howard, between 

19 th & kJOth 
Crlns, William Uenry ki35 Clerk; **ative; N, 7/, Comer Stockton 

and *^ackson 
Crittenden, Chas • S, 38; 3upt. of Street work; Native; 326 Minna 
Crockard, Hugh 32; S^ipsmith; Naturalized; 910 Harrison 
Crocker, Jharles W- 35; .i^ditor; Nntive; Powell and i'nion 
Crocker, John 48; i^ative; 102 Powell 
Crocker, John H^nry ii4; Clerk; Native; lOk: Powell 
Crockett, David 40; Laborer; *'atlve; 316 Davis 
Crofoot, Daniel 0, 33; Photographer; Naturalized; 318 Pine 
Croft, Tho^'ias Bailey 33; liutchor; ^'Naturalized; Bryant, near lat 
Crogar, German 26; Boatman; Naturalized; 37 Pacific 
Croke, Edward 36; Minor; Naturalized; -—Market 
Cromble, John H» 54; Tinsmith; i^ative; 238 Fremont 
Crome, Nathaniel 34; Butchur; Native; Potrero Ave. 
Cromer, Henry 36; Mint; Native; 769 Polsom 
Cronan, William 39; Longshoreman; Naturalized; 54 Beal 
Cix)nln, yornelius 35; ShooTiakor; ^Naturalized; 86 Stevenson 
Cronin, Daniel 35; Cartnan; "atur-illzed; Oorl Pierce ?« Pultoi 
Cr<min, David l£;5; laborer; Naturalized; North side Broadway, 

bet. **earney and Dupont 

Nama Age oco. Nat* Loc, Rea* 

Coward, Harailton Graham 38 j Miner; Native; Rusa House. 
Cowen, Wra, James 47; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; K.?/,Comor 

Post and Montgomery 
Cowing, Tumor 53; Nothing; Native; 3ii3 Post. 
Cowles, Samuel 43; County Judge; Native; Erie Street, bot. 

Howard & Mission 
Cowper, William Harell 51; Clerk; Native; 518 Washington 
Cox, Chris 27; Calker; Naturalized; 33 Clay 
Cox, Edward 61; paper-carrier; Naturalized; Post 3t« House 
Cox, Francis Gaorge 46; Butcher; Native; Perry St# 
Cox, George 41; Clork; Naturalized; 308 Fremont 
Hollls, Munroe Cox 28; R.R. Foreman; Native; American Exchange. 
Cox, James 35; Laborer; Natural ized; 10 Jessie St, 
Cox, Janes Francis 48; Gardener; i^aturallzed; San Bruno Road, 

near Golden City House. 
Cox, James W. 37; Merchant; Native; Noicth side Thirteenth 

near Howard. 
Cox, Jolm 40; Laborer; ^'♦aturalized; 12 Cassia 
Cox, Patrick 33; Laborer; Naturalized; 7 Natoma 
Cox, Richard 21; Agent; naturalized; 33 Clay 
Goxen, Jacob 36; Porter; ^'atlvaj 15 Second St. 
Coy, Horace Washington 24; Oardenar; Native; 700 Francisco 
Coyan, Frederick 43; Sallmaker; Native; 540 Washington 
Coye, Hiram Lansing 35; Merchant; Native; 807 Green 
Coyle, Honry 25; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 536 Third 
Coyle, Hugh 37; Stevedore; Naturalized; K, side Ridley, bet. 

Mission and Valencia. 
Coyle, Janes 40; Teamster; Naturalized; 631 Post. 
Coyle, James Warson 42; Wagonmaker; Native; Howard St. 

S.W, of Seventh 
Coyhe, Thomas 25; Laborer; Naturalized; Park Avenua 
Crabb, Alexander 40; Printer; Naturalized; 122 Silver 
Crabb, Henry 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 30 Battery 
Crack, Peter 36; Boatman; Naturalized; On board ship. 
Craddock, Chas. P. 29; Clerk; Native; Washington & Dunbar 
Craig, John 40; Ship Joiner; ^Naturalized; 150 Silver 
Craig, John 33; Garriagemaker; Naturalized; Bryant, near 8th 
Craig, Peter 44; Undertaker; Naturalized; 173 Clara 
Craig, Thomas Harrold 29; Inspector of Customs; Native; 

Cor. Montgomery and Pacific. 
Craig, William 39; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 25 John St. 
Cralge, Michael 44; Lather; Naturalized; 351 Tehama 
Cralne, William 47; Architect; Naturalized; 634 Washington 
Cram, Charles Smith 32; Laborer; Native; 615 Bush 
Crcwi, I'lftn. Robert 38; "arneaa maker; Native; 89 Stevenson 
Cramer, Jolin Dorn 34; Mechanic; New York; 1013 Washington 
Cramer, Walter McDonnell 29; Baker; **atlve; Oroginal (sic) 
Crandall, Chas. Dennis 32; Miner; Native; 645 Clay 
Crane, Albert Edmund 39; Commission merchant; Native; 

1314 Washington St. 
Crane, Daniel Webster 36; Salesman; Native; 712 V/ashington 
Crane, Edwin Joseph 41; Merchant; New Jersey; 532 Pine 
Crane, Henry Adolphus 33; Merchant; Native; 719 Sutter 
Crane, Jas Carr 60; Farmer; Native; Kearney & Sacran ento 
Craa e. Holmes Earl 38; Carpenter; ^ative; Capp, bet, 18 & 19 

^ame age oco* Nat. Loc« Res* 89 

Coatlgan, Ihomas 30; Blacksmith; Naturallzod; 78 ^atoma 
Cota, Franklin 35 j Launtiryman; Vermont; Presidio Road 
Cotrell, Edward Mortimer 39; Clerk; Naturalized; 734 Green 
Cotter, Cornelius 40; laborer; Naturalized; S,S, Sutter, 

bet. Kearney and Dupont. 
Cotter, Jeremiah 31; I^aborer; Naturalized; Union Court, 
Cotter, John 33; Blacksmith; 3c -tiackdriver; i»iaturalized; comer 

Brannan and Third 
Cotter, John Crane 30; Manufacturer; Native; Stockton, bet. 

Pacific and Broadway, July 10, 1866 
Cotter, William 46; Overseer; Naturalized; 1504 Mason; July 17 
Cottingham, Robert Ifames 30; Silversmith; Native; Auburn, bet. 

'^aokson & Pacific; July 13 
Cottle, Franklin D. 47; Builder; i^ative; 933 Howard; July 25 
Couch, John 38; Teamster; ^Naturalized; 16th, near Guerrero, 

Juno 30th. 
Couch, Thomas 33; Machinist; Naturalized; 541 Mission; 7/5 
Coughill, Daniel J. 20; Engineer; Native; S, S.J. E.Stephens; 

Polsom St. Wharf; 7/20 
Coughlan, Daniel 37; i»aborer; Imturallzed; 1237 Mission 
Coughlan, Daniel 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Pacific, between 

Front h Davis, July 11 
Coughlan, •^ohn 45; -'^borer; Ireland; Filbert & Lombard 
Coughlan, Daniel G, 38; Ship wrlglit; Naturalised; 

236 Fremont; Aug. 6, 1856 
Coughlan, Thonas 32; laborer; Naturalized; Kate, nr. Brysnt 
Cou^lan, Williaa 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 1224 Jackson 
Coughlan, fiichael 39; Laborer; Naturalized; First, between 

Stevenson & Mission; Jfily 17, 1866 
Coughlan, John 26; Laborer; Naturalized; First, between 

Mission & Jessie; Aug. 6, 1366 
Coulter, James Davidson 42; Cabinet maker; Naturalized; 

647 Howard; June 30, 1366 
Gourtaney, ^rtin 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 154 Tehama 
Gourneen, Dennis 27; Hoolen spinner; Naturalized; Shotwell, bet. 

Fifteenth & Sixteenth; July 18 
Courties, Thomas 54; Real Estate; Native; 515 Bush; July 29 
Courtney, Prank 27; Miner; Native; 657 Commercial; July 4 
Cousens, George Washington 63; Fruit dealer; Native; 

17 Geary, July 24. 
Cousins, Caleb Niohols 36; Mechanic; Mass.; 108 Prospect PI. 
Cousins, Charles Samuel 37; U.S. Mint; New York; 911 Stockton 
Couzins, ITames G. 43; Ship builder; Naturalized; Francisco, 

near Dupont; Aug. 6. 
Couzins, James Charles 43; Ship builder; Naturalized; Francisco, 

near Dupont, Aug. 6, 1366 
Covey, Harris Russell 38; Stable keeper; Native; Fashion Stable; 

Sutter St., Aug. 6th 
Covey, Harrison Reynolds 37; Livery stable; Native; 16 Sutter 
Covey, Stephen Ryley 31; Coach driver; Native; 16 Sutter 
Coward, Hamilton Graham 38; Miner; Native; Rusa House. 

HaxnQ age* occ* Nat* Loo. Rds« 90 

Dager, Josojdi Warren 45; Real liatatej Native; Ease side Jones, 

bet, Jaokaon & Pacific 
Daggett, Ebonezer 46; Butcher; Mass.; Pilltnore St. 
Dalgneau, Prosper Proioia ii3; Goaoh Driver; Native; 

220 Pacific 
Dally, Daniel 40; I«aborer; Naturalized; 18 Baldwin Court 
Dai ley, David 27; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Ritoh, nr, Bryant 
Daily, John 28; Tinsmith; Naturalized; S.E.oor, Powell and 

Dainkroger, Gottlieb 36; Carpenter; Naturalized; 1111 Pacific 
Daka, Edmund Church 29; Merchant; Native; 634 Mission 
Dakln, Edwin 25; Manufacturer; Native; 128 Third 
Dalbeer, John 39; Lumber dealer; Native; Ruaa House 
Dalbey, Edgar VTllson 25; Printer; Native; 6th & Bryant 
Dale, Chas* H, 36; Broker; Native; cor. Sixth & Howard 
Daleth, Nicholas 28; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 172 «^e3sie 
Daley, Daniel Joseph 28; Stove dealer; Native; 814 %rket 
Daley, Edward 30; Butcher ;and provision dealer; Naturalized; 

Urn side Sixteenth, bet, Valencia & Guerrero 
Daley, Francis 27; Vegetable dealer; Naturalized; Howard, bet* 

Fifteenth and Sixteenth, 
Dal^, Francis 42; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 11 Pacific 
Dato y, John 43; Stevedore; Naturalized; Spear, bet Market 

and Mission 
Daley, John ^&ncj 34; Caulker; New York; Brenham Place; 
Daley, Patrick 27; Stevrard; Naturalized; Engine House Jackson St* 
Daley, Patrick 29 i Dealer; Naturalized; •-Clementina 
Daley, ^eter 45; -i^aborer; Naturalized; 15 Ohio 
Daley, William John 38; Well borer; Native; S.W,cor, i^earney 

and Pacific 
Dall, John Hdatead 47; Builder; Native; 417 Montgomery 
Dallam, Richard Boothley 45; Merchant; Native ;fil4 Greenw5.Gh 
Dalllva, Henry Stone 34; Publisher; Natives 218 Minna 
Dalrymplo, George •'"a Payeyye 41; Painter; ^ative; Hinckley, 

3rd from i^earney, 
Dalton, Daniel 42; -i-aborer; Naturalized; Brannan, nr, Clinton 
Dalton, Eugene 40; Mason; Ireland; Pacific & Broderiok 
Dalton, Michael 32; Painter; Naturalized; cor, Page & Fillmore 
Dalton, Patrick 45; -^borer; Ireland; Pacific & Divlsadero 
Dalton, Patrick Edward 32; Laundryman; Native; 14 Ellis St* 
Daly, Chas, H, 23; Clark; Native; 521 Folsom 
Daly, Felix 40; Stove dealer; Naturalized; 30 Montgomery 
Daly, George 23; Printer; Native; 515 Folsom 
Daly, James 32; Real Estate agent; Native; 30 Montgomery 
Daly, Jeremiah 38; i^aboror; Naturalized; Garden Street 
Daly, John 29; Cartman; Naturalized; cor. Ellis & Powell 
Daly, John 43; Shipwright; Naturalized; 2nd & Townsend* 
Daly, Michael 36; Gentlemen: Naturalized; cor, Greenwich and 

Daly, Michael Edmund 28; Liquor dealer; Naturalized; 405 Dupont 
Daly, Patrick Henry 33; Policeman; Naturalized; N.W, corner 

Drximm and Jackson* 
Daly, Simon 46; Laborer; Naturalized; 17 Stevenson St* 
Damas, John 42; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; cor* Eddy and 


Name age oco« nat« Loc« Res. 91 

Dameron, James Palatine 36 | Lawyer; Native; 36 ^atoma 
Damon, Dexter 65; Stationer; Mass.; 1111 Clay 
Damon, Franklin D. 28; Shoemaker; Native; Downey, near Bryftnt 
Damon, George D. 42; Ship carpenter; Native; Beale, between 

Polsom & Hsu^riaon 
Damon, James Edward 35; Stationer; Vermont; 1111 Clay 
Damon, Seth Taylor 35; Machinist; ^^'ative; Downey, nr, Bryant 
Damrell, Daniel 40; Printer; Native; 419 Tehama 
Dana, George Sherman 40; ManuTaoturer of glue; New York; 

Lombard & aough Sts. 
Dana, Henry Alexander 33; Draftsman; Native; 6 Sansorae 
Dana, %rtin Van Buren 31; Police officer; New York; Polk 

and Broadway Sts* 
Danahy, Joraaiah 43; -laborer; Naturalized; 224 Third 
Danehy, Charles Jerry 22; Hack driver; Native; 1110 Stockton 
Danforth, Enoch 42; Blacksmith; Native; 559 Market 
Danforth, George Sullivan 39; Carpenter; New Hampshire; 

1113 Clay 
Danforth, Willi am Gibba 44; Laborer; Native; 315 Hitoh 
Daniels, Francis 48; Mason; Naturalized; cor. 16th & Guerrero 
Daniels, Benjamin 42; Gardner; Naturalized; Hayes, E. of Ootavia 
Daniels, Chas. Duncan 24; Butcher; Native; Geary & Hyde. 
Danielson, Bendix 35; Miner; Naturalized; 106 Jackson 
Danison, George V/ashington 28; Farmer; Native; cor. —(sic) 
Danziger, Henry 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 223 Jessie 
D*Arcy, James Francis 27; Latheror; Naturalized; 565 Tehama 
Darcy, Janes 39; Plasterer; Naturalized; 250 Tehama 
Dark, Albert Taylor 34; Butcher; Native; What Cheer. 
Darling, Isaao 48; Finisher; Native; cor. First & Howard 
Darling, J.E. 28; Clerk; Native; 522 Union 
Darling, Richard 30; ^^acks; Native; Clay and Sansome. 
Darling, Rioliard 38; Painter; Naturalized; 308 Minna 
Darnell, Henry Young 38; Stock broker; Native; Dolores, nr. 19th 
Daron, John 31; Milkmai ; Naturalized; Bemal Rancho 
Darrah, Patrick 35; Gardiner; Naturalized; cor. Geary & Taylor 
Darrow, Charles Thatcher 49; Carpenter; Native; 627 Commercial 
Darrow, Henry 44; Carpenter; New York; Clay, near Stockton 
Dart, Augustus 45; Farmor; Naturalized; near St, %ry's College 
Dart, Putnam C. 42; Com.Merchant; Native; 816 Bush 
Dasaa, John 50; Collector; Native; 617 Clay 
Dassonville, Adolph Adrian 22; Cl«rk; Native; Greenwich and 

Daugherty, Abraham 32i Clerk; Native; 528 Sacramento 
Dauphin, Joseph 21; Porter; Native; 809 Harrison 
Davega, Benjamin Franklin 45; Clerk; Native; 607 Greenwich 
Davenport, Robert Lindsell 33; Clerk; Native; 765 Mission 
Davenport, ^Iliomas 34; Laborer; Ireland; Lombard & Franklin 
Davenport, William 46; Merchant; Native; 107 Sansome 
Davids, Charles H. 39; oar-builder; Native; 15th, between 

I^ssion and Howard. 
Davidson, Alexander 36; Cooper; Native; 305 First. 
Davidson, James 39; Publisher; Naturalized; 1218 Union 
Davidson, Ole 45; Woodoarver; Naturalized; 103 St. Mark's Place 
Davidson, Meyer 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 324 Minna 
Davidson, Thomas 48;, Porter; Native; 15th, bet, Howard & Mission 
Davies, John Robert 39; Job wagon; Naturalized; 1312 California 
Davies, Douglas William 38; U, 8. Mint; Naturalized; 1211 Pacific 




^Atm Loc. Res* 


Davlea, William Barras 33; Gas-fltterj Native; 1024 Montgomery 
Davis, Abraham 38; Painter; Naturalized; 258 Jessie 












Abraham M, 52; Pedlor; i^ative; Bartlett, bet, 22d & 23d, 
Alfred E, 37; Gentlemen; Native; 331 Minna 
Alphas S, 24; Carpenter; Native; 235 Beale 
Alvin Horatio 47; Mariner; Maine; 711 California 
Benjamin Warner 36; Deputy Sherlfff Rhode ^sland; 

1231 Washington St. 
Charles Edward 34; Dentist; Maryland; 515 Kearney 
Charles Goodrich 35; Ship Joiner; Native; 177 Minna 
Charles Wellington 40; Con tractor and builder; corner 

18 th and Howard, 
Daniell 32; Cigar dealer; Naturalized bv father; 

824 Washington 
David **enry 34; Moulder; Naturalized; 42 Louisa 
Elwln 23; Gollcitorj Native; S,S, Broadway, just west 

of Powell 
Ezekiel War»en 35; Drayaan; Native; 710 0*Fari»ell 
(iabriel Caspar 45; Dyer; Naturalized; 623 Post 
George i3osworth 43; Merchant; Vermont; 1118 Sacraonento 
George Wesley 39; Bricklayer; Native; Washington and 

San some 
Henry 46; Clerk, Naturalized; 214 Clara 
Herbert Jones 22 j Salesman; New Hampshire 
Horace 35; .Miller; Native; 1003 Stockton 
Isaac Elphl Story (ale) 43; Merchant; Native; 

' 40 South i*ark 

•^aoob Zeigler 47; Real Estate; Native; 235 Geary 
James 41; Contractor; Native; S,E,Cor, Montgomery 

and CaL if ornla 
Jolm B,P,40; Assessor in Rev.; Native; Eleventh, bet. 

Mission & Market 
John Hastings 33; Merchant; Native; Green, nr, Jones 
John Stellings 35; Merchant; Native; Powell, nr. Filbert 
John Wallace 23; Printer; Maine; Presidio Road, 
Jos, Jr., 57; Nailmaker; Naturalized; 526 Sacramento 

Joshua Pierce 38; Real Estate Agent; ^ass,; 

■'^arkln and Sacramento Sts, 
^wrence Pinkton 30; Clerk; Native; Oriental iiotel. 
Michael 34; No occujpation; Naturalized; 635 Market 
Moses 32; Special Policeman; Naturalized; Post, bet, 

Taylor and Jones 
Moses Cartland 39; Engineer; Native; S.E.Gor. Natoma & 1st, 
Richard Edward 52; Painter; Native; 731 Mission 
Robert 35; ^aboror; Naturalized; — -Hayward 
Shubel 54; Cooper; Native; 218 Mission 
Stephen Lloyd 23; Hackman; Naturalized; 748-1/2 Market 
Sturges 38; Jeweler; Native; Broadway & Montgomery 
William 50; Turner; Native; Oak, west of Franklin 
William ^enry 52; Merchant; Native; —Hubbard 
William Henry 38; Sheriff of county; Rhode Island; 

1231 Washington 
Davison, Robert Gibson 31; Importer; Native; 1818 Dupont 
Davoue, ^enry Panning 49; U.S. Barge Office; Native; 

Stevenson House, cor. Calif. &: Montgomery 
Davoue, William Oakley 24; Messenger; Native; Stevenson House 
Dawes, John Greonlief 37; Bookkeeper; Native; N.S.Cor. 

Minna & Second. 
Dawson, William 55; Miner; Naturalized; cor. Union & Sansome 

^^ame aga occ. ^"iat* Loc. Res. 93 

Day^ Bernard 50; Carpenter; Naturalized; Union Valley 
Day, Franklin Henry 39; Cashier; Native; N.E. Comer 

V/ashington & Dupont 
Day, James Simpson 28; Miner; Native; Tremont House, Jackson St< 
Day, John Lewis; 36; Stevedore; Native; Keystone House, on 

Jackson Street« 
Day, John S« 36; Miner; Native; 511 Jones St. 
Day, Michael 36; Drayman; Naturalized; Clara, bet 5th & 6th 
Day, Thomas 59; Importer; Naturalized; -..J "arrison 
Day, Thomas 0. 32; Drayman; Naturalized; S.E.Cor. Howard & 8th 
Day, Thomas Searle 22; Merchant; Native; —Hawthorne 
Dayly, Thomas 40; Marketraan; Natural ized; 1341 Dupont 
Deacon, James 35; ijaborer; Naturalized; San Drimo Road. 
Deacon, Job Bishop 46; Bricklayer; Native; Bush, below 

San some. 
Deady, Edward 35; Gardener; Naturalized; 444 Natoma 
Dealy, James 32; Laborer; Naturalized; corner Polaom and 

Serpentine Ave. 
Dealy, John 35; Laborer; Naturalized; cor. 17th & Mission 
Dean, Benjamin 47; Druggist; Native; 608 Sutter 
Dean, Benjamin Douglass 46; Physician; i'iative; 104 Stockton 
Dean, George Andrew^ 30; **anuf ao turer ; i^ative; 116 Jessie 
Dean, Henry C. 32; Butcher; Native; 805 Mission 
Dean, Horace P. 49; Jobber; Native; Fourth, near Jessie 
Dean, James Oscar 39; Auditor S. & Loan Soc'ty; Native; 

104 Stockton 
Dean, James Stanton 53; Porter; Native; City Hall 
Dean, James T. 60; Merchant; Native; 516 Folsom 
Dean, John 44; Express driver; ^Naturalized; Clay, near Hyde 
Dean, Lusius 23; Clark; Native; 1619 Powell 
Dean, Oliver 40; Clerk; Natives 1106 Powell 
Deane, Charles 28; Physician; Native; 527 Folsom 
Deane, James 43; Painter; Naturalized; Serpentine Ave., 

near San Bruno Road. 
DeAngelis, John 33; Comedian; Penn.; Clay, near Dupont 
De Arcy Jonn 32; Baker; Naturalized; 3rd and Perry 
Dearlnger, *^erry 36; Plasterer; Native; Larkin, between 

Pacific and Broadway • 
Death, Jacob 50; Merchant; Native; 562 Howard St. 
Deaves, Edwin 48; Painter; Native; 502 Union 
DeBaoh, Josias 36; job wagon; Naturalized; cor. Sutter and 

De Bell, Joseph 47; Secretary; Native; 142 Eighth St. 
Debenzne, George 42; Barkeeper; Naturalized; Vallejo, nr. 

DeELois, Goorj^e Lewis 41; Merchant; Native; 524 Bryant 
Debney, Gerard 28; Mariner; Naturalized; Hayes Street, west 

of Franklin 
Decher, John Christian 27; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 7 Morse St. 
Decker, Glirlstian 37; Nothing; Harrison Ave, nr. Folsom; 

Decker, 50; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Ist & Folsom 
Decker, Jacob 44; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Bush, corner 

Cemetery Ave. 

Name Age* Occ. Nat* liOc. Res* 94 

Deade, Alexander 35; Oarmanj Naturalized; Cor* Powell & 

Deeds, Nicholas 39; Clorkj Naturalized; Cor* Ciay & Dupont 
Deely, Dennis 35; Porter; Naturalized; 654 -^arrison 
Deen, Jerrard Brltton 27; Helper; Native; 116 "^essle 
Doerins, Charles J* 35; Merchant; Native; 4 Essex 
Deering, James Henry 42; Merchant; Maine; Cor, Prospect & Calif* 
De Forest, 3oorge enry 32; Baker; Native; 107 Leidusdorff 
De Forest, Joseph 36; Merchant; Native; 916 Jackson 
D© Forest, iienry 35; Cattle dealer; Native; 925 Howard 
D© France, i^ugh Moore; 26; Teacher; Native; 509 Bush 
Degan, Phillip 40; Fanner; Naturalized; Tannery, nr. Ocean 

iiouse Road* 
Do Cioar, George W. 36; Carpenter; Native; 3eal, nr. Mission 
De Oroot, David Asher 30; Steward; Louisiana; Dupont, nr* Clay 
Degroot, %nry 43; Editor; Amative; 720 Market 
De Groot, ^eon Asher 36; Collector; Native; City Hall 
Deiry, Francis 35; Stevedore; Naturalized; Beal St., between 

Mission & Market 
Deitjlns, Doiderick 34; Engineer; Naturalized; 2017 Mason 
De la Fontaine, Joseph 35; Cooper; Naturalized; 1027 Minna 
Delahanty, John 40; Soap factory; Naturalized; Cor* Harrison 

and Third 
Delahanty, Michael 40; ISoarding house; Naturalized; 

660 I4is3ion 
De la Montagnie, Joseph Edward 42; Merchant; Native; cor. 

Montgomery & Pacific 
De la Montanya, George 24; Tinsmith; Native; 1510 Taylor 
Do la Montanya, Janes 45; Merchant; Native; 1510 Taylor 
Do la Montanya, Mathew 36! Clerk; Native; 1107 Kearney 
Delaraontayne, Hudson 38; Merchant; Native; Taylor, nr, Lombard 
Dolaney, Alfred ^iwrence 39 j Cartman; Native; 6th & Harrison 
Delaney, Patrick 50; Artesian Well; Naturalized; 764 Howard 
Delano, Nathaniel Sherman 39; No occupation; Native; 220-3rd» 
Delano, Robert Thomas 36; Caulker; Native; 221 Harrison 
Delany, Charles McCarthy 39; Attorney; Naturalized; 324 Sutter 
Delany, %rtin 35; Teamster; ^Naturalized; 1st bet. Mission 

and Howard 
De -'^avada, i-lanuel 47; Wharfinger; Naturalized; Moulton Place 
Delavan, "^ohn 56; Pilot; Native; Union St. 
Delay, Dennis 31; Laborer; ^Naturalized; —Tehama 
Doll, John Elmer; 26; Oarponter; Native; 24 Tehama 
Doll, Lewis Berry 45; Insurance Agent; Native; 358 Brannan 
Dolraaro, James 23; Teamster; Naturalized; 114 Third 
De Long, Frank Coye 22; Clerk; Native; 1109 Stockton 
Dely, Lawrence 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Dolores St. 
Demarest, James Henry 47; Deputy Sheriff; Native; 1178 Broadway 
Demeret, **aoob David 40; Physician; ^''ative; Shotwell, between 

20th and 21st. Streets. 
Demeritt, Elbridge, Jackson 33; Draytaan; Native; 240 Taylor 
Dominger, Christian F. 40; Clergyman; Native; 462 Tehama 
Demmar, ^artln 27; Lather; Native; Montgomery bet. Pine and 

Dompster, Chancey J. 37; Merchant; Native; 12th, bet. Mission 

and Howard, 
Dempsy, ^etor 36; Lawyer; Naturalized; 604 '*^erchant St* 
Donahy, Daniel Michael 34; Laborer; Naturalized; —Clementina 
Denel, Henry 44; Carpenter; New ^ork; Clay, nr, Stockton. 

Name age occ. Nat. Loc* Res. 95 

Deneraon, iienjamln Franklin 36; Carpenter; ^atlvej 1409 Kearney 
Deniko, William James 34; Painter; Native; N, 3. Broadway , bet, 

Hyde & Leavenworth 
Denigan, Thomas Connor 30; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; Garden St. 
Denin, John ii4; Shoemakar; ^^aturalizt^d; 660 Mission 
Denison, Janes Reamer 29; Bookkeeper; Native; Sanaome, bet« 

Clreenwlch & Filbert 
Denraan, James 36; Teacher; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Denn, John 50; Farmer; Native; Stanford Street. 
Denney, Alexander 34; Bar-keeper; Native; 28 Minna 
Denning, Horace Allwator 32; Agent; Native; 410 Kearney 
Dennis, Joseph 38; Contractor; Naturalized; 1404 Stockton 
Dennis, L^ank ;3owden 23; Clerk; Native; 4th & Brannan 
Dennis, Janes Smith 36; Barkeeper; Native; 21 Ritoh 
Dennis, ? eter 48; Keeper County Jail; Native; 1424 Dupont 
Dennis, Samuel William 29; Dentist; *^ative; 14 Geary 
Dennis, Thomas 48; Carpenter; Native; 

Dennis, Vi/illiam Henry 32; i^borer; Nat, Powell, nr, Francisco 
Dennioon, Ezra P, 46; Contractor; Native; E, side Howard, 

No, of Twelfth 
Denniston, Isaac Visher 39; Real Estate Agent; Native; 

17th bet. Guerrero & Dolores 
Denniston, Richardson 38; Tin and sheet-iron worker; 

Naturalized; 1112 Pacific 
Denniston, William 49; Cabinetmaker; Naturalized; 1112 Pacific 
Denny, Edward 45; Clerk; Native; 5 Sixteenth 
Denny, John ?ifason 42; Painter; Native; 276 Minna 
Denrey, Samuel Davis 60; Trader; New ^ork^ 1211 Clay 
Denalow, Charles Almandor 27; MacMnist; Native; 15 - 2nd St. 
Densmoro, Gilbert liartlett 38; Editor; Native; 107 O'Farrell 
Dent, ^enry Shurlds 23; i»awyer; Native; 12 Perry 
Dent, Patrick 30; Cooper; Naturalized; l^eron, bet, Polsom 

and Harrison 
Derby, Charles Whitney 24; Drayman; Native; 253 Stevenson 
Derby, George B. 31; Drayman; Native; 625 Sutter 
Derby, William 27; Drayman; Native; 625 Sutter 
Dering, Richard Nicoll 53; Sailor; Native; 12 Jackson 
Dermody, James Willis 30; Sawyer; •^'ative; 113 Jones 
Derham, James 55; Baker; Naturalized; 407 Tehama 
Derham, James "^r,, 21; Clerk; Native; 407 Tehama. 
De Ro, Charles 48; Banker; Naturalized; 23 South Park 
DeRoohebrune, Alfred 46; Drayman; Naturalized; 628 Geary 
DeRochebrune, Alfred Jr., 22; Moulder; Native; 628 Geary 
Derrick, Michael ^ewis 35; Printer; Native; 1215 Pacific 
Desebrook, Frederick 42; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

Fourth and Brannan 
DeSilva, John Henry 24; Moulder; Native; Johnson, near Main 
Desmond, Cornelius 40 jj Hatter; Naturalized; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Desmond, Daniel, 35; J-aborer; Naturaliaed; Maine St., bet. 

Mission and Market 
Desmond, Felix 41; Carpenter; Naturalized; 1521 Mason 
Desmond, James 51; Laborer; Naturalized; 17th, bet. Mission 

and Howard, 
Desmond, Joseph Dennis 21; Printer; Native; 527 Pine 
Desmond, Patrick 35; Porter; Naturalized; Bailey House 

Name age occ. Nat. Loc. Has* 96 

Desmond, Patrick 35; Porter; Naturalized; Bailey House 

Dessmond, Patrick 43; Hostler; Naturalized; lidO William 

Desty, Robert 39; Editor; ^Naturalized; li^lS Union 

Detels, Martin 27; Grocer; Naturalized; Harrison & Main 

Deum, George 31; Gardener; ^Naturalized; Dolores, bet« 17 & 18 

Deusth, Jaoob 33; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 402 Bush 

Deutsche, Phillip Antro 45; Barkeeper; Naturalized; 612 Pacific 

Devanl, Michael 33; Cook; Naturalized; 107 Leidesdorff 

Devani, Turns 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 235 Minna 

Develin, \^dward 35; i^aborer; Naturalized; Natoma, bet 6th * 

7 th. 
Devereaux, William 33; Aaeiatant Gauger; Native; *^ackson bet., 

Davis and Front 
Devine, Arthur 37; Gar driver; Naturalized; 223 Tehama 
Devine, Henry 29; Cook; Naturalized; 551 Howard 
Devine, Owen 31; Baker; Naturalized; cor. Fourth Sc •^essle 
Devine, ^atriok Janes 34; Stonecuttor; naturalized; 28 Stanford 
Devine, Thomas 29; -laborer; Ireland; Filbert & Van tless 
Devine, Thomas 38; Miner; Naturalized; 1226 Bush 
Devine, Thomas George 39; Barber; Naturalized; Bryant, nr 6th. 
Devine, William 35; Police; Naturalized; Lombard near Jones. 
De Vinney, Joseph 40; Stevedore; Native; 1020 Montgomery 
Devir, ilohn 29; Baker j Naturalized; 110 First St. 
Devitt, Felix 38; Cooper; Naturalized; Tyler, near Hyde. 
Devitt, Frank 34; Boatman; ^Naturalized; Union, bet, Montgomery 

and Calhoun. 
Devitt, Jaries Rodgers 49; Laborer; Native; Stewart, nr.Folsom 
Devlin, Edward 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Natoma, bet. 6th & 7th. 
Devlin, James 43; Carpenter; ijaturalized; 314 Fifth 
Devlin, John 26; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Cor. Broadway 

and Montgomery 
Devlin, iiatthew 31; Butcher; Naturalized; 331 Sixth 
Devoe, James 54; Foundrjrman; ^''ative; 200 Ellis 
Devoe, James Jr., 35; Machinist; Native; cor. ^earney & Market 
DeVries, Thomas 38; Stevedore; Naturalized; 1514 Mason 
Dewey, Eugene Edwin 23; Broker; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Dewey, Horatio L. ii5; Freight Clerk; ^"^ative; N.W.Cor. Valencia 

and 16th Street 
Dewey, Horaclo Lewis 25; Freight Clerk; Native; 414 Pacific 
Dewey, William Pierce 26; Broker; Native; 522 California 
DeWitt, Andrew 45; Carpenter; Native; 19 Welch 
DeWltt, Benjamin Franklin 35; Jeweler; i»'ative; Pacific, bot.Dupont 

and Stockton. 
DeWolff, Charles ^enry 47; Doctor; Naturalized; Larkin, 

near Union 
Dexter, Charles Hayward 42; Saloon keeper; Native; 70 Minna 
Dexter, Franklin 36; Salesman; Native; 904 Jackson 
Dezter; Granville Maars 27; Merchant; Maine; Riley, near 

Sacramento St« 
Dexter, Henry Stanley 52; President of V/ater Co; Native; 

557 ^^arrison. 
Dexter, James 33; Confectioner; ^^ative; Coso ^use 
Decter, ''eter B. 67; Merchant; Native; 128-1/2 Fourth 
De Young, Charles 21; Publisher; Native; 422 Bush 
De'-^oung, Oustavus 24; Publisher; 422 Bush; Native; 
Do Young, Isaac R, 27; Salesman; ^^ative; 949 Mission 
De Young, Louis 31; Broker; Native; 949 Mission 

Name age ooc* ^at« Loo. Hes« 97 

De Young, M,H, 71| Merchant; Naturallzedj 949 Mission 
De Young, iNapoloon II, Skij Broker j ^^ative; 749 Mission 
Diamant, Leopold 27; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 240 Stevenson 
Diamond, Michael 43; Tailor; Naturalized; 127 Pacific 
Dibble, William Stow 33; Bookkeeper; Native; 126 Perry 
Dick, David 43; Commission ^'^erchant; Native; N.E»Cor, 

Washington & Dupont 
Dick, Robert 40; Machinist; Naturalized; 8 Brook 
Dick, Stephen Waters 41; Merchant; Native; So* E* comer of 

Ellis and Franklin 
Dick, Theodore 28; Baker; Naturalized; Lick House «p 
Dick, William 39; Pork packer; Native; 23rd, between 

Valencia and ^ariposa 
Dickens, 'Fionas William 50; Clerk, Native; Vassar Place 
Dickenson, *^amea G, 30; Clark; ^''aturalized; Mission, between 

Twelfth and Thirteenth, 
Dickenson, Obediah Jr., 38; Merchant; Native; 1020 Stockton 
Dlokerson, David list el 38; Carpenter; Native; Hayes, west of 

Dlckerson, Harvey 45; Merchant; Native; 431 Union 
Dickey, George Eugene 26; Hotelkeeper; Native; Ocean House 
Dickey, George Smith 36; Apothecary; Native; 763 Howard 
Dickey, James Ranaldo 41; Hotel Keeper; Kativej Ocean Ho^se. 
Diederichsen, Charles 39; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 

826 Broadway 
Dledrlck, Henry Frederick; Omitted in Gr. Reg. of 1866 
Dledrlck, William Kliber 35; Pork packer; Penn.; Ifriion and 

Dledrieoh, George Frederick 23; Pork packer; Penn.; Corner 

Hyde and Sacranento Sts. 
Dlffley, *'etor 51; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 510 Jones 
Diggings, Augustus Garlyle 29; Street conductor; Native; 

Sutter, east of Broderick 
Dlgglns, Byron 25; Street conductor; Native; Sutter, east 

of Broderick 
Dlggina, Julius G. 28; Mechanic; Native; 248 Third 
Dlgglns, V/esley 59; Contractor; Native; Sutter, E. of Baker 
Dlkeman, Daniel Stretch 42; Clerk; Native; 2 Clarence Place 
Dilke, Jolin Thomas 25; Butcher; Native; Cor. Sills & Van Ness Ave 
Dillon, James 33;,Sal&on keeper; Naturalized 62 Third 
Dillon, John 40; Capitalist; Naturalized; 115 Fourth 
Dillon, Michael 38; Saloon keeper; Native; 223 Second 
Dillon, Michael 52; Dealer in Fruits; Naturalized; 303 IBroad/ay 
Dillon, Patrick 44; Sej'i-ton; i'^aturalized; Corbett, nr. Church 
Dillon, Robert 26; Butcher; Naturalized; Harrison, bet. Seventh 

,and Eighth 
Dillon, Thomas 31; Stairbuilder; Naturalized; 404 i'atoma 
Dllts, Austin Monroe 29; Teamster; Native; cor, l^sh & Lyon 
Dilz, George 35; Saddler; Naturalized; 141 Shipley 
Dimmer, Nicholas 27; Grocer; Naturalized; 815 Pacific 
Dlraock, Asa 36; Cook; Native; 426 Sansome 
Dimond, Hugh 36; Merchant; Naturalized; 604 Sutter 
Dlmond, John 34; Draynan; Naturalized; 236 Shipley 
Dimond, Joseph 26; Engineer; Citizen by discharge from U.S. 

Service; 520 Mission St. 
Dlnan, Joremiah 33; •'^aborer; Naturalized; ^^arrison, nr.6th 
Dlneen, Daniel 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Stevenson, bet. Sixth 

and Seventh 
Dlneen, Timothy 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 465 Minna, 

hamQ age occ« Nat. Loo. Res 



Dlngorflald, William P. 41; I^awyerj Native j 723 Sutter 
Dingle, George Robert 48; Engineer; Native; 227 Green 
Dlngley, Charles L, 37; Master Mariner; Native; 343 Fremont 
Dinkelapiel, Lazarus 46; Mwrchant; Naturalized; 713 Post 
Dlnman, Jeremiah 42; Laborer; Naturalized; Pine, nr« Mason 
Dipon, Joseph 26; Clerk; Michigan; Presidio 
Dlsoway, i^enry 31; Carpenter; Native; 740 Harrison 
Distumell, Nathaniel Prothingham 25; Clerk; Native; 326 Ellis 
Dlstwinel, Richard Oliver 26; Conductor; ^'ative; 326 Ellis 
Dithmar, Augustus Christian 35; Machinist; Native; 221 • 4th 
Dixen, Richard 38; iinglneer; Naturalized; 1223 Pacifio 
Dixon, Isaiah 48; Carpenter; Native; Shield's B ilding; Bush 
Dixon, James Edward 25; Merchant; Native; 121 Third 
Dixon, John J. 23; Plumber; Naturalized; 44 Clara 
Dixy, Francis 46; Clothier; Native; Sutter, west of Polk. 
Dixon, Thomas J. 30; Clerk; Naturalized; 46 Clara 
Dntenure, Martin 36; Carpenter; Naturalized; oor« Berry and 

Doana, Joshua Gross 35; Teamster; Native; Tyler St., near 

Doane, Micah 31; Drayman; Native; 1040 Polsom 
Doane, Wilbur Oabitt 26; Salesman; Native; Cor, Market & 3rd, 
Dobelmann, Lewis Phillip 30; Barber; Naturalized; 109 J^essle 
Doberar, "enry Williams 38; Clerk; Native; Cor, Montgomery 

and Jackson 
Doble, Abner 37; Blacksmith: Indiema; Greenwich St, 
Doble, Jotm 36; Bookkeeper; Native; 321 Pine 
Dobson, James 28; Painter; Native; 535 Sacramento 
Dockendorff, George 27; chemical works; Naturalized; comer 

Valencia and Fifteenth 
Dodd, James 22; Boatman; Naturalised; 127 & 139 Jackson 
Dodd, Benjamin 44; Seaman; Native; Leidesdorff and 

Coomerclal Sts* 
Dodd, James 30; Stage driver; Naturalized; 605 Clay 
Dodgo, Arthur 59; Hotel keeper; Native; Cor. *arket & 2nd. 
Dodge, Charles Frederick 47; Broker; Native; Hayes St., 

xiast of Oct a via 
Podge, David 34; Carpenter; Native; 64 Tehama 
Dodge, Eleazer E. 40; Butcher; Native; Mission, nr. 15th 
Dodge, Francis 40; House mover; Native; 669 Mission 
Dodge, ^enry Lee 41; Merchant; Native; Lick House 
Dodge, Joslah Wlnslow 30; Purser S.S. America; Native; 

Second Ave. bet. 16th & 17th. 
Dodge, Nathan 32; Laundry; Native; 525 Geary 
Dodge, Robert King 42; Clerk; Native; 107 Leldesdorf , 
Dodge, William Wlnslow 35; Merchant; Native; Lick House 
Doe, Charles Franklin 32;Clerk; Native; 13 Anthony 
Doe, John S. 42; Importer doors & windows; Native; 521 Pino 
Doerger, Charles 39; Ivory turner; Naturalized; 1027 Pacific 
Dogget, Richard 38; laborer; Naturalized; 105 William 
Doggett, Samuel Wales 41; Attorney; South Carolina; Powell, 

near Clay 

Name age occ* Nat* Loc. Res* 99 

Doherty, Bryan 28; Laborer; Naturalized; Comer Sansorae and 

Doherty, Francis 50; Laborer; Naturalized; K^S, Larkin, between 

Broadway & Vallejo 
Doherty, James 38; Boiler-maker; Naturalized; 49 Stevenson 
Doherty, John Charles 40; Cabinet maker; Native; 74<i Howard 
Doherty, Mathew 27; Expressman; Naturalized; 154 Second 
Doherty, Nelius 29; I3oiler-maker; Native; 49 Stevenson 
Doherty, William 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 122 Jessie 
Dohlker, ^onry 44; Merchant; Native; Howard, bet«2l3t & 22nd. 
Dohoney, John 38; Drayman; Naturalized; 117 Shipley 
Dolan, Daniel 23; Teamster; Naturalized; Dora St,,nr, Polsom 
Dolan, John iXirand 40; Ship caulker; Native; 224 Second 
Dolan, Itdichael 30; Gartman; Naturalized; 107 Perry 
Dolan, Michael 40; Naturalized; Stevenson, bet. 1st fc 2nd, 
Dolan, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Pine, nr, ^^attery 
Dolan, VYilliam 36; Haclcman; Naturalized; 1616 Stockton 
Dolan, V/illiam Bernard 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 145 Third 
Doland, Michael 28; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; Scotland, near 

Dole^ Daniel Noise 29; Butter & Cheese; Native; 811 Jackson 
Dole, Jolin Searles 45; Hay store; New York; 115 Prospect 
Doling, Daniel 38; Miner; Naturalized; Geneve Street 
Deliver, John Sargont 33; Pilot; Mass; 614 Pine 
Dolling, *^enry 37; Longshoreman; Naturalized; Filbert and 

Hyde Sts. 
Dollivar, Tliomas 45; Shore-dealer; Native; 101 Montgomery 
Dolson, De«idtt C. 4G; Employee C.H.; Native; &askle,nr. Mission 
Domett, William Kuatice 42; Pilot; Native; 640 Howard 
Dohaliey, Michael 40; Hailroad conductor; Naturalized; Fourth, 

near Welch 
Donahue, James 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor, 6th & Minna 
Donahue, Jeremiah P, 39; -laborer; Naturalized; Barett Alley No. 2 
Donahue, John 27; Fruit dealer; Native; 442 Bush. 
Donahue, Patrick 33; Distiller; Naturalized; N.W,Cor. 

Mission & Ridly 
Donahue, Peter 44; Capitalist; Naturalized; 2nd & Bryant 
Donahue, Thomas 35; Macliinist; Naturalized; by his father; 

44 Minna 
Donaldson, John 43; Saloon keeper; Native; Cor. Solano 

and San Bruno Road. 
Donaldson. VYilliam 76; Shoemaker; ^Naturalized; San Bruno Road 
Donavan, **a trick V/aer 38; Blaclbamith; ^Naturalized; 60 First 
Dond, Patrick 27; %iborer; Naturalized; Cemetery Ave., south 

of Post. 
Donegan, -"^atrick 28; Painter; Naturalized; 151 Tehama 
Donevaa, Daniel 49; •'-•aborer; Naturalized; Florida, nr, 20th. 
Donevan, Timothy 26; Porter; Native; cor. 20th & San Bruno Rd. 
Donell, Robert P. 45; Carpenter; Native; 64 Tehama 
Donigan, Michael 27; Laborer; ^Naturalized; 706 Battery 
Donlga, Patrick (Jr.) 33; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Sacramento, 

near Jones. 
Donlan, Cornelius 75; Tailor; Naturalized; 215 California 

Ijone age occupation Nat* Loc« Ras* 100 

Donlan, Thomaa 24} Laborer; Naturalized; 739 Polaora 
Donlenaen, Tliomas Parker 36; Llquora; ^^atlve; What Cheer 
Donnally, James ii3; Carpenter; i^atlvo; Hodges Alley 
Donnally, Patrick 43; iJaker; naturalized; Bryant & lat. 
Donnell, Oliver 55; Cartman; Native; Commercial between 

Drumm and Front. 
Donnellan, benjamin Crocket 46; Carpenter; Native; cor. 

Howard and First. 
Donnellan, Wm. Loney 50; Agent; Native; Stanford St. 
Donnelly, Andrew 51; Sugar Refinery Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. 

Jessie and Sixth, 
Donnelly, Bernard 35; Skin dresser; Naturalized; comer Eighth 

and ^arrison 
Donnelly, Bryan 35; Hay dealer; i^aturalized; toward, between 

Seventh & Klghth 
Donnelly, Edward 41; Contractor; Naturalized; Filbert and 

Donnelly, James 42; Baker; Naturalized; 109 Sansome 
Donnelly, John 40; Hotel- keeper; i'iaturalized; Comer Davis 

and Oregon. 
Donnelly, Francis John 36; Confectioner; NaturaUzed; 

8 0»Farrell. 
Donnelly, Patrick 41; Manufacturer; Naturalized; Drannan, 

near Sixth. 
Donnelly, Robert 53; Laborer; Naturalized; 16 Taylor 
Donnelly, Thomaa 2S; Laborer; Naturalized; Sranan & Gilbert 
Donnelly, Thomaa 68; Manufacturer; Naturalized; Mason, near 

Donniolff, Thomas Jteff erson; 29; Draynan; Pann. Brenham PI. 
Donnovan, Daiiel 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Jeaaie, between 

Fourth and Fifth. 
Donogan, Michael 48; Laborer; Naturalized; Leavenworth, 

bet. Broadway and Vallejo. 
Donoghue, Daniel J, 21; Clerk; Native; 460 Jeaaie 
Donohoe, Jolm 32; Labortsr; i^aturalized; 256 Jeaaie 
Dohohoe, Joseph A, 40; Banker; Native; 526 Harrison 
Donohoe, Owen 40; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 629 Merchant 
Donohue, Donla 52; Drayqiian; Naturalized; 42 Natoma St. 
Donohue, Francia 44; jfrtilknian; Naturalized; Guerrero, bet, 

26th and 27th. 
Donohue, Janea 27; Bookbinder; Naturalized; 88 Stevenson 
Donohue, James 39; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 147 Natoma 
Donohue, *'oremiah o2; Steward; Naturalized; See Place, 

near Polsom 
Donohue, Philip 35; Laborer; Ireland; Jhoatnut & Larkin 
Donovan, Cornelius 37 j otewarfl; Naturalized; Araorican iilxchange 
Donovan, Dennia o2; -laborer; Naturalized; liew York House. 
Donovan, James 40; Painter; Native; 14 Turk 
Donovan, Jol-in 68; Laborer; Naturalized; San Miguel Ranch 
Donovan, Joseph 35; Laborer; Naturalized; S. side Sutter, bet 

Kearney & Dupont 
Donovan, Michael 42; Laborer; Naturalized; Fulton, east of 

Donovan, Patrick 33; Laborer; Naturalized; 309 '^eaale 

lo ia&Q ,noJlir'i ;i)Osxj.«-iiJJ*JkA i-xw-iov-*>- < 

%p« ji -*- *^ •'»* •^^ 

olau-. ^^ -' ibbx'.lja^-iiiJJiil Iiuiodija ;uo :ioli:JA*i ^nevoiioCi 

Nama ago* occ. Nat. Loc. Res, 101 

Donovan, Richard 4iiij Laborer; Naturalized; cor. of Page 

and Stelner* 
Donovan, William 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Oak, near Gough 
Donzalmann, John Frederick 42; Grocer; Naturalized; 22 Belden 
Doclan, Thomas 35; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 176 Minna 
Dooley, Jaraea 27; Laborer; Naturalized; 28 South Park 
Dooley, John 30; Bar-keeper; Naturalized; Buchanan Street, 

south of Bush. 
Doollttle, Alonzo James 45; Agent; Native; 638 Howard 
Doolittle, William Gorham 45; Teacher; Native; 328 Montgomery 
Dooly, Andrew 40; Gardiner; Naturalized; Mission Street, bet. 

12th and 13th. 
Doran, James 32; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 112 Frelon (sic) 
Dorai , James 43; Teamster; Naturalized; 6 Scott. 
Doran, John 38; Milkman; Naturalized; Bernal Heights 
Doran, John 26; Omitted in Gr. Reg. of 1866: Naturalized; 

509 Bush St. 
Doran, Richard iinmett 27; Moulder; Native; 18 Park Avenue 
Doran, William 44; Car-aonductor; Naturalized; 1009 Pacific 
Doroey, John 26; Carrlagemaker; Naturalized; 1015 i^arney 
Dorcher, Hermann 37; Grocer; Naturalized; cor. Third and 

Dore, Edward Washington 36; Drayman; Native; 773 Folsom 
Dorgan, William 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 50 Natoma St. 
Dorlty, John 37; Machinist; Native; Corner Davis and 

Broadway Sts. 
Dorland, Henry Smith 27; Teamster; Naturalized; Cor. 

Dorland and Dolores. 
Dorland, Janes Farley 32; Expressman; Naturalized; 18th, 

bet. Guerrero (sic) 
Dorland, Thoaaa 55; Trader; Native; Dolores, bet. 17th & 18th 
Dorland, Thomas Augustus Gorbett 21; Bookkeeper; Naturalized 

Dolores, bet. 17th and 18th. 
Dorman, Charles Milton 31; Carpenter; Native; 31 Second St. 
Dorraan, William F. 51; Produce dealer; Naturalized; corner 

Howard and Fifteenth. 
Doi^ln, Thomas Jarvis 22; Jm itor; Public Schools; Native; 

337 Bryant. 
Domln, Wm. Henry 34; Caulker; Native; 337 Bryant 
Dorr, Benjamin 41; Carpenter; Native; 19 Tehama 
Dorr, Jasen Baker 38; Livery stable; Native; Cosmopolitan 

Dorr, Ralph 3. 59; Broker; Native; 223 Second 
Doaoher, Hans Henry 29; Grocer; Naturalized; E.S. Seventh, 

near Brannan 
Doraey, George 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Ecker, near 

Doscher, Frederick 41; Grocer; Naturalized; cor. Bush and 

San some. 
Dotter, William C. 45; Lamplighter; Native; 463 Minna 
Doty, Wlllet Robert 48; Merchant; Native; 918 Sutter 
Doud, Aaron 33; Furniture dealer; "atlve; 113 Sansome. 

^ama ag« ooc* Nat. Loo. Res. 102 

Doud, Gharloa E. 21j Butcher; Native; 256 First. 
Doud, Philo 48; Cabinet maker; Native; 256 Plrit. 
Dougan, Patrick 3. 35; Boot & Shoe maker; Naturalized; 

S.W.Cor. Mason and California, 
Dougart, John Ignatius 36; Butcher; Pranoe; Bush, near Pierca 
Dougherty, Barnaby 33; Contractor; Naturalized; 1 Sherwood 

Dougherty, Barney 21; Clerk; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Dougherty, Patrick (sic) 59; Mason; i^aturalized; Bernal 

Dougherty. Edward 26; Laborer; NatureQ. ized; Minna, between 

First and Second. 
Dougherty, George 42; Engineer; Naturalized; Montgomery Baths 
Dougherty, George 42; Contractor; Naturalized; 510 Lombard 
Dougherty, George 59; Rigger; Naturalized; 265 Clara 
Dougherty, Henry 30; Laborer; Natural ized; 39 Shipley 
Dougherty, John 36; Laborer; Naturalized; N. side Bryant, 

bet. Seventh & Elgjhth 
Dougherty, John Henry 35; Trader; Native; 57 Minna 
Dougherty, John 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 430 Filbert 
Dougherty, John 36; Grocer; Naturalized; 926 Folsom 
Dougherty, James 43; Taimer; Naturalized; Third and Brannan 
Dougherty, Michael 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Hyde &Unlon 
Dougherty, William Cullen 41; P.O. Clerk; Native; Geary Place 
Douglas, George Willard 30; Carpenter; Native;:. 636 Howard 
Douglas, Horace B. 26; Bookkeeper; Native; 52 Tehama 
Douglas, John 44; Seaman; Native; 32 Stewart 
Douglas, John Ellis 22; Clerk; Native; 918 Jackson 
Douglas, William Anerum 41; Physician; Native; 13 Third 
Douglass, Gilbert 43; Miner; Native; 845 Howard 
Douglass, Thomas H. 36; Warehousekeeper; Native; 507 Powell 
Douglass, William Young 40; Policeman; Native; 1805 Dupont 
Doullng, Patrick 39; Stone cutter; Naturalized; Green, near 

Dove, William ^enry 32; Painter; Native; 320 Third 
Dow, Pranols Asberry 32; Dealer; Native; 42 Second St. 
Dow, Hezekiah 28; Carpenter; Native; 720 Market 
Dow, Jean 46; Baker; Naturalized; 1510 Dupont 
Dow, Martin 33; Storekeeper; Native; 64-1/2 Second 
Dow, William P. 49; Leather dealer; Native; S.W.Cor. 

Fifteenth & Mission 
Dowd, Barney 27; Laborer; Naturalized; Brannan & Gilbert 
Dowd, Francis 85; Laborer; Naturalized; 325 First 
Dowd, Hugh 23; Carriage driver; Naturalized; Scott, between 

Pacific & Broadway 
Dowd, Peter 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 24 Clara 
Dowling, Janes 36; Waterman; Naturalized; Geary, between 

Jones & Leavenworth Sts. 
Dowling, Madison Frasier 39; Miller; Native; 67 i^atoma St. 
Dowling, Michael 33; Ship carpenter; Naturalized; 310-7th. 
Dowling, Michael 37; Carriage-man; Naturalized; Burrlt*s St. 
Dowling, Richard 37; Saddler; Native; 322 Beale 
Downer, Abner John 53; Miner; Native; 825 Broadway 
Downer, Tliomas Pike 52; Master Mariner; Native; Comer 

Pacific and Davi'-©. 




Nat. Log* Hes« 


Downes, Ttiomaa Dunlap 41| laborer; Native; Gilbert^ near 

Brannan St. 
Downey, George Washington 23; Parmer; Native; 21 Ellis 
Downey, James H. 31; Carpenter; Naturalized; Dora St., 

near Harrison. 
Downey, John 34; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Mason, near Market 
Downey, John 40; Mason; Iiaturallzed; Sierra Nevada Ilouae, 

Downey, Patrick 46; Carpenter; Naturalized; Sutter, between 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Downey, William Charles 24; Printer; Native; Nlantlo 
Downle, James Johnson 21; Merchant; Native^ 621 Bush 
Downing, Henry Clay 37; Auotlonear; Native; Comer of 

Downing, Joshua Lewis 47; Physician; Native; 
Downing, Mathew 44; Plasterer; Naturalized; 
Downing, Patrick 45; Plasterer; ^Naturalized; 

1122 Paclflo 
23 Louisa 
270 Minna 













Alvah 36; Teamster; Native; 115 Williams 
Edward 30; Heaort-hojseman; Naturalized; 66 Minna 
George Willi am 39; Conductor; Native; 33 Everett 
Horace 37; Boot manufacturer; Native; 145 Clara 
Michael 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Kousch, between 

Howard and Polsom 
James 57; Distiller; Native; Bryant, bet. 10th & 11th, 
Dennis Bernard 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Hayes, 

east of Octavla. 
Hugh 35; Fireman on steamer; Naturalized; Greenwich, 

Montgomery & Kearney 
James 45; Drayman; Naturalized; E, side Howard, between 

Thirteenth & Fourteenth Sts. 
James 38; Blacksmith; *''aturallzed; 134 Polsom 
James 36; Miner; Naturalized; 12 Sutter 
James 40; Builder; Native; 1902 Powell 
James 50; Laborer; Naturalized; cor. I-ttsslon & 23rd. 
James William 28; Carpenter; Native; Clinton, near 

John 40; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; Cor. of Geary 

and Cemetery Avenue 
John 31| Blacksmith; %tive; 416 Pacific 
John Thomas 46; Lawyer; ^atlve; 430 Bryant 
Michael 39; Grocer; **aturallzed; N.E. Comer of 

Hayes & Van Ness Ave. 
Michael 35; Gardener; Naturalized. 50 ^''atoma 
Michael 61; Laborer; Naturalized; Liedesdorff and 

Morris 36; Horae-shoer; Naturalized; Geary, west of 

Thomas 58; Laborer; Naturalized; 61 Stevenson St. 
William 34; Laborer; Naturalized; Battery, between 

Pine and Bush 
William Rothhford 31; Contractor & Speculator; 

Naturalized; 50 Natoma St. 
Janes 33 ; Machinist; Natural:' zed; 54 First St. 
Eugene B. 36; Justice Pftao«; Native; 614 Mason 
George Washington 36; '^Vharflngor; ^''atlve; 321 Minna 
George W. 36; V/harflnger; Native; 321 Minna. 

Name aga* ooo* Nat* Loo. Ilea* 104 

Drake, Samuel 40} Merchant; ^Native; 31'^ V/ashlngton 
Drannan, John 43; Carpenter; naturalized; Seymour House 
Dreohler, Predorlok 43; Uo ocoupatlon; Natural5.2.ed; No. 1 

Washoe Place 
Drennan, John 3ii} Clerk; Maturallssed; 115 Washington 
Drennan, Mlohael 20; Boiler raakeri Native; Leldesdorff 

and ConBTierclal 
Drentwehl, Henry 30; Grocer; Naturalized; N.VV, Comer 

Howard and Fifteenth Sta, 
Dreaohfield, Heniv 45; Notary Public; Naturalized; 

605 Pine 
Drew, Henry 51; Mechanic; Native; 74 Clementina 
Drew, Hiram Mason 28; Stair builder; Native; Pell, east of 

Drew, J.R. 35; Stair builder; Naturalized; 229 Clara 
Drew, John 21; Bartender; Naturalized; Bay View Park 
Drew, Ranoelier 28; Butchur; Native; Mission, near 24th 
Dreyer, Ghaa, P. 30; Hackman; Native; 30 Clara 
Dreyer, Diederlech 36; Grocer; Naturalilzad; Potrero 
Dreyer, Samuel H, 44; Auctioneer; Native; Cor, Mission ft 5th 
Dreyfuss, Adolphua 30; Clerk; Naturalized; 718 Vallejo 
Dreyfus, Julius 50; Merchant; iNaturallzod; 1313 Kearney 
Drinan, James 31; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Mission & Main 
Drinkhftuse, John Adams 41; Merchant; Native; 42 South Park 
Driscol, Timothy 42; laborer; Naturalized; cor. California and 

Prospect Place 
Driscoll, Charles 28; Boatman; Naturalized; 404 Vallejo 
Driscoll, Cornelius 42; Laborer; Naturalized; 512 Mason 
Driscoll, Cornelius 63; Boot ?« Shoemaker; Naturalized; 

Francisco, near Midway 
Driscoll, Dennis 41; Laborer; Naturalized; Geary, near Hyde 
Driscoll, James Nicholas 28; Collector's Clerk Int. Rev. Office; 

Native! 905 Pacific 
Driscoll, John Patrick 23; Butcher; Naturalized; 802 Stoolcton 
Driscoll, William -^enry 24; Porter; Naturalized; Cor. 

Sutter & Dupont. 
Driver, Charles 22; Tinsmith; Native; 506 Union 
Drodge, ^ettir 31; Carpenter; Naturalized; 26 St. Mark's Place 
Drogd, Gustavus Frederick C. 35; Grocer; Naturalized; 

126 Natoim 
Droge, Henry 52; Grocer; Naturalized; Comer Front andPaclfic 
Droger, Dledrlck 40; Bar-room; Naturalized; Cor. Battery 

and Filbert 
Droger, Henry 37; Grocer; Naturalized; S.E.Cor. Pine and 

Droste, Hermon 28; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; Chicago Hotel, 

Pacific Street 
Drown, Albert Neuch 26; Lawyer; Rhode Island; Filbert and 

Van Ness 
Drucker, Albert 30; Grocer; Naturalized; 624 Minna 
Drucker, August 38; Surgeon; Naturalized; 919 Montgomery 
Druhe, John Herman 42; Grocer; Naturalized; S.W.Cor. 

Stewart & Market Sts. 
Drum, Kdward Parrington 23; Conductor; Native; Tehama 

Name mga Occ, Nat. Loo* Res* 105 

Drum« John HQ; Clerk; Naturalized; 428 Bush 

Drum, Riohard Coulter 41; Col. U.S. Army; Native; Oocldental 

Drum, Thomas Jerome ii4; Lawyer; Native; 10 Ellis 
DruBicier, Henry 49; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; Mason and 

Drummond, William W. 46; Lawyer; Native; 515 Pine 
Drury, V/llllam 46; Tailor; Native; 20th, near Dolores 
Duane, William hobert 37; Printer; Native; 1119 Montgomery 
Duok, John Alexander 36; Printer; Pennsylvania; 7/ashlngton, 

near Polk 
Duck, William B. 33; Butcher; Native; li.K.Cor. 2nd & Tehama 
Duckor, Honry WllllaBi 38; Seaman; Native; Washington & East 
Ducownon, Samuel 31; Carriage maker; Native; 792 pQlsom 
Duoy, Ednond 38; Oardaner; Naturalized; Hayes Park Pavllllon 
Dudgeon, iJneas 51; Machinist; Naturalized; 8th St. cor. Minna 
Dudley, Charles Pratt 43; Merchant; Native; 519 Leavenworth 
Dudley, Ebenezer 20; Artificer; Native; 533 Market 
Dudley, Edgar Tuttle 27; Merchant; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Dudley, Warren 30; Carpenter; Native; 567 Howard 
Duenwald, Frederick 29; Tobacconist; I^aturalized; 5 Dupont 
Duey, Charles Hitchcock 29; Jeweller; Massachusetts; 805 Mason 
Duff, Andrew 28; Ja&l keeper; Naturalized; 765 Clay St. 
Duff, Andrew 35; Carpenter; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Duff, James Merowe 42; Car-conductor; Native; N.E.Cor. Jackson 

and Dupont 
Duff, Thomas 39; Porter; Naturalized; East side Kaamey, bet 

Union and Filbert 
Duffey, Michael 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 1012 Broadway 
Duffey, Patrick 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Freelon St. 
Duffle, Peter 25; Butcher; Naturalized; N.W.Cor. Brannan & 9th 
Duffield, George William 35; Policeman; Naturalized; 335 

Duffy, Barney 29; Seaman; Naturalized; 4 Zoe Place. 
Duffy, Bernard 66; Machinist; Naturalized; Filbert, nr. Powell 
Duffy, Edward 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 307 Chambers 
Duffy, Henry Wesley 32; Dealer; Native; 236 Minna 
Duffy, Hugh 40; Upholsterer; Naturalized; 706 Broadway 
Duffy, John 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 32 Rousoh 
Duffy, John 45; Lodging; Naturalized; Drumm and Clay 
Duffy, Patrick 46; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Green and 

Battery St. 
Duffy, Thomas 37; Carpenter; Ireland; Filbert and Polk 
Dugan, Dennis 56; Laborer; Naturalized; 310 Polsora 
Dugan, Edmund 23; Laborer; Naturalized; Maine, bet. Mission 

and Market Sts. 
Dugan, George 23^ Lather; Naturalized; 264 Minna 
Dugan, Hugh 35; -laborer; Naturalized; 308 i£lnna 
Dugan, Jeremiah 28; Laborer; Native; 713 Front 
Dugan, John 50; Painter; Naturalized; Portrero, nr. California 
Dugan, Mark Martin 42; Slioemaker; Naturalized; 117 Minna 
Dugan, Patrick 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Turk, east of Franklin 
Dugan, Patrick AOJf Clark; Naturalized; Green k Hyde 
Dugan, Simon 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Main be^. Mission and 






loc. res* 




Dugaiiy Simon 36; Laboretr} Naturalizod| Main, bot* Mission 

and Market. 
Dugan, William 40j Marble polisher; Naturalized? 171 Jessie 
DiAS.Tsn, Jeremiah ii4; Qutoher; Naturalized; cor, Bryant & 10th 
Dug ran, Patrick 4ii; Carpenter; Naturalized; 765 Howard 
^gg«i» Thomas Joseph 33; Parmer | Naturalized; So. side 

Mission Creek 
Dullea, Charles 58; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Franklin 

Dumbrell, Jos. Henry 31; Cartman; Naturalized; King, between 

Third ^c Fourth 
Dumeningburg, Joseph 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 

620 Sacramento 3t. 
Dumj^, Patrick William 36; Teamster; Naturalized; corner 

Hyde & Geary 
Dunavant, Alexander 3ii; Caoper; Native; 136 Minna 




Jaiios V/, 


Sawyer; Native; 156 Teharaa 

John 26; Teamster; Naturalized; 9th, near Mission 
V/illiam Augustus 37; Teamster; Native; Clarence Place 
William Trome 30; Palntor; Ohio; Austin & Polk 
Janes 44; Tanner; Natui»aL Ized; Brannan, near 8th 
Jam© a Wesley 41| Builder; Native; Vallejo, nr. Hyde 
Joseph Charles 44; Auctioneer; Native; 525 Greenwich 
57; Merchait; Native; 1016 Larkin 
Robert 22; Clerk: Native; 43 Stanley Place 
Robert Thaddeus (sic) 39; Laborer; Native; 

446 Brannan 
45| Miner; Naturalized; Fillmore, south of Hayes 
V/illian Lorenzo 38; Stockbrokei ; Native; 525 Greenwich 
Patrick F, 21; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 

39 Clementina 
Thomas Roberts 32; Restaurant; Naturalized; 216 Second 
Allen Murry 32; Photographer; Native; 732 Sutter 
Benjamin Franklin 34; Clerk; Mass.; 530 Pine 
Ephralm Q. 27; Photographer; Native; 732 Sutter 
Dunham, George P. 38 ; lilxpresaman; Native; 732 Sutter 
Dunican, Patrick 34; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Polsom & 5th 
Dunker, Ernest Henry 46; no occupation; Naturalized; 209 Minna 
Dunlap, David Lockwood ki3; Merchaht; Penn. ; 1013 Washington 
Dunlevy, iUidrew 34; Shipwright; Naturalized; 933 P Isom 
Dunn, Charles Dennis 23; Printer; Native; Cor. Mission and 

Dunn, Cornelius 46; Carpenter; Naturalized; 312 Tehama 
Dunn, GomBllus G. k;3; Carpenter; Naturalized; 331 Franont 
Dunn, Daniel 45; Mariner; Naturalized; 316 Bryant 
Dunn, Dennis 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 25 Frederick 
Dunn, Francis 51; Laborer; Naturalized; Lafayette Place 
Dunn, Frederick Porter 29; Lawyer; ^"atlve; 1811 Stockton 
Dunn- iiorace Du^^rie (sic) 36; Clerk; iiative; 52 Silver 
Dunn, S^ith Jacob 37; Clerk; Native; 56G Bryant 
Dunn, James 45; Teamster; l*aturallzed; V7, side Eighth, between 

Howard & Folsom 
Dunn, James 38; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 308 Jessie 
Dunn, John 28 j jSlacksmltli helper; Naturalized; Minna, between 

Seventh and Ei^th 




nat, loc. res* 


Dunn, John 33; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 513 Mission 

Dunn, John Z2; Salesrian; Naturalized; Riley, between Clay 

and Jones 
Dunn, John 40; Shipwrif5Jit; Naturalized; 86 Frederick 
Dunn, John 51; Carpenter; Oritur all zed; 29 Jane St. 
Dunn, Lawrence 27; **achlnl3t; Naturalized; 29 Jane 
Dunn, Patrick 36; Drayman; i^atlve; Turk, east of Franklin 
Dunn, Patrick 36; Boatbuilder; i'iaturalized; Chestnut, near 

Dunn, fjiraeon ii9; Salesman; A*ative; 839 Stevenson 
Dunn, Tlmotfay 30; Laborer; Natural zed; Hasette Place 
Dunn, William 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Shi oley, between 

Seven i;h »•: ;'ighth 
Dunn, William 86; Bla ck sm i r^h ; Naturalized; 89 Jane 
Dunn, Vifm. i3arry 46; ""aborer; Naturalized; Precita Creek 
Dunn, Willi ail Wallace; «iaohinist; New ^ork 1013 Sacramento 
Dunn, Vflllett 50; Miner; i*ative; Green, near a^a-aon 
Dunne, John 35; ISootraakoir; Naturalized; W, side Mission, 

near Ridley 
Dunne, Theodore 87; ISaborer ; Naturalized^ Chlcaf^o Hotel, 

•^flckson Street 
Dunne, William 45; Grocer; Naturalized; S.W.cor. ^eavenworth 

and Pacific 
Dunnlgan, Charles 88; Mariner; Naturalized; 187 Pols cm 
Dunning, Ralph 53; Clork; Native; 86 0»Farrell 
Dunning, Thomas 30; Gror^er; Naturalized; 853 Clara 
Dunphy, Tliomas James 41; i:'ainter; Native; 407 Kyd© 
Dunphy, William 38; Cattle doalfc^r; Natural ized; 111 Mason 
Dunsbee, Cornelias Edward 31; Car;joatur; Naw J^ork; Pine, 

near Franklin 
Duparr, Joseph 46; Tanner; i^iative; 606 Third 
Duperu, Nuna 51; Merchant; Native; 88 Rincon Place 
Dupont, John }topkins 57; Shoedeal^r; *'ative; 888 Washington 
Dupreau, William 86; Drover; "ative; 631 Davis 
Duprey, Samuel Davidson 53; Real xilstate; Virginia; 514 D„pont 
Durant, John 30; Jabu.etmakrfr; Naturalized; Lafayette Place 
Durbrow, ALfred Keelor 88; Warehouseman; -^'ative; 110 Mason 
Durbrow, Joseph Jr., 55; lianker; Native; 380 Mason 
Durham, Frank 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Union, b etween Kearney 

and MonTigomery 

Durln, Matthew 35; Milkman; Naturalized; Old San Jose 


John Leonard 37; Fire Marshall; Native; City 
Durkin, Anthony 33; Saloon; Native; Coso House 
Durkln, i^ldwjird 35; ^oi»chant; Naturalized; 586 Tehama 
Durkin, Janes 45; Laborer; i*aturalized; Dora Street, between 

Folsom and Howard 
Durkin, i^a trick 48; Real Instate; Naturalized; 586 Tehana 
Dumey, Alfred Felix 38; Manufacturer; Native; 603 deary 
Du Rose, Francis Frederic 35; Clerk; Naturalized; corner 

Sacramento and Mason Sts. 
Dumey, Michael Joseph 87; Boo :keepor; Native; 603 Geary 
Durrall, Jonatlian 45; Painter; Native; 17th, b etween Church 

and Dolores 
Dutard, iSugene 88; i^wrchant; Naturalized; Valparaiso 
Dutard, 84; Merchant; Natural zed; Vallejo Street 
Dutoher, Jotm iuilo 30; Sawyer; -'ativo; Park Avenue 

Name age occ. Kat« Loc* Hea, 108 

Dutra, Joaquin 46; Stevedore; Naturalized; Greenwich, Bet, 

Montgomery & Sansome 
Dutton, Henry 56; Merchant; Native; Sutter, west of Soott 
Dutton, Henry jr., 26; Merchant; Native; Sutter, east of 

Dutton, John 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 2nd Ave,, bet. 

16th and 17th 
Dutton, Samuel Edward 22; Hay dealer; Native; Sutter, west 

of Scott 
Du Vail, Richard ^enry 29; Clork; Native; 609 Washington 
Duvall, William Robert 40; Printer; Native; 517 Jones 
Duvenick, Charles Bemhard 35; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, 

19th and Dolores 
Duxbury, Paul Goates 49; Conductor; Naturalized; —Howard 
Dweyor, John 36; Liquors; Naturalized; 1 Clay 
Dwi^t, George 51; Broker; Native; Ross, north of Washington 
Dwineile, Samuel Hull 42; Judge 15th District Court; ^*atlve; 

S.I:;. Cor, Eddy and Leavenworth 
Dworjajek, Benedickt 42; Saldion keeper; NatursQ. ized; Pine, 

bet. Larkin and Hyde Sts. 
Dwyer, Anthony 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Cor, Market and 

Gough Sts, 
Dwyer, David 43; Coal dealer; Naturalized; 114 Ellis 
Dwyer, John 26; Carria-^e driver; Naturalized; 1515 Mason 
Dwyer, John 27; Student; Naturalized; St. Mary's college, 
Dwyer, John 40; Siioebnaker; Naturalized; Cor, Post and Taylor 
Dwyer, John 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Taylor, bet, Geary & Post 
Dwyer, John Rodnan 50; Clerk; Native; Original House 
Dwyer, Malaohi 25; OstlorCsic); Michigan; 1212 Clay St, 
Dwyer- Thomas 34; Waiter; Naturalized; 52 Everett 
Dwyer) 32; Laborer; Ireland; Chestnut and Van i^eas 
Dwyer)Thocias D 32; Laborer; -'•reland; Ghoatnut & Van ^iesa 
Dwyer, Tiiaotliy*20; Restaurant; Natui^alized; -—Jessie 
Dwyer, William 42; Grocer; i'iaturalized; S.'.V.Cor, 7th & Howard 
Dye, William McLean 29; Clerk; Native; 833 Vallejo 
Dyer, David 24; Gilder; Native; 272 Stevenson 
Dyer, Francis r;dwln 42; Clerk; Native; 22 ^aimey 
Dyer, George Francis 38; Clork; Native; 6 Montgomery 
Dyer, Hanry 43; Giork; Native; 824 Greenwich Street 
Dyer, James 22; Grainer; Rhode Island; Brenhara Place 
Dyer, James 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Mason and Powell 
Dyer, James Samuel 27; Farmer; New -ork; Union and Gough 
Dyer, Joseph Palmer 39; Hotel keeper; Native; Russ House 
Dyer, Michael 50; Butcher; Naturalized; Sacramento, near 

Dyer, Rodolphus Cyrus 32; Y/ood and coal, i^ative; 124 « 4th 
Dyer, V/llllam Candon 42; Cooper; Naturalized; Bartoi St, 


Nana age occ* Hat. Loc. Rea* 109 

fiager, William 31| Conductor; Native; Mission, bet, 1st & 2nd 
^an, William 41; Oyster saloon; NaturdL Ized; 15 Rltoh 
Egan, Patrick 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 436 Jessie 
JSgan, John 38; Liquor Merchant; Naturalized; 228 Jessie 
Egan, Edward 40; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Green, between 

Montgaaery & Kearney 
Egan, Charles ^enry 25; Painter; Native; 5 Bernard 
Eagles, William Crane 65; Carbullder; Native; 19 O'Parrell 
Earl, Henry H. 22; Clerk; Native; 815 Hyde 
Ealy, Nicholas 35; Seaman; Naturalized; 34 Clementina 
Erskine, Isiah 45; U.S. Appraiser's Office; Native; 234 barney 
Early, Lyman Qreenleaf 29; Telegraph Operator; Native; 110 Silver 
Earle, James 32; Health Inspector; Native; N.E. Corner Broadway 

and Kearney 
Earle, James 23; ^enry Oibbs 23; Clerk; Native; Howard 

Engine Houso 
Earle, Oeorge 63; Surveyor; Native; 674 Hsirrlson 
Earl, John Ogden 42; Merchant; Natives Lick House 
Eastham, Honry P. 54; Master Mariner; native; 347 «)^essio 
Eastband, Joseph Greene 35; Accountant; Native; 225 Geary 
Eastabrook, Charles Damon 24; Clark; Native; 236 Third 
Eartly, James 32; Laborer; Naturallzed;by Naturalization of 

father; 54 First St. 
Bastln, Andrew ^ackson 35; Clerk; Native; 539 Broadway 
Eastman, Tlionas Sutton 43; Merchant; New Hanpshire; 1113 Clay 
Eastman, Harrison 44; Artist; New Hampshire; 1133 Clay 
Eastman, Prank 45; Printer; New Hampshire; 1117 Taylor 
Eastman, Edward 21; Clerk; Massachusetts; 528 Pine 
Eastman, Cyrus Alvah 42; Solicitor; Now Hanpshire; 2 Malvin Place 
Easton, Oliver W. 50; Roofing; Native; Fifth, near Howard 
Easton, John 40; Cabinet maker; NatursiLlzed; Minna, between 

Eighth and Ninth. 
Easton, George 33; Stevedore; Naturalized; Northeast comer 

Vallejo and Kearney 
Eastman, William Henry 53; Carpenter; Maine; 528 Pine 
Eastanan, '.Vebster 34; Carpenter; Native; San Bruno Road, bet. 

19th and 20th 
Eaton, Fred W, 22; Merchant; Native; cor. Essex & Laurel Place 
Eaton, Cornell us J. 42; Miner; Native; 330 Fremont 
Eaton, Isaah Ward 48; Real Estate; Native; Cor. Essex and 

Laurel Place 
Eaton, Charles Smith 28; Employment Office; Native; 1206 

Eaton, Charles Henry 36; Miner; Native; Dupont, between 

I'iarket and Geary Sts. 
Eber, Lawrence 33; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Battery, between 

Pine and Bush 
Ettbingham, Henry 26; Grocery; Natural ized; 4th and Polsom 
Ebbets, Arthus Mercian 36; Merchant; Native; 1405 Johes 
Eaton, William Lucien 39; U.S. Mint; Native; 1219 Paciflo 
Eaton, Jonas Allen 27; Insurance Agent; Maine; 803 Ma«on 
Eckstein, Alfred Bemd 27; ci gap Business' ^ Nativfe;-^- ^-^^^ri 

131 Montgomery St. 


Name age ooo* nat. loc. res. XXO 

Eokfoldt, John M. 35; Mint Office; Natlvo; 1018 Sutter 
Eckenroth, Joseph 41; Carrlagoiaaker; NatursQ. Ized; Gornor 

Washington Ave,, ^ illsaion 
Echgolmoyer, liercian 31 1 Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Green 

and Battery 
iiTjerhardt, Adolph 41; iierohant; Naturalized; 2 Telegraph 

Edgar, John 40; liootmakdr; Naturalized; Jackson Place 
Edgar, George i>., 130; Mero^iant; Matlve; is;53 Third 
Sd«i, John 34; Green; Naturalized; Cor, Vallejo & Battery 
Edalkamp, Bernard 41; V/ooddealer; Naturalized; 4ki4 Third 
Eckstein, Solomon 60; None; Naturalized; 1011 Jackson 
Edgerton, George Henry 43; Carpenter; Native; Capp, between 

21st and i^and. 
Edgerly, Charles Wesley 38; Carpenter; "ative; 741 Mai'ket 
Edmonds, William ^enry 33; In U.S. Uint; Native; 532 Howard 
Edmonds, Henry Hovey 33; Milkman; Now Hampshire; Scott and 

Greenwi ch 
Edgerton, Goon^e Warner 40; Carpenter; ^'ative; 116 Sansome 
Edwards, Edward 37; Painter; Native; l2th, near iioward 
Edmundson, Jo3« \i^. 33; Horseman; Native; 625 Sacramento 
Edmundaon, Benjamin B» 44; Carpenter; Native; 721 Sutter 
Edwards, Francis Gvjoi^ge 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 10 John 
Edwards, Evan A. 22; Tinsniithf Native; 609 Pine 
Edward, James 48; Physician; Native; 313 Dupont 
Edwards, Ht«iry 37; Salesman; Native; 216 Stockton 
Edwards, Joseph Copp 24; Copyist; Native; 619 Bush 
Edwards, -^awrence B. 52; V/harflnger; Native; 619 Bush 
Edwards, Thomas Miller 28; Druggist; Native; S.E, Corner 

Stockton & Pacific 
Eella, John Star key 35; Clerk; Native; Po Is ora, between 21st 

and 22nd» 
Eolls, Alan **ead 66; Carrlag«maker; Native; Shotwell, between 

19th & 20th 
Edson, Clinton Augustus 24; Clerk; Native; 902 Montgo&iery 
Egan, •^ohn 38f Merchant; Naturalized; 32 Third 
Egan, George ^wrenoe ii3; Concrete worker; Native; Scnsome, 

bet. Pine and California 
Egan, Charles 59; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Bernal Heip;hts 
Eells, Thonias Starkey 30; Salesman; Shotwell, b et. 12th & 20th 
Eells, Rufus Sralth 39; Wagonmaker; Native; Polsom, between 

2l3t and 22nd. 
Egan, Thomas 48; Teamster; Naturalized; 120 Jessie 
Egan, Patrick 50; i^aborer; Naturalized; •«»3tevenson 
Egan, Michael 50; Laborer; Natural Izod; Hayes St., west 

of Octavia 
Kg«i» John 45; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 323 Bush St. 
Egen, William 29; Lfx^orer; Naturalized; 586 Mission 
Egen, John 39; Clerk; Naturalized; 600 Mission 
iigS^^» Artiraus Job 57; Miner; Native; 6ki7 Commercial 
Eggers, Georr^e H, 45; **«iroliant; Naturalized; Corner I2t.h 

and Polsom Sts, 
Eggers, George 27; Finisher; ^Naturalized; North side Bush, 

bet. i^earney and Dupont 

Name ago occ. Nat, Loo, Hes. Ill 

Khle, John D. 26 j Orcoer; Native; Cor. P Ison and Willow 
Eggleoton, Henry i^^rastua «i5; Laborer; Native; 

115 V/aahlngton 
Eggery, Benjamin Dana k^; Clerk; Native; 629 Commerolal 
Ehmann, Henry 39; Sliootlng Gallery; Naturalized; Fifteenth, 

bet, Guerrero and Dolores 
Ehmann, rlnanuel 59; Baker; Naturalized; 775 Mission 
Ehlens, William 39; Grocer; Naturalized; 19 Hinckley 
Ehret, Joseph 36; Cabinet maker; Naturalized; East side 

Valencia, bet, 15th and 16th, 
Ehrompfort, Prederiok 29; Confectioner; Natural izod; 

528 Third St. 
Ehret, Michael 44; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 330 Sutter 
Ehrhardt, David 38; Merchant; Naturalized; liiS Post St, 
Ehrlchs, Dledrlok 34; Grocer; Naturalized; cor, Vallejo 

and Battery Sts, 
Ehrlloh, Lewis 32; Merchant; Naturalized; 13 Everett 
Ehrman, John 39; Baker; Naturalized; Cor. Dupont and 

St. Mar.>:*3 Place 
Ehrman, Valentine 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 229 Sutter 
Elchars, John 45; Express wagon; Katuraizod; 1117 Sacran ento 
Eisher, Praik 30; Locksmith; Naturalized; 14 Dupont 
Eldennuller, George 38; M,D. Naturalized; 712 Union 
Elseman, Jack 47; Merchant; Naturalized; 610 Post 
Elaenhour, Adam 54; Teamster; Naturalized; Brennan Place 
Elaer, Fredoriok 39; Cigar maker; Naturalized; 625 Pacific 
Eltel, Charles 39; Millwright; Native; ^eron 3t,, near 

Eitel, Henry 28; Druggist; Native; 111 Second 
Elder, William James 37; Tinsmith; Native; 38 First 
Elbert, Hegeman Slmonson 40; Carpenter; Natives Comer Turk 

and Larkln 
Elam, Robert ^onry 40; Merchant; Native; 621 Leavenworth 
Skelund, Eriok 37; Sllverplator; Naturalized; 

733 Washington 
Eldredge, John Oscar 36; Auctioneer; Native; 336 2nd 
Eldredge, George Coates 25; Merchant; Native; 172 Minna 
Eldredge, Kimball Clark 43; Merchant; Native; 809 Jackson 
Eldredge, Albert Smith 35; Dep. Assessor; Massachusetts; 

Clay, near Stockton 
Eldrldge, Charles H. 25; Salesman; Native; 329 Minna 
Eldrldge, Jas. 41; Barkeeper; Native; 525 Commercial 
Eldrldge, Oliver 48; Agent; Native; 615 Sutter 
Eldrldge, Sylvester Allen 34; Commercial Reporter; Native; 

Guerrero, bet. 16th and 17th 
Eldrldge, V/arren H. 29; Clerk; Native; 234 Sixth 
Eldrldge, Wilson 45; Baker; New •^orsey; Brenham Place. 
Elijah, Warren 39; Carpenter; Massachusetts; Qroen, 

near Polk 





Loo. Hes. 



Kill ok, 












Epos 36; None. Native; 736 Folsom 
George Henry 66 1 Painter; Native; 31ii Broadway 
Edward Stilraan 21; Surveyor; Massachusetts; 14 Quinoy 
Gardner ba; Carpenter; Kew Hampshire; 14 Quinoy Place 
Stephen Puller 38; Physician; Maine; 509 ^^eamey 
Washington 45; Music Teacher; Native; 614 Taylor 
Charles 33; Engraver; Native; 609 l/2 Union 
Charles Wesley 29; Clerk; Native; Cor. Natoma & 2nd» 
Edward E. 38; Bullion Refiner; Native; 942 liission 
FranoW A. 23; Law Student; Native; 16th bet. 

Valencia and Guerrero 
Elliott, John 46; Watchman In Custom House; ^'Naturalized; 

Philadelphia House. 
John Nickels 66; Drayman; Native; Pier no. 4. Stuart St. 
Lyman Weston 29; Attorney i Mass.; Cor. Clay & Stockton 
Sanuel Chaae 35; Farmer; Native; Potrero 
Thomas Lorain 55; Teamster; Native; Ellis, bet. 

Larkin and Polk 
Alfred Jmnes 49; Gentleman; Native; 729 Green St. 
Ardin 36; Laborer; i«ative; Lombard & Leavenworth 
Daniel Jewett 33; Drayman; Mass. Sacramento h Van Ness 
^onry Hiram 38; Policeman; Native; 404 Lombard 
Jones 40; Produoo dealer; Naturalized; 411 Dupont 
James Doane 31; Caulker; Native; 315 Harrison 
Saimiel Claudius 27; Deputy Sheriff; Native; N.W. Corner 

Taylor and Broadway 
Ellis, Valentine 64; Laborer; Haturd. ized; Potrero 
Ellison, William 36; Boatman; Naturalized; Francisco, nr. Midway 
Ellsworth, Anson Merrill 33; Merchant; Native; Cosmopolitan 
Ellsworth, Stephen Richardson 40; Miner; Native; Russ House 
Ellsworth, Timpthy 46; Merchant; Native; 39 South Park. 
Slmgrist, John 43; iAaohlnlst; Naturalized; 243 Tehama 
Elmore, Martin Page 29; Mining soc*ry; Native; 511 Jones 
Elooh, George 35; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor. Stewart & Mission 
Elasser, Jonas '^4$ Clerk; Naturalized; 204 Ellia 
Elwell, David Augustus 35; Merchant; Native; 423 O'Farrell 
Elwell, Frank 39; Merchant; Native; 125 Tehama 
Elwell, Lott 63; No occupation; Native; 22 Clara 
Ely, Alex 39; Lawyer; Native; Coranercial, bet. Kearney and 

Montgomery Sts. 
Ely, Hubbard CM. 43; Book-keeper; Native; 313 Taylor 
Emerson, John Auf^stus 40; Merchant; Uass.; 927 Washington 
Emerson, Nehemiah .ileeper 35; Painter; Native; Comer 

*^ason & Broadway 
Emerson, V/m. Loring 36 j Saloon keeper; Native; Corner 

Hampstead and ElDorado 
Emory, Isaac Maroellus 29; Drayman; Native; S.E.Cor. Post and 

^-^ason Sts, 
John 37; Laborer; Indiana; Filbert, near Buchanan 
John Gould 31; Clerk; Native; 116 Taylor 
Joseph lidwin 22; Printer; Native; Bay, near Hyde 
Simeon Snow 30; Carpenter; Native; 45 Everett 
Thatcher Oreenleaf 27; Teamster; ^*ative; Van ^^ess Ave., 

north of Turk 


I^ame age ooc* Nat. Loc. Res, 113 

Emery, Thomaa 43; Calkar; Natlvo; 1 Central Place 
Emraal, Joseph Burt 5'di Merchant j New Jersey; 908 Pine 
EaaiKiraon, Charles Theodore 29; Carpenter; Native; 100 Stockton 
Enaaons, Gilbert Washington 23; Carpenter; Connecticut; St. Francis 

Hook & Ladder Co, 
Emmons, Horace C» 36; Meclianic; Native; First Ave., bet. 

Fourteenth and Fifteenth. 
Enas, Joseph 33; Paper carrier; Native; 816 Montgomery 
Enders, CJoorge Williams 31; Distiller; i^aturallzed; 11 Pacirio 
Engelberg, iiull August 45; Baker; Naturalized; 416 Kearney 
Engels, ^Qzir/ Adolphua 56; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 602 Miasion 
Enghert, Joseph Little 27; Laborer; Native; Silver Ave. 
Englander, Emanuel 22; Barber; Naturalized; 1032 Market 
Englander, Leopold 46; Policeman; Naturalized; Cor. Taylor & Turk 
Englander, ^ax 51; Teamster; ^Naturalized; 36 Turk 
Englander, William 49; Gilder; Naturalized; 1032 Turk 
Engle, Jacob ^oter 39; Carpenter; Nev/ /"ork; Fillmore 5c Lombard 
Englehardt, Frederick Benjamin 45; Seaman; ^Naturalized; 

226 Mission St. 
English, James Wise 40; Saloon keepor; Native; 416 Howard 
English, «^erome Augustus 49; Blacksmith; Native; Fell, east of 

English, John Francis 23; Merchant; Native; Cor, Larkln and 

English, Michael 36; Painter; Naturalized; 517 Pino 
Ennls, Abraliam 29; Laborer; Native; Brannan St. 
Ennls, Nicholas 34; Stevedore; Naturalized; Cor. Filbert 

and Scmsome 
Ennla, William John 32; Conductor; Naturalized; No. 9 house; 

Stockton 3t. 
Eaos, Abraliara S. 37; Contractor; ^atlve; Eleventh, near Market 
Enrlght, William 26; Plumber: Naturalized; 3 Central Place, 
Enwright, John 32; Laborer; Naturalized; 232 Minna 
EnwrliTht, Patrick 30; Restaurant; Natural Ized; 11 Everett 
Ephralm, Alex. B.45; Merchant; Natural ized; 360 Minna 
Eping, Frederick J. 35; Paporhanger; Naturalized; S.v;,Cor. 

Kearney and Pine 
Erlckson, Steen Claus 40; Billiard Saloon; Naturalized; 

10 Jackson 
Erkens, William 41; Carpenter; Naturalized; 10 Natoma 
Erkson, Alexander Combs 55; Native; Corner Post & Divlsadero 
Erlich, ^eyer 36; Broker; Maturallzed; 622 Green 
Ernst, Peter 39; Siioemaker; Naturalized; Preclta Ave, & Mission 
Erwln, Robert 28; Drayman; Naturalized; Turk, near Taylor 
Kanard, Joseph 26; V/lieolwright; %tive; Hayes, west of Van i^eas 
Estabrooka, Alfred 34; Miner; Native; Chicago Hotel, PaciTlc St. 
EsterbDook, Jas, Adams 48; Clerk; Native; 528 Merohai t 
Estill, Alfred ^enderson 40; Clerk; Native; Cor, Bush ?c Battery 
Etlgue, John P, 50; Blacksmitli; Natural ized; 416 Folsom 
Ettlln, Leonard 40; wTieelwright; Naturalized; V7m, Tell House 
Ettllng, iiarvey 27; Auctioneer; **atlve; Cor, 4th & Mission 
Ettllng, **arcus 29; Clerk; ^^atlve; 106 Fourth 
Evans, Dudley 28; Book-keeper; Native; Dora, near Folsom 


Kamo age oco« Nat* Loc* Hds* 114 

Evan 3, Prank 30; Bar tender; Maryland; 716 Dupont 

Ev^s, George A. 39; Horae-ahoeing; Naturalized; Polsom, bet. 

Fourth and Fifth 
^ecia, Gruorgu Trevelyn 31; llusioian; New York; 626 California 
Evans, John 49; Carpenter; P^ustria; Van Nesc and Green 
Evans, Joseph 45; Printer; Maaaachusette; 1013 Washington 
Evans, *'et^^r John 43; V/harfinger; Naturalized; Greonwioh 

and i^arney 
Svans, Robert ^enry 46; Engineer; Kative; lOO'Farroll 
Evana, West 34; Lmaber dealer; Native; 13 Clementina 
Evans, Williai Hall 37; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Vaaar Place 
Evarard, William ^7; Printer; Naturalized; 214 Stewart 
Evatt, John Michael 29; Police officer; Native; 152 Silver 
Evatt, William John 29; Special police; Native; 152 Silver 
Evans, Albert Stevens 35; Editor; ^'»atlve; Green, near i^avenworth 
Evens, Jerome Leroy 37; Carpenter; "ative; Commercial, bet. 

Kearney and Montgomery 
Evens, Robt, Fred 30; Clerk; Native; 537 Sacran ento 
Evensing, John Honry Wra. 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 56 Clay 
Evera, erman G^^nrad 44; Grocer; Natural ized; Comor Vallejo 

and Montgomery 
Everts, Alston V/ilson 21; Clerk; Bitters Hotel; Kearney St. 
Everett, Joseph Worrell 27; Laundryman; Penn.; Presidio Road 
Everett, Martin Van Buren 35; Plumber; N.Y. j Sacramento, near 

Van Nesa 
Everett, Rufus H. 36; Native wines; Native; E. side Howard 

near Twelfth 
Evrard, James 52; Police officer; Native; 735 Broadway 
B#Ald» Edward 34; Real Estate; NaturfitL ized; Comer Fourteenth 

and Howard 

g#j|ld, Frederick 33; Maker; Naturai ized; Dupont, near Greer 

Ewell, Lutlier Jei'ome 37; Produce dealer; Native; 930 Montgomery 
Ewer, Warren Bactter 51; Editor; Native; Clarence Plane 
Ewing, Galvin 29; Collamiaker; J^ative; 133 Stevenson 
Ewing, Charles Grey 33; Clerk; Naturalized; 455 Brysnt 


Name age ooc. Nat* Loc. Res. 

Pabeus, Frm cla A. 52; Lawyer; Natlvej 8 Essex 
Pabln, Oodaljah 27j Olazlorj Natural 1 zed; 112 Stewart 
Fabor, Kimball 50> Hiyslclan; Native; 131 Third 
Fackler, John Q. 44; Cler(5yman; Native; 121 Fifth 
Pagan, Mlcshael 28; Painter; Naturalized; 1008 Paclfio 
Pahay, Stephen 30; Laborer; Naturalized; "/est side Dolores 
Palrfowl, JaiSB 0, 42; Stevedore; Native; Cor. 15th & Gapp Sts. 
Fahrback, George 33; Musician; Naturalized; 1703 Dupont 
Pahrenkrog, Godfrey F.W. 28; Grocer, Naturalized; Cor. Seventh 

and Howard 
Palrchlld, Georf^e W. 42; Sawyer; Native; 6 Hubbard 
Falrley, Patrick 60; Laborer; Naturalized; 19 Jt. Mark's Place 
Fairman, Edward 27; Engineer; Native; 625 Sacramento 
Falrman, William Beebee 32; Liquors; Native; 612 Sacramento 
Fake, George J^ay 35; Sailor; Naturalized; V/ashington k Sansome. 
Faloo, Alexai dor 37; Watohoase maker; i^aturallzed; 724 Washington 
Falconbrldge, Thomas 23; Laborer; Naturalized; 715 Battery 
Falconer, Henry 43; Tobacconist; Native; 745 Market 
FaLes, lidward 60; Merchant; Maine; 731 California 
Falk, Adolph 34; **orchant; Naturalized; 243 Stevenson 
Palkenburg, Nelson Hance 38; Mariner; Native; SlKth *c Brannan 
Palkenburgh, Amos Birdaall 25; Manufacturer; Native; 410 i^eamey 
Falkner, George H*42i Clerk; Native; 313 Sutter 
Falknor, Thomas 3o; Laborer; Naturalized; 132 Townsend 
Fallan, Edward D. 26; Engineer; Naturalized; Cor. Jones & Geary 
Fallanbse, Joshua 36; House raiser; Native; 719 Market 
Fallon, Edward 31; Laborer; Naturalized; 22 Langton 
Fallon, John 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Howard St., near 16th 
Fallon, Mathew 31; Laborer; New York; Calif, near Dupont 
Fallon, Michael George 32; Gardener; Naturalized; 1407 Powell 
Fallon, Michael Martin 29; Clerk; Naturalized by his father; 

29 Minna, 
Fallon, Thomas 45; Clerk; Naturalized; 521 Bryant 
Panbill, Piiilllp 30; Butcher; Naturalized; 307 Folsom 
Pancher, Charles 38; Clerk; Native; 111 Perry 
Panning, Edward 36; Contractor; Naturalized; Chestnut, near 

Paran, John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 65 Stevenson 
Parar, Albert 35; Box business; Native; 625 Market 
Farbush, Ellis Morey 26; Clerk; Native; Taylor, near Filbert 
Parbush, Moses 50; Merchant; Native; Taylor, near Filbert 
Fargo, Jerome B. 43; Merchant; Native; 1111 Polsom 
Fargue, John 37; Engineer; Native; 723 Vallejo 
Parish, James Robert 26; Merchant; Tennessee; California & 

Far land, ^enry Leslie 40; Machinist; Native; 1080 Broadway 
Farley, Dai iel 33; Mariner; Native; South side Market St., 

on vessel, 
Farley, Hugh 24; CoHootor; Naturalized; Polsom St., bet. 

9th and 10th 
Parley, Ja^es 41; Shoemaker; Ireland; Greenwich & PolR. 
Parley, Janes 27; Butcher; Native; 54 First, 
Farley, Janes 39; Laborer; Naturalized; Filbert, b et, 

Sansome and Montgomery, 





Loo. Res. 


Parley, Peter 45| l^aborer; Naturalized; 31 Frederic 
Parley, Thomas 40; Droverj Ireland; Chestnut, near Polk 
Parmer, John 48; I^aborer; Naturalized; Calif, near Hyde 
Parmer, William 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Mission, bet. 

1st and I3nd. 
Parman, Edward 20; liroker; Native; 233 Seventh 
Farnham, Charles Haden 33; Doorkeeper; Native; 329 Pine 
Pamham, Frederick Garleton 21; Gtearaboatraan; Broadway 

street Wharf. 
Parnham, John N. 43; Ship carpenter; Native; 340 i^'reraont 
Parnham, Imson T, 30; Shipwright; Native; 308 Deale 
Parnsworth, David Locke 27; Dra^nnan; rlatlve; 206 Turk 
Pamaworth, Isaao L. 44; Carpenter; Naturalized; 609 Pina 
Parnsworth, John Dedham 48; Clerk; Native; 805 tJeary 
Parr, t/oorge i^oad 36; '.^heolwriglit; Native; 320 Vallejo 
Parran, Charles Janes 41; Secretary; Native; Oor. ^^essle & 2nd. 
Parran, John Edward 39; Vn'atchman; Native; E.S, 7th, near Brannan 
Parrel, Edward 37; Carpenter; Native; 828 Union 
Parrel, iiark 64; None; Naturalized; 7 Natcxna St. 
Parrel, William 30; Blacksmith, Naturalized; Fifth Ave. 
Parroll, James 26; Saloon; Naturalized; Nioi tic Hotel 

James 49; Laborer; Naturalized; 1624 Stockton 

James Aloyslsus 34; Boatman; Naturalized; 610 Jackson 

John 27; Painter; Naturalized; William, bet, Geary 

and Post 
John 36; Carver; Naturalized; 1120 Saoranento 
John 42; Stone cutter; Naturalized; 115 Geary 
John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 37 Everett 
John D. 40; Teanator; Naturalized; Minna,bet.8th h 9th 
John James 37; liarlnur; Naturalized; Welsh, between 

Bryant and Brannan 
Parrell, John Michael 34; Gorkcuttor; Naturalized; Hayes ot., 

east of Octavia 
Michael 29; Porter; Naturalised; Cor. San some h Greenwich 
Michael 43; Laborer; Naturalized; 237 Minna 
Patrick 55; Merchant; Naturalized; Pacific, bet., 

Kearney & Montgomery 
Thomas 31; Mechanic; Naturalized; 650 Mission 
'Biomas 37; -laborer; Naturalized; Montgomery, between 

Broadway & Pacific 
Parrell, William 31; Plumber; Naturalized; Liberty, bet. 

Guerrero and Dolores. 
Parren, Samuel Mott 37; Surveyor; Native; Cor. Jessie h 2nd. 
Parrey, Thomas 27; ftouldor; Native; 263 Tehama 
Parrington, Bernard 35; Gardner; ^'Naturalized; 2 Zoe Place 
Farrington, Charles Laforest 41; U.S. Assist. Assessor; Native; 

417 0» Parrell. 
Parrington, Joseph William 42; Miner; Native; North side 

Pacific, a bove Stockton. 
Parriah, Adam Thomas 55; Merchant; N. Carolina; Larkin and 

Parrish, Thomas E* 29; Merchant; Native; 356 Minna 
Parroll, John Leonard 37; Porter; Naturalized; 6 Union Place. 
Farwell, Goorge 43; Express wagon; Native; 15th Street, bet. 

Howard and Mission 






Name ago oco* Nat* Residence 


Farv/ell, William Howard 29; Merchant | Native; 322 Oeary 
Pasaett, Harris Harding 34; Merchant; Native; 19 Tcgr lor 
Parthllnghan, John 44; Pattern maker; Naturalized; 650 Kisalon 
FauUriaber, i'rai els 44; i-^xpressman; IJaturallzedj 417 Post 
Paulk, Keva 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 110 Dupont 
Faulkner, Jaa es 32; Teamster; Naturalized; 2 Lincoln Place 
Faushee, Thomas Spraglna 40; Painter; Kearney, bet. 

Post and Geary 
Fauss, Otto 30; Brewer; Naturalizedj Cor. Mission & 19th 
Faw, George Moad 36; \'/heelwright| Native; Hayes, west of 

Pay, Caleb T. 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 730 Post 
Fay, Jaanes George 26; liaborar; Naturalized; Rope Walk, Potrero 
Fay, Jeremiah Patrecla 46; Msnul'aoturer; Native; 2014 Powell 
Fay, John 32; Knglneor; Native; S.ii.Cor. 2nd and Howard 
Fay, John 38; Manuf acturor; Native; 2014 Powell 
Fay, Patrick 43; Bootmaker; Naturalized; Valle^lo Place 
Fay, Peter 40; Boatman; Naturalized; 804 Union 
Fay, Philip Stevens 24; Bookkeeper; Native; 13 O'Farrell 
Fay, Thomas 48; Dealer; Naturalized; 775 Polsom 
Featherly, Jacob Henry 23; Butter k eggs; Native; 1011 Pacific 
Peeham, William 38; Packer; Naturalized; 554 Stevenson 
Feeley, William James 30; Carpenter; Native; 114 St, Mark's 

Feeney, John 36; Hackdriver; Naturalized; Ohio St. 
Feeny, James 20; lllller; Naturalized; 568 Mission St. 
Feeny, James 31; Mason; Naturalized; Vallejo, bet. Kearney and 

Feeny, James 45; Porter in U.S. Appraiser's Store; Naturalized; 

1108 Powell 
Pegan, Michael 33; Sodamakor; Naturalized; Cor. Harrison ?c Third 
Pelsel, Tliomas 29; Wagon maker; Native; Cor. Market & First 
Pelx, John 42; l-iolter, U.S. Mint; Naturalized; 825 Greenwich 
Feldbusoh, Jno. Henry Dettriok 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 

322 0»Farrell 
Feldbush, John Honry 33; Grocer; Naturalized; 108 Sutter 
Felix, David 35; Carpenter; Naturalized; 789 Market 
Fella, Charles 29; Painter; Naturalized; 431 Stevenson 
Fellows, David Adams 42; Dair^aaan; Vemont; Presidio Road 
Fellows, Goo. Washington 37; Altaian; Native; 262-1/2 Sixth 
Fellows, Hiomas 33; Clerk; Native; Francisco, near Stockton 
Pelt. Job Johnson 45; Merchant; Native; 17 Rincon Place 
Fenkhausen, Amaados 42; Merohai t; Naturalized; 773 Mission 
Fenn, Alonzo 36; liattur; Native; Sacranonto & V/ebb 
Fenn, Charlos Merwln 29;^ Physician; Ohio; 3renham Place 
Fenn, Frederick Clark Mosoly 45; Engineer; Native; 560 Bryant 
Fenn, Janes 33; Teamster; naturalized; 417 Natoma 
Fennell, Martin 36; C nduotor M.S.R.R. Naturalized; 20th, bet. 

^ Valencia & Guerrero 

Pennell, Mlchaol 50; Builder; Naturalised; lat Ave., near 16th 
Penning, Bernard 51; Gardener; Naturalized; 6 Turk 
Fenstermachor, ^artln 40; Hotolkeeper; Naturalized; 19 Dupont 
Pentker, Frederick 33; Grocer; Nnturalizod; Cor. Iliird Ic Polsom 
Ferguson, David 42; Drayman; New ^ork; 1325 'Vashington 
Ferguson, George 51; Carpenter; Native; Mason k Union 


^'amo aga occ. Nat. res» 

Fife, John 56 j ^abox'orj Ireland; Lombard & Molton 
Plge, Alexander 35f Morohantj Naturalised; 49 Third 
Plgel, Samuel 41^; Merchant; Natural Ized; 122 Ellis 
Flllebrown, Janes 48 | Carpenter; Naturalized; 429 Tehama 
Fillmore, Qeorge Heading 39; Aasayer; Masaaohuaetts; 314 Powell 
Pllmore, Thomas 29; Ship Carpenter; Citizen by naturalization 

of parents; 43 Eokor. 
Plnaen, Bartholomew 74; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 777 Polsom 
Finance, Alexander 30; Restaurant; Naturalized; 636 Pacific 
Plnberg, Abraham 47; Jeweler; Naturalised; 913 Kearny, bet» 

i*aclflc and Jackson 
Plnberg, Louis 21; Jeweler; Naturallzed;by Pathert 913 Kearny, 

bet, Pacific & Jackson 
Pinch, George Thomas; Tailor; Native t 625 Washington, age 41, 
Pinch, Horatio CJoldsmlth 45; Clerk; Native; ^06 Market 
Pinch, William G, 36; Trader; Native; 122 Fourth 
Pinch, William Honry 35; Morohant; Native; 532 Howard 
Plnoke, Henry 27; Merchant; Naturalised; 1627 Powell 
Plnokeldy, Frederick 30; Butcher; Naturalized; S.W.Cor. 

Vallejo & Stockton 
Plndleson, ivuguat 60; Carpenter; Naturalized; 741 Mission 
Plndley, Jaaos Honry 35; Minor; Pennsylvania; Presidio 
Plnerty, Thomas 35; Inspector Custoia House; Native; 723 Vallejo 
Pinletter, James Dipou 29; J^nductor; Penn; Polk & Pacific 
Plnnegan, Peter 58; Uhdor taker; Native; 254 lllnna 
Flnnogan, Thomas 52; Custom House; Native; 743 Market 
Plnn^rty, William H, 23; liricklayer; Native; 423 i^atoma 
Flnnlgan, Da iel 35; ijaborer; Naturalised; Valencia, b et 15 fe 16 
Pinnlgan, Janes Clinton 46; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 6 Minna St. 
Plnlgan, ^eter Andrew 32; Stable keeper; New York; 10 Prospect PI, 
Pink, Henry 30; i'aborer; Naturalized; 109 Sai some 
Pink, James Livingston 26; Salesman; Native; 109 Montgomery 
Flnker, iienry 40; Paper-hanger; Maryland; Clay, near VVaverly 
Plnkler, Carol Clirlstian 43; Lawyer; Naturalized; 23 Scott 
Plnloy, John 3» 29; i^aborer; Native; 2 Lincoln Place 
Pinto y, William P. 27; Oasfltter; Pine, near St, Mary 
Finn, David 45; Operator; Naturalized; 322 Vallejo 
Finn, John Fllo 27; Attorney; Naturalized; 917 Clay St. 
Finn, Patrick 41; laborer; 513 Howard; Naturalized; 
Finn, Thomas 33; Book keeper; Native; 322 Vallejo 
Flnnorty, Bartliolomew 23; Sailor; Native; City Front House. 

Davis St. 
Finney, Josiah Thomas 55; Carptwitor; Native; 1709 Mason 
Plrth, Joseph B. 39; Machinist; Naturalized; 6 Boston Place 
Plschback, nonry 23; Grocer; Naturalized; cor, Slj^th & Natoraa 
Flsohbeok, ^eman 30; Grocer; Naturalized; 1017 Pacific 
Pi ah, Edward Nye 30; i^erchant; i^atlve; Carlos St. 
Fish, Edward Parsons 31; Prlrter; Native; 729 Folsom 
Pish, Franklin 64; Real Estate; Native; Carlos Street 
Pish, Jfmes H. 47; Trader; "ative; Cor, Fourth fc Mission 
Pish, Royal 50; ^^erchant; Vermont; 1220 Washington 
Plshbeck, John Kelnhold 33; Grocer; Naturalized; 1019 Pacific 


Narao age occ. Nat* Loc* Eos* 

Fergiiaon, (Jcorgo Alexander 56 j Carpenter; Native; Old Sain Jose Road 
Ferguson, James 35; Carpenter; Native; Bailey House 
Ferral, Jolin 67; Printer; Naturalized; Cor. 3ush & Sansone 
Ferral, Kobort iil6; Printer; Nativ<^; Cor, Bush tz Sanaome 
Ferral, V/olter iil; Printer; Kative; Cor, Bush h Sai some 
Perrenbaoh, ^orraan 3Bj Jewolcr; liaturallzed; 627 Green 
Perrle, John ii;2| Clerk; Louisiana; 1013 V/ashington 
Ferris, David 33; Stevedore; naturalized; 336 Union 
Ferris, John Alexander 60; Real Estate; Native; Russ House. 
Fon^y, William 40; U.S. Army; Native; 221 Second 
Feualer, iidward D. olj Cocitniasion Merchant; Native; Green, 

near Powell 
Fick, John Frederick 30; Porter; Naturalized; 49 Stevenson 
Picken, John 3ki; Carpentur; I^atu realized; K.V/^^Cor. Pacific ^ Dupont 
Field, Charles 36; Manufacturer; iJative; 112 Sutter 
Field, Hampton Ebenezer 50; Restaurant keeper; Native; 153 - 2nd 
Field, StepJien Johnson 49; Jud^e S.G.U. Stataa; I^ative; 20 Ellis 
Fielding, Samuel ^^rion 33; Merchant; Native; 124 Turk 
Piellty, William 34; Grooor; Naturalized; 792 Polsom 
Francis, *^enry Ashton 30; Saloon keeper; Native; 15 Werona Place. 
Francis, Jsiah William 32; }3ook keeper; Native; 11 Belden St. 
Francis, Jolrn H. 36; liaboror; Native; Boyd St., bet. Harrison 

and Bryant. 
Francis, Samuel 40; Upholsterer; Native; Mission Dolores 
Francis, V/illard Hall 34; Clerk; Native; 220 ThJrd St. 
Frank, Asher 50; Drayman; Naturalized; 420 Post 
Prank, Charles 28; Carpenter; Naturalized; Independence 

H.jc.L. Co. House 
Prank, Ephraim 35; Morch.ant; Naturalized; 213 Pacific 
Frank, F. August 41; Butcher; Naturalized; 1007 Polsom 
Frank, Henry 37; Bodman; Naturalized; 217 Connercial 
Prank, Henry -kjopo Id 27; Clerk; Naturalized; 717 Stockton 
Prank, Isai^ 47; Insurance Ag*t; Natui^alized; 206 Ellis 
Prank, Isaac 53; Butchor; N-itui-allzed; 764 Polsom 
Prank, Joseph 47; Real Estate; Naturalized; 615 Taylor 
Frank, Moses P. 23; Clerk; Native; 764 Poison 
Prankenberg, Joseph 34; SaddlerC sic) ; Naturalized; 1100 Kearny 
Prankenthal, Max 36; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor, Washington 

and Powell 
Francis, George Grendillo 38; Salesman; Naturalized; 507 Powell 
Francis, David Brandrd 30; Printer; Native; 11 Belden 
France, Menry 47; Moulder; Naturalize I; 2 41 Fremont 
Frail, Mathias 39; Cl^-'k; Naturalized; 716 Vallejo 
Foye, William 47; Carpenter; Native; Dor. San some & Greenwich 
Foy, John Jay 40; Teamster; Native; 225 0» Parr ell 
Poy, Charles Edward 34; ^'^aster marinor; Native; 16 Ellis, rear 
Foy, J.D.Cno names) 45; Merchant; Native; 324 Fremont 
Pox, William Charles 30; Tanner; Naturalized; 256 Tehama 
Fox, Thomas 38; Coppersmith; Naturalized; No. 3 Priest* 
Fox, Richard 48; Jai Itor; Naturalized; 333 Montgomery 
Fox, Morris 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 631 Union 
Pox, Jolm '.Vallace 43; Physician; Native; 12 Montgomery 
Pox, Henry L. 25; Bookkeeper; ^^ative; 1109 Howard 










PI 8 her 

Fl shop 


Fi sher 
Fi sher 
Pi sher 


Benjanin 33| Porter; Naturalized; 324 ^iason 
Benjamin Anson 59 j '.Vheel?/rl ht; "atlvej Cor, Bush 

Borlah ^ease 45; 'Janitor; ^^^atlvo; 7 \71111am 
iiemard V,Q»4.'3| Schoolteacher; i^atural Ized; 

114 St. i^ark's Place 
oTiarles Frederick 49; Longshoreman; "oturallzod;SttHsorae 

bet« Union k Filbert 
Cnarles Ilonry 30; Saloon keeper; I'iaturallEedj 1007 

./oor,T;e 28; Laborer; Katuraiized; Chicago Hotel; Pacific 
George 71; Lawyer; 111 Sixth 

George Henry 50; Barber; Naturalized; 'ATiat Cheer House 
George ?• 45; Carpenter; Katuralized; 567 Howard 
George Willoughby 55; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 714 Filbert 
GodTrey iiiij iialesnian; ^"ativej 113 Firth 
Godfrey kiidj Salesman; l^ativej Eureka Hotel 
Larry I3onj« 41; Hatter; Native; Amerloan Exchange* 
Henry 40; Contractor; iilngland; Presidio Hoad, 
Honry James 40; Assayei*; i>iatural ized; 1300 Powell 
Malcolm 41; None; Haturallzed; 561 I^ssion St. 
Moritz 42; Drayman; Naturalized; 707 Jones St. 
Plillander 61; Boarding house; Native; 777 ilarket 
Phillip Isaac 27; Booklieep^r; l^atlve; 1805 Stockton 
Phillip J. 27; Bookkeeper; Native; 113 Fifth 
Hobert Augustus 25; Wachinlat; Native; N,l«:,Cor. 2nd & 

Sydney A. 24; Clerk; Naturalized; 726 Sutter 



Fisk, John Blanohard 38; Grocer; 

Flsk, John Stevens 33; i:irick?iian; ^'iass; 

Fiske, Ldward 3. 37; Tlnsr-iith; Hatlve; 

William /vallace 27; Drayman; Native; 777 iiarket 

i^ative; 27 Perry 

Polk and Green 
807 Market 

Fiske, -Henry Gustavus 39; ^ietal Roofer; Massachusetts; 

817 Mason 
Fitch, George Lewis 21; Clerk; Native; Tremont House, ^ackson 
Pitch, George Vy^lson *15; iierchant; Maine; Calif, near Mason, 
Fitch, Joshua Benjanin 55; Saloon keeper; J^^ative; 260 Tehama 
Fltoh, Oscar 24; Laboi^er; .'/hat Cheer House 
Fitch, V/illiam Shoi-man 32; Attomey-at-law; Native; Ocean 

Road House 
Pite, Joiin 40; Carpenter; Pennaylvaaia; cor, Stockton & Clay 
Fltsimmons, James 34; Laborer; ^^ative; Spear, b et. Market & 

John 58; i^aborer; Ireland; V/ebster !i Washington 
Austin 39; Tailor; i^atural ized; 18 Leonard Place 
Klisha 51; None; Native; 741 Howard 





^eni'y 53; Deputy Shoriff ; Native; 1305 Stockton 
Searian; Naturalized; 40 Jackson 
Laborvir; Naturalized; 111 V.'illlaia 
iidward 32; iierchant; Native; Leidesdorff and 

John Willi am ^^4; Boatrnan; Natui-d. ized; 116 Front 
Lawrence 31; Overseer; Naturalized; Cor. Haywa and 

Van Ne0a Ave. 











Local Res. 


3iij Tlnamithj Naturalized; 6ii2 Battery 
36 J Laborer; Naturalized; Ist between 

Stevenson and Jessie 
27; Blacsksmith; Naturalized; 156 First 
ii3; Machinist; Native; 1010 Kaamy 


Pi tz gibbon, 

Pltzpa trick, 
Fitz pa trick. 

Fit z pa trick, 
Fitz pa trick. 

Fitz Patrick, 

Morris 39; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor, Leavenworth 

and Taylor 
Patrick 53; Laborer; Naturalized; 51 Shipley 
Stephen 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 136 Silver 
Thomas 33; Mechanic; Naturalized; Jessie bet, 6th &7th| 
William ii9 ; waiter; Naturalized; 405 Dupont ' 

William Wellington 40; Miner; Native; —Stevenson 
John «Sj Physician; Naturalized; 1028 Pacific 
John M, 32; SMpwrlght; Natural! zed; 545 Howard 
Michael 40| Laborer; Naturalized; Grove Street, 

east of Laguna 
James 34; Laborer; IJaturalized; 131 Mcntgo'nery 
James 47; Machinist; Naturalized; 516 Union 
John 45; Contractor; Naturalized; Valonola St,, 

near Market 
John 37; Trunk-maker; Native; 12^ Sixth 
John iSrlckson 35; Manufacturer; New York; 

N.E. Corner Powell and Galllornla 
Fltzpatrlok, Patrick 33; Tinsmith; Naturalized; South side of 

Broadway, bet, Jones and Leavenworth 
Simon 41; Brlokmaker; Naturalized; Church Lane 
'I'homas 57; Stevedore; Naturalized; 12 Scott St, 
Fitzpatrldk, Timothy 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 511 Minna 
Fltzpatrlok, v;illlan 49; Contractor; Naturalized; North side 

16th, bet, Valencia & Guerrero 
Fltzsimmona, Patick 35; Stone cutter; Naturalized; Harriet 

i3et. Fifteenth fc Sixteenth 
Fltzsimmona, Thomas 4ii; Laborer; Naturalized; Comer Sansome 

and Filbert 
Flack, Samuel 31; None; Native; 623 i^arkot 
Flagg, Henry 30; Wood turner; i^atlve; 7 Belden 
Flaherty, Bd. 28; Officer; Native; 510 Sacramento 

Edward 45; Merchant; Naturalized; cor. Bush & Battery 
Thomas 44; Drayman; Naturalized; Geneva St, 
John 32; Laborer; i^atur^iliz ed; William ,betwe en 

Post and Gesu-V 
Flanagan, Daniel 30; Stable Laborer; Natui'allzed; Bryant Street, 

bet 7th and 8th. 
John 35; Salesman; Naturalized; 73 Natoma St. 
John 37; Dealer in wines and liquors; Naturalized; 

223 Green 
Flanagan, John Palmer 39; Propertynanj Native; Vallejo, 

4th from Powell 
Planderp, Ephraim Wadlei^ 45; Caulker; Native; 143 Tiiird 
Flanders, Natirxan 54; Engineer; Native; 1225 Pacific 
Flanegan, Andrew 37; Drtyman; Ireland; Polk and Aujtln 
Planigan, Domini ck 32; l-'ireman; liaturallzed; 306 Broadway 
Plannagan, Tiiomas 27; Porter; "atlvo; N.side Bush, between 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Flannelly, Miles 35; Laborer; Natui-allzed; 67 Minna Su. 


Flahor ty. 










Plannory, Patrick 26j Ilnckdrlverj Naturalized; Powell, nr. Filbert 
Flannery, Rody 42; i'aborer; Naturalized; Powell, nr. Chestnut 
Flatau, Louis kJ5j Bookkeeper; ^Naturalized; 339 Tehama 
Fleetwood, Thomas Abltather 54; Clork; Cor, 'aolflc and 

Kearny - Mechanics Hotel. 
Flelsher, Charles 29; Merchant; ^Naturalized; 1822 Powell 
Plelsher, G. arles 38i Locksmith; Naturalized; Cor. Dupont & Buah 
Fleishman, John 35; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor. Howard & 5th 
Fleming, David 41; Carpenter; ^'ative; Rouach St., nr, Howard 
James 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 283 *^essie 
Janes i^enry 25; Manufacturer; "aturallzed; {UK. Cor. 

Powell and California 
John 53; Reader; Ireland; Buchanan and Greenwich 
Patrick 51; Laborer; Naturalized; 518 l<iis3lon 
Socrates Catlin 33; Officer; Native; 211 Clay 
William 49; Ship carpentor; Naturalized; 51 Clementina 
William Benjamin 22; Teamster; Native; 56 Natoma 
Patrick ^enry 29; Engineer; Naturalized; California 

Engine House 
Artemus Tlrrell 52; Massachusetts; 912 Pine St, 
Asy Priest 36; Paper carrier; Native; 2104 ^ason 
Josiali Ambrose 52; Attorney; *<atlve; 135 Jackson 
Fletcher, Stephen 42; Moulder; Naturalized; 732 Mission 
Fletcher, William 34; Paper carrier; Native; 2104 Mason 


Flaming 9 
































William P. 46; Cracker baker; Naturalized; 331 "^essie 
Thomas 28; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 137 Minna 
Harlan *age 27; V/aterraan; *"»atlve; 106 Mason 
Milford M, 50; Carpenter; "aturalized; 706 Mason 
Thomas Porter 43; Printer; Native; 26 Post 
Charles Blatay 30; Laborer; Native; Rltch, bet. 3rd k 4th 
Christopher 36; Bookseller; Naturalized; 56 Jessie St, 
Daniel 34; Cook; Naturalized; Cor. Broadway k Sansome 
Janes 30; Hatter; Naturalized; 1017 Clay St. 

32; Gas works; Naturalized; 10 Verona Place 
33; Plasterer; New York; Sacramento, near Hyde 
Clem 39; Liquor dealer; ^''atlve; 15 John 
35; No occupation; Naturafl. ized; 12 Verona Place 


John 66; None; Naturalized; 56 Jessie St. 
John 31; Plasterer; New York; 1515 Sacramento 
Michael 39; Bookstore; Naturalized; 17 Harlan Place 
Patrick 37; Miner; Naturalized; Cor. Shipley and 5th 
Reuben Dodge 35; Teamator; Native; Cor, Buchanan *': McAllister 

XLony 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Olay, near Hyde 
el 30; Hackman; Natural ized; 3 Dupont 
Edmund 34; Orocer; Naturalized; Cor. Bryant and 4th 
Janes 29; Upholsterer; Naturalised; 1219 Kearny 
James 40; Boatmaker; Natural ized; 65 Everett 
John 53; Parmer; Naturalized; Potrero 
i»artin 46; Storekeeper; Naturalized; 833 Howard 
Michael • omitted in Great Reg'stor 

Michael 38; Laborer; Natural .^zed; Mission, bet,i::cker & 1st, 
Michael 38; Tinsmith; Naturalf.zod; 11 Geary 
Michael 23; '.Valtor; Naturalized; What Cheer House 
Morris 41; Laborer; Naturalized; 245 Jessie St. 


Name age ooc* Nat* Loo. Hes« 

Plynn, Morris William 23| Car drlvori Naturalized; Brannan & 6th 
Plynn, Patrick 39 j Cook; Native; Bryant Place 

Plynn, Patrick 24; Butcher; Naturalized; Ellia, east of Franklin 
Plynn, Pntrick Bryan 34; Cook; Naturalized; Cor, Jane & Mission 
Plynn, Patrick T, 43; Orooer; Naturalized; Cor, 8th & Howard 
Flynn, Thonas 50 | Laborer; Naturalized; Cor, Butte & Florida 
Plynn, Timothy 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Poison, bet. 16th & 17th 
Plynn, Timothy 33; Plasterer; Naturalized; ii52 Minna 
Plynn, William 27; Hackman; Naturalized; Lick House 
Plynn, Willi an Oeorge 27; Stair builder; Native; 41 Ritch 
Foard, Jeremiah William 57; Deputy Collector; Native; 1109 

Poard, Thomas Josiah 31; Printer; Native; 10 Ellis 
Pochs, Phillip 36; Porter; Naturalized; Clementina, nrm 6th 
Pogarty, James 31; Butcher; Naturalized; 436 Jessie St. 
Pogarty, Martin 30; Stable man; Naturalized; 256 Jessie 
Pogarty, Ittchael 32; Drayman; Naturalized; Erie St. nr.Mlssion 
Pogerty, Patrick 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 81 Stevenson 
Fogg, George W. 35; Machinist; Native; 503 Polsom 
Pogle, Lewis C. 30; Book-keeper; Naturalized; 913 Pine St, 
Pogle, Oren B. 29; Broker; Natureaized; 113 Pine 
Fogler, (Jeorge Phillip 25; Boot maker; Native; N.W, comer of 

Washington and Davis, 
Foley, Cornelius 55; Laborer; Naturalized; CJreenwich,nr, Jones 
Foley, Edward 34; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor, Filbert & Montgomery 
Foley, Edward 70; Gentlemen; Naturalized; 114 William 
Foley, James 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Potrero 
Foley, tlichael 34; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Polsom & Rousch 
Foley, Thomas 29; Butcher; Naturalized; 29 Jessie 
Foley, Tliomas J, 23; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 446 Natoma 
Foley, Timothy 60; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 16th, bet. Valencia 

St. a nd 2nd Ave, 
Poller, Dai 1 el Webster 83; Book keeper; Native; 1215 Mason 
Polger, Seth 41; Weigher C.H.; Native; Cor. 8th & Mission 
Polgar, Shubel Macey 52; Custom House; Native; 533 Post 
Polk, Solomon 42; Commission Merchant; Naturalized; 229 First 
Polkea, Richard 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Green & Taylor 
Follmer, Reinhold Amandus 26; Boarding house keeper; Naturalized; 

North's ship yard, 
Polsom, Albert 43; Carriage maker; Native; 1316 Jackson 
Polsom, Charles Francis Barnard 35; Expressman; Massachusetts; 

California, nBar LarldLn 
Polsom, Preanan 34; Plasterer; Native; 726 Mission 
Polsome, George Franklin 40; Carpenter; N. Hampshire; 006 Clay 
Fonda, Alfred 41; Merchant; Native; 631 Polsom 
Poote, Alfred Lewis 29; Laborer; Native; Brannan, near 4th 
Forbes, Andew B. 42; Agent; Native; 14 Essex 
Forbes, David 5B; Ship Joiner; Native; 410 Third 
Forbes, James 40; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 5 Hayward 
Forbes, James Honry 22; Artist: Native; 410 Third 
Forbes, Thomas 49; Varnioher; ^atlve; Cor. Davis & Jackson 
Forbs, John 35; Stevedore; Naturalized; Cor. Front & Broadway 
Ford, Charles Smith 36; Teamster; l<atlve; 1444 Dupont 


Nam© age ooc« Nat» Loo. Res. 


Ford, Daniel Richardson 25; Teamster; Native; Cor. Post & Cemetery 

Ford, Ellhu 46; Garpentor; Native; Old Seal Rock Houa© 

Ford, Frederick 31; Machinist; Native; 81 Natoma 

Ford, Henry 50; Laborer; Native; Drunm & Washington 

Ford, John 38; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 8 Jackson 

Ford. Martin 33t Longshoreman; naturalized; Battery, bet. Green 

' and Vallejo 

Ford, Michael 39; Stevedore; Naturalized; i211 Tehama 
Ford, Nathan Van Buren 29; Teamster; ^''ative; Cor. Post and 

Cemetery Avenue 
Ford, Patrick 42; Laborer; NaturallBOd; South side Vallejo, bet. 

Dupont and Kearny 
Ford, Phinoas 33; Printer; Native; Oriental Hotel 
Ford, Silas Petti t 38; Carpenter; llativo; Bryant Place 
Ford, Thomas 54; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Ellis, bet. Hyde & Larkln 
Ford, Tlaothy 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Berry St. 
Ford, William 35; Lumberman; Naturalized; 71 Natoma 
Ford. William V/allace 36; Carpenter; wew Hampshire; Oreen, near 

Forde, Dennis 26; Marble polisher; Naturalized; Stevenson, cor, 2nd 
Forden, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Mission, b & 2nd 
Fordhari, Robert Bruce 39; «ierchant; Native; 1210 Mason 
Fogarty, William 58; Laborer; Naturalized; Stockton Place 
Porner, Jacob Balhaaer; 40; Policeman; Naturalized; 418 Qroon 
Forrest, Curtis T. 36| Restaurant; Native; Cor. 5th & Mission 
Forrest, James 35; i^boror; Naturalized; lltli, b et. Mission 

and i^Iarket 
Forrest, James Morton 32; Hatter; Native; 150 Perry 
Forrester, Peter 66; Sexton; Naturalized; 204 Periry 
Forsalth, Kdward V/. 47; Produce Com.; i^atlve; 517 Pino 
For-it^r •. Peter Bernard 37; Printer; Naturalized; Shotwell, bet 

20th and 2l3t. 
Forsyth, George William 33; Porter; Native; Mission, bet. 1st & 2nd 
Fortman, Frederick 36; Brewer; Naturalized; 271 Tehama 
Fortro, Joseph Isaac 35; Teamster; Native; Cor. Hills & Taylor 
Fortune, James Andrews 42; Clerk; Naturalized; Post St., east 

' of Polk 

Fosberry, William 34; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 334 Third 
Fos3. Cliristian Oloen 43; Cabinet maker; Naturalized; 272 Clemen- 
' tlna 

Fo33, Oscar 36; Jobber; Native; 606 IJ^arny 
Foster, Albert 39; Steamboatman; Native; Lombard, nr. Dupont 
Foster, Alden B. 32; Clerk; Native; Howard 3t. bet. 12th & 13th 
Foster, Edward 36; iiiislneer; Native; 310 Green 
Poster, Ooorg© Emerson 25; Teamster; «atlve; 124 Market 
Foster, George ^ra 48; Printer; Native; Cor. Polk & Tyler 
Fostur, George Kale 35; Carpenter; Native; 133 Stevenson 
Poster, H©ni>y A. 40; Ship Joiner; Native; 33 Tehama 
Foster, Junuis George 43; Hotel Keeper; Mass.; Cliff House | 
Foster, Samuel 24; Produce; Native; 811 Jackson 
Foster, Samuel Sheffield (Ur.) 38; imtive; 528 Eaclflo 
Foster, Wliltoey D. 24; Printer; Native; 809 Mission 
Poster, William H. 49; Laborer; Native; 9th, between j 

Folflom & Harrison ^ 

Postor, Wllliaa Wallace 34; Clerk; Native; 19 Taylor 
Foster, V/inthrop Ferris 44; Carpenter; Native; Fillmore, 

south of Taylor 

Name age occ. nativity res. 

Pouke, Orson Beaton 28 | Parmer j Dls't Columbia; 716 Dupont 
Poulstlck, Thaddeus 53; Grocer; i'Jaturallzed; 220 Plrst 
Pouratt, Snos 40; Pilot; Native; 1510 Loavonworth 
Pouts, Daniel Lambert 42; i^rchant; Indiana; 1023 Powell 
Fowler, Albert aallatln 55; Contractor; Naturalized; 718 Union 
Powlor, Oeorgo H, 46; Pyrotechnist; Native; Stevenaon,bet,7th & 8th 
Fowler, John 40; Clerk; Naturalized; Callrofnla, near Dupont 
Fowler, John Butterworth 24; Clork; Native; iNo,9 iSnglne House, 

Powler, William W, 52; Hay dealer; Native; Howard, bet, 15th & 16th 
Franklin, Abraham 32; Pawnbroker; Naturalized; 109 St. Mark's Place 
Franklin, John 48; Pawnbroker; Naturlalzed; 109 St, Mark's Place 
Franklin, Roderick Penn 39; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 522 Howard 
Franklin, Stephen 56; Bank Clerk; Native; Howard nr, 12th; 6-11- 1866 
Franks, Rlenhard 40; Milkman; Naturalized; Hunter's Point 
Franzon, John JacolJi; 35; Ship B,jllder;Naturallzed; 1816 Powell 
Praser, Thomas 56; Clork; Native; 1211 Rltch 
Fratinger, Anthony Michael 24; Clerk; Native; 329 ^eary 
Praund, Frank Michael 39; Barber; Naturalized; 430 Third 
Frazer, ;7illiam 34; Carpenter; Naturalized; 361 Minna 

Frazer^ Vifllliam Alexander 25; Salesman; Native; 15 Third 
Pradoriok, Alexander 21; Painter; Naturalized; V^liat Cheer House 
Frederick, Charles Oottfriod 32; Storekeeper; Naturalized; Cor. 

16th & 2nd Ave. 
Frederick, Valentine 47; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; California, 

near Dupont 
Prederlch, John Gtottlieb 27; Storekeeper; Naturalized; Comer 

16th St. & 2nd Ave, 
Free, William 51; Machinist; Naturalized; Lombard & Jones 
Freeborn, Isaac Spink 42; Miner; Native; Clay & Sansome 
Freeborn, William Honry 34; liutohor; Native; 402 Union. 
Freed, •^aoob 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 1824 Stockton 
Freek, Francis 52; V/aiter; Naturalized; County Hospital 
Freeman, Benjamin Horton 42; Stair builder; Mass.; Cor, Dupont 

and California 
Freeman, Charles 52; Confectioner; Massachusetts; 601 Dupont 
Freeman, Charles William 38; Printer; Maine; Polk, near Pine 
Freeman, Clarkson Curamlngs 36; Chop; Parmer; Franklin 
Freeman, iiaanuel S. 22; Clerk; Native; 812 Howard 
Freeman, George 53; Mariner; Native; Third and King 
Freeman, Henry 35| Painter; Naturalized; 774 Folsom 
Freeman, Jacob 43; Tinman; Naturalized; Hayes St. west of Ootavla 
Freeman, John E. 37; Clerk; Native; 337 Jessie 
Frees, Daniel Moore 34; Machinist; Native; 54 First St. 
Frees enhausen]^ John 42; Grocer; Naturalized; 220 Sutter 
Friedman, Honry 31; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 1206 Stockton 
Friedman, Jacob 45; Express wagon; Naturalized; 724 Union 
Friedman, Simon 48; Butcher; Natural ized; Vallejo Street 
Freiermuth, George Anton 23; Paper carrier; Native; 3 Eddy Place 
Freil, Henry 39; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Sacramento & Dupont 
Preiae, Andrew G. 33; Stevedore; Naturalized; Main, bet. Folsom 

and Harrison, 
French, Charles H^nry 27; Bookkeeper; Native; 22 Kearney 
French, George Sedley 27; Porter; Native; ^i/hat Cheer liouse 


Name aga* occ« Nat* Loc. Res* 

Prenoh, George Waahlngton 30| Carpentc>r; i«*atlvej Comer Jones 

and Bernard 
Prenoh, Joseph Mead 40j Merchant; Native; 756 Polsom 
Prenoh, Louis 40| Engineer; Wativej Bee Hive Bldg» Comer 

Dupont and Washington 
French, M.B. 32; Iterketman; Native; 767 Howard 
French, Moses B* 32; Marketman ; ^^ative; 767 Howard 
French, Nonaan 0, 41; Bookkeopor; Native, Stevenson House 
French, Stephen T, 37; Carpenter; NatureQ. ized; Cor. Seventh 

and Stevenson 
Prenoh, Wheeler Nicholas 35; Drayman; Native; 30 Perry 
French, William 61; Laborer; Naturalized; polsom St,, near Dora 
Frese, vVemer 24; Boatman; Naturalized; Jackson, , near Davis 
Frotz, Francis Henry 16; Pickle Factory; Naturalized; N,W. cor, 

Jackson 3c Stockton 
Prick, Alfred Isadora 36; Distiller; Ngturalizod; 2nd avenue 

bet. 16th and 17tlri Sts, 
Prick, August 45; Carpenter; Naturalized; iiyde and Green 
Pried, David 27; Hairdresser; Naturalized; 254 Tahama 
Priedberg, Abraham 28; Tobacconist; Naturalized; 214 Pacific 
F^iedberg, Morris 44; Cigar dealer; Naturalized; 56 Third 
Priedell, Faaugott 35; Shoemaker; 108 Stowart 
Priedhofor, August 32; Bro'.7er; Naturalized; 2 40 Second 
Priedlandor, Isaac 42 j Merchant; Naturalized; 30 South ^ark 
Prledlandar, Philip 22; Cigar dealer; Naturalized; 58 Everett 
Priedlander, William L, 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 822 Mission 
Priodman, Joseph Simon 47; Heal Estate Dealer; Naturalized; 

148 *'erry 
Prleke, Augusta 35; Paper hanger; Naturalized; 327 Bush 
Friel, Arthur 46; Plasterer; Ireland; Larkin, near Filbert 
Friel, V/llliam 47; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 69 Fourth 
Friend, Phillip 31; Stationary; Naturalized; Sansomo, nr. Bush 
Friend, William Hovey 26; Book keeper; Native; 830 Pacific 
Prink, Joel 37; Carpenter; Native; 5 Stevenson St, 
Prinkel, Geor re 39; i«lerohant; Naturalized; 511 Davis 
Prisbea, Tliomas Mopin 30; Wal ter; Native; 609 Jackson 
Frisblo, William Brown 33; Merchant; Native; 260 Tehama 
Frisch, Jolin W, 39; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Mission & 5th 
Prischmuth, Carl 27; Baker; Naturalized; 717 Pacific 
Friaholz, Hicliael 34; Boot & shoe store; Natui-'alized; 1028 

Fritz, Charles Henry 36; Seaman; Native; 203 Stewart 
Fritz, Jolm 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Valencia St., bet. 

Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Frodsham, Kdweucd 28; Flour packer; Naturalized; Dupont and 

San Francisco 
Fromborg, Abraham 27; Storekeeper; Naturalized; 312 Minna 
Fromheim, V/illiam 34; Dealer; Naturalized; 314 Third 
Fromm, August 39; Carpenter; Naturalized; 5 Trinity 
Frost, Horatio 43; Painter; IJativo; 635 Sutter 
Frowley, Patrick 40; laborer; Naturalized; 266 «fessia 
Fruhling, Wilhelm 36; Farmer; Prussia; Steiner and Union 





Loo. Kaa* 


Fuentos, Angola 23; Painter; Naturalized; S.W, Cor, Broadway 

and Kearny 
Puhrman, Adolidi Maloholr 31; Wireworker; Natural Izod; 

Bayley Place 
Pulda, Martin 58; Cooper; Naturalized; 80 Everett 
Pulda, Raptiael 60; Butcher; Naturalized; Post, near Dupont 
Pullard, William 48; Ship master; Native; 514 Howard 
Puller, Arnold 38; Conductor R.R. ; New York; Polk, near 

Puller, David 34; Driver; Native; 142 Natoma 
Fuller, i:;dMund Daoey 33; Carpenter; Naturalized; V/hat Cheer 

Puller, Frederick Odlhorn 31; Polloeman; Native; Hyde, bet. 

Geary and Post 
Fuller, Jacob 24; Tailor; Naturalized; 510 Pine St. 
Fullor, William Palmer 39; Merchant; Native; 235 Beale 
Pullerton, Cornelius 43; Miner; Naturalized; Rousoh St., near 

Pullum, Edward A. 34; Moulder; Native; 521 Howard 
Pulluia, Thomas 40; Heflnor; Naturalized; Clara, between 

4th and 5th 
Pulmor, James (Jabrlel 33; Wine maker; Natl\;e; 114 Kearny 
Pulton, Adonla 39; Powder tian; Native; Potrero 
Pulton, David 24; Machinist; Native; 564 Mission 
Fulton, James Mlnzey 52; Butcher; Hew York; cor, Leavenworth 

and Sacramento 
Pulton, John Alexander 34; Contractor; Native; 549 Bryant. 
Pulton, John Jack 49; Tanner; Native; Towns end & 3rd 
Fulton, Williara 50; Butohor; Native; 106 0»Farroll 
Pulton, V/illiam Gardner 38; Pji • ter; Native; Howard, between 

First and Second 
Funkonstlen, Julius 32; Merchant; Naturalized; 35*^ O'Farrell 
Punkensteln, Pinkus 32; Merchant; Naturalized; 319 Taylor 
Furbish, Charles Fletcher 24; Broommaker; Native; 

116 Jackson 
Furley, Edvfard 21; Gold beater; Native; Vernon Street 
Pui»long,Andrew 40; Mariner; Naturalized; 9 Broadway 
Furlong, Goor^^e 32; laborer; Naturalized; Union, between 

Battery 5: Son some 
Furlong, P-itrlck 53; Farn«r; Naturalized; San Miguel Randh 
Furnish, Lai'kln Garner 27; Barkaoper; Native; N.ii]. cor. 

Jackson h Dupont 
Furroy, William Corbott 24; Clerk; Native; 225 Minna 

Fur ter, Samuel 49; Machinist; Natural ized; 
Furroy, William Covvett 24; Cljrk; Native; 


Pine & Battery 
605 Geary. 

End of names beginning with "F" 







Oabb, V/llliam 65; Saw Pilar; Naturalized; Oak, ea^-t of Laguna 
Oabeldu, Samuel 36; Porter; Naturalized; iJ.E.Cor. Bush and 

Gaetz, Daniel 45; Shoemaker; Natui»aL Ized; Dupont & Greenwich 
Oaffney, Francis 38; Nurse; Naturalized; lat & Bryant 
Qaffnoy, James 36; (lasfltter; Naturalized; 38 Jessie 
Gaffney, James 50; Laborer; Naturalized; 109 Clary 
Gaffney, Matthew 38; Porter; Naturalized; 210 Clay 
Gaffney, Michael 45; Clerk; Naturalized; ki06 Pacific 
Gaffney, James 44; Contractor; Irelaa d; Polk and Broadway 
Gage, John VVatterman; 40; Foreman; Native; 6 Natoma 
Oager, James Henry 54; Broker; Native; 20th, Bet. Valencia and 

Gahegan, Richard 43; 

Gallhard, Charles 36; 
Galagher, Michael 28; 

aborer; Naturalised; Lick Alley, bet 

Mission k Jessie 
Hotel keeper; Naturalized; Cor. Dupont 

and Commercial 
B<te»r; Naturalized; Jackson & Dupont ) 

Oalano, Antonio 55; Cigar maker; Naturalized; Buchanan, oor, of 

Gale, Horatio 36; I^gineer; Native; lat Ave. bet, 15th & 16th 
Gale, *^eremiah W. 47; Commission merchant; Native; 1069 Howard 
Gale, Thomas Marshall 38; Wines & Liquors; Native; 29 Turk 
Oallnger, Joseph 29; Merchant; Naturalized; 1002 ]r<^rket 
Gallngh, David 35; Distiller; Naturalized; 1047 Howard 
Gallager, Hugh 29; Mason; Naturalized; Goary, bet. barney 

and Dupont 
Gallagher, Alexander 26; Boatman; Naturalized; Cor. Vallejo 

and Davis 
Andrew 38; Laborer; Naturalized; 716 Polsom 
Bernard 31; Boilormakur; Native; 106 Tehama 
Charles 31; Carpenter; Naturalized; Quinn Place, 

near Valencia, 
Charles 35; Coppersmith; Naturalized; 1038 Folaom 
Dtt iel 53; Farmer; Naturalized; 10th, bet. Howard 

and F Isom 
iSdvrard 21; Insjwctor; Native; 307 Bryant 
Hugh 35; Coopor; Naturalized; Main Oourt between 

Polsom & Harrison 
Hugh P. 50; Clergyman; Naturalized; 10th, bet. 

Howard 3c Polsom 
Jones 36; Blacksmith; Naturalizf)d; 326 Harrison 
James Henry 24; Carriage painter; Native; 1006 

James J.; Mechanic; Naturalized; -20 Dora (sic) 

Probably 120 
John 3ki; Saloon; Naturalized; 315 Sixth 
John 38; Cooper; Native; 1 Douglas Court, Main St. 
John P. 38; Brassfounder; Native; Hyde & Filbert 
Joseph A. 45; Cltjr{?yman; Naturalized; 10th, bet. 

Howard & Polsom 









Nana age oco* Nat* Loo Kes« 129 

Oallaghor, Michael 46| U.S. Mint; Naturalized; 418 Filbert 
Grallaf^ier, Patrick 31; Paparhangorj ^^atlve; 106 Tehama 
Gallagher, Peter 4i^; Blaokamithj Naturalized; Grove, east of 

Gallagher, Peter 45; Bollerraakor; NatureiL 1 zed; 224 Fifth 
Qallaghor, Thomas James 24| Student; Native; 915 Jones 
Gallagher, James 58; Real Kstate; Natural Ized; N.V/.Cor, 

i'^eamy & Pine 
Oallogher, John 21; Mechanic ; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Qallogo, Francis 39; Stevedore; Native; Greenwich between 

Montgomery & Sanaora© 
Qallego, Romulus C, 26; Bag maker; Native; 122 Clay 
Gallespie, Patrick 42; i<aborer; Naturalized; Vernon, nr. Green 
Galligan, Francis 25| Hostler; Naturalized; Mission, bet. 2nd 

and Koker 
Galllger, Barnard 34; Stevedore; Naturalized; 55 Beal at. 
Oalllger, Joiin Bernard 27; Collector; Native; S.E.Cor. 

First and Natoma 
Oalllghar, Hugh 68; Nona; Naturalized; 568 Mission 
Galloway, James 29; Fireman; Naturalized; 17 Fourth 
Galloway, Janes Duryea 38; Ship Joiner; Native; Broadway, 

' 2 doors from Taylor 
Galloway, Joseph 55; Contractor; Naturalized; Green & Powell 
Galloway, William 49; Captain of steamer; Native; 

211 Stevenson 
Galloway, William T. 22; Stationer; Native; 211 Stevenson 
Galpen, Edward 44; Trunk manufacturer; 428 Eddy 
Galvlti, James 32; I'aborer; Naturalized; 49 Stevenson 
Galvln, »Jeremlati 45; i'aborer; Naturalized; Hayes, west of Polk 
Galvii, Jeremiah Oeorge 32; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

Cor, Minna & First 
Galvin, Thomas 33; iiigineer; Naturalized; 45 Louisa 
Qalvin, William 34; Engineer; Naturalized; First, between 

Mission & Stevenson 
Qamage, Armstrong 50; 141 Her; Native; 10 Veron^a Place 
Game, Matthew Pranola 34; Clerk; Native; 104 Powell 
Oammans, Goorgo Bailey 38; Merchant; Maine; 708 Stockton St. 
Gang, David 34; Cabinet maker; Naturalized; 636 Broadway 
Gang, Samuel Benjamin 21; Cooper; Native; New liiigland liouae 
Gannon, *^eter Thomas 26; Cigarman; Native; 749 Market 
Gannon, Jai es 39; Heal Estate; Native; 1214 Union 
Oanon, Michael 33; Cartman; Naturalised; 30 Ritch 
Ganson, John 34; Laborer; Illinois; Proaidlo 
Ganzhoin, Christian 34; Baker; Naturalized; 641 Pacific 
Oarcelon, Harvey; Carpenter; Native; Tylor, near Buchanan 
Garcia, Joseph Sylvain 43; iiariiier; Naturalized; 15 llarapton Placa 
Garcin, Leopold; Machinist; Native; 34 Sutter 
Gard, ^eorge Kdmurid 24; Surveypr; Naturalized; 541 Washington 
Gardener, Jared M. 48; U.S. Mint; Native; 1305 Stockton 
Gardener, Joseph Trimble 31; Painter; Native; 108 Sutter 
Gardenier, Henry 38; Police Officer; i^ew Jersey; 1115 Leavenworth 
Gardlneer, Baldwin; Druggist 27; Native; 726 Green 
Gardiner, James Jolrinson 37; Surveypr; Native; 820 Washington J 
Gardner, Anlrew 46; Saloon keep r; Penn. 765 Clay ' 

**aai© age. ooo. Nat. Loo, Koa. *^ 

Gardnor, Charles 49; Lawyux'j Native; liil4 Iftilon 
Gardner, Charles iindrews; Reporter; Native; liil4 Union 
Gardner, Clarence Carr ii4; Furniture dejLlor; Native; 218 7th 
Gardner, Daniel :3; Saloon; Naturalized; Commeroial, near 

Gardner, George D, ^2; Native; Clork; 218 Seventh 
Gardner, George Henry 33; Teamster; Native; Spear, between 

Polsom and Harrison 
Gardner, George Morris 38; Dealer in wines and liquors; 

Native; 926 Montgomery 
Gardner, James Henry 56; Broker; Native; 1206 Stockton 
Gardner, John 22; Blacksmith; Native; 522 Union 
Gardner, John Jr., 33; Carpenter; Maine; Bay & Larkln 
Gardner, John H.K. 54; Carpenter; Native; 218-7th, bet. 

Howard and Polsom 
Gardner, John Hilliner 46; Salesman; i-iatlve; iUti:. Cor. 

Montgaaory & Sutter 
Gardner, Roland B* 30; Clork; Native; 436 Minna 
Gardner, Thomas 36; Clerk; Native; 118 Geary 
Gardner, William Newell Gilbert 33; Jar Driver; Native; 

Sixth a nd Brannan 
Garfield, John Quinoy 28; Plasterer; Native; 537 Howard 
Garfield, Maynard J. 43; Carpenter; Native; Cor. Howard & iirie 
Gargan, Patrick 38; Stovo mounter; Naturalized; 21 imthony 
Garlty, Patrick 23; Saloon keeper; Native; 5ii7 Pine 3 treat 
Garland, IVm. D. 33; Agent; Naturalized; 449 Minna 
Gam, iVilliam 35; Cap^maker; Naturalized; Cor. Jessie & i^loker 
Gamaut, John Honry 39; Teamster; Naturalized; Powell and 

Garonne, Felix 38; Insurance agent; Native; 1423 Stocktoa 
Garonne, Felix 48; Merchant; Naturalized; 722 California 
Garr, James M. 46; l*aborer; Naturalized; 61 Clementina 
Garraty, John 36; Stone cutter; Naturalized; Branch iiotel 
Garraty, John 54; l»aborer; Naturalized; Salmon, between 

Broawday and Pacific 
Oarretson, John Wm. 45; Carpenter; Native; S.l:. Cor. 16th and 

Garrett, James 50; Carpenter; Naturalized; Comer Sansome 

and Val lejo 
Garrett, Jas. B. 31; Produce dealer; Naturalized; 546 Tehama 
Garrett, Joseph 60; Brass Founder; 1,'aturaij zed; 15th, b et. 

Howard & Folsom 
Garrett, Vitei. Thocipson 36; Brass founder; Native; 6th, near 

Garriger, Laugjilin 45; Teaiister; Naturalized; Filbert, between 

Sansome & Montgomery 
Garrison, i*ewis Butts 40; Drayman; Native; Cor. Hitch and 

Garrlty, Thomas 25; Teamster; Naturalized; 277 Minna 
Gartland, Jol:m 28; Student; Naturalized; 56 Third 
Gartlaiid, John Joseph 32; Bricklayer; Native; Howard Kngind 

Oarvey, J«ea Purool 27; Searcher of Records; Native; 

332 Kllld 

ham3 age occ* ^at» Loo. Res. 1*^1 

Garvoy, Patrick 35; Boiler makor; Natural Ized; Deoatur St., 

near Bryant 
Oarvey, \'fci. Valontino 29 j lilnlng secretary; Native; 8 Silver 
Garwood, George Moseby 60; aitoher; Native; Hyde St 
Garwood, William Tlicxapson 29; Doctor; Naturalized; Francisco 

and Stockton 
Gashwller, John Watts 33; Native; Cosmopolitstn Hotel 
Gaskin, Janes Monroe 42; Officer; Native; Washinf^ton and 

Gassert, William 46; Grocer; Cor. Mission & 9th 
Gasamer, Valentine 35; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 

818 Montgomery 3t. 
Gaston, Hugh Alexander 50; Minor; Native; Commercial, near 

Gatoly, ]3ernard 23; Saloon keeper; Native; 88 Stevenson 
Gatoly, James 26; Furniture; Native; 18 Geary 
Gately, John 36; Grocer; Naturalized; 243 Minna 
Gately, John 37; Boarding house kueper; Naturalized; 

217 Broadway 
Gately, Patrick 42; ^boror; Ireland; Broadway fc Polk 
Gately, Patrick; Laborer; Naturalized; 1st, near Stevenson 
Gately, Patrick 35; Drayman; Naturalized; Jones, near O'Farrell 
Gates, Alfred W. 3 5; Livery stable; Native; 270 Tehama 
Gates, Horace 48; Millor; Native; 223 Seventh 
Gates, Horatio Sylvester 54; Physician; Native; comer of 

Stelner & Sutter 
Gaubreau, Benjamin Oliver 55; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; Brenhara 

Oaughran, Peter 36; Merchant; Naturalized; 1006 Clay 
Gaul, John 30; Laborer; Naturalized;Plrst, bet. Bryant and 

Harri son 
Gaulet, Isadore 36; Tailor; Naturalized; 1103 Montgomery 
Gauley, Janes Armstrong 46; Real Estate; New ^ork; 

611 Stockton 
Gauley, Wm. Havens 44; Merchant; Native; 417 Harrison 
Gavan, Simon 38; Laborer; Ireland; Fillmore and Lombard 
Gaven, Patrick Thomas 45; Merchant; Naturalized; wor. 

Stevenson and Second 
Gavin, Keran 29; Laborer; Ireland; Pine & Larkin 
Gaver, John 40; Blacksmith; Native; Vallejo side between 

Hyde & Larkin 
Gavloan, Martin 40; Laborer; Naturalized; First, between 

Bryant & Harrison 
Oavigan, William 30; Wood and coal; Naturalized; Turk,nr. Jones 
Oavln, Patrick 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 1305 Jackson 
Gay, Albert Cutter 42; Carpentur and builder; Native; 

Harrison, bet. 23 and 24th 
Gay, Charles 38; General Agent; Native; 308 Ellis 
Gay, Daniel Conway 38; Pilot; Native; 8 O'Farrell St. 
Gay, Henry Calvin 27; Clerk; Native; 62o Pine 
Gayetty, Peter Gromblo 48; Miner; Native; Cor. Howard & 3rd 
Geary, Jeremiah 44; Tanner; Naturalized; cor. 4th & Bryant 
Gebhard, Frederick 37; Carrlagemaker; Naturalized; 113 Bush 
Gobhard, Goo. Adam 40; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

Cor. Pino and Kearny 


Umao A[r,e occ* nat. rss« 

Qebler, Theodore 36; Tinsmith; Naturalized; Q'ad Clay 

Ged.^e, George 6!^ Mariner; Naturalized; lliilS Pino 

Gedge, John riarry Pries tl.T ii3; Clork; Naturalized; llkiS Pine 

Geen, Peter 4i5; laborer; Naturalized; ii34 Minna 

Gegus, Charles 35; liutoher; Naturalized; 5 Everett 

Geharty, Mlohael 38; I^aborer; Naturalized; Cor. Market '^ 6th 

Gehrels, V/.A, 3iij Stove aealer; Naturalized; Cor, 5th k Mission 

Gohugan, Miohaol 36; Grocer; naturalized; M.w.Cor. 

•'^eavonworth & Jackscn 
Qeib, Jesse 35; ^rchant; Native; 17 Third 

Geiger, JoVin Geor^'^o «J9; Barkoepor; Naturalized; 5 Milton Place 
Gells, Hermann Henry 3ii; Merchant; Germany; Pacific 5c Polk. 
Oelmann, William 39; Tailor; Naturalized; 835 Pacific 
Geisenkirchen, Adam 47; Parmer; Naturalized; Dora, between 

Bryant md Harrison 
Geiser, John 38; Cook; Naturalized; 315 Montgomery 
Gel shaker. Am Irew 29; <^awyer; Naturalized; 7 Beldan 
Geissbergor, John 56; Real Estate; Naturalized; Vallejo side, 

bet, Dupont and Stockton 
Geist, Wm, 32; Jeweler; Naturalized; 812 Polsom 
Gels ton, Roland 65; Master Mariner; Native; 108 Stockton 
Gender, Edward Francis 51; Clerk; Native; 810 Market 
Genthner, Gustavus Enos 25; Clerk; Native; 248 Minna 
Genung, A,W, 41; Dep, Surveyor C.H. ; Native; Polsom, between 

8th and 9th 
Qeohegan, Bartholomew 40; Drayman; Naturalized; Polsom, near 6th 
George, David 61; Dealer; Naturalized; 270 Clementina 
George, ^enry A, 46; Livery Stable; liative; 356 Jessie 
George, Henry Clay 39; Teamster; Naturalized; Powell 8c Filbert 
Geor-'!;©, John J, 34; Laborer; Native; Eighth, between Howard 

and Polsom 
George, Julius 33; Attorney; Naturalized; 717 Sutter 
George, ^^elson 33; Carpenter; Ohio; 629 California 
Geor^^e, Robert 44; Book-keeper; Maryland; Pacific ^c Polk 
Geharty, Bernard 40; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor.ffurk and ^ason 
Geraghty, Bernard « ti n m n ii v 
Geraghty, Janes Andrew 33; Clerk; Naturalized; 416 Pacific 
Gerard, Thomas 33; Butcher; Naturalized; Cor, Gllmore and 

Ken tucky 
Geraty, Patrick Joseph 28; Butcher; Naturalized; Potrero, 

bet, 16th and 17th 
Gerber, John Baptiste 51; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 507 Jackson 
Gardes, Alexander 36; Grocer; Naturalized; 20 Third 
Gerean, William Booth; Ship carver; New York; California, 

near I»arkin 
Gerehty, Miohaol 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Market, near 6th 
Gerety, James 27; Shepherd; Naturalized; Tehama, near 6th 
Gerhorr, Frederick; Grocer; Naturalized; 1 Lincoln Place 
Goring, William 26; Macliinist; Naturalized; 717 Polsom 
Gerity, Pat*k Joseph 29; Butcher; Natural ized; 5ii5 Commercial 
Gerlach, Konrad 40; Machinist; Naturalized; 224 Fifth 
Gerran, John 20; Clerk; Native; 421 Bush 
Gerrard, Hugh 33; Boatman; Naturalized; 617 Davis 



Name ago ooc* nat, loc. res* 

Gerry, Samuel Kusael 50j Physician; Native; 1010 Stockton 
Oerull, Christopher SkJ; Stoamboatanan; i^atural ized; comer 

Vallejo & Battery 
Oetohell, Wales ^ewls 23} Engineer; Native; N.E.Cor, Minna 

and Second Sts. 
Getoua, John 4ii; i<iborer; Naturalized; Beale, bet, Howard 

and Polsom 
Oevola, Taravla 30; Tailior; Native; Cor. *ind and •^ossle 
Oheen, Westley *erry 37; Cooper; Native; Union, near Sansome 
Glannlnl, Joshua 51; Bookkoepar; Naturalized; 572 Folaora 
Gibbons, Austin 36; Miner; Naturalized; 648 Mission 
Gibbons, Pranols W« 48; Police; Naturalized; 4 Howard Court 
Gibbons, Henry 58; Physician; Native; 730 Howard 
Gibbons, Henry Jr, kJS; Physician; Amative; 730 Howard 
Gibbons, John 30; Walter; Naturalized; 641 Vallejo 
Gibbons, •Thomas 40; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; 127 Pacific 
Qlbbs, Charles E, 35; Merchant; Native; Howard, near Ikith 
Glbbs, Charles lipvfln 23; Clerk; Native; 37 Natoma 
Glbbs, Cornelius Van Sohelluyne 42; Underwriter's Agent; 

Native; 122 Eddy 
Glbbs, John Sawyer 56; Boxnaker; Native; S.S.Harrison, 

near Beale 
Glblln, Michael 41; Builder; Naturalized; 324 Jessie 
Glblin, Tliomas 42; Plasterer; Naturalized; 823 I^oadway 
Giblln, Timothy 40; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; S.i^:. Cor. 

Beale and Polsom 
Glbney, Mioiiael 31; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Howard & Ist. 
Gibson, James 40; Express; Naturalized; Market, between 

Front and Battery 
Gibson, James Alexander 35; jcpresaman; New York; Austin, bet. 

or near Franklin 
Gibson, John 36; iJaborer; Naturalized; Green & Taylor 
Gibson, John Galvln 34; Steamboat Captain; Native; 3 Bush 
Gibson, Robert 32; Coal Passer; Naturalized; S.H.Cor. Howard 

and Stewart 
Gles, Klllan 40; Barber; Naturalized; Montgomery St. in 

Drucker*a Bldg. 
Glesman, Hendrlok 48; Tailor; Naturalized; 200 ^ost 
Giffing; Isaac Mount 33; Plasterer; Native; 319 Bush 
Glfford; Paul J. 32; Dry Goods; Native; 327 Jessie 
Gift, William Wirt 70; Parmer; Native; Market St., between 

Mont gome i^y and Kearpy 
Olhon, Thomas 37; Engineer; Naturalized; 420. Bryant 
Gilbert, Christopher Joseph 23; Boilermaker; ^'•ative; 

Stevenson, bet. First & Second Sts. 
Gilbert, Edmund Frank 42; Printer; Massachusetts; 

Stockton near Sacranento 
Gilbert, George IgnatuB Washington 38; Printer; ^^ative; 

S.W. Cor. Hyde and Vallejo 
Gilbert, Isaac 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 58 Third 
Gilbert, James 52; Doctor; Naturalized; 503 Davis 
Gilbert, Victor 22; I^rber; ^^ative; 1219 Stockton 


Namd a,ge ooc» nat. loc« ros* 

Gilchrist, James 45} Carpenter; Native; Original 
Olldersleeve, George VThitfield 36; Teamster; l^ative; 

Guerrero, hot, 25th & 26th« 
Glldersleeve, Smith William 39; Carpenter; Native; 

Slii Mission 
Gile, Edward Tuttle 33; Salesman; Native; 253 Stevenson 
01 lea, Jeretiiah Slooum 51; Mine; Native; 525 P5n© 
Giles, William 28; Liquor dealer; .Naturalized; 950 Mission 
Gllfethor, Owen 26; Upholsterer; **atlve; 1112 Montgomery 
Gllflllan, John 37; Machinist; Naturalized; 32 Everett 
Gllflllan, Jonah Carpenter; 26; Stall in the market; Native; 

Cor. Pacific and Montgoriiery 
Gllflllon, William John 35; Waterman; Matlve; 106 Mason 
Gllgen, James 60; Old Junk; Naturalized; Hyde, between 

Geary k 0»t'arrell Sts. 
Gill, Frederick W. 28; Bookkeeper; Connecticut; S.w, Cor. 

California and Prospect. 
Gill, Horatio iio^art 39; Clark; New York; 633 California 
Gill, James 30| i*aborer; Naturalized; St. Gary's College 
Gill, Owen 32; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 64 i'iatoma St 
Glllan, fJartley 36; Longshoreman; ^Naturalized; Sansorae, bet. 

Green and Vallejo 
Glllany, John M. 21; Painter; iNatlvo; 675 Howard 
Olllen, I3emard 41; vVal tor; Naturalized; 725 Broadway, rear, 
Gillespie, *'a trick 47; Mason; Ireland; Washintzton k Polk 
Gllleman, Patrick 32; Hostler; Naturalized; 246 Third 
Gillespie, Farnham 24; R.R. Conductor; Native; Garden St, 
Gillespie, James 28; Manufacturer; Native; 229 Minna 
Gillespie, James 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 31 Hlnkley 
Gillespie, Robert Henry 26; Broom maker; i^atlve; 514 Howard 
Gillespie, Thomas 34; Speculator; Native; 36 ^atoma 
Gillespy, John 35; .Special Policeman; Naturalized; 

916 ?^ontgomery 
Olllett, Isaac Oopley 25; Carrla(*e maker; Native; 551 Market 
Glllfeather, James 52; Laborer; Naturalized; 1110 Pacific 
Glllholy, John 30; Steamboatman; Native; Bro adway St. I'/harf . 
Gillies, Robert 44; i3ar tender; NaturaJ.ized; 221 Tehama 
Glllighan, Jones; Laborer; Ireland; Van liess and Austin 
Qilllland, Wn. John 33; Tailor; Naturalized; 64 Stevenson 
Gillia, Angus 66; Gardener; Native; 26 Ellis 

Gllllspie, Archibald Hamilton 53; Soldier; Native; Cosoo House 
Gilraan, Benjamin F. 35; Mechanic; Native; 228 Fremont 
Gllman, Frank Larlng 27; Painter; Native; 28 Sansome 
Gllman, Honry 46; Purser stearier; Native; B Kearny 
Gllmaii, Joaeph 54; Boat builder; Native; 65 iJatoma 
Gllman, Trustum Coffin 62; Carpenter; Native; 1031 Montgomery 
Gilmer, John Walter /uiderson 36; broker; Native; 573 Harrison 
Gllmore, VVllJan Stone 37; Mechanic; Native; Columbus, bet. 

16th and 17th 3ts, 
Gllmore, Goore© 34; Carpenter; ^naturalized; Cor, Stevenson 

and iiokor 
G|lmore, James 40; iiixpress wagon; Naturalized; 234 Fremont 


^ana age ooc« nat» loc* res, 

Ollmore, John ii5; Segar maker; Naturalized; 708 Battery 
Gllmore, John H. 30; Advertising agent; Native; 245 Second 
Gllmore, John H, 31; Adv. ;^gent; Native; 944 Mission 
Gilrnoro, John H, 43; Oardenar; Naturtdizod; 13 Howard 
Oilmore, Stillman D. 49; Manufacturer; Native; 518 Polaom 
Gilmore, 44| Grocer; Naturalized; N.ii.Cor. Laguna & Grove 
Oilpatriok, Josepli G, 34; Glork; Native; 26 Tehaiiia 
Gilpuly, Hugh 36; Porter; Naturalized; 237 Clara 
Gilson, Kdward 33| Merchant; Naturalized; Jones & ^'''ilbert 
Ging, Chris 48; laborer; Natural ized; 303 Davis 
Ginger, John 30; Brewer; Naturalized; 238 Second 
Ginsberg, Aaoher 35; Glazier; Naturalized; 56 iJaln st« 
Ginto-r, John Henry ; '^Theelwrigjit; Pennsylvania; Clay & Polk 
Olrard, ?etor Francis 50; Laundry; naturalized; Cor, Post & Jones 
Oirot, i£tienne 47; Cartman; Naturalized; N.x^, Powell & Broadway 
Gitchell, Geiri-;o Qarrlnor 38; Drayman; Native; 522 Howard 
Oltcholl, James ^oCune 40; Special Agent IJ.3.T. Dep't; 

Native; Huss House 
Gitchell, John Irosby 46; Tinsnith; l^^ative; 28 Firsb 3t, 
Givney, James 21; Hackman; Native; 815 Hontgouory 
Giuseheske, Marks 24; Man uf acturer ; Native; 217 xeliama 
Gladner, Geor-'e Samuel 39; i3utcher; Native; Howard, bet. 13 & 19 
Gladwin, Wm, Henry 42; Broker; Nativa; 330 i3rannan 
Glair, Thomas ^enry 35; Hackmsm; Naturalized; 710 Stockton 
Glaskln, William 46; Miner; Native; 416 Second 

Glass, //m. Carman 33; R»H# Conductor; ^''ativej Cor. Freelon A: 4th. 
Glassen, Louis 42; Merchai t; Naturalized; Brannan and 4th 
Glazebrook, John 29; Job wagon; Native; 16 Clementina 
Gleason, Patrick 28; House mover; Naturalized; 248 Minna 
Gloason, Patrick 34; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Francisco, 

near Powell 
Gleason, Thomas 31; Laborer; Naturalized; Montr;omery, bet. 

Pacific and liroadway 
Gleason, V/illian 37; Cook; Naturalized; 916 Montgomery 
Gleoson, Yta. H. 61} Jeweler: Naturalized; 911 Market 
Glen, Patrick 46; Laboror; NatUi-alized; Koarny, bet. Post ?c Sutter 
Glldden, Albert ^oClain 45; Shipbuilder; Native; Turk, west 

of l>aguna 
Glidden, Albion Knox Paris 37; Dealer; Native; 742 Polsom 
Glidden, George Washington 36; Carpenter; I^ative; Comer 

Church & Ridley 
Glover, Andrew 29; Police officer; Naturalized; Southeast cor. 

Union ^ Montgomery 
Glovar, G('-orii;e Francis *^arlon 25; Broker; Native; 1 Chatham PI. 
Glove.?, Joseph Grimmond 29; Boatman; *'*atlve; 215 Broadway 
Gluck, John Frederick 42; Brewer; i-taturallzed; Cor. 0»Farrell 

and William 
Gluyas, George iJwin Colby 26; Ommited in Gr. heglster of 1866 

Native; 923 Bush 
Gluyas, George Karkeep 54; Engineer; Naturalized; 928 Bush 
Gluyas, Reese W. 25; Jlork; Native; 928 Bush 
Glynn, Enimerson Otis 32; Drayman; Native; 206 Turk 

Glynn, James 38; oi^^rk; Naturalized; Francisco, near Du^oont 
Glynn, Timothy 31; Laborer; Naturalized; — Rltch 


Name age occ, nat. loc, res, 

Olynne, John ii8j Laborer; Native; Vallejo, near Dupont 
Goboner, Gerd iionry 30; Roatautant keeper; Naturalized; Third 

and King* 
Goddard, '^enry Kirk ii5; Clerk; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Goddard, Squire Dilli'ngs 3ki; Salesman; Native; 3ii8 Bryant 
Goddard, Squire B, 33; Merchant; I'^atlve; Bryant &: Rincon Place 
Godeus, Jolm David 3ii; Photographer; Naturalized; 444 Third 
Godfrey, iildward Augustus ^7; Book keeper; Native; 647 Howard 
Godfrey, Henry Wllland 21; Laborer; Native; California, 

3 doors below Sansome, 
Godfrey, ^eor e 50; Real Estate; ^^aturallzedl 821 Howard 
Godfrey, James Taylor 43; Brokoi*; Native; 315 Geary 
GodfMn, Charles 46; Gardner; Prance; Precldio Road 
Godley, Montgomery 38; Clerk; Native; 767 Mission 
Goebel, Frederick William 41; Porter; Naturalized; Gough, 

north of Grove. 
Goetjen, Nicolaus 33| Manufacturer; Naturalized; McAllister, 

oast of Webster. 
Goetz, Joseph 36; Restaurant keeper; Naturalized; 631 Davis 
Goeta, Leopold 33; Carpenter; Naturalized; Sonoma Place. 
Goete, Martin 28; Brewer; Naturaljz ed; Vallejo, So. aide, 

bet. Kearny & Dupont 
Goetze, John Christopher 38; Dealer; Naturalized; 759 Mission 
Goeway, James Monroe 38; Merchant; Native; 213 Eddy 
Goff, Joseph Jeremiah 35; Waiter; Native; 717 Pacific 
Ooff, Theodore Addison 36; ?4achinl3t; Native; 137 Fourth 
Gogarty, ^en 51; Carpenter; Natural Ized; 231 Jessie 
Goger, Charles 32; Spice and Coffee dealer; Naturalized; 

106 Kearny 
Goin, Jacob Smith 38; Parmer: Native; 219 Bush 
Goland, Daniel 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Sacramento & Davis 
Golden, John 33; Clerk; Native; 20 Turk 
Golden, Thomas 48; Undertaker; Naturalized; 20 Turk 
Goldlng, iildward 47; No occupation; Naturalized; -—Jessie 
Goldman, Bernard 29; Clerk; Naturalized; 618 Green 
Goldman, Isaac Abraham 43; *ierchant; Naturalized; 631 Sutter 
Goldman, Joseph 41; Deputy Assessor; Naturalized; 508 Ellis 
Goldsmith, Aaron 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 115 Eddy 
Goldsmith, Anson 32; Assayer; Naturalized; 113 Mason 
Goldsmith, Elkan 32; Clerk; Natural ized; 214 Sansome 
Goldsmith, Gustave 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 359 Jessie 
Goldsmith, Isaac 50; ^^^or chant; Naturalized; Jones, bet. 

0»Parrell «6 Ellis 
Goldsmith, Jonathan Glllett 53; Merchant; liati e; 317 Harrison 
Goldsmith, Joseph 50; Jar. it or; Native; 721 0»Parrell 
Goldsmith, Louis 36; Storekeeper; Naturalized; 318 Jessie 
Goldsmith, Nathan 32; ^^orchant; Naturalized; 643 Clay 
Goldsmith, William E. 41; Engraver; Native; 7th bet. Bryant 

and Brannan 
Goldstein, Monla 48; Tailor; Naturalized; 270 Jessie 
Goldstone, Jolin B. 26; Teamster; Native; 1051 Howard 
Goller, John Christopher; 34; Cabinet Uakor; Germany; 

1610 Pacific 







loo* res» 

Sixth, bet. 

Oomer, Juliua Dow 35 j i*aborerj Native; Kearny, bet, Broadway 

and Vallejo 
Gonzales, Domini ok 36 j Builder; Naturalized; 949 Howard 
Good, John 33; Carpenter; Naturalized; 345 Jane 
Good, John Myera 3«i| Clerk; Native; 1814 Dupont 
Good, Henry 36; I'd! nor: Original; Native; 
Goodall, Chaa. 41; Ag t. Water Co.; Naturalized; 

Bryant and Brannan 
Goode, John 36; Painter; i^ative; 18 iiddy 
Goodhue, John 67; Jeweler; Native; 1065 Duoont. between 

V/aahinfjton « Jackson 
Goodhue, Oliver Petor ii5; Merchant; Native; 812 Filbert 
Goodman, David 31; Game Dealer; Naturalized; 405 O'Farrell 
Goodman, Frederick 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 412 Post 
Goodman, Jaraea ^'atteraon 37; Merchant; Native; Page, weat of 

Goodman, i-ewia '<d7; Tlerk; Naturalized; 215 Powell 
Goodman, Simon 39; Merchant; Naturalized; 722 Poat 
Goodrich, Jacob H, 27; Blacksmith; Native; lat Ave, bet. 

15th and 16th 
Goodrich, John Honry 26; Blackamith; Native; 215 Stevenson 
Ooodrun, George 49; Shipmaator; Native; 12th, bet. Howard 

and Waahington 
Goodaell, DeCouroy Montague 44; Carpenter; Native; 429 Firat 
Goodwin, Chaa. 32j Butcher; Naturalized; Minna, bet. lat & 2nd, 
Cyrua Hamilton 39; Laborer; Native; Comer Front 

and Broadway 
Jamea Porter 50; Furniture dealor; Naturalized; 

1313 Taylor 
Porter «Jr., 28; Salesman; Native; 1313 Taylor 
22; Grocer; Naturalized; N.VV.Cor. Firat & Folaom 
Gordon, Jo 38; Clerk; Native; California and Montgomery 
Gordon, Joaeph 49; Teamater; Nfituralized; 7 Howard Court 
Gordon, Patrick 33; Miner; Naturalized; 527 Geary 

Samuel 39; Laborer; Naturalized; 544 Folaom 
Sheldon Smith 32; Police Officer; Native; 210 Jackson 
53helden Smith 32; Police; Naturalized; 730 Green 
Thomaa S. 44; Carpenter; Native; 60 Clementina 
Upton MoCrea 34; Wholesale Liquor; Native; Fillmore, 

south of Hayes 
Gore, Benjamin B. 42; '"lerk; Native; 228 Sixth 
Gorevan, Ja ea 47; Porter; Naturalized; Cor. Calif. & Maaon. 
Gorfinkel, Aaron 46; Dry Gooda; Naturalized; 1136 Dupont 
Gorflnker, V/llliani 22; Barber; Naturalized; Cor. Dupont & Clay 
Gorham, Daniel 28; Clerk; Native; 1317 Stockton 
Gorham, George Cos¥^ono4; Editor; Native; 341 Bryant 
Gorham, John 40; Carpenter; i^ative; Tremont House, Pacific St. 
John Edward 30; Clerk; Native; 417 Green 
Michael 42; Porter; Natura Ized; Montgoraery, between 

Broadway & Vallejo 
Gorhey, Michael 42; Porter; Naturd. ized; -•Miasion 
Gorley, Hugh Alexander 33; Merchant; Native 


Goodwin, Janea 
Gooat, Cars ton 





and Montgonury 


Mftne age oco. nat, loc. res* 

Gorman, John 30; Notary Public; Naturalized; Stockton, near 

Gorman, James li8; Searian; Native; £1 Langton 
Gorman, Jolin 36; Drayman; Naturalized; Bannam Place 
Gorman, John 35; i^aborer; Naturalized; 8kil Filbert 
Gorman, Owen ii4; Porttjr; Naturalized; Occidental Hotel 
Gorraloy, Jamos 31; Xjaundryniaii; liatlve; Dolores, bot, 17th & 18th 
Gormley, Michael 32; i^ason; Naturalized; 8 First 
Oortnly, John Francis 31; Plasterer; Native; Taylor, nr» Filbert 
Gorton- John Haynes 39; Carpenter; Massachusetts; Quincy Place 
Ooss, Petor k29; Mason; Naturalized; 612 California 
Gosling, James 47; Carpenter; Native; 56 Third 
Gofillng- Joseidi 48; Architect; Native; 204 Montgomery 
Ootey, Honry 28; Grocer; Naturalized; 226 "Hilrd 
Oottgoreu, fienry 64; Butcher; Natural3.zed; S.ii.Cor, Larkln 

and Pacific 
Gottschalk, Charles 33; Stone cutter; Naturalized; 12 Sutter 
Goudchaux, Jacques 83; Broker; Naturalized; 32 Hinckley 
Oough, Charles Hayes 36; Contractor; Native; 1226 Stockton 
Oough, iienry Onion 36; Contractor; Native; 621 Union 
Go ugh, John Thomas 40; Steward; Naturalized; 138 Minna 
Oough, William 40; Gasfitter; Naturalized; 453 *'essle 
Gould, Adln Ballou 33; Carpenter; Mass.; St. Francis Hook and 

Gould, Charles Green 35; Carpenter; Native; 231 Pacific 
Gould, Edward 46; i-^erchant; Native; 427 Tl:ilrd 
Gould, Frank 42; Trader; Native; 30 Silver 
Gould, Janes G« Iman 43; Broker; Ma3s.;!Io. 4 Quincy Place 
Gould, Joseph Aimer 28; -laborer; Native; 108 Beale 
Gould, ^'•elson Charles 36; Shoemaker; Native; 166 Perry 
Gove, Andrew **aokBon 33; Vi/harfmaster; Native; 929 Vallejo 
Gowan, Edward 3<i; Carriage pairxter; Naturalized; 529 Pine 
Grace, Wlllian 38; Car driver; Naturalized; 13 St. Mary^ St. 
Grad$^, Dennis 47; Stonemason; Naturalized; Gilbert St. ^"'" 
Grady, Prank 23; Carriage nakor; Native; —Pols cm 
Grady, Janea 44; Agent; ^Naturalized; American Exchange 
Grafner, ^*ax 42; Saloon keeper; King St. "aturalized; 
Grady, James 24; Clerk; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Grady, John 38; Manufacturer; Pols cm, bet. 15th & 16th 
Gralv, Michael 24; Butchor; Naturalized; 540 *^atoma 
Graf, Albert 34; Paper hanger; Naturalized; 709 Stockton 
Grafner, Ubx. -~ see above four names. 

^3C»agg, Francis iilbrldge '^Z; Watchman; Native; 516 Bryant 
Gragvlch, Nlcliolas 35; Broker; Naturalized; Qll Union 
Graham, John Sadller 60; Clerk; Naturalized; San Bruno Hoad 
Graham, Thomas 38; i*aborer; Naturalized; Tyler, b et. Taylor and 

Graham, Thomas 42; Carpenter; Native; 59 Second St. 
Grannine, '^otor Anthony 37; V/atohmaker; Naturalized; 19 I-afayett^ 
Grannis, George W.41; Bookkeeper; I^ative; 229-1/2 Minna. Place ) 
Grant, Alfred Nelson 31; Hay and grain dealer; Native; 

Car kin Bet. Post fc Geary 
Grant, Charles B. 41;Stone cutter; 322 Fremont; Naturalized 
Grant, Charles ',7. ii3; Clerk; Native; lit ave,, bet. 15th & 16th 


Namt) age ooo« nat« loc* rea» 

Oraiit, Daniel V/. 38| Native; Bryait, nr. 7th 

Grant, Horace Augustls 27; Slilpmajter; Native; Third & Berry 

Grant, John 37; Carpenter; Naturalized; 749 M„arket 

Grant, John 5'd$ Stone outter; Naturalized; 141 Tovmaend 

Grant, Joseph 5'd} Gentlemen; Native; lia Maaon 

Grant, Loula Taylor 37; Inspootor Custom House; New Jersey; 

Kwer Plaoe near Clay* 
Grant, WllHan Beoket 37; Boatman; Native; Davis, bet. Pacific 

and Broadway 
Grant, William Mesfjenger 43; Shoemaker; Native; ii02 Second 
Graser, Phillip ^enry A2; Omitted In Gr. Reg, of 1866; 

Naturalized; 11 Second 
Grath, John M, 35^ Hostlur; Naturalized; 34 Clara 
Grattan, William -^Wry 4ii; Real iilstato; New York; 854 Clay 
Graves, Alphous Chllda; Clerk; Native; King foot of Third 
Graves, Augustus Boatwlok 33; Clerk; Native; 715 Filbert 
Graves, Hiram Thorpe 41; *»erohant; i«atlve; 1605 Maaon 
Graves, Joshua 36; iinglneer; Naturalized; Broadway St, wharf 
Graves, Luclali Smith «i7; Book koepur; Native; 1605 Mason 
Graves, Ormond .^4; Carpenter; ^^iatlve; 52 Mission 
Graves, Samuel 72; ^erohait; Native; 1605 Mason 
Gray, Alonzo Milton 34; Carpenter; Native; Shotwell, between 

19th and kiOth. 
Gray, Asaph 52; Miner; Mass,; 745 Pine 

Gray, Cyril Vernon; Attorney-at-law; Naturalized; I'dH Taylor 
Gray, G(jor,;e Oinnond o4; Teaiaater; Native; 936 Market 
Gray, Henry Martin li9; Undertaker; New ^ork; 939 Sacramento i^t* 
Gray, Joel 49; Carpenter; Native; 616 Powell 
Gray, John 37; Clerk; Native; 5ii0 Minna 
Gray, John 38; ^^erohant; Native; 653 Polsora 
Gray, Moses Randall 52; Laborer; Native; Pacific, between Drumm 

and Davis 
Gray, Patrick 44; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Grove, oast of Laguna 
Gray, Patrick 28; Woolen Mills; Ireland; Black Point 
Gray, Yfei, 64; Sugar packer; Naturalized; 948 Howard 
Gray, William John 33; Butcher; Natural- zed; 3ii6 Jackson 
Gray, Willis 27; Boatman; Native; Market, bet. Main & Beale 
Grayner, Matthew 39; Teamstur; Naturalized; Union near Karney 
Grayson, Albert Harrison 37; Laborer; Native; S.V/, Comer 

Stevenson and First* 
Greany, i«Iichael 34; Contractor; Naturalized; Brannan, between 

7th a nd 8th. 
Greb, Conrad 44; Cabinet maker; Naturalized; Garden 3t, 
Greed, John 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Vallejo, bet, Kearny 

and Montgomery 
Gr^iely, George Filmore 49; Carpenter; *^atlve; 564 Mission 
Greely, Honry St. Clair 27; Wine man; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Green, Alexander Porter 41; Broker; Native; Northwest corner 

Washington & Sansorae, 
Green, Alonzo 53; Morcihant; Native; 413 Flrfct, 
Green, Benjamin Smith 36; Carpenter; Natural' zed; 19th, between 

Valencia and Guerrero. 
Gre«n, Charles iiB; Cook; Native; 3 San Francisco 
Green, Corrlden Bruce 36; Hotel; Native; Railroad Third 
Green, Daniel 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Gilbert Street 
Green, *^avid 54; Hotel keepur; i^ative; iiZl Stevenson 

Nane age ooo. net* loc. roa. 140 

Green, Deming Garvla 28; I*aboror; WatlveJ Brooklyn Hotel 
Green, Kdward 44; Toamst^sr; Waturalized; .Velch Street 
Green, Frederick *ercivel 39; Merchant; Jiatlve; 516 Howard St. 
Green, George ii4; Railroading; Native; Polsom, near Fifth 
Green, Goorge V/, 4ii; Butohor; ^^^atlve; Mission, b etwoen Pourtli 

and Fifth 
Green, Wfaahlngton George V. ii4; Cigar stand; wative; 

231 Stevenson 
Green, John 82; iiiaployee woolen ml 11a, Naturalized; N.E, Comer 

16th and Howard 
Greai, John L. 52; Clerk; Native; Cor, Clementina and Fourth 
Gre«*i, Joseph 46; Clsrk; i»atlve; Hyde, north of Pine 
Green, Julius C, 31; Milkman; i«atlve; 110 Fourth 
Green, Leander i^avld 21; Olerk; I^ative; 231 Stevenson 
Green, Lewis 30; Maiufaoturer; Naturalized; 631 i*arket 
Green, I<ewia 40; Upiiolaterer; Native; 558 Stevenson 
Green, Robert 3L; Carpenter; Naturttllzed; Sacramento, near Hyde 
Green, Robert 40; Carpenter; Native; Cor, Minna and 3rd 
Gredn, Thomas 51; Omitted in Or, Register 
Green, Thomas 51; Brewer; 26 Natoma; Naturalized 
Greenani Ferdinand 42; Grocjer; Naturalized; 242 Fourth 
Greenberg, Gliarles 52; Sexton; Poat, Geary & Mason; Naturalized 
Greenberg, iiunry 47; Real Estate; Naturalized; 828 Pacliic 
Greenberg, Leopold 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 336 Kearny 
Greenberg, 42; Braas founder; Naturaj ized; 661 Harrison 
Grenne, Daniel 49; Farmer; Naturalized; Ocean House Flat 
Greene, Samuel Huntington 43; iuerchtu t; Native; Gosmopolitah 

Greene, fh&m 54; Real Estate; Naturalized; Mission St.i31k,12. 
Greene, Wm, G, 28; Merchant; Native; Block 12, Mission St, 
Greene, Wm, Henry 40; Fartier; Naturalized; Ocean House Road 
Greene, V/ri^t 32; Laborer; Native; McAllister, near Itorket 
Greene, V^a, 39; Jobber; Naturalized; 324 Ellis St. 
Greenbaum, •^aoob 32; Book keeper; Naturalized; 1110 Powell 
Greonhaoi, Fred H, 40; Vrtiarfingor ; Naturalized; 906 Harrison 
Greenhood, Herman ^3; Merchant; "atural5zed; 453 Bryant 
Greenhood, V/m* 46; Coal Merchant; Naturalized; 113 Eddy 
Greenleaf, Wm« 36; Exprciss'^an; Native; 12 Verona 
Greenraan, Jared Fuller 43; Merchant; Native; 3<;0 Pine 
Greenman , i'elson Wesley 26; Laundrytian ; Native?; Crooks Street 
Greenough, John Reed 70; Merchant; ^-ative; 15 Monroe 
Greenwood, Janes 44; i^jent; Naturalized; 313 Union 
Greenwood, Munroe 34; Telei;rapli Operator; New H^npahire; 

1017 Powell 
Greenwood, Wm, K« 45; Merchant; Native; California ^ Montgomery 
Greer, John Jr, 37; Policeman; i^ativo; 7 Geary 
Greffin^^ Joseph ^enry 22; Sailor; i^ative; Potrero 
Gregg, •ioseph M, 28; Drayman; Native; 56 Shipley 
Gregg, Joaeph v;rlght;43; Carpenter; Ohio; Polk, near Broadway 
Gregory, Franklin Putnan 46; Paper carrier; "ativej East, 

between V/ashinjton and *'ackaon 
Gregory, Henry Roa 32; Book keeper; ^"atlve; Cor. Minna and 2nd 
Gragory, Jamea Bean 37; Soarian; Native; Foot of Washington 
Gregory, Paul 31; Machinlat; Native; Minna ;iet,7th & 8th 
Gregory, Frederick 39; Grocer; Naturalized; 433 Powell 
Groninger, Daniel 37; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 116 T^^lrd 
Grevenhagan, Chaa. Henry 21; Wlreworker; ^^atlve; 1619 Dupont 


Name age ooo« nat* loo* rea. 

Orey, 01 lea ilubbard 31 j Attorney; New lork; 831 California 

Grey, Henry Auguatus 43; Trader; Native; Original 

Grey, Michael 39; Puller; Naturalized; Miasion Creek, between 

16th & 17th 
Grey, Nathaniel 57; Undertaker; Native; 939 Sacramento 
Qribbin, Willi am 30; Boatman; Naturalized; Bay st. 
Grief, John 47; Barber; Naturalized; 405 Union 
Oridloy, Joseph r;ole3 67; Butcher; New fork; Polk and Broadway 
Griff en, William 38; ^^boror; Native; San Jose Road. 
Griffin, iikiward Sanborn 28; Section; Native; Dlvlaadero, north 

of Post, 
Griffin, John 31; r^oatbuilder; Naturalized; 40 First St. 
Griffin, John Zd; Goop^jr; Naturalized; 'ti2 Berry St. 
Griffin, John 40; Speculator; Naturalized; J:il7 0»Parrell 
Griffin, John 5'ti; Tinsmith; Naturalized; Stockton & Green 
Griffin, Lynch 75; Merchant; Native; Van Ness Ave. 
Griffin, Patrick 37s leborer; Natura Ized; Hyde, near Green 
Griffin, ^eter 55; Merchant; Naturalized; 206 Fourth 
Griffin, Thomas ii5; Seaman; Naturalized; Cov/ell's wharf 
Griffin," Wm. Wataon 29; Watchman; Native; Valencia bet. 16 & 17 
Griffith, John Y^lson 49; Gilder; Native; 914 Sutter 
Griffiths, David Thomas 34; BoarrtinghoUs© keeper; Naturalized; 

210 Broadway 
Griffiths, Millon 32; Shipmaster; Native; Harrison and 

Stanley Place. 
Griffith, Milton 38; "Merchant; Native; Union, b et. Sanaome 

and Montgomery 
Griffiths, Thomas Ha-nlyn 33; Master of vessel; Naturalized; 

Jackson Street wharf. 
Grimes, George Tut tie 31; Merchant; "atlve; 18 John 
Grimes, liiohael 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 438 Union 
Grimes, Nathan Everett 27; Broker; Native; 137 Silver 
Grimm, Charles 51; Saloon; Naturalized; 1433 Pacific, b et. 

^rkln & Hyd© 
Grimm, Charles Henry 41; Broker; Native; 833 Bush 
Grimmy, John George 42; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 727 Pine 
Orimwood, Adolphus Daniel 25; Lawyer; Naturalized; 1018 Jackson 
Grlnnell, John 43; Mason; Native; Battery, bet. Pine & Bush 
Grlser, iiailo 45; Wool stapl.r; Naturalized; 1517 Powell 
Grlswold, George Ogden 28; Druggist; Native; 106 First st. 
Griswold, Jamoa Aui7;u3tus 40; Music teacher; Native; 106 Tehama 
Grlswold, John Calhoun 39; Hetoorogist; Native; 612 Clay 
Griswold, Josiah 52; Carriage ^alnt^r; ^^ative; 106 First ->t. 
Groce, John F. 40; Grainer; Native; 519 Tehama 
Grosbeck, John 64; Constable; Native; Steamboat Point. 
Groezlnger, Gottlob 42; Merchant; Naturalized; 230 Stevenson 
Orogan, Richard 24; Painter; Naturalized; No. 16 Rousch 
GrolMein, Julius 40; lixpressman; Nacurallzed; 1626 Stockton 
Groom, Roger o5; Laborer; Naturalized; 1 Hayward 
Groagobaur, John Frederick 33; Bar-room; Natural zed; Cor. 

Broadway and Front. 
Grosh, Samuel 40; Merchant; Native; 7th, bet. Howard & Folsom 
Gross, Frank IV. 27; OlorV ; Ilativw; 959 Howard 
Gross, Jacob -^eber 40; Laborer; Native; S.W.Cor. Broadway and 



l^ame age oco* nat* loc. res. 

Gross, John 45; Baker j Native; V/lllowa Ave, east of Polk 

Groaslicht, Charles 54 j Drayman; Naturalized; 415 i^atoraa 

Grossman, George 4i^; Porter; ^mturaliz ed; k,l Louisa 

Grossman, Marks 66; Naturalized; Sonoma Place 

Grote, Frederick 35; i»ierchant; Naturalized; 906 Kearny 

Groth«er, lioinrich 36; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Bryant & 8th 

Grotjan, George V/ilson 38; Clerk; Native; 612 I«iason 

Groton, William 4ii; Seaman; Native; Bet# Spear & Main, Polsom 

and Harrison 
Grove, Jonathan 31; Cook ; Naturalized; Mission St, bet, 1st & 2nd 
Grover, Elipkalet 47; Carpenter; Native; 413 Filbert 
Grover, Samuel iienry 27 r Drovor; New iiampshire; Broadway and 

Van Ness, 
Grover, V/llliam Augustus 48; Physician; Native; 27 Post 
Groves, Edmund Smith 38; Coppersinith; i^ative; Green, near 

Grubb, Samuel Nicholas 30; Gasfitter; Native; 5 Hartraore Place 
Oruenhagen, i'iartin 26; Salesman; Naturalized; 1619 Dupont 
Gruenhagen, William Green 23; Clerk; Native; 1619 Duoont 
Grun, John 30; Hopenakor; Naturalized; Potrero Kopewalk 
Gruner, Francis 46; Jeweler; Naturalized) 515 Vallejo 
Gruntrum, Cornelius 39; Butcher; Naturalized; 1819 Powell 
Grush, D tvid 33; Lumberman; Native; Oriental Hotel 
Grush, Job Henry 40; Merchant; Massachusetts; Austin and Polk 
Gschwind, Rime 37; Baker; Naturalized; Valencia, b et. 16 & 17 
Guerrero, Agostin 23; Parmer; Native; E.side Dolores, b ot,15 & 16 
Guerin, Michael 49; Merchant; I-aturalized; 461 Bryant 
Ouhn, Max ^enry 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Klohard's xianch 
Guan, Marx Henry 32; Longshoreman; Naturalized/ Comer Pacific 

and Battery, 
GuiLfoyle, Coi»nelius 32; Bricklayer; Naturalized 458 Natoma 
Ouiner, Gojmeliua 30; Leatiierdresser; ^Naturalized; Corner 

Folsom & 18th 
Guion, Geoige Washington 56; -^Wdware dealer; Native; 610 Market 
Ouion, Leonard 33; Saloon keeper; Native; Kearny, oet. Jackson 

and Pacific 
Guiardo, Rafael Charles 23; Apothecary; Native; 777 Market 
Gulliver, Stephens 42; Carpenter; i^asnachusetts ; Cor, Clay 

and "^ason 
Qullixson, ^enry 42; Merchant; **aturalized; 147 Jessie 
Gully, Michael 27; Laborer; Naturalized; Townsend St, 
Ouramer, Frederick Channing 25; Salesman; Naturalized; 

1109 Stockton 
Gumming, James 32; Mariner; Naturalized; Third & Berry 
Gump, Solomon 33; Merchant; Natural ized; 313 Geary 
Oundlock Jacob 47; Brewer; Naturalized; 620 Vallejo 
Gunge, Johann (Christian 49; Blacks-tiith; Naturalized; 608 Powell 
Qunn, Douglas 25; A8S©ssor( Assistant) ; ^''ativo; Geary, above 

Qunn, Epliraim Heding 42; hamessmaker; Native; Dupont and 

Qunn, Felix 54; None; Naturalized; 28 Minna St, 







loo* res* 

Girnn, John Max 27; Rigger; Naturalissed; 118 Preelon 

Gunn, Lewis Caa stairs 52 i U»S, Assessor; Native; Geayy, above 

Gunn, Martin Roberts '^5; Blacksmith; Native; Zoe Street 
Gunn, Robert Thomas 63; Machinist; Naturalized by his father; 

28 Minna St. 
Gunn, William John 25; Real Estate Agent; Naturalized; 212 Turk 
Gunnison, ivndrevr Joseph 4iij Lawyer; Native; 4kil Harrison 
Gurry, John 27; Moulder; Naturalized; 112 «^essie 
Gushee, IVedorick Augustus 53; Collector; Mass.; 703 Clay 
Gutlirle, Flavel 55; Painter; Naturalized; 557 Mission 
Guthrie, Jonathan liardrich 50; Saloon; Naturalized; VVasnighton, 

near Powell 
Guthrie, San uel 35; Engineer; i'iative; 333 Beale 
Gutte, Isidore 34; Bookkeepor; Naturalized; 11 Tehama 
Gutzeit, i^enry 20; iiarber; Naturalized; 631 Kearny 
Gwynneth, John Madden Wesley ft4; Glerkj Native; Seventh, between 

Bryant and Brannan Sts. 

End of "G". 


Namt) age ooc* nat. Res* 


HaaT, Jaoob 31; Uaaon; Naturallzod; Eddy, oast of Polk 

Haas, Samuol 4ki; Morcshant; Naturaliijedj 760 Mission 

Haas, Solocion 38| Uerohant| Naturallzod; 317 Geax»y 

Haaae, John Henry Christian 39; Grocer; Naturalized; ki36 Folson 

Haborling, John Christian 30; Vamisher; Naturalized; 

757 m salon 
Hack, Jacob 44; Saloon; Naturalized; 626 Jackson 
flaoke, Clirlstoph 37; Orocer; Naturalized; i^ai^kin, between 

Ellis and Eddy 
flacker, William 37; Carpontor; Native ;3tewart St. Ore^^on House 
Hackett, •^acob Pennington 3B; >arpenter; Native; 127 liontgoraery 
Hackett, Jeromiali 36; ^^oatlorj Naturalized; 260 Clejmentlna 
Haddelsten, Jamoa 28; Carpenter; i'^ativo; 1500 Stockton 
Hadeler, Claus 30; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Clay and Mason 
Hadeler, Homan 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 1715 Stockton 
Hadeln, John Von 45; Merchant; Native; 1600 Pov/ell 
Haden, Jaiaes 33; Laborer; Naturalized; 7 Natoioa 
Hadley, Dykeman I»ent 40; i^iachlnist; Native; 536 Howard 
Hadlock, Williartt 35; Vmtorman; Native; 416 O'Parrell 
Hagan, John 45; Stone cutter; Native; Cor. Post & Laguna 
Hftgans, Geor;5e Washington 26; Printer; Native; 349 Sixth 
Hagen, Petor 29; Porter; Naturalized; 1313 Stockton 

Hagen, Robert 48; Druggist; Naturalized; 2107 Mason 
Hager, Jolin Sliarpena tein 43; Attorney; l.ew '^ersey; 505 Dupont 
Hagerraan, Henrich V/ilheim 47; Saloon; Naturalized; 9 .Vashlngton 
Hagerty, Janes 35; Bootaaker; Naturalized; 418 Bush 
Hagei'ty, Michael 20; Laborer; Naturalised; Oregon St., bet. 

Front and Davis 
Hagiman, Frederick 42; Brewer; Naturalized; 119 Silver 
Hagttiorp, Edward 58; Tin and Stove; i^atlvo; 636 Sutter 
Hague, Edward 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Ist bet. Jessie and 

Hahn, Ik»oke William 24; Grover; Naturalized; Cor. Clay and 

Waverly Place 
Hahn, John 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 323 Geary 
Hahn, Henry 41; Grocery; Naturalized; ?/etmore Place 
Hahn, John Hortaan 27; Laboror; Natui'dl Ized; New England House 
Hahn, Seli{pnan 39; iMorchant; liatural izeci; 102 Stockton 

Hahn, V/illlam 37; Dutch or; Germany; Lombard ^-c Pi»anklln 
Haight, Andrew Jackson 35; Jeweler; Native; Taylor, near Union 
Hal^t, Harrison 39; Carpenter; Native; N.W, Comer 

Leavenworth and 0*Farrell 
Haight, Henry 44; Notary l^lblio; Nativo; 024 Mission 
Haight, Honry Huntly 41; Lawyer; Native; 938 Pacific 
Haight, Robert 23; Gomnission nor chant; Native; 1715 Taylor 
Halne, Arthur 27; Officur; Natux^alized; 630 Sacramento 
Haine, Jean Joseph i-Vancis 57; Physician; Naturalized; 

132 Geary 
Hainy, John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 514 Minna 
Haken, Peter 50; Laborer; 1041 Dupont; Naturalized 
Hale, Henry M. 45; City ^c County Auditor; Native; 41 Tehama 
Hale, Hubbard Austin 33; TIj. smith; Native; 5 Stevenson 
Hale, Janes iilden o4; Clerk; Native; Larkin, near Filbert 






































loo* roa« 

Janes Thurston 35; Carpenter; Uatlve; Industrial School 
V/llllam 57; Mechanic; i.atlve; Point Loboa Road 
"Jllliam 55; Attorney; Hqw York; 1106 Clay 
Willi an (Jr.) kil; Clark; Miohigan; 1106 Clay 
\Vtal Pranklln 27; Phyalolan; i^ativo; 510 Kearny 
Charles Moiiroe ii6; Broker; iiatlve; 813 Broadway 
Denis J, kJi^; Bar tender; Native; 839 Mission 
rranols '4Qi Broker; Native; 237 Seventh 
John k!B; liaker; iJaturallzed; 813 Market 
John 30; Haokman; U&t^ixx^izedj Nlnantlc House 
John 30; Haokman; Naturalized; Dupont 3c Vallojo 
John Justice 51; Broker; liutive; 313 Broadway 
V/llliam 30; None; Naturalized; Stevenaon,bet.lst & 2nd 
ffilliam 41; Laborer; Naturalized; Broadway, nr. Leavenwortii 
Abraa 40; Gralndealer; ilatlve; 115 Silver 
Albert Sleeper HQ} Teamster; i«ative; 110 ^erry 
Alonzo 27; Ship builder; Jjative; Cor. 1st 'c Howard Sts. 
Benjamin 39; Accountant; Native; 650 Howard 
Charles 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 410 Union 
Charles Edward 22; Clerk; Naturalized; 409 Ellia 
Charles Henry 42; Blacksmith; Native; 127 Tehama 
Charles Ro© 34; Piano maker; Native; 638 Market 
Cyrenius Monroe 23; Inspector of Customs; *^atlve; 424 Bush 
Daniel C. 37; ilachinlst; watlve; Cor, 14th ?« Guerrero 
David Cable 44; Pairoer; I»ative; Ocean House 
David \U 4B; Painter; Native; Louisa Street 
Edward 44; Drugf^st; iiative; Cor, Geary « Powell 
Edv/ard Boynton 30; Upholsterer; Native; 15 Minna 
iMv/ard F# Jr. 27; llerohant; Native; 12 i:;s8ex 
Edward ^ent 26; Printer; ^«atlve; 26 Eddy 
Edward Slade ^2; Machinist; liaturalized; cor, Davis and 

Elbridgo Geary 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 43 Ritoh 
Gardner Sweet 37; Restaurant keeper; Native; Old Sain Jose 

Road near 25th 
Edward 35; Bootmaker; Native; V/llliam St, 
H, 26; i-iachinist; liatlve; 325 Polscaa 
37; Butciior; Native; 529 Second 

409 Ellia 




Isaac Morgan 59; Produce dealer; Native; 

James ^arrlson 26; Millnnan; Native; 313 

John 42; Cooptjr; iiative; 228 Fremont 

John 22; Blacksviith; Naturalized by his father; 513 Mission 

John 27; Printer; Naturalized; 106 Jackson 

John Famham 45; Stencil cutter; Native; 1305 Taylor 

John Jay ii5; Brokor; Native; cor. Pine and Montgociwry 

John L:naQn aZ; "^e^-chant; Native; 11 Stockton 

Milton 55; Carpentur; Native; 408 Market 

Norman H, 25; Clork; Native; V/asMngton, near Stockton 

Robert 35; Carpenter; Native; Union Street 

R.H, 42; Marketnan; Native; 767 Howard 

Richard Harrison 43; Marketman; Native; 767 Howard 

Robert 27; Bookkeeper; Native; 127 Tehama 

Samuel Tllden 37; 

Pa pur 

carrier; ^'^atlve; Hyde Street 


Name age occ« nat. loo .res. 

Hall, Samuel Madlaon 40; Carpenter 5 ^ativo; liiJi9 Paolfio 
^11, Taylor 36; Siioemaker; iiaturallzed; 12 Suttur 
Hall, William 41; Hlaokar,il tli ; llatlve; So. side Center 
Hall, William Daliki Lee 37; Clork; Hatlve; 1007 Stockton 
Hall, V.lmalow G, 33; Marin. r; Ilative; 115 Si Ivor 
Hallahan, ]i:ugene 41; Blaokamith; Naturalized; Dora, between 

Polaom and Harrison 
Hallahan, John 31; ^boror; Naturalized; iilO Stevenson 
Hallbeok, Theodore 33; Watoliman; iiaturallzed; Third & King 
Hallenback, Banjamln Fraiiklln k,i; Painter; xiative; iil4 Sansonie 
Halloran, Florence 44; Moulder; Naturalised; 336 Tehama 
Hallett, Geor^je Henry 33; Laundryman; l^ative; 615 Mission 
Hallett, Oliver Gray '*id; ]i.aundry; i<ativo; 613 Mission 
Haley, Jolm 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 212 Ritch 
Hal lor, Lucas 30; V/ood-tumer; Naturalized; 240 Taylor 
Hallidie, Andrew 30; I2nglneer; Naturalized; 627 California 
Halligan, John 69; I^tchur; i;aturallzed; 904 Stockton 
Hallinan, Nathaniel 40; Blaoksrilth; Naturalized; 4 St, Mary's 

Halloway, Leonidas Harrison 24; Armorer; iiatlva; 563 Mission 
Hallovvell, Ernest Samuel 26; Barkeeper; ■'*ative; Union & Powell 
Haloran, Timothy 45; Carman; ^Naturalized; 1013 Hission or l^aon 
Halphen, Alexander 56; None; iiaturallzed; 13 Minna 
Halpin, John Jflaes 25; Olurk; Native; 281 Stevenson 
Halsey, Charles 54; Lawyer; Native; Greonwloh f.c Hyde 
Halspy, lidward 21; Clerk; Native; Hyde and Greenwich 
Halsey, J/illlam Foster 47; Clork; Native; 419 Harrison 
Halstod, Joel 34; Carpenter; Native; Sumraur St. House, 

SuEsnor Street 
Haltraian, George 43; Jlllkman; Prussia; Presidio Koad 
Ham, James i^rris 36; Upholsterer; Hew Hampshire; 

217 Prospect Place 
Hamalton, Andrew 32; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 416 Pacific 
Hambleton, Janes Douglas 20; Attomey*at-law; Native; 

Occidental Hotel 
Hamblin, Chas. G,; Garpentyr; I^ative; 420 Tehama 
Hamblin, Edward Garns 37; Architect; Native; 202 Montgomery 
Haublin, Mort Joshua 49; llinor; Native; vThat Cheer House 
Hamburg, /tugust 30; Upholsterer; Naturalized; 4i;9 Bush 
Hamburg, Bernard 47; Merchant; Naturalized; 720 ilission 
Hamburger, Charles 34; Carpenter; iiaturallzed; 52 Beal St, 
Hanill, Henry 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Ohio Street 
Hamilton, Charles 24; ^^aokman; i»ative; Niantic Hotel 
Haniltwi, Cliarles Edwin 37; Actor; Native; Lafayette Place 
Hamilton, Charles P» 41; Photographer; Naturalized; Poison, bet, 

10 th and 11th, 
Hamilton, Charles Horn 24; iiackdriver; *^ative; Nlnatic Hotel 
Hamilton, i-^ani: ^^astings 25; Book-keeper; liative; 513 Post 
Hamlin, George 21; I-lorciiant; Native; 107 -lason 
Hamlin, George Clark; Laundr^an; New York; Filbert & Gough 
Hamilton, Honry 36; Carpenter; Native; 421 Bush 
Hamilton, John 29; Carrier; Naturalized; Washington and 






loo. res* 

Hamlin y 
Hamlin y 


Hamilton, John 29; Carrier; Naturalized; Washington and 

Hamilton, Robert 40; Lardorj ^Naturalized; ^5 Minna 
Hanlen, Mortimiir Joshua 47; Miner; Native; Marysville Hotel, 

Pacific Street 
Char lea H. 21% Saleaman; «ative; 26 Tehama 
Sumner 53; Engineer; Native; 1st Ave., bet. IStli 

and 16th. 
VVillla'a H. 30; Drayman; Native; 361 First 
iielanthon Oberlin ii9; Paintor; Native; 5 Stockton 
Jotin 33; Longshoreman; Naturalized; Cor. East and 


Hammer, iidward Henry 41; Salesman; 44 Silver 
Hammerschmidt, John 36; Barber; Naturalized; Oak Street, 

bet. or east of Gough 
Andrew hiaenezer 46; Carpenter; Naturalized; 

Union bet, Sanaome and Montgomery 
Godfrey 51; Cabinetmaker; Naturdized; Sixth and 

James 27; Clerk; Native; 637 Mission 
Jesse 45; Stock raiser; Native; South side of Market, 

bet. 1st and 2nd. 
Hammond. John 37; Teamster; Naturalized; Minna, bet. 

7th and 3th 
John 64; Minor; Native; 22 Drum 
Rlcliard P. 46; Mining; Native; 11 Lm rel Place 
William 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 321 Dush 
\/lllian Aroardous 34; Jeweler; Native; 533 Mission 
Willlan 42; Laborer; Ship rigger; Naturalized; 

44 Kokor 

Han, Charles W. 46; Harchant; Native; 23 Sixth 
Hanauor, Hoses 35; iie.ohant; Naturalized; 142 Perry 
iianoken, Johann Honrioh Kortz 52j Teacher; Naturalized; 

18 San some 
John 40; Printer; Native; Cor. Hyde and Vallejo 
Samuel 35; Real Estate; Naturalized; 763 Mission 
John 2*/; Laborer; Naturalized; Occidental Hotel 
Joseph 21; Painter; Native; 701 Market 
Joaiah 26; Clerk; Massachusetts; 232 Pine 
Stephen Howell 33; Clark; Native; S.W.Gor. Stockton 

and Jackson 
Hand, William Mulford; Omitted in Or. Reg. of 1866; Clerk 

Native; 19 Monroe 
Hflndlen, Janes Sheys 40; U.S.Mint; iiative; a41 Stevenson 
Handy, Janea 46; Drayman; Naturalized; 1816 Pov/ell 
Lucian Nichols 38; Cooper; Native; 27 Stone 
William Leonard 41; Cooper; Naturalized; ii22 Turk 
Daniel Ludrick '^4; l>river; Native; 675 Howard 
Edward 47; •'^borer; Naturalized; 333 Beale 
V/llliara v/aahington 40; Marciiaxit; Native; 613 Jones 
Hanford, Benjamin T. 42; Messenger; Natilfe; S..v'.Gor. Folaom 

ana Fourth 
Hani'ord, William Taylor 34; Bookkeeper; ^'ative; Oriental Hotel 
Hanifan, *^eremiah Josei^h 32; Shipping master; Naturalized; 

Vallejo, b et. Front and Davis 














NeusQ age ooc* nat. loc. res« 

Hanische, CrOtlltJb 47; Tailor; Naturalized; 411 0*Farrell 

Hanivtjr, John 30; Driver; Naturalized; ii6 Louisa 
Hanlver, »Vllllar»i 45; iiackmanj Naturalized; SacramtHito St., 

near Jonas 
Hanks, ^^enry Garbor 40; Cheailst; i'ative; 6'd'd Clay 
Hanlan, Michael 38; Lather; Naturalized; 229 Minna 
Hanlen, Jolm 33; Stairbullder; Naturalized; lti2 Fifth 
Hanley, Qcorge William 37; Stevedore; ijatlve; Folsom, near 

Precita Ave 
Hanley, James Jik;; Teams tor; *'atlve; Ellis arid Taylor 
Hanley, John 31; •'^boror; i'iaturtal ized; »i46 Third 
Hanley, Michael 40; -Lather; Native; 201 lilnna 

Hanley, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 416 Pacific 
Hanley, Pet>r 43; Lather; Naturalized; 27 Ecker 
Hanley, Thomas Jefferson 21; Clerk; Naturalized; 42 Ecker 
Hanley, V/llllara 2G; Lathor; liatlvu; 211 i.Ilnna 
Hanlon, Daniel 37; Shlpwri;iht; Naturalized; Cor, Howard and 

Hanlon, Pollx Joeei^ 44; Trader; Naturalized; Sixth & Pclsora 
Hanlon, Stephen L, ki5; Mercharit; Naturalized; Cor, Howard 

and Sumner 
Hanlon, Tlmpthy 20; Laborer; Naturalized; Polk, No. of Taylor 
Hanlon, Valontiiie; TeaniPter; Natui'alized; 308 Union 
Hanna, Aquila W. 30; Law student; Native; 3isl Minna 
Hanna, John (Jr.) 28; Morchant; Native; 716 Green 
Hanna, John 36; Deputy Tax Collector; "atlve; 20 ^ason 
Hanna, John 53; Merchant; Naturalized; 716 Green 
Hanna, Patrick R. 43; Policeman; Natui*alized; 543 Howard 
Hanna, Potor; Omitted in Gr. Reg. of 1366; Naturalized; 
Hanna, Robert 0, 52; Speculator; Native; 231 Sutter 
Hanna, William 40; Tailor; Naturalized; Bush, above 

Hanna, William ^attvirson 25; Clerk; Native; 20 Mason 
Hannagan, William 46; Houseraioer; Naturalized; Sansorae, 

near Green 
Hannah, Jas, Opoville 33; Miner; Native; American Sxchmge 
Hannah, Thomas 30; Gasfitter; Native; Gpr, Pine Sc Belden 
Hahhah, William 35; Toamatur; Naturalized; 903 Battery 
Harnon, Hartley 20; Parmer; Naturalized; Hunter's Point 
Hannon, Michael 38; Plaijterer; Naturalized; 333 bush 
Hanrahan, ii^dnond 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 262 Clara St, 
Hanratty, James 41; Livery staule; Naturalized; i branch 

Hanraty, Patrick 43; Plasterer; Naturalized; Golden Gate 

Hotel, Market 
Hans, Jacob 32; Merchant; Naturalized; 1719 Stockton 
Hansoom, John Ostlnelli 28; Foundryr.ian ; i<ative; 115 Ellis 
Hanacom, V/illlara Vifallace 27; Engineer*; Native; 612 O'Farrell 
Hansen, William Evans 45; Carpenter; Native; 710 Larkin 
Hansen, Hans 38; Gentleman; Naturalized; 320 Green 
Hansen, Thomas 30; Stevedore; Naturalized; Pier 15 Stuart 
Hanson, Andrew Gibson 41; Confectioner; i^ative; 

826 Vi/ashington 
Hanson, Caaper 42; iBoatman; Natui'allzed; Moore and Folger's 

iTharf , near Harrison 

Nama ags occ. nat« loc, res* 

Hanson, Charles 3kij Boarding officer j Native; corner Vallojo, 

and Javis 
Hanson, Dexter ^3alnbrldge 49; Carpenter; Native; 307 jlryant 
Hanson, Francis K. 4ii| Garpentor; Native; 308 Minna 
Hanson, John 41 j Cabinet raakurj Naturalized; 150Ji Stockton 
Hanson, Christopher John 60; Pumpmdcer; Naturalized; 

765 Jiission 
Hanson, Richard Ohrlstopher <i4; Look & Pump mdc er; i^^ative; 

765 Mission 
Hanson, Stephen \i, 30; Teamster; Native; 10th, 11th, Polsom 

and Harrison 
Hai son, Thomas Clarendon ii6; Medical Student; ^atlvu; 

639 Market 
Haraszthy, Charles 76; Assayer; Naturalized; 1^3 Silver 
Harbach, Daniel Leonard 39; Teamster; Native; 841 Harrison 
Harby, Julian 49; Collector; South Carolina; 911 Washington 
Hardenburg, Cornelius Low 3*i; Mining; Native; Russ House 
Hardenburg, Janes Richmond 52; Mining operations; i^ativa; 

Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Hardenburg, Samuel lirush ii7; Hotel keeper; Native; 

Occidental Hotel 
Harding, Bdvmrd ii3; Clerk; Naturalized; Pacific St., New 

Atlantic Hotel 
Harding, Francis iia; Merchant; Naturalized; St. Mark's Place, 

liot, Kearny and Dupont 
Harding, Isaac 41; i^aster *^arinor; Native; 3 i»iartha Placo 
Harding, James Whitlock id6; Attorney; Penn; 930 Clay 
Harding, John 39; Sailmaker; Massachusetts; 706 California 
Harding, Samuel Congdon 39; Constable; **ativo; 1314 Taylor 
Hardman, Janes H. 46; Swelter; Native; 11 JV .Cor. IBraiinan & 7th 
Hardwick, Lewis -irackett 'dQi Lntjorer; Native; 559 Market St^ 
Hardwick, Edward ?• ii8; Piaster mariner; Native; 343 Fremont 
Hardy, i3©njarain Franklin 57; Piiysictan; Native; 762 Mission 
Hardy, James iiorvey 34; Attorney; Native; 47 Frederick 
Hare, Charles 'dlj Sliiuping Mercliant; Naturalized; 

421 Harrison 
Hare, Thomas 4^} Pattern maker; Natui'aliaed; Francisco, near 

Harford, Kdmund Cook ii7; Caulker; Native; 224 Second 
Harford, Hiram Auiff 27; Calk«r; Native; Bryait, near First 
Harford, Williati George Wllloughby 41; Contractor; ^<ative; 

kJ40 Montgomery 
Hargadan, Patrick 55; Plasterer; Naturalized; 127 St. i»iark»s 

Harges, Frederick 35; Grocer; Natu -alized; Greenwich & Jones 
Harkness, John J. 55; Restaurai t; Native; 66 Tehama 
iiarley, Daniel 28; Boatman; Naturalized; City Front House, 

Davis Street 
Harllgan, Patrick 37; Grocor; ^Naturalized; 162 First 
Harlock, Robert E, 24; Butchwr; Naturalized; Brannan, between 

7th at 8th. 
Harloe, Fayette Shephard 25; Publisher; Native; Corner 

Stockton & Kills 
Harlow, Janes 62; Builder; Native; 126 Silver 
Harlow, John Duncan 26; Naturalized; Shipmaster; 516 Bryant 



occ* nat« 

loo. res* 


Harlow, Marcus 36; Harbonnaatur; liaturalizedj 518 Bryant 
iiarman, !ieop^;e William 35| Polloeraan; Native; 'ti5 Stone 
barmen, Michael 4B; -laborer; Naisural' zed; Union, noar Jonea 
Harmea, John 37; Grocer; Naturalized; S.K.Cor, Kearny & Union 
Harmon, Jamea Aabray ^9; Produce dealer; IJative; 914 Jackson 
Uamon, John Hrovm 43; Attorney; Ohio; Soptiia Terrace 
Harmon, Leonard Spaulding 39; Carpenter; ii'atlve; 64 King 
Harmon, Samuel H, 40; Lumber dealar; i^ative; 331 kind* 
liarma, llenry 31; Orocor; NaturMlized; Cor. Polaom & kik^d 
Harmatedd, Joseph Brook 5ii; Machinist; i^'ative; Howard, bet. 

18th and 19th Sta. 
Harndon, Frederick Adolphua ii5; Banker; ^^ative; Corner 

iilat and Pfclr Oaka Sta. 
Harned, Jacob Aiken I^tooro 37; Maaon; Wative; ISlJi Stockton 
Harney, Daniel 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 1020 Paciiic 
Harney, John kS ; BlackamitJi; naturalized; Cor. Pine & Belden 
Harnoy, Patrick 20; Tailor; Naturalized; 211 Montgouitiry 
Harney, William 29; Deputy Co. Clerk; iNative; 509 0»Farrell 
Jtiarold, Jamea 40; Longshorunan ; i«atura lized; Cor. Union and 

San some 
Harpending, Benjaiiin V/hitfield 41; Trader; i.ative; 74 Minna 
Harper; Charles 24; Blaokamith; l*ative; 114 Kearny 
Harper, John 51; Toiimator; datura 11 ted; Mountain Place 
Harper, William 31; Printer; Pennaylvania; Sacramento, n^.ar 

Harplgon, Andrew 53; ^borer; Natural zed; 1507 Powell 
Harriman, George Clark 33; Accountant; Native; Van lieaa Ave., 

nortlri of Turk 
^enjamin V/ebber 46; Stone cutter; Vermont; 

I(a8on, near Clay 
Comeliua 30; oatman; i'iaturalized; S.W. Corner 

Howard k Premont 
Daniel 35; Butcher; Naturalized; I^annfiui, noar 6th 
Franoia Brigham 25; Jeweler; Native; 1506 Powell 
Isaac 30; Tanner; ^"^ative; 11 Moae 
John Coleman 32; Shoemaker; Native; 12 Sutter 

Branch Hotel 

Harrington, Patrick 2£i; Trunkmaker; Native; 202 Perry 
Harris, Albert Huntington 36; Merchant; Native; Occidental 

Harris, Andrew ♦^ackaon 39; Carpenter; Maryland; Corner Clay 

and Dupont 
Harris, Avery Toboy 55; Deputy C.-: G. Treasurer; Native; 

14 Stanley Place 
Harris, Benjamin Elijah 38; Railroad Foreman; xiative; 

Cor. 19th and Shotwell 
Harris, David 31; Tailor; Naturalized; 045 Clay 
Harris, David Law 22; Clerk; ^^ative; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Harris, lidmund 20; Auctioneer; Naturalized; Coso House 
Harria, ^^dward Ruthaven 39; Trader; liative; 329 Pine 
Harris, jjinon 51; Property ^a'tiat; Native; 645 Broadway 
Harris, George Fred*k 57; Collector; ^'atlve; 520 ^eanny 
Harria, George v^ashington 34; Drayman; iia.-saohusetta; 

Larkin & Sacramento 
Harris, Hai son 36; Carpenter; Native; 166 Tehama 
Harris, Isaac; Merchant; Naturalized; 613 Davla 




Naoe age occ. nat* loc. ros. I5l 

Harris, •^'sareal 41i; Matter; Natlv«j 716 Market 

Harris, John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Sansom© and 

Harris, Lewis 38; Clerk; Natura llz ed by his father; 37 Jessie 
Harris, Mard 40; Tailor; Naturalized; Tlttell's Bldg. 
Harris, Mark 40; Clerk; Naturalized; Cor, CJay and Stookton 
Harris, Mlchaol 34; Tailor; Naturalized; 945 Clay 
Harris, Morris 50; Glazier; Naturalized; 37 Jessie 
Harris, Pinoua 34| Porter; Naturalised; Sacramento, near 

Harris, Rlohard 36; Laundryman; Ireland; Presidio Road 
Harris, Samuel —see Parris, Samuel 
Harris, Soddlsh Freeman 47; Bookkeeper; Native; 20th, between 

Dolores & Guerrero 
Harris, Stephen Handall 64; Hiysiclan; Native; 636 Clay 
Harris, William kJ4; Gasfltter; Naturalized; 266 Stevenson 
Harrison, Btnjarain Franklin 27 j Porter; New York, Brenhani Plao© 
Harrison, Charles ^onry 41; Merchant; Naturalized; Francisco, 

near Du,rx)nt 
Harrison, Frank 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Third & Silver 
Harrison, James V, 36; Clerk; Native; Mission, bet. 12th & 13th 
Harrison, Kal;)h C. 34} Attorney; Native; 894 Sutter 
Harrison, Randolph 35; Clerk with U.S. Engineer Dep't. 

Native; 509 Powell 
Harrison, Thomas 30; Seaman; Naturalized; 42 Jessie St. 
Harrison, William Andrews 37; Hackman; Naturalized; 

624 Commercial. 
Harrison, Willi an Pitt 30; Merchant; Mass. 627 California 
Harrltt, John 56; Laborer; Native; Beal, near Folsom 
Harrod, WilHaoi James 47; Carpenter; Native; Bush, nr. Sansome 
Harrold, James 48; Merchant; Native; 222 Chestnut 
Harrold, John 37; I'danufaoturer; Native; Chestnut, nr. Povvell 
Harrold, John E. 30; Plasterer; Naturalized; 803 Howard 
Harrold, Richard 31; Brewer; Native; Chestnut & Stockton 
Harrop, Sonuel 20; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 19 Clara 
Harrup, John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 19 Clara 
Harryraan, Charles 30; Farmer; England; Presidio Road 
Hart, Charles B. 26; Searcher of Records; Native; 545 Howard 
iiart, Daniel .56; Laborer; Ireland; Fillmore and Lombard 
Hart, Edward 60; Tailor; Naturalized; 666 Post 
Hart, Hugh 62; Drayman; Naturalized; 432 O'Farrell 
Hart, Jessie 39; Bricklayer; i^ative; Bush, near Montgomery 
Hart, John 30; Boardlnghouae keeper; Naturalized; Vallejo and 

Front Sts. 
Hart, John 43; Blacksmith; Natu realized; 153 Tehama 
Hart, John Louis 31; Porter; Naturalized; 238 Jessie 
Hart, Louis 60; Clerk; Naturalized; Dupont Place, near 

Sacramento Street 
Hart, Michael C. 35; ^ason; Naturalized; 40 Natoma St. 
iiart. Prince Shorcian 57; Painter; Native; Harrison, near Main 
Hart, Thomas 40; Lodging house; Naturalized; 525 Commercial 
Harte, Francis Bret 30; Secretary Sup. of Mint; Native; 

1018 l^sh 
Hartford, Benjamin 45; V/alter; i^atlve; Merchant; Between 

Montgomery and Sansome 


None age occ, nat* loo* res* 

iiartford, John 4^5 iiaborar; l-iaturalized; Union, n^^ar Sanaome 
Hartford, John Wellington 35 j Carpenter; Native; 3 Oak 
Kartlng, Frederick 28; iJutchor; iiaturallj; ed; Comer i'ost and 

Hartwan, Adolph Emlle 26; Jeweler; Naturalired; 22 Belden 
Harteian, Ghriatophur 29; CIrocerj I'iaturall zed; 550 Third 
Hartman, Glaus 33; Grocer; if^aturallzod; 111 Dupont 
Hartman, Henry 53; Tinsmith; JJaturalisjed; Lombard & Mason 
Hartraan, Joiin VYilliaci 37; Li tliographer; Naturalized; 

1506 i^avenworth 
liartman, Nicholas 37j Saah k Blind maker; Naturalized; 

Stevenson, cor, Ecker 
Hartoian, William 45; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 102 St. Mark's 

Hartnell, liichael 46; Foreman at Tar V/orka; Naturalized; 

U • H • Cor • Howard -Firs t 
Harnett, John 31; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Pine & Mason 
Hai'tshorn, iSenjamln Mintcjm 40; President S.N, Co; ^^ative; 

112 Powell 
Hartshorn, Elbrldge 43; Bookkeeper; i^atlve; 311 Tlilrd 
Hartshome, Samuel 39; Clerk; "ative; 80 Montgomerr Block 
Hartshorne, William Kumylea 59; Liquor dealur; '^'ative; 

Cor. Jackson and Montgom ;'ry 
Hartwell, Fj-'anklin 35; Laborer; i^^ative; Palm House, Broadway 
Hartwell, lAiohael- omitted in Gr» Keg. of 1866 
Harty, John Ambrose 30; *4a3ter of a vessel; Native; 

Jackson Street wharf, 
i^^arty, Thoiaa 30; "aboror; l.aturaiized; Mission, nr. ^ildley 
Harvoy, Benjamin Franklin 42; Laborer; 1310 Powell 
Harvey, Char lea L« 34; Carpenter; Native; 755 Howard 
Harvey, Edward Cruft 30; Sailmakor; Native; til5 Sanaome 
Harvey, Edwin Irvin 33; Porkpack-.-r; Native; 236 Tiiird 
Harvey, Francis ^""erry 39; Engineer; i:iative; 51 Natoma 
Harvey, James Conway 49; Pd nter; wass., 1005 Clay Street 
Harvey, Jonah 35; Briokmalcor; New York; Polk ?c Union 
Harvey^ Joseph 49; Fishdealor; Naturalized; 20 Oeary 
Harvey, vyilliam 25; Waterman; X'lative; 106 Mason 
Harvey, William Hazlet 33; Printer; Pemu; 813 Stockton 
Harvey, William ilazlett »>ii; Prir.tjr; Penn.; Stockton nr. Clay 
Harville, Jolin William 41; Phyaioian; Amative; Valencia, between 

16th & 17th 
Haward, Kufus 52; .Shipcarpenter; Naturalized; North's Shipyard 
Harwood, Thomas 49; Carpenter; i*atural- zed; 416 Greenwich 
Hasbaoh, jharles Otto 40; Custom House Broker; Naturalized; 

1519 Mason 
Hasbach, ^^enry 29; Custom House broker; Naturalized; 310 Sixth 
Haseltine, Asa Alexander 30; Dealer in fruits; Native; 

423 Davis 
Haseltine, Ciias. K# 43; Stevedore; ^'ative; watoma, between 

First and Second 
Haseltine, Hazen Jr. 28; Stewart; i^utlve; 319 California 
Hashagin, Jolin Frederick '6k.; Grocer; I'^aturalized; N,.;, corner 

Broadway and Stockton 
Haskell, Andrew Davia 23; Carpenter; Native; Linden Street, 

west of Octavia 
Haskell, Benjamin Joseph 24; Cartman; ^'ative; 763 Harrison 
Hajkell, Charles Lyman 24; (sic) Badler; ^'ative; 79 Stetr/jnson 



age ooc* 


loc. res* 

iiaskell, Daniel H. 48; Clark; Native; 945 Mlaalon 

iiaakell, George S. 43; iierchai t; Native; 545 Folsom 

Haskell, (>oorge Stanwood i^6; Bookkeeper; Native; 3ki0 O'Parrell 

Haskell, John Leland o9; Contractor; Iiatlve; IkiSl Stockton 

Haskell, Lyman Smith 53; Brloklayur; Native; 79 Stevenson 

Haskell, Neheaaiah 67; Watcliman; ^^atlve; Mint, 

Haskell, Phlnoas 35; Sash '3c i311nd raakor; "ative; Linden Street, 

west of Ootavla 
Haskell, Samuel 36; Carpenter; Native; 247 Stovenson 
•^askell, William Phelps o4; Paper hanger; -^^atlve; Linden, 

west of Ootavla 
Hasketh, William Mooney 49; iiag maker; Native; 63 Jilnna 
Hasklll, Qllbert 35; Contractor; ^«ative; Guerrero, oetween 

19th and iiOth. 
Haskln, Charles A. 39; Clerk; Native; 345 Fremont 
^aakin, Henry Remson 43; Printer; Cor, Polk & Tyl^r 
Haakln, Vf5 111am E, 36; Lawyer; Native; 409 Brannan 
Hasklns, Hiram David 36; Stage driver; Native) Corner Dorland 

and Do?,ores 
Hasklns, James 46; Gentleman; Natui'allzed; Greenwich and 

Hasklns, Jonathan Elsbree 4ii; Farmer; N'ative; Ocean House Plat 
Hasklns, Michael 30; Shoemaker; Katui-allzed; !;♦?/, Corner Uinna 

and Fourth 
Haslam, Henry 33; Salesman; Naturalized; liiii2 Jackson 
Hassett, Malachi Richard 31; ^eroliant; Naturalized; 61 ^eaale 
Hassey, Francis >»nbro3e 34; i3rokor; Native; Lick House 
Hasshagen, Gerhon Gerhard 30; ^-ierchant; Naturalized; ii30 

Hasson, Janes Crawford 5ii; Clerk; Native; 534 Vallejo 
Haste, John H. 53; Coal deal^.r; Native; 934 Post 
Raster, Henry 37; Blacksmith; Native; 256 Clara 
Hastings, Ashley 54; i'aborer; Native; Davis, nr« «Va3hlngton 
Hastings, Everett L, 36; Clark; Native; 1436 I<ilssion 
Hastings, liiugone Oscar Francis 3;'.; Laiitfyer; Native; 

731 Harrison 
Hastings, Frank 28; Broker; Native; ;vliat Cheer House 
Hastings, Frank Seaver 31; Merchant; Native; 212 Powell 
Hastings, George Alexander 37; Carpenter; Native; 264 Gle.nentlna 
Hastings, Horace Meech 30; Attorney; New York; Comer 

3aor€unento and Kearny 
Hastings, John 47; Physician; Native; U.S. Marine Hospital 
Hastings, John Henry 33; Upholster sir; liatlvej 913 Dupont 
Hastings, Nathaniel 52; Carpenter & Builder; Native; 1011 Bush 
Hastings, Serranus Clinton 51; Heal instate; Native; 

Occidental Hotel 
Hastings, William 30; Laivy^r; Native; 329 Second 






nat. loo. res* 

iiasttfell, Jolm Clark 53; Printer; Native; 5«i6 Groenwloh 
^aaty, Alanzo Poaae 2Q} Porter; l!<ativo; 29 Battery 

Hate-loy, Vifalt^r 

Asa D. 
Thomas i^ 

ii4 Tahaina 
^4 Tehasia 

56; Merchant; Native; 1014 Sutter 
£• ii3; Clark; i<ativa; 1014 Sutter 
i^a; Cabinet uiakor; Naturalized; 
H, oS; kerchait; Native; 811 Hyde 
'dl ; Cabinet-raakur; Naturalized; 
k;3; Printer; I^ative; 415 Sacramento 
Hathaway, Abraiiam M«31; Painter; iJative; N. aide 16th Straot, 

bet. Mission & Valenaia 
Hathaway, Alden L, ^7; Clerk; ''iative; 530 I^ssion 
Hathaway, Andrew H. 31; Teaaister; Native; Cor, Gteary & Po'.voll 
Hathaway, iiarneby '-V. 53; Gentleman; Native; Q'd Montgomery Block 

Ha thorn e, ^enry V7« 
Haub, John 
Hauck, John 


Jolin Abraham 
Haughey, Patrick 
Haunt, raulino 


Hausman, Philip 
havens, Howard 


33; Clerk; Native; N.ii, Cor. Mission ?c kind 
<^; Broommaker; Naturalized; 26 Stewart St. 
53; Importer; Natui^alised; Valencia, b ytween 

16th & 17th 
46; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 1306 Powell 
4ii; Porter; Native; 202 Montgomery 
37; Contractor; Naturalized; 177 Jessie 
36; Brewer; Naturalized; 1727 Green 
Hauschild, Francis iidward 33; Carver; Naturalized; 114 Silver 
Hauser, Francis Xavier 26; Brewer; Naturalized; N.E, Cor. 

♦Jackson and Stockton 
Hauser, Jolm Hox»rick 60; Teacher; Naturalized; Union, near Hyde 
iiaustjr, Joseph Leonard 33; Brewer; Naturalized; N.E. Cornor 

Jackson and Stockton 
30; SQi-^armaker; Naturalized; 1810 Kearny 
4 6; Book-keopor; Native; 610 Kllis 
42; Moulder; Native; 24 Stevenson 
Dexter 35; Bag maker; Native; 1904 Dupont 
Sayrfci 26; Bookkeeper; Native; S.W. corner 

Stockton and Jackson 
Tu thill 32; Merchant; **ew York; 1030 Pine 

52; Lawyer; Native; Folsom street, b et 

9th and 10th Streets. ■ 
2 4; Assayor; i*ative; Cor. Sansome and Jackson 
40; Lnboror; Natui'al ized; Pulton, oast of 

Arthur Kane 25; Bookkeeuer; Native; 762 Howard 
Geo. IValdin 44; Hatter; Native; Cor, Saisome h Bush 
Jacies 66; Machinist; Naturalized; 762 Howard 

29; Gas-fitter; Native; 762 Howard 
34; ^i;n?rlneer; Native; 215 Main 
27; Heal instate; "ative; 762 Howard 
Hawkins, Michael 31; No business; Naturalized; N,S. Post, 

bet, iieamey & Dupont 
35; Machinist; Natural5 zed; 762 Howard 
John 43; Baker; Native; 617 ii^arket 
Hawks, Jabes Davis 54; i'iurohant; Native; 750 Mission 
Hawley, Charles A. 35; i-erchant; Native; 313 Second 
^awley, Charles Jeffries 37; Grocer; ^''atlve; 42 Second, 

Haviland, John 
Hawea, Horace 

Hawes, Oliver 
Hawkes, Josepli 


James Jr. 

Hawkins, Joseph 
Hawkins, Michael 


Haw, ins. 





).ocal res* 


hawley, David W. 4iij Hardware! ; Kative; 863 Mission 
Hawley, iibonozer Kloe 50; Manufacturer; Native; 4*i3 Rltch 
Hawley, iidward Augustus 2ii; Clerk; Native; 21 South Park 
Hawley, cJeorge 'ilioBias ii7; Merchant; Native; 32 South ^ark 
Hawley, Jacob Book 45; Orocor; Native; Cor. Turk & Laguna 
Hawley, Walter N, 31; iiardware; "atlve; 960 Howard 
Hawthorne, V/illlon Halsey 42; Farmer; Native; N.K. Corner 

Jackson & Stockton 
Hawes, John Francis 24; Stonecutter; Native; King, near Hitch 
Hay, Alexander ^4; Boilermaker; i^ative; 510 Sacranento 
Hay, Alfred ^''arven 45; Broker; Native; Gor. 3rd & Howard 
Hay, Henry 59; Telegate keeper; Native; Tollgate Bay View Hotel 
Hay, Stanley William 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 119 Natoma 
Hayden, iidward Harrington 38; Saloon keeper; Native; 

221 Tehama 
Hayden, Kdwin 22; Glerk; liative; 625-1/2 Mission 
Hayden, Qrenvillo CJreeley 47; Dentist; N, Hampshire; 

917 Saoramento 
Hayden, Ira 39; Butcher; Native; Meiggs ViQiarf 
Hayden, Jan os 28; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; N« iC, comer 

Wasiiington and Montgomery Sts. 
Hayden, James 65; Lawyer; Naturalized; Green ^ Powell 
Hayden, John Joseph 27; Hairdi'essing saloon; Naturalised; 

550 V/aahington 
Hayden, Lav/rence 34; Bartender; Naturalized; 159 Silver 
Hayden, v/ashington 34; Clerk; Native; 26 Everett 
Hayden, V/lllian 38; Tailor; Naboralizod; N. iii, Gor. Washington 

and Montgomery Sts* 
Hayer, George Darius 37; Carpenter; Native; 559 I^arkfat 
Hayes, Charles H. 41; Bookkoopor (Sic); Native; 130 Fifth 
Hayes, Danial Edward 20; Bookkooper; Native; 117 Second 
Hayes, Denis 37; Laborer; Naturalized; laguna, S. of tXiltou 
Hayad, Edward Franklin 30; Carpenter; Native; 1004 Pacific 
Hayea, Edwin H« 34; Mechanic; i^ative; Howard, near 16th 
Hayes, Kliud Hook\7ell 40; Jeweler; Native; 14 Dupont 
Hayes, James 52; Marble worker; Naturalized; Fol8om,near 6th 
Hayes, John 49; Blacksmitii; Naturalized; 533 Geary 
Hayes, Michael 35; Contractor; Native; Vai Ness Ave., no. of 

Hayes, Mioliael ki3; Spinner; Naturalized; Howard, bet. 15th 

and 16th 
Hayes, Phillip 42; Merchant; Naturalized; Union & Larkin 
Hayes, Thomas 40; Heal Eataoe; Naturalized; Van ^ess Ave., 

North of Hayes 
Hayes, Thomas Jerome 36; Carriage trimmer; Native; 721 Market 
Hayes, Tiraothy 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 268 Minna 
Hayes, Thomas Rice 35; j^e: chant; Native; 716 Filbert 
Kayne, Art.iur Perenneau 40; Physician; Native; 1018 Stockton 
Haynos, George 32; Farmer; Naturalized; San Jose Road 
Haynes, John W. 30; Insurance Agent ;Nativti; Cor. Mission ard 

12 th 
Haynes, Patrick 33; Expressman; Naturalized; 
Hays, Cornelius 45; •'^aborer; Naturalized; In 

Dupont, Sutter, Kearney ^c Post 
Hays, David 40; Draynan; Native; 516 Howard 
Haya, Janes 35; Hostler; Naturalized; 
Haya, Jolm 37; Laborer; Ijatural ized; 
Hays, John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 

35 Louisa 

block bounded by 


Downey, near Bryant 
Hayts St. west of Polk 
30 Jessie 




nat» loc« ros* 


Hay ward, Ooorgo 34f Clark; Native; 906 Leavenworth 

Hazard, Andrew 

Van ^'*e33 Ave. j 
of Hayea 
6th & Bryant 

455 Clementina 

IsJS; Teamster; Naturalized; 

Hazard, John i58; Carpenter; Naturalized; 
Hazard, Patrick 40; '/agonor; Naturalized; 
Hazazor, Mooes 25; Pain tor; Native; 23 Sanaone 
Hazelqulst, Louis 34; Native; Grocer; 812 Jackson 
Hazeltlne, Win. 51; Merchant; Native; 44o Jessie 
Head, Edward Francis 48; Lawyer; Native; 4 Jane 
Head, Truman 57; Inspector of Customs; Native; 317 Sutter 
Headrlck, iidward C. 27; Salesman; Native; 515 Folsom 
Heald, Charles Byron 30; Wood- turner; Native; 153 Seconal 
Heald, George Lewellan 30; Carpenter; Native; 9 Taylor 
Heald, John 45; Dentist; Maine; N.W.Cor, Koamy & California 
Healey, Charles Stout 24; Mllknan; Canada; Buchanan & Oreenv;loh 
Healey, Dennis 37; -^aborer; Naturalized; 1723 Leavenworth 
Healey, Jeremiah 38; -^borer; l^atural Izod; Minna, bet, 7th & 3th 
Healey, Joseph 21; KngJneer; Pennsylvania; 626 Calif omua 
Healey, Joseph 63; Goal dealor; Vermont; 636 California 
Healey, Patrick 32; Stone cutter; Ireland; Greenwich 6c Scott 
Healy, Bartholomew 40; ■'-•aborer; Naturalized; Bernal, b etween 

Serpentine & Preclta Creek 
Healy, George Hall 32j Teamster; Canada; Fillmore h Filbert 
Healy, Hugli 38; Stove mounter; Naturalized; 85 Stevenson St. 
Healy, John 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Bernal Heights 
Healy, Jolrn Justus 51; Broker; Native; Isllss Creek, Bay View 

Park Road 
Healy, Peter 37; i^aborer; Naturalized; Bernal, b et. Serpentina 

Ave, and Preclta Creek Road 
Healy, Thomas 28; Grocer; Naturalized; 722 Harrison 
Heany, Jolin 37; Oysterman; Naturalized; 1136 Pacific 
Heaney, Patrick 41; Tlnsriith; ^Naturalized; 327 Stevenson ot. 
Heany, Thomas Henry 36; Contractor; Naturalized; Hayes St., 

west of Dlvlsadero 
Heany, John 33; Bootmaker; Naturalized; Hodges Alley 
Heard, Franklin Blanchard 55; Mechanic; Native; Clay ?.c Davis 
Heard, Joseph Sidney 21; Clerk; Native; 6 Card's Alley 
Heard, Samuel 46; Merchant; i&<atlve; 329 Bryant 

Heam, John o5; Paper carrior; NatursQ. ized; cor, Valencia & 26th 
Heath, iuleander 46; —-(sic), l^atlve; N.w.Cor, Polk and Fell 
Heath, Henry Clay 33; MoUhanio; Native; 416 Montgomery 
Heath, James 45; Merchant; Native; 253 Stevenson 
Heath, Joseph 27; Laborer; Penn, ; Clay, above Kearney 
Heath, Nathaniel 5ki; Mining Supt, Native; 329 Second 
Heaton, Sam Cooper 55; ^chanio; Native; 636 Commercial 
Hecht, Abrahm E. 58; Accountant; Naturalized; 114 ^^ason 
Hecht, laaac 34; ^-^erchant; Naturalized; 114 Mason 
Hecht, Loiiis 26; Merchant; ^^atural ized; 114 Mason 
Hecox, George V«ashlngton 29; Railroad conductor; Native; 

S,H, Seventh and Brannan 
Hedd, Addison Bmnett 34,; Miner; Native; Lick House 
Hedges, Vta. Parsons ii5; Druggist; Native; Clay and K.eamoy 
Heeney, James 31; Farmer; Natural ized; Near the Ocean House 
Heerdink. John 37; Tabocconist; Naturalized; 55 Harrison, 
Heerey, Patrick 52; -"aborur; Naturalised; 76 Jesais ->t, 
Heffernon, Jolin 31; Seaman; Naturalized; 20 Jessie St, 
Heffemon, Michael 29; Tailor; Naturalized; cor, 6th and 


Name age occ. nat* loc* raa. 157 

Hefflln, Hiram M. ^j Gardorj Native; 15th, bet, Howard & Mission 
Herner, Charles 38j Brewer; Naturalized; Powell <k. Fraicisoo 
Hegerty, Daniel 'd9i Carpenter; Native; Shipley, bet, 7th & 8th 
Ueg^nan, Samuel JaolCBon 43; (Gentleman; Native; ^14 Powell 
Height, Loneing 45; Contractor; Naturalized; National Hall; 

Helm, Godlieb 29; Baker; Naturalized; St. Charles Street 
Heinburg, Hlrnest V/illiara 44; Hotel-keepor; Naturalized; 

Ghioago Hotel 
Hei neburg, Abraham 51; Merchant; Naturalized; 543 Minna 
Heinmann, Midiaol 48; Physician; Naturalized; Erie, near Folsom 
Heins, German 3Jd; Orooer; Naturalized; 801 Battery 
Heinzenberger, »foseph ii7; Clerk; Naturalized; 719 Union 
Hointzenberger, Julius August 59; Carpenter; Naturalized;717 Union 
Heirmaa, ^wen 40; i-aborer; Naturalized; 8th St, bet. Bryant & 

Helster, Amos Calvin 30; Printer; Native; 815 Union 
Heitmullor, Ferdinand 34; Blacksmith; Naturalized; kJO St.Mark*3 

Helzman, John 36; Watdiraaker; Natursdl zed; Vd5 ^ost 
^elblng, Augustus 4ii; Merchant; Naturalized; 1409 Powell St. 
Held, Bemhard '6*ii Merchant; Naturalized; Sansorae cor.Sacrettnento 
Held, Louis 40; Machinist; Naturalized; 506 Pacific 
Helgoth, Henry 35; Plasterer; Naturalized; 353 Minna 
He Ike, Charles 45; Saddler; Natural ized; 139 Third 
Heller, Francis 36; Clerk; Naturalized; 815 Greenwich 
Heller, Martin 45; Merchant; Natur41izQ(^; 3 Mason 
Heller, Moses 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 32 Ellis 
Hellwig, August 56; Muslciai; Nat»iralized; 417 Sutter 
Helm, James ki5; Butdbiar; Native; Potrero 
Helms, John i^irnst Augustus 26; Grocer; Naturalized; Corner 

Hyde and 0' Far re 11 
Hemler, John 29; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 627 Broadway 
Hamme, August 34| Assayor; Naturalized; 151 Shipley 
Hemmenway, Peter 37; Carpenter; Naturalized; Brannan & Fifth 
Hemmenway, William Petor 37; Carpenter; Native; So. side of Bush, 

west of Franklin 
Hammer, Henry 30; Boot & Shoe Dealer; Naturalized; 4 Milton Place 
Htnomon, Thomas 40| Laborer-; Naturalized; Guerrero, bet. 16th & 17th 
Hemphill, Ion ii5; Carpenter; Native; Howard, near 16th 
Hemphill, Thomas Styles 29; Clerk; Native; 57 Minna 
Henagkian, Patrick 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Ohio Street 
Henarie, Daniel N.B.44j Merchant; New Jersey; Cor. Pine ^ Taylor 
Henary, Janes 27; Carpenter; Native; 40 Minna St. 
Hencken, Carsten 26; Gx'ocer; Naturalized; 719 Pacific 
Kenoken, John 24; Grocer; Naturalized; N^i^.Cor. Powell *x Vallejo 
Hencken, Martin 34; Porter; Natui'alized; Minna, bet 7th & 8th 
Hencken, Willi an Henry 46; Grocer; Naturalized; 417 Third 
Hendorer, Banjamln 35; Steaniboatman; New York; Cor. Dupont and 

Henderscn, Andrew Walker (Sr.) 57; Mason; Naturalized; 561 Mission 
Henderson, Crii.gton Lunt 28; V/agomiakor; Native; 314 Sutter 
Henderson, ii.dward Ruthvon 37; Clerk; Native; 20 Montgomery 
Henderson, John 52; Coal & Wood; Naturalized; 12th st., bet. 

Howard and MiaAion 
Henderson, John Jr. 24; Wood and Coal dealer; Native; 12th, 

near Mission 
Henderson, WilU am 33; Hairdresser; Naturalized; Corner 

Montgomery & Broadway 
Hendley, Aaron Chaff In 45; Merchant; ^ila3sachu3etts;19 Prospect PI. 

Name age ooc* nat. loo. res, 158 

Hendrlck, William 44; Boarding house; Naturalized; Stewart, bet. 

Mission & Howard 
Hendricks, Richard Smith 56; Painnor; Naturalized; Clay near Taylor 
Hendriokaon, Henry William 39; PoliceRnan; i^atlve; lii9 Jessie 
Hendrle, John V/illiam 44; Keal i-Jstate; i^ative; N.'V.Cor. Stockton 

and Pacific 
^endry, James 43; Seaman; ^Naturalized; 9 Broadway 
Hendry, Williara *^asterton 41; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Second 

and Townsend 
Henebry, Michael 36; Drayman; Naturalized; 630 Ellis 
Heney, Richard Jr. iil; Clerk; ^''atlve; New York; Sacramento, 

near Powell 
Seney, William Warner iJ7; Broom maker; Native; ii28 Minna 
Henn, J.U. 41; Agent; ^mtlve; 42Z Stevenson 

Hennessey, Andrew 3o; Stonecutter; Naturalized; 511 0»Parrell 
Hennessey, James 38; Clerk; Naturalized; —Market 
Hennessey, ^^wrence 31; Foreman sugar Refinery; ^naturalized; 

l;2th St. bet. Polsom and Howard 
Hennessey, Patrick 26; Woodyard; Naturalized; 751 Mission 
Hennesay, William T. kJ9; -laborer; Naturalized; '^12, Stewart 
flennlng. Otto 34; Oil Manufacturer; Naturalized; Chestnut nr.iMason 
Henning, Thomas 29; Grocer; Naturalized; 121 Fourth 
Henry, Augustus Knap 2ki; Printer; Native; 1311 Stockton 
Henry, Charles Davenport 35; Printer; New Hampshire; 923 Pine 
Henry, Charles Joslah 22; Clerk; Native; 13 Anthony 
Henry, Henry 36; Taxi lor; Naturalized; Shipley, near Fifth 
Henry, Henry 30; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Mission bet. 28th & 29th 
Henry, John 45; Contractor; Naturalized; McAllister; east of Webster 
Henry, John Banter 48; Trader; New York; Co(inan Place 
Henry, Levi Joseph 35; Physician; New York; 745 Clay 
Henry, Lewis 29; iiiiglneer; Illinois; 927 Washington 
Henry, Richard 44; Porter; Naturalized; California near Hyde 
Henneay, William 37; Laborer; i^aturallzed; Jones, near O'Parrell 
Henry, Samuel 36; Purnlahed Rooms; Naturalized; S.V/.Cor. Dupont 

and Pacific 
Henry, Samuel Henry 31; Attorney; Naturalized; Washington, near 

Henry, Sylvanus H. 56; Merchant; ^^atlve; 549 Polsom 
Henry, William 35; Ship Clerk; Native; Cor. Broadway & Dupont 
fM3nshaw, Joshua Sands 37; Bookkeeper; "ative; 1009-1/2 Stoctd:on 
Hensley, Isaac Lewis 38; Teauister; Native; Oak Street 
^ent, Beuben William 33; Attorney; Pennsylvania; 1013 Washln^^ton 
Hentrick, Louis 33; Butcher; Naturalized; 914 Post 
^eppenworth, Charles Louis Wm. 63; Tanner; Naturalized; 

Polsom bet, 18th and 19th Sts. 
Herberger, Carl 38; Lager Beer Saloon; Native; 440 Bush 
Herbert, Henry V. 33; Bookkeeper; i^atlve; Polscxn near 8th 
Herbst, John Charles 24; Carriage maker; Naturalized; 5 Mason 
^erdlng, Conrad 40; Tailor; Naturalized; 818 Montgomery 
^erford, 2dward Cook 57; Shipoarpeiliter; "ative; Potrero 

neaj* Kentucky 
Hergert, John 45; Lock & gunsmith; Naturalized; 5 Vallejo 
Herlnger, John Charles 25; Book-keeper; Native; Corner Franklin 

and Oeary 
heritage, John 39; Ilook-keeper; Native; Van "ess Ave. no. of Hayes 
Herllky, Maurice 45; Cooper; Naturalized; Cor. 8th & Folsom 
Harman, Isaac 43; OroRer; Naturalized; N.E.Cor. Post ^ Jones 

Mano age oco. nat. loo .res. 159 

Herman, Rudolph 35; Hotel keeper; Qorraany; 3ak«r & Tomkin 
Heiroan, Soigmurid 49 1 Merchant; Naturallzud; 31d otockton 
Hermann, Peter 31; Carpentar; Maturalizod; Carolina, near Polsora 
Hermann, Samuel GO; General Agent; iiatlvej Taylor between 

Kddy k. Ellis ota. 
Hermon, Henry 38; Salesman; ^'ative; cor, 19th & Guerrero 
Heron, James 38; Clerk; I^ative; Folsom, bet. Slat & '^2ndm 
Herri ck, Alfred H. i£6; Druggist; Native; Cor. Mission & Gth 
Herriok, Hazzard Perry 46; i/liarf inger ; Vermont; Larkln and 

lierriok, William P. 39; Accountant; i'iative; Mission near 15th 
Herring, John 46; Blaokamith; IJative; 508 Taylor (sic.) 
Herringer, Rudolph 22; Clerk; Native; 225 Fourth 
Herron, David 32; Dealer in stationary; Naturalized; corner 

Montgomery & Broadway 
Herron, Thomas \;illiani 37; Steward; Native; 36 Eddy 
Herschfield, Joseph 30; Jeweler; Naturalized; Green tc Mason 
Herschman, Joseph 22; Jeweler; Naturalized; 325 Sutter 
Hersee, George 41; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; San Bruno Road 
Hersoy, Edgar Amos 21; Blacksmith; Native; 564 ilission 
Hersf elder, Horman 36; Expressiaan; Naturalized; Jessie, bet. 

Fifth & Sixth 3t3. 
Hertz, Herman 37; Butcher; i^aturalizod; N.E.Cor. Stevenson 

and Eoker 
Heryes, V/illiam 31; Mattressmaker; Naturalized; Steinman's 

Hotal Pine 
Herzberg, Julius 52; Clerk; Naturalized; 821 Greenwich 
Hepzog, Christian 48; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 705 Broadway 
Haabesh, Richard Bartholomew 55; Clark; Naturalized; Chestnut, 

near Powell 
Hess, George Maynard 36; Cooper; Maryland; 829 Sacramento 
Hess, Heniry John 45; Real Estabe; Native; 719 Market 
Hess, Jamoa Henry 32; Officer; Native; City Hall 
Hess, Josepli L. 25; Salesman; Nativa; St, Niiholas Hotel 
Hess, Joseph Sauiuel 40; Teamster; Native; N.E.Cor. Earkin 

fiuid V/a shin g ton 
Hesae, William 45; lianufacturer; Naturalized; 1810 Stockton 
Hessin, I^chael Henry 45; -^aborcr; Naturalized; N.E. corner 

I\roadway and Larkln 
Hessler, Charles 31; Clerk; Naturalized; Clementina, near 5th 
Hessl..r, William 39; Balcer; Naturalized; 715 Pacific 
fieston, Edward Mitchner 32; Steward; I*ative; 116 Sansome 
Heverln, /Wchaol 40; Stone cutter; Naturalized; 13 Fourth St. 
Hewes, Daniel 45; Minor; Native; 324 Stevenson 
Hewes, David 44; Contractor; Native; ii34 Stevenson 
Hewett, Henry Frln\p 35; Clerk; Aiativo; 54 Fourth 
Hewitt, Albert Chaimcey 48; liiner; Vermont; Kearny, near 

Sacramento St. 
Hewitt, Anoa Lorenzo 34; Seaman; iiatlve; 143 Natoma 
Hewnton, Jolin Jr. 41; Chemist; ^^ative; 416 Montgomery 
Hjwston, Jolin Culverson 54; Laborer; "ativo; Ccxnmercial and 

Hey, Henry LaFrance 32; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. 11th and 





nat* loc* res. 


Heyer, Albert 32j Grocer; Naturalized; 70 Silver 
Hoyn, iii'neat 55j Merchant; Naturalised; Clay, near Hyde 
Heyneman, Louia 46; «^erchant; Naturalized; Sansome Street 

German iiotel 
Heywoodf Franklin <J9; Lumber dealer; Maine; Polk, near 

Heywood, Sllaa Jolinaon 35; Trader; Native; 280 Minna 
Heywood, William Brewer 36; Book-keeper; New Brunswick; 

Polky near Sacramento 
Heywood, Zlmori Brewer 63; Lumber dealer; Native; 

1121 Kearney St. 
Hi chborra, Albert Church 30; Drayman; Native; 711 Howard 
Hickens, iSildert 38; {3oatman; Naturalized; Third & King 
Hickey, James 43; Pannor; Natui^alized; Precita Valley 
Hlckey, £atriok 40; i*aborer; Naturalized; Fifth Ave. 
Hickey, Thomas 60; Stonecutter; Naturalized; 21 Clara 
Hickey, V/illiam 45; Carpenter; i'iaturalized; 81 Stevenson 
Hickie, %nry 36; Collector; i*aturallzed; 1048 Folsom 
Hickman, Thomas 37; liutohor; Naturalized; 327 Fourth 
Hiokox, Geor,c;e C. 35; Broker; Native; 600 Sutter 
Hlckox, Wm. Converse 49; Clerk; "ative; 627 Commercial 
Hicks, Daniel 34; Bookbinder; native; 415 Union 
Hicks, Oliver Gerry 21; Printer; Illinois; 828 California 
Hicks, Richard 42; Dry Goods; Naturalized; 110 Second 
Hickson, Henry 36; Butoh«r; Natui'olized; Mission bet. 1st 

and 2nd. 
Hider, Charles 47; Carpenter; *^ative; 116 Sansome 
Heigel, Nicholas 41; Moulder; Naturalized; First No, 433 
Hietard, John Calhoun 35; Carpenter; i<ative;North's ship yard 
Higgins, Charles Seward 46; Miller; Native; 422 Fremont 
Higgina, Daniel 44; Clerk; Native; Nevada St. near Folsom 
Higy^ins, Jilijah 48; Merchant; Native; 510 Greenwich 
Higgina, James 28; Schoolteacher; Naturalized; 520 Goary 
HigfTins, Jaraea 28; Sailor; Naturalized; 110 Washington 
Higgins, John 29; V/aitor; Naturalized; N .15. Cor. Tehama & 2nd 
Higgins, John 30; Laborer; Ireland; Bush, near ^arkin 
Higgins, John 40; Milkman; Naturalized; Lake *^erced Ranch 
Higgins, John 32; Hotel-keeper; Naturalized; 306 Broadway 
Higgina, John Charles 30; Laborer; Ireland; .Pixley, near 

Higgins, Mark 31; Plumber; Naturalized; N.A .Cor. Minna 
Higptins, Michael 32; Farmer; Ireland; Chestnut & Franklin 
Higgins, Michael Gregory 35; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

64 Natoma 
Higgins, Patrick 33; Boarding-house keeper; Naturalized; 

Clark St. 
Higgins, Solomon 45; Teamster; Native; 1051 Howard 
Higgins, Thomas 45; U.S. Mint; Naturalized; Tay St. near Clay 
Higgins, Thomas Jefferson o4; Miner; Naturalized; Clark St. 
Higgina, Uriah 66; Well borer; Native; New i<!np;land House 
Higgins, William 50; Paver; ^Naturalized; W, side SaLiont between 

Pacific and Br. 
Hlgfrlns, William Morris 40; Apothecary; Native; 2 Milton Place 
Higgins, William Tyrell 36; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

131 Montgomerj St. 
High ton, Kdward Kayner 54; Real instate Agent; Naturallztd; 

422 Greenwich 


Name age ooc* nat. loc. res* 161 

Hi^ton^ Henry Rayner 30; Lawyer; Natui'allzedj 422 Greenwich 
Hllbert, i«'redorlok 44; Draftsman; imtural.' zed; 1214 Stockton 
Hlldebrandtif Crasten 31; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Broadway 

and Montgomery 
Hlldburgh, Louis 25; Bookpkeeper; Native; St. Nicholas Hotel 
Hlldebrand, Alexander 38; Printer; Naturalized; Tehama, between 

8th & 9th Sts. 
Hildebrand, Michael 47; Baker; Naturalized; 13th st. near Mission 
Hildebrandt, Martin 24; Clerk; Naturalized; Cor. 4th & Clara 
Hilderbrand, iiidward 50; Tailor; Naturalized; 324 Dupont 
Hildebrand, Henry 29; Grocer; Naturalized; Clara Lane 
Hildreth, Richard 43; Merchant; l^atlve; 9 Park Avenue 
Hilch'eth, William Harrison 26; No occupation; Native; 613 Howard 
Hllken, John P. A, 46; Merchant; ^Naturalized; 1518 Powell 
Hill, Andrew Edmund 23; Clerk; IMative; SOGt 0» Parr ell 

Arthur Benjamin 28; Clerk; Native; Turk, west of Scott 
Benjamin 46; Shipwright; Hatlve; 30t) 0»Parrell 
Edwin Moses 36; Tinsmith; "ative; 57 Minna 
Ephraim Perkins 39; Printer ;Native; Ellis, east of Polk 
Henry Otis 24; Butcher; ^Massachusetts; 1127 Sacramento 
Horace Lewis 27; Broker; Native; Coamopolotan Hotel 
J. Ellis 30; Inspector of Customs; Native; 509 Bush 
Jas, Prancis 30; laborer; Naturalized; Perry, bet. 4th & 5th 
John 49; Deputy Sheriff; ^^atlve; 6 Card's Alley 
John Abnor 34; Inspector of—; Native; 555 Mission 
John B. 38| Expressman; Natui'alized; 117 Sixth 
John Hill 35; Real Estate BroJ®r; Naturalized; 611 Jones 
John James 25; Porter; Native; International Hotel, 

Hill, Joseph C.A. 44| Merchant; Native; 607 Sutter 
Hill, Robert 62; 13aker; Naturalized; 1320 Dupont 
Hill, Samuel 34; Merchant; Native; cor.Mason and O'Parrell 
Hill, Samuel 50; Porter; Natural ized; Sacramento near Taylor 
Hill, Samuel 35; Printer; Native; S..V. Cor. Stockton & Vallejo 
Hill, Thomas 39; Broker; i^ative; 435 Natoma 

Hill, William Bagger 43; Carpenter; Masaachusetts; Quincy Place 
Hi Hard, Benjamin 37; Clerk; ^^ative; Taylor near Green 
Hiller, Rudolph 43; Pal ter; Naturalized; No. 1 St. Mary's 
Hillibrandt, Garster 34; Grocer; Naturalized; Brannan and 

Hilling, Nathaniel R, 24; Paperhanger; Native; 26 Howard Court 
Hillls, William Hamilton 36; Carrier; Native; 767 Market 
Hlllman, Henry Julius 42; Collector; Naturaized; 252 Jessie 
Hillman, Isaac 69; Manufacturer; Native; 448 Natoma 
Hills, Austiti 4ii; Ships carpenter; ^'*atlve; North's Shipyard 
Hills, Rufus 42; Photographer; Native; 14 Second 
Hills, iianford Manning 25; Carpenter; Maine; 842 Clay 
Hillyer, Munson Curtis 40; Broker; Native; Cor. Gough and 

Hilton, Charles Wesley 29; Dealer; Native; 146 Second 
Hilton, George K. 37; Printer; i*atlve; 625 Bush 
Hilton, John Wesley 30; Dealers Native; 120 Second 
Hilton, Joshua 48; Constable; Native; 625 Bush 
Hilton, Satiuel Harnden 24; Porter; ^''atlve; 28 First 

Sliioh, Stanford 37; Carpenter; Native; Polsom, bet. 20th & 21st 
Hirmnelberry, Henry 32; Baker; Naturalized; 114 Third 

Name ago occ. nat* loc. res* 16S 

Elimr.elnan, Andrew 39 1 Broker; Naturalized; 308 O'Parrell 
Hlmmelnann, Daniel 29$ Laborer; Naturalized; 308 O'Parrell 
Hlnchley, Luther Morse 36; Blaoksmith; Native; 116 Sansoiae 
Hinohman, Ausustus P# 4ki; Attorney; Native; 617 Bush 
Hlhcliman, Thomas ,/. 47; Imtive; 9iil Bush 

Hinok, John Henry ii7; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 405 Dupont 
Hlnckon, Clause HOf Butcher; Naturalized; SK cor. Powell and 

Vallejo Sts. 
Hinckley, Charles H^nrj 36; Druggist; R.I aland; 1013 Clay 
Hinck]© y, Daniel B. 38; Foundry; Native; 728 Sutter 
Hinckley, George Edmund 41; Physician; Native; Cor. 2nd and 

Stevenson Sts 
Hinckley, William Crawley 56; Retired master mariiier; i'ative; 

831 Bush 
Hinders, Henry 29; Shoe dealer; Naturaized; 332 Kearny 
Hindos, David 36; Gilder; Naturalized; 182 Stevenson 
Hinds, Anbroae 47; Clerk; Native; 1216 Jackson 
Hlne, GharlGS 40; Jeweler; Naturalized; Pine, near Stockton 
Hlno, W.M. 47; Saloon; Native; 325 Tehama 
Hinea, William 39; Miner; Naturalized; Coso House 
Hinkle, Charles 49; Carpenter; Naturalized; 208 Minna 
Hinkle, Hiillp 48; Draftanian; Native; 126 St. Mark's ^lace 
Hinkl^y, , Bdwin Noah 30; Bookkeeper; J^atlve; 35 Second 
Hintermeyers. George 38; Butcher; Native; 240 Sixth 
Hinton, William Muasell 36; Printer; Naturalized; 1303 Jackson 
Hint«e, Rudolph 41; Clothing merchant; Natural ized; 310 Dupont 
Hirleman, Philip 33; Teamster; Naturalized; 238 Fremont 
Hirsch, Joseph 39; Mercliant; Naturalized; 637 Mission 
Hirschfiold, Aaron 46; M©i.'chant; Naturalized; 510 Sutter 
Hitch, Samuel Palmer 23; Clerk; Mass. Sacrao ento,near Pro3poct 
Hitchcock, George firewer 42; Merchant; New York; 1010 Powell 
Hitohings, Kdward Wade 47; Clerk; Mass. S¥/ cor. Washington 

and Stockton 
Hittell, John She: taer 40; iilditor; Native; 627 l/2 Mission 
Hlttell, Theodore Henry 36; Lawyer; i^ative; 726 P Isom 
Hixon, William Molllsh 39; Merchant; Naturalized; 710 Vallejo 
Hoadley, Milo 57; Merchant; Connecticut; Bush & Cemetery Ave, 
Hoag, Charles Parker; 14 (sic) Telegrajiher; Native; 118 iillis 
Hoag, George Stoey 26; Mechanic; ^^atlve; 110 Ellis 
Hoag, Horace 47; Painter; Native; 225 Ritch 
Uobart, Benj.Jr. 44; Merchant; i*ativej Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Hoare, Michael Henry 31; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Hobart, Jotin Henry 27; Drayman; Native; 16 Stanford 
Hobart, John Randolph 33; Clerk; Native; 782 Hkrrisdn 
Hobart, Jolm R. 33; Clerk; Native; 808 Howard 
Hobbs, Caleb Secohomb 56; Manufacturer; Native; 51 Second 
Kobe, Adolphus A. 37; Clerk; Naturalized; Cor. Minna & 8th 
Hobren, Win. McCarthy 41; Shipmaster; Native; 1 Perry 
Hobron, Cornelius 29; Mariner; Native; 1 Perry 
Hobson, Abraham 73; Boot?iaker; Naturalized; 7 Pi'ogpect Place 
Hobaon, Jolm Bogard 21; Gasfltter; Naturalized; '-Vnncisco, 

near Dupont 
Hobson, Thomas 45; Porter; Naturalized; NE Cor. Leaven*orth 

and Pacific 
Hoburg, William H. 48; Merchant; Native; 9th, near Market 
Hochgurtel, Nicholas 34; Restaurant; Naturalized; 825 Kearney 

Kame age occ. nat. loc, res, 163 

Hock, Henry 38; IJrewer; Natural! zad; Valencia, bot 15 & 16 
Hooke, Tobias '64; Maaonj naturalized; 5 Milton Place 
Hodea, Augustus 4o; Merchant; Naturalized; iill Clay 
Hodgdon, Ambrose P. 41; Carpenter; Native; Hth, between 

Mission and Market 
Hodgdon, Charles 6«i; Pattern maker; "ative; Harrison Ave,, 

bet. 7th and 8th 
Hodgdon, Charles Honry iil; Drayman; i^ative; kJ77 Stevenson 
Hodgdon, Joseph Beal 49; Carpenter; i*ative; 277 Stevenson 
Hodge, Benjamin Orpheus 41; Sheriff's Office; New York; comer 

California & Dupont 
Uodgons, Augustine 36; Marble worker; Naturalized; 519 Mission 
Hodges, Jolin 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Hodges alley 
Hodges, V/illlam 43; No occupation; Native; 637 Polsom 
Hodgkins, William 34; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 200 Third 
Hodnett, Michael 34; Warehouse clerk; Natural ized; 1232 Buah 
Hoeber, Henry 36; •L'aborer; Naturalized; 143 Perry 
Hoefer, ^^enry Gottfried 40; Gilder; Naturalized; 8ii3 Clay 
Hoeg, George C« 59; Shiptaaster; Native; 529 Howard 
Hoeg, Patrick 36; Toamstur; Naturalized; Perry bet, 3rd & 4th 
Hoelsoher, Ernst 36; Grocer; Naturalized; 11 ^ason 
Hoenschild, Louis 38; Restaurant; Naturalized; 720 Market 
Hoesch, H«nry 39; Restaurant; Naturalized; Clay, near Taylor 
Hoff, William C. 58; Real listate; Native; 847 Howard 
Hoffard, Thomas Paunce 39; Carpenter; Native; Liberty, between 

Guerrero and Dolores 
Hoffman, Balthasor 64; Laundry; Native; 609 Union 
Hoffman, Christian 49; Miner; Native; Leavenworth, near 

Hoffmcin, Francis 32; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 707 Mission 
Hoffman, Gottlieb 31; Stencil cutter; Naturalized; 

916 Montgomery 
Hoffman, Henry P«W.42; Clerk; Native; 714 Filbert 
Hoffman, Jacob 27; Carpenter; Naturalized; 421 Bush 
Hoffman, Ogden 42; Lawyer; Native; Cor. Jackson & Montgomery 
Hoffman, Paul 33; Milling; Naturalized; 317 Tehama 
Hoffman, Simeon 36; Merchant; Naturalized; 213 Fourth 
Hoffman, VVilhelm 38; Cabinetmaker; Naturalized; 16 Fourth 
Hoffman, William Pitt 35; Lawyer; Native; cor. Market & Second 
Hoffman, William Toundsend 40; Merchant; Native; Tyler, between 

Hyde & Leavenworth 
Hoffschnoider, Wilhelm 28; Printer; Naturalised; 417 Sutter 
Hofman, Joseph Albert 27; Bookseller; Native; 108 O'Farrell 
Hogan, Daniel 44; Trader; Naturalised; Dora, near i^arrison 
Hogan, Dennis J. 52; Laborer; Natural ized; 433 Tehama 
Hogan, Frederick W. 23; Carriage driver; Native; 10 Tehama Place 
Hogan, Henry 37; Machinist; Naturalized; 18 Anthony 
Hogan. John 38; Liquor deader; NatureQ. ized; Howard, near 15th 
Hogan, John 30; Teamster; Naturalized; McAllister, near 

Leavenworth St. 

Hogan, Martin J. 21; Boilur-makor; Native; Hitter, near 

Hogan, Michael 32; Laborer; naturalized; 37 Stanford Street 
Hogan, Micliael 50; Dealer in fish; Naturalized; 1312 Kearny 
Hogan, Patrick 29; Porter; Natui'sQ. ized; 86 Stevenson St. 

Name age occ, nat, loc, ros. 164 

Hogan, Patrick 40; Laboror; Naturalized; Leidesdorff and 

Hogan, Thomas Christopher 38 j Longshoreman; Naturalized; Main 

bet. Market and Mission 
Hogan, William 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Sacramento, near 

Hogan, William H, 5;^; Carpenter; i^ative; 10 Tehama Place 
Hogan, William J, oii; Salt-worker; Naturalized; 3 Central Place 
Hogeboom, Lawrence V, 39; Engineer; Native; 342 Tehama 
Hohensohlld, George 33; Merchant; Naturalized; ki3 Valparaiso 
Holn, Isadore Nicholas ki3; Clork; Native; 914 Jackson 
Hoin, Peter ^aul Jr. 25; Merchant; Native; 914 Jackson 
Hoin, Tljeodore Edward ki3; Clerk; Native; 914 Jackson 
Holtt, J-ra a. 33; Teacher; Native; 804 Bush 
Holbrook, Edward 63; Watclman; Native; 112 Silver 
Holbrook, Thomas White Janes 29; Teacher; Native; Cosmopolitan 

Holoomb, Franklin 57; Heal instate; Native; 1418 Powell 
Holcorab, William Austin 33; Warehouse; Vermont; 1123 Clay 
Holcombe, Atkinson 42; Merchant; Native; 90 Montgomery 
Holcombe, Wesley B. 36; Bookkeeper; Nativo; S, side Ridley 

bet. Valencia & Mission 
Holden, Janes 44; Laborer; Natural ized; 818 Folsom 
Holden, Joseph 32; Attorney; New York; 533 Kearny St, 
Holden, Martin 50; Coal weigher; Natural ized; 824 Qreen St. 
Holdanback, Jolin Paul 29; Laborer; Naturalized; 1332 Dupont 
Holge, Bernard John 43; Saloon; Naturalized; 23 Clay 
Holihane, Andrew 36; Laborer; Ireland; Franklin & Lombard 
Holje, Henry 33; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor. Sutter and 

Devisadero Streets 
Holladay, Sanuel W. 43; ^awyor; Native; Hayes Street, east 

of Franklin 
Hollahan, William 21; Painter; Native; Laret Place 
Holland, Andrew 36; Teimater; Naturalized; 12 Sutter 
Holland, Cornelius Francis 38; Boatman; Native; comer 

Vallejo and Davis Sts, 
Holland, James E. 28: Moulder; Native; 72 Tehama St 
Holland, John Richard 31; Boatanan; Natui-alized; cor. Vallejo 

and Davis Sts. 
Holland, Joseph 37; Saloon; Naturalized; 621 Merchant 
Holland, lilchael 50; -^iboror; Ireland; Franklin & Lombard 
Holland, Nathaniel 50; Lawyer; Native; 1414 Taylor 
Holland, Patrick 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 177 Jessie 
Holland, Samuel May 50; Engineer; Native; Golden Gate Mills; 

Pine Street 
Hollaran, William 40; Plumber; Naturalized; Cor. California and 

Hollonbeck, James Garrac 34; Merchant; Native; Chestnut and 

Holllday, Jesse 41; Agent; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Hollies, Joseph 28; Drayman; Naturalized; 433 Jackson 
Holllhan, Richard 55; laborer; Naturalized; 18 LaFayette Place 
Holling, Charles H. 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 12 Tehama 
Holllngs, ^enry 41; Grocer; Natui'sllzed; Cor, Mason & Geary 
Hollia, William 27; Clork; xJative; 20 Taylor 
Hollond, John Richard; Boatman; Naturalized; 510 Sacramento 
Hollub, Adolphus 48; Merchant; Naturalized; Tyler, west of 


Name age occ. nat. loc. res, 165 

Holm, Thomas Rush 41; Grocer; Naturalized; 313 Stockton 
Holman, Francis A. 45; Physioian; Native; 315 Sutter 
Holman, Gilman C. 46; Civil Engineer; Native; 709 Bush 
Holmes, Aaron 5d; Real Estate-fAgent; Native; 510 Hyde 
Holmes Shira 40; Principal Mission School; Native; First Ave,, 

bet, 15th & 16th Sts, 
Holmes, Charles 51; Stevedore; -^^ative; Main bet,, Folsom and 

Harrison Sts, (sic) 
Holmes, Charles li , 30; Joatraan; illative; 35 Clementina 
Holmes, Charles Stewart 34; Bookkeeper; ^^ative; 217 Third 
Holmes, Cornelius 46; Carpenter; Native; 913 Union 
Holmes, Edward 41; Moulder; native; 7:5d Mission 
Holmes, Edward Bivins 31; Mining • Sect. ; Native; 1018 Stockton 
Holmes, Eugene Adolphus 26$ Bookkeeper; Native; 217 Third 
Holmes, Ellis Harlow 41; School teacher; i/laasachusetts; 

16 Prospect Place 
Holmes, Preeland 50; Merchant ;Uatlve; Cor, Market and Third 
Holmes, George Alexander 47; Collector; Connecticut; Comer 

Leavenworth and Clay 
Holmes, Henry Bedford 24; Bricklayer; Native; Northeast cor, 

Dupont and Broadway 
Holmes, henry James 40; Clerk; Native; Howard, bet, 19tl:i and 

20 th 
Holmes, Henry Thomas 37; Merchant; Native; Cor, 3rd and Market 
Holmes, James 51; Laborer; Naturalized; Page St, w. of Laguna 
Holmes, John B, 35; Hay dealer; Native; 35 Clementina 
Holmes, Jolrin William 22; Clerk; Native; 13 Broadway 
Holmes, Myles P. 33; Carriage maker; Native; 221 Seventh 
Holmes, Thomas 40; Merchant; Naturalized; Cemetery Ave, 

North of Post 
Holomberg, George 45; Dealer in wood; Naturalized; Montgomery, 

bet. Green and Union 
Hoist, Henry 31; Butcher; Naturalized; 116 Jackson 
Holt, Isaac R, 2 6; Com, Merchant; Native; 1006 Bush 
Holt, Sylvanus W. 46; Carpenter; Native; 253 Stevenson 
Holt, Thomas 50; Expressman; Naturalized; 611 Howard 
Holt, Thomas H, 52; Broker; i^ntucky; Cor. Greenwich & Stockton 
Holt, Warren 55; Merchant; Native; 305 Montgomery 
Holt, Ziba 66; Broker; Connecticut; 626 California 
Holton, Louis 44; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Tehama St,, bet, 

8th and 9th Sts, 
Holtz, William 37; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Pacific & Montgomery 
Homan, Renseller W, 23; Porter; J<ative; 840 Minna 
Homans, ^arvey Smith 28; Insurance Agent; "ativo; 404 Eddy 
Romans, John Newell 23; Clerk; ^^ative; 404 Eddy 
Homer; James 38; Book keeper; -^^ative; 47 Second 
Honrigan, John 34; Mariner; Naturalized; Welch, near Fourth 
Hoogs, Albert 25; Real Estate; i'lativo; 106 Ellis 
Hoogs, Octavin 60; Real Estate; ^""ative; 166 Ellis 
Hooke, William H. 42; Merchant; Native; 318 First 
Hooker, Benjamin 31; Painter; Native; 12 Sutter 
Hooker, Charles Gay 43; ^rchant; "ative; 523 Polsom 
Hooper, Charles A« 23^ Luqbor dealer; i^ative; 512 Folsom 
Hooper, Edward Mc^^erin 40; Bricklayer; Pennsylvania; Pine, 

near Gough 



occ; Nat. Loc* Has* 


Hooper, Edward Northey «i4; Clerk; Native; 1512 Taylor 
Hoopar, Prank P. k!9; Lumber dealer; Native; 512 Polaora 
Hooper, John I^cklntlre 40; Clerk; Native^ 1112 Kearny 
Hooper, John Albert 27; Maclilnlst; Native; 30 Kincon Place 
Hooper, William 56; Trustee; Native; 1312 Taylor 
Hoore, James 35; Laundryman; Ireland; Presidio Road 
Hopbell, Frederick 28; Contractor; Native; Agnes* Lane, bet 

Dupont & Stockton 
Hopkins, Gasper T, 40; Insursuice; Native; 524 Post 
Hopkins, Edward 30; i-aborer; Naturalized; Gilbert St. 
Hopkins, Elbrldge (Jerry 45; Painter; Native; 615 California 
Hopkins, Edward 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 283 Stevenson 
George Washin/^ton 41; Painter; Native; 3 Auburn 
John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; cor. Minna & Jane 
Michael 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 124 Minna 
Mortimer 43; Policeman; Native; 1st Ave. bet. 14th 


679 Market 


Nathan Peterson 53; Livery stable; ^<atlve; 
Peter 29; Stone cutter; Native; 72 Tehama 
Peter 21; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Cosmopolitan 

RufuH C. 42; Clerk; U.S.Surveyor Gen'l: Mission, 

bet 12th & 13th 
Samuel Judd 57; Lumber dealer; Massachusetts; 

Sacramento, near Franklin 
Samuel Judd Jr. 23; Drayman; New York; Sacramento, 

near Van Ness Ave. 
Theron Rudd 50; Miller; Native; Corner Green and 

Montgomery Sts. 
Hopkins, Timothy 26; Boiler-maker; Naturalized; 56 Minna 
Hopkins, Wirt 32) Aaaayer; New York; Sacramento, near Van ^ess 
Hopkinson, Charles Louis 24; Clerk; Native; 530 Bush 

blower; Native; Brannan, near Fourth 
Glass blower; Native; Potrero 
Wine & liquor dealv^r; Native; 
Gk)vei»nment House, Sansorae. 
Hopper, Jolin Edward 34; Ropemaker; NaturalLlzed; Ropewalk, Potrero 
Hopps, Charles Edwin 32; Painter; Native; 514 Jones 
Hopps, Prank; Wialtei» 22; 'Jointer jNarivej; 406 Geary Street 
Horabin, Thomas 45; lAerchant; Natural lzed;907 Washington 
Horan, i*atriok —omitted in Great Grgioter of 1866 
Horan, Patrick 50; Boiler maker; Naturalized; 22 Natoma 
Horan, Thomas 32; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 32 Kvtrett 
Horber, John 56; Heal Estate; Naturalized; 315 Montgomery 
Horgaden, Thomas 42; Laborer; Natural ized; St. I'iark's Place, 

bet. Dupont and Stockton 
Cornelius 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Leavenworth, bet. 

Hoppe, Justice 
Hopper, Edward 

25; Glans 
Ewe 11 21; 
Hopper, Garritt Hyer 40; 

Horgan , 

Horgan, Timothy 32; Stone 

Horn, Benjamin Cutler 40; 
Horn, Edward 34; 33utchor; 

Pacirio ^■c Broadway 
Daniel D. 30; Keeper of P.S. ;Naturallzed; Stevenson 

bet. 6th & 7th. 
James 32; Marble worker; Naturalized; 26 First St. 
John 26; Laborer; Naturalized; Stovenaon, bet. 6th & 

cutter; Naturalized; Post, west of 

Merchant; Native; 555 Harrison 
Native; New Potrero Ave. 

7 th 

Name. age ocscupatlon nativity: local rea, 

Horn, Bomard 34; Butcher; ^ative; New Potrero Ave. 
Horn, George ^^enry 23; Clerk; Native; 1510 Taylor 
Horn, Henry P. 35; Carpenters Native; 948 Howard 
Horn, Philip 49; Stevedore; "atlvo; 40 Tohana 
Horn, ThcMnas Ladwiok 35; Merchant; Native; Bush, between 

Powell & Mason 
Horning, Dledrlch Gottfried 28; Grocer; Naturalized; N.W.Cor. 

Pacific & Taylor 
Horr, William 47; Baker; l^ative; 136 Turk 
Horrocks, George 32; Painter; Native; 22 Clementina 
Horsford, William 47; Brick layer; Native; Hayes St., east . 

of Fillmore 
Horstman, Honry 35; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; S.E, Corner 

Pacific & Dupont 
Horton, Charles Henry 44; Bookkeeper; New York; Broadway and 

Horton, Charles 7/. 41; Laborer; Native; 121 Shipley 
Horton, Qeorp^e 35; Carpenter; Naturalized; 210 Green 
Horton, Richard 54; >!o occupation; N.gturalizea; cor. Second 

and J^essle 
Horton, Thomas Roach 43; Saloon keeper; Jlassachusetts; 

7il California 
Horton, William 38; Custom House; i'^ative; 643 Howard 
Hosmor, Horacu Barstov; 46; Railroad conductor; Native; 159 Perry 
Hosmer, Thomas 32; Machinist; Native; 156 Tehama 
Hoas, John 30; Carpenter; l-iaturiiized; 913 Montgomery 
Hotaling, Anson P. 38; Merchant; Native; Howard, near 12th 
Hotohkisa, Theo Burr 40; Clerk; Native; Niantlc 
Houok, James Moulton 38; Saloonkeeper; Native; Montgomery, bet. 

Bush and Sutter 
Hough, Jarws Francis 38; Book-keeper; Native; 227 0* Far re 11 
Hough, John Uarman 36; Merchant; Native; 720 ^3ush 
Hough tai ling, Abram J. 36; Photographer; Native; Third and 

Houglriton, Charles Alvin 45; Clerk; Native; 526 Market 
Houghton, Joseph Bacon 33; Storekeeper; Native; 2nd Ave., bet. 

16 th «: 17 th 
HouglitoD, Charles Luke 27; Grocer; Native; 2nd ave. bet. 

16 th .'o 17 th 
Houlton, Samuel Willard 47; Miner; Native; Cor. 17th & 2nd ktre. 
Houseman, James 3. 45; Ship wri^^Jit; Native; 31 Clementina 
Housworth. Tliomas 38; Optician; Native; 202 Eddy 
Houston, Henry Frank 34; Engineer; Natural ized; 4 Calhoun 
Houston, Thomas 46; Sailmak^.r; Native; 233 Stavenson 
Pious ton, William 32; nabintJt maker; Naturalized; 239 Stevenson 
Hovo, George John 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 910 Vallejo 
Hovet, Honry Rudolph 31; Merchant; Naturalized; 730 Bush 
Hovey, George Dana 23; Painter; Native; 327 Dupont 
Hovmrd, Bynjanin C. 35; V/arehouse; Native; Laurel Place 
Howard, Charlt^s li'6;iphus 57; Clerk; Native; 531 Vallojo 
Howard, Charles Greenwicli 40; Lawyer; Naturalized; 913 Montgomery 
Hov/ard, iidward Hiram 38; Clerk; Native; 202 Montgomery 
Howard, Frank Edward 31; Cloi^k; Native; ——Clementina 
Howard, Heni-y Clay 36; Broker; Native; 620 I-iarket 
Howard, John 29; Poilermaker; Native; 510 Sac roa onto 
Howard, JoPm 35; Barber; ^Naturalized; 9 Jackson 
Howard, Hervy Osgood 29; Clerk; 523 Montgomery 

Nam© agei occupation: Nativity: local res. 168 

Howard, Phlneas 50; Physician; Nativoj 648 Washington 
Howard, Kichard 35; Laborer; ^atlve; Sacramento & Leidesdorff 
Howard, V/illiatn 34; Ga3fitt;r; Naturalized; isOl? Mason 
Howe, Abraham Robert 30; Machinist; Native; 756 Howard 
Howe, Albert Morton i:i6; Bookkeeper; Massachusetts; cor. Clay 

and Taylor 
Howe, Charles Edward Bishop 37; Agent; Native; Vincent Street 
Howe, Delos Jesse 37; Editor; Native; 529 Post 
Howe, Edgar Albert 21; Reporter; Native; 529 Post 
Howes, Edward Kalerain 30; Merchant; Native; 619 Leavenworth 
Howe, Edwin Leandor 50; Insurance; Native; 632 Market 
Howe, George L, 25; Salesman; Native; 730 Bush 
Howe, George Washington 32; Printer; liew York; Polk, near Clay 
Howe, Honry 21; Asa*t, Janitor; Native; 420 Stevenson 
Howe, Henry Jotliam 40; Attomey-at-law; Native; 529 ^ost 
Howe, Robert 54; Oonmi salon movchant; Native; Howard, between 

20 th aid 2l8t. 
Howe, William 56; Solloltor; Native; M. ^.oor. Bush & Mason 
Howell, Irw5.n 26; Porter; i.ative; Park, bet, Bartlett h Mission 
Howell, Lew5.s V.H. 37; Produce dealer; Native; 11th St, near 

Howell, Moses Clark 50; Merchant; Native; 422 Broadway 
Hower, Joell 47; Carpenter; Native; 675 Mission 
Howes, Ellsha T.25; Laborer; Native; Bryant St. cor. 10th 
Howes, Jabez 33; Merchant; ilative; 619 Leavenworth 
Howes, John 30; Merchant; Native; Wastiington, bet. Kearny and 

Montgomery Sts. 
Howes, Sanuel B. 33; Accountant j Native; 654 Post 
Howgale, George 45; Merchant; Naturalized; ^-^ainjbet. Polsom 

and Harrison Sts. 
Howland, Benjamin Frariklin 30; Photographer; Native; Geary St. 

Geary Place 
Howland, i5dward Dillingham 53; Shipwright; Native; Grove Avenue 
Howland, Erwin Bar tie tt 50; I-iachinist; Native; Sacramento, bet. 

Montgomery & Kearny Sts. 
Howland, ProdGrlck Plummer 54; Marine Railway; Native; 

Hunter*s Point 
Howland, Frederick Plunmer 54; iMarino Railway: Native; Foot of 2nd 
Howland, Plummer William 31; None; Nat.^.ve; Hunter s Point 
Howland, Rufus 56; Patternmaker; Native; 702 Sutter 
Howland, Stephen V7, 34; Machinist; Native; cor. Howard & 12th 
Howland, VYllliam H. 45; Foundryman; Native; 319 First 
Hewlett, John H, 20; Shlp?n:»ight? ^^ative; First St, corner 

Boston Place 
Howaer, David 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 769 Mission 
Hoy, Alexander 50; Tinsmith; New Jersey; 1114 Leavenworth 
Hoye, George Griffin V/ellea 27; Lawyer; "'ative; Jolin, near Mason 
Hoye, Robe:, t 27; Steam boatman; ^-aturalized; Broadway St. jVharf 
Hoyer, Cornelius 64; License Co.; Naturalized; 1608 Larkln 
Hoyt, Andrew J. 43; Policeman; Native; 26 Tehama 
Hoyt, Calvin Decatur 44; Heal Estate Agent; Native; Brannan & 2nd 
Hoyt, ^enry Clay 22; Boatnan; Native; Stockton, noar Bay 
Hoyt, Hoffman 23; lioatman: Native; Bay and Stockton 
Hoyt, James Thomas 38; Quartermaster, U.S.; Native; cor. Mission 

and 22nd, 
Hoyt, Martin K. 25; Tec^mstor; "atlve; P^lsom, bet. 10th & 11th. 
Hoyte, Dallas Myron 22; Clerk; Native; cor. Montgomery & Pacific 
Hoyt, John Murray 23; Clerk; Native; 636 Howard 



occupation* Nativity: Loc.ros, 


Hubbard, Honry Samuol 26; Milkman; Vermont; Scott & Greenwich 
Hubbard, Janoa Frederick 48; Lawyer; Native; 7 Harapton Place 
Hubbard, Jolin C. 49; Painter; l^ative; 9 Tehama Place 
Hubbard, Marshall 49; Clerk; Native; Comc-r Montgomery & Pacific 
Hubbard, Samuel 35; GlerkfP M S Co; Native; 25 Laurel Place 
Hubbard, George Dibble 50; i^erchant; Wative; Cor, Battery & Bush 
Hubba, Anthony 3*^; Clerk; Native; 574 Folaom 
Huber, Casper 4E3; Merchant; Naturalized; Montgomery Court 
Huber, iidward A. 40; Saddler; Native; 352 First 
Huber, Francis X. 37; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 609 Pine 
Huber, Joseph 29; Moulder; Native; 407 Pacific 
Huck, Anthony 28; Mo occupation; Native; cor» 2nd *c Minna 
Huck, Herman H,ii;.46; Merchant; Natural 'l zed; 233 l^earny 
Huckina, Samuel Dalton 42; Butcher; ^^ativo; Oak, bet. Post & Geary 
Hucka, John Jane a 60; Mantifacturor; Naturalised; 708 Lombard 
Huddart, Richard ^ownaond 60; Teacher; ^Naturalized; 501 Second 
Huduon, David 57; Gardener; Naturalized; Kear Bay View Park 
Hudson, George 40; Lawyer; Native;' ?:ot*th side 16th, between 

Valonoia ?4 Guerrero 
, 36; Merchant; Native; 461 !ilinna 
52; Salesman; Native; 536 Jackson 
45; Manufacturer; Native; 22 Minna 
24; Caulker; I%tive; 339 Jessie 
39; Advertising;; Agent; Native; 225 Second 
John 38; Soapciaker; Hatur-alized; 641 Vallojo 
Nathaniel H, 26; Salesman; ^^^ativo; 359 Jessie 
Nelson 30; Bookkeeper; New York; 1<:19 Sacramento St. 
Phineas 63; Shipwright; ^^ative; 339 Jessie 
Jr. P. 29; Clerk; Native; 339 Jessie 

Hudscri, George B 

Hudson, Harrison 

Hudson, Henry C« 

Hudson, Henry D. 

Hudson, Isaac N« 






Huoer, George 
Hueffner, \fm, 
Huemann, Alex 
Euen, ViTilliair. 

27; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 203 Stewart 

39; Notary; Naturalized; 611 'Vashington St, 

40; Fiddler; Naturalized; 645 Clay 

hVederick 48; Farrier; ^Naturalized; Pour Mild House 

Hues ton, George 40; ^hyaician; Native; 652 Folaom 

615 Mason 
615 Kason 
31 St. Markka 
710 Howard 

Huff, Oliver Benaon 39; Restaurant; Native; 

Huff, William Benson 30; Machinist; Native; 

Huffsomor, Ifillian 45; Painter; Naturalized; 

Kug, Josepli 42; IIo occupation; Naturalized; 

HuiSg, Honry 44; Broker; ^^ativo; 513 Post 

Hughes, Abraham 42; Laborer; Naturalized; Lafayette Place 

Ciiarlofl Augustus 21; Clerk; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Ciriarles George 37; Printer; Native* 610 Geary 
David Bei'tran 50; Contractor; Hevj ''ersey; Sacramento, 

near Leavenworth 





Hughe n 



David i*orter 
David Tliomas 

32; Surveyor' office: Native; —-Jane 

38; Chemist & Assayei*; Naturalized; 

723 Bush 
lidward 30; Watchman; Naturalized; Railroad House 
Edv/ard 31; G^/iductor; Naturalized; Mission, near 5th 
Ellis 45; Poultry dealer; Natural lied; Erannan, between 

Bth a nd 9th 
^arvey 30; House raiser; ^^ativo; 625-1/2 aMisaion 
Jaaes 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor» Howard & 8th 
Jeitiea 60; Pliysloian; Penn,; corner Sacramento and 

Yorba Buena 
45; Saloon; Native; 14 Clay 
60; Doctor; ^*ative; 815 Montgoriery 


Name aget ocoupatlon: nativity j Loo. Res, 170 

Hughes, Jamoa Edward ii3; Clerk j Native; Hayes St. east of 

Hughes, John 45; Laborer; Natural! r.ed; Nevada St., near 

Hughes, John 33; Builder; Natiirai ized; 37 Rltoh 
Hughes, fiatthow Edwin 45; Billiard Manufacturer; 

Naturalized; Hayes, e. of (lough 
Hughes, Michael 'd'd} Sailor; Naturalized; Jackson, b etwe en 

East and Drum 
Hughes, 5wen 31; Machinist; Naturalized; 60 Tehama 
Hughes, Patrick 33; Silversmith; Naturalized; -—Market 
Hughes, Patrick 40; Bagi^agenaa ter ; Naturalized; Fourth and 

Brannan Sts. 
Hughes, Rienze 29j Merchant; Native; 220 Third 
Hughes, Samuel 60; Clerk; Native; Montgomery, between Green 

and Union Sts, 
Hughes, Welby livana 26; Law Student; Native; 636 Green 
Hughes, Vifllllam 25; Teamster; Native; Cor. Taylor & Ellia 
Hughes, 'uilliara 37; Druggist; Native; Cor. Fourth & Howard 
Hughes, William Hamilton 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 

557 Mission 
Hughaon, William S. 40; Revenue Office; Native; 1220 Union 
Hull, Asa 39; i^ierchant; Native; Russ House , 

Hull, Benjamin Johnson 37; Express; Connecticut; 

711 California St. 
Hull, George Laughton 34; Scroll sawyer; i^ative; 54 First j 
Hull, Vina Francis 36; Teamster; Naturalized; Nor*h«»west of 

Hull, William 43j Steward; Naturalized; McAllister, b et. 

Hyde and Larkln 
Hulme, James Page 27; Bookkeeper; New Jersey; 719 California 
Hulse, Albert Pickett 30; Patent Agency; Native; 64 Tehama 
Humbert, John 56; Compositor; Naturalized; No.l St. Mary*3 Place 
Hume, James N. 57; Physician; Naturalized; 56 Fourth 
Hummetzaoh, John Gottlelb 66; Carpenter; Naturalized; Larkin, 

north of 0»Farrell 
Humphrey, George 30; Merchant; Mass.; Pine, near Dupont 
Humphrey, Ervln Declous 30; Teacher; Native; 711 Geary 
Humpliry, James 33; Grocer; Naturalized; 512 Geary 
Humphrys, Julius 58; No business; Native; 803 Leavenworth 
Humphrys, V/m. Penn 37; Surveyor; Native; Montgomery Block 
Hungerford, Morgan 48; Mechanic; Native; 428 Third 
Hunt, Amos 31; Caulker; Native; 10 Tehama Place 
Hunt, Charles 37; Caulker; Native; Oregon House, Stewart St. 
Hunt, Charles Addison 42; Merchant; Native; 833 Post 
Hunt, David Woodwell 59; **eohanlo; Native; 28 Second 
Hunt, Dennis Devine 2«ii Druggist; Native; Cor. Third & Folsom 
Hunt, Edwin Oscar 33; Machinist; Native; 409 Mason \ 

Hunt, Harvey 47; Physician; Native; 12 Montgomery 

Hunt, J. John 23; Clerk; Native; 1008 Broadway j 

Hunt, James Sparks 40; Caulker; Native; Fifth & Perry ' 


agot ocoupatlon: Nativity: Local res. 




Hunt, John Doan 57; Merchant; Massachusetts; 1004 Powell 
Hunt, John Lewis i^; Clork; i^assachusettsj 1004 Powell 
Hunt, Joseph 48; Merchant; Naturalized; 8 Waverly Place 
Hunt, Mark 43; Merchant; Natural ized; 413 Kearny 
Hunt, illohael 47; Laborer; Naturalized; 0»Pari6l)., east of 

35; Porter; Naturalized; 165 Silver 
43; Laborer; Naturalized; 33 Kousch 
Porter 45; Brlokoiaker; Native; 20th, near 

San Bruno Road 
Hunter, David 44; Carpenter; Naturalized; N.W. Corner Kills and 

Van Ness Ave. 
33; JBlaaterer; Naturalized; 9 Carlos 
Helmbaoh 3ii; Compositor; Pennsylvania; 

828 California 
Edward 27; Merchant; Native; 609-1/2 Howard 
James 35; (lauger; l^atlve; 1808 Mason 
John 44; Illlkman; Native; Huntor's Point 
John 56; Mariner; Native; 15 Clementina 
^ewls Clarence 29; Shlp-bullder; Native; 1025 Paolflo 
R» Eugene 46; Parmer; Native; Hunter's Point 
Robert Atohinson 43; Plasterer; Natural zed; 9 Carlos 



Huntington, Joslah Simpson 46; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 

1304 Pacific 
Hurald, William Henry Harrison 25; Teamster; Pennsylvania; 

Sacramento, near Polk 
Hurd, Joalah Piasters 25; Printer; New York; 902 Sacranento 
Hurlbutt, James ^atthew; 36; Conductor; Native; Larkln, south 

of Turk 
Hurley, James 25; Butcher; Naturalized; Clinton, near Brannon 
Hurley, James 40; Laborer; Natural ized; Mission, between 

Main and Beal 
Hurley, Jeremiah 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 108 Pacific 
Hurley, Michael 28; Laborer; Naturalized; 208 Fourth 

51; Laborer; Naturalized; 77 Stevenson 
51; Carpenter; Ireland; Paolflo & Oough 
40; Laborer; Naturalized; 267 Tehama 
Frederick Augustus 35; Barnor; Naturalized 

20 Clay St. 

Huse, Edmund Frost 38; Carpenter; Native; 8 Vassar Place 
Husey, Lawrence 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Perry, between 

Fourth and Fifth 
Hussey, Albion James 34; Carpenter; Native; Guerrero, between 

19th and 20th Sts. 
Hussey, Francis Polger 39; Teamster; Native; 777 Market 
Huaaey, Henry John '<Q ; Scroll sawyer; Naturalized; 

N.E.Cor. Sutter ^c Dupont 
Hussey, Joseph 56; Tailor; Naturalized; Spring, b etween 

California and Sumner 

Hurley, Michael 
Hurley, Patrick 
Hurley, Patrl ck 
Hurtell, George 

Name ag© oooupation. nativity Local ros, 172 

Huaaey, William Dudley 34; Barkeeper; I'iativej 1716 Stockton 
husaing, John 30; Olerk; Naturalized; 500 Bush 
Hutaf, fienry 33; fJrooer; Naturalized; 643 California 
Hutoh, Jarl 48; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 504 CJreen St. 
Hutchina, Lemuel Williams 30; Butcher; Native; 

Oak Grove Avenue 
Hutchinson, Champion 50; Heal Estate; Native; 201 Povrell 
Hutchinson, Chriatophor 44; Carpenter; i'fatu rail zed; 

16 Ritch ;>t. 
Hutchinson, Daniel 32; Cook; i^ative; V?hat Cheer 
Hutchinson, Daniel 32; Milkman; Connecticut; 

Filbert, near Pioroe 
Hutdhlnson, David 27; Hatter; Native; 254 Minna 
Hutchinson, Ezra Ido 27; Dealer; Native; 270 Glemontlna 
Hutchinson, James S. 40; Cashier; (lor, 15th and Howard 
Hutchinson, Joseph 70; Retired; Native; cor, 15th & Howard 
Hutchinson, Joseph Curtis 29; Real Estate Agent; Native; 

2nd Ave. bet. 16th & 17th 
Hutchinson, Myron 42; Book-keeper; Native; Amei'lcan Exchange 
Hutchinson, Thomas 29; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 216 Jackson 
Hutciikina, Urban Phipps 39; Iliner; Native; American Exchange 
Hut ton, Henry 53; Iliner; Native; 1317 Mason 
Huttoa, Jacob A. 21; Gentleman; Native; 1817 Mason 
Hutton, Warner 23; Clerk; Native; 1817 Mason 
Husselbuck, George 29; Butcher; Naturalized; Filbert & 

Huyck, John Alexander 37; Plroman; Native; Fashion Restaur- 
ant, Davis Street 
Hyatt, Caleb 61; Arciilfcect; i«ativa; 5 Post 
Hyatt, Thomas Hart Jr. 24; Attomey-at-law; Native; 

S.B.Gor.Post and Mason 
Hyatt, Thomas Hart 57; Editor; Native; S.E. Post ^ Mason 
Hyde, Honiy Clay 30; Lawyer; Native; Cor, Third & Market 
Hyde, Isaac 40; Hotel; Native; 515 Sacramento 
Hyde, John 28; Cook; Naturalized; American Exchange 
Hyde, Michael 47; Tailor; Naturalized; N. side of Rldles, 

corner Mission 
Hyde, Theodore Rlfrers 27; Attorney; New fork; 813 Clay 
Hyde, William H. 45; Contractor; Native; ilission, between 

14th and 15th 
Hyland, Bernard 28; Laborer; Naturalized; Bernard above 

Jones Street 
Hyland, Henry J. 31; Real Estate Agt,; Native; Mission, 

near 9th 3t. 
Hyland, Wm, Jackaon 22; Attorney; Native; 562 Bryant 
Hyman, Henry 36; Broker; Naturalized; 741 Washington 
Hyman, Presley Corbln 36; Broker; Native; 1018 Stockton 
Hynes, Wllliacn Henry 37; Carpenter; "alive; 77 Fourth 


Nam© ago occupation nativity local res, 

Icke, Jacob 465 Mattress maker; Naturalized; 829 Pacific 
Ickelhelner, Herman 41; Paintar; Naturalized; 15 Dupont 
Ide, John 58; Blacksmith; Native; 811 San some 
Ide, Sasnuol A.C. 2G; Deaf & dumb; Njitlve; N..V •Corner 

Whitney & 16th 
Igo, Janes id8 ; Teamster; Naturalized; Shipley, bet, 5th tc 6th 
IgD, Janes k{9; Brick mfik or; Ireland; Octavla & Broadway 
Irabrle, iiUi5U3tu3 Coffee 34; Tailor; Native; iil5 Calif omla 
Inburg, Ed Henry 36; Seaman; Naturalized; 28 Sacraniento 
Ince, Matthew N. 38; Hardware dealer; Naturalized; 39 Fifth 
Ind, Thomas 42; Carpenter; Naturalized; 523 isals.ilon 
Ing, Andrew D. 37; i^crchant; Native; 815 Mission 
Ingham, Richard 30; Cooper; Native; 275 Stevenson 
Ingles, Frank Patterson 29; Baker; ^"ative; St, Charles otreot 
Ingolls, John '7, 30; Master "^arlner; Native; Seventh, between 

Mission & Howard 
Ingraham, Adonirum Judson P. 26; Miner; Native; 759-1/2 

Mission St. 
Ingraham, John Stur^^es 27; Native; 121 Natoma 

Ingraham, Richard 3# 34; Ship carpenter; Native; 340 Fremont 
Ingraham, Joseph 51; Cooper; Native; 146 Perry 
Ingram, William 38; V/elgher; Naturalized; 1218 Kearny 
Inslee, George Wood 38; Tobacconist; Native; 527 Ceary 
lorres, Native; 40 Carpenter; Naturalized; 44:3 Jesiile 
Iredalel, A.S. 42; Tinsmith; Native; 957 Mission 
Iredell, Joseph Bell 60; Carpenter; Native; Francisco, 

near Powell 
Irelan, Samuel B, 31; Caulker; Native; 534 Polsom 
Irelan, William 53; Ship caroenter; Native; 534 Folsom 
Irons, Amos Arnold 38; Tea-nnter; Native; 534 Pacific 
Irons, William 32j Engineer; Native; cor, Powell '< Ellis 
Irvin, Brown 63; Ship carpenter; Native; Turk, near Larkln 
Irvine, William 39; Dry Goods merchant; Native; North side 

Bush, Bet, Dupont Sc Kearny 
Irving, Henry ^age 49; Attoney; Virginia; Brenham Place 
Irving, James Doak 26; Book-keeper; Native; Hayes, west of 

Irving, Samuel 35; Dry Goods Merchant; Naturalized; 

Chelsea -Place 
Irving, Washington 31; Painter; Maryland; cor. Clay & Dupont 
Irwin, Geo, 30; Pork Paoko.r; ^Naturalized; 468 Tehama 
Irwin, James 43; V/inos and liquors; Waturalized; 28 Qeary 
Irwin, Robert -^enry 35; Longshoreman; Naturalized; cor. 

Mission and Stewaii: 
Irwin, Samuel Moore 38; Plasterer; Naturalized; Jessie, bet. 

Fifth & Sixth 
Isaac, Meyer Isaac 26; Clerk; Native; 528 Sacramento 
Isaac, Reuben 34; i^erchant; Native; 728 Union 
Vaaac, ?/llliam B. 26; Clerk; Native; 528 %rrlson 
Isaacs, Michael 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 233 Third 
Isadore, Isaac 35; Furniture; Naturalized; 740 Pacific 
Isham, Milton Ezra 22; Milkman; Native; Old Sen Jose Road 

Belroche City 
Israel, Joseph 22; Cooper; Naturalized; 32 Housch 
Isson, Sanuel 42; vVatchnialtBr; 1014 Dupont 
Ives, Charles Swain 22; Clerk; ^''ative; 1494 Leavenworth 
Ives, Chauncy Grldley 34; Carriages; Native; VVhat Cheer 
Ives, George 25; !3ookkeeper; Native; 535 Green 



oocupatlon. nativity local res. 


Jack son f 


Jacks on, 

iklden W. ii8j Salesman; Native; Brannan '< Second 
Alex 30; Hotel; Native; 54 Sacramento 
Andrew 45; Hatter; Native; Montgomery, Jacls on Place 
a arles 49; Salt dealer; New fork; 1006 Pine 
David Bernard 38; Glerk; Native; N. side Pacific, 
bet. ^arnyand Dupont 
Jackson, Pranklih LaPayette 39; Contractor; Indian; P&oiflo, 

near Polk 
Jacob Green 40; Lumber dealer; Native; 911 Sutter 
James iiki; Hack driver; Natui^H zed; cor, Broadway 

and Davis 
Jackson, James 5«^| Labox>er; Natural ized; Commercial and 

Montgomery Sts. 
Jehiel Blood 41; Merdiant; Vermont; Pacific & Polk 
John Wesley 40; Clerk; Ohio; Hyde, near Washington 
Otis i?7; Sashdoor Man'r.; Native; l'd& Eighth 
Willion 35; Cartman ; Maturallred; 313 Bryant 
William 37; Hotel-keeper; Naturalized; 109 Pacific 
William Colton i^; Drayman; Native; corner Stevenson 

and Second 

Jacob, Abraham 3<^; Merchant; Naturalized; 538 Mission 
Jacob, Napoleon B naparte 39; Mei'chant; Ilative; Kusa House 
Jacobs, /ibraham 3oj **er(±iant; Naturalized; ii27 Pafllfio 
Jacobs, Albert 34; Carpenter; Native; 118 Washington 
Jacobs, -^saac «i7; Uxpresaraan; Nativo; 510 Sacramento 
Jacobs, Jacob Ellas 24;Clerk; Native; 17 Third 
Jacobs, Joseph 50; Tailor; Naturalized; 13ki7 Dupont 
Jacobson, Christian 43; Kanclior; WaturallBed; Precita Valley, 

near Serpentine Ave, 
Ferdinand 43; Gigarmaker; Naturalized; 318 Brannan 
Harris 28; Siioemaker; Natui'axized; 46 Jessie 
Julius 34; Teacher; Naturalized; 533 Green 
Jacobson^ ^etor 40; Ore oar; Naturalized; 2019 Mason 
Jaoobus, Coi»nellus Wesley 23; Laborer; Native; Corner ^cst 

and Market 
Jacoby, Augustus 55; Merchant; Naturalized; 1431 Taylor 
Jacoby, Josei^h 30; Clerk; Naturalized; 1431 Taylor 
Jacoby, Louis 46; Book-keeper; Naturalized; 833 *^ost 
Jacquelln, .Jmile Henry 36; Clerk; Native; 632 Market 
Jacqueth, William K. 31; Stevedore; Native; 1 Beal Place 
Jacquillard, Theobald 42; Blackanlth; Naturalized; Stevenson, 

between Seventh & Eighth 
Jaensen, Erica August 37; Eating-house keeper; Naturalized; 

531 East* 
James, Anvil 42; Mining Superintendent; Native; S.W. Comer 

Jackson and Stockton 
Charles Allen :S4 ; Real Estate Broker; Native; 107 Ellis 
Charles Ptnrose 25; Hatter; Native; 65 Natoma 
Eugene 37; Blacksmith; Native; 413 Third 
George Frederick 50; Lawyer; Native; Lick House 
Thomas 31; Carpenter; Naturalized; 7S9 Iterkot 
Vtfallaco T. 40; Butdaer; Naturalized; cor. Fifth and 




Jams s, 

James, Yiilli am Sias 33; fciigineer; Native; 
Jameson, Charles 24; Pyroteciinis t; Native; 

cor. Fifth 
145 Fourth 

I^ame aga occupation: Nativity: Local res. 175 

Jameson, Francis Adanis 51j Newspaper carrier; Native; Vallejo, 

bet. Montgonery & San some 
Jameson, Henry Allen 43; Blacksmith; Native; S.E.cor, Bush 
Jameson, Horace B« 33; Harnea maker; Native; Brannan, between 

7th & 8th 
Jameson, William 46; Porter; Naturalized; S.W.comer Plrst tnd 

Jamison, John 46; Lampli ('^tar ; Naturalized; 60 Clay 
Jamison, John 55; Ijlxpresaq^an; Naturalized; Carlos St. 
Janonex, Marcelone Enafner 31; Naturalized; 544 Grean 
Janes, Srabert Ashoome 37; Native; 313 Stockton 
Janes, ^Gnvy B. 49; Atty-at-lavr; Native; 511 Minna 
Janes, J.L, 40; Broker; Native; 513 Minna 
Janes, Jas, Thos. 49; Liquors; Native; 45'd California 
Jansan, Fritz 30; (irooor; Naturalized; Francisco, near Midway 
Jaason, Charles John 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 20'-h, near 

Janus, Oscar 31; Laborer; Naturalized; South side 16th, near 

Janvirln, Oeorge Mendon ii3; Sawyer; Native; 56 Minna 
Jaquls, Richard Henry iJ5; Laborer; Naturalized; Leavenworth and 

Jarboe, John Randolph 30; Lawyer; Native; 706 Taylor 
Jarrott, Thomas ii3; Boatman; Naturalized; Jackson, between 

Davis and Front 
Jarrett, William Richard 33; laborer; Tennessee; 4iil Kearny 
Jay, Lloyd i36 ; Storekeeper; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Jay, Robert Barnard 34; Vegetable dealer; Corner Sutter and 

Jaynes, Frank ^3; Book keeper; Pennsylvania; 530 Pine 
Jaynes, Samuel 40; Clerk; Native; 1201 Powell 
Jeffers, Milo Sidney 27; Salesman; Native; N.E.comer Turk and 

Jeffers, Robert 39; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Broadway and 

Jefts, James Monroe 47; Dealer; Native; 761 Howard 
Jeghus, Augustus J, 42; Deputy Co. Clerk; Naturalized; 334 Fremont 
Jehu, Nathan -^ewis 41; Police Officer; Naturalized; 275 Jessie 
•Sellings, William ....Omitted in Or. Reg. of 1866 
Jenkins, Benjamin Pelroe.(slo) 37; Milkman; Vermont; Scott and 

Jenkins, Charles Henry 28; Carpenter; Native;— Minna 
Jenkins, George Stlpp 25; Bar Keeper; Native; 616 Commercial 
Jenkins, George W. 55; Merchant; Native; Stockton, near Union 
•Jenkins, John Gibson 52; Attorney at law; Native; corner Stockton 

and Ellis 
Jenkins, Ignatius Seuchi 35; Broker; Native; Powell, near Green 
Jenkins, Joseph Douglas 42; **qchinl3t; Native; Wisconsin Hotel, 

411 Pacific 
Jaiklns, Reuben F. 44; Wood and Coal dealer; Native; Minna, between 

7th and 8th 
Jenkins, eter Thomas 32; Drayman; "ati ve; 433 Folsom 





local res. 176 

Jenkins, Koscoe Dabney 46; Carpenter; i«atlve; Taylor & Qreonwlch 
Jenkins, Thomas An; iiarbleworker; Natlvo; 8 Virginia 
Jenner, William 58; Real instate; Naturalized; 15-l/Jd Tehama 
Jenney, liinooh Sears 40; Painter; ^<atlve; Broadway, kind from 

Augustus Adams 33; Grocer; Native; 2^0 Third 
Charles Brooks li5; *^erchant; Native; 1210 Mason 
David Aldan 50; Accountant; Native; lidilO Mason 
Ell zer, Curtis 49; Police; Native; 5S3 Green 
Janes ^^azelton 23; Clerk; Native; 425 O'Farrell 
Jesse Orlondo 37; Woolbuyer; "atlve; Summer St, House 
John T. 60; Shipsmith; Naturalized; 329 Sutter 
Peter 30; Parmer; Naturalized; San Bruno Koad 
Thomas 35; ^rohant; Native; 425 0»Parrell 
William Mortimor 35; Carpenter; Native; corner 

Stevenson & 2nd 
•*ensen, Augustus Soren 36; Mariner; Naturalized; Third, near 

Town send 
•^ellln^s, Ed, 46; Liquors; Naturalized; 644 Sacramento 
Jelllngs, Wm. 33; Saloon; Native; American Exchange 
Jemegan, William Leonard 32; Printer; Nqtlve; 218 Minna 
•'erome, lildward Baker 23; Clerk; Native; iMontgonery, b etween 

Green and Union 
Jerome, Theodore 30; Peddler; Nfttlve; Near N.E.cor, Sansome and 

Jesse, George R, 35; Stalrbullder ; Native; 411 Dupont 
**easup, Andrew *^ackson 38; Coffee-roaster; Native; 

510 Leavenworth 
Austin 56; Com'n. Merchant; Native; cor, 11th & Mission 



Isaac 34; Capitalist; ^^ew York; 609 Kearny St. 
John Walter 36; No occupation; Native; 27»l/2 Fourth 
V/m, H, 45; Manufacturer of raatches; Native; comer 

Polsom aid 12th 
Jewell, John 28; 13oatman; Naturalized; 40 Jackson 
Jewett, Jarvls 48; Agent; Native; 1216 Pacific 
Jewett, John Rogers 34| Cart driver; Native; N.E.cor.Bttoadway 

and J^amy. 
Jewett, Miles 39; Merchant; Native; 117 Mason 
Jewett, Stephen 47; Carpanter; Native; 20 Stanford 
Jewett, Stephen ^'orrlngton 42; Refiner; Native; 141 Natoma 
Job, Peter 46; Restaurant; Naturalized; 518 Bush 
Jobson, Charles Plnney 47; Publisher; Native; 726 Broadway 
Job son, David 52; Real Estate; Agent; Native; 1010 Montgomery 
Joel, Albert Morris 30; Book keeper; Naturalized; 1616 Powell 
Johannsen, ^eter 29; Musician; iMaturaliz ed; 424 Union 
Johnson, WllllaBa 37; Hostler; Naturalized; Guerrero St., near 

Johnson, Albert 52; Wine merchant; Native; 512 Bush 
Johnson, Andrew Hyer 36; .Speculator; New York; corner Dupont 

and Clay 
Johnson, Andrew Hamilton 35; Longshore; Native; Drumm and 

Johnson, Aaahel Clark 45; Clerk; Native; Union and Leavenwouth 
Johnson, Charles 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Buchanan, north of 

0» Parr ell 


age oooupation: nat. 

Local res. 


Johnson, Charles Frederic 28: Steamboat Fireman 5 Naturalized; 











4 Jackson 

Charles Sydney 23; Attorney; Louisiana; 932 Clay 
Culwln A. 41| Lawyer; Native; 461 Clementina 
Kben 38; Dairyman; New Hampshire; Scott & Filbert 
Edward 47; Saloon; Native; Coso House 
Edward Columbus 45; Trimmor; Maine; Dupont, near 

Prank 41; Hotel keeper; Native; 406 Bryant 
Geoi Howard 4k;; Photographer; Native; 415 Montgomery 
Oustavus Swante 57; Hotel-keeper; Naturalized; 

Lick House 
Henry 45; Laborer; Ireland; Port Point 
Hunry 27; Grocer; ^'Naturalized; 1200 Pacific 
Henry 48; Real Estate; Naturalized; 1807 Dupont 
Henry 38; Butcher; Native; 1122 Howard 
Jacob 51; Longshore; Naturalized; Drum, between 

Washington & Clay 
56; Shipmaster; Naturalized; 511 Pin© 
0.39; Carpenter; Native; 715 Bush 
B. 44; Patternmaker; Native; 24 Rousch 
Stannus 45; Purser; Naturalized; 618 Third 
John Henry 40; Carpenter; Native; Filbert, near Hyde 
John Monroe 35; Merchant; Native; 1214 Mason 
John Theodore 29; Laborer; Naturalized; Michigan St. 
Joseph M. 51; Coal dealer; Native; 19 Rousch 
Joshua Elliott 38; Contractor and builder; Folsom, 

bet. 21st and 2^d. 


Josiah G. 
Miles 50; 


35; Butchor; Native; 9th St. near Brannan 
Cabinet maker; Pennsylvania; Polk and 

Nilea Oustard 30; Boarding house keeper; Naturalized; 

North's ship Yard. 
Johnson, Oscar Eugene 29; Merclmnt; Connecticut; 719 Cd. if omia 
Johnson, Patrick 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Calvery Cemetery 
Johnson, Peter 43; Land Agent; Naturalized; Serpentine Avo, 
Johnson, Peter 44; Gardner; Naturalized; Old San Jose Road, 

bet 24th and 25th 
Cooper; Naturalized; Bryant, bet. 5th & 6th 
Hoover; Native; 21 Stevenson 
41; Saloon; Naturalized; 28 Cl:iy 
54; Local policeman; Naturalized; 923 Dupont 
Rix Augustus 29; Milk business; Native; Oak, east 

of Franklin 
Robert Carlton 29; Merchant; Native; N.E. Corner 

Montgomery & Market 
Robert Francis 32; Painter; Native; Trinity, between 

Bush & Sutter 
57; Attorney; Connecticut; 932 Clay 
45; Carpenter; Scotland; Austin & Polk 
Butcher; Naturalized; Hayes, west of Laguna 
Woodyard; Naturalized; Hyde, between 

Pacific and Broadway 
Jdanson, Thomas Rodger s 45; Secretary Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. 

itiatlve; Grove and Polk 


Syctoey ^w 
Theophi lua 
Thomas 34; 
Thomas 39; 





loo. res. 



Johnson , 



Johnson, Walter Janea kiGj Paper carrier; Naturaa tzed; 

llli2 Filbert 
IVhllfield Shaffer 34; Salesman; New York; 506 Dupont 
William Corrle 32; U.S. Assistant Assessor; Naturalized! 

204 Montgomery 
William M. 33; Carpenter; Native; Shotwell St., bet. 

15th & IQth 
V/m. Myrtle 33; Carpenter; Native; kind Ave., between 

16th and 17 th 
Charles (lordon 56; Shoemaker; Naturalised; 

ki46 Jessie 
Johnston, iidward Dolton 29} Gar-driver; Native; Jaokson, b et. 

Hyd© and I»arkln 
Johnston, George Pendleton 39; ^wyer; Native; Government House, 

Sansonie Street 
Johnston, Janes Sproat 38; Clerk; Naturalized; Russ House 
Johnston, Joseph Praaer 49; •'^aborer; Naturalized; Valencia, 

bet. i^5th and 26th 
Johnston, Samuel MattJiews 34; Special Policeman; Native; comer 

Vallejo and Montgomery 
Thomas 59; Carpenter; Native; 411 Dupont 
Thomas ^^arnea 46; Aroliitect; Naturalized; 9 Post 
William Bard 51| Insurance A.'^ent; Native; 4Q South Park 
William Wiley kil| Agent; Native; 246 Jessie 
Jolco, iSraatua Volney 55; Notary Public; New York; 807 Stockton 
Jolce, Mathew 36; S. 3, Fireman; Naturalized; 127 Polsom 
Jolirfe, William Howard 40; Pilot; Naturalized; 423 Oreen 
Jonas, Alfred 21; Butcher; Naturalized; 119 Padflo 
Jonas, iiaanuel 23; Butcher; Naturalized; 119 Pacific 
Jonas, ^saac Aaron 54; Watchmaker; Naturalized; 119 Pacific 
Jonas, Nathan 25; ^lesman; Naturalized; 119 Pacific 
Jonaasoii, Mayer 31; Merchant; Naturalized; 1004 Pacific 
Jones, Charles 46; Saddler; Naturalized; 257 Third 

(iiarles Gushing 42; Merchant; Native; cor. ^ason & Post 
Cimi'les Freeman 44; Menuf acturer; Native; 116 Stevart 
Chas. H. 27; Clerk; Native^ 30 Moss 
Charles John 24; Saddler; Naturalized; 270 First 

Native; 146 Perry 

Johns to n, 


Jones, Cyrus Greenvgood 24; i^lkman; 

Jones:,, Cyrus Wlnshilp 41; Broker; I»atlve; 19 Hawthorne 
Jones, David 37; Glider; i^aturalizod; 9 Haslem Place 
Jones, David 43; iiJnglneer; Naturalized; N.":ii.Cor. F'orst and 

ifidirard 33; Engineer; Natlvo; 127 Folsom 
l^an Edward 39; Shipping Clerk; Naturalized; 

1110 Kearny 
Franklin Leonard 49; Painter; Native; 604 Jackson 
Fred W. 39; Maclriiniat; Native; 128 Fourth 
Gecrge *^acy 67; iixpress wagon; Native; 31 Cleu?a 
iiarrlson 42; Saddler; Virginia; Austin, near Polk 
"•^enry Willi om 45; Bookkeeper; Native; 1715 Leavenworth 
Jones, Hezekiah 48; Dealer; i^atlvo; 34 iiverett 
Jones, ^saac Watts 39; Merchant; ^atlve; 205 Fourth 
Jones, James 40; Porter; Naturalized; Klley, near Sacramento 

Jone s, 

Jone s, 
Jone s , 


age ooc. 

nat* local res* 


Jones f 


Jone s , 
Jone s, 


Jone s , 

Janes Calahan 36; Painter; Maryland; Brenhan Place 
James S, 30; liiit'^ineer; Wative; Polsom, near First 
John 46; no occupation; Naturalized; 7 Sherwood Place 
Jdrin Bernard 31; Boatman; Naturalized; Midway Street 
John Luther; Salesman; Native; 547 Pine 
Jonathan i^enry k8; Milkman; l^atlve; 313 Third St. 



enry 36; Miner; Maine; 834 Clay 

liar tin 

Lincoln 30; VTharf Builder; Native; cor. ^ason 

and Stewart 
C 40; Tinsmith; Native; 811 Market 
Downs 45; Merchant; ilative; 532 Howard 
Duf field 33; Salesman; Hative; De Boom St. 
Hanry 41; Clerk; Post office; Ohio; 

834 Clay 
Senaoa 54; Grocer; Naturalized; 635 Howard 
Simon 33; Oar driver; i»atlve; Sixth and Brannan 
Thomas kvon 7kj; Parmer; Naturalized; Point Lobos Road 
Thomas Penrose 3kJ; Fainter; Native; Bally House, Sansom© 
Viflllian Arttiur 33; Custom House Officer; NaturaU. zed; 

i310 Broadway 
Natl ve; 

Vfllllam Carey 
Wm. Henry 50; 

Jones, William H«nry 

50 ; Lawyer ; 
34; Tinner ; 

Jones, William Stephens 30; Engineer; New 

Jones, Winfield 
Johnston, James 

515 Leavenworth 
614 Commercial 
35 Second 
Ha.np3hlre; Dupont, 

near Clay 
824 Washington 


Scott;22; Clerk; Native; 

33; Blacksmith; Naturalized; No, 4 

Joost, Fabian 33; Grocer; Naturalized; cor, 11th and 
Joost, -^erBiaii 31; Merchant; Naturalized; 1005 Mason 
Jooat, John 24; Merchant; Naturalized; Stockton ^ Francisco 
Jordan, 'Charles C, 34; Mechanic; Native; 8tli St,, near Polsom 
Jordan, James 30; Gardner; Naturalized; corner Sacramento 

and Taylor 
John 32; Cooper; Naturalized; Chesley St, near ^rrlson 
^^ el son 42; Collector; Native; Government House; 

o an some St. 
Wollran Thoa. 24; Miner; Native; iVhat Cheep 
Wm, Henry 25; Barkeeper; i^atlvo; 54 Sacramento 
Jorgenson, Jacob xidward 47; Tinner; Naturalized; 522 Bryant 
Jorrea, VVllhelm 43; Carpenter; Naturalized; 13th St., near 

Jose, Nathan Tilton 31; Stevedore; Native; Main, bet, 7° lsora„&_ 
Josej-h, Hyman *i3; lixpressman; Naturalized; 106 liddy 
Joseiah, Jacob Judor 34; Cora, Merchant; Native; 1510 Powell 
Joseph, Lizar 38; Broker; Native; 617 Greenwich 
Josephl, laaac Samuel 36; Jeweler; Naturalized; 627 California 
Josephson, Joseph Levine 32; Fruit peddler; Naturalized; 

Hayes, west of Octavla (die.) 
Josselyn, Albert Smith 36; Ship Captain; Massaciiusetts; 

1023 "/ashlngton 




Name age occupation nativity local res. 180 

Joaselyn, Benjamin Franklin 33 j Native; Physician, McAllister, 

•eat of ^guna 
Josselyn, George i24j Millar; Masaaci huaetta; 611 Dupont 
Joaaelyn, George Marshall 45; Shipbuilder; Naturalized; 

Occidental Hotel \ 

Joaaolyn, Joel Sawtell 38; Druggist; Native; MoAlliatar, west 

of Laguna 
Josselyn, Joaeph Benson 4ii; Carpenter; Native} Townaond and 

Joaaelyn, Jos. Ho 111 a 46; Physician; Native; 645 Waahington 
Jourden, Vfai. 54; Land Agent; Naturalized; 106 Shipley 
Joy, Erwln Francis 33; ";lerk; Vonaont; V/aahington, near Powell 
Joy, Hartford 54; Lighthouse keeper; Native; Alcatraa Islatad 
Joy, WlllicBi John 34; Musician; Naturalized; Powell & Green 
Judd, Wllllan Edward 40; Miner; Native; 17 Kearny 
Judson, Charlos C, 3«i; Han*r. Chemicals; Native; Valencia, b et. 

14th and 15th 
Judson, Egbert 54; Man*r. "hemlcala; Native; Valencia, between 

14th and 15th 
Judson, Honry C. iil; Man^r, Chemicals; Native; Valeaicia, between 

14th and 15th 
Judson, James 50; tian'r, dfiemloals; Native; Valencia, b etweon 

14th and 15th. 
Julltz, August Herman 50; Brewer; Naturalized; 511 0re«i 
Just, Anton 57; Carpenter; Naturalized; 16ii;4 Stockton 
Just, Herman 36; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Clay, near 

Stockton St, 
Juato, Francis 35; Draymari ; Naturalized; Alley, north of Post, 

and west of ^aaon 
Juszynsky, Lewis 47; Broker; Naturalized; N.W. Comer Stockton 

and Pacific, 

July 10, 1866 San Franclaco Great Register 1366 
4th Ward List. 

Name age occJ Hat: Loc, Res. 181 

Kaeb, John Andrew i28j Butcher; Native; S, Vlrf5lnla 

Kaehler, Frederick 38; Gar Builder; Naturalized; 15th, bet. 

Howard and Mission 
Kaen, Thoraas L. 41| Machinist; Naturalized; 137 Beal 
Kaendlng, Charles Van Beurin ii6; Merchaitj Native; 

538 Washington 
Kahn, Gabriel 34; Drayman; Naturalized; 513 Union 
Kahn, Isaa 42; Merchant; Naturalized; 616 Polsom 
Kahn, Leopold 56; Merchant; Naturalized; 931 Mission 
Kaln, Hugh 53; Rigger; Naturalized; 127 Pacific 
Kaine, Praik Eranltt .^3; Bookkeeper; Natlvo; Kearny, near 

Kalaker, David 40; Laborer; Natural.i zed; 1236 Bush 
Kalstrom, Herman Edward Julius 36; Master of a vessel; 

Naturalized; St. Charles Street 
Kamsler, Jacob 30; Pawnbroker; Naturalized; 611 Geary 
Kanary, David 42; Painter; Naturalized; 146 Second 
Kaie, Charles 27; Merchant; Naturalized; Natoma, between 

First and Second 
Kane, David 35; Butohor; Naturalized; 641 Vallejo 
Kane, James 26; HacV:raan; Naturalized; 50 Shipley 
Kane, James 32; Sailmaker; Naturalized; Corner First and 

Kane, John 23; Printer; Naturalized; Pine, cor. Sansome 
Kane, John -¥7 ; Laborer; Naturalized; 318 Tehama 
Kane, John P, 32; Machinist; Native; 130 Dora 
Kane, Lawrence 25; Marketman; Naturalized; 77 Natoma 
Kane, liatthew 25; Porter; Naturalized; 874 Harrison 
Kane, Michael 31; Saddler; Naturalized; 569 Howard 
Kane, Michael 32; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 228 Fremont 
Kane, Michael 34; Expressman; Native; Cor. 20th and Dolores 
Kane, Michael 49; ^^orchtait; Naturalized; Kearny, near Green 
Kane, Patrick 32; Carpenter; Naturalized; 63 Stevenson 
Kfittienive, Frederick 40; Miner; Native; 730 Union 
Kanigsber, Ferdinand 34; Book keeper; Naturalized; 607 Green 
Kaplin, Levi 39; Speculater; Naturalized; 819 Montgomery 
Kappke, Henry Ferdinanda 39; Merchant; Naturalized; 739 Union 
Kaason^^ Chester Steele 40; Clerk; Native; 17 'Uhlrd 
Kast, ewl 3 3» 25; Boot aid Shoe store; Naturalized; 
Katz, Frederick 41; Butcher; Naturalized; Union, near Jones 
Kaufman, August 26; Musician; Naturalized; 709 Filbert 
Kaufman, Fritz 29; Musician; Naturalized; 15 Dupont 
Kavanagh, George 39; None; Naturalized; 105 Geary 
Keagan, Timothy 28; Laborer; Naturalized;-— Harrison 
Keaghan, Michael 55; "laborer; Naturalized; S. sida Broadway 

bet. Mason and Taylor 
Kealing, Patrick 65; Grocer; Naturalized; 71 Stevenson 
Kean, Patrick Janes 36; Engineer; Naturalized; 713 Davis 
Kean, John 34; Sheet iron worker; Naturalized; 625-1/2 Misaion 
Kean, John 33; Cooper; Natural 3 zed; 823 Harrison 
Kean, John 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 619 Green 
Kean, Michael 2G; Gaafitter; Naturalized; 615 Market 
Kean, Patrick ^enry 24; Clerk; Native; 615 Market 





liocal Res* 


Koan^ Thomas 38; Hacksnan; Nnturalizedj Mehan Place 
Keane, Edward Charles ii3; Clorkj Native; 106 Tehama 
Keane, John aCy; Teamster; Native; 240 Seccsnd 
Kearce, Patrick 36; Laborer; Naturalized; 12 Hunt 
Keamea, Michael 55; Wborer; Naturalized; 3 Veared, near 

Kearney, Arthur 36; Garnenter; Naturalized; Hyde ^ Union 
Kearney, Daniel 36; Drayman; Naturalized; 136 Shipley 
Kearney, Janes 49; Tailor; Naturalized; Harrison, bet, 7th & 8th 
Kearney, James Morris 40; Plasterer; Naturalized; 168 Minna 
Kearney, Thomas 27; Machinist; Naturalized; Guerrero, between 

17th and 18th 
Kearns, Bernard 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 143 Second 
Keama, Matthew 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Union Court 
Kearns, Patrick 27} Butcher; Naturalized; Bryant Ave., near 

Bryan t 
Keating, Patrick 47; Plasterer; Native; aor. Sutter & Hyde 
Keating, Dennis 47; Plasterer; Native; cor* Hyde and Sutter 
Keating, James 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 47 Stevenson 
Keating, Michael James 33; Cigar dealer; Naturalized; 

605 Greenwich 
Keating, Thomas 26; Stablemai ; Naturalized; 28 Stevenson 
Keating, Tliomas Conrad 28; Coppersmith; Native; Valencia, 

bet* 16 th and 17th* 
Keatley, Thomas 39; Carpenter; Native; Sixth & Harrison 
i^aton, Edward 43; Laborer; Naturalized; Clementina, between 

8th and 9th 
Keavi«iey, Patrick 28; Carriage maker; Naturalized; 507 Pacific 
Kedon, Martin 34; Merchant; Naturalized; 240 Rltch 
Keech, Arnold Phillip 25; Teamster; Native; 741 Market 
Keefe, Daniel 30; Policeman; Naturalized; 213 Tehama 
Keefe, Jeremiah 36; Policeman; NaburaL Izod; cor* Jane & Natoma 
Keefe, John 35; Saloon keeper; 1811 Powell; Naturd. izod; 
Keefe, Timothy 35; Laborer; NaturaiL ized; Hyde, near Union 
Keefer, Edward 24; Clerk; Naturalized; 87 Stevenson 
Keefer, Wlnson Atdhinson 25; Clerk; Illinois; 510 Dupont 
Koeffe, Cornelius 38; Laborer; Naturalized; 26 Jessie 
Keegan, Bern&rd 28; Teamster; Naturalized; 640 Mission 
Keegan, John 30; Painter; Naturalized; Taylor, b etwe en Geary 

and Post 
Keegan, William 28; Machinist; Citizen by naturalization of 

father; Omitted In Or* Reg, of 1866 
Keehala, Michael 31; Wood St Goal Yard; Naturalized; 

131 St* Mark's Place 
Keen, James 57; Clerk; Naturalized; Clay, near Stockton 
Keen, Lemuel 45; Laborer; Native; Cor. Broadway & Sansome 
Keenan, Bemerd Robert 35; l^ollo maker; Naturalized; Broadway, 

3rd fro'i Jones, 
Keenan, John 24; Cooper; Naturalized; C^iesley St., near Harrison 
Keenan, Jotm 28; Grocer; Naturalized; cor* Fifth & Polsom 
Keenan, Patri ok 38; Grocer; Naturalized; cor .Fifth & Polsom 
Keenan, P^itrl ok 38; Saloon keepr; Naturalized; 90 Stevenson 
Keenan, f'ati'lck 27; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Mission, between 

Main & Beal Sts* 



occupation: Nativity: Loc, Res. 183 

Keepf George 51; Marble cutter; Native; oor, 4tli & Market 
Keeten, Ed, Griffin 32; Clerk; Native; 522 California 
Kegan, Michael 39; Laborer; Naturalized; 59 liverott 
Kehoe, Jolin 39; Metal roofer; Naturalized; 11th, near Mission 
Kohoe, Thomas 27| Express wagon; Naturalized; Davis, betweun 

J^ackson ^ Pacific 
Kehrleln, Valentine 52; Gentleman; Naturalized; 232 Green 
^11, David 39| No occupation; Naturalized; 34 Third 
i^elmer, John 48; Customhouse; Leidesdorff and Commercial 
Kelalng, Bemet 46; Real Estate; Naturalized; 1012 Bush 
Keith, Elbridge G. 62; Carpenter; Native; 351 First 
Keith, John W, 39; Carpenter; Native; 510 Stevenson 
Keith, Sajiuel Dunbar 37; Engineer; Native; Poison, between 

16th & 17th 
Keith, WllllaBi ^enry 39; Apothecary; Native; 1421 Powell 
Keldher, Michael 33; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; comer 

Broadway & Sansome 
Keleher, John 31| Laborer; Naturalized; Battery, b etween 

Pacific 5c Broadway 
Henry 24; Bookbinder; Native; 427 Fourth 
Levi 37; Auctioneer; Naturalized; 231 First 
Michael 68; Gentleman; Naturalized; 231 First 
Charles 36; Moulder; Naturalized; Bartlett, b etween 

2aid and 23rd. 
Robert J. 21; Clerk; Native; 357 Minna 
i^llett, Samuel 35; Manufacturer; Naturalized; 761 Market 
Kellott, William Fletcher 29; Plasterer; Naturalized; 629 Market 
Ambrose 31; Carriage driver; Native; 419 Pine 
Charles Eugene 34; Carriage driver; Native; 419 Pine 
Prank Emerson 31; Printer; Native; 24 Tehama 
George; Omitted in Gr, Register of 1866 
George 35; Foreman at Gas Works; Naturalized; 

N.E. Corner Howard, at First. 
James Dallas 21; Bookkeeper; 8 Powell; Native; 
James Ed, 46; Laborer; Naturalized; cofner First 

and Natoma 
James Johnson 24; Plumber; Native; 564 Mission 
James Luke 32; Glass blower; Native; Mariposa St. 
Jamea Robert 38; Paints & Oil; Naturalized; 

309 Leavenworth 
Jeremiah H. 28; Marble cutter; Native; 412 Bush 
John 42; Stone liiason; Ireland: Fort Point 
John 38; Carpenter; Naturalized; 220 Geary 
John Cameron 29; Laborer; Native; 73 Stevenson 
John Cortez 28; Butcher; New York; 904 Stockton 
Jo^ Harney 34; Porter; Naturalized; 1333 Pacific 
John Walton 36; Blacksmith; Native; San Bruno Koad, 

near Courtland 
Kelley, Mark 33; Plasterer; Natural Ized; 405 Dupont 
Kelley, Michael 26; Roofer; Naturalized; 830 Martha 
Kelloy, Michael 35; Machinist; Native; IB Oak 
Kelley, Patrick 45; Laborer; Ireland; Green, near Larkln 
Kelley, Thomas 33; Teamator; Ireland; Austin, near Franklin 
Kelley, Thomas 36; Gasfitter; Naturalized; 549 Mission 












local res. 




William Henry 33; Gentleman} Native; 513 Hyde 
William J, A'd} Harnoas-maker; Naturalized; 

1 Llncjoln Avenue 
Kelley, William P. 40; Carpenter; Native; Comer First and 

Tehama Streets 
&llnal,V/lnn 39; Orooor; Naturalized; 114 i^avis 
Kellog, Albert 50; Physician; Native; Domraett Alley 

Carus 37; wustorahouse officer; Native; 317 Sutter 
Charles L. 55; Seednan; Native; 507 Stockton 
Colvln W, 44; Wholesale Liquor; Native; Corner 

Post and Leavenworth 
KellofT, Prandls Durant 34; Hardware; Native; 816 Bush 
Kellogg, Jamas 47; Assayar; «ative; Cor, Tehama and Third 
^ellogg, John Gouroy 39; Carpenter; Native; King, between 

Third and Fourth Sts. 
Kellogg, Levi *4errlam 36; Dep't, collector; Native; 

3 Clarence Place 
Kellogg, Lorenzo 39; i^chinlst; Native; aOO Stockton 
^ellom, Hnrvey T. 33; Moulder; Native; 320 Beale 
Kella, William Perrea 38} Carpenter; Native; 3 .h. Corner 

mpont k Vallejo 
48; Jclnor; N.Hampshire; 1014 Pine 
Carpenter; wative; 966 Harrison 

Charles Davis 
lidward M. 48; 



Kellum, William <r apnan 27; Dentist; Natlvo; 649 Clay 

Kelly, Archibald ^3; Labor<3r; Naturalized; 78 Natoma 

Arthur Joseph 34; (jaslight; Native; 61*^ Sacramento 
Bernard 40; hixpressman; Naturalized; 817 Greenwich 
Bernard Janoa ij8 ; Turner; Native; 714 Mfirket 
Bernard War tin 35; Lather; Native; 3 Sherwood Place 
Charles 30; Stage driver; Native; 8ii4 Vallejo 
Chas. 38; Carpenter; ^*ative; Clementina, between 

Fourth and Fifth 
Gonnel O'Connel 61; Carpenter; Naturalized; Page, west 

of Franklin 
iidward 34; Laborer; Naturalized; Leavenworth, between 

Broadway A: Vallejo 
ijidward 35; Steamboat harjd; Naturalized; Comer Davis 

and Pacific 
Ed, Albert 45; Clark; Native; 612 Sacramento 
Ed'wd. Betts 51; Mariner; Native; 145 Silver 
Henry S, ii8; Laundryman; Native; ki80 Minna 
Horace Agard Utij Printer; Pennsylvania; 6ii8 California 
Hu{?^ 35; -"aborer; Naturalized; 35 Second 
James iS ; Laborer; Naturalized; San Jose Road 
35; -^^aborer; ioturalized; 67 Everett 
36; Longshoreman; Naturalized; Corner Alta and 

San some 
40; Hostler; Naturalized; 13 Third 
47; Steward; Naturalized; First, between 

Harrison and Bryant 
^ames 46; Boarding house keeper; Naturalized; corner 

Davis and Ghaimbers 
Tames William ki6} Laborer; Naturalized; 

1^4 Stevenson 
Kelly, Jeramiah ii7; Butoiier ; Naturalized; Potrert 









Jamb s 


Nam a 

ago occi nats 

loo* Re3« 


Kelley, Joraralah 65; Storekeeper; Naturalized; 














3ij; Laborer; Naturalized; 
28; ;)urrlerj Naturalized; 


corner Park and 
Bartlett Sts. 
Ore en and Powell 
S.V/.slde 7th, near 
Harrl son 
33; Hlavkamlth; Clementina, between 5th and 6th 
45; Laborer; Naturalized; Gre&n, near Larkin 
35; Butcfaer; Naturalized; 12 Sutter 
40; Liquor dealer; Naturalized; corner Broadway and 

Jr. 38; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; Brooklyn Hotel 
James 3;i| Machinist; Native; 724 Harrison 
wm. 36; Hay and Wood dealer; Naturalized; E« side 

Howard, between 12th & 13th Sts, 
Josei)h 39; Woohanlo; Native; Original House 
Kleren 30; Pirtjman; Naturalized; Point Loboa Road 
Michael 44; Laborer; Naturalized; Bartol Street 
liar tin 41; Boarding House; Naturalized; 112 Jessie 
Michael 35; Hackman; Naturalized; «>->3tevenson 
Michael 35; Driver; Job Wagon; Naturalized; Rear of 

210 First Street 
42; Laborer; Naturalized; 232 Clara 
Hearney 30; Merchant; Naturalized; Hayes Street, 

east of Gough 
Midiael Joseph 28; Carriage maker; Naturalized; Hickory, 

east of Gough 
Owen 45; Hackman; Naturalized; 550 Tehama 
Patrick 34; Packer; Naturalized; Pell, east of Gough 
40; Rancher; Naturalized; Potrero 
33; Milkman; Naturalized; Potrero 
36; Laborer; Naturalized; Minna, bet. 7th & 8th 
48; Shoomakur; Naturalized; 42 Stevenson 
28; i'iarble cutter; Natural:! zed; 1245 Sacramento 
Roland 29; Steward; Naturalized; Cosmopolitan 

Peter 29; Crockery packer; Naturalized; Pell St., west 

of Gough 
Pjter 32 J Trader; Naturalized; Potrero 
Stephen 30; Laborer: Naturalized; •—Stevenson 
Thomas 36; Saloon; Naturalized; 846 Howard 
Thomas Morey Holmes 28; Painter; Native; Crook and 

Towns end 
26; L-ar-keeper; Naturalized; 76 Natoma 
24; Hackman; Native; Coinmorcial & Leldesdorff 
Timothy 33; Gardener; Naturalized; Odd Fellows* Gomotery 
William 42; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 606 Mission 
William 63; Carpenter; Naturalized; No, 4 Tay 
Willi am 56 1 Herder; Naturalized; Tuler, corner of 


Kelt, John Miller 36; Manufacturer; Native; 420 Market 
Kelton, Samuel Brooks 44; Bricklayer; Native; 623 Market 
Kelyhn, Hans 41; Grocer; Naturalized; 5 Mission 
Kemp, Jo tin Henry 30; Clerk; Native; 28 Mary 

Kemp, John vyilllam 33; Longshoreman; Naturalized; Union, betwetsn 

Sansome and Battery 

Patri ck 


Nan 6 

age I 



local res* 



Ken dally 

Ken daily 





Alexander McConnell 41j Printer; Native; 

9i;J0 Montgoraery 
Charles Jr* 37; Sodawater-man; Naturalized; 

I 334 Vallejo 

Cyrus 43 J Carpenter 5 Native; 315 Sutter 
John 3iij Saloon kee/per; Naturalized; 10 Broadway 
Thomas 59; Cripple;! Naturalized; ai^4 Vallejo 
Adolph 41; Engineer; |)Mative; 441 Jeasle 
John Jerome i?7; Laundjiryman ; Native; Sixth Bryant and 

J! Brannan 

Kennard, Qeorge Wesley 29; Qrayman; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Kenneday, Prank Brown 25; Bqlilermakur; Natui'alized; 

I 1 716 California 

Kennaday, George 41; iierohanli; Naturalized; N.vV.Cornur Pine 

' and Jones 

Albert W, 25; Orainer; Naturalized; 16 Rousoh 
Bartholomew 39; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 

351 Jessie 
Bernard 51; Carpenter; Naturalized; 911 Larkin 
Byron O'Brien 38; Orocer; Naturalized; S*?/, Comer Ellis 

and l>arkin 
Charles 81| Maohiniat; Naturalized; 911 Larkin 
Dennis 35; S.S. Fireman; Naturalized; Folsom, between 

ulain & Beale Sts. 
Prank 33; Sawyer; Naturalized; 606 Montgomery 
George 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 517 Bryant 
Hugh 20; Blaoksmitli; Naturalized; 319 Clementina 
Hugh 35; I3aker; Naturalized; 75 Stevenson 
Hugh 31; Boiitman; Naturalized; Davis, between Pacific 

and Broadway 
James 28; Hostler; Naturalized; Montgomery and 

California Sts. 
James Francis 44; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 17th, bet, 

Guerrero auid Dolores 
Janes Grason 23; Teacher; Native; Corner Ellis and 

Anna Sts. 
S. 33; U.S. Rev. Office; Native; 340 Seventh 
William 33; Carpenter; Naturalized; corner Gardner 

and Pos t 
John 30; Clerk; Naturalized; Powell, between Broadway 

and Pacific 
47; Carpenter; Naturalized; Taylor, near Post 
38; Laborer; Naturalized; Polaom, between 16th 

and 17th Sts. 
Jolin O'lirien 38; Grocer; Naturalized; corner 0*Parrell 

and Taylor 
Lenord W. 37; Importer; Native; 816 Bush 
Martin 53; Mason; Naturalized; 109 Post 
Matthew G. 38; Express; Native; 437 Jessie 
Michael 35; Milkman; Natiralized; Point Lobos Road 
Michael 29; Machinist; 215 Fourth, Naturalized 
Michael Joseph 28; V/aitar; Naturalized; Intumational 

Hotel, Jackson Street 








Kenne dy 












local res. 




Kennec^, *'atrlck 31; Plaoteror; Naturalized; SJd Moss 
Kennecty, ^atfilok 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 396 Minna 
Kennedy, Patrick 'Briton 30; Grocer; Naturalized; Corner 

0»Parroll and Taylor 
Kennedy, Richard 50; Tailor; Natur-ilzed; Gomor Post and 

Kennedy, Tliociaa «i3; Laborer; Naturalized; S.W. Corner Spear 

and Folsom Sta* 
Thomas iii9; -^borer; Naturalized; Clinton St. 
Thomas 39; Steamboatcian; Naturalized; 508 Vallojo 
Thomas 58; Shoemaker; Naturalized; corner Post 

and Taylor 
Kennedy, William 35; Boatman; J^^aturalli;ed; corner Davis 

and Vallejo 
William 40; iierchant; Native 6ii3 Howard 
Patrick 47; Blacksmith; Naturalized; N»s¥. corner Post 

and Jones 

Kennoy, James 46; Laborer; Naturalized; Minna, bet. 7th & 3th. 
Kenney, John i^ ; Laborer; i^iaturall zed; Natoma, near 5th 
Kenney, John 35; Livery Stable; Naturalized; 724 Union 
Kenney, Joseph if. 38; Contractor and builder; *^ative; 

200 Dupont 
Kenney, Michael 30; •'^aboror; Naturalized; 74 Tehama 
Kenney, Michael 40; Mechanic; Naturalized; .Vashlngton and 

Drumm sts. 
Kenney, Paddy 3i2; Liquors; Naturalized; 112 Leidesdorff 
Kenney, Pater 38; Blacksmith; Native; 509 Pine 
Koinay, Thomas Henry 26; Laborer; Native; 114 Third 
Kenny, George l«ee 43; Books ^c Stationary; i^aturallzed; Creen 

and Leavenworth 
Jfimes ll(aic); (iasfitter; Naturalized; 210 Kearny 
Jolin 30; Blacksialth; Naturalized; Cor, Filbert % Sansome 
Jdin Joseph 30; Milkman; Ireland; Presidio Koad 
Keam ii4; -i-^boror; i.aturallzed; 706 Battery 
Michael 22; Bootmaker; **ative; Commercial & Lelderdorff . 
Sanuel i57 ; Tailor; Naturalized; 2.6 Stovenson 
Hiomas 34; Painter; Native; ilanhattan Engine ^use 
^taidail, Jerome 42; Carpenter; Native; Valparaiso near Jones 
Kenice, John Henry 40; i-laaon; Native; 819 Greenwich 
i^nitzer, Henr'y 39; Arcliitect; Naturalized; 436 Greenwich 
Kenlan, Heurick Van 37; iiercliant; Naturalized; Union & Mason 
Kait, Samuel Henry 33; Carpenter; Native; 711 Leavenworth 
Kent, Thadeus Bennlng 27; Accountant; Native, 326 Mason 
Kentfield, John 41; Lumber dealer; Native; 333 Fremont 
Kentzel, James West 13 (sic); gasfitter; Native; 510 Sacraaonto 
Kent a el, Willi an Henry 46; Shipmaster; ^^ative; Southwest 

corner, Hyde and BrnDadway 
Kenyan, Wllliaa Pendleton 50; Merchant; Native; —Second 
Keogh, Patrick 35; Stevedore; Naturalized; O'Farrell, east of 

Keou^, Timothy 32; Walter; Naturalized; 116 Sansome 






local rea. 







Kepfler, Louis 36; Boilermaker; Native; 613 Miasion 
Kerby, Thomas ii3; Boatman; Native; Corner Jones and eJeary 
Keronz, Oswald 20; Pannor; Gernany; Presidio Road 
Kerina, Turns 44; Laborer; Naturalized; «244 Minna 
Kerlin, Gaor^^e Bertram 43; 'looper; Native; 114 Second 
Kein, John 6ii; Retired; Native; 231 Pacific 
Kernan, John Hotter 36; Printer; Native; 111 O'Farrell 
Kernor, PotBr 48; Carpenter; Naturalized; 132 Sutter 
Kerp, Henry Nicholas 43; C. Eng, ; Naturalized; 632 Mission 
Kerr, Andrew 33; Laborer; Naturalized; S.K.Cor, Lombard and 

Charles 35; Butchur; Naturall?:od; Potrero Ave. 
Samuel Frederick 39; Boilorraakwr; Native; 416 Green 
Thonas 40; Clerk; Natural :'^ ed; Townsend Street 
William 3B; Contractor; Naturalized; comer Vallejo end. 

Wlllian James 24; Butcher; New -^ork; 802 Stockton 

Edward 32; Butohor; Naturalized; Tyler, near Jones 
Uobox^t iicbiond 47; Collector; Naturalized; Corner 

Howard and 23rd, 
Kersey, John Daniel 24; Hatt<jr; Native; 74 Minna 
Iterahaw, ^enry 35; Gardener; Naturalized; S.E.corner Jones 

and Vallejo 
Kershaw, Harsdon 32; VVood and coal; Native; 16th, between 

Guurroro and 2nd Ave. 
Keraaing, John Ferdinand 36; Merchant; Cor. 22nd & Polaom 
Kervan, Thoraaa L. 34; Carpenter; Native; 611 Powell 
Keseborg, Lewis 52; Distiller; Naturalized; Taylor & Harrison 
Keesing, John Hermon 31; Dealer^ in fish; Naturalized; 

1312 Kearny 
Kestur, -^evi Bunting 40; Manufacturer; Native; 435 Second 
Ketchum, Frank Bro^rn 27; Plasterer; Native; 629 Market 
Keting, Owen 30; Laborey; Naturalized; Ocean House Road 
Kettlewell, Joseph R. 41; Blacksmith; Native; ^ Clementina 
Kewin, William 38; Patternmaker; Naturalized; FiBst Ave., bet 

Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Keyes, Arthur Train 27; Butcher; Native; 58 Stewart 
Keys, George 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 1007 Stockton 
Keyes, Opaon Honi'y 38; Butcher; Native; oomor Turk & Jones 
Keys, 'ffingfield 3, 26; liining biigineer; Native; 717 Sutter 
Koyser, Charles 22; Clerk; Native; 708 Sutter 
Keysor, Honry 43; Chief i^ate Continental; Native; 527 Howard 
Koyaor, Kufua 50; Dom. Merchant; Native; 700 Sutter 
Keyser, Willi an 37; Detective; Native; 22 Montgomery 
Keyt, Abner Colo 36; Bill Poster; Native; 1527 0»Farrell 
Kibbe, Millard 42; Saloon keeper; Native; 1112 Powell 
Kidd, Alexander 44; Musician; Mason, between Post ^ Suiter 
Kidiai, Patrick 37; Plasterer;' Natural^ zed; 257 Clara 
Kieman, Francis 53; Porter; Naturalized; 141 Jessie 
Kiernan, Jolin 26; Cooper; Naturalized; Minna, bet. 7tl:i & 8th 
Kieman, Michael 37; Machinist; Native; 325 Third 
Kieman, Patricik 35; Stonecutter; Naturalized; Ash, east of 

Kieman, Patrick 37; Laboi^er; Naturalized; 671 Mission 

Mame age ooc» nat* local res. 189 

Klernan, Peter 3iij Portor; Naturalized; 6 Sherwood 
Kleman, Philip 49 j Carpenter; Naturalized; 409 Third 
Klhlneyer, Bewla ii4; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 606 Jackson 
Kllbom, John 46; lilaoksm? th; Native; Howard St., near and 

west of Seventh 
Kllbom, John 46; Blacksmith; Native; 1106 Howard 
Klldoy, Michael ii4; Boxnal:er; Naturalised; 23 Hunt 
Kllda;/, William 6ti; Boarding house; Naturalized; ii3 Hunt 
Kildorff, Patrick 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Vallejo, near 

Klley, Daniel 30; Storekeeper; St'mr. Anerlcan; ^"^atlve; S.V/.cor. 

Kearny ^ Jackson 
Klley, William 27; Real Estate; New York; Clay, near Stockton 
Kllhan, Horace 40; xveal iiatate; **atlvej 1065 Howard 
Kill en, John PYed 46; Porter; Naturalized; Clinton Street 
Kill, Lawrence 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Leroy St., near 

Killion, Michael 25; amployee at Ruas House; Naturalized; 

Russ House 
Klllow, John 42; Schoonjr ; Naturalized; 319 Jessie 
Killridr^e, Charles V/orcoater 35; U.S. Mint; Massachusetts; 

Prospect Place, near Clay 
Klllup, Jasper Nowton 30; Stable; Native; Sacramento, near 

Kllly, Charles Henry 40; Milkman; Rhode Island; Presidio 

Kllpatrlck, Francis 39; Merdhantf Tailor; Naturalized; 53 Second 
Kllpatrlok, George 36; Tailor; Naturalized; Seymour House, 

San some 
Kimball, Frank A, 34; Carpenter; Native; 16 Tehama 
Kimball, Charles Proctor 45; Real Estate; Native; Hayes Street, 

west of Octavla 
Kimball, George Hazen 23; Bricklayer; Native; 1301 Mason 
Klnball, George Prerjoott 35; Carriage maker; Native; Ellis, 

east of Polk 
Kimball, HaBen 54; Collector; Native; 1301 Mason 
Kimball, Henry 46; Bookbinder; Native; 620 Howard 
Kimball, Moses Coombs 38; iYharfinger: Natl\ye; N.W, Comer 

Pacific and Jones. 
Kimball, Solomon P. 50; Metallurgist; Native; 329 Fremont 
Kimball, Theodore 30; Painter; Maine; 1112 Clay 
Kimball, Thos. Danford 35; Calker; Native; 415 Harrison 
Klmnons, Joseph 36; Carpenter; Native; 500 Mission 
Klncald, Hartley B, 26; Clerk; Native; 308 Beale 
Klncald, Isaac 58; Caulker; Native; Corner Harrison & Spear 
Klncald, John iilvan 36; Contractor; Native; 742 Harrison 
King, Charles James 22; Bank Clerk; Native; S.W, Comer Pacific 

and Stockton 
King, David Franklin 22; Wharf builder; native; 306 Folsom 
King, tjrwln Thomas 41; Foundryman; Native; McAllistor, east of 

King, Francis 32; I«aboror; Naturalized; S.W. side of 7th, near 

King, Oeorge Wash. 44; Bookkeeper; Native; Clay and Sansome 

Name age oco. nat* local residenca 190 

King, Honry 28; Laborer; Naturalized; Horon, near Harrison 
King, Henry 3ki; Blacksmith; Naturalized; ii56 Clementina 
King, Honry Lewis 53; Builder; New York; lOOii Powall 
King, Hugh 65; Laborer; Naturalized; S, aide 7th, between 

Harrison and Bryant 
King, Jessie 40; Produce; Native; 924 Mission 
King, John Frederick 56; Taraier; Naturalized; comer 18th, 

and Polsom 
King, MaLoolm Crane 38; Surveyor; Native; 14 Ellis 
King, Marcus 45; Carpenter; Native; 4 Oak 
King^ Michael 36; Gartnan; Naturalized; Tyler, between Hyde 

and firkin 
King, Philip 28; Barber; Naturalized; corner Pacific k Battery 
King, Samuel Beach 47; Agent; Native; 908 Broadway 
King, Stejiien Trowbridge 31; Ins, Agent; ^^^ative; Silver, near 3rd 
King, Thomas 40; Policeman; Naturalized; 1407 Kearny 
King, Thomas Belden 52; Coopocp; Massachusetts, Sellna Court 
King, Timothy Joseph 27; ^^aborer; Naturalized by his father; 

Spear, b et. Mission and karket 
King, Wallace Bruce 37; Pile driving; Native; 33 Preelon 
King, William 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Welch Street 
King, iiilliam B, 31; Carriage maker; Native; Chelsea Place 
King, y/illiam Preenian 39; Clerk; Native; McAllister, east of 

Kingsburry, George VV. 29; Drayman; Native: 916 Howard 
Kingsbury, iilisha 43; Cashier; Native; P?ne, bet. Front and 

San some 
Kingsbury, Thomas Pay ton 40; C(s-iductor; Native; Comer Third 

and Howard 
Kingsley, Alfred Mitchell 34; Stevedore; "'ative; 

263-1/2 Tehama 
Kingsley, Charles ^enry 22; Salesman; Massachusetts; 

No, 4. Central Place 
Kinsley, John 32; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 220 Rltch 
Kingsley, Jol^m Lucas 31; Photographer; Native; 318 Pine 
Kingsley, Everett Buck 33; Teamster; Native; Capp, betwetjn 

22nd and 23rd 
Kingston, **enry 37; Mariner; ^ative; 454 Clementina 
Kingston, Jdin 35; Stewart; ^'Naturalized; 910 Pine 
Klnne, William 3^; Carpenter; Naturalized; 509 Hyde 
Kinnery, ^^ohn 43 1 Laborer; Naturalized; 14 Geary 
Kinsba, Patrick 40; Blackamith; Natui'all zed; Taylor, between 

Post and Geary 
Klnsell, Midiael 37; Salmon keeper; Naturalized; 226 First 
Kinsey, AbraJiam Griffith 37; Capitalist; Native; Russ House 
Kinsman, Charles w: 32; Garpentor; Native; 315 Fifth 
Klnsnian, Fraiklln 58; Carpenter; Native; 412 Clementina 
Kinsman, James Warren 30; Carpenter; Native;coer. 3rd k Tehama 
Kinsman, NAoholas VV, 28; Mariner; Native; Channel & Bryant 
Kipp, Henry 21; Drayman; Native; 162 Jessie 
Kipp,jr, V/illiam In^^raham 26; Broker; "ative; 338 Second 
Kirby, Thomas 23; Boatman; Native; Davis, between Pacific and 

Kirby, William Henry Thomas 41; P.O. Clerk; Naturalized; 

Taylor and Greenwich 
Kirchnor, Harmon Henry 29; Barber; Native; 644 Mission 

Name age ooo* nat. local res* 191 

Klrcoln, 'rhomaa 'd6; Bottle dealer; Naturalized; Green, near 

Kirch, Michael 33; Blackamith; Naturalized; 10ii5 Montgomery 
Kirk, Christian 50; Coal dealer; Natur-alized; 1017 Bush 
Kirk, Lidward 39; Tinsmith; Native) A5'd ♦^essie 
Kirk, Kobert 47; Miner; Nativo; ^5 Turk 
Kirk, Sam'l Bernard 37; Glass ^'^anuf aoturor; Potrero 
Kirkland, William Pitt; 47; Printer; Native; lii 0»Parrell 
Kirkpatriok, Jolin 35; Miner; Native; Kyntuoky, near Napa 
Kirsch, Joseph ki9; Barber; Naturalized; 10;^9 Montgo^nery 
Kirwan, Edward Lawrence; ii5; Clork; Naturalized; Cosmopolitan 

Kittredge, Edward H, 22; Lumber dealer; Native; 935 Howard 
Kittridge, J.K, 66; Machinist; Native; 935 Howard 
Kittridge, Jolm H. 26; Merchant; Natie; 935 Howard 
Kittredge, Jonathan 41; Blacksmith; Native; 110 Ellis 
Kittredge, Sani'l Geor,re 35; Contractor; Native; 935 Howard 
Klaber, George 40; Wood and Coal dealer; i^atura llzed; 61 Tehama 
Klain, Benjanin 49; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 224 Clay 
Klapperioh, John 3. 30; Carriageraaker; Naturalized; Vifashington Ave, 

near Mission 
Klatzel, Joseph 33; Steward; Native; Halle ck & Leidesdorff 
Klein, iiirnest 30; Merchant; Naturalised; Filbert & Powell 
Kleine, ^ienry 40; Carpenter; Natui'allzed; 609-1/2 Union 
Kleinhaus, John 30; Fruit dealer; M. Jersey; Clay, near Stockton 
Klepzig, John Clirlstian Ebhart 50; Gunsmith; Naturalized; 

733 iVashington 
Klion, Moses 35; Grocer; Naturalized; N.E, Corner Broadway 

and Kearny 
Kline, Au^-^st 49; Merchant; Naturalized; 322 Geary 
Kline, Benjamin 45; Plasterer; Native; Cor, Montganery & Vallejo 
Kline, Jacob S. 39 ; Butcher; Pennsylvania; Oor. Stockton and 

Kline, Philip 33; Butdiur; Native; Potrero 
Kline, Richard VV. 46; Paperhanger; Naturalized; William St, 

near Post 
Klopunstein, /indrew 36; Merchant; Nativo; Russ House 
Kloponsteino, Josopii 40; Merchant; i^atlve; 913 Pine 
Kloppenburg, John Frederick 46; Custom House; Naturalized; 

comer Battery k Pacific 
Kloppenburg, Otto 50; Merchant; Naturalized; Franklin, north 

of Grove 
Kloaa, Jolm 34; Carpenter; Naturalized; Julia, near 8th 

and Mission 
Klumpp. WilheDm 39; Engraver; Naturalized; 240 Clementina 
Knapp, Albert 40; Merchant; Ii'atlve; Vdencia, b et,16th & 17th 
Knapp, Charles 34; ^^erohant; **ative; *^riental Hotel 
Knapp, Joel Blakoslee 44; Bookkeeper; i^ative; 720 ^^arket 
Kneolaid, £•?• 29; '^'aborer; Native; 150 Shipley 
Kneider, John 30; wason; ^^ative; Russell (sic). 
Knell, »*aoob 35; Saloon koop^r; Naturalized; Cor. California 

and *^earny 
Knible, Honry W. 38; Merchant; ^^ativo; *'es3ie, between 

and Steven aon Sts, 
Knight, Daniel 35; Clerk; Native; 104 0»Farrell 

Nane age ooc* nat. loc* res* 192 

Knight, Douglass E. 39j Teamster; Native; Cor. Fifth & Minna 
Knight, iidmond Henry 34; Milkman; Vermont; Fillmore & Union 
Knight, George William 31s; Blacksmith; Native; Potrero 
Knl^t, Jfioies 51; Trader; iiatlve; Commercial c Leidesdorff 
Knight, Hobt. Sheldon 51; Merchant; Native; %8s House 
Knight, Samuel IJerry 34; Carpenter; ^""ative; Chelsea ^lace 
Knight, IVia, Han cook; Merchant; Native; 435 Bryant 
Knight, William H^ry 30; Marf, New York; 1015 Clay 
Knights, Luther 39; Teamster; Native; 13 Anthony 
Knoll, Charles 58; Tailor; Naturalized; 4«i0 Market 
Knoll, Theodore 37; Musician; Naturalized; 727 Broadway 
Knop, Henry 36; Liquor dealer; "aturall; ed; S.E, Corner Beal 

and Market 
Knorp, John Gj^ttlob (sic) «i9; Upholsterer; Germany; Green 

and Gough 
Knower, John George 38; Police Officer; New York; 

924 Sacramento 
Knowland, Joseph 33; Clerk; Native; 3U8 Fremont 
Knowles, Calvin Call 47; Dentist; Native; 25 Silver 
Knowles, Charles Edwin 32; Clerk; Native; Sansome and Montgcuiery, 

on Pine between. 
Knowles, George Baitley 50; Lumoer dealer; K.Island; 

909 Taylor 
Knowles, "*Tving Hopkins 40; Lumber; Native; Amorioan Exchange 
Knowles, James o4; I3utcher; ^'aturalized; 154 First 
Knowles, Joseph iidwin 31; Clerk; ^aine; Tay st.. Between 

Sacramento & California 
Knowlton, Ebenezer 30; Teacher; Native; 905 Bush 
Knowlton, James Jackson 37; Advertising Agent; N.Hampshire; 

•"arkln St, near Clay 
Knowlton, iValter H, 65; v^atohmakor; i^ative; 13th, b etween 

Howard & Mission 
Knowlton, William 40; Conductor; ^^ew York; Jackson & Polk 
Knox, George Tempest 40; Notary Public; Naturalized; 65 Minna 
Knox, James 46; laborer; Naturalized; Clinton House, 

Pacific Street 
Knox, John 40; Merchant; Native; Corner *^ackson ^ Montgomery 
Knox, Oscar 45; Salesman; ^»ative; 220 Third 
Khuok, John 36; Boardinghous© keeper; Naturalized; 421 Bush 
Koaster, H^nry 37; Teanstor; 16th, b etween Guerrero k Dolores 
Koblcke, Christian 51; Baker; Naturalized; N, side 15th, near 

Kooh, Adam 34; Ketailer; Naturalized; 226 Sutter 
Koch, Carl 35; Grocery Store; Naturalized; 22nd, cor, Folsom 
Koch, Edward E, 25; Coppersmith; i«ative; 443 Bush 
Kooh, Ferdinand Frederick ii3; Carriage smith; Native; 

443 Bush 
Kooh, William 40; Dru(5gist; Naturalized; 517 Paciflo 
Koejel, Frank Adolph 36; Tailor; Natui-alized; 136 First 
Koon, Charles 36; Grocer; Naturalized; 926 Folsom 
Koeniston, Charles Henry 35; 3>^ipcarpentur; Native; 

North's Ship ^ard 

Name ag« ooo* nat. local residence. 193 

Koerber, Henry 30; Grocer; Ha tui^llaed; 72ii Pacific 
Kohler, Aufpiat 54; Manufacturer; NaturaUzed; 5ii3 Green 
Kohler, Charles 36; Wine merchant; Naturalized; 

1313 Stockton 
Kohlap, Henry ii7; Shoe dealer; Naturalized; 53iJ Commercial 
Kohler, *^oaeph 35; Bootraaker; Naturalized; 619 Pine 
Kohler, Ijewls George ii9; Gompositer; Illinois; Corner Powell 

and California 
Kohler, Jacob 37; Ivlur chant; Naturalized; 1604 Larkin 
Kohler, Kanemous 40; Stove dealer; Naturalized; 1425 »^ackson 
Kohler, Theodore G. 34; Publisher; Naturalized; 2005 I-iason 
Kohlman, Soloman 36; i*ierchant; Naturei ized; 206 Eddy 
Kohlmoaa, Christian 33; Grocer; Naturalized; 500 Maslon 
Kohn, David 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 806 Jones 
Kohn, Henry 31; Grocer; Naturalized; 408 Polsom 
Kohn, Henry 43; Merchant; Naturalfead; Cor. i^eaverworth and 

Kolb, Joseph 32; Carpenter; Native; 132 Setter 
Kollaher, Timothy 34; i«aborer; Naturalized; 415 ^owell 
Kolmyor, William Andrew 34; Manufacturer; Native; 612 Bush 
Kompf, Ferdinand 33; Clerk; Naturalized: 823 Vallejo 
Kone, DeWltt Cltoton 38; Metal roofer; Native; 126 Sutter 
KcKilgsberg, Abraham 53; Merchant; Naturalized; 333 Minna 
Koohmann, Henrich 41; Merchant; Franklin and Austin 

Vallejo & Dupont 
32 Everett 
62 Everett 
24 Natoma 

Kopp, Georf^e Jacob 43; Baker; Naturalized; 

Koppitz, George 34; Musician; Naturalized] 

Korb, John CiH. 46;; Naturalized; 

Kerb, ^wia Frederick 30; Drayman; Native 

Korell, Jacob 36; Gardener; Naturalized; 11th Street, b etween 

Mission and Market 
Kornfeld, Charles 44; Costumer; Naturalized; 733 Clay 
Korten, Behrend 37; Merchant; Naturalized; Hartmore Street 
Koshland, Simon 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 534 Ellis 
Koster, Honnlng 37; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Third & Howard 
Koster, Henry 32; Garrlap;emaker & trimmer; Naturalized; 

Harriet, near Folsom 
Koster, ^enrj 40; Merdiant; Naturalized; Powell k Greenwich 
Koeter, Hernann 30; Grocer; Naturalized; Townsend & Crooks 
Koster, Jacob Ernst Fritz 23; Clerk; Native; 451 Bryant 
Koster, Ludwlg 36; Brewer; Naturalized; Clementina, between 

Fourth aid Fifth 
Kostmeyer, Valejitine 31; Cigars k Tobacco; Naturalized; 

Corner Washington & Dupont 
Kozminsky, Simon 32; Cigar dealer; Naturalized; 113 Turk 
Kraft, Alois 37; Cartman; Natural Ij&ed; St. (;harles Street 
Kragan, Sanuel 30; Turner; Naturalized; 43 Jessie 
Kramer, Jacob Gl; '^ercliant; Naturalized; Dupont, near 

Greenwi ch 
^raner, John 34; Soda tnakor; Naturalized; 32 Everett 
Kramer, Vvilliam 21; Gaafittor; Natui^lized; Du.x)nt, near 

Jiratz, John 31; Laborer; Naturalized; 224 Montgotnery 
Kratzer, Wllllan Henry Harrison 54; Laborer; Native; 6 Front 


Name age ooc, nat. loo. ros. 194 

Krause, John iiOj Blackamilii; Naturalized; 507 Pacific 
Krebs, Carl Fred'k iinil 51; Cartman; Naturalized; Liberty St. 
Kreger, /idolpli Ferdinand 39; Carpenter; Naturalized; Old 

San Bruno Hoad 
Kreger, William 34; Carpenter; i^ative; 31*2 F^lsom 
Kreatein, Charles 36; Lonf^-ahoreman; Z'd Natoma 
Kreuger, Louis 4*^; Grocer; Naturalized; corner Mason and 

Geary Sta. 
Kriete, Henry 27; Werohant; Pine aid Larkin 
Krltaohmdr, Herman 38; Barber; Naturalized; Comer (Jlay and 

Kritaer, Oeorgo Washington 30; Broker; ^*ative; 407 Dnpont 
Krooktiir, Frederick 38; Laborer; Bavaria; Bush, near Van. ^^esa 
Kroke, William Fabian 45; Musician; Naturalized; Lutgen's 

Hotel, rf[r^tg<Miery 
Kruse, Martin 27; Liquor Buislness; Naturalized; Whitehall 

iixchanf^e Summer 
Kuohenbeissor, Frederick 32; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 

1109 Pacific 
Kuegele, Ohristoph 26; Carpenter; Native; 13 Dupont 
Kuehn, Albin kJ8; liiigraver; Naturalized; Corner Hyde and 

Kuesnher, Fred 47; Carpenter; Natu •allzed; 42ii Clementina 
Kugeler, August 26$ Jrocer; Naturalized; 16ii Jessie 
Kuhlrt, German 29 j Bungmaker; Natui'alized; 213 Green 
Kuhl, Frederick Oustave 35; Cle^k; Naturalized; 727 Davis 
Kuhlmelr, Henry 37; Gin;amaker; Naturalized; 229 Third 
Kuhn, John 39 j Laborer; Naturalized; 612 Battery 
Kule, Fred Geor ;e 32; Clerk; Native; 221 Sacramtjnto 
Kuner, George Albert 46; Kngraver; Natui*alizedj 246 Clementina 
Kurtz, Andrew 34; Mint; Native; 622 Market 

Kuntzo, Johanna Christopher 64; Tailor; Nnturallzed; 628 Green 
Kuntznan, Julius Leopold 37; Naturalized; 417 Bush 
Kupr, Frederick Smith 26; Drayman; i^ative; 125 0»Farrell 
Kurre, Frederick Charles Louis 35; Grocer; Naturalized; 

1027 Pacific 
Kurrle, Charles ^ason 25; Solicitor Insi. Co.; i^ativo; 565 Tehama 
Kuss, Charles Jacob 30; Confectioner; Naturalized; 113 Third 
Kuster, Ernest L. 31j Upliolsterer; Naturalized; 20 Ruas 
Kuttner, Charles Alexander 27; Steamboaman ; Naturalized; 

Broadway St. »l/harf 
Kutzback, August 51| Architect; Naturalized; 251 Third 
Kyle, John Mills 32; Carpenter; ^Naturalized; Folsom, between 

19 til and 20th. 
Kyle, Thomas 40; Teamster; Naturalized; Jones, b otween 

Post and Geary 


Name age occ« nat. local rea. 195 

liabatt, Joseph -i-saac 30j Clork; Louisiana; Kearney and 

Sacramento Sts. 
Lablnakl, William 40; Liqour doalor; Naturalized; 507 Dupont 
Lablnskl, Wllliari 40; Liquor lealer; Naturalized; 507 Dupont 
Labohii, Henry T. 39; Teachar; i'-iaturalized; 217 Dupont 
Laokin, Matthew 41; Teumator; Naturalized; VYoatem Hotel, 

Broadway St. 
Lacy, Thomas J.B.34; lingineer; Glvll; Natlvo; Cor. Third and 

Marke t 
Ladd, Charles Jay 33; Moobanio; New iiapn, 719 California 
Ladd, Thomas H. 30; Gaafltter; imtlve; 215 Second 
Ladd, Wilbur Jolin 24; Orocer; Native; 503 Polsom 
Ladd, Wm, V/arren 29; iiorchant; ^Mative; Nlantlc Hotel 
Ladde, i3emard 23; accountant; Native; 320 Fifth 
Lafferty, Barnard 29; iiiirtendar; Natui-alizod; 271 Stevenson 
Laf forty. Char lea 32; ^aborer; Naturalir.ed; 541 Mission 
Lafferty, John 30; Grocer; Native; Garden St. 
Lafferty, Owen 30; Bu toiler; Naturalized; 221 Ritch 
Lafferty, Patrick 33; Tearastir; Naturalized; 706 Battory 
Laflin, Janes 33; Hotel Keeptir; Naturalized; Stockton and 

San Francisco 
LaFontalne, Julius Antone 43; Printer; Naturalized; 625 Market 
Laforge, Alfred Benjamin 48; Miner; Native; Cor. i^oamey 

and Markut 
Laguna, Alexander Leo de 45; Professor of languages; 

Naturalized; 726 Bush 
Laheny, Michael 39; Laborer; Naturalized; 26 Langton 
Lahommeiieu, Adolplius 30; Cabinet maker; Native; 24 Tehama 
Laliusen, Henry 36; Saloon Oyster; Naturalized; 130 Geary 
Laldley, James 45; Harbor Coraml sal oner; Scotland; Filbert 

and Gouglx 
Laidlow, Walter 42; Laborer; Naturalized; 807 Mission 
Laihy, John Jr. 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 207 Pacific 
Laineleln, iidward 60; Manufacturer; Naturalir.ed; 1810 Maaon 
Laird, Djivld Wliite 30; Jeweller; Naturalized; 620 Merchant 
liake, Deloa 46; Lawyer; Native; 829 Broadway 
Lake, George 25; Printer; Naturalized; 826 Broadway 
Lake, William ISro^iin 33; Advertising Agent; Maine; 

1023 Washington St. 
Lakeraan, Charles 46; Islxpressman; Native; S^otwe 11, between 

15tli and 16 th 
Lally, j^dward 64; Laborer; Naturalized; 8 St. Mary's Street 
Lally, Patrick 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 754 Howard 
Laman, Wasiilngton Jefferson 59; Minor; Native; N.E. Corner 

Sutter and Dupont 
Lamb, Elbridge Oorry 44; PDoduoe dealt^r; Native; 524 Geary 
Lamb, Freeman Vail 57; Manufacturer; Native; 116 Jessie 
Lamb, Martin V/llliam 35; None; Native; 2nd Avenue, between 

16th and 17th 
Lamb, William Htjnry 40; VVatcliraakor; ^^^atlve; 50 5 Bush 
Lambard, Ed. a. 59; i^chinist; Naturalized; 512 Sac ran unto 
Lambert, Miles 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Mason, between 

Eddy and Market 
Lanbert, Vincent Dunlap 36; Cooper; Naturalized; Sansome, 

bet. F*lb<jrt and Greenwich 



oco. nat. 

local res. 





William 41; Chemist; Naturalized; 148 Natoma 
William 4ii; None; Natlve;N.3ide 1425 Mason, kind 

from Broadway 
William Patrick 30; Hackman ; Naturalized; Corner 

Minna and Fourth 
Stephen U* 42; CarpentBy; Native; First Ave., bet. 

Lammers, Deidrick 28; Merchant; Naturalized; Hyde ft: Filbert 
Lammara, Theodore H^nry A, 33; Porter; Naturalized; 341 Third 
Latiimot, Henry Didler 34; Deputy iJheriff; Native," Ilaight, 

neax* r'illmore 
Lampe, CSjharles Augustus 44; Carpenter; Naturalized; 518 Dupont 
Lamaon, George Praaklin 36; Auctioneer; Masaachusatts. 

618 California 
Lanahan, John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 26 Jessie 
Lancaster, Charles Edward 29; Dentist; Native; 926 Dupont 
Lancaster, David Alexander 28; i^aundry; ^ative; 29-1/2 Third 
Lancey, Thomas Crosby 40; Painter; Native; 1814 Taylor 
Land, Chaunoey Belnap 45; Miner; Native; 1117 Pine 
Land, Howard Bradley 21; Student; Native; 711 Pino 
Lander, Patterson Clark 50; Real Estate; Native; Southeast 

cor, Jackson and Stockton 
Landers, Edward 22; Insurance Agent; Native; 715 Bush 
Landers, Janes 38; Hotel keeper; Native; north side 16th, 

bet, Valencia and Guerrero 
Landers, John 26; Insurance Agent; Native; 715 Bush 
Landls, Caspur 60; Bathing-house; Naturalized; 51 Minna 
Landls, Gustaf Charles 27; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 51 Minna 
Lando, Joseph 32; Merciiait; Naturalized; Hyde, ne&i- California 
Landray, Norbert 46; Clerk; Native; 411 Washington 
Landry, Theranco 37; Coopur; Native; Tyler, bet, Hyde 9c Larkin 
Landsberger, Isaac 42; Wine merchant; Naturalized; 1415 Powell 
Lane, Chas, Honry 26; Laundryman ; '.'ative; Brannan, near Third 
Lane, Cornelius 42; Stevedore; i^'aturaUzod: VVliito, between 

Hyde and Larkin 
James Anderson 35; Drayman; Native; 37 Louisa 
John 35; Black smith; Naturalized; 23 Perry 
Levi Cpopor 36; Physicians Native; 664 Mission 


36; Physician; Native; 
Obediah Lepnard 41; -"awyer; iiative; Montgomery Block 

Lan«, Pa«trl ck 28; L£.borer; Naturalized; -— Clonentina 
Lfine, iiobert 33; Culker; Native; Johnston, near Harrison 
Lane, Thos, Augustin 31; Saloonkeeper; Na;ive; Ocean House 
Lane, Timothy 30; Laborer; ^'*atura lized; Cor, Stevenson & Fourth 
Lanffer, iSrhard 30; Baler; Naturalized; 1216 Pacific 
Lang, Charles IJdgar 39; Painter; Native; 1714 Mason 
Lang, I?©rdinand 2§; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 810 Clay- 
Lang, James 37; C nductor; Naturalized; 316 Fourth 
Lang, Luis 35; Miner; Naturall zed; Page, east of Gough 
Langdon, Tliomas 36; Uercliant; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Lango, August 23; Laborer; Naturalized; 624 Washington 
Lange, iiernian 41; V/agonmakur; Naturalized; Cor, Market & Sutter 
Lange, Vdllian ki6; Grocer; Naturalized; 601 Bush 
Langerraan, William 42; Merchant; Natural! zed; 1717 Stockton 

Name ago occ, nat, loc, res, 197 

Langford, Thomas 29; Boarding house keeper; Naturalized; 

894 Front 
Langley, Charles 26; Boatman; Naturalized; Rear of 316 Beal 3t» 
Langslioro, Jjinoa E. 33; Trunkmak.r; l^ativo; 522 Minna 
i<angahom, James 64; C nduotor; Native; —-Tehama 
LangstcHi, Jesse 33; Teamster; Native; Natoma, n^ar Fifth 
Langton, John Ja^ipbell 33; Bookkeeper; Native; Hyde and 

Greenwi oh 
Lanlrgan, John 25; i^aborer; Natui'alized; 212 Broadway 
Lanlrgan, William 50; Laboror; Naturalizod; 207 Broadway 
Lank, Thomas Jackson 41; Miner; Maryland; 612 California 
Lankenau, PrederJrok 32; Grocer; Naturalized; N.l, comer 

Powell Be Ellis 
LankershlDi, Isaac 48; Farra^ir; Germany; California & Polk 
Lannay, ""eter 29; M.jchiniat; Native; 138 Sutter 
Lannon, Edward 48; Laborer; Natui'allzed; Gardner Place 
Lanchan, Patrick 37; Toanster; Naturalized; Comer Sansome 

and ValleJQ 
Lansey, Michael 40; Miner; Naturalized; 112 Jessie 
LanseuzuHr, Feliz 54; Gardener; Naturalized; 10 Kddy 
Lai sing, Utnry Jacob 33; iAeltor; Native; Montgomery, near 

Lapham, Charles Henry 39; Farmer; Rhode Island; Union and 

LaroOTibe, Joseph Blannt 37; Clerk; Native; 629 Sutter 
Laribee, John 46; Stationary; Native; 606 Montgomery 
Larimore, Richard 54; Carpenter; Native; 617 Union 
Larkin, Dennia 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Broaaway 

and Montgomery Sts. 
Larkin, Frederick Hartaiiome 29; Real jtilstate Agent; 

Native; Russ House 
Larkin, Thomas 34; Roofer; Natur lized; 8 Jlilton Place 
Larkin, ThOTias 53; Toamster; Naturalized; 32 Ritch 
Larkins, Goorge B» 35; Teamster; Native; Natoma, near Fifth 
Larraour, Sanuol Brown 38; Farmer; Native; Hunter's I^oint 
Larmen, Patrick 33; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 108 .iltipley 
Larrimer, Anderson W, 28; Harness ra«ker; Native; Mission, 

bet. 14th and 15th 
Larsenser, Louis 46; Gtone cutter; Naturalized; Tliird 5c King 
Larzelere, V/1111 am Bennett 40; L^ayman; Native; 425 Bryant 
Lasakf George W, 28; Bookkeeper; Native; N.W.Corner First and 

Lasar, Emanuel 4;i; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; 308 Vallejo 
Lasliior, Frtncis Henry 50; Stationer; Native; 741 fciarket 
Lask, Lewis 42; Merchant; Naturalized; 918 Stockton 
Lasswell, Montroville Davis 37; Plumber; Native; 741 Mission 
Lathan, A.V, 30; Gai'poiter; Native; Market, bet 4th & 5th 
Latham, James Kent Shephei'd 32; Wells Fargo & Co., Vermont 

1002 Powell 
Lathrop, liliaha Nelson 45; Caridage trimm-r; Native; 

719 Market 
lathrop, Hiram Pa :dick 35; Physician; Native; To land Medical 

La ton, Charles A. 30; Insurance; Native; Howard, near 12th 
Lataon, Abraham C. 50; Moulder; Native; 477 Jessie 

Kame age oco* nat. loc, res, 198 

Latz, Herman 40} Storekeeper; Naturalized; 319 Pacific 
Latz, Simon 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 319 Pacific 
Lauflln, Orrin 35; Carpenter; Native; 86 Stevenson 
Lau(>hlin, David 39; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 50 Beale 
liaughlin, Janes 40; Te««nster; Naturalized; Carlos, between 

Ellis and O'Farrell 
Laughlln, Jolin 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Omitted in Gr. Register 

of 1866 
Laupritilin, Hou/^ 38; Carpenter; Naturalized; Hyde, near Lombard 
Launber^, Lauretz Frederic 46; Board! nghouse keeper; 

Naturalized; 5;i8 Pacific 
Laurence, Charles 40; Superintendent; Native; American Exchange 
Laurie, John 31; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 304 O'Parrell 
Lautenaciilagor, Conrad 4iij Carpenter; Naturalized; K..u. Comer 

Linden & Octavia, 
Lavelle, John 35; Bootmaker; Natuiallzed; Si27 Minna 
Law, Honry 36; Plumber; Native; E. aide Larkln, between 

Pacific & Jackson 
Lawler, Edward Bartholomew 5'^; Shoemaker; r>hoemaker; Nftturalizedj 

Caroline Place, cor. Powell & Virginia 
Lawler, Francis kilj Teamster; Naturalized; Eddy, between 

Jones & Leavenworth 
Lawler, James Breniien kj!3| C nfactloner; Native; 418 Tlilrd 
Lawler, Martin 39; Firoman;'^Naturalized; 252 Clementina 
Lawler, Peter H^nry 32; Anaorer; Naturalized; •-Louisa 
Lawless, Jos« 22; Saddler; Native; 503 San some 
Lawless, Lawrence 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 754 Howard 
Iiawloas, Michael 36; Trader; Naturalized; 1517 Duoont 
Lawless, Richard 23; Saddlery; Native; 508 Sansome 
Lawless, Thomas 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 742 Harrison 
Lawlor, Charles N, 35; Clurk; Naturalized; Cor. Harrison & 3rd 
Lawlor, Dennis 26; Local Police; Naturalized; 619 Mason 
Lawlor, Josejdi 4^^; Butcher; Naturalized; Santa Clara St. 
Lawrence, Michael 36; Naturalized; 16th Street, b etweai 

Guerrero fc Dolores 
Lawrence, Edwin Apple ton 39; Lawyor; Native; Cosmopolitan 

Lawrence, Frederick William 58; Clerk; Native; 5 Voroni 
Lawrence, Prands .'36; Expressman; Native; 9 Verona 
Lawrence, Francis Swain 24; Clork; Native; 9 Verona 
Lawrence, Uonry Hathaway 40; Aasayer; Native; 909 Iftiion 
Lawrenco, Benjamin Baker 29; Teamster; Native; 717 Battery 
Lawrence, Paul 37; Steamboatman ; Naturalized; Broadway Street 

Lawronce, John Klngsland 35; Tinsmith; Native; Mason, near Union 
Lawrensen, Edward k^3; Harnessniaker; Naturalized; 3 Dunont 
Lawrenson, Patrick Henry 40; Painter; Naturalized; 7ki3 Market 
Laws, George 41; Officer of Customs; Native; 10 Vincent 
Laws, James 41; Dairyman; Native; 20th, near Folsom 
Laws, Jeramldi 28; Bookseller; Native; 14 Howard Court 
Laws, Wm. H. 25; Cltjrk; Native; 14 Howard Court 
Lawsen, Peter 39; Laborer; Naturalized; Green, between 

Sansome & Montgomery 
Lawson, Albert 41; Mason; Native; Valencia, bet. 24th & 25th 
Lawaon, Jaraes Douglas 54; Bookkeeper; Natural! rod; 

Green Yd. ch and Jone s 

Name age occ. nat« loc« res. 199 

Lawton, Ablal S.C.47j Stabler; Native j 10th & 11th and 

Polaom & Harrison 
Lawton, Elbert ii6; Garriagemaker; Native; 932 Market 
Lawton, Franklin 45; Olerk; Native; 4«i8 Post 
Lawton, Gardner Tliomas 50; Merchant; Native; Lick House 
Lawton, George H, 31; Macdriinist; Native; 229 Howard 
Lawton, Irving 37; Collector; Native; 329 Pine 
Lawton, JohnDolraore 21; Glork; Native; 9ki3 Market 
Lawton, John Hunn 48; Garrlagomakwr; l^atlve; 932 Market 
Lawton, Jolin iVallace 36; Jdllkman; Vermont; Greenwich & Laguna 
LawtDn, Michael 45; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Fulton, betv/een 

Oough and Ootavia 
Lawton, Theodore 50; Clerk; Native; 643 Folsom 
Lawton, Willi on Vi^illaon 45; Notary Public; New York; 

935 Sacramento 
Lay, Jolin Avery 35; Mariner; Native; Vrtiat Cheer House 
Leabitt, Joseph William 36; Engineer; Native; 248 Jessie 
Leach, Robert 38; Naturalized; Qardener Ave., iRailroad Ave, 

between 17th and 18th, 

Leady, John 40; Shoemaker; Naturaliad; 119 Fourth 
Leahy, Timothy 39; Laborer; Naturalized; S.W.corner Main 

and Folsom 
Leamard, James Monroe 49; Carpenter; Massachusetts; Bueh 

and Buchanan 
Learned, Edward Augustus 38; Carpenter; Native; Fremont, near 

Leary, Daniel 32; Carpenter; Massachusetts; CK»igh & Pin© 
Leary, John 33; Clerk; Native; Polk, south of Bush 
Loary, John 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 67 Stevenson 
Leary, Willi am 30; Butdacr; Native; Commercial & Leidesdorff 
Leavitt, Andrew Shaw 47; Bricklayer; Native; 102 Powell 
Leavitt, Granville Irving 27; Medical student; Native; 

V/ashington St. Baptist Church 
Leavitt, Joseph Stacy 51; Carpaiter; Native; 216 Stockton 
Leavitt, Shubal Beocher 44; Secretary; Native; 154 Perry 
Lebert, Christian 35; Barber; Naturalized; 918 Dupont 
Leokle, John 29; None; Native; 745 Market 
LeCount, Joseph P. 24; Stationary; Native; 616 Powell 
Ledden, James 42; Laborer; Naturalized; 44 Minna 
Lederer, Simon William 22; Morchai t; Native; 553 Mission 
Ledlle, William 38; Clerk; flaturalized; 1306 CaL ifornia 
Lee, Benjamin F^^anklln 30; Sash & blinds; Native; 

1216 Washington 
Lee, Daniel 26; Painter; Native; Cor. *'aoific & Davis 
Lee, David James 37; Minister; Native; 64 Silver 
Lee, Franklin Vansant 51; Builder; Native; 1216 Washington 
Lee, George Htnry 26; Gar driver; Native; Brannan & Sixth 
Lee, iienry iJlay 40; Bookkeeper; Native; 4ii2 Second 
Lee, Janes 22; Cooper; Naturalized; Zoe Street 
Lee, James 34; Y/lieelwrlght; Naturalized; PoU^, south of Hayes 
Lee, Llewellyn Jones 25; Deputy county clerk; Native; 210 Bush 
Lee, Nahamiah Austin 50; Saloon keeper; Connecticut; 815 Clay 
Lee, Robert 49; Porter; Native; Riley, b et. Clay & Sacramento 

name age oco* nat, loc* res. 200 

Lee, Thomas F. 'dl$ Cias-fltter; Native; Polaom, bet. 15th & l6th 
Lee, Thomas iiobble 3«ij Bookkeeper; Native; Cor. Dunont and 

Harlan Place 
Lee, William 47; Expressman; Naturalized; 2^5 Tehama 
Leedan, Jcmea 3ii; Paperhanger; Naturalized; 1613 Powell 
Leek, ChrlatopAier 44; Carpenter; Naturalized; 118 Sacramento 
Leeper, Andrew 38; Groom; Native; Townsend and Second 
Leeper, William 52; Laborer; Native; Brannan and Second. 
Lees, lalah Wrlgley 36; Police Officer; Naturalized; S.V,. comer 

Washington & Powell 
Lefavour, William Franklin 27; Brooramaker; Native; 315 Sutter 
Leffingwell, William 45; Heal Estate; Native; Occidental Hotel 
LeOay, John Benonl 60; Hatter; Native; 66 Commercial 
Legen, Andrew 45; Miner; Naturalised; 514 Minna 
Lehman, Christian ^4; Carpenter; Naturalized; Geary street, 

west of Larkin 
Lehman, Conrad Henry 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 46 Batoma 
Lehmann, George 38; Watchmaker; Naturalized; ki5 Minna 
Lehmkuhl, Herman 35; Grocer; Naturalized; 9th, between 

Mission and Market 
Lohey, Patrick 43; Teamat«r; Port Point; Ireland 
Lehritter, John ic!7; Barber; Naturalized; 202 Dupont 
Lehy, Thomas 48; Laborer; Ireland; Blacl: Point 
Leighten, Thomas Atkins 26; Carpenter; is^ative; ffurk, near Taylor 
Leighton, Charles 37; Gappenter; Naturalized; 41 Moss 
Lelghton, John Allen 51; iiingineer; Native; Polk, so. of Hayes 
Leisen, Prank 29; Carpenter; Naturalized: by father; 917 Jackson 
Leiser, Jolin Adam 38; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 1227 DuDont 
Lelsner, An tone 4<i; Cabinetmaker; Naturalized; S.W. comer 

Stockton fc 0»rarrell 
Leland, Harraan Daggett 35; Marinor; Nativo; Tv,lrd & Townsend 
Leland, Lewis 31 t Hotel keeper; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Leland, Wlllion Jerome 25; Hotelkeeper; Native; Occidental Hotel 
Lembeck, Christian 52; Drayman; N?ituralized; Clinton, near 6th 
j^emkle, Charles Heman 37; Barber; Naturalized; 1432 Stockton 
Lamme, Carle Lewis P. 35; Jeweler; Naturalized; 716 Geary 
Lerame, Charles George Kudolph 41; Jeweler; Naturalized; 

42 Ellis 
Lanmer, Conrad 45; Carpenter; Naturalized; Preelon & 4th 
Leramon, Thomas 41; Ship master; Naturalized; Mission, between 

14th and Erie Sts. 
Leraperle, Charles V/llliam 35; Tanner; Naturalized; —-Minna 
Len, Valerian 30; Brass finisher; Naturalized; 1309 Jackson 
Lendrum, George 35; Clerk; Naturalized; Clementina, bet. Fifth and 

'^'^^Slsy* Henry Grace 48; Directory; Native; 612 Clay 
Lenhardt, Ad«n 41; Upliolaterer; Naturalized; 1232 Stockton 
Lenhart, James M, 31; Clork; Native; 18 Howard Court 
Lenihan, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 50 Louisa 
Lenjan, John Joseph 30; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 204 Sutter 
Lennon, Henry 37; Gardor; Ireland; North Point Street 
i'ennon, Janes 30; Carpenter; Naturalized; Cor. P,ilton and 


Name occ« age. nat, loc, res. 201 

Lennon, Peter 30; Spinner; Masaacshuaotts j Blaok Point 

Lenoir, Char lea 49; Shoemaker; Native; 102 Silver 

Lenoir, NatiiaAiel Luff 21; Porter; Native; O^ird & Silver 

Lent, Silas 45; iiiifjraver; Native; 2105 Maaon 

Lent, William Mandeville 48; Merchant; Native; 319 Powell 

Lentz, \Vm. Henry 21; Photographer; Native; 507 Bryant 

Lentze, John 4iij Saloon keeper; 614 Jackson 

Leonard, Abner Hilliard 22; Clerk; New York; 1015 Clay 

Leonard, Albert iSdward 31; Wood turner; Maasaohuaetta; Corner 

Sacramento & Prospect 
Leonard, Christopher 25; Carpenter; Native; —-Market 
Leonard, Daniel 34; Laborer; Naturalized; aouth side Sutter, 

between Dupont & Stockton 
Leonard, Sphraim VVheaton 47; Miner; Native; Lick House 
Leonard, Hlrara 54; Dep. P. Master U.S. Army; Native; 

1817 Stockton 
Leonard, James 30; Gardener; Naturalized; 66 Shipley 
Leonard, %rcus De Vlllo 30; Machinist; Native; N.W, comer 

Mission and First. 
Leonard, ^atthew H. 27; Moulder; Native; 64 Tehama 
Leonard, ThcHaas Cox 44; School teacher; NatUi'allz ed; 

347 Fourth 
Leowey, Herman 38; **erchant; Naturalized; S.W. corner Washington 

and ^owell 
•^eppien, Frederick 40; Saleanan; Naturalized; Oreon,near -'^rkin 
Lermond, Andrew Jackson 36; Ship carpenter; Native; 308 Beale 
Lery, Michael 60; Morcliant; Naturalized; Pacific, 2nd house 

froji Stockton 
Lesarte, Edward Henry 51; Bootmakor; Naturalized; 1618 Mason 
Leaher, Willi an 25; Barkeeper; Naturalized; Shipley, betv/een 

7th and 8th 
l^szynaky, lorrla 47; Drayman; Naturalized; 145 Natoma 
•^etcher, (jIIjq'A :iay 26; Dept. Co. Clerk; Native; 734 Mlaaion 
Letohfield, Charles Amile 39; Mason; Native; 824 Greenwich 
^otaford, Thomas 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Folsom, near Second 
Letson, Thomas 38; Carpenter; Native; 18-1/2 Turk 
I'etorer, <3hri a to j^er 25; Boxmaker; Naturalized; 421 Bush 
^^vason, Lewis 72; Phyalolan; Naturalized; 1219 Maaon 
Levenaaler, Tv^omaa Howard 30; Sailor; Native; Battery, between 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Leverence, William 36; Carpenter; Native; Dolores, b etween 

22nd and 23rd. 
Levet, John Baptist 42; Builder; Naturalized; 409 L^ pont 
Levi, Marcus 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 11 Jackson 
Levi, Marks 37; Tailor; Naturalized; 91 Stevenson 
Levi, Marquia 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 1113 Leavenworth 
Levi, Selignan 37; Grocer; Naturalized; 220 First 
Levllllan, Charles 42; Laborer; France; Fllljiiore and Pacific 
Levin, Jacob 50; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 320 Minna 
Levingston, Lazarus Jacob 37; Grocer; Naturalized; 29 Dupont 
Levison, Hortnan 26; Mordiai t; Naturalized; 629 Washington 
^evlson, J-iCob o5; Salesman; Naturalized; Stockton Place 
Lfeviston, George 56; No buaineas; Native; 623 Bush 




nat. local res. 


Levy, Alexandfir 29} Merohantf Naturallzud; 507 Davis 
Levy, lienjamln 22; Tailor; Naturalized; 615 Pacific 
Levy, Bernard 3o| IBoots & Shoes; Naturalized; 120 St. Mark s 

David Sail 26 J Aooountant; Native; 633 G« Parr ell 
£dward Julius 25; Policeman; Naturalized; 147 Post 
EBiaiuel 40; Itookkeeper; Naturalized; 820 Bush 
^©nry i^ewis 27; **erdiant; Natiiralized; 333 i^ast 
Lewis P. 30; Tailor; Naturalized; 905 Battery 
Louis 27; ^rchant; Naturalized; 607 Davis 
Levy, Mark 37; Tailor; Naturalized; 122 Pacific 
Levy, itorris 38; Moir chant; Naturalized; 18 Mason 

Natulan 36; Saloon keep r; Naturalized; 264 Stevenson 
Samuel 30; Merchant; Naturalized; 22 Geary 
Samuel W, 35; M^^^r iiant; Naturalized; 22 Fifth 
Simon 39; Tailor; Naturalized; 708 Polsom 
Solomon 43; Tinner; Naturalized; 235 Jackson 
William ki7; Horse dealer; Naturalized; 147 Post St, 
Lewald, Lewis 35; iixpressman ; Naturalized; 137 Natoma 
Leweiltin, u'ilson 36; '>^arpt»iter; Amative; 9 Dupont 
Lewelyn,^.Kees 33; Moulder; Nat rail zed; 148 iiilinna 




0. arlea 


Andrew J. 40; B tcher; Native; Tehama, near Sixtda 
Alhiold Maynard '44; V/aterman; Native; 707 Mission 
Auf^ustus 38; Boatnmn; Native; Meigga V.Qiarf 

lildwin 31; Boardin^'^ouse keeper; Naturalized; 
Vallejo, between Front & Battery 
David 34; Merchant; Naturalized; Cor, Jackson & Drumm 
David G 30; Printer; Native; 320 
Edwin 29; Merchant; Native; 419 Jones 
limery Adam 29; Agent; Native; 309 Third 
Henry Jr. 47; Local Policeman; Native; corner Scott 

and Broadway 
Henry li.* 38; Watchaan; ^^ative; 514 Minna 
Henry Moss 43; Jeweller; Native; 655 Clay 
•^ames 2B ; Moulder; Naturalized; 148 Minna 
John Brashaw 36; Heal i:i;state Agent; Naturalized; 

559 Bryant 
John B« 25; Clerk; Native; 10 Harlan Place 
John Roorae 59; Merchant; New York; north west corner 

Pine and Leavenworth 
Lawrence E. 28; Conductor; Native; Cor. Siiipley & Sixth 
Michael M. 35; Jeweler; Naturalized; Tehama between, 

5th and 6th 
Milton \. 43; Smelter; Native; ^oward, between 7th & 8th 
Morris 42; Express wagon; Naturlized; Rocky Alley 
Rich Valentine 30; Barkeeper; Native; ^riginal House 
Rodmon Price 32; Notary Public; Native; 17th between 

Dolores and Church 
Solomon 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 15 Kearny 
Thomas Oliver o4; Book keeper; Native; 703 0*Farrell 
William Ji 54; Civil Engineer; Native; 461 Natoma 
C as . Haskell 40; Minister; «atlve; iioward, between 
^ 19th and 20th 

Lay ton, Francis 37; Porter; Naturalised; 7th and Brannan 

Lewi s 







UaaiQ mg9 ooo* nat. loc. res* 203 

Leyden, Mlohael 42 j Spinner; Natural ly.ed; lJ.i:.,oor* 16th & 

Lozynaky, Alexander 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 33 ^amy 
Lianliardt, Daniel Meyora 33; Druggist; Native; 54 First 
Libbey, Mark ^wrenco 45; Dentist; Native; 109 Montgomery 
Libboy, xjHaen Guy 46; Wol^^hor; illative; Bush, west of Octavia 
Libby, iSboneaer Howe 30; Carpenter; Native; 741 Market 
Libby, Franklin Sawyer (sio)23; Carpenter; Native; 1004 i'aclflc 
Libby, Joseph 43; Carpenter; liatlve; Union, near Larkin 
Libby, William Htairy 32; Teamster; Maine; Sacramento & Polk 
Lloht, Louis 30; Expressman; Naturalized; 3 Minna 
Llchensteln, Max Henry 34; Merchant; Naturalized; Jones and 

Llddy, James 33; Waiter; Naturalized; Bootz Hotel, Pine St. 
Liddle, Robert 42; (iuninakor; Naturalized; 256 Stevenson 
Lidstrom, H<«iry I*eonard 43; Clerk; Naturalized; Omitted in 

Gr. Reg. of 1866 
Liebel, Philip 28; Butcher; Naturalized; 35 Geary 
Liebert, Jolin Grant 35; Mason; Native; Cak St. east of Iiaguna 
Llephart, Francis 36; Manufacturer; Nativu; 217 Third 
Lies, Eugene 46; Lawyer; Native; Hayes St. east of Octavia 
Liesenfield, Pliilllp 34; Billiard-maker; Naturalized; 

500 Stockton 
Liford, John Sylvester 40; Bricklayer; New Hampshire: corner 

Clay and Yerba Bueha, 
Light, Henry V/ra« 40; Harnesamaker; Native; Original House 
Light, Martin 53; Miller; Native; 107 Leideadorff 
Llgihthall, Josepti A, 29; Carpenter; Native; 9 Dupont 
Ll^tner, Joel Forree 46; Mining Secretary; Pennsylvania; 

3 .W, corner Washington & Stockton 
Lilly, Thomas 40; Painter; Naturalized; 24 Sanaome 
Llmdt, Detlof Nicholas S??; Shipwright; Naturalized; 

2009 Mason 
Llnahan, John 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Main, bet. Market 

and Mission 
Llnahan, Patrick 28; Boatman; Naturalized; 223 Polsom 
Llnahan, Cornelius 48; Miner; Naturalized; 26 Jessie 
Llnager, Charles 44; Porter; Naturalized; Laskie Street, between 

Mission & Market 
Linbaugh, James Bennett 30; Dealer; Native; 54 Third 
Linch, George Frank 21; Boxmaker; Native; 66 Jessie 
Lincoln, Barney Brlggs 50; None; Native; 718 V»ashington 
Lincoln, George Washington 37; Clerk; Rhode Island; 

Clay and Polk 
Lincoln, Jerome 36; Clerk; Native; 13 Laurel Place 
Lind, Francis 27; Boatman; Naturalized; 32 Stewart 
Llnd, John Young 48; Physician; Native; 759 Market 
Llndel, Jc^in Martin 29; waster of a vessel; Naturalized; 

Jackson Street V/liarf 
Lindeman, John 29; Musician; New York; 429 Clay 
Llndeman, Tobias M, 54^ Baker; Naturalized; 312 Dupont 
Lindenbaum, Isaac 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 52 Stewart 
Llndenberger, Tliomas E. 40; Merchant; Native; 345 Beale 
Llnder, Jonrad 33; liarkeeper; Naturalized; 609 Union 

Name age oco* nat. local res. 204 

Llnder, Marks 34} Merchant; Haturalizedj 319 O'Farrell 
Llndhelmer, Jacob 35; Policeman; Naturalized; 10ici2 V'/ashlngton 
Llndley, WlllL aa Walter 44; vYliarf builder; Native; 302 Beale 
Lin do, Jacob 25; Expressman; Wew York; Kearny, near 

Llndop, William (Dr) 63; Doctor; Naturalized; Comer l^'ront 

and Jackson 
Llndaey, Ihomaa 38; Laborer; Naturalised; 248 Minna 
Lindskog, Andrew Otto 54; Carpenter; Naturalized; 

318 O'Parrell (rear) 
Linen, James 55; Morohant; Naturalized; Gor. i^arket & Saisome 
Ling, Jacob 36; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 420 Vallejo 
Llngenfelaor, Joseph 47; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Brannan & 3rd 
Linhan, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 518 Mission 
Linscott, Russell SJbreeter 31; Clerk; Native; 401 Sansome 
Linsley, Kwlns W. 33| Comioission; Native; 506 Seventh 
Linsley, Oifford vmite 43; Fruiter; Native; 19 John 
Linstrum, Ebbe 39; Max'inyr; Naturalized; 2 Clay 
Linthal, Hoiry 32; Porter; Nati\'e ; 18 Turk 
Linton, V/illiam Kelly 44; ^Prador : Hativ«; 615 Market 
Llntott, Cliarles 36; Butcher; Naturalized; 14ii Fourth 
Lion, Leopold 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 1010 Stockton 
Lion, Samson 36; Halter in Branch Mint; Naturalized; 

1010 Stockton 
Lipmai, C>^arles Frederick 28; Merchant; Native; 1810 Mason 
Llprnan, Isaac 48; Merohai t; Naturalized; 327 Bush 
Llpman, Joseph 33; Hairderosser; Naturalized; 110 Hyde 
Lippinoott, Amaslah 40; House Carpenter; Native^ 807 Bush 
Llppincott, W, lllfiKu Poohin 4<i; Miliar; Native; 527 Mission 
Lippman, Joseph 39; Jeweler; naturalized; 528 tieary 
Lismai, Isaac 38; Stovewood; Naturalized; 637 Mission 
Llasnor, Lewis 37; Merdiant; Naturalized; 15 Kearney 
Lltohenstein, Moses Harris 38; Pawnbroker; Naturalized; 

1224 Hyie 
Litchensteln, Moses Benjamin 25| Pawnbroker; Naturalized; 

Hyde near Pine 
Litchfield, Watson D. 31; Butcher; Native; 347 FremOTit 
Little, Alonzo John 36; Tinamitli; Native; 719 Lombard 
Little, Francis 45; Stevedore; Naturalized; 937 Mission 
Little, George Doty kil; Olurk; kichigaa; 1106 Pine 
Little, John Oodi'rey 49; Shipwright; Naturalized; 320 Rltch 
Little, John Thomas 46; ^-^erchan t; l^laine; 1106 Pin© 
Little^ K^ chard vyinteranith 24; Boxmakur; ^«ative; 

118 St. -iark s Place 
Little, William 43; Shipwright; Naturalized; 5 Liberty 
Little, William T. 34; Moulder; Native; 15th, between Howard 

end MissicMi 
Llttlefield, Aldeu Bradford 37; Steamboatman ; Native; 

Broadway St. kVharf 
Littlefield, Don Carlos 46; Butdier; Native; 1018 i^arkln 
Llttlefield, Jolin Walls 48; Shipwri^it; Native; 19 Perry 
Littlefield, Joseph Dana 35; Teache r; Native; 41 Everett 
Littlefield, Sheldon 32; Native; 208 Washington 
Littlefield, John Ty^cxtias 38; Jeweler; Naturalized; corner Hyde 

and California 

^ame age occ. nat, loc. res. 205 

Littler, William cjiarloa 38; AuctionQer; Kativo; 462 Natoma 
Litton, V/llllan Uunry 50; Mariner; Native; 823 Jackson 
Litzues, -^awia 28; Upholsterer; Naturalized; 124 St.^ark's ^lac© 
LiveiTuore, Horatio Putnan 28; Druf^glst; Native; Cosmopolitan 
Ldvennore, Obediati 37; aeal instate J< a tlve; (Hotel 

Lombard and Koamy 
Livingston, Abraliam 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 810 ^eamy 
Livingston, Frank 26; Cor driver; Matui'allzed; Gilbert Street 
Livingston, Henry iioeckman 40; j^dltor; Native; 32 «atoma 
Livingston, Isaao 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 783 pQloom 
Klvingston, Robt, 33; Clerk; Native; Commercial & Leldesdorff 
Livingston, Wllllan Stewart 43; Seaman; i^atlvo; Washington 

and San some 
Lloyd, Chauncy Robinson 30; Milkman; Native; Old San Jose 

Road Bel Roche City 
Lloyd, Ueubern H, ii9; Attomey-at-law; Naturalized; 1008 Polsom 
Lloyd, Robert Ryan 43; Furniture; Native; 3,L. Corner Paoifio 

and Leavenworth 
Loano, Htury Singleton 49; S^pjolner; i'iatlve; 37 Ritch 
Locke, Elisha 44; Attendant in i3ath House; Native; iil5 Sanaome 
Locke, Jiimes 22; Carriage rnakor; Naturalized; —Jessie 
Looke, Josiali H. 35; Miller; Native; 58 Clementina 
Locke, Royal Putnam 52; Printer; Native; 18 Eddy 
LooloB, Sanuel Morris 34; Merchant; ^^atlve; Cor, Bush and 

Locke, Silas Merrill 39; Real Estate; Native; 1034 Mai'ket 
Lockhart, Albert Ever ot 26; Undertaker; Native; 436 Bush 
Locldiart, Thomas 48; Carpenter; Native; 54 First 
Lockling, i-evi Lyndon 55; Surveying; Native; 1067 Broadway 
Lockwood, George 61; U.S.Ciuarteiroaster; Native; 3 Taylor 
Lockwood- TyliiT V7. 34; Printer^ Native; Union Alley 
Lodge, jyllliam 32; Barkeeper; Native; Empire House 
Loda, Charles "^ewi s 34; Carpenter; ^ew 5fork; Bay and Larkln 
Loebensteln, Jacob 33; Manufacturer; Naturalized; east side 

3 took ton, bet., Sutter and Post 
Loehr, Ferdinand 48; Physician; Naturalized; CAllfornla aear 

Loeser, Leopold 41; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 1522 Powell 
Loewe, Mortis 36; Merclian t; Naturalized; Hayes, west of 

Loewy, VVilhelm 33; County Clerk; Naturalized; south west 

corner Stockton and V/asliington 
Loifcus, Michael Augustine 30; Clerk; Native; Ritch & Bryant 
Loftyea, •^aoies 25; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Sansorae and 

Vallejo Sts. 
Logan, Alexander 29; Saddler; Naturalized; 1304 Kearny 
Lohanoy, Patrick 29; GQllarmaker; Naturalized; 127 Shipley 
Lohman, John 31; Clerk; Naturalized; 510 Pine 
Lohse, John Fredefilok 42; Agent Powder Works; Native 

125 Silver 
Lohse, Theodore 39; Merchant; Naturalized; Dupont, near Filbert 
Loker, John Westley 36; Stearaboalanan; Native; Broadway Street 


Name age ooc« nat« looal res* 206 

liOllor, James Morton 'd6i Property man (Theater); Native 

Union, near school house* 
Lolor, Charles ?• 39| Merchant; Native; 852 Mission 
Lombard, Charles Clifford 28; Clerk; Native; 430 Pine 
Lombian, Henry 32; Engineer; Native; 907 Union 
Loraler, Charles William 35; Reporter; Naturalized; 562 Mission 
Long, David 39; loe business; Native; Government House; 

San some Street 
Long, Jr., Edson 44; Speoulater; Native; Valaicia, between 

16th and 17th 
Long, Matttiew 44; Engineer; Native; Bernard, between Jonea 

and Leavenworth Sts* 
Long, Maurice 28; Laborer; Naturalized; Freelon 
Long, Salmon Hunt 34; Music dealer; Mass.; Corner California 

and St. i^ary's 
Long, Thomas J. 28; Laborer; Native; Howard, bet. 15th & 16th 
Long, William 44; Porter; Naturalized; 12 Clementina 
Longfellow, Alvin Joslah 23; Carpenter; ^ativo; 117 Mason 
Longs teller, Sele^pan 44; Merctiant; Naturalized; 211 Fourth 
Lonkey, Matthew Mortimer 32; Clerk; Native; 121 Stevenson 
Loomis, William Israel 35; Merchant; Native; 622 Greenwich 
Loop, Sidney Joseph 36; Grocer; Native; 608 Bryant 
Lord, Andrew J. 35; Painter; Native; 33 Clamentina 
Lord, Charles Sherwood 33; Merchant; Native; Oak Grove Ave, 
Lord, Jas. McLellan 45; Heal Estate Agent; Native; Brannan 

and Second 
Lord, Joseph Dennis 59; Mercliant; Native; 1213 ?ov/ell 
Lord, Thomas Baldwin 40; Manufacturer; Native; Beale, between 

Howard & Mission 
Lord, Thos. Henry 34; Carpenter; Native; What Cheer 
Lord, William C. 28; Machinist; Native; 306 Fremont 
Lordan, Daniel 0. 44; Laborer; Naturalized; South side 

Harrison, between 7th & 8th 
Lorentzen, Hans 38; Policeman; Naturalized; 200 Stewart 
Lorenzen, John 35; Tinsmith; Naturalized; Gorman Hall; 

16 Sansome 
Lorenzen, Lorenzo 46; Ship carpenter; Naturalized; Francisco, 

near Taylor 
Loring, Slfieon Morton 42; Teamster; Native; 313 Sutter 
Loring, V/illiara Henry 30; Glork; Native; 534 Howard 
Lothrop, John Johnson 44 j Blacksmith; New Hampshire; 

1006 Leavenworth 
Lott, Enoch 48; Carpenter; Native; 8 Hubbard 
Lott, William Schenck ^^9; Solicitor; Native; 630 Sutter 
Lotto, Carl August 44; Expressman; Naturalized; Varind Street 
Lottrltz, John 41; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 16th, between 

Mission and Valencia 
Loucks, Charles J. 30; Caterer; Native; 27-1/2 Fourth 
Loucks, Orlando 36; Produce Taylor; Native; Filbert, 

near Hyde 
Louderback, Andrew Anderson 34; Game dealer; Native; 

N.E, corner Eddy & Leavenworth 
Louderback, Davis 26; Lawyur; Native; 14 Virginia 
Louderback, Davis 63; Game dealer; Native; 14 Virginia 
Loagee, James William 49; Painter; New ^Wip3liire;618 Pine 
Loughey, Hugh 36; iierchan t; Naturalized; 130 Davis 

Namo age ooc» nat* local res. 201 

Loughlln, (leorge ^ata 47; Jowelorj Native; lAZ Harrison 
Loughran, Patrick Francis 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 

Occidental Hotel 
Lounsborry, Jolin Ronk 50; Jeweler; Native; 718 Market 
Louterwasser, Christian 38; Peedstoro; Natui^alized; 227 Sixth 
Love, James 30; Boilormakor; Native; 515 V/ashlngton 
Love, John Lord 25; -i^wyer; Native; 1435 Taylor 
Lovegrove, George H. 34; Clerk; Native; 629 Sutter 
Love Joy, Alphonso Jackson 36; Flour packer; Native; Union, 

near Larkin 
Lovejoy, Willlaoi iildwln 28; Photographer; Native; corner Pine 

and St. Mary 
Loveland, Isaac 31; Clothing; Native; 314 Bush 
Loveland, Lafayette 41; Broker; Now York; Greenwich and 

Lovell, Edward Carrol 30; Clerk; Native; Filbert, near 

Lovely, George Sraedley 35; Boarding house keeper; Native; 

607 Pine 
Lovely^ Marcus Hull 30; Printer; Native; 432 Bush 
Lovely, Noble 24; Printer; Veiroont; 506 Dupont 
Lovely, Horace 64; Merchant; Vermont; 503 Dupont 
Low, Charles ^wis 47; Capitalist; Native; 553 Harrison 
Low, George Albert 32; Merchant; Native; 24 Hayrthome 
Low, James Caldwell 56; Bookkeeper; Native; 1107 Kearny 
Low, Joseph Wardwell 42; Merchant; Natives; 14 O'Parrell 
Lowe, Benjamin Johnson 72; Clergyman; Native; comer 

Oou^ and Sutter 
Lowe, William libbetts 21; Bookkeeper; Native; Northwest comer 

Jones and Washington 
Lowe, vVllllam Linn 34; Engineer; Native; comer Gough and 

Lowell, Arthur Drlnkwater 30; Clerk; Native; 52 Minna 
Lowell, V/llllam Price 71; Liquor dealer; Massachusetts; 

8 Qulncy Place 
Lowenberg, Isidore 31; Merchant; Naturalized; 424 Eddy 
Lowensteln, Isaac 40; Boot & Shoe store; Naturalized; 

1208 Stockton 
Loweatead, Char las 41; Porter; Naturalized; Beale, between 

Howard & Mission 
Lowny, Timothy 31; Blacicamith; Naturalized; Clementina, 

between 8th and 9th 
Lowrey, Peter 30; Carpenter; Naturalised; 3 William 
Lowrie, William Henry 27; Pollceinan; Native; 136 Perry 
Loring, Edward Hall 29; Dep. Tax Collector; Massachusetts; 

Yerba Buena near Sacramento 
Lowry, John ^iQi Carriages.aiith; Naturalized; Dupont, near Pino 
Lowth, Jolin 36; Haciiinist; Naturalized; 316 Fourth 
Lozier, Peter 36; Liquor dealer; Native; 219 Bush 
Lucas, James 36; Teamster; Massachusetts; Pacific 5c Polk 
Lucas, John Josei>h 27; Carpenter; naturalized; New Turnpike 
Lucey, Cornelius 40; Helper; Natardllzed; 3 Tehama 
Luchiriger, Henry 48; Cabinetmaker; Naturalized; 345 Minna 
Lucke, Henry 48; Boot & Shoe dealer; Naturalized; 

648 ..'ashington 

Nama ag« ooc. nat. loc.res. 208 

Lucy, Dennla John 28; Hid© curor; Native; Clinton Street 
Luddlngton, Charles Sumner 27; Oionibus driver; i'^ative; 

21 Perry 
Ludlara, Anthony v56; Merchant; i'«ative; 624 Howard 
Ludlam, Cornelius 59; \7ha^finger; Hativo; 92 Stevenson 
Ludlam, iiidward 25; i^ative; 92 Stevenson 
Ludlow, Charles Somes 32; Native; 545 Mission 
Ludlow, James ?• Clergyman; ^iative; 813 Hyde 
Ludlow, VVm. P. 35; Restaurant; i*atlve; 102 Sixth 
Ludlura, Jfioies Calvin 26; Oyster dealer; Native; oomer 

Howard and Jane. 
Ludlum, Thomas Badgley 27; Merchant; ^ative; comer Third 

and i^arkot 
Ludlum, vln, i3urbank 3ii; Carpenter; Native; Coraraerolal k Kearny 
Ludwiok, Charles 37; Carpenter; Naturalized; Corner Sixth 

and Minna 
Luoaman , Ernst 32; Cltark; Naturalized; 228 Montgomery 
Luhr, limst 42; Painter; Natur-alized; 238 Rltch 
Luhrs, albert 32; Drayman; Naturalized; 25 Dupont 
Luhrs, Nicholas 31; Porter; Naturalized; 1008 Leavenworth 
Lull, Lewis R, 42; Attorney; Native; 224 Post 
Lulle, William 33; Special Police; Naturalized; 253 Stewart 
Lum, C;n?U8 ^enry 55; Sexton; Native; 212 Second 
Lumaden, John Edwin 24; Salesman; Native; 516 Taylor 
Lumsden, William 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 516 Taylor 
Lund, Charles 45; Koperaakfor; Naturalized; Hopewalk, Potrero 
Lunt, Daniel 42; Secretaiy; Mass; Franklin & California 
Lunt, David Silsby 39; Collector; Native; Rusa House 
Lupton, Sanuel Lawrence 31; Lawyer; ^''ativej John, near ^ason 
Lurch, San'l 32; Cabinet; Native; What Cheer 
Lusk, Albert 38; Pruit dealer; New York; Cor, Clay & Stockton 
Lust, Simeon 32; Merchant; Naturaized; 241 Minna 
Lustenberger, Hubert 53; Milkman; Naturalized; Noe, between 

16th & 17th. 
Lustig, Isaac 40; Merciiant; Naturalized; Cor. Natoma & 6th 
Lutolf, Joseph 27; iiigineor; Naturalized; 108 3t.Mark*s Place 
Luty, John Samuel 23; Accountant; Native; 305 Montgcniery 
Lutz, John Christopher 47; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

273 Stevenson 
Luwieske, Constantino L. 45; Restaurant keeper; Natui?alized; 

702 Bush 
Lux, Charles 42; Cattle dealer; Naturalized; 45 South Park 
Frederick 35; U.S.Assistant Assessor; Naturalized; 

3«W. corner -Leavenworth & V/ashington 
Luypter, Thonias O.W,; Steward; Native; U,S,«iarlne Hospital 
Lyall, Peel 44; Fanner; "ativo; Canmercial, between Kearny 

and Montgomery 
Lydon, Jolm 31; V/atchman; Naturalized; Cor, Fourth & Louisa 
Lyle, Freeman B" ii3; Salesman; A<ative; Cor. Howard and 

Washington Ave. 
Lyle, Joshua B, 59; Broker; Naturalized; Corner Howard and 

Washington Ave, 
Lyle, William S, ii5; Salesman; Native; Corner ^^oward and 

Washington Ave, 
Lyman, Charles 33; Bookkeeper; Native; 245 Tehama 
Lyman, Joseph 24; Clerk; Native; 245 Tehama 




local raa. 



Lynch, Daiiol a6j laborer; Naturalized; 116 Stevenson 
Lynch, Daniel 48; i-aborer; Naturalized; South side Larkin, 

bet, Broadway and Vallejo 
Lynch, Dennis 30; Laborer; Naturuli^ed; 50 Natoma 
Lynch, Prancla 45; Purnituro-; Naturalized; 5d^ Broadway 
Lyncii, CJaorge A, 36; Teaust-dr; Native; Juniper St., near Poloom 
Lynch, ^enry J. 34; Tinsmith; Native; Stevenson, bet. 5th & 6th 
Lynch, Jan»s 38; Steamboating; Naturalized; Cor. Sixth h Natoma 
Lynch, Jas 43; V/aiter; Native; 26 Sacramento 
Lynch, John 4ii; Carpenter; Naturalized; Hyde, between Pacific. 

and Broadway 
Lynch, John 40; Cook; Naturalized; 18 Taylor 
Lynch, John 49; Furniture dealer; Naturalized; 314 Pacific 
Lynch, Joseph 39; Gardener; Natui-alized; GJ.lbert Street 
Lynch, Michael 35; Secretary Plre Department; Native; 

S,.i..cor, IGfch & Dolores 
Lynch, Michael 49; Pumituretdealor; Naturalized; 522 Broadway 
Lynch, Mlchall 50; v'^.aloon keeper; Naturalized; Mary Lane 
Lynch, bwen 30; Jjaboror ; Natursa ized; Cor. Battery Ic Green 
Lynch, Patrick 42; Real instate; Naturalized; 110 Minna 
Lynch, Patrick 46; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 1107 Mason 
Lynch, Patrldc 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Third, ne^r Townsend 
Lynch, Peter 41; watercart; Naturalized; 53 Clara 
Lynch, Thomas 40; Dealer Fui»niture; Natui'alized; 814 Pacific 
Lynch, Thomas Antony 45; Broker; Native; 704 Howard 
Lynch, Timothy 49; Laborer; Naturalized; 248 Jessie 
Lynch, Timothy Vincent 21; Boatman; Native; linear, between 

Market and Mission 
Lynes, Boijamin S, 40; Police Officer; I^ative; Kousch, between 

Howard and Folsora 
Lynn, Geor^je 24; Brevyor; Native; 419 Powell 
Lynn, Jacob 62; Brewer; Naturalized; 519 Powell 
Lynn, Jacob Jr. 29; Musician; Native; 419 Powell 
Lynn, Patrick 37; Sailor; Naturalized; 117 Pacific 
Lyon, Robert Howard 33; Teamster; Native; S. .comer of JLiarkin 

and Geary 
Seeley iiaker 35; Moulder; Native; 500 Mission 
v/arrington Smith 40; *^elterj Native; 212 Powell 



Lyon, V/illlam Henry 45; Herohant ; New York; 706 California 



Wm. Nelson 



Lyons , 
Lyons , 

Clerk; Naturalized; Leidesdorff & Commercial 
Printer; Native by father; Leavenworth, 
between Broadway & Vallejo 
Bernard 40; Hfirnessmaker; Native; Filbert, near Dupont 
Chas, Adams 29; Stage driver; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Dennis 46; laborer; Naturalized; 26 Praalon 
Dennis 52; i^ditor; Naturalized; 1900 Powell 
Janes 37; Carder; Naturalized; i^oward, near 16th 
Janes Shoa 36; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 2015 Mason 





Teamster; Native; ^mtoma St., between 
Mason; Naturalized; Hinckley, between 

40; Tanner; 
Francis 26; 

0th & 9th 
and Greenwich 

Naturalized; Garden street 

Compositor; Naturalized; Powell & Greenwich 

Joshua 49; Seaman; Native; 629 Commercial 
Michael ftO; Laborer; Naturalized; Ash St., east of La^iiuna 
Theo 42; Tinsmith; Native; Sacramento and Davis 
William 27; Kxpresswa/^on-driver; Native; Beale bet, Howard 
William iil; Reporter; Native; Pov/ell and Oreenvd ch 




19 4 9. 

The naroes oomnlllng this Volume ai*e copied from the files 

In California State Library, Saoranento. 

They are true copies from the original Registrational 

General John A. Sutter and Saoramento Chapters, D.A.R, 

share the credit for this work. The typing was done by the 

State Chairman of Genealogical Reoorda Committee, 1947-1948 

Mrs. William 3, Perry, Rosevllle, California. 

Volume II bound and deposited In the four Official Libraries 

during the term of Mrs. Charles Haskell Danforth, State Regent. 

Contents of Volume II. 

Names beginning vdth letter M, pages 1 to 42 
* " » R, ' ^ 43 to 48 

0, » 49 to 55 
« 56 to 69 
" 70 to 71 
« 72 to 87 
« 88 to 121 
" 122 to 131 
* 132 

" 133 to 135 
" 136 to 156 
" 157 
" 158 

Presented to the following Libraries: 

Ration a Society, D.A.R. Washington n.C. 
California State Library, Sacramento 
Los Angeles Public Library 
Sutro Branch, San Francisco Public Library 











M— 1 

Names Ages Nat, Occ. loo. res* 

MabMtt, Jaa. H, 24: native! Mariners Oonnierclal &Lelsendorff 
Maberry, Edward Leoden 328 Car/anters Native. 12 KatoB* 
Haoabee, Alexander 36sCarT>entertHatives 406 Geary 
MoAran. Patrlek 34s Merchants Naturalized. 7 ©•Farrell 
Heodrellish, Frederick 56s Publialiers Native. Cor Pine & Meson 
Maodonald, Wllllaa 29s Clerks Natives 41 Tehama 
Haoe« Alfred Adrian S4s I-a\^«rps Naturalised. 500 Filbert 
Mace, Benjamin F. 42s Engineer: Native. Valencia near 15th 
Macholdt, Henry 43s Cabinet maker: Haturallaed. Filbert. 

near Stockton 
Mack, Patrick 35sParmers Naturalized. Ocean House Flat. 
Haclien, James 44s Coppersmiths Native. 254 Fremont 
llaokenhuff , Alrle 47: Saloon keeper. Naturalizod. 742 Faolflo 
MaoIdLe, Jamea H. 36s stationers Naturalized. California 

near Stockton 
Maoklnley, Edward 39s Att»y at law: Native. 919 Howard 
Maoky, Rob t. Walker SOsPhysiciansNatlve: 525 Commercial 
Maoomber, Luther Rodrldge 36; Shlpwrlcht: Naturalised s Cor. 

Fremont and Brannan 
Maoondray. Frederick vJlillam 26s Merchant Natives 605 

Maoondray, William Austin 33sMerchants Native. 213 Oeary 
MaopherBon,Alex»r i/entworth 40 sMerohants Naturalized, Bealt 

near Harriaon-Beale 
Maoready, Caleb 43sPainters Naturalized. Sumner bet, 

Montgomery and Kearney 
Maoy, Albert 55s Merchant: Native. 13 De Boom 
Maoy, Chas. M. 38s Carpenters Native. 57 Fifth 
Maoy, Daniel Folrer 56s Teamsters Native. Ill Silver 
Macy,Geo,Gorham 52sMcJiufaoturer: Native. 13 Second 
Macy, Henry Clark 45s Architects Native: 1215 Mason 
Macy, Obe 22s Clerks Native: 23 Hawthorne 
Macy, Robert Bunker 44$ Agents New York. 629 Calif ornl|| 
Macy, Thomas Bernard 62s Pedlars Massachusetts. Cor 

Sacraronto and 'faverly 
Maoy, v;m, Watson 28s Clerks Native. lllSllver 
Madden, James 328 Laborer: Naturalized: Cor.Mlsslon & 15th 
Madden, James Fitz 33s Post-office ClerksNaturallzed: 1304 

Madden, John 49: laborers Naturalizeds Fulton, ivest of 

Madden, John 52: Brug^lstslrelands Presidio Road 
Madden, John 35s Dealers Naturalized. 620 Mission 
Madden,Peter 40s Carpenters Naturalizeds Mission Hall, 

Dolores Street. 
Maddlson, James 52s Blacksmiths Native. 19 St. Mark's Place 
Maddison, JohnHenry 28: Real Estate: 206 Stockton 
Madge, Frederick 45s Sec'y RR Co. 8 Naturalized. 1208 Folaoo 
Madlgan,Wm. 455 Stonecutter: Naturalized. Hitch near Townsend 
Madlna, Frank 35s Musicians Native. 525 Union 
Madison, Charles 28sTeam8ter$ Naturalized. 3 Eddy Place 
Margery, Dennis 70s None: Native. Bet. 25th and 26th 

near Mission. 
Margary, John Edward 36: Clerks Native. Noe»s Ranoh,bet. 
25th and 26th. 






Loo. Hea. 

Magapi Rlohard 43: Wood dealer: Naturalized, 869 Harrleon 
Magllton. Thomas 44: Lumber dealtr; Native. Mlsaion Ave* 
llatinn, Henrar 40: Marbleoutter: Naturalized. Dora bet. 7th and 8th 
Maginn, Patrick 40: Carpenter: Naturalised. 781 Foiaom 
Maginnie, iSIlphas 37: Pi*oduoe Dealers Pennsylvania. 

Austin near Polk 
Magneri Dennis 40: Laborer: Naturalized. Valparaiso St. 
Hagner, John Francis S6: Walter: Naturalized. 137 Jessie 
Magner, ^'iohael :^8: Bar-keeper: naturalized. 6C1 Mission 
Magner, Thomas 38: Grocer: Naturalised. 817 Broadway 

Hugh 31: Hostler: Naturalized. Katoma near Fifth 

Matthew 39: Carpenter: naturalized. Jessie bet. 
Seventh and Sixth 

James 29: Roofer: Naturalized. 2 Mason 

James JoseDh 24: Machinist: Native. Dolores bet. 
16th and 17'th Sts. 

John 39: Saloon Keeper: New York. Dupont near 

John Plillip 33: Teamster: Naturalized. Grove east 
of (JoueJu 

Michael 34: Merchant: Naturalized. Cor. Hayes and 
Van Ness'^Avenue 

Oven 36: >;ood & CoaX dealer: naturalized 
S.E.COR. Hayes and Van Mess Ave. 

Philip 36: Laborer: Naturalized. 250 liinna 

Phillip 44: Saloon Keeper: Naturalized, w. side 

Dolores St. 

Roger 60: Dealer in old clothes: Naturalized, 

N.S. Pacific bet. Dupont <t Kearny 

Stephen 43: Wood & Coal: Naturalized. 915 Saoramento 

Thonas 45 1 I!heatrieal Manager: Naturalized 

Theatre Washington St. 

Thomas G. 39: Clerk: Naturalized: 22 Tehama 

William D. 39: Stonecutter: Native. Cor. 

Broadway and Kontgoffiery 
Magus 9 Peter Amet 62: Jeweler: Naturalized* Davis & Saoramento 
Nahan, Bernard Allav/eoias 27: Finisher: Naturalized. 35 Hunt 
Mahan, William 37: Barber: Naturalized. Minna St. 
Mahanny, John Andrews 24: Printer: Massachusetts. Cor. Clay & 

Maher, Jamea 38: Teamster: Naturalized. 671 Harrison 
Maher, v/illiam Dennis 40: Gkirdener: Naturalized. 

Francisco neai* Dur>ont 
Maherln, *'ohn 28: Carpenter: Naturalized. 32 Clementina 
Mahler, Phillip 52: Merchant: Naturalized. 18 Third 
Mahon, Penton John 40: Pilot: Naturalized. Dupont near Bay 
Mahon, Frank 33: Printer: Nattiralized. 308 Sutter 
Mahoney, Daniel 26: Laborer: naturalized. 909 Vallejo 
Mahoney, Daniel 46: Eotelkeeper: Naturalized. Sixth & Bryant 
Mahoney, David 45: Stock Dealer: Ireland: Pacific near Larkin 
Mahoney, Dennis 49: Butcher: Ireland: Pacific near Larkin 
Mahoney, Dennis ll. 22: Laborer: Native. 412 Bush 
Mahoney, Henry 26: Porter; Naturalized. 15 Second 

















Log. Res. 




Jeremiah 30:Laboreri Naturalized. 260 Stevenson 
Jeremiah A. 39: Carriage rialnter: Native. 4?,1 Natoma 
Gilder; Naturrlized. 425 Stevenson 
29: G-asfitter: Native. 21 LaFayette Place 
G-room: Naturalized. Cor. Brannan & 2nd 
Laborer: Naturalized: Union Court 
Hostler: Naturalized. Hayes, west of 

John J. 24: 
John JoseDh 
Patrick 27: 
Patrick 50: 
Stephen 31; 


Thomas 27: Agent: Naturalized. 629 California 
Thomas 45: Tailor: Naturalized: 10 Sherwood Place 
Thomas 49: Laborer: Naturalized. 267 Stevenson 
Timothy 35: Laborer: Ireland: Polk and Bay 

Laborer: Naturalized: 2 Sutter 

Laborer: Naturalized. 

Laborer: Naturalized. 

Laborer: Naturalized: 




Mahony, Jeremiah 45; 

Mailock, Frederick 
Mains, Benjamin' F. 

Union Court, 
Gardener St, 
Che s ley near 

Laborer: Naturalized: Post East of 

30: Marble cutter: Naturalized. 911 Post 
40: Shoemaker; Native. 221 Dupont 

Makins, James N, 38: Miner: Native. 228 Fremont. 
Maley, Michael 26: Barkeeper: Native. 516 Montgomery 
Mallis, Vfilliam 35: Carpenter: Naturalized, 530 Bush 
Mallon, John 34: Laborer: Naturalized. Main St. bet. 

Howard & Folsom 
Mallon, John 44: G-rocer: Naturalized. 1417 Mason 
Mallon, Patrick 38: Manufacturer: Naturalized, 18 Hunt 
Mallory, Andrew Peck 42: Miller: Native. 714 Howard 
Mallory, Henry Clay 42: Clerk: Native. Bryant near First 
Mallory, Madison 59: Boardinr^ House: Native, 333 Beale 
Malloy, Charles J, 28: Carpenter: Native, 8th bet Howard 

and Folsom 
Malloy, Hugh 45: Laborer: Naturalized. 244 Minna 
Malloy, James 26: Sallmal?:er: Naturalized. 333 Bush 
Malloy, Paul 65: Pv-operaaker: Naturalized. Cor. Howard & 15th 
Malmgren, Nils Magnus 50: Butcher: Naturalized. 1114 Taylor St, 
Malmgren, Nils Peter 28: Hardx;are: New York. 1114 Taylor 
Malone, John 26; Molder: Naturalized, Mission Street 
Malone, William 24: Clerk: Virginia. 813 V/ashington 
Malone, V/ililam 42; Stableman: Naturalized, — Tehama 
Maloney, Daniel 22: Clerk: Naturalized. 22 Natoma 

David 53: Painter: Ireland: Van Ness and Pacific 
James Henry 29 S Coach Driver: Naturalized. Cor. 
Broadway and San some 
Maloney, John 38; Hotelkeeper: Naturalized. Cor. Broad'./ay 
and Sansome 
John 30: Miner: Naturalized, Cor, Broadway & Sansome 
John Joseph 32: Stonerr.ason: Native. 2095 Powell 
Patrick 31; Boardinghouse Keeper: Naturalized 

Cor. Sansome and Broadway Stj, 
Thomas 27: Helper: Naturalized, 26 Rltch 
James 39: Upholsterer: Naturalized: 322 Vallejo 





Name: Age; Occ: Nat. Loo res. 

Ma, Lett 34! Merchant: Native. 1434 Mission 

Maltby, Charles 54: Superintendent! Native. Washington 

and Sansome 
Manahan, John 45! Express wagoner: Naturalized. 512 Mission 
Manahan, Michael 28: Teamster: Naturalized. 246 Third. 
Manahan, Patt Francis 40: Broker: Naturalized. Cor. First 

and Clementina 
Manchester, Benjamin Spooner 42: Caulker: Native. Cor. 

Buena Vista and Henrietta 
Manchester, John Boyce 54: Lawer; Native. Cor. Stockton 

and Pacific 
Manchester, Lyman Humphrey 28: Clerk: Native: 3 Martha Place 
Mandevllle, Simon Van Ness 52: Sashmaker* Native. 

Folsom bet. 21st and 22nd. 
Mandlvlll, Edward 30: Manufacturer: Native. Fciitom bet. 

21st and 22nd sts 
Maney, Edward 54: Laborer: Naturalized. 12 Clemintlna 
Mangan, Patrick 40: Caulker: Naturalized. Gilbert bet. 

Sixth r\nd seventh 
Mangel, John 33: Butcher; Naturalized. 400 Stocktcn 
Mangels, Claus 33: Brewer: Naturalized. 70 Everett 
Manis, James R. 33: Photographer: Native. 31 Moss 
Manke, August 37: Butcher: Naturalized, 567 Stevenson 
Manley, Bridcrman 34: Finisher: Native. 732 Folsom 
Manley, John 42: House mover: Naturalized. Stevenson near 6th 
Mann, Alexander, 31: Tabacconist; Naturalized. 863 Folsom 
Mann, Azro Levi 25: Teacher: Native, Steiner north of Fulton 
Mann, Charles Herbert 24: Bookkeeper: Native. 20 Sutter. 
Mann, George Sparhawk 65: Merchant: Native: 31 South Park 
Mann, Joel French 51 i Laborer: Native: 528 Folsom 
Mann, Levi 47: Real Kstate: Native. Steiner north of Fulton 
Hanna, Alexander 36: Speculator; Naturalized. 832 Clay 
Manning, Alfred Washington 36: Oystermgui: Naturalized. 35 2nd 
Manning, Cirrnellus 34: Laborer: Naturalized. 915 Vallejo 
Manning, Den' is Richardson 28: Holder: Native. 910 Brannan 
Manning, G-unther 34: Tinsmith: Naturalized. 140 Fourth 
Manning, James 27: Salooa keeper: Naturalized. Cor, Mary 

and Natoma. 
Manning, Lorenzo Dow 35: Laborer: Maine, 421 Kearny st. 
Manning, Marcius Pearl 26: Lather: Native. 651 Mission 
Mannjng, Patrick 39: Laborer: Naturalized. Harrison bet 

7th and 8th 
Manning, Patrick 29; Porter; Naturalized. Vallejo bet 

Kearny and Montgomery 
Manning, William Holmes 45: Printer: Native. 617 Market 
Mannlon, Francis 34: Carpenter: Naturalized. 138 Clara 
Mannlx, Prtrick 30: Plasterer: Naturalized. Bush St. House 
Mansell, Frederick 63: Painter: Naturalized. 409 California 
Mansfield, Joser^h 31: Cook: Naturalized. 551 Howard 
Manslr, Henry Clay 40: Porter: Massachusetts. 802 Mason 
Mpnsur, Joseph 26: Clerk: Native: 713 Bush 
Mantell, Edward Henderson 22: Mariner: Native: 1211 Bush 
Manwaring, Henry 27: Clerk: Native. 26 1/2 First. 
Manzar, Lonson Martin 35: Clerk: Native, Cor, of Steiner & Eddy 


Name: Age; Ooc! Nat: Loo res. 

Mapes, Charles W, 36: Clerk: Native, Folsombet. 7th & 8th 
Marabeolo, John 26: Hlxpressman: Naturalized, Valparaiso 
Marble, Nelson Jr. 39: Carpenter: Massaohuaetts: Sacramento 

near Polk 
March, Charles Edward 35: Carpenter: Native: 202 Second 
March, William Francis 39: Carpenter: Native 119 Hatoma 
Marohand, Elihu 45: Collector: Native, 429 Clementina 
Marcott, Edx^ard 41: Machinist: Naturalized, 47Clementina 
Maroucci, Domingo 39: Shipwright: Naturalized. 509 Third 
Marcus, Isiah 39: Merchant: Naturalized, 510 O'Farrell 
Marden, Calvin 26: Clerk: Native. 1918 Taylor 
Mart en, Ira 44: Merchant; Native. Filbert & Jones 
Harden, Robert A, 32: Maohinist; Native. 143. Clark 
Marden, Robert Albert 32: Maclilniat: Native *«-— Clara 
Harggraf , Leopold 37; Teamster: Naturalized, Cor 

Dlviaadero and Post 
Marion, August 31: Boar(31ng house keeper; Naturalized. 

219 Pacific 
Marion, Henry 29: Carpenter; Native. 2*^3 Jessie 
Marion, Simon 39; Saloon; Naturalized, 1 Commercial 
Mariner, Rufus Knight 35: Teacher: Native. 731 Hai'iison 
Mark, Morritz 70; Comjnission: Naturalized. Cor. Tliird 

and Mission 
Markel, Rufus C, 25: Stevadore: Native: 516 Mission 
Markes, John Henry 40: Butcher; Naturalized. Poti'ero 
Markey, Owen 45; Carpenter: Naturalized, 17 Hunt 
Markham, V/illard 53; Clerk: Connecticut; Francisco near 

Markhan, Henry Clay 21: Butcher: Iowa; Stockton near 

Markley. Levy 48; Produce dealer; Native, 808 Bush 
Marks, A. 60: Paper carrier; Naturalized. Creen & Taylor. 
Marks, Aaron 28: Merchant: Citizen by naturalization of 

Father. 332 Mission 
Marks, Bernhard 33: Teacher: Poland; Sacramento near Polk 
Marks, Emil 26; Clerk: Naturalized. 46 Fourth 
Marks, Frederick 33; Jeweler: Nat>iralized. 810 Green 
Marks, Isaac 43; Butcher; Naturalized; Cor. Jackson and 

Kearny Bitter' s Hotel 
Marks, Jacob C. 38; Merchant: Naturalized, 654 Ilission 
Marks, Jas. P. 35; Ship chandler; Naturalized; L5 Sixth 
Marks, Joer Abram 70: No occupation; Naturalized. 523 Mission 
Marks, John 58: Tailor; Naturalized. 35 Everett 
Marks, John James 40; Sliipchandler; Naturalized. 510 Third 
Marks, Joseph 45; Auctioneer; Naturalized. 532 Mission 
Marks, Lewis 30; Tinsmith; Naturalized: 266 Jessie 
Marks, Samuel 30; Painter: Naturalized. 809 V/ashington 
Marks, Simon 47: Merchant: Naturalized. 622 Post 
Marlow, Owen 50: Grocer; Naturalized, 43 Third 
Maroney, Thomas 50; Laborer; Naturalized, 54 Louisa 
Marooney, John 4G; Barkeeper: Naturalized. S.E, cor. 

Brannan and Seventh 
Marrion, James 32: Drover; Naturalized, 272 Tehama 
Marron, Martin 28; Laborer; Naturalized. 60 Clementina. 








Mars, James Andrew 35: Assayer: Native, Cor, 3rd & Market 
Marsden, G-eorge 49; Trr.der: Naturalized, 113 Stevenson 
Marsden, John 21; Trader: Native, 113 Stevenson 
Marsh, Adenoram Judson 31; Merchant: Native, S,W. oor, 

Stockton & Jackson 
Marsh, Albert 39; Police Officer: Maine, Cor, Dupont 

and Washington 
Marsh, Andrew Jackson 40; Reporter: Native. 729 Harrison n 
Marsh, John Brown 37; Expressman; Native, 1421 Stockton 
Marsh, Nathaniel P, 34; Drayman; Native; 543 Tehama 
Marshal, James D, 32: Shoemaker; Naturalized, 

Stevenson near Sixth 
Marshall, Charles Frederick 31; Laborer: Naturalized, 

Marshall, Henry 36; Assis't Apr^raiser: New York; 824 Clay 
Marshall, Henry Hicks 38: Jev/eller: Naturalized; 615 

Marshall, Horatio 3. 33; Carpenter: Native: 26 Tehama 
Marshall, John 33: Stevedore: Native. 107 Jackson 

Joseph 39; Oysterman: Native, 6 Clarville Place 
Joseph V/hiDpy 25: Drayman; Native, 518 O'Farrell 
Levin 35; Trllor: Naturalized, 260 Jessie 
Sajnuel 42; Oysterman; Native. 6 Clarville Place 
Thomas 30; Sninner: Naturalized. Potrero bet, 
16th & 17th 

Marshall, Thomas 42; llaohlnist; Naturalized. 150 Third 
Marson, Lorenzo Dow 33: Attorney; Maine. Dunont Place 
Marston, Phineas F, 53; Builder: Native. 235 First. 
Martel, J, L, 42; Agent: Native, 446 Natoma 
Martell, John 31; Silverplater: Naturalized, 50 Everett 
Martens, Christian 22; Grocer: Naturalized, Cor, Stockton 

and Sacramento 
Martens, Dietrich 24: G-rocer: Naturalized. Cor, Stockton 

and Sacramento 
Martens, Fritz 36; Merchant; Naturalized, 822 Union 
Mart ens tein, Daniel 21; Miller; Native. 117 Minna 
Martenstein, Jacob 36; Miller: Naturalized. 115 Minna 
Martin, Adrlison 39; Mercliant: Native: 324 O'Farrell 
Martin, Albert 45; Banli Teller: Native, 505 Powell 
Martin, Alexander 23; Assayer: Native, 733 Broadway 
Martin, Benjamin Clark 25; Revenue Officer Native, 

721 Howard 
Martin, Charles 38; Porter: Naturalized. Calif, bet, 

Kearny & Montgome3?y 
Martin, Cornelius 39: Bricklayer; Naturalized, 6 Berry St. 
Martin, Edward 47: Banlt Treasurer: Naturalized, Cor, 

Pine & Taylor 
Martin, George 43: V/atchman: Native, Potrero Rope '.'alk 
Martin, James 29; Fruit; Native, Ninantic 
Martin, James George 38; Ship Carpenter: Naturalized. 

129 Jackson 
Martin, John 28: Briclmaker; Naturalized. 17th bet, 

Hov/ard and Mission 
Martin, John 34; Barkeeper: Naturalized. 57 Minna 






Loo. res. 








Martins 35: 
Michael 32: 
Minor Silas 
Patrick 28: 
Thomas 25: 
Thomas 35: 
Thomas 38: 
Thomas 54: 
v/heeler 39: 

36: Port Warden: Native. 1155 Folsom bet. 7th & 8th 
Andrew 24: Clerk: Native. 409 California 
Joseph 33: Clerk;Native, Francisco near Dupont 
Lewis 51: Cigars: Native, 221 Sacramento 
M, 40: Merchant: Naturalized, 809 Bush 

Saloonkeeper: Naturalized. 18 Sutter 
Laborer: Naturalized. Market St. 
43: Salesman: Native. 625 Harrison 
Naturalized, Potrero 
Shoemaker: Native. 1328 Pacific 
Miner: Native, 5268 Sacramento 
Painter: Naturalized. 1112 Montgomery 
Laborer: Naturalized. Rear of 835 Clay 
G-rocer: Native. 13th bet, Howard & Folsom 


25 Stone 
CJovernment House 

vdlliam 37: Policeman: 
V/illiam 37: Policeman: 

Washington St, 
William 27: Sack sewers Naturalized. 408 Pacific 
William 47: Real Estate: Naturalized. Minna bet, 

7th & 8th 
William 52; CarT:)enter: Naturalized: Market St, 

S, Side bet, 7th and 8th 
v/llliora 9rill 39: Carpenter: Native. Precita Valley 
William H, 69: V/ood dealer: Native, Teh jna bet, 

Qth & 9th 
V.'llllam H, Cooper: Native. Folsom bet. 8th & 9th 
ell, DaVid Wallace 36: Speculator: Native. 748 1/2 Market 

Martinet, Jefferson 37: Stationer: Native. Mission 


Marvin, John Henry 35: Butcher: Native. 113 Minna 
Marx, Henry 43: Clothing: Naturalized. 24 Stewart 
Mas, George 43: Blacksmith: Naturalized. Moses alley 

Stockton & Pov/ell 
Maserve, James Leavltt 47: Cabinet maker: Maine, Bush bet. 

Franklin and C-ough 
Mason, Alfred 37: Plasterer: Native 142 Rouse. 
Mason, Arthur Tap^an 29: Miner: Native, 619 Geary 
Mason, David Blacfcerder 50: Painter: Naturalized, 553 Sacramento 
Mason, iiidward Yard 37: Painter: Native, 332 Third 
Mason, Frederick 45: Real Estate: native. Licit House 
Mason, James Edward 24: Miner: Native. 627 Clay 
Mason, John 35: Brewer: Naturalized, Francisco near Poi/ell 
Mason, John Reuben 40: Salesman: Native. 521 Leavenworth 
Mason, Joseph Warren 59: Clerk, Custom House: Native: 619 G-eary 
Mason, Joseph Hoifell 57: Physician: Native. 80 O'Farrell 
Mason, Victor 33: Tailor: Naturalized. 637 Washington 
Mason, V/illiam Cowan 37: Salesman: Vermont: 1121 Taylor 
Mason, v;iiiiam Hen3?y 37: Carpenter: Native. 16th near Dolores 
Masseth, Michael 36: Expressman: 724 Union: Naturalized 
Massey, Atkins 46: Undertaker: Native. 606 Sutter 
Massey, Charles Prior (Jr.) 24: Bookkeeper: Native. 33 O'Farrell 
Massey, Richard. L, 26: Painter: Native. No. 7 Engine House 
Mast, Hermann 39: Hotel keener: Naturalized, 737 Union 


Namei Age: Ngt: Ooc: Loo. res. 

Hasten, Nathan Keyes 45 j Merchant: Native. 21 South Park 
Masterson, John 31: Hack driven Native. 522 Stevenson 
Masterson, i-Ilchael 29: Laborer: Naturalized. Magdalene 

Asylum, San Bruno Road 
Masterson, Patrick 27: Silversmith: Naturalized. 801 

Masterson, Wm, 31: Carriage painter: Naturalized. Sixth 

bet. Mission and Market July 31 
Matayron, Julius 45: Tailor: Naturalized. Quino^^ Place 
Mather, Joseph ''akeman 40: Accountant: Connecticut: 

1227 VJashlngton 
Mather, Robert 42: Dealer: Native, 248 Jessie 
Mathews, John 34: Laborer: Naturalized: Sansome bet. 

Filbert nnd Greenwich 
Mathewaon, James 43: Jeweler: Native, 708 Mason 
Matthews, Benjpjnin Franklin 42!Carpenter: Native. 625 Market 
Matthews, James M. 33: Butcher: Naturalized. 408 Minna 
Matthex^son, Nelson 32: Machinist: Native, 27 Ritch 
Matthewson, Thos. D, 42: R.E. Agent: Native. 865 Mission 
Mathlas, Charles D, 36l VJood and Goal: Naturalized. 

705 Vallejo 
Mathleu, Gaston Ch?.rle3 Lewis Eurl 46: Jeweler: 

Naturalized: 724 WasMngton 
Mathison, Andrew Christian 45: Dealer in wood and coal: 

Naturalized. S.E, cor, Broadway and Leavenworth 
Matlock, 32: Hardware clerk: Native: Brooklyn Hotel 
Matte, Henry 50: Shoemaker: Naturalized. 1426 Dupont 
Matthews, £Idward 35: Laborers Naturalized. Cor. Stewart 

and Folsom 
Matthews, James 32: Laborer: Naturalized, 72 Tehama 
Matthew, Patrick 45: None: Naturalized. 540 Howard. 
Mattson, Olof 26s Boarding House Keeper: Naturalized, 

39 Jackson 
Matzkewlth, Henry 40: Shi.pmaster: Naturalized, S.W, Cor, 

Broadway and Dupont 
Maurer, Geo. Henry 25: Hatter: Native. 65 Natoraa 
Max, Joseph Hayden 55: Carpenter: Native. 3,3, 16th Bet, 

Mission and Valencia 
Maxfleld, ICzra French 29s Meohinlo: Native. Omitted in 

Gr. Reg. of 1866 Aug. 6 
Maxfleld, Orvllle Lawrence 33: Engineer: Native, Cor. 

16th and Valencia July 11 
Maxwell, George 35: Blacksmith; Naturalized, County Hospital 
Maxwell, Geo. Clinton 34: Carpenter: Native: 013 Mission 
Maxwell, Richard Tyb«:)ut 45: Physician: Native. 403 Stockton 
May, Alexander V/llllamson 37: 3tablekeet)er: Native. 329 Bush 
May, George Benton 27s Clerk: Native, 1313 Taylor, July 30 
May, Henry V/allaoe 32: Clerk: Native, 515 Montgomery. June 22 
May, Jacob Joseph GO: Gentleman: Naturalized, 515 Geary 
May, John 58: p". lot: Naturalized. S15 Union. July 9 
May, John 55: Bootmalter: Naturalized. Merchant & Kearny 
May, John 25: Pork packer: Naturalized. Cor. Sacrajnento 

and Hyde 
May, John Henry 48 : Liquors: Native. 615 Washington 


Name: Age: Oog« Nat; Loc. res. 

May, William B. 40s Physician; Native. 1114 Clay, June 15 
Maybell, John 65: Gentl.?man: Naturalized, 18 Turk Aug, 4 
Mayblura, Morltz 46: Merchant: Naturalized, 1515 Powell 
Mayer, Jacob 32: Saloon Keeper: Naturalized. 1319 Dupont 
Mayer, Jolin Henry ^t Grocer: Naturalized, Cor. Powell and 

Mayer, John Louis 37: Blacksmith: Naturalized: 18 Sansome 
Mayer, Joseph 43; Orcan Builder: Naturalized. Page east of 

Mayer, Marcus 32: Can^enter: Native, Sacramento and 

Mayers, Brooks 41; Ca2*penter: Nntlve. Potrero 
Mayers, Frederick Augustus 27: Clerks 630 Commercial 
Mayers, Morris 31: G-lazler: Naturalized. Clayton Place 
Mayers, Phillip 60: Housebullder: Native. 823 Howard, July 21 
Mayers, Robert 48: Merchant: Naturalized. Lombard near 

Mayes, Oeorge 38s Flshdealer: Naturalized. 11 Bagley Place 
Mayhen, Villllam E, 29: Drug^rist; Native. Cor. Fourth and 

Mayhaw, Charles Carrol 30: Car Driver: Native, Post 3t, of Dlvir>adero, Aug. 3 
Mayhev, Harrison Allen 30: Merchant: Massachusetts. 1207 

Taylor St. 
Mayhew, Henry Harrison 27: Druggist, Native, S,E, Cor, 

Stockton and Broaaway 
Maynard, Addison Hubbard 31: Painter: Native. Cor, Pine 

and Montgoniery Mead House 
Maynard, Duncan Dunbar 33: Insurance Agent: Native, NE cor. 

Second and Minna 
Maynard, Eliza F, 35; Clerk: Native, Ashbtirton Place (sic) 
Maynard, G-eorge Horace 33: Clerk: Native, 305 Montgomery 
Mayne, Charles Menjbaoh 47: Banker: Naturalized, 535 Clay 
Maynea, Francis 52: Clerk: Naturalized, Cor. Hitch & Clara 
Maynihan, Timothy J, 31s Boilennaker: Native, 39 Clementina 
Mayo, Charles 36: Pilot: Naturalized. 408 Vallejo. June 20 
Mayrisch, Ernst 40; Saloon: Naturalized, 821 Broadway 
Mayrish, Adolph 38; Merchant: Naturalized. Lombard & Taylor 
McAfee, vailiam 37: Boilermaker: Naturalized. 441 Sixth 
MoAleavy, John 29: Clerk: Naturalized. 21G Pacific 
MoAleer, Andrew 29: Clerk; Naturalized. 1445 Leavenworth 
McAllister, Benjajnln Brackett 40: Machinist: Native. 

McAllister x/est of Buchanan 
McAllister, Cutler 34: Lav/y^r: Native. Bryr^nt ne-sr First Aug.l 
McAllister, Geo. 40: Machinist: Native, 363 Jessie 
MoAlliater, Hall 40: Lawyer: Native. 926 Jackson, June 26 
McAllister, Harvey Hawes 39: Lai^er, Native 613 Market 
McAllister, John Henry 39: Wood Dealer: Native. Cor. 'vllliam 

and Post 
McAllister, William Bowden 29: Dentist: Native, 221 Third 
McAllister, William Fred 42: Hotelkeeper, Naturalized, 614 3rd 
McAlpine, Charles 21: Painter: Native. Lombai*d and Jones 
McAlplne, Thomas 22: Sailor; Native. Commercial & Kearny 
MoAlplne, Thomas 48: Painter: Naturalized. Jones & Lombard. 


Name: Age: Ooot Hatt Loo. res. 

McAnally, John 45: Laborer: Katurallzed, 48 Sverett 
McAiiany, llichael 40: Laborer: Naturalized. 816 Sansome 
McAravy, Bernard 23: Bootmaker: Native, Union. St. bet, 

Montcomery and Sansome 
McAravy, John 55: Shoemaker: Naturalized, Cor. Union & Sansome 
MoArdle, Owen 23: Bartender: Naturalized. 216 Stevenson 
McArdle, Patrick 28: Merchant: Naturalized. 156 Natoma 
lIcArdle, Patrick 44: 3hoemek;er: Naturalized. G16 Pacific 
MoArdle, Peter 27: Dealer: Naturalized, 266 Stevenson 
McArdle, Philip 57: Contractor: Naturalized, fiureka Homestead 
MoArdle, Thomas 35: Mariner: Natrualized. Cor. Sansome 

and Montgomery 
McArthur, William E. 25: Customhouse Officer: Native, 

759 Pine 
MoArty, Daniel 30: Laborer: Ireland. Woolen Factory 
McAtee, John Francis 39: Railroad Conductor: Native. 

352 Third 
McAtae, Patrick 31: Contractor: Naturalized, Mission 

so, of Ridley 
McAullff , Owen 35: TeaCfOter: Naturalized. Cor. 20th & Jersey 
MoAuliffe, Florence 34: G-rainer: Naturalized. Cor. 

O^Farrell and Mason 
KcAuliffe, Jeremiah 38: Paperhanger: Naturalized. 21 Brannan 
McAuliffe, Lewis 37: Laborer: Naturalized. Boston Place 
MoAvoy, James 32: Longohorcnian: Naturalized, Union bet. 

Montgomery & S^jisome 
McAvoy, V'lllisjn 40: Cf.rventer: I^aturalized, 1315 Stockton 
KcBride, Michael 26: Cartman: Naturalized, 112 Dora St, 
KoBride, Thomas 38: Tanner: NaturaHzed, I^ora 3t, near 

KoBroi=m, Samuel 37: Speculator: Native. 514 Minna 
MoCabe, Berard 40: Oroaers Naturalized. Oor, Jessie and 

McCabe, James 40: Lawyer; Native, 625 Merchant 
McCabe, Jas. F. 22: Boilermaker: Native, Cor. Market & 6th 
McCatbe, John 31; Holder: Naturalized, 38 Kverett 
McCabe, John Herbert 52: Actor: Naturalized. 320 Washington 
MoCabe, Owen 3€: Laborer: Naturalized, St, Mark*3 Place 

Bet, Kei'.rny aad Duront 
McCabe, Patrick CD: Frai'fe dealer: Naturalized, Sixth and 

Market. June 28 
MoCaffney, Michael 33: Drayman: Naturalized, Howaivi St. 

next Shot-Tower 
McCaffrey, Dennis 34: Knc:;ineer: Nataralized. Berry & Ritch 
McCaliil, Anthony 39: Laborer: Naturalized, 160 Srapley 
McCall, Jolin 34: Milkman: Native, '"^^ear San Bruno Road 
MoCall, Joseph Gaorr-ia 35: Coachman: Native, 113 O'Farrell 
MoCall, Hiohael 39: MeroTiant: Naturalized, 629 Union 
McCallan, Daniel 31: Sailor: Maturallzed. l^oot of Washington 
McCammt, Lewis 30: Trunlon-aker: Native, 558 Stevenson 
KcCann, /-ridrew 25: Ooopen Natural.! zed. f^th bet. Folaon 

Al^D Harrison Sts. July 28 
MoCann, Charles 29: Arjs't "n'^in'3er: New tork. 716 Dupont 
MoCann, Cerrett 35: Laborer: Naturalized. 508 Post St. 
McCann, Jcjnes 30: Boarding-house Keeper: Naturalized. 

Front between Broadway ^ Vallejo 






Loc. res, 







McCann, James S. 41: Merch:mt: Native: 824 Bu3h 
MoCann, John 35: Stevedore: Naturalized. Alta bet. 

Hontgomery and Sansome 
MoCann, Joseph S6: Polisher: Raturailzed. 9C9 Folsom 
McOann, Mloliael 34: Dealer in liides: Naturalized. 1st Ave. 

bet. Slst and 2^d 
MoCann, Michael 34: Dealer: Naturalized. Treat Ave. bet. 

21st and 22nd. July 14 
Ow6n J. 31: Trunlanalter: Naturalized. 719 Howard 
Patrick 37; Engineer: Naturalized. Cor. Third & 

Peter 35: Dutcher; Naturalized. Brannan & Sixth 
Barney 58; Laborer: Naturalized. Minna bet, 7th & 
Pvobert 3: Stevedore; Naturalized. Comor Union & 

Williaa 2S: Oaaritter: N£..turalized. ?17 Hitch 
Jerandah 35: I-abC'i'-ar: Naturalized. 11 Natowa 
Andrew Jl ' on 25: Merchant! Naturalized. Cor. 

StoJ...-^>n ^ 3acr,saiiGntc 
Eartkolomy -^tO: Laborer: Natui'aliacd. .?,E, Cor. 
M.iin Sc Folsom 














Charles Louis 23: Plaot.'^ror: Native. 23 Lov.^gri 
Corii^llus 43: Ljxborsr: Naturalized. Cor, Rousoh 

And Folsom, July 18 
Daniel 30: KotfJl Keeper: Naturalized, 3W cor* 

First ^md Mission 
Daniel 56: Fruit atjjid: Naturalized. 228 O'sfarrell 
DavlA C, 40: Hsal SsCai:^; Haturallzed, 42G Bush 
Dennis 20: Printer: Naturalized, 251 Third 
Dermis 38: Tailor: Nr.tur.?lized: 319 Vallejo 
Sdv^ard 39: I-if^riner: Natur.^lized, 18 Bald'./in Court 
3ug©ne 52: Oaroontsr: Naturalized, Pacific nesgc 

Florence 29: Clerk: Native, 905 Pacific. June 26 , 
James 31: Laborer: Naturalized. Miscion bet. 

l^lrat and second 
Jjremiah 27: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor, Vallejp 

and Uattsry 
Jereiaiali 47: Laborar: Naturalized. Filbert bet. 
':5ont{;omary and Kcarnj' 
36: Clerk: Iroiand: Fort Point. 
26: CarmaJi: Na-urclizcd. 510 SacraTento 
44: Laborer: Naturalize.!, 428 Geary 
57: Pl;73lcian: Naturalized. Hinckley, 3rd 
hcuso fror. Vail e Jo July 13 
Michael 50: Dutchsr: Iroland! Broadway ano. Vrn Ness 
Miles 39: Bootmaker: Naturalized, Ilortjo 3t, July 12 
Owen 48: Laborer: Naturalized. Union Co\irt 
Patriok 45: Sxproccman: Naturalized. Tyl?:!* near Jones 
Peter 42: News-oaper Carriar: Naturalized. Cor. 

Bryant and 8th Bt. July 31 
Philip Walter 25: Briciaayer; Native. 277 Minna 
Timothy 37: G-ardener: Naturalized. Rousoh St. 

near Folscm 
Timotliy 27: SaloonKeeper: Native. 005 Pacific 
Timothy 4G: Laborer: Naturalized. 44 Ecker. 



Name: Age! Occ, Nat. Loo. res 

McCartney, Jainee ^}iav 32: Farmer: New York. Brenham Place 
McCarty, Oharlea 27: Shoema'«ter: ^Naturalized. Sansome near Buah 

at 'lackson^g. July 25 
McOarty, 40: Teamster: Naturalized. Filbert bet. 

Montgoni0j?y and Kearny. June 27 
McCarty, Cornelius 42: Tanner; Naturalized. Garden Street 
MoCarty, Jeremiah 45: LaborerJ Naturalized. 227 Post St. 
MoCarty, John 23: Teamsters Naturalized, Francisco near 

Taylor. June 29 
MoCarty, John 30: Portor: Hatur-ilized. Cor. O^Parrell & Jones 
McCarty, Louia Philip 30: Publi,3'ier: Native. 617 Market 
McCarty, Michael 321 Tanner: Natu:<»3li zed. 139 Shipley 
McC,33keil| Zsihxsai Mussel 35: Min^r: Natlv?. S-orai^ento 

bet, Kearny ^ Montgomery. July 31 
MoCauley, Charles 4^: Laboj?sr; Naturalized. 425 Pacific 
MoC'inltjy, Jo^1n Franklin: Natlvo: Coaraonolltan Hotel, 
MoCaullffe, Thinoty (sjIc) 40; Laborer:' Naturalized: Cor. 

Sanscne a;-id 3roadv7ray 
MoOaulley, Cornell-is Wllllani 36t 'Jlori:: Native. 201^3 Pouell 
MoCav/ley, •'ohn Franols 29; Gasworks: Naturalize'!, 156 Minna 
MoChesny, Jones 42: Phj'sicl^: Natlv;?. Cor. Third and Minna 
MoClain, Pet«>r "5: Blacksmith: Naturalized, Baoramento 

near %de. Au^ 4 
MoClQ(?ry, Wm. V/ilson dGs Maohlniat: l^atl-ve. 331 Sixth 
MoClellan, Oyranius Bolllva 39: Artist: Native 

240 Ho-itgoTnery, J-aiy 14, 1356 
Mcdellan, Da\'ld Dunn 43: Liquor J)©3j.'^r: Native: 108 Virginia 
MoClellan, Rolando <Kiy 23: Ti-^'Tyer: Naturalized. 305 Montgomery 
McClelland, John Ales^and-^r 50; Merch^int; Native. Hya© near 

McCloekey, Ja'^es 20: S^ed store. Naturr-^llzed. 127 KlXlfl 
McCloskey^ James 47: Carpenter: Katixralired. 501 Mason 
MoGloskey, Mlohael 26: Horse -jhoer: Watiirali5ied: 2B Piltch 
McOloskey, William a. 43: Drayman: t-Jatlve. 59 Shipley 
McCloucl, Joshua 45: Kx^^ress ^-fe^om Natjve, Jones bet. 

Paoifio ?.n«l JacKson. July 28, 1866 
MoCloy, Alexander 25: Pallor; Native: I'orohant cor. Sast 
MoClure, C^aylaro. 37: Clevk: I-ative, 537 Sr.craraentc Aug. f> 
MoClure, James Wlllisin 38: SaiV ler: Native, 230 Sansome 
McClure, John 37: Mouldor: naturalized. 363 First. J^y 9 
MoClure, Peter L^iuf:hlin 24: VJatci's^ian: Nat-.lve: 106 Mason 
McClusky, Henry 40: ^tenmboathand: ^'iaturali zed. Cor, 

Montc'oj lez:':'' and Filbert Bto. July 23. 
MoCoard, James 25: Tailor; N.'tur lized, 335 Sutter. July 20 
MoCoffrey, Hu^li 36: Blackcnlth: Raturallxor', V#»rona Place. 
McCo3gi>ji, Daniel 45: Omitted 3n Cr, P-eg. of 1C66 
MoGolgcJi, Daniel 45: Sitnerlntendent of Oas Works: 

WaturrJ^ZGd. 132 First. Auc. 6, 186C 
McColgsji, Micliael 53: Saddle: Natural Is'.ed, Next to S.W. 

coi'ner Broadwjiy pnC Maton. July 13. 
MoColl, VfllllaiE. (sic) 39s Ocmnlsslon Merchant; Naturalized. 
110 Sixth Aug. 3, 1966 


Name: Age: Ooc! Nat: Lqc. res. 

McColliasi, Thomas W. 42: Sailrnal^er: Naturalized. 220 Eddy 
McGomb, Sphrrlii C, 391 Seorotaryt Native. 029 Howard 
McOomb, John 37: Printer: Hative. 430 Post. Aug, 4 
McOono^h.^y, Peter 55: Pclnter: naturalised, 552 Market 
MoConahy, dajnes 52t Bricltlayer: Native, 50 liouiaa 
McOonathy, J'>hn ''r?: Diatillev*: Uative: Cor. iOth & Bryant 
KcConnell, Jolrn 41: Packer: Haturallzcd. 19 Sherwood Place 
KcConnes, Francis 42 J Bar Tender: Naturalized. Sonoma Place 
MnOonvllle, Anthony 35: Laborer: Naturalized. 31 Frederick 
Ilo^'onville, Ja?3, 53: Barko?psr: naturalized. 010 Sacramento 
McCo*)T)in, Franj- 02: Sup't. Market St. P..R.: Naturalized 

Cor. 17th :>.m! V-a'-noia July 3, 1866 
MoCord, Kti/zaj-d Selby 22i fJollootor; Fativo: Corner Front 

anf" Jncv.son. 'lug. 6 
McCord., Jrji99 *^5; Citable ^oper: ne\f York: Pacific and Polk 
McOord, r5ylveQter '55: ''^lipOT.clit : '^aturr^ised. Bitch near 

McGor!fii»ok» (kiovc;e 30: Watcrt %turalised. Lick's alley bet. 

Hiestcn ar-d Joc^ie, Ju?y 10, 1600 
McCormack, Jamcfi 36: IfMlcnan! Hatiirali::od. S.W. Oor, 

Br?mnnn ma ne-.renth, *uly 27, 1B66 
KcCornack, Wil7i.rf/. ^t Barkoerer; Np.ti:rali::ed* 541 Mission 
MoCorraic, Michael Sriin*.el 30: Blackpmith: Hative, 16th 
bet. Valenr'la ;jrj.\ TiieBion. Au(;, 4 

MeCormlok, 30:'st: Native. Perry bet. Fourth 

and rifth* Cnily 2 
McGormick, Charlee 37? Manufc.cturer: Naturalized. Zoe St. 
MoComi ok, Francie 47: Laboier; Hatur?lizcd, Fell west of 

Franklin St. July 17 
KoCnrmiok, Hv£ih bOi Miner: Na'iive. S.5. cor. Larkin and 

Ellis, June 23, 1S66 
MoGonuick, Jaies C^i Teamster: Nat'iralized. Cor. Vallejo 

rrd Bs.ttery, July 11, 1866 
MeCormlok, John 3B: B*aman: Naturalized. Vallejo bet. 

SrT'Scn^p and Kontr^oaery. July 7, 1866 
MoCormlok, John William 40: Board Inshcuse Keeper. 

Natura:!i29d, 135 Jackoon. Jvjie 30, 1865 
XcCormick, Josej-Jh ?1: Minor: Native, Ruck Hcuae. Aug . 3 
McCirrmlck, P?>trir!k 32: Oysterdsaler: Iraland: Flllnore 

and (Jreenvich July 11, 1866. 
McCorraiok, Pitrlck Henberey 30: Police Offio3r: 

lieturalizsd. 903 ^acram', July 3, 1866 
MoGorifilqk, Petor HO: ^rayinan: Ikturalliied, Oor. Mlc£jion 

and Antb^ny, Aug. 6, 1866 
MoOnrmick, WMlian 30: 5to73 Dealer: IJaturalizod. 320 

'^a'^ket Aup '' 1066 
McOormick, miiiem'liushlin 31: Balcqman: Psrm. 530 Pine 
MoOort} Pptr'c'k 45: Laborer: Ireland. Fort Point 
McOot'cery, Robert 42: iSn^inecr: ?!aiiuralizod. Montc;)riery 

bet. Vallejo and Ore en, July 30, 1856 
MoGoiibery, Andrew 37: Boatnicin: Hatu:*alisGd. Spear bst. 

Foleon zna Harrtscn, July 3.1, 1866 
HoCoughtry, Henry Hoirland 24: Bookkeeper: Native. 3»E. 

cor, Powell & Btoc^:ton. Jiily t.9, 1C6C 
MoCourtney, ET?hra.1in Jackson 44; ShlD Caulker: Native, 
54 La-^»yette Place, Aujuot 1, 1866 


Name: Age: Ooc: Matt Locres. 

MoGovan, 2dward 4l! Bootmaker: Naturalized, 223 Pacific 
McCoy, Daniel 33: Teamster: Naturalized, Stanford Street 
McCoy, Francis 35:Carpenter! Native: Gunner St, House 
MoCracken, Henry 42: Laborer: Naturalized. Filbert bet, 

Sanaome & Montgomery. July 25, 1866 
McCracken, Orrln C, 50: Solicitor: Native. 310 Jessie 
McCralth, Dennis 39; Grocer; Naturalized, N, E. Cor. 

Pacific and Front 
McCralth, John 48: Policeman: Naturalized, NE cor. Hyde 

and Montgomery. July 7. 1866 
MoCrae, John 36: Barkeeper: Naturalized, Alta Street 
MoCreary, John Murphy 5C:Printer: Native, N. Side 

V/ashlngton 2nd door below Stockton. July 7 
MoCreary, V/iillam Henry Harrison 29: Ice Business: Native, 

Gbvernraent House, Sansome St, Aug, 3 
McCullough, George 52i Laborer: Naturalized. Cor, 

Vlrcinia and Pacific 
McCullough, 8amuel 40: Builder: Native, 113 Perry, July 
McCully, John 34: Saloonkeeper; NatlVf,l22 Second 
MftCunv. John 34 1 Lflbnrftr! iJntive. 4P.1 Fremnnt! Auf. 4 








McDonald I 


















James 40; Sugar refiner: Naturalized. 109 Dora 
John 41: Expressman: Native. 1625 Powell 
Patrick 40: Laborer: Naturalized. Ohio Street 
Peter 35: Laborer: Naturalized, 919 Sacramento 
Albert Richard 41; Carpenter! Naturalized. 

Cor. Sacramento <!^ Prospect Place. July 26. 
Alexander Dunbar 46: Merchant: Native, 750 

Hov;sird, Aug, 2, 1866 
Charles 57; Merchant: Native. N side Mdley 

bet. Mission and Valencia. July 27, 1866 
Dewlt Livingston 37: Cattle-dealer: Native 

526 Geary. July 23, 1866 
Donald Augustus 40: Planing Mill: Naturalized. 

218 Prospect Place, July 18, 1G66 
Edward 32: Merchant: Naturalized, Jansen Street, 
Felix 40: Soldier: Ireland: VanNess and Broadi/ay 

July 11, 1866 (transferred) 
Felix 35; Laborer: Naturalized, S,E. cor. Hyde 

and Pacific. July 28 
George 54; Custom House: Native. S/side 7th near 

Bryant. July 17, 1866 
Hugh 34; Matchmaker: Ohio: Fort Point. Aug. 6, 
James 338 Laborer: Naturalized. 3 Brook. July 7 
James 38: Laborer: Naturalized. 247 Clementina 
James 53; Miner: Naturalized. Oregon St. July 27 
James Munroe 41: Banker; Native. 526 Geary 
John 32: Laborer; Naturalized. San Bruno Road 
John 41; Baker: Naturalized. 105 Geary. July 10 
John 43: Hostler: Naturalized. VI i lows. July 31 
John 50; Laborer: Naturalized. 20 Howard Court 
John Fulton 30: Clerk: Native: 605 Howard, 
Marcus Lindsey 33: Broker: Native. DuDont near 
Geary, July 30, 1866 

Nicholas 40: Contractor: Ireland; Clay near Polk, 
Patrick 31; Hostler; Naturalized. 15 Stevenson 
Peter 28; Plasterer; Naturalized, Cor. Sixth 
and Natona. July 31, 1866 

Timothy 48: Tanner: Naturalized. Brannan and Fifth 
V/illiam 25; Laborer: Naturalized. Wall bet. 
Leavenworth and Hyde. July 3, 1866 

'llliam 44: Porter: Naturalized. Janson & Lombard 
William James 26: Drover; Massachusetts. Polk 
near Pacific. July 13, 1B66 
Wm, 37; Boatman: Native. 1 Conuneroial July 10 

John 34: Hatter: Naturalized, 609 Post. Aug. 4 

Alexander 37; Boilermaker: Naturalized. 258 

Clememtina. July 7, 1866 

James (Jr.) 25: Porter: Native. Jones bet. 

Turk and Eddy. July 2, 1866 

James 55: Handcart: Naturalized, Jones bet, 
Turk and Eddy. July 21, 18GC 

John Charles 38: Storekeeper: Naturalized, 
Central House, Sansome St. Aug, 2, 1866 

Patrick 35: Laborer; Naturalized, Brookline House 
Broadway. July 30, 1866 


Masts Aget Occ: Nat: Loc.res, 

McDonnell, Patrick 33! Clerk; Naturalized. Cor. Jackson 

& Montgomery. July 21, 1866 
HoDonold, Edward 43: Laborer: Naturalized, 610 Sutter 
MoDonold, James 40: Laborer; Naturalized. 610 Sutter 
KoDonold, Thomas 33: Clerk: Naturalized. 610 Sutter 
McDonough, John 45: Laborer: Naturalized. Greenwich bet. 

Sansorae and ^^ontcomery, July 14, 1866 
McDonough, Richard 43: Laborer: Naturalized. 431 Fremont 
McDonough, Richard 50: Cartman: Naturalized. 161 Silver 
McDonough, Robert Gr. 26: Porter: Native. 3 Central Place. 
McDou^all, Bamett 41: Architect: Native. 620 l^llis 
McDousall, Robert 29: Miner: Native. 822 Filbert. July 30 
MoDougall, Thomas 36: Carrier: Native. 822 Filbert. July 30 
MoDougall, V/illiam Crei^hton 64: Miner: Native. New Toll Road 
McDowell, Stunuel 22 l Upholsterer: Native. Jane near Howard 
McDowell, Thomas Jefferson 30: ^Cook: Native. 130 Sacramento 
MoEachson B. D. St. Croix 33: ^Vame maker? Naturalized. 

Cor. Sixth and Mission July 21, 1866 
MoSlaay, Kdwai-d 32: Painter: Naturalized. 277 Minna 
McElhany, v/m. C. 47: Blacksmith: Naturalized. Cor. fifth 

and Natoma. "^une 18, 1866 
McElhinny, John 55: Gardener: Ireland. LarMn and Vallejo 
MoElhlnny, John Joseph 26; Law Clerk: Massachusetts. 

Larkln and Vallejo. Aug 4, 1866 
KoElhinny, Patrick Henry 2l! Clerk: Massachusetts. Lnrkin 

and Vallejo. July 11, 1866 
McElrath, John 40: Drayman: Naturalized. N. E. cor. Jackson 

and Hyde. July 24, 1866 
McElroy, Janes 32: Miner: Naturalized. McAllister bet. 

Hyde and ^arkin 
McElroy, James 25: V/aterman: Naturalized. 104 First. 
McElroy, James 41: SaloonKee-oer: Naturalized. Mission 

Bet. 10th £:nd 11th. June 18, 1866 
McElroy, James P. 30: Bartender: Native. Geary bet. 

Dupont and Stockton. July 11, 1866 
McElroy, John 43t Printer: Ohio: Cor. Clay and Brenham 
McElroy, John 34: Teamster: Naturalized. 11 Natoma. Aug. 2 
McElroy, Oscar 25: Drayman; Native. 34 Market. Aug, 4 
McElroy, Robert 39: Clergyman: Native. 917 Howard. June 20 
McElroy, Thomas Francis 26: Bookbinder: Native: Railroad House 
McElroy, V/llliam Carroll 55: Miller: Virginia. Union & Gough 
McElwain, James 37: Brojier: Kei/ York: Sacramento near 

Stockton. July 7, 1066 
Mc'lwoe, John Vallens 44: Upholsterer: Native: 33 O'Farrell 
McEntee, Jotm 05; Teacher: Naturalized. 116 St. Mark^s Place 
McEntee, John *'ranois 28: Machinist: Native: 155 Tehama 
McSntee, Joser^h Augustine 36: Gentleman: Native. 

114 St. Mark's Place. July 18, 18G6 
McEntlre, Patrick 36: Weighers Naturalized. Cor. Turk and 

MoEvoy, Francis 49: Shipwright: Naturalized. 66 Minna 
McEvoy, James 28; Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. Battery & Green 
McEwen, Benjamin 45; Hay Dealer: Naturalized. 208 Harrison 
McFadden, John 50: Builder: Naturalized. 28 Everett. 


Names Age: Oocs Nat; Loc.res. 

MoFadden, Peter 44; Steamboatman: Naturalized, Broadway 

St. V,Tiarf, Aug, 2, 1866 
MoFarlan, Andrew 55 j Tobacconist: Native, 635 Pacific 
MoParland, James R. 31: Feed Dealer: Native. 465 Jessie 
MoFarland, Owen 40: Kao" man: Naturalized, 1119 Folsora, 
MoFarland, Robert 21 l Porter: Native. 817 Mission. Aug. 4 
MoFarlane, Adam Rankin 32: Carpenter: Alab-ma. Cor. Pine 

and Dupont, July 14. 1866 
MoFarren, Isaac 62: Real gstate: Native, Belden Block Cor. 

Montgomery and Bush 
MoOahan, John 36: LaborerY Naturalized, Central Rouse, 

Sansome 3t, July 11, 1866 
Mo(Jahey, James Orr 39: Carpenter: Native. 446 Drannan 
MoOann, Mulaohy Michael 30: Cleric: Naturalized, 1209 

Powell, July 21, 1866 
KoOann, Patrick 32: Hatter: Naturalized. 1109 Powell 
McGranther, John 43: Blacksmith: Naturalized. 600 Mission 
McG-arry, Thomas 45: Laboi^r: Naturalized. 270 Stevenson 
McGarvey, William 55; ?ork Packer: Naturalized. 433 

Stevenson. July 18, 1B66 
McQ-eary, John 38; Carpenter; Naturalized. Mission bet. 

7th and 8th. July 21, 1866 
McGee, Patrick 41: Grocer: Naturalized. 1014 Jackson 
HcGee, Thoeafl 35: Painter; Naturalized. 137 Mission 
McG^lllgan, Sdward 35: Drayman: Naturalized. Beale bet, 

Howard and Folsom, Augl, 1866 
MoOeohegan, John Thomas 26: Bank Teller: Native. 17th 

bet. Dolores and Guerrero. June 30, 1866 
McGeohegan, Thomas 61: None: Naturalized. 17th bet. 

Guerrero and Dolores, July 10, 1866 
KcGlbney, Stephen 43: Laborer: Naturalized, —Market 
MoGlffln, James 32: Cabinetmaker: Native, 451 Jessie 
McGiffin, Jos. 24: Solicitor: Native, 526 Saoran-.ento 
McGill, Joseph 44: Sash and Blind: Native, 136 Sigth 
MoGill, Lott 45; Carpenter: Native. 215 Perry. Aug. 2. 1$66 
McGilley, Patrick 32; Plasterer: Naturalized. 45 Jesbie 
MoGillicuddy, Eugene 37: Express wagon: Naturalized. Cor. 

Howard and Eighth. Aug 4, 1866 
McGllllcuddy, Jeremiah 45: Marblepollsher: Naturalized. 

22 Stevenson 
MoGinley, Robert 37; Nothing: Naturalized. Beale bet, 

Folsom and Howard. July 16, 1866 
McGlal.ey, Teague 36: Teamster: Naturalized. Cor. Battery 

and Vallejo Sts. July 7, 1866 
McGinn, James 39: Undertaker: Naturalized. 733 Market 
McGinnis, James R. 36: Millwright: Native, 217 Sixth 
MoGinnis, Patrick 35: Teamster; Naturalized, Valencia 

bet, 15th and 16th. July 14, 1866 
MoGlnty, Patrick 34; Shoemaker; Natiuralized: Cor. Mission 

and First. Aug. 6, 1866 
MoGlauflin, Lewis 45: V.'heelwright: Native. Brannan bet. 

7th and 8th. 
McGlencey, v/liliam 32: Bricklayer: Naturalized. 19 Harlan 
Place. June 29, 1866 




occ: natt local res« 

Mc Govern, 

MoQlinsey, Francis 4«2; Clerk; Naturalized; 749 Market 
McGlinslcy, Patrick 40; Porter; Naturalized; 313 Davis 
McGlone, Joseph ^-lacphorson 26; Drayman; Native; 117 Geary 
MoGlone, "''oter 38; Carriage driver; Naturalized; Kearney, 

bet, Vifashington & Jackson, Aug, 1, 1866 
McGlynn, Daniel C, 36; Contractor; Native; 729 Bush 
McGlynn, Edward 31; Butcher; Naturalized; Polsom, between 

Main and Be ale, Aug, 3, 1866 
McGlynn, George Washington 22; Contractor; Native; 22 Ellis 
McGlynn, John A. 42; Sup*t. liailroad; Naturalized; 936 Mission 
McOonigal, Dennis 26; liiborer; Natur.'ilized; 1141 Folsom 
McGonigle, Denis 3*;; Tearastur; Naturalized; 21 Minna 
McGonigle, Hugli 40; Laborer; Natural. ized; Anthony St. July 10 
McGonigle, Jolin 36; Uostler; Naturalized; Cor. Jessie and 

Eoker, July 24, 1866 
McGoni^gle, Patrick 32; Laborei*; Naturalized; Corner Ecker 

and Jessie 
John 35; Farner; Ireland; Lombard and Polk, 
John 30; Coachman; Naturalized; Brooklyn Hotel 
Patrick 34; Garriagemaker; Naturalized; Dolores, bet, 
16th & 17th, July 13, 1866 
MoGovern, Phillip 39; Saloonkeeper; i^ative; 317 0»Parrell 
McGowan, Hartley 36; Drayman; Naturalized; Post, west of 

MoGowan, John 46; Laborer; Naturalized; 520 Geary 
MoGowan, John 60; Baker; Naturalized; 16 Rousch St, July 25 
MoGowan, Michael 42; Marblepolisher; Naturalized; 444 Natoma 
MoGowan, •''atrlck 30; Proctice; Naturalized; 320 Tehama 
MoGowan, Peter 41; Expressman; Naturalized; Dupont,near Bay 
MoGowan, William 47; Stonecutter; Naturalized; 227 Stevenson 
MoGranaghan, Mchael 40; Laborer; Ireland; Pine, near Scott 
MoQrath, Daiiel 60; Hatter; Naturalized; Hitch, near Bryant 
McGrath, Edward 37; kai^ble cutter; Naturalized; 543 Stevenson 
McGrath, James 24; Laborer; Naturaljjs ed; S'side Rousch, 

bet, Howard & Polsom 
McGrath, John 28; Woolen spinner; Naturalized; Howard, between 

14th k 15th, July 31, 1866 
MoGrath, John 37; Boatman; Native; 8 Commercial 
McGrath, John Charles 71; Hatter; Naturalized; 153 
MoGrath, Joseph Edward 31; Painter; i'^ative; Hayes, 

Ootavia. July 12, 186^ 
MoGrath, ^-^artin 36; Cooper; Naturalized; Shotwell, between 

20th & 2l3t, June 30, 1866 
McGrath, Michael 28; Carpenter; Naturalized; Pulton, east of 

east of 

Steiner, July 11, 1866 

306 Broadway 
Cor, Sixth and 

McGrath, Ml(iiael 32; Laborer; Naturalized; 
MoGrath, Patrick 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 

McOratii, Peter 45; Marblecuttor; Naturalized; Hayes St., 

east of Webster, 
McGraw, Hugh 24; Moulder; Naturalized; 416 Pacific 
McGraw, Jotin N, 23; Blacksniith; Native; 1st A\re., between 

14th k 15th Sts. 
McGreery, John 45; Mason; Naturalized; Green, near Larkin 
McGreevy, Michael 44; Miner; Naturalized; 416 Pacific 



occ ; 


nat : 

local res. 

?i 15th 

McOrelvy, John 26; Boilemakbr; Naturalized; 139 Shipley 
McGrew, 7/illiam H. 49; Lawyer; Native; Ist Ave,, bet. 14th 
McGuffick, William 38; Boilermakor; Naturalized; 531 Folsom 
McGuillian, Bernard 50; Importer; Naturalized; 5ii Second 
McGulre, Arthur 38; Stal rbuilder; Naturalized; 14 Eddy 
McGulre, Edward 40; none; Naturalized; 542 Mission 
MoGuire, James 54; -^ackman ; Naturalized; 103 0*Farrell 
MoGuire, James 36; Farmer; Naturalized; Cor, Dolores and 

Borland Sts, 
McGuire, Lucius 26; Druggist; Native; 752 Howard 
McGuire, Midiael 34; -laborer; Naturalized; 260 Minna 
MoGuire, Patrick 35; l«aborer; "aturalized; 212 Clara 
MoGuire, Peter 38; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Howard, between 

8th and 9th. July 31, 1866 
McGuire, Phillip 42; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Lombard 

and Montgc»aery, July 21, 1866 
McGulre, Thoraaa 28; Druggist; Ohio; Brenham Place, July 30 
MoGuire, Thiomas 29; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 34 Louisa 
MoGuire, Thomas 42; Hostler; Naturalized; 708 Mission 
McGuire, Thomas 50; Engineer; Naturalized; 322 Jessie 
McOuirk, Hugh 60; Carpenter; Naturalized; 26 Fourth 
MoGuirk, James 33j Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 110 Natoma 
McOuirk- Lawrence 26; Driver; Naturalized; 330 Tehama 
McGum, Patrick 33; Hostler; Naturalized; Cor, Louisa and 4th 
McOurren, Arthur 24; Barkeeper; Naturalized; 409 Post 
McHaffis, Jolin 43; Foundry; l<atur ilized; 934 Folsom 
McHarry, Don ^edro 34; Real Estate; Native; Commercial, bet, 
Kearny and Montgomury, Aug, 3, 1866 
Edw'd. Grant 30; Porter; Naturalized; 507 Bryant 
John 56; Lawyor; i^ative; 212 Broadway. June 20 
Nathan 30; R.R. driver; Native; S.E.cor, Seventh 

and Brannan 
McHenry, Samuel 30; Mercliant; Naturalized; 720 Folsom 
MoHugh, John 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 141 Clara 
Mclnemey, Thomas 27; Laborer; Naturalized; 

26 Fourth. July 25, 1866 
Molneraey, Thomas 31; Butcher; Naturalized; 311 Broadv/ay 
Mclntlre, James 82; Laborer; Naturalized; San Bruno Road 
Mcintosh, Daniel 36; -laborer; Native; 518 Filbert. July 17 
Mcintosh, Wells Byrnes 22; Boilermaker; Native; 

510 Sacramento, Aug. 6, 1866 
Mclntyre, George Francis 22; Barkeeper; Native; Niantic 
Mclntyre, Jolin Beattie 27; Conductor; Native; 721 Howard 
Mclntyre, Matthew 36; Cooper: Native; 1114 Pacific 
Molver, John 25; Pedlar (sic); Illinois; Clay,nBar Jones 
Mo Jones, Hlraii 40; Laborer; ^^ew York; Union and Budrianan 









i^ative; l^erry, bet, 3rd and 4th 
Naturalized; East side 7th, 
near Brannan 
Jolin Kelly Bar lie 42; Commission merflhant; 

Naturalized; Polk St, north of Hayes, July 
Wm, Ritchis 38; Real Estate; Native; 22d, corner 




Name age ooo, nat, loc, res. 

McKeea, Charles 50; Engineer; Native; 1519 Stockton 
MoKeernan, John Barnard 26; Carpenter; Naturalized; 

Hyde, near 0*Farrell 
McKendry, Archibald 39; Heal Estate; 108 Stockton 
McKenna, Francis 34; Ex-soldier; Naturalized; 33 Turk 
McKenna, Francis 33; Gardener; Naturalized; ^reclta Valley 
Mc^nna, James 38; Stevedore; Naturalized; Cor. Front and 

Battery, Aug. 4, 1066 
McKenna, Janes Patrick 39; Pork packer; Naturalized; Sixth 

and Harrison; Aug. 3, 1866 
McKenna, John 27; Laborer; Naturalized; 809 Harrison 
McKenna, Patrick 46; Hostler; Naturalized; S.E«cor# Jonea 

and Vallejo. July 24, 1866 
McKenna, Tliomas Dillon 31; Hay and grain; Native; No. 4 

Adona Place 
McKenner, Philip 38; Hackman ; Naturalized; Jones, between 

Post and Geary. July 21, 1866 
McKenny, John 31; Tanner; Native; Green, near Hyde 
McKenny, Patrick 36; Baker; Naturalized; , Columbia, bet. 

19th & 20th. Aug. 2, 1366 
McKensey, Jolin Washington 31; Notary; Native; 606 Filbert 
McKonzie, Alexander 26; Saloon keeper; Native; 821 Vallejo 
Mc^nzie, David Van Norman 33; Moulder; ^<ative; 45 Minna 
McKenzie, Goorr^e Roger 21; Bookkeeper; Native; 30 0*Farrell 
McKeona, Laurence 30; Boardln^^ouse keeper; Naturalized; 

304 Pacific. July 21, 1866 
McKewen, Joim 34; Foreman; Hativej Corner Green and 

Montgomery. July 19, 1866 
McKewen, Peter 60; Gaafitter; Naturalized; Corner Green 

and Montgomery. July 14, 1866 
McKewen, Peter (Jr.) 30; Gasfitter; i'^ative; cor. Montgomery 

and Green. July 31, 1866 
McKewen, Robert John 23; Gasfitter; Native; Cor. Green and 

Mont pmery. July 31, 1866 
McKibben, Tlioraas 37; House-smith; Native; 421 Folsom 
McKlbben, William 44; Blactcsmith; NaturAlzed; 1711 Mason 
McKieman, John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 147 Natoma 
McKlernan, Thomas 27; Teamster; Native; 51 Natoraa 
McKinley, Benjamin Franklin 33; Miller; Native; 116 Sansorae 
McKinley, David Allison 37; Wood and Goal dealer; Native; 

326 Geary. Aug. 1, 1866 
McKinley, John 29; Machinist j Native; First, bet. 15th & 

16th Sts. 
McKinley, Henry 29; Machinist; Naturalized; 210 First 
McKlnner, Mldtiael Francis 25; Merchant; 48 Sacramento 
McKinnie, Patrick Ganpbell 47; Carpenter; Native; 623 Market 
McKlnnon, Jolin Joachim 38; Lumber dealer; Naturalized; 

725 Geary, July 19, 1866 
McKlnstry, Lee 47; Miner; Native; Essex, near Folsom 
McKinzle, Andrew 43; Vifatchman; Natui-allzed; 918 Stockton 
McKnight, James 26; Carpenter; Naturall.zed; 15th, near Howard 
McLane, Andrew 31, Baker; Ireland; Presidio Koad 
McLane, diaries Eugene 38; Bank Clerk; Native; 433 Bryant 
McLane, Louis 47; Banker; Native; 438 Bryant 
Mci^ane, Jbhn 33; Boilermskor; Naturalized; 3 Natoma 
McLane, John 25; Boatman; Naturalized; cor, Vallejo and Davis 






loc. Res. 

M'Laren, Daniel 47; Clerk; Wative; I^orthwest corner of 

Gough and Geary 
McLarkey, Wni. 40; -laborer; Naturalized; 122 •^easie 
McLarkey, James 36; Boatnmn; Ireland; Filbert ^ Webster 
McLaughlin, Daniel 53; •L'aborer; Naturalized; Cor. Dor land 

and Church 
Edward 43; Plrenan; Native; Sacrsenento Sc Davis 
Francis 46; Laborer; Naturalized; ——Jessie 
George 38; Boardinghouse-keeper; Naturalized; 

12 Broadway, June ki3, 1866 
Henry 32; Naturalized; 1402 Stockton 
Henry 33; Hostler; Naturalized; Webb and 
Sacramento. July 31, 1866 
Blacksmith; Native; S.V/. Corner Bush 
















McLea, Donal 



Hufjb. 35; Grocer; 

Stn, June 26, 


141 Shipley 



James 35; Naturalized; Mission, bet, 1st & 
Janes Wray 44; Slgnpainter; Naturalized; 

710 Broadway, July 30, 
John 36; Lather; Naturalized; Grove, west 

Octavia, June 27, 1B66 
John 33; Laborer; Naturalized; Hyde, near 

California. July 23, 1866 
John 36; Laborer; Native; Vallejo, bet, Kearny 

and Montgomery, July 20, 1866 
Jolrn A. 33; Freight clerk; Native; Boyd, near 8th 
Michael 49; Mason; Ireland; Presidio Road 
Michael 37; Laborer; NaturaJ.lzed; 137 First 
Mchael 38; Police; Native; Sacramento and 

Leidesdorff, Aug, 6, 1866 
Michael 32; Laborer; Naturalized; Corner Sansome 

and Broadway, June 26, 1866 
Michael Peter 26; Collector; Native; Corner Green 

and Montgomery 
Neal 45; Waiter; Naturalized; 437 Jessie St, 
Patrick 30; Laborer; Naturalized; S. side 7th, 

bet, Harrison & Bryant Sts.July 10,1866 
Patrick 42; Laborer; Naturalized; Downey, near 

Bryant Sts. July 28, 1866 
Patrick 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Beale, bet. 

Howard and Folsom, June 28, 1866 
Patrick 28; Laborer; Naturalized; Anthony St* 
Patrick 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Stevenson, bet. 

First and Second 
Peter 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Ohio Street 
Thomas 28; Hostler; Naturalized; 411 Post 
Tv,omas 29; Printer; Naturalized; Union, corner 

Calhoun Sts. Aug, 2, 1866 
Thomas 29; Printer; Naturalized; Broadway St.lVharf 
Tinothy 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 313 Seventh 
49; Merchant; Naturalized; 742 Mission 

McLean, /vndrew Norman 45; Carpenter; Naturalized; 23rd, bet. 

Guerrero and Dolores Sts. Aug. 6, 1866 
McLean, Daniel 37; iix-soldier; Naturalized; 712 Bush. July 28 


M 22 





Local Rq3. 

McLean, John Taylor 43; Physician; Native; 1228 Washington 
McLennan, Donald 44; Manufacturer; Naturalized; Folsoni, 

bet. 11th and 12th 
McLennan, George W, 23; Wool sorter; Native; 15th, near Howard 
McLeod, Hugh 24; Printer; Native; 1521 Powell 
McLeod, Hu(fi Joseph 36; Drayman; Naturalized; 34 Valparaiso 
McLeod, Thomas 31; Clerk; Naturalized; 1112 ^eamey 
McLosky, Patrick 35; Street sprinkler; Naturalized; N.E*. comer 

Kearney and Green 
McLoughlin, Daniel 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 144 Natoma 
McLuro, Andrew 42; Carpenter; Naturalized; 12 Clark 
McMahan , Matthew 32; -^aborer; Naturalized; Sumner, near Howard 
McMahan, Richard 26; Upholsterer; Naturalized; Cor, O'Parrell 

and Leavenworth 
McMahen, James 40; V/ood dealer; Naturalized; 811 Greenv/ich 
McMahon, Archibald William 34; Butcher; New York; 802 Stockton 
McMahon, Jidward 40; laborer; Naturalized; Beale, near Folsom 
Mci^i^ahon, Frederick Philip 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 

Cosmopolitan Hotel 
McMahon, James 46; Drayman; Naturalized; 923 Broadway 
McMahon, John 35; Dry goods; Naturalized; 39 iiverett 
McMahon, Joseph Thomas 33; Porter; Naturalized; 39 Garden 
McMahon, Michael 41; Teamster; Naturalized; Bernard, betv/een 

Taylor and Jones, 
McMahon, Patrl dc Jemes 44; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Russ House 
McMahon, Peter 35; Teamster; Naturalixed; 848 Folsom 
McMahon, Tliomas 27; Butcher; Naturalized; Potrero 

McManamin, William 40 

Stevenson, b etween 

Stevenson St» 

Gartenan; Naturalized; 
6th and 7th. 
McMananey, Charles 48; Laborer; Naturalized; 
McMann, Wm, 29; Drayraai ; Native; 236 Clara 
McManus, Bernard 39; Garriage-v/asher ; Naturalized; Natoma, 

bet. 3th a nd 9th. 
John 38; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 511 Ms si on 
John 33; Boardinghouse keeper; Naturalized; 

Atlantic House, corner Pacific & Front, 
Michael J, 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 911 Market 

27; Clerk; Native; cor. Jessie & Anthony 
40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 419 Stevenson 
51; Builder; Naturalized; 911 Market 
34; Merchant; Native; Bush, b et. Sansome 
aiid. Montgomery 
McMenemy, Hugh 21; Laborer; Naturalized; 416 Pacific 
McMenomy, Daniel 58; i^aborer; Naturalized; Grove Street, eaat 

of Franklin 
McMenomy, Janes V/illian 21; Butchor; Native; Grove, St, east 

of Franklin 
McMenomy, John Henry 25; Butcher; Native; Grove St., east 

of Franklin 
Charles 35; Milimar. j Naturalized; Brannan 
Theodore 39; Stevedore; iJative; 32 


McManus, Patrick 
McManus, Patrick 
McManus, Patrick 
McMeadian, Jaues 


Charles Edward 30; Caulker; Native 

& 3rd. 
1107 Kearny 

Donald 39; Manufacturer; i^aturalized; 636 Second 


NaniQ Ago Oco: Nativity: Local rQs» 

McMillan, Gus E. 35; Water cart; Native; 56 Shipley 
McMullan, Huglri Rooney 43; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 

61 Stevenson 
McMullen, George ^rd 46; Merchant; Maryland; 933 Sacramento 
McMullen, John 46; Teanster; Naturalized; 17 Stevenson 
McMullen, Jol:in 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Canip, between 

Guerrero and kind Ave» 
McMurray, Hu^ Joseph 34; Bookkeeper; Native; 4i^8 Greenwich 
McMurray, John Park 31; Plasterer; Native; 88 Everett 
McNabb, Edward 3ii; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 414 Pacific 
Mc^^abb, Frederick 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Dupont, near Clay 
McNair, Malhew 58; Broker; Native; Montgotaery Block 
McNally, Lawrence 31; Gasflttor; Naturalized; 112 Sixth 
McNamara, Dennis 30; Plasterer; Naturalized; 331 Bush 
Mc^'*aniara, Janes 44; Laborer; Naturalized; 158 Shipley 
McNamara, James 48; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 331 Bush 
McNamara, James 34; Inspector of Scales; Naturalized; 61 Minna 
McNanara, John 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Valencia, b otween 

Ridley and Herman 
McNamara, Patrick; Omitted in Groat Register 
McNamara, Patrf. ck 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 158 First 
McNamara, Patrick 35; -laborer; Naturalized; 153 First 
McNamara, Robert 60; Laborer; Naturalized; 1022 Montgomery 
McNamara, William 29; Instrument maker; Naturalized; Valencia, 

near Ridley 
McNaaee, Morris 32; Porter Blttler;(Sic) ; Naturalized; 

937 Polsora Street 
McNameney, James 36; Undertaker's Employ; Naturalized; 

312 Stockton 
McNaughten, Peter Simon 51; Collector; Native; 904 Kearny 
McNeal, Janes 32; Gasfitter; Native; Dupont and Green 
McNealy, Hu^ 32; Sailor; Naturalized; 1620 Filbert 
McNear, Chris Ersklne 50; Merchant; Native; Clay & Da\l s 
McNear, George W. 29; Merchant; Native; 1043 Poison 
McNeil, James 54; Custom house; Native; 510 Ellis 
McNeil, William 40; Lumberman; Naturalized; S.W.Cor. Beale 

and Howard 
McNeill, Daniel 47; Speculator; Naturalized; Bay and 

McNemey, John 40; Iron moulder; Native; 8 Sherwood Place 
McNeven, Honry Patrick 31; Engineer; Naturalized; 1921 Mason 
McNevin, Luke 33; S.S, Waiter; Naturalised; 132 Polsom 
McNlcol, Stephen 29; Deputy Constable; Naturalized; Kearny, 

bet, Jackson and Pacific 
McNliii, Thomas 31; Miner; Natlvo; Coso House 

McNulty, Bortrand 23; Deputy Clerk County; Native; 119 Mason 
McNulty, Charles Augustus 49; U.S. Appraiser; Native; 119 Mason 
McNulty, James i^adison 39; Physician; Natlvo; 222 Post 
McNulty, Michael 38; Caulker; Naturalized; 312 Beale 
McNulty, Thomas 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 541 Mission 
McPar]jan , Charles Bartholomew 26; Clerk; Native; 1519 Dupont 
McPhoen, 'vVn.(slc) 53; Shipwri^t; Naturalized; 63 Shipley 
MoPherson, Alexander 27; Ship carpenter; 40 Jackson 
McPhorson, George 37; Miner; Native; 100 Valparaiso 

Name: Age: Ooo: Nat, Loo.ree, 

McPherson, Q-eorge 37: Miner: Native, 100 Valparaiso 
MoPherson, William 43: Merchant: Naturalized: 817 Stookton 
MoPhilemey, 40: Carman: Naturalized, 109 First 
MoQuade, Anthony 38: Painter: Naturalized, 152 Minna 
MoQuade, Francis: 45: Laborer: Naturalized, Cor, Howard & 8th 
MoQiiade, John 38: Clerk: Native: Sacramento & Webb 
MoQuade, Michael 46: Saloon: Naturalized, 118 Fourth 
MoQuade, Patrick 36: Shoemaker: Naturalized, 23 Hunt 
McQuaid, Peter 37: Carder: Naturalized. 14th bet, Folsom 
« and Harrison 

MoQueeny, Jamea 35: Metal Polisher: Naturalized; 147 Shipley 
McQuillan, Andi^ew 51: Cabinet malcer: Naturalized, 206 Kearny 
McQuillin, Joseoh 39; Laborer: Naturalized. 313 Vallejo 
MoQuoid, James 49: Mason: Native, Columbia bet, Valencia 

and (ruerrero 
McRalth, John 36: Shoemaker: Naturalized, Cor. Stevenson & Ecker 
MoRea, &eorge V/ashington 32: Mason: Native, 54 Third 
McShane, Phillip 45: Secretary: Naturalized. California near 

MoSheehy, Patrick 55: Laborer: Naturalized, 254 Jessie 
MoSheehy, Timothy 23: Expressman: Native, 254 Jessie 
MoSheriy, Hugh 35: Teamster: Ireland: Filbert & Webster 
MoSnegan, James 40: Blaoj smith: Native. 539 Howard 
KcSweeney, John 45: Tailor: Naturalized, 180 Stevenson 
MoTamney, John 28: Cooper: Naturalized, Cor, Broadway & 

MoTanney, Patrick 33; Tailor: Naturalized. 314 Jessie 
KoTigue, Michael 35: Harnessmaker: Naturalized. 275 Minna 
MoVea, Peter 52; Cabinetmaker: 209 Stockton: Naturalized. 
McVerry, Thomas 37: Contractor: Native: Greenwich and Hyde, 
MoWilliams, William 33: Police Officer: Naturalized, 

540 Howard 
Meacham, Augustus D. 37: BookkeeDor: Native. Mission bet, 

12th and 13th Sts, 
Meaoham, David King 40: Teamster: Native, Valencia bet. 

16th and 17th Sts. 
Mead, Benjamin Franklin 40: Hatter; Native, 54 Minna 
Moad, C.H, 23: Harness naJcer: Native: 436 Minna 
Mead, Charles H. 52: Saddler: Native, 532 First 
Mead, Henry Clay 46: Merchant: Native: Lick house 
Mead, John Randolph 38: Merchant: Native. 109 Montgomery 
Mead, VJm. C, 46: Saddler: Native. 436 Minna 
Mead, William Henry 35: Barkeeper: Native, 23rd bet. 

Valencia and Guerrero . 
Meader, Alexander Jenkins 39: Stevedore: Native, Vallejo 

bet. Montgomery and Kearney 
Meaen, John Heckman 32: ShlDwright: Native. 69 Minna 
Meagher, Frank 21: Machinist: Native, First bet. Mission 

and Jssble Sts, 
Meagher, John 33: Policeman: Naturalized, 67 Clementina 
Meagher, Phillip 37: Merchant: Naturalized, 131 Montgomery 
Mears, James 49: Merchant: Naturalized, 717 Francisco 
Mechler, John Jacob 21: Barber: Naturalized. 507 Creenwioh 
♦McQuaid, Patrick 35: Laborer: Naturalized. 541 Mission 


Names Age: Occ: Nat: Loo. res* 

Medan, John Peter 33: Cigar dealer: Naturalized. S.E. Cor. 

Pacific and Du^^ont 
Medan, Peter Heromyraos 31: Cigar Store: Naturalized. S.E. 

cor. Pacific and Dupont 
Medau, Joohine 38: Merchant: Naturalized. Vallejo bet. 

Sansone and ^iontfromery 
Medburg, Edwin Rathburn 47: Gentleman: Native. 920 Montgomery 
Medbury, Arnold Rhodes S8: Clergyman: Native. 1417 Taylor 
Mee, James 37: Att»y-at-law: Naturalized. 222 Clara 
Meehan, James 28: Barkeeper: Native. 622 Kearny 
Meehan, Peter 39: Laborer: Native: Cor. Stevenson & Third 
Heehan, William 29s Saloon: Native. 622 Kearney 
Meeker, David 60: Merchcint: Neiv Jersey: N.E. cor. Hyde 

and Sacramento 
Meeker, l.'illiam Augustus 42: Builder: Native. 1217 Kearny 
Meeks, V/ashinf^ton 48: Laivyers Native. 947 Mission" 
Meeter, Marshall Le"wls 51: Carpenters Native. Cor. 

Corbett and Castro 
Meets, Theodore 45: Cxrocer: Naturalized, 149 Post 
Meginley, Joseph 22: Clerk: Native. 623 Howard 
Mehan, Patrick 43; Engineer: Naturalized. St. Mary's College 
Mehrtins, Hglnrioh 52: Grocer: Naturalized. 125 St. Mark's ) 
Meierdlxrks, Christian 39: Grocer: 401 Powell Place) 

Naturali zed 
Meierhoff, Robert 40: Machinist; Ellis west of Polk 
Melklehaugh, Daniel 36; Porter: Naturalized. S side 

Pacific bet, Hyde and Larkin Sts. 
Heirs, James 41: Distillery: Native; Cor. 10th and Bryant 
Meisterlein, John 25s Seaman: Naturalized. Powell near 

Filbert Sts. 
Mel, George 24s Bookkeeper: Native. 307 Taylor 
Mel, Henry 22; Clerk: Native: 307 Taylor 
Melbourn, Joseph 35s Merchant: Naturalized, 1219 Powell 
Melcher, Robert Dunning 53: Ship joiners Native, 615 Market 
Melia, Patrick 30: Laborer: Naturalized. 5 Delaware Court 
Melick, Chichester 55: Boarding House: Native. 302 Fourth 
Mellen, William Prentiss (Jr.) 35: Clerk: Native. 518 Folsom 
Mellin, Charles 43: Shiphandler: Naturalized, Valencia bet, 

21st and 2'^nd. 
Melletz, Geo. Dietrich 40: Gentleman: Naturalized, Cor. 

Brannan and Ritch 
Mellon, John 40: Job Wagon: Naturalized, 23 Clara 
Melius; Gustavus Bailey 43: Salesman: Native, 108 Freelon 
Melone, Drudy 30: Farmers Native. 201 Pov;ell 
Memony, George v/aehington 30: Merchant: Native. 807 Union 
Menant, Lambert 39s Merchant: Naturalized, 583 Kearny 
Mendel, Morris 29; Expressman: Naturalized. 204 Second 
Mendelssohn, Louis 28: Clerk: Naturalized. Cor. 3rd & Mission 
Mendenhall, Nathan Richard. 34: Bookkeeper; Native. 530 Bi^-ant 
Mendheim, Herman 35; Bookstore: Naturv.lized. 1206 Stockton 
Mendheim, Morris 46; Merchant: Naturalized. 1206 Stockton 
Menges, Adam 39: Butcher: Naturalized. Junction of Market 

and Sutter, 



Age J 





Cor. CJeaiy & DuDont 
Cor, Battery and 

1H9ng0B, Prank 47: Butcher: 
Menke, Hennlnc 36 j Grocer: 


Menne, Clemens 45: Tailor: Naturalized, 315 Montgomery 
.Menoma, Edward Theo-^^hilus 53: Kason: Native: 1709 Stockton 
Menony, Henry Clay 22: Clerk: Native: 1709 Stockton 
Menomy, Walter Burlington 25: Clerk: 'latlve: 1709 Stochton 
Menton, John 30; Carpenter: Naturalized: 3, Side Ridley near 

Mercer, Charles Henry 37: Sugar Boiler: Native, 127 Second 
Mercer, John Ewing 36; Farmer: native: San Mlejuel Ranch 
Merchant, Thomas Samuel 24: Butcher: Naturalized. 914 Jackson 
Merian, George Baington 41: Machinist: Native, 169 Minna 
Merithew, Jose h Clulley 44; Merchant: Native, 1910 Mason 
Merithew, Richard S mart 46: Pilot; Native, 825 Jackson 
Merke, Edward 31: Grocer: Naturalized, S,E. Cor, Sutter and 

Kerkel, John 23: Cabinet Maker: Naturalized. 427 Kearny 
Merker, John 53: None: Naturalized, 607 Jackson 
Kerkle, Charles Augustus 38; Boltoutter; Naturalized. 

Sansome bet. Green and Union 
Merkt, Joseph 47: Locksmith; Naturalized, Cor, Capp Alley 

and John 
Merle, Peter Vassrot 43: Merchant: Naturalized. 834 Broadway 
Merlook, Charles 26; Baker: Naturalized, Lincoln Ave, 
Merriam, Andrev; Jac}'son 33: Newspaper: ^^aine, Gustavus St, 
Merriam, Dana Read 36; Melter: Native. 94 Stevenson 
Merriam, George 31; Salesman: Native. 748 1/2 Harket. 
Merriam, Isra Dale 28: Photographer: Native. 618 Washington 
Merriam, v/iiliam Parker 28: Clerk: Maine. Tay near 

Merrifield, Charles Fiaher 22: Millonan: Native. 6 Jane 
Merril, Sylvester 28: Bookkeeper: Native, 730 Sutter 











Annis 55: Lawyer: Native, 1007 Jackson 
Benjamin BYnklin 37: Saloonkeeper; Native, 

Cor. Stockton and Pacific 
Charles Alfred 28; Mariner: Native. Point Lobos Road 
Charles Roger 23; Clerk: Native. 510 Ellla 
Edward 30; Boatman: Native. 1117 Folsom St.. 
Geo3?ge 33: Clerk: Native. 10 Oak 
James Greenleaf 31: Bricklayer: Native, Cor. 
Jane and ^"^inna 
John 53: Drayraan: Native, 314 Sutter 
John Convers 37: Merchant: Native. 14 Stanly Place 
Le\^s 32: Sailor; Native, 35 Clemintina 
Parker: 38; Laborer: Native. 27 Minna 

Hi chard 52: Houseraover; Native. G37 Mission 
Ambrose, 39: Carpenter: Native. 718 Union 
Benjamin Corlies 44: Laborer: Native, Sansome 

near Greenwich 
Henry 61; Cabinetmaker; Native, Jessie bet. Gth & 7th 
Martin Bailey 46; Carpenter; Native, 718 Union 
Phineaa Go3*don 48: Real Estate: Connecticut 

1104 Taylor 







Merron, John 39; Butcher: Naturalized. SE cor. 2nd & Tehrjna 
Merry, Thomas nemT" S7! Customhouse Officer: Native. 

623 Sutter 
Merslng, John Bemhard 36: G-rooer: Naturalized. Cor. 

Montgomery and Jackson 
Merz, V7illlam 34: Grocer: Naturalized, 433 Powell 
Meserve, John Stephens 21: Engineer: ^•'dne: Bush and Q-ough 
Messenburg, Hermann 24! Baker: Naturcillzed. N.S. Pacific 

bet, Leavenworth and Jones 
Messerve, Charles Frederick 22: Butcher: Native: Potrero 
Mestayer, Augustus Adam 34: Clerk: I^atlve: Russ House. 
Metoalf : Alfred 33: Mariner: Native. 114 Silver 
MetOfilf, Peter 57: Mei*chant: Naturalized. 414 Gleary 
Hetcalf, Samuel H. 46: Mill Business: Native. Hovard bet. 

15th and 16th 
Metlen, Joseph Custar 31: Grocer: Native. N.E, cor. Second 

and Minna 
Metz, August 47: Carpenter: Naturalized. Cor. Trinity & Bush 
Metzger, George 33: Butcher: Naturalized. 9th S t. near Brannan 
Metzger, Joseph 41: Manufacturer: Naturalized. 627 Green 
Metzradt, Ferdinand 40: Physician: Naturalized. Cor. Folsom 

and 8th Sts. 
Meussdoffer, John Charles 43: Hatter: Naturalized. 752 Folsom 
Meyer, Adam 47: Brewer: Naturalized. Valencia bet. 17th & 18th 
Meyer, Aren 34: Tobaccionlst: Naturalized. 31 Stone 
Meyer, August 26: Barkeeper: Naturalized, 612 Pacific 
Meyer, Bernard Wllllan 39: Hone: Naturalized. 26 Stewart 
Meyer, Charles 39: Bog Making: Naturalized. 531 Mission 
Meyer, Charles 31: Gunsmlth:Naturallzed. 604 Pacific 
Meyer, Charles 32: Merchant: Native. 500 Green 
Meyer, Daniel 42:Merchant: Naturalized. 1418 Taylor 
Meyer, Frederick 29: Barkeeper: Naturalized, Cor, Pacific 

and Dupont 
Meyer, Harmon Henry 40: None: Naturalized, 774 Folsom 
Meyer, Henry 31: Papercarrier: Naturalized. 623 O'Farrell 
Keyer, Henrj' 34: Merchant: Naturalized. 1529 Dupont 
Meyer, Henry J. 39: Grocer: Naturalized. 248 Fremont 
Meyer, John 33: Roofer: Naturalized. Cor. Folsom and 6th 
Meyer, Jolm Henry 45: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. Sixth & Brannan 
Meyer, John Henry 34: Longshoreman: Naturalized. Comer 

Battery and Green 
Meyer, Jonas 38:Merchant: Naturalized, 810 Vallejo 
Meyer, Moses 40: Merchant: Naturalized. Cor, Mission & 6th 
Meyer, William 34: Dry Goods: Naturalized. 1227 Stockton 
Meyer, William 48: Sawyer: Naturalized, 604 Pacific 
Meyerbuck, Solomon 50: Furrier: Naturalized. Green and Mason 
Meyerfelt, Moses 36: Merchant: Naturalized, 522 Geary 
Meyerhoffer, Franz V. 68: Physician: Naturalized. 813 Mission 
Meyers, Anton 38: Saloonkeeper: Naturalized. 616 California 
Meyers, Benjamin 28: Blacksmith: Naturalized, N.E, cor. Davis 

and V/a Shi ng ton 
Meyers, David Abraham 33: Produce: Naturalized. 819 Jackson 
Meyers, Frederick 42: Grocer: Naturalized. Cor, Mission & Beal 
Meyers, Henry 47: Upholsterer: Germany: Austin near Polk 
Meyers, Henry Edwards 40: Contractor: Natlve:Flrst bet. 

15th and 16th Sts. 


Narie: Age: Ooo: Nat. Loftres, 

Meyers, N?)tha!i 41: Mer'jhant! Naturalized, 1B?>1 Powell 
Meyers, Penkus ,372 Laborer; Naturalized. 9 Jane 
Meyerstlne, Leid.a 35! Clothing! Naturalized. 4S6 Sddy 
Meyn, Herman Julius 36: Carpenter! Naturalized. 911 Kearny 
Meynr, John 26:Storekeeper!Naturallzed. Cor. Third & Everett 
Meyrs, Henry 43 iOrooer! Natural! zed. 210 Stewart 
Hlalon, Jules 45: Tailor! Naturalized. 723 Clay 
Mibielle, John 55: Professor of Languages: Naturalized. 

N.E. oor.Jaokeon and Mason 
Kicha.el, John 40 iOamekeeper: Naturalized! V^hitehall 

Exchange Summer. 
Michael, Jose-nh Herman 35 iMerohant: Natural! zed. 36Third 
Michael, Patrick 36: Teamster:Natural!zed. 699 Mission 
Miohaelis, Rcschelt 40! Tailor! Naturalized, 1432 Stockton 
l^chaels, Aaron 26: Merchant: Naturalized. Sacramento & Sansome 
Michaels, Benjamin Knlphausen 32: Sashraaker: Native. 127 4th 
Michaels, Michael 29: Butcher: Naturalized. 49 Third 
Mlohalowsky, Louis 29: CJas Factory: Naturalized. 

1121 1/2 Polsom 
Michaels, &eorge W, -— see Mieheals: CJeorge W, 
Michel, Cchn 36: Peddler: Natural! zed. 32 Hinckley 
Mi chelson, Jacob 38: Mariner: Naturalized. 546 Bryant 
Mlddlehoff, Garrett 43: SoloonKeeper! Naturalized. Laguna 

St. south of G^rove. 
Mlddleraiss, George 36: Carpenter: Native. 526 SacRcnento 
Mlddleswcrth, John R. 32!Team3ter:Native, 405 Stevenson 
Middle ton, Frank 39: Stevedore! Natural! zed. 915 Union 
Middleton, John 55: Auctioneer: Native: Lick House 
Middle ton, Joe H. 36: Carpenter: Native: 463 Tehama 
Middleton, Samuel Porter 27: Auctioneer: Native :Llck House 
Middleton, William Henry 51: Carpenter :Maryland: Washington 

and VanNess 
Mieheals, George W, 44: Laborer; Native :35 Clemintina 
Mier, George Conrad, 45: Cabinet maker: Natural! zed. 905 Jackson 
Mler, Louis 39:Grocer:Naturalized, SW cor. Ecker and 

Mleaegaes, Alfred Dledrich 27: None: Native. 54 Third 
Mikkel son. Rasmus 38:Refiner: Naturalized, 29 Russ 
Milan, Jonn 33: Porter: Native: Montgomery Block 
Mllohler, Gottlob 36: Merchant: Natural! zed. Ryder near Taylor 
Miles, Bernard 26: Porter:Naturalized.Ellen 8th 
Miles, Charles Edwin 29: Collector: Native: 233 Stevenson 
Miles, Edward Mickle 23: Clerk: Maryland: 532 Pine St. 
lilies, Michael 28: Contractor: Natural! zed. 106 Stockton 
Miles, Paul 36! Engineer: Native; 327 Bush 
Milks, Ezra 35: ShJLp Can^enter: Native: North's shipyard 
Millar, John 22: Laborer: Native. 655 Washington 
Miller, Albert Theodore Lex^a 49: Jeweler: Naturalized: 

26 Geary 
Miller, Andrew 41: None: Naturalized. NW Cor. Broadway 

and Dur>ont Sts. 
Miller, Augustus 29: Clerk: Natural! zed. 231 Kearny 
Miller, Casper 51;Florist:Naturalized. Mission bet.eth & 9th 







Miller, Charles 22!Brass FlnlsheriNatlve. 116 Sansome 
Miller, Charles 32: Baker i Naturalized. N.S, Kearny St. 

bet, Paoifio and Broadway 
Miller, Charles 36! Saloonkeeper! Naturalized. 106 Stuart 
Miller, Charles Arthur 49: Clerk! Naturalized. 725 Bush 
Miller, Charles Augustus 36:Copr.eramlth!Naturalized!llOSilver 
Miller, Charles Edward 33: Carpenter: Native: Bryant Place 
Miller, Charles (».34!Laborer!Naturalized.S.W: cor.Folsom 

and Spear 
Miller, David Allen 25: Student: Native 540 Mission 
Miller, Carleton vmito 24: Attorney: Native. 740 Mission 
Miller, David Wooster 41: Grocer: Native: 550 Mission 
Miller, Sdv;ard J. 29: Laundry !N,?.tivei 1141 Folsom 
Miller, Eli Collins 46: Painter: Naturalized, Cor. 17th and 

Miller, Francis Ashury 37:Brioklcyer:Naturalized. Clara St. 
Miller, Francis F. 37:Clerk: Naturalized, Drumrfl and Sacramento 
Miller, Geo. 24: Moulder: Native, 510 Sacramento 
Miller, George V/asblrgton 28: Deputy Ta^ Collector: Native. 

326 Brannan 
Miller, George W, 42: Slilp Joiner: Native. 4 Beale Place 
Killer, Henry G, 30!BootmakeriNative. 515 Tehama 
Miller, Billiard Milton 40:U.3.Appral8er: Native. 13 Hampton Pi. 
Miller, James Lel,c:l'iton 40 :Baker! Native, 617 Mason 
Miller, John 40:Fumiture Factory: Naturalized, Belden bet, 

Bush and Pine 
Miller, John 36!PileajriLver: Naturalized, 632 Second 
Miller, John 33: Jeweler: Naturalized^Groem-fich and Stockton 
Miller, John 48:neajaan: Naturalized. Ill VJashington 
Miller, John P. 34: Collector: Native. 800 ilush 
Miller, John Henry 39: Sngraver: Native, 777 Market 
Miller, Justus Pine 21: Clerk. Native. 740 Mission 
Miller, I^eopold 46: Butcher: Naturalized. 732 Vallejo 
Killer, Lewllyn Elijah 23lVJatchraaker:Native, 10 Sutter 
Miller, Louis Shannon 21: Painter: Native, Santa Clara & 17th 
Miller, Orison O^'ane 25:Gov0mment employe: Native. 800 Bush 
Miller, Rasseles Jackson 40: Carpenter: Native, 216 Stevenson 
Miller, Robert Baird 31: Compositor: Pennsylvania. 

Saoraneito near Leavenworth 
Miller, Robert 3. 50; Clerk! Native: 317 Cleralntina 
Miller, Stephen Girard 32: Dnigc^st: Native: 1103 tookton 
Miller, Thomas 29: Trader :Naturrai zed, 655 Mission 
Miller, Thomas S; 50: Real Estate: 823 Bush 
Miller, Wilii9.m 38: Hack Driven Naturalized, V^'hlte Street 
Miller, William 64:Harlner:Naturalized.SE cor, Jones &ValleJo 
Miller, William Cornelius 29 :Drug::i3t: Native. 1519 Taylor 
Miller, Warren Phinney 45: Architect: Native: Geary Place. 
Miller, Washington (Jr.) 45: Merohrnt: Native, Comer 

O'Farrell and Bar:ley Place. 
Miller, Willjam 33: Clerk: Naturalized: Sutter west of Laguna 
Miller, William S. 42 :Mechanio: Native: 317 Clementina 
Miller, Wllllara T.30:Polloe:Natur- lizei. 7 Monroe 
Milliken, Frank Carr 29: Teanster:Native, 121 Natoma 
Milliken, Isaac T. 33: Notary i'ublic: Native, 329 Fremont 









Mlllllren, John i'lnot 45 :Merclmnt: Native. 536 Second 
Mllliken, Seth 65:M8rChant: Native. 5 Verona Place 
MllUkln, William Henry 30: Merchant: Native. 200 Stockton 
Mllliman, Nicholas 56: Storekeeper: Native. 819 Broaaway 
Mills, David Joshua 35 ;Im'-orter: Native. 136 Mission 
Mills, Francis Eugene 48: Manufacturer: Native. 1432 Pacific 
Mills, Gilbert Sills 22: Blacksmith: Native. 413 Third 
Kills, John Chubh 31: Milkman: New Hampshire: Scott and 

John Jackson 41: Lawyer: Native. 617 Market 

lather 42 rMerchant; Native. 25th Old S ,n Jose Road 

Phllo 30: HI'S rk: Native: 613 Fine 

Robert 40: 0l3.zier;Naturall2ed. S.W, cor. Sutter and 

Senaca 30: Laborer: New York: Presidio 

Thcraas 47: Tinner: Naturalized. Filbert near Montgomery 
Mlllsher, Morris 54;Merchantj^'aturallzed; 320 Kearny 
Mlllspauf>h, G-eo. 36jLafcor3rj Native. 319 Rltoh 
Kinahan, Joseph 31:StevedorG:N?.turalized. ^'^aln bet. 

Market and Mission 
Miner, John 31 :Lcborer; Ireland: North Point 3t. 
Miner, loran 40: Laundryiiian:I;ative: Cor. Clementina and 6th 
Minnick, Marvin 30:La"borer:Native. 520 Mission 
Mlnnigan, James 30: Boatman: Naturalized. Helgr-:s v^arf 
Minor, G-eorge Washington 42: ?ainter:Natur-llz9d.S.£, cor. 

Linden and Fr£P.klln 
Minor, Stanton Bro'*^ 51: Carpenter: Native, '//hat Cheer 
Ministry, Thos.Hoyer 43:Inspector:Naturalized.534 Kearny 
Mintem, Charles 52: ^teaiRboatman: Native :Battery bet. 

Vallejo and G-rcen 
Mintcn, Mathew 39: Potmaker: Native. Napa near Kentucky 
Mlntum, Edward 28: Clerk: Native, 9 Post. 
Mintum, ^^alter Bynos 3? :Merchant:Native. Cosmopolitan 
Mlnturn, Wllilfyn Brovm 39:Purser:Nev York:633 California 
Misglll, Tlj^othy Francis 3?. :Blacksrilthi Naturalized. 409 

Mlsh, Phenes 41; Merchant: Naturalized. 200 F.dcly 
MlBkell, Michael 40: Laborer: Naturalized. 331 Minna 
Missen, Wade Clausen 39: Boatman: Naturailzed. Foot of Market 

Mitchel, Tfilli<.>ia 3C: Clerk: Naturalized. 1B05 

1/2 Stockton 



Mitchell, Alfred Gardener 39: Laborer: Native, 
Montgomery toid Union 

ChaK Frederick 54: Porter: Native, 53 Natoma 

Daniel Harvey 41:Miner:Native. Tnternntional 

Hotel Jackson 3t. 

David 3r5: Bookkeeper: Natural! zed. Jones bet. 

Washington and J&ckeon 
Mitchell, David Gl\r.Be 48: Ship Chandler: Native. 728 Vallejo 
Mitchell, Edmuiid 29: Oysters: Native: 626 Comnercial 
Mitchell, C'Borge Kanry 43: Bookkeeper: Native, 641 Folsom 
Mitchell, Hanson Franl: 33; Miner: Ruse House. Native. 
Mitchell, Henry Milton 25: Soilormaker: Native. 57 Natoma 


Nanet Age: Oooi Nat: Loo.res* 

Mitchell^ James 40: Llauor Denler:Natlve. 609 Battery 
Mitchell, Jameo Elvert 38: Tobacconist :Native, 24C Second 
Mitchell, John 44:C^rocer: naturalized. 170 Minna 
Mitchell, John 40! Grocer :Katurallzed, 900 Post 
Mitchell, John 59: Contract or 'Naturalized, 45 Jessie 
Mitchell, John Cluakey 45!Retall Dealer: Native, 1717 Kaoon 
Mitchell, John Read 26: Stevedore: Naturalized. Alta St. 
Mitchell, Oseln C, 37 :Merchant: Native. 11th bet. 

Mission and Market. 
Mitchell, Peter 38; Seaman: naturalized. Mdn bet. 

Mission and Market 
Mitchell, Theophllus 32: Merchant: Native. 551 Mission 
Mitchell, Thomas 33: Laborer: Naturalized. Near Lake Honda 
Mitchell, Thomas 38: Carpenter: Naturalized. 148 Mission 
Mitchell, Thomas Jr. 22: Coppersmith: Naturalized. Cor. 

King and Third 
Mitchel. Thomas Folger 58 :Bootmalter: Native. 739 G-reen 
Mitchell, Wm. HUaon 40:Llquor Dealer: Naturalized. Cor. 

Bush and Sansome 
Mitzlers, Jacob 57: Tanner: Naturalized. 169 Sliver 
Mix, Warren 39: Tin and Coppersmith: Native. Cor. 

Stockton and JaC son 
Mlxley, Charles J.G. 481 Real Estate: Native. 721 Sutter 
Mobart, Joseph 29: Laborer: Naturalized :15th near Valencia 
Moebus, Frederic 42: Shoemaker: Naturalized. 6 Broadway 
Moffat, Henry 26: Butcher: Native, Cor. Brannan and 9th 
Moffat, Wm. P. 63: Atty-at-law: Natur- lized, 624 Tehama 
Moffet, Albert Bates 29: Carpenter: Native. Bernal Heights 
Moffett, Samuel 38: Cabinetmaker: Naturalized. 530 Bush 
Mofflt, James 39: Printer: Naturalized. 1010 Clay 
Mogan, John 40: Butcher: Naturalized. Ellis east of 

Mohamann, Frederick 36:Merchant: Native. Powell and Greenwich 
Moherhy, James 43: Blacksmith; Naturalized. Bryant bet. 

7th and 8th 
Mohp, Charles 38: Bartender: Naturalized. 403 Bush 
Moldrup, August Jacob; 32: Clerk: Naturalized. 427 Green 
Moldry, Marcus 37: Cigar maker: Austria Bush and Dlvisadero 
Molloy, Patrick 36:Cooper:Naturallzed.v;a3hlngton bet. 

Front and Davis Sts. 
Moloney, Cornelius 30 :Boardlnghouse-keeper: Naturalized. 

Cor, Bi»oadway and Sansome 
Molony.Jereniah 39: Laborer; Naturalized. 122 Shipley 
Molt, John Philip 31 :nutcher: Naturalized. 432 Third 
Monaghan, Michael 39: Laborer: Ireland: Broadway and Polk 
Monaghan, Patric|t 30 ;Shoema]ier: Naturalized. 620Hleslon 
Monahan, John 30 :Boxmaker; Naturalized. 52 Jane 
Moniet, Andrew 44; Sawdust :Naturall zed. 719ValleJ9 
Monell, George ^saao Nleal 48:Bookkeeper:Natlve, 2 Battery 
Moneypenny, Charles 46 tBoardinghouse: Naturalized. 

138 Natoma 
Monks, Jose-oh 42: She emaker:Ii^ land: Bush near Franklin 
Monks, RIC ard Benedict 40:Polloeman: Native. 148 Howard 
Monnlch, August 34: Grocer: Naturalized. Cor. 8th ' Folsom 







Monroe, Andre^f-/ 36: Metermaker: Naturalized. 415 Howard 
Monroe, Charles Fraser 24 :Sn('5lneer: Native: 777 Market 
Monroe, John 38: Encineer; Naturalized. 270 First 
Monroe, John 40; Laborer: Native. 42 Kcker 
Montague, V7ilfred Weed 30 :Merchant: Native. Occidental Hotel 
Montell, Clarence Foster 27: Seaman; Native. 1211 Bush 
Montgomeiy, Atken 34 :Eneineer: Scotland: Polk near Bay 
Moody, ICdwin 48; Artist; Native. King near Fourth 
Moody, Isaac A. 47; Carpenter: Native. 917 Jackson 
Moody, James York 30;Sailmaker;Native. 62Clay 
Moody, John Charles 36; Druggist; Native. 310 Sutter 
Moody, Joseph Ledlie 36;Herohant:Native. Jones & Lombard 
Moody, Stephen Smith 51: Laborer: Native :vniat Cheer 
Moody, William Ed\/ard 40: Clerk; Native: Cor. Montgomery 

and Green 
Moody, William Hall 23 :Stenoiloutter: Native: 1305 Taylor 
^'hok-er, V/m. 39: Butcher; Naturalized, Mission bet.Gth & 7th 
Moon, Andrew 60:Real Sstateagent: Native. 2 Park Avenue 
Moon, /\ndrew Jackson 32;Bookkeeper: Native, 320 Pine 
Moone, George Clinton 49:Merchant; Native. G06 MontgomeiTy 
Mooney, Cornelius 31: Liquors: Naturalized. Niantic Hotel 
Mooney, James 38: Keeper: Nei^r York: Stockton south of Kason 
Mooney, John Henry 29 :Machinist; Native. Jessie bet. 7th & 0th 
Moorcraft, Thomas Conliff 39; Clerk: Native. -Harrison 
Moore, Bartholomew Philip 37;Furniture: Native. Hyde bet. 

Eddy and Turk 
Moore, Benjamin 26;Sash and Blind; Native. 314 Sutter 
Moore, Bethuel Carey 39; Clerk:Natlve. 18 Clarence Place 
Moore, Charles Henry 23: Clerk: Native. 13 Anthony 
Moore, Daniel 45: Cook; Natur^^JLized. 518 Mission 
Moore, David 41; Teamster; Native. Folsom bet.lOth & 11th 
Moore, David (Jr.) 22 ;Herchant: Native. Cor.Stockton & Jackson 
Moore, David Milton 30:^*achinist:Native. Mission bet. Ist &2d 
Moore, Delaney Clough 36: Laborer :riow H,'?rapshire: Austin andPolk 
Moore, Edmund 33; Carpenter: Native. 748 1/2 Market 
Moore, Edward Fitzgerald 28; Carriage Trlirimer: Native. Cor. 

Sanaome and Market 
Moore, George Crosby 36: Agent : Natl ve ; 748 1/2 Market 
Moore, C-eorge H, 64: Merchant; Native. 1119 Pine 
Moore, Henry James 36; Plumber: Native. 48 Minna 
Moore, Henry Kingsbuiy 2G:Lav;yer: Native. 108 O'Farrell 
Moore, Isiah Allen 41; Bri delayer: Native. 3ra and Brannan 
Moore, James 33;Brickl-yerinative, Cor. Hinckley & Pinckney 
Moore, ames 35 ; Policeman :" at ive. 222 Fremont 
Moore, James 39: Engineer: Native. 559 Market 
Moore, James H. 33:Casfitter; Naturalized. 226 Second 
Moore, John 27; Laborer: Naturalized. Ritch near Brannan 
Moore, John 30: Clerk; Naturallzed.109 Post. 
Moore, John 31: Laborer: Naturalized. Zoe Street 
Moore, John A, 39: Police Officer; Native. 15th bet. 

Howard and Mission 
Moore, John A. 45: Hayand Crain: Native. 804 Howa3*d 
Mooi^e, John Adams 31; Teacher: Native, industrial School 
Moore, John James 33: Wellsinker: Naturalized. Cor. 22nd and 













Mo ran 








John R.S. 41: Teamster:Matlve:Rltter St, near Harrison 

John V/rlde 38:Private v/atohman; naturalized. 719 Davis 

Joseph 33: Driver: Native. Tehama street 

Joseph Henry 39: Lawyer: Native. 668 Harrison 

Justin 48: Retail Dealer:Natlve. Minna bet, 7th & 8th 

Moses 21: Clerk I Native, 10 i'owell 

Nathan '.Tieaton 33; Teacher: Native. 725 Bush 

^^athanlel 41:Clerk:Naturallzed. 736 Polsora 

Owen 27: Dealer: Native, 662 Harrison 

Patrick 45: Laborer: Naturalized, 1410 Taylor 

Phillip 21; Clerk: Native, 742 Folson 

Philip Charles 30: Carpenter: Native, 527 Mission 

Reuben Cutler 45: Printer: Native, 635 Second 

Robert 46: Baker: Naturalized, 11 Rousch 

Samuel Newman 3l;Shipwrl{Tht: Native, 1227 Pacific 

Stephen Smith 46; Laborer: Native, 549 Market 

Stewart 48: Cooper: Natura7.ized, 15,3 Shiplejf 

Thomas 24: Laborer; Naturalized, 415 Powell 

Thomas 27 ;Marbleworker: Naturalized, N, 'J, cor, Fourth 

and Jessie 
William 31:Pla3terer: Native, 435 Pine 
v;illiam 33: Stevedore: Naturalized, Cor, Alta and 

William 37: Seaman: Naturalized, 603 Front 
William 37: Watchman: Naturalized. Union bet. 

Battery ojid San some 
V^llliam Ambrose 29 :BoardinghouFe-keeper: Native, 

40 Jackson 
William Henry 
William Henry 
First and 


32:Tinner;Naturallzed. Branch Hotel 
36 :Brass- founder: Native. Mission bet. 
Wright 28 :Trader;Vermont: Kearny near Sacramento 
30: Lodging: Native. 588 Commercial 
Edward 40; Tobacconist: Naturalized. Jones near Filbert 
Edward 32 :Painter: Ireland: Franklin near Bush 
Harrison 24: Milkman: Native. Old San ose road bet. 

25th and 26th 
John 41: Carman :Nev/ 5fork: Pine near Cough 
Peter 29:Segardealer:Naturallzed. 708-710 Battery 
Tho^Sas 29: Hostler:naturalized. Cor. Jane ^-^ Ulsslon 
Thomas 35: Dealer in Cigars: Naturalized, 708Battery 
Dennis 35: Drayman; Natural! zed, Turk east t)f Polk 

James 45:Siigar refiner: Naturali zed. G-rove St, 
east of Franklin 
Mol^an, VJilliam 44:Laborer: Ireland; Pine and Scott 
Moran, V/llliam 40: Laborer: Naturali zed. 24 Clara 
Mordeoai, Isaac Thomas 32: Paper Carrier: Native, Potrero 

near Class works 
Kore, Edward 56; Laborer: Naturalized, Trinity near Bush 
Morehouse, George W, 33;Butcher:Natlve. 1 'Jhite's Place 
Morehouse, Legrand 48;Protiuce Denier; Connecticut: 

Sacramento near Franklin 
Morehouse, William Pitt: 42 :U,S. Assistant Assessor :Natlve. 
240 Taylor. 


Name J Age; Ooc: Nat. Loc.res. 

Morey, Henry S. 28: Machinist! Native. 1117 Bush 
Morey, Napoleon Bonaixjrte 47: Carpenter: Native. Cor. 

First and Mission 
Morey, Simon Blssell 33:U,S. Mlnt!Vermont:EwBr Place 
Morgan, Amasa 47 :Merchant: Native. 34 Third 
Morgan, Charles Bill 24: Clerk; Native, Cor, Montgomery & Bush 
Morgan, Charles Brlggs 35 ;Hessenger; Native, 1032 Market 
Morgan, Jr, David 45: Clerk; Native. 151G Mason 
Morgan, Edward Brox-m 23:Brlcklayer: Native. 25 Stockton Place 
Morgan, Edward Harrison 21: Clerk: Native. 912 Jackson 
Morgan, George -iashington 35: Life Insurance Agent; 

Native, ason bet. Bush & Sutter 
Morgan, Henry H, 30:Clerk:Natlve. 609 Pine 
MorgaJi, John 38: Caulker: Naturalized. 31 Louisa 
Morgan, John Adam 28: Agent: Native. 606 Minna 
Morgan, John Elmer 26: Butcher: Native, Cor. third and 

Morgan, Joseph Alexander 58: Sallmaker: Native. 32 Minna 
Morgan, Thomas '.'oelf 26:Draftsraan:Nr-tive. 609 Leavenworth 
Morgan, William 38; Stevedore: Native. (Father native bom) 

Cor. Battery and Green 
Morganstein, Meyer 33 :Merohant: Naturalized. 340 Kearny 
Morgenstem, Adolph 44; Merchant: Naturalized. Cor, Front 

and i' roadway 
Morgenstorn, Samuel 42: Merchant: Naturalized. Cor, 

Front and Pacific 
Morlarty, John 31; Laborer: Naturalized, 24 Howard Court 
Morlson, James 48:Phy3lcian:Native, 219 First (0»l''arrell 
Morken, Frederick 30;Saloon:Naturallzed. Cor, Hyde and O'Farrell 
Moroney, John 36 :Merchant: Naturalized. Brooklyn Hotel, Sansome 
Morony, John 35; Laborer;Naturrllzed, 18 Freelon 
Morrell, Charles 39: Musical Instrument :r.aker: Native. 

321 Stockton 
Morrell, Ebenezer 57:Brickma!^er:Natlve. 20th near San 

Jose Railroad 
Morrell, Joseph 27;Clerk; Native. Cosmopolitan Hotel (sic) 
Morres, Selgesnund 35:Merchant; Naturalized. Stevenson near 7th 
Morrill, Leander P. 40; Ship Joiner;Maine: 605 Stockton St. 
Morrill, Oliver C. 31: HarBessnaker:N-.tlve. 634 Sutter 
MoxTlll, v/arren P. 43;Printer:Natlve, 807 Mission 
Morris, Benjamin 36;Jeweler: Natural! zed, 500 Post. 
Morris, David 47:Merchant: Naturalized. 25 Gecond 
Morris, George Fritz 55; Draynan: Ireland: Jackson near Broderick 
Morris, James 38: SaloonKeeper: Native, East side Kearny bet, 

Bro?dway and Vallejo sts, 
Morris, James 26: Cook; Naturalized. 414 Pacific 
Morris, James 55:Street wo rker( paver ) ; Naturalized. 

Geary near ''illiam 
Morris, Joseph 36: Clerk; Native. Kearny St.Mec.Hotel 
Morris, Samuel 33:Clerk:NaturGlizecl, 1227 Stockton 
Morris, SamuelN, 25;Inspector of Customs: Native. 317 Sutter 
Morris, v;iiiiam Moses 24 :Bookl?:eeper: Native. 725 Broadway 
Morris, v/ililam P. 40: Broker: Native. 228 Stockton 
Morrissey, Jeremiah 38;Porter:Naturallzed. 38 Cle'nentina 
Morrison, Andrexf J, 32; CustomHouse; Native, 14 Guy Place, 


Name: Age: Oco: Nat: Loc.res, 

Morrison, Andrev ^aughrey 36 ;Miner; Native, 50B Second 
Moirrlson, Archibald 40: Shoemaker: Naturalized, Gor,Gth 

and Brannan 
Morrison, Carleton John 37:Porter City Hall:Natlve. 

16 Turk St. 
Morrison, Daniel 35: Mariner: ^^atlve, 307 Folsom 
Morrison, George Hugh 405nerchant:Native. Brannan near Snd 
Morrison, Kor^^ce 36; Bookkeeper: Native. 1201 Powell 
Morrison, John C. Jr. 43: Merchant: Native, 817 Howard 
Morrison, John Henry 21:Maohlnist: Native, Cor. First & 

Stevenson Sts. 
Morrison, John Martin 35: Teamster: Native, 679Harrlson 
Morrison, John V/llllam 32:Teanster:Naturca.lzed.l005 Geary 
Morrison, Joseph Hemphill 45: Teamster: Native, Jackson 

bet. Hyde and •t'aclfic 
Morrison, Joslah Z, 35jDealer In oil: Natl ve.Bry and & Sixth 
Morrison, Robert Francis 39 :Lawyer: Native, Folsom bet, 

10th and 11th Sts. 
Morrison, Riley Robert 30:Msrchant:Na'Clve,177 Jessie 
Morrison, Samuel A, 47:Manufacturer: Native, 607 Sutter 
Morrison, Thomas H, 39 iBanlier: Native, 14 Guy Place 
Morrissay, John William 26:Ma8on: Native. 37 Jessie 
Morrlssey, William 24:Wood and Coal: Naturalized, Natoma St. 
Morrisson, Aug.Gr.-^nville 27: Surveyor: '%tive, 560 Bryant 
Morris, Thomas Folj^er: 36:Stevedore: Native. Main near 

Harrison St, 
Morris, X'Jm, 43: ShipJoiner: Naturalized. 550 Third 
Morrlssey, Patrick 49 :Hiner: Naturalized. 537 Tehama 
Morrissey, PatriC- Henry 41: Grocer: Naturalized. Cor. 

Fifth and Tehama 
Morrissey, William 32; Carpenter: Naturalized, 537 Tehama 
Morrissy, John 40;*^aborer:Naturalized,Freelon St, 
Morritz, Nicholas 27:Clerk;Native.AMerioan Exchange 
Morrow, George 51:Dealer in Hay & Grain: Naturalized, 

515 Broadway 
Morrow, James C. 27: Tailor: Native, 12 Third 
Morrow, John Pool 52:Real Estate Operator: Native. 

Larkin and Chestnut 
Morrow, Thomas Hollam 38: Salesman: Native, 625 Green' 
Morrow, William W. 23: Clerk: Native, 4 Martha Place. 
Morse, Amos C, 40:Attorney at law: Native. 449 1/2 Minna 
Morse, Calvin 41;Miner: Native, 523 East 
Morse, Ebenezer Edan 42: Drayman: Native. 652 Mission 
Morse, Elijah 44:Housemover: Native, 39 Sixth 
Morse, Evander 43: Gentleman: Native, St, Mark's Place near 

Morse, fizra 37: Clerk: Native: Jones bet. Pacific and Jackson 
Morse, George Daniels 31: Photographer: New York: 510 Dupont 
Morse, George V/alker 28: Laborer: Native. Cor, Third & Silver 
Morse, H.C. 39:Contractor;Native,417 Stevenson 
Morse, Henry Jabez 26: Job ''agon: Native. 71 Tehama 
Morse, John Frederick 50:Physician:Vernont:Brenham Place 
Morse, Jos. Anthony Bates 34: Butcher: Native, v/hat Cheer 
Morse, Leonard 33: Inspect orof Customs: Native, 815 







Morse, Thomas 59 tV/arehouamant Native. Sansome bet. 
Filbert and 
Thomas Harr/ood 30! Watchman: Native. 14 Turk 


Thomas Jefferson 4S:Kackman! Native. 103 0»Farrell 

Auf^istine G-. 5?>:3alesman:Native. 57 Clementina 
Charles Aui^u&tua 37 :Kiner: Native, Mary svllle Hotel 
Pacific St. 

Morton, Chaa. Augustus 37;HineriNatlve!'v'hat Cheer House 
Morton, Charles Gary 57: '/liarfinger: Native. 1521Leavonworth 
Morton, Daniel Ubbey 39:T3amster;Natlve. Ellis bet. Taylor 

and Jones ' 

Morton, Sd Chace 37: Clgrki Native. 5 ''.S California 
Morton, Edward Hussey 55; U.S. Mint: Native, 1138 Pacific 
Morton, (Jeo. Hackett 38 : Merchant :Nativ9. 27 Silver. 
Morton, Henry James — Naturalized: Express Driver, Cor. 

Mission and SOth Sts. 
Morton, James 34: Coachman: Naturalized. Cor. Sutter and 

<lough sts. 
Morton, John 46: Team3ter!Natlve. 305 Taylor 
Morton, Joshua Bradford 49:Garp9nter:MainesVan Ness Ave. 
Morton, N.^thanisl 49:Ca:'r Drlve>?!Natlve. Sixth and Harrison 
Morton, Reuben 47:Team3ter:N,'>tive, 318 Frills 
Morton, Samuel P. 33:Tobaoconlst:NatlV3.Cor. 9th and Mission 
Morton, William 49: Carpenter: Naturalized. ^58 Jessie 
Morton, William Alonzo 22: Carpenter :'^ at ive. 250 Jessie 
Morton, William Huenestens 50: Mariner: Native. 632 Sutter 
Hoser, Fi»ederiok 51 :Salooa'CeeT)er: Naturalized. Valencia 

bet. 15th and 16th Sts. 
Moses, Edmund 50:3peoulator:Mative. Chelsea Place 
Hoses, Lazarus 40:3econd Viand Store: Naturalized. 

324 Montgomery St. 
Moses, William ft. 39:Dulld3r:Natlve. Cor. Minna & 8th Sts. 
Moses, V7iiliam Henry 36:Marlner:NatiV3j 423 East 
Mosheimer, Joseph 43; Engineer: Naturalized. 2005 Powell 
Mosher, Daniel 36: Manufacturer: Native. 18 Stockton 
Moss, Ellis W, 39: Tobacconist: Native, 320 Frer.ont 
Mosae, D'Alva 25: Stationer: Illinois :L3avemJorth near 

Mosse, Daniel H.T. 49 :Book3torw: Native. Mission bet.ath& 9th 
Mosseraan, Samuel 43; Laborer: Naturalized, 119 Ellis 
Mott, Ctordon Newell 5.3 :Lai;yer! Native. 911 Jackson 
Mott, Egbert Benson Jr. 33 ;ilerchant; Native, Harrison & lat 
Mott, John Huntington 21: None: Native, 911 Jackson 
Mott, Peter Drake 39: Engineer: New York;Ewer Place near 

Mott, Thomas Riverius 50: Laborer; Natural! zed. Ill Montgomery 
Moulton, Alvah D. 38:Printer: Native. Clara St. 
Moulton, Charles Smith 45: Drayman: Native. Cor. Larkin 

and Jackson 
Moulthj?op, Charles Wesley 2lJPattemmk8r:Native. 49 

Frederl ck 
Moulthrop, John Lanokton 48: Ac count ant: Native. 49 

Moulton, Benjamin Franltlln 46:Real Estate: Native. 784 Folsom 


Name: Age: Occ: Nat* Loc.res* 

Moulton, Cheeney 25: Inspector of Customs; Native. 739 Pine 
Moulton, Kxra Sprague 35 {Produce Dealer: Native. 1509 

Moulton, G-eary Houston 29: Produce Dealer: Native, 1819 

Moulton, Henry 21: Car Driver: Native. Drannan and Sixth 
Moulton, Joseph Henry 27; Ship Joiner: Native. 177 Minna 
Moulton, Joslah 42:Palnter:^^atlve. 607 Harrison 
Moulton, 34: Civil Kncjlneer: Wm,Jas.LePlaln:J^atlve. 

S.E. cor, Bryant and Seventh 
Mount, Sylvester Tllton 62; Carpenter: New Jersey: 122 Austin 
Mount, v;illiam 41: Stevedore; Native. Cor. Battery & Green 
Mountain, John Joseph 21: Upholsterer; Native. 122 G-eary 
Houser, Silas M, 43:Phy3iclan:Natlve, 707 Bush 
Mowatt, Commodore 51; Butcher: Native, 286 Stevenson 
Mower, Amos Horn 37; Tinsmith: Native, 724 Harrison 
Mower, George V/esley 31: Saddler: Native, 116 Sansome 
Mower, Peter Steavens 48: Clerk: Native. 520 Union 
Mowry, Dutee 48: Carpenter; Native. 505 Hov/ard 
Movrry, George Sdward 34: Carpenter: Native. 525 Pine 
Moyer, Abraham 29: Barkeeper: Native. 918 Jackson 
Mudge, Theodore 40:Internal Revenue: Native, 404 Bush 
Muehr, Charles 29 :Mlller: Naturalized. 216 Folsom 
Muehr, William 31;Miller;Naturallzed, 216 Folsom 
Mugan, John 35: Laborer: Naturalized, 2 Beale Place off Beale St. 
Mugan, John 39:Porter:Maturallzed, 321 Du-:)ont 
Muh, Nicholas 44:notel Keeper:Naturallzed,716 Pacific 
Muhlendorf, Robert 38; Real Estate; Naturalized, 214 Sansome 
Muloch, Ernst 34;HotelKeeper:Naturalized. 633 Broadway 
Muir, James 37 :BrlclOLayer: naturalized. SE cor.Post & Jones 
Mulr, Wm.W. 40: Conductor: Native, Cor. Sixth & Shipley 
Mulcahay, Lot 52; Laborer: Naturalized, 507 Minna 
Mulcahy, Cornelius 38:Teamater;rIaturallzed. Clara bet,5th& 6th 
Mulcay, James Brennan 23 :V/atchman; Naturalized, by his father: 

563 Mission 
Mulcahy, ^'^atthew 50 :Hanufacturer; Naturalized, Zoe St. 
Mulcahy, ^'^atthewC sic/Teamster: Naturalized. 20th bet, 

Cruerrero'^and V- lencla 
Mulchy, William 23:Glerk;Pennsylvanla:716 Dupont 
Mulcreercy, Martin 50 : Laborer: Natur 11 zed, v/elch St. 
Muldoon, Peter 35: Laborer: Naturalized, ^aciflc bet. 

Battery and j'ront 
Muldoon, Thomas James. 32; Brans Fltter;Native. 240 Second 
Muldoxmey, James 33: Fireman: Native. Cor. Broadway and 

Muldo-vmey, Patrick 40:Laborer:Ireland;Laguna and Filbert 
Muley, JcT'ies Devlne: Stone Cutter;Naturalized, 551 Market 
Mulford, Alex H, 33 :Mlner: Native. 66 Shipley 
Mulford, Philip Henry 37: Farmer: Native. 14 «5: IG Jackson 
Mulgrew, Patrick 43: Naturalized. Laborer:Perry near Fourth 
Mulhare, James 45: Laborer: Naturalized, Central Place 
Mulholland, John 42;Merohant;Natlve, Filbert neav Larkln 
Mull, v/llllam 33; Clerk: Native. 1111 Montgomery 
Mullaney, Michael 28: Laborer: Naturalized. First bet, 

Jesaie and ^^Ission 


: 5 

Name; A||«s Ooc: Nat: Loc.res* 

Mullaney, Patrick Joseph 21: Laborer: Native, McAllister 

near Mfirket 
Mullen, Henry 26:Merchant: Naturalized, Brannan near 6th 
Mullen, John 35: Laborer; Naturalized, 514 Minna 
Mullein, John 46:MGChinist:Native. 541 Mission 
Mullen, Patrick Smith 30:V/ood Turner: Native. 4?8 Dupont 

(no. illegible) 
MuJ-lens, Horcan, 26: Laborer; Naturalized. 812 Union 
Muller, Adolph 44 :Merchant: Naturalized, Cor, Hyde «& Clay 
Muller, Frederick V/ilhelm 30:Blacksmith;Naturalized. 713 
Muller, Q-erhard 28: Driver: Naturalized. Folsom) 

247 Clementina 
Muller, Herman 34: Grocer: Naturalized^ N,W,oor. Pacific 

and Dupont 
Muller, John 43 :Mu3ioi£m: Naturalized, 610 Bush 
Muller, Joseph W, 37:Wood Turner: Naturalized. 233 Sutter 
Mulligan, Francis 31:Koulder:Naturalized. — Tehama 
Mulligan, John Francis 28: Carpenter: Native. -Sumner 
Mulligan, Owen 34: None: Naturalized. 246 Tehama 
Mulligan, Patrick: 40: Moulder: Naturalized. King St. 
Mulligan, Thomas 35: Laborer: Naturalized. 15th St. 

cor. Valencia 
Mullikln, Joseph Doiigherty 52: Ship Carpenter: Kentucky 

Franklin and Broadway 
Mullin, Daniel 40: Steward: Naturalized. 424 Stevenson 
Mullin, Oeorge 22:Glass Blower :Native. 606 Third 
Mullin, William J.51:Printer:Native. 22 Tehama 
Mullins, Charles W, Omitted from (Jr. Reg, of 1866 
Mullins, Charles W, 34 :Melter: Native. 39 Minna 
Mullins, James 60: Blacksmith: Naturalized. Powell near 

Mullins, Jeremiah 33: Undertaker: Naturalized, Cor. Jackson 

and Leavem^rorth 
Mullins, Wm. Francis 36 :BarkeGper: Native. 530 ' Sacramento 
Mullens, Dennis 37:CaiTiaceBriver:Naturalized, 
N.W. cor, Jaolcson and Leavenworth 
Mulloy, Charles 29:Black3mith:Naturalized.Cor. Pine 

and Taylor 
Mulloy, James 37: Barkeeper: Naturalized. Cor. Broadway and 

Mulloey, James 51;SaloonKeeper:Naturalized.Cor. Broadway 

and Davis 
Mulloy, John 30 :Prodace: Naturalized. Clay and Davis 
Mulrein, David 38:Pla8terer:Naturalized. 704 Larkin 
Mulstay, Patrick 30;Teamster:Naturalized. 78 Natoraa 
Kulvaney, John 36 ; Bricklayer :Haturcli zed. 186 Stevenson 
Mulvehel, Michael 55 :Laborer: Naturalized. Chestnut 

near Mason 
Mulville, Neptune Blood 38:Attorney:Niitiu:':lized. 910 Taylor 
Mumfrey, Edv/ard 23:Printer: Naturalized, 609 Pine 
Mun, Felix 51: Laborer: Naturalized. 409 Sutter 
Mtind, Christian T. 53: Carpenter: Naturalized. 846 Folsom 
Mund, John Henry 23: Jeweler: naturalized. 846 ?'olsom 
Mundwyler, Jacob 49: Musician: Naturalized, 708 Bush 







Mundwyler, John J. 24: Musi clan! Naturalized, 708 Bush 
Munro, Robert 52: Com, Merchant tNaturalizad.Wotmore Plaoe. 
Monroe, Alonzo L. 30: Carpenter: Native. 212 Beale St, 
Monroe, William 49: Carpenter: Native. Beal foot of Howard 
Munson, Burdett H. 38:Printer: Native, 809 Mission 
Munson, James Hig--ins 53:3a:? Fller;Native. 20 Kearny 
Munson, John 45 :Carrlagemalter: Naturalized. Cor. 

Stevenson and Sixth 
Munson, John Lander 48:StageDriver:New York:704 Commercial 
Munson, John 3avage62: Real Kstate;Natlve, 713 Broadway 
Munson, Thilo Childs 28:Team8ter:Nrtive, Cor. 5th and Minna 
Murdock, Charles Albert 25: Bookkeeper:: Native. 530 Ho.-ard 
Murdock, Greorge Leonard 60: Public House: eeDer: Native. 

34 Battery 
Murfey, Samuel 3. 37:Notary Public: Native. 219 First 
















Mertin ol:C-rooer:Naturalized, 29 Clementina 
,6-wen 25: Milkman: Ireland: Presidio Road 
Bartholomew 36: Eullder: Naturalized. 234 Clara 
Bartholomew 50:3tew£U?d:Naturalized. 317 Beale 
Charles 24: Hairdresser: Naturalized. 214 Fourth 
Cornelius SCj: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. 10th & Bryant 
Cornelius 46: Carpenter: Naturalized, ^arkln near 

Cornelius ?• 50:Bootmalt:er;Naturalized. 373 Jessie 
Daniel 36:Fumiture Dealer: Naturalized. 11 Geary 
Daniel J. 45: Clerk: Naturalized. 646 Mission 
Daniel 48:Real 2state; Naturalized. 458 Clementina 
Daniel James 34: Lawyer: Native. Cor. Montgomery and 

David 46;LaborerdNaturalized. Four mile House 
Dennis 42: Shoemaker: Omit ted in C-r. Hec of 1866 
Dennis 42: Shoemaker: Naturalized: 158 First 
Dennis 45: Shoemaker: Naturalized. 158 First 
DennisBerlOLy 42! Merchant: Naturalized. 11 Geai^ 
Dennis yilliam 31 :V/hlpnaker J Naturalized, 148 Minna 

32 :Lciborer: Naturalized. 64 First 

31 :Moulder: Naturalized. 39 Minna 
Edward 40: Laborer: Naturalized. 29 Jessie 

45: Capitalist: Naturalised. 1428 Stockton 

Johnson (Jr). 20 :Painter: Native. 

1015 DuDont 
Francis 35: Pilot: Native, Pfelffer Street. 
Francis C. (no Middle Name) 40; Naturalized. 

Occidental Hotel, 
Francis Sylvester 27: Moulder: Native, 913 Kearny 

Marion Hotel 
F'rank 42: Laborer: Naturalized. 116 Stevenson 
Garrett 65:Gentloi!ian:Naturallzed. Cor, Union and 

George James 27 sDrayman: Native, 240 Second 
Henry 26: Laborer: Native. 1 Nardle Plaoe 
James 47:StoreKeeper:;iaturalizQd. 15 Fourth 
James 22 :HairDresGer: Naturalized. 104 First, 









Murphy, James 29!Physlclan!Naturallzed, 659 Clay 
Murphy, James 74!Farmer!Naturallzed,Cor. Mission & 15th 
Murphy, James 50tStone MasontNaturallzed. 505 O'Farrell 
Murphy, Janes A, 21: Clerkln P.O. i Native. 815 Bush 
Murphy, Jeremiah 41? V/atchman: Naturalized, Cor. Tyler 

and '^ones 
Murphy, Jerry 27!Carpenter!Native. 40Jessie 
Murphy, John 26;Farmer;'-aturalized. Ocean House Road 
Murphy, John Real Estates Naturalized. Cor. Clementina 

and 8th Sts, 
Murphy, John 47; Laborers Naturalized. 3, Side 7th near 

Murphy, John 21 sFi remans Native, P*olsom bet, 4th and 5th 
Murphy, John 28;Carpenter;Naturalized, 224 Second 
Murphy, John 31; Butcher; Naturalized. 13 Rltch 
Murphy, John 45 ;Painter; Native. 358-1/2 Jessie 
Murphy, John F. 30sPalnter;i''Gturallzed. 440 Jessie 
Murphy, John L. 43; Speculator: Native. S.S. 16th St. 
Mui^hy, Martin Dixon 50; Laborer; Naturalized. 

Geary St. near Lone Mountain 
Murphy, Michael 25;Boilermaker: Naturalized. Pacific 

bet. Davis and Front 
Murphy, Michael 30; Laborer; Naturalized. 415 O'Farrell 
Murphy, Michael C. 29: Grocer; Naturalized. N.W. cor, 

16th and 1st Avenue 
Murphy, Michael Jerry 49; Porter; Naturalized. Cor. 

Third and Everett 
Murphy, Michael Regan 44;Mlner;Naturallzed. 711 Folsom 
Mui^t^, Patrick 35; Laborer: Naturalized. 17th bet. Guerrero 

and Dolores 
Murphy, Patrick 35; Laborer; Naturalized. 444 Natoma 
Mui^>hy, Patrick 42: Laborers Naturalized. 814 Sansome 
Murphy, Patrick L. 42 ;Maohlnlst; Naturalized. Howard 

bet. 15th and 16th 
Murphy, Peter 65;ExpreBsman;%turalized, Sansome bet. 

Green and Vallejo 
Murphy, Thomas 22: Gas Fitter; Native. Sanaome bet. 

Green and Vallejo 
Murphy, Thomas Francis 25; Walter; Naturalized. Mission 

bet. First and Second 
Murphy, Thomas Henry 57; Blacksmith; Naturalized. 519 Mission 
Murphy, Timothy 24;BollermaI^er; Native. 40 Jessie 
Mux^hy, Timothy 45; Laborer: Ireland: Austin and Octavla 
Murohy, Timothy 35; Laborer; Naturalized. Clementina 

bet. 8th rnd 9th 
Murphy, Timothy 35; Plasterer; Naturallzed;Hyde near 

Murphy, Wm. 38; Laborer; Naturalized. 909 B'olsom 
Mumhy, William Dennis 45;Mlner;N-tnrpllzed. 410 Pacific 
Murr, Charles Henry 48:Baker:Naturallzed.l4 Everett 
Murr, Christopher 37: Baker: Naturalized. 445 Jessie 
Murray, Andrew Jackson 37:Carpenter:Native, V/ebster so, 

of Ellis. 



Age 8 


Nat J 

Loo. res. 





Francis Havler 30:Carr>enter:Natlve, 208 OTarrell 
Francis J. SSiLaborertHaturallzed. Folsom near 8th 
George Nelson 26: Grower: Native. 17 Third 
Hu^h 42! Produce! Naturalized. 749 Market 
John 31! Laborer: Naturalized. Folsom bet. 7th & 8th 
Matthew 38: Laborer: Naturalized. 12 Sutter 
Michael 21: Coppersmith! Native. 308 Beale 
Michael 57tSheepRalser! Naturalized! 438 Jessie 
Owen 50 iLaborer: Naturalized. S. side Ridley 

W. of Mission 
Patrick 62!Meat Cutter: Naturalized. 433 Stevenson 
Patrick Griffin 32 iBollermaker! Naturalized. 

517 Mission 
Richard 34: Carpenter: Naturalized, 648 Mission 
Richard 40: Laborer: Naturalized. Lincoln Ave, 
Thomas 99: Brakeiiian:Naturallzed. Hayes St. west of Polk 
Thomas 50: Laborer: Naturalized. Eoker bet. 

Jessie and Stevenson 
William 31: Prlnter:Naturallzed. 1232 Bush 
Benjamin Franklin 43: Carpenter: Missouri: 822 Clay 
James 55: Laborer: Natural! zed. Cor, Geary and Dunont 
John 33 :Bollermaker: Naturalized, California near Hyde 
Owen 42!Laborer:Naturallzed. Cor, Mason and California 
Bernard 34: Laborer: Naturalized. Beale bet. Howard 
and Mission 

MuriTy, Jeremiah HeMilngs 39:Mlner:Natlve, 416 Pacific 
Mur3?y» «^ohn 32 :Tallirr: Naturalized. 12 Howard Court 
Murry, Michael 32:Market:Naturalized. 28 Louisa 
Murtha, Patrick 33!Laborcr:Naturallzed, 907 Folsom 
Murtha, Vfilliam Oliver 3G:Tln3.:iith! Ireland: Pine and Gough 
Murtin, William 39 :Machlnlst: Naturalized. 23 Jessie 
Murtha, Bernard 35; Confectioner !Natlve. 515 Kearny 
Musf^ove, 'Jllliam 37:Cari:>enter:Naturellzed, 136 Natooa 
Mussche, Charles Jules 30: Cleric: Naturalized by Father 

Dupont bet. Broadway and Vallejo 
Mustard, Joseph D, 35:Carpenter:Natlve, 443 Minna 
Myer, Albert 31: Barkeeper: Naturalized. Cor. 18th and Mission 
Myer, Charles Fredertck 27:Glerk:naturallzed. 149 Minna 
Myers, Benj-^nin Keller 40: Dealer: Native, Potrero 
Myers, .l^T^hraln 45: Porter: Native. N.E, Cor, Howard and 2nd 
Myers, Francis 34: Shoemaker: Naturalized. 505 Market 
Myers, Harris 37: Broker: Naturalized. 818 Kearny 
Myers, Harris 65 :Paimbroker: Naturalized. 265 Minna 
Myers, Henry Bruno 35:Paper Carrier: Native. Filbert nr. Hyde 
Myers, Henry E. 40; Contractor; Native. 1st Ave. bet. 15th & 16th 
Myers, Henry S.40!Contractor:Natlve.lst Ave, bet. 15th & 10th 
Myers, Jackson Randoloh 37: Contractor: Native, Valencia bet. 

20th and 2l3t 
Myers, Jacob 37: Broker: Naturalized, 414 Post 
Myers, John 44 :3aloonKeeper: Native. 657 Folsom 
Myers, Mitchell 32: Tailor: Naturalized. 19 Stone 
Myers, Snmuel 41 :IIerchant: Native, 642 Howard 
Myerstein, Joseph 44:Merchant. Naturalized. 113 Freelon 







Myhand , 

John 24 tMarlners Native. Sailor's Home 

Gor. Vallejo and Bsttery 
Frederick William 22 iBookKeeper: Native, 

Filbert and Jones 
Milton Hills 40 !LG"wyer: Native. 618 Third 
Myrlck, Thomas Sheppard 41 j Teacher: Naturrdlzed. 

226 Stevenaon 
Myflell, Joser^h Gr, 34!Baker:Naturallzed. N.W.oor.CKierro 

and 16th St a* 
Myrtelue, Christopher 38:Sliip JolneriNatlve. 
St0i»ert bet. Howard and Folsom 

Jtily 13, 1866 7th Ward Diet. No. 2 

End of names beginning with Ji March 15, 1948 
Mrs. Maude Belden Perry, State Chaiman, 1946—1948 


lltfMf Age: Occ: Nat« Loo, res. 

Nachtisall, Henry Louis 46;0ablnet MaitertNatur; llzed. 

920 Pacific 
Nagel, Louis 52: Lithographer: naturalized. Kine near 4th 
Nagle, George Disdrlch 46:Contractortriative.l6R3noon Place 
Nagle, Jacob 33jShoomakerjNaturalized, Cor, Stockton 

and O'Farrell 
Nagle, James C, 26: Laborer: Naturalized, 415 Hcwao^ 
Nagle, James Charles 22:Carpenter: native. 12 Sutter 
Nagle, John 43; Porter; naturalized. Sutter cor. of Laguna 
Nagle, John 35; Plasterer; Naturalized. Cor. of Fell 

and LagiAna 
Nacle» Richard 47:Laborer:Naturalized.3rannan bet, 

7th and 8th 
Nagle, Thomas S. 29:Pla3tQrer:Naturall2ed,&68 StevensAn 
Nogle, William o8:3ut(iher;Haturalized. 1400 Dupont 
Radain, James Blaoldatone 31:Roceiver Pol^r St.R.R. 

Polk near Pacific 
Kaphtaly, Joseph 24; Deputy Cc, Clerk: Naturalized. 

907 Bush 
Napier, Stephen H. 38:T©amster:Naturalized. 222 Fifth 
Nash, Jonathan Masters 41 :Tre-.der: Native. 415 Bryant 
Nathan, Bernard o3; Merchant: Natural! zed, 615 Kearny 
Nathan, Cap fiamuel Charles 48:Pilot;Naturalized. 

327 Union 
Nathan, Solamon 28: Tailor: Naturalized. 112 Stewart 
Nayghton, Thomas 40; Natural! zed, 3ansorae bet, 

Bro'^rlway and Vallejo 
Naulty, James 35:Plasteror:Naturalized. Lincoln Ave, 
Haulty, Nicholas 3S;Iron Cleaner: Naturalized. 45 

Neal, Dfmiel 45; Cabinet Maikor: Naturalized, 562 Bryant 
Real, CJeorge William 36:Paper Carrier: Native, Dupont near 

Green Sts, 
Neal, Henry Ralph 39:3hip*3 Clerk:Native, 

Cor, HontgoEiery and Chestnut 
Neal, John 39 ;Mai*iner: Native, Davis bet. Pacific and 

Neal, Ster>hen Robert 3r>:Kaeon:New Hairpshire; 4 Quincy 
Neal, Thomas Hicks 51: Miner; Native. 1 Eddy Place. 
Neal, William W, 45:0tnltted in &r. Reg. of 1G66 

711 Taylor:Native, 
Neal, Zephaniah Hix 37;l1lner:Kaine:7l9 Clay 
Nealan, Patrick 50:Palnter;Natural!zed. Larkln so, of 

Neale, Eustace 25: Clerk; Native, 66 Minna 
Neall, Samuel 32:Clerk;Fennaylvajila;Larlcin and California 
Neallan, Tlnothy 4-0: Laborer: Naturalized, Pine near 

Neary, Thomas 36: Foreman on Market St, RR: Natural! zed, 

Guerrero bet IPth rnd 20th 
Neelan, Mictiael 40: Laborer: Natural! zed. 112 Jessie 
Neely, David 32: Gardener ;Natur,r:li zed. 825 Folsom 






Log. res. 

Neff, Charles Frederick 34 !C?erk: Native. 408 Jones 
Neff, Samuel 52 tCarT^^enter; Native. 164 Jessie 
Neidencer, 36:Musio Teachers Naturalized, 309 Jeasle 
Nelson, Charles 36:Mariner:!Iaturallzed. 144 'Ulver 
Nelson, Christian 43: Steamer Capt. Naturalized, 339 mission 
Nelson, Christian Peter 44 : Teams ter;Naturallzed. 2015 Mason 
Nelson, Cornelius 31; Sailor: Naturalized. 10 Jackson 
Nelson, Edward 28!Sale8man:Natlve. Berry near Third 
Nelson, George Horatio 27: Tinsmith; Native. 41C5 Union 
Nelson, George H. 38:Clerk;Native, 953 Folsom 
Nelson, Gilbert Allen 27;Clerk: Native. 3,E. cor. 

Jackson and Stockton 
Nelson, Henry 34;Dra2rman: Naturalized, Drum and V/ash-ington 
Nelson, Jacob 42: Caulker; Natur?ili zed. 32 Frederick 
Nelson, James 39; Clerk: Native. 820 Washington 
Nelson, John 35: Carpenter: Naturalised. 207 Minna 
Nelson, John Gett 4b:MercVi?.nt:Naturallzed.l49 Jessie 
Nelson, John Peter 38:Porter:iJat\^rnllzed. 418 Bryant 
Nelson, John 47; Carpenter: Native. 336 Bush 
Nelson, Natnanlel 52? Private Watchman: Native. Battery 

bet. Vallejo and Green 
Nelson, Thomas 45 :Hlacksmith; Naturalised, 1118 liCavenworth 
Weppert, Phillip 48:Upholsterer;Naturallzed.Dupont Alley 

First House from Dupont 
Ner-oy, Patrick 38 ;l4aborer: Naturalized. Stevenson bet. 

First and Second 
Nesbitt, John Phillip 37; Shipwright; Natural! zed. Dupont 

near Vallejo 
Netter, Augustus 43: Drayman; Naturalized. V/ side of Mason 

bet. Sutter and Post, Charles I^ewls Bei»nhard 36; Grocer: Natural! zed. 

Cor, 0»Farrell & Stockton 
Neustadt, Louis 38:Butcher:?3ntur.^lized. 506 r«roadv7ay 
Neustsdter, Bernhardt 26:Mert5hant:Naturalized.ll3 Pacific 
Nevelle, John 30:Car driver: Naturalized. Van Ness Ave. North 

of Hayes 3t, 
Hevll3e, Jaines Francis 28!ConduGtor;Baturallzed.l30 Third 
Neville, John Martin 37:Merc]'iant: Native, 100-1- Dush 
Nevin, James 39 :3h!^^wr!ght; Naturalised. 327 Bryant 
Newbauer, Joseph 40; Merchant; Naturalized, 115 Taylor 
Newbaur, Herman Wolf 34 ;Merchant: Naturalized. I'^ureka Hotel 

Saneome St. 
Newberger, "-'lias 54:Merchant;NattjrallZ9d.68 Minna 
Newbert, John 5B:Barkeer>er;Naturr'ilized, Virginia bet. 

Jackson end. Pacific 
Newell, Horace 34; Clerk: Native. 628 Vallejo 
Kewell, Winiajp 66; Printer; Native, 530 Merchant 
Newell, Wlliiam Andrews 33:Physlolan:Naturalized.632 Mission 
Newell, WiTii,nm ^-^ebb 29; Printer: Native. 530 Merchant 
Newrield, Lewis 46 :Mercbant: Naturalize??. 2107 Mason 
Newhall, Henry M. 43 : Auctioneer and CotjuIs si on: Native. 

334 Beale 
Newhall, Horatio Cheever 27:Lawyer: Native, 10 Ellis 
Newhall, Samuel v/ood 40; Engineer: Native, Tremont House 
Jackson St. 









Newhall, v/iiiiam M, 30 1 Auction 

323 Fremont 
Newhoff, Edward Charles 24:Prlnter:Katurallzed. — Third 
Newhouse, Moses 41 tMerohant; Naturalized, 413 Hyde 
Henkoff, John Frederick 37: Laborer; Naturalized, 36 Everett 
Newnan, Abraham 34: Butcher: Naturalized. 553 Mission 
Newman, Bartell Boston 31: La^vyer: Pennsylvania; 

Pacific and Polk 
Newman, Charles 34: Drayman: Naturalized, 230 Post 
Newman, Charles Ludwig 56:Merchant: Naturalized. lllThlrd 
Newman, Charles W, 40:Kiner:Native, 621 Bush 
Newrian, Carlton 37 :ManEtifacturer: Native. Townsend and Third 
Newman, Jabez Edward 30:Laundryman:New york:Filbert 

and Gough 
Newman, Jacob 32: Cabinetmaker: Naturalized, Allen Street 
Newman, John Turner 34: Teamster: Native, Ritter near 

Newman, Michael 23:Kilkraan:Naturalized. SE cor. Seventh 

and Brannan 
Newman, Paul 27; Clerk: Naturalized, 616 Gacramento 
Newman, Philip 30: Butcher; Naturalized. Francisco near Dupont 
Newman, Samuel 24: Deputy Constable: Naturalized. 813 

Newman, Solomon 30: Cigar Dealer: Naturalized, Cor, Sixth 

and Clementina 
Newsham, John 44: Blacksmith; Native, 25 Clara 
Newton, Lewis H. 29 :Merchant; Native. 17 Guy Place 
Nlbbe, Jacob 38: Drayman: Hanover: Green and Larkin 

42 : Farme r : NewHampshire 

Nichols, Andrew Simons 
Filbert and 

Nichols, James 62:Ped(iler;Mas achusetts:VanNe8s and Vallejo 
Nicol, Willlajn 31 :Merchant: Naturalized. 108 Tehama 
Nicholas, Moses Charles 50 :Printer: Native, 107 Leidesdorff 
Nichols, Asa Garter 47: Merchant: Vermont: 835 California 
Nichols, Amos 36;Carpenter:Native, 225 Clay 
Nichols, Butler Edward 46; Captain: Native. 107 Leidesdorff 
Nichols, Elijah 43 ;La^vyer; Native. N,E,Cor,Broadway & Kearny 
Nichols, George Louis 35: Carpenter: Native, 1007 Stockton 
Nichols, Isaac 33: Teamster: Native. 162 Minna 
Nichols, James 43:Attorney: Native, 613 Third 
Nichols, Jireh 3, 33; Carpenter: Native. 119 Shipley 
Nichols, Moses 35 :Mariner: Native. 149 Shipley 
Nichols, Richard Jeffrey 53:V.'harfln(jer:Conn. 1006 Powell 
Nichols, Watson 28:Deputy Constable :Natlve, 782 Harrison 
Nicholson, Andrew 50: Carpenter; Naturalized, 168 Minna 
Nicholson, John 37: V/aiter: Naturalized, 230 Clara 

59: Gentleman: Native, Green and Stockton 
Henry 33: Bank Clerk: Native, 332 Bmnnan 
James lo(sic) Bookkeeper; Native, 765 Mission 
Young 60: Shi pbroker: Native. 356 Brannan 



v/illiam H. 28:Plasterer;Naturalized, 16th bet. 
Valencia and Guerrero 


Name: Age; Occ: Nat. Loc.res* 

Nlckerson, Benjamin Rollins 62: Attorney: New York! 618 

Nlckerson, Charles 47:Hatter:Natlve.463 Clementina 
Nlckerson, Lewis R. 22: Salesman; Native. Clementina near 6th 
Nlckerson, Zenas P. 39: Carpenter; Native, Nevada near Folsom 
Nloolaysen, Nicholas 31 :!?atchman; Naturalized, Chicago Hotel 

Pacific St. 
Nlebour, Theodore 33: Teamster; Naturalized, 606 Montgomery 
Nlemelr, Emll 30: Clerk; Naturalized. Calhoun Street 
Nightingale, John 42: Agent; Native. N.W. cor. Turk & Taylor 
Nightingale, William 45;Clgar raaker;Naturallzed.ValleJo 

near Hyde. 
Nllan, Patrick 68; Naturalized,-—: Sutter cor, of Laguna 
Nlles, Alonzo V'llmont 35 ;Klller; Native; 315 Sutter 
Nlles, Emery Gardiner 22:3allor;Natlve.Cor. Battery & 

Nishen, Thomas 47: Laborer; Naturalized, 11th bet. Folsom 

and Harrison 
Nlvelles, Charles 45: Confectioner: Naturalized, 329 Broadway 
Nix, Robert 62; Painter: Naturalized, Seal Rock Rancho 
Nixon, James 30; Boatman; Native. 62 Stevenson 
Noah, Joel 47; Tyler F. & A.M. Naturalized, 327 Geary 
Noah, Manuel Muchardo 38;Edltor;New York; 812 Stockton 
Noble, Albert Perld.ns 28 ;Merchant; Native, 137 Natoma 
Noble, Hamden Holmes 21: Salesman; Native, 609 Folsom 
Noble, James 49; Bootmaker; Naturalized, Folsom near 8th 
Noble, V/aahon Murray 27:Storekeeper:Natlve. Capp bet. 21 & 22 
Nochtrlch, Frederick 34;Confectlbner:Naturallzed.234 or(284 
Nockln, Alexander 47:Real Estate;Natlve,413 Sutter Jessie) 
Noe, Magll 35:CattloDealer:Naturalized, Old San Jose Road 
Noel, Al-ohonso 52:Aocountant:Naturallzed. Green and Powell 
Noethlg, William 27 :Brewer; Naturalized. 240 Second 
Hohl, Adolphua 48:Lav/ Clerk: Naturalized. 812 Jackson 
Wolan, Edward 30 :BarTender: Naturalized. Cor. Sansome and Pacific 
Nolan, James 27;Palnter;Naturallzed. California near Hyde 
Nolan, James 30; Saloon: Naturalized. Clay & Sansome 
Nolan, Joseph 34;Laborer;naturallzed. McAllister cor.Buchanan 
Nolan, Mat the-./ P, 40: Mariner: Native; 637 Folsom 
Nolan, Michael 44 :Laborer: Naturalized. Hayward Place 
Nolan, Michael John 22; None: Native. 701 Market 
Nolan, N. 37; Grocer: Naturalized. 507 Minna 
Nolan, Owen 29; Laborer; Naturalized. 516 California 
Nolan, Parrick 38; Teamster: Naturalized. Pacific bet, Hyde & 

Nolan, Petor 26; Laborer; Native. 3. S. Mission Creek bet. 16th 
Nolan, Thomas 34;3tableman:Naturalized, 61 Shipley (& 17th 
Nolan, Thomas 30: Bricklayer; Naturalized. Dora Lane 
Nolan, Thomas 31 : Poll Native. City Front blouse, Davis St. 
Nollner, Berhhard 64: Tobacconist; Native, Sumner St, House. 
Nolte, Louis Henry 42 ;Caroenter: Native. Green near Mason 
Noltemeyer, Frederick 34: Grocer; Naturalized. Cor. Harrison 

and Che s ley Sts. 
Noltlng, John Casper Anton 37:SaloonKeeper:Naturnllzed, 

420 Kearny 
Nonemen, Charles 28:Butcher;13aturallzed, Mission Creek. 







Noom, Mark 37:Mechanlc: Naturalized. 739 Market 
Noon( f Michael 37; Soap Factory: Naturalized, 737 Broadway 
Noon, Michael 38 rPaver: Naturalized. 26 Mowry Alley 
Noon, Patrick 37;Bra8G Finisher: Naturalized. Valencia 

near Market 
Noonan, Dennis B. 37: Coal Weigher: Naturalized. 2201/2 Fremont 
Noonan, Janes 28: Grocer; Naturalized. 8th near Howard 
Noonan, John 47: Laborer; Naturalized, Salmon bet. Mason 

and Taylor Ste. 
Noonan, Patrick 33: Laborer: Naturalized. Natoma bet, 4 & 5 
Noonan, William 30: Paint er4 Varnlsher: Naturalized. 

114 Bush 
Noonan, William 40: Stonecutter: Naturalized. 920 Sutter 
Noone, Bartholomew J. 30 :Laborer: Naturalized. 28 Anthony 
Noone, Bartholomew James :0ml tted in G-r. Reg, of 1866 
Noonen, John 39: Drayman: Native. 530 Bush 

Nordberg, dustav 32: U.S. Marine Hospital:Natux'allzed.U.S,M,H. 
Norman, Frank G. 32:StorekeeDer:Naturalized, Cor. Valencia 

and 20*h 
Normanf, Edward 51: Locksmith: Naturalized. 1337 Dupont 
Norris, David 43:Printer:Native. Harlem Place. 
Norris, John 33: Laborer: Naturalized. 208 Commercial 
Norris, Joseph Henry 54: Carpenter: Native. V/ashington & Drum 
Norris, Thomas Center 45: Clerk: Rhode Island, 933 Sacramento 
Norria, V/llilam Badger 27:Bagmak6rjNative. 127 Montgomery 
North, John Gunerows 38: Shipbuilder :Naturali zed. Cor, 

Shasta and Georgia 
Northrop, Charles Carrol 35 :V/ai tor: Native, 031 Sutter, 
Northrup, Benjamin C, 42 :3hip-Joiner: Native, 28 Clementina 
Noi*thp#- David Blair 42 :Attomey: Native, Montgomery Blk, 
Nortliy, Thomas Franklin 30: Drayman: Native, 714 O'Farrell 
Norton, Benjamin Rigal 30: Jeweler: Native. 120 Howard 
Norton, Edward 57:Judso: Native. N.K.oor. Pine ^Montgomery 
Norton, Edward 30:Purser:Natlve:624 Sacramento 
Norton, Frank 36: Farmer: Native. Hayes east of Ootavia 
Norton, George M. 47: Miner: Native. 340 Fremont 
Norton, Henry 32: Purser: Native, 624 Sacramento 
Norton, John 34:Hardware»ealer: Naturalized, Sansome 

near Buoh 
Norton, Jr, , John Warren 35: Teamster: Native, 9 Hampton Place 
Norton, Joser^h 50:Labox'er:Ireland:Pacific near Polk 
Norton, Peter 47: Cooper: Native. N side V/ashington bet. 

Davis and Front Sta. 
Norton, Robert 43:Bej7Tender:lvaturalized. Cor. Jessie & Ecker 
Norton, Thomas 33: Laborer:Naturalized, First bet. N. 

Mission .ad Market 
Norton, V/iaoer William 23: Laborer: Naturalized. 246 Third 
Norton, V/llllam Henry 39 :Contractor:Ireland: Austin near 

Nori'Tood, vjilliam Edwin 25 :Booklcee"-er; Native. Russ ^ouse 
Nottingham, Thomas 40 :Laborer: Native. Near Orphan Asylum 
Nougues, Joseph 56: Builder :Natlve. 319 Green 
Nougues, Joseph Marion 24 :La^^er: Native, 319 Green 
Nougues, Thomas 29 :Miner: Native, 319 Green. 


Name: Aqqz Coo: UmfU Loc.res. 

Nourse, Joseph Prince 45 :Mlrier: Native, 748 Hovard 
No\/lan, Peter 34:Teamster;Naturalized. Camp bet. 

2nd Avenue and Guerrero 
Noyes, Amos 66:3urveyor; Native. 13 Guy Place 
Noyes, Charles r-oodvin 33:Brr^Vor:T^Gt5ve, Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Noyes, Even stone 36:Merchant:Native, 19 Hawthorne 
Noyes, George H. 39: Drayman: Native. 10 Howard Court 
Noyes, James M, 44: Drayman: Native. 123 Fifth 
Noyee, Leonard Witherington 47: None: Native. 749 Market 
Noyes, Moody 45: Laborer; Native, 12G Perry 
Noyes, Richard B. 36 :Ene:ineer: Native. 13 Guy Place 
Noyes, William M. 30:U S B Mlnt:Native. 13 Guy Place. 
Nudd, Asa Daltcn 36!Merohant;Native. 12 0»?arrell 
Rugent, I'athew 29 :Machinl8t: Naturalized. Commercial 

and ''Montgomery 
Nugent, Peter 27:Painter:Naturalized. 164 Jessie 
Nucent, ''illiaD: 39: Laborer: Naturalized. 46 Pitch 
Nulan, Ti moths'- 45 :CariDentGr; Naturalized. 914 Powell 
Kunan, Eaward 40:ruiider:Naturallzed. 426 Geary 
Funen, l^athew 33: Brewer: Naturalized. Cor. Bryant & Ritch 
Nurrery, Thomas 2G: Fireman: Naturalized, Davi?? and 'acramento 
Kunnally, V-llIlria 26:Clerk:Native. 1012 Mont.'romery 
Nutt, John C. 30:Teameter;Native. 126 Kighth 
Nuttinc, Calvin 53:BlaokBmith:Native. Greeni/ich 

near Hyde 
Nutting, Clai'ence S. 2l:Clerk:Native. Greenwich 

near Randell 
Nutting, Edward 36:Stoneoutter:Naturalized. Hyde and 

Union Stfe. 
Nutting, Joseph FJdward 49; Carpenter jMass. 923 Powell 
Nuttman, Jfines KdwaiKi 43:0ar'^enter:Native. 624 Sacramento 
Kye, John W, 35:Kative. Com, Merohpjit, 15 Langton 
Nyland, Jotm Charles 24! Barkeeper: Native. 504 Davis 
Nysltt'om, Charles Westfelt 35:Booklieeper: New Jersey 
Prospect Place. 

End of names beginning with N 

April 2, 1948 
Mrs. w-3. Perry 







Oakley, Oliver B. 50! silver plater: Native. Market St, 

near Potter, 
Oatley, George Washington 31: Carpenter: Native. 13 &eary 
O'Belrne, John 55:Palnter:Natiirallzed. 825 Folsom 
Obenauer, John 45 :Merchant: Naturalized. 52 
Ober, Benjamin 60: Physician: Native. 913 Bush 
Obergh, John Andrew 40 tKerchant: Naturalized. 757 Market 
Obermayer, Frank 40: Shoemaker: Natural! zed, 819 Jackson 

024 Vallejo 















James 32:0as V/orka: Naturalized. 569 Mission 
Tho3. 28: Teamster: Native. Commerolal near 

Daniel 46: Laborer: Native. Cor, 20th and Florida 
Daniel 27: Teamster: Naturalized, Turk east of Polk 
Daniel 29 :Porter: naturalized. 1616 Dur)ont 
Daniel 50:flajcer:^^aturallzea, 464 Clementina 
Daniel 35:Sa'.^er:Naturallzed:107 Tehama 
David 22: Laborer: naturalized, 24 Clara 


Dennis 26:Confeotloner:Native. 516 Bryant 
Fcrla 27:Carpenter:Naturallzed. Geary west of 
George 40 :Lon:? shoreman: Naturalized, Vallejo near 

James 38: Laborer: Naturalized. 357 Minna 
James 27: Saloon Keeper: Naturalized. 39 Minna 
James 33: Shoemaker: Naturalized. 110 Pacific 
James 40 :Ped(ller: Naturalized, NE Cor.Larkln, and 

Jas, 40: Oysters I Native, '^^'ashlngton & Sansome 
Jersmlsh 25: Carpenter: Naturalized. 120 Shipley 
John 39: Laborer; Natural! zed, 268 Clara 
John 42:Labcrer:Naturalized. Bemal Heights 
John 34:Expre6s v;agon:Nrtursllzed. 12 Laiigtoh 
John 34jSaloon-Keeper:^'sturallzed,Brannan St, 

near Bridge 
John 24:La)3orer:Nr.turalized, 248 Tehama 
John 46 ;Blacksir 1th; Natural! zed. 226 Hixth 
John 28:r\:rnlture derJer: Natural! zed, 314 Beale 
John 29;Contreotor:Natlve. 52 Louisa 
John Henry 35;Qs6fltter:Natlve, Jones bet. Turk 

and Kddy 
John 44:H£:rne3c irak6r:NatiiTallzed. 144 Kearny 
Jolin 4C:Lab6rer:Katuralized. S.W, cor. Main & 
Kisf^lon Ste, 

John 35 :V/arehouseman: Natural! zed. Cor, Sansome 
and Green 

John 38 :Tefjnoter: Natural! zed. Folsom near Fifth 
Jolin 31; Moulder! Natuirallzea. 52 Shipley 
Jonoph 40: Laborer; Natural! zed, N,E. oor. First & 

Miirtln 35:Butcher:lIatura2ized, Cor. Misgion & 9th 
Matthev 32:Bo5.rdinehous6 Keeper: Natural! zed. 

215 Broadv/ay 
Michael 20:GrooniH£iturall2ed. ^Silver near 3rd 
Hioi^iael 42: Tavern Keeper; Natural! zed. Cemetery 

Avenue and Geary 
0»Brien, Michael 30 :Porter: Naturalized. Vallejo S, side 

near Leavenworth 







O'Brien, Michael 32! Laborer: naturalized. 25 Louisa 
O'Brien, Klohael 30: Laborer: Naturalized, E.S.Brannan nr 6th 
O'Brien, Michael 32: Foreman: Naturalized. ES 7th & Bryant 
O'Brien, Patrick 40:Car':->ent9r:Katurali2ed. S.S.cor. Polk 

and G-eary 
O'Brien, Patrick 32: Sailor !Naturalized, 32 Steveneon 
O'Brien, Patrick 32: Laborer: Naturalized. E.S, 7th n. Brannan 
O'Brien, Patrick 34: Laborer: I re land: Chestnut nr. Fillmore 
O'Brien, Patrick 37:Crasfitter:Native. 619 Coary 
O'Brien, Patrick 37: Saloon-Keeper: Naturalized. 12 rolsom 
O'Brien, Patrick 34:CIar::>eRter:tTaturalized. 333 Bush 
O'Brien, Patrick J. 42:Caj:'riaGe maker: Naturalized. 

Biryant near 8th Gt, 
O'Brien, Peter Iiichai'd 23 :Bl&cksnith! Native, Cor. Laguna 

and Fell 
O'Brien, Thoaaa 23: Bricklayer: Native. 16 Taylor 
O'Brien, xhomaa 26 :3tonecutter: illative. 516 Bryant 
0' Brian, Thomas 34: Collector :Iluturalized. 325 Tehama 
O'Brian, Thanias SOiOrooer; Natui'alized. Cor. Jane and Missioil 
O'Brion, Thomas 43 jFolioe: Naturalized. 1405 Stockton 
O'Brien, Timoihy30:Kinerj;Iaturalized. 26 Langton 
O'Brien, Titaot^c 45: Gardener: Tiaturall zed. 54 Shioley 
O'Brien, Timothy 46:l4abox^3r::^aturalisod. 403 Fifth 
O'Brien, Williaift 26 :HoiJ tier: Naturalized. 26 Louisa 
O'Brien, Wllliara Sohonecy 40: Saloon-keeper: Naturalized. 

923 vrasliingfcon 
0' Brine, Cornelius 35 : Laborer: I re land :Gough and Pin© 
O'Biyen, John 30: Baker: Natural! zed. N.£. cor. Kearny 

and Pacific 
Oburnian, Geo-rge 43jTaiio^nNatiV(?. 2106 Mason 
O'Callaghan, Daiiiel 31: Newspaper: Natural! zed. 218 Kinna 
O'Callaf^han, Eucone 35 :>3arpenter: Natural! zed. Mead House 

oor. Mont i^y and Pine 
O'Comiell, Callahan 5o:-.aJorer:Natur'iliiied. Valencia 

bet. 16th ai7.1 17th 
O'Connell, Baniel 40 :Carjienter; Naturalized. Fell west 

of Franiain 
O'Connell, Ja'nea 43:7.'ood Dealer: Natural! zod. 48 Main 
O'Connell, Jolin 40: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. Sansorae 

and Union 
O'Connell, Mloiiaei 33 :IIould©r: Natural! zed. 27 Baldwin Coujfrt 
O'Connell, V/illiam 33: Shoemaker: Natural! zed. 156 First 
0' Conner, Cornelius 34: Carpenter: Naturalized by his Father 

34 Natoma 
0' Conner, Daniel 32: Boanlinghouao: Naturalized. 26 Fourth 
O'Connor, treoi^e 39: Carpenter: ilaturalized. 334 1/2 Jessie 
0' Conner, T'eter 26: Laborer: w'atur all zed, 10 Broadway 
O'Connell, John 36: Job w\2gon: Natural! zed. 952 Mission 
O'Connor, Daniel 27 :vmeelv;rlGht: Natural! zed. 127 Pacific 
O'Connor, James 28:.?eajr.ster:Naturali2ed. Stanford 3t. 
O'Connor, James 31 tC-rooer: Native. 217 Mason 
O'Connor, James 34:Ghainpa<:jne & Wine Manufacturer: Native. 

N.S.Post bet. Taylor and Mason 
O'Connor, James 65:0mltted in Gr. Hej;. of 1866: Natural! zed 
sW corner Pine <Mid Dapont 








0' Darnell, 

John 37: Contractor: Ireland: Pacific & Octavla 
John 38:Teamgter:Naturallzed, Ocean House Plat 
John 30:Painter:Natur'iized. 356 Third 
John 32:House Carpenter: Natural! zed, 33 Ellis 
Michael 36: Cordwalner: Naturalized, 263 Jessie 
Michael 43: Laborer: Naturalized, 35 Park Avenue 
Michael 35: Machinist: Naturalized. Cor. Jessie 

and Anthony 
Patrick K. 36 :Artraan: Naturalized. Gilbert St. 
Terrence 40 :Klner: Naturalized, Fourth & Louisa 
Thomas 21: Barkeeper: Native, 7 Stevenson 
Thomas Joseph 26; Clerk: Native. 662 Howard 

V^lllam 30:Pollce Offlcer:Naturalized, Cor, 

Natoma and Second 
Oday, Dennis 33: Teamster: Naturalized. 256 Clementina 
O'Day, Dennis 40: Drayman: Naturalized. Perry near Fourth 
O'Deay, Thomas 45 :CartKan: Naturalized. Church near Dunont 
O'Demott, Francis A. 27 :Machlnl8t: Naturalized. 232 First 
Odenheimer, William 50: Shoemaker: Native. 54 First 
Odall, Jacob 60:Ins. Broker: Native, Cor. 5th and Mlislon 
O'Donaliue, Patrick 36: Laborer! Naturalized, 965 Harrison 
O'Donald, Bernard 35: Stable: Naturalized. 1808 Poi/ell 
O'Donall, John 49: Laborer: Naturalized. Gilbert Street 
O'Donnell, Bryan 46: Laborer: Naturalized. Salmon S. side 

bet. Broadway and Pacific 
O'Donnell, Charles Carroll 34: Physician: Maryland: 523 Kearny 
O'Donnell, Hugh 50:Real Estate: Naturalized. Vallejo &Dupont 
O'Donnell, James 36 :SaloonKeeper: Natural! zed. 6 Drumm 
James 37:Tallor:Naturalized.ll2 First 
James 42:Real Estate: Naturalized. Cor 5th & Folsom 
John 32: Laborer: Natural! zed, N,s!de IGth nr 

John 32: Machinist: Natural! zed, 606 Third 
John 34: Tailor: naturalized. 112 First 
John 40: Hatter: Naturalized. Crooks nr, Townsend 
Martin 30: Butcher: Natural! zed. Montgomery bet. 
Broadway and Pacific 

Michael 34: Laborer: Naturalized, 28 Silver 
Patrick 22: Storekeeper: Naturalized, Cosmopolitan 
Patrick 34:Laborer:Naturallzed,12Broadwai'Hotel 
John 43: Laborer: Naturalized, Morse place bet, 
Leavenworth and Hyde 
O'Doud, John 36: Cooper: Ireland:Paclfic and Franklin 
O'Dougherty, Geo. 45: Reporter: Naturalized, Sacramento bet. 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Oehne, Frederick 29 :Vam!sher: Native, 151 Tehama 
Oettl, Franz 49: Saloon Keeper: Naturalized, Cor, Laguna &Fulton 
O'Farrell, Francis 51:BookkeeTDer:Naturalized,1119 Howard 

bet. 7th cind 0th 
O'Farrell, John 43:Non8:Naturalized.NECor.v-'ashincton ADupont 
O'Farrell, Michael 30 :Carpenter:Naturalized. Clementina bet. 

Fourth and Fifth 
Offenberg, John Lambert 50: Confectioner: Natural! zed. Cor, 

Hyde and Taylor 
O'Flaharty, Dennis 40:Hack Driver: Naturalized, Cor, of Gough 
and Grove, 





Name: S^t Ooc: Nat: Loo, res* 

0*Plaherty, Thos. John 35sCarpenter:Naturallzed,0ak Orove Ave< 
Ogbum, Henry Ulysses 28 :Tinsalth: Native, IIG Sansome 
Ogden, Benjamin Franlclin 27:Collector:Natiye.650 Howard 
Ogden, Frederick 40:In3urance A(]:ent:Hative.427 Second 
Ogden, Richard Livincaton 41; Mining: Native, Occidental Hotel 
Ogilvle, John 44:Comnon CGrrier:naturalized,923 Jones 
Oglesby, Janes 40 :U,S, Mint: Naturalized, Pine near Taylor 
O'Gorman, Thomas 44:V/atohman:Naturalized,Mi0sion bet, 5 & 6th 
0»Grady, Coleman 47: Stonelayer: Naturalized, Valle jo nr,Jone8 
O'O-rady, James 34;V/oodland Coal Dealer: Naturalized, 

362 Clementina 
O'Grady, Patrick 38:Butcher:naturali2ed.l005 Pacific 
O'Gray, V/m, Com, Meroh, Naturalized. 308 Fifth 
O'Hair, James 27: Shoemaker: Naturalized, Brannan near Sixth 
Ohar, Edward 53:I«aborer:Naturalized. 247 Tehama 
O^Hara, Charles 41: Car Driver: Naturalized, Geneva St, 
O'Hare, John 42 :Nur8erymDJi: Natural! zed. 20th near Folsom 
C*Hare, John 31: Laborer: Naturalized, 416 Pacific 
O'Hara, John 45: i/aiter: Naturalized, Ruse House 
0»Hara, Thomas 31: Tinsmith: Naturalized. Block bounded by 

Bryant, Harrison, 7th and 8th 
O'Hara, William George 26: Boilermaker: Native. 145 Fourth 
O'Harran, Jeremiah 31: Laborer: Naturalized, 164 Jessie 
O'Hearn, Patrick 45:Tailor:Ireland:Galifornia and Polk 
C'Henrie, Patrick 37:Laborer:Naturalized,459 Jessie 
Ohlandt, Henrioh 32: Grower: Naturalized, N.W, cor. Pacific 

and Powell 
Ohm, Edward 38: Watchmaker: Naturalized, 217 Geary 
Ohman, John 26:Boatman: Naturalized. Third and Bryant 
Ohmels, George 33:l7ood Turner:Naturalized, 325 Pine 
O'Kane, James 3l:Hostler:naturalized, 61 Everett 
©•Kane, John 37:Kanufacturer: Naturalized, 508 Brannan 
O'Keefe, Daniel 50: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor, Prospect Place 

and California 
O^Keefe, David 34; Laborer: Naturalized. 24 Howard 
O'Keefe, James 48:Laborer:naturalized, Jackson bet, Davis 

and Front 
O'Keefc, Thomas 24:Carp©nter:Native, 417 Natoraa 
©•Keefe, Thomas ennell:50:None: Naturalized, National Hall 

O'Keefe, Denis 40: Cooper: Naturalized? 211 Clay 
O'Kecffe, Francis Patrick 37:Clerk:Naturalized, 43 Natoma 
0»Larkin, Thomas 32:Heal Estate: Native, 545 1/2 Third 
O^Leary, Daniel 36:Printer:Naturall2ed, 38 Natoma 
O'Leary, Dennis 40:Draj-man:Naturalized:';. S. Jones bet. 

Post and Sutter 
O'Leary, Patrick 48: Laborer: Naturalized, 706 Battery 
O'Leary, V/m. 36:Boatman: Naturalized, East and Washington 
Olive, George 37: GhipcarDonter: Naturalized, North's Ship Yard 
Oliver, Dennis 43: Merchant: Naturalized, 729 Bush 
Oliver, Anthony 40: Distiller: Naturalized, N,8ide 16th 

bet. Valencia and Guerrero 
Oliver, John Bartholomew 38: Paints and Oils: Naturalized 

336 Eddy 







Log, res. 

Olmatead, James Monroe 43: Surveyor! Native. 639 Mission 
Olmatead, Hudson Charles 45;T3amster:0hlo!Presldio 
Olmstead, Lewis 45:CarT5enter5Natlve, McAllister west of 

Olney, James NathrJilel Jr* 30:Arohitect!Katlve.904 Jackson 
Olney, Charles C, 36:Cl3rk: Native. 3G Moss 
Olpherts, Robert satSaloonlveepertiJaturallzed. 512 3roadv;ay 
Olweil, James 40:Contractor;Naturallzed. oor, of LarldLn 

and McAllister 
Olweil, William George 33: Clerk: Native, 1612 Stockton 

Mahoney, Jeremiah 30: Carpenter: Naturalized, 425 Stevenson 
Maley, Michael 47: Laborer: Naturalized, Jones near Geary 
Malley, Ja/nes 34 :Plumb3r: naturalized. 23 Hunt 
Malley, Janes Josejjh 25 :Haohlnlst: Native, 518 Jones 
Malloy, John 34: ifaterman:i4aturallzed: Sacramento near Jones 
Malley, Patrick 23 :Upholsterer: Naturalized, S.side 

Broadway, t^#o houssaabove Taylor 
Malley, Thomas 34:Plumb(:}r! Naturalized. 629 Kllla 
Mara, Michael 45: Drayman: Naturalized^ 16 Hunt 

James 40 : Uibo re r: Naturalized, ^^aln bet. Market 

and MlsGlon 
Ja-nes 4l:Retort House man: Naturalized, 8 Natoma 
Janes 41: Fireman: Naturalized. 6 Natoma 
James: Omit ted m G-r. Reg, of 1066 
Michael Joseph 53 :Merohant: Naturalized. Dupont 

and Ixjrabai^i, 
William 46: Laborer: naturalized. Stockton & Union 
Barnard 45:Bollermaker:Naturallzed. 159 Silver 
Charles 24:Molder:Naturallzed^ Du-oont near Vallejo 
Charles 40: Tailor: Naturalised, Bartol Str :;et 
Daniel 45: Laborer: Naturalized, Folsom st. near 9th 
Edward 23: Cooper: Native. Mary St. bet. 7th & 8th 
Francis 41:Horseshoer:Naturallzed. 543 Stevenson 
Jarien 35 :Seci»ctaiT! Naturalized. Cor, Russ & Hox^rard 
Jamen 42:Exprosanan: Naturalized. Mary St. cor. Cheasley 
Jerenlah Thomas 24: Painter: Native, 12 Sutter 
John 26: Laborer: Native, Beal bet, Howard & Mission 
John Henry o4:Comedlan:Mass. Brenham Place 
John Herbert 52: Laborer: Naturalized. Wetnore Place 
Michael 49:Hotel Keeper:Natur<:.lized, 12 Sutter 
Michael Sarsfleld 22:Clerk; Native, 12 Sutter 
Patrick 40:Teancter:Maturalized. 51 Everett 
Richard 38 :Butclier: naturalized, 11 Russ 
Thoman 35:Cla60 cutter:Naturallzed, Mary st, bet, 
7th and 8th 
Thomas 25: Drayman: Naturalized. 717 Union 
Vfllllam 31: Long shoreman: Naturalized, Cor. Alta 
and Callioun 

Nelll| Charles 39: Carpenter: Naturalized. 290 Minna 
Nelll, Charles George 27: Laborer: Naturalized. Hayes st. 

West of Polk 
Nelll, Dennis 43: Longshoreman: Naturalized. 707 Front 
Nelll, Felix 34: Billiard tables. Naturalized, 30 Moss 
























Name; Age: Occ; Hat. loc.res. 

O'Neill, Henry 40 lOhlnneysweGT^er; Naturalized, 6 Morse 
O'Neill, Hugh 35 :Butcher: Naturalized. Cor, Gapp and Howard 
O'Neill, James 45 :Express: Naturalized. 2*30 Dupont 
O'Neill, James Bradbexy 24iMaohlnlst: Native, 564 Mission 
O'Neill, John 29: Butcher: Naturalized, Potrero Avenue 
O'Neill, John 44: Painter: Naturalized. 723 Market St. 
O'Neill, Laurence 42 :nig{];er; Naturalized, Cor. Union and Sanso^ie 
O'Neill, Thomas 32: Car Driver: Naturalized. Cor. 4th & Louisa 
Oliver, William 36 :Steamboatman: Native. Washington bet. 

Davlg and F*ront 
Olofson, Peter 35: Stevedore: Naturalized. Alta St. 
Onnei'd, H8nry47:Paver;Naturallzed. 653 Howard 
Oppenhelaer, John 24: Conductor: Naturalized. 751 Tehama 
Orcutt, uuliford Dudly 33:Koulder:Natlve. Cor. Mission & Ist 
Ordenstine, Bemhai^l 28; Clerk; Natural! zed. Sacramento & 

Ordway, Julius 34; Miner: Native. 549 Stevenson 
Ordway, Robert Jg^ckson 35:Up}iolsterer;lialne;ValleJo nr. Polk 
O'Rellley, Farrell J. 22: Liquors: Natural! zed. 855 Folsora 
O'Reilly, James 30: Fruit Dealer: IJaturall zed. 308 Fifth 
O'Reilly, Michael 33: Teamster; Naturalized. Lombard nr. Mason 
O'Reilly, Michael 55 ;I»ainter: Naturalized. 414 Filbert 
OxTOsby, Charles v;, 55 :Cai^enter: Native. Beale bet. Folsom 

and Harrison 
O'Rouke, Lawrence 34 :(JardenQr: Naturalized. Mlrslon St. Cor. Brady 
O'Rourke, Bernard 55; Laborer: Ireland: Pine near Scott. 
O'Hourke, Hugh 40 :(}ro©or; Naturalized. Cor. Jessie & 4th 
O'Rourke, John 33:Laboi'er:Naturalized. 321 Clementina 
O'Rourka, John 33: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. Eoker & Mission 
O'Hourke, Patrick GO;Carr>onter:Ii^land:Au8tin nr. Van Ness 
O'Rourke, Peter 25: Driver: Naturalized, Cosnopolltan Hotel 
O'Rourke, Thomas 26: Tanner; Natural! zed: 34 Third 
Orr, James 38: Stevedore zed. 329 Green 
Orr, James v/llliao 42jPot-::er;native. 16th bet. Folsora & Channel 
Orr, William 30;ButcIier;Naturalized. Harrison bet. 7th & 8th 
Orr, William 52:Croocr:Naturijlized. 919 Harrison 
Ortman, John Frederick 37; Grocers Naturalized. 1202 Mason 
Osborn, Daniel Farwell 36 :Farr!ier: Native. Douglas bet. 16 & 17 
Osborn, Oeorge w. 34:Real Estate i Native. S, side Erie bet. 

Howard and Mission 
Osborn, Honry Alien 32: Laborer; Native, 643 Ha."?rison 
Osborn, Homer Bedell 59:Colloctor;Native. 912 Jackson 
Osborn, Homer L'lnatlian 22; Clerk; Native, 912 Jackson 
Osborne, Hober"5 Folger 29;Merchant;New York;1108 Taylor 
Osborne, v/m. (Jreon 33 ;Hardv/ar9: Native. 358 Jeasle 
Osgood, Archer 34: Painter; Native. Ellis east of Polk 
Osgood, CJeorge 42 :^'anafacturer; Native. Cor. S'lipley & 6th 
Osgood, Hiram Putnam 40;Coci. I!ercliant:Maln(i:1021 Washington 
Osgood, Porter 34;Flour packer: Native. Union near Larkin 
Osgood, 'William Henry 44:Cat)italiat:Nati/e. Lick House 
O'Shaughaessy, Lawrence 50: Laborer: Haturalizel. Broadway St.l-liarf 
O'Shauglinessy, -— (8ic)29:Butcher:r]aturall.ied. 

N.'/. cor. of c2-rove and Octavla 
O'Shea, Janes Joseph 29: Tinsmith: Naturalized. 1526 Stockton 
O'Shea, Thomas 40;Contraotor:Naturalized. Kills bet. Hyde 
and Larlcln 


Name: Age: Ooc: Nat: Loo. res. 

O'Shea, William 47: Contractor: Naturalized. Eddy bet. 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Oslander, Julius 33:Porter:Natiu?alized. 3 Central Place. 
Gamers, Charles 41:Llquor Dealer: naturalized. 318 Folaom 
Oster, Charles 28; Blacksmith: naturalized. 20 Jeaole 
Oater, Peter Henry 40: Drayman: Si/eden; Clay and Larkln 
Osterhoudt, Madison Q-. 34:Insuranoe agent: Native. 47 Clementina 
Ostrander, Peter 33 :Knsineer: native. Cor. Geary and Broderlck 
Ostrander, Stephen 38: Clerk illative. 309 Harrison 
0« Sullivan, Daniel 32:Cook:Naturalized. 39 Stevenson 
0» Sullivan, John Matthew 27:Printer: naturalized, by his 

Father; 70 Jessie 
O'Sullivan, Patrick 26: Student: Naturalized. St, Mary's College 
0» Sullivan, Patrick 33:Marble shop; Naturalized. 347 Minna 
0* Sullivan, Timothy John 30: Custom House employe: Naturalized. 

3.E. cor. Jackson and Stockton 
Ott, Jacob 37: Saloonkeeper: Naturalized, 41 Clementina 
Ottignon, William Henry 21: Conductor: Native, Cor. Howard & 22d 
Ottlgnon, John Lender 45:Refinerln Mlnt:Native. Cor. 

Hov/ard and 22nd 
Ottlwell, (George 45 :Marinor: Native; 510 Davis 
Otto, Charles 33: Hardware: Naturalized. 713 Sutter 
Otto, Frederick 46 :Manufacturer: Naturalized. 4 Eddy Place 
Overton, John Patten 53:Clerk;Native. VanNeas Avenue 
Ovist, Paul Augustus 24:rianufacturer:Nex*r York: 504 DwTont 
Owen, John B. 54: Native. Merchant; 10 Third 
Owen, Owens 33 :Shipoarpenter: Native. Potrero 
Owen, Silas Edmund 34:Local Pollceman:New york:634 California 
Owens, Charles Michael 32: Dairyman; Naturalized. N.W, cor. 

Stockton and Sacrajnento 
Ov/ens, Henry 60 :Shlpnuilder: Naturalized. Cor. Shasta & G-eorgla 
Owens, James v/ashlngton 47:0arpenter:Vlrginia:Prosldlo 
Oi/ens, John 34: Carrier: Naturalized, 734 Hoi^ard 
Owens, John Allen 33:Miller;Natlve. Cor, Sansome & Sutter 
Owens, John Michael 34:Tallor:Ireland;Presidlo 
Owens, Patrick 27: Gaivlener; Naturalized. 428 Clementina 
Owens, Patrick 51: Shoemaker: Naturalized. Ill V/ashington 
Owens, Pat*k Henry 37:Merchant:Natlve, Nlantic Hotel 
Owens, Peter Augustus 34: Clerk; Native. Bryant & Oak Avenue 
Owens, Philip 54; Bootmaker: Naturalized. 514 Front 
Owens, Thomas J. 24 :BookkeeT>er: Native. 120 Fourth 
Owens, Thomas Jefferson 30: Clerk: Native. McAllister 

west of Laguna 
Owens, Thurston Crane 24:Bleacher and Presser;Native, 

Cor. Second and Market 
Oullahan, Dennis J. 42!R,E.Agent:Naturallzed, 938 Mission 

End of names beginning with Q, 

April 4, 1948 
Mrs, '.'. S, Perry 


Namex Agtt Ooc: Nat: Loo .re 3, 

Pao^i Jean Jacques 34:Engineer!Naturalized. KerohantAikl 

Sanaome i Atigust 4, 1866 
Packard, - 23;Machinl3t:Native. 277 Stevenson 
Packard 33; Hone Native. 540 Mission ;AuG^3t 1, 1866 
Packer, John 40: Carpenter: Oonnectl cut :Gough 

near Jackson. July 28, 1866 
Packscher, Adolph 31 :Merohanti Naturalized. 316 Sixth 
Page, Benjamin Pranklln 22:Bookkeeper!Mas3achusetts: 

California near Dupont. Au^. 2, 1860 
Page, Charles Sylvester 40: Carpenter: Native, 728 Howard 
Page, Francis H. 28 :Merchant: Native. 665 Market 
Page, Francis Stoddard 23:Book)ceeper:1803 Stockton 
Page, James 30:Merchant:Natlve. ?A Flawthome 
Page, John Carl Frederick 36; Bartender: Naturalized. 

N.E. Washington and Dupont 
Pace, Joseph Merrill 45;Merchant:N-tlve. 820 Filbert 
Page, Julia 32:Barkeeper: Natural! zed. 614 Jackson 
Page, Maxey Burllngnme 26: Spinner: Native. 679 Market 
Page, Nathaniel 57 ;Merchant; Native, 1109 Stockton 
Page, Robert Carter 37:Heal Estate:Natlve. 515 Sills 
Pages, Julus Frances 53: Engraver; Native. 734 Washington 
Paget, George VJashlngton 38; Broker: Ohio: 1008 Taylor 
Paggs, Jamea 32: Laborer: Naturalized, Beal cor. Mission 
Paige, Calvin 3a:Real Estate ;Natlve. Comoerclal bet. 

Kearny and ^^ontgomery 
Paine, George Canning 31;Car;5enter:"atlve. 177 ^Inna 
Paine, John 50 :Carpenter: Native. 10 Howard Court 
Painter, Jerome B,^ 38:Prlnter:Natlve, SE cor, Jackson & Powell 
Painter, Theodore P, 28: Printer: Native. Cor. Pouell & Jackson 
Palser, Henry 36: Drayman :Naturcai zed, 130 Jessie 
Palache, G-llbert 38: Merchant: Natural! zed. 321 Fremont 
Palache, James 32:Bookkeeper:Natlve. Harriet bet. 15 & 16 
Paleckl, Joseph 42; Cooper; Naturalized, 666 Mission 
Palm, Ed\/ard 39 :Re8taurant: Naturalized: 127 Third 
Palmer, Curtis 26: Salesman: Missouri; Cor. Stockton &St.Marys 
Palmer, Edwin C.P.O. Clerk: Native. 509 Powell, July 18, 1866 
Palmer, Larra Wilcox 30:Broom Manufacturer:Native. 

Tyler St. East of Buchanan 
Palmer, Thomas 44: Boatman: Natural! zed. Cor. Pacific A Davis 
Palmer, Wales L. 32 :Foundryman; Native. 327 3econd:June 26,1866 
Palmer, William John Tinney 46: Carpenter: Naturalized. 

Fell east of Franklin 
Pannell, John 44:Real Estate: Naturalized. 413 Union 
Pape, Augustus 32:Tlnsmlth:Naturallzed. 1222 Stockton 
Papy, Jasper Jay 40 :Lav.'yer: Native. 604 Merchant 
Paradise, C-eorge 48: Porter: Naturalized. 1009 Leavenworth 
Parbart, G-eorge Ratrio 54: Lawyer: Native. 806 Green 
Parvell, Davud 40: Laborer: Naturalized, Folsom bet. Main 

and Beale Sts. July 9, 1866 
Parcells, John J. 60:vniarf Hullder; Native. 18 Tehama 







Paroells, William H. SOsCamentertKative. 18 Tehama 
Pardee, Enoch H. 37sOoulist:Natlve. 256 FourthJJuly 19, 1866 
Pardox-;, Ceorce 48: Secretary: ^^^'aturr 11 zed. 503 Dur>ont street » 
Parent, Charles L. 47:Contractor:Natlve. Mission bet.Qth & 10th 
Parent, Charles L, Jr. 23: Native: Cor. Mlaslon and Grant Avenue 

July 15, 1860 
Paret, Cornelius W. L, 32: Paperhanger:N»T?/ York: 

v/ashlngton near Powell,,,Aug. 2, 1866 
Pareso, Nicholas 48: Carpenter: "atlve. 568 Mission 
Parish, Nathan 38: Planer: Native, 133 Tehama 
Park, Hugh Jerome 32:Real Estate :Natlve, Cor. 16th ^Valencia 
Park, John Ohester44:Sallmaker:Natlve, 202 Jackson 
Parkell, Henry H. 50: Grocer: Native. SW cor, Howard & 7th 





Benjamin 52 :Trunkmaker: Native, mission bet, 21 &22nd 
Charles Cotesworth Plnokney 42: Clerk: N, Hampshire 

753 Clay 
Chas. Rubbai^d 45 : Lawyer: native sMontgrnery Block 
Edward H, 37:Merchant:Natlve:Howard cor. Lafayette 
Frrnols L, 42:Clerk;Native. 514 Minna 
Francis V/arrln 31: Manufacturer: Native. 213 Stevenson 
George Amasa 43: Salesman: New York: 834 Clay 
George Franl^lln 37: Liquor Dealer: Native. 1212 Powell 
Hayward Preocott 54:Book Keener :Natlve. 409 Post 
Henry Drury 28: Merchant: Native. 703 Greenv/loh 
Jaiaes 'erven 35 :ShlDW}\lp:ht: Native. 1212 Pacific 


JosoDh Hlghlll 37:Stableke9per:nalne: 12 Qulnoy 
Meltin 25:Carpent;er:Natlve. 235 Beale Street. 
Milan 41 : Copper- sampllnf^: Native. Howard near 12th 
Milan 41;Coppe3>-8ampllng:Natlv3, 3W cor. First 

and Stevenson 
Samuel Martin 46:Tulqaor dee.ler:Natlve. Cor, Davis 

and Jackson 
Thomas 32:39r>jnan:Nati3rallzed, Sailor's Home 

Cor. Battery and Vqllejo July 7, 1866 
William 64: None: Naturalized. 926 V/asl-inston 
William Crownover 43: Broker: Native. 106 O'FpTrell 
villllam Elijah 33 1 Engineer: Native. 240 Second 
Parkhurst, Vllen Stoddard Wilder; 35: Hardware: Native. 

205 Mont{?omery 
Parkinson, George Crumley 39: Expressman: Native. 521 Post 
Parkinson, Thomas Davis 31:0, Engineer :r^atlV9, Cosmopolitan 

Hotel: July 19, 1866 
Parke, Austin Bernard 59: Machinist: Native, 54 First 
Parks, Robert Franklin 40: Port Warden: Native, 314 Bush 
Parrls, Samuel 32: Merchant: Naturalized. 212 Stev/art 
Parrlsh, Norsmane9;Kechanic:4l5 Harrison: Native, July .30,1866 
Parrott, Charles 47:Laundrycian:England:0ctavia & Greenwich 
Parrott, Lewis Baldvdn 24:Clerk:Native,62C Folsora 
Parry, George 16: Clerk; Native. Broadway bet.Montgomejy 

and Kearny. July 7, 1866 
Parson, Samuel Stacy 37: Sadler :Native. 51 Second 
Pasco, Antono 43: Tobacconist: Naturalized, 605 Gutter. 


Name; Age: Occ! Nat. Loo. res, 

Paeley, Matthew 40:ExpresswaGon!Naturall2ed. 30 Fourth 
Passman, David 37:Baker:IIative. 809 Kearny. July 3, 18G6 
Patohln, G-randus 69! Barber: Native. 540 Commercial 
Paton, George 26; Moulder: Naturalized. 3 Tehama 
Patrick, Albert Bard 28: Merchant: Native. Rugs House 
Patridge, H. Cutler 37:Gontractor!Nativ . 338 Fifth 
Patrick, Holmes Cunningham 39: Printer: Native. 107 Natoma 
Patrick, James Chambers 34:Merohant!Native, 629 Foli^ora 
Patrick, James Dillon 46:Music Teacher: Native. 326 ^^ason 
Fatrick, Kennedy 23:Clerk:Naturalized. Stevenson near First 
Patridge, Mathew 33: Seaman: Maine 803 Stockton 
Pattee, Solon 36; Merchant: Native, Cor. Market & Montgomery 
Patten, Ben Adams 42:V/ines & Liquors: Native. Geary bet. 

Hyde and Lgavenworth. July 21, 1866 
Patten, David Russell 34:BankTeller:H. Hampshire: 1030 Pine 
Patten, John 23: Laborer; Native. 326 Tehama 
Patten, Phillip Henry 45:U.S, Storekeeper: Native, 639 Market 
Patten, William Potter 27: Waiter: Native. 719 Market 
Patterson, Crosby 41: Sawyer: Native, 8 Anthony 
Patterson, David Wilson 69:Lawyer:Native. 6G5 Mission 
Patterson, George 62;Storekeeper;Naturali2ed, 2195 Powell 
Patterson, Hamilton Smith 35: Laborer: Native. 432 Bush 
Patterson, James 32: Waiter: Naturalized, 657 Mission 
Patterson, James 32: Sailor :Native. 116 Pacific 
Patterson, Wm, Henry 36: La^^er: Native, Merchant bet. 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Patton, Charles 52: Farmer: Native, San Jose R.R. east of 

St, Mary's College, Aug, 6, 1866 
Pattrldge, Robert Kirkxfood 39:liimber Dealer;Native, 

34 John St, 
Pauba, Adalbert 32:Tallor:Naturali2ed. 20 Russ. July 19, 1866 
Paul, Henry Clay 34:Carpenter:Native. 748 1/2 Market, Aug,3 
Paul, Horatio 33:Assayer:Naturalized, (Minor) 56 Tehama 
Paul, James 56;Farmer;Naturalized. San Bruno Road 
Paul, John Charles 43: Watchman: naturalized, 9 Clara 
Paul, John Murray 28: Clerk; Native. 446 Thij^d. July 10, 1866 
Paul, William Peter 50: Teamster: Naturalized. 24 Ritch 
Paupitz, Wi?liam 48:Lodging House Keeper: Naturalized, 

123 Jackson, July 25, 1866 
Pavelioh, Nicholas 35:Fruit Store: Naturalized. NE cor, 

Stockton and Washington, July 17, 1866 
Pawlesen, William B, 29:Englneer:Native. Cor, Jessie & 4th 
Paxon, Charles H, 40:Deputy City Treasurer: Native, 

SE cor. Second and Howard. July 18, 1866 
Payne, John 55: Clerk: Native. Front bet. Pacific and Broadxfay 
Paxson, Joseph Shoemaker: 52: City and County Treasurer, 

Native. 20 Stanly Pl?.oe. June 25, 1866 
Payne, Samuel Thrope 36:Mason:Native, Union near Jones 
Payne, vailia 28 :Bricklayer: Native. Union near Taylor 
Pay son, Alonzo Penleton 35 :CarDenter: Native. Ohio Street 
Payson, Carter N, 26:Stair- builder: Native, 340 Fremont 











Peabody, Thomas Jefferaon 31 !Teamster: Native, Cor. Ellla 

and Taylor 
Peabody, v/iiilam G, 30:BookKeeper;Natlve. Gallndo near 
Peach, August Ludlow 41 tRopemaker; Native. Potrero:July 
Pearoe, Charley Grosbeok 37:Wood TurnerrNew York 

837 Washington Aug. 6, 1866 
Pearce, Kdward Doty f?8jGold Penraalier: Native, 725 Bush 
Pearoe, George Taft 39 rHechaniO! Native. 316 Taylor 
Pearce, James J, 40: Bricklayer: Native. 61 Tehama 
Pearce, Owen 32: Stevedore illaturnli zed, Francisco & Midway 
Pearl, John 255Barkeeper:^^aturalized, 409 Sansome July 14 
Pearson, George 49: Seaman: Native, Beale near Folsom 
Pearson, Henry Haven 21:HotelKeeper:Jl'itive. Russ House 
Pearson, Johr: Henry 36: Laborer: Natural! zed, SE cor. 
Larkin and Vail e Jo 
Robert Humphrey 43:33 Captain: Native, 18 Guy Place 
Samuel A, 39: Carpenter: Native. Mission St, 

Woodward Garden' July 16, 1866 
Thomas Dexter 34:Clerk:Ma3oachusetta:NW oor. 

Pine and Stockton Aur-. 6, 1866 
William 46:Regiater Clerk: Customhouse, Native, 
10 Ellis. June 19, 1866 
Pearson, V/illiam Smith 43:Billlard«l Bartender :Native, 

1013 Bush, Aug, 2, 1866 
Pease, Emery Tilden 45: Broker: Native. 30 South Park 
Peaao, George Sanderson 42 :Brushmaker: Native. 36 Beale 
Pease, Horatio Nelson 55: Laborer: Native, 20th nr Folsom 
John Harper 40: Carpenter: Native, 34 Valparaiso 
Luman Spencer 31 :Bockkeeper: Connecticut: 611 Stockton 
Nelson Lawrence 35: Gentleman: Native. 508 Jones 
William Crawford 38: Builder: Native, 815 Lomb.rd 
Peasley, Charles Edward 22 :Miner: Native; 28 First 
Peck, Charles S. 33 ;Drayman: Native, 625 Sutter 
Peck, David 34: Salesman: Native. Park Avenue bet, Bartlett 

and Mission, July 25, 1866 
Peck, Elisha Thamas jMerchant: Native, 116 Eddy 
Peck, George Huntington 47;Horchant: Native, 23 East of 
Valencia Sts, July 5, 1866 
James Bums 43: Shipper Coal: Native, 730 Filbert 
John More 36: Grocer: Native, 750 Howard:Aug, 2,1866 
Josias L. 53 :Blacksrnith; native, 459 Clementina 
Levi Preston 35:Glerk:Native, Post eaBt of Gough 
Lewis 69 :Physlcian: Native. 203 Powell: June 30, 1866 
Peckham, Edwin L. 23: Baker: Native. Lombard near Hyde, Aug, 1/ 
Peeples, Harris Alexander 27 :Sa^;yer: Native, 148 Tehama 
Peirce, Josem 52: Furniture Dealer:Massaohu8etts: 

Pros^^ect Place, July 6, 1866 
Henry 37:Bookkeeper: Native, 6 Hontgomery 
41:Merchant:Haturalized, 405 Pacific 
22:Clothier:Naturalized, 201 Montgomery 











Pelzer, Nathan 40: Tailor rNat.urallzed, Sacramento & Battery 
Pelser, Saauel 29: Clothier: Naturalized. 230 Montgomery 
Pelezrer, Isaac 55:Clcar 8 tore: Naturalized. 209 Fourth 
Pelhum, Nathan Cochran 44 :Machln3 at: Native. 194 Stevenson 
Pell, Phillip 42 : Farmer xNe^' York:(Jreen and i'aguna 
Pellenos, William Thomas 29: Clerk: Native. 46 Second St. 
Pellet, Lucius 2e:Bootfotter;Native. 1417 Kearny 
Pelouze, '/illiam S, 38:T3rpe Founder; Native. 313 Ilinna 
Penario, Frank 23:Porter:Native. 804 Union: July 11, 1866 
Pendergast, William 28; Stevedore J Naturalized. 633 California 
Pendleton, Benjamin Franklin 53:Miner: Native. 704 Howard 
Pendleton, Edwin Street 38; Carpenter: Native. 130 Minna 
Pendleton, Fred Hodman 27 :Mlliraan: Native, 114 Kearny 
Penell, Robert 51; Laborer: Native, 121 Natoma:July 25, 1866 
Penne, David Harrison 31; Clerk; Naturalized. 327 Union 
Pennell, John Thomas 37; Lumber Dealer; Native, 43 Tehama 
Pennie, James Crymes 46;Justice of the Peace 3d T, 

Naturalized. 1030 Clay June 21, 1866 
Penniman, Thomas 27:Recorder»G Office, Marylpjnd; 

1013 Washington; July 12, 1866 
Pennycook, John Sen, 50: Baker; Naturalized. Townsend and 2nd 
Pennycook, John Jr. 24;Mlner;Native jPotrero:July 18, 1866 
Pennypaoker, Jos. J. 52: Printer: Native. Howard bet. 12th & 13th 
Percy, Cershom Hyde 28;Cajrpenter;natlve. 430 Pine 

Perego , 







Lambert 59;Mason:New York:St. Mary's st, nr. Pine 

Anthony Coombs 41: Carpenter; Native, 85 Everett 
Asa B, 60 ;Miner; Native, 63 Tehama; Aug, 3, 1866 
Charles Clark 32;Merchant: Native. McAllister 

west of Webster. Auq, 6, 1866 
Dearborn 59;House mover;Native, Cor. Broadway 

and Montgomery July 28, 18G6 
Edward Stemes 44:Assessor:Massachu3etts:Bush 

and Polk, June 29, 1866 
Cj-eorce Mott 2'7:Merchant: Native, Slllg above "arket 
George Robert 54: Farmer; Native, 813 Washington 
James Eldridge 40: Merchant: Naturalized. 623 

Harrison, July 13, 1866 
John Grey 43; Agent: Native. What Cheer: Aug. 4, 1866 
Joseph 35;BookKeeper:New York;1028 Clay St. 
Joseph Ames 48:Custom House ;Natlve. 748 Howard 
Luke H. 49 ;V/harfln^er: Native, 430 Minna: July 6 
Richard Foster 56:Postmaster;Mas3achusetts: 

1009 Powell. July 28, 1866 


Samuel 42 ; Do aler: Native. 22 Hawthorne. Aug. 1, 
Samuel 61; Watchman: Native. 217 Market. July 10 
Seth 39; Shoemaker: Native. 623 Howard. Aug. 4, 1866 
WilllaxQ L, 37; Com. Merchant: Native. 11th bet. 
Mission and Market Sts. June 9, 1866 
Perley, Albion StanbiJ&d 23;Clerk:Native. 124 Market St. July 
Perfemans, John Paptlste 27: Expressman: Naturalized. 

266 Jessie St, July 30, 1866 
Perrlne, Nicholas P. 40:Real EotateAgent; Native. 15 Guy Place. 



Name: Age: Ooo: Nat: loc.ros. 

Perroohon, Edward 45 t Jeweler; Ha ttirall zed. 622 Clay. July 21 

Perry, Benjamin Freeman 56: Plasterer* ifhltener: Native ,13 Post 

Perry, Henry Edward 63: Contractor: Native. 6 Sansorae 

Perry, Horace 52: Bootmaker: Native, — Mission 

Perry, Isaac H, 22:Me8senger:Naturallzed. 3 Tehama 

Perry, John J^Yancis 33:U.S. Assist. Assessor: Native. 426 0»Farrell 

Perry, Leander Hoton 30: Butcher: Native. 110 Perry 

Perry, Restcone 51tMerohant: Native. 425 Sutter: Aug. 2, 1866 

Perry, Valentine Woodman 36: Carpenter: Native. 712 Leavenworth 

Perry, William 65: Merchant: Native. 709 Vallejo 

Perry, Wm. 53: Waj.ter: Naturalized. Dramm and Sacramento 

Persell, James 28:I-aborer:Naturallzed. Stevenson 

Persona, Weokloff 30; Printer: Native. Folsom bet. 16th & 17th 

Pesinger, John Henry 26:AccountRnt:I^ative. 14 i^llia 

Petch, Richard Henry 2G;Porter:Connectlcut:Sellna Court. Aue:.3 

Peter, 3iraeon 25: Clerk :Noturall zed, 258 Stevenson 

Peters, Charles R. 39 :Herohant: Native, 829 Mission 

Peters, Charles 25: Storekeeper: Naturalized, 1236 Dupont 

Peters, Henry Dericks 32; Clerk: Naturalized, Cor. Jackson 

and Montgomery, July 20, 1866 
Peters, Joseph C, 27:Feed Store:Nstlve, 441 Jessie 
Petersen, Charles 37:0ro9er;Naturallzed, Cor, Montgomery 

and Union. July 27, 1866 
Peterson, Arthur Simison 36:Mlner:Hew Jersey: 533 Kearny 
Peterson, Charles John 43 :Crooer; Naturalized. S.W, cor, 

Broadway and Leavenworth. July 3, 1866 
Peterson, Frederick W, 45 iG-entleman: Naturalized. 13 Tehama 
Peterson, Qeorce K. 32 :MinlnGA{'5ent: Native. 225 Second 
Peterson, George v/ashington 29:PhotograDher:Native. S.W. cor. 

Stockton and Jackson July 31, 1866 
Peterson, John N, 34: Stable keeper: Naturalized, 410 Tehama 
Peterson, John K. 34;Photographer:Naturallzed. 210 Stewart 
Peterson, Oluf 59: Naturalized, 722 Pacific, July 24, 1866 
Peterson, Peter 37: Naturalized. N,E. cor.Washir^ton and 

East Sts. July 19, 1866 
Peterson, Peter 38; Blacksmith: Naturalized, 700 Bush 
Peterson, Samuel Oliver 24 :Caipenter: Native, Cor. 17th 

and Mission. Aug. 4, 1866 
Peterson, Soren Beltzer 37:Glerk:Naturalized, 144 Silver 
Pettee, John 25 :Clerkiudi tor's Office :i^atlve. 

1st Avenue bet 15th and 16th: June 9, 1866 
Pettlgrew, James Dixon 3u:Teamster:Native. Cor. of Steiner 

and Eddt. July 26, 1866 
Pettinos, George Francis 35:Muslc Teacher: Native, 426 2nd 
Pettis, Valentine 39: Shoemaker: Native, 12 Sutter 
Pettit, Horatio Nelson 60 :Merchant: Native. 611 Larkin 3t, 
Petti t, Nathaniel Serman 54: Shipbuilder; Native, 1001 Union 
Pettit, Obannan 24: Collector:Native,445 Bu8l'i:June 28 
Pettit, V/illlam Henry 28: None: Native. 247 Stevenson 






Log, res. 




Petty, David 36 ;Manufacturer: Native. 18 Stanford 

Petty, William Henry 45 tSailraalterS Native. Buchanan North 

, of McAllintertAus. 4, 1R66 
Pew, ^awrence 50: Cooper: Naturalized. 333 Bush 3t. House 
Peyser, l>evl 34: Clothing merchant: Naturalized. Harlen Place 
Peyser, Louis 32jBarbor:Naturall5',ed. 223 Third 
Peyton, Bernard 39 jllerchant; Native. 010 Sutter: July 5 
Pfarr, Henry 38: None: ^"Naturalized. 276 Jesale 
Pfelfer, Jacob Ernst 46? Apothecary; Naturalized. 210 ^"ost 
Pfeiffer, John 52 :r.hoenaker: Naturalized, 119 St. Mark's Place 
Pfeisdorff, Hu^o 40: Collector: Naturalized. N.W, cor. 

Broadway and Dupont. July 19, 1866 
Pflaster, Conrad 30iSaloon]:eer)er:Ncturalizedj 429 Pacific 
Pfieffer, John V/illlaniD 46:Blacksmith:Naturali2ed.759 Clay 
Pfla^jer, John 35: Laborer: Naturalized. 551 Market 
Pfluogor, Hemon 42;Watchrna'/:er:Naturalized. 505 Pacific 
Pfolil, Peter 48: Brewer: I'aturall zed. 224 Second. July 20, 1866 
Thomas 45 :Oardener: Natural! zed. 268 Tehama 
Thonaa 50:Bopk-keop&r:Nat.uralizod,B.E. cor. 
CJeary and ^arld.n. June 25, 1866 
James Edward 34 : Agent: Hat ive. 110 Kearny. July 21 
Contad 40 :naker: Naturalised. 836 Mission 
Edward 61 :V:aiter: Naturalized. Cor. Jane & Natoma 
Janes 42:Mer^hant:Naturc:jized. 13 O'Farrell 
John J. 27: Clerk: Native. 27 Clenentina. July 9, 1866 
Patrick 55; Printer: Naturalized. 30 Clara.July 11,1866 
Rich Anslen 25:Wcitchm8ji;Naturalized.Anierlcan Exchange 
Abner 62 :La^>jysr: Native. Cor. Page and Divisadero 
Alan son Hosoer 34 : Sal esx-nan: Native. 1205 Pacific 
Augustus Ellphelet 40 :Shlpsiaith: Native. 1205 Pacific 
Charles William 46:None:native.830 Pacific 
David Townsend 31:Ship6ifllth:Native.w. Jones 1st Door 

3, Pacific 
Dennis 35 :Carr)enter;Native. Stockton and Vallejo 
Ed'.dn 31: ^ai-nr-er: Native. Cor. Pa^e and Divisadero 
John Delincton 35 :Teamster:Native. Industrial School 
Joshua 54: Clergyman: Native. 953 Howard 
Srjnuel "aton 52 t-A^tent: Native. 28 3an3ome:Aug,6,1866 Guy 41: Farmer: Native. 1123 Howard 
Tracey 45 : Dra ymah: Native. CI oui lie Place. July 13, 1866 
_, wi'iliaifl Sydney 45 :3hlr)8mith: Native. 1203 Pacific 
PMlbrick, Charles Henry 27:Saw Filer: ^^atlve. 153 1/2 Second 
Phllbrook, James Milton 24: Photographer: Native. 20 Everett 
Philips, Chai-'Tos 39:T0':instor:Naturalized«Hayes west of 

FraJiklln. July 18, 1866 
Philips, John 3»3!Stevedore:Naturalized.340 Union 
Philips, Lawrence 49 :Mnrchant: Naturalized. Oak Park Avenue 
Phillip, Joseph Hunter 36: Bricklayer: Native, Clara St. 
Phli:ips, Christopher Michael 30: Laborer: Naturalized. 

Old San Joae Road, July 28, 1866 
PhilllDB, G-eorge V/arren 30:Watemaa:N-;tive. 141 Jessie 
Phlllir>3, Janes 34: Shoemaker: Native. 624 Market 
Phillips, Jas. K. 39:?rinter:r^atlve,933 Mission 


Name: Ages Oocs Nat: loc.res, 

Phillips, James Milton 35: Tailor: Native, 420 Dupont, 
Phlllii^a, James schollerr.berg 27:Mlnlng stocksjKatlve. 

914 Dupont. July 18. 1866 
Phillips, John 40 tLAbrari an: Native. 636 Howard 
Phillips, John Daniel 56:Kariner: Native. Cor. 20th AFolsom 
Phillips, Levi Palmer 39: Carpenters Native. 616 Market 
Phillips, Samuel G. 40s Agents Native. K aide 16th nr. Valencia 
Phillips, Thomas 258 ExpresamansNaturalized. Spear bet. 

Market an ' Mission 
Phillios, William Osoar34$Maohini at: Native, 649 Mission 
Phinrs, A, B. 27 {Merchants Native, 240 Creen 
Plckdns , Tohn Alexander 60 1 Planters Native, 214 %/% Fremont 
Pickering, Loring 54sEditor! Native. Lick House 
Pickett, ^:lhanan VJinchester 53:Hestaurants^^ative, 619 Market 
Picketo, Michael 28: Laborers Naturalized, Union Court 
Picket-J, William 49 s Printers Naturalized. 1502 Taylor 
Pidwell, Cyrel Trevaeso 28:SaleomansNaturalized. SE cor. 

Mason and Sllis 
Pierce, Ceorge V/ashington Lafayette 32: Drayman: Native, 

Cor. Jones and &eaiT Aug, 4, 1866 
Piei»ce, Ira 30 {Merchant sMaines712 rine St. 
Pierce, Jason Brown 45;Collector5Native. 606 Montf^omery 
Pierce, John 25: Laborers Motu^ll zed. 45 Stevenson 
Pierce, Joseph v/arren 4-0 sMaohlnist: Native. Bailey House 
Pierce, Nelson 40sShipiDing Merchant : Native. 711 Greemdch 
Pierce, Patrick 29 s Marble sNfiturali zed. 415 Powell 
Pierce, Patrick 34s Laborer: Naturalized, Gilbert Street 
Pierce, Peter Hoar 33sBakersMa83achugett8!l014 Powell 
Pierce, Samuel 24s Teamcter: Native. Shotwell near Madison 
Pierce, William ^5:Crr>italist:Haine. 712 Pine 
Piercy, John G. 51sP.eal Estates Naturalized. 820 Mission 
Pieraon, James ^'Oieelen Johnson 37 tMerctiant: Native. 

705 Greenwich. July 13, 1866 
Pierson, John 26s Lathers Naturalized. 276 Jessie 
Pierson, Joseph Taylor 33 sprinter; 1534 Washington 
Pierson, William Montgomery 25 :Attorney-at~laws Native. 

110 Mason: July 28, 1866 
Pierson, Joseph I>urand60:Cabinetma3cers Native. 110 Mason 
Pierser, Isaac 31 sMeinjhants Naturalized. 242 Jessie 
Pigatt, James 45$Real Estates Naturalized. 727 Folsom 
Pigne, John Datiftta 59: Physician statural! zed, 1022 Stockton 
Pike, Charles Hoss 39$ Carpenter: Native. 313 Pine 
Pike, ::iia8 Wm. 34s0fficersNatlve. City Hall 
Pike, 'j^eorge Henry 30$^hip JoinersNatiTre, 647 Howard 
Pilptim, Henry 21 sBa:/yers Native, 109 Sansome 
Pilling, John 46sBarbersEnr;,'l<'and$Paclflo and Cem Ave» 
Plllsbury, Chas, Everett 27sTeanster:PotrQrosNative, 
Pillsbury, Samuel 39:Insuranoe AG't:Ma33achusetts!803 Mason 
Pilsbury, Charles J. 35: Merchant: Native, 331 Fremont 
Pinckiiey, Joseph John 31:Kxpres3raan:New Xork:Couch & Vallejo 
Pincott, Samuel 50:Collector:Native. 6 Hubbard Aug. 6, 1866 
Pine, Andrew 24:Medioal Student; Native, 636 Green, July 25 


Name: Age; Ooo» Nat: Loo. res. 

PlrAerton, V/llllam Clark 28!Carnonter:RhodeIsland: Cor. 

St. Mary's and California 
Plnkhan, Benjamin Franklin 50iPrinter:II, Hampshire. Cor. 

Taylor and Clay. July 14, 1866 
Plnkham, George Auj^ustufl 26: Newspaper Carrier: Native. 

Cor. Mari^^osa and Santa Clara Sta.Aug. 2, 1866 
Pinkham, Jonathan Chesley 64 :Farmer: Native. Corner 

Mariposa and Santa Clara Sts. Aug, 2, 1866 
Pinkham, Walter 50: Carpenter: Native. 22 Sixth 
Pinkney, Richard 50: Carpenter: motive. Pine v/. of 

Leavenworth Sts. Ju^-jt 19, 1866 
Pinkus, Manuel 32: Tailor: Naturalized, 204 Second 
Piotrowsky, R, Korwin 51:Federal Officer: Naturalized. 

872 Mission. July 12, 1866 
Piper, Asahel 59:0mitted .'.n Gr, lieg, of 7.866 
Piper, Asahel 39jReai Estate Agent: Native, 52 First 
Piper, JeroffiP B. 4l:r3rlcklayer:Natlve. Omitted in Cr. Reg 
Piper, Jerome B, 41 :Bricy.iayer: Native. 52 First 
Piper, JoJin Q'^incy 'i2jReal Estate^wner J Native. 82 Natoma 
Piper, Samuel C. 32sBarkeeper:Native, California bet. 

Montgomery and Kea.cns' St. 
Piper, Steijhen IJ-v-n/jt^ton 37: Carpenter: Maine:' 

Cor, Sacramento and Leavenworth Sts. 
Piper, James Hciry 34 ; Po 11 oenan: Native, 624 Market 
Piper, William Adcim 40 :Cap;ltalist: Pennsylvania: 

Stockton South of '/ashlngton. Aug. 2, 1866 
Pipes, JoBies Q-risshaiii 40: Restaurant: Louisiana cor. 

Clay and l^&aon July 18, 1866 
Pippey, Henry Joseph o8iMariner:«ative, Tovmsend nr. 3rd 
Pique, Edward &l:Mu3!Loian:Natur£'.li2ed. 748 1/S Market 
Pirrie, Mclphus 45: Cooper: Native. 615 Market 
Pitt, John Henry 46:3hip C a n^enter: Naturalized. 308 Beale 
Pitts, AbraiB Whiople 49:3tatloner:Native. 408 Third 
Pitts, Henry Arnold 47:BtatioDer:Native. 403 Third 
Pitts, Washington Rochester 5a:Engineer:Native, Cor. 

Vallejo and Montgomery Sts. July 7, 1066 
Pixloy, Frank Morrison 40:Latfy6i':Nev; York: Fillmore and 

Union, ^ 

Pixley, Isaac 76sFana^r: Connecticut :Nriion nr, Steiner 
Pixlsy, Wllliain 42:Wood and Coal dealer:New york:Presidio Rd. 
Pixley, Williaffi Bemus 3ojDrugsisti Naturalized. Stevenson 

House cor, Montgomery 
Pixson, Jao, Ollmore 44;Clerk:Native, Sac. & Leidesdorff, 
Plac3, Cornelius L. 43:Hay De;ilor:Nrtive. 324 Folsom 
Place, Hllbert J. 55:Reai Kstate:Natlve,Cor, Dolores & 15th 
Place, Henry Bxiish 40: Porter: Native. 013 Vallejo 
Place, Jonah '/, 35: Carmaker: Native. Shotwell bet. 15th & 16th 
Plagemaiin, Hem^y 28:Tobaoconist:Naturalized, 241 Jessie 
Plara, Phillip 23iHiller:Ma83achusetts:Clay nr, Stockton 
Plate, Ailclphus Joser^h 48:t>unsnith:Naturali:'.ed, 38 Sddy 
Plato, Rlncon VJ, 44 :t.aboJ?er: Naturalized. loO Ciara 
Plath, John 24 :i-lerohaJxt: Naturalized, 421 Nnion. 


Naraet Age: Ooo: Nat: Loc.res* 

Piatt, George 31:MerchantNatlve, 525 Folaom 

Piatt, John 36: Laborer: Native. Hi salon liet, 12th & 13th 

Piatt, Phillip Sta 30! Manager: Native. 100 Post. 

Piatt, Samuel 44 !Lav;yer: Native. Mission bet. 12th & 13th 

Pleasant, Henry 35: Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. 10th and Folsom 

Plege, Henry 42!Produce Dealer: Naturalized, IW cor. 

Post and Taylor Aug. 2, 1866 
Plege, Louis 44: Hatter: Naturalized. Pine near Taylor:July 9 
Pless, Henry 33:Merohant:Ilatiirall2ed. 263 Stevenson 
Plesse, Ernst 38:Manufacturer:I^aturallzed. Union and Green 
Plover, Patrick 38: Carpenter; Naturalized. Market nr. 6th 
Plum, Charles Mortimer 38:Carpet Dealer; Native. Cor. Post 

an* Franklin July 4, 1866 
Plumer, v;illiarn Penn 40:3tairbuliaer:Native. Taylor St. 
Plummber, John Allen 50 :Merchant: Native. 108 Pov;ell 
Plumrner, George 50: Lumber Dealer: Native, 62 Tehama 
Plummer, James Wass 35: Carpenter :Native. Turk nr. Taylor 
Plumrier, John Allen Jr. 27: Clerk: Native, 40 CJeary 
Plunlcett, James 43:Plasterer:Native. Medan Court 
Plunkett, v/ililam 41:3.3. Plrenan: Native, 402 Stewart 
Plympton, George Loxi^ell 50:Ghartniaker:nassaohusetts: 

7 Prospect Place: Chart mounter« -error above, 
Poetz, John C, 47:Re8taurant:"aturalized. 27 Rousoh 
Pohle, Henry 35; Cooper: Naturalized, Langton nr, Howard 
Pohlman, Henry 56: Jm/eler; ^Naturalized. 807 Bush 
Polaok, Samuel 32: Clerk: Naturalized. 812 Stockton 
Poland, Frank 3, 24; Painter: Native, 9th near Mission 
Poland, Nahura 51: Painter: Native, 9th near Mission 
Polk, Jaa, Lane 49 :Renorter: native. Niantic J^otel 
Polk, Robert Tyler 31: Insurance Agent: Native , Hyde and 

Greem/ioh!July 5, 18 66 
Pollard, Aaron 49 :Hotelkeeper; Native. 514 Lombard 
Pollard, Daniel P. 52 :liiner; Native. Sansome & 

Washington. Aug, 6, 1866 
Pollard, Isaac 37;Car*riagemaker:Native. 304 Sutter 
Pollard, John Colman 21:Hachini8t;Natlve. 515 Pine 
Pollard, John Maynard 50; Bricklayer: Native. 26 Sddy 
Pollock, Albert 36:Cai"penterjNative, 258 Clara 
Pollock, David Howard 40 :Merohant: Native, 740 Illssion 
Pomeroy, David 38: Hi llman: Native, Oak, east of Franklin 
Pomeroy, Harmon 28 !llilkman: Native, Oak nr. Frantlin 
Pomeroy, Julius Tinothy 58 !Merchant: Native. 427 Third 
Pool, Marcus Norton 27: Clerk: Native. Bush bet. liontgornery 

and Kearny 
Pool, Nathan Algernon 33: Grocer; Native. NE cor. Hayes 

and Octavia 
Pool, Spencer 44; Police: Native. 824 Greenwich 
Poole, Srilliam 36:Steward:Naturalized. 1316 Taylor 
Pooler, Ruxton Henry 45; Seaman: Naturalized. Filbert nr. Jones 


Name: Ago: Ocos Nat; Loc.res, 

Pooley, Edward 51: Laborer; Naturalized, 32 Rouach 
Poore, V/alter Scott 30: Clerk: Native, vJashlngton liet, 

Kearny and Dupont July 2, 1866 
Pope, Andrew Jaokaon 47: Merchant: Native, 614 Folsom 
Pone, Cord 44 :Merchant:CJermany: Lombard and Polk 
Pope, Fowler W, 38: Engineer: Native. 8th St, nr, Harrison 
Pope, John Francis 43:A8sayer:Iiative. 1412 Hason 
Pope, Killey Kldridge 36:ClerkiNative. On ship board 
Poppe, Detlep 45: Longshoreman: ^Naturalized, Cor. Vail e Jo 

and Battery Sta, 
Poppee, Charles Le^d-s 46 :Tobacconi at: Naturalized, Stockton PI. 
Popper, Charles 44:Merchant: Naturalized. 427 Bryant 
Porcher, Peter 34:Tailor; Naturalized, 223 Seventh 
Porteous, John 28:Hostler:Naturalized. 180 Jessie 
Porter, Asa|iel Addison 42: Merchant: New York:603 Dupont St. 
Porter, Denman, Camp 44: Physician: Native. Yerba Buena Pfiirk 
Porter, Oeoi^e Sylvanus 59: Port Warden: Native. 

1506 Leavenv7orth. July 10, 1866 
Porter, Henry Handy 34: Carpenter: Native. 15 Minna 
Porter, Henry Harrison 26:Waterman:Native, 106 Mason 
Porter, Horace 37:SGloon-keeper:^^ative, 11th near Mission 
Porter, James 38: Printer: Native. 1609 Mason 
Porter, Julius Alamson 34: Machinist: Native. 108 Beale 
Porter, Nathan 49 :Att«y-at-law: Native. 437 N.-itoma 
Porter, Thomas Henry 29 :Merchant: Native, 67 Minna 
Porter, William Jackson 29 :Calker: native. Nob! ft Place 
Portois, Pierre 44:Architect:Naturali2ed. Vallejo nr, Dupont 
Possa, Franz 36:Musician: Naturalized. Cor Hayes and Polk 
Post, Frederick Le^d.s 43:Polioeman:N':tive. No»l Vernon Pi. 
Post, George v/ashington Lafayette 26:Butcher:^ative. Cor. 

Stevenson and Second. July 31, 1866 '^ 
Post, Sanford 40: Carpenter; Native. 741 Market 
Post, Victor, Clarence 22 :Machiniat: Native. 14:21 Taylor 
Postel, Peter Jacob 33:Groc3r;Naturalized. Cor. 23rd and 

Mission. July 28, 1866 
Potter, Francis Thompson 42:Real Kstate:Native. Oeary near 

Leavenworth Sts. July 11, 1866 
Potter, George Clinton 50: Surveyor: Native. 425 Sutter, 
Potter, Henry Broim 44 :Miner: Native, 122 Perry 
Potter, Henry Roberson 45; Custom House: Native. 615 Market 
Potter, Layman G-ifford 51: Carpenter: Native. 28 Clara 
Potter, Uiliiam Henry 29: Carpenter : Native. 224 Ritch:July 31 
Potts, Izatus (sic) 37: Clerk: Native. 112 Sutter 
Poultney, George 38:StableKeep0r:Naturalized. 346 Brannan 
Powell, John 41: Cooper: Naturalized: 915 Jones 
Poi/elson, John Peter 39:Expressman:Denraark:Polk and Clay 
Power, Edward 32: Carver: Naturalized. 258 Stevenson 
Power, John 40: Watchman: Naturalized. Cor. Mission & 1st 
Power, Thomas 40: Carpenter: Naturalized. 14th bet.Folsom 

and Harrison July 23, 1866 
Pollers, Charles 35 :Sailmaker: Naturalized. 158 Silver 
Powers, Charles Adams 48: Engineer: Native. 609 Folsom 
Powers, Charles Henry 37; Painter: Native, Cor. Geary & Jones 
Powers, Elias Hutchins 34: Shipwright: Native. Harrison near 

Fremont, Aug, 4, 1866 
Powers, 33: Carpenter: Naturalized, 28 Rousoh:Aug,6, 1866 






Log. res. 

Powers, John 58 iKerohanti Naturalized .Hyde and Union 
Poifsrs, John 40:PortGr!Naturallzed.46 Clementina 
Powers, John Daly 34:Merohant:naturalized.l7th nr.Ouerrero 
Powers, Patrick. 54: CordwalnertKaturallzed^ 412 Paclflp 
Powers, Patrick' William 43; Stonecutter; ^turall zed, 67riatoma 
Praoy, George T, 52:Maohlnlst;naturailzed. Harmon St,. 

bet. Beale and Main Sts. July 16, 1866 
Prefer, Abraham 30:MerchantsKaturallzed, 18 Clara 
Pralro, John Myrlck 25 tBlacksmith! Native, 144 Second 
Praker, John S9:Runner: Native. American Excliance 
Pr&rla, Antonio Rogers 41:SteamboatmaTi?N:.turalized*Moulton PI. 
Pratorous, Gbttfred 46: Carpenter tNaturallzed. 
555 Bryant. July 9, 1866 
Benjamin 37?lfl.loe man: Native. 115 Mason 
Cotton 67 :Car\)enter: Native. 704 Bush 
Daniel Webster 3S:0arrlag"e painter: Native. 414 Tehana 
^^eorge Henry 44:DrlV9r:Nativo.So.side Bush nr.VanNess 
George Henry 44:DrlvertMassaohusetta:Bu3h near 

Van Ness. July 11. 1866 (transferred) 
HenryO. 57:Carpenter:Natlve.567 Howard 
Janes 36:Printer:Hatur.sllzed. Stevenson bet. 6th & 7th 
John Charles 34: Saloon Keeper: Native. 429 Pacific 
John Henry 25: See-man: Native. 277 Stevenson 
Joseph 49: Carpenter: Native. Natona bet. 1st and2nd 
Nathan 73 :MerchRnt:Mas8achii setts. Ewer Place 
0. C. 47:Judee:Native. 213 Flrjt 
Ssj^uel Biftlow 26: Printer: Native. 635 Broadv/ay 
William 25:Boatman:Natlve,Gor. Vallejo and Davis 
William H, 26:0srpenter:NE.tive. 567 Howard 
Willirn Perkins 36: Merchant: Native. Occidental Hotel 
James Eduin 32: Printer; native. 34 Everett. July 31, 1866 














Pray, Benjamin Clark 2B:Kcchinist: Native. Branch Hotel, Sutter 

Preble, Francis 38: Stair-builder: Native. Main nr. Folsom 

Preble, Samuel Washington 40: Salesman: Native. 34 Silver 

Prccht, Carl Henry 43:Physician;Naturalii:ed.913 Dupont 

Precht, Hermann Frederick 39:Fruitd€alcr:Naturaliz*ed.6(^ 

Jackson. July 31, 1866 
Pren5ee;r,st, John 29 :Pluir.bor: Native. Ellis cor. Larkin 
Prendergaot, Miclmel 35: Tinner: IrelandtPierce and Pine 
Presby, Elijah 56:Carpertor:New Happsliire:Austin near Polk 
Prescott, (George W. 47: Lumber dealer: ^^ative. 1024 Bush 
Prcscot, Creorge V^ashincton 34 :HGOhanio: Native. Co sraopoli ten Hotel 
Prescott, George v/anhincton 55:Pfiper carrier :Hative. 36 Vallejo 
Prescott, Jacob 34: Merchant :Naturalizec1, 279 Stevenson 
Prescott, Josenh Dudly 22:Mill:man:New Hainpghii^'Scott & 

(Jreenvdch Sts. June 27. 1866 
Prescott, Willjam Penn 34 :Assryer: Native. 806 Kearny 
Prerell, Patrick 28 :Kcetler: Naturalized. 269 Stevenson 
Preston, Danzil C, 21 : CI ork: Native. 1431 Niasion.Axig. 4. 1866 
Preston, John 3e:I!achlnist:Naturalized.Sutter,east of '^olk 
Preston, Otis J. 5i:Lumber Dealer: Native, Mission near 11th" 
Pretourius, Godfrey 24 jBoilermalier: Native. 227 Post. July 14. 


Name: Age; Occ* Nat. 1*00, res. 

Price, Charles D, S6:Concluctop;natlve,Cr.5th & Tehama 
Price, Dav-ld Jr.47jBuild3r:natlve.n,W.oo6. Post & Powell 
Price, Henry Fiaher 24 iGonduc tor tNatiSve, Jackson nr.Larkln 
Price, James 33 tPackori Alabama J Presidio 
Price, John Charles 37iBoardlnshotise keeper! Natural! zed. 

Vallejc west of Battery. June 23, 1866 
Price, Johr. Maurice 2liGlerk:New YorkjMason nr. Clay 
Price, John Randolph 55 iHotelXeener: Native. Jones & Filbert 
Price, John Jas,St'r3.keo 43: Joiner: Native. 526 Comr:iercial 
Price, Michael 3C: Cutler :Naturalized, Hayes st.E. of Octavia 
Pri03, Robert 45: Laborer: England: Lombard and Polk 
Price- VJllliam 30:Drayaan:Nriturallzed,Ery?nt bet. 7th & 8th 
Priestley, Charles J, 42 :As si stantVharfinser: Naturalized. 

FolQom 3t. Wharf. July 27, 186G 
Prime, Moses Stephen 43:ClQrk:Massaohuf3etts:Malvina Place 
Prince, Allen G-reely 40: Carp-^nter: Native. 630 Montgomery 
Prince, Charles L. 42 :Ca-n3ehtQr: Native, 17 John 
Prince, John 36:Carr>ent8r!NatiV3.17 John, July 14, 1866 
Prince, Levi Marston 38 :Canventer: Native. 17 John 
Prince, Thomas Paul 30 :^erciLT.nt! Native. Oriental Hotel 
Prindle, Benjamin Auf;^i8tU3 22 :Photo£?r,mher: Native. 112 Taylor 
Pringle, £Idward J,40:Atuorn3y:S? Caro'' Stockton 
Prln^le, John 40:3ugarraaker:N^turalized,613 Union 
Pi^.n2, John 50:CifjarDealar:Naturalized. 49 Second 
Priody, Patrick 47:Merchant: Natural! zed. 420 California 
Prior, Charles 32:Wood and Coal Yard: Naturalized. 911 Folsom 
Prior, John 27: Sailmak«r:Maryland: Calif ornj.a nr. Dunont 
Pritchard, John 35:Clerk:Native.^Vhat Cheer:July 25, 1866 
Probasoo, John Vfef?loy 34:U.S.aau3er, Native, 307 Tliird 
Proctor, Joseph 30:Shi-) Joincr:Natlv8.4?.3 Folsom 
Prohl, Frederick 44: Tailor; Naturalized. 401 Bush.July 26,1866 
Proll, Henry 43: Saddler: Naturalized. 426 Kearny 
Proll, ^uis 33:Garp^3n*;er:Nawur:?.llzed.vJebfjt3r so, of Tyler 
Prosohold, Charles 35: Barber: Naturalized: 106 Sixth 
Prothers, David 47:A33ajrer:NaturHlized.23.0 Droadway 
Proudfoot, tteorB'e 30: Broker :Ne-^ York:745 OlaytJune 25,1866 
Provenohefl, '^anuel 36 ;C9rpenter:Natu5'alined. Baldwin Court 
Provost J Daniel Rufus 41:Jrerch-int!Native.0opp bet. IG & 17 
Provines, Robert Ramsey 30:LaTC'0i'S^'ative,l2i2 Washinfjton 
Pruettem, James Letds 48:nrok!^r:Native.Belden Block. cor. 

Bunh and Montc:omer3r. July 20,1866 
Pruilli son, Henry 41:Printer:Naturall2;ed.224 Chestnut 
Pnmty, John 38jDrayman:Naturrli zed. Tyler St. Fest of Polk 
Puokhaber, John 35 :Crrocer: Natural! zed. 519 Mason 
Pullen, F, Auf^stuR 35:Knf:inaer:^-ative,42l Folacm 
Pullman, James 41 :Merchant! Natural! zed. 314 ^ost 
Pulsifer, Orrin 49: Carpenter: Native. 122 Fourth: July 31, 186G 
PullBrermaoker, Frantz 54? Merchant: Natural! zed, 1816 Mason 
Pulverman^, Dennett 29: Collector :Native. 635 Market 
Purcell, Charles 32:G-agfitter:Naturalized. 4 Mason 
Puroell, John 36: Plasterer: Native, Cor. Louisa & 4th 


Nana: AqU Oo-m Nat; Loo.rsa, 

Pur«lln, Charles Wesley 35? Stove l>eal9ri%tlve.92l Duriont 
PuTily, Heiiry 45: Clerk J^*ative.Broau1?ay bot.Sansome & 

Moritf;omei.*y sts« Aug, o, 18CG 
Pu3?dy, Jolin ElDyi'O^e 5^l!Boold!:eeT?ep!i^ative.720 FolBom 
Purlngton, Byron J^iNaohliiists Native. Guerrero bet, 19th &20th 
Purroy, John Baptist 23:Boatman!Hatlve{Cor, Vallejo & Davia 
Purdy, Joseph Wellington Harrison 27!H,R, Conluo tor; Native, 

427 Sixth? July 9, 1656 
Purkitt, John Henry 56!Mer9liantJ?5ative.234 Pox/ell 
Purroy, Joseph 2?, il^iborer: Native, 504 Davl£3:July 18, 1886 
Putinan, Cnl, Stean^ Nav, Co. 47:-30cretaiy:nane Samuel Osgood 

I^^ative. 1012 '-ashlno'tonjJuly 18, 1866 
Putnam, Stophen 5ei0hoe3:nat5ve,432 Montgomery. Aug. 6, 1866 
Pyne, Robert 26: c'lintsi'tHatiu-allzed. 417 Brannan 
Putzraan, Fredericl: 47t5''erchant:I"aturallzed. 1025 Washington 
Pyser, Jasgeh 40s^xpre3i;nr>an:Katiiralizsd. 1406 Dupont 

End of namss begl raring with letter £ 

Typed by *2aude Br''-^ — Perry -June 1st and 2nd, 19481 

Cslifowilij ^'tate ■ rrDan, CJenealo2:l2al Hecords CotTimittee 

D.A.R. 1946-1943, P.ossvlli:5, California, Sacramento Chapter. 







QoaOklnbU'ih, <'''ohTi Henr7 l-OtOontractortNr.tlve. 1026 

Hont;-on3ry3t, Au-^, 1,- 1863 
QnaStf Aucustu^a 34!Me.rohoint:Natlve.Clor. 2n6. h Minna 
^aid, Timothy 26: M.iivj^j,n!fl.iturallzed. University Mount 
Qv-ale, Franols 3?:Labrrer:Nntui»ali2e(!»McAlllstcr 

west of ^oi:^. Aug, ?i, 1866 
Qoarles, William Aufnictus SSrAuctlonecrsMassachuaetts* 

1005 ?oi?«>ll, Au^T. 2, 1366 
Qulclr., John W, 23!3crev Mrjmf ?ct"rirer:M3.turalizQd, Klsaion 

bet. Sixth md iJeventh. July ??1, 1866 
Q?j!ick, Robert Parlter SCsBlacKcnlthsKaturGllzed.l? Sutter 
QuloWy, Dnricl ^OiCras works: Naturalized. 5 Verona 
Ciulrley, Creorj^e ?>t?T Laborer sNetureli zed. 13 Broadway 
Qulgley, Mlcheel SrjsKinontFaturrlized.Larkin and Union 
Qalgley, Phillip 41? Carpenter; ^^atu^alt zed. Cor. Sixth & 

Steve nsor, July ?A, 1866 
Quill, Michael 33:Le.bo3?Gr:Kattrrallzed, 266 Jessie. July 28 
Quimby, Jason Moore 46 z Carpenter: Native, 1 Adelaide ^lace 
Qulmby, Moses F-dwtr 40: Carpenter: Native, 616 Mission 
Qrln, Edward A5t'„*harfinf;er:Nnturrlizcd, 10 Vincent 
Quin, Jamee Byron 37;Pr?nter!N:ituralizea,r511 Stockton 
Quin, Janes FllJ^irore 43; Salesman: South Carol ina:Pupont 

rear S? -' - cnto, ^vvh 25, 1866 
Ciuln, John 30:Car ;, .; r:ratlvo, 164 Jesple 
Quln, John 30sJiseonsHatureJi.lzed;12 Sutter Branch Hotel 
Quinlpji, John 43sLfboi'er:Nr.turalised,Clr.rk bet. 4th and 5th 
John 3C;TinfmithsK'ttlve. 26 DuT>ont;July 21, 1866 
A3.bert Gallatin 50; Doctor: H&tlve, 1515 Stockton 
John 4?>;Blark8inith:Kr.turrlized. Turk east of Fillmore 
Peter Bartlett 7.3: Plumber: Naturalized. 613 Lombard 
Arthur 4PjF5tor6kce'nersNaturrIizedfDolores bet, 16 & 17 
Charle s 30 sBui Ider: Nat^urli zed . Cor. 5th AGlenentina 
Edward 40sMlner;!Tati:ralized,Leavem/orth nr.ValleJo 
James 52tT.r.borcr:Irelana;Lombard. & (Jough 

38:Lra-orer!N? 32 UoucohtJuly 17,1866 
33:Fnilt Dealer: J^aturali zed. 15 i'-ousch 
•50:Sa3.oonKeer^t-;;r5^^£'.trrali2ed. 206 Paclflo 
45:Laborer:natur^?J!J.zea.Fredeilck St, July 23 
Jrvhn 37 :r'ilVjrian: Naturalized, Lake i'^ei'ced Ranch 
John 38: Wood & Ccal!^%iturall3ed.J'iason between 
O'Parreil and K131b. July 14, 1860 
0,ulnn, John 50 TMechanlo: Naturalized. 1016 PinG:July 21 
Quinn, John 29 ;F^c. iler llt^ker; Naturalized. 516 Mission 
Qulnn, John 3C:None:r;aturalizc<l. 18 Minna 
Quinn, Matthew -^BtBox maker: Native, 9 Natoma 
Qulnn, MlcliiP.el 36; Laborer; Netur' 11 zed, 63 Stevenson 
Cjiiinn, Patrick 37; Butcher; Naturalized. Cor. Brannan & 9th St. 








Qui nn 










Name: Agei Oocj Nat, Loc.res, 

Qulnn, Peter 30:Laborer sugar refinery: Naturalized* 

7th 3t.S, Bide bet* Bryant and Harrison 
Quinn, Stephen 26!Engineer:Naturalized, 28 Everett 
Quinn, Thomas 40 :Sxpressman! Natural! zed. 9th St. bet. 

Market and Mission 
Quinn, Thomas 33!Karble polisher:Naturalized. 317 Tehama 
Quinn, Thomas 32iHack Driver: Naturalized. 1226 Stockton 
Quinn, Thomas 33: Drayman :Naturcill zed. Branna near Third 
Quinn, William H. 27: Salesman: Native. 527 Folsom St. 
Quint, George ». 45:Brlck maker: Native. East side Dolores 

bet. 15th and 16th, June 30, 1806 
Quint, Leander 39: Lawyer: Native. 1009 Jackson. Aug.l, 1866 
Quirk, Edward Joseph 52: Contractor: Naturalized. Dolores St, 

v/. side near Center 
Quirk, Nicholas 505 Laborer: Naturalized. 207 Post 
Quirk, Patrick 38:Laborer: Naturalized. San Jose Road 

July 12, 1866 
QliiJ?9c, P«i»es a2:3hip^«'lght:Naturalizecl. Bemar<l St. July 14. 
Quirt, Michael 40 tLaborer: Naturalized, Natoraa betv/een 

7th and 8th Sts.Aug. 2, 1866-11 th Ward Dis't.No.l, 


Name: Age: Ooo: Nat: Loo.res, 

Raabe, Otto 29:3aloonKeeper!Naturallzed, Malvltn Place 
Radollff, Charles Morten 49 tEn/^ineeri Naturalized. 402 

Montgomery! June 14, 1866 
Radford, Hichr.el 40:Bootmaker:Naturalized. 1219 Sac.St. 
Radmaker, John Mathex/ 25 :Laundryman: Native, Brannan nr, 3rd 
Radston, Jacob 26:Cra3 Fitter!Naturallzed.232 Sixth 
Raffen, John T. 31 rMoulder: Native. 125 Clara St. 
Rafferty, Peter 44 i Carpenter: Native. 159 Shipley 
Rafferty, Uilllam 28: Carpenter: Naturalized. 619 Jones 
Rafford, Richard C. 24:Butcher!Native. 76 Natoma 
Rahders, Henry Ludxflg 30: Grocer: Naturalized, W, cor. 

Seal and MisGion. July 24, 1866 
Rahill, Thomas 40:Laborer: Naturalized. Cor. Mission 

and Ecker Aug. 4, 1866 
Rahn, Thomas Hamilton 34:IJLvery 3tteble: Native. Berry St. 
Raines, Thomas W. 28:Painter: Native. Bryant bet. 7 & 8th 
Ralnov;, Lyman 29: Gentleman: Native. 836 Market. 
Rainy, Samuel (Junior) 26 tMaohiniot: Native. 510 Sacramento 
Raisch, Godfried 28:Contraotor:Naturalized.l38 Eighth 
Ralston, Andrew J. 33:In8urance Secretary; Native. 

324 Fremont 
Ralston, Clarke 45 :Merchant: Native. 54 Third 
Ralston, Hardy illll 36;Merchant: Native. Washington & 

Sansome. July 31, 1866 
Ramage, George Washington 38: Clerk: Native. 115 Dupont 
Ramsey, David Milton 22: Student: Native. Cor. Valencia 

and Navy. Aug. 4, 1866 
Rand, David H. 45: Police: Native. 8 Central Place. 
Rand, Oliver Hale 53 !Mason: Native. 608 Market July 27,1866 
Rand, William Beauchamp 30: Clerk: Native. 902 Broadway 
Randall, Albert G. 41:Real Estate Operator: Native. Howard 

bet. 12th and 13th. June 6, 1866 
Randall, Amos G, 37: Clerk: Native. Valencia bet. 15th & 16th 
Randall, Henry B. 48:1- oulder; Native. 61 Tehama 
Randall, James 37 :Moulder: Native, Cor. Jackson & Battery 
Randall, Peter W, 60: Inspector internal Revenue. Native. 

223 First: June 30, 1866. 
Randall, Wlllifim French 48 :Car!5enter: Native. 816 Montgomery 
Randell. Richard Russ 60: Clerk: Native. 405 Clay 
Randolph, B. Harrison 53: Real Estate: Native. 727 Bush 
Randolph, John Hamilton 36: Seaman: Naturalized. 1023 Dupont 
Randolph, Philo 33:Farmer:N, York: Cor. Dupont & Washington 
Raney, John 29: Barkeeper: Native. 612 Sacramento 
Rank, Cyrus P. 32: Merchant: Native. 691 Howard: July 12, 1866 
Ranlcen, Herman 29 :Merchant: Naturalized. 523 Tehama 
Ranlcin, Ira P. 49 :Foandryman! Native. 416 Harrison 
Rankin, William 43: Cooper: Naturalized. 723 Union. June 27 
Ransome, Elijah 33: Merchant: Native. 514 Kearny 
Ransom, Leander 60 :Eiigineer: Native, 105 Mason. July 21, 1866 
Ransom, Lee Johnson 21: Clerk: Native ,105 Mason. Aug. 3, 1866 
Ranson, William Arnold 33:Deputy A3nes3or:Native.l09 Geary 
Ransome, L^an, W. 57: Publisher: Native. 206 Sutter. 


Xmmii Agot Oco: Salt Loc.rea, 

Raphael, Abraham 33: Tailor sNatiirali zed. 19 Everett, July 30 
Raphael, Mathan 29: Tailor :Natiirall zed, 41 ?hlrd. Aug. 4, 1866 
Raphael, Samuel 29:Clerk:Mattiri:'.lized, f>uinoy 3t,July 23 
Rapka, Aaron, 25:Grocer:Raturi-'l.i2ed.l00 Post. July 19 
Rapp, Jacob 29:Baker:Natiiralized,Mo3*rls Lane bet. 

Stockton and Powell. July 19, 1866 
Rapp, tTullus 43 :Haii*dresser: naturalized, 310 Union 
Rapperty, John P. 29: Carrier: naturalized. Cor. Stevenson 

and Fifth. July IB, 1866 
Rarlcks, Uriah 28;Palnter:Native.San Bruno Road. Aug, 6 
Rasohe, Henry 28:Muslclan:IJatlv9.711 Mission 
Rasaon, George 31ersley27;PrayoantMaBBachU3etts:Larkln 

near Union, July 17. 1866 
Ratollff, Samuel 33; Pi c)cmaker: Native. Independence 

Truck Ilouse. July 18, 1866 
Rathbone, Frederic 31: Saloon Keeper: New York; Cor. Duoont 

and V/ashlngton, July 28, 1066 
Rathbone, Georj^e Sears 42:Aocountant:llative. International 

Hotel, Jackson St. July 31, 1866 
lathbum, Henry Baldwin 44:' erohant:HatlVv3,6l7 Union 
Rathbum, V/illiam Harris 37:Carpenter:Native, 520 Mission 
Rather, Robert 41:'?allor:natura3ized, 17 Fourth 
Rattagan, John 33:Painter: Naturalized. 22 Sixth. July 3 
Raubinger, Burnhard 31:'.^'ood and Goal :Maturnli zed. 128 Oeary 
Raubinger, Willlan 30:Teamst,-»r:Naturallzed,130 ^'eary 
Rauch, Jacob 30: Barber; -Native, Alley bet. Bush and Sutter 

East of Stockton. Aug, 4, 1866 
Rausch, Konrad 40!Weaver:Naturalized, Fulton St, east 

of Webster: Aug, 6, 1866 
Rause, Charles Sexton 39:A:<»tlst:Mative. 741 Kigsion 
Raw, Frederick 42: Shoemaker: Naturalized. 21 St, Mark*s Place 
Rawley, Charles M. 27:Attomey:Native. 537 Howard . Aug, 1 
Rawls, Matthew 55:K:-cpress Driver: Naturalized. 24 Folsom 
Rawsin, Julius Addison 38:Heal Estate: Native. 24 Silver 
Raj', Alexander 23 :3tevedoi*e: Naturalized, Drum and ^ansome 
Ray, Nathaniel Howa3^a 23: Milkman: Native. San Bruno Road. 
Ray, Henry Harrison 31; Confectioner: Native. 22 Kverett 
Ray, Robert 49:Porter'Naturalizea. 517 Filbert 
Ray, Vi'llliam 29: Stevedore: Naturalized, City Front House 

Davin St. Aug, 3, 1866 
Raymond, Daniel Tcillmadge 48 :BookKeeper: Native. Union 

near Sansome. July 25,1866 
Raymond, David 39: Boatman: Naturalized, v'313 Folsom 
Raymond, Israel Ward 55 ;A{,'*nt: Native, Occidental House 
Raymond, John Alfonso 45!Native. 504 Kearny: July 3, 1866 
Raymond, Wiliiara Perley 3G:Con,Merohant:Natlve. 909 Bush 
Raynes, John 62: Stevedore :NatiV8. 1012 ^iontgomery 
Read, Edward Burns 27; Salesriian; Native, 530 Bush. Aug. 2 
Read, Francis 53: Warehouse: 'Native, Eeale bet. Folsom and 

Harrison, June 30, 1866 
Read, Frederick 32: Barkeeper: Native. 1339 Dupont. July 28 


X«M«| Agif Occs Nat! Loc.res. 

Read, John Allen 54! Clerk: Native, 10 Silver. July 19,1866 
Read, Samuel 5^5 :Harux/arej Native, 908 Leavenworth 
Reagan, Timothy 25:Butoher:Naturallzed,Cor. Bryant ^c 10th 
Rearden, Timothy Henry 27: Attorney: Ohio j 1007 Powell 
Rearclon, Denis 34: Laborer: Ireland: Bush and Polk:Aug.4, 1866 
Reardon, Janes 23: Farrier: Native. So. side 16th het, 

Dolores and Querrero. Aug, 4, 1866 
Reardon, John Joseph 27: Porter: Mass. 905 Sacramento 
Reardon, John Roed 28:None:Citizcd by discharge from U.S.A. 

78 Natoma, Au^'^, G, 1866 
Reavis, William Henry 26:Confectioner:Native, 263 Third 
Reay, Joseph Welch 34: Tinner: Naturalised. 1006 Market 
Rebhan, Andrew 33!Brirber:Maturali2ed, 1324 Paciflo. July 24 
Reck, Henry 38: Shoemaker: Naturalised, 209 Clara 
Reckles, Philip Johanls 22: Boatman: Naturalized. Jackson 

Street Wharf, ''uly 14, 1866 
Reckman, John 33:Porter:^;aturalized.u Chatham Place 
Reddlnc, Patrick 35: Laborer: Natural! zed. 427 Pine. July 30 
Redding, Patrick Henry 31:C}aB Fitter :Katuralized. Corner 

Jessie and Ecker, August 4, 1866 
Reddinfiton, John 45 tLabcrer: Naturalized. Sac. st. near Jones 
Reddish, Thomas Jackson 47;Pilot:Native.N.E. cor, Second 

and Minna. July 1?, 1866 
Heden Andrew 50: Laborer :Naturali zed, 6.*5 Clementina, July 11 
Hedfields, Jasies Wakeman 50:Doctor:Mew york:Pine near Polk 
Redincton, Charles C, 28:Covemment Employ: Native. 505 Bush 
Redincton, Uilliam Hynes 54;Laborer:Nfituralized, Mason 

near Green. June 27, 1866 
Redlngton, Frr^ncls 31 :Blacksmith:Naturali!:ed, Sixth and Brannan 

July 16, 1866 
Redlich, Morris 32:&ia2ier:Naturalized,Cor, Clay & Dupont 
Redman, Rezin Au^^stus 36;Att», 116 Dupont 
Redniond, Jas. Henry 30:i'3ac}uLnist:Naturnlized,424 Fremont 
Reeckmann i^andus 41:Q-rocer:natur.^llzed,NW cor. Pacific 

and Kearny, July IQ, 1866 
Reed, Alexander 57:Restaurant Keeper: Native. Third & King 
Reed, Charles 31: Engineer: Brannan bet, and Fourth: Native. 
Reed, Charles 35 :\/aterman: Native. 9 V/illiam 
Reed, Charles v/arren 29: Revenue Officer: Native. 1103 

Powell. July 17, 1866 
Reed, Frank Henry 27: Laborer: Native. Chicago Hotel Pacific St, 
Reed, George 39: Clerk: Native. 405 Powell 
Reed, George K. 53:MaoMnist:Native.523 ^Ine 
Reed, Henry Rutlidge 57:IIerctiant:Natlve. 320 V/ashington 
Reed, John S. (no middle Naine)37:Car^^enter:Native, 

Dresden House. Bush near Kearny. July 18, 1866 
Reed, John Thomas 48:Runner:Naturaliz9d. Sailor's gome 

Cor, Battery and Vallejo, July 16, 1866 
Reed, Thomas Beard 21;Clerk:Native.3l8 Bush, Aug, 3, 1866 
Reed, Joseph Lucien 48:Real Estate: Native. 110 Tehama 
Reed, Cloff 38:Ship Carpenter:Natura3 ized. North* s Ship Yard 
Reed, Robert 52: Broker: Native. 715 Dror>dway, July 19, 1866, 


Kane: A^e: Dec: Kat: Loc.res, 

Reed, Sampson JoJin 50 1 City weigher: Native, 636 Ccmi ei^lal 
Reed, Samuel Barker 43:Iris.CiistoinsjKp.tlve. 1109 Filbert 
Reed, William 33!Caii>entor5Native.651 Mission 
Reed, Willicm Chaiir-oey 45:Hlr'.er:Nevj Jerseyi706 Poi^ell 
Reed, VJililam Dean 35sKljlx7rlGht:Nctive.Potrero. July 14, 
Reese, Henry Charles 36 sHhlp^^lght! Native. 450 Brannan 
Reese, Henry J,E.?35Merch£-x.t^:Naturallzed,N,side 16th bot. 

Folsom end Hoxfard. July 21, 1866 
Reese, Hiohael49:Cai-'i tali st:Nr^turi>li at: Stockton near 

California. July 12, 1866 
Reeve, George Buckler 61 iBrokert Native. 420 Second 
Reeve, Willifjn 40:3hoe M6re!iant:Natur:illzed.36 Hatoma 
Reeves, William 24:Seanan:Matv'rallzed. 210 First 
Regall, John Price 55: Bookkeeper: Native. Jones near Filbert 
Regan, Cornelius 50: Sbipcarpenber: Naturalized. 126 f3ecoPd 
Regan, Jeremiah 58; Capitali&t: Natural! zed. 113 Montgomery 
Regan, Patrick 40:Labor8r;Naturalized. Chambers Street . 
Regan, Thomas 25 :Macliiai at i Naturalized. 12 Sutter 
Regan, William John 2ll Clerk: X*atlve. 113 Montgoroery St. 
Regembruger, Jacob 41:Physician:Naturaii2ed.914 Stockton 
Reich, Frederick 47: Tailors Naturalized. 520 Vallejo 
Reich, Leopold 27:Dry Cronds: Natural! zed. 1015 Stockton 
Relchert, ^duIs 50:SaloonKe3per:Natur?llzed,Mary' s Lane 
Relchert, Theodore 25: Fruit Dealer: Native. 3t6. & Bryant 
Reid, John W, 28jRec9lver:*l:tur£lized,Cor. 5th & Folsom 
Reid, Thomas 30:Teanister:Naturalized.l26 Bernard. July 10 
Reid, William Fve»ns 4? : Merchant: Nrtive. G03 Filbert 
Reiff, Anthony Jr. 36:Musio Ma£>ter:ilew Xork:924 Pine 
Relley, James 32jWood Dealer: Naturalized, Fourth & Bryant 
Reilley, Edward 39 :3aloonKe8per: Naturalized. 4th & Freelon 
Reilley, Laurence 28: Drayman; Natural! zed. 19 Silver 
Reilly, Barnard 28:Pla8terer:N£»turai!zed.520 Mission 
Reilly, Hash 26sRar.cher:-aturall zed. Potreroi July 21, 1866 
Reilly, James 25:PlGsterer:Naturalized.l42 "atoma St. Aug. 3 
Reilly, James 43 :FaiTier: Natural! zed. Re illy tract 
Reilly, Michael 27 : Porte r;Natiu: all zed. Merchant's Sxcharge 
Reilly, Michael 38: Laborer: Natural! zed. 325 Vallejo. June23 
Reilly, Michael J. 37;Feed Store: Natural! zed. 416 Stevenson 
Reilly, Owen 41;Machinist:Naturalizea.Fell St. v/est of 

Reilly, Patrick 38: Barber; Natural! zed, Meyer's Hotel 

KontfTomery St. July 18, 1866 
Reilly, Philip 56: Carpenter: Natural! zed. 310 Folsom 
Reilly, Terrenoe 52:CJardener:'latur2illz©d.Gueri»ero bet. 

15th and lGth:July 23, 186G 
Reilly, Thomas Delmor 34 :Merchant: Naturalized. 250 Minna 
Reilly, v/illiam Tboraaa 36:Asa&yer;New york:Larkin near 

California. Aug. 6, 1866 
Relmann, Henry 41:Cab!net )nalter:Natural!z8d.Callfornia 

near Taylor:July IC, 1866 
Reineoke, George 24: Barber: Naturalized. 430 Third. Aug. 2. 
Reiners, Jchn Henry 34:C'rocer:Katurallzed.SW cor. Kearny 

and Oeary. July 30, 1866 
Reiney, Samuel 3r.57;Liquor Dealer: Naturalized. Cor. 

Sanscme and Market. July 27, 1866 


Kamei Age: Occt Nat: Loc.res. 

Relnliard, Josei:>h SOlMachinisttNaturallzed^Cor. of ^ou^ and 

Hickory Sta.Aug. 1, 1866 
Relnhardt, Baptiste 35 ;G-rocer: naturalized. Cor, 4th and Everett 
Relnhardt, V/llliam 39:Porcer!Watiirall2ed,1513 Mason 
Reinhart, Benedict 40 jHerchant: Naturalized. 716 Folsom 
Relnlnghaus, Richi^d 37:Tailor!Maturali2ed,16 Sansome 
Reinle, Frederick, 29 tButcher: Natural! 7.ed. 172 Jescle 
Relnor, Anton 40!Butcher!Na'curalized,Potrero 
Reinstein, Oscar 36 sMerohants Naturalized. 421 Tehama 
Reinsteln, v;illirxi 25 Slbrchant: Naturalized. 609 Vallejo 
Reis, Abraham 32: 3hoemaxer: Naturalized. 151 Fourth 
Reis, Christian oO:HotelKeeper:tJaturaliz3d.Cosnopolitan Hotel 
Bels, Crnstavus 37: Natural! Z3d.0osnor>oli tan Hotel 
Reis, Julius C, 2B;Moneylender!Naxuralized, 18 Rax^thorne 
Reltz, Peter 34jTailor:i^atur5lized. 1104 Stocktoh 
R© Leroy, Phillln setPolicsmantMitive. Cor. Pacific & 

Rorosen, Roland Oolcnan 21 t Carpenter; Massachusetts; 

Selina Court. AUt"^. 2, 1866 
Renaldo, Herman Ogcsr 37: Clerk; llaturcllsed, Donahue's Ranch 
Rencken, Kd^iund 55: Laborer :i^aturall zed, 357 First 
Renfre':, Barbour Hcwl 22; Carpenter: Native. 500 Hlsslon 
Renishoth, John 46:Ss?.ocn Ke8p8r:Naturalized.S.W, cor. Bush 

and Kearney. July 24. 1666 
Hsnnle, William M. 34tMlller:Katuralized.llth bet. 

Bryant and Brannzm Sts. July 21, 1866 
Ranter, Charles Theodore 34 :Merchant: Natural! zed. 323 Sutter 
Reordan, John 40; Butcher :Natur:ill zed. 154 First. July 5, 1866 
Reordan, John Michael 49:Bottlcr:Naturalized. 2008 Powell 
Re-nlton, Robert Alexander Joseph 39;Phy3ioian:Native. 

816 Montgomery St., Au'*. 3, 1066 
Recley, Arthur A. 37:Tailor;!'1ative, 4X4 Bush. July 19, 1866 
Reticker, Jacob A, 4.5;Butcher;Native. Kate St, nr. 8th 
Rey, Jacques Joseish 46;En^aver: Naturalized. Taylor and 

Union, ifuly 12, 1866 
Reynolds, Charles 27:Boileivmaker: Naturalized. S.W. cor, 

Matoma and First. July ^5, 1863 
Reynclde, Charlea Henry 37: Broker; Tennessee: Sacramento. 

and Larkln, July 11, 1666 | 

Reynolds, Edifard Elessirrrtcn 47;3hir5ma8ter;Nativo. 515Jone3 j 
Reynolds, Frank B. 35 ;Merohant; Native. 918 Bush, July 5, 1866 
Reynolds, George 60:G'»rpenter;Native, Cor. Larkln and McAllister 
Reynolds, Seoi'ge Anderson 39 :Hlnsr:Terji. California nr. Hyde 
Reynolds, Janes Hoadley 32 :Trunlvmaker: native. Corgoward & 4th 
Reynolds, John 39 ;Cher-lst; Naturalized. San Bruno Road. July 11 
Reynolds, Michael 23: Coppersmith; Hew York; Sacramento 

near Jones. June 28, 1866 
Reynolds, John 41:Attomoy;New YorktSlG Powell: July 3, 1866 
Reynolds, Michael 38;EncineerjNaturalized.?22 O'Farrell 
Reynolds, Nicholas 38 iNe'vspapor: Natural! zed. Cor. Pacific & 

Reynolds, Nicholas 55: Merchant: Naturalized. 750 Powell 







226 Montj^omery 
.\merlcan Exchange 
bet« Valencia 

Reynolds, Patrick 5l8Labo2t»er:I^aturall3ed,19 Rltoh 
Reynolds, Robert T, 38! xeamstors Native, 407 Folsom 
Reynolds, Bajnuel Perrid 57;Atuomey:lI,York:1100 Pine 
Reynolds, Thoraag 36:Copperqraith!Naturallz0d.S.W.cor. 

Mason and Vallejo July 3, 1866 
Reynolds, Thoraa?? 28: Saddler ! naturalized. 
Reynolds, Thonaaa Harris 27: Clerk illative. 
Reynolds, Thomafs R. 45iClerk:Ilative.l6th 

and iii 8 si on, "^uly IC), 1866 
Reynolds, William 57:Hl:ier:Native.Gor. Sutter & Mont^^omery 
Reynolds, v/iiiiani Thonias <l^:Merohant:I'Gtive, 1309 liason 
Rheen, Jacob UliLaboreriNative.Rusc Place 
Rhoads, Silas 47:Pla3t«:!*er:Nritlve.eil Hp.i-'.j.aon 
Rhodoe, Anthony 21:Plastiirer:It-tlve. Oak St. 
Rhodes, Anthony 51tWalter:!!RturRll2ed, Dak Street 
Rhodes, Frank '■'. 29:Kachinist:Natlve,540 Howard 
Rhrs, Daedrich ?7:nrocer!rUturail2ea.Cor. Turk and Taylor 
Rlbei3?03, i'ar>uel AeiHaturrAized.-Uibcreril'ontsomery bet. 

Green and Urlon, Jxme 27, IBCe 
Rice, Oharlos Bn'f^nt 24:Meval Of fleer il'arjs. 14 Quincy Place 
Rice, DeWitt Clinton 42:PKVi5iclimiNew yoi.'k!ll22 Pine 
Rice, a.>orge HclTvin 2f!: Clerk :I'Jatlve. 17 C^ilrd 
Rice, Konrj' Patrick 35:R,ft. conductor: Hatur ••11 zed, 1 
Park Avenue, July 17, 18GC 
40:Polloofi::an:Natviralised.844 Market, 



Jamas 56;lav/y3i'»:?^ai'yland:505 Du :ont 
Jaries M. 42:Portsr:lIativ3. 809 JIarket 
John 44 :Boatmani Naturalised, On vessel 
John Daniel 26:?alnter:llaturaliiied,0ak Park Ave, 
Michael 20!Hor3eShoer:naturali2Cd.32l Fifth 
RlchaTd H. 28:BookKe3pGr:?IatlV8. 110 Dora 
Richard R. 67: Gap! tiaist: Native. Dora near 7th 
Abraham 36 ;G-rocer:Abrahasit Native. 734 Howard 
Dorostufl Walton 2? :Mlner: Native. 111:^ I^iaamy 
Rich, Henry Mortimor 38:Clerk:!Je»7 York: Austin and Van Ness 
Rich, Joseph SOlReta Estate iNaturalized,G14 Bush 
Richard, Timothy 31; Carrier: Native, GOG K.ntgomery 
Rioh^irds, Ale:::ander 71: Lawyer: Native, 1118 Kearny 
RichaxMls, Ben,*anin 57 :Ca2^>enter: Native, l'^ Jackson 
Richards, Calvin 44 tPainter: native, 307 ?hird 
Richards, Ezra 38; Restaurant: Native. 824 Greem/leh 
Richards, David N. 35:Solioitor:Natur\ll?.ed. 931 Sutter 
RicKir^ls, Frrnoig Jr. 31: Painter: Fa uive. 119 Natoma 
Rlciiards, Israel 31:0onuractojb:Kative. Bay Street 
Plchiirds, Jainer; Edvard ?.5;Bookkeeper:Natlve, Rlnoon Place 
Richards, Jcjnec Martin 44:Grooei-'::Tative. G07 Howard 
Ricl-iards, John Edward 28:Bartender!natui'rll2ed, Bay & Kearny 
Plchards, Orlando 3pencer 43:Hero]ianu: Native. Cor. 

Broadway and Kontf^oraery 
Richards, Pearl 83:Pfrj:;©r:nativG. Bay nir. Leavenworth 
Richards, Wm, Alonao 21 ;CarDrlver: Native. Gth nr. Bryant 
Richards, Willlarn Hsnry 37 :1'erchant: Maine. 337 California 
Richardson, Albert 29:SaBh and Bund malcer: Native. 107 O'Farrell 


Name aget occ: Nat. Locres. 

Richardson, Albert Bon ton 43; Shipmaster; Maine; 

1410 Sacramento St. 
Rlchardacn, Goorgo 37; Bricklayer; Native; 741 Market 
Richardson, Jackson Welsh 2ii; -^boror; Native; l;i4 Jessie 
Richardson, Jacob Marsh 38; Teamster; Native; Corner Oak 

and Franklin 
Richardson, Jesse 40; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Comer 

Front and Vallejo, July 28, 1866 
Richardsai, John Henry 41; Salesman; Native; 109 Powell 
Richardson, Marvin Mannln{5 39; Port Warden; Native; 

Cosmopolitan Hotel; Aug. 3, 1866 
Richardson, Prescott Vornium 41; Milkman; Native; Corner 

19th & Dolores. 
Richardson, Samuel Ward 37; Dairyman; Native; Comer Dolores 

and 19tl-i. July 19, 1866 
Richardson, Solon Oscar 38; Policeman; Native; 718 Market 
Richardson, '.Vandell Lav/ronoe 37; Contractor; Native; 

613 Mission. July 17, 1866 
Richardson, William James 40; Teamster; Native; Comer Ellis 

and Webster Sts. July 19, 1866 
Rloherdson, Frand 25; Clerk; Native; 522 CaLifomla 
Richie, Idathew G. 53; Trader; Native; Sixth & Bryaht 
Richter, Wm. Henry 39; Naturalized; Drayman; B. side Seventh, 

near Brannan. June 25, 1866 
Rick, Henry 26; Gasfitter. Native; 2 Chelsea Place 
Rickard, Warren Chesnan 4^i; ^'^erchant; N.Hampshire; 

815 Clay 
Rlckards, James 44; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Golden Gate 

House. July 10, 1866 
Rlckett, Remington Frazler 32; Merchant; Native; Capo, between 

161jri !c 17th. July 23, 1866 
Rlddell, Goor7,e Hanilar 40; None; Native; Market St. 
Rlddell, James 33; Druggist; Native; 660 Montgomery 
Rlddell, James 38; Macliinist; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Rlddell, Spear 40; Teller; Native; Parrot's Bank 
Riddle, Robert ii4; Conductor; Native; Comer Kearny and 

Francisco; July 20, 1866 
Rider, John Broug^iton 34; Hay dealer; N.York; 

215 Prospect Place 
Ridgeway, Stephen Berdan 32; Druggist; Native; Second, between 

Minna & Mission. July 24, 1866 
Ridgway, William Penn 45; Book keep^^r; Native; Lick House 
Rleck, Henry 30; Cooper; Naturalized; 817 Battery 
Rlegelliuth, Conrad 40; Gabinetanak^jr ; Naturalized; Julia, between 

7th and 8th. July 6, 1866 
Rlelly, Edward 46; iiinginoer; Faturallzed; Folsom Ave., near 

Folsom St. July 28, 1866 
Rielly, Jolin 24; J^aborer; Naturalized; 757 Mission 
Ries, Leopold 45; Teacher; Naturalized; 617 Post 
Rieser, Aaron 55; Miner; Native; Francisco, near* Water 
Riker, Harrison H. 36; Saloon-keeper; Native; 9 Eighth St., 

near Folsom. July 27, 1866 
Riley, Bernard 32; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 16th, between 

Folsom and Howard. July 10, 1866 

78 - 





local res. 



Bernard 30; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, 6th & Mlaaion 
Calvin C, 39; Apothecary; >iative; 540 Polsom 
Francis 29; Ropemtker; Native; si'db Mission 
Geor^^e i^S; ISarkeeper; Naturalized; Niantic Hotel 
Hazen Kimball 46; Conductor; Native; 5'*i Second 3t. 
Janes 31; Farmer; Naturalized; Ocean House Flat 
James 2d; Stevedore; Naturalized; 633 California St. 
Janes 2o; Laborer; Naturalized; 110 Pacific; July 14 
Jaries 28; Cleik; Native; 510 Sacramento St. June 20 
Janes A. 28; Carpenter; Native; 510 Sacramento 
John W. 24; Truck driver; Native; Truck House, 4^1 St. 
John 38; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 16 ^essie.July 17th 
John id 4; Teamster; Naturalized; 8 Anthony 
John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; St. Chai-les Street 
John 48; Real Estate; Naturalized; 1919 Mason 
John Henry Wlnslow 22; Clark; Native; 19 Sansome 

Patri ck 
Than a 3 




liavvrence 42; Carpenter; Natura?^ized; Stevenson 
Patrick 27; Labore-; Naturalized; 8th, between 
and Bryant; June 22, 1866 
Laborer; Naturalized; New York House 
Merchant; Naturalized; 1609 Powell 
Expresawagon; Naturalized; 21 Clara St. 
49; Blacksmith; Native; Cor. Jessie & 4th 
23; G^ld boat«r; Naturalized; 34 Eddy 

Tlioroas 27; Macl-ilnist; Naturalized; 331 Bush. June 28 
Thomas 41; Brlckla/er; Naturalized; Ellis, west of 

Van I^ess Ave. July 19, 1866 
Rindge, Harrison Augustus 26; Clerk; Native; 622 Greenwich 
Rines, Joshua Royal 33; None; Naturalized; 119 Minna 
Ring, Jeremiah V/. 37; Stevedore; Naturalized; 17 Harrison 
Ring, Richard 38; Grocer; Naturalized; 128 First St. 
Ringen, Petvjr 33; Merchant; Naturalized; Powell & Lombard 
Ringold, Gljarles S. 34; Clerk; Native; Harriet, near Folsom 
Ringot, Joseph 49; Shipwri^t; Massachusetts; Bush, nr. Scott 
Riordon, Daniel 44; Bootmaker; Naturalized; Bryant, between 

Bth & 9th Sts. July 16, 18(56 
John 35; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 323 Sutter 


Richard 42; Job wagon; Jjaturali zed; 1322 Pacific 

John Patrick 39; Laborer; Naturalized; 313 Mason 
Michael 49; "^iborer; A'iaturall zed; Jones, between 
0»Farrell and Ellis. June 23, 1866 
Riordon, Samuel 40; Clerk; Naturalized; 1010 Powell St. 
Risdon, John Nelson 43; Boilermaker; Native; 213 Harrison 
Rising, Alfred 21; Lawyer; ^'^ative; 137 Townsend; June 22 
Rising, David i^enne tt 61; i3roker; Native; 137 Townsend 
Rising, Jolui 27; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; San Jose Road 
Rissiter, Charles 33; Printer; Native; Francisco, near Midway 
Rltchey, William 40; Laborer; i-iatlve; Commercial Hotel, 

Pacific Street 
Ritchie, Jacies 45; Mariner; Natux'aUzed; 249 Stevenson. July 7 
Ritson, Edward John 29; Painter; Naturalized; 225 Sutter 
Rltzow, Leopold Jolin 37; Carpenter; Naturalized; 635 Kearny 
Rix, Alfred^ 44; Police Judge; Naturalized; 737 Pino 
Rix, Hale 38; Lawyer; Native; Potter, near Mission 
Roach, Edmund 45; Saloon; Naturalized; What Cheer. July 30 






Local Res. 

Roadh, John 53; Optician; Naturalized; 820 Union; July 14 
Roach, John Praiiklyn 34; Cooper; Native; 40 Commercial 
Roaclri, ^v/rence 33; Kxpreasinan; Naturalized; 848 Polaora 
Roach, Phillip Au rustin 45; Merchant; Naturalized; 8ii3 Union 
Robb, John Canbrldr^e; Clerk; Native; ^40 Green; Aug,3, 1856 
Hohblns, Charles Frederick 35; Merchant; Mass. 530 Pine 
Robbins, Charles Hill 37; Macliinist; Connecticut; California, 

near Dupont 
Robbins, Oeorge 4a; Broker; Native; 505 Post, June 27, 1366 
Robbins, James J. 44; Nicholson pavement; Native; 1008 Bush 
Robbins, John 46; Carpenter; Native; S.W. cor. Kearny & Jackson 
Robbins, John 39; Produce; Native; Cor. Turk & Van Ness Ave, 
Robbins, Joseph B. 34; Shlowrl^t; Native; 319 Folsom.June 23 
Robbins, William M. 37; Caulker; Native; 319 Folaora 
Robbinson, ^artln Wlnslow 41; Cmitra6tor; New "^ork; Pacific, 

near Polk. July 11, 1866 
Robenett, Theodore Julius 27; Barkeeper; Native; Winter's kme 








Robins, ^i^tthew 

Robinson, Aaron 






Daniel wSharp 48; Broker; Native; 139 Town send 
Kbonezer Stevens 58; Merchant; Native; 752 Harrison 
ijldward W, 32; Assayer; Narlvej 30 Clementina 
Kdward Waterman 52; Assayei ; Native; 761 Howard 
Kli 49; Carpenter; Millwright; Native; Minna, bet 7 & 8 
(xeor e Washington 31; Bricklayer; Native; 118 
James 64; Maaon; Naturu Ized; 240 Jessie 
James B. 45; Merchant; Native; 339 Second. July 20, 1866 
Janes Morrow 29; Agent; Native; Jackson, near -^avis 
John 51; Roofer; Naturalized; 240 Jessie, Aug,4, 1866 
John V711drldge 36; Painter; Naturalized; Polk, so. of Bush 
Martin Richard 45; Nautical man; Native; 1001 Stockton 
Newton A, 25; V/aterman; -^^ative; Harrison, bet, 7th & 8th 
Robert T. 39; Mint Assayer; Naturalized; 808 Taylor 
Robert William iSllls 43; Tailor; Naturalized; Corner 

Pacific &: Kearny 
Samuel Sheridan 33; Clork; Native; 204 Second. July 30 
William Qriffitti 36; Storekeeper; Native; Russ iiouse 
William N, 25; Drayman; Native; 217 Sixth, June 28 
Alexander 41; Stonecutter; Naturalized; Alcatraz 
Charles 0.51; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; Corner 

Fifth & Jessie; July 16, 1B66 
Jai es Ollphait 29; Miner; Native; 126 St. Mark's Place 
John P, 33; Bookkeeper; Native; 966 Harrison, July 18 
Julius 41; Laborer; Native; Mission ^reek 
Thomas R.45; Carpenter; ^'•atlve; 966 Harrison 
Wm.Robert 28; Pressman; Native; 5*i7 Mission. July 31 
John 50; Plumber; Naturalized; 11th, near Mission St. 

Mission. July 

near Mission 

36; Broker; iiative; 705 Post. July 14, 1866 

40; Vi/ood turner; Native; 765 Mission; July 17 

Charles Kendall 24; iicpressman; ^'aUve; 44 Minna 

Edward Raymond 45; Bak^r; Native; 140 Second St. 

Native; 21 Howard Court 
Clerk; Native; Washington and 
Sansome. June 23, 1866 
Hu;^ Mllllga 34; Kngineer; Native; 419 Vallejo 
Francis 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 325 Vallejo 

Edwin 55; Printer; 
Edwin Augustus 23; 


i^ame Ago: OccJ Nat: Local Res« 

Robinson, Isaac Siraonson 27; Brlckmaaon; Native} 714 Sanson© 
Robinson, Janes 27; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 231 !'c 233 Bush 
Robinson, John Calvin 57; Laundryman; Native; 419 0»Farrell 
Robinson, John Layoock Gicoro 67; Builder; Naturalized; 

714 San some, July 19, 1866 
Robinson, Jchn Rogers 52; Agent; "^tive; 625 Howard; July 14,1866 
Robinson, Joshua Clayton 36; -laborer; ^^ative; 45 Everett 
Robinson, Lestor Ludlali 42; Merchant; New York; 806 Stockton 
Robinson, Preacott 45; Agent; ^'ative; 272 Jessie, Aug,l, 1B66 . 
Robinson, Reu^l 38; Butchor; I-Jaine; 1226 Sacramento. July 9, 1966 
Robinson, Richard Gregory 22; Machinist; Native; 6 Auburn 
Robinson, lyjOraas Boradnan; 42; Contractor; Maine; 6 Qulncy Place 
Robinson, Todd 54; Lav/yor; Native; 416 Post; July 26, 1866 
Robinson, V/llliam 39; Ship joiner; Naturalized; i^aye s St., east 

of Franklin St. July 30, 1866 
Robinson, Wlllian Augustus 28; Custom House; Native; 270 Clementina 
Robinson, David Neely 46; Merchant; Native; 43 Minna. July 24,1866 
Robltscheck, Heiman 31; ii^erchant; Naturalized; 200 Post 
Robson, Putnam 30; Speculator; ^''ative; P Isom, taot , 12th k 13th 
Roche, James Mullins 33; Porter; ^aturalfzed; Montgomery, near 

Filbert. July 28, 1866 
Roche, Janes Vinc«*it 22; B^jtch.r; ^ass. Riloy, e* bove Taylor 
Roche, Thomas 39; Liquor deal or; **aturalized; Corner *'aoiflc 

and Mcntgoriery. July 30, 1866 
Roche 11, Eli J a Alvord 40; Editor; Native; Powell and Union 
Rock, John 40; Real Estate; Naturalized; 1522 Mason 
Rookford, J^ane s Henry 26; Policeman; Naturalized; 709 Lou bard 
Rockwitz, Gottlieb Warner 37; Bartender; Naturalized* Green 

and Stockton. July 24, 1866 
Rodan, John 40; Teanster; Natui'allzed; 4th and Polsora 
Rodecker, Elias 35; \Vheelwright; Native; 31 Second 
Rodgers, Frank 35; Milkman; "atlve; San Miguel Ranch. Aug. 3, 1866 
Rodgers, Barney 26; Laborer; **atlve; 432 Clementina; July 16,1866 
Rodgers, James Calhoon 45; Stevedore; Native; Bernard at. 118 
Rodgers, Patrick B, 33; Laborer; Naturalized; 131 Folsan 
Rodgers, Vi/altor Ed. 22; Propertyman; '^^atlve; Dunbar Alley 
Rodman, (jiorr.Q TOii te 22; Clerk; Native; 1308 Montgomery 
Rodols, Frederic 49; Carpenter; ^^atur alized; Cor. Battery and 

Commerce, Aug. 4, 1866 
Rodust, Bernhard A.E, 32; Dry Goods; Naturalized; 228 Sutter 
Roe, Edward Soger 40; Butch ur; ^""atlve; Cor. Howard and 20th 
Roe, Patrick 35; ^borer; Naturalized; Dor. 16th & Potrero 
Roe, Rufus 68; Butcher; "ativ© ; Cor. Polsom and 20th 
Roeben, Goor -e 46; Hotel keeper; ^Naturalized; 37 Pacific Wharf 
Poeben, ^enry 22; Boatman; *«ative ; 37 Pacific Wharf 
Roemer, Christian 37; Tailor; Naturalized; 1525 Dui»nt 
Roeslor, Henry August 30; Broommakor; Naturalized; 5 St. Charles 
Roe the, George Christian 40; Drug^^^lst; Naturalized; v517 *'acific 
Rogan, Michael Stanater Kosker 36; Minor; Native; Mission, bet. 

First and Second 
Rogers, Charles 49; Artist; N. Han p^ ire; Cor. Washington & Dupont 
Rogers, Daniel 55; Lawyer; ^^ative; 357 Brannan, July 18, 1866 
Rogers, F'ordyce Huntington 25; B^ok-koeper; Native; DuDont, 

near Geary. July 30, 1866 






Local Hes* 

Rog era 



Oeort^e Etninons 3ki; Aasayor; i'atlve; 115 Dupont 
Goor^^^e Francis 36} Jeweler; i'tatlve; 6ii0 i-iei'charit 
George Holt 40; Contractor; Connecticut; Presidio Road 
George i'erry 'dl; Clerk; Mass, 108 Prospect Place 
Hunry Dayton 38; Physician; Ohlo;Cor,G(ynmerclal & 

oki ; 

Plasterar; Naturalized; N.V.'.Cor. Bth & 


Allen 46; Civil Engineer; Connecticut; Presidio Hd, 
Deniiison 39| Bruabimak or ; Native; i;64 Jessie 

Jame a 



Janes ^unry 4i^j Solicitor; ^>iative; ii04 Dupont 

JaoQS «^oseph 2ii; Bookkeapor ; Naturalized; Brooklyn Hotel 

Janes Thomas 'd'^i Baker; i^ative; Dupont, near Green 

John 34 J Boatman; Naturalised; Cor. Front *« Vallejo 

John 26; Hiborer; Naturalized; 32ii Vallejo 

John Solomon ki?; Teamster; Native; Cor. Gak and 

Franklin 3ta.Aug.6,1886, Ikith Ward.Di8»t #2 
Nathan 30; Storage; Maryland; Presidio Road, 
i'otor Knickerbocker 45; Teamster; Native; '^15 Post 
Philip 47 J Boot fitter; Naturalized; S.sldo Market 

near Brady 
Ralph H.485 Minor; i^atlve: 830 Mlssion.Aug.l, 1866 
Robert 42j '::,,3tom House; ^Utivo; 613 Geary 
Kobe, t Clay 36; I*avvyor; Nativa; 3J35 Brannan 
Russell K« 39j Milk ranch; Native; 1st Ave.near 15th 
TjPjOmas 33} Undertaker; i^atural! zed; 43ii Clementina 
Thomas 54; Mariner; ^^ative; lllii Keamv, Aug. 3, 1866 
ITlonias Scott 40; Missl nary; Native; 633 Howard 
Uriah 33; Saloon keeper; Native; Third & Perry .Aug. 4. 
Zac 50; V/harl'lngor; Native; Vincent St.Aug.6,1866 
Rogerson, Tliomas ii4; VJaltor; Naturalized; Cor, Broadway ^c Sansone 
Rogerson, Thomas 24; Waterman ; Naturalized; Washoe ^ Vallejo 
Rohrer, John ShaokloTord 29| ^aborer ; ^^ati ve^ Ocean House Fiat 
Roland, William 52j Carpenter; "ative; Cor. 16th & Valencia 
Rolf 6, Asa Thomas 47; i^ierchant; Native; 28 Geary. July 19,1366 
Rollins, Franklin Riotiard 32; Caulker; ^"^ative; 6 Noble ^lace 
Rolllna, Lott Myrick 33; Salesman; i^atlvs; 620 Market 
Rollins, William 39; Real Estate Agent; **atlve. 27 Glatnentina 
Roman, Anton 38} Merchant; Naturalized; 912 Plne.Aug.4,1866 
Roman, Richard 56; Mln?.ng; J^'ative; N, v7. cor. -^eavoi worth <^ Post 
Roman, William V/alker; 44; Carpenter; Native; 144 Pacific 
Roman, James 36; Butcher; i^aturallzed; Cor. Bryant & 8th Sts. 
Rondell, Kdward 41; Lapidary^ Naturalized; 1013 Suttor. Aug. 4. 
Ronlet, iiathias 47; Grocer; ■^'Naturalized; Green & Dupont. Aug. 3 
Rooney, fJharles Laurence 24; Moulder; Georgia; 1019 Powell 
Rooney, lidward 48; ^borer; Naturalized; Jiyde '< Union; July 23 
Rooney, Thomas 39; Wood- turner; Naturalized; 112 First. July 3 
Roos, Chas. Alofaon 41; Salldn-keeper ; Naturalized 106 Stewart 
Root, Azariah Newell 32; Advertising agency. Native; corner 

Market and Sansome; Aug. 6, 1866 
Root, Elliot M. 39; Grocer; ^*ative; 988 Folaora; July 13 
Root, tjTiaif^ Datus 50; Stablekeepor ; Native; Russ House 

Redfield 34; Tinner; Native; 329 Pine; June 29 
54; Janitor; Mas, Temple; Native; Downey, near 
Harrison. July 21^ 1866 - 11th Ward 
Root, John William 33; Wagonmaker; Amative; 116 Sansome 
Root, ^^axhan T. 44; Book-keeper; Native; 446 Jessie. Aug. 4 
Roper, Daniel 43; Morctiant; Naturalized; 513 Hyde. July 30 


Ira C. 



Name; AgeX OccX Nat: Local res. 

Roper, Edward 49} Painter; Naturalized; 1006 •Market 
Rose, i^'rederick 38; Bartender; i-iaturallzed; Cor, lilnckley 

and Pinokley, July 30 
Rose, peori^e VVashlrif^ton *iQ; Policeman; ^'^atlve; 113 Virginia 
Hose, Honry ol; BookMnder; Native; Gilbert Street 
Rose, Henry 39j Portor; iiaturallzed; Cor. Dupont '•. Paolflc 
Kosekrans, Henry M, 30; Painter; i^ative; 469 Minna 
Rosekrans, Hlran 36; worohant; Nativ^j; Cor, Turk ^~ Jonea 
Rosonbaum, I si dor <i2; Clerk; Naturalized; 8ki9 Dupont 3t, 
Rosonbaum, Moses 41; i«ier chant; Naturalized, 1<?7 i^ddy 
Roaenber,'5, Abraham 39; i'ior chant; Naturalized; <i51 Tehana 
Rosenberg, Nathan 30; ^-^erchant; Natui'aliz ed; ii 61 Tehana 
Roaenblum, Joseph 53; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 46 Jessie 
Rosenbohni, John 36; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Northeast 

comer Pacific and Kearny; July 28 
Rosenburjy, Solomon Sariuol 40; Butchor; Naturalized; 1605 Powell 
Rosenfield, Anttiony 39; Printer; Naturalized; 19 Moss 
Rosenheim, Jacob 50; Peddler; Poland; Pacific and Van Ness 
Rosenmoller, Gustavus 46; Boardin^^l'iouse keeper; Naturalized; 

8 Washington, July kS, 1866 
Rosenor, "^evi ii6; ^^ercha; t; Native; 812 Howard 
Rosens teln, Henry 41; Clark; Naturalized; 3k;3 Pine 
Rosentlial, Davis 37; ^"^orchant; Naturalized; 90 iiverett 
Rosenthal, Gustav 23; Merchant; Naturalized^ Revere ^^ouse. 

Pine ^treot 
Rosenthal *^acob 35; Tailor; Naturalized; 561 Tehana 
Rosenthal, «^acob 44; Taylor; Naturalized; 1304 Stockton 
Rosentlial, i-iarcus 22; Barber; Naturalized; 1304 Stockton 
Roskamp, Frederick 32; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, 4th k Jessie 
Roskamp, "onry ii3; Clork; ^""ative; Tehama & Sixth Sts, 
Ross, Daniel 36; Carpenter; Naturalized; 424 O'Parrell 
Ross, George Wajiiin^^ton 66} Seaman; ^''ative; Sacramento and 

Drumm, July 30, IB 66 
Ross, "'•vory 45; Carpenter; Maine; Clay Avenue 
Ross, James 34; Steward; Naturalized; 46 Hitch 
Ross, «J^ames F^ 30 ; House mover; Native; Ellis St., east of 

Webster. Au^,, 4. 1866 
Ross, James Mantgomtiry 41; Bricklayer; Native; 

116 San some, July 20, 1866 
Ross, John Edy/ard 26; Seaman; Native; 510 Sacramuito 
Ross, John White 4ii; Printer; Native; Tremont House; 

Jackson St. Aug. 2, 1866 
Ross, JosepJri 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 566 Howard 
Ross, Nathum Rice 49; Pattern maker; "atlve; 524 Mission 
Ross, Samuel Force 52; Carrlagemakur; Native; 9 Pov/ell 
Ross, 'villiara Coswell 22; -"athur; Native; Ccr. Folsom and 3rd 
Ross, V/m, Howet 52; i-^'aimer; ^^atlve; Ocean House Plat 
Ross, Wllllfim Samuel 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 621 Geary 
Rossi tor, "^ames 29; Awnlns^iaker; Naturalized; Francisco, 

near Dupont 
Roth, *'acob 65; None; Naturalized; 150 Stewart. Aug. 4 
Roth, John v51; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 320 Pacific 


Naa e Ag*t Occ: Nat: Local Res, 

Rothenan, Honry 38; Toaristor; Naturalized; Brannan Place 
Rotho]?rian, John k^; Drayman; i^iative; Cor. Tlilrd & Howard 
Rothornull, Philip 33j Butcher; Naturalized; 626 Vallojo 
Rothgangor, Frederick 40; Wagonmakor ; Naturalized; 

834 Harrison. July 18, 1866 
Rothaciilld, Honry 39; Morcliant; Naturalized; 734 Polsom 
Roturler, Charles A'd; Druggist; Naturalized; Cor. Pacific and 

Dupont. Aug. 6, 1066 
Rouke, Felix Mehan 46; Merchant; Naturalized; 1 LeRoy Place 
Roulstono, John Wooldridge 36; Cabin ettnaker; Native; Stevtjnson 

House, July 19, 1066 
Rountree, Daniel 44; Mint employee; Naturalized; 529 Pine 
Rountree, James Oscar 40; Merd-iant; Native; 423 Second 
Rountree, Michael 60; Laboror; Naturalized; 540 Bryant 
Rourke, Joiin William 25; Book-keeper; Native; 221 Minna 
Roussel, Isador Vifei. 26; Carpenter; Native; 1008 Market 
Roussel, Oneseraus L. 32; Carpenter; Native; 1007 Market 
Howe, Albert 34; SMpwriglit; Native; 118 Silver; July 6 
Howe, James 29; Boatman; Naturalized; 545 Howard 
Rowe, Joseph A. 47; Engraver; Native; N-side 16th, near 

Howard. June 11, 1866 
Rowe, William Bonaparte 41; Merchant; Naturalized; Filbert 

& Mason. Aug. 4, 1866 
Howell, Charles 42; Physician; Native; 426 Kearny 
Howell, Isaac 47; M.D. Native; 520 Kearny; July 30, 1866 
Howell, Joseph 46; Preacher; New ^^m pshiro; Cor. Clay and 

Jones. June 27, 1366 
Howes, Leiffia Smiley 22; Carpenter; Native; 229 Saoranento 
Rowland, Charles Allen 31; Mason; Penn; Cor. . Stockton k Sac. 
Rowland, James 43; Gardener; "aturalized; 10 Louisa 
Rowland, Reuben W.33; Saddler; J^iative; 133 Stevenson 
Rowland, Richard Kdw rd 30; Merchant; Naturalized; Lombard 

near Jones; July 19, 1866 
Rowley, William Honvy 31; Book keepo.*; Native; 116 Eddy 
Roy, David 46; Carpenter; Naturalized; 182 Jessie 
Roy, John Alexander 34; Milkman; Native; Near San Bruno Road, 

July 20,1866. 11th Ward Dis't 7/ 2, 
Royoe, Josiah 51; Produce nerohant; Naturalized; 455 Jessie 
Hucker, Alois 37; Clerk; Naturalized; 107 Powt, 
Rud(i)ck, George 31; Wood & Goal yard; Naturalized; S.W. Corner 

Sixth and Minna 
Rudolph, Adam 2B ; Cooper; Natui^alized; 121 St, Mark's Place 
Rudol5^, Jacob 45; Superintendent of Streets; Pennsylvania; 

I^irkin & Filbert Sts. June 22, 1866 
Rucblpli- Wlllian 34; Guns'nith; Naturalized; 528 Greenwich 
Rugen, Heni'y 32; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Cor. Stockton & 

Clay; Aug, 2, 1866 - 6th Ward Dist. 
Rugglbs, Charles Slieman 32; Storekeeper; Native; 735 Union 
Rugglos, John ^; Teanster; Native; Cor. Taylor ?c Ellis 
Ruggles, John Willi. am 42; Merdriant; Native; 660 Liontgomory 
Ruk, Anthony 27; Barkoecer; Naturalized; 415 Bush 
Rule, John Wilson 32; Dru^^ist; Naturalized; 770 Howard 


Name Ago' Ooc* Natj Local Res. 

Rule, -^ewls Alonzo 35} Teamster; Natlvo; Taylor, Between 

Sutter .'c Post} Aug. 2, 1066; ath Ward Dlst. # 1, 
Rume, Joseph 36! Blaokamlth; Naturalized; Chesloy, near 

Harrison, July 21 - 11th Ward Dlst. # 1 
Rundle, Ridhard Thomas 41; Ship owner; ^J^aturali zed; Potrero 
Runey, Hugh 40; Laborer; I<ative; 120 Washington; July 31 
Runk, Lewis vVaterhouse 40; Dra^/man; ^''atlve } 1317 Jackson 
Runstett, Charles 57; Mechanic} Naturalized; 1112 Taylor St. 
Rusook, William 43} Shoemaker} ^Naturalized; 116 Kearny 
Rush, James 27} (Jlt^rk; ilaturail Izod; 226 Montgonery 
Russ, iidolphus 0. 40; Real estate; Naturalized; 

Golunibus Square; June 21,1866. 10th Ward # 2 
Ruas, Henry Beaohetnpe 25; **erdiant; Native; Bolden Block, cor. 

Bush & Montgomery; July 12, 1066 - 5th Ward 
Russ, Jolin A, 31; Lumber dealer; ^^ative; 226 Sixth 
Russell, Andrew Hovrard 32} Teamster; Native; Brannan, near 4th 
Russell, Andrew 43; Machinist; Native; 43 Natoma; J"uly 3 
Russell, David 66; PA|)or carrier; Naturalized; 43 i^atoraa 
Russell, Eugene 41} Miner; i^ative; 522 Commercial 
Russell, Geor;?;e Henry 30} Chief Co. Dep. Recorder} Naturalized} 

1000 Powell; July 6, 1866 - 6th Ward 
Russell, Ooorge Thompson 36} Printer; Native; 410 Kearny 
Russell, George VVashington 57; Butcher; Native} Post, b otv/eon 

Hyde and -^arkln 
Rusaoll, Horatio Haskell 28} Insurance Agent; •^ativo; ji, side 

Larkin, between Washington & Jackson 
Russell, Janes L. 47} Restaurant; ^"ative; 327 Minna 
Russell, Janes M. 43; Stevedore; Native; Spear, between 

I'^olsom & Harrison Sts. July 14, 1066 • 7th Ward 
Ruasell, John Ada-n 34; Clerk; Naturalized; Dupont, near 

C}reai-.Tich. July 11, 1866. 2nd Ward 
Russell, John 36; Lumberman; Naturalized; 1st and Bryant 
Russell, John Bridghan 35} Clerk; Mass. 1015 Clay 
Russell, Mosior 26; Grocer; i^ative; Cor. Polk and Sutter 
Russell, luunson 20} Mechanic} Native} 133 Tehama; Aug. 6, 1866 
Russell, Thomas Swain 36; Bookkeeper; ^^ative} Larkin, E, side 

near V/ashington. July 30, 1866 - 4tl'i Ward 
Russell, William Willis 51} Painter; ^''ative; N.E.oor. Mission 

and Second. Aug. 4^ 1866 - 7th VVard 
Rust, William Augustus 32} Merchant; i-iassachusetts; 

719 California; Aug. 4, 1866- 61i-. Ward 
Rutherford, Charles Brodman 40; Pal nter; ^^ative; 217- 3rd St. 
Rutherford, Joseph VY. 43} Book-binder; ^^ative; 68 Glanentina 
Rutherford, Thomas 62; Clerk; Native; 514 Bush; July 26, 1866 
Huthrauff, Alonao T. 26} Clerk; Native; »'essie, bet. 7th & 8th. 
Rutraan, John George 45; Tinsmith; Naturalized} Revere House. 

July 13, 1866; 5tl:i V/ard 
Ryan, Daniel 27; Laborer; Naturalized; 911 Greenwich 
Ryan, Edv/ard 25; Drygoods Clerk; Naturalized; Russ House 
Ryan, Ed William 24; Barkeeper; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Ryan, Janes 37; -^iborer; i^atui'alized; 1st Ave, between 
14th & 15th; July 28, 1866 - 11th Ward 

•. 05 





Local He3« 

Ryan J 




















Jai 03 


Jan es 






Doatman ; Native; Cor, Vallejo ar\d Davis 
Grooor; Naturalized; S.■^V^, Corner Pacifio 
and Hyde; July 14, 1866 
38; Lunibornian; Naturalized; 6 Minna 
Omitted in Or, Reg. of 1866; 

Natux^alized; 2 Delaware Court; Aug. 1,1066 - 8th 

James Edward 21; Clerk; Massachusetts; 1217 VTashingtor, 
Jacoa ^nnedy 50; Werd:iai t; Naturalized; Coiamercial, near 

Kearny; Aug. 4, 1866 
Laborer; Naturalized; 38 South ^ark 
Di'j 'joods; Naturalized; Congress ^all; Bush 3t. 
Driver; Naturalized; Jenson St.Aug.l, 1866 
Tannar; Naturalized; K.Side 16th, b etween or near 
FolsoEi. Aug. 3, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Paul 34; Carpenter; Naturalized; 24 Sansome 
Shananan 29; Butcher; i<ativej Turk, east of Polk 
Laurence 47; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 3 Calhoun 
Laurance Meagher 35; Clerk; Naturalized; Leavenworth, 

near Clay. July 31, 1866 - 6th Ward 
Lawrence J, 24; Copy Clerk; Naturalized; 25 Clenentina 
Martin 23; Hostler; Naturalized; 513 Sutter 
Martin 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Jenson St. 
Michael 36; Stcne-cutter; Native; Ceraetery Avenue, north 
of Post. July 27, 1866 - 12th Ward 
30; 1/Vaiter; Naturalized; Russ House. 5th Ward 
25; Teamster; ^Naturalized; Jan son, near Lombard 
35; StesBTiboatr.ian ; Naturalized; Cor 
and Montgomery. 1st Ward. Aug. 6, 
26; Works in theatre; Naturalized; 
J. 30; Distiller; Naturalized; 13th, b etween 

Howard & Mission. 11th Ward. July 19 
36; Painter; Naturalized; 324 Vallejo. 1st Ward 
V'.'aiter; Naturalized; Codraan Place. Aug. 2 

Mi chael 

Mi chael 

, ilroadway 
5 Calhoun 



Patri ck 


Paul 47; i<''oreman ; Naturalized; S.W.cor, Mission & lat 

Peter Allaycious 38; Clerk; Naturalized; 620 Powell 

Peter "ettles 29; Bookseller; Naturalized; 766 Mission 

Richard F. 45; Atty-at-law; Naturalized; 313 Howard 

Roger 55; Real iistato; Naturalized; S.S. Valle jo, b etween 

Stockton ?c Powll; 4th Ward; July 10, 1866 
Thomas 36; Boatniaker; Naturalized; 177 Minna. 10th Ward 
Tiiomas 46; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Pincloiey and 

llinok ley. _ July 13, 1863 - 4th Ward 
Thomas 27; Laborer; -i- re land; Franklin ?c Clay; 12 th Ward 
Thomas Patrick 26; Plaaterer; Naturalized; 4 Margaret 

Place; 8th Ward. July 31, 1366 
Timothy 39; Carriage Driver; Natura.lized; Valencia, bet. 

25tbi h 26 th. 11th Ward. July 15, 1866 
Timothy 35; Mariner; Naturalized; Cor. 4th & Folsom 
Timothy 37; Clerk; Naturalized; ^respect Place 
Willi ara P. 25; Police; Naturalized; 20 Howard Court 






Local i^sidtjnce 

Ryan, William 30} Laborer; Ireland; Pine and Larkln 
Ryan, William 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 21 iiverett 
Ryan, William 57; Laborer; Naturalized; 51 Stevenson 
Ryan, William 67; Peddler; Naturalized; i^09 ^erry 
Ryan, Vidlliam Joseph 54; P^hipcaluker; Native; Manhattan 

Engine House, July 10,1866 - 8th Ward 
Ryberg, Gharlfca Qustaf 42; Broker; Natui'alized; 

720 Sacranonto. 6t3:i Ward. July 14,1866 
Ryokraan, Garret Willi am 68; Brewer; Native; 1913 Stockton 
Ryckman, (ieorije Clinton 38; Shipmaster; Native; 

646 Sacramento St. 3rd Ward; July 30 
Ryder, Geor/^e Washington 46; Merchant; Native; 2 John 
Ryder, Henry 25; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 230 Polsom 
Ryder, John Brougliton 34; Produce dealer; New York; 
215 Prospect Place, 6th Ward; July 6, 1866 
Ryder, Josiah Talbot 39; Caulker; Native; 20 De Boom 
Ryder, Willi an George 22; Treasurer; Native; 2 John 
Ryder, Willi an Miller 41; Clerk; New York; 215 Prospect Place; 

6 til Ward, July 6, 1866 
Ryder, Willi an Tippet Smith 49; Miner; Native; 632 Market 
Ryley, Patridc 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Stockton, near Union, 

Aug, 4, 1866 - 2nd V/ard 
Rybd, Marcus D* Lafayette 46; TatlorCsic); Native; 
9 Sherwood Place, July 24, 1866-10th Ward 

End of names beginning with R 

Copied June 6th and 7th, 1946 by 

Mrs, William S. Perry, Roseville 

Siiate Chairman Genealogical Records Coraraittee 


Name Age: Occ: Nat: Local Ke a* 

Saalburg, Wm, 30; Newspaper; Naturalized; 5 Howard Court 
Sabbaton, Tyler 34; Civil Engineer; Native; 223 reary 
Sabin, John ^Qredith 42; Shipjoiner; hati -o; 430 Brannan 
Sabin3, Alfred Champion 30; Merchant; ^''ative; 516 Green 
Sachet, Frederick Auf^ustus 26; Salesman; flative; 

201 Powell. 0th Ward. July 11, 1866 
Sachler, John J. 31; V/a,'pnmakor; Naturalized; ^20 Bush'St. 
Sachs, iiippman 28; Morchant; Naturalized; 333 ueary 
Sack, John Christian 43; Optician; Naturalized; 507 Bush 
Sackard, George 33; Musician; Naturalized; 711 Filbert 
Sacks, Louis 45; ^-iorchant; Naturalized; 308 Stockton 
Saddl«alre, David 36; Carpenter; ^^ative; 1008 Jackson 
Saddlemyer, William 52; Cook; Native; 37 ^aciflc 
Safford, Isaac Van Horn 31; Bookkeeper; ^*ative; cor. Second 

Old Natoma.July 31, 1066. 7tii Ward 
Safried, Fredorioi: 41; Hatter; iiative ; N.W.cor. Pino and 

Mantfprtiery. July 17, 1866, 5th Ward 
Sagbera, Bernard 32; Syrup manufacturer; Naturdizodf 

1523 Ilason.Jaiy kJO, 18^6 - 4th Ward 
Sage, Louis '^eas 44; 'Merchant; Connecticut; Presidio Rd. 
Sage, Robert Monroe 30; Bookkeeper; Native; Montgomery Court. 

July 19, 1866; 1st Ward 
Sagehom, Herman 31; Grocer; Naturalized; 520 Union 
Sagehorn, John ^unry kj3; Butcher; Naturalized; Potrero 
Sahllng, Tlieodore 4ki; Naturalized; Oru;; ist. Comer Turk 

^c Buchanan; July 16, 1866. 12th Ward 
Sahnke, ^ennan Gerhard 35; Grocer; Naturalized; 523 «^ackaon 

July 14, 1866 
Sainnomann, ftertnan 28; Clerk; Native; 611 Commercial 
Sainsot, Francis 52; bootmaker; Naturalized; 434 Union 
St. John, Benjamin Guile 66; Agent; Native; 467 Minna 
St. Mattiriew, John Hmry 38; Writer; Native; Potrero 
Sal p, iidward i^; Butcher; Native; Cor. 8th and Mission 
Salamon, Joseph 38; Pawnbroker; Naturalized; 4 Berry 
Salesbury, Wm. Ja^.ies 30; Glass blower; Native; Potrero 
Sallberger, Jolin 32; Cook; Naturalized; 235 Sacramento 
Salmon, Aaron 42; Watciimaker; Naturalized; 15 Fourth 
Salmon, John 38; Porter; Enjsland; Lombard and Polk 
Salmon, William Qoorr-^o 39; Driver; Native; 215 Tehana 
Salter, Norman Franklin 21; Student; i'*ative; 540 Mission 
Sammy, Hanry 44; Baker; Naturalized; Cor. Mission *: 13th 
Sa-ripson, Frands 50; Contractor; Mass. Yerba Buena,near Clay 
Sanpson, Harvey W. 44; Carpenter; ^'•ative; 465 Minna 
Samuel, Joseph 39; Watdrimakur; Naturalized; 24 Dupont 
Sart3orn, Benjamin F. 32; Teanster; Native; 1051 Howard 
Sanborn, Ti'uman 50; Carpenter; Native; 27 Clementina 
Sand, Hlexander Max 36; Trussmaker; Naturalized; 715 Union; 

July 11, 1866 - 2nd Ward 
Sandborne, Josephi Tliayer 37; Collector; Native; 408 Geary 
Sandeliua, Jolin Peter 49; Boardin.;; Naturalized; 24 Sacramento 
Sander, Jacob 64; Fruit stand; Naturalized; Sixth, between 
Harrison & Folsora. July 16, 1Q66 - lOtii Ward 

— ™- 88 

Wame AgaS Occ* Nat' Local Res, 

Sander, Robert 36; Apothecary; Naturalized; Cornor 3rd and 

Mission; Juno 21, 1066- lOtii Ward 
Sanders, Arnold 47; S^oomakor; Naturalized; Carlos 3t, 
Saidors, Josiah 3ki; Saloon keeper; Indiana; 729 Clay 
Sanders; Lewis 39; Clerk; Native; 919 Jackson 
Sanderson, li-lDenezer L, ki6; Clerk; Native; 734 Mission 
Sanderson, Edward H. 46; Dru^^, ist; Native; 437 Minna 
Sanderson, George H« 31; Morchant; Native; 316 Fremont j| 

Sanderson, James J, 4kJ; Minor; Naturalized; 309 Minna ' 

Sanderson, Jno, ii« 33; Grocer; Native; 3«i3 CleTnentina 
Sanderscxi, Lemuel Augustus 31; Bookkeeper; "ative; 131i5 ^owell Ij 

Sanderson, Luther G. 4Q; Crockery store; Native; 437 Minna i 

Sanderson, Robert Aunustus '11; Real Estate; "ative; S.V/, cor, " 

}3roadway & Powell. 4th Ward - July 31, 1866 
Sanderson, Sanuel A" Z2; Crockery Store; i^ative; 437 Minna |j 

Sanford, Charles 45; Stevedore; Native; Main, near ^arrison 
Sen ford, cieor/^e V/asliington 55; Master Mariner; Native; ■> 

111 Harrison; July 13, 1066; 9th Ward i 

Sanford, Henry J. 36; Cooper; Native; 111 EUpth 
Sanford, •^aaon L. 48; Com. merchant; Native; 705 Bush 
Sanford, Jolin Bishop 42; Mason; K.Jersey; 8 Virfcinia *'lace 
Sandford, V/illian Sumner ^3; Cabinet maker; Native; 732 Folsonij 

July 25, 1866 - 10th Ward 
San die, ''eter 34; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; 116 Fourth 
Sandison, Tlionas 70; None; Naturalized; 726 Howard 
Sandoll, Francis 30; Carpenter; ^''ative; 741 i'iaricet 
Sanneclisen, James 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 7 Dupont 
Santos, Antolne 60; Ship Rigger; Naturalized; 225 Boale i 

San try, Michael 45; Laborer; Naturalized; Stevenscxi, bet. 

Sixtli « Sevtjntii; June 27, 1866 - 10th Ward 
Sargent, Edward Crick 29; Painter; Massachusetts; Brenham Place 
Sargent, Joshua Colaciero 43; Farmer; Native; Hampton Court; 

July 16, 1866 - 10th Ward 
Sitt»g«nnt, Timothy 45; Hotel; American flxchange; Native;, 
Saries, Willlan Henry 26; Accountant; ^*ative; Russ House 
Sarowslcy, John Frederic 45; Watchman; Naturalized; Broadway 

St. miarf; Au;t, 3, 1866- lat V/ard 
Sarsfield, Michael 40; Tailor; Naturalized; 823 Vallejo 
Satdiwell, Jolin 36; Cooper; Native; 612 Sansomo 
Satterfield, Frank Marlon 29; Miner; Native; 521 Pine 
Satterlee, John 45; Lawyer; Native; Folsan, b et. 11th & 12th 
Satterlee, William 56; UiiS.Mlnt; Now I'ork; 714 Pine 
Satterlee, William Rousseau 29; Deputy County Cl^rk; New York; 

714 Pine. July 9, 1856- 6th Ward 
Saulsbury, Chas, 20; Brooms; Natui^all zed; 14 Druran 
Saulsbury, ;":dmund Joseph 34; Police officer; Maryland; 

813 '.Vaahinr^xDn; July 17, 1866; 6th Ward 
Saunders, Cyrus 'Junnol 60; I<aborer; Native; 16th, near 

Butchertdwn; July 10, 1866- 11th Ward 
Saunders, Henry 34; Copporsinith; Naturalized; 1510 ^owell 
Saunders, James Frederick 42; Custom House Official; Native; 

Potrero; July 28, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Saunders, John Hanry 42; Lavryer; Native; Commercial and 

Montf^omery; Aug. 3, 1866- 3rd Ward 





Nat: Local Hes* 




Saunders, William 34; Printer; Virginia Place ; i-jaturalized 
Sausman , Andrew Rice 47; Clerk; Native; 636 Commercial 
Sava/^e, Robert Elllian 34; Blacksmith; 258 Third 
Sav/in, Oeor/^e Washin/^ton 4o; Wood & Coal dealer; "ative; 

605 Broadway; July 19, 1866, 4th Ward 
Sawtolle, ^enry A, 33; Clergyman; native; 463 Minna 
Sawyer, Albert Franklin 36; Physician; ^^atlvo; 13 Post 
Sawyer, Charles ^ewls 33; Carpenter; Native, Cor. 3rd & Mission 
Sawyer, Ebenezer Davis 40; Judf3e 4tJ-i Dis trice Court; ^^ative; 

810 Bush; 8th Ward - June HQ, 1866 
Sawyer, Ethan Allen 44; Carjienter; Majne; Cor, California 

and St, Mary » 3 St, Julv 14, 1866- 6th Ward 
Sawyer, ^enry A. 46; Carpenter; ^^ative; 107 Leidesdorff 
Sawyer, George 48; Saloon; Native; 1123 Dupont; 4th Ward 
■^ewls Field 37; Sh3 pv/right; Native; Harrison, near 

Freonont; 9th Ward; Aug, 4, 1866 
Milton Gale 36; Clerk; Post-office; Native; 1604 Mason 
Lewis W, 50; T,nanltli; Native; Natoma, bet 6th & 7th 
^tls Vlnal 42; No tar, 7 Public; Massachusetts; Corner 

Saoratnento & Hyde, 6th Ward, June 25, 1866 
3am»l P. 42; Lather; Naturalized; 442 Minna 
Sewood Naiaon 36; Carpenter; Native; 111 Washington 
Tho:nas 39; Corporation keeper; i^atlve; 935 Mission 
Vfei. 37; -l^aborer ; Naturalized; 50 Sacramento 
Sawyer, Woodbury Deane 36; -^iwyer; Native; 625 Merchant 
Sayer, Edward 60; Seanian; Naturalized; 255 Beale 
Sayors, Hugh 44; V/ood & Coal; Naturalized; 481 i'ost 
Sayers, John 40; Collector; Naturalized; 418 Post 
Sayre, Theodore Frolingliausen 38; Laborer; Native; 

Tremont House, Jackson St. 1st Ward, Aug. 4, 1866 
Sayward, William Thomas 52; Shipping merchant ; Native; 

1226 Stockton; July 6, 18 "6- 4th Ward 
Sbarboro, Andrew 26; Grocer; Naturalized; Montgomery, nr, Green 
Sbarboro, Bartiiolomy 38; Gi^ocer; Naturalized; Montgomery, bet, 

Vallejo & Green, Aug. 4, 1866- Ist Ward 
Maurice 74; None; Naturalized; 158 Jessie 
Patrick 50; Ccn tractor; Naturalized; Devis4dero, 
south of Bush, I2th Ward. Aug.l, 1866 
Scanlln, Francis 40; Grocer; Naturalized; 1000 Bush 
Scanlln, Michael 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Baldwin Court 
Scannoll, David 43; Chief; Native; City Hall 
Scannell, Eugene 26; Plasterer; Naturalized; 269 Stevenson 
Soannell, John 41; Boot & Shoe Maker; Naturalized; 909 Post 
Sohaaf, Joseph Henry 32; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Bootz*s Hotel 
Sohad, Jol-in Michael William 48; Marke tman ; Naturalized; 

121 Prospect Place. July 3,1866 - 6th Ward 
Schaffer, Charles Henry 45; Auctioneer; Native; Rassette 

Place. Aug. 3, 1866, ath Ward 
Schaf fer,^enry 37; Laborer; Naturalized; Gilbert Street 
Schaffer, Louis 33; Butcher; Naturalized; Kl Dorado, nr.Potrero 
ScJiaffner, Frederick 40; Cook; Naturalized; 1 Church St, 
Schalfer, GeoTr^e 46; None; Naturalized; 726 Howard 

Seen Ian, 


Names Age* OccI Nat* Local Realdonco 

Schanmol, Henry 36; Mai ul'ac turer; Naturalizodj 1820 ?ow©ll 
Schapor, Florcjnco 41j Tirisnlth- Maryland; Cor. Clay and 

Du pent. 6th Ward. July 5, 1866 , 

Soharsmnn, Cieaorgo 35; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 1302 Powell 
Scheble, Goor^e 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 743 Pacific 
Scheelan, Nathan 39; Merchant; Natural 5.zed; Green & Mason 
Schefor, Bartol 35; Brewer; Naturalized; 125 Tehama 
Soheidesker, John 57; Carpenter; Naturalized; 1619 Dupont 
Scheldller, Joseph 36; iingineer sugar refinery; Naturalized; 

32 Rousch, near Folaom. lltlri Ward 
Scheidler, Vi^llliam 31; liutchor; Naturalized; Corner Minna 

and Jane. July 31, 1866 - 10th Ward 
Schelman, Rudolph 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 955 Howard 
Sohell, Theodore Lawrence 38; Maiuf ac turer ; Native; 

506 Second. June 21, 1866 •9th Ward 
SchOTick, Cornelius 64; Bookkeeper; Native; 3ii0 Pine 
Schenok, George iiverett 40; Inspector; Native ;810 Montgomery; 

July 11, 1866 - Iflt Ward 
Sohenk, Hugo 42 j Brewer; Naturalized; 628 0*Farrell 
Sohoper, Christopher 41; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

101 Montgomery. June 21, 1866 - 5th Ward 
Soheper, Mlnert 28; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, 2nd & Minna St/ 
Schorg, George 37; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 134 First St. , 

Scherr, John J. 56; Tailor; Naturalized; Mission, St. bet. 

8th ^c 9th. 11th Ward. Aug. 4, 1866 
Soheuzing, George 40; Taylor; Naturalized; Tyson Place jj 

Sdhew, Frederick 48; Siioemaker; Naturalized; 421 0*Farrell 
Schick, William 43; Bricklayer; Naturalized; N. side Sutter, 

bet. Kearnyiand Dupont. Sth Vi/ard ': 

Sohippers, John 43; Sailor; Naturalized; Cor. East & Jackson 
Schirmer, Herman 47; Physician; Naturalized; 1012 Kearny i 

Schleicher, Jacob 40; Hotel keeper; Naturallz ed; 

205 Sanson e; 5th Ward. July 28, 1866 • 

Schleiden, William 53; Commission merchant; Naturalized; :' 

1210 Kearny, 1st Ward. July 11, 1866 
Schley, Louis Wise 42; Bricklayer; Maryland; St.Mary's 
Sohlink, Thomas 26; Driver; Native; 715 Pacific 
Sdtilo33, Mossis 42; *^erohant; Naturalized; 467 Clanentina 
Schmadeke, Henry 36; Porter; Naturallz ed; 12 Davis 
Schmedos, John Jaco^ i?7; Grocer; Naturalized; 1005 Mason St. 
Sohmeidell^ Honry 44; Broker; Naturalized; Bryant, naar 6th 
Schmld, Martin 33; Confectioner; Naturalized; 

733 Washington St. July 4, 1866 - 4tli Ward 
Schmidt, Christian Sigmunt 39; Baker; Naturalized; 16tii, bet. 

Guerrero & Dolores. Aug. 2, 1866 
Schmidt, Ernest ^^enry 31; Clerk; Naturalized; Corner of 

Franklin and Page. July 20, 1866- 12th Ward % 

Schmidt, Frederick 48; Butcher; Naturalized; 1521 Stockton 
Sdimidt, George 38; Cabinot-mek or; 317 Bush; 

Naturalized; Aug. 4, 1866 
Schmidt, ^enry 27; Tobacconist; Naturalized; 807 Bush 
Schmidt, John 40; VJaiter; Naturalized; 2 Drumm i| 

91 'i 

Name: ILgot Occupation: Natlvltys Local ros. 

Schmidt, William 37 5 Grocer; Naturalized; Fourth & Brannan 
Schmltt, Goorgo 38; Hair braider; Naturalized; 233 Sutter 
Schriitt, Hubert 45; Musician; Naturalized; 114 Bush 
Schmltz, John '^otor 33; Wineo & Liquors; Naturalized; 

lOoii Market; 8th Ward, July 31, 1066 
Schmolx, Adolplius 55; '^orchaiit; Naturalized; 322 Green 
Schraolz, William 40; Naturalized; 24 O'Farrell 
Schnabel, Ernost 57; Barlosopar; Naturalized; 1513 Stockton 
Schnai dor, Louis 40; Steward; Naturalized; 310 Minna 
Schneider, Alvois 42; Gunsmith; Naturalized; No«4 Virginia 
Schneider, hJdward V/illiam 22; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 

820 Broadway, 4th Ward, July 24, 1866 
Schneider, Frank 24; Engineer; Nativ^i; 624 Washington 
Schneider, Louis 60; Carpenter; i^aturalized; 810 Broadway 
Schnetze, John Ludwig Edward 49; Tailor; Naturalized; 824 ^'aclfic 
Schoenwald, Franz 47; Barber; Naturalized; 338 Third 
Sohnoor, Christian 25; Locksmith; Naturalized; 1425 Dupont 
Scho, Oharloa 23; Kanctuaan; Native; 602 Third 
Sohoen, Lewis 32; Barber; Naturalized; 43 Jackson 
Scho If le Id, Anson 34; i«Iachinist; Native; 1 Tehama 
Scholl, Michael 49; Carp<?nt©r; Naturalized; 900 Vallejo 
Schonborg, Louis o4; Merchant; Naturalized; 915 Washington 
Schonfeld, Janes 33; Merchant; Naturalized; Sansome, between 

Bush & Pine; 5th Ward. Aug. 3, 1866 
Sohottler, An tone 22; Clerk; Native; Cor, Montgomery & Vallejo 
Schrader, Henry Au/^ust 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 1618 Powell 
Schroibor, Christian 37; Merchant; Naturalized; DeBoom Street 
Schreiber, Frederick 49; Carpenter; Naturalized; Hyde, between 

Ellis & 0»Farrell. June 20, 1866 - 8th V^ard 
Sclireiber, Jacob 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 411 Ellis 
Schreiber, John 38; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 335 Pine 
Schreiber, ^ewis 29; Upholsterer; New York; Pine & Polk 
Schreiber, Philip (Jr,) 32; Salesman; Naturalized; 1223 Dupont 
Schreiber, John Jacob 28; Barber; Native; 824 Harrison 
Schrekert, Charles 37; Cooper; Naturalized; 190 Bryant 
Schreve, George Ghoate 37; **^erGhant; Native; 412 Second 
Schroder, Bernard 33; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 546 Mission 
Schroder, ^^enry 26; Clerk; Naturalized; Cor, O^Farrell and 

Beverly Place, 8th Ward. July 30, 1866 
Schroder, Herman 35; Grocer; Naturalized; 330 Vallejo 
Schroder, Jo)m ^^enry 28; Grocer; Naturalized; 330 Vallejo 
Schroder, John Lewus 46; Hotelkeeper; Native; 11 Washington 
Schroder, Lewis; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 11 Pacific 
Schroedor, Adolph 38; Contractor; Naturalized; 1308 CaL Ifomla 
Schroeder, Charles 34; Storekeeper; Natuj'allzed; Cor, Fifth 

and Stevenson, July 13, 1866 
Schroeder, John Henry 33; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Grove and 

Gough. June 23, 1866 - 12th Ward 
Schrow, iJenry 34; Nightwatchmaai ; Naturalized; 623 Sutter 
Schuberg', William 50; Mission Hall saloon; Naturalized; 

Valencia bet. 15th «c 16th, July 5, 1866 
Schuhmann, ^enry 33; Musician; Naturalized; 4 Virginia Place 
Schuler, George 32; Carpenter; Naturalized; Wm.Tell House, 

Bush Street 


Age: Oocupatlon: Nativity; Loc.Rea, 

Scully, Patrick 3ii; Laborer; Natural.'' zod; Bryant, d etween 

7th k ath. July 30, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Schulto, John Herman 36; Glgar manufacturer; Naturalized; 

9kil Kearny; Aug. 3, 1866 - 4th Ward 
Schulte, Theodore 38; i^borer; Naturalized; Valencia, b etweai 

15t]:i & 16th; July 'dO, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Schulter, Hdward 3«i; Merc^hant; 35 Clara; Naturalized; 
Schulthela, H«niy 41; Grocer; Naturalized; 25ki First 
Sohultz, Fred 4k;; Cigars; Naturalized; 504 Coram© roial 
Schultz, George Henry 31; Merchant; Naturalized; 606 Geary 
Sohultz, Guorge T, 37; Car driver; Naturalized; 8th, between 

Bryant & 3rannan ; July 30, 1B6G - 11th Ward 
Schultz, V.'llll£Di 35; Grocer; Naturalized; j3ryant & First, 
Sohultze, Francis 38; Merchant; Naturalized; Ruas House 
Sohultze, Jacob 3|^ford 6i^; Carpenter; Native; 3rd, near Brannan 
Schultze, William Auguste 'd7 ; Grocer; Naturalized; 25 Dupont 
Schultzs, Richard 38; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Comer 

Spear and Harrison; Juno 26, 1866; Vtli Ward 
Schulz, Frederick 23; Cook; Native; Pacific bet, Heamy and 

Dupont; July iiS, 1366 - 4th Ward 
Schulze, Oscar 43; Cabinetmaker; Naturalized; 749 Mission 
Schumacher, Carl H.D. 50; Fruit dealer; Naturalized; 

121 Sixth; Aug. 5, 1866 - 10th Ward 
Schumacher, I^ewls 32; Merchant; Naturalized; Corner of Grove 

and Gough. Aug. 3, 1366 
Sohumaker, Frederick 37; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

44 Stewart 
Sohuni8Ln, Henry 29; Cooper; Naturalized; Clara h 8th Sts. 
Schuman, Valentine 22; ivmalgamator; Naturalized; Shipley, 

near sixth 
Schumann, William 37; Grocer; Naturalized; N.W. Comer 

Fourth and Minna 
Sohumtaika, iuiton 34; Plasterer; Naturalized; Cor. Natoraa & 6th 
Schunoraann, Frank 31; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 919 Pacific 
Schunhoff, Beufort ^ienry *i5; Clerk; Native; 820 Pacific 
Schupbuch, Jacob 32; Brewer; Naturalized; 627 Vallejo 
Schupbuoh, John 35; Farmer; Naturalized; 627 Vallejo 
Schuppert, Adam 66; Brewer; Naturalized; N.E. Corner Stockton 

and Jackaon; 4th Ward; July 14, 1866 
Sohussler, Israel 34; Teanster; Naturalized; 208 Turk 
Sciiuster, Jolin 42; Tinsmith; Naturalized; 214 Fremont 
Schuster, Sebastian 37; Teeimstor; Naturalized; 214 Fremont 
Schutler, Uonry 24; Bookkeeper; Native; Folsom, bet. 19th & 20th 
Schuylor, Philip 43; Real ef^tate; Native; Hunters ^'olnt 
Schwartz, Claus 30; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; N.v;. corner 

16th & ])oloi?os; July 28, 1366 - 11th Ward 
Schwartz, Honry 34; Labor«r«tclri.«mlcal works; Naturalized; 

15th, b ot. Va)oncia and Guerrero; July 14, 1866 
Schwartz, Htnry 24; Merchant; N aturalized; Stevenson House 




Occupation; Nativity: Local Roaidonco 


Schwartz, Honry oO; Collector; Naturalized; 728 Polsom 
Schwaza, Harmon 55; Grocer; Naturalizodj 3 Kearny 
Sohwoile, -i-ewla 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 51 Kearny 
Schweitzer, John 29; Brewer; naturalized; 240 Second 
Schwera, Phillip 59; Shoeraaler; Naturalizodj Sixth, near 

Brannan; July 19, 1B66- 9th Ward 
August 45; Baker; Naturalized; 1129 Dupont 
Kdward 57; Manufacturer; Naturalized; 419 Brannan; 
July 25, 1B66 - 9th Ward 
Schwerin, Henry 51; Milkman; Naturalized; Vlaitacion Valley 
Sooffey, i^'eter H.55; Merchant; Naturalized; 217 Fifth 
Scotohler, Jdin Janes 40; Book keeper; New Hampshire; 

14 Prospect Place; July 12, 1866 
Scotland, Thomas 51 j Carpenter; Native; Tittles Block 
Scott, Abel F. 44; Master Mariner; Native; 73 Clementina 
Scott, Albert Woodburn 54; Hay and grain dealar; Native; 

225 Harrison 
Scott, Bartholomew 26; Laborer; Naturalized; 717 Mission 
Scott, Chalmers 21; Lawyer; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Scott, Charles Peter 5ii; Plasterer; Native; Treat Ave. near 

22nd; July 12, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Scott, D. Clinton 36; Dentist; Native; 617 Clay 
Scott, Greorge Montgomery 50; Miner; Native; 47 S, Park 
Scott, Irving M, 27; Foundry/man; Native; 239 Seventh 
Scott, James 40; Warehouse keeper; Native; 920 Bush 
Scott, James S» 59; Commission; Native; 704 Post 
Scott, John 37; Blacksmith; Native; Potrero 
Scott, John 47; /kssayer; Naturalized; 1017 Clay 
Scott, John S, 37; Brokor; Native; 503 Folsom; July 13, 1866 
Scott, iMatthew 44; Storekeeper; i'iatlve; Huss Hquso 
Scott, Morbowm Beale 45; Clerk; Native; 13 Powell 
Scott, Mosos Jr. 21; Accountant; ^ativo; Mead House, 
Scott, Robert Clay 38; Saloon; ^Naturalized; 323 Washington 
Scott, Robert Richard 28; fvlachinist; Native; 408 Dupont 
Scott, Thomas 25; -laborer; Naturalized; 757 Mission 
Scott, Tliomas ^;7111iam 27; Clerk; Native; 228 Stockton 
Scott, Wickorson Stafford 41; Carpenter; ^^ative; 

706 Larkln; July 19, 1866 - Btlri Ward 
Scott, William 31; Laborer; Naturalized; Grove, east of 

Octavla; June 26, 1866 - 12tli V^fard 
Scott, Williatn Anderson 23; Bookkeeper; ''ative; 

Cosmopolitan Hotel; July IB, 1866 - 5th Ward 
Scott, Wlllia-n Q'ior.^e 54; Carpenter; ^*ativo; 512 Taylor 
Scott, 'Vllliaai Plcknol 51; Clerk; Naturalized; 

355 Broadway; July 51, 1066 - 1st "Wd 
Scott, Wm.V/lnfield 50; Mariner; Native; 420 Brannan 
Scovlllo, William Harrison 45j Manufacturer Candles; Native; 

Nmv San Bruno Road. July 20, 1366 
Scran ton, Charles Kdgar; Merchant; 40; Native; 408 Market 
Scribner^ Willi am Hanry 27; Clerk; Native; 426 Greenwich 
Scrimgeour, Janes 52; Salesmari; ^^ative; 22 John, July 20 
Scudder, Frank 29; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; Waal-ioe and 



Name ago 5 Occi Nat? Looal r esl donee 

Scudder, ^enry %rtin 4;^; Clorgyraanj Naturalized; 1 Vorona Placa 
Sougine, Bornt 40; Gardener; l^ative; So. side ^^l33ior. Crook 
Sculley, Joroalah '6'*^; Stonecutter; Naturalized; Filbert, bet. 

Sansomo and Montgor-iery; July 23, 1066 
Scully, Peter 37; Drayman; Naturalized; Groon, near Leavenworth 

July 19, 1066 
Scully, John Edward 2ia; Bartender; Naturalized; 43 Third 
Seadera, •J'ohn Henry 29; Popcorn; Native; S.V'.cor. IXipont and 

Broadway; July 17, ].868 - 4th Ward 
Seagrove, iildward Fletcher 30; Carpenter; Native; Corner 

0' Parrel and Beverly Place; July 28, 1856 
Seaman, Qeorgo M,(no middle name) 29; Clerk; ^^ative; 

319 California; July 12, 1866 - 5th Ward 
Seaman, i^enry 5*i} Marine; Now York; Kimball Sti,near Hyde 
Seamans, Horace Haaiilton 43; Painter; Native; 733 *^ackson 
Seamans, Job Planning 44; Jeweler; ^''ative; 112 Geary 
Seamon, Victor 49; Clerk; Native: LOinbard k Powell 
Searing, ^enry Lewis o2; Clork; Native; S.::« Corner East and 

Hai»iwt; July 18, 1366 
Searle, Alan son Trimble 29; Butcher; Now York; 1119 Clay 
Soarle, Alvin Clark 34; Lawyer; i'^ativo; 11 G San some 
Soarlc, Hlchard 26 j Butcher; '^ow York; 1119 Clay St. 
Soarle, T/illiam 60; Butcher; Natural! ijed; 1119 Clay 
Searle s, imson 35; Carriage -maker; Native; 524 Howard 
Searle 3, Wni, A, 24; Clerk; Native; 024 Harrison 
Soarls, J^Ghn 34; ]i^,toli<-.r; Naturalized; 8th, between Howard and 

Polnom. July 26, 1066 - 11th Ward 
Searring, Mathew Green 39; Drayman; Native; 39 Clara 
Sears, nonry 25; Clork; Native; 300 Stockton 
Sears, IVilliari Henry 36; Sawyor; Native; 517 Leavenworth 
Seary, Jaraes Eph, Chase 49; Joiner; Native; Sacramento and 

Uontgofriery; July 25, 1866 
Seath, William 40; Gardener; Naturalized; Voal^s St. 

Horner* 3 Addition. July 7, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Seaton, Daniel M.N, 23; Law student; Native; lilrie St., near 

Howard; Aug. 6, 1866- 11th Ward 
Seavor, Freeman 4L ; Furniture; Native; Cor. Fifth & toharaa 
Seaver, Wia. Henry 42; Plasterer; Native; 5 ^erry 
Seawell, James Manny 30; Attorney; Kansas; Cor. Hyde and Pine 
Seborest, Henry Martin 55; Merchant; Naturalized; Comer 

Franklin and Grova; Aug. 6, 1066 - 12th Ward 
Secudovich, *eter T, 39; Real estate; Naturalized; 1235 Mission 
Sedgoly, Joseph 42; Butcher; Native; 835 Mission- lOtti Ward 
Sedgley, Abner 46; Millwright; ^"atlve; 313 Sutter 
Sedgley, John R. 36; Toanster; "ativt; 12th, bet. Folsom and 

Howard; June 15, 1866 - 11th V»ard 
Sedrick, Robert Allen 21; Clark; Native; American Exchange 
Seeba, John ^enry 46; Grocer; ^Jaturali zed; Corner Sansomo and 

Pjicific; Aug., 2, 1866 - 1st Ward 
Seobert, Charles 39; -"aboror; Naturalized;; 342 Baale 
Seogelockar, Ahrend Diedrich 30; Grocer; *'*atur*alizad; gorner 

Busti fc Polk; 12th Ward; Aug. 4, 1866 


Name Age: Occj Nativity: Local Residence. 

Seageloker, Ahrond Dledrlch 30; Grocer; Nat.Cor.Bush & Polk. 
Segbert, Albert 60; None; Naturalised; 15ii3 ^<iason 
Segelken, Dledrlch 41; Naturalized; kJOO Bryant 
Seger, George 47; Agent; New York; Taylor, nr. Sacramento 
Segerson, Janea 31; Steanboater; Naturalized; iJtewart, iDetween 

Howard h Mission. July 17, 1866 - 7th IVard 
Selbe, John 3ii; Merchant; Naturalized; 639 Union 
Selbol, Frederick 31; Butcher; Natumlized; 1708 Stockton 
Seiblach, Friancis Antiiony ki4; ^^erclriant; liatlve; kJiiS Stevenson 
Seldel, William 33; Glgamakor; Natuimllzed; 

dZ'^ Montgomory; July 14, 1866 - 5th .^ard 
Seig, John P.A. 28; Stewart; Natui-alized; 614 Clay 
Seigler, Goorgo 38; Bootmaker; Natural! zed; Clay & Pov/ell 
Soinbach, AntDno 44; Carpenter; ^^atlve; 3 California 
Seitz, John 30; I3aker; Naturalized; Lick liouso 
Selby, Thomas Honry 46; Merchant; Native; 610 Harrison 
Seldnor, Louis 29; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; Ilk; Stevenson 
Selenger, Laurence 35; Custom House Inspector; Nativo; 

4i^6 Oreen; June 23, 1866 
Sellg, Abrrhan(Sic) Grocer; Naturalized; 125 Minna 
Sallg, Simon 37; Mor chart; Naturalized; 616 O'Farrell 
Sellg, Moaos 40; Butcher; Naturalized; 811 Mission 
Seli^en, Michael 45; Clerk; Naturalized; ki2d, bet. Valencia 

and Mission. July 21, 1066 
Soligmann, Abraham 53; *^t3rchanty Naturalized; 1706 Stockton 
Seligsburg, Wllllara ii7 ; Cl«rk; ^naturalized; Cor. Powell and 

Washington. July ii, 1866 - 6th Ward 
Soligson, ^&x '10; Merchant; Naturalized; 732 Hov/ard 
S«lleck, Silas 37; Photographer; Native; 415 Montgomery 
Sellers, Jnmes Carlton 28; Palntor; Native; 777 Market 
Seltzer, "^acob Vifisear 49; Professor; Native; 109 Stevenson 
Seraplo, James 40; Custom House; Naturalized; Keamy, nesu? 

Greenwich; July 5, 1866- kind Ward 
Serlntzjcy, Charles 40; Carpenter; Natui»llzod; 415 Bush 
Serveira, BemAdlno 36; Steward; Native; 29 Jackson 
Seanon, Robert Patrick 33; Teamster; r<aturallzed; 10 Clara 
Sesser, Pater 41; Teamster; Naturalized; Cor. Market & 6th 
Sessions, Milton Paine 30; Teamster; Native; 12 Clarence Place 
Sessions, William Warren 24; Cartman; Native; Clarence Place 
Sevenokes, John 29; Builder; Native; 828 Union; Aug. 4, 1866 
Severance, Chas, P. 46; Blacksmith; Nativo; 421 Stevenson 
Sevorence, Wm. 36; Carpenter; Native; Dolores, bet. 22nd h 23rd. 
Sevier, Francis 55; Printer; Native; Alloy, b etween Jackson 

And Pacific! sic) Virginia. July 20, 4th Ward I 

Seward, Orrina Currier 28; Carpenter; Nativu; 10 0*Parroll 
Sexton, Thomas 45; Hone; Naturalized; Camp, b etween Valencia 

and Guerrero. July 10, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Seyden, John Henry Julius 34; Drayman; Naturalized; 

714 Filbert; July 13, 1866 - 2nd Ward 
Seymour, Char Its H. 46; Miner; Native; 503 Polaom 
Seymour, Ttioodoro 39; Laborer; Naturalized; Stewart, between 

Mission and Howai'd, July 18, 1866 - 7th Ward 
Seyward, John Henry 39; ClerV:; Nativo; Cor. 16th & Mission 


i»amo Age: Qoo* Nativity: Local ros. 

Shaddle, William 40; Cooper; Naturalized; Minna, b»t. 7th & 8th 
Shaeffer, John Wernor 35; Inspector cigars; ilatlve; 

1512 Leavenworth; July 14, 1866 - 4th Ward 
Shaoffner, iAathias 50; None; Matlve; —Stevenson 
Shaff, Shen.ian Wrlglit 45; Cook; Native; 12 Sutter 
Shafter, James McMillan 50; Lawyer; Native; Chestnut, near 

Larkln. July 16, 1866 - *;nd Ward 
Shaln, Joseph 38; Tailor; i^aturali^ied; 41 Josaie 
Shally, WilHaci 53; Teamster; Naturalized; 16th, between 

Dolores & Guerrero; July 21, 1866- 11th VVard 
Shanabrook, Isaac L, o2; Painter; Native; 517 Minna 
Shanahan, John 35; Hackciuri ; Naturalized; Halibut Court 
Shanalian, William 45; Gartaan; Naturalized; 177 Jessie 
Shander, Jolin 52; Pilot; Naturalized; Lombard, near Jones 
Shankey, William 40; Shoonoker; Naturalized; 2112 Powell 
Shanklin, James Wliite 42; IJ.S.Land Office; Native; Union, 

near Jones 
Shannan, Michael 33; Printer; Naturalized; 8th St., between 

Howard « Poison. Aug.l, 1866 
Shannon, Thomas Dov/les 39; Surveyor of i'ort; Native; 533 Posd 
Shar, Conrad 43; Tailor; Naturalized; 717 Sansome 
Sharon, John Joseph 26; Brewer; Naturalized; 135 Post 
Sharl«y, Edward 37; Drayman; Naturalized^^ 190 Bryant 
Sharkey, Jaries 37; Boatman; Naturalized; 132 Folsom 
Sharkey, Janes 38; Steamboat hand; Naturalized; Green, b etween 

Sun seme ^c Mont gone ry, July 23, 1866 
Sharkey, James I4ichael 38; Physician; Naturalized; Comer 

Washington ^c Dupont; July 14,1856- 6th Ward 
Sharp, Abraham 32; Lawyer; Native; 908 1/2 Polsom 
Sharp, George Frederick 44; Lawyer; Native; Lick House 
Sharp, Henry 48; Clerk; Natlvo; 537 Sacramento 
Sharp, John Hlte 38; Jeweller; Native; Nlantlc Hotel 
Sharp, Richard James '&*:; Machinist; Naturalized; 18 Natoma 
Sharp, Soloman A, 36; Attorney; i>-entucky; Clay, near Powell 
Sharp, William 50; Jeweler; I4aryland; 837 Clay 
Sharp, William 66; No b'osiness; Naturalized; 717 Green 
Sharp, William Henry 42; Lawyer; Native; 517 Sutter 
Sharpetoln, John Randolph 43; Lawyer; Native; 503 Jones 
Shattuck Charles Boynton 27; Butcher; Massachusetts; Riley, 

near Taylor 
Shattuck, David Das tin 36; Merchant; New Hampshire; 

18 P3x>spect Place. 
Shattuck, Marshall Ranick 22; News business; Native; 

1313 Powell 
Shau^inessy, fiichaol Carpenter; 31; Naturalized; 546 Bryant 
Shaw, Benjamin Franklin 28; Salesman; Native; 16 Perry 
Shaw, Charles Henry 51; Carpenter; Native; 629 Market 
Shaw, Ebenezer Hamilton 38; Minor; Native; 16 Perry 
Shaw, Edward 33; Dra^mian; Native; Sacranento t: Leidesdorff 
Shaw, George Thomas 33; Book-keeper; New York; California, 

near Dupont. 6th Ward 
Shaw, Jacob Smith 26; Agent; Native; 718 Market 
Shaw, Jolin 5 7; Merchant; Naturalized; 926 Sacramento St, 


Name x 

Age I 

Oocupation: Nablvlty: Local raa. 







Shaw, LoPorro Augustus k{4; Painter; Native J 16 Pariy 
Shaw, Oliver 13, 3 4; Carpenter; Native; Glki Powell 
Shaw, Solomon 60;, Broker; Haturalized; 531 Post 
Shaw, Tobias 44; Broker; Naturail zed; 530 Geary 

William J, 45; Lawyor; Native; Cor, Folaon fc loth 
Kciward ii7; Bootfitter; Naturalized; 3ii4 Dupont 
Jno. S. 30; Laoorer; Naturalized; 446 Natoma 
Patrick 60; Dray -man; Naturalized; Commercial ?j Davis 
Cornelius 36; Fruitdeaier; Natui'aiized; Cor. Poison & 6th 
Janes 30; Coachman; Naturalized; Brooklyn Hotel 
Kern 7ii; Watchman; Naturalized; 109,111,113 Pacific 
Potur Francis dl ; Carpenter; Naturalized; 11 Clara 
iliomas 34; Carpenter; Naturalized; Ik; Sutter 
Shea, Timothy 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor, Stevenson & Anne Sts. 
Shea, VVm« Henry ii2; Minor; Native; Cor. 16th & Mission 
Shean, Morris A, 35; Engineer; Native: Cor. Minna & Fifth 

Abraham Manassa 75; Blacksmith; i^-atlve; Cor. Mission ^c 16th 
Jidwin Ely 36; n^jeiit; Native; 6 Montgomery 
Jolm Peter 48; Parmer; Native; Five mile House, 

Sai Jose Road. Aug. 1,1866 - lltli Ward 
Joseph Sweeater Jr, 2ii; Auctioneer; Native; Oil Bush 
Tunis Waldron 46; Fruitdeaier; Native; Gor.Mlsnlon & 15th 
William 46; Mlnar; Native; Cor, 16th & Mission 
Shoaror, nlexandor k{8; Drayman; Native; 56 Shipley 
Shed, Charles Dyer 45; Ship Chandler; Native; 816 Sutter 
Shed, lienry Pinkhan 39; Clerk; Native; California, between 

Kearny and Mont^ ^ornery. Aug. 6, 1866- 5th Vi/ard 
Shedol, Goo. 50; Grocer; Natursdized; N.E. cor, Jessie & Ecker 
Shaean, Timothy 30; Upholsterer; Natui'alized; Brooklyn Hotel 
Sheekan; Daniel 45; Teanster; Naturalized; 459 Minna 
Sheehan , John Honiy 34; Cor driver; Naturalized; McAllister, 

near Hyde; July i33, 1866 
Sheehan, Patrick ii8; Laborer; Naturalized; 108 First 
Sheely, John 38; Laborer; Natui-aUzed; Sumner, betweoi Howard 

& Folsora. July iio, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Sheeny, Robert -15; Miller; Naturalized; 459 BryeJit, 
Sheerin, Nicholas 38; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 9 Cleveland 
Sheerine, Daniel 30; Stone cutter; Naturalized; kl Clara 
Shehan, Dennis 3ii; Carpenter; Naturalized; Corn&r Second 

& Stevenson; Aug, 6, 1866- 7th Ward 
Shehan, Jeroaiah 31; Paper Carrier; Naturalized; Corner 

Saorarnento & Pike ;it. June db, 1866- 6th Vi/ard 
Shehan, Maurice d5; Tailor; Naturalized; 53 Minna.Aug, 1,1866 
Shehari, Tl:ioraa3 'dii; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 633 Pacific 
Shell, Mlciiael 50; Ta5 lor; Naturalized; dZ Hunt 
Sheilds, Daniel J, 34; Blacksmith; Native; 13 Clementina 
Sheilds, Timothy 30; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 38 Sutter 
Shelden, Bishop 43; Drayman; Native; ii8 0»Farrell 
Sheldon, Daniel 3ml tli 33; Carpenter; Native; Mission, between 

i^4th & kiSth. July 14, 1866 
Sheldon, Henry Bradley 37; Carpenter; Native; 567 Mission 
Shelcton, Rlvaai Adams 40; Carpenter; Native; Mission, between 

i:i4th & ki5th 
Sheldon, John Kirk d5; Riotographer; Native; 36 Louisa, 


Nan«! Ago: OccS Natj Local Raaldence 

Sheldon, Jolin ?• 33; Lumber dealer j Native; 18 Guy Place 
Sheldon, Ranaford Ozio 34; Tinsmith; Native; 411 Paclflo 
Sheldon, Samuel Orafton 46; Builder; Native; 311 Stockton 
ShelT.ey, Jennings Thompson 41; Blacksmith; Potrero, naar IQth 
Shelley, John Fitzpatrick 'd9; Upholsterer; Naturalized; 

112 Montgomery St, July 18, 1866- Ist Ward 
Shelley, William Norton 50; Pilot; Native; 2'^A Chestnut 
Shelly, Pettor 34; Teamster; Ireland; Austin, near Franklin 
Shepard, .^lbert 39; Contractor; iiativo; Cor, Montgomery and 

Shepard, i)aniel Woodbury 60; InsurLjice; Native; 219 California 
Shepard, Josepn iiO; Saloonkeeper; Native; 724 ^aclflo 
Shepard, Sanuol 62; Collector; Native; 3ki7 Third 
Shepardson, Hart Franklin 34; Druggist; Native; 45 Frederick 
Shephoard, John Josoph 26; Clork; Native; 715 Broadway 
Shoppard, Jaiies 3^j Manufacturer; Naturalized; Greenwich and 

Mason. July 5, 1066- 2nd Ward 
Sheppard, Jolin 42; Tailor; Virginia; 1026 Clay St. 
Sheppard, John Woaloy 34; Title Soardriur; i^ative; Sunbar Alley 
Sheppeard, George 40; IJoc^traan; Naturalized; Cor, V^ejo and 

Davis. Aug. 3, 1866 - 1st V/ard 
Shepston, John A. 29; Milkman; Native; San Jose Road, b etwo«i 

26th & 27th. July 12, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Shepston, Willlani 27; Parmer; Native; San Jose Road, between 

26 th & 27 til 
Sherburn, iiliott Joseph 37; Minor; Native; 669 Mission 
Sherdan, John 36; Milkman; Naturalized; Preclta Ave. 
Sheredon , Jai ea 50; iibcprossaan; Naturalized; Cor, Center and 

Hacipshiro:^ Aug, 2, 1066- 11th Vi/ard 
Sherer, Louis 29; Carriage-triminer;-«turalJ zed; 115 St. Mark's Pi, 
Sheridan,D«loatur Andrew 42; Laborer; Naturalized; 6th & Freolon 
Sheridan, iidward 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 36 Louisa 
Sheridan, James 36; Seaman; Naturalized; N.B.Cor.Koarny & Union 
Sheridan, Patrick 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor. Pine & Sanaome 
Shoriclai, Patrick 26; Glider; Naturalized; 249 Jessie 
Sheridan, Willian Jolin 30; Bootfittur; Naturalized; 414 Union 
Sherk, Louis 44; Mordhant; Natui»alized; 5 Kearny 
Sherley, Jacob Henry 20; Dealer; Native; 225 Third 
Shorman, Albert Gala tin 58; Farmer; Native; California, near- 
Sherman, Ben janin Franklin 37; Br id layer; New York, Polk and 

California. July 6, 1866- 12th Ward 
Sherman, Carlos Allen 30; Milkman; Vermont; Webster & Union 
Shdrman, Da\»ldB.31; Drayman; Tiatlve; 237 Bealo 
Sherman, David Shaw 36; Porter; Native; 606 Clay 
Sherman, Francis 36; Asnayor; Native; 616 Taylor 
Sherman, George 33; Milkman; Native; Mason & Union 
Sherman, Jacob 65; Cabinetmaker; Native; 11 Stockton 
Sh ;rman, Joseph Soulo 35; Plourpacker; Native; 30 Silver 
Sherman, Obadiah Davis 43; iiixpress; Native; 606 Clay 
Sherman, Otis M. 47; Carpenter ;and Builder; i'iative; Howard, 

near 12th 
Sherman, Thomas Bowman 31; Bookkeeper; Native; 26 Everett 
Sherman, Walter Dlakealey 52; Merchant; ^^ativo; 53 Third 


Name: Agai Occ: Nat? Local rosldenc« 

Sherman, William 43; Mordiant; Native; 314 Bush 
Sherman, vyilllan Edwin <i7; Bookkeeper; Mas3ac5hu3ett3;14 Qulncy 

Shorp, Janes 21; Clerk; Native; Sierra Nevada ^iotol; Pacific St, 
Sherrett, Thociaa 34; Carpenter; Nativo; Cor. Valencia & Herman 
Sherrldon, IVra.Thonas 22; Sxpreasuian; Naturalized; Cor. Center 

fc Hampshiro. Aug. 2, 1866 
Sherry, Jamea 41; Slilpwright; Native; Main, bet. Harrison 

and Polsom 
Sherwood, Charles Tlieodoro 33; Glork; Native; 127 Montgomery 
Sherwood, Edwin Hyde 24; Merchant; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Sherwood, Robert 40; Merchant; Natu^^alized; 24 Stanly Place 
Sherwood, Samuel Burr 39; Merchant; Native; 17 Perry 
Shew, 'Jacob 40; Photographer; Native; 315 Montgomery 
Shew, Myron 42; Photogra^^hor ; Native; 759 Market 
Shew, V/m.46; Native; Photographer; 4iil Montgomery 
Shields, Edv/ard 25; Bartisnder; Native; Cor .Davis & Broadway 
Shields, James 28; Machinist; Naturalized; S.W.Gor.lst ?« Natoma 
Shields, John 7/oodworth 33; Police officer; Native; 235 Tehama 
Shields, Roger 25; Laborer; Naturalized; 28 Ritch;Aug.3, 1866 
Shields, Thomas Janes 26; Lather; Native; 211 Minna 
Shierhold, Jolin Frederick 42; Tobacconist; Naturalized; 

1010 Powell 
Shlllftber, Levi 31; Pruit dealer; Native; idaln, bet. Folsom 

and Harrison 
Shlllwachtor , Hancock 31; Butohor; Naturalized; '.E. Comer 

SixUi a nd Folsom 
Shimp, John Vfilllam 41; Police; Naturalized; 1215 Kearny 
Shinbergiir, John y*i; Clork; Native; Montgomei^-, nr. Broadway 
Shlndler, William F.R.35; Mer(>hant; Naturalized;2010 Dupont 
Shine, John Philip 22; Porter; Native; Cor. Sutter & Bryant 
Shipley, Andrew JacksDn 40; Broker; Native. 1217 Mason 
Shiroken, Otto Edward Henry 23; SaiLmaker; Naturalized; 

57 Jessie 
Shirley, Baijamin Franklin 35; Bootfltter; Naturalized; 

1108 Keamy 
Shlrly, John 47; Capitalist; Naturalized; 320 Pine 
Shockley, Flourney 47; Clerk; Native; 48 Tehama 
Shoefor, Charles 30; Porter; Nativu; 1812 Mason 
Shoemacka:* , Constant 41; Builder; Naturadized; Chestnut Street 
Sholl, Gaaper Marshall C)A; Carpenter; Native; 114 Bush 
Shorb, Joseph Ca-ipbell 29; Physician; Native; 210 Bush 
Short, David Munday 30; Clerk; Anthony,b©tween Jesse and 

Stevenson ; July 24, 1866 
Short, Elam Sidney 33; Laborer; Native; 118 St. Mark's Place 
Short, John (Sr.) 58; Deputy Sheriff; Native; County Jail, 
ohort, Jolin 33; Pou^^d Keeper; New York; Jackson & Van Ness 
Short, Peter 27; Taylor; Ireland; Austin, ri;=»ar Ctough 
Shorten, Jaiuss 24; Cab clrivor; Natu.-all scjd; Minnie St, 
Shotwell, Joseph M. 36; Mining; Native; 710 Leavenworth 
Shoulters, Henry 55; Engineer; Native; 325 Fifth 
Shra, Jolin 52; Carpenter; Native; 11 Clara 
Shrader, Andrew "^aclcs on 39; Butcher; Native; 413 Brannan 
Shriivar, Goorge Wanliington 44; Carpenter; ^"ative; Potrero 
Shufelt, Calvin Peter 28; Carpenter; Native; Corner 16th and 



Nanei Age: Occi Nat: Local Ros, 

Shultz, Charles '^1; Clerk; Native; 547-1/2 Tehama 
Shultz, Edward Lewis Johannes ii4; Distiller; Hanover; 

Filbert & Scott 
Shultz, Herman 30; Gix>cor; Naturalized; liiO Second 
Shumaker(Shuraacher) Anton 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 

1103 Mason 
Shumacher, Dledrich 43; Porter; Naturalized; 48 Ritch 
Shumann, Peter 'd6; Tinner; Native; Auburn, near Jackson 
Shuto, Daiiel Stanwood 36; Manufacturer; Massachusetts; 

1004 Pine 
Shute, Henry Merritt 40; Carriage builder; Native; 

539 Market 
Siohel, Eugene 22; Clerk; Naturalized; 511 Union 
Si Che 1, Max ^13; Dentist; Naturalized; 1701 Dupont 
Sichel, Solomon 46; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 511 Union 
Slckler, Caleb Miller 34; Stovedealer; Native; 605 Geary 
Siebe, Nicholas ki4; Merchant; Naturalized; 639 Union 
Siedenstriker, Frederick 51; Butcher; Naturalized; Hayes ^ark 
Sleberlich, Ignatius 28; Carpenter; Naturalized; 944 Mission 
Siegel, Louis 39; Police officer; Naturalized; 229 Third 
Siegfried, Hans Albrecht 44; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; 

228 Montgomery St, 
Slerp, Frederick William 34; Hatter; Native; Dolores, near 

Church* Aug. 6, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Sihmund, Geo, 29; Bartender; Native; 504 Clay 
Sllbertlnn, Harris 33; Boot & Shoe dealer; Naturalized; 

1138 Dupont 
Silk, Janes VVarband 32; Barkeeijer; Naturalized; 

74ii Market, 8th Ward. Aug.l, 1866 
Silk, Thomas 30; Laborer; Naturalized; 20 St. Charles 
Silk, William 32; Butdior; Native; Potrero Ave. 
Silva, Isaac 30; Peddler; Naturalized; Pacific, between 

Dupont and ^eamy 
Silver, Moses 33; Pawnbroker; Natui^llzed; 531 Post 
Silver, William Janes 46; Furniture Dealer; Massachusetts; 

Sac ran en to, near Polk, Aug.l, 1866 
Silvorstono, Harris 46; Jilxpresscian; Natui*alized; 6 Francisco 
Silverthorn, William Henry 40; Under Sheriff; Native; 

Hyde and Filbert 
Silves, William 54; Broker; Native; 403 Union 
Silvester, Daniel 34; I^tcher; Naturalized; 3 Taylor 
Silvester, George Frariklin 38; iSeedman; Native; 82 Matoraa 
Silvester, Leander 28; Clerk; Native; 82 Nate>raa 
Silvery, Raymond 22; Laborer; Native; 516 Bryant 
Silvery, Robert 49; Reporter; Native; Pfeiffer Street 
Si Ivy, Anthony 54; Butcher; Naturalized; 522 Pacific 
Sim, John William 31; Shc^riff »s office; laturall zed; 

220 Third 
Slmonds, George Arthur Jr. 33; Clerk; Mass.; '►irenham Place 
Simmons, Alonzo Rogers 30; Merchant; Maine; 4 Qulncy St, 
Simmons, Charles 47; Carpenter; Native; White Place 
Simmons, Charles F, 28; Telegraph Operator; Native; 

28 Lang ton St, 






Local Ros. 

Simmons, Oloaaon Gaskell 33; Toll^ate-keoper; Native; 

Ocean Ilouae Road 
Slraraons, li.inry 13, 33; Cardriver; Native; 141 Clara 
Simmons, Joseph Sterling 36; Merchant; Native; Filbert, near 

Simmons, Philip 36; Merchant; Native; 319 Filbert 
Sliamons, Sanuel iJarrow 33; Policeman; Native; 1709 Leavenworth 
Simon, Benjamin 40; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor, Post fc Dapont 
Simon, Joseph 40; Furniture dealer; Naturalized; 

lii26 Stockton 
Simon, Simon Israel 37; Merchant; Native; 406 Post 
Simonds, Nathan 50; Mlllmian; Native; Potroro Ave, 
Simonds, Samuel Draper 5a; Teacher; Native; 736 Filbert 
Simonds, Schuyler Parks 24; Milkman; Native; Huntors Point 
Simons, Hlrtni 52; C & C Treasurer's Office; Naturalized; 

5 10 ^ a V en v/or th 
Simons, Janes Mara 34; Fruit vegetable dealer; Naturalized 

209 Dupont 
Slmonaen, David 32; Harneasmakar ; Naturalized; Folsom, nr, 6th 
Slmonson, Elbert llagerian 40; Carpenter; Native; Corner of Turk 

and Larkln 
Slmonton, Nathan Merrill 48; Carpenter; Native; 49 Natoma 
Simpson, Cyrus H, 33; Carpenter; Native; 209 Second 
Goorije 46; Cartnan ; Matmralizod; 266 Minna, 
James 22; Machinist; 329 Broadway; Native 
James 61; Teanister; Naturalized; 329 Broadway 
John 39; Longshoreman; NaturaLlzod; 533 Valle Jo 
John Alden 34; Clerk; Native; 723 Bush 
William 37; Druggist; Native; 609 Davis 
William 33; Plasterer; Naturalized; Hodges Alley 
Charles J. 26; Policeman officer; Native; 16 Rousch 

Simpson , 
Sims, George Ellsha 33; Machinist; New fork; Kearny, near 

Sims, John Kowe 44; Manufacturer; Naturalized; 

1010 Jackson 
Sims, John Wesley 21; Clerk; Native; New England House; 

San some St, July 17, 1866 
Aaron 56; Merchant; Naturalized; 288 Jessie 
Janes William 36; Carpenter; Naturalized; 13 Ellis 
Robert 47; Lawyer; Native; 804 Montgomery 



Sinclair, James 30; 3aker; Naturalized; S.W.cor, Sutter 

A 38; Drayman; Naturalized; 363 Minna 
William 28; Carpenter; Native; Hyde, near Bay 
40; Hotelkeeper; Naturalized; 411 Pacific 
37; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 1025 Montgomery 
33; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 532 Mission 
39; Carpentor; i»»atlve; 428 Bush 
38; Bar-room; Naturalized; 814 Kearny 
Watdbman; Naturalized; S.W, corner 7th and 

Harcoui't 40; Real estate agent; Native; 

36 So. Park, 
Richard Ambrose 30; Boardlnghouso keeper; Native; 

Pacific, below Davis 

Sinclair, Joim 
Sinclair, John 
Sin cock, Henry 
Sindle, •Jacob 
Singleton, Daniel 
Sin/^master, Waron, Wiahelm 
Sinn, John G, 42; 

Slhton, Richard 


— 102 

Narao: Ago: Occ; Nat' Local res. 

Slrey, John Sylvester ki6; Saloon keeper; Native; Gilbert St. 
Skellengor, Luthur 61; Tailor; Native; Pacific, between 

Dupont & Stockton 
Skelley, John Richard 'd5; Clerk j Naturallzodj 228 Minna 
Skelly, Michael 40; R.R.Supt,; Naturalized; 843 Howard 
Skelly, Patrick 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Sherwood Place 
Skldmore, Walter A, (no middle name) 29; Printer; Native; 

208 Kearny 
Skiff ington, Proicls 56; Poddlar; Naturalized; 171 Jessie 
Skillings, Horace Crosby 33; Machinist; Native; 172 Clementina 
Skinkle, Abraham 48; Hotelkeeper; Native; 312 Pacific 
Skinner, Alisha Crane 48; Manufacturer; Massachusetts; 

925 Sacramento 
Skinner, Prank Hathaway 29; Clerk; S.N.Cotnpaiy; Native; 

5 Martha Place 
Skinner, Robert 47; Mason; Naturalized; Cor, 16th & Guerrero 
Skuplnsky, Acblph 44; Tailor, Naturalized; 1111 Clay 
Slater, Patric 39; Plasterer; Naturalized; SiB±h,near Bryant 
Slavan, John 49; Saloon-keepsr; Naturalized; Cor. Laguna 

and Hayea. 
Slayback, Abel Davidson 34; Carpenter; Native; Howard 

Kngine House 
Slenlr, Patrick 40; Teemster; Naturalized; Cor, 17th and 

Slevln, Daniel Ford 38; Carpenter; Natui-ali zed; 333 Dupont 
Sli cer, Thcsnaa Jefferson j^orsy 28; Bricklayer; Native; Cor. 

Turk cc Taylor 
Sloan, Edwin William Fulton 49; Lawyor; Native; N.W. Comer 

Wasti Ington & Montgomery. Aug. 1, 1866 
Sloannakar, Isaac N. 34; Merchant; Naturalized; 961 Howard 
Slocorab, Henry 44; Carpenter; Native; 110 Virginia 
Slocomb, Henry Basoom 22; Milk Dealtjr; Pennsylvania; Austin, 

near Van ^''ess 
Slocomb, Risloy \/hite 58; Newspaper; ^^ative; 30 Third St, 
Slosson, James W. 23; Grocer; Native; 307 Fremont 
Sloason, Rufus Don ford 30; Car Driver; New York; Pacific & Polk 
Slover, Charles 23; Student; Native; 608 Market 
Small, Charles M. 33; Carpenter; Native; 351 First 
Small, Dorainico 30; Carpenter; Natui^alized; Greenwich and 

Small, Isaac H. 37; Machinist; Native; 245 Second 
Small, John 46; Silversmiiii; Naturalized; 1108 Pacific 
Small, Willlffln Palmer 37; Shlpcarpenter; Native; Norths 

Ship Yard 
Smart, George Glomont 24; Milkman; Native; Old San Jose Road; 

^^elroche City. July 28, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Smiley, George Washington; Auctioneer; Native; 1213 Mason 
Smiley, Jaraea 43; Broker; Naturalized; 634 Broadway 
Smiley, Thomas John Sand 45; Merchant; Native; 1707 Powell 
Smith, Adam 26; Carpenter; Native; 24 Natoraa 
Smith, Adan 45; Saloon; Naturalized; 515 Sacramento 
Smith, Alpheus Rhodes 37; Minor; Native; 263 Third 
Smith, Ahlnaaz B. 45; Laborer; Native; 262 First 






Local Res* 











Smith J 


Sml th, 






















Sml th, 

Smi th. 

Mi gill 57; Constable; Masaachusotts; Corner Hydo and 

iJathan Proctor 67; Conveyancer! sic) ; Wative; 621 Bush 
Nicholas 48; Foundrymanj Naturalized; 0*Parrell, east 

of Octavla 
P.P. 37; Bookkeeper; ^''ativoj Occidental Hotel 
Parden Tonlis 43; ]3artonder; l^ative; Cor. Mariposa 

and Indiana 
Pathael ^2; Te«nstar; Native; 29 Louisa 
Pet r 38; Laborer; Ireland; Polk and Vallejo 
Peter 62; Carpenter; Naturalized; 19tii,near Valencia 
Peter Tilton 43; Carpenter; Native; Cor.Busn & Sansome 
Philip 30; Mailstager.ian; Naturalized; Dolores, between 

16th & 17th. July 10, 1866 
Philip kf7j Laborer; Naturalized; 76 Jessie 
Phillip 4i3; Laundryman; Naturalized; Midway and 

Francis eo; July 23, 1866- 2nd Ward 
Phillip 33; iMouldor; Natui'ailzod; 365 Jessie 
Philip R. 31; Police; Native; lH Central Place 
Reginald Heber 37; Book-keeper; Native; What Cheer 
Reuben Homer 33; Coal oil; Native; Niantic Hotel 
Richard '64; Broker; Naturalized; 352 Brannan 
Robert 40; Hay and Grain; Naturalized; 23 John 
Samuel 40; Bricklayer; Native; 330 Oreen 
Sam'l E. 28; Lumber; Native; 23 Sixth 
Sanuel W. 39; Liquor dealer; ^'ative; S.t;. corner 

Mission and Stuart 
Selah 43; Solicitor; Native; Fourth Street 
Slciney Mason 24; Accountant; i^ative; i3ryant St, and 

Hincon Place. July 31, 1866 
oidney N. 23; Bookkeeper; i'^atlve; 327 Bryant 
Simeon F. 35; Roofer; Native; 14th, bat. Guerrero 

and Dolores 
Stephen 57; Merchant; Rhode Island; 821 California 

enry 26; Clerk; Rhode Island; 821 California 
Lenslery 40; Shipwright; Native; Norths Ship 

Munro 39; Trader; New York; 
California; July 6, 1866 - 6th Ward 


Steven S. 46; Lumber dealer; Native; 633 Sutter 
Stewart 40; Broker; ^''ative ; 606 Montgoniery 
Theodore Gushing 29; School teachar; Nati^ye; 

Industiral School. July 7, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Theodore Ed 32; Clerk; Native; 545 Folsora 
Thomas 40; None; Naturalized; 741 Howard 

Jefferson 39; Artist; i'iatlvo ; 309 Ittnna 
Valentine 41; Bricklayer; iNatlve ; 4 Eddy 
26; Porter; Native; 319 California 
Randall 49; Merchant; Native; 605 Sacramento 
M.51; Produce; Native; 13 Monroe 



Willi am 



Butcher; Naturalized; Rousch, nr. Folsom 
Carpenter; Natuj^alized; 905 Bush 
Blacksmith; Naturalized; 711 0»Farrell 





Nat; Local res: 



Smith J 
Srai th, 





Smi th, 




Smith J 




















60; Clork; Massachusetts; 508 Dupont 
James 28; Plumber; liative; Corner of Gough 

and Fulton 
28; Storekeeper; Naturalized; 305 Third 
45; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 136 Perry 
Derby 27; Deputy County Clerk; New Hampshire 
Vincent 47; Restaurant; Native; 159 Tehama 
58; Farmer; Native; Hunters Point 

lienjamin. 38; Banker; Native; 403 Montgomery 

Charle s 




Charle s 

Chas. 31; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; 24 

Charles iildvTard 31; Madiinlst; Native; 




Tallow business; Naturalized; Plarrison 
Potrero. 11th Ward, Aug, 6, 1'366 
Hide man; Naturalized; Potrero 
Carpenter; Naturalized; Minna St, nr, 9th 
Saloon keeper; Naturaljzod; 617 Pacific 
Dry Goods dealer; Naturalized; 812 Kearny 

9 Minna 

0, 48; Carpenter; liative; Cor, Sixth & Clara 
Harris 23; Varnisher; ^''atlve; Beale, between 
Mission ?c Market; 7th Ward, Aug,l, 1866 
Charles Henry 4«i; Seaman; Naturalized; 307 Broadway 
Charles Howard 21; Printer; Native; 529 Union 
Charles Jeffery 38; Clerk; Native; 1008 Jackson 
Charles Kelsle 35; Broker; Native; Corner Montgomery 

and California 
Charles Mighill 24; Constable; Mass; Corner Hyde and 

Chester William Mayhew 35; Editor; Massachusetts; 

1108 Mason 
30; Sashmaker; Native; 741 Hov/ard 
Franklin 34; Clerk; Native; 49 Market 
VVarrin 42; Agent; Nativo; 127 Montgomery 
Wlswell 55; Inst, Custom House; Native; 
529 Union, 2nd Ward, Juno 27, 1866 
Amalgamator; Native; Potrerp, 
26; Mariner; Native; Cor, Ulsslon & 2nd 
45; Broker; Native; 114 Natoma 
Eynand 31; Drayman; Native; 621 Bush, July 24, 1866 
Ferdinand 3;^; Clerk; Naturalized; 215 Stevenson 
Fred G. 21; Clerk; Native; 450 Jessie 
Frederick 51; Merchant; Native; 328 Bryant 
Fred Sliipley 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 36 Clay 
Gao , 4ii; Butcher; Native; Sacranento & East 
George Harris 26; Clerk; Native; Occidental Hotel 
George M, 29; Cooper; Native; Rou3ch,toet, Seventh 

and Eighth 
George Nicholas Jai es 31; Jeweler; Native; 16th, bet, 

Valencia and Guerrero 
Geo, 0, Jr, 3 5; Clerk; Native; 1051 Foisom 
George Washington 39; Upholsterer; Native; 314 Broadway 
Gilbert S, 33; Carriagemaker ; Native; Corner Minna 

and Fourth 
Henry 3B j Clerk; Native; 108 Tehama 


Eben Erven 23. ; 
Edward Knowles 
Edwin Lawrence 





Nat J 

Local res. 

Sm5 th, 


































Lincoln 21; Bookkoopor; Native; 528 Howard 
S. 335 Machinist; Native; 221 Seventh 
Townaend 24; Janitor; Native; 215 SaLnsome 
W. 29; Plumber; Native; Clementina, between 
7th ?< 8th. Aug. 2, 186G; 11th Ward 
Henry Wyckoff 37; Soap manufacturer; Native; Polk, 

south of Bush 
Hezekiah 55; Saloon keeper; Mass. 815 Clay 
Hir«n Gardner 26; Drayman; Mass; Sacramento, near Jones 
Holland 31; Deputy Postmaster; Native; 141 Taylor 
Horace Frederick 28; Carrier; Naturalized; 

1311 Stockton 
Isaac Gardener 50; Draymaa ; Massachusetts; Larkln, 

near Green 
Butcher; Naturalized; 4th & Clementina 
Teanster; Naturalized; i3eale,nr. Polsom 
Merchant; Naturalized; Dupont & Chestnut 
Butcher; Native; Guerrero, bet, 25th & 26th 
Clark 69; Wood and coal dealer; Native; 
D. 25; Madilnist; Native; 117 Natoma 
N.(no middle name) 40; Longshoreman; 
Naturalized; 232 Kearny 
James Rogers 39; Drayman; Native; Hyde, north of Post 
Jas. Viftn.30; Teamster; Native; Davis & Front 
Joremiah 42; Butdier; Native; 1719 Kearny 
Jesso Rogers 47; Clerk; Native; 517 Jones 
John 26; Laborer; Naturalized; 39 Minna 

36; Wood and coal; Naturalized; 737 Green 

3B ; Laborer; Natui'alized; 756 Harrison 

50; Laborer; Naturalized; Sheimood Place 

Anderson 35; Drayman; Naturalized; 11 Park Ave, 

Fisher 26; Broker; Native; 621 Bush 

Hammond 28; Grocer; Conn.; 811 Stockton 

Hai*ry 24; Broom maker; Native; 28 First 

Jane s 
Jan es 



Jno Henry 45; Engineer; Native; 358-1/2 Jessie 

Jolin Henry 36; Sheet-iron worker; Native; Chicago Hotel; 

Pacific St. 1st iVard; Aug. 2, 1866 
Jolin Henry 55; liVharfinger; Native; 666 Harrison 
John L. —Contractor; Naturalized; 144 Shipley 
Joseph 37; Llbery stable; Naturalized; 345 Brannan 
Joseph Allen 45; Silversmith; Naturalized; 525 Geary 
Joseph Francis 22; Boilermaker; Native; 48 Jessie 
Joseph Manning 29; Merchant; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Joaeph V7. 45; Clerk; Native; 364 Minna 
Mark Detch 41; Naturalized; Gold & Silver refiner; 

III sol on, bet. 23rd and 24th 
Mathow Francis 28; Clerk; Native; South side 16th, 

near Guerrero 
Matthew 35; Mint employee; Naturalized; 517 Tehama 
Maury vVhlpple 47; Deputy U.S.Marshall; Native; 404 Bush 
Michael 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 648 Mission 
Michael 42; Carter; Naturalized; Greenwich, between 

San aom e and Mon tgor. e ry 
Michael Charles 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 

61 Stevenson 


Namot Ago> Occs Hat: Looal Hes« 

Sraith, William 35j Cablnotmakorj Naturallzod; S.S.Broadway 

3rd houao weat of Taylor; Juno 30,1066 - 1st V/ard 
Smith, \?1 111am 37 j Printorj Native; 815 Montgomery 
Smith, IVilllam 44} Caulker; Naturalizod; Hunction California 

and Market; Juno 21, 1866- 5th Ward 
Smith, Wllliiwi A-^frod 28; Stovodoro; Watlvo; Pier 10 Stawart 
Smith, .Vllllam Dolknap 31; Druggist; Native; 219 Minna 
Smith, ^Vm. J.ol; Cabin otmaker; Native; Fifth,bet. ^^ato^aa k Minna 
Smith, Wm.Jay 25; Broker; ^^atlvo; Sacramento & Loidoadorff 
Smith, William L.62; Minor; Native; 539 Howard 
Smith, William Helvin 45; Agent; Native; Oxxldontal i^otol 
Smtlh, WW. Nathaniel 41; Offioor; i^atlve; Halleck _ Loldeadorff 
Smith, V/llllara V/allaoe 43; Woodcarvor; Native; 51*4 Jones 
Saith, William Wandall 34; Oardenor; Native; Old San «^o30 Road 

noar 25th; July 30, 1066 - 11th Ward 
Smith, Windsor Pay 34; Teamster; Native; 214 ^erry 
Smithey, James 45; Maohinist; Native; 27 Minna 
Smithurat, William 27; Walter; Naturalized; Broadway, noar 

Dupont; July 3, 1366 
anoke, Jacob 64; Laborer; Pennsylvania; Aug. 3, 1866 
Smyth, Jolm i^enry 33; Lavvyer; Ireland^ Bush, near Webster 
Smythe, Joseph Vl^alter 35; Carpenter; entucky; Brenham Place 
Sneath, Richard (^eorr^o 40; Morohsait; Native; 646 Polsom 
Snedelojr, Henry Erastus 39; Milkman; Native; 313 Third 
Smolder, John 30; Saloonkeeper; NaturalJzed; S.W. corner Vallejo 
and Keama; July 31,1866 - 4th Ward 

Snider, Jacob 46; Engraver; "atlve; Bay, near Hyde 
Snivley, David Stotler 42; Carpenter; "atlve; 12 Everett 

Snook, Edward Charles 34; Plumber; Native; Green ft Powell 
Snook, Qoorge^A^sty 41; Manufacturer; Native; 1306 Kearny 
Snook, Jolin A* 35; Clerk; Native; Cor. Mission and 15th 
Snow, Chester Joseph 39; Carpenter; Native; 704 Bush 
Snow, Jolm Francis 47; Meclianic; Native; 24 Post 
Snow, I«vi T. 40; ""aboror; "atlve; 256 Stevenson 
SnydftTi, James Norton 37; Morohant; Native; 621 Harrison 
Snyder, Ajlbert Alfonso 45; Bs^ildor; Native; 62 Halleck 
Snyder, j^drew *^aak3on 40; Miner; Ohio; Larkln,near California 
Snyder, Augustus Watson 40; Clerk; New Jersey; Clay, noar 

Snyder, Denton Jacques 53; Clerk; Native; V/est of Dlvisadero, 

North of Pulton. Aug. 3, 1866 - 12th Ward 
Snyder, Jacob B. 30; Collector; ^ative; S. W, cor.Brannan & 9th 
Snyder, "^oaso 38; Carpenter; ^''ative; Bryant Place; July 14,1066 
Sockraan, Prod*k 43; Sheet Iron worker; Naturalized; 1008 P8lsom 
Soery, Vta«U.H.25; Lawyer; "atlve; 441 Minna 
Soory, Willi an Henry ^arrlaon 25; Clerk; Native; 809 Jackson 
Soh«r, "^owls 57; CJantleman; Naturalized; 315 Oeary 
Soldner, John Andrews 30; -laborer; ^"*ativo; Cor, ^aciglo and 

Montgomery. July 14, 1866 
Solomon, Harris ^^; Tailor. Native; 649 Merchant 
Solomon, Jacob 52; /-loroliant; Naturalized; 213 Pacli'io 
Solomon, Soxls 37; Bookkeeper; Native; 1718 Green. June J?7 
Sollomon, Heyman 31; i^erchant; Naturalized; 320 O'Parrell 
Solsteln, Hermann Anton 37; Engineer; Prussia; Black Point 
Somers, Austin Putnam 23; Markotnan; Native; 518 Bryant 

— -» 107 — 

Nfl&el Ag«* Ooc; Nat: Local ros. 

Somors, Harvey Gartis 25; Mercjhant; Native; Hawtliorne Streot 
Soraera, VVllliara Joes 55; U.S. Mint; Native; 119 Ellis 
Soraorvllle, William 30; Sai Imakor; Naturalized; 116 Stewart 
Sonnier, Slnon Marcus 29; Sailor; Naturalized; 727 Davis 
Sorame^fleld, Soloman 60; Merchant; Naturalized; 269 Minna 
Sonogrot, Ely 40; Farmer; Russia; Van Ness & Green 
Sonolg, Benjamin Little 54; Merchant; i^ativo; 1604 Powell 
Sen tag, Julius Henry 54; Gentlenan; Naturalized; Pov/ell & Green 
Soper, Phello Organo 38; Carrier; Native; Montgomery Blook 
Sophus, Petor 30; Bidcknakor; Naturalized; 20th, near 

San Bruno Road 
Soran, George Stlmson 50; Salosrnan; Native; 15 Powell 
Soule, Artlraus Ooodnougli 45; Physician; Native; 514 i^arny 
Soule, Frank 56; U.S. Revenue Collector; Native; Chestnut, 

near Hydo 
Soulo, Horace 37; Cabinet maker; Native; 312 Sansomo 
Soule, Samuel 48; Capitalist; Native; 59 Tohama 
Soule, Wllllisn Frost 64; Native; Jan i tor; Cor. Tyler & Stoiner 
Southard, Edward Pritale 57; None; Native; Union House, 

Mission St. 
Souther, John Spear 32; Shipwright; Native; 2006 Mason 
Souther, Joseph Imtlianlel 32; Clark; Native; Russ Hquso 
Souther, Joseph W* 24; Drayman; Native; Cor. Jessie & 4th 
Southwell, John 71; Printer; Naturalized; Cor, Montgomery 

and Broadway. July 20, 1866 - 1st Ward 
Southwell, George 66; Joiner; Naturalized; 727 Broadway 
Southwick, Edwin 37; Dra;>Tian; Native; Cor, 4th & Tehama 
Southwl ck, K. Willett 47; Secretary; Native; Cor. Howard & 8th 
Southwick, William Ogden 35; Clerk; Nallve; Stockton, between 

Jackson & Washington Sts. July 18, in66-4th Ward 
Southworth, John Jas. 52; Tailor. Native; 178 Minna 
Spannagel, George 45; Bootmaker; Naturalized; N.E. corner 

Washington & Dupont. Aug. 6, 1866 
Spanuhake, Henry 42; Uarlflfctraan; Naturalized; Duoont, near 

Sparks, Julius Gustavus 35; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; 

308 Beale 
Sparks, Tliocias 33; Drayman; Native; Cor .Leavenworth h Ellis 
Sparica, Zadock Wilson 35; Brokor Real Estate; Native; 

1808 Dupont; July 16, 1866 
SpauldLng, Charles Andrew Alexander 54; Attorpoy; Naturalized; 

Comer Clay and Leavenworth 
Spaulding, Ed. Clark 34; Collector; Native; 638 Commercial 
Spauldlng, Georgo 38; Painter; Native; 24 Langton St. 
Spaulding, Jerome 29; Filer; Native; 63 Natoma 
Spaulding, JoJin 39; Carpet beater; New Hampshire; Clay, 

near Polk 
Spaulding, Madison 50; Mason; Native; 3 Brook 
Spear, Edward 3. 42; Auctioneer; Native; 811 Bush 
Spear, James 38; Moulder; Naturalized by his father; Mission 

bet. 1st and Second 
Spear, Jolin Ingorsol 36; Danker; Native; Green, near 

Leavonvj.'rth. Aag.6, 1866 
Sp^ar, Joseph 3. 46; Auctioneer; Native; 811 Bu?h 

108 -— 

Name: Ages Occt Nat: Local Has, 

Spear, Samuel 54; Laborer; Naturalizodj N,E. corner Prancisoo 

and Kearny 
Spear, Theodore D. ii6; Painter; Naturalized; Bush & Stockton 
Spear, Thomas Oeorge 50; Printer; Native; Pioneer Hall, 

Montgomery St, 
Spear, Thomas Husaell 38; Dentist; Native; 'dO'd Bush 
Speck, Jacob 37; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 633 Broadway 
Speed, John 43; Butcher; Native; 669 Market 
Speirs, Alexander 30; Mariner; Native; 116 Pacific 

Spelty, Frldolln 48; Teacher; Naturalized; 115 Bush ^ 

Spence, Willian Andrew 44; Fisherman; Naturalized; 345 Brannaii 
Spencer, Aaron Gilbert 37; Machinist; Native; 28 Perry j 

Spencer, Ciu^istopher 5kJ; Shipwright; Native; 726 Mission " 

Spencer, Ferdinand 5G ; Carpenter; i^ative; Oriental Hotel 
Spencer, Groorg<; William 28; Bricklayer; Native; 410 Kearny 
Spencur, John Campbell 42; Drutjgist; Native; 405 Third 
Spencer, Jno, W. 23; Garpeater; Native; 412 Clementina 
Spencer, Lowell 3, 22) Glork; Native; Park Place, nr, Polsom St. 
Spencer, Oliver W# 62; Oontleman ; Native; Park Place d 

Sponney, V/1 111am Shaplalgh 41; Foreman; Native; Potrero 
Speyer, David iillla 23; Book koaper; Native; 327 0»Farrell 
Splller, Ferdinand Frank 33; Pollcenan; Native; 142 Natoma ^ 

Spink, Daniel Eldridgo 35; Packer; Native; 551 Market 
Spinney, Cioorgo Richardson 37; Secretary; Native; 213 Pov/ell 
Splnoni, Joseph 40; Merdriant; Naturalized; 226 Ritch 
Splivalo, Augustus 24; Lawyer; Naturalized; Jackson, between 

San some and Montgomery 
Spofford, John Larrabe© 45; Ship-joiner; Native; Grove, east of 

Gough, July 19,1866 - 12 th Ward 
Spohn, Joseph 38; Butcher; Naturalized; 4 Jade son 
Spooner, Aldon 38; Stilp Joiner; Native; 308 Beale 
Spoontir, Benjamin Freemsm 31; Watchman; Massachusetts; Comer 

i^ason & Clay; July 30,1866 - 6th Ward 
Spooner, John Pitcher; Photographer; Native; 308 Beale 
Sjxjoner, Hidiard Gaan Grlnnell 50; Tinsmith; Native; 

737 Broadway; July 28, 1866 - 4th Ward 
Spragel, Christian 39; Lodging house; Naturalized; 621 California 
Sprague, Adna 40; Llqour dealer; Massachusetts; 8 Quincy St. 
Spra^iue, Alfred Proctor ^id; Trunkmaker; Native; 145 Perry 
Sprai^ue, Charles J ,40; Sold5. er; Nativj;76 Clementina 
Sprague, Goo J Stevedore; Naturalized; 207 Sacramento 
Spraguo, Goo r go Albert 22; Agent; Native; 279 Minna 
Sprague, John Oiarles 30; Carpenter; Massaobiusotts; Kearny, 

near GOAjir; July 16,1866- 6th Ward 
Sprague, Joaopli 58; Carpenter; Native; 166 Perry 
Sprague, Samuel Sai'gent 45; Bookkeeper; Native; 126 Sil\ier 
Spraule, Joseph Alexander 56; Custom House Inspector; Native; 

San Francisco & Dupont, Aug, 6, 1866 
Spreckles, Htairy 24; Brewer; Naturalized; 75 Everett 
Spreckles, Glaus 38; Brewer; Naturalized; So, side Centre, 

near Howard, July 31,1866 - lltii Ward.Dlst.# 2 
Spreckles, Peter 27; Manuf acturor ; Naturalized; 338 Seventh St, 

109 -— 

Naaoj Ago: Oco; Nat: Local roa. 

Sproon, Willi an 33; arocor; Naturallzod; Corner Brannan and 

9th Stroot 
Spring, Francis Samuel 37; Capitalist; Native; Gh©3tnut,nr.Hydo 
Spring, Gardiner Wilcox 35; Butcher; Native; 3rd fc Berry 
Sproul, John 35; Policeman; i^ative; Sproul's Ranch 
Sprowl, Proderiok Silas 51; Carpenter; Native; 225 Oreen 
Spruance, James 40; Morchfitit; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Spruanoe, John 40; Merchant; Native; 337 Jessi* 
Sprung, Hiram 47; Carriagomaker; Native; Valencia, bet,16 & 17 
Squln, Orin Datus 41; Accountant; Connecticut; 1005 Clay 
Squire, Henry Char lea 36; Insurance Surbreyor; ^naturalized; 

Pell, oaat of Franklin; June 13, 1866 
Squire, Horatio Nelson 28; De, Assessor; New Jersey, Larkln 

near Sacramento 
Squires, Nathailel L» 21; Pyrotechnist; Native; Cor,6th & Tahana 
Sryra, 'Villi an 42; Decorator; ^<ative ; Bernal Heights 
Staats, Silas Duoll 50; Carpenter; Native; Trainer's Row; 

Kearny St., July 18, 1866- 5th Ward 
Stackhouso, John Lewis 26; Artist; Native; 414 Green 
Stackpolo, Barry Bouron 25; Boilermaker; "ative; 99 Stevenson 
Stackpolo, 'I'hoaas 34; Giirriae;e pajnt*r; Native; 529 Pin© 
Stacy, Davis Bevan 35; Kxpressraun; Penn; 915 Stockton 
Staddon, Samuel 36j Maaon; Nativo; 505 Bush 
Stadfaldt, Chariatlj*i Phillip 29; Pianist; Naturallzod; north 

west cor, Jackson & Koai*ny 
Stadtfald, Jacob 34; Meltor; Naturalized; 106 Turk 
Staff albach, Albert 25; Barbor; Native; 108 Stewart 
Staffs lb adi, Xavier 58; Barbor; Naturallzod; 108 Stewart 
Staff lobaofe, Ed. 22; Barber; Native; American Exchange 
Stagg, Cornelius 37; Int. Revenue; Native; 151-1/2 Silver 
Stahle, Edward 32; Barbor; Naturallzod; Tay No. 7 
Stahlo, John 38; Barber; Naturalized; 20 JoVm.July 16, 1866 
Staib, Conrad 37; Slxoemalrar; Naturallzod; 932 Folsom 
Stair, Alexander 38; Clark; Native; 235 Sacramento 
Stallings, Charles Lackland 25; Mechanic; ^''ative; 739 Market 
Stallman, James Smith 39; Clerk; Native; Market St. 
Stallman, Willi son 35; bakor; Naturalized; 110 Dupont 
Stamp, Henry 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 2009 Powell 
Stand, Francis 40; Omitted in Gr. Rog. of 1866; Naturalized; 

521 Buah; Aug. 5, 18(-)6- 8th Ward. District No.l 
Stando, John Jr. 27; Varnistior; Naturalized; 122 Virginia 
Stan field, John 5ki; Cigar makor; Naturalized; 10 First 
Stanford, Asa Phillip 40; Morcitiant; Native? 722 Sutter 

July 30, 1866 
Stanford, Asa Pliillip 45; Now York; i-Ier chant; 722 Sutter 

(San Francisco Gr, Reg. 1873) rog. Aug, 5, 1867 
Stanford, Charles Powell 45; Manufacturer; Native; 1216 Union 
Stanford, John Fi'eeman 59; Merchant; Naturalized; S, 7/. corner 

Stockton ?c Washington 
Stanford, Josiah 49; Morch/int; Native; 1019 Jackson 
Staniols, Jolin Stav an 37; Snoculator; iUtlve; 610 Filbert 
Stanials, William ^enry 31; Teamster; Native; 510 Taylor 
Stanley, Bonj'n Sterling 30; Longshoreman; Nativo; Liberty, 

near 3rd. 
Stanlay, Clias. Abner 35; Knginoor; Nativo; 422 Third 




Ooc J 


Local Hoa* 

Stanley, Frederick Hastings 38; Shorthand writer; liativej 

Valencia, bet. i^3rd and k;4th 
Stanley, Cloorge Washington; Carpenter; Wative; 317 Taylor 
Stanley, Jerome 26; Farmer; Native; Wear Ocean House Race Track 
Stanley, Willi an Harrison ki6; Dentist; N, Carolina; 510 Dupont 
Stanly, Edward 50; La^vyor; Native; Lick House 
Stansbury, Willi i»i Coffin is7; Painter; Netiv«; lllii Koamy 
Stanton, Andrew Palniur 30; Mint Ehiployee; Connecticut; 

Oreenwidi, near Stelner; June 2'd, 1B66- Ikith Ward 
Stanton, Char las H,o4; Seaman; Native; Schooner Westwindj 

Stanton, Coor^je Forrastur 
Stanton, Henry Norton 24; 

Stanton, Jamea 36; liinar; 



Hathaway* s Wharf, July 30, 1366 

34; Drayman; Massadiusetts; Brenham 
Grocer's Clerk; Native; N,?/. corner 

Stockton and Jackson 
Naturalized; Mission, corner 15th 47; Car-driver; Maine; Austin and Franklin 
Willi ttu 36; Deputy Asse.ssor; Massachusetts; Dupont, 
near Clay. July 3, 1866 



Sbanyon, Albert Prince 

Stanyan, Charles Henry 34; 

Staple 3, 

Teamster; Now Hampshire; Polk, 
Saoraiaento, Aug. 6,1866- Ikith Ward 
Tear: star; Now lion psh ire; Polk, near 

David J. 4ii; Inaui^ance; Native; &2B Sutter 
Jos, Attwill 34; Porter; Native; 14 Clay 
Wm.Burr 50; Black araith; Native; Commercial, near 

Kearny; Junj t^, 1866 
Stapleoon, Willi «n 44; Ship carpenter; Naturalized; M.W. comer 

Stewart find Howard. July 12, 1366 
Starbuck, George 77; Toll collector; Native; 266 Minna 
Stark, Jolrn 30; Glurk ; Naturalized; 412 Post 
Starkey, Joseph N, 34; Butcher; ^^ative; N.S.cor.Branaan & 9th 
Starkv/oather, Jonathan i^arsh 35; lJ,S.Q.!.?.Dep» t; Native; 

l7$-l/2. Hinna; July 20,1844- 10th 1<^ard 
Starkweather, Louis Sidney 21; Milkman; Native; 17 Verona 
Starr, George Heading 25; ^'er chant; Native; 17 Verona 
Starr, Thomas Nosbit 52; Baker; Native; Folsom, bet. Slat & 22nd 
Starrett, Henry 28; Carpenter; Native; 540 Washington 
Starrett, H^nry 28; Carpenter; Native; 540 Washington 
Starrett, Milton, 37; Carp^nner; Nati\'e; 36 Battery 
Starrs, William 35; Hall Boy; Naturalized; 19 Moss 
Stason, Wm. Morris 35; jixpress; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Steadman, Willlaia 59} vVatchmakor; Native; 12 Perry 
Stearns, xiloazo Billlrv s 31; Milkr»\an; Nassachusetts; Union and 

Fillmore; Aug. 6, 1866- 12th Ward, No.l 
Steams, Clifton Foster 31; Carpenter; Maine; Guatavus St, 
Steaims, liobort iidward Cartur 39; ^>ooretary; Native; 515 Geary 
Stebbino, Horatio 44; Clergyman; Native; 16 Kills; July 28 

James C, 39; Attorney; Native; 413 Bush; July 19, 1366 
Johnson Han?y 32; Restaurant keeper; i^ative; Sutter, 
above Montgomery. July 26, 1866 
Stebbins, v^illiam Pitt Cleveland 45; Mason; Conr^ecticut; 

607 Stockton; July 21, 1866 


— Ill 

Nan«t Age: Oco Nat: Local Ros. 

Stodman, Charles 59; Printor; Natlvoj 100 Stockton 

SAedman, Cliarloa 'd5; Tinnor; ^Mativej Pine, between Montgomery 

and Sanaonie; Aug, 3, 1866 
Stodaon, William Nightingale 54 j Mechanic; Rhode Island; 

Kaamy, naar Commorcial, July 16, 1366 
Steel, Hanry 40; Druf^j^ist; i^ativo; S,E. cor. Stockton ^c Pacific 
Steel, Jolm Alexander 57; Messenger; Native; Stockton and 

S«i Francisco 
Steel, Sanuol 45; Clerk; N^itivo; N.W, corner Keai'ny 
Steele, Edward '*i5; Clerk; Native; Sacranonto 2c v.obb 
Steele, Henry 40; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 107 Leidesdorff j 

June lo, 1866 
Steele, Jas. Gordon 40; Druggist; Native; 521 Montgomery 
Steele, Jas, Thompson 39; M«rcliant; Native; Leld«sdorff and 

Sacramento; Hug. 3, 1866 
St«el0, Ruthben iildwln 39; Glcrk; Naturalized; R.R .House 
St««lo, Seymour Gardner 47; Printor; Native; 1 Vernon Place 
Steele, Wllliari Andrew 33; Triuik Manufacturer; ^ativo; 

430 lilddy 
Steen, Edward Tyl«r 39; Macninxat; Vermont; 1114 Clay 
Steenbreuy^, Carle 43; Tailor; Naturalized; 115 Geary 
Steere, I'hoixias Frederick 36; Waterman; Native; 416 0*Parrell 
Steffens, Diedrich 35; Grocer; Naturallzod; 137 Folsom 
.Steffons, Joseph W. 41j Carpenter; Naturalized; 805 Mission 
Steiger, Alexander 3^; Machinist; Native; Z2'^ Beale 
Steigcr, (Xiiarles R« 47; Iron founder; Naturalized; 94«i Mission 
Steil, Hanry 3i^j Merdriant; Naturalized; 727 Pine 
Stein, Cha3.VY.37; Carrlagenaksr; liatui-allzed; 422 Stevenson 
Stein, Meyer 32; Merchant; Natura].lzed; 103 Pacific 
Stelndler, j'<ar>xi3 47; Grocer; Naturalized; 134 Si'ilpley 
Stelner, Harry 50; Cooper; Naturalized; 474 Tehama 
Steincr, Nicholas 34; -^ar chant; Native; 159 Tehama 
Steinfort, Brederlck 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Folsom, nr, 20th 
Steinhart, Frederick 40; Painter; Naturalized; 121 Shipley 
Steinhart, Israel 30; --orchant; Naturalized; 209 Geary 
Steinhart, Leopold 46; Clsrk; Naturalized; 105 Geary 
Steinhart, Wlllian 36; Merchant; Naturalized; 209 Geary 
Stelnhoff, Hermann 31; Grocer; Naturalized; 311 liush 
Steinle, J:ieil 31; Musician; Naturalized; 211 Post 
Steinman, John 30; Hotel keeper; Naturalizec^ 3ii3 Pine 
Steinmeyer, Frederick William 38; Laborer; Naturalized; Tittell's 

Buildlngl July 26,1866- 3th Ward 
Stelnweg, Char Is a 47; Blackanith; Naturalized; ki57 Minna 
Stelor, Pepi 33; Jeweler; Naturalized; 519 Kearny 
Stemler, Jacob 39; Laborer; Naturalized; 23 l^arket 
Stennage, Philip Joshua 54; Hotel keeper; Naturalized; 217 Third 
Stenson, Robt. B. 33; Salesman; Naturalized; 129 Shipley 
Stephoi, Sanuel 33; Porter; Native; FllLriore, near Tyler 

112 • 

Name t 




Local Ho3« 

Stomholm, Sarauol i/7 ; Merchant; Naturalized; 22'ti Minna 
Stephens, Charles 56; Trunkna ks r ; Native; 805 Leavenworth 
Stephens, George IVilliara i^9; Laborer; Naturalized; Near 

St.Mary»s College, July 31,1866 - lltli .Vard 
Stephens, Jonathan Draize 66; Sutler; New York; Presidio 
Steppaschor, Malr 6ii; Sexton; Naturalized; 602 Sutter 
Storrett, }3enjamin Franklin 43; Printer; Native; 510 lioward 
Sterling, Hiran 31; Laundryman; Native; Mo ,25 Fulton St, 
Sterling, John Frederick 48; Deputy Assessor; i^ative; IkJS Perry 
Sterling, John Joseph 37; Printer; i^^ew York; lliiO Sacramento St, 
Stenn, Da-zld 39; Merchant; Naturalized; Fulton, east of Gough 
Stom, David 44; Morciiant; Naturalized; 317 Powell 
Stem, Hernan 30; Dealer; Naturalized; 7ii6 Howard 
Stosso, Frederick 41; Express wagon; Naturalized; 1105 Broadway 







Janes B*35; Tiner; Native 

1045 Hov/ard 
Wm,64; Tanner; Native; 922 Howard 

William Wirt 3ki; Accountant; Massachusetts; 834 Clay 
Francis H.51; Teamstwr; i'^atiue; 413 Tehama 
Alfred 30; Aas»t Librarian M.L.A, Native; 625 Bush 
Andrew 35; Porter; Naturalized; Cor.Valencia & 24th 
Augustus Kimball 22; Clerk; Native; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Calvin Cowen 45; Draynan; Native; 663 Harrison 
Charles 42; Bookkeeper; Native; 512 Stockton 
Dudley Ogdon 38; Carpenter; Native; 157 Fourth 
Ellsha 45; ^"^'jr chant; Naturalized; 825 Bush 
Hrnest Enoch 32; Carpenter; **ative; K.S.Washington, 
bot l«ia3on and Taylor; July 7, 10 "^6 - 4th V/ard 
Ooorge 63; Tinsmith; f^assachusetts ; 1505 California 
Gtjorgo VV,(no -^liddlo narae)34; Merchant ;wativej 

10 Hardie 
James 52; Carpontor k Builder; Native; Corner Mission 
Place and Lafayette. July 14, 1366 - 11th Ward 
Jarnes Henry 22; Clerk; N.Y,; California, near Larkin 
John Bonjamin 37; Lumberman; Naturalized; Main, betwoen 

Market and Mission Sts. 
Lucas Henry 23; Carpenter; Native; 551 Mission 
Martin V.S3; Carpentaria Builder; Native; 11th, between 
Folsom and J^^arrison; June 11, 1866 
Kichai'd Hubbard 25; Cashier; Native; 52 Minna 
29; Bootmaker; Naturalized; 68 King 
K. 25; Bricklayer; Native; Shipley, between 

4th ^ 5th 
Honry 40; Secretary; Native; 1109 Stockton 
Wallace 35; Mariner; Native; 152 Natoma 
Zachariah 45; Blacksmith; Native; 117 William 
Andrew 51; Mason; Native; 12 Everett 
James D,5<i; Minor; Native; Minna, bet. 7th & 8th 
•J^arome Napoleon 24; PaJ nter ;Nati ve ; 781 Market 
John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; i'/hat Cheer 
Samuel Cooper 59; Barkeeper ;Native; 9 Berry St. 
Stevenson, Tliomas 38; Confectioner; Native; Folsom, bet. 0th & 9th 
Stevenson, Wm. Cook 40; Hackman; Native; 629 Commercial 
Steward, David Doty 36; Farmer; Native; 525 Dupont 
Stewart, Alexander 44; Ship-carpenter; Naturalized; 507 Jones 

Willi an 









Willi am 


NanoJ Ago: Occ! Nativity; Local Res. 

Stowart, Charles Alaxandor 51; Liquor deal or; Native; Corner 

Montsoriory and •^ackson; July id5, 1866 
Stewart, Cioorgo ^5; Saloanan; Native; 613 Front 
Stewart, Goorgo W.;i3; Clerk; Native; Cor, Ikith & Ma si on 
Stewart, ^ioorge Washington 39; Merchant; i^ative; Dupont, 

near CJeary 
Stewart, John ^| Labortsrj Ireland; Woolen Factory 
Stowart, John M. 38) Foronan; Native; 16 Tehania 
Stewart, Jolin V¥^ 40; Heal estate; Native; 19th, between 

Dolores and Guerrero 
Stewart, Julius iienry 36; ..ngineer; Native; 116 ^c 118 Sari some 
Stewart, Thomas 38; Stevedore; Naturalized; Union, betwewn 

Hatter;^ & Sanso-ne; .aug.4, 1866 
Stewart, Tlionas Domer 49; Carpenter; Natui*alJ zed; 696 Third 
Stewart, Thomas Mitctiell 51; Pantryman; Naturalized; Plllmore, 

and North of Post. July ii7, 1066 
Stewart, Warren Auguaous A'd; Butcher; Native; Bernard, bvit» 

Jones and Leavenworth; July 17, 1866 
Stewart, Vfei. Livingston 48; Barkeeper; Native; 'Vaahington St. 
Stickle, Israel 49; Raili«oad; New Jersey; 1008 Pdwell 
Stickler, Samuel B. 5i^; Blacksmith; Native; 350 Jessie 
Stlckney, Augusous Allen 33; Painter ; Natl ve ; i::43 Fourth 
Sticknoy, Charles T. 22; Gli^rk; ^^iatlve; 547 Howard 
Stiokney, John Bonjarfiin 50; Carpenter; "atlve; 911 Bush 
Stiler, John Moore 47; Carpenter; Native; 75 Natoma 
Stiles, Richard Dootaton 49; Painter; ^''atl ve ; Allen 3t. 
Still, Jamoa ^ovvj 32; Watcliman; Nativo; Industrial School 
Still, John 52; ,'lle driver; Native. li.W. corner f4ain and 

llarrlsvm; July 16,1866 - 7th Ward 
Still, V/ebber I2ugen« 22; Carrier; ^""ative; 2 Noble Place 
Stilley, Hiinry G, 38; Carpenter; Native; 12 Tehama 
Stllley, ^owla G. 29; Printer; ^"ativo; 13 Tehnma 
Stillnan, Jacob Davis ^iabcock 47; Physician; Native; 17 *'ost 
St-llArell, GoorgtJ V7. 42; Heal ostate; ^*ative; Cor, Folsom k 11th 
Stimpson, Janes N# 52; Gardener; "atlve; 13th, near Howard 
Stimpson, Joseph Elliot 38; Plasterer; Nativii; 741 **ark^t 
Stinson, Perry 47; Carpenter; '^''ative ; 1913 Stockton 
Stinson, Tho'.nas 36; iiiglneer; Native; Corner Sqnsome and 

Oreeaiwich; July 7, 1866 « 1st Ward 
Stlpp, Henry Stitea 35; Printer; Native; RussGll;Aug,2, 1066 
Stir ling, Matthew Richmond 45; Assayer; Scotland; Van i^eas and 

Stivers, Charles Austin 28; Physician; **ative; Stockton *nd 

Prariciaco; July 25, 1866 
Stivers, Daniel Athorton 55; V-Jharf i nger ; Now York; Polk &; Union 
Stivers, Henry Fox 30; Lumber Surveyor; Nev; York;Creen ^ Polk 
Stock, lloorgo 60; Restaurant keeper; Naturalized; Government 

House at San some Street 
Stookdale, Jones 45; Carpontor ; ^atui»allzed; Green, nr, San some 
Stookine, Lewis 21; Stone-cutter; Naturalized; Dupont,nr, Union 
Stocking, Willi ar-i Dennis 36; House numberer; Native; 

108 Virginia; July 10, 1866 - 4t}i Ward 
Stocking<5r, Philip J. 23; Blacksmith; Native; 412 Bush 



Ago I 



Local Ros* 


Stockman, Jolin M, kS; Pattomraakerj Native; 353 Joaslo 
Stockton, Jatnea 41; U.S.Storekoopor; Native; 522 0*Parrell 
Stockwell, Anoa Jerome 22; Inspector Custom House; Massachusetts 

523 Kearny St. Jftly 25, 1066- 6th Ward 
Stockwell, iilben Smith 28; Reporter; Mass. Cor, Sacramento 

and Prospect. July 2, 1866 - 6th V/ard 
Stocky, John 47; Carpenter; Naturalized; 417 Bush 
Stoddard, Janes 31; Madiinist; Native; 232 Fremont 

Jolin 29; Machinist; Native; Mission, bet. 1st & 2rid 
Nathaniel Kimball 35; Printer; Native; 121 Dupont 
Samuel Burr 52; Merchant; New York; 1005 Powell 
David 33; iiachinist; Naturalized; 220 Fremont 
William J. 35; Machinist; Naturalized; 49 Clementina 
John Jacob 31; Sailor; Naturalized; "^rchant, between 
V/a3hinf;ton & Clay; Aug. 6, 1866 - 3rd Ward 
Stofen, getBr Nicholas 30; Boatman; Naturalized; Meigga Wharf 
Stoffer, Ttxomas Christian 38; Clerk; Naturalized; Pier 15 

Stewart; July 17, 1866 
Stohmier, Joseph 34; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 307 Sutter 
Stokes, Redden 42; -laborer; ^'♦ative; 615 Jones; Aug. 6, 1866 
Stolg, Aaron 50; Merchant; Naturalized; 923 Sutter 
Stolze, Conrad 48; Stabler; Naturalized; 211 Pine 
Stonbs, Ghas, H. 33; Tinsmitii; Native; 317 Jessie 
Stone, Apple ton Walker 39; Police Officer; Ilassachusetts 
California, Near Jones; July 6, 1866 
Bornard 37; Laborer; Naturalized; Jones, near O'Parrell 
Charles -"eonard 34; Secretary; ^*ativ©; 501 Jones 
iidward Flint 37; A<ier chant; Native; 403 Montgomery 
Edwin 31; Minor; Naturalized; Potrero 
Frederick Petar 25; Farmer; Native; Hampton Court 
George Warren 22; Machinist; New York; 1011 **^a3on 
i^arrison iiibenezer 31; Bookkeeper; Nativw; Dupont and 

Vallejo, Aug. 4, 1866 
Henry B. 53; Manufacturer; i'<ative; Shotwell, between 
15th &: 16th, June 30,1866 • 11th Ward 
Jacob Lion 36; Teacher; Naturalized; 810 Pacific 
Stone, Josopti 53; None; Native; 623 ^arket 

Stone, Jos. MoGlennan 40; Carpenter; "atlve; *erry, near 4th 
iiapoleon Bonaparte 36; Ass't Assessor; Native; 
Llok House; July 5, 1866 - 5th "ard 
Nathan Jonas 22; Merchant; ^'ative; 122 ^''atoraa 
l?atrick 43; Carpenter; -^^atui-alized; Salmon, between 
Pacific and Broadway, July 7, 1866 - 4th ^^'ard 
Rockwell 60; Merchant; ^''ativo; 1619 Pow«ll 
Silas Alonzo 35; Miner; Native; Cor. -^eavonv/orth and 
Eddy; July 31, 1866 - 8th V/ard 
Stone, Walter Wallace 40; Carpenter; New York; 1011 Mason 
Stoner, Abraham 5 4; Bookkeeper; **ative ; Tromont House, ^ackson 
Stoner, Solomon Alexander 48; Painter; ^^ative; Battery, near 

Bush. July 18, 1866 - 5th '"ard 
Stoors, Eph. Hdllister 21; V/alter; ^^ativ© ; What Cheer; July 7th 
Storer, ^^aties )3radley 37; Carpenter; ^^ative; 718 Union 

Stone , 
Stone , 
Stone , 




Stone , 




Name Age Occ. Nat. Local Res, 

Storor, John Faust 45; Printer; Native; Ellis, west of 

Storm, Cornelius 47; Goal dealer; ^^ativej 945 Mission 
Storm, Theodore 2'd; Glork; Native; 945 Mission 
Story, Charles Robinson 45^; Ta.x Collector; Native; 

130 McAllister 
Story, Franklin 40; Carpenter; "ative; 52 First 
Story, Jacob Farnham 29; Clerk; Native; 130 McAllister 
Story, Lafayette 41; Farmer; Native; 728 Sutter 
Story, Stephen Covy 39; Marketman; Native; Comer iillls and 

Van Ness Ave, July 12, 1866 - 12th Ward 
Stott, Alexander 64; i^er chant; Naturalized; Corner Washington 

and Powell; July 18, 1BG6 
Stott, John 28; Clerk; Naturalized; Dora St, near Polsom 
Stout, Arthur Breese 52; Physician; Native; 832 Washington 
Stoutenhorough, Charles ^<airy 35; Bookkeeper; Nabive; 

923 Jacks on 
Stoutenborougli, John Henry 29; Salesman; ^'^ative; 

2019 Mason 
Stover, Charles P, 41; Carpenter; Native; 563 Howard 
Stow, Henry i4irthur 41; None; Native; 728 Howard 
Stow, Henry Marther 41; Broker; Native; 728 Howard 
Stov/, Joseph IV, 37; ^^ercnant; Native; 530 Harrison 
Stow, William W, 42; Lawyer; i'Utivo; 1013 Pine 
Stowell, Frederick 22; Caulker; Native; 308 Beale 
Stowell, William Haydon 54; Broker; Nativo; 522 Sutter 
Strain, Robert Rhea 33; Carpenter & Builder; Nativo; 114 Ooary 
Strait, Samuel Young 44; Machinist; Nativo; 527 Pine 
Strasser, Augustus 38; Barkeeper; Naturalized; 426 Green 
Stratinan, Jolm 43; Merchant; Native; Broadway, first above 

Powell; June 26, 1866 - 4th Ward 
Stratton, Abrara Woo ley 39; Carpenter; Native; 150 Perry 
Strattcxi, Ebinezer Niles 60; Auctioneer; Native; Potrero 
StrattOTi, Edwin 33; Builder; Native; 150 Perry 
Stratton, Prank J, 31; Bookkeeper; Native; 21 Essex 
Stratton, John Smith 44; Houseraiser; ^^ative; 161 Tehama 
Stratton, Richard Savage 47; Cai*penter; Native; 3. E, Comer 

Mason and Eddy 
Straus, Kautrian 39; Teamster; Naturalized; 24 Turk 
Straus, ..larx 37; Merchant; Naturalized; 320 Sutter 
Strauss, Levi 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 317 Powell 
Strauss, Levi 42; Merchant; Naturall zed; San some and 

Sacramento ^ts. Aug, 3, 1866 - 3rd Ward 
Strauss, Lewis 43; iierchai t; Naturalized; 618 Oreen 
Straut, William Eugene 34; Salesman; Native; 10 O'Farrell 
Strobast, William 56; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 23 Ti^ird 
Street, Nathan J, 39; Ins, Agent; Native; 996 Harrison 
Streeter, Robert M, 30; Shirtmaker; Native; 216 Tehama 
Strei, Gottfried L,W,52; Carpenter; Naturalized; Cor, Folsom 

and Fourth; July 9, 1866- 10th Ward 
Strelitz, Jacob 31; Merchant; Naturalized; 25 Second 


Name: Agol Ooc: Nat: Local res. 

Strelitz, Jacob 31 j Morctiantj Naturalized; ki5 Second 
Strlble, Henry iidward 39; Tin Smith} Maryland; 633 Calif ornift 
Strickland, Geo, 44; Drar/man; Naturalized; 160 Silver 
Strincke, Charles Theodore 36; Carpenter; Naturalized; 

iiOiaO Jackson; July 7,18'36- 4th V/ard 
Stringer, William Jasrios 35; lierohant; Native; 1904 Mason 
Strobel, Jacob F. 37; Butcher; Naturalized; 1129 Polaom 
Strobridgo, Addison 29; Merchant; Native; Belden Block, 

Montgomery St, Aug ,3, 1866 
Stroecker, Hei^an iicnry William 34; Grocer; Naturalized; comer 

Pago and Franklin Sts. July 17, 1866 
Strong, diaries Lamed 37; Printer; Native; Trt^iont House, 

Jackson St. July iil, 1866 - 1st Ward 
Strong, Edward Z. 49; Printer; Native; 409 Tehama 
Strang, Sll 33; Carpenter; Native; Second & Brannan 
Strong, Qeor-e ^^onry 27; Solicitor; Native; 217 Third 
Strong, Georgb W. 35; Physician; Native; 505 Howard 
Strong, Harvey 36; Drayman; Native; 606 Montgoraery 
Strong, Joseph D, 46; Clergyman; Native; Bay, near Jones 
Strong, Walter L. 43; Millwright; Native; 503 Howard 
Strottior, Floet F. 31; Attorney; Native; 47 Tliird 
Strouse, Henry Joseph 31; Clerk; Naturalized; 632 Green 
Strub, Charles 37; Tailor; Naturalized; 1117 Leaven v/orth 
Struver, Justus 41; 3herlff' s bookkeeper; Naturalized, N,\V, Corner 

Taylor and Broadway 
Stryblng, Christian Henry 44; Merchant; Naturalized; 1212 Mason 
Stuart, Alex ''^eburn 28; Manufacturer; Native; 51 Second 
Stuart, Charles 40; Carpenter; Native; 22 0*Farrell 
Stuart, Charles 40; Saloon-keeper; Massachusetts; 706 California 
Stuart, Frederick William ^4 Grocer; Native; Comer Fourth 

and i'lason; July 23, 1866 - 10th Ward 
Stuart, James 42; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 25 Ritch 
Stuart, James Ferguson 52; Koal estate agent; Native; 

1012 Montgomery 
Stuart, John 26; Clerk; Naturalized; 34 Moss 

Stuart, William Addams 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 1012 Montgomery 
Stubor, Morris 46; No business; Naturalized; 621 Pine 
Studley, Smith Steero 45; iixpressman; ^''atlve; 505 Leavenworth 
Studzinsky, Btnjamln 30; Uerdhant; Naturalized; Comer 

California & Montgoraery; 7 Stevenson House 
Stulil, Christian 50; Hatter; Naturalized; 9 Virginia 
Stuhle, Henry Vfilliam 35; Barber; Naturalized; 16 Virginia 
Stumcke, Charles 28; Clerk; Naturalized; 129 St. Marks Place 
Sturdevant, •*'rvl:ig 22; Merchant; 220 Greenwith; Naturalized; 
Sturdevant, Joseph Laurence 34; Assay ^olter; ^^^ative; 

420 Greenv/lch; July 26, 1866 
Sturdivant, Robert 49; Br6ker; Native; Columbia, bet, 19th & 20th 
Sturgea, John 59; Public House-koepor ; iyative; 107 *'ackson 
Sturgis, Thomas William 21; Bookkeeper; Native; Corner Green 

and Montgomery; July 16,1366 -1st '"Wd 
Sturgon, Henry Timothy 23; Teanster; Howard, bet. 19th & 20tii 






Local rea» 

Sturtevant, George 52; Clerk; Native; John, 3doors above Powell 

Stylos, Anson CJalo 57; Mercihant; iNative; 4 Verona 

Sublet, William 50; Speculator; Naturalized; Potroro 

Sublet, William Arthur 22; Dentist; Native; Potrero 

Such, Francis Lundy 36; Miner; Erxgland; Polk, near Pino 

Such, Francis Lundy 36; Mllkraan; Naturalized; Sai Miguel Kanch; 

Aug, 4, 1866- 11th Vizard 
Sudden, Robert 36; Shipmaster; Naturalized; Corner Erie and 

Mission; July 16, 1866 
Sullvan, Daniel 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Freelon, near 4th 
Sulivan, Dennis 30; Blacksmith; Naturalized; Clinton 

Cartman ; Naturalized; Zoe Street 
Trader; Naturalized; 512 Post 

Sulivfin , 







Morris 35; 

Thomas 55; 
Daniel 24; 

39; Laborer; Naturalized; 9 Baldwin Court 
51; Laborer; Naturalized; Freelon St, 
54; Laborer; Naturalized; Union Court 
28; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 9 Louisa 

Ceppersmith; Naturalized; S.slde Vallajo 
D'apont ^ Kearny Sts.July 10, 1866 

Daniel 35; Boxnakar; Wative; 723 Market 

Daniel 43; Porter; Naturalized; 20 Allen 

Daniel Courtney 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Sixth & 

Brannan; July 10, 1866 
David 36; Sailor; Native; 3 Dupont 
David 42; Laborer; Naturalized; 949 Mission 
Dennis 39; Storekeeper; Naturalied; 835 Mission 
Dennis 32; Laborer; Naturalized; 6th & Brannan 
Dennis 40; Shipwright; Naturalized; 144 Clara 
Eugene Lemuel 45; Attorney; New iTork; 834 Clay 
Florence 47; Laborer; Naturalized; 234 Fourth 
Florence 58; Laborer; ^^ative; Cor, Front & Pacific 
George Patrick 26; Printer; Naturalized; Brookline 

House; Broadway St. July 30, 1866 
Giles V« 31; Carpeinter; Native; Licks Place,, between 

Eokor and x'irst; Aug, 6, 1866 - 7th V«'ard 
James 34; Expressman; Ireland; Austin, nr, Franklin 
Janes 42; Boarding house keeper; Naturalized; 

29 ""acifio St, July 14, 1866- ist V/ard 
Jferemiah Florence 35; Painter; Native; 540 Washington; 

July 14,1366 - lat Ward 
Jeremiah W, 37; Newsdealer; ^^atlve; 119 Sixth 
John 24; Gasfitcar; ^^ative; 512 Post 
John 25; Laborer; Minna, near Fifth 
John 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 510 Mission 
John 39; Messenger; Native; 718 Vallejo 
John 41; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 238 First 
Jotin 44; Keal estate; Naturalized; 1051 Mission 
John 27; Blacksmith; Citizen by naturalization of 
fatirior; Sumner, Ijet, Hov/ard and Folsom 


Name I 




Local Res* 











Jolin J, 28; Tailor; Naturalized; Dora, bet 7th & 8th 
Jolin Richard 36; Railroading; Native; Comer Page and 
Bran kiln; Aug. 6, 1866 - l^th Ward 

Uichael 36: 
Mi a si on • 
Michael 51; 

21; Butcher; 

9th; Aug, 4, 

28; Laborer; 

■^^aborer ; 

July 31, 


naturalized; N, .'.Comer Brannan 
1866- 11th V<ard 
Naturalf zed; 25 iiverett 
Naturalized; Cor, Spear and 
1866 - 7th V/ard 
i<aturaU zed; Pacific, between 
Battery and Front. July IB, 1866 

Patrick 40 
Patrick 25 
Patrick 30 
Patrick 32 
Peter John 
Thomas 37; 
west of 

Laborer; Naturalized; 81 Stevenson 
Blacksmith; Naturalized; 120 Jessie 
Laborer; Naturalized; Cor, Front and 
July 14, 1866- Ist .'ard 
Porter; Naturalized; Choatnut & Taylor 
23; Schoolteacher; Naturalized; Dor land 
On the railroad; Naturalize ;; Pulton St., 
(Jough. July 10,1866- Ikith Ward 

Thomas 32 1 Caulker; Naairalized; S.side Ridley, bet. 

flission & Valencia; July 5, 1866- 11th Ward 
■Thomas 35; ""aborer; Naturalized; Cor, Market and 

Spear. July 25,1866 
'Tlioraus 37; Laborer; Naturalized; Mcaitgoniery Place 
TJiociaa ^* els on 33; Laborer; Native; S.V., Corner 

Montgomury and «Jackson, Aug,6,1866 
Timothy 36; Laborer; Naturalized; Filbert & Pov/ell 
Timothy 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 1208 Pacific 
Timothy 48; Laborer; Naturalized; Zoe ot. 
Sully, John 33; Plumber; Naturalized; 521 Post 
Sumraorfield, Alexander 29; Merchant; Naturalized; 
Summers, Henry 37; Agent; Kentucky; 1416 Buah 

20 Second 

Summons, Don 
Sumnur, (lias, 


Carlos 29; Grocer; Native; 

408 Bryant 
RipDey 32; R.R, Conductor; Native; Garden v3t, 
David 46; Carpenter; Wative; Trinity, bet, Buah and 

Sutter, Jaiy 12, 1866 
03org,e Smiley 48; Paper carrier; Native; 408 Dupont 
John Honry 29; Teacher; "ative; 62 Natoma 
Suraneij, Joseph 61; Tinsmith; Native; 766 Howard 
Sumner, 'Villi am Au.iistiJS 35; Trader; Native; Liberty, near 

Tov/nsend; Aug. 4, 1366 
Sumner, V/lllian Buntnell 47; Dealer In hides; Native; 

62 Natoma; July 12, 1866 

Stevedore; naturalized; 212 Prer.iont 
43; Real instate; Massachusetts) 
614 Stockton 
Surryhue, Edward 26; Miller; Native; 42 Jessie 
Suter, Samuel 48; Machinist; Ailaturall zed; 9 Hartmans 

Su pple , 

David 44; 
John Rand 




35; Real 
id3rd and 

Estate Agt. Naturalized; 
24th. July ;i4, 1866 


John Jay 28; None; Native; S.E.Cor, i^arket ft: aid 
Robert 34; Boilermaker; Naturalized; ii50 Minna 
William 78; None; Naturalized; Cormer iMlssion & ii3rd 


Name : 




Local res. 

Sutllff, Honry 35; 

Sutter, i^iaielo 


Cl,?ar & Tobacco; Native; Jackson, i^d 
west Kearny. 
Victor 36; Motary i'ublic; liatural! zed; Husa 
House; July Iki, 1866 
(Jharles Jr. 30; Merchant; itassachusetts ; 1014 Taylor 
David Silvester 63; Master ^^arinesr; I^ative; 
iiOO Stockton; July 16, 1866 

Union and 

T'tiO Green 


Pine and Montgomery, 


Sutton, Owen Uall 43; Bank Sec^y; Native; 736 Howard 

Suvin, Henry Vilwllliara 37; Carpenter; Naturaljz ed; 709 Union 

Suydan, Chaa. Gibbaok 37; Hackman; Nativo; Sacramento and 

Leidesdorff, Aug, 3, 1866 
Swain, Charles Augustus 53; Expressman; Native; 1410 
Swain, Daniel Webster 33; Tele,';ra^ office; Native; 

Mason, July 13, 1866 
Swain, Hynry Clay 36; Murd-iantj Mass, 917 Clay St, 
J-saac 66 J Ship master; Mass, 909 Clay 

James Humphries 49; Bootmakor; Naturalized; 513 Lombard 
James •'^ei'ry 'dQ; Mariner; Native; 2nd & Townsend 
Hevllle A, 4i;j Mercliant; Native; 934 Howard 
Hinaldo Rlnaldino 46; Baker; Native; 149 Second 
Robert Bunker 43; Merchant; Mass, 814 Powell 
Robert iidward 39; Baker; Native; 322 0»Farrell 
Seth Myrlck 63; Custom House; Native; 777 Market 
Tlios, Taylor 41; Laborer; Native; 528 Commercial 
William Bernard 52; iaurchant; Native; 
Edward Selkirk 31; Cl^rk; Native; 131 
Jabez Smith 24; Salesman; Native; Cor, 

July 25, 1866 
James Sydney 33; Manufacturer; New Hampshire; 

Point St,; July 19, 1866 
Orrin 41; Captain of Stea-nboat; Native; Broadway VVharf 
Samuel B, 31; Teamster; Native; First Ave, between 

Fourteaith and Fifteenth 
Swasoy, Benjamin 44; Photograjitiist; Native; 205 Third 
Swanaey, Samuel Stilliaan 40; Painter; Massacl-msetts; Gilbert, 

near Octavia; July 28, 1866 
Swayne, Stephen 51; Blacksnith; Naturalized; Crescent, between 

California h Sacramento, June 29, 1866 
Bartliolomew 50; Laborer; Naturalized; 1 Hunt 
Daniel 43; Auctioneer; Naturalized; New Central Road 
54; Cattle dealer; Naturalized; Fell, east of 
V/ebster; July 7, 1866 
George 32; Brickmason; Native; Franklin House; corner 
Broadway and Sansome; Aug, 4, 1866 
John 27; Carpenter; Natui*alized; 17 Sherwood Place 
John 41; Merchant; Naturalized; 266 Tehama 
John 26; Marble business; Naturalized; 217 Post 
Michael 34; Gas works; Naturalized; 66 Minna 
Nicholas 30; Tailor; Naturalized; 143 Second 
Patrick Charles 28; Plumber; Naturalized; 112 Post 
Myles Daly 58; Merchant; Naturalized; Mason, near 
Broadway; July 6, 1866 
Sweeny, ^won 40; Laborer; Naturalized; Sutter above Kearny 


Swain , 






Swain , 





Swan , 

S./an , 











Name; Aget Occt Nat: Local lies* 

Sweeny, Patrick Jamea '^1} Cooper; Naturalized; Sixth and 

Sweeny, William 55; Paver; Naturalized; Leavunv/orth, b etween 

Jackson and Pacific; July 3, 1866 
Sweet, Manly Auj^atus 50; Broker; Native; Mead House, corner 

Pine and Montgomery, June kil, 1866 - 5th Ward 
Sweet, Mowry Peckhara ii8; Oarpenter; Native; l«il Ilatoraa 
Sweet, Saaiuol Silencer 40; Merchant; Native; 609 Folsom 
Sweetltnd, Charles Miner ii6; Watcl-mian; Native; Harrison & Main 
Sweetser, Alonzo J, 59 ; Trader; Native; N.E.cor. Second and 

Clementina, July ii3, 1866 
Swoetser, Frank Dixon 33; Boarding Officer; Native; 319 Union 
Swmnay, Daniel 56; Drayman; Naturalized; Sixth and Brannan 
Swerln, George PiS, 61; Gunsmith; Naturalized; 5k;4 Kearney 
Swett, I'rederic Parker 50; Contractor; Maine; liilki Clay 
Swett, Ebln 21; Milkman; Native; N.W.cor. Ist & Mission 
Swett, John Carvill ii4; Butch or; Native; ki3 Minna 
Swett, John 36; Sup*t, Public Instruction; Native; 41 Everett 
Swett, Lorenzo 43; Carpenter; Native; 217 Brannan 
Swoy, Loring, J, ii4; lleohanic; Native; 528 Fp,lsom 
Swezey, Samuel Isaac Curry 35; La\,7yer; Native; 708 Mission 
Swift, Alexander 41; Contractor; Naturalized; 505 Pine 
Swift, Frank 25; iMoulder; Naturalized; Foot of Third 
Swift, Halle tt 64; Sup't, Yerba Bu»na Park; Native; Yerba 

Buena Park; July 11, 1866 - 8th Ward 
Swift, Jacob William 21; Boxraaker; Native; No, 4 Virginia 
Swift, James 32; Turning; Native; Fell, west of Franklin 
Swift, Joseph 27; Drayman; ^"•ative; 518 Bryant 
Swift, Patrick 29; Teamster; i'^atui'alized; 115 Shipley 
Swift, Thomas 27; Car driver; Naturalized; Cor, 4th & Louisa 
Swift, William Henry 54; Contractor;^ "ative; 753 Mission 
Swingle, Alfred 55; Patteiin; maker; A'<ative; 13 Tehama 
Swltzer, Samuel Clark 35; Clerk; Native; 540 Mission 
Swords, John Brov«i 37; lierclriant; ^''ativo; 1035 Jackson 
Sylvester, Daniel Webster 35; Manufacturer; Native; 48 Ritch 
Sylvester, HindriMan 34; Dock-builder; Native; Anthony, between 

Jessie and iviisslcai, Aug, 6, 1866 
Sylvester, James Wright <i3j Carpenter; Native; 48 Ritch 
Sylvester, John 36 j Butcher; Naturalized; Corner 6th & Folsora 
Sylvester, Leon 54; None; Naturalized; 813 Pacific 
Sylvia, Joseph 42; Grocer; Naturalized; Corner Battery and 

Broadway; July 18, 1866 
Symonds, Hazen Kimbal 35; *-'arpenter; Native; 116 Sansome 

End of names starting with letter S 
June 18, 1948 by Mrs. William S. P'erry, 

Ros ovi lie, Calif ornia. 

i'age, 121 

Naffl6S Ago* Ooc: KatJ Local rosldonco, 

Mames beginning wl t h T 

Taafo, I«iwronoo 40 j Laborer j Naturallzod; 112 J^aal* 
Taber, Isalh West 35i Photographer; ^<atlve| S.W comer 

Stockton and Jackaon; Aug, 4, 1866 
Taber, «Jaoob Spooner 3k:{ Salesman; fiatlvaj 5i:i8 Howard 
Taber, William Henry 55} Carpontt^r; Native; 116 Sllvor 
Tabor, Isaac 46; Broker; ^^ative; 7 Perry 
Taonfer, Andrew 38; Parmer j Germany; Lone Mountain 
Taft, Chas. H, 30; Carpenter; Native; 8 Moss 
Tag.ard, Patrick 47; lianchor; Naturalized; Columbia, between 

19th & klOth, Aug. 2, 1866 
Talt, tJeorge 36; Teacher; ^atlve; 120 Sliver 
Talbort, Robert G. 47; Shoeciakor; ^^atlve; 412 Folaora 
Talbot, Alexander 38; Boarding-house keeper; Naturalized; 

269 Stevenson; June 23; 1866 
Talbot, Wm, G, 50; Lumber dealer; Native; 610 Folsoa 
Talbot, Wllliutt 49; Teanster; Naturalized; 17 Scott 
Talcott, Jonathan Huasell 22; Milkman; Native; Old San ^'ose 

Uoad; Belroche City; July 28, 1866 
Taloott, Seth Cole 41| Milkman; Native; Old San Jose Road, 

Belroche City: July 28, 1866 
Tallant, Drury John 34; Banker; Naturalized; 517 Dupont 
Tamnack, Andrew 22; Tobacconist; Naturalized; 639 Mission 
Tandler, Abraham 57; Merchant; Naturalized; 113 Turk 
Taney, James 41; Carpontar; i*atlve; Jane k Mission 
Taney, Josliua De ^aver 44; Carpenter; Native; 208 Second 
Taney, William 24; Cooper; ^Naturalized; 974 Harrison 
Tanfer, Edward 27; Vamishor; Naturalized; S.K.cor. Vallejo 

and IXipont. Aug. 4, 1866 
Tanian, Patrlcdc Joseph 32; Teamster; Naturalized; Comer Gardner 

and Post. Aug. 2, 1366 
Tannar, John 60; Kxpreaa wagon; Naturalized; 12 Stockton Place 
Tanney, John 46; Laborer; Naturalized; 33 NatomA 
Taplln, Jolin Orange 35; Milkman; Native; Bernal Heights 
Tarbett, Poster ^erry 34; City Police; Native; 106 Preelon 
Tarbox, iJllsha Perry 28; Laundryman; New York; Presidio Road 
Tardlff, William 44; Caulker; Naturalized; Beale, between 

Howard & Polsom. July 13, 1866 
Tarpey, Martin 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 955 Howard 
Tapr, Alvln B. 25; Carpenter; Native; Sixth, near Polsom 
Tarr, Moses Wooda*'d 21 1 Pork packer; Maine; Cor. Sacraniento 

and Hyde 
Tasney, John 41; Cartman; Naturalized; 16 Stanford 
Tastmann, Louis 33; Restaurant keeper; Naturalized; New 

England House; July 25, 1866 
Tath, Isaac 43; Real estate; Naturalized; 121 Sixth 
Taussig, Aloys 50; Teacher; Naturalized; Union, nr. Larkln 
Tautphous, Jacob 39| CartaTian; Naturalized; Stanford St. 
Tautphous, Peter 27; Bi^tchar; Naturalized; Brannan,nr. 2nd 
Tay, Daniel 65; Merchant; Naturalized; 209 Powell 
Tay, George Hadley 43; Merchant; Native; Calhoun St. 
Tayker, Jolin Joseph 59; Collector; Naturalized; 335 Broadway 
Taylor, Arthur Clay 22; Deputy U.S.Marshall; Native; 

853 Harrison 


Names Age* Ooct Nats Loc* Hoa< 














Augustus Ganfolt 57 j Stovo daalor; Vermont j 1112 Clay 

Calvin 55 J Bricklayer j i^atlvof 49 Clementina 

Charles Davis 33; Bookkeeper; Native; Bryant & Stanly 

Charles l^asell J^; Clerk; New York; California, east 

of I^rkln; Aug. 3, 1866 

David Webber 35; v/ar ©house ClerkCClI.) Native; 

4 ^artha i'laoe; July Ji4, 1866 
Kdward Lathrop 33; Clerk; Native; 630 Sutter 
Edward Willis 39; Lawyer; '^ative; 751 Howard 
Edward llobeson kJ7; Physlolan; Illinois; Brenham Place 
Francis 2Qi Flle-outter; Naturalized; —Minna 
Frederick Bayard 30; Merchant; Native; 546 Howard 
^eorrse W, 23; Painter; Native; 49 Clementina 

John Brinkworth 
bet« Stodcton 

Gustavus 40; Physician; Native; 707 Bush 
^aiTison Howe 24; Engineer; Native; Howard fetoglne House 
Harry V/illoughby 42; Carpenter; Native; 223 Harrison 
Uonry 31; Engineer; i*ative; Chicago Hotel; *'aciflo St. 
Horatio Dickon 53; Native; Druggist; 102 Second 
Howard Prentiss 27; Printer; Native; 1 door from S.W, 

comer H^^de h Jackson. July 31, 1866 
James J:*. 44; Carpenter; Native; 753 O'Farrell 
Jai ©s Magarr 44; Lawyer; Native; Corner of Bush and 

Steiner; June 26, 1866 
John 40; Merchant; Native; 1520 ^-^aaon 
John Bevano Jr. 24; Clerk; Native; —Second 
John Bovans 62; "erchant; Rhode Island; California, 

noar i^rkin; Aug. 3, 1866 
45; Tinsmith; Naturalized; Tyson Place, 
and Powell; Aug. 3, 1866 
John Franklin 52; Blacksmith; Native; fJaln, between 

Polsom and Harrison 
John Olllosple 30; Clerk Custom House; ^^ative; 

546 Howard 
Michael Doralnick 59; Farmer; "atlve; Potrero 
Oliver 45; Stone cutter; Native; 30 Ritch 
Philip Vifiiitehead 64; Collt>ctor; Native; Bryant & 1st 
liobert Long 33; Expressman; Native; N,K. Cor. Broadway 

and Taylor; July 17, 1866 
Samuel Pondfleld 38; Merchant; Native; 225 Green 
Sanford W. ^; Blacksmith; Native; ***ain, b etween 

and iiarrison; June 26, 1866 
Turman 35; Produce dealer; ^ative; 1006 Stockton 
Washington 29; Tnmkraaker; Naturalized; 432 i^eamy 
William ftenry 31; i^erchant; ^«ew York; California, 

near Hyde 
William Parker 45; Salesman; Native; 1018 Stocakton 
William V/alkor 30; lAachlnlst; Naturalized; 630 Second 
^onry ^olville 25; Miller; ^^ative; Cor. Polk and 

Willow Ave, Aug. 4, 1866 
William 30; Laborer; Naturalized; Freelon, near 4th 
Asa C. 29; Carpenter; ^''atlve; 615 Buah 
Teed, Henry 52; Carpenter; *^ew Ifork; Cor. Clay & Jones 
Teea«, Frederick 36; Tobacconist; Native; 426 Bush 
Teeso, Lewis 62; Heal Estate; Native; 426 Bush 


123 — 

M«aet Agol Ocos Natt Local residonca 

Teose, Louis Jr., 37| Merchant; Pennsylvania; Dupont, near 

Sacramento St. June 20, 1866 
Teldomann, Martin 33 j Driver; Naturalized; Clay & Davis 
Teltraan, August G, 43; Merchant; Naturalized; 306 Tehama 
Teller, John Dopeystor 47; Broker; ^*atlv0; 745 Howard 
Temple, Isaac ^adkson 36| Comralsalon merchant; Native; 

1217 Greenwich; June 27, 1866 
Temple, Hufus 32; Caulker; Native; 570 Howard 
Tempieton, Henry 'i^orton 35; Capitalist; Native; Cosmopolitan 

Hoteli Aug. 6, 1B66 
Tonnent, Tliomas 43; instrument nakor; Pennsylvania; 

1004 Leavenworth; July 28, 1886 
Term, William Level 51; Fruit dealer; Native; 214 Washington 
Terrlll, Charles Carroll 33; Chip oarpenter; Native; Oriental 

Hotel; July 27, 1866 
Terry, Charles iianllton 40| Engineer: Native; 43 Ecker 
Terry, Conklln Caleb 46; Carpoiter; Native; 163 Perry 
Terry, Thomas 25| Hosemakor; Native; Rear of 212 Broadway 
Terwilleger, Kdwln i'orter 30; Carpenter; i^atlve; 9 Dupont 
Terwilliger, Napoloon B noparte 36; Broker; *^^ative; 143 4th 
Teash, James 26; Butcshtj?; Native; Cor, Sansome & Bush 
Tesmore, Sgloaon 36; Market; Naturalized; 203 Dupont 
Tetlow, Sariuel 42; TJieatre propj*letor; Naturalized; 

706 Washington; Aug. 6, 1866 
Tevis, Lloyd 42; Heal Estate; Native; S.E.Cor. Taylor & Jailskson 
Tewksbex'ry, Mai^cus Romulus 46; Physician; Native; 635 Market 
Thaokerey, William 28; Spinner; Naturalized; Polsora, bet. 

Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
Thayer, Amaaa 41; Hatter; Native; 772 Mission 
lliayer, Andrew Kllot 45; Attomey-at-luw; Native; Ore«iwioh, 

near Sansome; July 16, 1806 
Thayer, ftenry Newell 31; Blacksmith; Native; 321 Pine 
Thayer, John Slater 33; Mass. Milkman; Union and Fillmore 
Thayer, Silas Calvin Eaton 37; Salesman; Native; Belden Block 
Hiayer, Wales 39; Nurse; Native; Stockton and Francisco 
Theilacker, William Gottlib 39; Hadcman; Naturalized; California 

near Kaamy; July 16, 1866 
Theis, Henry 53; Baker; Naturalized; 115 St. %rk*s Place 
Theise, Andrew August 42; Physician; Naturalized; N.E. corner 

/••eamy and Sutterx June 20, 1866 
Theller, ^saao 56; Hatter; ^ative; Francisco, near Stockton 
Thwi, Benedict 32; Musician; Naturalized; 10 Quincy Place 
Theobald, William Wallace 61; iiditor; Native; Oriental iiotel 
Thibault, Frederick James 46; liotary Public; Native; 

921 Jackson; June 26, 1066 
Thels, Henry 31; Drayman; Naturalized; 1709 IXipont 
Thile, Lewis 36; Liquors; Naturalised; 417 Montgomery 
Thing, Albert Franklin 25| Teamster; Native; 23 First 
Thoene, August 35 j ^'aborer; Naturalized; Heron, near Polsom & 8th 
Thomas, Charles Walton 36; Manufacturer; ^atlve; 611 Pine 
Thomas, Edward 52; Engineer; Native; tteav en wo rth,nr. Lombard 
Thomas, Edwin William 33; Clerk; Native; 110 Preelon 

— — 124 — — 


Ago I 



Local residence 

Thoc«8, Eloazor 52; Olerj^yman; Native; Dorland, bet. 18th Sc 19th 

Thomas, Frank K' 29 j Wood dealer; ^^ativej 465 Jessie 

Thoraas, George H, 29; Clerk; Native; li.'V.cor, Ridley & Mission 

Tiiomas, Henry 35; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 106 Eddy 

Thomas, Henry Ashoroft 43| Clerk; Naturalized; Post, near Mason 

Kiomas, Joel Louzoll 49; Toamster; Native; Fell, east of Franklin 

Thomas, John Edward 26; Painter; Native; 741 Market 

Thomas, Joiin Kaspor 47; Merchant; Naturalized; Valencia, between 

16th & 17th Sts. June 30, 1066 
Thomas, John Meredith 42; Saloon-keeper; Naturalized; 32 Stewart 
Thomas, Johnson J« 38; Painter; Native; 26 Howard Court 
Thomas, ^'atrlck Joseph 36; Painter; Naturalized; S.S.ValleJo, 

bet* Hyde and I^arkin 
Thoinason, Kdwin R. 28; lifjgineer; ^<ative; 44 Tehama 
Thomas, William 53; i«aborer; ^Naturalized; First Ave,, between 

15th and 16th. 
Thoraford, Henry Andrew 29; Grocer; Naturalized; IBIO Powell 
Thompson, Andrew 41; Real Estate; ^^ative; K.rj, Comer Dolores 

and Fifteenth 
Thompson, Andrew 48; Marketman; Naturalized; Oak Ave, 
Thompson, David Henry 39; Miner; i^'atlve; Husa House 
Tliompson, DeWitt Clinton 39; Insurnnce; Native; 12 Hawthorne 
Thompson, Oeorj^e 36; Laborer; ^^atlve; 40 Jackson 
Thompson, George Giiristopher 47; Soda works; Native; 527 Union 
Thompson, Hartwell Carver 36; Printer; Native; Cor. Union and 

Montgomery Sta. July 14, 1866 
Thompson, Ira Dante 47; i^erciiant; Native; 768 Harrison 
Thompson, Jataos 29; Laborer; Naturalized; 150 Nat(Mna 
Thompson, John 36; Drayman; Naturalized; Montgomery, between 

Filbert and Greenwich 
Thompson, John 45; Laborer; Naturalized; 163 Jessie 
Thompson, John Bally 35; Caulker; Native; Block 3B9, Potrero 
Thompson, Lewis H. 23; Blacksmith; ^'ative; 15 Second 
Thompson, Lucius 47; Jeweler; ^ative; 412 
Thompson, Richard H. 24; Teanstor; **atlvQ; 

Thompson, Robert 47; }3aker; i^ative; 1138 f 
Thompson, Robert A. Jr., 33; Coal merchant; 

Thomps on 


Juniper, bet. 10th 
Native; 11th, bet. 

Montgomery & Market 
Robert Augustus Sr.,55; Attorney; Native; 19 Verona 
Robert 40; Watchman; ^^atlve; 748 Harrison 
Rufus Wadleigh 34; Superintendent; Maine; 1225 Clay 
Samuel 26; Grainer; Hative; —Mission 
Samuel 32; Madilnist; ^'ative; 361 First 
Smith Bentley 45; Carpenter; Native; 373 Brannan 
'^omaa 42; V/ell borer; Naturalized; 262 Clementina 
Thomas 35; Iron moulder; Naturalized; 18 Oak St. 
Thornton 32; Machinist; Naturalized; 10 Oak 
IVilder Thorias 65; l-iarlner(Maater) ; Native; 112 ^ason 
V/illlam 51; Boilormak«r; Naturalized; 21 Baldwin Court 
Hone; Naturalized; Bornal "eights 
Jr. 42; Real Estate; "atlve; 837 Mission 

V/m. 56; 

Soda works; 

ThORipson, Willi am 

Delmater 25; 

Lorraine 33; Clerk; ^''atlve; 

and Montgomery. 
Seeley 44; **orchant; **ative; 


527 Union 

213 Turk 

125 -— 

Nanot Ago' Occt Natt Local roaldonce 

Thomson, Jamaa 39; Bricklayer; Hatlvo| 205 Fourth 
Thomson, WllUam 35; Lodgin/',-house koapar; Naturallaadj 

lias ♦'ackson 
Thomson, VVm*Alom 77; None; Native; 3.alda 16th, nr. Harrison 
ThoDison, Willi ara Oliver 31; Laundryman; New York; **residlo Road 
Thorndlke, Chas, Ulrrior 33; Mason; ^^atlve; 109 Parry 
Thoma, Kdward Blrkay 46; liiglneer; ^atlva; Broadway VVharf, 

on the steamer California 
Thoma, Isaac i^ewton 41; Lawyer; i^iatlve; Howard, near 17th 
l^ronlilll, Joaapti 33; Clerk; Naturalized; 810 Gi^an 
Thornton, Abel 37; Hotal-kaapar; ^^atlve; 741 Market 
Thornton, Janes D, 43; ^wyer; Native; Mission, o et.7th & 8th 
Thourj^uest, ^:5iarles 34; Boardin/',; Naturalized; 20 Commerolal 
Thrall, Henry Uomer 42; Dentist; Native; 1009-1/2 StQckton 
Throckmorton, S.inual Redding 57; Lanciholder; i^atlvo; 716 Mission 
Thro okraor ton, Samuel Redding Jr,ki3; Civil engineer; ^"ativa; 

716 Mission; July 11, 1866 
Thurber, Albert Ellsher 37; Milkman; Native; Old San Jose Road 

near ia6th, Aug.8, 1866 
Thurman, Jolin \ifilllam 4*2; Merchant; Native; Taylor, nr. Filbert 
Thurston, Nathaniel 60; Physician; Native; Cor.^^nd & Folsom 
Thya, Michael 60; Laborer; i^aturalizad; Bryant t: Fii'st 
Tlbbals, William 25; Teamster; Native; Cor. Hills & Taylor 
Tlbbots, Jas, Albion 39; Farmer; Native; 318 Davis 
Tlbbatts, laalaii 27; Caulker; ^*ative; 315 Harrison 
nbbets, Steven M. 60; Physician; Native; Cox^, 4th & Howard 
Tloe, Henry Moody 36; Brick-maker; Native; Har rl son, nr. 16th 
Tlca, William Stlllwall 40; Teamster; ^^atlve; Larkin, aotwaan 

Post and ^aary 
Tiohenor, Henry Baldwin 43; Merchant; Native; 433 Second 
Tichenor, Stephen J. 30; Porter; i^ativo; 341 Jessie 
Tidball, Scott 46; Artist; "ative; 704 Sutter 
Tiernan, "^atridc 39; Shipbuilder; Naturalized; Potrero 
Tiaman, Rioliard 34; Hay & grain dealer; **ative; 1st Ave. bet. 

14th & 15th. Aug. 11, 1866 
Tiamay, James 49; Laborer; Naturalized; Filbert, between 

San some & MontgomexT" 
Tiemlan, Michael 40; Gartman; Naturalized; Cor. -i3attery and 

Tieroff, Augustus 42; Grocer; Naturalized; 1118 i^eamy 
Tlatz, Adam 46; Barber; Naturalized; 416 Rolsom 
Tletjan, John 39; Carpenter; Naturalized; Shotwall, bat 15th 

and 16th 
Tietzraan, Herman 37; Clerk; Naturalized; Cor. Pine & St. Marys 
Tiffany, Owan 40; V/aiter; ^*aturallzad; Union, nr. Larkin 
Tiffany, Robert Joioe 45; Hatter; New York; S. '.7. Comer 

Stockton and Clay 
Tiffwiy, William 29; Clerk; ^atlvo; 60 Natoma 
Tlfft, Kdward V/lnslow 27; Cigar dealer; Native; 706 iiason 
Tifft, Marvin 44; Street broker; Native; Oriental Hotel 
Tigel, William 44; Machinist; ^Naturalized; 160 First 
Tighe, Joiin 46; Lawyer; i^aturallzed; 15 Union Place 
Tllden, Alphonso Pitch 34; Lawyer; Native; 138 Perry 
Tllden, diaries -^wndal 45; Carpenter; Mass.: 8 Qulnoy 
Tllden, Harmon J. 40; Lawyer; Native; 437 Natoma 

126 — - 





Local r9a0 

Tlldon, Haber Nutter 37 1 Merohantj Native; 20'd Montgomery 
Tild«n, Rldgely blj R.R. Conductor; Native; Gilbert Street 
Tilden, Tlioraas 61 j Merchant; Maasaohuaetts; Comer Market and 

Tilford, Frank 'd5; Boatman; Native; i^019 Mason 
Tllghman, 'rhomaa Hanaond 37; Clerk; Native; Devisadero^ north 

of McAllister 
Tilloy, Charles IJruna.^lck aS2; Clerk; hatlve; 529 Union 
Tilley, Willl«n Jacob 44; Merchant; Naturalized; 5ii9 Union 
Tllllnghaat, William 11, 4k{; Inaurance; Native; lkil8 Polaom 
Tillman « Augustus 31; Hameaa maker; Naturalized; 261 Jeaale 
Tillman, ©lemons 66; Manufuoturer; Naturalized; 105 Eighth 
Tillman, WllHan J. J37; Saddler; Native; 105 Eighth 
Tillson, Char lea I Painter; Native; 310 Sutter 
Tilton, Chas* Enoch 24; Liquors; Native; American Exchange 
Tiltan, Charles Henry 24; Collector; Native; 14 Third 
Tllton, John Cotler 40; Superintondant P.S.Maine; Pine & Polk 
Tilton, Stephen S. 43; Harbor Commissi oner; New Hanpshire; 

Presidio Road 
TinmlnB, Francis 32; Plasterer; Naturalized; 108 St. Mark's i*lace 
Tlrapsen, Ooorgo Henry 27; V/hitener; Native; N.l;. corner Powell 

and Washington 
Tlngley, Geo.Marshall 21} Clark; Native; 510 Sacrsmento 
Tlnkhan, Harrison 42; Seaman; Native; 303 Fremont 
Tlnldiam, l>4yi*on Mortimer 35; Clerk; Native; 229 Jeasie 
Tinne^y, James 25; ?yi»otechnlat; Naturalized; 429 Jeaale 
Tlnne^r, Patrick 41; Expressman; Natu3?al!.zed; 206 Vallejo 
Tlnquay, Franklin Flavius 43; Fumitiire dealer; i^ative; 

Old San Bruno Road 
Tlppett, Charlea Louis 34; Clerk; Virginia; Keamy,nr. Sacramento 
Tlrrell, Prince Henry 36; Manufacturer; Native; 216 Stockton 
Tlrrell, Peter 40; I«iborer; Naturalized; In block between 

Filbert & Greenwich Jc Sansome & Montgomery 
Tiadall, iiidward V/iae 23; Clerk; Native; 112 Sixth 
Tladale, Thomas Ralph 52; Clerk; Naturalized; 136 Minna 
Tltcomb, Amoa Holden 39; %rchant; Native; 107 0»Farrell 
Tltoomb, John Henxry 43; Clork^P.C; Native; 759 Market 
Tithe, Owen 40; Porter; Naturalized; 171 Jesale 
Tittel, Augustus 47; Brickl^r^rj Naturalized; Mission, between 

14th and 15th. July 30, 1866 
Tit tell, Charlea 42; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 415 Bush 
Tlttell, Gtfirad 32; Omitted in Or. Reg. of 1866; Naturalized; 

401 Bush St. Aug.l, 1066- 3th Ward 
Tlttell, lilmeat 40; Paperhanger; Naturalized; Cor. Bush and 

Mary Lane 
IVilliam F.G. 30; Asaayer; Naturalized; 417-1/2 Buah 
Frederick Gotleib Krdman 34; Real Estate; Naturalized; 


115 Mason; July 7, 1866 - 8th Ward 
Titus, DeWltt 30; Hone; Native; ^7i5 I4inna 
Titus, John 'jL^addeua 33; Plumber; Native; 281 Minna 
Toboy, Albert Rice 31; Joiner; Native; 63 Natoma 
Tobey, Jm es N.H.30; Sv,lp Joiner; Native; 513 Howard 
Tobey, ^'^tin John ki5; Bartender; Nativ«; Third and King 

.- 127 

Names Agol OocS Matt Local res* 

Tobey, William Hesiry 41| Printer | Native | 1000 Market 
Toboy, Denis 38; Briokmaker; Naturalized; Fifth h PeriT 
Tobln, Patrick 36| Laborer; NaturaliEed; 209 Perry 
Tobln^ Rldiard 32; Lawyer; Naturallssed; 610 Uason 
Tobln, Richard 34; Clez4c; Naturalised; 313 Sansome 
Tobln, Robert Joiin 39; Juatice-of -Peace; Naturalized; 

Stockton, near Green 
Todd, Alexander Hamilton 38; Merchant; Native; 635 Second 
Todd, John 38; Merchant; Native; Gor. Eddy and Hyde 
Todd, John Morton 28; Lawyer; Native; 314 Broadway 
Toklaa, Max 30; iierd-iait; Naturalized; 131 Montgomery 
Tolan, CJaorge ]3ower8 40; Hiysiclan; New Hampshire; 902 Stoditon 
Toland, Frank 30; Driver; l^ativo; 715 Market 
Toland, Hugh Huger 40; Physician; Native; 810 Jackson 
Toland, William John 29 1 Laborer; Native; 705 iiarket 
Tollaln, Francis 34; Railroad-man; Naturalized; 234 Minna 
Tollay, William Wallace 39| Bricklayer; Native; 22 Geary 
Tomkins, l41nthome M,30| Clerk; i*ative; 729 Sutter 
Tomklnson, Joseph 35; Clerk; Naturalized; 925 Pos^ 
Tonkins, Andrew <^ackson 36; R«H«Flreman; Native; American Exchange 
Tompkins, Triomas B, 38; Butcher; Native; 3 Central Place 
Tompkins, Walter ^ewltt 41; lawyer; ^ativo; G.S.ValleJo, west 

of Stockton 
Tompkins, William "erbert 36; Sawyer; Native; 44 •^essle 
Toner, Patrick McCloud 25; *'aborer; Naturalized; Gor* and 

Battery. June 13, 1866 
Tonry, Janes 42; Express wagon; Naturalized; Ohio Street 
Tool, I^iwrence 35; Carpenter; Naturally od; 114 Bush 
Toole, David 38; Laborer; Naturalized; 52 Stevenson 
Toole, Jisnes 40; Shoemaker; Naturalized; Webster Street 
Toole y, Thomas 52; Laborer; Naturalized; 12 Natoma St. 
Toomey, Jeremiah 40; Gardener; Naturalized; 160 Minna 
Toothaker, John Harrison 42; Blacksmith; Native; 1304 Pacific 
Toothlll, Peter 34; Laborer; Naturalized; 452 Natoma 
Toplitz, Fabian 34; HercJiant; Naturalized; 218 Turk 
Timbolia, Malte L. 47; Engineer; Naturalized; Monitor Comanche 
Toming, Andrew 51; ?ai liter; Naturalized; Cor. Market and 

San some 
Torpley, Michael 35; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 206 First 
Torr, George VSTashington 50; V/atchman; Native; 416 Filbert 
Torrea, John 27; Jar driver; Native; 214 Tehama 
Torrey, Eraatus Hilos 53; Builder; Maine; 516 Dupont 
Torrey, James 55; Joiner; Native; 516 DupcHit Street 
Torres, Jonathan Gushing 34; }iiiglneer; Massachusetts | 

8 Spoffard Place; July 12, 1866 • 6th Ward 
Torrence, John 49; Carpenter; Pennsylvania; Keamy,nr. Sacramento 
Torrens, George 50; Con tractor; Naturalized; G lay, near Larkln 
Torrence, Robert 48; R.R. Agent; Naturalized; Brevoort House 
Totheroh, Augustus Rothonburg 30; Printer; Native; 171 Minna 
Tothill, John 46; Druggist; Native; ^owell & Union 
Touhill, Maurice 31; Stair-builder; Naturalized; 509 0»Farrell 
Toule, Frank Benjamin 22; Milkman; Old San Jose Road. 

Belroche City; July 28, 1866 

— 128 — 

Xamt Ago! Oocf Hatt Looal ros. 

Touny, William 45) Laboror; Katurallzad; Mason^naar V^allejo 
Towan,Stophon 42; i^rchantj Naturallzad; 1302 ^aaon 
Towor, Charles H, 44j Boilorraakar; Native; Dora St.Noar PoXsota 
Towor, Ellphalet 52; Carpontor; Native; Sutter, opposite 

Lick House 
Tower, Levi Nicholas 52; Saw Smith; Native; 519 Leavenworth 
Towle, Gaorge V7asliington Jr,23; Inspector C.H,; l^atisfe; 

G09 Folsom 
Towle, Jas. ^^artin 41; Captain; Naturalized; Sacranonto, bet. 

Montgomery and Kearny; June 22, 1866 
Towle, William J. 34; Miner; Native; 800 Hov/ard 
Towles. Wellington Bensley 31; Tinsmith; Native; 724 Market 
Town, Henry Augustus 32; Carpenter; i'ativo; 141 Jessie. 
Towne, James W. 58; Printer; Native; 13th, bet. Howard & Mission 
Towne, Willi am Htsiiy 31; Photographer; Native; 770 Howard 
Townsend, Charles ^azelgrave 36; Cabinetmaker; Naturalized; 

25 Welch 
Townsend, Edward 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 37 Valparaiso 
Townsend, James Dradish 49; lawyer; Native; Cor. «^ackson and 

Mon tgomery 
Townsend, James Smith 31; Clerk; Native; 51 Tehama 
Townsend, Martin Packard 44; Sailmaker; Native; Fotrero 
Toyer, Lewelling 22; Porter; Native; 427 Front 
Traoey, William Frederick 24; Clerk; Native; 41 Everett 
Tracy, Asa Cumnings 31; Laborer; I'Jative; Potrero 
Tracy, Charles Gat^rworth 42; Engineer tx. Surveyor; Native; 

Oriental Hotel; Aug. 6, 1866 
Tracy, Jonas lAwrence 51; Stevedore; Native; 754 Mission 
Tracy, John 40; Ireland; Laborer; Lombard, near* Polk 
Tracy, Lawrence 43; Laborer; Naturalized; 266 Jessie 
Tracy, Thomas Gamier 21; Clerk; Native; 41 Everett 
Tracy, Thomas 39; Boilermaker; Naturalized; 132 First 
Trade, Peter 36; Sailor; Naturalized; 522 Stevenson 
Trapley, Lindsej' Bakor 64; I^ews paper Carrier; Native; 

Govemraent House; San some Street 
Trash, John Boardnm 43; Physician; Native; 206 Kearny 
Trask, Joslah Calvin 46; Carpenter; Native; Fols(Mn, between 

22nd and 23rd. 
Trask, Josiah Washington 34; Miner; Native; Chicago Hotel; 

Paciric St. Must produce certificate of 
removal; Aug. 6, 1866 
Trask, Seth R. 30; Machinist; Native; 61 Tehama 
Trautvetter, Andrew 37; Shoemaker; Naturalized; 225 Fourth 
Travis, George Whitefield 35; Woolgrower; Native; 

Stevenson House; June 20, 1866 
Travis, Jaines Rlchlieu 40; Carriage owner; Naturalized; 

1425 Kearny; July 12^ 1866 
Travis, John 35; Stable keeper; Naturalized; 14ii5 Kearny 
TrtLxler, Robert Prine 25; Carpenter; l^ative; 504 Howard 
Tray lor, William Wilson 44; J^'larchant; Native; 924 Jackson 
Traynor, Patrick 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 440 Jessie 
Treadwell, Jas. Parker 40; Lawyer; Native; 528 Clay 
Treat, George 47; Parmer; Native; 24th, b etween Howard and 

-— 129 

Namot Agos Oco* Natl Local res. 

Treat t James Whitman 35| Chlropodlsti Watlvo| 912 Keamy 

Treat. Joiin 44 1 Farmer; Native; Hflmpshirei bet. 4:i4th & 25th 

Tremble, William 52; Teamster; Kew York; Lombard & Gough 

Tremper, Peter 35; Ship carpenter; liatlve; Potilero 

Treutigor, Gustaf Robert 39; Baker; Naturalized; 1311 Stockton 

Triber, Palk 37; I^ealerj Naturalized; 635 Howard 

Trichell, IVm. Lettider 41; Physioian; Native; 16th, bet, Valencia 

S.slde h Mission 3ta. 
Trickel, i'52eklol Cooper 30; Fruit dealer; Native; 805 Leavenworth 
Tricorn, ^ienry reter 36; Clerk; Native; S.i;. Comer Taylor 

and Ellis 
Triggs, James 32; *4erohant; Naturalized; 215 Stevenson 
Trilling, Anton 37; Grocer; Naturalized; 1014 Jackson 
Trimble, Daniel 41; Teamster; Native; Cor. Taylor & Ellis 
Tripp, George Sanford 32; Cooper; Amative; 12 Sutter 
Tripp, Philander Franklin 35; Hestaurant; Native; 143 Third 
Tripp, Silas Olfford 57; Psrroteohnist (sic); Native; 

N .w, cor. ^amy and Brady 
Trof alter, Geor,^e Laason 44; Clerk; Native; Bush St. west of 

Troost, Charles 49| Merchant; Naturalized; 1322 Dupont 
Troutt, Hlrsm Janes Morris 49; Merciiant; Wativa; Comer Steiner 

and Tyler)-;' 
Troy II Patrick 33; Messen'^ijor; Naturalized; N.h.cor. Clay 2c Mason 
Troy, Vifm.Hodsklns 33; Laborer; Naturalised; Preoita 
Trudbody, Jolrm 58; Farmer; Naturalized; 1000 V/ashington 
Truesdale, Vincent Geo. 21; Clerk; Native; V/ebb '^ Sacramento 
Truesdale, Orri.n P. 32; Printer; Naturalized; Cor. 13th & Mission 
Truett, Fred G. 34; Mechanic; Native; Cor. 6th & Howard 
Trumbull, Charles Wlllian 34; Clerk; Native; 36 Everett 
Trump, Isaac 34; Gas fitter; Native; 37 Natoma 
Trumps, William 24; Baker; Native; 1400 Dupont 
Tryon, Charles W. 38; Builder; Native; Washington Ave. find 

Tubbs, Alfred L. 39; Merchant; Native; Cor. Fremont & Harrison 
Tubbs, Michael 63; l<atlve; 220 Third 
Tuchdsky, Julius 28; .Uerk; Naturalized; 25 StonA 
Tucker, Jolin W, 45; Jeweler; Native; N.w. cor. Beale & Harrison 
Tucker, John 34; Boai>dinn; House; Naturalized; 840 Market 
Tucker, Nion R^ 38; Mason; Natuj'alized; 508 Mason 
Tucker, Rueben 33; Police; Natui*allzed; 508 Mason 
Tulite, Rudolph 31; Store-keeper; Natui^allzed; 1 Stewart 
Tulley, Jolrm 40; Gartrnan; Naturalized; Cor. Union & Sansome. 
Tulley, John Michael 5G; Laborer; Natui^alJzed; Mission, bet. 

23rd ^5 24th. July 10, 1866 
Tulley, Lewis 39; Madriinist; Naturalized; Potrero 
Tulley, <?ottir 33; Solicitor; Watui^alized; Manhattan Engine 

Tsilly, Coleman 45; *^ar chant; MaturaD.ized; 45 Natom* 
Turn Suden, John Uairy 30; Saloon keeper; Jiaturalized; 

506 0*Farrell; July 17, I8660 
Tumstead, Janes 24; Teamster; Matui^lized; 225 O'Parrell 
Tumstead, Thomas 28; Tanner; Ireland; Lombard & Ootavla 
Tuoray, William 40; Laborer; Naturalized; 7 Natoma 
Turk, Henry 25; Bakor; Naturalized; Vallejo, near Mason 
Turk, James 34; Boardinghouso keeper; Naturalized; 

115 «Jaokaon; Aug. 3, 1866 

— 130 — - 





Loo* res, 

Turner, Albion Gilnan 47j U.Pargo & Co»; New Hatapahlrei 

60B' Pin© 
Turner, Alvin Ganady 45| Butcher j Natlvef 324 Vallejo 
Tur*ner, Andrew 47 1 laborwr; Naturalized; 11th, bet. Mission 

and Market; July 'd5, 1866 
Turner, Andrew J. 37 1 Clerk; Native; 3Jao Beale 
Turner, Cephas 43 1 Manufacturer ; Maine; Q^'d California 
Turner, Charles 0. 40; Merchant; Native; 16 Guy Place 
Tumor, Gtx)rge 30; Manufacturer; Naturalized; Kearny, near 

Turner, Qeor/^e Runey 37; Civil Engineer; Native; Vallejo, 

S.S, bet, Taylor and Jones 
Turner, Horatio Nelson 43; i^ar chant; Native; Polsora, nejar 17th 
Turner, James Ellas 34; Milkman; Massachusetts; Presidio Road 
Turner, John 57; U.S.Branch ISlnt; Native; Pier kiO, Stewart 
Turner, i^thew 41; iiariner; Native; Third and Berry 
Turner, Richard Banks 49; Hay Dealer; Tennessee; Lombard and 

Gougli; June kJ9,1866 
Turner, Timothy I*iwrentz 30; Salesman; Native; 717 Howard 
Turner, Willi «u Henry 37; ^^achinlst; Native; 509 Leavenworth 
Tumey, Job Plnokham iiS; Carpenter; Mass; California, nr. 

Tumey, John Henry 53; BrlcklayGr; Native; 615 Market 
Tumey, John Hilton 50; Bank ■'•eller; New York; Comer Clay and 

Stockton; Aug. 4, 1366 
Turpln, Prank 3ii; Trader; Native; Aciorican iSXohang* 
Turrell, Oliver Bamura 38; Printer; Native; S.W. comer Hyd« 

tsxd Jackson 
Turrell, Madison Hollister 37; Wood dealer: Native; 512 Third 
Tuttle, William H. SS ; Carpenter; *'*atlve; Howard, b etween 

12th and 13th 
Tuttls, William Sidney 38; Mariner; Native; 56 Minna 
Twelker, Henry 36; Barkea^er; Native; 541 Clay 
Twlng, Daniel H. 36; Wood dealer; Native; 468 Jessie 
Twlsthacimer- Frederick 31; Musician; Naturalized; 708 Filbert 
Twltohell, Henry Morris ii4; Laborer; Native; cor. Spring and 

Twohlg, Jeremiah 38; Foreman stable: Naturalized; 0*Farrell alley 
Tyler, Charles Morse 24; i^«^ chant; Native; 21 Taylor 
iidward Spauldlng 31; *^or chant: Conn.; 1009 Clay 


George iidwin 48; Auctioneer; ^ativa; Beldtan Block i 



3U3h & Montgomery; June IB, 1866 
Washington 38; Lawyer; Vermont; Vallejo and 
Buohanwi; July 30, 1866 
Tyler, Geor^^e WllHam 40; Gomn. ^-^erchant; Native; 322 Sutter 
Tyl«r, Samuel 50; i^archant; Native; 21 Taylor 
Tylor, Simon H. 46; Salt dealer; Native; 125 Sixth 
Tynan, Piitriok 35; Teauater; Naturalized; 521 Bryant 
Tynon, William Daly 39; Tailor; Naturalized; 125 Bush 
Tyrell, laichael 33; Deck hand on stesmer; Natui'allzed; 

Broadway St. Wharf 
Tyrrell, tferomiah 28; Dra:/man^ ^^ativej 14 Stanford 
Tyson, Jacob 31; ^presanan; i^ativo; iiayes, east of Octavia 

itiid of names beginning wl th T 

June IB, 1948- typed by Mrs. W.S.Perry, Roseville, California 


131 — 

Haoes starting with tho letter U 

Msmot Agos Ooct Nat) Xooal rosldenoe 

Uhly, Prodorlok 46 | Watchman; Haturallzodj 3 Burgoyn© 
Uhrlandt, iiorman liaanuol 39; Butler; Prussia; Fort Point 
Ulmor, Moses 31j Tobacconlatj Naturalized; Revere House; 

Pine Street 
Ulrioh, Jacob ki9; liarber; Naturalized; 507 Dupont S|r. 
Underhill, Gilbert iinoch 46; Furniture dealer; iiative; 

735 Market St. 
Underhill, Jacob 43; Merchant; Native; lAdk House 
Underlilll, Josepli Isaac Isroal 43; Constable; Native; 30 Third 
Underiilll, William 50; Clerk; Native; Molggs Wharf 
linger, Adolph 40; ^rohant; Naturalized; 26 Rincon Place 
Ungenaah, John 33; Carpenter; Naturalized; 23 i^verett 
Dhger, Henri ch Herman 31; Miller; Naturalized; 

S Sherwood i'lace; June 'J7 , 1866 
Upham, Wlllard J, 21; Clerk; Native; iJeale, between Poison 

and Harrison; July 27, 1066 • 7th Ward 
Upton, 'Jhorles Daniel 33; Kxpress; Native; 122 Natoraa 
Upton, Eugene Allen 47; Printer; Native; N.sido Waahington, 

bet. Taylor and Jones 
Upton, Jo|m 27; Printer; Native; 4 Pella Place 
Upton, John P. 49; Printer; "ativa; 4 Pella Place 
Upton, Matthew Gilbert 36; Editor; Naturalized; 53 Hawthorne 
Urquhart, James Simon 27; Telep;raph operator; N«w York; 

1008 Clay; Aug. 2, 1866 
Urton, Williara Laban 43; Wharfinger; Kentucky; Webster and 

Francis CO 
Uriier, Joseph 37; Miner; Naturalized; 168 Minna 
Utae, Adam 30; l)yer; Clormany; Black Point; July 20, 

All of nanes starting with letter U 

Roaeville, California, June 13, 1948 
Mrs. William S. Perry (Maude Belden) 
State Ghaimaa^ Crenoalof^ical Records Committee. 1946-' 48 

Page — 132 

Nanos beginning with -• V — 

Names A,ret Ooc< Nats Local res* 

Vail, Edward J. 54; Writer; Native; 6 Central Place 
Valontln©, Andi^oas 6i^j Carpenter; Naturalized; German Hall 
Valentine, Charles Elwood ii3; Clei'kj Native; 507 fiontgoraery 
Valentine, Saioaon Dykeman «?7; Printer; Native; Belden ^^t. 
Valvsntine, William Taoker 27; Moulder; ^^atlve; ••Jessie 
Valleau, iTiomas Parker 41; Inspector Customs; Amative; 

Bem€u:»d, near Taylor 
Vallelv, Edward 158; Carpenter; Naturalized; Montgomery St. 
Van Antwarp, «^aoob Fonda 31; Carpenter; Native; Bailey House 
Van Bergan, Augustus 29; Minor; Naturalized; Montgomery and 

Van Bostel, llieodore 34; Carpenter; Naturalized; 723 0*Farrell 
Van Brunt, Hutgor K. 39; Insurance Agent; New York; 1310 Pine 
Vance, Isaac H, 23; Labortsr; ^^atlve; Harrison, bet. 7th & Bth 
Vance, Joseph 50; Clerk; Native; 218 Sacramento 
Vance, Willi aai 37; Conductor; Maine; Austin & Van Ness 
Van Court, Daniel lailor 50; Laborer; Native; 112 Bush 
Vancourt, James Edward 25; Photo -p^apher; Native; 423 Montganery 
Van Court, John Francis 45; Carriage trlianor; Native; 255 3rd. 
Van Court, John V/arron 39; Grocer; *'ative; Cor. of Hayes and 

Vancourt, Willlani Shirman 22; Photogrs¥)hor; Native; 

420 Montgomery 
Van Dall, Bartholen C, 40; Printer; Native; 927 Howard 
Vandenbergh, John Peter Philip 52; Phyalclanj Naturalized; 
Broadway, bet, Montgomery & Koamy 
Vandercook, Robert 39; Carpenter; Native; Cor. Fulton & Stelner 
Vanderheyden, Richard 60; Longshoreman; Native; Cor. Sansome and 

Vallejo. July 14, 1866 - 1st VVard 
Vanderlleth, Jacob 37; noteliceeper; Naturalized; 24 Sansome 
Vanderslice, VYllllam Kuiser 42; Silversmith; Perm. 1014 Powell 
Vanderoort, J.D. 35; Salesman; Native; 345 Minna 
Vandervoort, James A. 47; Dealer in produce; Native; Langton, 

bet. Folsora and Howard. 
Vandewater, Gorman 30; Nurse; ^Native; City Hospital 
Van Doren, Jonathan Edward 29; Bookseller; Native; Corner of 

Montgotriery & Paclflo 
Van Doren, Joseph 31; Trader; liatlve; Cor. Bush & Mason 
Van ]jom, Aaron 42; Sawyer; Native; Oriental Hotel 
Van Duyn, Edward Chilton 33; Saloon keeper; N©w York; Comer 

V/ashington and i^owell; July 14,1866 - 6th ward 
Van Duyn, Theodore D. 21; Clark; Native; 730 Bush 
Van Dyke, Joseph 55; Black anlth; Native; 440 Clementina 
Van Dyke, 'waiter 4ki; Lawyer; Native; Ist Ave. bet. 15th & 16tii 
Van Goistfeld, Henry Louis 42; Barber; Naturalized; 533 Broadway 
Van Hadlan, Herman 29; Boatman; Naturalized; Cor. Jackson 5c Davis 
Van Ilagan, Charles Collins 34; Engineer; Native; 964 Mission 
Van Hagan, J^aaac P. 76; Justice of the •'^eace; Native; 964 Mission 
Van Hagan, James Baacom 39; Clerk; Native; JIaarny, bet. Post 

and Sutter 
Van Kowson, vailiam 37; Butcher; Native; 106 Eddy 
Van Keuren, Abraham Hasbrook 3G; Clerk; Native; Montgomery Court 

133 — 

Namot Agot OocJ Nat J Local res. 

Van Noas, John Piatt 57 j Bulldor; Native j 747 Howard 

Van NaaSf Joaepli Wilson 24$ Maohanlo; Native | 747 Howard 

Van Nordon, Robort Tirapany 44j Stationer; Naturalized; 52 2nd 

Van Nostrand, Daniel 32; Clerk; Native; 15 Park Ave. 

Van Dyke, John 43 j Laborer; Naturalized; Folsora, nr. Beale 

Vai i'elt, Cornelius V, <i4; Clerk; Native; 34- l/2 Moss 

Vanorden, David Talnildgo 41; Contra otor; "atlve; 15i;i0 Stockton 

Van Pelt, David 48; Steanboat.tng; ^^atlve; 1010 Washington 

Van i'elt, ^eter 36; Clerk; Native; 708 *'o3t 

Van Pelt, :S«siuel Kollinger 26; Steward; Native; Occidental Hotel 

Van Reed, James H, 56; Real Estate; Native; 908 Howard 

Van Reynegon, Jolin Latour 58; G. House Officer; Penn,; 

1030 Washington 
Van Riper, Janes 44; Carpenter; Native; 906 Jackson 
Van Sohaaok, William 46; Carpenter; Native; 15th, between 

Mission & Howard; July ki8,1866- 11th Ward 
Van Sheaack, Chamicy Pel ton 29; Auctioneer; Native; 706 Kearny 
Van Slyke, Delo« Jcanes 28; Musician; Wisconsin; Prospect Place 
Van Straaten, Benjamin hiianuel 32; Teams tor; Naturalized; 
Hayes, east of Laguna;July 5,1866- 12th if'^ard 
Van Syokl9,Albert S. ii3; Clerk; I^ative; 322 Jessie 
Van Syckle, Ronaelar W, 55; Clerk; Native; 322 Jessie 
Van Taasall, "Theodore 32; Native; Agent; 641 Folsora; July 17 
Vanthusen, Cornelius Wllber 28; Blacksmith; New York; 523 Koamy 
Van tine, James 56; Merchant; Native; 614 Mason 
Van Winkle, Isaac Sohoonmaker 41; Merchant; Native; 29 Silver 
Van Wyok, Henry Laurance 22; Accountant; i'^ew York; 809 Stockton 
Van Zandt, Jolin Washington 41; Fhyaiolan ; Native; Geary,nr,Larkin 
Vam^, Lsbbans H, 47; Carpenter; Native; 611 Powell 
Varney, Lincoln 33; Painter; Native; Halls Court; Dupont 
Vamey, 'ihoraas 48; Laborer; Native; Cor, Stewart & Mission 
Varney, Tliomaa 48; ileal instate; Vermont; 1012 Clay 
Vary, Charles Rose 69; Mechanic; Native; 512 Third 
Vary, James Hanry 36; Hackman ; Native; 544 Third 
Vasconcellos, Joseph James 27; Photographer; Naturalized; 

71 Clacientlna; Aug. 6, 1866 
Vassault, Perdinaid 46; Merchant; Native; Cor, Pine &; Montgomery 
Vau;5han, Alfonso Hyaon 26; Dealer; Native; 43 Rltch 
Vau^an, Frederick 29; Conductor; Native; 200 Third 
Vaughan, John 22; Drayman; NaturaUzed; Town send & 3rd, 
Vaughaa, Michael 36; Cook; Naturalized; 310 Vallejo 
Vau^an, William 32; Stevedoro; Native; Beale, near Folsom 
Vaughn, George (Jr,) 31; Carpenter; Native; How ard,ni', Second. 
Vaughn, Seth 28; Clerk; Native; ICureka House; Pine Street 
Vaughn, William 66; Sexton; New Hampsliire; 618 Pine 
Veasey, ^orluy 35; Butcher; New Hampshire; 1123 Taylor 
Veatoh, Joseph James 24; linployee in Mint; Native; Kuss House 
Veoder, Peter Vroraan 41; Cler^^yman; Native; Cor, Stockton & Geary 
Veira, Jesse Edgington 47; Clerk; Native; 22 Allen Street 
Velbort, -foter 35; Grocer; Naturallr.od; 202 First 
Venn, ThcMnas 37; Musician; i^aturallzed; Valparaiso St, 
Vennie, John 35; Cooper; Native; 7 Central Place 
Verdenal, Dominique Francis 24; Lawyer; ^!atlvo; 1114 Stockton 
Vordonal, Jolin Martin 2€>; Lawyer; Native; 1234 Dupont 
Verein, Adolpli 44; Bootmakar; Naturalized; 732 Montgomery 
Vernard, Waldemar Robert 38; Painter; Natui-allzed; 1906 Powell 
Vernon, Charles 49; Real Estate; Florida; 812 Stockton 


Namos Agos Ooot Nats Local rosidonce 

Vernon, Josoph Poaroe 35| Salosnan; Native; Goi»» Markat & 3rd 

Vorriil, Calvin Millott 31| Sawyarj Native; Cor, Howard & Third 

Votter, Alfred 34; Painter; Native; H'dS Dupont 

VI oo, Martina 54; Boat-bulldor; Native; Mary Lano,^une 5,1066 

Vlokors, Jerome Gelletta 25; Printer; Native; 1609 Mason 

Vlgouroux, Peter M« 44; VAiarflngor; Native; 17 Clomontlna 

Vincent, Artliur ii6; Drayman; I^atlve; 612 Larkln 

Vincent, Daniel 50; Carpenter; Native; 612 Larkln 

Vincent, Jcihn Paddock 24; Carpenter; Native; 612 Larkln 

Vincent, Sarauel 4o; Laborer; Native; Townaend & Second 

Viner, John Henry 65; Trader; Naturalized; Cor# Hinckley aid 

Plnclmey; July 24, 1866- 4th Ward 
Vinlza, Charlea 52; Jlacksuiith; Naturalized; 630 Vallejo 
Vizzard, Joseph Hemv 24; Blaokanith; Native; Cor, 3rd k Mission 
Viazard, Tlioraas 50; iione; Naturalized; Oor, Mission & 3rd. 
Vogel, Benjamin 24; Tailor; Natui-alized; 720 Front 
Vogel, CJeorg© 1?7 ; Tailor; Naturalized; 506 Davis 
Vogley, Jolm 45; Merchant; Naturalised; 46 Second 
Vogolsdorff, Jacob 33; Tobacconist; i\ atui'al iz ed ; 36 Minna 
Vogley, Charles '::!oni*ad 30; Merchant; Kative; 46 Second 
Vogt, Louis 32 I Clerk; Naturalized; 1116 Dupont 
Voight, John 38; Butcher; Naturalized; Potrero 
Voigt, Christian 38; Merchant; Natui^allzed; C20 Washington 
Volleran, Henry 33; Grocer; Natural lj:ed; 4 Eddy 
Vollmer, Charles iienry 27; Grocery; Naturalized; Saoreenento 

and Davis; June 30, 1666 
Vollmor, John Jacob 30; Grocer; Naturalized; Sacramento, near 

Kearny; June 13, 1066 
Volmer, Cliristppher 44; '>hlp Carpenter; Naturalized; Oregon 

House; Gtov*art i^'jtreot 
Volplllac, Etienne 30; Soldier; Naturalized; Commercial and 

Von Bostel, Jolin 33; Porter; Naturalized; Comer Stevenson 3s iiid. 
Von Ghlan, Frederick 36; Saloon keeper; Naturalized; Main Street 
Von Glahn, Jolin 38; Grocer; Naturalized; 126 Minna 
Von Heimberg, Erail 21; Steward; Naturalized; St. Louis Hotel; 

11 Pacific; July 25, 1866 
Von Helmborg, Hoino 46; iiotelkeepor; Naturalized; St, Louis Hotel; 

11 Pacific; July 21, 1866 - Ist V/ard 
Von Leiiden, Oerliai'd Deldrick 31; Panter; Naturalized; 

5 Cadells Place 
Von Pfistor, Prtinois %ximllian 60; Accountant; Native; 

cor. Third and ilarket 
Von the In, Otto P, 29; Real estate Agent; Naturalized; 48 Silver 
Von Schmidt, Allexy V/aldcman 43; Engineer; Naturalized; 

25 Hawthorne; July 25, 1866 
Von Schmidt, Julius 45; Sawyer; Naturalized; Z^O Brannan 
Vorrath, Andreas 37; Paperhanger; Naturalized; 228 Sutter 
Vorrath, Charles G, 38; i3aker; Naturalized; N,E,oor,13th and 

Mission; July 16, 18 66- 11th V/ard 
Vorrath, Henry 37; Grocer; Naturalized; 337 O'Farrell 
Vorrath, ilar:: Diedrich 35; Painter; Naturalized; 27 Gt,^ark*8 

Vosburg. William 43; Clerk; Native; 724 VVaahington 
Vroom, Jt*otcr Q, 44; Saloonkeeper; Native; 12 Jackson 
Vreeland, Kzokiel Bishop 40; Clerk; Native; 640 Sacramento 
Vsrdonal, John Baptiate 63; None; Naturalized; lii34 Dupont 

— - 135 

End of V 
June 27, 1948 


StE^rt of Naiaoa bo/iiinnln;^ with W — »«♦» June 27. 1948 

Namo: Aget Ooot Nats Local res. 

Waasy lionry 43; Turner; Naturalized; Oak, wast of Franklin 
Waohonheimor, Jacob 51; i-ierchant; Naturalized; 14 iilverott 
V/aohtol, John Valentine 21; Bookkeeper; Native; 44 Second 
Waokte, Henry 38; PlBnoforto mak»r.; Naturalized; Tlttels Bldgi 

Aug. 4, 1866 
Wad©, Abel 48; Agent; Ifntlvo; Brevoort House 
WadOf Benjamin 65; Printer; Nativd; 1121 Powell 
Wadep David Plunkot 46; Tobacconist; Kativo; First, b etwecn 

Mission and Jessie 
Wade, Jamas Htairy 44; Lawyer; DaLlve; Oriental Hotel 
Wade, Jolin 52; Attorney; Naturalized; Washington, near 

Leavenvtfortii; June 21, 1866- 6th Ward 
Wade, Jolin Corneliufl 31; V/harfinger; naturalized; 522 0»Farrell 
Wade, John Holmes 22; Caulker; Native; Sieth and Brannan 
Wade, Joseph L. 34; Printer; Natlvo; 1121 Powoll 
Wade, Patrick 47; Grocer; I^atUi'alizad; Jessie, bet. 1st & 2nd 
Wade, Rufus 40; J3rokor; Native; Niantic Hotel 
Wade, Ihoraaa 38; Dentist; Native; 712 Mission 
Wade, Wlllian Ni(5htin(^alo 38; Livery Stable; Naturalized; 

710 Broadway; July 7,1366- 4th Ward 
VVadliams, Luman 32; Drayman; Naturalized; ■"eavenviDrth,nc;ar Union 
Wadfaeigh, Andrew S. 36; lilnglneor; Native; 806 Howard 
Wadswortii, Janes Oowles Luko 42; Capitalist; Connecticut; 

912 Stockton; July 26, 1866 
Wadsworth, 'Jllliam Komoo 59 j Conmarcial broker; Native; 

1020 Stockton 
Waelhama, Collins 49; ider chant; Native*; 744 Howard 
Wagener, iirnest 48; Carpenter; Naturalized; Cor, 4th & Stevenson 
Wager, David Collin ii3; Willtar;,' officer; Native; Cosmopolitan 

Waggoner, Oeon^e Washington; Expressman; Pennsylvania; 

Priest St. Aug. 2, 1866- 6th Ward 
Vfagne, Paul 38; Carpenter; Naturalized; Broadway Palm House 
Vifagier, Adan 32; Milkman; Naturalized; Cor. 18th & Castro 
Wagner, adoli^ 37; Shoemalaar; Naturalized; 20th, between 

Ouorro S: Dolores; July 18, 1966 
Wagner, Ferdinand 60; Saloon; Naturalized; 1232 cor. Dupont 

& Hinckley; July 26, 1866 - 4th '.Vard 
Wagner, Henry 34; Butcher; Natui»ali?;ed; 1440 Stockton 
Wagner, '^acob 32; Carria,'4o makert<j: driver; Native; Tromont 

House; Jackson St. Aug. 4, 1866 - Ist Ward 
Wagner, Jacob 36; Bricklayer; Naturalized; 413 Sutter 
Wagoncsr, Hunry B* 38; Night watchman; Native; 38 Moss 
Wagoner, V/llliam John 2b; Teamster; Michigan; Sacramento, near 

Wahnaan, Hem^y 42; Grocer; Naturalized; Harrison, near SlJi-th 
Wainwrlght, iidward 53; Speculator; Naturalized; Polsom,, bet. 

9th and 10th; Aug. 3, 1866 
Wainwri^^t, John 37) Ironworker; Naturalized; 12 Sutter 
Wait, Jerome 40; farawr; >iew York; Cor*. Washington & Dupont 
Walt, Oliver Spencer 35; Glork; Native; Capo, bet. Mission 

and Doloroa.July 13,1066- 11th Ward 
Wallls, James 45; Lanpliglitor ; Natui^llzed; Old San Jose Road. 
Waite, VAn.Fi^ancis 29; Foron^m ; Native; 11 Perry 

— - 136 -— 

Naaoj Ago I Oooi Natl Local res. 

Wakoloo, Charles Hanry 45 j R«al Estate Agent; l«atlve| 

518 Paolfio; July 13, 1366- lat Ward 
Waklsyj, Thonaa Hart kiQj Bookkoepar; Native; Bush, below Stockton 
WakauKi, Kertilnand ^scar 3tt; Agent; Native; Cor. Froaic»it and 

llarrlaon; Juno ii6, 1966- 9tii Ward 
Walbridgo, Smauol Dexter 59; Mlllor; liative; 535 Broadway 
Waloh, Frencls 26; 3oilornial:«r; Natlva; 510 Sacramento 
Walcott, Asaa 40; llualoion; Native; 1117 Bush; July l'.i,1066 
Waldon, Jesse ii8; Olerk; Natives; VkJB Folsoei 

Vifaldron, John 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Minna, b et« 8th & 9th 
Waldier, Cliarlas 35; Teamster; Naturali£<isd; 104G Polscm 
Wales, 'Ihatdier Peter 4ia; Bookkeeper: Native; 615 Market 
Waloy, Natiianlel 48; Laborer; Native; iil^iat Cheer 
Walker, Alfred 3ii; Boardj.n/2;liou3e keeper; Naturalized; 

116 Pacific: July kil, 1066 
Walker, Edward 3. 46; ouston House welghor; Native; 631 Vallejo 
Walker, Honry v.'lllifm 49; CorTPiission merchant; liative; 

Cor, Pacific and Broadway 
Walker, Janies J, 54; Hoofer; Native; 109 Montganeiy 
Walker, John o4i| IJoardlnf^house; Naturalised; Bernard, between 

Leavenworth and Jones 
Walker, John Luoian 39; Pilot; Native; Coso house 
Walker, I4ai»tln Grlsvrold 29} Engineer; Native; Cor. King & IMrd 
WalkviT, Robert Ghariberlain Si9; Marinur; Native; 4ii0 3rannan 
Walker; Sath iil; Carpenter; Native; ^79 Minna 
Walker, TJios. Washing ton 31; Shipjoinor; Native; 335 Bryant 
Walkur, VYllllaci HI; Clerk; NatJvo; Dupont 
Walker, Willlan 30; Shipwright; liative; Ritoh, near Bryant 
Walkinten, Sanuel Beatty 26; wacninXst; i^ative; 772 Polsom 
Wallace, /indr .w '^ackson id6; Vi/ater-man ; Native; Liberty, near 

Town send; Aug, 4, 1866- 9th Ward 
Wall, Pater 4ii; Real estate; Naturalized; lO'eiX Clay 
Wallace, Prancla B, 31; Laborer; Native; Howard, near luth 
Wallace, James kJ4; Laborer; Natural! zedj by his father; 9 Natoraa 
Wallace, John <i6; laborer; Naturalized by his father; 9 Natoma 
Wallace, John 4^. ; Laborer; Naturalized; Cor.Broadway * Battery 
Wallace, Joseph Hageew 27; Butcher; N?ativo; N.W,cor,t3rannan & 9th 
Wallace, Patrick 43; Machinist; Native; Prancisoo, nr.Koarny 
Wallace, WllU an 48; I*aborer; Naturalized; Cor. Cemetery Ave. 

and Ceary; June 26, 1866 
Wallace, Wllllara Thompson 38; Lawyer; N.K. cor. Post 

ai d Leavenworth 
Waller, Ooor.;^e Clinton 40; Notary; Native; Montgomery, between 

Green and Union 
Waller, Leopold P,l'\27; i«iefch£nt; Natives 907 Bush 
Wallor, Royal ILlram 63; Lawyer; Native; *iontgomery, between 

Green ^c Union; July 11, 1866 
Walley, Francis Anthony 47; Ranchman; Native; Bryant 'c 2nd. 
Walpole, Frederick uJast 28; Rostauranter; Naturalized; 12 Stewart 
Walpert, Hoiiry 34; Butcher; Naturalized; N.W, cor. 9th tc Brannan 
Walsh, Charles Joseph 30; Vi/al ter; Naturalized; Lick House 
Walsh, Cornelius 34; Itefihantc; ^''atlve; v.', side Kate Street, 
between 7th and 8th. July 10,1866 - 11th vVard 

137 — 





Local res. 

Ednund Barry 49} Laborer; Naturalized; 530 Mission 
James 45; Laborer; liaturalizod; Cor. 5th ^c Clutaentlna 
37; Laborer; Naturalized; 15;si Natoma 
38; Machinist; 1^'aturallzod; *'anson,nr •Lombard 
Walter 48; iiditor; Katuralized; 612 Qreonwloh 
3^; Shooriakor ; Natui^allzed; ki4ti Sixth 

Ja roriie 


53; Laborer; Naturalized; York st; Potrero 
37; Mercant; Naturalized; 27 Fourth 
36; 13oot riaker; Naturalized; 11 Berry 
•il; Laborer; IJaturalized; Minnie's place, twtweon 
Mission and Howard 
Michael 35; Blacksmith; Naturalised; 222 Tehama 
Miohaol 35; Laborer; Naturalized; Oyove, east of 

Octavia; June 29, 1866 - Ikith Ward 
Michael 38; Boot & Shoe dealer; Naturalized; 211 Paclfio 
Matthias i^; Caulker; Native; Post, near Kearny 
Richard 50; Laborer; Naturalized; OhioSt. 
Richard 28; Tailor; Naturalized; 168 Minna 
Robert 52; laborer; Natux'alized; 120 Geary 
Simon Thomas 46; Real estate agent; Native; 149 Silver 
Thomas 23; Bootmaksr; Natural! zod; 668 Howard 
William 23; Bookkeeper; Native; Dent, near Jackson 
William 32; News carrier; Native; Green, near Dupont 
William 30; Painter; Naturalized; 11 William 
David Nathan 28; Morciiant; Naturalized; 628 Sutter 













Wal tor, 

Walter, Thomas 44; Hei' chant; Naturalized; 824 Polsom 

Walters, Kzokiel 34; Minor; Native; 109 Montgonery 

Walters, John Jacob 38; Grocer; Naturalized; 717 Polsom 

Walters, William 23; Laborer; Naturalized; 29 Clementina 

Walters, Frank 35; Farmer; Native; West hiid House 

Walthour, iJavid Frltchman 39; Liquor dealer; *^ative; corner 

Jackson and Davis 
Wend, David 40; Merchant; Naturalized; 6 48 Howard 
Wand, Samuel 48; **<irchant; Naturalized; 217 Powall 
Wand, 'Hiomas Nolaon 37; Merchant; Native; Sixth, near Bryant 
Wandell, David 55; Laun<iry; Naturalized; Clara, between Fourth 

and Fifth 
Wandelt, Godl^ 31; Butcher; Naturalized; 728 Howard 
Wands, Janos 22; Barber; Citizen by naturalization of father; 

91 Stevenson; Aug,4, 1866 
Wangenhelm, linil 24; Boolckeeper; Native; Pine, between 

San some & Montgomery, Aug, 3, 1866 
Wangenlialm, Soloncn 36; i^orcliant; Naturalized; 211 Powell 
Wapnor, Adolphus 48; Dook-kueper; Naturalized; 833 *'ost 
Ward, Albert 25; Broom-maker; Nativo; 27 Drumm 
Ward, Aloxaider Hamilton Jr. 30; Book-keeper; New York; 

1121 Sacramento; July 2, 1866 
Ward, Chris toptier 33; Taylor; Naturalized; 6 0»Farrel Place 
Ward, Francis 36; Laborer; Naturalized; —Minna 
Ward, Geo. Bartholomew 22; Broom-makor; Native; 27 Drunm 
Ward, Herbe t 33; Miner; iiaturalized; Clementina, between 

Seventh and Eighth 
Ward, Isaac M,D. 46; Policeman; Native; Harrison and Slxidi 






Local roBidarico 



Painter; Naturalized; 5 Clamentlna 
Oil dealer; J^atlve; 149 Second 

Jataaa Dwyer 34; Police offlcor; Naturalized; Clementina 

Jamos J» 36; otoneouttor; Naturali«;ed; r'llbert, nr.Hydo 

John 30; Laborer; Naturalized; L-irkln, so. of Post 

John 45; ]k>otnaK3r; KaturaU zod; 308 Union 

Jc^m 'e^'di Laborer; Naturalized; 444 Wfitoma 

Joim Hrjnry 35; '. 

Jo>in Murray 59; 

Joshua LoGrant 34; Lawyer; Native; 629 Sacrmanoto 

Lewis ''aok i23; Printer; Native; 109 Sanaoma 

Michael 34; Walter; Naturalized; 638 Mission 

Michael Thoatis 37; Paasengor a;^ent; Naturalized; Comer 

Brond-,my and Sansoiae; July 24, 1866- Ist Ward 
Peter 38; Pro luce dealer; Naturalized; 510 Market 
Thos. 60; Broori-makor; i^ativa; 27 Drurrun 
William 38; Bar tender; Naturalized; 5 2 Jane 
Warden, Abraham 45j ^boror; Native; 8 Ruas 
Warden, GarahaEi 40; SMp carpenter; Native; Fremont, nr« Polsom 
Warden, David 25; iVaterman; i^ative; 106 0»Parr©ll 
Warding, V/illian Henry 23; Waterman; Native; 106 Mason 
Wardwell, Charles Otia 36; Attorney; "assachusetta; 933 Sacramento 
Ware, George Augustus 40; Printer; Native; 408 Sutter 
Ware, Joseph G. 38; Carpenter; i^ativa; 68 Natoma 
Ware, Joseph *^ondon 39; Printer; Amative; Tlttell'a building 
Ware, Wn, Clark 40; Speculator; '"'ative; 645 Clay 
Waring, Ira Swan 26; Mllkraan; **atlve; 429 l^ilrd 
Warlln, John George 43; Dealer; Natui'ullzed; 258 Stevenson 
Warner, Abrahan 57; iJer chant; Tiatlvo; ^eigga wharf 
Warner, Charles H. 28; Clerk; Native; 5 Central Place 
Warner, Janes 38; Drunmor; Native; ^olggs wtiart 
Warner, Wilson 45; Nurse; Native; Stockton & Pranoilsco 
Warnken, Hermann 28; Merchant; Katurallzod; Francisco, near 

Warren, August 36; Porter; Naturalized; 26 Rousch 
Warren, Char Ids Honry 30; Cerpenter; i'atlvo; 1306 Montgomery 
Warren, Henry Staniford 45; Printer; Native; Cor. Jackson and 

James Lloyd Lafayette: Editor; Native; 933 Pacific 
James Mountford 32; Milkman; Native; Cor» Ellis and 

John 49} Merchant; :ialne; 834 Clay; July 6, 1866 
John Kendall 31; Clerk; Naturalized; Dolores, between 

16 th and 17th 

Warren, Orran Phillips 55; Physician; Native; 836 Market 
Warren, Ruasell 53; Carpenter; Native; 963 faiaslon 
Warren, \1m«Baker; 25; Killrman; *'atlve; Wow Ooean House Road 
Warren, William H, 37; Tanner; Naturalized; 3rannan,near 3th 
Warren, William H.jnry 38; Tearnster; Native; 11 O'Farrell Alley 
Warschauer, Abrahan 40; Uotel Keeper; ^'•aturalized; Cor.Mlssion 

and 'ITiird 
Warshawski, Jacob 34; Merchant; Naturalized; 100 O'Farrell 
VVarti*ss, Guorge Hyerson 35; Druyraarx ; ^atlve; 217 Third 
Warthelmher, Phillip 50; Clerk; Naturalized; 828 Greenwich 
Wash, Lewis 26; Viaiter; Now York; 507 Dt^pont 
Wash, Walter 40; Clerk; Naturalized; Jo ed k Chestnut 
Washburn, Llbenezer Hollis 50; Stockholder; i.atlvo; 1003 Stockton 
Washburn, Henry 33; Dealer; riatlve; 66 ii^yerett 
Waahbum, Jamoa Monroe 40; i^ertihant; Native; cor, Minna and Jane 

Warren , 




Names Ages Ooc: Nats Local res. 

Washburn, Leonard 35; Toooister; Native; 66 £verett 
Waahbum, William Mltchol 59; Maaon; Nativa; 919 Union 
Wasiiburno, Heubon Yialla 53; Clerk ir/.P.& Company: New York; 

508 Dupont St 
Washln^jton, Benjamin Franklin 46; Kditor; Native; comer 

iiontgomory & Jackson; July 28, 1866 
Waaiilngton, Richard i3land 32; Attorney; ilatlvo; 827 Bush 
Washman, Seward C, 39; Teanator; i<ative; Cor. Sixth & Folsom 
Waaon, Arciiibald 35; Painter; Natux^lized; Cor. Geary & Larkln 
Wasa, Ambrose Coffin 43; Carpenter; i^atlvo; Washington, bet. 

Loavenwortii ?c Hyda. 
Wassemmnn, August 38; ^^erohant; Naturalized; 515 Post 
Waterhouse, Columbus 37; Merchant; Nativu; Capp, bet. 18th & 19th 
Waterhouse, Frederick Albert i;3; Bookkeeper; iiative; Capp, 

bet. 18th & 19th 
Waterman, Daniel lAontgomery 30; Merchant; **ativo; 657 Howard 
Waterman, Edwin Ruthvon 39; Flour Inspector; I-iative; Oraen 

and Leavijaworth 
Wateroan, John 0. 54; Crocer; NaturallzodJ 1000 Folsom 
Waterman, Moses 33; Merchant; Naturalized; 004 Ellis 
Wateroan, Richard 44; Brewer; Natural! zeii; Maiden I«ane 
Waters, Artliur 40; Carman; iiatlve; 519 P.lne 
Waters, Elijah Dewoy 30} Printer; Native; 668 Mission 
Waters, Elljaii Dewey 62; Publisher Mer. Gazette; Native; 

1016 Washington 
Waters, Prederiok Chester 28; Printer; Native; 1016 Washington 
Waters, George C, 29; Draftsman; Native; 503 Folsom 
Waters, Cloorgo ■'-a than 38; Stocks; Native; 1120 Powell 
Waters, James 36; "^aborer; Ireland; Filbert, near Polk 
Waters, Janes 45; Walter; Naturalized; Cosriopolltan Hotel 
Waters, Joseph H.H, 38; .^ijcpreasman ; Native; 433 C-iementina 
Waters, Nathan iillia 27; Clerk; Naturalized; 319 California 
Watera, Patrick 2nd. 54; Laborer; Naturalized; Bryant, near 6th 
Watkiaa,. Janos Tlioraas Jr. 25; Clerk; Native; 58 South Park 
Watklns, John 34; iiousenover; "akive; 630-1/2 Post 
Wat kin 3, Joseph 38; ShipvTrlglit; Native; 20 Clemen tlna 
Watkino, V/llllaBi Blood 50; Policeman; Naturalized; 518 Greenwich 
Watklns, Wn. Thomas 32; Clerk; Native; 111 Washington 
Watkinson, John Baptlste 57; Carpenter; Native; 15 Everett 
Watson, Dufley L. 30; Carpenter; Native; 15th Howard 
Watson, (ieorge 55; Drayman; Natui^allzed; 24 Scott 
Watson, H<«iry 35; Secretary; Penn: 1110 Mason 
Watson, James 42; irtialo Fiariery; Native; Uission St. corner 

Watson, James Thompson 35; Clerk; Naturalized; 1217 Pacific 
Watson, Jos. Rlgby 26; Caulk--r; Naturalized; 15 Welch 
Watson, William iienry Wast 46; Clerk; New York; Branham Place 
Watt, Sanuel Francis 39; Assayer; Native; N.E. comer fiarket 

and Kearny 
Watters, Sanuel John 46; Waterman; Native; Ellis, between 

Hyde and Larkln 
Watts, r>van 40; Contractor; Naturalized; 275 Jane 
Watts, Life C. 56; SiUpwrightj Native; 235 Beale 
Watts, Oscar 25; Seaman; Nativo; 421 Folsom 


Hm9t Ages Occ: Natt Local res. 

Wattson^ Sanuel i^utler 39 j Salesman; Natural; Jackson, 

near Hyde 
Watzunakur, Gregory 42; La orer; Natui'al3 zed; 4iil Bush 
Way, Oiarles Sullivan 35| Bill Postor; New lieffioshlro; 

9i?7 Washington; July ii, 1866 
W^f, Davl(i Paige 28 j Billposter; Nutivo| 515 Merchant 
W«aber, Oeor^-e Kennedy 41 1 Bookkeepor; f^atlvo; Second Ave., 

hot. 16th h 17th. July 10, 1866 
W«ad, lidvrard N, 47; Bookkeeper; Native; iiOO Dupont 
Weaver, Charles 38; tiatuipalizedj Newsman; 240 Stevenson 
Weaver, Dwlght Smith 29; Merchant; Native; 29-1/2 Third St. 
Weaver, Henry 35; Oaitted In Or. Reg, of 1866; Native; 

..W. oor. Pine & Dupont. July 18, 1866 - 8th Ward 
Weaver, Jolm 30; Porter; Native; Cor. Clay and Bush 
Webb, Allen Walter 27; Printer; New York; Virginia Place 
Webb, Andrew Gralgie 28; Clerk; Native; 521 Ellis 
Webb, Chai'les Hunter 35; Blacksmith; Naturalized; 6 Wetmore 

Webb, Christopher 0, 42; Real Estate; Native; 812 Taylor 
Webb, Dailel Slklns 26; Librarian; Native; 742 Howard 
Webb, Francis Asbuiry 33; Drayman; Native; Ellis, bet, Hyde and 

Leavenworth; Aug. 6, 1866 - 8th Ward 
Webb, Henry 44; Oentleman; Native; 318 Fremont 
Webb, Jolm Uugg 59; Bookkeeper; Naturalized; Brannan,near 7th 
Webb, Joseph William 60; Clerk; Native; 521 Ellis 
'Webber, Lidward 48; Carpenter; Native; 18 Clay 
Webber, Gabriel 35; Laborer; Naturalized; 638 Commercial 
Webber, Stephen Lowell 39| Laborer; Native; Spear, between 

iiarket h Mission. Aug, 4, 1866 - 7th V/ard 
Weber, Charles 39; Cook; Naturalized; 521 Greenwich 
Weber, Khrler 32; Surar refinery; Naturalized; 813 Battery 
Weber, Frederic 36; Stean baths; Naturalized; 517 Pacific 
Weber, Timjies Henry 39; Grocer; Naturalized; S.E, corner 

Broadway & Mason, June 50, 1866 
Weble, Peter Lane 52; Maine; Mercher^t; Austin & Franklin 
Webster, Chaa. Praicis 48; Broker; Native; Fifth & Harrison 
Webster, t^iharles Henry 35; Auctioneer; New Hampshire; corner 

Clay and Kearny; Aug. 4, 1866 
Webster, Daniel Francis 24; Clerk; Native; Harrison, near Fifth 
Webstur, James Alvan 23; Bookkeeper; Native; 408 Market 
Webster, Perry 22; Clerk; Native; Vallejo, near Mason 
Webster, William Andrew 32; '.Vlieelwrlght; Native; Cor, Vallejo 

and Montgomery; July 28, 1866 - 1st Ward 
Webston, Ryland Kendrick 30; Custom House; Native; 748 Howard 
Weokenreudor, Silus 45; flurveyor; Naturalized; flan Bruno Road 
Weed, Joseph 64; Storekeepert U.S.:Nativo| 1401 Powell, comer 

Weed, Joseph Henry 39; Brass Founder; Conn. Leavenworth, near 

Weed, William 0. 30; Contractor Foreman; Native; Cor. Minna & 2nd 
Weekea, George Porter 34; Bag-maker; Mass.; Vallejo, near Polk. 
Weeks, Elikim John 50; Steamboat agent; Native; 1325 Powell 
Weeks, Levi Lewis 26; Mni'ln^r; Native; Third & King. 
Wegener, F. 0.39s Heal Estate; Naturalized; 174 Clara 
Wegeusjr, Rloliai'd 31; Accountant; Naturalized; 174 Clara 
Wehmuller, Frederick W. 36; Cooper; Naturalized; 33 Kuss 
Wehn, Charles Fred. W, 43; Mercliant; Naturalized; 908 Post 
Weldenridi, Solomon 44; Manufacturer; Naturalized; 814 Vallejo 

141 — - 


Age I 



Local res* 

Weil, Morris 27; Merchant; Native; 616 Sacramento 
Weill, Haphael idO; Merchant; Naturalized; 1509 Stockton 
Weill, Simon 41; Worchant; Natural: zed; 1311 Stockton 
W«lner, Aaron 34; Merchant; Natui'alized; QUA i»*arket 
Weinor, Jacob 59; Mu-*chant; Naturalized; 507 Sacramento 
Wolr, Charles Shernan 59; Captain; Native; 10 Clay 
Weir, Janes 31; Carpenter; Naturalized; 840 Mlasion 
Weir, Jolm 37; Porter; Naturalized; klO Silver 
Weis, Jacob 37; Hestaurant; i^'aturalized; 314 Sixth 

Welae, Frederick 49; Musician, 
Weiss, '•Villlam 36; Hestaurant; 
Weisanbon, Frederick 39; Hotel 

Naturalized; 731 Washington 
Naturalized; 10 Berry 
Keeper; Prussia; Lombard, noar 

Walby, Charles v;, ;^; Butcher; Naturalized; N,W,cor.9th & Brannan 
Welby, John Thociaa SO; Butohor; Naturalized; Cor. Harrison & ath 
Woloh, Chas, Hcjndrlck dli Gaallghter; Native; 510 Sacramento 
Welch, Charles Warren 30; Paper-carrlor; Native; 819 Post 
Welch, David iB} Uusician; Naturalized; 633 Pacific 
Welch, Henry Howard 45; Miner; New York; Brenham Place 
Weldh, Horrace B. 34; Clex'k; Native; 5Vd Powell 
Welch, Janes iienry ad; Photography; Native; ii3 Third 
Welch, James Madison 53; Police; Native; 721 Bush 
Welch, John Lawrence 33; Caulker; Native; First k Frederick 
Welch, Joseph >?arren 50; Mechanic; Native; 434 Fremont 
Welch, Stephen 2^6; xiixpresaman ; Naturalized; Kearny, between 

Qreenwidh tmd Lombard 
Welch, Lawrence 30; Haokman; Naturalized; 4^5 Clementina 
Walker, William Jolm 33; Laborer; Native; Wrlp^ts H*tel,Lil0 Paci^ 
Wellwr, Charles L. 44; Attorney; Native; 302 Stockton 
Wellor, Peter Homer 31; Butctl'itjr; Native; 709 Howard 
Welling Patrick 30; Carpenter; Naturalized; 219 Minna 
Wellinf?, Chaa:'le3 Crovor 39; Landlord; Native; Hayes Park 
Wellington, lidward Lestley 29; I^Jaohinlat; Nev/ York; Du;x)nt,near 

California; July 19, 1366 
Wellraan, Bela 45; Merdiant; Native; 350 First 

Wellman, Elisha 35; Laborer; Native; Stevenson, bet» Ist 3e 2nd 
Wells, Allen Joseph 27; Sawyor; Native; 46 Beale 

iisa Keynolda 37; Stair builder; Native; 314 Seventh 
As ten iUidoraon 27; Coopur; Native; 318 Vallejo 
Chester Wadhams 38; Clerk; Nativt^; Leavenworth, near 


Wells, Hevilo '40; Bookkeeper; Native; West side Dolores, bet, 

15th and 16th 
Samuel B. 50; Port Warden; Native; 327 First 
Thadlua Chaoe 30; Millanan; Native; 26tli,nr. Old San Jose 


Wells, '^OMas iioone 32; Actor; New York; Wetmore Place 
Wells, Joseph Addison 36; Teamster; Native; 643 Mission 
Wells, v;illlam 42; Boatman; Naturalized; FrMicl3CO,noar 

Walter 36; Stevedore; Katurali aed; 75 Jessie 
William Frederick 34; Produce dealer; "ativa; 63 Minna 
Charles 56; Sailor; Native; Chestnut, near Jones 
Daniel 40; Milbaan ; Naturalize^; Turk, west of Fillnore 
Ja^nes 28; Laborer; Native; Cor. of Post Sc Broderick 
James i. jr. 27; Porter; Native; 347 Minna 
John 25; Milkman; Native; '^or, Kills & PlUmoro 
Lewis ^4; Milkman; Naturalized; Lake Merced Ranch 
Michael 40; Compresser of Iron; Naturalized; —Annie St. 
Ihomas */? ; Millman; Native; Cor, Ellis & Fillmore 
Wolah,Thamas 40 ; C-^ tr ic tor ; Naturalized; S.sido Ridley, between 

Uln.cj^nn V V«T ftnrti n^.Tiilv ^. 1866 .. . 



Wells , 

Namos Ages Ooct Hatf Local rss* 

Welsh, Vllllam 3<;j Blacksralth; Naturallz od; 2Z0 Clara 

Welsh, VVllllan Wesloy ii9j Watctunan; Nativo| 15 Vorona 

Welte, Adolpii 58; Upliolaterar; iJaturall zod; liiB Minna 

Welton, Clarrott 60; Contractor; liatlvo; 752 Howard 

Walton, Isaac S, 33j ^^orohant; Tlatlvo; 143 Clara 

Welton, Lamson Soovllla ii7j Clerk; Nativa; Cor. Sutter h Larkln 

Walton, Marritt 64; Real xiiatate; Nativa; Cor. Larkin & Sutter 

Wendall; William Gardner 40; Merchant; N ,11001 pshlre; li;19 Clay 

Wandrow, Cliriatophor HI; Butcher; i^aturall zed; 01dMia;?lon Road 

Wandrow, JosepJ:i 54; Parmer; Old Uiaaloxi Road; Naturalized^ 

Wandt, Hamon 36; Gi»occr; liaturaiized; 664 Folaom 

Wanger, Joseph 38; ShoeraakBr; Naturalized; 1103 Stockton 

Wennerhold, Christian 43; Assayer; Naturalized; 834 Polsom 

Wensel, Gijor-^e 35; Cook; Naturalized; kJkiB ?oat 

Wensin^er, Francis Savlur 40; i4erclriant; Naturalized; 817 Bush 

Wentham, Donald 37; Book-keeper; Naturalized; 517 Pine 

Wentwortii, Charles 40; Carpenter; Native; 72 Katoma; Aug.6, 1866 

Wentwortti, Jno. Parker -^ale 30; Folsoni, bet. 19th & iiOth 

Wentworth, Nathan 53; ^eci^iariic; Native; ii31 Seventh 

Went worth, Jaokscnx 39; Engineer; Native; 430 Vail© Jo 

Wenzel, George leonard 47; Cooper; Naturalized; Fulton, wast of 

Franklin I Aug. 2, 1866- 12th rfkrd 
Wanzel, Herman J. 36; VVatchmakor; Naturalized; S.w.oomer Seventh 

and Folsom 
Were, Joseph 24; Hostler; Native; Bay View Park. 
Warner, Christian H. 36; Carver; Naturalized; 113 Tlilrd 
Werner, John F.F. Char lea 45; Brewer; Naturalized; 1105 Mason 
Werner, Hiillip 37; Express wagon; Naturalized; 622 Paclflo 
Wertiielm&r, Jolrin Freed^and 35; U.S.Weigheri Naturalized; 34 Minna 
Wesley, John Robum 29; Bookblner; Native; I>upont,nr. Kearny 
Wealing, William 33; Grocer; Naturalized; 301 Fourth 
Wesseling, Arnold 42; Farmer; Naturalized; Folsom, bet. 16th & 17th 
Wesson, Joseph William 35; Lumber dealer; Bos ton, Mass. Polk 

ea d Green 
West, Benjamin Franklin 40; Engineer; Native; Cor. Freelon 

and Fourth; July 20, 1866 - 9th Ward 
West, Charles 31; Cook; Naturalized; Grove, west of Gou^ 
West, Charles Henry 43; Bi^oker; Native; 214 Ellis 
West, iidwin 0. 26; Carpenter; Native; N.aide 16th, between 

Valencia and 2nd Ave. Aug. 6, 1366 
West, Henry 39; Laborer; Naturalized; 424 Geary 
West, James E. 35; Sailniakur; Naturalized; S.slde Ridley,near 

Valencia; July 30, 1866 
West, Jolin Goodwin 33; Machinist; Native; 116 Ssnsome 
West, Peter Frederick 38; Shipmaster; Naturalized; Oak Park Ave, 
West, Samuel A, 33; Madhliiist; Native; 21 Clementina 
Wosto, Louis 55; Grocery Store; Naturalized; Cor. 5th & Shipley 
Weatall, lidward 34; Bookbinder; New York; Kearny, near 

Sac ran en to 
Westedt, Wllllan 42; Saloonkeeper; Naturalized; 820 Battery 
Westentiaver, Levi 48; Gurpenter; Native; Cor. Valencia & Navy 
Westevelt, Ellswortli 23; Cle^'k; Native; Webb & Sacramento 
Westfall, John 46; Carpenter; Naturalized; W. side of Larkin, 
bet. Post and Sutter; Aug. 4, 1866 - 8th Ward 


Name I 

Ago J 



Local rea* 

Westgate, Joseph Davis 30; Manul*acturor; Natlvo; 1204 Pacific 
Weston, Ciiarlbs Wright 38; Prult dealer; i^atlvo; Montgomery 

and Merchant; Aug. 3, 1866 
Weston, John 3ii; Luquor dealer; Native; International Hotel, 

Jaclffion St. Aug, n, 1866 
Weston, Mai' tin White 37; Qrocor; Native; 734 Market 
Weston, Sanuel Walt 41; Carp€)hter; New York, California, 

near Kearny 
rtestzman, Robert 33; Basko taaak cjr ; Naturalized; i'otroro 
Wetherbee, Galvin Hale 50; Luuber dealer; Native; 119 liddy 
Wotiierbee, Henry 38; LAciber dealer; Native; Occidental Hotel 
V/etlierbae, Setli H. 36; Uxmber dealer; Nativo; 343 Bealo 
Wetherby, Daniel Show 36; Bookkeeper; Native; Polsom,ni%22nd. 
Wetmore, V/illiaii Noiaon 38; Garp<mter; Naturalized; 44 Second 
Wettatein, William 47; Paporhanger; Naturalized; 819 •'ackson 
Wotzlai*, Gustavua 62; Heal iistate Agent; haturalized; 109 Silver 
Waygant, Francis Karle 54; Hotelkeeper; Native; 539 Jackson 
Weyl, Corf ^4; Bookkeeper; Naturalize ; 24 iiverett 
Whalan, lialachy 24; Oauger; Naturalized; Shotwell, bet. 19th 

and 20th 
Whalan, Patrick 38; Fireman; Naturalized; Mission St. 
Whalan, James 31; Cooper; Natui^alized; 201 Sacramento 
Whalan, •^eremlati 13; Clerk; Native; N.l-. cor. Jacks on & Keammy 
Whalen, Thomas 40; Hackman ; Naturalized; Cor. Fourth & Market 
Whayt, HeniT" Clay ii2; 13oatraan; Nativo; Bay & Stockton 
Whoai'ty, Martin 38; Teamster; Naturalized; S.aido Ridley, b et. 

Guerrero and Market. July 7, 1866 - 11th Ward 
Wheaton, lidwin 29; Book-keeper; Native; 214 Powell 
Wheaton, George Henry 28; Deputy Assessor; Native; 1020 Stockton 
Wheaton, Mil ton A Ivor d 35; lawyer; Nativo; Huss House 
Wheaton, William Hanry 21; Carpenter; Native; 629 Geary 
Wheaton. William Hufua 52; County Assessor; Native; Occidental 







Jolin Augustine 30; Ship joiner; Native; 

Peter 35; Miller; Native; 513 Mission 

Alfred 44; Lawyer; Native; 403 Bryant 

Edward Augustine 31; Clerk; Conn. ; Prospect Place, 

near Pine 
Frank 40; Clerk; Native; 107 T^ird 
Henry 25; Grocer; Naturalized; Grove Ave. 
Horace Zebulon 40; U.S. Assistant Anpraiser; Native; 

1211 ?ov/ell; July 13, 1866 - 4th Ward 
James Tarlton 35; 14iner; Nativo; International Hotel, 

Pacific St. Aug, 6, 1866 - i^t Ward 
John 55; liiiilder; Native; 4ii3 Sutter 
Osgood Chtntch 50; Clergyman; Native; 513 Jonea 
San*l.H.23| lingineer; Native; 15 Howard v^ourt. 

William Patterson 40; Seaman; **ative; Senator Saloon, 


V/tieeloGfc, Jay 40| Saw-filer; Naturalized; Dupont, near Chestnut 
Wheelock, Sarauol Daniels 45; Carpenter; Native; S.W.cor. Sutter 

and Dupont; July 27; 1866 - Stiri <Vard 
Whelai, John 36; Wool Sorter; Naturalized; 157 Minna 
Whelan, Lawrence 50; Laborer; Naturalized; Union k Hyde 
Whelai , Thomas 26; Caulkur; Native; Junction California and 

Whdlden, Isaao 52; Shipmaster; Native; 38 Silver 
Whelen, diaries Alexander 4;^; Paper-hanger; "atlvo; Jones, 

near Filbert 
.-«- 144 


Ago I 



Local res* 

549 Howard 
Native; 810 Green 
Townsend St. 
iill ranna 

Whiolhem, John 46; Laborer; Naturalized; Loavonworth, b et. 

Broadway and Vallojo. July 3, 1866 
Whipple, Alfred 35; Banker; Native; 630 Co'imercial 
Whipplo, ?A Knight 40; Clerk; Native; 51ii Sacra-nento 
Whipplo, Hugli L, ki3; Book-keeper; Native; No. 213 Seventh 
Whipple, Janes 30; Tea:nstor; Naturalized; ghotwell, bet. 2l3t 

and iilind 
Whipple, Levi 3prar;ue 2Q; Olerk; Native; 17 Third 
Whipple, Steptien B, '65; House Joiner; Native; 11th St., bet. 

i-iarket and Mission 
Whitback, Howard id3; Clerk; Naturalized; Taylor .% Oreenwich 
Whltback, Peter 47; ?{;:int lilnployee; Native; 015 Mission 
Whitbur, Janes Hill 38; Apothecary; Native; 740 Mission 
Whitoonib, H«airy Holly 41; Machinist; Native; Corbett, bet. 

Dolores and Church 
Whitoomb, Nathan Timothy ii7) Dentist; Nativo; 205 Third. Aug. 3 
White. Albert Warren 40; Merchant; Native; 729 Polsom 

Au^pistus 36; Merchant; New York; Cor. Clay ^ Taylor 

Charles B. 39; lingineer; Native; 

Charles V/ashiiigton 58; Merchant; 

Gyrus Jones 43; Laborer; Native; 

David 47; Laborer; Natli»allj!.od; 

David Walker 36; Clerk; Naturalized; 440 Bryant 

Dennis 53; Laborer; Naturalized; Geneva Street 

Edward P. 40; Laundry; Naturalized; iiarriet, near Sixth 

Elijah VVolsey 60; Physician; Native; 639 Market 

E«pa Jaraes 23; Merchant; Nativo; 657 Howard 

Folix Brunot 43; Actor; Native; lion tgotaery, between 

Jackson and Pacific 
Plnton 32; Bricklayer; Naturalised; Grove, H.of Gough 
Franklin Tl-ieodore 28; Machinist; Native; N.V«. cor. First 

aid Mission. July 17, 1866- 7th '.•ard 
George 34; Stevedore; i^atui^alized; Spear, bet. Mission 

and iiiark€it; Aug. 4, 1866 
George 33; Bricklayer; Ireland; Van ^^ess & Chestnut 
George 34; Rigger & Stevedore; Naturalized; Engine House, 

Jackson St. July 30, 1866 
George D. 37; Salesman; Native; 923 Bush 
George '.V. 42; Invontor; Native; 503 Folaom 
Harvey Oullingham 37; Ship joiner; Native; 
256 Stevenson; July 16, 1866 
Chai'les 23; Carpenter; Native; 430 Geary 
Lynan 30; Collector; Native; 264 Jessie 
Kelly 45; Cagars; Native; 212 Sacramento 
Francis 22; Saclcraakor; Native; 1233 Pacific 
Hoaly 61; Metallrugist; Native; 615 Dupont 
^vy 20; Clerk; Native; 516 Greenv/lch 
Melvin 32; Shov/nian ; Native; Francisco, nr. Powell 
Monroe 43; Painter; Native; 1253 Pficiflc 
W1115-am 24; Toaxster; Naturalized; Prt-cita 
6 0; Laborer; NatursLLized; Natona, bet. 8th & 9th 
41; Notarj' 









Jarie a 
Jacie 3 

Public; Naturalized; 107 Sansorae 


Name s 

Age I 


Kats Loc« Res. 





John ki4; Clerk; Naturalized; 1807 Stockton 
Jdin Adama 38 j Stock dealer; Native; 728 Howard 
Joseijh Keating kJ4; Painter; Naturalized; 38 Natoma 
Martin 38; Machinist; Naturalized; 134 First 
Mathew 40; Shoe dealor; Naturalized; 530 Commercial 
Michael P.30; Teamster; IlaturaHzed; 13 th, bet .Ho ward and 

Patrick Joseph 37; Merchant; Native; Powell 
Peter 31; Carriage maker; Naturalized; 777 liarket 
Hillo 35; V/atchmakEir; Native; 114 Qeary 
Robert 31; Mordiant; Naturalized; 1807 Stockton 
Robt. Newton 33; Clerk; Native; 36 Clay 
Samuel Arthur 30; Coal dealer; Native; 15 Rlncon Place 
Silas Ayres 30; Teacher; Larkin St.; New York 
Thomas 46; Engineer; Naturalized; Polk, so'.of Uayes 
Thomas 33; Laborer; Ireland; Bush, near Baker 
ThodiS 35} Cartnian; Native; S#E« Seventh & Brannan 
Thoaaa 48; Shoeaakor; Naturalized; 23 Pacific 
Uriel Henry 39; Collector; Native; 1108 Stockton 

Tlios, W, 48; Musician; Native; 102 Fourth 
William A. 32; Clerk; Native; 325 Fremont 
Wra.Augustus 36; Clerk; Native; Sacranento & Leidesdorff 
Wllliani H. 32; Baker; Native; 557 Howard 
William Henry 32; Teamster; N .York; Sacramento & Polk. 
William Henry J« ki3; Jeweller;Natlv9; Commercial and 
Leidesdorff; Aug. 4,1866 • 3rd Wa*d. 
White, Wllliani Warren 55; Capitalist; Native; Russ House 
Whitehead, John 41; S-ilesnan; Native; Leavenworth, near Bay 
Whitehead, Sanuel 51; Cabinet maker; Native; 1116 Pacific 
Whltehouse, Jacob 35; Ship carpenter; Native; Boston Place 
Whlteiey, Thomas 44; Bootnaker; Naturalised; 232 Buah 
Whitely, William H. 22; Clerk; Native; 39 Fifth 
Whiteman, Oideon F, 45; Miner; Native; 3«il Sixth 
Whiteside, Charles 22; Pr'ntor; Native; 1^)6 Minna 
Whiteside, '>harlea iiarvey 47; Carriage trlmcior; Native; Cor. 

Second euid Mission 
Whithome, William Augustus 30; Merchant; Native; 
Whiting, Enoc}i 48; Contractor; Native; Cor. P^inna 
Whiting, JaiJBS w'aahlngton 36; Drayman; Native; 28 
Whltl g, Manasaeh Smith 41 1 Merchant; )[afne; 1213 
Whiting, Thos. KoHy Jones 39; Laborer; Native; Thlrd,nr .Brannan 
Whl tin g,Vifi Hard Jackson 50; V/harf Ingur ;Nati ve; iN.v/. cor. Stockton 

& Jackson; Aug. 3, 1866- 4th Ward 
Whitman, Charles Sidney 26; Lawyer; Native; 55 South Park 
Whitman, Henry «i4; Butdbor; Native; Union aid Taylor 
Whitman, Josejii Randall 49; Patterninaker;Natlve; Santa Clara St. 
Whitrnan,Set}i Peake 38; Quneral Agency; Native; 313 Montgomery, 

July 17, 1366 
Whltmore,Horace ^^etcalf 44; Real Estate; N. Hampshire; 

618 California; July 16, 1866 
Whitmore,liIartlr. Van Buren 25; Coadriman ; Native; 553 ^^arrison 
WhltrAore, Sylvester 3. 43; Mariner; Native; 24 Langton 
Whitney, Abbott i^wronco; Secretary; Native; 311 Harrison 
Whitney, Alvin Whltefield 28) Broker; Native; Coampq^litan Hotel 
Whitney, Charles 41; Sale3':ian; Native; 622 Market 
Whitney, Chai'lea 41; Salesman; Native; Cor. Jackson and 

Montgonery; July 20, 1366 « lat V/ard 
Whitney, Franklin E.R. 41; Dep. Sheriff; Native; 252 Fourth 

52 Second 
& Second 

•«• 146 — •• 

Namot Agot Oco: NatJ Loc, rualdence. 

Whitney, a^orf^e Kdwin 29 j I^awyer; Native; 20 Ellla 

ViTiitnoy, Qoorgo Otis 4ii} Raal Estate; Masaj 1015 Clay 

'.Vhltney, Orandvlll^i Auf^uatua 36; Mercjhant; Netlve; Powell, near 

CJieatnut; July 8, 1866 - 2nd Ward 
Whitney, Henry M. 40; Agent; Natlyo; 454 Natoma 
Whitney, Jsmes 38; Bookkeeper; Massaolriusetts j Bronham Place 
Whitney, Janes Dorr 25; Physioian; Michigan; 4 Brenhoii plaoe 
Whitney, James Portar 50; Physioian; Native; 304 Stockton 
Whitney, John Koawell 36; Cora •'Merchant; Native; Llck^ouse 
Whitney, Pliny M, 33; Olerk; Native; 521 Pine; 
Whitney, Mill an K. 28 1 Apothecary; fiatJve; 304 Stockton 
Whltated, Edward 40; Capitalist; Naturalized; N.Side Washington, 

west of iJupont; July 13,1866 - 4tl:i Ward 
'irVhittaker, John 0. 33; Local Police; Naturalized; 226 Sutter 
Whittaker, John Richard 22; yillor; limt York; 812 Stockton 
Whlttakor, William 38; Cai»ria^emaker; Native; 314 Buah 
Whlttemore, Daniel Henry 24; Deputy Superintendent; Native; 

22nd, bet, Howard and Mi a si on 
Whitteriore, James B. 25; Draui^itsman; Native; 706 Clementina 
Wilt tier, i^athaniel 21; Clerk; Mass, 7v51 Clay 
Whittier, Miles Tllden 36; Carpenter; Native; J?, side of 

Washington, 1X3 1, Front and Davis; July 26, 1366 
Whittier, Sam»l Pa^,e 30; Porter; Native; 427 Front 
Whittier, Thoraas Jeff ;«• son 29; Moulder; Native; 8 Minna 
Whittlor, Willian P. 34; Mordiant; Cor, 8th & PolsomCor 9th) sic? 
Whittlker, Jolin V<arren 43; Painter; Native; fJoary ^laoe 
Whitton, Abel 45; Printer; Native; 1120 Pacific 
Wholer, Nidriolas 40; Sugar Refinery; Kfiturallzod; comer 

Green \vl oil tmd IJontgomerj'"; July 21, 1866 
Wholey, Andrew 2B; Laborer; Naturalized; 59 Minna 
Whyte, John Philip i>tuart 35; Carpenter; Naturalized; Comer 

Franklin and Pell 
Wlbbar, Henry Clay 25; Boxnaker; Native; 279 Jesalo 
Wlohelhausen, Rudoljii 34; Bag FactorCsic) Naturnllzed; Prospect, 

bet. /lay and Sacraniento 
Wiokani, Gar a ton 23; Saloon; Naturalized; 1 Clay 
Wiokenhauser, Frederick 30; Carpenter; Natui^ll zed; 415 Bush 
Wiokes, Alfrod Mi-lton 31; Clerk; Ne-.7 ^ork; Brenham Place 
Wicks, Augustus Littlefiold 33; Pa .Inter; Native; 421 Bush 
Wldber, Jacob 36; Carpenter; Native; 740 Mission 
Wllman, Adolph 42; Gold (c Silver; Naturalized; Cor. Santa Clara 

and San Bruno Road, June 30,1866 
Wldman, Herman George *i5; Butch or; Naturalized; Potrero 
Wldney, Joseph Poneroy 24; rUStudont; liativo; 664 Mission 
Wiebalk, lilmeat Nicholas D. 32; Grocer; Natural Iz. ed; 138 Second 
Wiedhold, v/illiam liirriak 36; r.tovedoro; Native; 709 Howard 
Wiednenn, John G7; Butdierj i>aturallzed; San Bruno Road and 

Santa Clara St., Aug. 3, 1866 
Wiegles, 7/illiams 53; 3y,o^naker; Naturalized; 847 Clay 
Wialand, Frederick 27; Grocer; Naturalized; .'?, 7, Corner Powell, 

and VallB Jo 
Wlelarid, John 36; Brewer; iiatui^allzed; 240 Setjond 
Wlela:id, John •^'icob; Brewer; Naturalized; 240 Second 
Wiener, Adolph 21; Clerk; Naturalized; 320 B„sh 


Nanei AgeS Oocs Natl Local rea. 

Wlenar, Jaoob Abraham 44; Broker; Naturalized; 1134 Dupont 
Wlor, William 40; Manufacturer; Naturalized; aid Ave,, bet. 

16th & 17th; Juno 30, 1066 
Wlggen, William Khapp 37; Painter; Native; 16i^ i'owell 
Wlggin, aiarlea Louis 43; Clerk; Maine; lia09 Taylor 
Wiggins, David Stanley 34; Clerk; Native; aSO Tehama 
Wiggins, vrilfred Wesley 33; Ina. Secretary; Native; 46 So. Park 
Wiggins, Willi am Henry 33; lilngineer; Native; 337 Union 
Wight, David 36; Msdhiniatj^ Naturalized; lii8 Perry 
Wljit, Jason 39; Parmer; Native; Old San J^ose Road 
Wlgnore, James ii8; Poliooman; Naturalized; 567 Howard 
Wigaore, John 38; Cabinet iiaker; Ireland; Calif ornla,nr. Folk 
Wilbar, Clinton ii2; Butchor; Native; 516 Bryant 
Wilber, Joseph Wood 43; Carpenter; Native; 509 B^ah 
Wilbur, (ieorge Byron kJ?); Laborer; Native; 17 California 
Wilbur, Marshall 57; Carpenter; Native; 179 Jessie 
Wlloooks, Ben J an In 47; Clerk; Native; 1014 Montgcxnery 
Wlloott, Joseph I*ewls 37; Sec'y San Jose Railroad; wassachusotta| 

130ii Pine; July 13, 1868 
Wilcox, Chas, Seymour 35; Clerk; 5i^7 T^ama 
Wilcox, Joseph iiujjsell 39; Carpenter; Native; Oriental Hotel 
Wilcox, Silas 41; Ccnti^otor; Native; Laguna, n, of Pulton 
Wild, Jolin L3; Milkman; Native; Hunter's Point 

Wilde, Qeor;!;e Henry 33; Asphaltum vwirker; Native; St, Charles St. 
Wilde, James 37; Asphaltum roofer; Native; Jones, b otween 

0»Parrell ^« Geajry; June i;3, 1866 
Wildo, Otis 63; Slioonakor; Native; McAllister, near Market 
Wilder, David ii9; Clerk; Native; 529 Clay 
Wilder, Hiram 60; Milkman; Native; Rock Hcnch 
Wilder, William Abel 3ii!; Bookkeeper; Native; Oak, e, of La[^una 
Wildes, Joseph Haary 40; Draftsman; Native; Bryant, near First 
Wile, David 34; Drayman; Native; Cor, Leavenworth & Ellis 
Wiley, Austin 36; Printer; Native; Turk, aast of Fillmore 
Wiley, Charles 30; Laundr^^Tian ; Native; kil2 Perry 
Wiley, James Sullivan 34; Upholsterer; Maine; Sacramento,noar 

Waver ly; July 17, 1066 - 6th Ward 
Wiley, Jolin 36; Carpenter; Native; Montgomery Block 
Wiley, Robert 38; Bookkeeper; Native; Berry, near Third 
Wiley, Samuel Ruckel 50; Accountant; Native; Valparaiso. nr, Jones 
Wilkey, iidvrard hatliaway 55; Painter; Native; Cor, Polk cc Turk 
Wllklns, Benjamin P,(no ciiddle name)34; Gent's furnishing goods; 

Native; 648 Market; July 11, 1866 
Wilklns, Frederick ubbott 34; Drayman; Native; 2ii5 0»P«rrell 
Wllklns, James Malcolm 22; Mercshant; Native; 643 Polsom 
Wllklns, Matthias 29; Grocer; Naturalized; 162 Jessie 
Wilkinson, James W, 33; Coopor; Natui^llzed; 1036 Polaom 
Wilkinson, John J, 22; Cooper; Native; Langton St,, bet, Polsom 

and Howard; June 29, 1866 
Wilkinson, Phlletus C, 38; Policeman; Native; 557 Howard 
Wilkinson, Sa uel 29; Carpenter; i*ative; 146 Second 
Wilkinson, Warren 62; Hatter; Native; 1021 Kearny 
Wilkinson, Vfarring 31; Supt, Deaf & Dumb Asylum; Native; 

15th 3t, Deaf & Dumb Alylum, June 21,1866 




Occs Natl Local rosldonoe 

Will, Predoriok Adolphua 29; Cutler; Native; *'ac5.fic, oecond 

house below Powell; July 31, 1866 
Wlllard, Zylas 36j Mason; Native) 711 Lombard 
WillBtt, Albert Page 25| Boot-fitter; Native; 6 First 
Willett, iiidwai-d Walter 27; lierohant; iiatlve; Comer Third and 

Market; June i?7, 1866 
Willett, Eli Haallton ki3| Clerk; Ilatlvo; 435 Sooond 
Willett, Thociaa SOtSteward; Naturalized; 127 Paoiflo 
Wllley, Charleo Willey 31; Saloon-keeper; Native; 

108 Prospoct Place; June 14, 1866 - 6th Ward 
Wllley, Otis Freeman 38 1 Merchant; Native; 532 Third 
Wllley, Wm.Henry Harrison 23; Machinist; Native; cor. Rltch and 

Bryant; June 25, 1866 
Willi an, John Jarios 40; Attorney; Na Ive; 1112 Bush 
William, Wilkinson 55; Laborer; Naturalized; 8th, between 

PolacMtt and Harrison 
Wlllians, Abram ^eaae 34; Merchant; Native; 21 O'Parrell 
Williams, Albert 57; Preacher; New ^^ersey; 706 California 
Williams, Andrew 65; Lawyer; Native; N.K.cor, Bush & Byds^r 
Wlllians, Bradford Bishop 67; Ship builder; Native; 604 Filbert, 

July 11, 1866 - 2nd Ward 
Williams, Charles 39; Miner; Native; 511 Pine 
Wlllians, Cable Metcalf 24; Clerk; Native; 62 Halleck 
Wllliaio, Charles 27; Captain; Naturalized; 1 Clay 
Williams, Charles iienry 34; Spice monuf acairer; iiativo; 



Willi acis 


Wl 113 ams 
Willi aoia 


314 13u3h; Aug, 4, 1866 
(Carles Spooner 44; ^i^ster i4ariner; Native; Jackson 

St. Wharf; July 21, 1866 
Ghauncey Burr 37; Contractor; Native; Cor, Church and 

Dolores; July 7, 1866 
David 21; Surveyor; New ^ork; Larkin & Washington 
David Lawton 25j i::xpres3man; Naturalized; 707 Market 
Kdward Austin 63; Billiard saloon; Native; 1113 StocktoE 

July 14,1866 - 4th Ward 
Edward Benton 38; Manufacturer; Native; 31 Stanford 
Kdward Wallace 27; Jeweller; Native; Calhoun St. 
Francis Owen Anthony 33; Printer; Native; 1623 Powell 
Franklin 55; Printer; Native; 311 O'Farrell 
Oeorgo 36; Furniture dealer; Naturallzsdj 12 Rousoh 
George 34; Dra3rraan; Naturalized; 1040 Folsom 
Oeorge A, 35; Clerk; Native; 305 First 
George Hess 23; Bar-keeper; Native; Post, near ^oarny 
Henry 37; Laborer; Naturalized; 3ii Stewart 
Henry 24; Carpenter; Native; 525 Mission 
Henry B 52; Carpenter; Native; Latikie, nr. Mission 
Henry Bfown 46; Merchant; Vermont; 705 Stockton 
Henry Fairfax 30; Real iistate; Virginia; 1022 Pin© 
Isaac Van Buren 34; Clerk; Native; N Ian tic Hotel 
John 26; i^xpress; Waler; California & Larkin 
John 26; Mariner; Naturalized; Drum and Clay 
John 28; Longalrioreman ; Naturalized; Battery, jetwe en 

Pacific a-id Broadway; July 31; 1866 
JoJm 45; Watchman; Naturalized; Cor, Montgomery and 
Broadway; July 20, 1866 - 1st Ward 


Age I 



Local r ealdenoe 

Willi ana, 

John 39 J Oleipk; Naturalized; Montgomeiry Court 
John Can or 50; Portrait paintor; «atlvo, S.W,oom«r 
broadway and Dupontj July 14, 1866 
Willi ana, Johh Foster 33; Speculator; Native; 437 Eddy 
Williams, John H. .'34; Bookkeeper; Dative; 963 Howard 
Williams, John X«onard 43; Tax collector; liatlvtj; Vallojo,l»t. 
Keainy and Montgomery. June kiO, 1866 
John Samuel 50; Shipwright; tJaturalized; i^'rederlck 
John atuart 45; Carpenter h Builder; Naturalized; 

1910 Powell 
Joiin Worden 40; Carpenter; Native; 917 Jones 


Willi ans, 
Willi aiiis, Joseph 
Williams, Morris 
Williams, liorman 


Jonathan 63; Shippin;^ merchant; Native; 908 Jackson 
Joseph 56; Garponter; Jiatlvo; 148 Tehama 

M, 55; Carpenter; Naturalized; lH Tehana Place 
39; Dra;7man; Naturalized; 47 Jessie 
33; Milkman; Native; Old San Jose Jioad 
Peter 35; Laborer; Native; 29 Jessie 
Richard 32; Hotelkoeper; Tiatlve; S.W.cor, i^earny and 

Robert i^ewton 21; Clerk; Native; OMcago Hotel, 

Pacific St, 
Samuel 34 | Manufacturer; Native; 128 Eighth St. 
Williams, Sfeephan ^ddon 49| Architect; New Jersey; Larkln and 

Waahingtcn ; June 16, 1066 - 12th Ward 
Williams, Warren Haywood 22; Architect; New York; Hyde, south 

of Waahlngton; July 24, 1866 
Williams, Stephen Q* 39; Grocery store; Native; 364 Jessie 
Williaaia, Thomas 61; Oyster saloon; Naturalized; 116 Clementina 
Willlaaison, -—40; IJlaoksmitti; Naturalized; S.E, 7th 5: Brannan 
wmianson, Duncan 38; Merchant; Naturalized; Gilbert Street 
Williamson, Oeorge 27; Drayman; Naturalized; Jones & Clementina 
Williamson, Richard Wesley 44; Minister; Naturalized; Mission, b 

First and Second 
Williamson, William Prank 49; Prlntor; Nativo; Bay View Park 
Willis, Albert Iteson 21; Laborer; Native; Post, west of 

1366 - 12th Ward 


726 Suttjr 

Devlsadero; Aug.3, 
Willis, iidwln Aranlok 26; Student; Nativo; 
Willis, Cxeorge Washington 36; Teanster; entuoky; Sacramento, 

near Polk; Aug. 6, 1866 
John 52; Lamplighter; Naturalized; 11 William 
John Flaviua 44; Laundrynan ; ^atlve; 4 Liberty 
John Flevious 43; Laundrymaji; Native; 23rd, between 

Valencia & Guerrero; Aug. 3, 1866 • 11th Ward shall V/arren 39; Musician; Native; Russ ^ouse 
Milton Evans 3ii; Dook-koeper; Pennsylvania; 

8 Virginia Pl%oe 
Willis, William iiartin 34; Police officer; liatlve; 13 Stewart 
Wlllistun, Cory 50; Miner; Native; 40 Minna 
WllloUi'5hby, Ja.i&a Russell 35; Butch or; Native; 728 Howard 
Wlllou^by, Otis lluntlniT;don 31; %r chant ; Native; 728 Howard 
Wilmording, Jollis Clute 33: Merchant; Native; lifT Montgotnery 
Wllriot, ^wls Augustus 42; laborer; Naturalized; 52 Bealo 
Wilner, idaloolm Gv3or t;e 42; Laborer; Native; 306 Suttor 
Wilson, Albert 37; Carpenter; Native; 520 Minna 


Willi s. 



Age I 



Looal res. 



VVlls on 







Albert kJ2| Drayman; Native; 309 Suttep 

Charles 32; Liquor dealer; Native; 3^9 Broadway 

Charles 38; Broker; Native; 308 Gre«i 

Gyrus 50; Morchaiit; Native; 343 Bryant 

Cyrus llflieoler 51; IButcherj Native; 114 Qeary 

iSdmond 35; Police; Native; 309 Sutter 

Edward Augustus 38; Manufacturer; Native; 805 Union 

iizokiel 49; Hotel keeper; Native; Point Lobos Road 

George 33; (Jrocer; Naturalized; iiOl Commercial 

George 46; Stonecutter; Hative; Oriental iiotel 

Gijorge 0, 39; Merchant; Native; Z'dB Fremont 

Uonry Clay iiS; Parmer; Native; Point Lobos Road 

Haskiaha Bisst© 36; Carpenter; Ohio; Presidio 

J. Downes 38; Mining opr.j Native; 3.E,Cor, Mission & 

James 30; Mouldor; Naturalized; 5th & Mission 

JauBs 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Paolflo, second house 

from Larkln; July ki4,1866 - 4th Ward 
James 69; Lawyer; iJatlvo; 605 Clay 
Janes 31 | Oasfltter; Native; 288 Jessie 
John 76; Lawyer; Native; 40i^ Fremont 
John ki4; Bricklayer; liativo; 417 Sutter 
Jol-m 65; Saddler; ^iative; 3ki3 Davis 
John Andrew 30; Miner; Native; Commerfclal between 

Kearny and Montgomery; July 30, 1866 
John Dunn iiSj Carpenter; Native; 500 Mission 
John Edward 5ii; Porter; Naturally od; 509 Minna 
John Neegus 5ii; Painter; Vortnont; Cor, Powell and 

Washington; July 5, 1866- 6th V/ard 
John Kay 44; Clerk; Native; 109 Montgomery 
John Stevenson 36; Saddler; Native; kJlO Bush 
John Yates 46; Merchant; N.Hampatiire; 612 California 
Jonathan Dayton ii8; Pastor; Native; What Oheor 
Joseph 3ii; Moulder; Naturalized; 44 Clementina 
Joseph Augustine 41; Master Mariner; Native; 

13 0»Farrell 
Joseph Lewis 4<ij Mint employee; Ohio; Filbert ?c Van Ness 
Merrlam 44; Painter; Native; Empire 
Nathaniel Irving 34; Merchant; Native; 347 Fremont 
Robort 37; Ship wright; Naturalized; N.side Ridley, 

bet. Mission & Market; July 9, 1866 
Robert 43; Miner; Naturalized; 1^2 Geary 
Robert Augustus dl; Clerk; Native; 505 O'Farrell 
Samuel Mountford 4t'di Lawyer; Native; 764 Mission 
Stephen Jongor o9; Jeweller; NuUve; Front St. 

Restaurant Front St. July ki0,1866 - Ist Ward 
Vltruvius Vivian 37; Clerk; Indiana; 503 Dupont 
Vifalter William «J8; Painter; Mas achusetts; Comer 
Powell and Washington. July 5, 18 «6 
'dO; Boatman; Naturalized; 6ii5 Davis 
Burnhara 45=;; Trader; Native; Gor..Dupont & Jackson 
EdwaiHi 30; iativo; Foot of Washington; Sailor 
Henry 49; Drayman; Native; 30<; East 
Hov/ard 35; Carpenter; Native; 567 Howard 
L. 47; Latherer; Native; ki71 Clara 

Willi on 



Ago J 



Local Res* 

Wilson, Willi an Owen 53; Merchant; Native; 717 Brxjadway 
Wilson, William T. 27; Gas^itter; Naturalized; 630 Post 
Wlnall, Stewart A, 44; Black ami th; Native; 311 Fremont 
Wlnana, John Carver 38; Broker; Native; 24 South Park 
Winans, Joseph Webb 45; J^awyer; Native; 1319 Powell 


Wlnans, Newell 27; Clerk; Native; 912 

Wlnant, Mark 67; ^rdiant; Native; 740 

Winant, William Watts 42; Oysterman; Native; 730 Harrison 

Wlnchill, Theodore Catlln 29; Clerk; Nativo; 1024 Stockton 

Wincklfe, Henry 45; Baker; Naturalized; Cor. Vallejo ^c Battery 

Winding, Garrett 40; Shipmaster; Naturalized; 144 Silver 

Winding, John Casper Myles 39; Shipmaster; Naturalized; 

144 Silver; Aug. 3, 1866; 9tli Ward 
Windor, llfci. 4fe; Mint employee; Native; 52 Fifth 
Windrow, Christopher 21; Butcher; Naturalized; i'otrero 
Wlnegar, Aabel B, 45; Merdiant; Native; 438 KatosiA 
Witt, John Pierce 38; Collector; Katlve; Potrero 
Wing, -^ra 44; -Ijaborer; Native; Bth St. bet, Folsom & Harrison 
Wlngard, James ii3; Ship Joiner; iiatlvo; 639 Mission 
Wlngard, Thoraaa Benton 25; Gl&rk; Nativo; 100 Second 
Wlngerter, Charles Joseph 19(3lc) Real restate; Naturalized; 

Cor. Stock ton k Post. July 16, 1866 
Winkler, Gottfried 48; Ftirner; Naturalized; 322 Sutter 
Wlnkopp, George Campbell 37; Merchant; Pennsylvania; Corner 

Clay and Leavenworth; Aug, 6, 1866 
Wlnlock, James 37; Moulder; Naturalized; 24 Stevenson 
Winn, Albert ^^ver 56; Heal lilstate; Virginia; 704 Powell 
Winn, Marshall 42; Clerk; Native; 136 Sutter 
Winn, Patrick 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; Kddy, bet, Hyde and 

■^eavenwor th 
Winning, iildward Slmonson 29; Engineer; Native; Waalriington St. 

'/harf. Aug. 6, 1866 - 1st Ward 
Winship, Edward 43; Teacher; Illative; 810 Washington 
Wlnslow, iiidward 44; Shlpwri^t; Naturalized; 4 Clarence Place 
Wlnslow, Janes 25; Steward; Naturalized; Lick House 
Wlnsor, Vi/iCLter i>erett 37; Mariner; Native; 213 Stevenson 
y/inter, Clinton 37; Bookkeeper; Nativo; Bay, nr.Leavenwortti 
Winter, Daniel 32; Painter; native; G 20 Market 
Winter, James William 47; Dentist; i^ative; 1030 Bush 
Winter, Jc^n Frederick kJ3; Grocer; Naturalized; 713 Lombard 
Winter, Paul Frederick 40; Tailor; Naturalised; 409 Buah 
iVlnter, William ^W; Painter; Native; 216 0»Farrell 
Winter burn, Joseph 32; Printer; Naturalized; 765 Howard 
Winters, Christopher 35; Tins.^ith; Nativo; 21 Valparaiso 
Winters, Join Wllliaia 42; Government employee; Ireland; 
Fort Point; July 11, 1B66 . 12th Ward 

John 27; Laborer; Naturalized; 41 Minna 

iiiohael 30; Butcher; Naturalized; Hayes, west of 
Franklin; June 25; 1866 - 12th Ward 

Jolin Robert 56; Teamster; Native; 614 Powell 

John *i4; Clark; Nativo; 614 Powell 
Wintgen, John 42; Grocer; Naturalized; Cor. Geary & Jones 
Wlnthrop, JoJin 38; Merchant; Native; 712 Geary 
Wlntrlnger, Leander 45; H.Road Sup*t.; Native; 

Winter son. 
Winter son. 

Winter ton. 
Winter ton. 

420 Sixth ^t. 


Namot Age Oool Nat: Loc. res, 

Wis9» Goorgo 36; Braaa-f in 1 slier; Native; ii-l/kJ Auburn 

Wiso» James 55; Artist; Native; 316 O'Parroll 

Wise, John Honry 36; Merchant; Virginia; 10k;6 Clay 

Wise, Tully Robinson 36; Attorney; Virginia; Clay,nr, Mason 

Wlsaman, John 3ii; Contractor; Naturalized; M.slde 12th, bet. 

Poison & Howard; Aug. 2, 1866 - 11th VYard 
Wlsaing, •^aoob 31; Qutohor; I.'aturaLUod; 240 First 
Wlsslng, William 38; Butcher; Naturalized; 232 First 
Wlsalnger, John V/ilHam 42; Contractor; ^jatlve; Ohio St, 
Wiswell, Thaddous 49; Capitalist; Native; 234 Stevtanson 
Wltgen, Dlodrich 40; Qj'ocer; Naturalized; Cor, Broadwav and 

Dupont; July 20, 1866 - 4th Ward 
Witgan, lliroomes 31; Marketmanj Naturalized; 12 Vrilparaiao 
Wltham, Qeorgo I'red 27; Teaiistc»r; Jor, Polk & Willow Ave 
Witham, WllHam L, 37; Mtirchant; Native; Jones, bet. Bush and 

Wltran, Charles 30; Xawrfer; iiativo; Montgomery Block 
Wltherall, John HowSiand 30; dalesman; Native; Market 
Withers, Nathaniel 60; Watchman; iSaturaliz ed; 752 iiarrison 
Wltratn, Frederick 27; La.i/yor; Nativa; Montgomery Block 
Witt, Knoch Bamum 36; Miner; Native; Nlantic 

Witt, William Parsons 54; Stonecutter; Natlva; '.VashinRton & Clay 
Wlttland, WllUam 35; Butter stall; Naturalized; Nortli side 

Jackson, bet, Jones V Leavenworth; July 7, 1866 
Wltte, Claua 29; Brlokmakor; Naturalized; Sixth k Bryant 
Wltte, Deldrloh 39; Grocer; Naturalized; Sixth % Brannan 
Wltzemann, v/m,Fritz 30; Bu teller; Naturalized; 425 East 
tVleoke, Frederic 35; Saloon koeper; Naturalized; Cor, Jackson 

ahd iSast, July 30^ 1366 - 1st Ward 
Woohatz, 'Jliarlea 37; G^nf aotlonary; Naturalized; 5 Trinity 
F/ohler, John Henry 32; Storekeeper; Naturalized; Cor. 

Mission and 30th 
Wohlers, Didorriok 25; Barkeoccr; Native; Cor, Sutter and 

Clara Wo; Aug, 4, 1866 - 8th Ward 
Wolbem, Augustus Frederick 35; Grocer; Naturalized; S.r> comer 

Broadway & Powell; July 24, 1866 - 4th Ward 
Wolborn, Jacob Deitrldge 34; Merchant; I^ative; Fllbert,nr,Hyde 
Woloott, CJiarlt;s Ptiolps 39; Assessor; Native; 1014 Montgomery 
Va'olf, i^ias 2^); Tailor; naturalized; 114 Kearny 
Wolf, ^oor,?e 30; Tailor; Naturalized; 641 Pacific 
Wolf, John Geo, 31; Cooper; Naturalize'.; Ill Washington 
Wolf, Michael Leonard 50; Millwright; Native; Santa Clara St, 
Wolf, Pliillip J^; Merchant; Naturalized; Sacramento and 

Montgor»ry; Aug, 6, 1366 - 3rd Ward 
Wolf, Mlcliael i*eonard 50; liative; Mill wright; 54 Tv,ird 
Wolf, Sle^5uiund 34; i^erchant; Naturalized; 523 Sacramento 
V/olfe, George Healey 22; Druggist; Native; 525 Geary 
Wolfe, Janes iClbort (Jr.) 22; Merchant; *^ative; 525 Geary 
Wolfe, Albert 45; Arolilteot: Native; 525 Geary 
Wolff, Bernard 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 1501 Stockton 
Wolff, Harris 52; Cap maker; Naturalized; Olive Ave., west of 

Polk; July 14, 1366 - 12th Ward 
Wolff # Max 46| Clergyman; Naturalized; 625 ^oat 

— 153 

Name! Agai Ocot Natl Looalres, 

Wolff, Mlohaol 38; Drayman; Naturalized; Cor. Polk & Suttor 
Wolff, Mftrrls 35} i^lxpraasman; Naturalized; Villls, west of Polk 
Wolff, Poter 54} Garpantor; Naturalized; Trinity Alley 
Wolflnger, *'ot«r 38} Diatiller; .laturailzed; 34 Jackson 
Wolford, Sa[nuol 22; Knginoor; Native; Does Distillery; oor. 

Bryant and 10th. July 20,1BGG- 11th Ward 
Wolfson, Josepli 33; Clerk; Naturalized; 417 Montgoraery 
Wolfurth, John Martin 46; Shoonakor; 1213 Pacific 
Wollard, Isaac IJeaumont 35; ^<Ianuf aoturor; Native; 

6 iAar^Taret Plaoo. Aug. 4, 1866 - 8th Ward 
Wonson, Benjamin Rowe 26; Seanaii} Native; 920 Montgomery 
Wood, Abraham 27 j Clerk; Native; 535 Sacramento 

Andrew Bunker 25} Druggist; Native; 509 Stockton 
Charles 42; Carpenter; Native; 311 Stockton 
Charles 57; Planing Machine; Nativo; 61 Tehama 
Charles 55; Builder; Mass.; 1007 Clay 
Charles Samuel 40; Book-keeper; Nativo; 513 Post 
Ephralm 47; li'armer; Native} Industrial Scl-iool 
Ezra Road 48} Stevedore; Native} 1506 Leavai worth 
Francis 40; Merchant; Nativo; 711 Lombard - 
Frederick Burrage 21; Architect; Native; 1012 Taylor 
George Htr.ry 25; Pluraber; Nativo; 821 Vallejo 
Grustavus Asaph 47; Adjustor; Native; 1012 Taylor 
H€U«rison 34} Painter; Native; 417 Tehama 
Hairy 24} Waiter} Native} Cosmppolitan Hotel 
Henry k^; Tailor; Natui*alized; Powell k Green 
Hwiry Feix 36; Book-koeper; Nativo; 431 Post 
Henry Holden 35; Carpenter; Native; 936 M?u7kfct 
James Henry 23} Gardur ; Massachusetts; Black Point 
Jo^in Rowland 55; Clerk; Massachusetts; 719 Clay 
Joseph 49; Sup' t .Indus trial Scriool; Nativo; Indus. School 
Josepli ilorrell 32; Clerk} I'iew York; Union & Oough 
Plumer Pebody 49} Carpenter; Native; 311 Stockton 
Robert Alraarlan Smith 49; Miner; Native; 535 California 
Samuel P. 38} Roof or; Native; 9 Ritch 
Thomas 46; Railroad conductor; Naturalized; Harrison 

and Sixth 
Wood, William K. 31; Lumber dealer; Native; 911 Sutter 
Wood, Williom Henry 32} Merchant; Native; Polsom, between 

16tJi and 17 th 
Wood, Willi an Hanry 35; Bricklayer; Native; 226 Stevenson 
Wood, Y/illiam Howard 42} Merchant} Nativo; Cosmopolitan Hotel 
Woodbridge, Sylvester 28; Surgeon; Native} U.S.Marine Hospital 
Woodbury, Calvin Emerson 45} blaster Mariner} ''iaasachusetts} 

Polk, near Washington 
Woodbury, Knos A.32} Butcher} Native; Jessie, bet, 7th & 8th 
Woodhans, ^soar 29| Bookkeeper; New York; California, nr. Duix)nt 
Woodhead, George 33} Musician; Naturalized; 215 Stevenson 
Woodman, Peter Randall 38; Merdiant; Native; 140 Perry 
Woodruff, Delos 31} Policeman} Native; o Be^-nard 
Woodruff, Kdwln 32; :ilackyriiti:i; Native; 1443 Leavenworth 
Woodruff, iJlihu 60; Meroliant; New Jersey; 618 California 
Woods, Charles Dumrier 49; None; Nativo; Clernentlna Street 
Woods, David Holmes 35; Artist; Nai:ivo; 23 Tliird 
Woods, Jidward Potter 34} Engineer; Native; N.V;, comer 

Sacramanto & iicker.July 3,1866- 7th »^ard 

™ 154 

Names Agat Occt Nats Local res. 

Woods, Frederick 36; Drayman j Vorraont; 605 Stockton 
Woods, Geor^so M. 35 1 iiiigraverj Native; 725 Bush 
Woods, John Gorwell 45; Veterinary; «atlve; 130 Second 
Vlfooda, '.(^OEias Honry 54; Tannur; Native; Sixth & Brannan 
Woodaido, Charles Page kJ5| House-niover; Native; 308 Third 
Woodsido, iilbridge (}, 54; Garriagerieker j Native; 516 Bush 
Woodson, Joseph Au/justine ii9; Attorney; Native; 13 Verona 
Woodward, Abel (Jranville 39; TeaMstor; Native; Melggs Wharf 
Woodward, Charles Joseph 29 j V/hat Cheer House; Native; 404 Post 
Woodward, Gideon 39; Cigar dealer; i^atlve; ii016 Powell 
Woodward, William 49; B'armer; Native; Pine, opposite Academy of 

Woodward, William A. 37; Publisher; Native; Cor. Pine & Mason 
Wood worth, Henry T, 39; Carpenter; Native; 4kJ0 Bush 
Woodwortli, Janes 37; Secretary; Native; 411 Tehama 
Woodworth, Sellm Edward 50; Mariner; Native; 611 Folsom 
Woodwortri, William i56; Sejunan ; New York; 1013 Washington 
Woodworth, \%i •Frederi ok 41; Car driver; Native; Bernal Heights 
Wooley, John 38; Blaokanith; Naturalized; 26 Clementina 
Woolf, Caspeis 41; Mar di ant; Naturalized; 347 JUnna 
Wool, Jo}in 36; Gilder; Naturalized; CaLlfomia, near Hyde 
Woolley, I*ell Uawley 41; 'irocery Dealer; Nev? York; 1211 Taylor 
Woolsey, Jolin Leander 40; Laborer; NativoJConmerclal Hotel, 

Wooster, David 40; Phj^siclan; Native; 734 Sutter 
Wooster, Jolin B. 35; Morciiant; Native; 313 Fremont 
Worcester, Louis 54; Carpenter; Maine; 528 Pine 
Wores, Joseph 39; Hatter; Naturalized; 1014 Washington 
Worford, John V/. 41; Carpenter; Native; Hlnna, near Fourth 
Worcester, William niltimore 42; Shoemaker; Native; Tittela Bldg, 
Wormser, Isaac 44; Mercliant; Naturalized; 123 Powell 
VKormser, Isadoro 35; Merchant; Naturalized; 5ii4 Sutter 
Wormser, Louis 35; Uorchaat; Naturalized; 524 Sutter 
Wormsley, William W. 28; Tinatalth; Native; 319 Minna 
Worn, George Austin 40; Real l-Jstate Agent; Naturalized; 

210 Powell 
Worstar, Henry Kzekiel 31; Milkman; Native; Geary east of 

Worater, Thomas Dennit 23; Teamstor; Native; K. /.comer 

First ana lilssion. July 17,1866 - 7th V/ard 
V/orth, Charles Albert 30; Dravman; Native; 523 O'Farrell 
Worth, Edmund 30; Clerk; New Hampshire; 1118 Sacramento 
Wortti, Francis *Aacy 24; Waterman; Mass.; Selina Place 
Worth, George Frederick 56; U.S.Marshall; 801 Union 
Worth, Reuben Garcint^r 28; Drayman; Native; 523 O'Farrell 
Worth, Valentine Moder 48; Carpenter; Native; 421 Bush 
Worth, William Allison 56; Patternmaker; Native; 641 Folsom 
^^'ortliington, Vi/lllian Chljanan 46; Lawyer; Native; 527 Greenwich 
V'jorthl^, Thomaa Russell 46; Merchant; l'<ative; Sutter 
Wray, Jacob 43; Butcher; Native; 212 Turk 
Wrede,Deldrlch 30; G:iooerj Naturalized; 455 Jessie 
Wriff^ht, Btnj. Cooper 54; Reporter; Native; 910 Vallejo 
Wright, Benjamin Franklin 34; Teanatar; Native; Third & Berry 
Wright, Charles 26; Liiglnoer; Native; 433 Jackson 
Wright, Charles John P. 43; Master Mai»ln*3r; Naturalized; 

906 Filbert; Aug. 4, 1866 



Ago I 


Nat: Loo. i*98« 

Wright, Cyrus Scilth iB; Civil iirigineor; Vermont; Cor. Powell 

and Sacramento 
Wright, Francis Sim%lm'^i Upliolatorer; Natlvej 646 Clay 
Wright, Oeorgo Henry 28 j Livery; Native; 3 Central Placo 
Wright, George Henry 36; Trunkmalrar; Native; Cor, Kearny and 

Wright, Gtistav Alex 43; Uin©r| Native; Original 
Wrl^t, Henry Giay 36; Morctiant; New Jersey; 620 Pine 
Wright, James Barron 39; Carpenter; Native; 732 Ore«n 
Wright, Jamoa Ware 26; Driver; Nativo; Cor. 3rd & Howard 
Wright, John 43; Blackaniith; Native; Camp bet. Guerrero and 

Second Ave, 
Wri^t, Jcjhn Allen 25; Carpenter; Native; 613 Minna 
Wright, Owen 37; Laborer; Nativo; Clinton Street 
Wright, Roswell Sabin 31; Carpenter; Native; 42G Bush 
Wri^t, Selden Stuart 44; ^wyor; Native; -Maf&yette Place 
Wright, Stephen Allen 53; No occupation; Native; Pacific Hotel 
Wri^t, William 38; Shoosiak^r; llatui^alized; 22 Clementina 
Wright, V/illiam 44; Contractor; -^reland; Larkln,nr. Green 
Wright, William 34; Boatcian ; Naturalised; Dupont & Francisco 
Wrigjit, William H. 23; Constables keeper; Native; 417 Bush 
Wright, Willi an Henry *i6; Bookkeepc^r; i^iative; International 

Hotel, Pacific 3t. 
VVrigley, Joseph 52; Boileruiakor; iiaturalized; », aide Mission 

and Ridley. July 5,1066- 11th Ward 
Wrixon, John 40; ^boror; Naturalized; Cor. Union & San soma 
Wulf, iieiixrldi 30; Watchnan; Katur:ili zed; 7 Hinckley 
Wulzan, Henry Frederick 39; None; Naturalised; 72 Minna 
Wund'jrlich, August 29; Sailor; JIaturalized; 820 Battery 
Wunderlin, Steplien 55; iialoon-koeper; Naturalized; 205 Sansome 
Wurklielra, florrls 35; Merchant; ^Naturalized; 615 Sacramento 
Wurst, Jacob 40; Carpenter; Naturalized; 107 Leideadorff 
Wurthrich, John 27; Butcher; liatoi^lized; 329 Geary 
Wyckoff, James Patterson 34; Collector; Native; 679 Market 
V¥yley, Oustua Burbank ki5; Shoemaker; Nat ivv3; 134 Second 
Wyman, George Davidson 59; Painter; iiassachuaetts; California, 

near Dupont. July 19, 1366 - 6th Ward 
Wynant, Saoiuel 35; Dealer; Native; 756 Harrison 
Wynn, Nicholas 28; Servant; Naturalized; Tlttels Building 
V/ynn, Willi am 47; iuadriinist; Naturalized; 115 Bush 
Wynne, Nicholas 30; Clerk; Naturalized; 316 Fourth 
Wynne, William 40; Grocer; Naturalized; 316 Fourth 

June 30, 1066, 10th Ward Dist. i;o.2 

End of nanes beginning with letter W ^ 

Typed by State Ghalruari of Genealogical Records Committee 
1946-1943. I4rs. William S. Perr^'^, Roseville, California 
Juiie 29,1948. 




Ooc: Nat: Local rasicleno© 
Start of Y 

Yan tz, 

Yantz, ' 

Vail© jo, between 

Yalo, Grer^ory 49# Lawyor; Native; 35 South ^ark 
Yale, Jeromlah 3, 47; Teamster j Hativu; ii29 Sixth 
Yrmko, Charles 50; Public House; Naturalized; 630 Buah 
lYllliam A* £4; Clerk; Naturalized; 630 Bush 
♦Tolin Honoh 'db; Tolograph; Native; 507 Uont(prtery 
V/n, Reanor 31; TulOj'^raph; Native; 507 
Geor,-e iiO; Bai^ber; Naturalized; 

Powell & Htison; July 24, 1366 
Yard, Charles Daniel 56; Upholsterer; Native; 19 John 
Yarrlngton, ^^acob T, 59; Book-keeper; Native; 9 Howard Court 
Yatos, John 76; Gjntlenan; Natui'al j.zodj 100 Turk 
Yeager, Joseph 44; House raiser; Native; Washington Ave,, 

near Howard. Aug, 1,1866 - 11th Ward 
Yeates, John Lloyd 3ii; Clerk; i^ai-yland; 731 Washington St. 
Yates, Julian Clement J21; Clark; Native; Cor. 3rd & Market 
^eagor, Thoriaa Tillman 41; DecLLer; Native; 43 Third 
■Beaton, Oliver Chase 30; Lumper; Native; Cor, Battery & Croon 
YoazGll, Andrew ilodge kiS; Clerk; Native; 9i30 Montgomery 
Yecklay, Robert David Hunter 60; Teacher; i'^ative; St. J^arka 

Place, bet. Stockton co Duix)nt, Aug. 3, 1866 
Yellott, Vto.3ii; li/atciiman; Native; Kearny h Clay 
YarkQB, Isaac 36; Clerk; Native; 314 Vallejo 
Yerkea, Joseph 40; Auctioneer; Penn; 622 California St. 
Yonr^er, Alexander Jatibs di; Student; Naturalized; 316 Green 
Yoost, Francois o6; Clerk; Natui»alized; 624 Vallejo 
York, Samuel Famham 35; Teacistor; Native; Cor. Ellis h Taylor 
Young, Abel V/ood 38; S^ip joiner; Native; 221 Tehaxaa 

Albert iiortimor 28; Plasterer; Nati^^e; 141 Jessie 
Alex McCourtindale 27; Captain; Native; Foot of Market 
Andrew Jackson 37; Police officur; Native; Columbia, 
bet. CJuerrero & Dolores St. Juno 30, 1866 
Young, Andrew Sr.iith 45; Soanian ; Naturalized; 1610 Mason 
Young, George Smith 41; Carpenter; Native; Oiik, -.wost of Laguna 
Young, Goorgo Wasiiington 54; Janitor; Native; So.side 16th 
Young, Harry Oliver 25; Painter; Native; 314 Sutter 
Young, James 25; Boiler maktjr; Naturalized; '^4. Minna 
Nahum K. 37; Coopur; liative; 111 2i^ith St. 
Nelson 49; Carpenter; New York; Larkin, nr. Union 
Hichard 37; Grocvii-'; Naturalized; N.ii>.cor. ^rkin <Se Clay 
Rich. Sharp 53; Pliysician; Native; Sacranento and 

Cai'poriter; Naturalized; 405 Union 
County liocorder; Naturalized; Cor. of 
^-c Sutter. July 19,1366 - 12th Ward 
Stevedore; Natiu'alized; Krirrison Ave,, near 

Thoraas Merchant 22; Deputy County Recorder; Native; 
Cor. Van Nobs nvo. h Sutter. July 13, 13 66 
Young, William 40; Ji/^ar store; Naturalized; 902 Kearny 
Zounger, William John (Dr.) 27; Doctor; Naturalized; 316 Groon 
Yimg, Nldiolas 47; Undertaker; Naturalized; 1203 Sacramento St. 
¥nnker, Frederick 45; Tailor; Naturalized; 310 Pacific. 

Aug. 6, 1066 

— 157 — 












List of Y 


Nanos beginning vd.tli ^. 

Uanet AgoJ Ocoi Hat: Local r eal donee 

Zabriskle, James Camon 62j I^.tyor; ^,f ^J^V,^^°^„^^°^^°'' 
Zabriakle, William M. 34; Lawyor; '^^^^t."' ' ILfT 
Zack, AciarS 4ii; Butch«r; liaturalized; iiartol Street 
Zadig, Philip 59; Clark; Katurallzod; Jl^..^.'^^. 
Zahn Henry 40; Grocer; Naturalized; 8ii3 V.illejo 
zlnSSr.^urgia Tulliua 49; Clork; Katlve; 416 Bryant 
Z^h Jacob 34 J Manufacturer; Naturalir-od; 806 Green 
Zo?^el4yor, /itliony 4iij Merchant; Naturalized; Setter, vveat 
^o^^ejne/ x, ^^^ i^Jkin. June 28, 1066- l^th "Vard. no.2 
Zei^leneyer, Antimony 42; Gix)oor; Naturalized; Cor. Matoma and 

^ llary. Au5.4, 1866- lOtii /^ai'd. '^i^t. no.^. 

Zeit^ler, Joim Lewis 34; G.irpenter; Native; 517 Minna 
Ze^kai Lewis 41; Tailor; Naturalir.od; Cor. ^^l^^a -« «fy 
Ze'le Ch^loa David 29; Dru,:^.;iat; lJaturallr.ed; 753 Clay 
Zailt; Joh^ 46; Miller; liatm-allzed; 1115 ^ontgoraery 
Zoi'!' JoS 36;'3.oeaakar5 Naturalised; 7 ^agley P^o« 
Ze.l trucks, Edv/ard 28; &^r.raver; Natural ^.zod; 316 lanna 
Zuk, Louis 36; iJutoJiur; i.aturalized; ^17 Um-^^ 
'^ak Pitoodoro 35; Butotidr; l.aturalized; 417 Union 
'-^lllner Slli^i 34; 3^oe:U:cr; Naturalized; 707 Broadway 
Z^o^^l^'jaoob 25; Capmk'er; ;^atui^all..ed; ^l^-^son 
Zeph, Henry ^^^3 ^7 ; Jlone.ial-or; Native; 15f^/°?3^J5^,, 

ZorkSwslcy, Morris -U; Tailor; ''^^^^^V'f li-^li? iS ??:ird 
Zorrer'oi' Franz 33; Saloon keopar; Naturalized; l*i9 Tv^lrd 
5 Ski- lion dell 34; Tailor; ii.itural:'2;ed; 110 Geary 
ootzkir, iaonaoj-i •^,-^'/^;'^ /., M<,t'vo« RidloY. near Guerrero 

itSr' S;'.rr.s''iC.'2l; Ser^^^lati^^ 3i4's^ttor 

ISr: ^LL^Ss^Sof TtnLithtBl^oksnath^^ ^S^f^'ith'Cf "' 

, ?o«Bll & Broadway. July 17,lBb6 - 4th ''ard 

Zlnrr«.man, Mathias 42; Merchant; Natural' zed; l^S Second 
ZollL.r, jJhnAdam 37; 3atcihur; i^aturalized; .../.cor. ackson 

'and Mason; July 6, 1836 - 4th uard jeaaie- 

Zowesky, Thoaas 43; ^^P^°l« ^«^«^ ^ ^'f^^T^f,^^^^' ''^^ ^^''^^' 

July 30, 1866 - 10th Ward ,, ^. 

Zulsell, John George 32; Restaurant ^-«Pf ,' "f ^^^^^^^^^^ 
* jor. Sprtog ^ Suninur. Aug.3,lB66- 5th wara 

All of names starting with letter _^ 

This work under way for two years conpletod June ^^»^^f^. ^^ 
?^r,?n^ allTne by ilrs. V/llli ai S. Perr:'. .Sacramento Chapter 
DaS;41tBrrof the Lorlcan Revolution, Stat. Chairman, 1946-48 
for Genealogical Records Comnittoe 

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y^lM^ ^