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Full text of "Sartor Resartus: The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdröckh. Heroes and Hero-worship"

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23r. 3, J3. Jgudb 












Volume Tvelvc 

New Yore 





t «> til, •*• ^ 'I « 1 '. 1 -■• * J *• •'• • * " .* 




L PanjHiif AAf 3 

n. £DrtoRur DimcuLTiia 7 

HE, ~ RBHi>iacEi?ci« • 11 


^ V. Thb Wohld i» GLOTHn 87 

VI. APBom . - . 33 

VII. Mjsceij.&iteoii8-Histobica1p 35 

Till. Thb Wobld out ot Clothu 31* 

Adahitibm .,,,... 44 

3L Furs Aaaww 48 

XI. PsoencTiTS G3 


Saoft IL 

I. GiNun es 

IL Idyllic ,,,,,,, p . - (19 

nL Pedaooot 77 

IV. Gettinq tjhdeb Wxr 91 


TT. SoBBowa at TeutelshbOckh 113 

iv ooHTENm 

^VIL Tni £vi&Li«Tiy9 Ko 121 

^yinXL C'uiiTJtl oi- ilfrUFPBllBICCI liU 

-'^UL Tiu Evull^tiao IfftA mv 

X. P^vu . i • < HD 



Lrcnart Of Moduw Ui»T(»t 157 

Ciiuaai-CuiTUKi •^..IW 

Stmrou ■•-.-*.•.... IGS 


ruavix , . ■ . Ijfi 


O^Qiinc Fii-Ltftyi4 , ISA 

NATL^iui/-8c]'i:iiMTtikAijm IH 

CnnnfJ4?vcTnii SOS 


Tmlom ai7 

Faowiu, m 


- IL Cunic OF n™ Sm jo; 

UL NabTit'AviiiicAii Ucnswu $f7 

IT. NiT ICvcuivii EniTou --..«..,.,,, 880 



lATumfl Pa«i 


HATlAJi Mttholoqt S35 

U. The Hxao ab PaOFHST. Mahombi: : Islam . . . . i^ 973 

m. The Habo u Fokt. P^vra^ Shaxbfeakb ft07 

IT- The Kxbo u Puuz. Ldthk&; Bjetobmaxicvt : Enoi; 


T Thb Hbbo as Mas of LiTiXBa^ JoBireoTf, Rottassad, 

Btrawfl 377 

YI. Tbm Bxbo as Knio. Gaokvxll, Nafoliov : Mokbkh 

Bi:T0L1JTI0K1UC ill 


wvunns rmecrj 

TB01U8 CABl^TIS-rmmruDi 

lUtTH Lurma «.«... 
jofiN x:voz 





Ik Thbee Booki. 






OOHiinSRiXO ivar jrmu'hi Hi]v;uirwl «tat9 of culture, tad how 
tbe Tomb of Bcinv^c l^ now bctm bnukdiflhwl «uil buriir 
about, with to'TTv or lt<>-i <.^f^ot, for fi^e tiiotuumd yt&ra aurl ap- 
wnink} liQVp \u tiutt* Iuum especially, not only Uiu Toroh AtiU 
boTDA, ai^ pei^bAp* uior* fii^rocly ItiuD ever, but mnEiiuuriibh 
Buiihlijilito, ftud $ul]ihtir'&katchc«, kindled tkciciL^ af« abu 
gLukcinji ia ttvrry directum, so that not thn ftuuLllost croiiuy 
ordc^-hole lu Nature or Art oun rum^m uaUImninutvd, — it 
ui^btaUikfi till? rutlei'Un- mind witb shuiii- auqiriati t.Uat hilb* 
erto little or DOtliiDs of a fuiid^iacnttil cluuact^r* irlcthcr m 
the way of Plulo«>phy or History, hu bt^^n written on the 
8ubJ4H.'t of Clotbe;!. 

Om Thoiory of Gravit&tioiu in »a gooJ as perfwt; Laf^TUige. 
it IN well known, hiui prorrd th*t the Pl&notary Bytftevt, on thU 
8cheni«, vill eudtin- furevw; Lapla».»till moraruuninjiiiy, cvtn 
fpBCU«a tliat it c-vuld uoL lijire lit*«u madia i>ii *dj cjUwt si^lieiuH. 
Whurnby, at Icact, o^ir nauticai ILoebooka caa bo bettor k«pt; 
sad irat4;r-tniUfi]>ort of HI kind^ hui frrown moro ciommodtoui. 
Of Geology juid GeogricMiy w« know n&oEii^h: wL&t wjT.1i the W 
bort of our Wemexa aud Iluttocia, wL&t villi th« ard«-nt fEtnint 
of tbeir d:3C>pkfli It blB oome about tLat now, to many a Boyal 



BlK>A 1. 

Boeai>^p thfi CMfttion ^f u World U HttU more m7at«riou» ihsji 
ih» cooklfig of a iluinplEu^; touoernin^ which lfl*t, indtwd, 
tliefS kave ticcD niimiLA Ic- wtRitu ihv t^xseaUim, Jiow thr upplrjt 
tMmjr<'^ *N, proiitntixJ difHc^iltics. ViUj mciitioii our diaquiai- 
UciriH oa lL« Sim-uI Coutrjj.'lf on tL« StonUxird of TasU}, on iho 
Ml^'rfttiortfi of ilie Herring? Tlieu. bav« wv ntA n DiH-trim 
of lleijl, f^ Thw>ry of Value ; Pbiloaophies of Laut'^^'^V ^^ Hift* 
tor^T *>[ rotU-T^-, of ApporitJotUT of tntoxicnting Liquors? 
M;ui*8 wliolv life ariil eiivinniuieicl h;ivtj hvcix Uid open am! 
vlucid&ttrdi scarcvljr a. frH|-i.ii(;ti1 ur fibtv oC Inn SduI, HihI^, imO 
iVaecssioDfl, but ha« boou probod* disaoot^d^ distillled, dc8io- 
ULtod, and cci4*ntific:ill}' dbC<im|>o}i«<I : our tpiritusil Fftcuttiai^ of 

wliic^h it ii{i()L';u^ thrrp uri< Dot u Tew. 1iuvr< tUi'ir SU^vr^Lrta^ 

Ooiusiiuw B«>er (Wkrd;i; cvtrj wdluljtr. vaecular, miucular 
TisauD glom« in it^ Lawreuoes, Mnjon'^ioa, Jfichiitj^. 

itow, thi-n^ «oniPB ii, may Urn M■fllK?tir*^ mind repeat, Uiat 
t}»* gnmd Ti-iJiUH of all Ti»j4ii(% tip imly reaJ Tissue, should 
Imve Wru quiU' ovurluokt^d by Scititicxs^tho vcatural Tisflui^r 
oaia^lj, ot wooUpij ct othi*r eloUk; wluch Maq'k Sonl weufi ofi 
ttH cmtuicwt wruppi4pn and nvrtnll; whrrt^in liU whole otlier 
TiuuL--! art- uit'ludrd ajul ncn^encj. ]iiti vrhAo Facoltlea work^ 
hii vhcla ^11 livL<d, luuvi^, auii hiis its bcini^- / For if, m>v aad 
Uu»n, fome flCra^Un^ broken-wirigod llnnknr hnA rAst an owVt^ 
glaitfyi iniiO tlii« oliM'uro rr^cion, flir iitn^t Itiive auared ovi^f it 
ftltogcthcr bixdlc«»; trKoidii^g CltAhi^ a» a propL^rtyi uot ^n 
uoident, oh quite natural and a|}ciitau0oufl. liko the loavvs of 
CTMi^ tike the plLuna^ of birtU. Ir aW BpnrijliLtiiiu.% Lhrjr tuiva 
tartUy fi)fur*Ml imui an a Cf/atutd Amitud; vrhanas Le is by 
natiu-c ft iViiJtrii Anini'iJ.i nitd only in oyrtikiu oircumiitnncct, 
by purpoao nnd ilvriov^ niuidu liiiuself in ClothrM, ShakrA' 
peara aayB, we ftr« crBaDirea thftt look bnforit anil after : llie 
more torpriunii: that ve do cot look round a little, and ace 
what ifl poAstng under our vc?ry vj^%. 

But here, a« in ao many other caseH, ticnrtsui}, li-annnl, ui> 
dofiUi^Ut?, Jifi?i)-tliLukiii|^ GvEiukuy oonies to vur aid. It ISp 
AfUr all, a blcsAii;!: that, in tbcM revolutioDary limea, th^ro 
iboulil bo OHO oountiA' wht^rc obctract Thought Ofru Atill tsik^ 
aheltvr ; tlut whihe ihu din utd frflozy of Getlxilic Eumnup* 

Chat t 


tion0, and Rotteo BonMig^tm, ftud Keroltst of Paris, dMif^n 
rvi-r^ FrifTiL^li (Uiil i^vcry Rii^-li^Ji euj, Uie (iHrmun nut Rtnnd 
pcawful *^n UiH scientititr wiitcli-tower j mid, tt> tlie rngiugp 
atrtigglmfi lutitatude tpw arid ^IvowhtriVi *f'l*Tmnly, from imur 
(o tkoar, with ptrp*ira[,nry bbuil nf mjw-b<irn^ I'luit bin //tfrrr/ /Ar 

T(Tne, wliich su i>fu>ii tor^te tliat fact, what o'oLock it rouJly 
li. Not unlre^jueatly ih** OfrmniiK I»avi» bf ph hlnmcd for &n 
Dn|iroGtable lUlttCfinnfr; Jin if tl;r>' titru<fk iuti> dt'Tiutu* e»iir«o«, 
wlmic nothing was to be fiad but the toil t-f a rongU journey ; 
ftfi if, forsaking tb^ gold-Eninofl of tiimticc and tli^t poLttioal 
fllaughU»r of fat nxpt» wbrtrhy a inati biuupU grnwn fwl, tb*/ 
wpm ^iit to niu gooju^-hunting inl*) TC(:ioa» of bjIbcrripM iuid 
oro'>rlH>iTii*fi. aj;d be airu^Ua^^d up at la^t in remott^ poat-lx^^ 
Of that unwise aci^'ac^, which, u our HuimirUt «xprf>4ftu % 

" b^ C^mctriff «r«Jv 
Dotii iaIm tlia UK of |iou trj ale , " 

still mof*, nf that nltogfitbi^r Tiii^trHTtf'd iiidii-ttry, whi(ih i« 
MofU rigoiouAly Unasking ]d«i« stvaw* there c;lq nothmg di^ftiii- 
0ive be saiU. in bo far as tbo UenaOAs an> chttr^^blti with 
BUfh, let thi>tii tA^cA th^i i.-onx«qiiiinon. Ki-vi^rtlirlc-HN bo It 
riiiifuhi^l, that irTeu n Itu»iitti At?|>|K> l^ai tuiuull And ffnl<l 
oTfianicnta i zOso cuiuy a aoeue that look^ dcaort and rock-bound 
fKiiu the difttani^ vrill onfold itself, when rUjtod, luto rare 
riUflju. Nay. \x\ nny iwat^ wnuld Cpilld«m pppot not only 
finscr-poota and tumpLkr^^ hut i^pikcd ^tcs and iini>M»ablr bor- 
rtoc9. fi»r tlie mini of tnan ? It ifi vmttftn, ^ Mocj shall run 
to and iro, and 1cnov1«d^ ahall be iiK^eued.^' Sur«1y ihn 
plain nilo U, 7*nt i**'h I'^nei derate i^reon hare Mb way, axid 
*fe wliat it will ItTui tx>- Fm- not tbiPi mixn and tbat niftn, hut 
all BPD nuke ufi imuikind, and xMtuxr unitt^d tatkct tbf^ taftk of 
manhind, flow oft*^n have we spen fiome such iidventurous, 
ftnJ fciLftps mii'^h-o'^npnrrd w.wdoTfr liRht on some out-lyinu, 
liegt««t<«lf Tot ritjUly momontouti provin(<4>; tbv biddiMi trco- 
Hures of whidi he tot disoov^red, and kept proelalmmg till 
til' pniMiral *'T€ lutd #rfrort wi»irr dinwfj^d Uiilrhfrr, attd thr troti' 
qtifTil was completed; — thereby^ in Ui4>»e bid ao4^u:iii3^'Iy «o 


Ua<ui t 

oiniLkM tunblca. pl&&tin|f ntw frtftJodiurdc, fimnding naw kiLi- 
tabld colooi^. ill the uiuii«cMuni1>Ju drciuuaibicnil raahn ul 
Hothlngn^Bs anil Night! Vi'bc nuiu wtui Lh who ccuu^elled 
that Qpeoulii'tioii skuuld Imvo Ci-t>e ooutac^ aii<l look fttarUiwly 
towofflls oU tbt< tUiity-t'Wo poiiiU ol tliu oompusi, u'^tk*r- 
ioeT«t anJ lltlwaw^X'r it li*t<ML 

Perhap* H in ptoof cf Uie stunted oonditioa In vhiftli puro 
&OICIUW, wiHH'Ully pjTO luomi 8ciPTice, Uoguisbes aJuon^ us 
Kngltab; aih) how niLT m4>r<'antiln gn^tnpi^a^ nnd iTiVii1ii;Llile 
Couslltiiliou, itypcw«ihg u ix>Uticiil or otlirr iiuiuHiuti^lj pnw 
tirtti tcKuLcEucy on uU lCii;;li£b cultiuv aud eaileAVur, (mkmpb 
tbcj fMt Aigbt o( Tliou^c, — tliat tliis, cot Phikiwifhy nt 
Clothes but neogiiition ^vu ihttt Vf bjtvr no midi PUiiuvio 
phj} atftadtf Inr^ foT the linrt tJioo imblioilitd in out Uu^uitp>. 
What EuglUh mtcU*et oould have chosen such .i injnp, or hy 
cliancc stunibl*^! on llT Bni tnr Ihait « lEnxlLcu-Jch-rl, and 
tveji 8«qutf»U'Tv^1 touilition of thr G**rmnji liriimcd, wbiah per* 
mit« fiti4 inducTS them to ImJl m oil njanimr of vrai^n, with 
»U ntaun^r of netA. it B««riu probable mou^, thi« abtnue In* 
f|uii7 miglit, in hjut^ of tJi«i rcHullA it li'ittil^^ Ut, havi^ continuf«L 
(lonn«tit for indctinito pt'iiorin. The Kdit4jr vt tbcao ahoi;U, 
though othifrwrnts bo;uiUag bim«lf a nuui of continiiud tpvou< 
lative liiibitx. iuhi jx-Hiujik rlbf*iiniive t^iitJtigh. is frvi* to iH>nrr>jaw 
that cuMrei. till Lbi-He LuL [EuvictljH* did tliv jibuve v4-r^v j»1imii vou- 
sidftnitioDt, on our tot&l waitt of a PhUoftO])hy of CLotht^^, occur 
t9 bim ; dkod then, h^r quit(^ for«igu aoggcfition. By tJi« arriTftl, 
iHumdy, of t n«w Hook from Profeuor T^uFpUdriklcb nf Wi'Un- 
liit^btiro; trtvitiugi^xpiTwily of thiji9(iibj(-rt,mtdii] AAtyb; wbicbf 
^hrt^icr undentood or not. conM not i'r«u ly tlio blmd«et 
Iw or4>H'V)k'»H, In the pivs^t Kditor's w«y of tboDf^hl, thiii 
r«aiArkjiblff Trmii^p, with iU Durtrinf'M, whrthrr ;t* judicinlly 
acceded to. or judicij^ly deoi^d. ban not r'^umme^d tnthcmt 

•^i>f# KiMfr,iht Werdm nnd Wirk*n fCliith™, thrir Oritfia 
ftnd TuQuenei^t: row 7>roi7, T'-^fVUdriUkh, •/. f/, £». rfu, *SH^ 

*'Hor«/' «4jr« tb0 ;rriMnrcAfuvWA« An4t*^tt, "oom«« si 

Cur, n. 


Voliane of thai »i«nuTfs cloae-pnnUfii dooMHediUted Miftr 
vliioh, bo it upokoii with priilr^ itt M^in ooly in Genoauyt per- 
bftpi ofklj m Wtftidiuuhtvu. lFt8iiit](- from thu bitberto in«- 
priKirlL-tMfr rbtu ul SlillM'livii'i^ru ;uul OumjiamT with rvrry 
cxUmal fanb«r«nix-, it u (>f eurh intcrn^ki qtmUt/ i»s to aei 
KtjgtMt «t dvlniNw. . . . JL voirk,** concludes tb^ wcU-mgh 
•ntliiaiiLHtiu Rfviewer, "liit^tVKlinf^aHkw in thMHtiqTiary, thu 
lliotuiuui, A&il itie ]>liilo»op^c tUiiiki*ri a tnoatcrpiiMw of Usltl- 
MVe, lyax^jml AcatAicft^ and ruggod ind^pendvnt (3«muuuBm 

whicU will uaU OAHumllv, |au irnrrL-ttt witliuul oiipuitiliou lit 
Ugk pUcM ; but Bm9t and vill «x:Ut ilk^ ^Imoat uew nmavt of 
Ttufgbdrijokb to tho first ruUcfi of PluloeopUj, io our G^TTnan 
TnnplA of Honor." 

Mimlfnl <i( old &i«uJfiliip> tite diatinguUied PioiMAOr. ui 
tliia tli« lir^t bJaM of lib fauiis whiiib boirdrer doM not djuulo 
him, cvtidfl hitli«T ft rrmentation-copy of bifi Book ; witli com- 
pTiinmU and rnmininniA whioh moilpRty ffiHivU thn jtmi^Ttl 
Edivir to rrbrrAtm? i y^ without iadiratinj wt.ih or bop« of any 
{, ncoepC vbiU mAj be implied m tho oo1l«^la4liElg phru» : 
TdtAm m (Uiu r^niaikable Treatise) <ttitk int MtttstftJun Bcdfn 


mnroxiAtt vtmctJirm. 

Ir Tar • «p«<ii1ativc nsan, ^ whc4e tif^fiold," ia t^ sobUnio 
vrtr^U t>i tbc* Pfiet, ** id Tiinf>," no oonqut^t i« inportiatt bat 
th:»t of ii*'w Heas, then might the arriviU of ProffNUtir Toi>- 
ri-lMln)(>)(b''4 Rnok bn innrkpil with rbnlk in the Editor'^ caK 
cndar. It w indocd an "pitrjwivrr Volume," of botuidlcnv, 
ul»o«t fOrmlOM cobttfiit*, ^ t^ry tiou of TJtou^-ht ; D«it1i«T ea}m 
WW ckttr, if yon will ; Tot wbet^ the tfltigh<>*t pcarMiTor 
may i1irf« to liix nt^nioM d^jit-b, and rrhtim not only with ae» 
wreck but witb true oricoti. 

a.UiToii Ri:s.\kTi:d, 

Book L 

Dlivctlj on the limt |)eruaaL fiitiinAt oa the first <l«libemt« 
lupOCtiOlkr H bocamc appaivnt thnt hrro n qiiJtj^ nrw Kmnch 
of PlliI«H>pli7» IfOilin^ to Xt yvX uiiii*?<tTU*d ulltrior rt-iuIU, 

mutrlUrlixH-il; fwUi^r, vUttt s»*«iied ^oaroel^ left* iutetcbtiuK, 
!i quiw* ni'W human IcdivifJuftlity, a.ii almost cnrxfttnpkd por- 
lif^uttl chnraftor. tlmt, mitujly, of I'rofi^iMOr ToufpUilr6<'kli tho 
DiwloHnr. nf Uitli wliirh iiovi^1U«», art fur aA fiiiglit be po^ 
ril<le, we roaolrfid to uijutcr Uic aimiili^s&nccH Dtit iw man ifl 
MnjkhAttCB.i1>- a profHTlytixinjT ct(«U;t4>t no icoontfr wiu Kuch mu- 
U-ry even fairly attempted, than ibe n^iw qitesTion arose : How 
iiii^Lt tlii» do^uirei] Roofl bi^ imparted to otLciSi [if-rliapfa in 
cqTuiJ noci tlirrrot ; how could tb^ I'bUonopUy of Clothon. nrul 
the Atittor ot aui'h Tbilotophy, be brought home, in any meo- 
sure, lo the bii^iiif^sH nji^) 1ri:i!^oin»^ of our own Knglbh ^aUon ? 
For if n^TT-KOt eoH U said to buro thr pocknt* till it be coat 
fortb into eirouktton, uiiil*U inon; inay uvw trulb. 

Here, hotrwer. difflpulries oocnrr^d- The ftr*t thought naOi- 
i%ny «aa to puldish Artiolr after AtHcI^ on Uiia ri'markaJjle 
Voluiuc, in nuc'b widely cnr^ulatinic Cntioal Jciiimals a« tho 
Editor might ataad ooiineoted witli, or by money or Ioto 
proPTirft Fuwws tOn But> on the othrr hand, wha il ru>t olear 
tJjat jn^^h matter dm munt hi^ro he rcTcaIf'<t, nud ti'cotr^d of, 
might etiijajit-er the citcnlatiou of any Journal extant? 1^ 
indfied^ all iiarty-di vision * bi the State oould have U-fxi ahol- 
ittbed, Whie. Tory, and Itodica]. fin:ibracin(: In iLntTi'imJiL 
unions and nil th^^ .lonrniilfl r^^ the Nnttrin ranld have been 
Jumbled into one Journal, and tli* Philosophy of Clcithf>« 
ponrM forth in iBCie«hant toiivnte llivrefonu, th« attempt hiul 
floc-mt^d poBpiblf. Hut, lOa*. whivt Tchiol*- of that sort have ircv 
en^ept Fm^t'i^t Mrr^'^inf 7 A vohicle all strt-wod (figuratiY^ly 
HpnUcinx) with tbe maddest Waterko-Cr&ekerA. exidndinf^ din- 
tnctircly and desitnic-tirrly, whrr^^soever the m^vatiJied pa»- 
icager stands or taiA\ nay, tn any nocr, undrr^t<^ to bCi of 
late yean, a vehirli^ full to overfloviu^, and iuexcrubly nhut I 
BoMidfiij lo »tAtr^ the l'bi]oso})hy of ClijlbeH without ilLt< Pbi< 
iofiopKor, tbe i^cha uF TpiifnliidriSckh withoLit som^thintE of liia 
pfiraonality, was it not to ituurL^ bcith of mhro tniMifiprrhi^n- 
Biim? Nov foT Biography^ had ii b^u oUieiviae tuimijaibl^ 

CkA^. n. 


tiMf* won DO tdequftM «k>0WDiikt^ 00 bope of <ibtai»i&9 «iie3i, 
b«t rAtlii>T. owing lo dimiiMtiDcci^ * spnattJ d«Q«]r, Thaa 
did ibe Editoi »m biutfcU, for tlw wluJe, abut Dut from »U 
puUic i«tt<inui«e of Ui«4« ojctmovduiAiy Ikwtruies^ ami coo- 
Stnunifd u> rvvulre them, Doi witliinit disquiiTaida^ In tlw darii 

go had It l]i5b^ for some months ; 4ml tu>« iht* Vf^liune on 
ClotlMia, rvoiL u»i A^iii r»ad, v^a in aerentl points befouii&g 
]\wvl Hid lucvtjt ; Uur p«:nK>nalit> nf il^i Aiithni oiotq and mora 
nufprifeiutf, but^ in sjtita of ftll that mcEnoiry and conjciftiii* 
could do, motv 4U[l luure ocugmatx:' ; vherebj' xht oJd duquM^ 
luiJt i««[ii«d tut tattling i Tim fixrd rlUrunipnt, — Thf>n alw>- 
t>'tLi.'r lUK-xpectodljr vrivc* > I^ttrr from llrrr Hufratli 
llmfchrf^ck^, our Pn^fesftor'e ubi«f f^t«<ml and u^aooiute in 
IVciJisnielitwo, with whoca ve lisd not pri^vicitjilj Dorredpoiided 
'riiu Hoifr&thf after macli quiu; extruiruu« Jn%li4rr, Ijpgiai liilat 
IDg fat^dy on tiitt "o^totioB and iittc»tto:a'* which thr Phi- 
lo90f)hy of Clolbc* m* oxcitinff in its owrt (krmnn Uci^Dtilic of 
Li?no» ; on Um do«p dgnifloanoe and tend^u^ry uf liit Frivnd'« 
Vulumu; aud tbtn. aL W^h. vrlih [,-nMLi:uv;i;iuJ'X?utioii.Li]]lvd 
at ibe praeticabilil)r of conrcpnc "^omc kiion'kdxo of Iti and 
of bini^to Enffl^iiKl, and tbrougL England to tbr distant U''<ti^:" 
a wurit on Frofi'4fljr Teufi4ftdrOok)i *^vh*tv uiidocibUHlly V4>1- 
oome io Uie Famil}/. the JVoiJmaA or &uy othtr of IboM 
ptttOOtM ^JAmtte, at iiticifCiTit Ui^ Rlory of BnliAh Liletm- 
tara;" mi^^t work r^volntionx inTliou^ht; and do forth: — tn 
nwcluiiioii, iniim^tig tuit oliuituvlr. (Juil nhuuM t]v*. ptt^nenX 
Kditor Sttl ditpoeed to undertftko a Btogr^diy of Tvu£«U* 
driA'kh, ht^ Jtofrvth Hvii»cbr9Qkc>i hod it in hit poiror to fixr- 
niah the iv<|uUtt^ Dur-iinw-nta. 

Aa in some clu-'iiiirral mixti^n^ thaLliJU Blood hmt- miyHirat- 
ine* hiit wauid not c-ry^ftnlltEiN iustanU^ wIl'I'zi ibo wi.n> or other 
&c^ ffubottanc* it introduc^RdH pvjtt&Uiiation coiiuu^n«««f and 
tHpidly [inimxiH till ttui ahcili? ia linUhnd. $,ft vrnx it with Um 
E-litor'a miud and tiiii off-^r of II«nMLre<rkeV Form ros* ont 
of void flolvtion and dinooutiniiitj ; like unitod iUeii vith like 
in Un^tjiile nrnuip-niriiL : ttml aocid ;*ithcfr in n^F^tul TUtJon and 
poaeeaeLoD, or in £x«d reftAoniLilc hopc^ the itottp; of tbv wliok 



Book I. 

Errti^rprifld hsul tbAp<^d \Uiv\t, ao tn fipf»u.k, into A solid niflAs. 

plicattoa to the faiucd rt'doubluUf Ouvck V<>ttJtK W4* now 
marift: an intorvniw, inl*mi»w^ viit* thai singular man lufo 
tAl(rii j>l]Li-i! ; ^ith miin-T of nAxurmin* oi^ hut Ait1i>, viUi 1t^«A of 
Bjitin* (at leitat of opeu satirt) <Ju ii^, tUii» wi- iiiilici|>*tnl ; — 
for the Tvst, jvxih iiDoh inniio !m \s v*>vi vibiXAv. As to thaao 
name " pjitriotir Liiii-a.rU*.'* Ihi- Hciffanii't pnnniwl roiiUI only 
be virwoJ villi -liltut iLUi;ut]Uciil ; 1>[it wLtli his ofTei vf IkKa* 
ntetLta we joyfully ami aJnivf^ iiistautajtc'ouBly cIoh^, ThuB. 
too^ in thn mrv (laipo^tAtiou of tboftc*} wo a.lrpAdy eec* f>iu tuak 
liegun; tini] thiP* mir Sarlor I^f^nrtiut, wlni.Ji U jiro]irrly «."Ljf* 
And O|iiiiioiu» of Herr T^ufelddrbukli/^ hourljr tulvikociiig. 

Of oiir fitni>iGA for Ihfl Kntrrprifli*, tn w>jich w hftvr *n'*h titl« 
Uid >'oL^^tii>ii, it wcrt |>trl]ii|i!i uiiiuirreatiiig in my uiotv, Lrt 
tbo Britiab reader ttudy ami onjoy, id aiiupUcity of heart, 
whnt U ii^rn pTPKdntKl him. smd vith whatever m^tapUy^icral 
lu^umim tind uli'iti fur iiinHutiirii Itc ik ihdumhhi-iI of hri him 
fltriro to k«ep a five, oprn nfunoi cl^arrd from thr mi»ta of 
pfcjudioei aboT« all from the paraivaifi of i^aut; aod dirooted 
nith«r to thi' Bo.ik Jtsplf than to th*- KMtor of tho Hook, W!ni 
or what KUi'li Krlitor iimy Ik-. taiiAt rv^Liajii roajn-^lund, and 
OTeu iufiignificfliit j Mt u a vciuc puhlialimk; tiditijcs of tho Phi- 
losophy of ClothM ; unclonhtn<ily a Spirit addnwHtng Spint«: 
whnsn hath »»aru, Irt Itttn hj'itr, 

On ono othrt point tbr Kibtur thinks it needful to g^te 
warning: namely, that he is atiimatod with a tnie UioufcU per- 
haps a frfblr attiJ^htnont to the lanitiitionft of oiir AnfrMtori; 
and miitdi^d t^i dtfftid thrar, a^ri'firiliuif to ahiUtr. at aU haa^ 
ardfli nay, it waa partly with a *ivw to such dof*>Tiop tlmt h^ 
«nip)kg^ in this undertaking- To gwm, or if ih»r l>r iraprau 
M(il(»» pmfit*hly f" dtwrt thn i-tjrr"*nt nf IntKn'iitiim, sm-h a 
Yolinuo as TcufrUfirftrkh'*. if ctinnmgly planted doim, woro 
ao dodpicahl^ pile, or fioodgatt", iu tho logical w^ir 

For tbe rest, bft it nowi*« apprehf^nde^, that any p^rMnal 

* V^\\][ (u «vf<(i Ii4> mill pi/ramuiiIciiKtt Lji nome lort ciE muk, or iDtiM«r; 
and, ir« bara nuda 10 (Ual, aadtt ft Cei^Ad ataiAr-~0. T. 

aie How ^Ti^A^ t.~istzL^i±iKEzia ^iitmiiMi.^i'n& ^i^i^atiL '^3aif 

PhOoaopkic ELiiqsaiM^ -jb:m^ t?^ ^ibmc j»ftnMn -^^'^-m^-st^ ^^ 
pgg g qit Edr y mv^iif^ t^ cimc ±^tfc «d =*fti>}^c^ s^i^sr iz^^ax 
Toochaltd hfiM i&so fan svttflcry^I Bn vias tiitfiiT _£a^:«b 
Flm§^ mmfi* «mm fvi-^hu .- Tfni^f^iic:^^ if vcf trjatd^ 
TndJi ii cor dmun-. Is njvr zj^:r^^ xzd^ •nriir'j^ o^rvt^, 
we hope ve nr itiaa^«s oe^ ^ icif v^i : sd>T» 6^^ cr fiv«r 
whliBDOBe. — «avY tnAi'vii the- I>^'iC- vtiLk v*a«B- as vmh ift» 
Prince of lies and Cbrkiwtfa^ v«- ^ &; aH i±!ae» «i«e iA»»^ 
fteebie nr. Tkb anKiusw. » «d rfotk vWn fuc^ry aai 
qvickaj bsre teflchcd a t^iztk; cb^'jaMpbed in ^at tri^^ls <i 
■■lit iidj and cm g^y^fc Editors, like ChioKt SSbcuc^^epiff^ 
murt vitte flntlKiTdacr4iiixeb3*d^atfuyAcr^ — veUwojia 
it good to fteniae- 



To tbe AntiMT^s private circle the appeannoe of tliis singo- 
lar Work on Clothes must have occasioned little less 5uri>me 
tiun it has to the test of tbe world. For onxselvef:. at le:hf u 
few things have beoi more unexpected. Professor Teufels- 
drockh, at the period of our acquaintont'e with him. seemed to 
lead a quite still and self-oontained life : a man dertited to thff 
higher Fhiloeophiee, indeed; jet more likely, if he publi^hinl 
at ally to publish a refutation of Hegel and BiLnliLi. lioth of 
whom, strangely enough, he include<l under a comitum Ittui; 
than to descend, as he has here done, into the <^kgry noif^y 
Fomm, with an Argument that cannot but ex&s^torutc nnd 



B0Mt L 

dinde. Not. that wo cjui tirmcuibfT, ma the P>ii!o»p!i7 of 
QoUiOV OOOO tcucbod upon bctVL«et] us. If Uirou];h Uie higb, 
iilantf meditative TranflOf'ii^enrAll'fTii of our Friend we dfitPcW 
mny pnictii»l l^jtdeucy wliatoYei, it wan at most Politico], and 
tow^dfi a ccrtsbin praipcctiTftT fuid for the prciH^nt qutt^ d|3e<ni- 
l&tivo, Eadic-Etlinin i a^ indeed eom^ corretjioudeiicc^ on hU 
jart, with Hi*rr Okec of J?[ia was liow nnil rjipn »ujipfsjtwi; 
tlioofEh Ills »pi^cijil ccntribiitioDv to the J>m c<:u]d n^rnr be more 
than ftiirmis«d at. But, at all evuuts, oothinK Moral, ^ill less 
aiiycbttig Piilactlco-FU*liglou8, was lonltwl for tmm him. 

Well do wu recollect the la«t words h«i 9pokc in our bcortng; 
which mdood, with tho Nif^ht titey ware uUcrod m, an to bd 
for«vQT r^uiembered. Lifting his huge tumbler of Guk^kf 
and for a monwnt lowpnn^ hi* ttflMt^ico-i'ii-e, ho stotxi «j> ia 
£ti11 Coff<nyhouio (it wiw ^j*r ^Jni'WTfi HanA, Uip largest in Wcisft- 
ni(!htwo, wb«rL^ all the VlttTiciAltyt &ud nearly all the Intellect 
of tha |jlaee fLBsemlile/i of an evening); and there, with low, 
autil-«tirriii|; tone, and the look inily of an au^el, though 
whethtfrr of a white or of a hbick ozi** tnif^ht be dnbiou3, pro- 
iKMDd this toaat : Dis Scrhe dtr Armfn tn G^ttfr* «nd T«*tf4U 

Tinmen (The Cause of the POor, in Heaven's name aiid 's) ! 

One full flhont, breaking the leaden jnlence \ tlien a ^ri^lc of 
InniimnrabliA emptying butnperBT again followed by univrTKvJ 
ehfwriii|^« n^ttiTiied him loud lL(^c1ai^l. It was the fiTULli- of the 
Uight;>; their JiipeA; in tlie highest eathti^iaaiii, aiutj 
rolumcs of tobooco-suLoke ; triampbant^ c}oTid'on]>t without and 
witbin, the wnembly broko up, uaffh tf> hin thougbtftU pillow, 

Bt^ifit do^h etn t^Jktt^r SpOA*- iind Gtil^rit't^ogel. siild sever;!! ; 

mtdkaiu^ thereby that* one dayi b« would prol^ably be banged 
for btft dumo4?mti« vr^ntimcnts. Wo ntfckt floeA d^ ,S<hAlk? 
added they, looking round : hut Teuf^ladrfk^kh hiid n*tlreil bj 
privite alleys, and tbe Compiler of these pages beheld hiin no 

In suoh seenes hm it been our 1o<t to !iv<* with this Phi- 
losoi^Uer, «uch e^tiitiatt^ to furin cf bi^i pur^KMrn at^d puwfTm. 
And yH, thou brare Teiifelsdhickh. who eould tell what 
Inrk^ in thee 7 Uttdnr tho^e tbiek lociks of thine, sa long and 

Ouv- TTT. 



Iftnk, orpriappicg roof'WiM the gniTMt fut w<« oror in thu 
wurM Kuw. tht^re direlt a inost hiwy brain. In thj uyi<4t U^, 
Jmp uuder thrii sliAffBT browa, &iid loDkiii]; uul du nUlI unil 
dmuny, have vc not noticed gleams cf an cthcrrc&l or oUe » 
diibolio fir«, and half f&nci^d that their fttlUuiriA wa^ hixt Uiu 
r«Hl of inrniite moXlnu, thn a£r»7r of » fi|fif[uiu);-l4>p ? Thy Httln 
flgmrti, Iboio a«< in loose illbrunhprf thrradbai^ lukbUli^irntn. 
tboQ nttiwt, ouniil litter atid lumber, whole day*, to ." thiiik and 
ftmoki^ l*>bu*L^o." hitld in it 4 iiii^hty lifiri. The a*^TOto of 
luiuj'a Iiiffl were laid opco to tlicc ; Ihou fcawent iuUi ihti nxp^ 
t«ry of the UniveitOi fiurUier tbiui cuiotbor i tbou La<d4t in pHto 
thy »markabl(f Toluin* on riolhet. Nay, wns ther^ not in 
that dear lij^iiially fouuded TiaJiaeeudt-titJillKiii uf tJiinr ; atiU 
more, Id Iby raeitrk, silent, dcep^catcd Sanaculottifrin, ooubuied 
with a true princLOy Courtif^y of inwoM nature, tli« ri^ibk nidt- 
infiit^ of Nuuh >i(F«*rriihitiuii ? But ^rtnit tik'h ;irir tAo oftdin iiit- 
kuiovru, 01 itfliatis^ironsc,muki]owii. Already, when wifdtL^nined 
not of it, tho warp of thy romarkaUe Volume lay on thu 1*>om ; 
and fileatly, myMoriotuG «huttlft« wvro putting ia the wooL 

Ilow tho Hofratb Heuachrf^ko b to fummb biographioal 
dato, m thia oaic^ may bo a curioua question ; the utower of 
whirh, howf'ver, i% hajipily not our oonc*v»ni, btit lii*. To tia it 
B{>pearrd, ufti^ mprjitt^d tri;^> tluit in WL-iNKuirhtwo, from the 
arolure« or iii«mc>tv«4 of the befit-iaforraod olavMa, no Biogra* 
phy of T«uf«ilHdTiK-kh wa« to h^ ^ther^d ; not so muoh aa a 
faljw on*. Hn waw a utrAUiffr thi^rfl, w^iftrd thithrr by whnt i« 
caU«d the comae ohf cucumatoncrs ^ eonceming wbo^p piumt- 
age^ btnhpboe, proepocta, or pur«uitd, ouriotiity hod indeed 
mad? hnqniriei, bnt satislifd herself with the most ludiatin^t 
rvpllMt Fnr liiriArIf, he wa9 a man no Mill and altogether 
mparticipatinK, thut to qneotion him r^rcn afar olT on such 
particulars wae a thing of more than usual dvdicoey \ Ixciidw, 
In hij4 sly way, hi> UujI evrr minip qnatitt turn, not without itK 
satirical ed^rc, wUprrwith to divert such i»itru*ion*, and deter 
yon from the likt. Wita apoke <if him sec^retly a^ it ho were 
a kind of Melchizedek, witbout lAther or mother of auy kind ; 
■Qowtiines ">th reference bo Uh gr^at lji«toric and at&tistio 




loMirledffe, axid the viviil waj bo had «t 03[pr«^iDg htmaeir Eik« 
an ^jfr-witDQga of diiUuirH tnuu^i^rtioiu and Hnnnps, thtyy oa]i«d 
him thn Kv.Hir»JwU, Bveftjuliug, or ili urr fci^^^Voiirlrniifj Jrw. 

To Ubc moat, indoutl, Lo Utui bGoouie iml »o mxich a M&n u 
a TluuL,' ; whkh Thing ilQul'tlftR]: iht^y w«r« fK'CustoiDed to aee^ 
aud wil.b s,-tti:<fH.rUriii; bul tiu murit tlioughtof Rccotrnttng for 
tluLU for thr fabrkaLion of tlieir d^iUj Atf^fndwJ ZtHvn^^ or 
tke <U*in«6tio h^ibiu of the 8im. hoih vt^ro tJi«ro Bud w«loame i 
tbi^ world rnjoyvd wimt gtMul was ia them, And thongbt no 
tnom <jf tliH tuiilltt- Tlii' tuiui Ti-ufeUii^ckli jHuised nnd 
io[;«.A9cd, ill hi» little circlv, o^ ouo of thioae ori^mftb taxd noD^ 
de&6ri|it8, mora fn»(}u«tit in Gorman UniveHiCiet than «l0e- 
whcTp; of wlmui. Llioi]f»li you hiv iliom alivi% und frel certain 
<TiLoutf!i Ltiut they iiitut a niaturv, uo Iliatcrj eeeuis Ui bo 
ditMLWVTable ; or odIj euoh a« ncrj f^ivo of nioiint&in rtx:Jis and 
ant^ditiiTifln niins : TluL tbcy Ju*vr li**pii c-rcnti^i hy iiaktioim 
tigfini^ii'H, urn in ;i lUtf of gntduul di*rjiy, mid r<ir Utp ]ifrM^nt 
rrticct light Hiid re«i«t prcseurf ; thnt is. axe rbiblc and tAO- 
giblL) oljeotB iu this phaoUiiHii worM^ wh«T« so much otlm 
mypti*rjr ia, 

Jt Wiui to 1h» mciuli^d tb&t thought by UtV aiid diphiniA, 
JVff/«»r */tfr AiUrie^- H ijt*f>f^rjtiiji, or OB wt? eliould buy in 
Knglish^ " rfofpK«f>r of TUiixgw .in Gnn*'riil," hi* Iwwl nAvrr d^ 
Urnrrd any Ci>ur»c ; ptrTuiiH nrver Itfin ini.'it«I tlicri-U> by 
a&y puWic fnrtb^raQC* or requisition. To all appejinuic«, iho 
atih^hU-n^ l^oTonunnnt of W«isHi^iehtwo, in founding theic 
Vev Fnivrrxityf Ifun^iniul tliry hiul iiono Fnoiigh, if *Mti titatm 
liki^ oun,"* ao Uic bolf-oiEoial PmgnLin [*xprca3»c<L i^ " when ^ 
thiugs are, rapidly or slowly, rMulTiijg thiniuel\'«» Into Chao^ 
s Pror^MOHhip of thi» kind hwl bff^n KstAblisljfd ; wh?»by, 
aa ocoMiot) catlrd, tlir tiuk of boflyiiig itnuirwbHt forlnh akuii 
iriMa such Chaoa mifzhi be, even sH^htly, faeilitated,'^ Thafi 
actual Leicturwi should \tt^ h^l/l, and Public Claaaea for Um 
*'Srii*aw <jf ThirgH :a Ch'Th'IhJ," l-hry dimhl.lniiji mnflidrn'-l 
pr^mntcrci on wbioh giouad too Uttj Lad o&ly cvtabludmi 
lh« I'rofeusorabip, nowiao endowed U; so tMl T^ufcledr&cltlH 
" rpooTiuntntlnd by thtr Ik^j^h^t NAntRE/' had b«^n promote 
thCRtij W n Naujc merely- 

(^*K tn. 



Grcatf &moag tlie more euli^hteued cloA^^ w^ t]t« adraira* 
tioct d thid n«v Profe9w>r«hip : \xtw an r^nli^litfii^l Gorem* 
mpat hfl4 flovn into the Wuit of tbr Agn {Z*iiifffiLr/nigM) \ how 
fit li?tigth, Ltut-iTiiid of Dtuiiul mill De^ttruclKmr viv were to hftvii 
A BO»&oe of AifirmatiuiL uul Se^oufttrut^tion ; nod Qemahj 
and Woiaaniohtwo m^^^ n'hr>r« tbr^y ^hoalU bo^ in tho Tuigurd 
ofthft wotM- Conii"lTablt' al«o wu« the w<Jiidi*r ttt the iMv 
Frofi<dK)r. (Uopt vp^K^rtuatly miuuj^li into Uiti ua*^y?nt Uhitot* 
ftity ; 80 ablo to t^etuK, should ocoa«ioD call ; ao ready to hold 
hit pMoa for ind^^finun pmoila, nhniilil an «iiligbu<iiEid Gov- 
ernment iKinitdirr tl;ut lariLHicin did not i-lOL But Midi udmim* 
tion and mxh wondeTf being followed by do act to \fxp tbcm 
Jiviiig, ooiild l&Bt only &1II0 d&ye i amV long bofor^ our vifiit 
to tliat sopno, hud qnito diod ftway. TIh^ mf>Tf cunntiig lio^uLi 
thought it v&N a!1 ui oxpiiing i^luicli at populATity, uu tbe |iuit 
of a MlnlBtor, nhoin domeatk- t>iutKLrt-3.93monla, ooLut intri^ea* 
old agCv ^^^ dropsy (<K>n alt^rward£ ^ally drove from tJie 

Aa for TmltlAdrtfckh, except by hid nightly appojirwocs at 
the Grirn^ 0^14, Weiadoiobtvo saw little ol hiio, ff<lt JittL« of 
bill], UtTi^ ortf his tiimhlnr of Onk^k, he aat r&ndtng Joun 
aUiUi immotiiiim cpiLt4r)ii]>}ntivnly looking iuto the cloiidjv ul 
hitf lobadco-pip^ without other risible employment: olwiiyt, 
from hit mttd vayii, nn si^oeftbU ph^ooRi^non thero; moro 
pjipffl^ittlly D-Ji^n hf (i]n'ni*d liis lijm for sjieerh ; ou whi^h orrn^ 
aiond this wbolc Coffee-hwmo would hash itself ijito AJJeiice^ 
aa kf BUK to hear eometbiug D>Dteworthy. NchV, perhaps to 
hosir a vhc>1» Nirrioi; and Hvir of th^ most irLpmoraMe qU«i^ 
jLori'?! ; nurh »», whvu oiioi? tbjiirrd, hr would for hfkiirK Lndulgo 
ti), wttb tit audiouci^ : and th<? more memoL-ubl?. an issning from 
a hpftd Ap]>ari>nt1y not more lol^Nist^d in thena, not moro ooo- 
iL'intiK nf tlu<m, tkui ih thn nimljitim-d fct/mr ht'Ofl iif wtima 
putlio foucitAiij. wbiL-b through it<i bniAH mooth-tubo emits 
watOT to th*» worthy and the anvrorthy ; cawle^a whether it bfli 
for i^riohing rirtimls nr f«iiifi--i|^nHonii; indiiil, iDAin- 
tftinA the ^m^ earnest aABidu^ruff luok, whether auy water be 
flowing or Dot. 

To ihs Editor of thj^so shoetfi, aa to a ycnng onthnsiulao 


SA.BTOR T£Ke^.\RT[r3. 


EngtiBbniJUi, howevar unv<inhy, TcufnlailN^kh r^pAned him- 
Afflf |)er1ui|Mi znon? thna tu iht mosLn PUy auly tJuit vr cniild 
not thee half jfiM^a hi» importauoe, atid acrutiuuv him vith 
du0 jjcwor of vufion! Wa t^tijoyinl, what not tlirec men in 
Wi^ijihuu'htft^u t'oLild Uiiwt tif, ji evrtjiUL *li-grr*« nf nnrpss to 
tie Profrttai>r'a privol* di>iiik0& U wa* Uit' attit ikiut of thu 
hi^b^el hoxin^ in thf Wahn^^auB^} niiii raijcht truly becoU^tbo 
pimia^rU- of WriiHiiirbtwo, f<ir it rn-a^ nhiH^r il^j aboro tlm «01V 
tif^fiui iftofft, theiQAt-lvtia rUiug fro&i (^U-viLtvd stouTuL More- 
ovor* wiUi its win^luwa it looked tvwanie all U^r four f)^^ 
or w tliv ScHsU'h riuy, suid wd otigltt to i^ayT -Ji't^-- th(« aitQxig- 
iwini il«(»U riHmHaurlffl tlirrn; ujiulh(*r vutnt^ to virw tti lliif 
(Sf'A/^jrpffM^'A (beiUyjum) at thu ujijwjiste tml; to *iy TJOthbig 
of Uic kitfhon, wliich off(»ivid two, a* it wew, cfi«;'finz Int, aiid 
thnwing Tiotbing iii*w- So that it in faft the sj-K-cnlum 
or uratcb-tuwFt i^f IVuTc^bdi'i^kh ^ whirtpfroiu. ^Utillg at t^attc, 
ha mi^ht aoe tlio wLolc tifo-circulation of tlmt cooBwlerablft 
City; tb.? atrrrtK luid laui^n of jrhirh, with ftll thvW doing and 
dmiiig (TAun ujk/ TVeJWm), were for Uii* tiu»t jHut rixiiilii 

■* I look down into jill that wwp-nost or l**4iive»" have wo 
bi-ard hiin iiay. ^'iind witiji-a* tlirir wax-luylag Mad honi-y- 
makiiig, aiid t)uiaou*l>ri?witig, nud chukiiig hy ftiiI|Jiur. From 
the Palace eeplaiiado, wb'^K^ mueit? plays wlult> Si-rcao Uigh^ 
n^m 10 pIctaflMl to pat hi* rictuaU, ctawti to th« Low land, wh#Ti* 
in hrr ilcM>r-*iU \}ui ugtHl vriilow. kiiiuiiig for ii Lliio livtrlikooi], 
bits to foul the jiftf-rtioou uuii, I aee it all; fcr, e*«rpt the 
Sohlosikirtrhe weather-oook, no biped vtande so high. Coiuiorg 
iiiriv« hf*tTftiip»d and b^bootAd, bvarinii Joy aiid !V)rmw 
hfeggc^ up in pourbv-Ji of t^-atUrr; tht^rr, Luihladt-iu aud with 
four swil't horftrt*^ r'jlle in tbo coantry Bftrf»n and his ht>ii»*- 
hoM; hrvt^ on timber-ki^, tho lainod Suldivr boptt piiufuUy 
aluug* biri^ni; alum; a thtniEwntL uirriagtHi auU wam«^ and 
«&ra, ooin« tutidjliiii; in vritfi Food, with young liuaticUy, and 
oth*r Raw I'po'inc*, inanirwl*?! or animutc, and go tumblmg 
out agnin with prodncKr manufActured. l*haL liviitf^ flood, pouiw 
bi>; Ihrotigh tbrftr^ »treeU. uf ^1 qtmlitUe aad ai:«s, kiio\rc0b 
tbou wlt«ii«c It u ooraiag, whith^ it la goingr Avs d«r 




^wi^Mt^ «u d^ Eifi^fit hin; From Eternity, onwu^s to 
BWbt^ ! Thftc« ftn? Ajifjaiitiom '. vlut vUe ? An tlMy not 
Sottb rpiid«n-<l rbiiijle: iu Bixli(j«, tluit took a1ia|w ami will 
lo«e it, melting iuto air? Thoir oolid pAYcmcnt ia a Picture 
of th^ St-nst- ; th«5 w:dk on tlw b040m of ^'otLtcg, blnnk Time 
i« WJiind thi^m and bvfor*^ tli^iti. Or fatioieAt thoii^ ilie r*d 
suii] yi'llonr Clotlifra'Acrei^ii yonder, witli spwts on iU lict-U and 
foitUiL^r in ite trrovni, >a titit of Tixlay^ mthout a Vontcnlay or 
a To-tnorraw; nnd luul not nolitfr its Amre^tor adire vrbeu 
Hna^ ;Lni! flur?«j% uverr^i Uiy Inland ? Frieud, tlivu »e««l hftn 
a lirins Mnk ia that Tin^iU'^ of Histor^f whbh inwcavo^ ail Be- 
in^ : watch v:e\tj or it wUl b<- paat th^^^ ajtd )be«ii no more." 

"jlf-ftf mfin TJeiKTf*' fiaid }l« uiiut\ &t [iiidtiiglili w)u'ii wh 
had TVtuniod from th« Coffcr-hotue in rathci carof^st talk, "it 
ifl ■ trio eixblimity to dnoU hon^ Tbf>Mif frm|,*^ii of LimpUt^ht, 
Etniggliitg Mji througli jiruukt! aud lljouH^iid-ftyld vxh^tioiL, 
ftcHuo raUtnuiH uit^> the aumeat r^igii of Night, wlijit' Uiiiikii 
Bootes oC theia, as ho Ir^ads lis H^iiitiTi^'Dojci) over the Zmiith 
in thfttr Uuh of tiiilrrr.-il Hn> ? That s^idnd hum cf Midnight, 
when TniiUn 1i;i9i lain rliiwii bi> nml; 4iid Um? rhariot-vrliMilM of 
Vatiity, atill roUtng here and there through dintjuit stn^cta, 
ar« b«ari&g h«r to HsdU icofed in, and lighted to the due pitch 
fivp Ihtj and oatj- Vii.H* atwl Mi*rTy, to prtyvrl ot to moan Ilk© 
nigbiliiida, ait ahioad: that hmn, [ sav, UVa tlic atcrtorciui, 
unqakt al«mbf^r of eich Life, i« h^ard in H«&r«n! Oh, under 
that bickooj MvorW of vaporfl, aad putri^fflctioin*, ard nn- 
inui^tiiiMi- l^auhcnr wh^l « iVruiriiting-val Uiu niuimrfring and 
hidi Xho joyful azid the BorrL>wfiil Are ihere; loen are-dying 
thf>r«, nti^n aro being horn; men nt^ prAj^ing^ — on th« othor 
aul*' fit a l^rlrk partitiiwi, men aro fmrning; ujid ^irmind tbrm 
ift Hiv xwt, vciid Nisbt. Tho (iroiid Gmndi^ Mnll lingen 
hJA p«rfitmt>d aaJooca, or reposeu unthin iUma5k ouTtaiita; 
Wrfltohndri4i!ji owore into Iniokl^^bed^, or ehivera hunger 
»tric-k<'CL iatii its Uir vt Htrnw : tn nhvimNf rnllAni, KouffA-^Xatr 
lan^udly emitA ii4 roic^^^extiny to haggard hungry VtUainii ; 
vhtle OounoiUors of StAto ait plotting, and playing their h^h 
thwfl-gain^t wh^rf'of tbo pitwi^^ an> Moa. Thn Tx^rrr whiffpan 
1^ niirtroM that the coach b rrody ; vid aha, fall of hcpe and 




fettr, glirlet down, to fly witTi him over the boideri: tit« Thi^T, 
tttill inore riU'ritly. rt.-'tji ti» Iiih ijii^JdnekH and trrowtnrv. or litrkM 
la wait tiU thr WAtcJimrn tii-st siifhT<i in t]*tnf boies. Gay 
tnoJUiiOEUi, wttU bii|>porruu]iiA njui *\a.tKni'f; towns. luv full of 
h^hl aiid music anil ligli-sw^IJin^* lit-aru; Itit. Iei tUu Cob- 
defntieil CelK llui imiImt of life bf-flts tn^niLiIuuH arnl lnhii. ttnd 
blocKishot cycQ Lnok cnit thrnn^h thr liarknc^u, irhir:h i» aioitut) 
oad within, for tho li^xt o£ a Bt<!ru lott inormng. ^ix mr.n iu« 
to be liani^ti on ilie marroT; oomeA no faanaiinHTig Tmrn iIm: 
Jfa&Mwr^m ]' — tlicir e^tlowa niuat even tiow be (/ builduiK- 
Upwtrtb o£ tivo hiujdred tlmtciaiid twr;-lcf:|{«>d AaimiLbi witlioiit 
fenthem Lie round ntAn hf>rhennt&] pn«ilk>a; tbcir beadK kII 
111 nigTiU^npep aud fall of t^ha tiMjHhh'^Kt druuiiia. kiiil orivfl 
ftlou^, and iti|CK'?T« ^lu] BwacKfrra m his rauk dcna of Almnw;' 
9Lnd tbo Mi^thorT with «tn*nuii]t^ hnir. knoolf^ ovor hex poIUd 
dying infuitt* wfwwe iinb-kril ltj>* only birr Uiiw now mmtt*!!.— - 
All Ibefatf btfa[)ed and litidJItnl bigrlln-r* witb nnthifig but u 
littlfr furpt'titry &inl luaaimrT brtwren tht-m; — <'iiinuoed in, 
like fifllt^d fteh iu their barrel \ — or welt^ritii;* alk^Ll I saytliibe 
an EgypHan piTp<'hf»r of tjimnd vipers, eacb struggling tn gnt its 
Afloij ii£c7tr« the othnn : *urh wi^rk iT^wft t>ri nndrv tliftt niDok^ 

counteipone ! — Hut Ij mcin Werthcr, aa ubow it nil ; I am 
aJeoe vrilh tb« stars." 

We looked in hw fju^e to hp^ whether, in lli? iitter^nco of 
vnoh ^Ktmordinarj JCight'^thoiiKht^, uo Enclitic tuight b« tnoM 
there t but with thi' Jight wi^ hud, which itidt**d was only :l sin- 
gle tmllow4ight, and rar«nougb fivni the viudow, nothm^ «ave 
thai okl rnlinii(-x4 ,utd llxrdneas was TuibU. 

Tk'-9u wt-rv the I'rofc^oaor's talking Ewaaionsi ". most WTmmotily 
be Hpokp in ii)<)re monocyLlahles^ or sat altogether sikut and 
HiDokT^I ; whilff Che visitor bad liberty ciither lo say what ha 
Iisti9d« Tf ceiring for answer an occa^toiijkl Kriiut ; or to look 
round for a Bpao«» and Lheri tuki? himiic^U ikway. It wa< & 
Ktran^T ajmrtnifnt ; fnll of booka and tatl^'i^ I<&]>^i^ lutd 
mucdJaneoua »hrcd» of all ooncoiTable subfttancce, " united in 
a ooDUDom cleinf^t of dust" Bookn lay on tabZt^tf. aiid bfdow 
tablM ; b^re fiTitti^rt^d a sheet of lOADiiicriptf t^ere a torn haitd* 
kerchief or nightcap huUly thrown asl^0; Inh-lctUM aJi#r« 

^mtf. Ul 



u&Mxl vtth bmftd-rrtiRtfi, cnfT^e^pote. tobace^-bow, P^riodkal 
litamturv, juit\ hlnvXitt HimtH. 4>M LiPE^h^n (LiBekin, 'liiin), 
tLo wu loa be4>ui£ikvr a&d stcrc-ligbtor, hie o'ftflber mhI 
vhof^t oookt QfrjLQilniaJtl, ui/X pMJtral lioti'* )imvL4l<-r, find 
l<i» ilw n*?it » v<vj iifii^rly i^paniiv, hari no sovOT-viifn auibontr 
ip tbift l«i^ c'itailel of Tpufrl^idtOrkb ; only soiuo owv in tho 
laiMiUi «li« lulMoToibly made htr wny thith«*r, ^th bnxrn uad 
diiifttt<r, A&d Cr«iiif^Udr4>«kh haflCilj savizig hu DUUMonptB) 
«fl^^U!<) ft jortiiU cJiwjiuic*, a JAi]-<)eUv«ity of mdi Inmber u 
VM not [it^nry. TL«»6 wvrc licr £nI6elen {e&rliquiUuMiX 
whaob TculelMliikikli dr«4uibNl vano tJuxn the ivst^Icncc ; ncver- 
ttielestt, to BUolk langtii he hud b««a foro^d to L^tnj^ly. Glttd 
wouW he hare Iwen tfl '(it Jjer* |ihnoA'>|»lLiici»^i foreviT, or till 
tbo litter, hy AcrUTaEiUtioD, drove biu not of dootA -. but Licm 
th/tok wfu hit rit^ht-Djnt, ami Hpoon, und neoeswiiy of Mc^ Ant] 
wouIlI qoT. lie ILitty ^?izM-Liyf<iL Wr i';ui httll nrmeinlwT thft 
iu)i!imi ivumim; f^u MteiiL tliut boiuc tliuii^'l^t lu^r Juiuli; tltftif 
also you would ofleu have su|>poeed her; lor TcufvUiSrdckh, 
uA TeuffUdNieJtb «>Tiljr, would sbc^ mtto or gr^* bneii to; 
anil vitli liiTii Hhir H4vtj)t«i1 to QDmnmHteate (?Uii?% bj ntpm} 
if It wen uot ntlLvr bf MUiw secf^ diviuAtioo that ako 
goiMMd all Uifl wAuts, ani supplied thea. Awidiiooa old 
tUtiatf t tiLff unyEirt^l, nnil sorlt^d. and avept^ in hrr kitehtit, vith 
tbr li-n^t poMiblr violcnoe to the ^ar; jvi all ivoa tigbt and 
ri^Lt iU«re: liot and bbok caiae tho coff^o cmr at tho duo 
tuome&c ; aad the tpaaoblefls LioacbiTii berwilf looked tml on 
joOy fmm Timirr lirr H»>-fin irliii** n^if with ila U|ipeta, cJitou^ 
lier rlciut H'lllu^n-J fai^e aa^l viixM^t^, with a look oF halprftll 
iulelli^iiiMS alinoet of beui^volouc^. 

P«T Btruig^fi^ n^ thoTi> hiittf-<L hiid atliuittnnee bttbt*r! tbe 
only oar wc cri^r saw tbrrr, ourarlres except^, WM tlic Ilof- 
mb Hoiuobreokoi aLnady known, by name unrl oxpni^ation, 
U> tb^ rMdera of iJi^fo paizv*. To ua^ at that period, Uerr 
Ilrnanhm^ii WH-tnrd ou^ of thioe jmrar-mmitlitHL cr^ii^nccked. 
eUoA-bnuUfsL. podfio imJividuulai por]uip« auffl^tcntly dittin* 
COfefh^d m eooirty by tbig fa^t, that, in dry woaUwr or in wt^ 
xihf>j novcT apfH^ar witlioirt Iboir umbwlh." Hw! we nnt 
kwnrn witL what '' little wisd^iu '' tha world id ^rrrned : and 

B.B-Vcl. 13 



Itooa 1. 

hov, in QermAny as {<U«>wherv», ih^ iiiD«l7'4LiLil-iuiie PubliL? Mm 
0411 fnr tncirt jon lin ImL nniU^ tr;iin4imrm to tHu hnnirnlth, 
porhapif but 3itAUcm^-lt;>rHiM apd vUliog or unvLlling dupeo,^ 
it Diiffht haytJ *«emtfd womlorftii how Herr U(»uaclLr«<i:<* dliould 
be named a, /f/riA, or Cfniiii'illt>r, arirl ContiBellor, <>Teii in Weiss- 
niclitwo, liVliat oouiiwl to niij mim, or U> iiiij ivcmiui, could 
tbii particular Hofmth giro ; in whoQc ItNMe* ngaag figure 9 in 
wliote thin viaage, lia it nrent Jerking to and ^ in soinata 
iuo«Maut fluotiL^Lion, — yr>ii tntcAi) rftther ooafusion woree ooa- 
fouiiided i at oioat. Timidity aad physinal Cold ? 8oiuo Uidvoi 
Mid withnl, bo wus *^tJi& vary Spiht i>£Lorc oatboiiod:^ bloo 
«amdAt (>yca, ftJl of aadn^ss and kiudiu-oft; pun* rror opon, 
aivl so fortli ; the wbt'V of wliirli, we sball ti-iw bojie. f<»r uiaiiy 
reasons, was not quit<r Krouiitllr*:*. NVvi^rtbolw* frie»il Ten* 
fulMdri^kirtt outliiii% wbo iudi^vd lianUlix] thu boriu liktr ftfw in 
ch^dfT vatifSt wa« prtiTuiLil/ ihr bt??»l: f^r h'tl 'iff'ttiiirh \ttui Gm^ 

itt je^fUflvarf »V <**<*'' htiIh^je<rrUtUtj K^Uh^rttatrt, '' Ho ha» beOlt 
ftnd talent, at leaftt hi^ had aueb, yut without fit mod? of 
utlHrajiLiH, oir favur of Furtiuie; and wo in ho* half-rnu^krfl, 
half-coii;«aI«d'" — What Ibe Hofratb akall tl;ixik uf tliia wUeo 
ho 8OM it, road«r» tiLiy woudcr ^ wo, 8&fc in tbo atron^old of 
Hiatorii^id Fiikdily. »Lr« cairt'lftiH. 

The itiiLiEi pojikt* Ji-iubtloaa* firr iifl a,l|, in bin Wr cif Trii- 
feisdKickh, whic'h ind**rd wiui nlso by far tbt* luont dcoi-iive 
f«atar« of !l4'Usr-hrroki> biiiDtL-If. Wo im> enabled to ageeit 
that tie Utiii^ uii ibti i'i'(ir™»i>r wit.h tlip fimiim^ss nf a lloHWfin 
for biA JubfisoQ- And p^ihij^^ nitb the bk*? ti^tiiin; fuET 
TcufclAdrtickh t7vat«d bu f^nunt lidmin^r witb littk* outw:ird 
t^gard. aa some liAlf-ratioitiil or altognhftr irmiioixitl friend, 
and at beat loved bim out of grMitudi? and bj hn-bit, (hi the 
otbtir hiuid, il wa* cnrioiu to obecrvc with wbal r«YCTeril kind- 
Qeaft, and a sort of fatherly pronation, cur Hnfrath, hs^iag the 
aldfir^ riober, ai;d aa he fondly imrt^ii^ed far tnnrp praeticatljr 
i&9uoLtiAl of tbo tw->» I^>ok■^d and touded on. bt.t little Sn^r, 
whom ha Memed to coniidor cu ft livinj; r>r&cK Let but Teu< 
f^htdmokli open bis mouth. HeuHehrnf-ki^'it nho nnpU€k«nd 
it0tdf bto ft ttwi doorway, buidcs bis b«inc nil f^yc Mid all cat. 

i::&if. m 



so Ihat TiotbtDir might b« latt : and ihert, nt ovAiy paiue in Uk 
tiAmiigtw, lie gitiglnl uut hia puny obuckltr ol a iTim^b-Uii^Ii 
^for tbt Duwliiucrjr of lftUf;ht«r took eoue tim^ Ui get iit iac> 
tiou, tkftd *MAMt rnuik and sLiok), or else bia Ivmigiug iuu»U, 
Btm»/ /Am y^j«i// (V'A/ ill either ca£«<, liy way of he^nt^i 
8pppror:d, In sbiirt> if Ti^rir^UdrrieJEli wua Dalai'LfimiL, of 
vhiohy «xcGpt pcrliapo in his adf-A^iwon, luid ^oiUiko in- 
dilTercfiiMt, tbpr«i h-:i*j no fiympUiiiif f,hi>n thtjzht H*>vi8c*hrrc'k<» 
jtiuv XuT Ilia ctii'i Tikipuln, bi whom no dmi^li-pill Iw could 
kuetfiii utd publish won fiCJicir tliiui mmllniiiAl and nbtrrrd. 

1a audi euvirucuneutf bckUI, iLom<rbttc, pbjraktt], did Teu< 
febdroekh, at tti^ time of our j^i^iuLtut^iioe, aod moot lik^fly 
fin** ho itUUj lirp and inr<Ht.iCo, Hap^, fetched np in hu high 
WahiiijajM; wiitf^b-tnAvr, and :>l'tru, iii ntilituduT tmbwutrJiui^ 
tht Ifear. it^'mt tb&t the tDdomitublo luqmivr fou^bt all im 
UM^viih D^ilooaft a&d IXrkn^cs; bar^ id aJl jirotiabiltty, 
that bi5 vriDto tlitf vurpining VolamA on CU^t^** Addit^^mal 
partif^iiUri : of hi» age, vLicti woa of that st^rlii^ic mukllu sort 
you «ouId only fpxw at; of bii wide iiutout^ the color of Ui« 
trouA«ri; fitfbloQ of his bRi»d4)rbamed ft«oi>l^h^t« and go 
f4}rt)i, w« mighl report, but Oo ni)t. Thi^ Wu^rit truly is, ia 
Um«o tiiuM, Ui« Qrcat««t{ ao that an eiiUKhtfUcd cTLrui»]ty, 
leaving Kings and cuuh Uko to rut very mui^h on Ibutr uwn 
basfaS) tarns more atul more Co thi! Phllorui^^Uk- ChtJth: n^v^-;]-- 
tJipk«s what reader e^ijevlfc thai, vtiih ikU onr nritintc :ind 
n^portinif, TrufHadruokbt'i'-uM Ih* brouf^ht home tohiuutUJoiico 
iW HocuioetiU iwriri* ? His Life. l-'ortiuiM. aiid Bodily Pnti;- 
vawt ua as j«Tt hEtldnij ftutn »^ or iilutT'T uiily of fAiiit mkU' 
jcct^m. Bat, oo the i>tbi*r hand. doe4 not hi^ Snnl Ilr eooloaed 
ill lliU maarkablft Vobtmo, mivli room truly Itian l^wlro 
(}:Lrf^l;L'fi did in ibt* burii-d \M\^ of Doubloons ? Ti> thft soul of 
Di^iv'^aMTnifebdrikkKtohiif [jjiuu«Mis,iianirI>,<>n the ''(irigw 
and Inflaencoof Clothcn/' wc for tbc I'trvvut gJ^uily ttrtunL 




ciLAi^riat IV. 


It were % piece of ^ain flattory to prctcad Uiat this Work on 
CItitli«« oatir^ly conUau U4 ; tiint it u net, like all worlu of 
geuiim, liki* tht? vi^- Run, whirb, tliough Llie biglii-»l publiabiNl 
urofttLou, cr work of if*?iiiud, Laa aenrthulc69 Itio^k »pott and 
troublc^d Dobuloaitioa amid in etTtJf^enct*, —a mixture of iD< 
Bigbt> iDCptrMioa, Vizh diiliLesf, double-vision, uiitl evvn utter 

Without committioj^ ouratlvi^s to thoao onthuBiofltio proi^ee 
acd proph««yiiigs of the lyfiU^nu^Atwo^Mhi Awteiffer, w« ftd' 
fnitfj^l than ihv^ Book liftd in a high degree exeitinl iix U] mtIF- 
AotiTi^, vhioli ia the bc^t effect of any book ; thut it li^id rvetk 
(^vttted cb&Dgutf in our wuy oE thought ; njLy, iLut it pKimid«d 
to f rov<f, as it were, tha opening of a d^it mine-shaft, wh^r^in 
titc vholi; world of Sjx^eiilikti^^u ini^bt lieuiM^rorih diR to UO- 
kiio^'ii dc^fjtha, Hotc ^pn^iolly may it now bv docUr«d that 
Frol«*egnr Teufc^Udroekh'd ac!cimr«tneiits, piiLieuoe of r^eearehf 
p}iilii«i[diir imd ptcii poetin ^gor, apfl> h**rn Tnaiie iTLdiK|ii]tHb1y 
nuuiifrxt; iind nnhappily no Wn h\» prolixity nnd to^tuonity 
and m&nifold inoptitiidc? ; thnt, on thu irhulc^ aa la opt-niuK 
new nihLf»-«hiLfts tA Lot iinrea^omible, th^re is mach rubbish in 
liis IJook, tliough likrwi»i^ «]>«ciiLeDfi of abitost invaluable orvu 
A paramount populanty in Kn^Uuid wc cminot promizw him. 
Apart Irom the dioW of Ktn>h a topic a& CtoUiee, too often 
thr maunpr nf trp-uing \t betokens lii thft Author a msticiiy 
and acatlemic E^cldsion, Qublaniable, indeed inevitable in a 
G^rmaxi, but fatal to hJit auoccso with onr public. 

Of good fiOL'lety T*uf«Udrookh appctirn to iiaife *eon Ultle, 
OT hfu moHtly for^ti^n wliftt be liiku. He Hjteakfl oLit vtth 
& etnsgc ploianr^; calU many thin^ by their mere dio- 
tionafy namec To him tha Uphobterer i& uo PonttS, neither 




Ih uij DraTiaf-room « Trmplc, wnc it Qerirr »o bvgih a^k! 
cmijnutg: "ft vkolc imneoiutx of Bnuula cnpets, «ad pier- 
^Mo«, uid onoolu,^^ OA be htnu^U «xprQeaa» it^ "catmot hide 
From iii«< Ui^ ^cli llniwia^RNMn U ximplj n iwrnoii of Infi* 
nite S(>acc irLcn; » rauij Q(xi-cTCfttc4 SduU ilo Tor Uie luue 
Ln^rfc toffctlier/' Ti> TvaTeiftdrookb ttio lutcb«*t D«cli«« m 
r««p«ctt^1«V b vebenblp; but dowu? for her pearl bnM>dvt* 
ttoil SfaliBes laom : in hn «y«8y tlie stnr of m X^rd n Utile less 
and Utdd mom thftu tho brood button of Bimungkani ip«iter 
la a CIotd'9 uDock I "«<auli vt u uiit>[e>uL'i)t.'' lie in^p^ ■^ut its 
Icind: a taig for k^kit^/^u^ttur ; 7txit\, fnr die reatf waa dug 
fruui lliP rartk. Mid luauD«rfd <n a stithy' bsrnre soiiUi's fin- 
lEVtv-'^ Thus doojt th^ I'rnft-mor Imk in men'o fiii^e« witli o 
ttmiii^ uoputulitj, a alraiig^ seKntitlo freedom; like a man 
iiiivet?<e<l In i\». hlgfier odnlei^ hkr* a mail dropjwd tUither fram 
tlie Mjon- ]ti*:htl.v ooondcfcdr it b in tbid peculum^f mv- 
ninz through hU nhol^ tyvtrm of tkougM, tliAt ilU tkocv abort 
oominfTs. dver-ahoDtuiga, aftil nbnltifurra pervet^itii'O. take vims : 
if imlL-nl tlipj buT0 nut a derivt*! iKriiroo, ft}Mi natunJ iftH>U]$b, in 
bia TranAwndental PtiiloeoFkhir^ nnd humor of looking ai «]1 
HiUi^r aod hlAtorul tJung:» i\s Spirit; vhcrobj truly iiia caao 
wtre bnt tlw mtji-i? Lf>|ieli'NK Llie viore iuu^ntnUlv. 

To tji« Tbiiikcta of tLia n&tioii. Uoiirev«r, of whiob clau it b 
firmly helK^tvI th^rr itro in<iiviiliijiU vet cxtntit, wc cau ^afelj 
rr«ommL*iid ilii* Work^ nav. wlio knnwK but SLmoncE the fafth- 
Usable ruuka toa if it be truvi, sa Tifufidadrtk^kli mainimim. Llmt 
"iritbin tbi^ Bioat ft&rcJiod i^raTat tbero poaaca a iriiLfipip^ and 
WfOKtad* and under Uiu thibkliost embrcudetvd wuttooat bvata 
a hmri.'^ — tbi< forre of tbut rapt ftuibnttnr^ may bi^ MX, and 
"bfitt and there an arrow cf the aouI pivrcf tbnTUi;li ? In oiir 
wild Srxrr. nhairje^, uQk4TCapt, likea Baptist !iTiu|; onloeufitsand 
wfld hone}", tlL«ra ii an untutorvd t^nuT^, a ci]f>&t. ac it wenk 
dDCioiAridua, Airvngtli, wlueti, t-xrvrpt in tbi- Ui^ht^ waUcH of 
Litr^ratitrc, luuat bo tare. Kauy a doep ^lafic«, and ot^u witb 
taiMpenkiklilia (iroebion, hr^ ha roAt into my^rf^nouv XnisrA, 
ami tJie ftlill iTioTv iTivHtfirioiic \Mv (if Miin. WtiniJi'Tful it !a 
Willi wTiat cuttm^' wynb, now and thru, be iovev^i Miuult-r tV»» 
nonhiffitm ; iibeers down, vcre it furkMiga deep* wo thfi trua 




Odatfd of the mAtt«r^ uid ther^ not oelj hitj thn rksiil on t2ie 
bf-tid, biit TFitli (<ni!t!iiDg fiircH* HTiiitfH U homts tui4 bimcti it. 
— On the other liajid, let ua be Tr^c to juimit* lie ia the mo«t 
mi^quaj writer t>reatJiii'»g. OfU^li Lift*r notni^ wuch fpat, Le 
will play triiADt fnr Utn^ |>»gi'-^! fttid ^ {luwilli&g luid drnun- 
ing. und n^uiubliuf; aiid mfl,umleniig tli^ mtrest coiumonpl&uettp 
M if lii_^ veri' iUiWp <i?ilh vyea opeD, which indeed ho is. 

Of hu boTindlefM Teaming, and hfiv nil n*ndmg imd 1it»nip 
ture ill njo«t known Umicu*^* from fUiJuhr>nuitJt^}i Ui Dr. Lm^ 
^(trdt from yoor OricbtaJ Shfoicu, and Tu/miufi. aud Kontntr 
Tith Cafl&iiit*« Si^jfuwt I'^ifftw, and LAplaco'A MJnitniqut 07««f«i 
dnWTi tn HMitatm Cmstttr. Jtnd tlir Urtf'jAt Touhj, afirf Cawntry 
Aiiiiftnark, Am fniniliar to him. — we? nhnll Kty nothing; for 
uiK'vmiipIed tUt it is with us. to the (i<iriTmiiB such uniT^^r^nlity 
of studj' pawips wjlhmit wonilrr, aa a thin;f cotnnji'ndiihlii, 
indiHNl, 1>ut iiAtuni.!* i[tcli!»|)vnnaldv, -ax\k\ thciv of conr^^^. A nuuj 
that d«i'ot«rii hta Life to IcaniiuVt ^hopll bo not Vjc learned ? 

Id resj^ot of atyle our Author maoifaete the aanio i^'euia) 
oapnhilitT, Tna.rrnd tJto oft«n by tli4a itamfi rndi^r*ui^ in»|T]-'4lily, 
and ^pp&Tfbt want of mtrrootiTm? with the hisher daMr*. 
Oooiuionally, lui a^xrrc hinti^i, wl' find uoiunuiuujittf vi^r, a 
tnu» tiLhplruttLin ; his burning lliuiight9 at«p forth in tit Uim- 
Jinn words, like *u iiiitny fulUfoi nird llintrvo*, iMuin;t amid 
fiarac and s|ili*Qdor from Jovc'i \mv\\ a rich, idlDmntic di«- 
tton, pit^tureHqne atla^ion*. liv^j footia emplin^u, or quniiit 
tri(?k*y turns; all the gr&cee and terrors r>f a wiM Tni.'ijrin.i- 
tiou. iredded lo the deaxOiSt lutellfct, altefnate in brrautifiil 
Ttci:Mihudc. Wcrf^ it not that nhocx' tJc^piDg and aoporitia 
panages; oircuuilocutimiBT ro|>i-<titiouM, tout^hi-ii 4iv«n of pure 
dottag Jargon, ho often tr»tr^ivfTie! Oti the whiile; Pr<jf^ft8or 
Tf^ufeladrufkh i» not a cultivated writer. Of hi* Beutemcea 
perbapo not more than tiin<vt^ntha fttand rtraisht on thc^r loici ; 
the remainder are ia fjnitt- aaffubir anitudea, buttro(j««l op by 
props (of fiareuntliAflea and dasher), aad mvv with IhtH or Lbe 
other tjairrajE han^nniE from tboin ; a few «vea sprawl out help- 
I«fti1y on all iridoit, qnita brok«n-biufkod and di«ni«n]boK>d. 
K«verthd^K4, In rdninHt hn viTy wond inrxxh, l1](*rr> l!i"c in 
loBB 4 aingtiUr atUwitiou. A wild tone perT4dM Lb« wbolo 

CXAf-. IT. 



ttU«miiC0 of iha DOAo. like tta keynote &nd r^^Utor; now 
8ei«viii^ iU0tf &loft Sk« into ih^ Soug ot Spiiita, or cUo tho 
shriU mockftry nf Fi^rrtU; now Mr^kitig in raileno^ uot witb> 
out mclcdioua hr^utuicM, Uioiigh Kunctimcs abrapt viuru^L, 
into tbc vooiLuiou pU(>]j, wbi'n ^v^^ IiiXlt it vuly ru ii monotOBooA 
kna ; oC which hnin tbe true obaract^ lb extremely dil£i<ult to 
i^ Up to tbU hwir vrc Tiati* ii«vot full/ a&tbiflejj ourselves 
iriicthcr it iH a tone and bum of n-nJ llnmoT, vUch ire reckon 
OMWoi; the Vfsrj Ulghest quaJit:i>B <j1 j^pnius, or nomc echo cf 
mere Inaanl^ and Insmity, which doubtleaa ranks below ihfr 
v«f7 lowcAt 

Under a like diffi^lty, in Bj^tQ cTcn of our pcrdoaal tnUr- 
ooiine, <lo v4 stil] \i& vnth r<^gard to tli^ ProfebLfior'ft moraU 
ie«1in^ 01i*»in7( n( an <TthciT4t1 htre hitx^t forUi txinn him, 
•oft wftiliii^n of inlSnitc pity; h(^ cooiltl clup the whole Ubi< 
Tene into hi« boftoui, and k<M.'p it varm ; it ucouu u» it under 
Uiat Tu4« «xterioT th^re dwtit a vory seraph. Then again he 
Is so sly and «iill, so impditurbably Katurulue; hUowa suuh 
indifTfrrcnoc, maJiifa cooltii^w lowarde all that men ttirive after; 
ojul «vtr with uonte lalf-viirhk wrifiktu ol u bitter lardOEiia 
fcataivr, if itidevd tt be not niere 8tolfd <^oiunesK,'— that you 
loc^ 00 him almost vrith a shnclder, aa on aouic iucamato 
Uapl>i»top}ic]^f^ to whom thii ^^r^^u ^nrri^firrml aiul i^trlctiial 
Bound, after all, wert.' 1.iut s^jini* Imgv fooUih Whirligrg. wl^Ta 
kings aud he^^rs. auil an^ula juxil dtriuoua^ and st;u» and 
8lM>et4W0Opi&iC<» w^rii (^haoticnlly wliirlrd, in whieh ocily diil- 
dron could tako mten'^t I!i« Uiok, wt we meationed. la probfr 
l^ythu (^niTr^t t-vrr ^een: }«ft it hi not of that itasUiron pavity 
be<|ni-iit rtuniyU aniuug oiir onii Chancery saitors ; but rathop 
tbc gravity n« of some silcntr hif^h-^^circlod mountain pool, 
pvrhapft thfl rrWt fif an Vitini^n vuli^ano; hiTu whose JJao.k 
dfwpt pni (far ta ^^k : tUrnu e/es. tljo^e lights that sparkle in 
kU »aj )n<lcf*d Iw reflexes of the heavenly 8tara, but perhaps 
■1m liflftnces from th« rogion of N«thor Fire. 

r<'rt:imly a nwwt iiiv<jlx'''d, ^n^lf-wHuili^d* lil together fnigm^vno 
uaturr, tbia of Tt^ufebdrJckli I Here, however, wo pliwlly i*- 
eall to mind that onc^ we naw him io«ifh ; *>aa^ only, perbapi 
It WM the fircc and last tinte in his life ; but then Binrh n \ks1 




of ki4fel«ri eomieh to h%v^ vaM^n^ii tb« Soren Sleepen t 
It w» of Jifin l*aitl'i doing : som^ single biltow in tint vuft 

tifffi-s whicli ui uow, aljM, all coiiK^(U<'*i ■» thu frost of cU^Uk! 
The L%r^^-b<ii\nti* i'o<'t sod tlu-< umall, hc/th Largv vnougli in 
soul, sat talking miHiM^Uaiivouilj- fogpth^rr thd pn^seot Ectttor 
briinr pnrilrcrd to lish^n ; Mil novr Paul m hia seriouB vaj, 
wi»|*ivin;^oiiE*of ttKieeiniiDitaiblFf '^Kxtrft-H.iran)!:acd;'^and.aa 
H rhAiDCOfl, On th« Propouil for a Ouit-mrtul KIa^ : gnultullj 
ft ligbt kinillifil in oia- l*n>ri?H«ir*E( 4;jc« aiid f»H%a tmtining, 
numtlins, WoUfHt light; lliruu^'U thoao murkj femturM, A 
mdiuii ever youn^ A|>o]lo l(x^«(l ; %a^ be buret forth ltk» tte 
neighing of all T:itrArftan'«, — t4-jiT> ttnuuninfc l]o^p^ hUohi^pkn, 
pififr IiaM ixloft« flint rliitrJitd mto tlie lur. — \ow\, long<oi^ 
tiniiiii«. unronlrolUible ; A. laiif;h aotot the ta,a& tnA diftphrac^ 
onlj, but of tlie wlioU man froia heod to bML llie pNeoat 
EilLu)r, vUi> lAiighed indeed, yvt wii^ mMutnrv, bngnn to laav 
ftlL WM not liitht; however, Toufc1«LrOrJUi c6ntpofcd lumMlll 
■nL iftnk into liia oiil ntiiinomi on hin inwrutAblo conntmocoo 
there wtts. ff ^njchlng, n sllgiit loolt of ftuune: «nd Bipbter 
himself Doitid not toms^ him sicain, R^&iler^ wlio havi» jtoy 
tinctnrr of Psyctoiojo' know lir>w mueb ic to bo inferred from 
thin; and thai no man who liaia one* bcnrtilj and wholly 
laiiglic^l c>an lw< a.1tog«ith«»r irr^'lnimitU^' bail How Tntith liu* 
in Lanjchtcr ; the riphr>r-kr^y, wherrwitb we deciphei tbe wliole 
nnn! 8omc mm wrnr nn ATcrLnsUnff harrnn nimprrr; in tha 
mnUe <tt oth^n h^« i &3\d glitter lu of ioe ' th« fi^wMt ur» able 
to laiifEli. wbnt ran Lie mllni) langliirtj^^ but 04il^' tiutiF &trd tetter 
cnii snigK<^r irota tJic tkroft.t ontmrdj; oi at beet, prodttoe 
tnno whiDtiug kuaky eof^hinDatiomp ns if thcT wcrr tAnffhinip 
tbrmij^'li wtx»l ; of tione swch eoAn^^H '(,'owL Ttii* man whti pan- 
nnt lAii^h U not only fit for tre&fiona. Htrata4.-tf]iiH. mul »|roila; 
but lu« whole life it alrcndy a trfivioii lutd a ^tratAfccm, 

Couft^ctvad ai an Author, lUrr T«QfcIyrir6i>kh bu one 
scarcely pardonable faulu ilmibtWs bK vdtxI ^ un :t1mfnt lottil 
wnnt of amai£«Ktenl In thb rcmarltable Toltiine^ it i;* true* 
hla RdheTon<« to iha mm^ conmi^ of Timi* T>Todurw^ throiigb 
the Narrative portums, a certain whow nf ootwird mt^hod : but 

CmAT. T. 



of true Logical inptlicicl and sequpDce iLere is t4X> Uetle, Apout 
frciD ito imiltifiricti* srotion-i iwtd >QbdiTi4t€tk3t th« Wc»rk 
naturailj lalb tcU- i\to i'arU; % Htatonual JJvecriptiTO, unci a 
Ptii1o«opliica4USj>ecTiUtivp : biit falH unh^ppil^^ b^ no Urtn Itue 
of ilcmA7CiUion ; in tbM liibTriDthic combooatioD, each V^zt 
OTorlaf^t ftQii imlentsii and indeed luiu quite through the otiicf, 
Ibaj 8«4tloE» are of & d^batabLe nibHi\ or ev^ii quite qod- 
d<Mu^rlpt Bfid nQUBjaable ; wfienliy thi* Book cot only k%e£ in 
iiocr-^itatit:^, bnt too often tii«tri>»c4 ug liliD some mad banquet, 
whenin all counoa had hwn conUmadtidj and fiah and di<4ib. 
eoiip and eolid. oyat^r-eauce^ 1ettU(>^B, Hhine-wine aud French 
mustard* were faurW into one hug^i tureen or trough, aud thtt 
huDfrry I'nbln' iuvilrd ti hrlp ttsHf, To brine ^hat order w© 
can out of thu Ohftos eb^ 1>@ part of our «Dd^voit. 



" As Moiit^qni^Ti wrotp a *S/«r*f of Laufg," observes our Prk 
fowor, "wo cotilri 1 writ*? a A>iVt* «/ Hw/Aw; thTis, wiJh an 
Stpnt rfrtf Low, properly an JCsfrif de Coatuma«^ wt should havo 
an £i^/d« C^vtumes, For nettber in tailoring dot in leglo. 
Uting does man proceed by mere Accideat, but the hand is 
eror guided on by myiitRrioutf opc-ratiunji of the mind, la all 
his Uod«j, and habilatory end^aTors, an Aichitectiiral ld«a 
irill be fmind birkin^i ^^^ Ikdy and the Cloth are iJie slt^ 
and matennls whereon nnd whereby hin bcautiiied edifice, of 
a Per^a, is to be Imilt. VVlietbef ho flow i^acefuHy out in 
fold«d mantleA, hwiprT on light sandaU ; tower up in high head- 
few, from amid peaks, spaogtes and bell<girdlesi aireil out in 
atorobod niff*. btiokTum BtuffingB, and monstrooa tuberoeiti«a j 
or ffi^h himself int^ aepir:!:^ ^.^etinns, and front the world an 
A^lomr^r^tion of four liinl)^, ^ will cleprnd on th<^ nature 
of fl&ch Ajchitectuiul Idaa : whether QreoioUf Oothie. Late^ 


SwUfTOR fiESAirrCS. 



GotUo, or alt^othet Modt^m, and Parbiiui or Ant^Lo^Dnadii^ 
cal. A^in, wbftt mftftDiri^ hoe in Coloti Froca tht Mibcrcfi 
drnJi Uj thi* 1i]|;h-ltn:iiinfr hcaHiit. Hjiritiial idinnyiicrasles unfold 
lWriJ*clT<^4 ill iiU^icc of Ctjlor: if Ujl* Cut bctoluti litUrUt^ct 
Had T&it'Ut, H» duee Uie Color bv-toki-ti ToIii]jl-t tuul llcart. Id 
all vhidjt nmong nations as nnioug iudiiriduaU, tlLor* i* mn 
iDC«ft4»nl, iiiditbitKl>lp« thoiiKh inflnitH^p' complex worVin^ Of 
C«iM ukd EScot; cTvry tmip of thi- 8oittcn bAs beoQ rcfi^ 
Iftled and preeonbed bj everacuvt Ititltt«ncctt, vliiob dcmbtloM 
to lDt«lhgoDee« of a eii{i«nor order are Delcher tuvUitjltf oor 

"Ftor >ucih mpcriot lQteUij^ni<>c« m CWii»MLn^-£ff«^t Phl- 
lofOphy of CloUii'!!. lift of Lavs. Vf*Tv prutully n romfnrtnbto 
wliilBr<evetiijig euteriiLijimeiit t ii6Vfi11}|>1«m^ for infi-rior 1n- 
ttUifeuocti, liki^ aj«u, such TbiW^jtliio Lave always ai*t?ued 
to tnc imixifitnictivc <>tiuugli. Niir, what U yoitr }lontva(|iii«u 
himaclf liLit d duvvr mf:iut ipvllliii; hviwn From ii bitrro^lyplii- 
cal |irophetii: Boukf iLt* lexii^u uf m'LU'Jj Ut*» m Eli-mitj, in 
Hrtve-rt 7 — lift Any Cktiaivajid-Kff-K^b Pliiloaopbtr cxplab, iiot 
wbjr 1 wMir ^ncb and itiich si Garmf^it^ o1>py i^itcK ?iiid guvU a 
Iaw ; Init Hv^i why i mix here^ tu WMir and olry anything ! — 
Much. tlterefoFCvif nvt tlic vhtrK^rf thai s^nue Sj,irii 0/ Cicihtig 
I ahaU «uppKM, M kypoUi«tioalT inolTcctii*^, aiid «ven imporil* 
n^kt : nnkvd Fikctft, and DiT'lttctionK rlrawti Utrrvfrom In <|uho 
anuUii-r tbjui tlut <unuiMiimil silyLf?^ ;irB mj bum birr mid pmptrir 

Attiiif; on vhii^h pm.k'nt r^^tiMton, T^nfeUdrlk-kh had 
noi'i^rUtob'B n^uinviii] tn uki' in a v<<l^iti|fh bmittdli'ss Ptt«nt 
of field i at lcft0t> the buimdArivs too often lie quite beynud our 
liorison. Setlwrtlon hoi&jc inrlispensfibkt ve shall ht^rt |-Unoe 
ov^bln Flrnt Part cinly in th* atott cnrtcay mtuiu^r. This 
First r:irt K im ilimbU iliatiui^Kb*-!^ by ommToraufl btamin^- 
and titmoat iiatl^^cc aud fairueaa: at the mme lame, in its 
T«vuJts and di-linpati-^nfl, tc is tntiob more liki^l} to tntenet Una 

or rvcn L"r*r]ps!i KuovWp* thaa tht* miMclLinrnuK n^adnm of 
UbM« pift^*«> Ww it tM* Part of the Book wliidj Il4?i»cibr«cke 
bad ID i^i«w, when hft rooommended us to tlut Jolut«tock 

I^ur. V. 



ri*i)icl« of pnblictilion, "^ nt pn?9.ri»t Utt glor^' of BritiaK Litcra' 
tun''? If *o^ tLc Libnir]r l^itlora aro vclcomc in ^g ui it 
for tboir own b«bool. 

To the Piri^i CJ»i4[il(T, vrliirh tiirnH an I'lmulru aii*i Fig- 
Ic&veSy (bad Icid* lu into iiit«muuubk dusquiaitioiu of n 
mj%holossicAl, ai«tftpbi>n^. cabalu^oo-^wtoriaJ &ii4 quite 
anbniiluvioii 0£i8t, ve lihall onutrtit ourMlvM with Kivitiff an 
uiiiTiiicertji-il Ht|ipioviLl. ±4till !«*» kive w*; to <lr> with *' LiLa, 
Adftm'a first wife, wIioeh, ok^cokUhk to tiio TalumdiHU, h^s had 
hcfom Kvi>f and vbo bore bim, m tl^t wedlock^ the whole 
pfOj^DJ of afiTi&lr Ai^uatir, ami trrri^s^trirtl IVviU," — vt-ry 
iKoJlf^Alj, wc thiak. On tbl* portitJo of the Wmk, with it» 
profoaDfl jflaofus Into the Adam-Ka'Jmoii^ or 1'riiutvil KJO' 
m^ntf hero strajigGly brought into relation with thA -Vijf OAd 
JTwifM^ (DArkne88 and Ligbt) of tbn aiitiqui; Nin-th, it may bo 
•nongh to say, that itf corroctDMn of dedti^tiuii, tuid ilepth oF 
TiUmtuUc and Habbinic^ lore have tiUod ]ierbu|ktt cot tht; wotmL 
Hebnitt lu Britain with ^om^tliin^ like astnnlHhmorjt. 

Butt (luilliiit' tbi» twili|,;ht i^^ioii, Tt<ufdi9drocV}j luutvun 
from tbc ToWCT of iJnbcl, to follow the diApcmion of Alonkini 
o^or tho wholu luibitable and habUnbk gLobo^ Walking by 
lh« light of Orjpntal, Pi^laagic, 8faiidinavj:ati, KgypthtP, Ot«- 
heitettu. Ancient :uid Mcnieru roMrJuoUt^s of ereiy concciv^jlfi 
kiad, bo striven to ^to U£ in coiQ[iroBsod shapo (u the Nijn»- 
borgnn giro nn i>5li J'fMiu) an OMs V4riifu*; or vi^w of thd 
ooAtumra of all numkintl. In ull iitrunlriK^ w -til imi'*. Tt in 
h&rt tbat to Uic Auti^ju^i^ii. ti^ thv Hi^toTiLUi. vu can trmiu- 
libontly say : FaJl to ! Her? u leanun^ : ou u'ri><^Ur TnKidury, 
if >-Dn vxU ; liut ini^xbanAtiblo w the Hoard of King Nibelua^ 
ifbinh t«'«;We w;iki:iil» in Liretrr dftyii, at th^ rati* iif thr*^ Juiln 
AOjrsaday, conldnot oarry cff, Shcrpikin rlonlu and waiajjum 
bfita; phylaeteriaa, fttolee. alhaf ohlamydo«, tORos, CbiacM 
RilliH, Ar^hiiiin 8hAwl4^ tmnk-howv leatiwi br««chee, C«ltia 
|^ilibcg» (thmiEh btcochca, a^ zhc Dame Gtdlia Bracc«i*t iudi- 
oatMt ar« tUti more anci«nl), Huunar oloaka, Vandyke tippctf, 
nS^ fardingalet, &r« brought vividly bt^fore tui, — even the 
KUmAmock ni^htcAp w nob forgotten. Fi^r utoat part, 1o<\ 
V6 isntt adciit that tbo Lcaminfl, hotcio^nooui' aa Jl b> 



pirif ind Ij f^mmg, tlin dTi>H3ijr piiriM smellnl out and thrtjwn 

pi<LtumH of hitiiiiUL lifi*. 01 Uiii .-s^jrl. dii; fulUifiing hti?i Kur- 
prittcd ruL I'bp ^rst }iurpuiv> of CltJtLrsv aa t»ut PrufranEjr iu^ 
Og^iiiiw, was Eiot varmth at tleev^nev. but orTiament '■ Miaerftble 
iDil^^,'' «fly< ha, '*vrvM ibv coiulit[o& of Iho Abnhfcin^ S^v^kge, 
glkfJTE^ (invi*!^ fruDi uniier liis HDca? of tiAir, which witli thit 

tualteii olxbkf the t^toi lti» body fllieel^^id ii\ \ts Uuok uatund 
trU Hfi lorti»r(vl in thn minny ^w1<*»i nf tin- fni^-st, living otj 
wild-finibi; m** 115 thr untru^iil (^ril(n1c>:iiaii. BCjUAiIrd ttmairlf in 
noTiuuKA lurking; iai hia bctitixU or buni^LD iKvy; vUhout im- 
pi«&ii^titii, wUhout iruLi^ ftavti ^lie b^l ot hpavy Flint, lo wLioh, 
tliftt JjiH tuili* [M^et^Um ah\\ ilt^l^'iii;^- KiLjfliL jioL In- LiiAt, In- Iftil 
UtacLod ^ loiLif cori of j'Uucd tW^ert; tKcic^bj Tfs^uTrnns as 
ircU EU burJioR it tvitli litiodlj trnvrricit; &laU. Nev^rUiffleaa, 
tli0 pains of Htiji^^ UTirl K^veri^ cai'tt »aiUGtM.I. Mc ln^iEt oare 
W3UI EiuL CLitulurt' bul DcuonLlitJu ^Fu/z). WLiniitli be firtuiJ m 
tik« toilf of tho chaM i or uiud diied leav«^ in liui boUow trL*9, in 
hb bckfk ab^d, or nAtomJ icroLCo : but for Uecorttioih he must 
bart> Gotlint, Na3% sunonK wild ppa|i1<>, vet 3ikL tttuioittg xnd 
paJutiiig pvrii print Ui (IbtJira, Tht' tir^t. f4jiirit-_:xl wiiit of a 
bvbaTT>u.*i mitn in IVcoratioo, aa utd€«ed 1rT(^ atill we ajaoDg tlie 
barbairoias oJasBoa id oi^liiod oocititHM.. 

" Rua/lpr, th<* hpavnti-inspii-fld mpltKlioim fflnpnr ; loflinit 
Srtrnt* fTi^hiLfAji^ nty thj owe AuitHr'Iuckrd. nuoir-KUicl-iuQC- 
hloon Mjuifn, wofUiy to fik\c aylpbUku ^Imtial on wr, whom 
ihou loir«t. trontbippost aa a jHritie frewnoe, wbich, ind^^, 
^rmbolliwlly tak^n, fi1k« i*^ — Kmh d»^4'r*Ti.lprl, likn tbyjwlf, from 
Uiat &ajoc hair-nufttW. Dint-liurtinic Aboriinital AnthropopbA- 
iruA- (^t of the «Alcv ooiaotb forth mi^t; out of the £troiig 
ontoeth foKh swMt&MS. WluLt di^uigvjt at* vrmtgbt^ luot bj 
Timfl, ynt in Timi* t For not Maxikiud ouly, bul all tbai Nfan- 
kiud ikm or biTbold,i. u in oxitiauAl groirtli. rt-^nesis and 
(•If-periwlmg ritolity. Ooet forth thy Art, Wiy Wowl, into 
the erfir-Hrhn^. eveMTOrkin^ Univ^tM: it U a ««cid-fTTOiD ihtX 

Our. V. 


•■ Uii wtio Unl ttboTtttiinl tbn Ubor of Copyists b^ device of 
MoeaUa Ttipot w^a dittbwhluig kJml Annipfl, nii) «Adhl«HDg 
nK>»l Kin^ luiil S^riat^u, and cn»Up|; a wiioln u«v Detaoarotiie 
wnrld : bn luid invnnlod tkn Art of I'rimin^. TW fir«t ^touikI 
luuudful of N'itn'. Sulplifir. :ini) rhaiv^nl drvve Mook Bofamrtt'* 
pmtta lUrcnif^h Um ceiliui;: vhjii will tK« lj«t do? AohUrr* 
Uw finai uudupuW pruair«Lion of Forc« under Thciui^lH, (vf 
Aoiin^ <oiLnf» lUuUr S^imtuaL A lim^t^ inretitioii it 
in Oip nJd.«iir!a GnutMr,— skk of lugging hi* *low Ox nboQl 
lh« oountrj till ki; pit it Wrtereil for corn ot oil — 1» iriko a 
piooe of LflAlber, utd thereon MTBtch or «tanp Ui^ mer« Pi^iv 
of an Ox (or Fwema)\ put U in bis pouket, And i»U it Pf^mm^ 

U now GoliLcn ftui r4|ierr jtnd all niinu!L« Iiutc Uwn ual- 
mintflt^: for Uicr^ aro Rotlucliiick &ud Kiii;lifth Ntttioiul 
DL^hti t uiH vhnco hut vixpttrK'i^ in vor^rvtffn (to tl^t^ ki^gtli of 
nxpetifr) in-nt all iwn; rrnniuandn otmlifi tu ri-<K| hXm^ pliilmn- 
ph«m tu ttfwifa liinu kini:* V> viLnuil s^i&nt nifvr htnu — to tho 
l«nfftAi of Aixpeooe. — Clottwa tno, vrhiob bcg»a in fooluJioM 
lovo of Onutntfnt^ vh&t hunt thny not Iwcoeua! Ippmatoij 
Af^nrity &iii1 pli'tunir^diU ir*Mt noon FolUmrinl ; Init vlint of 
tJkcAO? ShontTr divitan ft)uiiaf< (.S-Aiwt, Modtf^ty^, v yrt ft 
atnagor to tho Anthropophuf;ott» boeoni^ ntOAO thnty* niysC»' 
liooftly IftrtpT ClochoB : 3k iiiy^ti" cmV(w>iirir<-W nhnno for tlic 
Hol^ in num. dolltn* )^v^ ma imliTiiikAlil.y, dbtinutions^ ■ocikl 
po]it7 \ Ckrtbw IttTo naiidc Men of iu ; thoy a-rfr Ihivnt^iuiis to 
nuko CloUi«ft-*cr«<«Tiji of okh 

" Hut, oil tlio whol*," oonttnufft not ploqurnt l*rofflwor, 
" H«a i« a TooUising AnLiOftJ {HnndlKi^rmdf^ Thtfr). WnJt 
in liinufolf, uid of email ataturo, ho BtuudA on ft baaif, at 
most tot th* tlftttWMokd, of souo hftLf^quam fnnt. innn- 
coi^'ly t<mrj^li; bu u> dcraddln out his Ivifa, li^M tho verj 
viikd niipploiit hina, Fe«bl«M of bipcdt! Thrp<s quintaU ar« 
B enwhiiiK load for him; tbo «tocf of the meadott tooMft 
him nJofty Hki! a inut« rjf,-. W^rortl i olw ho can use Toola. 



Book l 

cnn d**viBa Tools: with tbew rJti* ^:ihi!** mmmtmln melts iiilij 
Mght *\xi>i Wfure him ; hv tiK^Ki* glo'»iii*{ iron, » if it wctv 
Hit jiMtci ncofi are liu Mmootb liighwuj, vrmtia and firo hb 
inLirciirying atccdfl. ^iowhpro da you Jinii him wiUkiuI TooU} 
vftkout TuoU he is nftthin^', with Ti^kiU hf» i^ iill" 

Tlert^ may w** notj for n nion^pbt, iutemipl the 9troam of 
Oratory with « rcmftrkr thot this D^ftiiition of tho Tnol-nrin^ 
Animal nppouw to tw, of all that AnimftUort, cf>n*Ul*-niblv- 
the pTwi-^n% mid bB8tV Miui U c«iW a LauKbio^ AuiitiAl: 
Liul do nut Uw apftb aljw laogh, or AtUiiupt lu do ii^ aad id 
the nuuilicat man the grciitoat aiid oftciitiat laughvrf T^u- 
fi^lbdrOoih hiiosttlf^ aa wtf snid. l:nt]^bt*d uuly oiJfln- StUl luRi 
llci wr UiLtkr uf LimL olhv^c Fit-iirli DHfLtiilioil of UiC Cooldjl^ 

Aiiiiuali wliiuhi indeed, for riforous Boi^^nufio purponca, ia u 
good AS lie(<loRiS. Can n Tartar be stud to ihwIc, vhoij W 0I1J5 
rvarUi'ii hU ntfi^ak by riduii; <in ic? Ag"aaii, wh;ii <.\Mik*rjf doe^ 
the tiicculaQder uac, Vyond «lowi:ig up Lis wLale-blilbbet| 
as a marmot, in the liko f^iiw, might do? Or how would 
MnniiioTir Tdt* prosper amuug tliose Orinoco Indians wjio, 
iicourdiui; to Kuuilx>ldt, loj^e in truw-neBUj oti th» hranchea 
of trees ; aud, for half tha year, havt> uo viclujdfl but |iij>cKitay, 
tho vhok oountry being uiulcr wat^r? Hut, on tiic otfaor 
hand, i^how uii thi- htmiati bi>in^, nf any period or eliuuite^ 
without hiA Toiih ; tliwic vt^ry rAlniouiaits, as we saw, hftd 
thdr Fltiit'ball, aud Tlioct' ^ i^r '^^ ^ do bnite baa cv 
oan hare. 

"Man is a Tool-nHing Amiraal," oonoludea TeufeladrooklL 
in t» abrupt WAji "of which IruiJi Clotlu<b aie hm uue 
oxmuyle: aud auTLdy if we oanoidcr the inti^rmJ bctwocn Um 
fimt wrtfH^pn Dibble fafhjoned by mail, and thtwR Livorfxtol 
BtT'iuu-oarTiAgpa^ or the BHlinh iTouii* of CouiTiwiim. wp aliall 
noti^ vbat progrt^a In-, haa made- Tic di^^s up <rer1iua black 
Btonoa from th« bosom of the eikiih, and ctnya to thetn, 7Va4»- 
part mf find shU h^iQtt ftt rhs rati af Jtve^nd-Oihiif in*7« an 
htna- ! and tliry du it: he collocts, apjJiLreuUy by lulr »ix 
tiimdr4.vl anit Jifty-ci^it tmscullaneoiu indiTiduals, and BijB 
tn thpTn^ MUv thit nati/yn ii>if for uf. &ie9d for' id, A«iiijr«r wi^ 
fffTTOUL* 'iwJ «« /*w tt4 ; auid they do It" 

CoAr. Vi. 





Onof tlneiiiiaMuDe&tULucUfr^Scctioiui in tiw wkoAe Volmnn 

ilJMlci^Uiitlk, "«Im)m: Apniit, luiv iiulAfd hiii<l«u uudtfr jd««^ 
IwdUftw Tuscd m rcv^ilt wludi jn-m-ul au^cptifu!, b >ull ih« 
IDjaJ rtuwianl uf liuit Lvuuttj^ " ^vluLt Utoii^h Jt^m K mix's 
Dwgktor, "who tir^at«iwd Sov«t€'i^ ALij^&ty tlut aiit» w^jultl 
ottii tier biubAxuJ'a ]i««l in li«r A|iroit, roLber cLaq h« Ahotild 
lie and 1m a ba&hov * '^ wLmt (k*ugh Umi Ltuiilgniviai? EliuLbvtli, 
viUi lUAuj uilxir A|jfCJi wvitliite, — ^iigu>« Lcraf An jiUe 
wife-ilrawift^ >]uHt, Mmeliaws ereu a totie i>f tevity^ upprouh- 
Infj to roiirpntirKi:i1 iiatir<>, U tor> Hrau-lj clt^pemlMe. Wlut^for 

"Aprona an DcfcDciNf; BjcaiuAt iniury lo clcauJinefts, to 
MfttCy, to CQodnty* toioouuio* to roguory. Kr&ta tbo tliin «Iip 
of ootdiHl iiilk <aa it vrtv, tho innblcm uni Ix-uuftril gbn«t 
of on AproiOt wlat^U m>iui- Iii^bt^nMiml lujiiwwifc, flitting ai 
Niiniber^C Wurk'bk>x<-J4 uud Toy-b(Jx«^ baa ^lacefullir faatctied 
o»; to tbft ttiick-UQiMHl hid^ giit roiuid liim witJi thon^^ 
wluir«Lii ikn Briildfvr bTiildn, iu»l at «iT«iiltig stlclcH ItiH Umwpl ; 
or to Uiooc jtngiiiLK ^'■-t-iion Ai>rnOR, wlicrcia ytmr nthvr- 
vrue liaU'tui]i«4l Volcoim bonuuer a:k1 niuttt in tkeir amclt- 
funiar<», — u tb«T»Tii%t ran^jce f^nough m tLt^ toahkiEL aodui^ of 
thu Vrittmriit ? Hov iim'^i Lhjk lyv'i:i i-«ncea]«d, bow muob 
lioft bccft dcr**-nfItNi ill Apri>Ti» ! Naj* Tightly i»ii&idercd, vhoX 
i» your vbole Attlitury and Polioit EaUbliAbjuunt, charged ftt 
tincalcdlaml mUlious, bur h hu^ si^krt«t«o1orod, irou^l'^v^r.nnnd 
A[«oh, w1i*-rv)ii SiH-ii-ljr works (viuvOAily uiiou^lOi fuuxlillg 
iUdf from noinp !iDil KDd «tlthy-4|jarka, in tliio DcrU'»4]iuthj 
{Jirttf4l^0<Ainieiie) of it world 7 Bat of »U Aprottt tb« moat 
pQixUng to me liitherto 1h» heen the Episeopal or Oadsodc 




{^Ueepttt) of SouIb, I nodiifl, haa tuiikt^l in the aamct of it* 
aa if Ilia (ihy'» wurk wvra tlaimi vrhxt doee ha fiLodov fonh 
thereby ?**^K,Ao, 
Or ogaiii^ h^ it afua beeu the lot of oui Tooders to rcftd 

*' I oiJtfiiJer tljoftt priute<] Tiipsr Appjns, worn l>y thn 1*»- 
rbiau Cook*, oa a new tfonl, tliou^h a slii;)it; oiie. for Typoif- 
nphy; tli^Tofo« as sui «ncourag*m<ft]t to modom Litoratan?, 
aud "lefterringfif anprcurjil: nor is It without KUttufafition that 
I iieai ol & uelebriiU'd Lon^W Firiu liaviii^ in \ic-v tc> intrtK 
dVM ^ fluoe iaehion, with iiupcirUnl extcationa, in Eng- 
tftnd." — W^ who lire on the spot htsivr of nn muh thing; and 
iiirlcwi hixvo n-osiJii io U' tUankriil that hithe^rUi nhw** Am otb»T 
vctita fbr our Literu.turtr» exuber&al tut ib u. ^TeufcJadr^kli 
cootiauea: "If 3uoh supply of priutvd I'apcr ahould rifK so 
Cu lU to ciioke up thu kughwikjEi ujii pubhu thorooghforoa, now 
.nemnfl must of oeceesity be haJ reooone to. Ln a world exlat* 
uiig by ludListrj, wti ^ruil^e to employ fiic &« a ilt^troying 
olooncnt, ^ini aot as n croatinjc ono. Howpvor, Hoavcn Is 
omnipotent, jind will lind uji iio outli^t. In tbc moon whtk, u 
it nt>t biautiful ta nev fii^e iiiilUon quiiitaU of Rm-b* pk'kacl 
atinuaUy from tlw Layatall; aud auaually, aftet bffiu]; ULaoor^ 
Atad* bot'pt;>fl0^ printod on, and »olif, — n^tumocl thitbfir; 
flUin^ £0 tDsmy hungry mouUiic by Ibi? vm-y ? Thui in the Lftj- 
Kt^ll. MtpwrijiHy witli it« HagJi or ("^Itrtlii-st^riilibiali. iLe gram] 
Electric [iitttety, and Fountoin-ot-iaotion, from ^^hub and to 
whi«h the Soeinl Aclivitioa {like Titroouft and rfKincjus KJ#o- 
tnoitJ«^J fjircuJat*.^, la larger or unoUer inrv1v<i<T ^^"ugh Ll]» 
iDighly, billowy, storin-tuit chaos of Life, whicb they ke&p 
aJiTct"— S^cJ] pn.-Kiag«»e fill ua, who love th« maa, EUid partly 
C0t«sm hun, witTi ii vltj" mixed feeling- 
Farther dovu we meet witJi thU: **Tht: JoKma^ists are 
now the true Kixj^aand Ol^nry: hcnecfoi^ lliaturiana. unleaa 
tliuj are fuoU, miut writer not of Bourbon l>yu:u»tiefii ^ad 
'i'udora and Hapsburic*; "^^^ ^^ Stamped Broad-shee: Dyn»- 
tioa, ftad qnitR nvvr ^nQat^i»\vt* Naines, &eoor<lins as this or 
tb« oth«r Able EfUtJOTt or Combixiatioa of Able Kditors, gains 

CiAT. "flU 



the «nrlt1> 9Stt. Of tliR Bnbiab Nvwspujwr l'i7«« pcihaji» tfao 
Eiu«t iBuportant of ^11. (Uid wotkilfirM «t»ouj;b in lU wicrat m^- 

uxbUf tn tluc tiui^iiHgo, uniUir th* Udtt ot .Safan'jv ifWudU* 
ITvr/itf Pi^ijff^; vlucli< liowcvcr, Liy icoreb in all t:K- Wf^icut- 
oidktvo Libnriofi, 1 bare act yet gniccccdcd ia [avoLiiug 

Thns <lmis t:hA ((#>orl Homivr oot only nod. bnt fnoni. Thi;a 

buixicao, confouDii tkn old jtutheot^: I'reibrbfri&n \Vzt<:liliiid^ 
vnXL & u^w, ipiiTLOuA* ijtiuipaiu'^ HiAlortJui of tbtf BnUi^f/t* 
Jattrmituiik ; sin<l ho 9tiiiiiM<* rm p^vh&ps t1b» most 9f[Tvgioiill 
UuEuiLvr in Holism LJMrRUirv! 


MMw:^i.LAintyt»'U iiaoia c^u 

hutoTttv when hic r<wohod Ihe Hiddiv Apf» in Europt^ and 
tbWD to th« viid of t}i0 S«TaoCfk0ntli C^tittiry ; the true «m 
of vxmi^iT-^^''' in ('iiKMimiv It in Wrn Llmi, Um Andijuajy 
tad ^tni\f\ii of MotIc« conicA ttpon kb richest Imnrcjit. Fau^ 
twOe gkilM, beg^nirin^ ail fancy of a T«Di*T« or a CftUot, ni#- 
G9^ Mwb othpr, iikj monaTPT rti'munn^ miKWlj^r m n Ttrt'^m. 
Tlw vVJi^ too hi lirmf .tathrutif Urnkr^, and tutii^cd not 
sclttoBi with tliat btroth of jp^ainn wUich nakci eTon old nu* 
nont hve* XoikHfd, to loomvrt, ptvdjw, gnkphicnlT luxd i^rery 
wmy int«rMtifig hare vtv fmiTuI th^e Chapters, tliat it iri:iy 
he tliro^nj out as & ^^^rlinniL -[urMliuti fur |<irti^?i caucerii«d, 
Whi>th^ or not A irotxl Kiiielish TraQsUlioa thoroof m^t 
bcueefotth ba profitably tiici>rporatad vrith Mc Homek^ji valn- 

ithhs Work On Annmt Armor* T;Lk?. hy way uf c-K^mple, dio 
toUoivlQC ekeWh; na auOiority fut vbich I'^uliaua'e Zeitkmr' 
trnd^r LmMi (\i. 678) U, with MZfcnitif; eorilid«nca. rvfcmil to: 
'EHd «r« beLold Uia Gt-nmui fujihiuuaUte drcM of tb« Pl^ 


UooK L 

t^eiith Ceiitiu^, we mi]$ht smile; e» |wr1u|is lliose b^gnae 
OcnDanOi wif ihey lo n.^r agaiu, and aei> out ItohrvdAfhciy, 
wfMid oroM tiit*nu(ulv«tf, and mroke ihid Vtrgm. Jiut luippilj 
no bj||^>rie G^niiiuii or iiinn, rht^ aj^oiii; thii« t1i« Preet-tii i« 
iiift uevdlta^ U'^tLunuliiTd wit;ti tliu I^oatj «iud ojJ> ifnjws i>uL 
of it, Itk« 4 Ttc^ vhosc roots arc not intcrtnaglvd witii its 
btftodiCA^ tmt lio penc^^Hv iui«iorirroiind. Ntiy it ii v4tTj 
rnGtirrtfxil, y^ not n^okss, to se^ and know, luiw ttii^ GrcatJ^t 
Ariif Di^are^t, in ft nhorL wljilitr wnrihl tiiLil liii pLw qnitf! fUlfxl 
Up IwrOpOud Qo room foi hitni the very Nuj^lcoti, the rcry 
JJjTon, in noiuo tcvcti y^aiv, has booomi^ obudtfU*, aud wi>ra 
now & foniiguCT t^ liU Europe, Thus U tli*< L«w of Progress 
aecured ; ^iid in Clulh^H, an in all ulher ^txterual tliiags wbat- 
•oev^r, no faatiiuu wtW coutinue. 

"Of thn mihtftiy oIoaob in thoAo old tiicoi^ whoM bvlT-holtft 
eontpUciLti^l rhnibs [L'ld fforjjrts, litigr' i.'huTu-liooi*, nnd uUmr 
riding tLod iijjhUn^ gi<m' liav» Uhtii IwiHUiit^-d in imidHm Riv 
luanoe, till tlit» wliole hu jioqniitrd ncmcvbut cf a id^-post 
oliarjlc^^r, — I aball tmra Kay notliiii^: thu civil and pocilto 
cliiRfiiiKf I411U1 Uiiifilipd upon, nri? wr^^^rfut f»Q0ii}^1i for UA. 

'"Ridi luf-ttf I flndt littve TVwiWnftip [a pt^liapt UTttrAualfttablv 
&rtJcloj; :U«o a Qxlvur girclJcf whcrc4it hiuig little bolb; sotbob 
wh«n a mat! wnUta, it ii ^vltb eontbiiul jiLgUuff. Sotoe few, 
of nLDiii'^l Inntj liavn ^i wlmle cliime of 1w1ls (f^fwivxt^fW) 
AutciKid thi:-t«;; vUicb, especially in s\iddou wltirls^ and the 
oth^r a<^<idffTxt« of wallcingr htut a grateful effect. C>b4ervo too 
bow fond they are of paaki^ and Gothiwin!h mtc^TSvutiuos. 
The inaHo world wron; pcftkod oftps, &11 ell 1uti|{, uliicli tiaii^ 
bobbing over tho a>d« (itcMnf) : their «bo«s &r« |Jtakcd in front* 
also tjr* tho lengih of an ell, ojni Uu-od on tho «ido with top; 
fTen thiT woofleii «1io^h hnrtf tliejr elMon^^ nosvsi: somff ^j« 
clap Iwlift on ihn [H:aV. Frirr^hcr, accordunf to Uty iiiiUiuritjT, 
tho mon have bnwoUas witliout scat {nhtM C7«^tA«): th«s» they 
faaCcai poakviM< to tli«lr ahlrta} and tho long round doablvt 
mxxti. orrrlap tln-'tn. 

''Rich maidrufi, ogaui, Ait ftbrouil in j^Lmrus nrcJlopod out 
iH^hind and before eo that back and brenet an> almont bara. 
^iT«i of ^Tiality, OD the other hand, h&n trftini^wiu four or 

Ciur, vn. 



&rc elL) it) Im^ ; vhiuh Imni tbei^ are l)Oj,f* to cany. Brnro 
OopfttKA MUitift ia their »i!k^ott Galkry, «itL a CuiiiO f«r 
st«enmftiil Coiuidor thair wells, a luwdbroodtb tbick, wlich 
vravor nmud tUeiii by way of hprm; lL« long flood of silrpr 
bnttefiAi or r&tber silver aHclLs from thra^it lu alior, iA-lu-ri<wtt]i 
tlMaottia«woJt'gowii8 are buttoucd, Tbt* maidens Ii^vo botuul 
nUver ftiifv>fU abotit thpir hair, witli goM «pungloSi and pi^ndcut 
fldiUAt (/VtJmmrn). ttidt uf. n|iMklmg halMropit: htJt of their 
mother's )ieik(L-«<»kr who bJuU j^y^ 7 Nvitbor b U>rif nf grnnn 
!• ccmfort fftrgotWn, In wmtur wcalhcr you bciliold tbe wbolu 
fai? crefttiou (Uiat ran afToril it) ia long maiillw, with skii^ 
iriio boloWf and, for lieai. not utif but twi* sriiBi'ipnf, Ixuttil- 
broad wclta; a}\ emditif atop iu il tlucV voU-vUr<Jiod ItufT. 
90B0 twnty inohoa brood: thoeo aro their Rufl-oiaiittM 

'' Aa yet among the womAiakiud bouj>-{>rtt Jr<in1n am not; but 
tlie men liaTO doublets of fiiatid,[i, vuliU'I' whiiiL lie tnvdttplo rtifts 
of olotlk, i<a«ted together with hatter {mit T^iff tu^amntfuyis- 
kMit«rt),Mv\i\rh t'ti-nt*^ pniMilM-nLnrrt rnniiph. Tbtm rio the two 
aeves no with cadi otter ii; tho art cf Drcoratio:ij aad as 
nauol the *ttoug*f carrica it/' 

Onr Praleasorr whetber ht> havo htimor Kimseir or not, nuui- 
fe-«l« a Mrtain fcdioff of tlvr Ludjcrooa, a aly observ&nco of tt* 
whiciL c^>uld emotion of any kind bo oonfidently predicated of 
fto fitill a luan* we rnight oaJl a real kxro. J^ons of thos^ bell- 
girdUi^ hiuihpl'hm4><^hR«, r^mnt4»i) nhnm, at otbRr tlip likn ph>- 
noDhcoai of which t^« lliatory of Drvras offcra 4k> many, escape 
lum: moro citpcdaUy tbo lai^dboncca, or atrLkmg adreaturett, 
ineldMit to tbo wtiorariof euuli. aio noticed with due fidelity. 
Sir WalW Italeigh'H ^ive mantle, which ho r;prrad in tbo miul 
under QaeeD BJIul>eth'» feet, appoarn to ptOTokn littl^i pntbu* 
a&asiD in bin; bo m^^rely nsbfl. Whether at ttJit period tb^ 
HaLd«n Quoca *- was tod-paintod on thanoae^and whlTe-palnt^d 
on tlw checkKT aj$ her tirowomtrii^ whttn from Spleen and 
wriukkie sbu would no lon^r look in any |:Iaas, wore wont to 
ftorra hor'* ? Wo oaa aikAwer thnt Sir Walter kncrw well wLut 
bo vui floin^T niid bad thi* Uaidim Qiirifn \tvvti ^lufTf^J pardk 
iDOiit dyod in renlignff, would bavo dons the sam^ 


sAfi-roic RESABTna 


Thus too, tr«ifttuig of thoHo irnormmut habilinu^nbt, that 
mf^ not only slitflird 4tid giiHoniirfl. hiit ;u't jii(.-,z4l 1 j swciUeii 
oat on Uio tircndcr p&rtA of the bo<iy. by intrnduotion of 
Brno, — our ProfcEtwi f;ulc twl to uomiutrut ou tiiul luaklnss 
Coujtivr, wbo liaviug mnued himself on. a chair Dr'rth soioo 
projeiTtbi? tiiuL oi) tL^ acil therprfrooi nf^iii^, to pi^v )it§ f/riv«i* 

00 tb« eDtmico of Haje80% ULStantacicou»1y ftmitteiJ kyctuI 
pooka of dry wh^nt-rl^isl : niui qtooii Uif tr (limini^ihfld to A 
t|iiliid]c, hifl f^kuui anl sluiUit'ii diiu^liutf iK)ir4>wt'TU uid 
^iby ruuiul }um. "^YhurKiipou the Fruftwiur publUiiMi Utia 

"By what etmigQ ohacca do w» live in HUtor^T Ero- 
strritnit by » torc'h; MHo by a bnllArk; H^nry Daml^Vj an 
tuiiladgcd bwiby ontl bu^tflrd. by \ut liicbti; moat Kiii|^ 
ftud Qu«eu0 by boio^ boni uucIct euoh &nd racb « bftl- 
t«#t«r; Boil«<^u l>e«pi^ii3t (itf«crtdiiig to Helvptiiu) by ihd 
jwclt of a. nirkiiy; anil thU ill-s^Uunul iTultvi'liinl liy a rpnt 
ia bi» brwichca, — far no Mcmoinrt of Kaiflrr Otto'a Court 
outlft him, Vaiii vas tl]« pruy^r of ThgmiatoeJM for n 
tftlBnt of Vorgettliig : my FrteiuH yIeM th^erMl^ to V^»* 
liny, and T\wi einc^ it i» writt^iL" — H»* Toiifielmirbckh to 
be put in nuud that, ncArly irlo^l to the imfoa^iUo talent 
of Forg«ttit)g^ <tauiU that toleut oi hUuDCc, whiob evoa 
tntT^UIn^ Eii;^bhhni«n uunlfest? 

'*Tbe simjjh-st co^tiimc/' observM our Profeuor, "wbioh 

1 uiyvrht'To find oJliidrd to in Hint^try, in thftC itu^i as reiri- 
nnttal, by BuliTir'it CaraJij, in th^ hito ColomViian wum. 
A square Bbtiket, tKvlvu l'««t in flbk^oa:it b piriiviib'd (wioio 
weffO wont to cut off the Goners, and naake it circular); itt 
tho o^atro a *Ht U i-ffric^d oightocn iti*h*3 bng; through 
llijM tije iiiothtT-niiht^l TTOopoi' inlrorfur^^t bin bi^ad and r*>^k; 
and fio ridoa shielded from all wrjir}ii>r, 'mh\ in )i:tttlR Tram 
many fttrakw (for b« rolb it about hi» kft anu); and nob 
only dMuod, bat haxnesfted and draperiwL'* 

With wUirb piccarv of a StaM of Xsttnrr^ Aff^rtinir i>5 
ita ALDj^lirity. and 01d*Bonuui oontmnpb of the «aprtlluou% 
wu abaU quit tlds poit of our subjeot 





If in the J^B*eripiiv^Hi*ioii«*l portion of this VolTime, Tea* 
leladrOckki ducusuDg mcrcl/ llic HVrit^f (Orq^iu aad ttuocev* 
«iTc ImpTOTciiKiit) uE ClothvEL, iuus aatuntshcd miuiy a reader, 
Bttti^h 3io« wiU he iii the SpuciiUtiv*<.PMlo»t>ptuyil jjottiuii, 
whirh iK^lh of their Wtrk^itr ur lnfiitriuce«. U ]« liure tlut 
the iirc«tiit Eiiitor fir«t fcd< the prcuurc of his tMk i for Iiera 
pffoporijtli« higher luidu^vr Philosophy cl C1otho» conunoncos: 
an uuinnl. Lih[Lo*^t i]iLit:ii]reJv&ble rv^ii^n, *}t <^htvji : in venturing 
U|wu which, iuw iilBeall,ytft huw liuajwakjiblj iiuiiurl-uil ia it 
to know what oo^itdT.\ of aurvey &ad coaqu««t, id the tni« onni 
wh«r9 the fixiting i« ^nn inhHUnce and ^nlJ b«^r ua, vhiMV it 
vt hnllfiw, or nun* climd, Ltitc! iii»j ffrif^ilf tin! Tpiif^ladrdokh 
lUldcfftaXm riQ h-sis tluui to rx|HnjniI tJna utonl, polititTa], even 
nligtoiu IntiuenuM of CIuUioh; ho iiudcrtakcs io make mtuJ* 
festy in lu thouund-fold be^fi&giij thta gruad I'lopwilicu^ tha.t 
MxD^A FTArthly iiitiTi'nU "aiv fill hooki^d :tiii1 tiiiMfirii^l ti>}^tlitrr, 
3044 held uf^ bj Clotliea." lie wys in m> nuuy iTord*> " ft*iCiotj 
ifl foundeil npon Clotli;" anU ^gain. "l^ooietj eoilB through 
tte Trflnir^jlf* nri Cloth, rh on a TftTisr's Mantle, or rather llk« 
liiiT Sheet i>f elpiui and um^IeAii IbmaU in tlitt A[xwtl«'N Dre&ni j 
«id wilhout such Shf«t or MAiit]e> would eiDk to eudloH 
dcpthfi, or mount to iiun^f timber tmd in oithor C4U0 be no 

By what chauib. or iudei^ iiiiUutuly euiuj>I«oW tisHti^H, of 
Meditotioa tliia jtr&ad Tlicorcni i« Itcre unfolded, and luau- 
■lOfabla prantieai Corollartift nrn rimwn th<rt^froni, it wfiv p^r- 
faft^ a mud [unlntimi to attrinpl I'sJiiliitiiig, Our I'roftvwor'R 
nethod is not, in luy uaoe, tkit of l^ouuuou j»ehoi>l hofgic^ whr^re 
tha tratlia all etiind in ft row^ each holding by tho skins of tho 
other; but at but that of practical Reason^ proofing hf 


SAKTOJt jEE^.vnnis. 

Buds t 

llkifO lutiiitioo over wWk e^VAt^uuitiL' t^ruup* tuiil kiuKilmmj 
irii^Toby, we nujEhl say, a nobl^ ooinplexity, idinosi Itkf^ tbat 
it£ Nature^ roi^A in bu Philosophy, or spiritnal PiottiTf* of 
Nature : a mit'lk^y nioj^, yet, as I'^iit)) urbi^iwrK, roT. tt-Jtlioilt a 
plan. N&j wc compUuied aUivci tkit a ocrtiiu ignoble cou- 
plozi^i wUat WL^ mufil oall mere contujioii. waa &JtK> dim-rn* 
ible. Oftrti, xXsjOj v/o havo t*^ oxclaim : Wnuld to H'^^Jt^-^n Ihtwt* 
ttjac Itiogrjiptiici^l DiiiTuinr-iilA wi-in mnjc^ [ Vat it *ii\r^iah m if 
tJu demoiutTfittiim Uy iajuIi iu tUe Author's indinduilitj ; u 
if it vtre not Argiuu<!tLt tliat luui taught Irnn, but Kxptrieuccw 
At prwfltu it ig im\y in l»x"al i{3ifU['ii>?4, n»*l \iy BigtiiHoAnl fr^T' 
lucritA, ptckf^Ml itiwii al wul&«uQ\i^U mtcrvab froiL tl^e oiv^iial 
Volojuop Tiiul ROj«iiilly oollofccl. that wc con hope to imixui 
ftomifr L}utlm<i or fuTORhftdow of this Ductriue. boadtin of nay 
Inte1li^iu-e iiTv tiin-if. iiKjifk Uivit^d lu fuv^r lu wUh thfLr muBt 
coii««atr&Li'd Atl4:iiiiuti, kt tboae, &ftcr iateiuo coiiaidtratiODi 
uul iiot tUl UicQ, prouonucc, WJiotbcr en the vttjutwt rergo 
of our actual hunzon thttro in not a 1f>omit)g ok of Land; a. 
jifuuiiae of u«w t'ortuaat-t* iiUmtFi. pirliAp^ whtilr utidbananHl 
Aromna^ fin-nicKuliavdcaiivaa toaail thitlu^r? — As esor- 
diuiu to the whol^ atand liiaro Ut« tollowmfc Joujf citotiou : — 

"With men of ti spei^nlativo turn,'* niit-.-^^t TimfelKdruokh, 
*' therv eioiiLe sesuuu, uvditntivu, Bwcrt, jrvt uwl'ul huum, when 
in woittlrr and feor jtou Jksh youracir tliat unazunvriLbtv qued- 
tioa: U'htJ am i, the thmn th;\t oan say •!' {tit* li'ttg'^n Jm 
mcA Uii nejinf)? Tbe vrvM. with tU loiul traflirJi*if n>drp» 
inti> the tltataiiuTi; ai»l. l\itM[i^]i iLe paiwr^banginffs* And stQOcs 
waU4i uid thitik-plicd tia^ac^^ of Commcroo and FoUty, and aU 
tlic liring aitit liiVlcM intof^mnctitB ^uI Sooiety and a BQdf)^ 
wluTtvwilh rr>ur KxLit'*ru3.< tit^^ MirrvitJiictril, ^ ihit si^bt rcschiM 
forth into the void I>wp. aurl ynti an^ ,^loT>r with U«n UotVYini}* 
And silently oommnna with itfiw one myntvrioiu I'n^^ciuce witli 

••UTKt lua I; »luil in ibiA Me? A Yoke, a MoUon, &n 
ApiMiaimticc;— 'atiiac vmbodieJ. vLsuiJii^d Idea In tbc KtcruU 
Uiodf CofUff, 4ry« Min. Alas rooi" Cogitator, LbU Cake* 
BS but a Httltf way. Stirr muttgh. I am; and latf-ty tvaa not: 
liot WbnMce? How? Whereto? Tho Anewer li» aicomol 



wnt^n In alt colom and notions uttcn^d in all fpones of jii- 
biW and Vftil, in thotuAnd'ti^virtvl, thouoaiKl'Voiccd, hftnito 
nifVLia Nature: twl wliv'ro la llie outuiiii^ ey^ and mt to whom 
tliAt God'Writtea Apocalypsi? will yidii ^ninitAt^* in(«QiiigV 
WainitnH i» -t bouiidlcAA I'taoU^uuif^riu and Dreiini-ifiotto i 
bcHUidlMS, for ttio faintest sttor, tli«r rem</t<<et cetnturyf hen cot 
ftrc^n Qf^arnr thit vct^^ thereof: 8oiinis and many-oolonH] 
vigioTiA Sit rouiicl uiir si-i>st': Imt Him, t]it> UnsIunjWriti^'. 
whow vock botk Di-t^am uiid DteaiaeT ore, wo »oc ftot; osoepl 
in ia» half-raking moEDeatv, suspect not. Cruaboiv wye 
onev U«ti before lup, lik4> a ^loriotu Bomliow; but the Sun 
that tnAdo It lii<H Iwhinil tiit, liiddi'ii frctm uk. TIh-Up ici tliiit 
atraikgo Dtmoi. how we clutoh at shAdowa aa t£ they were 
sabstukciMi aiMl »lf*vp dorpeiit whiln funoyinn ounvlvoa most 
awako! Whirh at yair ]1]ilom>|.TLiiiU Synt^^mit U rtthijr than 
a drfuuu-tlirutt^m j a act i|ucjtitnl» ciftitldtfiitly SLren imt, whcrii 
dlviMr and dirldeud aro both tuUtDovn T What an aU yoiir 
national Ware, with thftir Mosoow R4?ti'flat», and eunpuuary 
hat»-fllW1 It^'Vrihit.i^n^ Init the ^omn;imhTilkin of unpwy 
Slpr^wn? Thi:i Drf-anLiiit', tlun BomnambijUam is what we 
<m Earth tiall Life; whf^Kiii th& mo^ iriiloi'd urdfmfotingLy 
waad«r^ aa if thoy lm*w rii^ht hand from \Mt; y&l th#y only 
are wiM^ who kinrw th;it Hi'-y know Tiothinf{- 

'* Hty that all H<3ta^>hyBicti liad hitbtrto iirorod no inrxprf*}- 
tibly anproduotive I .'ilia secret of Man*« l^^xn^ ie fitiH liko 
the Sphinx'^ wf.rrt - % rUVWt* that h** r'annot rpiin; and for 
i^orackcc of which he nuilrra dpath. Xh*^ worst doath, a spirit- 
ual. What aro your Axionni, and Catoi^noa^ and Systcm«, 
am] At^horbms? Wonk, vf^rd&k Hi^'h Air-c(Wtlo« aro mm- 
fifn^y iuilt of WoTiU> t})« WoplIa well heilited alAo in good 
Lcgio-uaortaT i wherein, hovov^r, no Knowledge vilJ txaiva 
to lod;px TAjj tphMc u ^rtnttr tAan th*^ fcrt, how cacecd- 
io^lytru^E Xatur* athort a vtrcuuni: how axooedtnf^ly ftddo 
and rjihimmcniji ! A|r^iu. ynrMnff ctm ojtI fnu v.yhtm U 4m: 
with all my heart; only, wnaas is it? Ge not tho slare of 
Wovils: ia not tho Dij;tAnti thf^ Dt^ad, while 1 lara it, aad 
lan^ for tt, and mouni for it. Ht's\\ in thf* ^-nutup srn***. aa 
trvly aa the floor I fttaud ou V But tLat uaio^ Wbiihk, with 



Bum I. 

tt« brotlier WaicR, u« from the Aral the ntuter-^on of our 
DreuD-groCto i s^y nthcr, tbe Cuitu (tbo wwp uid voof 
theroof) wfaciroA all our DitAin« Jiml Lifo-viiioiu 4M pAUit^d. 
KcTwthttliMMLf luu wM, 4 uee]Mr m«dtuUcti Uiugbt r^nain ot 
evcrj cliim&UT 4iu) i^j'v, Lbat Uiu Wutiu ^uiu Wuk.^, hd mj^«t«b> 
riciuJj uiA«{jiinible frcm adl our Uiou^'ht^ ^rv but ^mpfifica] 
t«itfi&tml adh4<»aM to tbou^t ; that tfaa 8o«r nuk]? diaoetB 
Ui«m wbptfl tbey mount vp aul of the oitlwtul EvntvwsKfts 
aa<] t\)itKrtcft: hurc QDl all nittkiiui conccirod tlwir God as 
OnuupnanDt and Etcrn^l^ ti£ txii^xa^ iu u tuurcnal UftHiir 
U everlatftii^ Now? TKink well, ttLou too viU find Uiut 
l^|«uw ig tmt a mode of anr hiim-iji Spobp* w lit^^nise Tliiiei 
thrrr m no ^paim And no Tinct We are — wc knovr dM whnt; 
— Ii||)]t-»paxk1r« flofttinjc iii tti«] «rtJi«r of Dritj I 

"So tkit tliU so ftclid-A^tTtQiDg World. oJttr nil, wen bot 
an lur-inu^^ our Mk Ihif only reality ; anrl Nature witL itn 
tbcmib'ujd-riild priiilLmtiuii nnrl ilifKtnir-linii, Hit Ht^ n^v-.x tit 
our own in"v;iTil Karcc, tb<: *phanbw/ of our Dicajn;* or wlut 
tii« iv&rtb-?^|.'ifit in J^mtai namoft itj fA« ^trtfi^ viMU G<*meni 
^fGad — 

" ' la Tkitit\ ftxi4ib In Actlo&'i ttono, 

Wofk ut4^ «0wr» in tiudlaMi nuAiCttl 

HirLli lAd IkHtb, 

Ab iu£vi(« uomi ; 

A Mldn|{ Viil gi«ifig 

Th*€ra if I.mve. 
Tit Ibv Bl tbe rcwinit Ifjom of Tuwr I plf, 
Antl ncani lur (Kid iEh; Ownwil Um evnt ffim br* 

or twrnty millions tbat bavo rwd and apoutcii thia tliuticW- 
«[Mwch of the Ert4ij«iiit, airo tlieto y«t twfuty umta of ua ihait 
hairo learned th* meaning thffrwf ? 

** It WM ID sonw> such in(jvtl, when vearial and Tunkme with 
ihv^ high vpeonlfttiotu, that I fir^t came upon tbo quertioo of 
Ctothe*. Stnogo enough, it ttrikM m«, in thit sfuno fnipt of 
Ibrna lieittg Tnntjn ntwl Tni]on-d, Tin- RoTHn T ridn biu liin 
own vbole Ml: strip Kiia of the girtlu* ft^d lla|»s arid «xtn> 
fMOOft t«gs I havQ batODod romd Mm, and ibo noUe v*reatur« i» 
lki« own wnptter and wonror and flplnner ; na/ bU ova boot- 



nftkor, jav«U(rr. and tnnn'miUinnri he bonn'iB fnio Uiri^U|*)i Utc 
TiUpja, with ft pLYiTOELiul rauT>firo()f ooar%iniit on hU bodv; 
wbenin wmnnUi imil cuAJitt^fUi uf fit kiVL' r«aelifld pi^rfitrtinTi ; 
tMy, Hie i:iuue» oUo liAvo boeu couudorad, and fnlb o-ad 
JriagM) viib ^y wi^ty of «ilor, f^tly appooded^ and evt^r t;i 
tii^ri^it plaeay vo nut wunting. While I — ^[>od Haar«rn! — 
luvc tlutiihed myself orer vibli the dpod llfHT(M.'A <if ^lirrpy Ui*^ 
baA ui vo^UMt*^ tbo euLraUa of wonua. tht- hLdc-n of ujton or 
Bttla, Uio l«lt of furrod beftats ; and walk ^IjroLul & inortuf; Kog* 
sereeD, ctwrLcaped with shreds and tanere raked from the 
Cbiruiel-hc>u£c ui Nalurc, whjcrc Uttry woiild liave rultud, to rot 
on aw more f^totvly E l>ay after dnj^ I niitat thatch myr-clf 
anew; day aftvr duy^ thin dvttpiocLhk tluttch must lotte mjma 
film of ita Lhinkiuiaa ; Bouie film iif It. frayed away by tear and 
«ear« nuat ba bm&bed off mto thv Aahpit, into the LaystaUi 
tUl by dogreoe tbo whole hoe bt^oii brii8h«d tUithov, and Ip tho 
dast-maku^, pat«&t Bat-giiii<i«r, gtt new ntati^riul to grind 
dawm- O snWr-bniiUV f viU! mont vilrT Frtf havr not I 
too a conpnrt all'4YncU<»]nff Skin, whitrr or iliti£irr? Am 
I a botohnd tonna of tailora' and oobhkrtt' alirvda* Xhvjx\ or & 
tightly artiealat«d, homogeneoua httle i'^^ire, antomaticv Q^y 
alive * 

''Stranftd oooa^ how cTcatun-^ of thn hanutn-ktnd «hut 
ttuir tyym to plaiaost lacts} aod by thir mvTt ui^ruu of 
ObliTion aod Stupidity, lir« at oajia in the middt of Wonderi 
and Tcrrrnfit. Iliir. ind4vtd mnn 111^ and wsia ulwavH. u IjltHTkhead 
andduJlardi much tvadier l» feci and digvntvtban to think 
•fid eomtifLt^. PT^ju(JtC4;, vhich h<T prL*t«add to hate, u hia abeo- 
hite lawgirrr \ mtmt uaesanii^wont everywhere leodA bid by tht 
nuaa; tliua let but a ICiHiti^- of fh>? r^iin, let bot a Crratiou of 
llio World liappen twrice. and it c«Aac.4 to be marrnlkniji, to 
bn ootovonhy. or notic«ablo. Porhape; not oniw in a lifetiiaa 
do<a it occur to rotir i>rdiQaTy bipod^ of any country ot gpn^ra* 
iuatf bn Ice gin1d-m:4.uLlect FrUii^e or niaaet-jerkiticil TonMB^ 
that hit Vefltnieat« and bia Self are not one and indivUibiei 
Uiat Ma ia nalud, without vvatmonta, till b« liuy or stdaH such, 
aod by foretbought aov and biiUrm thriTi. 

*'fQt HIT ovD part, lbc9R Doanid«raiioaa, of our CloUtaa* 

C.C -Vol, 12 



Book L 

thnteh, luid how, Toacliinj- mw&rds c-veii t« our heart of bouftii, 
it tailorixea aud <tfi]iLOT&li£^» ub, till mt? ^ith & ceitaiD horror ftt 
tnyself SlIuI iDnnkinri ; ^nicHl hm ohh fm'.U ut thnein Dutch Cours, 
whicL, duiui|f tL« wet neAfton, you sec s^'^'iiS <ioIibernUly with 
jftdtoU luul potttoouts (oi alrijicd sjLcki&g), in tlu^ tucadow^ of 
Gouda, ^evurtlielea^ th^ro U soiueiliing ^reat In the xnomebt 
vrh^Q a man t^ret ^^trijia hun^ftlf of Mlvt^rlitious vrappages; 
and aees indeed tbitt ho i« nuked, and. a^ Smit hu it, '& 
Wkffd AtnLdflliot? animal M'tth bandy legi;' yet aUo a bpirit^ 
aad imutterabk M^sttMy of MyuUfries." 

ciLiTTEa rx- 


Let no courteous reader tak^ ofTenoe at th« opinions bnoAhed 
in the. ccittjiuaton of tlid but Cluipter. The Editor hiauolf, 
on fiiit glaDclug over that singular pa^Ki^, waa iuuUnerl to 
excljuJm: W\ini, havf^ w(i j^ not only a Saiisuuluuibl, hut au 
eaemy to Clothes in the al^ftr^ct? A new Ad&mitfs in iLia 
c^tury, which fliittvra tbwlf thnt it it the Ninetcotith^ and 
d4-«tructivu hoth to j^uperatltion and Eulhualocm ? 

CiiiiHicIcr. tJuiu fuulLsti TtrureUrlrik'lvIi. what bent-lita uiiH|K*jd(« 
Hnbk all i^eft ajid a^xea derive from Clothoa. For cx^kuiple, 
when thou tby»«ilf, a wntary, pitlpy, elobbaiy &e«hmau and 
ntw-eoiner in tii\a fliuict, latlvst muling and puking in thy 
nar»*s anna{ aunklufc' thy conil, jiiid loi>kiiig forth itjt*i the 
world in the blankeBt mauucr, what hnd»t thou be«n without 
thy bhinkata, and blbe, and othor nomrlew hulls ? A U^rror U> 
iJiysplf wid niuikinrl ' Or hast thou forgottim tho day wh«i 
thou first rrccircd»t hi^^erlie^, and Ihy luiiff iluthfft lK'i',:uiie 
Bhort? Tho village wh^ro thoo llredatwad all a|)pr)iied oFtha 
fact; and neighbor after noi^hbor ki«3ed thy puddia^-cKech^ 
and ^v^ th^w. im hands»*l, silv>*r av tvipppr t^oint, on that th* 
firfrt ipllA-day of thy exiatcnoe. Again, vert unt thou, at 000 




period 0/ life, 4t Buck, or Blood, or Ma^^irOEiL ot Incurj^Uc^ or 
Dandy, or by vbAtcwt naiao, acccrdiiifi to jrctof and piac4), each 
pbonomenoB is dittuLguuhed 7 lu that oco vrord U« incliKif d 
n^mb^ririmt vuliuncw^ litty* uuw v/hmn Uir n?igii of f[>]lj m 
OTer> uT jUMrtd. vhI Uay alotlioa am Dot for diiuuijk but for 
«lctf«ao^, bfisl thou al^'ayn worn tbciu pctforci^, lAul 09 :t cokj- 
■e(|ttpiw?n of Miui'i Kttll ; n<'vrr rrjtik*f J tn tJicin lu in a vartn 
iDOiviLbli^ Hdum*, a Ikitlj ruuiuUlU^ Xtody. vrlivrptti Lkit atnuisi; 
TncR of thioe eat 8&uk> defytu^ &U Tfifiali<nia of Clinmto? 
Uirt whh Uiick doubl»-aiilI«d k«r«i>yg; lialf buried under 
nhuvlB And hriiAjJlu'iiii;!, >uiii uvi^mJU mid mudliitiiU, thy vi*ry 
fiaiEcrs cftscd in docAkiti and nuttenN Xhani huM hv^txode l^^t 
*' Hrmo I rido)'^ and, though it wure lu udd ivuitvr. dtudied 
tbrougfa Uifl irovld, glorying in It u if thott wert it« lord. In 
vain did the fiWt besit rmind th.v tciiipli-H ; it LiKbted only 
on tlij impcDCtrablv, tbltcd or woyvq, c«4c ot' ivool. In vun 
did tl» irindfi hoirt, — furvetA loumiiiiff and orvaking, ducfi 
oalUng u&to deepv — ami Uk? Htormii hvajj tLivmattvi's togvUitr 
into Qiw hugti Ar('tii3 whirlpuul: tlkim UewirfaL LliruugU itw 
middle tli^nof, frtrikiuK tire from UiQ Idf^bwa^s wild miinc 
bnunmod in thy cdjv, tljcri too wftrt m ft "mLot o£ tltD «if ;*' 
tho WT«Tk of niattar and Uu^ cnwL of n^urlda vm thy element 
aod prvplttuuttlj WLiftmg tidn. Withcmt ClollioN H'ithtiut Lit 
or Bbddlo, vrliAt hadat tluiu bo^u; wbut bodUt.v li<^t qundrniml 
boon? — Xatiirai is goodt but th* ib not tbe beMt: lierc trtdy 
wtM tint yi<Ttnrv' nf An. nrer Nahnrp, A thiind«»rbnlt indeed 
mirht bavo picrci^d tbcc; all nhort of thi« tbon cotJdft defy. 

Or, cri«# tho courlvoud Ktidcr, Juu ytjur Tcufckdrookli fot* 
gOtMi wbait bo Kkid bl«ly about "Aboiiginol Savages,^ and 
tWlr '* <ruiiditLi.iii luistiiiljlir mdc^ir*? Wm:ld Il« liave all tliift 
iiusaidj and na bet«Jc0 oureclra 84Fain Co iJic ''matted cloak,** 
and KO shept^d m d "tbick natumt f^^U"? 

Noirise, (H>tirt«oiia rMdert Tlw Pn>fn«ftOF know* full well 
wliAt (« i4 Rayini; ; and IhtUi tliuu atid we, u> tiur }uibte. du liiut 
wTtmjC. If CloiluWfin tb<uo times, "aotuluriii) and dcjuoralii'^ 
UBk'* bare thiey no rrdit-^miaic value f con tbuj noit l)« alter^l to 
«mrr brtivr; imt^t l)i4-y of QeoeasitT b« tbrown to the dogft? 
11^^ truth is Tpnff<l»dr0okl^ though a 8taQWu1oaist» ta no 



KoiMt L 

AcLiuiitis; am) much |»erlmpa hn he miglit wish to go forth 
befforv Uiifl deg*rneritc Age '*a« h Sigji," w«ulii nowinf! wiah tfl 
d© it, aa those old Adftinitee did, in a *tati; ot N;ikedneu. The 
iitiligr of Clothca U ulUjgeUier ftppu^nt to him ; tiky ^th^jm 
Hu hits tixt iiiAight iiibo Uicir more rrrnndjtrr n,n() almnfit mysUo 
quiditles, n-hiit we miglit (^11 the c>iii]ii|)f)bc!nt virtue of ClolliQS, 
aucli &A was ihjvw before voui^liaofcd to any mail. For 
example : — 

"Ycm VCR two individuaJfi/' he. writi-^, ^'one dreaaed ia Hue 
HeA, t)xa uLlit-r in coiu'so tiirtdullurc Blue; lied hs^yb Lo Dltltv 
' tie boused AuU jA&^tomued ; ' Blue bt^uni with a nhuddcr, loid 
(O wondpr of WODiJer*!) inju'rhes sorrowfully to the guUowv; 
Sa bliBTd iiooacd u|>, vlbrat^^is his tiuui', uiid the KurgnniA iIifi(iH!t 
hiru, and At hi» bones into a ak-^tetou for juedic:4l (mrpoMct. 
How u thi*j or what mukc yo nf your Naihin^ can aci h»$ 
nAATd if u? Jieil hun Jiu phyvii^il 1idIi3 of l^liir, no r/ui^cJk ol 
lujit, \a Qowise m runfci^^ witU him : »filht*r ^rvi tboM* iti in Intuit 
lag Shoriffa and Lord Licut^naula and Ilori^ca and Tii«Uvo» 
flo volatad to ocmm.-uidini^ Rnd, ihut ht^ oaB tug tlieca liit)i«r 
and Uittbtr; but ruch ttands dintinct within hU own skbu 
NcvcithelcMt ajt it 3s Epuken^ so U it dom*: l,hi^ nrti(^uIntod 
Word BCla all bauds in Action ; aud Hopo and im]irovvd-drDp 
perform tbcir work. 

"TkinkiTig rea<lprt the reason seenis to me Iwofolrl: "First, 
tLal Jfan IN d Spirit, aud bumid by un'iAillc- boiida to AU Men ; 
8G^ndly. that he irwrn Chfhf^p which ore tho riaibl<i emblem* 
of tlut inct. Has not ycmr RmI hanging-Individual a hore»- 
hftir wig, >iqiiirrel-akin.*, xnd a plusli-^juwii ; whereby nil niortaU 
know tluit he is a JtJoiiK ?^8ooicty. which t\i^ luoro I thiok 
of it astoniahes mo t!ii> morr, is foiin<l'?<l npon Cloth. 

''Often in my utnbilior moods, whpn I re-jul of fiomjHiui 
oenmooialB, Frriukfi>rt Coronations, Unynl Drawiug-rooto^ 
Lereea. CouL^ient; and huw ibe ushers and maccis And 
parauiranta are all in w&itinffi hoiw Lhiko this is ptvflvntod 
by Aiohdubo that, anil Colonel A by General B^ uni! innti- 
mewbli? BixhujiSH Admirals, and miscall fin eoua Fuiictiou* 
aTir?4> are Advmjcini^ LfAlljbutlv to th':' Anointed I'rtsieno*; 
and I, in my rtmote privacy, to foraa a clear piftvn 

Cntr^ IX. 


at tfcat aolemiiUj, ^ on a su(l<!en, as by some «ncfiaiiter's 
wanJ, tlie — Ahall I flpcak it ? — tho CkitiieM Q; cff tho whoU 
draiuatic ooFp«; aiul Duknti, Gmuiooo, Buhopo, Gaucml^r 
AJuiotAd ProMDce ita«U, evury nifrthi^r^K vud oi tb«m, toind 
■traddliiig therttf uut n kIuxI uu lUi^m; 4ud I kuuv uul 
wbi^thcT to laugU or wce|j. Tliia pbysiciU or |fsycliic4l 
iufirroity, in which p^rhnpv I tun not ztinc^iibr, i have, af t«T 
licsitition, ttio^i^ht right Ui ptiblUIi. f»r tho K>lne« of tliora 
^UHiotcd with the Ult«/' 

Would Ui H4mvt*u« Bay w«t tbou bsKbt thought right Ic 
k«ep it B«cNt L Who b there now ihAt oaq raail th9 fivu 
CDlamnM of Fn-Mmt^iLicjnK In hiK Martiiug Npwn|iA^ti*r witbmit 
a Hhuddcr ? llypochoDrlmo irufn* and -Ul men ofr to a c,Rt^ 
tain «xteat hjpochoDdriaci should be moro gently tr««tcil. 
With what rmdinpjisi nnr fAn^^y, in thit shalUr^d stat^ of 
Uio Durvvdr followa out the i^unact^iuuiix'jt whu^Li Tieuifirlfr 
drtidth, with a deYtlidh ccxjlneaa, gui» on to dr^w;^ 

<-\V)jtLt would Uajeety do, evtild «uoh tm luwidcnt bcjFidl 
in reality; should thf* hiitton*^ all uimtilutrieouisly ilfirt, aud 
the adid wool cv&pnr.-it^?, in very VH^A, u here in Drntun ? 
i^A &*«4f/ Uow each ekuUtd into thu ocattat hiding-pkkcoi 
their high StAt^ Traifefly i^J/fV4fH- f4wi StaaU-Af^ion) bccomce 
a Pickt«h?rnug-FAiTw to ivp<f|i at, wliit^h Is the v/orsit kind 
of Farco; t^ fft^M C^rsoTdin^ to 1Ionic<->, and with ihecn, 
the vholi) I'ahno of GoveTtuuoDt. L«giiikti(>n, I'topcpty, 
Policy lod Civiliscftd SociMy, Ar« dittolr^. Id w^iU aztd 

Liven the man that oan Qgufc a luikcd Ihiko cf Wiudlo- 
«CT&w ftddt^sain^ ;l naked Hou^e ol Lurds ? Imagination, 
oholied as in D]ephtti4^ air, m.-otIii tm itdflfp iml aeII not 
forwfli^ with the pictuie. The Woolsack, the Hiabterial, 
Um Opposition hct\i*^i«>E ^ infawiupt .' wfan^um .' And yet 
wfcjr la tha thing impossible 7 Was not ev<?ry utiul, or rathtr 
«very body, of tlit^jse Gu»rdi4us of our Libtrliiw, nitked, ur 
nearly wk last night-, "a forit«d Badi^h witJi a he^kd fantas- 
tically carved'' 1 And why mi^ht ho not, did our Kt^rm fato 
•O octler it^ wulk ottr> lo St St^-phrti'-i. as w«-l] ;u i^itD U^cl, 
ia thai no-lA^luoiii aod lh«f«t with uUicr »iiiu]ar iCwliAhea, 



Boob L 

bold ft B«4 of JiutiiHi? *'&obu!ii of Uioic iifflict4-il with 
LUi^ likr : ^* UnJiajUJj Truftlai-lriii^kli, liiwJ ta^u vrer Mudi Ji 
■'pLynical or pajducai iiilii'iuiij " i*cl jrc " AjiJ now Iww 
mouy, pcM'Ji^|Jt(, nui^ tliy uup»rALUUd coEil««»ioa (^whiob we, 
ev@u to the ^oumUir Brili«h warXd, nad giKuli^ im by Critical 
Mirl niuj^irLpLbji iliilj, griLdgi^ Ltj t^iuijuitt) iucuraUy iufc^l 
tborf'With ! Art Uiuit tUu luoligiwot of bJoiiAOuJuttista, or only 

^ It will rflcftam to be ^xamiaed/' adda tli« fn«xonibl« 
Tbufvl^Hk^kh, "iu lujw tar dir S^jAJtuxjiiuw^ iw n VAoihnti 
PernoUt ifi not also eulillfHl lu bvuelii of clergy^ ftad EnghaK 
ttiid by jut7 ; nay pcrhapda oooaiilertBg hiti tuglt fuucticn 
(for la tiot ho loo ji Drfcmlop of Property, anil Sovewlgn 
fttmi^'] with f,h(» rrrrort o1 tlio I*nw ? ), la a certain royft] 
JiLinuLf^ity auil luviol&bilUy ; wbidu however, laJACn And 
tiu mu&uor claiii of p«ieoi:« Eire not alwj^ys voluntonty dis- 
posed to gnuit him." 

■'O my Krifmli, Wf. jum [in Vorich Strrnr'n wcinl*] Imt ui 
'tutlt^ya driven, with n #ti<ik and rprl rloiil, to the markflt:' 
or if ftoi&o drivere, aA they do ^n Ncrtolk. tuk<* u dried bludder 
aud piit peaa in it, the rattle tli«T«ol t^rrUlea th« bold«iSi t *' 



It miist mm- be apparent rnoufth tJiAt our rrofeaaor, aa abOTO 
biiitedi is u i]>euu):itiv4» Rudieul, and of Hit wry dnrkojit tin^ i 
acknowledging, for niost pari, in iho itutemcnritH and pani- 
phenialia of civitutid Life^ whioh wv uhlIbj^ rut euul-Ii of, utftbiog 
but 80 many Clolb-r&ie^ turiic-y-poicja, and '*bl&dd«ra witli dn«d 
J^OM,'' To liagDr among nuiUi !t|Hh>ulatioiu, hangar than IM^ 
Sc'letice r*qtiip*s,4 diacemiii^ piiUic i^aii ltfv« itowixh. For 
cnu |)m'iioa« tli6 simple fact tlut aut'li a yaktd THynrrf b 
pwsibl^ nay tetiully oxiete (ucdor tho Clothed one), wUl b« 




■uilkent Hucb, tliCrcfon, we omU abaiit "KUi^ wmitiiitg 
doIgmI oti the green witk d^nn^a," and t2t« Kings iMuig thrown r 
** dm&ii Uwm with Bcalpola," iayg Xoufebdrtckli ; " iho aamo 
vuc«n, tu*a«b, Uvora, li^tita, uruL oUier Uf^tickl«t, ar« tli«»: 
cxotoiao tiLcir ^plhtuaJ toddiiuiLstai thu juuuc ^rvia X(^>-il, ^im 
Gmd, wid bttlo FMulQ^i iia> ten tv> ouo but tht C^iniun, wLo 
andentnAiln iltmght-oattie, tln^ rlmniin^ of wheel^i fiouicthiiig 
of tli« lftw« of uiistttblfi Ajid MtJiliTu ^qmlJliriura, with ctlier 
bnncbcs cf WB^D-«ci«tic«f, and I144 iu;tiutI1> put firtb liis hand 
and opcrucd on Nature, la Uio mote euimhi^ljr giited of the 
twa WLctiix<, thoiu Ihftir so uriHpenkable differdooe r From 
Ctotlitt^" Murh iilnd W(i »1i;ill cimil idrfiut rnnfuHion nf Runlet, 
and Joaii ^ud My Lvl^. atid how iL would be or^rywhere 
'■ Hail fcLlow v^U met>" and iJhaos wero toole ct^in ; all which 
t<k any one th;tt h^js oncw fairly pirtiinul cut th« gnuid mother- 
id«tt, Soci^^ in a nititfi *tf Xnkattun^tf nUl it|>untAiic^niJ!(ly 
Au^gCEit itK-lf^ Should Aomc tiocpticol indiridunl ntiil entcrtfUQ 
doubts whuthi^r in ix wrLd without Clothes, Lhi> amallCHt Tclitc- 
n^ss, Polity, or even Polloe, conld exist, l^t him turn to the 
orik'iu^ Voliuup, ajiil virw Uk^re bho bouudleiui Serboiiiac Do(e 
of Sanrtculottinm, atrctolunj; nonr nnd puttkntial : orer which 
*ve hav« U^tly B^rni uhcr« not only whde nnaiM but whole 
lotloDfl might tiSiih I If ii^Leed the following arglull^ll^, in its 
hntt riretiaK omi»haflis» bo not of itself incontrovertible nod 
fioiU: — 

"Are we Opotannu; hare we* natural Pouches, Ifke the 
RaiijfHrcM? Or how. wiUioiit ClotLi^^, could wc ]>03»cM the 
iDj(Latcr-orir3Ln> sooI'b teat, and true pinoai gUod ol Ihc Body 
SooUI: 1 nK'on, a PriUB?" 

NpvertliiptwiH it \i impo»<ithlo t/>hate Professor Tenfelsdr^hh ; 
%i wor^t, oav Viiuvfs nul vheUitfr to Iialc or to love him. For 
tlioi^lit in lookiii*: at Ihc fair tapcstrr of hnmtin LjIi-» with ila 
royal and even wwrcd figur«, bo dwell* not on thfr obverse 
alotttf, but hirrr i<liiE<dy on Uie tvvejTW?; iuitl unle4?<d turns out 
the rcugb wAma. tattn^i. and msmifold thnmu of tlrnt nnaighUy 
wt<]iL^-d'ie, with an almotl diabolio paticnoc and indiflereuo^ 
whirh raniit hav* unnk him in thn prtimtitioiv of most T»>adi*rB, 
«»theTe is that within which unspedcably distin^ishea him 


8.LRT0R ft£SABTU9. 

DooB L 

from all other jMWt an<i prp*i>nt Sanfli^ulottintft- Tho Rrand 
iutpa.ralliilc<l pRcntioritj of TiTufL*Uilr<»^lcIi 'i.*^ tbit with all iMi 
Di'Aiurnilcnt^itintn, he com\nnvn a TnumivTuliuiuhnim ua ieu 

Ottor, 9X»1U him ln^j-oiid tlis vUiblcs Hedvctu, iUjeumgL to nn 

■^ToUit' 6>*.^ ol sTilKiir L<>yn%"sayB ho* "what umaoV An 
ov&jiivoroii« Bijiml that w-^trfl Bi-v^cli'^ii- To ihvt oy« of Put« 
fUfttJiOEi wthul in lif ? A dcnii. at himiu uiid Jivim? A|ip»ritioa, 
Boujjd Lid mytftcriuud Ui:, thurc Ul*:^ imUi^r &1I ihoae wovl-ra^pf, 
a GikTirLi^iit ot if]vtih (or of ^nBesJ, cio(^t^:itiir<td iii the LiXiui of 

tbrm iiL UxioA' Olid J^ivmiiiA ; aikI nn-x and iiudiiitta for hiiii< 
•ulf II l^aivoiRtLN w\ih aziu»T t^tArry SpaiMW, uui long XJunuiuitlfi 
of Viurd. Deep-hidddQ is be uDdflC XhAt sCnuige Garment; 
amid RouniU aihI Ctklitrn nxn\ FotiuM, ax it wi«rn, vwAihtxl in, 
aud uko^tricablj ovcJ-whroudcd ; yet it i» >ky-wovcQi and WiMthy 
of n God. tit^utdd ho uot LUiircby ut tho cT^^Dtra of JitimciiE^iticrtT 
is the conduxof EterLfti«« ? He feeU; po\ri?r U^u bMn given 
liini to know, to bvliovc; nay di>Fi4 iioL Lht npiril uf Luvt^ tretr 
iu lU colntiai primeval briKhtnoM, even Ucrvt, tlioii^ but f<ir 
oiomvnt^T '"^^ tlirough? Wvll dtoid Saint ChryHOStom, with 
hit li|ts of ^M, *Llie true i^HRUivAit U Ma.ri:^ ffhe*TV> tUh iii 
tJie QoLfVPitzftEfOB iii&uife!^t<^d uol to our eyea iiiJy, but ta 
oar ImotSi jw^ b our rpll<>n'-]UfUi?^' 

In moh pU!iu;fi'R. uuhstppUy too nmt, th« high PUtonic 
MyHlLi^isiu of uur AuLluitr wliirh in |>«rlui{« thp rmiihunPiitAl 
elemi-'nt of lki» n,Uarc> bur&tA forth, uji it nCfC^ ^ ^^^ GikhJ: 
Bud, through nil tht^ vapor and tArni«h of what is often ao |>er' 
Yerti^, Hii mi-nn in hit oxttrior !uul pnvironmont, wi^i ec^Ain to 
look tuLo a wluilr iowiurl Bi*u mf higbt ^uid Ixivi^ ; ^ thoiiijh, 
ftlut thf grim cop^iery obu:Ia wodi roll toi^etLer again, and hink 
it ffom TiflW, 

h«pl» tjmdrnpy to Myilirism i* nvff^whf-r** tm^eabl^ in this 
mm; juid indeed, to attentirtf rvEulc!^T^ mint hivr- bvru tooig 
a^ appareut. Nothing that he acea but hoe moro tlion a coob- 
nwn iMWung, bat baa tvo meanings: thod, If in tha lUgbfist 




loDpttrial Sccptro and Ch^lotoafiT^O'MaaUe. aa well u ia tbe 
poofot CPx-govl uul Gypsy-f^luiknt, W finJ« rri>;4. Decay, 
CuDt«ai|>titilii;jr ; Uit^nr la iti nv-h Hort PtirrLr/ nXsti, iind » 
rorercud Worth. For MatUt. w«w it ;itfvtr oo il^pic&bJc, it 

irit, th« m»nif«gtatioEi «>f Sj^mt : v^re it iieT«r eo ^onorabli.^ 
it br ninit? TJm diing Ti*il>lr, nay tbp thirj^ Imn^gineii, 
the thiui; m i^iy VAy trottmvvid aa Vitdblr^ wluit U h IjuL b 
G&rveitt, a CloUuuj; of Uk» higlwr, oi>l«fttiuJ IcTudbkv ''un* 
tnaginabl^, forml«SH, il^rk nitb «ZC8M of bright ''T Uoder 
vbkJi [Hunt of virw Ilir fHtHmvicif/ fiiuungr, nn Mningi* in pu> 
portY ao dtTiuii^ in phroe'r. wcma t. liojjuitcTtBtic cnougl^ : — 

^The begumiikg of ail Wudoiu is to look lixedly ou Clothu, 
Off i^Vflti with annpt? i^jrwi^ht, till tbry bet^omp Fmnjtjtar^tU. 
*TLu Pb:]oM)]jlii-r.* vMyn tJir wis^t^jt af iin% ngv» 'mimt Bt^ 
bob himaelf in the nu<bilu;' bow truo! Tbo Philoaophor 
is h« to wbom tbd Uig)L«si Iki^ cl^c^nded, Rud the Low^^ 
Mt has mounted up; wbo is the p^jiial &nA kindly brother 
of all 

^^.Shaliwa trombla b(^fon^ olothvcb» uid oobw«bSf whether 
voren Lq Arkwright tooniH. or by the silent Aiachnes lAiat 
weave unre8inig1> in ou.r Iinajpiiution ? Or, OD tbe other 
hand, what ia tboro thftt wc C4ruiot lore ; ainoc oil vu or««£ed 

^'Hap]iy he who oan look tliroiigh Ltie Clothes of a Man 
(tbtf wool]»u. lud Ai^slily, aJiil ufiiciiJ Daiik-]>£i|:«r au:) Sti»te- 
papcr Clothes) intn tho iUn hiniAclf i and disoftrn, it may b«, 
Id thifl or the other Dread Potentate^ a more or lew iocoanp^ 
U<Dt D)igV(ttjr«-a{r|KtTatiis ; yet ahtit hu iDsiTiit;ib1e veriervbtft 
Uynery, in the meaueit Tiriket tliat aeea with eyea!" 

For th^ roet, a« U natnrfk] to a mnn <^f Ihia kiad^ h<^ df^la 
mncJi in thr f«nHnfr of Wfindnr; iiiaists on the nei?i*MTfy iind 
high worth of nniversal Wonder: whinli be bolib t*? It* th« 
only reaaonabL^ t^icpor for ttue dcniEen of 00 singular a I'Unot 
a* oiira. " Wonder," ^%y^ be, *' tj^ the l^uia ai Wcr«liif> ^ tho 
nrigii of woadsr la jMrnmiiial, inili*stni(^libTH in Mali; oii\y at 
certain stngM {aa the [jreeeut). it U^ for some aliort season, a 
reign »n pfirti^s tt^fidelium," That pr^erofla of Sctcnof, which 
it to destroy Wcndtr, and in ttn ttoad ^itibeititute Hvnsurat^on 



flooK L 

taid ynmcnktioQ, fiiidfe «ium favoi^ with Teuff^Udr^t^-kL, inucb 
lA bo oUmtwuo voncniU^ %hofi9 two latUr proc<£«eB. 

"tjball yout Science/' cxolaim* htt, -|>ro(^Mjd in tli» em&ll 
diuik-Ut$liil«Ui or evvti ulMi^cUUhI. uuder^r^'uud wiirkAhop of 
Lo^ dlonoj find man'o mind beuouo au AriUuut^UiiJ ^tiU^ 
whoiwof Mvraory i» Ihe Hoppor, lUid ixicro Tiibloft €f SiaM and 
Tuiig^iit,FE, (Vxlillr^tliih, And Treatihfes t>f whxt yutt ricll PolitioLl 
EouLoiuj, aro tlio Meal ? And what is tLat Sct(.<rM?(-. wlii^rb the 
ffoieutitio head alcmv, wvrt it vorovod off, and [lilio tljc Doctor's 
iu tlLO ilrabiau JjUe) set fu a bas!u to kw|} it alive, c<mld 
pruwcule wiLhuuL ahadLrw of a beurL, — but uiac other wf tlie 
in<>oluuuoal aod mcuifi] haadicral't»t tor wLicli Uie Sole&tafio 
Hvod (having a Soul in it) is too noUe an or^ean ? I nMaa 
tliai 'niDugUt. villiuut KevAranefi i% barren, fxvbupa poisonotis i 
at bdtiU diea like cuokery witb bbe d&y tbjit called it forth; 
dooa not Ikvo, bkci «owinKr in euoo^seivv tilUie and wider- 
■praadinjj harToats, brittguig food aad pknt^ous iitcr«ase to 

In 4Tjch wide doca Toufoladrdckh deal liite, hanUr or toHci, 
aocordJDg to ability j y#t <n.-^r^ as we would fain pers^iade our- 
«e1vtw^ tfiiU iiluLtiUkblfl intmit. AIh>vj^ all« timt claKJ of '■ r,o)po- 
cku^pAib, and trtblo-tii(ie EScoffezs* and pml'ivinmt Knirmii^A to 
WouiLer; who, in tbose days. 6o niinkoroi.it4ly julrul lls m^ht- 
coiiitnbl<'n about tha H^tthanicv* In^tittitn «f ^enr^, nnd 
caiakli^ likii tnrn Old-Romau gt't^ttn aud gciHliii^ riHind tlirir 
Ovitol^ on any alarm, or cm nonei nay who oft«u, aa illumi* 
natod Boeptioa, walk abroad into poaodabld sck>!1«1>. tn lull d;ay- 
light, wii.b TAulii iulO bintj^m, nnd iTiAifit on i^ultng ynu and 
fUiinLiiig you tbvn-iviLh, Lbuugh Lbe Sun itt MiiUi^, attd tbo 
street populoua with more ju&tioo-lovin^- men:'' i\ti\t N^bole 
elaan in inoiprMnibly wi*arisomo to him, tl^ar with what 
nnnoutnon nninuitinn he jH*romljui:^ 

'*Tbe man who I'lwnot wonder, who do» not habitually 
vender (ajid wur*hipj. veto be I'remdenl o( innumerable 
Royal Socleiiea, and carri«l th# whnti« M/mnitjvt CfUM^ 
anil UffjfF^ PhO^isttph^, aiul the rjjiUimo of all Labonttorien 
and Obnc-rratoric* with Uieir rctnilta, in his flim^Io h«ct<l. — 
Ib hut a Pair of Spvctade^ behind wbiob th^re i£ no Eye. 

Orjkr- n. 



L«t ih<t*^ vho b&TO £/«* took through him^ titen ho maj bo 

'^Tlioii wilt have no Mjstcry aod Mir*tici*m; wilt walk 
tliroUKh ihf world by tho euncUin^ of wbikt thou cuUcst Trutb, 
or eveu L^- the bjmd-lanip of wLat 1 vail Atlorney-Logic ; and 
'explain' all. *aocoiiDt* fcr all, or Mirve nolLing of it? 
Nay, Lliou wilt attempt liLimhUr; who^n rcoogniics the ou- 
£athomflblo, aU-poTTading domain o£ MyKtcry, wliicb ivoroiy- 
vbarn under cnir feot viil ainnng our baiulit; to whom thn 
Duivcme in tui Orado and Tt-iu^ile, ha well ad a KiU^lieti and 
Caltle-atall. — he sball bo a dolirioofi Myatic; to hiia thou, 
with lAifflng oharity, vilt protniAively proffor thy himd4iuiipi 
and HhrinV, at on* injuivd, wh«*n hn kii;kii IiIk Tout Uitucigli 
it?— j*nn*r T-'n/SrJ i' Dot!* nut thy eow ealre, doUl uot thy 
bull gL'ndt'r? Thou tbytK^U, wort Ihou uot boni, wilt tliou 

ttujt die? 'Explaia' mo all thia, or do oti« of two thJngn: 
R«tiro into private p1aee< with thy foo1i»h cnoklH; ur. ahut 
were bettor, give it up, and woop. uot that tlic n^ii^i of 
wcwktt \a done, and {}atra world all dinfrmbolhdhtfd aad pto- 
^Cy but that thou hitherto art a Dikttauto aod saud-bliud 



TbB PhflooDpliy of 01otbt<H U DOW lo all rtadersT u *« 
piedioted il would do, uuioldini; ite^Lf into new boundl«ee 
«T|«osions, of a cloud-capt, almo^ ^tm^Hcal aspect, yet not 
witjiout RTTini looming^ in the faF dUbmrr^ niid Htrpnk« iLn of 
ui Clysiau briKhtuci^; tho highly qDcetiouahlo prnport and 
promuo of whioh it ii bcooming more and mere important 
for ua to ascertain. Is that a real Elyaiaii brlf^btuesSr orles 
maay a timid w^'iyfj^rer^ or tlie reflex of PariLltrnioDian lava? 
la h of a truth leadiug ub into beatiHc Afl]>hodcl mcadowi^ 
or the yellow burning taarl of a lieli-ou-Eartb ? 




Out ProCe^aoTr like other My-bUc^t whethei Jt'luioos or 
faiA]tir«d, ^voe an Kiiitov ^nou^h to do. Itir^ir hijrher tOd 
dlixkr are thd heights be leiulji uit to| mon) piftri^ing, ftU- 

For vxjunpte, tliia of Niture bciog nut an Af^greguto but » 
Whole: — 

"Well sang tUe Hebrefw Pflfllmigt: '1* I t^k* th© *riiig« 
of tbv moTiklRg ami <livtill i» the iittomjc^t pnrt? of tbe unt- 
TOTTO, God b thciv/ Thuu th^-soLf, ij c«ltir«tcd reader* 
vbc Uk> probably urt do 1'»u1iuia% but a Pniauiitt. knowing 
God uuly by triulttLon^ kiiowdac riiou any C!Oi-aer cj tLe world 
where at lea&t Fokck ia iiol ? Tlie ilrtrp wliidi U^uu Bliaknt 
from thy wet hand, rests oot whore it falls, but to-mi^row 
thou linilMt it nriTpt uway; ftlrciodj on tho win^ ct the 
llorth-niiid^ it i* nt-jiriiig Ltu* Tn>pk< of Caiu^r. Huw luufta it 
to cvapijr4tc. oud uiit lie motioulttes ? ThiukeM' thou there 
is ftu^it luotionlose i wiUiout L^'orixs and utterly dcftd 7 

"A* 1 rodo through tho SchvATiwald, I naid to myself: 
Thnt littln 6rr which ghiWM MtAr-liku m-riau t.Iiti fhirk-fn^vi'ig 
{uto^JOendo) inooT, where tbo sooty smith bends oxer his onrU, 
and thou hopeet to ropl^^ thy loet honcr«hoe. — U it & d&* 
taohed, ^^pnratod »p«ck, init rff from tho wholo Univepse; op 
indiawoluhly jojTtml t» rhr' wholr? Thou fool, that siuithy- 
firc wn« (primarily) kindk-d »i tho Sun; is fed by air that 
eireuUtAt frotu before Noah's Delu^'c, frocu beyond tho JJog- 
Star; therein, with Iron Forre, and C'm.I Fotcp, and the fat 
Rtrau^r Force of Man, aro cunniag affinities and battlcit and 
victories of Forc brought about; it is a littlo giutglioii, or 
OftTToiu c^ntM} in the great vit'iJ ftysteia of Imiuen^ty. Call 
It, if thou wilt, an unooeisi^WH Alt^ir* kinrHt^l nn tlw ItoAom 
of tliO All; whoM iron 0ncri6c«i whone iron jimrvke and inAu- 
tnoo rooob qmto through tht> All •, whom din^y I'ticot. not 
by woni, yet by bni&n and hSo^v, prencheM fotth Uio mystery 
of Fiiriie; uay pr«a<ilLea furLh (ejiottriL-ally wruiugbl i>xio liltlo 
ttixtlct (tow the Go*pcl of Frcri^Jom, tliP GoBpil of Uau's 
Foroes commanding, ruid cno day to b« aIl-co]nni:irLdinjF- 

"Dota^hpd, fir"panit<<d ' T H&y thiT'- » no <xivh ti^j^araf^oit: 
■otbinir hiihrrtn wu OTer striUideiLi au^ aaide; but all. v«ro 

cmmp. n. 



it only a wicIwrH Wf, works U^jrelter irith alt; in bnnw 
foTT^uvi cia ihu boUomlfHu. thotolna fiood of Actkm, «jad 
Ut«8 Uircmgh p«rj>«iuji metiunorphonot. Tb^ irttlMrM leaf 
ia uul dt^^ Liud ivsu Limn* juk i^orr^w iti il atiil umtind it, 
thoojc^ vorkinic in iiivtrrso orUer^ ebe }uyw could it r^P 
DftfptM not; t\w rof; from which mnn mokea Pftpcr, ot the 
litt«r froir «M<'h the ^artJi mnknt Com, Rightly viewed 
no meaiseat objfot 10 iiinii^iufie^uit ; all objpi:tn arct a* wirt- 
dowB, through which tho philoso{>h)a eyi* lookji into Intiriitade 

Atpaiit, Wvittg thut woiidttniK S(.hwnrvw,Ud ^TTjithy-AItaTp 
^hsl Tacaul, ki^'h-aiiilltij; oir^iliipa ak ihr«c, niid wliither 
will t>i«y sail witJi ue ? 

"All Tuihl* thhigv Art cnnbliMns; whnt thon seest U DOt 
there DQ its own aiOOOODt^ otrictly tikcn. in [urt iJiirrr at all; 
UjitUr cxivta ouljr apurittiaUy, ihud to rt-pruac&t numo Idea, 
and Aotiy It forth. H^cce Clothe^f as deepicuUe a« wa tJilAk 
them, aiw «n tinHjiPAk.iMy Bi^iiflrant. Clcit>iP», from tho 
Khlfi's montlr ili>wnwaidAT axe ciDUrinatiCi nnl of wuit Dtily^ 
hut of a Quuitfold ouDQiBi; Vti^torj uvlt Wurit. i}u thr othpfir 
h^wl. all Emblezoaiia things are properly Cloihes^ thoviglit- 
voT4<ii or haiid'WOTvD : must Lot th«i liiiaguiatioii w«ave Gar- 
mmt^, risible BodJe*, wherein th<- rlac iiiviniblr crcatioua 
aad intfpintioTU of our K^uon arc, like Spirits, r«v«aliadf and 
toit beoomo alUpowerftil; — the rather If, m we ntt^n see, 
1I1B H^ud too aid her. ^iid (by wool Clothe* or othcrww) 
T«T<saI such cTcn to the outward cyeY 

'■ Mm arc propcrlj said to be elothed with Authority^ clothed 
with Rr-^ut^v, with Cur&^s^ Sntid die \i\ie. N»y, if you con- 
aider it, what is ItaJi himsolf, ajid hi-? wholri t<TT^«trial Life, 
bvl an Kmbl^xn; 3 Clc'thtng or vidiblv (^noent for that di- 
▼ui# Ms of hi«, out hith(?r likp a lighupartids dowu from 
H«*vt;ii T Thtia in lit' said alim Ui be cliAhrtl with a Body. 

" Lau^^na^ u t^Urd tLi^ Ouimetjt of Ttioukfht : howcror, il 
ihouU tstliM be, Lau^^i^g^ U th^ Flt-tdiJiirmeaU the Ifodf» 
of ThoaghL I »dd tljit tmit^natioo wove thi* Flesh-Oa^ 
numtt vad doF« not ahe ? MvUpWa are her stufT : cxamios 
lABfftutfe; what, ii jou Gxoepl aome few primitive t^lcmeoli 



Dqvk I. 

(of nAlural ftotiad), what ia it aU but Metaphors, rtoot^in^^l 
&8 aiQch, or ao loitKcr ri^^^i^iwd ; still Huid and florid, or now 
COlid-grown and coIorlvdH? li tliOsM au.m*' priiuitire «]eiur*QU 
ufv. tlto iMnPuaa fLxLuTEtst iu tLtr FltfHU--<v&i'iuent, I/>ui^'uu^e, — 
then ftre MtLipk^ra ite inu»clea and tiosucs ftuJ livi&j; Lutc^- 
ment£. An uiim(^t&phorii?4Ll «tylo joa tholJ in viun sook for: 
U nat your vi^y ylrt^juion a Strtifiking~io T 71m rliiForenoo 
licfl li«re: nom? tttyl^ ;iro teaji, adust, v'lry, the muAcle itaelf 
aeems (t&aaoua ; some £ir^ o'^od C|iiitc piUlid, hunKcr-bittcn luid 
doftd'looking ; u-hile ptltem ugatiu gkw in the UunL vf health 
mid vigurmis M-lf-jrnwlh, siiiEtt>tiui<-[i (iut iu iii> <ivn aufie) iiui 
without An apojilcctic l^nd^iicy, M<freovcr, th^re ttt sham 
UetophorSf which ovr^rhanginp that sarno TlaoUKht'e-Body 
^3««t naked)^ aiid iU<vpnh'^Iy bediu^ntiif;, or bolnttriug it oi;t, 
may bo Oftllod itd fiitne atijlliiib^it, auperQiiuua ohow-doaks 
{PutJhMihtUl), and tawdry woollou mga : whoreof lie that ruoH 
And reads may gather whok b^mpore, — and burn tb^m." 

Than whidh piragraph on M*^naphnTV did thr* tp^Ut nimr 
chanoo to act a more vtirpriAingty mctaphoncnl ? Ilowcvn, 
that in not our chif^f gn<-M-anci> ; the Profcdsor coatinticn : — 

" Why multiply instances ? It is written, th^ H-^aveiii and 
the Earth sball fjnk aw.iy lik*.* a Wstum ; winch iudeeJ tl*y 
arc; the Tini<vTestiiro of tho Eternal. Whatsoever a^naibly 
axiMa, whatAocrdr reprecnate Spirit to Spirit, is proporly a 
Clothing, a flult of Kaira^Tit. pat on for a season^ arid to ba 
Uid oft Thus in thia oner pre^ajit subject of Cwjiush, 
riffhtlj undoratooi), is inoludtrd all that men havo thouicht, 
drttoinod, dou^, and Iwea: ihe wbole ExU<mul UuivarKi^ and 
what it holds in btit Ctot-hing; and the t^^ence of aU ikieade 
tics in the rntLOSornv or Ci^Tias." 

Towards these dim infimtrly expanded rcgionst oloee'bor- 
derlug on the Impalpable Inane, it in not wttliout :tpprph«a«ioii, 
and perpetuaJ ilifIicultpi«;Sr Lli:tL Uin KdiLt^r seein hiuiwlT jcnir* 
ocyittjt and atru^cRliaK- Till lately a choorfid dayatar of hope 
httn(i bfiforo him^ in tiva Axpect«d Aid of Ilnfratb Hcusclirooket 
vhLf'li d:t\;darT however, melts now, ntJt into th** red of morn- 
ing, hut into a vapie. ciay half-Uphr, uatJorlain whrlhcr dawn 
of day or dusk of ntti^r dirknri*. For tho last w«k. thoac wy 

cwtf . a. 



caHtd Biographii^al Do^nni<^nt4 tiro in his band. By the kiml 
tina oE ii •4catuiih Hantbnrg Mnn^mit, vhoiic Aamif, ki^own lu 
^ vliols tucrTOLEitile vorld. Ii« must not intfntioG ; tmt wLmc 
honorable oourt«fiy, now aii^l clt^ii beIor« fipoiiULUvouflij mam- 
fiHbiiti t4] him^ X mrni liti'TTiry }iitnuLg<tr, hi> rautnot soon forget, 
^Ute btilkj Wcidsuiclitwo Tftckt^L, with ulL itn CunUiSD-tioiue 
Boola, fi>rei^ Kirrro^lvpL^, nad luiMcUaiicoiu tokens of TVavel, 
QrHv«d hera in peKect safe^y^ nnd tree of owt TIm nodet 
»liuU BOBT funcy villi nhAi hoi ha«te it was lrck«n up, irltlk 
vfhitt bro&UUcw «Kp«ct4LUon gkuic^d orof i and* i^b«i wiUi wLat 
tiuqui«t iLnippointuivtit it lioB, cinco then, hecn oHcii Uhovd 
down, and a^^.Ltii taken irp. 

IIi>fratl» Hrim^hrri^ke, In h too l^jng-wiuded Letter, fnlL of 
coinptimcnt*, Wr-i«>nkhtwo politicit dinti* rii, dining repartccSi 
and attmr cpUc-mi^ral triinatiti«>T jirooccdit to rvtuuid im of 
wli:i£ nv kiiMW utU lUrUuly : that huKcrer 1; 111:1^ be viith MeUw 
ptijukti, wd Other abaUact &cii*iiil' ori4'i]iti.iui^' in Ofd Head 
Iferstantf) &\oiiVt w.^ Lifc-PhUcwoiihy f Lc^r^iu^jJl^^^pW). auob 
AS th;g of Clolliffg pr4t4ini:L8 tci be, wluoh on^inat«s equoilj iu 
thii CliAnictMT (<?4FnuSrA), atiiI nqitu-lly Kpitakii thf Tfrtn, can attuin 
lib siguiticanov till Uv* Cluu-urtcr itafilf is knowti luid stttm; 
**Ij11 the Autlor'H View of the Wi^ld { fP'r^tanjUAt ), and bow 
he acti^ly anit passively «aine by Euch view, are cl^ar: io 
short tiH fL Biojfr.ipljy of him lias 1>e«n jkhiLosophiiv^pfK^tically 
WTTtlrin, MiA philof(ophico-p9ctic4tly rewL . . . Nay,-^ adda he, 
"wt-n* the vpeouJatirti »«icj}tillc I'mlh even known, you still, 
in this inquiring age, ask yanra«lf, Whnnc? oamn it, and Whjr, 
oiril Uom? — and nrat not> %\\\ it no better may bo, Fauof 
boTv ahapcd out an anvvrrr \ and cither in thr autliontic bne» 
ttoatai Dl Kjftctf or th« forged one* of Fiction, a oomplel6 
piL'tur^ and 1^eiieti<>a1 History of tlie Man and hia apirilual 
Endeavor lie» before you. Hut vhy,*^ ftny* Hw Ilofnrt^ and 
inLlmi Bay vc, ^*do 1 dilute am thu uaCdi of oiur TcufthNli4MdciL% 
llit>t:Tnphy r The grwit Herr Minister vuu GoeiLe has peafr 
LraUti4;ly leitiarkrd thai. 'MaJi la jutijieilj the c*t^^ol»j*Tt that 
Uttiera«t« man : ' Uiua I t<H> hare noted, th,it in 1iV«iaMiiohlvo 
onr trhole ronTOT^anoa it littl* oe nothing alw but Ifio^^aphj 
or AutohiLii^]diy ; ercr hamano^nccdotical (giwugAffe^^awfr 


BABTOB S£SAfi'n:& 

Booft I. 

dHittrhy BScyiyliT " by nntunf tht laost untrcTsallj profit- 
ftblr, tmiToaaUj pl«««aiit of all Uuns* i MpeeiftUy fttoirr&plij 
of (Ufltinguf&bod iodmihiJih. 

"By iW ticaej m^u l'€rehrte$t€r(mj Moal Eatevuncd),^ coo* 
|iinu« l)c> with an doquenoo wliich, unless Uic voids be pur- 
loined from TL'ufvUiIruckli, or 0Om« trick of hif, as wo tospMti 
ill w)l-i].i|^'1i unoocountabH "by thU Unie you tin» fitrty jtluogrtl 
{certiffi) in that mighty forcrt of Cloth«9-Plaloeo|ilij ; ttiiiL 
lookicf; rouDii, as oU r«^er3 do^ with astotiubneiit ecou^ 
Su^h pr^irUoua uid puug^S ae jou have already imaAtor^d, and 
bruu^'lit Iv |uipt;r> ooold not but jiwakfru a Atnui^ inmiHity 
touchiu; th« mind tb^y issued from ; the pcthap* uiipanJI«]ed 
psy^col HK^honiam, vbiL^h manur;k^tnriNi ^iirb matter, and 
emittfd it to ttj^* light of day, Umi Tctirrl^dr^dch also « 
faUivx and mother: d^d ho, at on« time, weoi driTrt*biij«, aad 
live on opoon-meat? Did ho over, in mplura aud b^aro, oioap 
• foand^fl boMSQ to his; looke bf» al«o wistfully iato the long 
biiriat^Aisle of tbr Piuif:, wh^rn nnlv wirds^ ai;d tb<>ir low harsh 
laoan, give iinrtiruUtc onatwrr? Ilxi ho fcr^isht duels; — 
good H<^Tcnf how did he comport himself when in hart? 
J!y wliiLt Kin^-ulor atair-steps, in short, and sxibtBrranfwn pOB- 
sa^^8, and aluujjhfi of [>«s[iair, and »ieep Piagah hills^ has he 
reachfd this wonderful i>Toj>h(;tic Ilcbron (a tmo OId<Clotbea 
Jewry) whoro h(> nnw dwolI« ? 

" To all th(M« aitunii que^tlou the vtviee of publio Histoiy 
Is lut yet ailfint. Ct*rlaiu only that he bos be^n. and i*. a Pil- 
gTun, and TraTelkr from a for Country ; more or less footsore 
and travcl^oiLcvi ; hoa ported with road-c;ompanjon« ; faUcn 
amioiig Uitei'M, been poietoiied by bad cookery, blirttenrd with 
bu^-bites ; nercrtheless, at ercry sta^ (for they have let hlu 
paea), has hod tho Bill to disehai^, l^ut tho wholo paiti<rti- 
Ur* of hi« Route, bin Weather-observations, the pietun*eque 
Sketches \iK Um\. ihoii^'b all rej,nilajly jottfitl down (iii iiideli' 
ble sympathetic-ink by on inviaihlc interior Penman), aro these 
nowher^i tortlK^mio^? pArh-ips r^uit^lost: on« other leaf of 
iJiwt miphty Vcibimr (of htiman Memory) Ipft to fly abroad, 
tmjirintecL anptiblUbf-d. unbound Hfs as waste paper; and to 
TOt the sport of rainy winds? 

GRtf. XL 



''Ni^.friYArtftEWr Htrr H^tvajyc^ar, in tw wtbo I I hpro. by 
tlid utexamplnd Cnvor voa fftiuid in villi our iixgir, »«nd not a 
Biograplij cinljj but %u Aiitobio^rapliy : at le&at tKe fantcriaU 
for Buch; vhereFrom, il 1 uusrockon not* y<fur pcrspicaoitj 
Will dn^v iuU^tit ioniffht: uiid sa the whole Philoftopbjr fl&d 
Philoiophcfr of Gcithm icilt Ht4uul climx tu tlir wutidt-riog «^«« 
of En^Uiid, uay tbeuce, Uirough America, cbrough lliudinUn, 
and Uk UQt^podal Nftw HoUond. finallv cci;quer («tnarA/ittfii) 
gn&t pairt of thia t*nvrtriil FIshh-I r" 

\nd nov h't the KymimiUmtig rtsidor jmlge ai mir ftvling 
when, ID place of thid lame AutoUiograpliy with ^^ fullest iu* 
a3j;ht>''vetind — Six const d^ntbU PAi^R'BAO«»oarfifuIJj se^ti4, 
and marked s[ii*ce^A)T0ly. in ffilt Clii no-ink, with ihr symlvt]* 
of :Un Six * nuthern ZodlitciLl ^'tgm, beginnluf; ut Libtu ; in tht 
innidr? of wbioh 9Cai«d B&^ li^ tDiAcellaueoua moAMUi of She4.>ta, 
ODdofteutr Shreds Aud Snipe, wrin^n m Prcf««80T Teul^la- 
dKlckh's warce Ic^bln mttirf'^hri/t ; luid trnatitig of aIL Im- 
■fiaable thiikgs uLd^r the Zodiac mid abovr it, but of his oim 
ponon&l bii^torr °^^y ^^ ^^^^ intcrvabf cuid then tQ the moot 
eolg&tAtio munn^r, 

W1iol« faat>ir^4a iWrrf AH-, vhben^iji llie ProfstKor, or, U be 
ben^ ^peakiiLt: in th^ cLird person, o^la hluiaolf. " the Vftut* 
dvrar,** 10 not onoo iviiaod. Tb»i c^^air^ amidst what aeoma to 
bSft Ufftapliyvin^thflDlogiol I>i«qui>cttLmT, - Di^tA^hril Thcrtights 
on the filtiAiii'^ni^li^'' or, " Tlie trantiiiueJ PoBHibilitj uT Projili* 
e«y,^ ire %\isA\ me4>t witU dorao quite priTnti^, uot unimportant 
BiogTflpliicaJ fv^- C)h 09itsun Hh«>«t9 stand l>r<»a.nis, authdntio 
or tmtr while thr itinmEnj^irtiit waking Ai^tionit jwn {jniitti'd. 
AneodoCcs* ofteoeat witJioat diite of plttc« ci tiine, Ely loopvdy 
oik ^pamte slips, like SibA-lliuo lenvcH. lut^reperacd td&a an> 
lOQft powly Antnbinjrr»[>hic«iJ d^linpations ; yet without <'nn- 
ii«rtioii« without tn^nt^ixrible «olirrrnrp ; no nnimporUuit, to 
siipcrfliioiu3y minnt^., th«y almost reminilusof "P.P. CLeck 
of thU Pmt«h/' 'thMs does famiiie of intelUgenoe altemato 
isHh va^t^ Selpruon, orrler^ npl^p&rs to be unhnnn^n la thii 
ProfoMor- tn all has* ^he stunr imhtoglinj only perbofM 
in the Bfu: Coprw>m, and tbc-io n-vir it the confusion a Uttto 
«vt«e oo&Too&ded, Closd by n Ktth«r eloqnoafc Ontion, ** Oq 


reoeiving the Dootor'a-H&t/' lie wa8h-biCs, miLrlc^d ht^ttkU 
(settled). His TravoU rtp indicated by the STTPPt-AffviTtia^ 
mrnt* of the? i-iivitin* Htifru im Liw vlsitcHi ^ uf wliidi dtrBrt- 
Advcrti^Lnii^uki, iii modt liviug tuuguv^f here ia perkapa tbe 
ccmpl^tofit oall«etio& extant. 

So that if ilii* ri(Tt3iPK-Volumn tUolf wiw iivi liko a Clia^w, 
Wff huvc now iiuilfftd of ih.f trnhx L;iiJti:t)iry titbit »IiouU] ntill 
it, the airy Limbo which by iaterrnixturo will tarther Toltt- 
t>Li2« and diAoompofl^ it 1 As w« sh^II iierhaps ««« il our duty 
ultimatKl^- r.o di7pcj«it these 8131 PiLjkL*r'J^s in Ukt British 
IVhiAeiuit, further deacri^rtion, and oil vitu|>r?rjition of thpiu, 
may be apareiL biot^'^pUy Jr AutubiU]^vapLy of Tcufi^ladrdokh 
there IS, clearly «nough, none to be gleaned here: at most 
wnne skcli^hy, shadowy fugitive likenesa of him ("iiy, by 
uILh(^a^d'of efForti^, pjvrtly of intellect, poxtly of iioagitiation, 
on the aide of Kditur and of Kvad^r» me up between tlu*uL 
Only US a guiAott^-oh^i^tit; ApppndlK to tbat fuiueioucH^haotio 
Volum<? OTTi th*i coTii^nta of tJi*^ Sii Ba^^ hov«r fouikI iu, 
aud poitiona thonsof be iutxriporiLtod with our deLuustion 
of it 

Daily amd nightly does the Editor ait (with gi^en spMv 
tiLctfii) dfi?i|ili(n'liig these uiil magi liable Documents from their 
pctpli^jtcd cufffiv-9chr\ft ; collating tliem vf\X\x the fJmost 
oqu&ily uniiriagiiuibk Voluiuoj which etttodu in legible print. 
Oir^r tach n universal medley of high and low, of hot, oold, 
inoiflt and dry, ta he here elniirxliiig (hy union of like with likCh 
which iii Method) to build a hrm Iftidgo for Hritiah travoUen. 
N#<ver perhapd alueo our firtt Und^.* bmldors, ^m and Doftth, 
l)uiU T.liut HtiiiwnduEis A[^b fidm Iltrll'^rate to thi^ Earth, did 
any I'ontifnx, or Pontiff^ iuid«ttak« voch a taak aft th>« prasant 
Kditor. yor in this Ari^h too, E^adin^ aa wo humbLy preauac^ 
far othprwanU than that ^v^j\*\ prtinevAl one, the maucriala 
an to be rulh^l ijp from ihv wrlti'TiiJjf d{:if[>, AJid dowQ from 
the aimmvrinh' air, hcrt* uno mMi, thrrc another, and con- 
hlagly cetaouttHi, wM!e tb& oltfiu«nU boil beoeath : nor i« thara 
ajjy fiiipKmntiiriJ fowic to do It with ; hut ilmply the DU%CO06 
and focUo thiukinif Faccilty of an Ent-tish Editor, endearOTiog 
^ aTolv« piintcd Croation out of a (j^rnmn printed nad writ- 

Cur. XL 




ten ChHOS, vli^iTPm, as hfl shnota to and fro In It, gathering, 
I'liiU'biiig, pipolnif Hiv WUy to tlir fiirHJiMjULt, Whefcforeij lila 
wImIc Facul^ >util Sv^U arc Ukt* tci l>c »vnJlc>wr<l up. 

l^i«iuCi;, tinder th«8« iu<^ea£aut toilc anU u^'itatxona, dow 
Ui« Editor, diRmiRting iJl :tngf>r, »po liis otlicrpwise robust 
buJUi drx^liiiiitg; mnn^ fr^A'tk'n h^f }jir< iilli^tti'il niitiirHl hIpi^P 
lugbUy lottviEii* him. and liltLv but :iu itLHiLmL^d iit.'n'tiuai-^y.'ituia 
to be look«^l for. What is thA u«e of he^llti, ot: of )U'o, If 
iKil to do soTHfl wnrV thrr^iwith ? Ami whiit work nobler than 
tnnvplantius foringn Th^iiifht inU^ the imrrcD domestic eoilj 
vxcept indtfird ifhuktius Thought of your own, vrliioh the fdw- 
ar^ prlvtleg^ed to do f WlM aa tt lookK^ this PIiiIobo- 
of d*»thf», lan T»e evpr peacli Its real meaning, proiinsCT 
to tirvnftl new-coming Enu, the Hiit dim Tudim«nU and 
direody-buddinit A^nm of a nobler Kriv in UmrL-isol U-istory, 
Is not duch a pruo vrortb vomb «tTivi;t^ ? Forw&rd with us, 
ojur^eoiiH reader; Iw it luwiipil* tiilurf, or tuwiinls siitvi-fwl 
TUe Utt«T thou fiharest wiLh un ; the former oJao is cot &11 
oat own. 


CHAl'l'EK L 


lir ft pfiir^hob^c-al point of rlew, it U p^fbApfl ^ostiooable 
wTieth^f fr\nn \\m\i iintl jfraenJogy, how i^Iiwely wrtiliniwcl 
swrv»T. miifb iiiiiiglit b tu be gained. Ne vurUir Icja, ut iij 
tsvrrf pbcnfi million the He^'iDtiiri^ remains fljimyft the mofft 
nntahle nomeuCi bo, with rvgard to any great min. ve rort 
ii£jt dll, for our MimtvAr iiraftt nr nor,, the vrhol« cir(>um»tanioe« 
or bU lir«t Appouancc in this PIauo^ kuiI wLat mounrr vt 
Vvhlio Bntry he amdcj oiv with utoioit compicluni;^ rendered 
mooifpft. To tlie GoneaU of our ClothitA-Pti)Io»opJa«r, then, 
bn thin Timi Ch-A\ri*-T -vnifWiTaiJ^il. rnbuppilv, imtAMlr he 
ni'iTmn tu bti of quit^ olM.-ui'e extnw-'lioii ; unr-crtiLiij, vo ini^ht 
olmoet eaj, vheth^ of nny: so th&t this Gunfi«da of lua cod 
pruperly be notliing hut n.Q Exodus (or trauAtt out of Invijii- 
WliT^ Into ViKiliiliUJi whereof tlin preliniir&ry porliou is 
ttowhen? foithcciuing. 

'*ln tlifl riUof^ «( Entftpfuhl/' thus wrilufl h^ in the Bag 
LUrntf 00 T&rUios Pttpvire, which we iLtrUi^ wilii difficulty, 
"dwelt Aiuhriuj FiiUp^iRil aa<l hJa wifip; ohildlMS, in Mtill 
accliuioo, LUui chcerM though now rericLag tutvafda oU age. 
Andreu hod hven }{renadicr Si^-r^fcont, anrl even repmcntftl 
8elioo1nmH&?r tinder Fwdi>rick the Gwtatj imt now^ quitting 
tha lialtxTt :ind fei-ul** for Ihi* apaile ifwl pniniiiff-hnnk, r-nlti- 
vated B little OrcJiarid, on tho prcdace uf which h**, Cinctii- 
natUfl-IiJi^, liv«d not without digriir;)'. E>iuta, ihi^ pettdi, the 
ftpple, thu t^]w^ with Mhvr vtmt^ic* cxni«i tn their SMiaoii; 
ftU irhich Aadreu kncv bow to teU: ou eveoiags he Hjnokcxl 




Inigely, or t«ad (as bese&med a f^glmCDtal SohoolroftfKrr), lULd 
UUced to Di^iglibora tliat woiiM lintpn Al>out tlie Viciorj of 
RcoabaAll; and how FriU Ujc Onlj (<Zrr Einsiffv) \ml oijcb 
wiUk bis OTm royal Upa Apokco to lutn. Ii^d been plcaaod to 
SftTj when Ai^dn^tu cu cuui|V&c-tiii&el demau<1ci) tho paju-wordi 
'S^ftig /fund (Peace, hoiihil)!' liefore auy of hist itaff- 
ttdjnl&ata could aiuiWFr. ^i)^j a^iV iV^ mtV ei'am KUnig, 
Tliero ia vlutt I noil aKiii(^/ vould Andrcm (ricl&im: 'but 
th9 smoko of Kiiii«nd<irf wtt» Ktill ^mattiEi^ liiji eyi*^' 

■'Grrt**W], lliP buuacivUp^ wuii like DtMleiHtmii by th^ <li*i**lfl 
lOtbcr tluiQ tlio luokti of bt-T now viUriui Olbcllo, litrd not 
in altog4ftli«r miliiaj'y su bo nil nation ; for, as Audr«jt& eaid, 
'tbe vomankisd will not drill (v«r jh7»n j;^ WtWert^hsn tiwt- 
sSr&n.)-,* npv«rtlielo8s shf^ at livart loved biin both for vidor 
and wisdom i to her a Pnx-^sian f^rctiadici Scrpcant And !U(ri- 
moniri SobooluuAtef wu littLe othvr tbiLn a Ci(Miro juul Cid: 
vhU jou ftWr 7«t cannot si6e over, ifi as good t% iuticito. 
Kij, mu BOt Amlnsui in very Jen! a mim uf crdrr, cuimige, 
downriehtiteM (OcnttiKeU)i that tindoratood Biiachiiig^d f7«^ 
rophy, had been in £h^ Tiotory of Bossbach, s<ad left iot dead 
in ih^t rnniitiulf^ of Rochku^b ? T1u- good Orotchtn, for nil 
lit-T frvtiinjr, wLLtcticd oYf^r him ^ind hovered Toutid liim an only 
ft tmo hou«o-mothfrr c«n : ib&siduoiialj ahe cooked and tfowtd 
and tcouicd for him; ao tbat not only htB old regimental 
*word and grenadier-oap, btit the wbnie hnbiijitinn and pht*- 
lOouu^ulp nfaere uu pe^ of honor they hungj looked i^rnr tnm 
and fE&j: A roomy pftiotcd Cott-Ofrc, cmbowereil in frait-tt^cA 
and torMt^ro9% •To^trcr^n* itnd hoD^ysuckles : riGiug mauy- 
fiblond from lUnid aharec ip^as-plole, Hower* stnig^-Ung in 
Uiron^h the r^ry wmdovs; under it» long iirojectlmj *ates 
Dotliiiig but ^^dcD-toob in mothodie piles (to screen tht^m 
froim run)- and eeat* wh^r^t, ospaninlty on £iinim«r niifhttt, a 
King ntight han%* wUlvftl to nit eltiiI nnioke, a.iu\ e^ll it Vts^ 
Sudi A Hnuer^t (Copyhuldi had Qretvben ^^i*a her vctCTan ; 
wboec sinev; arme, and loDg-di^nsed gardeainf; talont, bfid 
mad^ It vb^ yon uv, 

** T[\U> tills nmljTJiffraujt ManVnt'Jtt, one meek yellow evening 
or du»k, whtn the t^un, hidden indeed from terr>>3triai Entep- 



BiMK jL 

foh\ did nffWTth«']i*ttN Journ^ viitMA u>cl radia&t Along the 
oclecttial BalftDoe (Libm), it wa« UiaI ft ^tnut^pr of tvTorftntl 
aspect enlmed} and, wiUi grave <&lutalto:i, bUmhI bt;fom Uj« 
two r&Ui«T 3k«toiiUiif^ hou^emaUa^ 11^ wju ciu««-mulllixl ic 
B witbi mantJr; wbiith wiUiiiait Tjirtih^ jL'ijIpy unfotilhk^ L^ 

srecd IVr^iiLn ailki aftjictg otilv: Ihr tUlen Ltutt^ kitr Mn^ 

wini*4 drat jmrikkff^frdert. ^Gijod Chriatuui people, hero 
bet) for you nji mvaJuablo Lomi ; tako aJ) hood tb«rt'Of, iu ull 
car?f(i]Ti^«B etnplc^ il: with high n^^jiiupFiiKOr or else with 
btATj [iriialtyt will it on« cLxj be rftqiiirrd hjwrk.' Utt^riiig 
trhich wonidf in a oLr?^r. bcU-liku, I'ortvcr mctziorafailft 
to:iO, the Strimgt?T t^racetuJly witliUrHif; nod bt'loro *"^iTiii 
or bU vriif, ifiuiii^ in ex|>e<:la^l vru^Kler, \ud Uukj to taahioii 
ditlier qut^tiuu or au&ner, wa^ cltrau gt>iii^ Nt-jther imL uf 
doors ooiild aafljit of him be fqcu ot lir,^r(l i \w had vnjituhed 
in tho tliit^kets, in tho diuik ; tlii^ Orclui'il-gaU' Rtood quietly 
eltMril^ th(< Slraiif^r wuh ijoqo ouijv aiue) nlvuyii. BiJ Kiiddt^n 
liiul the i*1i<flc Uiuia&L^Uuii bccu, in tho autumn stilluv^p uud 
iwili^LU vo ^uU(T, i<oidi.^o»K, tluxt the FiLtltiij;!^^ cvuid hnvc 
Ujioitd U all a Crick of IiJiagiiiiLitoii, ^^r utuiv vWtt irona an 
ajithoritic i^^ilrJt, Ouly tluU tht; t'^tn-^ilk Kti^krt,\i as 
ncithci ImsiriiiAtidn nor uulbwitic t^piriu aro yioni lu oiny, 
•tiU stood vUihle Luiii tangible on th«iir JlhIei parlor- taUo. 
TowutO» tbia ihea^tonuliivl coup[4>, ntJW wiLb lit niTidl^, has- 
lidy tunii^ thvir Att^^ition. LirLiug the gnxa rcil, to tec vlu^t 
inr,-klLi;tblo it bid, Ibcy ile«<^t<(l tliorL\ amid down aad rich 
whitt wrn[>pa^tfB, lo Pitt DEamoiid or Haptliurg Regull^ but, 
in Ih-* A^ift^st aloep, a Ulllit n*r1-<«lor^1 liitaiit ! Bp-side it, lay 
a roll of Kold Prii'ili-irlia, the exa/A amonot of vhich was nrrcr 
publicly l:iii:ivm; alffc a /'rK/>Mir«n (bdptunud etftitioaU'), 
wlwrein iinfortuiuU-dy nothiug bot the Name was decipherable , 
ulbtTT duL^uiiu-iit or indii^aU</U uuite vth^'vvr. 

" To voiiikr aod oonjoctun- wa« nnfimJinfft then and always 
thooci^fortb- Ni>whpTQ iu Knt^pfuhh "i3 tbc morroir or iwxt 
dn\% did tidingi tmutpirv uf uiy &uoh &gut« ifl the StrtngCTj 

C^4r. t 



Bor oonJil tb« Trav^llnr. who liid [Ofl^Ad througb tlic* nei^* 
boHog TovR in nnw-h-oiiH-foiir, 1h> i^mni^i^tfcl with Uiia Apparl* 
bioDi <TXCcpt in thr wajr of giatuitouB acirmUe. MciLnwbilc, toc 
AntLrooK ood h\s irilo, tLe ^tand pnu^ticaJ problem waft : What 
t4>do vltfa tbis linlc^ ^Wjiing n^'l^'o^tirrMi Tnfaikt ? A.mlil &i&a:r«- 
ibeatA and iriinQ»ilii*»T whir.1i h;ul to dii* awihV withnot ^xtf*rTiAl 
Ulisfyinifi thoty rcdolrt'd. lui iti sudi FJnijin--^u^<'r.f cluknttble 
furadoDt p«DpI« Dceda must^ on nursing ll, tliougt vith spoon- 
numt^ into wliilwiess, and if posriible into laaDtiood. Tlie 
IlBaTenn tiiulLeJ on their ^Midcaror ; thus hM that a^iuu injrdUh 
ikiuft Indindija] ever Binco lui (i nhitun for liim.'irlf iik this 
Tinlsla VEtiv«TS9| itomo modicum of victual aiid lodging luid 
pcuad&^rmmd ; iind miw <*K|>!iiJilt*d in Imlk, fHt'iilly uid kriuwl* 
e4lg9 of kimmI and rvil^ h<.\ a:i Hutu DjouKNr-s tinvri^tjiUtiot-.Kit, 
|irofcMca vr ia ready to protoas, porhaps not Edto^f(>(J^rr with- 
01U <tfect, in the new Univ^rfiity of WniAEtnichtwu, tb^i nw 
SolODtoe of TTtingq in G«n?ral" 

Ota VhHosoith^T drc^Uroa ht^re, a* indord wc ftbtiuM ihink 
ho well mtF^ht, tbut tlir»v focls, firtit i^omiuiuuouU<t1^ by tho 
good GrewhOD Fittt^raJ, in hi* twelfth year, ^'produced oa 
Uie boyitih Ite&rt ajid f&uoy a rjulte iitdelilde inipn^K^irjn, 
Wlio lida wrewud P«i90na«:e/' ho mnyb, " that ^M^lvd into 
tfa# Onb&rd CcttoKv when Uio Sua wu ia Libra, and thoOf 
lu on iipint*A wingit^ g1Id(<<! citt nfpvin, night bn ? An 
invxpn^Avihltr dt-sin', full tA li»ve and nf stuliifTSs, tuvi "ftttn 
since *tTujr^l*<l within nae to shape an anAWtT. Evi*r, in 
mj diptr«gftes and tny loneLinese, has P&nta«y tnm^d, full 
of longing (tthrtitm'Jitgvf>tf), to that nnknowit Father, wHo 
perhApH far from tno, j^rihapK nrfnj', w.iy invixilde^ 
might llAT« tokf^il mo to his putcmfJ Ixx^una, thrrc to li< 
acv««lied from many & woe, Thoti bt^luvod Father, dort 
tlum utill, "thnt nTit from me Only hy t1dii penelrabl* our* 
tiiiu of earthly Spai^e^ w<^d to and fro anionic ^^'^ crowd 
dI tho lirins? Or ait thou luddcn by those tea thicker 
mrtaina of the Er^rluttiag Night, or rather of tho K^^er* 
Ijsting Diy, ihi-ou^h whielj my mortiLl eye and ouUtietcIied 
arms need not stride to reach? Alaa. I know nc^t mal in 
vain rox Tny»etf to know. Alcro than onne, heart-d«Iudedf 




hate I teken for tti<« tiiia and the otbcr Dcbl^lookiofi; Stnm- 
gor; osd a^ppiooielusd him wiNtfutly. vith tnfmiM r«gvd; but 
tir t4x» luu) til rvi>tl tiir, ^^ ^^^ ^>" 'L°l' Lhim. 

"Aiftd ycl, Mad boru of Woui&n." cn«a tbo Antobiof- 
rJkpLor, vfiiii otv» of Lis suUdeti wliirl«, "whttein ia loy cue 
I^H^ulbr 7 Hadfft thod, ftny tnorn t1iA& T, a FAtber whom Xhaa 
IcDOwest ? Tlie Andrr-jiA and Gn^tclitfii) or Lhf* AiIaid ftiki) Kve* 
irlio led thcc iato Lifr. and for ■ iiiaet suc^klrd puid pajkfod Ihec 
thCM, vtKun tUou luJJuc^ FuUi^r AUd Motiu^^ Uxecu wcru^ like 
inlM, but tby nnrslrig-failjer and niir^iugHDolh^r: thy true 
D«|jiuuii^ 4ud Fu^Uicr b in Hc&vl-u, wekiui niih the bodily oye 
t^ «halt never bohold, but ouiy with the npirituiU. . , . 

"Tb<< Itttlo (TToon n<iL'* addtt htv araoug much iimilnT 
mur-aluing, ivnd trnibroiled diKoour^mg. '^I ^et k4W|ii Atitl 
more ixucjufciably Hm N^vme, I>io^uca T^ufuladiucklL From 
the vtaX oait aotiiiiaic bo uiforr^l: u piM9 oi now ijtiito ff^ded 
F^reiuk silk, Liki^ tbotuftnds of othtitH. On ih^ Nuii<> I kave 
ainuy timvit mt^diUXfd mxil cuiijrciturrd ; buf. nifi^hpr in tliJH 
lay iiiric any cirv. That it woH lay uiiknovm Fathrr's tuUDC 
L mtut bcaitato to bolicvc. To tio pufpoac have 1 Mftrchod 
tkrough All the HeriLld'ii Buokd, lU and without the G«r- 
niAn Eiupiri^, &itd l}in>%'h uU nmim^r of dubmrnher'LjslA 
(Prcinumcrttfifm), KiUtiA-EoUs> and otiier NAioc-CAtftlo^aos ; 
MtFOOFdiniu-y njUTios as w^ hn,ve in Germ^tny, tho nw 
TfOfslfldriitkb^ vxi>^pt um uppcindc^d to my owti petMd, IKV 
wlien; oiwurv. Agauiir what may tht? uiKiliriatiaa nthfii 
tluui ChrbtiJUi 'Diogen*** m*an 1' Did that rtvOTcnd Be*- 
kot-bearor iiit«riil, t> eiich ilctii^Aticn, to »hndow ToTth 
my faturr dtstioj, c^r hi* own prrj;rnt malign humor ? 
IV-rbap» the iitUr, pprhafui both. Thmi itl-«iUrmd Parent, 
vht> Lik« in Ostnok hAdfiC to \tatt thy ill^at^u-r-iMl ofTaprLn^ 
to b9 hfltcb«d into »i^lf-«Qpport hy the m$r<d sky-influftitoH 
of Chfljic^ ran thy pilgriniAfEP hnvp Iwv^n a *^iminth imp ? 
Dcsct by Mufortuno tJiou <]aubtlc^ ha>t b««ik; or iml^^ 
by tho worftt ^^^[ixv ot UiAtortunc, ty XiMoadoet, Oftea 
bAv« 1 fanoted how, in thy bAr<l lifo-hsittK tboa v^it sbct 
ttt, and sliiiig At, wonidfMl. hAni)-f«tl«TfH^, h&mi^tmnK, hrow- 
bmbm vkd bftdoriUcd l^ th« Tii&e<Spiiit (Z^tUfftiMt) in thyaolf 

Cmtr, I. 



Bvd otbon, till tk« good •mil fintgiv^D thee v»a utnd into 
^riiB n^; a&d tboQ kiul^t nntliiiii; for it but U> Wve ib 
m u ittdigmpt a{3p«Al to th^ FnUnv oJid liviBg Bpeakiu^ 
Ffoteot ug^uoet Ui« lK*viJ, tua tiat wuiw Spint iMi of tko 
Time ool}-, hot of Timci itwU, is irf>l) nuacd! Vfhxk 
ApifKal ftad Protr-^V uliF 1 ivow modestly odd, waa not per- 
Ik^lt qinitn loot in vr, 

"For m(ftt«<l, m W'aAUtT Sbandv ofcm iniitted, th«re if 
nuelir Uij ahoost mil, id N&jnes. The Xrune it Llie ear]iv?it 
OftTDi^iit yo^ VTJtp rooad the cnrth-viaitiug Mc, lo wluiJt 
it thcnecrfortli cleave*, iuotd tenaciously {tot there uo Nunc* 
thM h:Lve bsted nigt Itfrly oeittnriei) tioc tUe ri^rj ekin. 
Aod now froiK vithout, vhat iu>»ttia lafiaejjcHa tloea it not 
amd uiwards, ^"foa Ij^ ihc centre ; <-->pAciftlty i& tboM pla^ 
fcto fiivt-tisiict:, vbun thr vrhoU Knil h y«t i nfa nt ic c^ loffe^ 
Mill t1t« invtiiilili* t»PHl|,Tditi vili grow t4i be aui all over* 
fihMiDwLn^ Ute I it&inc«? CotiU 1 tuifold tli€ luBucjueof 
2Tmh«« whtcli ore the mofit tEii|>oHaDt of all Ckthi&ga, 1 
wat« a Mwottd gT«at«T TriampfCistiUL Not onlj til common 
Bjmprh, but Ht-w-orr, Vtivtty i'.wlf in oh othrr, if tiwiu imii* 
•idrr it, thaa n n^'lit Santiny. Adam** first taak waa fr- 
ills aamrv to natural A|>poa.?aiioo0 : iplat U <JiJt« stUl bst 
a eontinuatioD of the cauno; brr thi> AppvarnmvM exotio- 
WgolaWfy of^aif^ tDfchanie, Ktaxx or Bl^srry niorvmeata (aa 
in Science) ; Of (a^ in Poctnr') paaaiMiSt Tirtuiis, ftaUmitics, 
Qod-atiribtitoai G«xb ? — lu a very plain wnau tbu Fn>r«rb 
m^t CtUtMi^tt Mrf. and A^ *i>tii ttmi; in an almust »buUar 
neiMa may w« not iretb^^ w^j, C^til one ZH^^met I^ft^tUdrM^ 

■Mmnwhil^ tlw InHptent THogvii«s. hkt* otlum^ all igw^ 
mntol Ilia Whj. his How or Whf^iviabovtt, wua opeoins bu 
^•a to the kind Light; vpravlms tml hia t^it llng«re and 
tow; Itfta&ing;, taittingj feeling; in a word, hy a1L liin Fitv 
finuHui, atill mure by InH Bixtli BffMie of Huns^^r, and a whoU 
iaiinitade of inward. ?pinlu«]. half-awuk^n^l Si^aiMifi, 'n* 
di«Toriae ^n\W to arqtiiro frr himself fomo kiiowt*'lR4» of 
thu atTangii tTnironr wh»re he liad nmred, be hiA ta^k 

P.i>— Vol. IS 



■on IL 

Ibfrrein wlint it migliL Infinite iru hift pmgreH ; thiui hi 
9OID0 iifU«n motitlid, he €oul4 perfoinn iho mimclo of — 
Sp«0(<h 3 To brsMl n froHh Sou], if it not liko lirnodmg tt 

L«M i 7«t b; dir^e(.\>i or^iuxlc iflciueTite and fihiri>5 5boi>t throujch 
the inito^' olbtimco; imd out of va^e Seumion grown 
Thought, grnvn Futtasj uid F'>n<r. und wi> hnvia rhiloaophiee, 
P/TX^kAtic-fl, nfij' PootricMi mtd Euligiotia! 

" Young DioscD<us or taiher >ouug Gnvdchon, (oi by such 
diniiiiutivo bad tbi?^ in thpir fondnotn iMin^ him, travellini 
rorwnrd tn tboK<^ bigh H^TtHumtiiAtiiKiit, by <|uirk ynt Pony 
staffs- Tliff Ftittcr*lft, loCToid tain UJk. iiid moTforcr kcq> 
tho roll oC gold Krieiriohs ulU, Kav« out tbai; h^ w«« a gtand^ 
Di^b«w ; tb« orphan of flotiio netivr'ii dAULgbt^r, »ndd«aly d^ 
CMtOAf-d, in AeiiIit'^ua'is iliKtiiiit PtuK^inti birlhlnud ; vi w^Kim, as 
©r her inditfciil Horrowiag widowtr, liLtU tomigb vma known 
at Ent«pfuhl, Heedless of all whiL^b* the r^uraUuj- took to 
bin iiponn-m»;Lr., md thrnvi^, 1 bstv^t bf«rd btrn not^d aa u 
irtill iofaut* tkit krpt hU mini) mucb to bim«df ; above all. 
that seldom or u^v^t critd, Ho already Irlt that timp wai 
pr?j?ina4 ; that bo bnd Qtb<»r work out out for tiiu tliau whim- 

Suob^ aft^r utTnnnt p:iif)fu1 sean^b and collation amon^r tboflo 
mixi'idlAnitiiiiH Pa]vr-mAnm4, » nit th«i notioe w^ can i^ber 
of Hon- T«ufplfldtAokh'* grnealoio'. More imperfect, luor** 
wugmatio it ram aeeni to f«w riiadi--r« Ihan to us, Tbo Pro- 
foft«or, in whnin tnily wp mor^ aiiJ more disovrn a contain 
waiHraJ tuni» and dpflp undfT-dmreot* of rogiiifih wblm. for 
tho pre»oQt fitaudft pledged in honrr, w> w will not doubt bim : 
but %Mftnn it not couc^irabte that, by tb4 '' ({ood OT«t«liea 
Futttfrd/' nf KHJio otbi^r p«j-b»{i8 interest*-! party, ho liaA him- 
BOlf boca dcveivrtl? Should Ui»o sheets Lnuialatcil *n uot, 
«7er reach tbe Kntepfuhl (.'itvulating I^braiy, Bome cultirat«d 
tt.ttivn nf that djalrlot might feel <«llt<l to afford OKflaDatJOEU 
"Say, Hioco Bo<A4, like inviMblfl soouU, p«nn««lv the who&s 
habitable glob<>. and Timhucttxi itftdf ts [lotoafe from Ciiti»h 
Liwrataro, m^y not somo Copy tind oai ovcti the i^ydterioiis 

OUf- u. 



faMlwt-bcariag Stnnger, vlio Ui » statQ of ^xtr^m^ «enility 
perliajii ctfU exlatA; and gently form eveu hita u» ili»ckwv 
biixuBU^ to daiin opcol/ » «ot^ ia wboia aiiy i^tJiej taay fed 



''BjU'JT sowod «f Childhood!" cxcliunu Tfafclsdr^clth : 
^'KiDd Nature^ that tit to all a bountiful nuitboT; thut 
vUitHfct the ^Njr loan'A Lut witli Aumral radtaitoa; and for 
ihy XttrAliQ£ luwt provided a soft «WBthiiis of Love and 
ioiiiuto Hopo, «^»iti Im wuxc» uiid vLmnbofa* daoood 
TDJiid (ua^aukfit} bj itwtwK^t Dream* ! If tlte ]iulvnuLi 
Ciittu0if ftUll ttliutn UN m, iu riH>r stCiW sK-.tvvuti tn; wiUi u 
FtttLur we h^vii oa ytl a propb^U pr]«at arid kiiis. aud au 
Ob«dieiioe that uakss i;s fmA. TIip ymm^ fipirit hns awak- 
«iHd out of EUtruitjr «iid Iciiuum not what wk utruti Ij>- Tiinu; 
on yvt IHuic in no ttuil^mrrjriiig ntrpuiD. bat a Aportlul auidtt 
oooau; yoon lo tlic g]u\*1 oto a.« a|:«&; aL ! ttiu t^tvl of 
Vlfiinitiiidf*, of that tl'^v-qr <ir quicker tiec^y suid (wiu3nl(«s 
dnWTi-rafihing (if thv iinlri-nol TViiHcl-fnbritv from the gimnit^ 
naoantiUQ to the mftQ or day<iDot]i. u yi^t uuknown ; and to ft 
mi>tki:<uteefi Oui7«r&e, we taste, what all^rwafda m tbi« quick- 
wbirlitig t*aif«inHi U fciwTiRT d^nUd iik, tJuf lialin »r lUinL 
Slnji <i|i, tbwi fair (niilJ, for tliy liitig nnigL joamry Ls at 
hasjl ! A trUlc wbilf>, and thou too aholt ak'Vp u^i mort-, but 
thy very dr«ams akill b» xuiiaic h^ttlea; thou tix>. viih old 
Amaiihl, will h^vQ to Hay in il^rii [intt^icp: 'R^'^il,? ltr%tf 
6hAU 1 ifeot hoTO all EtRMiity to rest ia?' Celoatial N«- 
pcnthie 1 thou|;b a l^yrrhtLa conquer cniinr^i aurl an AJei- 
aikder aank tjie wofld, ho fifids ^lee not; and tltoii h.vat (mm 
faDvD ffuntly, of t.hy own accord, on the eyelids, on the heart 
of Mwpy motlter'a child. For a* yet, »l*ep anil waking ase 
one; due fail lif^-fpudoa ruatlaa iuSnita around, and evacy* 



DoM a 

where in il<wy fncnuioey uid the bxiddiug of Hopci wlucb 
budcUng, U in yaulh, too (nwi-uipt. it grow to BowcrA, will 
in fnAohood yivld nn frnit, bnt a i-rii^^kly, bitter-Hud^d atow- 
tmitf of wbtcb tbo f?w«4t coQ Bud the kemol."* 

In a\wh rautsCoLorifd Light docd our J'rofcsAor, ta Poet9 
U« wont, look ba4-k on bl^ uhLMbmx) ; thv biMtoriCftl detoiU 
of vih'ivU (I.Li »ajr nothing of mnrli olb**!- vo^^ oratotUal 
mjitt(*r) he ftrrordingly dwrllfl on ;ritJi fku almo«l w^anaoms 
miiiuteiLoas, We hear of Eiit«pfuhl Atojidinf; ■*!» trustful d«^ 
nL&gomeiit" among the wowij alcjiea; the pulcrual UrchftrJ 
flajikiDg ib a^ extreme outpo&t froiu htlow ; EJie liitti? Euhbibdi 
^nabing kindly by, among booch-rows, throUKh river after 
liTer, iatt> the Doiloui, into tho BUok Son, into tliA AtJuo»- 
plier^ :Lud UniTerse; ftnd hov "Uie brav^ old Liudt^a/' 
Stretching lik«T a parasol of twenty e\h iti radius. oveito|>- 
)kmg ilII otijcir rowH and clnm(«f towrrrd np Ircmi thn otiDtml 
A^a and Camput MaFtitu <A tho Vilht^c, liki) itA Saer«d 
Treu; and how llin idd mm mtt UUkiut' umlrr iLn KhuJuw 
(Gticachon often ^r^cdily Iial^niii^), SLui tht:^ wearied laborers 
?WTlin*id, and th^ nnwmiriBd childr«>n npoft*d, and tho yoiiog 
mrn and maidcrrfl oft^'n djim"'*d to flrtiMuiLHuu -'GlcwiouH 
huiELUiFi twiligtw/' oriva TrufulsJr^x^kh. '^whi-n ihe 8un, like 
a pfoud Cour|Ui>i-or and Imperial Tnekmaster, turned his liach. 
with hisi gold.piirpl<( *mhI.i?oury, rnul all Iixk firrndjul bo<ij' 
panril (of I'riBtiiatii' dl«rs) ; ;tnd the lired hrUkm^ikei'H uf 
thb clay Earth night ateal & little ftottc, and those few 
m<iek Stare would not tell of them !" 

Tbfn wn h»vH long dfttailjt of thn ffV/'n/^rm (Vintage), 
thn H>irvpftL.H«nn-. Chriatinaa, and »o forth i with \ whole 
(^cte ol the Enti?pfubl Childrt^n's'gjamee, diffcnn^ apparently 
by m^i9 snpprfit'iftl ^badMi from tbosn, of ntbi^ ronntrMfH, 
CnnK*immg till wliii'li, w<' sJiiU lierv, for ohvioiw rmauna^ say 
nothing. What oares the world for our aa yot miniatnro 
Philosopb«r'a a(>hiev«in^ts vndor that '■btava old Linden " f 
Or ev?n vhei^ In thn nnn of imedi prartirjil rfiBhrttnnH %■ thn 
foUowiug ? '* In ,il] thf ipotts of ClutdfBn, were it oidy in 
theif wanton hreoka^c^ and d^raceinenta, you ab&ll diaoem 
a QT«atiT« instinct {tchafftt^dtn Tris^) -. tbt Mtnkiti M\b tUMb 

Cn4v. IL 



ht i» a boon Usa, thftt hit Toc^tton ts to vnrk. Tb choioMt 
Tveaenl yoa tzm mtik^ )iiv b & T(k)1 ; Le H knif» or pen-gun, 
for coftsUiMtJcm 0f for desOnctioii ; ehlier m.j it b to 
Work, tat CtiuL^r^ 1st fpofphouft «port« of «kill ot *trmicUi, 
the Boy tntQft himBelC bo C(^p«rat)oD. for veur m pc^w^ u 
gOT«nior ur |^f«ni**d: th« Litllt- M&irl a^JS^iu^ jiravidtruL of 
bOT donevllc desttity, t<xkc!( with preference to DolU-" 

Pi>rlu4iA, howovrr, vr ma^- j^vc- tbii acccdot*. con«id«r- 
lagwko it is Uint rrlium it: *'Aly tlnil tiLuTt^IotliAi vero of 
yellow WFpe; or mllier* I «liould my, my Qn»L bti(jjt^Iutli, 
for tho TMturQ w^v ooic mid uulivisiblc, rnichinj^ from nock 
to viklo, a &i«T« bodj with four Uiubs: of whlr-h fiuhioo 
haw Uttio couki I Umii iliviue ihe an^liiloutural* Uuir lunish 
fen tike BOr^ ugTufc&BOftF*^ 

Hcvo f^raicvfii] is tli« fo!)DviDft little pictw: ■'On fino 
ev^nin^ I m-AM wont bo r>[u-rr fdrtk my miptwr (bnuWrumb 
hoijtfii in milk), and fi4t it i>ul-oM(Kini. Oa the uu|)iug uf 
tke OrckAnl'WnJl, which 1 coulJ rebck b\' chmbiug. or still 
mow «iui1y if Fatter Andrww would wt uj' the prmiini?' 
bddRT. my pnmnpiT wiw pliurd! thpm. uuuiy a suns*!, 
bare I, looking hi the dtat.iU]t ny^jdern Mountaint, cod- 
noMdi ftot; witbont relish, mj eTOQuii: incaL Tkoio kqM 
of gold nnd utur?, tbsit htiEh r>f World's expectation &s IMy 
died, wm still a Ilrbrv^w Bpn^di foi m^; si^vorlfa^lesfi T 
was lookiuir tt the ^r il]um>]:At«d I^ttrm. *-uid luid on v^a 
foir tlwir Riding/' 

With "thi* IHiJa cwip^s frintidsliip fnr enttlf^ ard ponltry" 
vc Bfaalt not mudi tatcunoddJc- Jl loay i>?r cbat kereby be 
atttnimi & *' oortAm d«ep^ 9]nn|uthy «^ith imiiofttcd Koiure ; " 
but wha^ w» woold .isk. s»w any man, in a i^4«lu» of Bio- 
^niplucaj DooninTjits, mdi a piffOB as this : " Impresatve »iiou^ 
(M^uhm^nvff) WIS it to kmr, in ouly Taorainv, tlie 8inaehf!Td^ 
bom ; aod know ttiut aa many bunf^ kappj ciuadrupods vcroi 
oa all sid'^ii, «tartia^ la hot hast« to join him, for br«Eftkfa«t 
OA tli« HcalL Or W see tbvio at ^veutidrs all tuamliiiig an 
asan, with shrrt sqacnk. ^.tmoAt in military order; and «aekr 
topegnphi«^y corT«c4> tn^ttiag oil tn vucccMtkin to tfco tifM 
or lefti tkniB^ itd ovn \axtt, to its uwn dwelling: till old 



Ik-M IL 

Kmuz, Ant tW Vilbft^hc^bd, nov l^ft ulono, blev hb IfLSt Ua^t, 
nniI r<*tir*(l for thf» uigliL We Jiw woiil Ui love iH*? Hf>g 
chJeOj bi \hv funu of ILaiu; >'et di^ uot tLc-»« brJAtly lliJck- 
akum<-4 boitij^s bont niAnifcnt uitclli^ai^f^, jicrlupA biunor of 
ctknritRlt^r ; nl anjr rat^?, a toiicliicgf truAtful :iubim*3iv«ua«» to 
MiLTi^-^who. )xviv Im Imt ii SwiTiehenl, in ilurtir*d ^b&rdiiie; 
aiid tiMitli^r breecticfi tiior« K^seiubliug elate or disculored-tiu 
bnacf^hcn, LAetill th^ Hicrnrnh of thin lowt^r wodd? " 

Jt i« imtiatJiiriiMl, by Hr^lvTtiii* and Iiit *L*t, that nn infniit of 
geuiuh 'u <]uiLi- tlitr -cuntr ua ^i^ t^lJiei iufiujt. i>uly iliot ttrrtiuu 
siir|iridiu^ly t'^ivoiubL? itki1uctic<-£ ^vcriiipauy kixu Uiroagh life. 
BRp^ciAlly thron^h childhood, stud expand him, whil« otli«t« 1m 
(flwit^foUlt'tl and t-oiitlnm^ dnni*!**. Hi-n-iii, say they, c-oiiiuittsi 
the vtlio!« ditTer«m^ lyrtw««u au ii^npin^ Trvithirt and .t doitltLcs 
barTclIod ifajne-proaorvcr : th^ uuit^r ui^lu of tlii^ oao hu» been 
fostpri^fl into yflnprrjiiB d^T«1opTQ«tit ; that of the other, cruahed 
dfiwii ik»'fl):tpn hy vij^or of annual digration, and the like, h^ 
fjxudM and rvftpor.itrd, or ft t Vat sleep* now irn-suin^il»bly 
atAi^nuntat thf bott^im of hia t^tomooh. '' With which opinion,*' 
oHp» Teiifeladrockh. ** I should as sood agree 411 «'ilfa tliU ot!u*r. 
bbnt na ncom fniK^t, hy favorable ot unfavorable tudut^neeA of 
soil and olimntii, be uurscd into a cabbefCOi or tho cabbai;«^«eed 
into ai) CKtk. 

" Xi^vertliflleaR/' continues he, *'T loo avlcnorledj^ tlir- nil* 
bnt OfLuiipotfMice of ciarly cnlturc and ntirture : liert- by ^a' fiuve 
eithi?r n doddt^trd dwarf bLuib, nr ti high'toworin);* widcvahadow- 
Ing iK&i oitli^T a ttivk yellow uibbas«, or an cdiblo hiinriftiit 
green one. Of a truth, it in lLh dtity of all uwnj i\i|HH7ulIy of 
ftll philotfophora, to notn down with .tcoumcy tbe chuacteritttio 
aiicuaittniic«« of th«ir Eduf^ntion, what furthered. whM Uo* 
dared, what In any way tnoiHI^od it: tn whteh duty, nowad^ 
SO pTMaing foi msLiiy a G«nn4ii Autoliioi^r^iphtTrf 1 aIimi vj^nlmiDily 
Oddretii myflclf.'' — Thou roR:\ie r la it by ahort<doEb» oi ycd- 
Low Korgo, and nwinuhftrd hornft, that an infant of i^niua ia 
t^m^nled? Atid yi<t,ELi iiMml, it rrnr n'ni;unit doubtful wb«Uief 
be ift lau^hius in hi» ^n^rr at th^iuf AutobioKrajvbical tiroes of 
onrt, ot writing from the almnduncc of hia crwn fond inrptitudo. 
For he continues; *'lf among tlie ero]^^t^mmin;{ coirr^mtft of 




S-gli^ n«ariBg^ B«e!bg0 for Pain or Plt^oAitn*, whci^by, aa lb 
& Mngia ITbII, yming OiimcIipii wtnt iil>out *^iivitviD«l, I might 
TVDtnre to aclcct Jud cpocii>, iwrka-pti Uj»«e fuUiiwitig vr^rn 
Alfio ol ttie muabcr: 

^'Dmihtl^as^ aa diildiAli *porU call forth IttUlloct, Activity, 
90 the JounK cwatupf'a linHf^iiiaLiun waa vttrtvd up, and a 
llutoric&I tendency (ritVL him by the iianatitv kibitz vt Father 
Andr^a^ ; who. with hi« battlfMvaaiuivcoiiOoa, szid irray au^tc^ro 
jcl hfjirty jnttri4r(^f;;il ^Lijief^t, c^oviht not btit npptmr aiioth^ 
Uly^^' ^wi*i 'iuutL-tudLU"iii;( Man.' Kjigtrrlj I hung upon hi* 
takii, wh«n Iiatrninjc neiii^hbora eMirtued the hearth; from 
t]i«ec p&rAi iuul tJw'*r tmvi^lB, wild aiid fur aimobt wi iiodus 
hsalf, a dim wurld r>r ArlvrntnrH ptpandpd itself wlthiji ma 
iBCftlcul&Ue alao wu Uir ktiowlrrlgi? 1 uTfiuittd in «Uiwlin)£ hy 
th« 014 H«8i uodcv the Lindc^zi-trL'o : thir vrhole of Immeiuity 
ivQ« vAt o«w to in«; &nd had uot th^e reverend ■^tiiors, 
tiJkntivi^ cinrKigli, bttnn riinjiJiiy'^l in parxt'il ^iirvejs t1i«<rfK>f 
it^ iLiifk foiirecoiv ycjira ? With aui&iiMa^^ul I hv^ii tu tliD- 
OOTur that Kut^pfiihl nti^od in th<i middlfv of a Conntrj-, of a 
World; tliAt tlioN* WHS *u*!h a IhiTifl as History, ox Bii>^;ra- 
phy i to whkdi I iilnu, ouh duy. by haiid aiid tuci{;ui?> might (wo* 

" lit n liko )(<>nH<^ workM thr y^tjr/rv.'rjy^i (Sti:wCH30ftch}, whtah, 
ftluw-rolling under iu motintaitis of m^n &Tid htggag*. weridwl 
tlirough OUT VilU^^: cortUwiuibi, truly, iu tlit- di-twi ot ui^hl j 
jot southirftrds Ti«ihly at owntidc Slot till my r?ighth year 
did I Rfltfct thflt thiiv Poatwftgan oould be other than »oEiie 
trrrratrijil )1«oii, rianag iind sntting liy mete Ldiw of iiaturp, 
like UiHo hjeavecly one ; that it c^uuo on [njvir- liKhwnya, from 
ftteatiM towimte far cities; wmviiig th^m liht u njvn*tTou* 
ihnttlr inin flos*ir and Houpt imioti. It wilh th»"M ihiil, huln- 
pe!nd(*Rt1y of A^hi)lpT'K Wifh^lm Tdl, I iiuid*^ this not quite 
inaignlficukt r«9eotioQ (so truo also in apintual thinf^) : An^t 
f^MMf^ thu finpi* EnUp/ufU roadt ttfiU Uad you io the ^lut <)f th9 

"Why mcoUioa oui Swallow^ which, out of fir \fric&, cm 1 
l<«m«d. threidiDg their way t^rer «oa« and mountRin*, eorpo- 
nt« cities Dud Mlig^r^nt nations, yriuly found ihtmaelvefi, 



ft»ft It. 

witii UiQ mnoth of Maj, nau^-Zodt^ in our CoCUgQ Lobtip f 
Thti hospitAhlA Father (for dffliiHtiffrtft' «ake> had tixwl a little 
br«idL«c piomb uud^r their n#«t ? ibtM tlM/ built, lud cAUf^lit 
flies, anrl twit^i*riMl, anil brad ; nml lUl, I cliiuAy, frcuu tUe Kcttrl 
lowd tberUn Ilnfilit> nimble m^oAbiftis. wko Uui.'bl ,v^u this 
msKm-cmft ; tn^y. ntraii^^vir eiill. j^^o yon ft mniouic motrnio- 
ntiuiif fLliikOBt Kootal police ? For if, by ill din^nrv, und Tbfti 
tiLUtr prAMt^d, i^ifiir flouMf frllr liAVTt ] n<it accu l]ve< iii!ii^bU>r]\ 
Uclpcrc njipcAT nr^xt duy ; mni nwu.ahiiig tu liUfi fro. with ani- 
mated, tciod, luuf:4liuwu cbij'jjiugSf and ft^t-iiity ahnofit lUpcr- 

'^ But uQdoabtcdly tbo ifraod euanmAty of tCntcjifuhl chilciV 
culture^ wbcR iv in a fuani^l Lt<t cnanifoid mHncnoos voro 008i' 
GoctioMd and siniulUu«oiij^Ly |>otired domi OD lu, van tli« 
auuuzil Cattl^'f;!!?. Here, ftHsrinbiii^|c from all tLw four wiudB, 
cacae Uao cloiueuta of an uiupcaknblc barly-burly. Nutbrowu 
naid« and nutbrciwn niou, ail tdoiLrwudiiod, kiud liugJujigj 
b«d)XVtLiMl Aud btiritiAadt.^] : wlio eaatt for danoirg, for tivat^ 
lug, and if poaaible, for tmppluc&fl. Topbooted tinudem (roui 
the Kf^rth ; Swiu Brokf^s IiaIL^ui Prov«rf, slfto tcpbool«d, 
&oau tlio Soutb; tbisaic with tlik^ir aubaltomii in liXiUter jcv- 
kliifi, leaUit-r Akulkjip^i aud lony <ix-E;oiulK; ^lioiiliDg in halt* 
articulate fl|ftiodi, amid tlie tnaitioulAte barking nnd bd- 
lovrifig. AiKut fltotxi ('otbrffs tiom far 8iLXcin>\ vitb tbeir 
crockery in f;ur rcvt \ Nttruberg r<!d1t?rM. tu bouibK that to me 
aoemad ridnrr Uutci <>riuu;c ULcatin ; SUuwmf*u fn>m tli« Lugu 
Biaifnorr; dotaehiueata of tbe R'tViMr &rAt^ (OKscourltijcs of 
Vi<:uaa> Vkxdforoiuly mprrinUndtng gamiM of cluuiix^ BalUd- 
dka^gsn brayed, AucLiODi^ej'f grifvr hoimto; nht^afj Nrw Wiac 
<AaiM>{^r) flowed Uk<* water, elill worse uoofoutidiug tbt co&- 
fitfiont and blgb ovnr all, nultod, in fcrouDd-aiuMofty tuoi- 
\2iag, fl {wrtioolored Merry-Aiidrow, like tbv gonhm of tb^ plJtou 
mA of Litv iiM-U. 

<'Tha5 ciLoirdod by tkc^ nystory of EKUteaDc^ luidvr tbo 
docp h«Aroidy FirtnameQt ; waited on by Ui^ foiir goldT*a Sva- 
mw. wilb liieir vklasHnde^ of eontributiHn, fop tyvim gnm 
Wir-t«T broutcbt ilA frkitiu^-iiiatcbea tutd tbiioting-iuatcbrft, iU 
aiow-«torii» and Chri«tma«<Earob, — did iht Child sit lad 

cttAf^ a. 



[tan. Thts§o thicgi v«re th^ jVli-hibft, vhenfaf In Aftai- 
tiroe h# van to g^ll&lil? en^I p^lly r^^l i1t«i grand Volume ol 
ibe^otlil^ what matters vt vhcthor such Alpli^bet be id iurf^ 
)[iU Irttcrs Of lu 4nuLll unfciit otio«, «o 7011 have on eye to read 
it? Tor Gii«iolien, ea^r U: kArn^ th« vl^j a<>T of lf>olciii; 
tlitfreuii vruA a blpHneJitt^s tliJLl gildinl nil : lua ctitHtviice vmb a 
brijflit. soft flem«iii of Joy ; out of vhicb. u in Prosp^ro's 
l«lAD(t, wonddT ftfter wotidnr bodind itMlf fortli, to toarb by 

" NrTprtlirttewr, I wen? Iml u vaiu dr*-iuutr to tuty, tluil eveu 
ihaa my folicity wnA pL-rfoct. I had, odl.'-c for iktl, coiik^ ilowu 
&oa] Heaviin into thi> Earth, Amonff thr- rumbiivf colom tliat 
^owih! oti my hnriwTn, ta,j i^vrn in rhilJliiHHi ;a ilirlc I'iug uf 
Ckri\ Jia yet no Liuc-ker tbiti) jt tUread. anil oft^i: quite over* 
AhOQe; y«t Always it roafpcarnil, nay «v«r waxing broaiior 
ftttd bro&iii^r; till in ELTt^r-yonrv it uJmoiit owmhailoit^M] my 

whoir n*ucj|iy, [lDiI thTr^teueiJ La i-<i}^f me iu filial lii^'lit- 

It wiA thff ring of Ki^iieMity vfUeroby *l* are aJl bo^-irt ; bappy 
bo Tot whom a kind heavenly 8ua biightens it iDt<^ A rino: of 
I>nty, and pUys miind it. with lnvn^f.irul priBmiitiir diffmrtiona; 
yet ever, m basis and a^ bount iat our whole being, it is 

"yor the firat few yeara of out l<*rreatrlal Apprentioeihip, 
we have not muc-L work to do; but, boarded and lodeed gratia, 
art act dcwn mostly to look alxnit u* over the workshop, nni 
iaa Mhun wurk, till wi- havo understood ttia tools a littJ^ and 
1BU liandlB! UiiA zmd tbau IF ^tH Passivity atluu«r ^Lud uul 
food Pasaivlty and guoJ Activity together, were the thiuir 
wtmt^Hl, thnn waa my frarly jM^eition favorable bpyoni tha 
moat^ Tn all t^nt n^^pcctst op^^nn^^s? of ftonse^ affi'^tionata 
Teinper, ingenmmH Cunoaity, and the fofltrriiig of ihcnv. t*hat 
mOK oould I \ivft wiabcii ? On tJtf other siijCt howfrvcr, 
thinffl went not so well. My Activn Power (Thittkraft) wa* 
iLofiiTcnbly hf-mm«d in: of whirh mihfortnni; Ijow many 
tiaoea yet aUJe with me* lu an orderly house, where tha 
litter '^f ehi1dr<'n*e apoita in hatoful *>nr(tij:h, yonr traininjt: ii 
too ttoioil ; rather to bear and forbaar than to make and do. 




J VON forbid iBiftch: vijibc« to uiy nnfl«<mt bold J tiad to 
tenouaMt i>\^ryvhcn a eUmit tMWd ol ObcdUaoo ioflcxiUj 
bekl nR down. Tbmc alraadjr Freewil] oAam «ume id punTvl 
oolUflioci vith NeccMt^; u tift* lajr Umn fivuvd, biuI at 
■HHOiu Ukc Child itmf lAiglii butc Uut root of bittcnoM, 
whcit>irith thf» whole fniltage <d our liftt ia tningled umI 

*' fn which bftbitiMtioii to Obedtcttoot tmly, it ma beyond 
inn^jmjQ nfer to trir by »X0Mt thAu by dofooL Otttdunc* it 
oui uuW^TS2i] duty and d^otiny ; urhareiik whoMi will not b«nd 
lULiflt hr^^xk: tou eail^ and too tlorou^ld; we cauiMft be 
tnuBcd lo kiK)%v thftt Would. i& thi» woHd of oon, ic « un# 
WTO to Hbould, and for racuti [«krt jut t1i« tmollMt of fiactione 
wen to StuklL Htrrfby w&Lh biid fur me the baata of woddljr 
DiAcrtftiou. u^ of Momlit^ tUtU. L«c &i« ui>& ituftrreJ with 
by u|thriitgilig. It Wii0 ri^ixiu«, b^ 'nijcaif cuinprouivuly 
M^tttdod, oviMj wfty tibMic'iitilk! : yc^t in that r«ry ^tricttma 
Htid dtmiHitid »ii1it.udi< nilk^bl ihrtv not lir thi- mot of divjitY 
eftmeetDe«a, of th« Hten from wbiob all a^« fmlt louat 
fl^i>w ¥ Above all, bow GiLskiUnl floev«v» it wu loving, it «S0 
wrll-mMUit^ honiwt: whrt»hy flri*ry delicM'nfjr wa* Itfilpad. 
My ktud Mcithri, fiir iui Htii-h 1 tiiujit evi^r Iovit Uic good 
Urvtdien, did me one allo^ttUer iuvuluubTe 8<^rvice: abo 
taugbt m», Ims indend by ward cHira by net and daily F«v«rent 
leok and liAbitiidt^, brr <>wri j^ii]i|>t<< ffr^idi nf tbi-^ Chri»tiui 
FUth. An(lri^«« too Attmd^d <?liarck ; yet more tike a parade 
(tuly, far which ht^ tu tii« olh*r wuild expwted ptiy with 
arrvikrx* — aa^ I v^ni^l, ))0 hoM nxv^ivi^l ; but luy Mother, wlf-ii 
FL tru«i wtiniLUj'H bi-;u'L, uijd ilw ihou^'h uiind livjiU^il 5uiuir> wom 
in tb^ 6triiit«^t iKic«pt&ttoii Uob^iciu, How ibdcatmctibly the 
Good growK, and propa^ntf^a lt«elf» «v«n ainoog tb« w«iFi<i^ «n. 
tani>li<ini'nU of Kvil ! Ttm faigbi*at vhotn 1 koi'W od KatUi I 
betv AUH bowed di>w&, with awo unMpoak.-iblt!, before a lii^hi^f 
in ileavcn i euch tJuiiBa, ttfpocially in iulmxyy r&aj^h iowarOtt 
to the Tery eore ol your bem^ ; mystwirnuly doe^ n ll^Iy of 
Holfi ;^ build ilwlf intii vwliility in Ihi? myi.t4-tifiia9 dwpH ; and 
tLerrron»% tht^ divinrHt in miui. Hprinffii fctth undying from iUt 
meau eorclcpment of t'oar. WouLLu thou lath^r bo % peAa- 




ant's aoQ that knew, vtve il never so radelj, xhepd wm a (iod 
in HeaTwn and in Mj«i ; «r rt [ltjli*'s son Uiat- mily Vu^w Uiei^ 
wcrtj twiHtDd^tLirty tiuartera on the faroiJ^-coaclk?" 
To vbi^h Iikdt f]ii(4tton w& must mmwor : Bowore, O Toufoltf- 



Esro W4 3^ youn^ Gnosdi^n, la Ills indWIslbld Okie 
jtUow ft^i^, Wnic f<rrWLtnl miMtly <ih t^u^ uiiii^ tit kltid 
Knturv diXM} Seitti'd. indccxl, i^nd much tu bU iniad, in tbt^ 
t^nvfttrtftf «OTkaho[\ bat (except bis soft ba^el ey^g, whmh 
we doubt not; aJruady gl^ami^^ with » still intelligence J called 
upuu for liiile voloiitarjr ji^ov-^-mcnt thero. IlUlierU^ aouord- 
ii^ly, bid iujpf>ct in rather ^aono, tbitt of an inripinnt I'liiloao 
ph&r aaJ fcwt in tbe abstract ; perlia]>a tl vo^iJd puixk IIltc 
H«tidcb?eukti liimself to 6fty wImtwIii the sjwmaI Dtw-trine 
of Olothca is M yet fonjithmlowrd or bcbokcnotl Vot witb 
<lnitfcli«-n, a» vriih otbcn, tti<! Maa inay iudoud ataod pictured 
ill tliu Boy (iiL leujit ull i]l<< ptgiiteLt8 arv tbere>; yet only 
boaje kklf rjf ibt Mali stainla tn tbc Cluld. or youiif Boy, 
ntuncly, bin l'iH:»ivc k^nrlnwro^nt, aot hw Actiro. Tbe more 
unptiCDt are we to dUcover wbal figure be cuts Jo thla latter 
cuqiuUy ; huw, when, tpU u^^e ViIa owd wotd^ ^' bo aaiil^retaiidfl 
ih*r tools a little, and can handle this or that," ho will proceed 
to hfi&dU it. 

Hflre, IvFirever, may be tbe {ila/oe to Atate tba% In lUunTi of 
cmr PbiloMifher's hiatory. Uierc is soiaethiEitf of an almost 
Hiitdon chArnctor: nay fwrbi^pn in tliat no wnlMcKrtcrod and 
*Torywuy exc«llMit '^Paiaivity ^' of his, wlii^Ji, with no free 
derrftopineiiL uf the iluLil^uiiihL ActiviLy. Ji^Linf^uiAlted I114 
chiUUioo^ H-e [Jiay detect tbv rudlmctils of lauob that, id after 
days, una Ftill in therein prcAPot dnvi^, aataniAhM tI;o wotIcL 
Fur the iballow-aij^blvd, TeuTcUdroukh U oftea«^st a man 



Ovw IL 

ijrithout Actiritj nf iny kiofi, a Xo-mnn ; for tbp i)r.pp-«ig^t«d, 
a^^a. a umn vrilh Ar.L.ivtLy ulinonL KqjjpmUnniluiLtr >~rJ na 
aptritual, cloae-Jiiddi^u. eoii^ioiaic thai, no mortsU cau forea^o ttd 
^xpliuion^, or even whan it ba« explodedf £<t miich ofl asoetljuti 
IhN «E^ilii^ui4V- A dangtroiis, difllriill ti^rnjv^r for th^ m^^ra 
European; a1>oTc jvI), <lj&iilviit)ta^-i*i ina iu thr hi'm cif a Hixvin- 
phy I flow as lioTOtofoK it will hf^hooTf^ the Editor of tb^ae 
pjupfl, wpiv H n^'YC'r so unm(^c«flfifn!)v> U* <\o hj£ ^nd^avoir, 

Among tht! fsiHirst U^)n of ituy nomplipjuiy wUi**!! a mMii, 
eapeoiftlly a m&n of Ictt^rft. ^tA to hjuidli.-, jtrr liia C!iUi!i' hookup 
On Lht8 portion of lui UtBtory, TGiifeUdi-tickh l'>i>kB dovni 
pTvifpiDifHlIy aji indiffpmnt R4>a/linp he "rainnnt mm^iiifMr 
pvrr W havf IfwuTK^l;" wi ^xTliMps hiul il Hy iiatunr. Tle- 
Buy^i trcncTolly: "OF iht indi^tioont portion of my Edu* 
nation, vhiL^h depended on Sohcx^ th«ire need Almost no 
notice b« tftkifiu. 1 leariicHl what othen learn; And k'.'pt il 
titui\Ml l>y iu a cornfTr of my bead} Acdog u ypt no niaiiuer 
of Vflf; in it. My Si^hoaLiiLAAt^^r, a dovnbcnt, brokra-bcortod, 
unJtrf'JOt luMtyr, A3. rAiutn of Ihat piild arfr, Hid littU for 
mt^i E*A,oe|>t difleover tluiL litr iM>iild di> lilUet he, goud siml, 
pronounced mo a e«niiu, ftt for the le&med profeMiouft; 
and that I mvutt bit »ant to the iiynm^uium, cuid t>xw day 
Ui the Uninrrsiiy. M«umliU«,- wluLt iirititL-il thing werer 
I could m«il with 1 rtid. My wry «it»^H-r jHKjt.rl-ftiont'y ! 
laid out on BtaU'litfTfttitrc; whinh. a« it AortiinuTateii, I vitU 
my own handa Mwod into t-olamus. By tlii« mmmK vrh Uio 
youn^ iirnd fiiTniaJuul witli jt (u^nnidKra^ble miKiu'Ibny of tliJitgK 
And &hadowa *jt tLiui^^ Hutorj lu Liutlit-uta^ Init'^^e^iLt; hiy 
niin^^c^d witJi F^niltiiiii i^liinLornfL, whiTcin nlao vrna rvuUityi 
and the whole iii.t ;lh ih'iid sioff, but sw living pAhi:lum, toUnv 
My Butritivi^ ftir a miml act yet »o jH^ptic/* 

That tbo Ectcpfuhl 9choo)nijut«r judfr^d veil, wa nnw 
kiioir. Ind^nd, aXrttw^y in tlid youthfiil Unesotken. with all 
hiH ontwurd ntinnfMH, thitrn muy huvn hnMi Rnmtfent &n in* 
vtfd TiTftcity that ptoinidod much; symptoms of ft apint 
aii)inil<uly o'pCQf thought:nI, almoat poeticnL Thua, to aaj 
notLing cif hia Suppen on tht^ Orchard^wall. and uik^ pbo* 
nomenA of that fortiet ifpfiorl, Jlat^ many r«ad»r^ of th«tta 

Cit4pk tDi 


pft«:i-« NbmUe^ ik tHi'ir twrUUi j^u, on nidi ra^Hiiiiooa tut 
the fbllowioft? "It atrurk m^ mur^h. M 1 Mt bj the Kub* 
ha^h, oue iuL«>iit noontide, uad wiUcli«d it Howinjf, fcii^lint^ 
Ui think how thizt iuilii« vtr««jn!flt lud 0ow«d duul gtu^lod, 
ibr^nicH aW trhatifi^ of WMkthcr and of fuiluue. frum U^yinnl 
the evlii-«t (laU* of Hiaton-. Tc», probaMv oq tho momin^ 
vheo Joshua ford^ Jordan ; «mi M ftt the mid-'lny wh^n 
Cssaj, dpiihLlps8 with difltenlty, Kw&m Lho Nik*, yrt k^pt 
hit C o j wuMJ tf ar i lw dry, — thi» little KulibAcli, 4a:iidiinui» &« 
Tiber, BttTotas ov Sticxi, wujt miinuuriDif on actoha tUc vrildet- 
nett, u f-et imiuunvd, luutovn: h«r«, toi>T as in tbo Eiiphrataft 
and Uw Oan^frSv is a in-iu <jr rpinli-t nf thr ijmnH Wrrld- 
cinolAtion of WiUn, which, with iU atmcurphpric 4rU-nc«, 
Km Ufltail and InntB eimply with th<^ World. Thou fool! 
Nvtorw ftJoiiA » anttqtEo, and thA oldMt tvt a. tmutuoodB ; that 
idltt diMc tJntm nittf^t on w i«ix Iho^Mod yitan of a^" In 
whi«h tittic tbou^t, jm in a littk, idaj there ngt 
lie tho begtnnuifi of thaso w^U-niKh Qniittcr^>k nuditatii^iia 
rm rbd giand^nr and myiupry of TriiB, and ita reUtton tu 
ErasxiTTt whtcb plaj snch a part in tUia Philosophy of 

Owr hi« G>-ntiiaaic t^nd Aoodemitt y«arB the Prcfcaaov bj 
DO meana liapfm lo ^rrirat and Jo/ful aa uver hb rUildhooiL 
Oni^«m mmty tracto then ftra rtill ^ hut laterHrtcd by bitter 
rfmlnti of tnan, hftr and thrrf ntjijniAtin); into tour nuhnhpa 
o* d:iDroat«nt, "With my fimt vinw o! tho Hbt^ncfalui; 
Oyinixzutiiuu." wtiIks h«, "a»y ktiI daya bv^u^ Well do 1 
f«iJl rcueaabot tho red sonsj Whiteuntido momiiMb whei^ 
tiotUiif inll of hope by the side of Father Andrwia, J oat*»d 
th^ main ttmtit nf the plni*», and «aw itn at»ttpl««Wk (tbt-n 
Btrikins Eight) aiid ScAu/tiihirrm (iIaiI), and the aproonl ur 
diaa{]fODtd Bnrcli^ra raoria:- lo to bmkfaat: a htxlo do& 
in nad terror, wna mchinfr poat: for eoin« huxiuta iiap« had 
tleil a ti:] knltlH to ita tail; tbi» did thi? Hfcnntrnd extfmlia^ 
loud-jLagUa^ career through the whclo le&gth of the Boroufhi 
nnd be^oino noiablo etiouL;h. Pit «<inl>l<Mn *it many a C0D4|aar- 
ing Hmo, t^ whom Fa(e fw»fldmjj Fantaay tc ft^tfiffP, a« it 
tiftm elsewh^ro do«a> has nuUigaaallf B^pcacW n tJn krttla 



DWK tt 

of Ambitioti, to cbnw Uim on; wliich \ht fa^r be tuua. 
■ar^a him tlift fostot, tUe moro budly nud monj Fooli«hl]rl 
Tit umbleiu nUo of mnc^ nwnit^d myM-^lf, in tliAt Enin- 
ehievuus Den - wb in tW liYarlil, w)i>fn*af it wan k jiortioE) 

'^AIa.'v tlio kiiid beect-rowa of Entopfuhl v»ro hiddOD io 
tha diBtani:^: I viiq among Htrnn^orfi. hnmbl^, at )Hfftt indif- 
r«re[it.1y> (liApomnl tHdnitiU.i lur; Iht? you&i^ Lt-oil ft-lt, for t)w 
firrt tirar, quite oqihujied Mui ftioui*/' Hia Buliool-foUoi^ft, aa 
IS uauiti, poffteout^d lujii : " 'J'hpy wwrfl Itoys," ho says, *' mosUy 
nide Boys, and ob«ypd thr inipitlM? of nulfl Niittirr, whii-h bidw 
tho decr-bcrd (all upon any ntrickcn liart, th« duck-Qock piit 
to dc*th any brok^^n-wluged brotlior or fti»l«r, and on all huids 
thd vtrong tyrAnma^ ov«r tlie weak.*' He admiu tt^ait though 
''1>«t1]a{mi \a An yiiusua! di^gree monJly coiirsg^ona,^ he boo- 
coodod ill ilk bjLtrtIc, xnA would fjiin have avoidcti ib; a ronJt, 
M would dpii^Mir, owju^' Icdj to Ills sujoi} pcrBonal Atatuio (for 
in |Ku»ioiiat^ seasons be woa <' inort^dibly aimbit}"), ttuui Io 
]aU *' virtuous priuuiplts : " "if it was FliBgraeeful ttibe beaten," 
says b:*, *Mt wa3 only a Fhadc lc«s dbi^accfiJ to Iuitc so mucb 
a> Totlghtf thuH wiut I dr;tvrn two vmyt at onrt*^ nni in this 
iiiijH>rtant elem'.''iit of si^liool- history^ l\ia vrxr^^lf^mtnly hail 
litUc bnt aoncw." On tlie whole, tliat aajuc «xcelkiil "Pad- 
■iTity,"«o notabin tr T^ufple^hiiptb^ childhood, U hfn> rUibly 
eiaoQgb Ogam f^rtting nourUhmont. '* Hn wept off^n ; md«^ 
tu Hunb a dKgren thut h<- w^ia nii^knu^nnl /W irWn'qt4fit (thit 
Teaiful), wbiL'li epithet, till towwda hid thirtefnth year, w 
iudet^d not quitii iLnn»frit<^d. rfnly at tare iuUtt^Uj did the 
yrjimg soul Imrst fcirtb mtnti flriM^ypd rag^, and. with a storm* 
fuhieas (^Ung^atajn) mider wbidi t1i<< lirililt^j^t <^ii:Li1i?d, SKsert 
that h«too had Rights of Man, or at )ctutt oi MAnkin.'* In all 
which, who dora not dieodrn a fini» HowL-rtrv'^ nnd dnnomon- 
Um (i)f gi-ntuH) nigh cJioknd among punipkiiu^ reed-fsTWi 
and ignoblif shnibtt^ and forco^ if It would live, Io atniggle 
upvfwdB onty, and not outward:i; into a height qaito sickly^ 
and dfipiopoHfon«d to ita hwuSt/* ? 

WV fiiiil, runrnnvpj, thut his Oreek nnd lAtiii were ^Kii«hnni- 
callj" taught \ lUbntw acjuco crcn mcchaoicuLy ; mucJi eke 

Ctilf^ ItL 




whicli tliiey mtlnl TTintory. Couuosraplijr. Plultwxiphjr, und so 
forik, no twtttT iLaq Mtt ^ alL So Umt, ^xi>>pt uudmuch am 
NatuK wns gtiU b«8y ; luid h«> binu^lf " wc<Dt about, u iv£ea of 
oM liU Kout, ■amm^ Uii* CmflMEiu-irit wurkhhofifi, ttu-n' IrAm- 
lug many Uung*^"* tLoJ fortlitr li^itcO on oomi- nmoll ftton^ of 
etiriinia rvoJiiig, iu H^nxa U'uchU'l the Ccm|Mir*e kotuWf wbttro 
be lodged, — bu time, it would app^far, woa att^tl}^ v^vted 
Which (acte thv Prof'wsor lias iirit yvl learned to look ttptva 
with 4B3" oontcntmi'iit. ludi-iotl, U»roiiiTh*f«t ttc vbolo of thia 
Bog do»rpi«i wbi^rt? Wf) i]ow utxi, Loid oLtuu lu tLc £oiloviik|[ 
Bog, ha ihovr^ himself unuiiallj animaU^I od tlie uiiktu*T of 
EiimLipa, dJid avi witLuut iome toiioli of vrbai we imgbb 
prwntne to bo aikjccr 

"UjT<^&ciiori,"nyK hit, *- were Kido-bouiul Pedants, without 
knovUHtgiH of luan'a aatur^, or <jf iK^y'a; ur of au^Ll Aavt tJifir 
l(aiocattutdi^a4ftei]> accuuut-buokj. liinum^rftble duail V'ucak 
bl«e (w> dead I^anipiafif', for Ibuj tiwiLMlvitf; kiu*w uc^ 1jui> 
ipiagv) tluiy cnuam^ into ns, a&d cnlUd it fott^ring tho 
gmwti <rf iuini3, ffi>w can an iujuiimute. uiM^mnuvil GfmimU 
grinder, Uie like of whom will, in a fiubvequtnt o^aturv, 1m 
mfcimf^fUT^ at -Viuub^r^ out ol wood luid leatktfr, losU<i' the 
growth of aoythipg^ mnob laofEi of Miiul, vhic-ii growa, not 
likQ a Tfigntoblci (1\^ ]iavi]i)j> ita roota litti^ird with cirmtiltici- 
cal t-am|xinfc)y but likt a «pmt> by mjrstcrioiu <^ontai!i^ of Spirit ; 
IlKtiif-bi kindliiiK xtMiM at the firr of liyiufi Tbousl't 7 Hi>w 
shall A« gm kiodlirig. In whctte own invunl Diau tht^rp in no 
lire coal, but oil is Luruti imi to a ileuid ^riUumatical cinilct ? 
The HiabcrTA'iilaK iVufoMoi? kDow afuCax ocough ; (uid ul' the 
huiU'An »c>ti1 Uiui mudi : thiU it hnd a fut^iUty collod Uiiuory, 
and cnuld be a*?t^ nvi Uiruiigh the mii?tLniIar iiU^^gtuneiiL bj 
ap^iaaoo of bircb-roda. 

"AIut ho is it nvoiywItcK, m will it i^vwbe; till the Hod- 
man is ditehiuigvd, or r^Iucud to hod-boartng ; and an Ardiitaot 
ia hired, aad tin all UuudH fitly irti(H>urag<Kt: till cummuuiliea 
and io'lividtiaU diMorpr, not without a^rpflM, that Caabkming 
tlw aonb of a fi^nrmtion by Kno^Wfii^ cnn riink on a level 
with Mowinff iht-ir Uidii^M to piem?* by GnnpowdHT; that 
with Oeibefale aod Fitfld'tiuirabaU fox killiJigp tlien aboul^ 




In world-hoxmed Digiiitiritf«, and Wf^rr it j>o«siU9, tru« Ood< 
onSoinMl Priests, tor t«-actinf;. But u j«ty tliouxli tli^ Sol- 
dier wear* o[wnly» ard ^ve-n parrtd^, bi« but^»iag-to^, 
Dowhpi'f*, f lu- lu T hurl- trjbvrllrd, flid thn i^^oolmaster makt 
shov of hiA mstnicting-tool : nuy, ircr^ he W walk &ljirijud 
vnUi hiich girt on thijch, na if he tli^rofrom ostp-vtrd honor, 
irouM lh^r9 not, amoog tho idt»T doM, perhaps sl oerUin hvixy 

ItL the tliirc! jev of thid Uynmaaic ix^riod, Fnthcr AndrMtf- 
deema to have died ; the youn^ S«holLxr» othvrwiw^ ro tool- 
trtUfA^ mv himwlf for the flmt cimd clad outwardly iu 
«ftb1cfi, wd inwardly iu <|iute inexpivBsible ravUucholy. ^The 
djirk bottomlMA AIwfh, thjit Ii^4 und«r our frrt, btkd ysvued 
open ; tU* pale kiiigdoiu) of Deatb, with &1] thi-ir inDumprablf 
^lent natioiii uid ^aerstii>na, stood h«fore him ; tbe inexoT»- 
blo word, NfeVBtt t ftoir liti^t «how«d ita mcamng. My Mother 
vnptj and h«r C4>rrow ffot v^nt ; but in my hwt thcf« hiy a 
whok L-Oc« of t^n, pent tip in client do3to1ati<>a. N4>vprthelee« 
the uiiwoiu Spirit lA hlnJiiu; Life ia hu lit^aJtbftil iJiAt it ftwni 
findfl nL>uri»bmPiit in Death; those flti^m cxi>«n«nc». ptuitoi 
down by M^^mory in my imcu^i nation, ro»e tboro to a wlio]<- 
oy])n'Ti*-fori*st, sad but bfamiiful; waring, with not unm^Io^ 
diouii tfighfl. iu rbtrk luxurintit-'e, iu \hv hcittvuit aujinhini-r thrcin^h 
long y«4ni of youth . — ad in manhood abo it doo*, and will 
dO; for 1 have now pitched my t«nt under a Cyjircefi-troo | tho 
Tomb ia nmr my tnespn^abln Fortnwn, nrnr Hosp by the gate 
of whicli I look upon the hoiitilo armanirntA, iuid irains and 
penaltioa of tyrannooa Lifo pla^idiy L'oou^hH and IjM^^n to ite 
loudest Uu«ateaLng« with a «till emile. U ye )oT«d o&e«, that 
already sleep in tlit^ noiaeleM Bed of Rest, whom In life 1 
ooold only weep for and ntrtx hHp: and ye, who wide-acnt- 
tered iitill toil Innclj in thi> monstcirbearinjc IV^x^rt, dyvinft 
die flintj- irround with your blood, — y*t a little while, ami 
we shall ;iL] miwt TiiiriiiCf mid our Mother'a bnuim will aarveti 
us all i and Opprpaaion's K.tnicNj, and Sorrow's fire-whip, and 
all the GehennA H.hiliJTs that patrol aad inhabit ^v^^r^rrixvd 
Tim', eannot th<iTW»fftrth harm nii any nio;*!" 

Cloae by whioli rather beautiful apoatropbe, lies a Labored 

cmip. in. 



Clorftct^r of tbe deoPM^ Anilrras Fatt^rai ; of ]u% ttfttiiraJ 
ability, hU tlcserts in iifn (as rrnuiui 8arg<«nt) ; with loog 
hatorical inrimnc* into Ui« g«fli«aUkgy oi ttM Kiitc^mil Kmutly, 
turd IrawHl biM-It ^ far a* H»i>ry thi* h'ovli-T : tiui wlifil© d 
mhxvk dri! |«tt» i/vcx> uotvitboitt ofltctibiiinciit. It oaly con* 
reroA ua to addf thftt now vru tbe bun*.' vbL<:i UothcT GrobcHea 
t«T«ftlod to b<rr footer r-^ton thki he vu n4>t At all of this kin- 
(bvcl; or indnvil cf uiy ktiiilr^d, luring oome mtr> hiittnricAl 
«3u«ceD0P in tbrr «»> alrc«iy known U> ua. "Thoa wu I 
^mUy ovphuied." da^i Lci ^bereft &ot onUy of PuoottiMi, 
ImU ct«b of fionvcDbrotioo. Sorrow uid Wonder, here vud- 
d^mly nniUd, roiild tint liut ]hr<x!ac?i> nliumlAtit fruit, S^rh a 
diicWiirc. tti mch x neaaon, Ptruick tta roots thrcni^h lajr 
wkole D&tnrv : CT«it tiU the y«&r« of nuiture manUood, it rain- 
gM -mxh my vholp ttioughu, vhm oa tlui vtAm whereon ^I mj 
day-dmuiu biuJ QiifhulrcaJBiM ^ew. A corUu£i portitr eleraLitiu, 
yei &lao a corrcspondins cirio d^prcMiou, it iL&iorallj im* 
ported : / BMJ tikono aih^ ; ic whic^ti tii^d ilic4^ li^liiif; soBno- 
ttnus to bigbevL and oftriu'r tu fn}fhthiU««t rnGalt*, znxj 
there Dot lie ilktf fir«L spriui^ c/f LKmltrucics. whicb in ray \aim 
hftve boootte r«uLukAbL« cDoujcb ? As in birih* aa iu kCLiuu. 
epeooUtioii, and social poiitioo, my follovra are |jetbapd not 

In tke Bag SofUtariTts, aa we lit lea^h dboover* Teofel^ 
dhfobli has beoofte a Univentty nun ; thoTigh how, whi^n, or 
of vhali^ality, will nnwhrrc diiu^LoMi iisnlf wttti tiir xta^UlFjit 
oertainty. Few thiugn. in the way of ooofnnioD and capfficioua 
ind»tinctncdtt. cait now gurpi-itic our rcodcre ; not even Che 
toUal want of tiztpn, u.imcm n-tthout pdunJIel in aBiographioal 
wofi. So 4«]KinjUic% ao rbjidtir vfr hnvr lilwayv found, and 
mwt always look bo find* tbcsa ^nattt-rMl Lf aTi*jt. In Sa^tfo' 
Wvp, howerer, T^oleUdffioklk bejrinfl to ahow luni4«lt vt^^ 
non than nsoalty Sibylline: fra^ienm of a!? soxuit yrrapii 
of rricalar Mfauoir, (l^illcv^-ExcrciMS, rrofriuna, i'tofcuioiial 
Testimonionks, Uilkncnrttf, tcrtL BUleti^ eoroetimee to appear- 
anec of an amatory euti all h\om^ together aa if b^ merest 
ohanaa. henopforth brwildertiie sa&e Hiatoriaa. To mmbbs 



Book U. 

Miy picture of tbtiae Vulv^ieity, iui<I tbi* tiu1nequ<*Qt^ yeoxv; 
ranch more, to dcaphor thcicio any iUtifltrfttlv(> pruuordial 
elemMite of the CLiHho»-Plulo«ophj, bc<coiu«s «Tich a problcu 
as tliP n-jvlr.r nmj imuginrt. 

So liiii^h wo I'AU 1*00 i fiuklj. Btt tlkrough tkc foliage of «omc 
waTL-rmt; tUnkct : & yootli of no ooctEaon frndowmeiitk who bud 
passed liAppily tlirongb ChiUIhood, l(>ss happily y«t Btilt rigo^ 
oiwly trliruugh JkiyluHxlr utiw At I'ftiiftl; iinrfn^l in '^ dcafl voGftF 
bkd/* BA-i adt down, ud ht* hopc^^i by tho living* Fotmtaio, there 
to aupt?rudd hieiLi and Ca^Mktilittea, l*'tciu euch FomiUHin he 
draw!*^ dlii^^<*rit]y, Uiiml.ily, ypt iicTfr t>r ^aldonj hU whole 
hfaitt foi Lhc wflitrr nowise auitfi hi» paUto ^ diacoura^mouta, 
OobUiicJemeTits, nbcrTationa i\rc di-it^orF^rtibb or suppcrnaiUo. 
Nor pvrhapa ore ev^a petouniarj distri>tt3fa wiuitiug; for "tho 
good Gn^brlien, who iv spite of advit^s frofu not (LidLbl4^re«tMl 
rvhilivtiw huA Mat him hither, mu«t After a lime witbdiaw hti 
wJUinf Init too fcoblo h&ud.'* N^vcrtlirlces isi ui atmoapbcrc 
of Poverty Jind mitnifold Chn^n, t!]^ Humor of that young 
Stnnl, what r!i.-vr:irti'r i« in liim, AtM. drriAni-ly h'viydn JtH»lf; 
And, like titTtm^ -ftititvhute in wrepicg okir^ ^ff^^ iiut v^itiety 
of oolors, »oni« of which ai^e pn^iiiiutii?. Tbtia, n'tUi the Aid oi 
Time ADd r'f vhat Tim^ briiiHi^ hax tho Atriphn^ Diog^Qes 
Toiifelvdrik^kb waxctl into manly xtatuti!; luid into m ijue*- 
tionahlr ew tu^pi^ct* that we aok with nvw eagf^rrtL'tiei, Dow ho 
^peoiiklly oani^ by it, anct t-pgn^t anew thnt there \s uo iiior^ 
^orplirit ADvw^, Cftrtnin of thp tntnlHgihli* and partially sig- 
mUcont frairmenttp ffhi^ aro few in niunhor* Ah^ll Ik iixtrsho^ 
From that Limbo of u I'upur-bugi and pro«ODii.'d with tht* tuual 

An if, in thr Raic Srt?r;rl», Tfliifr-lsdrOckh hail oot alr^Ady 
oxp^'toratcd hia ^Dtipi^dfhffOfrio »p1«^n ; as if. from tho Diuno 
Sttffitt'jritf^, hi> ha^l Ihniighl LimimU oalkvi upon to *Jioot 
arrows, w* lipre agaio f«ll in with sn-^h mauer as this: "The 
UniToraity irhorc E waa fduc^tod fttiU atauds vivid ouoixgh Id 
my rL'taembnuioci ftnd 1 iciiow Ita name well ; whiob UUM^ 
however^ I, from tend^neAB to existing iDtcreirtit AJii ponoiui, 
shall in novi»« dtfiilge. It is my painful duty Lo say that, 
out of KbslAud aad Spwi, ov« wu the worst of a11 hitheito 

Ciur. m. 




ilU/''>vt>r<Hl TTniverdtlMv TluB iji indttod a time wh«ii right 
Educatjch i«, flfl n&u\y as nuj tw, impoKiihl^i: howprtr^ Id 
d«<row of wTDnenras ihaw is no luull; any, 1 mu coiirwivn a 
W€rek> sjfeU'in thim tiiut \yt tbi? Naiui'W^s itsoir^ ha poiAontM! 
Titrtua] may he worae rinn jibioluu- hna^rr. 

"Tt n writtmi, Wlieii l\tv \thw\ Uul tlie blind, both hIisII 
f&n into bli« ditcJi t wherefore, m «ucli clrcumHtAiioi^, inny it 
not *oin«ti[a4ai be ft&f«r, if both kftdrr arpii U'd niinply — dit 
slill T Had ymi, anywheri^ in Crim Tarliiry, VRllod In a Bqaapn 
eaclosiuf; fiiiniihod it witti a auiuU, ill-o^tuiwn Lihniry; and 
th«n tuTDcd Wac into it eleven bucdnxl ClxniitLan dtnpU:i^, 
to tumblA about wt th*y Uit«l, from tbrsr to ssvon yciare : per- 
Imii peiaoiia. uudar tlw title or Frofi'SN<>r«, h<*ing ntutium^d nt 
tlif s&t««t to declare aloud Umt it vrua a Unlri^nity. aud cxaob 
oonaidankhli) admiFiaioii-focA, — you had, not iiidoed lu ini?icliaiiU 
piJ Ktnjptun*, yi't in $]>int atid rpmut, Bomt- impi^rfi^t miiim- 
blaitrv of «ur Iligb Syniinary. I tvty, iinjurrfcrt : fur if cmr 
raecLauicaJ structuri! w^us qiiitr oth^r, no nriUif*r wntt mii rfriult 
altogether the *aiiit* i utihaMuly, we w<to tot i» L'nm Tariary, 
bnr, in a coirujit Rtiropeou pity, fiill of smoke and sin ; mnrp- 
orrr, in the middle of a Piiblir. vrhit^t withrpiit far fHKvtUrr 
appoTiitufl thuTi that of tbc S(]uare KiKloriutc, mtd Dcciorjitioa 
alflud, you could not be hut* of gulling. 

■*0ullible, how*»vpr, \\y fit ajiparatriSj all Piiblii** am; and 
guUod, with the most «itrpri«mK prf>ht TowariU aiiythmg 
like a .Kfatittw of impo^tuiYf indt^d. Uttlf> aa y*l has hofin 
don^ : with a etraog* liwlitfereniw, our KnontimiKtMj uigh biirii^fl 
under Tablva foi^ uiiuoi- Bi-anchi.-8 of luilabiir, Iuivr altof^tlier 
oYcrlookc^) the Krand aU-ovcTt^ippiniJ H3-]^nt^^i»y l^raucb ; ae if 
0«P whole art* of Pufforj-, of Qitafik«ryr I'ri^alcraft, Kingcraft, 
ajid the Itinumi^ritblf* other erafUi nnd TTiyster&ra of (hat, ffpiiiw^ 
bad not ranked in rroductire Industry at all 1 Can auy ou«, 
for oxampk^ vo muoh oa sayt What roonoja, in Lftorature and 
Sho«tLu>kinf;. are ttntXixt**! by actual Instruction and antwil j*^l 
Poli&b; wlul Ij fiL'tili^fua-iM^rsuaaive Pioelamfttion of encb; 
•I^fifying, in distinct iU^s, tho dt^tributiona, oiroulationf, 
dLtlit3r«oin<^t«T in^omia^ of Maitl money*, with thfl ftmaUctt 
a|>pruacfa to a/fcura£iy ? Bui to a*k. How far, in all th<r 4i?verti 



Doo« tL 

ififmrtrJT cymplMtod dApartTDente of aocinl bnflineUt n ([nrrro- 
Bicut, MUia^ioii« in nuMOfil, ooTnmercial, icteU^otual fsfarioatiiOD 
of wflmtf AnT% mAn't W&Tit 1% AUjip]ii«d by trwt Warp ; hov far 
by tbc more Appcaraiu» o£ true Ware -. — in oUier words, Xo 
whnt rxlvnt. hy ^^Uat mPtUcKiti, with vfaat etfeota, mvahdw 
time* and oourtTimi, T)pcf>ptt>7n tuke« the place of vagaa of 
PBrfonnaiici : lirn? truly ijL an Tnijuiry hii; vitli ri'Kul1« for tK« 
fobii>o time, bJit to which hithitito only tbo viu:u(^Rt answtr cwi 
ba (siTML, If tor the pr^seat, in our £urop44, we ecunuiu lb* 
ratio of Warn U> AiJiw-nniiirv^ nf Want An high ereD aa at Out 
to a IlundrriJ (wliinh, ooii«i(l«ni3g tlie Wagr« of « Popo^ lU^ 
ainn Autocrat, or Kngliah U«bnBe-Pre«arTar ia prohoUy not for 
from tliemarlE),*- what altnoct ptodi^oua aarin^ may Uuara 
not be AutV'l{i»todp aa the tSiatiatit* o/ Impoatvt* wlvanr^a. and 
K tha maaiifucturing of Shuma fttu^t of KoaJMaa mine into 
olnofiT aaiil dvia«r diatiiuitiun thvr«laxiia) gradcaUy dachnuo, 
and at lei^h beoomee all but wholly unn^cessajy ! 

■^TliEH for the comia^ )p)ldc& ages. WliaL 1 hml lu i^ 
IDBvkt for the prt^Hi^t bmsoa one, ia, that in several pror- 
ineaa, aa b Eilttoattaii, Polity, R«li^ou. urhf>r» «o mticb ia 
ipaoted and indisiiensalrte, and ao little oan ah yvt bi* fria. 
idaboift probably tiapostun? is of aai^tivc, aiK>dyiie uaiuri?, 
and man'a Gullibility not his worftt hlon^iaff, Suppose your 
vumvi nf war fjiiittf hrokm: 1 iimui joiit mnitary rhatt 
iwulrKiiL fui'hfirr all buL ex]]:LuaLe>l ; anil thftt Ui« whole airay 
ia about to mtitiuy, diaband, aud cut yoor and e^lx <ith^o 
tbroatf — then w^m it not wbL^ roAild ymi, as if hy Biiraola, 
ja^ zhmtn in cuiy sort of Fiiin-.tuurLfy, fnud them on coago* 
latr>d wjitor. ur'mf>r« iniu^Lontiou of me^it^ vhrrnby^ till tbcr 
tml supply came tip, thi:iv might bo kept together ted qoictf 
Saoh porhn^ waa th* aim of Xatur«, who does nothing 
vrthont aiiCT in TunLUliintr lirr faniritr, Hun, with this his Bo 
omni|>otent or rather vmmpaticnt Xalont at boiciE Gulled. 

<^How beautifully it works* vith a htUc aoohanigmi jiaj^ 
aJmoftt irnxkLii miwhankiit for icaelt! TheHo Profsaaon ia 
tlin NuTUftlf-ui lived wkh «iii«, vitfa safety, by » m^-TS Ri>pfr 
tation, eoTistrooteH in paat tua«s. and then too with tto 
gitat effort, by finite unothar otus of ponona. Which Ificpn* 

4^ktf . rn. 



talioa, lik« ft AtTOtig brutk-goinK uiidcrn^ot wleel, nunk into 
tbe KNicn^ omreot, bwie fair, vrith oaly a Iitil<? annual re* 
paiDtint' on tbeir put, to hold long logoth«r, slqcI of its own 
«,ocorrl suftidniiiRl^r griiul fur tbrtm^ Hup|)y Lliat it wju h», for 
iLc MiUcrs ! Tho>- tlicmflalvi;a ui>ci1mI uol to works tlwiii a^ 
tOEapta at worltiug* ut whiit lliey oalleii KdHcatrnff, aow wht-n 
I look bock on it% till me viUi .1 certain in:itE> vimiratinr, 

"Besi(1«A all this, «« Ixisubid curmdvrA a R/itLon^ TTnl- 
tenityi 131 tho bii{hi>5t (Ic^fTiw budtilu to Mvftticinm; t^iiu 
vu the jotuiff Toutmt luind funUBhed vitU luuoh tulk ubout 
Progrui of the 8peoi«s, Dark Agpa, Prt>Jni!iire, and the liko; 
BO tlixL ftll vrert< quiukly eiii^Ti^h blown inii iut'j a 6tat« of 
vindy MpunoutatiTone^a I whcrcliy tnhii b^tlrr 90H bad fioon 
to end in sick. impot«t&t Sooptir-Um; thu worM*r itnrt (txpJodti 
{fm7>ti*<ii) in dtiiftlW Srfr^^iJnceit, and Vt all Hpiritaul inUfntu 
iNHMjmo (loaiL — But tltis tuo ib pcrliuu uf lULiiikitiUV lot. If 
our erft id tho Era of Unbelief, why murmur luiUtrr it; la 
thtro not a bctt^irr coming, zmy come ? Ad ia to&g-drawu 
Bjrstole ftn4 long-<!r»wn diaRTnlo, ninrt th^ iwrind of Faitti 
nltvmato with tlr porioil of IVninli miwt th** vrrnal jrrnwth, 
tlio nunmcr tuxuHant^c of all (>pi&ion-i. i^pinttial Hepri^non- 
tation« und <?nuLtion«, bo foUowvd by, and ftguin folluw, tJi« 
aTLtUDiii^l diH^y^ thp vrmter disw miction. Fi>r man IIvhs in 
TiBue. 1u4 hw wiMiln Kirthly btiiuy, **inl*avi>r and *i<'itiny 
obapod for tiiiD by Time 1 ouJy in tbfi tranR'toiy Time Symbol 
U thtt pver'Hiotionl^sa Ktemity wft fltand on nutde manifest 
And >rt, in »nirh wintor'^^i^onfl nf Di-tiijil. it h fur LI10 iiobler- 
minded porhaps n comparative misery to hai*« boon bom, and 
to be avrakfi wid work ; njiil for the duller a foIi<'ity, if, iik€ 
hfb&mating animiiJfi, HafL*-lod|;ed in some Sa-Umanna FniTi-r- 
■ity, or Sybari* City, ot othftv supi^rhfitiMiis or vi^lnptvim:* 
Cwtto of Indokncc?, they can slivnjWr tlnnui:3i, in uttipid 
drettnft, tmd only awaken vhein tho lond'E-oarintc faailstormfi 
bavQ all doibe tbeir work, and to out prny«n and martp^om* 
tlu offts Spring huA h«eu vuui^buLft-0/' 

Tliat in tbc environment, hero my*t*rrioii»ly enough diad- 
owed fcrth, TcnlfiU-lpe-^kh mnjit have f<'lt ill at e:i^o, f'liwi'^t 
be dfmbtfui '^Tli* hungry young," h* *ays, ''("oketl up to 


SAKTOSe UL^AlEii:^. 

Bch^ IL 

tbcir spiritual Ntmw} uid, for food, w&m biddoQ eat tlr- 
«Ml-witiii. Wbat vatEi jjir^n of tiotittov^nial yLmtM^yaio, 

tkttkB tbp moAt. Among ^I^vaq IiiuiUr«d CfaristuLa joxilbe, 
tb«n wUl licit W' wiuiting same i*kv«*Q luignr to Irarn, Bjr 
coUi^iul] wilb audi, jl c^t^rt&iD vrom^tli, j^ c><rtjim [HilUh ir«i 
eonimmiioat'Mi i tiy mfftin<*t aiid hbp;>y ocoidunt^ J took !»» 
to rioting (P«r)>>Aim4rc^), th&u td tiuukiu^> and raiuiiuf;, wiitiL 
l&ftitr nliici T wuM frm Ut ilfi. Nay frain t,h^ rhui^ of Uiat 
Lkbnu^t 1 aut;cf*ciicil in fi^Iunje up luoi^ hookA yevh^\ib iLan 
had been known to tbc Tory I(o«7>cn tticrrof. The foiuidbtion 
of ft LiUimry Lif« wu4 liarftby laid ; I leftmed. uc luj «wii 
rtrangUi, li> r«aii Hit^iitly in altnoat all cultivdt^d luii^affna, 
COL ftlinovt ^ Bubjcclfl ftud acioiiofw; f^rth^r as uaji ia evar 
tb^ prili]47 ohjrtiit l<] laiui, lilmuly it ww my Eai^oriCo i^Enpioy< 
nwdit to |vA<i L^haniictc-r :n cpoculAtionr lUid frotD tlie Writing 
to (um«tniJ? Ill*] Wntrr, A cprLdn ^jniuudpUn of Ilumiiii 
Kature iind Life brgun to fikHliUm ibtelf id lur; vronilraiu 
cnongb, now vXwn T look baek on it; for my wlioU Utiiv^TAO. 
physical Aiid npiritnal] vm b« ypt n hf^urbinn 1 [1nvf>r«r, sudi 
H ooiutcioEiv, mcuviiJUNl icroaud^^lAii. lUv trijt^t 1 Ijud, mu 
betnuaiDi; to be tL^rc^ ajul by miditiotud cxpcrimchts auskt 
be corr(<1«d aTi*:1 hidefiniu^ly ^xU'iidi^d." 

Thou from fmrc^rry d*¥« ihp ntwrng prtnn^ itoblor venltb; 
tlitiii in the d<4litutLQii nf tli« wild drwrt doc4 oar youn^ f a^' 
tnud gkV|uiro for bimftt^lf tbn hi|-hnit of oU poiW'MioTU, tbftt 
ol SeUOifldp. N«verih<.'lvfts a d^-a^^rc tLii vtm, vMto, and 
bowling m'ltli mr^^ itiotiMl^r^ IVLfi-lAdrockb givetf 00 luu^ 
difrtteilji of liift " f<:TTr-]iAir>xy]imA of DoiiU ; '' Li» InquirieB om- 
oenilug liifaolMy tuid thr Ev^idrnorit of rplijn^ue FA-ith; And 
bow "in thm (ibct ni^fht-vuT^liHt. vtill <ijulc4>r in h'vt hatal 
UiBa orer «ky ftiid tuirth, h^ b^u L-;tHt UiuiMrif iH-furt- Uie AU- 
BDOin^i utd vntb iLiLditd« i^raytra cried vvJi«iDCotly fcr Li^liti 
for do-Iif^ranoo from DeatU and tbe Gr^?& >ot till aft«r long 
3Kan^ find unqirakflhlv s^^nifu^ did thp belit^ving b^ftrt nr^ 
reniLor; nink into rpdl'lKJUiLd nlf^rp, iin<lrr tbp idi-litmnrr, Ud- 
belief J aadf in thin bftfc-riddco dr^'^uo. miriikke G^mI^s fair livins 

Ckur. m 



worlil for a paI1irl> wont IlmJi^n ahiI Pitinrt Pftnil^'munium. 
But throDffh siidi I*vjpitory pain," (xJiiiinipA lii^ ■'it ifc aj^ 
pointisi u« to pa^} tint must the de^ui Luttur o£ KcUjEion 
owu'iU^lf <lf^t, ftni^ drnp pii»nf»m«al inio dual, iC tltn Iiviug 
Spiiit of Rtrli^iiin, frtcd frum thift in clkibni(^-bi>ude, it* Ui ftcim* 
on oa, ii«w-lx>ni of HoftvuD, and with ncv bcolin^ under ito 

To which rnrgiitf>ry pHiTtHr jttwmingl)" wvnm ^nongh, If w<j 
ndti a lih<*ml Tu(^A*ur« of GarlMy lUatreAAai^ wuLit iif jir^:l.ic&l 

iijiuice, mnt of bjmp&thy, w^&t of tacuej, woiit i>f ho^fc; 

d ftU thU in the i^nrid «aiaon of youth, eo oxu^^rutcd in 
TiriBgtiiiD^, 90 boHiiii1''<i* in di^sirfK, y^t hptii no poor in ni*aii>, 
— do we »ot ser ft MiT^nt; inripiritt ,ipiritopprcwfid aui.1 over* 
loadod frtnn without jind from withiut the 6re of gcuia« «tnLJ^ 
^liBf^ up among fut'l-wood of th« ^^^nest, and ce yet with 
mon« (if IjiMrr v^fxH' Ui£(,u of df!iar Haiurr? 

Firom Tiriuiia fia^'uieiit« of Lt-ttt^rs ;uiJ other dooumentoiy 
scraps. It ifl to bo Likrrod Ihat Teufclfidrockh, Uolartcd, «hj, 
mtiriog All h^ tra*, hud not alt<)grther e^eap^d nolioe: certain 
EHLOibliAhifd mm nir iiw;ir(' nf hii rxislrtirr; ^nd, if FtrRtj^Mng 
out DO h«Ipfui hAud, bare a.t \tnst their r.yvA on him, lli' »]>■ 
peai8| tbovgb ID droary oaou^h humor, to he wldrftminfi him* 
Brtlf to thn PK>f<*«^on of Law; — wh*?rpofj iudjiXHif tho world 
ha.1 .limv sn^n him a public gr;iiluati\ But niulttiiig Lhe8e 
broki^ii, ui^aatiafBctory thmiDff of Fj:vnomical TvUtpion. let ui 
]jrff8Bnt mth^r the following fimzLll threud of Moral Telntioaj 
and thflrftwit.h, ihn rpiulpr for himsfllf weaving it in at tb^i 
riffht pUofi, coacludc our dim arras-picturo of these Uuivcrsily 

"H«» also it was that ( fiiniied ucquAmtanm with lU-rr 
TowgDOdf or, ik« it ia iJ-^rbai* l>etlHi wnll^Bj Herr ToughfTiit ; 
ftjOUDff p«T*onof qUAlity<t-iyii Ati^}. from iLe interior pirta of 
England. Ilu tftood coruK^ilMi, by blood and boepitAlity> with 
(he Counts von Zubd^rm. tii ihi& quarter of G«ruiariy ; to whioh 
aotla Fiuiiil) I Ukt^wiae w^u, hjr lu-i iue;iiw, wiUi uU frieud- 
iiDOiBt brought lcqt- Towi^ood h&d a fair talirut, imspoah^ 
bly ill^TUltivatod ; with const df^rabl^ humor of diaroioter: Mid, 
ItttinQ his totaJ ignonuic^, for ho kn^^w nothing oxovpt Boxing 



Dmi« n. 

and A liUIft GranunBn tliowcd loiA of that «ri«tooTAtia imf^oMiT* 
Ity, ttOil t^l^ni fury, thiUi for moht part b*»k>Ti[^ tc Trftvolt^rs of 
lu« aadoiu Tu luju I uivi? my lirtil praclit^ kiiciwlMign of ths 
Kikxlisb and tbcir v&ya ; iH;rtuL|;6 alBo doiBvUiin^ oX the ptt* 
tbUitj with vliiirh 1 haxv evor sinoe iv^^ird^id thftl siDguki- jj^^ 
jAe. TowgikMj was iwt ■'ithutit an I'yn, entild bo harr rntnp al 
tuiy U^Iit. lurikd doulitlr^K by the prrscnct* of tbr Z&bdarm 
inuiuJ>, bo bad lravcji«td bitbar. in tht^ aJjooet fmulio fa^pe of 
|t«rf»oticg bis ntn^U^s ; b^, whose sCvidiee bad ^lb yH been tliOM 
of iiifiuicy, biLbrT Ui » tfnivLTriiJty wbcitv wi miu^h a» t\ut notioil 
ol pefiiectioci, not bg oity thr effort after it, Eic LoD^r «mtvd! 
Oft«a we would condole uver tbo hard deBtiuy of tbc Vovn^ in 
U>l9 era: bow, &r^ all our todi, w« wet^ to be tuned out iato 
tire world, witb bpardi on oar diina iDdeml, but witb ie>v oibvr 
attributiM of manhood ; no <ixintici|i thing ibAt wc wgro traui«d 
tc Aot ou, Dotbu^g that w« «oudd au uiuvii u JitliuPe. ^ tlow 
btti our httd on rh^ outaide a [lolished H^t^' wotUd Towgood 
f^icUtiu* 'aud in tie iuaide VacQucjr, or a frt^th uf Votgilileji 
and Attomoy-LoKic ! At a BTotiXl cc«t men arc fMlucakd to 
uako luatber into sdtooi; but nt a grvat ccutt, wbs^t ua 1 odu- 
cated to m;dEe? By Hkatcii, Brutbt-r ! wbiLl I haift iiJn-wly 
eaten and wonv ^^ ^ came tba» fari wuiUd uuduw ^ couAiUet" 
aUe Hoflpit&I of Incurublee/ — ' Man, indeed*' 1 woxUd an«wer, 
'ka» a Dig««tivc F:ioidty, which murt ba Wpt worlting, wpw 
it AVi»n pflTtly by ntPAltK, Bnt wi fnr mir Hit^dtirniinti, tnaXit^ 
not bod worse f wa«te not tho time yrb ount, is tmapling oa 
tbiatlee beeaune they have yielded uti ao fi^^ /Hx^ mi, ifrv- 
«to/ Here are BoolUf and we hav« braina to Kiad tbeai ; here 
in n wholr dirth :uid a who1« HrawNi^ aad wv bjiV9 fryu te 
look on th4:-in: FnjirA xuf 

"Oft^Q aleo our talk was gay t not witb^t bhUiaiifiy, and 
pvpn An*, Wn lookpil out on I.Up. with its tttanfeeoatfoldiBg^ 
wbvp: all at once hai loijuinfl daij<x^, ciud in4'u an teheaded and 
quan«rod: motkyp&otuJtt^Tnhcinutboaapcot; but we Look^ 
on it like brare youib*. Fcr n^yiclf, UiOM» were porbA{>« tny 
niiiii ^ntnl boiir«, T'lWArd* thU young v^nL-beaTted, itronjj- 
Leikd'vl and wrotiti-hcrttW Hpit Towgood [ was «rvea new 
ttxperienaaag Ike now cbeolcto senbiueiit ol Fno&dthip. Yea, 

©■AT- TT. 



ftwlbb ffcgdliffii thnt T wvlh T fp}t; thnt^ under c«rt^a ooDtfi- 
Ileo0f I oouM lubTo IoT«d thiff ruAn, <isd tek«ii him tf> mj boeom, 
lad beeo bia brother oimw ud mlw&yu. Hj d«|prcr8» boireT^t, 
r iniHpT«bxi(l thfl nev tim^ uid lu wutu. If itum'st Soul ie 
mdci^> u ia Uie Fiimiflh Lun^na^ ftud DtiUtiu'izui FliiliiM]|i}iir, 
ft ktDd of 2S09maf^, vhat ^l«o U the tnc lucAnin^ i?f E^piriciol 
Unkm bat an BaU&£; Mgfthcr? Tbux wp, itiirtf^jul of Kri«iiidet 
Mtt r>mBPi^^<!!«tii ; and lieiv &s eb^whvre buTu cast Siwaj 

to e&ik, ftbnpOf m is umuJ, ud enif matic^Uj^ this iittld 
Jndpl^Dt TOnjaofi*. What bonccforth bocoin«s of the bravo 
Ilcrr Tow^j-ood, ar Tou^ligul? Hi* San divwl iindor, in tlio 
AT>U>(infcrapbiaLt Chikf:^, aal swim» we se** not vhprp- Doei 
anj foador " in tbc mUnct ports oi England ** know of eucb » 
man ? 


orrrrHQ undkr tmt. 

[■^Tnm oeTortkekn," vrilca cur Autofnognphsr, apfwrcntlj 
qiiiltinf Cc^OK^ *■ waa there roaiiw^ Som«^bat i nam^lj. I, 
INogtnofl TrafoUdMckb : ft vinibla TfitnporJLry I^^im {Z^thUd}, 
ocmipjiBg aoiikn cuhii^ fiMt of !4|iuoi7, ami miuUiitiitif^ nitbio it 
Poratts both pbrsio^ Aud trpmlual i kopea^ pajaioiut, thougbta j 
the whole wtiodM«0 funaitim* in moro ot Jess p«rleotiOB| bo- 
loEi^iog Ui thftt nyKtory, a Hao. O&palulitita tbora wtra ia 
mic lo gSTC bdttlr, iti mjiuc ^afaIl dr^^n^^ agaiiint ttic grrat Kin- 
|«re of DavkiH*ft3: ilwa cot tbi' vcrj Wtokflr w»d IWrPr, with 
hu •podfi^ eziiD^Uh txiany a thistle and pnddle ; and ao Ikito 
H Uttln I InW. wbitrr hr fniTrid thn oppci«it4i ? Najr vcmr rrry 
IJajr«iotli baa capaliilitirti in this kind ; and over orsaniaea 
sooeChlng (bto lU uwn Bodj, il do othetwiae), which ^rm 
bgfoT^ luofgADic; «nd of miitn dva/l nir mnlcfta living mimCf 
Uungh ottly of thr fnintrHt, 1j>- Lammicg- 
■■ Uoir iini«h moro. one wboae capftbiiltiu are apiritual i rho 




floov n. 

IttH leameil, or bogun learuiiic, tlic gr^uul thaunratQfi^ic art 
ot ThoUKht ! TbAumAtur^o 1 n&JDe it ; for hiUi^rto aJI Mirn- 
olo» have boQu wrought thereby, and henoeforth innucenibio 
will b« vToughn^ vh^n^of trn, vwn m thew da^ iirilii«M 
iiuime. Of thv TocitV and Proplict^s iiupiinl Mesft&^> aud Uvw 
it inxhcv And miumki'A wliL>li; wOTldd, I shall forbear mcittioii : 
tiut luuuiut Cliv dullest heu* Steam-engLii«« olimkiug voawl 
hlmV Ha^ he noC> seitD tb« Scottish RrnsS'flmith'H Ihica (ajid 
thiB bux a nir^IkAaLeai one) traTcUing on tirr^«^ng« round tb« 
Qipo, uid ncrutta two Ooeana ; ^ut-l stru[igi>T thun any other 
Encbanter'a Kaniiliar, on nl1 han^U unv^arLedljr fetching aud 
oafrj'lug : Atliorue, ootonty vrrnriiiG Clotb; but r&pidlj cuou^ 
orcrtamin^ the vtholc old ayatem of Sooitity ; ftnd, for Fen- 
dAliun u)d I'rvai^rvjiUun of th« Qftmo, pKpariug u», by iudiroct 
but sut« mftbods, liidiutrialism and th«t GoT^mme^t of th« 
Wi»t«t? TnUy a ThiukinK Kan U thn wm-At enemy the 
Prinoo of DorkooM con hare ; orcry timr nuch a nnc announcvn 
hSnisiJlf] I doubt not, U»>*re mua a alitiJdor throu^b thp Ni>tber 
Emiitrtf ; aiid uew Euii^sariett ar« ItiLiiieil. will] iifw Urtirji, to, 
if possible, cntmp htTUt r^nd hoodwink and handctiff hbu. 

"With luoJi hif^ rodiiion luul 1 too, ot^ douizon of the 
Universe, been culled. Unbujipy it U. h^iwoypr^ tliat tbovglt 
bora to tb,« an)ple»t Sarei^iL^uty. in thb wuy, irith in> li^f^s than 
•ovflrciKn liicht of Poacft aid War ttsalnst tlic Timo-IViucc 
{Z*Uptra), ar D*^vil^ and all ht« nominioitB, jour ooronation- 
cenrmuny i^uHtn tiut^li tmubli^ your nt^iTptni \% m ditfJcult to gee 
at, or Of on to ifrt vye on I " 

iiy vrhioh Lut winslmwn similitude dof« IVmfclAdKkkh 
fticiui no mort^ thjiii thnt yoiuig m^n find obi4lacl«H iu what wo 
call ^' geltiuif uiider way '' r " Not what I Haw/' t'ontimif ai hr, 
" but whnt I I>o is my Ktnj^lom. To each i» fi^'^^ * ufrtab 
iiiward Taltjnt, > ^f^rtiiin oiiiward EtiviroDineeit of Fortano ; to 
v^\ ly wtHeAl i.'onibiti^iniiik c^f ttu-ju^ two, a certain mudrnmn 
of Capability. But the hanlfiat proMetn were ervei this Itntt: 
To flDil by sivdy of y<njrwlf, and of the ffPDinid you eland on, 
what yi)«r(*nmbin<*'l inward and nutwarr] Ca|>ability njwcially ta. 
P^. alvc, mil Tovii-ijir huuI b all budilinK with CapaldHtiMi, nnd 
wa aoo not yet which ;s the* maiti and true onc^ Always too 

omv^ nr. 


ikp ii«w m:ip ii in a new tiiriL-. iuu1i*r now eonditioas; tin 
eoufiBe GUI te {ha/iifi»gimUcoi uv prior uitOtWt ia by iln iiirt«irv 
ongin&L And Utea bow seldom will tbo ootvud OftpfefaUitj 
fit tlM iQVftrd: tlioiif[b UJiTiitftJ woiKbtrfultv cmou^h, we are 

aH, wn afc rouliah. TbiLi. ill & whole liabrv^jo cf (.^^pfttrilitif*, 
we p> Btii[ri(lly ^n^piiij^ obontf to irropi? wLioh \a outv, ftnd oEten 
clnlcb i)if» wmti^ 0110 ^ in thU tiuuJ vrni-k miur fi«v«ntl j'Wirt of 
<Mir uiuJl t/-nu br «jiRLit, tilJ thf* iiiirtiHT^il VimiiIi, by pmrtic^ 
acquire n'jUviut of diatmcy, lutii ivcutui: n itrriag Hun. Nay, 
Butiy oo ip^U their wWv tura, ^od lu er«rii«w ejcjitfctution, 

Utd frOOl Aliic t^] »L«k: til) Itt lr)kinlt< AA fXiVL^kCTftttl) ftjiplJEl^ 

of thrwrneort^^oiti'ten. tkcy Abift into tbeir k«t vntrjpriftr?. tbiit 
of R«Uin^ bunotL 

"Sifeirii, viQCH tlw inoift of UB Air^ too ojibtfialinic, wotOd be 
IUq ^&er&l fftlCE wrtD it &ul Ui^t ini« Umig saves qb: rmr 
Uiuiecr. For on Utia grouud. as tbt- prompt natai« o* Huoger 
b veil kno^cit, mnst a |>rou]|^t oboio^ bo madi* ; )i»ixoii> have we, 
witli vm funwiirhT^ TnHflntiirw arid Apjin»nli.Vfi>iip^ ftir out 
icralloia] jfiuug j wtitmby. in ilur bt-uBUTi^ the ra^ie Duivrr> 
ftali^ of A Iklan eli&U fuid litmdolf Teady-DDouldorl into u sptciBo 
Cnftaoian; aihI to tlifino^forr.h wnrk. with umcih or witli little 
vuite of Otp^bitity as tl mny bn; yrt not witik th<- wnmt 
w:i*h?, Ibftt iir Uran. Kay etini Ui cuttrnt NpiriUinl dnfo t}w 
ffpijitnal nrtitt too ia fH^m blinil. and iWn itr»t !ikc crrtaiD 
ctlur or«Unrfi», r^^ive aig'fit in nin« day^, l*ut Eui Uter, iom»< 
timra lutTvir, — \a it not w#11 ^hat ihi^n «Tiou1d bi^ what w? <*a11 
I^vnfRSiiocw, or nmid-ntuiiim {BrtfiUM^Jiv). |irv;Htj)oinl«d n»7 
Here, cir.-Hug liko tbL^ K^n^'i^'i''^ for whoia partial or totiU 
blisdaras la no «vil, ibe Krvad prtint mil tmvc! coTiriyuUHny 
rmndsoid round, still fnjicylitg thatt it Is forwiitd atwl forward; 
ftod nnJiM mucb ; for himaelf victual ; foe tht- world an adtti* 
tiokfti honest powtr iti tho ifnuid cont-niill or |]fin|MiuU of 
SoODOnilie Sociuty. Var txn* tnc hwi nuch h IcwUn^-^tTlng b«Mi 
praviilod; oiily that It firot-i'd n iierk-liulttr, ami bnd nt|^ 
tbroCiM mf^, tilt T hr\>\r \t oft, Th«n, i» tbr wordu of 
Anncnfc Fivtol, did Uia world jpuurnllj lMi?omft ratn« oystm*, 



B«Hi ri. 

vhi-?h 1, hj strcnglli or coaning. vu to opnij, ju I would find 
oould. Aliuoftl hn^l I dMMJf^ (/iiMT taar i>A UTaff^Jcomtni-n), Ro 
obftliutttcl/ did it corLtiEtuu fthuV'* 

Wd seo boTft, fii^itlmntly foro^hftilowt^d, the spirit of muck 
tlkat vru to hviaH our Aut^bio^:ijihcr ■ tlia hutoriciil emlxkdi- 
munt of wtLuh.aA it painfull)' lahrs Hha|Mbi lib Lifo. tJo« ftatU 
tered, m dim diaaAtrous dcUils. Ihiou^ t1ii4 Bug Pute^ and 
thoe<? th.'Lt fellow. \ younji inan of hij^h uli<nt, ildiJ high Utoiigb 
•tiU Unijjx% liko "ii youiig eut^uIlh] colt, ■'btt?!ik* off liiii neck- 
bnJter/* ;iud bounds ioitb, from hia |M(;Li]i;ir uuuiger, into thfl 
wide worlds which, atoa, Lo fiudjj ull ri^^cnuly ftnocd in. 
BicliMC clover-fioldfl tfiript hi$ ey^f but to him tb«>y lue for- 
biddftn psutiiru '. iTitlmr pining in progtviwivn «tJimt>ir, h« 
muEit .itaJid; or, iu EUid rK.ui^riitioEi, u; null ts uitd fro, 
leapiufc" ;m;[Un»t flhL*t»r atoia<.'-iifalla, wJucU bo ciLiiuot loap over, 
wbi^'h t>nly lacerate atiii \aja^ him ; till at last, after tbouflaad 
attpmpt^ and (^ndurauce*, he, a* if hy iniratl*, plnar* hiii wny; 
not indeed iato luxnrJanl &ud liucurioua dortr, yet into a 
cortam borky wildJ'-mrsn whcrt? cxifEtrCTK^ct it stiU possible, and 
Freedom, though wnit£<L on by Scarcity, ia not wIlliOBt bwm^ 
new. Tr a word, THLifelmlrackh having thrown up Ida legal 
Profeiuion, findn hlnnteU wiUuiut Ifuidm^uk of ouC^Bfard gmd- 
ttuw ; wfht'rcby hia pivviuua want of doeidod Bcliof, or invriLrd 
gniitanc^. \a frightfully aggravatod. Nucowity urgea htm cd ; 
Tinip will not Btop^ nnithpr tMin ?if*, n fiou of Time ; wrild pas- 
tnoa% vritbont soUccTiJicttt. wild fKCultina without r^imploymo&t, 
over rt^x md a^ptdtft him. lio too must cnjurt that rt«m 
Monodronia, yo Object aad no H^ft ; niu^t front its •ucoeBAivo 
destlDies, work through to ita oataatropbi^ vid deduce thei«> 
&OEa what moml be cail 

V«t let uft bo juiit to him, lirt u* cidmit that 1ki< "hm^ 
halter '* sat nowui^ oaiy on Uim ; thiit h^ vaA in miinf ilvgms 
forced to hrtuK ttuff, Ef wtf look ttl the young mmi'a ario 
po«itioD, iu thla Kamel«ae cnpltftl, a4 hr i7ULrrg»4 from its 
NaiQioloM Uiiivoi^ty, w<r con ducorn ^^M that it waK fur 
fnun e^ivitilJ". Him fiwt TitiW'CxiUritcuitioQ he hu.i ouoiis 
thn>ngh triumphantly ; md Ciwi even IxKWt that tho Eram^A 
Si^orontm need not bftvo frigbt^nod him : but though be ia 

(^kP. IT. 



Tt»r« 16 n<^Xt to no cmplgynM^tt to br lud, Kealh^r, for ft 
youth without oocuuxtionfi, iu tbu proccu of Kxpvctation rorj 
hopofxil ia iCneU; tier for wm of hb dupoiiticm luueh eh*«Md 
Triim iiiUi]>uL ^Mjr fvlkv AuscuUMotb,* he n^^ -wem 
AuauuIUiora ', thoj dttAtmdf and diflMbo^ uid tiJkcil ^rticulat* 
worda; othn? Ttlalitr >bfrved tbay ftlmoat nono. Ssn^l npcov- 
Ifttiim io tliofte fyfB. fhat thejr did ^ue willia! 1 f^rks* nuiUirr 
for Uk) hif;b nor fur Llie dcefv dot for au^lit liunuui or diviue, 
nv« uulj for Uio faintest scent of comiDff PrcforuMDt^" In 
ivfaioh votdai, indkcitiiig a total VAtrm^numt <rm thv piirt of 
TiTufrlwIt^Hkb. tii;iy [.Uer» nut ^Uno lurk U^wa cif u bitb^rttnn 
Aa frtm wouudod tuiuiy ? Doubtiou tlMoe pnosftb Aasrull^ 
tors Di&y hav* enifind aX him, witU hu fftnnfco my§ ; and triad 
to kMXt^ uid vhAt wiu muiih mifTo imptuDtille, tc dfupaKe hiia. 
Frieuiily ix>iuiua[uuii, la. uty lUUMr Lhcns ouuld nut bt : ^Ureadj 
iuB the youjiif TciifchM^rikkh left l\xs olljtrr youji^ i^ttOMt 
ftUil awiius ^pju-l, thotif{U iu y«t uncertain whether he him«oU 
b c^goAL or gosling, 

Pf^fhapn, to(\ nhiU little rmploymcnt h<? hod wiu pcrfonacd 
ilL xit beat uti|iloa«autiy. '-Urt-^ait piactiojd moUtod uid ex> 
Iitffluefti " he inay brag ot ; but ia there noc a^lso greu pnetioaJ 
pridi^, though doo[vliiJiJvu, fmly tho dcw^nti-ABrntod ? So shy 
a inniL i*an never huvc btx:& popular. Wo fiffuri* to outmItc*, 
hov tc thoM iiiyft ba mnv h^ve play^ stnnge fruoiu vith hto 
tndepp&dPikiWr a&d fto forth : da nnt his own vorda bPlokfTi m 
much T *' like a ver^ yonag person, I iicAffined it was with 
Work «kai«, ami not «l«o with ToUy mad tiin, in myvelf ud 
others, that 1 had Uren iijjpoiutvd to struggle." Ba thk aa it 
ma/, hla ]>ru]frvHt( fnim tk« [xuisivr^ AuaoultJitarahipv towante 
aoj active A«MHonihip, is fvld'^Qtly of th^ slowest Bj de- 
fr«c«v thocK? Euune MtAblisbed mon, onoo portin^Uy indio^'d to 
pMcouiae hiuit »eem to vtthtlraw their gouiiI«iuujlv, and i;i\-a 
liixn up aa '^ a laau of i^niuA ■ " a^aioat which jiroeedura ha^ in 
thoM Papers, loudly pirotCHts.. » As if," uya ha> '* the hifchoi 
did aot prMnfypoao tbe lov«r ; aif if he who eaii 0y into 
hfiSTPD, coulil tu'i tlMt walk post if h« r«t4(jliri?(1 on ll ! But tbo 
wodd ia an old woioan, and mistakes a^y pit farthing for ft 


8AirrOR 1£E3ABTU3- 

AooK IL 

gold ooia ; wbfiwb; Ving oftaa dieted, abe wUl thfinctfcrtb 

liow our iriiigijd skj-mcs^onRcr, luuooq^tcd lui a tcrteatriiJ 
ruiiuor, ooutriv^d, in tii© mouji whilt, to kvcp Liinwlf from 
flvmg skywMTi! witi^oiit tvlura^ ia m»t tuo clew Jtum ci*-^ 

the accac, pftrbope from the Uofth; othr* Horn of Vliratj, 
KfT €T*n ot Fftrtimtmy, nowhere flows for him ^ no tliat " t^«< 

pmxupt imlurti t'i Iluu^'er Uiu^ well kuowu/" we »rn not wiUi- 

duL our amietjr- Trviu private Tuitioti, in ucroj- jn^ xasuij 
lBii|fwL2C0 Jiad »ai«iioeflr thi^ ^d dcnvablu i« sniaU \ a^ithia, bo 
use litR own word*, "dint* iIjh ^'ouug AJvu&turrr lihberto «u»* 
|>Art in liimrieU any librntry sift ^ but at Iwct «ani4 br^ad'And' 
wutJ-x vrj4;ea, by Ilia ividc faculcy oi ImutUticm, Nuveitholoev.'' 
coutinuea ho, *-tbzit 1 ^ubsist^d la clears lor you tiiid me ov«n 
now alivi*-" WLirJi fin^t-, hnWLWi.*r, i'\ru[<t u^kjii the jirini'iplo 
o) nur tni»^hi-4rt,i-"d, kmd ulj PujVijjb, th<iL ' iLaru in ^wujrn life 
for A livinf one,** vo must profess ourselves imablc to oxi^lftin. 
Ortain Landlords' BilU, ^ml Mhtr oconc-mio Dootuuecits, 
bearUig the mark of Avtt.lemeiit, tnrlir^tA thai tie wn^ not 
witliout money; but^ like au iDd«T[]eDdi.Tnt l]<;arth-holder, if 
not Uouse-lioLdev. yoxi Iua vtLy. Here aIao occur, unonj: 
many others, two littk mutU&b^d Notos, which porhape throw 
ll^t on htn cQtkdition. The fir«t hu now no datpj or wr:t«r'jt 
n;um^ tml n hn^ Rhit.; siml nitis to this «(TiH't: "Tha (/7ut< 
Wa^j, ti*d JowTi W prrriouft promiru*, wtnnot, except by beeb 
ivUhes, lorwu-rd the Merr TeuleLed.Tb<;kli'» views on the AfiSM- 
tonhip in ijuPAtinn ; »ud bpoh him^f^lf under tlie cnit^l n^iOMcity 
of foibvftringr for bho prrmrLt, what wttrr nthrrwirio bin doty 
And joy, to oasM hi opouui^,' the carter f^r n. mxm of ^cniua, on 
whom frtf higher triUTnpTis are yet vaitLug "' The other is on 
gilt |m]>er; luid inurrvjitM nn likp a *orr of ppi»itnlruy mummy 
now d^iid, yet which oact ttr«d ibud b«nr1ir^nt]y workrd. Wo 
give it la the original : " lirrr Tt^f^MrHf^kA ttird von <ler ^Vaii 

Thua, in nn^wct to n cry for so^id puddinjf, whf?r«of thci^ 
!s thfl mosC urgent need, oomea, epigramnnktioally «noughf tbe 

Qur. nr. 



iiivitatioik to airsfit of r^Liitei (i^M AC^hf^it Tm/ How T«U' 
fclsdrCcUir now at atitul hiLniJ-^riiHt w'\\U Dt-tiiity LciT^lf^ mj^ 
hare couporUxt lumdi^lT uAODg thoEia Muedcftl aud Literary 
Dil^ttAuti ot botli ii^xt*ii, Ulte a lioiigry liuo inWled Ut & fcort 
of uhiduaiwccd, wu can uiJj i:uuj«t;lurt<. Tcrluijifl m trjcprv^- 
eive fiikocc, iu;d Ab«tin<'ai^ : otiiorvrbo if the Hou, iu bucli ua««i, 
ift to f<**t at all, il (laanot Ikj oa tbo cluL'kfmwrcfd, but only oD 
tha cbif^kfivK. Fi>r tht* r^st, u* thJa J<>au (irfcHnii dat^H (rgiD 
t]i0 Zahdartrk Ih-asc. aIm i^^iu iv no iitlit^r liimi Uli^ CirautP^H oiid 
BListrew or tbi: 8UQ0 ^ whufw iiitcLIcctUAl U-'udujiuirHr juid guixl- 
will to T9uf«Udnickh, wbetJiOT on the footing of He« Ti>w- 
joiidj oro!i hU nwti fncitiHg. ar« L<!r*W tit^tmfcKt. That scrau 
•art of ffilitiont indeed, coLtUiut^J, fmr ;i timt>, Ui (it>uiux-L iiiit 
AntobiograpUer, though pcrhApa feebly etioujch, with tliU noble 
Hoose. W9 biiv« eU««rb«ra exproM «Tidaao«- DoubtloM, U ba 
vx|MX7t<?d p&troij^Vj itp ww in vAin; imcnigb for htm if he licrro 
obtauwd occoAioual gliiupfits (jf tin? gn^iit worbl, Frum wldoli 
ir« M OHIO tiiiio f&DcioJ biiD t4> Imve bven lUvnLji t-xclvidi;d- 
'^Hie ZAJidonaft," ea^s h^, ''lived in th« Kofl, vumptuoufc giir- 
mtura of AriKtorrn^y ; whfivtn Litnnttnn* itmi Art, ntimrb^ii 
Uid attained fmm without, Wfic Ui arrvi^ jli thv hAucUomvnl 
flings. It w£ui to thu (gftddi^cn /Vau ^hvr Lodyohip) thtit 
tHie Utti^r tmprovt&ivtit w;ifi datr: &saiduotitJy ah^ gutli^red^ 
deiEtLTOiitily 8}it fitti<d oil, irbat friiij^iiiK v^ ^> l>*' hjuJ ^ 1sti>t 
vr cobirvb^ Et« tho pincc yioldi^d." Wa^ TDuf«Iddr<tdch tiloo» 
FriQ^, of bou or oobweb j or propDJiii^ to be aunh 7 " With 
hla Knf^lfinn {the Ooutit)/' ooDtinuee li^, " I have mora than 
one* bad tbo Looor to couverae ; diii^Oy on gtncrrai affaire, loid 
the wpoctof the worhl, which Lo, Uioujrh "aom ^aai niiddk 
lif^ vievLHl in no uufavomblu light ; fiudiug iudj>«dr f-'KUupt 
tba Ontrootiui; of Juiirtt»liHiiE (^h< atisBurottrfttie JoiimtttuifU), 
little tv desidcratft t^iereiu. On some (KiintA, as his S^^lft^n/t 
WAB ftot unchokrix*, I found it more plocMmt to keep lilctied* 
becid««, bbt uoi*uttttiou belni; that of OvLLing Land, Uwra 

uifllll be fai'tilliea iMlOUItb. fthii^h^ ttit BUpi;rItiiuoa for fticb USO^ 

vcTo Uttic icTflopcd ill him/' 

That to TcrufctMdr^kh the lUpcot of the vorld wu4 tiovise 
90 fiiuUl^A. :&ud ludiiy thiii|p« besides "tlie OutrooLiog of 


KAjnou k£sAKTrA. 


oon;«ture. With vkotbint; bnt ■ banwi Auftmiltdionihip from^ 
vitbociL iDd «o munv nmtiiLoaa thoughts And rUh«» ffom 
vitliiti, tiJH ]iuDttiuiti ^lui no twsj oEuv " Tlitt Utjiranw/' lie 
Bnje^ "wtta iw u nii^laj S^fhiux-Hddi^i vhioh I know »o littk 
ul, jvi must rocb), ot bo dov<iiiru(L In rttd itiubkib of utuEpoUt- 
nbW gmndi'iir, ynt ;lI«> in the blu^'kut-iu of d&Tkuv«A, wiu TUfi^ 
ta my toD-uufuTaUlie^ TliuUk'hli uiifoMittK iUi\I. A otmi^ 
oo&tnkdictiou Jat tb nic ; aurl 1 m t<^i kn<!w itot the aolutiMioi 
It; knew not that ipiiritLul niu«k< (.ixn upruijf only Itota du- 
tvinh wt in liiLnaoay ; thjti but for EvU thru- vmm nu (tciDil, 
M Tict^M^y h viqIjt fuMiblo trjr btbttlc/' 

** I bAr« hiuinl affinaod (euKly m jost)," flfa««rrvi ho oUe. 
wberB> "bj not unphilAntUroplf! p^nonji, thnt tt wen; & t««3 
irirf^»tB of hniitau liAppincni^ iTanld ikU ycunjf m«u Iium tht 
oifR of ninotccQ bo ooTcred and^T 6aiTd«. ^ roadercd otbec^ 
vruv inriaibio: mid ther^ ivtt lo lollcv Uiw Uwtul Btudie« 
and calUngn, till tliry I'ltu^ni^tidj iiAililf^ attd wiser, at Um age 
of twcitty'livc. Wiih vthich niassr^Ation, ;tt Ir^ aa coraiclcncd 
itt tho light i>f tt pnurtR'iU Acliif<ui<^> 1 nc<»l jwarwly oaj tkafc 1 
no^ri» ooinoide. N^pnh«*kw it it planiil*!}' urged thaL m 
yoiiiijf ladiea (^MlMrhrtt) iiir, to laankincl, imoisdy tbe mtMi 
ikLi^htful ui ^oeic ymn : ao jejuni; itcntlt^moa (GiAekw) do 
Uum lUt^a UKir miuiiJiutu of dtteataljolitT. ^^ucli ' gnvki 
^GteJt^i are they, atiJ f(xi)Uh p^urooks. UJd yot with ti»4) n 
mlturuua 1iuiii;vr fur indf-mdiil^iire ; mi I'lnttiuUr. nlMtrvp- 
orou0k vain-fflnrioun ; in All aobvoa^ «r> frowiard and >o fontud. 
>Jo uurtol^ii endeavor or ntbunmrnit will, \\x tho flm^lloati om- 
tftnC the ai8 y»L rtiivDdttiiVdriiig, tmiitlaimnff young fpantlvman ; 
bul hft could moke >t all jufi:tit«lv bcttrr, wrrv it imrt.hy rf 
him. lif* <*TCpyirbnv U thv moet uKJiA^cahk mAtt*r, «in)ple 
nft a quMtlon iu tht ]tn1owif'Thn>o ; mniUifkly your tACOtid ud 
Uiirvl tLtrm Uif^^Lbi^r diviilit llir prnLltu-t Ivy tJn> BrRt, nnd ynur 
f|UotkfliC will ho tine auAwet. — wkioh yoa are but an om if yon 
owinot oome ilc The booby bafi not yut louud ouU l-^j any 
Itls-lj tlut, do n/hat om* will, tlL«-ni u c^-w a oirsod fraction, 
ofb»ittt a tlrciiu^l rrpiuiXrt, and no not intrgcr qootioiat M> 
much at lo bo Chooglit of." 

Cur. IT. 



In vliioh panftfic doua cot thuro lie ah imptud oonfcMioa 
that ImdeUdiUckh tihiu^lf, b^idds inA outwud obtbrui^ticns, 
bad an mw^trd, Mttll givntrr, to cnnr^Tiij vich; naicely, » cm- 
taiu loxuporu?, foutbfnl, yet «tiL oiHictivo doian^femeat vl 
hood ? Aktfy on \Ui^ loriat-r side alimc, ku uwc wob hanl 
•aougb. "It cr>ntlnuea *T^f inie," aaya he, -'thJit Stttxiru, 
or Chronoa, or wliat w^ call Tiuk, devours all liiii Childn^n: 
only by inccssADt UuiuunKt by mcesfla&t WorkiuiEi m&y you 
(for iOi&9 thndicora-oLd'tuii joAraJ Moape hiiui wd you too 
ha dvTouTi at last. Can any Sortmign, or Holy Alliuica ol 
Huveivijpifi^ bid Timi; nlaud ,hUU ; mi^n in Uuitt^bl, edjaku th«in- 
velvca (rtt! of Timi.^? Oui whole ten^atrial being U bu^^d OQ 
Xuae. and built oJ Tka^; it is wholly a Movvamsut, a TimC" 
inpttlM ; Tim9 u th« author of it, the dat^nal of it. Heooe 
alio our Wholfi Duty, which U to muve, to work, ^ in ibe 
right direction. An not uur Bodies aitd our Souls Itx ccui- 
tiiiiuil ntu^'uiaiMit, whcthor wo will or not; ui a contiaual 
WaMt*-, requiring a coutinuiU Kepoir ? V tnioBt eatiaJaotion of 
oar wholn niitward and toward Wante were h»t aatiftfaction 
for a Bpa<]0 of Time ; thua. whaUo we baTv done, is done, aad 
for na oimthilatcd. and owir iDUAt vrc ffo and do anew. O Tudo- 
Sfjiritr bow hA«t thou «iiviroiiLHl and iropriioai^d tifi, and aunlt 
ua fto doap in thy troubluuH dim Time-ElcTmeBt, that unly in 
ladd iiiome«i1« can ao tmiob ^ yslimpaeo of'Our upper Azure 
Home bo rovcalod to ual Mo, however, mtt a Soti of Timef 
unhappi^r tban aota« otlicni, wo* Time tbrpatening to eat 
quitfi inTxmiiinil/ ; fur. nlrivH a^ I might* tlictc wua no good 
Etumiiiif^, eu ubjiti-uuted wao the path, ao icyvod wcri» the feet.*' 
Tliat ie to cnv, wn pr^nm^r upoaltiof^ in tbv dialoct of this 
tower worM, that T^ufnladtiWl:!*** whole duly and neoesstl^ 
waa, like uthrr innif*, " to work,— in the rifiht direction," vid 
that DO work wua to be had; whereby ho bnniuan wretefaed 
aiton^. Aft waa natural: with hag^sud Soar^ty thrt^ateninf- 
lum in tliA diHtitm^; luid so rthunipnt ^ suul lanKuiiihins in 
rwtlees inaction, and forced tbereby, like Sir Uudibraa'* «word 
by fuet, 

** To ml lulo itveir. Tor ]mA 
Of nuDUbliif; tlte tu hrm 4Jid bukf* 




Bat on the wholes that hw#< "^^vcrllent Pm^tUt," ita it Iioa 
iU ft]<f&|C dcme, in hem afpun nicoroiiniy Hr^^iri^hinp; ; in w-hicb 
cmnmcunoa may we mvc ttAve the l>r^*inutixg:i cif tniirli tha.t 
nuw i?tiJuaL*Ufrwa uux FiijffinKrr; untl |rrl]iL|u, tti fntnr raflv 
noita^Utc oHKiu «>^ ^« Ulotbctf-Plii1om>p)iy jtot-U? AJjrmlj 
tikeattitti^o hk*i);h£ uMfutDf-(4 towards tho World i^ loo dofoik- 
ttiw ; iut« JLH wmili! Iialtp U<<-n ilt^vlrmhli^, n tjold iittitttd« of 
HttiL'k. ''80 Tat Liliu-rto." h«^ auya. *'iv I lad mln^lwl with 
nuuikind, 1 WM notnUo, if for anrthitijc, for a certain stiDniTM 
of miuttu^, whicti. :m my frTni>iU ofl«n rebujdngly dccliu^ 
did hilt ill i^iprHK ilir Icppii luiloT of mjr r«9lingi. J, 1& tnUth^ 
rPsiLTiiod men with nu rxcrsu» both of lovx: luid of fov. The 
Biy«b>ry ot a ferwn. iitctmL in i-ver ilivinir tn him thnl Itaa % 
•eti»e for il»e llodlfch*'. Orieti, fiotvithitanding, wfta I Uninod, 
Hnil hvliftlf-fitraTiiier'ni haled, fur in^MM^aDed Haiti En<Aa ^fftf/te)^ 
mj tndiftentiitism towuda men ; smd the beeitibii:!)' tronJc toti« 
I hod adopted, oa tny favcritc cIl[i1«(;1 ui <rouvurajiiioiiH AIaa, 
tli0 panoidr of SuroaJta iroa but hx n liuoknuu onsr^ wberetn I 
bad ftlriven tcr etirf-lviji HEjrvir; Uiiit m» iut fivn ]>anr Pi-nF^n 
■i^hi Utv aafe tht-rr, and in all frtcpdlinpitt, bvinc no lonftr 
cnftspfnted by vounda, SaroBsm I now h>o to bo, in f^eDcral* 
tliP languaK^ of Ui« Dtfvil ; for which nmaoti I hare lott^ Uboe 
■a yijod » runouncod iL liut how m»iiy uidivuluaU did 1, 
ID thuw' duya. proi-ulttf iticv aomt df^:Tee of botvUIitj tlierttjl 
Ad iroiiii* iiiAu, wjtb hid hIj ttilliieAa, and amlNifi^Ading wajv, 
inor^ e^ciolly an itimif* yonn^ mnn^ fmm wtium it in Inuvt 
expected, ioaj be viowed w a prst k> aociclj. lltiTc vrr not 
aaen penooa of wciglit und natnt- comuLx frvwoid, with ^d- 
tl«K miUlereiKia^ to traad BQch a on« out ol aigbi, aa an in* 
flipilfiraiti^y aiid wnm, aurt ceiliuK-ltigh (liQlktHhoek\ and 
thebo« fall nbntti!rt<d «4id mipinep to bi^ home- home on ahat- 
Umt, n«t wialiDDt indignation, when h» pror«<d ulMjtrio and » 
tct^^do I " 

Alaa» liow can a idad with tbia doviliaLnoai of lenij^er luake 
wiiy for himMlf in Life; wbort tbo Hrxt proUlotD, ad Ton- 
JrU^lruckh Uhi admiU, ia -'to nniu- youi^eir with kodm ooi^r 
and wi'h Mnnevbat (^ioA fUiurearA/ic«na)*"* DlTision, ni^t 
luiioD, ia vriltvn on moat part of hia pmediar^. Lei 11s »dd 




too ILAtf in 00 great hn^zth yyf lut«, tha only important ooii< 
neotlon 1w haA ov^ suri^npclf^il in ftnnr-intE, hie ronn^don with 
tbR ZUlicliiriii Kimily^ xcTinn tu h^iVr ~ih-ih; ii;tri.l}j;nd, fcr iiU 
prnicticvl lu^^. by the deatlr of the "not ij'<c^u*cric ^' old Count. 
Tbii fivot Bbmtls reoordeil, quite uioidvikliLlly^ ui a^ oettam I>U- 
fnttrte on Kpifitphit, hiuMpA iiito thp |iiN*aft]it ftap -amnng so 
miioh rl^Ti nf whirh Kway thr Lrariiini^ aitd niHo-^'jt ppjirtnik 
tkiD trft more to bo Bpprored cf thiui the apirit. llib gi*ad 
f>rlii('lplB is, that lapidary iii&criptiona, ot what 0ott soevptp 
shottlit Ih4 inAliiho-hl ti4liii?f Umn LyrituiL " Py r^iie^tof thAlr 
irortJiy Noblookaa's flurrivor*,'* says be, " 1 undertook to coni- 
poHo bid Kpitaph; nud nnf* tinmindful of my own nilvft, pro- 
duo^ the follotrin^; »hii^h lionr^vQr, for :m ^k-^d defiX!t 
of Lfitinity. a d«fect nevier yet fully visible to myaelf, still 
maUDs iiiK^nirrFiVfin;" — wbemn, we may predict, there U 
more than tbu Latinity Uuit will surprise an ^ugliifh reiutor; 

me 9ktmt 


gtl DES lUI LDIi AltlEBAT, 

varu cmi 









\'-t^ToB lone year*," writes T«ifdUdffiokh, "had the poor 
H^br^w, in LhiH l^tji>t of mi AiucnttatonJiip, ptunfaUj lDiJ«4r 
baking LriidKS wlliumt sttibUle, befow pvef thr i|iMittiOQ one* 
fftnitk Kim wi^i vtitircf fc>rcie; Fbf vba?— >&iyii liimmtif 
For yoofi Acd Wftrmtnli ! And arc Kcfod adJ Mr'amtli Bovben 
dse* ki the whole wt4e Unrnmn, (iiAcc>V9rftbU> ? — Coom of U 
what mifilit, 1 TOAoWpil ui try." 

Thti» tt^en arc wo to ico him iu a q(»w iiul«pendeik£ oftpftci^, 
tliou^h [HTjbnpa far Iroia nii uaprt>vu<i ouo, 'Iuuti.l«lrCc^h U 
now ft lojin without I'r^fc^jiioii, Quitting the common Flovt 
of 1i^rrhig-tni«icri( nnd wli^iUrns wbt- rr indtwd bta liwwaitl. 1a^. 
K&rd Doadition wa« p^iinFul fMicm^h, tio dospentoly fttc«TB off, 
fin accmriir of hU nwn, hj ftfuWmt and compaBs of liia own. 
UiUuippy TeufeltfdrdckJil Though neither Fleet, nor TralBo, 
Ikor Cuuiniodorwi p1«aMi] thee^ etill wa« it not a Fie^ sculin^ 
ia preecriWd trv^k. for fixed objocOi above dil* in ooubinj^tion. 
vhcrcaa, \>y niutnal ^xiiiUnoo, hy all maaner of locuu an<l bi^- 
rowingt, vadi ciouH moDifoldl^ aid the otbi^r ? Hov wLlt thoii 
sail iu uuknuVD iwhih; and for tJiywIf tuid th:iL hLtJrler NorUi- 
wen PuMCO to thjr fair Spioe-oountry of a Siowhcrc? — A 
Aolitarj rowr, on such a voya^ with audi nautical uiciics, 
will meet with ulrpntum. Naj, a8 we fortljwith discover, a 
ocrtain Caljpno-LiUnd «l(taiii9 him at th<^ very oui«^t ; ttaii w 
iC tnoQ faiftUi«a and ovefMti^ hvt whuLo nrkaum^- 

«If In youth, "^ writvt h« onco. ''the I'tiiTerse U majesdoally 
VLBTeUin^i and cv«rywUrTi-tf He^vien tevealiu^ itflctf oo Earth, 
nowboro to th« Younc M^n dooe ihia HcaTcn on Earth »o ica- 
modlntely rov«al itself as la tho Tonng HaidML Stran^ly 
enouj;hr in thia htnuigt }itv of cmr^ it has b(!<<n lo uppoint^rJ. 
Od fch» whole, as 1 haro offc^n said, a Perjoii (PtrsSttiiehA^) 

Quru V. 




ia orp-t hoTjr to tis ; & c«rtiun rirthixii^i AnthropnniorpliistB cocl- 
Qtcto xny M* thik &U THj^u in btmds of Love ; Wl it is bi tbiA 

a fl&me. 1« Utc pit^fallcut mortal Persuu* Lluuk yuu, imliT^ 
f«ri>tit to n« ? Id it not mthcr ouf hconfctt wisli to he uiftde 
on« «4tii hiiu ; to unite hiiii to ua. bi,- f-mtitndo, hy odmintioD, 
ewb liy fear; or failiEig aII tlif«4-. iiiiitiT irarjvlvnt to him ? 
Bu; how much more, io thia cam of Ulc Like-UolikeJ Hoic 
U c<n««dod an th« bigtior mytuc poMibilit^ of voeh * imioii, 
thft lugboft in OUT Kartli ; tJiiu. in thu conducting nwdiua of 
FauUfljr. lUiBCB forlh cliLit ^/SnvJe^TrUjpnuiril of Llin uniTrncn] 
Spiritual Electricity, wbic^, na onfoldod bet:wo«^ii cuu and 
iPAtnftn. vn first AmphAticoJly iloiiomin&t« Lotibl 

■^ Ib c-vrrr wt-ll-conditifiniwl utrlplixig^ ai I oonj^ctan^ tfaom 
already Uoodie a ccrUuD protpeutivc I^ftnuliIM;, cLcercd hy nomc 
ffurcatBtv; tuir, in the atrktotj TustaB, and flowero^ nud fvUuco 
oi tbut Gar4l«ii. ii a IVe of Rnowledge, bountitul oiid aurfni 
In the midst fhewnf, wnntin^. Pnphapa too thn whole is but 
the lovelier, if Chcrvibim atii] a Pliuiiine Svor^ diride i( from 
oil f6ot«t9pe of mi;n; nxid K^^int him^ the imaKioatiw Rtripii&it, 
only tlio vio% not Uk« eutnooe. Happy i«aaoa ol virtuoua 
^(.ttith, wbeti iliuue rs 4ti11 an inipiwsftble cBWtia} barrier ; and 
theftacr«daii-citiefl of Hop^ hart not shrank into iha mmn 
'^lay h^imUtu of IUaU^; and man, by hia nature, U jot bdiaitc 
uml fwy.' T 

"Ab for <iur youn^ Fotlunu" contiDmii Toufdadr^okli, ovi- 
dcntly nkuiun^ bimMU, " in bU Rc^-ludcd wuy of lifv^aod with 
htii Kt<^>MT ^ata»y. tbu more &>ry ilui U burnt undor cover, 
sa ill a n*Tnrbi^raT:u^ ftirjuin-, liiH fei-1in(» towinls tbe Queens 
Lif thli} l^rth vru. aod ind^Al i», oltovf^cr luupcakablo. 
A viaibte Divinity dvmlt in thon;; to c/at jounff Friond all 
wntn^n «ori^ lioly, won* bk^renly- Aa j^ hf bul saw tbem 
tliUin^ p^t^ in tlirir m]U]>*uulurml tui^-bl-pluuLjL)^; tn howiio^ 
mate and inooottfeiUo on tho outskirU of Ji^heik Tc^: oU of 
air they v^r^ all ^^1 nnd Form; to tovoly^ like myaterUntt 
priMtQ9»*«, in whoKo biinil vuv tb^ lurialbl^ JaooV»-ladder, 
wlim^by tnan might lo^juiit tiito rcry Hcavoo. lltat hr« osf 



Book 1L 

poor "Frifliul, altould ex^r win fof hiuiaelf ooe ol th«w Gt»oiw 
fill* (//o/iJm) — JM f^r/ bow ciruM ho Lope U; shmilJ )m 
tiot liavo died uador it ? Xii^ro ww a corteic dclirioua Tertigo 
ill th« tiiwght- 

'^TIjii* w:li tW ytiiing iniui, It iCiX-M'vpiU:a\ of Di-mimji and 
i\ngal9 Bticli Id the- vulgar h^d ^nce bt^IicT«d in, m-T^«u 
not unviaitcd hy Iio«ta oE trao Sky-bom, wlio virdbly and AUi- 
fliht/ hfnrrrpd rotiiut him wlien*sw*-vj^r he wi*«t; and thay had 
th«t rvtif^uua wi>Tahi|> in bin Uiou^hti though ju yt-i it 4'>ui by 
their miero cnrthly and trivial [lomo that ho nniae-d theia^ Bui 
now, if on n »oal «o criruuiEtHtimcuil, some ax^txial Air'aiaidon, 
itiRorptintrd Intu UuigiUlilj imd n^^Uly, nhaLitJ mist atiy dno- 
tric i;biico of kind ejee, saying thereby, *Thinx Ux> luayr.nt 
low nnd be loTod ; ' and so kLndU him, — gc-od H<^a74>n, vbat 
a voleaiiij^^ carthquftkr'bringiiig, all-onnHmnto^ dtvi wont prob- 
alily kiultcfd!" 

Such a £rCr it ftfterwiLrdd appeiLTAi did aHu;illy buritt forth, 
with ^xploeioiu more or I^rs Veeurian, io thu innar man of 
K*»rr l>iogHnr« ; iu« indiv-d hrw rnnid it fail ? A rmtOT^, which, 
ilk his Cfwa figurative atylu, vrtt might aay, bad now not ai little 
carbonicod tindor, of Irrilahilily ; wslh ao nmcJi nitre of Jotcnt 
PaaaioQ, a^nd ^iilphiiroofl Hiiiaor vnooighi the whole lying ia 
suflh hot rn'i);MioThooil, I'lcNP by "a rpTfTrbvratliig fnmaco of 
Ptwitnfly : " hftvr wc not hen* thr oompi>ncnt« of dricjit Qun- 
powdor, reiidj, ou oct»a«t<>a ol tht' aituvlitwt vpartu I© hliwu uji 7 
Neither, (d tbla oaf Liff^lem^nt, are Hparks ikny wh^re wontiug. 
Without doubt, iome An^l, whereof ao luauy hovenMl ruuiiO* 
■would one day, Icarinf: *'tho outskirts of ^K^fAwtr Tff«." tlit 
BigbfiTi and, by eJeotrio Prometlivan gltineu, ki&dU no dv^ 
pi«iMfl firework. Hepjiy, If it iudi-t^ jtrnvnl » Vii'ewark. and 
flamed off rocUet-wiw, in aiicc^aaire beautiful iursta uf »])teti- 
dor, tacAi (pijwio^ nahimlfy from Ihf other, through the flcv- 
enl fltagea of a hup^j Youthful Low; till tlic whot4> w«>ro 
ftafbl> burnt out ; aiul ihv young aiuul n^liv-ird with liLt!r dam- 
agv] Ha|}p7. if it i^lid not ratli«r prove a Coufiaf^ion lutid 
nuul ExplofiioD ; painfully taf^oratiii^ th« h^art itof^Lf s aay pvr- 
ha|M biintinf* Oa^ Imnrt in p\rav Cwhit^h w»n> DfOth)^ t>j at 
be«t, banting the thin waUa of youi "neTerberatinff fuinace.*' 

Catr, T. 



K> Uint it m^e^ thWLo«f€Tth aH unoheoked amoD^ tlM eootigiw 
OttN cox&btutib^M (which wcr? Mikdii«M): tiU of Ui9 so Ur 
and ouuuXoId mtenial ircrld of our DioKen««t tliero renuunod 
Nothings or onlj thi? " cmur of an exduct i'uAu^iuo '* 1 

F^om £iiiilci£arLoa» Duciuucutfe in lLv* Du^' t^upmcrrMtf. uod 
tQ tbc ^jAi^flDt ones OD both •»!«• thereof, it bccoiiicA maQk- 
iMt UiAt ovir pJiiloMophBr, at ttoiojil uui vnu^ u ho now 
looks, wa« liie^rttly and c>vBn fraiitifAlly in hc\fi- here Ut^nv 
fora mft^ OUT o^lii doubta vrhrtbor hU heart were of Atone or ol 
flflah ifivc wuy. Hi> iovud onoo ^ uoi wiHjly but too wcIL And 
o>i«« onlj : for as your CougT«t« nrotb a uew uoju* or vrnf {ngo 
fur ernry ui-w tuck^l> At> L-aitih hiumLti Lieiirt niau {m>tHn1y rxhiiid^ 
but ono h^v%\ if k'lTcn oa^ ; the " FiiBl L-^vr wliich it. iuiuiLt« ^ 
can bo foUowixi b^'noiicioond lik« unto it. In moro rmnnt 
yaUB, MUordiDgly. ttm EdtUir uf tliote Sheeiit u-hb ted to MtfTQird 
TeufelbdroclUi iu u iuau not only who would aettt wod, Imt 
who would ui'vr^r ovcm flirt; whom th^ irnrnd'tihuLa^t^r^t: ilwilf, 
ftfid Sl Mtirtt/i's Sumtn^j' of incipient lAitage, wotvM urovn 
Willi mi nt.w Tnyrtlr^Lrinnd. Ttt thi* l*rnfp«sor, womfm are 
bMuoeforlh Pioota of Art; of CclcBbtal Att, iudrodi which 
oalastia] pieow he glorhee to aurvey In euUciiM. but has lo«t 
thought of purchwng. 

Pttychologim) rrr;idrtK isn nnt without ciirionly to set' how 
TraXolidrSekhT iu thtd for Imn uncxunpled pmUcunKMit, do- 
Mtttw hiTOMlf} with «-hat Bpociattiofi of BuoeesHiv? Esunfi^ 
TWtinn, Bpl^ndor anrl color, hU Firowork biflwif off ^luolL «• 
osuaU U the Mtistfictioii Ihot such can mc«t with Lerc. From 
otnid thn»« confiuod ebjumka of ISuloRy a&d £ic}:y, with thoar 
mad Pelr^ivhau and Wert<f«flJi w« Jyiug naudly Kuttirrod 
M&DBg all eorts of i^uile eitrane<ous matter, [lot bo mu^h su tivr 
£wr ooe^ modo cwi he. rleciphfred. For* without douht. the 
Citlo Htumiit^t wliarohy nho vt hfiro drsiKnnrod, aod wLioh mflvM 
Aimply floddeei of FTowerB, muBt be flLtitioun. Wu bur real 
Homo Flora, Dwrn? Qut ivLat wad Juer tmnuuut!. m lad alie 
a^ur ? Of whut riAtiou in Life w&a sho; cjf vLut |iaTontO|eOi 
rortnue^ ttpeut ? SpcotoUy. by what I'rv'^^tabliBhod HaniuKiy 
of Gi.x'iim^orri'ft diH tli« Lovor ft&d Ltiis I^mrv^d inef4 an# ftootliot 
m ao wido a woild; how did theqr behave in «uc)i meeeinf f 




To &31 wHcL qnestionSi not uito«Mntial i& a BiogTa|iliic vrork, 
morr Coajccturc muwt for most part return ftoftwor. " It w« 
appi>inb«d/* Huya oiir Fhltosopher, '^Uiai the high eol««tul 
orbit of Bliuui]i« «l^oiild lulflraecl tbe li>» aubluiury ouij of onr 
Forlorn i thcLt lie, lookici; in her ciupyrcui c^c«, ^wuJd fuioj 
th(^ upper Spht-'re cf Light v:i±i [*om« dcvn into thifl n^thOT 
Mphera of Sluulowa ; auil findiii^ IkiuiMelf DibtUkm^ molcn nfiiso 

Wo loom to KAUi«r tlmt nbri wha youQK» buql<«yed, beavitlfuU 
und jtoicc uii«'i CviukUi ; kigli-Uiru, uid of high Bjiirit ; but im- 
littp^>ilj tlt-paudvu^ liiuj iiiMjlvi^ii^ liviui;, pei'bi|u, on tht? not 
too gradoiui bounty of xnoaojod relatives. But bov cuuv "tbo 
Wondainr'' into hfir oirclD ? Ww it by thp hmuul vebiclo of 
JE$th^ii^ Tm, or by nUa arid ooe of mf'r^ Bimininm ? Wfts it 
on tli« Uauil of Horr Tow^^ood ; or of tbe OoMdif^ Pmu, who, 
ttfl ikn oriutmijiiiAl ArtiAt, ini^fht ■om«tiinea ILko to promuto 
flirtation, *>ap«»CTijiliy for yoiiiig I'ynical Nondesoinpts? To 
ult ^i|ij>mmitiin-, it wiu dndly by A'vidrtit, find Um gmr^ of 

" Thou fair W4ld«cblo««," vrritee our Aitt«biogKkpboT, *' wba£ 
stranger nvfr iuiir t!iM. Wf?rv it m>n An nbiolv^ AiiMultator, 
ofDoiallj boATuig iu lua p(>cket tbn but RtUitin ^ A/itii be 
would ever writo, but DiiiAt bave pciu&iMi to wonder! Noblo 
M»1lSio^I Thnr^ nbxiilnar, thou, in Aw*^ M<inntalu Ampbi- 
tVaiTP. on nmhrH^irHiiis biw]in> in tJiy snrcnp snlinuip; *taT>*lyp 
Eoaaaiv?, nil of trrfbnit^- , f^Utteriug in tbc wcntntn ranhRiuiis, 
tiko a piUaoc of Ei lJor«do, (yveclaid with prauiotia mvtuJ. Bcftu< 
tifvl roM up, m wavy <Turvaiur9, tb« »lop4 of iby guardian 
Hilk; of thi- greenest w;w tbHr fiVni-d, niuhissi^J witb it» 
dark-brown fr^lA of eras, or iifiotttKl by riomct sprcodinfr .tolitary 
Tr«* and iU Hbudo«. To th** unoonw^ioas Wayfar^ tbou w*rt 
alflo as an Ainmon'f Temple*, in lb#» T-ibyan Warfi* ; wh^re, for 
joy aiul wutr, tijv tablet of bia I>c«tiny lay writt4*n, W«ll migbt 
he paoee ftnd icacci in that k^^^ca of bit vi^ro prophoey aiid 
iwittalaw foN'b'hlinfta.'* 

But omr let u>i tiotijveture tbat Itie so preAouifent AuAoijltatcir 
ha£ bauded iti bis Rrloii^ «^ Art!* : bct^ iTiviti^d to a gIaaa of 
£binfr-vin« ; and to, inatcod of ictuming dispirited and athintt 

C^AT, V, 


JOT ^ 

wliera sit tiM cJiotocct party <4 'lumiu mtd nikrAli€t« : if not 
Mftgod in fstbvtio Teo^ yax in trustful «v»iuiig ooavetaatioi^ 
Mid parlmpn MoaicaL Cotfistfi fur we luur uf "^ luif pa auul piir« 
vi>ictx) JuaJtiuic Uio ^tillnBBS Uvq." Scupeeljrt it would Mcm, U 
thv Uird^ii-)joii>>« ibfrHor \xi rcEpcctobtlitj tc th* bobU Maauob 
ttitMr " Em^mwrivd juitui riirb foli«^, mn-oliutc-rRf wifi tltft 
bttM ftad udiiT« irf tLou»*ucl flowers, br>r« aat th&t l3nT« aaa- 
\muy ; in fronl, irota tlu* wtdo-opWMd dAon, fur ontlooic ov«r 
LiosKia uctl UinK, OT«r gruTt* and T^TOt gr^on, itretehuig^ 
naduUtJMff ujjvtinb U> tJio reiiuiU? Mcnuiiauji pnvkit : «j bri^;hlt 
M aiil<l. »aJ ervn'trher? Uio iiit>loJ)' of 1>irdfl atiii liappy cn» 
tnfCA: It ^48 all sw U m^^^ii hsul EnnliTS a nluLMr from tb^ Sub 
in tli# buttntn-vpsti;ri» itf Snmiarr bi-rnrlf- How gu»i« it Uiat 
til* ITaiidcitTr advwicctl thitltor wtLh rack forevxkstin^ hewrt 
(a/indim^n^li), by tbu aldo «f bi4 gay hoet r J>ia be foal UiM 
to UiMo Mft i&lnecioes hii h^rd bocoia oo^ht to b« ainic ; 
Uiu lier^i tmn mvi^ Fsi* bad it U\ vi^v to tr,7 Uim j to mock 
bm end 9W vbrrtbcr tlim? «rori* Humor id him ? 

" Nost moment ho tikdi '"-■i^'^ preaontod to tho party s uid 
oq)«c&alIjr bv tiHiiuf to -« BUunine ! Poooltftr bnoiiff all d&moa 
and dgmovala gluioed Blutniike, tlier^ In ber moiU^y, Uke a 
ttv aiaoaK «Artliij' lishta. Koblc^t maiden ! wliom Ik- brut 
tOk m boJy uid is toial; yet xcaroely dmrod look jiXf for th^ 
pte^HlkW ftl)t*>i bitn «rltli jtainfLil y^.'t HWvtMt vmbornuiiinrnt. 

'^ Bluinuiie'fe wiis tt iLsuitf woU kuuwu tu lixin ; far anO wkle 
wMth« fur oii«> Itoird of, Tor lier^^iftv^hior icrao^ ht^opmra: 
fvoa all which vagna coloriritpi of Rumor, frcim thttc«ii*arc« 
no tnu tli^ui frcini tbu pnUsu-a^ had uiir frit^nd [lujotad for him* 
sdf a cerCaiii jmppnoxui Queeu of HcArt*, iuhI bluumiiig warm 
Batik-tmfpi, mibch more f^nobactitif; than your tarn whit« 
H'4w»ii-«ngMilK nf vrMneit, in whriMi plA'^id xvim oixmlattf® too 
Htfltf n:(phlbA-hrv- Htmc^tf Hui Iw hnd xnrn in piihliit pbu«-ji ; 
thut li^bt yel so atM^^Ly form; th'jsa ih&rk tn^oco. atkading u 
fftiM whfT9 imUoa uid swiliffht i^layed ov«r earD«Bt dM|« : but 
idl thu Ho bud wti only itx a mu^c ruQon, for him ttutrruEnblrv 
:alnioeit witbmjt reulity. Iler iipbri¥ was too far fmoi hb ; lotr 
should ab» eT«r tbuik of him ; HoaTon ! how ahcmld tb«y fiO 




inuch a« ckicc meet together? And now thj»t Ro«e>^ddeas 
slu in the same circle vinti bim; tbe ligbt of A^rr nycM hoA 
Amll^dou liiui ; if lie spe^, «lie will LeiLr il I N:^> who kuuwH, 
ninco the hpftvrnlj Sno looho intij l4>wc-at vftUcyaf lul Blumine 
tiTidf might luive aforelmu» noted tUtf so uunotaWc* ; jwrhiyw^ 
tn»n Ilia very ^lijis^^fTH. us be liail from heri, f^tliPrnd iron- 
d«r, )f&lhorcd faror for btiii ? Wm th« ftttntction, the AgiUlion 
mtftuol, tht^n; poln and polo trombUnff towards contikct, vhen 
oGOo brouglit t&Ui nuitfUbothood ? ^^y TTithtir, haiin f-vailing 
ia preoejirw t*f Uie Queeu (if Hearla; Itkn tlia Srj'i swelling 
vhQa ODce UOAT Lta M<iou! With the Wanderer il wwi frrirn 
■o: u in hiKivi>tiwaH ^raritation, suddenly ae aX thp t^ueh 
of * 8erAp}i*H vjinil, hii vhole wnil i« roiiswl from its ileDjM«t 
rooaaaea; and all that wae pamful aud that van lilitinful thi^rn, 
dim im&i^, va^ao feolingfi of a whole Piuit and a wholu Futures, 
an h(favtn|{ in iiDi|uiet oddie^ withia him. 

^^(IfUm, ill fnr k-ss R^fating Bceres, had our stUl Frietwl 
(hiunk forcibly togi?1>hcr» and ahrouddd up hia tremors and 
Huttoriugu, of what tiorl luicror, in a rafo covet of ^iloiiM^ and 
perhaps of seeming Stolidity. How waa ^ then, that btfro^ 
when cremliling lo the <TOTe of hia hearty lie did not aiuk iDto 
»wooa», but roso into Atronirth, into fearlesE<ncaa and clcameaa ? 
It waa hiJt guidi&if C^^ninA {IMniott.) thut inRi^irmi htm; he 
must \go forth nnd meet his fVitliiiy. ^how tby^i^ir now, whiit. 
pered it. or be forever litd. TliuA s^uuetlmeb it b evro vrbnu 
your anxiety bccomce tranncf^ndt^-ntal, t>iat the eoul Rrvt fccia 
hoTii'lf able to tniJiscead it; tlmt nbn tiiift* above it, in fiory 
vrotLiry ^ and Iwrue on iieW'fouud wtngH of vicUiry. moves va 
rabuly, crca bccauac M mpidly, ao irrewtlbly, Alw^je muAt 
the WamUrer TemvmbOT, with a certain mtufa^^tion and fun 
|»-L«e, how in thin (?afl« he sat not Kilttif, bat ntrui^k :uln>illy 
lAto the stream of couvorsatjon ; which thenceforth, U> spca^ 
with Bc apparent not a real vanity, ho may coy that ho oon- 
tiiiu«4 to lead. Surely^ in those hours, a 4«tti4ii insplmUoa 
waa irui^ajTteil him, 8ueh [ti?ipiration aA \f> Mill in.><Mil>1e hi mir 
Utc or& The D^lf-^ccludcd luiloldi hinnirlf in nobli^ thought*, 
in &W, glowing words ; hi* nul b aa ono •«& o£ liffht, thn 
peouUar home of Tnit^ and Intetleot; wharelii »bo FHn- 




tAJtj bcKlim forth form tift/pir form, rndunt wtdi oil pmmatio 

It ftppCATS, in thU othcrwiao so happy meeting. tJitrt talkcnl 
ODO '* Philisllibr ^ '* who wen now, to the goii^ral w>?^t-LUMft, 
wiui (laiEiJUiiiitly ijouring fiirth PlnliHtiniMm [f^hiilirriniiUtirfri) i 
1itU« vittiiij; what 3ieri> waa here <^ntetuig lo domolwili him \ 
Wo OEoit tho 8orii>« of Soorotio, or rather I>io^&io utt^r&nooA. 
not tiith.ippr in thnir way, Kh**rflby the mon^t^r, "penaftd^ 
inbo nlvDi'i?,'' detuui douu alter Ut hiLrn flritlLilnmn fnr thn 
Digbt ''Ot which dia]««tic luanuder/' writes our hero, ^^tbe 
diftoomfitnm wu vutbly folt ns a twDofit hj looet : hul whAt 
wftTK all uppIjLU*'^!* tti thr glrul !<ini!i\ tlin-utmlng rrf^ry mninpiil 
to becGme a Luigli, whtrowith Blumine hernplf repajd the 
victotf Hg veuturod to address bon eho an^^wttr^ witK lU^ 
teation : cay what if thpre woro a vJight tritmor in Unit Milver 
irdcfi; whftt if th*) r«il glow »f crcinitig were htdiu]; a (lauaieut 

'■The convrwution tot>k a tugl^*' tone, onp fin* thf>\ight 
fidlcd forth imothi»r! it w^i ona nf thnsi^ ran' mtusoii-h. when 
Vti» THiiil c'x;klii<1ji with fuU frcM^Jcm, and mftn fL^els himaelf 
brouiclit Dookr to mnn, iinyly in light, gra«efal abandonment, 
tho ^cndly lolk filaj-od round thai cirdft; for t)i« hurd^n wm 
rolled from e\'ery h^art ; tli- Uirriftri of Cpivmony. which are 
indeed the laws of polite livinE^. hid merited as into rapor; 
ind the poor rhtimn of J£p and Th^, no lon^rtp parted by rigid 
ftfTU-'M, now flowed softly Tuto oun annih«T; aiul Life lay all 
liarm[>iuuii>i^ mimj'-linlcti, like Rcmic fair royal cLampaiKi^ tho 
aoTCToij^ (Ukd owiuT ot whk*ti w<*fe Lovp only- Rwch mu^ic 
BpringA froitt kind hearts, in a kird f^nviromnrnt nf pljuv aiid 
tinse. And yet aa tho light leirw morv ihtrial on the mountatn* 
tope, &ud the iha^Iown fell longer over Iho ralley, some faint 
tone nf fodnofu; may bave breathed through the bean; and. in 
whitpcTA more or k^ aiiriihlt^ rvnilEiilrd nvery oim UuU aa tliia 
bri^ Uj^ waA<ljawinK towardji it* dose. «o likcwUc niut 
tho Day of Mnn'ft Exiattnoe ddeline into djust and dArkn«ds; 
and witi all itn slok lolling^ and joyful and [iioaniful Qoiaee, 
ftink In the i^till Rt«rnilT- 

"To our Friend the hcniB ewmod moment*; holy wu h* 


Bum U. 

ajut bftppj : the wmnU &t>iii thoM «iroetaBt Up* cftm« or«r 
Uim Uk« dfiTF on thirsty grsLsa : all better feelings in hi^ soul 
■imnivd to wliixpcr, U b gtwid far lu to be Inam Al pftrl&u}^, 
ili« Bhimiue'a bftud wu m his : m tlio b&Liuy tvrilifcht, with 
ikt kuul vtars aU>vi7 tWin, h« Rpoke MKDMrt^inir ol meeting 
RliainT whi(<h wr» itot ruBtriuUirud ; li« pPManl g«iitfy ihona 
KinjiU Aoft fint^n, and tt Mauod as if tk^y w«re nM KiMily, 

Poor Teul^Indrofrkb ! it is idutir to doiuoiistniticiQ thou art 
tamt. : thn Qiknih nr HL<arU wuulU aaa « ** iniui uf |,n!iuu3 " itlao 
ngb For btr ; &od Utcr«i by ftrt-ua^ in ILaI prvtornaLor^l 
hoi-ir* hua btio \Kmad and cp«l)-bo«U]d tbM. "Lovq \n not ailto* 
gathf*r A DfHritiin,'' wiTii hft i*^ftf*vlieTi> : **tpe Imv >t mtror 
point* in (Hnumon bbi-nrwiUu I g&I] it tutlivr a i-livat-Tiuiig of 
tbo Iaiimt« in tJi« Finite, of the Idoa Dfuio Jt<»fLJ ; whicii di»- 
e^rntng ngam may be «ithnr tnic or f^sr, ritbrr wf&pbii? or 
donirini^ii^ InNpiTuT.iLin or tiisittiity- Biit in t3ip formrr nuw 
too, at io catnmon Mitdness. it ia Factady th^ (niiieradd» tt- 
B^lf lo t^^t ; on th« eo ftOtty domUD ^f th« ArtiLkl i4n>jl8 itA 
AtTTUiTii*dp*-|pvpT,whprpby tiitimrnRl will thr indnirj* Spinniat 
Fnntndiy I mtf{ht cnll Ui«^ tni« lIvAveit-gnte »iiid HrJl-gatc r>f 
man bin aei^Buoua lifo 10 but iUl* aviall l^obporary itogc (Zeis- 
htiKnf}, wtjfr^'^n thblt-iTrTvaa-Ling inflt»iio« from both thaM 
faf 3'^t n*:*r rof^iini* nif*il viMl*ly^ und nrl. tm^p^W ^nd mslo- 
dnunn. Scniin ojui Mip|«rt herself hm^iljioTDclyT in laost cooo- 
thM, for ftOEQA ci[rbtovcipoD(«o a day ^ but for Knntctfy pUaota 
and iwl8r-«yj*tAmft will nai sitAod WitnMu yonr rvrrbiw eoa- 
qviiHiig bhr VEirbK yrt drinktni^ no Ustti-r nd vnir Uuui be 
had bfTroft\'' Alae! iritncM aU« ywjr Piui^ti«a. flvnrK-lad, 
soalijig the npip^r Rrav«n. and Tan^nir tovardi [uctauity, f«r 
imairf a " hiirh-smilnd Bmnrtt?," iw if thn lC«uth bflbl bnt 
osut aoi not Ftc-vrrnl of thefte ! 

H^ says that, in Town, they rout ni^in : "day afl»» day, 
likn bia hosu^n snnf thi* blEMXruing BIouudu aboao on bin. 
Ah! alittlif whilf' ajco, aiitd W waa yet (u 1UI ibrVnAat him 
what Graoefnl (fUtde) vo«ld «v«r }atti? DisbfilieriDg ^ 
tbin^ iha poor youth bad nevet lcani«d to bdm^ ia liim- 
Betf. Witli^vn, in prtind timidity, iritlaii hiaown faatni 

CHAT. r. 



fuMUiiy (itMJi men, jrot WteiJ bj uigKt^pecLres enoii^li, Le »air 
LimaeLf, trith a d^^d iaUi^L&ttou. constratu'.^d to icootiuce tLtf 
lairoet hopt<E» of exiilCQce- And now, u now [ *ShB looks en 
tbee,' rrifld hfit *iihn l}ii^ fa^iirbl, riublfsb; do not hpr dark 
cfcstcUtbcc, tkou art not deiiirised? Tlie UeavcaVMefiAcar 
gu ! All li«avvn'9 blc6»Uig» bo Lore J ' TI1110 did wiX melo- 
dies flow ihrough hia h^art; tnnea of an infLaite gntitude; 
«ire«tMt iiitiuiatioiis tJtat Itr aIv> wu a man, tliat for liim aUo 
unuiterabte joyv bad been pnmdcd. 

" Id free ot*<^ccb» oumcdt or g&y, txmxd lambCDt^uiMBi langb- 
tor u^t, and oftuu witti tli« iu^knlniil^t^ myitis speech e( 
Hiivin: »udi vma the ttlejut^ut they uow lived tui Ui sucb ft 
nuuix-tmttfd. rajlUut Aurora, and by thi* foirctt of Orient 
Light-briu^^i^ miiJ^ oar Ftii^iid bo bUudUli«d, &nd tbo ii<>w 
Apooalypfi) of Niitura nnrollt^ to him, FiiiresL Bluminef 
Aiidr even ui a Stu, aJI Fire and htimid SofCac69i a ^tj 
Liglit-my incarmic 1 Wa^ there so much oa a fault, lb ' c»- 
pric?/ te ootild hiive dispensed with? Was she not to him 
in vnrydnnd a MoroiTig-Btiu; did not her jirpsenre bring irith 
it &irn from llfavcn? As from iEolLon It^rps tn the bre&th 
of da*n, U} from the ML'mnou'a Statue struck bf the roey 
finger of A^trora, iinoortMy miu^io vois around Iwjd, uv3 Upped 
him into untried ht-lmy lUnt r&lM TXnLbt floi) awny to the 
diitancc; Life bloomed op with hj^ppinra:* had hope. The 
poet, tbcn^ tnu lUi a, lu^gi^ud dri^cun; he hod b«^n la the 
OardeD of Kden. then, and oould not flisoem it ' TtiJt lo now t 
the bUdf T&llfl of hia prison ia&\i awLky ; the caplire ia olire, 
is &Oft. If he lorod bi;^ Diaencliantrese ? J^A O&Hf Uis 
whole bwut luid eohI nnd lifr w«to hoTS, hut nL-ver had be 
luunod it I4C1VL-: uxiitrmc wwt nil a Fueling, not y«t elia^ied 
into a Thought." 

NeveTth^li:iM. into & Thought, nay into an Action* tt muftt 
be ftlinped; for iieith<<r Disenob&nteT dot Dij^nchontr^sit, mere 
•■<!hiMr^n of Tim*\" ran nbidn by Fueling alone. Tlie I'ro- 
fc<4or knoTs noli to this dey, *^ how in her eoft> fervid boGon 
thfi LoTcIy found cletermiuatiom e^en on boet of Nt^oeeaity, to 
cot fleund*^ the»e Sf^ MHsfiil honds," He eT**n ipjH-^irs sur- 
prised ftt tlie "Duenna Cou»in,'' whoever she niAy have beeUi 


Jk.« It 

■< in wham mcoigi* lKiitgor*UCt«n |ilulo«Dphy, tho raligioA of 
yuuiig li«urt6 vns, fraoi Uie ftrvt. faiiiUy upprurad of-" Wft, 
L^vFu ttl faiicli dbtaoc^v cau oxpUiu 1l wilbuut nnrnmuti^^. 
Lot Uift I'hiJatEipJufr niutwrr thia oiio qucflBsoa : WLnt tiL:UTfi, 
ut tluit p^*rioii w^u u AIt^ TtfUlei&dflielth Uk«ly to bkuL« w 
PoIIhIilhI duc'iety t Cuulil bJib hxrv drivim ixi nui-b » ti LiuiB* 
UmukI Qlg. or «Te3i&aimj]lB iron^prtng oat;'? Tlioii fncilink 
^abso)v«d AaaoalUt<ir/' beforo vhi>m 1k>8 no prrufr«t of i*pi- 
tal, will Any yet Iciiown '■ rdi^on of young hoa-rle '' k««(i tlw 
linouui kiU-Jiicii w^irin ? I'ltinv! t)iy diviiin Blnmiii^, vltfin 
abcr ^ r««ignod bcrjifell to w«d eome richer,*^ alufire none |ib> 
loaoph^, Uioti^ biit *'n womui oi' geni1u^" than Iboo, » p»- 
tmidffd nun. 

Our nuidem havv witiuiucd thn tirifciii of tliiH TdOTiwiuuiiik 
and with wluit roytd Apk'tidor it waXTSf uul twr.%. U-t itD oni; 
ftsk US to tulold tiie gloria ul lU tlomuuLiit hUli^*- muuh Jt^i 
tlie ttorrrm of its &liiuis.t trisULiLt&n^ons di^flolutlEin. Ilov 
fnuu sudi Uior^UiU^ lu&Mua, beuceforth madder Uum ews, u 
lie in t\i^^ Ba«s, fflu nvrm frnfriorntn of ti Imuif dcltncaliou 
b«i nrfpuiizeil ? His*iil*#. of wlmt profit wm it ? Wo viow. 
with A lively pli-uiare. Ilie f^y f<klk MoTJt^-ii]fi«r flt:ut rrum the 
giounil. Add nbofrl upwu^, duaviu^ the liquid d»p«, till it 
dwliiclli> to & luminmia star ; (>ui wimt ifi tlwro to ]or>k lon^r 
oo, wbeo OCH^, 1>T tkntiind i^laj tidily. <ir ^wUleiii of firv, it hm 
inHlftAed f A liaplnth uir^iiArigiiUir. pluugingf lUotil lunj |inn^ 
dtntn. ,-Muid^iag«, And oonfuacd wr^k. fittt «iioiifCh into ibe 
Jftws ol Ttie iMvil ! Snffts^ it to kDDw thu T^ufoJgdr^iclih roM 
labo tbn hinhpiit rr^nnn nf tJi* EmpjTFan. bj* a nutuml jjhu*^ 
lioljr tnutk, ouil TRtviruicd Uii^niHi in n qukk perpendicutu oae> 
For iht^ reet, let taxj foulmg ivader, wlio haa l^^u uiilupii^ 
caioufrb to ^o tb^ IlkOj pstint it out for hmttfilf t Poti)Liik*nng 
only thHt if h*?. fur bin prrhap* ivim]iarntirpJy ititii^irH^iiit 
mintrcstt, midennmt norJi ftgonletf uid frmiicft, what must 
Ti?ulflUdrikkb'» have bwo^ with a fiftt-bcart, and ior a nenpft- 
rail Blumlne ! We gUnoe m«nly at tbtt flruJ m.vDe : -* 

^'Oiui innniiii^, tip finini) liii* Uonuoir^tar all diiuaiod lad 
dtukyrvd : Hhe fiur cra»tur« wftA aUent, aboont, ibo monad 
to hav« liAHi w^pUif^ Alaa. no kms^r a Moraing-ctv. but a 


In^ttbZoiu ttkyej Porteot, anaautioiikg thAt th«r Dooaud^ Lad 
dftwnipd ? Shft riai>V i" f^ tivmiiloui vnim^, Thnj wnrr to mppt 
no mOTO-" TZio thiind^-fttmck Aii*«ftitor b not WJUttnK to 
himifflf m thi« dread hotu-: but what avaiU itV W« omit Uio 
pAlsicTLate pxpoBti]]!Ltiniiii, finT,rvati(»ftr iiitli^attnriN, Hincv> al) 
wBfl v^Q, Aitil nut' i^mi ai> rsjhlAniLtinii wa.s ix>nirtnlfH! hint ; Alid 
1iaAt«n to the? cntfuitrriplir. *'' Fiurwcl], then* MaiJaxn!* uJd 
]i«. i](3t without storunciM. for hiM >tung prido helped him, She 
pni ]i»r L&TirJ &J1 biftp itlie Loukei) (a IiSa fai'tf, t«ira ^datiei] to faar 
cjcs i in wild audacity Ue ulaaped hef U> tiis bosom ; their lipa 
WCETO joiDcil, thi^lr ttro noulA, like two dow^iropn, nmhud into one, 
wrorthtftiift timt^LxndforUit^lait!'' Tlnu wuh Tvufelsdrockh 
inail^ iiriiiiortiil hy a \itn». And tlitii? Wliy, Uifdi — '^thlck 
ciiHuus of Nijtht ru*li*d ot*^ his »o«l, M roft** the immisuiu* 
rabli? <^»h of Doom; and through the nunit a» of a ^hiv^red 
Unlvtrae wifta Lu falliug^ fuHiug^ towards tbe Abyss." 




Wk luLTc long folb that, with a jtuui like irur Profcksnr, 
Bkfttters muflt ofbou ba eipcctod to take a rourse of tlitir owa ^ 
tiiat in fu> multiplox, intrioati? a tuiturfi, thi^» luii^ht b« chan- 
tLfds lioUi fur ailmitUng a-nil r*milLui^, Hiiidi ua tbi^ pHyohmlnRlKt 
hiid ftr^ldom ciot«d; in nliort. that on ilo gmnd ocoOiitLon and 
ooLTulAioD, b4<itht^r in tho joy-«itonn ttor in tha wo^^tcrm, 
cnuld you pn'du-t hi* clniipitnor- 

To OUT leaA ph-iloBopUti:^ r^odera. fur t^xainplr, it in now cl«ar 
thai tbe aa paasioaato Toufolsdrockli, prrcipitat^ tkrou^b '^a 
Khmnd Univ«r»u '' in thuc axtraordtnary wa)-, has oal^ on«i of 
tlin* iJiiiig* wltirh hp (^ii m:xt. d« : E^liihliAh hiiusi-lf in B<^- 
tunj W^in writing Bstanic Poetry' ; <)j bkw out hht br;iiua> 
In the prcsr«es towards any of which oou^uiuuiationaT do not 
Kiirh i^adera antir^ipat^ extravaganr^ OTi".ugh; btrajif-twaiing, 
lTi)w-\rf-;i.tiii^ (afc-tinjit ^^U), )inn-t>cdlowi[igH of blaspbumy and 


SAU'iYii: uESAirnis- 


ibe liluii. itUDpmg*, imitin^ bf«aka^iM of fumttuM, if net 

Nowitd Bu does TeufflUdiSckb deport lum. He qtileftly Itfto 
bt» pa^crwUih (yHx^uiMfta^ "old biMi&OM bo;«ic *<>oa wonad 
up; ' Iu^d b<'gitt« iL ^rmnbulutioa and dnHnnambulntioii of 
thu UuTUiuwid Globe t Curious K i% (ciWd. ho» wtti meh 
rivaoi^ of conMrption, *itch ictenaity of fceliiig, iibore ^. 
vilfa ItiiM uucot:0oioi>a^I« lubit^ of ExAgsention Id 0|>e^cb, 
be oomUtM^ Uiat wcnd^rM «ttJIiiOM of hk, that ntcaottm in 
prti'T-nal prorKxliim. Tlmii, if Hi» mirlddi twrfnwsipnt, in thin 
mftStvr of the Fbwor«<oddocM, b talked of w a rfud l>oocii«dfty 
«nd Uuaoltttion of Mit-tur^r ia irMeh light donjbUM* il pcirtly 
ftpp«dL»d to hiruMlf, tuB owu n^^uuY k aowift« dissolved ih^r^ 
by; but rsii.lirr is iximjirrsW dowrr. VtJT fiQov. ni* vim miflbt 
•ay, a Bliiminc by in.itri*^ 4ppliunr» ha^ tmlooktd that nliot 
h^art of bTK, and tt» liidtSi^n thing* null otit tuiaiiltMoufl, 1>ound' 
lefci, tik<* g€uii eufraucliij^*! from their gl:Ks Tia.1 - but no 
sooner are jijur mu-^ii; a{>pliajicea williiirawit, tlifui the stnu>|EiT 
cnilcpt of n brort npHnjc* tc jifin^iti : and pcrhapti tiji-ro ia itow 
no kpj o<xtAt:t tbiit will op*m it; for a T*Hfelsdrookh, as wo 
reuLaik«(Ip will Tiot 1ot« a Mwoiid time. Siiigular Dio^renei)! 
Ko soou«r h«A that heart-rcDdiE^ occmrcrtcv fairly' tak<^& pUc<*, 
tliiui bo affootn to ro^^ard it fu a thmg mtiinilf of whioJi tlu-Tti 
!a uoduxig more to be Kaid, *'Oiie liigUt-u ho^, »««iiiiiisly 
!rT|fibt» ID llu* eym uf 9d An^U Lad ri-rallvd him aa out of 
Dealb-eliadowfl into celestial Life : bui a ^d«am of Topbti 
paond oncf tW faca of bis An^l ; h« vm rapt awar tn vliirl- 
windi, icid bo^vd tJii> Uiifrbt«ir of Damonic It wmi a CubBn< 
Uu^,** adds he, " wh^Tvhj the Youth saw ^rcen PajsMlbe-grores 
in th(^ waito 0(M?ai^'V-atm r a lyicig TiBioii, yvi not wliolly a li«, 
for /-r KLW ft" Bat vrbitt thlofei •osroT peuawd ^n biBi, wb^ir 
lie oesHed to see iL; wlut n^n|p( and diwpijriittrt itURver Teu> 
fabdliickh'a soul wu tUe ecnie of, he hoa the gotidiMM to 
ooaoeol naode^ a qtiit« opai^ue cover of Stl«Uf«> Vfo know it 
will; thv&mtniHJl paroxynn past, our bravo Qn«iscb«nooU«eted 
hu tUnu^nmbiTtcd pbitumiphim^ and biittnn«d himself togp&bf:r; 
he wumeek,»il«Tbt,or*|>okio of thi? w«athcT n&d th« Jooinalat 
only by a tnnaaent koi^aff of thoae ■haggQr brows, b7 some 



Je^ fla^ of thoae •yei; gtan^hiff on© hmew not whotbnr witfc 
taar^kT or with Berce fix^, <^ nti^ht you have gueaiteil what % 
OtIiMUia wu within; that & wlolo SatoDic School were spuut 
jng, tboiij,-h inaudiblj, that^ To ottiBUiDd your own chokt, 
ua lujjut? clumiieyH vim^time thru own flmoke; to km-p ft wholft 
fifttuuo School spuutuif-, (f it mujit vjhoot, Liiduilibly, 14 » tu-^grw 
ti^ j«t ao slight virtuOf noi oat* of the conuuoiurftt In Uietto 

!t«T«rtlicLo»> wc will not uike upon us to auj, that in tha 
alimii^ mcatiure bo fell open, there wua tiob a touch ol UuriiL 
Inwaity; wliAreof indeed Uiu uctual oondition of thefto IX)Cq- 
m^nit in f/tj*r^rnti9 and jtfguaHia U no bad omUtfio. Iliii 99 
uulimiWd WAQilETriui^ toiWiu« muiiifli. ntv wlUiouL oxxi^-ned 
or perbftpe oMiffnable aioii intenta] Unrest taenifr hia tiolo 
guidftnce ; ho v'uxtden, wanders, as if that cuno of tho Prophot 
had fallen on liiui, and lie wert? ■■nui^Ip lik« nnfci a whuvl" 
Doobtleeei too, thie t^h^utic tiuture oi Uurae Paper-l>a^ ^6^^^ 
▼!**§ our obacuiiLy. Quile witliout not* of ixn-'ijuntion, for 
•xa^pW, wn ("om? njran the follrrrin^ nlip: ""A peonbar foel- 
in^ it in tluU will risp in tlir Travidl^r^ whim tiiTTking snmfl 
kill-migd in Ilia UctfCrt vvad, he descries \yitig fai below, cdk 
bOMBied amoftg ite ^rovce aiid green natural bulw^kf, and all 
dimiiushed to a toy-hox, thp fair Town, where ho mniiy houIs, 
&■ it WfTv mH^Q Jinil J^rrt uitMvn, ort^ ilrivii^g their JrikLlUfLiriiiLiB 
tmffio, tU white tbee^^^f tji then truly a Btarwanl-iwintin; 
ffaiger; the r^inopy of bine smoke Eipecis like a sijit of Lifo- 
Imatb: for uJwaya, of its own unity, thi' wnil givM unity to 
vlntsoevef it U»kfi un wltL bve ; thn^ doca the little Dwelling* 
phiM of Eoeu, In itself a con^ncs of iousoe and Lut«, bocoDM 
for us an individi^al, nlmoi^t a penon^ T^ut what thonssndl 
other thonghta nmtti thrrolo. if thr plaxse Ittfl to outm^Ivps \torn 
the arena of jojotia or ttinumful «xpeHeimfl; if pc^rhapn tho 
omdle wo were rocked in still at^nds there, if our Lotinf obos 
»t>n dw^n thero, if nut Buriad ouo* th«rp alumberf" Do<?i 
T^nfrl^drnr^khf i\s Ihi- wiiuinU'd «4glr b a^d W wakr for ito 
own ejiiey and imleed mililarj deserters, and a11 hunted oiit- 
coftt r^mturpSi trim ns if hy inirtinrt in the dlreetion ci dwdr 
biTtblsnd, — fly finrt, in thU utrtuiity, towaMn hi» OBtiv* 

KF— Vol- 12 




Kr^Upfulil ; Init r«f1eotin^ lliat th^r? uo help iiTftit« hlni, tftk? 
ouly oue wibtfol Look from the distances ftnti thou wend c\b^ 

little Ittppier Beema to bfi his nen fight: into the wUita 
of Natui'e; aa if lu Let mLttlic-i-bosom he would *^ck healing. 
84J at le&«t wo midline to iiitcrprc^t Uio following' KottCL^ sl'jio- 
nvtod from Iho former by some ooTiflidorable epac*, wherein, 
hfti*<*vflr, la iiolhiii^ noteworthy : — 

'* Mouikt&ina were not new to him ; hut r^xrciy arc MountHLna 
cO(iu in aach oambiavd ma^^Dty aiid grtuw lut htJn.\ TL« rooks 
urif of that ftort oaLl^ I'rtmitive by the mi[ienili:>gi«tSr which 
alw;iya arrange tlieiusclvF« iu luncecs of a ru^god, gigantic 
character; whkh niirir<^<^lTn\^n, hi^wcvcr. is hert tfiapennl by a 
eingukr aiiiutTiH of form, uni aoflii^jia of environmenl : iu 
n cYimni^ favorable t<i ve^tatiuUi the ^&y cliff, iUeW oovered 
with Lichcua, ahool» up throvii^h a garnient of fl:llilll^^ or ver- 
dure i cuul whiter, bright cotta^eGf tr4.*esihaJoil, c<lii»tor toimd 
the everlfliitiiig gratiil*. In line viL^iAftittid^, Beauty oltetoattfi 
with tir^idt<iir: you ride tflil'Ou^h stony bollowh, ttli>ti){ Htntit 
pa«ao8, travoraod by torrontiit ovcThung by high walls of rock i 
now wludini; amid brokun >&tug^' chasms, and hiif^o frvm- 
TOtMiU; luiw riiiddtrnly ^tiier^iu^ iiitu sojiit euit-rald valley, 
wher« tlie atreamlet collects itaelf into a Lake, aud man hu^ 
Afain foand a fair dwollin;^-, and it soome as if Po<ac^ had 
MtabUihttd herMtlf in th« buMum of Strength. 

"To PciU-'e, howtvflr, in LhiH vortex r>f t^xintemtw can thrt 
Son of Time not pretend : atill leae if suuic Spcetre haunt him 
liom thu Pait; and thu FutOTD is whoUy a Stygian Daiknoea, 
Bp«M*tTe-bearl[ig. ReavunLibly might Qiv WmiclcTiT reclaim to 
tUiaself ; Am not the gates of tliin wothl'a Ilapimiowi iucxonf 
bjy fthut imainftt thfO; hftAt thou a hope that is not mad? 
Nevertheless, one may atill munaur audibly, or in tlir oriRinril 
Oreek if tljal suit thee beltej : ' Whfxio uaui louk un DisiLb wili 
start at no shadows,' 

" From Nunh meditations m thff Wanderer's atteutiofi nlM 
outwardn: for imw Ihe Valley chi-ieA in abniptly, interwotfd 
Vy a huge mountain mass, the atony w^tcr-irurn iwci^nt of 
vhioh l« not to be aocomplitthod on bor«oba^k. Arnv^d aloft. 

Our. VI. 



be finds biraselT «guu Uftnl luto the vrr.iiing w&Mtt li^t; 
and owiflot bnt psuM, and i^e roood him, ihuim Doncaite 
Qiam. An ii]>lu)d imgnliLT vxpcuiM of wold, wli«t0 TftUejs 
in iHivnpti-x lii'ji«'hinpi Jir« iiiiil(irii!_\- nr Hlottlj amu^^Tig thMr 
deaueot tcu&i-Lla every quvt«r of thi^ nky. The luououunr 
nagos a»» bcii«oith your fi^;^ and folded to|>vUi«r: otiljr thfi 
]ofH(*r si^mmita t<H>k down hftf »nd th^ro »« on ft McoAd 
pUIn; lokcv nUu liv cleat Atid coriLr-jt in Umir holitudft. No 
tTOti^ of man tiow riiBiUci uiiL99a ludtyni it wmi be who fuJi- 
iotted that little vixibl^ link of Higt»r2y, h*ft^, m would veou), 
Maling dii< itiiifri^xiiililr, Iri uitiUi Prr»vincv» with Province. 
Dct ^luuwiLrdj, )q 7011! huiv it tvwem vhccr U|\ a vorld of 
MoiuttuinaT the diadem ami ev&tje of thi> inountiu:) ns^on I A 
hiltldr«d snd a liiifidr«d fl&Taf^ peftlcft, in th* last light of tHky ( 
nil Kl<iwi[ig, nf ^Id HTjil nim'th.v^t^ liki- »(i*[it sjiirita of tlie 
wildornriM; tliCTc in ihr-ii ^ilrnty, iti tlirir nolitiwlc, fTrn as 
on tbu niKhi when NcKili*^ IJith^;^' firit dried E Btiuitiful nay 
solemn, u'ks thfr vudden ojipH't to our Wonfkrer, Hv gftzod 
over i\vma hIiijh-tiiIiillh niAAse.-v with wimdrr, alimini wiUi lupg- 
IDR ilcaue ; iu*T«t t)t! this hour had hr kninm Natnn% that 
■ho wn« Ono, thiU ali^ vaa his MMhor au<l iliTtnc. And na 
the niddj i^Icivwns fftding into cl«arn«flB in the tfkv, and the 
B\m Lad nui# dr]>iui^], a murmur of Dteruily and Tmrntauiity, 
of D^atti and of Lif^^, stole thrcnxjrh his noul , and he felt oa it 
Diutli aitil Lif« vrei^ une, Oft if tliA KuttJi vptu not dead, a« 
if thi" f^\nnt of fh#» Knrrh hjid it,** T.>imnp in iKar cpl^ndnr^ and 
hia own npirit wer^ thrrrwith hoHiUE cjniraniiii^n. 

^11i» Bpcl! vma hrohcrn by a nound of caiTia^«^h««hi. 
^iwrging from the hidden ^onhv^rtL to siuJC «uon iiito tho 
hiddi^Li Southward, cami? a gay Burotich^^tid-ruur : it was 
Op«Qt »?rvaMfl luid iwintilitin* wi>n? vt^ildin^ favort: that 
litppf [>airf then, had found L*aeh othc^r. it vn^ thrir nuimng« 
ffrrningl Fpw momfntii lironght tbi'Ui urarr I*it Himnut/ 
It vaa lien Tow^ocnI and — Bluiiiine I With sUjeht unr^^cog- 
ni2ia^' aaintatiott thc^' puuod mc; plunK^ii down amid tho 
ai*ighborii^ tlii^lEeu, onwai^s, to H«uvoli, aad to Sugbtod; 
juiil 1, ilk iii_v fri<»Tiil Richt^r'fl worda, / rvriMt/t^d al*w, leAind 




Werts it nob cruel in thcvc. cirouiu«tADCA»> hf^re iikiglit Im the 
placf %t> uidert lUi oliA^rratioii. gt<?&nc\l long ajfo froiQ Uio 
gT6£.t f Tof Afjf> r<i/uni^, wh(>re it stODiU with quitt uIIilt intent: 
*'3unin timu beri>rn f4ntal!-j>oi was ciriq^ate'l/' ^y« th« Pro- 
feasoiT, '^ttiero c^mc Jb nrw m&ladj i>f tlio spiiitueJ eort on 
Europe; I aoau tho opidomiu, now ^nde^ciil, of Vicw-hxiat- 
ing, Pr>«tA nf cH datp, Iwing privileged with S^uaos, liatl i]»o 
i'tijo^'cii ektcniiil Nature; but thvedj aa we <^nj«y i\ti* cry^r^l 
cup vhich liDldfl ^od or txui licjuur for xls; thnt u to any, in 
nienoe, or witli i^ligLt iuc-idental oomiu^ntiLry : u<)U-cir, m 1 liom- 
puteij till aJtor the *VarrowJ9 ij^ Werifr, wiis there nisn foiiTu! 
irtio vDuld £nj ; Come let ua niiko n DcscriptioD f Having 
drunk tbe liquor, come lot lifl ent the f^Uw*! Of wliici: cn- 
di^nuc- the Jerm^r U oolifkppily fitill to ae^k." Too true \ 

We reckon il more important to rBmark thnt the I'rofpss^ir"* 
Wondering, 30 fcir 06 hii atoiool And ojnion.1 ciiiv^lcpmi^nt 
ndmit» ns tc ^^rlt^iir iu^iglit, h^re lir^t bikc^ thuir p;<rm&Qf.'Dt char 
afiter, fetufius fir not. Thnt Basillsk-gluiee of the Barouche- 
nii<T-foiu seems to have withered up what little remnoLt of a 
purpoao muj Lnv« atill Inrked in him : Life has bcoome wholly 
a dwk labyriQth; wherein, through long yoata. our Friend. 
6>'iti^ from apectrea. ha^ <o srruniblf aljuat at raodom, and 
ouUuaJly with more haste than progress. 

FooLiah wore it in us to attempt foUowing himi even from 
BfcfcPj io this oxtraordinnry world -pilgrimage of his; the sIm- 
plfxt n^mnl nF wbttJi, were olear record jiosfiihle, would fill 
Tolumea, Hopeleaa ia tho obacnrity, TmBpf^ak^blc tho oonfu- 
eioiiH He glides from country to country, from condition to con- 
dition; vnniHhing nnd ren-ppwiring, uo man mi: calculate Low 
or whrre. Through i\X\ qu&rteTs of the world h« wandcrfli Aind 
appnrcntly throujih nil eirelea of eociflty- If in any M-cne, 
porhapi diffiPuU to fit geographieaUy.. be setllea for a dm«, 
and forma iH>u[iecLiu[is. h^ hutl? he will su^ip theui abruptly 
Mnnder. Let him sink out of flight as Trivato Scholar (PH- 
9atuirfind^)t \ivmfi hy tho ^aoo of God in tamit European 
capitiJ, you may Men Ihid him aa Hmijetf In the neighborhood 
of Meoctt. It is an inexplicable Phaiitaima^Eotia, capricii»Ui 
^ukkHshan^ing; aa if oni Tr&v^ller, in£tend of Ijmbn nnd high' 

Giup. TT. 



Wh^n, Imd transjKirMd binuielf hy jHjni« wiahins-ctrpct.oi For- 
tanvtaa* H:^ I'he who}*, U>ii, unixirtftd embleuiiitlcaUy, Iti 
dim cwltifarion* tokeiui (aa that collwrion of Sr^wt-AclvFrfniaB- 
nwrnU) i with only buihb toticU of direct hwtcrioU notice apfcr- 
inglf iDtf^^pcr!lo<L ; little lixbt-ielnU in the world uf h^isa l Ski 
that, frotu tlufl pcuit, lUi* Pr^if^^itor is marQ of au i>uigma tlion 
tfwer. In ftguntiv^i InnguAgo^ we luif^lit ftay he bHvnneii, not 
indeml a sinrit, ^rt 0pmtadi»^d, raporizod. Pact unparalleled 
ivt llio^rapty; The rirer ol Lis Hi»torj, which wo ha\e traced 
From its tinieet fountains, and hop«<l ui see tiow oiLwaxti, with 
lliPTf<u^ing Tiin-pntj intu tlie ocean, liere dn^i*B itM*]f nvriT that 
bnriff LoTflt^s Lenp; and, u a maJ-focuning cjitAract, flka 
wholly into tumoLtuous elouda of Hpray I Low down it indeed 
OoUects a^u into pools und pla^h^ - yet only at a ^mat difi- 
tauc^ and with difficnUy, if at all* iiit,o n p^nriTJ slrram. Tb 
caat a glaoro into ccrtnin of thonc poob and pJn£it«a. and tnoo 
irlutlier tluy run, mwst, tor a cbapt^r or two* form tli« limtt cf 
one «ad«avor. 

For fflucli eml doubtle&T) those Uii'eot lustorlcal Notices, 
vfiare thrry can be mnt with, aiv thfr \n-s\t^ NeTrrtheLeaeT of 
tldi iovt too then oi*cun umch. vliLfhr with aiir prc«umt light, 
H Vfrre qnMtkiMiable t'> emit^ T«ufe!adTavkh, rlbratin^' every* 
wbera between iho ti^Lcet and the lowoat I«Te]fl, cum« into 
contact with pablio fJi&tory itt-rlf^ For example, tboiic rymrcr- 
tatioruL and rt'littion* with illuBtrious Peifoiiv^ a« Sullan Mali* 
nuiQiI, tlie Empi^mr Nap^lmiit ^nil othurA, iir^ the^ not bs yet 
nttherof a diplomatic cliar^tcr than of a bio^n^phic ? Tho 
Kditor, apprAoiatiDg tlio sacrednpau of crownod baadi, Day par* 
lup* nut^ieE-tnig tha pwnihle tritdceHect of a Clothes-PMIoaopher, 
will «4ck^v tiiLA [iTLiviiKXT foj tlt« pi^ent; a new tima may 
brinn: new inBiifht aiid a difT^r^nt duty. 

If wfl auk nnWr not ind<*r-d with what i:hj»rior Pnrposa, far 
ihftr. wujfi urJi;r, yi-t with wtuU immpdtaUf imtUxiks; at all 
ereiitd, ia wkit mood of laind, tlje Prcfeaaor uadertook nad 
pro»eout0d this TTorld'pilgriTaag^, — the an8W«t i« mora diftimft 
than f^rruivhUv ''A nm^iL'li?» Unn^st/" sttyii h**, "urged me 
fofwufil; to w}iif'b thi^ outward nurt ion watt 50ia« momCBtary 
Ijbg solaoe* WLitlier »hould I go? My Loadetor* wor9 



Itc>r« IL 

blottM out; in that lubnopy of grim fr« slione do st&r. Y&t 
forwaid muAt 1 i tlt« grotiuti burnt amlcr mc ; tU^rc wa^ iii> 
rent for the «ok ol mjr toot. 1 wju oJoiic^ nloiic ! Ever too 
the siro^ luwutd kfU^g nb&iwd PliuatoiLuiv for itetdf : lo- 
waMii tli^nr, one ttfT-rr l.he uther, miuT. I fniir,34>iKly waiKler, A 
fnvUitg 1 tiul, tiitit for my fi-vMr-tLirst ibei'e was acid must l>i? 
iomowhcn) a hcjtUiLg Fountain, To rnanj fondly LuLa^uei) 
KountaiitB, the Saints' WciIIh of tbt-Si" flnyn, d^d 1 ptlf^im; to 
f-reat Meu, Iw grent Citica, to grwiit Kvuijti : but found thi'tv 
Uu livaliug. In »traUK« couiiti'itifc, aa iu tUt? vaU-kjiowtt; ui 
savage de^^crta, a& in thn pr^^Mi of ooir^ifit dviliuhtioiii it waa 
<ivtfr the sHitiL»r how oould yoiir Wimdur^r «jii?a|i» frr>m — hU 
<yt(m HhmUwf Neveithelft^** ftUll Forwarrl ? I felt hm if In 
t;r».^at haati?; to do I «aw not what From the dcjjtlu of my 
owii hcait, it rollcfd to m^, Forwards I Tho winds aird the 
jiln^ro*, iiud nil Nature ftcmiLdvd to Hit\ Korw-vrd*! Aeh Oott, 
I Wiw cvi*ti, u[K:e for all, a Son of Timt?/' 

From which \b it not clear that the intcrtml Satanic School 
wfl* Ptill fU'tivft Gnouffh ? n<* say* nlscwhcM* > *'Th© A'jif'Ai' 
nWiow f>r KpktrtUA I hml Hver witJi im% nfl-ini lui my wil« 
rati<ma) <^iupaiiiou ; and n'L^rot to iu«utiou th:it Llie nouriah- 
mont it yielded wa» tritiing/' Thou fooltah Touf«ledi<HjLh ! 
How could it pUit ? Ilad^it thou nut Gr^nk r-nr.Hgh to mid«N 

Kbtml tJiUH mu<'.!i: Thr tnd \^f Mnn w tin, Ai'tttm^ luul nof n 

T/um^ht, though it irere thy nobleat ? 

" How 1 lived ? '* writM he onw : " FTicud, liasl thou con- 
fiid4»red tho ' nifjiftvl iill-iionnKhin^ Ka.rth,' *a Sophoolrt^ w«ll 
ULiiuvd hi-T; huw ahv fwcU the sipjirit^w on thr hou^r^U^jit much 
mofo hot darling, man ? Wliilu Uiuu etirreat uud livwt, thou 
h<wt X prohfthility nf vicaiah My hrwikfast of tea ha* liwn 
nookrd liy ATart^kT (vomAit. with VAti^rof thr Amur> who wijird 
hnr ^ATthra ki^ttle with a home-tail, T havt^ routed wild I'sff* 
in tho Hftni of f^aham t 1 Jui'/e uwaktiueU iu J'OJ'ifi Jittrajntd^ 
imd Vteaua MrtixlMa*^ with uo prosi>eot of hrvakfaat beyond 
eleuieittal liijuifb That T hwl :iiy r.iiiuy 1*^ u:v\ Aavnl lue 
from l)yinp» — hy Miicidc. In our buay Europe, in Ihor* not 
ftn pwrhutiog ^t^matLd fof lut^Uecti in th« diemioal^ mtsnhani- 
ual, |>oliti(<aih religjioas, i^duoaUooal, cuiuuieruial d»p(irUii<:iita f 

Oiu*. XL 



In Pft^con cuunljir*, {i.imuit £>np write Pt^tinTied T Living | 
Littlir knowost Uioii wlut alchemy is in ad ijir«iitiT<i Soul; 
how, ftM with its }ittt« hn^r, it Ofku crt^t<? pto^iRiun enough for 
ihc horlj (of a Pliiloaoi^htr) ; and tlieiiH a* vith both hiiudt, 
create Quite otlier tliau ijruvuiou ^ luuuulj, njM'i^trifA Ui tiimiATit 
iUclf withal/' 

PcMir TeufH^drdokh ! KIvimjj with Hunger alvaj« pajnikl 
to hinij aiul a wholw lnft*Tn,^l Hhaai^ m hla rpnr; «o ilmi 
tLe vcunteu;uic^ uf Mtingtr 14 compjuativuly ;i ftictiiVn ! Thus 
muEt tw, in tbo tamper of tuioi«ut Caiu, ot i>f tbc mcHicrn 
Wondoring J<»w, — nave only that ho fwU hinwelf not guilty 
aod Imt MilTtrin^ tb^ piLiuA of i^iilt, — wi<nd li> Ami frti with 
aiml^aa sj>«l*i1 Thun luiiat lip, otit liae whole Mirfiwie of tbo 
Earth (by footpnnta), writ* hia .Sffrrow* <i/ 'I>*{foUdrvefch ; 
tfven iu( thp prc.-it Cr<>**tht*, in psHnionaJ*? wore!*, \-tat\ to writ** hia 
Arrvtt* (•/ Wertrr, btfoir the njiirit frrinl ht?rself, luid lie t:oH!d 
become a Mm. Vain truly L* thn hi>|ii^ <it' your swift^At Runner 
to «80ftpe ** f roru his owu ShjuJow"] K^-v&rthelt^sa^ in tln>s« 
Kiak (Iavk, wIlah thn Hnrn of IT^nvnn fti^t fltthrripn liimnf^lf 
(about tbp ngr of twenty) in a wtirid wicJi u otira. rirh^r than 
n£iuil iu two tliiufc^, m I'Tutlis t^rawn ohAoltrtr, and Trud^d 
grown obaoUtv, — wlistt oan the fool thiuk hut thiLt 11 in all a 
Dun f>f Li<^s, wh*»n?in ivliuso will ni»t *|>*Mk lj»* himX ai^x l^pa, 
iau5t atand idle and drspiiir ? Whr^rvby it biLpptma that, for 
your nob|i>r minrUr tho jmblisliiTig ot souk* auoU Work of Art^ 
in ijnp fir the orher diaWt, bfloomi^n Alaiiuit h n»ccnj«ily, Vi*r 
what I* it proijcily hut an AlUrojition with the Uuril, bofvrc 
yon bofi:in honc^^ly Fi^htiu^ liiu7 Your Bjron publivlioft Ilia 
SorromM &f i^rd O^&r^, in Terse and In |»n"'SP, nni\ ronioujily 
otherwise : yi^xiT Bona|>arte repraBonts hi« fSifrrttinit 0/ Xn^i'tUttn 
Opera, in an all-tixi stupendous »tyli^; with ttmtiia of nonttoa- 
ToUi^ya, and murdcr-^ibnciiii »i a worH i hia tu^i^ lights ara lh« 
firea of CoufiiigT-ation ; tiU rhyme auil recitative siro the tran^p 
of euibaLtW HuT<t» and Uii.' buuud of (jillinj^ Cilii^^. — Happier 
t» he who, like oiir CloUiCM-rhibsophor, *^nji wriu» suah nia^ 
Iw, >inco it mu«t Ihj writtcnj on t!i« insensible E.^rth, with hia 
Bhoe-«o1ea uuly ; aiid alao aiirvire the writing thareoFF 


EiAliiUiE KL^aAJfTUS, 




fiM80t JiA3 now eljioudc^ci luttutcif, no daubt but hb afiuiCxi&I 
nature is fievcrtiickan prcigr^^^irif, ^lul ^-owiug: for how i:xa 
tho "9l>o of Tiiut/* 111 imy o«m, aUud atill? We XtfUnU 
hhHf lLi^ij^-L thi.isc lUm jcjir». in ^j^ rLtatr? of cmU. of tTUi«ilii7D : 
his mad ?tl;;nmtn^. ati^ guuvnU afolutioiii into &4mJuw» l>is< 
continuity, wl^l U all tUl» but a mad FermvutatiuD ; wliei«. 
froiD Uie ^rcor xt la, tho cLc&ror product will ouc tUy evolve 

SnoJi tuuifiitioQs &rd vv^r ftill of pciia: thu« thA Eaglo nrhirn 
hh motilbt in nifkly] unti. Us 4tuiti liin ui^w Ijtuk, must kinbly 
djuh off thfi old oue npKJu ruck*. What Stoiciem wwtw otir 
Wuidi>KTri 111 his iadivirlu^i] mjU and mctioQS, ni&j aSeot^ ic ia 
clear tbftt thrni x% n l]i>t Eevi^r of anfttdiir mid mU^y ffttfUig 
wiLLmj ooftiBcatioun of wKicli Q^h out; o^ iiidrtid, bow i:uu]d 
th<*r«r ha ether ? Haro w<> not 8<^^ti him du&p>poLQtcd, brtnockfyl 
of f>wtiny, through long yoar*? AU that the young heart 
(ni^'ht diuinf axid pnty far has Ihvd denied; nay, tA la thP 
liwt iTorst iuatftnoe. o0ci«d and thea uatehcd aw&j. £ver 
an "DxcGllniit Fftncivityi'^ but of useful, RnaoiUkblc Actirity, 
eisL'uti^il ia tlie fiinut?r itA Fcod to Hiu^r, ooUuog gnutcd: 
till xt Ictt^h, in thia wild Pil^iimi^ ho aiusb fonsibly «tB» 
for himnolf an Activity, though uscloat* anrcMouahlc. AJa«, 
hia rup of bitteraest, whitdi h;vi been filling drop by drop, tft^r 
Himfi that ilitt "ruddy iimruitig" in thp Hinlerwhlag Gym- 
ujdium, wiu At the vtrry lip; and then wit3i that pciaoc-drop, 
of th^ TowKood-and-lJIttcutie biiALn«>eA» it runs oTx=r, and «ron 
hi:iH'& owT in a dtf!u£« nf foam. 

H'? Tiim*elf Mys once* with nuim judtnrrtB than ori^nali^, 
*' Man is, properly Ep«akin^ bdflod upon Uopo, ho hu no othor 

uuAr< VU 

THE EVEiuLAirri^G »a 


pMBessioTi but Hope^ ttiis trorld of bin U enipluitir*aJlj tho 
PUfJS of Hojw." Wliitl, Iheti, wia our Proltaaur'a pujfsi*&&iuu ? 
We 0m hitu, for the present, qoite shut out from Ilope i took* 
ing not into the golicn onent, but vogucLj uU round into A dim 
copptjr IinuAuit>tit, jiregnaat with ^orthqu^ke and ioiusAtx 

Alas, sfiut out from no]Hf, iu a deeper seon th&u we yet 
drr^rc of! For, as he wandora wcarijomcljr tbrough this 
worli,he haa uow lost uU lidings of 4uo11i«t and higlier FuU 
o1 relitflon^ or at leait of r^Iigioaity, as our Prtt^iid htid BiuL^d 
exhibited himAelf, ho hides not thai, in tho«o daj«, he waa 
wholly irrdi^ioua: '^ Doubt hod du^koned into Unbcdio^" caji 
h*; "sbade aft^r sh&de goes ^rrlmly over your ioul, till you 
hare the ilii^i.1, Atarteaa, Tartareau tlack,^' To such readers aa 
have r«&cctf?fl, what can be called roflootiiigT <m mim*.i life* and 
happily difluover^. in couCradid:ion to much Profit-andLoss 
PfalloAophy, ^pec^idative and pra4;ti(»l, that Soul h lutt ^yaoiiy- 
jnOQSwith Stomachy who uudor^toad, therefore, in our Frieod'a 
wordfl^ "that, for mcn^a wcll'bcm^, Faith is properly the one 
tluBg oeedfuJ; how, with It, Martyrs, otherwise wenk, can 
vhrwrfuUy eudure tAin ahiuii'^ nad the uroa!i; and without it, 
Worldliiix« puke up their sick Gxi$teDc«, by aoicido, in tho 
mid«t of luxury : " to a^iiih it will be dear thu^t, for a puro moral 
luiture, Ui« \oH*i of liis r^ltgiooit Bi^lief w;la tlie loss of erery- 
thii:^. Unhappy yoiuig man! All wounds, t!ie aruali of long- 
contiuuM Destitution, the slab of falae Priendahip and of CaIbo 
Lov«i| all wouuda in thy so g<^uial heart, would hav« healed 
Rgain, hftil tmt its life-warmth hflen withdrawn Well tiiight 
he ezolaim, in his wild way; ''Is there nc God, then; but s^ 
beet an ahBentce God, aitting idle, cvct sinae tho first Sabbath, 
St Ihft outside of hU Univer*^ and ««^ng it gn? Hiw th© 
word Diitj no meaning; is what wi- cvill Duty Dt» divine Mce^ 
een^^er and <Juidc, but a falst? earthly Phantiinu toade up of 
D8Bir4 and Foai, of emaoationa from the Gallowe and from 
Dixrtnr Orahnm's Celestial -Bf^d * Happines* nf an approving 
Oonadi^QCc! Did not PauI of Tarsus, whom adrairing mtxi 
h^ro since named Saint, feci that he was 'tho obiof of &in> 
n«r>i;' arrf N^ra of Eom^, j^KTunri in sforit (icnJilffemutk), 
ipend much of hia time in fiddling? Foolish Wordmougtr 


^AUTon BE&Aftrra. 

Bftctt tl. 

ftnrl MoIiTV'f^Tinil^t, wlio In thy Lnpt»miU lutft ui Mrthly 
i3ir»fJi4iiijtiii for tlitf QoiLkii iUrJf, aiid wuvliUt fctiri i^od tuv 
out Vinite from chc himkn ct I'lctuiurc, — { loh tbc«, Nuy ! To 
ths unngewoBito PromL-tlitrttf Vijiottu of a man, it ia ever tb« 
liitlPM'sil ji^rAvulloii [jf liiB Ari-ttL<'d]»«sA iIiaI. hv. i* PcnAfious 
of Virtue. iJiJit lii- fi^ols himwlt ttic vklici uol of Buffpriuj: only, 
Ijut o( inja8ti<v«. What Ehnri ? Is tiia beroio iufipinTiuu we 
luun^ Virtqp \mt loiike Fjwi(<m: «riirii* Imhblv of thp Woflttj 
kiubbling ill the tlireGLioii othara^n^;?? lij V I kDcwncit: ohly 
itiifi I kuov. If wliiat tkou uamctt Hii^piuv^a W cur trut uim, 
then SLTA wp [til axtrsiy. With Stupulity uiui fi<^iinii lt^g^«ltoh 
moij EiiJLy fmnt muck But, wbiL in UiiutBiliiU i]iiiiija|r]riuliv<< 
Elaj?i. M« tlie t^r-rots of Coti«t;ieuG« tu Uil< JLA^vMra of tUfi tivi-a ! 
Not on Momlity, but on Cook^vy, Lot as build onr feCrou^liold : 
thutvi hnutdivihmf; our fryin^^pun. as ctstiffrtf IM ns offor Aw«vt 
inoFiinii to ili« Drvit. &nil h^^ at ctaor od Uw fui iUiiist^ An tuu 
prijviilcd for Ha Eleot!"' 

Thiis hu th^ liewild^mil W.^^nder^r to eland, u so muiy 
haff dnu^, JthfmtitiR niiralimi jtfu-.r t^apsium inti> ihp flibyl-i^VP 
of Dciitinr. ajid r«criw no .Uifiwr-r but nn Krlio- It ia oil n 
grbn JX-dvH, ttiid ouat'-fuir vrorld of bw ; whpr<?ui id hiMril only 
the bowling of vibt lieastST or thn shrutkb of deiipairiQg, haite- 
lUleil nion ; anil uo Piltar of CUiud hy dity, ^nd no E'tllv of Firp 
by niifbt, any longer guidrs tlit Pilgrirn. To jmcJi l^mgth hiu 
Ihci iipirit 0f likrjuiry <urrii*d Lim. **Btit what boota it (hhm 
tkvt'») ? " oriM lie ; " it is hiit th(» rommnn lot in this nnt K<it 
havintf DOitc« to Bpiritual majonty prior to thf? 4*jih-k dr LtntU 
(fttAn*ff iwd not hciii^ born portly & Lof*Uiittii iDnmmkopf)^ 
thoD luuUt no oth«T oTitiuolc^ Tbe wbole world i«, lik^ IbeP, 
«oM to Uubfllief ; their nM Temples of the Ondbrad. wbirli fot 
Ions havi^ iioC hrcn r.^un^proof, cnitnblc down ; and men ikdt 
now : \Vhur<? ifl tht.' 4rodhL-(ul 1 oor «ye« never saw turn ? " 

Pitirnl enough w^re it. for&ll tliese wild nto^Tances, In nCl 
our Diof^eues wicked. tTupi^fitable setrantA &d ive all ftrr, jior- 
hnps at no era of Iii^i life wul h* >nam dmt^ivcly tbc Seirant of 
Gondociw, tho Servant of (tod, than own now wht'u doubting 
OoirA exT(it«nre. "Oueeironmstanfi^ 1 not*-/' *ayft he: "after 
aJl the muueleas woe thflt inqniiy, wbich for m^ what it ia not 




ftlwajtt, waa g«Quiiie Loto of TrutJi, had wnwight m*, I Der^r- 
thelese still ]ov^d Tmtti, ard wcnilil bar^ nn jnt, f>f my nll^^iincR 
to lier. 'TruLh !* I died, ' tbcniKh th^ HcihTtna cnuh me for fol- 
Jowiufc her ' no FtdsLibood f thougli a whulu oi^lvdtJiU Lubboriimd 
were tlw pricu tif Apostosiy. ' In oouduet it wai the AiLmt: ITid 
AilivLiic MesiiBui^er rri.»iii tin* Mouda, ur mira^iulotw HivmJwrit^ 
In; on tLe wall. conviuciniiEly proclaiiuod to me This i/tcK ^fmU 
dOj witb what pck^ionab? r«(ul]nni»i, us I oft^n Uioo^titf would i 
luLve done itt Uuid it beeu l^apin^ iuto tL« mfrriiul FJr^- Tbiu, 
iu spit9 of ^ Motive-griaders^ ujtj Mi'iJi&utL-al PrutiUiud^LuSH 
Philosophica, vtth the aick ophthalmia jvnd hallaoiniitioa ih^y 
hftd liToaght cjn, was the Infinil*! niiTtir* of Duly *tUl dimly 
prrs<'[it. lt\ me-: lining wit! i out (rod io thtf world, vt OckI's liglit 
I w^ u'U uUerly bei«ft; If tay ha yet sealed eyes, with their 
unspEk'kkablo longing, could nowhi^o Ann Him, nevertheJaas in 
my hf^irt Hr wa.< praien%and Hi* haaveB-written Law atill 
Btiftifl Iwgihlr jiud suumi tHi-re." 

ICe&avhU^ UDd«r all thwe tiibulations, aid temporal and 
Bpirit^ial destitntiiMiB, must the Wanderer, in his fiil^-nt 
uniil. hiiu- imdnrr-d ! " Th*- (wnfTiHest feel ing," writ*** hr, ** i* 
that of your ftwti FerLlHumiH (I'nkra/i) ; «ver, aa thr Kugtiah 
liilt->a »ayet to be wenk )a th<i trtio :uiser^% And yet of your 
Strpu^h thorn \a jind nun be no clear feeling, anjv by what 
ymi hlVH ptciflimriTcl in, by whivt ytU l:ri,vc* rlcHip. lirtwrrii 

ra^:ue wavr^riuy GapahJity and fijttd iudubitable Performance, 
wh&t a diflpMiac* ! A {^nrtain inartic.ulat^ Self-cousciotwnoM 
dwFlIx dimly in uh ; whiid» mily inir Wurk* rijin riinflf.r iirtir.n- 
laU* and dtciairdy diaL'ermlil©H Our Works (uti thts nurror 
wb<ir^in tho spirit first gc«b ite imtural ImetLmente. HeucCr 
too, thiT fnlly of thjit imjKut^bli^ Prpcppt, KnoM fAy»f//; till 
it be tiauihUt^l into tliia jicirtially pg4i«ih1<^ om^, Kivm- u'kat 
tAou ^anst vork at. 

^ But for mr, %o utrangoly unprosperoiu had I beeiu the net- 
nault of my WorkinK>« iLtnimntt'd na yo-t simply to — Tfntbing. 
HoiT then oouJd I btllyTc in my Ktreagth^ wlien thrte wm aa 
yptno mtnoT to bp^ it in? Em^p did Una ogitatiik^, yet, ftfl 
I now perfyivi*, quiti^ ftiTolmiK nueatton, remain to mo iiwolii- 
blo i Haat tbuu a certttia Faoulty, n onituia Wortli, uticli even 


Boca 11. 

HA thtft Dtost havo Dot i or ut thai: tiw coiajtiticst Thi\Vdi\l of 
Lhe»d inodcru tiiii«« ? Alaa, tLf fearful Unbelief i« tinbcUef 
in ^otmalf I vid bov oould I beb«*v« 7 Hxul not my fintf lost 
y^ith ID mjMlf, when mv^n to roe Uie Hi^Aveni ^^eir^ed laid 
Optn, uid I dortd to 1ot<-, beci^ nU loo cnioHj brlJed ? Tbe 
•pccuUtivt) Uystcry of LJt'c grcvr CTcr more royatenou-i to 
umi £i6iUi«F tA the pi&otifMit Mv^u^ry luul I made th« ftUgkU«t 
jtTo^tes9, but be^Ti cvrrywhere bofT^tedp foiletl^ and contemptiv 
otuly cast oat. A fcrUo unit in thr middj^of a thrcftbrning 
Inttnitudc, i aenuod to buvu Dotbiiiif giwn lue Init cjc^* 
whereby to di^eoni my ovn wretcbeilii^ss. IimBible yet 
Unpeuelr&bl« wallD, aa cf EiicLantnuiiil, divided me from all 
livinff : Tsw tlwrf, in the wide world, *ny litir buAom i could 
prea* tnifitfidly to mine ? O Heaven, Nc, th";re was ncne I i 
kt»j5t a lock ufxin my llpN ■ vtLy should I sjMfak much wiUi 
th^D aluftiug rarwty of eo-call^ Friendsi in wlioac wiUiccod, 
vaia and too-hui^^ souls FnCDiUhip vran but clu incredible 
tradition ? In mcli oajto«. your re»oiir(ic ii to lulk Uttle» and 
tluL little mo^itly fnmi t^ie NewHfiiipeiK. Now wheu I luok 
W.^k, it was a atrano^e Uolation I thoti lirf d bt, Th^ mc-ii and 
wrmfin around mrt, ovr-n np^akiTiK v^ith inrv wore but Figuros ; 
I baiJ^ pniPtJeally, iDrj/ottfrti titat lh*?y wi^rw allrr, thnt llioy 
wenft uot merely autoia;ttic. Iii the midst of tlieu crowded 
EtMfrCft and aasemblajf^^, 1 walked solitary ; and (irxcept as it 
Wfl0 my own hput, not anothpr'a* that I kept dwouriug) mr- 
aga aljto, aN thi? tigtrr lit liis jungUi. Bam*^ comfort it would 
Livo bMu, could [, hk« a Faufrt, have fancied mystU tcmpt«d 
and u>ru]«at<-d of tho l>vU : tor a Holl. ae J lBlfk^I1l^, without 
lif^ tbon^ only dJabollc Life, w^nn mora frightfiil • hiit in 
our figo of D<iwn-pu1li]ig nnd Disbi^Hrf, thn vrry Devil Itaa 
been palled ilown, you oftnuot so much aa beheve m a J>0Tii 
no m9 ih* L'niTerg.> was all v*iid of Lif*?, c< Purpoa^. ol \iy\u 
tion, 4iTi^n nf llfalility: it vnx nrv^ hn;rp, dpnd, imiURjuiiinihlii 
Steant-cnsiiiCr rolling on, in it» deoud iadifFcrreiicc-, lo c^ind mo 
timb fr^in limb. Oh, the Tastr gloomy, ftoliUi)- GolfTolha. and 
Mill of I>atht l^Hiy vaa th^ Llrtng baniabed thither ccm- 
]>aninnli*s:)i, r.*mnnrtivi T Why, if thcro ia tio Pcvtl [ u^y. 
ualea the Devil is your God ? " 



A |u«> ince osau nly to rarh ovrrtMiinvt, might nnc, morvovo;, 
W tlie vor?it ajn<^^A^ci3 to tli^iiu Lhi* irun oocAUL'aUaii irnm 
of «k Tnufcljklpoc-lth tIirqiit<^o to f^il ? We coDJoctuiL- that he 
hof knovn Blvluifi«i; and, iu ttpit^ of hiu lupoiaocivo habitv, 
jwrli^^ akkuesi of tilt cJiKJuk HL'rt* Hear ihiHf for exAmjiln: 
" [low br-fintiful to die of brokfri^-hcait, on Paper * Quite An* 
^otlwT thmg in prafitio<* ■ ovcry wimlow of ycur Foplhiit fttttn 
of yimr InUrllMTt, mt \l were. begFlm«d ttnd nfiucl-hnipattprtd, 
so ihiU> no pure nty cja enter ; a vhole Dru^«hop io your 
inwArdns tho fovdoilO Krui djoviunff filowly m qna^milM of 

PuLtiiiif M whioh exLerii»I 4Jiil btiTiial miscrie-i t<ignt)ii>r, 
msvf vre Tiot find in thfr foljo^ii- s«TttoriccSi quite in our Pro* 
ftasor's Ktill xcuif ci^ibraanf mimifb ? " From ^tucido ft 
c?srntin iLft^r^hinv (Xfzi^A^fiein) ot riiriKtiuuily Ktthhfid mr t 
jicrl]a[t» jiUo a ctrlaia tritIuloTii.*e df ch&racter; fur< wsa not 
thftl & itincdT I had at aay tinw: witlim reach ? Ofteu, how* 
^V9r, v^te thorp n qii««ti^ii pi%«affrit t^niot Shouti^ 80ni^ OM 
ruiw, nt thp huTiinK of that finmi-'r, blow tlirtn uidilpnly rnit 
of Spftce, into the other World, or other Ncvworld, by pi»tol* 
shot, — bow wore it? On which pToi^<ti tofi, I bare i>ft«ii, 
in ««Ei-«tfinnfi ^ut\ tipgnd citi^ui Aod oth^ r dft^ir.h-K^ieiiP^, 4;i.hil>> 
itnl AD i m port I jr\) Ability, which i><-iu»fd| faliiiUy rniugh, for 

"80 had it laatfld," cionolnd#ii thft Wauderop, "so had it 
loMod, ft* in MUhBT priitt7Lntrf) D'';it!i-j;^>ny- tlirtmfcdi Inn^ yi<ani. 
Tht hnirt wiihiii m^ utiTJaite*! by luiy heavenly dt'W'tlrcp, 
vaA enould^nrif; in suI|)hurouB, Blov-coiuii'naiDg Ht^ Almost 
sliMft ^arlit'^t memory I bail Kh»d no ti^nr; nr oneu only whi*n 
T^ miinijurinif hnlf-nndibtir* Trdt<vl Fjituit's Bt^th-floafi, that 
iritd Scii^f tfff Jsn er im SUy/atgltmza fivnUt (Hfippy whom he 
AncU in Battlf>'« splendor), ^nd thj>ii(rht thnt of rhu hi«t yrii^nd 
vrrnn 1 vrax nitt formknn, thiit DnxtiTiy itvcU fjmhi unt dimtn 
me not to dic^ ILurin-i; no hope, neither hAd 1 any dcfiiiiba r«W( 
wart it of BLui or of l)<>Til ; nay, T often felt as if it might bn 
flola^tn^, «ouId thn Arf^h-Dovil himitolf, tbonf^h in Tirtarcan 
U^m>r*,lint riw? tfj in(», l.bat I jn[:;bt trll ham a litUe of my iiiiiid. 
And yet, Btriui^^cly vntm^ L Lind la a contirnal, iiidi^finite. 




pianiybari trantilouoipusiUAuimous. aiipreUeiuiTcof 1 know 
not irhAt: it £c«mcd oe if all thui|E» in th« H^avcus ahorc oiid 
the Earth ban^iath would burt m« ; nx it th^i H^iv^iu and thv 
Rarhh wiere Imt bimmllra!! jaws uf u ilrTouring inunntifr, whnrp- 
iii I, palpltattngp waited to be devoiuoil 

"FuU of 8uoh huin^^r, imd p«rh&p» th« nnecrablcst mau in 
tho v]\o\e Fr^-nch Ciijiitil i>r Suburb*, wax !^ oth* Miltry Dog- 
i\^y, after uiadi jM^ru^iibuUtiouT tvUiti^ akitig tlic diity littlu 
Bui? Saint-Thom^a de fEitfir, aiuobj; civici rubblflb voougb, 
iiiaoloee atiuoepb«rt>, jukI ov«rr pavements hut a^ Nebuohod- 
ftpi3jys PiiJ-naL*!*; whi^Mij ikulitlrjtw nij spiritx wcro Ihtitt 
obcrred ; vhvitj :dl at ouot^, there roae a Thmiifht in mci 
and I asked myself; * Wbat art thou afraid of? Where- 
fore, lilte a «owRrd, doKt thdii forpTPP pij* and whiinpt*r, and 
|{[> cowering and trtiJnbiittg? I^i^j^icuLli; bi[>rd ! what ijttbo 
aumtotttl of tho wcint that lioa belorc ihou ? Death ? Well, 
Dvath; and aay the panga of Taphvt tvo^ and (ill tiiat tho 
DeTil and Mfln mwy, will or ran do Agiiin^t th^e ! Uaat 
thou not a heart ^ cannt thooi not suiTci what«o«rer It be; 
and, oa a Child of l-'r^fdom, thouf^h otitoant, trararlo Tophct 
Itwlf mider thy feet, while ii conaumci th»7 Lt^l it oomo, 
tlien; I vrill mtvt It oJid di.'fy itf Aud aa ! au tliuught, 
there nubcd like a vtiram of tire over ray whole aoul; auil 
I ihook boaa Fear awuy ttoiu int^ farowr. I woa strong, of 
unknown atKagth; s a^Ht, almost a god. Ev«t from that 
timo^ the tcniprr of lay misery vaa oliani^) ; not FVar ur 
vhining Sorrow waa it^ but ladij^uatioa and grim ftre-eyetl 

"Tbua hud tbe EvKRr,jfiTiNii No (^ai ewi^ JVn'ji) pecd^ 
aiithoritativfly throuf^b all the TtcvtA^ of my IWins- td eay 
Bift; and then wat it that my wholi? Mft fitood up, in native 
Ooci-rrratiMl tiinj^itv. and with «mphaaia iwcordod iXa Prot^U 
Biich ft rrt"tA»t. the iiioftt iiiii>orUujt traiituu'tioii in I*if#^, may 
that nomo Itidi(^ation and Dcfianoe, in ft payubologioal pcJnfe 
of vK-ur. be fitly ealluci TliP Ev.trla^tiiig Ko ha-l aatd : ' Jh>Iiold, 
thou art fatherl<e*is. oub^aat, and tlie Uniirfriin ia mine (uh* 
DeTil*s):' to which my i*ho]e Mv now ma^lr luuwex: '/wo 
not thine, but Free, and fnrtfver hate thee I ' 

"* It ia from thw h^nir that 1 inrfiin* ti> flat* mj RpiHtuiU 



THnrOH, aftnTr this ■■ BH]> Firo-liA]itisn " of hU, cmr 
Wnniicrrr riif;tiitiE?5 that hm L^are^t vcaa hut iiicrMUvr<l; a4, 
ludftod, '^ IndtgimiioQ am) DeQ^noe/' es^ief^iaUy against UuDg* 
ill gMfieml, a,nr ru.*! tfii* ii]i<»^t peacenbl^i iiJiua^&; ji^r rH.ri the 
I'aj L-l]ulo);ibl Htiiuiiar^ that it wu no longei a i^uite lH>jHr)c«» 
Uarf«t; that bcoccforth it boci at Icwt a Kxod ocmtr? to 
TOTOlve Touni!. For lit* firP-*]a|)ti;fr*<I WitU^ '<^'*S ""^ *cutLttl and 
iUmiilt'r-rivT-ti. linn- IwIh ita ovfij Prwil^in. wliirli fcpling is ita 
Uapkom^tvc BiLptiftui . lh*r iiUdel of ha wLok faic^pi ii has 
thiia ^inod by ntinaiilt« and will krop inir xpUfcnabJo ; cutwxtrda 
fn>in w>iirh tJirt tRmiiining domiuitinn^ not iiidn<d witlumt hiini 
battling, wUI (WUlras b/ dpgr?efi litf omiiLu^r^ aztd iiivctiiciiltd. 
UndeiT anoth^^r B;L;ur^ iv« itiiKit say, if in that ic^at itioTiifnti 
in tttd Rue Saint' TA'>mtt4 d9 fSn/tir^itn oM iawanl Siitanio 
Snbrtfd wm mit yrt tlinnvu imt. of iltmr*, it rci'^-iveil ^^t^renij}- 
Uirr judicial uotioe U» rjuit; — wberebj, fur the r<*t. ita li^jwl- 
chaiitiEi^'u* £rDulF'^uft<uteiit|,% aud rvb^^lUnne gnnnhini^ of 
■bwlhr mi^ht, in tb« moan while, U■l^om« only the? tnort* tutnuU 
ttioEUi, nnil dtfllniU t(i kpi*j] r«yn?t. 

Accordingly', if w<* flirmlinu'* thtB<? Pilprimio^ well, tb^re ia 
j)M^ha|>e dwoeruitli? hcTifiefortli a ciertftin incipintit motht>d in 
tliffir maclanp, \nt wholljr a* a f^|>n<tti' t\afi% TeufeUdrJh'kh 
nuw fllrTTn Utroiigh tbt world; lit worst aa a 3|K'Ct!V'ti>:btm(f 
M:iri.iitL_T wbo will on<? 'lay bo a Sp©c1r(*-qiicll*^rH If pilsriuiing 
rMtl^sftlj' toflo inaay '*Saiiii*'WpniH,"'anilpvRr witliout qiw*nrli' 
uig rf bis lltirst. be nrvrrthrln^ fuidd little aecular wvUa, 



Book U. 

whereby from tune t£> time %ome aJlRvL-iLinii i* tainiHtpri^rt. In 
a word, ho le now» if cot cf^ABin^, jet iittennitting to "cit hi§ 
own h^jirt ; " and cliilcli(*s roiind him outwai'dly on ih* Not-m 
fur whiilflKumcr food, Doe9> do! the fullo^dng glimpse eilnhiC 
Mm ia a much more naCural at^ti ? 

'*Towiia also luid Cities eapeoioOy the ^oaient, I failed not 
to look upon with interest. How beaiitifol to ^eT> thereby, aj 
thrtiTij^h a long mta. into tlt« nriuote Tima; tohavn, nn it wpi^ 
au actual section of alnioat the carlt^t Past brought naJ^c into 
tlM PreseQtf and set before yovir eyea I There^ in th^ old City, 
WRM n live crcber of Culintiry Fire put down; nay only tvn 
thoti9(dJid yaoj-i fL^ ; and there, buntiiig mort^ or tea* trium- 
phuntty, with euch fuel as the region yii^ldi^it, it has burctk 
and BtilL biirna, and thou thyn^lf »eest the very amoke tliereoE. 
Ab ! aod the far morii EnyvtenouA lire emher of Vital Fire was 
then oIao ptit down thcrri; ; and atill minkonloualjr h\inL% nnd 
Bproadd) and the diuoke ojidauhts thori^f [ittthc'fic JudgE[u>nt- 
Halls and Churehyard*), and its ln?]lowej>nginea (io theae 
Chuxcbea). thou still scest; arid it» ft^nie, lookiiti; out from 
crery kind oountononcv^ and every huti^ful oac, otiU warms thee 
orseoorebei the«. 

■'Of Man's Activity aLd Attatiiment the chief results are 
aeriform, mystic, and proscrred in Tmdition only : such are hij^ 
Forms of GoTi^mmt^nt* with tTin AotUority th4*y rest on ; hiK 
Custom*, or Fuahioim boOi of OlothdiabUs nnd nf Soul-habits ; 
minch mora hbi oolluutive sLocJi of Ilandicrafta, the whole 
Faculty he haA acquired of mani^uUtinic Nature: lU these 
things, AG indiapenutblt; and prioi^i^B-i tut thtfv are, canuut in any 
tray be fiKfd nnOer loek and ke>, kit la^vHt flit, spirit-like, tui 
bnpalpahle vehicles, from Father to Son ; if jgw demand sight 
of them, thry are nowhere to be met with. Viitible PLouf^hmen 
and Hammermen there have been, ever from Cain anil Tubal- 
eAtu (loviiwanls: but w^heredoi^a your ai-cumulattH) At^riculturul. 
Metallur^c, and other Manufacturing Skill lie warehoused? 
It tran>mit« itAi^If on the atmttspherie air, on the enn'e raya 
(by Hoaring and by Vision): it is :i tbin^ aeriform, imiialpabl^, 
of quite (piritual sort. In like majiij*?i,ask me uot* WTiere are 
the Laws; whert ia the OoviiasniaNT ? In "^ain wilt thou 

Ctttf . rm. 



gi> to Schoiibrium, to Downing 8tre«t, to tho Palus BourboD | 
thou CiDiiest nothing ihnta Uut bnck T>r sitrmc boiu*^ and dooae 
biin<!lrA nf Ti^ifni Liml wHIi U|ip. AVLppc, lIh-ia, b that iquoa 
cuntiiuglj derbed ;ilix)i^r GoveuHsii^T ^jI tlitim Ui be bid 
iuirdd on ? ETciywh^nt, ^Qt nowh^rg : geeu onl; izi its w^irlu, 
this too in X thmg morifona, Icri^tibU; or if you will, mrfltlo 
■nd tniniciLloiu. So spiritual (ffifMj^) is our whole daily Lite: 
ftU bluLt we do Hprbi^jfi out of Mvflter)', Spirit* inviiiblo Force i 
OlUy like a ItttJo Cloud-ima^, or Armida's Palace, aJibiJllt, 
does the Actitol tiody iXm^^ furth from the great mysdo 

" Viftibl* and tajigiblo ppoduot* o£ the Fofit^ again, 1 reckon 
up tc the eictent of thiv« ' Citi^r with their Cahinpts lUkd 
Araen^-kls ; thr^ri tiilnl FinUU, to vtUia or U> Imilx at ^htoU 
divisions Scnda wtth th^ir Brides iDftj bcloai?; nod thirdly 
— Bookfi, III which thtnt tmly, tliC' but i]iv«iited, li«Aft«orth 
&r snirjias»ing th^t of tli4t two others. Wondroiu indeed is 
the virtue t>f & triK'Book. Not Like a de^d citj' of stoncsi 
yearly r-ratnblinf;, yearly needing copwtj inor<? likn a tilled 
field, but then i sfU^tnal fIfJd: Uki.' a i^pitituul tr^v, Int ino 
rttheraay, Et »taLds from year to yar^ oiid frouj a-ge t4> o^^ 
(we baTc Books tJlMt already number aome hundred «bd iUty 
human Q^»)] and yearly i>cin<w it« new produce of Wvm 
(Commenlant'S, I>»»duirtitJii», Iliilouophwad, PoUticiil Syvtiuna; 
or wcri" it oaly StTiuojiB. TajiipMi-tH, JuiuuaUslto Ebse^e), 
«v«rT7 one of which i,i t&Uxmariic and tUaiinMturi|[ic, for it can 
p#Tiru]id(* mnn. O ihoii who iirt ahl^ to write a Book, which 
onop in th« two oentuheft or iJteiitrr thi'm i^ a fnaii gifml to 
'do, envy not him whom they name City •builder, and inea- 
pi^Bsiblj^ pity him whom lh(»y nnmo Con^iueror or City-buniorl 
Then too art -x Canqntrm ftiifl ViMor; bnt. of thf iruo «OTt, 
namely orer ihn Tk-ri} : tb(»u Uhj IihhI Ijiiilt what will rmUmit 
tJi niarble and metiJ, and be a wrmdcr-bmx^iac City of the 
Hind, a TflmpU and Seminary and Ptoph^tac Mount, whoi^ 
to all kindrfdi of tbe K^rtli will pilgrim — VoaW why jrjun 
&eyc9t thou wcarimjiuclifj in thy oulii^uariaii fervor, io poe 
on the etono pyraraida of Geesa, or the olay ones of Aaochun ? 
71i499 f tsind thf^e, as I c^atl tell thee, idle and inert; looking 



Boga IL 

over the Deaert, fooliaLly etioD^ for the kat thite thouaaotl 
y<vti'»: but ciijut thou not oiirn thy ILobrov Bidlr, tboa, or 
even Lutln-r's V<*rsioi3 thereof?" 

yet on aomo Battle-lirld ; wbtch^ vro eoou j^t1iL-n must be UtAt 
of WaLgmmj no that here, for od<?<i, Ik a cttrUin ApproximAUcra 
to dutiuotTiUHii of data. Omitting much, let ua u»pLrt wlmt 
follows ; — 

"Horrible oqcu^U 1 A vhoLo MArchf«1d strcw^ with 
jilii']I-M|jUati>ri^ c^nuori'^ihcit, rulnud tumbrLhi, and dvnd mttn 
Etui] liurve.i; Ktmggli-rH hLiU nuiuuuiug iiol sn miicli ivi buriinl. 
And those red mould b^pa; ay, there lie the 8Mla of Hen, 
ont of which all tho Lif^ and VirtuA hag boon blown; ftnd 
navr ara thoy RVi-jit togi-thi^r, juhI rTiunmt'd ilown out of 
■ighl, like bluwa Egg-shnfla ! — Did Kulure, whtn nho bado 
tha Doiiau bring duwa his m-:iiilil-oa.rgoi>a froui tho OarLutliian 
aiiii GariKLthin-n Heights, anil ^pn^nd th^m out h«re into tho 
Moftest, ri(di*?st levnl, — inti*ud tbi'i^ Vanibfpld, for a mm- 
boftring Nursery* whereon her children might ba nnn^ i or 
for a Co(?kpit, wherein th<?y ought thfi moro oomnioclioufllj 
be throttled and lallered 7 Were Ihy three hroad Hi|;bway«, 
meeting here from the ends of Euri>ij^, maile for Auinninition- 
wflfioiu, then ? W«Tc thy Wai^raina and StiUfrieds but %o 
nuiny ready-built CaAnnittL^aT v^lii^reiu the house of Hapitburff 
night bfttter with artillery, ftml with arTillery be batr*»red T 
KiJitJtr Ottcka;, anjid youd«r biUoclu, diea tLodo-r l^cdolfs 
trunchpon ; h<*ri> luunor Krwi* tiUln a-rtwoon umh^ Napolm>n*B : 
vithin wlii^h live eeiituries, to oniii the others, bow liua thy 
bM-it*t, fHiir riiiii, Wii 'Wai^pd and d>^illed ! The ^rei-osward 
lit torn up ami trampled down ; mATl^1 fond CEir« of it, his fruit- 
trees, bedge-row«f uxtd pl«aaant dtf«IUnf{S, blown away with 
gunpowder; «nii tli* kimi ^eMfi^ld lies a desolate, hideoui 
Place of Skulls, — N^vcrthcka*, Nature is at work; nifilher 
ehall titmo I'owdor-DovilkinA with their iitmo^it i:LoYiJry tenin- 
Bay htr: but all that gore and eama^ will ho nhroudod in. 
absorbed Into manure; and oext y>^ar the Mart*bfelt will 1>e 
gncOt DAj greener^ Thrifty unwoarlcd Nature, ever out of 
otir grcfit waste educing aoiao little proht cf thy own, — hovr 

citAT. vuh 



do«t iho% front tTio vciy corcnss of tli« Kilkr^ bring lifo for 
tho living ! 

"IVliat, fljwitkiug iu quite umiflkiul l^jgnsigPT, in chi* iwi 
puriK>rt jtud upabot of wai- ? To my own kuowlcdgc, Tox 
«i&iiiplfr, thi>rn dwifU luid tj:iil, in the BriCt^h TiUftge of Uum' 
dmil^, uwiully modit? five hundred vatiU. From thiiKO, bj- 
('FrtJiiu 'Tiutural Eiifimiofl' of the Fretieli, thvrr aiv siicarn- 
eively Beloct(>il, during lUo French war. Bay thirty ablc-lvdicd 
£n«t) I DiimdnvdgflT at h«r own @i|>eiu«, bod euoklcKl and 
nnrsiMl Uirtn: nhr Kjiji, Lot witlumt ililBc-ulty and norrow, f^d 
tbc3D up to mdiDliood, mid even traiiietl thi^m to cr4Lru, 90 thjit 
one can wcttvt^T Another build, anotlL^r luxuLiuer, ouj tlie voak- 
«et <:iftri st^ind und^r thirty Rtonn nvoirdupoU- N<»T4'rr.hf«l(>0fl, 
moid much wtn^plit^ and swearin^n tWy arr M^rrliitfl ; M 
droMcd ID rod; nnd shipi>ei] uway, itl thu jmblic cltargoA, Aomr 
two thoufiaiid zuikfiT or aay only to iLtf aoijlh ol Spiiii ; luid 
fed there till waute<L And now to that saina Bj)Ot, iu the 
eouth ot SpiLi, are tliirt;/ siiullir Fr«ui:lj ^rtlbana, liuiu a 
ypcncb IhimdnidgR, in like maniicr wctidinRi till At length, 
nftttT inJinitv cfFurt^ thu twu pnrtitm coma mi<i uotiial jnxta- 
|Kisitinn; ftiid Tkirty slainb fruiiLing Thirty, e^(^h with a gun 
iu Lid huvL Straightway the woL-d ^ Tim t * la ^iven ; and they 
blow the eonU cut of ono another; and in fdaco of &ixty bri^k 
n**fiLl cmftsmcn, tlif worUl Juu sixty ci<^ad t^ai^aisat's, which 
it muHL Iniry. ;tud ^lu^a iiLt^d te^j*!! fur- Hud Ih^^se uitiji auy 
quarrel* Hiiay as the Dcnl ia, not tht smallest! Th<^ 
Kpi^d far enough apart; wipTP the "jtititest Htrnnf^rs: tuiy, in xd 
widi- a UniviTHp, there was i»ven, uiR-oiuL'imiHly, by Cummeren, 
Boiuo mutual lidpfiUni-Ba bei^eeu them. Hcvikeu? Simpifr 
tor ! ilidr OovprnoTfl had fallon out; and metend of sbootii;^ 
on*" iitiotliiT, hiui the i^iinnmg t-o make these jwiir bliwkbrad* 
BbwiL -* Alaji. BO ia it in ni-iitiebhind, and bitln^rto in aU oX^ivr 
hxttli: still m of old. 'wtiat devilry aocvcr Ktn^ do, the 
Gr«^»lcH mnfit pay th** pi[Krr ! ' — In that fiotion of thf* English 
f<nii.'llrtt« il h tru»', lh<' diiiil Ct-i*ation (if War U jM^rlmim prT> 
pheticolly 8Ladowt<l furtb; where the twi> Natural EutmieSr 
in peT^n, take oach a Tobaoco-pipe, Riled with Brimetone; 
li|tht th? tftm^, asd smoke in one anothpr> fueva, till thn 



&vit It 

vetkcr cma im but fnmi vu'^h prciiktod I'^oc^ZrA, wh&t 
b!ood<£Uod traDcbttAt and ocmt^utioua ceaniriM, tuAj AttU dir 
T&d« i» I '* 

Tbu8 cao t^ Profc«iBOr» Bt Icut ia lucid intefrabi louk 
awfif from bjo ova »om>wb, ovur tho nuuij-columl vrorld, ocd 
f^rtiitc^ially {rnough note vhat ^ passing tli«r«. Wo may 
ramork, tii<lf^il. th^t for Uip matter ol sjiintita] cuHure, if for 
notlung «lae, pcrhai^ few pcricHb of hi« Ufo wcvr richer than 
thia. iDtonudljT tlicro ia tlio moftt toOKuentcDc iiutructivo 
CouTM of PratHic^ PliUoaophj, vrith KijierimenU, going QU; 
luwujtU tlib rlglit coiui>rvhi:ndiij« of vhidi lua Pertpatetio 
liabitSi favorable to Mcvlitattoot migbt birlp Mm ntthor than 
hinder. EAtornaU^, a^a, aa b« wanden to and fro. tlicM 
are, if for the longing he&rt little eubatano^t, yet for thi^ ae«- 
lug eye aiK^^tft vaou^h; in th^^A^f 90 bonndlco« Travrla of hi*, 
(CniotinFi th^it th<i Subuitf? School wiui ctvd piirtially kopt 
dovn, what on bcrediUe knowledge of our Planoi, and iU 
Tntuibitxmta juid Uieu- Wurk«, that Ih to M^, of &U knowable 
tluii|i:3, mii,-lit not Tcuf^rlr^druckb acqabo! 

" I liAvn r«vl in mo«t Public Librarica," nayn ho, " including 
tboHi* tit VaTistiki\i\nti]t\t> utiH Samanriuul : in Tntjat OulI«guji, 
Qxcept; till? CLiiirae M^id&rm QtiCSt I hav« tttiulietl, or ctoeu 
that tboic voA no ftti^lyiD^. Unkfiovn Laugnogoa havo 1 
oPt«nAat pfatlirn-d from th<nr nntiinil rep«rt(»ty, lb*< Air, by 
my nrjpwi of H^^ariuy; SuiLtaLiiih. G4H)}{rapliirH, Tii|Kigrapbi(V 
earner tKroupU ih'> Eye, alnio&t of their own accord. The 
waye of Man, how h« »p«)u food, and wnrmtb, and prot^otioD 
for hinuu'lf, ill tnost rvgtunit, itrH wruUrly known tu rntt, Likn 
Uie (.tuiLt Uuidrian. I mcttd out mwrli i>J the terraqueona Qlobo 
witJi a pair of Compa^^s tbat bclotigt^d to myflolf onlyr 

■■Of great ft<^ncfl why upAok ? ThrAo mimm^ dayfi, I 
lingand rtflH-tiiig, ;ind «vi?n mnaiiafting {HifhfeirX by tbft 
FiDfr4)hasm3 of VAudwte; an<d in tbat dear Lukc^kt motat> 
enad my bre^id- I hav^ oat under the Palnk'trc^^ ot Tadnior; 
aiDokei] » pijK' ammtg thp nitnii nf TliLbylon y\\o gr^at W:i11 
of ChJTia f Iiarr nrc-ii ; «nd <<^aii tr«ttfy tliai U. 1.1 nf gny hnitk, 
oopnd and rvvrn^i «itb granites and sbows only second^rato 
maaonry- — Qnat Eventft, alsof baro act t vitawaed T Kinga 

CAAT. ^ttL 



vvtfAtcd down (ca^^amtt^f^) into EnrUn-unil-HUan Crmtom- 
lLLmH9-Of!lif»^ni ; tlit- Wurlit i4tU wuu, luhI lli« World wr^U lout; 
oftcocr thou oiiCf a hundred thoua&iid uidtvidtuLU ahc;t (bj 
each oth^r) m ono ^'^. All kindrods niid p^opl^s aod &&> 
t.ion-i d^tJ^lied hi^ft,hi% jiiid vliifLf^d ;ind Khovidliv] infn hAapv, 
that tUfjr iiiii^Ut ftrmeul thtn-, iiid in tinip unite, Tho btrtli* 
pOJiga of D^mocr.n^yr whrirowitb coD^aod Europo vu grovi- 
ing in frrioji thiit rc^su-hfid Hc^avpn^ could not r-Jiwipe me. 

"For grpit M(?n I have n*-er hiul tho waniiJ*»t ^in^dilectioit ; 
and can pcrLap« boa^t that fi>\r Auch U tliia era hare wholly 
e8cai>cd me. Grvat Mcin nra thn mjipir^d (vp^akiug anil act- 
ing) Trxts of that divicm Bchik or EicvKi-ATfnVK, whereof & 
Chipler ia CLiiii|jh.'tod from tpiKli tc» cpooh» and by some nanicd 
History i to which iTiflp^icd Teste your aumDrous taJeuted 
men, and your innumirrabln untalAntM m^m, ftra th^ bntt^r or 
wutTtR i?xegf!tiii CoEnntritiarirAt fuid migondcjid of t<H><)>tujttd, 
htrctii^^ or orthodox, weekly Senuoiw. Tot my fltu*Iy, th© 
ioBpuvd Text« th«maelv«s! Thus did Dot I, iti very t^arly 
djiyi, bavinp diK^Ui^d mn nji lavflrn-waitprr Htand behiiid th« 
£c]H'<;hairaH uinler th^lt shndy Tire At Trolsnit* by the Jeiia 
Highway; wailing upou tho ^U--i\X tichiller aud ^uator Gocth«; 
and hflartng what I have T;ot forgotten. For — ' 

— Bnt al thia point tlu^ ICditor rc<<Alls hia prinolple of cau< 
tion* some time ago laid down, and mu^ suppres.^ mnchn Let 
not tlio saoredneea of LaureUud, «tUl morv^^ of Crowned Hrad&i 
be tampered ^Ith. Should we, at a future day» find cir* 
cuio^tutcea a]tt>red, aud tlie time come for PubUiratiou, then 
rany thrae gtimi^scs into the priv^tcy of the niustTiou« be ood- 
oodcd; which for the jfreseul were little better than tTflachcr- 
ons^ wrhapft traitomus Eatfesdrappin^. Of Lord RyioDj there- 
fore, of Tope Piue, Emiieror Tarakwajig. aiid the '^ White 
WfttCT-foses" fOhineBe Carhotiwi) with their Diysterics. no 
notice here ! Of Napoleon Mmsi*lf we shuU only^ ghmcing from 
afar, remark thitt Teiifelsdrlh^kh*» relation to him tieema to 
hftrr \ttfiTk of very varied character, At first we find our poor 
Professor en the point of being shot as a ftpy; then Caken into 
private eonveraittion, pvm pint;hed on the euj, yat pr^aeot^ 
with no money ; at last indignantly diamiaaed, ^mo.<^t thrown 



out of doonv M tn *= Idci^Inpst/' '*1I<t hiiuMilE,'' myv> thr 
ProfeaMr, "waa ninorLf: tbu ouin|>]eteel bkoki^uu^ jtt least 
]d*opfaxists : in tU« Idn [in d<v idm) b« lived, luo^od aad 
fuugbL Tbff miti wiut ii Uiviuif Mbodomry, Utna^i unnan- 
pcunui of it; luul ijnadiftd, through the oumonV throdhtf tJuU 
groat doottiiio, Xci Tun-Mrv Miptfrfl^ ntu loJ^v (Tliu Toold U^ liiiii 
ttttt<'aii hondlr- tlK'in)^ wtii^t in tmr uUiiikuU* Follticitl Kvvi- 
gel, wlkcmiij oluw: QBU Ulxr^tv Hc^ MaJty riiQUgli lir- prcnrlml, 
it lA trxtf% aa Euthii«iik8td luid iirat MuAioiiurip« iltt vrout. witJi 
uiiperfoct utt*ranoo, amiii much troUiy ruit j y<?l xa aTtioulat4ljr 
ppr1i;i|Vi 3u^ Llii; cjim' luliiiitt^-il. Or i^ult tiiii^, W vmi will, mi 
Amcricjui rLu-^kwofMlsnifin. vrlio had to fi*I1 unpcitetratcd for- 
i«te, &nd battle with innuinorabl« wotvM, and did nut (-iLtiroly 
for1>par rtifm^ lifpior, Hotinff, ind pr*»n tlt^ft ; wl^om, norw-ith- 
aitniidini^ tbn |ffnAK<iut Soirct wili fnlloWr »Jid, an hr Diita the 

Mi>ri> li^gitiinal« and deoifivcly auiliotitic Ift T^ufulsdhSokli'ft 
ftpp^uTuirn :*i«I iTm'rjfrtnnr" (w^ tTum- not wdl wh^iwi*^) in fJin 
voUiatic of thr? Nottli Capr, on ^tniir Midnight. 11c hiia A 
''hght'bluff SpaDtttli vkiak'' hun^inf; rouoii him, ua his ''moat 
ooaauiiodi<ru.0, pnn<ri|MLl, iDd«<ed tole ufT^r^armeDt ; "' nnd tTAnda 
th^TOp on i.ho Wurld'jircjiuontoij, loiikiujie t>vi.T the inliuili? 
Brinr-, like a little blirn V^\Uy (ew wc figure), novr Dtotioidma 
ibdrfKl, jfit modr, if nHrred. to rinj; quttintiWt chuu^'tfa, 

'^'SUracc vm ofdtfoth." wni^he; "for MidDight« ^ven In th» 
ArotiQ bLitiide?!, h4a il£ Qkiraot^r; iiothiiiit but tho Knuiite 
^Uls niddy-tLugvrd. tho peacoabld Rntfflr of that tjlow-hcaving 
PoIat Ooo&n. cvoT which in tho ntmoKt N^riii ih« ||:T«al Sun 
hnogi Imr mnii Uej, aa If ht- too ir«<r« [iluml«rlii^. V«t b bb 
^ond-cctirH iTiotigll of rntoarin and elo1b-of-«oU ; yet does 
hi* linht strwm otot Iho mirror of wnt^m, lik*- a tt^Kniloua 
Iifi*-pillap. chfXitiaj^ diiwnwnrflu to thw aby«*, and hid* itwlf 
iiiiilf-r my fi^i-t. In ^wvh mrimriitH, Suliliidr aUo l* iiiTaJviiilJ^; 
for irho would &i«iik. ur he looked on. when behind him liea 
aU Bur^o and Afrioot faat aaJ«epr ejtowft tho wati>hin«ii ; nud 
b»for« him th* wlmrt Inun«R»tj, and I'nJsuv of th^ KirrnaJ, 
whrrrof »nr Hun in hut n porph-lniap? 

*■ NevvxthcloBafl La thu sokmn mornotit oomi>ii fi miu^ or 

Cbat. VIII, 



moustor, scramliluig fri>ni nJooQ^f tlio tx^cik-hoHaffc f and, ahiiggy^ 
bags afl tho Hyperboreiui Bear, h&ils me in HtutKiaii sp«Mh: 
moat prolmbtj', LUeivfortv a Buiauiu 8iuu^);ler. With ixiur* 
teens btevitXi 1 eiK&i^ tay imiiffrrri'ncp to cc'iLtrjib&E.Ld trade, 
my bamanfi inl^'ntiotui, jct ■tfou^j wUIi to Iw jirivat^ la 
tou^ tlifi moimt^^i"^ I'tnmtiiig duubtkeHa on Jiia stiiJtnur lUilurcj 
&iid lUiuJed to makt sport for bimAclf, or ])crhftpH profit, w«rfl 
it with murder, cot:ti[tuoii to lulwicc ; ever n£HiLilia^ nto mih 
his impoTtacat« truiti-oil breath; luid now huf udviut<^, till 
we ntiuHl bwtli on llie veri^v^ of Lho rock, tLe d*ep tieu rtppliiig 
grtrfxlily down bciow. ^Vbw argument will avail ? Ou tUe 
thick Hypflrbor^an, oherubie reaafmitigj aepjtphin «loqiiAno^ 
wpn* lost, Pre| f[>r hurli enirvmily. l^ deftly [•[loiiifii, wliiiik 
aside oue atc^i dr&w out, frc*u) my luteriot reservom, 21 «ufG< 
CiCTiit IfiTRiiughAm Hon9i>-pi(itol, fuid pny, ■ Bo «o obliging aa 
T^tirp, Friend {Er ff*VA*> rirh i^ururk. Frrund), mid wUh j>romp- 
Utiide ! ' Tliin Uigic i-VBji tlif HyiwrlMJivau i]nder»U:ii]ii : fwib 
enough, with &pi>Log«Lio. petitioiULry ^rowl, h« sidles ofT; and, 
exa«pt for suioidal as v^U as homioidil purpoM, no«d not 

''Suoli I hi^ld to br thi* ifRiiuiiu; ua« of Onn|>owdtir: tliat U 
makett all men ahko t^l. N&y, if thou bo cooler, oLevv<fc*r 
tiLftli I, if thou havp mofn JVfn^ though nil hia no J4o(/y Thftt- 
•T«r, tbi^n nnnst thou kill m« firsi,, ajiil iirt thi* Ulbt. flerftiiy, 
at last, is tht Goliuth jwiperle**. and the David reaistleas \ sar» 
8^ AziimaliHiD 14 i;othing, inv<rntivo HpitituAlisfn is fi.lL 

"WitJi ri-HjM^-t tfi DiittlH, itidrrd, T Imv*^ my own iilpiw. 
Few thuigs, in tUia du auipriAiu^ wurld^ atnke me vritb more 
Stirprisci, Tno little visual Spoctra of men, hovering with 
Ifuecnri* i^nunKb (v>tip*inn in tlip midst of tbr UsyATimMABLE, 
and bo diHrioIve therritt^ itt tuiy tyiU\ very liooii, — riiitke \^9^\^^ 
at the diatajioe of twelve paces asunder; whirl ronnd; and, 
sii&dltADncjiDily by the cunmngost mechaQiam, explode one 
nnothiir inti) DiHKolutinn; und offdund 1>enainn Air^ Hnd N^m- 
ext&nt ! Dcm^e on it (efrrfamwHf), the little spitfires ! — Naj, I 
think with old Huko von Trimbcrg: 'God mnst ncedf: langh 
CQtri^ht, emild sn^h a thing b«, to see his wondrous l^anikins 
liera below.' " 


Bfio* IL 

But &mi<l tbM^ «]M>«Tultt(Hf Ut u* not fargct tbp ^'-At g*R- 
eralitj-, whurh is our ffhwif (|uetiL icre : How piirn|)tirod tbe 
inner mui of Teufel;Hlr«ck]L ucdiT &o murh ootvord shiftinic? 
Dow Li?^uu Atili lurk in hLni, though ri.^pr«s«l ^ (ir boA ha «xor- 
oued ll»at llevil's BTooii ? Wit (rjm aiiHwei' iluU llm sjmpU»msi 
ooDtinut; praraismx> KxpcrJptico i& lit- ^^niad fl]>irtLiLil Ductcr; 
uumI vBith tiim T«iifc]cKii^kh bu oow bo«n loog ft pfttiool^ 
*w4]lciwtiig niany a bitti'r holng. Fnl^u oitr poor Frif^nd 
Moup to tb<T minifTrmii cWh of Inaiu'^blc-s. iffliicth Mrma 
pot liltrtlj, aiime cure will donbUesa be effected. W* &kauld 
ratUtT tK^y liiat legion, or thu Haxaji'w School, wm &ow prt'tty 
well eit]rpat''il An^t tMuT; nnr, Init ivoct to nattuQ^ intmiluriiirm 
tki ruoiuj whtrn-b; tlic beftTt rnaaina, for the whiH iu at ^nivt 
but no uomForUblo etate. 

" At leti^h, sLft«r io niixoh rosutlng/' thu« writu oar Aativ 
bio^Ril>fK'r, '* I vn4 whikt yi^ii uni^ht U'lme i^JtlviEunL PT^jr only 
that it hf TitA rUhi-r, .10 ia iUa mott fn-^inrnt iwiuc^ redooed to 
a, pGput mortnitJn f Uot in anj oas^j by mere duit of pnu*ttv«, 
J hml grmm familtju- with man^ tbitiFpt. Wmtr-hrvhictHH wns 
still flTctriicd ; btit I couiil iipw [k^irtly see thr^uifb it; ami 
Je»p»c it. Which highest mort&L in this inuu^ BxiBt«ii<ifi. bail 
r ao^ fonml a dhadow^buDMr, or ^hodov-huatfid ; aud, vixen I 
looked throng bis bnive gamiT^reSf iniaerabl« ^noogb ? Tliy 
VttbM hATO dU b«»i anifTfMl r»i<1^, rhou^lit I ; hut vbat^ hrv\ 
th«7 ^TOi bom oil ipantnri ! ]>id n^t thn Itn^ Alcx4oct«r wcwp 
beoxuae he had not two ]*lan«td to ^ont^iwv ; or a vhol^ Solar 
Sjateiu ; or after ihiit, % whole Uuiver«e ? Ach Otitt, vben I 
gued into thc»c Stars^ hnve thcy t»<rt looked doim oq nn? a* if 
iritb pity, from tb«<ir svrenL* spaoea; bko Ey^ gbatonin^ with 
boavenJv t^-^n's over tlio little lot of man ? TliMu^antU of human 
gODomtionit, all aa noi^y as <wr own, bav^ Wcti ftwal]ov«d ap 
of Time, and thflt* reainins no wrcpk of thr-m anr mor*' : and 
Arttums and Orion and Slrins and th* Il^iidei are atill shin- 
i»g ia tlieir oourMai dear ai:d youoj;. ^ wben Uie 91ieplicnl 
fint ttntH t.hi-m in th« plain of 8binar. PaLaw ! whjit i« this 
paltry littli* D/^-jm^it of an Earth ; what art thf)^ that eittofct 
wbtning tlwre T Thoa art still Xothmff. Xrtbody ■ troo ; hut 
wbo, ilien, u Somethbg, Somebody f For tbee tbo F^milj of 

Cmaw^ IX. 



UiU] hu no Btft i it rtrjcru tbiT^ ; thou art wbolty u r di& 
NTeved hsib ; AO be it ; prrhAp« it i£ Ix^tcr so I " 

TV>0'}tcaYj4adoa T^ofelnLrockli ! Vot turcJy bifi bands azi! 
luoHeainy ; oue <Uy he wlU burl thtj btmUo fv trom hiia, uid 
boujul fvrlLi free luid with & necuud jo\i\li. 

" This,"' wyB ©or 1^f«ssor, " was llic Osttke op I?f DirrRK- 
KBKTK I h&d now rctochod : throa^h which whovo trftvoU from 
tlw Neg&tiTe Pole to the Positive must neofusarilj poM." 



"Tkkptatioks in the Wildc-meaa ! " excUtma TeufcUdiUckb i 
" UsTe w^ not nU to bv trivd with Fuch ? Not eo oaAily ooji the 
dM AdAm, Imlgivl in tin by \nrt\u b^. cliijitimMsipd, <>ar Life 1b 
compoKtcd pmin<l with Neooaaity ; yet U the^ of Life 
ildt'U uo othi?r than I't^dora, than Voluntary Klptcc: thiio 
have we tL vrarfstTR ; in th^ bi^ginning, f^itppriallyr a h^rd'Eougjit 
bftltlc For the <k>d-givcii ntiUtdatr, Work ihvu in WrU^mfff 
lies mysteriouBly written, in Ftomethooii Propht-tic Cham^ 
ten^ in our hearts; and )«av«» us nr> i^et, mght or day^ til) it 
be dpclphpn^d aad obryiv) t ttti It bum fnrlh. in our (\nidiio% 
a miblCf acted GositJ of FtK^ioin- And u the clay-giTen 
mandabe, £!at t/nm aftd bojiiicd^ -At the aiuu« time pereuaeii^oly 
procl&ima iu«]f iLruugL cv^ry nerre, ^^niLtst not iht^i^e be a 
Gonfusioii, n oonttv^t, beforB the betier Infln^aoe c&o booome 

the ^tT^^ 

"To mo nuthuij; UL<4>md mora orLtiirol than that Ulo Sen of 
Man. when ^iicfj God-given mandate first prophedc^Ty Attn 
witbLa him, and the Clay miuit uoiv be Tauqiiished or vmi- 
quUhf — should bo c:iUTi<^d of the spirit into irriro jJolttudeiH 
and there fronting tlu Ttfinpt**r do grititnt'ttt battle with him; 
deflantly him at nanjjht till li^ yinM and Ry. Nome 
it u we choofl« : with or irithoat risible Devi), whether in the 

G,G— Vol, 12 




n&tur&l DoBert of rocks and «cutdA, or in tii9 populous moral 
Das&rt of e^fishcoM 2nd bju«Tii^4!t, ^ to «u(*h Ttfntpution bji> 
w« all ('hIIi*[). Unhii|»|>y if wo ajv uotl Uuluwi^ij U wo ore 
but IlAlf-mfn, io whom tMt iliviiio handirritiiig Lad neror 
llUEml forlh, alUub*iL]in^, in m:*' »iriiwipl*ndor ; but qQiv«rs 
dubiousljr junid nirftjirr lights : ur smoulders, m duU jilun, in 
dnrkiii-fAHf iindi^r earllilj vjt|jor8l'— Our WUdi^rue** in Lbe w'ido 
World in an Atboietio Century i onr Forty IXivn arc long years 
of 8ulT«riug and fasting : ttevcrthek'v^^ u> tlti'nu also comiw an 
mil. Yes, itt me also wjis gtven, if ui>l Viulurj* yvt ttie immi> 
eciouBuraa of Battle, and the reaol^e to persevere therein whlld 
lite or facility ie left- To m^ sJj^o, entangled in Ihn rtnchax;ted 
forofitfi, d^nion-ppojded, doleful oi sight aiml (if funind, it waa 
given, afti^r wi\-irirKt w<vndrhu^, to wurk out my way into 
the hih'Un' mmlit alo^jos — of i.hat Mountain irhicJi Uaa no 
ginninit, nr whoHi^ snniniit in in Ih'nvi'n rsnly!" 

Hr nayn iiUn'rhrrt*, iimlf^ a 1*^** --unliitinnM fijj«n*j hm fig- 
luvfl arev onc« for all, nA.tural to him ; " llaA not thy Life 
b«i^Ti ihdt of roost salfloicnt m«& {tUrhti^i^rt Jiiititirr) Ihou luutt 
krnwn in thin gimfimtidii ? An oiitdnnh nf frxilUh young 
KntUuiiiaiim, tilcc the fint rallow-cr<>j>» wL<*rt'i]i Jin^ ui many 
we«dtf aa vaJnable hertia: this aU part'h*><l away, undi^r the 
DrougbtH of practical and npiritnal Unbelipf, a« Disappoitl^ 
mral. in tlmiight and w% oll.pii'ri*|n»al*'d ^*vp risft fo TVmbt, 
and Doui^t gTudually aetttpd itJto l>^ni:d ! If I have had a 
B«oond-^ro|>, and aovr see the perennial etecnsvardr and ut 
und^it nmbrHffnniiH rncUrs, whirh dofy all Drought (and Dotibl) ; 
bt-rKin irm, hr iiiv Ilravru-i pmL^nd, J ain not vitl^out exam- 
pUft, and fveu exemplars.*^ 

So that, for Tnrjfrhdrrtckh aUo, there ha« been a * glorioux 
mrolution ; *' thc^if- taitt] Khiulov-hiinting and »harhiv-liuiit^t 
PilirriminBa of his urere but Bomo |nirifring "Trmplation in 
till" WildoHMiw," bofor^ hi« &postoLe work (auoh tut it wn«) 
cuuld Ifl-gia ; whirJi 'Hnnpt^tion U now hrtppily over, and the 
Devil oTii-n more TroT*twl ! Wn,i " rhat lii^li inottient eu thft 
Hn4 tUPErtfrr" then, properly thL> turtiing-point of tli« battle; 
Tfhnn the Ti*-nd naid, Wimhip mt, er ht t^m in shr^d4 ; and wa* 
aDvwenNt valiaotjj with axi Apofft 3at4aM^ — i^fn^lar Tvi». 

Our. vi. 



ftflfHlriocUi, wDtilil tlimi badfti tutd t\iy aid^^I&t story ia fhatt 
ffonJU! But it is fruitlf&« to luok Lhcr«> Lu Ltiose Paprr-tjagis 
for BOdu Kothin>; but ibnwiLdnr:!* tiRimitirc CTOtcJtctA; & 
^piotl Sluulow, Ihfullj iruvrrutg^ prupLetEiXMutinu ; tio cktti 
lo^ic«] Picture. *' lluw \iiLinl tu tlii; Aifiisuul t>Vr** ttks he 
oficc, "what puac;» in xh*"- i[c>iy'of'iIi^iiG» of Maq's Sooli in 
wliac wonlH, knowa to tbtau profaDif timec, »ptiak evtn tdta^ft 
of t^ uiu^i^LkiilileT*' W^ A8k iu tuni ! VThjr jwrplex tliene 
t&znea, jiixff&uo as thcj atc, with iModl«M ubscmily, lij- omt&- 
»ion and by coamiagion ? Hot rnynCicft) only i« tMt PixffoMor, 
but orhinuliaiJ ; flurl involves himiell, now mcrv thi^a cw*r^ in 
ojrivbnvil [luring rAuimBcwro, SncnsKKive ^liu^phen, Iiere fuilli- 
fiitlj liu|KUtcrl. our mote is'iittd rwidci^ ujusi tiid«4Tor to oooi- 
6ir»o for tb<'ir own l^pboo:. 

Ha it&yc r *' Thii hot Hftrmuttait wind lia^l niged 11b^ out ; 
it» ttowl wnit mWuI wiUiiij me; B^il tUe lon^-deaieaed aoul 
oould uow lif?^, 1 pxusied h. niy wild wuidenng^i tnd Bftl 
Dae down to wnit^ AMd con^id^r; for it wu M if tbp hour 
of cliangv^ dtffw nifrlr I f^nnmc^ U\ jtnrrpndtr, to iriiminiv 
Uttcvljj and »j: Fly, tbdi, £»L*fl sUidoim of llope^ 1 will 
abase yon no more, I niU bcUere you uo morv. And ye 
Coo, hflffg&id spectres of Kc&r, J oare itot for you; ye too 
ars all aliBilow^ and a lie. Let rm r«gt \t^w : for [ am vay- 
w«af7 and lifc-w^aiyj I will w^t hrtr, were it hvt to die; 
to dip or to livft ift oliko to m**\ aJikc miiigmfiowit" — And 
upAn : ** HtWj cheii.. afl T lay in that Ckstum op lymvns- 
btce; c&st, doulftlesi l^ bnUgnaot upjx-r Influc-ncCt into a 
bealioK alcep, th<^ hfftvy di«ajoA n>llnd Rrndnxlly awnj, and I 
awokL< to a nvw Uu4\-<<ii and n now Kartli^ Tin- firrt prtlimi- 
oar^ mor^ Afi, Amiihikiion cf Self (^Stldst-^Sfitimff), liail 
bem happily ar^oniplislied; and my xnind'A «jc9 werv tjow 
iin!^rn!fd, »nd ita hfindi niiKTrt^d,'' 

Mitjbi wi? not abo ooujeuinrt that the followbg pASaage 
refera to lutt LoialiLy. ilurin^ ih'ib same '' liealli]^ aJeep i " thsi 
hta PiIpTm-«taff lies cast asdr here, on " the hii:h tabb-land ; " 
tiTKl ind^c-d thjit thr ri^poicc vt already takiu^ vrhul^ftom* effed 
rmtiim? Tf it v:ete nut Unt tliv tone*, In sorat- \isitifs fia^ 
more of jmcj, tften of l«rity, than «• owdd have ^xpecMI 



BoftK n. 

H'.r^'ever, In TeafelsdN^kli, ther^^ ta idways the atrao^lDuHl* 
ism : light dancing, with ^itar-ma«ic, will bo i/:oiu% on ia the 
fon-ODurb, wltUe bj fito frcm witkm nomcuc the foiut whitnpcr- 
iti^ of troe and wM. We trausci-lbe ihe pteoe enttn^. 

" Rewjtifiil It WM to 6it thi^re, a4 hi rii> akyi-y Teul, luuaiuj^ 
BJid meditating; on tticr hij^h tablc-)ard, in front of the MouD- 
tuiiia J ovtfr uie^ uA tool, ilie aiuru I>i>mp, and oruund mo, for 
walls, four aziirv-flowlnjf rurtainH, — riani^ly, of the Four afure 
Winds, on whoHr. bnttom-frins<?» nUo I hnve seen gildiiig. 
And thOD to fiuicy tbo ftur Coatlvn that etood chclt«red in 
th^ne Mc»untain hollowg; vitb their ^kqq flower-lavas, and 
whitH dames and damoiiolfl, lovely enoogL -. or belter Atlll, the 
fltrttw-roofcd CottaffCA, whprftin stood mony a Mnthet baking 
br*ad» with hor children romid h*r: — all hiddon and protect- 
itiglj' ftjldnil liji ill i,h*> vallej-foldft ; yH then^ and aliv^^ aa titire 
aa if 1 b«h<ild them. Or to s^f, ae woU &a fancj, the niii« Towns 
and Villfticnsj thnl lay tcnnd my irmnntain-fiont, which, ui Htill 
^'<'3ther, wore wont ti> i\xitk to me (by U*ir ttppplr^belle) witJi 
uielal ti7[j;^'Li>? ; and, hi almost all wtathcr, priH-Oiiitiit-r] tlicjr 
vitahtv by ro|)«ttcd Smok^K^louda i whereon, as on a culinary 
horologe, 1 mi^ht tutd thv hour of tho dnj^ For it wa* tho 
Kmokeof anakpTy^ u.t Vtnd houn^vrivrfi at mumin^, iii idday , iM^r>T> 
tide^wfrreboilicig thLnrhuabajida'ktfUlea; and ever a blaf pilUr 
rose up into the air. aticoessivi^ly or simullaciooiuly, frnm ^aoh 
of th& ninfl, saying, su plainly a£ nmokfl oould lay : Sueh lUtd 
mii-h n nirsd is K^'tting n^-idy h^ri'- Nut iiiiiuterpatiit^ 1 Fijr 
you liave tile wboir l^fongh. with all ita lovcniakinjis and scan- 
dal -moRg<ir ice, contentions and oontonttannU, as in miniattirCi 
and oould covrr it all with jrour hat. — If, in my wult Way- 
fatnijjs. I bad Itfarn^d to look intu the- bueineaa oi the World 
in itj details, hi^re perhaps was the placp for combining it into 
general propositions, and d«diicing mforf^nc^c th«refroiD. 

*'t)ftr!ll alsJ tOuUi I Milt Ihe bllW'k TrTI|n-HL lUUK'bblg ui 

ani^ thro^b tb^ Diatancf.' : round vomti Sdueckhom, aa 
yet grimbJuo, would th4> eddyintf ^apor jc3^thE<r> and thk.^ro 
tumaltuon«ly oddy, and How down likn a mad witi?h'i faair; 
till, after a tpiu^f, il TanJahcd, and. in lh« cle4T buubeam. your 
Bahrcckhom stood smilinfc grim-white, for tho rapor hnd h^ld 

Our U. 



abov. llow tlu»ii f«rmortt«0t uid daborat^vt, in tbj gr^at 
ferment in ^-VRt joid la1x»ruti»ry »f an AtnMisphHm^ of a Wnrifl, 
O Nature !-*0t what b N&turo? Ua I vJiy do I not name 
Ui«e Gon'/ Alt not thou the 'Living G^meat of God'? 
Heavena, ia It, in vmy deeil, Hic, ihpn, r.h^t Kwt Kp«^ 
Uiroitgh Ujce ^ that lir^ aad Lov«v in thnr, tlt^t lirw «ijd tonv 
i> mc? 

''roiFe-flhadovA,oAllth«TYLrsthCTfor«-«|i1«ntIor«,of tiMTtaUi, 
anit RrHgiTiniii^ of Tn^tiiAf Ml mjAteTtoiisI^ ovior uy aoul. 
BwcctOT tiuA DayDjirin^ to tKc tiliipwrecked ;n Nova Zambia; 
ab, like the mother's vuiuo to her htlle flliiid that strayB bewi]- 
dered, weeping, in nnknowri ^rimtilts ; like soft streaming nf 

Ic^t.ial m^kiif^ to lay tocM^jiAsp^niieil Leart, c^rue U;at Ev^ii* 
,^ Tbe Unirc-nc iii not dead and di^moiiiacal^ a chantel- 
■irith sp«ctrea ; but godlikOi and my Father's I 

'"''Willi otijer ej*s» too^ could I now look upiwi my iellow- 
UiJiU : with aji inHiiite Lor^ an iufliitle Pity. Vqot, waod«rijig, 
wnyfi^ard thjui ! Art thou not tried, nttd b(«tcm with stripce, 
tyen at T am ? Ever, vbotlif r Ihmi bear tlie nyttX mantle or 
tliH begjjiU'a trabitrJiiie, jirl tliou iiuL ho wearj-. w lifAvyAmlca ; 
and thy Ikd of Best \s but a Grave. my Droiher. mj 
Brothot, vhy cannot 1 abcltcr thco in my bceom, and wip» 
ftway all ivam from ihy vyv^ ! — Truly, the din of many-vfiioed 
Ufir, whicli. in thia aolituJt^, vlth thf* min'l'a or^AJi, 1 ruuld 
hear, wiLj no IcnKf^r a mndFlminif discord, but a m^Itinf* one ; 
like inarticulate CTivt, and soblnngi of a dntnb cnaturaT whieli 
in tiiH eai uf Htii'Hii are jfrayerM. Thi- pocir Earili^ with her 
poor joya. waa now my needy Mother, not my cru"--! Stepdaiae; 
Man, with hia tc tnofi WanU and 00 caean Endtravorpi had 
beciuQ« 111* dran'r to tui* ; nnd i^vcn for hia pnffpringn and hia 
t'lTitf I DOW firat uanicd him I^rothpr. Tliiia wii T Ktauding in 
the porch of that ' Sajtctuaty of Sorrow ; ' by etrange* st^^ep 
waya had I too bi>un guided thilber; and ere long ita ^af^red 
gatei wuuld t>|HTn, and tlis 'Divine D/jith 0/ Sorrovi' lie dis- 
elosed to ni^" 

The Professor «ay», ho bore first got cja on th« Knot tiiat 
had born Ktrangling him, and nCraightway nanld unfasten it, 
uid wai free. *' A vain intetminable controveray/' writoa be^ 



Den a 


"toucluu^ vrlmt U ftt frrcisoDt called OrLKin of Eril* or ai>ai<? 
Bnoh tbing, njrisoa in ovi>ry eool, ninco the b*?;finmi]j{ of Um 
wcrli ; ilhiI in 4^v<-ry &citil, tliat would pa^a Irom itUt ^ufTeririff 
into a<:luiLl Eiidi'iivutiii^, ulliaI Gist tw put ati t'lid lu. Tlit? 
mofit* in oui tiiiift hiivri to go conti^nt with a huii^ilc, [[itvinj|ili.'tA 
«Tk>>iigh Supptt'^Aion ot ttiti ooutTuV4rrtij ^ to u tvw *umc Sola- 
ticni of it is luditijieiiiiabli*. lu every u^v era., Uh>, bucIi Solu- 
tiuti o(>]u» out in diffi^ri^nt tcrm«; and oyer tho Solutiou uf 
tilt last era hoa bni^om^ uLfr^rjlvtc^ and it found tmsfrrviccaLlc 
For it is iqiui'!I uutur^ to eliimj^ liia 01aleat txom ct^nttirf to 
rruUry; hr ciiiiuot lielp it tlioiij^L Lt wuuld. Tbe uuthi-nUc 
ChurnhrCntr-tklsni of our prf\Bcnt ccoturj Jias not j^et falltfa 
into my honcU ; tncAn wliilu, for my own privntir bcfhoof, I 
;ttt<'rapt t<) tOucidikU? tla* rnALler ati. M;iEi'A ruluppiiifitK^ -ui 
I coiLitru«, CtJiut^ of bia titfatijea* i it b becauiw" tlicrc m jul 
lufinitd ill him, which vt'\x\i aX\ hit runi^in^ ho eiuiuol quite 
bury uoct^T tJic I'^into, Will tho whol^ Finance MiiiJaterA uud 
UphoUtf n-rw iuxt\ Ccmftv'tioiit'ni iif modern Etimpp imjlprU-ke, 
in joint-frtiJflc camrfftny, to tnnkp one Phofblack iiArPY ? Tli*y 
onniiot a/'f-tmivlirth it. above nn horir or two: fin* the SbocVIack 
ilW» }uu u Soul quit^ other tluu hiii Stomaob ; and would 
ri^quire. if j'ou c^onaidHr it, for liin p<Trmjtni*at Rali*f»^tion 
jiitd 8attir;itiou, aimply tluA fillutjiiT^tit. tin mofu, aikI ito Ie^ai; 
(iffVs infinite- Unii'me aftofftfArr to hirrvc(f, thtTCin to fijoy 
intinili'ly, wid fill pvpry wish ae faet ue it rose, Ooeaiw of 
Hiithhrimer, a Thnmt Vil^n that of Ophlnehiis t jtpp^ik not of 
thorn ; to till? infinite ShochUck tli^^y o.r<^ os uothtQE- No 
eoonor is y<>Tir ocean bll»>d. tJuin bi- grumblr* tljjit il might 
\kvn* been of hcttrr vinlftg^. Try him wSUi half of 34 Uniw^HW^ 
of nil OmnipotriK^c. hr w-t* Iai iicinri'i'lliii^* with \hv projrrirtor 
of the other half, ani dwUri^i Himself thr mot»l m*ltTf*t(*i3 of 
men.— Alw&y« thera i» a black spot in our ftunahiaO; It is 

'^But tie whim vr< bitvc of H^ppitieiw is aomtfwli&t thus. 
By c«rlaii) Ti^uAtions. :uitl aruni^fca, of wir own sttrikUifTt ^° 
Domi^ tipon soTTi« sort of avieraf^ t^^neHtriftl lot ; tlti* vo Sstncj 
belotiKu to iiA by riHtiirft, unci of indefea«ihle rlgHt It Is tdinplo 
payment of our v«B«a* ^f oui doterto ; reqnins neither th.-»>kl 

CKAf. EXi 




Bor ooroplftiot \ on]; fuoh op«rT>^ n» tbcre tuny b<7 do «v uy 
OOuat Uappinosfi; uny 4^fft again u idi^^. Nov coostcLor 
thtit wn linvp tlvT %'altiivtiuii or nur ow^ df^^ons oarMlvun, imd 
vhat IX fund uf S^lf^ouic^U tUcre in iu iv-ich of uh. — Ju }<>u 
\roadcr tLat the tialjukce sbould ao oit^jii dip tho vrcnix ^v^iy, 
«ImI many n Blffl^khr-nd eiy ■ ftv ther*, wtat a fiaj-mcnt ; wm 
e¥sT wortliy gcQUetnaii oo imed ! — I brfl ilwe, Blo^kh^iiil, it 
bU oomt« of lli_v Vitaityi qf what thoxi /unritj* lliuae same 
deserts of tliino to t^. Fsmoy tluit tbou dr-urrfAt to bo 
bui^ <«ii ui iiichL Hki<1y), thrtu vtit fi>e1 it hiipptikMc W bo 
only ahot ; fkncjr that tliou dcacrvebt lu In- buii^td k >i liiuiv 
halter, It ^lll b« a loKuiy to die in hrmp. 

*■ vSo true 1» it, what 1 then *ai<l, U»it the Fra>?ti^n of Life «iil 

Its ht/ ic**frtiRy y<?«r I>oTtor/tinat*>r^ Kay, uiilejus uijr A]|^bj 
ivtf Un>, t"ni>^ itself divided by J?>jyj iriil ijiTf^ Injinify^ 
•.t tliy clatiu of wages a xaro, tboitj thoii halt th^ troHd 
imdtfr thy fpct. WhII <Ud Uih WisHJ*tof orir tiirnt wHUr: 'It 
U o&ly vitb Reuimciation (Ent$a^n^ that \*M% propi?rIj', 
ape&kingr *^^Q l'^ 0^^d to be^»/ 

**! Atked roy<*lf? l\Tial Ik thi* that, fl^Tw elnc« «ifU< 
rn, lhi'>u hajit Ijviin firtting and famiii^j aiul laiiiiiiltiiK nnd 

lE-t(irm'^tiii^T on ftooottrtt of? Sny it m A wordi ia jt not 
boDMivA thuu art not happy 7 I{«caii«e tht^ Tnou i*iwr>ei g^o- 
tlMuan) t» Dot duffii^ honorful^ timirlKlinl, Hift-U^tldrilf and 
loviDL'ly chiihI far? FoolUh aouI! Wltjtt Act of Lc^riftlaCiiro 
VM tlM^rr th:.t /A<itt ihoultUt be Httpjij / A litllt- wliilea^'O 
Ibou ha*bit !»o ngUl Uyhotit tU. WLat if thou wnrt l^^rn and 
predpHiititM! not fji be Happy, but to bo Urltappy \ Art thou 
ftothiniEOlbrrtbftn a ViiUarc, iheo, thai flirrt thrrni^h Ihi^ Uti- 
Y«tH- ARfkinj; nfto.r soinflwhjit to wl ; and »linekjj^ ilolefully 
becaiui^ f*rr:on t>uouf-h ii not giren ihee? Close thr fitfrim ; 
ojH-ii tliy fiveth^'* 

" Es iffucht^ mir tint I *?& a iclimpao of it ! " ciiw he olae- 

vh«JO : " thcrr> ia in nicin a lIi'itiEft than Lov» of lliLpplneBs: 

hn can dowithont Ifapjiinrioi, and fojitvad ttu-rvof find BtesECd- 

noM ! Wajt it imt Ui [ttvit^h fvrth tbi^ eaioe 1Iii*uks that M^Pm! 

and tnartjm, the Poet ajid dj4> Pric«t in all t^taet^ have apc^en 




ftDd su(Fi>r«d; bearing Ustitnooav, through life tnd throngb 
d«ath, of th^ Givlliko thnt :& in MAn, And liow in t\» G«HlilM 
only hEiB Ijp Htncngtli and Preedosn? WKidi Ood-inapirtd 
i>>ctnn^ jvrt thciu abo bi:Aored to b« Uugla; u H«aT«iu : and 
bitikcn veith manifoLd icwrciful AiBicttoiu, «]Ven Lill tiiuii b«- 
comB oooCrlte acd Inuit it! Oil, tlwvnk thy I>t?:stitiy for lliciw ; 
thankfullj bear vliot yot ramoiQ: Ujcu hadst nocd of th«iui 
tho ScLf m tlieo nfied«d to be AtLTuhilAtecL Bj^ beni^ant f^r^r 
p&fcxysms in LifiK rioting out tin* di^ep^t^atifcl cUn>iiic Diif^vie, 
Bsd triumphs over De;kth, On tlie rouiuiE billows of tnaHf 
thou art not diij^ulfv^iir but borne aloft uito the altilto of £tor 
nity^ Love not Plensun? ; ^ovf. QQt\^ This is the BveRLArrutn 
Yra^ wherein nU cxintnidicUoD is solred: wbereiii whoso walks 
■nd works, it is well with him." 

And again : " Small is U tbftt thon o^nst trampld the Earth 
witJi itfl injuniifl itndflr thy fvfij »a old GrAdk Zaun ljHiiiA<] 
tbco: then canst love the Earth while it injures Uicn» and 
oven booauBO it injorea theo; for Uuu a Uruatfrr thai; ZiMio 
wa« neerlpii, juid hp too w*s upnt, Knowest thoL that * ff'^M*- 
</(()/ <i/ ^Svj'nftM' * ? Thf Temple thcrrof, founded somo f^t^hteen 
Mnturiea 04^, now Ikq in nun«» or^rgrown with juiif;]i;, the 
habitation of doleful oreaniros : oewrthelesa^ vt?bCur« forward ; 
in a low <^Tf pi, iii'ctied ant of fallmic fragments, thou dnd«At the 
AJtar still ihtvt, ^nd ita sacred Liunp pcrraninlly bumios." 

Without pn>tf>nding to oommoot on which stran^o nttor- 
ances. the Editor will an\y reuiark. tliat thcru U^b boAidc thi-m 
ixtMch of a still moie queatiouable irbHJiwLti ; uiuuiW Ui thti 
gencnU apprehcooiou; nay wlicrnu h« himself does uot aee 
his way. Nebulotifi disquisitions on Bcligion, y<-\ not without 
burets of n|ilrTiidor; on the **t>ewn»ial continiuiiHH' cf Inspira- 
tion ; " on i'rophecy 5 Ihnt their aro " true Prieftt*, as w4-\\ aa 
Baal'Priedtflf ia oar own day;" with more of tho like sort 
Wo 8ple<Tt som^ fraotions, by way of ^iih tu this famgo. 

^'Geosfi, my mDch-mpectcd litis von Voluitc," thuj* aitos- 
trojthizGS the l^rofeasor: **shut thy sweet voice; for the bask 
appointed UtM se^ma finished. ESufHoi«ntly hast thoo d^mon- 
strnbid this proposition, coaaldentbla or othorwiso: Thst thA 
liythiM of tho Chriftiaa Beli^on looks not in tho «iglitcentl& 

CM4V, tX. 



cojitnry %» it did in iHa «ig!ith. Alu, weiru thj itx-uyUt^iirtj 
qixurlua, Hiiil the tuc^u-d'tiiirt^ (iLuutiiLad oUu^ qiuLrton And 
folios* and fljicg aheota or rcmns, printed before and aiace oa 
tlb« fiftoi* Mabj«i(2t, all ni^ded to convioo^s lu of so httlo t Btjt 
whJit tipxt? Wilt ihou lielp u* to puibody tli« dirinv Spirit of 
tlul Rf^ligion in d new M^tlma, Lu » new T«hicle &iid v«atui«^ 
tbftt cur Soul«, otherwise too lik^ p&rishing, may live ? What \ 
Uioit hrwt nn fiinully in thiLt kind? Only a Irirob for buniiag, 
no Imiuuier fur buiUUui;? Tako uui tluujka^ tlieii, aud-»lbjr- 
Belf avay. 

"U^AHwhil? what ota Anrii^u^tf^d Mythu^ns totiifl? Oru 
die God |*titf Ml in my itwa bt'urt, a Uiiiij^ wiiirU Herr von 
Voltaire will disputv ouL of me ; cr dispute mto m« f 1V> the 
'W^Ttkip of SorT<f\t^ iu*oHbo what ortKift and j^Lejiis Ihou 
pttAMft, Afu not that Womhip origiimU'd, iinti bi-i-n gvnerni'Od ; 
k 11 not ftdrv? FrcI it in Lhy )i«itkrt, uid ttiea a&j wUettLcr it 
' Thii* 14 B^Htffi jUI eUe 4* OpiniuD, — for which 

Will, let hiia worry and b^ worried-" 
^^ ohHorvf-* hfl nUp^'bnr*!, *'Rh»ll f%* tear ntit one 
eyefi, struggling ovai 'Plen^iiy Inspirntion,' and 
mch tike : try mthirr W g«t a little oveu Purtial Icmpi ration, 
f9Uih of yoQ fnr himself. Ono Biblb J kuow, of wboed fleuary 
liiApii^tioit iloLdit l« noC so much aa poit^iMe^; imy nitb my 
own eyra I f^AW the; GodVIlfwd writing it: thrreoF nil other 
BLblee an.' Lut Loavf>E3. ^ pay, in Picture- Writing to asaist the 
v«ftJEer famlty." 

Or, to giTir the ^'caiitcl reader relief, aud brin^ it to ui 
end, let him take tho foU(>wiiiic perhapa tuoro intcUigibU 
pttisoge: — 

"To me^ In this cur life." says the Professor. *'whir?b U ft& 
intnnectue warfare with the Time-sfjirlt, other waif^ire aeenu 
qvcfltionable. Hurt tiiou in any wny a Contention with thy 
farotber, ! adriae thee, think well what the ine:ining thereof 
is. ir ihiju i^u]^ it to iLv LolUilu. it \h simply tbia -. ' Fellow, 
■Dc! thou art taking mnro than thy ihar^ of HiLppmeaa in 
t1]« world, aotnisthiaff from my sharer which, by the HnXTeua, 
lihou abalt not: nay T will %ht thee rathor'— >Alas. vkwA th» 
vbole lot to be divided » tnicb a beggarly matter, truly ft 





* fciwt c£ «h«1]j/ for tha mibfftance hu boGti t]>iIUd out : not 
•uougb to quench one Appetite; ami the coU&otiv« bumim 
a^ieciea L'lu tolling 9LI them I — Cao vrs Dot> m &U suuJt cam% 
rathf?! eiiy^ ■Take it, thou too-cftvcnoii8 mdiTiduaJ ; toki? 
Umt pitiful ftddlliuual frootiou ol a iibu«, which I roukonod 
tuiiit*. but vhich tbuLi ho w^itt^r; take Et with a Iili-HHiiig: 
voiUl to Hcmrm I had cnmiRh forlhcc!' — If Ficht^'» tTi^ 
mnBchafliLl'hTii be, * to ex oitrtmn Axttrot. Apptinl Christianity/ 
miely to a still jfrea^t^r «it«Dt, so U tbla. W«9 ha,v# h«r4* not 
u Whulif Dutj of M&u, yi_*L d Ilulf Duly, u^uiti^lj tlie Pjunive 
halt' : could wc but do it, aa wc can dcJaotifitrati? it [ 

" But indeed CoTivictionr w^t> it nvv«T «o excellent^ is 
worth1«?ut till It <M>nv«rt ftu«lf into Ctindui?t Nay properly 
Couvinion i« nob poasiblr tiU then; uia^mucb fta all Sjjecu- 
latKfn ifl by tiaturo cndl^^itfif foniil«i;ii, & voilcot umid rortioosi 
only by ti folt iudubitablif certauity or KxiwrietuH; dot^t it 
tiuil luiy i<Hutra Ui it-viilve KJUui, luul ^u fatihLou tUirff ^lRb# 
a 0yflt«m. Mo^t tnio io it^ na a wi.^r man toooMfllP that 

* Doubt of niiy sort oaniwit ho r*jiiovod 4Me<"j»t lyvAflti'^rj." 
On whioli gniuTtd, trru^ let him wlio ^ro|>u!« ^infully [^ihuk- 
neas or uncertain lights and prays vchementlj that the lUwn 
may ripf^n into day, lay thiH oUif^r pn>i>opt wril to hi-iii-r, ^vluh 
to me wan of invalujibhT sktvil-lv • Ito thr* Ihtttj >rhi' h H/.^ 
Hrarcsf. tAfr^' wUitJi thirti kutiweht to Ijk a Duty I Tliy BerHjnU 
Duty will ftlreadj bare booome ckitif t. 

" May ve not *ay^ how^vwj that thf hour of Spiritual Ka- in cvirn tliiii: Wht^n ycmt UU-ii} Worlds whrroin 
tint whuli.t luaii haa betui dimly btruggliut; aud incxptraAibly 
lan^uiubiu^- to work, becomes rovcaled, and throwo opun ; 
Jim] ynii (liiac^rtvpT, with amnxcnimt fnouglj, likn the* I^thnrio 
in WUhrhtf \fruttrn t-biit jour ' Amrrina is lu*rr nt nc>whf»rf? ' ? 
The Situation that ha* not its Duly, ite Ideal, was mrtr yH 
wf'upiwl by man. Y** here, in thi» poor, mis^rableT ham- 
jimil, dc«ptrnblr Artiml^ whi-rviu thi*u rvnn nuw ntjuuh'^At, 
ben or nowhere b thy Tdt*al: work it uat tbtfrvfrom; and 
workmir. beliovo, Utq, ho froo. Fool ', th<> I1<?eiI ia in thyeolf, 
thp iTnpfdinn«nt too is m thynrlfr thy Oondttinn vis biit th« 
ist\iSt tfuju art to utiapo ttuii naiuo Ideal out of: what matter 

CsiXF. 3L 



wlietheT fluch etoff be of Utia sort or tb«kt, bo the Fonn tbou 
iriTD it bo heroic, be poetic ? O thou tkxt pin^crt in the im- 
prittonmeiit of the Ac^iaI, and ori«st bdtterly to die gods for 
H kiugilfitii wlitirtdu u> j'lUe &iu! csvftto, know thiA of a timh; 
tho thing thou Aookcst in fklroiKiy with tboo, 'hero or do- 
vlictVr' conldfit thotJ only i&i^l 

■'But it in with ni^i*fl Soul a^ it was wiLb Katui«: ths 
be^imiiuu: of Croatiou ia — Litcht. Till the rye hiivr rieion. 
the wholo iDcmlXTB arc m bomU. iJivinc momfrnt^ whi.<]i 
orer the lerapest-toit S<ml, M onee over the wiId-w«]t»T-iii^ 
ChuGR, it i» a|H]ltPu: LnL therff Ix^ Li^^it! Errr to the ^teat- 
^9i that liaa folt «uch momoot, is it not minu>itIoiis and God- 
anarmnninR ; cvrn a*. «ndi*r nimplyr ligures, to the simplest 
and t^Uft. Till* mud {t]'iuk«*i-»l Dlsionl \n hu^jed ; thr ruili^lj' 
juiiiLh^J ooofiictii]^ trleiuftitd biud thoai«clvc» into lopcuutc 
FiTUuiiii(<iit« : floop Fiiloni roc-k-foun4fttionR arc built he&eathi 
fl&d thu akjpy vtiult with iu ovffrl^itiiLg Lummitriea above: 
UiHlt-ufl uf adjirk wiLHt^fid C'huoH^ wk h^vi* a lilwiuiii^, feiiLlf^ 
hftaTeii-^Tieomfiaaaed World, 

*1 too could now aay to mj's&lf^ 3& do Long^ a €hao«, 
but A World, or nrnn WarWkin, Prodtic* ! Prodnpii ! Wow it 
but Ihti pttifulh^t i[ifiuitcaiiJi;J fnu^tioi) of a. Prndiiot, |;m- 
Anvv it, ID Cloil^a uacDi]i! Ttfi the utmost thuu ha»t in thf^e; 
out vjlb it then, Ui\ up! Wh-itaoevpr thy liaiid ftiid^th 
1*] do. du it Willi thy whoh* miRht- Work whili* ii in i<nllnd 
To-day i for the Ni^ht comt^tb, wht^iviu no nuiu ulc worlt." 


TntD* hnTn wo, ** olfwrlv fliul pprbaps ftallsfac-.lorily m, \a 
trtich ciri-uniBtanrca, ujight hr, follpwrd ToufnUdriSi^-lih thTORgk 
tho TUioufl tucG^eelve atate* and ittap>a of Urcwtb, EntanitL*' 
ment, Unbelief^ and almost Be^rabatlon, iDto a (wrt&in elear^r 



Boai IL 

fttu» of whtf bfi hixoa^tf wemA to conalder om Convcrticm 
"BtaiUQ not the von],'' sayBlic; "njoioe ralhet ttul Audi 
a vord, Mjrnifjinjz Buoh a thinf^, hnit oomfi to lifi*tt iu our 
modom En^ though liiddL^ii from Uie wbist Auf^icutji, Th(» 
Oil] WtirUl kuew iLoLliiii^ of Ctriivvniitfii ^ iiiHtj<:ul uf tux £ce$ 
liamot tliey hail only ftomc Choice <?/ tFf^rcntca, It was A tiew- 
ftttaraml pTof^i^AE in thn MorMl DoTnioptntnit of mAit: h^^rc- 
by hiu thf Higbr.1t tmnf honje to Ute bcuwMnit of th« moit 
Liruiivil; wliai L> PUtu wa^ but & li^uciodtiuut itnd to 
SocTstoB a chiiuom. is now olenr tuid ocrt«ic to ^oui Ziiixoi^ 
tlorfs. your Wusleya, imd tlku poorest (jf theU Piotiatt and 


It is liQt«> then, that th# apintoal maioH^ of Teufel^ 
driSAhh AommcacdA: vo aro licnccforth to ftoo him -'vork in 
wi-n^l«inff/' wtih the ttpirit ajiii o]i-:Lr nimn uf :i Miui- Ht Ims 
diMKivsraJ tliat tUe Ideal Woikaliu|j hv au poutud for ia bvcu 
iKut siiiut^ Actual ilMtmii^lied Wc^tkHhop 1l« lia^ ao luug bwD 
fftumblirL^ in, H^ pjui nAj to himi^oH^ '^TooU^ Thon hast 
nnToolnf Wliy, tJirrn t» tint n Mmi. or a Thiniif, now alive 
hut b&3 toob. The haacit of create animal ctilga, the Hptdff 
itaelf* haa a sfiiiuuii^jenn^, and varpin^mill, and pover^ 
looau within itfi head : th« «tupide«t of OyBtore haa a T^iD'a- 
DigMtsr, with stouo-wid-liDie housp to hold it in; evuirjr 
bfting that can Mvn can do fEom^hing; : thin Irt hixa <fo--^ 
TooU? Haat thou not a Bmin, fumiBh^d^ fumiababl^ with 
soiri^ gUmin«>Hngs of lil^ht; and throe tlng^rs to hold a 
Tcri withal ? Never sinco Aaron^e Rod went out of praotic«v 
or urec Iwforo it, voa there such a wondcT'Workiog Tool: 
^aU^r than all n?coriIed luiraal^a have been perfonn^d bjr 
IViisi. For fitTainfr-lv in Ihi* no «(>lifU'4ni*minir World, whinh 
OLiviertheleaB i& m coutimial rc^tlMa titu, tt ict appoititcyl that 
Soundf to appeoranoe th« most Beeting, ahould bo the tnoat 
<rontin;iinLr of idl thing«^ The Word U w^ll said to bo 
on:ini)H>t«nt in t\iis. world; maii, thcTt;by divine, can croikto 
a« bf a I^iat Aw ULke, arise ! tfpctLk fortJi wh:it \a m thCf>i 
what God haa given thee, what the Devil shall not take 
away. Hii^hpr tiwk than that of Pripsthrxxl ww» allottril to 
no man: wert thou but the moane«t in that vaorod U^ 

CBAr. t. 



Tiirchj, ifl it not hoaor «Do\igh thereib to spcad and V 

"By tiaiii ArU whirJi whuHO will mny ■afTrilrgiiiDJily dt'gTAd^ 
into a haudicr^fC acUtf TeufeUiIroakb, ''hziTA 1 UicnccforUi 
abiddco- Writings of mtn^, iioi iiui«^ ktionn za mxae (for 
what :im I*), have fixll^n. prrhAp not altojc^^r vo\A, inio 
tke mightj B(«dE«ld of Otriiiiou: fruits of m^ imstrrn viwii^j; 
gratiFfiugly aMt mo bore and itwre. I tWtk the Il«ivcij« 
thut 1 bAru DOW foinnd my CiUitig; wherein, wtUi or witJiout 
[Kfi^epLiUt? resTdt^ I ajn mindi-il diligentlj' to perseTem 

^-Say Low kuijwost thou." ciiti he, " but thia nnd the olbcr 
pMgnuLt D«ric«, tiov grown to be a vortd-reoovn^d fur^trork' 
in? InHtitutjod t Ukn % ^tmin of right inUEliirii-seed one? cast 
into the riglit soil, iuiil nuw ?ilrT<ti'-lutig i^tjt »tix>ng t>ou^hs to 
the four wibda. for tto birdfl of tL^ air to ludf^ m, — maj 
ham b«na propiiTly my doing ? Snme one'a doing, it n-ithont 
rioulii wiix; fmm Kiimi' Idpo, in sunip singln licajl^ ii^ diil tlrst 
of bU take beginning: why not irr*m enm^ Idea in mine ?** 
Does TeulfiUdraokh hero i;]ano« at that *'SocirTT Wfn run 
CovitriiVATioy o^ Pbopkbtv f(£iffenihti-m^<trtuitrt'iren£if G^nU- 
tch/ifi)," iit which sv iiiAny nintbgiKnui noticim glid««iw<:rtn^1ik4> 
riiTOu^'h thcoe ic^xprt-mblo Fuper-Utgs? *' An InatifcatiDn/* 
hiAta L«, '^ not unsuitable lo ihe waau of tli« tim« ; aft UuiiMd 
am'h Bidden ext<?neion i»rov>?a : for iOrp»dy pan tlie Society 
nnmbpr, oononf ili^ gffir&-brfe.r«rn or corresponding membi^r!!. the 
highO!(t N:u:Qca, if not tLo highest P*»onfi, m liernuuiy, En^ 
taod, Prance; and ootitnbuTions, hotii of mnr*j imd of ined^ 
t4tion, jtuur ill from aJ) quArtcrat ^ to, if pomiblc, cnlirt th« 
rcmaininff Integrity of thr wovld. EUidt defcni»tvcly and with 
farerthought, roAmhil it round tJiift HaUadium." l>oefl Teuf^b- 
drftohh Dieari, th^ci. to give hliM8elf out aa tbo oHginSrtoT of 
that HO no'ta^le Sig^ni^tn^ns'Con^mnrtntU ('* Oimdc)tn<oasCTT* 
m^ " ) 0*$€iiMhi^ r* nnd li ao, wiiat, in thi? Di^viru lULmo, 10 
it? He ag;un libiU: "At a lime when the divine t^iiini;incl- 
UQuI^ JAov ihult not Mtoat^ viherem tiulj, if woll undontood, 
» comprised the wboI<^ Hcbrc^v Drctilogue, with Solon^9 aad 
LyeiirEtnfl'A Conititutioiw. Jit^iiniaii'ie P:tnd*rt5, iKp Codo N** 
poton, and aU CodeBj Catechisiiu, DiTjnjtic^ Mt^ralitiw wlufr 


Sartor aesaietus. 


aoerer, that man bu hitherto dcvi?<^ (and coforeoJ irith 
AJtiuvtiro and GtUlowt-ropt^) for Iua social i^uidaiKfc : at a 
time, I my, w1i4>n ilila divine Commandment has all but faded 
Awuj frum Dim J|;tmil-ia1 iTUiCB^braQCO ; odiI, will) little disguise, 
a new op]io»it.c Commandmcat, Th^u »katt xtoal, u oTorTwhcra 
proiunlg^ted, ^it p«rha|ia behooved, in this universal dotd^ 
an<1 deill ration, the soiirtd ikaUou of niATikinti to In'sUr them- 
Mlv«a and rollr. Wlicn th<? widest and wUdevt viobtionn of 
that divine right t>l' i'rojicrty, the onlj divine right now ejitaut 
r»p coiicelvuble, are eaactioned anrl rw*mninpnded by a vicious 
IVcsa, a[id the world has lived to hoar it Macrtod that ice ha}jc 

dnt/ Liff^^nt^ what ia the issue to be looked for ? Hangmen 
and r>iti?hj>oTe8 may, by tlieir noose-irinH ami txiited fal1-tra|js, 
keep down tt»c amolltr *ort cf vcTniin \ biit what. cxfM^iit pw- 
ha{i» noiiiu Ki;ch I'luvvrNal Aanoe^jUioiif e^ui prr^tect its a^nutut 
whole* ]iie:Lt->.le\^ourtiig au<E uiAii^evoii^iiig hu^iLts of Jtoa-i>on* 
8tfiulvr&. If. therefori*, the luoro a^qtie^t^ited Tlunker hava 
ffondorcd, ia hi» privacy, frrun whivt hnJi4 that perhap« not ill- 
writttm fnttfram in tho I'ubli** Jouniuh!, with ii4 liigh /Vlm- 
i^ijvrurnjt aiid ao liberal Pnztsjt. vinM have priw^edeiil, — let 
him now c^aso ioch wondetj and, witb undiTidcd lacnltyi 
Lp^taitA himiKrlf to tho Conevfrtnt (Competition)." 

Wo atk : Has thU »uin« *' perhaps niJt iU-writieu Proyratn," 
or amy nthrt auUiejttle Tran-hjurtiun of Lbit Proiwrt-y-tuiiwr/" 
ioff Society, fallon unrlf^r the eye of the Etritish Reader, ia 
Btiy iFournnl fornigu or il»mRf;tie ? If tn, what urn thosa I*rit^ 
^i^piiPkfivjj ; U'hiLl uiv th» U*nuA uf Com]H<tttif]ri, iLud ivltt?u jujd 
whcTo? Ko printed Now« paper-leaf, no farthex ligktof anj 
fort to be Rii^t with in tho4d Pap4>r-ba74f Or U tht^ wholJit 
bnahiees one other at tho9« whiiiuiealitieji aitr] fierviirxp in- 
expHcabilitiM, whereby Heir TeufeUdrucLh. mi5iiuint' uiucU ur 
nothing, is plcnacd no oftmi to pUy Ijuit-iUid-looeo with ue ? 

Here, indited, at l^ngthp iiiuat thf I-Mltiir ^[r« iitt«r:uice to a 
painful fUHpicicn, which, thronirh Sate Chapters, haa hex^n to 
hiiuntbim; paralyrinji any littlo enthutiaAin Uiat might «til] 
haT« r«tidenMl hiii thorny Itio^ir^phhsil tiwlc a Inttar of lova 




It Ifl « msplelon grotiuded [^erbaj^a on tri£«i, jot coitfiraood 
alitiratf into 4«rteiniy b> lVh- rnom and ULor<»diHC«mibl«i humor- 
kstic&«atuiciJ tendency ot'Tc;ut'clj<ln^okL»]D«liomiuuletf^roLuicl 
liaLiion ttod itLtri«itc nordonio TOgnchetr wheel viUun wLe>«l,. 
defy ftll redroning : ^ Buipicioti, in one vord tbut those Aubo 
faicgnphlcal Dix'.itiu^nu jire (larily a iJiysli1i[Mitiini T WhMl 
if numj A so-cA^lod K:Kt wcrr littlo bctt<^r tbui a Ficti<»n; if 
hem WA bftd no dirc^ct Uatnoni^biKTtim t'lctiini cl the Profe»' 
ioi'i Hltttocy; but u»ly iuime lucrp fir leoat fuiiUutUc Adumhra- 
IJou. BLjriubDUcftUjv ^rhApct eitfuiiiviLullj ettoufcli* nLuUiiwing 
forth the naioe! (>ur theory bcicin^ U» b« th&t, iii r«ci.'iTiii|- u 
Litondl^ imlh^ntio what won bat hicrogljphleAlly no^ Hofratli 
Houwhrecki*, whom in ttmt a^*^ wl* w-niiili' not to nump Hot* 
nth Noec-of-WoXr vsut oumIi? ;i fool of. iuul wst lirit't tij iu>ikc 
foohi of others. Could it be ejcpectedi uidi?ed, that a loiui oo 
known for tmpetititnthZp Nttiri'tLr-i* a» TvaMftlrQckh wo^ili all 
at onca fruikly unlofTk h'xn, priv^fpH ri&ulcl ut uii KTi^Eliuh KiUtor 
auil a Gcrnrtiui I Vofmth j and nrit r.ilhr^r ilrct'ptiTr)^' I'filock both 
Editcr iutil Hofmtli in the iabjruiUiio tfrtuufiitita and corirroft- 
nys of said duulel <h&Ting ^ottoeil thi^m thither), to vfie, Id 
Ub hftlf-iheTilish way, how th« fooU worild Look ? 

Of <mo fool, howeTer* tho Heir Prgfcseor will perha|>a &id 
hiauolf ahorc On a raiflll eli]>, formerJy thiowo uide tu 
blank, lh<> ink hfting ill but inriftiblfi^ wn Itttrly noticfKl, uid 
witJj i*P«Tl ilri'iplii'r, th" fnUinffinff ; " Whxt an! ymir hijttjirifal 
F&cbt ; ntUl mcirr your b]n^,iphical ? Wilt thou know & Mue, 
above all u Mnnkiad. by ntrinpnp tOf^hor beod-roliA of what 
tboa nftmeflt Facta 7 Th« Man ia the spirit he work^ in ; not 
what hi* dill, but what he itWAtne. E^aeUt are efi^iaved Hiero- 
f[raBt«, for which th? feweal Uavc th« key. AiiJ Iheo how 
ytniT tfl^iL'khnnd irJitmm9t^f\ studies not their M<ttrLin|r; \mt 
slmpty whetlitr llipy iin* wnll or ill e«t, whul ho cSkU% UoreJ 
or luimura] I SLilt wurae is rl with ymir BuxiglFfr (/^/WcA<t) ; 
mcb 1 hrxvc noon rc^iuir tfotue Ron^iiicoii. with protono«e of 
Interpfetatiou ; and mUtakintr the ilWuc Ser]>*nu)f -Eternity 
for a common poisonows reptile/' Wae the l^ofo*w>i wppr^ 
hcuHiTe lc*t fill Editor, 3i>lpcled an tlie present braitfta himidf, 
CBi|rht mitiTakp the Tcu.f«lfidr<>ckh ijerpentof- Eternity in like 



BoMC tL 

moBO^r? Fbr which rcjuoa it wiw to bp ultirn^, i^crt williout 
uadcrlmxtd satir«, into ^ pl^umer Symbol ? Or in thit tni^tftl^ 
ODO of liu IulIi eophi«in8, hjilf-trtiiBias, which if tic tun but tart 
on tb*i bat'-k nf A Figun-, hn r.ur<ix not whithrtr it ^llo]>? \Ve 
soy not with oortai&tj ; and indeed, do «trangc i* ihn Trofcs- 
vor, <;aui acTer say. U our suft|noioii be wholly ttnfoundod, let 
hi8 own queationaLblo wtiys, iiot our ii«««LMftry oiroumspi'Ctiio&a, 
b«nr tlu^ bhimn. 

Itut bo thid as it will, the «om(Tirhat cxaApcrfttnd and wd«od 
^xb^uBted lililttor det«nQin«t« heire to shut th«<«a P;ipL'r'bugft lor 
tb*" [JifiM-nL Li»L it KXilfiim i.]n\l Wfl know of T^uM ftdr^ckh, ao 
far. if " [lot whiit Lt did. ynt what he became ; ^' the father, fts 
his vhzLTiustor has now UJc^ti ita ultimate bent* and no new 
revolution, of impcirt^inrp, iq to be looked for. The trnpri^oned 
ChryvsLliM w injw a wiitgi^d Tnyclte: and fncb, whereeoeTer bs 
iti dijEht, it will continue- To tntcc^ by what conLpIcx gyn^ 
tiontf (tb^td or iuv^ultiutary wafting) throtii^h th« mem ex- 
DemAl I>(f^u#>lejnenl, Tenfeladrockli reficbeK hia University 
Profo8ftor»hip, and tbo r^yuho clolhea heiself tii cWic Titles, 
without ^Utcrinf; hec now fixed natiiicT — wnuld ha fvnupara- 
tivoLy an unproduotivd task, were we e?en uuauftpioiouft of ft8 
biiing. for tiH iLt leti^t, a fuJue jiinl iiupossilile on^ Hia out- 
word Biognphy, therefore, which, at the ninmine LnverV 
LeJ^)^ we Sfiw churned utti^rly into Evpiny-vapor. may hover In 
thfit condition, foT anffht that uoneerna ub here- Enough thru; 
by eurrey nf rprtain ■■ ikkjIh juid pla*hea/' we have ucfrrtfttnod 
ltd ^ueral diw^tiun ; do we not alroady kntiw thai, by onn waiy 
and otbor* it hat long since riuncd down at'^iu into a slreun i 
and wen uow, at W«<i«snicbtwo, flowA dee|> and »tiU, fran^hl 
with thp Phifmifihy of CiothfX^ and riaible to whoso will oast 
eye thf^rcon ? (lv!*r tanch inToluftblo mattflrT that liee scat- 
tered, like jewels among qnarry-rubtnih, in those Paper-r»ta- 
combs, we may havp ofc^^jsion tii glnnee bach, and Bompwhat 
will demand insertion at tho ri^bl [>lace: meuiwhilc be out 
UreaooMi di^ffukgit tlu-Teui ausp^ndod. 

If now, before reopeninj^ the great r^^f Aw- F'wf«n«*, we oik 
wiial oup dettrwe of progtt-jiH, duriag those Tei3 Chaptrw, hod 
been, toward* riffbt underat^ding of th9 CMht^FkiltM^jft 

CtU9. %. 



let Dot our disociUTag^meTit Vcoiuvr totaL To appok in tlut 
oM Ei|rm of th« IlrLI-gatc Bn<lg« over Chaos, li feir tlyiiig 
pontooTu hUTft pi>rtmiie been awld^L tbongh as yet they irilt 
BtmggUng on the Flood; >iov fur Uir^y will nwcb, trb^n oDoe 
the ohaiiw aro stnusli^iied and fastened, c;ui, at jtrticnt, onJy 
bo nuttor oF coQJcottirc. 

80 muoh we ivlreadj' caJoulate - Through numy a little loop- 
hole, ve have TiA4l ^1imj)M« into the iiit^ru^l worM of TeufeU- 
drockh; his itmngt layetiCr almost magic Dingrfiin of the 
UnirrrtCi imd how it wub f^nutuall^' drawii, U not hcnceiorth 
alujgviher dark to lu. Thoae my&teriouji ideas on Tiku^ vtiich 
merit co^&iilHraLioui and arc nut vhoUy umntellii^iblo with 
ixtrh, may by and ty prckvc Aitcritic&Qt. Still mort? may his 
iiuruflwhat poculmr viow of Niitortf, the deciMv« Oaeneae 
hti aaurib^ri to Naturv. H<iw all Nature and Life are but one 
ffctrmdn/, a"Liviiij^ Garm«at.*' wovec and cvct t-ir«anQ^ 111 
the *^Lciom of Timci^* is not hcrdi i&dcod, Iho outUao of a 
viiuAc Cloth4A'PIiiU>AQphjf i at kujit tht vaxui it ia to work lix^ 
livti^iirU, LfHi, tlat (he C.'har;Li^ti?r of ilir* Mnit, luiwijii^ withmit 
mtraniiii; in such a matter, becomee ^t^» om^natic: anud oo 
mti'^h titmtiltiifi^K obA'^tiritY^ nlmoet like dilated madiiese) do 
not a ocitiiin imli> mi table Defiance and yet a boimfUejia Rever- 
eiii» aEKU] to loom forth, va the two immuu iii-g \xvmii i ts, ou 
wh<WO rocJl^ti&ta all the rei^t wert> based and built'.' 

Kfty fuTthfT^ may we not say ttiAt Taufeladr^ckh's Biogra^ 
phy, alldiATiiig it i*ven. vla siiiijwr^tcd, only a hieriTglyphiuiLl 
truth. exhibiU a man, ju it were preap|Jomted for Clothes- 
PhilogoptLyV To look through the Hhowa of things iiito 
Thinga themselves he is led uiid compelleiL The "raasirtty^' 
^Ten him by birth is fusLered Iry ^ turns uf (tie fortima, 
Ewrjwhere caat out. like oil ont of water, from mingling in 
ftny Eniplflym^nt, in any pnhlir* C<immui:iOTi, he has no piortioo 
butp Sflittide, nud :iHfr of M<*ditjil;inT» The whole energy nf 
hi» existence is directed, throue^ ^^^s years, on one toak : that 
of oiuiuring pain, if he cannot oarb it, 'J'him everywhere do 
the Shows gf things oppress hiirj, withataud hiru. threaUu him 
with feHTfiilleat ile«truotion : only by victoriooaly penetrating 
into Things themaelveB can he find peace and a strooghold* 




But u Dot tlui Mj&e looking tkcough Iho Skowa, or V«8t- 
ures, into thi^ TIuhkBi oven the tit^t preliminary to a PUUoa>- 
^hy of ViotA^y Bo w« not, in all this, ilJicnorn Route bock- 
oniiigs ttiWnUis tlift triai Juglmt imrjM»rt af aitiL-Ji a }'hilusopliji ; 
and wL&t shape it aiust uaume with Buck a luoa, in sucli mi 

P^haps in entering on Book Thii^, the coiirteon« R^ia^or 
is not (Lttorljr witLoitt ^es8 wbltlii?]' he is boand ; nor, l«t us 
hopo, for lUl the fiLQtastic Drcaui^Qrjttoa throu^Eh which, &» 
is oiir lot with Toufciadr6ckh, ho maat viMidcr, will thoro 
b« wanting betw^n wkil«fl aom« twiuklmg tjf a itUady PoUu- 




A9 a wondcr-lorinR cuieI wdq jur<»4wking mstn, T^nreUdrAckl^ 
from ail early part of this ClotL«-Vvlujur. Ims more ftud aior« 
exiubiteU biiuHuU. Striking tt wua, amid jUI tu9 piirvorK 
cloudii^eett with what force of risioa and of heart he pieroed 
into the ni^Ktery of the Worlrt ; rpctigniaiiig in the hlgltesl 
non^iblc phcagmeoa, bo fnj aa Sense went, oiUj' freah or fadod 
Uiument; yet Gveif imicr thiff> a celeetiul EsaencD thtrreby 
rendvrfd visible r smd wbile, on the one \vknd, he Irod thu old 
tug!* of Watl4»r, wit-h tlicir l,iiiHi.iIs, into ih^ itnrp, he on ihe other 
everjwherc exalted Spirit ntwvi^ all earthly prirciixtliti^s and 
powun,and wotsUippud U, thuitgh uxidtr tho iuvauu«t tihapM, 
with % tmo Vlatonif. mjstic^Min. What th^ mftn ultimately 
piirpoa«d by tUua caflLiui; hiA Grcck-Ere Juto the guucril Ward* 
roto cf thr Universe ; what mi-^h, mc>rc or iciw wmplotc, rend- 
ing nnd tnimiDiT of GAnuonts: throughout thft whole (Tompui 
of <rEvi)i/i<f] lAU' iLncl f^|>i*fMtlation- MbrruUI ^ead to: tli^ ntth^r 
as ht v-AH uu Ac{^jj]ti\ ill imy ^t-ii»i?, luid could nutt like Kou^ 
Mau, tvooTEWuuud ^-ithcr bodily or mtollectusii Nudity, and a 
TtfturtL to the* i^VThge BLite : all thia oar road^ri: atq now h«nt 
toilbavvnr; thin i^ ^n fnirt, pmpAtly Ih^ gist awl jmqiorl of 
PraFMAor Trufirlfidr^t^kKV I'liilowphy of Clothe. 

Be it tememborfld. howorer, thiit audi purport is hwv not 
» much eTolv^. as detected to lie ready for OToMng, Wo 
ftrr t*j Riiiil*^ our BTit.ij^h Friends into tJje r^w Gobl-couatry, 
aad »hovr them the muica; noirise to dig out and (rxhauBt 



Boot UL 

Ub woaltlif vhkJi tDi1«>ed rrtnAinA for all tine ln«<xluuiBtiUc. 
Onc« thof^t l«t oodi dig for Iu« own bohoof, ft&d ooncii bim- 

Keitlidr^ m so c&]jnoioub LaoiprcMible a Work a^ ihU of the 
PfofeasoT^^T oaa our cour** bow mor* tluui form^Ay b« slr^ighb^ 
forwnrd, flt^p by «t«Pr biit at V^Mt t«it]) tn- U-ufk ftigniflcant 
Indicatlotis aland out here aud there; wUicli for thi; cnticaJ 
eytV that looks both wicli?ly and tiorrowly. sKape themselves 
into aamo ground-Mlieiii^ of a Wbole: to aelaot th«»e with 
jndgmeDt^ so that a Ivap from ntitt rx> thn crtJirr bo possible, 
aocl (iu our old £gare) hj chainmg bhem to^thtr, a pa«aablc 
BiidKT be cfTootcd: thia, aa heretofore^ eoutinuce our onlj 
methoiL AiiLong eueh llght-apots, tbe blowing, floating in 
niuoli will! uuitter about I'erfrtWnixt^f, baa seemed worth 
datchlug at; — 

" lVrhap« the mu«t Fei)j;Lrk;Lbtv uioidcut in Modem History/' 
■ays ToufcUdniC'ldi, '* iii iiui the- Diui of WomUj Mtill l9SS tJie 
llattlti <jf Aiuterliti, Wateilixv Petertuo, or ui> other BiaiU; 
but aa iucidf&t pautd carclcs#]y over by moat Hbtcriaiut, and 
trvjitiuliriihiioinGdegreeof ridimile by ethers: oaiaely, Qectrgo 
Kux'« mjikiug tu himself a triilt of Leatht-r. Thht nao, th« first 
of the Quakers, aad by trade a Shoemaker, n-aa ouv <d thnsi^ 
to whoiDf Qndcr ni<Lc<r or purer fonn, the Divide Idea of tha 
Univrti^« lA ploastfd to uuuiifvHt itiwU ; and^ across all the 
hiilN nf TgD»r^ii'4* jiuJ eartlilj De^Eiwtatiim, nlufii- through, in 
uiupeakabl^ Aurroluoas, unspeakable Beauty, oa their souls; 
»he therefor" ar^ righUy .lOMunn^d Prophet*, Ood-poeaessed ^ 
o» *ivffn GcxU, ax in lome ^itnodK it baa thntn^i-d. Sitting Ln 
Lis stAll ; vutkiDif oa tanaird hides, aiuid plaiicrs, paste-homs, 
leein, svin^bmilcft, and a namelesa flood of mhbisb, this 
joutb fcadt nevnthrlr^iL, a Living ^firit bploTigmg to bim; 
alvHi un aiitiijuc Tti!(pin-<i Vcilumf-, tliron^b whirh, ma thmtigh & 
irindov, it could look upvfards, and diacem its celestial lIom& 
The liwk of a Uaily paii of shoosj ooupled even vith aomc proe- 
pevt of riotuala, and no hoijnraMi* Maiipr^hlp In Cordwaiuery, 
and pr-rbaiA th^ pol of Thirdl»orounli in his hundred, sa 
the ''town of \cmfi faithful seirinR, ^ wan noiHar antisfaetioa 
anoti^ to Giub a mind : bat ever amid the boring and bam- 

^H*^ I. 



tiLi.niigcainif U>dim» frota th^t fju cciintrj. ouae Spltndon ajfeil 
TcmsTs; for Uiis poor Cotdwainet. u ve said, w«a & Sluii 
itnd the IViu^Le of Imm^iuityt wh^r^Lu as Man h« bad b««a 
MUt to minister, wan full <"f hulj myitiTV faj him, 

*'Thr (?lcrgy of the nrigLbarbood, the orJttiaed W^Uchcn 
am! Intcrpr^UTa of that a^uuc holy mystery, lUUiQod with uti* 
aJYerted tedtuzik to hi« roQRnlt&tii^ne, ajid ftdiri)ied him^ as th« 
solntinn of imicIi rloiilits, to 'driiik brrr, niUid diunj? with tho 
girLi^' Blind Lradera of the Uiod ! for vhat «ad vrer« their 
titfaee leTied anil eoteo^ for what were th&ir shoreJ-batt 
scoftpjvl <iHt, and ihe'u surplitiea .im! rttsscKik-iiiircms girt noj 
aad «^ich ik chiiirh-re^sairing. coid ch;ifrerb^t a£;d utg^iaing, ;utd 
otK'r rUicketiiLb'i L«ld over that epot of God^s Eartb, — if Mau 
wew iiut a Patent Di^sti?r^ and the Belly with its adjuncts 
the ^raDil K^alitj^ ? Fox turned rroui them, witli tk*;UK and a 
Aftcrcd 8corit, back to hia Lr^<hcr-p[Lrin^ and hid Bible. M<iud* 
tAiiis of raciunbraDrr, hij^ber than ^tnu, had bci^n hvapud owr 
th*t Spdiit T but it was a S|iitit, and would cot U<t buri«d iLttr*. 
TliriJiiglj loHg Aiy* a-nd rii^jht?* af sUcut RgDny, it stnjggli-d imd 
wptetl^d, with a man's force, to be? free : how iUi pcbjon-inoan- 
taiiw hoflr«d and evajcd tiuntdtuoufitjTf a^ the gumt epint &hook 
iht'm ti> thU hntid and that, ani emerged into th«i Itght of 
HeaTVD F That LRlce^trr sduiiT^hop, liiul mi-n knowrt it, vha a 
holier place than auy Vati«iji <3t LorettcMhrine-*— ■ So bandnged, 
an'l tamparod, anfl beinmed in/ groaned h^. *wilh tlioueiird 
nfquUitioTiftr oMigniions, stmps, tstWra. and Tagra^, T ran 
neJtUrr aec nor more: not my own nm I. bnt the World's; 
aal Time ^oa faat, and HaavT>ii b high, oztd H«U ia (lo«p: 
Mia ! b^thi^tt thee, U thou haat power of Thought I Whf 
not; whiit binds mc Lerp ? Wjtnl. want !^ Ha, of what? 
Will &J) the ^hot'.wage3 under thr Mtxjn ferry nK^ acrcsa into 
thai far Land of Light? Only MeditnUun oaa, wid de^ont 
Pmy<^T to Ciofl . T will t/» th^ wooda : the hr^llow of a tiw* will 
loilifc mc. wild btrricTS feed nie ; and for Cloth^A, cannot I 
stit.'h myptlf out pcrnnninJ tiuit of Lruthcr!' 

^'11t9r->ne&^ Oil-paintia^'t'' '^"[itinuea TeufeUdioekh, "Is on^ 
of thfl ArU I n**ver pRirtised ; lh*^rcf«>n* j^haJJ T rrft deride 
whether thia «^bjoct wer« e»j ol execution 9D the caavao. 



Book Ut. 

V«^ oft9a bfks It s««iii^ to mib m li simIi fint oiitflA^bii^ 
nf mrui'it FrrfrKtl], to ll^Titrn, morp Anft more inio Dfli j, thl 
Clootie Night that thrcMcncd to ecijfuH tiiu tu ita liinilnLDOM 
uoii ltd tiortorvp were yro\)^F\y thr; otUy Kiruiijcitr there 16 in 
History. T^ some lirlnjj Arjg^^lo or B^ttiA, with s«^ihj( ftye 
ukI imderstauiiii^' beuit, jricturi' GuLirg^ Fox ou thit mornuig, 
whoQ he trprcad* out bi» cuttin|>boanl for the laat iime, ami 
mitfi cuvhidtta hy mim-ont^^ pbttoms^ aad atitcti^ tlum to- 
^<tber into «itie coiitfuuohtH ult-iiv^udtag Com, tho farewfill Mr- 
vice of Lis awl! Stitch awf)', ihau uohle Fok: crrry yrxk cri 
that little Lofltrumcat it firii-^kiot: Into the h>&irt of Sl&^-crj'r uid 
Wcrlcl'WonihJp, and th^ MaiiimoQ-god Thy oibo«a j^^ a^ Id 
ttrotijt fiwimT(i*rr-«trrtV<w» fltid t*v^ry stroke is b^ariER tho* sirrou 
the rrison-ditf-h, within which Varnty luilds bpr WorkhouBe 
nod Hib^fair, into Ijwdji of tjii<^ Lil>ert5 ; v-crt the vorTi dc^ne, 
there ifi id brood Europo onv Krtt Muu, and thou urt be 1 

'< Thujt fnun the lonv^n de|>tli tliere U & patb to the loftieet 
height; mid for thtr Poor aho a Qo«pel tiaa hecn puhlii^ied. 
Surely if, an D'Wsrmhcri ivisctis, my iltii^trjom D&mcfako, 
Didgen^ii, vwt the gT«iLt««t imm of Antiquity, cmly that he 
waiit€<d IVoency^ tlieii 1>y strong^t i«aiOii is George Fok the 
l^eettAt of tho Uoderua, ait'X (cteater thiui Dio^itea hiinAell ; 
For he too et^uLcU on the jyhunamino basis of hix Aluihtiod, 
easting asidn &11 propu ;uid tlioun; jt.-t not, in half-«av:igi' 
Prii1<s fiTidprvaliiin^ thi^ Earth; viilaiiig it mthct. :m h [iIimw 
to ^ifld him wnrmth anil food, h« louhft n^aveAnajd fjoni his 
Eutfar and d'^olht in an eh^on^Dt of Meroy and Worship, with 
ft stOI Strength, auoh as the Cynte's Tub did noniw witness, 
Gmt, UnJy, was Chat Tub; a ti^-mph- frif?m whirli la&u's dig* 
nity and diviaity wu scornfully prcachi^d ahfoad i but icreatcr 
is the Leftthor Hull, for the eune eennoa wot prr^ebrd thprt, 
sod not In i^m but in Tioir«." 

Gcanc«% Fox's *'pQrciuuuI suit," with aU that it held, hit 
been worn qiiit^ bito ash^ for nigh two o«ntiir»'!i ; why, in a 
(ti30ii«3]ou uii Ih** PcrftdS^ity t*/ SoriMy, repmdHPe it now ? 
Not out of blind sectarian fnrtidniuhip : T^afd^rflekh him- 
self ifl no (Junker ; with oU his poeifio t«ndeuoi^<s. did not we 

Cm». L 



■00 btm, in th^t ac«iw at thn Xorth Cftp«, with the Arcbuk^tl 

For uA^awAxc of lus deejt Saosculottlsm, th^m ia mor« meui^t 
in thi« poofiUK^ lliAn meets tbe e^r. Ac tbe flame Ctmei vhc ciuj 
avoid smUing nt tin iTArnfwtni^w »t^d Bn^itiaEi xiinpiirity (if 
tnde^ there be imi ^i uiKtcthaiid tuttiro in itk, witii wliii^h tlal 
"Incidc^nt" is hcM brought fcrvard; ftod. in th« ProfeaBdr'a 
ftmbigiiouH wAy, ftfl cl«Arly p^Thapa fts he dnrst in W^isflni^hv 
WOr reconiiiifiirled to iiuitjitiinn ! Does Teufel^irt&nVh niitiiu- 
pate Ui&t, in thiA age of r^Euemeut, Atiy oori&tilorable oUn of 
the Gommtmity, by waj ol teflCiiyiug against the ■- Mammoih- 
god,"* ajid escaping from nhat be vaWs " Vanity's Wnrkhraisi* 
and Ragf&ir," vbprt^ doubLlrari aouic of tlieru urr tciiird and 
whipped and hoodwinked suffioiuatly. — will ftheatlu? tUam' 
B^ret in clMO-httint? ca^e« of Loathfir 7 Th^ id«ft U ndiculoo» 
in thi!> fitrpiiie. Will M;ije8ty lay MU\f> its robos vf stftte> aud 
Bc&uEHy its frilht &ud LfU'Ui-^fuwu&i for n second akia of tuinod 
hide ? By which chtuiKc HuddonitiQid Lnd ManohestRr, luid 
Coventry and PftwlL^y, *ad th« Funcy-Kittaar, were r^duoed to 
hungry ai>litudesj and only Day iiid M^iftiii oujld ^jrolil. For 
neither would Teufelatbirckh's mad daydieami her« a^ wc pre- 
»tn4 pflvortly intended, of UvoIticR Soouty (Uffffi^n^ it indood 
witli a Teiig«un!o, icl4> one Ittige ilrown^d mnrnh !). juid *> at- 
taiiiint; T,hc jioUlical effectH of Xodity witlicrtit ita fri^niic or 
Other conaciiuoiicefl, — be thereby rcaliz^^d. Would not the rich 
msm pitnhAA" a waterproof suit of RaviA Lonth^r; ajid tho 
bi^h-hrmi Ht^llp Ktpp foith it nrd nr itiiim nionif^^yj, Ihiw] with 
skuaoy ^ Uie liUi^k cowhiilr 1>riiag Irft to tht^ DruU^oa awl 
Gibcoiitte£ of iha world: and ao oil the old DtaliDctiooB be 

Ch ham the Profpssor bin mni deeper tnUntinii ; and ixa^ht 
in hla alet-vc nt our stnctum and s1oeib6)^ which indeed &i« 
but a port thoroof 7 

TOt. L 


SA£TOH Kfc^Al^rUtk 

bdok m. 


CHVMm-cto TlinL 

Not l«B questionabU U hie Chapter oa C4uraA-CJo£A««, 
vhicb has ihfi fAi-thAr rlUinnction of twiDj^ the short^t in th« 
Voluntt!, Wc hcrr tinnalatr it ontuc : — 

■' lly <'bur<shdotlicttf it n&od not bv prc-ioiaod that 1 moiiu 
ioluilely tnoro Uian Caflsodts ftbd Snrplioea: ^ud do not ut ull 
mean tlie mere^ haberdiMhsr Sun'Uy C]i>the» tliaL lu^ii gvi Ui 
ChuTcb iiL Fu from it ! Chnrch-Clotbi^ Art, iii our Toc&bu- 
Ury^tiw Formp. the Ve^turttj under which mra havn a.t vonoiiH 
p^riodii etnbodi^ uid repreauiiii'd foi tbviiuts] Pt;« the R4ahgii>u« 
Principle; lUat is ti> v^y, uivtisteil llu; Diviut* Ide<i (if tht; 
World with ft AOQsiblo and pirftcticallr active Body, 00 tU4t it 
cufCht dvttll unooig them fti % liTias wd lifc-^vin^ Worh, 

■* Theee atc niiApeakAbl^ the moet importn^t of all thii v«at- 
UI9I and g&rnitm^B uf Uuidad Existeure. They arc t^nit ^^hiil 
Ud woren, I muy say, by that wonder of vondi^trs Sot;iciv . 
for It te still only wheD ■ two or three are galhen^d togetl^er^' 
tJiitt Rj^ttipnn, spiritually ptUtent, a&d iikklnnd ind^fttnirtiblft, 
howrvcr latrut. io each* 6mt outirardly nxuiifcsto itaclf (a^ 
^th 'clOTOD tonguoKot' ^ra^). eind dC'okd to be embodied in a 
viaiblft ComronziiOB and Church Militant. Mystical, more than 
magicftt, is that Communiag of 3oul with Soul, lioth looking 
heavonvard: htm properly Soal first speshs with Soa] ; for 
tmly in looking hcavcnwnrd. take it in what looM you may. 
not in looking earthward, does irhat we can call roion, mutual 
I^ve, SoL'irty, Im^n to Iht pattoiUe. Huw true in tJmt of No- 
valiai *1t itf certain, mj belief ^ins quit« inJifiMg/ tLt iiio- 
ment X wn oooviDoe snother micid tliorcof ' I Ua£» thou Id tho 
fftcfl of thy Brother, in those cy<>* where ptnyn thp lambent fire 
of Kimlnnjn, nr in thate vhrrr rn^n thr- lurid rDnfUgrmtiou of 
AngCT ; feel hew thy ovn eo quiet Soul is itnugbtrray isToliw 

Coat- n> 


J 6^ 

taiiij Windlftd with tht lik«, and J« blaie and ^ev|^xbrraW on 
tmek oHuTt UU it u all aac limitlcM conAiwcut tUuic {of «ai- 
bvaoicg tove.crofdeadIy'snppLiiigHAt«»; 4ni thvn say vltat 
juiisculuus viiLuiT u^u^ uiu »!' iua& lulu ouui, Itiit if vv tbrouglL 
oU tb« tlack-t'li<'0 Lulla of olu EiirtUlj Life , how mucli more 
when it ifi of the Divine I.if^ wo epeab, and lomoat 3ils it, a* 
it wen*, broa^lit inlo iMmtAirt with inmoOT I^Ip ] 

-^ Thi» WM it that J tiaid. tlie Cluuizh-Clotbes an ftnt fipua 
oikd wwvcn by Sociot^t outwswd KeliKioa ori^inati^s by Sociot^, 
S«etely b0uome« pouibU br Eoli^ton- Nay, fjerhApi. crvry 
coooeivable SooiQt.;rt fsut uiil pn-jurtit, auy wel) be ligoie^ u 
prapcrrly tutd wholly u Chorcb, in one or otb«r nf th^ Ume 
pMdJcomButE : nji fiadibly pnaohing^nd prupht^Byinf: Chtmh, 
wbkh i» thi? best ; uroond, 31 (^rob thJiC itrugglM to preach 
and prut'bvsy, Iml cacnoL sm y^U till ito PenCeccnt come ; «Dd 
thud ftitd wont, a Chnrdi f{on« dumb with old nice, or which 
O&lf mumbiuH dcUnutn prior to dmsolotLon, ^V'hoio fukcic* 
that by CiTurch in here m^ant Chapt^r-hoLiBett and d&tlnKlrab, 
or by pre-M-biiiK ami propLceyiti^H men? »|PW4:b luid vhiniia^ 
lot him,'* «<i thr otacubf ProfciieOT, "roikd on, Wght of b«tirt 

" BtiL witii E«<gurU to your Clitireh prtiperj «nd ihe Chnrch- 
Clothea Bprclulty rmxi^uixeil ai CUurcli^lulhe». I reioArk. fear* 
llMty fnottif)^. I^iat without snoh Vo&tvrcfl ami nacrwi TiMUO* 
SocMrty hflc ncit i^xUiod, luid wtll not oxt^i, for if tioveranicnt 
ti^ io to KiwAk, thr dutwAnl 8k)x r^f tbr Budy Politk*. boMiu^' 
thewhoUto^therandpFotKba^ it; ft&dftJtyoitrCnift-QisiliU, 
fiQtt AAfK>cifttir^[iB fcjt lu^iiidtry, of hand 01 of hood, toe th« 
FLnhly C^oth*)^ thA muiru'jiT xiuX <iMr>oufi Ti^ftusi (lyicg tiyidtr 
mch fixix). whrrcby S-K^icly stLuid.t and workn;^th«& b K^ 
limiotx lb* inmciet PcTimrdiiliind Ncrfr.iifll'w»in,v which mintft- 
t<*re T-ifo tiiiii warm CinMilation tc th<? whola. Without which 
Pi-riraniisil Ti*™*- tb"^ l*<]tn"!i und Mtiscb**! (of lufln.itr}) were 
inert, or onimaifHl ouly liy a (lalraDic vitality i tb« Siu?! would 
bf^ome A BhrivXrllvd poU» or fast wltiuK rawhitlw ; and Soi'x*ij 
itwH ft dnad v^tPAJiftT — (^pt^rvirijf to br* hTirird, M^n wi*rf no 
lofigrr Ekvint ^ut Grt-girious; which bttrr static also could not 

eontifime, but mut gradimllv iaeuo in oniTomd sMih difoord, 

H.H— Vol, 12 



Book UL 

hfttr^ fftTi^o isolation, ajwl flisperflloD ; ^ wliewby, aa Wfi 
tnight niitliijiirf to sji>, iLo TOiy daiit aad dcftd body of Boolely 
would )i:tvt< cvnpomtc^ iind booomo nboUobciL Sucb, and ao 
^ tifk]x-rtAtit^ oll-NuttumkLg, aje the Churdunolhes to filvilisid 
or (*vrn to niLiuiiiLl meu- 

'^ MnAnvrliilv, m our cm of the World, tboao same Church- 
OLotlies luivo gonfi fiotTorfulIy out-ot^lbow* ; nay, for worw, 
ttiaiiy of thftm hflre btctmie mere hol!<w }?hapeA, or H:uikii, 
Qhi^er which nn livitig Figure or 8l^i^ii any luiig^T iIvpILi; 
but only spiders aud uucli^a.!] booties, in Lornd ELccuiuuIatioti, 
dnve th^it trade; xod the mask KtiU glaron en yoii triUi its 
gtlBS ^r6S, in gbii£t1y B,tfecUi[.ioti or LStr, — Mimr? gi-DRratinti* 
and-liJiU aftiT Keligiun L^ qaiU Aithdraivtt froio it, jiud iri 
uunDtiocd tioolu is woaving for hcrscU dcv Vestured, whcr^ 
with to reappear, and blees ua, or our Bons or grandaoQfl. Aa 
a rri<?»t, or liitrrjprtl4!r tii the Holy, i« the noblest and liighest 
of all men, so ia a ftham-jmcflt (ScJi^ui-jjrirMer) the falsest &nd 
ba»CAt; noUhtfr ia it doubtful that bit; CauomoaJH, were they 
Popes* Tlaraa, w-ill nnv day he torn from* biro, to make band^ 
at;e> for the troaiid^ of mankind; or even to bum into tin- 
der, for i-Gticral scirtitific or culinary frurpo&t^fl. 

'^AIl wtxioh, a« uuC of pbou li«r«, talitt to bo handled in my 
B«ieoud Volume, On the Pnlinffcnrshty or Nftbirfti. nf Sorirtj/ ; 
vblch Tolumt, as tn^atinp prflcliirallj of the Wear, Destruc- 
tion, and H<t*xtnrc of Spiritual Tismice, ot Ownicnt«, fortDa. 
properly speaking^ tho TranMMindontal or ultimate Portion 
of this mj work on Ciothrj. nm} in already in a HbUe uf fcir- 

And herevrith, no farthfrr expofitioDt noto^ or com m^ntary 
bfing a^lJw.1, r^oes Trtift-lajlrtwkh. und must lii* EfHtor now, 
termiuate the ainguhu chapter oq Chorch-Clotbea ! 

OlAT. Ill, 





P&OBABLT tl will eluciilaU iht drift of tbene forftsctQg ob 
actuti uUcnuicc^r if ^*^ ^^^^ iaavrt ngimcvrhat of oiu Proto- 
Mr£ fiponnliLtioiiA on SymloU. To btutif Uie wholo dootriiit, 
indeed, wrrr Iwyuiul imr unmpOH^: aowherr in Vr morn my^ 
tcrioDd, impaJp^ble, thou in Uub of " F«jtUa]r baing the organ 
of the Godlike i " lAd how <^ M&u Lbi?rel>>', tboogb biwed, to all 
sMmingf OD th« sioall Viaible, do«c nevertheless extend down 
into tUa biiintfe (leepa of Ht^ tnvtsible, of whicli I»visiUfl| 
lodfied, lu8 Life U |irojierly Uirt bodying forlii-" Let u«» omit- 
tbictlic^^ h\%h ttauftOi'tift'.ntAl Afprct^ of Ihr inntt^r, ntudy to 
gl^aa firhetiiM- from tlip Paperlwiys or Uie Printed VoIiiok) 
wlini littlp qpAirm In^ral nn^ prw-tir-nl. And mnniiigly ^rr^iriF!*' 
it ictto Kunh drirn^r nf colntrenco as it will i^Mniite. Rf May 
of proem. tftk<^ the following' nofc tnj^idioioud rcraftrks:^ 

'*Tbe iMniguAiit «ffioaioi6B of Cmocalnufot," urwe oar Pro- 
fi0«Kir> *' in hi^ «t)ui11 npeah or sing? 8iLK%rK ami Sfcnciri^v ! 
A]t>r» mifflit Htill be rAinc^ W Oicm fwerr. this an altar-bnilfl' 
tof; tinio) for iiiiiTcr«al wonhip. Silence is tha elomant in 
whifrh f^at tKinK« fudiioii themAclv«a t<ig«ther; that At len^ 
they nidy i«[u«r^. fiill-ftirmeil :i.M(1 iuAJp»lii\ iuto tlie dayltglit 
of Lifo. wiiicb the)' are t^iencciorth to ruU*, Not Willimn iho 
8il«nt only, bnt -UJ thiJ <i<kfi«idorablv zncn I hav4> known, and 
iJip Kiusi lUKltplnuiA^iv awi anNtrati'i^ of tbcsr. forr»ro t/> 
baibUfl of wliat thej werf cn^n); aiud pn>imiLint'- "Say. iu 
tbf pVE «iO(ui pcH'l'^'i^^^i ^<^ <^<3ii thjV^H lut Af^^ rAv fiirj^HC 
/br iMU J'ly-" on tbo morrov, how mucli rl*(ftnir flw* thy pur* 
pOKK and ilntJi*n: wliul. wwi^k mid ruMn.'di buvi* tliiHe mute 
vorkaken wllblii thtt bw«}iI avhr, vhen intruflii^e aotMS ircrti 
dint out ? Speech i^ too often ufA, a« tho Frenrittnim d«fi]uid 
U^tko art of conc^^iug Thought; but of qahif stiHing and 



B<vK ni. 

nup^nduiK Thought, so thnt tKcTri> is none to coiioejki Sptvuli 
too is froat, but not tb« g^atrjcitv As the Kwiai [n5crii>tioQ 

Kilveni. SiJencc in golden); ciru I mi^t latlicir i^>j>rfiK» It: 
Speech io of TunOf £>U<?]il^c u of EtnmityH 

■*B(Wi will not work cxt'oiJl in daFktii>Hs; Thought will not 
work eife^jt \ix Si1t:^u(W^ u^itlier will VirLm* work eicppt in 
Secrecy. i*l not tby left h&nii know wlut tliy right Imnd 
dooth ! Nf'ithor nhftlt thou ptnttr nvirn to thy own hoart of 
■tliOM •ecTCt* known to all.' Is not Shujnfi ^^^Jiaam) t^9 
soil or &11 Vtr1>[»% iif ;i]l kockI miinnr'rs cukL ^^itotl n^oraU ? Ijike 
other pUnU, Virtue vill not grow unk»e its root bo hidden, 
burt«d frrtni the oy« of the &un. )xi thf- aim uhiut* on tt, nay 
do but look at it pnnly thyself, the root with^rt, iuid no 
flower will ^Isd thee. n;y Priend^* when we view the fdr 
oJnstoring dowcr« that ovoTwionthtr, far rxamplv, the Mar- 
fiogcvbow^r. oui c^ncirdc^ mon^ri lit'c with thr Irii^ranor ivnd 
hues of Heaven, what hand will not amite ihe foul plimdoicr 
UuLt i^ruUi them nj> by the raota, and, with ^L-mmu|{. jfrunting 
satisfaction, ahowa U9 thr dun^ they flounAh in ! Men flpoak 
aiueh of the Friutiun Pmflu with it:* Newji]iftpftn( : du Ifinnnel t 
whiLt lLr« th«»e to Ctnth(-J( and tlie TiiHor'n Gdoai« ? 

^Or kin to tho M> incTAleulaUe iudueiieea of Conei^jibni^nt, 
and eoaiseoted with ntill greater thin^, ia tbo wondroua 
ageoiay ^ B^vt^qU. In :i Symbol th«r« ix eontvalm^nt and y«t 
mvnlntion; hnr^ tUer^f^Fa, by Si1(imfif» &nd by Hpm^ch a/^tin^ 
together, ofjmes a double "ifiiiificftni^. And if toth the &p«ecli 
be iUojU high, and the Sil- «eo tit oud uobJe, iiow GKpreasive 
will their union be ! Thua in many ci painted Device, or rim- 
pie f^iU-'itniMeiiit tJie ooiiinionest Truth stands out hi u» pn> 
clainied with qnitr new cnii>1iaaiM^ 

"Fop it le here lUut K^mtaay with her mystit^ wonderland 
play* into the small prose domain of 8ense, and heromefl in- 
corpotiitcd t]kerowith. In the Symbol pro|iCTi-. what w« can ciUl 
4 Symbol, there \% ever, mor* or Icsa distinctly and directly, 
some i-^QitHKiiment ^ujd revolation of thcr Infinite; the InJGolte 
is made to blend it*i*lf with tlu* FSnilp, to stiuid rlftible. and 
u it wore, attotoable tJiere. By Symbols, ftoootdiuc^Tr i< eQU> 

ciuf^ m 



gslded aod oooinnwM. mcvl^ '■*PI7' ^'^^^ vT«tdv^ B« 
tmnj wham fimfe IusimU eopnmiiauagd iritli flftnhol*, ncn^ 
niied m nch or ftot r^co^iced: the Unirerad ij bet o<ic vatt 
t^bol of f>od; Dsy il titm wilt hare it, vLat ife mu bimMLf 
botftSymhol of Gnd; » not all that he rlams vyiDbolioal; ft 
rwcHatlOtt to AniM of tUcT mvjilk gnl'^v^^n riiroft Uiat in io kim ; 

^iMcbM, u h« c&n. hv act nd vnrd ? Not a Hot lie taiUs 
bat Ea tli0 Tistbl« mnbcMlfKicnt of ^'Hioufi-fat; tuc heura Ttaibla 
v«r>^l of inviiibl« thinga ; bui ia, in tbc truLaocudeutal Moae, 

*Ma[^'' *ija tke Prof^ftsor els^wher^, in ^uho antipodal 
pontrmdt vitli lh^H«< lii^h-coA^n^ doltikeaiioiis, vrliH-h vri- lum 
kere col abort on tbc vcrgr i>f tht huat^ '* Man » b;r birth 
SOiMwLat of la owl. Prrhapa, too, f>f iJl xhn ovrlorice Ukat 
(mr poNMttjml hiin^ thu itLust owlinb, if vu roniuivr it, U that 
nf vnur ai-r,tiHlIy vxiHUnif MiitiTH-MitlirTigtU. ?^nt:uiti(- trii-ks 
enouifli nuui haa pUreil. iu bia tiitir; boa fjuicie*i LitDvcIf t(> b« 
miat Ibuig4, dovm pv^n u* an aaiuuitod )i«ap of Glaaa: but 
to ^UMry htBHftlf a ilr:Mt Iron.Rnbnr« for wei^in; Painfi and 
PlMVunn «Df yne rr-scrrrc) for tbU bi» Ltttjfr rni. Tbvts 
fltaadti he, liia I'tiivt^rM ono Uuge Man^r. fillod with h^' and 
thiatlM n> b« w^Lghpd a^nai foch other; afid looka long- 
MTvd rnou^. Alws poor tliinl t ft]«rirw nxt* apjioinl^M) to 
huAUit him I one age he ia hng-riddeiu hrwitohcd : tbr ttext, 
prtoat-riddeti. l^fooW; in all v^cn, b«de-vilW. And now tli« 
G«fiitu of MedianiCTi xBioth^rrs him want* thsiu tuij NighL- 
maradidi till the Soul i»^ m^h chohcd oiit of hun,tt&d oolj 
St kind of Di^tjativi), Mechanic lifo rooiaiaa- tu Earth and in 
Ucaireci ba cflu a«« Dothtepg bat M«chAzuMni ; liaa fwr for noth^ 
ingfilae, hope in nothing elfw: the worltl wmihl Indeed grind 
hiin tc pieces ; but cAuuot h? fathom the Doctrine of Afotiroi. 
and onnntagly oosnpnto tlUMW, and mochnniio Uwin to grind 
tk» other way r 

''Were he not» aa haa been auld, ptirblliided hy fDchu^ 
aenti, jou h^^l b&t to tnd hiia open hi$ cyca i^nd loot^ In 
iriuch oiMUtry, in wht^li timt^. wua it hitlwrto tliat man's hia- 
torj, or the hlalory uf anj mm, wutt on by aaiculat«d or CMt 



Book IU 

puUblo ' Motivea * ? Wlml uuke ye of your Clinetiaciti«9> anti 
Ch)T&Itie«. and Rffcir^ntions, and Mnrt^illftino Hynicks, dzid 
K«igw of Terror 7 Nay, hoi not |>trb.ii^ thtr Mntirn-griod^r 
himjiplf Ixmn in /^re^ Did hd aever sUjid vo tntii^h iu a 
contested Hlectiou ? h^ve liirn to Tioie, mid Ut« miiiicatin; 
Tirtutf of Nature-" 

■■ ¥«, FriMidn/' elKcirhflns oIibutttpk Uir I'rofeutcr, " nrl nut 
Logirjdi Mcnsurativc fjunitty, Uit uut imagiuktirt^ aae is KiQ|{ 
over tut ; 1 miglji atty, L'riuat luid I'n>i>lict to )<?ad tia beavon- 
wardj or HAgioiui ojx^ Wtz&nl to Ii>4d u^ h<>ltn'SLrd, StiVy 
dvoD for thp hncMt ^-[iHmiltiiL, wbit ih fkn^i; bttt thi^ impliw 
aicnt of FuitOAj \ tbc tosmI it drinks out of ? Erer la tbo 
duU«:it I'xifitGDoe thor« la a elieen either of Inspiration ot of 
Miidiie^ (thou partly hfist it id thy choioe, which of the tvo), 
that ^eaioa iu from Ih? r-ircumaiiibiert YAfinxily, and colon 
with its own huc-A our little islet of Tiin«. The Utuilcratimd* 
iQK is indord thy window, tou tricar Uiou curuit not make it; 
but FanlJiay fa Uiy eye^ with its oolor-glving r^t:na» li*ftlthy or 
distfaaed- tlave Dot I iiEjMlf knowa Qve buiidred liviu^' sol- 
diora sabred into crow4''tnoat for a piece of Rlazcd cotton, 
which tli«y e&li«d tli«tr FhLg; wMuh, hod you told it at any 
marki>t'«Toaa, would nul Irnve brought aibove tiirw grfiai'hvu? 
Did not Lbd vbolo Hiu^:ariaa Nation ri««, like aoine lumiil- 
tnoiu moon^etirrod Atlantir^ whon Kaiecr Joseph pookoted Uieir 
Iron Crown; an tmplnmcnt* va way Eaiforiouily olMorv^, in 
ttisxf and cnmtni^TLTial valviu Utili? difTeriiig from a liarmstiliot; ? 
It IB in and thTOU|:U StfniUU that mau, conacioualy or unccn- 
aoiou^lyt livcst work«, sld^I h&« his boinj];; thoao ag«e, mor^ 
ovirr, iin- Ra*m;Dt«d tlic n<^b]nn which (mh the bpst Tw<ogniae 
symbolic^] irorib, and pri^ it the liitchRflL Fot ii not a f^rtn* 
bol oror, to him who has ojob for it, aome dimmcT or clearer 
rove^alion of the Godlike ? 

"^Of S)ui1hjK Uuweirer, I remark fartttrr, that they have 
both an extriuaic and intrinaic value ; oft^nest the former 
ouly. What, for ingtancf^ w.t* iu that clouted 8Lo«, wluoh 
tha Fouanta han aloft with th«m as rnsi^ in their Batttm- 
kntff (IVaiants' W^rH Or in the Wnlhrt^LRiUlafT round 
which thu Noihetluid Q^auXf glorying in that nicknomo of 

Cw. UL 



Hoggnre, heroically rallied ajtd prorniUd. thouf^h AfpLinitt KiniE 
Philip tims^lf ? lotriiinic significance thoB& bod noiw: only 
rxtrmMn ; a>. thr 3UM'iiJ^nLvl STJindiirri;; of Tmiltitntfefi more or 
Icttft socrtKlly uniting tog^tlirr ; id which nnion itmU. aa iiLuve 
DOt«dr tlitfra IK fxtt %iyinvXhtng myaticcU ;in<l borrowinfc of Ui« 
Oodlthn. Un(l«iT a like category* too, flt&n>)f or utood, tho stU' 
ijiiWt hfraUIii- C<wttji-nf-ariQ8 ; miViUry Banners evorywliere; 
ikad generally all niLtioEul or other ifRctariau Co^tuioea and 
Outonu* thoy tuve no iQtnn«:<-T nocAAenTy diTiu«D«AS, or 
•Ten worth ; bnT ha.vp acquired an eilrimi« orus. Severtbe- 
]es» throng ii^\ thcfit th*it gluujuiora itoiuHLUiiijf of a Ditini: 
Idea^ M through miLitp&ry ItonncTs UiomsclTe*, the Dinno 
Idea of Duty, of ht^rou'i Darin^f; in name inKtano^ of Fro^ 
dofC, of Eight. S'ay tlie hi^'h^t eiiHig-n th;tl men *TveT mut 
and owWuced uudvr, the Croaa itaelf. had uo lueaoung bare ^m 
acadental extrinsic ono- 

"Anothet mfttt«r it i*, howov«r, wlwn you» Symbol hu 
idtnniin mtuinLni;, rnirl ik lhT iUitU /^ t.h;it intrn xhnizhl iinit«i 
tound it, L(^t but the Qo<Uike nmniff^nt itscH to S^uac; let 
hat Ktertiity look, more or less vigit>Ly, ihroit^h the Time- 
F:gTire [Z/-irhihf)\ Then is it fit thnt men unitJ* thi*rp ; nnd 
worAUi{> together beforr £U4:h t^yicilicl ; uiid mi from ilay to day, 
luid From ag« to age, 8vper«4d to it nev Ji^intinvaa. 

" Of this lart*^r sort are all lr«6 Worka of An : in th«n) (If 
thon kn£>w jl Work of Art from a I);lu1> uf Arf.ilhi«> wilt thou 
tliacem Eternity looking through Time ; ihe O^dlike rwuleied 
TiBil>k^ Hero too iwny an extrtn^ic vnlii^ gradually suj^ndd 
it«e1f : thusri'rtHm rZiirf^^nnd th» llkr, huvr, in thrrr Uiotmnnd 
yrarnr abtiiinRc] i^uitc [ir?w iti^'t^iliraune, Itut nobler lluui jiU in 
this kind lu>? the Lives of heroic god-mspired Men ; for what 
other Work of Art in <o divine ? Tn IViith too, in tha peath 
fjf th" Ji^it, ;lh thi- hwt parrri-tiun of a Work "f ArV 'nay »n 
DOtdiactirn ayiiibohc meAniujj:'^ In that divindy Iranv&irured 
Sl«ep, aa of Victory, rwting owr tho b»toT«d fncv which now 
knowf tlirr nn Diari<, retail (if thuu ^Jinst fur tears) the li*u- 
Gu«acyi of Time with Eternity, ^i some j^lcain of tho Utter 
pMTing thronflEb. 

^Hifhcut of 4ll Symbols fln thoae wbereia the Artist or 


i^AKTgtt UE&XUTV^ 

»DUb iiL 

Vwii \ma wmta into ProfAivl, ami aH men ««b rvcosubr a 
jinweat <jod. ami vonhip Uie uin« : 1 mew n<hi;:<i«fr SvLdbols, 
Various OMOOgh liav* \ma bqcIi rvligioti^ $yinlv>U, wJuil ve 
OkII JEMt^koiui; ju mc;] vtouil iii Uiui litJi^ of vulUtn? ttt ibn 
otbor, «Dd owold woree or better body forth Uw GixUikt . some 
Symbols with m tnuuieoc intrijisir worth; uonj wilb ooly an 
extrtftiic. If than a}At tu what, lu-ight tiuiti liaA curried it id 
tbis Biuiiiar, Inok on uur di^'intsL (jyoibul : titt tlea«s of Nuiu 
nUi, aod hb Lif«, and bie JJiof^rvipbj. and wbat followed thvn- 
from. Ht^Lct hjji th« luiinan Thought not j«C nauolfead; Uiu 
k Chri^timitf uid Chnxu-ndutii ; « Symbol of quiie jwrwanial, 
mdnitc clufMtar^ who>i^ diffnl&nnco will crer deujuid to be 
tmefw Luiiiiin^l izitu, uid aoi^w madD manifost 

" But^ oa ibi" v\tf}\i*. .'u Tiiua ftdda ntub to Uw *ao»dnca» 
of .^yin1)olst to lik^wi«o in bli |)iof[To« b« at leaglb dsfamt. 
or cTvn dcAot^rnHtctf tb^iD ; uid lJyiiU>oln, like oil torroatrial Oar' 
nmtAr wu. uicL livour'ft £po9 luw not ovucd to b» true; yci 
It i& no ]oiig>>r Aur Epos, hiit thiiie^ id ibe difltatiM^ if clnuvr 
aud cltrATPT, _v(t alao fttnollci and siuolli^r, iikt t. tvuediitg Stir. 
It cccrb a >cti*ntifio t^lMCCpr, it Doeil«,ti> he rcintorprtrUMl ood 
artilxiidly brought ii^ar us, b^fof^ w« oan lo much &« know 
thai i^ *rtia a Sun. Scr likewiee a dMj oumea wbL-n the Roalc 
Thor, iTitH bU Eddvit mavi wiUidraw into dinmew ; and many 
an Afri'-'un Mmntio-JujDbo and Iibdiait I'awaw b« uttexty abol- 
bbi>fl. i^ur ;dl dtlDgs, «vin Celestiu] Liuninana*, macb moK 
aUiuHiphcrio melvor^^ bav« tlivir hm!, tbetr cnUtnuiatinn, duiir 

■^ Small itf thin which thoa tcllirftt m*, that tho Royal &coptv« 
Is but a p3fNM> i)f ijilt wood ; thai tht- F\'i hui btcoma & most 
iboli»h box, amrl lnJy» as Ancient Pisl«l thougbt* 'of little 
pricv/ A ripbt Oonjurar mi^ht I nant« thiy^, could«t tboti 
oonjnre back into tbsse voodsn tool* tbv divino yutuv thoy 
onoQ Iwld. 

''Of thiJt tbinff. however, ht iwrtain: wouJd«t thou plant 
for Gtornity, then plant into th^ d«*^p iniiiiit« btculttca uf man, 
ki« Faiitwy *nd Hnut; wouldsct thou plftoi for Ypar and Dj.y, 
then t>iLid into hU alttllow superfloiol fac.nlti««» his S^lf-lovo 
and Aj-ilhmvticv] Uodeieta&diBg, wbat will gnnr then. A 

CttAT. nr. 



Hi^mrrb, th^n-fciiv, m»1 Toniiff of tTw WorM wtll wa nil 
liUD, the? Tool and in^pLtirti Maker, vhi>, PrQaifUii»kiA-]iki*, van 
etupe new SymlxtUf ikud bniig iivw Kiru from llcavci^ to ILk 
it there. Stioh tno will not Jtlway^^ lie wautln^; u«it]b«r pftN 
bap« Qow aro. Yf-^utwhlk, aa Ul« «yftnge or juattw* gcw^ wo 
aotoutit him Lrgiduior tuid vim vbo «)aq so snuob u UU 
vb«n u Symbrit liAt grovn old, und fp^tly rcmoro IL 

*-Wb4?fi, as iLi- Uxi EiiglMAi CoruiuLttf ju ^ wis pr^foring,** 
eoncluiea lliia woiidorful iVifoaaar, ^'1 rend in llinir K<^wr> 
popeta tlifl-t tho 'ClunupiDn <if Ko^land/ h& who L;ja to o9ec 
boCtlo h/ thi^ L'luv^ne for UU xufw Kiitg, had brought u io Car 
lluL be ittuUl tiuw 'uiuiiEit hiH lionHT with IJtllr Ai>«iML^rr/ I 
a^d to mjaelf . Here &]ao «e haT« a Symbol well'dlBrh au|>vr- 
4litiiiAttHL AU«, move whtthf«r«rwT«r you n^y, ftre ncit tbn 
tatti^ni aad nigi of Mupfrranriutod wflm-niit ^ymbolM (Id Uiii 
Bac^' ^ ^ Wurtd) dM>pi>iog u^ orirrywl]eri?T Ui hixulwink, to 
Inltor, to tether rwi -, ua\\ if you aHiakc them not a^idi^, ihrtft^ 
euuig to aooumuUte) atul perh^pe produo^ (ulfooatioa ^ " 



Ar tfaia pcdst wr drtmnJti* on adreirtitif aliortJjr, or ntlMv 
ivvtrttng, to a certain Tnel of HiATMlh Heitmhsttk^*, eJitltlad 

boDormUr •nota^b tfvttb tors kans, and a p«faap4IUa iwafl 
of aloetk dJVpX atuRel isto tbe Ba« /'iattv. ^'oi tikd«i^ lor 
ibe Mke of tLe tAet ilMlf, vhkib v« adaiUv LtUk; but «f 
tb* ttwigtnl >o(«i, MTidMtly !■ Ti«liJadr<MJdi'N hud. vbU 
nitiwT co fd og ri y fiitt|v H. A Crv of tlwM wMf \m iu tkc^ 
niltt ptanr krm 

Into tbc Hvfrach'i JmMkvit, ^ik if fXint^f^iBWf 
aul ■■ctiJj>iff i4 Cgrr^jpoprfif Hotrda aod tte hkir, v» 



Bpoc hl 

not BO mucli lu ^Unce. Eir^uj^li ftir ua Ui urul#ntt&i>d Ll]:Lt 
Ileuttchnickc is & rliwiplc^ of M^diud; ukI 8u ^erjilouH for lli>? 
doctrinu. thut LU serai iUmo«t iitvmUj c<Li4 him up, A deadly 
foar of I'opuluciou pom/ta^m the HofraUi ; toisMhiDg Uhs ■ 
filed Idei; lUuluubUfUl)' aikia tu lli« iuuri> iljlut^ foniiH of 
UodAcsf^. Xowbrrc, in thai qiuirtoi of hU tnUrllectu^l woM, 
U thfito light; jbcrthiu^ but ci grira iluulow of Hongot ; (ifwri 
modtha tf>]k^tiiiig viiJer and wid**?: u. viicld tfi t«*niiin:iti> \yy 
Uuj tiij;htfuil«At coiuiijruuuLlJuii ^ b^ Itptucid^du uikibitAUta. 
iiuaif<h«id iato dvliriuiOt univcreaUy cutiDfi: one aDo<tbcr. To 
nuke tiir for hlmBolf iu u'bi^^i lu-antfulitiori, choking ctjough 
to 4 U^iL«vii1i-tjt Ui'4ii, tUr- HiifntU fDutnK ar |ini|Hni-:- U» 
fooml. this Inttitutv of hia. ;u the W^t h^^ l-au dc> It ia unlj 
vitJi our Prof«8&or'» couuii-iitd tbereoo that wo oi^dootd oiir- 

FirKi, tUnu muoTk tluit Tciifrlsdtikddi, u & bpecuUtire 
Eadic^tt* b;u Lia own ti^tliiina aUrut bumui di|nii^ ; ti>At Xh» 
ZiUdann pakious ai^d L'uartdsi«a lav^ not made hiui forgntfn) 
«f thiT Fttttnnl rnTlJip^. r)n Iht^ blank ciivpi- of Hnincbrfpfc"'* 
Tmrt W9 tind thr following indiAtincUr cni[ros4C<J : — 

" 'INvo men 1 honor, and no third. Firat. tbt toilwtini Cmltj^ 
man ihat with earth-madi? Inijlemenc taboriotuily oouqu«ra 
tlie Enrllt, aud makptf fa«r otaD'H, Vcaerabli' Lo me is tbo 
buvl lUnd ; crooki^d, wnrw i wherein aotwithstftndina licj* a 
cunning Tirtiio, indclonsiJJy royul, a» of the S(*ptrt^ of thift 
Planet. Venemble too b th^ ru^i^d fa^. all w^atheMnuEied, 
besoileil, with its rtute bil^flliytme ; for ic i» llip t^is^ of a Man 
lifitt^ manliXo. Oh, but th«- mnrr rfrncmbic for thy nidcAcm, 
And even btciuiMe wo mwtt pity nji wrll oa low tJ^eo t Hordlj- 
eoCr^ted ItrotbHf ! For let w&5 thy bu<'k so beul. fur us vi'er«> 
thj straight limbs and ^^rs so deformed; thoa wett our 
OwiJ<ntipt, on whom the lot fell, and fifthtiuK our battlee woit 
■G marreiL Fcir in the« too hiy a ^rod-crv3t4>d Form, but it wuj» 
nvL to bi* imfvlded ; tmiiruBlnl Rinut it rtiind with tJio thitJi 
adhe&iona and defaceiacuta of Labor ; and thy body, like iky 
soul, wu not to know freodoio. Yet toil en, toQ on: ihou 
art in thy dntr, be nut of it who niAy; thoa toi1«st fcr th^* 
altogetbei liulittptinNiblc, for iUiIy bread. 

Our. IV. 



"A tMCD'1 man I htwcr, ui^ still moTt higb}y: HiiD wlio 
is t«on toiling Ear tb« jipirihudly iDJliipeaaiiblo ; not daily 
br«ft4, b«t the bread of Life. 1b doc he loo In hli duty; mi- 
«Iea?otuiK tovAnla mwani Uarmonj i rOTwlla^ Uiia, by wl ur 
Iry voH, Uirottj;li all hia otitvonl ccidcavo^t, be tbc; liigb or 
tow? H:gb<^t of all, 9h«u his ontvard ftod his iawd «o- 
dmvor ftT« one: when wo em nam? him Artiftt; iiot earthly 
CnfUm&n only, but inspirfid Thinker, who with h<ftT«t>-aiade 
InptttiDCbt ccbfi^ien Heftven for tis t H tho poor uid bunibla 
toil tlmt wo bxrt FoodjiQiut not the high ind glorious toil 
for him ui rt^Limi, tiftt he havt- Li^L^ h^vv Guiihuii-'F, Prints 
dom, bamorulity ?— These two, m lUJ their dc^7v««, 1 honor; 
all oU» U chaff and dust, whioh let the wind blow whither it 

" Uupetkahly touching is it, however, wheo I find both 
dipuUco united; a^d ho tlmt must toil outwardJy for tha 
Jowe^ of Bkw^s w2mt«, i« ftUo tolling inwardly for tho hifjiMt 
Snblintrr in thb wiirUI kunvt I mitiiiiig tbui n Pfvuunt Sdnt, 
could surh now aiiywhcrfi b« met with. Such & one? wilt tako 
thM hack to Nft24T«th itself; thoa wilt oee tli« 0pl«fu]or of 
Heireo tfiriiig forth fTon the hTunhIp«t depths of Eoxtb, lih« 
a li([ht flfainilig in gteMt darkues^L** 

Aftd again ; ■■ It u not br^aiiAe of hb toib that 1 lAinrnt for 
th« poor: w« iBUtt ftJl toilj or et^al (howMMM-cr wc qjubd our 
nenling), whteJi fa wor^e; no faithftil w^^vnaTi flnds hla tttlc 
a poAttDifr Tk« poor ia hvufrrT ^^^^ athirst , biit foi hint alao 
there is food and drink: ho u bvary Utdcn and woary; but for 
him ako cho H«aT«QB setid Sle«i>> and of Um doepMt) in hk 
sxioky cribs, a dear dewy IkAvvn of R««t eovelopM him, and 
fitfml ^ittcriucs of cloud-akirt«d DrvAOtB. But what I do 
ntourti oT«ir is, that 'tbo lamp of his «oal shonld go oiit ; that 
no ray of h<ydveiJy. or «vra of Mttthly ksowtedga, shoaU Titit 
hiiu; but only, in the haggard dA^UMW. like two speotM^r 
Fc*r and tndijnution btar turn company^ Alas, wbiU thit 
Body stondH HI broad ackd brawny, must the So«l lie hiiiuied, 
dvarftd, Nitiiwfin], afanost juaothilatot ! Alaa» was tliis too a 
Braalh of Qod ; bestowed in Heavea. but on «arth aerer to bo 
■nfoldsd ! — That them should one Han die ignoraut who had 



tht^K UL 

r^pairtt^ for Kuowledf^ tliis 1 t^l a tra^ily, w^t« \t %o khp^«D 
u)t>re Lhan twmity timea lu llu: LiuiLitt'. U£» hj AOiue coui|mtji- 
tu>ua it does. The muaablo ftocrtaon <)f Soicncc wili<^h our 
onitcvd Minkitid, in u wid# UaiTvou of Niwdi^iicr* hiut tu^qmrwl^ 
wli/ [& ijfit thi.-i. u ilh All iliUt;Mw:«, unpwUd lu {&U 'i^ " 

<>mtr in aiL up|>u&j|« atniii ia the followioiE; " TKt^ old 
gpcjta&e b&d ft wU«r mntliod ; And woot out txul hnatod down 
their Hi^lots, and wp^ar^l and apicted Lht-m. wliea thrjr gr«w 
too nmut^rmjiiH WiUl our unproved fjwLiouA of liiuitLii^, Hvrr 
Hofrotli, 50W ftflei tbtt invcciUQii of tirMViiifl* aod Atmiiliujj 
annice, b->w mucb i>Eui«r votd such a host! Peth&pA in ttio 
incirt ihbkly (impWd ivijutry. jmnvr Uuen dujM luiuiuiliy nii^ht 
ttufliiM? to Kliotrt elII tK- abUOicdiFd P^uprra tU;tt liml ;tfi.'unLa- 
ittltd witbiu the year. Let Uovi^rumenta tUink ol ihia, Tho 
expense wew tri^ng: nv^ th« very- caroasseB vould pay it. 
HaT»^ Lh'^in luiltHcl uiid bamUed; cotjIiI utJt ycjii vjHii-^l iJirjv- 
witli> if Liot Al-qij uul Nnvy, yet riclily niK'h iufimi Paup':T>, 
in worhhotuiM uid djMTwh«r^, oa i>nIt^*Utc]ind (Charity, drca^liitff 
no *vil of thera, inigbt see pwJ to k^ep al^v^ ? " 

" Ajid yet," writ€« }\t farther on, " Uierv niufit be muiul-Uuh^' 
WTonjT- -^ fuIl'EonntHl Ilntac mil. m any n^^krl, briiiK Eron 
twvuty tu :ia high ju two bundri^d Knudriclui d'vt : t^t^h u liifl 
worth to t|i« world, A fuL1-for[u«d Miui \a nut only wnrtb 
nobhiti^ to \hv yivt\\\, titit lUe world could afford biiu ^ round 
mm would he simply eni^oKe to Ro and iuiie Iiinwc4i NercE^ 
tli0lv«it, which of thi> tw<> wui tbtt mom cunningly devised 
Nfiiclr*, ririi :La stn Enpii'" ? G(Km1 Hi-iitHin*! A whiti^ Kiim- 
pwuj M^iti. aUudiug un Ijui two Lripk wiLh Lin two iirp'ruigi^nrd 
Hvi^le at tiU Ghai^kiebooM* and mlnwulotu H«ttd on bia 
Ahoultlent. IK worth, I «boald aay, from dfty bo ft hmidr»d 
Hoisf a I " 

'*Tnie, thou field- Ifoft-ath," iMif# the Proff^wor eleeirhera: 
" too crrowilod indvod ! Meanwhile, what portion of this in- 
oonflid«rftbt« t«miqu«oiu Globe hav^ ye artuftlly tiUed and 
delvr4.L tilt it will L{rriw no mofvt Row thi*^k Ht^uidt your 
Popnlfttiun in the Pumpoa iind fWvannui of AjuerieiL; nnind 
aado^it Cwtha^, and in th« intprior ct Alricai on both 
nlopn of th« Altaic chain, in the eentna Platfonn of Aefca ; in 

Chatw V. 



S^pftiQ* Greece Turkey, Crim Tartarr, the Curr^of RiManf 
OiM ntto, iti one year, u 1 h^vu uncl^rscood it, if yan lead him 
Hnrtlif vil) Email hiir^Hf iirit uincv otfaon. JUas. wbciv nov 
toe Ute U^n^ittf ,-ind AJatu-a »A out aUU-gliiAin^, HT,]l]-«v{>anil' 
ing Kuro^i whtJ, irhoa tlic;r home ia gruwu loo ha^tow, nil! 
•nlirt, aiwl, like PiM-pill»r*, guiii* oinranU thoBO superfluous 
BAVcB of imlniaiLJiIf^ \Whi^ Viilor; or^iiipped, oot Oi>w with 
the battle«xe »nd war-cbariol, twt wilh llir iit«aiii-«iiglii«< and 
pl4xugL^iiar« 7 When ud thoj ? ^ Fi«ticrTiiig tbea O&dm I *' 


PinTt?cQ wliirh four si&iTLilar Chapt^Ts together, anrf alongb 
Ade of them uumrri^iaji hinU. iui<I f^Tcn direct iittenui«<«, leat- 
t*ti*d ovtT thtsr Wiitinif* of hi«. w© i-onui npoa the iturtliujf 
yut not qaitt uiihnrkii'iMijr i.-uEur1tLsU)n, UibI Tr-itfeUdrclekL U 
OU0 of tbuBO wh'> (.-oiij^iticr Society. ptop^Hy vo caJIi-xI, to h^ u 
good lua oxtLniTt; an.i f li.if ■■■iK' t'.r .'■■■■■-iHi»us li*'<]iij^'», an<i i.M 
tehsriliM habitiifti>B, nr tin- jiiti< tr-.i.-, Ij rlil us fToni Difcporxioo. 
snd Qfti-rvrvoJ natnma]* rjril. f!fiinr«lu^ uvi |irrxnti3t] wtltT He 
njv cffprv^nly: '' For thr tut tljive c^jitnrieA, iiborr all for 
the lart throe quarten at a ^ntiir>\ that sau^ FertciLnlia] 
N^rroot Tiseniu (an w^ n-^imfd \i} of Religioii, where Ilea the 
Lifp^^rMteDL^e of ikiciety. ha^^ l>«^it sntotf At Mtd perforated. 
appOfnllr mil meedlee^lj; till now it is quite n^vit into Khnds; 
a»d IVv'iftr. lone pininKt difllwiiiv cn»nsm>iiptivc, can \» »■ 
jEWdi#d M d^fofict; for tbcsm Hpui&molii*. ^viuuc iprftwUngt 
uv nnt 1ifi«; fiMthAr itiilc*F-d wUI Lb«/ i^ndure. ^tiuIm «A 
jOtt coajt bryntid two ibj^'* 

^' Gnll je that u ^ootet^'/' i^rm ho a^ain, " irhvrr ther^ U no 
kiBfW BUT SoriflJ tt\t^ ^xl-'tnt; not «a mneh u the 1J» of a 
nmnon TTinno, Iml n^lv cif a rniiimo:i t'Tcr^^roW'led IrtxU-iii«- 
hctwo? Where Mcb. wtbttfd. ro^:ajE:Uow of hiA twi^hhor. 



&WK lU. 

turned agoinbt bis neighbor, clutches wh^t ho can gfft^ ukd 
cziet 'Srlmc!' and caIU it IV^occ, b^ciaiLto, itt tho out-pumr atid 
cot-thro&t ScrAmblci, no ntvvl kiiivu^. but ouly u far cimmugur 
anrtf cah b«t imijiloycd ? Wltere Krieudiiht|ir Cummmuuii]^ baa 
becODLC U) inc-rcdibk traditdon ; and your holiest SAcmniciitol 
StippOT ifl a aifj^king Tavern Dinnci, with Cook for Evmigrliat? 
'hV'het^ your Priest hm no tor!^L« btit for idcitislif'-king : And 
>oiir hi^'h C?]iido8 aitd (TTJVrTmnra rminitt gujilt ; but oa all 
huidn hntir it p<w»ioiiiitL"[j- pr<HilAUiied -. Lauiat-z fiif^ ; ht^avt 
ui» olouo ol' your ^ul:Ltioi?« 8Lit;L light is darker thaji d&rkoess ; 
«^ yoia jour wagf^s, a-T\t\ slnnji I 

"Tlmst too»" continues he, *'tloea nn obserrant ryn disconj 
ftV(*nrwhrrK that uddettt •p<>at*ole: The I'oor i>*inahiiig, hke 
ui?g]«cti^dr foundered Dravght4^att1e, of Hun^ And Ov^t* 
vork; t\i& Rich, adll innre wretchedly, of Idl^-nphs, Sati»^, 
and On>V£T0Vth. The IIigh<^»t in r^uik, at length. ^ithoLit 
Jumor from the Lclw<^ati som-ocly. with n [ittl*; mouth -hongr, 
■i ttaet taverU'Waitdta who txpetrt u» put it in Ihe bill, Oncis 
e&or«d Symbols tluttmu^ tui empl^ Pa^eaLiiU, vrLer«uf mt-u 
fCmdge cTcn the <:xpon0Oi ft World bocomiuK diAinantlM: in 
oofl wDTi^ tUi; Ctii^tt^'u lall^a ftpc^pi!hloiiCf imm clxtnity imd 
apo|dex> ; thf^ Statk shrunken into u Fuli<HsU4U'c^, ctrait«ndd 
to get ila pay ? " 

Wc might aflh, ar« tOwrg maay "obef^rvajit ey^*," belon^ng 
to prattic*al men in Ea^And or ctowhirt^, which havp d^cn«d 
thwe phpiniinif^tiR ; or n it only fn^ni thn myxtict nlrvEitifln nf a 
Oeimaii H'lthnffaiiM thut auch wonders are vihible? Ivnfelv- 
dr$okli coat4>Dd« thnt tJio iwpoct of a ** (leooaeed or ezpinas 
Sonietj'' front* u» rvwrywhi^rtv, sio thn-t wt™o nini may tmsuL 
"What, for example/' uy a he, ' l* tli4? uniTrTrAnUy arnigiitvid 
Virtnu, almcwt thn solo rrmaininff Catholio Virtue, of theae 
daya " Fur some half-<*nliiry, il has hflf^n the thing vou name 
* ImlHi^ttidenit?/ Siu^mtiun of "ftwrvility^' nf rfverence for 
Snperitirei. the T«ry dogdoeoh b anxiou* to dimrow. Foolal 
Ware yonr Sup^iiora w.^rtliy lo govern, and you worthy to 
ob»yp «ver*nri> for thnm w*rn *>vpn your only potfcihltf free- 
dom. Indflp«ndpnci% in al) kintU, 15 reMlion ; if unjust 
rebellion, vrhj parade it, and eveiyivherc preMnbe it?" 



totbeiWeof h'shm; *^ Tbe Sool I'olitie Utuic dofuted," 
mf^ Tetdetadfdekfa. ''what ott iollow bot thtt the fioitf 
Folhto be deeanlf fotetTMl, to avoia pnmaotfMW f Ub^nla^ 

and '*^*"**''C load pttoutf, towd* tht funeml pale, wbcre, 
ankt wftUingt fR» tome^ ud tatORaliaii nT«1ii«t fran tlu 
MwL tlw TnssU« OorpK b lo be txmit Or, In plain word^ 
tfcftt t^cM Kictt. Libenk, UtUitahftns, or wWAomor tbe^ ma 
ttllodi wtU Qhasuie^ <anTT Uwii pocat, tad duterer Aitd 
totooj nojt exbclog IsMtV^imB of Societj. ««<aDt & tbing 
wkkli kw aookfl time a^ c«a»ed to be ttui^btftd. 

*■ Do v« aoc «« A Utdo si^iviguH) of thi> ipnutd Utila- 
tauiAn AfiMBffnfr oooM b> lislit crtn In invulAt^Ml Eaj^liuid ? 
A Uriog MMJeoe, tluU vUl akttwt nkd gnnr, don at lebgtli 
Nppev tlieiv alaoi and nada cunottf ptttds; |)tt)f>eriy a» ike 
JAOOfluuleraUc &g-cad, and m fv In ttw mr ctf tJw olhcn M 
W faoKj tttftlf Um TiiL Our Karofp:ui Mifitiiniwr^ v^ » wet 
of TwwmdJMM dtffmMin. kctivitj^ srvi ro4i|M»rmtiTv *|HriL t kwi 
nnt UtilitonanuPB flomi^wd in high plaota of Thottfflit, bert 
uioBi; ouTBc'lreflL ftod ill evcrr £aiopeaii countrr. st Mai« Ium 
or cthtfr, viUtio the U«t Utj jr«uftT If nuw in aU oouktiie^ 
ntcopt p«tbapi Eiiybjtd, It iu coaud to Bonrub, or indnd tti 
cadat, amoa^ TbmkeniT tmd soikk to Jonraalvt* azkd tb» P^>po- 
)u MiM, — who •eea oot tiut aa het«lrr it no )i>n£«r precMkbM, 
80 tb« maon K it nnw ttw-Ia no PrvA/'hin i. h«C 1a ui fttU iml- 
regaftl Actioa, the fkirtrine cTfryrbcrr kitowOt uid ootlmma- 
ticaJljr inid to bc«xt ? The lit pobolum. to IbeM ticaea, for ft 
^artaiu nic8«d vorkttiop lateUeot »&d b64Ut, ttovfoe witKout 
tliffir fl wiw^j o n ding wnvkakopMreBgtbajid fcrod^, tt n^utras 
bQtlob« aiAUi'l in Aach £««a«« to malcf pro9eljtee tbougb. — 
Admtnbljr cak-alax«d For dnftrorm^. only iwt for rotmiidingl 
II qsraada Ukn a jaort of Dof^alAdDow ; till tb* vhole Worl^ 
kanao) will bn mind: tbca vov Ui tbe Huntauu-u. witb or ultb- 
oofc Ibeir wliipal Tbej nboubl bare giT«n tbc qundrupcds 
vater,'* add* be; *tho vat«r, baia^ly, of Knowledge and of 
tifr* vkU^ tt vas yrt tiin^.*' 

Tbua, If ProfesMr Teaf«ladr6rlGli can b« r«Ued on, we tt* 



Bo» m, 

tLftt boundkflA ■* Ami&mfriit of Mff'.hvtu^Ts *' and Uubetien^ra^ 
thMAtening to smi» us barol "The Worrld/ mj9 fc«r "tf 
il tieeda muatr U uitder a [iruuc^tstf <iS (WviUiUii'von Etn<l wiui^ 
wfaicb, whotlicr t^ silcot usiduoua corro&iou> 4ji open quicker 
oonbiistion, u Ui« oud chimoM, will oSf^etUftJly enough oimi- 
Kilftt^ Ihe paat FormA of Smrlety ; replai**^ thrm with ithal U 
maj. For the pr««eiiti It U conteiKpl&led that when man's 
vbolo Spiritual Intorosta aie odc9 dicf^ifd, thoac iimumtrttbl^ 
ftiipl-Ciiff GannaatA vik^AX moistly bn burnt ; Imt the souader 
Ba^^ uuoii^ tlu-m Iv quiltt^i Ui^tht^r into cimr hug« Tmh 
v^b-coat for the defence uf the Bod/ onlj f " — Th«^ W4 
think, ia but Job'e-ncva to the humaac^ reader. 

" N«vcrthel»»a/* rririi Ti»nfi'U(ir>>£*kh, *'wh<i c^an hindot it; 
vbo u there tlut rjui clutt^ into tJu; wlm^Upokt--^ of PrMiny, 
and ttty to th« ^jnrit of thu Time : Turn iKiok, 1 comiuood 
tlicc ?^WisfT w^rt it that wu yioUed U> tlio iLcvitohic nfid 
Ineiorable, luid iwMwiiTitpd ^vien this the beat." 

Ka^^ mtfht not an nttrntive E^Jitor, drawing hisovu iufei^ 
onou frnm whA-t iitiin<U wnttun, ooQJ<*cturc that Tcrufoladrookh 
itidividiiiLlIy had yivkled to tLi£ aazae "In^TitAbk and IniMo- 
rabla** heartily enough ; ami now sat waicing the ia^u^, vith 
his natural diabolico-angelical iDdiffercacQ, if not sTeu FW 
cidity 7 Did vo not hnar him romphuM thtit tho WotM waa 
a '^ huge* Kagfair," and th* " riiga and tattJ^ra of old Symbola " 
wftfrt rainiDg down Hvprywhi-rn, like to drift Uuu in. aud Ruffo- 
oate him? ^Vhat with thowi "unhiuitod IMota" of lia; and 
tho un<"veu tia voa non vr/t/ig prosaur" and hard-nraflliinR poI- 
lUion he IK pl^a^d to disrvTQ in rrxEatjng tJilttga ; whut with 
the tfo butvfnl ^^ciujitj Mankj," full of brirtlcs aiid spidtfB, jet 
glaring out on Yiita, from their glaea eyes, "wSth a ghaattj 
aff^*^Ulion of lif^" — wf» f**ftl nutiiled to roncludft him nvfln 
villiTij^ thHt mtirh shoulrl \w thrown U) T-!w Drv^il, in it w^ra 
bat dono i^^tly ! Safe himaclf in that "Pinnacle of ^«iaei> 
luehtwD," ho would oonaent, with a Im^io eoloiuuity, that tha 
monstei Utilita&ii^ held bach, ind^^d, and moderated by 
aosA-iinga, halt^ra. foot-^bfu-klns 'IikI rr^ry t^onc^iTahle modi* 
fieatioai of rope, fthould ^ forth to do her w^rk; — to tread 

CVtf V. 

THE rnaiNtx. 


dovn oM roiaons PsIjam ud Tmt|ii1«9 with hrr faro^ bc«if« 
till thv whol* wm trodflen Jem. that &pir vxl brU^ au^/Uk 
b« built ! B«aarkab4« il this point of view an tht- f^Uowiiif 

" Society/* ia>'« bit, ^iftooidcvl: tiuitCamwa wbirli jrnnnU 
Ue^l doci^rty, i» but her mntsl coil vbicU alw h«a AluiflUI 4.1IT, 
toaaviuno a Doh1f>r; she ]k«iMl^ thi<o«fifi pttpttittl mManvr- 
liliuMD, lo fairer incl flairvF divnilopiiMiit, hia to Uvm tin 'flaw 
alao nerg* tn Etrmity. Whcrt<jiorTrr two or Uirre Lirinig 
Mr[i ara |e^I>v'*^ together, tb«r« is ^tKitij -, txr tlirra il viU 
b<^, with iti canning iMoiuaiiuu und HtoiHUiduui vtrueturctft 
ovsnpr«fiuUxig t^i« little Oloh«% nod rM^hin^ n|iw<di to 
UiMTNi oiiJ ilowiiwnrdft to Gf^hprniA: ffn* Uwayn. iimlvt nntt 
or tli6 otli«r Ginrc. it htut two jiuth<.-ntic KerirUticitiA, uf d Oixl 
and of t Drvil ; %h<y PuJpit. c&iL«ly, ftnd tli* GuUovi." 

ImStfod, we alnody lieard liim 8|je£kk u£ ** R4tligiuo, In ui^ 
nocicfd tioukx w«TUif for henclf uew VmLurw ; " <» Tnufttk- 
driSokh buueU boin^ on» of the lociD-tr«adl»t ElKWhm 
ht qootofl without oounm that ftrang* ipliofua <if Mni 
ftimonScuweniia^ wbirJi And wliom ho xnnnii vvre tn \m MJdt 
" //(f^A fTor^ ^w'uHc fftreuff/e I7aiftr&» n jttoi Jtu^m'iri Jjtju /« 
|huj/, «#« litr^ttit itoutf; The goMoa age, whi^h & bJintl Invl^ 
tkiii hM btthprto i>lAC«d fo tJi« Putp U Hefitffl iw/'^ftui 
lisim AlTUik : — 

'* Wjrn tl*e rb«mx b Eannicg hrr famral i^yro, will Ih^fw 
not be sporlu fty^n^ ' AIm, loaM ntlhona of mf^n, v»«1 imi'ing 
th«in aach ua XApolmu, faave alrrvdy hi^n lu^hM Into ll»«l 
bigbt^ilfing FUjiiip, amt like vir4hft rraimiinH th*re> HtUl 
aIm heT« wc to tar that iacvcitiow faevda irUJ igtl lin^ld. 

-Fot ibt Ml, fai wbtf yw of fiwe Mb PliMlft^totflBB 
«U1 be oomplKad, joq dchI not Uk, TU law «f fMvmvk 
nee » uusos lbs deepatt is mmmt hf mIbm W Uitm ittsftf*) 
wUm will te ^«il bit otd bo«N t4D H ha« utvlfy firirn 
■boot bti Mn. Tkoi hmf I rm* Hol«nii«ti«4i llnffor >w> ' 
ttOBM, eiervl Ayabob w hAe PefpKtnte, 10 lb* Mlvr^v »f 
Aiee bndml 5B» »l emv mlM ell Udb Md MPVteew M 
ffV^ooMd 011 of tfem Aid tbfn, «>«J»^ wW ihM Um 



Book riL 

altCTt ftftj tvo ccnturica of (x>oTuI«ioji aud cotifl^i^rfhtion. morct 
or loss Tirid, thf* £r^-ertation should W iicooiDpli];h^, and 
WIN U> find tmrcwlvcH ogiuii in a Living ScH*irtj, luid no Ioogi*r 
fiffhtinf but ivorkii)([T ^vero it not i>erb^p» prudeut m Man- 
kind to atriko the bargain?^* 

Thiu U TpiiMsdriV-kli r^nnliint that old »i<*k Society nbnnld 
be ilnliljcratrly tmrnt (aIju, witL qtiiUi otU:?r fuel thcui apice* 
wood); in th^ t'Jutli Uiat eha ta a Phcenui; and that a now 
bwtvdD'boru young one wtll ri«o out of hot n«bps ! Wo oui- 
luOvi^ rpNtrictnd t^i ttii^ duty cif ItultiTiiitir, »i1ul1I furlH^Jir f^tni' 
meotaij. Meonirhilc, will not the judLcioua reuler ahaJ&e bia 
h«iad, ucd roproa^tifuU?. y«t more in sorrow thmt iu akiij^or, eay 
or think : Prom a /'o<ft»r utHusquf <fupt#, titular Profetsor in a 
Uuiretflity, and maii to vbdEn hitherto, for his services* 6i>oi' 
«ty. bad oe shu la, Ima givtn aot only food and rainitiDt (of a 
kind}, but IxKikd, tubfiooo and ^k^uk, trc uxpected more grati' 
tiulfl tji bis hempfairttrias; and less of ahUnd trT;»t inlhfl firtnw, 
which tfr4)i^nib1e« that rathe^r of ih philosophical T'atillst and 
Enthufiiufit. tluin of a aoLid householder paying aoot-and-lot ic 
fr Chnscian country. 


olh clothu. 

Aji mentioned itbove, TeufnlAdrSckh, tbougli a RHn«cii1ot- 
tivt, i« in practice probably Uio politest luan extant: hi* 
whole heart :uid life ar« p<»nptratM B&d informed with the 
«pirtt of pulitf Uftsif ; a uoblu uatiiml Coiulwiy Khinm thnough 
him. beautifyinis his ragnrioA; like aunlight> tcAkin^ a roay- 
tingeredv rainbow-dyed Aurora out of mero tuiueon* eii>ud3; 
nay brighb^ning Londoti^mnk^ Sx^^i into gold vapor, as from 
the rruiuhlo of an alrJjrinist. Ifrar in vbat -^anipst though 
f&ntutio wise he expreuea himMlf on tbis licnd : -* 

QmM-. TI. 



*' Rtuill Courtesy b« doD«r cnXy to thcr ricli, and odIj by the 
Tit'J" V ]» Good-bree<im^, which dliTera, if At all, from HiRh- 
tiTPi'fling, nnly *■ it graciifullj remembpTs the rigbta of oth^m, 
ntht^r than ^mc^fuUy maists mi iUcwd righu, I dlsiceni uu 
Bpcoftl DoiiuectiuQ with wealtli or Hrthi bijt mthcr that it 
Hca in human n»tnre itself, and i« da^ from all num towurdu 
all mpn. Of a truLli, vsei^. your SrljiKiliiiajiLer at lit* ^oftl, iiml 
worth ftnything when then;, tliie. with so m\ieli eUe. woulc] W 
reformed, Nay^oacli man vr^tre th'^tt also hit Deighbor'e scbool- 
it*r; till at l^Egth a nide-vls:igi*d, umcjiDtieTpd Pc:uinQt 
Li iiu mciro bo mot wilL, tlmn a PejuKuit uua<!iiuamLod willi 
bofaUiioA) PhyaioIo]cy> or who kit not tLat tlut olod lie bn>k« 
wnM cteaiM in Heaven. 

"Pctr whfthur tlioii bi^r 8 si^ptrf' or a aledg^hsmmfr, :irl 
not thou alivk; \a not this tby brother Aj.ne7 'TK*xe i* 
but ore tfimplo in thfl world,' aaya Norsdie, ' fuid that tpmplo 
lA tbn Body of MniL KotLln^ is holier thsai thi« high F<irmK 
Broiling iM-fom mm m ;i. n^vrrnnrf ilmn- to thU Rfrvfiition in 
the Fl^ah^ We touch IIcavtMi, when vre Uy our b&nds on n 
humaB Body.' 

"Onwhi(*h jfmnad, T wnuW fain carry it fftrTh(»r than moflt 
do; iuid wtirtrrui Utt? Caglifih J^rhTt^'in mdy tuiwinl in vrvvy 
Cii^n^nian. or man with a shorelhtit, 1 would buw to every 
Man with any «ort of hat, or with n^^ hat wh.iU^vor, Is not 
be j» Tpn»pTi% thru; tbe visible ManifrstJitioM and Ttjijirrsoiia* 
tion of ttn* IHTinity ? And yet, jtlu, snt^h iudiacrimiuatt 
bowiug a^rvGft not, Kot there ia a L>evd dwells u» maa, m wi-U 
as a Divinity ; and tjx* c»ft*>n tbp bow U Imt juM-kiitdd by the 
form^^ It wonld Rn to thr jKirWrt of Vaiiity (whith is your 
deareitt ^haaict of the IK'Til, in tht-ae times) ; therefore must 
we wiEMicId It* 

"Thn /ladder flm T» on the nf.her hnmlr U^ iln ri^rrrniw? to 
Uioer f^hrlla ;tnd outer Hnaks of the Body. wbef*iu no devil- 
bh [4h£eion any longer lod^e, but only tbe pai« embWm and 
«ffl^ps of Man: I mean, to Empty, or «ven to Cojit CluLbta. 
Ksy, i« it not lo Cnoth>>9 thai mi)«t men do reveii^nce: lo the 
fine frosK"! brondcloth. nowiac (o the *3tradili«ff animal wtth 
bandy leg»' which it holds, »ai inak«^ a Ihimitary t-f ? Who 


fai tfc* 

amj Lwd w j l a rt i J ia 
of bj|juab/r ft 
Mdj! WlHW «o«U MMl lil«^<K4 vlaeft 

bcA llie doibn s» ML aar k**« fr«e 
ttfl^ art ivpT- l^T^i^ a*t '^ Hindoo WanAip- 
iiwt Itm — wd litiB t^ &od; aodo It«o 
venfaip tl» M^TV ekdk timnwoft vitkc^^fem, a» «kn 
It conUiftol the 3Ub : a^. vilh BflM* far 1 aov fear m> 
^eepUoft, «f »j>eH ot of oi^tn. 

" PM ana Kay Tliiiaf ■>■!< «; in «h<=r »qri% Jciia BOttJ, 
paiga koff cTWt ScDtUml ; tb* mui Joko BbIjoI bnna qoito 
pm^ oad oftlr tl» 'Took Takut^' {Sm^ ik^n) rmmuvT 
MTUt itaJl tl^Bhy airaUa ta » aut of Cart CIoUmI Btpwf 
naeUf K bMra Its boaon t Xo hvi^tay look*, bo uanfal 
f»tv«; ulmt and tercoe, U Inuiita tbt vnlil; tuPiUter da- 
mndin^ vcfahqi, nor afraid to joam H. Tb^ Hat aliQ taiiiaa 
tta plhjiiagiH«jr of to Head : but Uia raoitj aad t%t> rtapdiiy, 
aad gpoagap M cii vhicb vm iW tign ul ibtte twu^ af« gouA. 
TIm CaoMftTiB IS amtchci oou b<U iMt to ftr^; ch^ f)tT<rcb«er 
Itt BOdftst tUDpiicity, dupand at oaaa, mnd tsow at Ust har* o 
gnoafol 0OT ; tbi? W^moKi Udea no «t&1 |iGM«ioti, oa riotoaa 
daaite ; faBagBr or Uiint uow 4!weU» net to iL TIiqm all ia 
putnrftd from tia powa iot a ol aooav, from tbo cukias eaj«a 
aad foul Ticca of t^ World ; ud lidaa tbtr«^ on iCa Ctothai 
Wa*; u, on a Pv^utis. miglii weamt flcTvy VcawDgar, or 
pnrified Apparitioa. ruitin^ <mr lov Earth. 

■^Oftm, whilo I ftc^onraod m that nonstrc^A tabnoattj of 
OafUaad Ufa, the Capital of Eoglaad ; and madHaaad* and 
qatalinnad Dcalinj, tttidtrr Uut iak-aen vS vapor. Mad, thick, 
and umlbCBnoaa aa Spdvian brocK ^ and «aa one ksae aonl 
aiaid alum fvinding laillioiu ; — oh^Q liaTi» I tanked into their 
OUCIodwa Market ui worship. W'fth aw*4tnirk hwut I 
iralk UifOVig:li t^ai MooinoiiUi Html, «Ub lU rmidy SniU. aa 
tkBOVgb a 8anh0drim of atamlaaa Qhoata. BilcnC are {htj 

Our. Tl 



h>xl expressire iu tbeir sUeuce : the past witnessea ami uiflttii* 
mcntc of Woe ooit Jay, of Fiueioris, V^iKiicfli Criioc*, And &U 
th# fRt1ioiiLl«tt tcinult €f Good lUid Eril in ' th& PrUon m«n 
utll Lift*.' Kriends ! tni^t not tUo kcibrt tjf Uuit mail Tor wluini 
OM ClutKoe are uct veu^rable. W»tcb, too, with rererencef 
that t>ctLrdGd Jon-i^h Htgh-[*rieift, vho wiUi hoarM voioOi liko 
rome Angel of Doom* Kummoni tli^m from thu fmir niudi ! 
On lib liead. Like the Voye, ha ha> time Hats, — a real tripU 
tiara ; en oilher bai^ an the similitudo of win^ vlierooa tho 
BunuQCftod Goraipnts oomo to ali$:ht; and «T«r, su bo clowly 
nltanui tJw air, KoutuU f;irt!i lii^ cirnp fatiTfnl iioIj-, iut if tJimiigh 
a trumpet bo wttt proclaiming; 'Gboato of Life, como t» 
Jud^mont t ' Kevk not, j**? Quttcring Uhoet^ ; bo will purify 
j«a in Kin Pnr^loiy, with flrf» lind with wntnr ; attd, oiw day^ 
new-crifatfTd /n a1i;UI rrap]irAr. Oh, \vt hha ui vrhmu Uir flaai« 
of DoTotion ia ready to go mil, irho haa ncv-^r irorahippodr ajid 
knows not wbut U> worship, pace and n\taav, vntk aiusterctft 
thoTt^ht. tho paT^moiit of Monmonth Street, aud *ay wh«thor 
Ixifl bcait ajid his e/es sUll continue dry. If Field Laae. with 
its long flntterioR rows of yellow handkerchiefs, be a DioDysina' 
Kar, whn«, in atified JELiriiig hubbub, wc boof the Imli^tm«nt 
which rnvt^rty aod Vine" Lriii^ a^inst lazy Wealth, fJiat it 
hu Ifft thorn thoro ^ast out and trodden nndei foot of Want, 
I>arktECM and th<i Dcvti, — chcm ii Monmouth 9troot a Miraa*! 
Hill, whtr^, lu nn>tley viaiun. tho wbole Paffoant of Eiistene^ 
paasefl awfiillv before mu; AtLh tta wiliI aud jubilee, mad luvea 
and mod hatn^da, chmch-belU and fraJlows-ropoA, faroc-tXbK^d;, 
boafit^godhood, — tho Bodtmu of Croatdoii ! " 

Ti> most men. sa it do«s to ourselreg, all this ifUl ae^m 
overcharged, W<< too havo wjvlked throni^h Mcnmonth Stroot'^ 
but with little fecliug of " DeTotion t" pMbubly in part ba- 
cau£« tlie L'oiilr[upi:LlLve prtH^fiM ia !t(i faliiUy Ijr'jkrri in upon 
bj tho brood of laoney-^'MiigerA who nestlo lu that Chnrch, 
Bad importuno Iha wonahipi^r with metoly fioenlar proposalB. 
Wheavaa T«ufif!silrnekh migh^ he in thut huppy nddr]1e< Mat^ 
which leares to the ClotliPd-brokor no hope cither of sale <ir of 
purchade, and ao be allowed to linger there without moleetv 



HOriK ftl. 

tion.^ SomeLhiag we would Iiihvo gir^D Ui seo the littUt pLUct* 
■opbical fi^uri^ wiUi ita st«epl^4uit uird tooaa Boving .-^lirlB, 
and eyes in a Itne iTeozy, "pomng acd T^poome id attsUrc^t 
tbonghf* th^it fonltHti Strvvt; wlnrli Co liira was a true Pel- 
|Jiic ar<>nuc. xa^ ^uiicrn^tiiral Uliispeniig-gilUr/, wheie tbe 
-* G IioftU of Ltf^ '* rouudKl iitrun^ occretB in ]ii» car. U tJiga 
philnsophio TGufclsdroctch^ th;Lt lineuoat wbi1« oth^n onlv ^b- 
blis nnd wtUi thy iiniirk tyni|iaiiiiin hfraiest the ^r»d grow 1 

At the munc time, i.i U oot ffCnuLfffr that, in Pap«r4»c Poou- 
m^iita li^imed lor uii i^Jugiufitt work, tli«ro exista noUtioi; lilw 
an authentic dmy of Uiis his aojuiim la LondoQ : aod of his 
Mci^itfttioD» amoEi^ the Clothes-ehupA uuly ttie obscureftt om- 
hlpmatjr tihridiiw:i ? N^ithtr, in convrr^Ation (Tnr, ittdenl, he 
wu not fi mui to |>6atvr jou witli hia Tr:kvviii), bav^ w« beaid 
h}in mure than aUade tij Qie ftulijeoL 

For the rc»t> liowpTer, il uuuiot be luiiutcnMtiiig thftt we 
hero tind how cuJy tfio Bi^ru^cancc of Clothe bad dawiud 
oo this now io diitinguifthod CUith««-Prt>fo«ftor, ^1i^*ht we but 
fani'}' U Ui barn Xn^mi rveii in MoiiiainiUi Slretilv aX the botlum 
of oiir own Ent'luh " Ink^ea,'^ that thie raniarkablo Volume 
tint tc<»k boinif;, and «hot forth its Galient point in Iiih Ainil,^ 
as in ChatNi did the Egg of Erus, oae day Ui be hatched iuto a 


oooAjfic Fii.aatBN'rA. 

For u«t trho happnn to livo whiin tha World-FhoMniz if 
bnminp Jitrwlf. :uid baininp so alowly tbit, ft* Teufiftladioofcli 
ciilriihilrs^ it wen? n lianiUuijit* Uu^in aiinlfl nhe «utff24CB to 
liaT« i^one ''wiUlul two oeutoriW^ thoi«8eeni» to lie but an 
uhy- p«M)iccrt ^ot aJtop>th«T eo» how«v«r, doa^ tlw Profa«sor 
ftgure it, *■ In the IMnff wnbjart," sayi hp^ '■ i^hnngo u wont 
to lie fradiial : tbti5, whili! tbr Kvrpniit fth^chi ita oh] akin, tho 
IMW is already lomed ben«aUi. Littlf> knou-ost tbou of tk« 

au». yjL 



hitmiDg of % Wi>rld-PlHBiiiK, vbo fanciest that sh^ i^msI fint 
liiiTd oat> aod lie &ft a 4fvu) candnoni benp; auii tlivi^frotu 
th« jouag ODO start up by nunult, aod tljr hoaTonward. Fslt 
othenriael In Uiat Firo-vklrlwiRd^ Oregon aud IH-rtructioa 
pr»^f t-il toj^thi^r ; evcTu tLe aahcsof iheOlil art* blf^wu liIjuuL, 
du trrg^oiiic dlaraenta of the Now mfsbcriouAly JT>in thmjaclTca: 
and ftmid the nubing and tbi> viivuigot tha Wltirlwind clO' 
mnnt come«« of a u^lotl iotis D^iith-von^. «[irl nut but 
iij tutitui <ft a mor« melodioiu Birrb'^ons. Xay, Look uitu tlio 
ftro-wbirlwind with (by own tyoa, and tUou wilt sc^/' Ijct UB 
aetnally luck. ULf>[i : to poot individuals, who ^aaucit exp«ct to 
live tHt> L'eiituriva. tbufl^ aaine orpuiic ELuuertU. myatcrjouHlj 
«piiuuiij; Ihoraaflvcs, will iir tho best part rf the spectacle, 
Fif«t, therefore, tbta of Mankind in g^ner^ : — 

*lDTj^n tfuiu ilenieHt lI,'' havs thtf l^faaaor; "thou aft 
my Brother Thy very Hatrr^d, thy very Eavy, thoee foolUlt 
Lio» thon tellc-stof mc in thy (>plcnctir^ hnmOT: what ie all 
Thi* but an inverted Syrajwithj" ? Wore I a Stram><>n£;in«i, 
wiTuhbt tliuu take Ibf ti'<]ublp to lell Mm of me ? Nol llwiu ! 
I should KTirid all tuiheed'^d, whoTher badly or weLL 

''WondroilA tmly am thu bondfl that unite us oa^ and 
all; whi^tir by tht> Huft binding of Lov^', or thr iron cbain- 
i&i; of Nccvacity, m ire tike to (^hooae it. Mote thaui nnno 
hare I aaid to myself, of somw perhaps whimflicaJly atrutting 
I'^igUM*, BUiTb u provtikflfl whinwicfll thoug;bte: ♦Wi-rl tfimi, 
my lUtln Bmtbrrkin, suddenly nuvftrnd up within thn larf^n^t 
imaginable Gla-ia bell,-^wtiat a thing it were, not for thy- 
self only, but for thd world T Post LottorSi uior« or t'ewf^r, 
from all ihp fnar winds, imping?* sgain*t %hy Glass walls, 
bnt haw. to dmp mueaid: ntitbrr fnun within eom^n Uii>re 
tfuostion or ly-njionae into any Foat-baff; thy ThoufihUi fall 
iiit« uo fn^ndJy ear or h«art, tby Manutnetuto into no pur- 
chajiin^r hand : thon Ji.rt. no longer a Pirrulatirg T^aoiifr 
arterial Heart, that^ taking and giviug, cirouUtost througli 
411 tipa<M ^d &1[ Time: Uiere hua a Hole fallen out in tJte 
Imneasitrablp, utiiivrsd World-tissue, which meat be darned 
up agaia!' 

"Buoli vienouB-artcrial oirculation, of I^tbsraf verbal Biefr 




n^r pftjicr tad othot Pockagrt!, going unt from bim and 
coming lu. *re 3 hlood-circulatioo, viAJW* (ft ttie ey*i but 
tb« liner ner^otu oin^oiaiwa, by whtoh adl thin^ tbp mi- 
nnt^t ihnz tw tlriftt, minuUilj inAuemv aUttii'-Ti, mad tbt 
very look of hvt Toco bltfOfura or curMQ iv^moo it lighu om, 
EirLtl M> g«inenkt«3 over [it>w blcasin^ or imw oumni^: all 
thti joQ cannot ftM>^ b»t mily imagiiut. I wy, tliOM in not 
s FE^ Inrlian, hnrjtJDg by Lake Wintupffg. con quAm!! witb 
hw iqnAV, Imt thi: whob vorI<l mu^t suuut fuv it; will not 
the pnoe of beaverr n^^ ;' [t ts a iQ&th«iraat]cal fact thaX tbe 
eaatin^ of thiii pebble frnm my lumii ftltcnt tha crnuv of 
grarity of the UaiTcr«c. 

''IF DOW an cxtitu-i^ pfn«ntioii of men sUnd KO worcn 
together, not tttB indlssolably does g«j«r:Ltion with geaert' 
tloa, Hajtt thoQ ever cipflitAtod on that war^, Trxilitkm: 
bov ire inbicvit not Jjifc only, but ilU the f^mitttjrc md 
form of Lifci luid work, imd jpcak, und <?v('U tbiiik and 
fMl, M miT Fatlier*. an*l frtmeval gruwifiithort, ftotn the 
bi^niimg. have i-iTiiri it ua? — Who prlulwi tl««. for ex- 
nnL]tli^, thi» uoprctcnclinj; Volnmo on tho Pbiloflopby of 
CUithcA ? Not thn Hnrmn Stjlbwhwoigna and Company ; 
Iml (^iniui of Thi»lifs», F;iuHt of M^ittx, arul iimvuiicTubihi 
otbtjrci whom tliou luiowirvl not. ILvl ibore been no Muvo* 
gotlilo Ulfilftf thoTC hiA bf^n DO Eiic:lL8h 81i&kep«ttro. Or % 
dHOneot eti^, .^tmpl^tmr It wm Tnhal-o^ that maulo thy 
wry Tailnr** nitnHi*, and iww^jI fJnt cnnrt^tiit of thtna. 

*^ V««, truly, if Natnrc is one- anid ft living indiTiftible whole, 
mQcti more ks Mankin^L tbi? Ieuj^ th^t HillocU auU cr^atoir 
NitniN\ without vrhicJ] Nntnm irvr^ Qot As palpable lifo- 
otreAma tn th^^ wiWroui^ Indirulnal Mi^kiml, nnion^ m 
nuuty lifiveCniunis thiit iinr not fwlpixb]i>. flow on thoM mun 
ptutnitJ! of wJua wi> rail OpinioTi; sji priftnorvcd in InetitV' 
tiortd. Puliiir^ Ohiirr'ha-^ uhciTM aH in Hnoki, Itrumifal it i% 
to iindej^tanil nnd know tIkJit & Tbongkt ditl never yrt die; 
that «« tbun. the ori^mator tbereoi, bust guhorod U uul 
CTMtod H from th« whot« Va^ lo titon «rilt tnumntt h to 
thr whol*" Futtjrr. It i* tbus that the hvro^o bear!, the amnir 
^^ of tbc first tiIne■^ «tiJl fooU «sd mm in u of tbo latr*t; 

c»4r. ni. 



that tlie Wb« U&Ji vtUMlt OTfir ^DooaiuBsad, uid tpirttuaUy 
emUracMi, b^ a ^Innti of wita o M M mnA farotkont md tb«vi 
i» & liring. literal Cw^inwikn «/ Saintot vride u Uie Woikl 
ittdlf, &ad net tbc History of the World. 

'* Notv worthy &]80, and sen'io^abld foir thv progMM of tIua 
WM IiidividuAt, wilt tliOG d»(l hi« subdiviHlon into Gviw^r:- 
tioitt. Q«aer«tioiu at^ a* ibc Vnyn cf ujilaotiiP Uuikiad: 
DoMtb and Birth mt* tlic v^Hpor imd Ui« matin bclift, Unit 
aaEEunm Uvikiod to ftjee^v aad ta rbfi refn^b^^d for d^v 
Bdvuuwuueul. What tJiv F^tfacr baa unult, Llie Sul i<ut^ icmk-t 
■fid «ujoj; but hoa alst> work of hb cvn api^ijuitcd him, 
Tl»ia M tbiu^ was, SAd roll oaw^rds; ATts, i£flCaUi<lk»i'Jrt«, 
Opinions, nothing U aamyU^trd, but rvi-r (<-iimp1>^tuiff- Ncwtoo 
luH Uunicil to i<ir wkit Krt'I'^ sliv ; but Uicrc ik Hna a ftvab 
bettTiniFdcnftKl ti;rcc in ^c-vrbcHi; ho lOuKt lamjnt bo itUl 
lilgh^r |>ouiis of rieioo. So too ih^ Uirt>«w Lawgtv«i in, in 
doe tune, Followed by on ApOitl« oi tht^ Gentile. In the 
buiiucfls of DratrucUoQ, m ^bU also is iwni tiiue to tiiuti 4k 
OCCCBflory work, thoti buditsi n liki* scf|i:inncr nn^l porj(cvi*r< 
iiw« r lot IfUlhAT it w»fl aft y^ bot enough tc ■Urnl by that 
facniio^ of t\t^ ropf\ Bull 'f Voltaire oouli not wurtn hmudf 
ife tike ^liiomeruif axhcs^ hut Tci^uircd qoito other fuoL Thua 
lilwww, I ooto, tho EikftiUh Whig biu, in tho M^cicjDd |f«nirrft- 
tion, bMviinc &n Ensliah Hjuliual; wIjo. in tlie tlnrcl iigiiix^ U 
n Ut iv Uupcfd. will IrvcLUue an I^Dgli»h R«build«rr. FimI 
Mamlrilld where tfaoa wilt, thoti tindr^'^t it in bring morciaoit, 
Id progp^^s tftfftflr or Uowvr : thf Thfuttx ftoitrt aloft, hoTm 
with ouT^Htn^Tpnluvl win^ filling Eiirth with her mmic; or, 
aa now, ali^ aiuk«« and wllii «pbf.'ral swuteoDi; JxnmoUtea 
h«melf in fiomc, thnt «hp Diay soar th« hifj^ tnd aitig tliv 

I^ Ibn frir^nd-i at KuuT&l order, in nmth n i3ijvut>niuii period. 
lAf duA to Ufart, and dfrii^ irotn it V17 littb e^ozufort t^^ 
Oftc He fiubjoiQ anoth^ir |>»B3k9&> oo&flemme TIUm : — 

"Remark, not vuhoiit mriirue," snp Toufdsdrankh, "iiaw 
all high TiUi-A of Ittinor txaag hitiii-ru> ftvia Pigbtiiif. Yotir 
MfrB»y (Dukr. Dvr) in LtttAtr of Arnikjs; voitr EmI (</.**-fi 
la F*ti«nis Man; your Manhal cavalrr fioT^^h^:«r A Mil- 

IJ— Vol. 12 




Unuium, Of reign ot Pivuv virl Wudnni, ImTiDg frosa of old 
been propfaMied, and beocmuiic dot lUtl j mora uiJ ncra 
Ladabitoblc^ maj it doC be ft|>pr«beD<l«d thai siMb Figlitliig- 
Utlei vilL w4Be 10 be |iA]iitab1r, sikI opv snd hi^wr iie«d 
ba be ilerbed? 

"Tb« oiuly TiUfr irberoin 1. vitb 1Mafid«1l0^ trw abervi^, 
ii that Oif King' JTuj*^ (^^^8)t aiMfi«>iitlf HTVaitinf, rannfl 
K«lMilii{(Cii&TiiftC>. nr wbirb ii tlir aupc Uung, CuHking, 
Vrcr mnt ibc Sovereign vf 3l«ikini br fiUj mtiUed Riaf.'' 

" WoU, il*o,' i^ be •lMwb*», - wM it written by Tb*o- 
logiAft*: A Ring nilea by diviiv- ri^t, llr mrrip* la bin 
on aulbaritj from God, or mau wiU nem give it biis, 
Ott T dtooM Mj ortrn King? I oos ehoose mj o«d King 
Popinjay, and pUy vhU Una «r tng«dy 1 may with bim: 
but h^ «bi> t« to be my Rulftr. wbora will b lo b» bigbrr 
tban ay wiU» w« cbo«en for tnt in Hoavon. liettbcr oact^iit 
in n^ Obpdienee to ibo Ucavon-cbosm is FnwdoKi ao mucb 
Oi coao^ivabU." 

The Editor wiQ h^tn &dmit th&t, amoDK all tbe wtukdroua 
pnyriaMA of TvBfabcfr^olih's jipmi^iaJ world* Iben la lioiiu 
1m valks in witb meb oftonuhment, hoaitttion, and aran 
paiUr a« La tbc PoliLioal How, witb mir Knglbdi kive of 
Mi&Mtry and Op|>o»itioa. aad that ^nenma coatli^rt vf Pa^ 
ti«fl| mind warminii: ita^If ngaiast mind in tbeir mutual 
wTMitl* for Ihn Public- Good, by whi(4i wrfat1*% indeed, ia 
our inraluoblr Comvtittiticiti kept wona and alive; bow shall 
we domMticat« ounnjlv^t! lu tlua «|>cctrat ^ccropoli% or 
Tathar City both of the Dead and of the Cnbom^ vber« 
thr PrcMuL v^-tJM littlr oihfT than on inconaldc-rable FLlm 
diTidins the Paat oad tbe Fotvo? In tboep dim long-drawn 
azpanoae, all ia so iiniiioaaiarable; miirli 00 dUartroiu, Kboatlj) 
your toij ndtancna aLd ^troggllitg Hgh^beam* har« a luperw 
Bottirai character. And thca with hul^L au uidiCTen-tiM-, mtflb 
a ]>ropbctio pMOOfulCKwa I'aevouatiikff the iacvitaUy oom- 
ing aa already here, to him all one whether it ba distant 
hy oi*ritiirir« or only by days), doea be Kiti*— and lire, you 
would ny, rather in any other age than in hb owal It is 

c«4». Tn- 



our ittinfu) doty Ui ftiiiwunnp, or rrjmitf Uiat, IdoIllpk into 

guulmbto KaiiicolL5nif tsuch w fills iu vr:tii ftlinddurtns od- 

TfaiUfe for exaoiplev hfl Ap|>«an U> nuke ljttl« even of Ui;! 

" Satisfy yoar^ht^*' to ttivB, •* by nnW^rwU, loclubiiabk 
^^iH'rJment er«in as ve ire dow rtotng or vlll Jo, vhecltfT 
FiLiuii>i.>ii, lintTMn-burn im! Inaiimg hpavi-nwatd, and mt vitall>' 
c«c«alv&l Tor us all. cauiiot pnradveaturo l>« mccluuiic^y 
^Htulied and bovnght to Ught m Xhax s^io^ lUUot-ltox of yours ; 
othLwotbI, in HuinR rithrr dist^nvrr.thlR cir rli'vUnhli? Roi, Edi- 
ficei or 8ti?Am-mr<^1i;Li]i:im, It were a mi^'bty coiiTviiiericc; 
■ad beyond nil f^aU of mftuiifaotare witrjcBsed titthetto,'^ Is 
TmifelHdriirilih ocqtiainted with thi> ItrilUh CAiinttliitinn, frttt> 
alighllx '^llr^ ^^>^T undrrr njiotbi-t ti^iivT : *' HiA nft^r mil. 
«WQ the jjnoLltGi^ ivi inJrtHl it now crrry^^^i^ ^ '^*> rcluiLl 
your old lloudt* frouj tliu Icp iiowiiw;vrda (ttincid you a«rt lirt 
in \t th« whilfl^. whiit better, wh^t olhpr, thiii the KftpreBenta^ 
ti»r Maf'hino wilt smc jmii- tiinii ? ^^ellllW^lil^^, liuwrer* 
mock m^i UiA with the numr of Frr**. 'whra you hnre bot 
kni^ up tny c-ha^iu into ortuLmt^ntol f««toonA-'^ — Ur wL&t will 
any in^iiibnr trf tlii? Vvw» ^Vx^iefy iriiiliecf niich ^ aK^ertioD 
AiV this: ^'Tlw luwur iKxjjJe i»ircrywliow dfaire War. N*ji »o 
unriM^jl titOTo b tiu^a a dcimmd For Iow«r poopk^to bo 

Gld<7Iv. tbirr-fon*. do we *Tinerj?v from iLoae aou]-«ofifT£aUi^ 
labyruiUu uF ajjecubtiv-u Ridic^ili^iar iutj bomewhak de^rcv 
rogioii«. Hor<', looking round, ju was our heet, for ^^orgauic 
lUajncntsi^*' wp iwk, may noi this, toijcbing *^ HffTO-worahip," 
be of tJie aumU'r? It. iw*<"iiw af a HiftrrrTi! c^hararbir^ yri 
•o quahJ, *fi mrftic^nl, oni* ktiuw-i nut what or Lev littld. 
nifty li« under it Our rvadera abaU look with tboir om 

^TruQ ia it thi-it* in dirw cliiyn, man t'^n do almost all thidge^ 
only not obey. True likirvLM tiiut uiiuau oatinot oboy caaikot 
Im f^«f, Ktill lp8s Tiear nile ; ^4* tltat u tJui inferior of nathinic 
eon bo tbt? mjctiur iff nciUiing, tbe eijual of notbititi' Nifver- 



fkhM m 


thrl'^Mi, believD not Uuit tuuti bim Imt hin facuJt/ of Hevrr- 
enooi tbat it it slumber la huu, it Iiaa gone deftd. PaUiful 
for man is Uiat aam^ rebellicus lad^i^r^ndcncc, whcD it hu 
ItMtnmv iuHTiUilkU ; only in Xaxin^ companloLAliip with lits 
fdlowa d(ir» he feel safe; only m rcvorcpU^ buwiEig down 
before tbr Higher iloc» be feel buD««1f ac«1tod. 

" Or what if tht* oharsiotnr of our so troublouN Er« by i^ren 
ID this : that miui hnd fcirvifT caat aw^y F^ar, whirb iii thfi 
lower; hut Dot yet risen into pcrcnmal RcTvr^te, whiiJi U 
tbe liifc'lujr and higliM? 

" Mi^Tiwhile, oWrve with joy, so ciiiuiiu{;!y has Nature 
ordered \U thftt vluitoocTcr m^n ought toob«y, bt- t3uifii>t but 
obey. Before no f^nt^t rcTcLitioik of the liodUke did I^v 
ever tftand irreverent^ 1ea«t of aJl^ irh<.'o the Godlike ehovrcd 
iu«1f reve&led in his follow-m&n. Thua b tivum & trii« re- 
hgioua Loyiklty forcr^r rooted i& his heart ; aay id ull ages, 
«ircti In oiir», it manifests itself cit a more ot 1«fla orthodox 
HfTo-vKfr^hip. hx vrJiioh fad^ that ITero-wonihip oxiitiir hiu 
RXtHU»]. 4JiU will forever fXiHl, uuiv<?r!uilly Htnong Mankind. 
iii&y«vTt thou dificem ih** porncr-atono of liritis mcl, vherain 
all Polities for thi> remot«ft timo may stand A«rnrv," 

I>o our rrJuItTra diKudni any ^uch coraer-ciono, or e^^on ao 
miir-h u wliMb Ttfufobdrikkh u looking atf lie eiplttimi, 
■* <.It bust thffu forftotlen Paria and Vollaiiv ? How th* «g«4 
witht'n-'d nian, ihoij^ith but a Soi>ptic, Mocker, nnci miUizkOiy 
Court-|jnet, yet Imv-AUBe r-vtoi btf Keninrd tlie Wtftestr Bm^ 
mndd dng uiaukind at hid chaTiot-whoels, so that |jriu<rs eor- 
cl«d A smile from bm, nnd thr lorclioift of Franoc wouM have 
Ikid their hair bem-atb hu ft«t[ AU T'&rifl vw onv vimt 
Toniplif of Hrnsvori^hip ; tliou^di their Divinity^ u^or^ovcr, 
wi« of fpaLun* iwi apiali. 

" But if such thiniCBT'' '.'oiitiaucfl ho, " wrrp dote in tlw drj- 
tf«e, vbat will bp don^ in th^ Kr«^n ? It, in the nio«t jaroh^d 
Mtiflnei {>f Mnii*)i Tfivtnry, in th^f miwt patiibiM! eijiut (if Eurupn, 
wheti P^riAUiii life waa jU boAt hwt a ^ciL-titificj I/orfttt Sicftu, 
beduvnfd wiih »omi- Italian Guuittowcr^ svieh vtrtuo could 
<wn? out of il; what is to N* Ifx^kwl for whpo lAU fl^un 
wavctf leafy and bloomy, and your Hen>l>iTijLily ttiiali have 




tioULln^ apfflik^ bnt hf whnlly hiiiiutn ? Kaov Uint Uutrr is 
In man a qnitc inflfjitnirtililc Kcvcri»c« for whntdwvtr hokia 
of lleaTco, or CT^n plaodibly ooiiiht^rCotts ^ooli b^klmg, ^how 
the djillMt olodpal], »1iow thn hR-UfcbtinAt ftaUifrhivui, tTuit n 
ooiiL hi^tf tliAD himself U ajCtu&Ujr heir ; wrro Uu Icncfsa >tiC< 
coed into bnkMf he nuut dowa aad worAhip." 

Orgviie rilua^Bts^ of a in<ire sLntlianti^ sort, myftfriniitl^ 
Bplnalo; themselres^ eon]« wiU jwrhaji* (Lbcovvr In Urn follxiw- 

"There u no Choroh, Bajwt thou ? The voic« of Vwpltooy 
hat gone dumb? This Is cvitn what I rlUpute; but Id any 
caW] hosi tlioa not riitl I'rrBbchiiii: ocio^sh? A. Vmtcltiag 
Ftiar scttlr-i him^rlf in n-rcry rilij^go; aud builda & pulint, 
which he «k11s N«w8p^;»er. Thnvtrom ho pmodiM vrhsit moat 
moBiNitoiis doctrinff is in Iiiiiit ftn: eimr's Hnlvfttion ; nnd dost 
not tboa listca, 4&d bobcw ? Uxik veil, tJiou w^tk ^rvrj* 
wbere • new Clergy oE Uiu Mondicuiit UnLcre, tome l»r»- 
Tout^tj wm* :dnM)*;l ti^in^backed, tiBhion itwlf inbj i1ap«, and 
t«JuJi auil preach. sealmiHly 9[ioui;!l for e(fp]jo<r atjuH ami Lli^ 
loT^of Go^H Th<'fli^ hroak in jiirfto* the anrioDt uIoIb; niid, 

woui tu b^ iiiiirk out the sltrs of new Chunrht9f w[n-rt* tbi? 
trao Ood-ordaincd, that nn* to follow, tuaj fiud atudiecico, and 
mJDMter. Hatd I not. Bofore thi> oH skin wu nhml, the ii«i* 
had fr>rme-l it*^ir b>rti>ftlh it ? " 

Tt^rhsps nhti in the folloviof; ; wh«r<>with we now hiul^u to 
luut ttp thin Tavollod «l««re: — 

-But there kno Jtellgion ?" rtsiterai** tlie'profewor. "Fool 1 
T tfll tlii-r, tliJ-n- L!^ ITiu^t ihou virll i-AiEisidervt) all tliaL li<-i in 
thin immriunrablo froth-oc«ta wt namo luTCAamte? Frag- 
ments cf a ^nu]n« Cliarcrh'/Z^mtVitfif li« fcattored there, wliic^ 
TUd« will Msflft: naj fTs/rUoM rren of a iAHttgjf corild I 
poQJit ont> And knowcst Lhoa no Praphel. ev«ii in Uur v»t,ure, 
anv.roitmt-Dt, and di^dttot of thig o^ce ? Kone to whom the 
Godlike bod K'V^lcd itaoU. through all moiLncut iind hiRhcst 
form* of tht" Oomnion; aad bjhEm beta ai^aiJi ihitijiltHic^dly 
nrealifd: in wboftr hispLrrd ntolody, eren tn Ui'fse, Ta;^;MlLfr^- 
^ne aod ra^'buminf? days, Mon^ii Lif* again b«f;iiu, wero it but 



Boav UL 

afiu- off, to b« dirinfl? Kbnwnst thou nonA moh? 1 knov 
hini, unt) mtnic Itim — Gih^Jiv-, 

"But thou u yet stauitcot in no Temple i jobest in no 
pAalm-wgrabip J ieels&t vvetl thai, wbero tMn i« no minUui- 
ing Prii'MT^ thr p*»oji]p p4»righ ? Rn nf nnrifort ! Tlirm iirt not 
nJotic^, if tlinu liAViT Fftilli. Bpnki^ Vf u^t of A CiitaiuuiuDii of 
Saints, uiuoen, yet not unr«Ll, ac<'om|iiuiyuig and brotiu^r-liko 
^nibraoiQg thee, ao thou be worthy '/ Their boToio SttSerin^ 
ri>^ri up lUftUkiHoiiHly tO|^thi»r to Hiffivfln, out nf nil lujidsr jun) 
out of all liiiieaT m a Kaorctl Mucrvre; tlicir licroii; Actions 
altto, rm a boutidlooin er«rliutuig P^in of Triuiut^k Neither 
saj' th;Lt thou twt uow no Symbol of thn Godlilce. Is in-it 
GiiiVs TTnireTSP & Synilxil nf the GoL^likr; i* net Immetiaity 
ft Trmple; i* not Man's HiAtory> rvcd Mpd'* EhAt^ry, a p«- 
petruil Kvanffcl? Lintan, imd for orflan-nuHJo thoa wilt^r^i^ 
aa uf ulJ, hear the Morning Stars sing tO|^Lhur." 



Tt b in hiB aU]|»f^mlo>iB Si-'atioii^ hr^mled .Yofumf JftytHMri^ 
ra/wfm.that thi? Pnjfesaor iirel bc^ramf** fi St^rrr; and, aftCT looiff 
•Sort, tn^h tut wo hnv^ irttnuiU'd, tjoallj tubduM nndrr hiii 
foel thb rrfrsi'Un'^ iTtuLluJft'Huloaophy. and iiki-s vii-Ufri^un 
poaaosftiou tht^rtvjf. Ph&ntaiinfl enou^'h hv hsLt h^ to bLr%n{lo 
with^ "Ci<jlh-wob«andCt>ln<'r.bii,*'of Impprinl Ma.nt[f*it, Supfft- 
ftnmint^l S^ymUilf^ &m1 v)y4t ntiti yrt Ktill did h^ c^riuragf^nidv 
^rt«rre thronirli. Nay, worst uf aU. two quilt iuy»t*-riot(-i. world* 
fluihrftciui: Phantasina, Tihve and 8rans, liavo ever ht>vt>rod 
round him, pi^Tphixing and bow41d<*nng: but with thi^s? aUo 
hf. imw tirnoluU'ly ^npplf'Jv thi*s«? olmi hi- virlufidnsly ri*ncU 
asunder. In a wortl he W-* look'.»<l fiit^Hy jh KAistenoCt tUl» 
ono aft^r tho otliar, iU (^arihly h^ilU iind ^rnit\iros have all 
molted awAv ; and now, in hiM ra|it viiiific, thu inltrrioT ni^lnttin] 
Holy-tif-Holiea lies dix^loMd. 



HrTt» tberefore^ properly tt is Uiat tho Philosophy of Clothe 
fttuUTufl to TranBoendeDtobam ; this lut l«ftp, can we bat olr^i 
it, t&kct« us >af« into th^ promisod knd, irberd i*aiiHgcf\<tia^ in 
all Hrnnrn, inHjUt Lmtiviclcjrd J^ bi'^nning. ^' Conrstge, th«n F" 
may oar Diijgtnpa cxrlnini, with better right Umii Dio^cnca llio 
First OQoe did- Thifl elupeiidoo* StK^tioTi w<, after lo&i; paiii' 
fill medit&tion, hAvn found not to be uuint^llLglU^ ; but. on 
tho ri^ntrary^ ti> ifnrw ctrftr, nny nHliuit> uid all-iltuiuLnfttLDg. 
Let the reader, turning on it whjit utmost fore* of «pc<;ulativo 
iDteilect ia in huri, do \xib jjart; lu we, by jndiotoiu aeleetion 
and a^ljiunnpnt, nhat] otudy to d3 ours— ^ 

'^I>«p hw been, ^d i«, the sijeoiile^icc of Mlraolea." Uiua 
quietly be^nd the ProfetAcr; ''far deeper prihiLpfl than wo 
Imagine. Meanwhile, th4» quoaion of qut^tiou-i v^ere: What 
apenally ia a Miracle T To that Diitfili Kin^of Sism.&n iciele 
bftd been a miracloi whoao had coiricd with him an nir^pump, 
fend rial of ritriolio other, mije^t have WQrUcd a njuaclo. To 
my nor«4^ i>0^i>f '^ho unhappdly in »till more uuMc^ientifief do 
U4]t T wcirlc a niirMtlt^ iind ma^ieal ^ i^rm mtgtiTru / ' eirt»ry lime 
I pleadQ to p;%y twopence, aud open for hliu an impa«saU« 
&cA(aff6aum, or ehiit Tnmpikn ? 

'' * Bnt ifi not a real MinuUe Siimply a rtolation of the Law* 
of Nr^urc; ? ' aak !ievt?rul. Wlium I answer by this uew qoeS' 
tioa: What are the Luws of NntxireL^ To mo perhaps tbo 
ri«ingof on?» from the doajl wan* no violation of th«fta Luwi, 
but X ennfirmation ; wttra itttmn tnr di*F|)pr Law, :iiiw Jirit p«uiy 
trat^Hl into, and by Bpitlhial Force, even a^ tho reat bare aU 
beeu, brought to bear uo ua witJ^ its Material Fopop. 

*'Hnve too may some inquire^ not wjilioot aj^tnci^hnient : 
On what (j^tHtn^l aIthII onir. That i-An malc« Ivan awim, come and 
'decturf that therrfore he can ttoch Rt*HgioB? To ua, truly, of 
th© Nineti-'enUi t.Vntury. 6ncb declaration were \n**i'i rnoniih ; 
which nPTPrTheIe*a to our fathflrH, of the First ('I'.iiiuiy, wjut 
fall of meaninK- 

" ' But ia it Dol tlio ileopwt I-ftw of Kature that aha b*? ooft* 
etftntT cp>efl an illuminated olas*: 'U not the Mju'Iiine ot 
thft Uoivi^rie fiicd to mnvw by uriiilb^rabti^ rule**' Probable 
enongh, good friend*: nay I, too, mnat believe thil the God, 




whom anrient utBpir«<l mija &89crt U> be ' withoat T^iabkMM 
or ali&dDWof ttir&tti/,' doPtt inrlnM tiovpr <?bjui^; UiAt Kalnr^ 
Ih&t thfi I'nivnrt^, ii^huJi tici itnr. wliiitii it »n ]hliM:wM ran Vtr? pnw 
viuit«d fruu ivJEing n Machinr, doctf move by the most aiuilbor- 
nUc nUctt. And aantr uf jout too, 1 mako tbo old I[iquii3' i 
Wkit lhof« sam^ itiialierable hiIpb, forming tb^ oompl«te 
Stutute-Hook of Natinv, laay jiossiMj lip* 

" Tbcjr 0t«uid written in our Work* of Scimoc, »Ay you ; in 
the a«f!umu2iLt«d ivi?ord8 of Mmi'^t Kiperieiiw ? — Wiw Man 
wuh bin Kifjerieoo^ piet^nt s.T the Creation, Lheri, to ae«L bow 
it dU :veiil OL? llaTo auy de<-pc»t MicLEtitiv iudividu^s y«l 
diiv^l dovm to tbo fi>iuidiitioD» of thti Universe, uid gaxi^ed 
cvcrrtliinjf tbvn- 7 Did tluf ft[ak«r uke them into UU couumI ; 
tlcit iliey cv^ Hid ^rotiud-jil^Q of tb« incom|irebeusible All ; 
and I'Au aa>\ Tbb ?tutdfl m&rkcd tlicrcm. Mud no more tbui 
tiibY A1a«, not in anyniscl TImm *ciontitic indmiiuiLls liavv 
bfcn nowiicrrd biU whnK) vo oJao Uo; havo iwcu tatai? liimd- 
bnttdtbn <lE<c|H'r than wr -u-e intD the Dcwp tliut in iulitulc), 
irithM)t bottoai u witbout ahorv. 

" LApla^'8 liook on tb? Starts wherein b« ^xhibite thftt cer- 
tain rbnc^ti, witb their SiitWHf™, pyriti^ itnitid mir worthy 
8uu> At A rat« and in u otnitDi'. vvlai ti, by gitrotrrat ^wfd ivrtiioa, 
be t^tui Uifi Ukd i>f bim buvi* »iToo>-ijdLHi m dct^-utuis, <— ia to 
lae fefi precioiifl 3S ia ajinther. Rut ts tbiA vhftt tikou nAinest 
' MprhftnJxni of thi* nr-nvriiSn' fttiil 'SysTflin of tW Wnrlii;' 
thift, when^in ^inrm And tho I'lrriAdf'v Bind oil HnrKbd's Pif- 
tM*i tbonaaQd Smi* pM»t mmiiti-\ btiiiiR left out^ uonio poetry 
bAnilt'id uf Uooni, unii inoTt BalU, h»d been — looked at, niok- 
n^uui'il, 4Uid ui^irkrd in thi* Xoiilacnl W;i_v-hil! ; so ihaf. wr nut 
to* pmli? of thiif Wbtr^uboiit; their llovr, their Why, tkeir 
Wbit, ticing bul from n^ as In the Bk'ck'aa liuii«? 

'^Synlem of Xfttiift! Tn th** winwt man, tH#« M \a hil 
viflion, Nature remaiun of ijnitc r'a/fntfii depth, of *\\iiU! inliluto 
exputLi^oii ; itnd all Exi)eri«n«c thcivof limifas ibiclf to toma 
tpv com^xTlcd e4>iitiir)rji and m^iaAiiTv^d Kijuar«^uile8. Th« 
OuuEHT of N;itiire'i pb:LM-«« on this out little fr^trtion Af A 
PIftnH, is p&rtiftUy known to iw: but who knowa wbiU dfepor 
oouraee tkMO dapend ou; wb^t io^ittly Ur^tt Cycle (of 



caii^cs) our little EpiRfclo tcvoItm od ? To the Minuoir 
crvry cnumy and pobblo^ aad quality uid oocidcint, of 3ta 
JitUe natlT^ Cr««k may have beoom^ familiar: but Aot% tha 
Kluoow iujiL«r«taiid the iJccaii TLk-^ Aiid pen^iii; Curr(^utfl« 
tlti^ Trodc^wt&tbs i^<i Monnociu, and Moon*a Eolipsco; byftlL 
vhicb tlie contlition of iu httle Creek U rt<^ut«dr ftnd may, 
^m time to time (uftmintculously enougb), be quitd OT«niet 
And reversed ? ^uch n minnow la Mjui ; his Cro^ this PUzKt 
JSortti , hiG Ucenn Uil^ iuudf^uurablo Ai) ; hiji Uoiiam>Q8 uid 
P^fImUc CurrenCa the mysterious Courfie of Provlikn«« through 
Jknjfl df Jkjtib. 

** We epr-ak of tho Volnmc of Nature : and truly a Volume 
it is, — whose AuChor Ukd Writer k God. To r^xul it 1 Doit 
tfaou, doea ni&n, ho much aa w^ll know the Alphabet thereof? 
Wltli itfl Words, Sculone^s, and Kraud descriptive Pa^es, poeti* 
Oft] and philcAophioiil, nprcjid out through HoJaf SjM<'nw, and 
"Dioujiandfl of Yt'^ra, we ihall not try thtHi. tt in n Voliinid 
writtiin in c^lmtiol Uiwroglypht*, in thu tnw Suit prd-wri ting ; 
of wliict eren Prophot« are bujipy that ^y eoa re&d here a 
line and there a lind> A« fcr your iDSttttttoei and AoadfnuM 
of Scl»nc«^ theiy »tHve bra^eiy; and, from amid the thick* 
orowilrd, tTn*xtri<'-ahly iiitnrtwi^tnd bieroglyjibio writing, piek 
out, Ijy dcxlcnmn coanbination, samo I-cttcrs in the vulgar Ohar- 
tfftttf and tberufrom put toother thitt And the cithtr r^^ooomio 
Beeipe, of high avail In Practice. That Kature is more than 
BO[u« boaiidl«aa Volume of such Recipes, m huge, well'nl|;!t] 
piHk DtHnnBtiiC'CooJc'^ry Book, of wbirh the wholo 
Will in tbia munner one day evolve itaelfj thti fawoit 

"Cnatom." rontinnoA th<» Prof^fisof. "doth make dotards of 
us all Consider vi^H, thou wUt &id that Custom in the gr^at- 
eet of Weavem -, and wejivt^s AU'-mmu'iit fitr ull the Sjnrlta of 
Uio Univene; whereby indeed these dwell with us visibly, oa 
minifitcring servmta, in our hounca and worfcihop*^ but ihtir 
spiritual natiiri' ber»ome*. to the most, furewr hiddeti. Phi- 
loaophy complaLns that Custom has hoodwuaked ai, from the 
firati that w« do everything by Custom, oven Believo by it) 



Ous to. 

Ukat oor 1VT7 Azxitts, ki in bowt of Fn^tiiiaUB^ m wo ^^, 
H» oAftSMt nnplf focb Bolkft aa we httvc ntma liMid ^«e^ 
tioaied. Haj, wbot la FbUoaophy UkrougbuMiC bot & eestknal 
tattle a^aiut Gtt^UlGu ; aa ent-ttmmtsd effurl lu fnauanntf iJm 
vpbete of blifid OmUua, oad to Imoqiim TruaoMhdMittl ? 

M laDtuDorable &re Um ilhuMni ood liitinT^iniin tiii ti of 
OntfOB : but ftt a\] tlieMf petb^A ih« elcT^rrst U hav ktadi 
of penittdiog us llub Uio Uinculoue, by simple npetitjoa, 
■Bi OD i to bo Mtnculovv, Tnv, U u kqr this nb«uio we live; 
fof BOA most work as well as wondfcr: and boMio » Cnfitoju 
aa fax a kuul uom*. giudiu^ liiui to his trw? brjirfit. Bui iihe 
is A food foolish UQTse, or nttucr we »e Ua« foolisb mu9- 
bagl, wbtftit in OQT roflttnic uvl r«4«<luig hoars, wt pralooK 
tfaa svDs dooflptioin. Am 1 to tmw tb« Stupetbdoos wHh 
atupod mdiffpteuoe^ because I hare loeti it twice^ or two 
bujidn'd, ot two mitlkife tiat«s 7 There U no rwon in ^fatmc 
or in Art why Ishovid: ualMs, iadeed, I 4ui ^ loen Woik< 
Hw'hloiv Tot whom th« divinp ^ft of Thfmght w^ro do cOimr 
than the teirestria) inft of Stcttm i« to the ftUnm-enfiito ; % 
power whereby eotton n^ht be spun, sod mooey and bmwoj'b 
worth niUasd. 

" NocafaU Miaugh too^ here as olscwben^ wilt Uiou find the 
potency of Ksoi<«i which indeod are but one kind of soch 
BUttOM-wovom, wonde^iclinff Gannsnts. Witehcnft, and ill 
■anoer of Speetre-wotk, and DeAonology, we have now uaoed 
Ifwinnwi, anil DiecttMB of the Herfea. Seldom reflecting thait 
BtiUlhaaswqitiestioacoBwaitpQnna: Wboi is Madness, whAt 
sn Karres? ETer^ as bsfor«, does Madness rvmnhi a my» 
t(n-&oas-t£rrifii\ altcj^<ether it^tm^i boiliBf»-up of the Nethsr 
Chaotbc D^w tlirc^^;^ tLb faii^pamled Vuion of CrcsitiODt 
which swinu thersoa, wlucli we nsaw the RosL Was Lutbor's 
Pletur^ of xha Devil )mc n Eoslity, whether it w«<r« formed 
wiUiin Lho bodily eye, or wiLhuui it? lu vt^ty the wisest 
8o«I ties « whoLe world of iniem&l MjMlaees, an antheotie 
DemotwEinpirs; ont of whieh, indeed. Lis world of Wiadoioi 
has faaera eieatlrvly built tog^k«*r. and now rcifts tkere, as 
on its dstk fbuniUtions doos a habdtable flowery £atth 



*' But cIcfjKvtt of all UUiJKrij A{]pr%rAQri*v ["[JT bidiii)C Won' 
dci. u for muij ot}mr «u<Jb, ar« :rour two ^r^nJ fTUicl&ment&t 
vorl<l-€rivelopmg Appeftnukoe^ ^^pacb and Tike, t'h'^ae, u 
gpun aind woven (or ua from brfnm BirUi itnnlf, tn clothe our 
cdcstiol Mk fnr dwelling here, and yet to Mint] it,— lir oil- 
cckbraciut'? ** '^"^ univ-ersal oau^jLa, or warp and wuof, whereby 
ftU minor Hkftinns, in this Phuntsum Rxigt^nce, weav^ And 
point t!ii*nmrlTVN. In vaiu, wlkilu lirrr od £art1i, shall yoTt 
ondrATor- to ntrip fcbem off; you con, ftt l>e^t, but rrnd them 
OBlULd^r For tuomeiitSr and look, tlirough. 

*' Fcnx\inaT.u* hjid a wisLmg I?ar> wliich when he put on, 
Eind wiihed hinucif 4jiywheTe> bcliold he was Thrre* Ily this 
meonfthod ForlnuattL'i triumphed over SpaJ.'f-^ be had anmhi- 
lated SpftOP ; lor h-uu therfl waa rio Wh«r^. but all wa« Here. 
Were a Ilatter to evt&lilisli himHnlf, tn tlie Wnhugasae of 
WctMnniohtwA, and mokfi felts of thin Aort for bll tnaokmd, 
what a wiirld wc ahould hars of it! !4titl ittnmgnr, should, 
on the oppofiltt> side of the street, another Hatter eiit^blUh 
hiutttelf ; aui]> HA hiA fiilliiw-ei'ArUutait made S|>av»^^iiULhil4tiiig 
H*t.i, maU<' Tiinr^-<uiTiihiIntiii)f ! Of both wo^dd I |:iurchutfr, 
wtto it with my Uiit grcifcthi^n ; but ohiirfly of thin hittor- To 
i*l£,]i oQ your fvltr and. xliuply by wislilu^ iliat you won* Anj- 
teheret Atraightray to bo Tkera I Next to clap on your otJier 
felt, nud, flunply by wiiihiug that you w^rn Anytr^eff, stTAight- 
way to l» Thmf Tlil* were Indeed the gr-uidtrt ahooting 
at will fruui the Fire-Creatiou of Llie WorUI tu \Vn Flir^-Oon- 
fumiufitio^ I here hiAtorkally pr^ernt in the First Century, 
oonm-minjj t'u.01? to Euihi with Paid and Sonoea ; thcro prophoti- 
t^ally Etl IliL' Tit irly- tint, ('onirerrtin^ hIhu fiu?t> t^j i\^.ty with 
othoi: Pftula and Seuuow, who aa yet ataud hidden m tli« di^pt.h 
of that lat<vTimnr 

"Or thinkrst thou it w<if« impossible, nnima^fiable ? la 
the Paftt aoidlulutt-d, iXwm, rrr i>nly poat; in thn Fntiim mm- 
ext4nt, or only future? Tbooe ia>-nUo ^K-uIti^ of thincr 
UMuory anH Hope, already anawer; ftlraody thr^ngh thjofte 
myAtii? uvi-imen^ t\un\ tbi' Karth-blindod fiummonett both Fast 
aai Future, LLud coiamunest with thf^n, thttiiKdi na yc^t darki}-, 
and with mnt* beokoniugs. The ourtama of Vesterda^ drop 



&-« tu 

down. Um ttotiia* ol Tb au t ii rw roU cp; bet Tivusdiy «od 
ToaMOOV both CTA Picftie thw^ Ihfl l!iMe ftlii»mt» gU^ 
mtQ tlw EtmttL Bfditm what tboa li&dMt wnBan ia tfat 
M^rtoATl^ Af Maa'a SoqI, fpvpn h all Th iak< c% tn «n a^i^ 
baffedrvvutljr rciil it tbem : th^ Tine and %a«e «n at* Go<l 
h<fc qmtioM oC God t Uut with God a* it i« a nairaaal 
HMmn, *a li it an everbitting Now, 

"And Mwot thnu tb«r«ui any (tlimpap of Tmhortu^tt ?-* 
O Hmroii I Is tb* wkite Toab of «iu Lorod <>ii>e, vino diid 
Uom oai an&a, and had to be Mt b«bUkd tt« tbev«, which tiMi 
in the diftaiio«<, like a pale, inounifvllj ttofdiDg M ifeecone, 10 
lifU bow iMAuy toUaoDM uDobeered milea wa bare joonieyed 
«n aloMt, ** bat a pak ificctnl Ilbuion ! 1a the loat Friend 
vtilJ inj«t«rioiMly Ucf«r '^^ aa wa ar« Ut-r^ mjKorioaaljr, 
with Godl^Kaov of a Inilh ihaC oafy ilia Tim^^haxlowa 
hvra pahabed. or an pamhaUc ; that IIm T«al Baiog of wbatt- 
erar waa. and what«T«t U, aad what4?T«r will be, w ovan now 
and foTt^Ter. Thb^ ihoald it unltippily ftccm new, thou tkarivat 
pondBT lU Ikj k&9[a«; lor Uk» opiL Iwrnty ystrtt, ur the bcxL 
twenty oc&taricfl : belicre it th^i iuua4 ; onderslaDd it tho« 

CttlMt ftOt. 

■'TbEil tlio Thovght-romift, dpooo and Tint, wWtmo, oaoa 
far all, we an aeot into thin Karth xo live, abould cuiiIiudii 
■ad detenabM our wholo Pnotieal itMoaing^ ooooeirtiuna, 
and imagingn or tnaa^incs, oeevs altogether fit, juat, and 
unftvoidfthte. But iTiftt th^ fihould, furth^rraorv. wurp audi 
■way vrrr pnro i!)>iiititAl Mcilitnliuii, aud blind ua to the 
wonder «r«Tywhpr« iyiaff clo«r on na, N>cn» nowi« ao^ Ad- 
nH Sptee and Time to Ui«ir duo nmk aa Pontic of Thought; 
uy «r«>it, if tiiou wiltt to Uiplr (|uit« uridine nuik or E4-alitW«: 
lAd ooniiidfir, thni, with thjf^U Low thetr thin diAgniaea hide 
fMm us the brighUMt God-cffulffoacca ! Tliua, were it aot 
■diamiloQs^ conld I aiMteli forth my hand and dotcb tho 
Bon f Yet tbou ne«l uw daily HLt«ti.'b ri^rlrh my hnnd and 
Uionwith dutcli miuty atbini:. amiswiagit hithrr andtittiicr. 
Alt thou Ik RTown hobj'j tht-n, to fancy th&t tlw ^liracrlo lies in 
mllPi fif ittvtaniw, or in ponndn avnlrdapois ol weifEbt ; and not 
to OM that tbu true imnplirfd^le God^rriVDiiliag Hinda lioa m 



ihiB, tik&t I con HtrotcJi forth my Ittud lU &11 ; tb^b f luTtt &•« 
Fore* to 4-liitcb aiiffbt thnrctwiUi ? lunnaiM^ti* oitwr of UuB 
■ori A» Uieil«or|itiutiN jtnd wondi-r-b tiling Hhipnfwiuofiflr whiafc 
Spftoa paedMa qd tx», 

"Mill woim i» it with t«^-&iU to Tiino, Vour gnuul uiti- 
HHigiRiAn, and iiTiivArft^l w»nd«T-bider, is ihi» mud^ b'uig 
TimcL HmI w but tlw Tiuie-ounihilAiiDK Hst, to put on for 
oii«« only, wi^ (ihould two ounwIr» in a Woild of Uir&clee, 
vber«ia ah tfiLldd or autbeutw Ttiaoinaturi^T, nnd If-JiX^ of 
Magkv vere outdone. Bui oshappUy we hiiv« not jKich m 
iloti Bikd Bunt poor fool thtt ha U, e»u Mlduni and tustoLilj 
lielp tumndlf witlioat on& 

"W«r» it OPt woiid*rfiJ, Tut inttanots hud (>rphouB, or 
AmpbioD, bailt die wallfl uf Th'^bra by iht^ men smiiid of liii 
LjTTB ? Vet t*U me. Who built thuee wilb o( Wouttoiclktifv; 
MJiiraoaniff oTit f^I Ul» Bandstooo roctu, to duico alouj; from 
tli» A^oiAru/'A (now a huge Troglodyte Cbjuni, witJi Cn^btCul 
^nvn'TJiaiitttTd jkioU) ; nnd iih^ipi^ thrmiivlrnK into Doric ax\d 
Ionic, aqv^Lrfd oaht.-u boii-i«i And mMt> Btfoots T Wv 
it not tlie etiil hj^iiiT Urpluriis, or OqilioiiMA, irho, ia pa»t 
WDturiM, bj the diTine Miuio of Wiadom, •nooodded in dvLUs- 
iog Mas? Out Higlu«t Or|>h«wi w^koil il Jud«ft, «i^bte«ii 
InmdRd ytan offo : hia ophcro-mclodyt flowing iti wild lutiro 
ton^fl, took captive th« ruvinti^d «ouU of coon ; laid, being of a 
trotb 9|)h^Te-Tn^Iody, ttLII Horn :ind aotutdt. though now vritli 
tboiuaud-fold at^^ouiiKiLiimtTLita, luid neb syiupbouieat throu|[]i 
tn OW heutfli and rawtuUtm, and drriticly londi thon- Is 
that M wondfir, whinh hapjwofl m tw^t huum ; ami do«a it 0«AM 
to he wom^orrul if bnpptfninjj in Lvvo niiUioii ? Not only was 
nebea bnilt by the muvc of ui OrpUmta ; bnt without tb« 
BUttIo of some inspiTed Otpk^iu va« no city nrcr built, no 
work that man ^loriM in vr^r dona. 

"Swrvrp away tbi^ Ttliiniin of TJmn; g1;inct^. if tliou havo 
Cje^f from tbe ne^r marin^HVLU^e to itfl far ibtvtt Uover; 
I'hc «tn>ke that uoms tranamittcd Llirongli a wliole galaxy of 
«1^ttc bull«, waa it leae n itroke Utiin if thrf liiAt hall ocdy bad 
Wn fttmeli. and svnt flyii^r? Oh. rmild I (wLtli the Timo 
ttnttihilatiiu* Hat) tnuLipotrt then direot fron thd Bo^nninga 



Binic UL 

sot fluning in tlw UglU^ei or od««Cial wonder! Thieo 
iuw«8l tbwa thai titta fftir Uaiv«r9«, w«nr it in tbo uouiiM 
proriiHW thereof, » in vi?tf dord thn ifUa-ikmoKd City of God; 
tlmL lliTuu^li cvrij '^3i'< thruv^ ereij gnoB-falKki, and naoflt 
UtrciuKli fviry hiring Soul. Uie glory of ft prcafitit God still 
Ivacu- But Natim, wkieb is tlw TIum^tmIuk of God, vid 
iWfulH Hiui to tW wise, liides Hlia From IIib foobah. 

*' A^iun. could aujtbiQir be idoto tninoiiloiiA thm an actcaJ 
authentic Gliovt ? Tlii? Engluh Jobtuon loogod, all liis Lifo, 
tu «^ oci« ^ but oould uot, tboti^b be v^at to Cock I^u«, and 
tbeuue Ui the cLunL^vuulu, aud tajiped on coffijjtL Fuulub 
Doctor! Dili he nrYf-r* with thr utind^A ojo Bi wall aa with 
the body'*, look Touaii him iato that full tida of Irnnian Lifa 
ha ao loTCfd ; did be ii«v«r ho uilii:1i aa IooIe into Himiialf f 
Tha good IXkIvt naa a Qhoal> aa actual and authentic aa 
hoart (^tild wifib ; wcU'ui^b a millioD of Cboata iT«re ir&vel' 
lin^ the atwfttA by hta ridi*, On-^o raor« 1 «ij% Av'Mip away 
thp illnnicir] nf Titini; miuprf.iK thi^ thtFMimr<- ypam inti) thrrp 
minute* ^ what nUe Wd0 he. what t-\sc 4Ut) we ? Are wc at^t 
SpiriUt, tluvt axv ahapcd intu a body, iato dji Appf^nuico; and 
th^t Ude away Bgnin into air nsd InridihiHty ? TbU U oo 
uifitaphor, it is a eiiiijib? «:ieiitific _ftfu^ . wc ntart tuit of Notb- 
inirnnsa, tnke figure, and atL- Apporitioiu; round ua. aa rovnd 
the voTi»t apeotrr, je £tf>niitj ; and to Etf»mity minntM axo aa 
ye&n and noni. Corn^i thpiv* nnt tpon« of Imt^ mr\tl F^th^ aa 
from oalciti&l h&rp-alTii^v''' ^^*^ thr Sotig of bea^fied SouU ? 
And affUDf ^ ^^ "'^ aqcmok aad gibUr {in our dtaoorduut. 
scKeoh-owligh dobfttin^ aad rfCTitsiDAliii^} ; EiDii glido boda- 
ful, Anil fi^rblcT, Aiid fearful; or iiproKT (/jfi/i^/n), uirl rnvnl in 
(rtir mud l>anLV of the Dead. — till the s^pxit<ff the morning 
air suminoiM ua to our atiU Home; and dreamy ^^ght beooawa 
awalta and Day ? W1i«t« now U Al^iuider of Hnaedon : doaa 
tho fltocl llavt, that yelled iix fiuro« batLltvfiUouta al Jaaos nod 
ArU-U, tCEoain bobmd him; or hnvi- th<i7 ftll vanifli^d utterly, 
«v«u au perturbed G^l^inBi must ? Napoleon too, axv\ bii 
Mr>4i>ow Rftr^^ta and Auiit^rlltz Cam^vdgna ^ Woi it all 
other Ului tiio T<ric«t 8pootr^biUkt; wbicli baa now, with Ita 



Uluwu ! Tlu»r« >» Exi^b a tbumood million w&lkiDg tho 
Eorbli uptTiily lU. uuouLJdfr; mmtr bulf-bundml tmvi! rmiftUnd 
froiu it, aomo balf-liutulf eii h^r*] tvTi»-ii ul iu en; tby iratdi 
X^ckt oa;s^ 

"O H^jvi-Ti, it U inyiiteTuiuti^ it b awful to eomtidnr thit ve 
not ouly unrry eadi a future Qkuttt vithin him ; but An?, ta 
▼er7 deed, Uhuete ! Theeo Limb«, wlieiio(< lu^ wo tbi'in ; tliia 
itonay Forci>; ihit Uf«^bl4>od vith iU burning I'l^Mii^n V Thoy 

M;b: wherein, tliroa^ some mL>inents oi yeMs, Urn Divia<? 
fipriODnr la to l>t^ reve^fuL lu Ibu FJ^-'dh. Tliat irafn[>r ou lua 
fttroi^^ war-borH«T ^^ fl-tAliP* through hi^ «iy«e ; lotee dwells Id 
ItlJf arm ikiitl h(-art : Ijiit wntrinr jvul viiuAtom bxp a viniim ; a 
rcriMklod Fcuh-v luithing more. Stately thej trcAd ih^ Kuti* 
M if it were a ftrm autwiUAO^- : fool ] tli« Kiirtli U (jut u lilia^ 
St ci^kfi ia twsfcSti, and wawior aud var-Uofae amk bv>oiuL 
plauuiirt'a sifuuiUii^'- Plmuuiel'a? Faulaaj^ WrHetf ^rill uot foil' 
lev tlk<Mu. A little while Eicro, thoj were noti fk littlo whilot 
and tiiuy arti not* tbifir r<try njihna arc not. 

"So tiax tt \)kn*xt fruiu tho befpuriing. mo will St be to thi> und. 
QcnenkUmi afttrr geutiriitiou tukoti tu itself the Form of a Itody -, 
and forth ia&nii^g (roia Ciuimoma Ni^hliOti HeiLvotfa miifaron 
AM'KAici!. WliHl Fotco Hud Vitv U in e^i^h he exiK-ndu: oni* 
^ndiag iii U^e initl uf tuiluAlry ; uud huutrr-like i'liiuUug tht* 
f^Udx A.lT>ine hei^Lta of Science ; one mu'JIj daalicd Lu pieoea 
on tht> rookit of Strifi>, in wiir with hia fellow : — und th«& the 
HfTavi^Q-Kf<nt in riirsUlf^cl; hin viutltly VvatUTV fallA awaj, and 
soon evt^i Ut ^Ai^f 1>rvom(» a raiijahei) ftli«vhjw. Thiv, ViVn 
some wiU-douung, wildthundormt; tnLin of Hrjiv*i:'a AttUluryj 
^oM thit inyat^rUtiLf Maxkivd tSunder aisd flame, m long- 
drftwti, iitiipk-wiifwvwwiinp pnindt^nr, thrrniph thn iinknnwn TVrtp. 
Tliu», Iik« a Cki[]-crpAte<U ^te-bcrothlng 5|nrit*ljost. we emrr^ 
Ironi the 1 ttnivv \ ha^ttt Htcamf uUj «oroM tfao aatcniAhed E^nh ; 
th^n ptuQge ^(g»iu inti> th<^ Inane. Eaith'v mountains ant lev- 
cIlE'dt Uikd h'>r trtu Sllc^ii up, liv our [lafi^a^fi' : OiUi the l^oithi 
vhich ia but dead and a rision, rc5ut SpiiitA which have 
TMlit/ and are alive 1* On tha hard««t adamant some foot- 



Book UL 

I>riiit (jf 114 n Btajxtpwi in; the ]aAt Rw of tha hojit will 
iT'iul tiAccA nf thr cnrltcKt VftQ, But when<w?— *0 Hwitftii, 
>riiiiJiorV ^i-D0c< kucrwn ncFt; Fivith kcnws not; oa\y that it 
1b thrcngh Mystery to MjMt*ry, (roaa God and to Goi 

A> nnunw ui^ mftl^ nf. ami <it)l Unlo Lite 



HkuKt thi?n. arises the so iDomentcuii qoestton: Hnv^ nmny 
BriiUh RufliUTh iK.'tiiiilly arrived w\Xh m» at lli* new promiMfd 
couuLry; U cite Pliilosupliy of Ghjthes aov ut liwt ii|wnins 
avouad them? Long xnd adveoturouA had th^ jouru^y been; 
from thoNu outmost viUgftr^ paJpa^ble Wtxjllen HulU of Man; 
thrtiiigU Uitf woEiclruui FIpsh-Guniu-utA, -AXid hJM wondroi^A Social 
Oaraitun»i Inwards to the Gariucuta vi hiv very Smirn Soul, 
to Tiiuo &iid Hyofi^ tbomaelToa I And now dcx« the tipirttutt], 
•lemAl Essence of !tfan, ftnd of MaAktnd, bftr^d of such irrap- 
pu^s, begin in Any mrawurp in mvptil itiv<1f? Cvn muny 
reoiilvrs di^^ocin, 33 thiouhiH n k^uu darkly, in hx^^ frarrriujc 
outlinL'ft, flomo primevnl rinlimauta of Mjiu'b iteic^', what U 
chan^^'\li1e divided rrotn what Is tmchaiL^^ble ? Do^s thnt 
Earth-Spirit's sppwh in F'jwit. — 

"Tii rhu* at (ha fonrltig l^^vini nf Tifn* I ply. 
And vHvo for (Ji>J thA Gftmaai thon HWfi Him bf ; " 

Of tbat othi^r thouaaDd-time^ rep«ftt«d speech of die Mj^-iaiai\ 
ShakaiMaro, -^ 

" AulI lilt Ltis twu1?» Uhth uf ilii> <bi<rl], 
Tbc {'I'nid-cnpi Towm, Lhc ^rgniflt I'alftixa, 
The frilcmTi Tomplu, (he grmt *i]nh* iu»L(, 
Anil nil whtfh jt iuliorit. a-Uall 'l^at^Wf, 
Auil tJki- vluA unputrtUflliftl piHi»'v<Uit Ihloit, 
L«B*« not ■ inm'lE h«hlnd : " 




Iwgui to huTfl Mme nh^iuing fot tu ? la m won% do ve ftt 
IrmgllL rtvid «af« iu tint- fax ncion of Poetic Cre^tioa And 
Patiogone^u. wbotr ibikt Phamtx Dv^^h-ltirUt of Huidui 
Sockxy, and i>f aU Hxmiaa Tluugi*, npjuMnt pouiUe, b »uoii 
to hn inpvlbiUi-? 

Alutig tb[» niuflC i];»ufliueut, unh««ni-of Bnilge^ wluci ih^ 
EdiMr, b^ Heftren'a Udwin^, kua now eooa hiuiMlf 6&AUad 
to cODOIiid* if not ooinp1*t4i, it cuuiot be bin Kober colcnlatioii, 
but onljr bi« fcnti tippt;, tluLt uuuijr Uavc tArcUed without ai> 
GidenL No tiitu «rcb, cverapaiumiv the Laptuiaublu vibb paved 
highway, ooiild tbe E^litor uousti-iic't \ cbly, a8 woe said^ aouL« 
vigUg flprif^n of trUh flrt^itin^ tiiiniiti^LKiiiJ^ly tb'^nton. Abii^ 
and the Ua.^ from rjift to raft itcro too ciften erf & brr^kncck 
ob&noUr; Ibc UarkiL^Jtut. tli« nMuTd of Ui0 ekuivut^ M wa« 
flgaisft ua2 

K«virrtbc]f«M, nm-y not hern aui! tbcrD oii« of « tboUMUtd, 
pfcvidrd wilb a (ljdGur»]T«iLc.v» of uitrllf^l thJt in our d;^, 
haTC plcojcd the* |>a*mi^ej in spm^ of till ? liiippy few! littlo 
bard f>f Fri^oda ! be vrvkctue, be of ooun^-i^. Hy ^Irrgn^K, 
Utff <■/« ^^ruwH {iot^ufltuuinL bo its UU4 WlttUt»UH>ut; th.« hzmi 
CiD stmtch ilM^lf toixki to work ^cro : it i« in ihU ffr^jiil uid 
iodeod bighic«( work uf I'^littgi-nL^uuL thut y» »LlII labor, cn^b 
■Boordilig 10 Libilil>- Nev Uburer^t Vfill :irnvi<; new Bnilgt^v 
vrill be built ; nay, may not oux own poor ropc-aiiiJ>raU Brjdfjo, 
in your p»38iitK0 and ropaiJiinig> b*^ mrndcd in many n pointy 
till it grow- i^uiti^ lirm. pa«4ut>l4f rvnn fi>r tbe halt? 

Mc3tjwliili<, <>]' Uji< itinuiurrtkblp luultilude Utitl aliuied arith 
OS, jojouA and fiUl of hop«, vbcrro uow b Uie uunuuer^jle ro- 
mn^ndh-rr, whom W4 ace ivq \>>n^et Ly ctir sinle ? The moat bare 
n-'Hnla^, mid stAn<l ^^ixig Afftr off, in nnftympftthfitio ftstonisb* 
tnrnt, Sit our rarepT: not a few. pr««airig forward with mnrfl 
oonngr, hav«! mi^^trd footluc, or loaped aborts ainl now aniu 
waltorioff io the i^uovflood, aonto towds thia ^t^otc, aonw 
towAnU ih&L. To tL^ne alsu a bulping bund «h<juld btf bidi 
outi at Irj^t Aumi? wui-J uf flumiuiugFiutriLt U^ Mud^ 

Or. to »pi-Ah n ithoiit ujuUpUor, witL wbicb mode of uU«t- 
anri* T<^iifi-[rdrOtk)i iinhftpjiilj ban Aomt^vlukt iofc**tcd nis, — 
can it be Liddea fnun Uus KkLilor UiAt mmj a BHtiib Reader 



5ocK lit. 

sits re^^ng []nitfl bpviIdi*TCfl in htuiJ. mul affiintad nLtbfr Uiad 
instructwl by tJir itn:^e'[|t WorV? Yts, long ago ha« luaiij a 
Btibieli ^Fodrtr bt^cu, ad now, dvuukndiUK ^^tb cQincthiiLf; liko 
0. simr) ; Whereto ilo<« iLl thin In&J ; or wb&t iu« bi in it ? 

lu th« way of rvplrnishinji tlij inu»»\ (h( ollinrwUt? Milling 
thy riigwitivB fiicultyp DriUali licaJpr, it leaJa tc> iiotlibig;, 
and th«rr is ni> udc iii it^ but nth^r the fovctsev for it coeta 
tbee winit'vhut. N^v^rtheL^s, jf th^>^gh zK\A ntjpromising 
HoTTi^^U-. TiiiifelriiU^iokh^ Hiid wk fiy mfuuiH cif htm, hnvi: Iril 
thoe into Uje true Lmi^ of DrrjULu; ^ and through tbr Clotht*- 
Snreen, u£ throuj^h a muguml I'krr<?-J'ertuuj thuu luokwt^ won 
for moments, inlj tlie region of th<^ Wnndcrful, ami se€«C anil 
feplest tliat tliy ilaily liTi* ir K'rt with W^inifr* .wkI hiMifil on 
WondoT, *nd thy totv blankets and brccphps arc Mirtu4r% — 
thfrn Art thou protitod boyorxd monvy '« worth ; uid U&ft :( 
tliiinkftilncss tfiw.LrilK imr Prnfesttor: ii:iy, |ifThH.iiH in in&iiy a 
litera.ry TtaK^irulL- wilt open Lhj kiiid IJ^ and imdihly ejLpni»a 
that eoiuc. 

Nfty fjuthor, art nnt thoii too porbAps by tbiB time muto 
ttwuru Lhrttall SymlHjU a-ri- [jrtijftrly ('lotlit**; thriL ;l11 Furtnt* 
irfaorebj Spiiil miuiLftftite itself Ut HHoeir, wLcthei outwanily 
ot in th4 iiao^inAtioQ, o-i'ij Uloth^o; and thus not oiily tb^r 
porohuient Mogtin Churtn, whi^tli a Tailor wwi nigh (Mitting 
into lupa-Mir-s. |jut, t\iv Vtnii\>Aj\t\ Authority pf l^w, tlie omml- 
nena of Mjij««ty, ajwt all inferior Womhipa (Worth-ahipa) ar» 
properly a Teetnr^ oni] FUiiinont ; and the Thirty-nine Artiol«i9 
tlifinwilvw) aiB arfinl** of wriii-injf-nppaTpi (fir Urn RffligioTtH 
Idpii) ? Ill whidi i:v[fir, taaai il nut pJao In; ailmittixl duit Uiia 
Sownoo of 0toth«4 LA a biyb one, and may with infinitely 
drrppr Btudy od thy jiart yiold rL«b<?r fruit: tliilt it take* 
wmrntilifl nink lir-iiiht Coiiifip,iiion, atid PoUtli^il RwDiiojny, and 
tfce Theory of the Britijib Oorniitntinn ; nay rathw, from lU 
prophocio height IooLa tiown on ilU thoK-, ac on 00 many 
wMvingnUiojis and aplnnlng-milU, whiir« tb« Wjituii>« which 
U hai to rofthiOD, and oooAe^^i-atev and iliFitrihijl-*. urt^. U»^ ^iflen 
by liafD^ud htipffry opcrativoa who aeo uo farther ihm tb«ii 
IIOB«r monhflniaally wor^n nnd »jiun? 

Bat omitting all tbia, cmoh mom all that cchMnt Xatural 

Ckap. Z. 



SupernatunlunOf and lailwd wbaterpr hwt M>f«r(*ncfl to tits 
Ulteiior or Ttaqsc^^cIciiUI portion of 1}m SuieatM. or hv^» 
noTcj no r«inotfil> en Uiat proiai^^od Volum<^ of th» FtUin^fito- 
#ir rf*/ j7>wucA/iVA*»n Ots<UtfA'rff (Nnwbitth of Sociotjr), — ^isv 
hutnlily Bi^fyHsi Uiat no jinjAiuue uf (!lutJi«i-PluIutiiiph>r even 
hhff lowMt, is wiUiout its diiect ra\n^. liul tlut iuuumeroble 
inf^rcni^oa of a pnwtioAl nfttiiro may be dittwn thOTofrom* To 
a%y unth'm^ of tTinse pregrtant cDiuidumtinnn, HhtfrAl, politiooL 
ii3nnlKjlic^, which crowd on the Cloihes'PhUosophi'r fiom the 
very tlirv^hold of Lis ScLoacti; uoUiing tven of thoae '^ftrchi- 
tei:r^iir&l tdoaj4,'^ which, %k vtp have eeoD, lurk At the bottom of 
:in >!fiilHA, ;itiil will tme ilay, bettor nnffilding th^nuH'lvf**, InaiJ 
to ii]i|>ort-uit rorcilutioQS. — iri U3 gt'^wj*^^ f^' ^ mtiment, iind 
iriUi the faintest Lght of ClothoB-Philosophy. on whnt mny bo 
oalUtd tK* TlAhilAtory Clswjs of onr feJlow-mpn. n**rft too ovrr- 
looking whcEu mo Jnurb wi^rt? to 1hi 1m>kiid i>a, ttie milUuu 
spiiiiu'rEf, wi-uveia, fvilUra, dyerx, wAAhftm, and wrtn^ra, tlal 
piiddlt- aiid uLiiiJJle ill their dark ri't'i^rftJi^Sr to uiak« ua Clothos, 
and ilie that vp may Ieti>, ^l^it tin but turn thn rniu1«>r'ii Attfii- 
tioii upon tvo smidJ diviiloiu of uiaokind, vho* Ukr motbit, may 
he trffAT^Led lut CIoth-tuiiioAU, crc^&turuEi th4it h^o, move and 
huvb tUi'ir bt'LUg lu Clolh : «ve meau, Dandies vhI Tailotn. 

Ill rt<^'aril U^ Vjth which small divisions it nuiy Ixf ju^M^rttni 
wiUioiit scniplr, thftt thr x-uhlic ff^^HDK, uncalighUmed ly Phi- 
ioflopiiy, w al fault; aud ovbd that thi^ dictates of hamnnily 
ar^ violated. As will j*rha.p8 abundantly apprtar to nwderfi 
of ikd Ino foUoving Chapters. 



PiaeT, toQcbinfi I)andw*a, let tw consider^ wiUi Bom& «ciwiilflc 
atrictnws, whjit a Damly speoifllly i*. A DanrJy U a aothe*- 
wf-arinR Mim, a Man whn«(» trofle. ofllt'e and rxwltfiw^ ooiuiAto 
in the wearmg of Cioth«&. Erery faculty of hi? aouL ipirit. 


&Viri OA R£3ABTU8, 

Bdoa 0]. 

tbo wcuiofE ot CMb^ wiAAlr At^d well : >o Umt m otiMn 
drOM to Itra, ^ Hvm bi dnvut Tlir ^I-imporUuice oT docJmt. 
whiitb aOmitta Profevor. af oDequAUod loaniinft Ukd «citiB«tt, 
writes hifl eoonnouft Vojuu^ lo dMnoattrat^, kas tpru&g tip 
in tbo inMlloct of the r>aDr)^ witliout t-ITuTi. Hkt* ut tntttinct 
of gMiini; be b bepind with CUiUl » Poet of Clolb, Wlot 
T«uf«bdrdckh woQid <aU a " DiTine idoa of Clotb" is bont 
with him; uid thift. Like Other ffn^h IdcM, wUi nxptnftK iWelf 
oulwftrdlj, or irrUig hi« hmrt nMuulcr wiUi imuUtrnUe 

But, like ft jto&ctou, cK«tire pot^iiisiaet, h« fmlMfl; KiakM 
hifl Idea ftn A<^tioD- AhowA himself in p^tnilinr priii«« trt maa- 
km<l ; w^k« forth, a vitiieHi and liviEig Mittiyr U> Lhi ntrniat 
worth of Clothe*. We GidU4 bim a i^toet; in not hi» body 
the (0tufF«l> pcvobmcfitjLcin wboreou be wrrtea, witb iKiiiiiiiig 
Hnddert^d djoi, 1 SocLni t to tua mistrocts' « j«brow ? Say, 
Ritbrr, im Kjxui, and Clafka. rinan/jM tyint^ Xv Uit< wluile worki, 
in Mjicftronio verflfs, which he that nuiA may Kod^ ^ay, if 
yon grant, what woinnjt to h« admisainbla. that thp Duri'ly ha« 
a Thmking-ptinripb in him. ami Homo notinnn of Timr» suid 
K|KUTi*, iH th«rn ni>t iti thtii lifrMlt^vote^Ma U> ('loth, in thiii »o 
williujr aaoriiioa of the Immortal to the Pcmhabk-, oomfi-thiBS 
(though in r^v«K;d ordpr) of thut hl^^ndirifc and Jd^ntitloatLou of 
Kr^mitv wtt.h Timr, whirJi. n» wr hav"* Hirn, fmnKt.itntpn tha 
Propbrtift rbaiaL'hM? 

And nciw, lor uXl thu pereimiol HartryrioiDL aitd PooftT^ ami 
evvn PropJjpfiy, what in it that th^ Dandy asks In remm? 
Solrly, WF u;at say, that you would rrp^itinis'' hlis «iiKtcticvi 
irould mLmit him to bo a living ol>joct; i>r even failing tbiB, 
a viinaJ ob]«0t, or thing that vhll reject vays of light Vour 
aiWi<r rir yotir ^"hl (l^^y^i^^ wlmt thn n^gfpiNlly Taw haa 
already aMurrul him) ho 5oti<;it« oot; aimfjly the glanci^ of 
yirur vyea. l^'nd^ritand hia myatio Aifrniticancc, or altopvtJi^r 
mia* and mi^iint^rjiret U ; dn but look at him, aiftd be U oon- 
trnt^nU Tday vi* n<]t wiOl vty ^liainp i>n an tkiijfraTH>-ful wtirld. 
wbif^h n'fnnrM <*ven thtf poor boon: whieh will wa-it* its optic 
faculty on dried Crocodllea, and Siaaeaa Twins; and oT^r the 

UlfAP- X. 



domedtiio wonderful wouileiror woiiileis. a 1iv« D.4iidy, glance 
with histy mdifFcrcncr, And n acwwly co[ii;i\ilwl ouiiltiupt ! 
liiitj no Zo^iogut uliaduo among the MnmiaAlio, no Aual[>mbt 
dUaecU wtth car» i when did «e &<<e ojty iujvcU'd l^p.'Lr&tioEi 
of Lho D&aiiy m our Mumiuiia ; aiiy apHciuieu of hiiri prrai^rviwl 
in spiihto! Lr^rd Uf'tringbono taay (1tc»s Iilma^Lf lu a :i»uff* 
brown fflUt, wilh a&uff-brryifti sJiirt nnd iihor«: it flkilb uot; 
Uid uikdUceitiiug piiblkis ocrupiM wLtli groiM«r wiuits, pOM^s 
by rcfEftrdlcw oti the othct sidn. 

Tbo ojpD of (!?unijaLtYT Ucc tluit of Obivnlry, ia indeed, prop- 
Affly iptfokiut^, goiie. Yet perhaps only goov to Al«ep; for here 
juvwa Uae ClolliM-PlkiloHOphy to refluacLt;iU> itrwip'ly fftinngh, 
boUi the ono and thi> othcrl tjhouM 6>L<uud vitwH of Uiin 
Scionoo como to pnmil, the oMflantial narure ot the British 
Dnndy, and thi) myatif* !iignili('itcf>fT r;h;it linn in him, can&ot 
always t^iuoin hidden under l.tii^^h^hble iiud IftmontaUc! bnJliKi- 
nation. TI10 foUowiDg long Extract iiam Profemor Teufcjs- 
dibckb may Atit rlio m^ttfrT, il not in ita tnie light, yrt in the 
vr%y lowarrl* mirh, Xt is tA be regretted, hovever. that bore, 
as $0 oft«u eL»cwh«Te, ihe Pioftiuior'a keeu pliiloMipUui [lempj- 
CAcity is ft^nn^^whivt marnMl by il €«rttUD mixture of aliuo&t owl- 
ifth purblindnu^K, or «bo r>f soma pt^rvcTBe, ineffectual, iionic 
tend^ney; our readfrra sh&ll judge ^hidi: — 

^'In thciio difttmnlod timoa," in-it^a be, "when tho Rnligious 
PrinripK dri^n out of mosct ClmTCln% eitlier li*8 unfleon In 
tlv hi?:LrtJi lit giHxl ititrn. luokwiti: uud h>iigiug aud aili^utly 
wotkiui; tbere lowaids »om^ new Itevclntioui or ^lae w.-iriil^-M 
homol(»»5 fAfp th"^ world, Itko a disombodiod (loul seeking ita 
t^TToatriAl organ iwitinn, — into how miiny utrango shapes, of 
&up<?r)dition niid Pjiiiaticiwn. dop-t it not ttniUitively pjtd er- 
rantly <^^ itself! Thv higher Knthusio^in of niat^s natiiTc 
il« whiJp without Exponent; yet dops it continue iude- 
AbrucflJbln, i]nwmrii*dly imtivr*, nnd work blindly in tht );reat 
ebflOtic deep : thu,t flpct Aft*^r Sect, and Clrtirch after ClinwiU, 
bodice ild*lf forth, nud nn^lta again into new TTiPt«morj>bosiR, 

"ChtAllyUthUobse^rvabld in England, whkh.aA tht» weallh- 
Ust &bd worst-instrmrtnl of Eniope&n nattoDa. offcn pr^Hjcly 

&\JKT01{ S£&ABTr& 


tiw «1raKttte (of Hnt» iwMljr, Hud of Parkaw), i» vkkk 

■K^ MMb-cftlvf* ftod B«nkiUiHitie» «M best fcnnitcd. 

Ifae iwvet S«oU of Lbat eovntiry, «m of tli* mm 

oloteJj oottDvcted vUh c«r ftrewnt mbjecc, u tKtt of (^ 

J>DUMf^; OOncmun^ wltkLp vLaL liulv ufonuaUnfi I bnTv 

becfe oblo to pttjcnn oikj tiUj- «taod Ihrl 

*■ It i# tnw, a«rttia of tbe En^iih J<mniAltat>« nwa g«ii* 
cnDjr vHlioiil ub*« for tlie Kdigionm Prineipl^ gv jadgmBt 
lor tU manifcsUik'iUf spenkt ia llwk bbef eiugiiiatio wrtJom, 
Oi iC tbu wero pcrlup* rat^ci « SoeiiW &«cti and bol s Bc- 
li|p«MiA ooe; u«rvertl(eli««, to th* pfycliulogtc «y» it* ll«TO- 
tiuial sail «*«ft sacrificwl diftracbir filundjr mmgii rwnaU 
it9<*lf Wl^Uirr it brloQc^ to the cbaa of PcTbiab<Torsii)|a^ 
QC of fl«rO'Vi>rftUip« or PoljUiffieis8i or to what other elaaa, 
Btty in t)i4 prtUMut vtaite of <ittr intclH^encc reniaia mdaodMl 
(««JbiMiini)i A oerbua ttjuch of M^uuchcuAi, noL iiidcvd m tfa» 
QnootAC Hbajje» u duccrmbilc c&uu^h; also (for buiiLin Lrror 
VftUu im A o^cW, ui*i T^^ipews at interralA^ a ik>I iBconndct^ 
bl» rmrinhUnm tj> Ih^U Supmttticm of the AiMan MonkA, «b« 
bj favtiikg frois all towiruluiient aii4 lookioff ifttmselj for % 
length of time into thvu ovm uAtdts <tuat to dueem tbercm 
tfai Crae Apocotjpae of Nature, uid Heaves Unv^iM. Tu mj 
ovD ftiifiDLi^, IT. app«an as if this DRDdiacal Sect mm bUft 
n«iv modiGcaticiii^ adnf t^d to the nc^w time, of that ptita«T«] 
Sii|>Antitig4i, S^/teonhip; which Zcrduithtf tJiuini^ontoboOi 
HldkoiDet, %nd othen, atrovo nufaer u* fsnl>nrrltn>iA strtd n>- 
vtnUi duD to eradicate i ant viliii^ oEily in tlio j^urrr fonu 
of KciifrioD liu» bc«a uJtoKcttior rejected. Whorefore, if auy oou 
iUkw^s to luune it nvivud Ahrimaiiteiiir or a iww flguN of 
D«nMiEi-Wonihi|i^ I Lave, 8o Ear aa Is yet riathle* uo obiortiiNii 

" For the tt^ thcM peopk, aniraftted with the xeid of a 
ii«w 8ectt diipliiy coura^ and pet-Mfvenuioe. oDif what fovoe 
tbn-p U ill mane's nature^ though nev^r so enslavipiL X'**? 
idliat Rieat purity tttl wpafaliifiu ; dUtia^uish thamaeWitt faj 
a pvtietilar oovtiuiio (wbi^f acjoc notioca wcio fpu^a in the 
eariiot pckrt of thia Vohiuw) ; Lik«wiao, m far i« po«it^. by a 
]ttrt]r])lar ajjeeoh {apjiarriilly houe^ brukt^n Linfftui-frtinnr, <ii 
£il()iah-Freoeii)i aad*ou Ih* vhole, atHve to oMknlaui & tmtt 

Ckiv^ X. 



XsaiLiwno d^portmpfit, flnil kc^!(t<1vva luujioiUd from 

"Tt^ij liare tbt^ir Templ«A, wbi^reof tho chkfttt« tJjo Jew- 
leh X^oDpLe did, stnikdH in thvb oii^tropoUa; and u aajn»4 
Almark**, h wnnl i)f nmrrtain r-tymulugy. They wtir[iiLi|i priu- 
cipUl/ lo' iiiif^l ; ^ui^ bdvv Lh^tr in^h-prirsta and HigL-prietii- 
easeev vhi>, however, do nr^t mntinun for ttfo. Tbo ritc^, by 
flOiii« mppOA^d to Ik» or tlii^ ^rrruuHe lurt, or jx^rhapi with an 
ElAiHiniim or (^uliiri^* rharafitpr, aw htld alririly aecrtl. Nor 
aie tjoorcd Dooks wajiUng to the Sec-ti tbeac Ibcj call /^a*^ 
tono^^ ^'oticl* : how^v^r, thn Cmon if not completed, Uid 
some *rft rjii>nnit'i*l rmd r>l.!i*^r^ niri. 

"or *iir!i Surti'd l^mks I- not iriUjGut rxprrsp, prm-iintd 
?If twine tuuupku i and m hope <it true inaiglit, und with 
ihe xeal which b^s^^mf aa ln<ini»'r int<> ClotbM, eet to intoi- 
prwt and study ^hfin. But uhoilj to no piirpmc: ihftt tough 
faculty of K'adJij^, For which the world will not r«fuM mO 
credit^ WTLfi hx^ro for the lirnt time foiled and set c% naiijc^t. 
In TOin thut r fiummont'd my whole enefgit^a (mUh tPfidli^h 
an^trmfftn), imtl did my wry utiiivat -. nt thti vud vt tKuav vliorL 
ap&ce, I WA« uniformly seized with not so much whar 1 can 
call a dmmiziing in my ears, as a. kind of lalinib*. unfiiitferaNe, 
JftBr*i-h:trping imtl sonLnnd-piping tlif-n.-; to whii>li tli** ftight- 
(uUedt specirrA of Maguetic Skep &oon bup«<rTi>i](?<i And if f 
strove? to shako this away, and abacilutoly woiJd uot yl^ld, therv 
came & hitherto luttelt wnsation, as of i^irittnt Tnvnfrui, and 
B iP^ltinif Into totftl deliquiuu: till at laeti by onl«r of the 
Doctor, drc^LHK rum to tny whole intellectual and hodily 
fuultioa, and a g^noral hre^ng up <^f th<r constitution, I r»- 
lotrt-uitly lint il^f^nninwlly forlxire, "VVm thin-i* enmp miracld 
at work hero; tike tUoae Ht^boIK and nu|H-rnnl nud iiifi-ninl 
pTodiicice, whirht in tho cn^c of th« Jewish Myatcri^ay h^ri? 
atao more tU:in onoe scared back ths Alien? He thu as it 
jjiay, »miU failum on lay part, after hvs^ pffnrtx^ muist nuruxe 
the ini|>orfo<:tioa of this aketoh; altogether in^oinpl«t«r, y^t tE« 
compUbwt t conid ^-n of a Snct too sin^lar to be ocnitt<id. 

"I^oving my own life and aensesi as 1 do. no povft*r »hidl 
iaduoe doc. a« a prirato indiriduaL to open another Faihi<f:itabU 



Boo^ Ht* 

Jhvd^ But luckilj, in Um dilonuaA, oom^a ■ hood from tfao 
cloudB^ wbcreby if not nctoTT, di^lirenLnc^ h h«M out to 
mc tCnuiiil oiif of V'hofH' Ik>ok-packjigPiir vhv^b thn VAi/^ 
9ohtpciiftit'9cAt HivAh'irii/luTig ia m th« Lttbit vf iuiportins 
Ifojn EnglPTnj pttmv'j on ia ufUil, vanoos waste pricted-«b»fftB 
(Jtfd'-fict/in^jNrffn-), by way ni ijitTinr wmppagn: intA thrao 
the C1othR»-Ph]loHi]ihrr, with a crrtnin MjdionurtniL rtfyvrvuoo 
tmn for ^eikato-papfiur w)urv curiouD kiiowli>d0B will aooMUDflS 
hcv^t^ dud&ine oot to out ine eye. K«>d*Tg mAjr J111I90 ^ ''^ 
MMtntiUlitnmt whHn cm wut^K a ilrfucvd vLruy-tiiiivl^ pruiM^j 
ihd Gutcut fr3.c:tbQ of moioc EnglUli P^iodicobl, mtoii aA tlMj 
iiamd Ma^atxttf, Hpfx^^ra flomethLug iiko a DiaaerUtioD on this 
viery suUjert of F'fhinnM'U yttvtlal It K«t« ant, indaad, 
rhii^j frnin n Hninilm^ ]>nmt c>f virw ; dirndiiig iUi/t\U aoi 
without >u»pi?rity, &^iittt sorae to m« unkbovu uidirid^ 
BABied i'n/AuM, who s^^jpif to b« & My&togogQp, and Ivodiug 
T«ftch#r ami PpRai.-hi!r of ihif Sotrt ; h> Uiat, wlml iiulerti otlier- 
triM woe not bo be tsjcjHsirtfid tii kikJi a riigiliv« fnKatttuUujr 
ebeeti the true eiifowl, the Ht.>hi:inu0 phymof-ijomy nni phjAi- 
oloiQr of ttio DandiAcuJ Body, in dovl^u laid fully opcoi tfaVM. 
Nev4?rUtiilr:vs K<^LUe»d ligbtit du fti^m titoR to tini^ f;pnric)p 
out* whereby I Uato «mdea.T0red to pco^ Nky, in awv jak- 
iOgo aeJiKtiM] from the Pn»(ifaeoi«v or Mytbic Thoogonitfa, or 
whatavpr Ihry am (for t]i(<^Ftylf> stents very mix«4l) of thip 
M3rBtiigii£i}f% 1 find iFTutt np^inBrc tj> U^ a (lonffuiP^icm of Piuth, 
OT Whole ButT of Man, .vf^c^nlmg to the temrts of thnt Sect. 
Which Coof^MtOtt or Whole i>i]ty, tlK<»fort^^« oe f>roo««duk£ 
frnia m Murv« >o auth«iTit](% 1 iliall h»r<t Airan^ im.lrr S«>t»b 
dkfltinot Articlea, aud m xtry abiidj^^ idiaiic lay before the 
G«rnuui world; th<irf!Wi1h ukin;; leav« of thiA matter. Ob- 
spnre aJwi, that to avrrid jtonihUitr of «iror, I, a4 far M inaj^ 
bc^ quote litonlly hoiu iLe OrigiiuJ :^ 

AltTli.I.ES OF FAITa, 

*]. Cotta ihoQld have nothing of the tnin^ aboot th(>n) ; 
ftt the aun» dm^ wrinkles Ijcbind abmitd bo can*fu11y a^oidird. 

'S. The oolUr 10 ft very important points it nhiialil be h>w 
behind, and tUjchtlj roLLftd. 




•S* Ki> lioptuw of fa«1iion e&M &lkiw & m&n of dHioate butu 

the pofttftml luxiuianre of a Hotlcutol. 
'4. There L» «*£©ty la * ewtUlow-taiL 

Gl T'IkA gTJod sf^iise of a ^itdeuuui ifi iiowhero more lm«lj 
tLnjk lit Ua nui^B. 
'*6. It la pi*<rmittixl tc mtinkiud, luuleT ocrtoin restriotio&a, 

'T. Thp tri-Fttsor* intwt l)p ^loeediiigly tl|,'ht tu-'roHd thri Ui^w/ 
All whu-h J'ropoflitions 1, for th<^ pn^cnL, ootilent nijwU 
nnHitBUy but ptToiQptorily luid irrcYociibLy dt^nyuiK- 
'*Tn bliurkge .■untpast Witli tbi* Diiniliixuil Body !iUJl(lf 
wr Britisli Sent, oriifiitally, ns I und^Tfrlniid, of Ir«la&d, 
its chief ae&t atUl ia; but known a1»o in tht moin 
And indefid ^r^rywhere tttpidly vpreiutiug- Aft thiB 
liAA hiUK-rUi cOkit'Uid no CUnoninal BrxikA, ft ivinftiiifl 
ane ill tko bivmi^ niAiti gf o6^urity j4 the D^tiJi-KToJ, which 
publiahod ifcolu ihai tUtj uiimauAUd kiuniUL fni^uLtioa luv 
l^i).-it4! to N<ad, Th^ EQembera a|>poar to be dotilgnated 
A t'oDHidrntblfl divnrnity of namps, aocon!iiijr to tlietr ta- 
plAcca «f catabJiflhiiK^t : Ln EntfUnd they &ro k^^^^^'X 
led thft I^md^c S«<jt; aiiw, uupbiluooplucatiy ottoogb, the 
WMt« N4tfrar4 : aJiil, cihi**f!y In ecorD by tbofte of oiher oom- 
uiuiLioutt. lh« fUt'jifvt^Tkrjffnr S<«^U I» Sctoiland, ji^Id, 1 Hod 
Hirm entitled /Taf^MiAri^Uw, ur Uii> ^i!toaA ^/ i>wf' Sect \ nny 
jtuHvidiiAl oonununuHuxt is niuued Sttrok nf lhid» Cthat b, 
Sbork of BAga). in silhiiinTLj donf»tl<tj4H, tji ihf'it prorititxinnfti 
CuKtutfte. WIuIa ill Irc^Luid, which, h.i nt^ntiottntL ia tbeii 
^mid paroQt hiro, thoy go by a pt^rpUxiug niiUupIiGity of 
ilnt;i|:niitioiM, tnab oii Bogt^ttfrti. A'«ditA<tnkt, BMonmmt Cot- 

Sama: which lut, h»w«-rfr, >r«iDS to lir Hit priiDAfj and 
ipratvrio luunc; wbfMvto, probably coouj^b, iKt oth(>tH ore only 
■nbiLdiftfy tpeoi^^ft, or Blight varletlf^ ; rr, at mo^t, pmpa^abid 
ofltets fmn th« parnit st^in, whnwf ii&iiiub^ Kiifadirisioadr &ad 
fthAtlca of differ^'ncci it wrro here ]ofi> of iimv to dwfll ctt, 
Rnon^ f or iu to undontond, what *e*ins itidahitalilr, that 
th« ort^^iiuJ Sect Is thni of thn F/Mr^S// ; whutw dociriuo, 
praoticM, and ftiii(Umciital chAfTi^it'iridtice perrade aod ftiu- 

JJ— Vol. 1« 



bma m. 

m&tt the vhoU Body, howaocvcr d(.-Gc>iiuiuitCHi or ontw&rdtj 

^The precise speculallve tonrta nf ttim nri>T.hnrhnoi1 : how 
Ui« Uuuet-aa. taid Mal, said Mjui^d Lifis picturi? thciusoJvoa 
toUi«miad of lu Iruh toor-^lave^ witb wliiit li-eluigB oud 
op^nionn ho lookft forward on th* FvitiJtt*, foimrt on zhf Pat- 
ent, bijf'k oTi UiH P'^'^t, it wrji* citrfinflj difluiilt t(j *p*^cify, 
8oiuuUimif MoivLAtic thoro appuukra to hv m tht-ir Condtitution; 
wo find them bound by the iwo Mon^istio Vow», of i'oTertf 
and Obedii-ULv; wJui.'h Vowa, fltjiiifiiiilly tUr frrrtn'r, it is «iid, 
ihtry ubtlL*rvt? rtilh (jreat 6tri<^tn'*a5 i nay, iL$ I kivc understood 
itk thcj OTO plcdiccjj, And bo it by any fiok^uui Nd^uuvuti ordiiux- 
tion or not, irrovocublj' L*on»*prai*d lhere<to, ^wn t^ffjhr^ birth. 
Th"l tin* tTiinI Mi>»iLHti<:" V<iw, of Cbosuty^ i* rigtdly ffoforced 
&n)0]i|; tbcm. I ^d no ifround to coajccUii^. 

** Ftirthcn^oro, thny nppotLr tn iinitutv the DapdJAOJil S«ct 
ID thoir icruid prin*'iple of wofirSng a peculiar Ci>«mm«. Of 
wbicli li'inh Puor-dLiv>^ OoMtuiuu iiu drsiTiptioti will indeed 
b« found in the prcacnt Volume; for thii r^a^oo, th»t by ihc 
imperfect orrpui of Lanjrmigu it did not septn d^otibftbl*^ 
Tbi'ir RLJinciit Lvrisiftls of ImmTnerublH f^kirL^, lapprtt^ and 
inv|,-uUr wmg»» of all rlotlia and of aJl i^olora; Uirough Uitr 
labyrinthio intricaeioA of vhieh thoir bodies ar« introduoc^d bf 
Romp unknowfi ]>ro<*(**)i, It Ik fastened togntlitir hy a multj. 
plfli (icJiiiHimtiiJii of ImttiinNT iltnniis and Hkewi-w; t« whidi 
fiequently ia added a girdle of father, of hempen ct crtu 
of Altuvf rope, roviiid the loinSp To tftrav rope, mdeod, thoy 
Mfem partial, und often wrar it by w^y of nundals- In b«^l- 
d™s!i they alloc I ji, onttain frriHlcmi: hnU with jp-irtiul hrini, 
iritl^out crovii, or witb only % loose, hinged, or ralrc croim; 
in thr former ejuw^ tnhfly «oni«tfmM Invert the hat. and wew 
it brim cijiijermoHt, Ukn tt unlviirKity-inp, with what vidw in 

« 'l*he fiame Poor^bTes acremd to indioato a Stavonic, Tolitli, 
or Itnatiftn nri^n : nnt ho^ however, t-lie inlerior esaeue^ And 
•pirit of their Supfndition, whii^h mther iHHpUys a Tfmtonii^ 
or Dniidiral oliaract<T. One mi;;ht fain'y them wonbippon 
of Uertha, or the Earth • for th«y dig and aJfect^onately woric 

Otxr. X. 



ooDtiDullj ID tier bosou , or «l&e, ahul tip ia pHnAe Oralo* 
liu, m(*diut« oAd m^nipuUtn the BnbfftanaMdMived frost h«n 
MJdom looking up tovriuits tbu HmivchIj Limuiiftnei, uid Uum 
wjtL ojmpArdlivti iiidiffurtumi^. Like? Una Druidn, uu Uib uUier 
haad^ Ibcv Uvx) ia itark dwcilinjca; often ci^b brcokiug Uietr 
glAM wludowB, where they find such, and staffing thmn up 
witli |iti-iv>H of r;ujii«iit« or otli^r opaque sit^HHUM{.-i<H, till the 
£t oWurity la r««tor««i Awu. like a31 followm of KAtoxe- 
Wovfhip, tlioy AJO liable Ui ontbTCAkirigs of on «nthiidiftsni 
tUing Ui fvrocity ; uud bum nitUf if n^-t m wickur IdoLi, jret 
in ootl Qottai^efi. 

*' lu ^^'^pcf*t rtf dii^t, thoy baTC also tlirir '>bacTVftiic''fl, All 
Foor-Slaru» are RhUophigotu (or Rout^aters) ; a. few an* 
TchttjO]ihA^u«, 4sd lue Kilted H^rring^t: othef anfmal food 
thej «b«taui fTviu ; oxoopt ludeed, with ^rktps aorae sir«u(^ 
ia?0itod frft^nu'iil of & Etralmiiiiio^ fooli&g, mioh ftoim&lfl u 
dis a natural toith. Their oniveml gust^uanoe U the lOOt 
nsiin«v1 rotAtn, MHrVnl by flifl n-lon^; and gen^rAHj witflKral 
oonditncfit ot relish of nnj- lind, nre an unkoowti candi- 
ttffnt i;nTned I*i^nt. inlo Uit* meaning of which 1 haro Timalv 
inqubi^i: tlie Tictii^ i*<itnt^*'<tnd^Fttint oot ap|ieafLugf at 
laaaiv not wiih ^(wnifl"' aivnr.v j tA ili'srnption, lu any Earo- 
pcan Ookcrv-liixik (thawrrr For dritikH tbry uno, with an 
alinofll cpt^-TQiniuaLir «iunt^»ri»oi« of n^U'j Milk, which is tbo 
mildest of Ifqiior?, anrt i^flfA^n, which lathe flpw^rt. This 
l;itler I b:kTf l,istet], ai well oa tliQ Eugliflh Btae^Kwit, and th^ 
H^ti-h H'klike^^ Annlovaroun fluirb u«cH by the Sect id thoee 
oountriea : it ovidoutly i^oniatna »ome form of alcolioL, in the 
hfghfifct stal^ of ooTir^ntrjtioii, tliough disgulHt^l «ith acHd 
oils ; aikd is, on the wholfr, tbf meet pnsf cnt sabftincc known 
to Bie. — inrlM^d. X f^tiivt lii^nid fire, la nil their R^H^cmA 
8o1eniuitiea, Potheieu is ft^td to be au Indiftpauftible requifiite, 
irid lariffcly oonsuined. 

■* An Irinh 'i>riwl!cr, of pcrhfipt fomrruMi rcnwiiy, who i>re- 
Aent^jE himscH undor thv to me Ubmen.uirig tivk< of Th^ Us^Jithn 
SfmarJ, offen Lbir follnwinf^ sketch of s domestic vatahliiih* 
mont, the inmates whereof, though soch ia no* irt4ted exT>r?*«ly. 
appoartobftvp bi^c-n of thit Faith. Therebv shall my Urnuati 



Durat Ul 

tead«n now behoM an Irvsh TooT-^lavc, m tt ittrc vith t^lr 
C^m eyt9\ cuicl cvfn nr^ him at tncut Motvovct« in ibt no 
procioujt woitf^^xipvr abeec above lu^utioiied, I huvv found 

hj tt&t saiiR- I>^iiiiacal My«t»K9RiAc, or TJKioffoni^t : tlii« a^ao, 
by way ol ^mintcrii^Lrt :uiU tfobtraut^ tUo world cboll look intix 
" Kirtt, Uii'irfor.*. of the Poor^lav**. who jip{>e:Lis lilcewii^ tu 
have b«eii ft Jipecics of Inttkccper- I quote from tL« otq^iiiai: 

"■Tho fumituro of tliLC Ouuvjin^t^ra oonuittcd of c. IfL^Kt 
iron Fol, two ouJceD TabJ«B, two Keiictiea, two Clairv, lUid 
a PuUivtiU Nij^^iii. Theru wm h Loft Abovi» (Htuiiiiablu Ly a 
ladder), upon which the inmnt<^» alcpt; and the tpoco bolow 
fTU di7idi>i hv ;i iLurdk' iiLtu two AparUueuts; Uio one for 
their cow and pig. the other for themaelv^ and gueata. On 
euteriuf^ Liie luiu« we diAOuvereJ the fauiity, el^veu iu uuiu- 
bor* at dmni?r: the father eitting at the top, the motboi at 
the bottom, the cbildron on oach sido, of a krgv ooikun lioard, 
whirh wiis .scDopf^d out in i\[V luiddle, ltki.< :& trough, to rtH^tivu 
the e<jitttiitfl of tUmr Put ^f Pot&tovH- Lttlli? hulea vrett vtii 
ftt equal difitancee to contain Salt; ondabowl ol Milk etood 
en Hie table ■ all thp lusurips of mrnt ;ukI b-or, brwul, knivi's 
mid disbeR werw di^iwEiNed rtilli.' Thu Piwjr-Sbvn bim^-U *mr 
Tiaveller found, aa be sutb* broad-li^ked. Ujick-brow^d. of 
g»at p^ti^na] str^n^h, and inoutli in-m e^ir t4> «ar< His \^'tfe 
wu a »Tia-browtn'd but wHl.f«BttiiriHl Wfinwin ; *nd bin ynunii 
oncd, bart' and dnibb;^. bad Ibr iippclitfl ut rnvROH, Of tlwii 
PbiloeophioaJ or licligious Ceoeta or obaervaoced. no notice ci 

" Bui now. st^L^nnJly, of tbr fXimlLuttl Hauftrbnld ; in trliinh. 
truly, that ufttrn-uiFuiivacd Mystagogue aiid ia.tpind l'«aiaAii 
luiiL»@U has bu abode ; — * 

" ' A DreBsm^-rooai aplcndidJy fuiuiabed ; violet-oolornd oor^ 
tains, ohaira and ottomana of th« name boo. Two fuUlcc^ 




Uirrura are plae^ one on oacL «iOe of a uUe, wbich itup- 
potto tbe l^ixQnf^s of th<r T^iilot SnvenJ Ikitct-^ of I'urfuacs, 
ifiaBgod in iL puciLHur fUAJiion, rtand tipon & auialW Ubio of 
mniinr-rif-fHwrl : t)p[)UBile to LlirtH? im |fburd tli* upj^irutnuic^s 
of L&TAtioQ liohly vrou^bt iu ironttd ailv^r A W.uiirobe vt 
BoU ia on thu leUi tho 'loon of vbich, boing lEutlj opeiir 
i1Jj-*ov^ X pmfniiion of Clothm; Show t^f :t «iDg\ilai-ly ftmnll 
«ijr*^ iiKinojxkliii' Ihfl l()Wc;r HhelTca^ Prmitln^ the wu\lrMlie n 
door ftjor ffivca boiqc ali^rltt i^tiinpou of ti Buth'Tooia. Foldiui;- 
doors in tJte back^oand, — Enter the Author/ oui Th^o^o* 
nisi in person, ■ iihiwHju iourIj- pr**w«lpil by & Frobub Vtilet, ia 
vbite fiilk J^-ickct oiui ouabrio AproiL* 

'*Si]uh ore the two SeoU wUioh^ at thifr moment, dimda tho 
mora ubAetilMiT (.lortimi of Ui^ British People; unA agitata tJmt 
erer'Toxcd couiixrj> To tlic oyc of tho poLitioal S««Tr Lhcir 
mutual roUktioiii |ireKBiuit with tho olomonM of diocord abd 
hoctUttir, U ^ Iroiu poiuohug. Huwv two prindpl^s of D^uk- 
d»aa] diflf-wursbtp ur Dt^mou-iV4>r:JLij), mtd Ptvir-AUv^iOk or 
pTudfiitAl Eiirtl-worsltip, or whAlovrr that mjoo DroJ^cbuu 
may be, do as jot mdood ma&itotit LhumM-^lrcs und<:r liuiAEit 
and liovim oot»Jd«vnb1« akaftris: u^TenhetcaA, ui tbcir VinA* 
and fiiibtcn'Aoean mDiBcatioiuh ^^*--y extenil thn^u^h the eo* 
tiro »tnicturc oF Society, itnd work tuivrAiiodly in tho sporot 
dopthft of Ecip)i&h uatioiuki Kxintoooe -, stririug to ewpamt^r and 
tBoht^ tt inr^ two iviiitradifCory, unootikmniiicatiDg mafiSM. 

'^ 111 QLimbf-rv, nnd c^co iiulividuoL stioitjetbi the Poot^Iato 
ov DnidfTCfl, It wouhl jicozn, uo bonrlj uiorenaiog. Tho Daa- 
dia««i, again, ^ by naiuto oc proselythUng Sect ; but it bouU 
of ^reat hereditary reflourcea, ami is strong by uiiiuTi ; whvTVM 
the Dnidicr^, epUt into parlicf^, have aa yet no EaUyiug-pviiit; 
or ot bi^rtt only co'C>pc^ratc by tnoom of partiiU nccTct alflliatiocuL 
Iff Indeed, therp were to ariiie a Cammtinicit 0/ J>r)tdgm^ aa 
tiiaio &s alieucty a Coutuiuutoij of Saiut^p wbuL atitkUkC^et effi^cla 
"vould follow thcrctrom! Dor^dyiam oa yet aftccta to look 
dovn on Drudgum : lout }><}rhap<i the hour of t^ial. wh«a tt will 
be praL'tieally seen which oughc to look down, and which U[v 
is Jioi Ao dintant 




"To B0 U MNBfl jirolable tlwt l1i« two Secto win Mie lUy 
part Eoirluid between tbcim ; tmch r e cruitia g it»eU fitxn tfor 
iAUno«diftle nnlu^ tUI Uw«9 be doiw left to csdiA on tilfas 
•id«. Tbow l>uMli»«l ManicJiMOM^vltb tlw hottof Dvm^ 
biiig Clirbtia&fl, vill fonn one bodjr : thm DmdfM, gathvriu^ 
roiiod tbrsi vbocHwrcr u PnidgioU, be he ChristiAa or biSdol 
Poicoa t iwi^pmg up Uk«wiM «U ibuidm <A UtUiUriftu, lUdU 
rjtlft, pffrkcttrrj Pot'Vallopen, anil lo fortl^ into their genenU 
moM, will fonti mathet^ I cvmld liken Duidji^m acid Dmd^ 
iiu to two bnttomkM boiliog VVhirlpooU th&t hiwl brokea out 
oti up[>oiiito qtiaiter* of tht firm land ; &a jet they ap^Jtor only 
iliitfjuinfl, foollnhly Imbhling wp'\^K, wliiirb num^K nrt mi^ht 
covi-r in; yi^t nuulc thrjn, tlirir diiuneter b d&ilj W)denin{;; 
tljf<y are liollow OoncB that boU up from the inRnite Do«p, oror 
whioJi your ftnn land is but a thin rnifit or rind! Thus (Uily 
!■ thfi likUiririPilint^ Innil 4Tnini1>ling io, daily the empirr of tlin 
twc? nuoliun^IlullGra cili^udiu^^ till loi? there \s but a foot- 
pinnk, a mrrt* tilm of htmd brtwoen thom ; this too ix woahcd 
Lwuy : a&dihon-*irohiivo11i«tnio Hell ofWatera, «jd Nocih** 
Dv1u|{tt Eh vuU.1e1ugvd1 

"Or better, I misht call thorn two boundlose, aod indood 
unouunpled KUottiti Much inofi (turned tiy tho 'Mwrlkint-^ry of 
8oiTiuty')r with bitU'rtLM of ripponittf qiiiihty; Drml^'JHm Uiu 
Negative^ DaudytAUi tl:e PiulLive ; one attr^u-La buurly towards 
ttUid Qpproprifttr« all tli<? I'oftilivp Ekotricity of thr nAtion 
(nftiDcly, lh« NToncy thon^of) ; tho other \% ^qHnlly bmty viib 
th* Neg&LJve (tlmL i-* tti *siy the Hungnr), whi^^h w tHpmlly 
pot«uli llilhirrto you £ee ouly partial ir^uiiiHiit spaiklea aud 
pputtcri : but wait a little, till thr ontiro tkntiou is in oji f Icctrio 
■tato : till your vliole vital Kli^^rLni^lty, no loiif^r biahht^illy 
HmitnU, i« cn% \uu> two i«otut^ portions of Positirtt and Nofi^ 
lire {of Kcn^y tuid of Hun^irr); and fltenda th«r* bottled 
Qp In two World-B*tt«rieB T Tho dirriiig of o ohild** fingor 
fariugtt tho two tD|E«th«Tr i aud Iheu — WUm tJieu ? Tb^ Earth 
U but flhirrrcd iato impalpAbIt Atnoko by that Doom'a than- 
der-p«ftl| tho Sun miiM* oue of hU llawta in Spa«^t 0^d 
tiwnMfonh then an no eolipeefl of tho Hood. — f >r Ixttter 
etill, I imicht like&"» 




Oh, encmgh^ ^ough of lilc«iiiiigs uid nimilitudcai in doeM 
o! whichf truly, it U hxc^ to aay whether IVufL^tdnfc^ or oui- 
HelreA !(iti tlift mi in?. 

Wc hftrc oft«u bl&mcHl him for j« hnbit of wlr^^L-aviug nui] 
Ovei-ra&uug ^ frora i>f old *t iiavo bwa fomiJiar witli las toa> 
dnniry tr> Mjiiis-isra and R*liglo*ity, wli«n»b3r in i>vorythmft he 
irma Btill siMrrjt-inE out Rrlij^ion ; but never p^rhupH did Uitf?»« 
amuirosU-tfuSiiAioiin w i^loud awl distort Lis oLherfvtao moal 
pleroiiis vi«i9», as in tUi» ot tho JMnututmi Btt^^f (>r wv 
th?T^ !ioru«thiri^ of iiit«nde<d uittru; U tlm PttifL<U!&jr ind So«V 
not quita UiT^ bluJtanl lif adei^ii Ui I*? Of aa oriliuiry uicjr- 
tol wQ should liavt* iloi^sively answered In bbe affirmative -, but 
with a Tcnfetoiirriokh thoro evur hovoTA flomd ahadn oE doubt, 
to tho meui whili-, if HAtini wirr* ftcttioJIy iritendtfd. thi- caMt 
Id littJo bcLber. Thrrtr jltc not vrjuibing lUf'u who wU] anawer; 
l>oee youx I'rofMfior IuJl<^ lu For aiiuplotone "^ Hia iroTiy htiA 
OT«r^iot iU«Ui w«ae6 Liirou^'li it, and pertupfl through hinu 


Thtt*, howevCT, Tiaa out fimt Practieal Inf^reTioe from the 
Ckithe»-Pbil«»o|>hy, that nhioh raispect^ l>uitljc-s, bofro suffi- 
oi^ntlj dmvm ; and we eoine now to tho aooondT coacxmiitiit 
T^on. Un tUitt latter our opinion liappUy quite coiDcldi^ 
wltli that of Tf>[ifrt]«drih;kb hinkwilf, as eitjirassed in the coo- 
dudliig pa^ o( liis Volume, to whoiDi therrfonr, we wiUingly 
girn place. Lot him vpt^uk hii own luAt vorda, in hin own 

" Upwards of a <!«ntiiry.'* says he. " must ehipac, and still 
t^ bl«ediu^ tight of Frfml<>Ri bn fought, whoto U uuhleit per- 
isbing Itt th<> v:ui. and thn>at<K bp liiirlf-r1 on allan* like Pvlioii 
OD Cb*k -imi i\w MoliK'b of Tiii*iniiy liaTt hin victima. and 
t^ Michael of Justice his nuirtyrs, before Tuilora caa 1w 



Buoft HL 

admltteil to tlielr tn]«f prrrn^tivi'* trf iliuiIiixhI, and tiU lui 
irouDtl of KufTotiiks Qumtmty be olowd. 

" If Au^ht in Uvs luEiu>ry of iha wirtM'i bJutdoeee could uar- 
ptUu iiH^ ht^re might we incJeed pui^ suid wqiikW. An Kiva 
Ilu ^iip abrtuul, ruid Ax*^ ilioU <1owd uito » uTidA-^prro^iiig 
rootetl i;rror, that Tnilcri Are n di^itinct [^«ct«ft in Phjuol* 
cgVj wyl Mtta, bitt fni^HoniLl Fartit oi a M^n. C^ aaj on* ft 
Ahntnd^v (Clittrr. TruW). iH il mil, ia mir <li«lc^At«d, hawh 
wiuktfil. iuid bUtwd Oclirioua condition of ^kK^icty, cquiTnlcA^ 
to ikfyinif hj» perpctttjU fcllttct oniiuty V Tto epithet «eAM0»' 

dtfgn't^ of lULsUljuiimity ; wc mtrudui^u 4 TaUurt-Moiaurholy, 
more op|fi'otiriotift ttiau any L^irovyr luto oiir J^ks of Mrdi- 
MJif ; iLnd ffthU I know not Tt'hftt of hua ^cnemting it by living 
tm CMy.igp. Why ihoiitd I *[ii»ttk of HnxtA Sjitlia ^liiiuaelf a 
t>1uie]&Akpr, or kind of Ltiithvi-'tioloi^T with liia &Ai«iirf*r 
nU <fem I'anicr? WLy of SLjikaptf^re, iu liia TitmiH^ *»/ iA* 
^Arrtf-.-aud f'laewhiir*- V JJorii it not sUnd on r^t^rd Uiat tli« 
Rn^lihU QiU'i-n KliT^tdrt^tJi, nnTivinjf n drq>iitjtti(>ii of KJglit«?n 
TikUoni, addi(.-ei?(rd t\xvm vrith a {rood nuinniig, tfrntknarii 
both I ' l>td not tho saiud Ti»j^ Unmt ilmt nJji.' liod a CaviUiy 
Ro^in^4^nt, vFif^rrof nrtthcr horK^ nor iDan oould bo iujui^; 
Lcr Itrt^iiatTiit, ii.imi-ly, of Tnilms im Marv8? ThiU4 t-ver^- 
where ia Lhi^ f^iLetliood Ukt^n for griint4:d, and acted on as hel 
iadiapoit&hTe fnct 

*^ N"t'vi*rt.]ji'l«ji, nf*i*d 1 ptit tJip qnp*.tion lo any PliyBlologfat. 
vhebhcff it is dispuUblc or not ? Sc<-nj« it not at li>uat ]>rr- 
iumablo^ Uutt, under hui C'lotb^ Uic T&iltfr 1u« L>oncs «nd 
ritfL>ra, and other raiucleH than th« aartoriu*? Wbieb hino- 
tlou uf ui4Uiliuud ifl i]iR Tailor not I'l-iiiJMcrtEjred to jierfoctn ? Can 
br tot arwAt for d^tA? la be not in most oonnttioa a tax- 
[laying animal? 

*' To nu rvadtfr of tliin Voltjm** ran It V doubtful wbieb con- 
▼iciioA ia mxm^ Sny if tbc fruit of lliese long xigii^* aunl 
almost t>[>^^rnatarU tn<[ULnos, la not to \iciiali utterly, Uie 
vofid will tuivc [tpproiiEin.-iUd towarxlK a bi^fber TruUii and 
the doRtrine. which i^wifl, with tlj<* kwri forty^ut of gonlus, 
dimly anttctpEitcdi will utiuul rtrfiUcd in clear U|;lit : that tht 




Tailor is not only ft Van, bnt vmiothiDg of a CK>fitor or Dirin- 
itj. Of Franklin it wim haLMU tlia-t *lifl aiuiU^im] tin* TbniKW 
£roia Heaven aud ili-? Sctj>t» from Klu^ii;' l«n vbicli U 
gn>&t«r, 1 would a^k, h« thnt Ivudi^or b« tiiot ^ii.Ucliei)? Kor, 
looVing nwny frnin individii^ r^c^nM^ aiiii ht^w a M»it js b^ 
tlic Tnilur urrw-cnsattfd iiitcr n NobltTiiiiUi, nuil i?lolh(nI luil DnJy 
wiLti Wool lui with Uigciity atud a Mj»tio Dominion, --ii not 
the fair fabrio of SoeiMj itself, vith all iu royal nuatlei und 
pOTitili(t%l irU)lc», whifreby^ from rak^rbives ttni] dUni«mb«rN 
meaty wc tav of^onucd into Tolitit^ into uttions, and ft wboI» 
•o«pOT«^g M^uikiudr tliu i^rvution, u hiui li«ra bttn often 
fn^fR^Cably evinc^i, of th«* Tailor ilonef — Wliat too uo 
^l PoK* «.'ir3 jiicETft] To^kC.hcrs but a »|iiiicle« of M«tAjiIjorica] 
Tulorn? Tonchiaff vrhich hit:h <juild tkc lEtcotoAt lirin^ 
Guild brotlii3r Los triuiuphantlv juik«d uit : ^N&^ il thon wilt 
luiru itf wlko but tbv I'o4.'L limL iuuJl* tioda furin^n; bnju]flkt 
Uieia di>wu U) lui; aud Tm&M Uh u]i to tUem?' 

'-Atid iliia is hf*. whum ^ktlln^ dovncaati on t1;« hard beeia 
of hU Shopboafij the world tr<>at8 with contumely, aa the 
ninlb |inrt of a man! 1«nok up, tluin inucb-injnrAd onp^ took 
Uji with tho Itindling ^vi^ oC licipn^ and pro^fbctio bodlngv of x 
nublc b(^ttl1^ time. Ti>i> Lcu^ luiat tl;ou sf^t there, on tirouvd 
h^f tfuuriug thy SLiikld-joiiitfi to horn; Like some aiicn^ 
Aiichoriii?, or Cailiollv Fuklr, dtring penaiioe^ drawing down 
Heaven's richest Ucfl»inf», for a world tbst scofTed «t thee. 
Be of hope! Already tttrnakji of blue peer tbroaf^bourdoudA; 
the thick gloom of Ignonnc« is roULng aaund*r, and Jt rlU b« 
Bay, MiiiktiTiI will repay wttii inti-rMt thtrtr loiig<AorTtumlAt«d 
doH: the Ancfaotite that vae ecoffcd at will be worshipped \ 
ths Fraction wtU boeom« not tux lategnr only, bnt & Square 
and Cn\ie. Wtth ajitonijthnn*nt thi» world will TMAf^nire that 
th« T&ilor b \u Ki^rDpUftDt and Hieraroh, or even itn OckI. 

^A« 1 etocH^ in tbo MooquA of St Bopbia, and lookod upon 
thoM Foui^ond-Twf-nty Tulon« Mvinf( anil embroidering that 
nob Clutb. whicli the SuIUu swiida yisuly for the Caaba uf 
MeccA, 1 thodi^ht withiu myself: Hov laAny other Unboliea 
hju yoivr eoToring Art mado holy, besides thii Ambi:ui 




■■fttUl tnoro taorkbi^ «nu it wbra, tunuog tba comv ctf 
ft Uav iti tlie flHiUiali Town uf EiiintiLit^.b, I ruran ii|ioii a 
tiigDpuet, wherooo a&»od vnUen that mKh utd vxh « oob 
wftB ' if f«eobd^Mjik«ET to hi« Uajaelj}' ftftd stood pamlod the 
XSgieg of a. PMr nt IjHothrr BnwcJiM^ acrl lietveeD tlie k[ie«0 
UiMN amnocablc vorda, Sic irvtL ah AjrtKA. Wm Doi Oi'a tbe 
lurtjT (irittou-apowli ol 4 Tuior sicliuig i»dM4 id boad*, jtt 
iifjlim^ towAPcU dolJT^mtfA, and propkBtkBlljr ftppotling to m 
WttiT -Uf ? A daj of jojdicv^ whma tiie worth of Brenlitl 
mmUI Le kt^umI to toiui, and tbe SdaaQCB becoaiir tannn 

*> >'«fther, perhi^ nuj I dov uy^ Lai tut ftpp^Al Wn Alt«- 
getliM- Id vaiii. It waa in i\ua Iu|Ji uouiAiit, when tfaie kiiiI, 
nntt as it ««rer and sIwkI asuuilfir, b opon to inoqririnx iafia- 
«nea, tlmt 1 Gnt oooooiv^ tbu Work on Clo<tb«» : th« gNatacI 
J can eVfM' buijHi U> 60 ; which him idraody, altiv lovfr netanlft* 
LJuuA, LJcMTupinl, aad »iU jct wrupj, w birgv tt M^^iuju ul lujr 
Life { aud of rHoli tbe PruBary aud aiEUpIei Portion mj^ 
ham find it» condosioa" 



60 bare v« €i)dft%TrEr*«1, fmm tlie rnonuoiiA, aiuorpbaus 

fcbdNtnkh hnd knouUd Tor kizs (tiUow-joorUd^f to pan^ out tJie 
oliojceet numftr aud present ihem «iipaiut«]y on n cov^t of out 
own, A laUincMis, ppvl^Lftfia a Ui^J^ldw i^ilU-ii'Hhp ; in wliicli, 
liowvmr soroffthiiiff of liope haa oooaaiocuLlix chocrod tu, aati 
of vbtch w« con oow wactb oiir bucde not uiUff^-liiur tviLhoul 
•itiafactlon. If het«by, though iii harbarii: wtt^ &otne luwrul 
of iipUilcui] QOtiitAhjiii-ri^l, hAVdv li(.'4iu aild^^d to tlw auaaty miiou 
of coi belored Briti«b world, wliat noUar rdoookpooso couli} 
tbi? hUlit4>r liiudn? If it prove otherwiao, why ahould lie 
0unQ-ar? Was tu>i tliid aTA»k wMoh D<«tbiy, iu any 

C^^r. XIL 



lud ctppoiiiM hint ; which having nov doao with, ho a?^ hii 
geconl tHy'vvork %o much thu li^litrr, tu miu^ tho thorti.^ ? 

Of Professor TcufcladrticUi it at^ema tmpoadible to iahe 
lamva viihuut a mingled fnHiitg of ^u^umij^iutTrii, gTLtitud^, 
and 0]Ku.p|irov^. Wlro viU not regfvf lluit t;Lli*nL«, wliich 
Coitrlit bavo proSteiJ hx ttie L{j;b«T wullia of Fbiloduphj. or is 
Art itanlf, hnvo hvt^n $o mnc^h d^voUsd to a ramujo^in^ amon^ 
lumlHrr'rooinn ; nxy too oftrm to ft ncrupltig in hc^tmols, wltAiv 
lort rings mil iii^rH'tid-M'"''kl4UT«i are rtuwuw thr aolw fnit- 
^n«ata ? £kgrct la inutvoidAbk ^ yet ceriauw wero loos of tiaw. 
To vuit him of hia TQAd hiuiiora BritiBh Oitioiam ivcmld MSaj 
in raift : enough for hpt if slir P*vn, by vigilanfn, pivri*nt tli*> 
^rwuling of iiioJi luuou^ mii^c^lven. Whut a rr-sultr iihooM 
thia piel>ald, cnUnsl*?tS. hviH^riiietapIiorical fltyle of writinK* 
not to say of thiobirg, become gf^noral among onr Literat7 
nu^n? As it might w PUsUy do. TIiittj hfm not th« Kdttcir 
himself, workiDg over Tnifels(lr»k-lth"a rjfriniHi, ioflt much of 
his own Englieli purity 7 Erfn aa the smnJl^r whirlpool ia 
mok^ into the larger, and iua;Ie to vhtrl aXong vMh It^ bu 
Hm ttui hy;*n?ir mind, in Jliis m^ljinee, liorn forri-d to become 
portion of the icrentrr, niid, like it* src a1] thing? tigiLm- 
tlnly ^ which h^bit timu uud ufiiduoua effort wdl be needed 
to enid Irate. 

N«TrTtIiclp*fl» wayward a« our Pn>fcs*or ahow* himself, is 
there uxy nadct thnt ciui purt with him in d<^'hu'i'd enmity? 
Let US coQfeaA^ tJiera is that iu the wild* much-AUfferingj mui^b- 
inflictittg Qian, whioh jiliiioHt aitachtis us. Hia nttiludt^, wa 
will hope and believe, \fi that nf n man who bad eaid to Caati 
Begone; xad to Dilettanti i^m. Here tbon ouivt not ba; and to 
TrLith, Be tliuu In p1aj>e of all tf) mn : a man who hiul inmnfully 
d^linl the " Tim^Piinoe,'* or Devil, to bis face; nay perliajin. 
Kuiuutnl'likrs wna mjiEterioiir^ly cniiiierratcii fmin birth to thqt 
wnrfiirri, und rrow stood uifnd«d t^ wsgt tb^ niune^ by all weap< 
on.% iu all placca, at all tiiue*r. lu aiicb ^ euude, tuky tioMivr, 
were tic but n I'olock Sci'thr^man, i^Jiall br wrkoinc. 

flt!]1 the 'itiostion returni on -an: How e<>u1(i & man 0W&- 
aioiallj' of keen bi^igUt, not without kiwn svnse of propriety, 



Ilof-K IIL 

^■ha lud real TboogliU t^ coMU&ioatfi, tmoIvo to emit tlwa 
in a shap^ bordmng to oiowlf on ttu sbmrd ? Wb;«h quo>- 
tkm 1i<% wnri! winer than Lbv imuent Ediuir vh<> ihrnild nti^ 
iAOlorilx onawer. Out «aojoclvm b^ aomoli&ica bcoQ, Utac 
porhflfjB Neues^ity &« vt'II ,ia Cboioe i(^ (*onoem«d in it. 
$««ma it Qot rH»nri-ivabli> tltut, in ft Life likr nur Prnfeetor*^ 
wbrni vo mttf^h buontifnilj giren by KAlnre bnd itj Pntctii?« 
&£l«d and mUicone, Lil«ralui« also viraM ueri^r rigbtlx pro;^ 
per: that striding vi^h hin chjtfWt«nKtio ^h^imetwe lo jNui^t 
thin ntK] tJi« fitbrr rirtnn.% Mid rvex witlmiil >n]<Lr4>fiS, hfi &t Ust 
dei^eratolj daahcd liia apuoge*, full of all r^liJtcs afaiiiAt Uie 
eaiiTW, to try wh«her it will paint Town ? With all hia rtill. 
Q^ftA, thf»r^ ur^T« |>orhap< In TfoifoladrodLh dMporation «iioii^ 
for i\m 

A Sfloocd conjephaw wo luunnl with oycu kaa warran^. It 
la, that l«tife)adtxiokh i« not wiUiout eome tauot cf the ruuvet* 
Ba] feeling, a wish lo pro^fljiix* Hi>w oft*n already hara 
n paiucd, cncrTtnin whcthrr the baeia of tliia ao r-ulino^tiD 
natoTO wcTC ttally Stoicridu uid Dtripair. or Ixvc aiid Hope 
only srared Into tho fl^re of t1ie»e E Kfuuifkabl«, morcoivvr. 
Is this aaying of his: **Hov were Frimiilahip jjoaalhlel' In 
mntnnl dcvotodnotti to the Oocx3 and Tnio ; otLonviac iiapofr 
iiiblt?^ ^xcopt aa AimtHl »utrality, (jr hollow Comnirrvi^l 
1^:i(;iie. A mau^ \x* tlie Hi^ivetiK wer pnifuprl. !« auflU-irfit for 
LuJiB^lf ; yf*t wrrr tru niiMw u[ut(<4l in Ltive. oa|>£ib1e uf Wtn^; 
and of domir what iea thousand ainicly would fiul in. liLfinit« 
ia tha h#lp man can yivld to man-" And now in (»njtinctiofli 
tlwrawith iM>itiiidrr tUiw nthur : *• t: in thu Xigbt of Uie Worid, 
and »tiU lun([ till it be Day ; n« wander amid tlir (^limtitrr of 
BBaoking rains, Ami th^ Sun and tli<^ Htara of H^umi nra aa 
if hfottrd out fcir a enjuiftn; and two im^ieajnirnbli? Phantoma, 
Hvi-if<«tF(v aiiil Atii*^i»m, with thi* OhtmU Sk^wmtaijtt. %Ui\k 
abroad OWT th^ Earth, and call it thcin : wril at com are the 
6le«-p«T» for whom lCxtstii?iu.<o ift o shallow Dtvuni/' 

Biit whiit '*f lb*' awfr^tnirk Wak*»fnl uhii find \t a Rwllty? 
Sluiuld iioi Uii^ac Quito ; xinri^ rivn im ^uithrnticr Rpi^rtvr in not 
visihle tcTwo? — In whi^h ra^ were thi* Knormotn <1atbe»- 
VolatnA properly an vnonnuna JHccb-pan, which our T^ufela- 

cmsf, ZIt. 



dr&cVli in bb lom^ wnt(*k-r4fwt-r had kbidle^^ tliai \i mi|[ht 
flam^ ftr uid vide iUroui:U the Nitrlit. and many a <Uwnn* 
flolMfccly wondoriniE flf"!^'^ ^^ maided tltitiuit- u* a JJnitbrr'i 
tKW)mI-*W« ifay a« bt^fore, with -^11 his iiuiltifTi ImUEorvDev', 
vUu kou^A wtuLt u^iul I[upcv» Lliifi luau □!&> liailvr i* 

Meanwhile there i« ouf? fact to tK^ stated boi^, vhicb har- 
Taoni?«!i JU with mch oon jeetnrfl ; and, indeed, wpi* T<iifftls- 
dri^^kh Buuli? like i>iheT uiirn, might ha good ju altogrtlwr 
euhr«rt it. Kani«l7r ibat vbile ih^ B^acuu-lirc bl;a«d ita 
brifclitcfst. the Wati^boi.'kn h^d quitted it ; that do pilgrioi could 
DOW ludt him; W;^^Jiiuiiii, what ot the Kigbtf PK>f<iASor 
Teiifr!.iilrrt<^kil, l« it bnawn. ia no 1uug«T vihiljly pwflriit al 

WciAaDicbtwo, but af^tD to all appearance lost t& apAoe I 
Soni« time n^^ tb@ Uofnith H^udi^hjucko wai plooAod to f^ror 
Ds nitli another ecipiciiH Kpistle ; whortLii mueb is vaid aboat 
tlie ^'Populatio^i-luntitutv ;'^ luunh rupe^t^ iu prataa of iho 
Paper>bag I>t»?uiu(^iit3, tlio hieroglyphic lutiire of whidi cur 
Hofratb «till Aeema not to hftv^ ermu^ad ; and, lk8t\y, th« 
ntiwifpritt <r/<.nrrt^rn eniriiminii^Kii'dr In nx fnr tb<' l^nct timr, in 
the foUowinc paragraph: — 

"Aw. fl'oA/snfkferp^ w;lt hare »eon from the l*ubUe l^rinlSr 
with wbfti aft^ctii^nivtn and hitherto fruiilpw »nlicitiKU' U'cisa* 
ttiohtvio n^ar<U ihr divappranuico of her Simc. flight but 
the anitftl roice of QrrakAny pperail 00 Irnn to rehira; nnj 
eonld we hvt »o innch aa okioidoto for onr«olv«« hy what mya- 
bety h» w#mt away I Biit, a3ftS, oH T.ipsrhen rttpcHrnrrA iir 
■ffiecta tbe profoiuulest dcafncra, tbo iprvfoimdcBt i^Tionmcc: 
in tbo WahngnaoG all boa swept, niloat, suaied up [ tha i'riTj 
CooncU itwdf can hitherto vVuAi no aii^w^r. 

"Tt bad Iwc^t reTiiiir):r>1 that whi1>* the ablating n^wa of 
tbOM PatiaiaJi Three Daya flew fiom month to motitb, and 
dnaod crtry oar in W^iiwcichtwo, Hcrr Tc^ilcbdrtttkh woa 
not known, at the Gtmt or ehu.-wh«ff«, tc bav'e spnlrf^, for a 
wbnh* vrirk, an^ a^jlhihli- ev^pt taLvv< Ihebc tl^rcc : Kj jftM an 
(It la besinniiis), Slivrtly afWj, w AV. W"oA/^c6crwi kiiowfl^ 
wa» thfl pnb)ie trnn^uiUi^ her^, as in Borlin, tbre»twipd by 1 
Sedition of thf« TBultirs. N<ir dirl Ifceif want Rvil-wMbrrx, 
€f pvrKaps tocrc dtiiperate Aluuuitc, who Aonvrtod that tb« 



UooM UL 

fltoeiDfr ChAfitor of the Clothe^Volume was to bUmo> In Uii« 
»|>pcUliiLg orUU. the B^reiiity of our Fliilosnph^^r wiw indMorftk 
&lilt); oajp puilja|ifi tbroufch odi? hamble indiridual, sooicrttuac 
iU^r^f QL3);bt paaK iiit^j tke K^iA (Council) iUoIf, fend co ooa- 
tribut^ to tho iTOunirys dehver&niw. The TaUora tre now 

"To neJthfT i>f thwc two inrridfmto mo I attrihnU our loaa ; 
f <>t rtili (>4>nt^A thoro tbe ahii^low of a &iu]>loton out of Vari» 
tind it!i FolitioH. For fxsitnjil*-, wIk^ti thf. Snifti'Sijwnian 
S<rc\^jf Ujujaijiittej ils l'ropositio[ks hithor, aulI LLt! whule 
Gtuviia one viust mcklc* of laugtitcr, Jiuncnttttton iLiid netOD- 
ffthncfit, our S4e;« sat inuu; and at the end of Ui« thiM otcd- 
Ing «aid ni^relj : ' Here also arfl m*"!! wh» baT« dlai:ioveret!. 
Dot witLoitt funaxcmoiit, that Miui 15 ictill Mah ; of which 
high, long-forgottnQ Truth j-ou (drco^Ly ftuv thum muk^t ji faUe 
Pipplimticm.* SiTK'e tlif'fi, :ui hju been ik^vrtatiii^ by i<TiLn]i> 
DiLtion of ibe rusl-DitvrltJt, there jKLwtt^J hi Inifll <mn LftUrr 
with its Answer bptweeo tho M^aieun Ba£&Td<EufaLntiii uul 
our Vr^POAOT htmn^lf ; of what t^inor con now only b^ OODJOO^ 
tumL On the tifth tiij^hl foIUivin^, hn wiw ftorn for thfi laot 

■■ Hm thia Uk'raiii&ble m&u, so obnoxiotm to inoet of the hott- 
ti1« SooU thut conviiUn oiu- Era, be«n spirited awaj by c«t- 
fain of thHr rmiKsari™; or dli) hi^ fpi forth volnntarily to 
their L«^-qu&rttin to confer with thom, nnd confront thrm ? 
It«Q8on we havfi, at teut of a DOgali^a sort^ to b(>licT« Um 
I>ortti utill liviiijf; niip wiilowiAil hwirt also whisper* that er* 
]utig be will hlin^df give a vijEit, OthrrwUt', iri<Wi), hU 
orchivce tuuut *>nv day, be opened by Authority; whrrr mueh^ 
jMrrh»p« the* Ptituujt^uU itaelf. U tho^ht to be reposited." 

Thus far thf* Hofratli ; ^ho mtii«h<'«, as id hia wont« too 
lik^j &Q Jgnig Patutie, leariQg the dark at;U darki^r. 

So that T<tiifplmlf^ii^kh'fi ]>iib1ic Hi^t^^ry were not done, then, 
or redno4?rl Irf an rwr, unromontir Iruop; nay, j»'rhji|ff" ths 
hi^lter pftrt tUt-reof wi*ri' o«ily JK.-giunin(j ? We stand ia ft 
TBgimi of con)«i*ttirM. wh<>r« eabfltancv> h^ melted into thodov, 
A&d one oauiiot bs diatinpuHhed from the other. May Tiroev 

DuTi xn. 



whicL solviea or puppTts««a all pn4)l(TCi», thn>w ;Uii li^ht ou 
thifl &1ao ! Our qw& privnto ooajocturc^ now uaouDtuag 
klniost to cenainty, la Um, Bafe*mooi«d tu ftome ttUl«»t 

LobdoCL 1 

H4ir«v lic«i>ver, ecm th^ pr«t«Dt Editcr, with an ambioftial 
Joy uof over-we&Hafias faUtti^ iuto Hl4ie[i, tii}' dovu his petL 
Well doea ho know, if huoLikii tcfltimon; bo worth Mi^lil* HM 
td ituiiiiDorablo Bntisli readerv likvwuft, tkui U a utMying 
ootticmniatloD ; th&t iuuiiiuenbl^ Bnti&h r«&dex» ooouidaf 
himj diU'tuf them coireut uiuuUu, but a& an xmtajty interrup- 
ticni to Uicir wny« of th(>i:ight mid digcstiovi ^ luid indicate «o 
Dtiebr not n-tthcnt n i^ertAin initui^ amd even ipoken Idtw- 
Live. For whicli^ aK fur iithf^r merde^ ought not he to UiAuk 
Itw Upper Tow^T9 ? To ono and nil of yon, O irritntod 
ncukn, h«Lj vhth ontstrvtcJiod ivnn« nnd opvn h«artj will wart 
a kicd far^iwi'lL Thou too, minoubiut E^itity, who nani^tt 
thyni'lF VciuKK luiii CiLiVKti, mv} witli tby viviu^itjes anJ grui- 
&]itiu8« with thy all too Irish tntrth And m&dneAai. Jind oJor of 
polled funob, mjLku«t euch tftnuigo work, far^i^eU j long m 
thon (smut, fsLre-MV/f/ H&r^ w« not* In Ui« couis^ nf Ttift- 
nity, trATolIod ^oinv- nuiiLtlix of <iLr rifi"-JourQi']r in iiartial 
^ht of one iinothcT ; have we not exutcd tcgetbor« thoui^li in 
t e*4tA of quftrre) 7 

VVk t 


^39 qiowtioBiblA little Book vnu uadotibtcdly vrttteu 
tmoDg tho moimtain Bolitudea, in IV^i i but, owinj; to impodi* 
aonto aatuTAl nad uwideDtal, could not, tor s^i'eti jea^ laorti, 
appear u ft Volume iu Ku^luinI; — aiid Ii;ul at UsI. to dip 
itft^ in piocc», amd be content to struggle out, bit b^ bit* 
in Honid couro^oiu Mayatinc thnt offered. WlK-rcbj now, to 
outala idly ourloua t*ad*ra. aiwl ev^u to inya*U dll I mak* 
Btu<l.v. the LufliguiliiiiiiL l»ul:it liut irriUtirg qurttiuu. ftTiat ilA 
real hiatory ftud ckronology ftro, U| if Dot maolublo^ considera- 
bly involwd in hsaa. 

Tftth<» llrat EiiglUh KLlition, 18M, vhu'!i «ii Am<:n[3in, or 
twti Atiierinui bui now opi^iied tUt? iray lor, l]i*?ce tbm bH^LI* 
^ly ]iTf<tijtod, uiidtn- the titli?, " TiM/>ntOfttar «/ Authf^rg,*' somo 
straggle of real dociim^tit*, whii'h, now that I find it again, 
iwt9t tliH rnAUi^r inla r^t^r \ig;ht nrid Hi-i)urnrr : — . uml kHuII liun*, 
for rcinoTftl of idle atnmhling'blo^k;! acd cmg^itory gut.'3aiags 
ircm tlie path of vyw/ «*ad&r, be wjnijited a« it tlood, ( Jk- 


L BiQitBet Ci^99, BoovBfiLLCi^a T^eriut* 

Tteer tc BtiohttBfr, — ^' Tfi*» k^xhjr of TrMAWfocU U * purvoa «r 
1iil4>iit : bin work <liB|]1jk^ b(*iv nnrl thi-iv bohia Mi'^ltj of thought and 
*iI»r#™ioB, r^anadcniblc fuTtcy nod kiniwleilir* : bill wtahpr or not H 
wiimIiI liikp with dw ]>ub1li< ivrinii drniMftil- Pnr ft ^ d'latpFit nf ihat 
kiTiil ii U t^jo long; U wooLi Li&rp ntfHed bMier *• an miaj or artid* 



thaa M > t't■ltIM(^ Thtf \ath-^T hiu no gMM Iftel ; hb v!l i» frrqiMnilly 

Ubioff. nnii Hii»wi<r*d llrit Eiv wuh lf.«rui(^ tu bv lirtlf. ii tbc vuk ^ 

BwiJmilfft to fjitfof. — -'AJlnir IS* tkvij ibal math ■ nrittfr K<t4iini 
uqIj 4 litlJhe mom faioL to pruJiKc a popular ft* wdl iw *u hUv vurk< 
Duratftlj- <m nuMUvinu; yi>Eir |>f<niiiMHit«, I ttiA joar Mb- Ic u g«DU«njutt 

Jhehtilitp; I bi>w 4me[iHf> yi>n LU npinknn, ivtunh, yoit majr rvlj upon it, 
U 4 JtuE <Akc: luti I Lave (<h> lm;b ■■« upiiiiuu vf yuiir noijd a«au0 (u" 
Im. &«. — JVf«. {pfiw» tuwj, Ltrndr/m, l7iA .SrpcmAir, 1931- 

n. CHtTir or Tilir Svx 
'^^yatff's 3fayinM exhibit! tlir imu^ brillUtir;, aail »iJki th»' St^ 

llunj^lil 4znl atrikii^ pirLin vlgut. Bui wimi dim iho ^nli«r tni*a\t Uj 
' Biip^<ifnotie Gn*lmptif<m " f Why i?aT(nrt hi* Inr nitdv hit pHintrj, 
Uid wrltv laT wi tj iimko Kimnilf ^utti-ndl^ iutrllij.-iblr f Wci qtirO/* by 
wnj nf mipitflty » Miiib-tirv frviin \hv S*itit/r ifMttrtv^ ; u-hi«b maf bo 
jvmJ «ilbvr bw^kv^rib i>r ft^invAnl^, fur il ia wi|iialiy iutvUij^iblo wUier 
WRf ! 1d4c«4, bf Wpi^unuuf ai ibo iniK Ami no wtwWay ttp to ib« htrnd, 
ire Itink ih« ri^ad«T vrlU mftuJ iht £iuth1 i^liniirc ^^f |;en]lt|[ nl h> fuM&- 
liig : * Tlw Arr-lApiJivil t-.iu]. lou|^ hi> ii04iiiir<l attd tilDudof'rhvn, tier* 
1^ tic (iwu frrtiduiij; vrtijdi fiHilIug i» ita tIapLL>iDf.ijc htip^mi Ota 
dEflrinl <:if iDi vVicitfl klTi|;il(>in U hii ihns ^liinivl bj akuiiIt, Tin<) trill 
brrp JOrippi^Abt^ ; onEwnrdi* ft.nii wMth rfir rri[iiilitt»ir ildirtriiionflH tvA 
Irjjb^i^il viThniTt hnnl bntlCTing. wiLI ^ritiblJn bjr rlrgrHii he mnrjuorvd 

, » . " After ft eurfbt Hanrr^ rf iho vbnir pmimiT, rnir IwBrf 1* thjit 
iw null p^ivom «4 Profirn'm '['i-ufrUdrArLh 'ir CVnioicllar IlcoMihrr^Jco 
evu rxbiEiici^ duathonlx F^^ivr-lm^, iriih tU'tr rbtna-inh Lurripiiaiu 
vid nmHSikrimt coiilcDtBi arc a iiK^n^ fljruii^Tit t^f [hiT brhin; iW th« 
' pcBBont EiliUir * U ihf cmly iwnoK who h.-isi rvr WThirp upon tb«? PhK 
l(*uptij <i d-tii^ ; and that tho Earlier Jiafprfun u tb« cmlj trr^dio 
lliAt bn* j*?! ofTifuirvd u^hjq timt Bubjeeu^iu Bbml, dial iLa v'Ltnlff 
MXXfOUl vf LtjB Mtii^ti of i\m vt^'tk Ij-rfcktf rit, vr^m-JL tbff iDlkpoMd EdiLrtf 
nLiie* vltb an niue^ ^vllv, and uf vhlt^U wo Iutd jclren k btief 
Abatrmct, i«, in pUiia Englub, s hum. 


'* Williniii tniuLliDit OUT rf^dcn M Jhiiy prM Irngth m^th f>iiT rtuviu 
£0T cDl4>rtiuiirb^ thc*a aarpic^ionB, »c loaj retnm'k, that Uic ab«on« of 
kU uiii&r iDfomuitkit] <jq the iiatiirct, ctnpt irhat ii wntdiocd in Uic 
WArbt i4 itAA^f 4 hkri i>r ft iiinut iljpiAf-ATil rhnrn^fir, TT)^ t1ii>]« Gfr. 
mikD prf«Mf Ml HvU fin tho fttrtlciilAr one whu» iIlc vri-fk i>iitih>t1i» to 
faAVo hiiflo [I ririEf^l. uvint to br auJur the nuntrol of Stttitchaa^m tn^ 
CGd* — ' Sil«DOc &ud Coicputij- If tli4< Clothn-riutaflfrpbj iUi<i Ita Auihot 
V0 ruHJciug S'\ j^riTU it HiiL>»ij rljiEiufiliinJl QiTiiiKuj n» \b ]in<rudr>d, 
liinr ljiij>l>iifiii a ibut tha i-nly ratioo to havo 1/ lIio fo^i b onatjuiimj uj 
II r<*w ninnlH*Ri of a muatlUf Mo^uiue |iiiblUh«d m Lonibn! Hrtv 
lui|jpviin H itut no itil«llig«ao« kibciol Ihv inutWr tuH nuiac out J^rfcOy to 
tUlB oouuity f Wp pjiiuv oun4-Urt Li-TT- iu Kvw Euulmid ujhiu hriow- 
In^ iiT ImM tti niunh ft wtuit 1r H^ituf; on in !>]« liutnrj vii^ in Ihiy n\A 
Ducoti MiiU;<'T'Uuil jui our bri^llirea uf liiu fivL-auclLrin'rl lili* ; Itut tling 
fikT trc have nc tiilings whntov^r of tfio * vxiraiiivp olo«c-pniilcd. rlo*^ 
moitiUlecJ vulunji-/ wLich furuin Lhv Mibjuci of tliie [in-(milc<i couiulcq* 
Urj^ A^n, v»(i vri^Li3<L r<4|if>ntfo]L; iii^uiro <if d^n ' piwmit bftitvr' 
upon kvtiut iMJt I'T ihv nm^j uf Q^^rrDAUjr ir« bra Ui touh fur iIju oily uf 
WtutnvAtv^o — ' Jtaow-not- whore ' — %\ whicb pUM tbtF ^fort i» Pup- 
poAod t\f tidvo bccD prinicd, nu<l Uw AuUiuj lo liavo ir-niJcii. li liu« 
b^^n oiTr ^■ntiiii^ Li vUli iu<vOr^ pOrtlGiiM of itit Gcnnnu tAjntoTy, JUal 
to t<jaiiuij« pnMj raircfuUy, at dil&iTeiU tuocs twtd for \ikhiJit« iruj>uH3, 
map* of tbo whol« ; bet vro hftvo no r»oaU««tion of onj such fUo*. 
We »is]«ct lh4t ibu eiljr of ffnfffC-FMJf ■ tf 'fciTo mg\il be rollt^. with «t 
iMHt M miioh pminiHy^ A*o60'J^^JbiOw*-«'Avrf. impJ in I" ln> f-nin*! in lb** 

k^wliora ihf iimpciHcl AnOuir '>r Vjo vr^rk la sulJ <a tinvo f^oBBiMl hui 
yomb, ftuil thut i>f Iltnio'nchlj^, wb^re ho 1i«4 bU ^dacdtlf'ii. i^rt oqLuUj 
foreigii to our googrv^hy Diji>k*|]uncb r^ongli tb(<r*< undi>riHu-'1ly ur 
to &]ii)Mt rTFTj TiUiij^ in OemiJiuFi m the traT«11rT in xh'ii ooriDtrjr 
knrtw* lotP veil lii lilit iviBi. Imi fljiv p*rib?atiir vUtiffo dnnranliintpd Iliiok- 
poad is I0 m (JlOigrthor Errra iKos^nilo. The urtuio* of ihe ^fcrsiaiagco 
»r» iKfl, li-** fltTigninr LhBii thiw* nf tlm pbuv^n, Wbn run r^fmSn from ft 
•mil* 4t ibit yihkinic t'ic>*1bi>r t^t M\rh n pur i>f flpprHniiv-A at jyuiniticft 
T<iufd«lrftrkh 1 Th* mrppinirtl bi'flrrr i>f ibla Btrnntfo Tittii U mprfiwTitnil 
M fldmittinK, JB b" proicndod nm-^biaffrnphT, thai ' he hod Bfujchpd to 
Qo purjKWc thrtiiigl] nil thn KcmW* b<iiik> In an^f ffUlioiii thv Gennan 
viijpin^, aaJ ihroTicb oU iDocikcr of Siibf^Tir<r«'-1J«t«, Militia >ro1Ifl| ftnd 
oiliM Xviie-nUit^ifUP^,' but bul tiiiw}i<«p> l-ft'ii nl-lo bi flnJ * A« uino 
TMbUdrAvkb, «zv4^ ft* ftppfiuiInJ 111 hu o\m ^TcrfLon/ Wa i^u rr«kd- 
Hy boUflVM ibi«, ftud wo diiubt iiry ajui^b vbMbi-r Aiijr (.^limiijiu iwftDt 
would ibiok of eondmaaiiig ■ »ii to <*vry ihrougb bfft tfao bardmt of ta 



r«jj>l(*iuiiot ■ tJll^ Thai of Ctrv UM^ht Jli'UvltrMke — * rtr^wlif Fpptf ' — 
themgh not oETcoaiTp, Wikt txmfih ithtv like a piofw of f&DPj^-ir-trk ilinn 
a 'Ur buuucM (fibuxkcijuu/ Tliv tamiv may W uid a( Blutm^tr — 
' Flfjvar-Ooddeu ' — tho hcrDln* nf th« &h^« ; uml tn f<f Lhe rrM- 

" In ilioil, oui privaie opinioD li, m ve bft^c rnninikMl, OiM tbe 
irbola Moi^of ft«orTv«poiid«Doe urith GormADji k aiuitfrilir of NAb«d j- 
kiicwi-wbrpt", A I'fofwBijr '>f Thini^s |u Q«iivtaJ. » Couiwisllor linu>- 
ho|>fii'r, tt t'bwor-L>*Hl<Ltuu J&LutnlTic, aniJ »o forth* liu nboul u much 
Fimr^iUlimi m iruih Ad the Ut« vnicrtAiatufc A^j>ubl of Hr J^^hii Jl«- 
Boh^'Ut <hh:oV4ri«i [n iLu iil<ioii, Fictiouit of thki hiaJ m^t h<"Vi*v«t, uM 
aDuoiflmoii, Bud onekl not, pnbapo, lo bo eoudiriiiurJ witb Vh> luurL 
•t^ri^rtljr; hut vrann* tmi mr* th^t tVA nn ^v^r«iio Oj& Mffio iE]Llulg>;n«i 
to iTfc^ b^ tbo attempt, vblfli Mcmi to b<i mtdo lo miBlrAd the publia 
M Da thft iDbiitAiiro lyf iho Work lH'fr>n ni. «diI Iia |invt«nif#pf1 Qf^mmii 
dri^DoL Uolh pTUport, u wo bftTp Mfn, lu be upoD Uko aubjert of 
CliEb'<«, or Aren. Chthf*. Ihfir Oriffia mi4 Ii'JI't'^nfr. it ihr lltif of ihn 
■iipjirtftid l^cfTfULii lri'nti«i* uf Pr^ffwor 'IVrrfflfl-irot-kh. nitd llic nfct)*M 
aM lUJiiti Lif NfitA>r /fraH^rAw— tb^ Tuilnr I'jitHifld — irliinh lhi> |kn«imt 

VAf. But though ihctf. » 14 £o»d ili^J i>f riinini k ilif(iaf[lkOLit iTio vr^irk 
in a VioJf oTurua. hnLf o^^i-iiti^ u\^\v uf<H>]j Jj^^tf, ^i ivvuiA i*.' In? lu roallij a 
rnnUn'^ UfHiii tFiL< gmt HL'itLicv uf Tljliiipf iu GvrjrmJ, wliuili TimiMh' 
drArkh in mpp^^eod W luivo |in>fcib>(td itt l]ti> uulv'irelty ;.l Nolhidjr-kDovr*- 
»bi-ri-, Si'W. ivirJihiit hfii-udniif ^lAlloJl1Jl ifo rl^iA ^ijiiidMn] nf ttuin^U, 
wi> tinfii thtrt vn^ doobt n Utllij lb* pf^tjfiif'tjF of uffrring [« llio |>n\ij|f a 
tiTatiw :iu TljlriK* In Ooiiml^ uuiJrt ibt* niiine nod iu (fic* form of nu 

Eun^ on Dtna. P^r ourMlron, iL'Il-ilti I ai wn iiafiirtuiiai^l^ am in 

lbi» jn'iirnej uf IJfo. far btyuud Ibu iw^rKil whru ilrcw U |kiv.tic«II)r n 
manor of Inb-nwt, w.- liuv.' i^'* iHHilnUiJn in nayiOf^. (tial (ho real vutjo^rt 
(if lln* wiirk r» W <iJ< iii-ri' Hllmi'fiv* tbau ihc fflieiifiblt <flir. Bui ihi* 
ti |irtibabty not tbc cmo villi ibo hhuu of TvHdem, 1\> tli^ foitnjc*r 
ponbu ijif iJw wmmuniiy, whicL ooiaititutw I'tvrywL^w tliw itty cn-ai 
niHJrinty, tiir^ «ubj«*t <<f drvtu in <mk> of ittlitiiO'i niLd jiari^moum hn]Hir- 
fauc*'. An nritTmr wh*> tn^tU (( rtpfrcftl^. Hki* ib<i inrf^l, Wtbc foun^mm 
'inrJ maldtfniL — Fi>ywtbu*|>iimtf^ — nud rullc iipoti lli«>rn, hy all Ihi* 
mnuvn vhid; IiaUiu^Uj (rpvnde niost nlDii^lf rjfhin (h«ir fiWiii|r"t to 
boy hi« IvHik' Wf"*n. nftiiT njipmrij; ilinr ftiiiMMi f-ir ibli pnqxiw. ilii^y 
baw A^rrird boTiK* tbc imrk tci triumph, riprcllDfc to find m it Botnc 
painl''aliir Itisinieiloa in fwgafd to ibc ijrtng of thrtr Dfl<*kclntbA, w it^ 
out of (licif cv>rri«la. aud tufiol inth m^tbiojc tictt<>r than a di»i<rta£lon on 
TbiiMEV til (li-uTsJ. ib^y will— ^iii in»» ihv "jt!dr« ti-rm ^unt bii hi vcjy 
good biucor If tho la«t iiupri>Teai«ii1a in k^bJiitiotit wbieb v« hava 



nuuls in thn ^niiDlrj, fliovlil Wn< timnd ilv^r vftj tA KiMrl*nd, ihc tch- 
fl;iir, wp think, vmiti^ nanil nrimf (^hinw of b(itn(r If^twtird. Wh*^t^r 
iiiH ubjool In Utb i»M* uf «*y*reAflrw l« un^nly pt^unjiify |nv£lt cT 
whrLhRT ha lakrk n mHlklnus p|i«iiur« iu (luimuit iIk- Damltn, irriUl 
rinl TiDd^rUike to mt^ In thr li.ttnf fan <if IIi<j Wf-rh, h^ U->vi>tMi a Mf«- 
nt^ nha|<l>-r lit T.lim djMt i>f rHin4ihn^.fruui lUo iaui>l- uf wUjdi h« uLtiuliI 
ba ilUpu*4«i [« o»mUu<lt, Ouil Ito nvuld AiUudtHr uuj mode of dir««4U^ 
tbcni Iff lliiiir pnrpvrt/ vt-fy um^L m iliu unturp uf a Bpulljiig of ibo 

" Tliv only ihhi^ aUiut th* wuik, tuuJiu^ tu pruro UiM It la wLaI It 
piupons Ui bit, A oo(i]iu(iQUr7 <ai r itol G«mun mad**, w (ho atpBe, 
whirl) it A 9titl uf ndtyliiubb tli^Ir^t, m-t i1>#itJl ut«, h U tmC| <jf rnhb^^Sk 
▼ignr, oiiJ ul tini'^ ■ «nrt iif ><iM'-i]l]Lr ft'^Htj rif nrpTiPUiliir). but vnrj 
Mronnlj iLUiTfO ibmiic^MiiL vrlii (Jif pfvnlur idiotn <if tbc GenriAD Iaq- 
fpugfL Thifl ^onUty ia lbs fltylt, howpvcr, maj !•* ii inorr pwnll <if A 
ICTCAI fftjnilUrity wiUi (icnnou Ulorttturri ; ilDiI wt ^^^(►(t ihtfftiforcH look 
tifum \l n* in \iv]f jlivifilrr, vlill Irv* um iiiinviirMDjj; >«■ iimnh r^LliiuoB 

IV. Nbw CMOLA?n> Cvrrouti- 

"Tbw Gilit>'rpi Imvv Uhvii tuiluiw]* hy th* piprvaw*'] (bnirv uf uumjr 
pcnoiif, [u ooUcut U^o iVilkhn-jiij; uhcnu uul i^f \Uv opbowotiil punjilLUu ' 
in wlJcb llic^ Qnit u|)pi?i4rfd» iiudET tijt E?^>Qvlrii<>(i thnt tbof coDtAin in 
thamiiolvANf tho luniinmce "f % fonu^ dato. 

'^Tl^ii CdiVira iuvb uaijainctavJuu l^iat tliia Utde Worh will bar? a 
MudJiiu 4D(L gtnoni pf^pulunty. 'lb«^ urUJ ivA muiviVLkvj an tli«nr u no 
iM«il, Lrijiifiiify (hr uay »)iUmii(? ia wWb iLc Ai^tljoi LlLiUyliU \" ilftva 
bit lhoi>ght«, cT lh« Gcnnin iibomi viLh which he bai BiKiruvdj kfnu- 
blod tia f4j£i*A- It i> hu humor to aiJtucco tbif grAV«l epcculAlio'aS 
ii|4it] Hit* j^tawtit hipli-H ill u 4^t()uijt jLiLii littrlof^iil' ttj^^^ If bin iru«- 
qucTAfic cffend any of hin aaillnur^^ tt ihul Lb:|£nv llmt tbi'y irill n^H 1u«r 
whAt he \ia* tn ray. \t may rbntuv in ilrnir r^ihimi ta lUton to hU ir1»- 
dmn; *iiil vbnl vitrlc of imnciaitinti ftan boT>c Ifr plriuc ftllf But «« 
vrill rcmrnni tii nnnnrh lluit t}ii> (lixijuifH mii*ti<«I br i]v« pcvullaritka in 
*omc TVAdr>ri la ifmit^l at fir^E, lU^J in «<f[>ii ffiCK^inrfi ; and tbut tt9 
Ibrrlj^Ti drew vy} MpwT nf :hp< ATork jitp qiihfl aiip"'''^^'' *'*■' ^^^"^ 
m gcuiuQi? SftXcoa huirt' Wo bcUprc, do boak hiM huKu pubbAbtil for 
iiuujr jf«nw writteu bi a nmre ■Icatto it^lii uf bliomatie Engltjihf dr 
wbifiL ibiK»v(Erv An ih|I1u] rmtrfi rj uwr lU] the ridi» «f tbtr UQ^AffOi 
TliD Aaihur tiiA)it^ mN|»h^ lUMnulii fiir ih^ txvtaHftthl ewWfulricitf of Ui 

1 fViMBT'i il-uetlunj J/^iau. IHXUM. 



geaios, not oaly by freqneut burets of pure splendor, bat bj the wit naA 
senM which never fail him. 

'^ But what will chieHy commeTid tbo Book U ^e diseemlDg reader is 
tlie manifest design of th-: work, which ia, a Criticiam upon the Spirit of 
tbo Age — we had almost b^t of the hour — in which wo live; exhibit- 
ing in the moat jnat and uovel tight the preaent Hspecte oT Beli^on, Poti- 
tka, LitfiTolureT Arts, and Social Life, Under all his gayotj the Writer 
has an earnest meaniug, and discopera aJi insight into the unLoifoldwanta 
■nd tendencies of human natare, which la very rare among our popular 
authorsr The philAuthropy and the purity of moral flentitoentt whicit 
inspire the work, will find their way to the heart of every lover at v.t- 
tm." — Pt^oix to Sarior Sesarttu r Bo8ion,lB35, IB37, 


L^IKm, 30th Juh^ l»3a. 













Ona vonifbrt b* Uiat Qrval Mro, taJtm up in vij vkj^, 419 
frafilftUd ooapttaj- We cwAOi look, ho«v*«r inpefflecllj, 
190ft A gi<M£ nfli>, without fVAingtooMkaf bgrhia. tU it 
tfa* living U^it4uaMaxu, which it in goal aiid plnuoBt lo Iw 
DMf- The iwht which *t*ligKt*fi*^ which hftt *T*1^£ fc ^f i^^^ tfa^ 
ckriciiMi of thft wodili Uid Uua ftOi « » UadM ktap <«lj, 
tui rather &« s natural Inmirary eblning br th« ^fi of H<«ii«i ; 
a Aowiii^ li^ht-ftiunUia, m 1 wj, of natiw origuul ituii^it, of 
aunhood Ukd herodc oablcfictti; — in whose riidamoe ill aosli 
fofil thM It u well ir;Ui tb«n. Un vaxy tctns wbatwerer, yoo 
will not gruaJ^e to winder Id such aeif^hLarbood for^whUfi. 
Those Six cUsbn of HeroWr cboeeh out of wiiklj dbUnl 
oonntrico and rpcM-.hiL ind in idct« external figure differing 
■Itoge^er, o^tt> if we Look fuLhfvUjr ftt then, to illtutrate 
Bnveral tbifi^ for us. CooM we see IAmu well, we sbottkl gel 
some kIiji^P^^ ^&t<i the VC17 nuLTTow of th« worlds hiitotj. 
iiaw bufpy, could 1 Uit, in «nf m«a»nrc, in jioch titDM ao 
tbeee, Bttk^ muiifMl to yon tli» meaniuj^ of Herolnn; tiio 
diviao r«Ution (for T mAjr wdl cttll it Mch) wludi m »}] tiniM 
imitea a dv«t Man to otbnr acn; utd thoiu u it w^re, not 
oxhAikft tej tubjcd, bijt bo mui^Ii tut bntk groand 00 it! At 
«11 eTenta, I must make tlwi ntl«iitpu 

It is woll »dd, in ^rcrj^ Maae^ that ft nut't idipOB u Dm 
^hJef (act witli regard to hira. A nan's, or a lUillon of iHBffl^ 
Bj religiuu T dti nut mnui hnrA ^n r^btin-h-rrpfd whir-h ho 
profrjeos, tlic articles of faith whfoh ho will ngu ODd, in words 
or othorwiftc, aesert ; not thin wholly^ ^ many oaoM not tliia 
iiL ilII. Wi< ]u-i« m^n at nW ki&da of {>n>f»»ae<l cr««ds attuin to 
allbOftl all ilcgrtt^s of itorth or worthleheness nnilei each or 
my of thesL TKia ia not what T roll r^lijnon, thie profcwiion 

k\ uMertioTi ; which U nUfTi only a pTr>f^Mitiii atid lu^r^rtioa 
fruui tlir rjiiiworks i>f tin* m^in, frnm the m^r^ argumeniatlTe 
region of hi^n, if eroD so deep aa Utat. Biit thn thing n nan 
does pmrtioE&llj b«liAVft (and thU le oftan enough urttiUui aa- 
ft«rUtig \i even to hiiuKelf. mtiih l^ss to others); the thing 3 
man doea praolicallv lay to ll*^u■t. ^ind know fr>r wrtaJrr. crin- 
oaming hid ntai r^Iatiottfl to this myfltetioua L'niTer»^, and Lis 

tMP. L 



duty anil dr*«titi7 Ui4n>T tittt b in «J1 caavs th^ pTimvy thinf 
for him, vtd utgitivi'ljr dt-tcrrainfrt all ih^ reat. I'hat is List 
ra%i»cjn / ut, it ua^ bt% Uiit mere BiwptiiiKm hxiiI uo-rflS^ian - 
Uio taaan^t it u lu wliicli he fe«b biinMlf to Im eipirituAUy 
r«1iit«d to the rusnwi \\oi\6 ot l*o-Woi'ld; uud i miVj if yo« 
ta-Tl m*' wluit tlut IK. 3'oii uOI nil? to n rvry grvaX 9lt«ut wbaC 
til? ni&u ia, vliat tlie kmd of tilings fm will flo i^ <H a mui 
<»r of A nnti'>n wn in>|uir?< therefons (irut of ull. Wlut rcltf^on 
llii>r haii'^ Wus ii Ht<oth«iii»in^ — pTuraUcyof ^^oda. in^re son* 
MuniB ftfpreacjiUUou o( Utiw MysvUtj' nf Ijifp, nnd for Met 
rwtfi£ai£c^ oUmcut tLon iu I'h) sLical l-orce ? Woa it Chri^tiau- 
i«in ; fnith in nn I itvifliblc, not as l«el onJy« but aa th^ onljT 
FHility; Timf, thrcmgh i!V<'ty niMinMtt niAnt^iii of It, refiting 
oo Elemttr; P«ipuj cmjiirr of Ftnrt^ dUplnifiKl by n noUer 
sujwemacy, that of Hdiona 7 Wm It 8(y-ptit*iHm> unoertAinty 
Bad inquiry wh^Ch^ tb^r^ wftS an Udbmh Worlds ±ny My^iL'ry 
of lifa m(!if|rt Ji luttil nn'* ; ^ (1nii1>t au tn aII thU, or jM^rhApm 
unbelief ami flat dr^ninl? Amwyrinjrff this question it giving 
lift Ih* Boul of tlie hifltoryof the man or nation. Tho thonp^Ijt* 
Uiny htul w^re tlje |uuvru of the ai^ioiu they did; their ft^i>1. 
inc^ nerfi pArentA of tli^ir tbouj^Uts: St waa itii' uhah^ti and 
flpirrtoa] in t (term thot dctc^raiincd the mitv^rd and acnmh — 
li»L*[f rell^cm, as I aay, w%&* gM^at fiu-l aWjt thorn, In 
th^w Di«i?rcur»(«, 1iinir«d at uri* arv, it will b^ gnoil t*^ A'irvct 
oar mrv^y cbirl^y to that religioiJft phaffis^ of thr matter. 'Hmt 
once known woll, all in knowiL \V*> hav* cliM^n as th(* titrt 
H^ro in our $eH^s ttdin th** c-eiitral ftgiir^ of Scnndtnntian 
PafmuBUi ; sui einhltiu to n* of o niosl rxtriwivi* pmTiticr of 
Uiin^ LH tiA look for a Uttlc ut tlie Hero a> Divinitv. the 
(ddert priinary form of H^rrottnu 

flui*ly it spr-m^i :i very *f!rafig**-l"oklnp thiup thi^i Pa^nnifini; 
ahnoflt inconceivable to xis iii tlio^c day*. A Irt'wiMrritiB, itwx- 
tricablo JTUififlj? of d^HAniort^ eonfitEiionn^ fal^ekoode, and abenrdi- 
tits, eov^nng the whole fiold of Life ! A thlnj; (hut fill* im 
with iiAtuiii<ibiiie[ii. liliu^Bt. if It were i>0B8il>I'-. with tncTpdidilr, 
— for tnily It is not ra.'*y to iindct^tnnd Ikftt Banc men could 
ever r^ilmly, with their i*yet fip^n, belifvp and Hr*» hy mifli n 
sst of dootriLies. That men should havr WDr?<bip|jed thnir pool 


LlCT, [, 

frllt>v.uiati «9 a GoJ. niid uol him onlvi but stoclu tiuS lAones, 
ojul all uiami«r of ^utioato atotl inaniixial^ object* ; and faak* 
iouvd tor Lhi>mAftlv«» such fi ilutnictrd t'luiai of lukUudEiatiOQa 
hy vn.y of Tliniiry of tin? Univcmr*; ;iU thm lutdu likr Hn in- 
crnlibte tat\a. Nevortbcle«3 it ia & clear fact that ihey did it 
Stu^li hidooua ii>cxtricablfl junsi« of mtrvor^hipft, mbbeliofB, 
tnt'ii, mad^ lu wr are, Oiil ^tualtj'bDUl by.:int] livp at home 
IfL This ix »tniag«. V«a, v« luay pause in aoririw aikL nilrnrw 
OTor tU^ df-'ptba of duikniMs Uiat art' in man ; ii vc tvjoti^ in 
the h^igbU of pamr viision hv luu altuiiiud to. Such thing* 
wrtn Httil EiXK iti tiuui] in all men; iu ilh Un). 

Soiae ap^culatoru have a abort way cf acocMinting -ir tbo 
Pagan r^h^on : m^-n q(iacki>Ty. prim^oraft, and dvpe^, aaj 
thoy; nn KAiKT nmn i-vrr did belinvc it, — mrrrly contrived to 
pcrxiadr? otlier men. iMt Ai>rtby of the uame vd aoiic, to iH-livr«f 
it! ItwtU bo oft^ii our duly to proti-^t a^LuBb ttiia Mjrt of 
bypotboeia about naea^s doin^ and hiatcry ; and I betuy on Ui« 
x*-ty thrpjiluiM, pmu*^ a^iiniit it in n-Pi^r^ripn to Fn^aniBm, 
Mud to all oUif'r iVmj by which man ha-i cr<ir for a len^h of 
tiaaa Ariv^n to walk in thu worhL Th^y baro &11 tad a trutb 
In thnm, nr m^n voitid not havr tak^n tliMn up. Quackst^ and* 
tUiiH'ry di>AhoLind ; \u ndi^iiuift, Litjnvc nil in thi^ nrore advaooMJ 
decaying Hagoa of rc'tiippna, tbcy bari* frjirfully aboundod ; but 
fiuackery was nevf>r tbo orl urinating Intliiefioo iu *aoh thinjzB; 
it wa^ not T.hii hnjdlli and lifr nf %nrh thinf^, bnt Th«<ir diMfti»% 
tho mrt! frt^riirior cif tbrir hems -^bout to die I Let ua rievi^r 
forgyt tkia. It »*i»mH lo me a moat mournful hypothesis, tliol 
of rjujickiry giving biiib to »By faiclj even in «ivb((<' mrn. 
Quirki-T)' giTffl birtli lo mitliinif; [[Wpa tltMiXh to iJI things. 
^*V ah.ill not flt^ into thy true heart of anytluQif, if we look 
mi'rtly at tb«^ qnaf^kerina of it ; if we do not nyjrct tiia <|uack- 
cnea altoj^vtber ; aa iimti- diu^utui, oormption^, wivL wbioh our 
aod all taec'a sok duty is U> ban done with tJieiiip to aweep 
thf>m oat of our tbongbte a^ out of otir ihTiuitif^tf. Man orcr^ - 
whi^Nf w t\w. burn imnny at Im% T find CirtLnd IdinaLftm iUcIf 
to have a lind of tmUi in it Read ihr r^nilidj H<^u-eig)^14^], 
rath4?r 9oe|iti>^l Mr, Turnere Atwunt of hit KmfKtM^ to H»at 
eountrr, and sou. Thoy bara their baUef, the«Q poor Thibet 




p»op1«^ that Pmri^l^nrf* confix (1c«-n ulTftjm in Iitoartuitki* 
IliatBclf UiU> vTcrj t'^sirmtioii. At bottom »0DM b«1W lo & 
kind of Pope I At botwm still botUTi belief tbnt dwro u a 
e^roofifl lijm } that A« in dUoorer^lc ; ttint, «nc« di*«oif9Md, 
WTf nuglit. t<i trmt him wil-b aii oliMlietitf? whidi kliows tM' 
bouuJa ! Thia ia ttm trulb of Graud LaiiiAJsnt i t^ "diHOV^t^ 
ability*' U t,hi> only ^rr^r hi<>^ Tlu* Thibort priMU hftv« 
iai*tTiorU of tbffif nwti of i!iiPOvi*rinn whwt Man » OT«4ti^RL 
£t tu Im »apreiua owr tlirin. Bad melbuda : 1)ut af« Uw/ «o 
much worao ihtai our muthodflt — of undmlAndiiijt bim lo be 
filmy* tbu oldc«t-lwm of a c^rtuu gt-itualogy 7 A!ju^ H i> a 
diffiiTidt. tUt]3t> ^1 'iiiii ^'^>*1 mcLfimlfl fur' — W« hLalt lieifin 
to havv a ctjUiG^ of uii[l:-r9tdJiiliii|r PB|Oini«m, wlim wr linit 
admit tkat to it* followv«« it wak. at ont- timo, tsimcstly tmo- 
Let uv ounitr^-r it t^ry (Wrbiiii tLut men ilkl Ijelipve in ]'iif^ih 
bm; men vttlh o^u vjen, wound aetiM8, men luadc ult^^ 
peiJter tike oiiraol?^^; tlut vro, had wn bct-tt tlu<n>. sIii-aiM 
faaiw b«li«vod in it. AjIc now, Vfhut I'agaiuMo ooutd huve 

AnrFtlcT thiWTj. aomcwbat mor* r«0p«ctul>1«, attribntAfl wicli 
tliiu^ to AUt'>fory, it ua« n plav of |ii:>etn miikdei say ChMO 
tbcfcmu^ a sliadowing forth, in atlvgorif'jj iMn^ in p*-rKoni* 
llc:itii>n iuii\ visual U'lai, oi wliat ^iirh fortiu nibida liad 
known and frit of this I'niTont, Wliu*h n^t**^, ftfld \h<ff, 
Willi a priinury kw of bum^n natnrp, still ovi^rrwh^Tt oK 
tt^rvably at wnrkp thimKh tTi t^^Jta iniprirta-tit. ibingH. Tliut fthxt 
a ijijui f*irl8 iutoiifl*ly. he fftnigglrfl to aj*eak ^nt of liun, to 
ICC rqifupctjtcd bvfctri* Iktui in vutuoJ fibajkO, taxd am if ir^th 
ft kind of lif« i&od liUtorical reality in it. Nov dflnhMua 
there iA siit^h a law, and it is ono of thn dooprtt in hnman 
mUtut; n^'ithrr nt^A vpt flotibt that it did opo.rato fandft* 
nentellj in tliiw imiinAWi. Tli« hypotheaU vfaicli aaoribM 
Tifftolsm vhotly or mostly to cMb agency, 1 onl] n littlv 
tDOTQ resfwotaliW ; but 1 cauuot yet kaH it tb<^ trae hjrpotbu- 
eia- Tbiuk, would tiK Irclicvc, <uid take with un m Ottf hfo- 
gutdanoe^ an nIlr|?Jn% a pootic sport? Net. sjxirt but «vrnff« 
b trb;it ve Ahmild Tfifiiire. It in a inrmt rnnit'it tbini^ to 
be ^ivo in tliis world ; tc die )« not nport for a man» Man'a 



L«cT. L 

life Mver vm o xport to him; it wfto a «teni rcftlity, alto- 
KTth^r ih mtIou matter to be tUire ! 

on tlie wa; U»TflLrd« truth lu this luftttei, tLcv L«vc not 
readied it fMt!ii>r. I'ogan J<«ligioi3 is itulevd uj Alii^i^rv, a 
8yiEibol of what men f<*lt ksh\ Icti^^t ntioiit tli^ t^nir^rtte; ^ud 
ult lUtltgioii4 3JV Kymlxvlt of Lliiit, ^iLti'Tiag always aa that^ 
;iU'Tn; but it HotTottf to me A radiefti pcrvcnion, luid c^vcn 
iJiV(7nioa. of the business, to put Ui^it (orvird m tli« ori^ 
luid moving cntiee, wU^ti it va« rather the r«auU and t«nui- 
u;vlii>xj. To ^ beautiful Allc^rie^, a perfect poetic aytubt^, 
w«A oot the wnnt of mmi but to know That thcj ««te to 
brlifti^o about thi* Univerte, vbat oouw*? they w#r<> to tUntr 
i^ it; wluii, ia T'lnH iiiyslerioua Life uf tJii^tni, lintj liud to 
hopo jiuij to U^, to do and to forbev doing, Tlie I*itfrim'* 
J'r»^rfM IS AQ AU<T|>ory, aud a boa^tifiili jQsi aud aefioua 
oiH< 1 but coti;(irWt whothffT Bui)y&ii*8 All^gorj oould bave 
pm'itdivi tim F*ilh it dj-mMiti-a t TIip Faith hnd to li* 
already thtrre. atAndiiif; believed bj errrjljodjr; — of whicl; 
tbe Allegory oould Mi^ beoocae a sliadowi jind, with aJl tt4 
BeriiiiAni'HM, «<* Tuny tiy n nji^rtful shajjnw. a m^re I'lay of 
the Tjui^', iti L-uii]|unAi>Q uilh that anful Km^t ai»d &l^il'^ti6c 
certainty which it poetically strivmi vo emblem. The Alie- 
gory is the pr^vlurt of th* pi»rtainiy, not the producer of iti 
tiot in Bnnyari\ mir in lujy ntliMr (>jle(v Fnr rn^niiirip ihfli^ 
forr. we h:tvi- i^tiU to iaquiiv, Whence came tii4t Micntitio 
certaiutVp the parent of such a bevnlderod heap of aHogorieB, 
error* aud ran^ftuiixtiH? Itnw wim it, vhat vn« It? 

Surely it wi'rt- n foulisli aitemirt to pretend '* p» plaining/' 
So this place, or in uny plaoe, ench a ph^omcnon as tliat 
fAT-diittaiit (liKtrnft^rl cloudy imbrogbo of Faguui«mT — more 
like li vluiuMMd tluLii u diHl^uit mntinpnt of fifxn land and 
faints! It \s no longer a rfAJity, yet tl wu» oiiv. We i>u)(ht 
to underetA&d that Ihie aQemtag doud-field irna oncv ft 
reality; that nrrt inii>tic ft^legoii-, lecuit of all that dupeiy 
ai^iil »V*(^nptin™i WM tlic oritEin of It Mcn^ T aay. newrt did 
I^Ucvc idle vonffn, n-rvi^r rii^knl their AoitV» life on alleffo- 
tm\ men in all tuueu^ espeei^ly in early caraeGt iita««, 

L>CT. I. 



hftiv had an iiijitin<^t fnr di^nrtini^ ^nitrkii, for deitestiag 
i^iiBcki*. L<^1 ttf tr^~ if, Ineivini; out Wth tlir qiix^ Uieory 
Anrl the aXlt'Sory onb, acid liftfrniiig with &ffr>ctiocuitc atten- 
tion to that LuJ-oft oobluaed rumor of tho I'agu o^gm, wo 
<;tauct ai^t^eiTain 80 miuh 3l8 tliU at l^a^t, Th^ chere wu a 
Liiul of fftrt aI thrr !ii>Lii-t fjf tUoni j tliiil tko^ Uio ir«>re mit 
iDcBiLuMCiu* iiiid di0tnictcd, but in tbcir ovu poor wny true 

Foil remember that faucj of rUu^'a. ot ia uium wUu luul 
crown lo maturitj in aowti dork diAliuioc', and woa l^roujc^t 
on a «uddt'n tcUi the iip|>vr lir to Km ttio i^n rU«. W}iat 
wduld Ilia uuuilE^r lie, Ljj rapt aAUiuiftluufiiil at tin- sjgbt vr 
^aily witneaM with indiffotf nee t With Uie froe ot>eD mum 
of A chiil, y«t with the? fi\ya faonlty of a lunn, hu whoLo 
li«vrt would be Itiiultetl by Uiiit night, Jip would diitoifrn it 
w«U to be Godlike, Lia auLil woiJd £all ilowa iti wuri^lii^) before 
it Now, jtiAl ftuob a cLilJbkt.^ gri^atiK'aa v/ob in the jirLmitivo 
ftanoB«. Tho fimt Pagsn Thinker Amoag nidi? men, the tirst 
tnnn th^ U'^D to thittk, wiw prmisv'ly thit^ rhiEd-mafi of 
lHaio*5. Simplf?, open a3 4 child, jH ntth thr^ <Irptlk and 
«tr«!ii|:th of ft luan. >'ature had &« 3'ci no nAme to him; 
ho liaii not y^ united under ji name th« infinite vurifrCjr 
of sight3(, »oiind», Ali;A|ir!i nnd m<itupn», which w« now l^uIIm*- 
tively nune Cnirerae^ Nature, or the likr. — and ao wlUi ft 
nftjiie dtsmi^ it from na, To the vild df^CTi-heaited nun nil 
was jt't nnw, not vt^ilpd tindor r>ani<« nr formutae: it stood 
iLikixl, flaj^biuff in on him there, boautiXol, awful* uii5j)tfalLibl& 
Natiui- irjbi to thia mani what to the Thinker and t^pliet it 
loMTtt U, /Hintffv^atural. Tliis grw^n flornvrj- rork-built porth, 
llie tr^t^, thi' mmiiiiaiitu, rlvtr^p niany-«otmi]iiig aefti; — that 
irrcat di'^p iit*.a cf a^iFL^ that »wiinA ortrhpadi the wind* 
«wov|iin|7 through it; the bluc<k dond fotfliiontnK itaolf to- 
gether, now [inviHiig nut Are, novr hail and ruin; wimt i» It? 
Ay, what? At bottom wc do uot ytt kuoH i we cau never 
know at all. It is not by our ^apcrior irtnigbt tliat we CKspe 
the difE-Dnltj; it it by our sujierior lerity. otir inaltentioint 
our vrmt of inflight It ifl by noi thinking that we eeaM to 


LECl'CRCB ON ]i£lUitiS. 

Lacr. t. 

wondfT aX it. HArdroi^d ttmnd m, enauuiig vhal\f rvttwf 

ujordi. We cal] that tL:« of the hUuck thondo-r-rloud "eleo- 
trtvity/' and l^iiturf Ipftrn^dlj itb»ut it, &ik1 gnnd tho tike of 
h out of g]A>>v ^LTiil VHilk: lint u-A^ is U/ Wh>U mjuli- tt? 
l^hOQCC CQTIlra it V Wttllill-V |iOB» tt '* BcitillE^t Uivi cWt- iDucb 

Cot 1101 but it is ft poor sci^Boo that vouU hUA Iron ub 
tbe greftt dMp mcracl inflnitudtt ^r Nr^frif-n^o, whither w«> 
nm nnvrr prni^rali*. mi ^hi^Tli all at'ii-nru nutKia ua h nirrr 
OTjifTltciiU filnu Ttiis world, jilMt aU our actcooe uul ncU 
«i;^^^ iH etiLl ft inii«cl>*i voiukrlui, iuscrvtftbln, noffKot aad 
moivf, In irli'iwv-ri-t will rA/itJt or it. 

That gTffttt Euyatefy of Tmr- wrrv tlitre no ottbrr; liip 
Ulimitoble, fiiloat, [leT^r-roatiii^ tluiiy c^l^ Tum^ roLliu^ 
niflbing on, swift, vil^ntv likp ftii nlUfnbrodng tuctmx^^Uii^r 
oil nhkli vn Aikd oil thi^ Uciivmotf mrim likr exhulutiont, 
Jlkn n.ppi4rition« vhioh are^ aud thun urr nof. tbia ia fotrvcr 
»(>rjr lit*mlly a miraurl^i a Uiiug lo strike lu dumLr^f^r 'to 
have tio vriM to «pp«fa abmU it This ITnivprw, sM "ip — 
what C€uld the iriltl oiAi) know of it ^ what qau w«- yet 
know? That it ia a ?or<?c, and thonvikud'fold OompLrxityof 
Forei>K ; a FoTr>e vhiot ibl *W vw. Thut id iiU ; it is itot wt, 
It is SLlltigfclher diireTVzkt fruiu mt. Forw, Fojti-. (»Trrywba» 
FoffWi wt' ouratlvM a luystrnouii PitKT- ui th* cenirr of 
thttt "Thctt b not A leaf rotlirie ou t^c hi|:hwaj hat hM 
Force In it; how ^hm ntnld it rot?" 'Snj mnitj, to El» 
Alheifttic TlitTiki-r. if nticiU ji iini* wi-rt- jn*sjiilJf. tt must be a 
ndiftclc too, tJiiji huK^ iUiokitable wliirlwiiid of Porofli wbidi 
i>iir^1o|i£ r» Vru; ai^rrr-rcxtinfi whii-lnind, hiffh u Imuen- 
»iLj, old a.H Eti-niky. Wlmt Li tt? frod's (Vation. tb« r«- 
Ii^otia pT'-oplf* lui^wn-; it ifl ih^ Aljiii^hty fJ^KV*! Atheiatic 
8aiMici> bul>ble< p^Kirly of it, with Acicntitio nom^ttc-htum, 
mcporiinpnt*! and what miU aa if it won* a poor dooKl thinf, 
to bo U>ttlr4 np m Lcydeu jiun luid Hold <Atfr cunmtVA; 
but th« natuiTi] m&ac of mnn^ in all tito««r if he will bcn- 
ofiUy &|rply hii n^ini^y iiT<iChJitLs> it to !:<» & living thiaiCf — 
all. All una|M-Ak;ib\', gofllike thing; tow»ibi whirh Uj* brtt 
ftttitodn for OS. aftrr mvct so tuuch acieucjf, » nwc, devout 




prostraUoD uid huuiihtj of aoul; wcmtiip if not in wordn, 
tlicu in ailcDc^. 

Bat now I rvinorlc fiu^hor: What in auoh ft time u oun 
It requlTM a PTvpiiet or I'lipI to t«m?b us, cuuady, Uit- urijv 
pUi^'uH uf ih'f^t! ]H>>jr iiiiiIl'Vi.iuI vi r^p^M^n, Kuiuem^UUirm 
nikd flci-'intitio luicirflorn, — liio, thr uncirut eariio^t fli>ul, u 
f(rt unL'n(*ui]ib«ri>tl Nvith lli^wo thuigA, <ltd for JtiiMf. Tli^ 
world, wfiirrh is Jiow diTinp only t<> the i^tftwl^ "khh Xhm di« 
?inc to wbo*o^vTr would turn hta eye u|nm it. Hp alood b&re 
b«forc tt fwM? tu fii4W. **AU wftn Uodl^ko at Ut>4:" — Jean 
Full stJU ftndfl it ^; the giant Jaun Puu], who luu power 
to escape out of he^nujA: but tbtre tLcti neiv uo Uejtmjm* 
OftnopUK »hininx dovm ovrr the d4\sert> with iu blue diomcmd 
brig^tcUM (ihni wild bloo Hpirit-likn briffhtncM^ for brit^htor 
than we ever witTimtft lii^jv)^ would pieru« into l\w LimltI of 
the wild IsiiuiAfiUtiBb luau, vkooi it waa guidiij|j llirovi^L tlit 
BolttiLf; wDAtc thi>fiy. To hU wiM hi^rU with all fi'djnj^ 
in it^ with aa rpetth for any f(>i?Ung, it icigtit i»nTti a Httle 
«Tjv^ tJi:U CfLHopux, gtandng niit on him Trom iKh grM4t drifp 
Eternity : n-rtaling tW inner Splmdor ti> him. Caimot we 
imdi-'ftitaud how thijae mi^a tporshipped CxiiOpUK. botumA what 
we oall Sftljeanfi^ worshipping the stats? Snoh in to m« tlu 
Vecret of ^11 Xvnws of VatEanl^nt. Won&hip b ttuufioendeut 
wondcf; wonilrr for which tlitre ia now no limit op mfla- 
atire; thai IB wonhip. To lh«fl* pHmpva] men, all things 
and evprytliing th^^iy nnw i^lAt ^wiflD tlu-ui wen- au c-uiUem 
of tht Godlike, of soiae (Jod, 

And look whflt pcrenmul tibre ol tmth waB in thai. To ui 
also, through i^voty atar, tlirough nvory blade of gria», ib tiot 
« God madp visilde, if k« will oprn our miadA and ejea 7 W« 
do not worthip in Uiat way now: but U it not r^^koned atill 
a merit, proof of what we call a "fKtetie njLturo," that wa 
r«ico^ive how evpry object hwi n dtv^nn tmiily in it; huw 
every object elill rerily i* "a window through which we may 
look Into Infinitude itstlf"? He tlul oan di*eem tlw lovft- 
XiTt&m of Ihingfl. wfl call him Popt. Painti*r. Man tjf Gtfuiiuv 
RiftFitV loTab]ft. Th<-M*» poor ^nlirnitii rlid even what lie doee, — 
io th(fir own iukion. That they did % in vhat fashion 



LacT, t. 

aoerer, wu ■ ra^rit : bett4>i than vh&t the wtmlj atvpid aam 
did, wbat tb^ horiir rtnd nuat^l di<lf — iMSiolf, notltiair! 

But now li dl ttuDgB whatso«T»r that ve look iiikjd uta 
riub]i?iiift Ui UN uf tLe Hi^'ljtiit Q^jd, I add tliai iu:>re ao Uiku 
anj of ihMD U BU euch nn f^ublcic- Yoq kftrc }icard <.»f St. 
duTaostom's oelttbratod Mjin^ in rof«rMiOQ to tlM SlMlciiizih, 
cr Ark of Tfwtimony, vt«ibk-» Revelation of Ood, unoog th» 
TIHirtTwa: "The (no Shokiiuh U Uau?" Tea. itiserenso: 
this is DO TalD phittM; it U rontably Hl Th« owonoo o1 ow 
bifiiig, tha my^ctcfir in uB tM£ cuJla itwU 'V'-^ftL, what 
wnrdi ktvi* ue fur nucli lluugs ? " is % brviOJl vf HniTeu ; tbe 
HigHeftt Hf'ins r<*7e«la hiAMlf la muk Thia bodr. tlw«e CiO- 
nltinn, this ]ifi> of ouis, i* it not all is a r^^tan to tbat (Jit- 
fuuiHKi? "Thirrft ia tnit om« TmiijJp In tl^H Utiiven«v*' Kaye 
tho [L^Diit NoTolia, *'ttTid bhat 10 tli« Boily of Maii. KothiAg 
is holier t\iAn that hi|^ ionn. I^Qiidija^ txifor^ mvn ift A ^lfr«»^ 
encp *ioi*flk t<f thia tUr^I&tion in th^ F1«b. W*^ touch li«avfo 
wbr*Ti nri! Iiy iiur hnni) ini o^ haiiiAD NhIv ! ^' Thb KimtiilK mtv-Ji 
lUc* 4 meT** flourish oi rhetorit-; bul it Ib not so. If wuU 
DfteilitjLl«4. it will tQTB cmt 10 b^ a s'ricrDtilio tnct ; the »pr««- 
sion, in itirb voTtli u can be hjid, of Uu^ m^tunJ trritb of thr 
thing. IfV ;uY Ihv tainole oi minoloi, — Urn lErr^t iiiM;niUblp 
mf stcry of Uo<l. Wt oaouot uidentaad it| v« k»i>tr bot how 
to spanV of it ; bill WG m^j- fftol uid knoiFr if WO lii^, that it 

Vt'cU; thfAf troths were cnee m<iTe r«^i,v fvit th&n now. 
The young g<iii« rations of the world, who lifid in them the 
fteehnw ol young childtvn^ tut^ yut thn lippth of i»Ariiest men, 
who ilid uut think tln^tt Uicy hjul JiaUEit:^ oIT nl) thiii^ lu 
Konwn ftnrt E^rth hr merely ^^QC; them soientitiie nainco, 
bat hnd topue rliront ftt th«nt th^r^, with ftwo and wiond^rf 
tbey fell birlter whit uf ilirinitv ih in irmti lUifl Xitrir* j tbny, 
tntfacut brtnff tcad, cotild worvAi^ ^ftturr. Ami tnan taote thsn 
anything qIm in Natur*. Worchip^ thfti ia, w I aud aboro, 
r^lmtrif withmit limit : tliK itt thr full ti« nf tbfir fnraltHii^ 
with all siocerity of heart, tht-y cuiild clo. I (viuidcr Hrn> 
worship to bn the* pmtivl modifyitiK f^leuetit in tlub ftncievit 
Byftem of thoagbt Whu I colled tho p«Tp1osed jiuiglo of 




Tn^gKaata spnuigi wo may wiy, oitt or tiuny roots : ttvrrj jA- 
miroAMtHf adora-tion of a atiLF or natural object, mm a root or 
ftbre of a root ; but H^roworfhip i» Lbe deope^t root of all | 
tho mp-rrinn, from wlitrb in :i i^rut cUgn**^ ^^1 thr rr-At w«rd 
noarlAhnl and grovra 

And sou- it woi-aLip oveo of a etftr had aom^ moiLnuis in it, 
how iQUcli mor^ might that of a Ifpfo 1 W>ir*hip of a Hoto U 
tmuNwmlitiit mlinitiitiiiii tif Jt Grrat Man. 1 Siiy ^vit iix«D Aro 
Btill idmiraUo ^ I Kuy th«>ro 1^ ut Ixittoiu. u^tliing rU« adtcini- 
ble 1 No oobltT leohug tbaii chL« ^^f a^tunvxtioQ fcf otie btgb«r 
tbati h&miir-H HwrlU in tlin bnrajGt of man. Tt \% to thi« hour, 
ftud at jUI bouT», th^ ririf^ruig infiueiice in mtoi^ti U^ Itoli^oo 
I tiiid nttatd Qpoo it; not i^^i^oUm only, but far highier 
and tru«r religions, — nil rrligion bitbort^ known- Hero* 
vorflhipr bi?iiLrtf(*U prcutmtft nAliQinUiuOt HiilmtiAsiou, biimlng^ 
bmijidb^tA, for a nobWt p>d]ik(* F<jrjii of M^n. — id not tbat 
the germ of ChriAtmnity iu-filf ? The greatest o( all H«To«a 
ia One-^wbom wi? do rot nam^ beret Let BtM>rf«d Bil«K?* 
mcditaUr tbat saicrcti matter: 7011 will find it tbo ultiiuate 
porfcctioti of a prinuipU extant thtoujEhout nun^s vholo hi^ 
tory onetirth. 

Or oamiog hito lower, less vnspi^akable provLiu.'^s, Is not 
all Loyalty akin to rcligiona Faith also? Fiith is loyally to 
ioma tnvpind Teacher, som^ BpirituAl Horn. And what thoriv 
foT« U loyalty propi>r^ tb« life-breath of ill sotit-tyf but an 
cfiuence of Iltito-warabtp, subiniMivp admiraliou fur the truly 
grcttt ? Society U founded on Honvworchip, Al] di|;nitM;« of 
rink, on vhif^h hntnnn aftRo<!ia.tioQ rvh-ts^ arv vli:at wo may call 
a //rroarrby (fiovi'Ttimenl of Hi?«ws), ^or a Hif-nuuby, for 
it la "sacred " enough Ttthal ! Th* Duke means Duz, lMd«r; 
Kiaff 1% KSn-ftinfj, A'an-jiiity, Man that kiwv9 or aiiu. Sooioty 
evfTYwlicre h startu* r*'pnyipn Intion, not {ftjmpportebly inaiv 
OUjntj^ of » giudu;ited Wonibip of HnrOf**;-— rpvcreuue vid 
cbcdicnM dono to locn really ^rcat and wise. Not rAdupport- 
ably tnaci^iirttjfj T ftayl Tlu^y ara all an bank-not^s, thoae 
000141 digutlarii!^. all rvjircurntlng gold; ^aml Hevi^ral of tUern. 
•taa. altrays an* fargcd Dotcs. W« can do irith Sovn<r foTffcd 
&lao notes ; ^th a g^^od many otod ; but not with all, or tho 


Lfecr. I. 

most of tfaem for^vd ! No : tlierr liavv to oomr reroliituim 
th«c): erica of Domocntoj, Ltbrrty uu] Etfualitr, and 1 know 
iH>t what; — ibtt not*! Iwlng all fab», uid no gold to bo had 
far iJurm, pnJptii tjUcc to iTju)^ lu tlurEr itvajuur Uut Uii?fB m 
rw Bold^ that then uevor vraa anj 1 '^GoH" BvT^«ordu|»t 
M tkcnfrt^UiM, M it wa« olwvjs and ^rrtrrrvhuro, n&d MA&ot 
oaw« tin mnn hini«irir cnueji- 

I un wU awan? tiiat iu tlieM days Hmo*iroreltipv ttv thing 
I Gall HvfO'Worabipi profra»M to hi^vo jeotLi^ oat. ukiL finally 
eMUed- Thifi. Cor rciuoiu vbich it will bs worth u-hilc u^n%v 
titnn tn inquirtT InU), i-i ;iu Jt^t- Uuit iu it were di?iiii*9i the i-xiiU 
rnoo of gr«at nt^n ; denies iUi* desirablcnua of great ne ■, 
6b(xw out rriUf^ a (jiwiLt mar. ft Ijilhor for POJiipt^ Uioy boifUi 
to wfcftt ihcy rail " Bi'«mnt " for him : not i*i w<>r«Jjip him, but 
tato th(' iliiiirniEionti af iLun.'— 'JluU bring hint oat to be a little 
kind of mail ! Ho w« the " cfoaturv «£ tbo Timo," they say ; 
tJu^Tiui^f^illod him fortb,th«i'ntno did ev«irrt1)ui^, he nothing 
— hnt what wp thi- litU*- rritin n/iiiM havi* d(»nfl tno! Tht* 
Mftnui to mr but mt^Umrholy worL Tho Time e^U foirth? 
AkcLf we have known Tinifv« /^;/ loudly enough for their preat 
tnan ^ titt not ^nd him whnn ihpy ralUd ! Hi> wm nitt then*; 
FniTiclfiico hwl mil M^ul him , tlte Timn. rtiUtny its loudntt, 
lud to jp down to eoufiunou and wreck beoonse h« would doC 
oome when eal|i.'il. 

For if wfi will thinlt of it, no Time n«itvl hxTn gntiu^ to min« 
conld it have/iwwi a mmti ip^t mongh, a man «-i»e and good 
cnoojr^ - vivdom to diaeom truly whit Uie Time wanted, valet 
to t«ad it on th^ rl^ht road thitht>r; ihftM G.rf the calvMion 
of -\ny Tiuir, But 1 liken eoiiiinnii languid Tinii<:tf ^ith thrii 
unbelief. diBtreaa, perplexity, with their lanpuid doubting char- 
siotvra and 0mban-aiit«d cirrunistancM, impoiently erambUnf* 
down inio pvit woum- di«tr«iix iirtTftnU fiml miT; : — .ill ihwi I 
likeu to dry d^ail fnd. waiting! for tK« U^hlnin^ iitt of Ifcavm 
ttkat dhnll kind[«^ it. The gT«At man, with hia free loroe direct 
€ni of Qod'fi own hfirrdr i« t.hp li^htning^ ff!n woM in the wiv 
hnalinff word which a)1 qui Wlif^vr in^ All bliiu^jt round hioi 
toiff, Trh«n lip has on« »tmrk on itv into Hn^ like his own. 
The dry mouldortng Gticka ar« tUoQ^t to hare «^led hiv 




forth. Th^nr ^Ar\ vruit h\ta gT<ratlT ; as !o Gallioi; hiiri 
CeitUi — ! ThoM? *vi; ('TilitB of »mall riiiuB* I thiolu wbu 
rr3r: "Zte^ ia it not tba sticks tlial mado Um £ie?*' No 
aaddtr proof «u be sirfQ by a nua of hu owu Uttionoas tban 
diftbejlef In gnat iQ«m- Th^^rc ix »{> uuIiIfv ii;nn|ittiiii <>f x geu- 
fratioft Ihan uii'b g^npr^il bliTiiinuetf to the fipttitu^ liglitiuBgp 
«-ttb £uth oiiIt m tbv hoai> of barr^a dixul fticL It ifl tliC iMt 
COiittiiBuuuitioD of nnbelLi'f. In M npochu of Uta world'* hiKtoiy, 
we bWI Anil tLe Grrat H&B to have Ik-c-o Ibc tiuiiapcuoatfli* 
MRTior oC his rpMh ; — ' tLc Ugtlniug. vrithout whiok ih'^ lucl 
never would Julvo buruL llw HMotj tjt tiie U orki, 1 said 
already, was Ih© Blograpliv of Oivat M(>n, 

Sut'ii tiEiiall oritiiSs do wbat thriy cau W pramottf uubcli^ 
Bud iroiventtl ifpiritool panlraia : but liappiJy tb«y ozuanot 
Altfayn o(jinpl«ti>lj^ fiuotwed lu all times it U |MM»ibIo for % 
man to ariue ^reaL eDoo^h to feci tltut Iboy aud Uidf doo- 
trlii» ore cLu»)cras ood cobwobo. And wLnt ia aobibld, i& 
no time vhntcvrr ran they cntircij i^radtoAta out of livini; 
meo*]! 1i«art4 a oerUiLii ultogotb^^r |wi*uli£j reverence for Great 
Mim; ^uuiiitf aduiinktion. luyxltv, ndurdliuEi. liuwewT diia 
and pcrv'^rt;cd ic niAy be. Hrro^wot-nliip rndurca iorcvcr while 
nuiD (mdnros. tkiawoU vrtmrato his JohiiRaQ, rigbt tntlj 
CT«n in tha Kif^Uf^troth iri'ntiiry. Tlw tiiHtvlivviit^ !<Vt*iicU 
btdii-v(* m IIh^U VoUivire ; auil biirat out rouaJ liiin into r«rj 
curious Hero-worship, in tbftt Wt act of bis liff< irlwn tbcj 
•■ttillA biin nndor roAOK,'' It has alwayn siscincd to me tx^ 
tnmii?Iy niri^nix Uiia ot VolUirr. Tnily. it ('knsUjuiity bt^ 
tbft kiiEheot in^t^noo of Ilerowunhi]), Uieo ire nmy &id bere 
in Volttkireictm orio of tiio loweati Uo wbo«o lifo wafi tbsi^ 
^f ft kind of Antinbrtitt, doefl fl^ain on thiit iddM exhibit z cu- 
riana ocntriuit Xn iiri:i]>lf' o\fj vcrr no littb* prime to odmiro 
rt sU &« thCBO Fnnoh of \'oltmrtT. teniriag^ WM tho oha»e- 
17 oF thoir whob> mmd; Adoration bnd nowli^e a pboo vl it 
VitI Ki'i- \ 'riir old laan iif Fiirnrj ounieK up Ui l^iriK : axx old* 
t-tterius, infirip man of oisbty-four joAni> TLej l^ tliat He 
tno is a kind rf ilcrn : that h« bss spvnt his life in n|>posin|t 
■TiTDT and inputic^.T dnlirtring CkkftftSf nnmaftkiiig hyjHvritvs 
in high pbrr^ ; — in «hort that ha loo^ though tn ^ atnuige 




vaj, hM fo^fiht likft a rolJAm moti. They feci witlul thftti if 
pen^fiagt ho tho great tbm^ then oover wa* Huoh a jMnn^Vcttr. 
He is clid rMllsed Ideftl of erary cme of them ; the tbiug the/ 
v« all vuttbg to be^ ur 3^1 F^uuIiiueQ tlie mosi Freoc!h. A 
18 pfOp«tl> tiKor godj — sQcb Kod as tlicy are fit for. MooA 
iofflj lil pvrfoiu, U<fm tbo QaDcn AtiUiinctto to tho Pooaour 
mt thn Porto St Di^nU, do tboy not worship him ? P*H>pIfl of 
quttLtj diAgUJvc tltcittiti;lvr:i M Larerii-wifcitors. Tito M^Uro de 
POetet with A broad wth. crdutr^ tu« PostilioOt " Va h^n train ; 
tliou art dnriii^- Al, d«i VolUu-4>." At P.txifl lus cumge ia 
*'iti<' nnrlniA cif a cviiiiAt) wtioAR tr:iiii HUb whule titrecita.'* th/A 
ladici pluck % hur or two from hJa fiir, to keep it nft & SMied 
r«lio. Th«r« u-iu Tiotbiug kighMt, bMuitifulosti noUeet ift &I1 
TtuKt^ tliAt did not feel thia man to be liigbeTj buutihikrp 

YoSt from Norm Odin to EdkI^*!^ Somnd Johnsoit from tl» 
divino Fouiuicf of Oluistianity to tho wttbcrud i'oiitii! of 
Encyclcpedisiu, iu a11 times and places, thi? H^ro h:u be«in 
wondilpi#od. It Will ever be fto. Wo all Iltvv |;reat infiu; 
lore, Tcnomtc nnd bow dr>^ii itubmbflivo before f^rt^t xnon: 
njiy aaii we boit^'^tly bow down to jinrtlung elaeV AJi, dow 
not ev«ry true niuu ftwl that, be iu LinHeir msAe higher bj 
Uoui^ rereraciGe to wLat i» Tcallj atroTo liim? Xo nobler or 
more blessod foolinj; dwoIU in uuui'k Iu-^aK^ And to mo it ii 
Tory eliAOTini; to consider IJuit no M<eptk\tl logle. or general 
triruility, miiniwrii}' auJ jiridiLf uf luiy TUuu nud lU iiiflu- 
eiie«e c&a deatroj this noble itiboru loyalty (wd worship th^t 
ifl ID aioiL In times of unbelief, wliii;b looti bavo to bvcomo 
timoi of n-volution, mu^h doi^Ti-nishutg^ sorrowfol dEtfaiiy and 
ruin 13 Tiflilltf lu pvt*rybudj. For mjw-'lf in tlie«e daya^ I seem 
to Boa in thi& inlOHtmotibvlity of Hero-worahip the eroriuting 
adamant lowor tlmn whicb tbo c?onfiiHn(i wponk of rovoltitionwy 
tLifigH naniuft tulL 'H^i' {i(mru-iT<4l wmk uf tlini'^ nrniiibluig 
and even oriuliinjc nnd tnmbZiitjc all round ilj^ in tbcotr rcvxilo- 
tiotuij agv»T vill gH. down ju> fir ; «« farther^ It i.< au eicnul 
eorner>«toiie, fmin wtiirh iLey iiaii U-^'iii to t>iiild ibeTiuelres 
np a4:aiD. Tbat mac. in ^ome acuae or otLer, wDTAbi|je IIctoo*; 
tb^t wo all of tiB roTerence and mast ifr«r roremLce Gnat 




If^^i: UiU U, 1ji inr\ t>h<i ttTJiiif rock iiiiiiil a11 fiiadniiglk4oini 
wliatM'Cffrri— >l.hi^ otio lixcd point Id tucxlctn rerotntioiufy 
history, ottiemae lu iS bottomk^^fs Mid abardoM. 

Sc luudi of truths otilj luuler &a auL-u-ut ulusulete fmiure^ 
but tbo fpitit of it titiU truo, do I tind in i\kn Pnicftnisni of oM 
tiotionn. Nature U fttill <Iitu;«, Uu> rcrebuion of tliA working 
of G(n1; tiieHeroisstUl worshipftHble: thus, nmkrr pour emmp«i 
ine&^ant lortt^ i« irhnt all PB«:aik reliKlwia Lttre atniggkd, 
is they could, to Kt foctb. 1 think ScnctLuiaTiau Fa#:uiiuaT 
Ui ua btfrOr b mom iut^re-itu^ Iksn uiy otlicr. It is, for osuf 
iliinjf, tUe lsittt*Li iL ctiiii;iiui*il in tLrae n^giiuin of Ktimpc Ull 
ihit elevcDtb century ; (^ifcl^t htm<b€d ycw^ s^it i)n? Korvt-in^uiz^ 
TOO fttiU wonhipp^tK of Udin. It U int«r«nting oImj ft/i the 
i>rc«d of o^ir foUi>*ni; the mvu wbo>e bLoud kIiH mnii in titir 
Ttuua^ wbuu duuLillesa vre »tiU twembb fcu ai> miuijr whjth, 
Sttan^^o: Uioy Jii beLuvo thali while we boliCT« 90 diif«rently. 
X«et u look a liulfl at this poor Nor«o cr«K<(l, fo^ nun^ rmsons. 
W9 bfitv Uili'mbV mi-Jin« Ut ilci It; for thnm in nnolLffr jKiint 
of iatemit in Uim« BcAnclinavitui mythotogicti : Umt tb«rj baTo 
bsaa pr«Mrr«d so w«JL 

2a tliAi str^ign island Iceland, — bturst up, tho gocJognta 
n^, tiy iiro froca the bvUgm i>l Ibe nt^a ; a wild knd of barraK 
iwta and tara; BiralUrw«d mAny luouThe of «vory y«ar ta 
black t^mpeaif, yet with a wild glt^nming bL^u-uty !a uuminer- 
dinfi; Uiw^nnjc Mp thr-n-, Htimi mid grim, ill the North OctHUi; 
with rts snow jukub, roaring iccyser^ eiilpktir'pooU and horrid 
Toicuiic chjdju, like the wftSW cbftotio bacc^^^td of Kro«t 
4Jid Firu ; — ^-hjm of all plaoM w« U«0t looked fur Llt^rutiuv 
orvrHUtrn meitioriaJA, tho nxxird of tbcHr things wwi written 
dowti. On the seabofd cf thin wiJd buid i« & rim of fcrojeay 
ct-untrVp where oattl* eon anbeifit, and men I7 miean^ of tbetn 
ftnd of what the B«a yi«ildfl; and it ite^mii they w^n* {Kxtic 
&nn Ut^ae* moii who hAd deep tboofibte in thpm, iinil uitorcd 
nuKtcaUy their thoughta. Mueh would be lL>flt, had lorUnd 
not thi^n b^int up Fram thd sea, not been diaon\i'Ti'd hy ihr 
Nortlivirn 1 Xbe old Kutm Poets were mux of them Datives 
of Ladsod. 



Urf . L 

Svmuiul, one of the early Cluistian Pncatfl Ui«Tt, vrhr> per* 
bapB hiul fi UneoriDjt fondiiOM For Poipuiinn, ooUoctcd ccrUia 
of tphciruLd I'agan congf, jiuit Aboat becomiiig obioleto then, — 
Poeiua or CbaJtU nf u mjrtUic^ |>Toijljt!Licr muntlj iJl of a t^ 
UgioiiB i:Uiu;u^t<fr ; that ia vbal ^ot9o critics call the ^t<Ier or 
Poetic I^fiiiii. KJdHi ti VTord of untwrtuD etymology, is tln^ught 
to tugnify JMMflfnvf. Snono Bturtewm, au l^lftud gentiemui, 
an ejctruTii?<l7 tiot;!^)^ |>er8ona^« i^dTioali^ bj thfa SwmoiiJ's 
grftftdAuu, tiwk iu hand ti^xt» near at o<int\iry Aflcrir&nlfl, to put 
toother, ojuoDg jiovcr«] oUic^r bookt ho wrot<', a kimi of Troto 
Syiioitf^ia of the whulv Mythology; ulut^iihiU'd by nrw frjig- 
lueiibi (if tnulilumiyj''. A wurk uuuHtiurW i'tfall> wilh 
^rt&t iu^Miu]t>. iiAtivb toleotf vhftt ODO Diiftit c.<iJl uiicoiucioue 
art; aUi>^nthora perspicxioiid olfiar work, plt^aaant nwlio^fttUl: 
thitt li tJit< Fovn^rr or Proio JW/i. By thoflo nnil tho miuii^cr- 
cus Otht^r iitujiu. Ukuatly leelaaJie, nith tltc cnmrntfiitAriM, lo^ 
Undiu cr not, uliich i^ on Kt-jUoual,? itt th« North to Uuf diTi 
It 19 possibU to ^uTi BoniQ direct toftight even yec^ aiul mo IhAt 
tflfl Norsi' sjstj^Tn of Bcliiif. wj It wpw, fan*> to fwft f*t U9 
for^t thjit it ia erronooua R^lifpon \ l«t us look nt it u old 
Thought, ^d try ji iro cannot aympathin! with it nom^whut. 

Tlw primary rharact^ristio of thU oM Northjaud Mythol- 
ogy 1 find to U^ Iiii|i»*nmiijUion of the visible iporkin^ of K^ 
tuns B&rnL'st aimpli* rccosmtinn of the workiugn of rhysit^itl 
NfttDrp, n« a thuiff whiilty minwulcjuB. atitpt-'iuloTi^ and dix'ino. 
Whnt wn now Itf^rtiire of aa Sekenoe. th«>j wrkndnnrd at, sin<1 f^tl 
down ID aw^ trf^foir, oa RdiifjoiL Thr dArk ho»til« l*ower« 
of Kature tht'y hf^uru to th4*3iuiclveo a« -JatJtna.^* Uiuiti, 
litigA sh&g]^ bpingq of a d«inoitio obunkcter. Froii, Fir«^ 
8<fl^inpt!St; Ui4^i^ aiv JfltiiTiN. Thr; fricmiUy Poiri^ra a^iOf 
06 8uj[hnie^b&ut, thf.' Sun, an- Goiht Th<* mnpiro of thiH Udk 
Tora» ifi divided Ivtwfhen theeo two j th^-v dwell Apart, in peren' 
ninl intrnii^Eum' feud. Tho Gods dwoll ahovie iri An^ard. tlm 
OardcD ol the A^cii, or Divinities ; Jiftimhcii&i % di«u&t dork 
otiaoUo Uad, U the homo of tho Jdtun^ 

Curioiu fell thiit; AnJ not idle or inane, if nx will look at thfi 
fbundattoa of it ? Thn |tnwi*r of AW, or FlruoA^ for inntiUki^, 
which w« diMigniito by doiur tnTiol chcmio^ riiamt.-, thoroby 




lii<Litig froiD ount'Iv^B the esaentiAl «^iaru£C«r af Toodor tk&t 
(lwL-ll>t i[^ ii H> m jjII thin^^, ia with thewr nM Norihiii^n^ l^olui^ 
Ik ibUAt «wtft subtlr Iftmon^ of tbo btnod ot the JiKuiia Thti 
■ftTSJCttfl ot UiV IwuUuuw Jfcl:uu4ii too («ay jocae s^priuUb vor- 
tgvrs) Uiou^t Kirv, wliich th<^y uev«r tod aeeu Lvtorvj v^ 
H «l«Ti1 ur ipjil, tluL bit ^^vu aIiv |il/ wh«ii you luuohed it, nDd 
ttiAt liveU upon lifj wood. From iis too uo Cbeuiiatvy, if it 
lifid not Stuf-tiitT u* help it, would bkic that Flamo u a won- 
der. What U FluttiL* ? — Fnst tlio old Nopkit S(*«r dlAoenu 
ui tn^ II t^)()iiALruu*i liuui'y JuLuji^ Uiv Uuiil TArym, //r^m ; or 
Aimtfi tiK,' ^>](i w«rd aaw noorly obftolcto here, but atUl uwid 
ia ftootlAiiid to lignifjr UoAr-lroA. Rine wil» not iliou a« now 
a £l«tfl chpml^al thing, hnt a )Mng J^Qin or TVvi!; ih^ 
niotLBtnni^ JCtLiiL fiinrr drvvi* honi** his H<n^r«i itL iiiffhU Wt 
'" iXiaUnif their niaNi>^i'* — which Hor«C0 veri? fitU-Clotui*, <ir 
tt«vt »uf'H~»w£«. llin Cows — No, not liic, but ji knuiniui^ft. 
the Uiaui H^uiir'tt Ojvfa urv It^Ur^ : Uiitf Hymit "hxika 
at tli£ roclu" with liEb d0vil<e7«. iauH iJLt^j tplU iii the ^1mic« 
cf it 

Tbnudfrrwaf not thi>n nn*fp Elt*K*tricitT, vitrooi»« orr<>Kinoui; 
U was the 0^y\ IX>rLuiTr ^TUui^<li*r) i>t Tlriir. — (tu<t ulnu uf bo* 
iMficCDt &uuuuer-h«jU. X)i« Ikuiider w^itt hia wnith ; lh« |;&th- 
vring f>f ihi' black olouds i* Ihfi dmwinij d^iwii oJ Tlior'e aop^ 
liro«.'H; till- finstiulL bitmtitig oiit at if<sivtti ij^ Ihr ;Ltl-rt^tiiHng 

HamJUKf;- flunir from lie baud of TUor: he iu)^« hss lotid 
chariot ot%r th« aotintnin-tojio, — thjit ifl th<i penl ; wnithM 
ho ** \Atym in hti Tcd hciird," — that in th» ntftling vt4>mi'l^Wt 
iKfort tho Umiidn' bt^'tciH. liftldor ttgaun, tlw WLile Crod, the 
bcwitifuJ, the jii&t uid bccii^pnftnt (vhom the- «arlj' Chiistian 
MiflcioiLUicft found t«>rr>^i<iiibl« Chri^t)^ >« Uio Siin, bffLUtifiiJ' 
lest of ri>(ihli< thiik^'w : wotidrouft too, >-u]iI rtiriiie kHII, ftftiT all' 
our Aati'Oiioiiiitfs ajliI AIxuaujw^! But |wfhjipK tiif ivitahWt 
nod wc boor tcU of is one of vhom Gnmia tho German Kty- 
moloffiit 6tidi tfiico: tho (Sod Hi^iurA, rr lVi«)i, Tbtt God 
K'uA ; villi cuuld ^ivc ua ^J Ul;iL wl< leUJieit/ U not Chia 
the ^UL-fren TLiid yet rudeat ruiou of Uj« tpirit of mjuiT 
Tho n44fji* idi-ftl thai: mnn rr^r fornii^d; whi**h utill »how# 
fctMlf ill ih« lati^Nt funnx uf our ^pirit^ui) oultitr**, Highat 



Lmttr. L 

«on«idcnitioa» Lam to t«acb ua tliat iLe Ovd TuA u» uot tlio 

Of the o^h«r Gods or Jotiiiu 1 will mortttob only for tttj' 
tDo]oK]r*a mkft, th^a 8ca-toiu|j«at u tiie Jittun Aeffirf n vrrj 
diLfif^tirouit Jj^tuu; — imd low to thiA day, oc our rivei Trt'ut, 
u 1 learn, the Ncttin^liAui bju-fp^men, wticn tho fCivtr is in 
a ceTfain flctHloil ^tat^v (n kiiid of biit-kw^ti^, in- v^ijjjini; vwtrl 
it hjiS, very diLn#;ciouA to tltcm)^ call it Ea^r; tLcy cry OLtU 
*' Hatu a core, tU<ra U tliv Katftr i?omijift ! " C'liriooe ; tli&t 
worl surviving, Mt^ t\\i* [i«<ftk of a subiuei-ged wi>f Ld ! The 
tildi^ Kottiii^bauj bari|E<?iuL^ii bad Wli^^LHl ic ibv God Aegir. 
Indexed our KnRlbh bWrt too in fpod port in l>(xni3h, None; 
or rather, al boitomT Pauiitli and Nono and ti&xou tuLvc no 
di-Hiu«tirm, «*xoi^ivt £, attjit^rfiuial one, — an of H»athi!n and 
Cbri«tiui, or tho likd But ^ or^r our laUod wt are miugW 
largely witb Diuiue projH^r, — from tko uuwEijuiiit iiiva«ioi;« 
thon) woTti : and this, of eounc, in ft greater jiroportioia along 
thr tiist uuoAt; jvid |ffval4'^L of aX\ ki I fiud, in Uil* North 
Country. From tlic HumWr u|iwardfl, all or«r Scotlujid. th« 
SjkMnh of th^ conimt>n poojilo in idill in a amfr^Iaf d^re« 
IrE^Ltndic! ; its (tvrmfuitHm li^i Ktill ii jfe^ridirLr Norvt tiii;^^. 
Tliey too ajt "KonuAU*," Soi-Uuutiii, — if UiuL bt auy ijttal 
beauty I-^ 

Of tUd cbipf ^0)1, Odin, wc ftball apt^alc 1>y an<l by. 3tTurk at 
IRVMinttn miirJu wH;il, LUe t-Memru of riiuiidiiiaVLjiu utid Ift- 
deed (5f all Pi^iUm ia ; & r*^eoKnition of ihc forcv-s of Nuturo 
04 godliktv, flitupc-iuioud. jicraonal AgvnuicH, — lui Goda imL l>v>- 
molts. Not iwojimv^djb' ton*, IbiftLbe uifuiit Tlujuglit of 
man oppiiijit^ li^ciU with war aaJ wonder, oii tliia evfi>atu* 
pvtidovis ^Hl^''>^a'^- To me tber« ia in th<* Non»r syi^tem Bomo- 
'Ibin;^ rnry ffinmiii«ij vpry ^at and manliko. A brtwd nimplidty, 
nJMt4tTtty. Tio vi'ry dEfTtiniit froiD tho light gnuwfulneat of Uw 
old Crock 1\ij^]ii«iu, di^tiuguuiht^a tl^ia 8«U)diuavlan Systonu 
It i^ Tlioughc^ th^ gv&uin» Thought of d«dp, mdo, p^iio«t 
tntiidss fnirly opi^m^il to Uio tJiintrv about tbi-ui ; n DuMvUi-f4MT 
mill br&ri-t[>-ltt?drt inapecrtion nf tlit* UiiQgs. ^ th^ first ch&rao' 
torUtfn of ikJI ffond Thought i^ nil tinm^ti. Not KrCLO^fiil light' 
noa, half-«port, as in th« Gruitk Pagankin; a amain bomal^ 




tnaUifulii««s and rtutic stTCDKtht ft greftt rud« ftbMrity, di»- 
clo^ee itsi>U hi^tt^. It in iftr;uj|,'«, after our bMutifnJ Apollo 
»tAtu«M and clvv »iniiiiig loyilinse*, to come dovu upon ih^ 
Noma (tljUh '' bn^wiii^ aU: " Ic hold llieir feast witb A<-;cu, Uio 
Sca^iJtttn; aondiDf)! out Thor to fsat the ooLdron fcr tbora i% 
tb^ J&tnt\ ooiintrr j Tlior^ Lifttr m:iuy adveiittirtit, plupjiijiK tJin 
Fr4 on hb bead, Uke a hw^v liat, and walking ufT wiUi it, — 
cjiut« lost in tt, the oara of tho Pot reachiu^ down to hiii 
hoeUt A kind of vtwrnithiigemmitT l4U'gtt awkward ffianthood, 
ohmQtoruv* that Noi-vv birHt^^ui; vnoriuuuit fortt', ua yoc 
jdU^giTtliRT LUttutOTcd. btoUdii); helplebA with Iilt^ u;ii.'ertaitt 
atriJuflp Coaaidcr only Ihw iwimary mythim of tho CVitliou, 
The Godfi, liavin^t go( the Guuit Ymvr iduin, li Gioat mi^d^ 
bjr "wurni ^vind/' ajiil trmrh i^i>nfijnt*d work, vvttijt th** twnflK't 
of Front iutii FirVt — delcriuJuod on conjitniotiufi a world witk 
liim. Hia hlooi modn tho 9<itk; hiA tiofth wu ttK> l^ruid* tho 
Hoc'k* hU boiK'S; of hU ^yt'bniwa Llir'y fm-mM Astrm' tJir-ir 
(riidH^-dni-lliii;^ ; bin nkdll wiw tho |;it:il blue ritnh nf Iinnpn- 
si^, and fclti^ bmius of tt b«caio<t tbv Cloud», Vilai a Ilyper- 
^robdigiLAgim biLjiiit^isK t Untamed Thought irr<^atf jtiiLntlikc, 
rnortiKiUA ; ^ In 1)n l^^tni-il in ihirT tiini^ intn th? Gonipa<>l grvoV 
n«;3ij(, oot gjiuitlikt^ but gudlikv: .^nd HLrtJiiKtT tha^ gi»iUiood« 
of tbe 8Lakap*^ar<»ft. tbo U^xlice ! — Spiritu^ly m well «» 
bodily tV^^ mon arr our pragthnitots, 

r liluf, t«o, thrd- rpjiTf^i^nJiitHion l.hpy b^tvA nf lb** tr**^ fgdra* 
ail. All Lafc ifl Sgurcd by ihom &a a Tree. I^dxMil* the A«l> 
trc« of ExMVuo«<, ha« iu rwte deep down in tbe kingdoms of 
Helfi or Df.ith ; itH t.riink rv'ivhAA iip hnaven^hlgh, spreatb ita 
bouffbft ovt-c ihv vbtAv UoivrnM' : it ij* Ua*; Trr^ of Exibt^rix^L 
At the foot of it, in th<^ Dvatb-kinRdom, eit Throo jVontfitft 
Fates, *- the Pa4t, PTMentn FiiliiTo : wntenng it* root* frnm 
the 8ai!rt'><l Wrll^ Tis "boiiirha," wkh their biiildin]^ iml div 
l««finje«. — ^vcnta, thintpt nuffcrr^d. tlunift dooe. catiutln>pL«e, 
— «tret«li through all huidtt aui tLiEH?«L 1a not ovoiy leaf of it 
& btogrxphj, tn^ry flhrp thero an ni:-! or wr^rtl '' Its botigha 
are Tlist^''-^ of Nntiods. Thr njntl^^ of it in tlir noisr at 
TTumnn Exirttne*^ onw^inla i'rc>in of old. It grow* thtrt, tho 
bnaUi cf Human Paesicm niHtliEig through it;^of itoTia< 



Lbct. 1 

to«tr the stoTEii'vimd hcrvLiug through it like the iroicfl of tdJ 
ittt 0Od8. U U Igclnuii], Lh« Thm' of EKistoac^ It is tk^ 
pfljt% Uu» pt-cuPTiti. HK-k Uii* fBturar; vbu iviu donn, ivhnt iJi 
doaogj wbbt will bn done ^ '' the in&itito oonju^Mm of tkfr 
rtrb To do." Cvtuid^niig hov huma^ix tluu^ (irnilAte, «aoh 
ictfrttioably In rommiuiini] with %l],^hnw tbc word I spetk 
III yon t<MLiy ii4 tiorT<nrcil, rttit frput UIEilji th'i MdMoyoT.U '>ii1y, 
bat itdm ail uuii &»ii^ the tir^^t laoji Iwckh to b|fvak. -^ I Itml 
DO «imiltti£d« »o true na ilua ol A l>oe. K(-2i>1ifiiI; jdtog«tiMr 
beautiful and gneu. Th^.> - M'wMiixf of th«i UDiveiBQ,^^iUaB, 
do but tbiuk i>f thnt iu coutmat! 

W*ll, U la vtnu^ ^iMKigU this old Norao tiijv of Natin«* 

apcctAlly oaniOi one wonJd aot> tike to be compelled to saij T«r7 
uiniiUJy ! OttQ tbiaji vo uiay say : U nuv^ from Uie thou^lit» 
of Nowc au-u; — from Ui« ihoogbt, abora all, <»f tbo jirH 
Kcinu* mm ulio li«) nn rnigiiu^ |M»iTT<r of lliinktttg. Tlu* P^ritt 
Kot3M " nou of f^cQiud,^ am wc ahoiild tA\\ liim I Inniimcmblc 
mm had pMsed by, v:n>M thi« Uui^ree. ^tli a dmnb vuguu 
Vdiifii-r^ Biieh H4 th^ TCiry njuxnaln nuiy f«4'1 ; or witli a ptuitful, 
fruiUca^ly iivjuiriiiK woaikr, »iioli oa vim luily ifri ; ■—* till thu 
^^KtX Thiukt^r (mme, Uie «W^LrMi^ uuui, th« 8ocr; vhoae sIu^jO^ 
e|)olE^n Tliought awak«^ iL/i Klutaboririg rapalnlity of all Into 
Tlwnijrht. It U itvpt thr way with th*- Thii*V*T, thp tqiiritual 
Ucro. What he Niy*. nil ram wrtr not far ffom fuyioff, wcro 
loii(;iEif; tv 9UJ. Tbe Thougbtit of niJ atari up. oh from fttjuinl 
nii.Oia£iLed aleepy round his Thought ; ULsw^riog to it, Yu, 
ercfi Ml I Jft>'fiil to ujrn ii» tlir ilawning of diiy fb^m ni^ht; — 
w it uot^ iadc!f<<1, the awftJccnici; for titcm from uo-licuig into 
beic4r. from d«aUi bto lif« ? W« still bosor »udi & man | eall 
him Frwt* rH*niit>, and no forth ; bill tn ttiMt* wild Caen be WU 
a tx^rh' magician, a wcprkvf of uiracidoQM OAoxpectod hlvaviiiff 
let thoni \ a l'roph«t i^ God I — Tbotight once Amkcikod doc^ 
not a^iD ftlnisber ; uiifohls itself into a Syst«m of Tbouglit ; 
Srow;!, ID taaa after man, geBrrstion a/ttr ^iinratioii,-^tlll ita 
full ntaturi.- i« TVAcJic«lt and 9rud4 Systi^jn of Thiriisbt can srovr 
no farlber, but mtist give place to aiiutlier. 




For t^ Xor»« poc^Ot tb^ M&n &ow ruun<d Odlo, uid Cbiiff 
None Ood, we ttocy, mu such ft aiD. A Tcncliw, md Up- 
taia of Aoul uid of budj^ | & HirrOr nf worth I'mmawumblA ; 
ftdmrntioD for «-hom, tnnowfidins the knovni ^Bcnuuta^ Ixcaae 
adanUioti, Hoi h« not th« po«<T ot aiiicolAtc Thinktiiics uid 
m'4.iiy Evtlier [uwvm, 4a yi-t mincti]9ti« ? Soy with boundlm 
KT&littide, would tlie nulo Nome heart rvKtL 11m he not aolvBtl 
lor Ih^m tho «pbhai-«&igXDa of Uud Universe i givtn aMnrauco 

thexa of Uifir own d'^ttin; thert ? By him thdj know tiuw 

lat UuT/ lave loda licTn*, wlutt to ^ook for hereafter. Exl^t- 
«nc< haa become ftrticubte, mcloiiioiis b> hioi ; he Hrat has 
BiAiloLjfoaliTel — Wemay coli IhifiOdiii* thr .irijjiu of Nono 
Kythology : Odin, m- whatever nam* Ihe Fiftt K*>r*e Thdikcr 
boTQ while h« was a man a»ki>ik|c mpn. IIU Ti«w of tbo Uni* 
Teroo ODoe promuIb:&t«d» a like Ti«w starU into tx-inj; in all 
mbds i grow!(T kcv|is 1 vcr growiiigp wMle it ooiibuue* credible 
th^re. In «J1 luLnd^ it lay wH^len^ but invUibly, as in sym^ 
Ihetic ink ; al hia vtorit it kUtU Into TislbilJty iii alb ^ny, in 
CTi>ry tpoch of th& woHd, Ibo jfr^at cfi^nt* p^ri'tit cf All olh«r«t 
ifl U not th* ftrriviil of a Thiukor in lh« world I^ 

Dim i)t1i«r tlmig via tutLiL nut fi-tr^rt ; It will explikin, ^ UtUe^ 
th(T coDfu«ioD of iL^Ho Norad Eililos. Th^y are noi on« co- 
herent fiiyntom of Thoii^hl ; but propi*rlj th<? ttuitiniatioti of 
h4?Ti-riLl Hucrffisivt' xv*t»»mv_ All ihiit uf r.Jie <jUJ Norsi- IMiff 
vhicL U iluug out fur \a, iti one Il^v^I of dif^Unco in th«« E<lda, 
like n rot^tiiFo painted on thn tamo ciuivBa, doo« not at nil atond 
«o in tluf rtsiliir. It kUuhU t^ithirr at all manner of dintancM 
and de|>UL3. at fUivi^^bMva }ftnrnitiiJiid ainct* the Jtrlirf tiirt 
bcicnit- iUl Scan<linftvian tLinkrn, Binuc th« Bmt ui Xlitm^ 
e<iutnbut«d to thnt Sc&itilinapian System of Thouglit ; Ln «iver> 
new fhilximtiim And e^MituTr. it b ihe conihtc^ work of th«*ni 
tXL What liiAtory tt ha<], h[>w it ehaa^ from nbofc to *Jiape, 
by iiite thinker*^ contribution aftor anijthcn till It got to tho 
fuli l^nat dbape we >m tt utidvr in tbe £fld4if nn in^n will iiuw 
prcr knu* : {to Cuuuvili of Tt^biaood, Couni:iU of Trent, 
AthanAAliw^t. Poiit^v, r^nthcm, are ^uIlk without eoho in tJift 
daric ni^t ! Only that it bad au«h a history wi> I'-an all know. 
Wbrr(-«i>Trr a thinker appeared, tlian* i& tinf tlting be tliDU^ht 




nt TKA & ooiitnljiitioQ, acoatAwn. » change or irvolutiwi iiiAd«. 
Alaa, Llie ^lunlont ' revoimioa '* ol oil, the cm* niado by ihc 
UfcM Udm huiiiicll, ia not thht loo Bunk rt>r u* Liki? Uir wwt I 
Of Odin vh&t liihior^ ? Ktnuii^ nttlun W ndloob tiiat ho hoU 
4 LiatAiry 1 TiiAt thia OJiiu in hiB wiU N<iWo viijtnrc, wiUi 
iiid wild iwnrii and ov!?a, Lis mJp ^Oi^s* np«L-ub aud wijs, wm 
ft mu) lilw ua; wJlJi oiir uamnM. joj'*' Vrith our limU^f f**- 
lur^;4;^intnDMral1y nil ime oa ve : and did «uch a work! 
But the work. iQiich of it, luu pcrishod ; Uw worker, oil to the 
nnmo. *' ffWiwvdfty/" m^ci will gay to-motrow ; Odin^i dnyl 
Uf.Udia ther^ exists no history; uoduciuuRiiLor it; mi jfuvaui 
ubuut \l fforth n^pl^^ing. 

Snorro indeed, in the cfui^t^t maiui^, alino^t U 4 bnef 
bnidiwsft vtyUs ^t«B down, in hU Ihimxkr^n^ia, how Odin 
wM ft harolo PriDoe^ Ui tlir BW.k-3pii re^inn, with Twi^Itc 
Vt€lt$t Mul A great people stnutencd for room. How ht ]f*d 
then idl««r» (Aouttioft) uf his oub ot Aeiu ; ccttloU thcui m the 
Korth part* of Eotope, hy warlike ^^onquwt ; invMitied I*tti»t», 
Poetry aud so Torlti. — anil came by and hj U) K' vor&lijpped 
as Chief t;od l*y thwe Scandinnvions, hi^ Twolvie iWn nude 
into Twvtv« boiti of his cu^ Oodd like bimoetf : Snorro h&i: 
iu> doubt of thia. Snio Graminatieua, a wry i^nriouK North* 
man of that AOLme century, in still more ludiaitaUug ; scmples 
not to hud otit a imtorioal fict in ovi^ry individual mjthu5i 
and WTitei it down aa a t^m^iH^l ^vi^nt in DMimark or ntc<e- 
wbort^ ToifmiiH, li^arued aud cautuiuA, stiinii i'*'ntnri™ htUtTr 
Mdifcn* by cnlculation a J^tu for it: Odia, h« ^y«, came into 
Knrops about th« Year TO birfortt Ctirirt. Of aU wliirh, iw 
(^TtmtiilBtl <i[i nji*iv itnt^rlaijitieH. I'omid lu 1w untriLabli* now, t 
nerd my notlkinK- Far» Tery far U'yood tbi: Year 701 Odin's 
<late, adventui'os, vholff torrmttna) ht^Etory, figure and environ- 
nMntamHnnk froin Ttq forfcrerintouiikiiowii thmistondftdfyinni. 

Nay Giirnnu tbr Q^ruau Antiquary, ifueu so fkf »( t<> ^etty 
thnt any man Odin tvet pxint^vl. He proTV» it by elyiuology- 
Tbu word VtDOfaM, which it th*- oH|rinal fona of Odu>. a wc^rd 
spread, as nami^ of their idiLvT Divinity, ovrr aU tUt* Tfutijpiiic 
Nations erc-rrTrhrrej thin vord. which oonneets JWeH, aeuurd' 
log to Oriinn), vntli iho Latin fa^»iv, with th<> £nj;lieh u'o^ 

bcT. I. 



tMl mcb bk^^iMKB* |niift*nlj M Mw$mamit So«DD6«f Uor^ 
menii Pov^; and U tbtf ft nsflM of A* liJJwut ^od, sot of 
Mj !■&&- Tlie vuni ti2^uik9 IHtituij, he kk^ji, u&oiig tb» 
old Sfloofit Gcmua and ftU Tciitoiuc XatiDiu i Uw Adjeetms 
formed trota U ikU tigiiifj di^ne^ w/ fw n ^ or "^*^mc peiv 
^t»if*g to Ube ohifif god. Like enough 1 Wt^ mmt bo-v to 
Qrivitu in iMttrra djxiologiciL Let us oouiili^r :t (ixrd tlut 
tTmoi^M memxA Wtadm^, foroo of J^novnt And duv still, 
what hi]ul«» It bon bdikg tba Bftuw of » Htmo Man uul 
Jfbtvr, u veil » of ■ gocl f As for tli9 wfjectlTn, and vord« 
fotuurd from it,^did not t^ Spaul^nb ui dit-ir unirvmal 
odffiinUoo for Lope, grt into tbo h^bU of »ftjuig ''ft Lop« 
fiov«r/' " ft Lope daoM" ^' '^^ llowsr or wovan mm of <w- 
pftLHing hnnQiy ? 11^ this lasted^ tape noM Ik^tb grom, 
ia Spftuw to be ao adjcctiw signiijiiiie fvtfttJtc ftlocn lodoed, 
Aflftm Smith, m hu AjtM^ mi Z^onfwa^ mn&iaco Umt ftU 
ftdjactiTfta vimtsonvr wvn fomMl preciMlj in thftt w%j 7 
■cnM vMj frftf»ti thin^ cbkiflj notnble for im gn«ikny««, got 
tbr afipnlUtlri; tuuDc Gfwn, ami then the next thing retnaik- 
ftblo for thftt qnoli^, ft troe for ia«tan«^ waa nftmed the grtm 
tn«v— uw« still ujr "the «f0(mi eoftoh," * fonnhovti tMMeli,'' 
or the liko. All jn^nmij adjectives, anonllng to SdiliL« w^re 
fianned to thiji wftj ; «cro At fint mb^^tuknTo* nod things 
We ouanot jmniMUtv u man (or <'tymol'3^*« liJce that f Siuelj 
tbore vaa ft Flr«l T<w:h«r kjj'I C<).>UtlD; aarelv Uirrr miMt 
harr bcCD mn OdiD, palpftblij to tl^e Miwa at one tdtnr ; oo 
adjootare, but n real Hero of Hoeh and hioodi ThoTOdoe of ftU 
tradition, hlstorj or echo of hkiory^ egi«» with all thot tboDf^t 
viU tmch on* about it, tt> ftasitn» na of thfe, 

llov tic man Odin cftm« U> be considered ft yoi thr elucf 
god? — thftt surely is X question vhiob nobody vonld wiah 
to dogmatizi^ u|ion. T )i;iv>* saii^ Ida peofile 1ui«v no Umiit to 
their iuliuimtkin ot hun ; they had as yet 00 scale to mpasnre 
EUliiuiutLou byp ¥)uuij your own ^cnorona ^*"*''-'^to 5lf *™~* 

r" ^-* imn Tu a nr'^^ r r ^^^ ■■«■■»* ■ « i .-- u mi tt 

fillrd an ii fWffrflowgd tbc Ljholft *WM ^*' >'oiix OiongbtT ^r 
wbui irthis nuui bdin, — »noe ft flTCOt dro]) tmil, with the 
afflatus ftad mytterioaa tide of ntion ftnd imiiuUe nuhiag oo 



Lbot. I. 

him K* knows not whi^DO«> u •vor u eulguu, a kui^ of iptror 
(Mid ivcuiOcr to hitnmirt — abvatd Lart felt that p^lapn &r 
wftfl divine; tfcat A# vas Mine «ffiueiUTe ot tli« " Wuotfto," 
'* Afovunrntj*' Kujin-mr I'ntriT nnil DivinLly, of wb(»n to hit 
npt vinictn aII Sftturv vnv* thr a'A'fiil FluJtir-iiiingi^ ^ tliat *K>inc 
offlueuoo vi lyuoti/n dwolt l]i.-Te in kiui ! H^' wua not noectt- 
sarily falKP ; hi^ w^ua hrit mUtalccn^ npPAking tlio tmeft h^ 
kitrw. A ^cut io\il. hUk\ Kiuipn<- «onl, kiiovn inl, uA'if Ite K — 
fUu-riuLWtt betwcvn tlm Jiighmt Ji<?is1)t nud tht? towmtd^jth; 
e^u^ of a]l IhiLg^, th^ X^tM taeas\iK — Himsetf ! Wliat otIicM 
Uikr. him Set, n.nd yshnl. he gneMUK tltEit tir miiy 1h* ; thi*A» tmo 
itouu fitr&iigcljr act on one viothcr, help to drtcmune one 
aootliCE. AVith all men reTorently udrnmng huD ; wiUi his 
nwn M-iM fiOTil full of nobU ardorn titv\ afTcrtirt»t^ «/ vhirWind 
L-.baotii- il&rkn«u luid glorirmit mrw light; a tliviDr Uiiivitnw 
bumtini^ all into godlikt? bf^auty round Lbn. ami no jhau to 
whom tLo liko ov&r b^ bof^l«ii, wliat 4y>vtld he tlunk lum^oli 
to bn ? " WnnUn * " All mm an*wrTv<l, " Wiioijui ! " — 

And th^n (V>iuiideT vliat mctt Time will dn iit sii^h cfuvMi 
bow iX a man va^ eiv^t vluto liviaf;^ ^^ bt^'-omt^fi tenfold 
grfUCt^t wh«n dfiiM- Wlmt nn pnormnTifi r'trofra-vfrtntrtt mng- 
ikitirr L» Tnulition ! Ihiw a tttiiig grxjwft in tW kuinaii Mi'in- 
ory, in the haman Inufti^inationf wbc-n loTft, vroniiip and all 
tbat Um in the human H^arU i^ thtre to ^nrourag« it. Ami io 
thp darkn^sSp in iht* entire ignflmnnj*; vilhout <UUt or doCQ- 
mrnt, no book, no Aiucdf^l-mvblr ; only h«re and th<Trt noma 
dnml montuncntol ceim. Why, in thirty or loity yeaia, wm 
therd no books atiy gr^at nian vould grow nyrA^, tL« con- 
li^mpor^iri^K vtiu Wl »ix-i) bLm, bvin^ oncft all Lliad. And in 
ttiro^ bimdred years, and in thrAO thouaand yi^ora — ! To 
ktrnfrnpt rA^mi'n^ on snob matt«ra would profit little: they 
arr irxntti'n whifh rv.fiup tn Ih* /Afu»rvmAi aiul diagnunivl; 
vhidi Lo^ic oii^-ht to know Uut ahr r^jtrtc^f vprok ot Enos^ 
for ns to di&oern, tut in th^ ntt4<miofl1 dwtaiuoe, Krn»e gleam as 
i>r n liinnll r<-al Ii^ht shining in tbt^ n-ntrr of tkti utiomuniK 
nani:tnirfkbru:ni-a imngr ; to dL-vrm tlint the c«ntr>* of it all ira^ 
nnt a miLdni-Ha and nothing* but a vanity and E.-iiiaAthiriK- 

Thifl light, kiiuiled in the sn^at dark mrtcx ai Hi^ Novae 

taer> L 

THE rniRo Aft pn'rvnr. 

^Iliid, &Mik bnt Itfin^, T«tmg onlf for ligtii ; tU# It to im 
tbe fxmAr^ of Ibr wIioIp. Ilow mtdi Ugbt will tbra «biM oiii, 
sad wttit woodn>u« thmiftMiJ-fold «3Lpftiiflioa spnod itnlf, 
m forma uiil n>l>OT«, c)qwfi'l« not on a^ so mottti i« ob Ite 
ITiEtknuil MtiHl nnn|ii>ff(it iif itv Tlv oolrwm ftoil rnrrna of yoor 
Ijfkt Till hf tJioao of tl» i^t'fUa H hu to nbioe thnws^ — 
OnrkfUt to ihink bow, for ^ciy nan. viy tie tt^eat 1Mb n 
iBOMUd br tbtt natiaTw of \he mo * I «aid, Thf» «amMt MtBtif 
■pcwtitig tn hb hmther nK'n. mtutt dlw&y* huTi^ jUated wbii 
0Mtn«<l to bim A fa^y ft r»l Appf^nnoe ol N«tiin.\ But tbe 
w^ tn vhif^h micfa Appwrftnce or Hct fihtt|wd itself, — what 
■ort at /art U lipruiiir far httiJ, — wm ntid U tnndifM by 
bk own Uw7 of tb^nkiQ^:: fWfx subli^, bm tmiTcml. nvi^ 
opentinj; Uws. Ttx" woHd of Natvm, for itTcry num, tathe 
Vmntuxy of HimaMf : tbU wiwM in tho mnltipA^x *' Inutfj^ oal 
bis own nream." Who kitovv to wlut uniuuiJiUn mihUctioM 
of tpirit^ law aJl tbp*e Pagvi FnbL^ ow? tl-Mr Bliape ! Tbft 
number TVWw, dirisiblest of atl, whicli cculd be h^TMi, quu- 
tot«^, pAfwl Irto tlirMk, fnte cix, th«« moat rptnarVAbl^ rum* 
bnr, — thtm WW «wxaitb to (MamiiiM tb» A^rn« 0/ M« £«vfi(Bc^ 
tjic^ number of Odin'a «SmWi ftad imumcmblo otber TwbIvco, 
4dj Tagitf RimoT of mimh^ir bad a tend^nty to ai><tle itaalf 
ictc TwpIvo, So with rrgaii] in pvorj othiT nutbtr Aiul 
quite iinNniiioiouslr too, — -until no nobon of baildicfr up 
^AJ]esovi€fl"l Hut tho frMh claar ^aace of thoa* Flitt 
A^«A wniild bf» prrrmpt tn diKfWTfiiBg tfao B^irTpt nHitionit of 
tbm^f latd whollj open to obpy these. ScJiillirr iaada ui tho 
Ca*f«u a/ t'caia an rvorLaattug ir«tii«tio Lrutlt na U) tbe nature 
of all IWant}-; {^irioru: — hnt h« U ourftfnl not to inainEuM 
ibat thi' otil OnvlL MrthUtA Ijnd an/ notion of Wturit^g fthoitt 
tbc " l*hiiofl<»phy of Criiidsm " * — On thft wbole^ we canst 
littT» tl>o^ boTtndlMa regioos. Onnot we cimtwiv^ that Odin 
wiw a rrnlitrf f Rrmr tnd«nl, rrmr pnun^h : but nbotfr faleg 
booil. iillr' fitUM, :Ul«i^orT aforfitbougbl*— we will no4 belioTe 
tbaAour FaEht^rs belk^^ in tlieAO. 

OdinN RufffiM ar^ a ^i^ifktuit feature of hiia, Rnnfe, tad 
tbe miTacU« of * nagio " h^ worb^ br tbo&t niakc a fnal 



Ur. l 

rtfAti:n» in tradition. Runes are the ScAmlinaTiaD AlphaVt; 
^iipiMwe Odin to liave bcoo the inrpnlor of I^ctlrrt, sut wr!l m 
■^loa^c," Anions tb^t people! U m tUt- ^T^uUtft uivi'iition 
mflfi hu( cwr mJt4lt<T tbis of marlting down i,h« unAe«in thought 
tti;iit m iri tilui by writt^D <^hArA«LrTA. It U a kinil of secuuil 
eprnwh, atiuo^t wi minu^uloiu \^ Uio firat Vou ri^tnomlx^r the 
ft«totLi«hmpnt Euitl incredulity of Atatiualpa tbe P^ruTi&aKing; 
how he iniide the Spani^b f^oldiftr who wn^ Ki^HrdinK liim «OTAtch 
Diaa ou hib tliQmt>iuii), that he might try the tttijct soldier 
with it* to luionrtaul wh<^lh<^r aii(*h % miracLo wa^ poBBitiLt*. if 
Odiu brought Letters aiuoiLg hU people, he loi^ht vr>rk i&a^o 

Writing by Etm*fi han noroc lur of bf^ing original Arocoig the 
^ontcrmpu ; not -a Fh'uuK^iuu Alphatot, but fi native ?>?aiuii- 
tmviau <me. Suorro telU us farther that Oiltu inv^uted Po«tTy ; 
the mufliu of human speech, as wi^ll n« thnt mifoeuloiu runio 
markiii*: of it. Trniisfwrt yowrpclv<*e into the «irly childhood 
of uation* 1 thf" first b»>atitiful moruingJight of ijup Europe, 
wlu5n iill ret liiy ill fresh young rnituutce ita of a girjit Kiinriiti^ 
and our Eurdit* wnd fint begiDuiug lo thicJt, to be 1 Woudor, 
hopoi inliuito mdi&noi? of hope and wonder, ;ia of a young 
child's thoughts, in thn hvanx of thAA« st^ng m^n ! Stroug 
■onv of Nature ; ;uii1 hpTc wa« not only a wild CuptaJn and 
FSghtpf ; di5Cfni:ng vith. hia wild Ao^-ihin^ t-yrs what t<i do, 
With hirt wild lion Lpiirt diiring and duing it; but a J'oflt too» 
all tliat we mean by a Poet, Prophr>t^ great derout Thfiiker 
and Iiivi.-utt:pr, — as thu truly Gre-at Man i-vt^r i». A Ifi-ru U 
a l[<^ro at rtU point* ; in the f^^nA and thought of him tirnt of 
alL Thb OdiD, in hia rude MmtHartdcuIatc w^y, had :l word to 
Hpruli, A gn^-at h«art l^d ap«n to tuhe in thtit greut I'uiverse, 
and man'i» Life hftpc, and uttrr a great TFord about it, \ HfTO, 
aa I eay, in livti own rudo mannr^r ; a wirto, gifted, nobl^diMJted 
rami. And now. If we still adinire ^ueh a niiii beynnd i^l 
othm. what uiuAt these wild Nurse souhi, firfet av-akoned iuto 
thinking, havf moHr of him ! To thoTu, aji yi^t without namea 
ff>r it, he WA& noble aud noblest ; H^to. Prophet, God ; Wtt^um^ 
the gn«t^«t of all. Thought in Tlinnght, hmrnvpr it Kprnk of 
BpflU itwilf, Inteiiiiicallj, I coojecture, tins Ddin must hAre 

. L 



Wn o{ Uift «uw ttnrt uf Muff u Uib grfdU-nt kitul of nao, Jl 
l^rtqU tWuglit in tbc vUd deep bmtt of Ijim ! Tbc romgh 
vords be ortti'UlaK^, ar<c they not the TudinicuUkJ tooU of 
tbo«o En^mh wonU «« iiill uic ? Ho vorkiMl %t>, in tb^t 
tibftctirr T^eumiL ]ful he m^a ui « /tj;Ai ki-uJied in it; a liffht 
of InidloGt, nidc Kcticm-fdi of hcftrt» the only Viud of li^hta 
wo havv yet ; & Ucti> w 1 taj : iuhI lu hwl to shioe thort», luul 
Qiftktf )ii« ot»fiur« el^iaent & little U^hterT — v u itill tbo U%k 
«f na alL 

Wo vill ttoicy him to be tbo Type NorsemaDi tlw fiitfst 
Teuton wbom that ra^e bad jr^ pnxhiciid. Tbo rodo Norio 
bMXl Inintt uji iiito bvttMilm luluiirkLioii rounil liifii ; inUi Jubv 
rAtion. Ho 19 lU fv ront of 9o uimiy i;re&i UiiAga: ^c Fruit 
of bun is foond groirine^ Froa doo|> tbouwuidfl of yours, oror 
tlkC wh<]]e field of 'IVulonie lAttK Our own Wi^dDeulay. U I 
*4id, ia it not ^UI Odin'a Day ? Wedneflburj, Wau^borou^, 
Wwist<M<U XVtindaworth : Udin i^n^v into Eu^uid too, ibosd 
*j« still lMT«ifi frotn that root I }U ^^ lh« Chi^f U«d 10 all 
tiis T<-iitonir Fi-npW; tbvir Vtittmi NoTBrinai); — in unirh 
way did they adjsiro tbcir E^atten: Nor^c-moA . that vm tbo 
fcitnno he bad in Hit world. 

ThQA if thu inau Odin hijiia^lf hav« vaiii^Lb^d iHt«rrly, tbetf^ 
iji tliU btigT> 8}iAdovr of biut whieh fitill pn>j»ict« it«fdf orrr thn 
wbolv ILintvrr of hia Peoples. For tliin Udinonc« ftdnittod to 
bo God, iri^ can uiidctstond well tbot the t^holir Si'^njliuavlaa 
ftohoine of XatUTO, or dim No-ifh^me. wbat^v^p it mi{-ht br- 
Utnt bttVL* Inn. woutd ntm lie^'in to ^trirlop Itwlf altOKi^tlir? 
diflsrontJy. &nd k^^h- thniccforth in n new m^inn^r- What 
thi« Odin saw into, nnd taught vritb bin runoii abd bia rhjmciL, 
tluf whole Toijtonin TAttplA bi<l to li^ATt and o&iried forward. 
Kb w^y of Uious;U Ix-eiimtT thrir way of tboujebt; — svirf, 
undor new Aonditioas, i^ ih-y history of ovpry f:r«At thinltfr 
itill. In ffigniitic! coniuM<d lin«Lmfrnt«f liki^ tome enormona 
omterMibacnm «liadow tkrtiwo upwurdv from tbe d«Ad deeps 
of tb? Paflti Uid coTcriDj; tb« wbolc Kortliern H<--a.r(^n, k not 
tbAt ^Andinftviftn Slytbology in «ma'> sort tbo Portruitute of 
thik mun Odin? Thp ^i^intie imi^^ of hi^ natural fai^e, 1^^^- 
ble or iK»t legible tben^, expanded and coafamd in ttiat OLiAucrE 


iBcr I 

Ahf Thouglit, I Miy, U aX ay* Thouglit. No great man livr* 
in vain, Thv HiaLury of tte world ia bnt Ihc Uioeraphy of 

To me thftre i« tom«thmg vetj* Umchiug in tbie primetal 
fl^Uff i>f Ifirmij<tii ; iu aut-li &rlk'«B, helpkea* but hoarty culire 
r^cption of a Ilttro by liJa fclbw-mpn, Nctct mi hclplcan ia 
ahape* it ia the DobL«it of fe^Hngfi, iind a f »»lttig in aotu* abapo 
or i^thftp prwnnial m mftn fcinis^lf. Tf T could *Uow ir* any 
mi-juiiirv, wh.Lt ] f«*-l (laapty for a lonff tiiuc ni>ir» That U b 
tliu vit^ ^U-ment oF manhood^ tlic fioul uf mjLii'a htstoiy hero 
in our vorlii, — it would be tL* iiliief use of Miis i:ti80/)ursiikg 
at ^irrupMt. Wi^ do not tiuw eaJl uur great ittou Oods, nor 
Aidmiic wifA^'u^ limit; ah no. laUA limit nnoiiRh! Jtnt if vc 
have DO srent m^n, or do not ftdmiw at all, — Unit w«i« a atiU 

Tlila poor Scandinari^m Heroworatiip. tba»t vrhoU Ifome 
wny oi loukiii^ at the UnivoTW.% aud adjus^i|f oneaulf tb«rt. 
h.ia An indff^tniotihln niArit for us. A nidn obildJiko vrajr of 
n^visniimg Urn diviunrn-HS nf Natun*. llit diviiictiffsa of Man ; 
most rud«. yet heartfelt, robust, ^antlike; bctokrniiig wlint a 
giant cf fi man this chili wonld y^t ffrow to ! — It wad a truth, 
and U nimt-v In it nf»t ili tlit' half-dumb »tifl«d voioe of tho 
li^ng-buiiod gieueratioiu of our own Fiitbmi, <wl1iii^ oitt of ihti 
d**|»ths of aiECfl lo iia, in whoBw vein-i thflir blood fltill mniir 
" 'thm then, thix in wh.'it »*« iiiailo of Ibe v(tild ; llkia it; tdl tho 
im^ifp' and notion we OAnId form to fnir»«1vM nf this great 
myBlcry of a Life ncd Universe. IM«pi»c it uoU You are 
ritiacii hiKh above it, to largo fre« •uop« of vision; but you too 
are tiot jfct nt th" lop, No, your notion too, ao much onJarg^ 
la but a iKu-Lial, iuijwrfect our : that nialtf i is a tlitng no nian 
will <TVor, in timo or onl of time, oomprvhonii: aftex tbonundji 
of ywirt of t\'i>T-ii*w cxpiuiBion, miui will find hiznseU but 
Hlvugjliiig til cismjirthpHd agnin a ^jaH nf it: the thing la 
lar^f^r tbau man, not lo be oomprehendf^d lij himj aa la&tito 

TIlp e-jE4i<ucv cpf tbc* 8candiDaTian. u iudcrd of all Psgaik 
Mytholo^osr we found to be recognition of tho diviacuv of 




>'At&T^ : tteMf* •OBttoawQ of «fta vrHb tbfr m^vMioQi iarki- 
Ue PovBM rkiblj mtm wt vofk in tbe vorld mud bin, 
TUa. K tlioalil ai^j, is nore stnccrelj donn ia t^ ScuidiBftnui 
tfau Ift4fi7 JljtMogx I know, i h ttw n ^ !■ tha gnu ekv- 
Mieristk of it. 8vpf«ior snesritjr (hir mpcrior) cooaolee ua 
for U«r tutal want of old Grrci&u pACCk ^AOtciijr, I tlimk» ia 
toCtq _'J!.att r^^ ^ t^ tlul t^«B oU Korthncfi veta look* 
bv iMo :^aun vidi '^pan «7« tmd mnl: mo$it^KmUl,hootm%i 
flllOd1fb«, and ytt mmmVikt; vith a greathearted tamiMktf 
ttd dcrptli uid ^<o»luMBm in & tmc, kirisg, j»li»trifi^, ^atUu- 
inc TCJ- ^ right ndttatr lni« old t^M of utco. S«Bh ncoftti- 
Uon of NaUm one iHtida to b" tli* cliiof ft1»mi«ritt of Pagamism ; 
fMnifnitM of Mtm, and hia Ifonl Dotr* ikiragk tlib too ta tio4 
-wantinCi cocao* to be the obief cteiaeat onJj in pturor fonaa 
<»f nti^oo. Heref lad««d, U & gnait dialioctioixi and Ofwek m 
Jlttniaii Btli^ia ; a gT«aa kndnaric b tli« i»UgUHU deirdopiiiana 
of UaoktitiL Mim firai poila HJm&clf in nOiUioo wttb Kaittra' 
aikd hd Pdwco^ iroodtfta and wcnliipa c^^r thoae ; not till a 
later q>oeh do«a be dlaram that all Pov^r ia Moral, ihat tb« 
|»Twt jinint is the diEfinrtlnn ftir him al Onnd ami Kvil, nf 
ZAvu j^i£f and T^^ M>uiii wt. 

With R«afd to all thfiae fal>ulMifl Jeliii^iatiiHia in Uiv A'lJrfa, 
I Hill Tanark, mcreover, aa iwl*^ irw ati^ndv hintod, that 
moat probably Wmy miiat liavm bmii of much uewor date; 
iDMt probably, crcn frota tbo first, irrre 4.y)impaRkUT«1y idle for 
tlM obi NoT^Dten. aad aa it w*^r«f a kind of Pontic cport. All^ 
fory and Poetic Delineation, as I mid RUtvn, raui[iL>L l» roli- 
fioufr F^lh i til? Faiib itac-ir mult firat be ibore^ then Allegory 
OKKwh will Ki^<?r roti&il it, as the Ul body round tta aoul- 
Tbc Norw.- Faith. I «ujt wvU fuppoaa, lik« other Faitha, waa 
nQo*1 ai-tiT*» wJiiltf \{ l*y miiirilv In thi' Miritt ntoM*, and haid not 
jat mtKh to sajr about itJ-rlf. at;iU lea* to aing. 

Amonic tfafXM* thj^knry i^'./^ nuUten, amid all tlul faataitio 
WMQPties of aasertioQs. and tradition^ in tbnir muttntl MjtM- 
0pt9t iW tuaJa fvaictlc^ belief a ma.n cmiUl bar« was iTtiba' 
hly not mvfih mow than thl* : of the Vaiki^n and tho /fnii <>/ 
Ma ; of an iallaxibl^ l>**finy ; antj tb^t lb* ow thing ni*«3- 
M for a man wss m fa ^ni«v* Tbt Fa/A-^n are Cliix>aani * 



L»CT. t 

th« SUin : a D»1iiiir tDviorable, which it \b tiaelNd trying tc 
b<3iiil or BDfteii. U&fl a|ipi'iule<l vlici ix Ui hn fil^n ; tliii4 wu: a 
funiLunontal pc>mt for ih>3 ffor^> bt^lipvrt- — aa indf^rd it is 
for all JELUUcat tm^a ovciywh^rA, f^^r a MaboantTl, a LutUcr, tot 
a, Niijtolton 1<MJ, ]L Ups iit tlir biAiH thU f»r pv^ry siich man ; 
it is the wtMjf out of wiicli his irh«l(r syntPiii nf chniii^lit is 
wovoa, Th<» VcUkyrs : and then that thcftu rfMf>M:rn loiul tlic 
hravA tAahf^avAtily Tiatiof Odin; Dtk]^ the base and slavish 
imiug UiriJAt rWvhithfTr, UxU* tUn rr^iliuR of Hrla the DeaiUj> 
goilUue; I tiikc Uiin lo hATt bce^a the 3f>ul of the whole llorad 
BeXmi. They imderAtiXHi in thoir lioujt that tt vfi» iadhipoii- 
«fthle to hfl hrarn; that Oflin woiiM have no favor for them, 
hut despi^r iviil thrTint thrni out, if thry wi?iv not braver. 
Consider too whether there ia not aomothiag in thb T It is 
jui overlajiiug di;ty, valid in uut ilay aa in that, th« duty of 
Iwiiig hrav"*, TaW la wtill ivf/u«u The llist duty for a uiaii 
ia iLiU LkiL uf auUlmii;; /'nir. Wo luiut ^t^l fi<l uf Feur ; we 
cannot act at nlL till thtrti. A man's ud^ nro slaTu^i, not tnto 
but tpcoioxiK; hia vi^ry tlicughta u^j faliie, h^ thUika too aa a 
Hlaue wid vuwonl, lill hp have ^t Foar uiuler hb ff*eU Odiii'ti 
cret<lt if we disentaojctc tho r^al kernel of it, b tnio to thin 
hoor^ A man fthall and OkOAt bo volant; ho miut march for- 
ivard, and <iiiit himsiOf lilcu a msiii-'^ truKting imjwrturbaHj 
ill the ii|»]*:iinltn*?Ht iuid vhoic^ of fbt upjjpr F-'jwtia; aad. on 
the whole. Ti'>t fi>ar at all Now and always, the fomplot^noM 
of hi« victfiry over Fear will dotcrmino how mu^^h of a luan 
ht? IK. 

Ii lA tlotibtli^ss TfrTf aavaf^ that kmd of vnlor of the ol4 
NoithinorL. Snortxi tcHn uh tlii^y thmi^^ht it a ^haJno and 
iai«**r7 lurt to dS** in hatil*': and if nutunil deuth neem^d to 
he <H*nuuiK \f\u theiy would eut wounda in llieir flirnl, that Odlu 
mifcht refvirt^ them Ad warnnra slain. Old kink% about to die^ 
had theii body laid into x ship; thu iihip «ont forth, with uilU 
Hcrt mill aluw tire hurmug It; Lbali uirn? out at Hc*a. it mipht 
blue up in Hame, and in sn*^ manner bury worthily the old 
harOf at onof^ in theakyand inthooctfon! Wild bloody valon 
yet valor of ita kind; Iwtt^r. I axy, than nono. tn the old 
8e^kiiL|^ too, what aa indomitoblfi rugged enarsy! SUe&lr 




with clo»Dd Ijpe;. u I Uuicy t1i«m, oaconAcioiu thib tli^ vorv 
Bp«eiaUf bnirei defying the wild oooon irkh Its niiOQftets> 
Ukd All mati uid tbiugi ; — prugi-nttDn of our ovm Blab«4 and 
Xclwuui! No llumer Hiuijf tbvati Ni'Tm 3r-n^kiDg?i; but AgH- 
iD«iDiioii'£ wiu) & siuaII Audaciitj. &£id of Aoial] fni:t in Uie 
world, to *om<> of tbnia; — to Ilmlf* of Nomutndj, for iu- 
Uantv* Tlrrklf, or Holla Biike of XoFinundv, thi* wild Sea- 
king. bjiH A ahtxo m gOT^nuug Eugl&Dii al Uii» hour. 

Nor wae it allogwthpf iiolhing, evpn that wild ara-rorm^ 
aftd battlmg, Uirougb no nuiAy gRUL^rjEdoiM. ti iuwd<4 to bt> 
ajuvxUiiiinl wbii:U wBH Uie ttrtrn^ejut Liud oJ" mrti; wbo^vrcni 
to Iw rtil^r i>veT whom. Amoacc t1i« KortbJaad Sovereign^ 
too, I fiad soni? who got tho title Wood-fuU^r f Foro«t-f<»lling 
KingiL Muc'h V^^ in lhu,t. 1 suppuae at bottoia many of 
Itoa* wene f(/Tt*sUf«Uera as well aa figlitera, thou^ the Skalds 
talk mainly of the latter, — miiiLiinding oortain cntioa not a 
ll«lfl ; for nn nation of mi*n imhiM (►vyt IJvi* iiy fighting a1oit«; 
tb^in* miilil nut pnxlaL-i! irnaDgU ix>nir inU «F tliot! I NUppmN* 
tho right good f:£hti^r ima oftenMt ftlw> the right good forest 
feller, — the right gooil im^^rover, diecenit^?, doi^t- aud worker 
in Bwery kind i for tx\\v. valnr, diffprant pnoiigli fmm fflroritv. 
if the baain of aU. A inumi Ir^iptiniati: kind irf valur Ihat; 
showing it«elf agaiudt tUo ttutaui«d Foreats ami diu-k brute 
Powern of Nntiire, tt> conqim Hatitrfl for ^ts^ tn the aaja« 
din^^tinn hiivi- not wh tbfir Hpsonndftnt* Kineo r?arried it far? 
Uajr such ralor laist forerer witJi iu ! 

That Lbe man Odin^ speaking with a H«ro*8 voice and heart) 
M with on imprt^nivniirmi <n;t of Iff>avri], UM hU Pnoplp thfi 
iofinite baporbajico of Valor, how muii Ihrrrby iMreanic » Kud \ 
asd that Ilia Foofile, feeUag a response to It in their own 
hearts bolirwd this m^sag^ of hia, and thought it a TneaBag« 
cut o£ Ifcivrn, uiid biin el Divinity for tilling il thrm: thU 
seemB to iu« the primary aei^d-grain of the Norse ReUgioni 
bom whieh all numaer of mythologies, E^robolie practicM, 
sprculutitin^, n]h<gorii-H. Honga and aagaji would njiturally gnnr. 
Grow. — how strangely! I ealk-d tt a Amall 1ii:ht ahiningand 
ahftping in th«i hngt> totIax of Noraf* durhn^tn. Vot tho dark- 
nesa itself waa o/«tw/ oocaider that. Jt wua tb^ ea^r inar- 

LEcrnrsKs on iieboes. 



t4f*iilal« vninxtrurtixl Miiid of tlir whoir Xonw Fropli^ loBKiD|{ 
only to beODoe tftkuJole, to ^ on uticaUting erver bxtJific f 
Th« liTiikg doctrtiw grow, growB; — liko a Butjran-tree; the 
tii^ «!"/ 19 rii9 p-iapiitial tiling: nnj briitich itniliw^ ttmM down 
iato the «uih, becomes b uev root^ uui ao, in cadloM oodi- 
piczity, v« huTC a vbolfi wood, & v1m»1c jtiogl«v ooe a««d Uic 
parafit oT it aIL Wsw not rhc* wliol* None It«Ligioti, accord- 
il»gljr, in Mnntc Miut^ vrbut wd (AUed '' tlir rnonuoiis ithiidofW 
of ttiia nuoi's liketieM'' f Crilios tmee acicav affinity la sciai? 
>or&» inytlm»e8, of the Cr^nnon smd euob like, irith tl;cA« ol 
ihe llibdous. Thi <>)W Adumhlii, " liiikiag t\iH rints fmm i\w 
rocks," has a kind ot Hiiuloo look, A ilicduo Oorr, tmuiportc^d 
iaio frosty countrice- Probably onougb; uid««d w« uutr ny 
VDdosbtodly, tlipsc ttiugs win hun n kindred with th« nrtnot- 
CMt liuidji, with the furlieet times. Thmgbt dues not dio, but 
only 10 fJuuifced. The ^t tmiu ihax be^pui to tluak iu this 
J'luiK't ot ounij he w^ the b«f^uiiii*r i>t alL And tL«u Uie 
Mooni man, and l-h? thin! mnn ; ^ nay, pvrvrr trtifi Thinker to 
Uiiii bonr 13 a kind cf Odin, tco^kcs mca hk way of th'^nEht> 
spreads a shidow of hie own likengi orcr icctMHu of tho 
HiBtory of the Worlil, 

Of ^ distinctive i>D«tio chonctcar or tDorit of this Xotm 
Mythology I bavt- not rooDi to vpouk ; nor doov it oonoem u 
mVMlL SoioQ wild ProplMoU* 99 h^TO. w th« VbJiapa in tbo 
mtn* /M/4/a ; of & rapt, earaost, s;byltiDe fiotl But ihity were 
eompomtivclj ui idlo adjniiiTt of tho matter, mcti wbo Rs it 
were Imt toyed with tho xoatter, tluMu tattt Sk&lds; and it ij 
/Ai-tr iooga chifillj th«t mirvira In lat^r oenturiea^ I wj^mioCv 
thoy would ^ on aingiog, poctacftlly symbolidng. m ov mod- 
era Paint«T3 pftiDtf wbeo it vnt no lonjipor from thp innoruoRt 
hf";irt, nr tjot from thp hpart at fill This if niwrywhere to be 
well krpt iQ mind. 

Graj-'a bnAnurntti of Kot«o Lor«* nt any ratot will |^t* one 
no notion of it ; — my morir than Popo wil^ of nonurr. It in 
110 H4]i]aj^but]t gloomy |ni]:uw of lihirk Uttlil:tJ miiHilr. fthrooded 
in awe and horror, a« Gray i/C\'r\^ it ua: &o; n>u;b aa Use 
North rofkx, »« thc^ L^-^land diMrts, it io; with a hvdrticieaSf 

UtTT. I, 



hoaneliiMM, atgd a Uat of good humor and mliuAt mirtli ta Uio 
middl« of these faaifiil tbiagiB. Tha ttroufi old Norao huoit 
rlid net go np(irL thnatricn] mibUmldes ; thoy had uct tiiuv to 
tremble I Like mur.L thi^ti Tobu^t tfiiu^i^ii'^ i thtii' vrr;Lr-ity, 
dircctnctfa of cr>uueptiO(i. Xhor "dnvw^ down hb brcrwa'' in 
a I'erliable Xor»e mge; -(p^uipi hiii hiuitmor till tho ^nu^A^oB 
jfTwuf vfhitK.'^ Itf^Hiutiful tmiu of i)ity toe, lui honest pity. 
Buldt^r "tb*? white Ginl" dift»; tbc beautiftil, Iwulyniuil i hn 
U the Simgod. They try all Nature for a rvutedy } but he ia 
dead, f^vgignf hifi DLTir.her, seni^s HvmKidf-r to v^k or aeo 
liim. tunc dajrs and nine nights Lt< tidt'H throu^^h gloum^ 
ia&p TaXleya, a labyrinth of gloom; nrrivca at Ui« Bndge wi^ 
Itogold roof: the Keeper says, ''Yos, Balder di4 pa^A bure; 
but thft Kin^oiD of the Dead ia flown yondi-r, far tiiwiirdA ihn 
North." Hnrniodcr ridea on i leaiis HcU-gat«, livWti guift', thjw 
jMc Bildijr, uud speak viih hiui ; Balder ouuuot bv itvliviTTHL 
Inexoniblo ! Hela will not, for Odin or a4iy God, give biiu up. 
Tlin bfiAUtiftil and g*nT,l*» has to wmaiti tlirni, Tfi* VTiff had 
Totuatoorcd to go with him, to t\ie with hiia. They abnll 
forerer rvmaiu then*. Ho et-uiia hiH riuj* to Oilio; Naivna 
his wife eenda her rMmhf^ lo Frigg^ as reioeiabrsDue. — 
Ah me ' — 

For indited V jilor i a the fountain of Pity too; — of Trutli, 
and all that it great and good in iuau> The nibuit houiely 
vigor of niff'NoTJBrTipft^tattnrT^ nn» iTTiicrh, iji thivie duliiiKi- 
tiorj.& Js it not a triit f\i riz^it bonr-it ntrcngth. says UbUpd, 
who hiW writtou a hno AVsoy on Thor, that the old £Jorae 
h&art finds its friend iu the Thimier-gnd ? That it U not 
frigbt^acd away by liis thiiadcr; hut irniln th^it Hummcrdicat, 
thi> beautiful noble numntcr, miiai and will h^Lve Uiunder 
witlialT The Norse heart hvM this Thor and his hamuier* 
holt; BjiortA with him. Thnr in Sankmer-heat ^ thif ^t\ of 
TeoiCOAblo Inducftry an vftW ah Thunder. He ia the Peafiant^ 
fncnd( his true hiinohuum and atteaihuit ia Thialfi, Manuoi 
Ifnhtj^. Thor MmseU engages in rII maoDer of r<mgh inaniml 
work, aooniA no t^siiavw for its plpbeianiam ^ ia t^ver and 
anon tiftrelling to the oountry of the Jiiluaa. hanyiTig thoeo 
flhflotid Ftost-Eoonsters, flubdning tlietn, at l^o^t Ktraitemos 


UiPf. L 


nnd dntnuginp: th(*m^ Time Kb a gre&t brood tuimor in some 

Th<Ji, M wo aftw abovv% icoce to Jdtun-laiul, to seek iiymir's 
Cftldron, that the* G<xU may brer be«r Hymir th« buge Giant 
cmti rs, hm gnij ht^atX all f ul] of hoftr-fro&t ; tpliU j>illan pitli 
lilt; vcrj glance of his c)^; Thor, aftrr m^ch rotigh tumiUti 
softtehfis tbxA Pot, clofw it on hii head; tiio ^'hondlot of it 
tMcb down to hit heels." The Norse ftkald has a kind of 
ioTuag HiMTi witli Thoi-, This is thr- Hymir wbo«c <ttttlc, tht 
Oiilice havt^ di»A(>rt!md, aiv loobvrga^ Hng^ untutortd Brob- 
digna^ gpmuit, — uvMliiig orJy to he tamed down ; into ishdk- 
npta^vra^ Daiilieb, Qu>tlie&! It is all eonf now^ tthat old I^one 
TOih, — Thoi thr Thitndcr-ipd oluin(i:i^ into Jn^.k the Giittit- 
killer t btit tb« mind thut made It b here yet. Hvw tttnuigL^lj 
thlnt^ g^v* ^d die, aiitl cki not ilii^ I There ara twl^ of tlial 
grcftt world-One of Notm Brtiof tftill rarioualjr traccablo. Xhia 
poet Jack of tL^ Nun^ry, vrith hi:t miroouloaa sJiOM of »wift- 
001% ccat of d4LFkQ»a8. sword of sliarpneu. he i» ooa. IfymU 
Etm, aiul ftt^I mure d««ifiive)y Red ^tin 1/ /rrZow^ iii Uie 
SooC^k Bftlladflr ^1^^ ox^ both drrivrd from NorMlaodi Stin 
it evideotly a Jifftm. Ni^y, f>kakapcar«'A IlamUt \% a twig 
too of Chi4 same worlil-tre^; tlwre fief-riiH qi> iloulit of ikat. 
Hamlet, Aii^ht I find, Ia rt^lly a mytluc fwrvona^; and 
Uia Tra^^y. of the poiaorcd Father potnonMl a8l«iej> by drop6 
in bit ear, and tli* wst. U a Nors^ mythiu! Old Saxo, an 
liiH wotit waa, uiadv it a Danish liifltorjr ; Slii^pc^arr, out of 
Saxo, nuMlc it lehikt w*? see, Thnt is a twi^j of Uie wiwld-tw* 
thut liaa ^/TTUfTi. 1 tbiiik^^by Eiaturv ur nticriJi^nt iJutt oao has 

In fa^t, th<^Mt old Kor«« Boners har^ a truth \i\ Ujtmu an 
inward |)eretmia1 tmth and fp^atnAsSf — R4,irHc«f«di 11II must 
liaTe that t*»tt 1r»r»g iir«i»nr« tt*rif by tndiiion alnno. It 
is S ^rratuctd not of mrr« body and (([i^auiic hulk, init x rju lw 
jprE^atnrQn of aouL There 14 a sublimo lutOOLnplaiiUBK iD^lan- 
ehrily TrijyMlilo in thM6 old hoarta. A g^pat &»« ghfioe into 
tbf> very ilef{tH of thought. They seem tu h»re anen, thoao 
brave oH Xorthmj^n, what Meditation has taught all mtii in 
lU age*. That tbia world is after all but a ebow, — a pb(moin«>- 

iMV- I. 



Qon or appoftraooe, do r^oJ thing. All de^ji s>niils ma into 

tlie Shakapeart?, tlie c^truf-'flt TLitik^r, wltertrvto' he iiUry be : 

Oneof Thor's ezpoditiciui, to Utgard (the OttUr QtaAta, crn* 
tn] neat of Jotiiit-Lmui), in vAxnxt]taih\a m thisi roepoct, Tl^ialS 
WftK with liinii ami Ijobti, Aft**r Turious a*lT*nttirftii, tbpy 
entered upon OL&ntrluidi wandeted orer pkiD!!, wild uncul- 
tiv'Atcd places, ftmoQff «tono0 (uid troea. At uij^btXall thvy 
notiottd a honii<^; aud as U)t> dnnr, whicih indcAd formed one 
wbulv KJdfl of Lhii litiuHi^ w)w it{»*iu tlmy i?nl»'n^l. It was h 
aimi^le habitation i one largo hall^ alto(<i;tbot umply. Thfjr 
aUkyod there. Suddenly in thf> doad of the night loud noiBos 
alftrnwrd them. Thor jfrMpftfl hii linmrni^r; ntood in ih* door, 
pre|Nin<i) for tight. Ilin couijiaiiiuii^ within nut Lithf^t and 
IhiUier in their tenor, aeeking ^oiuc outlet iu ttiat rude luill; 
they found n little oLoa«t at l:i8t, and took i-efu^ thore^ ii^i- 
thrr had TViOT any battli^ : tor, \o, tn the inomin^f it nirn^d 
oint that the noise had been only the sntrrin^ of a cerliua 
anonQoua but poaoetibl^) Oiant^ the Giant t^krjmir, who lay 
peaodably ekeplng near 1>y; anJ thiu thai they Uiok lor a 
house was merely his Ghiv, thrown aaiiW thi^w ; thfl doi>r waa 
tb«G]ov1^■WIiati the little clospt thry htd Bed into w-a* the 
'DiuiTib! ^uoh a glore ; — I remark too tlmt Lt had not tingerft 
as ours h^Te, but only a ihnrDb, and the r&n undivided: a 
moat aucieuU ru^Uu i;li>vel 

Skiymir now carried their portmanteau all day; Thcr, 
howuTur^ had bii own jtuMpieionH, did not likv th« wayv of 
^krytniT" ; determined at. ul^lit to ptit nn end to htm aa liA 
tiept EaiHLnjj his hammer, he struck down luto the Glxat's 
iaco a right thxinder-bolt blow, of fortMf to rend rocks. The 
Giant merely awoke; ruhbud hU crhei-k. and %md. VIA a leaf 
Xftll? Af^tj Ttior btrurlir ttu acou an i^hrymir n^ain slept; 
% bc4t«r blow than before; but the Giant only murmured, 
Wu that a f^nin of sand ? Thor"* third litroko wu with both 
his hands (the *'Vitiirkles white *' T Huppose), and se«m«d to 
di&Jb deep into Skryuui*s visage j but ho mcorely checked lut 




sjkorVt mill reniariwfl* Tbf>7f» must b» ^anows **r**tffy iu tUs 
lrr«. 1 tUiok; vhat U thsA tb^j turf diopt? — At lb« g»X9 
of CCg&nl, a pUoc to Ufih tfait jou bad to ■'Stnua joar tuxk 
Wi>diTig bark to mi* the l4>p of tl,'* Slrrymtr went his wftva 
Hior Aod hu oOEspuiKcu yitjv fidmitMd; invited to takr aliin 
ID tiie fEBawa Roiiis cm^ Tb Tlion for kis fttrt. tfacr hmdcd 
ft DrinktRg'hont } k wu a ccuninoci fnt, th^r told ktiu. t« 
drink iliw flr> Ht ooe draii|:ii^ I^iiae awl tipmelj, tlirep iiatfs 
orer. Tkor drmnk ; bot nude basdly tnjr ini^irrsiiioci, Hr wju 
A vttU «kiH thej t43jd luta: foiOd be lut that Cat be •& v 
ibnror Snull wi ihn tr«t simvMl, Tbar »iib Us wbol^ pid- 
libi stTeuiTth toald not ; bn Uot up tbo «nttt«rf's hack, covtkl 
not nu« ita fr^t off tbc snxmd, eo«Jd at tb« dloiort law ona 
looL Why. yon ar^ no nan, said tha Ulgvd paopla; ibaia 
IS an Old Womo tboi will wtt-aUp toq* Thor, bMrtily 
iihamt^. a^in^ tbu bafsard Old Wom^a; but coaLd not- 
tbnnr bar. 

JUul now, on their qnittlng Ctgud. tbe cblef Jt^tna^ (!Wiart>^ 
Inf tbna jxiUtelj a littl*- irajp mmI to TWjt : ** Vou art brateo 
thru ; — yet be not bo ma^k laUiaiMHl ; tbrrc waa docrptton of 
apfMraBw in it. Tkat lion ro* triad lo diink w^aa tka Sfmj 
joa did Bkaki* it «bb; trut who eould drlidc ibai, th« Uaiom^ 
lesa! Tbf Cat yM would bave lifted, — whj, th^t is tbc 
Jfii^ wn f-jnaAg, tb^ Grrnt World^arpcti^ wbii^hr tul in moutb, 
girda and karp* ap tbv whot» cmitM world ; bad Ttui torn 
that Q{i, the wiwU naat barr ranhn] to naiu! Aa for tJm OUI 
Woftuuu «br waa TTatd^ Old Acir, Paratioa: with her what 
cBc wTvatU ? Xo Ban wir do ^oA witb bcr ; godi or bmb. 
abtf |irwrufa ori^ all ' Anil tb«ci iboaa tbt«a atrokea yon 
atrudk. — look at tb^M £AfY« r^eift: joor Ihne rtrokea laadt 
thaaa !*" Thor looked at hi« attMkdaut Jumn: it was Skry- 
mlt ; — ii wb5. car Xoraa eritift, tbf old ehaotie rocky Xof Jl 
bk peiaoDw uail tliat ^'loreJUttfe ww aonw &ftb<Krt-ni ! But 
^^krylar^ bad raaiabfd ; Ctfl^rd wttb ila aky^igb galM, wbrn 
Xbor gracpad bis hawmar to amita tbMn, bad gOtt^ to air; 
only lb» Qfeant'a vowv waa brwd moekii^: <■ Battar €Oiaa no 
BOTf to Jobttab'iai '.'* — 

Tbtt is oC tka aUcfmria periadt as w« Mc^ and ImIC pl^, iko« 

LVT. I. 



of tli^ iwtpbcUo uid eetirolT devout : bat an ft tirrtbuA to Uiere 
tioc tf^X antiqii* Nonm ^Id In U ? Mont tni' nt«»aLl, rongli 
frvmi tliH MimRr-stitlijr Uiuji tu mmj li fuanl Gnvk Mythui 
ahapnl fv Iteuer' A g7«at htoaA Brobdi«;nag giia of true 
liumcT u HI thU Skrymir; mirth ra«ui>g on ff^indetiiMe and 
ftldtiMMtr ajt tbc r:iiTiWi«- on 1)l>ok fcempoit: only a right Tadturi 
b««rt lA ''ipaUr (jf that. U b the ^m hiuiior of our own 
Bon Jcn^MQ. nuro ol-l Bot); mn^ in th*) blo<xl o( tUi I fancy; 
for oni? ratch^ui Ktnan nf it^ unditr a uttll otbvr shaji^t, cut of 
tbH Arorrinm Bju"kw<Mdr<. 

Th^ U alM> a v>rr3^ dtrUcin^ cmit^^ptioH th^t of Ui« Ba^nariik 
Conftvminrill jti, oi- Tte-lti'jht »f th* CM^ It is in th« y^n$pa 
Song; w^Tnint;!/ h vrry nM, pm|:difl4in Mna. TIm G^nIii imd 
Jutunis thr divine r<:iwi?m and tlie chootict linitr oiio, after 
Ion;; oontottt and fiattia! Tif^torj by tlie fona^r, m<<ot at Lut 
in universal wo^^entmcin^ vr»tl« smA dual ; WcirM-wrp«nt 
mgniruit Tlic»r, stmngth agnitiAt 9ttrpn^)i ; mutuaJlj pxtjniv 
tire; ami niin, '^twilight'* rinliiiis into darkniMi^ awallow* 
top CT^vUd UniT^rio. 'l"hfi old Unitvrvo with ila God» U 
sitnli ; b«it It h n^c rtraJ ilE^th ■ ihflre is to b« a now H*»^reii 
ftnd a nrv Kitrth ^ a higlti^r Mifircmfi God, aixl JukUco to ni^ 
ainoi^f men. Corioua: tl^in law of mutatirm, which alaa is it 
Uw writtuji iu man'-; inmoGt thotiy^lit, ttad been ileoipheicd 
bylh@»»oM earnt'^t Tl)inli«^8 in tWir rude Etjrlf*; and bow, 
tbonfh all d\c9, and trrn p>ds din, jot all dcaUt is but » 
pbncniz fi^di^atk, and ii«w-birth loto tho Qreabe^ aixl the 
B«tii-r? It is Ch^ fundanental Lav of Bclii^ for a ereaturo 
tnajtr of 'Hmt*. IiTUi^ in thii Place uf Hup*. All *viFirf OMB 
liavr swrn into it; may *tiU 8w^ into it- 

Aivl now. oonno^t«d with thi*, lot ua j^lanov ot tha butf 
inyihna of l)t<> a|>j)eamiiryt of Thor; iiml 4<n(l tbm^ T fancj 
II to be the Utr^t in date of all th«4? LkU^s; a sonviring 
protcat 8f!nii:i«t the odTmncK of Ohrintiaaity, — g^ot forth ro- 
pfouchfuUy by aome Coiu«ri-a£iTa PagaiL King Ohif baa baen 
bamhlj blamed ivr hiit ov^r-ceal la luLrodiuiiiM^ Chriaiiaulty ; 
anrdy t nhouH hAYc Mftm^ htm far man far on imlrr-Mtl 
in that! >Eu paid dear nmmgh for it; he died hv tho revolt 
of hia Pagati peajtle. In halll^, in tho jear 1033^ at Slit<k»laiad, 




liM &0W itood for muij conturieov dedjcaud fc^tittMlj' to Ui 
mcDOTj u ^uif OlkL Th« m^hw About Tbor Is to tUa 
eOnrL Kin^ CRftf, tlie ChmtUa B«form Kiti^ b wliay villi 
& «MOf« aloog tbo ibofo ol Xorw^j, ft^om tuTm to lurta ; 
tepWM Wg joftiMj or doing otlicr rortl work : ob bttriaf » 
oMrtaJn h*v«n, it la focad tfail a itmifipr, of gnr^ ejes And 
a^]e£l» r«d be«r4* of ttaMy robust fir>rm hu alepi ib. Tlw 
COtvti«T» ftddroM faun; hift ftosw^n curpriso by thoa p«rt<- 
MD^ flnd deptJh : M longlh ho is bron^l to the King. Ite 
itnugvr^ oooTvraatiioa ben u lut ten retaarkatile, tM ibef 
mO alone ^ bcMdfnl abore; bat Aftor umo tiioo^ he ad- 
dfWMO Kng OtftI tfaiu 1 ^*T««, Ktog Olat it ii all bnuitifaJ, 
witfa tht funftlufttiig tn it Ume; gt^en, fruitful^ a right fur 
faome for yoa ; and man/ a 9uv« dftjr bad Tlior. louaj a wild 
flf^ witb tbo ro«k fldttuu, boforo bo coold moko it eo. Aad 
aow jott ■ofB niodod to pot mj Thor. King Ola^ ha^ 
» nATnt* uid tbe itnuigi-r. dnwing duvn bin hrmm; — And 
vbea tbej t<y>l[«d a^o, bo t«a nowbeie to be found- -^Tbtt 
to tbe loK appeftnni» of Tbor on tbo ttago of thi« vortd ! 

Do wo not too wril <^oii^h how tbo Pablo migbt arioo, 
wUbont unTonct^ on ike }aH ^f snjr nnr? U » tbo way 
moot Godi baro oomo to nppcnr nmons ^'^^ • tbtis, if in Pin- 
dar'a XiUM '■Xeptono was w^n onco nt tbo >Ioboaa Ga&oa," 
vhii vofi \h\A NVptim^ loo bat n "fftrang^ of loUo grafe 
upect>"— Jl^ to bo "own"! Tbcrc h sonkHbti^ poibetM. 
trofio for mv in tbis but rotoc of PaffAtuun. Thor » Tan- 
labod. tbe wholo Koroe world baa TanUbvd ( and will not 
nrtnni btt igun. In like fHj»h&otk to tliAt, |nt88 awnj the 
bighMt thing^L All tbinsM that bnvc been in this wofbL oH 
Ihingt tbat aro or wQl be in it» havo to vutisb t wo h^^ our 

M^ rArrwrll to givn t1i*m- 

Tbot Kone Religion, a radc but earneAl. Menolj bnpreaaifv 
CMfomtfm (/ FitUr (n wo mnj dottao it), infficcd for tbcno 
old valiant XottbiDen, Cons«cnaion of Tnlor is not a S«f 
tbingt Wo win tak« it for good, so far att it gwo. Neither 
id thoro no nnfi in luovi'irjf !ionirthi&jf about Hub old Pagantflm 
of our Fathm- lliiconi«ioutljr, and oombincd witb higbor 




i}tinjw- It in in u* jflt, that old PftiUi withall To know ft 
coii^'iinusljr briiL^ lui ibto cloMT tnri ck^rer rvlatinn with 
Um Pftat, — with our own poBAnMioiui in Uia I'Mt. For tb(^ 
who]« F&«ti ae 1 kwp Kp«atitj^', u Uie puHottaion of Uu^ 
Prwfit; thR Pimt had rIitvlyii Aom^ihmg trufi^ and ia a pr«» 
eioiu poniHuion. Iq a diS^rcnt timr^ in n difffrmnt plnrri, it 
ifl alwaje tfome other «kf« of our isommoa Uiimixn Naturo that 
tus be«ii d«^oping lt»«lf. The actual Ttmb Is the ^*r» of 
all thcsr : ni>t »ny onn of Uipm by ilw^lf l.'t>1l^titut^8 what ai 
HuiQ^ui N&ture id hitherto developed. Ilcttcr tjj know Ihrm 
all than mifltcnow iht^m. "To wkioh of ttofto Thnw KoUgii>iiE 
*1n yoM «|mmany adh^rp ? " inqnin^Fi M^lst^r rf his TpwKrt-, 
"To all thr Three!" Mi^er* Ihfl other; *"To all the Three; 
for they bj theit union lirtct oonatitaU; tho True KeliKion." 



Pkoh tbo firrt rud^ tim*^* uf I'affanism :iiu»tis Uie Rrandl- 
n&riruia in the North, we judvazLCe to & rvty diflotcct t-poch 
of rebgiotiT among a very different pAopI*. r MAboiOfltaiiiAnk 
tnunt^ th^ Arnb»^ A grt^nt nhfl.n^; whnt a i-h;irigii and [kri>g- 
rtm in indic&tctl here, in tho luuvenni eomUtion aud thoughts 
of men 1 

Tike Hero U not tiow re|^-an^M ha x God amotig hi« fallow- 
men ; but am otif O^Nl-inspireilj as a Pn>i4iet, It '%%. lh*» sccdinl 
phAsi« of Hero-worship: the tiwt or oldest, wc may nnr. )xxa 
pasted away without return \ in tbo history of the world th^ro 
wU] not ug&in be any man^ nerer eo gr^atr whom hU iAlnw- 
SVU will Uke for A ^od. Nay we might rftticnally Ank. )>id 
(mr wt <jf hnman h*'imfs rvrr really think tlio man Ihry -^fip 
Iht-re ttartdinf: betid* th*to a god, the mak^r of thi* mirli ? 
Perbiip* nut: it was nsiullx some niftn thoy reniejubenHL or 



UcT, IL 

ksd mtm* But n«tiT»«r ns tbLi adj nor* bt. Urn Gr««t 
M*b ia Qot rerogiimd hvacvfortk u « gnd anj aunL 

It ITU ft nde gnxB cnor. thii of coaoting tb« Oreal Uak 
a fCixl. Yet let OS »j that it i« at ftU tiiaM djiBculc W kikOV 
vjidf be U, or boT to M^ouat of him ta^ rrnvrirv him ! Tk« 
tnost dgvlftnst fnture in Ui« history of us tporh » tW 
mjuarr it hu of wtlcowag a Gnat Mul Ervr, to the true 
iovtiitctj of cfetn, tberv 10 Mmethiiif godlike in him. Whelhir 
t!h»j ahal) tak^ him 10 be a god, b> be & pniplict, or vhal tbflj 
«}.^ lake hiot to bi^ ? thu j» f^Tt^r « pnud qoMliou ^ by their 
w^y of an««x-J^ag that, vc stuU o^, ;u thraif^ 4 littJc vio- 
dow, into tba vtry hetn of tbece rnec's sj^lHina] ontditloii. 
For nt Ijoltoin Uie Qmi Httn, u Im cumes from the laikd of 
Nature, is eT«r th«naa ki&dof thi&f^: OdiA, LnUi^, Johnioio. 
Jftims ; I hope to mMkfi it ■ppotf thAt thMo bio all oHsinAl^ 
of otw stuff; UuL only by tlw vortd't meeptiott of themraDil 
the fiha|ie4 tht^j &A&iuue. vq they so iatMiedMinhly divera& 
Tho vrorahip of Qdim utoniohcs u, — to fall prostrtto befoN 
the Groat Man, into dHi^ium of loro and vondor orgi hini^ 
anil f»el in their bevUt Umt ho wua a dmurit cif thv nhi^ & 
^ ! Thi4 VTM iiDporfect ettongb : but to weloome^ lev oxBiA- 
plo, A HurQ« aji wo did, wai tbAt That wo oao oJl p«(Tfi»etf 
ThH ti)O0t preeiiMiB fpft th^it Heikven cari gii-A to th« Earth : a 
nianof ''geniuft^ aa w^call it; the Soulof aMua actually Knt 
down from ^ aki^^s with a OodVme«eago to as, — tU« wt 
wto ftway as ui lild artitic^iol 6rnvrork, «otji to tmaflv m 
little, unci dink it iutu juhea, wrv^k tuid iucUccluAlity : ttuk 
rocc^tiou of a Great M&d 1 do not o^l ^ory perfoet «ithttl 
Looking iuto tlie hoart of thi^ thing, o^p mfty porbap* Ciill that 
of IttirriH A atill uglier pbenoninum. Ix't-^kming vtill nddor im- 
petfrotionA in mnnkiiid'* way«, than the ScandinariAii nMrUiod 
it»elf t To tail iQto mvro iwroadohmjc dtUquium of lore and 
lkdinJt«tion« wn« noT, good; but Buoh unrouiBor inff, ftay irra- 
tional »u[wiciIiotu no-)ov^ at all \& perhupa xLtll nonff-! — Tt 
if ft thinff fon^ii'CT chonjpiii?, thLi of Hcro-irorflhip ; dlQ^rent 
In oacb age, diffioult to do veil in ftny agn, Itidoedt thf^ h«art 
rrf th« nbolo IniAintMfl of tho age, ono may B^y, is to do it 

iMTt 11. 



Wc liAT^eliown M^ahniapi nnt a« tb«^ mint rniinrnt Tritjihvt; 
biit M tbc one wo arv i'rcvttt to a^'C^Ic ^^ ^^^ i> ^y iio mcftoo 
lJu> traeet ot FropboU^ but i do «et«eiD Jiim a Lnib one. 
F&rthi^r, nA chfrp in no cl.'uigpr of <iiir bflroming^ any ot lU, 
MaliomcbULD, t lari^n u> sat alJ the Rood of hiu^ I ju»Ujr ^^ao. 
it k tfic way to (tct lit ]u£i ««urct : let utt try to lutdcntand 
what M axvkxii wiUi tb« urorM ; wlut the world meant ud 
nieuifl wlih him, w\\] tliHibeamoreansweTHbleqaeslioD. Oar 
CuiTPnt hypotb'iais 4bout Mahomet, tiurt he wik» % schcniLo^ 
Empostor. a t'ubehood tttOftraatoT IhAt hU religion is n incn> 
oftM ol qttMdi^Ty and f&tuit^', begitu really to be now imt«iUp 
ble to atij uutr. TbcliiMr wliii^ viirll-m<-^fciiiii^- i*^al baa Leaped 
rooiad thia mmu arc ili^ifTact^nU t> oar^rlroa fiuly. ^lioa 
roeooku inquired of Grutius* Wbcrt th» proof waa of that 
ftttirv of tba pigean, traineil to pink pexn from Matmzn^l's air^ 
juid pau for ma mugcl dtLanUc^- Ui biml' tiiutiua auawrfred 
Uiat thero waa no proof ! It U rf*ally timo to disiuiia all tlial> 
Ili« word thia man flfK>ke haa teen tbu lile-guiiUnot Dovr of 
ft facindr^il snri Hghty mllUona of mon these twelve huiblr«l 
yms. Theao biioiirfii and «i^'bly uiilbiruH wt-n* m^jJi' by (jud 
■A mdl (u wfT. A i^atVT n^rabcr oF God^fe crcotiuoa b«l)vy« 
in Maboiuet'a tfotd at thia hour, thui in ttnj other word whut- 
^irpr An" wtj t<i auppob^ tliat tt vraa a fninerable pi«M- of 
aniritnal li^t^rdrmAtn. ttiis which ao mojiy crcatiirca of iha 
AlraiKbty bnvf. lirod by and dird by ? If for tnj par^ eutnot 
form any auoh AQppoftittou, 1 win b<»]icn» mot: things Boooar 
tbau that One would be entirely at a Itiaa wliai to think of 
thii vovid at all, if quackery so ktow ODd wen; naotJonod 


A3avap auL.rh theori«'« are very taiu^nubltf. Tf ire wouM at- 
^n to knowledjEO of aiijrthlnp iu Qod'4 Itu« Crflatioa, l«it us 
clisMi<-T« them wholly! They arc thft prodiLi^t of nti A^ of 
S^T^tlolain : ihey indioat^ the aaddett cpiritual paialjala. and 
:uere deaUi-life uf Uie aoids at nuui : morr j-Lxlleu theo^, I 
ibiiiX. wita nt^rcr promuJ^aMd in this KorUi. A falac man 
tamtid a r^^ligUm ? Why, a faUp man <TiaiHit build a brioh 
hoca* ' Tf be do not know :iiid fntUtw t/^ifft tJi« |>rop?rtie6 of 
noTtVt burnt day and what vbe he worka in, it ia no hoiiw 



tlttt lie makM, b«t « rakA)uJ»4afeph It will ivt stud for 
nr<lT« ovntahci^to )odx« a lktta^«d «»d a^htj milUoBA; it 
wHl fill ttmij^nrsjr. A bu kmA coftfora biasMU to 
Nftisre'a Ittwar be yret'dy ui oAiuiiimiaa with Nattifft aimI the 
nih o( Uiiagir or Ncfiun will acHwcr hub. No, not 4t aBI 
dprcioutwi an >p rcBi w — bK n«i ! — a C^iufltro, muij C^^- 
Ikurtrott. prcminetit warld4«Bdrf% do proapBr bj tfa«ir qoaeduty, 
Eur a (U7. It ifl like a forged bank-note ; tk^jr gH it pund 
Otil o( fAffvp wottUot* haixU: oihora, not tliej, hsTtt to nikart 
for it. N:L£utv btirttd qp ia ftrfr-ftftowe, Frendi Kavolnlioitf 
and vt3(?k likr, prucUioiing with t«nibl« verul^ that fotftd 
notes are forged. 

But of a UroQt Man cepMfcalljr, of hin 1 will Trotore lo 
ajaert that it b ii»or«dibl« tut slHmld have ba«ci oiber thaa 
tno. It wn UH to tor the priniAjy fooDdatioit of hiia, and of 
all that can lie in iam, Has. No Mirabeav, Na{30lootk« Duntf, 
Ctomwell, no man adoqnato to do anything, but b fint of all 
In rLgbt rancet about it; wbat T call a sinc«« maiL I ihoold 
say sinemiy, a deeji, gn^at ^notne sJncQcitj, ia thfi first char* 
affbrrifiCic of all nten in ncy way liCToic. Kol the sincrrity 
that catli iUvlf sincere t ah do, that ia a T«ry poor matter 
todfM<d; — a ahallow braggart tsaoae^aoM tln^ritj; ofUmart 
anlX-o^Hiotii loainly. The Great Maa'0 ^tnMTity ia of thfl 
kind he cannot apeak ct is not eoncdoaa of : oay, 1 suppose, 
he \i oonadoos rather of tnaincerity; for vhnt man can walk 
annmktely by thft lav of truth ftv onv day ? K<^ the Great 
kfao doe* not bofut himself ntooere, far frcm tlut; perhaps 
does not jvk hiiuMLf if he b w>: 1 wcnild eay nOUcr, his siit- 
ftppiiy do« ciot iJepend 00 himself; he cnjinoi hc*li» bning tin- 
ocre ! The groat Fact of Biiftt«no«i U gn^ lo bun. Fly 
as be will, be cannot get oi;t of the awful proscofw of this 
r.ftt^ity. HU mind is to made) he is gr«at by tSat. Itrfit of 
all. Frarfiil and wonderfnl^ tmI as T.ifM, rnal wi np:ith, b thit 
UniTorte to him. Though all ni«n should for£et its troth, 
ind walk in a rain tbow, he oaaiioL At all mom«ats the 
Ftamo^iMgie glares in upon him ; undtntftble, th^re^ lh«r« ' — 
1 with yoii to take this as my priiiury dcfinitiod of a Oi^at 
Ifan. A Uttl4 man may hare this, it is competent to all 



m«D that God liaa code: bat ft(>t«!at Han oaocot bo with- 
out it 

8ti(th SL man i* wkit wn laill u.ti anj^aeU in;ui ; htr lyinirn tu 
0.1 &t firH-kwd* A meMeDgor h«, acut r^om tho Iii£iiit« U&- 
kuowti with tiding* to ue. We may caX\ bim foet, Pi'ophet, 
On!} — in ona wtij or other, we iUl hv\ Umt t)i« word« hv 
uttfni ar* lut no other mau's wotdB, Direct from l!ie Iuij^t 
Fact of thiii]t^; — he liv^s, aitd has tolivv^iD daily oommuntoLi 
with that. Hi'arwiyK caniiot hidr it fn>in bim; h« i« bltnd, 
hni]it*li^^, miNrriblf-T ri>tlowiixg lii*£irs4j» ; it ghtrf^n lu u|Km 
hiniH Renlly his utt^-raiices, ate they loI a kind of " r«v4^Ia* 
ticn i " — what wo must call mif^h for want of ftr>inft othflr namfl 1* 
Tl is frrun f,hr hivirt of thi* world thiit h« <'[>iin» ; h*- Li lurtioTi 
Iff thtf pntiiihl reality of things, 0<A haa mad(5 many rvTela- 
tioiud ; hut this mat: too, ha^ not Crod made him, the latoet 
and npw<>i<t of oil ? The " itispiratipn of tho Almighty ^veth 
him mi dr standing : '* we muHt lixtrti h«for« all to hini. 

Thia Mahomol, th^n, we will iu no wibo oonaidi>r a« au It 
aniiy flnd ThwitrT^ialtty, ft poor ooriscioua auUtioua whemet ; 
wr cannot ooncrivr him Ht>, Thir rudi> jues6&^ he <lf1iver«d 
waa a real ouc witiml; ua cam<--:it confuted roioe Siom the 
iinkTiowr D«ep. The mar's worda w«i? tiot fal**, nor hi* 
wnrkiik^ Iv'Cn Mow; n« franitj and f^imnUiTnm; » fiery 
manjt af Lite caat up from the tcmjit hoKom of Nature herself. 
To /sint/^ the .world ; the world'd Maker had ordered it stx 
Npi»,h(<r call th^ fanlta, imperfection^ insinopritip^ ptph, of 
MAhomtt, if sufih werp iif^vor ao well proved against him. 
vAinka tbi> [irimaTy fact ahout him. 

On th@ whol^, we make too luach of faalta ; the d«taila 
of tho hnsinfiM hid(» tlie real »?eiitre of il. Faiilt»? The 
grc&tent of faultfl. T should *aj", is to be conscious of none 
K«oderB of the Bible abvvo nil, ol>i^ would thuLk, mi^t know 
hpttPT. Who U railed t.hei^ "die Tjian nrcordinjj to Ood'n 
own heart '* ? David, the ircticw Kii^g, huul fallen into »ins 
enough ; bhu^ki^et crinea; there was no want of aiitB. And 
thereupon the unbelieT^rs sneer and a^k, Is this yonr man 
accordinif to GoiJS heart ? The *neer, I must ai%y, aci^inn In 


lXCtVU££ UX ll£BO£ft. 

Ltt-r. U. 

DM tnt a »k«Uow owb What 4r« iuolU, vbat aro the oatw«T^ 
deteib or a lifc^ i if thtt knurr Mcrvt of U, th« teaor^ Vtapt^ 
tioB^ tm», <kft«D-liftl!B«d, n^vei^niiei) nragsle of tc» be Ibc^oi- 
ttsT ^It ia iiol in UMW itut wmikeUi to oircct hb itetM." 
Of an adfl, b ooti fi^r a nan, ifyxiaAiiBev the Boat diTim f 
Th« dc«dli««t tiB, I»ay, vBretli^Baia^nipeffioiliottaooii»oioi» 
iM« of »> ti&n; — thac Ja dralb ; the bwl so oooaohoua b 
diromil ftmn einccritr* hnmility and &tft; ia dead: it ta 
" pan '^ QM cl«Ad dry Hiuid U por^. DavliL't lifa and hiat^cy, 
aa vritun for m In Uioae Pulma of his^ I «ooalilBr lo ba ihfr 
trvMi rmblem ever ^t» of A Buui'a monl pgograea aftd wai^ 
fan h«re below. All cannot soab viil tr^ discern m it tiw 
fiuthftil ftrasf^ <^' ^^ ooment hanuui aoul tovanls what b 
good and bML &lr,if^'l>« ijftfu baiHiad, aora faaflled, down aa 
iolo entire wtecli; j«t a au«j^ nevar ended i cm, viih 
tiftn, T«p«iitsuic^T truo nncooqiHimMe pnipoao, bvgvn anaw. 
Poor hiunan naturo ! la not a man a walking, ta trsthr alwaja 
thit: "A -iurLrnLUEi of Mb"? Mjui csn dv do nUier. In 
tkb wild element of a Ltfe^ be haa to atn^b omida ; new 
hliaBf d««p«baaf^ ', and ^ot, with mn. r^iMotsncCf with 
blaeding heurt, ha baa to rbe iLgvn, vtraggla again atill oci- 
warda. Thnt hb itnigKb ^ a faithfnl tmcenqaenhb vat : 
thai b the question of queatkHk^ We will put ap with uiny 
■ad d«taib, if iha «onl of it wer« tni4L DMaib bj tbena^lnfii 
wPI iMtvrr trwb lis whul H i^ I b-JiKre wn raiaeictiiBntn 
Kahotnet^ Iau1t#i ercn aa faultn : but the aeeret of him will 
ii«Ter bo got I>t dw^Uin^ tb^n. We wiU leave nil thta behind 
na; aiid waunng ourM^lvrs that bn did mvnii vome true thiag, 
ash candiillj what it vroa or miglit be 

Thc'sa Afabf^ Mahomet w^ bom among ar« oftrminlf a 
iint%^)lr jpr^f}!!^. Tlii-^ir c^JUi.tTj iur-lf in uauhln \ Um ftt bftbi- 
tation for Buoh a r4c«. Savage iiiacc«9«iUi! rock-Enountaixiar 
If7«4t grim de&«Tt«, alternating with beautiful fiLri]i6 of to* 
dum: wb-rrrt^r Tmtrr Lt, thrm i» pvfnumfl, beautj' ; odorife^ 
0m haXia-^hruh^, diitc-tivt% fr&a kincooaa -tf^ra^ C)Ti»iilfr that 
wide waete horbon of aand, emfity, ailent, tike a aaod-acst 
dividing habitabb pbca tna hAbauUe. You an all alofl» 

Lect. n. 



there, left cJano wttL tho UniverM j by dny a fierce Ktin bliut- 
iti^ d<iirn ou it V'itJi intol^mbk r-Ad.ijuiL'<? ; by ui^ht tUa (^rcit 
deep Iteaveu vitli U& Ataia. Sucb a coiuitry 10 Hi for a ewifu 
honciod, dccp-bciivtod race cf men. Tbcro in ^m^ttiiDg most 
ftgU«, w^TO, and 7^ most m«ditaUvi<, cuthuftia^iic in the 
Amb cliaractiir. The P«isUu8 &r^ callei4 Uie French of the 
Eutj wo will cjUI tbf} Arabs OneotAJ Italiruis. A girrod iiL>bl9 
people i a ppople of wild Btrong fe«li&f^, uad of iron restraint 
or^r tli^sH : the el^ari'U'teristio of nobTrviitii»t<Klrie&s, tit geiimH. 
The wLM Dvdouiii welcomes the aUaii^t to hta teutt &a uua 
having nght to nil thnt ia thoroj wcr« it liin worst o^ony, 
he will slay his fo»l to treat him, wit) K^rre hiui with io^rvd 
bi>HpibH,lity for three ilftyri, vrill net liliii iaiiAy uu htA vrny ; ^ 
and then, by auothn law ss eacrcd, kill him if he cud. In 
wordA too, asi in action. They nic lut & loqujidouji people, 
l^itum ratht^r; but irloqutut, gill<?d when iLey do ap^ik. 
All earnest, tnilhful Kind ut men. Thjj aie, as we know, of 
Jcwiflh kindred: but with tlia,t deadly tcrribk earn<?ftlnk*afl <>f 
the Jowfi they 8«eiD to comhiiiA «oin(>thiiig ^r\kf.pitii, brilltJULt, 
which IS not Jvwisli. They hud '^ fWli*' wint«*U" aitiutig 
them lirfc^re the time of Mahuidct. 8iile fcaya, at Ocadh, in 
th& South of Ainbiuk, thert^ were yoarly fairg, and Ihcr^i, whfln 
the merchandising was doner, Poets ung far pn£i-«:<-» the wtUI 
ppopli; gnthereil to hrnr that. 

One Jewittb quality tbeac Araba manifest; the oatcome 
of many or of all high qualitiM; whnt w■^ may eall religi- 
(«ity. Prom of old fliry had liHim sealouA womluj^iieraj aucunl- 
ing to tbrir UghL Tlwy worshipped the ot&ts, as SaV-an* s 
wcrahipT^d many iiat;i ml objects, — rooogniz^d thnm nn aym- 
boUr immedlJU^ muiif^^UnnnK^ of the Maker of Nature. It 
wu,i wmnjcj and yi>t not wholly wrong. All Ood'a worhd arp 
fltill in \ aense AymbcU of (itjd. Do we not, aa L nr^cd, stilt 
MOount it a merit to recoginii^ a certain inftxhanrtiblt* Hignili- 
eann*j "poetic braiiiy" ft* wn minw^ it, in mII natural uLjecta 
whatnocTer ? A man ia a poet, and honored, for d^ini; that, 
and apeoking or ainging it,— a kind of dilnted worflhip. They 
hid many Propheta, tbfrfi^ Arftb« ; Tpflrhpp* Piwh to hlii lril)e, 
each aocording to tho light he hwi. But Indeed. hAre we not 


Urt. a 

from of old tlw ii<ib]««t of proofdr bUU p&lp&Uo to every ooe 
oe 1U, of wliAt dOTOutiuTtte and ooblA-iULtidodiMAA bwi d««lt 
io tiwM rustio thcrtjghifu) peopVw ? JJlUinl *3rajia at«iD 
ogrefld that our Hwn iiaai i^i' Jvi vaa Trritlea m UuU region 
of ihv aorU I <i*n ihat, apart irom ^ lluM>ri«« abovrt 1^ 
PUD «f Iha gmndcet thing* * v^r wriUwi witb pon, Om foelf, 
b(ko<i» aft if it w««v noi H«l>r*-w \ %wh n noble umncnvli^, 
dia^rant Ttoih n»blo putrioliam or ttocUuia&itta, Migiu in it. 
A noUQ Book ; (dl muii's Book I it la t>ut fim, oldest ttAt«- 
mwt of tho noT«r^iMlii»g Probtein, — man"* ^t^iny, knd God's 
w%y9 widi him h«re in thin uuHJi. Ami oil hi auch freo ihjir- 
bg tnitUmn; grsiud ia ita unotfrityk in itA Mmplicilji b lis 
epic mrfody. and cfpow of rvooEiriiouient Tborr* iM tbo eooing 
eyCf tho mUdly imdcwtaiidiiJg hi'^rt. So *m* eT*>ry way ; Inw 
oyMi^ht ftnd Tiu^m for aII things ; ma.teria1 tlLiiijcji no k«B thiui 
^iritual ; tho Hiritw. — '^ hkAt tbou <:lolbeil hia ncH-Jc vith Mus- 
<Ji?r?'* — he *-tauyh» at Iho shftkinK of the Bjjcar!" Siicli 
)iTUi|; ]iker«8WiK wpn ncvvf xiaiMi drawn. Snblinic* aorraw, vtib- 
liin#» rwoiH'iliiition ; fildesL rhutal raulodv ah of thi* h#nrt of 
mankitid ; — Aoaoft, aiid cr«iit; a^ the Bmiuntrr nudiJirht. oa tb« 
world with itH BoiiA and stAn! Thoro w noxhitxx writUAt f 
think, in thu Bible or out of it, of (tqtui lir«niry mnHt. — 

To thn idulutKiiiit Arabs oae of the miut ■iKiitrnt nnivenuil 
cjljrctsof nMrslii^j vem* Uiftt £huJt&toiio,Atill ko^rt uitht-kiild- 
ing falM Caabah, at Moooa- Fhodoms J^iouluK nt'='iitio]i9 thii 
^T^hnh in a wnj not ti> bn icLiiitakcnf oji thn ohlrKt, nuoA liaa- 
or«d temple in his time : that is. »i>inc bA^f-cTrntury before our 
Kfft. &Ll7««Cra de ijacj aaja there ia ^oaiv likulikood tliat tb^^ 
BWk Stone ift lui ai>roltt«^ In that i-sj^j gois« tnnn mij^ht jb^ 
iL Foil out of Ikavcn ! It sihuid* nov lic»ido Hic Wi*l! Zrin- 
Eem ; tbc Cn^bah h btiilt over tioth. A UVII ia in oU pUcov a 
b«atitifnl nHi^rting objtict, ^luhiiig: out like Life from the liotd 
i^uth ; — »tin mtiN' )tn in tbcwo hot dry f<(inntrimi, vhen^ tt in 
the first condition of being. The Well ZcnuEcra hm its nAmt 
from tbc bubbling sound of Uiir watur^ Jtfm-t^jn: ihej Ihink 
it it thp Wfl) wh)ch TTa;^ foiinrl with her little IshntAift] id 
the wiUeinrM : tbe aerolitr and it liarc been farrrd nnv. aad 
had ft L-?bab:kii 0T«r thL*xn, for thouaondfof y«ars. A cttiiout 

Ijer, tL 



obJ4fct2_t^_Caa!NiJi 1 There it ittand« At Uun hour, in thfi 
liliMik Qkilli4»v«rujg the fiuluii Aeudii it y^arlj- i "* tweaty-wYcn 
cubaU high i " wh\i circuit, vtth d^ulilo oircuil of |iiLI«kr», willi 
ff<£t4>oii<rciWfl of luapn and <j^ULunt omuiui-'nU : tkc ljuup» vtil 

Ati ;iulb«tit]c Ira^iuuut of tli« oldt'dl VnbX, It i* the A'dk^aA 
of ftU Uo0l4)iii < from Unlhi iJL onwAii^In Uii McrtKuxiy Um cyr* of 
inainoontblA pmjitig mnn oro tumnd ti^wikt^A it^ tivu timm, 
tJiis day fuid all do.]^: one uf the riiitabLmt cciitreH iu Lbi^ 
HftbiUktion of M^n- 

It faoU bccQ from llio aacrcdu^aa AtttLchwl to thia CuU>^ 
StOD4> and Harare W«J1, froca tha pilgrtmuigG cf &U tnbw of 
Aiftbs t]kltli«T, ttuit Meooa took its riie aa a Town. A gT«4t 
tawii <mc8, thou^fh mticb deca/ed dot. It haa uo natural ad- 
^nmtige for a town -, vtauda in a aaody boUow uuid bai« bftrrdn 
hlllB, fkt a distAHoo from tho asa; iU provuiona, it« rciy bread, 
haivie to be imported. But 60 many i^gnms needed lodgidgB : 
and rhnn nil plar^s of pil^image do, froui tte fln(t> t^cnnip 
piacc« of tiade, Tbv fi»t daj pllgriiua meut, mer<ihuit» have 
ftlao met I whort? non aoc tbcmM^lTC* CLMcmbtnd f':>r oun ubjctrt, 
th«7 Qnd that thi7 o^iu iLoooiupliitli ^ther ohjectd wLtoh df<]>«nd 
on meetiDg tog^iitier. M*h.-i:a WcHjii« the Fair of all Arabia, 
Ajid tln^Mbj indeed the ^Jof sU^jIc aod wttrehouie of wb4t> 
ftvor Commerce iLero vu bftwo^u th« Indijui and the We«t- 
ura roiintri^'n, Syria, Egypt, eT*»a Tuly. It had ftt ono timft n 
population of 100,000 1 buyers, forwarde<ra of thoiip Enrtb^TO 
and Western prodacrta ; inaportcn for thinr own behoof of prc- 
viHiuns and com. Tli« gov«mni«nt waa a Viud of imgulair 
arUtooratic rc^iJiiblio, not witbuiil a touch of thtwcracy, Ti?a 
Men of u chiuf tribe, c^oKn in some roui:h way, wero Gover- 
nor* of H«oea, and K«epen of thtt Cuboh. Thn Korcnih w«m 
t^e nhirf trilw in Mahonnj^'n tim* ; hl^ own family vim of thnt 
tribe. The rtat of the Nation. fr^^UnMrd ui<3 cut Mundrr 1^ 
dowtta, tired under similar rude patnumbU gorurumenta by 
one or xnvnr^tl : hprdRmpn^ fArripm, trarlira, g^nptnlly rrtlibrfH 
too i hviiig oftrnrjit at ivoi imc with loiolhrr. or will; all : hi^ld 
tOf{«tbrr bj no opm bond, if it werv not tliid m^^tm^ iU the 
CaAboh. where all form* of Anb IdoUtry atse&bled in eom> 



Ls«^. IL 

Ui^uadDtalioui — htUl mainly hy the innvmd indi^aalablt^ bond 
oE A cvmtQoft blood ajbd Uugna^ In tbia wB>y l»it thp AtoImi 
aved icir long ugtM, uaootwwl by the »orid ; n jat^pl^ «f ^vvnt 
(|iisiliLitfcs "Ji^imtioiwily <«aitiTi|; for ttjt dity »L*ii Uioy ahouM 
bccouto ii^Ubk to &U die worlii, T\iv'u hii^laxm-t nyyttf^rto 
hkVQ booB in a totwriiip 3Ultc^; mtidi wa* g^ltriy into oon- 
Aukm uid ffirmeiiuttiDii among UwTn, <)becur* lidinp of die 
iUiMl imt^rrbujl Evrut i-icr tramaui^d in ttiii voi-ld, tli« Lale 
ftad Dwith of tliv Djrin* ^441 iu Judt% at cztfw tfa* lyni jitoM 
i^d oaiuo oi iiumcjiaiurallc chan^'v iv all pK^Je in Urn wiwkl, 
IiaU iQ th« oonrM ol c!ciLturic0 rcncbod inW Arabia too^ &od 
coold nnt Initj of iUi^ir, bttve prcdiun^d f«nutBtAtioti tb«3ro. 

Itifas unong thift Arab peopk, HucircuaatAUc^'^cLin \ht jtmr 
£70 of oxir Era, thai tUn hula Mabomff wu bom- Hi< w>8 of 
the family of Hulieii^of tbr Konnt}] tribe mh vrr void; tbottgh 
|Hhir. eouDLTtifd with the *dM petBims uf jjin i^;uilr>-. Alciost 
ftt Ids birth bd Loist liitf Fatb^r; ett tbo 1^ of lix yean bk 
Motber too. a vpoman noUd for hi^t bnuity, b«r ^rirtlj luid 
WiTtM : h^ fell to iho i^h.u^ of hts nmndfiitlirr, nn nl'l i^iao, 
11 hundred yvwTi old- A ^pod old iilii); M-ibt^iuct's FiitJbar, 
Abd&Uiib, hod been hni youu|,'uet fbvoritc auu. U0 tmw in 
iUlionet, vrith hia old lif^^^worn ^ps, a CMitury old, tbe kwt 
ALdt^fth ooiue buck Again, all that vjut ]ifii :>f AUlullaJi. He 
lovod tlio bltle oriiiAD B07 grrfttly ; tucd to aay» They luut 
take emu of tiiot bouutiCuJ littlo Boy, nothing lei ihea kiudrod 
vaB more pr«eiou3 than be. At his dnar.b, wbilo tlv* hoj iras 
•till hut two yi>ais old, 3jo I«ft him in rbur^ Lo Abu Tlulcb 
the eldut of thr Unclcft, na to hiin that now «*aA bead of tbc 
boiu». Bj thia Unolc, a juat uid mtiotuU man as ^T«rjihing 
lH!toh«ii», Mahonwt wm brought i;p &d %!» liMt Arab waj. 

Jkfahomet, as Lt gtrw tip* occompuiit^d hh Uncle on trailing 
jcnmeja and uuch lik<^ ; in bift eif btcvntii yCiDx ct^e fmda J^lm 
n fi^bt«r follo«Hng bU Taol^ in war. Bat pefbupg tbo moA 
•i^iGcant of all lua joumeytf is obv «« Oiiid noietl as of aott* 
5«aifl' duller dote: a jovantj to the Fain of Sfria. Hie 
yonog man liere fint eonw in oontA(?t i^lb a quite foreign 
irot4di — wit^ oik fbrei^ -tlcruHnt of m«Ueat mouiont to bLm ; 

tea. U' 


tbo ChriKtinn R^Ugimt. T kmtym imA what bo make at thnf 
'^ 3er^iuii, iltf Necttorcui Huik,'' vhwn Abu Thaleb tad he an- 
ui^ to have Ity^^od «itb ; or liow mu«li anf mrnik couJd ktfra 
laiaglit Ottc 0tiU «o ytiung. ProJjaibly ^uougli it u giCHtlf 
•Kagpoktod, tlu» uf Uie NvbturiAii Mrink. Mahmnel wi ool/ 
CiMrtiwn : bad uo UnjruAicr Int his own : nikich id E^vria mutft 
hiive bo^Et » fltnukicf uaintvUiKible vhiripoo) to binu Btxt tb<^ 
pTi-« nf tl]« btd v»f« uprn ; gliiu|iai-< of macT thiDQ* vonld 
<LuuUleM be Ui]LCEt ici, ami lie vrr/ vuisuLiUii! aa jr«l« whtuh 
ntXQ to riiwn in A attoiijiv wttj into VMrvrst into lieJivfa awl 
iwight*' on« tlay, Thiu* jounuiya h> Sjria vorv probably tho 
larginning of tniicih f^i Mulion^rt. 

On« other cirf^umiitatiL^ wt muat not forf«l i tfiat he had no 
schooMranun^ ; of tho thing wt^ call flchoi>U1>>ftrDi]>»c notio at 
hlL Th« a^ of vriting vaa biit ju«t introducnl inin ArahiA; 
it MH-tiin Ui he tb>! true o|i«mirti thai M^bontift nerrr c-xiuld 
write! Lire m tlir l>racrt^ with ibt i^xp«Ti«fttr>u, vnu alt hi* 
«4vimtioiL WL^l <if IhLti iriKmte I'uivor^i^ he , from hic<iici 
(JhTP, ttrUi hi* i>im ("yes siHfl thoughts, conM tftX-* m, 9o much 
au-J no luorr of it vru- h^ tr know. CiirtO*Aft» if w^ vill rtrtlfct 
on iU thitf ol hurinff tio bookd. Kxc«|il bjr what ha could itco 
for hiiu»eU, 01 hi»ar of by uiuvruun rumor of vf««eh in tho 
ob«riir«i ArahiaD Desert, b« cottlti kuov nothing. Tli« wisdom 
thit had boon brfon* him ov at a diAtuirc froDn him In the 
n^rlJ, wna En a nuuinf^r oa food ait not there for him. Of the 
gKiil iirothvr aoala, flnme-bi^iu^oiiB tlirough fio nany lands and 
tum% iiu <nw directly L^muiunit-'aioa with tlua ^tt&t aouL Elo 
ia alone tlvtr, dn-p down in thr bnsoiD of lh? WildcT&ua ; hAa 
to grt>w My iiQ, — alonL* vtth N:ktun^ and hts own Tbonghti. 

Dut, f rrqn an oarlj a^. he hjul be«n n'fn:u-krd as i ihon^ttfal 
niDn* JIiH cofiDponioM named him ''At Amia. Ttie F^tliful" 
X man of troth und fidohly ; tnu in what hr did* in what ho 
e|N4ko and thotight I'hey noted that ka mlwayi mtost aonifr 
Uiiue- A m&tt rather taciluru in 8(«ech; ailEiil when lh«rtt 
wan cinthinjc to It aaid ; hut prrtqatrnt, wiae, aintere, when 
h» did t|ittak; ulwayi throwinir liRht on tb* matirr. Thio ix 
thp i>aly sftrt of 4|iwi'h wvjttA fip^'iikir^' ? Thmu -li lif*- wi' fhid 
him to lukTe bcetj teirarded aa an altoK^thrr h^tIiU b['^lhiMlj> 



Lbct. IL 

gwnniiko nan. A senoon, niic«T« chonurUir ; y<vt nmiablAt oor« 
(iiaV fiom|»wiioiiablt\ jopwM.' uTco i — a ffou'l tiitigh in him withal: 
Uien- !ire iiipu wIhipih Uugli U aa uutrue aa iLiijtliiiig iitxmt 
Ihem; vLo OLDuut Uu^h. Oq« botkra of M&liomet'd beauty: 
tiis fln^ sagHcimis honest facv, bt^)\rii florid <!omp3e&icii, twam- 
iiig blurk p}'*'* ; — 1 !iDHi(*h<]w ]ik« tuo ihat vi*iii on tin* lirow, 
which dwtiUcJ u[j bW'lt wlieu ho vm ia jiii^'cr : like the ** ^trrw- 
ffAM voiQ " in 9cotc^8 JisdgfiUTUlei, Jt wa« a kiud of feature 
inthii Hubfrm family, thix hluok itwclHng win in tho brow; 
Uft)ki)i]j<-t U;ui il prtmiiiitfrLlr aa ivimlil :ip[i«ar- A ?i|HmUui«tTttc, 
pUBiunutCi yut juot, Uu^^mocuiuig xuuil t Full of wild faculty, 
fr« and 1i^t ; oi wild worth, ftll uDcultnrod ; working out his 
Ur4>-ta^k in th# dflpthfl of th* Dpnert Ibpn.-, 

Hriw hr uux jiliu'^nl with iC^iijih, ;t rich WiUuw. aff Ler 
8t«w:irct nud truvfUt'd in htr buBiiiti»tf, a^m to tb« Pairs of 
Syria i how b© raaiiag-»i all, a* on© can well unficrvtand, with 
fldf^Ilty^ a<iroJt.TieKS ; how h(T f^r^titudp, hrr n^^ird for him 
gTTw: the story of their lairriaffp is alto[-tth« a graceful in* 
tdlif^iblo onr;, (19 told u* by th« Arab autUorK- Uc wae twenty- 
flT« ; »he forty, though Htil) b^autifuh He seems to bav^ Uved 
la n lll<l^t afTectionatei pcaocablrij wholitnoine vay witli thia 
ircdiieil hcnnfaotrca* ; loTtng licr truly, oixd hrr alotiL*. It goca 
greatly aguioct the im[»tttor theory, the fact llal be lived in 
thEaeiiUrely UTi«tn«]iliouLililB. entirely quiet aih] roii]mon|i!a« 
way, till tliH heal of Lis v^Art was dcii«. IJc waa forty before 
b(i tftlked of ;Liiy mission fmm Hearon. All.hiEi irregularitioa, 
real aud Mti[^po»«dj, dati: ircim aft^r bia fiftieth year, whi^ the 
fpxtd Kadijab died. AU Kiit ^ airiLTlmii/* sH^ru injfly ^ had Iwfilk, 
hitherto, to livo an hoa»t tifo; hL« " fofot/' tbo mor« ^tood 
opinion of uoighbofit that knew bim, had been auAei«<ul bithet^ 
tOL Not till he was already getting old, the [irurient h^^^ai of 
bis life all burnt <iut, aad jrttite ^Erowiug to be the chief thins 
thii world could ^ivi? him, did ho_*tart _ou .tho •* ciuTL-r ol aia- 
biLiOD ; " aud, Iwlyiug all bis past eliur.iottrr auJ oilatent*. A«t 
upaa a wretiibwl em\ily rluirUUxi U> ai:i|uire wh^L he euuM 
now ijo loD^er cQJoy [ For my abans I have no faith whatever 
in that. 

All no: thia deep-bwited Son of tbir WlMem^sat vitb bis 

Uci. II. 



l^auiiE}^ thck eyta uii] open mcU .^p Mnil, Iia^I otbnr 
tbon^btn in him than amlntioQ. A silent |r««l lotU ; be vu 
oD<? of thod» wbo cuimot fruf ba Id eamwt ; whom Naiture her- 
hf\t liaa ^|3j»>i[tLifid bo t* ^merrv. Wbilp «t)iFrx H-nlk in foN 
itiiiJas frnd hcAT^fij^i coTitcnVd cnoaslt to dnell tbrre, thu num 
ixiuM not uir«mi hunMl£ in fonoulu; faa waft alone with hia 
ovn ftcMiI ;iiiiL the ivalitjr of tAitrtg«. THa frr^fit My«tf»r;r of 
E&ut^uoe, Afi J Kiid, kImvU lh u|wii him. with iii U-tmm, witli 
ito ftpkndont; no luraruyit coul<k hide that uua^'okablo fact, 
''Here am 1 1 '* ^ueh tin^rifff, u vp tiunod it, hasi in rfrr^ 
trudi BaioetUuitr uf dlvuLe. The vronl of -nicli a mun U a Voi^v 
direct from Naturr'n tmn Itvitit Mrti -lo nbd niufit lutru 
to that as to notliiiig chip; — M Hid u vind in comparisOQ. 
From of ulrl, a thu\7H!iiid thoii^hia^ In liift pitgrimio^ and waiw 
dftrinyt, had bf^n ia this mau Wliat am I? What U Lbis 
a&fathomoblo Thing 1 livv in, vhii^ii mcA naia« UBiT«tac ? 
What ift Life; what u B&iah ? ^Vhat aia 1 to bolwTOf 
Tniat ajn T tii i)i) ? The |-rim nr^ka iif Mount II^^^ nf Mrmna 
Siaiu, the fttfm aacdy ^ulititdea aiuirt*rvd noL The ^naft 
H<^TAn nllicg Hil«nt orarlwad, vnxh ita hUie^laiiGbtg Btore, 
anAv^r^d not. Thi-n- wnw no iiTiuw<ir. Ths nuin'f) oim Hml, 
auJ nhab of (kxr^ Ltupitatiuti (lw(-4t thrrr, had in im^&nrt^ ! 

[t lA Uu^i Uimi; whkh ill! mt^u h^LTir to u^h tltemselTcat vhieh 
ve Coo have to ask, ani answi?r- Thifi wild man f»U It to be 
of 4nfin{tj> mnrtii^nt ; all ntltcr thin^ fif nn momnnt wbulcvAT in 
eomiuriMin. Thn jargon of aT^mi^ntative Greek B«cta. vagaa 
tnulttLijiits af Jevr&f the ettuptd routine of Arab IdolatTj : tb^re 
WM DO anav«r in these. A Hprn, » I rrrjirjit, h.w Ma fin* 
dibtiuction, whiHi imtrrd w<^ mny ThilU HrsiL acid \ittu tin- Al^vha 
and OmcKa of hia wtioti.- Horoif^m. That h« lookd thrinifih the 
•howB cf thiDgv into rJtin^it. Use an^ wtmt, t^p^ctable hear- 
tay, Te6|iectn1>]o rnnnirln : all ihitsA An* K^xi, i>r uv not ^uid. 
Thrrt i> aotncthins b«hind and bejrond all these. vUioli all 
Uicaa muat oorre^potid with, hv thy imag^ ot. or th**y aif — 
JdoUitritt; "blia of bWlc wraid prptf^nilinf! to K- Gtn!;" ia 
UiP earni'dt »oul n m'lnkrry luid abotnihaticti, Idolatriei acrvr 
BO ^Ided, waitod on by hc*ad3 of the Kor>?ish, wilt rio aothin^ 
for thia man. Though all m«n w^k by them, what good la itf 



LioT. n. 

Use gt^ti Boali^ ataods glaring thoro i;ipo& Avm. He ther* 
hu to WkflWer it, or partfth tntiiAnliity- Now, itvaa now^ or eUe 
throng ftll Ktrmity ur*ver! AiiAwirr il; Mou nitiHt find an 
aiuwer, — Ambition? Wlial could fill iVraUado for tlua mon^ 
irith Uio oruwn of Gti?i?b H«raoIiiif4r *^^ F«^an C'hoenjM^ nod 
all urowiii III the E^irth ; — what cnnld th*^ all (\q for him? 
It wia not of the Bnitli he wutited to \ient t^U \ it wn« of t1i« 
HoATrn fthovt^ jLiid of tho Hell tHruoath. All orowiu mad aov- 
erviKiitiiTft wliutdoaver, wh«r« would rA^ m a tew bri^f yeftis 
b» 7 To t* Shpik f>f Mpiva or Ar.ihici, ntjil hnvt' a Mt of pUt 
wood put iLito jrour haiiil, — will that bt* ctic'ti nalrnnoa? I 
decidedly think, not Wtf witl leaTo it altogether, thi* impoA- 
tor liyjK>th( sif. as not orerlible ; not reiy tol^raUe Pven, wottbj 
cLiffly »if diriijii^^a] hv uh, 

Mahomet hod bocn wont (/> rriire jrearly, during tho mouth 
JCanmdhftn, into toUtudL- aud «i1euo« ; as iiide«d wafi the Amh 
Cit*toin; a praiseworthy onstitm, vhich suoh a man. above al), 
wuuhl liiid iiiilura] aud u»i.'ftih Coiuiuimiu^ witli Lia uwn 
hoart, in the eilcncc of the monntiLins; hiin«o]f eilcQt; op«ii 
to thtt ■■vmnll itill voicM^^:" it wu^ a ^ght natural cuatotnl 
Hahomat waA in hm fortieth year, when Ijavinjj wtthdnwn to 
acavemiu Muuat IWj^ near Mi^cca, during ihib RaniMlhaii, 
to pflw tho month in prayer, and moditatLon on thoM |fr«at 
qnr-ttifina, hi.- anv. day told hU wife Kadijah, who with hU 
hoii-it'UciM was with biiu or ti«ar liim thU ye^ir^ Thiit liy tha 
ui»i)i.-:ikabl^ special favor of Hoiveu he ha<l n^yr found it all 
out{ wa« in doubt and d:ulcnaH»no longer, bat f&w it alL That 
alt tUtva* Iilol.i iLtid Formiihu wrr» notJiin^, tnif^er^Lblp bttn of 
wood; that thp[^ w^t (}nv Oi-d in aud orer all; jmd wr mn»t 
]mT«t all l(lc>l», and look to Him. That God ia ^rcal; and 
that Uiem ia nothini^ itliA groat T He i< the Reality, Wooden 
Idol* aio not rwaJ; Hi? in fKi?, Hi' niiulr n* ut ftmt, mfiraitiK 
lu >et i wc and all iLinx^ ht^ Imt tlj<- «1iadow of Him ; a trao- 
fitory garment roiling the Kt^rnal f^plcndor. "Athk akt*u\ 
(kxi iH (fTPJit - " -^Hnil thon aliw " /W<rr4.'* ThJtt we mtuC miAhi} 
tij Oud. Th;^t OUT wliol« Btrength tits m rrjiiifafid siibnuMion 
to Hini, wkatdoerer H^ do to tia. For Ihia irorld, and for the 
other ! The thing He hendi to oa, vara it death a&d vroiM 

livt. U. 



tlwa deaUif tball b« ^ood, Akull Iw Ivst ; wv reugn outmi*1von 

in itiftm?" \^t, all of ua thfit haT<^ anj moraJ lifo^ ir« all 
)ivr Au- It Jiotf L-vi-r 1h<i<4] lirlii tbi- Iii^icnt wiMimn tixr n man 
uoi vitivly (oaubuiit Ut Nntr^aily, — Neueasiitj irill iuu)i« bim 
««bnitl» — tint to know aju) Ix^lirvc writ tltai' Liie at«rti tlung 
«hif-h XpppKitty \%A ordnprd W!i« xhv* nriiti^HL th^ bMt> ibe 
tliiiijc Wjii^tnl tLrrc To utw Lin fnuitic |iretr&flkiii of vca»- 
mng Uiia smt tiod's-Wotli ni km anull fnction of & bntn ; 
Co iowv thftt it had renly, Uioti^h dwp tw^ikd bu sounidinga, 
ft JiimC Ljiir, that thtt «oii1 of it wsu> Good ; — thiT' Ku part in 
H WM to oonfonn to thr L»w of tbe Vr'JioJe, uid to drTnot 
•i]«nco loHov tJiat t aot que«tioiiiD^ ^ ob^jins it m nBr|uee- 

1 )Miy, IJiift ifc yT>^ Lf>e oolj tnic fnonility kiumii. A rnui 
a ri^ht ami inrincibk^ rirtnoiia iui<l imi ttie road t^iwariJA sure 
contiiuv^th pT-t-rijii^ly y/hx\v bt jo\a» ItuoBoU' to tUe i^rcflt iUep 
Lair <if till* W'trUL iri aptte of aJI i^uji^rrtdal ]aw«, t^Dipuruj 
ftppewiciee, prufiKLUiMusa o-Aloulatioii^ ; ho ifl rictorioiu vhil« 
bo' co-opentoi vith tbat frfat ocntrd Lav, cot vkitoriom 
othervUo: — and eurcly hie liret thAuo^ of oo-opL-mtii^ wiUi 
M, €r g<*Uiti^ iiiThO tli^ courw ^ H^ is to knov with bU wbole 
«ou] t!ut it M ; tluit it in gticMl, and alone good! This b 
the flou! of IhUoi ; it is properly the aoiil of ClirintianitT ; — 
f<3r IsUjd is dMtiiablo m a oor&fai^ form of ChnMianilT ^ had 
ChrUtianity not bw-ti^ nMUif^r bad it Ven, Clir^aiutj alim 
commaiuln njt* tirforr nli to bi» iYai|:noil to Ooil. Wo arc to 
tikko no 4^ouiL3r<l With flcfth and hlood ; pivr tar to no vain 
r:ivEl*, min »orp<»wB and ttialcs: to know tbat we know 
uolbtng; U^^t tlip wonit aitd rra^leat tj> our eye^^ U not «hat 
it s^r^ns; tiLtt w^ hnrft to rr-Cf^LT^i wbat^oOTor befalls ua >i 
sPCil ftom Ood abovr, and car. It is roo-I and wiais, tkn! is 
girat! "Thon^ Ho aUj me, 3'et will I tnist tn Him." 
lalam tncana in ila way D«tibL i>r S^^IT. AiuLiLi1ali<in of Sell 
Thij» id yrt tbu Lightest Wisdom that Hcavcn baa terealed to 
our Canb. 

AiK^b liK^it Tivl fy>Die. aa it tnaiM, to illoi^iiiaU- \hf tlarlc* 
of tJiia irild Atab sool. A coufnaed ■*""'i'"^ aulendor 


Lkt. jj. 

tM of life Mid HeAvrti, in f.lie gwat darkrH'-sn whidi thrift»tini^ 
to Ix' ilcfttli ; ho called It ri-vfUtiuii juiii LLe dJi^t'l Oaliriel ; 
^ who of ud yet can know what ta call it ? It w the* ■' iu^pi- 
ration of tlie Almighty * tti:it giveth us undorHninling. To 
krurvT ; to |;i:t lato thtr LtulI at luiyUiuj^. u r'vcr ii myotic 
act. — of which the bent Lofficii can but Labllo *Jii tlit- nurfooe. 
''1» not B<>litf the tni* god-wmounoiiXK Mir^uik / " Bay« Xo- 
valii-— 'HiAi Mafaom«l'fl urliote tkriil, aia in Hamv with thiA 
grand Truth vouohsAfod him, shuulil feel aa if it wcrrv iin- 
pc>rUu)t and tho only iin|>ortant tljii;i:> vns very iL^Ltrtl^ 
Th;it }'ro\'id(>Dc« lud uxittpviUcubly honoi^d htm by r<>v«aliiig 
it, riAvtug him fhim dtaXh ajid dLirkiit-KH ; iKut hr thflivfnriT 
wu hound to m.ikc known thi^^ suul' bu all criNLtur^A: thU is 
whM won mount by '' M-jLltomrYt m Ulo Vrophot of God i " Uua 
tiy> i« Tuit without itA truL> me;mirig- -^ 

The lEOoJ Radij;ili, wt ima faui.y. Ual^tied to him witli 
wonder, with doubt: tti kiii}:tL »bo auawvnid: Wd, it waa 
fnu- thi« that he loJd, Onn ran fancy too th4> l>iuQdl«S8 
gniliiudrt uf Maboiiu^t; nnd how of ^UI lUr- kiiidmuxnc shr 
hflxl done him, this of K^lieviiii; the t^orri^st HtruggHng word 
ho now spoko was thn ((rrintnst- "It is certain," say* No- 
rsdiA, " my Cfmvit-tion giiinit iithmu-ly, thn moment Another 
soul will be1>«iVQ in it/* It in a bouaiU«vt favor — He ncrvrr 
forjot this good Kodijoh, Long uft^rwtirds, Aj<>Bh& htH 
youDU^ favotit^ yfjt'c, a woman who ind^ij distingai^hed h#<r- 
a^lf lUDOQg th» Moslem, by All mnnnpr of i^tuilitif^ tlirough 
her whole long life; this yciinif brilliant Aycaha woa. one 
dajr qufstioniog him: "Kow axn not I bi:ttt>r thnu KodijutiV 
She wi* A widow; eld, and had lost brr looks: you lovo 
in« better than you did hei?" — "No>hy All^ih !'' ntmwrn^ri 
Hfthomct; "No, by Allah! She Mirvcd in rae wlu^n none 
elflo wouhj beIitT(<. In lhi> whole world 1 had but on» friend, 
and she was lli^t!*'— »8eirt. hia SIav^ aUo bpli'Vi*d in him; 
tJieat* with liui yoiLog Coubiu Mu ALu Thdcb'» »on, were hin 
finl GOUYerts. 

He spoko of hi« ])octrin«T to this man &nd th^t; but th« 
mott tritatfld It witli ridirtile, witl^ indifffTi-iirf* ; in tbrne 
yevs. I thiuli* ho had B&iiicd but thirteen followera, UiB 

Lact- XL 



proves* w» alow Mioogb. Hia cnronm^noot to f^o o^ 
wad aJtog«tlk4^r th^ ti«iift] ttncoungMm-'nt that m^h a iniiD in- 
snirh Aciiar mnnU. Aftnr r4ijnii< Lbmw ^eant of auiaU suuoeSB^! 
ho iorittd forty of Kia chif^f kindrod to on rntirriAiniurnt; 
a&d thcq^ stocKl up uid WM tbom what his pn.^t<>tL(ion vujt^ 
thnt hfl Itftd thtii tliiDg to proznolgtba akmiaul to nW lufri ; 
that it W!ut the higheat thing* the one thing ; irhlcb of thom 
vrouM Gccond h'un in that? Amid tho doubt «nd vUono* 
of nil- young Ali, ui /nt a liul fif liite^^ impattc^nt of the 
»ttcitcM^ Htartn] up, uud ttxchuinied in ijaasiouats fitfrce Uu* 
jCU&ATi That be wooliil Ttie tttembl^t ftmoiu: whom vaa 
Abn Thal^H Ali'a Fathrt, c^ould not bo unfrioodly to Uiiho- 
mi'tj yrt Uu- sight tlirrr* of one uulritpred rldi-'cly loaji, with 
A bd of aiJiteeD, deciding on auch au eut«rprUe ajcaioai ell 
maxikind, apponrfMi ridii^ulonA to thfim; tha ^Upitntiibly broke 
up iti langht^T- Xcvcrth*'!?*** it prmrefl not a IjiLighnhlr thing; 
it Wits jh very unouA thing ! Aa foe this jroung All, one out* 
not but like him, A noblo-minded croaluw, a^ he ehowa 
himfti^lft now und alwayc nftATw^rdf!; fall of atf«otion, of 
firry tUiring. Snmrthinfj rhivnhutis in him j hfitvr ntt a licm ; 
yet wiih a gmce, a truth and af^pcticrn ffotthy of CliriAtian 
knighthood. Ho diod by addAasi nation in the Moaque at 
Bagdnc^ ; n d^nth oePMioti'-d by his own ((pnorous faimpsft, 
eonfidrm^; tu thi? fairxtFaa of otlu^m : h^ n^iit If the vo^nd 
proved not unto death, thoy mu^ piirdou Um Asauaaia; but 
if it did, thi*n they must slay him ntrxightway, thnt f^ thpy 
two in the HJitnn hrmr mt^ht sippifor lir*fiin? Gnd^ Atii) »f« 
which aide of Uiat quarrel iraa the jt»»t one! 

llnhomH naturally gav« offenoc to the KoTOieh, fiecpevs 
of tite Cu1)Ah, niporintmidi'nbi of the IdoliL On<f or two 
men of luflu^noe had jmur?d him: the thin^c sprrad Mowly. 
but it ^aA RpTt^injr, Naturally he i:ave offenoe to ererr- 
bodj: Who is thij that prct^nd^ to b« wiser than w« all^ 
Unit rehukea ua all. HA men? fooU and worihippi<n nf woticll 
Abu thalcb the ?ood Uocle spoke with him : Could he not 
bo flitant about all that ; b^'liovo it all fn hicuw^lf nad not 
trouble others, angT*r thi* eliii-f Tn'*n, ^ntlungi^r liimnelf and 
thcta alt talkiog of it? M&homet aosworod: If the Suo 




str<id ou bis right Itand tbe Moon att lua Wt, orilfimi; 
him to hoM bU pe^uM*, be roiUd iKit olrcy! Ko: tJicrc vru 
faonpthlDg in thU Tnttti hb bud gat wbldi wns^ ot >~atmv 
hrrsi-U; w^ual b r>mk Ui t^un, ur Jdiun^ ur vbitniJi^vi^r ihlu^ 
XatTirv li&d nuKiv, It voulj ^pcak it^L^U Iheru, mi louig v 
tbi> AlnirjcMy nllovod it, in «|>it^ of Sun tuid Uoon, a^d oJl 
KorrUh arid nil men mid Uiingav It mtntl il^i thiit^ ;inrl could 
do riu i^Jier. Mitliouiet ftoHWfred soi uiid. tbej say, ''bvuvt 
iDlo t^ara."^ Bnrtt mio Ma^t ho felt tbat Abu Th&Iob ms 
good tt> hiin; that Hut Xiuik ]w bad got wuh no soft, bat A 
uLrrii iiurl ^rtat uiii!. 

He weiit on spriikuig t« whf> vmuld liatcu W Jum; pob* 
hihing hi^ Dootriii^^ nmoni; the f^ilj^rinn^ ttn ihty oamo to 
Ufccn: gftininff ^ulb^rt'iiu in tliiv piut^*^ iind thnt. (VmtJnnM 
contnulirtjotj, kttrvd, open ot MKirrb daiigrr uttrnUwl bun. 
Jlu puverrlitl relatione pifi>teotod Mabomi't himsi^jf; but bjr 
Aiid bj, on hi8 owa ad^no^, all bia Afiherent^ hud to (|uLt 
Wflrra, urifi nrrk trftiRr in AlijMmu oviT th« hpa- Tbp Ko- 
rri^ irrrw rvcr ui^rier; bud fJoU. lutd nvorr o?tUis aiao&g 
tli«m. to ]>ut Mahomet to d««th i^ith tHeirov^i ba&dx, Abu 
TtuU^b wag dead, tb^ good KjuliJAh vas douL Mithomt^ is 
&nt AolicJtrus of syinpatby frum tia; \mX liis outlook at tJiis 
time viu o>i«^ of tlic dij^mdi^rt. He bad to hide ia cAVteTM 
po ia di«^ii«i>; fty liitlivr zuul thitbri; boiTDifilcAfi* in an- 
nual fieril of bis lif«. More th&n onoe It u^nied il] crer 
vlth biiu; Burr^ tli&u onci; it lutiied ou a bLmw, Aome rijer'a 
hont takinjt fritr'it or tlin likr, whrtJicr Mftbomrt &ad his 
Dootriao bod iiut t^ndixl th«rr, and aot bcou ht»id of nt alL 
But it wu aot u> vud ao. 

Tti tbp thiit<«Dth jr*ar of hia mission, finding hU enemiM 
'all boadrd oeaiaat biai. forty irwora tni*n, one out of pvaty 
tribe. Tainaor to take his Uk^ and tio i>DntinMii>ir« poMni1« 
at Mocvi for liiui aji> lou^tFr^ Midumiet llfil t*> ilie- pl;w« 
tbcci called Vatbrc1>, wMtv: ho liad suioiMl 'aciia« adbervatat 
liifl pbwj« tlmy aov oxU ^f^iiia, or '*Jf«tf>ii4if of ^'ivfrr', lb* 
Cttj of the l^ropTwt^'' Cram that nirPunuitaaMu It biy wvmv 
tiro huiidrvd iiiil«^ oS. tJnou^h rotrka aad dvacrtn; not with* 
out great difflmUtr^ ii) *ach mood aa wo mar faitrr. hft 



eoraji^d thither, &m1 (muA welourur. TU«< whcdo Eaot daiM ita 
cr& from this Fliffbti /A*yrni ft8 Uir^y nam^ it: tbo ¥««ir 1 oC 
tlusi Hvgin if 6:^' of our Era. thv tifty-Uitrd of Huhomiet*i 
tif^, Hv was ii(j^ Iji^LXJiiiiii); an old lu^ui; ItiH ffienU^t Shinkintf 
nruad liiiQ cur^ bj ont j hi« pjith dc^oktc, (noirLupUfraix] ih-iUi 
dangor: tmlon h« oould fiitd hope in hi« nvm hvtin, tho 

oilT^viUtl fuiw of thing? Wftft but lin^wlf^^K for liiiii. ll iii ito 

wiUi all m«ii iu the Hlie oaae. Uttherto Mulioiui-t had [jio- 
f«fiMxi to publish hJK Koltgion by the w&y of pr^ui^hiikK a&d 
pcrtujuloQ itlooe. But riow, driv«it foully out of h\% oatlro 
oouuLry, ftinct luijuttt lutti had not *iu\j gji'eu iit> vni Ui lua 
oajae^t Hra^rvnVnLCM^LK^i the deep crj of bU heart, but 
would not vven let tici \iv& it )i« ki>pt spe&lcm^ tu — the 
wjhl Son of th« Dniwrt rrAolvod to d^fi-nrl himM-II, like* & mui 
and Arpth. If iLe Koreitdi will luive il ai*. llic) aWI hftTO 
It Tidin^r felt to be of iafiuib« momout tu th«m aud all 
mcjif th«7 would not listoa to theae; would tntinple tUco 
d'>wii hj nhf'rr vitklpncvT, rtw*l and uiufdi»r: wpH, M. st4>pl 
trjr it thru ! Trn jeart morr thiK M^hciiirt had ; hll nf tiyht- 
UL|;, of hn.^[ithlo«it impetuoue toil and «tTUggl«i with wbttt 
reGdIi we know. 

Much ha» liern suid of Mahi^mct* pnipf^ittiiig ln» Rvli- 
gioii by th(* swonl. It b no doubt fiur tioblct ^liut we httru 
.: to bojift of Uie Chriatiaji IC«1lg;kiD, tbnt it |:iTi>pagAi«d itself 
ii/^ pMiW gJBly In thA v&y of prpHAhing and Roimrthm. Tift 
ft wilhol, if wc t^ke thi« for an nr^mt^Dt of thi? tnttb or fAt»o< 

hood of o roliqion, Ulcro la a rutliual uiialak^ uj iL Tbo 
twcrd Indeed: biit whf^te will yoii get your sn-nrd! Eroty 
new opinion, :U \u f^UirtWg, in pnitj.-w^lj' ia n mlmtrity o/ ime. 
In ono man's head fiknc, there it dwclU mt yet On^ man 
alone of the whole wi^rld b^lievee It; there ii one mjiri 
a^inil all msii. Th*!; Itf take a sword, wiil iry to jiropk- 
irito with tliat, will do little for him* Vou miwt first gvt 
your sword! I)n thi> whole, a thing will ^■ri:>|'agato itMilf 
as it k-^'-u. We do Jif't find, of ibe Cbriftti*n Ri-ligJcm eitbcr, 
that it alwnys diidained the nword. whr-n ouoe it liad jfot 
onft. Oharktruifinf'tf convoratoii of Iho Sa3cor« war not by 
pffoaobiDff- I oard little about tha sword : I will allow l 



I<cT. a. 

ihii-K to »tni{i^U for i(wlf in Uiw woHil, with Any %vti>Til or 
torjgUQ or ifoplemeDt it haa^ or <aii Iaj hold tsL We will 
)et xt preaob, utd puapLloteeor, vid fi^t, and i» tl^o iitt«r- 
iiiant biistir it«plf, n-ud dn, Iv^k nnrl cIuwh, wlitijomtrm' !» in 
it; vei^ fturo lh.-U it ^1, in the loa^'i'iiiir "'i^uer uotbing 
which 4o63 not ili'^env to be oouiqtK'nd. What in better itself, it i^a-itiint pijt awuy, hnl nnly what i% wonte. In 
Uiifl gnut I>arl» KhIiitc hfrmrlf ut umjiitr, And qbji do no 
WTongi thft thing whirK ii dM|>t^at-^c>ot^d in N&tiu«, what 
wo call ttucttf ihikt ihmg and not Xh^ other wiU be fou&d 
gKrving at l:uit. 

Here however, id reference to mn«b that there is in 
llahomf^t and hia etiooe^a, we aro to ramenabeT what an 
unptro Nftinre U; what a grMitneas, fionipoauro of depth 
and r^lrrAcii^r therr t» in her. Vou tnkc vhroi to cujit into 
UifC' Eiutli't tiuaorii; your wheat tnay be mixinl with cL;l1T« 
cboppod btniv, UiMj ttW«(ipmb"Kj Uuat aJid all ima^mjibU' rub- 
bifth ^ no mrLlTj^rt you caar ft irto thn k\ni\ juHi K^Tth^ nh^ 
fftovn the wheat, — the whole mbbith ah« silently ab«orbar 
id« if ia, saye TiDthicf; of the rabbiah. l'1i« yellow wheat 
i« growing tb^re ; 1]ip |^d Earlh U silent aixmi all ^a nst, 
— baa feilviiUy turnetl all tJiP rest ti.> aLinu? WitrlU too, and 
inalMfl no complaint about it! Bo cvdywhcre in Nature! 
Hha {& trua and not a li^; and yot fia groat, and juat. aud 
mnthprly in hflr tmth. She wqiiir^s of a thing only that 
it 6« Kvimiitc of heart* she vriU pivtocc U If so; wiH not, if 
bot ao. Thcfo is a donl cf truth in oil the thinj^a ahc wet 
gaT« JjarboT Ux AI^ is iict this the hiacory of all hib-h««t 
Tnuh tliat <ii-imi-s *rr i-vyr t'aiae into tli« world ? The /^wfy 
of th^ai all itt imperfrction, an clcoMnt of liittt aa darknud : 
to Ufl th(<y hare to ccma eubodiad in nicrt> Loj^i^ in soma 
tnpn*ly acioift^lr Theorem of tha Unirersa; whi«h mmm b# 
onmplHe; whifih cannot but be foundf oner day* tncomplete. 
errooeouff and so ili« imd dif«ppoar, Tho body of all Iruth 
dies; acid yet in all, J any* th^ro U a sool which never diva; 
whi'^h ill Tiew and pTpMioWer prntxidiment Vwph Immortal 
aa iDAD him^rlff It t» the way viih Kfttnre^ Thr crrmiine 
aeaeiie« of UVutb narer diM. Th^it it bo geouii^e, a voioa 



from tfje srtm Dw-p of Nature, there ia tL« point St Nstvre^ 
judg[m9n^ee)lt, What uv call pure or impiiro, ig oM with 
hnr thf fitul ijviiwtinti. N»t hiiw munh rhiiGt is in >uti; but 
nhfthcr jott hAve &n> wli«iai. Pure ? 1 mijL;Lt day to many a 
man; V«4, you 4to pun; puT««n<nighi bnit jou v^ chaff, — 
insinmini hjrpothvNij^ hi«rsbj, fnnn^Uity; you tii-v«r wnrc in 
contact with th« Krut>heart of the Uuirerae at jitU you aj« 
properly neither pure nor impure; you are aothio^ Njiure 
has nc bTiftim^R^ with you. 

M;Uutiii<-t*» Cuvd «VK i^itM ;i kinil irf ChriKl-injiity ; luiil 
TCftlly, ii w« look ki the wxlJ rapt oamtr^tneaa with which it 
was helieved mid I&id to heart, 1 Bbould say a bett«r kind 
than thaX nf th™*- TnispMl^lf Ryrian S^-^its, with Uii»tr vain 
jjUiflinsB about lionujwusion otiil Ilomoetuiany the h«ad full 
of worthleae noiae, the heoirt empty and doiMil The truth 
of it ia embedded in pottpntous orror mid falsehood; hot 
Uu) truth nf it nuJiRH it be bnlievRdT not thr fjilM^hood: it 
succeeded by itn tnith. A h»tanl kind of OhnAtiAnity, but 
a bvinff kind; vith a heart Life in it; not dead, ohopping 
barren Inpr merely ! Oiit of a11 that riibbieli of Arab Idola* 
tiics, iLT^mt^iitatiTe theologieJk. traditionr^^ sabtlHiea, rumors 
uid hypotheses of Greeks nn-l 4c\i'a^ with their idle wiro- 
drawiDf^^ this wild man of th<? Di-tert^ with hia wUd sinei>re 
hrar.t^ ^^amesl as death and lif'^, with hiA i^rat flashing imtiii^ 
cyc^icht, ha.d seen into the kernel of the mnttrr. Idolatry 
ianothinir: thoao Wooden Idolfl of youre, "ye rub them with 
oO and wax, and the llie« stick on them,"— ^theae are wood. I 
tell yoj I Thoj cUi do iiolhiu^ for joii ; tbcj are an impoteut 
blaapheraontt pretence ; u horror and nbomtitotion, if ye knew 
th«m. God atouti i»t God alone luta fwwer; He made u«, 
H^i c-rin kill iw and keep us alive: '* AUnh nhfitr, God if 
^cut.^' Under^itand that His will is the btst for you; that 
hoveoover eor« to UdvJi nnd blood, yon will find it the wiawt, 
best: yon Are hoitnd to take h ^^; in this world and in thd 
nrjtt, you have no other tbinjf that you can dol 

And now if the wild idcliitrou:! men did believe thia, and 
with their fiery hearts lay hold of it to do it, in what form 
MwTvr it ojnc to them, I say it wa^ well worthy of being 



iMTTf^ It, 

belrnrixL lo on<> form or iha oUicr, i i^j it » sttll Xh% one 
thiqtf wortliy of b&iug b^ierwl by all laen. Man dow horcby 
IwL^tiuie thv^ ki^h-prit^t uf tluh TeuijiU* ut & WuiliL }[e ip 
iti iLuinoiiif With the Ultctpco:* of Uir Ant^lior of tht* WorUI ; co- 
n(KTtntm^ vith Ihcm, lurt v^l[ily witLdtiuidiog tbcsn< I know. 
Lu tbi-s iIa^. iiL' Lt'tltT (letJnttlLvu of Duty tliau tlialasime. AH 
thai is rifM Uic]wk4 iUcIf in thu of cv>opBr&tukg vitli the real 
T4*tj*l"i^c^" of thi? World: yo« •vir«?wl by thiri (tfao WorW* 
Tviidr-iii^y irill siiLvtivd), you Jir^ ^ixvj. and iii the ngfat juuiM 
lliert*, Uvmeu/mo"!^ IlttvtOfAttifvif tiud logical Jaiigle, ilieu QT 
before^ or nt any time, muy jnnfc'^ itffcjf oiit, anil |E0 whltlMiC 
and hoiv iE \ikv% -. thi« itt tliu Mi''i;^ it itl\ nKmsgit^s to cuud, if 
It wutild mean anything, [f if tin uol FiU(vv«il hi ni«^niri^ ibia, 
it moaofl nothitis* Not tiukt AbnCracttoitA, losical Propoeitiona, 
b9 oDmr^ly vordc?d ct uioorn^Ttly; but that tiving cotim^tv 
BtiTiK of A'liUTi i)o luy l.b]M to h^*!Art: tb:^t M lIih iiii|fortJutt 
[HiiiiU Islzim devLiaii.^(I aJI th*wi vaLit jaii^lm^ Seels; aiitl I 
t^iuk had nicbt to do «>. It was a Brality^ <tuect fitnn t!i« 
groat Hcurt of Xnturi' orwft mow. Anib idokirinn, Syrian 
fonnulaA. ulmlsuevef wiui iTut ri|iia11y rtyl. bafl t/i i^i up in 
duiui?, — iiierc (loaj ^f^^V^ iii ranoua &«nAcai for this vhicb ra 

It vaa JcriTig th^M' wild itraHaHnsa and BlTu^liug?i. «p« 
cialiy oft^r the Flitiht t^ M-»?a> that BfabonH ilLiatod at iu 
torrals his Sanr^l IIooIl wlilch they mune A'ow^r, or RmAinf, 
''Tliiiijf to Ijh iv:icL" TliJH ifl the Wi irk he MU't bin diviiih'A 
lUjrfU M) luLch of, askiuff all the world, I« uot ^Iml a luiracli! t 
Thci Mahncn«taii« rofpud thoir Konut witlj a nfvxTtvfif* vLM, 
few Climtuuis |iny ^ren to tli^lr Hible. It Ik ^Injitterl 4^Ti-ry. 
where a* tb^ itaiiilard uf all law aiitl all pnctico ; ibe tbiag to 
be f^ou'^ JX^Xi in npvniljttion a;id Hfi' ; th'f tnc^saic^ H?Dt tlir^rt 
out uf liraTi^u, wlucli tbU Earth hiw to ooofonn to, nnil walk 
by; Lhi^ lhin£ Ui Im* rroul- Thmr Jit<l^»t lUtrUbf by it; all 
Hcslun are boiuid to vUuly tt, ao^^k in it for tbe lif:bt of ikit 
t]f«. 'Hwiy hafiQ inoM|u«« wh^rfl il in all rr^i risuJy ; thirty 
TPlay^ of prifJrta take it up in mwpftwion, get tttronKh (h» 
whole eacb day. Thens for twelT« hundred ycua. Ikv tho 

lATli U. 



votce of Uki« Book, li all moKicnla, ki^pt nouutuv throui^ 
tba ew uid tha bflttrtt or 00 danj m«o. We Iwu of Jlahomo- 
tnn Dooton xhax had Tend it aen»ncj thntiKjLuil tim>fl I 

Vifrjr Ouviotis ; if o&o Miuclbt fur ' Ji«cr«|Muidrfl of iiMk)n»I 
taste/' JtCdTo surely wi>rv tlki> motft cmui^tit uutA^Lie of that ! 
W'T al«u dui ttanA. the Koran; our Trtnal^toii of ii, by dole, 
b kiiowu to be a jery fklr oiwu T_pni* t wy , it U » toUa oiw 
rttding_w I wtr nnrlcttooli. A w*ariafdni> r^t,hi*^ JLuabW, 
cradOf ifioonditc ; mJIi .^ t.r.iiioiM, loug-vuHtt^lui^^^tuigUt- 
laviit; uivttt t-niifi-, , ,. ^^ ii,.i-' j^inhujijinrt^Ujlt* Htcpidity,^ _&c 
iJmrty ^iitLuji^ hwt, a wuac of ilutj r^uM imxi/ ui^ Bun> 
pftQB tlfcTPifg** the Komn. Wf* rvoJ ui it, oa wi? iiuRht iu the 
ftabft-Fliper OflStw, tmnt^Jibl^ naafios of lumber, tluit p^rlMpi 
we may gf'1 »iiim«> t^limpves of a n^ciarkaUle man. It 1h true 
wc bare it under i^isulTmiitafCC* : tho. Ar^ba Kt inor« in<itltoJ 
in it iluLa VI*. Uaborai>t'« loUoirer* luund Uw Roran Ijiag 
j^l in frarUtitiN ^H it 1i^i*l tv^vu "ivriFHteti ilimu at tir»l. jtraoiulga- 
Uub; 11LW1I1 uf it. tJirj^ all;^ iTit sliuuliliTr-LWU-a nt tnuUiKi, flung 
|>ril-nirU into a cheet; and they puUtaJinl 1% irltJuiiit any di^ 
V foTOntilc orrli'T BL« to tiii»« AT othpTiri^ j^ ]i)erety tryiag. aa 
..p*n ttvultt arclll, juul thb nut vrrty HttviUy, u> \nii tlvi loci^fwt 
cbapt«-n &nU The real Le^^niiig of tU in tluhi wiy. liifn 
alnuwt at the eati : fc^ thn oarlint r">niou were the nboftMi. 
Road iti iU liUUiTiral >(«quDncc it pArhnjat wookl not bit to bad. 
Miirh at it, tou, llie<y aay. b rhjUunlo; a kinil of wiM rluntiiig 
»<iajc in the oriicinal. TbU ma^ bo it jerv«t ]K>iiit ; mikcb per- 
2iA]M li&c bmui luul; in tli«9 Tnuuiljition hpro. Yet vit^ overy 
ailuwatmu, aue iwltt it (liflinLilt li> alw !inw noy nurittAl t^vsr 
CAikM ooTuUer tUb Koran Jia a Itouk writr^n la flnivm, t^x! 
l^ooJ fc>r Ihu Earth; su^ a wHI^writtea book, or ItKl^d oa a &r>Jt 
at all; and wjt a Widldi^vwl rhapeody; irWf^m, so tiit i:fl 
writing; foesp aa hjuUy ^% almi^t .uij book i<T«r vjm * 80 mndi 
for riatiorjal discrepaiick-a, bnd ika standard of tutA. 

Vet I Ahmild sar, it wm not oninteUigibJa h<*ir the At^ia 
Euii^hl so Unrfl it. Whi^ nncr ^ou p*t thin cviiifnt^ coil (if a 
Koran fairljr ofT vrMit huuda, and liaw it behind you at tk di^ 
taacOt tba «MontiAl typ^ of it bofTtt^ to diMlo«a itaelf ; and iu 
tbia tliare la a merSl quitif oUwr than tbo literary ooe- If a 




UCT. U. 

book oomc from tbft bcart. It wiU ooutiive to r«aoh other 
h<ibrto I tkU art uud AUthorcnift Oiv of atnaW amount to that 
Oq& would nay Uja jirimary iihariU'U-r of tUf Kirriui in thin tif 
Its jf«nitincn49i, of ita being a hon^t-Jid^ IxkiL Pridraux, X 
know, iLnd oth«ra bav^ reprcsfnte'l it aa a ic«r« Ininil^ of jug- 
gleri^ft; obapt^r iUter ch;Lpt^r got i^p to fxniAP lutil vnrniiili 
%\te author's sorceAfiive sma, fonr^inl hbi junlJitionA jlii4 qiutok* 
triitn: 1:ut rtsillj it 35 tixae to diamids iill tliuU I do Dot 
uKuert Mahomet'8 ooutiniia) ginc^nty : vbc is cfiTitinualty siD- 
cere? I^nt I rotifesa I can uuike nothing of tlir mtic*, in 
them* tiDif^, who would occubp him of dcarit /^/rpcflje ; of ooo* 
Eoious dcecit guueraliy, or perhaps at all; — «tiU inor«, of 
living ia a mer^ element of r^imiu^ioxis doroit, and vHting thi« 
Kami fte ft forgi^r aii^I jn^^W voaM havi* ihmif! Krrry cjui- 
did ojo, 1 think, wUL read the Komi £v othurwiae than sa 
JtiLs the eonlufted ferment of ft great md? human ftoul ; rudey 
untutored, that narniot even read ; but ferrnnt, eftTlieat, 9tTQg* 
^liiig v^'hpiTif'ntly to uttor iUfilf in words. Wfth a kind of 
btciatble»8 intcnnity he ntrirca tc uttvt hiiaonlf; thn thoughtu 
crowd on him pell-meU : fctr v^ry muJiltude of things to lay, 
he CAn get nothing EHirl- The QLeAnLii^ E.h^t 18 in hUn ihapM 
it«^H into no form of compueition, in siutcd in no 8eqU03i06i 
mutUcMl, or oohi^reiaoe; — (Juey ar« not th^ptd U nil, thtso 
tlioughtd of hiH ; flun^ out tinaliup<<tl, nx thfj i:tni^1e cwd 
tutntile there, in tltuir i^h&otio lULirLicuhLte «uLv- We Nud 
*'»tnpiil:'' y/rt natnriU gtnpidity is by no meait^ the charaeter 
of MidLOTnct'K Book; it ut natural antiultivation r^aher Th« 
m^ii \i!i» uot HtiidM ii[w)ilcitig; In tlip hiuda ^tv\ prfitsnr« of 
continuflj fiiihtinff. ha* not tim* U> taaUim hinuielf into fit 
«poe<ih^ Thr pcuitiu^ hT^athless hast^ EJkd Yeh^menoe of 4 
tnan Btm^gling in tli<- thick of battle for life uhI aalv&tion; 
tJiia i* the mood he is iu I A licjtdhm^ hnntn; fnr TPty mi^nt- 
tnde of nwaiiinp, hi? ouinot i^it himAcH artioiiUtrd into wt^ds. 
The Hiooeafliwf- nttrsruwHyi of a soul in th^t moocL eolorod by 
thv TitritniH rir^ihftiLmini of thren-and'trenty ye&rs ; iiov well 
titt<.Ted, now worse : this is thti Konui. 

For ^Ko arc to f^nneider MAhomot. through thcftC thrvrnvnd* 
tvemty jea», a* tha ooitre of & world wholly in coulliot. 

txv. O. 



fiAttlM vriUi tba Kamuli juid np^aLtbeo. qoomU aauiog his 
ovsa l^roplo, faoclulkduipi of kts t^wn wikl hinit; ^ tJiU kf*fA 
him in a pcniottiai vhirl, Ins eoul knoviug rat no racn^. lu 
w&kefuJ BJfli»r ^ ^^ "1^7 i&noy, the wild aool of the cum, 
touin^ mm\d tliPKn vi>nJiHf», wnml^ hall ao/ t%ht of ■ cfccLuon 
for them ns a rorttafalc Light fmin HoihTrji , winy niiLking'ti)) (if 
hii mind, m bloeficdi indUpetiafthlc For him Uicre, would smm 
Ut« bupimion nf a G«bHpl. Forger uul juggkr? Mcv aoF 
This grant £^17 hnut, oi^thin^, Miium^nii^ )ik« a great hir- 
luoe of thoQgbto, was uot a jug^lcr'jv His Uf« vu a Furl to 
him t thia Crud'a Univeno an aurful iTvt and HoaJitr- Ho haa 
ftkiills f^migh. The mui was vi uueuJtnred wni-huharoQa 
Son of Natiuo, mncJi of Ihc Bodooin stiD (.'Imgiug Ui him : w6 
DQiut tnk<? him fi>r that Itut for m wretched Biimtlacrum. a 
himgrj liupoftior without eye* or h«art^ [inieti«inff for a inoM 
of fiDitafe «ueh hljui|.>htiiDi)Tw Rwindlpry. for^rj^ of MdKliol 
dooumtruta, contiaaal high'tn^uwD agwiat liifl Maker aiid SeU^ 
wa will not and o^uinot tnbi) hiin, 

Sinomtir, in all iwniKtft, $*^ni» to om* the m(»rit of thd K oraii ; 
what Iiud nmr^cti^^ it prmuoaN lo ihi< wiUI Amh m#ti- It i«, 
&ft«r alU tJu drat uid last merit in a book ; girca riac tn mrrita 
of all kind«^ — naj> at bottom, it atooe cnn giro nf/tt lo m^rit 
of any kind, CiirioiiKly, through thas^ iiKMinditA iTinjtM*fl ni tra- 
ditimit vito})**!^!!)!!. noTnjiiljiiniT rrjanilatiDii ui tlie Kue'a^i, u vrin 
of tru« dirtct intdgbt, of wtiat vre Dii;,^it aimoat fall pc>^ry, b 
foiiiul Btrag^lmg. The body ot 1h« Book i^ madii up of mpr^ ti«- 
dhloD, and as tt wern ri>h(»mp?itriit.1inHiA«1ir c^itj'ftijtori! finvitfji- 
IBg. Itf* n-tums forrt^t to tlic old ntoriea of the Proph«to 
■a they wnnt currrcrt ta the Arab memory: how Propfael 
afti^ l^fih^t, tba Prophet At'raharei, thp FrophPt Tlnd, the 
Prophet Uosen, ChrUtlan aad olhrr vfaI and fnbntoraii PrnjOirla, 
lad coiDo to tki« Tribf? nud to thatt waroing rara oF th«ir sin; 
nod bcrn Tf-i>otred by thnn i^rcn «a b« Mahomet wa^ — which 
U a grvftt aolaM to him. Thea^ thtnga hi> rqMttJi tpti, iK*rba{«i 
tweoty tiiiupa ; af;aio and cvrr aeaim witJ> w«tajiaomc itcrtition ; 
hiuf ncT^T <ioaf» rfpratiau thcot. A braTc Sammvl Jfihanon, ia 
lu» forlorn garret, roi^ht eon orer Uie Biojrr*phip« tif AutboTi 
inthitwayt Ttibi fa th^grHatatAplrof ttio Koran. But curi- 



Urr. O. 

ouBly. through all tliia, uuuies ever aiiil anon soiue glauoe aa of 
tbo- rcaJ tliiiiki^r aud seer. Ho hoH Aotu«11ir- ad cjc for tphe 
worhi, tiuit U^omct : with n cortuin dirvctnrti:! ojid niKgi:d 
viff^, te brUigu boiu« itill, Co our heurt, th» tLiug bU owd 
lu-uri limt U'lfu ujwuvd to. 1 inakv bui Ltile of Ixla pralfles of 
AlUb. \rliich niaiiy praise ^ thc^y uro bonowrd I vuf po«c Buuiilj 
from tho Hrbrtw, at lt*Jlftt lli*y are far lurpiusaU tliere. But 
r,li^ t*y» tliat fl^hes Ui'mt ktto the heart or thiri^, and tpua the 
truth of tbciu ; thiA ia to mt n highly intcr(»tiii|f object Qicat 
Nature'* ovn j*tft ; wlui^h ate b«atow» on all ; bikt which oidj 
one in the ihoitiATid does not c&tit sorrowfully avay : U tt what 
I c&ll 8iucei-jt> or Tibion ; tb<t test of a aiiiccro h^^rt 

ICjUiomrt oiui worh no mtracloa ; h« often /uuwm impiii- 
tSestiy: Icvi wurk &o lULracles. I 7 '^I un& Public I'reftckfrr]" 
ap|>oiDte<d to [ji*eauh thin doctrine to all creatures. Yet thd 
woild, a« wo c-an sf-fv had rcjklly from of old bwrn all one gTcat 
-i^irac^Io Ut him. Look tircr thi* worUi, mya h<-j la it n'>t won- 
appfiil, the work of Allah; wholly '<a stgn to you," if your 
«yry!i were ojieu ! Tbi^ fiarlli, Qod made it for you ; ^' a|>|K)iiiU<4l 
pftthn [Q it;^' you ciui lir<T m it, iro to find fvo on it. — The 
cIvudK in th* dry country of Arabia, to Muhuuiet they arft wty 
wonderful : Great <'louda, he Fayst horn in thn df?e|i bosum of 
the tJppor Intincn«ity, where do they coutr from I They hui$ 
thorts the f^ut black monaterc ; pour down tlicir rnin-dnlutc^a 
■■to TE^Tlve a ilead earth**' and gnua springs, and '^taU Irafy 
palni-treefl with their dati>dijsters hAJi|nti|f roiuid, I« tioL tlub 
a sign ?^' Your outtIi> too, — Allah mod^ them; tcrviccablo 
diiuib eroaturea ; ihey ohaiige the giau Into milk ; you havo 
your clothin^^ fioin thnra, very strange eiY'Ml.ureai ; they coroo 
nnlKins lioTBO at «v<^tiia]?-tim«i, ^'andf'* adAi hcv "aad &r« & 
eredltto J<nil*' Sh(fa al«o,--hn talks oftr^n about ihiptt 
Hugo movtn^f inount^nnH. th^-y spread out their cloth wliigt, 
CO bduirling throuuli ^-^^ wiitct thefv, IleaveL's *viud dxiT- 
inff thoin; axtou thi^' he motionlc^.i, God h,t9 withdrawu tho 
wind, they lie dead, and eaiinot ttirl MinLclca? cHes h«; 
What mitactlv would you hare? Are not yoo yoiiisi-lves 
thrrr ? Odd mudc yoit. ^^shapcid you out of a little clay." 
Y« were imall once i a iew yeart ago ye weie not at alL Y© 

Urcr. JL 

lUb LKliO AS liZUr-illT. 


luTe twntitj, stTf^n^h, thought^ *J0 have coiii|MUfk)d on 
oat uintlier.'* Old a^ comea Oft yOD. and ^Ttj li&in ; your 
fitN*affth ftuU-d into fcrhkiMtM} je nink 4owtit and nsinia are 
not, " V« luiTL' romiKtfltiou ott oni* jULOtliet : " Uitit ainn-k tno 
mudi : AlUU mi^Ji^ Lmv« mad^ yon li^riug iio cuuipjuoiidi] rui 
one aiwthfr, — how haA it ijccn then ! Thb ia a i:T^at Uirecl 
Uiodght. a gLuioe ^ fim-luad bito the \-erj fact of thiciica. 
Kikle TeatigeB of poelic ureniiUf of vhatsopver is bnt nxid 
tTOMti arc mible in tbi.i tnAit. A vtrong nntutoMd intcll«:t ; 
ejMight, hAart : a bUou^ wild man. — uigit have ahfrpcd biia- 
Odlf into hoet, King, PHeer, any kind of H^ra 

To his c>fa it is forcvicr df^ that Uiis wotld vluill; Is 
minuTulous. Hv aces wbat^ aa vft >aid once bofort , aU t^rtut 
Uirukers, th^ t-ud«< dpafidtnarianfl themselves, m ono vmy or 
otli^r, hAirf> Goutriv«ri) to )4«*r : That xkn so Bolkl-looking m^ 
tvriftl world 14, At i)ottoia, in very deed, Kothins i ia u riaud 
lutd Uic^ttiiil MixuitwUtiuD of Qod'e povor and pmcttJico. — a 
ftiiadov huuf; out by Uitn oa %}» hOBoin of l!tw void laliittta; 
ooUiiji^ mora. The muiiatauii, he aaye, tttese ^:raal roiik* 
moi;ititain», thoy aiaJJ dia«Jpoti? thcmaclvrji "lib^^rtouds-/^ m^l 
into th^ Blue a« clondt do^ and not be 1 Hf ^gwrtta tha Eaath, 
in ihv Arab fHshiuii, &ile i^Us ua, as ui iium^uaA Ptaiu or flat 
Vhbo of ifround* the uoantiuna ara art on that to tUtvdjt it. Al 
ibm LflM Day thi?y ahnU diaappcar ■■ like doivU : ' ttL<* vbnla 
K^rth fthaU go spinmnK- whirl tts&lf off iwXc wr^V. aud ua duKt 
aud vapor vaai^ fu tli« lu&ue. AlUh withdnwd lua hand 
from it> and it ccasr^ to Ixl The niiir<^taaj rmpiro of ikilah, 
pveaancv tv«fTwhcr*^ of ai^ uusfH^akubJe Votrvr^ n Sf U^dor^ and 
a TciTror luil to l>e aiuii^^d, :ih the tru^ fort't^, eeatiTiL'tf nud n*a]ityj 
in all tbiBifS vhatsoever, was coatinualtj clear to tlu9 uaiu 
Witat a mudi'm tolka of hy iKa Ti.imA, Tca^^% of Kj^tiLr«L, T<aivii 
of Ntttur? ; aod doe* not fi^rv ai a divini* tbitjjr ; nnt i**w» M 
Oflie thiuif at h11, but as a set tif tUin^ midivjiu* rnoiigh. ^ 
aalablei cnriouai trood for propoUinjc ^umakips 1 With our 
ScaBDoaa and Cy^opndJju, wo ari) apt to forget tlip divinrHcu, 
Im idicwe laboraioneH of i>ur«, Wv ought not, t/> forgr-i it I Thai 
onaa w^ focKotieci, T know ni^t wh&t el^* were worth r^iaota- 
betiog. Bloat toianiiDa, I thinkt wore then a v^vy d«ad thing ; 



LcoT. IL 

withrrrd, cont^atJous, emp^ ; -^ a tLintlc? m Utr Autumn. The 
beat ft<^irnc«, uritLout thia, i;i but as the dead iimier, it lk not 
ih^ grovtiig trofl iind forast,^ which givi>s oivr-iurvr utnbcr^ 
unoiig othtT things I M;ui muuai huiuf eJUieT, unltnm her am 
ujomhip ill »oiii« vay. UU kciowledgo U h pediatry, and d«ad 
Uu£t^^ <»thrpwi*c- 

Mw^h h;i* berti aaid njid written aibotit tlu' son*i«i)itj oT 
UalioDiet's lUligio&i more th&u w^ juU. Tta- mdidj^encM, 
oriaunol to us, whioh h? permitted, w^ro not of lii4 appomt- 
Eouit ; ho found them pnt^^tis^, unqtu^attionrd from immcmo- 
ToX limtt tti AntbJa ; wU&t lie did wja t,i> {^iirUil th^iu, roairicb 
them. Dot on one but on mtaty sidf-d. Hia Religion is not na 
ea»y on^ ; with H^ttiiaE fofte, Uvati^TiftT strtcft i^omplex for- 
amla*T pniyiT* five tini^i il day, an<i id«tiru-tMM> from wiuy, St 
did uyt '* *mwic*?d by being aoj eaay reli^iuu." As if indred wiy 
religion, or cauao hi>ld)n|i; of roli^^on, could Euce«Ml by thru! 
Tt iA a (^3.1umny ou moii to Kdy that th«y axA roufled U> hirroic 
iwticin by iiaap, ho|>p uf plrjifliirH, rooDm^Mmtw%— [«igw-pIuio» 
of any kind, iti ttita world or ihv ticict ! In ihv meaueet mortal 
thara 1io8 «omflthin^ nnblfrr. Th« poor «wiEiAring eoLdi»r, hir^ 
to bft shot, bda bis " hurmr <jf a soldiirr/' dilf^rput from driU- 
rvguliitLOiu Mid Uie bbiIlitL){ a day. It jg^tiot to taite awcrl 
thingflj but to do DOblo mtd truo tbiA|^, and TiJn^4^^~~hlmG«lf 
and^r GtMi*)! ITpfiTi^n ut ft tcod-modo Mu^ti, that tb<> p»ot£i^ Hf>D 
[jf AdiLin dimly Wgs. Sbtiw bim lb*- wuy of diHiig tbMj the 
dullest d»y-drud^ kiudba kilo a hvro, Tboy wronp maa 
greatly wh'> Bay he « to bft seduond by ea*]». Uilboulty, ab- 
negation, murtyrdfini. d«it!i iin- the altitrrmfnm that ai-t on tb*t 
bf-iL-rt of ni^UL- Kindlr tb« iimrr gtnml lift- of hiin, yuu batea 
fiaune tliat btime np n-Il lowcc oonsid^r&tioKe. Not happiaosi, 
but lomctbint; IjighiT: oai> necn tbie wen m the invo\o\»t 
i-buneii, with llielr "puiuL of bonor^ mid Ibn Vikn, Not liy 
fiatlirbc our app^-tit-^ai nc, by avmkriimg the Heroic ihiit 
almnbers in vrcrv hf*art> «in any Reb^ion gam follov«rfl. 

Mnbnmi^t biniscU, afttr all that run htt K^id a-hcixit Ititn, waa 
not a sensiial m^n. Wc shall err widely tf we oouaider tbiJ 
man a« a rommoo Tolnptiiary, intent mainly on boao anjoy* 
Dumta, — naj on eajoymenta of any kind, Uii horisehobl 




of tbi* fnii^le.'tt; luH coRunon illeL T>arl«<y-breRd And ir&t«F; 
fiOtDetiiu^d lot montbs thecre wa^ not a &re once iJgliUfd on hia 
Kevth. Th«7 record with jn«t pHdn that he wontd mend hb 
own shoofl, patch hiK own dook. A poor^ tutri-tonm^, ill- 
pfovidrd mn4J ; irartle-sa of what \ul^'ur im^u tuil fur Kot & 
lad man. 1 flbould s^y ; florrtotblnc l>•?tt>^^ irt hint than Atin^r 
of uiy M>ft, — or thofic wild Arab :j»ml, H(ihting nni joetliD^ 
tlLTM^'UKl'twpnty y*rani at IlIh Laud, tii dci*? oontu^rt with him 
alwaya, vouM uol havi- icrcr^aced hua &o'. Tliey wt-re wild 
tuoc, burMinj; ^'Vor and tuicm into qiinircl. into all kinds ot 
fi*mk xinwrity ; witluiut Hgbt worth axid msLnhood, no mim 
rcnild h&ri- cuiiiinandt?cl tlipm. They ciUlipd him Pru|JwU j'uu 
say ? Wlij, he «t<x>d th^re f&cfl to face with thoin ; Imre. not 
«nahrincd in any my«tctyi visibly ploutinK his own oloak, 
cohbling hia own ihwn; fijjhttng, exJunHBlliTtg, orJt'ring in llm 
midnt of llirm : ttey mnat have been wIi^JhI kind cf a man hi; 
va«, Jet him bo ^fM what y<»u like ? No i^iuporor with hi4 
tiaraa was oh4)y0ii afi thin mui in a doak of hi« own clouting. 
During thntt^-fllld-twl>nty yvnT% of rotigh ftrtujil trial- 1 find 
m:rmri,b)iig of a veritable Hero iiectwiary for that* of itftclf. 

ihA Ladt words are a prayer; t>rok«n ejaoolalions of a heart 
fltruggling up, in tiYnnbling bop«t, townrd* it« Mftker, W« 
cannot say that hix Tnligion modn biia uvm*; it majlr biio 
better ; g:or>d, not bad. GcQoroua tbingis are reoordc'd cf him : 
whf.-[L hu lutit hia ]>rtughter, the thiug ho auswen i^, in bU own 
diaJect, «r«rT way nincprn, and yrt pi^Eiimlifiit to that fif Cbrib 
tUua, '*Tb« Lord ^tveth, and the Lurd takctb Awc^ ^ bleated 
b*) the Domc of tho Lord." ilo aaiiwcrcd in like tnitnQi-T of 
Soid, hilt «iDuneipat»d weIl-b^ov«d Slave, the d<»joiid of th« 
bvllevera. .Heid lind fallen fin the War of T£.bai\ llie first of 
M^omH'e fightinira with th« Greeks. M&homet saitU It wu 
well i 8eid faiid done hia Muttor'fl work, ^^id hod now fcone to 
hist Ufinter: it wai al) well witii Seid- Yot Soid's daughter 
ftitind him wnrjiuig ovi-r the budj ; — tliet old gray-JiAited luaii 
jnc ilin^ in tears ! *' VHistt do I ace ? '* said abc, — *' Vou »e>« 
a friend wnepmg oT^r hii friend," — Itt wont out for the kut 
tirnr inu> the nloaqn1^, two dayi before his dfath; aake'l 
ho hid injured uiy lu&a ? Let hia owa bock bev 



L«T- IL 

If bo owed ftnj Biui? A roioo ftnsv^rod, "Y««, bus dove 
diAOhkitf,'* borrcpwH on mu4i lui onnkstoTi. H;tbonifd oanUtcd 
tliero to be pLiKl r " l{«tter be in shjim^ now,'* «uUl bo, -* thnn 
&t tke D^ of Jud^mtfut" — Vuu rviu^ntber Katlijah, niul Urn 
»*X(^ by .Ulfih!'^ Trusts at Chftt liind Hhav \i;i Uu g«iHiii» 
ninn, tfiu broths- oF ti» all, brouj^ht t-uLbk' thran^ twalro 
cetitnriEti, -^ Uii> vi»ritnble Son of our ooiniuon Moihr^r 
. Withiil 1 like AfAhottiet for his total ^i^dom frcm cant He 
is a Tffo^h ftclfhiTlpinif jion of tbo wiLdorciAM ; docs nrit pr<>t<*rt(l 
to bi^ wLht li^ kii not. Tbvrt^ u no ont^ntatioiujt lipids in him; 
but ueitUec Joea Iw gft luuL-b u|kjii Ltai;Uii> : Im ia lljere aa be 
cut bc^ in doftk nnd shoo« of his own clouting ; spo^ka plainly 
to all nmuofT of Pf>mftn Kinipi, Gnek Eiapriots. whit it ih 
tti^ ATI* fumiicl to do ; knowK v^U i-niyiigb. ilx'tit hiniwlf, "the; 
r^poctdiuT unto Din?." In a lifenajuMujitli «^u vrith Bedou 
in$^ oruel thjii<a could not fail ; but ncatbcr An> acti^ of Ki4<tf j, 
of nob)^ natitrrLl j^ity ruid g«qi«rofiity irAntiiL^^ Malioiact makes 
no njifj|i«iT fur thp on**, tio hocist nf thp Otb^T, Tli^'T wr^ (*nv>li 
tho fror dictate- of his brart ; cAoh ca^lf^d for, f.hcr^ anii tlicii- 
Kot a mealy niouthcvl man f A <^aii<liil fcrooity. ii t he oaite oall 
for it, i« In him ; be do«« not niuict? iQaTt^r^ r The War of 
Tabfln is a thtci^ beofton s^ieak^of ; hh nn-n refnseJ, maof 
of them, to inarch on that occAaion ; pleaded the heat of tiao 
weather^ the hfti'V««t, and io forth ; h« f*Aii n«T«T forget tbat. 
Tour harvMt ? Tt tJutba for a rl.iy What will become of j-oor 
W-vest through ^'hll El^i-nilj? IM wcftth«-i ? Yes, it waa 
hot; *' ijiit llk^n iHll bi> liotttrl'* Soiaotixncet a rouj^h TfT^tWTT 
lunia up : IIo vayfi to the unl>t>liL*ver», Ve iljoll have the Juat 
RMiaaiiro of yLiiir ib'F<(b iit thiit Great Day. Ttiey will be 
^^ weighed o^t to>i>ii; ye sliall not bare Bboit weight! — Etvrx- 

^^P wbora ho fixoa tho nattor in h» ^^ ; h^^ an^ it : hiA haart, 
^^ now and th^ii. El aa If xtruok dumb 1>t the |^reatnea» Af it 

^^^ ''Aaniiwlly " liB saj^H: Ibil wort!^ ixj ilie Kurnn. ia vinU«u 
^^M dowi3 Mi&etuaea as a acntcncc hj itself : ■* Aaanrodly." 
^^^ X» DihUttntiitm in this Stabomel ; it t* ft btiuiiuw oif Hcpro- 

I iKUiou and ^Ovation with hlnh of Timt^anJ Ht^rulty: h^ Is 

I in itcadly tiniest about it ! Dilettantiain. hypothoaia, b^h^u- 

^^_ latiou, a kind of aBoutour^oarcb for Trntb, toring ajv^ ccquet- 

Uct, «, 



ti&ft tt'ith Trtith r thii iji Um mu^ pin, Tht* root of nU other 
iuagiimble TiiTi«. It ftunHJ^Is Ui tliv hi*art and soul of the man 
never having been oprn lo Truth ; — " lit^iug in a Tain ahuw/' 
f^cirh a Tuon not only nttrr* ard jirxlui^r« fa1acbood«, but v 
himitlf a fals&liood. The riiiional muml ]iri»c^|>1tfT spark of 
tlie Diviirity, la tuiik d^i i:j lEtiii, In qtiiet [t^mJjFttttt ot lifv^ 
dcAtii. Thfi vriy fjilm^hcHMlfl of M&bomH &r« truer than the 
truths of vuoh a uiair H<^ ui the tntinovre man ^ ftmooth'|>ol> 
islied. resi^ettJjMe in souie LiuaeA &iul \tl^fiA; iiiofToiisinf, upt 
Dothin}; harah to aayboit^i meet ttco^jtt^, — jujil it;* earbunlo 
ui<l \^t which is dnuth and poinon. 

We will uot praise ]k1»hi>met'a moral preof»[>Ui fui ilway* of 
the &uperfineat aorl ; >'cl it L<ait be siiul thai Uit-rt< in alw4)K n 
tosdencj to good in thrm ; that thc3r arc the trae diclatM of 
m h^^oit niiaing toirardu \rhat u jaxt and true. Thn mhlimo 
forgiveneAi of Chri«timity. tiiTViin^; of iTie utht^r i*hr*ek whi^it 
tlk? ouD haa been amitt^Ci ia not here : jrou urt to retenge 
youraelf, but it ia to 1>e in m^aaurc, not overmuch, 01 bejond 
jottioBL On thf» othttT hand, THhini, ltk« any grMt Faith, and 
im'ight inlu tlir iws>"tUT*i (if man, i.i a [HTfiM't rijicilb.f r nf tni-n : 
the soul of one IjelitTer outw^i^hs all tatthly kin^^hipa \ all 
men, aoi^nrdinic to Islam too, aro eqnuJ. Mahornft infiiat« not 
OQ th>- jimpri'-ty of f^viiig aluut, but <m th« nrtWBtily of itt he 
maiks di/w:> by law how niuflli you are to glv** and it » at 
jour peril if you n^iclort. The t<^&th part of i^ laan'a annual 
innoQie, whatfttfur that may bir, is the prtip^tty of th<* poor, of 
t1uiA<^ that are iiUlii'Ij^d iuid uneti hT-lji. ^i««>d ^11 thi*: the 
aatand roicfi of humzmxty. of pity &jii efjuity dwfUing ui the 
heart of this wild Son of Nature speaks «>- 

Maliomct'4 l^tradise is scn«aaV his U^Il aenBUal: true; in 
tim AEti^- am^ thi» other therr^ ia r-nuagh IJiaI HhoeVn nil Aplriliifil 
ffwlitjg in iLi- But we are to r^oollact thnt the Amiui already 
had it 00 j that Mohoiaetk in what«T«r he f]h:uit;«d of it, »ofi- 
,nniHl and rliminithivl all tJiifi, Th^ wirmt Hnnniintitipi^ tuti. im* 
fthe trovk of flofttort, followci'a of his, not bis woik. In the 
Koran there i<i really Tcry litUo said about the j<>ye of I'ant' 
dine; they are intimated rather than insisted nn. Nor b It 
forgotten that the highest joya ctud tbore shall bo sp&H 



UcT. IL 

tht pure Tres^Tiee of tti*^ Highest, thi« shall inAnh^ly trui- 
M>«nd :kll olliAr j«^n- ITn ni^ii, ■* Vo^r Ptiliitntinn nhhll hfk, 
Teacc^" ^iiiiri^ IlAve PeareE— th^ thing tlmt all nitioiuil 
BuuJn long Tot. oaJ »oekt vninly here b«low, » the ond ble« 
U13. ■* V« stiull ftit on ft^nU. focing one another : aM gm^igt^ 
Hhfilt be taken &way out of your h4ta,rt8," All i:rTu1^n6! T« 
shftll lort oce flnothrr fr*^!^ . for <*ch of jron, in the cyci of 
hi* brotlins. Uietv n^l tw llt^av^ epougU I 

In f«fBreDc« to thU of tl\*T seni^tial Par&ill«^ aiul Mahataet's 
ae<u?»Qa1itv, the «orcftt nha)>t<<i' of M for u^ Xhnjt wcro manjr 
thiut^ to be void ; whih^Ei it U not oonTenieat to cnt^r npooi 
IWML Two remark* only I shall make, and tlner^wtth J^vti it 
tu jour i?iindor. Tlie Vitrit \n furiiih}ii>d irip }\y Oix^tlie ; It la a 
camal hint of his irliioU tt>Qms vrll vrorth tiikiDir note of. In 
nno of hiA P^IincatioikB, in Mristt^'n ^Vvvn/^ it lit, thiT hero 
fvimoa upon a Soi'iety of men witli verj' ^Iraiigi* waya. «oe of 
tthicli wiiK thin: "We require/' aajs the Itfaflt^r^ "that aacli 
of our peoplo ahaJl rMtrict himaclf in onft diracstioD," sliftU gc 
rlglit a^DRt his d«tre in on4» Tnatter, and mak* hinuwlf do 
thn tktnif hi? iVii<s not nialu *'!<Kou1<l wi< Jilltiir him thn greats 
l^ktitiulc on all other aijefc/' Tliere Henm^ to ine a great jiut- 
nesa in this. Enjoying things which arc plc/^^nt; that 11^ not 
thfl frvil ; it i» thu rvflui^inf^ of onr moral self to «lftT*n» by 
thrm thnt i:L Lrt a iu>iLt a^Hr-rt withal that ht* Is kinif orpr 
luA h^hitudeA ; that hf^ d-oild ant^ would «liako Ui^m o£F, on 
c^aiisp i^h'twn : this w an 4>x<^f11^nt lav, Th^ Mi^nth Kamadhui 
for t\v. MoKli*Tn, much in Mahoi&(*tV KnliHiPii, miirh in hll 
own I*ife. hetai in that dirootion; if not by forrthonght, or 
olc^ |turf>oe« of moral imf<roTenicnt on hm iwrt, thi^n by 
certain hr-JilUiy manful tiwt.inM, whi-^h ib lut ^px^i. 

Tint tlicrv is anotlirr thini; to hr sahl about th« IbTahometan 
H«^arfn and Helh Tbia n4Jn«ly. that, howcwr ffTAu* and m»- 
torial they may be^ th^y are an f^nibleiu of an evorlaatm}; truth, 
nrA nlvayx wi yivU rpjiifmltfrml rlsrwhprp. That <roR8 sensual 
Paradioa of Kin » Uiat horribk flaniiitf; Elrl); the srcnt enor- 
mOfia Day of Jnd;nnent be perpetually iiieiata on : whnt 15 all 
this bill a nidn shndow. in thr mdp Badr^nin imagination, of 
tlinitgiVBd apirituiil Fuct, and Bv^iunin^ of FbcUi, which it la 

t*PT. 11, 



ill fiiT nil tor) if VT< ilr> nrit all know And f^ : Llie Infinite Nh- 
ture of l>uty ? TL&i tiuuiS c^tioLS bore are of iit/Zniff mumiritt 
to hiio, SLnd never dLo or end at ^1 ; tbtit mtm, with his littin 
IUDj Tcocte% uptvitrcU high ij Ueav^ii, dowuwarii lov fm HoU, 
,\ni\ ill bU Ibrewcortr je&r» of Time hold* au Et^^ruilj ftar- 
fuI1,> SLd wondcrfuny bidden: all thU hul bufnt it^^lf, as in 
flujt«^'harft(!t«r«T into the u-tld Arab loiiL Ad io flamo and 
lighiuiijj;, it 8taiul« writt^D there; awfxil, urisjieakAliI^ ^ver 
pr^amt to liua. With biir«tirtjf caraffltm^ai^t v^^tK a fjerce a^T- 
ftipo amoonty, half-tiniiiuhituiG, nnt able to arlidiUk, he ftrivcs 
to spook It, bodiea It Tofth ia thai Hea^n and that Hell. 
Bodied forth iu what way you will JL ih Ihv fmtt of all trEiLha. 
It i$ Tcncmblo undcT all rmbodimmts. What in tho chief find 
of man htsro bclov ? MaTiomot han answered tbui qututioOf in 
a way that rnij^ht put ^cnw of r^ u.t ^)t:ixae\ He does not, lUce 
a BcDtikam, a radcy, t4ikc RiKht and Wrongt and calculdtc th« 
profit and loiis, iihiinatc pj(?4.suru of tbv one and of thc^ othfrr; 
and Slimming M up by addition and subtrMtion into a not 
iBMilt. aak yi>u, WlieUiwr (Mi the whole the Ki^ht do** not jj^y 
poiidctate cDnaidcrably ? No; it is not MUr to do the ona 
than tha othnr; th(( €Tt« U to thi> othflr ha life U to doath, — 
AM 1f«w4-n is to Hell Tho oraie muift in nitviiu^ b« done, lb* 
other in wviw left undun& Yoti shall not ic«uinrt^ thura; 
th&y arc iDooniiaoosumbIc : the one U d^'h pt-^rnal to a man, 
thfl otl^ar iA yift> otomal. Bpnthamce Utility, rirtn* by Profit 
and XjM^ji ; ivdniMng tljj* {rfid'H-wurld to a drml lirute Stouit* 
englno, tb« infinite ooleetial Soul of Man to & kind of Hay- 
halanoe for weighing hny ^tiA thUtl^ on. pIca^Mri^s and pains 
on:-^lf ymi usk rav which givt% Mnlionn-t or they. th« 
beg^^Uer aod fabif^r rt«w of Man utd ld» Destiutea in this 
U&iverws I will auawer, it is not Mahoint>t: — 

On tho whnli*, wo wilt rnpnat that thi* Rffrligion of MJ^ 
hom4*t^ is a kind of Chrbitiantty : liax a geamijt* eluiueut of 
what is spirittuUy kt^hoat loukiu^ through it, not to be hidden 
hy all its inpfrfM-tioofl. Th* ScaadinaTian God ITifA, thd 
god of aH I'udf nidii^thiit hiis hean vti\iiT\r:v<\ 'inti> a Hi^aven 
byMibonuft; but a H«4tcn -^jmboUcal of »kcrrd. 
to ht* Mnied by faith &&d well-doingj by valiant 




Un. n. 

iliTiDO pfttionco vhieh i* still tiior<« v^UionL It is SAmdinaTiu 
I'ngpBtem, KBd a tnly caleMlfti altmect rapi^niddvfl ti> that 
Call Uuotlabei look uot at the tilsehoul iif it. Wk at tbr 
tnitb of it For theac twclrc couturier, it huA been the relipon 
akd lif^^fvidajioc of th*.' fifth purt of tha wkoli' kinclr'^il of 
MaaUntL Above all thiuf.^ \i Uha U-i^h a rvliginn Wnilr 
Mlnw^ Thr^ AtaIm bcUere tUmt religion. Aud tty to live br 
ifct No ChtutiiuiEE. ttiKic thp* ocitIt agrun cv only f>9rhap8 tlM< 
RngUih PorllanH in niodKni tim**«. lunru *»tpt ttnod by tbi*ir 
FaiLli OH ihv Uoalaia do l^ tJieirs* — belit*viug it w)iuU,v. fnmt* 
iiij^ Time vtib it. and Elorni^ wilb it. Tliia uKht tbo watcb- 
nui on Ibc ctroetK of Cairo when bu crw«, '■WbogowT'* will 
1i«'ar fruiu iJii* {visneii^r. aToug ulUi hU ;u)«w<<t, "^Tbere ih no 
Uud but Grxl/' J^jA «jU<rr« Islain, Aomultt tliron^U Uic aovK 
aad vholo datly rxiBti*nc4^ of Uiowt duflky tniltir>n& Z<^)oiia 
mUAionarin pn^ii^b it abroad amon^ BlaUya. bl^rk l'afl1lat]1^ 
Imttjtl IdaUtiTr^ ; — displarhig vrlmt U woT>Kr irfiibiii|f Ui^d. in 
btttor or i^'XxL 

To th» Arab Xaiiftn it v^a^ n birth from darkn^^s vntty lipht; 
AnibLa fint iH'Oinir al^/r by mKana of iL A po»r abi^vbrrd 
(tmiplt-. rOMiiiiii; aTm<rltO(>t3 in ttn d^^^rta stnca tbo on*atiim of 
tbr world -. (I HirrO'Proplii^t wik£ s^nt dowti to th«^ with a word 
ihvy i^rynM bpli«T9t if«^ Ch« unnotiood bpoomea world-ootabtp, 
tio h»a11 baA Kn>vo iroTld-gimit ; iHthin ncto (H*nhjry nftor- 
wnrds. Arabia » at Orranda nn thli Iv-uirl. at Dirlbi rd tbat;-* 
IfiannDj* in vntur Aiiii -fiiloulo? and th^ li»?ht of ^uiaj, Arabia 
fthin«8 ihrmigh Inn^ ^tgPS nvpr n. ,t^Tf*ac wrtion of tlif> wrrrid. 
Deliof )A ffTrat* lifr^rinj^, The bixtonr of a Nation hnsoaiies 
fruilful, i]ouK<lf*ratiaj^ great, ao mtoa AA it WltrvxtH. Th«M 
ArabSf the man Mahomet* and that one century, — in it not at 
if a Hpnrk linnl rnllrit. ona fipark. od a world of vbat HprnifiJ 
black umioticeablf aand; bat lo, th^ Mtnd frovpfi exploftire 
povdaFf blazM hMven-htgh from Vvlhi to (rnmada ! 1 aaid* 
th«> Grr'flt Man wa* alw^.iyn aa lightning on: of Hfarfm; th* 
roct of mca waited for hia Lke fnel, aod thea they too voatd 

tMrr, CL 





Tim Hera tut Diinmly. Ibt Herij ha >Vji>l»-t, wp pnsltirtiaiw 
of ol4 BffDAi act to be rcpcatoii in Iho »riw. Tboy pr««iijiiwoe 
a CPTtain ni4on*A# of conception^ vhi<-h tbo profc^fMof mtrn 
ncU'titUic kii<yv]M^ |fUlA an enil to. There nrwU to bft, w 
it w«Tft a world vacmrtt, or ftlnaoet T»£&nt of ecientiiiu fomu. 
if moB t& th<(i? loTini; wc»i4«r aro to Ennc^ tboit kUow-iHaii 1 
citlkcr a god vt odv ^pciiikififf vtiih the vxtice of a god. Divioity . 
ajiil PinpliVt sin? jojit. Wtf uj** mvw to aew unr Hrr<» in Ibc 
let» Amhliio]!^ but ttlso Icea quoaliouabU'. cliAnutrr of IVxti 
a ohfoaf^tpT irhich dorn nnt paCA. Tbo Poet Is a keroH figufv 
Iwlongiii^ to 3.11 ugi-'M; vrhum all ag«u puuipss. vrlii-n citice he Is 
proJuefMi, whom tbtf newMt a|^ aa the vUlmt mav ini^iuvj^— 
autl will prodniTo, always wlifn Nature pleoace* Let Natnie 
iiPTki a 11rr4>«o(i]; in tio a^ m it otht-r than po«(ibl« that 
ha inxy bn ulup-d inUi a PotL 

U^fK Propbel, Po<^t, — mat) J diffcrtnt namea. -in diffef«nt 
tiaoa, and plaiopF, do u-« gim to Urmt M«n; acoording to 
rarirliii*s wr nnUt in (Urm, a^vuttli^ig to Ua* npb(<rr in whifli 
tliajr have dujJayi.'d Uiraihrlvra ! Wv Alight giro znanj toore 
BamM, on thifl sfuai^ principle. 1 irilt remark again, however, 
*a a fa^. nnt itnimporiA^nt to ha uader^tood, that i\\^ dlff^rnnt 
f}pij!^« 4<onitiluti-A thfi gmm) origin nf sajth di*linc^ion ; UjAt 
the Hero can bo Poet, Prophet Kin^, Priert or what joa will, 
areordm^ to ihi> kinLl nf vorld bo fioiU himaalf Uirn xaio. I 
L-uari<Ur 1 liate utt ncrtjun nf a truly givut raau that eouM &uC 
tie aii aorla of laen. T1i« Poet who ContU niijrrlf ait on a 
ebaiT. and compoae atanaag, ironld nevrr m^lco a ttaxixn vpt^***- 
much Hit ooold not aing Oiv Urrruio v-arhor, < 


UwT. HL 

f«ir wor** At lea»t a Ilwoia wurrifjr too. I fanrj ikerr i« in 
him the I\jlttic3Aii» the TliiDkci, LcfnAlatar, TlulosopbeT;^ 
in ooo or ihi> otU^r degree* bo coii]il bftve been, bo tt &U Uioee. 
So too [ rannni nml^irKtAnd hnv n MimbMiti, with ihit gt«at 
flowing )ivart> with the (trc w^ui in it, witli the buTrttn^ 
tooiv that wcrt* iu jt, could not hn^^i wTHt«ii vcr4««f tragi-diett^ 
poemSf ftod louobed all hoims it> that way, li&4 his coune 
of life aj|<l 4Mlucml]Dl] Iftd liim thith«rwaxi1. T1»; tfnuid fmid&- 
j&frntiLl chATfLCtcr is that of iijvivi Mod; Ltat thu moit be 
grvut^ ^bpolooA hoA wordjj tn him which ar« like Auetcrlitx 
J(att]««. T^iii^ FotiftiH*nth'£ Marthiklfl &te n ktrd tif poi^ticiil 
moD wtthftl^ thci thiD£) Tttrcnne sAVit Are full of .lag^itj and 
RccialitTT Ivktf myw^ of Samiwl Johnson. Tho great heart, 
the c?I«d^ d^ejMweing «^ye; there it lies; no man whatever, in 
vhftt [rrovinixi soever, old provper nt all withtnit thoie. TV 
trurch juid Itorcuccio did diplomatic uMnbgc*, it tti^ion, qiiit« 
well : ono [ja« vixeily bolievt ii ; ih^j- Imd done ll*JiigM -x Jittlw 
hiirdor than Ihfw ' Purnfl, a gifti^d nong-writ^r, might have 
Lixde & «till boiler Mlrabcaa. Shokfpoaro. — ooe knows not 
what J^ tfoiUd not have la^l?, in tLo snpromo (Io|rre<x 

Trui*, Ui^re or* aptitud»i of Njiliiw loo, Nfttun; do«< not 
make all givax tafQt more th^n lill othi?r iiteii. In the brlf-Aame 
mould Varieties of aptitude doubttosa; but iu&uiteljr ajof« 
of eirenmitanno ; and far oHeaeat it i« the ioHcr only that njn 
looked to. But it U as with ooiumon m^n in the learning 
of tnide& Vou take uuy uiaji, an yet a v^t^ue irapabUit^r ot 
a man, who could b<i any kind of craftsman; and make hiM 
into u KDiitli. ;i e;iT^>ontvr, a mcuon: hu ia thirty and thcneis 
fortli tli^t Aii*\ iiotLiLjf eltfe. And if, 03 Addimm coonpUuiUi 
jroii w>mctinjc» sco a street-porter, aUggertog under bis lo«d 
on ipindl^^honkSf and nirar at hnnd a tailor with the frftine 
of a 8amwn handling a bit of <rloth ^nd timtll Wbiteolmpel 
needle, — it c^LOuot be uuiifliden*<l Llmt aptiti]dr< of Natuie 
aloao huB been ccnsnltod bore either ! — The OreU M&q aI»iK 
to what Khali hd bo hound apprentice ? Giv^n your Hero, is 
he to bworjit^ Coiiquerar, Ki^;, Philo^uplifrr, Ptx-t ? It i» 
an in«xplicidily coaplex controTeratal<^1eu]aLioi] betu^et^a tbe 
world and Liml He will read the world and its laws; the 

isc^ tn. 



irorld irith its l^vra will he th<Tru to bo rood. What th^ vorlil. 
00 tAU matter, Btudl permit %nd bid iv, m wo floid, tbo noit 
linptirUiRt ffl^ about ike world. — 

Poci anil t'rophct di^or c^rratly in our I008O Biodcm Ikotiou 

thpm In fom^ oM bku^ogiia, ogtin, ttia titUui uo ijuony- 

toua; For^j ntcanA boili Piri^iliftt and P€)«t: &»i1 SudtsMl at sdl 

tmecf, rn>phi?t anrl Tort, irrll nnilorstood, liare muob klndrad 

rd lae^ug. b'uud.iitii.-ti tolly inilcvd ih^ xm »tiU Um come^ 

Id tills most iraportaiit rwipect cspecUtly. Tbnt tliej luifit 

vtcd both of tbem iuto the eucred uiyflttiry of iLv Um> 

t-TCnc : what Goctpho cuUa " tho open »ncrct/' " Which ie the 

great se<>ret?" lUkt one, ^ " Th« tywn ftt^erot,"— open toull, 

<n 1j^ iklmoet ikUitt^f Tli&t iliviijt! mys-tery, «flik-b lien every. 
rbero in all ll<:irk£3, " the Dinne idea of die ^Vorld, that 
wbinb licui ^t the bottom cf Appvonmoo," as Fiubto Atylos it \ 
cf wMiih iiX\ Appt^uraueu* from tlie trtarry ftky to th^ gra^v uf 
the fieH but eapHeinlly the Aptiearauee of Mau aud hi* work, 
b hut tho rvj^rtrr. the ^uibodtTC^ut ihat rt^nilrra it mibla. 
ThU divtnp myjiitery i« in :iU ttznoA ajhl in all phic'V; verita- 
bly la. Ill uitwt tiiftPK Atid platm it h gn^atly iivi^rlooked ; 
and th9 Uiuvenxj^ iLrrGuible always in one or the uthr^r dialecU 
«8 the reaJiiod Thought of Uod, w conAid^rred a trivL'il, in^ti, 
fommonplA^f* trisitpt4>r^ — m if, nhyt th^ %itim1. it wre a dnul 
tiling, whi('!i .^ionie upholfltrrer had put toother ! It oouM do 
DO good, at present, to apeak much about thin \ bat it i» iv pity 
lor eT«ry oiw ol ua il vro do tjot knew it, live t-ver ifi the 
kuowh^d^ of iL Ea^ly 11 imst muurnliJ pity; — a failure 
to livis ttt all, if ve Wrt otbt^rwiae 1 

But Lo*. I say, whooF^r nay forgflt this di^ii« mystery, 
tl»^ VtiUi; wluitJi*t rtmilu-t or Vtn'iy hart [HTi-truti'^] into it; 
UamAti ntiiii hither to iiiakir it more iin|irtetiiwly kuovn to 
lu. Tlwt always i* bia ni^AaKe. he u to reveal tbxt to ut^ — 
tliat uk'jr^d inytl^ry whicih h« mora tboo otlwr^ lives prrr 
prr^ tit with, Wlah? uth<*ri forget It. ht kuuu& it; — 1 might 
«:ky, ivo \uiA het'D driven to know it; vithoat coiu&ctit aaked of 
Aim, he find£ hiuLMflf living in it, bound to tiv* tn it. Ofic« 

itv^ heiie U iKi Hearsay, hub a diivot iuaight aud Belief & 


uurrritKs os hkho*:s- 

iMrt. III. 

t}iis man too codd uot Kvljf boing a tinoen nu! WIumo 
iTvor inaj^ live \r\ the ahovn of things, h \r for b^in a neccvltjr 
of Qitiure to Uvo in tho wry fv;t of tKiQ^, A taaa oooe 
muro, in cumrut with tho L'iuvi.>r«i>} Uiougb uIL otlicra were 
but toying with it. He ]& a I'Tr««, tlrit of al], tu viituo of 
bamif Hintrerv. So f»ir l'o<i| Am) I'raphct, iiarliiTiiutorft m iht 

With >««i>(»ct to tlwir dl&tlilotion a^ani : T!ie PV/j Prophet, 
wo miifht nay, has »elze'l thnt *wn'iJ :ny<ir*ry mther ou th« 
mfirad aiUe, aa Otx-d aitd Kril, l>utj and rinhibiUuii ^ Uie 
Fdfef PoDt on vhAt Chc^ tiurmoiiA uall Iho lufithotij nidc^, u 
BMOtifnl, and the lik*>. The oce we r»nj call i revtritlur of 
irhat wtf :ir*i ro cT(j. the other of what w«» n.n^ ti> Iot*. Bnt 
indeed these two providers nin into one ouothcr, and c&tmot 
bo diMJoifiod. Tho I'rophnt too htufi hit e>€i ou what wc are 
tf) lov4> r how r1>M Hh^tll lie know ivha,t it is we are lu do? 
Th" liight'at Voiiv Rver hejird on Uiis earth sijtl wilJiu.), "'(Um- 
Bid«r t:he lilica of ihfi fit^ld^ they toil not, u^iUitr do Uiej 
Apin: y<<t Solomon ill all hii; glor^ wa« not arr^yvd like cae 
of th(^*f■." A gliuitv, thnt, into i\w ihs-ppyf; iWji of Heauty. 
" The liliea t>f Uie fieW," — iln.'AaoJ ihirt than rarthly (irkices, 
ffpringirkjf tip thero ia th« humble I'urrow field; it bntutifoj 
rj^M Icmkiiig oun on y^ii, from tlie gr**at imier So.i of llcfkOtyF 
Hdw itoiild thn rmli-^ Ejiiih niAkf^ thi-AA^ If hc.*r Essence, rtigced 
w *hp looks und b, were nob imvanOy Bf^uily ? In thia puint 
4jf viow, too, ft eayiog of (kwthe'^^ which ha« ftt«.ffsi.-i^l srvcm), 
may have mesuiiiigr ''The Bwiutiful," h& iDtiioatee, "is higher 
tli&n tlui G'xhI } th(f Bi.'JtiiLLrul im^huU-M in it thd Good-" Th* 
irao Hcauliful; wbirh howcvor, I liare naad Koai^wheiv, ''dif- 
fcnc from thie/aU^ tm llmvcn does from Vnuxho]!!" 80 much 
fur the dimiiirtioii luid ichmtity of Poet acd Prophol,— 

lu iDciiMit a\A ako 111 morh-riL pi>riod$ we And « few Poets 
who ATO ftccouulcd perfect i whom it were a kind of trouon to 
find fiiult with, Thi< is noteworthy ( tliia i* riuht: yet ia 
Btrititueu it U only an illitidon. At bonom, vloiuly ocough, 
there ia no perfect Po«t 1 A vein of Pnetry exi^ta In the 
he&rta of alJ mon \ no man is mode ^Uto^other of Poetry* Wo 
ftn ftQ potts when wo pwuf a ]>o«id well. The <* imagination 

lbtt, m 

THE UK1C0 AS rocr. 


that fihafl4Wr« ftt tlid Hall of DauiDo," \s nctt ihxt tbe aaiiM 
fooultir. WTiikf r In i]cgr«r, » IXuitis's own ? No one but 81i&k- 
npeurc c&n embodj, out of Citunt frrammittkusy ihie story of 
Hamlet as SJiiUui^eu^ riiJ; but «Tery one ouxleJs somo kind 
of stoiy one of ii ; ereiy one embodies it tH^tter or worae. We 
ucicti fkol Kprnil tiniA Li ilrfinitig, Wlirre Uit^m !« »o s]wv^Gg 
diScrctLoe, tu brtwooft round an<l f^tnarv, wli dttinitioii mnjtt br 
mor» or leat arbitrary- A laun tb^t had #r; mwt^h mora of tb«r 
poeAie cLmuiDt derelbpeil \n him &h ut latv^ \»<'Mw^ TWtioa&bU. 
wiJ] becftUcd Vo^ b>' hi» DciKhbor», Wodil-rocU too, thoM 
wJioia vt> fln> to tnJEc for perfect fc^octl^ nrc larttl*^ by orititi« %a 
llii> faui« B'li}^^ (>D«- vhc riaoi •» rtu* stbor« t}i<< fTriieral l^rtl 
of P[)ptji will, to rni^U iuid smji crilkb, (iwiu a Uuivrnal Port ; 
MS he ouiftit to do. And jot it 10, A&d biucI b^, JUi ubhrary 
diftinction. All l'oct«, lUl irnvn^ Iiato ttoms touchM of tin 
dutenukl ; no man i* wlioHy iiiJbltf uT UliL. Hodt PoetK an* 
rerj »ood for^ttiru : tut not llie nobleet Sb&lupdar? or Homer 
of lliem eau be r^mmib«rcd forvver; — a clay eoucs vhdi be 
too is not! 

Xrrrrthcili'iiT J™" ^'^l "^J- lli"*rf? miut N' adiffiTiMici- bp- 
twieeD tiuo Portrj' ajid true SjwotU net povUcuJ; what u tlic 
diffoivnoe ? On thia point ronny tbiof^ Ittivt bonu writtm, 
««pe*na1Iy by Iit^* German Critjc% «>nie of whinb an; ncit vcfy 
iiitrlti]£ibl<' nt l^rst Thej nay, lor ex&tt3j>l-er that tho ]^?et Iua 
an tt^nifudf. in him; comxnumoateii an UnmdiitiAk^i, acerlAin 
alutfiict«r of ■* Uitimtude/' to wliMeoeTer he delineates, Thw, 
though not very iirer»lae> yet or hi vapie k imttt^r i* vorth 
T«]nrin1)PTmi; : if w^V* nv^iltt^ti^Li), Fon^ mcnniEkt: vUl ^Tdduaily 
U* found in iU For iny own piut, 1 finti nonslderablo mcaninf; 
in tho old rulg&j dif^lirxliJD o( Toi^iTy bein^ nutrieal^ buving 
muAU? in \U \tf\nK a S(jti^. Tnily« tf pr^sfit^T to give u drPini* 
tion, one might my tlua su aooa oa niiythiuj; i;t>n?: Ii your 
delimfation be autJaentumlty mw^fnr/, mutiicul not i* w<>rd oaJy, 
Ijrit in heart anrt substance, In ill the? tZioii;,'ht« and uitetMnoea 
of iL in UiT? Vfhole coBccpUou of Ji, ihra li ^^ill be )>ocIm'Ji1 ; if 
ant, not — MurQcot ; honr mui'b Hea in tJjat ! A 7niwi>a/tJ[imf;lii 
U onn cpoken by a tnlnd that has p^netTat^ Into the iiimort 
hoait of the UaiLg i dtit^u:^ ihv ijiuott nijalcrry of it^ namely 




11m mtUdff thiti li^a liidilen In h ; tlie iawuid hunnnny (if 
rnhf^r^aL^ wLL^b la '\t% toxtl, nhfrrfby it irxi^^j &ul hjm a nglit 
to be, fciere i« tl»is wotUI. All inmoj^ thmi:!o, wo may say, an^ 

of Snug giir* (Ifcp. Wlio is tlieir- Llmt, m htgU-x] word*, Mil 
(ixiimnx the effetit mttnir hw oQ uj* ? A kind of lujiniiiiliitr an- 
Udh<tmah\<» Hpoffob, wbtdi loadi iu to the oclgo of the Infinite, 
jbuJ leta n* fut im>in*»Titi* garie itilo that ! 

Nay [Ul BpeooJi, tY*ii Iho commoneat apRpcli, hiui nnmAtliing 
of soag in it : cot ft pariah in the world but haa ita iiorinh- 
ttfjiwut; — iha Thytlun or tvne to wLieb tho poopU Uwrts ainy 
wbat thay liEivD Ui tsuy 1 Accent j« a. kimi of rhHTiing; &11 
nwn havi* aicoent of tbeir own, — though thc^y tmlj rtoti/v thut 
of otticran Observe too bow aU poaaioiuite Unguftge doov of 
itauU beoomp ii]tiftitii1,^witb ft Ibier musLc thui th« meto 
&«i^ut i tJit tipiicuh of a imia even ui tcBlons aii^r 1ii-rsini«B a 
cWut, a song. All dct-p things uo Sons. It tetim MoiueLow 
thn vwy yeotral ^asenoe of ms, Song; 04 if kU the rrat wwo 
bttt wrappagps und hulU! Tlie pHmal ek&ieitt f>f tit: of ta, 
&ad cf ftU thitigu. The Gicckl faUH of Sjilie rivHiirmuuitJA ; 
it Wfttt tlip K'*!itig th^y had of the inner ntnicturc of Nature ; 
that the Houl of all h^r voioee and tittcmn<Md wu i^rfcct 
inuala. Poetry, tbcrcfore, we will call mujti^ii Thought, Tho 
^ott u be who t/iinks in that matiuer. AL bottom, tt Uirns 
still en powet of intellect ; it is a man's eiaocrily and dcjfth of 
Tieion that makes him a Pont. Soc deep enough* on^ you tee 
iriulcally ; thp htiart nf Niitum hdn^ ewry whtn- umjkie> if you 
oan only reat'h it 

The Vote9 I'oet, with 1ii9 in<iloUiou6 Apof^ilyj^c of Xatiu^ 
Iteomji to hold A poor rank umong us, in ('umpHrtMin with th^ 

I'ltfr* Prophet; his funotloi^ and our osImuj tf him for hw 
functioik, aliko slights The Hero talt^n as Divinitj'i the Hero 
ttikon (M Trophct; thi^a nvxt tho H<^ro taken only njt Poet: 
dow it uot look ftfl if our Mtimat^ of the Grpni. 'Mmij irpwh 
aflfr ejHx'h, vi^iV eonUnuany dimiiuAhiag ? Wc take him first 

for a ieo<Ii then for one god-tnspired ; and now in the nevt 
atago of it, hiA moct minw^us word giuu from iw only thu 
r^oogrdtion that be b a Poet, beautiful Ter&e-makeT, man of 

laa^ DL 



graiiu, or KUAh 1iki>! — It Ui»k:( »ci; kit f pmiiiu?^ mystitf Umt 
intriautoUljr ii u not »o. If we conaid^r well, it vrill jjiMhajJ4 
appear that in mui Btdl tltere is tlte f^mt* oltogeUwr poottliRx 
adBoirotioD Tot thn H»r(»ti\ Gift, lij wh^t nam*" soever called, 
that tliere at £ULjr tiiui.- trui, 

1 ihcmJd Kay, if we cIq tiot uovf reukcn u Gri^at Mfui litrr'tlly 
difiu«v It U that our iiotioDii of Goi, of the Buprotu« uxtatt^uH' 
alita Fuuntabi of ftplv^dor, "WUilom and HeroitiD, are ever 
rUiiLS higher ; not ttlto^her tlat our iwcf«&oc for these 
qualities, ae rooniloaU'd m our like, la g<ettmg lo^cr. Thii i» 
voriti taking thonght of. Sceptical Ihlettant^Am, the etirve of 
these U|^«, a cur*o whirh will not lajit forctflr, ^i>e« luileed 
in this ihe higheirt province of humaD thingn, oa in oil proT- 
inoe#, m:ik« aod work ; amd our wv^enoe lor great dec, all 
crrippleil. bliTided, |iaj'!iljtic fw it is, oouies otii Ui i>o<:ir plight, 
bardly r^co^niizahle. Men worship the Bhows of great mew, 
tho most disbelieve that there is tmj reality of great men to 
voTShip. The dreftjTFAt, Caule«t fuitli ; believing whieh, one 
Winild literaJlj" despair i>f huuiau thiugs. NeverLLeleaa Wk, 
for eiamplef at N.irxilooTi 1 A Cot^iean liciitenaiit of artillery ; 
tlut u the Mhow of Jtijn: yet b he not oU^yed. ttonhipprd 
iLftef hh luH, aa a\\ Urn Tmraed and Diiiilemed i>f the worhl 
put to^th^r ooald oot be? Hiffh Piirho^^ses, and ootlen of 
intu, jc^Uirr round the I^oottiEth rustiCf Hnnui ; — a strange 
ft^eling dwelling iii enoh that th^ never heard a moti likie 
i\nti ; Uijil, (111 the whutc?, this i« the man ! tn the sprrnrl lieaii 
of tUc-ao people it still dimly rercaJ* itself, though tliere is nt> 
oj^credilod «"]iy of uttering it at prfaent, tint thi* rtutie. wilJi 
lLt£ Mack hniwn And fliiahiiij; Hun-e}'e8. Azid slrAiige wurds 
movinic Iftnjchter and tears, i£ of a dignity Car beyood ftU 
othc^», ineoictDunrrurablR with nil oth<Tm. Do act we feci it 
m7 But now, »ere Dilettantum, SeepUcUia, Triviility, and 
nil tliat BOrrcjwful broud, a^»i uut uf lui, ^ uj&, by C^utl'j* ttle;t»- 
inp, they shall one 6B.y bo; were faith \i\ tho shows of tbia([a 
entirety «wopt out, roplaeed hy clnur faith in the tAin^, oo 
that, u itun ;irti->r! un the Ini]nt1v<« of t}i;if. ordy. aud counted the 
olher iton>7itjiut ; whiLt & uev livelier foeling toward! tliie 
Bums were it I 




Naj here ia Unim t^t^ roch ^ UkU3- aro, buve w6 nut 
iwn mptP VtwD*, if not *l«itifid, y^r w^ may raj beoUfi^? 
Sltaksprikrc lUid I>u»te arc SunU of INmUti mlly, ii wi< 
viU Uttnk ol Ttf «vi«di»terd, bo that it b impiety Ui lavdcUu 
yf\i\t tliAm. TtiO urj^(iid<>*l Instinct of the vim-M, working 
acnM« aII tbcsf* ixrrviTTfiL* U[)[irflii[>('iJt9(» has anivccJ at aucU 
ittvilL Dante ami Shnkflpeurc tkn & jiecu-Iur TSvo. ThJtj 
■IveTt apArt, in a k\t)t\ oi roTil eotitwle; miao e^iuUf iiou« 
jifrinjd U\ llx-in : in thp f(mi>rKl fop!iiig of rlif worlilt « en- 
tuQ tnuoendrntoJuitn, « g^fiiy as t>f L-tiinfjlclc [i«--tfc<ttpcmf 
inTWte th^e^ two. J'bey atv «LUoui£e(t. t^oiiizb du I'upv or 
rnrdinsJn fi^Kik hnnd in doini; it ! Sitrh, in >^ptr# of ft^rr 
pi*rTr7tiiLj[ intlm'icrr. In thr n\u>\ \\D\\etiixfi timr^ i.-< ^till i>ur 
iodoitTiictibli? rcvcTcnco for bc^roUni' — Wc will look n Ultlc 
at t]i«§p Twcs the Poet DEUit« uid the Poet 8h^«p«At«: 
what littU' it IH prnuittnl \i* Vi w»y Iirtr of tlie Hero M 
PM*t will [jLQjft titly Arrange itself m tU^t fjuJjion. 

>l.tny vrlfim^ hiTip bf*pn vritlpn 1iy vtrny r>f notnmmtArr 
tm DimOr nnd bb Book , yet. i>n tlio wbolc, witli no crrnt 
irsult Hia HiiPffni|*hy i^ ui it wt-w, irwocvwaibly loot for 
OS. An iiDiia[X)rtniit, TUkdeTing^ aorrovc-fltrKk^ru nijut^ tout 
raiirh not9 was taken of him while he lired ; and thi* im»t 
oE that hM ranUhcd, in thr loBg fpocc that ito« inii rv«nc& 
It is fiYi» c<<iitimo5 iiin«^ bo c<ttBCd wniing >uid Itvuig Ji<.*Te» 
Aft^T til commenTshefl. the linok itflpIT i» nutinly what we 
Kjiow of him- The Book;— aad one initcHtaild tlut IHirtrait 
commouly attributed to Giottou which, looking on it, yov oaa- 
oot hp][) jnclioiikg tc think gotiuuiie, whue^'er dkl M. To ■>« 
it Id a mofil toiRljiik^ faoe ; p-rhajis of all idtoes tlmt I know, 
the moNt «a Londy thcv, pnintcd ju od TKcency, with Ibo 
•imple Irarei uouud round it; the defttJdesa vorrow and i«ta, 
th» kftcmra viptor^ whirh is also df^ttden*; — stgnlfkani of 
the wlioln history of Duitv 1 1 think it b tho moumfuUst 
Hi-'', thut vrvt wmi paiulvd &oia tttdityj an fldtogvther tragic* 
hi-itfb^Htin^ fui^ Ther« U In it, as fouiidatkin of U» the 
AOltnos^ tt^rNlfrmess, gv^ttft sfftM-tion m of n rhilil ; hut nil this 
u as il congcjdcd iutc sA\AT\y contr&dictiou, into aLfti;gatkio« 




isoUt^oo, proud hopeleitt puJu. A »oft rtbarvoJ toul loukukg 
Dut ao steiUt tmplteib3ev ^Tiui-truuelLiLut. oh i'mm JmiiriKDunif iit 
of thick-ribbed )c«! WitEud it is tb eiltjDt poiD too, a Bil«-iit 
GcoRiful one : the Up it curlud in u Idjrd of godlike ^'^^j^^n of 
t)i4* thb^' that is racing out Im httirt^ — lu U it worv vrithAl 
a ui«au iiifli)cniticfwt lliinjt* u if be wliuui it kid puwcr to 
tortim^ und rtmnglQ wttro grmtrr than iL. Thtt face of oao 
Tbi^ll}' ill proL^At, iind lifi*Loti{j uuKurrvnili^ring liattU, against 
tke world. AffoctioD all ooaverted iulu ttidiipmijun : an ini- 
placabk iDdL^nticin ; slov, oquabks tilvhl, lik^ Lli^t of a godl 
Tbv pjo too, it looks out ai in a kind of tvrpri**, a kind ol 
inquiry, Why thif woiM wa^i of mil'L a mrt ? Tliii ia I)iuit« t 
BO hf lookfl, this '^ TOJw of t^n silent eeutxiri«/' and ainga lu 
■'hi» mystio unfdttujmulde eong." , 

Ttu* KtUi' that we know of l>unt<''ii Life oonvjipondK woU 
vitougb with this Portrait aut] Lliia Hjok, He wiin Ixim At 
Flonnce, in tho upper class of society, iu tlif feur I'J^. IlU 
eduiialion wiw the best thflti goin^i mxi**h s^bool-^liviuitj-, 
Arivtrrt<*lKin la^ie, aoirn Ijutin (^butxir'A, — no meoTiitJdAmbl^ 
iuai^hi into certain proriuooa of l}jln^ : and Datib^ witli hU 
earaeet int^Uijcent natnrct we need not doiibt, loonwi botter 
thnn most nil that wiui lr*arn:jh1r, ITe hiu a r-lrar i^iiltirated 
undrtnitAiitlin^', aiid uf {c^'^^t aubtlpty ; tldn brat fruil of mIu- 
oatton hi? bud contrived to rtalizf' frocn these acbolaatica. Ha 
knowB ae(^rately and well wlint lios cIdiu> tc him; but, in 
anrh a timp, witlirnt printi<il biH}k!i or fm- intun^ounris ha 
cxnild not know well what vrxa diatant: the »maU clear li^bb, 
moat ImuinotiA for wluit is near^ tirfaks iteelf into siiigulat 
fihi'rroxeura atriktn^ on what in far off. Tliii vnut Datito^a 
li^ariuug from tit? nclioob. In lifr, he luid gone thrun^fh tl^e 
Tieual destinies; been twice out camiuiiKuiiiK aa a aotdier for 
tiw Florpntint' f^ttttv, hpon on pmUasny; ha^ io bi^ Uiirty-lifUi 
y*'fl.r, by niitiirnl jrnul*tinn of tnlrrnt untl niTviiw, Ix^fximc uiui 
of thr Obicf M^i^if^trate-t of Florence^ lie had iii«t in hoy- 
hood a certain Beatrice Fortinari. a beautiful littlo girl of his 
own ago sind rank, nn*i tfrr>wii ii|* tlipnoi'forlh in partial sit'ht 
of her, in nonip di.iUuii inten.'oiiisp «itli her. All rriwltra 
know hia BnoofaJ aSectang aooount of ihia^ nad ttwn of theit 



Lmt. m. 

bcmg fdiftedi cii her t«jng n^ded to anotli^, uid of lier 
d«aLh floor afti>r, Shp fiiAkm a gnui£ figurr in Dnntp'v Vtvm ; 
tvcjiu to bavo node « s^t^^ ti^urc in hid Ufr. Uf oil boJoffi 
it migbt Mwm lU U «ii«, lieM upiiri troto hua^ tar apart >t 
luAt ill tLe Jim BU^rDiiy, w*»ri? 1.hi» tm\y anf hit had *ver wiii 
lus wiiok' ftimi^-U tif ftflrx'titrti Ii>Ti-d, ftlw dW ; DttuU* hi.ii>* 
mU wiui ^iPttUi^ ; bat it MH.-i[m oot luipjiilj, br froni lut|>|>Ujr. 
I liincy, the ngoruufi H&rti4«t uiAii. with hiA k«en uxtriutbitiUc*. 
wa8 nut iltogvUiifr ^iiny r,»i ni^kit lja|i|ij 

Wu will uol coutplAiu of Dontr^A miiKTifs; hod all itoue 
rigbt witli Lim im Iw wiolu^ it, bi' migbt bcitv Iwnu l^ior, 
Podcitl^ OiT vhnTsu^v^r tb^j <4J1 il, of Flor'>iioe. wrl) aiMvjit«d 
«ii^oii^ iingliUira, — :ukI th<r world ]»m1 waut^ rae of (bo i:iost 
AotAJjlo vortb CTTT Rp<ikrii or ataig. Florrt^iQ would bflrn bad 
ADOtber proHpvruui Lord Mayor ; iaxd the U^ dumb eurtoriofl 
tivntinui'd vui<.t-It*if^, ^[ifl tli« t^ii i>ilii-T liHt^miij^' fyni-unM {for 
\hvtf. ulII be ten uf Uiem aivX liiunr^ Iiiul tiu iJivina f.^mnuWi'itf 

to boBi- 1 MV vill complain of ikotltiug' A Boblcr tlevtuiy vw 
■fipouitod fiiT tbk Dvntc ; and b(\ itnigqtluff lil:« a tdaa l«d 
tovanla deaUt aiid cruL-iJtsiiJu. cvuld not littp fulEilimg it^ <iirr 
Aim tbe chtiico of bis bappiut^ais 1 He kti«w not, inure tbitu we 
do, what wu« rvaJJy hajipj', wbnC wac r<Tully migor^Jo. 

In I>Aiiit'* l*rtor»l|]p, ibt* U^iL-lf-GbibtOlinr, Biinchi-Nori, 
oi tKtmt »thf-r cvmfii&f'il dintLuLauuefl roac Ui tumh a lirigbt, 
tb&t Dant^, vhoBc \inri-j liarl ^ci^med the atrouifirr, wad with 
hk frif^iidit CMl um^xprMftipdlj forth into butinbiupnt ; doom^ 
tlirnrFrtrrth I^j a Hff of wiie ^»d winikrinic, Hk pnij^rty 
WJ4 ^ ouubAL\tl4Hi jLiid Liiorv ^ be luwi tbr tWp:nt i><^litit' tba& 
U WM c-ntir«ly anjii^t, cofariotu) in thi^ u^lU of Ocd and mua. 
llr trird vhHf. viu in bun to g4>t mEHtatod^ tHH ^vt'H 1iy 
warliki? sarpTLANil, witli nriuft in bM hand: bat it wnnld nob 
i£o ; bad ordy bad becooM irom*. There lb a rtccird, I btUt^-rtr, 
■till «xtaiit in tk« PIothim Anhiv^ dooming th» l>AaUs 
wbrrnitnirn-r oan^btr bo be birnit nlivp. Burnt aliv^; $o It 
at^da, tbrj t^y : a rcry cunooa ciric dcicuiLicaU ATif'^r* 
cwictud doonm^ntt aoane eooftidtrRiblc utnibcr of ycara later, 
bftLMt«r of Daattf'i tc tbo Florvnttne Mu);i£tTat«a, written 
ia UMir«r to a milder propoml of thi-irs, t^t be aboald Teltin 

isCT. nt 



OD oontlition of apologuin^ and payiQff :» lic^. He onAWrrft, 
witli fiioU stum pride: "If I r^nortt rptnm vitJiout caUhig 
mjvelf ifuilLj^. I will never reLuni, nunqtuim TWirrTi^r/* 

For U&uM tliOt« vu uow uo Lome io Uiia world. IIl^ win- 
dorod ft\>ixi putron to pcUroti, from plac« to pUod; iirovuig, 
in hU own liillBT wurdflr " Huw bard b Uic pot^ Cpnw 4 f/w 
CEi/Ie." Tb<^ vrr«tch«d ar^? not trlije^ful cDiupuiy. DiuiU% |roor 
sail banished, with his pr<'ud oomctst tmtur«% with Lui cioodj 
bumor«, vfUA not a man U> I'.onifiHatn lann, P«trarclL r^portt 
<]f Iiiiu tluit U^big at Cjui dt^lU tii*;il<Vx r<nirt, attd bliUn(M] cino 
d&j for liiti jcIoodd aad tactturuil;/, It? ^vuewcrcd iu no LH/urticr* 
like wny, Dc'lU Si^ala ttocid ftiuong liis oourtLerSp with tuimea 
Hiiil hufTudim {n^fml/tTuji o^ hixfrvmtji) msi\c\ng him hiTHrtily 
merry ; when turuiuf; to Dade, hi 9!ud : "In it atjt Abnuigt^ 
noWf tiiat this poor fool shotild mako himMlf do f^bt^^jtainiiaKt 
whilit jon, a vHse man, flit tlL4.-rr dsiy nitpr dajr <^cl hftv^ Qoth- 
ing to ■juuse IIS with at ;ill ? *' Dniite {UKiwrrvd liitUrlj : ■' "So, 
not strange ^ your Uighnrjs is to rrcollrct the TroTtth, tUx to 
/.lAtf ;'' — giveu the amu^t^r, the amuayu* mtul *Iw> be gmmt 
f^iifh a man, with hid proud silent wajs, wllh bU s&roajjna usd 
«niirL>ir.% vtm iml maiiu Lo succeed 4t ot'urt. lly dcgrr^s^ \l 
Giuiie to be evident to hito that he hod no lontT^^r Any rr«tilift< 
plftc^ cr hop* of l>cn«til. in thij e&rth. The earthly world hud 
C!a»t ktui fortli, to vuidtiir, warder ; uo living lii^art to love him 
now i for bis sore niisprir* thtrc wv no sobec h«<rp. 

The dt^pcr iiAtnrally would th(> Etcrned WorM impT^as 
Itself on hiTu ; ttiut Awful reality over wblch, aft«r all, ihia 
Time-world, wiLb iXt Florences had baniibmo-nts, only fluU«ra 
Oft AH luucih] shodoVp FInrcnre thou EtluUt mrrcr «oo: tut Ilel] 
and PlLtgMoT7vid Utr^iwu thou flbalt Auraly sctil What Is 
norpnop, Ohti de11& Si^aJa, and the Wi'H'td ami Life altogpCher ? 
Etxumtt: thithieT, of s. truth, cot elsewhither, ait diou and 
feL tfainffn hound ! Tho itrcat aouI of Duitc, homclcas on earthy 
tnade iti bom« motv md mure in that iwfti! other world- 
liTaturUJy hJs thou|;hLb hruHjJtd uu tlial, oa on the oce fact 
impoMuit for him. Bo^Uod or bodilc<«n. it is the one fact ini' 
poTtant lor all m«ii: — hut bo IhuitC'^ in that ag«, it was bod- 
iod in ftxfrd eerCainty of aLientlBe ^hape ; he no more doubted 



uct. m 

of tkit MaU^lg^ ?6o1, that it ttU laj tbt-rt with itn j^n^wny 

is\lv\,i5&, villa it^ ti//i ^uiit, ftfiil lliikt lt<' UiinbrlF should &n« it, 

Ukoa wc iloLkbt tliAt wc »h->iilil E«c CousLmtiMuple It wc went 
thither- l}(mt4.-*tf in^wxX^ Ions tiiltvl with this* brooding orcr 
it in ApctfohlvAA Ihoiiglit uiJ axv«, buisu forth ut lirtigth into 
'- inyHtiu nrkr^lJioiiUiblv song \ " and tlti» hib Ithine Ctnni^ff, Uio 
JbOAt remorknljlc oF nl) modern Itwk^. i.-^ thr rrsulL 

It miiit hftvo been a gtvat «oUc4>m(>iit lo Dntitv, and vrtui, aa 
ire cttii H^Of A prt>ui1 ilioughl for hitn &l iim««. That ll«, )ti?re in 
uihrt couhl do this v<>rk> tbnt jw Floi'CiK.'f, ntx tio uiui or 
ViOMr coaM hinder him from doiu^ It, or tren mutih bclp Lixa 
in doing iC He koev too, prti/, that it vas gn.-at^ ^w 
^rwtjnt » man i.-oti1i1 do. 'If Uiou follow thy atdir, iSe tu trffui 
tua rUli*Tj" — so ccuM th^ Hero, in his fomknuwas, in his 
txtNtixo lUHid, utiil vnj to bimacU; *^FoUow tbou thy sUktf 
thou Hliult not fnil »f a ^'luriviu liav^ii ! " The la-bur of vnU 
111^, vyv Hud, uad iiuWei vaM kwm utherwbe, vaa grtul and 
^^{Ktlufiil for iiua; ht says. Hua Boohi '^whic^b hzta tnftde mo 
114^ Ic^r tn-iny yparK." AJi ycs^ it vru wom. nil of it, with pain 
anil xirrt Util, * imt ia A{nirU hut in K^iiu nirticHt. Hia Bch>1e, 
,^a indeed moH ^ood Bcoka are, hae Ijcni i«i;Li«u, In u^:uiy 
Bflta^fl, vrith hU bMrt'« blooiL it i> hi« wJiolo j)j«u>rj, Uiia 
Book, Hr dipd aft£*r frniiihiiig it; not yrt rrry tild, at thv 
B^ (jf tift/-«ix ; -^ Ijmki^u-hi^jutcd ralhf^r. a:i u uid. Ho ties 
tnuird in Li» dft^tb-^ly Rarruii:!; /J'tr fJnnJi>r P^rUc* p^ttnit 
txiffrrU fih oris. The FloreTttiae^ hogged Ixu-k hi» hody, in a 
nrntikry ifr^r ; thf* Rftrpnn:L firojdG winiM not gire iL "* Htire 
am 1 Dmtr luJtl, ^but croi frum a^j ciAtive «borc&.** 

I aaid. I>;uitt-'a I'otza waa a Soa>- ; it ie Tirck wbo oUi« tt *<a 
nivatip itikfatliAiTiiilil** *«)Cig;" anr! niwh it litmilh" Uie dt&r- 
actjrr of it. Colrridgc ri^markn vt^ pt-rtinifntijr aoui«irhere» 
that wLor^Ti>T you find a £«nteiio« tuuftioailj wordctt, of troo 
rliythiu and in^lody in tho worda> th«re i« somethiDg *.Utp and 
^nod fai iVir ntk^^uiing hai. For iHh]> nnd ton\, word and iili^a^ 
go stnuifi:vlj^ togi^thrr brre as TTerjwh^XLS Song; vv aatd 
heforv. h wna the IU<roic of SpH^ddi 1 All «/e^ Potriaa, Homor's 
and ihp rpii, arp anthfTitJaT-lly Songs, I would aay, hirtrifl^ 
□csn, that all right Pocida op? ; Uut whatKieTcr ia Bot jum^ ta 



proiwrl/ no Poem, but a pirt* of VmetK rrinipwl into jincylicf 
Uaeot — lo tikO gTMt bjurr of the j-raintiiuT, U> the jrttat irn(>f 
of Uk^ reader, fot moft port 1 Wliat wo want to gm iLt lA tbi^ 
fAAFugrAJ Uh* tnAD bvl> if Iiit h^ui uiiy : vrhy Hbcii^lil tin tvUt it 
into jingl^ if Ivo wteV i^^ivuk il out plaiul) ? It b i^ulj when 
tho hvart of him i« mpt irito trii€ poHion of in«lodT, .vid tho 
vpry totinn of hlw, in'cvjitling U> rolpridfp»*« rpmafk, b*/^nraft 
mi]:iLcul liy the ^rjttur«H. d^ptli anrl imuitcr af liiH tbnu^htst, 
that wo OAH lifivc him right to rhjnc ftuil sin^-^ tlut *o cull 
Ltna dk Piwt, nad liirtvii t'> bin &a rluf H<»roin of SpenJi^rg, — 
wIkbw i^ii^wh if Aiiijf, I*rHifiKl(ini to this aru miuijr; iknH to 
an fiunrdb ^<^jMlt'^, 1 tloulit. it is for most part a vtry iti^lai>- 
oholy, not to Any an iiisTLfipoTtiibln biti^in^'fw, thnt of r«oHlns 
rTiym*" T Rhymi* that hni) no in^rarfl firrniiMty to U* rhymed ; 
— it f?u^ht to hitvc told tin pbiiily^ without cuiy jiu|:)e, wbAt it 
wud jLiuaiiis 3kt. 1 woiUd fi^lvute all m«D who am spcalE their 
tlio\jght, t^ot losing it; to ui[If<r^c:tr<1 that* in n ft^riotu txm^ 
umonj-: M-rirmx itK'H, tlirrv in ttn vno,ii.Uiii in thrm fur nmfftng 
it. Prf*:-i»ir!y tut we Iotr tJi<^ tmi? w>Tiflr> and m «JiAnii«d bj it 
M 1)r !<<xnothiii|; d^Tiiio, 8q abAi) w^ h!it« tbo toJae m>Q]E:i uid 
iuv<nitiit it ft inrtf* wmd<*» nnino, a thing holloa, Kiip<?tfltli>tls, 

I jjive iJiuiti* myhi^hi^tft pnoov wbL-n J nay of hia Dirinr 
Ctm^Iif tbat it is, in ill »pci«ph, g4>nuin^ly a S'^g- In tli^ vm 
nd of it tJ)pfr in n wnfo />rino ; it pvoccpdK asi by n rhflTit 
fauigtiAfrr, hin sitDph? ffrx^ rinui, doubtlm h«lptd bim in 
this. Our r«uls aIoii^ n&turally with a tort of f*£t But i 
add, that it cotild not h*i othrrm'bn; for ih? Mi?Piict« aiuI mi- 
t4rri;U of tlu? wuik aiv ttiriuu^hrA rhythiuir. lU dr|)t1t, uhI 
r;L|jt potion said &t&oi>rit> , ui^iht-ti it muiiifial i — p> deep ^itougb, 
thtiv lit mtwif* i-TTtywbpnL A Crc»i inwnn] frymniptry, wbat 
one catiA an aivhitfirtiiral himiinny, rnignH in it. prnportiniiati-K 
it nit: afchitect^ural i vbloh also partakn of the f:bAJ«ctef 
of tnuiA, ThA tbr«fl kixti^loinfl, infirM, I'myaivriv, i^onu/MO, 
look out on u«n.' tiniitlm- likr TOnripiirtmi-nt« cif m grvut edifiw ; 
^j*Ai HU]j<-nut(irA] worhl-fAthecUal. pUfnl up tliere> stem, 
il^mn. flwful ; T>ant/>'ft WorEd of SouU ? It in. At hcttoia, the 
of all PoemA ; aincvTity. h<^r« lotJv we find to be tbe 



l^tv. itL 

BiKunriT of wv)rtb. Tt ctuai* dr<i»|i out of tli« Autbcvr'ii bt-iirt of 
liearto; auiil it goea iWp, &ud titruugli \o:^ ^'vtn-ntLions. itiui 
ours* The people of Vi^r^no, whm they enw bici oq the AtreeU, 
luftd to tULy, " £rvoi-< r uofR i-A* « «r<if^ ofi" Sa/imo, S<m, thore 
Li thrrniuri iJjiil witi iu H*U J " Ali jrea^lw liailbwu hi Hrll j — 
ill n«'U cEiou^li, ill k*Die Hovrrc sonov and AlrugiK^t^i ^ tli? 
lik^ of him in pri^Ur fur^ to hftve boon. Comm«dia« that ocnie' 
out dir4n^ urtf Ttoi arfouipllshed otherwiittf. Thought, tTa«» 
labor of ail^ kiud. hi|:)i^t virtue itMlf, i« it not tht^ duu^Iitp» 
of I'liin ? Horn u out of the Uliuk whirlwind ; — true ^f^rf, 
in foot, a* of a captive ■Lrugglbig to fr«<e hinuolf : thut u 
TlmugliL^ lu all w^a wb am '*to bwome |ierft-ut thruuffh 
mfftnnjfV — But, M I *fty, no work known to ii>f i* so clabo- 
ntod a« thi« of Duito^^, It hojt all bwn tm if moitim, in th« 
hotMftt r^vnw-t* of hia soul Tt li^ nuute him *■ Ifi&n" for many 
>eara, Ni>t tUu ^u^ral wholo oulj i frreo' coiuputmcnt of it 
b woiV«i] out, with Eiitf-nj^e Farnoatnoea, into Imth, into dear 
rimiAlity, Each niwworK to thn othor^ each fitii iu its pUoflf 
likf^ a mtLTlile HtiJtir ULn^urjiLtly huwu auul jwliKluvL It t« thn 
aoul of Daute, and in this tho aoiJ of the middle ncr.i, htd- 
dfr«d foriTvrr vhyUimtcuLtly vLtiblc ihatv. Ho light toak; » 
nght mtitPBV ont^: but u. t^J»k whii^li is (jan«, 

Perlinpa ono would aay. irUctuitjf, witli th«r mtiuh that 
d«rp«Eub (III it, ia thr> prevaittag cbAnoter of Dante's ^'O'^lus. 
Dutte driiea not oomc Wofe tlfl aa ft largo catholic miadj 
futh^r SM 1 TL^rroWp ami <*T(>ti sefiArian mind ^ ft U partly tbM 
fruit of hi« a^v and jioHitioDt but j>artly too of hlet uwu »atur& 
Hia i:n.^LiLc^a hnii, in oil airrnsca, Cfli^wctrcd itaelf into Eery 
amphfifcis ami depth. He la world-^roaA not IwcaaH ho is world- 
wide, but lircuiui« hp is world>^«>^ji Throtigli ;i]l objn*ta be 
pieroea aa it wen- down int^ thr heart of B«lu$. I know uoth- 
Irifl «[> intnnn* a* font«. ConaidAt-. for cxiuaplc, in brpn with 
the oulerujoKt d«frdopmpTit of Ma int^uaity, coa^idvr how ba 
paicta. Hv baa a great power of Tision ; wwa^ the rvzy type of 
a thin^ i prea^nta that and nothinic uiott. Ymi rem^iiiVB- that 
Rndvif*who^tsof thaHaJlof I>it«; r^f piiuiiiolv. r^d-botaona 
of iron glowing through ihndirn iiiuneoAity rrf gloom l— so virM* 
ao diatinet, riaible at odc« and foreter 1 It b ae an einUtaa 

Utr UI. 



of tlw w)ioJ« gttuua of J>a]itc. Tbero iti a ItRrrity, aa atmpl 
pr«oiHi<iil ia hiro: Titcitufi 10 not bri^or, Oton ooii<L«utd; 
Mini thnn ill Dstttt- it hivtiiih a luittmil condfrnnUion. }9|>i>iit^ 
ueou^ to tJt« uLAa. Ouc aauitui^ vord^ ui4 tlkcn Uicrc ia 
n]«tioo, QOlfains moro «u4, Hu «il«n«« ia aoT« eloquent than 
WATiIt- It U if.ran^t vith vhit a th&qi iWi«ir<» grae« be 
suaicUcB llm Lrut- Ukenena of 4 mait«r ; ruLi intn :lir iuui«r ss 
wHb a psm of fln>. Flutu«t tha bluatorin;; ^-ioot, cvlbpxa nt 
Tir^^ rvbnke; it t« "■' ^t the auU «inlc, tk<i niut b^inf; end- 
iletilj' brvknu." <>r thai piur BrutieLtii IjoaJni, iriilt tW mf/o 
OQMttOi " face &a4«i/t^* purchod broivii juid lean; ^J tl;i7 "fiery 
ntkow" that falls on thrm ihtv, 3i '* t*9Ty ttiiow without wtrol," 
■!ov, dvlibemci^ never^iidiiig 1 Or thu IJiJ* cf thos^ Tombe; 
•qnaiv aar«>ptia^:Q9Qa, la tliat aileiit dlu-buinLag Jiall, cadi 
iritb ita Sotil in torm«nt; the lida laid opett there; tbey ftre 
to bt* abut xt thi3 Day of Jodi^Dioiat, ibroii^ £ttnaicy. And 
bov FiuiiuU^ ri^rs; and liov C'jiraJrJtntR fiillfi — at bnunn); of 
ha Son, aod tLc post t«iBe "Jk^'*,' The rrry moTtncntv 10 
D3.nt« bave fiometJvlni; bri^; awitt, deoiaive, almost tnilitary. 
Tt in of rbA innioiit pRAroicv of bii* |;pni»ii tltia Aort of painting. 
Th« drrry, s«ift luUioii auturc tit t\ir mitn. no ^ilrriit, jMUKiao- 
ako. itjUi ita quick abntpt nior^uii-utA, tta eilout '' pale nirea," 
■peuJca itf«U in tbesn thii)^. 

For thflUKh thiti Af painting ii on« uf tJi» oiitrrnuHt drrrlop- 
inmtA of fi iii;in, it romrri lik« lUl «W ffoin tbc essential fac- 
ility of bimi it is phytftooinoxninU nt thp wbol« man- Kind 
a mnn whose worda paint ynn a liUnm-ivi. you bnr* frninii a 
mm vorib flometbing; m^rk hin manner of doiu^ it, aa voy 
eharaoterititio of him. In the Hnt pliLoo, bo could not have 
'liii^omed the objet-t at all. or aecn tbe vftsl type of it, tinlM« 
hi^ fukd, vhnt vn vnay onll, fpv>qrHi/A£»iBrf with if^^biul inrn^ 
pathy in bun to bR^toir on objt^A. Uf uurt harp b^cn iinoem 
nboot U too; enu^nv cmd syiu}^lbetio: a nan vttfaoni worth 
caaBOt tfiT^ yoG the hki'n*"^ of any object ; Ui* dwnlbi in va^r 
oDtwarrlneart, fallaL'y and trivial h<-nTiay> aixnit all i^bjet'tai 
A«d indf^rd may vr not any that intellect altoc^tliier >?xpi^«8«s 
ilAplf in thi« power of diacemin^ what an nhjpirt is ? Wbaf- 
aoerpr nf hrul^ a man^a nund may bare irill c&rae out heitL 



tMfT, UL 

Ib tt eTflii of buaioptvi, tl matter to be done ? TIm gifUtd niAtt 
is Ud who *(■«« Uio :^if*nttnl pfyint^ Aud Ipftvea adl lUf. triKt 
«Aido oa durpiuwigo : it la hut itu.'uLtj too, tho mim of budiuf^a'a 
faculty, that he cUsoern t\M true ^ittm^, net tlio faUd mper- 
firiiJ niir^ nf tJie tliiti^ bp liaA fcfijt t-0 wurk iii. Ai«l ^iinr nincli 
of inorali/i/ is lu thr Icintl of inaight wc jcrt of mi^tluug; '' the 
eye beciu^ in uU things wliat it tirooight iritb it tho focnlty of 
t««ing'M To Uip mt^;iTi wye All tliiuga aw trivial, lui i><'rtTinly 
Tin to tbc J4iintiiL'wl lliey are jcllow. Raptja^L Uic l^iuatmit 
Ull LUi. b) tbv bcAt of all Pi?rtnLLt'|iFiintC-r9 wULal. No inctft 
gilted «ye can exhaust tha uigniti^aiic-'o of any object. In thd 
onrntnimiu^t Inimiif] iiwa tLeru Urn uiuru tlimi Ejiph/uO viU 
bike amwy vitli Uliil. 

Daui4>'fl painting 10 net ^^pliid onJy, brief^ tmo, and of a 
TTvidn^Sfi AX of flrr in d^irk night; trJccn on th^ wi<l«r sc^o. U 
in pvt^ry ^ay nubW, nxtd Uic ijutix^iiic uf a ^vnt *fni\. Fraiit^eaca 
and hcrr Lover^ whut qualiUe^ m that! A thing worrn oa oat 
ot lainbouTR, on a grotind of etfmal blaok. A auxall tluto- 
voifw of inrtniti? wiiii siwiiku thrrn^ into onr very hoart of 
hcnrts. A tou<'b of womaii}]i>c<] in it too -. 'ietia btiln pertuntt, 
€he mi fit t^tltn ; anfl how, i^von la tho I'it of wc»e, it ifi a jwlaoc 
that A* will i:nvpr f>nrt from hpr] 8add«8t tt-age<ly in thwa 
atti ffwrL And tlie racking wiiidfir in that fv^r ^r^ntlt, whirl 
them anray ai^ain, to wail forovyr! — Strange to think -. DanUt 
vma the frif^nd of thin poor Franoesoa'a (atJier; frannotiA 
hfiTtt'lf may hiiv« ntt u|K>n tha Pdrt^it knm>, aa a bright iniu^ 
cent littlt; c-hthl. InlinitA pity, yet abo inlinttc ti^ot of law; 
It ia ao ^aturt^ ia ma<lv i it ia ao Dante diec«rn«d that nhc waa 
marK niint a paltry notion U that of hia I>it'int Conttd^t 
tiring a pcrnr Aplptictic iinriot*>Tit torr<* hM ; pwuing ltro§0 
iato Hell whom he could not bo ^vrnirfd nprm on fsarth ! I 
fruppo» if f'vax pity, l«nd^p tis a mother's. wa« in tJi^ heart of 
any m^Ti, it. "Kixv in Diintj^'A But a man vho does not know 
rigor cannot pity tithcr. Ilia very pity will ha covardly, 
Gigoistio, — eecti mentality, or littlu bL>tti-r. 1 know not in tho 
world an affeotnon oqual tn that of Paato. It la a t«nd«nioai; 
a 1 mn 111 I ng, longing, pitying lovn: likn the wall of M^litui 
liarpH, «oft, «oft ; tike a cfiild'a younj; hmtt; — and then that 

Lbtt. 111. 



BNCricp; tJiHr mertiiig tiigrUiL-r m tW PnfmdiM; bU xnntifi 
in be pim> trftuotigurcd oyco, her tiia£ had bei*a jruntif^l by 
dfiothao long separated Iroia hiu sofu^^uuehlj lu^ ii to tbo 
ftdu^* of au^U i it U aniUJtig tha |niNvt tmnf^ixwa ot aJTwciop, 
(*<rtia|i4 i1i<* vi*7v pan^t, ibat cr^r i'*mttf nuL nf a tiun^iui Mjut. 

For tbi- intrnAf V^atc U intcrui} itt^ tiuQip); lio luia ifot 
i£Lto tte «Maie0 of ill. Ui« ioteUMftml tDilgfat au pftUtUr, 
on occ»slnn lod » rpuonfr, ia but tlv rrault of a)t ocher Bona 
of mt«ti^t>. >lonli> yiYAt, aI>ovq ^I, wv miiat caJI iiia ; it ifl 
tUc Ltcf^niuDi; of alL H\g ^ortt. Im i^cf ari^ lU ttrmMtfudent oJt 
lilM Lnrc; — ui iudcttl, whut uv tbt-y but Uu? tttrrrT« or tvttvtm 
of bu Ifvw ? " A Dh ^jnaaenii rd a* Mmfri ni^ H4l«ful lo 
Go<l acd to 1^6 efiemies of Qod ; ^' loftj 5com. uiL^>peaMU» 
»i]t'ul 7»>]jrobatioD aiwl ftror«ion ; "A'^n rv^iMMj* ^ f<>r, W« 
viU &ot &i>«^ of tfumf Uwk onJy ind pisa.*' Or tliink of 
thb^ ^'Tlipv iKiXf not thti Anp Ui ilii*, Xan Kan $pmutta di 
miTTia," Out fiaj, tt had fWMi 5tcm]y Ivniini <»i t^ Mitlii:^ 
hpdhrt of IMntf'T tbobt ho, vmubud, ti^Ti-r rv^tn)i^ voni ju 
Im» vii*. woiUil full amvly dU; ^Uiat UMiiuy iumU coiiUI not 
ikMMu hiiu u^ lo <h^*' ^dch words arv hi tlii^ tnafk For 
rigor, «arD«BtiieM and depth, be ts not Ut tir j>ar«ikLod iu. 
tbo Docdam world; to tttk bis puvlkl we inml iro mtc the 
IMovw BiUo, und livo witli Uw utique Proph«t« ihpm. 

1 (1<i x>tA ^ev^ *^tl^ much atoderu crjtiiriuii. in girotlj fn^* 
f«muje ti«r! Imfim^ t« tlic two oUi^r porta of tho DiviDC t (i«»- 
m^tfif. Much prefvr«iic« bvlon.91. I iiuigiu^. Ui Mur ipm^nl 
EynmUiB of tuttv, ami iti Ithp to l>e & Lr-tiknifut ^l^*liug, 'fliv 
PWrjriviiww ud 7%tnB(/u?> «ap«vi&l)>' tU« fomcr, oor would 
uljiMct (ajf ii «v(*Ti niorv exc^Upnt t^stn it, ll i« a nutile thing 
tluit Piir^torio, - JlMinuiD of TunfiuitiGqi ; ** an vabl^in of 
tiir Evubleat I'ljittvptioii uf t-lol sip^. Tf un b »o fftUL and ITrU 
b aihl niii^t be Ml ri|:oroiUi ftvfat, yd tu IfcpcnUni^ too U mm 
fiiuitiedj R4>[kpntaiWB i> tho ^nnd ibHitUn net U is Iwiui- 
tifnt how Dinu- worbi ii out. Tbe imma^ir d4U* oiuk tbftl 
'^ brfmbUt)^ " of tli^ oonaui-wavca, ^vhr the fitrrt pui^ f^Nun of 
monuDg, dAWTkine o^far on tho wandimag 'V^<k tt ai tba Ivpa 
of an a]|«n<d okoorL Haftt bn now dawned; uffei-djiii^ 




Lmct. HL 

Hope, it \n oompajiy still with h^avy sorrow. Jbn obitoun 
BoJoiTD i)f floinnTiH HUfl rt^prtilictUt U imil4*rf(ir>Ti ; asnfl breatll- 
iag cf pcniU^DOCt mountn highrr and higher, to the Throtie of 
Mi!n^y Ltttvlt'. ** Pruy tor mc,'' tliu dtiuaontf af thut Mount cf 
pain all aaj lo hiiTL "Tell r»y OiomDna lo praj for lue/' my 
dAiLgliter fiiovanua; " T tliiiik hrr moihirr 1ovi*j» int- uu tuurer*" 
They toil poinfiilly up liy tlml windinj: (itcep, *"bcnt down lilte 
oorbela cf u builtiiiig/' tome of thviu, — <jruBli«d togethor » 
f*f6r tlie am of prul^i^'' jvl uev^rt^i^l^SH in yva.r«, in ages mid 
ttoiia, Ltic^ stall hare reached the top, which \& hcAvcu's sat«% 
aad by Mercy ihall havo boem admittod in. The jgy too of 
ttll, vheD one ha« prevailM; the wholv Mouutaiu aluLk^i with 
Joy, anil a pealrii of praise risers, whi^n eiio iniil has j*t*rfecCeil 
rpprrLtimce imd sot its sin and mimity loft behind 1 I call all 
thifl ft nobl« embodiment of a Crus nobl« thought, 

B^it imU'f^l th^ T1irr*» Lv>mpartnimiU nitiltiKlly !(U]>j>ort one 
aiitjtlipr, ure ijniifliH-iinablo Lo uiie aauLhei'. Tha i'aradijo, jb 
kind of inartii:uLxto i&iuic to mc* is tho rcdeomini; aido cf tho 
Inft^rno ; lhi> Frt/*m& ivitliout it worn untniu. All tlirotf mako 
np UiP tnit- UnHonii WtirlJ^ a* figurfld in the (."hriftUjuiity of tbn 
Middle Agcft ; a tUiuj; forewr uit^moiable, forev«r trod in Iho 
oesonoc of it, to all moin> It wti£ jjorhapa delinoat«cl in no hu- 
man iK>ul with «ucb ditpth of rnranity jut in thi* of Dnnut's ; a 
riiin *''fit lo jting it^ ti) ke^i h lon^ lurnionibLi?, Vrry notable 
Vfith what brief aimpHoity he paiMCs out of tlie every-day toiil- 
ity, iuto the Ifiviaible on« ; and in th« s^oot^d or third stanto. 
wp find ruiTSflvns in ihn World of S^iiHts ; and dwull thfiw, jw 
aniiiij^ thiii^i pjilpablc, indnb^tjibli; ! To I>LUit<? thi-y uvrrao; 
tht' ri5iU worM, U6 it ia called, and it« facia, vaa but the throsh- 
old to an infinitely highpr Fact of a W<iphL At botiora, thfl 
onn WFiA us prr*.tfinia,tMrjiL ait thit {Jtjj^r- ITjui nttt r.ic)i inaQ tt 
Boul ^ lie will not only br a spirit, hut in one. To tho «ar> 
Do«t I)ant« it la ai) on« v^^ible Kaoti ho heiicTes it aees it; 
Ia th» fnpt nf it ia virtue of thnt f^incmty, 1 sny a^ln, tfl 
thr saTinjT inerifi, now ac nlwaya. 

J^titi'N Ili^U, l^irgfttorj, I'araJiee, are a flymbol withal, ui 
emblematic repreaentation of hi« Reliof about thlia Unlvenv: 
— Romo Critio in % futon 9^, like thovn ^cHndinarian cmt 

Lact, IIL 



the oihtiT d&v, who ^oa ^M»d nlto|^th(ir tn thick aa Dtnlo 
did, loay &nd tbU Iao till tn " Allrj^ry,'' prrhApci an idM 
Allngtjry ! It in a aubluim «uljodiiiu*itl, or suilimiTBl, of lHq 
wnil of Ohridti&nity, It exprosace, u id bug* wwU-iritle «• 
chite^tural ^ntbUnUr how tho Christian DatLto Mt Goo^ and 
Evil to Iw the trro polar pli'metttn ot tliJa f ?rvttium. im wUkk 
it aU turiui that the^e two differ not by prf/tnihUUy of dim 
to tho otliWi but hf in^^ompAtibility ftbaolQto ?m<t infinite ; tboit 
th^ onp U tfxni^npnt nnd high an light and Hi*Jtvpn, t}i« Dth«T 
hitleoiix bljirk 3H {tehciiuH aud ihi! l^Et of Hell ! Kvt^rbuiU 
lug Ju^tictf, ^tt with Peait^ncci, with OTcrluttD^ Pitj, — aU 
CbriAtiAni«n, .u Danto an<l thiA Middle Ag«s bad it, in «tn- 
MrrniHl hrnv Knibli'mnd ; iuid jrL tw I ur^fd Ihu titii-r d^y, 
witK what entba truth cf purpose; how unoooBDiouA of iwj 
emblomin^J Hell, I'urgatory, ?&rAdiee: thfiai> tbinpi w«t* 
not fsL«hion«l lu Pinbknui ; wiw tlirre, m riiir Modem Etim- 
|k;ui Mind. ;in3' thought tA a11 of tlipir bciug pjublriuH \ Wero 
thejr not imlubitubTe Awfti] facta; the whok heart of mas 
tftkui|; thOTD for practically tnio. a.U Nature eveiywhere ii^oa- 
firming (hpni ? So in it ilIwkjk Iti tbpiifl tbir^. Mm Hn nnt 
believe iia Allngory. The fucarc tritio^ whatcrpf hii* nftw 
Uiou^ht may be. wbo coitAidurs thia of Duattr to have becD all 
got up AS an Alkgory, will i^ontniit onp rmrc* mifLtfikp ! — Pag^ui- 
i»[n wr rvrogTtiJ^rd An u vi-riu^ioUA ^xpT<^^^i(]|l of tJiv rann'Rl 
aw&4tru<'k feeling of tnaa towarda the Uuirerse; vcrarious, 
true onw, ami atill not without worth for it;. Ttnt Tnarh her© 
thi' clilTrrrnr-ir of Fa^^uiiKtn and Phristianium ; cmr gmit diftcr- 
encc. Pagutitita emblemed chiefly the OpvntionA of Nature; 
tlic d«HtiniC8| ©fforts, combiuationN viciasituJes of things and 
tnmi in thia world; Chmtianiatn emblemed the I>stw of Hu* 
Plan Ditty, the Moral Litn of Man. Onr wui for the ^nTjimoiiM 
nature : & nidt> helplcai utterance of the fint Thought of men, 
— the cht«f r^o^itftd vtrtod, Conrago, 8iii>eriority to Fetur. 
Th? nthpr wim t!ot fnr thit n-nMioiiK natum, bnt for tbr momL 
What a progicaa id here, if ta that <mt roepect only \ — 

Ajid BO in thi£ Dant^. ns wa %xi^, bml Uin tilent erntnriM, 
in a very atranga way, founi a voice- The TKrin^ CommWid 


l^ECTITRES OX HCt»>l->. 

Ltet. to. 

la of DmiVs vriting ; ynt in triitfa £f licilaiigK tf> tan ChFUtia& 
rrtiUim**, only fJif rmiiliing of tL is D^uUt^h. So j^wky.i. TIj* 
craitxniAU tbtire* ike 4ifiiUi with UlaI ractnJ of hi«, uith tb<M0 
UkjL'^ wiUl lh«M cmmjQg motJuidM, — how littU ol all Jie Uo«« 
is pTopert}' wnrk ! AU [h»1 iiivifiiLivu men wnrk (hrni vitli 
him; — n» inilcvd iriUi 4II of ua, in ^11 Uilii^ I>iuitE 10 Uj« 
Bpokcnmui of the Middle \pi^i th4 TliiiUKht th«/ Itred by 
vtAnrls hori^, tn ftri)^!!^!!!!^ musim. Thc-w sichliniif i<Uftji c^f UI3, 
tPTTii^Ti' Hjul bnAQLifLilf urv tbu tnjit u( Lhr CliruitUn Mr-iIiuLtinn 
ct nil tbe gooil tntii vho had ^u^1^ iMlunr him. I'rvciouA they; 
Iml aLao U not hv- iireviotig / Muoh^ had not he cpokeOf would 
bftTe bfieit ihimti ; not <]it3u1, yrt liniifr rmRrh^m. 

Ou thff irhuln, in Lt not an ultrrxiiire. thu m^vKtir Son^, at 
onco of one of ttir (^^utf^At tminon buule, ikuJ olf the bi^hest 
thjnj^ that Kurope bml hiUi^rto raalfned for it»elt T Uhrlstlaa* 
i^ta, AH IKuiiH v>\nip* It. ift 3Uktith»^ Ui:ui Piifi>iiEjijtiii in ihe rude 
Norrw mind ; Aiiutli*!' tlmn " iWurl Cliri^tiAiiibiu " htlt* 
ortiruUt^Jj spoken in tlw Atnb IJrflcrt. f*T<ii huodrc^d ytt^m 
Wior^ '. ^ Tha af)b1r<jiC uf'^f madi> rt-at hlthftio ttiiwng mtih is 
tinn^f and emblemtfil forili n^iOiiijcljrr by 'jiie uf Ltit* ouhlent 
i)i». In thf one W[l&« Ard in tbr citJicr, aro ire nut ri^lit glad 
to ]HMiMr«it it ? A4 I r(Ll>;uIa;tv it irviy hut y<^ for Jong thoo- 
«uhU of yvftra. For t)ip tliiTij; tlmt ii utr^rnl frt^ni thti tnmuat 
jKirts of It "intiN iHiiil. dirf.s Hlto^hi-r fn'in wlut ip uttt^tnd 
l>y the outrr jmrt. Tlii? oott^r in (?f the 'lay. undr r the empire 
of modo; th» out^r paeaee avav. m swtft ^ndloae olwng08£ 
ihr inn»»t i* thi» mimp ypjrti^rdjT, tfwlny n»id fon^vpi". Trn« 
BiPiiK in jdl i^nvralimui at thr worlds nlio hnik oij bhu 
JtantVi will liiid a btXTthcTlkuml In him ; th^ iWp bitit^'riiy vf 
hU tfiotightK, liiH wr4<-^ anil hnp«fl, «ilt fip(>-ik htci^wL^^ lo th^if 
MW^ritY't Uity will Fffrl that thU Dnnlr I'm wn* a lirotlifr, 
Najioloon in ^ninl H<*lr^na \m obnmi^ nith tJie i^niil Trra<-ily 
©f old Hoin«r. Th<i cld^A Hpbi^w Pvrph"t, nn<W a vestiir* 
thm lEKWt diviffv fmm mirK^ iltm ynt^ bitPRnnr hft iippalcii fhim 
the hi^^rt of iriAU, !cponk to all mrn*» liAirLv Tt in the on^ 
eoLo »t<'n--t of iMmtinutng Wg ru'iuorabL'. Duntc, fcrdiT>th 
of «iiit«Titf, in 1ilE« an ant^tu^ Prophpt too; hin vot^ like 
thein, «oiB» fiom tua vvty hm^ Ooa need not vondrr if 



it vrvr^ prediotod that hia Pi>em Dii|:hl bo the most Abdunng 
IhiDg otir IIiirr>po h^A ynt mnJp; for nothing M eivllUM as a 
xniljr npnkim wiirtl. All mthrtdniU, pi^MifirAlitiM, hmj^n and 
Aton^v and onter anaiigemorkt ii«Ycr so Uxtiikgr arc brief In 
ciuupJinAOU to &u UEifaUivnmblc hctirt^fiQQfi; iikt tliia : one fcrb 
u ir i^ ixiiglit ^irrive, st\\\ of imjx>rtxuice to ni^^ii, wIl^u thtf^ 
h^ all HLirk inTnti nriw Lrn-«o)r»txabl^ rromU nations, imd hod 
co4Ucd iiuiiTi<iQiLl]>' to be. Bnropc h» mad« mucb ; freftt cities. 
great oini>in»»j ^roj'olopa^duis, orewb, bodind nf opiitm^n und 
prai.*tioe - bntithjw mw^f littl>»ot r\u^ i^lMsof l>aut^'s TbougLt. 
Holder jct Wi vcritabljr prf'Wdl face » face wilb every op«u 
AOuI of ud ; juid (ircpiys whor^ iit U ? Dc^9ll>[atc for thcuAniids 
of y«ara; n^-Siy, viuitBb«d; a bewilder^ bcap of BtoDoa ujid 
rubbtAh, tli« life ;4iid f xiMti>;nci? ct it all gone. Lik«> a drt^am ; 
llk6 the dofit of Ki&2 Afiain^innoD! Qrrcce wuj Grt^otyr, ex- 
cept ift tbiJ iwn^ it «vokn, U not 

Tb*T uiQ« of tliia l>ai]t4.' ? We will not «iy loncb aliout hit 
"xinftj" A human houI whci tuui ijuee giiL into th-il |miiml 
«l«ut?iit of SoH^, Aod Buu^ forth fitly AOinowluil tbcrefromt 
has worked in thc» li/^ptAs of our ojiigMnirn; fe*?dinic U^rougb 
long timnu tlio Hfivrv>r>tt of all iKKnellirnt hnmnn thinga wKftt- 
nurviTr^ — in h wajr Uiat "' utilities '' will mit auccerd wiOI iu 
tolculjitiii^ ! Wo irilL uot eettiuat^^ the Suu L>y th« quantity 
of gadli}^ht It BAV^ u»; Dvita »haU be invKluBbk^ or of no 
valil"? i>Tin Ffmiirk T ur.ij ruikf : t!ie r4>ulnLftt in Lhia rfA^eut 
bctwcrn thr []cro-l*(H-t and the Ht.'rO' Prophets In a huudrcd 
yuiLrs^ Mahomet, tut wo eav, had his Arnbiatiji at Grotuiida nod 
at PMhi J iMiiUi's lulisnw st^rn In bt* yrt very :iiuj»li wberfl 
thny wirrr. ShiLJl we miy, Ihrii, Ihuilc's effect oi the'worliJ 
wiui Ainall in oompanflon ? ^ot ao : im aieita ia far mora 
rastrietf^d; but aUo It is f^r nob^4^r, ol^ojor; — p?rbapA D^t 
]mk but tnnrn import^mrv IVT^ihompt vprnk^ t^i gwat nmsHnt 
of nirn> in Uir i^niimc dialrH jiduirtc^l to such ; a dioJecl 611«d 
with Tnci>iuii»t<iu(iiuc^< Qruditiut . IctiXit^; ou th? gr^at mitf iM 
atouo can he act. nnii tb^re with good nnd with evf) Rtrani^ly 

eiuled. T>(rLU- hpr^kn to tJic tinble, the ]>iire and groat. In 

timoa Mid plo-^cn. Neither dvt^e ho grow Qb§o\^to, Oft tho 

other does. lUuto barns as a pnn^ stnr, fixed there (n the 



LwT. I1L 

tiznuLmQCit. aX whicb th« ^rrnot wd thi> bi|A of nil >gM kimlk 
tUamMlTM : h<t IN iti<> pcHoanaifm ril Jkll Oi» i-lnnHTn tif Uin vortrl 
fut uncounted timr. U&ato, <ido c^rulatua, niar loii^ ourvire 
Mahomet. In U^u vay Ui'» b^an^to may ho maile sti&ight 

ItQt, at aoj rAt4% it u not lir what is cmIIhI their cffrrt OD 
tlio woflfl, b^r what wre ozm jud^ of their effect Onvm, tkst ft 
uluiuuLUU vurk !tr«im^Agur«d. Klf<*Rt? Influonn^f CtUitf? 
Ijst a. nan fh htu work : tlii^ fruit of it in thn cnrr of AtuiIIipt 
ikjui hf. Il will grtTV iU wn fruit i auU irhcthcr ombodied 
in UiUph Throooft aad Ar^Liian C'<>nqii«'8lK, so tttut. it **^ &Uii adi 
Mortiiii^ aril] Kvpniug Xnirppapprn," hujI all FliirtfirHv^ vhtob 
nr? a kiiiil of ilUtillr<1 Nr^wnpA^xT^ ; or not trtntioi^irHl ko qA 
ttj];^wbnt m^itCi^rs thiU ? That ta cot th« rcfJ fruit of it! 
'rh« Anibiaii CifclEph, in so faj only ad h« did tomethingt ww 
Miiu^^thinjpE, ]f ihf i^n.-at Ciiup of Man^ and M^rr'a vrork In 
flod's Eaith, leot no rurtlieiftnco from tli« Ardbluu Calipli, 
then no mutter how atnay ncimctom Itc drc^ir, how m&ny Kold 
pla^etfi pook«t«il« and what tijiroaf and Idarin^ hi> tcoda tn tb» 
ivorld, — A«- was but a loud-«ouiidui^' muilj' atid fotilHjrst 
bottom, he* irru ttot nt all, I^ u^ linunr the iricat empire of 
J>iietu«^ ouoe uu>r« I Th£ bciumU«i$» trrojrury which wo do nd 
Jingle in our {XM'lteti, or ocmnL np &Dd pnrivinil before Ann I 
It in porhup». of all things, thr tiBefuLi!«t for each of ua to do, 
in XJbiPttti Loud timee. — 

Ah DantP, thfl Tvnlinn maxi, was w>ni Into our votM t(> 
vmhody iiuuiir-iiny thr Eli^ligitJTj ol' th'i ^riililt^i A^s ll'*^ 1^ 
U^oa of our MtKl^ni Buropt^ its Inttor life; w> &hak»i>fttn, 
we tax\y v-skv, cmlxidiee lor na th« Lhiter Lif«» of our Unrope 
aa E)i:rc]o}Mrd thrit« it^i <^hivBlrlra, ootjrt^iM, huiimn^ anil]* 
tioiiflt what pm^ii:al wzy of thinki^|^ actiLi;, loLikiLig at tb« 
worU, mui thtn bad. Aii tii Hoioot w(; may (till conatroo 
Old nrpiMw; no bi .ShiLfcHp'*aT^ and Doiite. after thomutudti of 
jcut^. what <»ur in(>d(!ni Knrojir wa«, iii Faith arid ta Pn«^ 
lice, will E»tdl W k'pbW- Uuntc hiA irivrn as tlic Faith or 
aonl; ShaJupMro, in a not If^a noble way. ku pvon ni lh^ 
PmctJftf or tx34.v- TliiN Uttrr also we were to b>*e: a 

ucf. in. 



WOA wmt for it, tho mftu Shckkspcuirci. Jimt irk«n Utat oluVAlry 
w&y of UX« Wl r«ich«d iU la^t fiuUlt uu<l wuu on Uio point 
of brejikijig dvvtu luiu ntuw ur jawifl diaauluLiun. id »« now 
aec it ovotyvhero, tLid oth«r lOToroiip Pf>ct., with his ee«me 
«y«, with hift pnmruiial itiQgttig voira, wila Mut to take note 
of Itj to gir* long-rndurintf r<w>rcl or it. Tiro fit m*ii : Piuitfi, 
£n;pi fierce «a thr? ctuLriil fire of thv wurld ; Sluik9|iciUi«, witlo^ 
pkw^icl, f&r«oemg, 08 the 8uik, the upper Jifht of iho worltL 
Italy proditr«d th» onif worhi-voiMf ; vrc EnglUh bajd tbe honor 
nf |>r»i!iifniig t,hp other. 

Curioiu fuough tiow« aa it irere by xavue jtcciili^nt, Uud 
moji o&me to us, 1 tbink alwaysi eo great, quiot, ooinpku 
aod snIf>«nfi!rtnK U thii; Rhsdufwtftri^, haul thp WarwiokfiMre 
Squire not {jmiu'rutrd h.iiu for df^er-etdiling^ wc hiuj prrhapa 
uvTtT Ucurd o£ him UA a Toctl Xto woods acd itkicv, the 
ruetio Life of M^lu iii Stntford there, haid been enough for 
this DiAn 1 But iniieeO thnt Strang onibtidding of our nhole 
Eu^llah EittHLejLce* whicli wo o&ll tho Eliir^wth^a Uti^, did 
not it too c«ino i« of it» own nooord ? Tho " Tree ljcdra«i] " 
hudi and withcnt by its <iwii laws, — too doop for our scanning. 
Yet \% iloe<i Injd iLod witlit<r^ Jiiul rvi-rj buugh nnd I^af of it id 
there, hy ^^ «t«rnal Uwit; ncjt & Sir Thoiuud Lu>;y but coin^s 
nt the hour tit fcr him. Ctirioiui, I rtny, ttnd not RulKoionUy 
coutitdcred: how *rT*rythijag does cooperate with lU ; not A 
Iftdf rtttLi:i|? on Ihe hijj-Uway buV U imliAftoluble pcifUou of 
solar and stellar aysteios; no thoTijfbt, word or ftct of man but 
hai sprung withal out of Ul w^n, lUid vcrrkji nooucror latoi, 
Te<<vgniv:Lbly or irrceofrnl/ably, on all men ! It is a^\ a Tnw : 
ciroulat»<ii of anp u^<] iiif^iirn<Hi!s mtttuAl nommuniuntion of 
fVifry niLziut'^at leaf with tho lowt-rtt talon of a root, with 
ercry oth«r gT4Ut«ia uul minutest |>ortion of the whoK Tha 
Tre« Igrlr^fcail. that hwi it* rnoTj? dnwn in thi^. Kinjirtomd of 
Hela and DtMtb, and whodc bouich^ ovc<rnprtad the highest 
Heaven 1 — 

In some eeD«e it may be said tluit thU gloHonit KIi7iibi*tbm 
T^ra with its f^haJc^pifriUTt, a» tli<^ oiiu-oinr and flowon^^e of all 
whinh hod iveccdcd it, b itMlf attributable to tho Catholi- 
cism oF the Uiiddle Ages. The Cluistun FolV^, which wb« 



Lbct. lU. 

whirh SluiVKpi'an^ w^sh tn niir^. For 1f«rUgifin then, na it IW>V 
juid j;lwayH its, vju the kiqI of IViict^C^; tho r>'^"&^ fiUik 
twX m lueu's hfe. And rr>mikik Uoi^, lu mtluTr curioDA, that 
Mld'lli^Ag** CitWili**i*in wns aJjolishw!, bo lair ftd Acta oi 
I\irliftnifnt rmiM jib(ili>1i it, iM'fiim SKakfipeAre, th* riolilt^t 
l^nxJcict of it, nmde his a^^twAnmoc. lie did mokt his Rp- 
pAmuMe oeTertlwleea. N^tur^ at hor oivn timo, with Cotholi- 
vUoi or wliAt plan mljiitt li«i iMK^oiiiarj, Hfnt UlTt» IV^rth ; Ukiiig 
«iiul11 ttkouKl^t iff AnU of rArliam^ut^ Km^ llttxirys, Qwuvfi 
ElifiLiwth* go thL>ir wayi anii ^'ntutc Uio k<xw '^^^i^* ^^^ 
4if P^rlifuutnt, OTi Qiv whol^. ar« nnflll, noCwiUutimdiiig 
tin* nntw thf^y uiiik^. Wtml k**.t of 1^krli^tILeDL ft«bHl4< :U 
SL 8(c-|ih«u'f<, on tli^ liiiaLia^ or eUi>nhcrfi, vru U tliAt 
brotjght tills SbAkdp<]>fir« \UtQ bvin^r? Jir> thitinn tl Fmo- 
ttijison'fl Tavvm, oponing nubtcription-li^tt. w-lUnn of KhAmn, 
ami Trit^nitn olhrr JAiiifHng iind tnir ur fiUKt^ iTUik^niriiig 1 
TiiKt T^lunWtha^ Grft, And ;«1] it« tioblenoHs ami bletsMiln^M, 
cam^ tritliDut pi^ooInuiAtioQ, piYtp^ttntion of tmn. PrioolffRS 
RhNl(«pnftr^ trwi tbti frv« gift or NiLum; pirni «lt<iffntli«r 
nl(>atJr;^itfmre«l altogether fttkutly, aa if it haul l.«^u m 
thiaK of little iwcounL And ypt, very lit«nilTy, it id a pnoo- 
Ijesfl thing, One should Wlc at that liiilr of matu^rt too^ 

timcfl hcttrt a little ii!oUtnnutv expreKxd la, iiL fiut, th^ ti£;ht 
ow ) 1 thiiik thii brtt judgment not of thia country only, tart 
of Exirope at large. \9 Riowly poiT^rin^ to IIijt mnrhTsion, tliab 

8hukH]HMO> U till- rlkinf iif ulk I^Jl-Lt hitllrttri ^ til? ^-Lit^fAl iu- 

ttiltvt who, in oar TCMifdwI world, Ixob left tvctird o( Imiudf 
hi iJie WTiy of LiterJLtun.\ tin the n-hoLe, ] know not *iip1i a 
I^^v.T <if vision, flui^li a fji^ihy of thon2U|if wr t*krt all Ibe 
(^hjimi^tnni i>f it. in j^ny <?tlltr mnn. f^ut^b^ calumrse of il<rptJi s 
placid joTotut streni^ti ] all tj^uif^ imngnd in Ltint gmt aoul 
of bU so trut* Olid ^Kw, a^ in .i Iramittil imf.ithrau^mbl^ ti^i 
It iKBf Imn anid, tbftt lit Ht^ coii«tni^ins of Stiaksp^arr'a 
Ihamiu tbcrr i», apart &wn *U other *' Iju^rultiea ^ a« lh«r aro 
mllHi, an tmdcnluiling mAmfcvttfd. ej^a^l to that in Blfroii*)i 
Aoram Of^oAWflt Ttiut ia true^ and it ia not n truHi UttI 




stiikro t^rvrj CDf^ II vi>al<l b«oo«D# novo A^ppaient if wq tried, 
EUiy of lu for MmAftlf, bov, out of Shitl»pntfn^> dr:uiunc m^ 
tAnaln, uv i^i^ttlil fiuOiti}ii ttutli « ruiiult \ Tlw buill hvuM* !u<i*ins 
all $Q fit. — t?vt?t)r wiiy a« it should be, oa it it c&uw ihvrc bj 
ltd ovn law atiii Ibe natuit' ot Utiiigs — wa forget ib^ rude lU^ 
orderly qoarry it wa» nliapal TructL. Tlie T«y iH-Tfectidti of the 

hou»tv '^ ■' ^^^^^'^ hrraelf LttdiEiftd^it, hidudthftbuUdifr'nmrrit 
I'nfoct, morti perfv<<t iIljiu tay other maHf wc maj c^ tihftk- 
Epeue ill thT« : hp <1i)4fVTng, lcnow« a* hy iiiKitnct, what eonditiou 
hff vnrkH uiulpr. what Iiih tM^ilxri;^]^ iirit, whut hminrn Inn-nsincl 
ito relation t<> tUvm ia. It t» d^H ji trau^ftorr glococ of ijuight 
tliftt will fiuffit^e \ it it deliberate tltunnnatioa of the u'hoJ« 
niftUi^r; it ifi ft Psilnily ciwfn^ rye; a pjritt intflltnrty in shorL 
Ilo-vr a, tniin, uf nuiut* vide LUi:ig that \k liad witjirauxi, will 
(WEu^ruU a nurmtivT?, what kiod of piotura uid delineation li« 
will give of it» — h thn lirKt eipwiui« jou ooiild get of vthat 
intfljlpi:! JH ill thi- mil]. Whtrrb cirE^iiiiiAtaimf iji v)1^ uiiJ ahall 
Eitood pTomitiRnti which unen^cntinl, tit to be ftQpprrased; 
vfaerd \£ the true bp^innin^, th^ true Beq(ii*o<ie mtil cndiiif^? 
Tb AnrT CKit thin> yfiii t.iHk Uin wTmlia fnrrp of Insist thftt Ii in 
thr mAJi- He must umtfrnltind thr Ukiag; funoordiiij; tij the 
depth of his itud«rBtimdiu^, will tbc litD«i« (ff hid ukdwcr bo. 
Von will try him »o D<u»s liko ji^in itwlf to lik^i dt-t-a the 
Kjiirit of methol «tir in f.hitl coiifiiAinii, mi Lh;iL il«i iTmbrrijliiifriLl 
becomf^s order ? Can the man aay. Fiat itix. Let thcrp \x light ; 
aod out of cbaoe makf^ » world ? Freoieely W there u liffht iq 
himirlf, win hp lummplish thi(u 

Or indecil we may say agaiiu it in is wbftt I ojJIcd l^ortmit- 
poootiiig, delineating of meu and thiu^^s, eA|>oc«aIly cf tnen, that 
ShfibpiBN U gr^at All thp greaCneiM of the nun oomes cut 
diH'i'iively hi-T«. It t% uuf'jLamiitrd. T 1h;i)li, that nilrii rreatlve 
ppr»pioao[ty of Shakapt^Lrfu The thing hi* look* at wrr-^s not 
this or that faj^A of it, bet its inmost heart, and gcneriii «oereti 
h <!t«u>1ri-u ituf-ir na in \i\c\il InfoTu him, no th;it hp iWhtwnm 
thi* pi^rf^t atnicture of it^ Creutivc. wc aaid ; poctin furcation, 
wliat is this too but tt^ng tiie thing nUBt^ieatly V Th<« word 
th:U will dcs^rihi^ th« thing, follown of itself from wich rlp«r 
iatetiM eight of the iJung. And if not ShakspoarcV -noraiiss/, 

0.0— Vol. U 



Ilia v^r. oanilor, tpol^^rajir^. tnithfu1n^8s ; Ills whole rioUinoiifl 
9tnH^fth BDii ^TcataeM. which *i&a liiuiu^h ovct euch obstrttf> 
tioniif viaiblc thopD too '/ Gri^at ud tbe world. No tttitud, 
poor QDDreK-coiieftTe inirror, reflecting ^) object* vlth iu omt 
couveiiljia ^uii i:<iacavilie«; iperf(L-t1^ l^ifel Luirioi > — tliAt Ia 
to nnv wiihiil if wc vill unHt:r:itniid it, a miin jucitly related to 
aU tbiuf,'^ luid metu a good tn:ui< It Ib truly a loidlj speoUolo 
hew l]iL& grt^at aou] t^ikes in all kinila of idbd and objects, a 
FftlfltafT, lu) Otbcllo, ft Juliet, A Ooriolanii^ ; »ot9 them oil forth 
bf> tu in tbffir round oomplL'touoOd ; iuvingf judt^ tho oqual 
brother of all- jVci)»m Or^ajtum. .iTirl ill] the Intelle^^TOU will 
{Lid iu Bacon, u of a quite secondary order ; ^artliy. maleriaL 
pnor in i^ompurijion with thin. Amfing modnm men, our EitidK, 
m BtriL^tm^a*, aimuat uovliing of Uw? same raiilc, Uoethe alooe, 
smue the daya of 8baki4]>earei reminda ma of \U Of him too 
you nay that he sane the object ; you may eaj what ho ha&iMll 
iayA of bho^cspcuv : *'His chariustcrr ar« like w&tches witli 
dUl-pUteB of tranapareot i-rystjU ; Ihey show you tht botir like 
others, and tlie inward uteuiianiiiEii also is all ri^ihk." 

Thr GorinK eye ! U is this that diactoacs the inner harmony 
of thmgat vhut Nature mvant, what muxioul idea N'aiurv haii 
wrapped up lu these ofltn I'ou^^h eiribodiintntn. Suiuetliiiig vbc 
did mean. To the aeeiug eye that aoiuHhing were ducenublK 
AxQ they huso, iniarr»hle Uungs ? Yoii <'Ari knf^h over thon, 
joa Cftn veep orer tUetu ; you eaa hi some wiiy or other 
geaxallj rtluU" youraelf tu Iheuj i — you caa. at loffvat. ImlJ 
your p«aco about tlbcm, turn awnj yi>iir cvo and othora' faod 
from thBrn, till thv hour com« for practically i.^tvnainatin({niid 
exLinguIahiii^ tlietn I At bottom^ it In rl;e PtH^t'K llrxt gift, aa it 
is hll LiCD'a, that h« haT« iiLt«Uei;t enough. He will he a Poet 
if bo hare : a l^ottt in word ; or faiJinjt thiLt, pcrhnp< ttil] b#tt0t, 
a PoH In act Whether he writii at :d] : and If to, wfaothtr 
ID prow cr in Veifae, will di^peud on a^^iiiieiiU : whu kuuw.i on 
what extremely trivial acoid«nt8, — perhaps on hia haTin; b«d 
a iinging-iniiAor. on bit bntng tauj^ht to «iug irt lii« boyhood I 
But the faj^ulty which enables him tu [tiMt'i^rn the inn^r heart 
of bhine», and thr barmony that dweUe there (tor vrhiiAovvtr 
«xjfite bae a haraony in the heart of it, or it would not hold 

laffr. m. 




tojr(^hr<r &nd tiattt)^ it not the rarah of habite or sovidenU* but 
tho gift (jf Natum heraeif; thw primiuy outtit for & Heroic 
Man in what wjrt wMvor. To thv PueU ** to wt^ttjt obltrr, wn 
Mij tirat <'f ftU, -Sr«. If yon cnnnot do that, it u cf no uaa to 
kMp stringing rb^mev tvg^Uier, jiugtitig M>LLfibiltti«8 ag^ii^t 
nai*h oLher. and noBU yuuntflf » Port ; Uivtd u no bo|w for 
jou. If yau can, tliew ia* ia proee or rer**. in a«lujn or ii|n:i:u- 
IjoioD, tklJ uiannivr of hop^ The Grabbed old Sotiovlmiuitcr 
lumi to tt*k, when tlM-jf brontrht him a npw pnpii, " Hot are ye 
Etiint hf! *H not u f/u^VB 7 ^* Whjr. tKiily ontt mijf ht luik thr ntinn 
thing, in ruf^ard to otery ni44i propotMnl for vrliat»ocvrr funo- 
tion \ and i>oii«id«<r it a« th<> one itifjinry n^«>df til ; Are yo aure 
h? 'h not n ^nxitv. ? Thnrv e»s in t-hi^ wnrlil, no othiir rntifvly 
fatal fHTT.vni. 

H^r, in fact, I eaj the def:ree of viaioa thai dwvlU Ln a man 
is a corr^'Tt in^a^ur^ of thr man. If caJl^^d to <lflinp Sli^. 
ii|rifArw*M fLU'iiltjTf I »lkouli) lUty Hn[)rrinrit)^ of Intrllect, ajid ihtnk 
I had incUidcii ail under tlint. ^'hat indnnl arc fiif^tjcs? 
Wrt talk of fu^nilties aa if th«y wcr«> dtatinoL LiungB •«|>avabl«t 
aAlfatnanhad Intell^ctt Ima^naUon* irtm^y. kv.. a* hf has 
Wulu, ft*^t and BJit'A^ TliAt in acBpilal rnoi. Then agnin, 
wc b«uix of a man'd '^ intvUoetuai naturv/^ md ol lua ^^niorul 
natorOy'' &a if tliMd a^Eain vvr» ilivisihlei, and <»UbtiHj apart- 
N^^'itwltit^ of lafiffuago do pi^rhaj^ f rvwrilir vnc^h fmrm* of 
nttf^raace; wo innvt npcak, 1 am aware, in tbtt vrnv. if we aro 
to apeak at all. Hut vrtttds ought not to hirdwn into ttiiuga 
for us. It fteems to mvi, our npprebenbiDU nf this mjiLLor in, 
for raoBt part, radically faUitird thettbj. We ought to know 
withal, and to keep foreviT in mind, thztt the^G diviBtona atv 
at bottom but nnttic*; that man'a vpintual ^^atnrA, thv vital 
Torcr whkh dwt^lU in him, in i^HUMitiAlIy our And indiriaibtfT ; 
tkat irhnt wo oall imafpnation, fanay, undrratanding, and so 
forth. ar« but difiorant fi|^r«a of the aam« Foirer of liuigbt, 
all Indinolnbly ronnrrt«ni with t-swh olbnr^ pby^kignamjc^ly 
rrlated j that if vr kriE^-n- on*^ of them, w niisht know all of 
thvin. Morality itwlf. what w« oatl tbc morikl qo^tity of m 
man, irhat is this bitl anotbur ttfiti of Lbit oaa rital Porvn 
whrrplif he ia and work^ ? All that a EOftU doea Is phy^ioj^ 


Lt:t:Tt'KKS ON liElBOEg. 

LBV7. m. 

QOmka] cif hinu Vou may m^ how a in»ji wonli) flgbt, li^ tb^ 
w;ij m vbicU lie smjnii hiA coorafff-T or nnt of roiir%tcr\ i« 
visible ill tho word he nttcri, tn Uic opuuon Itt^ luu toruvd, bo 
l^fifl tliAB in th« »trakv h^^ ntrikef. He U oil#/ and i^reaohM 
thn aanifl S<*U nbriMi<l b all these wajs. 

WitbouL bzuiilA ^ ui^ii li^ijfbt h^rrj fcot, An<1 coal'l sti)] wftlh . 
but, oofisider itf — without morality, inb^llMTt w(*r« impossiUe 
tof bim ; ft thoroughly immor^il man cmM not know ftn3rthiiig 
At all T Ti) kj;ow a ihuigi wtmt we ma call knuwing, ■ nmn 
muftt first /ot^ the thi&i;, aympatbise with it : that b, b* e-iWv> 
fftu^y t«Uted to it If ho haw not th* jujrtic«t to put down his 
own ftfilfiHhness it wi^ry Uirii, thv inninv^n Ui Ktjxnil hr tlti 'Iilh- 
geroiiH-tnie ^t ertrjr tuni^ bo:v sliitZl hi? kut^w' ? His virtue?*, 
all of them, wdl lie rooonlod in his kD'>w^«dgt>, Natim^. witb 
h^ tmth^ tpmaint to tlin bail, to thL< u^ltJitli luid th«i pnsiUant* 
moii» forrvi^r a mf-aIe?!! book : what Miah r-Aii kiK>w erf N&tmv 
19 mcnEL, iiipcrficiftl, unuill ; for the aao* i>f tho dnj mctrly, — 
But do« not the vvry Fox know aoniethifig of ^'iittiro 7 Ki- 
aiOtly so \ it knows whpTH tliw gA«i«e lodgp I 1*he human !l*y- 
nndt Tory I'nrquert Gvcrywhet^ i& tbo wwld, wbitt mon doca 
he know but thin and tho like of thb 7 Stij. it nhonld bf coi»- 
lidered too, that if tli« Fox liad Dot a certain T(U|nue montitiif^ 
lie oouM not rrt^n know whcrn tho j^ccse wer^ or get »t llu* 
goosot If bp np'nt his timir in ?!p!cnrrti<' utrDbiLmr rrflf^tiona 
on hij own miwervT hi£ ill UA&ge by Natnr^t l^orluno and other 
Fox«»r ftnd so forth; and had not aourag«. iiroiaptitudo, pnus- 
inaiMiy. and other suitable Tulpine i^ttn &ud grauuAL ha wtinbl 
catch no KTCML W-^ nuiy tay of th« Fox too^ titat hJa morality 
and intfight are of the Mine dimenaiona ; diSerant fftooe of Uit- 
same bitenial nnlty of vulpine life ! — > Th«>e thingx ara worth 
«tatiKi|Ci for the contrary of them acta with manifold mrj' 
bolofiil pcrrcmioR, in tbU time: what limitatjonst modificar 
tioiu thoy rtqnirf', ycur own ^aisdor will Kiipjity, 

If r »Ajj Uit^'fun', tbuL 3!iuk«pHim Ia thfr y^^at^^Kt of Tnt<*l- 
lectH, I havT? said all o>noeniing him. Itut there in more id 
ShAkapoarv^'s inteUwrt than wo havo yet seen. Jt ia wliat I 
enll tin tineonarioui IntvUei^t ; thprv* U moro nrtna In It thoa 
be lumiielf b aware of. Noralb beaxttifully revaarks of him. 




Kattm liefBcU. t fiml a gmt trutH in tbui aaying. 5h&k- 
^>«Ar«'» Art la not Artilic«; the ]iobI««t Worth <if tt ia dm 

,Umki by plan cr prv^c'iiivivajK^. Il gt^wa np froia tlie ikopA 
of N;ktiiri\ llir<«»j{}i Lliii* iioblr Hiju'iTfi Mini, who is Jt vimsf of 

LTfatarr. Tho Utrat ^ihcrAticni of mon wiU tbd arir mron- 
in Shukapttut^, new clQcuJationn of Uivir owii hunmn 
( ^' th'w b^kTiriQuiL-tt with the kuttuite ^^tmoture ol Ih^ 
Universe; coTirurrencvci with litter iJefifl, afQiiitit^ nitli the 
LilfJiicr jpuwtii^ and fttiU84« of uiau," Tlua veil do^crrei mcdi* 
tatuut It i< Nolurc'a bigbent reword to a truo njmpie gnftt 
»oul. ilittt ht; fT^t thus to U' *i fai^ of hiTiti/. SorL Si nuo'i 
vtjrk's wb^klHK-ver lit^ wiili utntuet i^tHisi'Juiia eiertiuci iiud foT^ 
llu>U4;bt aball accompli^t £Tot up withaJ fnco&scioiulj, from 
tii# iuiknf>vnL dfMifif! in hiiii; — ac ttus <ak-tri.'i' gn^wa from 
the EarUrfl Ij^jkoiti, lih tlu? induuE^iiiii mid w:il4:r» Kti^i|te tltcjiv 
mIwh; wiih a sj-uuu^lrj ^it>uAded ou Jfatuie'a own laira^ 
cctifi>TinaL!«r to all Truth «hatso«Ter. How naacli in Bhak- 
epe.M^ lieB hid ; his hoitovs, biA tilflit ttru^Us kncrvn to 
liimiu'lf; mij'^h lJi:Lhw»s nnt knovn ;«t all, not Kpr:ik:ih1rt n-t all: 
likn rvfjU, like ki]i and forces wotkbg uiidcrgroutul [ tS[irccb 
itt iTTcat i but Sili-ac«> i* ^ivfllrt-. 

WilhaJ the joyfii! trani^iiillity cf thiw man in urttahl**. T 
will not Maiite l>uit<< Uiz hi.i i^Ui^y: it in aj \mx\Xv- witluiuL 
victory ; but tni« biittk, — tUd Itnit^ iiidi»peci8able thiu^ Vet 
1 colt SIijxkrpcar« ^'reater Ibaa I>^t<*, in that he foufrht CruLf, 
anil ihd tvinquer. T^ii)kt it ntit^ hn hnd biN ciwn mirrowK : tboMi 
AmntU oi h\h will even to»ufy cxptvaly in what deep vaten 
ho bad waded, and tiwitm alrUfEgUDg for hid liXe j — aa what 
mui Uk« him er^r railed to hAve to do 7 It 0Mm« to m« 4 
tbMxlIrM itciiinn, onr roLanton on«i, that Up sat likeabirvl oix 
the houffh ; and sanf; forth, Ur^ Mid ofF*hAncl, utrrcr k&i>wtiic 
thif trvukil^ of oCb^r men. >ot tO) with &o maa is it sck 
How cojLiI a ZTiAi; fTHVpl forwatil fmtn riiJititr diirr-pnu>bintf to 
UcL tnig*Hl>-wuliLK> ADil nut fcdl lit witli Aco^rcWB bv the waj 7 
Ur ntil) better, lujw c-xHild n mnn delin«at« a liaxul^t, a Corio- 
Htitxt, a Maj^both, ho tuauj fnffering b«irrir h^tar-tr;, if fain own 
hi'niic hcAit bad n^^var aufTeml ? — Ai^d miw, in contmat with 


l^CTURES OS imnoES. 

Lfcr 111 

all this, obnorrn his mirth rnlncAi;, hi« (cmmin^ orAt-flowing lori> 
uf lAUghter ! Vmi wuul<l say, m qd pniiil dovs hp r^a^Qtsrat* 
but Duly in laughter. Fierj objurations, worde th&t plercd 
and bariif &.T« Co be fouod \n f^hftk^p^ara ; jH he ia slwa^ ia 
mi'Afliirp hon* ; nr-vrr what JnVnson wriiild i^itmrh n^ n sp^ 
nL-it1> "gwfil luitpr-'^ Itut liin bushier seeius io youx fruin 
him in fiooda^ he heapa eJl manixer of ridiculouA niclmftiiiM 
or the huit he ia Hnl^pin^. C;iiub1^s aajl toaa^* him in all sort* 
nf tiorse-pld^ ; ynvi woiili) nay. with his wliole heart Ihuglis. 
And then, if not a.lw;iy0 the ImrAt, it is Etlvriys a genial Uugh* 
tor^ ^ot at jucte WLMkii^B, at misery or poverty ; uovor. ^O 
nait vho m^ ^^^ig^ what v^ c>a11 hui^^-liin^, vill Uugb at ih^iM 
thiHgs. It is sam** |itrt>r charaot^r oijly tl^irfiir^ to l&ugh, and 
h*iT*i the credit of wit, that doea so. Laughter means eym- 
pfithy; good hiughter is not **the omckting of thcmA undi^F 
thv jitrl." K\'t*ii iLt FttTipiility and prvltfiidioii tlii^ S1i:iksp^&ra 
Jirra uut lau^h uUiinwise th^a geui;illj. Dogljcrry ajid V^rj^ 
tioklo our 7ery hearts ; ajuI vc dismiaa th<ixn cotctcc) with 
QxplotioDfi of lau^ht^rt but vns liko thv poor fcllova only th* 
betUar for oui' hiughiii^; nml Impp they vrtll gi-i uti well tlicn^ 
and continue Preaidetitfl oi iht City-watt^hn Such laughter^ 
hk>? BUnshinc on tbo dwp soo, w very bOAutifuL to mo. 

IVr hnvi^ iKi room to njv-nk of ^luikApRAre^^ itidiviJual worlcfl ; 
though pcrhu-pa tiiere ia much atitl waitiuir to bo Baid ou that 
he&d. H&d we, for inatanoo, alt bU play* nrvi^wed a« ITarnUt, 
in WUMm Mt-ifittr, i* ? A ihia^ whii^li ujifedit, (Jue daj, he 
donir. Aui^iut Wilhelia Sihlcgol ki« » remark on IJe Hiatoii* 
«il riaye, i/i»itry /'t/?A and the othcre, which U worth rtincin- 
bering- Hi* rallx th**m il kind of Xatmnal Kpir?, Martbornngh, 
jo« reooUecl, fljiid, hi? knew no Knglinh Hlitory hut what he 
hftd learned from ^hak^^KMnr. Th<^re arn i^nilly. If w« look tc 
H, fffw aa memorable Ht^tonM, Thb gri^ftt vulieut points an 
Admirably aelzed; all rounds luolf ofT, Into a kind of rhytlimiG 
Coh#(rtuc<' ; it is, &8 Sehleg^il saj*, <-y"'r ; — a« indrcd all dC'Uu* 
cation ypi n great t^iinkcr will ho. Thrre arc right beautiful 
things iu thwe Pieoe», vbiob fndMd together form one h^au' 
tiful thiijg. That hatUa of A^^ouit strikes t\w< ai ono of tbft 

Ipw^. tn. 

m BEBO A3 rOKT. 


most jicrfect thmg*, in \U *or^ wc anywLut^ have of Sb^* 
KpiMrr'fi. The doecriptLOD of tho two hcnte: tho wora-outi 
jodeil Kn^isli; the dra«4 hour^ big vriUi dnvtin/, wh^n tbn 
b-itTln hIthII bf^gin ; luid ilmu tluil tlBuUileM* \-al(Jr ; '* Yr g<KNi 
ynomen, wWc hmhi wert* luutlc in EiigUnJ ! " TUer© is a 
lioble i^vlriotism in it,^ — far othor th.aii th>> '' indiacvenoe " 
Yoa aftTn*tiiiioft hi^af a*pri>M*jl t<i Sliiikspoarn, A t?utf T^nglinh 
Lotrt bmiUifMf mlin ^iiid ntruUifT tbrougli thn wWa Uiniiuxvi ; 
not bctidterouB. protrufliv*.^ ; all tkd bettor for that. Tbero b % 
M>unil in it liXn tho nnj^of Aim:!, Thb man tno hsLdftti^t 
Htnikif In hint, tuu) It (miiuh to U;ul ! 

But I trill Aa,y, of SkiJu(>t^ari-'-'9 work» gient^rdllj-, tliut ire 
bare DO full impreae of him thpr^ ; wm &« full su w<> hsiv9 
of niflny men. Kin worlcji nrr^ so mniiy vinrloir*, UmnigU 
whioh w« H4 a \i\ini\nc oS liit world tluit was in hiiu. All hb 
works accm, oomparaliv^^ly ^jri^^iu^, curvory, iiuperfcot, wr-il- 
teti under cramping <-irciimstJUi(^es i givtikg cn]j )i«T« and thicre 
A nofj* of t,ln^ full nU<^n*nfi* of the mrni. P^MKigrA thpfi- am 
that romc upon roii Ukr aplrinjor out of llfaTfln; Imrpta of 
nulianoo. iUnmi outing thw v<>ry L«tvrt o( the thiuiy: jou *ay, 
*"Tlut U *niH<, spoken on*** and forei^r; whtrefio*vi*r aud 
vbrniioevi<ir thflre ia lui '"ib-ii Imiiiaii »'>iil, that will bf rwog* 
nii:ccl iki trufr!" Bnoji Uir.ntfl* iowprrr, nuV ns f*^'I that tho 
»nm^tiitdii]g mutter is not radiant ; thut it ut, in part, trmpo- 
rary, oonventlontil- Aljui, ^haksf'^^are had to write for the 
Qh^lK^ riavhoiu^o : his if'^^^t Hoal liad to L-ru^h itttelf, aa it 
could, into that and no othor mould- It vm with him, then, 
Tb« ft U wJiL uj all- No nub vnrkt t%ve Qcdor conditionn 
Thr n(!n1|)tor cannot set his own free Tliougbt l>efo» uk : tnit 
hit Thought as he oould translatr? it into th^ itone tlial W44 
givfn, with tli4« tooU that wore* i^ircn. /^i^'mM nK>m^f«3 are 
&11 tlial we f n4 of any I'cM^t, or of any man. 

Whnrv^r !ook« intcllijccotJf at tbis Shakai^^ara vhaj recoff- 
nt2e that be too was a Prcph4i, in his way; of an Insight 
aaalo^uA to tl:ie ProphHir, tbirogb h^ took it ii|) in anothfr 
stmin. Nature nA<>ni«^ to thi;* man abo dirlne t ifjiflp<«aknbla 
deep as Tophet, high as Heavens ^yv^ ai« aucK 



tftrr. BL 

Drauna ^n intuit of!" TIiaI aonilt in W«fltiniii6tAr AbU^j 
wkifJi r»>n rvad wiIIl undcrMandiof, i*^ of tlic ilrj^U* of &ay 
Men But tbc auut Muigl did not pruuch, cxooyt launJcaUy, 
Wu ujdl^d Dtmt« Uit^ iii«kKUoLs Priest of Midille-A^ Catbott- 
ci«Ju. Majk we liul call Sliul^^t'^^iv ihv biiW iu<ji« lucloliuiui 
Pno8i vt a /t*/ CArrholici*a»T the " irniirtwil CburcJi "* ^f tlw? 
Fnttiro and cf all Uue<7 ^o mxrrov tiijwtfUUon, tuiitb 
a^^MiciKiii, bitttlerutk<-4-, fAit^tical tien^vn^M8 ar jierver^ioQ: a 
Ri-voUticii, so far aa it ifoos that »ucli a Ujoiuond-fold hidden 
Lxiouty and divii^cuc«ii dviillct In oU Ni^turo ; ^bic-h let ail num 
«i'or>lit]i iu( Chry cull ! We iiiay »ay wlUujut olTenoi*, that thCM 
riiwd ;i kind o( uuiverud PkaIuj ouL of Uiib Sl]:Uia|H-aiitt Uw; 
iv)t unfit t[> make itself itrord ;imD7ix tbc ttll] more aACcod 
psalms. Kot in diiJianii^iiy witb tbcvo, if wp: undMStood 
thsiDy but hi lukmujiijr I — I fuunot luUl tbitt SUulujwftn a 
'' feotjiUc/' *ui eoiue du \ h\t LidiUercuue Ui tbe urecde oud ibvo 
lu^cij qii^rreU of bi^ tiii^o iuidi:i!;ulm^ tUeai. No: utitber 
uD^k^tTioLiOj though hn smyn littlo a1>oiut bin Vatriotiam; ucir 
Mf'ptir* tbiiU(^h hi< JGi>A liLLlr alanit liiH Fjiitb. Hnnb "iniUf- 
fFvrnc« ^' WjLA tbe fruit uf lu» ^>^atn(?Bs withjj : his whole 
htjarl vkUB lb Uiit own irnukd apUt^rc of varaJup (wc muy <^ 
it &Lich)i Ui«fie other coihtruveni^s, vitallj imponuit to otbcff 
m«D, wer» uot vital to him. 

But i^dll it vrortliti^ csll it vtiat yon will, is it not a ri^ht 
f:Loriou» ibiug, and ert of tbinfEO, thid th^t SKjLk»[>c4u? hu 
1)roiii;bt lis? For rapudfT I fvi^I that tbi-ro b uctuoUy a kind 
of muthIuhiui ill the fui't (if an[<li h, iuhti Unui; ^t^-ut luUi tliift 
Earth. In h«i not an cy^ to ui» all; u IJirdwd ht^rcQ-aeat 
Biiugifr ul Light? — And, nt boUom, was it. not pgvhaps for 
b^Llvi- th^it tliU Slmksip''are, nvory way an umrotDH-iom nuin, 

WM OnM<e»r>b4 of IIO IlrttYrliU- mutHAf(n? Uv lUd not focl, 

liko Mi^]iumt-t^ Iri^^unr h^ ^aw into lbu»« jut«nia] Splundora, 
that h<» BpwUlIv wtu thcT "Prophnt ci God:" stod was ha 
jKil KrvAter Lb»n Mjtbuinirt in (bat ? Gn^rij^r; and aliao, if wa 
eom|iatc strictly, m wd did in Diuilr'a eaae. morv aucoeftafuL 
It wiM tntriii^ii^ljr An crrctr Uiat nrrtion of Maboinot'*, of bkB 
nnpivm« Fnipbr-tbocd ; and hai ^-ami* ilown to un inMirtripAb^ 
JnTolrod ill error to tLvi daj ^ drit^inic Uouff vitb it hjcIi a 

UOT. m. 

THK nnno as poet. 



coil of fabW, imfnuiti^K, iutr>lerjuiL't*s, ju makcd &t a qmglion* 
libU atop for me horo A&d now ti> wiv, ju I haT« dooei tliat 
Mjjiotnct w ft tnxif S[>«]i:<-'r At nJl, ui^l bot r^itliar zn AEnbi- 
lions rliarltttaii. jiervi^riiitj mid nimijlu-rum; m* Sjh-uVfr, but 
A ISttltblcT ! £v«n i» Arabia, u 1 vvmiiutc, BlaLomct vrill have 
^xliaiiAlod himivtlf and bof^i^mn tf>l)«o1ot^, wkik> tUiA SKak«poftn>, 
ihU Pani« inniy *t\\\ V ymmg; — while ttiift Shnkspcflrn may 
xtill prcLt^ml Ut b« a Wir-at of MaiikUtdr of Arabift an of <]thtT 
j>Uc<r^ for iinhniiti?)! pcrioiils to oom«« 1 

Couip^uvd with uiy Epc'Akoi* or ningor <>n4i know)^ ot^^h with 
JEsi'ljvluH cr HiMUor. wliy nlimiU 1k» not, for Tffr:irity and mii- 
Tordality, la*t lilt^ ihem ? H*' JSffiWf^rv&A tt*y; reacbee dwp 
dovu like thnnk, to tbn uiiivM^al ai^d poreoniat. But aa for 
Mahrtmnt, 1 think it hitd Iv-t-n bnttrr for him not to In- «o oon- 

fWEoiu ! ALuf. iroot MAboiUtrL I ult tluvt hr- Wu.i o^iuri'imf of wAn 
a nitK- erriiri a fi^tility amt triviality, — ujf ludt^^il ciiKTb <^vet 
Ifl. The truly ^at In him too w^ tike uDcoDflcbiK ; that be 
wttt. A wiM ArEib lion r\f thfi drsprt, niid rli>1 s^nV o(it vjth 
th«t icrcil thundrr-TOire of hi*, not by woid» whioh br thought 
to bo icTcat, Hilt by Aoiiotis, by foclin;?!!, by a hutoiy which 
ipcrt* ftrix&t! Hii Kuriui hju beuom^ a »tiL|>id piece of prolix 
jilw&iirdiry ; we ^tu not believv, likH liiiii, tbat God vroUi tliAt ! 
Till- Ort^t Miui h*ro too, a* n-lwnj:», U a Forofl of XatoM: 
wlialGoev-CTT is truly groat in him i|ini3{;a up from the iinrtieo- 
late d«ep0. 

VitW : Uiin b our poor Warivickahiro I'oawwt, irho roM to 
b(f MftHA^er of A Playhoiijto, ao tliAC he comld live wltlicut 
IwggiDg; wiifJin IhiT E^irl of Simthampton caat eome kind 
gljuicett oui vrboiu .Sir Tbtjmua Lucy, many thnnka to hira, 
vraa for aeudinji to the Trefutinill 1 We did not oocoutit him n 
god, lik«> Odin, while ho dv«Jt with (m; — oii whkh |>ui»T^ tl'^fo 
vfrm miinli Ut \k mid. But I vtU say nlbn-, ur repeat; In 
apit^? of IIj^* ftiul ilalc llt-ro-TTcrftbip nov lie* in, couaider 
wlurt tluFf Shakdpefire ha* acliudly become ftuioog iis. Wiirh 
EnglinhtiEftn w# eror mad^, in this hind of t^TlI*^ whirh niiinnn 
of E»i{1iAimtri. would yn?. iK>t jfWr up talhcr tlmn the Stratford 
Peouat 7 There ia ilo ret^uuMit o£ higheat l>i^t4riai 



LBirr. JIL 

W0 would «rll liicu fur. H» ie the erondt^t thiite w«* h^-n j«t 
dotic. KOT our Lonur unonj; forci^^n niLtiotut, oo ui ortiuiKrilt 
tooiLT Kngliab KouiM^JioUI, wlut ittrri ia tliere lliat we would 
not sDirenUf^r nuJicr tlinii liim " Coufculet uuw, if iLuj aakifd 
lis, Will you ffire up jour luilifto l^nipirc <« your l>balupov6r 
you Kn^liab,; uovcr Lavo had any Indian Empire, or DOTftr 
lmr« liud aji/ Shalurpnuie ? B«alty ic w«tv a gnivt* quititioiL 
OIGcisil |>crwjn:( wmilil aiiflwer doubtloBH in official I^UKUac^i 
but wc, i\>r oar pttrl ton, should not wo ho forood to ftnawcr: 
Inrlifln i£jupiTtf> or elo Indim Kinpirc; wc cu-unot do witJiout 
ShakJpeaTel iDdi^n KiiLiiin- will go. 4.1 miy rxi^t maup ilay \ 
but this Sluikspcarc don* iwt go, be laAt« for«r«r witli ua; wo 
ranrtot pivc up fiur Sluikspe&rel 

2iiiy. ;Lp:irt Irom spiritufliHiciA ; &rid oorsidenn^ him m^nljr 
^s a rviil, EiiiLrXetabK tui)obly useful jki>&nes»i(}n. England, 
bcforfT loDK, this lal&nd of ourv, will bold birt a nnuJl (rttetLon 
oi' the KngLiflk; in Amcruin, in New Holland, oatii cud wcct 
lo the very AiiUptHl**, Kherv will 1>3 a Soxondom covering 
p-Uftt ajHicea vt iLi^ Qlob«. Ami now, wliiLt U it llmL con keep 
nil tbt^fle toK^ther into virtunUj one Nation, «o tli&t th(<y do 
not f^l out mid lights but live nt p4^JU>o» in broUtrvLko intor- 
oounte, heljvtng ctiv auolliei-y ThU m jiutl/ n-gnnlcd lUi t^ 
^aatiMt ptaotical prublcm, tUe Uiittg all minuet uf sorprcign- 
tm Qud fOTommonCa an? hoT« to aoiM)mpLi£li; wh;tt i^ it tl;at 
will ftccompli»b tbb ? Ax-ta of ParliAni'^ntj ailiuinintriitivn 
primn-iuiiiialvrb <mmiit. Amrrimi m pArttnl Trom uh, !^n fiir oh 
PatUam«Qt could part it> CaU it uot FoJitAstk, for tbm la 
anoh roolit)' in it : Hf^p, I say, is an Hn^lkeh Kin^, wliom no 
time or I'hunoc, l'wltam*'nt «r (Mtnbiitation of rarlianifnti, 
caa tlctbrour E Tbia King Shalcs|jiT:Ln% doc*« nnt ha ibint?, in 
crowned BOvrrriKiily. ovw tie :l11. ua the noblest, ]p-ptl<<dt, yd 
«trouf*ttBt of rjllyiiiR-iiffiia ; indoftrutrtilite ; really tuotv rabl- 
ablc in ihiU poaiL ur view tJiHii LUiy rii.fjrr iikt^ani^ nr appltAnoe 
«kfttao«Tt>t? Wi? can Taney bim m nulijuit nloft over all tho 
>'aticafl ol Kn^li^^unftn, a tboueand yous bencA Ftom Pon^ 
nuiltA^from Now yi^rk^whpiv^oriVffTiiiik-ler what sort of raiisli* 
Constable eHR!vt>r, KtiglLib mi-n niiil woiii^n are, tliey will say 
to ODO anotb«v : *' Y«dp tbi5 tituikApeu« b octn ; wc prodnood 




|]im. w^ s\ipnk aijd think bj' hlmi ve fti^ of oti« blood aiid 
kiiiil with hixn," Tbv most oommon^nruici poUticioiit too^ if he* 
pldUEitm, mny iLmk of that 

V««, tru)^, tt m n grfiAt thing for a NattoQ that it get an 
artimilatc voice j th^i^ it piKKiuof^ a m^iu ^nho wiLI Mpeiik fuiiL 
mlodioit&ly wha,t the hei^ of it moui^ ! Italy, for «X(unf)lD, 
'poor Italy bvs dlBinembered, eoattered o^ujiiler, not Appuuiog 
m any |iTotixiijl or tr«-«ity a« a unity ut all ; yet tli6 nol>l4f Italy 
U ftoWotUy one: Italy produc^nd it^ IHutc ; Italy can apoak I 
Xlio Ckot of all tliu KudAULBf ha u^ Htroog with BO moDj bftjo- 
D@t», Coasacks aai^ canTions ; and th^a a gfoat feat In Iceepbig 
Siicli a tract of Earth i>oliticallj to^etL^r i but he i:amiul j«t 
spcuik. SomcthinK Rrmt m him, but it in el diiinh jcr«a.tno4»9- 
He bofl h^d no voil^i^ cf gtiuius. to be huurd of all m«n aad 
tiiuf^a. He mitriC teuni tti H|)cak. He b a ^Tvat ditmh luotiAter 
hitherto- His cannoiu and CLMsaclu will a1) havr rusted into 
aaiientit>-, while thnt Danto's voice is stiU oudibb. Tho N». 
tion that has ^ Dante iA liound together at no dumb Ruuui 
eau 1x1. fe^ Wl- ttiust here end what we kid to Kiy of thn ^m^ 


TUB nma as nuRei. trrniuii fiKPoRUAnoif : Ufoxt 

Our pT<(S»nt diBoourae is to be of the Great TkTan as Prleet 
Wc hjibre: tvjxiatedly ^ndeavorvd to exph^in th^t all eoibs of 
Heroes ar« intriiuiiaaliy of tho nuqo mv^tcnol; that j^ren 
a great soul, opan to tJie DiriUQ t^igniJlotmoo of Life» th^n 
Lhifro tji girtrii n man fit to «|vtnk of thit. tn ncng nf IhIiIa. Ld 
figfat and work f^ this« in a gicat, riclonoUH, rudming man' 
iif»r; there la t'l^'en u Hero, — thi; outward &hapa of whom 
will d^pond on tJie time aiid the nnvironmivt •*- 
self in. The Priest too, v 1 undent* 



Lkt, IT, 

Frophct ; tn him too tliHo ia ri?qiurwL to bo a liglii ot ttwpin- 
tiou, J*a ve fluist nvu« it He prestdN ov«t tiu: wonkip 
of Iho ppnpV ; i> liir nnit'i^r of Tjhnm vir.h the Unfc^en Holy, 
H» iM Uic tpititiml Capuin of tho people , m tJu PTO]jiii^i 
ifl their jporitual Ku>^' with unuiy c4ipUuu : Uu i^ttdc* Uicu 
Lviicv4Tuvrardf l)j wis<> ^dacro Uxruttgh this Earth Uld iU 
work. Tlir idiul or hiiu if, ihia h<^ Uxi U* vhjii we caa ghII 
n rciioo from the ujucio UcftTf^Qj intinptvtinfc enci w tiifr 
Prophet dul, «ek1 in a more rauiiliiir lauuuicr onfultting th» 
mme to nieiL Tttp iiitvfiitn tU^wen, — the ''opeci lemi Of 
the UiiiverMv'* — vbinh 40 fcv Itavu ui e)e foi- ! He M tiM 
Prophet •hora of hia mere uwfol nplcudcr j burQinit with t&ild 
eqnaUe mrlUDue, m the eolighCeaet of dftilj Uf«. TbU, I 
uy, ts the Ideal of a Print So In vAd th&As ; bo tn thnee, aiul 
in ■!] timofl. Odd knows t«tj well tllA^ m redncibg i4eAU 
to pnuTticti, ([mat ktiUnlx? of toLeranoe i« Qeedful ; rcfj icroftt. 
But A IMuftt who J4 not tluji ai uti, viio dova not anjr h>ti^r 
iiitn or try tn Xk ihhj U a clmrucitFr — uT whom wh h^id nUhrr 
T)ot «|>Fak in thi« pbicv. 

LuttiL'T and Knox w«ra h; »pt«V8 To«Ation Pnc^ts^ anii 
did faitlifnUy pflrform thiit fiindirin in its tviminjtn nmmc. 
Yet il will suit 11^ bettfj hrrr lo ix^iiMdrt thc^u ub;rl)j in 
their historicud characti:r, rather ufl Kvt'unn<.'» tliaa Prioeta> 
Theio have bem ttihac PriesU perhaps ^qiiAlly notabk, in 
calmer tiinf><^ for ilninp faifbfully ihr M'^v at 11 Tinnier of 
Worship; btinifiuff down, hj Hiitlil'ul hrraism in bh&t kludi 
n light from Ilcaviia inUt the d^y hit ol their poopk ; lejut- 
iu^ lh(-m lurwai-d, as under God's guhlonce, in thu vuy 
whpri'in tin^y wvrv Uj u^i. Hut vrlit*!! tljiit Kiiur H'atf was » 
nmgb otic, of battlr., couTuoioa and dongtr. thif epuituid Oap- 
tkiu. wtio Led through that, beoouiM, eep^oJallf to tu who live 
iinit^^T thr fniit <jf liU Ifjulin^T tiinn* nnt3^hli^ tluizi any ulhirr. 
lie i» Uic wjufu'ia^ and battling Prical , who Ird hL» j^ouplv, 
not bo quiet rojtlild Ubor a« iu HiuootJi tuuve. but to UtthfnJ 
v&k)tou« i<ouillot, Ln timHM all violent, illim'nTihfirfHl : » moiiT 
perilous tvrvioi*, aiul a more mrniotahlp am; Xni it hi^cr 01 
not. ThcAo two men we will nooount 4mr beet PrieelA, in- 
fluuuch ttM they wen our beet Reformers. ]S$y I nay ask, Ii 

UcT. IT. 



not etery tfu« Reformer, hjr Ut# ttjunn^ of him, a PH$*t fint 
of ^1 ? He AppeaOs to llmvrn'N iaTiitilU* juttics ifCuaBt 
Euith'i rioiblc Cotcci knowa tkit it, the ioTiiiiblfii is atroffig 
and XkJcnc atrcng. H? id a bulidv^r in tL^ditine truth of 
tliuga ; a #Mr, seeing through thn showif of tliini^ - a worship* 
p«r, in oivo wny or thn othrr, t}i thn divine tnith of thin^ -, a 
Pri«it, UiAt ill. If he 1w lujt first u Frieet, he will never bo 
good tot much £u % Reformer. 

Thtu th«in, aa we have i^^eD Girat Men, in vnHoiis f*\iJi^ 
tiouBt buildiBS up lieligiona, heroia Forma of huuiau Exiatr 
coaoo in thu world, Tbuorios of Life worthy to bv huqj; by a 
Dintc. Practices of Life by a, ShnliBpeue, — we &»< now ui 
aetf tliv rev^^e proi^ss; which also is nGCf«aary, tthick aUo 
□lAy be comod on in the Heroic laonoer Onricos hov this 
idtcmki be oocv*$9kTy : yet neotiasiuy it U. The mild thining 
of tlifl Fuet'K light lius to ^vb ^IjLce to the fieree tE^'kudag 
of tl<^ Beforoiifr : uufortuEiutcl^ the Befonuer too is 4 pt-f90i>- 
jkcte tb&t eiuinot fail in Hintorj \ Tho Foot indood, with Ittfl 
taildiurgii, urhat ts h^ but tht^ product ftnd nltim^iK ndjostoiint 
rrf Ri-fiirm, or I'nuihii'y. with iU fi-^rnroi'im ? Sa wiM Sftint 
i>(>minicB and Theb^id Kremit«», there had been no melodious 
l>Luito \ rough Piactiedi Endeavor, li^eaitdiaavian and other, 
ttmn OHtn tO Walter Ralrd^h, from THMa U' CnLnmer, enabled 
Shnlc»p-nrr Ui Kpcnk. N^y thr? tinLshed Poi^ 1 remuk ^louio- 
tinteai, is ft symptooi tkit bis epcx^b itself hji4 reached pcrfo 
tion nnd h Uniehed; that before long there Vill be a naw 
(^porh, ti'^w ReformPT^ nenM- 

Doubtlrsi it wriro tincr^ oould ire 1:0 «Ionfi &lwaya in the wiqr 
of mtuU : be Umed and taught by ouj Poets. M tho rude oroft' 
tun<« worfi hy their C>T|iheuB of old Or falUsf this rii3'thmi« 
mtisictti way, hi>w ^oocl wer*> it co\M we ffet bo muoh as into 
t^ ^jua^/e wivy ; I mrjui, if pefifxalU Pricstv, rttfonnitig from 
day to dfty, would always siiIKih.- nt I But it b not lo ; even 
this Iat1«r baa not yet b#^n realtied. Alas, tho hAttliTiif Ri»- 
fonncT too is, from time to timt, a necdfal and inevitable 
pbenom-mon, OhitrvctioiiD an- never wantiDg; the wry 
things tltiLt were onee indispensable fTirthanuicnn bacomtt oS- 
BtriK'tdOQn; .u\ii niwA to be altaketi off, iuid left bdund lu,^ 



Xm7«. l\. 

a busint^it often of onpnuoiLi difficult}'^ It » nocaUe «--iUfiigH, 
Kuroly* hov a Tlicorcm ur ipiritiubl HfipreacDtntion, so wa vxxy 
eM it, v^Uiuh out^e took in the whole L'luverse, ^nU waa com- 
pletely ttLtii^fai'tory in ill pAitfi of it tt> thv* high\j litscunavA 
ftCQte intellect of Dantfi, onr gf thp gtcatM^t in th« wofid,^ 
had ill the couwo oi' juautiicr ceutur^ beoome dubitable to oom* 
mon int4^!tecta ; Iwcoin^ deniable ; sind i« now, to every one of 
11^, f^tty i[icroHltb1e, obsol«tB as Odin'* ThftoremT To Dante, 
humvi I'lxintcQcc. and God'i vnyv with tnr-Lt ^cre ftll well 
n-pTCMfntL^J by thOttO MaUM^tt^, i*urffair>r%oe ; to Lulhtft aot 
well- Hon wa^ this? Why coiil^l not Dftnta's CatholJelsm 
continue i but LiitboT'? Protoataiitlfim nioftt n««ds follow? 
Alas. nnbhtTijt will «trJin\tf. 

I do not niakv much of '^ Progress of tt« Spcciea/* mi bandied 
In tbefte timeA of ours ; nor do I think you would oare to heat 
muoh about it Tb« talk on that Aubject is too often of the 
mofit extra v.'igiuit, coiifuerd sort, Vot I may nfty, tho fnct 
itself seeme certiitn enough; nay we clui tnice out Iba in«7itii^ 
ble ri^^HSsity irf iL In tlui iiabLure of things. Every lujui. ii» 1 
h^ro etntod somewhere, ia not only a learner but a doer : hie 
It-amji with tlin mind given him whjit has b(>fn; hut with tho 
siinit iiuiid lie UiaeovnTH firtUer, h« invenu jmd d^'viiiw xomo- 
what of his owiu Abeolutety wilhout ori^allty there Is ao 
man, Xo man whatovrr bolievne, or can bolif^^f*. *>iaetly what 
hit gT&ndfathor believed : he etUargi^tt «oni<^vhut« by frv^h dia- 
*«jvwry, htji TiHw of the Unirerae. nnd (HJUEwrjueiitly but Thwv 
rem of t^e Universe, — nliich la an infinUts UniTerae, and cao 
nover bo emhraopd wholly or finally by nny ^-inw or Theorem, 
in any aiin<!f^tvMb|r «n!Arjfi*nifliit : ht« rnUr^es Htmii^uhAl, I 
aayi fiuda AOi&evhat that wad credible to Kb grandfathtr ith 
credibte to him, f&lec to him, inconfiist<<nt with Fri>me new thing 
b« lui diKooverad orohnervrd. It h tb*' history of nvory mui^ 
aztd in Ibn bialur>' erf Mankit;d ^r. hri? it auiuiuBil u|) jiitu ^nset 
bistorical amounts, — revoluliona, new epochs. Dant^^a Arloanr 
tsin of Purgatory do?» imi atAnd "in th*^ oo<tnn of tho otltor 
HrnitHpbere,'' whcrn Ci>lijmhtL< hua onuM tcktliH] UttUi^r ' Uen 
fuid no awib thing eitaait In the- othei Remiipliete. It ift not 
ihttr^ U raoflt ccoA^ to bo believed to b^ th*>r^. So witli nil 

U>FT. t7. 




beliefs wliAtoocTfT ui ifaU vorUL — nil Sy«tc8i0 of Belief and 
SyiUmi of pTWtioc that spnug from Uifvo. 

If we add DOW the melancholy tact, that vh^u ftelief vru^ 
uuoectaui* Practico too boootnea uitfioum}, autl errorttj iiijtu»* 
tioee Aivi miacrica evcijwht^rc more and uioiv prcvriil, wc j^LaJI 
BOA iiutt«rUI exuous^ f^ r^rottitioiL At all tunuip a nun who 
will dc faithfulljr, u^ush to believe flnnly. If h« bavn to MMk 
at etery tura th« world's m^axvr j if he caimot di^DAe witJi 
tho world'i itiiTmg?, itnrl make bis ovn €UtFra^ s^^rve, ha is ft 
poor ryo-ven'vit ; the woik comiuiLlwl tu iim vtU bo mudon«L 
Kvtij Mich iiuiu lb » dailjr uuutribuLor Ui tb»i iueviuUitci tlcivu- 
f fJt WbatflOCTcr work be doos, dishonealJy, wkh an eye to 
the (intward look nf it. is ft now ofTi>nri>, puront ot now laisorj 
to noicflbody or utlif^r (^ffwioea ai^nimuUt* HH Ihcjr hoPtura** 
ixai]pi>ortiibl(.' ; and slk theii Tioiintlj but»t tbrooifh, clvorod 
off jbci by eiploflion- Dontw'a aabUiui.' Cathoiifyam, increJible 
DOW in dwoi^p and d^laoed siill worse by faithlMS, dotibting 
and flishottMt practice, hR« to be tom amuid^v hy n T^itber, 
ShalupcaT^'a noble Ff^adalism, aa brautifol ae it once looked 
Bind wflj, hoa to end in a Fmnch Kovulution, Thu ucciuutihw 
Uot) of offeneot b, ok we *ay, too llurrally t^ploded. bluted 
anrader ndcaalcally ; and tliere axe long tixjubloua periodSp 
before matteni cotne U) s^ lettlrmont mcairu 

Snrnly it wore monrnfiil enouf^h to look only nt thifl fao* of 
the nmttoT, UlUc) fuid \n lUl humuu 0[iiriii)nA anil JLmin^>>m^Tit9 
m^rtty Ibu fnct thul tl^ry wcrt? iiuo^rtain. tnnponry, nhjcct 
to tbo law of detath ! At br)ttom, it in not »o : lUL itaith, bera 
too wa feid, is btit of thp brdy, not of the eaaenoe or soul ; all 
dectructioi], bj riobnit mnJutloxi or luiwaoever it b^, in bat 
HOW creotiou on » wider aoftlo. OdinisB3 waa Fo/m- ; ChnstiAn- 
inn wn^ Iiv9\UUy^ a nob1r>t kind of Vnlor. Xo thought that 
iTTor dwelt bonritly Ji* tnir in th*? bi'iirt i>f ninr but eroj an 
boni-sL iii-Hif-ht into fiud's truth on nmci'it part, mid A/4* on c** 
•entinl Imth \ix it which endiuvs throuKh all cbtuiRcn, on aver 
IftRtintr |V4effiirm for im :U1. And* on thfl other hand, wh.ii % 
nwlauelioK trcfticm Iti Ihut. whirb baM lu irprvaent all mi-ii, in 
an O0Qntri«a and tim» except our own, a* h&Tinir apent their 
hfo in blind condcmnabJo error, mere loft I^nuu* HoamH- 



tAn. nr. 

narinikB, M;Uici&«taTL3, only Uiat wo mii^lit 1ist» t]t« tnte nhi- 
uutc tuowledgfti All gnacnitionfi of wumi wpw losl uid 
wrong, only that thii jirosent littl* aocUod of ft ^ner^liOQ 
aijcUt bf artved iind nglal. They all marched iorwajd UtftrOi 
tUl f^tierations Bino« the bpgitinin^ at thr. urtrlil, likr tht^ I^ui^ 
siaa »o!diere Into th« ditph of SchweitiniU Fort, only to fill up 
the ditcb witli thcij dood b<Kli«a, that wa might maroh orer 
.and tako th<i filM^c ] Jt is an incredihk hirpothcnU. 

Bach incrwUhlH hjpothe^U w« kivo *ppa nuiiiU^iiKMl with 
tivTCti emjjhjtftih ; ^»J tliis cr tli« otliOT [lOOr mdiridual maiu 
with Lia soit of individual m<.>n, tniircluAg ;&« ov«r the d««i 
bodies of flll men, toward* flure victory ' hut when hv too. 
with his h3'p<jEliL«>iW suiJ uUinij^t'f; infolliblf^ crodo, sank into 
the dit^ ajid became it dead body, what wa* to be aald 7 ^ 
Withal, it ifi an impi^rtiuit fiwt ic thv natui* of man, that h^ 
tand« to n<f^kcm hin i>wu iu^Ight a& rm^. and ^pacn u|fon h afi 
iiucdi. Hh will always do lt> I suji[iose» ia one or Un? oth«r 
way; Imt it lanftt bi? in aom< widfir^ wiser way than thjfl. Ajo 
nnt alt tmo m^^n that livj^^ nr that nvcr li^ftd, soldi^^rs of tho 
aanttf army, ifnlintt^l, under Hea.vcii*H t-aptdnt^, t^ do hnttlo 
against th*; sauic PiKtti)', the ernpirt cf J>irknc9!Ji and Wrong P 
\Vhy shoulil wi> mi^know otin another, Jiyht not ogiaiDat tho 
onftmy hijt nRsiiiBt onr»<*lvp*, from mcrn difTer«ince of unifnirni? 
AU unifornt,^ nhidl br sckhI, mi thny lintd in thi*in trnp \iLliniit 
men. All fa^hiona of arme, th& Arab turban and flwi/t sdin^ 
tar, Thorns atroag hainm«*r dialling down J^'fw'w. ahall be web 
ftomft. T^aKhi^r'ii littttl4*.voirf, nante's march-mfllody, ;ill gv^nnion 
things are with ma, not a^insft ua. Wo ato all nndrr onr Caj^ 
tatii, »oldi«rG of the aami- htiet, — Let ud now look a liulo at 
thia Lnthor*« fiKhtinff; what kind of battle U WM, and how 
li« oomporM hinuielf In it. Lntlifir t<to wiu of our spintnul 
HrTOOii } a Prophet to hh country and time. 

Ak intnithii^iry to tbi* whnh*, si rpmaj-k about Idolatry wiH 
jierhapa bp in place liPiv, On** of M-diometN rhainoteriitica, 
whioji indeed belon^i^ to all Prophets, id unlimited implacable 
>Md ngainut Iddatry. It i* thr ^and thpm* of Prophrta: 
Idolatry, the worshipping of <lmd Idolv n$ ih*" Djriaitj, ia m 


TIUl UKJCO A3 FKllfliT* 


tbibj; tk«7 conttot «w«y witb, but Lire Ui dcnooDce cootuuaUjr* 
Aiid buknd with inexpiftblo rvpiubuiion; it u Ul# ohiof of all 
tUv stnft thsy m» done tindar the sun. TUs li worth notuk^ 
Wti will not c»tcr bcrv into the tltrc^logicAl i^ae^Uou ubuat 
UiOUlUj- Idui u Eidolon, A tlung Tfcon. n oymboL II i-» not 
God, but ^ f^ymbcl of God ; and jM-rhji^i* cxm? xt^xy <)iieArkoa 
wbetber anj~ tike rno8t benii^hU!^ TitorUl t^Ttrr took il Tor mun* 
tbuL a Symbr^. J fimcv, he dii] not think that the poor taui^ 
bifi own hixndi luul njrulv ufo* G<Mi ; but thut U^ was ^mbleioad 
by il> th^Lt Gi».l iTHti ill it. vj\uiv w^y or othrr. And now lo this 
benM', uue ULiy ^i«lw lz> not all wo»hiji hvliiLUtoever a wcireihip 
bj STinbaU, b>' '^•r^^ t^r thinifA tocn ? Whethof ««(q«, mir 
doMd viuibk* aji A4i iimi^*v ur ^L>uiro to tho bodily ^« ; of tui- 
ble ouly t4i tli« mwanl eyif, Li>tLe iiiLa^DAtioo. to the iiiL«dIeet; 
tbis makes a supcrticiAl, but uo wbttastiAl diff«!Kac«i* It ia 
t^U a Thing !j««n, aigci&caiit oi Godhead ; on IdoU Tlw moat 
ri^>ruuH PurJLiu Luh hih Coiift^iiKiuii of Fultii, und Utf-llr ritual 
E^pn-tH^uUitioQ of Diviia- Uiiiiga, iuid wornhi|* thnrT-by ; thi^w^ 
by is wotnhip Ent imul« pouihle for hi a, AU ore«da, litm* 
fpea, nligions forma, coaceptiam that fitly Inv^t rebgknta 
Fdeliatp^ aw in this s^ae ^j«/c/o, tldnga wt/SK All worship 
whataofTTCT niuat jirocn^l lij •Symbols^ by Idola: — we m^ 
ftiQr,.all linbitn- u comparator, and tho wcrvt I&Utry ia oiUj 
mdm idoluttMUii. 

Wherf^, thfiijipfl t-hk* <*vi! i»f it ^ Som*- fjiUrl #*vll miTit lltf» hi 
it, or carufat prophirlir nt^n would notonallhondaao rcprob.-U« 
it, Wbj u idoUiirj «o hat^XiU to fropheta ? It a«en» to mo 
19 If, In the worship of tlion^ [lor wiyxlen aymbobr the thing 
thut hiid nhidty provoki-d tli<- rro[k]]i'tt '.\i»\ fllled hi« Inmcst loul 
vrith indipnaLion and arrriion. wm not cxiu-tly what sDjoc^tod 
lu«li CD hb own thouffht^ and oam^ nit of him in wonb to 
others, aa th^ thlni:. The rudnt henthen tliat worshipped Oa* 
nopQS* or tlir C-Aiihah Bbc^lt-StorLr^, br, aa wr »aw, waa eup^nur 
to the hor«# that worshippHl nothing ni all \ JJuy tlicre vu li 
kind of lasting merit ir that porr act of hl«; ftnAln^mtfl tn what 
\% itUI BwriUvioua iit Porta : r^rognitioit of n ivrtoin cDdlf-as 
difin* boautr and tif:mfinancc in atnio iuid jUI nalKr^ objecta 
vhatnooveT. Why ahould Uw Prophiit ao meroUasaly 



LMfft- IT. 

dMDii him? Thf* poor(?»t mortal woj-'iliiiijjlui^ his FeU&h, 
wbilo tie h«ut m full ol ii^ nwy be an obj<^t of pitj, <>f co»' 
tempt fiad Awiilanoe, if yon will \ but o^ijuot vurvly bn ui oV 
J«al of luitrril. Lot hu heart Ao houvstly CjII u( il, Uie whok 
fpac« of hut <ljitk narrow mind tlliuuiiiB.tcd thon^by ; In one 
worJ. let him ttitii-ely bulicvc iii hm Ketieh. — il will thru bo^ 
1 aliouM sa^t if not \iA\ w ittt him, j^t lut Wftll U5 It o»i rfuidilj 
he iDfulR to be, Aiiii you will L«av^ him alone, mtmoleeted 

But bere enti-r« tli^ EataJ drmunutttnco of lioUtry, thiit, in 
\hv era of ihe Pruplitf Ui^ no nuui'.i liiiinl it ittiy Imager htmetiL^' 
hlloi] with his Idol or Symbol Befon? the Prophet ton ariM 
who, H^f^iuff thtoUKh it, kno^^*n it to bp mciv wood, inAny mi>» 
uiuHt h;iv(' U^gun ihmly !i> Joiilit thiii it wiw !iitli* iimr*'- (^n- 
dvmutthl« Idolatry U in^intxr^i Idt^latry. Doutvt lua eAt^n out 
the heart of it : u hmuaJi boliL ia aeen cliQ^ng spumodically 
to Eui Ark of the Coven^'^nt, which it half t*^\% now to hav« 
Irf^rnm*^ n Plinntw-'m, This in onp nf tli« ImlnfuliMt slgbbt. 
KmiU are no loagrr//£i»^ with thrir PVtiali ; but only prrtend 
t» be filled, atLd would faiu moke themaelves feel that they 
nro fiiUd. " Ymi <io not bftlirrvie," )KUi| Colmdpr ; "j-ou only 
lrt-Ut'T(t th;Lt ytm brIioYr." It in tlio tiiud nccno in all kimia vf 
Worship and Symbolism t tho aurd symptom thflt death lA kOW 
nigh. It is equivalent to what we call Tormnlijtra, and Wor^ 
Kbip of Pormnljw, in t,bi*»u* dayi of nun*. No inorfi iconiur^il a*ft 
oem be done by a hnmAn crcutur^^ -, for it \a the bvf^inidti^ of 
all immoralatyf or riitber it \% thi» impoaiAibility hcmovfotth of 
any morality what^oi^virr : the imir^rrnuit moral hoiU in ptu-Mi- 
lyzi^d thnrnii}-, nojiL into fat;il mogutUi; ale^p I Mc*ii are HO 
liin^fT ain^re m^n. i do not wondr*r that th<f »3Lmeflt maa 
d«annn<v« thii%, brandA it, pr^PcutAA it with ini^xtinfruiithabla 
uviTviiiEL Hfi und lb, all gtxid :uul it, ilxh at druiUi-femL 
UlanxaWo Idolatry is CarU^ Mxd even what one May wdl Sia* 
corv»-Ojuit. Sinoi^nvCaikt : that is worth thinking of ! £^«iy 
sort of Worfthip ^n^ln witli thin ]>hnHiK, 

I fln<1 Lutbcr to hn.vfi hrrn a Drr-ahrr of Idob. no If^ than 
o&y other I'rophet. The.* wooden ^dft of the Eoreish, taadt 
of timber and bM^wax, vero not mcro hat<*fiil to Mahonndt 



tliar Tetwl'a pAtilona of Sin^ in^ilfT of *li»^ftj)akm w)il m\, wptp 
ti> Lutlifr. It U the proprttj' of nrpry IWto, in crnry liror, ia 
ovtsrf plocD tuid Hituutioii, tb^L he ouiue haak to K^abty; that 
be Tttiod upon things, ami ant khnvf^ of timgA. AtvorOh^g aa 
}jG luvv<8, &A1I Tcncratw* articnUt^ly or with ^iocp spei^Llcbft 
thought, thf awt'ttl re:Uitit'»or thiiign. so will th<T hcllitv nhow? 
of Uung^T liow^'«T regular^ decoroii^; accredited by KoreUhea 
or Co[iclsvc«r ]y& tntoWrMt^ aiu\ i3i^AUtb1e to liiin, Protea- 
tftitti«iKi« KH), ii the work of a fn^phH l the propb^t-work of 
that sixteenth century- Iha tirit utrok^ orhuiKvft dt-'molition 
to im ancivat thing grown fsLlse ani iiio1:itroi]« ; proparfttory 
•jktAT oft W IX new Uuiif^ ffhich sh&ll be tfur, aiLd authvatically 

At fintt vtow it miifht tvttm w if Frot^ataiLtUm v«re «ntlr«ly 
dattrDiTttvH I0 tbiH tli^t we c»11 IIfn>worAlilpp aiid re^rvaettt 
u the buu of all j>c«0iUe good, ri.*li^ious or social, to mau- 
kliui One often hoAT? it eai^ thai Protestantism intro<luo9d 
ft new era, radically d)IT9r'>nt from uiy th^ world hod ^T«r se«t 
b»*fcirf< : ihP itm of *■ privat-^ judgim-nt," iw llu-y ™ll it. By 
this rrvolt affainrt t.Kt* Pop**, frrrry man bfcame hU own Pope ; 
:imi lL>arut, tmiofAg olLcr llungs, that he mufft ueT«r truAt any 
Pope, orapintiifll Tlvr^^^ptainf any morftl Wherobyj it not 
«pirltii:il lUiirin, all hitmirhy aiiil suliordtuation aiimutf men, 
!irmc*f(]rth an impoaaibility ? So wt» Lt^ar it aaul. — Now I 
need uot deny that Protastantism wa4 a rfri/ott ngainft spiritDal 
■oviftTPigntipi, Poj)Pj( and mnrh rl«t\ Nay 1 will [^rajit that 
EtisUnh l^iritjuiintn, rerolt against cartUy sovrrvi^tita, wtui 
thr> sDcond act of il ) tbat tlie enormous Fr-cnoh Kevolatiuu tt- 
RflU wa* th*» third art, whereby all sovereignties earthly and 
spiritual wores oat mi|fht *prm, alxrltshed or mailer mt9 of aho- 
litiou. Proteatimtiflni ia tbc Krand root from wkirh our wholr 
aubeequenc EuFOpoaa "RixtcTf branchoa out. For the ftpinttial 
will always htudy it*t'lf fdrrh in the temporal ht-ttory nf mwn; 
tbo apiriUial is the bcgiania^ of the temporal. And now, 3ur« 
eoough, the cry is i^vcrywhi^n? for Liberty and lCqtjality» ludo^ 
fH^dennd and ao forth ; tikSt«ad of h'in^i^, fUlIot-bociM ftud 
KlnctonU suff niKes : itiWfrinn madfionttlintany HeriMwrnrvigii, 
or loyal obedience of men to a manr ^^ thingv tdnpcrol or 



L»CT, IT, 

Uim^s npiritii&l, hew poBitod nvky iorovvr from th« vcrld. 1 
fthould despair of the world ultogethcrr^ if ito. One of my 
drwjKst i^uiivitUiTtia is, Ui;tl il is itut ho. Withnut jsuveri^igiui, 
telle «0T«cvi^iL3, tcmponl aiul Aprntcal. I aet^ oothing ponibk 
but oa Euarohj ; tho batofulest oi things. But 1 ^nd L'rot*^- 
tiuitiAtn^ wh^itrrcr auATchio dDmocnicy It hare prorltmrd, to bo 
the brgiuiiiiig uf nt-ir gttiume aoffc reiguty iind ordrt. T futd 
it t'> Im.« & lOTolt agjbinflt /uiM aovcmgcie ; tbo poinfuL but tti- 
4i«]wiifi3bld tirFt pr^arati79 for iru« BOTcr^igtu ^ftong plus 
Atnotig im 1 ThcA U worth explaiitiug ^ liulo. 

L«t Ofl rciiurk, thcrcfoEc, in ihv tirst pt»?c, diAt Ibis of 
*'privat« jad^m^ttt" in, ftt bottom, net & new tiling in tho 
wotlfl, but only npw aX tliat epoeh of ih* wotM. Thpro 1ft 
notbiiig grnv^ricHlly new or peculiar in the EcfornuUiaii 4 it 
was ft Ktarn w Tnitb uid Reality in CFrpoaiticn] to Ftkkehood 
and Stfmbliui^^ ud lUl kioilj ut Improvi^m^nt aud gULUina 
Teaching ar^ and have beisn. Liberty ot private jodgmeiit^ 
if wtf will vuuHidi^r il, luiiftL at alt liiut^s liuve eiijt«l iii Uiit 
world. Daate had uc^t put out Lis ey*^ or tied tthftckli*a on 
him9(»U i h9 ws« ELt homo iT) that Catholifrisin ot hid. a Cre^ 
M«Trs totd in it, — if mimy a poor Hoffntraton. Tt-tJMtl, and 
Dr £)i:k hitd now lircitm^ frhivw in It. Liberty <if judgment ?' 
No iron ohain, or outwanl foroe of any kiad. oould crtt ocn^ 
p<»l tbn Hdisl rtf n man lo bplipt* or to di&b«]j^v« ■ ^t i< his oirn 
indi^frfuibb' liffb% thiit- jml^tcfnt of hh; hr will ri*iKii. imd 
beliow* thcTT, br the gra^c of Ood atom- ! Tiwr Homwt vopbi^ 
tioal Uellarmi&e, preaching fti^htle«a fiiitb and pa88ii^> ot>odH 
eno^T mn^t ^ni^ by i4oin(» hind of fWATTuVittri. havp abdirai^ 
hiH rlffht to Ik? coiivinoHl. HIk "j^rivittt? jutlifmriit '* iudii-atcd 
that, aa the adrbaUost atcp Ke c<mld tokUn Tht- right ct ph^ 
vat« jndgmi^t will mbaiflt, In full fotc^, whereto truft mtii 
hul]Hi>t A trail man &J£irrM wtth hifi wholfl jiidp^i-jit. wHIi 
all till- illumination and diocvrnmcixt that is in iiin^ and hM 
always so believ^. A falfio mnu, only atruf^luig to " believe 
tliat h#> bf^1ii*Tiw>" will nntnr:4ll>- maji;i^ it tn bnme oth^r way. 
Ptobnttaiitbaj said to thU Uttrt, Woe! Aiid b> Lhr fotmcT, 
Weil dotn' ; Al t*ottott, it waa no new aaying; it waa i& retum 
to all old fayinfl-a th«t ovvr^ii laid. Be gcnmod, b« 

Lxov. IV> 



Rinc^^Tc; that trts, onod mwtj tbo m^inmH of it- M&Lomet 
beU^^red with bin whole mlnA ; Odin U'itTi hit whnln minil, — 
he^ bad ftll frtnj Followers of OdiuianL They, bj their |mTat*» 
judgment, hod ^'judged *' — jo. 

Aad oow 1 T^ntuT^ to U8«rt, that Ui^ nercia^ of pri^ftto 
jndipueutt fAlthfall/ gon^ alx^til, dl>t^s bj no meaiK nccesinrily 
end in ttlRth indj^prndmoc, iaoUtion i l>iit rather eiid3 nt-cea- 
«ari)j in the oppostte oi that- It is not h4>iioet i^tquiry that 
TuokAa aJUUN^hy; but it b error, m*in«?rity, hn-U-bflliflf and 
uittruth th&t niake it* A ujad [>£ut<?Btiirt^ n^utuht i^rr^r bi on 
tho waj^ toviirda unitinK him.icH with all men that hcliftvii- 
in truth, Therti is no ^omnmnion p<ii*iblo ainoni; nn-n whu 
lK-lie^« only tu livarnaya. TLt UfarL of e:u^b ih lying dT-a^); 
hu no power of sympathy even with lA/n^*,— ot he wouhl. 
bfiliov«» f^Arn UTid not hearsays. No «ymp!ithy ovon witii 
thin^r* ; how much l^Jta with hiii fellow-mtn I Ha oaiinot nnttu 
witb men, \i^ i.i au aiiarchio i&aik Only iu a worhi at swcere 
mtn in aau^ pocibibli^i — and iher^r En th« lon^run, it &a afl 
good aa rvfrfain. 

Pnr nhKprvfl oTin thing, :i thing Ixxi nftnn laft out of vinw, 
Off mtltt^r altogcnhnr lont ^Igbt of la thin controvrrriy : That 
it b not uooeaaory u tnou atould Itimaelf have diar»vfirf>J the 
truth hsi U to b^lipvn in, nnd nnvi»r no xinrtrrltj to bflli*TV« in, 
A Girnt Mslh, wc, wjia atwoyn MiinTrr, ^i^ tha liiikt coii< 
ditionof him. But a nmu n«ed not bu crcat in ord^r to bo 
aiucere; that is not the neodssity of KAtnro and ^1 Timo, bnt 
only nf nprlJiin nnrnipt nrLfnrtimn.te i^ficHdi^ tii Tiinr. A man 
OKX believe^ and nutkr hia own, in the moat ^i^nuiur^ vtur, wlut 
ho has TvofiiTod from luiother; — and with boundless latitude 
to ihAt nthrr! The m^rit of oWyrno/iVy i« n^t ncvplty; it in 
kiuccrity. The bolieving m3Ji if^ the nriL^iTial rimii ; what4oevrr 
ho bciLicTca, be bcltOTii>e it for himself, not for anothor. Erery 
son of Adam can b«>ooQao a sinooNi mstn, an ong^ina) nuo, 
In tbiR HAiiHr; mi iiicirtsd 1% dnnmrd ity In- an iEininiMfre uiiin. 
Wbot ftgcfl, yrhut wo call igi-* of i'aitli, are orJjtrinnJ; itll men 
ia Uicon, or tlie moot ot men in thorn, Biu«^*TV. Theae are 
tho |r«at and fniitfnl afjrs fin-py HciTk»"r. in Ml si>hema, la a 
vorker not on acisbkbut'i: but uu aubatauco ; crcty work uvu«« 





\u a tcaolt: ih» KcnnnU aum o£ ttucli work b graoti lor nJl 
of i^ w KcnniDi*, tcnila towanlfl oii« goal; aU of it U oJtfMv^ 
noofi of it subtr^Lotire Thnrfi Ik Lnui uniou, t^ul^ kitighliip, 
loyslty, a1I tnji? uiiJ blvMod Uiiugs, so £tLi u Uw ptxjv £utii 
c«kh pt<Klii« bl**aodDco» lor mecu 

Ui-ro-wi>ralui* V Ah mt, Itiat ai mflJi be wir-suhHislanl, orlgi- 
naJ, tni(», i>r what we Cftll It. is sutpIj Ujc £>krthF»t m tho 
worM (niin iDiluii>04ui^ htm tO xoTcroucti ftbd bu<iMTe other 
mvxv^ truth ! It ciiiy diopoMe, wiceasltaU^ ujd iBviiictblj 
compols kirn to <f«b»litive other men's ^pujI k'rmiilui, lirax* 
%iiy% anti nxitmlhst. A oiaji tiiubnuwa triiUi with hi^ cjres 
oimt^t ftad bootkUAo hb «rjt^ &» opeai; doos ho nc«d to ttbut 
thorn before li« uau ]ijv<t hi^ T^^ooht^r of truth ? He iJo&e eta 
tcve, with ft right g^litude jloA ^nmiu» lojralty of ouul, tlkd 
Tlvro-Teactier wlui h:Ls delivercij him out of dflrkneae UlKO 
lijChh U not fluch & OH& a true Hero and Serpent-^^ucUcr; 
worthy of M tvvcmnci^] The blitch moui^ter, FuleohtKMi. our 
OQO enoiuy in thj» world. Ilee jiroetriue by his valor j tt w 
ha tLU ccmquered the vorM for u» ! — S(ie, accordingly, vrfta 
not Luthor hinueLF rororenocd ua li tm« Pope, or E^pintnoL 
/athcr, bfiHff v^iiy 8uoh7 Napoleon, from amid boundloM 
T«To1t of Safificulottism, bec&me a Kiu^ Hero-wm'^ip ncTTnr 
(lieis nor cbji die. Ijoyftlty and Sowrel^xi^ ftre vrerWtuig ui 
tho t/orld: — ^ixhd thtrre in thii: in thorn, that thny att^ K^rTiiid«td 
not on ganiitur^a tmi fiemLlunt^, but on rAalitiiu luid ■in<wH- 
titta. Not hy &hutUuj< youf «yBa. yonj- " priratn jadgrtyit;" 
nOi but by cpcnioif thcjn, cwd by having eomeU^inj? to aeel 
Luthvr^M tnuEiiui^ wiw d^po^iticn uid ebolition to nil tato 
1'upeH jiiiil Tntviitai^^Sp but lif« aud strength, though tdxt off. 

All this of Liberty and GqtiiUity, Electoral su^mgeSr Itid^ 
pendrrf nnd nn forth, we vill take. thi*ri!fori>. 1o t^e 6 tT'cpo- 
r^y jdictiijiuiTDoii, ly no ineiiUiB d tui:U uiif-. Thmigh Ukfdy tn 
iMit A long Mtvo, with nnd moiij^b embroilmcate for as nil, wq 
must welooue it, us th« ittniUly of hiiu tliat are pwit> Uie 
pledge of InesUmaLlH 1:ieii>'l^lM tlijit :ire pommg, Tn all ways, 
it bchooTod men to init siinalacr& ajiil return to Im^I; coiA 
irhftt U mig^it. that did bthoovo to bo d^>no. With ftpuriott 

Lktt. IV- 



rojH% and Bcllems haricf mi priratr j;ii1gmeut> — qsufkfl 
preteiDdio^ to coEamuij orer du|>e^r — yriiat can jou do? 
MucTjiknd iiu»ob;«f ooly. Vou oaimot m^e &d jui^oviotioii 
out oT iJulnc«r« owd j yon caitnoi hniUi sui etiifoe «ici»jft by 
pliiiiuuei Mid leTcL — ^ ny/iC^uiglttf to CUD uothcr I lu uU 
tliia wild rovolutiotuuy wcalu I'ruiD i'rotciataiitinm dowikwiudi, 
] son the bltMiaedt^t r«iult |ir&pmng its«1f : not ^bolitton of 
llAn>*vunihl^r but r&tlier wliat I would c&ll a wliole World ol 
llstue^, If Hero ino4a «»no0» m^u, vh)- maj not ctcej oikie 
uf u^ bo ft ilcro ? A wotld (^ Blouuru, l^ luUuving woild: the 
likw haa be«a; th* like will sigain be,*— caanot help Iwin^. 
Thiit were Uiu ngbt aortof WcvsJuppeis fur Ilvfo&ti . never 
r/mld the truly Better be so tevereocod w whcro idl were Truo 
andUoodI — But we muat Iiasteu to Lutlier and lus Lif^ 

LutWr's Mrthiilai^B WiU4 Eialebeu in^fuionj; hi; caiue mtotluf 
world tLotc oQ thp 10th of NoTomlMir, IISS. It woi ou iicci- 
drnt that ^vo thi^ tionor to Eulubco- Hid porOQtd, pcxji miuu' 
laJ>on*r4 in a \illaff© of that tegiauj niuned McLnt, Umt guno to 
Uh- Kislplirni Winii^r-Tmr : iti tUi* liiiimlt i>r Uiis wjpiic tbe Fnw; 
Lut-Uer waa taki-ii with tiarail, fmmd refuge in mano poor 
Jxiusn tbcro, anil the bo^ aho bore woe [lamed JUautin Lvrufft. 
Strariga onon^'^ ^ mflppt upon it Thia poor Fmu Lutli^fT 
slie l^ad f^oTir with hrr titinUkiKl to laakt^ lier siillII nioii.hjLn- 
diBms^i p«rhapA to ecU the look of ram sh? luwl bceu span* 
r.inp, to bay the small wuit«r'nw?saaTi«s f^pr her narrow hat or 
hoUMrhcibl ; in thn who1« world^ tlwit (lay, lb**™ wn» not a mom 
vnttrcly unimportant- looking jiair of pri>pli? than Lhisi Minor 
And hia Wife, And y^ wliAt were ull Empcront, I'o]>o«i tuid 
Poti*iitat««, la i^oinpulBOD ? Thero was born h^iv, once taor^* 
a Mijcbty Tkfon; whoM lif^ht vtm to fla^nie ns the bem^'ii ovir 
long cmtnfks and apochE! of thf? wnrld; tJi<* wboJi* world and 
its bietory wsa waittog for tliiit nan. Lt b itninicd, U U greftt. 
It If'n^U OH bvrh to Another Kirtlidiour, in & AtlU iruviiitf 
enirironiiH^-iit. KJifhtecTi Tlundird joaj* &^t — of whidj it b fit 
that wo tatj aothing. that we think unly lo silenoe; for what 
WGrdu nw thpre f Tb^ Ago of Mirn^let psiitt7 The Age of 
UirAol«B ia forcrnr bctrl^ 



XiAPt. IT. 

1 find it tk]tcg«t]ier ^laitttUfi to Lnthcr^i fuixiti>oa in tlua 
Earth, and doubtlnKS wiHily onl^nd to thai etid tj tho Provi> 
dvnce |rn-juding i^rnr liin^ juii^l ur anil atl ChingSp th&t he wu 
botD iwor, ^d bruuslit up poor^ ouo cf Dm ifoorast of m«iL 
lie had to beg, >« tUv bvlicoi-childroti m Uior.c timva did ; a^n|^ 
ifig fur alms and br«ad, rmm diK>r to door. JInrLUlip, ligcrous 
Nisrarssitj^ w-ts thii }ioor \toyU 04>m|i^uioti ; no irrati nor nothing 
vouIeI |jut on a fftlAQ faco to iljkL'kr Martin Lutlirr. Amoof 
tilings, noi juiiuui^' Uio tliow> of things, hod he to grov. A bcj 
of rude fi^nre^ yi.'t wifJi M-i^ak he:iltti. wUli his Urge iMo4j 
«oul^ full of all l^'diy ajiJ «cu!>ilii]tt;r, )io buffered gnatlf. 
But it was ttU twk to pit acquauitcd with raaliticat and hcop 
ocqtiAiiitcd with t^irtiiT At whjitfrver coat : hia task vau to bring 
t)]r ^'Iwlu trorkl hui^y Ut ri^litr^ ^r it huxl dwelt too hin^* vttU 
KiiDbluucc! A youth mussed ny in vriiilry wlurlwiudB, iu 
dt'ttolute dftrkueed and difflouU^'T that he m^y ati>p forth &t last 
jr^m htfi vtvrmy ScandiiiATia, etnu^g ha a. Xrtio man, ait ti god: 
ft Chrf fttian UiUn, — a Tt^il^t Thor ttun' invn-^ wiLli liii ihuiuler- 
huaiDCi, to siuitr UTiodcr ngly enough JUtune aud Oilint- 

l^trhapa the turning iiwidetit of his life, t*o mfly tinny, wwi 
tliiit dpath *j( hi* friend Ali^xis, by hghtmUB, al ihe g^itr ol 
Erfurt. Luthvt had struggled up throu^ boybcod, botber and 
worse; disphijiiig, iii*i>it«of all hintbaows, thi^ latfii>«t inUl- 
1<^ct eag^r to l^ani ; his fhlh^r judging ^luulith^H tkil hi- tuigbl 
prtnmitA himitr^ir Ui the wc»rld, wt him ujiun th« ftludr of Iaw, 
Thi.t wft* the path t* riw ; Lnthcr, vfith bttle will in it nthec 
w^y, Ji:id oouecut«d s ho wpw now niui>teen y?ara of lig«*- Ah'xw 
and h« hsid bii«n to Me the old Lather pcojdii at M ansla t dtj 
wnc pit tack ngmD near Erfurt, when n tLuadcr-itorm aata« 
on; tho bolt flrnwk Alexia, ho f«U dood at Luthw'* fort. 
What i» this Lif*' of our*? — gonr in a mommil, \nx\x\i up 
lik«fB MOToll, into tha tiluik Eferuity ! What arc all rarthly 
pntformcnt0« ChauofiUoralupa, Kinic«hipa t Th«y lie shnmk 
tOgfrLliL-r — ther«! Xho Enrth hua opened on t)iem; m * 
moment thf^ ar* not, awl Ettmily is. Luther, rtiuiJt to 
thr hnurt, dntrnuuivd to devote him.icU to God nnd God'« 
Mrrko aloMi- In bpil« of all diasiuuiioua from hii fatJi^ 

urr, rr. 



At\t\ rtthi-n^ ha "b^canui [i Motile in iha Augustluie Gonv^mt mt 

ThU vaa ppobftUf ttio ftrat iif*h^poiDt in the liifttory of 
■uthnr, his puKir will anvr fimt docitivulj^ uLi^ntig iuali j tiut, 
f<ir th<^ prrKC!nt. it wm.h still iin oiit? lit;U^H>mt iti aa I'lrinrnt 
all of (Lu'kii(<3fi- He mtjs he wua a [jujua aiciik, M Hn tfw 
/^ntiwr J/oii^A ffnept^ ; fitiUifully, pninhilly istniicgliiiifE to 
vorlc out thr tnrtb of tlujt btgli a^-t of hiit; bat it vu Ui Hulff 
pLtpQW. lIiH mbfry i<ul not tcfuctird ; Wl nUu?, ju it vera, 
iticr««a^J Uit4} m^tiiluilt'. Tliti dnuij^erLoa iic lud to do^ u 
Dovico in his Conv«Dt, all «ortii of nlavo-workt vort tmi bis 
gripranrr ; tlin iii<<<p cdimi^it. »)ti] nr tlip itiiin hwl f^UtL-n inbi 
all raum^r of b)4ck sunipltrp; Unbitationa ; he belierfd hiiiudf 
likflj to dio soon, ftn<l fr^i' worM thui di«>. On^ hoiu« vriUt a 
D4'«r intpf^rAAt fnr po^r I^iilhitr thAC, at thiit timis ho 1i'p<vi in 
terror of tin? uutiptaluiljli.- Btitoery : f&ncuvl tlut kr wnn ikM>iiu^l 
to «tonuLl repTokutido. WiU il not tli« Imubk tiioccrc tukture 
t4 the m&nV Wliat vt^a tic> ttiat li^ «kouM k« nuMd to 
IfAtrrn T Hi^ tlxnt luul Vnotm mily raJHiry, aiu^ mean slavery; 
Ujc now* wiL* too l>Wu:^ to be crtdiUk^ It could not b*- 
Doi]ie< ek^ir to hiin kow, bv fivt^s vigilet, formulUic:! uid xi&m»* 
«rr>rk, 3 ra;ui')» hoiiI noukl be MrMt Ho foU Uto llio tUckeet 
vrn'tclit^n'^Nt; hiud U> vuidcr Atn^nrlng aat on tho Tvrgti of 
bottotalc.nD IK^aptur. 

It must bav^ been a movt 1>]e&A«d dUcrivory, Ikat of on old 
JjUin EtlbW whif^i brt founil in tkR Erfurt T^bnry ahrmt this 
timr. lie kj^l nrvtr «ccd iko Book licfore. It taoglil 1dm 
uioti«ir kABftOQ tkAD that of taBtB ami ri^Itw A brother mook 
bofK of I>fc>uii flxpoH«iic^ ^raH hnlpfuK Latli«r Itantcd now 
tkit a man inu navcil Dot Ir^ ningifiK mnf^^rj^, Init hj i\\% InflnlKf 
gnioo of (^>d : a looro (tredibJo hypothctna. H? icmduaUy iiol 
himseU fonnilpd, u on tbe rook. No wcoidvr Xoa tkculd vi?!!- 
enb»thfl Bilil^^ wMic\\ luul hroii^ht tbt« bI^e{W4il h^lp t^ him. 
H<» prl^ it aa tbo Wc>ri of tko Hiehr^ movt bo pciud by 
«UQh fl cnmi. He dMenuiu«d to iiold by that \ m tbrougli Ufo 
and to (Ifalb h* firmly did. 

Ttiin. LTm^, ih hii drlivi-rjuim from darkium, bu ftruiJ trl- 
QiD|}li oTer d&ik&OBa» vliat w« c«ll hia ooQvcnioii ; fot biinjoU 

P.P-^VoK 12 


lkctciuls on uekoes 

Lwr- 17. 

tb« mMt impcntiiBt of nil epcHlu, TUut hb utiouJd now gvow 
daily Uv peace and oleames8; that, unfolding riiw tht* great 
taleuU iLud virtue* ui4jU[itcd ht him, ho »hould riM- t<:i irapoT* 
tonciti in bin i^ou%-ofLtr m hij; oountt^, uid be found nivrc- and 
moiv uM^Fij] i[] ^ill liotiL^Kt bLiAiu«d:!i of tife, U a naiuraJ results 
IT^ ws> »etrt [in iriiiiftioii^ by hit Augu«tia^ Order, m a maii of 
tolont and Hdclitj tit to do their bu^inc^sa well: tlio Blectoor 
of Saxony, yrledrtuhT luuuod ihv Wuc, a mly wiso Jmil joet 
princi^ had L-;Mt hi« fji' on him d>4 a valuable |>er«oa ; luaJv 
lum I'rofossor in hu ii«ir t'niTcraity of Wii^ttubcrg, I'reachei 
too at Wittcnb^rj; ; iq lioth whioh cu|>iioitiun, na^ in all dutic6 
be did. lliU Lutlier^ in tW (M^eeable ^[iLcrro of common life, 
•waj^ gdniog more anii raor? eMleeni wuli all good ijj4*il 

It was in hi« twonty-sovrntb yoir that lit Eint mw Rome i 
bmng swt tliitlMir, tut I laid, on mtsvion from hm Convent. 
V(>|w Jii1tu?( tlie Seemiil, i\.iid wliut vra.4 y^Liig on jit, Ki.ii[ir\ miisEt 
hrivf liUrd tbii iiiiiid cf i.mhin- with n-iii:ur"iiuiiiU He luui rHniuf 
4e to tUo Sabred Citj.throQt? of Ood'jlligh-pric^ti^n E^tb; and 
hd found it — what wo ktow! Many tUou^-lita It iiiuet have 
givfin ilir man; rnvny wbioh we have no record of, which p^r- 
hit\Tti lit? did u»tr IiimMdf kii'^w how to uttor. Thi» Rodio, tills 
scvno of taltm prirota, clothed not in thcr brnutj of bolin««s, 
biit in faf oihOT vurtiiM, itt/aijtA- bnt what U it to LutbOT? 
A m^Jtn mail he, how tiliall lii* rtrforia a world 7 Tbjt woa fsr 
from hie Ihoiufhta. A huiulilt:, ><olitai'y luaii. why »J]ould ho 
nt all n)4^ddl4^ with tho world ? It wiut thr. tAnk of qiiibe. blffhcr 
men UuU3 he. Ilbc bnninesK w!u to ^idf? hi* <)«rii foatat«pa 
wisely throtigh the wurld. T^et hiiu do his nwii obscure dutj 
in It well ; tMf Tf-fi, horrible and dieioal a« it look^ is in Qod^ 
hAnd> not til lutf. 

It ii; r^iioii^ 1o reflerl wh^-t might harv bem tlie 1iMn«^ lud 
Bomnn Popery h;kp|>i?ned to pass thia LuthuT by; tu >ro on m 
ita great waet^^t'tJ oTbit, fiad not come athwart hio kittle patb^ 
anrl foree hiin to asuitilt it 1 Oonecivnble enongb thut, in this 
eoAf, be nti^ht liav^ held hU pea^^^ about the nljutiepf uf Roiue; 
Wt I^nmdnic^, and Ood on hiich, to *hix\ with them! A 
aiodett quiet man ( not prompt he to uttv-k trttwerrmtly p^r^ 
■on* in anthonty. Hla cl«ar task, aa I aay, vaa to rio bis own 

vvft. nr. 



duty; to v«lk vwl; in Uuu world of confnved vicluHbKfiO, 
aiiil savtf W vvtu tanil aWw. Hut Hu* BniiL;m tIigh-prip«thood 
did coLac atbvftrt him : &£at off £it WiUciibfTg kr. Lather, 
oouM rnit gut UriHl ui bcbesty for it ; be i('iueii£traU<tUr«tti»tvd, 
€vmv to tfXtr^inity ; wLia stmrUt at. Htnick »g:LU)» ildcI so it uuua 
'to irager of butiJi? btlwr^eu Ua-iu ! TIuh i> wortli iktu-ndJn^ to 
in Lntbrnr's history, P^rbape no iium of ?io bumble pcAccaMe 
a dispoKitioQ <fr»r tilli^ the world wilb uont^ntioa WecauiBOt 
but Her Uiiit lie wuulil Itivtr kivi'd privai'y, quint di]igri>nr«^ in 
the Abiulij I duU it Mj^ u^inat hU will bi^ «vcr Ixtuiiic a no- 
tom^. No<ton«^ : what woiiKl that do for bim 7 J*he go«l 
of biN muvb tbruogb ibis world wn# ihe Infiair^ llf^a'^fn; ab 
indubitable gen] for Lim i in u Tifw yranc, hji filj<m]d ritltrr Uam 
MMxod tLat^ or lotrt it r<irrrvvr I AVt? will my nothing at oil, 
1 tbink^ of tl^at si^i-rottrtuleAt cf th«oMc«, of its being aom* 
iDHftii j-liopkf'i'iwr gmd^. of the Au^mitti^ Monk againit tb« 
Doninioan, that first kindlfij tli« wrnth of Luthcr> and \trO' 
doocd lb« i'TotCfftuit KcfCTiJi:ition, W'v vriU >n;r to tb« ptfople 
vho mi^utaln it, tf indeed anj meb exist oow: Get Arnt into 
the spberaof tboii^lit by nhich >t in »<i nnic-h »Ji inMiblp to 
}uO|:« of Lulbrr« ur of any inui like LnUu^-i, oth< ririso tiia& 
diflntctttdir ; wc nuiy tli«n bcgia ^rgmug wttb ^uu. 

Tlw Monk Tf-tfpl, Hvnl out nii^lp^} in tbi* »;ij »f uade^ 
bj^ Lou Tf^iiib, ^ wh{> racrrly wanted to raiic a liulr ntfincy, 
and for th^ rfrst SAcnu to b«rc bt-t^n n fif^u rather tlim a 
Cbrivtian. k> Inr EU Iw^ waa anything, — arrivnd at Wif.ten>wrg, 
and drove Uin Hnmidalmia tnule tlu-cv- Lijtbrr*s Bnrk bought 
Indulfeiicw i ioth^conleVilcaal of liin Ctnurh, people pJcadGd 
to bim UiAt tboy bod alnuidy got tbcir tutu pardoned. LutlieT; 
if he would not be fourtd wauling al bis own jwiftt, a false slug- 
gvd and coward ai tb^ ver; eenln- of thr littlr ffjuicr of KrouiMi 
thnt wn« hiA own and no othrr rnanV hod to %tfip forth a^iaat 
Ii:tdnlgi>noe!(. iind deelarr *Jnud that fA<?y were a fMlity »nfi wir- 
luwful nwKikery, tluU nu uiaji'»tiiub cuulJ Ik- pardnncd by f^^in. 
It was the beginning of the whole Bcformntiirtu We know how 
itw«nt; forward from this limpubliediftll«iigfl of Tetal, on tbo 
laatda^ of Ocrtober, 15)7, thnvj^b r«moDfiUacfsvand ugnmrVBt; 
— •Vnmiiikc rvei wiier, rUing crcr higher; tdl it beeaoift 

8fi8 LECTURES ON HEROES- jjier. IV. 

iuiriti«io]iaUoT ftitd i^nvolopod all iko world Luthn'c b«art*]i- 
deiira veta to havo this grief an<t other griefa lUnMided; bla 
ILim^t AiiA atill fur olkor tbaa thftt of introdu<^tnjc M-p^rfttiOD 
in ihe Cburvh, or rrvoltiri);; ii^iiiat iliv t'opc\ Knthcr of (^hruten- 
dom. — TIjc i-lt^guit I'agUk FDp« cored little about ih\it Monk 
uiid hJH dcH^trines; wlshnl, liowever, to httve Tlone with tbe 
Boise of hiia: ill a «|M4W of souio three 7r4r«, haviog tried 
wiotiN noft^r mc-tbodi. \xib thvnght good to find it by^fi#. tio 
dooms the* Muuk*! writings to b« borot bj tlie baegzaan, tad 
tiHl>ud> tubeneiit buimd toRoai^, — probably forabUuilariJUr- 
fKiw. tt w[ui tho way ttifij bod oodod vith Hnan^ with Jorot&Ov 
thv Pt-nturj- IwfortT. A iihort argiiwent, fire, rour Httu; h« 
csun? lo tbiit Ooii6tait(^ CouuciV vilh all iniaj^oable prciimztnt 
ud ^AJo-conducta ^ an cwneat, not rcbclliotu Itind of mui ^ the> 
Uid him imttontiy in a ttooo duntf^ion '^ thrLH! faut wide^ tix f*At 
high, a«ven f(*Ht loiig;'' ftwmf tJip tnip vole* of birii tiiit of iUi» 
world i <Jiuk«l U hi amukv ;md tire, Tlml waa nwi well dotiL- 1 
I, for one, pardon Luther for tkow altogether rcivoJ^Liij^ a^&M 
thu Fopi^ Th^ <<l«f7ant PaK^n, by this fircf^Iocrm> of hU, had 
hiiidli'd iiiUj noble juHt WAih thr briTrat hnrart, ihpn liTing In 
tbia world- Tho bnn^e*t» if also out <>f ihi-. hiimbli94> jwaoe- 
ablu«t; it wcui miw kindlod. ThoBo wordu of iniftr, -^^rda of 
truth and notrt'nieji*, niminj^ faithfuJly, mt hatn^tx iiubitity 
irould allow, to jiiMtuotfl ikni\ truth uii E^irthn wid »ftv<* mcii*s 
MuU, yo\n <;o<l'a Tioegcrent oa rarth, Aiiswt^r them lij 11^" ^mg- 
BDftn and firo * You mHU burn m<* And thcro, for tusw^ t-i tbe 
GodVuK^Afti^^ tJmy RtnMvn to bring ron? 1 au arv not iiod'n 
ricfgcrfiut ; you i^t uiiothur'w than bin. l tbiuk ! I takt* yonr 
Bull, M an em(KirvrhLiGtitcU Lk, and burn ^, Yuu will do wliat 
foil aw good next : this is what 1 do, -^ (t wm on th« lOth of 
Dooembor, 1520, tbrtsr ymra *ft«T tbe hf (finning fif thn but inM«, 
that Luther, '^with a great conoourte of prnplrv" took thin 
IndignaiitMt^of burainstho Pope's firt^ocir^^ "atthcElntcr* 
Gate of Wittiinbrrg,*' Wit1«&b«rg loolcfd on "with about- 
inicfli^* *i»« vholc worh1 wa* looking on. Th^ Pope should 
oot barn provoked that "rtic^t"! It wtt» thr Bhoiit of the 
avak^tiirig of uaUoha, Tht quiet 0«nRAn heart, modest, pati«rnt 
of macb, bail at letigth got more tlian it «mld hwu. FormiiU«in, 


uwr. ;t> 



B&gan Popfinn, and other FftlMhoo-i attd oovrupt 8«mbliuw 
had TtiM lortR L'&ongb : und ticrc oticia more vrai a man fotUMl 
vbo durvt t^ll all men tli^l Gi>d'A-virorlil stood not oti Mm- 
hlARccs bub ita itJiliLlttfe j tlml Liie wu a LruUi, aiuJ mil a lis I 

At bottom, aa wu uid aborr, tvc are to couAider LutJicr a« a 
Prophet IdoI'brRakrr ; a, Uingu4»ck of Hkfln to r<talit}-. It b 
the fnnt^tiun tii gn^ut men oud toaohetft, Uahomft uid, Th«M 
idoU of joiiD arc wocdi juu put wax aod oiJ on Uicm, tli« 
flicfl stick on them : thf^yaxo not Odd, 1 tpull yoo, tliey are black 
wood ! Lutliar taid to tiw TopT^^ TUIk thuig uf jonrs tbat yoQ 
t?a1] a Fujdim of Siii», it U a bit of ra^-]ia|jrT with Ink. It £v 
aoUiiag frb^; it, and so nuicli Iik« it. U aotlung dso. Gcd 
alone am panlou «in«. I'oxweliip, KpiiituaJ E^itbcrliood Of God's 
Churcb, i% thnt a ruin hoiiiI>Uiiiim.'t ^^ i^U'tU and ? It 
18 uj awful IJLcL Uod^B Cliiuvb ia i\vi a iH^^bljinw, HcaTini 
and iltfU are uot aomblauoes- 1 etaitd on tbi^, aicuw j-ixn drive 
mc U> tt 5t«udiDg on thin, 1 1 poor U^rmaii M*>iJc am vtTirnf;<*r 
than you a^\. I atajiil KiilitAn', friitadlnM, tnil fin (!i^Krs TtuiIi ; 
joti witli jwir tiaTa*, tni>lc-liata» with your tT4-a«urlvs and ar> 
morkd, ibundcn Jipirittukl tLiid temporal, ettanil on th«T l>oYir« 
Litj onii art not co Ktr;>ng : — 

Tht Di**t i>f Woniis, Lnthrt-"» apiicaraufv thoT*^ on the ITth 
(if April. L12J, may ba cunaidrml ua lUe (jrcuteat 3ti<iw in 
lltHtrrn EuroiMNm tlifitorf ; ibc pointy indiwJ- U^m which thff 
whole subcrquont hUtory of OLvUuation tak«c its Hbo- Aft^r 
ntilUpli«'l negotiations, di^ptitationft. it had nom« tn thlv The 
yoong Ba]]H*Tur ChAj-lt^ Fiftli. with all Ui« PrincM of Gi^nnany, 
Papal ikUDciua, dignitariea spiritual au^ temporal, aro a»cahled 
tlMTO: Lnth«r 30 to appearand acfiwor lor himaolf, whether 
h* will nvnnt or not The world'* pomp and power sit* thi^ro 
on thU land : rn thnt, irtariila up f^r ftod's Trnfh. onp m^r, the 
poor min«r nann Lather's Sun, Fiiriids hiul iciaiudrd him of 
Huftft, mlvisud hjm not to fto; ho would not tie advund. A 
hu-g«< TfimfK^ny of friendd rode out to ui«et tiini, with hUU laorn 
tornr^^ wamiDKs ; be answered. " Wrrc there aa inanj Derlls 
in Wonna aa tbore are roof-tilcA, 1 would on/' Tho pcoplo, on 
tho Aorrow, aa h« went to iHn Hall <■! the IHct- crowi1i>d l! -» 
windows and boiue-topa, some of them nailing oct tu ^ i 



adI em n words, Dot U> n^^jLtr " WhooncTor di^nint}! me bttfon 
lacD ! " tbpj rriijd to him, — Aa iu u kJLid of H'jlt-mn [K-LiliuEi 
and adjuratii^u* Waa it not m reality our fcttti^-a too, tii« 
pHiVioTi of the wliole world, lying in dark bundngo of foul, 
(t^alyin^d iiiuitr a bliii'k tipevU-a] Si^'btmarff And tnplfflutlrd 
Chimera, railing itself Fnthfr in Oo^i^ ftnd what utrt: *^Frw 
lis; it r&^ts with thee; desert us not!'* 

I^llier did imt ikfitrt ita. HiR speech, of tiri> lioiinu d{^n- 
guifliicd itaclf \>y ita tcdj^ectful, vUtv ajii) huueat ti»ciej HuU 
diMivo to whfttnooTnr cmild lawfiiHf clniin i^Libcnission, Di>t 
BubuiUiive tci uuy dure th.;iu tUat. Hin wrUlngitT htf icaid, 
w«n* i»irt!jr bii ciwii. {ibjlly drrived frum tlje Wutil uf GucL 
A.$ to irbat was his own, huiujui infiriulty enteTe^ into U ; 
uagnnidMl anger, blindnrdnt, many thtnf^v dotibtloes Trliioii it 
■uro<ra a1>l4*Mbdng Sat bim Leonid lie hIkjIIsIi idTJigntber. But »% 
U> ttliat sUkhX uu Buuud iriilli aud tho Word of Qod, hu C4^uld 
Lol n^.'iint il. H<^* oi>iild Lo ? '' Confute tnc/' Lo C()UL'ludtftl. 
"by prooffl of Snript^ira, or flUc by jiUin juut ftrgnm#ftts r 1 
funniJt fi?iia.nt otlu'rwbH, Fur it ir^ iiritlier aniv nor imiilirnt 
to ilo aui^ljl a^rainat eonBcioncoL Hare atand I ; I ran do no 
othfr: GfKi assist raft!"' — It i«, oe vq say, tbo greatest mt^ 
iiH'nl in the M[nii'rn lltstory of Mnn, Engliih Puritnuigtn, 
Eiiglatiil and its Parliament*, Amuric-iui, and TaAt wntli thcnr 
tvoc^ntnries ; Frrnc-h Itcvolulion, Eiii<>jn^ and ile work L*vMy- 
where at prontTit: tbe germ oi it all iJiy ih^rrf : had T-utli^r 
in tlint moment <)on& otb^r, it hnil nil Iitpii [itiu'rwiMft Tha 
Euii>p«au Wcrli] was asking him : Am I to »ink t-ver loir«r 
into falMhiHxl. ^tagiinnt jtutrcscitni^H, [oathiiuuK* accursed liifftlk; 
or, with whuUvFT paroxy^Jii, to caet the faUt^hoods out of mo, 
and \>fi rui'^d and live 7 — 

(irtttt wtirt, oonUintiona and diannion followed out of tlut 
Reformation; whl<?b last down to our day, and am yet fkr 
ttGin elided. Great talk and criiuination hoa boon made 
About these. Tht^3' are loini^ntablc, undomiihlL*; iut after aU, 
what hoc Luthfjp or hitt mua^ to di> vi'h tbera ? It seuns 
■tmnge Nuutonlng to cbari,*^ the HnformalinTi witf) .ill thin. 
Wliwi Hercules turned the purifyiog rircr into Kin« Au^cfti'a 




Btohlcfl^ T h^Jt no donbt the coclFusIou tlai r«aiilted wan oon- 
ttidrrable all ftTonnd : bet I think it wa^ not H<Tetil<>8*e blame i 
It voB soma ot1jt<r'* blunter? Thi: R^Icmuttion might bring 
vbat rPHulU it Uki^ irlttju it nsun**, b\xi tb« KnfTirDiutioa 
^itap1y coiilil not help comini;. To oU Topvs auitl Popi^fl* 
lUlTwMitM, «rxpo«tulatingf Umimtixks luid AAcnmin^ thft aoflvvr 
of thft wftrW i* : Oiu'i* far all, j-otir PoiwIukkI buK b*woma 
untrur. No uiattsr hovr pwd it wa«, bow gtntd you miy it in, 
vo fornot boHtrro it; tbi? Itj^ht cf <mr whnln mind, giv«4i 118 
tc walk by from Heaven above, tiiida it hi-atwforth u thing 
unMi^va^ble. We will uoi Wliero Jl, we wtU uut t.r^- lu l)tv 
VifTQ it, — wo (low not T Tiic thinu in bnfrur ,- ii^ wfro traitor* 
Bgninnt the? Girrr of nil Trutb. if we durttt pn^utiti to think it 
Cme. AiJt&y with it; l«t nhkitHnever like^ oomo Ui Urn pUi>e 
of It : with ii we can hftvc DO farther trjule ! — Luther and Ma 
Prot«iitii.ntiEm u not rwponftiblo for wnrs ; the falw SimaUcm 
thftt forced him to yrt}Vtttlj t}i«y are nsponaibl^. Luther did 
wlist erpry iu;tiU that Oorl lia^ nijute ti^ia tjul only tlvf righ^ but 
Um under Ih^ Hatred duty, tc do : annwervd a l'*&l4chood Then 
it ijTiear,i<»ne'} bim, Doi^t tbou b^here me? — -Noi^Atwhnt 
oort mici^i^r, wiihout £'tmniinif of "fHttT this thln^ behooved 
to he dont. Umou. or>(;iou^lLc>ii Hpititcud Titid laat^rJAl. a far 
nobki thou flnr l'o[-odoiH op IVuduliAni in thoir tmcst day», 
I nev^T doi:bC, \s roming for the wotld ; anie to uome. But on 
Fiu?t n1on», not on Strmbhinn** nnd SimnlAmim, will h b^ ftUtf 
either to romr, or to nUnd when come. With union jrrounded 
on falBobood, uiid ordtrrixif; na to apflok nnd Ad; lire, wc will 
not bjivn anything to do, P«noe ? A hrubd lothargy ik pfuuo- 
oblr^ the DoiK«me gr&Te U peaceable, UV lic»pe for a Itrlng 
pefLoe, Qot a dend one ! 

And yet, fn priring Juitly thp indifipenMUo hloflpinpt of tho 
Xrw, Int im not In* unjust U» the Old. Tht- Old «vi# tn:*, if 
it no longer i». !n I>uiteN daj« it needed no bo^bistry, self- 
blinding or other JiahovK^ty. to p-t ittvlf rnnkoncd ltu*.\ It 
waft good then ; r&y there is in flii^ soul of it a deathlefti |,*ood, 
Thi* cry of "No Popery" is foolish enoiisb in lh«we (Uys, 
Tl^e apecuhition thfit Popi^ry ifi on tho iaonrttde. Iiuildinj; now 
chftp^lfi orifl £0 foHh^ may pass for ono of the idJe«t^evuf 



UtT. [T, 

rtaH«d. Very rarioiiA: u> coant up n few I'opUlt chupeU, 
lUtf^ to A fi'w I'rtTtL^Ktaat logie-ohopjilng«, ^ lo much <iuH> 
ilnmiu^ iltiiwny iimiiitir UiM »liJl t^alU iLwU riulQ6Uujtt luid 
&&J : 3«v. rrot^atuutLAiu in lU^ ; Popci^iu la more aUrr Uiaii 
it, will b« uJivo altrr iti — Droir»y uioniTU's. ii^t a fi^ir, thftt 
will thrmnclvpn Proti**tJint are deiitl; but frcfesfanJiMi Im* 
not dietl yeU 1h«t I k«ax of ! ProtesUDtisuu U wo will look. 
h*4 in UiBM daya procluo^ its (Jootha itn Nn]>oUoTi ^ ti«i^ 
mun Litentinv uid the FVoncti Hrvolutioii- ruUi«r oouid- 
1-nibtt »i^u» tit lift-! N;«y. ^l butloiu. wiuil else is aiivv ^u€ 
Proteat^ntibju ? Tlkc life of most ch<' tlmt odo meets i« o letl- 
rauie one mc^ivly, — not a. pl<»cuiant, not a ItJihtiff tan of lif*! 

Ffipfrry c'jin ImtUi tiew j.*h^ipclH : wi^liMinir tti ilu so, lo all 
Lengtlia. Po^iery cuiuiot nnmt' Uick, Ari> nn^ro tkui TairaoisiA 
eiva, — toAtrA aUo etill litigtyra in Homo nntinui^^ Hut, ii^iLood. 
It U with l^^ep ilitngi^ !LA wicU thi^ rhbiitji of tho »t-a.i you 
look at che woT^s osriHaliiig hiUij^r, tlnrJuT nn tin* hnttrh ; tasr 
minaijv yi>u c^aunotH toll hov it in ffoinE; LooW in h^lf <in boor 
whetoit i»t — Innk in hnlf n rmtury wherayoiu' J'opcliocMl iai 
AlUf woTtId tbom went no ffivAttT iiAugcr to our £itrop« tluui 
tli« |»or <^l(l P«>]>»^ tvt^ivHl ! Tlior rmy >ft srvm Iry i« reviro. 
— And withal thij oiriUatioQ Ijua a meauiuf;. Tin* pooi old 
Poppfiood will not iV}<* o-vny eniiroly, ftA Thor hue doue. for 
soiun time yet ; iinr ouftht it, W** may lay. tlip Old n*v<rr fli#« 
till Uji-1 h;i|)}i^;i. Till all ikr iwal tit fj^ixxl UulI it^a in it Utna 
gcrt it^^U ttimafn»orl into the prfteileaL Kew. While a ^p>od 
work rpnuuni; cApa^itfl' of bpini; ilono by tbci Eomish form; (nv 
wb^Lt is itidusiri? of iiLI, while a piotu lift rnmaitiM enpmble of 
beiug led by Lt> ju»t so long, if we eonniler, will thU en tho 
cthf^r hnmAh soul ndopt it. i;o abont aa n Uvin; witn«0A of it 
So Ifmg it will ohtnid* itmlf fm thp pyr of ns whn reji'et it, 
till we Li tmi iinu^tii* too hiive :i]]pnipri;it«M) whabmr-^TT of 
tnith wju in it. Thtru, but lUfio not till then, it will have do 
eJumri in^-rv for suiy niAiu It la»lo bOT«> for a pnipow. LeC it 
Lut *iA lung ii» it UAH. — 

Of Lutber I will odd now, b referonee to all tbeac wmw 4Dd 
blao(ldi«d, tbo DOticMbld fact tbat none of tbcm bt^gan eo loQff 

Imet. IT. 


a« be coDtmufid l]%'ing. Tbe controTcrsj did not ^t to figl^ 
ioir !K> loiii; OA his v^ tb^to. To too it u pnoj of lii« Kt^xit- 
iivj&» la all flpQS«^ tli^« f»et. Hovr seldom do ve tmd a man 
UiAil li^ fltirred up somi? vb4X commoUou. wtiu iltM«i nut Lini- 
aclf jfcrUh, ifwuj in it! Such u llw iiauol course *if 
rt'TohitiooUts. LutLer oouttnu^ la x good dvgrctr, Dovrn^i^n 
uf tJiia greatest rwulmiiiii < nil Prole&luitA, of v1i:iL ruik or 
function 90tv«r, lookiJif much to Itim foi ^damv: and 1;« 
bcld it pcflocfiblo, oonttnuod farm nt tJiv cmtrc of il. A miui 
to Jo iMf most have a kingly faculty : hv inu*t hjivc Uu* gift 
lo diflueni &t all tunis ivheru llii- ttui; hi^urt uf ttiir ia;itk-r lim, 
to ploiLt hiin.-«t-lf couiscconjdy on Ui&t» a^ a atroot: Ime 
thut otLt^r irui^ mtn nutj rally round him tli'^re. II^^ 
vill not continue leader of men i>tlterwisr. Lulher'ft almr 
deep force of judi:rne.ntf tii« force of all AorU, of aiimte, of 
tol«rutc)o and modcmtioD, ai&o&jc others are very iiotal>lc ia 

ToIpiuiioj, 1 Hu^ ; it very gnrinliti? kiiul of UiTi^rartni' : lit? di*- 
tii)^ialifv4 what h faaciitiaV und wli&t irt not; tht unrffsrntLaJ 
may go vory much m it wHl. A i^on^jikint r*oni**s tn bun tliat 
such and Buch si Rrformcid l*n*nohrr "will not pn^iuiii withniit 
a caasock." WoU, anawcrti Luthrrr, wliat h^inii will u iwuck-Ji 
do the BULD f '* Let htm hftvo a coaeovk i» pr^aah in ; K-t him 
havt> threo ousooJU if he find b»ncdit in thflut I ^' Hit eon- 
duct in the matter of Kqrlntiult'ji wild inijigi'-tirT'nkini;; of Uir 
Au!i1iaplL4L& ; of the Pramut^ War, »huw» % iioWt fllreiicth, 
very different lt*^m Hpoflmodio violence. Wuh *mre promi^t 
kiutght bo diforuninatet what is what: si Atrong jtint niiui, Tu> 
speaks forth what is the wise course, niui all mvrcL (ulhjw htxu 
in th,»t Luther's Written Worka givt* oimihir li-?«timony of 
hira. The dialoc^t of these nprnulationi is now grown obeolel" 
for ii!i: but. one «till reads thorn with a singular attrax^.ion. 
And indmd thn mi^re gr.unjnatii.'al diction is vdU Wiblo 
OQOtighi Luther's morit in literary history in of the frn>at**li 
his dialwt becamG tbo Ungiio^ of all writing, I'hoy aiv not 
w«!l writtOTi, these Foiir-aml-twcnty Quartos of his: writt^Ti 
2ia*tilj', with quitp oUier thai* literafT" obj«ttf- Rut in no 
Booko have I fouad a more rabost, gi^nulDt, I will say oohlo 


faculty of a. mxn thim in Ibef^e. A rug^-ed honnit^^ bomfr' 
Kiiru, nimplinty; a rufji^U At«rliu^ bvuae uml Hirrn^Ui. Ha 
tiuaktsi out illumuialioi] from htnii tus smiliDc idiomatio 
|iJiraiOe Mom to uUjiVe into thu VL<ry Koeret oE Uui maUer, 
Good linrntkr lii'i, nay txfiuitr iLfTcH'Llou, rmU^'JiKH anil di-pth : 
thU ijuw i:ouliI luivi- Wu a Poet too! lie hu^ to urork an 
Epto PociUt not vnt« od^h 1 oaU him n ^>at XbiiikcTi «0 
inilftnl hiii grM,tTii'tiA of hvsut itlnuulj TioMki^tiA ThAt 

Riiht*rric4jK»i" Liitln^r^K wnrdn, '* Uift wiinln lira U^f-tnlUHi/' 
Thuy muy bti coUvd aa TLiu esiifutijU ciualitj of lutn waj, 
that iio oouid figlit ajtd corjqu^^i^ ; that K« waa a right pieoe of 
human Vatfir. Ni nicirn v;Lli;&iit rnLUi, aa niirtnl ht*nrt to bi^ 
i^aXUfl i/nwrr, tlhih uiit ho-i ii^vurd cif, rvcr livtn] iii ih^t Tcii- 
t«>u)c Kindred, vhcw: uimnutcr ia valor, llu <kEiLaue of iltf. 
"Devils'" in Woi'iDfl «!M Qoc a mer^ bcut, &a the Uke tuigbt 
be if now Hpokt-n. Ii w;i8 u fititL ot Lvitht^i'A ih^it ihera vuk 
Dcvila, «pi[ilu&l dcnuciis «:>( the Pit, contiuuiill/ l>c9ettiD{; 
men. Haqj tdmcn, in his vntuisi^ thiA turn^ npj lUid b hhwI 
soaall eneer ha« beer groiiuded on It by vome. In tL« Toon 
wf Uio WaitbLii4 wh^re ho Attt Ldufil^iiii- Uir Uililt-^ Llicy MtiU 
jihnw yoii a UiuOc .ipot on tho ir&ll; tl^c »traiiir« caomorial of 
0W3 of tU<^e i<»utU'>U. LuLht^r i;:it trfljuUtiiiff ooo of Uw 
PfinlinA ; tie wun worn down u ilL lung lal>*jr, ^itb HioknwM^'J 
&bbtiiieiici^ froiu food : there iom* b^for^ Lim noiiie tiidrouH 
indoHnablo Iroaifc, which ho took for the Evil uuc, to forbii 
hhi work^ Lniher AftrtiMl up^ wit!i fivnd-dafian<^ ; Hung bifl 
inkdtiauul nt tlu» aprnftro, und IL dhmiJjit'^m'il ! Th^ i|KJt ntill 
rciujUJufl tberei a CLiru>a» ait>iiiuueut of «FvcraJ llim^r^ Any 
ftI>Athocaty'it Skptiroiitioe ca& now tell Ufl what w<) ore to think 
of UiIh &p|Mritit<n, in a vcinntiflc sAtwo: biit tb^ m&n'n liAait 
thftt doro nb& dcfittnt fiu^c to fioi^ a^ninxt lldl itu-lf, can. 
IP TO no bicker proof of foarl«fl8&e». The thing bf wtil t^uail 
before ft^xivtM not on tki« Tj^rth or UDd^ it — F^arieee enough I 
*'T1m Devil ijt awjtru,*' writc-K hn nn iynt^ oci^njtion, " thnt tlitS 
doed nob piococd out of feu in me. I have ^ecn and defied 
iimm&erabJd Ddvil», Duke George/* of Loip^ij:, a great tneny 
of hi*, ** Diik* Goorjtif i« not t'tinal to on?- Devil,"' — f&r ahort 
of a Devil 1 '' If I bisd biwineiift al Leipzig, I would ride into 



Letpxif;, thougli it nin^f] ]>iiko tioor|?cfi Tor ninb dajB niD- 
ning.*' Wliat a rt»«nf i>ir of I>ulti'9i t^ rt<l** iuiftl — 

At lb« smiie tiuui. Ui«jr err |^i<iitly who iumginr ttiat this 
Bma'» courage wu ferocity, mf^rc cooim diaobMlient obvtiitACj 
ftad tAv^gtj, M many iln. from tlut» Ther« Doar W on 
AbnenrM- ot ffCir tthidi ivriurs from thn uh^rnoK of thmiglii or 
aJT^Ltiou, from tloe^ |rT«Mnut^ of hatred aoil atu|ni1 Tiirv. Wp 
do not v(ihi« the oourag« of tho tid;er lii^^hly 1 Witb [^uthci it 
WZK fir otbi^rwiiK»; no ftomusAtioti roiild bo more unjust timn 
tliiH i)T nieii' fr^rdciouH viitlnirif hrnii^tit a^u[i?(t him, A mo^t 
gentle beart ivitliul. iuU of pity ami ]ov«, &9 in^««<l tk« tnilj 
v&liant heart evv-r ie. Tho tignp before a tfrongfr fo© — fliest 
Uip tip*r i* nnt whsit wr «>1l valijintj nnly tiprrp And <^ip\, T 
knovT few thinga mnrir touohine than thiMc m^ft brrnthin^s 
of jk^Mtiom, aafi oa a cAiild'a or A motber*^. hi tbi» grtat wild 
h«tfLrt of Li;l1i«ir. So honesty nnadult^mt^d with nay cantf 
hnnirly, tiiilt^ in Ihi^Ir ulIjTuirp; jitim lu Kutr^r willing ti-om 
the rock. Wlial, in fact^ vm a]] that dovu-prfsaed uicioi) of 
dcapAir and reprobation, which wp snw in bi» yciilk, but tho 
out^mc of jirft-iiiiiini>nt thttup^hlful ;Trntl«<n('i;>t, A0«<tiotis too 
kcfii and Htie V It in tlit^ cuurat stiic-b mrn uh ihc* poor Fort 
Cow£j«r fall iota. Lather to a alight oUwrvtr mi^^hfc havd 
ft«Pinod ft timid, Wf^i^k m^tn; nicxl«4ty, affficLio&ftte ahrLuklng 
teni]i-m«?o Ihp chief distin<*iion of htm. Tt i* a nobk rftlor 
wktch iH ruusbd lu a heart liktf thi^ once atirrtfj op into 
deimnoe, all kindled into a lieav*&lj bhw^. 

In I.vtb^r's TMthT'itky a |>o«thiimous Booh of aneodot^ 
anil Hnytngn iinllnrlnd by hi* fHrnda. thn mnut intprt^ltng how 
of all thn Docks prorordiiig from him, wet hnxr inauy beautiful 
unfOP««ioutf difiplayei of the maxir and whtit M>rt of nature he 
hofU Hi4 Uliamor at tJie death-bed of bii little Dauf^bt^, fto 
Htilt, Hn i^n^at ami loving^ ia aiiwD^ t1i9 moiit (LfTv^-ttitg thing»- 
Ho ia rvai^nnl thckt hia Uttlo Ma^aleoe ftLoald dio, yet bnga 
inftscpiceeibly Uiat sho mi^bt live;— follow*, in awt-atnick 
UiPtigkt, tb^ flight of her little aoul throiif;h tboso unknown 
realnix Aw(N«tme1i; mc«t heartfelt, wr rum Mr; wul aia* 
(W^^ — f»r aft^r all doiciiLAtic cfecdn and articka, he feeU 
whiu Qotbbg it U ttat we kaovr, cr can know: Hin little 


Ifft^IjIent* eh&ll htt with Qwl, u God wilb; for Lvtlier too 
tlAt in oil; Itiam iB oU. 

iktiLV, ho ItHjlm out Trom hbi (»Uuirj' ratmr^i, thff (^iwtie 
of CL>bui|^, in tLo iijd<l]c of Ibe ui^-hi; Tho gn^t vi^U ol 
JiuMefksity, loDjf Sights of cIotivIa sAiliog Ui/on^h it, — damls 
Ipuint, bu^?<— 'Vrfui 4[iii|Mrrta ill! ihttt? "JItntc Ar«r taw tho 
pilt&n of it; jr«l U b fiuppDrtod/' Ood mipporU i^ W& 
nniflt hnov tlutC God it great, that Ood U k^^ ^o^ tru.-i^ 
wkii'rt- Wit fonnot toe, — Hvlumin^ homo frcm L^prttg onot^ 
he ia Htrutik b/ the liemitj ul' Uie hjurusiUlirl^t : Hov It 
Htandt, tfaal ^Idou jolbi«' ocm, cu ita f^ taper ttena, itf 
feold«n h«ftd b<uit, 0.11 rich and waving tUerev — the intek 
Knrtli, jLt Gof!*H kiml bicMinpr. bits prodci^vvl it ono^ *^0^^r 
Uic bmftd of man I — hi ihc gAtiltii ut Wittmbrrg oov eT«i>- 
ing At AUtiaot, a Jittl^ bird iiud perched toir tlie ui^kt: Tkftt 
littU biid, ffstvfl Luther, ahovo. it ar« th^ ftt&j» aod deep 
Hf<3vipn of worMs; yot it ha^ folded it« )iirle vingfl; gOMtt 
trufttTull; lo n^st tbrtc u in its hoi&c; the Makrx of H hta 
fprcn it too A homu! — Neither OkTA lairtbfijl tiinkt want- 
ing r th^f« 1b a great free Viuniaii beaA In IhiA man. TKd 
roDimon tpe«ioh of biin bat a rugged iiobknett, idioBmllc^ 
e>pfettiv«, ffrnmafii sleAind licrc and ttcrc^ with b(«tt(iral 
poetio t>iit«. Uit« E«elt liita to be u groat brother duuL Uu 
low? of Hutio, indc^eil, Ib not Ihia, a* it w*»rp, :.\tp miiumnrj 
of all these afffction^ in himP Mmi^ a wiM undttcmlAlitj 
ht tpokc fc^rth frrim Lien io the tixitt of hia llut«. The 
IteviU Ilf-d IreitTi hiB flute, he Bay*. Deatb'defi-'L^c^ on th^ 
<Hiid hiiud^ uiid HUiA\ h^ve of muKJc on t}»r pUmt; 1 imiijUI i^l 
tlkrao the two oppotito polo of a greftt 90ul| between tbcso 
two all grt^i tbiogt httil tooih, 

Liitlier^t r»r>e U to me evpreadre of him ; in Kranacb't beat 
pottrAita I Jipil tiip true Luther, A ruile j>l«b«faD face ; with 
iti hngo cra^lik« brown and boiu^. thn rrnbLem of ruggod 
energj ; at kni, aLmost a rvpiUiiiVi* tuev. V«t in the «>'•• 
ee|iectailj ibc^re U a wi!d ^ilt^rit ftorniM ; aii unitaiuable nii^Iaii* 
choly, tlie ^Icntcnt of ell ir^k and fine aJFcctiont; giving to 
tbo trvt the true stauap of nobleoeM. L^a^tor wad id thia 
Latter, at we said; but teoTB alto were tberr. Xeon ahn 

LiXT. IT. 

Tiu: iitJtQ AS vmvsi\ 




vrvrt aypcintc^ him ; inur* Jinii bard tuil^ The bftflt* of bit 
iii^ 'fv^s Sodnp^ E3Lrti»Tjii??u. lu liti taU4tr days, aft^r ml) 
triumphi juvl vicUincK, he «x(irHtB«ft Euio^eU lieaxtUj weafjr of 
living^ be oDnauleta Uiot Go<l alotio cact ntid will irinilal« the 
ot>une thii^ am UkiDg^ aad tJut pediapi tUv U^iy i>l Jiulg- 
m«nt Is not far Aa for bim, bu lougs for uiic tUin^; tlist 
God woiibl rrlrJtAit hiia Trom hht \ii\nr. aiid It^t biuD drpfivt. aixft 
b^ At rent. Tbi^y uDdtretwiU liUk* uE Lhir mun who cite tbii in 
iiijcndxi ol blm I — 1 wnll coll tUi8 LtitWr a tfii« Groat Mao ; 
great In inte]l«>clt in coura^ affocDon ami infinity; ODd c( 
our most lovable aod piccious uicil Urnit, not as a hxwu 
oboliik ; but tut an AJ^^tut- niutuitaiiir — so tiniflc, hoiio«t, 
•potitan^oiu, not fl^ltiug up to be gr^at at aU ; there for fjuitv 
auutber purpose than bei[ig great! Ah yea^ imfluMuable 
gnuut<^ pifrciciK f>J fuid wido iulo th<? Ilt&reiU} jrM iq die 
deftfi of il fvuntun^i, grecu bvauUlul vaUeyi with Soroisl 
A right SpirjtiuLl Hvro and Pruphet ; (^ql^ mure, n Inte Sun - 
of Naiurd vid P<wti fur ^huiii Uieat cvuturiet^ luid nuuij thiU 
•ra to OOXDO j^t. wiU be thankful to Hcnvco. 

The mtvt uLh-n>?it:tig pkuiH whudi lhi< Ri-formation anr- 
whe<ru uauiai08i v«|iVGi^y tft u£ £ii):Uah, b iLat of I'uriUui- 
Uiii. Ill Luthrr'ft i*wn otrmiiry rrot<wt4bUsn looo liwiudlt'd 
into B citlirr Inrmi Liffiiir: tiota n-^ligton or Caitfi, tiut mihrr 
nciw a lliFulci^'ira] J4U);1iiigfif arKumt*at, the pn>{>er Hentuf it 
not tlic h'^art ; the (sacn^o of it scDEiticm] coutontion ; wfaicji 
indiMd hu« jiuiglifd moro and motv, clown to Voltnir^iim 
iUtilf, ^ ibnmgb GuHUivnn-AilDlphuH I'lmtrntiniit onwanln tn 
FrrucJi-Revolutiou t>iusa I But in our lal&uJ there aroae a 
FnritatLiAin, ?'hich oven got itsolf eat^bliatod 08 & Pn-ib}'- 
tedABism nnd Xntion^l Chfirrb fimong th^ Scotch ; vhioh 
mme futth as a nral Ui^inRrw ai tlm hfvu-t; nnd ban prodiiml 
in the world ttry notable fruit. In oomt* aenaiw, one may 
ny it is the cnlj- phasic of Pn^tMianlLem tlint awt got lo 
Uk rmk of iviiiij ^ Faiih, > ^rn^ liiiHTt^'kiinuinDiiiJiLiun vtitJi 
HcaveD> and of cxhihiliutf iifteU in ]li»U'i;ir an such- W« 
mnftt span? a few word^ for Kncx ; himnnSf ft brave aiid r^ 
morknhlc nuui ; but still mon iLnjurULitt ai Cliief Priofit and 



Fcuui<l«r. vbich one mAV oonaidor him to b;, of tlie Foitli that 
became ScciTUnd's Ni^ur EngUnd'fl, Oliver Crcmw^lTa. Hb- 
Ici:^ will liATo snutcching to hlj about Hm, iov soakc time to 


We may opiwure I'lirttntjism a* ww f*lpaB*> t and no on^ of 
n», I »upp*i*ft, tut woulJ flud it n vt-ry njugh di*r«-t:vft tiling. 
Biit wtf, ttuil all meu. in£i> undofAtaml tlal it troA a gniuiiKt 
thine i ^<''' Nat\trp boA n^loptf^d it, and it lias itTovru. and growg. 
1 «ny soniptimcji, that all good by wagcr-of-bAttlc la thin wotM i 
timt arrm^ehf well uiuU?rHUKH], in LIih tiiMiuture «r M wiirtli. 
OWe a tbiug time ; if it cua vnaoiKd, it U a ngbt tbiug. Look 
now at Ani^riL^tiii SoxoDilora; and at that littld Fact of tlie 
KHiling of thf» MaytlciwiT, fxtt himdrod year* ugo, fivwo Drift 
Iliiveti in IlolUni i Were wu uf o\Km tivwn* wi tbv (rnvlut 
w?re, we hail found a Poom hero ; ono of iSattiw'a own I'ocmfl, 
pueh Jtfl shfl write* iu brofld faot* ov**r great cotiiinrtits. For 
it was propprly til*? beginning of Anvricii: tln^rr wrrt? Ktmg- 
glitig settlers in Amfricn before, nomc mutrrrial aa of A bodj 
■w^ tbeiv j but tbu Houl <tf it wajf !irat thia. TheAO poor 
ifipiii, dnVfln ont of their nwn rn«ntry» nrit ablp wpH tn Hvi* \n 
HolliLitd, drtiTminr* rrii Krltlin^ in llic Nrw WnHd. Bliick 
uotanicd fori^^ld uro tht-rv, and wild liaTugc i7t*attu'i<a i but not 
so cru«4l ae Star-ohaiaber haugmeu. Th^y tlioiii^ht the Eurth 
wiiuld yi<»UI tbrni fncxl, if tb^y tilicil bonphtlj ; tbp »'V<-rla*Ting 
bffftYrn would Jitrptob, thrrr ton, ovrrbrml; tticy ahpuld be left 
in poaoc, to pr«paco for Eternity by hrinp well in Uim world 
of Time ; wor&lil|^ping in what th*>y ihought tb*^ tnie, nor the 
idoULri>uM w\iy, Tliey diibVd their »miiU iiirttJis Uigrthrr; 
biroJ a abip, tl^c little ^hip Idtijilowcrr and mii.dc na^y bo 9tt 

In Xrjirs ITijttorjf of ifw Purttnttj ' la an acon-unt ftf tbp CPP&" 
rnouy of tlieij dt-partur^ i sokiaoity. wc mi^ht call it mthoff 
lor it was a r6aJ act of womhip^ Thvif E3ini«tcr wmt doiFn 
with them Co the beach, and their bretbran uhom they vreje 
tn IrjkTe b^liind ; all Joined m hultunii pi-ayer. TliAt Qo<l nunld 
bavo pity qn Hi.i ptwi rhildrcDT nnd ga ffttb tbcm utt^) that 
waste wildemeaa, fcir Ho alao bad raa^b^ that, H« ««« tbcr^ 






3kUo u wnll OJt hrr*-_ — IT.nlt t Tl>c>tf ispq, I tliiok, kkil a 
wijrk ! The nt^ak ihiii^', WL^iher Uum a rhiUl, bemaiutt sUvi^ 
t>nc <lay, if it be a true i.biii|[. ruricauiAiu wu ouly ilwpj* 
r^li>i lan^tiidjk* tbcti ( but nobody con muuffo to Inoffh At il 
Dcvf. I'urU^ujidMk Tia^ ^c w<^apotm ftnd ainewK; it hw fir»- 
iirms, «Ar-<jATies ; It lias isuuiitu^ hi itM l*iii fui^m^ Btr«ugUt 
ifi it:i right nrm ; it crm) stco:? «hip«> foil fcpmte, ii?iuot« moiui- 
tAiaft ; — it x& oTid of the fttrongoitt tb^nffB iin49r t^g sun at 
pnwt^iit 1 

lu the histpory (^ ScotUwl, too, I c^u Gud pru|H<rly bui. otui 
opocb: we mny &fty, it coittiun» nothinjc *>( vcTlt^mUsTVtX tit 
all but tliJa R^forinatitTit by Knox. X poor larrvri cciinfrv, 
full of tiOiitiuuul bmilH, tluaeciHiuuts, uiJumurriiL)^ ; « iM-ii]t1i* in 
thp lut ttatc of rodoDCflft ami dofltitntion ; little bett>^ jivrbojio 
than Inland at Unn day. lliuift^ licrcc baronH^ not no lutKh 
UJi iMj^ til fiiriii any nrr^igtimeiLt witli i^iu'li oUiL^r Aj^ut fo tfieiiie 
irbdt tliej fli*^o«d fruiiu tht^A^ jjoor ilniilgiu; but obliged, aa 
tlio Ci^IoiEibi&u Rop^iblica oit^ &t thia dftv, to iimk« of every 
all^ration u rpvohitioD ; no way of cbanfpQf; SI Dimifttry b«U bj 
hnn^inK thn cilil miTiiidrrK mi i^ibtwU : thin U n hiKtfirti^l ip-^ 
tacLe of [10 Tcry ningulu cu^iBcaince ! "BrnTciy" cuougb, 
I doubt »oti tJoroc fightiTkg in abuIldanc<^ : but tict brufer or 
fi**t«*r th;in that, of th^ir old Scnji(iiii:iriiij: Si^n-kiiig aop4*s|nr^ j 
bTAtuii i-xL>1t>]tA vrr huvu not fooiid wmilL dvtFUing mi! tt iH 
a i^ikiintty as yt^t vitLout a soul i noUu&c doTi;lop*.M ia il but 
That 18 ni(lo, ext^m^^l, a? mi -animal. And now a! tlu» Ritfor^ 
m^uinft, t1u7 iTitnrnal llfo U kindb-i), a« it wi-n-, umtt-r tbe rJl* 
of tliifl (julward [lutcriA] death. A couotv IJ^*^ nobloat of cauMB 
kindly iUell. hko a boncon set ou hi|:h; bi>fh lu Hf^rou, yvt 
fttt;iinalili' from Karth : — wh^rfthy tlw* nioam^At nun bprom^ 
nut A Citi^u nuly, but a Mcmltrr of Cbtiat'» risible Churob ; 
a veriUl>l« Hero, il" W prove a tru^ man t 

Weill this u wbat 1 mean by a whole ■'natiom>f herckci;" 
A Ifilintintf nsainiL Thi^iv i\t<f^cU Tiul A gnwt niml tu iiuike 
A bcto ; thnre nci^dn a goil'criAtcd aoul wbich will b« true to 
ita orifiiD * thut will bo a great soqI ! Tbo lik* ha* Iw^eii stou, 
Vtt find, T1i*> Iik^ will hn again «een. under wider foruia 
tlukti tlir IV»bytcnui? tlt^rct tan h^ Do taatin|; good don* 



Iwct. ST. 

tolltbcn. — IxopouibTo ! sAyioTDd. I'oBaiblo? Hoa It oot A^^n. 
in thia world, as a practiwd faot? IMi Hf^nvwomhip to 
Kn^x'ft fjuir ' Or iiri' vh uuJe at ollioi d-iy now ? Did th« 
Wttitmiafltcf Cc«iii^^i'?n of Fnith add rpomo acw propei^ to 
tho srtul ol raan? Goti load* th» soul of uvin. Ho did t»i 
iloora muy ft'jul of mar ti livp us a nvpoth**i:is nnd llAmsiy, 
In & world IDkd wiUi «arJi, an^ iFttli tbi; fotoJ work acd fruit 
of anrh ! — * 

Bvi to return: Thii that Enox did for hu Nation, I m^, 
ve may really eall n -r«6un^otinn a^ fmm donth. Tt wwm nol 
a nmoctHh business; but it wua wrlcomc nuwly, nod diCAp At 
UiJLt prii!cv tiAd it beou far rou^hc^r. Uu tho wbolcj «^«iAp 
at any prio^ ! — as lil« ia Th* people began to /iW- they 
oeKiJed 6rst of all In ili> tliiit. iit whnt <m)«1 und coats soerer. 
Scotch Lfteratuv and Tliuu^'ht^ Scotfl}i Industry \ Jajurt Watt, 
Itevid HumOr Wallop £5oott, Hobert Buriia: I liud Kiioi and 
lh« Hefonoation acting In the hpiut's core of ^vciy one of 
Iheae peirsoos and pbcnocaona; 1 tlnd thain without tho Refor- 
mation tbcy wotdd net have bocn. Or what of Sot^tland? Th& 
PuiitanUm of Sootlaud booame tbat of Kiigluud. of Nfnr 
EiiglaLd. A tumidt in the High CbunrJi of Kdiukirgh Bpreail 
into n ;inivcr[Ui] brittle and ntruifi^lc ovrr nil tlt»o rcAlma i — 
thorc rwiio out, ultyr fifty years* atnii^gliiijT, what wo all oUI 
the " Gtfyriawt R^VLilijti<>:i " u Htthfns Carjmt Act, Fre* rxrllo- 
meiits, and luuch el£«! — Alas, is it not too true nbai vts 
Boid, Thit mnny mon in the van do aWays, like BiLMiaa 
So1dIr>r!tp maroh into th& ditch o( Sohweidnita, aad fiU it «p 
with their ili'i&d Uxlit'A, iliut (he rear lu^y juimh owt them dry* 
nhtxlf iu)d KiLiR the honor? Ifow many oarne-st ni^g^d OiOiD- 
wells, Knoxe^r poor I'ouoDt Covptiniitow, wrprtlia^, battling 
for V'-ry Ufp, in rou^h tiiiry |>lufW.t, have tn Htrigsh-r *^^ 
Bufftrr, and talL fffcotly ccusurvd, bemirrtd. — U-forw u beau* 
tiful Kv^'olutii'in of Ki^hty-f^i^ht ('-an Ai«p over thonu in official 
pumps and silk-atot- kings, with miivL-n^il throi>^ini4>fi-tliToO 1 

It ^miis t<j iLLtT hard rue-ii«u.Ly^ l-h;LL tliiFt S(<uttt?tli iiiiui, now 
aftrr three hundred yi'ar*, should liavo to ploitd like a i*ulprit 
h«fcre tho vrorld ; mtrinsinitUy for Iiavinfc be^m, in mioh wa^ 
aa it was then pobslbte to bey the bntvt^ of all ^cotrdunenl 

LfcCT. IV. 



ILul ha Uvea a i>ofyT Half-(tnd-bftlf, he couM hnv« OMOobed 
iiiUi die oomar, hkr su mATty utbi'ir; ScolUwl luwl not Uwa 
(IcliToroUi ujJ Ua^n li^ui been wiiiumt bkne. IJo li Um 
GILO SooUihuuui Ut vihouij of iUl utLvn, Ui» onuiti^ ftod Uiv 
vrorld ovu a dubL Ui; U:ui Ut [)J^*iul U^:U SooilAad vouiit Kjt- 
|fiv«t luni fur Lutviii^ hvvti wottli to it ajiy luilLiou ''uuUliUii* 
Mc" ScoUiLmcii that need uo for^iveueaa ! He larnl his 
bffiwt to ilie biittlc; li^ to tow in French goile^s, vmidcr 
tolor» in tixU«, in l'IouiU uid Btonui ; was cetuiand, »liot ftt 
Ihrongh his vindoirA; hwi a right sor^ fighting life: U tliis 
woild ircTe hu jiliwc i>f recocnpcj^ac, he had made Uit a UkI 
venture uf it. 1 cannot ft|ic>!o(;UQ for Kxiox. Tt> him it it 
wry uuUffervnt. Iheae two Luudrt-U mid lifly >'Mr» or mow, 
wbnt mrn mv of him, But we, biiving gut alxive oil tJicae 
dctaiU of IkU battl«^» and liirinij tiow 1l ctcamesa on Hw fi^tiita 
of his victory, vt-, for ont o«rn lAkn, ought to lock through 
tbti ninion and oontrorerties euvvJoping the ntan, into tJio 
man htrmelf. 

For one thing, I irill remarli that thid po6t of Prophet bo 
his I'atiOD wafl tiot of his seekintfi Knox had livnJ forty 
ypant qui^tl^ obf^rtirt', hnfom hu bcciuue ()C)nH|iicunux, Ha 
«tu thn wm of iKnn piu-piita; hail got a cultegi- trUurittiim ; 
beoooe a I'rket) odopt-.d th^ BefoffmAtioa, and seemed woU 
cootrat to guide his ovm st^pe by tlio tight of it, noiriM 
uuiluly intmdhig it on <it]i«ni, ITr hml livnl iw Tutiv id 
gentlemen'^ familirsi; prrAching whr^a aaj hody of penona 
wifhffd to b«r hi4 doilriae: rrtolul* he to wulk by the 
triith, an^ sjteak tlie tnith when oull^d to do it; ual wnhi- 
ttouA of nuinrj iii>t f^uicyinic hinini'lf caiinhlc of uujrc. la 
Chid eotitvly ob»LTirc wftv he hiwi reached tbo age? of fortyi 
wait with tli^ cnudL bodjr oS K«fovm«t< who wore etandiog 
KJcgn in ?it^ Antln'.xv'n CuflXf, ^ vi\ii^n one d^y In rhpir rhajnd, 
the Pr^'-arhcT after fininhing his i^xhortation to the^e %hl«n 
ia tbe lorioni hope, &ud biiddi-'uly. That tht^r^ ought to be 
ncber fi|«&ker«, that all men vho h^ a prii^Et'ti hnart and 
^H i& tiiPiii OTtgbt now to nppnlc;— -whuih glfto and bi-iirt 
^le of theli own nuiubrr. John Kivox llio vuuce of hJa^ hjul: 
Had In not T laid the Preachef, ni>]wa]itig to all the andL' 


LEcmrftEcs ON uerocSh 

Uktt* IV 

BctM? wtiftt t1i«ii it hi4 duty? Thu p^opic acAver^d affimu- 
LiTiT^j; ir. W3U q PTimiiial forsaltiiig of hi» po*^ tl kui^U a 
mau held Uio word tliat wm iu biui siWt, Toar Km.x wat 
oblif>^ to flliiad up( lie otiompW to roplj; be ruuld a^y 
nn woi^l; — hiir^T. irito a floiwl of t***!-*, and ran out It t* 
worth fi^EiM'TiLWrin^'j xhnt &i-[i*i\v. He wim in flrir'voii* ttouhl^ 
for woittrt dji.7», lie fcU what a amall Focaity wan lii» for 
this graat w>-irk. Ha fult what sx liaptieiu b« waA ooUed t« 
be 1tt])tlw<il vIUihI. Hi> ''bui'st into t«ai«-" 

Otix pTtiiiary characU-ribttc at u Hiro, Unit hn \% Hincwn^ 
ftpplift* cmpluiticolly to Kn-ML It U not dc&kd anjwhcra 
tljttl ihU, vhnU'V*r might \w \m other qualiti** or faulU, in 
ainixi^ thi* trutTKt rif men- With n Hii>^il[ir iit^ttni^t h« holda 
to the tntth aud Utvt-, thi- truth altmi? in tlirrct fur hiin, thf* 
reat a niL-it* &U/iJow wid tkc'eptivi^ tioiurutitj. Howorer 
f»eb1e, tortom the ivality may a»em, ort that and that OE1I5 
cam h*» T-ake his stand. Tn thfl Oalljpiys of the River f^ire^ 
whither KiKJi and the otbrra, after their Castlv of St Aii- 
drew'tf wik» taken, luul been ii-ut cm GalLnj-clavoaf — come 
offlo^r DT |>r^«Bt, ou«^ day. prpspnt^d them ui Tmag^ of th« 
Virgin Mrrthfr, rc^ttiirinx t]y<ii tlir^v* thi* htHsii1ii»Tiioij« heretics^ 
fdiould do it rvverentx'. Mother? Mother of Itod? Mud 
Knox, vh^b thtf turn caimo to hiju: Thia U no Muthcr of 
Oixl: this is "nji^vtftl hrfiiif" — a |iiece of wood, X 1^11 you, 
vrtth )>aiul on it! She j« liUnr for »winiLnins, T thinJi, than 
for hciQjE wonhippod, oddnd Knox; and Uua^ the tiding into 
the rin*r. It wu not vfry iljeap Jesting there: but com« 
of il what tiiif-hf, thifi thirty ti> Knox wan nnd mu»& (^iiiiniie 
notliins other than the real truth ; tt was a ptnUH brtdd : 
ipror«bip it ho would not 

He i*i\i\ }M M lew •prison era. tn thU d;i,t-Icest tlme^ to be of 
eoun^ ; the Cause Ibey bfid vr^^ the trae one, nnd niuet 
and would proApcr; th^ whole world conld nut put it doim. 
Reality i« of God'a tnaJting; it i» aton» titToug. How many 
jDODfH/ hrt^lfU. [lEvtviidici)^ tti hi* rval, aie fitter to hwim than 
to he worahiii]>ed! — Thb Knox cannot live bat by fact: bo 
Clinf^ to reality ojr the ttbipwreoked nilor to the elift Ro 
U an butanoe Co «« how a man, by atnoerity Itaetf, becomai 

Upt. rv- 



brmic: it ift Uie ^raad gift he ha*. W*> fiad in Knox a 
good honest iiitclloctiiftl talont, no tmn^cpn^riit <«iw; — & 
narrow, initinBid^Tablii man, AN oonipaivd vri;l) Lutber: but 
itt lii*rtfi?lt. iiiMtin^Livf* a(UifTr«iir<? in triatli* iii sinerrit^, aa 
lire ti&jr ht li^ 110 superior ; nay. ono ini(;iLt mk, What irqual 
he bju? Thi» hoait of him ia of tlio tnto Prophet out. 
, " III* li'r:! t1it'r4.\'* K;iiil th<* K;Lrl rf Mortoo ftt hU gnivd, ■■ who 
never ffMiril the lioe of maii-" IK- reMDab1««> wore Umn 
lUij^ of tho modems, an Old-Hobron^ Fropbot. Tho auaa 
Snflt^xibiUt^, intoleranci^, ri^id Diuruw-looking ntlhercitce to 
Gud's truth, atcrn nrlmke l» Lhr uauip uf (5i«l lu iJl that 
for^.« truth: flji Old'Hi.'brf'W Pri>|>hi>t in tlie li^ubo of &n 
£ili[)biirsh >liiii3Tt«<t- of tfa^r ^ixti^onth Century. W« ue to 
tul(« him for that; not w^qiiin* him lo Iw othor. 

Knox'* Douduol to Quei^u Mar>% the h,ti»li ^isiiA he used 

to mfUcQ in her own pttlaceT to ri>[>rovp hiT thcro, havo Iwen 

much commented npoii. Sudi cruvlty, >iieb ooarMitL^si fills 

11H vith iniH^iitiiin. On re;uli]i[7 Uu- iirttijil nan'^tttvr <if the 

buflinesB, what Kiirjx Hait], oad what Knox meaitt, 1 mupt Mj 

coda's tra^'io fueling ie rather digappoint^pL Thpy are not so 

locdtniF, thifun Hptwphi'); ; thi^y tinnm to xhp atK>iit nx ftiip am tha 

[xdriTumKtaiirnH wmiM [irrtiiitl Knux w.xh not thrrct t« ilo the 

'eounii>r; ho ooino on another enuuL Whociret, teoilinK those 

ODlloqfuies of his with the Qum^, thinkti they art" viLlg^r inno- 

timrvw of n plplwijui prirst tti n ()i<]i<'jLtJ- high btily. iEiiHtjik«A thv 

purport uid ononce of thfm aJto^ther- It waa uufortu* 

nately eoI possibte to be pf>l}te with the (^een of SootiAUd, 

tin1n» otut profiati untrue to th«» Xatliiii an<l CaiDin of Sootlunii 

A luoxi vho dill not wi^h W^rt; thr huiil »f lii-i hitth inmlc a 

huutin^Tiehl fiw intTitfuirig amhitioup (JuLai?^, and th# Caua*' 

of God tmjnpli?-! iinderfnot rif Fstlpphoodi*, rormulas aad the 

Dttvil'ft CAr)Ki% hjtd no mifthod uf rnakhi^ him^t^lf a^n-ith1p \ 

'''DcttcT thnt vrom«u wc^pw" nud Morton, ^'thjin Uiat bearded 

jBiQii be foroed to w^ep," Knox w« the constitutional oppn«i- 

Sioii-pnny In Scotland? the Xobles of the nKintry. <MU*id hj 

tljeir «hition tn t-^ki* that po?st, wcrts not found iu it; KfiOX 

bnd tr> f^s ot net one. The ha^^leA^ Quezon; — bat t^e Atill 

'IDEire kiplovt CcuDtry, if tht Mfert roado hajifiy \ KLa^ himelf 



Lkt. IV. 

WAA not wttlidtit shaqiTicsK citontfl], wnonjc tH*r cAbrr qtiiJllM ; 
" Who Are jxm,'' sftii k^lc once, " tbul jirrsijior to »clnx»l Um 
lUtblQ'tf and sovereign <ji UuB ruulm ? ' — " MudAm^ b atitijiKrt 
boru vlthiii tUft suD«y*' ansWMvd h^ R^3tsoraih\^- &iiswi?r«ll 
if th« '*«iibj«rct " Itavu tnitL Ui speaks iiifl oot the ''subject's'* 
footiiije that will fnil him hL^rc. — 

Wit bbinu Knox tar lUa mtokran««. ^^11, ■iir«l3r it im 
pood tirat ecv^h of ua be as tolerajil &i ]>a8sib1«t. Vet^ at 
bottom, ikJter oJI the t&lk Ibcrc it iui<3 hivs b««n ^bo^t it> wh&L 
lA t^lvnuicv ? T;>[cr&ncn luta hi tolerate thn uficsr-crDtiAls and 
to 1** well what Lhul is. Ti>lera,TiL'v Ilx* to be nobU^, mewurvd, 
jii8L lu Uh vct^ wrutb, wbi^u tl i-aii toleiutc^ no li>ti|^'«r. BaU tin 
Uit«hi> are not Alt«sctb«r hcrt tc tolrraUrl WeaiD h«re 
to nmitrt, to ccntrol and vnnqiii«h witiuU. Wu do cot "tolor- 
afte" Fab^wodft, TUfeverii-a, lQu|uitii!tff vrhvu th«T fuat«n on 
Da; ire b^ to thevn, Tiiou fttt falM, Uiou ait uoC t^knblfl! 
WearebcfCtooztiii«iUfth Fd*oboocUi aod put an gdcI to theu, 
in ftoma wiso vnj ! I frlU tiot qtujrcl «o luudi tritlx tho vmy f 
Uu? doinjf ^f tb« tJiin^ ih our gn^ut conucru. In thLi Vftiu? 
Knoa wtiA, full auroly, iiitolorajit^ 

A Knan sent to tow in Fi^Dch Uall«ys, uitl euoh liko, fur 
ti-aching XXit. Tnith in btn uvni lanil, osmnot al^v^ji bo in tbo 
miUlcat buMor i I luii not prrpfirctE t<i >aj that. Kitox bwJ a 
soft tcnip(?r( nor do I know that bi^ hud whut wc coll «a ill 
t^Top^r. An til tialivr« be tkciiJodljr Eiail aou Kind houMt 
affpt'tinnn dwHt in r.h<^ mndi-pmliiniif;, harrt-wotn, ev«p4lttnl litg 
tnui. That he r^vufd rrl^ukr Qnrm;^. and had audi weiyhc 
auou^' tboec pm\id mrbu]i.<nt ^uLkt», proud enough wliBtcTtf 
eltt^ th<<y WTTp ; nad could mainiain to ilie ^nd a kind of vir- 
tual rmidrttry uid Bovi*Ti<)(ETily JJi that wild n?;i1[u, he who 
WM oiil,r ''a aabjcH born within tfair «Mrc;" thu of iuelf 
will proTotJi UK that b^vaa found, cluM at hand, to beoomcva 
w-nd iiioti; liuL %L bfAtt a hnalthfu), strong, sagacloua nuL 
tiuch aJone cad li«aT ndo in ibot kiuil- Tbcj Uaiue hijsQ for 
imUing down catfaedraUr u^cL ^ forth, tu if li« vcn? « *oditioiui 
rioting drnnaffogne? pt^ciaely tbo rareri« is ie«ii to be tho 
fanri. in rrgard to chtbndrHU and the Tvst of it, if m exaniln* t 
KnoB wanted no pnlluif; down of >toae edifices ; be wonted 

L»cT. ir. 



lppro»7 and dai-kncM to be tlin>w7i out of (he liTes of men. 
Tumult wnit not hiB lO^ni^Tit; it vsw th>? tTAfcic foatUNi of hit 
\itt* thai he wan foTTPfl to dw^U ao much in that. Evurj sticIi 
mBn is thn horn cnrmj ^)f Pj^uiiler ; liat^« to lie in it: biit 
whiit thm ^ t^mcolh i-oUoIiorxi iii nox Order ; it 15 the K^ncra] 
FUfD-total of Ditord^T, Ordtt Ik JVuT^ — «4ch Uilng ataoding 
on tlkR bdAiA ihstt Mongs to it : Order And FAlaehootl mniiot 

Withal, un^KpfrotMly ADOnghf thin Knox haa n v(im oE 
drollery in Mm; which T 1ik« Rmt-h, in <>ombiDiLtiou witli 
Ilia otHer qDOiiticc^ lie haa a tru^ vye fur tliu ridiculijLia, 
}U> flifiF-ary. with ltd mn^h Mun««tn^8, \% rufionely oidiveoc4 
wtih iKiiL AVh^ii Uie iwf, Pi^lat^ entering Glugow Catlw- 
dral, ct^&rrel a1)oiit prec^denoe; ni&rclj rai>Ld1y ^x\\ Lxke to 
hufltlins one anothcir, twib'lima one another's tocLela. and 
nt b»t fioandJiing tlicir rrc-iiorv hki^ <|iiArtrr-HUv<«, it ie n 
preut aiglit for Mm ewty way I Not muckwy, >coni, btttcr- 
iwvs aloijQ ; LU:m]^b tlii>i-e im r<iuM]gU uf thit tCKK Biit ft inn-, 
lorin^, illuisinating laugli motinta up trvpi tlif caracnt Tiriage ; 
not a load langh ; you ivnuld eay, a lattt^h tii Iho f*y^ moat of 
nil. An h'^nptt-hitnjtrd, brothi^rlv man- hrorh^^r to th« High, 
bmthnr tci th« law; ninaptu In lii^ nyiuprLtby witli both. 
He bad bta [>ipo of l)t.TUr<lf*aLii too> tvl< Imd^ in tliat olil Kitin- 
buTgh house of hts 1 a choeTy swixl mau, irith tiws that 
luvpd him ! Th(»3r g<i far wrong who think thi« Knnx wim n 
gloomy, 9pa*;i^odi(T, ?hnrkin(7 fanatic. Not at all : hr ia one 
of tb« BolidcKt of m*n. l^tOfti-?^, cunt iou£ hope ful^ patient ^ 
a most shrewd, observing, quletlT diwpmlng Tn fnpt, 
be liaM wry niucb the ty|if of i*bariirti*r wi* jumi^ to tlit* Seotrh 
at present: a t^crtAin «ard:>mcr tiipiCnmity ia in him ^ iotfight 
enough; and a stouter heiul than he him^lt know* of. He 
has the puw^r nf htiliiing bin ^leotoe or^r many lliinga whi(:h 
do not Titillj concom him,— •* They? what arc thcry ? " Bnl 
the thing whi<!h doe:i viizUly concero him. that tiling ha will 
Bpfak of; and iu ^ tout< l\\v wLole wr>rld shnll h» imidL< to 
bear : all the niort? pm]>bj(tin for hlK long ;iilriu%< 

This Proph<:t of the Scotch i.i to mo no h.'iteful man! — 
He had aaore fight ol 4a eAi^tencct ; wri>flUing,with Fopw 




uid Priiuii|>alttW; in dtfeut, mnti^TitiDiir lifp-long itniggle; 
rn«Eij^' jia a tir-iU«y-«lair«, iffau4enii|{ u tkxi exile. A mmt fight; 
but hv woQ it " Hiivc fcu bopa ? " bticy aakcil tdm In bla 
lA£t moUK'^iit, wbuu Lc eootd no lotiger nika&k. Ilo lifted lu» 

I1»niir to UUa ! Hb works have not dhiL Xbf letter of hU 
^ork iliov, 08 of all mcn't; but thn f^tit of it &cv0r. 

Oho wrml mnwt ^ik fu th» r*lu»r trf Ktiox*): wcirk. Tbe 
uiifufp^'^il^ oiTenutf in biui ii^ thttl Le vuhtfd U> »et up rrinsts 
OT«r Uie lica4 of Kin^ la oUtcr word^ he fititrve U> nuikc 
the Gov^mmont of Scotland x Tkfocfttfif- ThU indeed 18 Jirof^ 
ftly thi^ Hitni nf hiH (jfTi'iiL^isi. Uip f.ssr'titlal Htn ; TnT whio'h irliat 
pardon c£ui there be? It b mont tni«. lid did, at botuim, 
conMiously or uctionscioualy, tuoim a Thoocfftt^y, or Govcm- 
noiit of Qod^ Hn flui mcrui tfant Kiugt and Primi^ Minutivrs, 
luid all nULmiLi of yttinot^itf in public or privat4% clij^loiuMieiiig 
r>r wh.-iteTitT t]M tliej xai^hi be dtnuj;, nhtiuld vrolk Aci^ordiag 
to tliQ Gospel of Chrifitf aod Ufid^rstitrid Uj:it lliia vtoM Uioir, Hnprpinn ornr &UI Iawh, ITn hopi^d nii^e to S0O sucb ft 
thing tvaliz«d« and thd IVtdtion, T^y Kin^dtrm fitwut, ua 
toug<r an empty vord- lie waa &oru Krit-T^d wliwi hi^ aw 
pip^dy wcirMly Ttoronjf nhitoh boM ^jf the ChurchV pTO]i«re^{ 
vhm Iir cxixululnti^d tlut it wa.-* n^Tr si?cular |jto[j*»rlj", tlmi it 
wit,^ [ipiritnnl proporty, nnd alionld be t^imcd to fnt^ churvMy 
usra^ (Kliifiitifm, BCitoole, woreUip; — and the li^'pmt Murray 
liad i*> ansycpT, with a shrug nf the shoulders, *'I1 i« a d^ront 
inuKiti^tiou ! " Thib vt^As Keiox'd acheuiu uf riglit ;uul truth ; 
thii ho srcnloimly (TDdcjtrrjTwi alYcf- t'> rr^oJiic It-. If v« Uiink 
hia »c»h^rue of trulh waa t^o hjittow. w^w not tm^ we may ro- 
juiro th>U lir omild not r^Ali^ il ; tlui!. H n'in:Liti*vJ .'ift^r two 
eentudeAof «Scir1wuiiuAli2iiblc, 3bndi«ii "devout ImagiitttioQ " 
atin. Bat how«,ha]L vri* tilomo Atm for stm^Bline to realize 
it? 'Vht^tH-nuj, iTiivPiTimp^iit <»f God, U pTftoiiolj th* thing tO 
be ^trusskd for! All IVopUeLa, iwilous Ptirals, ^th thei* 
tor that purpt^cic. ilildcbraiid vi^wd a Theocracy ; CtoidwoU 
trlah«d It. fought tor it; Slahont^t Attained it. Nay, id It not 
irhat all e^Ious jHeii, whHhtr ralli-d Priniit«, Prophets, or 
vhaUocirer dfto cnUrd, do Mftrntudly wiak, &nd muM; mvh ? 


That ng}it imil tnitl^t or Gixrft I-avr, rcif^n Bupft!iine Hilton^ 
wtett, tbis ii^ ihe tlvarcniy Idfr^l (vmll na^mod in Knox's time, 
Aiiil n:;ni]Ll)tt< iit nil iiiDi% « mTciiW "IViU of God'') t<iwMtU 
wliiuh the Iteformer will insUt tb&t Hi be mor^ and more ap- 
proximate. All tni«i R^formara, as I sud, are by the nature 
of thmo Prinnw, njid uLrivB for ■ TlintiCBU?y. 

How tax tnxclx IJ^aU can ever he luinAuced iuto Pruitict^, 
And at what [loiTkt our inipatif^&oo with thoir tkUEiu^Uodui^tion 
Migbt t[> tri-gin, is alwftpt a <[iic<Htinn, I tbink wr may Mj 
idil't'lyr hai Uu^u uititxlmio Unniiu-lvi-^ xk fur aai l.hity c'ah isin- 
trirfr to do it ! If Uiey aru the true faith of taea, aU men 
CTiglit l<> bfl mctfi or l*«a ictpsfctient aiivaya wh«e thfj ar* not 
fdiind intfiKliin»HL Thim- wiH m^vrr l>#' uvuiting R4-gintt Mur- 
raja cncmgh to shruff th«Ir Hliouldtm. and saj, "A detout 
iBiafEiaatLou !'' \V« will praise tho UiTo-pmst ratliert ^ho 
doM wliAt 1)1 in Aim to bring th^rn in ; :uid wi^aru out, in toil, 
Bilumny, cuTitrvliE^t'iun. :i noliTr lifp. to mnkt' a tUnVn KhigAom 
of thla Eaith. Th(? Earth will not 1x*ccm^ too godltlwl 

[Uaj}9. ItMQ.] 


Hi:iirk.i±[>r>K, Prophftji, Piii'ti^ I'tirst* arr fomi* nt Hr-rqUm 
that belong tij tliv ohl ugp». aiakt* thirir appranuu^c la the 
rfitnoteat ttm^^ j aotue of them havo ci^odoij to bo jx^anible Jong 
Minor*, and ^^nnot any nior^ shew tii^^ins^ir^d Id this world- 
Tin* ITiTf* aA Mitn af T^ttfrA, nKSLin, of whirb rU^i* w<» aro lo 
apeak to-day, in altogrth^r a prodnrt of tbo«r nrw aiErn; jind 
flo loog ae the woculroaa iirt of HnViir^, or of K«udy writing 
wlii^b we call Prijiriny, srilifiists, hp may hi' rn[wi"t«d t« iwin- 
tinnr, a» onr of the main forms of Ili^roiMn for all fntun? a^^. 
Ho l8, in rnjionit K-speotd, a v^ry sinirv^lar phcnomfinon, 

ni" ia now, I Kty; he has haniiy lAAt«d above a cwitiity id 




thn world y«t. ^4VtT, till ihoat » bufidrad jouv afp), 
iJu^re ■leai ajiy fli^nfe of a Ureal fViul living a|Uft In that 
ftiiouialoua maiUAr ; eodeATurbi^ hi epeai fiutli the iistpini- 
tioQ tJiat iraa in tiim by Printed Itooke^ twd And pUoe Aad 
«iibf^iit«iic* by what tho vorlil would pl(-a«Q to gm kim for 
doing tint, MupIj had bevn Bold and buught, and Inft to mak^ 
ite oim barfpiui ui tbe markH-ffboe ; but tUt^ iu^i^rvd vrimloiiL 
4>f & Itoioio SouJ oeTcr till tbon, in thai oa^ed muaii^^rp Hr, 
i»)tb h\% (x>]>y-xiHht!( and cnpj-vrui3g«f in hU n^qaaltd garivt^ 
in lujt Tuaiy t^uut ; raling (for thia ia u bai hu dtwv.}, from lki« 
Kmv«^ aft4>t df^atk whole nutiotid wid g<?ti«Tationti who woahlr 
or vouM aot, spyts him bread while liTiii^^, — ts a rullirrr 
nurioiiK •i|ii!<-t;u-Ji! ! fv^ jthn\irA of Hmiium oui \m laotf* an- 

ALhb, the il«K» from cf old ^u bad to oraJ3i;> hiiaself lato 
strJih|dH» shapes : th« world knows not ir«IL at aiiv liiLve whai to 
do with htm, jw fiwi^ i% hl« ^wijuvt in thi^ ^'o«hl ! It 9B<ii>nt^ 
nboutd to M. that men, in their nulc admixntion, aboaM ta^e 
nomo wictc f:T<at Odin for a ^d, and vrorvhip him oa nurbt 
som« wls^ ^eat Mnht>mi^t for one god -Inspired^ ^^ r«UgU>ii^ly 
folltjw hia Jaw for Iwrlvi? i>:utUTi»--»; but that a wia» ^nr^t 
Johndon, a Bunu, a Kcti£fc^au, eboitld bo taken for aouo idle 
nondaarrlpt, extant in the wnrtd to nniuw idlrnc-fw, and have 
a f^w eoilnfl and a|j]iTauii''}^ l-tinkwn liiiii, he aiigbt lire 
thoruby i i/i%s perhaps, aa before Iiintptb will <nie day ae«tD a 
RtiU almirdcr phas^ia of thirty! — Jd-smwlule, sinf« it iM tho 
airtrituiil always that ilt-tenuinea tJie nuit^rial, zhU laiop Maj>- 
oMjtrLlPiB HvKi muBt ItH regartlod aa our uiMt important mod- 
fm per!OD> He, aurb a» he niiay he, 15 tli^ »ou1 of alL Vv bat 
be teaob««, thi> wholp world will do and inak«. Tbe vorbl'a 
maurier of (h''ELlin;f wtih hirn in tha mo«t fti^^tflcaut fiittun* of 
the wotIH's cTQrrai poHitkuu Luukini; weU at hi« life, we maj 
BKt a E^^^^'f ^ dix^ oa ie readily poaaibto for va> into the lifo 
of tboae tingul^ neuturiea wldch have proitueed hln\, in vkich 
we ouraelTva llvr aail wurk- 

Tbf^P* are urenuloe Men of Ijtttfvn, and not tannine t •> fai 
fvi*Ty kind thon) U a fc^wiine and a «piiri<iiM. If IJn^ be takon 
to uiMtD (f«ntdiw, lh^a I iiiy the Hero an *?aa of Lrltera will 

Iflvr. T. 

TI1£ llEfiO AB MAN OF L£lT£ItS. 


be found <1iflcli»rKi&x ^ fintctkin for uk irliicb iit rvi-r lionom- 
Mr. tr^r the hi^hivnt; frsd wvt otw vl^II knowD to bo the 
higlieet. Ue i£ uttenng forth, in such way a« he h^f thd iD' 
spiired boo! of Mm ; nil that a nun, in nny ca*^ Mn tlo. T say 
w^ijW; foT wbat ire cftU 'otisiualitj/' '' uuc^ritjr," "^o- 
iodr'* thcT lu?Toic quality wc h&vc no iSfXd namv for^ eigiuliefl 
UuLl, TT]« Hl^fo i:4 h« wbo thvea lii th« iiivard sphere of 
thtn^ in thr Ttu^. Uh'iin? aiu! KUttwiI^ m-hith riufts Hlvayi, 
uuMen to moat, uudcr the Temporary, Trivial ; hb beiog b in 
thftt ; bo dooUucA that abroad, by tKt or epcoeh oa it nuty bo, 
in deolmrin^ hiirutclf abroftd. Hii life, lu wt* imid bcfbrv, in & 
pteou of ihv evejlrwLiug liKirt of Nitltirc Iipmclf ; s»ll uif u'a life 
u, — but the w<ak m^iy kuo'iv iiotUie faot> &udar« luitruc to 
it, in moAt tinjct^ ^ the Htron^ ittw oro ilfoiift, horoic, pifrfiniiial, 
liHsiuse it *':iii»(>t Iw* liifldt^n fn>m tln-in. Thi' Man of U-tfTT*, 
like erery Hero, is UieiL^ to piutlaim thU in £acb Horl as 
ho con. IntnoaicoUy it io the sajne fnnctiou vrbch the old 
^Qiwntionj: oajn^d 3 man Proph^ ITiest, Piriuity for doing; 
whicrh Aill EimuniT ai Ht-riMv, 1^ HjwHxh or Ity lul, nn> !iMit into 
thr world to do» 

Ficht« th« Gfimua Vhiloftoph«r dJsIiTi>red, aonw forty yc«n 
ago nt Erlangnn, a highly r«*inai-lcablA CoEint? of L*mir«4 oa 

oi thu Lttvrorj M^m/' FichU.', lu oooformitj wiih tli« Xiau^ 
fe«nd«itaJ Philosophy, of whicJi he wa« a distinguish^ teacher, 
dncflarva tint,: Thnt nil thing* whirh w«r ureor vnT> with in 
this Earth, i-<p(?riidly vr ounelrcft and all persons, art jii a 
kind of T««ttirs or eoaAQOoa Appeanmoi^ : that under all then 
Wits aa th« paaence of them, vbat he calls the "Divicue Idea of 
the WuiIJ ; " thi» ia tlir ItiMliiy which " liiw at the bottom of 
all Appeojaniv," To th« mass of mm no »nch PtTine Idea 
is rGcogniutblp in ih« wol-Mj thi^y Uru merely, caya Fiohter 
amntntf x\\n nt|>^Hinji))tirR, praCElcnlitieB anil nhrw of the 
worht not ilrraiciDg th^tt there id anything dirinc urnlcr th^m- 
But Ltue ^X^xn ul Lutti.'re ts sect hither spceuiUy that Le may 
driacirm for hlmietf, and make maalfest to tut, thia xanu* DjriiM 
Id^-L : ill ewrj nrw si^nrmti'tn it vl11 manifrtU iUrlf in a *i 
dialect i aod be id there for ihe porpoee of doiog tb 




ucT. r. 

laTichte'vpliraseolcp^; with which wr nwd not quam^ It ia 
ikid v&y of tuiming wlmt 1 IttTE?, b^ othi;r wortis, aia AtrtTiog 
unperfectJy to uamt-^ vliat U^ei-e ia at i>r«evul bo ntuao ton 
Tbe unfipeakaMe divine Signill<-An<v, fiill of cploadof-, of woo* 
der anil terri>r, thut lic» in th*> being of f virrj* mui* of cvety 
thing, — til*' I'ri'tftiK't of tht* U<jd who mudv *rrry man nui 
UkiiLg. U&homet tji^uffht tluB io hu dialect ; Odin Lu hia : it la 
Uie thing vh]i?h ;ilt thinking hearU, in dim dialect or anatber, 
«T0 bc^rc to tr-Aoh. 

i'iiihii} cullo UiL> Miin r>l Lettera, tb<?n^orc, a froi^iotf or 
M he prefers to ptu^ase it, a Priest, continiLftlly uQfoldlQg tha 
QtuUike Lumen; Mt^ii of Letters lue a t>orpctual PnesUioodi 
iitjia 0^ to ;iK^, trnrhtEijc nil mm thnt a God ia atiU prt<«iak 
m their lifp^ that uU " A |>]i(?:Lran <?■?«" whatM^ctvci wo im in tba 
world, ift l)ul a* a v^ftture for tlje " Divine Idea of the Worid," 
for ~^ thai whkh Vie^ at tlic boltom of App^arauoe/' In tbe 
tnic Lili^i'ujy Mail there \a ilina over, ncknowkd^ed or not hy 
tho woilil, u ttoi^redttees t be is the light of thn world ; the 
wifl-Ursi ^ril^^t ; — guii)iiij( it, Uki- u «U"rr*rl Pillar of Firr, in itfl 
dark inlKrima«e throuKh the waut^ of Tinip, Fiohte diacrimi- 
nAt4>A with KhjLTp acal tlw truft Uterary Man, what wu hew ctfiU 
thi' //<7v aji M;m of LL-LU-n, from tniiltitiidoA of falso unhproic 
WhiM<Ti!i liro» not wLulty iu thin Diriiir? Iilcn, or liTing par- 
tially id it, atracnrlL's not^ m for the oni< ^ood. to )ir« whoUj 
ID it, — he 18, let him live wh^r« elm he like, in what pomps 
nnd profipi^'Htirx hr Iikcr, no Lit4Tury Mim ; hn in, myic Ftchte, 
a " Itungkr, i^UtiiperJ^ i>r ftt bf^rd., if he bnloftg to the ptx>- 
eaiu prorimoa, Lti luay bo a *' Hcdmani" Fiohto en-u call* 
him elsewbere a " ?Join*ntiiy,'' and has in short no mercy for 
hiin. no Wish that Afi .nhould nontiniKt hapjiy Among iia! Thia 
ia Fichtc'"fl notion of th^ Man f>f I*ctfci*w, It mc^ann, in ita own 
form^ preciHply what wib here nieau. 

In thiJB point of virw, I ron.^idpr T^^n.U for thc^ last hundred 
ycant, bj far th« not^ttlc^t of sJI Lit^-tary Ucq is Fic^t«*» 
oountrjmiui, Uot>the. To that ra^m too, in a altr^ngi^ ^^Tt 
th«T« «M giv«)n whai we may eaH a life in the Pivino IcUft 
of tlic Worhl; vinLoa rif th« inwTLrrl diviiic myst/^; and 
btrangoly. out of bis Book«, the world rises imaged on^ mora 

EsffT. r. 



ft» god]ilc«>, th« wnrkinanftMp tuiA tcmplit of % GwL Ilhtmi- 
vifttrd ill. not IT fif»rr»! iiuptirr lire-Aplf^ai^or na ot M«!u>iiipt, 
but in mild cekstLal railitLncc; — rcallir a Propfai^oy in thosA 
nest uniJtupkrtic tiant; U> my miikil, by isii thi» ^rvat«8t^ 
Uwagl] uAi? (if lUi3 (juiclVKt, oiEimg ulT Uti; tP^'^^t tLmpi that 
luive com? to |)Aa8 iu tht*tD. Our dio^i^u Ap«-ciini-ij uf tlir Hero 
fu Lit«trAry Man would be thia Qoethe^ And tt weit^ a rtrj 
pltAKUit |>1nn foT m<i Iiatp tn f1ifi<io»r»9 of hU bMT>iem : for I 
ooonidrr him to Ire a tmi? Hrro; 1ii?roM! in what hrNMd And 
did,uid perhapfl sti]] men- in what ho did not %xy nxal dtd 
&ot di>; to me a noble epectacl^ ; a gr^At h«rol« au<-i(^t iiiin^ 

of A inoHt modrm, kigh-brrdi Mffh^rultiratrd Mui of Letters 1 
Wa hxTK^ had no nuch 9]>fffTttiok ; no mmn Oftpobl« of Affordi&K 
su«h. tor the last hundred Aod llfty yearfi. 

Eut at prvseut, £xicli \a the gf*nt«r&l Htatti^ of knowU^gvi aboui 
OoftLe, it vrere Torae tbaa ukIoss to attetopt «peakiiig of him 
in tlis CMC, Sp^ftk jw I miKht, GwUir*, to th^ f^ai nmiority 
of you, would tonuin probUmulic, vajpii*; no in^yrf^ioti but 
» f:tTat* on<» nuuUl be rt^Eftnl, Him rtt niu«l tesT* Ui futoro 
tiops. JohuAou, Itiirnf, Itou»frcau. thr€i> ^ledt f trurea ftoat % 
prLor tiat«, Trom u far iiift^nor fit:4tn of ciTv^vinu^t^nofn, wiU rrnit 
UA t)eXt4*r hi'rv. Tbrts* Tn**!! of titt' Kifjlitc-mtTt IViitiEry; the 
€Oiictiliou» of thi-ir life f^u more retwiulrk wbat UiO(« of our» 
»till air in England, than vbat Oocthc'if in GrnTionj wcvtt. 
AIm, thoBP tn^Ti did not ronrjiirr itkn tiim ; tht^y fou^t bmvolj, 
and fid). Thry wt-re ni>t hrTinr fanngrm dT iJie liglii, ImiL 
kfrroie »««k«3:s of it* Th«j lived under ^^115 eondittoud; 
•tnt^fflinj; a^ iind^r mountnine of iiiipedim^iit. and oould not 
u»fr>M tlirmsrlvm into rlpampM, or vif^irii^ui int^rprptation 
of that '^Divine Idf^n." It m r^tlirr Uii; Ttrntbi at tbnn- LiU 
frranr Hi-wcft that I hav* to nhow jwi. Tli*re ar« tbL> moai> 
mpKiial bftjLpo, und«r wb>ch tliree fffMrKoa) gtnnU tia buriod. 
Vi'ry mminifid, httt uIko |frn:U nnd ftill of inli^n-tct for ua. We 
will Imgvr bjr them foi a while. 

Conpbint is ofcpn nu*», In tb^w tim^v^ of what we call iIm 
disoTffaaified condition gf jwcirtj ; bow ill many airacged 



LwTT. r. 

Ioroe$ of societj" fulfil th^lf worV ; how many povprful forces 
iiri^ si'HTi wnrkiti^ in n w4Kl<"fiil, tliftotii:, alloj^Uier iiii;uTUigi?d 
iiuuLDcr. It b too juat a complaint^ oa wo all knovr. £ot pei* 
hA|>r( if wc Juok ut ttiLs of Boohs and the Writers of Book% vro 
«1iatl find here, ijS it w»*tm», thr Miininrtry tifall othrr dUm-gani- 
vatiana ; — a sort of Itrtirt, fmm whic li, uid to wUinh, all otber 
co&fnaion circulati*B in the wotld! Cormiclenng what Book" 
vritoTs do m the vorld, and wh^t the world does irith Book- 
3rrit«r«r ' filiuaM 0a}, tl 'm tli'i nnut anomalnLifl iJtiM^ lhi< 
votid at jireaeut liaA to ehow. — Wf: sUould £i*t into a acA far 
beyond soundtii^, did v<i nthunpt to f^ivv naiMMni of tbid : btit 
wi> mast glonoo nt it for tlic «ake of our Bubjeot. The voftt 
elpnn»Tit ill l.hj^ ltf<T of llifSB tbree Liwrurr Heroes was^ that 
Uiev fuuud tUfrir biLaiue»9 and position »ucb a cliaov. Ob the 
bf^aton road there is tolerable trayeiliug ; bat it in Mnt work, 
iiiiil many have to perlali, fa&hiouin^ a {tsith tliruv^h tlio 
ini^wLtSpLlib? ! 

Our i^mia Fathers, fei^Iing well wli^t iibpOTUuice Uy in tlio 
flpeakiug of man to tnen, touaded ohtirches, laado eadovm^uttf* 
nlgulnHoll^( i flvt^pywhpm tn tho mvilized world thero i* a Vn\- 
ypitn rnrironvd with all raar)iii.-T uf conijikx digmfiM! apinuU-- 
fUinc<ii and fiirtherimoea, that therefrom a man witlj tbt tOQ^o 
fn^yt ^*^ ^^^ a■l^^alltnJ^^, addresa hi« f'^Uow-mon. They ftdt 
thfiti t1ii« WAS the mrint iuipirt.Arit thin^; thiit vrilhout Uiia 
thrro WAS do Rood tliini:. It i-^ a right pioua work, that of 
thoirp t beautiful to behold ! Bat now with the art of Writ- 
ing, wiT;h th^ art of Printing* a totiil rhjingp has potho nrer 
th^tt hu^][Ir^5. Thi^ Writir of n ]t<Hik, i^ ac^t h<- a IVv-jirh4*r 
prt-Ltdiin^ not to thi» parish 01 iltat, on tlii.i d^y or that> but 
to alL mvn ia all times and placea ? Surely It la of tlia Iwt 
tuLportancu that Ajido his work right, whi»ever do It wrong; ^ 
Uioi the iiyi- wport not fala^ly, for then all thoiOthfr member) 
are astray ! Woll t how he may do hit work, whHhcr he do it 
right or wrong;, or do U at aU^ is a point wliic^h no man in cba 
woHil ha« taken the paiu« to thlirk of- Ta a csertaiTi ahttft 
keeper, tryiaflf to ^t some monoy for his bookB* if luc^ky, be \& 
of tomo iinportanev -T ^ ^^ other man of any. WhonAa be 
CBia?^ whither he is boiiud, by wloc waja U» arriTvd, by what 

Ucr V. 



he taij:;lit be turtheroct on hie coarse, co one ft«h0. He i» an 
9ioci4?Qt in BncUlT- Ho WAiuLrnt likn n wild lHhiii:tf>]it«^ in a 
wnrld of whif^h tur ia ;» the ApiiittmJ Itgbt^ either tlip gnidanaa 
or the raugoidance ! 

Ci-rUunly %h& Art of Wrrting U tbo moat iuira<rnloii« of all 
thjlt^ maA luu <LRvisnL Odtr^'n A'utiu wnriT tlif* Ant fcmn of 
llur iti}ik of a nfrro; TTbnJb, writteci ircnld, ikn ntill minculoosJ 
JTvitH, the lati^t fOTDi 1 In books Lioa the jw/ of tb« vbolo 
Vast time ; the arricukte audible V(>io$ of the Fatft, when ^9 
\trv]j nnl mkti^iil KT^ltstjink-p cif it hiu attngethRT r^itiMhpil likft 
a drcjUB- Mighty' EfcU nnd Arfnins. horTxira iLnJ jtmrnAl^ TMt 
cit)'?J. LigL d>-imi;d^ iii:i]iy i>ugi[ie<t, — thfv Hro protons, gTMii 
but what iio (h*y (wpom* ? Ag»nnt>iniion. t1)*» many Af^TH^Rw 
nuns, P««ndAWS| anii thinr Orceiw ; nil ia gtiae now to smnf! 
niu^ ErmicnieiitAf dumb mnGnifal wn.*nk:s ind blocka : but the 
BooJci of Gtewel l'h«re Grec^ce, :*> even/ think«r^ still Tety 
literally lived : can be caltnl np afpin intn Uf«, Ko Ria^9 
Atimt i& Mtiim^r th&Q a Book- All that Mankind hasdooei 
thouK^it, jcftiiu^tl or been : it ia Ijin^ ajt m toa^o prr-»cmktiOB 
in thi! pafioa of Book*. Thtj are th« choieti pOMMnon of 

Do DOl Books aliill accouipluib ir»«ra«/«B» ns Ritrt^s ireie fabM 
to do ? Thgiy p^9Ttaii« HK'tt. Kot tlic wrntoliodt^^t cireu)ittinf{' 
libnuy dctaI, whiirli fcii?U«h girlM thiiinb *nd ton in n-muti- ril- 
kgiUL btit will btflp tu re^ibitt* tbir nxHu^l prndicul wnldiugn 
and hou^elioldu of Uioeo foolUh iprla. 80 "Cflia" felt* to 
*Cliftoni" ai'tei): Ui(> foolinh Th«<jrc>iQ of Lif«, rtaisped into 
tha«e youn^ hminn, luitnnt nut asi n unlid Prsviirn rmm dny. 
Ooii«ider whether Auy /^t»»^ m the wiltleat imagituttipti of 
MythnIoBi*t fwor did such woiuli^ra as, on the aetnal firm 
Kartb, ioita Rtvilts hax-o donp ' What built St Piul'a Citho- 
dral? Ivuok at the bi-oit of tim matter, in war that divian 
Hobrew Booa. — tbe won) partly of the maii Moete^; aa on^ 
law len^liag tits MidiaiulLih ht^dfl. four ihoTuaud ^oari agOi ia 
thpR wi1drmi««wpJi of Sinni '. I1 is i.hi> fitrui^nut of tiiiitgir jrfit 
uotbing IB truer. With Uur ^ut of Writias- oi which Priating 
is a ejmplct an LwntAble an .1 irompar^tir^lT iasifinifloii^' 
laiy, ibo tnu idgD of uinr^lrc for tnomkiad aatp 




robtml, with a wondroua new ooatisuity and perpetuaJ rloM»- 
lieso, th« Tut luid Di^itant with th^r i'lr-scnt in tiioc and Jilac6 1 
bH times au<l all placies witli tliis our a<*tuaJ H«rc and Nov. 
All tluuga wt-i« iilttir«d for men ; adl uiuJoa uF iia|iurtiiiit work 
of ueu; tcachiugt preaching, ^ovrrnmi;, and all el»e. 

To look At Tt'^uOimg, lor mstnnnc^ ITmvpriitios aro 4 not^ 
blr, respwtablr* jirtKlui^t <-f the int>dj*ni ajju*. Thoxf oxistenoe 
too lA mu<ljficil, to the ver>' baaiA of it, hy tLe c?xbtriinr of 
Books. UniTonitiiM aroM vliilo thoro vcro vv^t m> Books 
proourablit ; wlitlc a man, fur % linglfl Book, had to fire mu 
v»bit« of laaiO. Tliiil, hi tbjHH ^-unicmAUwroi, Ahrn a man had 
»<ime knovltnl^ t<r udiuumnicate. he tihould do it br ipathppnikg 
the loani<>rs round him, faoo to fa«(*, traA & tiec««(titj lor him. 
If you waal^ to know what Aholard kn^v^ yon must go aud 
listi^Ei tu AImtLuxL ThiniKiitdd, aa oiany iks thirty thoiuauil, 
went to hL-ar Abvbrd aud tUtit m«tapl»yflic=il theolosT *>f bia. 
Aud now tor any utL«r bi-aoher who liad at^ ttoini^thm^ oF hi^ 
own ti tBaf*h, thnre was a p***at convenience opened : so uiany 
thoLiSAtids pftger to IftArn were ahcwly a^&cnibW yonder; at 
«D pWe« the host place f^tr him vms that- f'or luiy third 
t^aeher it wa« better still ; and gri^w ever tiiu bi'tti-?r^ iht moro 
lrea<^hern» therv came. It only ni.'i.>f1ed dow that thi^ King took 
notice of thia new pheaomi^iion ; combinod or a^^merAted 
tho Tonouft ft-liook into ono lohool ; gavo it cdi6ofis, prmtef(o«, 
AnoouTogcnKntte. and oamed It Vnivf^titasj «t School of all 
8tnt*nQp3: tJit University of Paria> in its easvuLJal cliarRctvrs, 
waa there. Tho model of all ftubai^iuint Laivcrsitiea; which 
down ovim to thuo daya, for aix otmliiriw iic»w. havu gono 
on Ui Tuunt! tlieiuMvlvek, Suub, I ooutwive, wiu the origio of 

It U al«ar, howpTrr, that with thifl simple oirciiD^ntAttcct, 
facility of gfltting Booki, thi> whok r^nditioon nf the btudncMi 
fnnH ti)i> t"» Imttom wire idiaitip-J. Onri? invniL f rinling. you 
3BietiiiQi?Tpho!ir!d all Unireiaitica, ot aupcrsodi-H] them! Th(» 
Teacher &eedod not now to |-ather moa peraouully round him, 
t^t be mlg^t «p0GiJt to thera what he knnw ■ pHnt it Iti a Book, 
anil all leu'nere far and widi^, for a triflr, hml it «Mih at hia 
own tiredidc, much tnorv t'ffectuaUy to Learn it I — T)onbtl£M 

User. 7. 



tll«r(^ ia «ti]l pocidiut virtUL> in Sj^eecli ; even writers of Books 
may «tiU, in tom^ ctrcumf^tnni^pji, find it conmnic>nt to wpnAk 
nljui, — witnfim inir iimenl mtrptiiig faervl Tluan: in, orna 
wcnUd flay, mid mu*t vvvt leinaiu while man boa ft tonnuCi ft 
iLiotxuL't pro^iaoe for Speoch a8 w«U a8 for Writiiig and Pnot- 
liig- lo r«gsLrd to nil things thiv nitiiit riTinmti; Ld Utiivnniitif'S 
iLmims nthrre. But tJii^ limtttt ijf Uiv twu liavn iiowlien jet 
liocn pciintoti out, iwci^rtaijn*il i uiucti U*a9 put m praoli<* ; iho 
VcLtT«nlty vhicZi would romplft^ly tako in th;»t gr^tt neir 
fnrt, of t1>*i ptiflli»nri> ni Vrhitnl Huoki, uiid KUtnil (tn ii r.lrAP 
footing for the Ninctcrnth Century a^ tbc I'orui ottc did for 
the Thirtitnlh, hmi not jd oomo into ^sidt«ni?e, If we think 
of it, all iLai a Unli'ertlty. or tinaJ highest School ran do for 
QB, Is still but what the firet School be^pui dning, — tritch us 
to rea4^ Wc Uath to jv^^/* in Turioua InnsiugcA, is Tanotu 
scioiicCfl; wp Leom thv tvlphjt-ivt and Ictti^n of iiU atamu^r of 
Boolu. But the pliic« when; vr^ uv to get luiuwledt^e. l't«u 
Uieinetti} kiiuwledijw, is Lhe BiKrks llieii^Aclvivi '. It dpjH^ndR im 
what WG Tv^. aftrr &U insnaor of rrDfcflaora hi^rc donr their 
t»!it fnr Oii^ Thn true Cnivpr^ity of these dAja is ik 0>]lc(*ticn 
of Btx>kH. 

But to iha Chiiff h it?inlf, ^ I hinl*^ niroady, all is cLangetl. 
in Us pvCftchingj in its working, by thit ]ntro<hictioii of Hooka* 
The Chofch U th« working reoogulxed I'uion of our I*ri0«tft 
rt Projihrta, of thosH whn by wiw* 1<>Arhing giildf* the soula of 
men. While there wa« no Writinjz* fv^j) whil^ there vaa no 
E&^-wriling, or Frintinjf. th« proaobiDs of the voice woe tho 
nattind nolti mntliod of performing tbia. But now with Books t 
— lie tliat c^a wriLo a tni^ Biiok, to |H*ri«itHde Cn^landr Is not 
ho the Bishop nnd Ardibinbop. the Frimnte of En^rlaikd and 
of All Engl.-ind? I m^Lny » time say, the wnt^iw of Ncw»- 
|i&pi!nL, l*aniph!r!M, Porins, Bonlu, tl^ese are th« real wirkbig 
effective Church of a oioderti cotuitty. Xfty not only our 
pr«4chin^, but «ven our wonbip, it not it too oci-'omp limbed 
by mennx of PrintrtI RooIcm ? Thn TioMe 8f>niamenr wb» 
gifted mjul boti clotlied for u« in melodintui vt' 
brinRS melody into our hearts, — la not ibid cm 
vill nnderxtarid it^ of tho n&tnrfi of vorabip ? 1 



Lht. T, 

in ftll countrifs. vbo, in thia coufiued lim^ bnvd no oUmt 
mHhdd of worsliip. fie wtio, ui luiy w^iy. 9ho«ft oi better 
than we knew before th^t a lily of th« ti^lda Is b^JtaUfiU, dots 
be not show it us as an effluence of ik& Fouuiaiu of ali lleuil? j 
VI thr h'tttiipritinfj, mada vUiblc Uiorr, ol' the ffimt Mokes of 
ttw rnivt^nttf ? Ue h:w anng for tn. timitt tis iuxg «itb him, 
a litUe ver«i' of n 9,-.vtp*\ Paalm, E8seati&31y so. How lauc^ 
more be- who ?inKT<, who sajs, <ir in any way brings hoMC to 
oar h^n tliv aoblo dciogs, feoliDfi«, darings and ^ndnAMCS 
of A brnthpT iriAn ! Ha ha« verily touched oar heaits u vrldi 
a Live coai /rmn tkt nUar. IVrJups Uierc ia uo wQiaLt|i more 

Literature, »o far at it is LiteraCnie^ it as '* apo0iJyp<« of 
Nature," a rpvpalinif of tU* "open secret.'' It may well 
onouirK bn naiurd, it. Fichtc's rtylc, n "continuoua rev^Utioii ■* 
of tbv (iodlikf? ill tlie Trrn-fitn^J and Uommoii. Tho <3od!iko 
doe* trer, in vtty trutli, ludure tlMn;; i^ brought out, now 
in tliia dialeol. now lit Uuil, wiUi vaxiouB iI^^tm-p d[ dtsiratsiit : 
All truf* iciftrd Sinjccrs and 8p<^cr« an\ coupcIousIj or uaccn- 
Miouflr^ [Icing MO. Tht djirk itonnfu! iitdigrjitinn of a l^yroiii 
ao vayvani Aiu\ |if>rven^, may haw ttmeht^s of H; nay the 
vitbend niocJcery of a Preaoh aoepUe. — * hb mockery of the 
Folso^ A love and worship of tli« 'rn;o. Ho^ much more 
tho Rphorr-hurTEiony of a Shaki;>«iin^, of a Goetht-; Uip f<A- 
iJittdisI initniu fif ±l MiTtnii ! Thny an- w)inftliiu]Z Uw. tbtxw 
JuJuUa gtmiitie larkr^otM of a Bum^, — dkylarkt stoitiiie 
bam tho hiimUe fiirrov, far ovprh^ad into tho bino doptba, 
and tinging u* uk ho ^-rnuiiLnly thcrr I K<ir nil tritn liuf^ing is 
of Uto natiuv of worshiiv ; aa indeed all true tmrkinff may bo 
mid to ho. — wh^^reof uttob singing ia tut Ihp record, nnd fit 
melwlHuiH rt-prrv^ntatiorn, to u*, Traifnu^ntft of a real '' Chnrch 
Litiir>;y " auil '* Body vi ^imxi\\v%" stnuif^*-ly disgnisinl fnnD 
Uio cointnon eye, are to Ixr found weJteriag in ihit hu^ froih* 
ooion <?i Printed Speech W4 loo«ely oali Literature! Books 
are our Cliurt'h u«i. 

Or tuniins now to thcr GoTCriuueat of nn;n, Witenagemote, 
old Parliament, waa a f:Teat thini;. The nffur« of Uie nttiCQ 
v«» tbcn ddibantad and ddcidM ; what we were to rfo aa a 

Ubtt. V. 



nuHon. Bm tloea not, them^h the uame Parliftmeni eulislsts, 
the p4jliftmeiitarr (Icbnt^r ffo pn now, everyvbcre and at all 
timoB, in a fJor mcrt vompTv^hvn&xyG way, otU vf Failiamcnt 
;LltOj^ther 7 Burke aalcl th«re were Tltree Esiate« In PotUj^ 
jueiit i but> ill tlic Eeport«rA* Gallery youdev, Ihera Aat a /WrtA 
Sitoft tti*>Tc important tar thui Utcy nlU It in not a lijnu^ of 
ffwtfoli, or a witty raying ^ it ia a liUral fatit, — rrry inomoa- 
toua to lid in Uieae liiuea. Literature is onr Furli^n^ul Ioel 
Prntiiif I whiclk ccm<4 Q^oessarily out of Writiiif, I say ofteop 
u o<it(tval«Dt to Dcmoonicy : iavoat WrituiKi Di^tiicicmcy is 
iaevftabl«. Writing btii^f* rrimiug^ brin^ uiilrenuiJ e7t'ry- 
d;iy frxletu|iure PHntiit^* da we bve aX iJieauiiU W1jueier<;aa 
e^*SAk, apcahJT^i: dow lo the whole nati^ii, bcoomoB a powrr, a 
Inukch of |pirnriijnr*iiV ^^^^ inalicnabLp weight in law-making 
In :iU m-ts fjf iiiiLhijrIiy. It in^tttTH iiuT, :^'hiLt rank be Iiaa, 
whul rvrr^uuea ift g-AimtuT«B; tLe rciiuuit^ tlitu); i», tliat hft 
bare a tongue which others will tistco to; this and notliifif 
1ikO» U rfv|iiiHit«> Th^ nation ts gov^raod by bI) that han 
tongur in r.h-* tiBlion: iVninrmry iK rirttudly tAtrrr. Aiid 
only, that whatooevcr power tixititu will have itself, by nnd 
by, orfsaiiisod ; workiri^ iteiaretly undor bandars* obecurations, 
obatnirtioiiB^ it will nm-nr jvst dU it got to work frnp, un- 
eneiutibervd* vi»ibla to all. D<:nu>cnicy virtually extant will 
infiist oQ becoming palpably extant. — 

On nil ridoa, ara wn not drirtm to the coimhijiion that, of tha 
tbiogn whii^h luati vnn ilc* or luakf. liitrt? In-low. Ky tus tlip immt 
luom4utoi;fl> wonderful aeuI wurtliy arv llic ihm^ w call 
Books I Thoeo poor bit« of rag-paper with black ink on thorn { 
— fr<nn tlia Daily Now*piLp<^r to tlie s;i^red Hebri^w B*mjk, 
what baT* they oul dmii?, what arv Ihey net doint;! — For 
inrtrriT, whfltrvrr bo thii ciilward form of lb© tkiinff (biia of 
pcipf r. jia wi* auy, ntid bluck ink), is It not verily, at botton^ 
l\it' hib*lieat aitL of man'!! taL^uHy iluiL pruthii^FB u Bouk ? IL lA 
the ^Airu^f of man; the t.uo tbaumaturic^c riitiic; by which 
nan workj< all thingn wkatsot^-'i^r. All th:it he doett, and brings 
tn paas, Ea ifae T(4«tur» of a Tliou^t. This London City, with 
all ita honata, palaoea. at^ram-^nernefl. cntht^draU, and hni:« iin- 
neanuabla taOo and tumult, what U it but a Thought, bat 



lACT. T, 

miUione of Tlioughu :hm4*» into Onn;— a hv^fc^ imuoftsan- 
ble if]]irit of ft Tnoi:<iUT, i-mboditd iu bridle in irrn. Ki»Dk«^ 
iluKt, ralM'«»T Pnrlian»Mjtfl. Pla.uluitjf Ccutcliea. lviU.Jim'hir< Docker 
and Hit t«st of it ! ^ot a brick wo^ mod* bat aouio ai&n had 
toM^fut<^l th« nakiojf of ihtit t>rkk. — Tbu tbifig v« caUsd 
" bits of papier n-itb tnu*i'K of lilRck iuk/* Iji tiig/iuw<g «mbodi- 
aent a. Thou^'Ut of mau can have. Kd votidei it b, in aU 
mjv, th« wtii'«8t and doblMit. 

iJJ thu, of tti« importtukcc uid aupr«>inc imponanne of the 
Mjin <if IjRttrrK in inodr-ra HtH<iet>v >uuJ hoA tli« fmn Iea to 
inch a df'^ne sLipen^Uui^ lh« PiiJ]hU Ihe Senale, the Sonatut 
AMtifn{frv4 zihd muih «U<^, Kaa bt*<in admtttiMl for a good vhi]«; 
4ad rf*m>pniju»(l oftm i-nfiriprh, in lat** timw, with a <nTt ttl mm- 
tiuiruul triiiiiJiih lod ituud«ruieiit It AMin» to me, tliQ Bcu- 
tiiUL^nUU by uiid \ry vill bav« to giTo place to tbc PmotUiaL 
If -M**?! of Lett^ra mv ko iiiCAl^'ulubly inflticntiAl, m^nuUljr ]wr> 
forming fnu'h wnrk fnr hh frr^ni n|^ Va ngr, mid m-r& from djiy 
to djir, then 1 tlni>k we maj coaoludi-* ihdX Men of Lottera will 
not always waudOT lih^ nnreoo^iz^ unregulated l£lLiiL;u>]Lt«B 
nnum^ uk! WlixbHHfViTr things n^ X <iiid nbo'/ff. itfts ^-irt.cial 
nunutii^ed jmwei will eatit ut^' itzt wrapjaKi^A, boiidu^-pn, uid 
ete^- turtii i>iiL« day with piUpably articuiAUdr iuur<<rmLUy Tittiblc 
powirr. Thnt nni» mxin n'i>iLr th^ dothes, and take tlio ^^6^ 
uf a fiinrlion nhicli i,* dtim? by rpilj* ajn"»tbpr : th'*re can bt> no 
profit in tUia; this ii not right, it i« wron^. And jet, alw, 
the 74iiJf(n^ of it rijfht, — what a biuin^fi^ for lonit tini'« to 
cofncT Snpp pnoiigh, this thsit we call Lh-^iuiization o( tlko 
LiU-ianr <tuitd lis ^till a gnut w^j ofT, PEicuiiiilifi^ wit^ nil 
noxinor of <x>&ip1oxitaC5. If you atkcd mc what vef« thie beet 
poitiLli^ organisation for th& Mt n of L«ttonfi in modem aooioty; 
tli(^ vranp-ni?ut oF rurthrmnop and rf't-iilatiun. |rra«lv1i>'I th« 
most Koumtelj on tho sfrtuat farts of their (xitlttou anil of the 
voffid'i poRition, — I should be^ to sa.y that tho probletn hr 
ui^E-edisl iny bw-iil^ * tt tt iiot . lie man'a facnitr ; il i» thifc 
of mivcy nnort'Mivtf mro ttini.^d t^Anipjitly upon lU that will 
brioK ^^^ *^vnTi an apr-to3Lim^.t« aolation. What the beot uw 
nui^mcnt wi>r«, aonn of U4 conld eaj. But if joa Mik, WKieh 
la the wotet ? t answer : ThiK vhich we now bave« that Chnott 



nlioxilii eai iiiupir« bi il i %hi& U tlic v^jrat. To Uko beflt, or aoj 
goc4 CUV, UiuTO U yH ft lonfc way- 

Oao romark I tantl not omit, Xlut roynl or pArliaroj^ntary 
gnmtH «f mtiiitty )ir« by uu iut?:tua Uip clui-f Lliiiifc' wLujteU ! To 
gime eitx Mt^u of LolUra alipvud^, 4>uUowiumitd aud ^1 fur- 
tbeTQoco of oa«h, will dn Little towxls tbt^ butinocfi. On tlio 
wbfil**, citi? U wuary of limring iLT>f>iit ihv nmntiMlem^ at inoTiejr, 
I will aay rather Ih^U fu' ^ i^uume maji. It La uo evil to bo 
poofi ILat thero ouffht to bo Lilorary Men poo», — to nhow 
vZictbur they lue ^nuiiu? or not! M<»udir';uit Urdm^ bodiva 
uf gtiud ]u«ii drtunit^ to ^^f. wt^re iualitult?d lu tUe Clu-iBtma 
Chui%']i^ a most natural and cvon necce«ftry dcvclOT^nm^t of 
tbit HpiHt of ChrtitL!Uj.ity. It wax it«)f founded oq Tovcrty, 
oti furrow* CiiittraflfciTtlo&, Crucifixion, every np^cieH of wofldly 
Dbti^a and DejfrAilAtiou Wo m^y say. tliut be who hu Dot 
kfiovn tho0<^ tiling Lvud IfHUiitHi frcirt tbi'tu tho |mf^I«u( [»• 
BOu» tlicy Ijuvv tci t«uch, liuv luidsod u (fOuJ opportmiity of 
Brhudiug- To ln-g, aud g<j bnn^rout, m iHjan* woij11*^u dtiak 
wttli A rojw mimd \oiir luhi6, arid be deflpiecd of all Uic world, 
wai uo beaiiUlul b\tain««s; — noi- an hououbk onn in Aay 
oyiT, tin tbi! noblnnw^ of thoHn who did %it bwl mude iL liuuuml 
of wiuie! 

Bi5gsiue ia not in our course at tin* present time : but for 
the wat of it, who will say that a Jobiuoii it not perba^js the 
tvfttnr for being poor? Tt i« uAMful for him, at all mttm, to 
know tS^it outirivrd profit, that sueooss of aoy kiud t% twt tho 
(-LiuL hij has ti> ai£D at Fride, vanity^ Ul-couditioued ogoiftn 
of all florU, ant brpd In hia hdart« aa in erery heart; ite^, 
njbove idl, to bn cast out of bis heart, — to be, with wiral0¥*i 
pan^, toTu oat of it, ea^t forth from it, aa a thini: woTihle«tt> 
Byron, bom H4>h ajid tirpble, luad^ out tv^ii Ud than Hums, 
poor anil picbrinn. Wlio knows but, \u that utnie '<betit ]fo4- 
Oible orgaiuxation " fts yet far olf. Poverty may iftill enter 
m an importUiC elemert / \\ liat if our Men of Lott«ra, mm 
anttan^ up to b«f 8pirui;nl Hprcvf), wt>r^ nr.ill fh/fn^ AS th«y now 
are, a kind of " inrotuotaiy mouoatir urtlnr \ " bound ktill to 
tliia 8ain4 ujrly Poverty, — till they Imd iricd what traa in it 
toij, till tlicy had luamed to make it too do for Uiem > Money, 



Uirt V, 

In iTnl\ Dan do iauc]i» but U c«nnot do aXL We nuutt kaov 
Ibe |ir<iTiiico of it, ftnd cotifiiic it tltcrc i and cTcn spum H 
backi when it wii»Ii«« to get farther* 

fiosiid^d, vr«ra th& money-furUiw^uicos, ch» piojier imoalog 
Lbuii, Lilt fit oAsijeurr dI thciOi all settled, — bo>v U (be Tkutu 
to be tccoKnUcd ttint merribi tlicec? He lauat jius through 
the ordeal, luid prov« hinueU. TAi^ urdeiJ ; Ihia itiJd wvitor 
of ak i'li»>!i wl^iot^ i:) calV'l Utervy Ttife : tliia too ii a kind of 
orJeul ! Ttirrc iJt cLcor truth in the itica that a atroggle ftoic 
the lovror uloasM oE aocieT;/^ townidei t]i« np^-r ivj^ions aod 
r«vrarili of socieCny. imut ever conLinue. Strong muc ai« bom 
then?, who ou^ht to stand olsQwhere tbioi tUen-, Thu oivti* 
fold. UL«3cti^r4it']y (^r>mplrT, nrirrTKiJ EtrajE]:'c of UwSQ COR- 
etttutM, BcU miut oijiutiiute. vrUat ]> ooBed thu progTcw of 
ROciflty, For Blai of l^tttrrft. m for all oth«r Horia of mria. 
How t« regulate UkJl atru^gle ? Thci« ia Ur- wliob qticattun. 
To LwTe it a« it ia. &i ilii.- uiv-icy of blinJ Chatii.% i a whirl ot 
difttraotMl atonm, one naac^Uicig tli» oth^; ono of tho th<nt> 
mttcl arrivtnt' x^vnL ain«f hiimin^d and ninfrty-ninti ttnX hj th«t 
way; your royal JohuAon lauf^'uiHluut; inaotire in gurreta^ or 
hanicesed to the ycto of iVtrtter Oilv«; your Buni* dyfn^ 
faTok4'n-h0an«d «jt a Gaugrr ; ymir Ronaflfwu dnv«ii ioto mad 
ejL;B]j«nitioDt kifidlin^ Frcnich RtToIutioos hy his panuknca: 
thU. aa wc aaki, i« dearly enough iha vroret rcgulatioit Tlio 
6#t<t alat, ia far from ui I 

And yet there eac be no dnnbt bTit it U rmnlng ; Hdvandni; 
OL 114 80 yet hidilen in the bosom of centuries: thu ia a 
pTopHtcy ODO fttn rink, For ao aoim 00 mmi get to diaccru tbo 
importdjuv of iL thin)^. they do infallibly tet about arranging 
\U far-IlrUliii^', forwanUM^ it; and reat not till, in «oiiie ajv 
proiimoU' do4:rrr, thoy havr oeconpliahod that I any, of odl 
l^neetbooda. ArUtocnboiotif tiovAnung Claaaea tt pMwot extant 
In the worhl, there U no alasfl comparable for importaavv to 
ihU Priesthood of Uie Writerre of Booka. Thi« i» a fact vJuoh 
he who Tuiup inay fisnd, — nnil draw infnronc»'« from. " Liters 
tcrf will take chit of itaelf,' aiiawered Mr Fill, when applied 
tr ftrt-iomwhdi^ for tluni*, « Vw,"a*W»Mr Santhpy, "it will 
tak«c»r«o[ ttoeU; wtof «/yim tot, if yoa do not look to itl* 


Tlie mult Uf indiruloa] Men of Leu«rs Lt Qot UiemoMiei^ 
toua obo; thny ftm bat uujividxiaLiT itfi iaHalU^inutl fraction 
of th« ifTOftS body ; th«y otui Btniggl« on, and lirv vf vUa di«, 
&■ tlifr^ Imve imtt vout But ii ti^vpljr coiicdra^ Uie wliole 
aocicljr. vlitthcr it will act lU J»jFAf on hiieh plu^js, to walk 
tbtr^by s OF tnuttpltt it and«r fooi^ Jmd Mutter it iit nil vaja of 
vt14 vwto (not irithout eanlbgnUoo). na lieretofciv i Light 
ift the one tldcfr vaiited fOr tlif world Put wisilora iu tLe 
head of tL<f world, tho vorld wiU fight it« tiftClU> victoriouaJj, 
Ukd be bbo bc«t world omu t.-oji luiki- it. 1 iiaUvd tkt» uumiiiy 
of fttUKcn^uin.' Litimu> CUh tlit Lt^kil uf all utUfr luutuulipn, 
at omoe product and parctit ; eoixic icood arranjccsK-nl fui that 
would bd aa th« puaffupt MoiUus of a ctw vitality iwl jiitt 
ftj-Taug(>tnrnt for nil. Alruadj, iu nom« Buro]>6ui mmiitriM, 
m FmuDCt ua Pnuuiia, one traces eomo bef*iiiiuiica of aa ar- 
for tho Litorvry Clast ; uidicntiaff tbe giadiiiil poa- 

Uity of such. I bcliirro tliat it i» pc«!tiblu ; that it viU have 

be [>ossibIf^ 

Dy for tb« most intcTO»tuig £act I hear ahuut tho Cbiii«t>e la 
one on tthicJi vo cuinot arrive at clearnwe, but wbiuh exrtteo 
entll^M fiuhoeity ^ven iu tbe dim stata ; thU aain«ly, that ih^y 
d» AlUrntpt t<i ma\m ihrir Men of Ltrtt^m tb>^i^ GoTomors? It 
would be ruah to any, one nndcretood iuiw tliis vras dc>n«^, or 
with vh.1t degree of succeaa It waa dono. All such thitiga 
must b^ veiy uri^Kvi^faihd ; yet a aat&l) il0ceTTi*< of roceo** is 
prccioua; the very attempt how preoiuuit ! Then- tltia oeam 
to bCt alJ ovi^r China, a mora or \cm actire H^arcli Br^ryvhere 
to djaeov^ the men of talent that rtow up iii the ycu&g gen- 
^naioii, Stdiooln ihet^ an* for evory om?: a foo1ij:li sort of 
tf.-iiTiiDf:, yet atill ^ iont. TLi- youtlu wbo dintiogiiiidi llii^iii- 
tic-ivcs ill ihv lowvt nf^hrol arc* promoted into favorable otatioua 
iu it^ bigJier, LiuLt tlM-y rnny «ttll rDDn> digiiugnUh tlMBiseWc*, 
— forward aud ForM-jird : iL A]i(]e:L(ii Ui hi^ not of tliwai tliat tha 
(HKciuL l'crw>D«, and Lucipiont (ioreruors, are talutu Theet 
an? tbtfy whom tliaj tty first, wheth^rr they can ^vsrn or ML 
Avil VUToly witJi the bait bope r for tJii*y are Uir men Hint 
luve already sbown inteUe^-L Try ibinm ; tbey bare not gov* 
•mod or idfutnirtsiisd aa 3ret ; |m-ha|]s tkny oaimot ; but there 



LacT. T. 

b DO doubt Inlidy have some ITiidentaitdjik^,** without vbich 
no m&u cdLa I Neither h fndentukcIiuiE A £cw^ aa we ate boo 
apt to hgure ; *Ut ia A Aari^ vhidi otui Uundlc imy too!-" Tiy 
these meu : Oi*y ar& of all others the be*t worth trjing. — 
Surely tLfjv is iiu kind of goverum^ut, i;uuatit.uLiuu, rcfolo- 
tionr aoci&l apparatus gf atrungrsmcut. tbnt 1 know of in tLit 
world, &o proDiiBiiig to one'e A(^iouti]ic flurioAity a» thit. Tti* 
iriciii of iiittfllfv^t at the t<)|i of HiTarrB : i]i\ti in tljA Aim of all 
uuuriLitutioiiA Aud rcToltittoQfi, if they Lato Any aLidu For the 
uiAB of truo intfiLlcd^ am 1 Aoscrt and bolicrn ii;wajs, ia th« 
n^bli^-heArtL'd man witb^, the tni^, jujit, huinujv uid vfiliioit 
ULirn, Ot-L ^m fur i^vevuur, aII ht \£ol ; {nil U> got liiuii Uiuugh 
you had CoustitTLtionn ytlfint.iful as blAckbertiea, aud A Parli^ 
rntat in every Tiling', tti-rt is ur^thing ytil got \ — 

TbifSfl ibiuf^ lock atmn^ truly; uiuE luv Dt^t aneh aa w« 
flOmmoKly apecuhtte upon. But W9 Are fAllou lulu atr^uigts 
times; tboao thin^ will roquiro to bo spoctiUtod upouj to 
be re^ndorod practicable, to bo in Homo wiy put in praotii^. 
TbvHi^ 3iud luutiy uUi«rH, On nil tmnEbi (if \i%, thiin- i« tbfi 
AEinounoi^iuont, oudibLo cnoojch, thut tb« old Empire of R<iii< 
tine hiu ondcd i that to tay a thin^ hne long boon, 10 do re^ 
3U>Q for iu L'outmuiii^ tu 1m. Thv thiu^ wluch buvo b«*n im 
fallen iutij tb?cay. Are falleu iuto uicuupetcuici; ^ buife aiOMeB of 
niAnkind, in cv4.'ry society of ovir EuTopL^ an* no longet Cttpttfalo 
of living At ill by tho tHa^ whiob havo been. When BullionA 
of men eAn no lonf^er by their utmost ^nertlon gain food for 
thdoiafilvM, and *' the Lhinl man foi thlrty^ii lA^ivkft eac^ jotr 
i* short of third-rate JK^t-^^>'^ls,*' the tbins^ whifh hAv« been 
niUAt d«oidedly prepun.- to idt«r themselves ! — 1 will now quit 
thi« of Uie organi£fttlo[] of Men of Tetters. 

Ala«, the evil tliat prawed hoariest on thoM literary H«vom 
of ours was not the want of orgAnhatioti for Men of Lettarft, 
but A fAT deeper one ; out of which, iudtwd, tliia Aud m uiAoy 
other ctUa for thc^ Literary Mam, And for a11 men, Wd* ua 
from thoir fountain, takeD rUe. That our Hero aa Man of 
Letters had to travel witbinit hif^hway. (um|i:i]|iotitea<[, thrortgli 
«n ifioneanio cbaOA, — ahiJ to Ioata hU ow& Ufo oud facuHjr 

I4«. V. THE n£BO AS U.UN OP urj'£Ba 


lyitiif tlien, u * lortial oulribciUoa lowv^ pitsJkim^ some 
lii^biraj tlvoacli it: Ukis, lud sot lu« tsonltj iteelf boe& >o 
p^n^prW and pandjTttd, he tni^ht huro put up with, nuf^ht 
liAvr? tvmiiiiiiutid U> be bul Uie l-uiuuiwi lot uf Hcrtfl>tui, Hiii 
f&tal miacr; wiu the gpiriiu^ p^trai^itUt w> wc uuy luono i% of 
the A^ m wbich bU life loy ; wh<frcby hin iifo too, do what 
b# raif^it, v^u h:i)f fieLraJyiwil * Tlif Eight'<i*rit1: vnx a Setptieai 
Ceotiij}' ; ill wliioh littio wonl ther« U a whuli; rs^duni'H Box 
of miHTWfi. Kovpticiva omos not iuUU^ot^ m>ubt alooe^ 
bat mont] Doubt ; all sorts ef iit£d«lity, inkmccricy, Rpiritu^ 
punity'Mei, rerhji{B* m ftrw ceuloriirs that tint- cvu]d HjiMfy 
taact bbo world bc^aiu md ft tifo of HcrcJjiu uloi« tldBriilt for 
»tBUL That WAS not ui A|r* of Faith, — ui s^ of H(*3^om! 
Tho ffwy |)OiMiil»lit.y of Hertiinm hail b«Mi, au tt were, fonnallj 
Abue^aied in the oiitdA of alL Heroism vfae gome rurrr«r; 
Tnvmlity, Fotoulism a&d ComnonplaoD vrre corao fororor. 
^1^ o^^ of iBimcIci'' hflul bocn, or pcrhupM hod uot been; 
but it wtk^ i;oi nxiy Wgi^r. Ati tffrifl world ; whi^rvit^ W^nckr^ 
OnotncaEi, (Iddhuod could uc* uow dw<?il; — iu i>ne WL'rd, * 
godl«a« world: 

How Totemn, dwar^nh luv tliicir wiiya i^f thmking^ in th>* 
tiiuu. — oouipanfd nut with Ihe Chriatuuj SbuLaiJ^-arf^s and 
Mtltrin^T btit with thn old FHgii& SkaJdSi with auy iipoctfMi of 
hplir-viog mun : The liiriag Tkkx Igdnwil, with th** tiir>lodiaiu 
pro|iljetla wa\iii|{ uf ite wurhl-wide Imugbn, ilfieji-nKJtwl an Hela, 
LbA dLcd uut iuto iLe clanking of tk World-MACBiNz. *' Tree " 
and -'Miktjhuiti : " ooatiftfit thw^e two thmg*. ly for my shni^ 
deolun* the world to be no madiine ! T Kay Uiat tt dneii nei go 
by whei'l-aiul-pinloD " tnotivra." Mdf-itiUrtratti. (J:m ks^ bolanoea ; 
fchat thcr^ is sDm^thiiig far ot^r in it tbuu Ihc clttik of ^pin- 
tkUi^-jmnirai, njid p(krli;tin><nt4ry la^joritlea; and, on thevboJe, 
that it ix not a mxt^tiiie at all! — Th^ o1il "Knrmt Tli-alh^fa 
had a tniKr juoLiuu of CkHlVamld than thf^frc pour Mad^c^ 
Boeptiee; the old Heathen Norse wcrrc *uiflwc mcu- But for 
th«ee poorBeeptiot thorn wu no timwrity, no truth, Hdf-lruth 
zud tvmay t*i caUed tniUi. Tmth, tar niort meu, meant 
plawllnlbj; to be meunrcd by the oumber of rotea you coold 
cot. They had loet aa; ootioti that ainoet^f was poesiblo, or 


LEc-rrnEs OS heroks. 

LciCT, T. 

vt irliat sincerity v?u^ How monj PiaimibiUtic^ Aftkin^. "a^tli 
unftfFccUxi nuqjrwo aud tUa air of orrended virtue, WTiatI un 
cot I stii(M-'T*i * SpirStufll Para-lysls, I toy, nothing Vft hurt a 
Mt^h^btiiejtl lifi?, waa tlio uh&ract^risUo of Ui&t nenbiry. For 
the coiiLiuon man^ unicnri hnfipily hv stoijd Bclou* bid contury 
and ix^lon^L-d tu »i»*>tli^T pnor oini, it was Impossible to \» 
X BdU'ver^ :i Hiti-o; hv lay buried, unconaoiotiit* und«-r tliMO 
balerul influence*. Tc the stronfr'^t man, only with inHnibt 
struggle and aanlxi^Km waii it poaaiblo tc work liiiiu»(<U half 
Loose; and l^ad aa it were, in an ^aiohanted, mcst D'a^cal ^^7* 
a tpiriUiul diniI>h'iu'Ure, ujid be a Ilalf-Hf^rij! 

Bccptirism >» the aaaic wc ^vn to all tbi*? w the ohiot 
symptom, oi! the chief orifpn of alt tlii«c Conaerning whicli to 
niucl] wtiFK lo he -uiid 1 It wouUI UiVe innny DIacoiines, nut a 
ajnuil fraolkon of cue Dincoui'ae, to Mt^to what one feela about 
that KijfhteoiUh Century aitd its wttya- Aii inrioed thii, and 
the like of thie^ which we now tntl Scoi'tintHm, i« pra^ol/ 
thn bWk mqla/ly aiid lirn-fnn, a^^itiKt whinh M U-aRhJii^ and 
dUoijiurviDg ninrc man^a life l>rrgsin has dire<Ttvd ita^lf: tho 
battlo of WMit'f agaiiibt Unboiii'l ia tlift ii*ruronding iMttl^I 
NeUh?? is it in th^ vay of crimmation that one would wM CD 
spi^ak. S^cr^iticifim, for tliat ci^Tiinry, we must coiuideri* tiw 
d«cay of old vaya of bclicviog. th<^ preparation a£ar off for 
tew lK?ttL*r ftod wider wtiyrt, — aiv iiimtablc things We wlU 
not Wame men for it; we will Umnnt their hnrd fat**. W6 
will luiderfttAiid that ilvatnictlonL of r>ld /firms \i Dot d<atraO' 
tton of tvrrlojFting jiuAsf'/wYv; that Scvptioie^m, as sorrowful 
and hateful as vre ««e it, ii not un «tid but a beginntng- 

The other day speaking without prior puqiOMO tliat wi^, ot 
Benthnm't theory of man and Rian*e life, I ch,\nnrd to oall it % 
more beggarly one tlmu Blahomcf a. 1 am tHJund to »ay. &ow 
whpn it U oniw iifl^red^ that 9iich 1b my dMthdvate opinion, 
Not that one would menu otTeuce afcatJiAt the man Joreny 
Unntham, or thuio who rvspoct juul bolirre him. Bentliuii 
hiiiuulf, aiid evieai the oreed of Beatham, i^aa to me oompan* 
lively worthy of pn^ee. It ia a detenninat-^ iwinff what all 
the woild, in a cowardly hftlf^and'h^ilf mannrr, waa t^ndin^ 
to bo. L»t US ha.v« the oriaui ; we ihali «itl]»r havo death or 

tKt. r. 

THE ireno AS MA5 OF Lt:TTERS- 


tku CDNb I call ihks grofti, tteftin^-Rg^n? Utiliunanix&i an sp- 
juiNLoli towunlh nw FWili- It vr,tA a btjiii£H]iivti of «ftnt; m 
Aayitu; to onc^rlf: "WcU tlhcn. U^ia world b adedd troii iu> 
4&hj[ii.% tbif f^ of it lirttv;tati4jQ 40d wlAsh Uuuj^ec ; let t^ aoe 
A'b:Lt, by cli««^ing saA h^kUccLikg, And gnnd vl}ii)iT,iii«nr nf 
Uio^li anrl [liiiioiii can br iiml^ of it ! " BrriiibuuUm luu nikiiu^ 
thinff ootnplotc, mfctifiii, m rtUf^li I'i'iu-Il's* ocmmittal of iLstLf to 
ip'hat it liuJa uu^] you may oatl it Heroio, though & Heroism 
villi iu «-j^ put out 1 U i» tlje LTulniuwlin^ luiiDt, uid fv«^- 
jcftt» ukiuutum, of tfliat L^ in the hAlf^juidiulf ita4«s pcrv»dF 
mjc buui't wijtdiT iixi«t«uGu iu tlx^it KiKUt««alh Cantnfy* It 
MH-os to iDe, all d^ni«rK 4jf G<hIIioot1, anil ftU ll[^beli^T«r£ of it, 
ftni bcuud t<i V Bi*ut1iAiiiit>->, if thry tiAve ooitnt^ at)d hon- 
esty- BcnthftJiiism \ii na tyittrM llrmUm : the Rtiiaan i^pMicd, 
like a hiLplc» bliudvd b^uniKOQ gruiiUii^ in the FJilluimo MkU, 
dutkpH fH>nvii)M¥»ly ihv [Miwii uf ita Mill; hriijj^ }iii]<m riun 
dtiwiif but uluiuately debpei^auce witLaL Oi Bcnttum 1 meant 
to KLy tio h:vnn. 

Bat tliitf I tin ttny, and would widh all mum u* know nod Uj 
tu liRMi, tliHl liR who diMvnut tidthiUK but MH:lmiii»tii m ttw 
UiurotM baa ill Lht- foUlvbt w^y miSiKK) the sis:r«l of ttw Uiii* 
rono nlto^luir. Tlmt idL OixLhooiI shouLil r&nuh oul of 
iii«u'& oolioe^iLiuii of UiiK Uiuvurai* in*eTn* to mr [iMf-uu^ly Uia 
most bmt&l errt»r. — I will not disitftrft^ llr^Lliinuaui by c*U- 
ini: it A Hl^Ath4>^ error, — th^b atta vould f^ll !»&>. It in not 
truA; it ic f&lm* at tht> tafv h«^rt nf tt, A inui vht> thinku ito 
will Lbiiik wroity ahoiit ii]{ lh]ii>:>i tii tlu' world ; tliU urij^iiiAJ HiEt 
vill vitiat« all otiter conchisioDa he caa form. One nu^bt oail it 
bui^aULUo of D«jliibi<>ufi, — not ftir^ltiug Wit^tbcruft 
Witi^Ucmift wnmhi{>[i«d at Icajtt a living Ilnril ; but thi* 
worships Adf-:ij3 iron Dtril; no (i<hV '"it urnn a I>vil! — Wliat- 
aooYf r ia Ilobl^ divine, inapirf^ dro|tt tliereby cnAoi lilr. ThpTv 
rfuiuqiiK iir^ryv-hprA in lilir & d««|>ioftble <wpu«'«Mrtewn / tbd 
U)L*L-bujkirjil hull, elIL mouI A^I out of it Hov nui & mnu v<t 
hcroicAlIy ? Tlic " Dortiinu? of .Motirc^ " will UAch kin that 
it ia, tukdef mor^ or Iom diagviue. tioilikiac b«t a vretolud toT» 
of Plfvwim-- ii-uT t\i Pain ; that Hnnjfer, of upplaiiM^ of <a 
ot whatdovter victiud it ir«y bm ii tbo ultiioab) fact of i 



Lbw. T. 

lifLv AtWinm, in brief; — which iIcmw in Jn^ f ri^tfuUy pa»- 
irili Ebftir. TLv mui. I «u\, ia Iwoujtip Bjurilualljr h paniljtk 
miui; this jcoillikc DoiTcrBc a dead in«;liJLntoal Bl«aiu-<tn^iiifs 
all working by motive ch^kB, IaIucoi^ and 1 know uot vbat g 
wlicntjii, :i:( lU Ihi* ilctfKUitilr 1>r]ly of Miutv PhLtIiiriK*-Iti:]l of his 
own fantriviuf, lie Uie ]ju(ir rbaUuifl aito iuiai*nbl}- dj'ing! 

I^olief 1 iloflnQ to b<' tho hoalthy act of a laan'tt nind. 
It is a Tny«Uricm« indffftcrihnMn pr(vc«fl^ ihAt of g^Iti&g to 

bntiifVif ^^hidcKi^ribcihlr^ ia jvtl Tital aj'ts nrfl. Wft iTAm out 

mind gir«n tui, nut that it may c>ivU and ar^ir, but Uut it 
lUAy AM into Hoiu«tliiug, give u£ ol^ar Ltili^f liml uad«nitAikd 
lug ftboiit ftotuptbtng, wh£»rpinn wa %r** thpn to froceeit to aoL 
Doiibtr tnily, ii ni>t itn-lf :k citiat?- (Vrtainly wc dn not rush 
out, dutoh tip tbc tirsb thing wo Hnd^ cuid itmifibtvay bcliovo 
ihMZl Al) m»mi«r of doub^ Inquiry, ^iti^it m it U ukmud, 
alxiitt all niKfiiipr of cibji.H;i«, dwells in evei^ rea^oii^ble muid 
II 14 IIm ijjjbllt^ WLrikiii^ i>f Uicf uuiid, oa tbi; ubjtiL-C it t.i ffriting 
to know and bclirrc. Ifnlirf coni«« out of all thia, aboir« 
Ifpound, lik© the t.r^e from it* hidden ro^u. But now if, qtmi 
OD cMJiuuiun tLiii|p», WL* r4^[{iitre lli;^! ji eujuj ke<!]] hu ilnubt* 
«»^i^ 4bud not Uvbblo cf tbcm till thoy in aoin« mesuoj* 
b«oomo AttimuLtion* or dciniAU; how much nior^ in reipird to 
th« highest thing*, im^MiiMe tu iipiiak ot In wcji^s at rJ] I 
T\\iiX a luftn loniflr? bin doubt, &nd g^t U> im^^^inn tlut div 
batiiis and logic (wbicL mouia at bw»t ouly tbe mauatfr of 
uUing US your tbongbtf your holiaf or di«b«lief, about a thlikg) 
IH tbn triumph and tm» vork nf «'hnt. jiilit1Tf><-|. hr hjut : oIm, 
Uiie ia AB if yuu nhonld oFtriuny tbr trrv, und miUuul uf gnocn 
boLif4h«, I«4veA tuid fruittf^ show ua u^-ly t^onvd roota turnci] 
vif> into th^ ^ir, — ntid no gri:ivth| only d«ath and miMry 
going onl 

For the Scvpticiam, iVi I said. Li not iitti^lWtual oaly; i( 
\9 tooral &lso^ a i^.hroQic atrci>hy and dkaeaa^^ ol iha wholo 
■oul. A nsnn Hviu by brlirvlng soinpihing; not by debating 
And aigntng about many tltin^j^. A !«d caia fi>r liini wh^n 
all that ho oan maoag*.-- to Ltlit^re is aomotliing hn cna bnttOD 
In hu (K>rkeT» and with on# or t1i« other or^n eat aod dlg«at I 
Lowei- than that fao will Dot ^^ Wo call thow agM hi whloh 

LMir. V. 



he K«to »o low the muumfuU'at, Ati.>koat and tiieiMi«rt of ail 
ages. Thr> woHd's be&n ia |>Al«imJ, «ick: how calo any limb 
nf it hnwlitklfl? nt^ntiitin Aotmjc ^('wiifH in all ilrjinrUMPtEtS 
i*t tiic world's wotIc^ tlcxU'roii-f ^itaUitude of Acting begins. 
The world's w^i^-^ uiv ptKtkc-ced, ihv v/orL<l'« vfork le uol doiu. 
Henwa hiivu gonoout; Qcs^ks 1utv« come in. Accoriiinglj', 
what Omtiuy, siace the emd of che Rumai) world, which also 
woA a tim« of MOpticiMa^ timuhun vid univcrutl docadcnoOi 
fiO aboiWtU with (Jvmch* a» that EightMnth ? Coiuidor th^nL, 
with their tuiciiil aetitlDiental rapoHng about virtue, beueT^ 

lciice,^lL(j wreU:Ii{rU Quui^k'^qutiili'^uii, Cj^liublro ttt the bead 

of thcta! Fpw ama wam! without qimckciyi they hnti got 
to consider it u n«cvaHttry hi^rri'diFiit lUid auaalgain for truth. 
CAiatb&m, our brave GhAtliaiu hiuself, comes down to LUa 
Hoii«G, all wmpt and b&ndaiccd \ ho "ha« envied out id grctt 
bodily taUvtiagt'^ luid »o on; — fiffgaUf tays Wftlpoh^ that ht 
is uutbig the aluk loac ^ in the lUt^ of d«bftt«i, siutcheft hij* 
arm frvui the ^Uu^ uid oinitoricaJt^ awiu^;}! and braudiiilifjci 
it! Chatbitm bitnat^^f Jiroathc atrftiiifcst miiuctictif^,, 
haJi-qimck, all alon^- Fnr imlncid t)L<^ world ih full of dupoN ; 
AMil j«u hjttfv' Lo guiii ihi* laarlffM iiiPrmBP ! How tbu dutiiw of 
th« world will be done la thjit amttt what qtuuitilioa of irrOTi 
which mejuxi failurv, which m»<m8 sorrow nud nu»oryj to 
souie ouU lo many* will gnuluMJIy uccunmluti? in td] proviaotii 
of the world'A buAiueas, we lu^tid uut i<uii)pt]i«. 

It »ooniA to mc, you lay yooi Eneer here on Uic heart of 
tbv world'u iuuUUii% when you caII it a Sc<rf*iitTpd World. 
An tmiiiceni wurld ; a i^idlrsH nutrutb of a worlil ! It i% out 
of thb, u 1 DOQHiJ^r, Uut the whole tnbe of social po«t> 
l«ii<^«a, FT«ni,*b Kvvolutiong, Cbarti«iue, aad what noti have 
derived their b<*ing, — th*'trchi*f n?ice»s9tty to be. Thia must 
alter. Till thiA slieif nothing Pan \ft\t^fif-iii\\y alfrr. My oim 
hops of tho noild, my icexpitgtuiblc conooIatioD in lookiAg at 
tho cuMriu of tho worbl, is tbut Uim m altonng- Hent aivd 
iLtr% oiuf dites. now liiid a. ntLtn who kmiwK, a^ of nUI, that this 
world U a Truth, and no Tbuinilnlity and Falsity ; thai lie 
hiauolf ia alivo, Dot d'^1 or parLl>-tic; and tbot tbfi 
ia alire, in!ctin<!t with Oodhood. boautiful aad awful. 



Lbct. V. 

ID th^ be^tvning of Aa.y% I Onir man ancn kaowiiif* tfaU, innnjr 
tntf^n, ^T^ irt*n. Eniut tiy And bv cDiur tii kimw tb. It IIrs rlimi 
dear, for wh<MO«vor will Utike Ihu f/nKfacVs off bU Cfva ajid 
iioaeatlj Looit, ic kii&wl tor suuh a idad Hm VnJtxUrrii^ 
CeDtury, wlcli iu unblestted I'rocJiuriK, i» ».lnpivl; p«st; » rvew 
oentury ta Alirai]>~ comv. Thr olcl iinblcuArd ProdunU aiul 

ipe^lj to inkDiHlL To this &ait th« oth«T notsT, very i^reiU" 
looking; Simulftentio with Uto wlukk wnvld hunabig at its 
hevlb, ti«; vail s^y, uouposcdJjF atvj'puiir uiiil;»: Ttjua Art uot 
irtte ; thou art not nxtont, only Mtabl^uit j ro thy ir»y 1 — Vc», 
tkulluw ForuititiflETiT gru>d BvuLh&uiiaui, aad otlii-r u&lieroio 
Aili^-LHliit liiNinuerity Ih vbikbly ami ctoii rajiidly deolinlBg. 
All uabeli«vijti£ £ii:htccatb Cccitiay U liot as i^xcrptbOt — 
Kuch jui now auri than oocnrc- I proplittty tJiot Hm voiriil 
will cmcw ituirK Im^i^diup fijuvaiv; & Iwlir^ving wurtil; with tnamy 
iltriJts in it, 4 hrniU^ wurld! It will Uieu bv i» vkEtoritma 
worlili tieTcr lill Dkeo, 

Or indtHvl wlut of the irofM ui>3 rts TiotoriM ? Mm ap«ak 
too miitth mbuuL thi* wortJ, T^'^ii h mii^ of tin hirr* li't tlir wi>rld 
Ko liD* it will. Aiid be vnjlfFiitma or not victunoow. ha* Uc not 
& Lif« of his owu (o Jiwl t Ono Life' ; & little <l-fjun of Tim^ 
botwiwn two EtornitiM ; Dfi ii<*eond rhancit ui lu for^WTtnotv F 
It wrrr wt-ll IW r^ U* Wvr ni>t fu fiHds ^ml KimnlAfj^ but am 

wiat luid realttif^a. Tbc world'n being HJiTCil will not ear© lu; 
iM>r the world's b«ui^ lost deirtnjy tis. W«> should lool^ to 
oiirselv(<s : thf>i>> is grnftTH mPTJt Jn'ti* in tho *4lnty of xtnyini^ 
ht hiMjjr 'M And, oil ihn whi>Ir, t<> »aj tnjtL, 1 ot^rrr hranl 
of ** world's" bciiijf ''snv^*' m any other wihy. That nuuia 
of e»Tin^ wcirlis it it&«tf a pieoo ol the Kight^eoth Century 
with itri wiiLiIy >torili[n«nUli8iii. l^t i;7t not fullow it too tar. 
For tlur nrinf of th« ujf>r^i/ 1 will tru^t c<:>ufidrLtlj to tlw 
JflfLkifr of tliti world; and look x little to my own mvinir, 
which I fcm iuor« vomj>^uut to!-^Ia briitf, for tbd -v^rld's 
nkr, and (ur tmr own, Wtf wdl rt'juii't' i^ivatly Unit Si.'»riAii'ii!ini, 
Inaiftcerity, ?k[cct];uiical Albcisni, with ^U llj«ir poifon-drwe* 
Ate going, and aa }cood on fnono. — 

Now it VMS utidtrr ftw-h uonditjona, tu tliOM timea of Johjuon^ 

LiCT. T, 



that (lilt Mt^n of Ijpltitn IiJui to liv*i. Time* lii whieh th^m 
WW propctly no truth in life* Old tralha hhd tnlltu m^li 
duJub^ Uktj ni2V lay yi^t bitM^n, Dot trjinj; la :tpcnk. TItAt 
Har'f Lite here below wn* a ^iii«^tity and F^i, :lu41 wuuM 
foraver contmac such, no new lutiiu^tiuu, uj iltal iluaX of 
tho VEjrld, yet davncd No intinutioiii ftot v-T<-n uijr 
i^oitch BfiTolutioTit — ^which wc define to bo ft Truth onoo 
niore^ thrra^h ft Truth oliui in hpll-fir« I Hov f)]fTer4>nt waa 
tlio Luthtir'd iiilgriioagr, yrilh itn usurvil ffonl, fn>Ln tbc 
JolmflOn'at prt with moro tra.Llitiobt», suppo^UiiJiio. ii:rf>wii now 
isondiU^r uniatolligihle I KsJiom^t's FointitlAS wer« of '^ wood 
WAxml nml oilnl/* tuifi luitild b- humt nut erf oiim'h w;iy: poor 
AOii'a wirrr far tami! difticult to hum. — T1i<^ strong man 
er&t find leork, whit^h uk«aud dtffiL*tilty, pain, to the full 
rtmuro of hia Ktrpngth. Riii to T7iak«niit a victory, in thos» 
oijoum»tuuci.'s of o^u- four Ilvro oa JkluJi tjf L^ttirr*, wua ]>cr- 
hAii5 more ilifiiotilt ihaa in any. Not obstruction, diaofguiii* 
Ziilioii, ifook&eller Oaborne &ud Fourpeoo^half penny a *-^^}"y 
not thi^ nlt^np ; but thn light of his nvm koeiI vnM tiik^n frnm 
him. Ko lm>l£iLxrk on tii« Eaith ; and, aLm, whAt is thjit 
to having no loadstar in the UeavcD ! We uccd not wou<t«r 
thiLt nona of thow Thr«>a men rosft to rictory. That ttif^y 
fought truly id the IJ^hnt |>ra]»c'. With a mnutnful symppi' 
thy wo irill oontempbt^. if nut Ihr^r-s living nctorioiw ll*.^rot^ 
as I S3ii<3, th« Toinb« of thr9« fallen H«Toe« ? Th«y Ml for 
un tfrti; makinj^ u wrtj fur vk. TiLrri* are the mmmuUnH 
nhich th*y hurl«l abrojid in thtir coufuacii War of tie 
Giants \ uniifif wMuhT th^it ^tr^n^th aud life spent, th^y now 
lis buiiad. 

I have alrftsdj writtea of thcfl^r three Lit&rary HerocB, ex- 
pressly or inodentally ; what I suppose is kno^t^ to most of 
yon i tvhat npH<l nnt, hn spokau nr writtpu Ji Mfvxind limi?- Thi^ 
concrrn 115 herr 09 tlu; tiuiuUr pri'^rKtU nf that ainK^tar afrci 
for amoh thijy virtually won-j and tim aapeot they and their 
worid eihibit, itoder thl* point of vieWj might l»sid us into n*- 
Erctir.inA i*ni>u^h \ 1 call them, ftll thrto, G^iiuitic Mnn omrp 
lea« ; faithfully, for novt put naconacbHUly. ftLru^ 



Lbct. T, 

l-caulue^ and pUiit thomnclTf* on Uic nrcdu^ititc tnUi of 
lliiugit, Ttiu to A drernc that miiitrntljr diiliiixuUliM 

reatlfTA tU*^m »yntliy U> be winaid^rwi as Sp^Etkcra. lo somo 

Ihrim. Ily Nalurr Vrsrlf a nuijlc ncwsnitj- waa bid TO tiioa 
to U^MX Th^y vtftv tnon uf ^m-li niaLi-iuUtiii* thut thej oould 
not IW iMi iinnmlitii'!;, — i-lniiLH. Trnth and hll iuAnity gftni 
viiy iinilrr th*^iii ; tliri^ iva* no fuvliu^' for tLeiu Uit on linn 
«Arth; Hit ti3it or ro^oilar t;joti<jii for Uicdl, ii t1i<^y got not 
fooUng tlitTft To a cvrtanj i?xt^nt> lUoy wer© Sou of iC^ 
tiirw oQCP mnrp in dJt n-gr itf AriiGi^e; duiiu nun^ OviguiK] 

As [or JohneiDQ, I tiave aJw^^ «»iBiddr^ htm to bft, bj 
uatur^oneof our givot Engli^li aonlx A ittmng and noble 
m&ii; so much U-fl iin(1cTeti^|)r(I in liijn ta iXiv Lut: in a 
kindluir dcumt what mijiht Ur nut hnrc brcn, — Pod^ IViec^ 
ftorcroign Eulcr ! On tlit* whuli^^ a mun aiiut not oompUiiL of 
hia «- element;* nf 1il« '■ rime/* nr thA like ; tt Is Chrlfllen worit 
doin^ »o- Hin tiuji^ ia UkI^ wtll Ujp-iu brr la Ui^re to mako ii 
bottci! — iFohnmin'ti yniith wu poo^i ijtolatriL hi^pclfiM* t«iy 
miierablo. Indeed, it dvut not Hvcm pottKil>k tbjit^ in mj tlkg 
faronibleat oulu^^ri] G]niuiiutauL<«<c, JoliTHMtn's IiTm rouU bavo 
b<>4Mi other tlu^ a painTul one. The world might bare but 
more of profitable KN>rk out of him, or Iciwj but hi* f^M 
ftf[&intt iht warld'k work could n^ver have b»Fit ft tight oiml 
Nature, tu rpturu for Ills :ii>hImieB&, httU iatiI to hivt Lira in 
4a elooneitt uf <Li«oA«od aorrow. Kay, pcrhapi thr lori-ow and 
tUii nobknvM won intimately and erun ifutuporably ooonmMd 
with i*;io;h ulher. At nil i^vrtit^, ]fOor JoIiiihutl Lul to ^o aliout 
firt with continuaj hyfiOL'boudria. jjliyBical and s]ilritu&l luin. 
I.ikfT % Hcrrulfs vith ihf bnminu: Kc««nV-«^trt on bim, wkMib 
ihoutii in oti bim Hull inra:n1>lc misMy: tbA Nflvui'-ibici 
not to be xtji[»t idTr vUivh U Ui% ijwn niLturiit Hkin ! In thift 
nannttr h^ bud to livt. Fi^-ur« him tbere, with bb terofnlooB 
dtooaPTD, with hla ^T^ai grri?'ly boaxt* and luupeokabltf trbJUM i4 
thoughts; atalking monmfnl tvt n MtnmgAr in tliiv Evth; 
CEtrc^y dcTonnn^ n'b;it iiptntual thing be Dould come ati 



vcro nothing bvitcr ! TLe l&ric*jat ioul that waa in aJI £nJ^ 
land) ftud promion made for it of " fouqwito^luLlfponny p, 
day.'' \>l n ^aJit inviiiL-iblr smul \ n Uiii- manV (hit? n-iiii^i' 
almiyo that ator^ of the aliotfi ;ii Oxford; tLe ivugli, 
ly-fiUMdr mvlxitiod College ^erritor vlalkiog about, in 
vtutfir^eoflon, with bis shoes wt^m ont; hnv tlia chnritAbto 
Omtleman Conujionvv secnrtlj' pln4?i'A a nrw jait at Lin iloof ; 
and the rtkwboned Scmtor, lifting thciu, lockui^ ixt tUcm near, 
with Ilia dim oyi*9, vtlU wlmt liioug^u, — pLlcli«8 them out of 
wiuJuw 1 Wet feet, mtid, frost, Imnjfftr or wlial yoYi will ; but 
not begsi^ry ; we cauuot staud bcgsuy ! Bude atubboni ad^ 
hiilp horo ; a vhol<^ wnrld of nfgtiiUor, mdcncas, confiiKid ntia- 
eiy ikikd want, yot ol nobl^netii ^d nianTuln^ta withal. It is 
B typi< [)f tlic* TiiiiEi'ii life, t.Lid |>iu.-liiug &way of tlie ftlioes. An 
origiuiil nLJWLj — tiuL a aecoud'haud, bcrroviu^ or Waging uuui. 
Let ud atfind on our own basis, at any nte J On soob ahoea 
as ^e ounclvie can get. On frost and mud, it you will, but 
bonp*t]y on that; — on the reality and vnbBtuiOE* whirh Nn- 
tire lavcsuf, nut ou tin? aeiubl&uco* ou tlic tLiii^ sbc La* kItch 
Vkotbor thoD us ! — 

And yH with all thii rugged prida of mEUVbood and »»U-holp, 
W9M tbrrrr vvrT *»ul uioro t<?i(id^rly affeotioii&te, l<*ya1ly mbnits- 
airc to what inu really higher tban he? OrcAt «ouU an 
always loyally eubniuMiviL^ r^vervnl to what ht over thorn \ only 
unall m^'ftn HrniK ar*> othenHw*. I rould not find a l»PtfJ*P 
proof of what I said the oihet iay, That the sluoor* man waa 
by nature tbo obcdiont man ; that only in n World of Haroca 
wns thsra loyal Obedii-^ntv to this Uvroic. Th^ oeaenc^ of «W^ 
HJility la not that it bu inr^ - Johu>i<m b«lie\>fl altii^Oit^r in 
tbo old; he foiuul tlia old opinions cr^ibk for him, fit for 
him ; aji4 in a n;;ht htroi*^ manrirr Iiv<vl nndor them. Ilo is 
wpll worth stuily la rej^ird to tliat- For w« are Co ny that 
ilobnsou w^s f^' other LLuul tt luert? tuau of weirds and foi'niTiIa.i ; 
be wna a miui of truths nnd facts. He stood by th« old forum- 
las ; Ui« UtLppier vos it tor tim that be oould 80 stand : but 
in all formulas tint A* oould stmid hy, r.hirrw nrvdf^ to ^ 
a movt f^nmno oubstancc Very curioxu bow, in 




1*ipcr4g^ ao hamu, ojtiBv'ml, tUick-qailtod with Ped&iitrl«<, 
H^anftjrs CJwKr«at Fact oi Om Umventc cUtod i&, forerer 
woodflrhi^ iadttUubl«, imtpeakable, tUTmo-infenuU, upoa tltifl 
nutr tm I [fr^v hn !i,vmontJuid bta Formulas wltii tt, how hta 
toAiagv^ xt all niulcr sudi circuttrtauccA : tL^ i» a (bUig wurtli 
BTviuf;. A thiujj " lu be looked mt vitL revcrcoo^ with pi^« 
vitit aw<».'* That Cturcli of St. Clemact Ba&oi, whsm Joha- 
Min ntritl lAjncAt/^/f^ iit tlit* craof Voltaire, is to me & renenbla 

It was in virtoa of hu jiitmrify, of his fpoiLkiiLs stiit in Roau 
tort from tliv 1i««n nf X»xiir?» though in Uie Gumnt artifictal 
dialect, that Johnfttm wna a Tniphct. Aiu out all dittlwU 
"^rtilifUkl^* V Artitii^ubl tiling ore uat aU fnUo^^^iMjr ctoFf 
tnie ProJort of Nntiir« will infalliUy 4Aape itMlf | wo may 
sajr «.tl iirtJticinl thiu^ Are, at Lh^ at&rtJn^ of Uiem. 'neo. What 
wa call '' Formulae" af« not iu their orvsia tutJ : they «ro 1^ 
disiwnsably goo'L Formula iii mMod, habitude ; foti&d «bor- 
«*T«r laaii U foumL Fctriuuhu fjuhion theanscflvoA u FelUis do^ 
lut IvittvtL Highwa}-H,l«adJu|ft;jw]ir<lAoiiiuitaiTKdorhigb<>1ijee^ 
irhithiCT numy moa an bent Couaidirr it. Oac mim, fiill ol 
h^u'tfeJt rom^t iiuptils?, fintie out u way of doing «oai«wha^ 
— wor^ it of uttArirg hU to\\yt rvvi^tvncc for tJi« Hi^«Bt, 
werv It but of fitly luJiititiff Iiij fiiUow-uum. Aii invntitor was 
tKvdoil to d<> thi-it. a p^trt, he htut articuLitci tho duu-Atxii|E^iiig 
thoTi^bt that dirrlt iu ItiA own and iitaay h«Miri«. ThLa tt till 
vay of doing that t th^9« &re bia foot4it«*p0r the Ijegiimisg of a 
"path/' And tiftw siro; the MVX>ttd luaii LravoU uaiturally lit 
tho footatf^pH uf hi» fiiregovr, il is the t^xtu4t tnrthod. Id lbs 
footDtopQ of hi« toro^ocr i yet with iniprovou)oiit«f ^'ith chaugsft 
vhvri* aucU iecni good; u^t adi rv^itU witli tiilai|^iueiiie, tba 
Fadi rrei uridcninff itself un m^in; travel it^^—tHl atloAthMa 
hi a brood Hti-hw&y whfTV^a Uie vrhol« wurM may travel and 
driT<-, Whilfl th*ifl T9ciiaia« a City or Shrvno, or any Realty 
to drivif tiij at thi- farthnr imd, thc» Hi^vay aluit] bet rigbfc 
wdoomtf! When the City tn roek;, wn will foinakc tho Higb* 
way. la this j&&uo(>r alt Ixutitutiuud, l'rLctiA(% Bopliatod 
Thing* in tb^ vorld havfi come into 4^xiBli«a<^^, and goiw oat of 
fKtttti-nco. 7onuulas all bffgia bgr beiag/WVof fvbfrtuice; jpoa 



Vti^y caJ] tHfrm ih* Akin, thn nnkutntion into sh-ipc*, nito limbs 
anil Akicif cif ji Aulnl^UiLV Utut ia &litdHlj tbrr« : fh^y find not 
be<^o there gtherwiae. Idola, m wo eald* are not idj>lalr<ji;* till 
ikvy beoome doubtto), empty forth? wor«hipp«r's hooit. Mu^ 
a^ VP lAlk BgaiDBi Fi>rmttlAi*, [ hujir no oiip of tiji is i^nrant 
withal of the liigh si^iliirunce uf fruf Fcrmuljd \ thnt thry 
Tvtri-\ tuuii ■will i"v(?t be, Ihtf iniisiH^xidubltisi funiitur«i of our 
habitfttioL in this world. — 

Mark, too, how [ it tlt^ Johnson ixjwts of his ''»irn?rrity,'* H© 
ha« no j^uspkioti of hw bein^ purtkalarly Maccrc, — uf hu 
hviiL^ purtjculorly tmytbmg I A hord-fttruggluig, wrAry-bt-iirted 
man, i>r "acholar" «i3 h^ calla hims«lf, trying: hard to get ftom^ 
lioiiest lj\«lihLK]d in iive vorld, uot Lo atjirve, but lu liw «» 
without stcfllin?! A uoblo uncortsciouanesa is tn him. He 
doea not " e&gruve JVu^A oa hid wntch-aooU ; " to, hot bo stinda 
by truth, sjieaka by it, works cmd liVT>3 by it. Tbiw it urer i*, 
TbtJik of it ofLt-'c luorc. Tliit niun whom Natiiri' liu^ Hf pointed 
to do gr>at tbiugs is. first of all, fiuT;Jdhed with tbut o^Tcun^iu 
to Katun! which reodeTB him inrapabl« of hem^- )Q«in«i*rvI 
To bin l»r^, open^ dpejvfwling hfiart Nainw Ik a Paptt a11 
LeonuLy m lirariciiy ; tbr- naniiTAknblr grcHtitciiv of tbU Hyst«ry 
of Lif«> l«t hiiu uckDi^wludiCi^ it ur not, nuy cvern thoujfh he 
Fcem to forgpt it or deny it, is ev^r pi^aeot to him^ — fenj-ftU 
&nd wonilrrful, on tbi« h^ad ard on that. He ha« a boaifl of 
rioccrity; uniteogniwd, brf.auBr nrv^r qncstion^jl or copible 
of qn^tioD. Miniboau, Hitbom^ Cromwi^Uf Napoleon: all 
tbo GtHit Men T tv^r heard of have thi^ ts the primary ma> 
terUl of th^u). iDiLLunerablo ooiajDO[i|ihioe men are debatiu|{^ 
no talkiiis orerywhtro their commonplJiuoo doctrines, which 
tbey haT« leorocd by logic-, by rot«, at acocndhond; to that 
hind of man all this is stiU nothi^ng- Jiv nitiit havp truth; 
tratb which Ac fn^ln to bo true. Tlow aXuAi lie Htmid utbt?T- 
wiee ? Uia whole tioul, at all rooincntji, in ftll vays, tells hjjn 
that tht'r* is no gcuading. Ho ia untler Uh* noblu n«cM-«aitj of 
bciii^ tfLTv. Jubtifioii'H wHy of Ibiiikiii^ about t^iiA world in 
not mLiLc, any mor^ than MahoLnri's waj i but I rtvxiirntwi ibv 
evMtasting ttUiDuut of hi-ail-fiV^fy in both; iicd aM<i ~ 
llmare how neither of them renuiiv ineirecbul. 





tlwni U njt fhaff sown ; in both of Uii*ia u ftona^tUing vbicb 
Uitf si?«dfit-l(l will yruM'. 

JohiL»ou was ft Prophet to hia people : prraiC[h«4 a Goepel to 
Ui^m, — u ^1 lika him Alwsiyit do. Tim highntt UoApol be 

pniiirhinl wr riiiiy d^^Hi-rilw js a kirnl iif Munil l*niil«ncr - " in 
li irrorM wbi-£« iiiut^U ia tu br duiif, ajid litllr? is to bo known,** 
se« how youviil c^ itl A thing woll worth [ircadiiiif. ^A 
ivorld whfkr^ much ik tft tuf donn, and IJttlsi » to b« IcDOvn ; " 
do not niuk yoLirnrlvwi ia iH^uDiUrHpi bcitttintlriai nbymnji of 
Doubt, of wrctoheJ god-forgo iting Uub«lief ;— -yoti were idU- 
vKkbk tbouj poverleesT mad : how could 7011 do or work at aU V 
Surli Oonpnl Johnson jirciu-h^d nni) tjiitght;^ coupled, tli^O- 
nftit^illy ftiiil prnjrtiirnJl^v, witli tbirt nthrt KTvnt Gonjirl, " Or^r 
your mind of Cuit 1 ^* Huve no iTodc inritli Uunt : fbuul on tho 
cold unid in th« froaty w^&Uwr, but Ut it be iu your own raat 
Uitn ftliowi : ** that will 1* b*'i-lrr for yim," hj^ ^t4llonkel ujra I 
t C4tl1 this, I o;ill tUy!>e Lwu llijiij;* jttmcd kffftthcr, a ^i^at Gi»* 
pel, thf? gTf-'H^Ht perliapA E-hsit v,-'.is ponnibto (it tbAt time 

Johnson's TVritingH^ whinh onrc had tnith ciirrtney uid c»]^b- 
rity, :iri' iictw im it \Kr.rv di^uwiird tiy th>' >'*'ntig g<mrrsitin>i. 
It in not womlctriJ ; JohuAuu'a opi:)ioiia ;ltc fiat bnoonuug 
obsolete : but hLB atyle of thiiikm^ auJ of Ijviiig, wo may bop^, 
wit) n^ver b^t^in^ oliaol«it«- I ^ivi in Jobnion's Boolu tb« 

irdirijiut^iilvj^l InufA of a. ((mat iiil^lh^rt unit grrut heart;^ 

cTcr wrlcomr, under vhnt obntoTictioiw nnd pcrrcrtioiw ftocrer* 
They ore tfin^rv worda, tboJie of bin; be meant thia^i bj 
ibenL A wondroiis buckfam fftyV^th? be^i b? conld get to 
tbNi; a mejwiurid grundtloqueni^ stepping or rather stalking 
fJonjc ia A vt*ty solciun wny, grown obsolete now; «oiBetimco 
i^ tvuiiid «i>« of phrsieeology not in proportion to thu eontonbi 
of it t all this you will put up with. Pcir the phnuti'uluigyrf 
tuiDid or not, Haa nlwviyA ai/rrt«/Ain^ tviihm it, So tnaoj beau- 
ttfiil (ttj'kn ^wd liooks, with nofAi'njf in tlicms — a >naa iM « 
faoMac^tor to the world who write* iiiiJ?h ! Thtf are tba 
iLToidHbli* kind '-^ H:td Johiiaoii Ml lEothlog hitt his M tf t o tw 
ory, one mluht have traced Hiviv a gr<^at iutellecU a i^uum 
moD. Looking to its d^iimnss of dt^hnitioa, M Kcuvral eoUd* 
ity, bonesty, inaight and «u(!0<jwirut method, it ma}' be called 

LiCt. V. 




tlti^ lii'st iif nil tHftic^iurJr^. Thfui? ix in it j« kind of KTchiteo- 
tnifti Doblen^Mi it sUnUb tht're like a grrat sniid dqaurf^batlt 
edifio^ diUflhe<l, ej&inictnofklij uomplotc: ymi juUgo that a 
ini}<> BiiiMfLf (IhI it. 

One word, in jrpilc of onr hftirtc^ jnn*t be jentnW to ^joor 
Bony- iic pasttOtt for « iii«mi. mttAted* i^lcttonoiu cn^^itaro; 
and vfts eo in nianj sfoi^es. Yec the faot of hia njirarouoe tar 
Johnson iritl cvi-r rvumirt iintf>worlJi}'. Tkie fotjlthb iwnoelteO 
Sootdi Lftini, the most conc^tM Rtui of his tiime, upproachuig 
in tfucb nwt'-atTuuk iittitiut<J tbv grc^at diitity iriu»nib1<^ i'ctijLgvfCiu^ 
in liib menii giirret th^re: it is a ^iiuitii? r«yeh-Tii^ for Exeel- 
l«niw; a ivt>rtkip for Henxca* At a titu? whi^ ni'iUufr Hvrute 
Dor worship wrt §'Txrmwt\ to exist. Heroes, it wonM seem, 
oacLSt olwayt. mid n j^i^tain woriibip of Ihem I Wc wiU tUm 
tnkff thi* libfrt^ tJ> lU'uy allo^xhvr iJiut of <hv witty PrenvH- 
uuui, tUnt uu hi^Ui in a Hviv Ur hi^ T^it't^t'C^mubrv. Ot if 
»d, it i* not the Hero's blame, bub tl^e V&let'« : ihai bis souL 
tianiely, is a m<>»n ruit^^cul 1 H« exj^ivts 1il« 11j^t«> to aMJvm^ca 
In Try a! Rtaj(i--trn]ipin^T witli nLiTOAiirv^il "I'^p^ tritius Ijiimu 
bcbicd him, tiumprto vouailin^ Srfore bini. It nhoiiM nbuid 
mUit-t, Ko man etui Iw ti (irand-Mi>nar^ue to bL* vaJet-Jjy 
ob&inbr«, Strip your Louh (^n:Ltor£t> of hit hi^'-^^nr, :md 
ihvTV it Irffi iki^thing but a piror forltcil riuiijtli v«\lli a IipeuI 
fimt<urtic&Uy cnxrcd) — odmimblc to no vnlct. I'lii- Vukt doi-fr 
not know n Ut>r> wh<*n be sees lumt A1a«t hoi it rpquires a 
kind of Iferv to do thftt ; — and OOP of tlw wmld'a wiintv, bi 
fiU* &^ tn olUlt •H?n3L--t, is fi>r meat part iT<u>t of nuoh. 

On thiT wbolcisluU) wo not say, tlutt BuAvrvirs ndnurs-tion 
wm wdi b««towcd ', tixnt he- conUt ]i:ivv found no in all 
EngliDd 10 woTtliy uf l^ndiii^ iTo^ii Wfoiv ? i^liall wo not 
aai^i of thi» s^«al muLiruful Johnson too, tlijit ho guided Kis 
diiBcalt oonfoff'el c^xiit^rnce wiM^ly; kd it m-Uj liki.^ il n^bt 
Tnliftnt rwui 7 Tbul wcul* ehuos of AutJiurihip ly trwlp ; that 
waAvf <-h;uM of Sovplicbiai in rtflifiun aiid p^tlitifs, in lifr-tlieory 
and lifv^rutiov ^ to bU poverty, in hiu dust juvi diinuiwff WJth 
Ui« nick bo<ly and tK« vujity coat : b« mad* it do for bim, like 

IsrsYvnuD. Not wholly v^thouta li)fu!«iAr ir th** Etirnal 
liad alOl 4 badsUr, an the braT« «U nc«d to have : v 



LscT. V. 

eyo 9ct oti tliatt lie would chAiig« lux TOurs^ for nothing in 
thno confused vorticca of t£iG kiir«rMa of Tiise^ "To Umi 
Spirit of Lt«a, bearing d@ntb and hnngor, he would m aowtao 
fCrike bis fiAg-** Bmve old Somiipl : tiirimuj J^otnttrumim/ 

Of BouA«c&ki and bh H^robm I cannot Mty ao muuL lie 
is not wh&t I «4l) a strong mao. A morlnci, 93tcitaUl«, BpAft- 
rofHliA man ; at beAt intense r^thei tbui strong. H» lud 
Mcit " Um tolniit uf SUeuce/^ mi 'iuviii\iiih\i» Ul^iit ^ whirh Tvir 
Fintchmen, or indeed men of ajiy sost in thc«^ ttmes, «xcel 
ml 'Hhti euHt^ring Uiati ought tv&lly ^-to con^uiuo Ub ovu 
Smok^j" thew ia nf> gnod in pmittlng *mfjA4 tiU you ha.V9 
made it inUi ^i^e, — wLict, iit tlio niritHiilioncal sense too, *11 
•moko 13 capable of becoming! Hou4»cnu haa not depch or 
width, not oalm foroe for difficulty ; th« first cIifuxuTtoristio of 
truv ^iv;itiieH8. A fundaniental iriistakt* (o eall ^bem^noo 
mill ri^'idity btrtn^^Ui! A man la nul stiunf- who tAkc« rcm- 
ndsion-llta i tbon^h six men cannot bold liim then. He tbot 
can waUi under tba t«£.Ti«at weight without EtAgf^rin|;, lie U 
till- si.ruiif^ iijiui. W« m*mi f<in^v€-rj R^pwially in these loud- 
sbneking d^|At to E^mind uuiftclvirei of tluit A mui wbo 
<uinuot Mil UU pracct till the tunc ccm^ for EEpcalting 4iicl 
aiding, is no fx^h^ "mn, 

IWr K<iu^seiL«'« facf^ in to mc rupri-swivn of ^\^m. A hlgli 
but UAnow contracted intensity in it: bony btoim; d4wi>> 
Btrait'Bct f-ycs^ in which tbere ij something bowiJdcT«d-took- 
Irig, -^Iwwitderpd, ppprtng with 1ynx^*a^rr>pss. A fa08 full 
of misery, i^vrii igit^^hle mlf^ry, and uWof the aiitogonlBm 
tfC&in4t that; somf,'tbing m«an, plolwiiui tbcrc» tcdctuod only 
by intensity: the fa«« of wh^t is callui a Fainiti(<, — a sjidly 
€OHtnKt^ Ilrrul Wei naniv hitu litre We»uFie, wiUi nl) bia 
dmwtadcs, and tbry axn jaa.j)j, lie has the fjret and uhief cLw 
wjtcridtic ot a Iloro : be is heartily in camcHv In carDOMt* if 
tv«r miui was ; aa noji^ of thtac French rbiloftopb«n mr^t 
yiny, uu» woiutd Kay. vt aii v^iriiefitiii^HK lotj ^*:Lt fur ht.i utlirN 
vise stuiitive, mthvr feeble uUure ; and wliicb indeed in tbi? 
•nddrOTO bim into tbo strangof^t innnhorenc^vs, almo«t dolii>' 
Ions. Thitro had come, at laiit, to be u kind cf nubdn«ii in 



hiic: bis tdeas ^KtMAned liiin like dcnuini; hurried him to 
»bout« drov« hifD over stdop ploufl ! — 

Thr fntilt EUui laivcry of KoUMaa watt what wo cuilj tiaipo 
by d aidgle wcr^l, I:,'y&i*mj whloh Is Intti^eil t1i« source ^uid 

itot pcffecW biioscH iDlo victory DTcr nuti^ l>c«irt; a ni<-an 
JCnngiar, in uumy mtU, wu stUI tic laotiT-c ^irinoiplo of hixa. 
I am AfTtufl he wu* a ntry raiu liutn; lum^-r)' f<ir th« pniMft 
of tnetL Vou remember Qenlis's expc'nt!tif.« of Mecl 6he 
took Jesttx Jooiti^ios to tbo Ttf^Urc ; he borjciLininK for & strict 
iiicognito, — " //* would not bp itcn tiierv for tJae woilil" 
TJ* ctirtiiiti did h^ppm in?i-i'rtbtlt«» to be ilmu'ii A&litM: iJie 
Pit rvMigmied Joun J&cqu^e. but took no great notice of bica I 
Ho expTMAod tbo littt«r«£t indignation \ RlooniAtj all oro&ing, 
Sfutkn no oth«r tbw surly worrU. Tin* gWh OkuntaNN mnatuAd 
cntiri'ljr i^^iifittocd thnU bi» atigrr waa nut at being aceiXf but 
at not beit^tr ap[<bucE«d vrhtn fieeu* Uov the whold nature 
of tli<T man is i>oi5ont*d; nothing but ^uspicioc, B«U-i»oLiLttdii, 
fi^ire miwily wajgl He muW nnt livp with anybnd^. A 
uiau of soiae rank from Che coiintrf, wbo ritited bim oftra, 
and lUHMi to sit with him, <-xpre«n]ig wM TCTcrenco and a9co 
tion for hUiij aomutt odu day f finds J««a Jftoqoei 1\U) of th« 
sourest unintelligible humor. "■* Monaienr," aald Jean Ja^ues, 
witH flaming cjo-*, ''I know why you come Iteio. You ooom 
to oi-c what A (loor lifir^ i lend ; how little u id n^ poor pot 
ihiit it bcjilinB thtrc. Wull, look into thi* pot I There it hulf 
a pimud uf mrȣ^ auc cavTol Axvi Uin-t^ mihuitt; tliat is all: 
fo aad tell the wfadc world that» if joti hke, Mociue^ir I ^ — 
A man of this Mrt waa fu ^no. 'Fbi^ whole worhj got ibwlf 
rappltcd with Anondr>ta4, for light luDghtnrj for & certain 
tbeatrical interesl, from th»r pervirndoiw nrd RQtitortEont of 
ponr -Irun Jn^qoce, Ataa, to him thf j wtm not taugbin^ or 
th4^jitfi<«l ; too tf^X try himl The ooutorUone of a dying 
gl^lulor : Uie rrimiCnl atnphithnatru looke on wttfa iintertjuu* 
nuat ; biot th« gljidiutvE in m tigonicn nnd djrin^ 

And yH lliis RoueAeun, oa wo aaj, witb tia pouioaats 
apptnAhi to UothfTo, wiih tiii: rf>itrrvj/^Mi-h^/, with lia • 
tunu of Kobm. eren o£ SAb^ftge life in NaLare, dt 



Lm. T. 

touch Upon lUuU^f xtniggle tfrwanli; H«a1ity; wis dniug th» 
fmit'Xkm vt a I'luptiet Ui Iuh Tiiut', Aa he nciuliL And hh the 
Tiiuo could! StrouKcly Uironfth all tlat d«Uc4>xneatt d«gnb^ 
datit>n a-Jid sltnont tnaxlnet-iit thttm in ia ihtt inmoct IhMUtof 
piKir HniixKnftii H npurk iif ri<:tl hf^vrtily tirr. C>nu< moTv, out 
of tUc cLirmtjutvf iluii witUr^rt^ mockmg Phitcisup]u.Hm, Sccjt- 
tieiam «&d PomQit^ there hoa arisen io tUb tuAa the in- 
erftdif^ble feeling tmd koowlad^ tlxat thi4 Lif« of oon Is 
ifue.' nnL u i^t^jiLinianj;, Thecirt-m, nr PiTrKifln^ Imt n V!ftct> 
uiBirful Eculity. Nitture liad madu that rrvcLitioij to hLm; 
had ordered him to appall it out. He ^ot it ftpoken out} if 
:ot wpll xnd olrvLrl}-, th?n ill and dinilj. — ns cloaHjr OS DS 
coiiliL N;iy whut iirr utl ern^ra iLctJ pi^rvi-rsitlc-t of hiSf SVien 
thoni.' tTtcalingJs of ribboiia, aimlcd^t confo^Kxl oaiscncs nxd Taffft- 
bondutmi, if we will inttrpr*l thdm kindlj, but iho blmJufd 
d&izlemi^iit anil iita^gertttgs to ami i'Tn of a ittati sent ott an 
crmiid he ia too weak fitr* by a paLli lt« ciuiiiot >0t liiul? 
Men aic led hy stranKo *^ys. Que should Iiavt^ tolerance for 
a man, hopv 6f liiin^ Itavtt him to try ytit wliat k« will do. 
Wliile life laaU, liupo \aala fur evi-ry man. 

Of RouMcau^s literary taleittst greatly celebrated jstUI aiuoni; 
his couutrymc^n, 1 do not sny muoh. Hi« Bochs, like hin^Mlt, 
aro what ! eiJl unhrjOlby ; not the* giHul surt of llcxikiL TIilto 
is a Ariiiuality in UoussrAU, C.VimliEiril with aiioh oa intcl* 
leaual gift aa lus. it mak^» ^icturoa of a certain i:oTSto«iJ 
attraativeiiesa : but they are not gonuitwly poetical Xot 
white Hiiiilighti lunnipthing optv^Hf; a kiml nf TfiM'-|kitik, arti- 
fieinl lieilizearuent'. It ia fn^ueiit, pr tathrr it i?i luiirviaa^ 
uxuoD^ the Fr^^udi ainpu his tilut^ Madame d* Stacl Las aotite- 
thiDg of llj St 7^«>rrej »nd down onwnMs u> The fireMBt 
«AtaQi&liiiijf eoiivulsi<^«iiirj "Mjil^-rature of iVwifitntiiW it ia 
CTer7wh1^re alnindarit. That aaiiK^ r"it>-ptnk i^ not Ihc riKhb 
haOi Look at a ?^liaku|x-an', at a Guf-^tho, «7ou at a Walter 
fSoott ! He whu has oiiee se«u fnto thU, has soen tlie differ- 
eaee of the Trui< frvzu the; Shani-True, aLd will di»nimiaate 
thcxn tTt^r afterwards 

Wo had to otHa^TTA in Jt>hiuon how much good a ProphiOt, 
uadeA- all dtftadraiktagea and (bsorgajiijcatioiia, can acoomplish 

Lkt. V. Tire HEKO A8 MAS OP I-ETTERS, 409 

fcT th« world. In RooMAftu wa ftro culled tn loAk nther ni 
llin fi-nrf»1 nnioitntof trvil whic^h, iitidrr iiunU disar^giiuiuitioii, 
may acoompfitny tli« eco<t- llistorioaljj it b a most pregoiuit 
upvctaole, that of Rouuoan. lJ»ii]*<hed inti> I'tLrU gftrr^ttt, in 
Uif gloomjr (^ni]uiny of hi?i tmn Thmtglttx ^nd N«>«f«sk!ei 
Uirra ^ dxivcii frcm jiocit to ptUAr; iTctt^rd, rKajijM^ratml till 
the hi^aet ot him wont m&d, he liad grcvii to f^^f^l il(t«plj' that 
th€ world was not his fnond n<ir Uio w^Id'e law. It was 
<a|Mdi»]it, if ftnj waj p(jtc»ble, tlat aiioli a in&a should nof 
fiELvr been set in flbxt hostility witli tlie irorid. Uc oould bo 
coo|ivd into i^rrctg, laughed at 3« a maniao, kft to ttftir* 
like a wild b<*iul^ in his ^nfli' ; ^Iwit br i^rnild iinT: be hindered 
from Mttinif tljc wnrld on fire The t'Trtuili IVToliitioa found 
its KT&njCclij^ in Koufttit'eiu. Uia Aemi-^lrtirioua apcculatioiij 
oil tbo m£>«TSe0 of civilized life, thp prefeTAbility of the »avago 
Vj the oiTtlized* and suclx like, hi!lp4>d well to pn>ducti a whola 
deliriuiQ la France g«noraU;, Tree, jou In^^y well aEk, What 
could the wrrrldr the gorumorfi ol tbo world, do with mcb a 
mou ? Difljcult to tty what the governort of the world eomld 
du with ttiiu ! Wtmt li6 uould do wilh Uitfiu Eu luihapiiil^ i^-iir 
CDOUfbf — (^^/ofiWai;r«at many of thfiu! Euou^Ii uow of 

It wad a L-uriooB phenomrttoiv in Hin viilu^rrd, nnbrliering; 
BOOdnd-baud Eighteenth Centuiy. that of a Hero starting up, 
UDOiig th<i 3rtiti(!i;i] juuitaboani lignree and l>^xl^cti^)uer in tbo 
gnine iif a R^Ait^tt Burn.^ Like a litth^ wrll in Ihi* rneVy ttewri 
pUoM, — Ukt-* a auddcik opWdor of Hea^-cn m the artifii^Jal 
VaaithaU 1 Feopio know not whac to miik^ of it. Thoy took 
it for a pace of tho Truuball five-woik; ala^j It let itself be ito 
takni, though atruggliug bjdf -blindly, m m b)tl«nie88 at dt^^Th, 
agaiuBt that 1 P«rrbap9 no nun bad such a false rccopttoa Iioia 
Jii« f«l]ow-m«iL Onoe in^ro a t-cry wuitoful lifo-dnuDa wut 
rururb-il nttdrr t\w tuin. 

Thchraffedy of nQrus's life u kttOWB to all of '->'' ^ .-^v. 
w« mei^ lay, if diJ5Ciru{iuncj betwctti p3u» Kdd and I 
ODDRtdtvta [«rvi»««iu«fi« of lot for a tnan, f»o lot c 
perraiaatbittiBtuiiA Aibong those aeonoiibv 



Lftrt. V. 

mim^ for most pzrt^ ai tli« KiglitcenLb Century, dDoe marm m 
^i^Ant Ori^ir^jJ Mau ; out- uf tilioee men aLu nt^li ilcpva U> tlie 
peMUiial Uccps vrh^ Ukc ranli viUi tho Heroic amaog mou: 
find btt vru bom iu & poor AyralUrv hut Tli« lugMt tool oC 
all die BriliKli Unda i<&uiv aiuou^ ott m tJitf ftlmpe of & k^ril 
ttaaded Bc^ttidb Pcasaiiit, 

lli« Father, A poor toilmg nuui, trio<f ▼(irkniK thingn; did aot 
Biicfie^i^ in ^iiiy : wiL8 iiivct]r**(1 in (.LintirmLl diflttiOtit^- T1i« 
Sto^rtirJ, Fa<^Lor aa IIkt Sootcb c&U huu. uecd to aeuil l^teja 
and thtfatcitiiijc^ Btinui wh/^r " wh:ch tlircw us ^1 luto lotn," 
TIm bravft, bjird-ujiliiigf bjArd^itlfcring FuUicr, his bntTC hvroiL« 
uF II wire ; jLiid lUlim? idiiUli^;!, uf whom Kubtrt wjm <mv ! In 
tliia Earth, w vide othi^i-^ise, no shelter for Mrn*. The IvUen 
■'thraw u« adl into t^ars; " ftg\iT& it. Tho bravo Fadier, I uy 
Always; — a fU^nt IIpto And Pofft; without wliom th« «on had 
noTvr been n niienkiug out; 1 BijrriA'jt SvIuxjIiuoAtcr ctuac altcr^ 
wards lo London, Utvmt vhat t^od society was ; but doclana 
Uut ill no mvotiog ol iq«u did bis «ver evjoy lt>ettei diaootmo 
than at th** li*?artb nf tViifl peasant And hi* poor "spt^ skorea 
ofnurAcrjicroTuiiV''— not that, norths mi»triiblc patch of clajr- 
fitrmf iior unythiug ho tried to get n liTiag by, would prosper 
with him i he had a iote uuaqu^d latU^ a)l hb days, But ba 
stood ta it v&liiuitly ; a wlb^, faithful, oiioottqueralde laau ; *^ 
svrajlowiiig down hov matiy ^ove «iifTrriikK« daily into sUtuoe i 
fijlbtiDi; hkc an lui.^ecti Hero, — nobudy jiublitfLtci; EWirspopcv 
poragmphx about his nohknefls ; vothtg pl&c&» of plat* lo htm ! 
Howpv^r, li« waji imtloHt; uoLhlu^' is Wu Bifbvn U th^nr; 
th^ uutiwuio uf htm, — tuid uideed of many ^encratJ0u« oi such 
as hiiu. 

Tbi-s Bums uppti^trrd urj<bT cvcjj diaadvantiigG : tmin- 
strurt«d, ixjor, burn otily Lo hard uiaaual tcil; ami writiDg, 
whcu it csjDC to tliati in a ruatio special d]aleot« kuown only 
to a email pn^vioco of the country he lived in. Had ho wnttoD, 
avra whnt he did writo, In thr [;iini'r;Ll btnguti^ at EiigUutl, 
1 dotibt not he hid already beoomo uuTfrrsally r«<io;nuod wi 
beiu^, or oapdule tc btf, one of out gTeat««t mva. Tliitt he 
should have t«inpted no many to ponecrat* through th« ttmi^Ii 
busk of that dialect of bis, is proof thai i^xcm ].iy fontethiug 



far frctn ootnmon nithin it. He- hu fpu'^t^ a ccrULa r«c<>i;iii- 
tton. ^uid 13 coiitinukig to do ^ oT^r all quirtiTri of otLT wide 
Saxon worlil : vh^rpf)npvi>r a Saxon riial^ct is fipokeo, it b^giM 
to be undcTBtoodt hy poTBOQA] utspcctioii of thia mid ibc uih^r, 
that ono o£ the mocit oonjiiderftblc Soxou laea of thi' Ei^'bt««ittli 
O'Dturj' wa8 im AynMte Fea&am bAined Bobert Bums, Ym, 
I w\U Ha>',li«nA too na8 a i>Ieceof the ri^Lt SaiuuftlufT? strong 
AA the nattrock, rooted ua tbe d«ptha f>C llw irorid; — n«k, 
f(*t flrttb wcllg of living 9oltne«e in itl A vtld uvpcfaoua 
wliirlwicd of jiUfiGion and faculty ulurobcrvd quiet there; 
miih hrjtVBjily mntoii^/ ilweUiiig m Llin Keart of it. A noMe 
roui:h gf^uuinoDcas; liorufly, rtistic, hoLoet; tnie atmiilicity cf 
itr«iij[th; with its Jightning-fiw, with jta soft dowy pity; — 
Itko ihi old Nona Thor, thi* Pttutfukt-godf^^ 

Uuraa'a 3rotUci Gilbert. ;i inau cf mucli i»e:i»n and wortlj, 
hu^ told me thill Kobort, in hia youii; dit^e, in spito of tlirir 
lurdflbip, wu luiully th^ gay^t of 8[)«ocb ; a fftlW of InCinito 
fmlir, Uiiglitr^rf ](p-n)tii unil ht^Art ; far ]>l('JuuLnt»r to h^r theri^, 
stript cuttiDg priUtf in the l)og, or auch like, tliaa be ever afur^ 
waixlfl fcitov him, I oao well boli^TO it. Thia baaia of mirth 
(•"/inrf ffaiUtni" as oTct Marquis Mjrabeau calls it)^ a pritmLl 
fllrnjcfnt of (t^jnhinif .inii jc>3'fuIne»K, cmipleit wjtb his rjlber 
diiu'p liiui £7ir[tcat qiUblit]<«, ia ODo of the laont iinttnu^tiYc c}iaran- 
t^TiBtifrs of Biimn. A kr^^ fond of Hope dwelU in hxtn \ ipit« 
cif bia tnigim! bUtory, br 19 nnt a mf^nming; mftn. He ehakes 
bi« tfOTTOVS ^llintly *-L»ide ^ boinn^s forth rictoricms over Ihem. 
It is u tho Uijn nh^tiis ''dcw-drop4 from his maac)'* oa tho 
Bvift4)0unding horse> that Utuff/ut at the abaklnf; cf the spe&r, 
-— But Indeed, [Topor Mirth, of th^ sort Hko Biirii**a, are they 
ucft the oatoomc properly of warm ficnrrouD ^ffoction, — such 
aa is the bcgiiuiing of all to ex^ry m&n ? 

Von would tl^Uik It «tr&u^ if 1 r^alled Bunis the most gifted 
Brituh soqI wo had Id aU tlMt«C!ntary of hia ; and yc^t I brIi«vo 
(h« lUy t« eomiuf; when thcro will bo litUo danger in ^aj'lds 
80. Hia wriLtuga, all that he did nnder suoh obatmctkina, aro 
only a jioor fragment of hiin* Profruior £4tawjLJt ren^iLrl^^d 
Tery jvaUy, whAt indeed u true of all Poeta icood for much, 
ihat big poouy woa not any pankuUt 




r^nlt of a natiiraJly vignrous origiiuil mbd a?xpn7M«iiiK lUnlt 
ill ibn.% wny- Hnmn'a t^ifU, expr««b«d in c^nTenAtTon. at* the 
Uieiiifiof nil Uidt t^er h«ar<l him. All kiud« of gifts: trom 
the gracefiile:st ijttPTniirf<v of nonrumjr, to tlui btglitiit fini of 
pa&4[i>iiAt^ »l>ftf ch i kmd ilooclpt of mirth, aoft wului^ cf tStec- 
ttori, lftci>ni<^ i'ntpbu.ai0, ul«Ar pii-Tciiif; insight ; all vaa in luni> 
Witty da<ih^t8tfB celebr&te kim as a mftii tvho«9 npOM^h "I«d 
iheoi offth«ir fpet." This 18 beautilul : but nlill tunrc bntu- 
ttfol UmI which Mr Lotlthort hu rcconlod, vhicJi 1 lulVL^ 
iboffo than ouue aUiidtxl tc^. Hot tbe vraitecn nod oeU«M At tiiu« 
voulil get out of beJ, And oomp rrowditig to 1i»ar Uiii tmu 
speak f Wallon nnd ostlen; — thry tiw imv mvo. and bm9 
WIL4 ;i mnn ! J bavr hcani ninfth about hia Aj^ccch ; but one of 
tlif bvttt tilings I t'T«i- h«&|id of It wM, Ijtit y^&r, from ft v«ik<^ 
ftbl« gentleman long famillftr with hiai. Ttmt it wiw tpnoch 
dS#tiU|Euish«>d by aWay* Ativiny MinnMn^j in it. '- lit apokc 
nvthcr litll«^ than inucb,^^ this old iu4.n tuld mt<i ^aa^t r4thcr 
iiit^m in tho«0 eoriy dnyi^ aa in th(> couapany of persotts aboTe 
hiut ; aud aJ v^-a,vs wheu be did ?[;eak, it tru t« throw new light 
on thi^ matter/' I know net vrh^ njiy odi> should oror ep«fth 
OihervUe ! — lEut tf ve look at kU i;i!iii>ral forco of »oqI, bia 
tteftlthy Tvimni/ifjut pTvry way, th^ rugged downrigliUieas, |jqd^ 
tntion, f(eii<TOi» valor and manfidnesa that was i& him^ — 
whcrv bIiuII vo rtodily liud a better^iJtvd man? 

Among the great roen of tbe Elght^mith CeELtnry, T Boin»^ 
tinov fttl AA if Itoms irtiKlit he foiiud to rmouiblo UirabMiii 
KIOTO than any othf^r. Tbcy diKor wi<lcly in vojttnro ; y^i look 
AC thevQ bttrii]flioally> TL^re id tlio isauic burly thic^-DM^kod 
»tn>ngt1i ur Ux]y aa of «ou1; — bulllf in bulb cv>n^ on wlkut 
the old Marr[nia caIIs ayvrttj ffatftoM. By ij;iture, by a)(ii3e of 
hroeding, indvi^d by RAtion, Minib^fiu has nuoh dmto of bloft' 
t*T^ n noky, fonrard, unresting man. But the rhftr»iTt*rifltio 
of lliniU-da Um U vpriu-ity anil in^riM*, |«iwrr of Uin- insight, 
np^riority of vitiion. Tho thing Umt Itn sayw is worth renaev* 
b«rtng. It IB a Baab of insight into some olirjeot or other : so 
«lo both thoK«» mf>n upvak, Th4« ftajn« ragiDg poafiona \ CApahlo 
trx» ill t»tb of luamfesling theiunelvm u th« tendoraft ootjo 
affivtions. Wit, wtM laughUr, on^rgXi dirociBestt aincetltj: 



these w^re in botli. The tjju's of t.h« two niHii aw boI dtt- 
ftimiUr. Jlurtu too conld hjvrp gnvorard, d<*bAtr«1 in NAttonal 
Aac^mbliva; pMLitio^zodr iU Uv oouid- Aliut. thu povirik^ 
which had TpO exhibit ica^lf in nijrttire of tmDggling Kchoooen 
in Ui« Solvoj Frith ; m kocpm^ sileruv OTfir eo ntuch, vhtrrfi 
DO good speech, iHJt only taarticulAte ngt wu poMiblc: HiiA 
ooight have beUowed tarth t'sb^n <L« Brdzifi and Uiv Mkv ; uid 
mwt« itfieU visible to nil iii«ii, iii mana^iii^ of kiiigituiriM, in 
ruling of great orer-meiaor&ble epochs ! But th«j e&id to him 
TC-provm^ly, hin Official i^porioni nnid, flud wrotr^ : '* Vou am 
to Tt>rlc, not thliik." Of your tkiHkini^Uu:\i\iy, tli* gT4»at«t in 
thiH Inui], we Lnve uo ntrnd ; ^ou art' iv ^114'^ \tcvr Uieri<; ftjr 
that on); iLfc //ou w&nt^^d, Vory notahlt^; — uid voith meo- 
tioniiig. Uiou^h vri> know nhat ijt to b« nid ftod uvwerodl 
Ak iT Thought, Fow*^ of Thinking, veri* nol, nl all tirnrrrt, in 
all pUlo«s And aituatioufa of iLt.' vrorld, pr«ciael> Ui« ihiuj; t^i^t 
wax vFimtcd. The fatjil man, IJ he not always the unthiukius 
tauii, tbo mjin who cannot think and i^r ; tmt only 97^p<^. and 
hjillijf.inati*, uie! miJnH'i' tbr* n^iirrT of tlif thin^ lie wmkn with ? 
H« iaift-ae«a it, min^nA^ it da we my ; talt^a it tor one Uiing* 
imd it V another ttiui^, — auid leaves hiui Gtandinj; lik^ a 
Futility thi^rr '. H" ifi th« fatal man \ uiuitti'rnhly falji% put 
in thr high £iliWT« of mcti- — "Wliy wnrijiUia of thwV" .say 
some; "Stnngth is moumfuUy tl<"nii?d it» aK-jias that wa.9 
tru^ from of old." Doubtless ; and the vor^e for the anna^ 
wpr T? Camjihtint-aij pmflu littlp; wfiittncr nf the truth 

nyprofitv Thnt ;i Europp, with it4 Frriirh llcTolution juat 
bT«akins out. tinde no need of n Hunui except for guu^^iug 
beer, <^ ia ft thing I, for 0D«v oannot pp/i^iW at \ -^ 

Oi\<ie ujore we have to say h^r*, that th<' <ihi<*f quality of 
Kiirott it. thfi ftnrerU^ of him. So in hijt I'oi^try, m> in hin Life. 
The »onj- ht- kui^^ id not of fautantteaJitiu* ; it id of a thln^ 
iplt, really ther^ ; tlie prlioe meril of this, as of all In htm. and 
of bis Life ^eaeraily, is tiulk The Life of Dums ts w^'j < 
may call a jfreat trnffi^ smc^iity. A tort o^ 
— not era«l» for from that \ but wllf 
t]iit truUi of ihiiigA. Td that mtnm, 
WT%^ in nil ^cat men. 

Uhi wen- noi. willxitjt 4 kimi uC Ht^nvwoniLtp : but irUut a 
atraugc conditioti bita th&t p>t into now I The woibcn anpil 
<»tl«r« of Sootch iniu, pnrirtjf aT>oiit tlip door^ t^ut to ttiCch 
any wiird tliat. MI fnrm Biirrm. wtti- cl<iiii^- titirinii«"iott?t r^rpT- 
Mior t^>tlm Hf'mir. Joluif^m liwt his iSfHWrll for womlupiKEr. 
Rousaeau liod worshipper onongli ; iirincva oallai^; oc hitu in his_ 
mMn gWT*>t ; thp ^<>at, thn hpsinlifMl doing iPTPt*nc^ to tli* poor 
mnoQ^ttmi^k tiiEUi. Vvj hiin^T -i Tnn&t jH>rtt'iiU»i];< mnLnuIio 
tion ^ thr; tv4> cuclft of tiU) Iifc^ not to be hrmight into lijutoioiiy. 
Ho i\ls at tUt> Ubles of grandi>«a; utid Ju^ to ccpy luiuic f<»r 
his own living. He oannol »*rpn g»it hU oiviiic ixjpieri : "By 
dint *tf iHning WlC »hj» \»% " T nm tlir risk rl (Iriiiif hy iitai^ 
vntion at homo>" Fof his wornhippem too n mo«it qaoftiomi- 
tletliint;! If doiug H*<ro-vot«Uip well 6r bdully b« the t««t 
of ^iul vrt^II-T>^iD^ or ill-b«iii^ to a )^-ii«mti[>n, can wi- «nj tliat 
^Affvif priiemtio^ifl Are very first-rftlo? — Aiii] yt^t our ti<-Kko 
Urn of l^tt<^nt do tt^ach^ Rovmii, atr fctui^T prioMB^ f>r wh^ 
you like to eall them ; intrinsii^atly there \s tit% prerencing it 
by any uieaua wbutevtr. Tlie wurU Atu to ob^ him wbu 
thiiiki> And Kec« in thc^ worM. The world cati Alt«r the qj^h- 
niT of tbatt 0411 cither h^ve it au blcdveit eontiniunu ftuuncr 
)iitiu1iinti> or Ml iinhW»i-d tO^-k thunilt-r aiul toiti^tcx — * irtih 
uiL^IH'ak.allL^ "lifference of profit fur ihi^ iri>rld 1 Th* manner of 
it h very nltrrntklc ; tho nutter axn\ taet of it w not nlt<!r«hlo 
by tny powitr tmrli^r the aky. Mght; or, falling dial, Ught- 
abig: die vorUl nan take it« choice. Not nheUier we call axi 
Odin god, prophet. prii^tK or vhnt -rr cill him ; but vhotber 
wie bolicTfi thn wntA ho ti'lJ« uw: Uioru it oil Heft, If it 1m a 
true woiil, we sball h;i,y^ to t»tli»^ve it ; beiiieving ft, ve alial] 
hAvr to do it. Wh^t isam^ or welnODne TC ^vo Hn or it, fe a 
jAiini tliat oon[?«raft ouiW-'Lvfa mn^inly^ A th« new Trmth, luMf 
ikt'per revealing of the Secret ol thia Univrrw, it rerily of 
die nature of a lutfcsa^ti from ou higU ; auiI juimt and will harp 
itwlf obeyed. — 

My lut remark in on that notibWt phDai* of HTinm^i hi«^ 
tory. — bla visit to Edinburgh. Oft«i it m^ms to iih-iis irhiH 
dctoeauor then wen the hi^»at proof be saT* of what a fiuMl 



%-nt\ytt, Tol.TVtlVb l4 lA 


UCT. V, 



of worth aiKl gi^niiiiu» laajithootl 'tfAf. In him. If wp tliink of it, 

foss licnviiT biXnVnn rouM In- Uiil i>U lite nUragt!) iif a nuMt. 

So BtiiW^^ni aII couuiiun Lion-Um^ M-Uir^K niiiifi iuauxiR-mbtc 
men. v%«u nothing to ttiis. It » ja il Napolf^n had bet^Q 
miula a Kin^ iif, nnt jp*wficiHy, but nt finer tnnii tin- Arlillnry 
IjirtitrTi:iu4*y in tin* Rt-gimrat hx t'irre. Buni^ atlll only id 
li;i tx7-'Tity AevoTitl] yt-ar, is no longer oven a plongluEaaii ; jio ia 
flyiiig to the Wosr In<1ie« to «icft]ko disgrwo aqiI a jail, tins 
month hp is u minted pc^Ltoiit, lii^f ma^p^ji invvni pduiifU a jrjLj, 
«qJ ttipftf gntii- Frota huii ; ni-xt mortUi he b io tlw bluce of 
tuik and U^auty, handing dc^i^ j^w«lKxl Daebefises to dinner; 
thft nynffctiiTP of all f'ypH! Adwrjiity i:i *nmrtimi*)i hard Mpcin 
A mnn ; but for <inp man w}io <aa Aiuid pruapentTf thtrre :m a 
hiindrM ihut vnJI ^uud Adrcraity. 1 &dmirr much tho «tt3^ iai 
which Burns m^t all thiK. Ti^rh^tpn no man oni^ nonld jwint 
oiit, w.iA rvi-r Kc nori'ly ^ricd, uud tn little fori;oL Liiii»rlf. 
Tnmquil, unft-itoiu^thTxl ; not abaslml, ii6t itiOaUd, neither 
awfcwarvhi^M nor a.^Tl-t't^tion : h^ f«ets thcit A« tti^ro b tbo 
m&n Roliett Kurns^ f-bat tJm "rank is Inil thn gniM*»iKrtnmpi" 
Ukftt the crl^britj is biit tho cAudlft-lisht, vhicli trill show trhai 
nmn, not in the U^tutt makt him ft Urtt^r cr oth«r mjin] Aim, 
it iQUy T«uUly, unlpftv he look to it, malt« lum a inrrfti man; 
» wn^fj^hr^l iiiflAt<*d wirddrtu;, — inflattid till he Awrjf/, and h*^- 
coini^ n <iMd lioD; for vhom, oa aomo cue hiu aiud, "there ts 
tio ri?Lai3rrMtion of tb« body)" vor» than a Urmg dof;!** 
Biims \h adniirabln hpw. 

Aiid yet, iiU?t, » 1 huro cbserTod eUewhero, Iheei* Lion- 
hiantetn vien tho niio and dt^Mh cff Bumx. It wu thi;y th^t 
r«iid»r»-1 it tmpotBible tot him lo Ijt* ! Tlvy ^^tltorud roxmd 
him ill bU Tarm ; hindsr^ his industry ; tjo [dit'c was rt^mul** 
f'nmi^h from thMn, 1T^ eorild not ^t his Liottism foorgotteOf 
honestly AA he was diftpuned to d 9 no. He ffttl« into disooo' 
tpnU, into miserlf^s, faiitu ; the world g;cttin{( n^et iaoT« 
doflol^v for him ; h^Altli, charachrr, |wactf ui miiid, all gsmo ^ *— 
tolttiry enough now. It i:< trORicnl to think of ! Those men 
eimA bnt to «M tdia ; it was out of no sympathy with hijn, nor 
i» hntrml to Mm. Thny raiue tn jrst ii lilfVsTTniM'nn<»ntt they 
got Umu «auiso[Qcab}<-*aAcl th« Ilcro*« life went for it ^ 



Lkt. T1> 

Bicbtn flftJ-^ in Ibc TalAod of Sismotm th^re f« a kiad of 
" liitcbt-<Juifors,'' larger Kirf^^icttf whinh people itifJL apon D|>it%« 
ami iUumbat« the ways with at niglil. Perwuu of randltion- 
oau thoa truvel vitlj a pleoaiu^t radiaiii^e, wbicb tbe/ iiuic^> 
adnujo. Groftt honof to the Fire-Hicfl ! IJtit — I 


THF HeRO A« una. cbomvtkll, \Aeouno7it vopcn^ rstq- 


Ws oDwa nov to tli« last form of Hetoiem ^ tbat ^-hiok wo coll , 
Si&galiip> Tli^ Ccrtnm&ti'l^r ovtir M«u; hd to whnftn will our^ 
Willi! afi> tn b-i MiUmHiml«!, ajiiI loyalh' anriwuliT Uu•nl«^^vpa, 
atnd fiitii tbt^ir wi^lfiu-o in doing ao, may hv rroV^Dcd the iiio»t 
intiiortAnt of Gt^&t H^w. He is iirftctioallj tli« eiumoArj for 
1H «f rtJ/ tilt* mnoaft fl^iraft of Ileri-jkin ; IVlosl, Trarhor, wtut^ 
»o4^vrr of itiirtLly or oF vpiritiiiil tli^iitry Vf cuii ftiu<'^' U* result 
in a mot], embodies itavii bon^., to ommand over to, to fumish 
uji witli oonb^atit practical tuact;i&|,% to t«U os for tbu d^r and 
hour what w» are to ffn. He i» called if^r. Rogtibitov, IMf 
our ovn uanio ia still Letter ; Kuif;i KUnnan^. wlikb nwun 
Ca'Miinjt, Able-man. 

>'iu&eroua Qon£lilcratii>ua, poiutiiit; towftrtU docp, qutrhtioia- 
able, &ikd indeed tuif^tbomalile legioiia, pr^aent theinHe]r««-i 
lierv : on the; most of which w« must resolutely for tJie {n^flent 
forbear to speak ul ulL As Burko uid thnt perhap« fnir 2Wa/ 
Ay i/i/r^ wa* thp mnil of Goveniinent, »nd tbal \l\ le^lation, 
Ad[uini;)tnktio]j» jiarhaiueutar/ debatiti^* :EEtd the ivsL i?f it^ 
went on, in "ordor t^ brin^ tvclre impartiEil men into a jlu^. 
boi ;"^so, by much atroijger reason, may I say h*re, tluit tii© 
fimtiiig of your Ahlpmaa lLiii.1 gettifi^ htm iiivi*9cU-d ivilb l^w* 
gymhoti of a/zility, with di^ty, wor&Uij] (icvrfA^litp), ii>>'alty. 
kingbood, or wliat*Yor wo call it, oo tliat hfi maj" fti?tually bav« 

LKTt. Tl. 



nnym ta i^itde Aocnrtliti^ to liu fkimlty nf iMng it,^i« the 
buAiiTCto, T<?I1 or ill AOL-r>iup)ifiLvd. cf iUl dori^ proocMlitrr wluU* 
sQOTct ia thid world I Hii^tinjci-fpecchc^, PorlkuenUr^ 010- 
tioiu, Sffcrm BUb, Freboh B«voliition«, th m^aa «t li«att 
till*; ur eUo autlmif. Fiiwl iu auv rumilry tlii? AMrit Stan 
thnt cxut« thore; r\i^i- him t« thi' HUt»ri:iJifr pW«, ^d lujolljr 
rovi>r(m(<n liitn? ytm hnr4> ft |iorf^t RovcrniELVnt fcr tliat ooiui' 
try; no bciIl»]t-lK»*. larhjimf'nuuy rloqmrDoi-, voting conrtito- 
ltuu-ljui]Ouit\ OT otbtff ludrhLur^r^ wbataoorer c«u ijupmm it n 
whit- Itisin the pCTf e«t atate ; Wi idW countiyy The Abl«*t 
Mad: bn muunii nl«> thfr tnir«t-hi':iTtod. JHSt^fli, the »UMt 
Mau : wLut hn fi^/i tu r^* rfi^ mtut Im* pruKlnnlj tl^r wtMixt, fit* 
Uitt, that we ODold aajitben or uiyhov kamj^the tiling 
which it will in oil wttj« b«boovo nt, vitb ri^fat loyftl ttumfc- 
fhlii^'W uid ncitbing dotibting, to 60 i Our dcinff anA life mrr 
Lben, »o f Jtr a« ^^«niiu«ut coiiM r^^liUd 11* w«ll regulated ^ 
that wer^ th^ tdf^aJ of ouDflUtutiona, 

Ala«, wp know very w#ll tlmt TdtKJft <ian neffft h« r(>nipl*l«IjF 
rmlKidiful in pnu'tinn, Mv-jiIh iiinnt nvf-r Mr u vi'ry g^ht waj 
o0 ; and wvf will right tluutkfullr contrat ouTAClres with 
ftny not Intolorahlo ftppTOjuiaMi<>D then^t^^J Lot do moat Ib6 
Schillnr iia)')i, too qnorulouial/ 'Mncuuure by & fipnli^ of p<»r- 
feotiou tho Qia&gTe pruduL*t of nialitj'* in Uj1» pttot world of 
oam W« will e^W^m hiiii r>o \ft»^ mnii; wo will cato-Mii him 
a sirkly, diMont«nf«>d, fooli<li matu. And yi^ on th^ fAlwt 
hnnd, it i« lutTor to he. tor^n/tlnu iJiiii; IdnaJn da ri]»t ; tJuit if 
Ihny bf* Dot Approxim&t^d to At ftU, the whole nitttt«T goM t6 
WTtHik I iDfiiUihly, Si} bni>lclftyer bijUda ft wnli j>47ffictff per- 
peiidkcular, mftthevftticolly thi« !» tiot pojulbtr; a ovrtain div 
IT^tt of i-oTpf ndiculftrity MifRnc?! liiin ; and l>i.<. likt? ft good brink- 
Iftjer, who miut have donf? with hitf job, tmvca it su« And 
jrct if iie swfty fl^o mmh Irom eh« perpfioidiouUf f ftbor? ftll, if 
hp throw pdiiBim«t fturl IfMrrl f|iittci iiwuy from hiiii, lu»1 piln 
brick CQi briok hcc<llc». jutt lu it oomv« to kind'—! dodi 
brii^klftyOr, J Itunk, u in a Ixul way. iU hfi^ foijiottftii him- 
|p|f: but th* T^w of Omvitatiou doiA not forget to ai^t on 
hun; bi; juid btft wftU nuh dowa Into confitsed welter of 
min! — 




ThlB b ihe tustorjr of all rcbcUiond, Ft^ncb RrrolQtiotiSi 
tcinl oxpEofticmi in anoioDt or modern tlmod. Yoq bnri^ put 
ihn too f^'n:ibl« I^Iaii At th^ h^ut of SifT»irs T Th^ too ij^iioltlci, 
uuv^iH^LuL, fAtuuuA mail. You bAvc for^ottcii lli&t thet« U ;u)j 
rule, or natuial ncct^nntty what4?vci', of puUiujc the Ablo Uaa 
UL«ro. Brick mu«t hu ou brick as it rua^v ;^iid ouu UnnUo 
Si-mnliuiiuTii of Alilitj, ynofk, \n a vot6, muhl adjust UiniM