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Full text of "Sawyer family tree: descendants of Amelia Cramblet and Allen Sawyer [b. 1832"

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William S. Sawyer 
Sarah Jane Porter 
Mary Starlin Kay 
Martha Lyon 
Didamy Parsons 
Anne Grimes 
Lorenzo Sawyer 
Tillie Post 
David M. Sawyer 
James Sawyer 
Celia Boudinot 
Sylvia Post 

William S. Sawyer and Mary Jane Sawyer 

Their children-- Charles Allen, Harley M., 

Charles and Beatrice, wife, --No children 

Harley and Etta, wife 

Their children-- Russell, Raymond, Mary 
George, John, Herman, June, Donald, Bett^ 

Russell and Willhelmina; 
Children-- Katie, Billy Barbara 

Raymond and Celia; 

Children-- Hayla Ann, David Allen 

George and Margaret; 
Children — Connie, Sue Ellen 

Herman and Francis; 
Children-- Gary 

June Hess daughter Judy Ann 

John and Mary Lou; 

Children-- John Allen, Jr., Judy Ann, 

Clarence and Ralieffe, wife 
Daughter Ruth Seymour 

Sarah Jane Sawyer and Harrison Porter 

Their children--Webb, Ernest, Goldie, 
Etta, Everett, Dewey, and George 

Webb Porter; 

Children — Violet, Wm, Elsie, Minerva 

Violet Hamman; 

Children — Joy Arlene, Bertha Ellen, 
Laura Lee, Marilyn Louise 

Wm. Porter; 

Children — Patricia Ann 

Elsie Kennedy; 

Children~-Carl Jr., Loretta Jean, 
Lois Ann 

Minerva Blackson; 

Children--Francis James, Myrl Margaret, 
Catherine Mabel, Rita Jean, Robert 
Earl, Raymond Elwood, James Fabian 
2nd Husband — Sellars; no children 

Ernest Porter; 

Their children--Robert , Dorothy (deceased) 

Goldie Holcomb; 

Son Warren Holcomb 
2nd husband--Yoes 

Etta Dunkle; 

Their Children — Leonard 

Leonard Dunkle; 

Children — Tommy 

Dewey Porter; 

Their children--Lee Porter 

Lee Porter; 

Children-- Cheryl 

George Porter; 


Mary Sawyer and Issaac Starlii 

Their children--Mabel E, Ethel B, Walter, 
Ina M, Nellie F., Glen 

MabeK deceased) and Frank Jamison--Son Home] 

Homer and Blanche, wife; 

Children--Thelma, Willa Mae, Dennis, Mary, 
Esther, Francis, Darrell, Darlene 

Ethel and Oscar Jacobs, 1st Husband 
Children--Warden, Leonard, Viola died in 
infancy, Geneva, Lola 
Geneva and Charles 0. Wells; 

Daughter Geneva and Gilbert Nevling; 
Their Son — Thomas W. 

Lola and Dr. Alton Gabriel; 
Daughter--Landa Diane( deceased ) 

Walter and Laura, wife--no children 

Ina and Fidillo Dobbs; 
Children — Mary, Sarah, Frances 
Mary Hawkins--Children--Janice, Nancy, 


Sarah and Virgil Northcut--Children — Sharoi 


Frances Denny 
Children--Laverne, Eldon, Larry 

Nellie (deceased) and Elzie Anderson; 

Children--Marvin (deceased). Urban 


Glen and Marion, wi f e--Son--Donald 

Mary Starlin and Cary Kay--2nd husband 

Martha Ann Sawyer and Algernon R. Lyon 

Their children — Emmett. Grace, John, William, 
Newell, Martha, Goldie, Daisy, Margaret 

Emmett and Elizabeth, wife; 

Their children — Don, Dorothy, Clella 

Don and Ina, wife — Son Jerry 

Dorothy and J. T. Koelling 

Children — Connie, Jannett, Sherry, Linda 

Clella and H. L. Adams 

Children--Karen, Bill 

Grace and William Souter; 

Their children — Ralph, Frances 

John( deceased ) and Mary 1st wife 

Their Children — Burdette ( deceased ), John T. 

John T. and Orphia, wife--Daughter Sharon 
John and Gloy, 2nd wife 
Their children--Glade, Carma, ( deceased ) , Connie 

Glade and Katherine, wife 

Children — Jack, Suzanne 

William S. Lyon and Gracie, wife; 
Their children — Jarrel, Leon, Anna 

Jarrel and Helen, wif e~-Daughter--Barbara 

Leon and Aletha, wife 

Children — William, Charlotte, Janel 

Anna and D. P. DuFriend 

Children--Marsha( deceased ) , Mary 

Newell and Agnes, wife 

Their children — Evelyn, Lola, Janice 
Evelyn and James Risdon Jr. 

Children--Jane, James, David Lyon 
Lola Jane and Burdette Henry 

Children — Richard Connor, Jeffry S. 
Janice and Dr. John Yates Jr. 

Children--Nancy, Ann Gail 


Martha B. (deceased) and Edward Brass 

Their son--Edward E. 

Edward E. and Doris Jean, wife 

Son--Edward Eric 

Goldie and Harry Shephard (deceased) 
Their children--James, I rma (deceased) 

Doyle (deceased) 
James and Mary Louise, 1st wife (deceased) 
Daughter--Barbara (deceased) 

James and Mary Jane, 2nd wife 
Daughters--Maureen, Rebecca 

Goldie E and Edward Brass, 2nd marriage 

Daisy and Cloyd Pollett 

Margaret Edna and Roy W. Parker 

Their children--Kenneth, Lois, John, Roy 

Kenneth and wife, Marie 

Children — Kenneth Jr., Roy, Jack 

Kenneth Jr. and Marian, wife 

Roy and Martha, wife 

Jack Curtis Parker--Unmarried 

Lois and William E. Schaake 
Children — Bruce, Jo Ann 

John R. and Lola, Wife 
Children--Roy Michael 

Roy W. and Opal Lucille, wife 

Children--Jerome, Steven, Dana 

Didamy Sawyer and Mason W. Parsons 

leir children-"Davis, Mahlon( deceased ) , 

Sarah Etna, Mary Alice,, George( deceased ) 

Davis Parsons children — Alice, Eleanor, Donald 
Alice and Marion Borop 

Children — Gene, Linda Lee 

Eleanor and Edward Marshall; 

Donald Parsons; 

Children--Donna, Carolyn, Sharon 

Mahlon Parsons; 

Children--Lila, Leonard, Malcolm, 
Verna, Velma 

Lila and Marshall Allison; 

Leonard Parsons--Children--Mary June, Leonard, 
Gayland, Wayland, Rebecca, Susan Diane 

Malcolm Parsons--Children--Dawn Elaine, Ricky 

Verna and Frank Grubbs; 

Children--Leroy, Lewis, Larry, Linda 

Velma and Paul Nickols; 

Children--Kathy Dione, Curtis Blaine, 
^ Paul Kent 

Sarah Etna and Delbert Tippie; 

Children--Kenneth G. 
Kenneth Tippie; 

Children--Mary Grace, Anna Rose 

Mary Alice( deceased ) and Albert Cannon; 
Son--Edgar Parsons 

Anna G. Savyer and Lossen Grimes 

Their children — Harry, Jessie G. 

Harry and Lois, first wife; 
Children--Byron, Jean 

Byron and Alice, first wife; 

Daughter Mary Lou 
Mary Lou and Richard Mater; 

Children — Richard Paul, Allan Dave 

Jean and Charles Hill; 

Children — Bobby Bruce, Roger Allen. 

Harry Grimes and Ora, 2nd wife; 

Byron Grimes and Thelma, 2nd wife; 

Jessie and Stacey McDonald; 

Children — Herbert, Martha Ann 

Herbert McDonald 

Children--James Allan, Timothy Bruce, 
Thomas Herbert 

Martha Clements 

Children--Michael Reed, Rebecca Ann-e 

Lorenzo Sawyer and Mary Sawyer 

Their children--Arthur, Elmer, Perley, 
Lawrence, Cora, Flotella 

Arthur and Alma, wife; 

Son--Ralph and Ruth, wife 

Children--Judith Ann, Dean Arthur 

Elmer and Nell, wife 

Children--Leonard, Norma, Joan, 


Leonard and Martise, wife 

Children--Susanne, Marianne 

Joan and Emmett S. Claunch 
Children--Sammye Jo 

Joella and Frederick W. Daily; 

Children--Frederick W. Jr., Mary 

Deborah, Timothy David, Joel S 

Elmer and Virginia, 2nd wife; 

Children--Myrte Lou 
Elmer and Scottie, 3rd wife; 

Children--Tomi Jill 

Perley and Dorothy, wife; 
Children-- Eugene 

Lawrence and Edna, wife; 

Children--Mar vin, L. D. 
Cora and Herbert Overman 

Children--Ellis, Marguita Spengler 

Flotella and Peter White 

Children--Peter, Mary Nell, Michael 

Tillie Sawyer and Worley C Post 

Their children--Chester A, Ernest G, Herbert D, 
Donald E, Worley Everett 

Chester A. and Delma, wife 

Their children--Beulah, Eunice, Marguerite 

Beulah and William Dew; 

Children--Rodney Wayne and Barry Alan 

Eunice and Garmon Conaway; 

Children--Brent P. and Lincoln Charles 

Marguerite and Lewis H Dew; 

Children--Bruce Andrew and Dennis Mitche 

Ernest and Seba, wife 

Their children — Herbert (deceased) 
Freda and William 

Freda and Dale Moody; 

Children--Delores and Larry 

William and Mary; 

Children — Sheila (deceased) Michael 

Herbert Dwight and Fern, wife; 

Son Boyd Wallace and wife Joan 

Donald E and Jaunita, wife; 

Their children--Deloris and Donald Jr. 

Worley Everett and Naomi, wife; 

Their children--Donsel Lee, Barbara, Robert 
Donsel and Martha--Children--Bruce Alan and 

Paula Lee 
Barbara and Joe Webber 
Robert and Joan--son — Robert Cris 
Shirley and Jim Baumgartner — son — David 

David M. Sawyer and Emma Sawyer 


Their children — Clara, Ralph Eveth, Edeth 

Clara and Dow Cannon; 

Children — Nyle, Eunice, Vernice 

Nelliebelle, Glen, Dow Jr., Marion Max, Marda 

Nyle and Crystal, wife 
Eunice and Vern Orme; 
I Children--Lonney, Eilly, Jeane 

Vernice and Clair Erokaw; 

Children — Lewis 
Nelliebelle and Hugh Seckenger; 

Children--David, Gary 
Glen and Wineford, wife; 

Children--Laura Jean, Lorna Jane 
Dow Jr. and Judy, wife--son--Johnny Jay 
Marion Max and Traudle, wife — Daughter Elizabeth 
Marda and Richard Farrell--son--Richard Jr. 

( deceased) 

Ralph and Margaret, 1st wife (deceased) 
Children--Dale( deceased ) ; and Dorothy 
Dale — Children--Jeanette, Gail Fisher 
I Dorothy and Keith Neal; 

Children--Walter, Keith Jr., John, Stuart, 
Patricia, Gene, Joan( deceased ) 
Ralph and Elsie, 2nd wife; 

Children--Rodney, Paul, Beverly 
Eveth and Chuck Mulpas; 

Children--Edward( deceased), Ethelmae, 

Marie Ann 
Ethelmae and Lloyd Elackford; 

Children--Janice, Gary 
Marie Ann and Kenneth Russell--Daughter 

Edeth and Lawrence Hightshoe — No children 

James Sawyer and Hattie Sawyer 

Their children — Kenneth, Kermit, Virginia, 


Kenneth and Betty, first wife (deceased) 
Kenneth and Florine, 2nd wife 

Kermit and Margaret, wife 

Children--Betty, Kermit Jr, Mary Ethel, 

Judy Ann 

Betty Sawyer Ebright 

Children--Sally Lee, Ralph 

Virginia and Robert Border; 
Children--Roberta, James 

Bernadine Sawyer--not married 

Celia Sanryer and Cash Boudinot 

Their children--Goldie, Allen, 

Parker (deceased) 

Baby Mildred (deceased) 

Goldie and Arthur Corwin; 

Children — Roger, Baby Keith (deceased) 

Allen and Madeline, wife 

Children--Eugene, Sharma, Duane, David, 
Yvonne, Herbert 

Parker and Gertrude, wife; 

Children--Robert, Jeannine, Joanne 

Robert and Janice, wife 

Jeannine and Norman Wolfe; 

Children--Dianne, Jeffrey Alani 

Sylvia Saivyer and George W. Post 

Their children—Hazel, Leathel, Richard, Eugene, 
Robert, Wesley, Denzil 

Hazel and Fred Fisher's 

Children— Vernon, Lily, Jean, Georganna, Roberta - 

Jo, Martha, Sylvia, Hazel, Fred Jr. (deceas 

Jean and Charles Boring children—Charlene Bob, 

Dickie, David, Freddie 
Vernon and wife Rita, children— Judith, Teddy, 

Jimmie, Mary, Vicky, Paula 
Roberta Jo and Albert Sawyer— children—Debora 
Martha and Roger Briggs— children— RogerJr. 
Georganna and Pete Price— no children 
Sylvia and Vernon Bowers — no children 
Lily and Robert Winnenberg— Anna Louise, William, 


Floyd Dawson and Leathel Dawson 

Children— Wesley, Barbara, Shirley 

Wesley and wife Barbara children— Linda, Cheryle, 

Barbara and Bud Lnych— children— Steven 
Shirley and Kenneth Casto children— Bruce, Mark 

Helen Van Horn and Dwight Van Horn 

Children— Jane, Williajn, Edward, Margaret 
Jane and husband Richard Roberts 

Richard and wife Edna 

Children— Rosie, Louise, Raymond 
Rosie and husband Ronnald Wooley— children— 

Ronney Jr. 
Louise and husband Charles McFann 

Wesley and wife Barbara 

Children— Sandra, Dennis 

Eugene (deceased) wife Anna Mary 

Children— Jackline, Robert, David 

Robert and wife Marvel 

Children- Dixie, Caroline, Sue, Kay, George, 
Bobbie, Debora, Dottie 

Denzil and wife Maude _^. 

Children— Glen*)> ^r\^il|e : 

Glenn and wife'"^ Audrey children Sundra 

Orville and wife Betty children— Dana