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Alumni House 

For information concerning this picture, please see inside back cover 

Volume 28 Number 2 August, 1979 




Official Organ of the 

Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia 

Published by the Alumni Association of the Medical College 

of Virginia in February, May, August, and November 

Editorial Committee 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay. Chairman and Editor-in-Chief 

Mrs Gail W. Griffey 

Mr. Linwood S. Leavitt 

Dr Harry L. Mears, Jr 

Dr James T. Tucker 


Dr Robcn O Hudgens. M'5.1. president 

P.O.Box 13170 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mr. Linwood S. Leavitt, ?'A\, president-elect 

644 Lynn Shores Drive 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Dr Herbert R. Boyd. Jr.. D'48, immediate past president 

1970 South Sycamore Street 

Petersburg. Virginia 

Dr. Charles M. Zacharias, M"47, vice president 

43 1 2 Grove Avenue 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr, W C. Henderson. D'37. vice president 

100 Westham Parkway 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. R. Reginald Rooke, P'21, vice president 

5100 Monument Avenue 

Richmond. Virginia 

Miss Mae Belle Lee. N'5I, vice president 

301 North Thompson Street, Apt. 302 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Margaret Pate Chappell, PT'48, vice president 

3816 Hickory Road 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. Thomas W. Nooney, Jr., PhD '70, vice president 

P. O. Box 262, MCV Station 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. C. Newton Van Horn, M'46, Secretary 

811 Medical Tower 

Norfolk. Virginia 

Dr. James T. Tucker. M'27, i 

1312 Loch Lomond Lane 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay. N'59, assistant 

504 Kilmarnock Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1979 

Dr Donald L. Baxter. M'54 

P.O.Box 183 

Rose Valley Road 

Moylan, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Gail W. Griffey, PT58 

1 14 Willway Drive, Manakin Farms 

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 

Dr. Edith L. Hardie. PhD'69 

Box 608, MCV Station 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Barbara L. Hendericks. N'57 

402 Silver Lane 

Maninsburg. West Virginia 

Mr. Linwood S. Leavit 
644 Lynn Shores Dri 
Virginia Beach. Virgi 

, P'4I 

Miss Edna Morgan. N'54 

3520 Hanover Avenue, Apt. 104 

Richmond. Virginia 

Mrs. Donna C. Odom, MT'59 

8900 Michaux Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Joseph R. Suocs, D'47 

317 Ridgecrest Road 

Asheboro. North Carolina 

Dr. Marvin F. West, D'58 

140 Johns Tyler Highway 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Dr. Edward James Wiley. Jr.. M' 
8803 Bellefonte Road 
Richmond. Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1980 

Mrs. Ann Doss Broaddus, N"59 

702 Wormley Creek Drive 

Yorktown, Virginia 

Dr. Leigh C. Budwell, D'50 

4908 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Jane Keiter Oarber, N'52 

1 128 Chiswick Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Robert O. Glenn, Jr.. P'64 

11921 Framar Drive 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Dr. John William Watson, M'53, 104 Ne 

Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, M'53 

P.O.Box 13170 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Charles F. Kingery, P'49 

400 Hunlerdale Road 

Franklin, Virginia 

Dr. Harry L. Mears. Jr., D'54 

5509 Riverside Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Kirby H. Smith, Jr., HA63 

Petersburg General Hospital, 

801 South Adams Street 

Petersburg, Virginia 

^ College Street, Oxford. North Carolin 

Term Expires December 31, 1981 

Mr. R. David Anderson. P'47 

1 1 17 Club Road 

Waynesboro, Virginia 

Dr. Roland S. Birckhead, M'52 

Box 307 

Gauley Bridge, West Virginia 

Dr. Frederick T. Given, Jr.. M'53 

960 Jamestown Cresent 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Dr. a. E. Hodges. Jr., D'56 

203 Doverland Road 

Richmond. Virginia 

Dr. Harry I. Johnson, Jr.. M'53 

1315 Second Street, S.W. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mrs. Emily M. Johnston, N'56 

1211 Giltspur Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. George J. Oliver, Jr., M'47 

1308 Mount Vernon Drive 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Dr. Alton R. Sharpe. Jr.. M'54 

201 Wood Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Chapter Officers 

Delaware Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. Philip London, M'49 

824 Cedar Glen Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 

Vice President — Mrs. Ruth C. Parker, N'45 

Secretary-Treasurer — MRS, EMILY H, BAXTER, N'52 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

President— Dr. C. Carl Tully, M'47 
4530 Springhill Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia 
Vice President — Dr. Jerrill D. Cavender, M'52 
Secretary-Treasurer — Dr, J AMES L, M ANGUS, M'59 

New York Chapter 
President — DR, Edwin C. Weiss, M'69 
5 Darby Road, Great Neck, New York 

North Carolina Dental Chapter 

President — Dr. W. Penn Marshall, Jr., D'48 
3027 Essex Circle, Raleigh, North Carolina 

North Carolina Medical Chapter 

President — Dr. W. Donald Moore, M'44 

Box 337, Coats, North Carolina 

President- Elect — Dr. Louis R. Wilkerson, M'52 

Northern Virginia, Washington and Southern Maryland Chapter 

President — DR, WESLEY C. Bernhart, M"53 

11217 Bellmont Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 
Vice President—OK. ROBERT E. Ware, M'53 

Peninsula Chapter 

President — Dr, Oscar W, Ward, Jr., M"42 

15 South Mallory, Phoebus, Virginia 

President- Elect — DR. WILLIAM H. Traynham, Jr., D'38 

Puerto Rico Chapter 

President— Dr., Hilda Garcia de la Noceda, M'49 

108 Betances Street, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. DELORES Mendez-CaSHION, M'37 

Richmond Chapter 

President— Dr. David L. Via, D'59 

1 1 10 Azalea Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice President — MR, CHARLES A, BAKER, P'72 

Secretary — DR. PAUL R. McNeer, M'62 


Roanoke Valley Chapter 

President — MRS. PATRICIA Sharpe Eby, N'69 

3504 Old Towne Road, S.W„ Roanoke, Virginia 

President- Elect — Dr, J, RICHARD SviTZER, D'73 

Secretary-Treasurer — MRS. ELIZABETH LAWRENCE SiBLEY, N'49 

South Carolina Dental Chapter 

President — DR. CHARLES B. Barnett, D'56 
1525 Cleveland Street, Greenville, South Carolina 
Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. W. MlKE RIDDLE, D'68 

Tidewater Chapter 

President — Dr. CHARLES P, Fletcher, D'56 

1200 Kent Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Vice President — MRS, ANNE K. Taylor, N'64 

Valley Chapter 

President — Mr. William D, Wisman, P'59 

12 Morain Street, Front Royal, Virginia 

President-Elect— Mr. George B, CaLEY, III, HA'68 

Secretary-Treasurer — MRS. JUDY Weller HYLTON, N'58 

West Virginia Chapter 

President — DR. LARRY C. SMITH, M'56 
636 Ridgewood Road, Huntington, West Virginia 

X^ T^ 


Mouse dur/A/g 
reUAJ/oN Wee-fc- 
CA/d (vJuwe. /j-^jBj 

Drs. L. I. Hoke, Robert L. Waddell, 

William L. Cooke, Warren G. 

Bishop, and Oscar L. Hite. 

Mesdames Anne F. Mahoney, Min- 
nie P. Oldham, Frances L. Pickard, 
and Bernice H. Chase. 

August, 1979 

The Class of Medicine '29 had their 
fiftieth reunion at the John Marshall 
Hotel and enjoyed an evening 
chocked full of memories. Front 
row, left to right: Drs. William J. 
Ellis, Stuart O. Bennett, Shepherd 

F. Parker, C. H. Binford, J. P. Preg- 
nall, A. Ray Dawson, A. C. Chan- 
dler, W. Asa Seawell, and Warren 

G. Bishop. Back row: Drs. Rex Blan- 
kinship, Thomas N. Hunnicutt, Jr., 
Oscar L. Hite, Robert L. Waddell, 
Addison M. Duval, William L. 
Cooke, Leonard I. Hoke, William P. 

Stull, and Hubert A. Shaffer. 

Tap-fies beg/Al ; 

A wonderful time was had by all five 
of the nine surviving members of 
the Pharmacy Class of 1929 and 
their wives. Seated left to right: 
Mesdames Edward L. Carter, Roger 
W. Perry, James C. Bray, Samuel T. 
McAfee, and Frank S. Anderson, Jr. 
Second row: Messrs. Carter, Perry, 
Bray, McAfee, and Anderson. 


The Nursing Class of 1929 had 10 
present for their class party at Blair 
House. 12 of the 15 living alumni at- 
tended some of the reunion activi- 
ties. It was fun for all. Seated, left 

to right: Mesdames Verna Thurston 
Darlington, Minnie Pritchett Old- 
ham, Rosalind White Roach, and 
Virginia Moore Porter. Standing: 
Mesdames Guila Garner Rogers, 

Bernice Harrell Chase, Zellie Pitt- 
man Bowler, Rachel Haile Hughes, 
Anne Franks Mahoney, and Frances 
Ladd Pickard. 

The Commonwealth Club was the 
site of the 45th reunion for the 
Class of '34 Medicine. Front row, 
left to right: Drs. Emmett C. Math- 
ews, Peter N. Pastore, Thomas B. 

Pope, Robert D. Croom, Jr., Mildred 
B. Forman, William R. Hutchinson, 
Philip W. Oden, Claude S. Finney, J. 
Paul Kent, James E. Lipscomb, Jr., 
Brock D. Jones, Jr., and Girard V. 

Thompson. Second row: Drs. Fred- 
erick N. Thompson, R. Campbell 
Manson, John M. Harry, K. Jackson 
Moore, Robley D. Bates, Clyde G. 
O'Brien, and W. S. Lloyd. 

August, 1979 



A lovely evening at the Chesterfield 
Tea Room was had by all of the 
members present for the 45th Re- 
union of the class of 1934, Nursing. 
Seated, left to right: Mesdames 
Dorothy Knowles Thomson, Anne 
Boatwright Ergenbright, Marguerite 
Liverman Davis, Frances Powell 
Collins, Helen Beckwith Mumford, 
Miss Marguerite G. Nicholson, and 
Mrs. Mildred Gladding Davis. 


a+4eAjcl 4Ke^ 
-tes-l-/v/4-/cs . 

Willow Oaks Country Club was the 
setting for the reunion party of the 
Pharmacy class of '34. It was a 
pleasant evening for all. First row, 
left to right: Mesdames Charles B. 
Freeman, Walter L. Hickok, and 
Robert W. Sims. Second row: 
Messrs. Freeman, Hickok, and 
Sims. Third row: Mesdames Garnett 
W. Vaughan, Frank L. Kent, John 
W. Gallagher, Jr. Fourth row: 
Messrs. Vaughan, Felix Phaup, Mrs. 
Phaup, Messrs. Kent, and Gallag- 












' ^ 


















^S, »^*.-5^*«**-' 




Good fellowship and good food 
created the atmosphere for the 
Medicine '39 Class Party at the 
John Marshall Hotel. Seated, left to 
right: Drs. Harold I. Nemuth, Harold 

M. Goodman, and Beverley B. 
Clary. Second row: Maurice E. B. 
Owens, Jr., Charles F. Hudson, Mar- 
ion F. Jarrett, DeWitt C. Daughtry, 
John R. Bumgarner, Jose D. Coll, R. 

Coleman Longan, Frederick G. 
McConnell, James W. Humphreys, 
Jr., and John L. Patterson, Jr. Third 
row: Mesdames Owens, Hudson, 
Nemuth, Clary, Jarrett, Daughtry, 
Bumgarner, Coll, Longan, McCon- 
nell, Humphreys, and Goodman. 

Nursing '39, met at the home of 
Margaretta Burton McCann for 
cocktails and buffet. A lovely time 
was had by all. Seated, left to right: 
Mrs. Sara Hudnall Butler, Miss 
Elizabeth Sturt, Mesdames Lucy 
Pressley Frazier, and Julia Jones 
Kelly. Standing: Mesdames Gladys 
George Hancock, Anne Bellows Tal- 
bot, Janie Perkins Anthony, Marga- 
retta Burton McCann, Virginia 
Moore Wright, Evelyn Reynolds 
Johnson, Nanniereece Mutter Ya- 
sinski, Lily Wills Hagen, and 
Frances Watson Etheridge. 

August, 1979 

Only one shy of half of those still 
alive attended the 40th Reunion of 
the 1939 Pharmacy Class at the 
Downtown Club. Seated, left to 

right: Messrs. Clyde L. Wills, L. H. 
Crockett, Jonah Slipow, Joseph A. 
Dodd, Dr. Walter M. Ormes, Mes- 
dames Emily Hudgins Williams, and 

Justine Hughes Wilkins. Standing: 

Messrs. Anthony P. Mehfoud, and 

Jacob Plotkin. 

The Class of '39 Dentistry had a de- 
lightful reunion dinner at Byram's 
Restaurant. We were honored to 
have three of our former professors 
and two of their wives as guests. 
They were: Dr. W. Tyler Haynes, Or- 
thodontia, and Mrs. Haynes; Dr. 
Harry Lyons, Oral Pathology and 
Periodontia (later Dean of Den- 

tistry); Dr. Richard L. Simpson, 
Crown and Bridge Prothesis, and 
Mrs. Simpson. Standing, left to 
right: Drs. W. Tyler Haynes, Nor- 
wood B. Woodard, Noah D. Fox, 
Amand C. Vipond, Edwin M. Pilcher, 
Milton W. Brockmyer, Ulpian G. 
Bradenham, Raymond L. Hensley, 
C. Kirtner Johnson, Chester W. 

Powell, D. Mason Jones, Jr., H. 
Shepard Moon, Philip R. Milton, Fer- 
nando E. Rodriguez, Harry Lyons, 
Jack C. Kanter, and Richard L. 
Simpson. Seated, left to right: Mes- 
dames Haynes, Woodard, Fox, Vi- 
pond, Pilcher, Brockmyer, Hensley, 
Johnson, Powell, Jones, Moon, Mil- 
ton, Rodriguez, and Simpson. 


The Class of M'44 enjoyed cock- 
tails and a buffet supper at the 
home of Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. 
Trice. Front row, left to right: Mes- 
dames Gervas S. Taylor, Jr., Martin 
Markowitz, Norris S. Erb, Charles B. 
Wilkerson, Ray A. Moore, Jr., Mer- 

The Nursing Class of '44 had a 
ball — as always — at the home of 
Mrs. Henrietta M. Dunnigan for 
cocktails and a luncheon. First row, 
left to right: Mesdames Lucille 
Hardy Ward, Frances Hawthorne 
Palmer, Margaret Mitchell Beattie, 
Anne Murray Gish, Carrie Gilbert 
Claypool, Miss Katherine D. Ed- 
wards, Mesdames India Ogburn 
Bane, Harriett Holland McGhee, and 
Miss Gloria M. Diggs. Second row: 
Mesdames Alice Garrenton Steele, 
Carrie Dotson Nelson, and Alice 
Brite Lambdin. Third row: Mes- 
dames Mary Williams Cherry, Edna 
Reed Oppenheim, and Sarah 
Moseley Evans. Fourth row: Mrs. 
Roberta Shaw Gray, Miss Joan 
Eanes, and Mrs. Dorothy Tonjes 
Managan. Fifth row: Mesdames 
Margaret Barrick Stokes, Loretta 
Jessee McWilliams, and Mary Ros- 
ser Bradley. Sixth row: Miss Julia D. 
Watkins, Mesdames Lila Nasser 
Byrd, Eloise Spence Hurdle, and 
Margaret Roberts Boyer. Seventh 
row: Mesdames Jane Dearman Bry- 
ant, Virginia Gibbs Wessells, Hen- 
rietta Mullins Dunnigan, and Clara 
Whisnant Curtis. 

ritt W. Foster, Jr., and William B. 
Bishop. Second row: Dr. Marion L. 
Rice, Jr., Mrs. Rice, Drs. Markowitz, 
Taylor, William P. Morrissette, 
Rufus P. Ellett, Jr., Mrs. Morris- 
sette, Dr. W. Donald Moore, Mrs. 
Moore, Drs. Erb (hidden), Gordon F. 

Harrell, Mrs. Harrell, Drs. Wilker- 
son, Moore, Foster, and Bishop. 
Third row: Dr. Robert P. Trice, Mrs. 
A Lawson Hardie, Jr., Drs. Hardie, 
James Tidier, Mrs. Tidier, Dr. E. C. 
Garber, Jr., Mesdames Garber, E. 
M. Bane, Dr. Bane, and Mrs. Trice. 

August, 1979 

Mrs. and Mr. J. Frank Jackson cele- 
brate his 35th reunion in solitude. 

"It seems like only yesterday" — 
Laughter and fond memories were 
shared by the members of Nursing 
'49 at Byram's Restaurant. Front 
row, seated left to right: Mes- 

dames Betty Alexander Williams, 
Rose Burchfield Bittner, Elizabeth 
Booker O'Hanlon, Blanche Haynes 
Newman, Emogene Duncan Cobb, 
Pauline Jones Sherrlll, Nancy 

Thompson Cook, and Eleanor Pan- 
nell Tate. Standing: Mesdames 
Mary Jackson Sanford, Theresa 
Hux Thomas, Charlotte Long Brill- 
hart, and Mary Fravel Norville. 

The Class of '49, Pharmacy, spent Marshall, Jr., Robert A. Garland, 

a pleasant evening together at Niel- Montague C. Marshall, Jr., E. M. 

sen's Restaurant. Standing, left to James, Frank G. Johnson, Francis 

right: Messrs. Charles F. Kingery, E. Bloxton, Allen J. Faircloth, John 

Richard E. Marshall, Thomas F. W. Martin, and S. Bayard Jeter, Jr. 

Seated, left to right: Mesdames 
Kingery, Marshall, Marshall, Gar- 
land, Doris Crouch Pease, Johnson, 
Bloxton, Faircloth, Martin, and Je- 



The Class of Dentistry '49 held their 
reunion party at the Westwood Rac- 
quet Club and it was a lovely party. 
Seated, left to right: Mrs. Charles H. 
Sugg, Dr. William E. Cline, Mes- 
dames Britton F. Beasley, Cline, 
John C. Kinlaw, Drs. William D. Ro- 

deffer, J. Frank Thomason, Mes- 
dames Rodeffer, E. Fulton Neal, Dr. 
William H. Becker, Mesdames 
James B. Howell, Becker, and N. W. 
Littleton. Standing: Dr. Sugg, Mrs. 
George H. Barnett, Drs. Barnett, 
Beasley, Ben M. Miner, Marvin 

Pleasants, Mrs. Pleasants, Drs. Kin- 
law, Neal, Louis E. Alexander, Mrs. 
James O. Hodgkin III, Miss Sarah 
Hodgkin, Drs. Hodgkin, Howell, 
Mrs. William M. Spence, Dr. 
Spence, Miss Missy Littleton, and 
Dr. Littleton. 

Medicine '49 wined and dined at 
the John Marshall Hotel. A great 
time was had by all. Front row, left 
to right: Dr. Margaret L. Masters, 
Mesdames W. Warren Walthall, Jr., 

Robert S. Turner, John L. Thornton, 
Dr. Hilda Garcia, Mesdames William 
B. Moncure, Heth Owen, Jr., Harry 
' Nenni, and Herbert C. Hoover. Back 
row: Drs. Joseph H. Masters, Wal- 

thall, Turner, Donal S. Parker, 
Thornton, Mr. Eugene Haverhill, 
Drs. Moncure, Robert E. Dutton, Jr., 
Owen, Nenni, Edmund Gouldin, 
Mrs. Gouldin, and Dr. Hoover. 

August, 1979 

The Class of Dentistry, 1954, en- 
joyed a night on the town with 
cocktails and dinner at the Com- 
monwealth Club. First row, left to 
right: Drs. J. Fuller Robinson, Jr., 
Harold D. Taylor, Don D. Hyatt, Ed- 
ward P. Henry, Jr., Alden S. Ander- 
son, Jr., Walter L. Pierce, Bernard I. 

Einhorn, and Donal A. Funkhouser. 
Second row: Drs. Joseph F. Outten, 
Samuel E. Saunders, Jr., Glenn E. 
Gurganus, Perry N. Trakas, Paul L. 
Guerry, Jr., J. Woodson Phillips, 
Guy B. Merritt, Malcolm C. Harrell, 
Nicos G. Georgiades, Victor A. Mat- 
ney, Leon J. Hecht, and Ben E. 

Thrailkill, Jr. Third row: George L. 
Chamberlain, Charles S. Fralin, 
George G. Patterson, Byard S. Dep- 
uty, Acree S. Link, Henderson P. 
Graham, Charles B. Williams, Jr., 
Harry L. Mears, Jr., John T. Jobe III, 
Robert A. McDonald, Leslie C. 
Ogilvie, Charles L. Halstead, Frank 
M. West, Jr., and David R. Stanton. 

The Nursing '54 Class met at Hyatt 
House for an evening of food, fun, 
and fond memories of 25 years. 
Those not present were missed, but 
many sent letters and promises that 
although not there in person — ^they 
were there in spirit. Even after 25 
years, the classmates still enjoy 
each other and remember MCV. 

Seated, left to right: Mrs. Mary Jane 
Mosteller Kroncke, Miss Elizabeth 
A. Boyer, Mrs. Elizabeth Shelton 
Behnke, Miss Edna Morgan, Mes- 
dames Lois Taylor Batton, Kathryn 
Lewis Newcome, Kenna Bays Holt, 
Corinne Falconer Dorsey, and Mary 
Watt Sorum. Second row: Mr. 
George Kroncke, Mesdames Louise 

White McConnell, Sarah Bryant 
Tankard, Mildred Lewis Rogers, 
Carolyn Makela Jones, Frances 
Warren Tack, Helen Cooke Stiebel, 
Rosa Bishop Kline, and Ann Early 
McDermott. Third row: Messrs. Mac 
McConnell, Bob Tankard, Ken 
Rogers, Curtis Tack, Jim Stiebel, 
Everette Kline, and Berk McDer- 



Fifty-seven members of M'54 plus 
forty-seven spouses and guests re- 
newed old friendships over cock- 
tails and dinner at the Bull and Bear 
Club. Kneeling, first rovir: Drs. Wa- 
verly M. Cole, Edna Maura Hoffman, 
Thomas P. Long, Charles A. Hoff- 
man, Harold W. Felton, and Pend- 
leton E. Thomas ill. Kneeling, sec- 
ond row: Drs. Irwin M. Bogarad, 
Charlotte Boynton Connors, Doug- 
las W. Ey, J. Henry Dwyer, William 
G. Rickard, William H. Harriman, Jr., 
Charles T. Lively, Samuel A. Tis- 
dale, Jr., and Archibald C. Wagner. 
Standing: Drs. Ivan V. Magal, Paul 

H. Schellenberg, J. Tom Edmonds, 
Rudolph C. Garber, Jr., Frances S. 
A. Williams, L. Lynton Goulder, Jr., 
G. Stanley Mitchell, Jr., Charles D. 
Burch III, Mary Lou Hoover Hale, 
Richard M. Newton, Robert D. Rich- 
ards, Betty Richter Guerry, William 
D. McLean, Leonard L. Davis, Jr., 
Alton R. Sharpe, Jr., Baxter I. Bell, 
Jr., Julius T. Goodman, and Alan E. 
Kinsel. On stairs, first row: Drs. 
John P. Heatwole, and Gerald T. 
Zwiren. Second row: Drs. Lawrence 
S. Cowling, William T. Stuart, Jr. 
(hidden), Robert C. Kluge, and Ed- 
ward A. Barham, Jr. Third row: Drs. 

Henry T. Harrison, Jr., Billie Wright 
Elliott, James D. Price, and Lewis 
N. Fox. Fourth row: Drs. Laurie E. 
Rennie, Thurl E. Andrews, and 
Philip Frederick, Jr. Fifth row: Drs. 
Samuel B. Rentsch, Jr., and Philip 
A. Rosenfeld. Sixth row: Drs. 
George A. Thompson, Randolph 
McCutcheon, Jr., and William T. 
Dabney III. Attending reunion but 
not in the picture: Drs. William L. 
and Helen Jones Driskill, Thomas 
W. Gouldin, Donald H. McNeill, Jr., 
Samuel A. Ryburn, and Ellis N. 

The Class of Medicine '59 cele- 
brated their reunion with cocktails 
and dinner at the James River Club 
House, Country Club of Virginia. 
First row, left to right: Dr. and Mrs. 
Robert L. Putze, Dr. and Mrs. Buong 
Peck Lau, Dr. and Mrs. Marion D. 
Richmond, Drs. Marlene Boiling 
Henley, Mary J. de Carvalho, Anne 
Woodrum Board, and Dr. and Mrs. 
A. Jarrell Raper. Second row: Dr. 

and Mrs. William T. Johnson, Jr., 
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Pruitt, Dr. 
and Mrs. Keith W. McNeer, Dr. and 
Mrs. L. Arnold Frederick, Drs. Ma- 
ritza Garrido McManus, Basil W. 
McManus, Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. 
Snell, Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Hall, Dr. 
and Mrs. Charles C. Freed, Jr., and 
Dr. and Mrs. J. Donald Millar. Third 
row: Dr. Lacey M. Jacobs, Jr., Dr. 
and Mrs. Darrell K. Gilliam, Drs. Wil- 

liam T. Wilkins, John R. Blackmore, 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Neale, Jr., 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Burns, Jr., 
Dr. and Mrs. Jimmie L. Mangus, Dr. 
and Mrs. Gilbert H. Bryson, Dr. and 
Mrs. William D. Deep, Dr. and Mrs. 
James L. Gardner, Dr. and Mrs. 
Frederick Rahal, Dr. and Mrs. John 
F. Denton, and Dr. and Mrs. John E. 

August, 1979 


# 4 



•}. ''4 

The Class of Nursing '59 met at the 
Executive Motor Hotel for dinner. 
Seated, left to right: Mesdames 
Shirley Fulcher Wampler, Sada Cox 
Buck, Joyce Gibbs Watkins, Ann 
Doss Broaddus, Jessica Kittinger 
Falkos, Martha Caldwell Bragg, 
Wanda Dudley McWhirt, and Jean 

Tabor Sykes. 2nd row: Messrs. Wil- 
liam Buck, Curtis Watkins, Mes- 
dames Patricia Kilmon Bloxom, 
Mary Jeffress Snedegar, Mary Jane 
Northern Sydnor, Brenda Kiser 
Stubbs, Dorothy Moses Jones, Mr. 
Ray Bragg, Mesdames June Hud- 
nall Turnage, Jacqueline Lewis 

Mardan, Messrs. Lewis McWhirt 
and Gerald Sykes. 3rd row: Mr. 
Jack A. Falkos, Mesdames Betty 
Bloxom West, Wanda Stallard 
Russo, Leah Coburn Hundley, 
Messrs. Robert Hundley, and Omar 
Mardan. Not pictured: Mesdames 
Frances Whitlock Kay, Doris Chris- 
topher Scott, and Mr. Lloyd Scott. 

Representing most fields of medi- 
cine, an elite group of the Class of 
1964, Medicine, and their wives 
gathered together at the Hyatt 
House for an evening of fun and 
reminiscences. Seated, left to right: 

Mesdames Frank E. McGee, Jr., 
Richard T. Deaton, Richard E. 
Linde, L. Gregg Halloran, W. Wayne 
Key, Jr., Melvin J. Fratkin, Alan H. 
Jaffe, Kennon W. Davis, David G. 
Crittenden, C. W. Chamberlain, and 

Philip C. Davis. Standing: Drs. Hal- 
loran, Deaton, Linde, McGee, Mar- 
tin C. Shargel, Key, Fratkin, Jaffe, 
Davis, Davis, Crittenden, Chamber- 
lain, Mrs. H. A. Prillaman, Jr., and 
Dr. Prillaman. 



The Nursing Class of '64 enjoyed a 
congenial evening at the Aberdeen 
Barn Restaurant. First row, left to 
right: Mesdames Anne Kirk Taylor, 
Elizabeth Kibler White-Hurst, Mr. 
John White-Hurst, Mrs. Jane Hick- 
man Burch, Mr. Jesse Burch, Mrs. 

Catherine Dove Allport, and Rev. 
Braxton Allport. Second row: Dr. 
Waller Taylor, Mr. Doug Morehead, 
Mrs. Carole Saunders Morehead, 
Mr. Holt Livesay, Mesdames Judy 
White Livesay, Virginia Robbins 
Foster, Messrs. Tom Foster, John 

Eades, Mrs. Brenda Stout Eades, 
Mr. Bill Wise, Mesdames Emma 
Jean Thomas Wise, Carole Somers 
Logan, Mr. Jim Logan, Mrs. Nancy 
Snyder Cupp, Mr. Billy Cupp, Mrs. 
Patricia Miles Hazelwood, and Mr. 
Jim Hazelwood. 

The Dental Class of 1964 had cock- 
tails and dinner at the Hyatt House. 
Seated, left to right: Mesdames 
James K. Metz, Richard R. Zechini, 
Philip M. Wine, William N. Riley, 
Dan W. Culbertson, George Brady, 
Earl C. Sanders, Edwin C. Leonard, 
Jr., and Ronnie M. Hilton. Standing: 
Drs. Metz, Zechini, Wine, Riley, Al- 
fred D. Hurt, Jr., Culbertson, Brady, 
Sanders, Leonard, and Hilton. 

August, 1979 



Those in attendance will attest to a 
fine time had by the Pharmacy 
Class of 1969 at the Hyatt House. 
Seated, left to right: Mesdames 
Thomas W. Burgess, Jack V. Thom- 
son II, Judy Lefland Dietrick, Robert 

C. Simmer, Brenda Oakes Plantz, 
Robert D. Tatum, Ms. Sharon Ross, 
and Mrs. David E. Williamson. 
Standing: Messrs. Burgess, Thom- 
son, Mrs. Thomas D. Evans, Jr., 
Messrs. Evans, Dietrick, Mrs. Benny 

H. Wilkerson, Messrs. Wilkerson, 
John K. Plantz, Howard A. Kramer, 
Simmer, George D. Armstrong, Ta- 
tum, Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. John W. 
Elko III, Mrs. Margaret Boggs Bull, 
Messrs. Bill Bull, and Williamson. 

"10 years!! Do you think it's time to 
clean up our act? No way!" The 
Class of Dentistry '69 had cocktails 
and dinner at Windward Watch, 
Brandermill. Seated, left to right: 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward V. Horton, Jr., 
Dr. Charles R. Harmon, Dr. and Mrs. 
John P. Doley, Mrs. Eric A. Fore- 
tich. Second row: Dr. and Mrs. Wil- 
liam R. Parks, Dr. and Mrs. Ivan A. 
Bishop, Mrs. Sanford K. Heard III, 

Dr. Heard, Mrs. Hugh C. Dowdy, 
and Dr. Dowdy. Third row: Mrs. 
James J. Kail, Dr. Kail, Mrs. David 
T. Kiger, Dr. Kiger, Mrs. John S. Re- 
pass, Drs. Repass, John F. Philips, 
Fred A. Bell, Mrs. Philips, Dr. Ste- 
phen M. Parel, Mesdames Parel, 
Bell, and Dr. James T. Pascia. 
Standing, left to right: Mrs. S. 
Weldon Brown III, Dr. Thomas C. 
Berry, Mesdames Berry, Brown, 

Drs. Foretich, Michael N. Trahos, 
Philip S. Kohn, Mrs. Kohn, Dr. Rich- 
ard S. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson, Dr. and 
Mrs. Larry T. Brooks, Mrs. Alan M. 
Padgett, Dr. Padgett, Mrs. Asa B. 
Lee III, Dr. Lee, Mrs. Ronnie L. 
Brown, Drs. Brown, Charles L. 
Gary, Jr., Mesdames Gary, Joseph 
V. Valenti, Jr., Dr. Valenti, Mrs. Paul 
J. Giorgetti, Jr., and Dr. Giorgetti. 



The Class of Medicine '69 cele- 
brated their reunion with a lovely 
cocktail buffet at the home of Dr. 
and Mrs. Anthony D. Sakowski, Jr. 
Kneeling, left to right: Drs. Willard 
R. Thompson, Jr., Harry S. Wilks, 
Grayson B. Miller, Jr., and Mrs. 
Miller. Second row: Dr. and Mrs. Jo- 
seph C. Nuara, Dr. and Mrs. Isaac 
Koziol, Dr. and Mrs. James N. Lam- 
pros, Dr. and Mrs. Merrill F. Prugh, 
Mrs. Thompson, Dr. and Mrs. 
Leyester Owens, Jr., Mrs. Wilks, Dr. 

and Mrs. Samuel G. Showalter, and 
Dr. Julien H. Meyer, Jr. Third row: 
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Sakowski, 
Jr., Drs. James L. Holimon, Augus- 
tine W. Lewis III, Dr. and Mrs. Dixon 
M. Rollins, Dr. and Mrs. John R. 
Young, Dr. James S. Burgbacher, 
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew A. DelSordo, 
Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Crouch, Jr., Dr. 
and Mrs. James L. Brown, Dr. and 
Mrs. James M. Wells, Jr., and Dr. 
and Mrs. Stephen R. Grubb. Fourth 
row: Dr. and Mrs. Drury M. Stith, Dr. 

and Mrs. Mark S. Lichtenberg, Dr. 
Robert K. Ramsey, Dr. and Mrs. 
Richardson Grinnan. Fifth row, on 
stairs: Mrs. Edwin C. Weiss, Dr. and 
Mrs. Stuart Solomon, and Mrs. 
Meyer. Sixth row: Dr. and Mrs. Pas- 
quale F. Finelli, Dr. Frank H. Phil- 
lips, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Kinloch 
Nelson. Seventh row: Miss Cath- 
erine C. Sakowski, Dr. and Mrs. 
Charles D. Moseley III, Dr. and Mrs. 
John G. Cametas, and Dr. Paul M. 

"We look serious but we really 
were having a good time." The 
Class of Nursing '69 dined at Bran- 
dermill Country Club. First row, left 
to right: Mesdames Wendy White 
Gibson, Judy Weaver Smith, Bonnie 
Berman Kohn, Barbara Woodland 
Fleming, and Betty Beckner Knud- 

son. Second row: Mesdames Elyse 
Silver Greenberg, Annette Toll 
Fitch, Jean Clendenin Conwell, and 
Janie Bowersett Hobart. Third row: 
Shirley Spitler Bitting, Linda James 
Hager, Peggy Anderson Cohen, and 
Harriet Walker Buss. Fourth row: 
Mesdames Corinne Crockett Har- 

mon, Linda McLean Harrell, Gloria 
Anderson Whitley, Margaret Ken- 
nedy Hancock, Helen Gordon Spi- 
cer. Miss Martha M. Thomson, Mes- 
dames Marlene Smith Hewlett, 
Faye Hoyle Wessells, Jo Ann Glass 
Dewell, and Patricia Sharpe Eby. 

August, 1979 


The Class of '74, Medicine, cele- 
brated their first reunion at Holiday 
inn, Crossroads, and it was a 
smashing success. First row, left to 
right: Dr. and Mrs. Sam Adier, Dr. 
and Mrs. Ira L. Flax, Dr. and Mrs. 
Kenneth A. Powell, and Dr. and Mrs. 
John G. Newby. Second row: Dr. 
and Mrs. Michael D. Mandel, Dr. 
and Mrs. Ivan Z. Gorelik, Dr. and 
Mrs. J. Gregory Evans, Dr. and Mrs. 
Stephen B. Stroud, Dr. and Mrs. 
Marvin T. Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Da- 
vid L. Montague, Dr. Frederick M. 

Litton, and Dr. and Mrs. Norman B. 
Holden, Jr. Third row: Dr. and Mrs. 
William N. Hovland, Dr. Catherine 
S. Casey, Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. 
Sokol, Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Jos- 
lin. Dr. and Mrs. Brian M. Wasser- 
man. Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Joy- 
nes, and Drs. Fay Oneal and Jim 
Redwine. Fourth row: Dr. and Mrs. 
William M. Brown, Dr. and Mrs. Wal- 
ter D. Parkhurst, Dr. William K. Har- 
ryman III, Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. 
Davis, Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. Cash- 
ion, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Johnson, 

and Dr. and Mrs. Ritchie O. Rosso. 
Fifth row: Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lee 
Coates, Dr. Kelly A. Fogle, Drs. 
Kathryn Waldrop and Thomas M. 
Kerkering, Dr. and Mrs. Larry H. 
Cox, Dr. and Mrs. Vincent H. Ober, 
Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. La- 
Penta, Dr. Patricia H. Vanover, Dr. 
and Mrs. Robert J. Pariser, Dr. and 
Mrs. Robert E. Rude, Dr. and Mrs. 
Michael R. Harper, Dr. and Mrs. 
Kenneth J. Robertson, Dr. and Mrs. 
J. Michael Bobbitt, and Dr. and Mrs. 
Blaise C. Scavullo. 

"it was surprising to see how little 
we had all changed in a five year 
span. A good time was had by the 
Dental Class of '74 at the Berkeley 
Club. We appreciate Buddy Gard- 
ner for having us to his home after- 
wards to continue the party." First 
row, left to right: Mrs. Timothy D. 
Cablish, Drs. Cablish, Ronald G. 
Downey, Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. 
Pope, Dr. and Mrs. Stephen T. La- 
nier, Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Conrad, 

Mrs. Frederick W. Meyer, Jr., Dr. 
Meyer, Mrs. Daniel Dent, Dr. Dent, 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cooke III, 
Dr. James L. Guthrie, Ms. Linda 
Beard, and Dr. and Mrs. Joel C. 
Goldstein. Second row: Dr. and 
Mrs. Walter D. Shields, Jr., Mrs. Al- 
fred R. Guthrie, Dr. Guthrie, Dr. and 
Mrs. Donald G. Trawick, Mesdames 
John R. Roller, James C. Wallace, 
Drs. Wallace, Marshall S. Bonnie, 
Perry E. Jones, Dr. and Mrs. Berard 

Harrison, Dr. and Mrs. James L. 
Riley, Mrs. Edward D. Gardner, and 
Dr. Gardner. Third row: Dr. Roller, 
Mrs. Gary T. Jennings, Drs. Jen- 
nings, Robert Pavao, Newton C. 
Mullins, Jr., Douglas C. Niemi, Mrs. 
John W. Burton lil, Drs. Burton, Jo- 
seph M. Greene, Charles A. Pend- 
ergrass, Mesdames Pendergrass, 
David C. Anderson, and Dr. Ander- 



Twenty-four members of the Class 
of Pharmacy 1974, plus their hus- 
bands and wives, reunited after five 
years to share a buffet dinner at the 
Abbey Restaurant. Arriving late (not 
in picture): Mrs. Billie Hall Wood- 
son. First row, left to right: Mr. Wil- 
liam A. Barbour, Jr., Miss Annie 
Leeper, Miss Kathleen M. Watt, 
Mrs. Kaye Eanes Vass, Mr. Vass, 
Mesdames Elizabeth Trent Hill and 
Anita Goodall Ford. Second row: 
Mrs. Charles G. Collins, Mr. F. W. 
Richards, Jr., Mrs. Marcia Kennedy 
Cartagena, Messrs. Hill, and Ford. 
Third row: Mrs. Sarah Donato Col- 
gan, Messrs. Colgan, Collins, Carta- 
gena, Mrs. Patricia Caldwell Wil- 
helm, and Mr. H. Douglas Wilhelm. 
Fourth row: Mrs. Betty Hash Lyon, 
Dr. Lyon, Mrs. William R. Shannon- 
house, Jr., Mr. Shannonhouse, Mrs. 
James Bruce Kerr, and Mr. Kerr. 
Fifth row: Mr. Richard W. Dugger, 
Mrs. Dugger, Mr. Glen L. Hutchin- 
son, and Mrs. Hutchinson. Sixth 
row: Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. 
Stanley, Mrs. Anne Brumberg 
Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. 
Sumner, and Mrs. E. Sue Moore 
Cantrell. Seventh row: Messrs. 
Thomas M. Garland, Knapp, and 
Cantrell. Eighth row: Ms. Sue 
Wyant, Mrs. James N. Rhodes and 
Dr. Rhodes. 

The Nursing Class of '74 had cock- 
tails and dinner at Fannys, Holiday 
Inn. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Sally 
Stephens Ball, Mr. Bill Ball, Mrs. 
Lois Lumsden McCarthy, Mr. Joe 
McCarthy, Mrs. Jenny Johnston Ki- 
gans, and Mr. Mike Kigans. Stand- 
ing, left to right: Mrs. Sandra Ellen 
Westerman, Miss Nancy C. Moyer, 

Mrs. Connie Burton Trefzer, Miss 
Susan F. McFadden, Mrs. Peggy 
Jarvis Woolf, Messrs. Phil Woolf, 
Rick Ranels, Mesdames Susan 
Swortzel Ranels, Carol Cooper 
McDaniel and daughter. Second 
row: Mr. Matthews, Mesdames Jen- 
nifer Hopkins Matthews, Susanne 
Mills Gray, Mr. Gray, Mrs. Gertrude 

Jelf Vernon, Miss Ann C. Hoffman, 
Mr. Sam Vernon, Mrs. Bonnie Glas- 
cock Darrel, Mr. Charlie Sutterfield, 
Miss Candace H. Foster, Ms. Lottie 
Lawrence, Mrs. Loretta Quigley Fra- 
ker, Mr. Bill Fraker, Miss Lori B. 
Cramer, and Mrs. Jane Walker 

August, 1979 


Scientific Assembly. 

Happy Hour. 



The ninetieth annual meeting of the Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association was held at the Larrick Center on 
June 2, 1979. The meeting was called to order by the president, Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, who welcomed the alumni. 

The minutes of the 1978 aimual meeting which were published in the August, 1978, issue of The Scarab were approved 
on motion of Dr. John W. Parker, Jr., and seconded by Dr. Philip L. Minor. 

The financial report was passed out and Mrs. Frances W. Kay, assistant treasurer, in the absence of Dr. James T. Tucker, 
treasurer, asked for any questions. 


The fiscal year of the Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia runs from January 1 through December 3 1 . 
The Association has an operating fund and a building fund. 




Cash on hand, January 1 

Contributions, $15 and under for '77, collected 
'76, included in item for '77. 
Contributions, $15 and under for '78, collected 
'77, included in item for '78 
Contributions over $15 for '77, collected '76, in- 
cluded in item for '77 

Contributions over $15 for '78, collected '77, in- 
cluded in item for '78 











Contributions $15 and under 



Contributions $15 and under 

prepaid '78 


Contributions $15 and under 

prepaid '79 


Contributions over $15 



Contributions over $15, prepaid 



Contributions over $15, prepaid 



Miscellaneous receipts 








Cash disbursements 
Cash on hand, January 1 

Cash on deposit, January 1 

Cash on deposit, January 1 

Total cash assets, January 1 




$154,594.58 $154,594.58 







The complete audit by A. M. Pullen and Co. certified public accountants, is available if you should desire to see it. 
August, 1979 19 

Dr. Rufus P. EUett moved the acceptance of the report which motion was seconded by Dr. John W. Parker, Jr., and 

Dr. Herbert R. Boyd, Jr. read the report of the Board of Tellers, in the absence of the chairman. Dr. John W. Watson, 
which had been accepted by the Board of Trustees on June 1 . 


The Board of Tellers certifies that the following candidates for the Board of Trustees of the Alumni Association of the 
Medical College of Virginia have been elected for terms beginning January 1, 1980, and ending December 31, 1982. 
Dr. George L. Bailey, P'58, M'62, New Orleans, Louisiana 
Dr. Edward J. Wiley, Jr., M'56, Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. Fred B. Comett, D'47, Danville, Virginia 
Dr. William W. Crittenden, Jr., D'56, Gloucester, Virginia 
Dr. Joseph R. Suggs, D'47, Asheboro, North Carolina 
Miss Dorsye E. Russell, N'43, Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Sibley, N'49, Roanoke, Virginia 
Mrs. Bertha Cohen Rolfe, P'47, Richmond, Virginia 
Mr. Herman L. West, PT'56, Chesapeake, Virginia 
Dr. Ruth Torvik Friedman, MT'59, Ph.D.'68, Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Dr. Charles O. Watlington, M'58, Ph.D.'68, Richmond, Virginia 

Respectfully submitted. 

Dr. John W. Watson, Chairman 

Mr. R. David Anderson 

Dr. Herbert R. Boyd, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara L. Hendricks 

Dr. Charles M. Caravati, president emeritus of the MCV Foundation, was introduced. He spoke on the merits of the 
Foundation and solicited funds for it. 
Dr. C. Newton Van Horn presented the secretary's report: 

The luncheon. 




As secretary of the MCV Alumni Association, it is my duty to report to you on the transactions of the MCV Alumni 
Association. Dr. Rudolph C. Thomason, secretary, died on January 31, and I was elected to the position by mail ballot in 

The fall meeting of the Board was held on September 10, 1978. The executive committee and ad hoc committee met on 
July 27, 1978. A motion was made and passed that Mr. Dunn, director of Alumni Activities of VCU, be asked to present a 
concrete proposal for reorganization of the Alumni Association in black and white. It was moved and passed that a lawyer 
be hired to advise us. On September 6, 1978, the committee Ustened to the wise counsel of an attorney, Mr. Waller Horsley, 
who suggested we should be slow in giving up our independence and to make sure if we did it would be in our best interest 
and that of MCV. On September 10, 1978, the committee moved we go into fund raising. The Board rejected the proposal 
of separate associations for each school. They moved 

1 . The MCV Alumni Association will retain its legal independence and identity. 

2. They will become a part of the VCU Alumni Council if it is established. 

3. Ways will be sought to work cooperatively with the alumni activities office to avoid duplication. 

4. A funding structure will be explored which will eliminate (or reduce) the confusion caused by the current prac- 

It was moved that under the lines of reorganization of Doctor Ackell's plan the Board of Councillors be elected rather 
than appointed and to use Doctor Ackell's plan as a guide to modify or reorganize the MCV Alumni Association in such a 
way as to facilitate the liaison with the different schools and administration. 

At a called meeting of the Board held on December 3 the following motions came out of the executive committee which 
had met on September 21. 

1 . A committee was appointed to clarify the definition of sections with Doctor Ackell and to ask his assistance in 
getting the committee meetings back on track and it was agreed that the replies to Doctor Boyd's letter in the May 
issue of The Scarab be pubUshed in the November issue. 
On November 27 Doctor Boyd reported that Doctor Ackell had two suggestions to make: 

1 . To have no further meetings and to let the deans follow their original course of action. 

2. Or he could personally attempt to set up one additional meeting with the deans/alumni committee. 
Your committee pleaded with him to follow the latter course. 

The ad hoc alumni committee was commended for its many hours of hard work and dedication in trying to obtain a 
working agreement. 

Four proposals were presented to the Board: 

1. To adopt in total the plan presented in the white paper which was developed by Mr. Dunn and Dr. Ackell and 
this was discussed at the June meeting. (Not passed) 

2. To dissolve the MCV Alumni Association, liquidate our assets and place them in the alumni fund of the MCV 
Foundation. The dispersal of these funds would be controlled by a committee of alumni. (Not passed) 

3. To try to approach Dr. Ackell with the possibility of appointing a new committee to start from scratch to negoti- 
ate the role of the MCV Alumni Association in conjunction with the University, disregarding all previous dis- 
cussions with the present deans/alumni committee which began functioning on December 12, 1977. (Passed) 

4. To better serve our alumni and the MCV campus, we feel this can be best done by our remaining independent, 
and realizing this would necessitate the development of a comprehensive fund-raising campaign for this organiza- 
tion. (No action) 

The January meeting of the Board was held on January 28. Doctor Hudgens apologized for the absence of Doctor Ackell 
who had promised to be at the meeting. In the report of the executive committee on December 1 8, Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, 
Mr. Linwood S. Leavitt, and Dr. Marvin F. West were nominated to the negotiating committee and as alternates, Mrs. Jane 
K. Garber, Miss Dorsye Russell, and Mr. Kirby H. Smith, Jr. Doctor Hudgens said he would notify them. 

By mail ballot Mrs. Gail W. Griffey, Mrs. Frances W. Kay, and Dr. Thomas W. Nooney, Jr. were elected to round out 
the executive committee so that all schools would be represented. 

Salary adjustments for the staff and a retirement plan was funded for Miss Franck. In the discussion which ensued, it was 
pointed out that Miss Franck's salary was actually low compared with that received by other persons in similar positions, to 
say nothing of the added duties she performs and the limited staff with which she works. 

On January 28 Mr. Leavitt was named chairman of the executive committee. The reunion banquet was to be replaced by 
a cocktail party. These actions were unanimously approved by the Board. 

The Board meeting of the MCV Alumni Association was held at the Alumni House on June 1, 1979. Dr. Robert Hudgens 
presided and attendance of the Board members was excellent. 

Minutes of the previous meeting was approved. Committee reports were received. 

Dean Bacon's request for a wide screen TV for the student lounge was discussed but tabled until the September meeting. 

A request was received from Mr. Paul Hartman (D'81) for funds from the Alumni Association supporting a trip by him 
to a symposium in the Peoples RepubUc of China. The Board felt these funds would more appropriately come from the 
MCV Foundation. 

August, 1979 21 

The Board expressed their sorrow over the deaths of Board members, Dr. Rudolph C. Thomason and Dr. Donald L. Bax- 
ter, this year. 

The report of the nominating committee was received. 
Newly elected members of the Board were aimounced. 

Dr. Hudgens presented and the Board approved a series of draft proposals which have been developed after many serious 
hours of negotiation by the new ad hoc committee and further reviewed and revised by the executive committee. A sum- 
mary of the draft proposals will follow in the president's report. 

The Board gratefully acknowledged and expressed its appreciation for the long and faithful service of Miss Minnie 
Franck and regretfully accepted her resignation effective July 1, 1979. 

It is sincerely hoped Miss Franck will continue her role as traveling secretary to alumni chapters in the future. 
The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

C. Newton Van Horn, M.D. 

Dr. John W. Parker, Jr., moved for the acceptance of the report, Dr. Oscar Martin seconded the motion, which carried. 
Dr. Robert O. Hudgens delivered his report: 


One year ago I stood here before you as your new president-elect and pledged that I did not intend to preside over the 
death of our Alumni Association. Little did I realize how dangerously close to death our patient would come! 

After several months of intensive care, an injection or two of enthusiasm, an infusion of mututal cooperation, and the 
ministering of tender loving care by many hands, I am glad to be able to report to you today that the MCV Alumni Associa- 
tion is indeed alive and well and facing perhaps the best prognosis that it has in years. 

By an affirmative vote yesterday, your Board of Trustees accomplished a monumental achievement. More than a dozen 
years of conflict between the organized alumni and the University (its deans, its administrators, and its faculty) now has a 
strong likelihood of coming to an end. A great deal more than a simple "armed truce" has been accomplished. Indeed, 
much of the bitterness, the misunderstanding, and the frustration on both sides has given way to a new spirit of cooperation 
and mutual support. This has been due in large measure to the strong leadership of our new president. Dr. Ackell, and his 
often expressed concern for the establishment of better relations between the University and its alumni. To its everlasting 
credit, your Alumni Associaiton Board was able to put aside past feelings of hurt and mistrust and work cooperatively in 
trying to formulate a new approach to our long-standing dilemma. 

And so a new MCV Alumni Association is evolving — new only in its format and its internal organization. The truly im- 
portant parts of the old have been carefully retained — our name, our charter, our house, our records, our contact and vis- 
itation with alumni chapters, our involvement in the arranging of occasions such as this — all of these remain the same. Most 
important, the authority and the responsibihty of the alumni Board of Trustees has not been diluted. 

The best of the old has been retained and now can be blended with new responsibiUties and new opportunities which 
were previously denied us. Long have we wished to be involved in some of the decision-making processes of our individual 
schools. Long have we wished for the deans to look to us for support, leadership, and counsel. Previous Alumni Association 
presidents (including especially those here today) tried vaUantly to make their voices heard in administrative corridors but 
to no avail. 

Our new format now assures us of a built-in mechanism of greater access to the schools and the deans. The adversary 
relationship between the University and the Alumni Association is now finally recognized as being mutually destructive 
and it is being changed. Hopefully a new partnership may now evolve. We, as alumni, feel that we do have expertise in the 
health-care needs of the Commonwealth. We are looking forward to an opportunity of making a contribution. 

The Alumni Association welcomes its new role and responsibihty, is grateful to the president for having assured it, and 
pledges its intention of being a positive and constructive influence in helping our alma mater reach its goals. 

Based upon the basic agreement and the draft proposals approved by the Board, the next few weeks will be devoted to 
the drafting of a legal document between the University and the MCV Alumni Association thus guaranteeing our future. 

Change frequently brings frustration and always confusion. I expect both as we pass through the second half of this year. 
By the time your next president addresses you, I hope and expect our new organizational structure will be fully developed 
and running smoothly. Forgive us please if you witness a few growing pains. 

On your behalf, I pledge to Dr. Ackell and to the deans our desire to be helpful. I express also our plea to involve us 
increasingly in deliberations which affect our schools. I pledge our continuing efforts to support and to improve our alma 

And so our patient — the MCV Alumni Associaton — did not die. It has survived stronger and better for the ordeal it has 
been through. 

It is bom again — Hallelujah! 

Robert O. Hudgens, M.D. 

A motion by Dr. Parker moved for the acceptance of the report. Mrs. Kay seconded the motion which passed. 
There was no old business or new business. 

Dr. Hudgens said, "As you know, several years ago the MCV Alumni Association estabUshed our Alumnus of the Year 
Award. One of the nicest things about having this job is to be able to present this award each year." 



The recipient of this year's award has given so much of herself to her abna mater over the years since her graduation. Her 
service began back in the early thirties with her chairmanship of the Nursing Section of the Alumni Association of the Med- 
ical College of Virginia, then an arm of the MCV Alumni Association. Recognition by the then dean of nursing, Frances 
Helen Zeigler, was expressed in a letter which said in part: "I congratulate you on your splendid active organization. You 
are the greatest inspiration to those of us who are directing the activities of the school. Personally, I would find it very diffi- 
cult not to have your ever ready consideration and assistance." 

She was appointed to the executive committee of the Board of Trustees in 1934 and remained a member of the Board for 
a long period of time. She was vice president for several terms and her participation in the affairs of the College included 
two four-year terms on the MCV Board of Visitors, and two years on the advisory board after the merger. One cannot for- 
get the endless hours she spent in raising funds for the Nursing Section lectureship or how she chaired the bazaars to obtain 
funds. Her concern for the older graduates of the school has brightened many a day. 

Briefly to tell you of her career and her profession, she was supervisor of the outpatient department at MCV from 1930 to 
1936. She was director of the nursing program of the American Red Cross from 1938 to 1971. Among her honors were the 
Ann Magnussen award for Red Cross service and she received the first Outstanding Nurse Award from MCV in 1970. 

So we are really proud today to make our award of Outstanding Alumnus of the Year to a good friend, a fifty-year grad- 
uate this year, Anne Franks Mahoney. 

Mrs. Mahoney graciously acknowledged the award. 

Dr. Robert O. Hudgens has just 

awarded Mrs. Anne F. Mahoney the 

Alumnus of the Year Award. 

August, 1979 



By this time, I'm sure you are ready to go on your way but please let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation 

to all of you again for being so nice to me during all these years. My leaving you has been long planned and has nothing to 

do with any present events. I thank you all and I wish for the MCV Alumni Association only good things and to each of you 

go my best wishes. Though I'm resigning, you all will, I hope, continue to be my friends. 

Thank you once again. ,.,. • », t- i 

° Mmme M. Franck 

Executive Secretary 

Dr. Hudgens called on Mrs. Kay: 

I stand here in Reggie Rooke's stead with many ambivalent feelings! This day is both a happy and sad occasion for all of 

As you now know, Miss Franck has made the decision to leave us. Reggie so wanted to be here, but since he could not, 
and because I am not very articulate, I would simply like to share with you, and "Miss Minnie", Reggie's own thoughts. 

Dear Fran: 

This will be the first time I have missed the annual meeting and other functions of the Alumni Association that we enjoy 
at this time of the year since Minnie has been at the helm. I will miss being with my fellow alumni. 

I do want to add my bit to the accolades that Minnie will receive and so richly deserves. Please say to her for me that over 
the years it has been my privilege to work with numerous professional and trade organizations at the local, state, and na- 
tional levels and that among them I have never observed an executive director with the ability, loyalty, and dedication that 
she has given to the MCV Alumni Association. 

For Minnie it has been a twenty-four-hour-a-day job and she has never asked for a raise in salary or complained about 
the work load which she has carried daily during the last twenty-three years. 

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with her over the years and I join my fellow alumni in wishing for her a long and 
happy retirement from the arduous duties involved in the successful operation of the Association. 

Most sincerely, 

R. Reginald Rooke 

Mrs. Kay presented Miss Franck with a plaque which read: 

Dr. Herbert R. Boyd, Jr., being pre- 
sented with the past president's 




A testimonial of sincere appreciation presented to Minnie M. Franck in honor and with deep appreciation of the distin- 
guished and unselfish service beyond the call of duty given to the Association with outstanding leadership, vision, and abil- 
ity as secretary of the Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association 1956-1979. In testimony whereof the officers have 
affixed their names, Robert O. Hudgens, M.D., president, and Linwood S. Leavitt, R. Ph., chairman, executive committee. 

Mrs. Kay then presented her with a check and said, "Here's a very small token of our love and appreciation for a job 
more than well done from your past presidents, who have had the honor and pleasure of serving you, and our Board of 
Trustees. God Bless." 

Dr. W. C. Henderson presented the report of the nominating committee in the absence of Mr. Rooke. 


The nominating conmiittee submits for your consideration the following candidates for office for the calendar year 1980: 

President, Mr. Linwood S. Leavitt, P'41, Virginia Beach, Virginia 

President-elect, Dr. Edward James Wiley, M'56, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice president. Medicine, Dr. Ota T. Graham, Jr., M'53, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice president. Dentistry, Dr. Bennett A. Malbon, D'58, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice president, Pharmacy, Mr. Charles A. Baker, P'72, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice president. Nursing, Mrs. Dorothea H. Patrick, N'53, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice president. Allied Health, Mrs. Katherine A. Prentice, MT'63, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice president, Basic Sciences, Dr. Thomas H. Nooney, Jr., Ph.D.'70, Richmond, Virginia 

Secretary, Dr. Marvin F. West, D'58, Williamsburg, Virginia 

Treasurer, Dr. James T. Tucker, M'27, Richmond, Virginia 

Assistant treasurer, Mrs. Frances W. Kay, N'59, Richmond, Virginia 
Dr. Hudgens asked for further nominations. Dr. Parker moved the nominations be closed, Dr. Henderson seconded the 
motion which was approved and Dr. Hudgens requested the secretary to cast a unanimous vote. 

Dr. Hudgens said: "Somewhere along the line, I developed a great deal of respect for my predecessor. Dr. Herb Boyd, 
since I've been trying to hold his job for this past year. Herb, I wish you would come forward for a moment, we have a little 
something we'd Uke to give you. In light of some of the things that have happened to presidents recently we have had the 
past president's emblem redesigned, it now looks like a purple heart. Herb, you absolutely did an outstanding job here last 
year and you continue to be supportive and helpful in our executive committee sessions and in the Board of Trustee's meet- 
ings. You made my job much easier and have been an enormous, help. I want to express my personal congratulations and 
appreciation for all you have done for the Association." 

Dr. Hudgens introduced the president-elect, Mr. Linwood Leavitt, of Virginia Beach, MCV class of pharmacy, 1941. "Af- 
ter spending the early 40's in the naval service, he returned to his community and has been a retail pharmacist prior to 
owning his own pharmacy. He has served with distinction in many offices besides those in which our Association knows 
him. He has been secretary of the Virginia State Board of Pharmacy, elected to the executive committee of the National 
Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and served as its president from 1974 to 1975. He's a Shriner, a Rotarian, and was pres- 
ident of the Rotary Club in 1974. He will serve this group, I'm sure, in his usual quiet and thorough way. He will be a 
distinguished and outstanding president for us and he has been an enormous help to us in the last few weeks and months 
when he and I and Marvin West have been trying to work on these proposals. One of the nice things about Linwood when- 
ever you ask him for help, he's right there, even though he has to come from Virginia Beach to do it. As long as the Associa- 
tion can guarantee gas, I'll promise you he'll do the job." 
Mr. Leavitt replied: 


"Thank you very much. President Bob, ladies and gentlemen, members of the alumni Association. I cannot tell you ex- 
actly how I feel today, really, as a result of yesterday's meeting. Frankly, I was apprehensive, almost disgusted to the point 
of just throwing in the hat but I really want to congratulate the Board of Trustees for its action yesterday. I feel like the 
officers of this Association and the Board itself have chartered for itself a new course. I feel like we can do nothing but go 
ahead and I'm just delighted to be a part of it. I feel like we're on the right track. I feel that this Association will go to 
unbounded heights we have never before had and I just feel you will be behind us, I certainly hope, I know you will, be- 
cause you are an alumnus of MCV. I want to thank you very much for your vote of confidence and I assure you I will do all 
in my power to promote this organization and MCV. Thank you very much." 

The meeting was adjourned. 

Linwood S. Leavitt 

August, 1979 25 

Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, Miss Minnie 

M. Francic, Dr. C. Newton Van Horn, 

and Mrs. Frances W. Kay. 

Mr. Linwood S. Leavitt makes his 

acceptance speech as president for 



The Alumni of MCV are serving luimanit\' with distinction and compassion throughout the world. Their 
records of achievement inspire those who labor at MCV — one of the finest teaching hospitals and research centers 
in the nation — to continue dedicated training of the future members of an expanding health care team. 

The Medical College of Virginia Foundation is dedicated to assisting the institution and its staff b\ 
providing financial help desperately needed now but not available from the long-range, and sometimes drasticalK 
curtailed, budgets of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Your MCV Foundation needs Alumni assistance and provides a practical and well-managed source through 
which your gifts, large or small, during life, or under the terms of \()ur will, may be made. Such gifts are 
fully deductible in computing income and estate taxes. The Foundati<m welcomes \()ur contribution, or 
your inquiries. 


P. O. Box 234, MCV Station, Richmond, Va. 23298 

Telephone (804) 770-7679 



At the cocktail party. 

TT\e. Cocid+al I 
Ikn+y held 

More of the cocktail party. 

August, 1979 


Top row, left to right: Mrs. Musa A. 
Lewis, Miss Velvie Clark, and Mrs. 
Agnes K. Hultz. 2nd row: Drs. A. A. 
Houser, J. Berkeley Gordon, and E. 
Macaulay Babb. 3rd row: Drs. Seth 
Gayle, Jr., G. T. Dill, and Victor R. 
Golderos, Jr. Bottom row: Drs. Wil- 
bur R. Bracey, John W. Parker, Jr., 
Mrs. Edna N. Hooker, and Mrs. Vi- 
ola E. Sherrod. 

Oor ^pec/cbl 

-for ^^UNION^J^I 

7)^e 50 year 

qoaduf^ics are 
hoNored our 
Ol SuAjdCLCj 

Miss Edna Morgan presents Dr. A. 
C. Chandler with a boutonniere as 
'j^ Dr. Rex Blankinship watches. 



gnadbuMcs assemble 

Top row: Mesdames Virginia M. 
Porter, Rachel H. IHughes, Rosalind 
W. Roach, Drs. William L. Cooke, 
Hubert A. Shaffer, Messrs. Roger 
W. Perry, and Edward L. Carter. 
2nd row: Mesdames Minnie P. Old- 
ham, Zellie P. Bowler, Thelma G. 
Steen, Drs. Thomas N. Hunnicutt, 
and Stuart O. Bennett. 3rd row: 
Mesdames Guila G. Rogers, Lillian 
G. Winston, Drs. Shepherd F. 
Parker, William J. Ellis, E. Brown 
Morgan, and Hubert V. Moss. 4th 
row: Dr. A. C. Chandler, and Mr. 
James C. Bray. 5th row: Mrs. 
Frances L. Pickard, Drs. A. Ray 
Dawson, and William F. Hatcher. 
6th row: Mrs. Bernice H. Chase, 
Drs. W. Asa Seawell, and Oscar S. 
Martin. Bottom row: Dr. Warren G. 
Bishop, Mrs. Anne F. Mahoney, Drs. 
Oscar L. Hite, William P. Stull, Mr. 
Samuel T. McAtee, and Dr. Leonard 
I. Hoke. 

Westbrook ... a private psychiatric 
hospital for the treatment of emotional 
and psychiatric disorders and problems 
associated with alcohol and drug abuse. 

Westbrook ... a new, bright and modern 
facility providing total patient care for 
adolescents and adults, including occu- 
pational and recreational therapy, indi- 
vidual and group counseling, and social 
and rehabilitation services. 

Westbrook . . . people caring for people. 
Since 1911 





1500 Westbrook Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 23227 


Approved by the Joint Commission on 
the Accreditation of Hospitals 

August, 1979 


Guardian Angels 

Helping Hands 

Categories of contributors: 

Guardian Angels 
Helping Hands 

$500 — ad infinitum 
$100— $499 
$25— $99 

From March 21 through June 26 these extra supportive alumni joined our categories of contributors for 1979 and we 
take this opportunity to say thank you again. If you have already sent in your contribution, you will not be contacted 
again. If you care to send in an additional donation or if you have not sent in your shekels, mail your check to the MCV 
Alumni Association, 1 105 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219 and give consideration to joining the above. 


Anna M. Anderson, N'47 

Dan N. Anderson, M'48 

Vida V. Bailey, N'21 

Homer Bartley, M'36 

Louisa S. Batman, M'58 

John C. Blankenbeckler , HA'56 Courtney P. Persinger, 

Daniel C. Booker, Jr., M'72 Jose 0. Porrata, D'40 

Beverley L. Boyd, N'50 Thomas G. Potterfield, 

Herbert R. Boyd, Jr., D'48 

John 0. Boyd, Jr., M'41 

M. Taylor Greenberg, M'67 
Donald L. Greever, M'45 
Nell W. Greever, N'46 
Gerald A. Grossman, P'62 
Hanns C. Haesslein, M'70 
Florine Hampton, M'50 
John VJ. Hash, M'39 
Valerie A. Johnson, N'69 
W. Wayne Key, Jr., M'64 
E. Richard King, Faculty 
Richard H. Kirkland, M'48 
Neil D. Kravetz, M'&2 
Andrew M. Lang, M'43M 
Evelyn F. Laupus , N'43M 
Charles E. Llewellyn, Jr. 
Joseph W. Milam, M'47 
Lax>7rence S. Miller, H/S 
Samuel V. Molinary, Ph.D. 
Pamela B. Murphy, N'68 
Martha L. Nicholes , N'35 
Frances E. Noblin, M'36 
Maurice Nottingham, Jr 
Joseph F. Outten, D'54 

Harry S. Wilks, M'69 
L. Mildred Williams, M'47 
Myra VJilliams-Thornton, Friend 
Harold E. Wolfe, M'43D 
Pearl S. Wolfe, N'43M 
Charles L. Yarbrough, M'70 
Ellis N. Zuckerraan, M'54 
Gerald T. Z;-7iren, M'54 



, M'60 


Alphonso Bruno, Jr., M'65 
John R. Bumgarner , M'39 
Donald L. Chastain, D'61 
Alvin J. Ciccone, M'64 
Kennon W. Davis, P'60, M'64 
Howard Y. Dean, M'62 
M. Morris Edison, D'44 
Nathan B. Evens, D'48 
Margaret F. Faust, N'55 
Mary C. Garby, N'42 
Marc A. Goldberg, M'69 
M. Kirk Gooding, M'67 
Thomas W. Gould in, M'54 

Patrick A. Reardon, M'59 
Rafael Rodriguez -Molina, M'26 
Riley S. Senter, M'74 
Jack L. Shelburg, M'62 
Steven L. Sigillo, D'45 
Russell N. Snead, M'43M 
W. Thomas Spain, P '40 
Joseph R. Suggs, D'47 
Milton R. Tignor, Jr., M'61 
William H. Traynham, Jr., D'3&Earl S. Scott, M'38 
Robert B. Trivett, M'70 Lloyd R. Shaw, M'30 
John M. Turner III, M'61 David J. Skewes , M'56 
John C. Tyree, D'21 J. Earle Smith, M'50 

Bonnie B. Waldrop, M'74 Mrs. Charles W. Thomas 
William M. Waldrop, M'74 Frank H. Walker, D'44 

Charles H. Brant, M'46M 
Hugh L. Farrior, M'53 
Marlene B. Henley, M'59 
Robert H. Hux, M'55 
Hudnall J. Lewis, M'63 
Nathan Neyman, D'36 
Edwin J. Otis, M'43D 
Fletcher B. Owen, Jr., M'59 
Paul W. Robinett, M'45 
Herbert G. Ruffin, M'38 




Class it 

ass lUws 

1920 James G. Lyerly, Sr. (M), of Jackson- 
ville, Florida, was honored by a Neurologi- 
cal Surgery Symposium and reception fol- 
lowing. He was the first neurosurgeon to 
practice in Florida. 

1930 J. Glenn Cox (M) and Walter A. Por- 
ter (M'32) both of Hillsville, Virginia, were 
recently honored by receiving plaques from 
the Carroll County Chapter of the Ameri- 
can Cancer Society. 

Paul Dorsey Ketchum (M) of Huntington, 
West Virginia, was elected to the West Vir- 
ginia State Legislature for the second term 
and was appointed vice chairman of the 
Health and Welfare Committee. He is thor- 
oughly enjoying a second career in his re- 

1932 Walter A. Porter (M) of HiUsville, 
Virginia, is this year serving as president of 
the Virginia Society of the Sons of the 
American Revolution. He is also surgeon 
general of the National Society SAR. 
1943M Dale Groom (M) of Edmond, Okla- 
homa, will be included in the 41st edition 
of Who's Who in America now being com- 
piled. There will be a biographical sketch 
of Dr. Groom, a consultant cardiologist, 
author, and Emeritus Professor of Medi- 
cine at the University of Oklahoma. 
1943D Thomas J. Fitzgerald (D) of South 
HUl, Virginia, was inducted as a fellow of 
the American College of Dentists. 

1946 William E. Copenhaver (M) of 
Naples, Florida, was reelected chairman of 
the Department of Radiology at Naples 
Community Hospital. He is also president 
of Naples Radiology Associates P. A. 
Matthew L. Lacy II (M) of South Hill, Vir- 
ginia, has been elected the 135th Grand 
Master of Masons in Virginia. 

1947 Forrest W. Pitts (M) of Richmond, 
Virginia, immediate past president of the 
Virginia Lung Association, has received the 
association's 1979 Douglas Southall Free- 
man Award. The award is presented annu- 
ally to the person considered outstanding 
in his contributions to the association's 
work. Dr. Pitt is currently Medical director 
of the Henrico County Health Department. 

1949 Marvin E. Pizer (D) of Alexandria, 
Virginia, received his M.A. in Education 
from the American University in January. 
He was also elected to the Honor Society of 
Phi Kappa Phi and the professional educa- 
tion fraternity of Phi Delta Kappa. 

1950 Robert A. Abernathy, Jr. (M), of 
Richlands, Virginia, is the new president of 
the Virginia Society of Internal Medicine. 
Thornton R. Cleek (M) of Asheboro, North 
Carolina, has been appointed to serve on 
the Commission for the Division of Health 
Services for a four year term. 

1953 Robert T. Edwards (D) of Franklin, 
Virginia, was chosen a fellow of the Ameri- 
can College of Dentists. 

1954 J. Thomas Edmonds (M) of Accomac, 
Virginia, completed his year as President of 
the Virginia Society of Ophthalmology and 
Otolaryngology, as he presided at the An- 
nual Meeting on May 5, at Boar's Head Inn 
in Charlottesville. 

1955 George M. Solan (M) of Northfield, 
Ohio, was elected President of the Medical 
Staff at Western Reserve Psychiatric Habi- 

1956 John J. Haiki (M), commander of the 
Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center in 
Ohio, has been nominated by President 
Carter for promotion to the grade of briga- 
dier general. Dr. Halki is a senior flight sur- 
geon and consultant to the Air Force Sur- 
geon General in Obstetrics and 

1959 Harry L. Hodges (D) of Richmond, 
Virginia, was named a fellow of the Ameri- 
can College of Dentists. 
Malcolm J. Tenney, Jr. (M), of Staunton, 
Virginia, has been reappointed by Gover- 
nor John N. Dalton to the Advisory Coun- 
cil of Emergency Medical Services. 

1961 M. Warren Bridgers, Jr. (P), of Me- 
chanicsvUle, Virginia, has been promoted 
to Manager of Liquid Manufacture at A. 
H. Robins Company. 

RusseU L. Davis, Jr. (M), of Radford, Vir- 
ginia, has been appointed by Governor 
Dalton to the Radford College board of 

Alvin J. Schalow, Jr. (P), of Midlothian, 
Virginia, was elected treasurer of the Rich- 
mond Pharmaceutical Association. 

1962 J. Gary Maynard, Jr. (D), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, was inducted as a fellow of 
the American College of Dentists. 

1963 Jackson T. Ward (P) of Mechanics- 
ville, Virginia, has opened a new phar- 
macy, Atlee Cardinal Pharmacy, in Han- 
over County. 

1964 Daniel C. Warren (M) is now the 

Commanding Officer at Kirk U. S. Army 
Health Clinic, Aberdeen Proving Ground, 

1965 Jane Owen Stringer (N) of Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina, was installed as 
president of Friends of Dance Board. She 
and Llewellyn W. Stringer (M'66) have one 
son. Lew III, age 12. 

James W. Thrasher, Jr. (M), of Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania, was graduated from 
Temple University School of Law receiving 
a juris doctor degree on May 25. He is pres- 
ently serving with the U. S. Navy as a Cap- 
tain at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. 
Louis Oliver Wilson (N) of Toronto, On- 
tario, has been appointed Director of Nurs- 
ing at Lyndhurst Hospital. Mrs. Wilson 
was formerly Instructor of Anatomy and 
Physiology at the Toronto Institute of 
Medical Technology. Her husband, Chris- 
topher Wilson (a former MCV Chaplain) is 
Director of Special Services for the Ontario 
Hospital Association. They have two sons, 
Ian (11) and Bryant (8). 
1968 Roger D. Copenhaver, Jr. (M), of 
Lutz, Florida, and his wife, Beth, aimounce 
the birth of a son, Christopher Charles, on 
March 26. Roger is currently employed by 
Copenhaver, Bell and Associates. He has 
just opened up a multi-specialty clinic. 
Community Health Center in Bayonet 
Point, Florida. 

Lanny C. Hinson (D) of Newport News, 
Virginia, has been elected President of the 
Hampton-Newport News Rotary Club for 
the year 1979-1980. 

Charles M. Ruber (M) of Front Royal, Vir- 
ginia, was elected president of the Cham- 
ber of Commerce of Front Royal and War- 
ren County. 

1970 Gary C. Cupit (P) of Portsmouth, Vir- 
ginia, has been appointed Associate Profes- 
sor of Clinical Pharmacy at the Phila- 
delphia College of Pharmacy and Science. 


Serving the Medical Profession Since 1928 




August, 1979 


Katherine S. Delk-Calkins (N) and her 

husband, Captain Bill Calkins, of Abilene, 
Texas, announce the birth of their first 
child, a daughter, Eugenia Graham, on 
May 18. Mrs. Delk-Calkins finished her 
Masters Degree in Human Relations and 
Management at Abilene Christian Univer- 
sity in August, 1978. She has been working 
as the "PRN" nurse at a local hospital. 
John R. Ragsdale III (D) of Petersburg, 
Virginia, was recently named President- 
elect of the Virginia Society of Peri- 

Carol Haines Rhodes (MT) of Richmond, 
Virginia, and her husband Edward, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth 
Brand, on March 28. 

1971 Randall W. Powell (M) of San Diego, 
California, was recently elected to member- 
ship in the Surgical Section of the Ameri- 
can Academy of Pediatrics. 

1972 Nancy McGee Alley (GS, N'68) and 
her husband, Doyle, of Gate City, Virginia, 
announce the birth of their third child, 
Joel, on March 31. Nancy teaches at East 
Tennessee State University. 

Charles A. Baker (P) of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, was elected president of the Rich- 
mond Pharmaceutical Association. 
J. Thomas Owen (M) and his wife, Su- 
zanne, of Midlothian, Virginia, announce 
the birth of their daughter, Courtney Eliza- 
beth, on April 15. Their son. Randy, is 
three. Dr. Owen is in Family Practice in 

1973 Saul Gorman (M) of San Rafael, CaU- 
fomia, is presently a staiT psychiatrist at 
San Quentin Prison, Tamal, California. 
Robert N. Stitt (M) of Houston, Texas, is 
presently in the first of a two year fellow- 
ship in gynecologic-oncology at the M. D. 
Anderson Hospital. 

Alexander L. Wiatt (P) of Newport News, 
Virginia, has been elected President of the 
Peninsula Pharmaceutical Association for 
the year 1979-80. 

1974 Richard J. Herschaft (M) of Lancas- 
ter, Pennsylvania, was named a diplomat of 
the American Board of Dermatology. 
Frederick M. (M) and Darlene Brown 
(M'73) Litton of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, 
were certified as diplomates of ABFP in 
December, 1978. Darlene was selected as 
"Young Career Woman of the Year" by 
the Wise County Business and Professional 
Woman's Club. Frederick is currently 
Vice-Chief of Staff at Lonesome Pine Hos- 
pital and vice-president of Wise County 
Medical Society. 

Ceaser G. Pitta (M) of Needham, Massa- 
chusetts, just completed a fellowship in 
Retina Surgery at the Massachusetts Eye 
and Ear Infirmary. He will return to Belle- 
vUle, New Jersey, with wife, Diane, and 
three sons, to start his practice. 
1976 Herbert C. Manry (D), formerly of 
Newport News, Virginia, will be starting an 
Oral Surgery Residency at the Medical 
University of South Carolina. 

1977 Stephen N. Cherewaty (M) now sta- 
tioned in Korea, and his wife, Denise, 
proudly announce the birth of their first 
child, Stephen Nicholes, Jr. Dr. Cherewaty 
is serving as a General Medical Officer and 
Chief of Professional Services at the 43rd 
Surgical Hospital. It is the last MASH Unit 
in the army and is the unit the movie and 
TV show was based on. 

Joseph A. Gwiazdowski (D), formerly of 
Annandale, Virginia, is currently practicing 
Dentistry at Howard Air Force Base in the 
Canal Zone, Republic of Panama. He and 
his wife are the proud parents of a daugh- 
ter, Gina EUse, bom October 23, 1978. 
E. Joseph LeCompte, Jr. (D), of Martinez, 
Georgia, has received a Dental Teacher 
Training Fellowship from the American 
Fund for Dental Health to pursue post- 
graduate studies in pedodontics and oral 
biology at the Medical College of Georgia. 
Stuart M. Solan (M) of Newport News, 
Virginia, was chosen Chief Resident at 
Riverside Hospital. He and his wife have 
also become the proud parents of a son, 
Christopher MUey Solan. 
Dale O. Wiley (D) has completed a two 
year general and hospital dental residency 
at the University of Virginia Hospital in 
Charlottesville, Virginia. He plans to return 
to Richmond to practice dentistry. 

1978 Audrey K. Murawskl (HA) of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, has been named assistant 
to the Medical Director for Blue Cross and 
Blue Shield of Virginia. 

Saint Albans Psychiatric Hospital 

An accredited private nonprofit psychiatric 
hospital for the treatment of all major 
psychiatric illnesses, including alcoholism and 
drug abuse, of adults and adolescents. 

Radford, Virginia 24141 
Telephone 703 639 2481 



Cest We forget 

1912 Joseph L. McSparran (M) of San 

Diego, California, died December 27, 1978. 

1914 William E. Strole (P) of Virginia 
^/j^each, Virginia, died on January 7. 

1915 Lucy Pilcher Cheatwood (N) of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on March 1, 1979. 
John E. Porter (M) of San Diego, Califor- 
nia, died on April 24. Dr. Porter, a retired 
Navy captain, was an avid hunter and fish- 
erman. After his retirement from the Navy, 
he practiced medicine 15 years in San 

1917 Edward T. Ames (M) of Montross, 
Virginia, died on April 19. Dr. Ames, who 
practiced medicine for 47 years before re 

1932 D. Winston Ruffin (M) of Pink Hill, 
North Carolina, died on February 1 1 . He 
and his wife had traveled throughout Eng- 
land, France, and Italy since his retirement. 
L. L. Shamburger (M) of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, died on May 18. Dr. Shamburger be- 
gan in 1936 a career in the Virginia Health 
Department that spanned more than 40 
years. After he retired in 1961, he contin- 
ued to work part time organizing maternal 
health clinics until 1978. 

1933 James T. Green (M) of Columbia, 
South CaroUna, died on March 21, 1979. 
Dr. Green, an orthopedic surgeon, was on 
the board of trustees of Randolph-Macon 
College at the time of his death. He was the 
third South CaroUna orthopedic surgeon to 
be elected to the American Orthopedic As- 

tiring, was given during his career the Rob^^,<r^37 Woodrow R. Byrum (P) of Birming- 

ins Award from the Medical Society of Vir- 
ginia for outstanding community service by 
a physician. 

Joseph C. Ford (M) of St. Petersburg, Flor- 
ida, formerly of Huntington, died on Janu- 
ary 27. Dr. Ford, a general practitioner, 
was a former member of the Cabell County 
Medical Society and the West Virginia 
State Medical Association 

ham, Alabama, died on February 22, 1979. 
Dr. Byrum received his PhD. in pharma- 
cology and pharmacognosy from Ohio 
State. He joined the staff at Samford Uni- 
versity in 1952, and retired from the faculty 
in 1971. 

William E. Irons (M) of Lewisburg, West 
Virginia, died on April 7. Dr. Irons had re- 
tired from practice in 1970. 

1919 Mary King Dean (N) of Columbusii^\Ai§39 Zaimon I. Blachman (P) of Ports 
Ohio, died on May 5, 1979. ^^ mouth, Virginia, died on March 23 

1921 EUiott S. White (P) of Greensboro, 

^ North Carolina, died on April 22, 1978. 

~ 1923 W. Sanford Beazley, Jr. (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on May 14. Dr. 
Beazley was a captain in the Army during 
World War I. He was active in the Rich- 
mond Tuberculosis Association, and had 
practiced medicine at his home, where he 
had his oflSce, for more than 50 years. 
Frank E. Handy (M) of Appalachia, Vir- 
ginia, died March 22. Dr. Handy had be- 
longed to the Medical Society of Virginia 
for 55 years, and in 1965 they gave him 
their annual Physician Award for Commu- 
nity Service. 

-y«SV. Ralston Lecky, Jr. (P), of Richmond, 
Virginia, died on March 12, 1979. Mr. 
Lecky owned and operated his own drug- 
store from 1946 to 1954. He then became 
pharmacist at the former Cavedo's Drug 
Store at Floyd and Robinson Streets until 
his retirement in 1971. He was also a past 
president of the Richmond Pharmaceutical 

'rMElizabeth J. Workman Madsen (P) of 
Wildwood, Illinois, died on March 10. 

1926 William F. Work (M) of Charieston, 
West Virginia, died on April 15, 1979. Dr. 
Work was semi-retired, and traveled exten- 

1927 Vincent J. FeUtti (M) of San Diego, 
CaUfomia, died on January 2, 1979. 

1928 Alton C. Echols (M) of PurceUville, 
Virginia, died on March 7, 1979. 

John H. Reed, Jr. (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, died on April 5, 1979. Dr. Reed was 
also a graduate of Hampden-Sydney Col- 
lege and an Elder of Ginter Park Presby- 
terian Church. 

Fred G. Repass (D) of Roanoke, Virginia, 
died on October 5, 1978. 
1930 Julian H. Yeatman (M) of Fork 
Union, Virginia, died on March 22. He had 
practiced medicine in Fluvanna County 
since 1930 and was the physician for many 
years at Fork Union Military Academy. 

J. Weaver Reed (D) of Norfolk, Virginia, 
died on October 15, 1978. Dr. Reed had re- 
ceived an award from the Tidewater Chap- 
ter of the American Red Cross for saving 
the life of a man who had suffered a heart 

1941 Percy J. McElrath (M) of Raleigh, 
North Carolina, died on April 28. 
1943M John J. Cortopassi (D) of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on June 3. Dr. Corto- 
passi was a member of the Richmond Den- 
tal Association. He was also active in 
Richmond's music community, having 
been a vioUn soloist for the old Richmond 
Symphony Junior Concert Series. 
1950 John S. Dilday (D) of Durham, North 
Carolina, died on May 14, 1979. 
1952 Albert J. Berberian (PT) of Fair- 
haven, Massachusetts, died on January 28, 

1954 Donald L. Baxter (M) of Moylan, 
Pennsylvania, died on May 2, 1979. Dr. 
Baxter was on the Board of Trustees of the 
Alumni Association of MCV, and Secre- 
tary-Treasurer of the Delaware Valley 

Williams E. Pembleton (Fac.) of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on March 1 1 . He was 
a former professor and chairman of the de- 
partment of anesthesiology at MCV. He or- 
ganized the department of anesthesiology 
at MCV in 1948. 

' KoMLVib ike Ci'icuit 

Richmond Chapter 

On April 25 under the guidance of 
Dr. David L. Via, president, the Rich- 
mond Chapter went up to Pimlico for 
the races. The sun shined and all in all 
it was a nice day. 

Dr. John W. Parker and Miss Minnie 
M. Franck. 

North Carolina Medical Chapter 

The MCV alumni who were at 
Pinehurst for the meeting of the North 
CaroUna Medical Association gathered 
for cocktails and dinner on May 3. Dr. 
W. Donald Moore, president, arranged 
the pleasant evening. Down from 
Richmond were Dr. Robert O. Hud- 
gens, president of the MCV Alumni 
Association, who told the group what 
was currently going on, and Miss Min- 
nie Franck. The current officers were 
reelected: Dr. W. Donald Moore, presi- 
dent, and Dr. Louis R. Wilkerson, 

Drs. John W. Parker, Charles P. 
Ford, Jr., and Robert O. Hudgens. 

Mesdames Thornton R. Cleek, John 
A. Payne III, and John W. Parker. 

August, 1979 


Miss Minnie M. Franck and Dr. 
Charles B. Barnett. 

Drs. Joseph R. Suggs and Robert O. 

Mrs. and Dr. Douglas Neal, Miss 
Minnie M. Franck, and Dr. W. Don- 
ald Moore. 

Miss Minnie M. Franck and Dr. 
Lloyd R. Shaw. 

South Carolina Dental Chapter 

Dr. Charles B. Barnett, president, 
did it again. He arranged the usual de- 
hcious luncheon at The Colony, Char- 
leston, South Carolina. It was a nice 
group who were attending the South 
Carolina Dental Association meeting. 

Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, Miss Minnie 

M. Franck, Mrs. Hudgens, and Dr. 

Charles B. Barnett. 

North Carolina Dental Chapter 

May 14 the graduates of MCV who 
had come to Pinehurst for the meeting 
of the North Carolina Dental Associa- 
tion got together for cocktails and din- 
ner. Dr. W. Harrell Johnson, president, 
was the gracious host for the party. Af- 
ter cocktails, and there was ample wine 
this year, the group had dinner to- 
gether in the Bounty. Dr. Robert O. 
Hudgens, president, told the group of 
some of the proposed changes in the 
format of the Alumni Association. Also 
there was Miss Minnie M. Franck. 
Elected to preside over these good 
alumni was Dr. Penn Marshall. 

Miss Minnie M. Franck and Dr. Mor- 
ris L. Cherry. 


H. Royster Chamblee and 
Thomas M. Hunter. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Hudgens 
and Dr. Charles B. Barnett. 

Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, president, his 
wife, and Miss Minnie Franck came 
down for the luncheon. Dr. Hudgens 
brought the group up to date on the 
problems of the Association. Dr. Barn- 
ett will continue as president as will 
Dr. W. Mike Riddle, secretary. It's al- 
ways a pleasure to be with this loyal 


Mrs. and Dr. R. A. Daniel, Jr., and 
Miss Minnie M. Franck. 


Dr. Robert O. Hudgens, Miss Minnie 
M. Franck, and Dr. Wesley C. Bern- 

Drs. Joseph R. Suggs and Raymond 
P. White, Jr. 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

What a delightful evening it was on 
June 13 at the Kanawha Valley Coun- 
try Club, good friends, good fellow- 
ship, good food. A very big thanks to 
Dr. A. Thomas McCoy, president, for 
the planning. Dr. Robert O. Hudgens 
gave an interesting talk on the draft 
proposal for the MCV Alumni Associ- 
ation. Also there was Miss Minnie 

Miss Minnie M. Franck, Dr. and Mrs. 
A. Thomas McCoy. 

Northern Virginia, Washington, 
Southern Maryland Chapter 

The Northern Virginia, Washington, 
Southern Maryland Chapter had their 
meeting at the Washington Golf and 
Country Club in Arlington on June 20. 
Dr. Wesley C. Bemhart organized the 

Mesdames Sidney Lyons, Robert E. 
Ware, and Dr. Wesley C. Bernhart. 

Drs. Robert E. Ware, and Carlton E. 

Dr. Carl B. Hall and Miss Minnie M. 

The new officers who were elected 
were: Dr. C. Carl Tully, president; Dr. 
Jerriil D. Cavender, president-elect; 
and Dr. James L. Mangus, secretary- 

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Lyons. 

diimer. It was good to see old friends 
and all who were there enjoyed the 
evening and the talk by Dr. Robert O. 
Hudgens. Also there was Miss Franck. 
Dr. Bemhart was reelected president 
and Dr. Robert E. Ware was chosen to 
help him organize the 1980 meeting. 

Drs. Carlton E. Gregory, Sidney 
Lyons, and John H. Judson. 

August, 1979 


Virginia Pharmaceutical Associa- 

Those faithful MCV alumni who 
were at the Virginia Pharmaceutical 
Association meeting at the CavaUer at 
Virginia Beach had cocktails together 
in the old CavaUer Hotel. Mr. Linwood 
S. Leavitt, president-elect and chair- 
man of the executive committee, 
greeted the alumni along with Minnie 
Franck. It was good to see so many old 
friends and to recall memories of past 
conventions of the Virginia Pharma- 
ceutical Association. 

^■y #^^^^hm 

i|^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^1 

Mrs. W. Roy Smith, Mrs. Linwood S. 
Leavitt, and Mr. W. Roy Smith. 

Mr. Thomas F. Marshall, Jr., Mes- 

dames Linwood S. Leavitt, Charles 

F. Kingery, and Marshall. 

Mr. Charles F. Kingery, Mrs. W. Roy Messrs. Linwood S. Leavitt, Charles Mr. Charles A. Baker, Miss Minnie 

Smith, and Mr. Thomas F. Marshall, A. Baker, and Sam W. Crickenber- M. Franck, Mrs. Marianne R. Roll- 

Jr. ger. ings, Mr. James R. Painter, and 

Mrs. Janice Schalow. 


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