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Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association of Virginia Commonwealth University 


Dr. Thomas W. Nooney, Jr., PhD'70, president 

P.O. Box 262, MCV Station 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Charles O. Watlington, M'58, PhD'68, presidenl-elect 

1707 Park Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

3r. Edward James Wiley, Jr., M'56, immediate past president 

8803 Bellefonte Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Philip L. Minor, M'47, vice-president 

3536 Grove Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Alton E. Hodges, Jr., D'56, vice-president 

203 Doverland Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Linwood S. Leavitl, P'41, vice-president 

644 Lynn Shores Drive 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Mrs. Marleen S. Howlett, N'69, MS'76, vice-president 

13418 Harrowgate Road 

Chester, Virginia 

Miss Lana Louise Waite, N'65, HA'72, vice-president 

Portsmouth General Hospital 

850 Crawford Parkway 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

Mrs. Marianne R. Rollings, P'63, secrelanj 

8413 Michaels Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay, N'59, treasurer 

504 Kilmarnock Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. James T. Tucker, M'27, assistant treasurer 

1312 Loch Lomond Lane 

Richmond, Virginia 


Term Expires December 31, 1982 

Dr. George L. Bailey, P'58, M'62 

1414 Eleanore 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Mrs. Emily Hastings Baxter, N'52 

P.O. Box 183 

Moylan, Pennsylvania 

Dr. Fred B. Cornett, D'47 

909 Main Street 

Danville, Virginia 

Dr. William W. Crittenden, Jr., D'56 

P.O. Box 490 

Gloucester, Virginia 

Dr Ruth Torvik Friedman, Mr59, PhD'68 

204 Kent Avenue 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mrs. Bertha Cohen Rolfe, P'47 

4000 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

.Miss Dorsye E. Russell, N'43 

Mary Washington Hospital 

2301 Washington Street 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Dr. Joseph R. Suggs, D'47 

317 Ridgecrest Road 

Asheboro, North Carolina 

Dr. Charles O. Watlington, M'58, PhD'« 

1707 Park Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Herman L. West, PT'56 

560 Brockenbaugh Road 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Dr. Edward J. Wiley, Jr., M'56 

8803 Bellefonte Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1983 

Mrs. Ann D. Broaddus, N'59 
702 Wormley Creek Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Leigh C. Budwell, D'50 

4908 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Nathan Bushnell, 111, HA'51 

1002 Ridge Top Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Jane K. Garber, N'52 

1128 Chis%vick Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

, M'54 

Dr. Charles A. Hoffman, Jr. 

348 Valley Road 

Favetteville, North Carolina 

Mr. Charles F. Kingery, P'49 

400 Hunterdale Road 

Franklin, Virginia 

Dr. Harry L. Mears, Jr., D'54 

5509 Riverside Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mrs. Marianne R. Rollings, P'63 

8413 Michaels Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1984 

Dr. David W. Branch, M'52 

1232 Persinger Road, S.W. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mr. John F. Harlan, Jr., HA'52 

University of Virginia Hospital 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Dr. M. G. Martin, M'53 

Box 576 

Hillsville, Virginia 

Mrs. Patricia B. Moore, OT'77 

2251 Winterfield Road 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Life Trustee 

Mr. R. Reginald Rooke, P'21 

5100 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. George J. Oliver, Jr., M'47 

1308 Mount Vernon Drive 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Dr. Alton R. Sharpe, Jr., M'54 

201 Wood Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

June Hudnall Turnage, N'59, MS'71 

Route 2, Box 395 

Mechanicsviile, Virginia 

Life Trustee 

Dr. James T. Tucker, M'27 

1312 Loch Lomond Lane 

Richmond, Virginia 

Chapter Officers 

Delaware Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. Philip London, M'49 
824 Cedar Glen Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 

Vice President— Mrs. Ruth C. Parker, N'45 
Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. Emily H. Baxter, N'52 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

President— Dr. C. Carl Tully, M'47 

4530 Springhill Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia 

Vice President — Dr. Jerrill D. Cavender, M'52 

Secretary-Treasurer^Dr. James L. Mangus, M'59 

New York Chapter 

President — Dr. Edwin C. Weiss, M'69 
75 Arleigh Road, Great Neck, New York 

North Carolina Dental Chapter 

President — Dr. James H. Edwards, D'46 

3137 Essex Circle 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

North Carolina Medical Chapter 

President— Dr. Wiley H. Cozart, M'49 

302 Pine Street 

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 

Northern Virginia, Washington, and Southern Maryland 

President— Dr. Wesley C. Bernhart, M'53 
11217 Bellmont Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 
Vice-President — Dr. Robert E. Ware, M'53 

Peninsula Chapter 

President— Dr. Oscar W. Ward, Jr., M'42 

15 South Mallory, Phoebus, Virginia 

President-Elect— Dr. William H. Traynham, Jr., D'38 

Puerto Rico Chapter 

President — Dr. Hilda Garcia De la Noceda, M'49 

Condsminio dos Robles 81, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Delores Mendez-Cashion, M'37 

Richmond Chapter 

President— Mr. Charles A. Baker, P'72 

6 Ashinghurst Road, Richmond, Virginia 

Secretary— Dr. Paul R. McNeer, M'62 

Roanoke Valley Chapter 

Chairman, Medicine — Dr. Henry R. Ivey, Jr., M'74 

4124 Falling Creek Drive, Vinton, Virginia 

Chairman, Dentistry — Dr. J. Richard Svitzer, D'73 

414 South Polland Street, Vinton, Virginia 

Chairman, Pharmacy — Mr. Benjamin W. Powell, P'51 

329 Union Street, Salem, Virginia 

Co-chairmen, Nursing — Mrs. Patricia Sharpe Eby, N'69 

3504 Old Town Road, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence Sibley, N'49 

2619 Westhampton Avenue, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 

Tidewater Chapter 

President — Mrs. Anne K. Taylor, N'64 
1657 Baypoint Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Valley Chapter 

President— Dr. Donald H. McNeill, Jr., M'54 

P.O. Box 1619, Front Royal, Virginia 

President-Elect — Mr. Johnny W. Garber, P'70 

Quicksburg, Virginia 

West Virginia Chapter 

President — Dr. L. Clark Hansbarger, M'57 

1620 Kanawha Boulevard East, Apt. 6B, 

Charleston, West Virginia 

February 1982 

Volume 31 Number 1 

MCV Campus Master Site Plan 2 

School of Basic Sciences 5 

Reunion '82 8 

Candidates for the Board of Trustees 9 

1981 Members of the MCV Alumni Association 17 

Membership Statistics for the MCV Alumni Association ... 23 

Capsules 25 

Alumni Update 27 

Lest We Forget 30 

Cover: Graduate student Sam Hopkins and Dr. La Verne Schirch, associate professor of 
biochemistry. School of Basic Sciences. 

Executive editor: Mrs. Frances W. Kay 

Editor: Miss Cynthia McMuIlen 

Design: Mr. Charlie Martin 

Director, VCU publications: Mr. David R. Mathis 

Photography: Mrs. Cyane Lovi-den, cover and pages 5-6 

Editorial committee: 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay, chairman 

Mr. Nathan Bushnell, 10 

Dr. Harry L. Mears, Jr. 

Mrs. Marianne Rollings 

Miss Dorsye Russell 

Dr. Charles O. Watlington 

MCV Alumni Association staff: 

Mrs. Franklin B. Stone, executive director 

Mrs. Ann M. Grubbs 

Miss Lynn Merrick 

Director, VCU alumni activities: 
Mr. James L. Dunn 

The Scarab is the official publication of the Medical College 
of Virginia Alumni Association of Virginia Commonwealth 
University and is published in February, May, August, and 

© 1982 Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association of 
Virginia Commonwealth University 


MC V Campus Master Site Plan 

ReconuJiendations for the current 
MCV Campus Master Site Plan were 
made by the consultant team of 
Marcellus Wright Cox and Smith, 
architects; the Falick/Klein Partner- 
ship, master site planners; and H. C. 
Yu and Associates, Harris Norman 
and Giles, and Hankins and Ander- 
son, engineers. Perspectives, com- 
ments, and opinions were contributed 
by more than 150 representatives of 
university physicians, nurses, fac- 
ulty, staff, and administrators during 
the two-year planning process. 

Summary and 

Over the past decade, the MCV 
Campus and the immediate sur- 
roundings began to undergo dy- 
namic changes. Since publication 
of the 1970 Master Plan, many 
significant projects have been 
completed or are under construc- 

The 1981 Master Plan and long 
range development strategies 
should take the campus well into 
the future. There is no specific 
time frame for completion. 

In order to obtain increased 
community support, MCV needs 
to improve the quality of its envi- 
ronment. The Master Plan should: 

• Develop concepts that will bet- 
ter integrate the MCV Campus 
into the fabric of downtown 

• Develop concepts that will make 
the MCV Campus more visible 
and improve the overall quality 
of the campus setting. 

• Develop concepts for improving 
and making more visible the 
historical resources of the site 
and integrating these resources 
into the MCV Campus image. 

• Strengthen relationships to 
nearby municipal, state, and 
federal government complexes. 

Other goals set include plan- 
ning of land use in the restricted 
campus area, the identification of 
existing facilities to preserve or 
demolish, and recommendations 
to improve parking facilities and 
movement of vehicles and people 
on the campus. 

Once goals were established, 
alternative concepts and strategies 
were explored to respond to the 
major issues on the MCV 
Campus. The 1981 Master Plan 
recommendations respond to the 
whole range of issues, emphasiz- 
ing the establishment of a frame- 
work from which decisions can be 
made in the future. 

These recommendations are 
somewhat variable in time frame, 
content and cost, however the 
basic goals and principles should 
be considered firm. As time goes 
on, priorities and needs will 
change; so will the 1981 Master 
Plan. The implementation of any 
recommendation should be pref- 
aced by a critical review to insure 
that priorities are still being met. 

Recommendations already 
funded and underway 

Recommendation 1: Immediate 
action should be taken to resolve 
the severe parking problem on 
the campus by initiating an in- 
terim parking plan. The interim 
parking plan involves restriping 
several existing parking areas, 
building a 200-300 space addition 
to the 'S' Deck, initiating a valet 
parking or dedicated shuttle serv- 
ice for outpatients between the 'S' 
Deck and Nelson Clinic, and im- 
provement of the existing shuttle 
system which services remote 
staff parking. 

Recommendation 2: Prior to the 
occupancy of the new hospital, a 
detailed study should be made of 
the conflict between vehicular 
traffic arriving and departing from 
the new hospital main entry on 

12th Street and the adjacent emer- 
gency entry. 

Since it appears impractical to 
make Clay Street two-way be- 
tween 10th and 11th Streets, 
Leigh Street could have a full 
intersection at 12th Street. This 
would allow emergency vehicles 
to enter from Clay Street, in lieu 
of 12th Street, thus reducing ve- 
hicular conflict with the currently 
planned new hospital entry on 
12th Street. Emergency traffic 
would then move clockwise from 
Clay, adjacent to the Confederate 
Museum. However, detailed re- 
view of the new hospital plans 
indicates that this solution may be 
difficult to achieve without 
significant renovation. It is ex- 
tremely important to consider this 
condition prior to opening the 
new hospital. No interim solution 
will fully resolve the problem 
since the two entries are so close 
together, but immediate steps 
could be taken to resolve the 
conflict before it becomes a critical 

Recommendation 3; North Hospital 
should be vacated into A. D. 
Williams/West Hospital as soon as 
possible after the new hospital is 
opened to allow for substantial 
renovation and expansion of 

Recommendation 4: Initiate Phase I 
of the Master Plan. Phase I of the 
Master Plan should expand and 
renovate the North Hospital and 
the Supply and Distribution Cen- 
ter to contain the balance of the 
recommended beds for the insti- 
tution, and as much of the hospi- 
tal functions programmed for 
1985 as the $28 million budget 
allows, in keeping with the bond 
issue currently being used to con- 
struct hospital facilities. 

Recommeudatmi 5: East Hospital 
and Dooley Hospital should be 
vacated and demolished. The 
back portion of Zeigler House 
should be demolished, leaving 
the facade for restoration. South 
Hospital should be vacated and 
turned over to the state. Func- 
tions housed in these facilities will 
be moved into North Hospital, 
the Supply and Distribution Cen- 
ter or other hospital buildings. 

Recommendations with funds 
requested for the 1982-84 

Recommendation 6: Initiate Phase II 
of the Master Plan. Phase II of the 
Master Plan should expand the 
Nelson Clinic to house all outpa- 
tient services for the complex. The 
expansion should be constructed 
on the site north of the existing 
clinic. The Personnel Employment 
and Personnel Annex Buildings 
should be vacated and demol- 
ished. Functions housed in those 
buildings should be relocated. 
The Alumni House could be re- 
tained on its present site or relo- 
cated to the northwest corner of 
Clay and Hth Streets. Relocation 
might add to the historical area 
being created around the Valen- 
tine Museum and allow the clinic 
to expand without impacting its 
historical value or damaging the 
house during construction. 

Recommendation 7: MCV should 
update the campus landscaping 
and graphics system to incorpo- 
rate the recommendations of this 
Master Plan. The first phase of 
the landscape and graphics pack- 
age should be in place upon the 
completion of the new hospital to 
facilitate orientation to the major 
reorganization of the campus. The 
landscape and graphics system 

• Develop a revised graphics sys- 
tem to guide vehicular and pe- 
destrian traffic on the campus to 
their destination. Furthermore, 
a comprehensive graphics sys- 
tem for movement within and 
between the buildings should be 
expanded and implemented. 

• Develop a landscape plan which 
will enhance the aesthetics of 
the campus. The landscape de- 
sign should address treatment 
of sidewalks, park seating, 
planting, graphics and informa- 
tion kiosks, exterior lighting, 
sidewalk vending and any other 
elements which will improve 
the quality of the environment. 
It should enhance the historical 
areas by developing walking 
tours for visitors and creating an 
environment which enriches the 
character of the neighborhood 
and the City of Richmond. 

Recommendation 8: Investigate the 
merits and cost of fully upgrading 
A. D. Williams and West Hospital 
to house the balance of the Hospi- 
tal Services program and a 
significant portion of the Health 
Sciences program on both an in- 
terim and long range basis. Funds 
may have to be spent to maintain 
the building for a number of years 
since the current forecast for 
funding new facilities is not good. 
The consultant team feels that 
pursuing full renovation of A. D. 
Williams and West Hospital will 
only delay completion of other 
key elements of the Master Plan. 
Furthermore, continued utiliza- 
tion of A. D. Williams/West Hos- 
pital may encourage changes in 
the Master Plan direction since 
resolution of major issues such as 
parking, vehicular circulation, 
functional organization and inter- 
nal circulation cannot be post- 
poned indefinitely. Many options 
were investigated which at- 
tempted to maintain A. D. 
Williams/West as a key building in 
the plan. None seemed to offer a 
permanent solution to all prob- 
lems. The consultant team recom- 
mends replacement of A. D. 
Williams/West as soon as practica- 
ble but recognizes that interim 
use will require renovations. 

Recommendations for 
future funding 

Recommendation 9: Initiate Phase 
III-A and B of the Master Plan. 
Phases III-A and B involve reno- 
vating A. D. WilliamsAVest Hos- 
pital and several other facilities on 
the campus to meet the 1985 
Functional Program. Renovations 
to A. D. Williams/West should be 
considered interim. Funds should 
only be spent recognizing the 
time-frame established for its con- 
tinued use. Renovations to other 
campus facilities should be re- 
garded as permanent, and funds 
should be spent to do the projects 
on that basis. The Master Plan 
suggests two phases of renova- 
tion. The package could be split 
into smaller pieces for purposes of 
funding. If the A. D. Williams/ 
West investigation conclusively 

recommends replacement, then 
renovation to the building should 
be avoided and funds should be 
spent immediately to replace the 
building with development of 
Master Plan Phases IV through 

Recommendation 10: The Power 
Plant relocation should be accom- 
plished during Phase III-C. Relo- 
cation may occur prior to this 
time, but if it has not yet oc- 
curred, it must be moved before 
additional phases of the Master 
Plan can be implemented. The 
capacity of the Power Plant will 
not be adequate to meet peak 
demands if new facilities are 
brought on line. 

Recommendation 11: Initiate Phase 

IV of the Master Plan. Phase IV of 
the Master Plan should build a 
facility which satisfies the Hospi- 
tal Services functional program. 
Functions which were not placed 
in A. D. Williams/West, or ones 
which have been located in the 
facility on an interim basis, 
should be located in this project. 
The project should be constructed 
on the old Richmond Eye Hospi- 
tal and Skull and Bones restaurant 
site, linking the Nelson Clinic 
with the new hospital. Construc- 
tion on this site will require dem- 
olition and replacement of the 
structures currently located there. 
Prior to start of construction, 
functions in those buildings will 
have to be temporarily relocated. 
An early start on Phase IV would 
permit the deletion of Phases 
III-A and III-B. 

Recommendation 12: Initiate Phase 

V of the Master Plan. Phase V of 
the Master Plan should build a 
facility to house the School of 
Allied Health and School of Nurs- 
ing. The project should be con- 
stucted on the McGuire Hall and 
McGuire Annex site. Prior to initi- 
ating this project, a program and 
master zoning update should be 
undertaken to confirm space re- 
quirements for the schools. Before 
construction starts for this project 
any functions which remain in 

New hospital 

New health 
sciences facility 


A section through the proposed MCV Campus site shows the new hospital situated on 
Marshall Street. Bridges connect the hospital with the health sciences facility on Broad 
Street. Public parking will he underground between Marshall and Broad Streets. 

McGuire will have to be tempo- 
rarily relocated. 

Recommendation 13: Initiate Phase 
VI-A of the Master Plan. Phase 
VI-A of the Master Plan should 
build a facility to house the bal- 
ance of the Health Sciences pro- 
grams. The project should be 
constructed on the East Hospital, 
Dooley Hospital, and Nursing 
Education building site. Prior to 
initiating this project, a program 
and master zoning update should 
be undertaken to confirm space 
requirements for the Health Sci- 
ences. If this project is split into 
two phases for funding purposes, 
a study should be made of the 
best use of the site. Construction 
on this site should ultimately re- 
quire demolition of the Nursing 
Education building, but a first 
phase project containing a 
significant portion of the space 
could be built without demolition 
of the structure. The new facility 
should have a bridge connection 
to the new hospital at the lobby 

Recommendation 14: Demolish 
A. D. Williams and West Hospital 
when new facilities have been 

Recommendation 15: Initiate Phase 
VI-B of the Master Plan. Phase 
VI-B of the Master Plan should 
constuct a facility which houses a 
new hospital entry, lobby, public 

parking facilities and the pedes- 
trian plaza over Marshall Street. 
The structure should join Sanger 
Hall, the new health sciences 
facility on the old East Hospital 
site and the new hospital. A new 
entry drive from Broad Street 
should be constructed with levels 
of public parking below. The new 
lobby should span between this 
building and the new hospital at 
the lobby level of the new hospi- 

The pedestrian plaza should 
also occur at this level with con- 
nections to all major facilities 
which front along Marshall Street. 
This project may also permit con- 
struction of additional Health 
Sciences or Hospital Services. 
This space, if required, should be 
constructed on top of the lobby 
bridge facility. 

A new parking analysis should be 
undertaken prior to design of this 
phase to determine the actual 
number of new spaces required to 
solve the long range MCV need. 
It is recommended that remote 
staff lots be discontinued and that 
use of the 'S' Deck be emphasized 
for staff use. This will shift public 
parking to the Broad Street area, 
near the new entry, and could 
eliminate the need for valet park 
and reliance on shuttle systems to 
remote lots. 

Reprint from VCU Todaif, November 
18, 1981 

The School of Basic Sciences 

By Dr. Daniel T. Watts, Dean 

The School of Basic Sciences, 
consisting of the Departments of 
Anatomy, Biochemistry, Bio- 
physics, Biostatistics, Microbiol- 
ogy, Pharmacology, and Physiol- 
ogy, was established as an 
autonomous academic unit in 
1966. These departments were 
formerly administered by the 
School of Medicine with budget 
and educational policies estab- 
lished by a Committee of Deans 
(Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, 
and Pharmacy). The Department 
of Genetics was transferred from 
the School of Pharmacy in 1970. 

The School of Basic Sciences 
has been in operation for 15 
years. The following objectives 
have helped in its rapid develop- 

1. To develop strong departments 
with specific responsibility to 
offer high quality instruction to 
students in each health profes- 
sional school. 

2. To appoint all members of a 
given discipline in one depart- 
ment, recruit one or more 
graduate students per faculty 
member, and add postdoctoral 
fellows as funds become avail- 
able. To develop an outstand- 
ing group of 30 to 40 individ- 
uals, including a strong 
department chairman, senior 
and junior faculty, post and 
predoctoral fellows, in a given 
discipline capable of teaching 
the health professional stu- 
dents, offering a high quality 
M.S. /Ph.D. degree, and of 
developing a research program 
that would attract federal, pri- 
vate foundation, and other 
outside funding. 

3. To avoid the prohibitively ex- 
pensive procedure of duplicat- 
ing departments, student labo- 
ratories, expensive teaching, 
and research equipment. Most 
basic science educators know it 
is impossible to develop two or 
more departments of biochem- 

Dr. Phillip Hylemon, associate professor of microbiology and immunologi/, is an authority 
on the physiology and metabolism of intestinal microbial bacteria. 

istry, physiology, or pharma- 
cology in the separate schools 
of a health center. Where this 
has been tried, the department 
in the School of Medicine usu- 
ally survives and the others 
sink into mediocrity. 
Some of the above approaches 
might be considered innovative 
for medical centers. However, 
this is what universities have 
been doing over the last 100 years 
in other disciplines. 

As shown in Table I, there has 
been an impressive growth in the 

number and quality of faculty, the 
research programs including out- 
side grant support, the number of 
M.S. and Ph.D. degrees awarded, 
and the performance of the medi- 
cal and dental students on Na- 
tional Boards. The number of 
faculty has increased from 59 in 
1966 to 134 in 1981. Research 
grant support has increased from 
$699,400 to $12,142,548, an 18-fold 
increase. In contrast, state educa- 
tional and general budget support 
for the school has increased from 
$1,120,800 to $4,723,603, a four- 
fold increase. Of the 134 faculty 
members, only 109 FTE are sup- 

Research specialist Tom Cobuni inspects n sample in the laboratory of Dr. John Povlishock, associate pnofessor of anatomy. 

ported from state funds. The 
other 25 FTE are supported from 
grants and other outside sources. 
Approximately 115 of the 183 
graduate students are provided a 
basic stipend of $5,040 per an- 
num, plus tuition and fees, to 
work as teaching or research as- 
sistants. These individuals, as 
well as 78 postdoctoral trainees 
and research associates who make 
a major contribution to our re- 
search and educational programs, 
are largely supported from re- 
search grants and training grants. 
The research grants and other 
outside support provide employ- 
ment for 172 of the 224 secretarial 
and technical staff of these de- 

During the 1980-81 academic 
year, 356 scientific papers were 
published in refereed journals and 
295 papers were presented at 
national and international meet- 
ings. These publications, plus 

attendance and participation at 
national meetings, have brought 
most of our basic sciences depart- 
ments national and international 
recognition. In addition, 28 Ph.D. 
degrees were awarded during the 
year, which places us among the 
top 15 medical centers in the 
country. These strong Ph.D. pro- 
grams have not only contributed 
to our education and research 
efforts but have been very impor- 
tant in establishing Virginia Com- 
monwealth University as the third 
major category 1-A university in 
the commonwealth. 

As evidence of the increasing 
recognition of our faculty, two 
have been appointed as depart- 
ment chairmen in other institu- 
tions during the current year. Dr. 
Page Morahan, professor of mi- 
crobiology, has been appointed 
chairman of the Department of 
Microbiology at Pennsylvania 

Medical College. Dr. Alan Kaplan, 
professor of microbiology, will 
assume the same role at the Uni- 
versity of Kentucky Medical Cen- 
ter this July. 

As our faculty members have 
grown in number and stature, 
they regularly play a leading role 
in national and international 
meetings. Last year the following 
faculty members made significant 
contributions to international 

1. In January 1979, Dr. Gaylen 
Bradley, chairman. Depart- 
ment of Microbiology, chaired 
a U.S. team of six microbiolo- 
gists which met with their 
counterparts in Moscow as the 
U.S./U.S.S.R. Microbiology 
Working Group on the Produc- 
tion of Substances by Microbio- 
logical Methods. Dr. Bradley 
and the U.S. team will host 
this group in the U.S. this 

In September, Dr. Walter 
Nance, chairman of the depart- 
ment of human genetics, two 
faculty members, and two 
graduate students participated 
in the 60th International Con- 
gress of Human Genetics in Tel 
Aviv, Israel. 

Dr. William Dewey, professor 
of pharmacology, was an in- 
vited speaker at a conference 
on New Methodology in Anes- 
thesia in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Dr. Louis Harris, chairman of 
the department of pharmacol- 

ogy, participated in the meet- 
ing of the World Health Orga- 
nization on Psychoactive 
Substances in Geneva, Switzer- 
5. In October, Dr. Marino Mar- 
tinez, chairman of the depart- 
ment of biochemistry, was one 
of 25 distinguished biochemists 
invited to present research at 
an international conference on 
Protein Structures in Rome, 
It should be noted that all of the 
funds for foreign travel for these 
individuals were provided by the 
sponsors of the meetings and not 
from State of Virginia appropria- 

Dr. William Jollie (anatomy). 
Dr. Marino Martinez (biochemis- 
try). Dr. Jim Kilpatrick (biostatis- 
tics). Dr. Walter Nance (human 
genetics). Dr. Gaylen Bradley 
(microbiology). Dr. Norman 
Briggs (physiology), and Dr. 
Louis Harris (pharmacology) pro- 
vide the department leadership 
which includes recruitment of 
faculty and development of re- 
search and educational programs 
that are bringing national recogni- 
tion to the university. 

This is the last in a series of articles writ- 
ten by the deans of each of the six schools. 


School of Basic Sciences 

Summary of Annual Reports, 1980-81 







< c 



oa Q 






$ 113,876 

$ 708,361 

$ 822,237' 




















































Human Genetics 




































































*These departments also teach entering classes of 168 Medical, 110 Dental, 95 Pharmacy, 140 Nursing, and a variety of Allied Health Profession 

"Includes NIH Capitation, NIH BRSG, and Grant Overhead funds which were allotted to departments for support of research and educational 
programs, including faculty and classified salaries. 

Reunion '82 

General Information 

Friday, May 14 
9 am 
5 pm 


Saturday, May 15 

9 am-12 noon Registration, Alumni House 

9 am-l:00 pm Hospitality time. Alumni House 

9am-ll:30pm Scientific assembly 

Coffee and registration — Alumni House, 1105 East Clay Street 

Cocktail party by past presidents for 50-year graduates and their families. Graduates of 
classes prior to 1932 and their families are also invited to attend. Alumni House 
Class parties as scheduled 

9 am 
12 noon 

1 pm 

2 pm 
6 pm 

Sunday, May 16 
10 am 

Continental breakfast 

Cheer time 

Luncheon for alumni of all divisions. Free tickets must be ordered on the reservation blank 

in advance. 

93rd annual meeting of the Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association of Virginia 

Commonwealth University. All voting members are urged to attend. 

Reception, Commonwealth Club, 401 West Franklin Street. Tickets must be ordered on the 

reservation blank and paid for in advance. 

Brunch, Country Club of Virginia. Honoring 50-year graduates and graduates prior to 1932. 
Free tickets for honoree graduates must be ordered on the reservation blank in advance. 
Post-1932 graduates and families of all alumni are welcome, but tickets must be ordered on 
the reservation blank and paid for in advance. 


■ ■ ■ ■J I M 

Candidates for the Board of Trustees 
of the MCV Alumni Association 

For the three- year term beginning January 1, 1983 ballots for this board election will be 
sent to 1981 voting members this month. Please save this issue of the Scarab for informa- 
tion about the candidates. Each board member represents approximately 600 active alumni 
of the six schools. 

Medicine Trustee Candidates 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1939 


Columbia College, Columbia 

University, BA, 1934 

Medical College of Virginia, MD, 


Internships: MCV Hospitals 

Knickerbocker Hospital-Affiliation 
Bellevue Hospital, New York City 

Residencies: Sheltering Arms Hospital, St. Eliza- 
beth's Hospital, Richmond 

Appointments: Clinical professor. Department of 
Preventive Medicine 
Acting chairman. Department of 
Preventive Medicine, 1959-1962 
Director, Medical College of Virginia 
Screening Clinic, 1954-1962 
Preceptor, Home Care Program; 
director 1963-1968 

Member: Richmond Academy of Medicine (past 
vice-president). Medical Society of Virginia (past 
vice-president and chairman, committee on aging), 
VaMPAC (past chairman), American Medical Associ- 
ation, Association of Teachers of Preventive Medi- 
cine, Association of American Medical Colleges, 
England's Royal Society of Health (fellov^), Ameri- 
can Public Health Association (fellow), Virginia Pub- 
lic Health Association, Virginia Academy of Science, 
Association for the Advancement of Science, Indus- 
trial Medical Association, Southern Medical Associa- 
tion, American Geriatric Society, International Ge- 
rontological Society, Navy League, Temple Beth 

Midlothian, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1966 


University of Richmond 
Intern, MCV 


US Air Force Medical Corps 


Resident, chief resident, pediatrics, 


Assistant professor of pediatrics, 


Associate professor of pediatrics, 


Director, Intensive Care Nursery, 

Member: Richmond Academy of Medicine, Rich- 
mond Pediatric Society, Medical Society of Virginia, 
Southern Perinatal Association, Southern Society of 
Pediatric Research, Fellow, American Academy of 


Leadership within the MCV Alumni Association 
must be innovative and alert to the needs of the 
Medical College of Virginia, especially now that 
financial support to medical institutions is being 
reduced at a federal level and manv state programs 
for health care are being cut. I look forward to 
working with the alumni association to maintain 
MCV's leadership in health care in Virginia. 


Fairfax, Virginia 

School of Medicine, 1953 

1941-1946 Medical department, U.S. Army 

1949 University of Richmond 

1953 School of'Medicine, MCV 

1953-1954 Internship, Mercy Hospital, 

Springfield, Ohio 
1954-present Private general practice, Annandale, 

Fairfax County, Virginia 

Member: Fairfax County Medical Society, Virginia 
State Medical Society, American Medical Society 


It appears that we are entering a new era of budget 
constraints for education at the federal, state, and 
local levels. Increasingly vigorous and active alumni 
will be necessary to support the school and its 
programs. Now that reorganization is complete the 
issue of the vitality of the local chapters needs to be 
addressed. If elected, I would look forward to 
working with the board as it faces these and other 
issues over the next few years. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1961 

Biographical information is not available at present, 
but will be included in the ballot. 

Dentistry Trustee Candidates 

^^^*" flj^ 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
School of Dentistry, 1958 


The new organizational structure of the alumni 
association has had a good reception by its members 
and promises to be a strong means of communica- 
tion and service for the alumni and schools. I would 
welcome the opportunity to serve on its board of 

Danville, Virginia 
School of Dentistry, 1958 

1949-1950 Averett College 

1951-1953 United States Air Force 

1953-1954 Hampden-Sydney College 

1958-present General practice, Danville, Virginia 

1970 President, Danville Dental Society 

Member: Piedmont Dental Society, Virginia Dental 
Association, American Dental Association 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Dentistry, 1958 
University of Richmond 

1951-54 United States Army 

1958 to date Private practice of dentistry, 

Richmond, Virginia 
1959-1965 Clinical associate. Department of 

Operative Dentistry, MCV 
1973, 1980-81 Clinical associate. Endodontic 

Department, MCV 

Member: Richmond Dental Society, Virginia Dental 
Association, American Dental Association, Rich- 
mond Dental Study Club, Academy of General 
Dentistry, American Association of Endodontists, 
Pierre Fauchard Academy, American College of 


Strong support from the alumni of MCV is an 
absolute necessity now that big government has 
begun to grow smaller. Our school needs help from 
its graduates now more than ever. 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Dentistry, 1966 
University of Richmond 

1966-1968 U.S. Public Health Service 

1971-1976 Part-time faculty MCV School of 

1968-present Private practice, Richmond, Virginia 

Member: Richmond Dental Society, Virginia Dental 
Association, American Dental Association, Metro- 
politan Academy of Dentistry 


All of us have a great deal of pride in our MCV 
background and the excellent education we re- 
ceived. We must support our school, especially now 
in these times of government budget cuts. Each of 
us is indebted to MCV, and it is time to repay some 
small portion of that debt. Hopefully, we will accept 
this obligation and act upon it. 




Gloucester, Virginia 

School of Dentistry, 1956 

1956-present General practice of dentistry, 
Gloucester, Virginia 

Member: American Dental Association, Virginia 
State Dental Association, Ricfimond Dental Society, 
McKee Dental Study Club, Alumni Association of 
the Medical College of Virginia 


The alumni association of the Medical College of 
Virginia is the strong bond between the alumni and 
the school from which they graduated. Its purpose- 
ful goal has been exhibited by maintaining individu- 
ality of the various schools and yet culminating them 
into an organization that functions as a meaningful 
arm to the president of Virginia Commonwealth 
University. The need and/or demand is there for a 
larger dedicated number of alumni to join. Repre- 
sentation of the health-related schools by their 
alumni will carry over into the school today and will 
aid in the continuing harmonious growth. 

I made the above statement in my last term and 
over the years have seen these ideas unfold. The 
exception to the above is that the membership 
growth needs improvement and with continued 
effort this will be brought about. 

Petersburg, Virginia 
School of Dentistry, 1980 

May 1976 

Graduate University of Richmond, BS 

in biology 
May 1980 Graduate School of Dentistry, DDS 

July 1980 Entered general practice of dentistry 

with Dr. Herbert R. Boyd, Jr., in 

October 1980 Married to the former Miss Holly 


Member: Southside Virginia Dental Society (chair- 
man, dental health and public information commit- 
tee), Virginia Dental Association (dental health and 
public information committee), American Dental 
Association, MCV Alumni Association, Nottoway 

Dental Study club, Petersburg Jaycees, Petersburg 
Rotary Club, American Heart Association Board of 
Directors (secretary), American Red Cross Board of 
Directors, St. Mark's United Methodist Church Ad- 
ministrative Board, United Methodist Youth Fellow- 
ship (director), and finance committee 


I believe that the alumni association should be an 
important and active source of communication be- 
tween the alumni and school from which they grad- 
uated. This communication should help to insure 
cooperation between the college and its graduates 
for the mutual benefit of both. Under the new reor- 
ganization between the alumni association and the 
university, I feel that the alumni have an ever 
greater opportunity to help the institution to which 
we owe so much. It is in this framework that I, as a 
very recent graduate, would like to work and to 
have some input on behalf of the recent graduates. I 
think it is important for the newest alumni to be- 
come active and support the alumni association, 
school, college, and university upon graduation to 
assure the continued success of our alma mater. I 
would like the opportunity to work toward this end. 

Pharmacy Trustee Candidates 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Pharmacy, 1947 

School of Pharmacy, MCV 
Full-time instructor of pharmacy. 
School of Pharmacy, MCV 

1955-1959 Part-time instructor. School of 

Pharmacy, MCV 

1960-1965 Housewife and mother, part-time 

volunteer pharmacist at McGuire 
General Veteran's Hospital 

1965-1966 Part-time instructor in pharmacy, 


1966-1973 Housewife and mother 

1973-1980 Part-time instructor in School of 

Pharmacy, MCV 


Many changes have occurred on the MCV campus in 
the last few years. New buildings are springing up 
to bring a new look to our campus. All alumni can 
feel great pride in what is happening. The changes 
are both visible and invisible, but all of them need 
your vocal and financial support. Again I urge you, 
share with MCV some of what MCV has shared with 


you. Your alumni association is working harder than 
ever to help you. Please join them in their effort. 







Virginia Beach, Virginia 
School of Pharmacy, 1975 

Born at MCV 

Graduate of St. Catherine's School, 

Richmond, Virginia 

B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman's 

College, Lynchburg, Virginia 

University of Virginia, Graduate 


B.S., School of Pharmacy, MCV 

Pharmacist-in-charge, Bi-County 

Pharmacy, Onancock, Virginia 

Pharmacist-in-charge, Gladden's 

Pharmacy, Painter, Virginia 

Relief pharmacist, Pungo Medical 

Center, Peoples Drug Store, etc. 

Pharmacist-in-charge, Pungo Medical 

Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Member: Eastern Shore Pharmaceutical Association, 
Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, American 
Pharmaceutical Association, and Colonial Dames 
XVII Century. Eastern Shore representative to Exec- 
utive Council of Virginia Pharmaceutical Associa- 
tion. Served on legislative affairs, public affairs, and 
currently on professional affairs committee of Vir- 
ginia Pharmaceutical Association. Delegate to Vir- 
ginia Pharmaceutical Association House of Dele- 
gates. Received Student Leadership and Service 
Award at MCV, American Institute of Chemists 
Award, and UNA Burton Chemistry Award 


It is our obligation to maintain the progress and 
reputation of our beloved MCV. The alumni associa- 
tion must seek assistance from both the private and 
public segments of our society if we are to advance 
in the current economy. The Alumni Association 
must accomplish this by asserting its influence 
through membership growth, fund raising, and 
constant encouragement and support to our Health 
Sciences Division. Given the opportunity, 1 pledge 
my efforts toward accomplishing these goals and ask 
for your assistance in achieving them. 

Deltaville, Virginia 
School of Pharmacy, 1967 

Biographical information is not available at present, 
but will be included inthe ballot. 


Petersburg, Virginia 
School of Pharmacy, 1952 

University of Virginia 
United States Army 
University of Virginia 
School of Pharmacy 
Pharmacist, O. P. Hare Drug 
Company, Inc., Petersburg 
Pharmacist, Petersburg General 
Hospital, Petersburg 
Pharmacist, O. P. Hare Drug 
Company, Inc., Petersburg 
Owner, pharmacist-in-charge, O. P. 
Hare Drug Company, Inc., Petersburg 

Member: Virginia Pharmaceutical Association (life 
member). Fourth District Pharmaceutical Associa- 
tion, National Association of Retail Druggists (past 
president), American Pharmaceutical Association, 
University of Virginia Alumni Association (life member) 


I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a candi- 
date for the board of trustees of the MCV Alumni 
Association and if elected, I will endeavor to seek 
out alumni in the Fourth District Medical and Phar- 
macy Associations and make them aware of the 
needs and seek their support to update the great 
tradition of the university. All of the graduates 
should be proud of their educational background 
and the outstanding faculty and facilities of the 
school to which we owe so much. We must maintain 
and further the reputation of MCV par excellence. 

Nursing Trustee Candidates 


Fredericksburg, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1943 




Richmond Professional Institute, 

College of William and Mary 

Teacher's College, Columbia 


Night supervisor. Medical College of 

Virginia Hospitals 


1946-1953 Assistant director of nursing service. 

Medical College of Virginia Hospitals 
1953-1958 Director of nursing. King's Daughters 

Hospital, Staunton 
1958-1969 Director of nursing, Lynchburg 

General Hospital, Lynchburg 
1970-1972 Director, associate degree program, 

Patrick Henry College, Martinsville 
1972-present Director of nursing, Mary Washington 


Member: American Nurses Association, Virginia 
Nurses Association, Virginia Hospital Association, 
Virginia League for Nursing, Virginia Chapter of 
American Society of Nursing Service Administrators, 
American Society for Health Manpower Education 
and Training of the American Hospital Association 


The fact that I have been a member for 30 consecu- 
tive years indicates my belief in the Medical College 
of Virginia Alumni Association. I believe, further, 
that it should remain a viable, strong organization 
whose members offer the support necessary for the 
university to continue to make the contributions it 
always has toward the provision of health care and 
toward the education of those who will provide 
health care services. 

Kenbridge, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1951 

Staff nurse, 16th floor, MCV 
Head nurse, 4-East, MCV 
Head nurse, 16th floor, MCV 
Supervisor, Retreat Hospital 



All of us who graduated from MCV are proud of our 
schools and the imprint MCV graduates have made 
in the health science field. With the help and sup- 
port from MCV alumni this fine tradition can be 

Rose Valley, Pennsylvania 
School of Nursing, 1952 

1952-1954 Staff nurse, I.V.N. A., Richmond, 

1957-1963 Staff nurse, Bryn Mawr and Riddle 

Hospitals, Pennsylvania 
1966-1975 Wallingford, Swarthmore School 

District, medical assistant-substitute 

1975-1976 Health coordinator. Head Start, 

Chester, Pennsylvania 
1977-1979 School nurse. Nether Providence 

High School, Wallingford, 

1979-1980 School nurse, Springfield High 

School, Springfield, Pennsylvania 
1980-present School nurse, Pennsylvania Delco 

School District 

Member: Gamma Omega Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, 
MCV; board of directors. Community Nursing Serv- 
ice, Delaware County, Pennsylvania; Board of Direc- 
tors and nursing chairman, Chester-Wallingford 
Chapter of the American Red Cross; secretary- 
treasurer, Delaware Valley Chapter, MCV Alumni; 
Board of Trustees MCV Alumni, 1981 


As a member of the Board of Trustees this past year, 
I feel that I have gained experience and insight into 
the work of our alumni association. It is exciting and 
challenging to be part of this group of dedicated 
alumni, working to serve all the graduates of our 
fine alma mater. 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1932 

Educational BS and MEd, College of William and 
preparation: Mary 

RN, School of Nursing, Medical 

College of Virginia 
Work Former director of nursing, 

experience: Petersburg Hospital, Grace Hospital 

Associate professor of nursing. 

Medical College of Virginia 

Navy Nurse Corps 

Presently retired, teaching part-time 

at Westminster-Canterbury, 



Richmond, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1954 

1954-1955 Staff nurse. North Carolina Memorial 

Hospital, Chapel Hill, N.C. 

1955-1961 MCV pediatric nursing, staff and 

head nurse 

1961-1964 Public health nurse, Hampton 

Virginia Health Department, Hanover 
County Health Department 

1964-present Nurse coordinator. Bureau of 

Crippled Children, Virginia State 
Health Department 

Former Member: MCV Alumni Association, Board of 
Trustees, treasurer of MCV nursing alumni section. 
Member: Lee Chapter of American Business 
Woman's Association First Baptist Church 


The alumni association has recently undergone 
many changes with its agreement with VCU. The 
alumni association has been and should remain a 
vital element to the school and its graduates. To 
strengthen this organization we need the support 
and involvement of all our alumni. 1 would work 
toward this goal. 

Allied Health Professions 
Trustee Candidates 


Richmond, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1953 

Averett College 

MCV staff nurse 

MCV head nurse, surgical unit 

A.D. Williams Clinic, assistant head 

nurse, obstetrics/gynecology 

Retreat Hospital, staff nurse 

Past member: MCV Nursing Oral History Group 

Member: First Baptist Church, Brighten Green Gar- 
den Club, Richmond Chapter Averett Alumni Asso- 
ciation, Coast Guard Auxiliary, past officer of Flotilla 
Finance, Division III Public Officer and Fifth District 
Staff Officer of Materials. Recipient of Coast Guard 
Certificate of Administrative Merit, Auxiliary Opera- 
tional Service award, and a National Commodore's 
certificate for Women of the Fifth District. Numerous 
MCV alumni committees for School of Nursing func- 
tions, lectureships, and reunions. 



v^ Chesapeake, Virginia 
W' I ,^ School of Physical Therapy, 1956 

1956-1960 Staff physical therapist-supervisor, 

Cincinnati VA Hospital, Cincinnati, 

1961-1963 Staff physical therapist, MCV, 

Richmond Memorial Hospitals, 

Richmond, Virginia 
1963-1967 Staff physical therapist, department 

head, Roanoke Memorial Hospitals, 

Roanoke, Virginia 
1967-1975 Chief physical therapist. Tidewater 

Rehabilitation Institute, Norfolk, 

1975-present Director of physical therapy, 

Chesapeake General Hospital, 

Chesapeake, Virginia 


The everchanging face of our MCV Campus with its 
growth and leadership in the medical field is mir- 
rored by the same changes in our school of allied 
health. May the alumni of our various schools of 
allied health increase their support of our alma ma- 
ter by their membership and participation. 


Bon Air, Virginia 

School of Physical Therapy,1951 

School of Graduate Studies, 

MS 1956, PhD 1963 

1952-1954 U.A. Air Force 

1955-1959 Assistant professor. School of 

Physical Therapy 
1963-1964 Instructor, Department of Physiology 

1964-1965 Postdoctoral research fellow, Nobel 

Institute for Neurophysiology, 

Stockholm, Sweden 
1965-1966 Assistant professor. Department of 

1973-1974 Alexander von Humboldt research 

fellow. Tech. University, Munich, 

West Germany 
1966-present Associate professor. Department of 


Member: American Physiological Society, Society for 
Neuroscience, American Congress Rehabilitation 
Medicine, American Physical Therapy Association, 
American Association of University Professors, Vir- 
ginia Academy of Science 


Present economic conditions make it imperative that 
graduates of the various schools of the university 
join and support a strong alumni association to as- 
sist in the expansion of quality health and medical 
programs. Our efforts will help ensure for Virginia 
continued leadership in the health sciences at the 
Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth 


Fredericksburg, Virginia 

School of Medical Technology, 


Graduate School, Ph.D., 1968 

1967-present Associate professor of biology, Mary 

Washington College 
1976-1978 Adviser for health sciences, Mary 

Washington College 


MCV/VCU has provided students with a quality 

education for many years. Now it is time for us to 

show our support for the school and its excellent 

health science programs. Let us provide for the 

school to insure that it will be available for future 



Richmond, Virginia 

School of Medical Technology, 1959 



Mary Washington College 

Rotating medical technologist in 

Department of Clinical Pathology, 


Supervisor, Department of 

Hematology, MCV (specializing in 


Member: American Society of Medical Technologists 


Having remained at the university since graduation 
in 1959, I have experienced the tremendous growth 
of this organization. During this time, I have become 
very aware of the thousands of well-trained and 
qualified medical personnel graduated from our 
schools. I am also aware that today's economic prob- 
lems will require the alumni to assume more and 
more financial responsibility to continue such quality 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Radiologic 
Technology, 1980 

Elon College, B.S. 

Present, MCV Pediatric Radiology 


As a representative of the allied health professions 
division, I hope to help make the alumni association 
a more successful and united organization. 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Radiologic 
Technology, 1977 


Staff technologist. Medical College of 
Virginia Hospitals 

1977-1981 Radiation safety technician, radiation 

safety office, Virginia Commonwealth 
University (MCV Campus) 

1981-present Radiation safety specialist, biohazard 
safety ofrice, Virginia Commonwealth 
University (MCV Campus) 

Member: American Registry of Radiologic Technolo- 
gists, Virginia Society of Radiologic Technologists, 
Virginia Chapter Health Physics Society, National 
Health Physics Society 


Over the past five years, the growth of the Medical 
College of Virginia Campus has been phenomenal. 
We have seen many changes, and we are destined to 
see many more. With the support of the MCV 
alumni association, this school can be a continuing 
source of pride to its alumni through its growth and 



Richmond, Virginia 
School of Graduate Studies, 
Ph.D., 1967 

University of Athens, School of 
Medicine, Athens, Greece, M.D. 
Internship, Maryland General 
Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 


1960-1962 Residency in medicine, MCV 

1962-1964 Research fellowship in medicine 

(cardiopulmonary), MCV 
1964-1966 Instructor in medicine, MCV 

1966-1970 Assistant professor of medicine, MCV 

1970-1972 Associate professor of medicine, MCV 

1972-to date Professor of medicine, MCV 
1977-to date Co-chairman, Division of Cardiology, 

1978-to date Chairman, Cardiopulmonary 

Division, MCV 


The alumni association is the guardian of the tradi- 
tions of the Medical College of Virginia. It provides 
an essential link betv^een the past and the future of 
the college. By judicious use of the experience and 
resources of its members, it can make important 
contributions to enhance the growth of the medical 
college and to maintain its tradition of excellence. 

Richmond, Virginia 
Graduate School, Ph.D. 



Head nurse. Medical Surgery Unit, 
Medical College of Virginia 

1956-1961 Head nurse, technician, pulmonary 

function laboratory, MCV 
1961-1969 Graduate school, MCV 

1969-1971 Instructor in physiology, MCV 

1971 -present Assistant professor of physiology, 

1975-1976 Visiting scientist in laboratory of Dr. 

Walter C. Randall, Stritch School of 
Medicine, Loyola University, 
Chicago, Illinois 


I am pleased and honored to accept again the nomi- 
nation to be a candidate for the Board of Trustees of 
the MCV Alumni Association. During my previous 
term, the board was required to direct most of its 
energy and talent to the very important and neces- 
sary task of reorganization within the structure of 
the VCU Alumni Association. Now that reorganiza- 
tion has quite successfully been achieved, I welcome 
the possibility of being able to serve our six MCV 
schools in perhaps a more direct and tangible way. 


We Ye Proud of How We Care. 

You probably know that Westbrook Hospital is modem, clean, and 
attractive. You may also know about our wide range of patient services, 
individualized treatment programs and quality nursing care. But do you 
know what we're really proud of? Our staff They're people who care 
about being an active part of the helping process. We think that's what 
really counts. 


We re Here Because We Care 

24 Hour Admissions. Treatment for Adolescents and Adults. 1500 Westbrook Avenue. Richmond. Va. 23227, (804) 266-9671 


1981 Members of the MCV 
Alumni Association of VCU 

Persons who became members of the MCV Alumni Association during 1981 are listed below. Those persons 
who joined are thanked for their interest, cooperation, and support of the association. 

Membership Statistics for the MCV Alumni Association 

'11 Nursing 

Carrie Mae Copenhaver 

'12 IMedicine 
Lewis J. Friedman 

'12 Pharmacy 
W. P. Harrison 

'16 Medicine 

J. L. Hamner 

Alex F. Robertson, Jr. 

S. S. Cook 
Basil B. Jones 
Toson O. Summers 

'20 Nursing 
Mazie T. Rogers 

'21 Dentistry 
W. E. Clark, Sr. 

'21 Pharmacy 
R. R. Rooke 

'21 Nursing 
Mary Sue Bell 

'22 Medicine 
Charles M. Caravati 

'22 Dentistry 
Tillie L. Weinstein 

'22 Pharmacy 

L. W. Butler 
C. R. Pendleton 

'22 Nursing 

C. Virginia Besson 
Florence C. Schwab 

'23 Medicine 
W. P. Bittinger 

'23 Dentistry 

R. Ashton Gay 
Harry Lyons 

'24 Medicine 

James L. Blanton 
Chester E. Haberlin 
T. B. Washington 

'24 Dentistry 

Linden O. Alexander 
Robert F. Freeman 

'26 Dentistry 
Edward Myers 

'26 Pharmacy 
I. D. Harvey 

'26 Nursing 

Lois F. Arundel 
Maude L. Fox 

'27 Medicine 

J. Warren Hundley 
Leo L. Jacobs 
Eliot W. Johnson 
Charles L. Newland 
James T. Tucker 

George W. Easley 
W. C. EUiott 

'29 Medicine 

A. C. Chandler 
Samuel L. Cooke 

'29 Pharmacy 

James C. Bray 
James H. SuUender 

'29 Nursing 

Verna T. Darlington 
Rachel H. Hughes 
Anne F. Mahoney 
Minnie P. Oldham 
Frances L. Pickard 
Virginia M. Porter 
Rosalind W. Roach 

Guila G. Rogers 
Lillian G. Winston 

'29 Allied Health 
Elizabeth Caperton 

'30 Medicine 

M. Foscue Brock 
Clyde L. Crawford 
E. Raymond Fenton 
S. Dewitt Gardner 
William C. Knott 
E. TerriU Montgomery 
Frank F. Ramey 
H. M. Richardson 
Lloyd R. Shaw 
Edward H. Williams 
James N. Williams 
S. Glenn Wilson 

'30 Dentistry 
Edwin M. Nash 

'30 Nursing 

Hazel W. Bouldin 
Helen H. Crossley 
Paris B. Ewart 
Lillian M. Gardner 
Azzie Jenks 
Virgie D. Knott 
Elizabeth K. Ryan 

'31 Medicine 

John E. CoUier 
L. B. Copenhaver 
Oscar W. Cranz 

D. A. Dent 
R. O. Glenn 
Victor Goodside 
George W. Holmes 
William H. Hoskins 
Carl W. LaFratta 
H. J. Lukeman 

E. Cotton Rawls 

'31 Dentistry 
Leon Slavin 

'31 Pharmacy 

Roy M. Beard 
Herman E. Becker 
A. S. McCain 
H. Paul Rhodes 

Blanche S. Connell 
Sabra S. Russell 
Marie J. Showalter 

'32 Medicine 

Bertha M. Davis 
Charles A. Easley, Jr. 
R. H. Fowlkes 
Paul S. Richards 
Beecher L. Smith 
James S. Vermillion 
K. K. Wallace 
J. Marshall Winkfield 

'32 Dentistry 
Robert B. Long 

'32 Nursing 

Lillian D. Moseley 
Mary B. Thompson 
Minnie E. Thorne 

'33 Medicine 

William R. Bishop 
Ernest P. Buxton, Jr. 
Charles W. Copenhaver 
H. D. Fitzpatrick 
Mary E. Johnston 
Juan Mimoso 
R. B. Nutter 
E. W. Perkins III 
J. A. Robinson 
George F. Salle 
Victor Simiele 
P. L. Wolgin 
Anthony A. Yurko, Sr. 

'33 Dentistry 

B. M. Haley 
Tom R. Nicholls 

'33 Pharmacy 

E. Claiborne Robins 
George C. White 

'33 Nursing 

Susie M. Brown 
Virginia J. Hickman 
Nellie R. Hiner 
Italy D. Nelson 
Thelma S. Preer 
Lucy Washington 

'34 Medicine 

Wilber V. Bradshaw, Jr. 
Henry A. Brown 
Mildred B. Forman 
R. Campbell Manson 
Edwin J. Palmer 
Pete N. Pastore 
M. G. Stutz 
Girard V. Thompson 
Elam C. Toone, Jr. 
Hight C. Warwick 

'34 Pharmacy 

John W. Gallagher, Jr. 
F. L. Kent 

'34 Nursing 

Heath S. Altsman 
Vivian Bragg 
Anna M. Copenhaver 
Wilhelmina B. Johnson 
Ruth E. Jones 
Alene R. Rogers 

'35 Medicine 

B. Randolph Allen 
John R. Bender 
Solomon Disick 
Hugh S. Edwards 
Edwin P. Ewers 
James Q. Gant, Jr. 
Bennett E. Stephenson, Jr. 
Leo L. Tylec 

'35 Dentistry 
Antonio C. Disanto 

'35 Nursing 

Alma C. Baetz 
Helen T. Bryce 
Alice D. Dole 
Jessie L. Ellis 
Ruhamah W. Henshaw 
Frances C. Morgan 
Martha L. Nicholes 

'36 Medicine 

Homer Bartley 
William Y. Garrett 
A. R. Johnston 
Max Koenigsberg 
Frances E. Noblin 
Jack J. Stark 
Lewis S. Trostler 
Claude B. White 


'36 Dentistry 

Jack J. Goldman 
Thomas E. Martin 
William S. Miles, Jr. 
Herbert Tobias 

'36 Nursing 

Imogene M. Bunn 
Mae Belle W. Condit 
Mae M. Humphrey 

'36 Basic Sciences 
J. Henry Wills 

'37 Medicine 

Guy W. Daugherty 
John B. Holt 
V. Clifton Lanier 
John T. Llewellyn 
Julien H. Meyer 
Richard A. Michaux 
Christine Thelen 

'37 Dentistry 

I. Michael Harris 
Woodrow C. Henderson 
Nathaniel Janiger 

'37 Nursing 

Lottie J. Howard 
Marian D. Machen 
Margaret M. Price 
Lucy Wright 

'38 Medicine 

Phillips L. Claud 
Archie A. Hoffman 
Charles F. James, Jr. 
Sydney L. Lang 
John F. Morris 
Earl S. Scott 
Otto S. Steinreich 
W. T. Thompson, Jr. 
H. Joseph Williams 

'38 Pharmacy 
William H. Joyner 

'38 Nursing 
Edna R. Burton 

'39 Medicine 

Guy H. Branaman 
Eugenie M. Fribourg 
John W. Hash 
Anne B. LoGrippo 
Gerald A. LoGrippo 
Carl Manuta 
Harold I. Nemuth 
John L. Patterson, Jr. 
John E. Stone 

'39 Dentistry 

George N. Trakas 
Harry Weiner 

'39 Pharmacy 

Charles 0. Fore 
L. A. Shepherd 

'40 Medicine 

Dorothy Fisher 
Herman J. Flax 
William C. Grinnan 
C. Bemis Hall 
Francis C. Johnson 
Edward L. King 
Wilkin R. Stevens 
John T. Walke 

'40 Dentistry 

W. Yates League 
Maurice E. Newton 
Jose O. Porrata 

'40 Nursing 

Mayme L. Harris 
Edith L. McLendon 
Alberta C. Rawchuck 
Lillian K. Rivera 
Virginia F. Schilbe 

'41 Medicine 

Herbert C. Allen, Jr. 
Robert S. Faircloth 
A. Broaddus Gravatt, Jr. 
William R. Jones, Jr. 
Arthur A. Kirk 
John J. Marsella 
Edward T. Matsuoka 
Carolyn M. McCue 
Howard M. McCue, Jr. 
Carl P. Parker, Jr. 
William R. Woolner 

'41 Dentistry 

Joseph M. Kline 
Robert H. Loving 
William M. Murray 
John G. Wall 

'41 Pharmacy 

Paul G. Caplan 
Alden S. Hankla 
Linwood S. Leavitt 

'41 Nursing 

Julia B. Fisher 
Anne N. Goodman 
Bonnie B. Lewis 
Carolease B. WaUace 

'41 Allied Health 

Sara B. Barrios 
Mary Y. Edwards 
Eleanor M. Talcott 

Edward J. Evans 
George E. Ewart 
Duvahl R. Hull 

Evelyn L. StuU 
William W. Walton 
Oscar W. Ward, Jr. 

'42 Dentistry 

Philip W. Handy 
Irving L. Hutcherson 
Robert E. Woolwine, Jr. 

'42 Pharmacy 

E. Carlyle Phillips 
John J. Schooley 
William H. Thompson 
Ralph M. Ware, Jr. 

'42 Nursing 

Jeanie L. Adkerson 
Lillie R. Cain 
Emma S. Eaves 
Mary C. Evans 
Aileen B. Hagood 
Evelyn T. Moore 
Bessie C. Spivey 

'43 Medicine 

Robert E. Carr 
Custis L. Coleman 
Milton Ende 
Irving E. Pixel 
James C. Gale 
Thomas V. Goode, Jr. 
William S. Grizzard 
William J. Hagood, Jr. 
Shirley M. Howard 
Fontaine G. Jarman, Jr. 
Francis B. Lee 
Otis E. Linkous, Jr. 
Frank F. Merker 
Margaret B. Obenschain 
Edwin J. Otis 
John M. Ratliff, Jr. 
W. H. ReMine, Jr. 
Lucile W. Richardson 
Norman Rosenthal 
Leroy S. Safian 
James A. Smith 

'43 Dentistry 

Guy L. Alphin 
Everett W. Baker 
Thomas J. Fitzgerald 
A. J. Fressola 

'43 Pharmacy 

Floyd A. Robertson, Jr. 

'43 Nursing 

L. Frances Gordon 
Margaret B. Gruner 
Dorsye E. Russell 

'43 Allied Health 
Helen F. Freas 

Oscar W. Clarke, Jr. 
Rufus P. EUett, Jr. 

Walter A. Eskridge 
Frank W. Gearing, Jr. 
S. W. Lippincott 
W. Donald Moore 
Abraham Perlman 
Oscar O. Smith, Jr. 
Robert H. Thrasher 
James Tidier 

'44 Dentistry 

William Ackerman 
Herbert H. Bonnie 
Walter H. Dickey 
Howard C. Mirmelstein 

'44 Nursing 

Margaret M. Beattie 
Carrie G. Claypool 
Joan E. Eanes 
Katherine D. Edwards 
Esther M. Frazier 
Edna R. Oppenheim 
Elizabeth P. Overby 
Helen R. Smith 
Margaret H. Starkey 
Jean H. Thomas 
Rosabelle Tyree 
Virginia G. Wessells 

'44 Allied Health 

Jane C. Gaffney 
Betty J. Hines 

'45 Medicine 

Edward H. Alderman 
Baruj Benacerraf 
Raymond S. Brown 
William M. Bruch 
Belle D. Fears 
Alfred Joseph 
Mann T. Lowry 
John M. Lukeman 
WiUiam G. Painter, Jr. 
Robert R. Rector 
Paul W. Robinett 
Roy B. Sampson, Jr. 
George F. West 
George A. Zirkle, Jr. 

'45 Dentistry 

Fred C. Jones 
Morton A. Paret 
Paul A. Stroup, Jr. 

'45 Pharmacy 
Louise F. Simpson 

'45 Nursing 

Arizona R. Acors 
Mary S. Adams 
Ruth R. Brewer 
Nellie H. Kekler 
Margery S. Parker 

'45 Allied Health 
Shirley S. Geller 

'46 Medicine 

Richard N. Baylor 
Charles H. Brant 
M. G. Burdette 
S. Booker Dillard 
Ivan G. Freed 
Mary C. Gray 
Charles E. Llewellyn, Jr. 
Thomas G. Potterfield 

'46 Dentistry 

Charles E. Bodell, Jr. 
Dennis P. Claypool, Jr. 
Gladstone M. Hill 
Raymond T. Moore 

'46 Nursing 

Marjorie B. Adams 
Emily L. Cassity 
Joyce J. Martin 
Sara R. Taylor 
Jessie Thompson 

'46 Allied Health 

Hilda M. Traina 
Darlene S. Walter 

'47 Medicine 

C. Whitney Caulkins, Jr. 
E. Lemoyne Coffield 
Douglass O. Hill 
Hampton Hubbard 
Philip L. Minor 
George J. Oliver, Jr. 
William W. Quisenberry 
Ralph S. Riffenburgh 
Jay E. Rogers, Jr. 
John W. Todd 111 

'47 Dentistry 

Fred B. Cornett 
Raymond J. Gardner 
Ralph B. Holmes 
Walter M. Ormes, Jr. 
Joseph R. Suggs 

'47 Pharmacy 

R. David Anderson 
Jean C. Bodell 
Bertha C. Rolfe 
Russell E. Simpson, Jr. 

'47 Nursing 

Cula M. Adams 
Jennie K. Caulkins 
Lucie K. Latimer 
Nancy B. Taylor 
Mary C. Williams 

'47 Allied Health 

Ruth E. Fabian 
Eunice M. Rountree 
Geraldine Smith 
Elizabeth R. Stone 
Margaret M. Watlington 

'47 Basic Sciences 
Helen O. Byrd 


'48 Medicine 

James B. Adams 
Guy J. Barrow 
Arthur K. Black 
Crowell T. Daniel, Jr. 
George F. Elsasser 
W. Robert Irby 
Robert W. Irvin, Jr. 
John J. Kelly III 
Arthur G. Meakin 
Michael J. Moore 
Thomas H. Moseley 
William L. Roberson 
Lucien W. Roberts, Jr. 
Thomas A. Saunders 
Elizabeth C. Strawinsky 
Robert K. Williams 

'48 Dentistry 

John D. Beall 
H. R. Boyd, Jr. 
Herbert L. Schwartz 

'48 Nursing 

Elizabeth H. Drash 
Thelma P. Walker-Brown 

'49 Medicine 

Leo Blank 

Robert E. Dutton, Jr. 
Herbert C. Hoover 
Morton Kurtz 
Robert T. Melgaard 
David S. Palmstrom 
Ralph J. Stalter 
William W. Walthall, Jr. 
William O. Winston 

'49 Dentistry 

William H. Becker 
William M. Spence 
J. Frank Thomason 

'49 Pharmacy 

Charles F. Kingery 
Thomas F. Marshall, Jr. 

'49 Nursing 

Thelma N. Deeb 
Curtura W. Gaines 
Mary C. Gunn 
Catherine H. Jackson 

'49 Allied Health 
Florence M. Frazier 

'50 Medicine 

William M. Bangel 
Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr. 
M. Cade Covington 
Hugh Fitzpatrick 111 
Thomas B. Hedrick 
E. E. Mihalyka 
Ellen J. Preston 
George C. Ritchie, Jr. 
John B. Rose, Jr. 
Leo F. Sherman 
John E. Smith 
Allan M. linger 

'50 Dentistry 

Leigh C. Budwell 
J. Ervin Cannon, Jr. 
William B. Fitzhugh 
Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. 
Lawrence G. Mathews 
William A. Stokes 

'50 Nursing 

Evelyn E. Foy 
Joan M. Mancini 
Clara J. Matz 
Adele E. Morgan 
Lillian E. Peyton 

'50 Allied Health 

Dorothy H. Marsh 
Usa K. McWold 

'51 Medicine 

William J. Berry 
Andrew E. Harris, Jr. 
William E. Newby 
Carl J. Roncaglione 
Bernard M. Savage 
Albert J. Wasserman 

'51 Dentistry 

WiUiam A. Coleman 
Carlton E. Gregory 
H. Marvin Midkiff 
Thomas W. Peterson 
William B. Russell 
John J. Salley 
Howard B. Watkins 

'51 Pharmacy 

Henry W. Addington, Jr. 
George J. Janosik 

'51 Nursing 

Erma G. Boninsegna 
Helen M. Fortenberry 
Loretta W. Sisson 
Mae Belle L. Smyth 

'51 Allied Health 

Hener B. Agnew 
Marion D. Bates 
Nathan Bushnell 111 
James E. Case 
Bertha B. Gerteisen 
Sibyl K. Levin 
Bernard W. Swift 
David A. Weems 
Jacob G. Wiersma 

'52 Medicine 

Richard T. Arnest, Jr. 
David W. Branch 
Gene E. Clapsaddle 
Kenneth D. Crippen 
Johnny R. Hatfield 
W. Benson McCutcheon, Jr. 
Shirley C. Olsson 
Joseph B. Oram 
Bernard L. Patterson 
John S. Prince 

William A. Shelton 
Peter W. Squire 
William R. Tabor 
Louis R. Wilkerson 
F. Quinby Wingfield, Jr. 
Phillip C. Yerby III 

'52 Dentistry 

C. L. Baltimore 
F. Allen Cavedo, Jr. 
John H. Goode, Jr. 
Carlyle Gregory 
S. Guy Hall 
Wiley S. Mayo, Jr. 
George S. Tate, Jr. 

'52 Pharmacy 

George E. Foresman 
Gerald M. Rosenberg 
Earle B. Watkins 

'52 Nursing 

Emily H. Baxter 
Louise H. Blowe 
M. Ruth Carson 
Mary P. Cook 
Ruby E. Elmore 
Jane K. Garber 
Myrtle W. Patterson 
Margaret S. Westbrook 

'52 Allied Health 

Lelia M. Brown 
Albert R. Dulaney 
Hunter A. Grumbles 
Eleanor L. Reeves 
William R. Reid 
Barbara A. Rock 

'53 Medicine 

Wesley C. Bernhart 
D. Earl Brown, Jr. 
Herman W. Brubaker 
Baxter H. Byerly 
Joseph E. Gardner 
Frederick T. Given, Jr. 
O. T. Graham, Jr. 
Robert O. Hudgens 
Harry I. Johnson, Jr. 
M. G. Martin 
Harvey E. Melton 
Julie C. M. Sanford 
Henry S. Spencer 
Thomas P. Stratford 
Paul A. Tanner, Jr. 
Charles J. Townsend 
John W. Watson 
William G. Way 

'53 Dentistry 

Donald S. Brown 
Richard T. Bruce, Jr. 
Oliver L. Burkett, Jr. 
Edwin F. Irish 
R. Howard Mahanes, Jr. 
William A. McClellan 
Frederick C. Shaw 

'53 Pharmacy 
Robert W. Clyburn 

'53 Nursing 

Dorothy J. Allen 
Clara B. Deyton 
Ruth D. Maschauer 
Dorothea H. Patrick 
Alice L. Smith 
Hilda R. Taylor 
Romona P. Williams 

'53 AUied Health 

MiUard L. Berman 
Gwindolyn Board 
Jean G. Cook 
Thomas J. Curtis 
Jane T. Hobby 
Peggy F. Osnoe 
May W. Richardson 
Robert L. West 
William J. Zoltowicz 

'54 Medicine 

Letcher B. Barnes 
Irwin M. Bogarad 
Charles D. Burch III 
J. Henry Dwyer 
Edgar C. Goldston 
Julius T. Goodman 
L. Lynton Goulder, Jr. 
WiUiam H. Harriman, Jr. 
John P. Heatwole 
Charles A. Hoffman, Jr. 
John B. Markey 
Randolph McCutcheon, Jr. 
Donald H. McNeiU, Jr. 
Robert D. Richards 
Philip A. Rosenfeld 
Paul H. Schellenberg 
Edward H. Sharp 
Alton R. Sharpe, Jr. 
Pendleton E. Thomas III 
Frances S. A. Williams 
Gerald T. Zwiren 

'54 Dentistry 

Harry L. Mears, Jr. 
J. Fuller Robinson, Jr. 
S. E. Saunders, Jr. 
Harold D. Taylor 
Frank M. West, Jr. 

'54 Pharmacy 

Graham F. Hendley 
M. B. Ralston III 

'54 Nursing 

Mary Jane M. Kronokb 

'54 Allied Health 

Richard Brooke, Jr. 
Elaine J. Collins 
Joseph H. James, Jr. 
Mary W. McFee 
Jan N. Taylor 

'55 Medicine 

Steven J. Abramedis 
Byron P. Crow 
Arthur B. Frazier 

Jack S. Garrison 
Fitzhugh Mayo 
Hunter M. McGuire, Jr. 
George S. Richardson 
G. Hugh Warren, Jr. 
Claiborne G. Whitworth 

'55 Dentistry 

Winston M. Browne, Jr. 
Richard L. Fisher 
Edgar C. Hatcher, Jr. 
Ralph L. HoweU 
Eugene L. Kanter 
Milton A. Owens 
Don P. Whited 
W. Nelson Worrell 

'55 Pharmacy 

Harvey T. Morgan 
Charles E. Webb 

'55 Nursing 

Reva E. Dyer 
Ann G. Joyce 
Eleanor R. Roller 

'55 Allied Health 

Paul N. Bridge 
B. Elizabeth Kingsley 
Fred W. Sammons 
Elizabeth L. Wright 

'56 Medicine 

Raymond D. Dyer, Jr. 
Andrew M. Fekete 
Clarence K. Glover, Jr. 
Anne S. Goldston 
P. G. Gregoriou 
William P. Grigsby 
Echols A. Hansbarger, Jr. 
WiUiam J. Lawson 
Fitzhugh X. MuUins 
Gerald W. RoUer 
Rosemary F. ScheUenberg 
James R. Sease 
Robert S. Smith 
D. Lee A. Struckmeyer 
Rheudolph J. Wells 

'56 Dentistry 

Louis C. Blazek 
Richard D. CoUier 
Patrick B. Colvard 
WiUiam W. Crittenden, Jr. 
Alton E. Hodges, Jr. 
John B. Lapetina 
P. L. McBride, Jr. 

'56 Pharmacy 

Fay L. Andrews 
Edwin L. Burnette 
James T. Savage 

'56 Nursing 

Katherine C. Bobbitt 
Beverly L. Fleming 
Emily M. Johnston 


'56 Allied Health 

Margaret S. Freeman 
Harlie H. Masters 
Carl S. Napps 
Joseph E. Peery, Jr. 
Pattie G. Robertson 
Herman L. West 

'57 Medicine 

H. R. Bates, Jr. 
John M. Bishop, Jr. 
Ruth W. Campbell 
Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr. 
William H. Hark 
D. Ewell Hendricks 
Gilbert L. Hendricks, Jr. 
Alvin J. Southworth 
Thomas A. Walker 
Charles A. Wilson 
Percy Wootton 
Reuben B. Young, Jr. 

'57 Dentistry 

Fred G. Alouf, Jr. 
George P. Barnes III 
Robert E. Elvington 
Robert S. Markley 
Felix E. Shepard 

'57 Pharmacy 

Richard A. Woodfin, Jr. 

'57 Nursing 

Carol B. CantreU 
Dorothy V. Churn 
Ramona S. Friend 
Barbara L. Hendricks 
Dorothy Shepard 

'57 Allied Health 

Ernest T. Sheen 
W. Earl Willis 

'58 Medicine 

Melvin D. Childers, Jr. 
Richard F. Clark 
James R. Darden, Jr. 
Patrick G. Graham 
Andrew W. Haraway 
C. Leon Jennings, Jr. 
Marion J. Murray, Jr. 
Jesse D. Robertson 
Robert B. Scott 
Karl K. Wallace, Jr. 
J. Paul Wampler 
Winfred Ward 
Vivian M. Wilkerson 

'58 Dentistry 

John I. Bowman, Jr. 
Robert M. Lawrence, Jr. 
Bennett A. Malbon 
Marvin F. West 

'58 Pharmacy 

Edward M. Durand 
James C. McArdle 

'58 Nursing 

Nancy K. Durrett 
Cynia Katsorelos 
Ann B. Murray 
Shirley H. Odell 
Mable B. Parker 
Clementine S. PoUok 
Jean M. Shepard 

'58 Allied Health 

Carroll E. Clary 
Lester L. Lamb 
Eleanor S. Patterson 
Chester L. Sheffer 

'59 Medicine 

William L. Bekenstein 
Mary J. DeCarvalho 
Jan B. DeBakker 
William D. Deep 
Blackwell B. Evans 
James L. Gardner 
R. Arthur Gindin 
Marlene B. Henley 
Frederick Rahal 
Galen L. Wampler 
Joseph M. Znoy 

'59 Dentistry 

John W. Ames, Jr. 

Carroll G. Bennett, Jr. 

Robert L. Binda 

Roy L. Earp 

John A. Kontopanos, Jr. 

Perry R. Stubbs, Jr. 

David L. Via 

'59 Pharmacy 

Edgar A. Cliborne 
William D. Wisman 

'59 Nursing 

Ann D. Broaddus 
Susan B. Elrod 
Mary H. English 
Elizabeth J. Inge 
Frances W. Kay 
Frances P. McKendrick 
Ethel W. Merryman 
Wanda S. Russo 
Brenda K. Stubbs 
Shirley F. Wampler 

'59 Allied Health 

Warren R. Betts 
Lorence N. Bredahl 
Howard Colon 
Charles F. Hopkins 

'59 Basic Sciences 
Marion Waller 

'60 Medicine 

Donald E. Morel 
Lewis M. Omer III 
Louise W. Robertson 
Maurice B. Tanner 
Girard V. Thompson, Jr. 

Halsey K. VanDuyne 
Robert W. Waddell 
James R. Wiekham 

'60 Dentistry 

Richard K. Green 
Ronald L. Haynes 
Bobby A. Lomax 
Thomas G. Luckam 
John M. Pool 
Ronald A. Shelin 
James H. Smith 
William E. Tuggle 

'60 Pharmacy 

Samuel K. Clark 
Helen B. Savedge 
William N. Thompson, Jr. 

'60 Nursing 

Betsy A. Bampton 
Eleanor H. Garrett 
Ruth H. Goldfarb 
Gloria G. Hildebrand 
Anne B. Sydnor 
Peggy P. Tanner 
Shirley J. Thompson 

'60 Allied Health 

Neva E. Lewis-Farrah 
Jack L. Shelton 

'60 Basic Sciences 
Robert L. Lynch 

'61 Medicine 

Benjamin R. Allen, Jr. 
Harold W. Burnette 
Rodney G. Elliott 
Walter L. Grubb, Jr. 
Mortimer D. Heizer 
James C. Meador, Jr. 
Read F. McGehee, Jr. 
Richard B. Robins 
Julian S. Stoutamyer 
Robert A. Whisnant, Jr. 
Hong Y. Woo 

'61 Dentistry 

Richard K. Ames 
Thomas E. Burke 
Thomas E. Butt 
Alan S. Helwig 
Robert E. Hendry 
David G. Johnson 
Bruce A. Ketner 
William P. Lea, Jr. 
Jay S. Lipman 
Patrick T. Quisenberry 
Samuel V. Russo 
Joseph F. Snyder, Jr. 
Raymond E. Weddle 

'61 Pharmacy 

Roy H. Browning, Jr. 
David E. Labson 
Frederick R. Wright, Jr. 

'61 Nursing 

Kathleen H. Andrews 
Maleda T. Cox 
Sandra P. Johnson 
Mattie K. Ward 

'61 Allied Health 

Kenneth H. Axtell 
Joan B. Beck 
Alfred Burkholder 
Curtis A. Clayton 
Irwin B. Heinemann 
Bruce G. McFadden 
Barry M. Spero 
Nelson L. St. Clair, Jr. 

'62 Medicine 

George L. Bailey 
Walter J. Carmoney, Jr. 
Austin B. Harrelson 
Charles E. Johnston 
George S. Julias 
Neil D. Kravetz 
Joseph C. Parker, Jr. 
Ezri S. Sokol 
James L. White 
H. George White, Jr. 

'62 Dentistry 

J. Wilson Ames, Jr. 
Samuel G. Baroody, Jr. 
William D. Covington 
William N. Friedman 
W. Lindwood Outten III 
Robert L. Pugh 
George R. Vaughan 
Raymond P. White, Jr. 
E. Patterson Woodworth 

'62 Pharmacy 

Ann R. Bellemore 
Jane M. Burnette 
Martha J. Stepp 

'62 Nursing 

Lura M. Apt 
Susan E. Brown 
Nancy S. Childress 
Hilda K. Hussar 
Brenda W. Morgan 
Shirley M. Thomas 

'62 Allied Health 

Elizabeth M. Swinler 
Benton Wahl, Jr. 
G. Evangeline Yoder 

'63 Medicine 

Morton Coleman 
William M. Davis 
Preston H. Gada 
L. Franklin Henry, Jr. 
Samuel G. Ketron, Jr. 
Hudnall J. Lewis 
Forrest D. McCoig 
Lowell J. Rosman 
Britton E. Taylor 

Harry Thomas, Jr. 
Lawrence E. Valentine 
Keith H. Wolford 

'63 Dentistry 

Robert N. Emory 
George S. Neuman 
Earl T. Sherman 
Benjamin J. Stebor III 

'63 Pharmacy 

E. William Elliott, Jr. 
Virginia N. Hudert 
Patricia P. Phillippi 
Marianne R. Rollings 

'63 Nursing 

Cynthia D. Doctoroff 
Ann L. Duke 
Rochelle J. Payne 
Barbara C. Smith 

'63 Allied Health 

Peter B. Lambert 
C. Edward MeCauley 
Robert D. Metealf 
Katherine A. Prentice 

'64 Medicine 

L. A. Brittingham 
Ronald B. David 
Roger D. Gifford 
Richard E. Linde 
Jay R. Miller 
Samuel F. Vance III 

'64 Dentistry 

Ronald L. Askowitz 
Robert L. Grossman 
Fred H. Rosenblum 
Marlin F. Troiano 
Jules M. Wainger 

'64 Pharmacy 
John R. Metz 

'64 Allied Health 

Sharon C. Jacumin 
Lorraine P. Melworth 
Carol R. Ramos 
Edward A. Smith, Jr. 
Robert A. WiUiams 

'65 Medicine 

J. Duncan Ashe II 
Matthew J. Barlow, Jr. 
Rufus M. DeHart, Jr. 
Gerald A. Ezekiel, Jr. 
Marvin G. Frank 
S. W. Gayle 
Theodore George 
Lewis D. Johnson 
Louis M. Mendelson 
Donald F. Perkins 
Gary M. Richardson 
Fred T. Shaia 


Jane P. Wootton 
Terry P. Yarbrough 
Raymond A. Young 

'65 Dentistry 

Wallace S. Edwards 
James H. Forsee, Jr. 
William P. Kennedy 
Thomas G. McKenna 
John M. Salmon 
John H. Tim merman 

'65 Nursing 

Mathilda M. Acuff 
Mary Jane B. Casarotti 
Carol H. Russell 
Jane O. Stringer 
Jane W. Timma 

'65 Allied Health 
Samuel F. Lillard 

'66 Medicine 

Walter J. Jacumin 
A. Dean Kesler, Jr. 
Lawrence W. Penniston 
Robert A. Pruner 
Allan K. Yung 

'66 Dentistry 

R. Lewis Armistead III 
Charles L. Cuttino III 
David M. Classman 
Lawrence T. Grand 
Gordon Prior 

'66 Pharmacy 
Sharon B. Coke 

'66 Nursing 

Margaret W. Allen 
Linda Z. Goldberg 
Alene G. Haas 
Mary P. Harris 
Jane R. Ingalls 
Charlotte M. Loving 
Linda L. Rhodes 
Judith A. Shelly 
Courtney M. Stevens 
Nancy B. Wade 

'66 Allied Health 

Katherine W. Bredbenner 
Gerald R. Brink 
Jan H. Feazell 
Alan B. Heilig 
Elizabeth S. M. Keeney 
Jack W. Richardson, Sr. 
Victoria P. Saunders 
Lee F. Say re 
Marcia W. Sidford 

'67 Medicine 

Jeffrey S. Goldblatt 
Matthew K. Gooding 
Phillip R. Gordon 

Glenward T. Keeney 
Kyle F. Kiesau 
Peter B. Leff 
George D. Schare 
Robert W. Schimpf 
William H. Spencer-Strong 

'67 Dentistry 

Bernard A. Brown 
Bobby D. Burnette 
Clyde N. Carroll 
Anthony A. Hemingway 
Marshall D. Spoto 
Henry P. Worrell 

'67 Pharmacy 

G. Roger Akers 
William H. Shaver 
Bernard M. Weiss 
Phinehas L. Wood 

'67 Nursing 

Martha L. Cloe 
Jamison H. Farmer 
Diana P. Odle 

'67 Allied Health 

James L. Farley 
Alvarene S. Massanova 
William M. Moss 

'68 Medicine 

Richard L. Atkinson, Jr. 
Philip H. Brandt 
Stephen Cenedella 
Robert N. DeAngelis 
Edward L. Lilly 
Sheldon M. Markowitz 

'68 Dentistry 

Peter V. Browne 
WiUiam E. Overcash, Jr. 
Harvey Silverman 
Ronald L. Tankersley 
Peter S. Trager 
Leslie S. Webb, Jr. 
Harvey C. Woodruff III 

'68 Nursing 

Nancy M. Alley 
Catherine B. Bley 
Pamela B. Murphy 
Sharon D. Raj 
Jeanet P. Strohhofer 
Rebecca S. Walker 

'68 Allied Health 

Robert J. Beck 
Mary H. Bridges 
George B. Caley III 
Karole F. Gibson 
Philip S. Lakernick 
William L. Sheppard 
H. Gerald Smith 
Nora M. Tenney 

'68 Basic Sciences 

Ruth T. Friedman 
Philip E. Hamrick 

Marc A. Goldberg 
Paul M. Gustman 
James L. Holimon 
Isaac Koziol 
Harold J. Levinson 
Jerry P. Martin 
Grayson B. Miller, Jr. 
David F. Polster 
Ernest J. Saliba, Jr. 
Willard R. Thompson, Jr. 
Edwin C. Weiss 
H. Taylor Yates, Jr. 
John R. Young 
James J. Zelenak 

'69 Dentistry 

Hayden P. Allen 
Larry T. Brooks 
Eric A. Foretich 
Carl W. Johnson 

'69 Pharmacy 
Judy L. Dietrick 

'69 Nursing 

Harriet W. Buss 
Annette T. Fitch 
Dianne M. Grim 
Linda J. Hager 
Marlene S. Hewlett 
Sharon Y. Jones 
Carolyn M. KendaU 
Donna M. Pence 
Barbara G. Ragland 
Julianna L. Seely 

'69 Allied Health 

Lu Alice H. Harding 
Edward M. Holmes III 
Gene A. Lakey 
Lawrence W. Langston 
Alan L. Markowitz 
Jane C. Osby 
Donald E. Patterson 
Keith W. Peters 
R. Ronald Sutton 
Robert L. Terrell, Jr. 
Carol R. Veits 

'69 Basic Sciences 
Edith L. Hardie 

'70 Medicine 

Norris I. Boone 
Constance C. Corsino 
Jeffery M. Fisher 
Hanns C. Haesslein 
Timothy H. Hooker 
Eugene M. Kornhaber 
David E. MuUins 
Bernard P. Novak 
Ronald A. Preston 
Robert B. Sigafoes 
Michael Skolochenko 
Neil Stronach 
Marc D. Thames 
James W. Wilkinson 
Thomas W. Witmer 

Ralph L. Anderson 
Robert P. Bethea 
Orrin W. Clifton 
Warren G. Karesh 
A. Wright Pond 

'70 Pharmacy 
Linda B. Clements 

'70 Nursing 

Wilsie P. Bishop 
Barbara S. Brown 
Pamela C. Chicurel 
Joan S. Corder 
Pamela K. Douglas 
Mary N. Green 
Sharolyn B. Heatwole 
Linda A. Lacey 
Linda E. Pearson 
Trudy T. Rosenthal 
Susan B. Skolochenko 
Sandra L. Sperry 
Betty M. Williams 
Ann F. Yeo 
Ann S. Zelenak 

'70 Allied Health 

Rodney D. Dorinson 
Donald B. Logan 
Patsy C. Pugsley 

'70 Basic Sciences 

William R. Grigsby 
Albert E. Munson 
Thomas W. Nooney, Jr. 
Stanley C. Owen 

'71 Medicine 

Randall G. Barre 
Stephen M. Bobys 
Charles E. Brady III 
Gary S. Hoffman 
Robert E. Hoyt 
Michael S. Komarow 
Patricia M. Koors 
Marilyn K. Lynam 
George E. Meyerhoff 
Mark L. Nichols 
Carol M. Owens 
Louis F. Owens, Jr. 
Randall W. Powell 
Michael B. Ross 
Lloyd S. Rothouse 
Patricia B. Rothouse 
Thomas G. Smith 
Randolph W. Stark 
W. Woodrow Tanner 
Marvin J. Tenenbaum 
Richard N. Waldman 
Michael J. Walters 
William M. Waring 

'71 Dentistry 

J. Wayne Browder 
Jordan H. Harris 
Edward M. O'Keefe 

Ann N. Coffin 
Thelma E. Dyer 
Kathleen A. Jones 
Christine M. Lange 
Gaye W. Poteet 
Patricia M. Rager 
Mary M. WiUems 

'71 Allied Health 

James C. Barnett 
Robert B. Harrison, Jr. 
Wickliffe S. Lyne 
Mary A. Menting 
Mitchell B. Smith 

'71 Basic Sciences 

Marie-Christine Brenner 
Kathryn F. Churchman 

'72 Medicine 

Mark M. Blatter 
Boyd M. Clements 
G. H. Dunnington 
Samuel E. Gaskins 
Eric R. Hoffer 
David L. Kreger 
Richard M. Nisman 
J. Thomas Ryan 
Glen L. Shivel 
Doris A. Trauner 

'72 Dentistry 

Philip M. Davis II 
William P. Fernald 
Michael J. Hechtkopf 
Steven D. Hinkis 
Lawrence A. Klar 
Joseph A. Lombard, Jr. 
Alfred P. Moore 
Jerome C. Ottley, Jr. 
Gail W. Schamback 
David M. Swisher 
Marvin E. Thews, Jr. 
J. Ruffin Wheless UI 

'72 Pharmacy 

Charles A. Baker 
Carrington L. Booth, Jr. 
Lonnie P. Hale 
Elda E. Leet 
William S. Nicholson 

'72 Nursing 

Emily C. Bennett 
Sandra R. Foote 
Nancy H. Fox 
Jane E. Miller 
Carol L. Smith 
Shelly M. Verber 
Derry Ware 
Shirley M. Wood 

'72 Allied Health 

Mae E. Allen 
Michael L. Collins 
Karen Z. Crabb 
H. Joseph Drannen 
J. Allen Gorman 
James W. Hubbell 


Frederick F. Hughes 
Edwin E. Hurysz 
Barbara E. McCoy 
Joseph M. MoCullough, Jr. 
Rachel H. Sanborn 
Lana L. Waite 
Janice S. Whitehead 
James R. Wood 

'72 Dietetics 
Linda R. Hubbard 

73 Medicine 

Thomas J. Blankenship 
James A. Bradshaw 
Joseph A. Concodora 
Theodore N. Georges 
Arnold B. Graboyes 
Sanford A. Greenhouse 
Steven H. Grossman 
William G. Hulcher 
John F. Jacobs, Jr. 
Steven A. Larson 
Robert M. Litt 
Thomas H. Sperry 
W. Miles Wallace 
David C. Whitehead, Jr. 

73 Dentistry 

Wayne P. Alexander 
Charles D. Allen 
Wayne T. Coleman 
Ray A. Dail 
George S. Fox 
M. David Gladstone 
Ellen S. Lipps 
Stephen J. Mayo 
Thomas C. Waldrop 
Jeffrey S. Williams 
Glenn A. Young 

73 Pharmacy 

William S. Marsh, Jr. 
Nancy B. Wyckoff 

73 Nursing 

Connie C. Akers 
Patricia M. Allen 
Carol W. Boyd 
K. Elizabeth Brown 
Patricia B. Crawford 
Catherine J. Lamb 
Dorothy C. LaPenta 
Donna W. Niemi 
Patricia M. Rich 
May B. Volkman 

73 Allied Heatlh 

David L. Bernd 
Archie T. Bruns 
Mary C. Bryant 
Robert J. Ess 
Louise K. Greer 
Cheryl J. Hill 
Lawrence G. Jolly 
Michael D. Kitchen 
Douglas B. Lewis 
Dwight D. Taylor 
Margaret C. Tluszcz 

74 Medicine 

Catherine S. Casey 
Van S. Hubbard 
Henry R. Ivey, Jr. 
Roger W. Lamanna 
Michael J LaPenta 
Fay O. Redwine 
Kenneth J. Robertson 
Blaise C. Scavullo 
Alvin H. Schmaier 
Victor J. Tricarico 
Patricia H. Vanover 
Bonnie B. Waldrop 
Marvin T. Williams 

74 Dentistry 

Carol S. Klima 
Rodney J. Klima 
James F. Means 
Martin R. Nagel 
Douglas C. Niemi 
Robert E. Pavao 
Richard A. Pugliese 
James M. Roberson, Jr. 
Lynn K. Swope 

74 Pharmacy 

Michael E. Nuckols 
Susan L. Wyant 

74 Nursing 

Robert C. Acuff 
Janice D. Campbell 
Paula L. Countiss 
Juliette B. Crichton 
Dorothy S. Crowder 
Barbara L. KoUer 
Christine L. Lee 
Jennifer H. Matthews 
Barbara W. Whitener 
Peggy J. Woolf 

74 Allied Health 

William A. Adams, Jr. 
Gini A. Blostein-Wolf 
Warren T. Brennan, Jr. 
James J. Cliborne, Jr. 
Alvin D. Felgar 
Sandra E. Gates 
Robert P. Kuhlthau 
W. Stuart Smith 
George H. St. George 
Diane B. Valentine 
Anthony H. Vervena 
Jean C. Warren 

74 Basic Sciences 
Joel S. Siegman 

75 Medicine 

Wendy F. Bone 
Robert T. Fraker 
Nicholas Frankel 
Mark D. Freilich 
Alan J. Gamsey 
Robert E. Keeton 
Robert B. Laibstain 
Max S. Maizels 
Michael A. McMahon 
Roger C. Werrill 

John H. Pope, Jr. 
Richard E. Sedwick 
Peter K. Senechal 
Domenic A. Sica 

75 Dentistry 

Gregory S. Akers 
Bruce P. Hawley 
John D. Lentz 
James K. Muehleck 
William N. Nelson, Jr. 
Bruce M. Perlman 
John B. Rose III 
Scott B. Ross 

75 Pharmacy 

Harold A. Bernstein 
Kendall W. Kellum 

75 Nursing 

Mathilda M. Acuff 
Jeanne F. Bowdre 
Susan B. Campbell 
Martha E. Hart 
Vanessa G. C. Kaiser 
Elizabeth A. May 
Sharon S. McGowan 
Sherri L. Rose 
Francine W. Whittaker 

75 Allied Health 

Maureen F. Baker 
Janel E. Brunson 
Richard C. Camp 
John M. Deagan 
J. Randolph Edwards 
Robert L. Gordon, Jr. 
Edward H. Hancock 
Carol J. Herwig 
Edith D. Marsh 
John M. Shiver 
Kenneth A. ShuU 
Mary K. Small 
Janet K. Yamada 

75 Basic Sciences 

David Berlinerman 
David M. Klurfeld 

76 Medicine 

Wendy C. Ault 
A. Robert Bissell 
Jeffrey S. Blinder 
Robert J. Cohen 
Kenneth J. Folsom 
Cloyd B. Gatrell 
Kathryn E. Grant 
James L. McCoy 
James L. McDaniel 
Gary P. Miller 
Philip S. Rasulo 

76 Dentistry 

Jerry S. Durkowski 
Earle E. Edwards III 
Conrad A. Helsley 
A. Clayborn Hendricks 
David C. Jones 
Michael L. Jones 

Richard L. Sapperstein 
James R. Schroeder 

76 Pharmacy 

Patricia A. Hudson 
Pamela F. Miller 
Sharon L. Smith 
Dale B. Waters 

76 Nursing 

Elaine M. Barbour 
Bernardine A. Clarke 
Ruth C. Creasy 
Jenny H. Dawley 
Catherine M. Fischer 
Gail C. Ingle 
Kathy B. Miller 
Dana A. Moriconi 
M. Teresa Muliin 
Daphne B. Oakes 
Karen Saunders 
Carole G. Traylor 

76 Allied Health 

Hee D. Ahn 
Stephen A. Gudas 
Russell D. Harbaugh 
Robert G. Polahar 
Mary A. Willson 
Gregory A. Winston 
Lorita B. Wood 
Mardene L. Wyant 

76 Basic Sciences 
Christopher J. Utz 

77 Medicine 

Gregg A. Alexander 
Robert M. Brewer 
L. Wayne Hess 
Wayne D. Horney 
Barry K. Levin 
W. Palmer Lowery 
David Margolius 
A. Scott Mills 
Julian H. Mills 
T. Ray Perrine 
Diane J. Sansonetti 
Hoa D. Tran 

77 Dentistry 

Joseph A. Gwiazdowski 
Michael 0. McMunn 
Martin J. Menges, Jr. 
Demetrio P. Milonas 
Richard T. Spurgas 

77 Pharmacy 

T. Douglas Crowe, Jr. 
Paula E. Duncan 
Gale W. Nuckols 
W. Curtis Scott, Jr. 

77 Nursing 

Jane G. Brown 
Shelley F. Conroy 
Anne R. Jack 
Judith A. Spross 
Katherine B. Whitby 

77 Allied Health 

Christopher T. Durrer 
Jeffrey P. Harrison 
Steven C. Hoelscher 
Dean F. Martin 
Margaret R. McNeny 
Mark F. Montgomery 
Henry B. Nicholson, Jr. 
Vanessa H. Partain 
Robert F. Peck 
Jack N. Shapiro 
John A. Smalley 
Anne S. Spencer 
Susan E. Stevens 
Denise A. Thomas 
Wirt L. Thompson III 
Carl T. Wimmer 

78 Medicine 

Allison D. Byrd 
John A. Byrd 111 
Deborah G. Clapp 
Stewart A. Deekens, Jr. 
William D. Kiser 
Deborah S. Litman 
J. Stuart Morgan 
Jean A. Muench-Lippitt 
William W. Reed 
Neil Rosenberg 
Michael S. Schwartzman 
Charles A. Semones 
Stephen A. Siegel 
Michael P. Taylor 
David Thickman 
James B. Winegar 

78 Dentistry 

Edward S. Amrhein 
Loyd A. Davis 
Frank T. Grogan III 
David S. Hirschler II 
Mark D. Levenson 
Frederick E. Martin III 
Charles T. Sprouse, Jr. 

78 Pharmacy 

Michael B. Deel 
Gayle N. Scott 

78 Nursing 

Lisa B. Bresenoff 
Clarice U. Dougherty 
Sarah P. Erwin 
Brenda D. Frank 
Nancy L. Jakubec 
Anne W. MacCallum 
Janet P. Smith 
Madeline G. Sprow 
Carol E. Swift 

78 Allied Health 

Robin E. Beck man 
James B. Broadhurst 
Robert B. Conroy, Jr. 
Janet A. Fox 
Marie O. Guasco 
Cornelia C. Hanflin 
Michael A. King 
Lynn A. Kramer 
Phillip L. Marler 


Thomas J. Rice III 
Robert J. White 
Margaret A. Wilson 

'78 Basic Sciences 

John A. Burmeister 
Nancy G. Warren 

'79 Medicine 

James S. Bowman III 
Rosemarie Greyson-Fleg 
Claude R. Hinson, Jr. 
Deborah 1. Leavens 
Regina M. Milteer 
James R. Poliquin 
Robert A. Silverman 

'79 Dentistry 

David C. Blanton 
Stephen P. Cicinato 
William R. Cornette 
James M. Donaghy 
John C. Doswell II 
Glenn E. Garland 

'79 Pharmacy 
Alicia W. Motley 

'79 Nursing 

Pat 0. Bal<er 
Cathy J. Faehl 

Patrice W. Hage 
Woody B. Hanes 
L. Dianne Harrison 
Deborah L. Martin 
Christine E. Perch 
Elizabeth A. Raper 
Carolyn M. Rutledge 
Catherine B. Schmidt 

'79 Allied Health 

Mary N. Blackwood 
David K. Donin 
Joann K. Flanagan 
Lucy P. Biggins 
Jeanne M. Moriarty 
Walton S. Pettit 
Ronald E. Terry 
Sharon W. Yacura 

'79 Dietetics 
Carol S. Huggins 

'80 Medicine 

Thomas E. Marfing, Jr. 
Ann McKenney 
Fred M. Silverberg 
Elliot B. Sternberg 

'80 Dentistry 

Herbert R. Boyd III 
Mark G. Smith 
James L. Stanley 

'80 Pharmacy 

Nancy L. McFarlane 
Ronald H. McFarlane 
Angela Renesis 
Catherine H. Richwine 

'80 Nursing 

Kathleen J. Barnett 
Carol L. Buck-Rolland 
Karen L. Colby 
Edwina M. Fly 
Irene M. Gray 
Patricia H. Harnois 
Marguerite Irving 
Gwendolyn D. Long 
Julia A. March 
Paula L. Rees 
Christa P. Roisen 
Joseph B. Warren 

'80 Allied Health 

Robert V. Crowder III 
J. Randolph Fowler 
R. Wayne Goodman, Jr. 
Barbara E. Hayes 
Elizabeth A. Hutzler 
M. Bassam A. Kawwass 
Robert L. Kinneberg, Jr. 
Ernest A. Malcolm, Jr. 
Jocelyn E. Owens 
Richard D. Pleasants 
WiUiam S. Przybysz 

'80 Dietetics 
Sue Stutzman 

'81 Medicine 
Marcus G. Nemuth 

'81 Dentistry 

Craig R. Darcy 
Stuart D. Martin, Jr. 
William T. Trimmer III 

'81 Pharmacy 
June Carpenter 

'81 Nursing 

Fay R. Whitmire 

'81 Allied Health 

Estelle V. Bauer 
Richard E. Hudson 
William E. KeUy 


Yancy B. Beamer 
Ralph E. Beck 
Vernard A. Benn 
Herman A. Bosch 
O. D. Brackin 

Stephen M. Cooper 
D. I. Farnsworth 
Thomas C. Gay 
John F. Hacker 
Thomas G. Hardy, Jr. 
James W. Hayes III 
Sidney Isenberg 
Shahnawaz S. Jaffer 
C. William Jansing 
Gordon E. Madge 
Johnnie A. McCuUough 
Ana Perez 
Antonio Perez 
L. Benjamin Sheppard 
Paul B. Smith, Jr. 
W. Graham Stephens 
Gilbert F. Young 


Mary J. Allen 
Jessie M. Bowles 
Sarah H. Cooke 
Flossie S. Isaacs 
Pauline R. Jones 
Lawrence J. Murtagh 
Louise C. Norris 
Gertrude E. Whitehead 
Alyce E. Woodyard 


















































Allied Health 







Basic Sciences 





















Housestaff (non alumni) 











' TOur will is a powerful instrument. It insures that your desires will 

. be carried out, and your beneficiaries protected. 

With the sweeping tax changes on January 1, a complete re- 
view of your will is necessary. 

Foremost in your estate plans should be that of providing for 
loved ones. Through the effective planning of your will, estate 
taxes may often be reduced or eliminated. One way of reducing 
estate taxes is to consider a bequest to the Medical College of 
Virginia Foundation. 

Leaving a legacy to the Foundation can assure that your name 
will live on through the Medical College's work. We can assure 
you that your bequest will be used carefully as you wish to desig- 
nate. If undesignated, funds will be allocated to priority areas of 
need within both the MCV schools and hospitals. 

Please request our brochure, "Making 
Your Will", by calling (804) 786-9734. ^ ^-^"^ 
It will tell you what you should ^- 
know before you see your lawyer. ^ 
Remember that only through an 
up-to-date estate plan can you 
exercise your "will power" and 
take full advantage of the i 

recent estate tax changes. | 

Medical College of ^^_^ 

Virginia Foundation ^ "^ 

Box 234, MCV Station Richmond, Virginia 23298 



Division Officers Named 

Officers elected by each of the 
six alumni association divisions 
began their terms January 1. Per- 
sons named to the positions are 
as follows: 


Philip L. Minor (M'47), chairman, 

one-vear term 
W. Kenneth Blaylock (M'58), 

director, three-year term 
Fitzhugh Mayo (M'55), director, 

three-year term 
A. Epes Harris, Jr. (M'51), 

director, three-year term 
Louis R. Wilerson (M'52), 

director, two-year term 
Fay O. Redwine (M'74), director, 

two-year term 
Robert E. Ware (M'53), director, 

two-year term 
W. Stewart Burton (M'55), 

director, one-year term 
Echols A. Hansbarger, Jr. (M'56), 

director, one-year term 
Charles P. Ford, Jr. (M'43), 

director, one-year term 
To be elected by directors, 

secretary-treasurer, one-year 

Ota T. Graham, Jr. (M'53), 

immediate past chairman, 

one-year term 


A. E. Hodges, Jr. (D'56), 

chairman, two-year term 
J. Wilson Ames, Jr. (D'62), 

vice-chairman, two-year term 
Michael O. McMunn (D'77), 

secretary-treasurer, two-year 

Bennett A. Malbon (D'58), 

immediate past chairman, 

two-year term 


Linwood S. Leavitt (P'41), 

chairman, two-year term 
L. Preston Hale (P'72), 

vice-chairman, two-year term 
Virginia Nuara Hudert (P'63), 

secretary-treasurer, two-year 

Charles A. Baker (P'72), 

immediate past chairman, 

two-year term 

Allied Health 

Lana Louise Waite (N'65, HA'72), 

chairman, two-year term 
John A. Booth (MS/PT'80), 

vice-chairman, two-year term 
Jayne T. Shepherd (MS/OT'81), 

secretary-treasurer, two-year 

Katherine A. Prentice (MT'63), 

immediate past chairman, 

two-year term 

Basic Sciences 

Charles O. Watlington (M'58, 

PhD'68), chairman, two-year 

Thomas W. Nooney, Jr. (PhD'70), 

immediate past chairman, 

two-year term 


Marleen S. Howlett (N'69, 

MS'76), president, two-year 

Barbara G. Ragland (N'69, 

MS'80), vice-president, 

two-year term 
Dorothy S. Crowder (N'74, 

MS'77), president-elect, 

two-year term 
Pauline Sherrill (N'49, MS'75), 

secretary, two-year term 
Mary O. Lindamood (N'67, 

MS'75), treasurer, two-year 

Mary Ann Becker (N'79), director, 

one-year term 
Sarah A. Griffith (N'63), director, 

one-year term 
Betty M. Williams (N'70), director, 

one-year term 
Martha C. Booker (N'67), director, 

two-year term 
Dorothea H. Patrick (N'53), 

director, two-year term 
Carolease B. Wallace (N'41), 

director, two-year term 
Trudy T. Rosenthal (N'70), 

nominating committee 

Joan E. Eanes (N'44), nominating 

Karen H. Kibler (N'68), 

nominating committee 

Men About Town 

Richmond area businessmen, 
government officials, university 
administrators, faculty, and doc- 
tors will be featured models at the 
eighth annual VCU/MCV Auxil- 
iary fashion show Friday, April23. 

"Magic," a black tie dinner and 
show, will be held in the down- 
town Richmond Miller and 
Rhoads Tea Room at 7 pm. Spon- 
sored by about 175 auxiliary mem- 
bers and 100 affiliate members, 
patrons, and volunteers, the fash- 
ion show will feature 16 male 

Kathy Morand, a coordinator 
for the event, says funds raised 
will be used toward the purchase 
of equipment for MCV Hospitals. 
An invitation is necessary for 
attendance, and persons wishing 
to receive an invitation may con- 
tact Mrs. Amir Rafii at (804)740- 

Nursing Alumna Speaks 

A nursing alumna ('44) and pio- 
neer in gerontological nursing 
returned to the university in No- 
vember to deliver the 15th annual 
Alumni Nursing Lectureship. 

Dr. Virginia Stone, professor 
emeritus at Duke University, 
spoke to about 300 persons on 
"What Makes the Older Person 
Special." The only nurse on the 
1981 White House Conference on 
Aging's National Advisory Com- 
mittee, she was a founding mem- 
ber of the Division of Gerontologi- 
cal Nursing Practice of the Ameri- 
can Nursing Association (ANA). 
In 1980, she was named Geronto- 
logical Nurse of the Year by ANA. 

A fellow of the American Acad- 
emy of Nursing, Dr. Stone began 
her nursing career in Richmond. 
Now known as a national and 
international consultant in the 
field of gerontology, she has had 
several articles published on that 

Contributions to the Nursing 
Lectureship Fund began in 1965, 
and the first lectureship was held 
in 1967. The purpose of the event 
is to provide educational opportu- 
nities for students, graduates, and 
friends of nursing around the 
state of Virginia by bringing annu- 
ally to the campus an outstanding 
leader in nursing or the health 

Members of the nursing lecture- 
ship committee are Dana Ashhurn 
Moriconi (N'76), chairman. 


Dorothy Sholes Crowder (N'74, 
MS'77), Suellen DeWitt (N'76), 
Barbara Glaspie Ragland (N'69, 
MS'80), and Nancy Bowser Jaku- 
bec (N'78). 

President Takes Office 

Dr. Thomas W. Nooney, Jr. (PhD 
'70) appears to have a philosophy 
toward committees, projects, and 
organizations he considers impor- 
tant: there's always room for one 

A native of Sioux City, Iowa, 
the 1982 president of the MCV 
Alumni Association of VCU has 
been a member of the university 
faculty since 1963. Following his 
tenure at the U.S. Naval Medical 
School in Bethesda, Maryland, he 
came to Richmond to pursue a 
degree in physiological optics and 
to teach. 

Now he has his PhD and is an 
assistant professor of radiology 
and a professor of ophthalmol- 
ogy. In addition, the self- 
described "active alumnus" has 
been on the executive committee 
of the alumni association since 
1975 and has served as vice- 
president of the basic sciences 
division of the association. He has 
been on various committees in- 
cluding indoctrination, member- 
ship, student activities, nominat- 
ing, and joint planning, and he 
chaired the scientific assembly 
program during two annual meet- 

Within the university Nooney 
has chaired the alumni and com- 

munity relations committees of 
the Faculty Senate for three years, 
and has served on search, promo- 
tion and tenure, grievance, gradu- 
ate medical education, and radia- 
tion safety committees. He is an 
ex-officio member of MCV Foun- 
dation's executive committee, and 
is on the ad hoc committee for 
establishment of faculty club sites 
on the Academic and MCV Cam- 

As a departmental faculty mem- 
ber Nooney works in patient care, 
student teaching coordination, 
administration, and patient- 
related research. He is director of 
the Low Vision Clinic, sponsored 
by the Virginia Department for 
the Visually Handicapped, and is 
a consultant to McGuire Veterans 
Administration Hospital and the 
Virginia Rehabilitation Center for 
the Blind. Nooney's findings on 
retinal damage after exposure to 
various light sources and optic 
aids for treatment of subnormal 
vision have been published. 

In spite of his multiple member- 
ships Nooney has found time to 
work on his most successful pro- 
ject, that of partial visual rehabili- 
tation in over 60 stroke and other 
brain-injured patients with the aid 
of a small hemianopic mirror de- 
vice attached to their spectacles. 
He plans to publish the results of 
this study in the near future. 

Mrs. Franklin Stone, alumni 
association executive director, 
says, "We look forward to work- 
ing with Dr. Nooney, especially as 
we work on the feasability of a 
new alumni facility." 

Alumni Agreement 

At its regular June meeting the 
board of trustees of the MCV 
Alumni Association of VCU voted 
to extend its September 1979, 
agreement with the university. 

The following resolution was 

"Resolved, that the agreement 
of September 30, 1979, between 
the Medical College of Virginia 
Alumni Association of VCU and 
Virginia Commonwealth Univer- 
sity be extended indefinitely with 
the following provisions. 1. Every 
two years, prior to the anniver- 

sary date of the agreement, the 
trustees shall evaluate the agree- 
ment and make adjustments 
which have been mutually agreed 
upon by both parties. 2. An ex- 
ception to section #8 may be 
granted by the university in the 
event the alumni association 
wishes to undertake a capitol 
improvement of alumni associa- 
tion facilities. 3. The staff of the 
alumni association may be exter- 
nally funded starting July 1, 

Dr. Edmund F. Ackell, univer- 
sity president, responded to the 
resolution by addressing each 
item listed. In conclusion, he said, 
"The trustees should be com- 
mended for their efforts to imple- 
ment the agreement over the past 
two years. We have all benefited 
from this effort." 

Estate and Gift Tax 
Laws Made Simple 

Brochures on estate planning and 
will execution are now available 
from the Medical College of Vir- 
ginia Foundation. 

Written by Conrad Teitell, edi- 
tor and publisher of Taxioise Giv- 
ing, these current tax guides are 
entitled "Estate Planning" and 
"Making Your Will." Teitell, exec- 
utive director of the Philanthropy 
Tax Institute, is a member of the 
New York and District of Colum- 


bia bar associations and is a part- 
ner of Brerau and Teitell. 

"Estate Planning" outlines the 
objectives of a modern estate plan 
and provides information needed 
by one's tax advisor in order to 
devise the best individualized 
plan. Also discussed are the im- 
portance of an up-to-date will, 
saving federal estate taxes, gift 
taxes, and probate costs, and tax 
advantage charitable gifts that can 
pay income for life. 

Virtuallv every aspect of mak- 
ing a will, including what one 
should know before consulting a 
lawyer, is covered in "Making 
Your Will." A brief review of re- 
cent estate and gift tax changes is 

Persons wishing a free copy of 
either brochure may call (804) 
786-7934 or write the MCV Foun- 
dation, Box 234, Richmond, VA 



Thomas C. Lovelace (MD), who 
recently celebrated his 92nd birth- 
day, says he stopped delivering 
babies in 1969 after the count 
passed 5,000. He and his wife 
Mattie, 82, live in Henrietta, 
North Carolina. 


O. R. Hodgin (DDS) of High 
Point, North Carolina, was hon- 
ored with a certificate and pin for 
his 60 years of service as a mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge. He is a life 
member of the American Dental 
Society, the North Carolina Den- 
tal Society, and past president of 
the Second District Dental Soci- 


H. Royster Chamblee (DDS) of 
Raleigh, North Carolina, an- 
nounced the closing of his peri- 
odontics office in September. 


William M. Bickers (MD) re- 
cently received the William and 
Mary Alumni Society's highest 
honor. The medallion was pre- 
sented to him at homecoming in 
November. He recently married 
Annie Boone Garian. 


Bennett E. Stephenson (MD) of 
Rich Square, North Carolina, was 
recently presented with a plaque 
from his community for service 
and dedication. He is active in his 
church, is a charter member of 
the Rich Square Rotary Club, and 
is listed in Who's Who of the 


Herman J. Flax (MD) of Guay- 
nabo, Puerto Rico, has been 
named the 1981 recipient of the 
Gold Key Award of the American 
Congress of Rehabilitation Medi- 
cine for meritorious service to the 
cause of persons with physical 
disabilities. He is currently 
president-elect of the Interna- 
tional Rehabilitation Medicine 


Carolyn Moore McCue (MD) of 
Richmond was recently honored 
as a Virginia Laureate. 


Dale Groom (MD) has been 
appointed to the telecommunica- 
tions committee of the American 
College of Physicians. He is emer- 
itus professor of medicine at Uni- 
versity of Oklahoma. The commit- 
tee will explore newer media for 
continuing education on a na- 
tional scale. 


Richard N. Baylor (MD) of Suf- 
folk is the former chief of staff of 
Louise Obici Memorial Hospital. 
For the next two years he will 
serve on the hospital's executive 

committee and work with several 
civil organizations. 

Randolph M. Jackson (MD, BS 
pharmacy '43) of Winchester, was 
named assistant secretary of the 
American Society of Anesthesiolo- 
gists and delegate to the World 
Federation Societies of Anesthesi- 
ology. He is president of Winches- 
ter Anesthesiologists, Inc. 


Ralph S. Riffenburgh (MD) has 
been promoted to clinical profes- 
sor of ophthalmology at the Uni- 
versity of Southern California 
School of Medicine. 

Leah Mildred Williams (MD) of 
Charles Town, West Virginia, was 
named "Jefferson County Citizen 
of the Year" during the annual 
Chamber of Commerce awards 
banquet in Harpers Ferry. 


Marvin E. Pizer (DDS) of Alex- 
andria has been appointed ad- 
junct professor of biology at 
American University in Washing- 
ton, D.C. He is consultant to the 
pre-professional health program 
and chairman of the pre-medical 
advisory committee at the univer- 
sity. He also continues in the pri- 
vate practice of oral and maxillofa- 
cial surgery. 


Luke R. Rader (MD) of Miami, 
Florida, represented VCU at the 
inauguration of Edward Thad- 
deus Foote, II as president of the 
University of Miami in December. 

Beckie Holton Spaugh (PT) and 
husband Dr. Earle Spaugh live in 
Charlotte, North Carolina. Mrs. 
Spaugh works in the field of 
physical therapy and recently was 
certified aquatic therapy assistant 
for treating arthritic patients. 


Rudolph H. Bruni, Jr. (DDS) 
was recently elected to fellowship 
in the American College of Den- 
tists. He is past president of the 
Richmond Dental Society, a mem- 
ber of O.K.U. National Honorary 
Dental Society, a fellow and dep- 
uty regent of the International 


College of Dentists, and a fellow 
of the Virginia Dental Association. 

Jacob G. Wiersma (OT) of 
Quaker Hill, Connecticut, retired 
in 1976 as an occupational thera- 
pist at Battle Creek VA Hospital. 
He now lives on the Thames 

Emily Hastings Baxter (BS 

nursing) of Moylan, Pennsylva- 
nia, announces that the Dermatol- 
ogy Conference Room at Hahe- 
man Medical College in Philadel- 
phia was dedicated to the mem- 
ory of Dr. Donald L. Baxter (MD 


George Richard D. Hedrick 

(DDS) of Harrisonburg has been 
named a fellow of the Virginia 
Dental Association. 

Barbara H. DeHaven (MD) and 
husband E. Thomas DeHaven 

(HA'57) are living in Frankfort, 
Indiana. She is involved with 
research on the family genealogy, 
and he is busy with golfing and 
the Bach Chorale Singers. 


L. Clark Hansbarger (MD) of 
Charleston, West Virginia, is the 
state health director. He recently 
announced the state's new hemo- 

philia program will be adminis- 
tered through the Division of 
Community Health Nursing in 
the Office of Community Health. 

Hubert E. Kiser, Jr. (DDS) of 
Bluefield, West Virginia, has been 
named a junior director of the 
Southern Society of Orthodon- 

Percy Wootton (MD) was re- 
cently elected chairman of the 
Virginia Medical Political Action 
Committee of the Medical Society 
of Virginia at the annual meeting 
in Norfolk. 


Edward M. Durand (BS phar- 
macy) has completed a one-year 
certificate program for psychiatric 
pharmacy practice in mental 
health and development facilities. 
He is certified to practice as a 
clinical pharmacist in psycho- 
pharmacy. Durand also serves on 
the North Carolina Pharmaceuti- 
cal Association's mental health 
committee. He is currently a staff 
pharmacist at Maryview Hospital 
in Portsmouth. 

Edward H. Radcliffe (DDS) of 
Richmond has been elected to a 
fellowship in the American Col- 
lege of Dentists. He is past presi- 
dent of the Richmond Dental So- 
ciety, has served on the executive 
council of the Virginia Dental 
Association, and is an adjunct 
faculty member at VCU. 

Charles O. Watlington (MD), 
professor of medicine, was 
elected president of the Richmond 
area chapter, American Diabetes 
Association, Virginia affiliate. 


Kenneth B. Hatfield (MD) of 
Chicago, Illinois, has been 
recertified by the American Board 
of Internal Medicine. 


Charles E. Johnston (MD) of 
Pendleton, Oregon, is in private 
practice in general psychiatry. He 
is clinical assistant professor of 
psychiatry at the University of 
Oregon Medical School. He is also 
president of the medical staff at 
the Eastern Oregon Hospital and 
Training Center. 

Kenneth E. Moore (BS phar- 
macy) is the divisional vice- 
president for administration for 
A. H. Robins Companies, phar- 
maceutical division. 

Elizabeth M. Swinler (PT) lives 
in Moundsville, West Virginia, 
with her three teenage daughters. 
She is employed as a physical 
therapist in five county schools 
and a nursing home. 


Robert N. Emory (DDS) of 
Milford, Delaware, serves as sec- 
retary of the state board of dental 

A. Carole Layne Hagaman (BS 
pharmacy) practices at Band M. 

Ramon W. Andrews Insurance Agency Inc. 

, h' r^rp- 

r r 



We Insure & Service 

Schools Retail Merchants Wholesalers Manufacturers 
Truckers Factories Contractors Churches 
Fraternal Industrial Individuals Professionals 
Special Risks Research Municipal Shipping 

"Established in Virginia Since 1928" 


Drug Co. in Crewe. She lives in 
Blackstone with her husband and 
two daughters. Mrs. Hagaman 
flies her own Cessna 150 and has 
won numerous awards for pho- 
tography, including the July 1981 
Good Housekeeping photography 


Martha Craig Collier (BS nurs- 
ing) and husband Dr. Mark H. 
Collier live in Berea, Ohio. They 
have three children, Matthew, 
ten, Trent, eight, and Courtney 
Erin, six. Dr. Collier is the aca- 
demic dean and vice-president for 
academic affairs at Baldwin Wal- 
lace College, and Mrs. Collier is a 
volunteer nurse for the strep 
throat clinic and the Red Cross 


James W. Culclasure (DDS), his 
wife Nancy, and family have re- 
cently moved from Columbia, 
South Carolina, to Lynchburg. Dr. 
Culclasure will continue his endo- 
dontic practice there. 


John H. Bumgarner (MD) is 
chief of anesthesiology at Rowan 
Memorial Hospital in Salisbury, 
North Carolina. 

Courtney McKay Stevens (BS 
nursing) is assistant director of 
nursing services for St. Joseph 
Hospital in Reading, Pennsylva- 
nia. Her husband is a consulting 
nuclear engineer for a firm there. 
Their sons are ten and seven 
years old. 


Jay Holdren Farmer (MD) re- 
ceived a master of science degree 
in counseling from the Johns 
Hopkins University in May. She 
has been working part-time as 
executive director of the Mental 
Health Association in Howard 
County, Maryland. She also 
teaches parenting classes, con- 
ducts workshops and gives lec- 
tures on relationship issues, and 
has recently begun a private prac- 
tice in counseling and family ther- 
apy in Baltimore. 

Nabil A. Habra (BS pharmacy) 
of Portage, Michigan, recently 
received the 1981 Dr. William E. 
Upjohn Award. Habra was 
among 51 of the company's more 
than 22,000 employees honored 
with the award for special 
achievement. He is in a develop- 
ment program at the Upjohn 
Company headquarters in Kala- 
mazoo. He and his wife Hedy 
have two children. 


John V. Sawicki (DDS) and 
wife Kathy announce the birth of 
their first child, Katie Eileen, on 
July 19. The couple lives in Matti- 
tuck. New York. 


John R. Young (MD) continues 
his obstetrics/gynecology practice 
in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 
where he is past president of the 
Mohave County Medical Society 
and a current delegate to the Ar- 
izona Medical Association. 


James W. Brockington (PhD) of 
Allentown, Pennsylvania, has 
been named director of planning 
and multidisciplinary programs 
for Air Products and Chemicals, 
Inc., Center. 

Richard B. Harris (DDS) and 
his wife Melanie announce the 
birth of their second son on Sep- 
tember 25. 

Harold J. Neal, Jr. (DDS) has 
been elected president of the ad- 
visory board of the Emporia 
branch of Virginia First Savings 
and Loan. 

Eugene Blackford Noland, Jr. 
(MD) of Roanoke has been elected 
to fellowship in the National 
Medical Specialty Society. He will 
be honored during the convoca- 
tion ceremony at the college's 
annual session in Philadelphia 
April 19-22. He is on staff at the 
Lewis-Gale Clinic and Hospital, 
Salem Veterans Administration 
Medical Center, and Roanoke 
Valley Psychiatric Hospital. 

Stephen A. Saroff (DDS) of 
River Vale, New Jersey, was in- 

ducted as a fellow of the Interna- 
tional College of Dentists at its 
annual convocation in Kansas 
City, Missouri, in October. He is 
an associate professor in the de- 
partment of periodontics and oral 
medicine at the Fairleigh Dickin- 
son University School of Dentistry 
and has a private practice in peri- 
odontics in Bloomfield. 


William T. Naylor (MD) has 
completed his first year of private 
practice with Drs. Mann, Mar- 
tens, Camp and Naylor, in Nor- 
folk. He is also on staff at Norfolk 
General Hospital. 


Wayne P. Alexander (DDS) of 
Virginia Beach changed profes- 
sions in 1978 from dentistry to 
civil engineer technician. 

Archie T. Bruns (HA) of 
Asheville, North Carolina, is exec- 
utive director of Thomas Rehabili- 
tation Hospital. Bruns holds 
memberships in American Hospi- 
tal Association, North Carolina 
Hospital Association, American 
College of Hospital Administra- 
tors, American Academy of Medi- 
cal Administrators, National As- 
sociation of Hospital Develop- 
ment, and is listed in Who's Who 
in the South and Southwest 1980. 

Joseph A. Concodora (MD) 
recently left the Army. While at 
Fort Lee, he was chief of urology 
and emergency medical services. 
He opened his own office for the 
practice of urology at Hopewell 
Urologic LTD in Hopewell. Dr. 
Concodora, his wife Pat, and their 
two daughters, Stephanie, eight, 
and Jackie, six, live in Midlothian. 

William T. Nicholson (BS phar- 
macy) formerly of Jacksonville, 
Florida, has become president 
and part owner of the original 
Caroline Drug Company in Bowl- 
ing Green. It is now known as the 
Caroline Pharmacy, and Nich- 
olson and other investors plan 
major renovations for the store. 


Van Saxton Hubbard (MD, 
PhD'74) of Bethesda, Maryland, 


has been selected as assistant 
editor of the American Journal of 
Clinical Nutrition and was re- 
elected to the board of trustees of 
the Metropolitan Washington, 
D.C., chapter of the Cystic Fi- 
brosis Foundation. 

James F. Means (DDS) and his 
wife Irene announce the birth of 
their son, Colin James, on July 5. 
Their son Sean is five. Dr. Means 
is in private practice in Marathon, 
the Florida Keys. 


Kurt E. Friedman (DDS) has 
been appointed chief of the divi- 
sion of oral and maxillofacial sur- 
gery at St. Frances Hospital, Mi- 
ami. He has also become a 
diplomate of the American Board 
of Oral and Maxillofacial Sur- 
geons and a fellow in the Ameri- 
can Society of Oral and Maxillofa- 
cial Surgeons. 

Diane Richardson Goodloe 
(DDS), who practices dentistry in 
Richmond, was asked to provide 
two sets of vampire teeth for the 
cast of "Dracula" in a Virginia 
Museum Theater production. 
Following the same process used 
in making regular false teeth, she 
attached one set from the outside 
and one from the inside. Instead 
of making the wearers look better, 
they looked worse. 

Carrel Gary Griffin (MD) and 
wife Susan announce the birth of 
their first child, Mary Elizabeth, 
on June 2. He is in the private 
practice of pediatrics. 

Raymond C. Gruenther (MD) 
of West Point, New York, and his 
family have returned from a 
three-year assignment with the 
U.S. Army in Stuttgart, Germany. 
He and his wife Beatrice are ex- 
pecting their fifth child. 

Kathy Wong McFadden (BS 
nursing) has joined the nuclear/ 
cardiology staff at the Seattle, 
Washington, Veterans Adminis- 
tration Medical Center to coordi- 
nate the Western Washington 
Streptokinase Trail. 

James R. Wampler (FT) has 
been appointed to the Harrison- 
burg school board through June 

1983. He and his wife Sharon 
have two sons. 


William R. Nelson, Jr. (MD) 
and his wife Judy announce the 
birth of their son, David Ben- 
jamin, born August 16. He works 
at the state health department in 

Ronald B. Overstreet (MD) is 
the first physician in 18 years that 
Blue Ridge has had in residence. 
He served a three-year family 
practice residency at Roanoke 
Memorial Hospital. 

Karl E. Peace (PhD) of Rich- 
mond, has been named manager 
of the clinical statistics section for 
A.H. Robins Company. 

Denise Thomas (FT) received a 
Ph.D. in anatomy at West Virginia 
University in December. She is 
currently a research associate at 
the University of Pittsburgh in the 
Department of Anatomy and Cell 


Diane J. Sansonetti (MD) of 
San Diego, California, is currently 
in her fifth year of general surgery 
training at the University of Cali- 


Thomas J. Carrico (MD) of 
Richmond has accepted a fellow- 
ship in plastic and reconstructive 
surgery to begin in July 1983, at 
the completion of his chief resi- 
dency in general surgery at the 
Medical College of Virginia 

Brenda Davis (BS nursing) and 
Donald J. Frank, of West Bloom- 
field, Michigan, were married on 
September 13, 1980, in Lynch- 
burg. She is employed in the 
neonatal intensive care unit of 
William Beaumont Hospital in 
Royal Oak, Michigan. Her hus- 
band is in marketing with the 
DuPont Company. 

Mark D. Levenson (DDS) is in 
private practice in Delray Beach, 

George S. Wong (MD) and wife 
Luanne Cottle (BS nursing '17) 
are living in Virginia Beach. He is 
in his first year of private practice, 

and she is working at the Virginia 
Beach health department. 


Christopher M. Dadlez (HA) 
has been named assistant admin- 
istrator of the Greater Laurel 
Beltsville Hospital in Laurel, 

Thomas M. LaTouche (DDS) 
and his wife Laverne Kellam 
(MT'74) announce the birth of 
their daughter, Christine Kellam, 
on September 29. The LaTouches 
are living in Elkton, where he has 
a family dental practice. 

John Wong (DDS) of Virginia 
Beach, has been in private prac- 
tice for two years in Norfolk. He 
and his wife have two children, 
Steven and Stefanie. 

Victoria H. Worrell (BS nursing 
anesthesiology) and her husband 
Curtis announce the birth of their 
first child, Tyler Matthew, born 
July 9. Victoria is currently a staff 
anesthetist at Roanoke Memorial 


Clara Mills Morton (PC) of 
Richmond is the associate pastor 
of Quioccasin Baptist Church. 


Richard E. Hudson (MHA) has 
resigned as administrative assist- 
ant at the Charleston Area Medi- 
cal Center to accept a position as 
vice-president for administration 
at Cabell Huntington Hospital in 
Huntington, West Virginia. 

Thomas A. Warwick (DDS) has 
opened an office for the practice 
of general dentistry in Lynchburg. 

Lest We 


William Wallace Gill (MD) of 
Richmond died December 30. A 
co-founder of the Richmond Eye 
and Ear Hospital and its first pres- 
ident, he served on its board of 
directors until his retirement in 


1965. He was a past president of 
the Richmond Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Society and the Virginia 
Society of Ophthalmology and 
Laryngology. Born in Petersburg 
in 1882, he was the earliest living 
graduate of the university College 
of Medicine and among the oldest 
members of the MCV Alumni 


John C. Scott (BS pharmacy) of 
Cedar Bluff died May 28. 


Max Kliger (MD), an orthope- 
dic surgeon in Bronx, New York, 
died September 27. He had re- 
tired last year following service on 
the staffs of the Hospital for Joint 
Diseases, Mount Sinai, 
Montefiore, Bronx, City, Elmhurst 
General, and Lutheran Hospitals. 



Mabel W. Hite (BS nursing) of 
Hopewell has died. 


Bernard Andrew Brann (DDS), 
a retired dentist in Leesburg, died 
September 12. A recipient of the 
Virginia Dental Society's Distin- 
guished Service Award, he was a 
founder of the Virginia Society of 
Dentistry for Children and the 
Loudoun County Dental Society. 

Harry A. Carney (MD) a der- 
matologist in Charleston, West 
Virginia, died November 6. 


F. H. Goodwin (MD) of Dublin, 
Georgia, has died. 


Samuel P. Kayne (DDS), a 
Richmond dentist, died Novem- 
ber 18. A past president of the 
Richmond Dental Society, he 
served on the university faculty 
for 20 years. 

Charles W. Warren (MD) of 
Upperville died August 3. He was 
a member of the Medical Society 
of Virginia and the American 
Academy of Family Physicians. 

Louise Garden (MX) of Charles- 
ton, West Virginia, has died. 
Reid Bridgers Grantham (BS 

pharmacy) of Red Springs, North 
Carolina, died May 9. He had 
retired from the Red Springs Drug 
Company in 1980. 


Buford W. McNeer (MD) of 
Hinton, West Virginia, died July 
18. Former medical director and 
chief of staff at Summers County 
Hospital, he was a diplomate of 
the American Board of Family 
Practice, a fellow of the American 
College of Family Physicians, and 
a member of the American Asso- 
ciation of Opthalmology and Oto- 


Walter Elliott Ward (MD) of 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 
died March 4. He was a past pres- 
ident of the American Society of 
Ophthalmologic and Otolaryngo- 
logic Allergy. 


Eugene V. Crockett (DDS) of 
Radford died October 7. 


Bill Ballard Richmond (MD) of 
Beckley, West Virginia, died in 
August. A charter member of the 
American College of Nuclear 
Medicine, he was a past president 
of the West Virginia State Medical 
Association, American College of 
Surgeons, International College of 
Surgeons, and the American Uro- 
logical Association. 


Jean Rawlinson Pohly (BS 

nursing) of Dallas, Texas, died 
November 9. From Delaware, she 
grew up in Virginia and had 
worked several years in Dallas 

Elmer Walter Rice (MD) of 
Woodstock died September 11. He 

was radiologist at Shenandoah 
County Memorial Hospital, and a 
member of the Virginia Medical 
Society and the Radiological Soci- 
ety of North America. From 1946 
to 1957 he practiced in the New 
York state hospital system. 


Mary Elizabeth Fazel Wyru- 
chowski (OT) of Bainbridge Is- 
land, Washington, died May 28. 


Robert G. Stineman (MD) of 
Cape May Court House, New 
Jersey, died in May. 


Dorothy Whitefield Burrows 

(BS nursing) of Lynchburg has 

Thornton Ritenour Cleek (MD) 
of Asheboro, North Carolina, has 
died. A past member of the 
alumni association's board of 
trustees, he was named "Family 
Physician of the Year" in 1977 by 
the North Carolina Academy of 
Family Physicians. 


Sara Jean Coughenour (PT) of 
Pittsburgh, Pennsvlvania, has 


Dwight Aultman (PT) of 
Dunham, New Hampshire, died 
in March. 

Russell Lee Hughes (MD) of 
Great Falls died November 3. He 
was a radiology specialist for a 
Washington, D.C., firm and was 
vice-chairman of the radiology 
department at Sibley Memorial 


John Earl Wessinger (DDS), a 
dentist in Batesburg and Prosper- 
ity, South Carolina, died April 8. 


David J. Tomko (MD) of Mus- 
kogee, Oklahoma, died in March. 


Charter Medical Corporation proudly 
announces the opening of its Stuart Circle 
Medical Building on Richmond's historic 
Monument Avenue. 

The new medical building offers 
physicians the opportunity to become an 
integral part of an active community. 
Located in the center of the beautiful Fan 
district, the newly renovated office building 
provides space for physicians to practice, 
either solo or in groups. 

The office is within half a block 
of Stuart Circle Hospital, a 153-bed, short- 
term, medical/surgical hospital offering the 
convenience of outpatient testing for your 
patients. A 24-hour Outpatient Department 
and many other ancillary services are also 
available at the hospital. 

Although renovated for modern-day 
patient/physician comfort, much of the 

townhouse-style flavor remains, including 
fireplaces and mantels in selected offices. 
The floor-plan design insures convenience 
and patient privacy in both the consul- 
tation and examination areas. The decor 
matches the traditional elegance of the 
surrounding historical homes. 

Applications are now being accepted 
for office space. Interested physicians 
should call project manager Ray Hayes at 

The Stuart Circle Medical Building 

1 61 7 Monunnent Avenue 
Richnnond, Virginia 



4% salesTax on all items delivered in Virginia 
All prices subject to change without notice. 


Alumni House (Color) 

MCV Area (Black and White) 

(Includes postage) 

Needlepoint Kit with MCV Seal 

Wool included for seal, but not background 
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(Includes postage) 
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As I Remember, by Dr. W. T. Sanger 





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Glasses with MCV Seal Etched (sold only in dozens) 

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Reunion 1982 
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