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Medical College of Virginia 

Alumni Association of 

Virginia Commonwealth University 


Board of Trustees Election Issue 

Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association 
of Virginia Commonwealth University 


Dr. George J. Oliver, Jr. (M.D. '47), president 

1308 Mount Vernon Drive 

Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Dr. Alton E. Hodges, Jr. (D.D.S. '56), president-elect 

203 Doverland Road 

Richmond, VA 23229 

Dr. Charles O. Watlington (M.D. '58, Ph.D. physiology '68), immediate past president 

17Q7 Park Avenue 

Richmond, VA 23220 

Dr. Harry I. Johnson, Jr. (M.D. '53), vice-president 

1315 Second Street, Southwest 

Roanoke, VA 24016 

Dr. J. Wilson Ames, Jr. (D.D.S. '62), vice-president 

Box 147 

Smithfield, VA 23430 

Mr. L. Preston Hale (B.S. pharmacy '72), vice-president 

Route 3, Box 12 

Gordonsville, VA 22942 

Mrs. Dorothy S. Crowder (B.S. nursing '74, M.S. nursing '77), vice-president 

1729 Stuart Avenue 

Petersburg, VA 23803 

Mr. John A. Booth (M.S. physical therapy '80), vice-president 

3907 McTyres Cove Road 

Midlothian, VA 23113 

Dr. Hermes A. Kontos (Ph.D. graduate studies '67), vice-president 

740 Wadsworth Drive 

Richmond, VA 23235 

Mrs. Marianne R. Rollings (B.S. pharmacy '63), secretary 

306 North Mulberry, Apartment 3 

Richmond, VA 23220 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay (B.S. nursing '59), treasurer 

504 Kilmarnock Drive 

Richmond, VA 23229 

Dr. Edward James Wiley, Jr. (M.D. '56), assistant treasurer 

8803 Bellefonte Road 

Richmond, VA 23229 


Term Expires December 31, 1984 

Dr. David W. Branch (M.D. '52) 

1232 Persinger Road, Southwest 

Roanoke, VA 24015 

Mr. John F. Harlan, Jr. (M.H.A. '52) 

University of Virginia Hospital 

Charlottesville, VA 22904 

Dr. M. G. Martin (M.D. '53) 

Box 576 

Hillsville, VA 24343 

Mrs. Patricia B. Moore 

(B.S. occupational therapy '77) 

2251 Winterfield Road 

Midlothian, VA 23113 

Dr. George J. Oliver, Jr. (M.D. '47) 

1308 Mount Vernon Drive 

Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Dr. Alton R. Sharpe, Jr. (M.D. '54) 

201 Wood Road 

Richmond, VA 23229 

Mrs. June Hudnall Turnage 

(B.S. nursing '59, M.S. nursing '71) 

Route 2, Box 395 

Mechanicsville, VA 23111 

Term Expires December 31, 1985 

Dr. William W. Crittenden, Jr. (D.D.S. '56) 

Box 490 

Gloucester, VA 23061 

Dr. Ruth Torvik Friedman (B.S. medical 

technology '59, Ph.D. physiology '68) 

204 Kent Avenue 

Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

Dr. Edith L. Hardie (Ph.D. physiology '69) 

300 West Franklin Street 

Richmond, VA 23220 

Miss Edna Morgan (B.S. nursing '54) 

3520 Hanover Avenue, Apartment 104 

Richmond, VA 23221 

Dr. Robert T. Mosby, Jr. (M.D. '61) 

1449 North Alanton Drive 

Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Dr. Harold 1. Nemuth (M.D. '39) 

2012 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, VA 23220 

Mrs. Mary Beth P. Pappas 

(A.S. radiologic technology '77) 

2321 Kenmore Road 

Richmond, VA 23228 

liss Harriette A. Patteson (B.S. nursing '32) 

27 Malvern Avenue, Apartment 3 

Richmond, VA 23221 

Dr. Edward H. Radcliffe (D.D.S. '58) 

6720 Patterson Avenue, Suite A 

Richmond, VA 23226 

Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe (B.S. pharmacy '47) 

4000 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, VA 23230 

Mr. Miles C. Saunders, Jr. (B.S. pharmacy '67) 

Box 45 

Deltaville, VA 23043 

Mrs. Mae Belle L. Smyth (B.S. nursing '51) 

P.O. Box 906 

Kenbridge, VA 23944 

Dr. Alfred J. Szumski 

(B.S. physical therapy '51, M.A. '56, Ph.D. physiology '64) 

Box 144, MCV Station 

Richmond, VA 23298 

Dr. Philip A. Wilson (D.D.S. '58) 

Doctor's Building 

Danville, VA 24541 

Term Expires December 31, 1986 

Mrs. Jean Cerny Dise (B.S. occupational therapy 

1406 Green Pasture Road 

Sandston, VA 23150 

Mrs. Kendall W. Kellum (B.S. pharmacy '75) 

2509 Beafont Avenue 

Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Dr. Barry V. Kirkpatrick (M.D. '66) 

Box 276, MCV Station 

Richmond, VA 23298 

Dr. John B. Lapetina (D.D.S. '56) 

9601 Granby Street 

Norfolk, VA 23503 

Mr. Nick G. Nicholas (B.S. pharmacy '52) 

1821 Westover Avenue 

Petersburg, VA 23805 

73) Mrs. Dorothy M. Shepard (B.S. nursing '57) 

9117 Reddington Drive 

Richmond, VA 23235 

Mrs. S. Jean Moye Shepard (B.S. nursing '58) 

46 Barclay Road 

Newport News, VA 23606 

Dr. E. Randolph Trice (M.D. '47) 

4204 Kingcrest Parkway 

Richmond, VA 23221 

Dr. David L. Via (D.D.S. '59) 

5218 Brookhill Shopping Center 

Richmond, VA 23227 


Delaware Valley Chapter 

President-Mrs. Emily H. Baxter (B.S. nursing '52) 

White Pine Lane, Moylan, Rose Valley, PA 19065 

Secretary treasurer-Miss Cindy Elizabeth Andrew 

(B.S. medical technology '75) 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

President-Dr. C. Carl Tully (M.D. '47) 

4530 Springhill Avenue, Charleston, WV 25309 

V/ce-presidenf-Dr. Jerrill D. Cavendar (M.D. '52) 

Secretary-Treasurer-Dr. James L. Mangus (M.D. '59) 

New York Chapter 

President-Dr. Edwin C. Weiss (M.D. '69) 
75 Arleigh Road, Great Neck, NY 11020 

North Carolina Dental Chapter 

President-Dr. James H. Edwards (D.D.S. '46) 
3137 Essex Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

North Carolina Medical Chapter 

President-Dr. Wiley H. Cozart (M.D. '49) 

302 Pine Street 

Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Northern Virginia, Washington, and Southern Maryland Chapter 

President-Dr. Wesley C. Bernhart (M.D. '53) 

11217 Bellmont Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 
Vice-president-Dr. Robert E. Ware (M.D. '53) 

Peninsula Chapter 

President-Dr. Oscar W. Ward, Jr. (M.D. '42) 

15 South Mallory, Phoebus, VA 23663 

President-elect-Dr. William H. Traynham, Jr. (D.D.S. '38) 

Puerto Rico Chapter 

President-Dr. Hilda Garcia De la Noceda (M.D. '49) 
108 Betances Street, Hato Rey, Puerto, Rico 

Richmond Chapter 

PresidentDr. Diane R. Goodloe (D.D.S. '75) 

26 Crickett Court, Richmond, VA 23229 

Vice-president-Mrs. Marianne R. Rollings (B.S. pharmacy '63) 

306 North Mulberry, Apartment 3, Richmond, VA 23220 

Secretary-treasurer-Mrs. Ann D. Broaddus (B.S. nursing '59) 

4325 Shirley Road, Richmond, VA 23225 

Roanoke Valley Chapter 

Chairman, Medicine-Dr. Harry R. Ivey, Jr. (M.D. '74) 

4124 Falling Creek Drive, Vinton, VA 24179 

Chairman, Dentistry-Dr. J. Richard Svitzer (D.D.S. '73) 

414 South Polland Street, Vinton, VA 24179 

Chairman, Pharmacy-Mr. Benjamin W. Powell (B.S. pharmacy '51) 

329 Union Street, Salem, VA 24153 

Chairman, Nursing-Mrs. Patricia Sharpe Eby (B.S. nursing '69) 

3504 Old Town Road, S.W., Roanoke, VA 24018 

Tidewater Chapter 

President-Mrs. Ann K. Taylor (B.S. nursing '64) 
1657 Baypoint Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Valley Chapter 

President-Mr. Gary H. Silverstein (M.H.A. '81) 

235 Cantrell Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 

President-elect-Mr. Ward G. Layman (B.S. pharmacy '70) 

270 High Street, Dayton, VA 22821 

West Virginia Chapter 

President-Dr. Robert D. Hess (M.D. '58) 

204 West Philadelphia Avenue 

Bridgeport, WV 26330 

Life Trustee 

Mr. R. Reginald Rooke (B.S. pharmacy '21) 

5100 Monument Avenue 

Richmond, VA 23230 

The Scarab is the official publication of the Medical 
College of Virginia Alumni Association of Virginia 
Commonwealth University and is published in 
February, May, August, and November. 

© 1984 Medical College of Virginia Alumni Associa- 
tion of Virginia Commonwealth University, 1105 
East Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23219 
(804) 786-0434 

W J SES Wi \ 




Medical College of Virginia 

Alumni Association of 

Virginia Commonwealth University 

2 Capsules 

5 MCV Alumni Association of VCU 1983 Contributors 
11 Candidates for the Board of Trustees 

16 Ballot 

17 1984 Reunion Weekend Reservations 

19 Schedule for Reunion '84 

20 'Round the Circuit 
22 Newsmakers 

24 Alumni Update 
30 Lest We Forget 

Executive editor: Mrs. Frances W. Kay 

Editor: Cynthia McMullen 

Manager, VCU publications: Ed Kanis 

Cover illustration: Jay Johnson 

Editorial committee: 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay, chairman 

Mrs. Marianne Rollings 

Dr. Charles O. Watlington 

MCV Alumni Association of VCU staff: 
Mrs. Franklin B. Stone, executive director 
Ann M. Grubbs 
Lynn Merrick 




Dr. Barbara Mark, assistant 
professor and director of the 
graduate program in nursing 
administration, will implement 
the university's Executive Nurse 
Leadership Program in May. The 
program, established by a grant 
from the Commonwealth Fund, is 
designed to enhance strategic 
management capabilities of nurse 
executives with senior manage- 
ment potential. The 1984 pro- 
gram, which will run May 21- 
August 10, provides a variety of 
seminars, workshops, field trips, 
practicum experiences, and small 
group discussions along with 
academic work. 

Mark will coordinate the 
program with MCV Hospitals 
through Myles Lash, executive 
director, and Patricia Cushnie, 
director of nursing; with the 
School of Business through Dr. D. 
Robley Wood, associate professor 
of management; and with the 
Department of Health Adminis- 
tration through Jerry Norville, 
director, graduate program in 
health administration. 

VCU is one of three universities 
selected in a nationwide competi- 
tion to implement the Executive 
Nurse Leadership Program. 

MCV Foundation 
grant announced 

An endowment of $500,000 has 
been made to the MCV Founda- 
tion by the Ethyl Corporation in 
Richmond. Floyd D. Gottwald, 
Jr., chairman of Ethyl Corpora- 
tion, presented a check to Dr. 
Edmund F. Ackell, VCU's presi- 
dent, during a brief ceremony at 
Ethyl's headquarters. The check 
represents the first of five pay- 
ments in support of the univer- 
sity's Massey Cancer Center. Also 
present at the ceremony were 

Joseph C. Carter, Jr., president of 
the MCV Foundation, and S. 
Douglas Fleet, immediate past 
president of the MCV Founda- 

Ethyl's gift constitutes a perma- 
nent endowment fund which will 
be held, invested, and managed 
by the MCV Foundation with the 
annual income benefiting the 
Massey Cancer Center. 

Oliver leads into 

new year 

Dr. George J. Oliver, Jr. (M.D/47) 
of Williamsburg has assumed the 
presidency of the MCV Alumni 
Association of VCU for 1984. 

Officers and Board of Trustees 
of the alumni association expect a 
busy year. Discussions between 
the officers of the association and 
university officials concerning the 
alumni facility have progressed to 
the point that the planning for an 
alumni center will culminate in 

While the board works with 
projected plans for a new facility, 
the staff will try to repeat the 1983 
events at chapter, state, regional, 
and national meetings without 
exceeding 1984 budget restric- 
tions, says executive director 
Franklin Stone. All alumni living 
in the area of a convention city 
will be invited to attend the 
functions when they are held in 
conjunction with professional 
meetings. Those in attendance 
can receive updated information 
on the school and alumni repre- 
sentatives, says Stone, will share 
the fact that the MCV Alumni 
Association of VCU is well, 
active, and proceeding coopera- 
tively within the guidelines 
outlined in the 1979 agreement 
with Virginia Commonwealth 

Officers of the association are 
working actively with the Office 
of University Advancement to 
encourage alumni to support the 

VCU Annual Fund and thus help 
the university to assist with high 
level priorities, basic needs, and 
program support not funded by 
the state. Officers assure alumni 
that the university will honor 
contributions to the VCU Annual 
Fund designated to benefit 
schools or departments located on 
the MCV Campus. 

Alumni are asked to work 
together in a spirit of genuine 
loyalty to the university and with 
interest in promoting the welfare 
of the institution as it seeks to 
educate, to research, to preserve, 
and to restore health. 

Reunion weekend on May 11-13 
will follow the Dental Homecom- 
ing on April 6-8. Many alumni 
will return for five-year reunions. 

Pooled Income 
Fund established 

Alumni, according to MCV 
Foundation's executive director, 
David Bagby, have made the 
difference in the organization's 
success. The Foundation's pro- 
gress, he says, has been substan- 
tial because of generous gifts and 
bequests received from alumni. 
Many alumni may be interested in 
helping but defer making gifts 
because they need to retain 
income-producing assets. 

"Our new Pooled Income Fund 
could be the answer," says Bagby. 
A donor can make an immediate 
gift to the Foundation without 
giving up current income, and 
will continue to receive a good 
income on all money or securities 
transferred to the Pooled Income 
Fund. Substantial tax benefits are 
also provided to encourage gifts 
to the fund. 

Basically, the Pooled Income 
Fund is a trust maintained and 
controlled by the MCV Founda- 
tion. It has been approved by the 
Internal Revenue Service and the 

Virginia State Corporation Com- 
mission. Donors contribute assets 
irrevocably to the fund. Each 
contributor retains income inter- 
est for his or her life or for the life 
of a beneficiary. The gift is 
commingled and invested with 
similar gifts made by other 
donors, and the commingled 
funds are invested by Capitoline 
Investment Services with United 
Virginia Bank serving as the 
trustee. . 

All income is divided among 
the participants. Essentially, in 
exchange for a gift, units of the 
fund are allocated. Those units 
then determine how much of the 
fund's net income the donor will 
receive each year. It functions 
much like an income-oriented 
mutual fund. In addition, the full 
present value of the remainder 
interest in the Pooled Income 
Fund is immediately deductible 
for income tax purposes. The 
amount of remainder interest 
depends upon the value of the 
asset transferred to the fund and 
the donor's age. 

For additional information call 
or write David Bagby, Executive 
Director, MCV Foundation, Box 
234, Richmond, VA 23298-0001, 
(804) 786-0734. 



Over 1,000 Richmond employees 
of A. H. Robins Company took 
time from work November 1 to 
express appreciation to E. 
Claiborne Robins, chairman of the 
company's Board of Directors, for 
his leadership over the past 50 

Robins, who received a B.S. in 
pharmacy from MCV in 1933, 
joined the company later that 
year. At that time the company 
had only three employees and 
annual sales of just $4,800. By 

blending his pharmaceutical 
training with the marketing skills 
he developed during his early 
years with the company, he 
guided A. H. Robins step by step 
to its present position as a diversi- 
fied multi-national corporation 
with more than 5,600 employees 
and sales that will exceed $500 
million this year. During the 
ceremony Robins was given a 
collection of 14 gold coins from 
countries in which A. H. Robins 
facilities are located. Several long- 
service employees participated in 
the presentation. 


Gynecologic oncology is the 
subject of the 18th annual Student 
Cancer Conference presented by 
the Massey Cancer Center and 
made possible by a grant from the 
American Cancer Society, Virginia 
Division, Inc. 

Topics and speakers include: 
"Herpes Simplex Virus II in 
Cervical Cancer, An Update" by 
Dr. Laure Aurelian, associate 
professor, Department of Com- 
parative Medicine, School of 
Medicine, Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity; "Papilloma Virus and Cervi- 
cal Neoplasia: New Concepts" by 
Dr. Christopher P. Crumm, 
assistant professor of pathology 
and co-director, OB-GYN pathol- 
ogy and cytology, Columbia 
University College of Physicians 
and Surgeons; and "Treatment 
Options in Cervical Intraepithelial 
Neoplasia" by Dr. Daniel L. 
Clark-Pearson, assistant professor 
of gynecologic oncology, Duke 
University Medical Center. 

Dr. Dean R. Goplerud, univer- 
sity professor of gynecologic 
oncology, will serve as moderator 
for the program. 

New direction 

John Schaeffer has been ap- 
pointed director of support 
services at the MCV Hospitals. 

Schaeffer has been associated 
with MCV Hospitals since June, 
when he began an internship to 
complete requirements for his 
master's degree in health care 

Schaeffer holds a bachelor's 
degree in biology from Dartmouth 
College in New Hampshire and 
two graduate degrees from Tulane 
University in New Orleans. The 
second is a master's degree in 
business administration. 

As director of support services, 
Schaeffer will oversee various 
hospital departments including 
dietary, housekeeping, transpor- 
tation, and materials manage- 
ment, which includes general 
stores, linen, and central supply. 

Acting medical 

Dr. Leo J. Dunn, chairman of the 
Department of Obstetrics and 
Gynecology since 1967, has been 
appointed acting dean of the 
School of Medicine. 

Dunn fills the vacancy created 
by Dr. Jesse L. Steinf eld's selec- 
tion as president of the Medical 
College of Georgia. Dunn will 
remain as chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Obstetrics and Gynecol- 
ogy and will continue his clinical 
practice at MCV Hospitals. 

As president of the American 
Board of Obstetrics and Gynecol- 
ogy, Dunn is the ninth person to 
be appointed to that position 
during the organization's 52-year 
history. A member of the Ameri- 
can Association of Obstetricians 
and Gynecologists, Dunn also 
serves as the president of the 
AAOG Foundation and is active 
on several AAOG committees. 

Health care and 
the elderly 

Two major grants totaling 
$668,000 have been awarded the 
university's Department of Health 
Administration for the evaluation 
of experiments being conducted 
on the role of competition in 
financing Medicare and Medicaid 

The experiments involve 
looking for ways to foster compe- 
tition for Medicaid and Medicare 
patients among health care 
providers, including health plans 
like health maintenance organiza- 

Dr. Louis Rossiter, associate 
professor of health administra- 
tion, is a co-investigator of the 
projects. The grants are part of $6 
million awarded by the federal 
Health Care Financing Adminis- 
tration for evaluation of the 

An alumnus 

For his studies of hepatitis, 
rubella, and measles, culminating 
in the development of the hepati- 
tis B vaccine, Saul Krugman 
(M.D. '39) received a 1983 Albert 
Lasker Public Service Award. 

Krugman, professor of pediat- 
rics at New York University, 
received the award presented by 
the Albert and Mary Lasker 
Foundation in November. The 
Honorable Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., 
was keynote speaker, and Dr. 
Michael E. DeBakey served as 
chairman of the awards jury. 

In the early 1950s Krugman and 
his associates set out to combat 
infectious diseases in children. He 
discovered in 1960 that children 
could be protected against mea- 
sles through the use of a live 
attenuated virus vaccine and in 
1969, he confirmed the effective- 
ness of the first vaccine against 
rubella. Rubella is now virtually 

unknown in this country and 
measles is a medical rarity since 
95 percent of U.S. children are 
vaccinated against it. 

Krugman' s most far reaching 
achievement, however, involves 
viral hepatitis. He was able to 
prove that infectious (type A) 
hepatitis and the more serious 
serum (type B) hepatitis were 
caused by two immunologically 
distinct viruses. He also discov- 
ered that heat-treated serum from 
a chronic carrier of hepatitis B 
could bring out protective anti- 
bodies in persons susceptible to 
the disease without actually 
causing the disease. His discovery 
provided a basis for the develop- 
ment of various hepatitis B 
vaccines now licensed for use 
throughout the world. 


Dr. William J. Frable, director of 
surgical cytopathology at MCV 
Hospitals, has received the 
George N. Papanicoloau award 
for his achievements in the areas 
of pulmonary cytology and needle 
aspiration biopsy. 

Frable was honored with the 
award, named after the physician 
who developed the cancer- 
detecting Pap smear, at the 
American Society of Cytology's 
annual meeting in Denver. 

Frable has been instrumental in 
popularizing the use of needle 
aspiration biopsy to diagnose 
tumors. The technique allows 
pathologists to analyze suspect 
growths without the patient 
undergoing major surgery or even 
local anesthesia in some cases. 

MCV Hospitals has performed 
800 to 1,000 needle aspiration 
biopsies of lymph nodes, thyroid 
glands, breasts, and lungs in the 
past year. 


The Edmond Theodore Glenn 
Memorial Scholarship has been 
perpetuated by an endowment 
gift to the MCV Foundation, 
given by Glenn's wife, Lorena 
Lawrence Glenn. The scholarship 
will be awarded annually to a 
junior or senior dental student 
who, in the opinion of the faculty, 
shows evidence of future leader- 
ship and exemplifies the ethical 
standards of the dental profes- 
sion. The 1984 award will be 
$2,000, in honor of the 50th year 
of Glenn's graduation from the 
School of Dentistry on May 29, 

Glenn practiced in Smithfield, 
North Carolina, five years before 
returning to his hometown of 
Boone, North Carolina where he 
was active in church and civic 
affairs. The scholarship commem- 
orates his love for the university, 
38 years of dedication to the 
dental profession, and is to help 
deserving future dentists. 

Men About 

"Virginia Hospitality" is the 
theme of the 10th annual Men 
About Town fashion show spon- 
sored by the Medical College of 
Virginia Hospitals Auxiliary of 
Virginia Commonwealth Univer- 

The show will be held April 3 at 
7 pm in the Miller and Rhoads Tea 
Room in Richmond. All proceeds 
will be used to help renovate 
MCV Hospitals' Hospitality 

A champagne dinner will be 
served during the fashion show 
which features Richmond area 
men chosen for exemplifying 
traditional Virginia hospitality. 
For reservations call Mrs. Donald 
L. Appich at (804) 741-2666. 

Medical College 

of Virginia 

Alumni Association of 





Persons who became members of the 

MCV Alumni Association of VCU 

during 1983 are listed below. Those 

persons are thanked for their interest, 

cooperation, and support of the 



Lewis J. Friedman (M) 


Glenn B. Updike, Sr. (P) 


J. L. Hamner (M) 

Alex F. Robertson, Jr. (M) 

F. P. Sutherland (M) 


Basil B. Jones (M) 


Etta D. Felvey (N) 
Mazie T. Rogers (N) 


Mary Sue Bell (N) 
W. E. Clark, Sr. (D) 
Delia F. Franklin (N) 
R. R. Rooke (P) 


Charles M. Caravan' (M) 
L. V. Morgan (P) 
Florence C. Schwab (N) 


Harry Lyons (D) 


Linden O. Alexander (D) 
James L. Blanton (M) 
Robert F. Freeman (D) 


Lois F. Arundel (N) 
Maude L. Fox (N) 
I. D. Harvey (P) 
Emily M. Morton (N) 
Edward Myers (D) 
H. L. Townsend (M) 


Seth Gayle, Jr. (M) 

J. Warren Hundley (M) 

Leo L. Jacobs (M) 

Eliot W. Johnson (M) 

Charles L. Newland (M) 


George W. Easley (M) 
W. C. Elliott (M) 
Antonio G. Gandia (M) 


Elizabeth Caperton (A) 
A. C. Chandler (M) 
Samuel L. Cooke (M) 
William L. Cooke (M) 
Verna T. Darlington (N) 
A. Ray Dawson (M) 
Rachel H. Hughes (N) 
Anne F. Mahoney (N) 
Minnie P. Oldham (N) 
Frances L. Pickard (N) 
Virginia M. Porter (N) 
H. A. Shaffer (M) 
Lillian G. Winston (N) 


Hazel W. Bouldin (N) 
M. Foscue Brock (M) 
Clyde L. Crawford (M) 
Helen H. Crossley (N) 
Paris B. Ewart (N) 
Mary L. Floyd (N) 
Lillian M. Gardner (N) 
James R. Gudger (M) 
W. C. Knott (M) 
Leslie E. Morrissett (M) 
Matthew M. Ralsten (M) 
Frank F. Ramey (M) 
H. M. Richardson (M) 
Lloyd R. Shaw (M) 
James N. Williams (M) 
S. Glenn Wilson (M) 


Roy M. Beard (P) 
Herman E. Becker (P) 
John E. Collier (M) 
L. B. Copenhaver (M) 
James E. Fulghum (M) 
R. O. Glenn (M) 
Carl W. Lafratta (M) 
H. J. Lukeman (M) 
E. Cotton Rawls (M) 
Sabra S. Russell (N) 
Marie J. Showalter (N) 
Leon Slavin (D) 


May V. Blackburn (N) 
Alexander M. Cox (M) 
Charles A. Easley, Jr. (M) 
R. H. Fowlkes (M) 
Maurice Kamp (M) 
Robert E. Long (D) 
Lillian D. Moseley (N) 
Harriette A. Patteson (N) 
Walter A. Porter (M) 
Beecher L. Smith (M) 
Harriet F. Suits (N) 
J. Marshall Winkfield (M) 


Mary S. Bloxom (N) 
Susie M. Brown (N) 
Ernest P. Buxton, Jr. (M) 
Charles W. Copenhaver (M) 
H. D. Fitzpatrick (M) 
Allen N. Fore (P) 
Wilhelm Haag (P) 
Virginia J. Hickman (N) 
Charles F. James, Jr. (P) 
Mary E. Johnston (M) 
Alice McKenzie (N) 
Juan Mimoso-Raspaldo (M) 
R. B. Nutter (M) 
E. W. Perkins III (M) 
E. Claiborne Robins (P) 
Lucy Washington (N) 
George C. White (P) 


Heath S. Altsman (N) 
Wilber V. Bradshaw, Jr. (M) 
Henry A. Brown (M) 
Anna M. Copenhaver (N) 
C. B. Freeman (P) 
John W. Gallagher, Jr. (P) 
Wilhelmina B. Johnson (N) 
John J. Kohout(D) 
Edwin L. Palmer (M) 
M. G. Stutz (M) 
Dorothy K. Thomson (N) 
Elam C. Toone, Jr. (M) 


John E. Alexander (M) 
B. Randolph Allen (M) 
Alma Collier Baetz (N) 
Helen T. Bryce (N) 
Antonio C. Disanto (D) 
Solomon Disick (M) 
Joseph M. Dixon (M) 
Hugh S. Edwards (M) 
Cornelius E. Hagen, Jr. (M) 
Ruhamah W. Henshaw (N) 
John P. Lynch, Jr. (M) 
Wayland N. McKenzie (M) 
Frances C. Morgan (N) 
Martha L. Nicholes (N) 
John R. Saunders, Jr. (M) 
Seymour Schotz (M) 
Bennett E. Stephenson, Jr. (M) 
Hack U. Stephenson, Jr. (M) 
Leo L. Tylec (M) 


Homer Bartley (M) 
Mae Belle W. Condit (N) 
Ruth M. Garrett (N) 
William Y. Garrett (M) 
Thomas E. Martin (D) 
Coyte R. Minges (D) 
Nathan Neyman (D) 
Spotswood Robins (M) 

Leroy Smith (M) 
Lewis S. Trostler (M) 
J. Henry Wills (B) 


Guy W. Daugherty (M) 
Woodrow C. Henderson (D) 
John T. Llewellyn (M) 
Marian D. Machen (N) 
Julien H. Meyer (M) 
Margaret M. Price (N) 
Christine Thelen (M) 


Edgar D. Baker (D) 

Raymond S. Blackman (M) 

Edna R. Burton (N) 

Phillips L. Claud (M) 

W. W. Gray (P) 

Archie A. Hoffman (M) 

William H. Joyner (P) 

Sydney L. Lang (M) 

John F. Morris (M) 

Earl S. Scott (M) 

Woodrow W. Scott (M) 

Helen B. Steinreich (A) 

Otto S. Steinreich (M) 

W. Taliaferro Thompson, Jr. (M) 

Lucy M. Wright (N) 


Guy H. Branaman (M) 
Charles O. Fore (P) 
Lucy P. Frazier (N) 
Eugenie M. Fribourg (M) 
John W. Hash (M) 
Raymond L. Hensley (D) 
Carl Manuta (M) 
John L. Patterson, Jr. (M) 
William M. Smethie (M) 


Oscar Aguilo (M) 
Boyd S. Clements (P) 
Dorothy Fisher (M) 
Herman J. Flax (M) 
Francis C. Johnson (M) 
Edward L. King (M) 
W. Yates League (D) 
Edith L. McLendon (N) 
Velma H. Morgan (N) 
Alberta C. Rawchuck (N) 
John T. Walke (M) 
Elsie J. Wood (N) 


Sara B. Barrios (A) 
Samuel Blank (M) 
Mary Y. Edwards (A) 
Robert S. Faircloth (M) 
Julia B. Fisher (N) 
Herbert Gershberg (M) 
Anne N. Goodman (N) 
A. Broaddus Gravatt, Jr. (M) 
Julius C. Hulcher (M) 
Arthur A. Kirk (M) 
Bonnie B. Lewis (N) 
Sidney Lyons (M) 
J. David Markham (M) 
Lester M. Mason (M) 
Edward T. Matsuoka (M) 
Carolyn M. McCue (M) 

C. V. Montgomery, Jr. (P) 
William M. Murray (D) 
James S. Rhodes, Jr. (M) 
W. Roy Smith (P) 
Adney K. Sutphin (M) 
John G. Wall (D) 


Jeanie L. Adkerson (N) 
James T. Ashwell (D) 
Edward J. Evans (M) 
Mary C. Evans (N) 
George E. Ewart (M) 
Aileen B. Hagood (N) 
Duvahl R. Hull (M) 
Irving L. Hutcherson (D) 
E. Carlyle Phillips (P) 
Donald C. Shroyer (D) 
Evelyn L. Stull (M) 
Maurice S. Vitsky (M) 
Rupert S. Walker (D) 
Ralph M. Ware, Jr. (P) 
Louise L. Winters (N) 


Guy L. Alphin (D) 
Nancy K. Beckwith (N) 
Alice B. Booth (N) 
Custis L. Coleman (M) 
Milton Ende (M) 
Thomas J. Fitzgerald (D) 
Dorothy H. Ford (A) 
Charles P. Ford, Jr. (M) 
A. J. Fressola (D) 
John B. Fuller (M) 
James C. Gale (M) 
Thomas V. Goode, Jr. (M) 
L. Frances Gordon (N) 
M. Lewis Gray (M) 
William S. Grizzard (M) 
Margaret B. Gruner (N) 
William J. Hagood, Jr. (M) 
Claude A. Harper (D) 
Shirley M. Howard (M) 
Evelyn F. Laupus (N) 
Susan C. Lewis (N) 
Otis E. Linkous, Jr. (M) 
James E. McGee (M) 
Frank F. Merker (M) 
Woodrow W. Mills (M) 
Henry Nakdimen (D) 
Margaret B. Obenschain (M) 
Ruth O'Neal (M) 
Lucile W. Richardson (M) 
Norman Rosenthal (M) 
Dorsye E. Russell (N) 
Leroy S. Safian (M) 
James A. Smith (M) 


William Ackerman (D) 
Margaret M. Beattie (N) 
Gloria M. Diggs (N) 
Katherine D. Edwards (N) 
Rufus P. Ellett, Jr. (M) 
Walter A. Eskridge (M) 
Esther M. Frazier (N) 
Betty J. Hines (A) 
Catherine H. Jackson (N) 
J. W. Lambdin (M) 
Ruth P. Loew (A) 
Howard C. Mirmelstein (D) 
W. Donald Moore (M) 
Edna R. Oppenheim (N) 
Elizabeth P. Overby (N) 
Margery S. Parker (N) 
Helen R. Smith (N) 

Oscar O. Smith, Jr. (M) 
Margaret H. Starkey (N) 
Robert H. Thrasher (M) 
James Tidier (M) 
Rosabelle Tyree (N) 
Frank H. Walker (D) 
Virginia G. Wessells (N) 


Arizona R. Acors (N) 
Mary S. Adams (N) 
Edward H. Alderman (M) 
Baruj Benacerraf (M) 
Ruth R. Brewer (N) 
Walter E. Bundy, Jr. (M) 
Gwendolyn M. Coalter (A) 
George E. Cox (M) 
Paul S. Gotses (M) 
Nellie H. Kekler (N) 
F. Vivan Lilly (M) 
Mann T. Lowry (M) 
John M. Lukeman (M) 
A. A. McLean, Jr. (M) 
Morton A. Paret (D) 
Martin Sheintoch (D) 
Margaret B. Stokes (N) 
George F. West (M) 
S. Terry Withers (M) 


Marjorie B. Adams (N) 
Richard N. Baylor (M) 
Charles H. Brant (M) 
M. G. Burdette (M) 
Emily L. Cassity (N) 
Blair P. Goff (P) 
J. D. Mathias (M) 
W. R. McCune (M) 
A. B. H. Mirmelstein (M) 
Robert L. Sommerville (M) 
Sara R. Taylor (N) 


Cula M. Adams (N) 
Jennie K. Caulkins (N) 
C. Whitney Caulkins, Jr. (M) 
Franklin J. Dolly (D) 
Norman Ende (M) 
Douglass O. Hill (M) 
Lucie K. Latimer (N) 
Robert Q. Marston (M) 
Philip L. Minor (M) 
George J. Oliver, Jr. (M) 
Walter M. Ormes, Jr. (D) 
Edith C. Pearson (N) 
William W. Quisenberry (M) 
Ralph S. Riffenburgh (M) 
Bertha C. Rolfe (P) 
Eunice M. Rountree (A) 
Geraldine Smith (A) 
John W. Todd III (M) 
L. Mildred Williams (M) 
Mary L. Williams (N) 


John D. Beall (D) 
Marjorie D. Bjostad (A) 
Arthur K. Black (M) 
H. R. Boyd, Jr. (D) 
C. P. E. Burgwyn (M) 
Leeroy Conn (M) 
Crowell T. Daniel (M) 
Elizabeth H. Drash (N) 

Roy A. Edwards (M) 
W. Robert Irby (M) 
S. Ben Judy (M) 
John J. Kelly III (M) 
Arthur G. Meakin (M) 
Laura M. Montgomery (A) 
Thomas H. Moseley (M) 
William L. Roberson (M) 
Lucien W. Roberts, Jr. (M) 
Thomas A. Saunders (M) 
Elizabeth C. Strawinsky (M) 
Thelma P. Walker-Brown (N) 


Leo Blank (M) 
Thelma N. Deeb (N) 
Robert E. Dutton, Jr. (M) 
Herbert C. Hoover (M) 
Morton Kurtz (M) 
Philip London (M) 
Joseph H. Masters (M) 
Robert E. McClellan (M) 
David S. Palmstrom (M) 
Dillard M. Sholes, Jr. (M) 
J. Frank Thomason (D) 
William W. Walthall, Jr. (M) 
William O. Winston (M) 


Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr. (M) 
Russell V. Bowers (M) 
Beverly L. Boyd (N) 
William B. Fitzhugh (D) 
Hugh Fitzpatrick III (M) 
Grace E. Gilkeson (A) 
Thomas B. Hedrick (M) 
Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. (D) 
Pauline R. Jones (N) 
Dorothy A. H. Marsh (A) 
Margaret L. Masters (M) 
Clara J. Matz (N) 
E. E. Mihalyka (M) 
Edwin A. Myrick (P) 
Lillian E. Peyton (N) 
Luke R. Rader (M) 
Leo F. Sherman (M) 
Marian B. Snedden (N) 
G. June Thomas (M) 
Kate B. White (N) 


Henry W. Addington, Jr. (P) 
William J. Berry (M) 
Joseph H. Britton (M) 
Nathan BushneU III (A) 
Nancy S. Colby (A) 
William A. Cook, Jr. (M) 
Helen M. Fortenberry (N) 
Bertha B. Gerteisen (A) 
George J. Janosik (P) 
Harold W. Miller, Jr. (M) 
W. E. Newby (M) 
Mary W. Rebman (N) 
Carl J. Roncaglione (M) 
John J. Salley(D) 
Bernard M. Savage (M) 
Loretta W. Sisson (N) 
Mae Belle L. Smyth (N) 
Thelma M. Voska (N) 
David A. Weems (A) 
Jacob G. Wiersma (A) 


C. L. Baltimore (D) 

Emily H. Baxter (N) 

David W. Branch 

John F. Butterworth III (M) 

M. Ruth Carson (N) 

Mary P. Cook (N) 
Kenneth D. Crippen (M) 
Albert R. Dulaney (A) 
Carlyle Gregory (D) 
S. Guy Hall (D) 
Inge W. Horowitz (A) 
George H. Hull (M) 
W. Benson McCutcheon (M) 
Nick G. Nicholas (P) 
Shirley C. Olsson (M) 
Bernard L. Patterson (M) 
Faye L. Peters (N) 
John S. Prince (M) 
Eleanor L. Reeves (A) 
Barbara T. Rock (A) 
Richard O. Rogers, Jr. (M) 
Thomas W. Rorrer, Jr. (P) 
Gerald M. Rosenberg (P) 
Thomas W. Sale, Jr. (M) 
William A. Shelton (M) 
George F. Tucker (M) 
Margaret S. Westbrook (N) 
Louis R. Wilkerson (M) 
Frank Q. Wingfield, Jr. (M) 
Phillip C. Yerby III (M) 


Dorothy J. Allen (N) 
Millard L. Berman (A) 
Wesley C. Bernhart (M) 
Nancy H. Brame (N) 
Oliver L. Burkett, Jr. (D) 
Baxter H. Byerly (M) 
Jean G. Cook (A) 
Clara B. Deyton (N) 
Allan L. Forbes (M) 
Joseph E. Gardner (M) 
William N. Gee, Jr. (M) 
Ota T. Graham, Jr. (M) 
Jane T. Hobby (A) 
Maynard C. Holbrook, Sr. (P) 
Harry I. Johnson, Jr. (M) 
Thomas W. Leggett (A) 
M. G. Martin (M) 
Harvey E. Melton (M) 
Dorothea H. Patrick (N) 
Lois C. Phipps (N) 
John Rebman III (M) 
May W. Richardson (A) 
Frank E. Rowell (M) 
Julie C. Moller Sanford (M) 
Thomas P. Stratford (M) 
Paul A. Tanner, Jr. (M) 
Hilda R. Taylor (N) 
Charles J. Townsend (M) 
Robert L. West (A) 


Letcher B. Barnes (M) 
B. I. Bell, Jr. (M) 
Robert B. Bender (M) 
Irwin M. Bogarad (M) 
Jean A. Bowman (A) 
Charles D. Burch III (M) 
Glenys C. demons (N) 
Gerald W. Dehaven (A) 
Helen J. Ellis (M) 
Paul F. Flanagan (A) 
Julius T Goodman (M) 
L. Lynton Goulder, Jr. (M) 
William H. Harriman, Jr. (M) 
John P. Heatwole (M) 
Joseph H. James, Jr. (A) 
Mary Jane M. Kronoke (N) 
John B. Markey (M) 

Mary W. McFee (A) 
Loretta L. McKeithen (N) 
Donald H. McNeill, Jr. (M) 
Harry L. Mears, Jr. (D) 
Edna Morgan (N) 
Ruth S. Orvis (A) 
Richard M. Peatross, Jr. (P) 
William E. Reish (M) 
J. Fuller Robinson, Jr. (D) 
Philip A. Rosenfeld (M) 
Paul H. Schellenberg (M) 
Edward H. Sharp (M) 
Harold D. Taylor (D) 
Jan N. Taylor (A) 
Pendleton E. Thomas III (M) 
Frank M. West, Jr. (D) 
Frances S. A. Williams (M) 
Gerald T. Zwiren (M) 


Paul N. Bridge (A) 
Richard L. Fisher (D) 
Arthur B. Frazier (M) 
Jack S. Garrison (M) 
R. Stanley Harpine (A) 
Jean L. Harris (M) 
Yvonne W. Hill (A) 
Ann F. Joyce (N) 
Richard M. Lee (M) 
Fitzhugh Mayo (M) 
Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. (M) 
James W. Patterson (P) 
George S. Richardson (M) 
Fred W. Sammons (A) 
G. Hugh Warren, Jr. (M) 
Charles E. Webb (P) 
Don P. Whited (D) 
Claiborne G. Whitworth (M) 
Elizabeth L. Wright (A) 


Jimmie B. Abernathy (A) 
Charles C. Ashby (M) 
Gerald W. Atkinson (M) 
Margaret S. Blank (A) 
John C. Blankenbeckler (A) 
Henry C. Brown, Jr. (P) 
Francis G. Burns, Jr. (M) 
Richard D. Collier (D) 
Patrick B. Colvard (D) 
W. W. Crittenden (D) 
Beverly L. Fleming (N) 
Margaret S. Freeman (A) 
Clarence K. Glover, Jr. (M) 
John W. Hasty (P) 
John B. Lapetina (D) 
Harlie H. Masters (A) 
William O. McCabe, Jr. (M) 
Fitzhugh X. Mullins (M) 
Carl S. Napps (A) 
John T. Parrish III (P) 
Joseph E. Peery, Jr. (A) 
Merle H. Pindell (A) 
Sterling N. Ransone (M) 
J. Thomas Savage (P) 
James R. Sease (M) 
Larry C. Smith (M) 
Robert S. Smith (M) 
Lee A. Struckmeyer (M) 
Raymond D. Wallace, Jr. (M) 
Herman L. West (A) 
Edward J. Wiley, Jr. (M) 


Jack P. Andrews (M) 
George P. Barnes III (D) 
H. R. Bates, Jr. (M) 
Marvin J. Bleiberg (B) 
Ruth W. Campbell (M) 
Dorothy V. Churn (N) 
James Drinkard (M) 
Robert K. Emy (M) 
Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr. (M) 
Richard M. Geoghegan (P) 
William H. Hark (M) 
Barbara R. Hendricks (N) 
Ronald E. Miller (M) 
Thomas A. Walker (M) 
Percy Wootton (M) 


John I. Bowman, Jr. (D) 
Richard F. Clark (M) 
Robert E. Collins (M) 
John A. Cross, Jr. (M) 
James R. Darden, Jr. (M) 
Edward M. Durand (P) 
Andrew W. Haraway, Jr. (M) 
Julia W. Hylton (N) 
Martha W. Janes (N) 
Lester L. Lamb (A) 
Robert M. Lawrence, Jr. (D) 
Ben W. Longest, Jr. (P) 
Bennett A. Malbon (D) 
James C. McArdle (P) 
Edna C. Metoyer (A) 
Ann B. Murray (N) 
Marion J. Murray, Jr. (M) 
Shirley H. Odell (N) 
Clementine S. Pollok (N) 
Jesse D. Robertson (M) 
Robert B. Scott (M) 
Margaret G. Shaia (P) 
Chester L. Sheffer (A) 
Cary H. Tanner (P) 
Gloria N. Tanner (P) 
Karl K. Wallace, Jr. (M) 
Winfred Ward (M) 
John D. Worley (A) 


John W. Ames, Jr. (D) 
Lorence N. Bredahl (A) 
Ann D. Broaddus (N) 
Janet C. Coon (A) 
Martin W. Damsky (D) 
Mary J. De Carvalho (M) 
Susan B. Elrod (N) 
Blackwell B. Evans (M) 
Ruth T. Friedman (A) 
James L. Gardner (M) 
Darrell K. Gilliam (M) 
R. Arthur Gindin (M) 
Marlene B. Henley (M) 
Frances W. Kay (N) 
Frances P. McKendrick (N) 
Keith W. McNeer (M) 
Ethel W. Merryman (N) 
Frederick Rahal (M) 
Wanda S. Russo (N) 
Brenda K. Stubbs (N) 
Perry R. Stubbs, Jr. (D) 
John H. Tobin (A) 
Galen L. Wampler (M) 


William A. Armentrout (P) 
Betsy A. Bampton (N) 
Lawrence G. Flannagan, Jr. (A) 
Walter H. Graham (M) 
B. Keith Haley, Jr. (D) 

Jack R. Hodge (A) 
Sue W. Horger (A) 
C. Robert Lincoln (M) 
George A. Mathews (A) 
R. Gordon McCracken (D) 
W. David McWhorter (M) 
Donald E. Morel (M) 
Lewis M. Omer III (M) 
Louise W. Robertson (M) 
Rosser A. Rudolph, Jr. (M) 
Helen B. Savedge (P) 
Ronald A. Shelin (D) 
Jack L. Shelton (A) 
David R. Sipes (D) 
James H. Smith (D) 
Anne B. Sydnor (N) 
Maurice B. Tanner (M) 
Peggy P. Tanner (N) 
Girard V. Thompson, Jr. (M) 
William N. Thompson, Jr. (P) 
Thomas G. Whedbee, Jr. (A) 
James R. Wickham (M) 
C. Johnson Willis (M) 
Dabney R. Yarbrough III (M) 


Benjamin R. Allen, Jr. (M) 
Kenneth H. Axtell (A) 
Wyatt S. Beazley III (M) 
O. Riley Boone (M) 
Roy H. Browning, Jr. (P) 
Thomas E. Burke (D) 
Alfred Burkholder (A) 
Thomas E. Butt (D) 
Donald L. Chastain (D) 
Maleda T. Cox (N) 
William L. Curry (M) 
Walter L. Grubb, Jr. (M) 
Irwin B. Heinemann (A) 
Alan S. Helwig (D) 
David E. Labson (P) 
Barbara G. Miller (A) 
Richard B. Robins (M) 
Nelson L. St. Clair, Jr. (A) 
Harry D. Simpson, Jr. (D) 
Julian S. Stoutamyer (M) 
Robert A. Whisnant, Jr. (M) 
Hong Y. Woo (M) 
Frederick R. Wright, Jr. (P) 


J. Wilson Ames, Jr. (D) 
Lura M. Apt (N) 
Ann R. Bellemore (P) 
Susan E. Brown (N) 
Jane M. Burnette (P) 
Walter J. Carmoney, Jr. (M) 
J. Samuel Davis (P) 
William N. Friedman (D) 
Austin B. Harrelson (M) 
William E. Holland (M) 
Harold M. Horden (M) 
Charles E. Johnston (M) 
George S. Julias (M) 
Leo N. Lampros (D) 
Elizabeth M. Meyer (A) 
Brenda W. Morgan (N) 
Joseph C. Parker, Jr. (M) 
Rebecca T. Perdue (A) 
Robert L. Pugh (D) 
Martha H. Shelhamer (N) 
Ezri S. Sokol (M) 
Pete L. Stephens (M) 
Martha J. Stepp (P) 

Gerald T. Taylor (D) 
Shirley M. Thomas (N) 
George R. Vaughan (D) 
James L. White (M) 
H. George White, Jr. (M) 
E. Patterson Woodworth (D) 
Jean B. Worfolk (N) 
Evangeline Yoder (A) 
David B. Young (M) 
Edward A. Zakaib (M) 


Susan E. Adams (P) 
James E. Baird (M) 
Ann L. Duke (N) 
E. William Elliott, Jr. (P) 
Robert N. Emory (D) 
Preston H. Gada (M) 
William S. Harrison (D) 
L. Franklin Henry, Jr. (M) 
John R. Hogg (M) 
Hudnall J. Lewis (M) 
C. Edward McCauley (A) 
Preston D. Miller, Jr. (D) 
George S. Neuman (D) 
Katherine A. Prentice (A) 
Marianne R. Rollings (P) 
Earl T. Sherman (D) 
Benjamin J. Stebor III (D) 
Charles J. Sweat (A) 
Britton E. Taylor (M) 
Harry Thomas, Jr. (M) 
Thomas M. Winn, Jr. (M) 


David G. Crittenden (M) 
Virginia R. Foster (N) 
Roger D. Gifford (M) 
Donald S. Good (A) 
Judith K. Hanshaw (A) 
Sharon C. Jacumin (A) 
Richard E. Linde (M) 
Jay R. Miller (M) 
Carol A. R. Ramos (A) 
Fred H. Rosenblum (D) 
Alvin S. Topham (A) 
Samuel F. Vance III (M) 
Jules M. Wainger (D) 


J. Duncan Ashe II (M) 
G. Allan Berrier (A) 
Mary Jane B. Casarotti (N) 
Estill L. Caudill III (M) 
Gerald A. Ezekiel, Jr. (M) 
James H. Forsee, Jr. (D) 
Marvin G. Frank (M) 
Sigsby W. Gayle (M) 
Theodore George (M) 
Carol J. Harrison (N) 
Donna C. Hester (N) 
Neil E. Hutcher (M) 
Lewis D. Johnson (M) 
Thomas W. Kelly, Jr. (D) 
Leonard P. Kessler (D) 
Gerald W. Lutz (D) 
Louis M. Mendelson (M) 
Mathilda S. Merker (N) 
Donald F. Perkins (M) 
Fred T. Shaia (M) 
Jane W. Timma (N) 
Jane P. Wootton (M) 
Terry P. Yarbrough (M) 


Katherine W. Bredbenner (A) 
Gerald R. Brink (A) 
Jan H. Feazell (A) 
Samuel G. Feazell (A) 
Linda Z. Goldberg (N) 
Lawrence T. Grand (D) 
Aubrey C. Hall, Jr. (M) 
Mary P. Harris (N) 
Walter J. Jacumin (M) 
Elizabeth M. Keeney (A) 
Barry V. Kirkpatrick (M) 
Lawrence W. Penniston (M) 
Linda L. Rhodes (N) 
Victoria P. Saunders (A) 
Robert W. Schimpf (M) 
Sherrill W. Stockton, Jr. (D) 
L. Amos Tinnell (A) 
Betty S. Wyatt (M) 
Allan K. Yung (M) 


G. Roger Akers (P) 
John A. Altobelli (M) 
John J. Bagley, Jr. (M) 
Alton W. Baker (M) 
Bobby D. Burnette (D) 
Clyde N. Carroll (D) 
Martha L. Cloe (N) 
James L. Farley (A) 
Jeffrey S. Goldblatt (M) 
Stuart V. Grandis (M) 
Glenward T. Keeney (M) 
Kyle F. Kiesau (M) 
Hermes A. Kontos (B) 
Alvarene S. Massanova (A) 
William M. Moss (A) 
Diana P. Odle (N) 
Eli L. Rose (M) 
George D. Schare (M) 
William H. Shaver (P) 
Marshall D. Spoto (D) 
Phinehas L. Wood (P) 


Nancy M. Alley (N) 
Henry Alperin (M) 
Richard L. Atkinson, Jr. (M) 
O. Ernest Bacon (A) 
Robert E. Baker (M) 
Catherine B. Bley (N) 
Raymond L. Board (A) 
Mary H. Bridges (A) 
George B. Caley III (A) 
Robert N. Deangelis (M) 
Fleix A. Fraraccio (A) 
Ragnit Geeraets (B) 
Karole F. Gibson (A) 
Michael E. Gilstrap (A) 
Philip E. Hamrick (B) 
Larry D. Hensley (D) 
Philip S. Lakernick (A) 
Edward L. Lilly (M) 
Kenneth Olshansky (M) 
Rudolph L. Raymaker (M) 
Jeanet P. Strohhofer (N) 
Nora M. Tenney (A) 
Peter S. Trager (D) 
Einar J. Wulfsberg (M) 


Hayden P. Allen (D) 
Robert P. Bethea (D) 
Harriet W. Buss (N) 
Earl R. Crouch, Jr. (M) 
James A. Crute (M) 
Judy L. Dietrick (P) 
Mary C. F. Dowrick (A) 
Howard Duchon (D) 
Marc A. Goldberg (M) 
Richardson Grinnan (M) 
Frank I. Gross (P) 
Edith L. Hardie (B) 
John D. T. Hartman, Jr. (A) 
Nancy T. Johnston (P) 
Isaac Koziol (M) 
Harold J. Levinson (M) 
Alan L. Markowitz (A) 
Jerry P. Martin (M) 
George H. Miller (B) 
Grayson B. Miller, Jr. (M) 
Jacob T. Moll (M) 
Richard H. Moseley (M) 
Jane C. Osby (A) 
Donna M. Pence (N) 
David F. Polster (M) 
Sandra J. Polster (M) 
Robert K. Ramsey (M) 
Ernest J. Saliba, Jr. (M) 
Stuart Solomon (M) 
R. Ronald Sutton (A) 
John L. Tarver, Jr. (D) 
Carol R. Veits (A) 
Edwin C. Weiss (M) 
H. Taylor Yates, Jr. (M) 
James J. Zelenak (M) 


Uldis Birzenieks (A) 
Wilsie P. Bishop (N) 
James B. Blitch, Jr. (M) 
George W. Burke HI (M) 
Joan S. Corder (N) 
Constance C. Corsino (M) 
Joseph M. Cottrell (A) 
Charles J. Donlan, Jr. (M) 
Jeffrey M. Fisher (M) 
Mary N. Green (N) 
William R. Grigsby (B) 
Sharon P. Hageman (A) 
Eugene M. Kornhaber (M) 
Edward R. Kromer (P) 
Ann K. Leake (N) 
David A. Martell (P) 
George W. Miner (M) 
David E. Mullins (M) 
Linda E. Pearson (N) 
Patsy C. Pugsley (A) 
Robert B. Sigafoes (M) 
Michael Skolochenko (M) 
Susan B. Skolochenko (N) 
Marc D. Thames (M) 
James W. Wilkinson (M) 
Betty M. Williams (N) 
Thomas W. Witmer (M) 
Ann S. Zelenak (N) 


Amiele H. Barakey (M) 
Catherine W. Barakey (N) 
James C. Barnett (A) 
Stephen M. Bobys (M) 
Charles E. Brady III (M) 

J. Wayne Browder (D) 
Ann N. Coffin (N) 
Linda G. Cupit (N) 
William H. Downing (A) 
Thelma E. Dyer (N) 
Lawrence J. Familant (D) 
Ruth B. Finley (B) 
John E. Fitzgerald (M) 
Gerry S. Hayes (M) 
Kathleen A. Jones (N) 
Michael S. Komarow (M) 
Patricia M. Koors (M) 
Christine M. Lange (N) 
Wickliffe S. Lyne (A) 
George E. Meyerhoff (M) 
M. Dianne Murphy (M) 
Mark L. Nichols (M) 
Edward M. O'Keefe (D) 
Steven M. Pollak (M) 
Randall W. Powell (M) 
Betty B. Revie (P) 
Lloyd S. Rothouse (M) 
Patricia B. Rothouse (M) 
Stephen L. Schlesinger (M) 
Mitchell B. Smith (A) 
Randolph W. Stark (M) 
Michael J. Walters (M) 
Mary M. Willems (N) 


Emily C. Bennett (N) 
Linda H. Beverly-Brannon (A) 
Carrington L. Booth, Jr. (P) 
Robert S. Branham (D) 
Michael L. Collins (A) 
Christine C. Cornett (N) 
Karen Z. Crabb (A) 
Philip M. Davis II (D) 
H. Joseph Drannen (A) 
G. H. Dunnington (M) 
William P. Fernald (D) 
Warren Finkelstein (M) 
Samuel E. Gaskins (M) 
Susan W. Gaskins (N) 
Cara L. Hayes (B) 
Steven D. Hinkis (D) 
Eric R. Hoffer (M) 
Linda R. Hubbard (DI) 
Frederick F. Hughes (A) 
David L. Kreger (M) 
E. Elizabeth Leet (P) 
Joseph A. Lombard, Jr. (D) 
Nolan R. Mauney, Jr. (M) 
Barbara E. McCoy (A) 
Jane E. Miller (N) 
Empsy M. W. Munden (P) 
William S. Nicholson (P) 
Richard M. Nisman (M) 
Jerome C. Ottley, Jr. (D) 
James W. Patterson (M) 
Julie A. Prazich (M) 
J. Thomas Ryan (M) 
Thomas V. Sellars (A) 
Glen L. Shivel (M) 
Carol L. Smith (N) 
Doris A. Trauner (M) 
Shelly M. Verber (N) 
Stephen J. Verber (D) 

Robert L. Via (A) 
J. Ruffin Wheless III (D) 
Janice S. Whitehead (A) 
Daniel C. William (M) 
Shirley M. Wood (N) 


Connie C. Akers (N) 
Wayne P. Alexander (D) 
Charles D. Allen (D) 
Carol W. Boyd (N) 
James A. Bradshaw (M) 
Mary C. Bryant (A) 
Patricia B. Crawford (N) 
Robert J. Ess (A) 
Saul D. Gorman (M) 
Arnold B. Graboyes (M) 
Sanford A. Greenhouse (M) 
Louise K. Greer (A) 
Joseph C. Gregorek (B) 
Roger L. Harrell (A) 
William G. Hulcher (M) 
John F. Jacobs, Jr. (M) 
W. Richard Jeter (M) 
Lawrence G. Jolly (A) 
John T. Lapchak (M) 
Dorothy C. Lapenta (N) 
B. Richard Lennington (M) 
Bonni B. May (N) 
Margaret J. McGee (A) 
Robert T. Mendle (M) 
Richard J. Pearce (A) 
Ann I. Popovich (A) 
Georgia A. Prescott (M) 
Patricia M. Rich (N) 
Robert N. Stitt (M) 
Margaret C. Tluszcz (A) 
David A. Vaughan (M) 
May B. Volkman (N) 
David C. Whitehead, Jr. (M) 
Jeffrey S. Williams (D) 
Susan C. Williams (N) 


Kathryn A. Angermeyer (A) 
Kathleen J. Bailey (N) 
Stephen Bernstein (A) 
Catherine S. Casey (M) 
Paula L. Countiss (N) 
Dorothy S. Crowder (N) 
Thomas C. Dandridge (A) 
Nancy B. Dunn (A) 
Sandra E. Gates (A) 
Nancy J. Gilday (A) 
Linda K. Godbehere (A) 
Richard J. Herschaft (M) 
William E. Housel, Jr. (A) 
Van S. Hubbard (M) 
Carol S. Klima (DH) 
Michael J. Lapenta (M) 
Christine L. Lee (N) 
Jennifer H. Matthews (N) 
James F. Means (D) 
T. Carter Melton, Jr. (A) 
A. Felix Meyer III (A) 
Sandra C. K. Muller (N) 
Martin R. Nagel (D) 
Douglas C. Niemi (D) 
Walter D. Parkhurst (M) 
Kenneth A. Powell (M) 
Lisbeth W. Reidy (N) 

Kenneth J. Robertson (M) 
Blaise C. Scavullo (M) 
W. Stuart Smith (A) 
Thomas H. Solenberger (M) 
George H. St. George (A) 
Stephen B. Stroud (M) 
Martin A. Swartz (D) 
Elizabeth H. Tolley (A) 
Diane B. Valentine (A) 
Anthony H. Vervena (A) 
Barbara W. Whitener (N) 
Marvin T. Williams (M) 
Peggy J. Woolf(N) 


Diane B. Anderson (A) 
Elizabeth M. Beardsworth (N) 
Thomas M. Beazlie (M) 
David Berlinerman (B) 
Victoria W. Biondi (M) 
Stanley L. Brittman (M) 
Susan B. Campbell (N) 
David C. Coulter (A) 
John M. Deagan (A) 
Kenneth O. Drees (A) 
Paul J. Flaer(D) 
Nicholas Frankel (M) 
Mark D. Freilich (M) 
Alan J. Gamsey (M) 
Linda C. Gehring (N) 
Robert R. Gora (A) 
Edward H. Hancock (A) 
Martha E. Hart (N) 
Bruce P. Hawley (D) 
Carol J. Herwig (A) 
Marvin G. Hevener (M) 
Valerie J. Hunt (N) 
Vanessa G. C. Kaiser (N) 
Robert E. Keeton (M) 
Kendall W. Kellum (P) 
David M. Klurfeld (B) 
Robert B. Laibstain (M) 
Stephen D. Lenet (M) 
Sarah M. Link (N) 
Max S. Maizels (M) 
Judy C. Meminger (M) 
Roger C. Merrill (M) 
Cynthia M. Meyer (A) 
Stephen H. Montgomery (A) 
James K. Muehleck (D) 
Bruce M. Perlman (D) 
John H. Pope, Jr. (M) 
Blondell J. Ross (N) 
Margaret M. Sanders (M) 
Domenic A. Sica (M) 
Edwin L. Smolowitz (M) 
Richard B. Theis (M) 
Janet K. Yamada (A) 


Hee D. Ahn (A) 
Elaine M. Barbour (N) 
Ryan D. Beaty (A) 
Edward L. Berdick (A) 
A. Robert Bissell (M) 
Jeffrey S. Blinder (M) 
Robert H. Brewer (M) 
Bernardine A. Clarke (N) 
Robert J. Cohen (M) 
Ruth C. Creasy (N) 
Jerry S. Durkowski (D) 
Catherine M. Fischer (N) 
Mary Jane D. French (N) 
Robert E. Garrison (A) 
Kathryn E. Grant (M) 

Stephen A. Gudas (A) 
Russell D. Harbaugh (A) 
Frankie A. Holmes (M) 
James L. McDaniel (M) 
Georgeia C. Morgan (DI) 
Paul L. Nusbaum (A) 
Albert L. Payne (D) 
Richard L. Sapperstein (D) 
Karen Saunders (N) 
Sharon L. Smith (P) 
John H. Swartz (P) 
Carol T. Thornton (N) 
Carole G. Traylor (N) 
Christopher J. Utz (B) 
J. Todd Vande Hey (A) 
Darlene H. Williams (N) 
Mary A. Willson (A) 
Lorita B. Wood (A) 
Mardene L. Wyant (A) 


James W. Blankenship III (P) 
L. Michael Breeden (M) 
Robert M. Brewer (M) 
Jane G. Brown (N) 
Donna C. Bull (P) 
M. Jane Clayton (M) 
Raymond T. Curtis (A) 
Anne E. Demmon (N) 
Christopher T. Durrer (A) 
Joseph A. Gwiazdowski (D) 
Linda S. Haggerty (B) 
Steven C. Hoelscher (A) 
Leslie M. Hoffman (B) 
Nancy D. Holland (M) 
Wayne D. Horney (M) 
Anne R. Jack (N) 
Michael H. Link (M) 
A. Scott Mills (M) 
Julia H. Mills (M) 
Brian C. Mitchell (M) 
Mark F. Montgomery (A) 
Patricia B. Moore (A) 
Gale W. Nuckols (P) 
Vanessa H. Partain (A) 
Cynthia L. Robertson (P) 
Diane J. Sansonetri (M) 
John A. Smalley (A) 
Judith A. Spross (N) 
R. Timothy Stack (A) 
Joanne Stevenson (N) 
Elizabeth B. Taylor (D) 
Carol L. Thomas (N) 
Wirt L. Thompson III (A) 
Shirley A. Wilson (N) 


Edmund A. Abramovitz (A) 
A. Scott Anderson III (D) 
M. Phillip Barbee (A) 
Paul A. Bishop (A) 
Lisa B. Bresenoff (N) 
Nancy E. Brister (DH) 
Allison D. Byrd (M) 
John A. Byrd III (M) 
Deborah G. Clapp (M) 
Patricia S. Conroy (N) 
S. Andrews Deekens, Jr. (M) 
Michael B. Deel (P) 
Clarice U. Dougherty (N) 
Sarah P. Erwin (N) 
Steven P. Fisher (P) 

George P. Forrest (M) 
Brenda D. Frank (N) 
Marie O. Guasco (A) 
Robert M. Haggerty (B) 
Timothy D. Helton (M) 
Nancy L. Jakubec (N) 
William M. Jolly (A) 
William D. Kiser (M) 
Michael E. Lavinder (D) 
Mark D. Levenson (D) 
M. Caroline Martin (A) 
James L. Morgan, Jr. (M) 
John G. Muller (M) 
James W. Poucher, Jr. (A) 
John A. Reidy (B) 
Thomas J. Rice III (A) 
Neil Rosenberg (M) 
Ann M. Rutledge (N) 
Michael S. Schwartzman (M) 
Charles A. Semones (M) 
Stephen A. Siegel (M) 
Karen J. Sproles (N) 
Charles T. Sprouse, Jr. (D) 
Michael P. Taylor (M) 
David Thickman (M) 
Sandra B. Underhill (DH) 


Marilyn E. Alley (M) 
Nancy M. Bennett (N) 
Ann M. Blanco (A) 
James S. Bowman III (M) 
Stephen P. Cincinato (D) 
James M. Donaghy (D) 
David K. Donin (A) 
John C. Doswell II (D) 
Christine E. Eastment (M) 
Cathy J. Faehl (N) 
Douglas H. Finestone (M) 
Joann K. Flanagan (A) 
Nancy L. V Forrest (N) 
Rosemarie Greyson Fleg (M) 
Terry R. Hamlin (P) 
Robbie L. Hartsock (N) 
Susan K. Irby (M) 
Samuel M. Jones (M) 
Fred T. Kahn (M) 
Carl G. Kukulka (B) 
Thomas M. Latouche (D) 
Barbara J. Leavitt (DH) 
Deborah L. Martin (N) 
Alicia W. Motley (P) 
James L. Perkins, Jr. (A) 
James R. Poliquin (M) 
Daniel C. Riina (A) 
Robert A. Silverman (M) 
Doreen E. Smith (A) 
Edmund J. Stellwag (B) 
Kathy A. Stewart (P) 
David B. Tate, Jr. (A) 
Ronald E. Terry (A) 
Patricia F. Wilmoth (A) 


Vinola T. Barnes (N) 

John A. Booth (A) 

Carol L. Buck-Rolland (N) 

Christopher A. Collingwood (D) 

Alease L. Daniel (A) 

Edwina M. Fly (N) 

Gretchen E. O. Gravely (A) 

Patricia A. Harnois-Church (N) 

Randolph F. Harrison (A) 

Barbara E. Hayes (A) 

Kathleen B. Heatwole (A) 
Marguerite A. Irving (N) 
Andrea G. Kahn (M) 
M. Bassam Kawwass (A) 
Robert L. Kinneberg, jr. (A) 
Miriam M. Roller (M) 
John G. Lieb (M) 
Gwendolyn D. Long (N) 
Ernest A. Malcolm, Jr. (A) 
Lisa A. McMahon (N) 
William L. Montague, Jr. (M) 
Jocelyn E. Owens (A) 
William S. Przybysz, Jr. (A) 
Catherine H. Richwine (P) 
Timothy W. Roisen (P) 
Mark G. Smith (D) 
Elliot B. Sternberg (M) 
Joseph B. Warren (N) 
Leslee G. Weber (A) 


John G. Barnes (M) 
Estelle V. Bauer (A) 
John G. Daniel (M) 
Craig R. Darcy (D) 
Perry G. Fine (M) 
Jeannette M. Fumagali (D) 
Margaret K. Goldberger (A) 
David C. Hanlin (A) 

Jane E. Hartsfield (A) 
Richard E. Hudson (A) 
Martha S. Hynes (M) 
Barbara A. Jackman (A) 
Julia K. Jolly (A) 
William E. Kelly (A) 
Reed B. Kennedy (A) 
Constance T. Landstreet (N) 
Nancy H. Manson (B) 
Joseph P. Oleniazc (M) 
Deborah J. Plumb (M) 
Richard M. Rubenstein (M) 
Fay T. Whitmire (N) 
Roberta A. Wildblood (N) 
Raymond D. Williams II (A) 
John H. Yoder (A) 


Dante Ciolfi (D) 
Teresa L. Dawson (N) 
C. Henry Hinnant III (A) 
Christine E. Hopson (N) 
Jayne S. Hutchens (N) 
David Krieger (A) 
Cathy H. Miles (A) 


Thomas A. Bradshaw (A) 
Carmella A. Cole (M) 
Marilee M. Fetkovich (A) 
Jacqueline E. Goin (N) 
Ross I. Heisman (D) 

Barry S. Levine (M) 
Carol W. Lunsford (A) 
Rebecca L. Myers (A) 
Scott M. Solomon (M) 
David A. Sweeney (A) 
Charles A. Weber (P) 


Vernard A. Benn 
Frank M. Blanton 
Marta Camilo 
John R. Cella 
Jaime E. Chamorro 
Stephan M. Cooper 
Robert H. Dickinson 
James C. Dimitris 
Stuart J. Eisenberg 
Winston Ekren 
Robert A. Frederick 
John F. Hacker 
Sam H. Hay 
James W. Hayes III 
Shahnawaz S. Jarfer 
C. William Jansing 
Stephen R. Roller 
Philip J. Mayer 
Johnnie A. McCullough 
Murdoch R. McKeithen 
Richard M. Morrison 

Franklin B. Olney 
Edward S. Ray 
James L. Shreffler 
Charles L. Stuckey 
Nora C. Sun 


Mary J. Allen (DI) 
Florence N. Carter (N) 
Mertie L. Johnson (N) 
Edith M. Lee (N) 
Alyce E. Woodyard (N) 


(A) School of Allied Health Professions 

(B) School of Basic Sciences 
(D) School of Dentistry 
(DH) Dental Hygiene 

(DI) Dietetic Intern 
(M) School of Medicine 
(N) School of Nursing 
(P) School of Pharmacy 

Contributor Statistics 















































Allied Health 







Basic Sciences 





















Housestaff (non-alumni) 










Candidates for the 
Board of Trustees of the MCV 
Alumni Association of VCU 
for the three-year term 
beginning January 1, 1985 

Each board member represents approximately 600 
living alumni of the six schools. 

Ballots for this election are in the center of this 
February 1984 issue of the Scarab. Eligibility to vote 
is explained on the ballot. Remove and mail your 
marked, signed ballot. Ballots must be received in 
the office of the MCV Alumni Association of VCU, 
1105 East Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23219 by 
Friday, April 13, 1984. 

Medicine trustee candidates 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1953 

B.A., University of Virginia 

Internship and G. P. residency, 


Family practice, Richmond, 




"The MCV Alumni Association of VCU must continue to 
be a viable part of the MCV Campus. With its planned 
move to a new site, which will allow expansion of its 
facilities to better serve the alumni, students, faculty, and 
the university, I foresee a greater role and involvement of 
the MCV Alumni Association and its alumni in support of 
the further development of excellence in our beloved MCV 
Campus and in our expanding great urban university." 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1974 
George Washington University 

Obstetrics-gynecology resident, 
MCV Campus 

Assistant professor, obstetrics and 
gynecology, human genetics 
Associate professor, obstetrics 
and gynecology, human genetics 
Clinical director, Antenatal 
Genetic Testing Program 
Director, Maternal Serum Alpha 
Fetoprotein Screening Program 
Elected president, Virginia 
Perinatal Advisory Council 








"In an institution this large and complex the dedication, 
interest, and especially support of our medical alumni to 
the medical school is of paramount importance. The 
organization of the medical school alumni is currently 
progressing to allow a more direct association between the 
medical school alumni, the medical students, and the 
medical school itself. It is to all alumni's benefit that this 
endeavor is fruitful in terms of moral, continuing com- 
munication, and support of research areas." 

Coats, North Carolina 
School of Medicine, 1944 

Internship, U.S. Naval Hospital, 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

U.S. Navy, South Pacific and 


Resident, Rex Hospital, Raleigh, 

North Carolina 


1948-49 Medical missionary, Canton, 

South China 
1949-present Family practice, Coats Medical 

Clinic, Coats, North Carolina 

Member: Harnett County Medical Society; A.M. A.; 
North Carolina Medical Society; North Carolina 
A.F.P.; A.A.F.P.; diplomate, American Board Family 
Practice; president-elect, North Carolina A.F.P. 


"My involvement with the North Carolina chapter of 
MCV Alumni Association of VCU through the years has 
been most rewarding. I would be honored to serve on the 
Board of Trustees and would make every effort to improve 
the excellent tradition of the university." 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1958 
Graduate School, Ph.D. 
physiology, 1968 


B.A. biology, VPI & SU 


Intern, resident, and fellow, 

University of California, San 


Resident in medicine, MCV 


Graduate student, physiology, 


Assistant professor of medicine, 


MCV Campus 

Associate professor of medicine, 


MCV Campus 

Professor of medicine, MCV 



Visiting scientist, Laboratory of 
Renal and Electrolyte Metabolism, 
National Institutes of Health 

Member: Alpha Omega Alpha; Southern Society for 
Clinical Investigation; American Physicological 
Society; American Diabetes Association; Endocrine 
Society; Richmond Academy of Medicine; Medical 
Society of Virginia; Southern Salt, Water, and 
Kidney Club; American Society of Nephrology 
Awards: William Harrison Higgins Award, MCV, 
1962; A.D. Williams Junior Academic Fellowship, 
1963-65: NIH Special Fellowship 1965-70; A.D. 
Williams Faculty Fellowship, 1979 
Other activities: Richmond Diabetes Association, 
vice-president, 1977-78, chairman, Board of Direc- 
tors; president, MCV Alumni Association of VCU, 


"The Medical College of Virginia has undergone a great 
change since my arrival 29 years ago. I have been on the 
campus all but four of those years, as a student of two of 

its schools, as medical resident, and as a faculty member. 
We alumni can be proud that each of these years has 
brought a steady growth until we are now one of the 
largest health science centers in the United States. We can 
be even more proud that the quality of our efforts has also 
steadily improved during this time period. Although we 
perform quite well in terms of teaching, patient care, and 
research, we have by no means reached our full potential. 
Our maximum physical growth is probably near an end, 
and this is good. My major concern is now with continued 
improvement in quality of teaching and research. I 
genuinely believe we can become one of the top health 
science centers in the nation. To achieve this goal of 
excellence, in these times of reduced government support 
and decreased emphasis on education and research, 
requires a strong MCV Alumni Association. Not only will 
increased alumni support be necessary but a unified and 
vigorous participatory organization will be needed. A 
stronger association will also allow us to exert influence on 
university affairs which our alumni should but do not have 
at present. We can be proud of our heritage and, if we're 
willing to expend sufficient effort, we can anticipate a 
splendid future." 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1973 


University of Richmond 

Blackstone Family Practice 


Partner, Harrisonburg Family 

Practice Associates 

Member: American Academy of Family Physicians, 
Medical Society of Virginia; A.M. A.; Virginia Aca- 
demy of Family Physicians; director, medical educa- 
tion, Rockingham Memorial Hospital; past presi- 
dent, Medical Association of Valley of Virginia; past 
president, Shenandoah Valley Alumni Chapter; 
director of First Virginia Bank; Rotarian; past director 
and president, American Cancer Society, Rocking- 
ham County; director and past president, American 
Heart Association, Rockingham County 


"The MCV Campus gave us all a wonderful opportunity. 
With the combined strengths of those in the fields and on 
the staff, the university can substantially gain more 
leadership in the direction of health care in these rapidly 
changing times. Our unity and increased participation 
through the alumni association can only further the 
excellence of patient care." 


Richmond, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1956 


B.A., Virginia Military Institute 


Intern, Johnston-Willis Hospital, 

Richmond, Virginia 


Assistant chief, pediatric service, 

U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Eustis, 



Chief, Outpatient Department, 

U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Eustis, 



Assistant resident, pediatrics, 



Resident, pediatrics, MCV 


Clinical instructor in pediatrics, 

MCV Campus 


Associate clinical professor in 

pediatrics, MCV Campus 

Member: Private practice, pediatrics, Drs. Overton, 
Wiley, & Kirchmier, P.C., Richmond, Virginia; 
diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics; fellow, 
American Academy of Pediatrics; member, Rich- 
mond Pediatric Society; Virginia Pediatric Society; 
member, Medical Society of Virginia; Southern 
Medical Society. 


"I believe that the alumni association can and should be a 
powerful force in determining the policies and course 
which the MCV Campus and the university will follow. It 
is only through the combined effort which is afforded by the 
association that we can be sure we will be heard and be 
considered when decisions are made. A strong and dyamic 
alumni association will lead to a greater campus." 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1962 
Virginia Military Institute 


Internship, Pennsylvania 
Hospital, Philadelphia 
United States Army 


Fellowship in cardiology, MCV 


Assistant professor of medicine, 


MCV Campus 

Member, Tidewater Emergency 

Medical Service Council 


Clinical associate professor of 
medicine, MCV Campus 
Co-director, Cardiac 

Catheterization Lab, Henrico 

Doctors' Hospital 

Member, State Health 

Coordination Council 

Governor (of Virginia), American 

College of Cardiology 

Board of Directors, American 

Heart Association, Virginia 


Board of Directors, Richmond 

Area Heart Association 

Board of Trustees, Henrico 

Doctors' Hospital 

President, Richmond Area Heart 


1981 -present 



"Our active support of the MCV Alumni Association of 
VCU is more important than ever. We are proud of the 
fine tradition and excellent training we have received. In 
order to promote the continuation of the excellent caliber of 
education at our school, we must recognize the needs of the 
school and work with the health science division to obtain 
its objectives." 






Norfolk, Virginia 
School of Medicine, 1958 
Virginia Military Intirute, B.A., 

U.S. Naval flight surgeon 

Surgical internship and residency, 


U.S.P.H.S. postdoctoral fellow in 

transplantation and immunology, 

Westminister Hospital, London, 


Private practice of vascular 

surgery, Norfolk Surgical Group, 

Ltd., Norfolk, Virginia 

Associate professor of surgery, 

Eastern Virginia Medical School, 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Professor of surgery, Eastern 

Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, 


Director, Renal Transplant 

Program, Medical Center 

Hospitals and Eastern Virginia 

Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia 

Chief of vascular surgery, Medical 

Center Hospitals, Norfolk, 


Chief, Division of Vascular and 

Renal Transplant Surgery, Eastern 

Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, 



1979-80 President, medical staff, Medical 

Center Hospitals, Norfolk, 

Member: Virginia Medical Society; American Medi- 
cal Association; Virginia Surgical Society; fellow, 
American College of Surgeons; American Society of 
Transplant Surgeons; International Cardiovascular 
Society; Southern Association of Vascular Surgeons; 
Renal Physicians Association; fellow, Stroke Coun- 
cil, American Heart Association; Humera Society; 
Southern Surgical Association; Alpha Omega Alpha, 
honor medical society; Seaboard Medical Association 


"The MCV Alumni Association of VCU plays a vital role 
in the present and future planning of our institution. With 
new direction in health care and with changing emphasis 
in economic conditions, it is vital that we support the 
alumni association and contribute to developments in the 

Nursing trustee candidates 

Chester, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1969 
M.S. nursing, 1976 

Staff nurse, St. Mary's Hospital, 

Richmond, Virginia 

Staff nurse, Petersburg General 


Assistant professor, School of 


Assistant director, School of 


Assistant to director, School of 


Patient care supervisor 

Program head, nursing, John 

Tyler Community College 

Nursing administrator, Henrico 

Doctors' Hospital 

President, Nursing Division, 

MCV Alumni Association of VCU 





"As all schools at the university are asked to curtail 
expenditures and subsequently faculty, yet increase 
enrollment, alumni support must increase substantially to 
offset these budgetary constraints. I pledge to work closely 
with our alumni to seek their valuable support for the 
continuation of the standards of excellence in all schools." 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 
School of Nursing, 1959 
School of Graduate Studies, 1971 

Staff nurse, National Institutes of 
Health, Bethesda, Maryland 
Supervisor, Clinical Research 
Center, MCV 

Clinical instructor, School of 
Nursing, MCV Campus 
Director of nursing, Retreat 
Hospital, Richmond, Virginia 
Virginia State Board of Nursing 

Member: American Nurses Association; Virginia 
Nurses Association, District V; Legislative Commit- 
tee, Virginia Chapter, American Society for Nursing 
Service Administrators; Sigma Theta Tau, national 
nursing honor society; MCV Alumni Association 
Board of Trustees, 1982-present 


"It would be a privilege to continue to serve on the Board 
of Trustees of our alumni association as these are exciting 
times. Old and new challenges must be met if we are to be 
a successful and viable organization. Certainly the need for 
more involvement from alumni is obvious and you could 
play a significant role in shaping the future of VCU and 
its impact on the citizens of the Commonwealth and 
throughout the nation." 

Allied health professions 
trustee candidates 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Allied Health 
Professions, Department of 
Hospital Administration, 1951 

Administrator, Richmond Eye and 
Ear Hospital 

General manager and hospital 
consultant, Richmond Surgical 
Supply Company 
Administrator, Franklin Memorial 
Hospital, Rocky Mount, Virginia 
Executive director, Memorial 
Hospital, Martinsville and Henry 

President, Blue Cross & Blue 
Shield of Southwestern Virginia 
President, Westminster- 
Canterbury House, 
Richmond, Virginia 

Member: president, Virginia Hospital Association, 
1966; fellow, American College of Hospital Adminis- 




trators; American College of Health Care Adminis- 
trators; president, Roanoke Area Hospital Council, 
1960 and 1973; delegate, American Hospital Associa- 
tion; Boards of Directors: MCV Alumni Association 
of VCU, Virginia Regional Medical Program, Virginia 
League for Nursing, H.S.A. of Southwest Virginia, 
Virginia Statewide Health Coordinating Council, 
Virginia Council on Health and Medical Care, and 
numerous civic organizations; president, MCV 
Alumni Association School of Health Administra- 
tion, 1960; preceptor and occasional lecturer, MCV 
Campus, 1958-present 


"I very much appreciate the singular honor of being 
nominated for the board of our alumni association, but 
even more appreciate my education at MCV and the 
continuing prestige it has lent to my career. I will never be 
able to do for the university what the university has done 
for me; therefore, I would welcome the opportunity of 
contributing to its continuing success by serving on the 
board of its alumni association. If elected, I zoill support 
those activities which will enhance the honor and value of 
our association and school. Although benefits have enured 
to VCU and MCV through their merger, I believe the 
MCV Campus will best be served for some time to come by 
an autonomous alumni association which, like I, identifies 
with and will be more knowledgeable and supportive of the 
needs of the health care division." 

Hickory, North Carolina 
School of Allied Health 
Professions, Department of 
Hospital Administration, 1951, 
M.H.A., 1956 

Military duty, World War II 
Jefferson Standard Life Insurance 
Company, Greensboro, North 

Jefferson Standard Life Insurance 
Company (clerical), Greensboro, 
North Carolina 
Administrator, Clarendon 
Memorial Hospital, Manning, 
South Carolina 
Administrator, The Tuomey 
Hospital, Sumter, South Carolina 
Consultant administrator, 
Catawba Memorial Hospital, 
Hickory, North Carolina 

Member: North Carolina Hospital Association; 
American College of Hospital Administrators; 
Catawba Valley Health Planning Council; director, 
Catawba Valley Retirement Center and the Hickory 
United Fund 





Richmond, Virginia 
School of Allied Health 
Professions, Department of 
Occupational Therapy, M.S., 1978 

Staff therapist, Department of 

Occupational Therapy, MCV 


Senior staff therapist, Department 

of Occupational Therapy, MCV 


Extramural instructor, 

Department of Occupational 

Therapy, School of Allied Health 


Member: American Occupational Therapy Associa- 
tion, Virginia Occupational Therapy Association 


"We alumni have profited from our education at this 
university, and our communities have profited from our 
learning experiences and expertise. We must continue to 
support our university to ensure the highest quality 
educational, research, and community service standards. I 
am proud to have the opportunity to serve the alumni 
association as a member of the Board of Trustees." 

Richmond, Virginia 
School of Allied Health 
Professions, Department of 
Occupational Therapy, 1976, 
M.S., 1982 

Staff therapist, Tidewater 
Rehabilitation Institute, Norfolk, 

Staff therapist, Veterans 
Administration Medical Center, 
Lexington, Kentucky 
Trainer, Special Foster Care 
Training Program, staff therapist, 
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation 
Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky 
Consultant, Hanover County 
Schools, Hanover, Virginia; 
consultant, Richmond Public 
Schools, Richmond, Virginia 




"The university faculty and staff have maintained and 
enhanced a superior educational program. This progress 
shall continue unabated with strong alumni support. An 
active alumni group is essential to ensure that the univer- 
sity has the resources available to meet the technological, 
social, and fiscal challenges of the 1980s." 



APRIL 13, 1984. 

Those eligible to vote according to the May 14, 1983 amendments of the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 

Article III Members Section 2. 

Active members shall be composed of all graduates of the institution and all former students who attended 
at least two semesters. They shall have the privilege of voting and of holding office. 


O. T Graham, Jr. (M.D. '53) 

Fay O. Redwine (M.D. 74) 

W. Donald Moore (M.D. '44) 

Charles O. Watlington (M.D. '58, Ph.D. physiology '68) 

David C. Whitehead, Jr. (M.D. 73) 

E. James Wiley, Jr. (M.D. '56) 

William E. Holland (M.D. '62) 

Jock R. Wheeler (M.D. '58) 

Marlene S. Howlett (B.S. nursing '69, M.S. nursing 76) 

June H. Turnage (B.S. nursing '59, M.S. nursing 71) 

Nathan Bushnell III (M.H.A. '51) 

James E. Case (H.A. certificate '51, M.H.A. '56) 

Rebecca Gusich (M.S. occupational therapy 78) 

Carol W. Lunsford (B.S. occupational therapy 77, M.S. occupational therapy '83) 


School Year 



Remove from the magazine and mail your marked, signed ballot. Ballot must be received in the office of the MCV 
Alumni Association of VCU, 1105 East Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23219 by Friday, April 13, 1984. 



Friday, May 11, Saturday, May 12, and Sunday, May 13 

Graduates of 1934 and graduates of classes prior to 1934 
Check the spaces for the functions you plan to attend. 

Friday cocktail party in my honor 
Saturday continental breakfast 
Saturday open house 
Saturday luncheon/annual meeting 
Saturday reception, hot hors d'oeuvres 
Sunday brunch in my honor 

Families of graduates of 1934 and families of graduates of classes prior to 1934 
Write numbers in the spaces for the number who plan to attend. 

Friday cocktail party 

Saturday continental breakfast 

Saturday open house 

Saturday luncheon/annual meeting 

Saturday reception, hot hors d'oeuvres 

Sunday brunch includes drinks 

Post-1934 graduates, families, and nonalumni 

Write numbers in the space for the number who plan to attend. 

Saturday continental breakfast 
Saturday open house 
Saturday luncheon/annual meeting 
Saturday reception, hot hors d'oeuvres 
Sunday brunch includes drinks 

Please mail me badges with name, school, etc. 



Name of guests_ 



$10.50 each, cash bar available 




$10.50 each, cash bar available 

$11 each 



$10.50 each, cash bar available 

$11 each 


_Year of graduation. 

.Enclose total $_ 

Make checks payable to MCV Alumni Association of VCU and mail to 1105 East Clay Street, 
Richmond, VA 23219. 

No reservations will be taken or tickets sold after Thursday, May 3, 1984, and none will be available at the 
locations except the cash bar tickets at the Saturday reception. No tickets are refundable. 


\ _ Means 

Excellence is merely a state of mind until 
put into action through your assets and 
our resources. 

An endowment gift to the MCV Founda- 
tion continues to grow in value. Only 
the interest and dividends from the 
investment of your endowment are spent 
for a purpose that you have designated on 
the MCV Campus. The principal re- 
mains untouched to perpetuate ongoing 

Endowment gifts are often outright 
contributions of cash, securities, or real 
estate. Frequently, endowment gifts are 
deferred as tax-advantaged "Life Income" 
trusts, annuities, and bequests. 
Through an endowment, your gift lives 
forever, enabling MCV to continue a 
tradition of excellence in health sciences 
education, research, and patient care. 

The Medical College of Virginia Foundation # 
— Your Endowment Foundation 

Medical College of Virginia Foundation 

Box 234, MCV Station, Richmond, Virginia 23298 
Telephone (804) 786-9734 

Schedule for Reunion 

Friday, May 11— Sunday, May 13 

Friday, May 11 

10 am— 
9:30-12:30 pm 

1-3:30 pm 
3:30-4:30 pm 
5:30-7 pm 


Coffee and registration, Alumni House, 1105 East Clay Street 

Board of Trustees meeting and luncheon, Alumni House Board 


Scientific Assembly 

Hospitality hour, Alumni House 

Past presidents party for the class of 1934, classes prior to 1934, and 

their families 

Class parties 

Pharmacy classes, Jefferson-Lakeside Club 

Nursing classes, Richmond Hyatt 

Medicine classes, as scheduled 

Saturday, May 12 

9 am-12 noon Registration, Alumni House 

9 am Continental breakfast, Alumni House 

9 am-1 pm Open house, Alumni House 
9-11:30 am Tours of campus 

1 pm Luncheon. Tickets must be ordered on the reservation blank in 


2 pm 95th annual meeting of the Medical College of Virginia Alumni 

Association of Virginia Commonwealth University 
6 pm Reception. Tickets must be ordered on the reservation blank and 

paid in advance. 

Sunday, May 13 

10 am Brunch honoring 50-year graduates and graduates prior to 1934. 

Free tickets for honoree graduates must be ordered on the 
reservation blank in advance. Post-1934 graduates and families of all 
alumni are welcome, but tickets must be ordered on the reservation 
blank and paid in advance. 


'Round the Circuit 

By Franklin Stone 

Delaware Valley Chapter 

During the chapter's October 
dinner meeting Emily H. Baxter 
(B.S. nursing '52) was elected 
president and Cindy Elizabeth 
Andrew (B.S. medical technology 
'75) was elected secretary/ 
treasurer. The group attending 
the event requested the officers to 
continue holding the meetings 
each year in the Commissioned 
Officers Club, U.S. Naval Station, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 
reception by Dr. and Mrs. Philip 
London (M.D. '49) and the 
alumni present encouraged the 
executive secretary to discuss the 
positive status of the association 
and give an update on the univer- 
sity. Enthusiasm continued long 
after the delicious meal was 

New York, Northern New Jersey, 
Connecticut Chapter 

Members greeted one another in 
November at an excellent dinner 
at L'Escargot Restaurant in New 
York City. The inclement weather 
did not dampen the spirit of those 
present and Dr. Edwin C. Weiss 
(M.D. '69) agreed to continue as 
president of the chapter. A 
number of those present were 
working in the area on a short 
term basis. Active alumni need to 
reactivate the support of alumni 
permanently living in the Man- 
hattan area. 

Medical Division 

Physician alumni and their 
spouses turned out in unprece- 
dented numbers to attend recep- 
tions held at The Homestead 
during the meeting of the Medical 
Society of Virginia and at the 
Baltimore Hyatt during the 
Southern Medical Association 

Dr. Charles O. Watlington, president of 
the MCV Alumni Association of VCU, 
welcomes Alvin J. Schalow, Jr. (B.S. 
pharmacy '61), president of VPhA, to an 
alumni party at the Medical Society of 
Virginia's annual meeting. 

meeting. Dr. Charles O. 
Watlington, professor of endocri- 
nology at the university and 1983 
president of the alumni associa- 
tion, greeted those in Virginia. Dr. 
Thomas W. Nooney, Jr. , professor 
of ophthalmology and 1982 
president of the alumni associa- 
tion, welcomed those in Mary- 
land. Dr. M. Pinson Neal, Jr., 
university professor of radiology, 
is current president of the South- 
ern Medical Association; he gave 
additional prestige to the meeting 
of friends of the university. 

Officers of the division for 1984 
are: Harry I. Johnson, Jr. (M.D. 
'53), chairman; David C. White- 
head, Jr. (M.D. '73), chairman- 
elect; David W. Branch (M.D. '52), 
secretary-treasurer; and Philip L. 
Minor (M.D. '47), immediate past 
chairman. Directors of the divi- 
sion requested that Dr. White- 
head proceed with plans for a 
1984 annual meeting in Williams- 
burg during the November 8-11 
meeting of the Medical Society of 

Dental Division 

Ballots mailed in November to 
dental alumni elected the follow- 
ing to lead the dental division in 
1984 and 1985: J. Wilson Ames, Jr. 
(D.D.S. '62), chairman; Leigh C. 
Budwell (D.D.S. '50), vice- 
chairman; and Michael O. Mc- 
Munn (D.D.S. '77), secretary- 
treasurer. Dental homecoming/ 
dental division annual meeting, a 
reception for friends of the 
university, and reunion class 
parties for classes whose years 
end in 4 and 9 are all scheduled 
for April 6-8 in Richmond. 

Pharmacy Division 

Under the recent leadership of 
chairman Linwood S. Leavitt (B.S. 
pharmacy '41), the pharmacy 
division is well-organized, has 
defined its aims, and is in pursuit 
of its goals within budgetary 
constraints. L. Preston Hale (B.S. 
pharmacy '72), chairman; John A. 
Brown, (B.S. pharmacy '78), vice- 
chairman; and Robert L. Burner 
(B.S. pharmacy '66), secretary- 
treasurer, are officers for 1984 and 


1985. At a meeting of divisional 
directors it was decided to partici- 
pate in the February R. R. Rooke 
Lecture, to alter the previous 
alumni orientation of incoming 
pharmacy students, and to 
continue alumni events at the 
VPhA, NARD, ASHP, and APhA. 
The 1984 annual meeting of the 
division will be held May 11 at the 
Jefferson-Lakeside Club in Rich- 
mond, in conjunction with the 
reunion class party dinners for 
those classes whose years end in 
4 and 9. At this gala social- 
business event, amendments to 
the rules and procedures will be 
voted upon and the Pharmacy 
Alumnus of the Year Award will 
be presented. 

Nursing Division 

Officers of the division for 1984 
are the following: Dorothy S. 
Crowder (B.S. nursing '74, M.S. 
nursing '77), president; Mary O. 
Lindamood, (B.S. nursing '67, 
M.S. nursing '75), president-elect; 
Katherine C. Bobbitt, (B.S. 
nursing '56), vice-president; 
Marlene S. Howlett (B.S. nursing 
'69, M.S. nursing '76), secretary; 
and Edna Morgan (B.S. nursing 
'54), treasurer. The division seeks 
nominees for officers and direc- 
tors for 1985 as well as nominees 
for the Outstanding Nursing 
Alumnus for 1984. Suggestions 
for the 1985 lecturer and nursing 

trustees for the board are also 
being sought. Current division 
directors have scheduled regular 
meetings to plan and direct the 
five-year class reunion group 
reception and dinner on May 11 
at the Richmond Hyatt; the 
celebration with students at 
Recognition Night; the greeting of 
incoming students in August; and 
the mixers at the American 
Nurses Association (June 22-28) 
and the Virginia Nurses Associa- 
tion (September 26-29). 

Allied Health Professions 

The 1984 directors are combining 
the divisional annual meeting 
with the celebration of the 15th 
year anniversary of the School of 
Allied Health Professions. The 
topic on October 13 will be 
"Technology and Its Impact on 
The Allied Health Professional." 
The selection of a keynote speaker 
is in process, a luncheon menu is 
being considered, and the after- 
noon educational programs 
located throughout the campus 
will offer CEUs. Chairman John 
A. Booth (M.S. physical therapy 
'80), urges members to make 
plans now to attend. On February 
21 the vice-chairman, Mary Beth 
Pappas (A.S. radiologic technol- 
ogy '77), and secretary/treasurer 
Barbara J. McCoy (B.S. medical 
technology '72) will assist the 
chairman in entertaining all 
department seniors at a wine and 
cheese party in the Alumni 

Basic Sciences Division 

In 1984 and 1985 Hermes A. 
Kontos (Ph.D. '67) and Alfred J. 
Szumski (B.S. physical therapy 
'51, M.S. '56, Ph.D. physiology 
'64) will serve as chairman and 
secretary of the division. An 
annual meeting and mixer for 
current students is being planned. 
The division urges its members to 
attend alumni receptions at the 
four national meetings; listings 
are included in the calendar on 
the back cover. 



Drs. Esrafil Abedi, Mary Ann 
Frable, and Randall Dalton, 

Department of Otolaryngology, 
presented a paper and poster 
entitled "Severe Laryngotracheal 
Stenosis Using Conjoint Hyoid 
Bone" to the Medical Society of 
Virginia meeting. 

Dr. Uri Alon, assistant professor 
of pediatrics, presented a paper, 
"Addictive Hypocalciuric Effects 
of Amiloride and Hydrochloro- 
thiazide in Children Treated with 
Calcitriol," at the American 
Society of Nephrology's annual 
meeting in Washington, D.C. 

Dr. William H. Barr, professor 
and chairman of the Department 
of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics, 
was recently awarded the Food 
and Drug Commissioner's Special 
Citation, an award given for 
outstanding contributions or 
accomplishments in the field. 

Dr. Dean W. Broga, director of 
the Office of Environmental 
Health and Safety and assistant 
professor in the Department of 
Radiology, has recently been 
voted president-elect of the 
Virginia chapter of the Health 
Physics Society. 

Dr. Richard R. Brookman, 

associate professor of pediatrics, 
presented three papers at the 
Kentucky Medical Association's 
annual meeting in Louisville, 
"Dysmenorrhea and the Pediatri- 
cian," "Adolescent Sexuality — 
Risks and Consequences;" and 
"Adolescents and Sexuality 
Transmitted Diseases." 

Ann Cox, assistant professor, 
maternal-child nursing, has been 
appointed as the nursing repre- 
sentative to the Professional 
Development and Dissemination 
Project (PRODD). This interdisci- 
plinary management team will be 
composed of representatives from 
nursing, social work, psychology, 
education, dentistry, pediatrics, 
psychiatry, rehabilitative medi- 
cine, audiology and speech 
pathology, and occupational 
therapy. The team will assess 
campus and community activities 
and resources utilized in meeting 
the needs of disabled youngsters 
and in preparing teachers and 
health practitioners to deliver 
comprehensive and coordinated 

Dr. Steven P. Driska, assistant 
professor in the Department of 
Physiology and Biophysics, has 
received a Research Career 
Development Award from the 
National Institutes of Health. This 
five-year salary award is given by 
the NTH to help develop the 
research careers of promising 

Dr. Alfred S. Gervin has been 
named director of emergency 
medical services at MCV Hospi- 
tals. Gervin formerly served as 
vice-chairman of the Department 
of Surgery and chief of the 
vascular and trauma surgery 
section at the University of 
Arizona Health Sciences Center. 

Dr. Lazar J. Greenfield, chairman 
of the Department of Surgery, has 
edited a book recently published 
by J. B. Lippincott. Complications 
of Surgery and Trauma was a 
collaborative effort of authors 
across the country. Forty-four of 

the 67 chapters in the book were 
written by faculty and staff 
members at MCV Hospitals. 

Dr. John W. Harbison, professor 
of neurology and chairman of the 
Division of Neuro-Ophthalmology, 
has been elected president of the 
Virginia Neurological Society. 

Dr. JoAnne K. Henry, chairman, 
Department of Maternal-Child 
Nursing, has been appointed 
chairman of the Virginia section 

Jessie V. Izard, professor and 
chairman of the Department of 
Medical Technology, recently 
attended an Interinstitutional 
Medical Technology Conference 
held in Northeast, Maryland, 
representing chairmen of medical 
technology departments on the 
East Coast. 

Dr. William P. Jollie, professor 
and chairman of the Department 
of Anatomy, recently participated 
in a scientific exchange program 
with the American Association of 
Anatomists in the People's 
Republic of China, sponsored by 
the Chinese Association of 
Science and Technology. 

Dr. Daniel M. Laskin has been 
named chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Oral and Maxillofacial 
Surgery. Laskin previously served 
as professor and department head 
of oral and maxillofacial surgery 
at University of Illinois College of 


Barbara Lindsey, associate 
professor in the Department of 
Medical Technology, recently 
presented a seminar on "Fat- 
Soluble Vitamins" at the Ameri- 
can Society for Medical Technol- 
ogy, Region IV Meeting, in 
Lexington, Kentucky. 

William O. McCleney, manager 
of University Mail Services, has 
been appointed to the Board of 
Directors of Stuart Circle Center, 
a day care facility for the elderly. 

Dr. Susan J. Mellette, director of 
the Cancer Rehabilitation and 
Continuing Care Program, and 
Dr. Henry J. Stonnington, 

chairman of the Department of 
Rehabilitation Medicine, recently 
participated in a cancer rehabilita- 
tion session during the combined 
meetings of the American Con- 
gress of Rehabilitation Medicine 
and the American Academy of 
Physical Medicine and Rehabilita- 
tion in Los Angeles, California. 

Donna Odum, associate professor 
in the Department of Medical 
Technology, presented a seminar 
on "Problem-Solving in Urinaly- 
sis" at the American Society for 
Medical Technology, Region IV 
Meeting, in Lexington, Kentucky. 
She also presented a seminar on 
"Urine Microscopies" at the 
Virginia Society for Medical 
Technology/Virginia State Society 
of American Medical Technolo- 
gists in Staunton. Odum is 
currently serving on the Board of 
Directors of the American Society 
for Medical Technology. 

Dr. Edward H. Peeples, associate 
professor of Preventive Medicine 
and Biostatistics, has been elected 
chairman for the Richmond City 
Commission on Human Rights for 

Dr. Napoleon L. Peoples, coordi- 
nator of stress management, 
University Counseling Services, 
gave presentations on stress 
management at the Southeastern 
Regional Conference of the 
American Public Welfare Associa- 
tion and the Annual Conference 
for Local Administrators and 
Supervisors of Special Education. 

Dr. W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr., 

clinical professor of restorative 
dentistry and a practicing dentist 
in Richmond, has been awarded 
fellowship in the American 
College of Dentists in recognition 
of his contributions to the ad- 
vancement of the dental profes- 
sion and humanity. 

Dr. John J. Salley, vice-president 
for research and dean of graduate 
studies, presented a paper, 
"University/Industry Research 
Alliances," at the meeting of the 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 
Association, Research and Devel- 
opment Section. He also gave the 
commencement address for the 
School of Dentistry graduation 
exercises at the University of 

Dr. Aristides Sismanis, associate 
professor of otolaryngology, has 
been inducted into the American 
College of Surgeons. 

Dr. E. Christa Stern, assistant 
professor, community health 
nursing, presented a paper at the 
World Federation of Public Health 

Associations, IV International 
Congress, in Tel Aviv, Israel. The 
theme of the conference was 
"Quest for Community Health: 
Experiences in Primary Care," 
and Stern's paper dealt with 
lessons learned in organizing, 
managing, and financing pro- 

Dr. Alfred J. Szumski, associate 
professor in the Department of 
Physiology and Biophysics, has 
been elected president of the 
American Congress of Rehabilita- 
tion Medicine. Szumski also 
serves as editor of The Archives of 
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 
the organization's official journal. 
The Congress is an interdiscipli- 
nary organization of physician 
and nonphysician professionals 
practicing in the field of physical 
medicine and rehabilitation. 

Dr. Phyllis S. Tyzenhouse, 

associate professor of nursing, 
has been appointed to a visiting 
professorship at Louisiana State 
University in New Orleans for the 
1984 spring semester. She will 
conduct a seminar with graduate 
nursing students on community 
health involvement. 

Dr. George Williams, professor 
and chairman of the Department 
of Otolaryngology, recently 
directed a two-day scientific 
seminar in conjunction with 
Richmond Eye & Ear Hospital. 
Dr. Peter N. Pastore, professor 
emeritus and former chairman of 
the Department of Otolaryngol- 
ogy, 1942-76, was the guest of 


Alumni Update 


Arno E. Friddle (pharmacy) of 
Moorefield, West Virginia, reports 
numerous serious operations have 
interupted his usual activities, but 
now he is actively enjoying his 
favorite hobby, gardening. 


Robert J. Walker, Jr. (M.D.) is 
professor of family and community 
medicine at Mercer University 
School of Medicine in Macon, 


J. Henry Wills (Ph.D. graduate 
studies) currently serves as visiting 
professor of pharmacology at the 
Uniformed Services University of 
the Health Sciences. Plmrmacologic 
Approach to the Critically III Patient, 
published this fall, includes a 
chapter by Wills entitled, "Pharma- 
cologic Basis for Treatment of 
Patients Exposed to Antipersonnel 
Toxic Chemicals." 


Kenneth W. Byrne (M.D.) and his 
wife Dolly celebrated their golden 
wedding anniversary on November 
12, 1983, at a party given by their 
three children and six grandchil- 
dren. Mrs. Byrne formerly worked 
as a secretary at MCV, and since 
Byrne's retirement they have lived 
in Cape Carteret, North Carolina. 


Randolph M. Jackson (B.S. phar- 
macy, M.D. '46) has been elected 
secretary of the American Society 
of Anesthesiologists. A fellow of 
the American College of Anesthesi- 
ology and a diplomat of the 
American Board of Anesthesiology, 
he is a delegate to the World 
Federation Societies of Anesthesia 
Eighth World Congress in Manila, 
Philippines. Jackson is medical 
director of the Surgi-Center of 
Winchester Memorial Hospital in 


R. Winifred Heyward Johnson (St. 
Philip nursing) of Delmar, New 
York, has retired from the New 
York State Education Department. 
She and her husband Douglass 
have established an independent 
consultant firm, Focus — Human 

Elizabeth P. Overby (B.S. nursing) 
of Louisville, Kentucky, retired in 
March 1983 after more than 37 
years in nursing and health service 
in India with the United Methodist 


Philip L. Minor (M.D.) of Rich- 
mond recently was elected chief of 
the Division of Obstetrics- 
Gynecology at Richmond Memorial 
Hospital. Minor served as vice- 
president of the alumni associa- 
tion's medical division in 1982-83. 


Marjorie D. Bjostad (certificate, 
occupational therapy, B.S. social 
science) of Tabb is retired as an 
occupational therapist and now 

works part-time as an historical 
interpreter for the Colonial Wil- 
liamsburg Foundation. Her hus- 
band is retired Army Colonel Louis 
Bjostad, Jr. . Two of their chidren 
graduated from VCU, Charla B. 
Malstrom (B.F.A. 74) and James 
Davie Bjostad (B.S. mass communi- 
cations '75). 

B. Arthur Hubbard (M.D.) was 
involved in active and reserve 
military service from 1943-83, and 
served as a medical officer in field 
and troop clinics in the Army and 
the Navy. He has had a family 
practice in the Norfolk area since 
1950. Married and living in Virginia 
Beach, he has three sons and three 


Russell E. Herring, Jr. (M.D.) of 
Martinsville retired from medical 
practice in July 1983. Herring 
practiced general radiology at 
Memorial Hospital from 1965-83 
with Joseph C. Campbell (M.D.). 


Alfred J. Szumski (B.S. physical 
therapy, M.S. '56, Ph.D. physiol- 
ogy '64), associate professor in the 
university's Department of Physiol- 
ogy and Biophysics, was elected 
president of the American Con- 
gress of Rehabilitation Medicine at 
its recent annual meeting in Los 
Angeles, California. Szumski also 
serves as editor of their official 
journal, The Archives of Physical 
Medicine and Rehabilitation. The 
Congress is an interdisciplinary 
organization of physician and 
nonphysician professionals practic- 
ing in the field of physical medicine 


and rehabilitation. Szumski is an 
MCV Alumni Association of VCU 
trustee and secretary of its Basic 
Sciences Division. 




Mary Ann Levesque Aldinger 

(B.S. physical therapy) has re- 
entered practice in Green Bay, 

David Z. Morgan (M.D.) has left 
his post as associate dean for 
student affairs at West Virginia 
University School of Medicine and 
has assumed a new role as a clinical 
liaison contact to the West Virginia 
medical community. He is the 
school's first "outreach clinical 

Gerald M. Rosenberg (B.S. phar- 
macy) of Rochester, New York, was 
recently appointed president of 
Peterson Drug Company of 
western New York, a chain of 17 
drug stores and six card and gift 


Jean Godfrey Cook (B.S. occupa- 
tional therapy) of Peoria, Illinois, 
was presented the National Volun- 
teer Service Citation in December 
1983 by the Arthritis Foundation. 
The citation read, "To Jean Cook in 
recognition of unselfish and 
outstanding support in the fight 
against the nation's number one 
crippling disease." 

Clifton E. Crandell (D.D.S.) 
recently was appointed executive 
associate dean at the University of 
Texas Dental Branch at Houston. 
Crandell formerly served as 
professor of oral diagnosis at the 
University of North Carolina. 

Edgar C. Hatcher, Jr. (D.D.S.) of 
Bristol, Tennessee, is serving as 
editor of the Journal of the Tennessee 
Dental Association. He was inducted 
as a fellow of the International 
College of Dentists and also holds 
fellowship in the American College 
and the Academy of General 

Fitzhugh Mayo (M.D.) of Rich- 
mond is chairman of the univer- 
sity's Department of Family 
Practice. The National Society of 
Teachers of Family Medicine gave 
him its highest award, the Certifi- 
cate of Excellence. In 1974 he 
received the Thomas W. Johnson 
Award from the American Aca- 
demy of Family Practice. 


Marvin J. Bleiberg (Ph.D.) of 
Fairfax is a toxicologist with the 
U.S. Food and Drug Administra- 
tion. He received certification in 
general toxicology from the Ameri- 
can Board of Toxicology in 1980, 
and in 1983 was listed in Who's Who 
in Frontier Science and Technology/. In 
1982 Bleiberg contributed to a joint 
FDA publication in regulating 
neuro-effective food additives, 
volume six in the Progress in 
Neuroscience series edited by R. J. 

Russell D. Evett (M.D.) has been 
elected to fellowship in the Ameri- 
can College of Physicians. A 
specialist in internal medicine for 
20 years in Norfolk, he is associate 
professor of medicine at Eastern 
Virginia Medical School. 

H. E. Kiser, Jr. (D.D.S.) of 
Bluefield, West Virginia, has been 
elected senior director of the 
Southern Society of Orthodontists. 

Benjamin W. Longest, Jr. (B.S. 
pharmacy) is secretary of the 
VPhA. He has worked in indepen- 
dent community pharmacy for 25 
years and has operated the Cardi- 
nal Drug Store in Tappahannock for 
nine years. He owns interest in 
three other stores and currently 
serves on the Consumer Affairs 
and Public Relations Steering 
Committee of NARD. 

Karl K. Wallace, Jr. (M.D.) of 
Virginia Beach has been elected 
vice-speaker of the policy-making 
body of the American College of 
Radiology. Wallace is chairman of 
the Department of Radiology, 
Virginia Beach General Hospital, 
and associate professor of radiology 
at Eastern Virginia Medical School. 


William T. Wilkins (M.D.), a 
member of the Richmond Society 
of Internal Medicine and past 
president of the Virginia Occupa- 
tional Medical Association, has 
been appointed corporate medical 
director for A. H. Robins Com- 


William F. Copeland (B.S. phar- 
macy) of Hillsville received the 
Pharmacy of the Year Award from 
the Virginia Pharmaceutical Associ- 
ation, for unselfish devotion to his 
community and to the highest 
interests of the profession of 



William K. Brown (M.H.A.) has 
been promoted to captain in the 
U.S. Naval Reserve with military 
reserve assignment as administra- 
tive officer/division surgeon for the 
Fourth Marine Division in New 
Orleans, Louisiana. Brown recently 
has been named chief executive 
officer and administrator for Parker 
County Hospital District and 
Campbell Memorial Hospital in 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Kyle Coffey (D.D.S.) is chief of 
dental service at the Harry S. 
Truman Memorial Veterans Hospi- 
tal in Columbia, Missouri, and 
clinical assistant professor of 
surgery (dentistry) at the Univer- 
sity of Missouri-Columbia School of 

Jack W. Gamble (D.D.S.) of 
Shreveport, Louisiana, recently 
was awarded the American Associ- 
ation of Oral and Maxillofacial 
Surgeons' highest honor, the 
Distinguished Service Award. 
Gamble is clinical associate profes- 
sor, Department of Surgery, at 
Louisiana State University School 
of Medicine, and visiting professor 
of oral surgery at Louisiana State 
University School of Dentistry in 
New Orleans. 

Harry D. Simpson, Jr. (D.D.S.) of 
Newport News is chairman of the 
Special Committee of the VDA on 
Dentists' Health and Effectiveness. 
He is the president of the Board of 
Directors for Northside Christian 


Clarence A. Holland (M.D.), a 
Virginia Beach general practitioner, 
was elected to the Virginia General 
Assembly in the November 1983 

Joseph C. Parker, Jr. (M.D.) of 
Knoxville, Tennessee, is a professor 
at the University of Tennessee. 
Currently he is developing a 
neuroscience laboratory at the 
university's Memorial Research 
Center and Hospital, and expects 
to offer the region its first neuropa- 
thology reference laboratory. 

Edward A. Zakaib (M.D.), a family 
practitioner in Richmond for more 
than 20 years, has been named 
associate medical director of United 
Medical Plan of Virginia Inc., a 
health maintenance organization 
opening in Richmond this year. 


R. Michael Berryman (B.S. phar- 
macy) of Kenbridge has been 
elected president of the VPhA. He 
is a community pharmacist; 
director of pharmacy for Commu- 
nity Memorial Hospital in South 
Hill; director of pharmacy for 
Hundley Nursing Home; pharma- 
ceutical consultant to Blue Cross/ 
Blue Shield of Virginia; and a 
partner in Pharmacy Associates 
and Smith's Pharmacy. 

William S. Harrison (D.D.S.) of 
Edgewater, Maryland, is a captain in 
the Navy. As staff dental officer for 
Naval Reserve Readiness Com- 
mand, Region Six, in Washington, 
D.C., he acts as liaison for all 
dental reserve programs. 

Marianne R. Rollings (B.S. phar- 
macy) has been elected first vice- 
president and president-elect of the 
VPhA. She has worked in commu- 
nity and hospital pharmacies and 
currently practices at Standard 
Drug Store in Richmond. She 
participates in the university's 
Pharmacy Clerkship Program, and 
is secretary of the MCV Alumni 
Association of VCU. 

Benjamin J. Stebor III (D.D.S.) of 
Lantana, Florida, received master- 
ship through the Academy of 
General Dentistry during its 1984 
Convocation in Toronto, Canada. 


A. Louis Oliver Wilson (B.S. 
nursing) of Willowdale, Ontario, 
has been appointed director of 
nursing at St. Michael's Hospital, a 
750-bed University of Toronto 
teaching hospital. Her husband 
Christopher, a former MCV 
chaplain, is director of hospital 
administration services for the 
Ontario Hospital Association. The 
Wilsons have two sons, Ian and 


Daniel A. Herbert (B. S. phar- 
macy) is second vice-president of 
the VPhA. A full fellow of the 
American College of Apothecaries, 
he is clinical assistant professor of 
pharmacy at the university, and 
owns and operates a pharmacy in 


Ernest A. Jeppsen (intern) repre- 
sented VCU in the inauguration of 
Chase Nebeker Peterson as presi- 
dent of the University of Utah in 

Robert E. Osborn (D.D.S.) of 
Taylors, South Carolina, has been 
awarded fellowship in the Ameri- 
can College of Dentists. He has 
served as president of the South 
Carolina Academy of General 
Dentistry and authored several 
articles in dental literature and a 
reference text on drugs used in 
dental care. Osborn has served on 
Wofford College's Alumni Board, 
as chairman of North Greenville 
College's Board of Trustees, and on 
the Greenville Hospital system 



James C. Dimitris (resident, 
psychiatry) of Richmond is a 
forensic psychiatrist at Central State 
Hospital in Petersburg, as medical 
director of the hospital's forensic 

Peter S. Trager (D.D.S.) is in 
private practice in Marietta, Geor- 
gia. Trager serves as vice-president 
of the Cobb County Dental Society, 
chairman of the Council of Dental 
Care, Northwest District Dental 
Society, and member of the Peer 
Review, Northwest District Dental 


Shahnawaz S. Jaffer (intern, 
resident in gastroenterology '73) of 
San Marino, California, is director 
of Magan Medical Clinic, and has 
practiced gastroenterology and 
internal medicine in Covina for the 
last nine years. 

Harold Hauser Weiler (M.D.) has 
completed a fellowship in cornea 
and external disease at George- 
town. He is a captain in the 
Medical Corps and serves as head, 
opthalmology service, and special 
assistant to the commanding officer 
for quality assurance at the Ports- 
mouth Naval Hospital. Weiler is 
the vice-chairman of the Lions Eye 
Bank of Eastern Virginia, and he 
and his wife Sheri live in Virginia 


W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr. (D.D.S.), a 
faculty member in the university's 
School of Dentistry and a practicing 
dentist in Richmond, has been 

awarded fellowship in the Ameri- 
can College of Dentists in recogni- 
tion of his contributions to the 
advancement of the dental profes- 
sion and humanity. 


Linda G. Cupit (B.S. nursing, M.S. 
nursing '76) of New York, New 
York, is hospital administrator for 
the Department of Obstetrics- 
Gynecology at Beth Israel Medical 
Center, and is working to complete 
her M.B.A. degree. Cupit formerly 
served as consultant to the New 
York City Department of Health 
and as a faculty member, Division 
of Perinatology, at Columbia 
University School of Nursing. 

Kathleen A. Jones (B.S. nursing) of 
Virginia Beach and husband Randy 
Jones (B.S. pharmacy '70) have 
three children. She is in her third 
year of teaching practical nursing at 
Chesapeake Technical Center, and 
he is employed by Hampton 
General Hospital. 

Michael S. Komarow (M.D.) of 
Kingston, New York, is chairman 
of the Department of Radiology at 
the Kingston Hospital. 


J. Thomas Ryan (M.D.) of Freder- 
icksburg has been elected president 
of Pratt Medical Center, a 24- 
person multispecialty group. Ryan 
has also been elected chairman of 
the newly formed Department of 
Family Practice at Mary Washing- 
ton Hospital, a 340-bed community 

Thomas V. Sellars (M.H.A.) of 
Deer Lodge, Montana, is chief 
executive officer for Montana State 
Hospital, a two-campus operation 
formed by the merger of the Warm 
Springs State Hospital and the 
Galen State Hospital in October. 


Margaret McGee (B.S. physical 
therapy) of Cresskill, New Jersey, is 
a self-employed physical therapist 
working with clients with central 
nervous system damage. McGee 
also serves as a coordinator- 
instructor in neurodevelopmental 
treatment, and travels in the U.S. 
and Canada to lecture and provide 
clinical consultation for persons 
working with adults and children 
who have cerebral palsy. 

Garrett E. Hurt (D.D.S.) is serving 
a second term as president of the 
Board of Directors of the Bedford 
Area Family YMCA. Hurt is also a 
member of the Bedford County 
Board of Supervisors. 

Stuart M. Plotkin (B.S. pharmacy) 
of Richmond has been promoted to 
product manager in the Pharma- 
ceutical Division of A. H. Robins 

Wayne G. Terry (M.H.A.) has been 
serving as deputy project hospital 
director at the North Yemen Health 
Care Project in Sadah, Yemen Arab 
Republic. He has been reassigned 
as deputy hospital director at the 
Armed Forces Hospitals, Khamis 
Mushayt, Saudi Arabia. There he 
will manage the operations of King 
Faisal Military Hospital, the Armed 
Forces Hospital of the Southern 
Region, and five geographically 
separated outpatient specialty 
clinics in the Khamis Mushayt 
region in Saudi Arabia. 


Van S. Hubbard (M.D., Ph.D. 
biochemistry) has been appointed 
nutrition program director of the 
Division of Digestive Diseases and 


Nutrition of the National Institute 
of Arthritis, Diabetes, and Diges- 
tive and Kidney Diseases. 

Christine Leong Leong (B.S. 
nursing) of Framingham, Massa- 
chusettes, received an M. A. in 
health care administration from 
Framingham State College in May. 
She has two children, Christopher, 
born in August 1983, and Adam, 
born in August 1980. 

Victoria Irene Young (B.S. medical 
technology) has moved back to her 
home in Falls Church. 



Max S. Maizels (M.D.) of Rich- 
mond is in his fifth year of private 
practice in obstetrics-gynecology. 

Roger C. Merrill (M.D.) of Salis- 
bury, Maryland, has been elected 
to a second term as president of 
Wicomico County Medical Society. 


Robert H. Brewer (M.D.) of 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a family 
practice physician with two physi- 
cians in a partnership at Sus- 
quehanna Family Health Center in 
Marietta, Pennsylvania. 

Stephen A. Gudas (M.S. physical 
therapy) of Richmond is on educa- 
tional leave to pursue a Ph.D. 
degree in anatomy on the MCV 
Campus, through the School of 
Basic Sciences. 

Dale Grubb Jones (B.S. nursing) of 
Richmond is a technical sales 
representative for Calciter, Inc., a 
San Diego, California based 
manufacturer and distributor, and a 
subsidiary of Intermedical, Inc. 

Cynthia Fore (M.H.A.) has joined 
DRI/SysteMetrics, a national 
forecasting and information 
consulting firm, as a cost contain- 
ment consultant. She previously 
served as manager of health policy 
and systems analysis for Blue Cross 
of Northeast Ohio. 

Eric R. Frykberg (M.D.) is a 
lieutenant commander in the U.S. 
Navy Medical Corps and is board 
certified in general surgery. He has 
returned recently to surgery staff at 
the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, 
Florida, after completing a six and a 
half month tour with the Amphibi- 
ous Task Force in Beirut, Lebanon. 
As a member of a 19-man surgical 
team aboard the U.S.S. Iwo Jima he 
took part in the triage, resuscita- 
tion, surgery, and evacuation of 
American casualties after the first 
combat action in August 1983. The 
team, which treated casualties in 
the October bombing of the 
headquarters, has been awarded 
the Navy Expeditionary Medal. 

Andrea Cauble Newsome 

(M.H.A.) has been appointed 
director of Dejarnette Center in 
Staunton. She previously served as 
assistant director of the hospital for 
children and adolescents. 


Edmund Abramovitz (M.H.A.) of 
East Windsor, New Jersey, has 
been appointed director of federal 
governmental affairs and assistant 
director of management practices 
for the New Jersey Hospital 
Association, the trade and profes- 
sional association which represents 
all of New Jersey's Hospitals. 

Thomas Joseph Carrico (M.D.) and 
wife Ellen of Richmond announce 
the birth of their son, T J. Carrico, 
Jr., on October 24, 1983. 

Deborah G. Clapp (M.D.) of 
Arlington has joined an established 
private practice in pediatrics in Falls 

Catherine M. Curley (B.S. nursing) 
is employed by the Xerox Corpora- 
tion as a marketing representative 
in midtown Manhattan and is 
completing a graduate degree in 
business at Adelphi University. 

Lavinia Hoke Halloran (B.S. 
nursing) and husband Jim an- 
nounce the birth of their first child, 
Robert Liam. They live in Glen 
Falls, New York, and she is a 
clinical nursing instructor at 
Adirondack College. 

L. Harrison Hassell ((M.D.) has 
completed a fellowship in nephrol- 
ogy at Walter Reed Army Medical 
Center. He has been assigned to 
Tripler Army Medical Center in 
Honolulu, Hawaii, as staff nephrol- 
ogist with the Department of 
Internal Medicine. 

Karen Kay Henegar Liskey (B.S. 
pharmacy) was married to C. 
Kimball Liskey on May 15, 1982. 
They reside in Blacksburg. 

Michael Schwartzman (M.D.) of 
Cooperstown, New York, is 
attending in medicine for the Mary 
Imogene Bassett Hospital. He also 
is an assistant professor of clinical 
medicine for Columbia University 
College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, the hospital's affiliated 

Anthony Segreti (Ph.D. biostatis- 
tics) of Cary, North Carolina, has 
been promoted to senior statistician 
II in clinical statistics with Bur- 
roughs Wellcome Company. 




Marilyn E. Alley (M.D.) of Chapel 
Hill, North Carolina, is in her 
second year as a pediatric 
pulmonary-allergy fellow at Duke 
University. She will remain there 
for three years of pulmonary 

David C. Blanton (D.D.S.) and 
Elaine K. Sours (D.D.S.) were 
married on September 17, 1983. He 
is in private practice in Front Royal 
and she is in private practice in 

Rosemarie T. Greyson Fleg (M.D.) 
of Ellicott City, Maryland, is 
completing her fellowship in 
radiology at Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity Hospital. She plans to go into 
private practice in radiology in July. 

Nancy L. Forrest (B.S. nursing) of 
Fredericksburg is a part-time R.N. 
in obstetrics for Henrico Doctors' 
Hospital. She and her husband, 
Rev. David T. Forrest, a United 
Methodist pastor, have two sons, 
Andrew, four, and Peter, one. 

Patricia Mastorakis Lake (B.S. 
nursing) has earned her M.S. 
degree from the MCV Campus' 
School of Nursing and is currently 
teaching at Portsmouth General 
Hospital's School of Nursing. 

James R. Poliquin (M.D.) of 
Norfolk has completed his military 
obligation and is continuing 
surgical residency training at 
Eastern Virginia Graduate School of 

William S. White (B.S. pharmacy) 
of Midlothian has been promoted 
to manager of special regulatory 
projects in the Research and 
Development Division of A. H. 
Robins Company. 

Daniel F. Britcher (B.S. pharmacy) 
and Bonnie Strohecker Britcher 

(B.S. pharmacy) of Casselberry, 
Florida, are staff pharmacists in 
local hospitals. They announce the 
birth of their daughter Kelly Marie 
on November 5, 1983. 

Diane Robson Silverman (B.S. 
nursing) and Bruce Silverman 

(M.D. '82) of Charleston, South 
Carolina, announce the birth of 
their son, Joshua Adam, on 
October 25, 1983. 


John J. Basile (M.D.) and Nedra 
Linder Basile announce the birth of 
their daughter, Katherine Linder, 
on December 19, 1983. Basile is in 
the third of a five-year urology 
residency at North Carolina Baptist 
Hospital/Bowman Gray School of 
Medicine in Winston-Salem, North 

Pamela Smith Caldwell (B.S. 
medical technology) and husband 
Paul John announce the birth of a 
son, Christopher Michael, on May 
5, 1983, in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

John na Lynn Tompkins Dettis 

(B.S. nursing) of Fort Myers, 
Florida, completed work at the 
University of Alabama-Birmingham 
and now is employed as an ad- 
vanced registered nurse practi- 
tioner by the Lee County Health 
Department. Dettis, who is certi- 
fied in obstetrics-gynecology, is on 
the Board of Directors of the Lee 
Alliance for Responsible Adolescent 

Perry G. Fine (M.D.) of Salt Lake 
City, Utah, is completing his 
anesthesiology residency at the 
University of Utah Medical Center, 
and will take a pain fellowship in 
Toronto, Canada, next year. Fine's 
first child is named Asra Elizabeth. 

Charles E. Gaskins III (D.D.S.) 
and Donna Flanagan Gaskins (B.S. 
medical technology '77) announce 
the birth of their daughter, Christie 
Elizabeth, on October 15, 1983. 

Nancy H. Manson (Ph.D. physiol- 
ogy) of Decatur, Georgia, is assist- 
ant professor of biology at Agnes 
Scott College. Last summer she 
worked in Richmond with VCU's 
Dr. Michael Hess, Department of 
Medicine, Cardiology Division, on 
the role of oxygen free radicals in 
myocardial dysfunction. 

Deborah J. Plumb (M.D.) of 
Manhasset, New York, is a physi- 
cian with North Shore University 
Hospital. In June she will begin a 
fellowship in neonatology at Duke 


Tanya Brescia Dobler (B.S. nurs- 
ing) and Ensign Stephen Dobler 
announce the birth of their daugh- 
ter, Leah Rebekah, on September 
22, 1983, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The 
Doblers will be stationed in Norfolk 
for about three years. 

Lyn Smith Loy (B.S. physical 
therapy) married Steven C. Loy 
(B.S. mass communications '80) in 
May 1983. Currently living in 
North Augusta, South Carolina, 
she works as supervisor of burn/ 
wound care in the Physical Ther- 
apy Department of University 
Hospital, Augusta, Georgia. Her 
husband is a graphic artist with 
N.V.S. Corporation in Aiken, 
South Carolina. 

Peter J. Weimerskirch (M.D.) has 
completed his internship in family 
medicine. Designated a naval flight 


surgeon, he has been assigned to 
the Marine Corps Air Station in 
Beaufort, South Carolina. On May 
21, 1982, he and Barbara Mont- 
gomery (M.H.A. '83) were married. 


Philip L. Comer (M.H.A.) was 
married to Pamela June Meyers on 
October 22, 1983, in Charlottesville. 
They now live in Ormond Beach, 
Florida. Comer is an administrative 
specialist at Humana Hospital in 
Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Jacqueline E. Goin (B.S. nursing) 
of Richmond currently works in the 
pediatric intensive care unit for 
MCV Hospitals. 

Scott D. McPhee (M.S. occupa- 
tional therapy) has been promoted 
to major in the Army Medical 
Specialist Corps. Currently sta- 
tioned at Fort Knox, Kentucky, he 
is director of the occupational 
therapy and hand evaluation 

Stephen A. Paul (B.S. biology 79, 
D.D.S.) has been named to the 
Omnidentix Dental Center staff in 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Lest We Forget 

James R. Boldridge (M.D.) of 
Rixeyville died September 13, 1983, 
at age 97. His general practice 
covered parts of Culpeper, Rappa- 
hannock, and Fauquier counties, 
and he maintained his office from 
1918 until his retirement at nearly 
90 years of age. 


Aubrey A. Houser (M.D.) died 
November 19, 1983, at the age of 
102. A practicing physician for 
more than half a century, he 
formerly owned the William P. 
Poythress Company, a pharma- 
ceutical firm. His recent interest 
was in the development of a 5,000- 
acre cattle farm in the valley of 
Virginia, a portion of which 
contained the home in which he 
grew up. 


Minnie Lavilla Cole (nursing) died 
October 9, 1983. She had practiced 
her profession in New York and 
California, primarily in tuberculosis 
institutions, and retired to Roanoke 
about 1960. 


Rachel Weems Gann (M.D.) died 
October 31, 1983. She had served 
as resident physician at Madison 
College from 1925-44, as assistant 

professor of clinical physical 
education at MCV until 1952, and 
conducted a private practice in 
Ashland until 1956. She then 
served as director of physical 
medicine and rehabilitation at the 
Wilson Rehabilitation Center in 
Fishersville until her retirement in 


Dell Fleming Teachey (nursing) of 
Richmond died December 18, 1983. 
She had retired from nursing at 


Lee B. Todd (M.D.) of Quinwood, 
West Virginia, died November 2, 
1983. A veteran of World War II, he 
was a former health department 
director in Newport News, and a 
general practitioner in Quinwood 
for over 40 years. 


A. Seldon Mann (M.D.) died 
November 3, 1983. After World 
War II he retired from the Medical 
Corps as a colonel and for 30 years 
served as a staff member of Och- 
sner Foundation Hospital and 
Clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Mann also was a professor of 
clinical medicine at Tulane Univer- 


Meyer Harry Salsbury (B.S. 
pharmacy) of Richmond died June 
19, 1983. 

Malcolm Greer Stutz (M.D.) of 
Wilmington, North Carolina, died 
September 21, 1983. In 1964 he 
retired from the U.S. Navy Medical 
Corps after 23 years of service. 

D. Charles Werblow (M.D.) died in 
February 1980. He had practiced 
internal medicine in Miami, 


Lillian Fries Hoover (B.S. nursing) 
of Winchester died October 16, 
1983. She had served for many 
years as an officer of the Valley 
Chapter of the MCV Alumni 
Association of VCU. 


William Fitzgerald Cavedo (M.D.) 
died December 20, 1983. He was a 
general practitioner in Richmond 
until his recent retirement. 


Lilly Ann W. Hagen (B.S. nursing) 
of Hopewell has died. 


Frank Stephens, Jr. (B.S. phar- 
macy) of Woodbridge died in 1983 
after a short illness. 


Duke Putney Conduff (D.D.S.) of 
Winston Salem, North Carolina, 
has died. 


Loy Brooks Kapps (D.D.S.) of 
Loris, South Carolina, died March 
19, 1983. 

Garnet Roy Tureman, Jr. (M.D.), a 
retired physician, died January 10, 
1984. Tureman had been hospita- 
lized December 29, 1983, following 
an unsuccessful attempt to rescue 
his mother from her burning 
home. He had practiced medicine 
in Sandston for 27 years and more 
recently had worked at Johnston- 
Willis and Chippenham Hospitals' 
emergency rooms. 


James W. Peck (M.D.) of Summers- 
ville, West Virginia, died October 9, 
1983. A general practitioner, he had 
served with the U.S. Navy in 
World War II and the U.S. Army in 
the Korean War. He was a member 
of the West Virginia State Medical 
Association and the American 
Medical Association. 


Amelia Helen Krajewska (B.S. 
physical therapy) of Boynton 
Beach, Florida, died in 1983. 


Donald Kennedy McKenzie (B.S. 
physical therapy) of Toledo, Ohio, 
died in 1983. 

Richard W. Wingfield (M.D.) of 
Elkins, West Virginia, died January 
8, 1983. 


James Norman O'Grady (B.S. 
pharmacy) of Mechanicsville has 


William R. Moseley (D.D.S.) died 
October 21, 1983, after a short 
illness. He had served in the U.S. 
Air Force and practiced dentistry in 
Richmond for more than 20 years. 


Douglas Kermit Acree (B.S. 
pharmacy) of Gate City has died. 

Paul Carmen Pascarosa (M.D.) of 
Newport News was shot to death 
while hunting on November 2, 
1983. A member of the staff at 
Pulaski Community Hospital, he 
had previously served as a director 
at Norfolk Mental Health Hospital 
and in the U.S. Air Force overseas. 


James E. Wotring (M.D.) of Fair- 
view, West Virginia, died March 5, 
1983. He was a past president of 
the Marion County Medical 


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for classes ending in 4 and 9 

American Society of 


Jefferson-Lakeside Club 

Medical Technology 

Class reunions 


Kansas City, MO 

Annual meeting 


Richmond Hyatt 

Jefferson-Lakeside Club 








for classes ending in 4 and 9 

West Virginia State 

Alumni House 

Medical Association 

4-5:30 pm 


The Greenbrier 


tQQ/l Mm j 


12, 13 

J- w/C7 J. 1 V±I4- 1/ 

For information about scheduled events, please call (804) 786-0434.