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Full text of "Schenectady city and county directory, containing the names of the inhabitants of Schenectady city and Ballston Spa, with a business directory and gazetteer of Schenectady County, and an appendix of valuable information"

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Book . 


Wll. McCAWUS & €0., 




m^^^ ^ 





58 & 60 STATE S 



Furniture & Coffin Warerooms, 

No. 67 State Street, 





135 State Street, 

^^ Particular attention paid to Work Made to Order. .M^ 


(next to CANAL BRIDGE.) 

J. S. BURNS, Proprietor. 





Nos. 2, 4, 6 & 8 WALL ST. 


A constant supply of GEXE3EE, WESTERN", CAXADIAN and 
BAKER'S FLOUR on band. 



Dealers in Foreign & Domestic 

Dry Good 

Gilt Coriiices, VVindoiv Shades, «&c. 

eL@AKS; &UQ) MAM Vt tt, AS, 
No. 101 State Street. 
JI- !, ''st™' SCHENECTADY, N. Y. 

Family Grocery, Garden and 

James Walker, 

Field Seed, Ifafiety Stoie 

Agricultural Warehouse, 

Nos. 118 & 120 STATE ST , 

^^"""^ SCHENECTADY, N. Y. 

James W. Maiks, - "W. E. Walker. 


233 J55TATE ST., Cor. JAY, 

E. W. MOORE, Proprietor. 


always ox hand. 
Also, FKESIl CANDIES, of every vaiicty. 


mmi mmmi 




N. r.. 

Keeps constantly on hand a good supply of MEATS, 
in tboir season— such as 

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Hams, &o, 




\U State Street, 


We Sell all Styles and Sizes of 

Shirts, Neck Ties, Socks, 

Suspenders, Collars, Scarfs, 

Gloves, Night Caps, Cuffs, 

Stocks, Wrappers, Bosoms, 

Drawers, , Handkerchiefs, Traveling Bags. 

Gentlemen find much difficulty in procuring per- 

fect fitting Shirts. 

rafflAITII A III, 


Family Sewing Machine. 


leS STATE ST., ii doors above the Post Office, 

All the Latest Publications for Sale, 
Daily and Weekly Papers, 


FanLCjr Goocls. &c», &c. 



Dealer ii^ Pakloe & Cookiistg Stoves, 

Ranges, Heaters, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware. 


No. 243 State Street, 




All work Warranted, or no Charge. 

ifto-inglral) Pntital Jife 


B. F. 





Cash. Assets, 

Last Cash. Return 

(no\\r being 


This Company, established in Boston, ]\[ass.. in 1843. is the oh 
Life Insurance Company in the United States, and has been unifor 
large returns in cash to all the Policy-h:«lders. Last cash n 
paid, 40 per cent, amounting to $750,000, and leaving a largo surp 

It is strictly a benevolent institution for mutual protection ; i 
and tendencies, and is an excellent form of invest nient. 

By the last report of the Insurance Commissicaers, the surpli 
portionately greater than any Life Insurance Compmy in the Unit< 
" less" than any other Company. 

This Company^ being purely mutual, insures at the lowest p 
paid exceed the actual cost, the surplus is returned tn the parties ins 

Every fifth year, at the time of declaring the return tomemb< 
so that its actual position and solvency are ni ide manifest at 
divided pro rata among all the insured. This guards the assured agai 
on the part of the Company, and is a sure guaranty as regards the 

Insurance may be cffect^'d for the benefit of married women, " 
creditors. Creditors may in^ure tiie lives of debtors. 

Parties at a distance may insure from bhinUs, which will be su 

Printed Documents of an interesting chariictti , showing the I 
advantages generally of Life Insurance that tliis Company has tc 
free of expense, by addressing 


110 BROADWAl' 








•i K 


-P -P 

rt ch, 

(D O 


►^ o 

ft s 

-d ft 



^ ^ 

? o 


^ ^ 

o M 

^^ 3 


S -^ 


>» tfi 

C ■^ 

ri rt 

C >i 

si ! 

^ -p 

(D W 

;:i ^ 

u o 

<2 a 

1 S 

■H fi 

o ft 

^ ^ 

>^ pi 

cS rt 



03 - 

S H 






(Bmlmd W^nimX pfe |iis. (Sa. \ 


The oldest whol'y ^Mutual Company in tha Uuited States. Estab- 

lislie.l in Boston, 1843, aud uniformly successt'al — combining perfect 

security with strict economy. Last return paid to all insurers 


40 per cent., amounting to $750,000, leaving a large sur- i 

plus besid 

3S. The best cash mvestmant that can be made. Send II 

for documents ; supplied gratis. || 

JOHN HOPPEK, Agent & Attorney for the Co., 

110 Bko.\dway, cor. Pixe St. | 

Endowmext PREMIL-M3 f ,r $1,000 payahU at ceH-iin age<, or oh prior decease. j [ 


Premium for Insurance terminating at Age. li 





50 1 55 



$2r -6 

$22 65 

$19 47 

$17 26 

$16 71 


28 51 

23 54 

20 14 

17 77 

16 13 


29 89 

24 52 

20 88 

13 35 

16 61 


31 42 

25 ei 

n 69 

19 '.'0 

17 14 


33 li 

26 SO 

22 58 

19 70 

17 72 


34 95 

28 OS 

23 54 

20 45 

18 33 


36 92 

'^9 U 

24 53 

21 22 

18 93 


39 06 

30 83 

25 57 

S2 01 



41 37 

32 41 

26 66 

22 b3 

20 25 


43 91 

34 06 

27 82 

23 70 

10 94 


43 71 

35 84 

29 06 

21 61 

21 C5 


49 80 

37 77 

3 1 37 

25 67 

'2-2. 39 


53 24 

3J 87 

31 7i 

26 59 

23 17 


57 11 

42 17 

33 31 

27 es 

24 00 


61 45 

44 ( 9 

31 94 

28 83 

24 87 


6J 40 


36 72 

3J CC 

25 79 


72 06 

50 56 

3.3 Cj 

31 3) 

2' 77 


78 62 

51 00 

4) '-. 

32 81 

27 81 


86 L9 

67 85 

43 ^0 

34 34 

23 91 


95 38 

f.2 20 

45 58 

35 9J 

30 09 


106 15 

67 10 

43 33 

37 75 

31 33 


72 73 

51 39 

39 67 

S2 66 


IJ 25 

64 82 

41 73 

34 10 


80 9) 

58 67 

44 09 

35 66 


95 97 

63 03 

40 (.4 

37 36 


106 89 

67 99 

49 47 

39 21 


73 €9 

52 61 

41 22 


80 29 

£6 12 

43 43 


88 02 

60 06 

45 85 


97 17 

64 61 

48 51 


108 2J 

69 67 

51 44 


75 31 

54 65 


81 92 

68 21 


89 62 

62 16 


98 73 

63 63 


109 12 

71 72 


77 67 


84 V4 


fO 23 


101 57 


— ui^j: — 

112 76 


All woik Warranted, or uo Charge. 




■wtrn A. 






^. _ I) 

1864-5. ^^ 




It was the honest intention of the publisher to have issued 
this Directory long ago ; but circumstances, which could 
not be overruled, occurred to prevent ; and during a tem- 
porary absence another party commenced on a similar 
work which caused us some little trouble and delay when 
canvassing among the private residences as they had 
already given the names ; of course explanations had to 
be given, &c. If we failed to get all the names it cannot 
be wondered at : still we have made very faithful efforts 
to make our book as complete as possible. The 
canvassers were universally treated with much courtesy, 
notwithstanding it was the second time the citizens were 
called upon for a Directory. 

Our thanks are tendered to the many who expressed 
themselves kindly in our behalf; and to those who have 
patronized us, it is earnestly washed that their little 
investment may bring them in a handsome profit. 


Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1S64, by 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Northern District 
of New York. 

r f r2> 

C X T E N T S . 


Abbreviations, 49 

Academies and Schools, 48 

Ballston Spa Appendix, 44 

Eallstou Spii Directory of Inhabitants, 130 

Banks, 39, 47 

Bible Society, 42 

Business Directory, 151 

Churches, 34, 41 

County Officers, -o 30 

Educational, - 31 

Expresses, 37, 47 

Fire Department, 29, 44 

Gas Works, _ 40 

Historical Sketch of the County, -- 21 

Insurance Company, - 40 

Masonic Societies, 41, 48 

Mechanics' Protective Union, 43 

Newspapers, 38, 48 

New York State Government, *. 27 

Odd Fellows, 42, 48 

Poor House, _ 43 

Post Office, 35, 47 

Provost Marshal, .- 37 

Railroads, 36 

.Schenectady City Government, 28 

Schenectady Directory of Inhabitants, 49 

Schools,...* 31, 48 

Stages, 37 

Streets, Avenues, &c., - 26 

Telegraphs, 36 

Union College, 33 

United States Government, .' 27 

Yale Cemetery Association, 48 






Atwell D. A., insurance, 2. 

Barney II. S. & Co., dry goods, &c., 6. 

Beal & Van Brunt, flour, grain, &c., 53. 

Blood A. P., milliner, 15-4. 

Brown A. & Sou, furniture, 4. 

Burns, J. S., hotel, 5. 

Carley A. F. & G. C, grocers, &c., 50. 

Carley G. Q., insurance, 58. 

Clute Wm. H., hatter, 63. 

Davis & Gregory, Ev'g Star and Weekly Rep., 67. 

De Bois J., photographer, 68. 

De Forest J., cabinet maker, 4. 

Doty G. H., stoves, &c., 8. 

Egleston H. k Co., marble works, 8. 

Felthousen J. D., grocer, &c., 72. 

Gardiner W,, harness maker, 153. 

Gilmour John, books, <fec., 77. 

Gilmour James, Rev., Ballston Spa Academy, 128. 

Groot E. W., books, &c., 8. 

Jennings Joseph, hotel, 154. 

Kemp H. R., tailor, front cover. 

Ketchum A. M., gents' furnishing, 7. 

Luther S. H. & H., liquors, 153. 

Maxou G. G., flour, &c., 5. 

McCamus Wm. & Co., dry goods, 3. 

McDermott J., grocer, &c., 92. 

Moore E. W., baker, &c., 6. 

N. E. Mutual We Insurance Co., opposite Title Page. 

N. Y. Central Railroad, 150. 

Reaber F., butcher, 6. 

Roots J., phvsiciau, 154. 

Sanders W. T. L., lawyer, 106. 

Sheldon T. & Co., dry goods, &c., 155. 

Van De Bogert J., boots and shoes, 5. 

Van Vorst, Vedder & Co , lumber, &c., 120. 

Van Vranken B., grocer, 119. 

Walker J. & Co., groceries and seeds, 6. 

Westcot J. H., druggist, 155. 

Young L. A., pianos, back cover. 

Young k Graham, booksellers, front cover. 





Duanesbiirgh, 3,222 

Glenville, 3,192 

Niska viina 789 

Princetown, 996 

Rotterdam, 2,224 

Schenectady City, . . 1 0,000 

This county was formed from Albany, March Y, 1809. It is cen- 
trally distant 20 mi. from Albany, and contains 221 sq. mi. The 
greater part lies between JTohawk River and Schoharie Creek, — one 
town only lying n. of the Mohawk. The surface consists of the 
Mohawk Valley and an upland, generally much broken by ridges 
and isolated hills, 200 to 350 feet above the river. The highlands 
are the northern continuation of the Helderbergh and Schoharie 
Mts. The underlying rock is generally the shales of the Hudson 
River group, which crop out in the valleys and the bottoms of the 
ravines. In portions of Glenville and Duanesburgh this rock is 
underlaid by birdseye limestone, from which are obtained both 
lime and stone for building. The greater part of the suface is 
covered with a thick deposit of drift, consisting principally of clay 
in the w. part and sand in the e. The rocks crop out on the banks 
of the streams and form the declivities of the steeper hills. The 
soil in the w. part is a tenacious, clayey loam, underlaid by hardpan 
on the hills, and in the e. a light, unproductive sand. The valley 
of the Mohawk conpists of a deep, rich alluvium, well adapted to 
tillage, and extensively devoted to the cultivation of broomcorn. 

The principal s' roams are Mohawk River, Schoharie Creek, and 
Norman.^ Kil. and their branches. The valleys of these streams 
are generally bordered by the steep declivities of the uplands, rising 
to a hcMght of about 8()0 feet. Many of the smaller streams have 
worn deep gullies in the loose drift deposits, giving to the surface 
a very broken chariicter. Tliese small streams are mostly dry in 
summer. The fine nlluvial flats near Schenectady, entending 6 mi. 
w. (Ml the s. side of the river, were called by the first settlers the 
"" Bumohaidty A tract 2 mi. in extent, N. of the river, was called 


the " MaalwycTc ; " and a tract on both sides, 4 mi. w. of the city, 
was known as the " Woe^itina.''* A region immediately about 
Schenectady was called " Oron-niigh-wnrrie-gughre ; " the hills s. 
were known as the " Ymi-ta-puch-a-berg ;'''' and those on both sides 
of the river above the city were called " Tou-ar-e-u-ne.''^ The 
streams of " WoeHina'''' were " Verf Kil^''^ Zantzee Xil, and 
^^ Righelbrigh Kiiy The valleys are' best adapted to tillage and 
the hills to pasturage. Manufactures are chiefly limited to the city 
of Schenectady. 

The great flat upon the Mohawk w, of " Fort Orange^^ and where 
the city of Schenectady now stands, was bought of the natives in 
July, 1661, in the name of Arent Van Corlaer ; and settlement was 
commenced during the same yeai\ It was under the charge of 5 
commissioners until Nov. 1, 1684, when Gov. Dongan granted a 
patent confirming previous rights and extending the territory. On 
the night between the 8th and 9th of Feb., 16'.)0, N. S., the settle- 
ment — then consisting of about 80 houses — was surprised by a 
party of about 300 French and Indians, and nearly every house was 
burned. Sixty-three persons were killed, and 27 were carried to 
Canada as prisoners. The niglit was intensely cold, and the nearest 
place of refuge was Albany, to which a few escaped after much 
suffering. In 1702 R. Schermerhorn became sole trustee ; and in 
1705 a new patent was issued, conferringtertain township privileges. 
On the 23d of Oct., 1765, the place was created a borough, with 
the rights and immunities incident to these corporations. From 
1726 to the Revolution the township of Schenectady sent a repre- 
sentative to the General assembly. During the war the village was 
fortified and garrisoned at the public expense, and many families 
from the Upper Mohawk sought protection here from the incursions 
of the tories and Indians. For several years after 1779 a large 
number of friendly Oneida and Tusearora nimilies, driven from 
their homes by the hostile tribes, were supported in this vicinity at 
the expense of the General Government. At the return of peace 
the settlement shared in the general prosperity. A new impulse 
was given to business by the improvements effected by the Western 
Inland Navigation Co., which enabled large boats to make longer 
voyages. Upon the completion of the Erie Canal the Mohawk 
navigation was entirely superseded. For several years after the 
completion of the r. r. from Albany in 1831, large quantities of 
mcrcha.ulise were sent here to be shipped on the canal, saving the 
delay of the circuitous route and numerous locks on the canal 
between Schenectady and Troy. In 1832 a r. r. was built to Sara- 
toga, in 1835 to Utica, and in 1843 to Troy. In 1849 several 
plank roads were built, which since have been mostly abandoned. 

DUANESBURGII — was erected as a township, by patent, March 
13, 1765, and it was first recognized as a town March 22, 1788. It 
lies in the s. w. corner of the co. Its surface consists of an upland, 


broken by tbe-narrow valleys and gullies of small streams. Scho- 
harie Creek forms a portion of its w. boundary, and Normans Kil 
flows through the s. part. The hills tliat border upon these streams 
are steep, and in some places rocky. The other principal streams 
are Corrys 13rook, Chuctenunda Creek, and Bozen Kil. Maria Pond 
and Fcatherstons Lake are 2 small bodies of vrater in the N. E. part, 
about 250 feet above the canal. The soil is principally a stiff, clay 
loam, with a slight intermixture of gravel. It is best adapted to 
pasturage. Dcanesburgh (p. v.) contains about a dozen houses, 
Quaker Street (p. v.) 30, M,vriaville (p. v.) 20, and Bramans 
Corners (p. v.) 18. Eatons Corners is a hamlet. Large tracts in 
this town were purchased by different parties between ITSQ and 
1770, but no aciive measures of settlement were taken till about the 
time of its organization in 17G5. During that year Duane, who 
had become an extensive proprietor, contracted with 20 Germans 
from Penn., of wl^om 16 came on and made a permanent settle- 
ment. The first church (Christs Ch. Prot. E.) was formed Aug. 3, 
1795, and the church edifice was erected by Judge Duane. Rev. 
David Belden was the first rector. 

GLENVILLE— was formed from Schenectady, April 14, 1820. 
It is the only town in the co. n. of the Mohawk. The central and 
w. parts are occupied by rugged and wooded hills abruptly rising 
from the valley of the river to a height of 300 feet. The e. part is 
nearly level. The streams are Crabbs Kil, Chaugh-ta-uoon-da, 
Aalplaata, and Jan Weraps Creeks, and Verf Kil. The soil among 
the hills is a stiff clay, underlaid by hardpau, with an occasional 
out-crop of slate ; and in the e. part it is a sandy and gravelly 
loam.. The Mohawk intervales are very fertile, and are chiefly 
devoted to the culture of broomcorn. Glenville (p. v.) contains 
2 cliurches and 20 houses, Scotia (p. v.) 2 churches and 266 inhab- 
itants, Reesville 12 houses and a broom factory, and High Mills 13 
houses, 1 grist and 2 saw mills, and woolen factory. Hoffmans 
Ferry (p. o.) is a hamlet and r. r. station. East Glenville and 
Town Center are p. offices. Bridges connect this town with Sche- 
nectady and Niskayuna. Settlements were made about 1665, and 
were among the earliest in the co. The Sanders House, in this 
town, was spared by the enemy when Schenectady was destroyed. 
There are five churches in town, 

NISKA.YUN'A— was formed from Watervliet, (Albany co., ) 
March 7, 1809. A part of Schenectady was annexed in 1853. It 
lies upon the Mohawk, in the e. part of the co. Its surface is 
mostly upland, terminating in steep bluffs upon the river valley. 
The intervales are very rich and productive. A strip of land about 
1 mi. wide, extending back from the summits of the bluffs, has a 
hard, clay soil, and a considerable portion of it is swampy and 
unfit for cultivation. Further s. the soil is sandy. Watervliet 


Center (p. o.) is within the limits of this town. Niskatuna is a 
hamlet in the s. e. corner. The first settlements were made about 
1640. The canal crosses the Mohawk into this town upon a mag- 
nificent stone aqueduct. There is one church (Ref. Prot. D.) in 

PRINCETOWN— was formed from Schenectady, Afarch 26, nos. 
It lies a little w. of the center of the co. Its surfiice consists of a 
broken upland, gently descending toward the s e. The streams 
are Normans Kil in the s. and Zantzee Kil in the n. The soil is a 
heavy clay loam, underlaid by hardpan, and is best adapted to 
grazing. Princetown (p. o.) is a hamlet. The town was chiefly 
conveyed to Geo. Ingoldsby and Aaron Bradt, in IISI. Wm. 
Cori-y afterward became owner, and formed a settlement, which 
was long known as " Corrysbush." The town was thinly settled at 
the time of the Revolution. The Princetow^n Academy, a Presb. 
institution, was opened here, on an extensive scale, in 1853, and 
was discontinued in 1856. There are a Presb. and a Ref. Prbt. D. 
church in town. 

ROTTERDAM — was formed from Schenectady, April 14, 1820. 
A part of the city was annexed in 1853. It lies near the center of 
the CO., upon the s. bank of the Mohawk. The surface consists of 
a broken, hilly region in the n. w., a level intervale extending from 
the center toward the s., and a high plain in the e. The soil upon 
the w. hills is a tough clay, underhnd by shale, which frequently 
crops out. The central valley or plain, 5 mi. in extent, was called 
by the Dutch the " Bouwlandt.'''' The soil is a deep alluvium. The 
e. plateau is sandy and barren. Rotterdam, Mohawkville, and 
Factoryville are hamlets. Settlements were first made about 
1661. The first church was organized Aug. 29, 1800; Rev. Thos. 
Romeyn was the first pastor. 

SCHENECTADY CITY— was patented, with certain municipal 
rights, Nov. 4, 1684 ; chartered as a borough Oct. 23, 1*765 ; incorp. 
as a district, March 24, 1772, as a town, March 7, 1788, and as a 
city, March 26, 1798. Princetown was set off in 1798, Rotterdam 
and Glenville in 1820, and parts of Niskayuna and Rotterdam in 1853. 
It is situated on the Mohawk, and on the borders of one of the 
finest intervales in the State. A considerable amount of trade is 
carried on in the city by means of the canal and the railroads that 
center here ; but the people are more largely engaged in manu- 
factures. The engine houses and repair shops of the N. Y. C. R. 
R. Co. are very extensive ; and one of the largest locomotive man- 
ufactories in the country is located here. This city is especially 
noted as the scat of Union College. This institution was incorp. 
by the regents, Feb. 25, 1795, and received its name from the 
cooperation and union of several religious denominations in its 
foundation. A fund was first raised by private subscription to erect 


the necossary buildings aud to defray tbe expenses of opening the 
school; and this was increased by the avails of several lotteries 
Huthorized by the legislature, by grants of land and money from the 
State, and by private donations. 

The first settlement was made in 1061. As this was an advance 
frontier settlement the compact part, at an early period, was en- 
closed by palisades. In 1690 the enclosure was in form of au 
oblong rectangle, with gates at the ends. The people, however, 
felt so secure that the gates were habitually left open, and no guard 
was kept ; and hence it was easily entered by the enemy on the 
memorable 9th of Feb, 1690, N. S. The lives of 60 old persons 
and children were spared from the massacre. The settlement recov- 
ered slowly from the disaster, and not until the close of King Wil- 
liam's War did it receive any considerable accessions. A new fort 
was built in May, 1690, which was garrisoned for many years. 
Another fort was built in 1'735, and another in Iv'SO. The old fort 
stood at the intersection of Ferry and Front Sts. The first church 
(Kef. Prot. D.) was organized in 1684, and the building was erected 
on the s. end of Church St. in 1685. It was burned in 1690; and 
a new building was erected, about 1*702, on the site of the present 
church, corner of Union and Church Sts, St. George's Church 
(Prot, E.) was organized, in 1*735, by Rev. H, Barclay, incorp, in 
1*766, and an edifice erected in 1768. The first mail was brought 
to the town April 3, 1*763, The first English school was opened, 
under the care of Rev. Henry Barclay, in 1*710. The Vale Ceme- 
tery Association wks formed Feb. 25, 1838, Tbe population of th? 
city has slowly and steadily increased. 




Albany street, from juuciioa of Veeder ave. and State street. 

Amanda street, from LaFayette street to Nott terrace. 

Barrett street, from Union street to State. 

Centre street, from Piue street to Gas works. 

Church street, from Front street to the canal. 

Clinton street, from State street to Hamilton. 

College street, from Front sireet to Liberty. 

Ferry street, from the river to State. 

Fonda street, from Nott street to Union. 

Franklin street, from Centre street to White. 

Front street, from Washington ave. to the Dry Dock bridge. 

Governor's Lane, from Front street to the river. 

Green street, from Ferry street to Pine. 

Hamilton street, from Clinton street to Veeder avenue. 

,Jay street, from Union street to State. 

Jefferson street, from Front street to Pine. 

John street, from Front street to Green. 

LaFayette street, from Union street, to Hamilton. 

Liberty street, from Ferry street to Nott terrace. 

Madison street, from Jefferson street to Monroe. 

Jtlill street, from State street to Church. 

Monroe street, from Front street to the canal. 

Myers' alley, from South avenue to Fonda. 

North street, from the river to Front street. 

Nott street, from Fonda street to above the North College. 

Nott terrace, from Union street to State. 

Park place, from South avenue to Union street. 

Pme street, from Fonda street to Centre. 

Romeyn street, from Nott street to Union. 

Rotterciam street, from Water street to the canaL 

Rail road street, from Water street to the canal. 

Smith street, from Centre Street to Veeder avenue. 

South avenue, from Fonda street to Park place. 

State street, from Washington avenue to Albany turnpike. 

Union street, from Washington avenue to Troy turnpike. 

Wail street, from Liberty street to State. 

Warren street, from Centre street to Fonda. 

Washington avenue, from the river to Rotterdam street. 

Water alley, from State street to Water. 

Water street, from the river to State street. 

White street, from Liberty street to State. 

Yates street, from Union street to Liberty. 



The nineteenth presidential term of four years began 
on the fourth of March, 1861, and will expire on the third 
of March, 1865. 

President — iVbi-aham Lincoln, 111. $25,000 

Vice-President — Hannibal Hamlin, Me. $8,000 

Secretary of State — William H. Seward, N. Y., $8,000 
Secretary of War — Simon Cameron, of Pa., suc- 
ceeded by Edwin M. Stanton, of Pa. $8,000 
Secretary of the Treasury — Salmon P. Chase, of 
Ohio, resigned, and succeeded July 5th by 
Wm. P. Fessenden of Maine, $8,000 
Secretary of the Navy — Gideon Welles, Ct. $8,000 
Secretary of the Interior — John P. Usher, Ind. $8,000 
Postmaster General — Montgomery Blair, Md. $8,000 
Attorney General — Edward Bates, Mo. $8,000 


Governor — Horatio Seymour. 

Lieutenant Governor — David R. Eloyd Jones. 

Secretary of State — Chauncey M, Depew. 

Comiytroller — Lucius Robinson, 

Treasurer — George W. Schuyler. 

Attorney General — John Cochrane. 

State Engineer and Surveyor — Wm. B. Taylor. 

Superintendent of Bank Department — Henry H. Van Dyck. 

Superintendent Inurance Department — Wm. Barnes. 

Superintendent of Public Instructioli — Victor M. Rice. 

Auditor Canal Depcirtment — Nathaniel S. Benton. 

Inspectors of State Prisons — Abram B. Tappen, Gaylord 

J. Clarke, James K. Bates. 
Canal Commissioners — Franklin A. Alberger, William S. 

Skinner, Benjamin F. Bruce. 
Canal Ap2)raisers — ^Thomas B. Carroll, Ashbel B. Parm^- 
^ lee, W'illiam Watson. 




Schenectady settled, 1661. 
Incorporated as a Town, March 7th, 1778. 
Incorporated as a City, March 26 th, 1788, 




Board of Aldermen. 
First Ward, 

Clmrles H. Van Vranken, Peter Miller, 

S. L. R. Buchanan. 
Second Ward, 

Abram A. Van Vorst, John W. Millard, 

B. A. Mynderse. 
Third Ward, 

Michael Barnett, James Garrity, 

Bruce Germond. 
Fourth Ward, 

Jonathan Barker, R. Hathaway, 

Aaron M. Putnian. 
Fifth Ward, 

Farley T, Van Patten, Peter B. Yates, 

William H. Chism, 


Treasurer — John Bradt. 

Attorney — David Cady Smith. 

Superintendent of Streets — James C. McKiniiey. 

Police Justice — John F. Clute. 

( John F. ClutOj 

Justices of the Peace } Joseph D. I i arman, 
( Harman Seymom\ 

High Constable — John Clapper. 

Ward Constables — First Ward, Jacob 11. Bullock ; 
Second Ward, Lawrence C. Van Epps ; Third Ward, 
G. A. Yates ; Fourth Ward, Allen Barhydt ; Fifth 
Ward, Daniel D. Yomig. 

Overseer of the Poor — Harman Seymour. 

Clerk — Heniy B. Houston. 

Surveyor — William Henry. 

Physician — D. L. Van Ingcn. 

Marshal — Jerome B. Banker. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — Wni. T. Helm. 

^^ ri ( Edward Hibbard, 


Chief Engineer — Patrick Kelley. 

Assistant Engineers — E. W. Clow and Walter Clute. 

No. Engine. Location. Foreman. 

1 Protection, State street, S. W. McCamus. 

2 Deluge, Ferry street, James Shoudy. 

3 Niagara, Fonda street, — Harrigan. 

4 Neiotune, College street, Bruce Germond. 
1 Hook and Ladder ^ QYYj sivQQt, Sidney Ellsworth. 

The Schenectady Fire Department meets the first 
Wednesday of every month, at the rooms of Engine 
Company, No. 1. 



Judge and Surrogate — Stephen H. Johnson. 

Clerk — John McShea, Jr. 

Sheriff — Abram Gillespie. 

Treasurer — Simon V. Swits. 

District Attorney — J. G. McChesney. 

Superintendent of Poor — Nicholas J. Schermerhorn. 

Member of Assembly — Charles Stanford. 

Deputy Sheriff — James Walsh. 

Supervisors — First Ward, Martin De Forest, 

Second Ward, William II. Anthony, 
Third Ward, S. C. Ellsworth, 
Fourth Ward, Peter Van Dyck, 
Fifth Ward, James H. Ward, 

Towns — 

Glenville, Aaron Swart, 
Princetown, Alexander Gilford, 
Duaneshirgh, Samuel Wingate, 
Rotterdam, James McMillan, Jr. 
Niskayuna, Hiram Baumes. 
Clerk to Board — Walter T. L. Sanders. 

T r\ ( Charles Mathews, 

Loan Commissioners -^ r , ^ ^. tt- ' 

( John G. Van Voast. 

i William H. Anthony, 
Board of Excise, } John Marselus, 

( John Van Husen. 

Clerk — Walter T. L. Sanders 





Rev. J. Trumbull Backus, D. D., President 
E. A. Charlton, Secretary. 


1st Ward — J. Trumbull Backus, David Cady Smith. 
2d Ward — Jos. G. Carley, George Gilbert. 
Sd Ward — Gilbert G. Van Zandt, John Foster. 
4th Ward — Ira Brownell, Peter Van Dyck. 
6th Ward— Giles S. Barhydt, Elisha B. Dow. 


Oil Finance and Accounts, Messrs. Smith, Brownell and 

On Buildings and Hvpairs, Messrs. Van Dyck, Gilbert 
and Barhydt. 

On Text-books and Library, Messrs. Barhydt, Smith 
and Foster. 

On Furniture and Supplies, Messrs. Carley, Van 
Zandt and Van Dyck. 

On Complaints, Messrs. Backus, Smith and Brownell. 

The regular meetings are held on the Monday preceding ' 
the first Tuesday in each and every month. 


E. A. Charlton, A. M., Superintendent. 

Classical department. 

Henry Whitchorne, A. M., Proff. of Union College, 

Misses M. A. Sawyer, S. J. Weaver, Phila A. Knight; 
E. E. Barnes, teacher of Painting and Drawing. 


Mary M. ]3each, Principal ; Anne A. Conde, Josephine 
Van Dyck. 

Senior Departments. — Caroline Van Voorihas, Sarah 

Junior Departments. — Mary E. Clnte, Helen B. Dick- 

Intermediate Departments. — Lizzie r4ilbert, Kate Gil- 
lespie, Mary E. McCorkle, Mary A. Millard. 

Second Primary Departments. — Jane Y. Thomson, 
Jane I. Cunningham, Sarah E. La Ptue, Maria Barker. 

First Primary Departments. — Phebe Sprague, Re- 
becca M. Guernsey, Helen L. Duryee, Lena McKerlie. 

Colored School. — Hattie Bradt. 

Third Ward School. — Kate R. Smith. 

Fifth Ward School. — Elizabeth M. Yates, Mary Liv- 

Librarian.— C. D. F. Steiniuhrer. 



Incorporated February 25th, 1795. 

Rev. ELIPIIALET NOTT, D. D., LL. D., President. 

Rev. LAURENS P. HICKOK, D. D., Acting President, 
And Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy. 


NoTT Professor (No. 6 ), of the Ancient and Oriental Languages. 

NoTT Professor (No. 1), of the Greek Language and Literature. 


NoTT Professor (No 2), of Mathematics. 


Professor of Natural Philosophy. 


Professor of Natural History. 


Professor of Civil Engineering, and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, 


NoTT Professor (No. 5), of Logic, Ehetoric English Literature. 


NoTT Professor (No. 7 ), of the Latin Language and Literature. 


NoTT Professor (No. 3), of Analytical Chemistry ; and Curator of the Museum, 



NoTT (adjunct) Professor (No, 4): 
Principal of the Classical Department of Schenectady Union School* 


Acting Professor of Modern Languages^ 




Assistant in Chemical Laboratory, 


Treasurer and Librarian. 




Methodist Episcopal Church, Liberty. 
ReVk A. J. Jutkins, Pastor, 

First Reformed Dutch Church, Union c Cliurch. 
Rev. Edward Seeley, Pastor. 

Second Reformed Dutch Church, (Protestant) Jay c Liberty 
Rev. Anson Du Bois, Pastor. 

St. Joseph's Church, ( G^trmow Catholic) Centre n Liberty. 
Rev. Pires Kotterer, Pastor. 

St. John's Church, {Catholic) Franklin n Centre. 
Rev. Daniel P. Falvay, Pastor. 

St. George's Church, {Episcopal) Ferry n Green. 
Rev. William Payne, Rector. 


Congregational Church, Jay. 

I^ev. Charles Redfield, Pastor. 

Presbyterian Church, Unon n Feny. 

Rev. J. T. Backus, Pastor. 

Baptist Church, Union n Centre. 

Rev. Horace G. Day, Pastor.' 

Methodist Episcopal Church, {German) Jay n Union. 
Rev. John Sauter, Pastor. 

Universalist Church, College n Union. 

Third Refornied Dutch Church, College n Green. 
Rev. William F. Schwilk, Pastor. 

Summer Arrangement. 

Office Hours : From 7 A. M., to 8 P. M. ; Sundays 
from % to ^ A M. 

JOHN W. VEEDER, Postmaster. 

Abraham T. Veeder, Orville Oliver, 

David J. Tichenor, De Witt Ramsey. 

Mails Close. 

For New York and South, Albany and East, 7.35 A, M.j 
1.15 and 6.20 P. M 
Troy and North, 7.35 A. M., 2.05 and 6.20 P. M. 
Buffiilo and Great West, 9.05 A. M., and 6.30 P. M. 
West, (way mail) 10.15 A. M. 
Saratoga Springs, &c., 7.30 A. M., and 4.00 P, M. 
Niskayuna, &c., 2.05 P. M. 
Rexford Flats, &c., 2.05 P. M, 
Charlton, &c., 1.30 P. M. 
GlenviUe, 10.15 A. M. 


Mails Arrive. 

From New York, 1.10 and 12.00 P. M. 

Albany and Troy, 7.55 A. M., and G.OO P. M. 

BufFalo and Great West, 4.00, and 8.05 A. M. 

West, (wav mail) 1.45 P. M. 

Saratoga Springs, &c., 9.40 A. M. and 8.00 P. M. 

Niskayuna, &c., 7.55 A. M. 

Rexford Flats, &c., 7.55 A. M. 

Charlton, &c., 11.30 A. M. 

GlenviUe, 1.45 P. M. 



Office — Central Railroad Depot, 

J. D. Walsh, Oi^erator. 


Office — 168 State street, 

Eugene Cadmus, Operator. 



Passenger trains will leave this city, as follows : 
Going East— A. M. 4.35 ; 4.00 ; 8.05 ; 9.40. 
P. M. 1.45; 2.35; 6.20; 11.25. 
Going West-A. M. 12.40; 7.55; 9.35; 10.45. 

P. M. 1.10; 1.40; 6.00; 0.40; 11.25. 


Leave Schenectady— A. M., 8.00. P. If., 3.10, 7.50. 
Arrive Here— A. M., 8.00. M., 12.50. P. M.. <>.35. 


Rensselasr & Sai'atOga Eailroad— Schenectady Divimox. 

CuANGE OF Time. 

On and after Monday, June 13th, trains will run as foHows : 

Leave Schenectady — 8.05 A. M., and 2.45 P. M. 
Arrive at Saratoga — 8.58 A. M., and 4.00 P. M. 
Leave Saratoga— 9.30 A. M;, and 8.30 P. M. " 
Arrive at Schenectady — 10.30 A. M., and 9.50 P. M 



Wells, Butterfield & Co., Proprietors. 

Office — 50 Liberty street, north end Central R. R. Depot, 
William H. Morse, Agent. 


Office — Schenectady and Saratoga Railroad office. 

William H. Powell, Proprietor. 



Leave Eagle Hotel, every day, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Provost Marshal's Office. 

Captain J , P . Butler, 193 State. 



PiiLlisIicd every Thursday morning. 

Cyrus Thayer, EdlLor and Proprietor. 



Terms — ^1.00 a year in advance, or $1.50 at end of 
tlie year. 

. Book and Job Printing executed with neatness and 


Davis & Gregory, Proprietors. 



Terms— OwQ year, $6.00. 


W. D. Davis, Proprietor. 



Terms — $1.00 a year in advance. 

Book and Job Printing of. every description. 




Capita], $100,000. 
George G. Maxon, President. 
John Ellis, Vice-President. 
Charles Thompson, Cashier. 
C. E. Angle, Teller. 
A. H. TiLLiNGHAST, Bookkeeper. 


John Ellis, G. G. Maxon, 

John I. Fuller, Piatt Potter, 

C. C. Clute, W. N. Duane, 

Garnsey Kennedy, Abram Doty, 

T. M. Gilchrist, Thomas Mairs, 

Charles Thompson, James M. Barker, 
Election, second Tuesday in June. Open from 9 a. tti. 
to 3 p. m. 


Capital, $100,000. 
Simon C. Groot, President. 
Alonzo C. Paige, Vice-President. 
AViLLiAM L. Goodrich, Cashier* 
Horace Goodrich, Teller. 
S. L. R. Buchanan, Bookkeeper. 

Simon C. Groot, G. M. Davison, 

A. C. Paige, A. McMullen, 

J. W. Cunningham, J. A. Sweetman, 

Abel Smith, C. Vibbard, 

W. L. F. Warren, Abram A. Van Vorst, 

N. I. Schermerhorn, Jay Cady. 



Jay Cady, President. 
Horace Goodrich, Secretary. 
Wm. L. Goodrich, Accountant. 


B. C. Smith, S. C. Groot, 

Martin De Forest, - G. Q. Carley, 

A. A. Van Vorst, H. N. Walton, 

A. C. Paige, Abel Smith, 

Jay Cady, " E. L. Freeman, 
George McQueen, A. McMullen, 

AVilliam L. Goodrich. 



Incorporated, 1841. Capital, 1100,000. 

Wm. McCamus, President. 
G. T. Hanford, Secretary. 



Centre, near Hamilton. 

scheJtectady appendix. 41 

F. & A. M. 


M. E., H. Goodrich, H. P. 
E., J. A. De Remer, K. 
E., T. B. Brown, S. 

P. J. Fredericks, Sec'y. 
E., J. Cady, Treas. 

H. H. Swart, C. H. 

C. H. Powell, P. S. 
Wilson Davis, R. A. C. 
Wm. H. Helmer, M. 3d V. 
S. K. Campbell, M. 2d V. 
Geo. J. SoLEY, M. 1st V. 

D. F. Wilds, Tyler. 

ST. GEORGE'S-No. 6. 

James Comstock, W. M. 

Robert Lent, S. W. 

George Gilbert, J. W. 

D. A. Atwell, Treas. 

A. M. Warner, Sec'y- 

J. A. Edwards, S. D. 

J. M. Wendell, J. D. 

Rev. R. L. ScHooNMAKER, Chap. 

A W. Hunter, Marshal. 

A. M. Vedder, Physician. 

C. E. Kingsbury, Organist. 
W. S. Van Vorst, S. M. of C. 
Walter McQueen, J. M. of C, 
A. O. Garlock, Steward. 
Rich'd Metcalf, " 

D. F. Wilds, Tyler. 


I, O. of O. P. 

Mohawk Valley Ijodge, No, 11. 

Meet every Monday evening. 

Abram Wemple, N. G. 
Charles F. Paige, V. G. 
George Hooke, R. C. 
Robert Lent, Treasurer. 
E. Hibbard, Secretary. 

St. Paul's Lodge, No. 14. 

Meet every Tuesday evening. 

Sidney Ellsworth, N. G. 
Ephraim Clowe, V. G. 
Jay Westinghouse, Secretary. 
William H. Helmer, Treasurer. 


Hon. A. C. Paige, President. 

VICE presidents : 

Jacob r. Clute, 

Hon. a S. Conde, (Glenville,) 

Hon. Abraham Pearse, (Niskayuna,) 

Wm. Gifford, (Princetown.) 

Daniel Vedder, Secretary. 

Giles S. Barhydt, Treasurer. 

EXECUTIVE committee : 

A. S. Van Vranken, Casper F. Hoag, 

Plenry Ramsey^ S. A. Hull, 

Hon. Piatt Potter. 



Hon. Peter Rowe, President. 
John W. Veeder, Vice President. 
Edward Rosa, Secretary and Treasurer. 


Hon. Peter Rowe, Peter Dorch, 

Chauncey Vibbard, William M. Holton, 

James E. Van iforne, Edward Rosa, 

Joseph Y. Van De Bogert, John W. Veeder, 
Robert Furman. 



S. Morton, President. 
A. Fenwick, Secretary. 
Charles Riggs, Treasurer. 
J. H. TiLLiNGHAST, Agent. 


Wm. Chism, Poor Master, Albany Street. 


(Incorporated March Qlst, 1807.) 


. President, — John Wait. 

Trustees, — David Maxwell, 

Edwin H. Chapman, 
Benjamin Allen, 
Edward D. Babcock, 

Assessors, — Edward S. Warts, 
John B. McLane, 
Bernard Patchin. 

Treasurer, — Henry A. Mann, 
Village Clerh, — Bernard Patchin. 
Village Collector, — Perry Burnham. 
Village Constable, — Electus Dye. 


Chief Engineer, — John J. Lee, 
Assistant Engineer, — Titus Sheldon. 

Eagle Engine Co., No. 1, — 

N. R. VanDenburgh, Foreman 
Owen Conner, Assistant Foreman. 
E. Denton, Secretary. 

Star Engine Co., No. 2, — 

Charles E. Jones, Foreman. 

S. D. Arnold, Assistant Foreman. 

George E. Knox, Secretary d- Treasurer. 




Supervisor — George G. Scott. 
Town Clerk — Alexander Sears. 

Justices of the Peace — 

Lewis H. Sears, 
Anson Seely, 
William Warner, 
Hermance H. Ferris, 


(Burnt Hills.) 
(B. Spa. ) 

Line. ) 

(B. Spa. 

Assessors — 

(E. Line. ) 
William S. Curtis, (B. Spa. ) 

Jehit?! J. Miller, 
William S. Curti 
Daniel K. Smith, 

(S. Ballston.) 

Commissioners High Ways — 

Albert P. Wilson, (Jonesville. ) 
Gad Smith, (S. Ballston.) 

Obadiah P. Jennings, (Ballston C.) 

Overseers of the Poor — 

Talcott Moorehouse, 
Alexander D. Stewart. 

Inspectors of Election — 

Frederick Curtiss, 
William A. Clark. 

Samuel C. Beeman. 

Samuel C. Beeman, 
David R. Harlow, 
James F. Peckham, 
Samuel D. Brownell, 
Daniel D Post. 

Collector — 
Constables — 




Supervisor — Edwin II. Chapman. 

Town Clerk — Charles E. Jones. 

Justices of the Peace — 

David Maxwell, 
Solomon A. Parks, 
David Morris, 
Seth Whalen, 

Police Justice — David Maxwell. 

(Ballston Spa. ) 

( " " ) 

(Rock City Falls.) 

(Ballston Spa. ) 

Collector — Hugh Whalen. 

Constables — William H. Wendell, 
John S. Burtles, 
Henry White, 
John H. Arnold, 
John Fonda. 

Inspectors of Election — 

1st District— Charles D. Seely, 
David Maxwell, 
John H. Westcot. 
2d District — Hiram Rowland, 
Isaac K. Grinnell, 
Hiram Wood. 

Overseers of the Poor — 

William Devlin, 
Ezckiel Smith, 

Commissioners of Highways — 

John A. Wakeman, 
William M. King, 
William J. An^le. 

(Ballston Spa. ) 
(East Milton. ) 

Assessors — 

Wheeler K. Booth. 
Hiram W. Wood, ' 
Hiram Rowland. 



Methodist Episcopal Charch— Milton ave. 

Rev. J. M. Edgerton, Pastor. . 
First Presbyterian Church, Science, c High, 

Rev. David Tully, Pastor. 
Christ Church, {Episcopal), High St., 

Rev. George W. Dean, Pastor. 
First Baptist Church, Milton ave.. 

Rev. W. Holman, Pastor. 
Catholic Church, Ballston ave.. 

Rev. Daniel Coil, Pastor. 

POST OFFICE— Front Street. 
M. L. Williams, Postmaster. Joseph Lewis, Assist, do. 


National Express Company— Office: Bath St., n Front. 
Sanford Smith, Agent. 


Front Street. Capital, 125,000. 

John M. Thompson, President. 
John J. Lee, Cashier. 
Robert C. I3ennett, Teller. 


J. W. Thompson, J. S. Beach, 

G. G. Scott, S. H. Cook, 

A. Harris, J. M. Barker, 

Samuel Hines, Isaac Frink, 

George Thompson, Isaiah Blood. 



Ballston Spa Academy, for boys. 

Rev. James Gilmour, A. M., Principal. (See adv.) 
Ballston Spa Institute, 

C. D. Seeley, A. M., Principal, 
Sans Souci Seminary, 

Rev. D. W. Smith, Principal. 
Miss Frances Benton, Select School, Milton ave., n Wash. 



Published every Tuesday, by 


Office in Cook's Building, Bath street, between Main St. 
and the Railroad Depot. 
Terms of Subscription, 6zc. — $1.50 per year, delivered ' 
by the Carrier, to village subscribers ; $1.25 per year to 
village post office subscribers ; or to mail subscribers and 
those who take their papers from the publication office. 

I.O. OF O.F. 

Kayaderosseras Lodge No. 19, meets every Saturday 
evening, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Milton ave. 
Ezra Foster, N. G. 
Edwin Miller, V. G. 
A. E. Frisbie, Secretary. 
ChaSi H. Van Yalkenburg, permanent Sec'y & Treas. 

F. AND A. M. 

Warren Chapter — Meets second and fourth Thurs- 
days each month, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Milton ave. 
Franklin Lodge No. 90— Meets at their Hall, Mil- 
ton ave., the first and third Thursdays each month. 
P. G. Newcomb, Master. 
G. Pulver, S. W. 
S. Whalen, J. W. 
J. McKown, Treasurer. 
■H. N. Hill, Secretary. 




Abreviations.— ab., above ; al., alley ; ave., avenue ; b. or bds., boards 
bet., between ; c, corner ; dep., deputy ; dis., district ; E. East ; h,, house 
la., lane ; n., near ; N. Y. C. E. K„New York Central Eail Koad ; N., North 
opp., opposite ; pi., place ; r., rear ; reg't., regiment ; S., South ; eq., square ; 
vol., volunteer ; W., West. 

Abbott Elijah, fruit pedler, h 42 Jay 

Abbott Jessee C, variety store, 131 State, h 260 State 

Able John, vol., h 7 Amanda 

Abraham Isaac T., cooper, Dock, h 71 Center 

Abrams Solomon, switch-tender, S. & W. R. R., h 26 

Aca August, laborer, h De Groff 
Agen Catharine Mrs., h 149 Centre 
Agen James, laborer, h 8 State 
Agen James, tailor, h 30 Union 
Ahreets Amos B., shoemaker, h 58 LaFayette 
Aker Margaret Mrs., widow Adam, h College Terrace, n 



Aley William, shoemaker) h 25 State 

Allen Daniel (Sweet c^ Allen), h 84 Liberty 

Allen David B., mason, h 9 i'ront 

Allen Leonard, boot maker, h 47 White 

Allen Lewis, grocer, 213 State, h 109 Liberty 

Allen Reuben S., engineer, h 1 Cottage row [Depot 

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., N. Y. Central Railroad 

Anderson Eliza Mrs., h 2 Smith 

Anderson George, h 83 Ferry 

Andrews Charles, machinist, bds 197 State 

Andrus John, laborer, h Lydia 

Angle Charles E., teller Mohawk Bank, h 3 Union 

Anthony Ann Mrs., bds Anthony Hall 

Anthony Cornelius, blacksmith, h 10 Madison 

Anthony John, boiler maker, h 7 Liberty 

ANTHONY WILLIAM H., proprietor Anthony Hall, 

Ferry, c Liberty, h do 
Archer James C, ( Van Vranken c& Archer), 97 State 
Arnold Simon, farmer, h 19 Center 
Arthur Peter, engineer, h 70 Front 
Apps James, moulder, h 9 JeiETerson 
Apps Wm., machinist, h 23 Monroe 
AT WELL DANIEL A., life and fire insurance agent, 

170 State, h 56 LaFayette, (see adv., inside front 

Austin Eliza A. Mrs., h 19 Hamilton 
Austin Margaret Mrs., h 19 Sanford 
Austin Sanford, engineer, h 5 Liberty 

Babcock Aaron, mechanic, bds 90 Front 
Babcock Agnes, widow John, h 90 Front 
Babcock James, blacksmith, h Water 
Babcock John, vol., 91st regt., bds 90 Front 
Babcock Robert, h 38 Hamilton 


Babcock Wm., painter, bds 48 LaFayette 

Backus Rev. J. T., D. D., pq^tor Presbyterian Church, h 

6. Union 
Bailey Abraham, carpenter, bcls 55 Centre 
Bailey John, machinist, bds 35 Romeyn 
Bailey W. P., carpenter, 18 Yates, h 55 Centre 
Baker Adam, tailor, h 20 LaFayette 
Baker Frederick, laborer, h 34 Jefferson 
Baker K., shoemaker, h 34 Jefferson 
Baldwin Samuel, bookkeeper, h 16 Clinton 
Ball Charles E., laborer, h 34 College, c Green 
Ball Edward H., civil engineer, bds 7 Union 
Ballart Ferdinand, coppersmith, h 55 Romeyn 
Ballert Julius, boot and shoe maker, 237|- State, h do 
Bame John H., livery stable, 114 Centre, h 88 Liberty 
Banden Frederick, vol. 15th N. Y. Art., h 76 Ferry 
Bander Eliza Jane Mrs., h 10 Smith 
Banker Isaac, blacksmith, 48 Liberty, h 50 College 
Banker Isaac Jr., machinist, bds 50 College . 
Banker John, assessor, h 77 Liberty 
Banker John, clerk, bds 50 College 
Banker J. B., blacksmith, bds 50 College 
Banker Peter, bds 248 State 
Banker Wm. H., machinist, h 60 College 
Banks Henry, laborer, h Romeyn, n Nott 
Bannard William, h 17 Yates 
Banta Edward, student, bds 108 Union 
Banta John, h 108 Union 
Barhydt A., mason, h 87 LaFayette 
BARHYDT ABRAHAM J., groceries, dry goods, liquors, 

&c., 55 Green, h do 
Barhydt Ann, widow Nicholas, h 28 Jefferson 
Barhydt Benjamin F., blacksmith, h 15 Jay 
Barhydt Garrett, mason, h 19 Green 
Barhydt George D., bds 15 Ferry 
Barhydt Giles S., variety store and groceries, 158 State, 

h 192 do 


Barhydt Jacob T., ice dealer, 76 Front, h do 

Barhydt John C, grocer, 15 Smith, h 23 do 

Barhydt John S. M., laborer, h 15 Ferry 

Barhydt Lewis C, [Barhydt (& Greenhalgh,) h 36 Smith 

Barhydt Nicholas, h 214 State 

Barhydt Nicholas, moulder, h 24 Green 

Barhydt Peter, mason, h 16 Barrett 

Barhydt Sarah, widow Jerome, h 71 Green 

Bayhydt Spencer, machinist, bds 76 Front 

Barhydt &; Greenhalgh, iron railing and carriage spring 

manuf., 98 Centre 
Barhyte James H., {H. S. Edwards c& Co.,) h 44 Union 
Barker Cyrus M., broom maker, bds 29 North 
Barker Jonathan, brickmaker, h 72 Barrett 
Barker Lorenzo, laborer, h 61 Romeyn 
Barker Peter H., clerk, h 80 College 
Barker William, brickmaker, h 71 Jay [Liberty 

Barnard Everton, collector for Daily Evening Star, h 96 
Barnard Rosetta widow, grocer, 112 Liberty, h do 
Barnard Walter W., miller, h 112 Liberty [c Ferry 

Barney Rowland S., (IT. S. Barney (& Co.,) h 35 Union, 
BARNEY ROWLAND S. & CO., dry goods, carpetings, 

window shades, &c., 101 State, (see adv.) 
Barnhart Betsey Mrs., h Albany 
Barrett Thomas, waiter, h 86 Centre 
Barringer Aaron, h 25 Union 
Barringer Harriet S., widow Daniel, h 53 Front 
Barringer Howard, student, bds 53 Front 
Barringer Jacob, tinsmith, bds 53 Front 
Barringer William, h 2 Union, c Washington ave 
Barry Mary, domestic, 15 Liberty 
Barry Sarah Mrs., widow Michael, h 10 Hamilton 
Bartlett Edward, fireman, h 44 Romeyn 
Beal W. H., Jr., student, bds 67 Liberty 
Beal W. H., {Beal d^ Van Brunt,) h 67 Liberty 
BEAL & VAN BRUNT, flour, grain and feed, 48 Liber- 
ty, (see adv.) 


Beariip Amanda, domestic, 26 Front 

Bearup Solomon, h 50 Ferry [ave 

Beattie David C, {Mitchell & Beattie), h 47 Washington 

Beauregard Anthony, machinist, bds American Hotel 

Beaver John, laborer, h Liberty 

Becker Adam, tailor, 83 State, h 20 LaFayette 

Becker John P., h 54 Washington ave 

Beckley John P., merchant tailor, 98 State, h 62 Barrett 

Beebe George, {Beebe & Kelsey), h 22 Yates 

Beebe &; Kelsey, blacksmiths, 200 State 

Beeler Charles H., saloon, 53 Center, h do 

Bellows Melinda, widow Benjamin, bds 20 Yates 

Benedict Andrew, harnessmaker, h Veeder's ave. 

Benedict Ephraim Mrs., h 10 Liberty 

Benedict Ephraim W., h 10 Liberty 

Benedict Robert, harnessmaker, State, c R. R., h Veeder 

ave., opp Smith 
Benedict William F., iron dealer, h 118 Liberty 
Bensen R. V., grocer, 112 Union, h 110 do 
Bernadi John, laborer, h Myers' alley , n South ave 
Bettis Charlotte Miss, h 10 Front 
Beverly John, vol., 134th regt., h 12 Ferry 
Beyer David, bds 25 Yates 
Beyer Francenia, widow John, h 25 Yates 




No. 48 Liberty Street, 



Bice Mary A., widow Benjamin, h 48 Lafayette 

Bigelow John A., clerk, bds Union, c Romeyn 

BIGELOW JOHN N., grocer. Union, c Romeyn, h do 

Bills Horace B., {Bills c& Van Buren,) h 247 State 

Bills & Van Buren, wool dealers, 245 State 

Bineg Philip, lalDorer, h Liberty 

Blake Rose A. Mrs., grocer, 9 Warren, h do 

Blaser Jacob, laborer, h White, n Franklin 

Bleser Robert, saloon, 54 Jay, c Franklin, h do 

Bliss Mary Mrs., h College Terrace 

Blum Frederick, stone cutter, h 27 Water 

Blunt James, laborer, h 43 Jay 

Boanes Robert, mason, h 11 Amanda 

Boardman Henry, laborer, h Veeder's ave 

Boem John, laborer, h 18 Railroad 

Bogart Anna Miss, h 41 Jay 

Bohannan Jacob Mrs., h 157 Front 

Boice Mary, domestic, 27 Liberty 

Bollacker Kord, tailor, h Veeder's ave 

Bond Michael, laborer, h 86 Romeyn 

Bond Richard, hotel, 59 State 

Booles Wm. F. Mrs., bds 10 Liberty 

Boombee Coonradt, h College Terrace, n Liberty 

Boss Henry,, blacksmith, 77 Romeyn, h do 

Boss Isaac S., bakery, 97^ Ferry, h 95 do 

Bouck James M., h 10 Clinton 

Bouck John, bds 73 Liberty 

Bowe Catharine, domestic, 75 Union 

Bowe Catharine Mrs., h E. Liberty, c Prospect 

Bowen Edward, hostler, h 83 Centre 

Bowen Joel, hostler, h 83 Centre 

Bowtell John H., western ticket agt., h 103 Liberty 

Boyd John H., h 29 Liberty 

Bradley Daniel, h 16 Jay 

Bradley James, laborer, h 4 Warren 

Bradshaw James H., h 12 Union 

Bradt Angelica, widow Harman, h 51 Front 


Bradt B., bds 176 State 

Bradt Daniel, clerk, h 19 Liberty 

Bradt Gilbert, carpenter, h 112 Front 

Bradt Henry Y., printer, bds 68 LaFayette 

Bradt Hiram, bds 112 Front 

Bradt John, baggage master, bds Eagle Hotel 

Bradt John, city treasm^er, 172 State, h 37 Hamilton 

Bradt John, laborer, h Veeders ave. 

Bradt John Y., printer, h LaFayette 

Bradt Margaret E. Mrs., widow Francis R., h 27 Clinton 

Bradt William, Columbian Hotel, 155 and 157 Main 

Bradt William, machinist, bds 4 North 

Brady Barnard, vol., bds 43 Romeyn 

Brady John, laborer, h 43 Romeyn 

Brand Henry, moulder, h 17 Green 

Brandmahl John, wagonmaker, h 15 Washington ave 

Branthast Earnest^ laborer, h 12 LaFayette 

Brauer Frederick, fireman, N. Y. C. R. R., bds 7 Green 

Brehm Conrad, tailor, h 3 Railroad 

Brennan Ann, domestic, 37 Liberty 

Brennan Charles, laborer, h 68 Fonda 

Brewer Jacob, carman, h 68 Barrett 

Brewer James L., carpenter, h 32 Green 

Brickner Henry, shoemaker, shop 2 Green, h do 

Briggs Cynthia, widow^ Stephen, h 138 Front 

Brignall Thomas, mason, h 16 Barrett 

Brigner Andrew, laborer, h 43 Albany turnpike 

Brinton Ebenezer, {E. d' B. Brinton), h Eagle Hotel 

Brinton Emma J. Miss, bds Eagle Hotel 

Brinton Renssaeler {E. & B. Brinton), Eagle Hotel 

BRINTON E. &; R., proprietors Eagle Hotel, 207 and 

209 State 
Britchard Richard, machinist, h Myers' alley, n Fonda 
Brockham John, laborer, h 26 Franklin 
Broderick John, exchange office, 27 State, h 18 State 
Bradshaw^ Anna M. Mrs., widow AVilliam, h 31 Hamilton 
Brogan Elizabeth, domestic, 60 Union 


Bronk Elias, laborer, bds 62 College 

Bronk James, blacksmith, bds 58 Ferry 

Bronk John, comptroller's office, Albany, h 28 Green 

Brooks Fanny Mrs., h 146 Union 

Brooks George A., fireman, h 92 Front 

Brooks Isabella Mrs., h 113 Union 

Broon James H., blacksmith, h 4 Cottage row^ 

Brower Margaret E., widow Harman, h IT Clinton 

Brown Albert, {A. Brown & Son), 67 State, h 33 Liberty 

Brown Amos, laborer, h 24 Railroad 

BROWN A. & SON, fiirniture dealers and undertakers, 

67 State, (see adv.) 
Brown Charles, vol., 134 regt., h 59 Church 
Brown Clinton C, A. A. A. Gen. U. S. V., bds 33 Liberty 
Brown Eliza, widow, h 140 Liberty 
Brown Eliza, widow Thomas, h 10 Jefferson 
Brown John, shoemaker, 90 Ferry, h do 
Brown Peter G., mechanic, h 72 Front 
Brown Peter W., shoemaker, h 42 Jay [Liberty 

Brown Theodore B., {A. Brown & Son), 67 State, h 35 
Brown William, machinist, h 49 Pine 
Brownell James, freight agent Saratoga and Whitehall R. 

R., h 146 Union 
Bryson Robert, h 24 Smith 
Buchanan James, machinist, bds 150 Front 
Buchanan S. L. R., clerk, h Washington ave., n Front 
Budd L. M., butcher, h 7 Yates 
Buell Charles, jeweler, bds 82 Barrett 
Bullock Jacob, constable, h 29 Rotterdam 
Bulmer Wm., blacksmith, bds 18 Ferry 
Burgdorf Conrad, barber, 3 Dock, h 15 Center 
Burghardt Charles H., vol., 4th heavy artillery, bds 119 

Union [Union 

Burghardt Peter H., chaplain, 1st N. Y. Cavalry, h 119 
Burk Ann, widow John, h 67 Green 
Burk James, laborer, h 79 Front 
Burkart Joseph W., tobacconist, 95 Ferry, h do 


Burke Thomas, laborer, h 53 Fonda 

Burns John, hostler, h II Jay 

Burns John, laborer, h 77 Front adv) 

BURNS J. S., proprietor Sharratt House, 155 State, (see 

Burns Mary A. Mrs., h 57 Ferry 

Burns Patrick, 91st regt. N. Y. S. V., h 104 Liberty 

Burns Terrence, laborer, h 13 South ave. 

Burt Betsy, widow Daniel, h 113 Union 

Burt Daniel, clerk, bds 113 Union 

Burton Frazier, machinist, bds 4 North 

Butch John, tailor, h 54 Jay 

Butler Edward, vol., 162d regt. h 28 Yates 

Butler J. P., capt. proA^ost marshal, 18th dist., 193 State, 

bds Drullard's Hotel 
Butler Richard T. {Shaible c6 Butler), h 146 Centre 


Cadmus Eugene, telegraph operator, h 202 State 
Cady Jay, h 35 State 
Cahanay James, laborer, h 8 Jay 
CAIN ISAAC, proprietor Davis House, 188 State 
Cain Isaac, vol., 134th regt., bds 48 LaFayette 
Cain Lydia, widow Henry, h 48 LaFayette 
Cain Margaret, widow, h 18 Railroad 
Cain Mary, domestic, 68 Union 
Cain Mary, domestic, 5 Union 

Cain Michael, blacksmith, bds 21 John [53 do 

CAIN NICHOLAS, crockery and glassware, 55 State, h 
Cain Thomas, mason, h 21 John 
Cain Wm. H., vol., 134th regiment, bds 48 LaFayette 
Calo Francis, hackman, h 23 State 
Campbell Charles J., h 78 College 

Campbell D. D., office 33 Church, h 31 do [Union 

Campbell George H., conductor N. Y. C. R. R. h 169 


Campbell James, machinist, h 50 Romeyn 

Campbell John, machinist, h 50 Romeyn 

Campbell John, laborer, h Deserving 

Campbell J. S., clerk, h 72 Church 

Campbell Maria E. Miss, h 97 Fonda 

Campbell Robert, laborer, bds 50 Romeyn 

Campbell Sarah, widow, Jacob, bds 78 College 

Campbell S. K., mechanic, h 46 Smith 

Canwright Maria, widow Hiram, h 82 Fonda 

Carey Martin, laborer, h 29 Albany turnpike 

Carley A. F. (A. F. and G. 0. Carley;) bds 145 Church 

CARLE Y A. F. & G. C, dealers in groceries, flour, 

liquors, &c. 14 and 16 Wall, and 26 State, c Church, 

(see adv.) 
Carley G. C. {A. F. and G. C. Carley,) bds 45 Church 
CARLEY G. Q., ins. agent, 26 State, c Church, h 45 

Church (see adv) 
Carley Joseph G., [Swits c& Carley,) h 58 Union 
Carmody Timothy, brakeman, h 21 North 
Carner C. S., brakeman, h 45 College 
Carpenter Charles H., physician, 147 Union, h do 
Carpenter W. N., machinist, bds 61 Front 
Carr Daniel, moulder, h 70 Fonda 
Carr Henry, vol., 134th regt., bds 40 Veeder's ave 



Albany Insurance Co $100^000 $40,000 

National Fire Ins. Co., N. Y., 200,000 100,000 

Commerce Ins. Co., Albany,-. 100,000 

^~ Eiska taken at uaual rates, and all losses paid promptly. 

lo f & ®o So EMMY, 


Family Groceries, 


Bourbon, Monongahela& Magnolia Whiskys, 

Clover, Timothy and Field Seeds, 



Mess & Boneless Pork, by the Barrel, 

state, Corner Church Street Continued. 
Flour Store-Nos. 14&16 WaU Street, 


Carr John, laborer, h 77 Fonda 

Carr John, laborer, h 71 Romeyn 

Carr Michael, laborer, h 40 Veeder's ave. 

Carroll Benjamin, vol. 134th regt., bds 9 South ave. 

Carroll Bridget, widow Patrick, bds 55 Fonda 

Carroll Daniel, laborer, h 35 Centre 

Carroll John, blacksmith, h 71 Fonda 

Carroll John J., vol., I34th regt., bds 9 South ave. 

Carroll Lawrence, vol. 103d Ohio regt, bds 9 South ave 

Carroll Martin, laborer, h 55 Fonda 

Carroll Mary Miss, h 71 Romeyn 

Carroll Michael, laborer, h 9 South ave 

Carroll Samuel, machinist, h 5 Monroe 

Carroll Thomas, machinist, h Romeyn, n South ave 

Carry Dominic, brakeman, N. Y. C. R. R., bds Fuller's 

Carter James S., clerk, bds 94 Centre 
Carter Jonas, engine cleaner, h 16 Amanda 
Carter L. M., widow John, h 56 Romeyn 
Carter Mary Mrs., h 73 Barrett 
Carter Thomas, porter, Givens Hotel, h 94 Centre 
Cary Patrick, laborer, h 86 Fonda 
Case Ann Mrs., widow Benjamin, h head Union 
Case Levi, coppersmith, 12 Warren, h 188 Union 
Case W. H., student, h head Union 
Casey Catharine Mrs., bds 13 Warren 
Casey James, laborer, h 13 Warren 
Casey Michael, shoemaker, h 6 Jeflerson 
Casten Wm., carpenter, h 17 Green 
Castillo John, laborer, h 26 Monroe 
Castillo Patrick, laborer, h 67 Fonda 
Castle George T., butcher, 231 State, h 35 Smith 
Catlin George, student, bds 178 Union 
Cavert Sarah D., widow George, 61 Ferry 
Cawood John, machinist, h 10 College 
Cawood John Jr., machinist, bds 10 College 
CHADSEY D. M., lawyer, 84 State, h 55 Jay 


Chamberlain Edwin B. bookkeeper, h 53 LaFayette 

Chamberlin J. G., carriage maker, h 7 John 

Chambers David, patternmaker, h 22 Barrett 

C'hampion Esther Mrs., h 129 Union 

Chandler Benjamin, painter, bds 176 State 

Chandler Joanna P., widow Obed, bds 69 Union 

Chandler Wm. J., mechanic, h 69 Union 

Chapman Alfred J, gunsmith, 99 Ferry, h Ferry, c Liberty 

Chapman A, J., saloon, Ferry, c Liberty, h do [State 

Charlton E. A., superintendent Union school, bds 361 

Chase Edward L., engineer, N. Y. C. R. R., h 230 State 

Chase E. M., fireman, h 1 Clinton 

Chase Reuben J., carpenter, h 29 Yates 

Chegner Charles C, shoemaker, h 170 Union 

Chenney Maria Mrs., h 42 Romeyn 

Chevalier Mary Y. Mrs., widow Peter R., h 21 Barrett 

Chisem George, laborer, h 77 LaFayette 

Chrisler Isaac, clerk, bds 27 Washington ave . 

Chrisler Peter, canal collector's office, 12 Dock, h 17 Jay 

Chrisler William, grocer, 73 State, h 27 Washington ave 

Christiance Jacob, shoemaker, bds 9 Jefferson 

Christiance Jacob V., h 73 Front 

Christiance Maria, widow Isaac, bds 9 Jefferson 

Christancy Francis, shoemaker, h 4 Ferry 

Clancy John Rev,, h 92 Liberty 

Clapper John, police, h 64 Barrett 

Clapper Maria Mrs., h Centre, n Warren 

Clare George, news depot, 143 State, h 9 Liberty 

Clark Catharine Mrs., tailoress, h 138 Liberty 

Clark Catharine, widow Agustus, h 5 John 

Clark Charles A., clerk Mohawk Bank, bds 23 Franklin 

Clark George H., h 7 Union 

Clark Jane M., widow, h 137 Centre 

Clark John, laborer, h 24 Railroad 

Clark Molly Miss, tailoress, bds 48 White 

Clark Philo A., ( Clark db Hamlin) h 35 LaFayette 

Clark William H,, {Clarh <& Millard), h 23 Franklin - 


Clark & Hamlin, photographers, 166 and 168 State 
CLARK & MILLARD, dealers in groceries, &c., 140 State 
Clarke Ann, widow Thomas, h 93 Fonda 
Clarto Edward, h 28 Smith 
Clary John, laborer, h 73 Romeyn . 
Clary Michael, laborer, h 94 Romeyn 
Cleary Robert, h 20 LaFayette % 

Cleary Thomas, mason, h 20 LaFayette 
Cleary Thomas, restaurant and dining saloon, R. R., opp 
depot, h 81 Liberty [Hamilton 

Clement Robert, superintendent city gas works, h 16 
Clogston Wm., carpenter, h 33-|- Front 
Clow Ephriam, blacksmith, h 40 Church 
Clute Abram O., h 31 LaFayette 

CLUTE BROTHERS, Schenectady iron works, 49 Liberty 
Clute Clara Mrs., ice cream saloon, 74 Barrett, h do 
Clute Cornelius, h 33 Barrett 
Clute Cornelius B., grocer, 263 State, h 87 Barrett 
Clute C. C, {Clute Brothers), h 52 Union 
Clute Cornelius P., grocer, 126 Liberty, h do 
Clute Eleazor, engineer, N. Y. C. R. R., h 22 Green 
Clute Elizabeth, tailoress, h 14 Green 
Clute Elizabeth, widow Peter, h 10 North 
Clute Frederick, clerk, h 18 Smith 
Clute F. W., meat market, 102 Romeyn, h do 
Clute Harrison, flour and feed, 16 Wall, h 240 State 
Clute Jacob H., brakeman, h 17 Smith [Ferry 

Clute James B., harness and saddlery, 32 State, h 24 
Clute James W., machinist, h 20 Jay 
Clute Jethro W., {Clute Brothers), h 15 Liberty 
Clute John B., {Clute Brothers), h 31 Liberty' 
Clute John F., police justice, 202 State, h 105 Liberty 
Clute John J., machinist, h 31 Clinton 
Clute J. W., foundry. Liberty, h 15 Liberty 
Clute Napoleon, flour and feed, 10 Wall, h 105 Liberty 
Clute Peter I., ( Clute c& Reagles), h 31 Liberty 
Clute Philip M., h 27 Barrett 


Clute Richard S. H., watchman, h 76 LaFayette 

Clute Seth, clerk, bds 105 State 

Clute Walter, carpenter, h 65 Barrett 

CLUTE WILLIAM H., dealer in hats, caps and furs, 96 

State, h 100 Front, (see adv.) 
Clute & Reagles, wheelbarrow manuf., 83 Barrett 
Clutes John, laborer, h head Union 
Cobb Caroline Miss, h 123 Union 
CofFoy Michael, saloon, 8 Dock, h do 
Colbern W. M. Mrs., h 45 Front 
Cole Richard, laborer, h 34 College, c Green 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, h 82 Romeyn 
Colfals Joseph Mrs., h College terrace, n Liberty 
Collins Bryan, machinist, h 63 Fonda 
Colloby James, laborer, h head Union 
Colman Andrew, mason, h 28 Lafayette 
Combs Elizabeth, widow Thomas, hl7 Yates 
Comstock Ellen Miss, 17 State, bds Front 
Comstock James, accountant, h 234 State 
Conde Benjamin L., [Edwards c& Conde), h 20 Liberty 
Connors Mary Mrs., h 26 LaFayette 
Connors Timothy, laborer, h 10 State 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, h 96 Fonda 
Consaul Gansvoort D. Rev., h 42 Union 

Wm. H. CLUTE, 

No. 96 State Street, 



mi cips, HIS' fis. 

Buffalo & Fancy Eobes. 

Also, a good Stock of Straw and Snm- 
mer Goods, suitable for the season. 


Consaul Harman, clerk, h 60 Front [Union 

CONSAUL JOHN, boot and shoe dealer, 142 State, h 42 
Cooper Stephen, laborer, h 4 North 
Cooper Stephen R., 169th regt., N. Y. S. V., h 134 Union 
Coracan Elinor Mrs., h 31 Romeyn 
Coran Dedreich, helper, h 86 Centre 
Corbitt Patrick, mason, h 18 Warren 
Corl James E., turner, h 11 Water, c Washington ave. 
Corl John, Clerk, h 66 Jay 

Corl William D., foreman public works, h 77 LaEayette 
Cornelius Peter H,, switchman, h 46 Romeyn 
Crosby George, overseer canal, h 73 Jay 
Coss John B., hotel, 261 State, c Barrett 
Costar Philip, shoemaker, h Lydia 
Coupman Frederick, laborer, bds 68 Front 
Coulter Thomas, h 14 Yates 

Coutts George, ( Wright c& Coutts), h 11 Rotterdam 
Cowper David, machinist, h 84 Fonda 
Cox Cornelia Mrs., widow George, h 21 Franklin 
Cox Maxwell, machinist, h 127 Liberty 
Cox Thomas, engineer, N. Y. C. R. R., h 36 Green 
Craft Henry, laborer, h 26 Railroad 
Crafts J. K., brushmaker, h 48 Romeyn 
Craig Archibald Mrs., h 21 Church, c Union 
Craig James R., h 11 Church 

Cramer Agustus, broommaker, h Rotterdam, n the Canal 
Cramer Maria, widow Wm., h 90 Front 
Cramer Peter W., vol 13th heavy artillery, h 84 Romeyn 
Crandall Green, h 62 Liberty [berty 

Crandall Mary Miss, millinery, 124 State, h Centre c Li- 
Crane Jonas H., [Millard <£' Crane,) h 24 Church 
Crantz Peter, tailor, h 102 Liberty 
Crawford Benjamin, brakesman, bds Davis House 
Crawford Charles, brakesman, bds Davis House 
Crawford James, laborer, h 77 Front 
Crawford James, laborer, h 147 Front 
Crawford Robert C, machinist, h 40 Clinton 


Crawford Samuel, laborer, h 60 Barrett 

Crawl John, moulder, bds Davis House 

Cregier Sebastian I., grocer 227 State, h do 

Cregnier Henry, laborer, h 46 College 

Crensley John, laborer, h 21 Yates 

Crichton Alexander, vol., 4th heavy Artillery bds 30 Front 

Crichton David, machinist, 30 Front 

Cripps Richard, tailor, bds Fuller's Hotel 

Crouch Elizabeth Mrs., h 3 State 

Crouch Spencer, carpenter & sawfiler, h 135 Liberty 

Crouch Spencer Jr., carpenter, h 137 Liberty 

Crounse Philip C, h 182 Union 

Crumb Caleb B., lawyer, h 30 LaFayette 

Crumb D. Starks, student, bds 30 LaFayette 

Crumb George H., student, bds 30 LaFayette 

Cuberlidge James, machinist, h 7 Jefferson 

Cullen Bridget, domestic, I Washington ave 

Cumberlidge John, machinist, h 145 Front 

Cunn Mary, domestic, 13 Union 

Cunningham Barnard, mason, h Veeder's ave, n Smith 

Cunningham Elizabeth Mrs., widow Wm. h 18 Liberty 

Cumiingham Harvey, conductor N. Y. C. R. R., bds 142 

Cunningham James, laborer, h 4 Hamilton 
Cunningham Leonard, carpenter, h 45 Barrett 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, h 82 Fonda 
Cunningham Robert Mrs., h 143 Union 
Curtis Agustus E., student, bds 123 State [House 

Cuttting A. Eugene, {Stevens d' Cutting) bds Sharatt 
Cuyler Vernor, dentist, 202 State, h do 


Daggett Stephen A., lawyer, 68 State, h 5 Front 

Dailey Daniel, h 12 Madison 

Dailey John S., agent N. Y. C. R. R., h 56 College 


Daley John, mason, h 55 LaFayette 

Daly John, brakeman, N. Y. 0. R. R., bds Fuller's Hotel 

Daly John, laborer, h 18 Railroad 

Daly John, laborer, h 6 Clinton 

Damm Francis W ., freight dispatcher, h 22 Jay 

Dana Francis, barber, h 152 Union 

Darrow Cady, h 9 Smith 

Davis Ann M., widow John, bds 23 Centre 

Davis Augustus C, printer, h 23 Centre 

Davis D. G., clerk h 140 Centre 

Davis Harriet Mrs., bds 18 State 

Davis Jam_es H., laborer, h 31 White 

Davis Jonathan, slater, h 158 Union 

Davis Joshua, carpenter, bds 48 Barrett 

Davis Susan, widow John, h 46 College 

Davis Thomas, carpenter, h 48 Barrett 

Davis W. D. (Davis db Qregorij)^ editor and proprietor 
Evening Star and Weekly Republican, 170 State, h 
61 Front 
Davis Wilson, merchant tailor, 103 State, h 140 Centre 
DAVIS & GREGORY, propr's Evening Star & Weekly 

Republican, 170 State, (see adv.) 
Davison Julius E., clothing, 174 State, h do 
Day Horace G. Rev., bds 79 Liberty 
Dealtry Jane, h 13 Jay 

Dealtry John ( WelUr & Dealtry) h 197 State 
Dealtry Thompson, clerk, h 13 Jay 
DE BOIS JOHN, photographer, 84 State, bds 46 La^ 

Fayette, (see adv., page 68) 
Decatur David, boatman, h Myers' alley, n South ave 
Decker Bernard, basketmaker, h 39 LaFayette 
De Clercq Isaac L., engineer, h 57 Front 
De Forest Frank, machinist, bds 80 Barrett 
DE FOREST JACOB, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 58 

60 and 62 State, h 80 Barrett (see adv.) 
De Forest Martin, agt. D. D. Campbell, h 31 Church 
De Forest Sarah, widow Lansing O., h 80 Barrett 





No. 170 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. 


One year, $6 00 

One week, 12 

Single copies, 8 

Schenectady Weekly Republican, 








De Graff Catharine Miss, h 20 Liberty 
De Graff Edward, tinsmith, h 47 Front 
De Graff Eve H. Miss, bds 52 Union 
De Graff George, laborer, bds 14 South ave 
De Graff Jacob G., vol., 134th regt., bds 8 Ferry 
De Graff Joseph, vol., bds 8 Ferry 
De Graff Lawrence, laborer, h 8 Ferry 
De Graff Margaret, widow Daniel, bds 47 Front 
De Groff Abraham L., h 10 Water 
De Groff David, pedler, h Prospect 
De Groff Maria Mrs., widow Abram, h Prospect 
De Mour Madore, vol., h 30 State 
Dennick Frederick, fireman, h 80 Liberty 
De Pen Archibald, h 4 Cottage row 
De Wigne Ferdinand, brewery, 94 Union, h 46 do 
Deyo Abraham, patternmaker, h 52 LaFayette 
Deyo Samuel, patternmaker, h 39 College 
Diamond James, tinsmith, h 6 Smith 
Dickinson Aaron, blacksmith, 2 Rotterdam, h 15 Wash- 
ington ave [Franklin 
Dickinson Ellen Miss, teacher Union School, bds 12 




V ^ (over Freeman's Paint Store,) 


Where the Cheapest and Best Work 
C__ /fv'^''*^^^ ^^^ ^® obtained in the City. 


Dickson John, vol. 29 reg't, h 35 Barrett [Romeyn 

Dillenbeck Goshie L., {Dillenbeck d' Stoops,) bds 108 

Dillenbeck Jennie Miss, bds 91 State 

Dillenbeck L., clothier. State, bds Union, c Romeyn 

Dillenbeck & Stoops, merchant tailors, 107 State 

Dodge Luke, bds Drullard's Hotel 

Doharty James, liquors, 2 Jefferson, h do 

Dollar John, painter, h 60 Jay 

Donnelly John, machinist, h 6 Pine 

Donnelly Michael, laborer, h 104 Liberty 

Dooney John, laborer, h Liberty, n LaFayette 

Dormady Thomas, engineer N. Y. C. R. li., h 19 Jay 

Dorn Robert C, harness and saddlery, 13 Dock, h 5 

Dorn W. S., laborer, h 20 Jefferson 
Dorsch Gideon, carpenter, h 26 North 
Dorsch Peter, h 11 Front 
Doty Abraham, millinery, 74 State, h 76 do 
DOTY GEORGE H., stoves, ranges, tin ware, &c., 78 

State, bds 76 do, (see adv.) 
Doty Peter, fireman, bds 9 Jefferson 
Dougherty James, vol., 134th N. Y. V., h 24 Rail Road 
Dow Elisha B., h 210 State 
Dow Jerome B., conductor, h 238 State 
Dowley Andrew, soldier, h Albany 
Downs David D., mechanic, h 21 Washington ave 
Doxtater — , h Veeder's ave 
Draper Elizabeth, widow John, h 40 Smith 
Draper James H., bds 40 Smith 
Drukman Michael, laborer, h 25 North 
Drullard N., prop. Drullard's Hotel, 1 79 State 
Duane M. C, bds Eagle Hotel 
Duane Walton, bds 45 Union 

Duane Wm. N., physician, 39 and 41 Union, h 45 do 
Du Bois Anson Rev., pastor Second Reform Dutch 

Church, h 101 Liberty 
Duell J. C, dentist, 47 State 


Duffey Patsej, laborer, h 28 LaFayette 

Dunbar James, conductor N. Y. C. R. R., h 17 Hamilton 

Duncal John M., h 22 JeiFerson 

Dunham Sarah Mrs., widow, Walter, h 12 Franklin 

Dunlap Andrew, laborer, bds 58 Ferry 

Dunlap Eliza, widow Dr. Lunlap, h 22 Wall 

Dunlap William B., h 22 Wall 

Dunn Alexander, switchman, h 60 Romeyn 

Dunn Frederick, brushmaker, h 68 Front 

Dunn Hiram, machinist, h 143 Front 

Dunn Richard, moulder, h 45 Pine 

Dunn W^m. J., vol 134th regt., bds 143 Front [Clinton 

Duryee Isaac Rev., Chaplain 81st Regt. N. Y. S. V. h 12 

Dutch Valentine, laborer, h 46 Romeyn 

Dwelley Benjamin B., brakesman, h 17 College 


Earing Absalom, h 79 LaFayette 
Early Lawrence, laborer, h 8 LaFayette 
Edmonds Charles, carpenter, 57 Smith, h do [Green 

Edmonds James, laborer, Clute's machine shop, h 14 
Edwards Eliza G. Mrs., widow Samuel S., h 22 Barrett 
Edwards George, clerk, bds 3 Franklin 
Edwards Henry S., {H. S. Edwards d' Co.,) h 222 State 
Edwards Isaac G., painter, h 20 Barrett 
Edwards John A. plumber, 69 Centre, h 67 do 
Edwards Lewis B., [Edivards <& Conde,) h 44 Union 
Edwards Samuel, clerk, h 3 Franklin 
Edwards & Conde, hardware, stoves, &c., 69 State 
Edwards H. S. & Co., hardware, 169 State 
Egleston Horace, {R. Egleston d' Co.,) h 243 State 
Egleston Palmer, (H. Egleston d Co.,) h 249 State 
EGLESTON H. & CO., marble monuments, mantles, 
&;c., 243 State, (see adv) 


Ehlafaldt Agustus, shoemaker, h Fonda, n N. Y. C. R. R» 
Eisenhood Peter, laborer, h Veeder's ave 
Elliot O. F., agt. Steam bread Co., h 9 Church 
Ellis Charles, clerk, bds 37 Liberty 
Ellis Ed\Yard, clerk, bds 37 Liberty- 
Ellis George, machinist, h 64 Jay [37 Liberty 
Ellis John, Schenectady Locomotive Works, 29 Fonda, h 
Ellis John C, h 86 College [tre 
Ellis Robert, clothing, 159 & 163 State, h 1 Smith, c Cen* 
Ellsworth Sidney, moulder, h 12 Jefferson 
Ellwood Livingston, physician, 219 State, h do 
Elmicke John, laborer, h 40 Albany turnpike 
Ely Francis, laborer, h Warren, n Fonda 
Emerick Stephen, shoemaker, h 51 Pine 
Engle Martin Mrs., h Liberty 
Engieman Solomon, grocer, Nott, n Canal, h do 
Entres Peter, laborer, h 29 South ave 
Epple Francis, laborer, h 154 Front 
Ernest Henry, carpenter, h 23 North 
Ernest Lewis P., vol. 134th regt. bds 23 North 
Ertel Leonard, machinist, h 61 Union 
Evans Bridget, widow John, h 8 Pine 
Evans John W., artist, h 130 Centre 

Fabry John, laborer, h 30 Albany turnpike 

Fagen — , h 30 Union 

Fairchild Alonzo, mason, h 17 Amanda [Franklin 

Falvay Daniel P., pastor St. John's R. C. Church, h 9 

Farey Mary, domestic, 36 Church 

Farrell Michael, blacksmith, bds 5 Warren 

Farrell Patrick, mason, h 59 Romeyn 

Farrell S., harnessmaker, 150 State, h do 

Farry Thomas, laborer, h 10 Pine [House 

Favers James, (^Feather stone, Near & Co.), bds Davis 

Fay Aaron D., farmer, h 36 South ave., up stairs 



Fay Benjamin F., carriagemaker, bds 36 South ave.j ilp 

Fay George, brakeman, h Romeyn, n South ave 
Featherly Ann M. Miss, h 75 LaFayette 
Featherstone — , {Feather stone, Near d Co.), h 6 Greeii 
Featherstone John, (Featherstone, Near <& Co.), h 8 Green 
Featherstone, Near & Co., hollowware mannfacturers, 

Pine, c Fonda 
Feeley Johanna Mrs., h 4 State 
Fehr Uh*ich, shoemaker, 55 Liberty, h do 
Feldman Lewis, cutter, 83 State, h 23 Green 
Fell Benjamin, brakeman, h 5 Cottage row 
Felthouse Harmon B., coppersmith, h 66 Barrett 
Felthousen A. V., carman, h 70 Centre 
Felthousen Charles, coppersmith, h 99 Union 
FELTHOUSEN JAMES D., dealer in groceries, 196 

State, h 26 Yates, (see adv.) 
Felthousen Eachael Mrs., widow Daniel, h 188 Union 
Feltman Lewis, tailor, h 23 Green 



196 State, cor. Centre St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

A general assortment of Tea, Sugar, Mo- 
lasses and Syrup, Extra and Double Extra 
Flour, India Meal and Ilye Flour, Clear Pork, 
Sugar Cured Hams, Shoulders and Chops, my 
own curing ; also. Smoked Beef, Lard, Butter 
and Cheese, and everything kept in a General 
Provision Store. 

of every variety, and Fruits of all kinds in 
their season* 


J'enn W. L., land agent, h Albany 
Fenwick Alexander, machinist, h 155 Front 
Finch Joseph, moulder, h 1 South ave . 
Finck Marietta, widow Frederick, h 31 Washington avd; 
Fink Henry, chairmaker, h 21 Green 
Fink Jacob, vol., 91st regt., h 8 Warren 
Finn Nancy Miss, bds 50 Ferry 
Finnegan Margaret Mrs., boarding house, 32 State 
Finnegan Peter, switchman, h 136 Front 
Fisher George K., h head Union 
Fisher John, cigarmaker, h 10 Water 
Fisk Francis Mrs., h 187 Union 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, h 22 Railroad 
Fitzgerald John, saloon, 18 Dock, h do 
Fitzgerald Margaret A. Mrs., h 34 Fonda 
Fitzmorris Mary, domestic, 9 Union 
Flackmier Frederick, laborer, h 6 Rotterdam 
Flannagan — , laborer, h 18 Water 
Flannagan Patrick, laborer, h 16 Fonda 
Fling David, laborer, h 164 Front 
Fodder Alice, domestic, 70 Union 
Fodder Frederick, blacksmith, h 160 Union 
Fogerty Margaret, domestic, 50 Washington ave 
Fogerty Mary Mrs., widow John, h 149 Centre 
Folay Daniel, laborer, h 11 Nott 
Foley Catharine Mrs., h 102 Front 
Folts Joseph M., fireman N. Y. C. R. R., h 97 Centre 
Fonda Alexander G., h 13 Union 
•Fonda Cornelia Mrs., widow, h 23 LaFayette 
Fonda Gardner H., vol. 176 regt., bds 13 Union 
Fonda Lansing G., clerk, Sharratt House [Union 

Force Charles, baggageman N. Y. C. R. R., h New, n 
Ford Frank, mechanic, bds 65 Union [h 31 Smith 

FORD S. VAN R.,agt. Reus, and Saratoga R. R. depot,. 
Forrest David P., h 35 Front 
Forrest Sarah Miss, bds 33 LaFayette 
Fort D. S., clerk, Davis House 


Forward James, spinner, h 30 State 

Foster Henry W., painter, h 113 Front 

Fouly Mary, domestic, 13 Church 

Fowler George, carpenter, Smith, bds 34 do 

Fowler George, engineer Saratoga and Schenectady R. K., 

h 28 Clinton 
Fowler Joseph, machinist, h 57 Centre 
Fowler Sarah Miss, teacher Union School, bds Franklin 
Fox John, laborer, h 3 Pine 

Fraling Martin, laborer, h Rotterdam, n the Canal 
Franchot Kichard, h 19 Washington ave 
Francisco — , laborer, h 2 Green 
Frame Andrew, machinist, h 25 John 
Frame John, engineer, h 33 Green 
Frame John J., engineer N. Y. C. R. R., h 7 Barrett 
Frank Andrew, laborer, h 37 Albany turnpike 
Frank William B., cooper, 77 Washington, h do 
Frazier Charles, cigar manuf., bds Fuller's Hotel 
Frear W. G., carpenter, h 75 LaFayette [Wall 

FREEMAN AARON, prop. Givens' Hotel, 175 State, c 
Freeman Andrew Y., {^E. L. Freeman d' Co.,) h 8 Liberty 
Freeman Barney, h 37 Church 
Freeman Elisha, clerk, bds 108 Liberty 
FREEMAN E. L. paints, oils, &c., h 8 Liberty^ 
Freeman Elisha L., (E. L. Freeman cCr Co.,) h 75 Union 
Freeman Elizabeth, widow Alexander, bds 47 Pine 
Freeman Ethan B., confectionery, 86 State, h 75 Union 
Freeman E. P., h East Liberty, c Prospect 
Freeman Henry C, clerk, h 39 Front 
Freeman Henry Y., clerk Givens' Hotel [berty 

Freeman Jonathan R., {E. L. Freeman c& Co.,) h 78 Li- 
Freeman Malinda Mrs., h 15 Yates 
Freeman Robert G., engineer, h 64 Centre 
Freeman Wm., barber, h 47 Pine [State 

FREEMAN E. L. & CO., paints, oils, glasses, &c., 82 
Freemyre Elizabeth Mrs., h 24 Church 
Friedrich Andrew, grocer, 76 Romeyn, h do 


Friedrich Frederick, lager beer saloon, 52 Liberty, h do 
Frink Robert, laborer, h 70 Liberty 
Friiax Stephen, saloon, 124 Union, h 122 do 
Fullam Michael, fireman, h Veeder's ave 
Fuller Amelia Miss, h 2 Church 
Fuller Anthony, carpenter, h 128 Liberty 
Fuller Elizabeth Miss, h 2 Church 
FULLER JAMES lawyer, 150 State, h 49 LaFayette 
Fuller John I., mowing machine agt., h 55 Ferry 
Fuller Richard, bds 49 LaFayette 
Fuller R. M., student, bds 55 Ferry 
Fuller Robert, physician, 140 State, bds 2 Church 
Fuller Thomas, vol. 93d regt., bds 65 Centre 
Fuller Wm. Mrs., h 65 Centre 
vFuller Wm. W., vol. 134th regt., bds 65 Centre 
Fullerton Eliza Miss, h 83 Centre 
Furbeck James A., grocer, 97 Ferry, h 19 Liberty 
Furman Henry A., broom dealer, Washington, h 111 

Furman Robert, dry goods, 79 State, h 51 Smith 
Fursman Wm. H., clerk, bds Mcintosh's Hotel 


Gallaher Michael, bds 75 Fonda 
GALLAHER PATRICK, grocer, 75 Fonda, h do 
Galling Jacob F., moulder, h 9 Amanda 
Galvin Catharine, domestic, 50 Washington ave. 
Galvin Mary, widow James, h 7 Warren 
Gamroe Lewis, blacksmith, h 87 Liberty 
Gannon Catharine, widow Daniel, h 139 Union 
Gardinier John, carpenter, h 48 White 
Gardiner Peter, hostler, Mcintosh's Hotel 
GARDINER WILLIAM, harness & saddlery, 80 State, 
h 49 College, (see adv) 


Garding Court, laborer, h 6 Ferry 

Gardner Job F. Mrs., h 96 Ferry 

Gardner Moses, h 51 Green 

Garlick Frederick, tailor, h 69 Front 

Garlock Augustus O., barber, 168 State, h 24 Yates 

Garrett H. J., dentist, 45 State, bds 108 Liberty 

Garrity Catharine, widow, h 22 Railroad 

Garrity Francis, machinist, h 47 Romeyn 

Garrity James, machinist, h 84 Romeyn 

Garrity John, vol., 134th regt., bds G3 Smith 

Garrity Mary, widow Michael, h 63 Smith 

Garrity Michael, machinist, h 88 Romeyn 

■Gates Joseph, druggist, h 295 State 

Gates Lewis, laborer, h 27 Franklin 

Gates Stephen D., carman, h 25 Franklin 

Gates William, machinist, h 6 Fonda 

Gaw David J., capt. 77th regt., h 62 Front 

Gaw James G., clerk, h 62 Front 

Gaylord Martin, brickmaker, h 58 LaFayette 

Gay William, boilermaker, h 49 Front 

George Mrs., widow, h 34 Union 

George Mathew, carpenter, h 197 State 

Gergen Peter, machinist, h 37 Front 

German Bruce, foreman, h 138 Front 

German De Witt, machinist, bds 9 Jefferson 

Germond Morgan, h 120 Front 

Getkow Louis, tailor, h 236 State [Hotel 

Getman Andrew, conductor, N. Y. C. R. R., bds Fuller's 

Gibson John, tailor, h 77 Front 

Gibson William, h 6 Cottage row 

Gifford George, farmer, h 35 LaFayette 

Gilbert George, h 54 College [26 Liberty 

Gilbert James, clerk, Hanford's insurance office. State, h 

Giles James J., carpenter, h. 55 Union 

Giles John, stationkeeper. Canal, h 62 Church 

Giles William, carpenter, h 134 Centre 

Gill Lawrence, laborer, bds 14 Hamilton 


Gillespie Abraham, sheriff, 28 Union, h do 

GillesjDie George C, carpenter, h 212 State 

Gillespie William Mitchell, professor civil engineering, 

Union College, h 180 Union 
Gillick — , tailor, h 12 Jay 
GILMOUR JOHN, books and stationery, 93 State, h 6 

Cottage row, (see adv.) 
Ginn James W., coach trimmer, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Girvin Edward, conductor, N. Y. C. R. R., bds Fuller's 

Givan Mathew, tailor, h 5 South ave, up stairs 
Givens Wm. 0., bds G7 Liberty 
Gleason Daniel, maltster, h 25 Dock . 
Gleason Margaret Mrs., h 79 Front 
Gleis Michael, shoemaker, h College Terrace 
Glenn George W., engineer, h 49 Green 
Glenn Henry, machinist, h 58 College 
Glenn Jacob S., moulder, h 44 College 
Goergen Jacob, laborer, h 297 State 
Goggins James, gasfitter, h 19 Hamilton 
Goluck Charles, chairmaker, h 154 Front 
Gombell Frederick, cabinetmaker, State, h 8 Green 
Goodfellow Elijah, h 72 Romeyn 
Goodrich Horace, teller Schenectady Bank, h 1 Union 






No. 93 State Street, 


2^° Books aud Mngaziues Bound to Order. 


Goodrich William L., cashier Schenectady Bank, h 13 State 

Gordon Philip 11., saloon, 21 Rotterdam, h do 

Gow Maria, widow Alexander, h 65 Front 

Gozzar Alfred, machinist, bds 73 Liberty 

Graham Deborah Miss, h 44 Washington ave 

Graham Joseph B., [Young <& Graham,) h 171 Union 

Grant James, laborer, h 12 Hamilton 

Grant Peter, engineer, h 118 Front 

Gray Elias P., restaurant and dining hall, 157 State, h do 

Gray John, blacksmith, h 1 Pine 

Gray Robert, shoemaker, 184 State, h do 

Green Walter C, wood dealer, h 47 State [Centre 

Greenhalgh William, [jBarhydt db Greenhalgh,) h 102 

Gregory Isaac M., ed. Daily Star, 170 State, h 69 Centre 

Greig Anna Mrs., widow William, h 57 Smith 

Greig George, boilermaker, h 70 Jay 

Gridley Wm., bds 81 Liberty 

Griffin Ann Miss, h 31 Centre 

Griffis Mary Mrs., h 54 Barrett 

Griffith Whitney, h 176 Union 

Grimm Mary D., widow John, h 36 Albany turnpike 

Groat John, machinist, h 55 Barrett 

Groat Nelson, machinist, bds 50 Ferry 

Groff Gustavus, tailor, h 3 Rail Road 

GrofF Mary, domestic, Washington ave, n Front 

Groot C. S. Mrs., h 41 State 

GROOT EDWARD W., books, stationery and news 

rooms, 168 State, bds 55 Liberty, (see adv.) 
Groot Richard D., teamster, h 30 South ave 
Groot Simon C, (S. 0. Groot d Co.,) h 60 Union 
Groot S. C. & Co., dry goods, 43 State 
Grout Hammond V., machinist, h 55 Barrett 
Grow Mary Mrs., tailor ess, h 66 Jay 
Guadendorff Herman, druggist, 85 State, h 87 do 
Guernsey Solomon Mrs., h 11 LaFayette 
Guisler Julius, painter, h 7 Monroe 
Gunn Patrick, mason, h 15 Jay 
Gyer John, tailor, h 297 State 



Hack Frederick, baker, h College terrace, n Liberty 

Haffran Daniel, laborer, h 20 South ave 

Hagadorii Ezekiel, carpenter, h 131 Union 

Hagan Margaret C, widow, h 11 Rotterdam 

Hagerman John, machinist, bds 4 North 

Haight James E., machinist, h 27 Jefferson 

Haley Michael, laborer, h 61 Green 

Hall James, spinner, 64 Church 

Hall Otis W., brakeman, h 74 Centre 

Hallo well George, carpenter, h 45 LaFayette 

Hamilton John, laborer, h 13 Park Place 

Hamilton Robert, laborer, h 17 Park Place 

Hamlin Garry B., [Clark and Ra^nlin), h 35 LaFayette 

Hamlin Solyma, cooper, h 73 Washington ave 

Handy Elizabeth, widow Richard, h 137 Front 

Hanford George T., insurance agent and U. S. assessor, 

114 State, bds Eagle Hotel 
Hanford William H., surveyor, h 37 Clinton 
Hang William G., laborer, h 37 Albany turnpike 
Hanley Michael, vol., 16th heavy artillery, h 83 Fonda 
Hanley Patrick, engineer, h 62 Fonda 
Hanlon Michael, saloon, 265 State, h 267 do 
Hanlon Philip, laborer, h 69 Fonda 
Hannah James, leather dealer, h 43 LaFayette 
Hannan Catharine, domestic, 62 Centre 
Hannas Thomas E., mechanic, h 142 Union 
Hanney James, machinist, h 81 Fonda 
Hanselman Jacob F., teamster, h 41 College 
Harbison James W., carpenter, h 37 Green 
Harbison Robert, vol. 134th regt., bds 37 Green 
Harbison Robert, hardware, 116 State, h 99 Centre 
Hardie Henry, barber. State, h Pine alley, n Pine 
Hardie Thomas, blacksmith, h 3 South ave 
Hardin George, cabinet maker, h 24 Ferry 


Hardy Diana, domestic, c Church and Front 
Hardy Nicholas, laborer, h Fonda, c N. Y. C. E. R 
Hargraves James, blacksmith, h 15 Jay 
Harrington Patrick, broom maker, h 62 Chm'ch 
Harkin Wm., laborer, h 14 Jefferson 
Harkles Tobias, laborer, h 33 Barrett 
Harman Anna E. Mrs., widow Joshua, h 179 Union 
Harman Joseph, justice, 165 State, h 25 Front 
Harn Ann Mrs., h 8 State 
Harrington A. J., bartender Drullard's Hotel 
Harrington J. B., telegraph operator, bds Davis House 
Harran Patrick, laborer, h Liberty, n LaFayette 
, Harris S. S., machinist, h 46 College 
Harris William, laborer, h 41 Jay 
Harron Charles, shoemaker, bds Sharratt House 
Hart John, machinist, bds 65 Union 
Hart Patrick, laborer, h 33 Centre 
Hartness John, machinist, h 83 Centre 
Hartt Mett, laborer, h Albany 

Harvey Henry, engineer N. Y. C. E. E., h 33 Clinton 
* Harvey James, machinist, h 81 Front 
Harvey Jenette, widow Daniel, bds 81 Front 
Hasbrouck A. L. Mrs., h 70 Union 
Hastings James, tinsmith, h 72 Jay 
Hathaway Eobine, boat captain, h 299 State 
Hausman Frederick, engineer N. Y. C. R. E., h 80 Liberty 
Haverley Wm. H., engineer, h 48 College 
Hawley Maria M., widow Henry, bds 43 Smith 
Hawley Wm. H., clerk, h 43 Smith 
Hawks — , machinist, h New, n Union 
Hay James, machinist, h 18 Jefferson 
Hayes John, laborer, h 149 Centre [tosh's Hotel 

Hays George Washington, carriage trimmer, bds Mcln- 
Hearne Martin, laborer, h New, n Union [Hotel 

Heath Eichard, brakeman N. Y. C. E. E., bds Fuller's 
Heatly Philip, teamster, h 6 Washington ave 
Hedden Samuel 0., h 106 Union 


Heeny Jane, domestic, 29 Washington ave 

Hefferman Thomas, coach builder, bds Fuller's Hotel 

Heise Heinrich, machhiist, h College terrace 

Helm Frank T., machinist, 239 State, h do 

Helmer Henry F., brakeman, h 28 Pine 

Helmer William H., {Strong d' Helmer,) h 126 Centre 

Hemstreet Michael, hotel, 176 State 

Henderson Sarah Mrs., h Veeder's ave 

Hendricks Stephen, laborer, h Lydia 

Henkelman Andrew, tailor, h Rotterdam, n the canal 

Henry Benjamin, pedler, h 60 Ferry 

Henry Jacob, clothing, 46 State, h 44 do 

Henry Patrick, laborer, h 38 College 

Henry William, architect and surveyor, h 174 Union 

Herman Christopher, machinist, h 15 Warren 

Heron John, machinist, h 163 Union 

Heron Patrick, machinist, h 68 Fonda 

Heron William, machinist, h 85 Romeyn 

Herrman Mary, domestic, 29 Liberty 

Heubner Frederick, laborer, h 3 Railroad 

Heyman J., [Lavinthal d Heyman,) h 8 Smith 

Hibbard Edward, agt. gas co., h 26 Barrett 

Higgins John, shoemaker, h 4 Fonda 

Highson Peter, pedler, h Liberty, n College terrace 

Hildebrand Jacob, h 9 Jay 

Hildebrant Henry, machinist, h 70 Front 

Hilderbrand John, carman, h 19 Jay 

Hill — , tailor, bds 73 Liberty 

Hill John L.. (Johnson & Hill,) h 113 Liberty 

Hill Martha, domestic, 91 Front 

Hill S. P., grocer, 106 Romeyn, h do 

Hilts John S., carpenter, h 178 Union 

Hindman Daniel, laborer, bds 8 Monroe 

Hines James, h 19 Smith 

Hines John, cooper, h Rotterdam, n the Canal 

Histed Charles, blacksmith, h College, n Green 

Hitchcock L. F., watchmaker, bds 171 Union 


Hoag Casper F., h 167 Union 

Hodgkiss George, machinist, h 134 Union 

Hodgson Robert, clerk, h 44 State 

Hoffman Abraham, machinist, h 141 Front 

Hoffman Adam, Laborer, 35 Centre 

Hoffman George, vol. 13th heavy artillery, bds 36 Centri 

Hoffman Hannah, widow William, h 4 Jay 

Hoffman Mary, domestic, 7 Union 

Hogan Michael, fireman, h 2 Hamilton 

Hogeboom Edward, bookkeeper, 93 Union, h 28 Smith 

Hogeboom Susan Mrs., widow Peter, h 28 Smith 

Holiday Thomas, laborer, bds 131 Front 

Holmes Elizabeth, widow John, h 28 Pine 

Holmes Peter W., h 50 Washington ave 

Holton William M., h 55 Union 

Hook Fanny Miss, h 181 Union 

Hook Frederick, h 181 Union 

Hoppmann Caroline, widow Charles, bds 64 Front 

Hoppmann Henry, fireman, h 64 Front 

Horn Joseph C, laborer, h Albany 

Home Anna Mrs., h 102 Liberty 

Horsfall John O., h 51 Union 

Horsfall Joseph, bds 51 Union 

Horsfall Sarah, widow Wm., h 18 Jay 

Horsfall Wm. V., engraver, bds 18 Jay 

Hart Lewis, blacksmith, bds 73 Liberty 

Horth Wm. F., machinist, bds 23 Yates 

Hotailing Garrett, brakeman, h 47 College 

Hough Ann Mrs., h 36 Washington ave 

Houghtaling Henry, farmer, h DeGroff 

Hourigan Ellen, widow Patrick, h 5 Pine 

Housen John, laborer, h 1 North 

Housen Martin, brakeman, h 27 North 

Houston Henry B., printer, h 107 Liberty 

Howard John N., machinist, bds 18 College 

Howard John S., machinist, h 18 College 

Howard Wm. B., vol. 48th regt., bds 18 College 


Howe Daniel, macliinist, h 22 LaFayette 

Howe AVm. H., 134tli regt. N. Y. S. V., h 22 LaFayette 

Howell Esther Mrs., h 6 Front 

Howse Robert, gardener, h Deserving 

Howse William, grocer, 79 Ferry, h do 

Huber Peter, brewer, h 96 Union 

Hubner Henry, lager beer saloon, 98 Ferry, h do 

Hulbert Eugene, carpenter, h 59 Church 

Hulbert Rachael Mrs., bds 59 Church 

Hull S. A., merchant tailor & gent's furnishing goods, 83 

State, h 244 do 
Hulling Henry, teamster, h 30 North [Union 

Hunter Arthur W., agt. J. Roy & Co. shawl manuf., h 9 
Hursey Sarah Mrs., widow David, h 9 Front 
Hutchinson Leonard L., station keeper, h 33 Smith 
Hyman David, tailor, State, h 8 Smith 


Iredale George, spinner, h 77 Church 
Isele Henry, vol. 119 regt., h 80 Romeyn 
Isham James, coach painter, bds Fuller's Hotel 



Jackson Allen H., Col. 134th regt., bds 29 Washington ave 
Jackson Alonzo Mrs., h 30 Washington ave 
Jackson Blandina Mrs., h 152 Union 
Jackson John J., laborer, h 88 Ferry 
Jackson James, machinist, h 30 Green 
Jackson John, baggageman, h 41 Smith 
Jackson John, waiter, h Fonda, n N. Y. C. R. R 
Jackson Robert, ( Wendell & JacTcson,) h 32 Pine 
Jackson Robert, clerk, bds 120 Front [ave 

JACKSON S. W., lawyer, 10 Union, h 29 Washington 


Jacobs James, fireman, h 34 South ave 

Jarvie John, carder, h 70 Church 

Jarvie Robert, laborer, h 30 Front 

Jarvis Elizabeth, widow John, h 57 Union 

JefFerds Catharine Miss, h 26 Green 

Jeffords A. E. Miss, milliner, 105 Union, h do 

Jeffries John, carpenter, h 131 Liberty 

Jeffries John, laborer, h Liberty [15 Yates 

Jennings Sarah E. Miss, sewing machines, 130 State, bds 

John Matthias, laborer, h 297 State 

John Nicholas, tailor, h 2 North 

John Theodore, laborer, h 33 Albany turnpike 

John William, laborer, h 34 Albany turnpike 

Johnson Gilbert, laborer, h 54 Barrett 

Johnson Harvey, farmer, h 47 Pine [h do 

Johnson John A., saloon and vegetable store, 182 State, 

Johnson L. L., machinist, h 112 Eront 

Johnson Margaret, domestic. Church, c Union 

Johnson Stephen H., [Johnson <& Hill,) county judge and 

surrogate, bds Eagle Hotel 
Johnson Thomas, laborer, h 12 South ave 
Johnson William, millinery goods, 91 State, h89 do 
JOHNSON & HILL, attorneys at law, 15 Union 
Joice Sarah, widow John, h 55 Front 
Jones Eli, h 24 LaEayette 
Jones John C, switch tender, h 10 Green 
Jones John C, vol., 134th regt, h 94 Romeyn 
Jones J. L., telegraph operator, bds Davis House 
Jones Joel W., leather and findings, 112 State, h 23 

Jones Taylor, blacksmith, h 186 Union 
Jones William, machinist, h 16 Jefferson 
Jones William H., harnessmaker, h 103 Liberty 
Joslin James T., Lieut. 134th rgt. N. Y. V., bds 3 Church 
Joslin Samuel, machinist, h 66 Front 
Juno Charles, bartender, Givens' Hotel 
Jutkins A. J. Rev., h 89 Liberty 



Kabele Benedict, laborer, bds 29 Romeyn 

Kabele Charles, stone cutter, h Romeyn, n Nott 

Kabele Reynold, laborer, bds 29 Romeyn 

Kabley John, shoemaker, h 43 College 

Katins James, laborer, h 38 Romeyn 

Keathy Philtz, h Albany 

Keeler Frederick, laborer, h 6 Ferry 

Keeley Ellen Mrs., widow John, h 151 Centre 

Keigher Barnard, laborer, h 31 Centre 

Keigher Mary, domestic, 23 Washington ave 

Keller John, vol. 134th regt. N. Y. S. V., h 68 Church 

Kelley John, miller, h 53 \Vashington ave 

Kelley William S., millwright, h 68 LaFayette 

Kelly Catharine Miss, h 34 State 

Kelly James J., machinist, h 21 Centre 

Kelly John, laborer, h 77 Fonda, up stairs 

Kelly Margaret, widow Thomas, bds 21 Centre 

Kelly Mary Miss, h 34 State 

Kelly Minerva, widow Charles, h N. C. R. R., n Fonda 

Kelly Michael, blacksmith, h 5 Warren 

Kelly Patrick, machinist, h 21 Centre 

Kelsey Nathaniel, ( W. W. Pettingill d: Co., also Beehe <& 

Kelsei/,) supt. W. T. Co., h 135 Centre 
KEMP HENRY R., merchant tailor, 156 State, h 7 Frank- 
lin, (see adv.) 
Kennedy James H., hatter, h 6 North 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, h 1 1 Governor's lane 
Kendrick Dennis, watchman, h 80 Fonda 
Kenny Eliza, widow Samuel, h 75 Liberty 
Kenny Martin, laborer, h 70 Fonda 

Kenny Philip, clerk, bds 75 Liberty [ler's Hotel 

KENNY THOMAS H., marble works, 1 State, bds Ful- 
Kerk Auder, saloon, 4 Dock, h Jay, n c Union 
Kernan James, laborer, h Myers, alley, n South ave 


KeiT Andrew, h 94 Ferry [124 Centre, (see adv.) 

KETCHUM A. M., gents' furnishing goods, 133 State, h 

Ketehum Daniel, laborer, h 61 Fonda 

Ketchum Jaeob, machinist, h 50 Barrett 

Ketehum J. L., machinist, bds 61 Fonda 

Ketchum M. A. Mrs., h 124 Centre 

Ketchum Nancy, widow R. C, h 99 Centre 

Ketchum Robert, h 85 Union 

Keyes Patrick, laborer, h 5 South ave 

Keyser Paul, laborer, h 16 Water 

Kiernan Thomas, switchman, h 1 1 Madison 

Kildoile John, machinist, h 71 Fonda 

Kile John, laborer, h 35 Albany turnpike 

Killian John, blacksmith, h Romeyn, n South ave 

Kilmartin John, grocer, 13 Rotterdam, h 15 do 

Kinegar John, blacksmith, h 28 Yates 

King B. S., laborer, h 67 Fonda 

King Mary A. Mrs., h East Liberty, c Prospect 

King Maurice, tailor, h 34 Union 

King Solomon B., mason, h 151 Front 

King William A., tailor, h 25 Jefferson 

Kinghorn William, dyer, 2 Railroad, c Water, h do 

Kingsbury C. E., music teacher, h 45 Front 

Kinney Patrick, laborer, h 23 Yates 

Kirkpatrick David, vol. 134th regt., h 22 Smith 

Kittle Daniel M., machinist, h 87 Front 

Kittle Nicholas, carpenter, h 48 LaFayette 

Klein Gertrude Miss, bds 46 Union 

Kline Henry, laborer, h 38 Washington ave 

Knapp Elma Mrs., dressmaker, 12 Smith, h do 

Knecht Frederick, bakery, 23 and 25 Jay, h do 

Knedell William, soap and candle maker, 20 Dock, h 24 

Knight Hellen, widow Horace, h 10 South ave 
Knight Michael, laborer, h 52 Romeyn 
Knoll John, laborer, h 14 South ave 
Knowlson John, bookkeeper, h 91 Centre 



Knowlton Alonzo, machinist, h 24 Barrett 

Knowlton David, tinsmith, h 4 Smith 

Knowlton Ellen, widow Daniel, h 119 Front 

Knowlton Judith, widow Daniel, bds 4 Smith 

Kochem William, h Albany 

Kotterer Pius Rev., pastor St. Joseph Church, h 58 Jay 

Krank Eva Mrs., widow, h 37 Barrett 

Kreasman Anthony, tinsmith, h 90 Romeyn 

Kuhn Jacob, cabinetmaker, h 16 Water 

Kuse Henry, laborer, h 3 Rotterdam 

Lacy John, [Lacy <& Perkins), h 108 State 

LACY & PERKINS, dentists, 108 Stale 

Ladd Daniel E., clerk, bds 16 LaFayette 

Ladd Isaac P., saloon, 191 State, h 57 Jay 

Ladd James, clerk, h 16 LaFayette 

Ladd John D., clerk, h 13 Hamilton 

Lake John, painter, 85 Union, h do 

Lake Henry, painter, h 118 Front 

Lamb Emily Mrs., widow George V., h 2 Green 

Lamb Juliette Mrs., widow Maxon, h 33 Clinton 

Lamp Catharine, widow, h 31 Rotterdam 

Lamp Garret, farmer, h 5 Rotterdam 

Lamphear Henry, machinist, h 61 LaFayette 

Lancaster Experience Mrs., bds 15 Yates 

Landon Judson S., lawyer, 165 State, h 85 Front 

Lang Dora, domestic, 51 Union 

Langdon Angelica, widow John, h 55 Front 

Lansing Benjamin L., clerk, h 34 Smith 

Lansing Benjamin Mrs., dressmaker, 34 Smith, h do 

Lansing Francis, farmer, h 53 College 

Lathrop John E., watchman, h 71 Centre [Fayette 

La Tour Francis, barber, under Fuller's Hotel, h 16 La- 

Laramie Samuel H., grocer, 97 Union, h do 

88 schI 


Larnan Hugh, laborer, h 10 Warren 
Larue Jane, widow Milo, h 84 College 
Lauder Agnes, widow David, Ixls 7 Cottage Row 
Lauder A. R., laborer, h 7 Cottage Row 
Laventhall Abraham, clothing, 72 State, h 8 Smith 
Lavinthal D., (Lavinthal (& Heyman,) h 8 Smith 
Lavinthal & Heyman, clothing, 144 State 
Lawrence E. V. Mrs., widow, h 137 Liberty- 
Lawrence Wm., chairmaker, h 8 South ave 
Leaward Charles, laborer, h Veeder's ave 
Lee D. M., hats, caps and furs, 110 State, h 80 Union 
Lee Robert, sailor, h 39 Barrett 
Lehmar Barbara Mrs., h East Liberty, c Prospect 
Lempar Wm., laborer, h Warren, n Fonda 
Lermy Bridget, domestic, 117 Union 
Lent Robert, bds Davis House 
Leanard James, laborer, h 72 Fonda 
Leonard James L., machinist, h 17 Monroe 
Levi Coin, clothing, 166 State, h do 
Levi Jonathan, country store, 102 & 104 State, h do 
Levy Pfeifer, clothing, 90 State, h do 
Liddle John G., foreman, h 1 Clinton 
Lighthall Ahasuerus, shoemaker, h 29 Barrett 
Lighthall James, tinsmith, h 54 Washington ave 
Lindley C. L., forwarding, commission and oil store, 5 

Dock, h 26 Liberty 
Lindley Silas H., dry goods, 121 State, h 123 do 
Linn Archibald, vol. 2nd N. Y. Cav., bds 103 Union 
Linn Charles F., bds 103 Union 
Linn Mary, widow Archibald, h 103 Union 
Lipps Edward, shoemaker, h Cottage terrace, n Union 
Lochead Wm., bds 118 Front 
Lockwood Jacob, painter, h 12 Water 
Locust Frederick, laborer, h 29 Jefferson 
Long Eugene, stonecutter, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Lord Burr S., — , h Veeder's ave • 
Lucas Ernst, saloon, 61 Liberty, h do 


•■ ■' 

Lucas George, saloon, 9 Dock, h do 

Luckhurst Charles, laborer, h 29 Dock 

Luffman O. S., bookkeeper, h 41 Front 

Luke Charles, laborer, h 19 North 

Luke John, shoemaker, h 18 South ave 

Lunney James, grocer, 74 Romeyn, h 17 South ave 

Lunney Jane, domestic, 46 Washington ave 

Lusher Joseph, h 70 Jay 

Lyall Anthony, student, bds 74 Fonda [ave 

Lynet Margaret, widow Patrick, h Myers' alley, n South 

Lyon Benjamin F., (B. F. cS: J. H. Lyon,) h 34 Church 

Lyon Catharine, widow Elias, h 78 College 

Lyon David, harnessmaker, h 83 Front 

Lyon James H., {B. F. <£• J. H. Lijon) h 11*7 Union 

Lyon J. A., bds 117 Union 

Lyon Joseph, trunk dealer, State, h 117 Union 

Lyon Mary J . Miss, 70 Liberty 

Lyon Samuel, machinist, h 155 Front 

Lyon B. F. & J. H., saddlery, hardware, and trunks, 

187 State 
Lyons Peter, laborer, h 39 Jay 


Mack Margaret, widow Cornelius, bds 86 Fonda 

Madden Edward, fireman, h 72 Romeyn 

Madigan John, laborer, h 20 South ave 

Maenarzhagen John, shoemaker, h 27 White 

Magovern Ann, domestic, 18 Liberty [Union 

Magail Hugh, janitor. South College, College terrace, n 

Mohan Patrick, h 153 Centre 

Mairs James W., (James Walker d' Co.,) h 91 Liberty 

Malcomb, James B., h 66 Washington ave 

Malver John, laborer, h 31 Albany turnpike 

Marcellus Cornelia Mrs., h 71 Front 

Marcellus Isaac, machinist, bds 1l Front 


Marcellus James H., vol. 91st rgt., bcls 71 Front j 

Marcellus John, clerk, bds 12 College 

Marcellus John N., laborer, h 91 Front 

Marcellus Nancy, widow Peter, h 119 Front 

Marcellus Nicholas, vol. 134th rgt., bds 71 Front 

Marcellus Robertj cigarmaker, h 12 College j 

Marcellus Sarah, widow Nicholas^ bds 91 Front ! 

Marhafer Philip, shoemaker, h 25 LaFayette ! 

Marks David, clothing, 132 and 134 State, h 36 Clinton 

Marks Dora Mrs., h 36 Clinton 

Marks Nicholas, laborer, h Albany 

Marks Peter, broommaker, h Lydia : 

Marlett George, clerk, h 55 LaFayette [Barrett ■ 

Marlett J. J., Adjutant General's office, Albany, h 44 

Marney Michael, laborer, h 4 Hamilton 

Marrin Margaret, domestic, 21 Front 

Marsden William, laborer, h 54 White 

Marselis Henry, harnessmaker, 227-|- State, h 67 LaFayette 

Marsellius Abraham, machinist, h 43 Smith 

Marsellus Eliza L. Miss, h 75 Ferry 

Marshall Abraham, clerk, bds Mcintosh's Hotel 

Marshall Wm., h 62 Ferry 

Martin Catharine Mrs., h 98 Romeyn 

Martin Edward, laborer, h De Groif 

Martin George W., machinist, h 151 Front 

Martin Henry, broommaker, h 5 Ferry 

Martin James, laborer, h 49 Romeyn 

Martin Joseph, machinist, h 23 John [Fonda 

Martin Margaret, widow Constantine, h N. Y. C. R. R., n 

Martin Michael, laborer, h Myers' alley, n South ave 

Martin Patrick, laborer, h 67 Romeyn 

Martin Peter, blacksmith, h 58 Liberty 

Martin Roddy, h Union, n College terrace 

Martins Henry, laborer, h 9 John 

Mason Charles J., Merchant tailor, 164 State, h 26 Jay 

Mathews Andrew, dry goods, 145 State, h 35 Church 

Mathews Charles, loan commissioner, State, h 58 Smith 


Mathews John Mrs., h 9 State 

Mathews Wm. H., Lieut. 18th N. Y. cav., h 142 Union 

Maurice Fitz, laborer, h 94 Fonda 

Maxon Ethan A., clerk, bds 104 Union 

MAXON GEORGE G., president Mohawk Bank, and 

flour and feed, 2, 4, 6 and 8 Wall, c Liberty, h 104 

Union, (see adv.) 
Maxson Hiram, locksmith, 131, h do 
May Jacob, shoemaker, 10 Dock, h do 
Maybe Franklin B., h Albany 
May hew Frederick, carman, h 74 Centre 
Mayhew M. M., vol. 13th heavy Artillery, bds 74 Centre 
McAllister Daniel, shoemaker, h 10 Jay 
McAllister Elizabeth, widow Angus, bds 10 Jay 
McArthur Alexander Mrs., h 65 Romeyn 
Mc Arthur Cornelius, blacksmith, bds 65 Romeyn 
McArthur James, machinist, bds 65 Romeyn 
McOabe Rogers, laborer, h De Groff 
McCaffry Christopher, laborer, h 53 Romeyn 
McCamus Edward, ( W77i. McCamus dt Co.), h28 Liberty 
McCamus E. Mrs., h 28 Liberty 
McCamus Thomas W., (Wm. McCamus (& Co.), bds 30 

Liberty [Liberty 

McCamus William, (Wm. McCamus S Co.), h 30 
McCAMUS WILLIAM & CO., dry goods merchants, 137 

State, (see adv.) 
McCann Christopher, blacksmith, h 5 State 
McCann John, clerk. Miller's Hotel 
McCann Maria, widow, h 16 Rotterdam 
McCarty George, machinist, bds 54 Union 
McCarty Julia, widow Daniel, h 17 John 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, h 24 Jefferson 
McCauley Bridget, domestic, 31 Washington ave 
McCauley Francis, laborer, h 107 Front [terrace 

McChesney John G., lawyer, 165 State, h State, c Nott 
McClyman George, machinist, h 17 College 
McCorkle Lillian Mrs., h 130 Union 



McCormick Thomas, laborer, h 94 Romeyn 

McCurtie William, carpenter, h 14 Franklin 

McDaniel Duncan, h 21 State 

McDermott Ann, domestic, 40 Washington ave 

McDERMOTT JOHN, dealer in groceries, &c., 125 

Union, h 98 Fonda, (see adv.) 
McDermott John, mason, bds 45 Romeyn 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, h 136 Front 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, h 45 Romeyn 
McDermott Patrick, Jr., machinist, bds 45 Romeyn 
McDonald John, laborer, h 99 Union 
McDonald Michael, engineer, h Myers' alley, n South ave 
McDonald Michael, fireman, bds 86 Centre 
McDonald Mrs., h Albany 
McDonald Philip, helper, h 10 LaFayette 
McDonald William, carpenter, h 29 Yates 
McDonnelly Bridget, domestic, 35 Union 
McDonough Michael, laborer, h 10 State 
McDugall Duncan, h 54 Union 
McEncroe John, mason, h 9 LaFayette 
McEvoy Ann, widow John, h 7 Liberty 
McEvoy Michael, shoemaker, h Myers' alley, n South ave 
McFarlan Ann Mrs., h 18 State 
McGee Thomas, blacksmith, h 13 Hamilton 


Groceries, Provisions, 

Hams, Salt Pork, Fish, Eggrs. Hutter, 

Cheese, Salt, Tickles, Cider & Yi.negak, 

Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Syrup, Molasses, 

fcSpices, &o« 
Country Pkoduce taken in exchange for 

No. 125 Union St., cor. of Fonda, 



McGinnis Patrick, laborer, h 11 South ave • 

McGoey Mary, widow Alichael, bds 152 Centre 

McGoey Thomas, laborer, h 152 Centre 

McGrail Ann, domestic, 50 Union 

McGraile Ellen Mrs., h 109 Front 

McGraw Joseph, vol, 134th regt., bds 48 LaFayette 

McGney John, laborer, h 60 Church 

McGuire Kate, domestic, 60 Union 

McGukin Sarah A. Miss, millinery, 48 State, h do 

Mclnall Robert, machinist, h 80 Fonda 

Mclnnall George, machinist, bds 40 Clinton 

Mcintosh Angus, prop'r Mcintosh Hotel, 215 State 

Mcintosh W. J., clerk, Mcintosh Hotel 

McKerlie Anna M. Mrs., widow Alexander, h 56 Jay 

McKerlie William, grocer, 38 State, h do 

McKinney James, laborer, h 11 Water, c Washington ave 

McKinney James, vol. 134th regt., bds 12 Ferry 

McKinney James, watchman, h 109 Front 

McKinney Lansing, blacksmith, h 71 Front 

McKinney Samuel, wagonmaker, h 12 Ferry 

McKinnon John, machinist, bds 35 Romeyn 

McManners Margaret, domestic, 29 Washington ave 

McMartin David, ticket agent, N. Y. C. R. R. depot, h 67 

McMichael Gertrude, widow John, h 23 Front 
McMichael John, bds 23 Front 
McMichael Rachael Mrs., h 53 College 
McMuldroch Agnes Miss, h 80 College 
McMullen Andrew, coal and wood, 93 Union, h 185 do 
McMullen Elizabeth, widow Thomas, h N. Y. C. R. R., 

n Romeyn 
McMullen William, cabinetmaker, h 18 Green 
McMullen \\'m. J., clerk, Ji 62 Centre 
McNee John, undertaker, shop 23 Front, h do 
McNee Walter, carpenter, shop 5 Church, h do 
McNevin AVm., gardener, h 70 Romeyn 
McOmber Abner, carpenter, h 14 Smith 


McPhearson Jane A. Miss, h 130 Union 
McQueen George, h 229 State 

McQueen Peter, laborer, h 37 Ronieyn [Union 

McQueen Walter, superintendent locomotive works, h 148 
McShea John, Jr., county clerk, 17 Union, h at Niskajuna 
Mead John, machinist, h 138 Liberty 
Medler Catharine Mrs., bds 30 Yates 
Medler Martin, laborer, bds 30 Yates 
Medler Thomas, vol. I34th regt., bds 30 Yates 
Meeker Caleb B., h 86 Barrett 
Meeker Sarah Mrs., widow Josiah, h 160 Union 
Meeker William, painter, h 65 Union 
Meesick Angelica Miss, bds 110 Liberty 
Mehan Andrew, watchman, N. Y. C. R. R., h 36 Hamilton 
Mehan James, switchtender, h 151 Centre 
Meitz Catharine, domestic, 103 Union 
Melanophy John, grocer, 52 Jay, c Franklin, h do 
Merselis Richard, h 132 Union 
Mesick Abram, h 44 White 
Messenger George, painter, h 57 Romeyn 
Metcalf Richard, blacksmith, h 20 Yates 
Metzin Martin, laborer, h 5 Ferry 
Milber Xavier, laborer, h 3 Rotterdam 
Miles Elizabeth Mrs., bds 110 Union 
Miles Julia, widow James, bds 22 Jefferson 
Millard Charles, painter, h 92 Centre 
Millard John W., {Clark <& Millard,) h 53 Front 
Millard Marcus N., {Millard (& Crane,) h 139 Centre 
Millard Martha Mrs., h 107 Union 
Millard & Crane, grocers, 160 State 
Miller Charles A., tinsmith, 96|- Ferry, h 50 Green 
Miller "Frederick Mrs., h 21 LaFayette 
Miller Jeremiah, grocer, 64 Washington ave, h do 
Miller John, cabinetmaker, h 20 College 
Miller John II. , carpenter, h 23 Jeflerson 
MILLER PETER, grocer and prop. Miller's Hotel, 23, 
25 and 27 Rotterdam 


Miller Thomas, h Myers' alley, n South ave 

Mills Henry, laborer, h 72 Liberty 

Milmine Isaac, foreman, h 51 White 

M limine James, i^David Murray & Co.^) h Jay, n Franklin 

Milmine John, h 22 Liberty 

Mingen Isaac, soldier, h Albany 

Minkler William, carpenter, bds American Hotel 

Mitchell Thomas, lawyer, h 14 State 

MITCHELL THOMAS, saloon, and fruit and oysters, 178 

and ISO State, h do 
Mitchell Thomas B., (Mitchell (& Beattie,) h 14 State 
Mitchell & Beattie, lawyers, 71 State 
Mix David, tailor, 64 State, h 33 Front 
Moak Robert T., carpenter, h 21 Washington ave 
Moir John, bds 70 Church 
Moir Robert, spinner, bds 70 Church 
Moltis Andrew, blacksmith, h 43 Jay 
Moolick Thomas, shoemaker, h Myers' alley, n South ave 
MOORE EDGAR W., baker and confectioner, 233 State, 

h do, (see adv.) [115 do 

Moore George W^., baker and confectioner, 113 State, h 
Moore Ellen M. Mrs., widow Ransom, h 94 Liberty 
Moorhouse John, wool assorter, h 45 State 
Morgan Charles, mason, h 71 LaFayette 
Morgan George W., engineer N. Y. C. R. R., h 35 Clinton 
Morgan Mary Mrs., widow Cornelius, h 65 LaFayette 
Morluck Jacob, laborer, h 18 W^ater 
Morris Sarah, widow Joseph, h 57 Ferry 
Morrison John, farmer, h 153 Front 
Morrison Rebecca, widow James, bds 26 Jefferson 
Morse William H., express agt., h 20 Hamilton 
Morton Alexander, machinist, h 35 Romeyn 
Morton George, machinist, h 27 Jefferson 
Mudge F. R., mason, h 132 Centre 
Mulvay Frank, laborer, h 30 Green 
Mundsahl Frederick, laborer, h 30 North 
Mundsahl John, laborer, h 16 North 


Murphy William, laborer, h 22 Water 

Murray David, {D. Murray <& Co.,) h 1 Washington are 

Murray Mary Mrs., h 124 Front 

Murray Sarah, widow Thomas, bds 39 Green 

Murray Walter, h Myers' alley, n South ave 

MURRAY D. &-.C0., dry goods merchants, 63 State 

Murren James, laborer, h 17 Warren 

Murren John, laborer, h 26 Monroe 

Mutimer Daniel C, stoves and tin ware^ 92 State^ h 

44 College 
Mychoof J. M., widow David, h 60 Union 
Myer Christian, Co. B. 103d N. Y. S. V., h59LaFayette 
Myer Jacob, boot and shoe maker, 27 Water, h do 
Myers Carrie Mrs., bds 16 North 
Myers Harry, clerk, bds 16 Liberty 
Myers Jerome, farmer, h 60 Barrett 
Myers John, broom manuf.. Flats, bet. the river and canal 
Myers John M., Lieut. 13 heavy artillery, h 22 Smith 
Myers Julius, coffee and spice manuf., 89 Fonda 
Myers Mary Ann Mrs., h 16 Liberty 
Myers Matthew, h 96 Centre 
Myers Mordecai, h 93 Centre 
Myers Nicholas, clerk, h 120 Liberty 
Myers Samuel, watchmaker and jeweller, 119 State, h 

117 do 
Mynderse B. A., physician, 27 Liberty, h do 


Nail Samuel, grain dealer, h 49 White 

Narly Conrad, laborer, h Myers' alley, n South ave 

Neakly John, laborer, h Albany 

Near George B., {^Feather stone, Near d' Co.,) h 176 Union 

Negus John, blacksmith, h 3 Liberty 

Neighbower George, machinist, h 69 Fonda 

Neubauer William, clerk, bds 87 State 


Neiiber Fi^ederick, laborer, h 68 Church [h 56 do 

Neuber Martha Mrs., widow Henry, saloon, 54 Liberty, 
Nevil Patrick, laborer, h 19 Jefferson - 
Newbegin George W., machinist, h State, n LaFayette 
Newell Jacob, laborer, h Veeder's ave 
Newhouse Charles, laborer, h Veeder's ave 
Newhouse Ernest, gardener, h 47 Fonda 
Newman Wm. H., carpenter, bds 14 Smith 
Nibbs Cornelius, machinist, h 31 Jefferson [fersoti 

Nicklas George, ( W. Nicklas c& Son,) bds Front, n Jef- 
Nicklas William, ( W, Nicklas <£• Son^) h Front, n Jefferson 
Nicklas William & Son, grocer and meat market, 56 Union 
Nichol James, boss weaver, h 30 Water, c Church 
Nicholas George, bds 160 Front 
Nicholas Wm., meat market. Union, h 160 Front 
Nickerbocker Charles, baggage master, bds 46 Smith 
Niper John, shoemaker, h 6 Barrett 
Nolan Martin, mason, h Veeder's ave 
Nolan Michael, mason, h 53 LaFayette 
Norman Henry, blacksmith, h 87 Libei^ty 
Norton Ann M., widow James, h 13 John 
Norton Patrick, tailor, h 6 Warren 
Norton Truman S., machinist, h 83 Romeyn 
Nott Eliphalet Rev., D. D., LL. D., president Union Col- 
lege, h College grounds, Union 
Noyes Austin, engineer, h 48 Smith 


Oakley Frank, laborer, h 31 Centre 

O'Brian Michael, helper, bds 86 Centre [Hotel 

O'Brien James S., tobacconist, 101 Ferry, bds Miller's 
O'Brien John, laborer; h 74 Fonda 
O'Brien Michael, machinist, bds 23 Yates 
O'Connel Bartholomew, butcher, h 40 White 
O'Conner Mathew, h 19 John 


O'Conner Peter, vol. 12th regulars, bcls 19 John 

O'Dey John, laborer, h 64 Front 

Ohlen Ann, widow John, h G8 Union 

Ohlen George, cooper, 53 Church, h 27 Union 

Ohlen Wni., clerk, bds 68 Union 

Oldorf Charles D.-, patternmaker, h 21 Yates 

Oliver Orville, clerk P. O., bds 82 Liberty 

Onderkirk Daniel, h 102 Liberty 

Onderkirk Jane Mrs., widow Edward, h 36 Green 

Onderkirk Peter, h 6 Jay 

Onderkirk P. M., cabinet repairer, 133 Union, h do 

Onderkirk Wm., watchman, h 3 Green 

O'Neil Hugh, blacksmith, h 5 Jefferson 

O'Neil James, laborer, h 96 Romeyn 

O'Neil John, switchman, h 5 Jefferson 

O'Neil Patrick, laborer, h ID South ave ;. 

Oppenheim King, pedler, h 70 State Jr 

Orchard James W., machinist, h 76 Fonda &) 

Orman Francis, freight dispatcher, h 59 Smith i|- 

O'Roake Ann, domestic, Church, c Union 

Orr Daniel, laborer, h 75 Church 

Orsburn Jacob, farmer, h 66 Smith [pike 

Osanert Charles, laborer, h Veeder's ave., n Albany turn- 

Osborn George C, vol. I34th regt., bds 79 Front- 

Osborn Samuel, vol. 122dregt., bds 79 Front 

Osborn Thomas, laborer, h 79 Front 

Osborn William, painter, h 62 Church 

Ostrander Benjamin, laborer, h 71 Centre 

Ostrom David L., grocer, 195 State, h 69 Barrett 

Ostrom Henry, dry goods, 127 State, h 53 Barrett 

Ostrom Spencer, machinist, h 46 Barrett 

Ostrom William H., dry goods, h 8 Clinton 

Ott Herman, machinist, h 29 Romeyn 

Ott Joseph, shoemaker, h 36 Albany turnpike 

Otten T., widow Charles, h 25 South ave. 

Otto Frederick, laborer, h 12 Dock 

Ower Frederick, shoemaker, h 51 Pine 




Paffenback David, machinist, h 35 Jay- 
Page Charles F., mechanic, h 120 Union 
Page Edwin E., clerk, h 27 South ave [ton ave 

PAIGE ALONZO C, lawyer, 10 Union, h 42 Washing- 
Paige John K. Mrs., h 49 Washington ave 
Paine Aaron ¥., blacksmith, h Y Jay 
Palmer John A., clerk. State, bds 36 Church 
Palmer Moses, shoemaker, h 21 State 
Palmer Thomas Mrs., h 36 Church 
Parker Benjamin, mechanic, h 37 Smith 
Parker Hannah M. Mrs., bds 20 Jefferson 
Parker John, laborer, h 22 Ferry 
Parker John, vol. 134th regt., bds 87 Smith 
Parker Joseph, machinist, h 35 Clinton 
Parker Mary, widow Joseph, h 42 Fonda 
Parker Thomas, machinist, h 67 Front 
Parmentier Francis, confectioner, 74 Ferry, h do 
Parmentier Theodore, laborer, h 57 Ferry- 
Patten Walter, mason, h 150 Front 
Patterson Ann Mrs., h 23 Green 
Patterson Henry, laborer, h 27 South ave 
Patterson John, shoemaker, bds 73 Liberty- 
Patterson John, bds 23 Green 
Patterson John W., machinist, h 64 Pomeyn 
Patterson William, engineer, h 20 Ferry 
Patterson William, machinist, h 35 Romeyn • 
Payife Wm. Rev., rector St. George church, h 35 Ferry 
Pearce S. V., carpenter, 115 Barrett, h do 
Pearse James W., clerk, Fuller's Hotel 
Pearson Caleb, h 189 Union 

Pearson Jonathan, professor natural history, h 189 Union 
Pearson Joseph K., student, h 124 Liberty 
Pease Harman, physician, 105 State, h do 
Pease Lewis, laborer, h 41 Albany turnpike 


Peaslee David W., fruit and confectionery, 164 State h do 

Peckham Alvey G., engineer, h 8 Hamilton 

Peckham William H., clerk, bds 8 Hamilton 

Peek Ann, widow Peter, h 58 Ferry 

Peek Jesse, copyist, h 128 Centre 

Peek J. Y., vol. 134th regt., bds 89 Front 

Peek Lewis, carman, h 10 Hamilton 

Peek Mary, widow Christopher, bds 49 Green 

Peek Nancy, widow Thomas, h 29 Centre 

Peek Nancy Miss, bds 40 Green 

Peek N. S., carpenter, h 89 Front 

Peek Yates, conductor, h 42 Romeyn 

Peeler John, broommaker, h White, n Franklin 

Pellet William, machinist, h 49 Centre 

Pelling John, laborer, h 32 Albany turnpike 

Pelton Sumner M., mechanic, h 38 Barrett 

Pemberton Thomas L., engineer, h 88 Front 

Penny Jacob K., farmer, h 85 Romeyn 

Peper Charles H., prop. American Hotel, 221 State 

Perkins Daniel T., vol. 91st regt., bds 20 Jefferson 

Perkins Jane Mrs., bds 59 Smith 

Perkins Margaret F., w^idow Ansel, h 20 Jefferson 

Perkins Oliver II., [Lacy S Perkins,) h 108 State 

Perkins O. H., dentist, l3ds Fuller's Hotel 

Perry Elizabeth, widow Roswell, h 94 Front 

Perry James, cartman, h 18 Hamilton 

Peters Alexis P., wines and liquors, 76 Washinton ave, 

h52 do 
Peters Alc^izo P., painter, h 54 Washington ave 
Peters Andrew; brewer, h 19 State 
Peters Christopher, h 102 Ferry 
Peters Edward, wagonmaker, h 70 Washington ave 
Peters Harman W., grocer, 1 Rotterdam, h 58 W^ash 

ington ave 
Peters Margaret, widow, h 74 Washington ave 
Peters Vedder, blacksmith, h 70 Washington ave 
Peterson A. O,, machinist, h 102 Front 


Peterson George, painter, h 48 Jay 

Peterson Randolph, vol. 6th heavey artillery, h Veeder's 

ave, n Albany turnpike [Smith 

Pettingill William W., ( W. W. Petiingill ck Co.,) h 21 
PETTINGILL W. W. & CO., livery stable, 216 State 
Pfan. Christena, widow Francis, bds 73 Romeyn 
Pfan Francis, carpenter, h 73 Romeyn 
Pfan John, blacksmith, bds 73 Romeyn 
Pheney Ellen, widow Arthur, bds 77 Fonda 
Philips Barnard, machinist, bds 71 Fonda 
Philips Julia, widow Edward, bds 71 Fonda 
Philips Ustacia A., domestic, 79 College 
Phillips Amos, {A. Phillii:>s c^ Co.,) h 32 Smith 
Phillips John, laborer, h 15 South ave 
Phillips Joseph, engineer Schenectady Agricultural "Works, 

h Rotterdam, n canal bridge 
Phillips A. & Co., photographers, 99 State 
Pickeler Nicholas, laborer, h Albany 
Picket Harman, clerk, h 63 Centre 
Pickett James, h 74 Union 
Pierce William, clerk, bds Davis House 
Pike Thomas P., R. R. dining saloon, one door N. Givens 

Hotel, h 75 Centre 
Pilling Charles H., bds 6Q Centre 
Pilling Wm., h m Centre 

Pilling Wm., Jr., machinist, bds 66 Centre (Franklin 
Piper George, tallyman S. R. R. freight office, h 19 
Piper Thomas, engineer, h 32 Centre 
Pitman Enos, laborer, bds 10 Jefferson 
Placer Anthony, laborer, h JPlbany 
Placer John, broommaker, h Albany 
Plain Jane, domestic, 26 Front 
Plain John, machinist, h 124 Front 
Plain Stephen, blacksmith, h 13 Jeiferson 
Plank Adam, h 273 State 

Plank William, telegraph repairer, h 51 White [bds do 
Plato James, restaurant, 177 State, under Givens' Hotel, 


Piatt Albert, tailor, h Veeder's ave, n Albany turnpike 

Plimkett Mary, widow Michael, bds 38 Romeyn 

Plunkett Michael, laborer, h 38 Romeyn 

Plunket Patrick, laborer, h 82 Union 

Poland Wm. V., shoemaker, h 104 Romeyn 

Pollard John H., blacksmith, bds 22 Green 

Potter Benjamin Y., lawyer, h 4 Union 

Potter D. S., clerk^ bds Mcintosh Hotel [4 do 

POTTER PLATT, justice Supreme Court, 10 Union, h 

Potter S. B., grocer, 49 State, h 51 do 

Powell Charles H., (D. L. Powell & San), bds 48 Union 

Powell Daniel L., (Z>. L. Powell d' Son), h 48 Union 

Powell Lewis M., clerk, bds 48 Union 

Powell Wm. H., Powell's Bank Express, Railroad depot, 

h 101 Union 
Powell D. L. & Son, grocers, 75 State, c Ferry 
Powers Richard, laborer, h 32 Centre 
Powers Samuel N., machinist, bds 107 Liberty 
Pritchard George, machinist, h 12 Hamilton 
Proper Simon, teamster, h 45 Pine 
Proudfit Sarah Miss, h 183 Union 
Prout Eliza, widow John, h 9 Smith 
Prym^e Catharine, widow Francis, h 89 Front 
Putman Aaron M., harnessmaker, h 70 LaFayette 
Putman Ernest, tinsmith, h 13 Ferry 
Putman Francis D., student, bds 19 Liberty 
Pulver Cornelius, laborer, h 3 South ave., up stairs 


Quackenbush Amanda Mrs., h 82 Barrett 
Quackenbush Esther Mrs., h 18 Franklin 
Quackinbush Vincent, teamster, h Centre, n Warren 
Quant Mary S. Mrs., h 40 Hamilton 
Queeny John, laborer, h 1 Jefferson 



jR^msley Henry, surveyor, li Albany 
Kankins Wm., fireman N. Y. C. R. R., h 7 Green 
Ratcliif George, machinist, Rotterdam, n canal bridge 
Rawdon M. F. Mrs., widow F., h 70 Centre 
Rawnsley Edward, wood yard, 7 State, h do 
REABER FREDERICK, butcher, 167 State, h 61 Church 

(see adv.) [12 do 

REAGLES ISAAC V., nurseryman, 9 and 12 Barrett, h 
Reagles James ( Clute <£• Eeagles), h 301 State 
Reagles Jane Mrs., widow Christopher, h 9 Barrett 
Reamer Matthew, carpenter, h 177 Union 
Rearon Edward, laborer, h 79 Fonda 
Redfield Charles Rev., pastor, Congregational Church, bds 

15 Hamilton 
Reed Austin, bartender, Columbian Hotel 
Reedy Michael, porter, Drullard Hotel 
Rees Jonas M., fireman N. Y. C. R. R., h 19 LaFayette 
Reese Albert, moulder, h 18 LaFayette 
Reese John, bds 75 Liberty 
Reese John, foreman, h 29 John 
Reese Maria, widow Philip, bds 42 Ferry 
Reese Martin, mason, h 18 LaFayette 
Reeves Thomas, salesman, bds 29 Clinton 
Reid J. B. Mrs., h 24 State 
Relf William, blacksmith, h 22 Pine 
Relyea Daniel, farmer, h Albany 
Reynolds Francis, blacksmith, h 16 Warren 
Reynolds Hugh, grocer, 60 Liberty, h 58 do 
Reynolds Levi, farmer, h 134 Union 
Rice Catharine, widow Wm., h 77 Church 
Richardson Ellen Mrs., h 10 Green 
Richardson Robert, clerk, bds 105 State 
Richter Charles, blacksmith, h 32 Jefferson 
Riddle Hugh, poundmaster, h 303 State 


Eiddle Eobert R., superintendent James Roy & Co. shawl 

manuf., h 18 North 
Riddle Wm., laborer, bds 303 State 
Ridmiller Charles, watchman, h 135 Union 
Riggs Catharine, widow Isaac, h 90 Lafayette 
Riggs Charles H., machinist, h Franklin, c White 
Riggs Harriet E. Mrs., h 258 State 
Riley Terrance, cigarmaker, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Ritchie Eliza Miss, h 78 LaFayette 
Ritchwine Frederick L., 7th regt. N. Y. Heavy Artillery, 

h22 LaFayette 
Roach Thomas, laborer, h 6 Fonda 
Robb Joseph C., timekeeper, h 144 Centre 
Robb Susan, widow Alexander, h 51 Romeyn 
Robinson David C, student, bds 28 Green 
Robison Duncan, carpenter, h 33 Front 
Robinson John T., carman, h 17 LaFayette 
Robison Robert, surveyor, h 37 Clinton 
Robinson Robert S., carpenter, h 36 South ave 
Robus George, shoemaker, h 17 Park Place 
Rochford Wm., cartman, h 92 Romeyn 
Rodenmacher John, shoemaker, h E. Liberty, n Prospect 
Rodgers James, (Rodgers d Weller,) h 62 College 
Rodgers & Weller, soda water manufacturers, 64 College 
Rogers Mary Ann, widow Russell, h 5 Barrett 
Rogers Robert W., student, h 124 Liberty 
Rogers Samuel, shoemaker, h 114 Liberty 
Rolfe Josiah, coppersmith, h 10 Barrett [pike 

RolfF Stephen, carpenter, h Veeder's ave, n Albany turn- 
Rooney Catharine, domestic, 17 Liberty 
Root Ann, widow Wm., h 49 Pine, up stairs 
Roothart John, laborer, h 8 Warren [State 

Rosa Edward, lawyer, VanHorne's Hall, room 4, h 246 
ROSA HENRY, coal, wood and plaster, 23 Dock, h 21 

Rosa James E., machinist, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Bosa Mary E., widow John, bds 74 Front 


Rose Ellen, widow Henry, h 82 Union 

Rosekmns Charles, 134th N. Y. V., h 168 Union_ 

Rosekrans Lucinda Mrs., widow Wm., h 168 Union 

Rosekrans William J., moulder, h 68 Jay 

Ross David, shoemaker, h 106 Liberty 

Ross James, machinist, h 140 Liberty * 

Rost John, cigar manuf., 77 Centre, h do 

Roth (y'harles, saloon, 59 Union, h do 

Roth Mary, widow Fidel, h 35 Centre 

Roughabock Conrad, moulder, h White, n Franklin 

Rouse William R., moulder, h 23 Monroe 

Rouse William W., moulder, n 147 Front 

Rowe Granville, h 31 Hamilton 

Rowe Peter, h 44 Liberty 

Rowledge George, laborer, h 66 Washington ave 

Roy James, {James Boy d' Co.,) h West Troy 

Roy James & Co., shawl manuf., 48 Church continued 

Rugg Sylvanus, (iS. Rugy d- Son,) h 208 State 

Rugg William, {S. Rugg d- Son,) bds 208 State 

Rugg S. & Son, leather and findings, 206 State 

Rump Philip, broommaker, h Albany 

Ruoff Adolphus, dyer, 6Q Church 

Russ Christopher, 134th regt. N. Y. S. V., h 17 Amanda 

Russell J. L., pedler, h Prospect 

Russell Robert, warper, h 14 Railroad 

Russell William E., machinist. 111 Front 

Ryan Ann, widow, h 1 Railroad 

Ryan Mary Mrs., h 36 Jefferson 

Rynex Valentine, laborer, h 24 Yates 

Rynnex William, blacksmith, h 19 Rotterdam 


Sacia Maria Mrs., widow, boarding house, 58 Church ' 
Sacia Stephen, vol. 2d N. Y. art, h 30 Water, c Church 
Sacia William J., cooper, h 30 Water, c Church 
Sager Anthony, carpenter, h 126 Front 


Sager Garret, laborer, h 23 Water 

Sager James, blacksmith, h 44 Jay 

Salesman George, machinist, h 18 Franklin 

Sampson Peter, vol. 26th regt., h 30 Pine 

Samson James, cigarmaker, bds Sharratt House 

Sanborn William', student, bds 26 Barrett 

Sanders Charles W., jeweller, h 36J Liberty 

Sanders James, watchmaker and jeweller, 109 State, h 

33 Ferry 
Sanders John, lawyer, 11 Union, h at Glenville 
SANDERS WALTER T. L., lawyer, 11 Union, h at 

Glenville, (see adv.) 
Sands Arthur J., machinist, bds 73 Liberty 
Sanford Elihu, Jr., Mrs., h 77 Union 
Sanford Elihu T., student, h 77 Union 
Sauer John, basketmaker, h 28 Railroad 
Saunders James, silversmith, State, h 33 Ferry 
Sauter Casper, machinist, h 14 LaFayette 
Sauter Edward, student, bds 12 Jay 
Sauter John Rev., h 12 Jay 
Savage Eliza, h 12 Union 

Sawyer M. A. Miss, teacher. Union school, h 9 Church 
Schafter William, laborer, h Rotterdam, n canal bridge 
Schape Frederick, butcher, h 18 Amanda 
Schauber David, h 108 Liberty 
SCHENECTADY BANK, (see appendix) 



No. 11 Union Street, 

seH:as:ixraeeTABT, :ixr. ir. 


Schermerhorn Ambrose, carpenter, h 63 Barrett 
Schermerhorn Bartholomew, h 48 Ferry [Fayette 

Schermerhorn B. T., (Schermerhorn d; Swits), h 41 La- 
Schermerhorn Isaac, clerk, bds 136 Centre 
Schermerhorn Jacob E., cabinetmaker, bds 48 Ferry 
Schermerhorn Jam-es, machinist, h 258 State 
Schermerhorn John, blacksmith, h 25 Jay 
Schermerhorn John R., laborer, h 45 College 
Schermerhorn Henry, messenger, h 84 College 
Schermerhorn Myndert, machinist, h 61 Front 
Schermerhorn Nicholas I., broom manuf., Rotterdam 

plank road, h do 
Schermerhorn Peter, butcher, h 62 Jay 
Schermerhorn Richard, laborer, h 11 Jefferson 
Schermerhorn William B., sawyer, h 256 State 
Schermerhorn Wm. K., machinist, h 81 Romeyn 
Schermerhorn & Swits, tannery, bet Liberty and Amanda 
Schmutz Joseph, laborer, h 25 South ave 
Schneider Mary, widow John, h 24 Jefferson 
Schoolcraft John, shoemaker, h 142 Union 
Schoolcraft John W., h Lydia 
Schoolcraft "Wm. B., shoemaker, h 142 Union 
Schriber John, stonecutter, h 274 State 
Schwatz Ernst, laborer, h Romeyn, n Nott 
Schwartz Cornelius, bookbinder, bds 173 Union 
Schwenker Frederick, broom maker, h 43 Rotterdam 
Schwenker Henry, laborer, h 141 Front 
Schwentker Augustus, machinist, h 20 Green 
Schwerin Max, h 136 Union 
Schwilk Wm. F. Rev., h 156 Front 
Scicily Richard, shoemaker, h 51 College 
Scott David, fireman, h 58 Romeyn 
Scrafford Charles, carpenter, h 61 Barrett 
Scrafford Frederick, carpenter, bds 132 Centre 
Scully Bridget, domestic, 13 Church 
Scully Catharine, domestic, 19 Washington ave 
SCULLY PATRICK, grocer, 88 Fonda, hdo 


Seamans Augusta Mrs., h 30 South ave 

Seamans Robert, vol. 93d regt., bds 30 South ave 

Sears John C, boot and shoe maker, h 29 LaFayctte 

Seaver George O., clerk, bds 73 Washington ave 

Seaver Heman, clerk, h 73 Washington ave 

Sedgwick J., h 164 Union [Church, bds 25 Front 

Seeley Edward E. Rev., D.-D., pastor 1st Ref. Dutch 

Seely Frederick, {M. Streever d Co.,) bds 17 Green 

Seiferth Peter, laborer, h 13 LaFayette 

Seilner Peter, laborer, h 90 Romeyn 

Sennet Anna, domestic, 28 Green 

Sennett Simon, upholsterer, h 27 Water 

Severn John, shoemaker, 7 Rotterdam, h Albany turnpike 

Sexton S. H., portrait painter, 81 State, h 17 Ferry 

Seymour Harmon, justice, 172 State, h 120 Liberty 

Seymour Mary Mrs., widow Norman, h 10 LaFayette 

ShafFold Caroline, domestic, 86 College 

Shaible George, {Shaible d Butler,) h 136 Centre 

Shaible & Butler, carriage manuf., 133 Centre 

Shankland Jane Miss, h 130 Union 

Shannon Aaron, h 100 Liberty 

Shannon Henry, laborer, h 1 1 John 

Shannon John A., hostler Miller's Hotel 

Shannon Margaret, domestic, 58 Centre 

Shannon Thomas, grocer, 189 State, h 100 Liberty 

Shannon Thomas, machinist, h 2 College row 

Sharp Maria, widow Martin, h 133 Front 

Shaver John, carpenter, h 26 Jefferson 

Shaver John, cooper, h 8 State [lage, h 15 Green 

Shaw John H., rope and twine manufacturer, Scotia vil- 

Shaw Richard H., carman, bds 13 Green 

Shaw Richard V., rope and twine manufacturer, Scotia 

village, h 13 Green 
Shaw Wallace, photographer, 81 State, h 81 Ferry 
Shay Bridget, domestic, 1 Union 
Shay Daniel, laborer, h 40 Romeyn 
Shear Alansing, h 242 State 


Shear George, clerk, bds 242 State 

Sheen Patrick, painter, h 11 Jay 

Sheldon Benjamin P., clerk, h 46 White 

Shepherd George, machinist, h 9 Monroe 

Sheridan Andrew, laborer, h 4 Hamilton 

Sherman A. L., machinist, h 13 Park Place 

Sherman Alexander V., bds 13 Park Place 

Sherman Hugh, auctioneer, h 47 Barrett 

Sherman Samuel, shoemaker, bds 80 Washington ave 

Sherman Wilford, shoemaker, h 50 White 

Sherwood J. B. Mrs., h 79 Liberty 

Shoemaker John, shoemaker, h 37 Albany turnpike 

Shoemaker Maria Mrs., h 227 State 

Shoudy James, teamster, h 53 Jay 

Shoudy Maria Mrs., widow Nicholas, h 53 Jay 

Shroeper Diedrich, h 12 LaFayette 

Shuler L. Mrs., widow Lawrence, 33 Ferry 

Shuster Anthony, vol. 134th regt., h 23 John 

Siebert Amelia Mrs., h 21 Green 

Sitterley Abraham, vol. 76th regt., bds 7 Liberty 

Sitterley George, vol. 4th heavy art., bds 7 Liberty 

Sitterley Lois, widow Jacob, h 7 Liberty 

Simmons Bradford T., commissioner, provost marshal's 

office, bds 78 Barrett 
Simmons Jeremiah, carpenter, h 30 Smith 
Simner John N., machinist, h Albany 
Simpson James, vol., h 17 Rotterdam 
Skiiuier Lewis A., conductor, bds 238 State 
Slater Betsey Mrs., h 30 Pine 
Slater Henry, blacksmith, h 37 Front 
Slater William, blacksmith, bds 37 Front 
Slatter Maria A., widow Mortimer, h 31 Jefferson 
Slansker Frederick laborer, h 30 Railroad 
Slauser John F., laborer, h 64|- Jay 
Slett Jacob, laborer, h 30 Jefferson 
Sliter George, boatman, h 136 Liberty 
Slocombe John, laborer, h 29 Jefferson 


Slocomb L. B., boot & shoe store, 54 State, h 52 do 

Small Gertrude Mrs. h 10 North, 

Smith Abel, sjas works ; also hardware, stoves, & tinware, 

136 and"l38 State, h 60 State 
Sniith Albert, painter, h 129 Liberty 
Smith Catharine, widow Henry, h 8 Pine [ington 

SMITH DAVID CADY, lawyer, 39 State, h 46 Wash- 
Smith Hugh, laborer, h 14 Hamilton 
Smith Jacob, laborer, h 39 Albany turnpike 
Smith James, cutter, bds Davis House 
Smith John C., moulder, h 8 Madison 
Smith John M., mason, h 83 LaFayette 
Smith Morris, h White, c Franklin 
Smith Randolph, cooper, h 80 Romeyn 
Smith S. E., clerk, bds 123 State 
Smith Simon G., tinsmith, h 38 LaFayette 
Smith Stephen Mrs., h 24 Liberty 
Smith William, papermaker, h 69 LaFayette 
Snare John, laborer, h 37 Green 
Snell David H., druggist, 147 State, h 14 Liberty 
Snell John, laborer, h 15 Amanda 
Snowdon John, machinist, h 18 Ferry 
Synder John P., h 104 Centre 
Snyder Wm. H., machinist, h 27 John 
Soles Benjamin, h 59 Ferry 
Soley — , h 45 Smith 

Soley George, train dispatcher, h 35 Green 
Soley John A., baggage master, h 6 Llamilton 
Soudler Henry, h Albany 
Sour John, laborer, h 15 Amanda 

Soures A., photographer, 149 Union, h do [38 White 

SOUTHARD JOSEPH B., meat market, 137 Union, h 
Sparks Francis, boilermaker, h 18 Ferry 
Spate Peter, boilermaker, h 88 Centre 
Spear Joseph, cider refiner, h 253 State 
Spier James, baggageman, N. Y. C. R. R., h 17 Jay 
Sprague Charles E., teacher, bds 10 Front 


Sprague Ezra, chaplain 119th regt., h 10 Front 

Sprague James W., h 29 Church 

Sprague Phebe,. teacher, bds 10 Front 

Stage David L., machinist, h 23G State 

Stahle Joseph, "boot and shoemaker, h 90 Centre 

Staley Cady, student, bds Go Jay 

Stanton Benjamin, profF. latin Union College, h 184 Union 

Star Benjamin F., conductor, h 12 Smith 

Starring James, machinist, bds Fuller's Hotel 

Stavers Peter, saloon and vegetable dealer, 94 State, h do 

Steel Wm., blacksmith, h 38 Albany turnpike 

Steers Catharine Mrs., widow Daniel, h 23 Barrett 

Steers Catharine L., widow Jobn, h 25 Barrett 

Steers John, bds 8 Green 

StefFt John L., shoemaker, h Liberty, n College terrace' 

Steidler George, shoemaker, h 43 College 

Steinert George, beer saloon, 166 State, h do 

Steinfiihrer Ernest, drug clerk, bds 22 North 

Steinfuhrer Frederick, student, bds 22 North 

Steinfuhrer George, machinist, h 22 North 

Steinhauer Henry, tailor, Veeder's ave 

Stenson John, shoemaker, 123 Union, h 120 do 

Stephens Anthony, laborer, h 27 North 

Stephens Richard, machinist, h 25 Yates 

Stephens William, fireman, h 144 Front 

Stephenson John, bds 3 Church 

Stern Michael, watchman, h 9 John 

Stevens Jacob W., expressman, h 13 Jay 

Stevens John, saloon. State, h 38 College 

Stevens John, laborer, h Liberty 

Stevens John B., {Stevens d' Cutting,) h College, c Green 

Stevens & Cutting, billiard saloon, 161 State 

Stevenson Robert, engineer, h 74 Front 

Stewart Miles, grocer, h 3 Barrett 

Stewart Thomas, machinist, h 153 Front 

Stickles Alfred, machinist, bds 31 Front 

Stickles Peter, grocer, 37 Union, h 31 Front 


Stimson Dennis, h 06 Washington ave 

Stock George, blacksmith, h Ttomeyn, c Nott 

Stocker Margaret Mrs., tailoress, h 58 White 

Stoop William, [Dillenbeck d- Stoop,) h 90 Fonda 

Stotenmyer Andrew, shoemaker, h 75 Ferry 

Strawhockner Lewis, laborer, h 42 Albany turnpike 

Streever Martin, [3f. Streever d' Co.,) h 3 Jefferson 

Streever M. & Co., grocers, 172 State 

Strong John, agt. Schenectady manufacturing company, 

office 26 Union, h 17 Liberty 
Strong Marvin, {Strong & Helmer,) h 82 College 
STRONG & HELMER, dealers in groceries, flour, feed 

&c., 7 dock 
Stubble John, h Liberty 
Strumus Mary, domestic, 25 Front 
Stull Margaret, widow Mathew, h 4 Fonda 
Sturdy Richard, carpenter, h Nott, c Romeyn 
Sturges W., carpenter, h 27 Smith 
Stuyvesant Mary A., widow J. R., h 26 Front 
Suits Wm. H., 2d regt.N. Y. heavy art., h 177 Union 
Sullivan James, laborer, h 76 LaFayette 
Sullivan James, vol., bds 11 Nott 
Sullivan Margaret domestic, 18 Green 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 12 South ave 
Sullivan Patrick, machinist, bds 65 Union 
Sullivan Susan Mrs. h 53 Fonda 
Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 18 Railroad 
Sun Simon, laborer, h 14 LaFayette 
Susholz Alexander, grocer, 257 State, h 259 do 
Sutliff Robert, machinist, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Sutter Charles, shoemaker, h 7 Amanda 
Swart Gertrude, widow Peter, bds 26 North 
Swart Harman, clerk, bds 40 Union 

Swart Henry H., {H. S. Barney d' Co.,) bds Givens' Hotel 
Swart Nicholas H., broom corn dealer, h 27 Smith 
Swart Martin, carpenter, h 97 Centre 
Sweeney Brian, laborer, h 25 Dock 


Sweeney John, laborer, h 75 Cliiirch . 

Sweet William C, (Sweet <£' Allen,) h 82 Liberty 

SWEET & ALLEN, grocers and agricultural implements, 

201 and 203 State 
Swier Henry, shoemaker, h 30 Yates 
Swits Abram, physician, 9 Jay, h do 
Swits Abraham A., machinist, h 110 Liberty 
Swits Abraham J. Rev., h 46 Ferry 
Swits Catharine Miss, h 19 Front 
Swits Harmon, physician, 220, h 218 State 
Swits Jacob, h 8 Front [8 Front 

Swits J. N., groceries and provisions, 26 and 28 State, h 
Swits John V., {Schermerhorn <£- Sivits,) h 17 Jay 
Swits S. v., (Swits (& Carleij,) county treasurer, h 25 

Washington ave 
Swits Nicholas^ grocer, h 30 Church 

Swits Walter A., blacksmith, 18 Rotterdam, h 147 Centre 
Swits & Carley, brewers, (Amsterdam,) office State, c 

canal bridge 
Swortfiguer George B., student, bds 52 Washington ave 
Swortfiguer George J., h 52 Washington ave 
Swort J emima, widow Mynard, h 39 Front 

Tannahill Elizabeth Mrs., h 27 Church 
Taylor Henry, laborer, h 62 LaFayette 
Taylor Jacob, laborer, h Veeder's ave 
Taylor James Mrs., h 25 Smith 
Taylor Lewis, patternmaker, h 98 Front 
Taylor Proctor, clerk, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Taylor Samuel T., patternmaker, bds 98 Front 
Taylor Wm., machinist, h 97 Front 
Tearany James, laborer, h 17 John 
Teff Jeremiah, laborer, h 77 College 


Teller Anna M. Miss, 26 Front 
Teller Eliza Miss, 77 State, bds Centre 
Teller Ellen, widow Giles, bds 2 Ferry 
Teller Isaac, carpenter, h 28 Jefferson 
Teller James W., wagonmaker, 40 -Barrett, h do 
Tenbroeck Jeremiah, engineer, h 77 College 
Tenpany John, bds 19 John 
Tenpany John, laborer, h 64 Fonda 
Tenpany Peter, laborer, h 30 Centre 
Terpening Peter, carpet weaver, h 61 LaFayette 
Ter worth Francis, broom maker, h 26 Railroad 
THAYER CYRUS, editor and prop'r Democrat & Re- 
flector, 134 State, h 8 LaFayette (see adv) 
Thomas Abraham, moulder, h 33 Jefferson [White 

Thomas Daniel D., 1st N. Y. regt. momited rifles, h 50 
Thomas L. H., (A. Philips <& Co.), h 32 Smith 
Thomas Susan, widow John, h Myers' alley, n South ave 
Thompson Benjamin, machinist, h 27 Ferry 
Thompson Charles, cashier Mohawk Bank, h 32 Liberty 
Thompson Charles H., barber, h 44 Fonda 
Thompson Cornelius, maltster, h 254 State 
Thompson Dinah Mrs., bds 44 Fonda 
Thompson Francis, barber, 173 State, under Givens' 

Hotel, h 43 Barrett 
Thompson Jeffrey, blacksmith, h 12 Madison 
Thompson Peter S., cook, h 50 Smith 
Thompson Ward, clerk, h 24 Jay [Church 

Thomson Alexander J., lawyer and notary, 10 Union, h 1 
Thomson Cornelius, malt house. Dock, h State 
Thomson Elizabeth Mrs., widow James, h 3 Church 
Thornton Aaron, painter, bds State, c Barrett 
Thornton Abram, laborer, h 72 Liberty 
Thornton Alvin, vol., h 34 White 
Thornton Barbary, widow James, bds 30 Smith 
Thornton George, machinist, h 41 College 
Thornton John Mrs., h Albany 
Thornton Thomas, laborer, h 1 17 Liberty 


Thornton Thomas, painter, h 74 LaFayette 

Thurston Misses, h 20 State 

Tichenor David J., clerk P. O., h 197 State 

Tiegel Henry, laborer, h 29 North 

Tiffney William, machinist, h 67 Jay [Hotel 

Tillinghast A. H., clerk, Mohawk Bank, bds Drullard's 

TILLINGHAST J. H., agent Mechanic Protective Union 

grocery store, 127 Union, h 25 John 
Timeson Cornelius, brakeman, h 19 Franklin 
Tomlinson Eliza Mrs., h 20 Church, c Union 
Tongill George, blacksmith, h 126 Front 
Trace Martin, laborer, h 28 Albany turnpike 
Trager George, laborer, h 67 Front 
Trainer Thos., watchman N. Y. C. R. R., h 30 Green 
Travers James, moulder, bds Davis House 
Traver J. G., shoemaker, h Veeder's ave, n Smith 
Tripp Ellen S. Miss, h 70 Barrett 
Tripp Harriet Miss, h 70 Barrett 
Triton S. C. Mrs., widow William, h 86 Liberty 
Truax Alfred, patternmaker, h 18 Barrett 
Truax Andrew, (A. Truax d' Co., h 40 Union 
Truax Edgar I., bds 92 Ferry 
Truax Isaac I., grocer, h 92 Ferry 

Truax J. A., speculator, office 964- Ferry, bds 201 State 
Truax John I., machinist, h 125 Liberty 
Truax Peter, vol. 134th regt., h 62 Smith 
Truax A. & Co., druggists, 141 State [Fayette 

Trumbley Orpheus, engineer N. Y. C. R. R., bds 69 La- 
Turnbull Geo. A., salesman, bds Mcintosh's Hotel 
Turnbull Peter, clerk, bds 105 State 
Tyler George W., engineer, h 8 Monroe 
Tymeson Eldred, carpenter, h 46 LaFayette 
Ty meson Eveline, widow Richard, h 14 Park Place 
Tymeson H. P., h 42 Barrett 
Tymeson Jane Miss, h 55 White 
Tymeson Maria Mrs., widow, h 55 White 



Ugent Wm. N., patternmaker, h 57 Fonda 

Underhill — , h 6 Green 

Underhill W. H.,13th N. Y. artillery, h 25 Clinton 


Valentine Thomas, painter,' h 27 Centre 

Van Aernam Abigail, widow Stephen, h 6 Washington ave 

Van Aernam P. W., vol. 134th regt., bds 6 Washington ave 

Van Allen Martha V. Mrs., h S^ Front [ave 

Van Allen Mary, widow Peter, h Myers' alley, n South 

Van Allen Simon, laborer, h 69 Front 

Van Antwerp J. F., carpenter, 124 Liberty, h do 

Van Antwerp Jacob W., clerk, bds 124 Liberty 

Van Antwerp Mrs., widow^, h 15 LaFayette 

Van Arnam Naomi Mrs., dressmaker, 125 State, h do 

Van Brunt Albert, (Beat d^ Van Brunt,) h 309 State 

Van Brunt Zenas, grocer, 32 Ferry, h 34 do 

Van Bunschoten Joshua, conductor, h 46 Smith 

Van Buren Francis, \Bills S Van Buren,) h 78 Barrett 

Van Buren Frederick, laborer, h 36 Jefferson 

Van Buren Mary Mrs., h Lydia 

Van Denburg Abraham, carpenter, h 17 Clinton 

Van De Bogert Francis, shoemaker, 50 State, h 133 Front 

Van De Bogert George, vol. I34th regt., bds 29 North 

Van De Bogert Giles Y., ( Van De ^Bogert Bros.), h 27 

VAN DE BOGERT JOHN, boots and shoes, 135 State, 

h 133 Front, (see adv.) 
Van De Bogert John W., painter, h 29 North 
Van De Bogert Joseph IL, moulder, h 14:J Front 
Van De Bogert Joseph Y., ( Van De Bogert Bros.), h 5 



Van Dc Bogert Julia A. Mrs., bcls 47 College 

Van De Bogert Nelson, machinist, bcls 29 North 

Van Dc Bogert Nelson G., jiainter, h 19 Green [Smith 

Van De Bogert Nicholas, ( Vaa De Bogert Bros.), h 7 

Van De Bogert Nicholas >V., vol. 91st regt., bcls 143 Front 

Van De Bogert Rachael, widow, John, h 96 Front 

Van De Bogert Sarah, widow Joseph, bds 143 Front 

Van De Bogert Tecariiis, foreman, h 75 Front 

VAN DE BOGERT BROS., lumber and coal dealers, 

yards Dock, office 171 State, c Wall [14 do 

Van Dermoor A. R., carpenter and builder, 16 Ferry, h 
Van Dermoor Wm., carpenter, bds 14 Ferry 
Van Derveer John Mrs., h 121 Union 
Van De Water, C. H., widow Richard, h 63 Union 
Van Dusen Cornelius, carpenter, h 22 Green 
Van Dyck Anthony, carpenter, h 11 LaFayette 
Van Dyck Peter, carpenter and builder, 21 White, h 52 

Van Dyke Peter, carpenter, h 37 Smith 
Van Dyke Peter, carpenter, h 52 Barrett 
Van Epps Archibald, painter, bds 23 Yates [Green 

VAN EPPS A. C, boot & shoe maker, 88 State, h 40 
Van Epps Cornelius L., cooper, h 59 Union [ave 

Van Epps George O., vol. 134th regf. bds 4 Washington 
Van Epps H. V. V., h 4 Washington ave 
Van Epps Jane, widow John, bds 4 Washington ave 
Van Epps. John, engineer, h 22 Yates 
Van Epps John J. S., h 25 State 
Van Epps Lawrence, constable, h 19 Green 
Van Epps Samuel, painter, h 47 Green 
Van Epps Wiljiam, fireman, h 96 Liberty 
Van Eps Campbell, painter, h Lydia 
Van Eps Caroline, domestic, 35 Ferry 
Van Eps Cornelius, saloon, 2 Ferry, h do 
Van Eps C. A., widow John, h 50 Ferry 
Van Eps Eliza Mrs., bds 45 Front 
Van Eps Harrison, vol. 134th regt., bds 2 Ferry 


Van Eps II. H., saloon, 6 Dock, h do 

Van Eps Samuel, laborer, h 34 College [lard's Hotel 

Van Home James E., ( Van Home d' Sou,) bds Drul- 

Van Home William J., ( Van Home d: Son,) h 20 Smith 

Van Home & Son, hats, caps and furs, 149 State 

Vanhusen Deborah Mrs., h 19 Green 

Van Husen George, carpenter, h College, n Green 

Van Husen John, brakeman, bds Davis House 

Vanhusen Wm., boilermaker, bds 19 Green 

Van Huysen Jas., painter, h 24 LaFayette 

Van Ingen James L., physician, 11 Smith, h do 

Van Kuran James, painter, h 16 Smith 

Van Olinda Peter, shoemaker, h 51 College 

Van Ouken Levi, farmer, h 61 Centre [State 

Van Patten Andre^y, {F. T. <& A. Van Fatten,) h 225 

Van Patten Farley T., {F. T. <& A. Van Patten,) h 29 

Van Patten James, laborer, h 71 Liberty 
Van Patten John H., livery stable. State, h 38 College 
Van Patten John T., harnessmaker, h 39 Green 
Van Patten Phillip H., blacksmith, h 13 Clinton 
Van Patten William, helper, h 8 Water 
Van Patten William G., clerk, h 53 LaFayette 
Van Patten F. T. & A., stoves and tin ware, 225 State 
Van Rensselaer Peter Mrs., h 21 State 
Van Sanvoord Cornelius Rev., h 23 Washington ave 
Van Schaick Benjamin, h 42 Ferry 
Van Schaick Elizabeth, widow Harman, h 44 Ferry 
Van Sice Andrew, blacksmith, h 6 White 
Van Sice James, blacksmith, h 14 Franklin 
Van Slyck Charles, coppersmith, h 70 Centre 
Van Slyck Chester W., machinist, bds 73 Liberty 
Van Slyck Christopher, coal and wood, ^ Pine, h 58 Centre 
Van Slyck Jacob Mrs., boarding house, 73 Liberty 
Van Slyck Nicholas, painter, bds 73 Liberty 
Van Slyck Sarah Mrs., h 55 Centre 
Van Slyke Henry, machinist, bds Fuller's Hotel 



Van Slyke Margaret E., widow Anthony, h 15 College 
Van Voarst Peter, engineer, h 25 Centre 
Van Voorhes Vischer, stationkeeper, bds Sharratt House 
Van Vorst A. A., {Van Vorst, Vedder & Co.,) h 25 

Van Vorst Adam, carpenter, h 3 Cottage row 
Van Vorst Eliza, widow James, bds 3 Cottage row 
Van Vorst Ella Miss, bds 91 State 
Van Vorst Elias L., carpenter, h 138 Union 
Vaji Vorst Gardiner, master mechanic Utica R. R. shop, 

h 11 Jay 
Van Vorst Giles, machinist, bds 29 Clinton 
Van Vorst Isaac, h 29 Clinton 
Van Vorst Isaac L., printer, bds 3 Cottage row 
Van Vorst James C., engineer, h 41 Green [erty 

Van Vorst W. S., ( Van Vorst, Vedder & Co.,) h 34 Lib- 
VAN VORST, VEDDER & CO., planning mill, 62 

Green, (see adv) 
Van Vost Giles, blacksmith, Liberty, h 30 Green 
Van Vranken Angelica Mrs., h 24 Green 
Van Vranken G. I., carpenter, 79 Romeyn, h do 
Van Vranken Abram, grocer, 211 State, h 251 do 
Van Vranken A. S., lumberman, h 15 Hamilton 
VAN VRANKEN BENJAMIN, grocer, 235 State, h 

do, (see adv) 


No. 237 STATE STREET, Corner JAY, 




Lumber, Lath & Shingles, 


By the Cord or less, Delivered. 

^ — ♦ 




Office, 02 Careen Street, 



Van Vranken Catharine, widow James, h 6 Front 

Van Vranken Charles, ( C. c6 H. Van Vranken,) h 18 

Van Vranken Cornelius, vol. 91st regt., h'20 College 
Van Vranken Daniel, hay dealer, h 73 Barrett 
Van Vranken Garrett, h 118 Union 
Van VraDken Harman, painter, h 88 Barrett 
Van Vranken Henry, vol., h 295 State 
Van Vranken Hiram, ( C. dc H. Van VranTcen,) h 248 Stat6 
Van Vranken Joel, h 17 LaFayette 
Van Vranken Jacob, farmer, h 29 Hamilton 
Van Vranken Marilla Mrs., h 62 LaFayette 
Van Vranken M. F., conductor, bds 6 Front 
Van Vranken Nicholas, h 92 Centre 
Van Vranken Richard, farmer, h 6 LaFayette 
Van Vranken Richard D., engineer, bds 6 Front 
Van Vranken Wm., ( Van Vranken.(& Archer,) h 248 State 
Van Vranken William J., mason, h 17 Green 
Van Vranken C. & H., carriagemakers, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 

Van Vranken & Archer, merchant tailors, 95 State 
Van Wormer Elizabeth M. Miss, millinery goods, 77 

State, bds Washington 
Van Wormer Mary Miss, milliner, 77 State, bds 57 White 
Van Zandt Gilbert G., shoemaker, h 131 Front 
Van Zandt Henry C, student, bds 131 Front 
Van Zandt Jacob, mason, h 139 Liberty 
Van Zandt Margaret, widow Joseph, bds 9 Jay 
Vedder Abraham, tailor. State, h 39 Smith 
Vedder Abram, merchant tailor, 139 State, h 39 Smith 
Vedder Albert A., h 80 Ferry 
Vedder Alexander M., physician, 190 State, h do 
Vedder Daniel, {S. C. Groot d' Co.), h 29 Front 
Vedder Daniel, merchant. State, h 29 Front 
Vedder Elizabeth, widow Jacob, bds 88 Front 
Vedder Francis, carpenter, h 76 Barrett 
Vedder Jacob, carpenter, 38 Jefferson, h 21 do 



Vedder Jacob, dept. collector int. rev., 165 State, h 21 

Vedder Jacob A., fireman, h 149 Front 
Vedder John, carpenter, bds Davis House 
Vedder John H., dentist, 71 State, h 5^ Liberty 
Vedder Mary Mrs., widow John I., h 26 Green 
Vedder Nicholas A. Mrs., h 71 Union 
Vedder Nicholas H., h Veeder's ave 

Vedder Peter, ( Van Vorst, Vedder d' Co.), h 17 Jefferson 
Vedder Sarah Mrs., h 37 Green 
Veeder Andrew T., {A. Traux d* Co.), h 40 Union 
Veeder Eleanor Miss, h 40 Washington ave 
Veeder Eleanor, widow Harman, bds 40 Union 
Veeder Elizabeth Miss, h 40 Washington ave 
Veeder Garrett AV., h Troy turnpike, c Veeder 
Veeder John H., broom manuf. and gristmill, Rotterdam 

flats road 
Veeder Myndert^ clerk, h 27 Centre 
Veeder Susan Miss, h 40 Washington ave 
VEEDER JOHN W., post master, office 162 State, h 

217 do 
Vermilia Andrew P., carpenter, h 26 Smith 
VIBBARD CHAUNCEY, general superintendent N. Y; 

C. R. R., office in Albany, h Church, c Union. 
Vibbard Noah, mechanic, h 7 Jay 

Viele Philip N., brakeman, N. Y. C. R. R., h 38 Clinton 
Viele Wm. S., carpenter, h 15 College 
Vine Henry, carpenter, h 68 Liberty 
Volgen Christian, servant, 26 Eront 
Volkart John, cabinetmaker, h Lydia 
Vought Abb^ Miss, h 78 LaFayette 
Vroman Abraham, grocer, 114 Union, h 116 do 
Vroman Jacob, clerk, bds 116 Union 
Vrooman Amy Mrs., widow John J., h 44 Liberty 
Vrooman Andrew, laborer, h 49 College [State 

VROOMAN E. H., prop'r Fuller's Hotel, 1^2 and 154 
Vrooman Fisher, farmer, h 51 LaFayette 


Vrooman Henry W., h 25 Clinton 

Vrooman Jacob, engineer N. Y. C. R. R., h 232 State 

Vrooman Jacob V., stoves and tinware, 64 and 6(5 State, 

h 3 Washington ave 
Vrooman John N., h 140 Union 

Vrooman Joseph, shoemaker, bds 80 Washington ave 
Vrooman Mary B. Mrs., h 34 Union 
Vrooman Lewis, h 87 LaFayette 
Vrooman Thomas, h 15 Clinton 
Vrooman William, 2nd N. Y. veteran cav., h 70 Liberty 


Wabbaer Benjamin, machinist, h 71 Washington ave 

Wabbaer William, machinist, h 71 Washington ave 

Wagener Catharine, widow, h 10 Water 

Waldron Charles, laborer, bds 38 South ave 

Waldron David T., clerk, bds 38 South ave 

Waldron Henry, tailor, h 38 South ave 

Waldron Stephen, machinist, h 76 Fonda 

Walker Alexander, h 50 State 

Walker, Henry, carriagemaker, bds Mcintosh's Hotel 

Walker James, [James Walker d' Co.,) h 228 State 

WALKER JAMES & CO., variety store, and grocers, 

118 and 120 State, (see adv) 
Walker John J., h 122 State 
Walker Thomas L., h 122 State 
Walker William, cigarmaker, bds Sharratt House 
Walker William E., (James Walker d- Co.,) bds 228 State 
Wallace Margaret, widow James, h 34 South ave 
Walley Charles, carpenter, bds Davis House 
Walrath Charles H., clerk, bds 121 Union 
Walrath Henry, h 121 Union 
Walsh Ann, domestic, 104 Union 
Walsh James, h 81 LaFayette 
Walsh J. D., telegraph operator, h 81 LaFayette 


Walsh John E., physician, h 55 Fonda 

Walsh Mary, widow John, h 53 Fonda 

AValtermire Jacob M., carpenter, h 50 White 

Walton S. P. Mrs., widow ^Y. B., h 11 Church 

Waltz Casper, helper, h College terrace, n Amanda 

Wandell John, carpenter, bds Davis House 

Wandle Peter, barber, State, h 50 Fonda 

Wandle Robert Y., barber, State, h Fonda, n N. Y. C.R. R. 

Wanmer W. N., machinist, h 162 Front 

Ward Anthony, *shoemaker, h 58 Ferry 

Ward Albert, h 38 Union 

Ward Andrew, vol. 2d N. Y. Cav., bds 38 Union 

Ward Charles D., carpenter, h 72 LaFayette 

Ward Christopher, laborer, h 30 Romeyn 

Ward James H., conductor N. Y. C. R. R., h 3 Smith 

Ward James H., machinist, h 68 Jay 

Ward John, laborer, h 8 Jay 

Ward Myndert, hotel, 62 Washington ave 

Ward Phebe Mrs., widow Richard, h 134 Union 

Ward Spencer, clerk, bds 197 State 

Warkins John D., h 17 Front [14 Jay 

Warner Addison M., boot and shoemaker, 204 State, h 

Warner A. S., bds 14 Jay 

Warner John, laborer, h 21 Green 

Washburn Belle Mrs., widow Albert, h 130 Centre 

Washburn Laura S. Mrs., h 38 Church 

Washington Anna Mrs. widow J. A., h 13 Church 

Washington J. Augustus, student, bds 13 Church 

Wasson Joseph, flirmer, h 68 Washington ave 

Wasson Thomas L., hotel, 80 Washington ave, c Water ■ 

Waterbury Ann E. Mrs., h 33 LaFayette 

Watkins Charles, bakery, 141 Union, h do 

Waxman. Frederick, laborer, h 6 Ferry 

Weatherwax Philip, carman, h 85 La Fayette 

Weaver Catharine, domestic, 40 Union 

Webb Frederick, h 82 LaFayette 

Webb James, laborer, h 22 Pine 


Webster Thomas, laborer, h 47 Romeyn 
Weed William H., grocer, 126 Union, h 128 do 
Weeks John, machinist, hill Front 
Weeks Elizabeth, widow John, h 129 Front 
Weells Elizabeth, widow Edward, h 30 Smith 
Wisirs Charles, laborer, h College terrace, n Liberty- 
Welch John, laborer, h 06 Fonda 
Weller George, [Rodgers cf* Weller,) h 64 College 
Weller Robert, laborer, bds 64 College 
Weller William "W., ( Weller ct Dealtry,) h 8 Barrett 
Weller & Dealtry, boots and shoes, 197 State 
Welsh Catharine, domestic, 104 Union 
Welsh William, harnessmaker, bds 73 Liberty 
Welsh William, laborer, h 5 Pine 
Wemple Abraham, carpenter, h 46 LaFayette 
W^emple Abram H., train dispatcher, h 36 LaFayette 
Wemple Edwin, engineer, bds 50 College 
Wemple Oliver S., farmer, h Veeder's ave 
Wemple Sarah Mrs., h 55 Washington 
Wemple Wm., machinist, bds 55 Washington 
Wendell Augustus, cigarmaker, bds Fuller's Hotel 
Wendell John, fruit dealer, State, h 32 Pine [ave 

Wendell Peter, barber. Eagle Hotel, h Fonda, opp South 
Wendell Peter, ( Wendell c& Jackson,) h Pine alley, n Pine 
Wendell Robert Y., barber, 169 State, h Fonda, n Pine 
WENDELL & JACKSON, hairdressers, 145 Union 
Wessel Henry, laborer, h 20 Green 
West John, farmer, h 74 Fonda 
W^est Jacob, h 142 Centre 

Westcoatt Frederick, h 3 Water [State 

Westinghouse George, (6^. WestingJiouse S Co.,) h 16 
Westinghouse Jay, ( 6^. Westinghouse d^ Co.,) bds 16 State 
W^estinghouse G. & Co., Schenectady Agricultural Works, 

Rotterdam, n canal bridge 
Wheaton Thomas, blacksmith, h 57 LaFayette 
Wheeler Anna E., widow George, bds 85 Union 
Wheeler Edward H., physician, 13 Liberty, h 21 do 


Wheeler Paul, student, bcls 9 Jay 

Wheelock A. W., widow Jefterson, bds 10 Ferry 

Wheelock John A., fireman, h 10 Ferry 

White Andrew, cooper, h 173 Union 

White Frederick, machinist, h 21 Green 

White Isaac K., h 82 Ferry 

White John H., clerk, 55 State, bds 53 do 

White Susan Mrs., bds 7 Jefferson [h 90 Liberty 

Whitehoi-ne Henry, j^rincipal classical dept. Union School, 

Whitmarsh Wm., carpenter, h 59 Centre 

Whitmyer Charles, tailor, h 63 Front 

Whitmyer Court, blacksmith, h 30 Jefferson 

Whittle John W., carpenter, h 88 Romeyn 

Whittle Sarah, widow John, bds 88 Romeyn 

Wick J. A., canal stables, h 144 Centre 

Wiggins Mrs., h 13 Hamilton 

Wiggins Phebe Miss, h 7 Liberty 

Wilber Alonzo, laborer, h 1 1 John 

Wilber James H., clerk, bds 11 John 

Wilds Austin J., upholsterer, bds 61 Ferry 

Wilds David F., shoemaker, h 61 Ferry 

Wilkie Charlotte, widow Jacob, h 71 Liberty 

Wilkie David, hatter, bds 71 Liberty 

Wilkie Edgar, painter, h 44 Jay 

Wilkie Thomas, carpenter, h 33 LaFayette 

Wilkie William G., 134th regt. N. Y. V., h 50 White 

Willard Benjamin, h 36 Washington ave 

Willis Ann Miss, h 66 Smith 

Williams F., butcher, h Water, n Rail Road 

Williams George, h 149 Front 

Williams Thomas, boilermaker, h 10 College 

Willsey Bradley, brakeman, h 81 Front 

Willsey Elias, wheelwright, h 92 LaFayette 

Wilson Ann Mrs., widow Charles, h 70 Liberty 

Wilson Elizabeth Mrs., bds 21 Jefferson 

Wilson Francis, laborer, h 38 College 

Winders Felix, carpenter, h Prospect 


Wineguar Daniel, helper, h 8 Water 

"Winkler Christian, tailor, h 144 Union 

Winnie Jacob, clerk, bds 19 Liberty 

Winnie Jane A., teacher, h 61 Front 

AVise James, umbrella repairer, 56 White, h do 

Wise John, laborer, h 68 Fonda 

Wiseman James H., machinist, h 69 Jay 

Witbeck A. L., farmer, h 8 Green 

Witbeck Daniel, machinist, bds 11 Park place 

Witbeck Garrett, conductor, bds 2 Smith 

Witbeck Luke, conductor, bds 2 Smith 

Witbeck Peter I., farmer, h 1 1 Park place 

Wolf F'rederick, laborer, h 25 North 

Wolverson George, butcher, bds Fuller's Hotel 

Wood Abraham, washing machine, bds American Hotel 

Wood Arthur R., clerk Eagle Hotel 

Wood Benjamin, h 42 White 

Wood Wm. H., machinist, h 137 Front 

Woodruff M. A. Mrs., widow Philo D., h 29 Church 

Wooler Mary, widow John, h 59 Front 

Worden Clark, enrolling officer, bds Sharratt House 

Workman Mrs., widow, h 27 Water 

Wright James, ( Wright & Couits,) h 19 Ferry 

Wright Lyman, carpenter, h 52 Smith 

Wright Thomas M., wool assorter, h 14 Rail Road 

Wright & Coutts, wagonmakers, 14 and 16 Rotterdam 

Wylie Andrew, engineer, h 26 Smith 

Wyman Robert, painter, h 10 Barrett 


Xavier John, variety store, 128 State, h do 


Yagay George, carpenter, h Lydia 

Yates Abraham, brakeman, bds 45 Romeyn 

Yates Charles A., patternmaker, h 79 College 

Yates Giles, boatman, h 45 Romeyn 

Yates Nicholas, h 27 Front 

Yates Peter B., conductor, h 262 Stat-e 

Yates Stephen, h 10 Church 

Yonker Casper, carpenter, h 8 Pine 

Young Daniel D., auctioneer, h 29 LaFayette 

Young Levi, books and stationery, State, bds 173 Union 

YOUNG LEVI A., {Young d' Graham,) pianos and 

melodeons. 111 State, bds 173 Union 
Young Martha L., domestic, 42 Union (see adv.) 

YOUNG & GRAHAM, books and stationery, 111 State, 
Younie John, machinist, h 133 Liberty 



Rev. JAMES GILMOUR, A.M., Principal. 

A Select Commercial and Classical Boarding School, 
for Lads and Young Gentlemen,, who are received into the Family 
of the Principal and are under his direct care and supervision. 

Expenses, $42 per Quarter, for Board, Washing, Fuel, 
Room and Tuition. Pupils are fitted for Business, for Teaching and 
for College. Book-keeping, Ancient and Modern Languages, re- 
ceive special attention. Adoiissiou at all times. Send for a Circular. 






Abreviati6ns. — ab., above ; al., alley ; ave., avenue ; b. or bds., boards ; 
bet., between ; c, corner ; dep., deputy ; dis., district ; E. East ; h., house ; 
la., lane ; n„ near ; N. Y. C. K. E„New York Central liail Eoad ; N., North ; 
opp., opposite ; pi., place ; r., rear ; reg't., regiment ; S., South ; sq., square ; 
vol., volunteer ; W., West. ' 

Agan Kerron, grocer, h Milton ave, n Gleason's Hotel 
Agen — , h Saratoga, n N. High 
Allen Benjamin, axemaker h Milton ave, n South 
Allen Jacob, (^JJpdylce, d Allen,) h n cotton factory 
Allison James, {Allison S Esmond,) h Micldlebrook, n Mil- 
ton ave 
Allison John, cabinetmaker, h Milton ave, n bridge 
Allison John W., cabinetmaker, h South, n Milton ave 
Andrews Anna, widow Peter, h Charlton, n village line 
Arnold Sylvenas^ [Sickler db Arnold,) h Milton ave, c 

Arnold S. D., dentist, Milton ave, n South, h do 
Arnold W. W., builder, h West, n South 
Armstrong Scott, teamster, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Arrosmith D. Mrs., h North High, n Milton ave 
Asmond M. J., flaxmill, h South, n Centre 


AYERS BRAMAN, h Van Buren, n Milton ave 
Ayers George, [Levi Ayers d' Co.,) h Middlebrook, n 

Milton ave [ave 

Ayers Levi, [Levi Ayers tO Co.,) h Middlebrook, n Milton 
Ayers L. & Co., carriagemakers, Middlebrook, n Milton av 
Babcock Deodatus Rev., h Ballston ave, n High 
BABCOCK E. D., hats, caps, and boots and shoes, Front, 

bds Galaway road 
Badger John R., gunsmith, Bath, c Front, h Milton ave 
Bailey Timothy, h Ford, n Milton ave 
Ball Mary Mrs., milliner and newsroom, Milton ave, n 

Front, h do 
Barr Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Milton ave, h do 
Barrett John, boot and shoe maker, Front, n Bath, h do 
Barton Eliza A. Mrs., h Mechanic, n Kent 
Barton Henry, blacksmith. Centre, c West, h do 
Barton David, cabinetmaker, h Centre, n Milton ave 
Bassett John H., pedler, h Milton ave, n Van Buren 
Beach Daniel, h High, n Milton ave 
Beach James D., {Brotherson & Beach^ h Front 
Beach J. S., farmer, h Milton ave, c Pleasant 
Bebeau Peter, teamster, h Prospect, n Milton ave 
Becker Norman, farmer, h Ballston, n Cemetery 
Beecher Francis Mrs., widow, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Benaway Andrew, laborer, h Thomson, n Ford 
Benedict C. H.,h Court, c Charlton 
Bennett Robert C, teller Ballston Spa bank, bds Milton, 

c Pleasant 
Benton Francis Miss, select school, Milton ave, n Wash- 
ington, h do 
Betts Wm. E., carpenter, h Ballston ave, n Catholic church 
Birch James, butcher, Milton ave, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Black Nancy Mrs., widow Mitchell, h Malta ave, n Milton 

Blake Mary Miss, washerwoman, h Washington, n R. R. 
BLOOD A. P., millinery, Milton ave, n Washington, h 

do, (see adv.) 


Blood Isaiah, edge tool rnanuf. Galway road 
Boice Isaac, vol. 77th regt., bds Mechanic, n Kent 
Boice Peter, farmer, h Mechanic, n Kent [church 

Bolster Loren G., carpenter, h Ballston ave., n Catholic 
Booth Lucretia Mrs., widow Lebbeus, h High, n Bath 
Booth Wheeler K., h Front, n Court 
Borst David, vol. 77th regt. N.Y.V.,h Bath,n Front 
Bowen Huldah Miss, h N. High, n Milton ave. 
Bradley Catharine, widow, h Front, n R. R, bridge 
Brady Anna Mrs., widow Matthew, h Ballston ave., n 

Catholic church 
Brenan Thomas, laborer, h Charlton, n High 
Briggs George, bartender, h Milton ave., n Methodist 

Briggs John H., vol. 115th regt., h Centre, n Milton ave 
Bristol Eliza A., widow Henry, h Milton ave., n Methodist 

Bristol L. W., hats, caps and furs, Bath, n Front, h do 
Bronk L. R., photograph gallery, Bath, c Front, bds 

Ballston Spa house [house 

Brotherson John, [Brotherson c& Beach), bds Ballston Spa 
Brotherson & Beach, lawyers, Bath, c Front 
Brower Jeremiah, blacksmith, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Brower Nicholas, wagon maker, h N. High, n Milton ave 
Brown Jane, widow Thomas, bds Mechanic, n Kent [adv. 
BROWN WM., grocer, Milton ave., c Ford, h do, (see 
Brownell Hellen, widow Alexander, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Brownell S. D., {S. D. Brownell & Co.), h Charlton, n 

Brownell S. D. & Co., butchers. Front, n Bath 
Burby Alvin, watchmaker, h Thompson, n Ford 
Burby John, h Milton ave., n Cotton factory 
Burby Willard, h Thompson, n Prospect 
Burnett Austie Mrs., h Bath, n Presbyterian church 
Burnett Nancy Mrs., bds Ballston ave., n Catholic church 
Burnham J., vol. 13th N. Y. artillery, h Charlton, n village 

line [Saratoga 

Burnham Perry, tailor, n Union Store, h N. High, n 


Burtles John F., mechanic, h Thompson, c Ford 
Butler Ann Mrs., bds Centre, n Milton ave 


Calkins Thomas, carpenter, Ballston, n Cemetery 

Campbell Patrick, pedler, h Galway, c Court 

Canitf George, carpenter, h Ford, n Mechanic . 

Carey Patrick, laborer, h Charlton, n High 

Carlin John, laborer, h Galway, c Court 

Carr — , farmer, ' h Charlton, n village line [Front 

Carpenter Charles, [Carpenter db McCleio,) h Bath, n 

Car^^enter Chloe Miss, dressmaker, Milton ave., c Ford, 

Carpenter & McClew, merchant tailors. Front, n Bath 
Cary Abram, boot and shoe store, Milton ave., n Gleason's 

Hotel, h do 
Cary Hannah Miss, millinery. Front, n Village Hotel, h 

Milton ave., n bridge 
Cash John, laborer, h Middlebrook, n Milton ave 
Castle John, laborer, h High, n Charlton 
Caswell — , h Thompson, c Hamilton [house 

^Chapman Edwin, woolen, factory, h Milton ave, opp school 
Chapman George W., mechanic, h Milton ave, n school 

Chapman H. P., h N. High, n Milton ave [house 

Chapman Mary R., widow Harvey, h Milton ave, n school 
Chase Seymour, h Ballston ave, n Catholic church [do 
Cheydleur John B., carriageironer, Milton ave, n Ford, h 
Christopher J. George, barber. Front, n Eagle Hotel, h 

rear Milton, n c Washington 
Christy Affa, widow Philip, h Charlton, n High 
Clapp Eleanor, widow Chester, h Ballston ave, n Catholic 

Clapp Russell, agent Troy and N. Y. steamboat line, h 

Milton ave, n Van Buren 


Clark Caroline L. Mrs., widow Daniel, h Milton ave, n 

school house 
Clark N. M., h Milton ave, c Pleasant 
Cleary Patrick, saloon. Front, n Bath, h do 
Cole VVm. J., bookkeeper, h Milton ave, n Cotton factory 
Collins Benjamin, oil cloth maker, h Charlton, n R. R. 
Colony Geo. B., shoemaker, h Washington, n Thompson 
Colony J. M., harnessmaker, Milton ave, n R. & Saratoga 

R. R. 
Conover Mary, widow Wm., bds Milton ave, n Van Buren, 
Cook Harriet, widow, h Front, n Bath 
Coon John, photographer, Milton ave, bds Malta ave, n 

Milton ave 
Coon Susan Mrs., h High, head Bath 
Cory David, flirmer, h High, n Charlton 
Cory E. T., bds High, n Charlton 
Crapo H., books and stationery. Front, n Village Hotel, 

h Court, n Front 
Crapo William, h High, n Armory 
Cresswell Mary J., widow, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Crippen A., h Ballston, n High 
Culver Mary, widow Wm., h High, n Ballston 
Cunningham Mary, Avidow Richard, h Thompson, c Ford 
Curtis Judith Mrs., h High, n Charlton 
Curtis S. H., printer, h Milton ave, n Methodist church 


Davis Wm., vol. 153d regt., h Centre, n Milton ave 
Day Samuel F., watchmaker and jeweler. Front, n Spring, 

h Milton ave, cor. Hamilton 
Dean Eunice Mrs., widow Aaron, h Ballston ave, n Ar- 
Dean George W. Rev., pastor Christ church, (Episcopal) 

h Ballston ave, n Armory 
Demorr Levi, spinner, h Thompson, n Ford 
Denton Henry, factory hand, h Thompson, n Prospect 


Denton James V., carpenter, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Denton Lifala, widow Nathaniel, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Denton Wm., flirmer, bcls Saratoga, n N. High 
Devlin William, hnteher, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Dexter Elmira, widow Jeremiah, h Ballston, n High 
Dickman Ann Mrs., h Ballston, n Cemetery 
Dodge Emogene Mrs., widow Henry, h High, n Presby- 
terian church 
Dohig Patrick, mason, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Doolittle — , h Milton ave, n Front 
Doolittle James F., physician. Front, n Bath, h do 
Dority Charles, laborer, h Charlton, n High 
Draper Gideon A., blacksmith, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Du Bois W. H., farmer, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Dunk Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, Low, n Front, h 

Thomson, c Hamilton 
Dunn Geo., farmer, h Malta ave, n Milton ave 
Dunn James, laborer, h Middlebrook, n Milton ave 


Earll Byron, painter, h Malta ave, n Milton ave 

Eastman Laura Miss, bds Milton ave, c Ford 

Eddy Allen F., h Thompson, n Ford 

Edgerton J. M. Rev., h South, c Centre 

Eldridge S. L., pedler, h Milton ave, n Van Buren ■ 

Emperor John, h Charlton, n R. R. 

Esmond & Allison, flax mill. Ford, n Milton ave 

Esterbrook Thomas, h Saratoga, n Milton ave 

Ferris James C, h Mechanic, n Kent 

Fitzpatrick Martin, laborer, h Galway, c Court 

Ford John B., saloon, Milton ave, n Gleason's Hotel, h do 

Ford John S., h Milton ave, n High 

Ford Wm., h Milton ave, n Washington 


Foster Ezra, axemaker, h Saratoga, n Milton ave 

Foster Geo. F., vol. 115tli reg. N. Y. V., li Saratoga, n 

Milton ave 
Franklin Daniel, oil cloth maker, h Ballston, n Cemetery 
Freeman Thomas, h Low, n Front 

Fryer Jacob 11., tobacconist, Front, n R. R. bridge, h do 
Fuller Eliza Mrs., h Front, c Court 
Fuller Henry, h Milton ave, n Van Buren 
Furey Nathan, h South, n Milton ave 

Gardner Layser, harnessmaker, h Milton ave, n South 
Garnsey Hannah Mrs., h N. High, c Saratoga 
Garrett Samuel R., h High, n Armory 
Garrett Wm., mechanic, h Milton ave, n Van Buren 
Gault Betsey, widow John, Ballston, n Cemetery 
George John, mechanic, h Hamilton, n Bath 
Gilbert Olive Mrs., h Milton ave, n South 
Gilborne E., cabinetmaker, Milton ave, n Ford 
Gildersleeve B., teamster, h Charlton, n R. R. 
Gildersleeve Lot, carman, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Gildersleeve Mary, widow, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Gillespie Andrew, tailor, Milton ave, h High, opp District 

GILMOUR JAMES Rev. principal Ballston Spa Acad- 
emy, h Pleasant, n Milton ave (see adv) 
Gilmour Neil, teacher, bds Pleasant, n Milton ave 
Gleason T. L., prop. Gleason's Hotel, Milton ave, c Wash- 
GOINES BAZEL N., barber, Front, c Spring, h Milton 

ave, n Low 
Goodfellow John, h Ford, n Mechanic 
Goodwin Maria, widow George, h Milton ave, n Centre 
Gould Samuel, grocer. Front, c 13ath, h Milton ave, n Front 
Gould Samuel Jr., grocer, Front, c Bath, h Milton ave, n 


Gouyd James, carpenter, h Milton ave, n Centre 
Gi-ay Margaret A. Mrs., bds High, n Milton ave 
Green Elizabeth, widow James, h Front, n Court 
Griffin Jerry, baggageman, h High, n Charlton 
Grippin A. J., h Milton ave, opp District schoolhouse 
Griswold Mary Ann Mrs,, h Ford n Mechanic 
Groom Robert, axe polisher, h Milton ave, n R, R 
Grose E. F., {H. L. Grose d- Sons,) h Milton ave, n Van 
Buren [Buren 

Grose H. L., (H. L. Grose cO Sons,) h Milton ave, n Van 
Grose H. L. Rev., h Milton ave, n school house [Buren 
Grose H. JS., [H. L. Grose db Sons,) h Milion ave, n Van 
Grose H. L. & Sons, editors and proprietors Ballston 
Journal, Bath, n Front 


Hale Jane Mrs. h West, n Milton ave 

Hall Amelia Mrs. h High, n Science 

Hall Andrew, mason, h Milton ave, n schoolhouse 

Hall Matilda, widow Sylvester, h Front, n Court 

Hammond H. H., vol. U. S. A.,h Ford, c Bath 

Hammond N. P., painter, h Milton ave, n schoolhouse 

Hanson Nathaniel, carpenter, Milton ave, h do 

Harris Arnold, foundry, Kent, n Saratoga, h High, n 

Court House 
Harris Arnold, hardware, stoves and tinware, Front n 

* Bath, h High, n Bath 
Harris Thomas M., vol. 77th regt. N. Y. V., h Bath, n Front 
Harrison S. F., vol. 13th N. Y. artillery, h Bath, n Front 
Harris Rowland E., teamster, bds Bath, n Front 
Harris Sylva Mrs., widow Thomas, h Bath, 14 Front 
Harrison Henry, prop. Railroad House, opp. R. R. depot 
Hawkins Johanna Mrs., widow. Front, n R. R. bridge 
Hawkins John, tinsmith, h Washington, c Thompson 
Hay Alexander, laborer, h Thompson, n Ford 


Heeney John, laborer, h High, n District schoolhouse 

Hemphill A. P., h iMilton ave, n Front 

Hewitt Amos, farmer, h Charlton, n Village line 

Hewitt Charles, shoemaker, h Thompson, n Ford 

Hewitt Wm. H., carpenter, h Bath, n Ford 

Hoey James, shoemaker, bds Front, n Bath 

Holey Patrick, laborer, Bath, n Washington 

Holmes Hugh, h Ford, n Mechanic 

Holmes Rac-hel Mrs., wadow John, h Mechanic, n Kent 

Hope Lewis, axe-maker, h Milton ave, n bridge 

Hope Phoebe Mrs., h Milton ave, n bridge [church 

HORTON JAMES W., county clerk, h High, n Christ 

Hovey J. A., cotton manufacturer, Prospect, h Milton ave, 

n Ford 
Hovey John, saw mill, Ralph, n Saratoga, h do 
Hovey Hiram, farmer, h Saratoga, n N. High 
HOVEY JONAS A., cotton manufacturer, Prospect, c 

Milton ave, (office, 137 Broadway, N. Y.) 

Hovey Smith, {Hovey c& Son^ h Ralph, n Saratoga 
Howard William, farmer, h Ford, n Mechanic 
Hoyt Edwin, laborer, bds Hamilton, n Bath 
Hoyt George, laborer, h Hamilton, n Bath 
Hoyt Oren, laborer, h Hamilton, n Bath 
Hubbell Emily M. Mrs., h N. High, n Milton ave 
Hubbell James, machinist, h Bath, n Presbyterian church 
Hulbert Mrs., h Saratoga, n Milton ave 
Hullsander Jane Mrs., h Ford, n Mechanic 
Hurd James F., superintendent cotton factory, h Prosp^ct^ 

n Milton ave 
Hurzog Fitz John, tanner, h Milton ave, n Centre 

Irish Abner, blacksmith, h Saratoga, c Kent 

Irish James, spinner, h Thompson, n Ford 

Irish Luther, factory hand, h Prospect, n Milton ave 


Jack Milly Mrs., widow James, h N. High, n Milton ave 
Jeffers Hannah Mrs., widow James, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Jingle Peter A., painter, h Prospect, n Milton ave 
Jennings Bridget, Mrs., h head Pleasant 
JENNINGS JOSEPH, Milton House, Ballston, c Charl- 
ton (see adv) 
Jennings William, 115 N. Y. V., h Front, n R. E. bridge 
Johnson Frank, laborer, h Washington, n R. R. 
Jones C. E., (Jones d' Thomas,) h Saratoga, n Milton ave 
Jones Hiro, knitting factory, Ford, n Thompson, h Milton 

ave, n Van Buren 
Jones & Thomas, hardware, Milton ave, c Eord 


Karley William, laborer, h Ballston, n Cemetery 

Kelley John, laborer, h I3allston, n High 

Kelley Mary Miss, h Ballston, n Cemetery 

Kelly Mrs., h Van Buren, n Milton ave 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, h Ballston, n Cemetery 

Ketchum — , farmer, h Charlton, n Village line 

Ketchum Ransselaer, bds High, n Charlton 

King Otis, vol. 153d regt., h Ballston, n Cemetery 

Kimmey C. A. Miss, h N. High, n Milton ave 

Knight Ransselaer, vol. 115th regt., h Centre, c West 

Knox George E., hoop skirt manufacturer, Milton ave, n 

Rail Road, h do 
Koonz Abraham, laborer, bds Centre, n Milton ave 
Kouse George, laborer, h Van Buren, n Mechanic 

Laducer Louis, axemaker, h Milton ave, n West 
L'AMOREAUX J. S., lawyer, Bath, c Front, h Milton 
ave, n N. High 


L'Amoreaiix Jesse, h Milton ave, n N. High 

Lansing A. S., farmer, h Charlton, n village line 

Lansing Cornelias, teamster, h Bath, n Hamilton 

Larinas Barzine, h Thompson, n Prospect 

Lawrence Geo. B., harness and collar maker, Washington, 

n Bath, h do 
Lawrence James, watchman, h Prospect, n Milton ave 
Lawrence Mary, widow, h ft Front, n opp the Spring 
Leach James, collector, office Bath, n Front, h Miiton ave, 

n Van Buren 
Leach James Otis, collector internal revenue, h Milton 

ave, n Van Buren 
Le Clair Andrew, axeraaker, h Milton ave, n Centre 
Lee E. W., agt. country store. Front, c Bath, h Front, n 

Lee John J., cashier Ballston Spa Bank, Front, n Court, 

h bank buildings 
Leonard Thomas, tanner, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Lewis Morgan, physician, Milton ave, n Front, h do 
Locklin James P., carpenter, head Ballston ave, h do 
Losee Gurdon, carpenter, N. High, n Saratoga 
Luffinan Eunice, widow George, h Charlton, n High 
Luther Ebenezer, bds Milton ave, n South [n Court 

Luther John J., wines and liquors, Front, c Low, h Front, 
Luther Henry, (S. IT. d H. Luther^) bds Front, opp 

Ballston Spa Bank [Methodist church 

Luther S. H., (S. H. c& H. Luther,) h Milton ave, opp 
LUTHER S. H. & H., wholesale liquor dealers, Milton 

ave, n "Washington, (see ifdv.) 


MANN HENRY A., county treasurer, Bath, n Front, h 

High, c Low 
Manney. Patrick, laborer, h High, n Charlton 
Massey — , tailor, h Ballston ave, n Catholic church 


Massey John, clothing merchant, Milton ave, n Methodist 

church, h Mechanic, n Van Burcn [Hotel 

Massey John S., merchant tailor, Milton ave, n Gleason's 
Massey Samuel, saloon, n Gleason's Hotel, [ave 

Maxwell David, lawyer, Bath, c Front, h High, n Milton 
McCarty John, laborer, h Ballston, n Cemetery 
McClear John, laborer, h Thompson, n Prospect 
McClew Charles N., {Carpenter d' McClew,) h Milton, n 

McCollum Margaret Miss, h High, n Science 
McConnor John, laborer, h Charlton, n High 
McDonald John, laborer, h Front, n R, R. bridge 
McDowell Alexander, h Mechanic, n Kent 
ISIcGar Oney, mason, h Kent, n Saratoga 
McGuire Mary A., widow Philip, h Thompson, c Ford 
Mcintosh Daniel, laborer, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Mcintosh Henry, farmer, h N. High, n Milton ave 
McKittrick Barnard, confectioner, Front, n R. R. bridge, 

h do . [n Bath 

McKittrick William, captain 115 regt. N. Y. V., h Front, 
McKernity Mary, widow Michael, h Low, n Front 
McKown John, cabinet maker, Milton ave, n Washington 
McLaughlin Dennis, laborer, h Ballston ave, n Catholic 

McLaughlin Thomas, painter, h Ballston, n Cemetery 
McLean John B., clerk, h Milton ave, c High 
McMann John, laborer, h Charlton, n High 
McMaster Elizabeth Mrs., h High, head .Bath 
McMaster R. P., h High, head Bath 
McNab James, bleacher, h Mechanic, n Kent 
MEDBERRY S. B.,prop. Village Hotel, Front, c Spring 
Medberry S. C, clerk. Village Hotel -[church 

Meeker Sarah J., widow Charles, li Ballston ave, n Catholic 
Melon George, tailor, h Milton ave, opp. schoolhouse 
Middbrook Hezekiah, clerk, h N. High, n Milton ave 
Miller Henry, saloon, Milton ave, n Front, h do 
Miller James M., carpenter, Bath, c Hamilton, h do 


Miller Levi, saloon, Milton ave, li Malta ave, n Milton ave 
Miller Joseph, farmer, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Mills William, former, h Milton ave, n Railroad 
Milliman Francis, laborer, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Minetta Catharine Mrs. h Thompson, n Prospect [Kent 
Mitchell John, vol. 77th regt. N. Y. S. V., h Mechanic, n 
Mitchell Titus, former, bds High, n Charlton 
Moore Horace A., bds Milton ave, n Van Buren 
Moore Leverett, physician, Milton ave, n Van Buren, h do 
Moore Lorenzo D., liquor dealer, h Bath, n Front 
Morris J. W., machinist, h Milton ave, n Ford 
Morrison Ira, tanner, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Morrisey John, grocer, ft. Front, n the Spring, h do 
Mosher Silas B., carpenter, h Milton ave, n bridge 
Mould John, laborer, h Mechanic, n Van Buren 
Muhlfelder Lewis, (J. Schwarz cb Co.,) h Milton ave 
Myers Dinah, widow John, h Ballston, n Cemetery 


■'^elson Lavina Mrs., widow R., h Washington, n R. R 
Newcomb Mary J., widow Patrick, h Ballston, n Cemetery 
Nims Lymon, h Milton ave, n Van Buren [Front 

Noxon C. M., dry goods, Front, n Bath, h Milton ave, n 


Odell Wm. T., lawyer. Front, next to County Clerk's 

office, h Front, n Milton ave 
O'Hair Matthew, laborer, h Charlton, n High 
O'Neil Sarah Mrs., widovv^ Henry, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Osborn Thomas, laborer, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Osgood B. F., carman, Washington, n Bath [ave 

Osgood D., shoemaker, Milton ave, h Center, n Milton 
OSGOOD J. D., boot and shoemaker. South, n Milton 

ave, h do 
Ostrander Jacob, laborer, h Kent, n Saratoga 


' P. 

haddock Geo. C, h West, n Milton aVe 

Padgham Thomas, (aS'. D. Broionell d' Co.,) h Hamilton^ 

n Bath [toga R. R. 

Palmatier A. J., shoemaker, Milton ave, n K. and Sara= 
Parent Arthur, h Hamilton, n Thompson 
Parent Arthur^ tannerj bds Saratoga, c Milton ave 
Parent Chamicey, tanner, bds Ballston Spa House 
Parker Margaret Mrs., h Ford, n Thompson 
Parkinson Edward, vol. 153d regt. N. Y. S. V., h Miltoil 

ave, opp Methodist church 
Parkis Hezekiah, spinner, h Ford, c Thompson 
Parks Warren, carpenter, h Ralph, n Saratoga 
Parmater Anson, shoemaker, h Ralph, n Saratoga [ave 
Parmater Sally A., widow George, h Malta ave, n Milton 
Patchin Bernard, village clerk, h n ft Front, n Charlton 
Patchin AVm. G. V., mechanic, h Center, n Milton ave 
Patterson Augustus T., teamster, h Ballston, n Charlton 
Patterson George, cabinetmaker, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Patterson John, laborer, h Washington, n Main [h do 
Peckham George W. blacksmith, Thompson, c Hamilton, 
Peckham Hannah, widow Aaron, h Frontj n Charlton 
Peckham James, harnessmaker, Milton ave, h Ballston 

ave, n Catholic church [Catholic church 

Peckham Lucinda, widow Stephen, bds Ballston ave, n 
Peckham Renselaer, painter, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Peckham Sophia, widow George, h Ballston ave, n Catho* 

lie church 
Peek Cornelius, h North High, n Milton ave 
Perrit Peter, factory hand, h Prospect, n Milton ave 
Pettit James, laborer, h Ralph, n Saratoga 
Pettit Jesse, Jr., laborer, h Ford, n Factory 
Pettit Sarah, widow Abraham, h Charlton, n High 
Pinney Phinander, h Saratoga, n Milton ave 
Porter William, laborer, h Mechanic, c Van Buren 


Potter Malbon K., boots and shoes, Milton ave, n Wash- 

ington, h do 
Potter Mary Mrs., widow Elisha, h Saratoga, c N. High 
Putnam Joseph, machinist, h Middlebrook, n Milton ave 


Quiglen Michael, laborer, h Middlebrook, n Milton ave 
Quinby John, hostler, Malta ave, n Milton ave 


Ratigan Michael, laborer, h Ballston, n Cemetery 

Reid Archibald, h Saratoga, n Ralph 

Reynolds E., printer. Main, h Washington, n Thompson 

Richardson Joseph, bds Mechanic, n Kent 

Robinson John, axemaker, h Bath, n Hamilton 

ROOTS JOHN, physician, Milton ave, opp M. E. church, 

h do, (see adv.) 
Rouse Edward, mechanic, h Centre, n Milton ave [ave 
Rowley Charles W., mechanic, h Middlebrook, n Milton 
Rummings William, lumberman, h Mechanic, n Kent 


Schwarz Magnus, {3L Sclnvarz & Co.,) h Milton ave 
Schermerhorn Cornelius, shoemaker, Malta ave, n Milton 

ave, h do 
Scott George G., lawyer, Bath, n Front, h High, n Bath 
Scribner Louis Mrs., h ft Front, n R. R. bridge 
Scute Hall, miller, h Saratoga, n Milton ave 
Seeley Charles, prop. Ballston Spa Institute, ft Front, c 

Charlton [n Science 

Seeley L. P., insurance agt., office Bath, n Front, h High, 
Seeley Melinda Miss, h Front, n Court 


Settle Eli, flour and grist mill, Milton ave, n Saratoga, h 

Milton ave, n Prospect 
Seymour David, h High, n Charlton 
Shafer Peter, mechanic, h Ford, c Thompson 
Shaffer Ann, widow James, bds Kent, n Saratoga 
Shaw Eugene, laborer, h N. High, n Milton ave 
Shaw H. L. Mrs., bds N. High, n Milton ave 
Shaw John, dyer, h Micldlebrook, n Milton ave 
Sheffer David, laborer, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Shefler Sylvesteiv laborer, h Thompson, n Ford 
Sheldon Jane MisS) washerwoman, h Washington, n Bath 
Sheldon Timothy, [T. Sheldon <& Co.,) bds Saratoga, c. 
]\'[ilton ave [ave 

Sheldon Titus, [T. Sheldon <£- Co.,) bds Saratoga, c Milton 
SHELDON T. & CO., dry goods, groceries and variety 

store, South, c Milton ave, (see adv) 
Shepherd Oliver, prop. Eagle Hotel, Front, c Milton ave 
Sherman Hiram, track master, h ft Front, n R. R. bridge 
Shutes Jerome, farmer, h n Catholic church, Ballston ave 
Sickler Lewis, (Sickler d' Arnold,) h Milton ave, c Wash- 
ington . [Washington 
Sickler & Arnold, Ballston Spa House, Milton ave, c 
Simons Benjamin, vol. 77th regt., bds Mechanic, n Kent 
Simon Henry, engineer, h N. High, c Saratoga 
Smith Anthony, carpenter, h Milton ave, c Van Buren 
Smith D. W., prin. Sans Souci Seminary, Front, c Mil- 
ton ave, h do 
Smith Ezekiel, laborer, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Smith Henry, 4th N. Y. heavy art., h Middlebrook, n 

Milton ave 
Smith J. S., bds High, n Milton ave 
Smith Loren, gunsmith, h Ralph, n Saratoga, 
Smith Lucinda, widow, h Charlton, n ft Front 
Smith Samuel, broker, bds Village Hotel 
Smith Sanford, hardware and agt. National Express Co., 

Bath, n Front, h High, n Milton ave 
Smith Simeon L., dentist, h Milton, opp. Eagle Hotel 


Speir James H., h Milton ave, n Front 
Steenburgh Sandy, h Front, n R. li. bridge 
Steves James, carpenter, h Malta ave, n Milton ave 
Stever James B., carpenter, h West, n Milton ave 
Steves John, laborer, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Stiles Horace A., stonemason, h Ford, n Mechanic 
Stillwell Sarah Mrs., h High, c Low [cRurch 

St. John Michael, laborer, h Ballston ave, n Catholic 
Sullivan John C, vol. 77th regt. N. Y. V., h Mechanic, n 

Swart Edward, axemaker, h Milton ave, n bridge 
Swan Edwin R., carpenter, h Milton ave, c High 
Sweet Catharine Mrs., h Mechanic, n Kent 


Talmadge Eunice, widow Isaac, h Court, c Charlton 
Tarrent George, furnaceman, h N. High, n Milton ave 
Terrant John, h Mechanic, n Kent [Ford 

Thomas George R., [Jones c& Thomas,) h Milton ave, n 
Thomas John B., tinsmith, Milton ave, h Milton ave, n 

North High 
Thomas Lewis, blacksmith, h Milton ave, n West 
Thompson George, h Milton ave, c Van Buren 
Thompson Frank, student, bds High, c Science [Science 
Thompson J. W., president Ballston Spa Bank, h High, c 
Thompson John S., pedler, h Ballston, n Cemetery 
Thompson Maria Mrs., widow Joseph, h Milton ave, n 

Thompson Samuel, bds High, c Science 
Thompson Wm. IL, freight agt., h head Pleasant 
Tisdale Clara Mrs., h Middlebrook, n Milton ave 
Titus Alfred, patternmaker, h Bath, n Hamilton 
Town Eliza, widow Amos, h Milton ave, n Van Buren 
Tripp E. J., vol. 77th N. Y. S. V., h Saratoga, c N. High 
Tripp Eliza, Mrs., h Saratoga, n N. High 


Tripp Matilda, widow Abraham, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Truman John, carman, h ll Front, opp. the spring 
Tully David Kev., h Iligh, n Science 
Twitchell William, tailor, h Front, n R. R. bridge 


Updike & Allen, flour and feed store, Milton ave, n 

Van Deburgh John, mason, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Van Denburgh Catharine Mrs., h Ralph, n Saratoga 
Van i-5cnburgh Reed, mechanic, h Saratoga, n N. High 
Van Dyke, George, laborer, h Kent, n Saratoga 
Van Dyke L. B., blacksmith, Charlton, n R. R., h do [ave 
Van Epps Rachael, widow Alexander, h Centre, n Milton 
Van Ness Hiram, laborer, h ft. Front, n R. R., bridge 
Van Ness Margaret Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Front, 

n R. R., li'do 
Van Ness Polly Mrs., widow, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Van Steenburgh Alfred, hiborer, h Front, n R. R. bridge 
Vaughn — , h Washington, c Thompson 
Vaughn A. S., painter. Mechanic, n Kent [Front 

Vaughn O. D., marble shop, Bath, n depot, h Bath, n 
Vibbard James S,, clerk Eagle i lotel 
Vincent Charles, cabinetmaker, h Milton are, n Ford 

Wager Amanda Mrs., h Ford, n Mechanic 

Wait John, [John Wait d: Son,) h Front, n Bath 

Wait John I)., [John Wait d' Son,) bds Front, n Bath 

148 BALLSTOX SPA DiuE(rrorwY. 

Wait John 'k Sun, floor oil doth manufacturers, Bath, c 

Wakeman Elizabeth, widow Stephen, h Milton ave, opp 

school house 
Warner Anthony, laborer, h Milton ave, n R. R. 
Warner Wm., ( Weed d' Warner,) h Ballston, n High 
Wayne W. J., carriagemaker. Low, c High, h do [High 
Weatherwax Albert, vol. 77th N. Y. V., h Ballston, n 
Weaver Horace, mechanic, h Milton ave, c Centre 
Webster Ephriam, laborer, h Ralph, n Saratoga 
Webster Sarah Mrs., h Ford, n Mechanic 
Weden John C, lumberman, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Weed John, carpenter, h ft. Front, n R. R. bridge 
Weed Levi, ( Weed db Warner,) h Centre, n Milton ave 
Weed & Warner, druggists and grocers, Milton ave, n 

Welden Samuel, mason, h Ballston, n High 
Welch Isaac, laborer, h Hamilton, n Bath 
Wentworth Peter W., barber, h Court, n Front 
WESTCOTT JOHN IL, druggist. Front, n Bath, h oppo- 
site (see adv) 
West H. L., watchmaker and jeweller, Milton ave, n 

Washington, h do 
Whalen Lee, laborer, h Centre, n Milton ave 
Whalen S., lawyer, Front, n R. R. Bridge, h Mechanic, n 

White Fonda, h Milton ave, opp R. R. [Front 

White James E., baker and confectioner, Milton ave, n 
White John C, carriagemaker, bds Milton ave, n Middle- 
White Mrs. Polly, widow Cosman, h Milton ave, n R. R. 
White M. v., machinist, bds Milton ave, n R. R. 
White Theodore, carpenter, h Milton ave., n N. High 
Whitford J. F., carriagemaker, h Mechanic, n Kent 
Whitmore Moses, h Fora, n "Mechanic 
Wilber Adam, Union Hotel, Milton ave, c South 
Wilber Nancy, widow, h Front, n R. R, Bridge 


Wile}- Calvin F., clerk, h Bath, n Front 

Williams Charlotte Miss, h Front, n Bath 

Williams Jonathan, overseer cotton fact'y, h Ford, c Bath 

Williams Julia A., widow Theopiliis, h Mechanic, n Kent 

Williams Mary Miss, h Front, n Bath [h do 

Williams M. L. druggist and postmaster. Front, n Bath, 

Williams Richard, tanner, h Milton ave, n Washington 

Wilsey Harry, painter, h N. High, n Milton ave 

Wilson J, R., ticket agent, h High, n Presbyterian church 

Wilson Margaret Mrs., h Ford, n Mechanic 

Wood S. M., h Milton ave, n schoolhouse 

Wright John, ashman, h Ford, n Mechanic 


Young Hannah M., widow Alfred, h N. Hiiih, n Milton ave 
Yo\uig Rush, cabinetmaker, h N. High, n Milton av 



x>A."vis ac a-TiEC3-o:Fi-ir, 


TEBMS —One year, $6 ; 1 week, 12 cents ; single copies, 3 cts. 



Terms of Subscription.— $i-50 a Year, in Advakck. 

Book: a^iid. JoId Frinting", 





Agents— Claim, Insurance, Real Estate, &c. 

Seely L. P., insurance, Bath, n Front, Ballston Spa 

Atwell D, A., insurance, 172 State, Schenectady 

Carley G. Q., insurance, 26 State c Church, do 

Hanford George T., insurance, 114 State, do 

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers. 

Kelsey Nathaniel, 198 State, Schenectady 

Schenectady Agricultural Works, G. West- 
inghouse & Co. prop. Rotterdam, n 
Canal bridge, do 

Sweet & Allen, 201 and 203 State, do 


White James E., Milton ave., n Front, 
Boss Isaac S., 97.} Ferry, 
Knecht Frederick, 23 and 25 Jay, 
Moore E. W., 233 State, 
Moore George W., 113 State, 
Watkins Charles, 141 Union, 

Ballston Spa 





Billiard Saloon. 

Stevens & Cutting, 161 State, Schenectady 


(See also, CciTriage and Wagon Manvfacturers.) 

Barton Henry, Centre, c West, Ballston Spa 

Cheydleur J. B., Milton ave., n Bridge, do 

Draper Gideon A., Saratoga, n N. High, do 

Peckham George W., Thompson, c Hamilton, do 
Van Dycke L. B., Charlton, n R. R do 



Abels S. H., Duanssburgh 

McGraw & Mead, do 

Moon John, do 

Mickle James, Duanesburgh 

Phenix & Pulver, do 

Shrade George, do 

Carroll G. & C, GlenviUe 

Sharpe G., do 

Van Buren G. H., do 

Van Wormer ^lichael, Princetown 

Bliss Adam, Rotterdam 

Coleman John, do 

Banker Isaac, 48 Liberty, Schenectady 

Beebe & Kelsey, 200 State, do 

Boss Henry, 77 Romeyn, do 

Clute &; Reagles, State, c La Fayette, do 

Dickinson Aaron, 2 Rotterdam, do 

Swits Walter A., 18 Rotterdam, do 

Booksellers, Stationers and News Depots. 

Ball Mary Mrs., Milton ave., n Front, Ballston Spa 

Crapo H., Front, n Village Hotel, do 

Clare George, 143 State, Shenectady 

Gilmour John, 93 State, do 

Groot Edward W., 168 State, do 

Young & Graham, 111 State, do 

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers. 

Babcock E. D., Front, n Bath, Ballston Spa 
Barr Patrick, Milton ave., n Ford, do 
Barrett John, Front, n Bath, do 
Cary Abram, Milton ave., n Gleason's Hotel, do 
Dunk Benjamin, Low, n Front, do 
Osgood J. D., South, n Milton ave., do 
Palmatier A. J., Milton ave., n R. & Sara- 
toga R.R., do 
Potter Malbon K., Milton ave., n Washington, do 
Schermerhorn C, Malta ave., n Milton ave., do 




Grouse John M., 
Cook D. A., 
Wilber Addison, 
Wilber, Hoag & Co., 
Harm an R., 
Waterstreet J. D., 
Waterstreet Henry, 
Griswold John, 
Ballert Julius, 237|- State, 
Brickner Henry, 2 Green, 
Consaul John, 142 State, 
Fehr Ulrich, 55 Liberty 
Gray Robert, 184 State, 
May Jacob, 10 Dock, 
Myer Jacob, 27 Water, 
Severn John, 7 Rotterdam, 
Slocomb L. B., 54 State, 
Stenson John, 123 Union, 
Van De Bogert John, 135 State, 
Van Epps A. C, 88 State, 
Warner Addison M., 204 State, 
Weller & Dealtry, 197 State, 


Brewers and Maltsters. 

De Wigne Ferdinand, 94 Union, Schenectady 

Swits & Carley, office State, c Canal bridge, do 

Thomson Cornelius, Dock, do 

Brush and Broom Makers. 

Bowman Thomas, Niskayuna 

Myers John, on flats bet the river and canal, Schenectady 
Schermerhorn Nicholas I., Rotterdam plank 

road, do 

Veeder John H., Rotterdam flat road, do 


Cabinet Makers, Furniture Dealers and Un- 

Gilborne E., Milton ave., n Ford, Ballston Spa 

McKown John, Milton ave., n Washington, do 

Van Eps D. H., Glenville 

Brown Albert & Son, 67 State Schenectady 

De Forest Jacob, 58, 60 and 62 State, do 

Henry Jacob, 40 State, do 

Ouderkirk P. M., 133 Union, do 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Smith A. M., Milton ave, c Van Biiren, Ballston Spa 

Hanset John, Duanesburgh 

Jones A. D., do 

Stebbins G. T., do 

Wright Eben, do 

Van Eps D. H., Glenville 

Vedder A., do 

VosburghC. H., do 

Water street L., do 

Brockham A. H., Rotterdam 

Brockham G., do 

Sitterly — , do 

Van Dyck A., do 

Bailey Wm. P., 18 Yates, Shenectady 

Pearce S. V., 115 Barrett, do 

Van Dermoor A. R., 16 Ferry, do 

Van Dyck Peter, 21 White, ' do 

Van Vraken G. I., 79 Romeyn, do 

Vedder Jacob, 38 Jefferson, do 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers. 

Ayers L. & Co., Middlebrook, q Milton ave, Ballston Spa 

Wayne W. J., High, o Low, do 

McGraw & Mead, Duanesburgii 




Sharp R., Glonville 

Weaver S., do 

Weller S. T., do 

Shaible & Butler. 133 Centre, Schenectady 

Van Vranken C. & H., 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 

Rotterdam, do 

Wright & Croutts, 14 and 16 Rotterdam, do 

China, Glass and Earthenware. 

(See also, Coimtry stores.) 

Cam Nicholas, 55 State, 


Cigar Dealers. 

(See Tohacconists and Cigar Dealers.) 

Clothing Dealers and Merchant Tailors. 

Carpenter & McClew, Front, n Bath, Ballston Spa 

Massey John, Milton ave, do 
Massy John S., Milton ave, n Gleason's Hotel, do 

Harden W., Duanesburgh 

Adams J., Glenville 

Beckly John P., 98 State, Schenectady 

Davis Wilson, 103 State, do 

Davison J. E., 174 State, do 

Dillenbeck & Stoop, 107 State, do 

Ellis Robert, 159 and 163 State, do 

Henry Jacob, 46 State, do 

Hull Samuel A., S3 State, do 

Kemp Henry R., 156 State, do 

Laventhall Abraham, 72 State, do 

Lavinthal & Hey man, 144 State, do 

Levi Coin, 146 and 166 State, do 

Levy Pfeifer, 90 State, do 

Marks David, 132 and 134 State, do 



Mason Charles J., 164 State, 


Mix David, 64 State, 


Van Vranken & Archer, 95 State, 


Vedder Abraham, 139 State, 


Coal, Wood, Lumber, Plaster, &c. 

Van Hiisen John, 


Groot G. W., 

Glenvi le 

Green Walter C, c Franklin and Jay, 


McMullen Andrew, 93 Union 


Rosa Henry, 23 Dock, 


Rownsley Edward, 7 State, 


Van De Bogert Brothers, Dock, ofRce 


State, c Wall, 


Van Slyck Christopher, 7 Pine, 


Coffee and Spice Mills. 

Myers Julius, 89 Fonda, Schenectady 

Confectioners and Ice Cream Saloons. 

McKittrick Barnard, Front, n R. R. Bridge, Ballston Spa 

White James E., Milton ave., n Front, 


Clute Clara Mrs., 74 Barrett, 


Freeman Ethan B., 86 State, 


Moore E. W., 233 State, 


Moore George W., 113 State, 


Parmentier Francis, 74 Ferry, 


Peaselee David W., 164 State, 



Carroll A., 


Gordon Samuel, 


Marselus J., 


Frank William B., 77 Washington ave., 


Ohlen George, 53 Church, 




(See Pluynhers and Gas-Fitters.) 

Cotton Factory. 

Hovey Jonas A., Prospect, c Bath, Ballston Spa 

Country Stores. 

Keeping a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, 
Crockery, Hardware, d'c, d'C. Dealers exclusively in 
one kind of goods will be found under their respective 

Lee Edward W., agt.. Front, c Bath, 

Ballston Spa 

Spier James, West Milton, 


Briggs H., 


Frederick P. J., 


Lasher & Son, 


Miller John P., 


O'Neil James E., 


Snell George A., 


Wemple John B,, 


Wilber & Co., 


Wilber & Hoag, 


Woodworth John, 

* do 

Groot G. W., 


Larrabee R., 


Leedings E., 


Kelly Andrew, 


Ford E., 


Daguerreotypists and Photographers. 

Bronk L. R., Bath, c Front, Ballston Spa 

Clark & Hamlin, 166 and 168 State, Schenectady 

De Bois John, 84 State, do 

Phillips A. & Co., 99 State, do 

Shaw Wallace, 81 State do 

Somes A., 149 Union 'do 



Arnold S. D., Milton ave., n South, Ballston Spa 
Smith Simeon L., Milton ave., opp Eagle 

Hotel do 

Cuyler Vernor, 202 State, Schenectady 

Duell J. C, 47 State, do 

Garrett H. J., 45 State, do 

Lacy & Perkins, 108 State, do 

Vedder John H., 71 State, do 

Dress Makers. 

Carpenter Chloe Miss, Milton ave., c Ford, Ballston Spa 

Knapp Elma Mrs., 12 Smith, Schenectady 

Lansing Benjamin Mrs., 34 Smith, do 

Van Arnam Naomi Mrs., 125 State, do 

Walker Marv Mrs., 50 State. do 

Druggists and Apothecaries. 

Weed & Warner, Milton ave., nWashington, Ballston Spa 

Westcot John H., Front, n Bath, do 

Williams M. L., Front, n Bath, do 

Young E. A., Glenville 

Guadendorff Plerman, 85 State, Schenectady 

Snell David H., 147 State, do 

Traux A. & Co., 141 State, do 

Dry Goods. 

(See also Country stores.) 

Noxon Cornwall N., Front, n Bath, 

Ballston Spa 

Groot G. W., 


Barney H. S. & Co., 101 State, 


Furman Robert, 79 State, 


Groot S. C. & Co., 43 State, 


Lindley Silas H., 121 State, 




Mathews Andrew, 145 State, Schenectady 
McCamus William & Co., 137 State, do 

Murray David & Co., 63 State, do 

Ostrom Henry, 127 State, do 

Dyeing and Scouring. 

Kinghorn William, 2 Railroad, c Water, Schenectady 

Edge Tool Manufacturer. 

Blood Isaiah, • Ballston Spa 

Fancy Goods and Variety Stores. ' 

Schwarz A. & Co., Milton ave., n Ford, 
Schwarz M. & Co., Milton ave., n Ford, 
Sheldon T. & Co., South, c Milton ave., 
Abbott Jessee C, 131 State, 
Barhydt G. S., 158 State, 
Walker James, 118 and 120 State, 
Xavier John, 128 State, 

Fish Dealer. 

Staver Peter, 94 State, 

Ballston Spa 


Flax Mill. 

Esmond & Allison, Ford, n Milton ave Ballston Spa 

Flour and Grist Mills, and Flour and Grain 

Settle Eli, Milton ave, n Saratoga, Ballston Spa 

Updyke & Allen, Milton ave, n Washington, do 

Westcot John H., ft. Main, do 

W^estcott John H., Charlton, n R. R., do 

Delemater M., Duanesburgh 

Haines W., do 


Dawson J., Glenvillc 

Sitterly J. R., Rotterdam 

Veeder G. S., do 

Veeder J., do 

Beal & Van Brunt, 48 Liberty, Schenectady 

Carley A. F., & G. C, 14 and 16 Wall, do 

Clute Harrison, 16 Wall, do 

Clute Napoleon, 10 Wall, Schenectady 

Maxon G. G., 2, 4, 6 and 8 Wall, c Liberty, do 

Sitterly John R., Rotterdam plank road, do 

Van De Bogert Bros, Dock, office 171 State, c Wall, do 
Veeder John H., Rotterdam flats road, . do 

Forv/arding and Commission Merchant. 

Lindley C. L., 5 Dock, Schenectady 

Fruit and Vegetable Dealers. 

Johnson John A., 182 State, Schenectady 

Peaslee David' W., 164 State, do 

Staver Peter, 94 State, do 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. 

Hull Samuel A., 83 State, Schenectady 

Ketchum A. M., 133 State, do . 

Grocers and Provision Dealers. 

(See also Country stores.) 

Brown Wm., Milton ave., cor Ford, Ballston Spa 
Gould Samuel Sen., Front, c Bath, do 

Gould Samuel Jr., Front, c Bath, do 

Morrissey John, ft. Front, n the Spring, do 

W^eed & Warner, Milton ave., n Washington, do 

Allen Lewis, 213 State, Schenectady 
Barhydt Abraham J., 55 Green do 

Barhydt G. S., 158 State, do 

Barhydt John C, 15 Smith, do 


Barnard liozetta Mrs., 112 Liberty, Schenectady 

Bensen R, Y., 112 Union, do 

Bigelo^Y John N., Union, c Romeyn, do 

Bhike Rose A. Mrs., 9 Warren, do 

Carley A. F. & G. C, 26 State^ do 

Chrisler William, 73 State, do 

Clark & Millard, 140 State, do 

Clute Cornelius B., 263 State, . do 

Cregier Sebastian I., 227 State, do 

Doharty James, 2 Jefferson, do 

Engleman Solomon, Nott, n Canal^ do 

Telthousen James D., 196 State, do 

Friederich Andrew, 76 Romeyn, do 

Furbeck James A., 97 Ferry, do 

Gallaher Patrick, "75 Fonda, do 

Hill S. P., 106 Romeyn, do 

Howse William, 79 Ferry, do 

Kilmartin John, 13 Rotterdam, do 
Laramie Samuel H., 97 Union, . do 

Levi Jonathan, 102 and 104 State, do 

Lunney James, 74 Romeyn, do 

McDermott John, 125 Union, do 

McKerlie William, 38 State, do 
Mechanics' Protective Union^ J. H. Tillinghast, 

agent, 127 Union, do 

Melanophy John, 52 Jay, c Franklin, do 

Millard & Crane, 160 State, do 

Miller Jeremiah, 64 Washington ave, do 

Nicklas William, 36 Union, do 

Ostrom David L., 195 State, do 

Peters Harman W., 1 Rotterdam, do 

Potter S. B., 49 State, . do 

Powell D. L. & Son, 75 State, c Ferry,' do 

Reynolds Hugh, 60 Liberty, do 

Scully Patrick, 88 Fonda, do 

Shannon Thomas, 189 State, • do 

Stickles Peter, 37 Union, do 

Streever M. & Co., 172 State, <Jo 

Strong & Helmer, 7 Dock, do 


Susholz Alexander, 257 State, Schenectady 

Sweet & Allen, 201 & 203 State, do 

Swits Jacob N., 26 & 28 State, do 

Truax Isaac I., 65 State, do 

Van Brunt Zenas, 32 Ferry, do 

Van Vranken Abram, 211 State, "do 

Van Vranken Benjamin, 235 State, do 

Vroman Abraham, 114 Union, do 
Walker James & Co.. 118 and 120 State, Schenectady 

Weed William II., 126 Union, do 


Badger John R., Bath, c Front, Ballston Spa 

Chapman Alfred J., 99 Ferry, Schenectady 

Hair Dressers. 

Christopher J. George, Front, n Eagle Hotel, Ballston Spa 
Goines Bazel N., Front, c Spring, do 

Burgdorf Conrad, 3 Dock, Schenectady 
Garlock A. ^., 168 State, do 

La Tour Francis, State, under Fuller's Hotel, do 

Thompson Francis, 173 State, do 

Wendell Peter, Eagle Hotel, do 

Wendell Robert Y., 169 State, do 

Wendell & Jackson, 145 Union, do 


Harris Ar^nold, Front, n Bath, Ballston Spa 
Jones & Thomas, Milton ave, c Ford, do 

Smith Sanford, Bath, n Front, do 

Edwards & Conde, 69 State, Schenectady 
Edwards H. S. & Co., 169 State, do 

Harbison Robert, 116 State, do 

Smith Abel, 136 and 138 State, do 



Harness, Saddles and Trunks. 

Colony J. M., Milton ave, n R. & Saratoga 

R. R., 

Lawrence G. B., Washington, n Bath 
Haver W., 
"Waterstreet J. J.> 
Benedict Robert, State, c R. R., 
Clute James B., 32 State, 
Dorn Robert C, 13 Dock, 
ParrellS., 150 State, 
Gardiner William, 80 State, 
Lyon B. F. & J. IL, 187 Church, 
Marselis Henry, 2-Z7^ State, 

Hats, Caps and Furs, 

Babcock E. D., Front, n Bath, 
Bristol L. W., Bath, n Front, 
Clute William H., 98 State, 
Lee D. M., 110 State, 
Van Home & Son, 149 State, 

Ballston Spa 








Ballston Spa 




Hides, Leather and Findings, and Tanners 
and Curriers. 

Blood & Adams, Milton Centre P. 0., Ballston Spa 

Parent Chancey, Saratoga, n Ralph, do 

Jones Joel W., 112 State, Schenectady 

Rugg S. & Son, 206 State, do 

Schermerhorn & Swits, bet Liberty & Amanda do 

Hollow Ware Manufacturer. 

Featherstone, Near & Co., Pine, c Fonda, Sclienectady 

Hoop Skirt Manufacturer. 

Knox George E., Milton ave., n R. R., Ballston Spa 



Ballston Spa House, Sickler & Arnold prop'rs, 

Milton ave., c Washington, Ballston Spa 

Eagle Hotel, Oliver Shepherd prop'r, Front, 

c Milton ave., do 

Gleason's Hotel, L. L. Gleason prop'r, Milton 

ave., c Washington, do 

Milton House, Joseph Jennings, Ballston, c 

Charlton do 

Railroad House, Henry Harrison, opp R. R. 

Depot do 

Union Hotel, Adam Wilber, Milton ave., c 

South, do 

Village Hotel, S. B. Medbery prop'r, Front, 

c Spring, do 

Burns J. S., Duanesburg 

Case T., do 

Conklin A., do 

Lander A. R., Duanesburg 

Lander D., do 

Pratt E. D., do 

Rich G., do 

Groot G. W., Glenville 

Woodworth John, Niskayuna 

Crouse Abraham, Princetown 

Gifford Alexander, do 

Bond R., Rotterdam 

Bradt H., do 

Roberson John, do 

Schermerhorn W. J., do 

Thomas C, " do 

Ward John, do 

American Hotel, Chas. H. Peper prop'r 221 

State, Schenectady 

Anthony Hall, W. H. Anthony, Ferry, c 

Liberty, do 

Bond Richard, 57 and 59 State, do 

Columbian Hotel, Wm. Bradt prop'r, 155 

and 157 Union do 


Coss John B., 261 State, c Barrett, Schenectady 

Davis Plouse, Isaac Cain prop'r, 188 State, do 

Drullard's Hotel, N. Drullard prop'r, 179 

State, do 

Eagle Hotel, E. & R. Brinton propr's, 207 

and 209 State, do 

Fuller's Hotel, E. H. Vrooman prop'r 152 

and 154 State, do 

Given's Hotel, Aaron Freeman prop'r, 175 

State, c Wall, do 

Hemstreet Michael, 176 State, do 

Mcintosh's Hotel, Angus Mcintosh prop'r, 215 

State, do 

Miller's Hotel, Peter Miller prop'r, 23, 25 

and 27 Rotterdam, do 

Sharratt House, J. S. Burns prop'r, 155 State, do 

Washington Hall, Myndert Ward prop'r, 62 

Washington ave., do 

W^asson Thomas L., SO Washington ave., do 

Ice Cream Saloons. 

See Confectioners and Ice Cream Saloons. 

Ice Dealer. 

Barhydt Jacob T., 76 Front, Schenectady 

Iron Founders and Ornamental Iron works. 

Harris Arnold, Mechanic, Ballston Spa 

Barhydt & Greenhalgh, 98 Centre, Schenectady 

Schenectady Iron Works, Clute Bros., 49 Liberty, do 

Knitting Factory. 

Jones Hiro, Prospect, c Bath, Ballston Spa 

Lager Beer Saloons. 

Friedrich Frederick, 52 Liberty, Schenectady 

Hubner Henry, 98 Ferry, do 

Steinert George, 166 State, do 




Brotherson & Bciieh, Bath, c Fi'ont, Biillston Spa 

Lamorcaux J. S., Bath, c Front, do 

Maxwell David, Bath, c Front, do 
Odell W. T., Front,- next to County Clerk's Office, do 

Scott George G., Bath, n Front, do 

Whalen S., Front, n it. R. Bridge, do 

Calkins S., GlenviUe 

Chadsey D. M., 84 State, Schenectady 

X)aggett Stephen A., 68 State, do 

Fuller James, 150 State, do 

Jackson S. W., 10 Union, do 

Johnson & Hill, 15 Union, do 

Landon Judson S., 1G5 State, do 

McChesney John G., 1C5 State, do 

Mitchell & Beattie, 71 State, do 

Paige Alonzo C, 10 Union, do 
Rosa Edward, Van Home's Hall, Room 4, State, do 

Sanders John, 11 Union, do 

Sanders Walter T. L., 11 Union, do 

Smith David C, 39 State, do 

Thompson Alexander J., 10 Union, do 

Livery Stables. 

Harrison Henry, Bath, n Front, 
Bame John II., 114 Center, 
Cain Isaac, Davis House, State, 

Pettingill W. W. & Co., 216 State, 
Van Patten John, State, 


Maxon Hiram, 131 Union, 

Locomotive Works. 

Schenectady Locomotive Works, John Ellis, 

29 Fonda, ' Schenectady 

Ballston Spa 





Lumber Dealers. 

See CoaJ^ Wood and Lumher. 


Helm Frank T., 241 State, 

Marble Workers. 


Vaughn 0. D., Bath, n the Depot, 

Ballston Spa 

Egleston H. & P., 243 State, 


Kenny Thomas II., 1 State, 


Meat Markets. 

Brownell S. D. & Co., Front, n Bath, 

Ballston Spa 

Burtch & Devlin, Milton ave., n Ford, 


Castle George T., 231 State, 


Clute F. W., 102 Romcyn, 


Reaber Frederick, 167 State, 


Southard Joseph B., 137 Union, 



Ball Mary Mrs., Milton ave., n Front, 

Ballston Spa 

Blood A. P., Milton ave., n Washington, 


Gary Hannah Miss, Front, n Village Hote' 


Van Ness Margaret Miss, Front, n R. R. bridge, do 

Webber Mrs., 


Crandall Mary Miss., 124 State, 


Doty Abraham, 74 State, 


Jeffords A. E. Miss, 105 Union, 


McGukin Sarah A. Miss, 48 State, 


Millinery Goods. 

Johnson William, 91 State, 


Van W^ormer Elizabeth M. Miss, 77 State, 



See Appendix. 

Nurseryman, Seedsman and Florist. 

Reagles, J. D., 9 and 12 Barrett, 



Oil Cloth Manufacturer. 

Wait John & Son, Bath, c Hamilton, Ballston Spa 


Hammond N. P., Middlebrook,cMiltonaye, Ballston Spa 
Hunt L. W., Duanesburgh 

Love J. A., do 

Veeder Henry, Rotterdam 

Lake John, 85 Union, Schenectady 

Painter— Portrait. 

Sexton S. H., 81 State, Schenectady 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

Freeman E. L. & Co., 82 State, Schenectady 

Paper Manufacturers- 

Crane L. M. Factory Village, P. O., Ballston Spa 

Donaldson & McLane, Bloods' Hollow, P. O., do 


Doolittle James F., Front, n Bath, Ballston Spa 

Lewis IMorgan, Milton ave, n Main, do 

Moore Leverett, Milton ave, n Van Buren, do 

Roots John, Milton ave, opp M. E. Church, do 

Braman J., Duanesburgh 

Brumaghim — , do 

Delemater Stephen G,, do 

Hill J. H., ^ do 

Carpenter — , Niskayuna 

Squares E., Rotterdam 

Carpenter Charles H., 147 Union, Schenectady 

Duane Wm. N., 39 and 41 Union, do 

Ellwood Livingston, 219 State, do 

Fuller Robert,^146 State, do 

Mynderse B. A., 27 Liberty, do 

Pease Harman, 105 State, do 



Swits Abram, 9 Jay, Schenectady 

Swits Harmon, 220 State, do 

Van Ingen James L., 11 Smith, do 

Vedder Alexander M., 190 State, do 

Walsh John E., 55 Fonda, " do 

Wheeler Edward H., 13 Liberty, do 

Planing and Sawing. 

Hovey John, Ralph, n Saratoga, Ballston Spa 

Haines W., Duanesburgh 

Putnam A.j Rotterdam 

Schermerhorn J., do 

Valk J., do 

Van Vorst, Vedder & Co., 62 Green, Schenectady 

Plumbers and Gas Fitters. 

Case Levi, 12 Warren, 
Edwards John A.. 69 Centre, 
Helm Frank T., 2:41 State, 

Saddlery Hardware. 

Lyon B. F. & J. IL, 187 Church, 



Saloons and Restaurants. 

Cleary Patrick, Front, n Bath, Ballston Spa 

Ford John B., Milton ave, n Gleason's Hotel, do 

Miller Henry, Milton ave, n Front, do 
Beeler Charles H., 53 Centre, Schenectady 

Coffoy Michael, 8 Dock, do 

Chapman Alfred J., Ferry, c Liberty do 

Cleary Thomas, R. R., opp N. Y. C. Depot, do 

Fitzgerald John, 18 Dock, do 

Fruax Stephen, 124 Union, do 

Gordon Philip H., 21 Rotterdam, do 

Gray Elias R., 157 State, do 

Hanlon Michael, 265 State, do 

Johnson John A., 182 State, do 

Kerk Ander, 4 Dock, do 


J 69 

hadd Isjiac i*., 191 Statu, 


Lucas Ernst, 01 Liberty^ 


Lucas George, 9 Dock, 


Mitchell Thomas, 180 State, 


Pike Thomas P., 1 door n Gi 




Plato James, 177 State, under 


, do 

Roth Charles, 59 Union, 


Stavers Peter, 94 State, 


Van Eps Cornelius, 2 Ferry, 


Van Eps H. II.. (3 Dock, 


Saw Mills. 

Liddle John, Jr., 


Liddle Rohert, 


Baumis Hiram, 


Winnie John, 


Putnam A., 


Schermerhorn J., 


Valk J.. 


Segar Dealers. 

See Tobacconists and Seffcn- Dealers. 

Sewing Machines. 

Sinsrer's Sewino- Machines, Miss S. E. Jennings 

agent, 130 State, 


Shawl Manufacturer, 

Hoy James & Co., 48 Church continuation, 72 

State, Schenectady 

Shingle Mills. 

Davcnburgh A., 
Green R., 
Walpole Richard, 


do ^ 


Soap and Candle Maker, 

Knettel William, 20 Dock, Schenectady 

Soda Water Manufacturers. 

Rodgers & Weller, 64 College, Schenectady 

Thread and Twine Manufacturera. 

Crane H. M. & Co., Buansburgh 

Tinsmiths and Stove Dealers. 

Harris Arnold, Front, n Bath, 

Ballston Spa 

Doty George H, 78 State, 


Miller C. A., 196^ Ferry, 


Mutimer Daniel C., 92 State 


Smith Abel, 136 & 138 State 


Van Patten F. T. & A., 225 State 


Vrooman Jacob V., ^ & 66 State, 


Tobacconists and Segar 


Fryer Jacob H., Front, n R, R. bridgej 

r Ballston Spa 

Burkart Joseph W., 95 Ferry, 


Frazier & Reiley, 150 State, 


Kinghorn William, 4 Railroad, 


O'Brien James S., 101 Ferry 


Rpst John, 77 Centre, 



Freeman Ethan B.,S^ ^tate 


Variety Stores. 

See Fa/icy Goeds and ^^ariety Store, 


Watches and Jewelry. 

Day Samuel F., Front, n Spring, Ballston Spa 

West H. L., Milton ave, n Washington, do 

Hitchcock, L. F., 109 State, Schenectady 

Myers Samuel, 119 State, do 

Sanders James, 109 State, do 

Wheel Barrow Manufacturers. 

Clute & Reagles, 83 Barrett Schenectady 


See Carriage and Wagon Manvfacturers. 

Wines and Liquors. 

Luther John J., Front, c Low, Ballston Spa 

Luther S. H. & H., Milton ave., n Washington, do 
Russell S. H. & H., Milton ave., n Washington, do 
Doharty James, 2 Jefferson, Schenectady 

Peters Alexis, 76 Washington ave, do 

Wood Dealeis. 

See Cool, Wood and Lumber. 

Wool and Pelt Dealers. 

Bills & Van Buren, 245 State, Schenectady 

Woolen Goods Manufacturer. 

<jrreen K., Duanesburgh 




EocKester, Auburn, Geneva, Oanandaigua, Batavia, 

Buffalo, and all points West. 

Ticket CiScc ia Albany, Maiden lane ; General Oice in Albany, Exchange Building 


BEAN mCHMOKD, President; C. VIBBARD, General Superintend't. 

Julius A. SpENCKR.Ass't Sup't, I K. Foster, Jk., Ass't Snp't, 
Thomas Wallack, " Z. C. Priest, "• 

Wm. G. Lapham, " I H. W. Cuittekden, " 

The New York Central Railroad, running the entire length and through 
the most populous part of the State, forms one of the great, ^oldest and best 
managed links of communication between the East and the West. 

It has two eastern termini, one at Albany and the other at Troy, connecting 
at Schenecta'iy. and running thence west through Utica. Rome, «fcc., to Syracuse, 
from v.-hich point there are two roads running to Rochester, known as the 
'•Direct Road," via Port Byion, Lyons, &c.. and the "Old Road," via Auburn, 
Cayuga, Geneva, Canandaigua, Ac. From Rochester there are also two roads 
runninir west, one through Lockport, «fcc., to l^iagara Falls, and the other 
through Batavia. &c., to BufTalo. Also, a branch commencing at Buffalo and 
running along the banks of the Niagara River, through Tonawanda and th« 
village of Niagara Falls to Lewiston ; and likewise a branch from Tonawanda 
to Lockport. 

At either Albany or Troy, passcneers for New York and intermediate places, 
connect with the Hudson River Railroad, Harlem Railroad, or (during the sea- 
son of navigation,) with North River Steamers. Passengers for Pittsfield, 
Springfield,' Worcester, Boston, Hartford, New Haven, Providence, and inter- 
mediate places, connect with \Vestern Jtailroad and its connections. Passen- 
gers for Saratoga Springs. Rutland, Burlington, Montreal, and all places North, 
also connect by Hailroad, from either Albany, Troy, or Schenecttidy. 

Passengers for Sharon Sprinas, leave the Central Railroud ut Palatine Bridge, 
and go from there by stage. Those for Cherry Yallej', C<ioperstown and places 
South, leave at Ko:t Plain Those for Trenton Falls leave at Utica and go by 
Railroad. Those for Watertown and places North, connect with the Rome anil 
Watcrtown Railroad at Rome. 

At Syracuse, the Central Railroad connects with the S. & B. R. R., running 
to the Erie R. R. at Binghamton, and with the O. & S. R. R., running north to 

At Canandaigua, vvith the E. C. & N. Falls Railroad, running to the Erie 
Railroad at Elmira. 

At Roehe.-ter with tha B. C. & N. Y. Railroad, running to the Erie Railroad 
at Corning. And with Stpamers for all ports on Lake Ontario. 

At Bufralo with steamers <m Lake I'^rie, (during the season of navigation,) 
and with the Lake Shore Railroad to Erie, Cleveland, Sanduskj', Toledo, and 
thence to Chicago by Michigan Southern Railroad. 

At Niagara Fails passengers connect with the Great Western Raih-oad ^.Cana- 
da) to Detroit, and from thence to Chicago by Michigan Central Pailrond. 

At Lewiston passengers conn* ct (during the season of navigation) with 
Steamers for Toronto and all ports on Lake Ontario. 











S. H. & H. LUTHER 


1 31 1» o i«^ T ii: i> 






fr^ \imm ut ca :-t^-?t, rwTi^ i-i ^\ TwriF.- f( ju :-^.?) 1 


Ballston Sreet, cor. Charlton Street. 
Ballston Spa^ N. Y. 


Millinery and Fancy Goods, 

Milton Ave. near Washington St. 

§iUIjstott <§p, % i(. 



Indian %mi & gnfc iMtot, 

Ballston Spa^ N. Y. 



Throat, Lungs, Heart, 

Liver, Dropsey, Rheumatism, 

Fevers, Fits of Falling Sickness, 

Neuralgia, an Nervous Derangements, Diseases 
of the Blood, and all Forms of Female 
Difficulties, with unparalleled 
Never fails to cure them. He lias doctored over 1,500 pa- 
tients, the 1 ast two yeais, without losing a patient, 
1 .54 . 


014 208 567 7