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Full text of "Schenectady city and county directory, for 1862-3 .."

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^ y 







Mtmx f rinting ^mm, 



l^iW TYPES, iiiiiii, 



One Thousand Fonts of Type, 

Of all Sizes and Styles, and innumerable BORDERS and ORNA- 
MENTS are now contained in the office, so that there is hardly 
any taste or fancy that may not be suited. 





Book & Miscellaneous Printing, 


With a clearness and beauty of execution unsurpassed. 




Life Insurance Co., 


§m Ifovk ^\tt §m\mm (^m\\\m\\\^, 

Nos. 112 & 114 Broadway, New York. 



ISAAC C. KENDALL, Vice-Prest. WM. H. BEERS, Cashier. 

General Agent, Local Agent, 


DJ^ This is a purely Mutual Company, all the profits being 
divided among the assured annually. 


been now in operation seventeen years, and has accumulated a 
capital of $2,200,000. Its Dividends have never been less than 30 
per cent on the premiums paid, and it has disbursed to widows 
and orphans over $1,200,000. It has deposited with the Comp- 
troller of New York State, as an evidence of good faith, to secure 
Policy Holders, $100,000, and its Trustees in New York City, are 
of the very first and reliable names. The affairs of this Company 
show a lively prosperity, and each successive year, this great 
society, after disbursing some two or three hundreds of thousands 
of dollars, are adding to their capital the like amount. 

In accordance with the requirements of the Charter, the funds 
of the Company are invested in stocks created by or under the 
laws of the State of New York, or of the United States, or on un- 
incumbered real estate, worth fifty per cent more thau the amount 
loaned thereon. 



By the table on which this class of policies is based it would seem that a per- 
son incurs no risk in taking out a policy. Insuring to-day for $5000, if he die 
to-morrow, the $5000 immediately becomes a claim, and if he lives ten years, and 
makes ten annual payments, his policy is paid up ; nothing more to pay and 
etill his dividends CONTINUE, making his life policy a source of income to him 
while living. The principal argument of weight offered against life insurance 
is, that a party might pay in for a number of years, and then, by inadvertence, 
inability, &c., not be able to continue paying, and then lose all he has paid. 
The NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY has done much to obviate this 
objection by their ten tear plan and non forfeiture. A party, by this table, 
cannot forfeit what has been paid in. Thus, if one insuring by this plan for 
$5000 discontinue after the second year, the Company will give him A paid up 
POLICY, according to the number of years paid in, viz : 

Second year, two-tenths of amount insured, $1000 

Third " three-tenths of $5000 " 1500 

Fourth " four-tenths " " 2000 

Fifth " five-tenths " " , 2500 

And so on until the tenth annual payment, when all is paid and dividends 






D:F" Applications, Forms, Pamphlets and Last Statement, may 
be had at the office. 



Charles H. Russell, Troy $:^000 

Ismc Carpenter, Albany, 3000 

Wni T. King, Troy 5000 

Edward B Slason, Albany 3000 

Abr;im A. Lansing. Albany, SOOO 

Michael S. Martz, Troy, 1000 

Henry Tatnr. Troy 5000 

Albert A. Thompson. Troy, 500 

Alex. H. Brown, Troy, 500 

Eichard Bulger, Albany, 3000 

Chas. S. Coleman, Troy, $5000 

Abner Loveland, Troy, 3500 

Germaine Lamoui*e, Albany 10000 

James Vane, Albany 1000 

Henry Fenno, Albany, 5000 

Henry Banker, Charlton, 3000 

H. Van Antwerp, Schenectady,... 5000 
T. L. Thompson, !;chenectady,.... 5000 
S. Ward, Schenectady, 1000 






s^^sa^y/© ^ ^i^ t^ .i^ ^ ^ 


Extension Tables and Wash Stands, 




No. 478 Broad^vay, 


J. w. Mcdonald. 




JHimnfaftiirers' JlrtifUs anli ^nppim. 



JHachine Cards, Leather and Rubber Beltings, 





strict attention p aid to BIiEACHZNG and PRSSSZNO. 


E3. 0-WE33>r, 

Nos. 715, 717 & 719 BROADWAY, 

MMmf. Ko 1 


M. W. lACOIIBER & €0., 

>lesale and 


Wholesale and Retail 
And Dealers in 



Kerosene Oil, &c., &c. 

"Wliolesale Agents for 



And all the Popular 


Also, Agents for 






The inyentor and proprietor of this admirable preparation has operated with 
the HAIR RESTORER for the past year and a half in the city of Albany with 
the most brilliant success, operating upon probably the worst cases of baldness 
to be found in this or any other country, giving each a good and substantial 
head of hair. It is without doubt THE ONLY GENUINE HAIK RESTORER 
EXTANT. The proprietor feels assured that after a fair trial a generous public 
will attest to its superior quality over all other preparations. 

I*rlce One j^Dollar i>er JBottle. 

All orders to be accompanied by the cash. For sale wholesale and retail at 
the office 

No. 29 ORANGE ST., between Broadway and North Pearl St., 
Prof. H. A. DeMUNN, Albany, N. Y. 


352 & 354 BROADWAY, cor. Division St., 



And AVholesale Dealers In all kinds of 

C O P' F E E , 


Jit lowest JflarUet Prices. 



I ]VC P O R T E R S 

And Wholesale Dealers in 







Fills teeth with granulated or spong»gold in a manner unsur- 
passed by any operator in the State. Natural and life like-artifi- 
cial dentures inserted on reasonable terms. 

D;^A11 work warranted A 1. 


No. 56 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

finished in the best style and on the most reasonable terms. 

Particular attention paid to making enlarged copies from small pictures finish- 


? ALBANY, N. Y., <^ 




At tlie Junction of tlie 



At all hours, to suit the arrival and departure of all 
the different Trains and Steamers. 








Incoiinectioii witli tlie New York Central 
Rail Road, 

MET, SUHBili iieiPTSB. ■ 

LEAVE ALBANY, from Steam Boat Landing, at 1)4 o'clock P. M., on the ar- 
rival of the Great vV estern Train of Cars. 

LEAVE PIER No. 16. N. R., between Courtlandt and Liberty Streets, New 
York, at 6 P. .M., arriving in Albany to connect with the Morning Trains for 
East, West and North. 

la 405 feet long, 78 feet wide, has four Decks, cylinder 81 inches diameter, 12 
feet stroke, 40 feet wheel, one sleam and three hand Fire Pumps, 220 Family and 
State Rooms, 250 Berths. 

Is 385 feet long, 88 feet wide, has four Decks, cylinder 77 inches diameter, 15 
feet stroke, 46 feet wheel, one steam and three hand Fire Pumps, 228 Family and 
State Rooms, 249 Berths. 

Both Boats are in every particular furnished and equipped in the most safe 
and comfortable manner. 

ran pjissjiaE on freight, 

Which will be taken at all times as low as by any other line of Steamers, apply 
at the Office, 

Or on the Wharf No. 16 NORTH RIVER, NEW YORK. 

J. "W. HARCOURT, Agent, Albany. 
P. C. SMITH, Agent, New York. 



a;vestern route to 




Ticket Office in Albany, Maiden Lane. 


DEAN RICHMOND, Vice President, JULIUS A. SPENCER Ass't Scp't. 

J. V. L. PRUYN, Treas. & Gen. Counsel, E. FOSTER, Jr., 

E. D. WORCESTER, Assistant Tres., THOMAS WALLACE, *' 

ROBERT li. BANKS, Secretary, Z. C. PRIEST, 

C YIBBARD, General Superintendent, WM. G. LAPHAM, " 

GEO. E. GRAY, Chief Engineer, H. W. CHITTENDEN, " 

S. DRULLARD, General Freight Agent. 

The New York Central Kail Road, running the entire length and through the most po- 
pulous part of the state, fomis one of the great, oldest and best managed links of communica- 
tion between the East and the West. 

It has two eastern termini, one at Albanj' and the other at Troy, connecting at Schenectady 
and running thence west through tJtica, Rome, Ac, to Syracuse, from which point, there are 
two roads running to Rochester, known as tl>e " Direct Road," via Port Byron, Lyons, &c., 
and the " Old Koad," via Anburn, Cayuga, Geneva, Canandaigua, ic. From Rochester there 
are also two roads running west, one through Lockport, Ac. to Niagara Falls, and the other 
through Batavia, &c., to Buffalo. Also, a branch commencing at Buffalo and running along the 
banks of the Niagara River, through Tonawanda and the village of Niagara Falls to Lewlston ; 
and likewise a branch from Tonawanda to Lockport. 

At either Albany or Teoy, passengers for New York and intei-mediate places connect with 
the Hudson River Rail Road, Harlem Rail Road, or (during the season of navigation) with 
North River Steamers. Passengers for PittsfieUI, Springfield, Worcester, Boston, Hartford, 
New Haven, Providence, and intermediate places, connect with Western R. R. and its con- 
nections. Passengers for Saratoga Springs, Rutland, Bmlington, Montreal and all places 
North, also connect by Rail Road, from either Albany, Troy or Schenectady. 

Pcissengers for Sharon Springs, leave the Central Rail Road at Palatine Bridge, and go from 
there by stage. Those for Cherry Valley, Cooperstowu and places South, leave at Fort Plain. 
Those for Trenton Falls leave at Utica and go by Rail Road. Those for Watertown and places 
North connect with the Rome & Watertown K. R. at Rome. 

At Syracuse the Central R R. connects with tlie S. & B. R. R , running to the Erie R. R. at 
Binghamton. And with the 0. & S. R. R., running north to Oswego. 

At CANANDAIGUA with the E. C. Sc N. Falls R. R., running to the Erie R. R. at Elmira. 

At Rochester with the B. C. & N. Y. R. R.. running to the Erie R. R. at Corning. And 
■with Steamers for ail ports on Lake Ontario. 

At BuFKALO with Steamers on Lake Erie (during the season of navigation). And with the 
Lake Shore R. K. to Erie, Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo, and thence to Chicago by Michigan 
Southern R. R. 

At Niagara Palls passengers connect with the Great Western R, R. (Canada) to Detroit, 
and from thence to Chicago by Michigan Central R. R. 

At Lewiston passengers connect (during the season of navigation) with Steamers for Toronto 
and all ports on Lake Ontario. 





FOR 1862-3, 


List of City and County Officers, 







(14 ) 

The publishers in presenting the fourth Schenectady Direct- 
ory would invite the attention of the public to its completeness 
and accuracy. 

The renumbering of the city, and the five or six hundred ad- 
ditional inhabitants whose names are found in the present work, 
rendered its compilation a matter of necessity, and we have en- 
deavored to meet the requirements of the times. 

The County Directory, an unique feature in such publications, 
which will be of great service to the citizen and stranger, has 
added much to our labors, and will be found very perfect. 

In our advertising pages will be found almost every variety of 
merchandise ; and we feel grateful to our patrons for their liberal 
favors in this direction, as the low price of the book leaves small 
margin for profit on its sale. 

We trust that the appearance of the work will be a sufficient 
evidence of our thanks to those who have kindly aided and en- 
couraged us in its execution. 

Schenectady, July, 1862. 


At Mohawkville, in the town of Rotterdam, situated 2{ miles 
south of Schenectady, one of the healthiest and most splendid 
locations for a village in the state, is the Thread and Twiicb 
Manufactory of Henry M. Crane. 

The number of inhabitants at present is about 300. The 
grounds of Mr. Crane are superb, being laid out in parks and 
magnificent drives of various lengths. Mr. C.'s business we 
find, extends through every state in the Union. Persons wishing 
a nice drive will be very much gratified and surprised at the 
beauty which this little village afibrds, and will always find Mr. 
C. willing and ready to show them through his grounds. 

(15 ) 

Advertisements, Albany, 1-12, 141-144 

Preface 14 

Mohawkville, notice of, 14 

Index to Adrertisers, 15 


General Directory, 17-111 

Miscellany, 111-117 

County Directory, 119-141 


Ahreet A. B. boots and shoes, 23 

Atwell D. A. insurance, 18 

Bame John H. Urery, 20 

Barney H. S. & Co. dry goods, car- 

petings, &c 118 

Beal & Van Brunt, flour and 

grain, 23 

Blum F. marble 27 

Calo Francis, city baggage wagon, 118 

Carley A. F. & G. C. groceries 32 

CarleyG.Q insurance, 32 

DeBois J. photographs, &c 44 

Doty Geo. H. & Go. stoves, &c 31 

Edwards John A. gas fitting and 

fixtures, 43 

Egleston H. marble, 28 

Felthousen J. D. groceries and pro- 
visions 31 

Gnadendorff H. apothecary 52 

Hanford George, insurance, back cover 

Jones Moses M. slater, 61 

Kenny Thos. H. marble, 31 

Ketchum A. M. furnishing store,... 52 

Knowlton Willis, photographs, 64 

Lacy & Perkins, dentistry, 24 

Lake & Wilson, groceries, paints 

and oils, 44 

McCamus Wm. & Co. dry goods,... 68 

McMuUen Andrew, coal and lime,. 71 

Maxon Geo. G. produce, &c., 28 

Miller Chas. A. tinware, 47 

Moore E. W. baker and confection- 
er 23 

Myers Samuel, jeweler, 47 

Pettiugill W. W. & Co. livery, 81 

Reagles C. & Son. nurseries, 83 

Rodgera & Weller, soda, Ac, 48 

Rosa Edward, attorney, 47 

Sanders Walter T. L. attorney, 44 

Snell David H. apothecary, 51 

Somes A. photographs. 51 

Southard John, meat markets, 118 

Swart C. B. bookbinder, 24 

Van DeBogert Bros, lumber, coal 

and flour 98 

Van Home & Son, hats, caps and 

furs, front cover 

Van Vorst & Vedder, lumber and 

planing, 104 

Van Vranken B. groceries, 48 

Van Vranken C. & H. carriages 

and sleighs, 103 

Vrooman J. V. stoves, 71 

Walker James & Co. groceries and 

sundries, 51 

Westinshouse G. & Co. agricultur- 
al implements, 24 

Xavier J. fancy goods, 52 


Bartholomew & Morse, cofi'ee and 

spices 8 

Commerce Ins. Co front cover 

Cozzens & Lay, stove polish 142 

Cushman R. S. & P. liquors 9 

Davis, Craft & Wilson, clothing, 

inside back cover 

De Munn II. A. hair restorer, 8 

Dunlop House, 6 

Gaertner, Dr. infirmary, Troy, 141 

Hartnett M. milliner, 6 

Hoxsie, 4 

Huested & Wendell, photographs, 9 
Tracey John & Co. rectifiers, 144 

McCuen John, advertising, 141 

Macomber M. & Co. drugs, &c., 7 

Morange J. W. upholstery, 144 

Munsell J. printer, 1 

N. Y. Life Ins. Co 2-3 

Perkins J. A. dentistry,... 9 

Railroad, N. Y. Central, 12 

Stanwix Hall,.. .. 10 

Steamers, to New York 11, 144 

Thompson S. J. & Co. photographs, 5 
Van Sickler R. M. & Forby, manu- 
facturers' supplies 6 

Viele Rufus K. bedsteads, &c., 5 

Wing, D. L. flour,...- 142 

( 16 ) 


Albany street, from junction of Veeder ave. and State street. 

Amanda street, from Lafayette street to Nott terrace. 

Centre street, from Pine street to Gas works. 

Church street, from Front street to the canal. 

Clinton street, from State street to Hamilton. 

College street, from Front street to Liberty. 

Barrett street, from Union street to State. 

Ferry street, from the river to State 

Fonda street, from Nott street to Union. 

Franklin street, from Centre street to White. 

Front street, from Washington ave. to the Dry Dock bridge. 

Governor's Lane, from Front street to the river. 

Green street, from Ferry street to Pine. 

Hamilton street, from Clinton street to Veeder avenue. 

Jay street, from Union street to State. 

Jefferson street, from Front street to Pine. 

John street, from Front street to Green. 

Lafayette street, from Union street to Hamilton. 

Liberty street, from Ferry street to Nott Terrace. 

Madison street, from Jefferson street to Monroe. 

Mill street, from State street to Church. 

Monroe street, from Front street to the canal. 

Myers' alley, from South avenue to Fonda. 

North street, from the river to Front street. 

Nott street, from Fonda street to above the North College. 

Nott terrace, from Union street to State. 

Park place, from South avenue to Union street. 

Pine street, from Fonda street to Centre. 

Romeyn street, from Nott street to Union. 

Rotterdam street, from Water street to the canal. 

Rail road street, from Water street to the canal. 

Smith street, from Centre street to Veeder avenue. 

South avenue, from Fonda street to Park place. 

State street, from Washington avenue to Albany turnpike. 

Union street, from Washington avenue to Troy turnpike. 

Wall street, from Liberty street to State. 

Warren street, from Centre street to Fonda. 

Washington avenue, from the river to Rotterdam street. 

Water alley, from State street to Water. 

Water street, from the river to State street. 

White street, from Liberty street to State . 

Yates street, from Union street to Liberty. 


Abbott Elijah, fruit peddler," house 79 Jay 
ABBOTT JESSE C. fancy goods and jewelry, 131 

State, house 260 do. 
Abrahams Isaac T. cooper, house 58 Lafayette 
Abrams Solomon, stationman, house 144 Centre 
Adams John H. machinist, h. 113 Union [pastor 

African Church, Jay near Liberty, Rev, A. J. Prime, 
Agen Bridget, widow, house 8 Slate 
Agen James, tailor, house 5T Ferry 
Ager Adam, helper, h. 38 Veeder ave. * [White 

AHREET AMOS B. boots and shoes, 231 State, h. 55 
Ahreet Charles A. clerk, boards 55 White 
Ahreet Marquis W. 18 reg't N. Y. V. house 55 White 
Aldorf Charles, helper, house 145 Front 
Aldridge Edward, canaler, boards 1 Centre 
Aley William, shoemaker, house 20 College 
Allen Daniel (Sweet & Allen), grocer, 203 State cor. 

Centre, house 84 Liberty 
Allen David B. mison, house 9 Front 
Allen Leonard F. shoemaker, house 249 State 
Allen Lewis, grocer, 213 State, house 109 Liberty 
Allen Reuben S. engineer, house 1 Cottage row 
Allsdorf Morgan, machinist, house 136 Centre 
Amberg Philip, jeweler, 177 State, boards 179 do. 
Amend Francis, laborer, boards 98 Ferry [depot 

American Express Office, 50 Liberty, N. Y. C. R. R. 



For the foliowing named 

Home Insurance Co. of N.Y.,.^ 
Lorillard Ins. Co. of N. Y., . . . 
Security Ins. Co. of N. Y., . • » • 
Hartford Fire In. Co., Hartford 
Phoenix Ins. Co. of Hartford, . 
Springfield Fire & Marine Ins. 
Co. of Massachusetts, 

Aggregate Capital & Surplus 









200,000 212,000 

$3,100,090 $1,400,000 


All losses promptly and hoxorably adjusted and 
paid at this Ao-ency. Detached Farm Buildings in- 
FIVE YEARS, FOR CASH. No premium notes 
taken or required 

All application for insurance, personally or by 
mail, promptly attended to. 


Residence 56 l.afayette St., 


Anderson Alida, boarding house, 2 Smith 

Anderson George, boots and shoes, 83 Ferry, h. do. 

Angle Charles E. teller Mohawk Bank, b. 27 Church 

Anson Eliza, boards 100 Front 

Anthony Jared, baker, house 87 Ferry 

Anthony William, 18th reg't N. Y. V. h. 13 Warren 

Anthony William H., Anthony Hall, 87 Ferry corner 

Liberty, house do. 
Apps James, moulder, house 9 Jefferson 
Aring Absalom, house 79 Lafayette 
Arnold Simon, lumber merchant, house 19 Centre 
Atal Leonard, gardener, house 61 Union 
Atherson Charles, shoemaker, house 8 State 
ATWELL DANIEL A. bookkeeper Locomotive 

Works, house 56 Lafayette 
Austin Charles W. farmer, house 136 Front 
Austin Peter, 91st reg't N. Y. V. house 23 Green 
Austin Sanford, fireman, house 45 College 

±5abcock Aaron, Union Coast Guard, U. S. Navy 

Babcock Agnes, widow of John, house 81 Front 

Babcock James, blacksmith, house 29 Rotterdam 

Babcock Robert, house 88 Hamilton 

Babner Simon, tailor, 131 Union, b. Columbian Hotel 

Backus J. T. Rev. house 6 Union 

Babn Hugh, laborer, house 82 Fonda 

Bailey Wm. P. carpenter, 18 Yates, house 55 Centre 

Baldus Charles, moulder, h. Nott terrace n. Amanda 

Baldwin Samuel, bookkeeper, house 16 Clinton 

Ball Charles L. S. house 38 Green 

Ball Edward H. civil engineer, boards 7 Union 

Ball James M. 18th reg't N. Y. V. boards 7 Union 

Ballert Julius, shoemaker, 237 A State, h. do. 

BAME JOHN H. livery stable", 114 Centre, house 242 

State. (See Advertisement on next page.) 
Bame Willam S. candlemaker, house 72 Jay 
Bancker John, assessor 4th ward, house 77 Liberty 
Banden Frederick, N. Y. V. house 78 Ferry 



Exchange Stable. 



^(SMSIfl€^itD¥, Mo ¥o 

is prepared to furnish HORSES and CARRIAGES at all hours 
of the 


And desires to say to his friends and the public that they can 
be accommodated with good horses and carriages at 


Also, that SHOWMEN can be accommodated with a band 
wagon of four or six horses. 

The horses are second to none in the country. The carriages 
cannot be surpassed for beauty of design and workmanship, 
combining all the modern improvements for ease and elegance. 


Furnished on the shortest possible notice. 


Banker Isaac, blacksmith, Liberty opposite Canal, 

house 50 College 
Banker Isaac jr. machinist, b. 50 College 
Banker Jerome B. blacksmith, boards 50 College 
Banker John, general office N. Y. C. R. R , Albany, 

boards 50 College 
BANKER JOHN N. county clerk, house 37 Lafayette 
Banker Wil'iam H. machinist, house 48 College 
Banker Peter, boards 248 State 
Banks Henry, helper, house 28 Plank road 
Bannard Alfred U. bookkeeper, boards 108 Liberty 
Bannard Catharine A. widow of John, h. 67 Centre 
Bannard Charles, fireman, house 49 Green 
Bannard John, boards 176 State 
Bannard William, house 17 Yates 
Baptist Church, Union near Centre 
Bare Frederick, gardener, house Myers' alley 
Barhydt Abraham J. grocer, 55 Green, house do. 
I Barhydt Al'en, mason, house 87 Lafayette 
Barhydt Andrew, 18th reg't N. Y. V. 
Barhydt Anna, widow, house 28 Jefferson 
Barhydt Benjamin F. blacksmith, house 15 Jay 
Barhydt Betsy, widow, house 134 Liberty 
Barhydt Cornelius, house 7 Monroe 
Barhydt Garret B. mason, house 19 Green 
Barhydt Giles S. grocer. 158 State, house 192 do. 
I Barhydt & Greenhalgh, vice and spring manufacturers, 

98 Centre opposite Franklin 
Barhydt Hester, widow, house 38 Green 
Barhydt James H. clerk, house 78 Liberty 
Barhydt J. Andrew, conductor, boards 45 Front 
Barhydt John C. house 23 Smith 
Barhydt John S. M. house 1 1 Jeflferson 
Barhydt J. Teller, boards 76 Front 
Barhydt Lewis C. (Barhydt 8c Greenhalgh), 98 Centre 

opp. Franklin, house 30 Smith 
Barhydt Lewis J. ice dealer, 76 Front, house do. 
Barhydt Nicholas, house 214 State 


Barhydt Peter B. mason, house 16 Barrett 

Barhydt Sarah, widow of Jerome N. house 71 Green 

corner John 
Barker Ann Eliza, widow of Joshua, h. 73 Lafayette 
Barker Charles E. machinist, bds. 4 Cottage row 
Barker Ira, shoemaker, 24 Barrett, house do. 
Barker Jonathan (V. Barker & Co.), h. 72 Barrett 
Barker J. & Co. brick and tile manuf. 72 Barrett 
Barker Lorenzo (/. Barker & Co.), h. 61 Romeyn 
Barker Peter, shoemaker, house 80 College 
Barker Robert, laborer, house 19 John 
Barker Theodore, boards 72 Barrett 
Barker Wm. (/. Barker & Co.), h. 107 Liberty 
Barnard Everton, boards 112 Liberty 
Barnard Rosetta, widow, grocery, 112 Liberty, h. do. 
Barnard Walter W. miller, boards 112 Liberty 
BARNEY H. S. & CO. dry goods & carpets, 101 State 
Barney Howland S. (H. S. Barney & Co.), 101 State, 

house 56 College [56 College 

Barney Reuben (H. S. Barney So Co.), 101 State, bds. 
Barrett Michael, laborer, house 5 Warren 
Barrett Thomas, waiter, Givens' Hotel, h. 90 Centre 
Barringer Aaron, house 25 Union 
Barringer George C. helper, house 35 Centre 
Barringer Harriet S. widovF of Daniel, h. 53 Front 
Barringer Howard, boards 53 Front 
Barringer Jacob, clerk, boards 53 Front 
Barringer William, h. 2 Union cor. Washington ave. 
Barry Michael, laborer, house 10 Hamilton 
Bassett A. widow, house 108 Union 
Bartlett Edward, fireman, house 23 Yates 
Baum Charles, clerk, boards 36 Clinton 
Baum Maurice, clerk, boards 166 State 
Baumis George, shoemaker, house 46 College 
Beal William H. house 67 Liberty [Liberty 

BEAL & VAN BRUx\T, flour, feed and grain, 45 
Beau Silas L. machinist, house 64 Barrett 
Bearup Andrew, 1 8th reg't N. Y. V. 


iii? i BMm micEi, 


N. B. Boots and Shoes made and repaired on the shortest 
possible notice, and warranted to fit. 


^t Jf-o, 2 ROTTERDJlJfl ST,, 




HORSE SHOEING, &c., done promptly and warranted to suit. 

m BMEM AID mmmw mii 


iCHra ICTABY, If o Yo 
A.B.MOORE, - - Proprietor. 

BREAD, CAKES AND PIES, always on hand. 

Also, FRESH CANDIES of every variety, 







G. WESTINttHOUSE & CO, Proprietors. 


EliiLIii ®nMM P®WEBi, 

For One, Tivo and Tbree Horses, 


For Four to Ten Horses, 


Of dififerent sizes adapted to all kinds of Powers. 

Threshers & Vibrating Separators, Clover Machines, 
Wood Sawing Machines (Circular and Drag), 

For full description and prices of these unsurpassed Machines, apply to tha 
subscribers for their ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR. 




111 STATE ST., over Young & Graham's Book Store, 

Books made to order for any branch of Business, from a Memorandum Book 
to the largest Bank LedRer. Paper ruled and bound to any pattern desired. 



Teeth filled with Gold, Silver, &c,, also inserted on plates of 
Gold, Silver or Rubber. Terms reasonable. 


Bearup Mary J. house 77 College 

Bearup Solomon, house 77 College 

Beattie D. C. (Mitchell Sc Beattie), lawyer, 71 State, 

boards Eagle Hotel 
Becker Adam, tailor, house 118 Front cor. John 
Beckley John P. merchant tailor, 98 State, house 62 

Beekman Christopher, boards 123 Liberty 
Beenback Conrad, laborer, house Nott terrace near 

Belden Alonzo S. boards 151 Union 
Bell Horatio N. shoemaker, 123 Liberty 
Benedict Andrew, saddlery and harness, Yates & 

Davis Building, h. Veeder ave. op. Smith 
Benedict Ephraim, hats, caps and wool, 99 State, 

house 10 Liberty 
Benedict Ephraim, jr. clerk, boards 10 Liberty 
Benedict William F. iron, house 118 Liberty 
Benedict William M. clerk, boards 10 Liberty 
Bensen Richard V. grocer, Union cor. Yates, house 

110 Union 
Bentley Francis, 27th reg't N. Y. V. h. 20 Lafayette 
Bernadi John, helper, h. Nott terrace n. Liberty 
Berry Green, house 24 Jay 
Berry Rev. Philip, house 25 Front 
Bettys Charlotte, house 10 Front 
Beverly John, laborer, house 12 College 
Beyer Francena, widow, house 83 Centre 
Bice Benjamin B. shoemaker, h. 48 Lafayette 
Bieler John, laborer, boards 104 State 
Bigelow Charles P. clerk, boards 108 Romeyn 
Bigelow John A. express, boards 20 Hamilton 
Bigelow John N. grocer, 153 Union, h. 108 Romeyn 
Bills Horace B. (Van Buren Sc Bills), 245 State, house 

247 do. 
Blackburn Vincent, machinist, house 134 Union 
Blaisder Clements, helper, h. Albany near State 
Blake Patrick, grocer, 9 Centre cor. Warren, h. do. 


Blettersdorf Theodore, bookbinder, h. Stone lane 

Blinn C. Rev. house 12 Jay 

Blum Christian, house 46 Romeyn 

BLUM FREDERICK, marble works, 167 Union 

Boakes Wm. carpenter, house College 

Bogart Anna, house 41 Jay 

Bohannan David, laborer, house 90 Front 

Bohannan Helen, widow, house 90 Front 

Bohannan Jacob V. V. helper, house 157 Front 

Bohannan John W. bla* ksmi'h, house 10 Green 

Boice Peter, shoemaker, house 64 Fonda 

Eolles William F. books and stationery, 93 State, h. 

89 State 
Bonney Edward, 47th*reg't N. Y. M. 
Bonney Mrs. boards 229 State 
Boots John, tailor, house 24 Lafayette 
Boss H. wagon maker and blacksmith, 77 Romeyn 
Boss Isaac iS. baker, house 86 State 
Bouck Mrs. widow of James M. house 10 Clinton 
Bouck John M. trackmaster, house 36 Jefferson 
Bovee John, 18th reg't N. Y. V. 
Bovee Peter, moulder, boards 12 Jefferson 
Bowan Joel, hostler, house 23 Centre 
Bower John, mason, h. Nott terrace op. Liberty 
Bowtell John H. 91st reg't N. Y. V. h. 11 Lafayette 
Bowtell M. C. day boat agent, N. Y. C. R. R. boards 

Cleary's Saloon 
Boyd John C. blacksmith, house 13 Warren 
Boyd John H. house 29 Liberty 
Bradley Daniel, house 16 Jay 

Bradley James, laborer, house 33 Centre [ave. 

Bradshaw James H. hotel pi^Dprietor, 54 and 56 Wash. 
Bradshaw Mary J. widow, house 17 Amanda 
Bradshaw Miss R. house 75 Ferry 
Bradshaw Mrs. widow, house 17 Amanda 
Bradt Angelica, widow, house 51 Front 
Bradt Daniel, grocer, 97 Ferry, h. 19 Liberty 
Bradt Gilbert, carpenter, house 112 Front 

F. blxjm:'s 


(Sfext door to Columbian Hotel,) 

SiHI l!iiTA®¥j H. ¥, 

I manufacture anything in the Marble h'ne, such as 


Also, keep on hand every variety and quality of 


Which I make up in any style wished by cus- 

Jg^*" All orders from abroad promptly supplied on 
the most reasonable terms. 





liAiiLE liMTLEi, 

TA.BLE TOPS, &c., 

JTo. 243 STjITE street, 

SeilMGTlBY, 1. Y. 

[t^ All orders promptly supplied on reasonable terms. 





Nos. 2, 4 & 6 WALL STREET, 
Corner of Liberty Street, 

0€]EIlK31<OTAffi)ir, If o To 

D^^ A constant supply of GENESEE, WESTERN, CANA- 
DIAN.and BAKER'S FLOUR on hand. 


Bradt Henry Y. printer, house|51 Front 

Bradt John, city treasurer, house 37 Hamilton, office 

Yates & Davis Building, up stairs 
Bradt John, laborer, house Albany 
Bradt Margaret E widow, house 27 Clinton 
Bradt Sebastian, house 8 Ferry 
Bradt William A. painter, house 62 Fonda 
Bradt William H. machinist, boards 62 Fonda 
Brady Patrick, laborer, house 43 Romeyn 
Branthast Ernest, butcher, house 12 Lafayette 
Brehm Conrad, tailor, house 3 Rail road 
Brennan Charles, laborer, house 66 Fonda 
Brewer Jacob S. laborer, house 68 Barrett 
Brewer James L. overseer, house 38 College 
Brewer Margaret, widow, house 37 Smith 
Brewer William, carman, boards 261 State 
Brickner Henry, shoemaker, 3 Green, house do. 
Brignall Thomas, mason, house 16 Barrett 
Brigner Andrew, helper, house 15 Amanda 
Brinton Ebenezer (E. Brinton & Co.), h. 207 State 
Brinton E. & Co. props.- of Eagle Hotel, 207 State 
Brinton Ransler (E. Brinton & Co.), h. 207 State 
Brockhouse Joseph, boilermaker, house 24 Jefferson 
Broderick John, broker, 29 State, boards 30 Water 
Bronk James, blacksmith, boards 154 State 
Bronk John, house 28 Green 
Brooks Fanny, widow, house 146 Union 
Brooks George A. house 71 Front 
Brooks Isabella, house 35 Liberty 
Brower Mrs. widow of Giles, house Nott n. Romeyn 
Brown Albert (A. Brown & Son), 67 State, house 33 

Brown Amos, laborer, house 24 Rail road 
Brown A. & Son, furniture dealers, 67 State 
Brown Clinton C. upholsterer, boards 33 Liberty 
Brown Eliza, widow, house 140 Liberty 
Brown John, shoemaker, 6 Dock, house do. 
Brown John, house 87 State 


Brown Peter G. machjpist, house 72 Front 

Brown Theodore B. (A. Brown & Son), h. 82 College 

Brown Thomas, boilermaker, house 10 Jefferson 

Brown William, machinist, 49 Pine 

Brownell Ira (/. Brownell & Co.), house 9 Jay 

Brownell I. & Co., hay-press, opposite Locomotive 

Works, Fonda st. 
Brownell James, house 6 Hamilton 
Bryans Robert, mason, house 11 Amanda 
Bryson Robert, house 24 Smith 

Buchanan Frances, widow, house 37 J State s 

Buchanan James, machinist, boards 88 Romeyn | 

Buchanan S. L. R. bookkeeper, Schenectady Bank, 

house 24 Washington avenue 
Bullock Jacob, constable, house 19 Rotterdam 
Bullock Joseph, saloon, 9 Rotterdam, b. Miller's Ho. 
Bullocker Cort, tailor, house 44 Veeder avenue 
Burgdorf Conrad, barber, 3 Dock, house 10 Green 
Burghardt Charles, boards 119 Union 
Burghardt Peter H. chaplain 1st U. S. Chasseurs, h. 

119 Union 
Burk James, laborer, boards 17 Smith 
Burk John, helper, house 45 Romeyn 
Burke Thomas, laborer, house 104 Liberty 
Burkhart Joseph W. saloon, 43 Jay, house do. 
Burns George, laborer, boards 18 Dock 
Burns James, helper, house 7 Warren 
Burns John, hostler, boards Bradshaw's Hotel 
Burns Patrick, 91st reg't N. Y. V. house 104 Liberty 
Burns Terrence, laborer, house 13 South avenue 
Burt Betsy, widow, house 113 Union 
Burt Daniel, clerk, boards 113 Union 
Burton A. harnessmaker, boards 154 State 
Butcher David, laborer, house 30 Jefferson 
Butler Edward, carman, house 28 Yates 
Butler Richard F. (Shaible & Butler), Centre near 

State, house 146 Centre 
Butrow Stephen, shoemaker, boards 6 Dock 



196 State, cor. Centre St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

A general assortment of TEA, SUGAR. MOLASSES and SYRUP, EXTRA 
also, SMOKED BEEF, LAKD. BUTTER and CHEESE, and tverything kept 
in a General Provision Store. 

Also, FRUIT TREES of every variety, and Fruits of all kinds in their season 


No. '7S State Street, Sclienectady, N. Y., 


A large variety constantly on hand. 




1 State, cor. Washington Ave., 

Has constantly on hand or manufactured 
to order, every variety of MARBLE or 

Monuments & Gravestones, 

Which will be furnished to order, on the 
most reasonable terms. 

A. F. & G. C. CARLEY, 





Also, constantly on hand the celebrated 


Ground at Rochester out of selected Wheat. 

MESS AND BONELESS PORK by the barrel. 


Flour Store ]¥os. 14 and 16 IVall Street, 


a.oe:ivt i^oit the: 


Albany Insurance Co., $100,000 $40,000 

National Fire Ins. Co., N. Y 200,000 100,000 

Commerce Ins. Co., Albany, ..... 100,000 

KP" Risks taken at usual rates, and all losses paid promptly. 


Lady Jay, house 35 State 

Cagens James, laborer, house 47 Romeyn 

Cain Henry, mason, house 19 Hamilton 

Cain Isaac, proprietor Davis House, 188 State 

Cain Michael, clerk, boards 30 Liberty 

Cain Nicholas, crockery and glassware, 55 State 

Cain Thomas, laborer, house 21 Dock 

Caldwell Irving, machinist, boards 73 Liberty 

Calkins Simon V. P., lawyer, 170 State, bds. Eagle 

Calo Christopher, carman, boards 31 Clinton 
CALO FRANCIS, city baggage wagon, h. 31 Clinton 
Campbell Charles J. boards 78 College 
Campbell Daniel D. office 33 Church, h. Rotterdam 
Campbell George H. conductor, house 169 Union 
Campbell H. M. Mrs. h. 72 Church con. n. canal b'dge. 
Campbell Jacob S. clerk, boards 72 Church 
Campbell James D. machinist, house 24 Jefferson 
Campbell Maria, house 99 Fonda 
Campbell Sarah H. widow, boards 78 College 
Campbell Stephen R. carpenter, h. 66 Wash, avenue 
Campfield Burt, broom machines, boards 50 Front 
Canal Collector's office, 4 Dock near State 
Canwright Maria, widow, house 31 Jefferson 
Carey Patrick, laborer, house 28 Lafayette 
CARLEY A. F. & G. C. grocery and flour store, 26 

State and 14 and 16 Wall, b. 26 State c. Church 
CARLKY G. Q. ins. agent, 26 State corner Church 
Carley G. boards 26 State corner Church 
Carley Jos. G. {Switz & Cat ley), brewer, h. 50 Union 
Carner Andrew Y. canal collector, Dock, boards 

Sharratt House 
Carnody Timothy, brakeman, house 13 Centre 
Carpenter Charles H. physician, house 107 Union 
Carpenter Cornelius, teamster, house 27 John 
Carr John, laborer, hou-^e 77 Fonda 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, house 94 Fonda 
Carroll Martin, laborer, house 65 Romeyn 


Carroll Michael, laborer, house 9 South avenue 

Carroll Samuel, machinist, house 5 Monroe 

Carroll Thomas, machinist, house 30 South avenue 

Carter John, mason, house 6 Albany 

Carter Jonas, teamster, house 46 White 

Carter Thomas, porter, house 94 Centre 

Carter William, clerk, boards 94 Centre 

Case Levi, coppersmith, 12 Warren, house 91 Centre 

Casey Andrew, printer, boards 6 Jefferson 

Casey James, laborer, house 102 Front 

Casey Michael, shoemaker, house 6 Jefferson 

Cass Kiernan, tailor, house 3 Warren 

Caster William, helper, house 17 Green 

Castillo Mary Ann, widow, house 5 Church 

Castillo Patrick, laborer, house 67 Fonda 

Castle George T. butcher, 277 State, house 35 Smith 

Caston Philip, shoemaker, house 70 Liberty 

Caw James G. deputy county clerk, house 60 Front 

Cawood John, machinist, house 10 College 

Cessford John, machinist, boards 4 North 

Chadsey Demetrius M. lawyer, 84 Slate, h. 148 Union 

Chamberlin James G. carriagemaker, house 7 John 

Chambers David, machinist, house 22 Barrett 

Champion Mrs. widow of Hiram, house 129 Union 

Chandler Benjamin, painter, boards 176 State 

Chandler Chas F. Prof. Union Col. h. South College 

Chandler William J. turner, 73 Union, house do. 

Chandler Mrs. widow of Obediah. house 73 Union 

Chapman Alfred J. gunsmith, 99 Ferry, house do. 

Chapman A. Jackson, painter, 99 Ferry 

Chapman Edwy, machinist, boards 102 Ferry 

Chapman James T. J. saloon, 102 Ferry, h. 75 Church 

Chapman Maria, fruit and oysers, 99 Ferry, h. do. 

Charlton Edwin A., M. A. teacher, Union School, bds. 

184 Union "^ 

Chase Edward L. engineer, house 230 State 
Chase Reuben, carpenter, house 71 Centre 
Cheeseman J. K. Rev. house 89 Liberty 


Chequer Charles C. shoemaker, house 170 Union 

Chequer William L printer, boards 61 Romeyn 

Chevalier Mary, widow, house 21 Barrett 

Chism George, laborer, house 77 Lafayette 

Chism George J. jr. laborer, house 13 John 

Chism John, saloon, 2 Ferry, house do. 

Chism Storm, boilermaker, boards 77 Lafayette 

Chriesman Eve, widow, house 57 Romeyn 

Chrisler Peter, house 17 Jay (Bowery) 

Chrisler Wm. grocer, 73 State, h. 27 VV^ashington ave. 

Christiance Francis, 18th reg't N. Y. V. h. 4 Ferry 

Christiaijce Isaac C. shoemaker, boards 19 Green 

Christiance Jacob, painter, house 19 Green 

Christiance Jacob, shoemaker, boards 9 Jefferson 

Christiance Marie, house 197 State 

Clammond John, broommaker, house Nott terrace 

opposite Liberty 
Glancey Rev. Mr. house 92 Liberty 
Clapper John, fireman, house 64 Barrett 
Clapper Maria, widow, house 73 Front 
Clare George, news depot, 43 State, house 70 Front 
Clark Catharine, widow, house 12 South avenue 
Clark Edward W. clerk, boards 137 Centre 
Clark Edwin, carpenter, house 28 Smith 
Clark George H. house 7 Union 
Clark James H. house 88 Liberty 
Clark & Millard, grocers, 140 State 
Clark Nathaniel, carpenter, house 137 Centre 
Clark Thomas, laborer, 93 Fonda [23 Franklin 

Clark William H. (C. & Millard), 140 State, house 
Clarke William, clerk, boards 79 Ferry 
Clarey Thomas, laborer, house 75 Church 
Clary John, blacksmith, house Q6 Fonda 
Cleary Michael, laborer, house 94 Romeyn 
Cleary Patrick, laborer, house 55 Fonda 
Cleary Thomas, eating saloon, between State and 

Liberty op. rail road ticket office, h. 81 Liberty 
Clement John, clerk, boards 16 Hamilton 


Clement Lewis M. house 80 Barrett 

Clements Robert, supt. Gas Works, h. 16 Hamilton 

Clogson William, carpenter, house SSJ Front 

Close Halstead, clerk, house 15 College 

Clow Ephraim, blacksmith, house 61 Centre 

Clute Abraham 0. house 31 Lafayette 

CLUTE BROTHERS, steam, caloric engine and tool 

builders, 49 and 51 Iiiberty 
Clute Catharine, house 58 White [Barrett, h. do. 

Clute Clara, widow of Jacob P. ice cream saloon, 74 
Clute Cornelius B. grocer, 263 State, h. 87 Barrett 
Clute C. C. (Clute Brothers), house 52 Union 
Clute Cornelius P. house 126 Liberty 
Clute Charles A. (C. Sc Deforest), boards 134 Union 
Clute Eleazor, machinist, house 22 Green 
Clute & Deforest, cabinetware, 58, 60 and 62 State 
Clute Elizabeth, house 14 Green 
Clute Frederick jr. 136 State, boards 42 Barrett 
Clute Frederick J. house 42 Barrett 
Clute Frederick W. grocer, 102 Romeyn, house do. 
Clute Harrison, flour and feed, 18 Wall, house 73 Jay 
Clute H B. harness and saddlery, 72 State, h. 23 Yates 
Clute H. V. V. carpenter, 7 Green, boards 62 Front 
Clute Henry C. clerk, boards 54 Ferry 
Clute James W. boilermaker, house 73 Barrett 
Clute Jethro W. (Clute Brothers), house 15 Liberty 
Clute John B. house Albany near State 
Clute John B jr. (Clute Brothers), house 31 Smith 
Clute John F. grocer, 8 Wall, house 105 Liberty 
Clute Napoleon, flour & feed, 10 Wall, b. 105 Liberty 
Clute Norman M. F. house 27 Lafayette 
Clute Peter C. vvheelbarrowmaker, house 42 Jay 
Clute Peter I. (Clute & Reagles), house 31 Liberty 
Clute & Reagles, wheelbarrow^ factory, 83 Barrett and 

269 State 
Clute Richard S. H. shoemaker, house 76 Lafayette 
Clute Sophia, widow of Walter, house 134 Union 
Clute & Teller, hats and caps, 96 State 


Clute Walter, carpenter, house 80 Liberty [Ferry 
Clute Walter S. shoemaker, 5 1st reg't N. Y. V. h. 54 
Clute William H. (Clute & Teller), hats and caps, 

house 100 Front corner College 
Cochrane Richard, machinist, bds. 9 South avenue 
Cole Richard, groomsman, house 18 Green 
Coleman i\ndrew, mason, house 68 Fonda 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, house 82 Romeyn 
Collins Bryant, blacksmith, house 63 Fonda 
*Collins Edwin, tinsmith, boards 73 Liberty 
Columbian Hotel, 155 Union 
Combs Elizabeth, widows house 17 Yates 
Combs William, fireman, house 90 Front 
Comstock James, accountant, house 234 State 
Coude B. Z. hardware, 69 State, house 12 Smith 
Conner James, cooper, tow path near Church [dam 
Conner James C. agent, bds. bet. Railroad and Rotter- 
Conner Matthew, laborer, house 19 John 
Conners Timothy, laborer, house 10 State 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, house 4 Warren 
Consaul Gansvoort D. Rev. boards 42 Union 
Consaul Harman, salesman, bds. Davis House [Union 
Consaul John, boot and shoe manuf. 142 State, h. 42 
Cooper xinn, widow, house 30 Front 
Cooper Gabriel A. cigar manufacturer, 101 Ferry, h. 

7 Warren 
Cooper Stephen, furnaceman, house 4 North 
Coracan Elinor, widow, house 31 Romeyn 
Corbet Patrick, mason, house 35 Centre 
Cordt William, clerk, boards 12 Lafayette 
Corle James E. turner, house 71 Washington ave. 
Corle Richard, baggageman, h. Nott ab. Troy R. R. 
Corle William, farmer, house 66 Jay 
Cornell John, blacksmith, house 5 State 
Coss John B. hotel, 261 State corner Barrett 
Costello James, blacksmith, house 3 Fonda 
Costello John, laborer, house 26 Monroe 
Coulter Thomas, house 14 Yates 


County Clerk's Office, J. N. Banker, clerk, 17 Union, 

office hours from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. 
Court House, 28 Union near Ferr}' 
Couts George, blacksmith, house 153 Front 
Co wper David, machinist, house 84 Fonda 
Cox Cornelia, widow of George, house 21 Franklin 
Cox David L. fireman, boards 21 Franklin 
Cox Maxwell, pump and tub maker, 219 State, house 

7 Smith 
Cox Thomas, machinist, house 36 Green * 

Craft Henry, laborer, house 3 Rotterdam 
Craft Joseph K. candlemaker, house 48 Romeyn 
Craig James R. house 11 Church 
Craig A. Mrs. widow, house 21 Church cor. Union. 
Cramer Alcross, broommaker, h. Rotterdam n. bridge 
Cramer Henry, clerk, boards 26 State 
Cramer Maria, widow of William, house 64 Front 
Crandall Green G. house 79 Centre 
Crandall Henry F. 43d reg't N. Y. V., h. Jefferson 
Crandall M. Miss (Crandall Sc Jeffords), milliner, bds. 

79 Centre 
CRANE HENRY M. thread and twine manufacturer, 

Mohawkviile (see page 14.) [Church 

Crane Jonas U. (Millard Sc Crane), 160 State, house 24 
Crapoul John, gardener, boards 297 State 
Craven Luke, stonecutter, house 10 Green 
Crawford James, laborer, house 10 Water 
Crawford James M. laborer, house 77 Front 
Crawford Robert C. machinist, house 40 Clinton 
Crawford Samuel M. carriagemaker, bds. 144 Centre 
Ci-egnier Sebastian, farmer, house 32 College 
Crighton David, machinist, 30 Front 
Croney Mary, widow, house 24 Rail road 
Crooker Charles, tailor, house 16 Amanda 
Crouch Eliza, house 31 Jeff rson 
Crouch Spencer, undertaker, 90 Ferry, house do. 
Crounse Philip, boarding house, 182 Union 
Crummy James, machinist, boards 73 Liberty 


Cummings Patrick, laborer, boards 98 Romeyn 
Cunningham Barnard, mason, h. Veeder av. c. Smith 
Cun lingham Harvey, conductor N. Y. C. R. R. boards 

142 Centre 
Cunningham Leonard, carpenter, house 80 Fonda 
Cunningha 11 Mrs. widow of Robert, house 143 Union 
Cunningham Robert K. agent, honse 108 Union 
Cunningham William, house 18 Liberty 
Curtis John, carriagemaker, house 146 Centre 
Cuyler Mrs. Lavina, teacher, house 34 Smith 
Cuyley Michael, helper, house Plank road 

JJaggett David, boards 5 Front 

Daggett ."^tephen A. lawyer, 68 State, house 5 Front 

Dailey Daniel. 18th reg't N Y. V. h. 19 State 

Dailey John, laborer, house 101 Liberty 

Dailey John, laborer, house 18 Rail road 

Dailey John M. canal stabling-, house 6 Clinton 

Daily John S. agent N. Y. C. R. R. house 9 Liberty 

Damm Frank W. freight despatcher, house 22 Jay 

Dance Joseph, laborer, house 6 Albany 

Daniels John J. house 53 Centre 

Daniels Louis, saloon, 53 Centre, house do. 

Danna Francis (colored), barber, State corner Wall, 

house 152 Union 
Darrow Cady, farmer, house 9 Smith 
Darrow James W. carpenter, house 69 Barrett 
Darrow William, varnishmaker, house 88 Centre 
Davis D. G. tailor, house 140 Centre 
Davis House, Isaac Cain, proprietor, 188 State 
Davis James H. house 31 White 
Davis L. & Brother, clothiers, 144 State 
Davis Susan, widow of John, house 46 College 
Davis Thomas, carpenter, house 48 Barrett 
Davis Wilson, mer. tailor, 103 State, h. 140 Centre 
Davison J. E. clothier, 187 State, h. 92 Lafayette 
Day Horace G. Rev. boards 79 Liberty corner Yates 
Deal Edward, laborer, boards 125 Liberty 


Dealtry Jane, widow, house 13 Jay 

Dealtry John (Weller & Dealtry), 197 State, h. do. 

Dealtn Thompson, clerk, boards 13 Jay 

Dean "William H. clerk, beards 47 State 

DEBOIS JOHN, daguerreotypes, &e., 84 State, h. do. 

Debois J. A. Rev. house 113 Liberty 

DeCamp Felix, carpenter, house 22 Smith 

Decatur David, laborer, house 77 Front 

DeForest Jacob (Clute Sc DeForest), 58, 60 and 62 

State, house 10 Ferry 
DeForest Martin, house 31 Church 
DeForest Sarah, widow ot Obadiah L. h. 10 Ferry 
DeGraff Daniel S. grocer, 49 Front, house 47 do. 
DeGraff Edward, tinsmith, house 47 Front 
DeGraff Peter V. house 13 Monroe 
DeGolyer Arthur W. boards 53 Barrett 
DeGolyer William T. house 53 Barrett 
Delamano Mary, widow, house 127 Libertj'- 
Demore Madora, springmaker, house 29 Jefferson 
Denergan Mary, widow, house 12 Jefferson 
De Pew Archibald, boards 4 Cottage row 
DeWigne Ferdinand, lager beer brewery. Union near 

the rail road, house 46 Union 
DeWine Michael, laborer, house 16 Warren 
Deyo Abraham, patternmaker, house 96 Liberty 
Deyo Samuel, patternmaker, h. 39 College c. Green 
Deyo Seth, cider-vinegar manuf. 98 Liberty, h. do. 
Diamond Henry, tailor, boards 92 Lafayette 
Diamond James, tinsmith, house 6 Smith [34 do. 

DICKINSON AARON, blacksmith, 2 Rotterdam, h. 
Dickson John, laborer, house 29 Dock 
Diefendorf John, shoemaker, house 13 Park place 
Dockstader Jonathan J. freight conductor, h. b2 Smith 
Dodffe Luke, house 132 Union 

Doharty James, liquors, 2 Jefferson, c. Front, h. do. 
Dolan William, laborer, house 66 Smith 
Dollar John R. brakeman, house 18 Franklin 
Donnelly John, liquors, Centre corner Pine 


Dormady Thomas, engineer, house 19 Jay (Bowery) 

Dorn Robert C. harness, 12 Dock, house 5 Smith 

Dorn Henry, bookkeeper, boards 5 Smith 

Dorn Sarah, widow, house 21 Centre 

Dorsch Gideon, carmaker, house 26 North 

Dorsch Peter, house 1 1 Front 

Doty Abram, house 74 State 

Dotv Geo. H. (Geo. H. Doty & Co ), 76 State, b. 74 do. 

DOTY GEO. H. & CO., stoves, tinware, &c. 76 State 

Doty Mrs. millinery, 72 and 74 State, house do. 

Doty Munson, carman, house 5 John 

Dow Elisha B. house 210 State 

Dow Jerome, conductor, house 238 State 

Downs David, machinist, house 57 Front 

Downs Patrick, laborer, house 21 Washington ave. 

Doyle John, fireman, boards Fuller's Hotel 

Draper Elizabeth, widow of John, house 40 Smith 

Draper James H. carpenter, boards 40 Smith 

Drews Henry, baker, house 40 Romeyn 

Drukinan Michael, helper, house 57 Centre 

Drullard N. restaurant, 157 State c. br'ge, h. 91 Lib'ty 

Duane Cornelius, boards Eagle Hotel 

Duane & Jones, physicians, 39 and 41 Union 

Duane Walton, boards 43 Union 

Duane William N. (Duane & Jones), house 43 Union 

Duel J. C. dentist, 47 State 

Dunbar James, conductor, house 17 Hamilton 

Duncan John M. house 147 Union 

Duch F. laborer, house 55 Romeyn 

Dunham Sarah, widow, house 12 Franklin 

Dunlap Mrs. widow of Thomas, house 22 Wall 

Dunlap William, boards 22 Wall 

Dunn Alexander, house 60 Romeyn 

Dunn Hiram, machinist, house Nott corner Plank road 

Dunn Richard, laborer, house 16 Fonda 

Dunning Frederick, brushmaker, house 68 Front 

Durkee Edward, painter, house 18 North 

Durkee Sarah, widow of Selah 0. house 18 North 


Durr Frederick P, saloon, and bologna manufactory, 

166 State 
Duryea Isaac G. Rev. house 12 Clinton 
Dwyer Edward J. overseer, Mill near State 
Dwyer James 0. nailmaker, Mill near State 
Dwyer John J. boards Mill near State 

Eagle Hotel, 207 State corner Centre, E. Brinton & 

Co. proprietors 
Early Lawrence, laborer, house 8 Lafayette 
Edick John, mason, boards 261 State 
Edmonds Charles, carpenter, house 57 Smith 
Edmonds James, laborer, house 14 Green 
Edwards George T. clerk, boards 44 Union 
Edwards Helen, widow, house 67 Centre [Union 

Edwards H. S. hardware and cutlery, 165 State, h. 44 
Edwards Isaac G. painter, house 20 Barrett 
EDWARDS JOHN A. gasfitter, 67 Centre,, house do. 
Edwards Lewis (Conde & Edwards), hardware, 69 

State, house 26 State 
EGLESTON H. & BROTHER, marble works, 243 

State [house 60 Barrett 

Egleston Horace (H. Egleston & Brother), 243 State, 
Egleston Palmer (H. Egieston & Brother), 243 State, 

house 72 Barrett [Church 

Elliott 0. F. ©rated bread depot, 92 State, house 9 
Ellis Charles G. clerk, boards 37 Liberty 
Ellis George, machinist, house 64 Jay, house do. 
Ellis John, agent Locomotive Works, h. 37 Liberty 
Ellis John C. engine dispatcher, house 86 College 
Ellis Robert, merchant tailor, 159 and 163 State, house 

1 Smith 
Ellwood Livingston, physician, 124 Centre, house do. 
Ellsworth Sidney, moulder, house 27 Jefferson 
Elmendorf Jane, widow, house 19 Front 
Ely Francis, helper, house 14 Romeyn 
Emerick Stephen, shoemaker, house 67 Pine 
Encke John, laborer, house State above Nott terrace 







Is constantly receiving the latest and most stylish and elegant 
patterns of 

^^^^^^^k Pendants, Hall Lights, 

£^^^^^^^5 l>«OJ» LIGHTS, 

^^^^^^^^ Complete, with Flexible Tube. 

FOR PAPER SHADES, and a good assortment of GLOBES, 
and every thing useful or ornamental in his line of business, 


N. B. Special attention given to FITTING GAS PIPE in 
Dwelling Houses, Stores, Shops, Public Halls, &c., in a neat 
and durable manner. 


D^" Second hand Burners bought, exchanged or re-bronzed. 

HOUSE BELLS hung in the most substantial manner and at 
short notice. 

Call and examine the stock as to style, quality and cheapness 




(over freeman's paint store,) 

fc^_-jj^<^^s^^=^ Where the CHEAPEST and BmST WORK 
'=^ 'f- a4> — can be obtained in the city. 


No. 83 Union Street, corner College, 





And every tiling in the Painting ^ ^ "^/ ' 

line kept constantly on hand and /^"i*^^^' /V/ 

sold at the LOWEST PRICES I 

Also, Kerosene and Fluid. ^^^K 

Good workmen always in readi- 
ness to execute orders in PAINT- 
HANGLNG, in city or country. 

GROCERIES of all descriptions 
constantly on hand, and for SALE CHEAP. 

S;^fn^.} LAKE & WI LSPy. 



Xo. 11 Union Street, Sclienectady, IV. Y. 


Engles Peter, 19th cavalry reg't N. Y. V. h. 297 State 
Engleman Solomon, grocer, 54 Jay, house do. 
Entres John, broommaker, house Albany near State 
Epple Francis, laborer, house 36 Jefferson 
Erhart Frederick, cigarmaker, 191 Union, house 78 

Ernest Henry, cabinetmaker, house 23 North 
Evans John W. artist, house 130 Centre 
Everden Thomas, painter, house Plank road 

J: adden Nelson, moulder, house 29 Jefferson 
Fagan Christopher, laborer, house 77 Church 
Fairchild Alonzo, mason, house 19 Amanda 
Falvey Daniel P. Rev. house 8 Franklin 
Fanstone James, coach painter, house 52 Veeder ave. 
Farrel P. saloon, 67 Romeyn 
Farrel Thomas, boilermaker, house 63 Fonda 
Farrell Andrew, springmaker, house 17 Smith 
Farrell Theodore, harnessmaker, 32 State, house do. 
Farry James, laborer, house 30 Centre 
Farry Thomas, laborer, house 10 Pine 
Favre Louis, watchmaker, boards 154 State 
Fieatherly Anna Maria, house 38 White 
Feeley Mrs. widow of Daniel, house 21 Dock 
Fehr Ulrich, boot and shoemaker, 55 Liberty, h. do. 
Feldman Louis, merchant tailor, house 23 Green 
Fell Benjamin, brakeman, house 5 Cottage row 
Felthousen A. V. carman, house 70 Centre 
Felthousen Charles, coppersmith, house 99 Union 
Felthousen Harman D. house 66 Barrett 
FELTHOUSEN JAMES D. grocer, 196 State corner 

Centre, house do. 
Feltus Joseph, carman, boards 26 State 
Fenley Martin, laborer, house 3 Rotterdam 
Fenton Thomas, machini t, house 88 Romeyn 
Fen wick Alexander, machinist, house 155 Front 
Field Samuel S. machinist, boards 123 Liberty 
Finch Joseph, moulder, boards 176 State 


Finehoiit Albert, teamster, house 95 Pino 

Fink Henry,- cabinetmaker, house 21 Green 

Fink M. Mrs. widow, house 31 Washington avenue 

Finnegan Patrick, laborer, house 32 Centre 

Finnegan Peter, laborer, house 1 1 Madison 

First Reformed Dutch Church, Union corner Church, 

Rev. Edward E. Seelye, pastor 
Fisher Hannah, widow, house 144 Centre 
Fisk Frances, widow, house 187 Union 
Fitzgerald Austin, machinist, boards 12 Jefferson 
Fitzgerald S. laborer, house 18 Dock 
FJackmyre Frederick, laborer, house 6 Rotterdam 
Flannigan Patrick, laborer, house 10 Fonda 
Flynn David, laborer, house 164 Front 
Fodder Frederick, blacksmith, house 17 Centre 
Fogarty Mary, widow, house 149 Centre 
Foley Michael, moulder, boards 4 North 
Foley Mrs. widow, house 79 Front 
Fonda Alexander G., M. D., 13 Union, house do. 
Fonda Cornelia, widow, house 23 Lafayette 
Ford Van R. agent S. & Schen'y R. R. h. 58 Lafayette 
Forest David P. state prison inspector, h. 35 Front 
Fort Daniel, clerk, boards 2 Smith 
Fosmyre Frank, barber, boards Davis House 
Foster Henry W. painter, house 113 Front [Nott 

Foster John, prof. Union College, h. Col. terrace c. 
Fowler George W. engineer, house 2S Clinton 
Fowler George W. carpenter, \6^ Smith, house do. 
Frame Andrew, machinist, house 25 John 
Frame John, engineer, house 35 Green 
Frame John J. machinist, boards 118 Liberty 
Franklin Walter, boards Eagle Hotel 
Franchot Richard, congressman, h. 19 Washington av. 
Frazier Charles, cigarmaker, boards Fuller's Hotel 
Frear Chauncey, carpenter, boards 100 Liberty 
Frear William G. carpenter, house 100 Liberty 
Frear William H. cutter, boards 100 Liberty 
Frederic Andrew, grocer, 76 Romeyn, h. 78 Sand 

(successor to DANIEL S. HULETT,) 
Dealer in 



State St., (opposite J. Walker & Co.'s Store,) 

J6S~ Watchc3 and Jewelry carefully repaired and warranted. 


Manufacturer of all kinds of 

T©¥i PlPIi, 

*«., He, 

No. 96 i Ferry Street, 


No. 151 State St. Van Home Hall, Eoom 4, 

!^ \4^ iOi i£a i£Mf . 

o «w> o 


Dealer in 





imn mmm harvester. 


Manufacturers and Dealers in 


PORTl, ill I'D CIDl, 

Nos. 62 and 64 COLLEGE ST., 


Frederic Frederick, hotel, 52 Liberty 
Frederick Henry, butcher, house 61 Church 
Frederick P. J. market, 167 State, house 62 Church 
Freeman Aaron, proprietor Givens' Hotel, 175 State 
Freeman A. Y. {E, L. Freeman & Co.), 82 State, h. 

8 Liberty 
Freeman Edward, boards Givens' Hotel, 175 State 
Freeman E. L. & Co. paints and oils. 82 State 
Freeman Elisha L. {E. L. Freeman & Co.), 82 State, 

house 75 Union 
Freeman Elisha L. clerk, house 38 Clinton 
Freeman Ethan B. boards 75 Union 
Freeman Henry, bookkeeper, Givens' Hotel 
Freeman Jonathan R. (E. L. Freeman & Co.), 82 

State, house 3 Union 
Freeman Robert G. engineer, house 97 Centre 
Freeman Volney, house 37 Church 
Freeman Mrs. widow of William, house 15 Yates 
Friend Samuel, billiard saloon, Van Home Hall, h. 

86 Centre 
Fripp Frank, carpenter, house 13 Jay 
Fry Nicholas, teamster, house 65 Jay 
FuUagar John, house 17 Ferry 
Fuller Anthony, carpenter, house 112 Front 
Fuller Charles, lawyer, house 2 Church 
Fuller's Hotel, E, H. Vrooman prop. 154 State c Dock 
Fuller James, lawyer, State cor. canal bridge, house 

Lafayette near Hamilton 
Fuller John I. house 55 Ferry 
Fuller Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 2 Church 
Fuller Robert, physician, 146 State, boards 2 Church 
Fuller William, house 138 Center 
Fuller William K. lawyer, boards 2 Church 
FuUerton Eliza, house 83 Centre 
Fullom Michael, laborer, house 14 Hamilton 
Furbeck James A. grocer, 97 Ferry, house 19 Liberty 
Furbeck Henry R. house 20 Yates 
Furman Henry A. boards 51 Smith 


Furman Robert, dry goods merchant, 79 State, h. 51 

FURMAN R. & BRO. dry goods, 79 State 

VJallagher James, machinist, house 7 Green 
Gallagher Patrick, grocer, 75 Fonda, house do. 
Gallagher Thomas, clerk, boards 48 Union 
Galven Thomas, laborer, house 86 Fonda 
Galvin Mary, widow, house 77 Church 
Gannon Catherine, widow, house 139 Union 
Gansler John, laborer, house 63 Centre 
Garanger John, helper, house 46 Veeder avenue 
Gardener M. cigarmaker, house 20 South avenue 
Gardiner William, harnessmaker, hou e 5J College 
Garding Court, broommaker, house 6 Ferry 
Gardinier John, carpenter, house 48 White 
Gardner E izabcth, widow of Job F. house 96 Ferry 
Gardner John, machinist, house 19 Hamilton 
Gardner Moses, house 36 State 
Garling Jacob, 43d reg't N. Y. V. 
Garlock Augustus 0. barber, 168 State, h. 24 Yates 
Garrety Francis, machinist, house 47 Romeyn 
Garrety James, machinist, house 86 Romeyn 
Garrety Mary, widow, house 63 Smith 
Garrety Michael, machinist, house 86 Komeyn 
Garrett H. J. dentist, 37 J State, boards 118 Liberty 
Gates Catharine, widow, house 275 State 
Gates J. Sharratt, druggist, boards 275 State 
Gates Lewis, carman, house Franklin near Jay 
Gales Stephen D. carman, house 25 Franklin 
George Mrs. widow, house 38 College 
Gergen John, helper, house 47 White 
Gergen Peter, machinist, house 37 Front 
German Catholic Church, Centre near Frankln 
Germond Bruce, trackmaster, house 138 Front 
Germond De Witt, trackmaster, boards 138 Front 
Germond Morgan, trackmaster, house 120 Front 
G rry John J. laborer, house State near Nott terrace 


^^ AND 



E€Hm€TABI, Mo lo 


"Wliolcsale and Retail Dealers in 


Agricultural Implements, 


Hope, (Jmine anb (Eorbage, 

FlSniJt'Sf T^lCIil^E, BRUSMES, Ifc, tfc, 

NOS. il8 & 120 STATE STREET, 

PIOfO&RiPllQ SiWlBf, 

159 Ui^IO:^ ST., SCMEilfECTASOlf, N. Y. 


AUrOPnaTOGR\PIIi«, STKRROSCOPIO VIKWS, taken in the best possible 
manner. Copying done on short notice, plain or colored. 






Would respectfully inform the citizens of 
Scheuectady and vicinity that he will con- 
tinue the manufacture of 


So3oh()3 of §i(j)eHolr Qu^ilfij, 

And keep constantly on hand a general as- 
sortment of 

Gentlemen's Famishing Goods. 

ay Shirts made to order and warranted 
to fit. 



Which is universally conceded to be the most reliable and efficient for domes- 
tic purposes, and he invites the attention of those who believe time is money 
to this truly admirable labor-saving invention. 


No. 107 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y,, 

I>ealei:' In 

Prescriptions most carefully dispensed. 




FKRfCEKRY, &e. ^f^' -f^ 

No. 128 STATE STREET, ^^'-TT'-^^ 


Geskow Lewis, tailor, house 236 State 

Getman Andrew W. brakeman, house 49 College 

Gibson William, overseer, house 6 Cottage row 

Gier John, tailor, house Albany 

Gilbert George, registrar Union College, h. 54 College 

Gilbert James, clerk, house 36 Liberty 

Giles James, carpenter, boards 134 Centre 

Giles William, carpenter, 134 Centre, house do. 

Gill Cornelius, 91st reg't N. Y. V. 

Gillee Terrence, cutter, house 17 Jay (Bowery) 

Gillespie Abraham, sheriflf, 28 Union, house do 

Gillespie George C. carpenter, house 212 State 

Gillespie William M. professor Union College, house 

180 Union 
Ginn James, coachtrimmer, boards Fuller's Hotel 
Givens' Hotel, Aaron Freeman pro, 175 State c. Wall 
Givens William, boards 67 Liberty 
Glaceman Conrad, farmer, house 67 Front 
Gleason Edward, machinist, house 8 Warren 
Glenn George W. engineer, house 49 Green 
Glenn Henry C. machinist, house 89 Front 
Glenn Jacob S moulder, house 25 Jefferson 
Glenn Simon, shoemaker, house 136 Front 
Gloss Michael, shoemaker, house 35 Albany turnpike 
GNADENDORFF H. druggist, 107 State, house do. 
Goergen M. J. lager bier, State n. Veeder ave. 
Goggins James, gasworker, house 2 Hamilton 
Gombell Frederick, cabinetmaker, h. College n. Green 
Goodrich Horace, teller Schenec'y Bank, h. 1 Union 
Goodrich William L. cash er Schen. Bank, h. 13 State 
Gorgait Hyacinthe, shoemaker, boards 120 Union 
Goslin Abraham, clerk, house. 172 State 
Gould Thomas, broommaker, house 17 Green 
Gow Maria, widow, house 65 Front 
Gow Vedder, blacksmith, boards 65 Front 
Graff D. W. agent, boards Davis House 
Graham Deborah, house 40 Washington avenue 
Graham James, boilermaker, house 83 Union 


Graham Joseph B. (Young Sc Graham), 111 State, 

house 171 Union 
Grant Peter, engineer, house 22 Pine 
Gray John, blacksmith, house 141 Front 
Gra}' Robert, boots and shoes, 184 State, house do. 
Green Walter C. boards 27 Barrett 
Grecnlialgh William (Barhydt & GreenhaJgh), Centre 

opposite Franklin, house 102 Centre 
Greenwalt George, mason, house 63 Albany 
Gregg George, boilermaker, house 68 Fonda 
Gregson John W. shoemaker, boards 227 State 
Gridley N. P. T. 18th reg't, N. Y. V. 
Gridley William Seward, 18th reg't, N. Y. V. 
Griffes Mary, widow, house 176 Union 
Griffes Wm. W. news depot, 177 State, h. 176 Union 
Groot C. S. & Co. dry goods, 43 State 
Groot Cornelius S. (0. S. Groot & Co.)» 43 State 
Groct Edward, boards 60 Union 

Groot John, boards 60 Union [Union 

Groot Simon C. (C. S. Grooi Sc Co.), 43 State, h. 60 
Grout Hammond V. house 29 Barrett 
Grove Mary, widow, house 83 Centre 
Growse John Valentine, cooper, house 12 Dock 
Grupe Diedrick, laborer, house 12 Lafayette 
Guisler Julius, painter, house 7 Romeyn 
Gullock Charles, cabinetmaker, house 154 Front 
Gamble F. C. carpenter, house 32 College 
Gunn Patrick, mason, house 15 Jay (Bowery) 

Uagadorn Ezekiel, 91st reg't, house 10 North 
Haggerty John, brakeman, house 124 Front 
Hais James, boilermaker, house 27 Jefferson 
Hake Frederick, laborer, house 22 Rotterdam 
Haley Ellen, widow, house 134 Front 
Haley Martin, laborer, boards 134 Front 
Haley Michael, tailor, boards 134 Front 
Haley Michael, switchtender, house 61 Green 
Haley Patrick, fireman, boards 134 Front 


Hall John M. machin'st, boards 73 Liberty 

Hall Lucius D. grocer}^ 15 Smitli, h. 26 Clinton 

Halpen John, helper, house 70 Fonda 

Halse John, stovemounter, house 18 Franklin 

Hamilton John, house 177 Union 

Hamilton Robert, laborer, house 17 Park place 

Hamlin Michael, grocer, 265 State, house do. 

Hamlin S. G. cooper, house 73 Washington avenue 

HANFORD GEORGE T. insurance agent, 114 State, 

boards Eagle Hotel 
Hanley James, coffee-burner, house 81 Fonda 
Hanley Patrick, fireman, house 20 Jay 
Hanley Wm. laborer, house 74 Fonda 
Hanna Peter, groomsman, Eagle Hotel 
Hannah James, leather dealer, house 43 Lafayette 
Hanselman Jacob, laborer, house 7 Liberty 
Harbison James, carpenter, house 37 Green 
Harbison Robert, hardware and cutlery, 116 State, 

boards 99 Centre 
Hardcastle Thomas, house 9 Madison 
Harden Thomas, laborer, house 4 State 
Hardgraves Thomas, coffee dealer, 15 Jay, bds. do. 
Hardgraves James, blacksmith, house 15 Jay 
Hardie Thomas, blacksmith, house 34 Jefferson 
Hardin George, cabinetmaker, house 24 Ferry 
Harer Patrick, laborer, house 53 Fonda 
Harkin William, laborer, house 14 Jefferson 
Harman Guilford, 18th reg'l. N. Y. V. 
Harman Hannah E. house 179 Union 
Harman Henry, i04th reg'l, N.Y. V.bds. 25 Front 
Harman Joseph, justice of the peace, office, 76 Ferry, 

house 25 Front 
Harman J. D. lawyer, boards 179 Union 
Harrington Abel J. bartender, 18th reg't, N. Y. V. 
Harris Levi, pedler, house 183 State 
Harron Mrs. widow, house Albany near State 
Hart John J. house 77 Liberty corner Yates 
Hart John P. machinist, house Myers alley 


Hart Patrick, laborer, house 33 Centre 
Hartnell John, baggageman, Sar. R. R. h. 71 Centre 
Harvey Daniel, machinist, house 81 Front [State 

Hartness James, soap and candles, 20 Dock, h. 217 
Harvey Henry, engineer, house 33 Clinton 
Hasbrouck Abby, widow, house 72 Union 
Hang William G. helper, h. State n. Nott terrace 
Hans Conrad, farmer, house 61 Albany 
Hastings James, tinsmitii, house 69 Jay 
Hathaway Edward, canal boatman, house 232 State 
Hathaway Robine, canal boatman, 299 State 
Haver Wm. baker, house 6 Albany 
Haverly Mrs. dressmaker, house 60 Washington ave. 
Haverley Wm. H. clerk, house 60 Washington ave. 
Hawks Edward, machinist, house 56 Romeyn 
Hawks Wm. machinist, boards 2 Liberty 
Hawley Maria, widow, house 43 Smith 
Hay James, boilermaker, house 144 Front 
Hayes Michael, machinist, boards 4 North 
Haynor Peter, hostler, boards Eagle Hotel 
Hays John, laborer, house 149 Centre 
Hays William G. painter, house 1 Green 
Hearsey David, Mohawk bridgetender, h. 1 Wash. av. 
Heatley Philip, hostler, house 6 Washington ave. 
Heddon S. 0. broom manufacturer, house 106 Union 
Heese Henry, broommaker, h. Nott terrace, op. Lib'ty 
Hegaman David B. laborer, house 23 John 
Helm Frank T. gasfitter, 239 State, house 241 do. 
Helmer William H. (Strong 8c Helmer), 7 Dock, house 
126 Centre [house do. 

Hemstreet Michael, restaurant, 176 State n. rail road, 
Henry Benjamin, peddler, house 60 Ferry 
Henry Jacob, clothing, 95 'Ferry, house do. 
Henry John B. clerk, boards Davis house 
Henry William, carpenter, house 174 Union 
Heron John, machinist, house 163 Union 
Heron William, machinist, house 38 South avenue 
Heron William T. printer, Dodge's Mounted Rifles 


Herman Christopher, machinist, house 15 Warren 

Harrington Patrick, laborer, house 62 Church 

Herrod Adam, shoemaker, house 25 South avenue 

Hertell Jane Ann, boards 130 Union 

Hewett Mary, widow, house 8 South avenue 

Heyman Joseph, tailor, house 46 State 

Hibbard Edward, agent gas works, 134 State, house 

27 Barrett [South College 

Hickok Laurens P. vice president Union College, h. 
Hiebner Henry, saloon, 98 Ferry, house do. 
Hiebner Michael, helper, house Plank road 
Hildebrant Jacob, watchman, house 9 Jay (Bowery) 
'Hilderbrant John, carman, house 19 Jay 
Hilderbrant Lewis, grocer and meat market, 36 Union, 

house do. 
Hill W. machinist, boards 73 Liberty 
Hill Stephen P. grocer, 106 Romeyn, house do. 
Hilts John S. carpenter, house 178 Union 
Hinds James, ambrotypes and photographs, 129 State, 

house 19 Smith 
Hinds John, cooper, house Rotterdam near bridge 
Hingleman Andrew, tailor, house Rail road n. bridge 
Hitchcock L. T. watchmaker, 131 State, boards 34 

Hoag Casper F. hoUowware, Fonda corner Pine, house 

167 Union 
Hoag William, physician, boards 167 Union 
Hodson Robert, boards 482 State 
Hoffman Abram S. boilermaker, house 143 Front 
Hoffman Adam, laborer, house 14 Lafayette 
Hoffman S. W. clerk, boards 51 State 

Hoffman , widow of William, house 12 Smith ' 

Hogan John, laborer, house 6 Ciir.ton 
Hogan Mary, widow, house 42 Stale 
Hogan Michael, gasman, house 26 Franklin 
Hogan Patrick, mason, boards 42 State 
Hogeboom Edward, clerk, boards 28 Smith 
Hogeboom Susan, widow, house 28 Smith 


Holland Margaret, widow of Jonas, house 33 Union 

Holmes Elizabeth, widow, house 28 Pine 

Holmes Henry, engineer, house 52 Smith 

Holmes Peter W. house 48 Washington avenue 

Helton William M. grape vines, &c. house 55 Union 

Hook Fanny Miss, house 181 Union 

Horrigan Mrs. widow of Patrick, h. 12 Jay (Bowery) 

Horsfali Garrett, painter, house 11 Yates 

Horsfall John 0. house 51 Union 

Horsfali Joseph, boards 51 Union 

Horsfall Sarah, widow of William F. house 18 Yates 

Horsfall William, captain Co. E. I8th reg't N. Y. V. 

Horsemyre Frederick, boards 17 Green 

Horsem^re Louisa, widow, house 17 Green 

Hotailing Garrett, helper, house 49 College 

Hotchkiss George, machinist, house 42 Romeyn 

Hourigan Ellen, widow, house 12 Jay (Bower}^) 

Hourigan John, blacksmith, boards 12 Jay (Bowery) 

Hourigan Patrick, boilermaker. bds. 12 Jay (Bowery) 

Housen John, laborer, house 5 Ferry 

Housen Martin, brakeman, house 147 Front 

Housten Henry B, pressman, house 3 Cottage row 

Housten William M. ne^vsdealer, boards 19 State 

How Daniel, machinist, house 135 Union 

How William H. finisher, boards 135 Union 

Howard John S machinist, house 18 College 

Howard John, machinist, boards 18 College 

Howard William, 4Sth reg't N. Y. V. 

Howd Harvey D. clerk, boards 126 Centre 

Howell Mrs. house 53 Front 

Howe Mary Mrs. house 50 White 

Howse William, grocer, 79 Ferry, house do. 

Huber P. brewer, house 96 Union 

Huggart Lydia, widow, house 24 Franklin 

Hughes Abraham, canal boatman, boards 4 Warren 

Hughes Edward, canal boatman, house 4 Warren 

Hughes George, boilermaker. house 70 Fonda 

Hughes Noah, boilermaker, house 77 Lafayette . 


Hulbert Eugene, carpenter, boards 59 Church 

Hulbert Mrs. house 59 Church 

Hulett Daniel S. h. Albany turnpike head of State 

Hull Samuel A. merchant tailor, 83 State, h. 244 do. 

Hunter Arthur W. agent shawl factory, house 9 Union 

Hyson John E. 30th reg't N. Y. V. 

Hyson Peter, poultry, &c. 52 Lafayette, house do. 

Hutton James C. blacksmith, boards 4 Pine 

Hysted George, laborer, house 124 Front 

Hysted Charles, blacksmith, house 59 Centre 

Ireland Amelia Mrs house 25 Clinton 

Isenhall Peter, smelter, house 42 Veeder avenue 

Jackson A. H. lawyer, captain Co. G. 91st reg't N.Y.V 
Jackson Blandina (colored), cook, house 152 Union 
Jackson Dora, widow, house 30 Washington avenue 
Jackson Isaac W prof. Union College, h. N. College 
Jackson James (colored), farmer, house Troy turnpike 
Jackson James D. grocer, 1 South avenue, house do. 
Jackson Jonathan S. stationman, house 41 Smith 
Jackson John J. (colored), laborer, house 84 Ferry 
Jackson Robert (colored), barber, house 32 Pine 
Jackson S. W., (Jackson & Thomson), lawyer, 10 Union, 

boards 29 Washington avenue 
Jackson & Thomson, attorneys at law, 10 Union 
Jacobs James, fireman, boards 17 Smith 
Jarvey liobert, spinner, house 25 State 
Jarvis Elizabeth, widow of John, house 57 Union 
Jeffers John, laborer, house 297 State [Union 

Jeffords A. E. (Crandall Sc Jeffords), milliner, bds. 73 
Jeffords Catharine, house 73 Union 
Jeffries John, carpenter, house 30 Lafayette 
Jennings Miss S. E. agent Singer's sewing machines, 

130 State, house iil Barrett 
Jewish Synagogue, 6 Liberty 
Jock Catharine, widow, house 38 Liberty 


John Nicholas, tailor, house 21 North 

Johnson Lewis G. furnaceman, house 54 Barrett 

Johnson Stephen, laborer, house 31 Centre 

Johnson Stephen H. county judge and surrogate, 15 

Union, house 8 Front 
Johnson Thomas, laborer, house 12 South ave. 
Johnson William, salesman, house 29 Clinton [ton 
Johnson William Mrs. millinery, 91 State, h. 29 Clin- 
Jones James D. {Duane & Jones), physician, 39 and 

41 Union, boards 43 Union 
Jones Edward, slater, boards Shepherd's Hotel, State 
Jones Joel W. leather and findings, 112 State, house 

222 State 
Jones John C. canal boatman, house 2 State 
Jones Morris M. slater, b. Shepherd's Hotel, State 
JONES MOSES M. slate dealer and roofer, 25 Yates 
Jones Taylor, blacksmith, house 36 South ave. 
Jones William, boilermaker, house 16 Jefferson 
Joslin James T. law student, boards 1 Church 
Joslin Samuel, machinist, house 92 Front 
Joyce Sarah, widow of John G. house 55 Front 
Judson , machinist, boards 14 Jay 

Ji^able Benedict, laborer, 29 Plank road 

Kable Charles, stonecutter, house 72 Lafayette 

Kable John, shoemaker, house 43 College 

Kable Rinald, laborer, boards 29 Plank road 

Kam Martin, candlemaker, house 21 Dock 

Kans Michael, laborer, boards 78 Fonda cor. Warren 

Keal John, laborer, house 45 Smith 

Keeler Ellen, widow, house 151 Centre 

Keeler Frederick, laborer, h. 6 Ferry 

Keelin Catharine, widow, house 80 Romeyn 

Keer Andrew, house 94 Ferry 

Kehn Frederick, tailor, house 20 Lafayette 

Keigher Barney, laborer, house 31 Centre 

Keigher Catharine, widow, house 31 Centre 

Keigher Michael, helper, boards 31 Centre 





And Practical Slater & Roofer, 

Is fully prepan d to execute all orders for Slates and Slating with rromptness 
and dispatch, and feels warranted in assuring his patrons prompt attention 
and unquestionable satisfaction. 

To those that have old buildings to re-roof, he would say put on Slate Roof, 
because, when the old frame, barn or house is rotting down, the Slates are as 
good as before, and can be taken off, without loss, and put on the new build- 
ing as good as ever. Prices reasonable. 

He has also made arrangements with the Penrhyn Mant^^l and Slate Com - 
pany, of Middle (iranville, for a full supply of all kinds of Slate Slabs of any 
size or thickness. Mantel Pieces. Bath and Wash Tubs, Shelves, Pantry and 
liarder Tables, Sinks, Salting and Milk Vessels, Cisti rns, Filters and Billiard 
Table Tops. 

All orders promptly attended to when directed to 


Or at his Residence, No. 25 Yates Street. 

Office opposite It. R. Depot, between State & Liberty Streets. 

N. B. Old Shingle and Slate Roofs bought and stripped and old roofs re- 

The Troy University, Troy; St. .Joseph's Church, Arbor Tlill. Albany, 
which is the most complete Slate Koof in the United States; Mr Ostrander, 
F. DeW'igne, Schenectady ; John M. Clark, Amsterdam ; J. B. Borst, Fonda. 



Keigher Thomas, laborer, house 31 Centre 

Keller John, laborer, house 70 Liberty 

Kelly Andrew, printer, boards 68 Lafayette 

Kelly Catharine, house 34 State 

Kelly James, blacksmith, boards 12 Jefferson 

Kelly John, machinist, boards 68 Smith 

Kelly Margaret, widow, h -use 80 Liberty 

Kelly Mary, house 34 State 

Kelly Michael, blacksmith, house 5 Pine 

Kelly Patrick, machinist, boards 80 Liberty 

Kelly William, laborer, house 25 North 

Kelly William S. millwright, house 68 Ijafayette 

Kelsey Nathaniel, superint't W. T. line h. 135 Centre 

Kemp H. R. merchant tailor, 156 State, h. 7 Frank'n 

Kcnna John, laborer, house 103 Liberty 

Kenna Patrick, woolsorter, house 30 Union 

KENNEDY DAVID, physician, office 9 Liberty, bds. 

7 Cottage row 
Kennedy Edward, machinist, boards 1 Centre 
Kennedy G. D. junction Church and State 
Kennedy James H. hatter, house 6 North 
Kennedy John W^ dyer, 27 Water, house do. 
Kenniger John, blacksmith, house 46 Veeder avenue 
KENNY IHOMASH. marble yard, 1 State, b Fuller's 

Kenny Michael, stonecutter, boards Fuller's Hotel 
Kenrick James, engineer, house Troy rail road 
KETCHUM A. M. gentlemen's furnishing goods, 133 

: tcite, boards 15 Liberty 
Ketchutn Daniel helper, house 61 Fonda 
Ketchum Jacob, machinist, house 50 Barrett 
Kctchum James W. clerk, boards 99 Centre 
Ketchum M. E. widow, agent W' heeler & W^ilson's 

sewing machines. 133 State, house 75 Liberty 
Ketthum Robert C. billiard saloon. State n. depot, h. 

99 Centre 
Keyes Patrick, house 5 South avenue 
K ernan James, helper, house Myers' alley 


Kiernan Robert, wagonmaker, house 10 Lafayette 
Kiernan Thomas, switchman, house Nott terrace opp. 

Killmartin John, grocer, 13 Rotterdam, h. 15 do. 
King Solomon B. mason, house 151 Front 
King Thomas, lielper, house 33 Jefferson 
King William H. house 22 Jefferson 
Kinghorn William, dyer, 2 Rail road c. Water, h. do*. 
Kingsbury Charles E. music teacher, bds. 23 Church 
Kirkpatrick David, N. Y. C. R. R. shop, h. 22 Smith 
Kittle Daniel M. machinist, house 87 Front 
Kittle James, shoemaker, bds. Vedder Hall, 32 Union 
Kittle Nicholas, carpenter, house 29 Hamilton 
Kline Gertrude, widow, house 46 Union 
Knecht Frederick, baker, 23 Jay, house 25 do. 
Knedell W. soapmaker, house 24 Lafayette 
Knickerboc\er Abram, machinist, boaids 2 Smith 
Knight Michael, laborer, house 19 Dock 
Knock Henry, 10th reg't cav. N. Y. V. h. 50 North 
Knoll John, laborer, house 67 Green 
Knowlder Andrew, blacksmith, house 67 Green 
Knowlson John, bookkeeper, house 188 Union 
Knowlton Alonzo J. machinist, boards 101 Liberty 
Knowlton Daniel, tinsmith, boards 4 Smith 
Knowlton David, tinsmith, house 4 Smith 
KNOWLTON WILLIS, ambrotype and photograph 
artist, 164 State, house 34 Liberty. (See Ad- 
vertisement on next page.) 
Kocham William, laborer, house Albany near State 
Koring Diedrich, helper, house 10 College 
Korth Lewis, machinist, house Washington avenue 
Kosboth George, superinten't W. T. line, h. 210 State 
Krang Peter, tailor, house 102 Liberty 
Kristman Anthony, coppersmith, house 90 Romeyn 
Krul' Anton, drug clerk, boards 107 State 
Kuhn Jacob, machinist, 30 Rail road 
"unka Casper, laborer, house 49 Pine 


Nos. 164 & 168 STATE STREET, 

(Opposite Glvens' Hotel,) 


This Gallery is furnished with one of the best 
SJK\^ IjIGHTS in the State, and other con- 
veniences far superior to any in this vicinity. 

Mr. KNOWLTON has also the advantage of a 
long- experience in the business in rooms which rank 
second to none in the Union. 

He pledges himself that no eifort on his part shall 
be spared to render his rooms pleasant, his pictures 
perfect, and to cause the reputation of his establish- 
ment to attain a point higher than any other in this 
vicinity has yet reached. All styles of 


Made at this Gallery in the very best style of the 
art, and warranted satisfactory in every instance, or 
no charge will be made. 


Jjacy John (L. & Perkins), dentist, 108 State, h. do. 

Lacy Thomas J. P. surveyor, boards 108 State 

Lacy & Perkins, dentists, 108 State 

Ladd Isaac P. saloon. 151 State, house do 

Ladd James, house 16 Lafayette 

Ladd John, freightman, house 12 Smith 

Lake John (Lake Sc Wilson), 87 Union, house do. 

Lake William H. beer and pop. 145 and 147 Union 

Lamers Barney, 18th reg't, N. Y. V. house 21 Green 

Lamey Robert, boards 65 Lafayette 

Lamp Catharine, widow, house 31 Rotterdam 

Lamp Garrett, teamster, house 31 Rotterdam 

Lamp John, teamster, house 3 Rotterdam [85 Front 

Landon Judson S, district attorney, 165 State, house 

Lane Selah, shoemaker, boards 10 Dock 

Lang John, shoemaker, house 54 Jay 

Langdon Mrs. Angelica, house 55 Front 

Lansing Benjamin L. tallyman, house 34 Smith 

Lansing Francis, house 53 College 

Lansing Garrett Y. farmer, house 44 Ferry 

Lansing W. P. Mrs. 128 State 

Laramee Samuel H. grocer, 97 Union, house do. 

Larnan Hugh, laborer, house 10 Warren 

Larue Mrs. widow, house 86 College 

Lathrop John E. watchman, house 71 Centre 

Latour Francis (colored), hairdresser, under Fuller'.s 

Hotel, house 16 Lafayette 
Lauder Duncan B. high constable, h. 7 Cottage row 
Laventholl D. clothier, 46 State, house do. 
Lawrence Eve, widow, house 137 Liberty 
Lawrence J. R. clerk, boards 5 South avenue 
Lawrence William, house 5 South avenue 
Leach John, tailor, boards 176 State 
Lee Andrew, tender, boards 1 Centre 
Lee David M. hats and caps, 110 State, h. 80 Union 
Lee William, machinist, boards 4 North 
Lent Robert, baggageman, house 10 Smith 
Leonard Charles, helper, boards 98 Romeyn 


Leonard James, boilermaker, house 17 Monroe 

Leonard James, laborer, house 72 Fonda 

Levey John, house 29 Hamilton 

Levey Paul, hostler, boards Davis House 

Levi Joseph & Co. clothing store, 172 State 

Levison Abraham clerk, boards 104 State 

Levy Cohn, clothier, 146 and 166 State, h. 166 do. 

Levy Harris, peddler, house 185 State 

Levy Jonathan, grocer, 104 State, house 102 State 

Levy Pilfer, clothier, 90 State, house do. 

Lewis Tayler, Nott Professor of Greek and Literature 

Union College, house South College 
Liddle John G house 1P» Hamilton 
L'ghthall Ahasuerus, house 29 Barrett 
Lighthail Eugene, house 13 John 
Lighthali James H. boards 50 Ferry 
Lindlev Halsted, house 20 Liberty 
Lindley Silas H. jr. dry goods, 121 State, h. 123 do. 
Livingston Philip V. R. conductor, h. Nott n. Romeyn 
Lockvvood Jacob, painter, house 79 Front 
Loiiagan John B. machinist, bds. Fuller's Hotel 
Loiifif Bartholomew, carriage painter, boards Miller's 

Long Fritz, helper, house 51 Pine 
Longster James, saloon. 72 Green, house do. 
Lord Burr E. grocery, 201 State, h. Veeder avenue 
Losee Guerdon, overseer, house 7 Jefferson 
Loyle John, marble worker, house 73 Lafayette 
Lucas Charles, clerk, boards 9 Dock 
Lucas Ernst, upholsterer, boards 57 Romeyn 
Lucas Frederick, laborer, boards 9 Dock 
Lucas George, saloon, 9 Dock, house do. 
Lutkhurst Frederick, saloon, 10 Water, house do. 
Lufinian 0. S. bookkeeper, boards Davis House 
Luke Charles, broom maker, house 21 North 
Lukes Christian, shoemaker, h. 18 South avenue 
Lniiney James, grocer, 74 Romeyn, house do. 
Lusher Joseph, grocery, Dock, house 27 White 


Lyiiet Margaret, widow, h. 86 Fonda [h. 34 Church 
Lyon Be-njamin F. (B. F. & /. H. Lyon), 181 State, 
Lyon B. F. & J. H. saddlery hardware, trunks, &c., 

•181 State 
Lyon Catharine, widow of Elias, house 78 College 
Lyon David, house 83 Front [117 Union 

Lyon James U.(B. F. & J. H. Lyon), 181 State, h. 
Lyon Joseph, house 117 Union 
Lyon Samuel, helper, house 155 Front 
Lyon William, brakeman, boards 72 Romeyn 
Lyons Peter, laborer, house 39 Jay 

iVlcAllister Angus, shoemaker, h. 10 Jay (Bowery) 
McAvoy Ann, widow, house 3 Liberty 
McAvoy Michael, shoemaker, house 71 Fonda 
McBeth George, shoemaker, house 48 Lafayette 
McCamus Edward (^F. McCamus & Co.), 137 State, 

house 28 Liberty [bds. 30 Liberty 

McCamus Thos. W. (W. McCamus Sc Co.), 137 State, 
McCamus Wm. (W. McCamus Sc Co ), h. 30 Liberty 
McCAMUS WILLIAM 8c CO., dry goods, 137 

State. (See Advertisement on next page.) 
McCann Adam, hostler, boards Miller's Hotel 
McCann Christopher, blacksmith, h. 19 Rotterdam 
McCann John, wagonmaker, boards 16 Rotterdam 
McCann Maria, widow, house 16 Rotterdam 
McCarty Mrs. widow, house 17 John 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 69 Fonda 
McCauley Francis, laborer, house 107 Front 
McChesney John G. lawyer, 87 State, house State cor. 

Nott terrace 
McClane John, moulder, house 54 Barrett 
McClumpha Catharine, boards 51 White 
McClyman G( orge, carpenter, boards 6 Jay 
McGlyman William H. clerk, boards 53 State 
McCollom James, shoemaker, h. 21 Washington ave. 
McDermott James, boards 182 State 
McDermott John, grocer, 1 Pine, house do. 


mi icCAius & m,, 





m II w f 11 m f 1 1 

'^iSA <?£ -T ^s^ ^-A ^\^ vyi^!^ ^^ vS^ 





Cloaks & Mantillas. 


McDermott John, mason, boards 45 Romeyn 
McDerrnott Patrick, house 45 Romeyn 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, house 77 Front 
McDermott Patrick, jr., carder, boards 45 Romeyn 
McDonald Conrad, teamster, bds. Albany n. State 
McDonald Duncan, house 21 State 
McDonald John, laborer, house 20 College 
McDonald Michael, engineer, house 53 Fonda 
McDonald Mrs. widow, h. Albany n. State [n. State 
McDonald Nelson, 18th reg't, N. Y. V., bds. Albany 
McDonald Peter, blacksmith, boards 46 White 
McDonald Peter, spinner, house 58 Church 
McDonald Rebecca Mrs. house 14 Yates 
McDonald William, carpenter, house 29 Yates 
McDonough Michael, laborer, house 10 State 
McDougal Duncan, house 54 Union 
McFarlan Ann, house Water corner Church 
McGinnis Patrick, helper, house 11 South avenue 
McGoey John, watchman, 14 Rail road 
McGoey Thomas, laborer, house 152 Centre 
McGovern Patrick, laborer, house 65 Romeyn 
McGrith Michael, laborer, house 53 College 
McGukin Jane Mrs. house 48 State 
McGukin S. A. Miss, millinery, 48 State, house do. 
Mclncrow John, mason, house Lafayette near State 
Mcintosh Angus, hotel, 80 Washington ave. c. Water 
Mcintosh James W. boards 80 Washington avenue 
Mclnnaw Robert, gardener, house 3 State 
Mclimaw James, teamster, house 3 State 
Mclnall George, bartender, boards 155 State 
McKee Robert, tailor, boards 132 Centre 
McKerlie Anna M. widow of Alexander, h. 15 Ferry 
McKcrlie William, grocer, 38 State, house 6 Front 
McKinney Andrew J. clerk, boards 9 Water 
McKinney James, watchman, house 109 Front 
McKinney James C. carpenter, house 9 Water 
McKinney H. Lansing, blacksmith, house 18 Ferfy 
McKinney Samuel, wagonmaker, house 12 Ferry 


McLaughlin Thomas, shoemaker, hoi>se 3 South ave. 
McMarlin David, music teacher, house 67 Union 
McMichael Gertrude, widow, house 23 Front 
McMichael John, boards 23 Front 
McMichael Mrs. widow, house 191 Union 
McMichael William, cigarmaker, boards 191 Union 
McMillan William, cabinetmaker, house 18 Green 
McMuldrouch Mrs. widow, house 80 College 
McMULLEN ANDREWVoal dealer & freight agent, 

N. Y. C. R. R. 93 Union, house 185 Union 
McMullen William J. freight clerk, house 38 Liberty 
McMunn Mrs., widow, house 13 Park place 
McNamarow Catharine, widow, house 9 Warren 
McNamarow James, laborer, house 86 Fonda 
McNee John, sexton and undertaker, 91 Ferry, house 

23 Front 
McNee Walter, carpenter, house 5 Church 
McNiven William, gardener, house 70 Romeyn 
McOmber Abner, carpenter, house 14 Smith 
McPherson Andrew, farmer, house 130 Union 
McPherson Jane Ann, house 130 Union 
McQueen George, house 229 State 
McQueen Peter, house 37 Romeyn 
McQueen Walter, superintendent Locomotive Works 

house 76 Fonda corner Warren 
McSweeney John, laborer, house 75 Church 
Mack Mrs. widow, house 2S Water 
Madden Daniel, laborer, house 25 Dock 
Madden Edward, fireman, house 72 Romeyn 
Madigan Patrick, laborer, house 9 Warren 
Maginn James, mason, house 5 Liberty 
Magrail Hugh, janitor Union College, h. Nott terrace 
Mahan Andrew, watchman, house 59 Front 
Maheron Patrick, laborer, house 153 Centre 
Mahew Frederick, carman, house 65 Centre 
Mailer James B. tinsmith, boards 144 Centre 
Mailey Thomas, laborer, house 49 Fonda 
Malcomb James, spinner, house 66 Washington ave. 




i®iii®ALI & WISTiiM 

c 3ES 3M EI sr -a? . 


Adjoining the Canal and Central Bail Road, 

^€]HE£flB€'1Pis.B¥. Ho Y, 

Nos. 64 & 66 State St., Schenectady, N. Y., 






P. P. Ste^vart's Celebrated Large Oven, Sammer and 

Winter, Coal & Wood Cooking Stove, Clilef Cook, 

Gas Burner, Central Air Tight, &c.. Parlor 

Coal Burners, Stewart's Coal Burner, 

IiittleAeld'8 Morning Glory, 

Northern Liglit, A;c., &.c. 

Also, a general assortment of TIN", COPPER and SHEET 



KAGS, IRON, COPPKIl. BRASS, PEWTER, Ac, talcen in exchange for 
jobtiing. ROOFING, and all other work connecied with the business prompt- 
ly attended to. 


Maley Morris, driver, 78 Fonda corner Warren 
Mairs James W. (.7. Walker & Co.), 104 & 106 State. 

house 86 Liberty 
Mannegan Matthew^ laborer, house 10 Warren 
Manny Michael F. house 1 1 Jay (Bowery) 
Marhaver Philip, shoemaker, house 3 Rail road 
Marks Aaron, clerk, boards 174 State 
Marks Abram, tailor, house 185 State 
Marks David, clothing, 132 & 134 State, h. 36 Clin- 
ton near Smith 
Marks Jacob, broommaker, house Albany near State 
Marks Peter, broommaker, house Albany near State 
Marlett George, 18th reg't N. Y. V. boards 44 Barrett 
Marlett James J. house 44 Barrett 
Marsden Wm. freight conductor, house 185 State 
Marsh John B. music teacher, Young & Graham's 

bookstore, 11 1 State 
Marshall William, house 62 Ferry 
Martin C. Mrs. widow, house Troy Rail road 
Martin Catharine, widow, grocery, 98 Romeyn, h. do. 
Martin Edward, helper, house 96 Romeyn 
Martin George W. boilermaker, house 144 Front 
Martin Henry, broommaker, house 9 John 
Martin James, planer, house 49 Romeyn 
Martin Joseph, boilermaker, house 145 Front 
Martin Michael, laborer, house Myers' alley 
Martin Nicholas, laborer, house 132 State 
Martin Patrick, laborer, house 67 Romeyn 
Martin Roddy, janitor •Union College, h. n. Col. ter. 
Masden John, boards 182 State 

Mason Charles J. mer. tailor, 164 State, h. 7 Barrett 
Mathews Andrew, dry goods, 145 State, h. 35 Church 
Mathews Charles, loan commissioner, house 58 Smith 
Mathews John, clerk, boards 58 Smith 
Mathews Margaret, widow, house 9 State 
Maxon Ethan A. clerk, boards 104 Union 
'MAXON GEORGE G. flour and feed, 2, 4 & 6 Wall, 
house 104 Union 


Maxon Hiram, locksmith, 115 Union 

Mayer George, musician, house 61 Liberty 

Mead John J. machinist, house 138 Union 

Mead Michael, cigarrnaker, boards Sharratt House 

Medler Catharine, widow, house 30 Yates 

Medler Edward, carpenter, boards 30 Yates 

Medler Thomas, tinsmith, boards 30 Yates 

Meeker Caleb B. bookkeeper, house 58 College 

Meeker Charity, house 1(50 Union 

Meeker Josiah, fruiterer, house 160 Union 

Meeker William, house 65 Union 

Melanophy John, grocer, 52 Jay, house do. 

Mfclber John, blacksmith, house State n. Nott terrace 

Merry Michael, laborer, house 8 Jay 

Merry Waller, laborer, house 53 Fonda 

Merselis Abraham, engineer, house 64 Front 

Merselis Anna, widow of John E. house 4 Hamilton 

Merselis Cornelia Mrs. house 71 Front 

Merselis Eliza, house 75 Ferry 

Merselis Isaac, machinist, boards 71 Front 

Merselis James, 91st reg't N. Y. V. 

Merselis Henry, harnessmaker, house 67 Lafayette 

Merselis Nicholas, boards 71 Front 

Merselis Peter, farmer, house 119 Front 

Merselis Richard, boards 119 t'ront 

Merselis Robert, cigarrnaker, house 10 Franklin 

Merselis Sarah, widow, house 91 Front 

Mesick Emily, house 53 Washington avenue 

Mesick Mrs. house 44 White 

Mesick Rachel M. widow, house 113 Union 

Metcalf Richard, blacksmith, house 7 Yates 

MethodisL Episcopal Church (German), Jay n. Union. 

Rev. C. Biinn, pastor 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Liberty, Rev. J. K. 

Cheeseman, pastor 
Metten John, laborer, house 2 North 
Millard Charles, painter, house 55 Jay [h. 45 Front 
Millard John W. (Clark & Millard), grocer, 140 State, 


Millard Marcus N. (Millard & Crane), 160 State, 

house 139 Centre 
Millard & Crane, grocers, 160 State [Green 

MILLER CHARLES A. tinsmith, 9Q\ Ferry, h 50 
Miller Charles B. wocdjard, house 38 College 
Miller Frederick Mrs. widow, house 137 Liberty 
Miller Jacob, saloon, 75 Centre, house do. 
Miller Jeremiah, grocer. 64 AVashington avc. h. do. 
Miller John, carpenter, house 23 Jefferson 
Miller Mary Mrs. house 23 Jefferson [dam, h. do. 

Miller Peter (C. & P.), Iiotel and livery, 31 Rotter- 
^^iiller Tennis V. V. justice of the peace, 165 State, 

house 258 do. 
Miller Thomas, brewer, 42 State 
Miller William, barber, boards Shepherd's Hotel 
Millmine Alfred, lawyer, boards 15 Ferry 
Miimine Isaac, carpenter, house 51 White 
Milmine James (D. Murray & Co.), dry goods, 63 

State, boards 7 Cottage row 
Milmine Peter, carpenter, house 256 State 
Mitchell A. Barclay, captain 18th reg't N. Y. V. 
Mitchell Michael, clerk, boards 166 State [State 

Mitchell Thomas, hotel and fruit store, 178 und 180 
Mitchell Thomas B. (Mi'chell & Beuttie), lawyer, 

office 71 State, house 14 do. 
Mix David, tailor, house 64 State 
Mix Stephen, glazier, boards 64 State 
Moak Robert T. carpenter, house 6 Rotterdam 
Mockery Edward, teamster, house Dock 
Moffat Marian, widow, house 234 State 
IMohawk Bank, George G. Maxon, pres. 100 State 
Molds John, gardener, boards 7 State 
Molfinger Michael, laborer, bds 98 Ferry. [h. do. 
Moon George W. baker and confectioner, 113 State, 
MOORE EDGAR W. baker, 233 State c. Jay, h. do. 
Moore Helen jNL boardinghouse, 32 Union 
Moorehouse John, v>'oolsorter, house 47 State 
Morgan Charles mason, house 71 Lafayette 


Morgan Cornelius, mason, house 65 Lafayette 

Morgan Frank, mason, house 142 Centre 

Morgan George, engineer, boards 142 Centre 

Morlock Jacob, laborer, house; Veeder ave. n. Smith 

Morlock Martin, laborer, house 53 Jay 

Morris Charles, clerk, boards 153 State 

Morris James, laborer, house 92 Fonda 

Morris Mrs. widow, house 56 Ferry 

Morrison Arthur, machinist, house 21^ North 

Morse William, express agent, house 20 Hamilton 

Morton Alexander, machinist, house 35 Romeyn 

Morton George, machinist, house 27 Jefferson 

Mosher Edwin, carpenter, house 11 John 

Mudge Frederick R. mason, house 132 Centre 

Muel Conrad, laborer, house 30 Front 

Mulcare John, laborer, house 11 Warren 

Mulvey Francis, helper, house 11 Centre 

Mulvey Owen, boilermaker, house 126 Front 

Mundson Frederick, laborer, house 50 North 

Munger Hiram, teamster, house 45 College 

Munroe Charles M. student, boards 71 State 

Munson John, blacksmith, house 16 North 

Murphy Patrick, helper, h. Nott terrace op. Tannery 

Murphy William, laborer, house 25 Dock 

Murray David {D. Murray & Co.), 63 State, h. 18 do. 

Murray & Co. dry goods, 63 State 

Murren John, laborer, house 26 Monroe 

Murty M. A. Miss, millinery, 105 Union 

Mutimer Daniel {George H. DAy Sc Co.), stoves, 76 

State, house 22 Ferry 
Myers Charles, broommaker. house 26 Lafayette 
Myers Henry, clerk, boards 16 Liberty 
Myers Jerome, moulder, house 14 South avenue 
Myers Jerome M, boards 16 Liberty 
Myers John, laborer, house 59 Lafayette 
Myers John, broom manufacturer, Rotterdam 
MYERS JULIUS, coffee and spice manufacturer, 89 

Fonda, house 103 Union corner Ceiitre 


flyers Marcus, peddler, house 12 Water 
Myers Mary A. widow of Martin C. house 16 Liberty 
flyers Mordccai, house 93 Centre 
Myers N. clothier, 174 State, house do. 
Myers Nicholas, machinist, house 120 Liberty- 
Myers P. A. clerk, boards 36 Clinton 
MYERS SAMUEL, jewelry and silver ware, 1 19 State 

opposite Walker's store, boards Eagle Hotel 
Myers Stewart, agent, house 3 Barrett 
Myers Vanderlin, house Myers' alley 
Mynderse Barent A. physician, 27 Liberty, house do. 

JNail Samuel, boat captain, house ~7 Centre 
Narly Conrad, laborer, liou3e 10 ^-outh avenue 
Negus George, farmer, Ballston road near Nott 
Negus John, blacksmith, boards 58 Ferry 
Negus Richmond W. farmer, Ballston road near Nott 
Neirne Wm. blacksmith, house 6 Washington ave. 
Neptune Engine Co. No. 4, house 76 College 
Neuber Frederick, hotel, 54 Liberty 
Neuber Jacob, helper, house Veeder ave. n. State 
Neuber Mar ha, widow, house 66 Church 
Neuberger Nathan, bartender, boards 104 State 
Neustall Louis Rev. house 6 Liberty 
Nevln Patrick, laborer, house 19 Jefferson 
Newbegin George R. spring finisher. State opposite 

Newhouse Ernst, gardener, house 47 Fonda 
Newman John Rev. Professor Union College, house 

North College 
Newman William, carpenter, boards 14 Smith 
Niagara Engine Company No. 3, house Fonda n. Union 
Nibower George, planer, house 69 Fonda 
Nichol James, over:^eer, house 60 Church 
Nichols George, clerk, boards 162 Front 
Nichols Henry, clerk, boards 162 Front 
Nichols Louis, clerk, boards 162 Front 
Nichols William, laborer, house 162 Front 


Niedel M. peddler, house 6 Liberty 

Niper John, shoemaker, house 6 Barrett 

Nolan Michael, mason, house 53 Lafayette 

Nolan Thomas, mason, boards 98 Romeyn 

Norton Anna M. widow, house 13 John 

Norton Thomas, blacksmith, house 5 Veeder ave. 

Norton Truman, machinist, house 83 Romeyn 

Nott Eliphalet, President of Union College, house 

College terrace corner Union 
Nugent William, patternmaker, house 51 Fonda 

U'Brien James, cigar manufacturer, 71 State, boards 

Miller's Hotel 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, boards 98 Romeyn 
0*Conncll Bartholomew, butcher, house 38 White 
O'Connor James, helper, boards 98 Romeyn 
O'Dey Patrick, laborer, house 13 Park place 
O'Neil Hugh, blacksmith, house 61 Green 
O'Neill 'mes, helper, house Myers' alley 
O'Neil James, I8th reg't, N. Y. V. 
O'Neil John, switch tender, boards Fuller's Hotel 
O'Neil Patrick, moulder, house 52 Laiayette 
Ohlen Georg-', cooper's shop 53 Church, h. 23 Liberty 
Ohlen Mrs. widow of John, house 68 Union 
Ohlen William, clerk, boards 68 Union 
Oliver David, carpenter, house 22 Lafayette 
Oothout G. L. lawyer, house below Veeder's mills 
Orman Francis, dispatcher, house 59 Fmith 
Orme George, boilermaker, house 23 Monroe 
Orr Daniel, dyer, house 70 State 
Orwell Bridget E. widow, house 8 Pine 
Osborne George, cooper, boards 79 Front 
Osborne Jacob W. machinist, house 13 Jay (Bowery) 
Osborne William, painter, house Myers' alley 
Ostrom Cornelia, widow, house 46 Barrett 
Ostrom David L. grocer, 195 State, b. 75 Lafayette 
Ostrom Henry, dry goods, 127 State, h. 75 Lafayette 
Ostrom Spencer H. machinist, house 46 Barrett 


Ostrom William H. clerk, house 8 Clinton 

Otey Jacob, laborer, house 23 Green 

Ott Ham on, machinist, house 29 Plank road 

Ott Joseph, shoemaker, hous • 36 Albany turnpike 

Otten Charles, carpenter, house 50 Romeyn 

Otten Henry, mason, house 5) Romeyn 

Ouderkirk Daniel D. C. finisher, boards 22 Yates 

Ouderkirk Isaac Y upholsterer, boards 44 White 

Ouderkirk John H. carpenter, house Myers' alley 

Ouderkirk Peter, house 10 Franklin 

Ouderkirk Peter N cabinet ware, 133^ Union, h. do. 

Ouderkirk William, flagman, house 41 College 

Ouderkirk William jr. 48lh reg't N. Y. V. 

Owre Frederick, shoemaker, house 25 Lafayette 

X age Charles F. machinist, boards 27 South avenue 

Page Edwin E. house 27 South avenue 

Paige Alonzo C. attorney and counsellor at law, 10 

Union, house 42 Washington avenue ♦ 
Paige George, laborer, house 87 Liberty 
Paige Mrs. widow of John K h. 49 Washington ave. 
Paine A. F. blacksmith, house 107 Union 
Palmer Henry L clerk, boards Sharratt House 
Palmer John A. clerk, boards 36 Church 
Palmer Mrs. widow of Thomas, house 36 Church 
Palmer Moses, shoemaker, hous ■ 21 State 
Pangburn James W. clerk canal collector's office, 4 

Dock, house Scotia 
Parker Benjamin, machinist, house 37 Smith 
Parker Edmund, machinist, boards 8 State 
Parker Mrs. Mary, house 8 State 
Parmentier Francis, confectioner, 74 Ferr}', h. do. 
Parmentier Theodore, confectioner, bds. 74 Ferry 
Patten Sidney, wool worker, house 7 Liberty 
Pcitten Walter, mason, house 150 Front 
Patterson Anna Maria, widow, house 23 Green 
Patterson John W. machinist, house 64 Romeyn 
Patterson William, machinist, house 35 Romeyn 


Patterson William J. engineer, house 20 Ferry 

Fatten A. G. carriage trimmer, house 18 Smith 

Payne Eliza, widow, house 170 Union 

Payne William Rev. house 35 Ferry 

Pearce A. R. widow, house 20 Liberty 

Pearce Charles E. boards 20 Liberty 

Pearse Anna, widow, house 115 Liberty 

Pcarse A. P. clerk, boards Shepherds Hotel 

Pearse Simon, carpenter, 115 Liberty, house do. 

Pearson Caleb, house 189 Union 

Pearson Jonathan, treasurer Union College, honse 189 

Pease Harman, physician, house 97 State 

Peasely , laborer, hou-e 31 College 

Peasley David W. fruit dealer, 162 State, house do. 

Peckham Alva, engineer, house 8 Hamilton 

Peek Anna, widow of Peter V. house 58 Ferry 

Peek Anna, widow, house 29 Centre 

Peek James H. tanner, house 13 Monroe 

Peek Jesse, copyist, house 128 Centre 

Peek Lewis D. carman, house 10 Hamilton 

Peek Nicholas S. carpenter, house 89 Front 

Peek Mary, widow, house 49 Green 

Peek Yates F. conductor, house 44 Romeyn 

Peeler Charles, saloon, 8 Dock, house do. 

Peeler Henry, saloon, 8 Dock, house do. 

Peissner Elias, prof Union College, h. South College 

Pelton Sumner M. carpenter, house 38 Barrett 

Pemberton Thomas L. engineer, house 58 Front 

Pepper Charles H. hotel, 221 State 

Perkins Charles, 48th reg't N. Y. V. h. 59 Smith 

Perkins Margaret, widow, house 20 Jefferson 

Perry James, carman, house 18 Hamilton 

Perry Mrs. widow of Roswell, house 94 Front 

Peters Alonzo, clerk, boards 58 Washington avenue 

Peters Andrew, brewer, 19 State 

Peters A. Vedder, blacksmith, bds. AVashington ave. 

Peters Edward, wagonmaker, h. 70 Washington ave. 


Peters Harman W. grocer, 1 Rotterdam, house 58 

Washington avenue 
Peters Christopher, house 102 Ferry 
Peters Margaret, widow, house 74 Washington ave. 
Peters Froal A. distillery, h. 16 Washington avenue 
Peterson Andrew 0. machinist, house 102 Front 
Peterson George, painter, house 48 Jay 
PETTINGILL W. W. livery stable, 216 State, bds. 

135 Centre 
Pfau C. widow, house 73 Romeyn ^ 

Pt'au Francis, wheelbarrowmaker, bds. 73 Romeyn 
Pfau John G. blacksmith, boards 73 Romeyn 
Philips Barney, boilermaker, boards 71 Fonda 
Phillips John, laborer, house 15 South avenue 
Phillips Joseph, Rotterdam near Canal 
Phillips Julia, widow, house 71 Fonda 
Picket Harman, tallyman, house 63 Centre 
Picket James, house 74 Union 
Pilling Charles, clerk, boards 74 Centre 
Pilling John, laborer, house State near Nott terrace 
Pilling William, furnace and machine shop, 198 State 

corner Centre, house 74 Centre 
Pilling William jr. machinist, boards 74 Centre 
Piper George, dispatcher, house 30 Green 
Piper Thomas, fireman, house 32 Centre 
Plain Stephen, blacksmith, house 143 Front 
Plank Adam, house 273 State 
Plato John, coffee and spice agent, house 22 Yates 
Plazer George, laborer, bds. Nott terrace n. Tannery 
Plott Albert, tailor, house 44 Veeder avenue 
Plott Louis, tailor, house 94 Romeyn 
Plunkett Mary, widow, house 38 Romeyn 
Plunkett Patrick, laborer, house 82 Romeyn 
Poland Vedder, shoemaker, house 85 Union 
Police Station House, Van Home Hall, room 5 
Post Office, J. W. Veeder postmaster, 162 State 
Potter Benjamin F. lawyer, house 4 Union 
Potter Piatt, justice supreme court, 10 Union, h. 4 do. 



ElTliE I^EW SfiOIC, 

Wo. 216 State Street, 

gemiGsiBY, I. Y. 

The subscribers have just completed the erection of 
large and commodious buildings and filled them with 
an entire 




Of the latest improved style. The carriages are all 
built to order, and are of the latest style. The horses 
connected with the Livery Department have been 
selected with reference to the qualities of speed, 
gentleness and good appearance. A careful driver 
provided. Our friends are respectfully invited to 
call. Every effort will be made to give entire satis- 
faction, and the subscribers feel confident that they 
will, in all cases, be able to meet the wants of their 



Potter Sydney B. grocer, 49 State, house 51 do. 
Powell Charles H. clerk, boards 48 Union 
Powell Daniel L. grocer, -State c. Ferry, h. 48 Union 
Powell Lewis M. clerk, boards 48 Union 
POWELL WILLIAM H., Powell's bank express, 
Railroad depot, house 101 Union corner Centre 
Powers Samuel N. machinist, house 3 Cottage row 
Powers Richard, laborer, house 2 Warren 
Pratt Joseph, macliinist h. 168 Union [us. pastor 

Presbyterian Church, Union n. Ferry, Rev. J. T. Back- 
Prichard George, njachinist, house 1 Madison 
Prichard Richard, boilermaker, house Myers' alley 
Piime A.J. Rev. (colored), house 43 Barrett 
Prince Frank (colored), boatman, house 20 Lafayette 
Proper Simon, laborer, house 45J Pine 
Proudht Sarah, widow, house 183 Union 
Prout Eliza, widow of John, house 9 Smith 
Pulver Corneliuf?, laborer, house 34 Jefferson 
Putman Aaron M. harnessmaker, house 70 Lafayette 
Putman Ernestus, house 13 Ferry 
Putman Madison, clerk, boards 70 Lafayette 

IJuackenbush Amanda, house 82 Barrett 
Quackenbush Hester, widow, boards 92 Centre 
Quackenbush Simon, boards 27 Church 
Quant Henry, boat captain, house 10 Water 
Queenay John, liquors, 132 Jefferson, house do. 
Queenay Thomas, laborer, boards 134 Front 

XVacarman Eudora, shoemaker, house 6 Ferry 
Radcliff George, machinist, house Rotterdam n. Canal 
Radey Henry, blacksmith, boards 34 Jefferson 
Rafferty John, helper, h. 20 South ave. [n. State 

Ramsey Henry, civil engineer and surveyor, h. Albany 
Rawnsley Edward, saloon, 7 State, house do. 
Reaber Frederick, butcher, house 61 Church 
REAGLES CHRISTOPHER & SON (/saac F.). nurse- 
rymen, 9 and 12 Barrett, house 9 do. 


i©MEIii©TA®¥j U, ¥, 

These old established Nurseries are probably on a more ex- 
tensive scale than any other this side of Rochester, devoted to 
the raising of all kinds of 




Of the most popular varieties. 



All of which are oflfered at lowest rates, and in almost any quan- 
tities for most of the articles enumerated. 

This Nursery is one of the oldest established in this country, 
and the experience of the senior partner, by his connexion with 
it, has been of many years standing. He is now aided by his 
son, and they pledge themselves to use every exertion to 
render continued satisfaction to tlieir customers and the public. 


JVos. 9 ^' 12 Barren Street, 


Reagles Isaac V. (C. Reagles Sc Son), nurseryman, h. 

12 Barrett 
Reagles James, physician, boards 301 State 
Reagles James {Clute & Reagles), house 301 State 
Rearon Edward, laborer, house 79 Fonda 
Reese Aaron, carpenter, house 32 Smith 
Reese Albert, moulder, house 259 State 
Reese Anna, widow, house 57 Jay 
Reese Martin, mason, house 259 State 
Reese Mary, widow, house 259 State 
Reeves Thomas H. salesman, house 38 Clinton 
Reflector & Schenectady Democrat, Cyrus Thayer, edi- 
tor. Collonade Building, 134 State 
Relyea Daniel, blacksmith, house Albany near State 
Relyea Philip, machinist, house 10 Barrett 
Remer Matthew, carpenter, house 151 Union 
Reynolds Francis, blacksmith, house 28 Yates 
Reynolds John, grocer, 80 Centre, house 58 Liberty 
Rolf Wm. blacksmith, house 151 Front 
Rice George, blacksmith, house 46 Jefferson 
Rice William, laborer, house 77 Church 
Richards Julia, widow, house 79 Liberty 

Richardson , machinist, boards 2 Smith 

Ri Imiller Charles, laborer, h. State ab. Nott terrace 

Riddle Hugh, poundmaster, house 303 State 

Riddle Robert R. overseer, house 70 Church 

Riddle William, butcher, house 303 State 

Riggs Catharine, widow of Isaac, house 90 Lafayette 

Riggs Charles H. machinist, house 46 Lafayette 

Riggs John V. physician, 1 Franklin, house do. 

Riggs Julia, widow of Stephen S. house I Franklin 

Riley Charles, 34th reg't N. Y. V. 

Riley James, 91st reg't N. Y. V. house 70 Centre 

Riley Thomas, carman, house 34 Dock 

Roach Morris, laborer, house 2 Green 

Roach Thomas, laborer, house 6 Pine 

Robb Joseph C. switchtender, house 144 Centre 

Robb Susan, widow, house 13 Park place 


Roberts , machinist, boards 14 Jay 

Robinson Daniel D. clerk. Miller's Hotel 
Robinson Duncan, carpenter, house 24 Ferry 
Robinson Edward J. carpenter, boards 178 Union 
Robinson Robert S. carpenter, house 36 South ave. 
Robus George, shoemaker, house 17 Park place 
Rochford William, carman, house 92 Romeyn 
Rodemecher John, shoemaker, h. Rotterdam n. bridge 
Rodgers Charles, patternmaker, boards 5 Barrett 
Rodgers James (Rodgers & Weller), house 62 College 
Rodgers Samuel, shoemaker, house 1 14 Liberty 
Rod,i2:ers T. S. Rev. house 84 College [62^ College 
RODGERS & WELLER, soda water and beer manuf. 
Rodgers Francis, boilermaker, house 77 Fonda 
Rodgers Mrs. widow of Russell, house 5 Barrett 
Rolfe George, machinist, house 24 Lafayette 
Rolfe Josiah, coppersmith, house 70 Barrett 
Rolfe Stephen S. carpenter, house Veeder avenue 
Root William B. engineer, house 17 College 
Roraback Rebecca, widow, boards 122 Centre 
Rorden Margaret T. widow, house 96 Centre [State 
Rosa Edward, lawyer, Van Home Hall, room 4, h 246 
Rosa Henry, coal and wood, 23 Dock, house 21 Front 
Rosa James, clerk, boards 35 Church 
Rosa Mary E. widow, house 74 Front 
Rosa Richard, tinsmith, boards 3 Washington avenue 
Rose Jacob, shoemaker, house rear 52 College 
Rose Henry, butcher, house 79 Front 
Rosekrans Charles, brakeman, 168 Union 
Rosekrans Lucinda, widow, house 168 Union 
Rosekrans W illiam J. machinist, house 120 L^'nion 
Ross David, shoemaker, house 62 Fonda 
Rost John, cigarmaker, 63 Liberty c. Centre, h. do. 
Roth Charles, 30th reg't N. Y. V. 
Roth Mary, widow, house 35 Centre 
Roughabock Conrad, moulder, house 68 Liberty 
Rouse James, machinist, boards 38 Barrett 
Rouse William, shoemaker, 23 Monroe 


Routhout John, laborer, house 6 Ferry 

Roy Jtimes & Co. shawlmanuf. h. Church con. n. State 

Rowe Granville, varnishmaker, house 40 Hamilton 

Rowe Peter, house 44 Liberty 

Rugg & Son, leather dealers, 206 State, house 208 do. 

Rummens Rosanna, house 58 White 

Russ Christopher, harnessmaker, 7 Ro'terdam, house 

30 Roineyn 
Russell Robert, warper, house 14 Rail road 
Russell John E. printer, house 142 Union 
Russell William E. machinist, house 118 Front 
Ryan Ann, widow, house 70 State 
Ryan Mary, widow, house 40 White 
Rynex Valentine, laborer, house 24 Yates 
Rynex William, blacksmith, house 18 Rail road 

uabbels Charles, laborer, house Veeder ave. n. Smith 

Sacia Mrs. widow, house 26 Yates 

Satjer James, blacksmith, house 17 Monroe 

Sager Garrett, laborer, house 79 Front 

Sampson Peter, (colored), engineer house 30 Pine 

Sanders Charles W. jeweler, house 33 Front 

Sanders James, watches and jewelry, 109 State, house 

33 Ferry 
Sanders James W. jeweler, boards 33 Ferry 
Sanders John, lawyer, 1 1 Union, house Glenville 
SANDERS WALTER T. L. lawyer, 11 Union, house 

Sanford Elihu, student, boards 77 Union 
Sanford Elihu Mrs. widow, house 77 Union 
Sauter Caspar, machinist, house 14 Lafayette 
Savage Eliza, widcvw, house 12 Union 
Scarlett William, mason, house 35 Centre 
Schauber David M. house 108 Libert}- 
Schauber Hubert A. teacher, boards 108 Liberty 
Scheeb Frederick, butcher, house 18 Amanda 
Schenectady Bank, Simon C. Groot, president, 37 



Schenectady Drum Corps, Henr}' Myers pres't, 168 

Schenectady Gas Works, James R. Craig and Abel 

Smith owners, Robert Clements, superintendent, 

office 134 State 
Schenectady Locomotive Works, Walter McQueen 

superintendent, 29 Fonda, opposite Pine 
Schermerhorn Andrew, carpenter, house 63 Barrett 
Schermcrhorn Bartholomew, house 48 Ferry 
Schermerhorn Bartholomew jr. boards 48 Ferry 
Schermerhorn B. T. tanner, house 41 Lafayette 
Schermerhorn Eliphalet N., lieut. 18th reg't N. Y. V. 
Schermerhorn Henry, house 79 College 
Schermerhorn Jacob E. cabinetmaker, bds. 48 Ferry 
Schermerhorn James I. machinist, house 258 State 
Schermerhorn Jeremiah, laborer, house 13 Jefferson 
Schermerhorn John C blacksmith, house 57 Smith 
Schermerhorn John R. laborer, house 32 Jefferson 
Schermerhorn John T. Berdan Sharpshooters, bds« 41 

Schermerhorn Myndert, house 61 Front 
Schermerhorn Peter, butcher, house 62 Jay 
Schermerhorn Richard, engineer, house 15 Centre 
Schermerhorn William B. house 256 State" 
Schermerhorn Wm. H. 18th reg't N. Y. V. b 13 Jay 
Schermerhorn William K. machinist, house 81 Romeyn 
Schlosser John F. carpenter, house 8 Lafayette 
Schneider Frederick, shoemaker, boards 55 White 
Schoolciaft John W. house Albany 
Schoolcraft Oliver, boards Albany 
Schoolcraft William, shoemaker, house 142 Union 
Schwerin Max, house 136 Union 
Schwilk William F. Rev. house 156 Front 
Scott David, engineer, house 58 Romeyn 
''^cott Jam^s^ boards 134 Centre 
Scott Nicholas, machinist, house 50 Romeyn 
Scougall William, segarmaker, boards 261 State 
Scrafford Charles, carpenter, house 61 Barrett 


Scrafford Frederick, carpenter, boards 132 Centre 
Scully Patrick, saloon, 78 Fonda cor. Warren 
Seaman Augusta, house 49 Front 
Sears John C. shoemaker, house 29 Lafayette 
Seaver George 0. clerk, boards 73 Washington ave. 
Seaver Heman, teamster, house 73 Washington ave. 
Second Reformed Dutch Church, Jay comer Liberty, 

Rev. J. A. Debois, pastor 
Sedgwick Jona. students' boardinghouse, 164 Union 
Seeley Frederick, carman, 17 Green 
Seeley George W. B. 44lh reg't N. Y. V. 
Seelig Abraham, tailor, house 95 Ferry 
Seelye Edward E. Rev. h. 77 Washington ave. 
Seff Edward, shoemaker, house 19 Lafayette 
SefF Jacob, machinist, house 7 Amanda 
Selback John, wagonmaker, house 10 South ave. 
Seligman George A. machinist, house 92 Centre 
Sellser Peter, laborer, house Myers' alley 
Sennet Simon, upholsterer, house 154 Front 
Severn John, shoemaker, house 16 Water [Ferry 

Sexton Samuel H. portrait painter, 81 State, h. 17 
Seymour Charles, machinist, boards 12 Jefferson 
Seymour F^ank W. 18th reg't N. Y. V. 
Seymour Harman, Justice of Peace, Yates and Davis 

Building, State, house 120 Liberty 
SHAIBLE & BUTLER, carriage and sleigh builders 

133 Centre * [house 136 Centre 

Shaible George {Shaible & Butler), Centre near State, 
Shaffer Wilhelm, machinist, house R. R. n. bridge 
Shannon Catharine, boards 145 Centre 
Shannon Cornelius, laborer, house 8 Water 
Shannon Henry, laborer, house 11 John 
Shannon Thomas, boilermaker, h. 2 Cottage row 
Shannon Thomas, grocer, 189 State boards 179 do. 
Sharkey Hugh, machinist, house 94 Romeyn 
Sharp John W. carriagemaker, house 10 Franklin 
Sharratt House, Rosa & Lottridge, proprietors, 155 

State near Canal bridge 


Sharratt Mary, boards 27 Church 

Shaver John, carpenter, house 26 Jefferson 

Shaver John, laborer, house 46 State 

Shaver Sylvester, station keeper canal, h. 68 Church 

Shaw John H. ropemaker, house 15 Green 

Shaw Richard V. V. ropemaker, house 13 Green 

Shaw Wallace, ambrotypes and photographs, 81 State 

boards Sharratt house 
Shawl Factory, Arthur W. Hunter, agent, 48 Church 
Shay Daniel, laborer, house 38 Romeyn 
Shear Matthew, 43d reg't N. Y. V. 
Shear William, 43d reg't N. Y. V. 
Sheen Patrick, painter, boards 176 State 
Sheen Philip, painter, house 42 Clinton 
Sherdin Andrew, laborer, house 12 Hamilton 
Shields Patrick, laborer, house 134 Front 
Sheldon Benjamin F. pressman, boards 257 State 
Sheldon Benjamin P. clerk, house 257 State 
Shelman George, painter, house 236 Centre 
Shepherd George, machinist, house 9 Monroe 
Shepherd's Hotel, 215 State 
Shepherd James, boilermaker, h. 9 Jefferson 
Shepherd Oliver, hotel, 155 Union 
Shepherd Peter T. hotel proprietor, 215 State 
Sheriff's Office, Court House, 26 Union, Abraham 

Gillespie, sheriff 
Sherwood Abby, widow, h. 79 Liberty cor. Yates 
Sherwood Jerusha, widow, house 79 Liberty corner 

Sherwood Mary E. house 79 Liberty cor. Yates 
Shoemaker Maria, widow, house 34 White 
Shook George, cabinetmaker, house 59 Centre 
Showdy James, teamster, house 32 Smith 
Shrum Edward, tailor, boards 92 Centre 
Shuler Mrs. E. house 33 Ferry 
Shuster Anthony, jeweler, house 90 Romeyn 
Sieberd George, helper, house 21 Green 
Simmons Jeremiah, carpenter, house 30 Smith 


Simipson James (Wright & S'mpson), blacksmith, 17 

Rotterdam, house 19 Ferry 
Simpson Thomas, hostler, house 75 Centre 
Sisley Richard H. shoemaker, house 51 College 
Sitterly Lucy, house 24 Rail road 
Skelton Samuel, butcher, house 54 White 
Skinner David, boilermaker, house 141 Front 
Skinner Lewis, carpenter, boards 107 Liberty 
Slater Hannah, widow, house 184 State 
Slater Henry, blacksmith, house 37 Front 
Slater Mortimer & Co. grocery, 5 Dock, h. 72 Jay 
Slater William, blacksmith, boards 37 Front 
Slett Jacob, laborer, house 26 Jefferson 
Slinsker Frederick, broommaker, h. 3 Rotterdam 
Sliter George, painter, house 136 Liberty 
Slocombe John, brevrer, 1 North, house 32 Green 
Siocombe L. B. boot and shoe manufacturer, 52 State, 

h. 54 do. 
Slocombe Mary, dressmaker, house 26 Green 
Small Mrs. widow, houSe 10 North 
SMITH ABEL, stoves, hardware, sash and glass, 136 

and 138 State, house 60 do. 
Smith Albert, painter, boards 73 Liberty 
Smith Catharine E. widow, house 8 Pine 
Smith David Cady, attorney and counsellor at law, 

39 State, house 46 Washington avenue 
Smith Edward, broom manufacturer, Washington ave. 

opposite Front, boards 117 State 
Smith George, cigarmaker, house 87 Lafayette 
Smith George, machinist, boards 73 Liberty 
Smith Henry, laborer, house 25 North 
Smith Jacob, laborer, house State near Nott terrace 
Smith James, foreman J. Consaul's shoe store, bds. 

188 State 
Smith James, coachman, house 5 Warren 
Smith John, mason, house 83 Lafayette 
Smith John C. moulder, house 8 Madison 
Smith Joseph, laborer, boards 132 State 


Smith Lydia, widow, house 81 Union 
Smith Maus, 30th reg't, N. Y. V, boards 117 State 
Smith Mrs. widow of Stephen, house 24 Liberty- 
Smith Sarah, widow, house 117 State 
Smith Philip W. stationkeeper, house 33 Smith 
Smith Rudolph F. cooper, house 59 Union 
Smith Samuel, tinsmith, house 83 Lafayette 
Smith Thomas, blacksmith, house 73 Romeyn 
Smith William, house 69 Lafayette 
Smith W lliam, house 24 Liberty 
Smuts Joseph, planer, house 15 Warren 
Snare John, helper, house 20 Green 
Snell Christopher, laborer, house 72 Fonda 
SNELL DAVID H. druggist, 147 State, h. 14 Liberty 
Snell John, laborer, house 15 Amanda 
Snell Maria, widow, house 112 Front 
Snowden John, machinist, house 18 Jefferson 
Snyder John P. justice of the peace, 171 State corner 

Wall, house 104 Centre 
Snyder Mrs. widow, house 2 Green 
Snyder William, house 69 Front 

Soles Benjamin F. restaurant, 168 State, h. 59 Ferry 
Soley George, train dispatcher, boards 133 Front 
Soley John A. depotmaster, h. 6 Hamilton [h, do. 

SOMES A. ambrotypes and photographs, 149 Union, 
Sour John, basketmaker, house 2S Rail road 
Sour John, laborer, house 15 Amanda 
SOUTHARD JOHN, market. 137 Union and 103 

Ferry, house White n. State 
Southard Joseph, butcher, house 40 White 
Sparks Frank, boilermaker, 14 South avenue 
Spier James J. baggageman, boards 253 State 
Spier Joseph, cider rectifier, 253 State, house do. 
Sprague Ezra, agent, h.Veeder avenue opposite Smith 
Sprague Mrs. widow, house 8 Barrett 
Stall H. B. 18th reg't N. Y. V. house 86 State 
St. George's Episcopal Church, Ferry near Green 
St. John's Church (Catholic), Franklin near- Centre 


St. Joseph's Church (German Catholic) Centre near 

Stanton Benj., M. A. prof, of Union Col. h. 184 Union 
Steel William, helper, house State near Nott terrace 
Stavers Peter, oysters, fish and fruits, 182 State, h. do. 
Steers Catharine, widow, house 23 Barrett 
Steers Catharine L. widoiv, house 25 Barrett 
Steers Cornelius, house 8 Green 
Steers John, turner, house 8 Green 
Steers John, house 23 Barrett 
Steers Thornton, machinist, boards 23 Barrett 
Steidler George, shoemaker, house 43 College 
Steiner George, brewer, house 59 Centre 
Steinfuhrer C. F. D. boards 22 North 
Steinfuhrer E. A. F. clerk, boards 107 State 
Steinfuhrer George, broommaker, house 22 North 
Stenson John, shoemaker, 123 Union, house 120 do. 
Stern Michael, helper, house 9 John 
Stern Solomon, clerk, boards 104 State 
Stevens Aaron, baggagechecker, house 84 Ferry 
Stevens Anthony, laborer, house 30 Jefferson 
Stevens Benjamin F. carpenter, house 57 Smith 
Stevens Edward, house 125 State 
Stevens Henry, house 179 State corner Depot 
Stevens Jonathan A. stationman, h. 13 Jay (Bowery) 
Stevens Mrs. laundry, 83 Centre 
Stevens Nicholas, house 60 Jay 
Stevens Richard, machinist, house 83 Centre 
Stevenson John, boards 3 Church 
Stevenson Robert, engineer, house 74 Front 
Steward Thomas, machinist, house 153 Front 
Stickles Alfred, cabinetmaker, house 6\h, Ferry 
Stickles Peter, grocer, 37 Union, house 31 Front 
Stiff John L. shoemaker, house State ab. Nott terrace 
Stocker Mrs. M. vestmaker, house 63 Barrett 
Stoops William, tailor, house 90 Fonda 
Stoutenmeyer Andrew, shoemaker, house 7 Liberty 
Strong A. Miss, house 35 Liberty 


Strong John, agent for the Schenectady Manufacturing 

Company, 24 Union, house 17 Liberty 
Strong & Helmer, grocers and general freight agents, 

7 Dock 
Strong Marvin (Strong & Helmer), police justice, Van 

Home Hall, house 82 College 
Strunk Margaret E. house 7 Franklin 
Sturdy Richard, carpenter, house Nott c. Plank road 
Stuyvesant M. A. widow, house 26 Front 
Sullivan Patrick, helper, boards 98 Romeyn 
Sullivan Susan, widow, house 19 Dock 
Sunda Henry, 85th reg't N. Y. V. house 15 Amanda 
Surrogate's Office, 15 Union 

Susholz Alexander, clothier, 106 State, house do. 
Suter John E. shoemaker, house Myers' alley 
Sutliff Robert, machinist, boards Fuller's Hotel 
Swan Joseph, shoemaker, 30th reg't N. Y. V. house 

Myers' alley [Union 

Swart Cornelius B. bookbinder, 175 State, house 173 
Swart Henry H. salesman, boards Givens' Hotel 
Swart Ira, carriagemaker, boards 39 Front 
Swart Jemima, widow, house 39 Front 
Swart John H. machinist, boards 4 Cottage row 
Swart Nicholas, 43 reg't N. Y. V. boards 39 Front 
Swart Nicholas H. house 27 Smith 
Sweeney Bryan, saloon, 25 Dock, house do. 
Sweeney Daniel, 91st reg't N. Y. V. h. 75 Church 
Swenker Augustus, machinist, house 20 Green 
Swenker Frederick, farmer, house 149 Front 
Swenker Henry, laborer, house 149 Front 
Sweer Henry, shoemaker, house 30 Yates 
Sweet William C. (Sweet & Allen), 203 State, h. 

82 Liberty 
Sweet & Allen, groceries and provisions, 203 State 
Swift Clark, engineer, house 30 State 
Swits Abraham, blacksmith, house 66 Washington 
Swits Abraham A machinist, liouse 110 Liberty 
Swits Abraham J. Rev. house 46 Ferry 


Swits ITarman, physician, 218 State, house 220 do. 

Swiis John P. blacksmith, Iioiise 73 Barrett 

Svvits John V. tanner, house 17 Jay 

Swits Nicholas, house 80 Church 

Svvits S. V. (SwitsSc Carhi), brewer, h. 25 Wash. ave. 

Swits & Carley, brewers, Amsterdam, office State cor. 

Canal bridge 
Swits Walter A. blacksmith, 18 Rotterdam n. Water, 

house 147 Centre 

1 allmadge Hilton, broommaker, house 42 Clinton 
Tannahill Elizabeth, widow, house 27 Church 
Taylor Jacob, depot baggageman, h. Veeder avenue n. 

Ta)?lor James E. brakeman, house 67 Jay 
Taylor John, laborer, house 52 Romeyn 
Taylor Lewis, patternmaker, house 98 Front 
Taylor Mrs. widow, house 273 State 
Taylor Samuel, physician and surgeon, b. Eagle Hotel 
Taylor Sarah A. widow, house 86 Washington ave. 
Taylor William, machinist, house 97 Front 
Teff Jeremiah, overseer, house 77 College 
Tegal Frederick, broommaker, house 26 Rail road 
Teller Henry C. carpenter, boards 40 Barrett 
Teller Henry W. shoemaker, house 88 Fonda 
Teller Isaac, carpenter, house 66 Barrett 
Teller James, wagonrnaker, house 40 Barrett 
Teller Levi (Clute & Teller), hats, 96 State, boards 

67 Centre 
Teller Mary D. widow, house 158 Union 
Teller Wm- fireman, house 28 Jefferson 
Tenpany John, laborer, house 10 Madison 
Tenpany Peter, helper, house 30 Centre 
Tenbrook Jeremiah, engineer, house 30 Front 
Terning Mary, widow, house 60 Liberty 
Terpening Peter, carpet weaver, 61 Lafayette 
Thatcher Orin A. house 254 State 


Thayer Cyrus, editor Schenectady Domocrat, 134 

State, house 8 Smith 
Third Reformed Dutch Church, College near Green 
Thomas Charles, grocer, Water c. Rotterdam, h. do. 
Thomas Daniel, teamster, house 20 Lafayette 
Thomas Susan, widow, house 10 Madison 
Thompson Benjamin, machinist, house 21 John 
Thompson Chas., cashier Mohawk B k, h. 32 Liberty 
Thompson Francis (colored), barber, under Givens' 

Hotel, 173 State, house 47 Pine 
Thompson Jeffrey, blacksmith, house 28 Pine 
Thompson Nancy (colored), house 56 Fonda 
Thompson Peter (colored), cook, house 50 Smith 
Thompson Samuel (colored), barber, h. 39 Lafayette 
Thompson Ward, clerk, N. Y. C. R. R. Albany, house 

19 Franklin 
Tliompsor. William, laborer, house 16 Fonda 
Thomson Alexander J. (Jickson &: Thomson), 10 Union, 

hquse 1 Church 
Thomson Cornelius, h. 90 Liberty 
Thomson Elizabeth, widow of James, h. 3 Church 
Thomson James, boards 90 Liberty 
Thornhill Henry, watchmaker, house 88 Centre 
Thornton Abraham, watchman, house 72 Liberty 
Thornton George, machinist, house 69 Union 
Thornton Jacob, boilermaker, house 117 Liberty 
Thornton John, painter, 91st reg't N. Y. V. house 

66 Smith 
Thornton Thomas B. house 94 Liberty 
Thornton Thomas W. supt. of streets, h. 117 Liberty 
Thurston Misses, house 22 State 
Tibbits James B. house 11 Jay, (Bowery) 
Tichenor David J. bookkeeper, house 197 State 
Tiegel Henry, laborer, house 29 North 
Tiernan John laborer, house 17 John 
Tighe Daniel, laborer, house 21 Dock 
Tighe David, blacksmith, 100 Romeyn, house 104 do. 
Tighe James, laborer, house 34 South avenue 


Toll Daniel, broom man'jfacturer, h. 15 Clinton 

Tomkins Albert, machinist, house 29 John 

Tomlinson heirs of David, house 20 Church 

Townsend Wm. machinist, house 70 Jay 

Trager George, farmer, house 67 Front 

Trainor Thomas, watchman, house 30 Green 

Tremain Richard, machinist, boards 14 Jay 

Trice Martin, laborer, house State above Nott terrace 

Trnax Alfred, 18th reg't N. Y. V house 18 Barrett 

Truax Andrew, druggist, 141 State, house 40 Union 

Truax Cornelia, widow, house 72 Church 

Truax Edgar, clerk, boards 92 Ferr}^ 

Truax Isaac I. grocer, 65 State, house 92 Ferry 

Truax Jacob A. crockery, boots and shoes, 150 State, 

house 21 Smith 
Truax John I. machinist, house 125 Liberty 
Truax Peter, laborer, house 64 Smith 
Truax Stephen, restaurant and ice cream, 124 Union, 

house do. ^ 

Trumbley Orpheus, engineer, house 69 Lafayette 
Turnbull George A. clerk, boards Mcintosh's Hotel 
Turner Rachel, widow, dressmaker, h. 23 Monroe 
Turney Rutha, widow, house 77 Union 
Tymeson Cornelius, clerk Post Office, b. 173 Union 
Tymeson Eldred, carpenter, house 53 Lafayette 
Tymeson Eldred, hosUer, boards 135 Centre 
Tymeson Eveline, widow, house 14 Park place 
Tymeson Maria, widow, house 23 John 

Union College, College hill near Union street 
Union School, Union, corner Canal bridge 
Universalist Church, College near Union 

V an Abeel John, gardener, house 46 College 
Van Aernam Mrs. widow, cloak and dressmaker, house I 
125 State i 

Van Aernam Abby, widow of Stephen W. h. 39 Smith 


Van Allen Simon, switchtender, house 69 Front 
Van Alstyne G. P. boards Fuller's Hotel 
Van Antwerp Jacob F. carpenter, house 124 Liberty- 
Van Antwerp Jane, house 44 State 
Van Antwerp Mary, widow, house 18 Barrett 
Van Antwerp Mrs. widow, house 15 Lafayette 
Van Antwerp Rebecca, boards 146 Centre 
Van Auken Levi, farmer, house 61 Centre 
Van Brunt Albert (Beal & Van Brunt), flour and 

feed, 45 Liberty, house 309 State 
Van Buren Alida, boards 78 Barrett [State 

Van Buren & Bills, dealers in pelts and wool. 247 
Van Buren Francis (F^ti Buren Sc Bills) 247 State, 

house 78 Barrett 
Van Buren Frederick, laborer, house 33 Jefferson 
Van Buren Peter, boards 182 State 
VAN DEBOGERT BROTHERS, coal, wood, flour 

and lumber, Dock, office State cor. Wall. (See 

Advertisement on next page.) 
Van DeBogert Francis, shoemaker, 50 State, h. 13S 

Van DeBogert Giles Y. (Fan DeBogert Brothers), 171 

State, house 23 Liberty 
Van DeBogert John, shoemaker, 135 State, house 133 

Van DeBogert John W. painter, house 29 North 
Van DeBogert Joseph, moulder, house Myers' alley 
Van DeBogert Joseph Y. (Van DeBogert Brothers), 

Dock, house 5 Union 
Van DeBogert Maria, widow, house 138 Front 
Van DeBogert Nelson, painter, house 62 Church 
Van DeBogert Nicholas (Van DeBogert Brothers), 

Dock, boards 5 Union 
Van DeBogert Rachel, widow, house 96 Front 
Van DeBogert S. G. harness and trunks, 80 State, 

house 47 College 
Van DeBogert T. overseer, house 75 Front 
Van Decar Alexander, machinist, boards 73 Liberty 



ki Ji 

rrv, wfi 

P %i0 <^li^ «©# gfvft 4J»% 
Of all descriptions, dressed and undressed. 


limark ^ Ufstcrn Cfmcnt, 

Wood of Different Qualities. 

Wholesale and Retail dealers in the best and most 
popular hrands of 



G^ R A^ I ]Nr . 

General Office, cor> State and Wall Sts,, 


Van Demoor Adolph R. carpenter, 16 Ferry, liouse 

14 Ferry 
Van Denburgh Abram, carpenter, house 17 Clinton 
Van Denburgh Winant W. house 17 Clinton 
Van Derveer David N. boarcfe 81 Ferry 
Van Derveer John H. boardinghouse, 81 Ferry 
Van Dewater Catharine, widow, house 63 Union 
Van Dusen Cornelius, carpenter, house 22 Green 
Van Dyck Anthony, constable, house 21 Lafayette 
Van Dyck Peter, carpenter, house 372 Smith 
Van Dyck Feter, carpenter, White n. Liberty, house 

52 Barrett 
Van Eps Albert B. grocer, 125 Union, house 98 Fonda 
Van Eps A. C. boot and shoe manufacturer, 88 State, 

house 51 Green 
Van Eps Christiana, house 50 Ferry 
Van Eps Cornelius, house 4 Ferry 
Van Eps Cornelius L. cooper, house 7 Liberty 
Van Eps George, printer, bds. 4 Washington avenue 
Van Eps Harman, tollgate keeper, house 4 Washing- 
ton avenue 
Van Eps Harman H. saloon, 2 Dock 
Van Eps Harrison, machinist, boards 4 Ferry 
Van Eps James, restaurant, 161 State near Canal 

bridge, house 30 Green 
Van Eps John, house 40 Green 
Van Eps John J. S. house 25 State 
Van Eps John N. house 23 Smith 
Van Eps Lawrence C. constable, house 19 Green 
Van Eps Samuel, grocer, 47 Green, house do. 
Van Guysling Eve, widow of Myndert, h. 51 Smith 
Van Guysling Henry, medical student, bds. 51 Smith 
Van Horn David, boards. 62 Lafayette 
Van Home James, sewing machine agent, house 62 

Van Home James E. {Van Home Sc Son), hats and 

caps, 149 State, boards Sharratt House 
VAN HORNE & SON, hats, caps and furs, 149 State 


Van Home William J, (Van Home & Son), furs, 149 

State, house 20 Smith 
Van Husen Charles, machinist, boards 19 Green 
Van Husen Deborah, widow, house 19 Green 
Van Husen William, machinist, boards 19 Green 
Van Huysen Richard, painter, house 41 College 
Van Ingen James L. physician and surgeon, 1 1 Smith 
Van Kuren James, carriagepainter, house 16 Smith 
Van Kuren M. H. clerk. Eagle Hotel, boards do. 
Van Ness Jacob, candlemaker, house 25 Smith 
Van Olinda Peter, shoemaker, house 69 Union 
Van Patten Andrew (F. T. & A. Van Patten), stoves 

and tinware, 223 State, house 225 do. 
Van Patten F. T. & A. stoves, tinware and broom 

machinery of all kinds, 223 State 
Van Patten Farley T. (F. T. k A. Van Patten), 

stoves and tinware, 223 State, house 29 Smith 
Van Patten Henry, blacksmith, house 13 Clinton 
Van Patten James, laborer, house 71 Liberty 
VAN PATTEN JOHN H. livery stable, opposite 

Givens' Hotel, house 18 Lafayette 
Van Patten John T. harnessmaker, house 39 Green 
Van Patten Simon S. blacksmith, house 47 Barrett 
Van Patten William B. machinist, house 44 Jay 
Van Patten William G. clerk, house 29 Yates 
Van Rensselaer Sarah, widow, house 31 State 
Van Sanvoord Cornelius Rev. chaplain 20th reg't N. 

Y. M. house 23 Washington avenue 
Van Schaick Elizabeth, widow, house 44 Ferry- 
Van Schaick Sybrant G. tinsmith, boards 44 Ferry- 
Van Slyck Charles J. coppersmith, house 8 Monroe 
Van Slyck Christopher, wood and coal dealer, 7 Pine, 

house 49 Centre 
Van Slyck Henry, machinist, boards 25 Centre 
Van Slyck J. Mrs. boardinghouse 73 Centre 
Van Slyck Nicholas, house 25 Centre 
Van Siyck Sarah, widow, h. 55 Centre [White 

Van Syce Andrew G. blacksmith, State n. Centre, h. 6 


Van Syce James, blacksmith, boards 6 White 

Van Voast Adam, carpenter, house 134 Union 

Van Voast Albert, farmer, house Pond grove above 

College terrace [terrace 

Van Voast Albert jr boards Pond grove ab. College 
Van Voast Edu'ard, finisher, 30th reg't N Y. V. 
Van Voast Eliza, widows house 57 Front 
Van Voast Giles, machinist, boards 29 Clinton 
Van Voast Isaac, fireman, house 29 Smith 
Van Voast John G. farmer, h. Union n. Pond grove 
VAN VOAST & VEDDER, lumber dealers, 62 

Green. (See Advertisement on page 104.) 
Van Vorst Abraham A. (Van Vorat & Vedder), lum- 
ber, 62 Green, house 25 Liberty 
Van Vorst Elias, carpenter, house 138 Union 
Van Vorst Gardiner 13. master mechanic N. Y Central 

Rail road, house 1 1 Jay 
Van Vorst Giles A. milkdealer, house 62 Front 
Van Vorst James C. engineer, house 41 Green 
Van Vorst John, carpenter, house 32 College 
Van Vorst Martha, widow, house 35 Liberty 
Van Vorst Peter, engineer, house 4 Cottage row 
Van Vorst Sarah Miss, house 8 Franklin 
Van Vorst S. J. Miss, millinery, 77 State, boards 77 

Van Vorst Walter, clerk, boards 25 Liberty 
Van Vranken Aaron, farmer house Troy rd, n. Pond 

Van Vranken Abram, grocer, Eagle Hotel, 211 State, 

house 251 State 
Van Vranken Abram S. colporteur, h. 15 Hamilton 
Van Vranken Angelica, widow, house 24 Green 
VAN VRANKEN BENJAMIN, grocer, 235 State, h. 

55 Barrett 
Van Vranken Charles {C. & IL Van Vranken), 8 

Rotterdam, house 40 Church 
Van Vranken Cornelius, mason, 91st reg't N. Y. V. 

house 20 College 


VAN VRANKEV C. & H. carriage builders, 6 Rot- 

Vail Vranken Evert, clerk, boards 89 State 
Van Vranken Garrett, house 118 Union [grove 

Van Vianken Garrett, farmer, li. Troy road ab. Pond 
Van Vranken Garrett I. carpenter, house 79 Romeyn 
Van Vranken Henry B. carpenter, house 295 State 
Van Vranken Hiram (C & H. Van Vranken), 10 Rot- 
terdam, house 249 State 
Van Vranken Joel, carman, house 57 Jay 
Van Vranken Josiah, clerk post oflfice. house 29 John 
Van Vranken Marilla, widow, house 26 Green 
Van Vranken M. F. brakeman, boards 12 Union 
Van Vranken Mrs. widow of James C h. 12 Union 
Van Vranken Nicholas, dry goods and groceries, 59 

State, house do. 
Van Vranken Nicholas, machinist, h. 53 Lafayette 
Van Vranken Peter D. clerk, boards 82 College 
Van Vranken Peter J. house 29 John 
Van Vranken Richard, house 6 Lafayette 
Van Vranken Richard D. machinist, boards 12 Union 
Van Vranken Wm. mer. tailor, 95 State, h. 248 do. 
Van Vranken William J. mason, house 32 College 
Van Wormer Charles, conductor, bds. 9 South ave. 
Vantin Claudius, machinist, house 24 Lafayette 
Van Zandt Gilbert G. shoemaker, house 131 Front 
Van Zandt Jacob, mason, house 27 John 
Van Zandt Matilda, widow, house 138 Front 
Vedder Abraham, tailor, 139 State, house 138 Centre 
Vedder Albert A. house 80 Ferry 
Vedder Alexander M. physician, 190 State, house do. 
Vedder Andrew J. boards 80 Ferry 
Vedder Anna, widow, liouse 26 Yates 
Vedder Benjamin V. S house 42 Ferry 
Vedder Clara, widow, boards SO Lafayette [Front 
Vedder Daniel (C. S, Groot & Co.), 43 State, h. 29 
Vedder Elizabeth, widow, house 88 Front 
Vedder Francis, carpenter, house 76 Barrett 


c. & H. ¥A^ mkmm, 



Nos. 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 ROTTERDAM ST., 

Keep constantly on hand a large assortment of, both light and 

CAEEIi&i§ IND §lirei§, 

^ii hinds of PL.^TrORJU[ SPRIJTG 
ir^GOJVS made to order. 

receive prompt attention. 

Great care will be taken in the selection of materials and 
construction of the above articles. 

Repairing done neatly and promptly by experienced work- 


Steam Planing Mill 


^Wm Mil 



Dealers in 




Of different qualities, by the Cord or less, delivered. 





I <i«8 3 9 



Vedder Frederick, bookkeeper Davis House, State 
Vedder Jacob, carpenter, 88 Jefferson, house 21 do, 
Vedder John, lieut. 18th reg't N. Y. V. b. Davis Ho'e 
Vedder John H. dentist, 71 State, house 18 North 
Vedder Mary, widow of John I. house 26 Green 
Vedder Nancy, widow, house 87 Liberty 
Vedder Nicholas A. carpenter, house 71 Union 
Vedder Peter (FaTi Voast & Vedder,), 62 Green, 

house 17 Jefferson 
Vedder Sarah, house 37 Green 
Vedder Tecarius, cooper, 77 Washington ave. 
Veeder Abraham T. clerk post office, bds. Ill Union 
Veeder Andrew T. medical student, boards 40 Union 
Veeder Eleanor, widow, house 40 Union 
Veeder Elizabeth, house 3 Washington ave. 
Veeder Garrett W. house Union near Nott terrace 
VEEDER JOHN W. postmaster, house 111 Union 
Veeder Myndert, clerk, house 20 Centre 
Veeder Susan, house 40 Washington 
Veer George H. shoemaker, house 41 Smith 
Veight J. tailor, boards 154 State 
Verclas Lawrence, butcher, house 18 Water 
Vermilia Andrew P. carpenter, house 26 Smith 
Vibbard, Chauncey, General Superintendent N. Y. C. 

Rail Road, house 18 Church cor. Union [ery) 
Vibbard Noah, cl'k N. Y. C. R. R. office, 7 Jay (Bow- 
Vie e Misses, house 48 Smith 
Vine Henry, carpenter, house 62 Liberty 
Vogle Frederick, boards Shepherd's Hotel 
Voihert John, saloon, house 40 State 
Vought Abby house 78 Lafayette 
Vought Christiana, house 78 Lafayette [Union 

Vrooman Abram, grocer, 1 14 Union c. Yates, h. 116 
Vrooman Andrew, helper, house 6 Jay 
Vrooman Amy Mrs. house 44 Liberty [State 

Vrooman Edward H. prop. Fuller's Hot. 152 and 154 
Vrooman Fisher, switchtender, house 51 Lafayette 
Vrooman John N. farmer, house 140 Union 


Vrooman Margaret, widow of Jacob I. h. 56 Ferry 
Vrooman Mary B. widow, house 30 Smith 
Vrooman Jacob, engineer, house M7 Liberty 
ViiOOMAN JACOB V. stoves and tinware, 64 and 66 

State, house 3 AVashington avenue 
Vrooman Joseph H. shoemaker, bds. Mcintosh's Hotel 
Vrooman Thomas, boards 73 Lafayette 
Vrooman William J. blacksmith, house 10 Green 

Wachtel Philip, cigarmaker, house 45 Smith 

Waggoner Catherine, washerwoman, house 10 Water 

Waggoner John, laborer, house 297 State 

Waldron Henry, tailor, house 83 Fonda 

Waldron Stephen, boilermaker, house 20 Jefferson 

Walker Alexander, house 50 State 

Walker A. Mrs. dressmaker, house 50 State 

Walker Farnam, house 26 College 

Walker James (James Walker & Co.), grocer, 118 

and 120 State, house 228 State [State 

WALKER JAMES & CO. grocers, &c. 118 and 120 
Walker John J. house 122 State 
Walker Thomas L. house 122 State 
Walker William E. {James Walker & Co.), 118 and 

120 State, boards 228 do. 
Wallace Robert, shoemaker, boards 184 State 
Walrath Henry, house 121 Union 
Walsh James, intelligence office, R R. depot, house 

81 Lafayette [81 Lafayette 

Walsh James D. telegraph operator, R. R. depot, h. 
Walsh John, bartender, house 27 Ferry 
Walsh John E. physician, 5) Fonda 
Waltermire Jacob M. carpenter, house 50 White 
Walters Michael, helper, house 25 South ave. . 
Walton Mrs. widow of William, house 11 Church 
Walton H. N. house 43 Union 

Wandle H. R. farmer, house Union n. College terrace 
Wandle John (col'd), fruit dealer, 167 State, house 

32 Pine near Fonda 


Wandle Peter (col'd), barber, Eagle hotel, house 50 

Wanlle Robert Y. (cord), barber, 115 Union, house 

Fonda near Rail road 
Wanner William jr. machinist, house 162 Front 
Ward Albert, grocer, 38 Union cor. Ferr}', h. do. 
Ward Anthony, shoemaker," house 58 Ferry 
Ward Charles D. carpenter, house 65 Barrett 
Ward Christopher, paver, house Romeyn n. Nott 
Ward James H. conductor, house 3 Smith 
Ward James H. machinist, house 45 Barrett 
Ward John, laborer, house 8 Jay 
Ward Myndert, boards 38 Union 
Ward Phebe, widow, house 134 Union 
Ward Spencer C. cabinetmaker, boards 65 Barrett 
Warner Addison M shoemaker, house 14 Jay 
Warner H. B. shoemaker, boards 14 Jay 
Warner John, butcher and grocer, house 128 Liberty 
Warner Nicholas, bookkeeper, boards 14 Jay 
Washburne Mrs. Laura S. house 38 Church 
Washington Anna, widow of James A. h. 13 Church 
Washley John, brakeman, house 147 Front 
Waterbury Ann E. widow, house 33 Lafayette 
Waterman Julius, clerk, boards 90 State 
Watkins Charles, carpenter, house 6 Smith 
Watkins James M. cabinetmaker, house 227 State 
Watkius J. Mrs. fancy goods and children's clothing, 

227 State 
Watkins J. DeLancey, h. 17 Front [State 

Weaver Miss S. J. teacher. Union School, boards 108 
Webb Frederick, house 22 Lafayette 
Webber Benjamin, blacksmith, house 65 Front 
Weber William, carpenter, house 18 Jay 
Webster Thomas, helper, house 51 Romeyn 
Weed William H. grocer, Union c. Jay, h. 126 Union 
Weeks John, machinist, house 111 Front 
Weeks John S. engineer, house 129 Front 
Weeks William, engineer, house 111 Front 


Welch John, helper, house 18 Warren 
Weller Columbus, clerk, boards 57 State [State 

Weller & Dealtry, boot and shoe manufacturers, 197 
Weller George (Rodgers So Weller), soda, 62 College, 

house 64 do. 
Weller Robert, tobacconist, boards 85 Union 
Weller William W. (Weiler & Dealtry), 197 State, h. 

8 Barrett 
Wemple Aaron S. saloon, 21 Rotterdam 
Wemple Abram, conductor, house 146 Union 
Wemple Abram I. carpenter, house 48 Lafayette 
Wemple Edwin, engineer, boards 50 College 
Wemple John B. switchtender, house 156 Union 
Wemple Oliver S. laborer, h. Smith, Swartfigure's row 
Wemple Sarah, house 55 Washington ave. 
Wendell John, carpenter, boards Davis House 
Wescott Frederick, Knickerbocker Hotel, 62 Wash- 
ington avenue 
Wessels Isaac, cabinetmaker, boards 51 White 
West Jacob, porter, house 142 Centre 
West John, laborer, house 74 Fonda 
Westinghouse Albert, boards 16 State 
WESTINGHOUSE G. & CO. agricultural implement 

manufacturers, Rotterdam near Canal bridge 
Westinghouse George {G. Westinghouse Sc Co.), Rot- 
terdam, house 16 State 
Westinghouse Jay (G. Westinghouse Sc Co.), Rotter- 
dam, house 41 Front 
Westinghouse John, boards 16 State 
Wetts Charles, blacksmith, house 36 Hamilton 
Whalen James, tanner, house 77 L:ifayette 
Whalen William, blacksmith, boards 21 Centre 
Whaley Daniel, laborer, house 12 Hamilton 
Wheaton Thomas, blacksmith, house II Lafayette 
Wheeler Edward H. physician, 13 Liberty, house 21 

Wheelock Abby, widow of Jefferson, h. 60 College 
Wheelock John A. fireman, beards 60 College 


White Andrew, cooper, house 173 Union 
White Frederick, broommaker, house 21 Green 
White Isaac K house 82 Ferry 
White J. boards 53 State 
White Joseph, shoemaker, house 27 North 
White Susan, widow, house 7 Jefferson 
Whiteman Martin, brushmaker, boards 17 Green 
Whitmarsh William W. carpenter, 42 Jay 
Whitmore Louis, broommaker, house 26 R. R. 
Whitmyre Charles, tailor, house 63 Front 
Whitmyre Court, broommaker, house 13 Green 
Whittic John W. house 85 Romeyn 
Wick J. A. stationkeeper canal, house 68 Church 
Wiegand Lucinda, widow, house 13 Hamilton 
Wiggans Phebe, house 24 Green 
Wilber Allen, painter, boards Mcintosh Hotel 
Wilber Alonzo, railroader, house 35 Jefferson 
Wilds David F. shoemaker, house 61 Ferry 
Wilds J. Austin, boards 61 Ferry 
Wilkie Edgar D. painter, 71 Centre, house 90 do. 
Wilkie Jacob, house 71 Liberty 
Wilkie Thomas, carpenter, house 33 Lafayette 
Wilkie William, painter, house 8 Warren 
Wilkins George A. dentist, 96 State, h. 31 Hamilton 
Wilkinson Ruth, widow, house 44 Union 
Williams Jane, millinery. Ferry cor. Liberty, h. do. 
Willard Benjamin, ice cream, 36 Wash. ave. h. do, 
Willard Mary F. sewing machine operator, 36 Wash a. 
Willis John, boards 7 Cottage row 
Wiltsie Elias, wheelwright, house 21 Yates 
Wiltsie F. clerk, boards 21 Yates 
Wiltsie William, tracklayer, house 50 White 
Wilson Edgar C. (Lake & Wilson), boards 85 Union 
Wilson Francis, laborer, house 13 John 
Wilson Solomon, printer, boards Davis House 
Winkler Christian, tailor, house 144 Union 
Winnie Jane A. teacher, house 61 Front 
Wise James, umbrella repairer, house 56 White 


Wiseman James H. machinist, h. 34 South avenue 
Witbeck Luke, brakeman, 5 Cottage row 
"Witbeck Peter I. house 11 Park place 
Witherwax Philip, carman, house 85 Lafayette 
Wolf Frederick, 10th re<t cav. N. Y. V. h. 16 North 
Wood Benjamin, house 42 Whit(^ 
Wood Benjamin M. nevvsoffice, 168 State, b. 42 White 
Wood Robert, shoemaker, 184 State 
Wood V/iiliam, sexton, hcu e 137 Front 
Wood William H. boards 137 Front 
Woodhead William, spinner, house 64 Church 
Wooler Mary, widow, house 33 Green 
Worden Rebecca, widow, house 18 Barrett 
Wost r Philip, broommaker, house 6 Warren 
Wright Calvin, h. 50 Washington ave. [19 Ferry 

Wright James (Wright Sc Simpson), 4 Rotterdam, h. 
Wright John, moulder, h. 74 Fonda [4 Rotterdam 
Wright «Si Simpson, wagon and sleigh manufacturers, 
Wyman Robert, painter, house 10 Barrett 

XaVIER JOHN, toys and fancy goods, 128 State 

Yates AnnE. widow of Governor Yates, h. 17 Front 
Yates Austin A. attorney and counsellor at law, bds. 

Eagle Hotel 
Yates Miss A. E. house 22 Front 
Yates Charles N. patternmaker, house 31 Church 
Yates Gertrude Miss, house 74 Front 
Yates Giles A. grocer, Dry dock, house do. 
Yates H. Mrs. widow, house 262 State 
Yates Henry E. machinist, house 12 College 
Yates Isaac G. house 1 Green [27 Front 

Yates Nicholas, cabinetmaker, rear 27 Front, house 
Yates Peter B. conductor, house 262 State 
YATES STiOPHEN, house 10 Church, office Yates 

& Davis Building, 170 State 
Yetland Charles, brewer, boards 75 Centre 


Yolian Theodore, laborer, house State n. Nott terrace 
Yohan William, laborer, house State n. Nott terrace 
Y' ung Addison, jeweler, boards 29 Lafayette 
Young Daniel D. auctioneer, house 29 Lafayette 
Young Daniel D. jr. printer, boards 29 Lafayette 
Young Deod tus W. painter, hou-e 67 Romeyn 
YOUNG & GRAHAM, books and stationery, 1 1 1 State 
Young Jane, widow, house 50 Ferry [Liberty 

Young Levi (Young & Graham), 111 State, house 78 
Younie John, hostler, boards 37 Liberty 


Hotel on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1.30 p. m. 
Arrive same days at 11.30 A. m. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 A. m. Arrive Mon- 
days, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1 p. m, 


John W. Veeder, Postmaster. Josiali Van Vrauken, Cornelius 
Tymeson, Abraham T. Veeder, Clerks. 


AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY— (To all points of the U. 

S.) Office, No. 50 Liberty street, north end Rail Road Depot. 

Wells, Butterfield & Co , Proprietors. Wm. H. Morse, ^gcnt. 
POWELL'S BANK EXPRESS— (To Albany.) Office Schenectady 

and Saratoga Rail Road Ticket office. William H. Powell, 


Hotel. P. C Steer.-;, Proprietor. 

SCOTIA EXPRESS— Moses M. Howe, Proprietor. 



Mayor — Arthur W. Hunter. 

Recorder — Jay Cady. 

Treasurer — John liradt. 

v?«o/«fy— David Cady Smith. 

Superintendent of 5fr<ff«— Thomas W. Thornton. 

Police Justice — Marvin Strong. 

Justices of the Peace— T. V. V. Miller, Joseph Harman, John P. 
Snyder, Harman Seymour. 

High Constable — Duncan B. Lauder. 

Ward Constables — 1st ward, Jacob H. Bullock; 2d ward, Law- 
rence C. Van Epps; 3d ward, Joseph Lasher; 4th ward, 
Anthony Van Dyck; 5th ward, Daniel C. Bradt. 

Overseer of the Poor — Harman Seymour. 

Clerk — S. L. R. Buchanan. 

Surveyor — William Henry. 

Physician — Robert Fuller. 

Marshal — Charles N. Yates. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — William T. Helm. 

Lamplighter — Richard S. H Clute. 

Regulator of Clock — Edward Hibbard. 

Bell Ringer — Sexton Methodist Church. 


Ward. Ward. 

1. Nicholas Cain, 3. Patrick Keyes, 
Martin De Forest, Gilbert G. Van Zandt, 
Nicholas Swits, 4. Jonathan Barker, 
Charles H. Van Vranken, Waller C. Green, 

2. Jethro W. Clute, S. O. Hedden, 

H. V. V. Clute, Abram Van Vranken, 

Caleb B. Meeker, 5. Livingston Ell wood, 
Abram A Van Vorst, Nicholas H. Swart, 

3. Sidney Ellsworth, Farley T. Van Patten, 
James D. Jackson, William H. Chism, 


Chief Engineer—J AMES BABCOCK. 
Jlssittant Engineers — 1st, Jeffrey Thompson ; 2d, John Framb. 
No. Enpine. Location. Foreman. 

1, . . Protection, State street, T. W. McCamus. 

2, . . Deluge, Ferry street, James T. Joslin. 

3, . . Niagara, Fonda street, Thomas Carroll. 

4, . . Neptune, College street, Reuben Barney. 

1, .. Hook and Ladder, . . Ferry street, Chas. N. Swits. 


Representatives — Protection No. 1, T. W. McCamus, Jas. W. 
Sanders. Deluge No. 2, A. J. Thomson, Henry Y. Bradt. 
Niagara No. 3, Henry Holmes, Thomas Killion. Neptune No. 4, 
Robert Sutliff, Jas. W. Ketchum. Hook and Ladder No. 1, John 
Clapper, Jeremiah Tenbroeck. 

Officers — T. W. McCamus, President. James W. Ketelium, 
Vice President. John McDermott, Jr., Secretary and Collector. 
John C. Ellis, Treasurer. 

Trustees — D. H. Snell, President. James W. Mairs, Secretary. 
John Halse. 


See General Directory. 


Judge and ^urrog-a^c— Stephen H. Johnson. 

Clerk — John N. Banker. 

Sheriff— AhT3ixn. Gillespie. 

Treasurer — Nicholas Barhydt. 

District Attorney — Judson S. Landon. 

Superintendent of the Poor — Nicholas J. Schermerhorn. 

Member of Assembly — Simon Schermerhorn. 

Deputy Sheriff— Dunc&n B. Lauder. 

Supervisors — 1st ward, S. V. Swits; 2d ward, Wm. H. Anthony; 
3d ward, Jacob Vedder ; 4th ward, Cornelius Thompson ; 5th 
ward, James H. Ward; Glenville, Charles P. Sanders; Prince- 
town, Alexander Gilford ; Duanesburgh, Samuel Wingate ; 
Rotterdam, James McMillan, Jr. ; Niskayuna, William Van 

Clerk to Board— Walter T. L Sanders. 

Marshal — Charles A. Miller. 

Loan Commissioners — Charles Matthews, John G. Van Voast. 

Board of Excise — Wm, H. Anthony, Sybrant G, Van Debogert. 
John Marselas. 

Clerk— Walter T. L. Sanders. 

Alms House Physician — Barent A. Mynders. 


Town Clerks — Glenville, Garret W. Groot ; Princetown, Walter 
B. ; Duanesburgh, John L. TurnbuU; Rotterdam, 
Frederick T. Pierson ; Niskayuna, Hiram Baumes. 



Capital, $100,000. 

SIMON C. GROOT, President, 

ALONZO C. PAIGE, Vice President. 

WM. L. GOODRICH, Cashier. 

Horace Goodrich, Teller, S. L. R. Buchanan, Bookkeeper. 


Simon C. Groot, Jay Cady, 

A. C. Paige, Abram A. Van Vorst, 

J. W. Cunningham, C. Vibbard, 

David Deitz, J. A. Sweetman, 

W. L. F. Warren, A. McMullen, 

N. I. Schermerhorn, G. M. Davison. 

Election second Tuesday in June. 


Cash Capital, $100,000. 

GEORGE G. MAXON, President, 

JOHN ELLIS, Vice President, 


C. E. Angle, Teller, A. H. Tillinglia^t, Bookkeeper. 

G. G. Maxon, John Ellis, 

Piatt Potter, John I. Fuller, 

W. N. Duane, C. C. Clute, 

Abram Doty, Garnsey Kennedy, 

Thomas Mairs, T M. Gilchrist, 

James M. Barker, Charles Thompson. 

Election second Tuesday in June. Open from 9 A. m, to 3 p. m. 


GEO. McQUEEN, President, 


WILLIAM L. GOODRICH, jlccountant. 


George McQueen, S. C. Groot, 

Jay Cady, G. Q. Carley, 

A.^C. Paige, H. N. Walton, 

A.* A. Van Vorst, Wm. Barringer, 

Martin De Forest, E L. Freeman, 

D. C Smith, ' Wm. McCamus. 




First Wcrd—3. Trumbull backus, D. C. Smith. 
Second TFarrf— Joseph G Carley, Sy brant G. Van Debogert. 
Third Ward— John McDermott, Patrick Keyes. 
Fourth Ward — Ira Brownell, Peter Van Dyck. 
Fifth Ward— Giles S. Barhydt, James Fuller. 
Officers of the Board — J. Trumbull Backus, President. E. A. 
Charlton, Clerk. 


JacuZfy— Rev. Eliphalet Nott, D. D., LL. D., President; Rev. 
Laurens P. Hickok, D. D., Vice President, and Professor of 
Moral Philosophy ; Tayler Lewis, LL. D., Nott Professor, No. 
1, of the Greek Language and Literature; Isaac W. Jackson, 
LL. D., Nott Professor, No. 2, of Mathematics; John Foster, 
A. M., Professor of Natural Philosophy; Jonathan Pearson, 
A, M., Professor of Natural History; Rev. John Nott, D. D., 
Assistant Profe.«sor of Rhetoric; William M. Gillespie, LL. D., 
Professor of Civil Engineering, and Adjunct Professor of Math- 
ematics; Rev. John Newman, A. M., Professor of the Latin 
Language and Literature; Alexander M. Vedder, M. D., Pro- 
fessor of Anatomy and Phy.siology; Elias Peissner, A. M. (of 
Munich), Professor of the German Language and Literature, 
and Lecturer on Political Economy; Benjamin Stanton, A. M., 
Nott Professor, No. 4, Principal of Classical Department of 
Schenectady Union School; Alexander J. Thomson, A. M., 
Esq., Lecturer on Law; Charles F. Chandler, Ph. D., Nott 
Professor, No. 3, of Analytical Chemistry and Curator of the 
Museum; John A. Deremer, A. B., Wra. C. M;tcy, A. B., 
Tutors. Jonathan Pearson, A. M , Treasurer and Librarian; 
George Gilbert, A. M., Tutor and Registrar. 

Calendar 1862-63— Third Term began Friday, April 25, 1862; 
Third Term ends Friday, July 18, 1862; Phi Beta Kappa Day 
Tuesday, July 22, 18G2; Graduates' Day, Tuesday, July 23, 
1862; Commencement, Thursday, July 24, 1862; First Term 
begins, Friday, September 5, 1862; First Term ends, Friday, 
November 28, 1862; Second Term begins, Friday, January 2, 
1863; Second Term ends, Friday, March 27, l863; Third 
Term begins, Friday, April 24, 1863; Third Term ends, Fri- 
day, July 17, 1863; Phi Beta Kappa Day, Tuesday, July 21, 
1863; Graduates' Day, Wednesday, July 22, 1863; Commence- 
ment, Thursday, July 23, 1863. 



Classical Department— Benjsimm Stanton, M. A., Prof, of Union 
College, Principal. Misses M. A. Sawyer, S. J. Weaver, Ved- 
der Van Dyck, William H. Deal, Jr. ; Mary M. Lathrop, 
teacher of French and Music; E A. Barnes, teacher of Paint- 
ing and Drawing. 

Higher English— E. A. Charlton, M. A., Principal. H. S. Clark, 
Mary E. Smith. 

Senior Department — Sarah Fowler, C. Van Vorihas. 

Intermediate Department — Mary E Clute, Lizzie Gilbert, Mary M. 
Beach, Kate Gillespie. 

First Primary Department— Fsmnie D. Smitli, R. M. Guernsey, 
Jennie Gibson, Phebe Sprague. 

Second Primary Department — Jane Y. Thompson, Jane I. Cun- 
ningham, Mary A. Bigelow, Mary E. McCorkle. 

African School — Hattie Bradt. 

Third Ward School— U. A. Schauber. 

Fifth Ward Schools— Cordelia J. Phillips, Adelaide M. Phillips. 

Librarian — C. D. F. Steinfiihrer. 

P. and A. M. 

MOHAWK ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER, No. 157, regular convo. 

cations, 1st and 3d Thursdays in each month. C. E. Angle, 

H. P. H. Goodrich, K. T. B. Brown, S. J. W. Millard, 

Secretary. Jay Cady, Treasurer. H. H. Swart, C. H. J. A. 

Deremer, P. S. Wilson Davis, R. A. C. W. H. Helmer, M. 

U V. S. K. Campbell, M. 2d V. J. G. Soley, M. Ut V. C. 

E. Kingsburv, Organist. D. F. Wilds, Tyler. 
ST. GEORGE'S LODGE, No. 6, regular communications on the 

2d and 4th Thursdays of each month at Masonic Hall, 151 

State. Horace Goodrich, W. M. James Comstock, S. W. 

S. L. R. Buchanan, /. W. Daniel A. Atwell, Treasurer. 

Thompson Dealtry, Secretary. Addison M. Warner, S. D. 

George Gilbert, /. D. John Newman, Chaplain. Arthur W. 

Hunter, Marshal. Charles E. Kingsbury, Organist. Alex. J. 

Thomson, Sen. M. of Cer. Charles M. Powell, Jun. M. of 

Cer. David F. Wilds, TyUr. 

I. O. Of O. P. 

MOHAWK VALLEY LODGE, No. 11, meet every Monday even- 
ing. R. K. Cuningham, N. G. Aaron Dickinson, V. G. 
W. H McCljman, R. S. W. H. Frear, T. E. Hibbard, P. S. 

ST. PAUL'S LODGE, No. 14, meet every Tuesday evening. 
John H. Bame, N. G. Geo. Cosboth, V. G. Jay Westing- 
house, Secretary. William H. Helmer, Treasurer. 



COUNTY BIBLE SOCIETY.— Hon A. C. Paige, President f 
Hon. C. S. CondejOlenville, Hon. Abraham Pearse, Niskayuna, 
Samuel McMillan, Princetown, Nicholas Van Vranken, 
Schenectady, Vice Presidents ; R. K. Cunningham, Secretary ; 
Giles Barhydt, Treasurer; D. A. Atwell, A. S. Van Vranken, 
Hon. John Sanders, Henry Ramsey, Casper F. Hoag, Executive 

UNION MUSICAL ASSOCIATION. —This Association meets in 
the Sunday School room of Baptist Church : H. N. Walton, 
President ; Joseph B. Graham, Vice President,- John V. Gris- 
wold, Secretary,- Thompson Dealtry, Treasurer; David Mc- 
Martin, Musical Director,- Chas. E. Kingsbury, Pianist. 

VALE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION— Peter Dorsch, President ,- 
Joseph Y. Van Debogert, Vice President; Edward McCamus, 
Secretary ,- Edward Rosa, Treasurer,- Joseph Y. Van Debogert, 
Peter Dorsch, Chauncey Vibbard, James E. Van Home, Gardi- 
ner B. Van Vorst, Arthur W. Hunter, E. Rosa, E. McCamus, 
William M. Holton, Trustees. 


5th Division N. Y. S. M., Maj. Gen. S. S. Bumside, One- 
onta. Comprising the counties of Schenectady, Herkimer, 
Hamilton, Fulton, Montgomery, Schoharie, Otsego, Madison, 
Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Cortland. 

17th BRIGADE, Brig Gen. A. H. Prescott, Mohawk, Herkimer 
county. Comprising the counties of Schenectady, Fulton and 
Herkimer (except the town of Starks), and the towns of Min- 
den, Canajoharie, St. Johnsville, Palatine, Mohawk and Am- 
sterdam in Montgomery county. 

26th Regiment, comprising the counties of Schenectady, Fulton 
and Hamilton, and the towns of Minden, Canajoharie, St. 
Johnsville, Palatine, Mohawk and Amsterdam, in Montgomery 
county. 0^t«-«— Colonel, Timothy W. Miller, Johnstown; 
Lieut. Colonel, Jacob I. Radcliffe, Amsterdam; Major, John C. 
Barhydt, Schenectady; Engineer, Joseph Riton, Johnstown; 
Surgeon, George I. Newton, Gloversville; Quartermaster, 
James G. Eraser, Johnstown ; Paymaster, James Barr, Glovers- 
ville; Adjutant, Daniel Cameron, Johnstown. 

Schenectady City Artillery (Co. L), organized July 19th, 1853. 
0/;/i«r«— Captain, Robert Bryson; 1st Lieutenant, S. G. Smith; 
2d Lieutenant, James E. Haigh. 

Schenectady German City Guards (Co. A), organized July 28th, 
1853. O^C€r«— Captain, John Warner; 1st Lieutenant, Henry 
Frederick; 2d Lieutenant, Charles Witz. 


(formerly BARRIXGER & CO.,) 
Dealers in 



6iU €$mm, Wmilm Mm\0, &t 

Also, Manufacturers of 


H. H. SWART, j 



Bees leavt^ to inform the citizens tliat he is still running a 
BAGGAGE WAGON to every part of the city. Also, that he con- 
tinues the busine.^s of carman, and when not on dutv can always 
be found in STATE STREET, opposite the store of B". L. & J. H. 
Lyon. Orders left at the above store will be promptly attended to. 



i^Wc^^S'l No. 103 FEREY ST., 

I^^o. 13^ U]¥IO«r STREET, 

EOilHiri'ABTj Ho To 


[The characters used after names show the post-oflSce address 
of those obtaining their mail at other offices than the town in 
which they live.] 


P. O. Address Mariaville. 

* Braman's Corners. t Scotch Bush. J Hoffman's Ferry. 

EInathan Abrains, J. Dansforth Abrams, J. K. 
Abrams, Robert M. Anchenpaugh. 

Bradford Bailey, William F. Barlow* Alriion Bas- 
sett,J Frederick Bazee,* Ira Bennett,* Lewis Birk, 
Joseph Braman, William Bronk, George Brown, Peter 
A. Brumagim, John Buckley, John Burns, Rodger 

Frank Cansidine, James Carey,* Peter Carey,* 
James Caton. Amos Chapman,* Lyman Chapman,* 
Robert Chism, Alexander Clogston, James W. Clog- 
ston, John Clogston, Hiram Cole,* William Conklin, 
Archibald Culliiigs, James Cullings, John Cullings, 
Chauncey Curtis,* Silas P. Curtis, William H. Curtis.* 

Mrs. Davis, widow of George, Marcus Delamater, 
Charles Denniston, Daniel Denniston, Ezekiel Den- 
n'iston, George Denniston, William Denniston, Abram 


Devenburgh, Perry Devenburgh, Luke Donahue,* 
James Dorman, John Dorman, William Dorman, 
Alexander Dorn, Nicholas D. Dorn, William B. Dorn, 
Lovel Doty,* .John M. Dougal, Martin Dougal, 
Thomas Dougal. 

Benjamin Filkins, Constance Filkins, Stephen Ford, 
Ephraim Frisbee,* John K. Frisbee.* 

Peter Gardinier,* Samuel W. Gardinier,* John T. 
Gifford, Thomas Gifford, John M. Green, John W. 
Green, Joseph Green, Robert Green. 

George M. Hall, Hiram Hansett, John Hansett, 
William Hannah, James Hart, James Harvey, James 
Haver, Robert Haver, William Haver, John S. Her- 
rick,* Nelson H. Herrick,* John Holmes,* Thomas 
Holmes,* John Houghtaling.* 

Daniel JefFers,t John Jeffers,t Alexander D. Jones.* 

Jacob Koons,* John W. Koons,* William Koons.* 

Alonzo Ladd,* Elijah Ladd,* John Ladd,* James 
M. Lasher, Andrew E. K. Lauder, David Lauder, 
Peter LeRoy, Ezekiel Lester,* George G. Lester,* 
George W. Lester,* Alexander Levey, James Levey, 
Michael Levey, William Levey, William Levey, jr., 
Edwin Lewis, George Lockwood, James Love, James 
A. Love. 

John McCarg, Alexander McGeaugh,* John Mo- 
Govern,* Luke McKon, Thomas McKon, Alexander 
McMillan,* Samuel McMillan,* John L. Markley, 
Mrs. Marsh, widow of Silas H., Brady Mattoon, 
Malaka J. Merry,* William Merry,* Henry Mickle, 
Alexander Miller, John Miller, William Muray,* John 
Mullock, John Mullock, jr., William Mullock, James 

Culver C. Patterson,* James H. Patterson,* John 
Patterson,* Sanders Perry, Joseph Pettit, Henry Pul- 
ver, James Pulver, James S. Pulver, Martin Pulver, 
Solomon Pulver. 

Alonzo Quick,* Henry Quick.* 

Henry Reagles, Edward Renix, Ephraim W. Renir, 


Jimes W. Renix, John Reynolds, Elijah Rockwell, 
Jacob Rodgers.* 

Peter M. Scliermerhorn, Edwin E. Shoot,* Calvin 
Slawson,* Charles Slavvson,* Henry Slawson,* Samuel 
Slawson,* Silas H. Slawson,* John Smelie,J Henry I. 
Snith, Jacob Smith, Nicholas 'Smith, Perry D. 
Smith, Peter Smith, Zachariah Smith, David G. Spore, 
John Steward,* Robert Steward,* George Stibbins, 
John Stibbins, John D. Stillwell, Conrad Swart,]; 
Tenuis Swirt. 

Henry Taber,* James Taber,* D. C. Templer,. 
Jonathan W. Templer, Henry Tripp, Charles L. Till- 
loch John W. Tulloch, George Turnbull, Geoi^e I. 
Turnbull, John Turnbull, John L. Turnbull, Paris 
Turnbull, Paris R. Turnbull Robert Turnbull. 

John Van Antwerp. Peter Van Antwerp, Evert H. 
. Van Auken, Hugh Van Husen, John Van Husen^ 
Memory R. Victory,* Jacob Viuskie.* 

Mrs. Waddle, widow of David, James W. Waddle^ 
Rir-hard W alpole. Thomas Walpole, Thomas; Wasson, 
Alexander Weast, Henry Weast, James Weast, James 
Weast, jr., John W. Weast, Samuel A. Weast. James 
Wells, William Wells, Michael Westfall, Peter I. 
Westfall, Daniel Wiggans, George Wilkinson, Benja- 
min Wiltsie, John Wiltsie, Warren Willoughby.* 

David M. Ziinmer. 

P. O. Address Duanesburgh. 

* Esperaiice. t Qiiakerstreet. t Bramaii's Corners. § Scotcli 
Bush. II Burtonville, Montgomery Co. 

Jerome Abby, Jesse Abby, George Allen, Hiram D. 
Allen, IraE Avery,* Lewis Avery,* Moses C. Avery.* 

Stephen Badgley,* William Baldwin,! Abram Bar- 
ber,* James Barber,* William N. Becker,! Almon 
Basset, John Bently, Lewis Birk,t Crawford Bowman, J 
John Bowman. I George Bradt, John M. Bradt, Martin 
Bradt, Oliver Bradt, Andrew Brady, Andrew Brady, 


jr., John Brady, George W. Brewer, John Brewer, 
Richard Brewer, Benjamin Briggs,t Cyrus Briggs,t 
Oliver Briggs,t Philetus Briggs,t Reuben Briggs,| 
Thomas B. Briggs,t Walter Briggs.j Chester R. Brum- 
ley,J John Brumley.J 

Peter Cameron, Barney Carlan, Charles H. Carle, 
Charles B. Carpenter,! Elias Carpenter, Leno Car- 
penter, t William H. Carpenter,! Charles P. Case, 
James H. Case, Josiah Case, Truman Case, Robert 
Cessford, Jesse P. Chamberlain, Elisha Chapman, t 
Elisha D. Chapman. J Samuel Chauncey,t John Chis- 
hold, Spencer Christman, John Cleveland,! Adam 
Coh', Joseph S. Cole, Abram Conklin,! Smith Con- 
ner,! Duncan R. Coulter. Charles P. Cowell, George 
P. Cramer,! Adam Cromwell, Ebenezer Culings.§ 

John Danty,! Simon Dare,! James Davidson,! James 
Davidson, jr..! Ezekiel Davis,! Charles Davis,* Theo- 
dore P. Davis,* William H. Davis,* Peter Delemater, 
Stephen Delemater, D. A. Denice,* Peter Deyo,! 
Richard W Deyo,! James Donahue, Benjamin M. 
Duane,* William Dunmore,! Abraham Durfee,! David 
B. Durfee,* James Durfee,! Robert N Durfee,! Ste- 
phen V. R. Durfee,! John Dyckman, Nicholas Dyck- 

Lewis A. Eaton, II Joseph Egleston,§ Benjamin F. 
Estes,! Ira Estes.! 

James D. Featherstonhaugh, William Felter,* John 
Ferguson, John A. Ferguson, Reuben P. Finch,* 
John Foot,* Miles Foot,* Wiliara Frederick, Caleb 
Frisbee,|| Edward Frisbee.|| 

Abram N. Gaige, Isaac Gaige,! Isaac Gaige, jr.,! 
Isaac B. Gaige, James M. Gaige,! John D. Gaige,! 
Joseph L. Gaige, Mortimer M. Gaige,! Philip Gaige. f 
Stephen V. Gaige,! Ebenezer Gallup,* Silas Gallup,* 
Benjamin F. Gardiner,* Jacob Gardiner,* Jacob J. 
Gardiner,* John C. Gilbert,* Abner Goodspeed,J Is- 
rael Green, { David Griffeth,! David Y. Griffeth,! 
Joel M. Griffeth.! 


Henry Y. Haight,t Jacob T. Haight,t Alexander 
Hammoud.t Benjamin Hardin, | James S. Hardin, f 
Jonathan Hardin. | William H. Hardin, Reuben Hare,* 
Silas Hare,* John Harris, James I. Harris,* Silas 
Havens, Lyman Haws, J Britton T. Head,|| Clark W. 
Head,* Elnathan Head.j Joseph Head,* Joseph D. 
Head,* John W. Head,* Isaac Hellagass,* Thomas 
Hemstreet,* Henry G. Herrick, Nathaniel J. Herrick, 
T. Romeyn Herrick, |{ John H. Hill,{ Silas J. Hills, | 
Caleb D. Hoag.f Enoch Hoag,| Henry G. Hoag.f John 
S. Hoag,t Martin Hoag,t Martin C. Hoag,t Milton R. 
Hoag,t William H. Hoag.f William H. Hoag, jr.,t 
Maurice Holway, George W. Howard, || Adam Hum- 
phrey, John Humphrey, David Hughes, Lewis W, 
Hunt,! Andrew Hunter, John Hunter,* Richard Hun- 
ter,* Richard Hunter, jr.,* Asa Hurd, John Hyser, 
Jacob Hyser, t Peter Hyser. 

Brice W. Jarvis,* Rodney Jarvis,! Nathaniel C. 
Jenkins, t William A. Jenkins,! Benjamin Jones,* 
Hiram Jones,* James Jones,* John D. Jones J John 
K. Jones, J John L. Jones,} Thomas Jones.} 

Samuel C. Kelly,* John Keough, Pulaski Kline,} 
Thomas Knight. 

Charles Ladd,} Henry Ladd,} John D. Ladd, Mil- 
ton Ladd.} Seneca Ladd,} William Ladd,} James Len- 
drum, Alexander Liddle, Alexander Liddle, Alexan- 
der Liddle, jr., Charles Liddle, James Liddle, John 
Liddle, John Liddle, jr., Robert Liddle, Robert D. 
Liddle, Robert J. Liddle, Thomas Liddle, Thomas G. 
Liddle, T. R. Liddle, |j William Liddle, William J. 
Liddle, Thomas Ludman.j 

William McAllister, William McClane,* William 
A. McClane. Thomas R. McClew, John McClure,} John 
McClure, jr.,t Anson D. McDonald,! DeWitt D. Mc- 
Donald,! John McDonald, Alexander McDougal, Hugh 
McDougal, John McDougal, Ralph W. McDougal, 
William T. McDougal, George F McFarlan, John 
McFarlan, Daniel McGraw,} William McGraw,} Pat- 


tiick McGiiire.* John McKcvtr, Hugh H. McMillan, 
James L. McMillan. John McMillan, John A. McMil- 
lan, William McMillan. William A. McMillan, Alonzo 
McOmber,t Samuel McOmber.| Samuel McOmber, jr.,t 
William J. McOmber,! Robert Manger, Abraham 
Markel,* David N. Markei,* Lysander Markel,* Jacob 
P. Markei,* John S Marke',* Ira Marsh.* John Marsh.j 
William Marsh, Elijah Marshal,! Robert Masey, Wil- 
liam Matice.! Gilbert Maxwell, Jeheel Mead,* Nathan- 
iel Mead,! John Milmine,* George F. Miller,* Henry 
Miller,* James M. Miller,* Abraham C. Montague,* 
John Montague,* Judson Montague,* Joel Moore, 
Joseph Moore,! William Moore, Albert S. Moray, 
Nelson C. Morey, Abraham Morse,* Isaac Morse,* 
Samuel INIorse,* Wellington Morrison,* Amos K. 
Mosher,! James Mosher.! James T. Mott, Lester Mott, 
Peter Mott, David Moon, John Moon.! 

Cornelius S. Norton ! Seymour Nostrout.* 

Emmet O'Neil, James E. O'Neil, Abram H. Oster- 
liout, Henry Ostrander.! Jacob Ostrander, Jacob Os- 
trander, jr., Peter S. Ostrander, Benjamin Overbaugh,|| 
Oeorge Overbaugh.|| Peter Overbaugh || 

Matthew Pangburn ! Minard H. Pangburn, Nicholas 
S. Pangburn, George G. Passage, John Passage, Daniel 
Patrick,* Jeremiah Patrick,* Chester M. Patterson, jj 
Clark Patterson. 11 Cyrus G. Patterson. Marie V. Pat- 
terson, Asa B. Peck.ll Alfred Peck.j| Ephraim Pratt, 
George Pratt. Christian Putnam.* 

Isaac S. Quimby! Samuel Qiiimby.! 

Albert Rector,* Benjann'n Rector,* Byron Rector,* 
Leonard Rector,* Matthew H. Rector,* Michael Rec- 
tor,* Peter Rector,* Stephen Rector,* Gardner Reed, 
Thomas Reed, George Rich,! George 0. Riley, Wil- 
liam E. Rockwell * 

Philip Sager, John N. Schermerhorn,* William N. 
Schermerhorn,Wm. Schoolcraft.! Geo. Schrome, Chris. 
Schrade, Abraham Sheldon,* Augustus Sheldon, Benj. 
Sheldon,! Gideon J. Sheldon,! Hicks Sheldon,! James 


Sheldon,! John Sheldon,! Mott T. Sheldon. f Timothy 
Sheldon,! William Sheldon,! Wilford Sherman,! 
Charles H. Shoemaker,* Frederick W. Shute, Jerome 
Shute, John Shute, John H. Shute, Frederick Si son, 
Joshua Skiff,* John Slawson. James Smeaton,! Ellas 
Smith,! Ensign Smith.! Joel Smith, John B. Smith, 
Martin H. Smith, William Smith,! William F. Smith.f 
Alanson Somes,! Samuel Somes, Jonathan Soule,! 
Andrew Sperbeck, William Sperbeck, William M. 
Stephens, Isaac Stevens.! Isaac Stevens, jr.,! Henry 
Sunderland,! Amos Swan, John Swan, 

Hicks Taber,* William H, Taber,! James A. Temp- 
ler,! George Tiffany,* Jared Tiffany,* Philetus Tif- 
fany,* Washington Tiffany,* Jacob Tingue, James H. 
Titus,! Henry Tompkins, Nathaniel Tompkins,! 
Cicero Tolies,! Esley Tolles,! John A. Tolles,! Fer- 
ris Tolles,! Russell Tolles,} Darius Tripp,! Silas 
Tripp,! Alexander Tulloch, Charles J. Tulloch, John 
C. Tulloch, William Tulloch, William Turnbull 

John S. Van Aernam, Levi Van Auken, Nicholas 
Van Patten, Alexander Van Pelt.! Gideon Veniailen,* 

Wm. W^addle, Jacob Wagoner,! Henry C. Waldron, 
Jas. Walker,* Hiram W. Weaver, Jacob Weaver, Jacob 
V.Wemple, Reuben T. Wheaton,* Briggs White,! Geo. 
White, Ichabod White,! Jacob White, ! Jas. White, Rob't 
White ! Stephen P. White, Addison Wilber,! Benja- 
min Wilber,! Caleb A. Wilber,! David V. Wilber,! 
Edwin G. Wilber,! Henry Wilber,! Kirby Wilber,! 
Kirby Wilber. jr..! Martin Wilber.! Martin H. Wil- 
ber,! W. K. WM.ber,! Hiram Williamson, William R. 
Wing,* Samuel Wingate, Benjamin F. W^o )d,* Isaac 
R. T. Wood, John D Wood, Oliver B. AVood, Ebe- 
nezer Wright,! Henry Wright, Sylvester Wright, An- 
drew G. Wyley. 

Daniel Young.! George Young:.! John Young,* John 
Young jr.,* William Young,* William A. Young.* 


P. O. Address East Glenville. 

George W. Ainsworth, Oren Ainsworth, Parmantier 
Ains worth, William Ainsworth, John Albro. 

John H. Bancker, James Bath, John Bath, David 
H. Bedell, John Birch, George W. Brown, Harvey 
Brown, Joshua Brown, Henry Brummagim, Robert 

Alonzo P. Garner, Andrew Y. Garner, Jacob Gar- 
ner, William R. Ghase, Henry M. Ghrisler, John 
Ghristiance, Thomas Glinton, Daniel Gooper, Rens- 
selaer J, Gooper,William G. Gooper, Frederick Gregier. 

Charles F. Dedrick, Philip H. Dedrick, Abram L, 
DeGraff, Eleazor Douse, Anson G. Dunham. Henry 
M. Dunham, Lot E. Dunham, Nelson B. Dunham, R. 
V. R. Dunham, William V. Dunham. James S. Dun- 

Mrs. Gharles Edwards, Levi Ellis. 

Gharles Ferris. 

Elisha Green, Philip P. Green. 

John Hambleton, Thomas Hanigan, William F. 
Haywood, Hooper C. Hedden, Job A. Hedden, Job 
K. Hedden, Samuel E. Howe, Jacob Howingston, 
Jacob A. Houck. 

George W. Jackson, William Jackson. 

Michael Kelley, Roswell Kelley, Patrick Kenedy, 
George Kichen. 

• John G. Larkin, Silas Lawrence, George Lifehydt, 
Hiram Lifehydt, John Lifehydt, John D, Liiffman. 

Philip Martin, Joseph L. Millard, Mrs. John Maul, 
Harman Muckey, Jeremiah Muckey, Samuel Murray, 
Henry Myers. 

Gharles Neverman. 

John Oliver, Luther B. Orcutt, Francis Osborne. 

Anson Parmentier, Christian F. Pepper, John C. 
Pepper, John S. Peters, Ghauncey Primer, Walter 


Thomas Rourk. 

Harman A. Sagendorf, John Sanders, Walter T. L. 
Sanders, Lyman B. Sawer, Christian F. Seeley, John 
H. Seeley, Jacobus Shannon, Lorenzo D. Sherwood, 
Mr, Shepman, Charles W. Squire, Joel Squire, John 
B. Stevens, Jonathan A. Stevens, Lawrence Stevens, 
William S. Stevens, Andrew Stickles, Henry Streever, 
Peter Swan, George A. Swart, Jacob N. Swart, 
.Nicholas Swart, Frederick Swintker. 

Thomas Rowland, Simon Town. 

Alex. Van Eps, Alex. I. Van Eps, Arcfiibald Van 
Eps, Beekman Van Eps, Garrett E. Van Eps, Harman 
H. Van Eps, Jas. Van Eps, Jas. Van Eps, jr., John G. 
Van Eps, John H. Van Eps, John J. Van Eps, John 
W. Van Eps, William Van Eps, William H. Van Eps, 
Daniel Van Guysling, Andrew Y. Van Vorst, Edward 
B. Van Vorst, Giles A. Van Vorst, Jacob Van Vorst, 
Jacob Van Vorst, jr., James A. Van Vorst, James 
Van Vorst, jr., John Van Vorst, Edward Van Vran- 
ken Francis A. Vedder, Jacob Vrocman. 

Martin Warner, Martin Warner, jr., Ebenezer 
Westfall, John V. Westfall, Asa Wheeler, Asa Wor- 

Andrew C. Yates, H. V. F. Yates, Joseph C. Yates. 

P. O. Address Scotia. 

Martin V. B. Adams, Elias Alsdorf, Harman Anger, 
Adam Apperlay. 

Joseph Bachman, John Barhydt, Maus Barhydt, 
William Barnet, F. G. Bechtel, Henry A. Bell, Walter 
Bowe, Patrick Broogan, Christian W. Brooks, Frede- 
rick Brown, Joseph Brown, Henry Bullman, Henry 

Mathias Caldwell, George Campfield, Edwin Z. 
Carpenter, William Carpenter, William C. Carpenter, 
James Caw, Edwin B. Chamberlin, Mrs. Chasmer, 
widow of Robert, William Chasmer, Benj. Cheeseman, 
Mary Christiance, Chas. Closson, John Closson, Thos. 


Closson, Francis Clov\r, John I. Clow, Bartholomew H. 
Clute, Christian H. Cltite, Robert Coats, Chas. Collins, 
Isaac S. Conde, John Conder, Daniel Cornell, George 
S. Cornell. Henry S. Cornell, John Cornell, Richard 
Cornell, Robert Cornell, Urial Cornell, William Cor- 
nell, Jeremiah Cramer, John M. Cramer, Peter D. 
Cramer, William Cramer, Benjamin Cripper, James 

Abram A. DeGraff, Cornelius DeGraff, Frederick 
DeGraff Jacob G. S. DeGraff, John DeGraff, Lawrence 
DeGraff, Jdmes Donaha, Hugh Downing, Henry Dun- 

John Eygner, Philip Eygner. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald, John Flanders, S. V. R. Ford, 
William Fuller. 

Nathan Gainell, Daniel Gill, Lawrence Gill, J. H. 
GilLtte, Moses Gillette, William C. Gillette, Walter 

Jerone B. Hagadorn, John R. Hagadorn, John Ha- 
gerty, Owen Hagerty, Charles Hammond, Henry 
Hammond, Alvin Hardin, Jonathan Harilin, Sidney 
Hardin, Samuel T. Hale, John B. Haverley, John C. 
Haverley, Jacob Henis, Edward W. Howe, Moses M. 
Howe, Robert Howse. 

Daniel Kane. Albert Kiefer, Martin King, Joseph 
Knibbs, Lewis Kohn. 

Anthony Lamboy, George Lamboy, Philip Lamboy, 
Michael Lane, John S. Lansing, William Leonard, 
William Leversee, Lorenzo Lovett. 

Aaron Mcintosh, Cornelius McGee, Peter McGee, 
John McHenry, Aaron P. Mabee, Isaac Mabee, Isaac 
A. Mabee, John Mabee, Simon Mabee, Philip Maley, 
James W. Manning, John Mathews, Wealthy May- 
nard, Abram Merselus, Charles W. Merselus, Henry S. 

James Osborne, Herman Osborne, John Ossing. 

James W. Pangburn, David Passage, Albert Peek, 
George Posson, Francis Prime. 


Mrs. Rainbow, widow of William, Benjamin Rain- 
bnrgh, Martin Rainburgb, William Ransome, Chris- 
tian Rector, William Rector, Abijah Reese, David F. 
Reese, Frederick Reese, jr., Asa Reynolds, George 0. 
Reynolds, James Reynolds, Justice P. Reynolds, Ste- 
phen Reynolds. 

Charles Sanders, Charles P. Sanders, Maria San- 
ders, Peter E. Sanders, D. E. Schermerhorn, Conrad 
Seaver, Aaron Shannon, Abram Shannon, Martin 
Shellenbaun, Mathias Sickler, Xavier Siezer, Alexan- 
der Slover, Daniel Slover, Daniel H. Slover, Isaac 
Slover, James Slover, Wessel H. Slover, Daniel Smith, 
John Smith, Samuel Smith, William Smith, Matthew 
G. Snell, Storm R. Spitzer, David D. Sprung, Daniel 
Starks, jr., Michael Stearns, Daniel Stevens, John 
Stevens, Nicholas W. Stevens, Richard Stevens, Wm. 
J. Stevens, Morden C. Stevens, William Swan, Adam 
H. Swart, Harmanus Swart, John H. Swart, Simon 

John Tarfler, Benjamin R. Thurber, Charles Thur- 
ber, Matthew Thurber, Abram W. Toll, Charles H. 
Toll, P. R. Toll, Sylvester Tooper, W. Tygart. 

F. R. Van Dyck, Jacob Van Dyck, Cornelius J. 
Van Eps, Cornelius S. Van Patten, Ira B. Van Pat- 
ten, Jacob A. Van Patten, J. N. Van Patten, Nicholas 
Van Patten, N. B. Van Patten, Philip Van Patten, 
Philip C. Van Patten, Simon C. Van Patten, Simon 
F. Van Patten, Staats V. Z. Van Patten, Jacob 
Van Slyck, Jacob Van Slyck, John M. Van Slyck, 
Margaret Van Slyck, widow, Albert A. Van Vorst, 
William Van Vorst, John Vandenburgh, M. W. Van- 
denburgh, Peter W. Vandenburgh, Albert W Vedder, 
Alexander Vedder, Edward Vedder, John N. Vedder, 
Abram 0. Veeder, Cornelius Viele, Jacob C. Viele, 
Philip Viele, William Viele, Alfred Vosburgh, Adam 
Vrooman, Tunis Vrooman. 

Samuel Walden, Smith B. Walton, George Ward, 
John Warren, John Wynant, Benjamin Weaver, Jacob 


Weaver, John V. Z. Weaver, David Wessel, Michael 
Whallen, John Winni ', John Wise, Peleg Wood. 

P. O. Address West Glenville. 

Jacob R. Alsdorf, Jacob Alsdurve, William Als- 
durve, Nathaniel Atw^ell. 

Mrs. Cornelia Bcakman, William Birdsell, George 
Boalsby, Andrew Bradt. Daniel Bradt, Harmanus 
Briton, George Brown, John Brown, Matthew R. 
Brown, John Brummigim, Peter Brummigim, Van 
Zandt Bummigim. 

Harman Calkins, Nathan W. Calkins, W. L. Cal- 
kins, John R. Camp, Aaron Carroll, Chandler Carroll, 
Charles Carroll, William C. Carroll, Talman Carry, 
Leonard Carter, Williim Cath, John Chalmers, Philip 
A. Clackner, A. T. Conde, Charles Conde, C. S. 
Conde, John H. Conde, Anna D. Cook, John Y. 
Cornell, Abraham Cramer, Henry Cramer. 

William D. Davidson, John Dawson, Ira Dean, 
Abraham DeGraff, Gilbert W. DeGraff, John D. De- 
GrafF, 0. DeGraff, James Delaroy, William Devoo , 
John Dorn. 

James Ferguson, David Filkins, Alexander Fisher, 
Andrew Fisher, E. W. Fonda, Jacob P. Fonda. 

James Garrett, John Germain, Charles H. Green, 
John P. Green, Garrett W. Groot, Isaac Groot, Julius 
Groot, Reuben Groot. 

John G. Hallenbeck, Matthew Hallenbeck, Solomon 
Hallenbeck, William Hallenbeck, Anson B. Hamlin, 
Solomon C. Hamlin, Solomon G. Hamlin, John Han- 
saw, James Harman, Rockwell Harman, Robert Hast- 
ings, Alexander Hunt. 

John James, John A. Johnson, R. T. Johnson, Evan 

John H. Kilderhouse, Daniel Knapp, Mrs. Knapp, 
widow of Eli, George Knapp, John H. Knapp, Jane 
Knights, widow, M}ndert Knights. 


Reuben Lansing, Frederick Larraby, Roswell Lar- 
raby, Simon Larraby, Chauncey B. Lawson, James 
Lawson, Mrs. Leadings, widow of Garrett, Isaac Y. 
Lovette, 18th reg't N. Y. V., William Lovette. 

Aaron Mcintosh, Johnson McKay, Jeremiah Marse- 
lus, Henry Mead, Lucius Mead, Peter C. Mead, John 

David Norton. 

John Osborne, Charles Ostrom, Lansing Ostrom, 
Levi Ostrom. 

Albert Peek, James V. Peek, Isaac Potter, T. R. 

Henry Rector, Mr'fe. Ri.^gs, widow of Abraham, 
Ogden Riggs, Henry Romeyne, John Y. Romeyne, 
Isaac Rosa, Lewis Rosa. 

Henry Schankle, Epbraim Schermerhorn, John 
Schermerhorn, Mrs. Seaman, widow of Richard, Ste- 
phen Seamans, Abraham Sharp, Franklin Sharp, 
Jacob Sharp, John H. Sharp, Lawrence Sharp, Richard 
Sharp, Abner Smith, David Smith, Jacob Smith, 
Michael Smith, William Smith, Harman Staley, Henry 
Staley, William A. Staley, James Swart, Nicholas A. 
Swart, Nicholas S. Swart. 

P. Teller, Christopher Truax, Michael Trumbull. 

Isaac Van Atten, John Van Atten, Richard Van 
Atten, Benjamin Van Buren. Cornelius Van Buren, 
Henry Van Buren, William Vandenburgh, Amos Van 
Eps, David C. Van Eps, Hamilton A.Van Eps, H. 
S. Van Eps, P. V. Van Eps, Simon Van Eps, A. C. 
Van Patten, Charles C. Van Patten, John Van Patten, 
John C. Van Wormer, John Vanderhyden, Mrs. Van- 
derhyden, widow of Peter, Peter Y. Vandeveer, Aaron 
Vedder, A. H. Vedder, Harmanus Vedder, John P. 
Vedder, William F. Vedder, H. R. Vosbiirgh, Isaac 
Vosburgh, John Vosburgh, Philip Vosbiirgh. 

Abner Ward, Albert S. Ward, George Ward, Elisha 
Waters, Henry Waterstreet, John D. Waterstreet, 
Andrew Weatherwax, Henry Weatherwax, Isaac 


Weatherwax, Wm. Weatherwax, Cornelius Weaver, 
John Weaver, Stephen Weaver, Evert Wessel, John 
Wessel, Luke Wessel, Henry Whitbeck, Jeremiah 

Dr. E. A= Young. 

■ ' r, 
P. O. Address Niskayuna. 

John Allen, Anthony Altrock. 

Hiram Baumes, Barent Benthuysen, James Bevis, 
David Bohanan, Thomas Bowman, William V. Bradt, 
Lewis Brewer, William Burgess, Henry Burhenst, 
James Burke, John Burke, Patrick Burke, Uriah V. 

Joel Carreton, George Chambers, Thomas Cham- 
bers, James Champion, John Clark, Jacob J. Clute, 
Michael Conner, Joseph Consaul, William Consaul, 
David Cornelius, Peter H. Cornelius, Isaac F. Cre- 
gier, Samuel Cregier. Sebastian Cregier. 

Daniel Danes. Patrick Dayton, John A. DeBaum, 
John DeGraff, William Drowster. 

Aaron D. Fay, Patrick Fitzgerald, George Fletcher, 
Peter Fort, C. L. Fountain. 

Christopher Garland, Philip G. Gates, Edward B. 
Gidley, George Gidley. Martin Green, VvMlliam Green, 
Leo Greely, Nathaniel Griffes, James A. Griffes, Abram 
Groot, Richard D. Groot, William Groot. 

David Hallenbeck, Casper Ham, Cephas Ham, Ezra 
Ham, Hensey Henry, Daniel P. Hogan, Peter D. 
Hogan, Pierson Holmes. 

Edward Johnson, Stephen Johnson. 

Barney Kelly, Geo. Ketchum, Jeremiah B. Ketchum, 
John Ketchum, Robert Ketchum, William Ketchum, 
Alexander Kinney. 

Benjamin C. Lansing, C. B. Lansing, Cornelius 
Lansing, Francis V. Lansing, Thos. J. Lent, Samuel 
P. Lyons. 


Francis McCann, James McShea, John McShea, 
John McShea, jr., Patrick McShea, Michael Manyan, 
V/illiam Martin, Cornelius Merselus, Jacob Mesick, 
Benjamin Miller, John P. Miller, Werley Miller, 
George Milman, Hazard Miiman, Nicholas Mishler, 
John Morrison. 

Lev/is Orloss. 

George Page, Greely Page, Peter Palmer, George 
Patten, Spencer G. Patten, Abram Pearse, John 
Pearse, Nicholas Pearse, John Pepka, Harman Pepper, 
Lewis Pepper, John Philo, John Philo, jr., James 
Prior, Ji hn H. Putman. 

Frederick Quackenbush. 

Aaron Rankin, Frederick Rankin, George Reese^ 
John Reese, Cornelius Reynolds, James Roe, Abram 

Joseph Salsbury, John Scarflf, William ScarfF, Chas. 
Schermerhorn, Charles W. Schermerhorn, Andrew 
Sible, Isaac Sickler, Charles Signay, Abijah Smith,. 
Thomas Smith, Philip Snell, Josiah Stanford, Benja- 
min Stow, Jedediah Strong, John Sweeney. 

Eldert Tymeson, Eldert Tymeson, jr., Harman. 
Tymeson, Harman P. Tymeson, Jacob V. Tymeson». 
William Tymeson. 

William H. Underbill. 

John Van Alstine, John Van Antwerp, Jonas Vao 
Atten, John Van Derbelt, Abraham Van Hovenburg,. 
Cornelius Van Vranken, Cornelius J. Van Vranken, 
Eldert Van Vranken, Evert Van Vranken, Harmaa 
Van Vranken, Isaac I. Van Vranken, Jacob C. Van 
Vranken, James Van Vranken, James Van Vranken^ 
jr., James J. Van Vranken. John Van Vranken, John 
B. Van Vranken, John P. Van Vranken, Martin Van 
Vranken, Nicholas J. Van Vranken, Obediah Van 
Vranken, Peter T. Van Vranken, William Van Vran- 
ken, Aaron Vedder, Alexander Vedder, Abram L. 
Vedder, Albert F. Vedder, Albert F. Vedder, jr., Cor- 
nelius Vedder, Harvey Vedder, Jacob N. Vedder, John 


A. Yedder, John H. Vedder, Lyman Vedder, Michael 

B. Vedder, Nicholas Vedder, William Vedder, Bar- 
tholomew Vrooman, John B. Vrooman, John I. Vroo- 
man, John I. Vrooman, jr., John N. Vrooman. 

Charles Walk, John Watson, John H. Warner, 
Martin Warner, William M. Warner, Patrick Welsh, 
John Wemple, William Whitney, Hiram Wilde, Ste- 
phen Willy, John Winne, Matthew Winne, Matthew 
Winne, jr., James Winters. 

•P. O. Address Prineetown. 

* North Duanesburgh. f Hoffman's Ferry. 

Jacob Bakeman, Joseph Bennet, Abram Blessing, 
Jacob Bond, Samuel Bond, William Boody, Abram 
Bracham, George Bracham, Jacob Bracham, James 
Bracham, John Bracham, John P. Bracham, Michael 
Bracham, Frederick Bradshaw, George Bradshaw, 
James Bradshaw, James B. Bradshaw John B. Brad- 
shaw, John L. Bradshaw, Nathan Bradshaw, Robert 
Bradshaw, Samuel B. Bradshaw, Walter Bradshaw, 
Samuel Brown, Robert Chisholm, William Chisholm, 
William H. Clogston, John Conning, Jolin Y. Corle, 
James Countermine, George Crounse, James A. Col- 

Dillan Darrow, Eleazer Darrow, Hosea B. Darrow, 
Anderson Dickerson, Alexander Donnan,* David 
Donnan,* Samuel Donnan,* William Donnan,* Wil- 
liam Donnan, jr.,* Ebenezer Dougall,* John D. 
Dougall,* John K. Dougall,* Thomas A. Dougall,* 
William Dougall.* 

David Elder,* Marcus Elliot,* Ralph P. Elliot,* 
John Ennis,* Joseph Ennis,* Thomas Enxie.* 

Alexander Ferguson, Duncan Ferguson, Samuel 
Ferguson, John C. Flansburgh, John Francis. 

Alexander Gifford, Alexander Gifford, jr., George 


B. Gifibrd, JohnW. Gifford, Thomas Gifford, William 
Gifford, Samuel Gordon. 

Isaiah D. Hardenburgh, Jacob Hardenburgh, John 
Hardenburgh, Abraham Haver, Abraham Haver, jr., 
G, H. Holton, Smith Houghton. 

Robert Jeflfers,* Robert B Jeffers.* 

Abram Kaley, Christian Kaley, Joseph Kaley, An- 
drew Kelly, Robert J. Kelly, Solomon Kelly, Samuel 

Charles Landers, Adam Lanehart, Alexander 

Adam Marlett,* John Marlett,* John A. Marlett,* 
John F. Martin, Alex. McDonald, John McDonald, 
John McGue.* William Mcintosh,* Ebenezer McMil- 
lan, George W. McMillan, Walter M. McMillan, Jas. 
McNee,* Henry Mickle,* John Miller, John J. Moak, 
James Morrison, James Murray, Jeremiah Murray, 
John Murray. 

Titus Northrup. 

George Passage, Thomas Passage, Robert Patter- 
son, George Pike, S. N. Pike. 

Angus llobison, Duncan Robison, James Robison, 
Daniel M. Rodgers, Robert Rynex,* William Rynex,* 
William W. Rynex.* 

Abram ScrafFord, Adam Scrafford, Andrew Scraf- 
ford, Michael Scrafford, John W. Shannon, Andrew 
Smeallie,* Andrew Smeallie, jr.,* George B. Smeallie,* 
Robert Smeallie,* Wm. Smeallie,* Stephen Springer, 
John Stafford, Jacob Staley,* Oliver Staley,* William 
Staley,* George T. Stimson, M. Stimson. 

David Taws,* John A. Taws,* Henry Terpenny, 
Archibald Tinning,! James Tullock, John Tullock, 
John C. Tullock,* Geo.Turnbull, Robert Turnbull. 

Peter Van Debogert, Stephen Van Derpool, Corne- 
lius Van Dyck, Henry Van Dyck, Robert Van Patten, 
Abraham Van Vr^ken, George I. Van Vranken, 
Moses Van Vranken, Michael Van Wormer, Ezra 
Vine, Albert Vrooman. 


William Waggoner, George Walker, Wm. Walker, 
Jacob Waller, James Weller, John Weller, Richard 
Wilson, William Wilson, Andrew T. Wingate, James 
Wingate, Robert Wingate, William Wingate, George 

P. O. Address Schenectady. 

Ebenezer Aiken, Jonathan Aiken, H. Maynard 
Aiken, William Aiken, Joseph Andrews, John Anders, 
Anthony Applin, John M. Austin. 

Jacob Bakeman, George Barber, James Barry, Idel 
Barringer, Joseph Barringer, Simon Bearup, Cornelius 
Becker, Philip Becker, John Becker, Peter Bents, 
Joshua Bennett, Simon Bebee, William Beers, Aaron 
Bliss, Daniel Bond, James Bond, Richard Bond, James 
Bradley, John W. Bradshaw, George R. Bradshaw, 
Robert Bradshaw, Robert Bradshaw, jr., Aaron F. 
Bradt, Aaron J. Bradt, Abram A. Bradt, Abram N. 
Bradt, Albert Bradt, Daniel D. C. Bradt, Frederick 
S. Bradt, Francis Bradt, Harman Bradt, Henry Bradt, 
Nicholas Bradt, Oliver S. Bradt, John Bradt, John B. 
S. Bradt, Peter V. Bradt, Simon Bradt, William H. 
Bradt, Martin Brinnel, Nicholas Bronk, John Bronk, 
Aaron H. Brougham, Gilbert Brougham, Jacob P. 
Brougham, John Brougham, John A. Brougham, Henry 
Brown, Minor Brown, Michael Brown, George W. 
Brower, William H. Brummaghim, Ager Buchanan, 
Thomas E. Buchanan, John Bulsey, Thomas Bullock, 
John Burke, James H. Burke, Richard H. Burke, 
Simon Burke, Alanson Burdick, Nathan Burdick, 
Cornelius Burt, John S. Burns, Henry Buys, James 
Buys, Nelson Buys. 

Anson Cady, Henry Cady, Daniel D. Campbell, 
Jonathan Carey, John Carr, Pete^ Carr, George Casey, 
John Chambers, Frederick Chester, John Chism, 
Moses Chism, James Chrisler, John V. Chrisler, 


Richard Chrisler, Sylvester Chrisler, Thomas Chubb, 
Peter Clapper, William Clow, Bartholomew Clute, 
Garrett G. Clute, James Clute, John J. Clute, John 
N. Clute, John T. Clute, Joseph Clute, William Coch- 
rane, Morris Cole, Andrew Coleman, John Coleman, 
Jeremiah Conick, Henry M. Crane, Aaron Crafford, 
Abram Crafford, John M. Crafford, Samuel CrafFord, 
Peleg Cross, jr., David Crouch, Frederick C. Crounse^ 
John Curtin. 

Harvey Dakins, Andrew Darrow, Daniel Darrow, 
Daniel Darrow, jr., George F. Dates, William F. Day, 
Daniel Dedicir, Jacob De Forest, jr., Abram H. Dela- 
mont, Robert G. Dollar, Samuel L. Draper, Michael 
Duel, Patrick Duffy, Frederick Dunbar. 

Derick P. Felts, John I. Felts, George Fisher, James 
Fisher, James Fisher, jr., John Fisher, Joseph Flangs- 
burgh, Patrick Flynn, James Fogarty, John Foggie, 
Elias Ford, Simon Freeling, John French, George 
Fry, John Fry, Jacob I. Fryer, Henry Furbeck, Philip 

George M. Garamo, Cornelius Gardineer, James 
Gardineer, Andrew T. Gifford, Conrad Glesmon, 
David Gordon, George Gordon, Joseph Gordon, Philip 
H. Gordon, Nelson Gowers, Daniel Goodman, Andrew 
Gregg, Andrew Gregg, jr., James Gregg, John Gregg, 
J. T. Gregg, J. W. Gregg, Matthew Gregg, Alonzo 
Green, George Green, Latham Green. 

Alonzo Ham. Jacob W. Ham, John W. Ham, Peter 
W. Ham, Horace Hamilton, Jonathan Hamilton, 
Nicholas Hangler, Andrew Hansett, Nicholas Hansett, 
Anthony Harmon, George P. Harmon, John Hasler, 
Charles Hatch, Christian N. Haverly, Harmon Haver- 
ly, Nicholas W. Haverly, Henry W. Herrick, Lewis 
Herrick, John Hines, John Hinman, John Hoffman, 
George Hopkins, Morris Hough, William Houghton, 
Ebenezer Howard, Adam Houghtailing, Tunis W. 
Houghtailing, John Hughes, George M. Hunt. 

Martin Ingraham, Gilbert Ives. 


Henry Jacobson, Jeremiah Jenners, Abram Johnson, 
Daniel Johnson. 

Charles Kelderhouse, William Kelderhouse, John 
Kerns, Stephen Kerns, Jacob Kilmartin, Andrew King, 
William King, John B. Kline. 

John Ladle, Lewis Ladle, John Lambert, Selah 
Lane, James J. Lang, DominickLavin, Michael Lavin, 
Abram Levey, Michael J. Levey, James Lindly, Peter 

A. Livingston, John Lockhead, Jacob Lockwood, John 
Loveless, Peter Lukes. 

Nicholas Mabee, Jacob Mabee, Simon Mabee, Ed- 
mund Marcellus, John Marcellus, George Marks, 
David Maxwell, James Maxwell, John McCogg, Alex- 
ander McCann, William McCann, John McConiky, 
William McConiky, James J. McCue, Dougal McDon- 
ald, John McDonald, Andrew McMillan, Andrew T. 
McMillan, James McMillan, James McMillan, jr., 
Samuel McMillan, Samuel J. McMillan, William A. 
McMillan, Richard A. McMichael, William McNarnie, 
Michael McNelly, Eli Mickle, Frederick Miller, James 
Miller, Jacob H. Miller, Peter Miller, Peter S. Miller, 
Robert Miller, Martin Minkler, James H. Minor, 
Henry Mockery, Daniel Morrison, jr., John Morrison, 
John Morrow, Seefer Mulber, Frederick Myer, John 
H. Myers. 

Aaron Niles, David Niles. 

David Ogsbury, James O'Neil, Elias Osterhout, 
Elias Osterhout, jr., Henry Osterlit. 

George Page, Theophilus Page, jr., William Page, 
Abram Pangburn, Abram N. Pangburn, James Pang- 
burn, John N. Pangburn, Peter Pangburn, George 
Pape, John Parker, George Pattello, Alexander M. 
Patterson, John Patterson, Seeley Patterson, Francis 

B. Penny, John Perry, Abram Peek, Andrew D. Peek, 

C. Yates Peek, Daniel Peek, Henry Peek, James Peek, 
Jacob P. Peek, John Peek, John C. Peek, John I. Peek, 
Jolin W. Peek, Joseph L. Peek, Lewis Peek, Richard 
Peek, William Peek, John Phillips, John D. Phillips, 


John M. Phillips, Joseph Phillips, William Phillips, 
Isaac M. Philo, Frederick T. Pierson, David Pierce, 
Alexander Plato, Clement Plasir, Edward Prime, 
Aaron Putman, Andrew Y. Putman, Joseph Putman, 
Oliver Putman, Sebastian Putman. 

Cornelius Radley, Edward P. Randall, John M. 
Reed, Martin Rigistry, Frederick Risley, Alexander 
Robison, John E. Robison, James Robison, Robert 
Robison, Romeyn Robison, John Rodenmaker, David 
Rowe, David Rowe, jr., John H. Rowe, Leonard Rowe, 
Zachariah Rowe, William Ryan, Dewitt C. Rynex, 
Ephraim Rynex, Elijah Rynex, Henry Rynex, James 
A. Rynex, Jonathan Rynex, Mitchell Rynex, Telfair 
C. Rynex, Valentine Rynex. 

James Sager, Martin Sager, Henry Sander, Aaron 
A. Schermerhorn, Aaron B. Schermerhorn, Andrew 
V. Schermerhorn, Bartholomew F. Schermerhorn, 
Bartholomew J. Schermerhorn, B. T. F. Schermer- 
horn, Jacob S. Schermerhorn, James B. Schermer- 
horn, John Schermerhorn, John B. Schermerhorn, 
John J. Schermerhorn, John J. A. Schermerhorn, 
Myndert A. Schermerhorn, Nicholas I. Schermerhorn, 
Robert Schermerhorn, Simon Schermerhorn, Simon J. 
Schermerhorn, George G. Scraflbrd, Martin Scrafford, 
William Scrafford, William Shafer, Abram Shannon, 
Abram Shannon, jr., John A. Shannon, Joseph Shan- 
non, Michael Shannon, William Shannon, George 
Shaver, Alanson Shears, William Shears, James Ship- 
ley, Alexander Shorkey, John Showers, Abram Shu- 
felt, Alonzo Shufelt, George Shufelt, George A. Shu- 
felt, Charles Sitterly, John Sitterly, John M. Sitterly, 
John R. Sitterly, Joseph Sitterly, Martin Sitterly, 
Reuben Sitterly, Reuben Sitterly, jr., A. J. Smith, 
James A. Smith, John Smith, J. B Smith, Peter Smith, 
Philip Smith, Robert Smith, Samuel Smith, William 
Snowden, Winspear Snowden, Benjamin Snyder, John 
Snyder, Charles Springer, John Springer, Richard 
Springer, Orsamus Squires, Alexander Staley, Jona- 


than Staley, James Steinburgh, jr., Dennis Stimpson, 
James Stimpson, Joseph Stroble, John Strong, Lo- 
renzo Stuart, John Stuck, Jacob Styer, Jacob Swart, 
John H. Swart, Simon Swart, Simon W. Swart, Tunis 
J. Swart, Wemple Swart, Sebastian Swits. 

Henry Taylor, Albion Thomas, Isaac Thomas, 
James Thomas, Joel Tilson, Elias Tilson, Thomas 
Tilson, George T. Turnbull, James Turnbull, Thomas 
H. Turnbull. 

John Upperhyson. 

Alexander Valk, James Valk, John Valk, John 
Valk, jr., Stephen Valk, Everett Van Aernam, John 
Van Denburgh, Richard Van Denburgh, David Van 
Derhyden, Abram P. Van Dyck, Peter Van Dyck, 
Abram Van Dycke, Alexander Van Eps, John D. Van 
Eps, Cornelius Van Guysling, Alexander Van Husen, 
Charles Van Husen, John C. Van Husen, Abram C. 
Van Patten, Cornelius Van Patten, Fredenick N. Van 
Patten, Harman Van Patten, Isaac Van Patten, Jacob 
Van Patten, John Van Pa- ten, John B. Van Patten, 
John N. Van Patten, J. W. Van Patten, Nicholas F. 
Van Patten, Nicholas H. Van Patten, Richard Van 
Patten, Richard F. Van Patten, William B. Patten, 
Anthony A. Van Slyck, David Van Slyck, Harman 
Van Slyck, John S. Van Slyck, Jacob Van Valken- 
burgh, John Van Valkenburgh, William Van Valken- 
burgh, Fisher Van Vorst, Nicholas Van Vorst, Aaron 
Van Wormer, Abram Van Wormer, Elias Van Wor- 
mer, Henry Van Wormer, John A. Van Wormer, 
Alexander Vedder, Ezra Vedder, Henry Vedder, Isaac 
Vedder, John D. Vedder, James B. Vedder, Nicholas 
Vedder, Tecarus Vedder, Aaron B. Veeder, Abram 
Veeder, Abram Veeder, jr., Andrew Veeder, Charles 
H. Veeder, George Veeder, Henry Veeder, Henry 
Veeder, jr., Henry G. Veeder, Jacob N. Veeder, Jacob 
M. Veeder, J. B. Veeder, John G. Veeder, John H. 
Veeder, John N. Veeder, Myndert Veeder, Nicholas 
Veeder, Peter G. Veeder, Simon Veeder, Vrooman 


Veeder, William Veeder, Henry Vermilyea, Peter 

John F. Wagoner, Abram Waldron, Thomas Wal- 
lace, John Ward, William Ward, James Wasson, jr., 
James T. Wasson, John Wasson, Thomas L. Wasson, 
Israel Weast, James P. Weast, Peter Weast, Charles 
Weast, Jacob Weaver, Aaron B. Wemple, Aaron S. 
Wemple, Harman Wemple, Isaac Wemple, Jacob D. 
Wemple, David Westcoat, Frederick Westcoat, Major 
Westcoat, J. H. Whitbeck, Benjamin William, James 
William, John F. William, Peter William, Samuel 
William, John Wiley, Jonas Wiley, Joseph Wiley, 
Stephen Wiley, Silas B. Winn, Frederick Wolfe, Henry 
Wortman, Joseph Wright. 

Theodore Young. 


C^lbang €t) citing 0tate0tnan. 

All advertisements sent by mail for the above paper will be 
promptly attended to at the shortest notice, and inserted cheaper 
than any other paper published in the city. 

All orders addressed to 






TROY, N. Y. 


Manufacturers of 


And Dealers in 

#n'matt f Uimbaga & facing ^m\$, 


fi<?- Notwithstanding Joseph Dixon & Co.'s attempt to crush us, we still ma- 
nufacture the best article of Stove Polish in the world, 


D. L. WING, Proprietor 


And the most popular Flour Merchant in the World. 

123 PIER, AtBAWlT, JV. Y. 

X2 9 . f 

<^ ,c. 

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