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S>e»eoc -e_ 



The Brooklyn Institute of 
Arts and Sciences 

Report for the Year 1930 

Brooklyn, N. Y., 1931 



The Brooklyn Institute of Arts 
and Sciences 

Report Upon the Condition and Progress 
of the Museums 

for the 

Year Ending December 31, 1930 


William Henry Fox 

Brooklyn, N. Y '., 1931 


Museum Building, North Facade and Sections F and G, Frontispiece 

Painting by Stanley Middleton Oppos 

Painting by Frank Currier Oppos 

Bronze by Charles Cary Rumsey Oppos 

A Roman Road — Children's Museum Oppos 

te page 8 

te page 12 

te page 22 

te page 34 



Officers of the Institute and Museums' Staff 4 

Report of the Director, Central Museum 5 


Department of Fine Arts 16 

Department of Decorative Arts 19 

Department of Prints 24 

Department of Ethnology 26 

Department of Natural Science 28 

Library 29 

Children's Museum Report 34 


Children's Museum 38 

Children's Museum Library 43 

Attendance 48 

Museum Publications and Contributed Articles 49 

City Maintenance Account, Central Museum 51 

City Maintenance Account, Children's Museum 51 

Contributors to the Museums' Collection Fund 52 

Museum Membership 53 

Form of Gift or Bequest 78 

The Brooklyn Institute of 
Arts and Sciences 


Frank L. Babbott Honorary President 

Edward C. Blum President 

Walter C. Crittenden First Vice-President 

William A. Putnam Second Vice-President 

Adrian Van Sinderen Third Vice President 

G. Foster Smith Treasurer 

Dr. John H. Denbigh Secretary 

Ex -Officio 
The Mayor of the City of New York 
The President of the Borough of Brooklyn 
The Commissioner of Parks, Borough of Brooklyn 

Governing Committee of Museums 
Walter H. Crittenden, Chairman Luke Vincent Lockwood 

Frank L. Babbott John Hill Morgan 

Mrs. Mary Childs Draper Thomas E. Murray 

Kenneth Frazier Mrs. Dean C. Osborn 

Mrs. William H. Good Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 

Mrs. A. Augustus Healy William A. Putnam 

Alfred W. Jenkins John T. Underwood 

Edward C. Blum, Ex-Officio 

Museums' Staff 



Executive Assistant to Director Josiah P. Marvel 

Curator, Department of Ethnology and Director of Education 

Dr. Herbert J. Spinden 

Associate Curator, Department of Ethnology Tassilo Adam 

Honorary Curator, Department of Natural Science George P. Engelhardt 

Curator of Paintings and Sculpture Herbert B. Tschudy 

Assistant Curator, in Charge of Decorative Arts Elizabeth Haynes 

Librarian and Curator of Prints Susan A. Hutchinson 

Chief Docent Catherine Rich Bruner 

Business Manager Lewis T. Hart 


Curator in Chief Anna B. Gallup 

Curator of Education Mary Mathews 

Mineralogist J. Claudius Boyle 

Curator of Exhibits Andrew D. Fleming 

Librarian Delia F. McCloskey 

Docent • • Marion Hubbell 

Docent Emily E. Scott 

Scout Nature Instructor Cornelius Denslow 

The Central Museum 

We, in the Museum, look back upon the year 1930 with great satis- 
faction. The Institution has been successful in contributing to public 
education and the Trustees and Staff feel more than ever the incentive to 
greater efforts in this direction on account of the liberality and broad- 
mindedness displayed by the City authorities. The Board of Estimate 
appropriated $300,000 for alterations in the building which will insure an 
entrance from without better than at present, both from the standpoint 
of architectural effect and comfort of the public, better circulation and 
safety of the visitors within, and much-needed additional room for our 
growing collections. The work on the building will, it is believed, begin 
in the spring and be completed by the end of the year (1931.) 

At the end of the year just passed we had registered the largest at- 
tendance in the Museum's history. 517,000 were checked off at the door 
and the enthusiasm of the visitors together with 1,399 favorable notices in 
the Press, and the award of a medal to the Director by appreciative citi- 
zens of Brooklyn, have convinced us that the Museum is firmly established 
in the esteem of the public. 

Our activities have more than equalled those of former years. Twen- 
ty-two special exhibitions and thirty-seven lectures were given for the 
general public apart from the courses offered to the teachers of the public 
schools. Radio broadcasting has been constantly resorted to by members 
of the staff, the etching press was used 264 times, loan exhibitions have 
been extended to schools and other institutions in our enlarged area, in- 
cluding the whole of Long Island ; the Educational Department has been 
re-organized so that its instruction, conducted on scientific lines, especially 
to the teachers, has doubled that of 1929; the Japanese and Ainu collec- 
tions have been reinstalled and much cataloguing has been done on the 
Culin Memorial Library and other accessions in the Library. The Exhi- 
bition of the Art of the Dutch East Indies and the most comprehensive 
showing of sculptures ever given in Greater New York, lasting through 
the summer were original enterprises in the events of the Museum's pro- 
gram for the year. Music and The Dance had their representation. The 
Chamber Music of Mary Thornton McDermott, the popular concerts in 
the Auditorium directed by Dmitry Dobkin and the Sunday afternoon 
organ recitals by Mr. R. Huntington Woodman and other organists, and 
the graceful dances of Miss Ruth St. Denis and Mme. Vera Mirova were 
of such an artistic character as to entitle these arts to be practiced in an 
institution established to develop and refine the taste of the community. 
The policy of sending expeditions to various parts of the world has been 
continued and representatives of the Museum were in Central America, 
Germany and Holland, as well as in most parts of the United States. 
Several of the exhibitions held in the Museum were officially opened by 
diplomatic representatives of foreign countries, notably the Hungarian 

Exhibition, the Exhibition of the Art of the Dutch East Indies and the 
Belgian Exhibition. 

But the Museum has been still more active in connection with the 

During 1930 the total attendance at classes and lectures given by or 
in connection with the Educational Department was 87,382, the largest 
annual attendance in the history of the department and surpassing by 
11,540 the previous maximum attendance, that of 1928. 

The large attendance figure is to be accounted for in part of course 
by the increase in general museum attendance but also by the great use 
made of motion pictures in the spring months, the innovation of the 
monthly school bulletin in March, sent to all the schools and attracting 
attention by reason of its freshness, and in the fall particularly by the es- 
tablishment of two new lecture courses for teachers for which the Board 
of Examiners grants credit. 

The most important events of the year were undoubtedly the reorgan- 
ization of the Department with changes in personnel, the enlarging of its 
regular activities by the addition in the fall of two new courses for teach- 
ers, and the understanding reached late in the year with the College of 
the City of New York and Long Island University whereby students may 
take the Museum's courses for college credit. 

With this enlarging of the department went increases in activity that 
account in part for the very large October attendance of 17,010. Two 
new courses were offered both approved by Mr. Forest Grant, Director 
of Art in New York schools and accepted for credit by the Board of Ex- 
aminers. The first one, suggested by Mr. Grant, and entitled Decorative 
Arts of the World was outlined and arranged by Dr. Spinden, Director 
of Education and consists of lectures given chiefly by Dr. Spinden but also 
by the curators, Miss Haynes and Mr. Adam, and the docents. Up to the 
end of December Dr. Spinden had given nine lectures covering the general 
topics "First Principles," "American Indian Symbolism," "The Spread of 
Decorative Ideas" and "Survivals of Primitive Symbolism" and Mrs. 
Bruner had given one lecture in the series on "Art in Early Civilizations 
of the Old World." The other course entitled a Museum Course in Art 
Appreciation given by Mrs. Bruner, chief docent and consisting entirely 
of gallery tours, was inaugurated at the suggestion of the teachers them- 
selves who at the close of the 1929-30 Picture Study course in June had 
been asked to suggest courses they would like to see given by the Museum. 
The enrollment was limited to fifty but so many applied that it became 
necessary to form a second section with Miss Page as instructor. From 
the first of October until the end of December the course had covered 
painting and sculpture in the Museum, including the current exhibitions 
and prints and books. The registration in the two courses which varies 
naturally as time goes on averages about 125 for the first and 50 each for 
the two sections of the second. 

Other courses that were carried forward in 1930 from previous 

years were the Picture Study Course for Teachers given by Mrs. Cather- 
ine Rich Bruner which completed its third year in June with 103 passing 
the examination and obtaining certificates from the Museum and began 
again in October with a registration of about 225. Miss Kate Mann 
Franklin's four classes in design for teachers and children given after- 
noons on the first four days of the week ; and Mr. Mura's class in drawing 
for high school students and adults which met Saturday mornings at 10 
o'clock in the Early Masters Room. 

The miscellaneous well-established activities continued in much the 
form they have had in previous years. Among these activities of course 
were the Saturday morning events for children. The Story Hour con- 
tinued at 10 o'clock in the auditorium and offered the children stories told 
by the School Art League story tellers, Miss Helen S. Daley, Miss Juan- 
ita Fagg and Mr. Ralph R. Martin, motion pictures, stories told by the 
Museum docents and ended the season with stories told by the children 
themselves. The School Art League as before offered at 1 1 :30 for senior 
and junior high school students four series of talks on a variety of phases 
of art by people distinguished in their fields. 

The children's art classes have flourished. They were held in the 
docents' office, 11 to 12:30, were taught by five Pratt students and held 
up to the capacity enrollment of 150 with a long waiting list. The several 
groups into which the children are divided work at clay modelling, soap 
sculpture, charcoal, water color, theory of design, paper cutting, costume 
design and sketching from Museum objects. In May an exhibition of the 
winter's work was held in the alcove outside the docents' office and at 
Christmas, Christmas projects made by the children were exhibited near 
the Christmas tree in the Rotunda. The class was continued into the sum- 
mer for the first time with Miss Goodyear in charge. The class met 
Tuesday and Thursday mornings during August. Judging from the popu- 
larity of the class and the constant stream of new requests for admittance 
— which unhappily cannot be met because of our very limited accommoda- 
tions — this is one of the most valuable things we do for children. It offers 
a chance to do something themselves instead of throwing them always into 
the passive role and in so doing meets a very real need in an urban and 
mechanized civilization. 

The Chronicles of America films and the Natural History films have 
continued to draw classes to the Museum in as great numbers apparently 
as in previous years. These showings have been supplemented frequently 
by other showings of films borrowed from the American Museum, the 
Children's Museum, the Y. M. C. A. and now and then from commercial 
film exchanges. Among these last was "Nanook of the North." 

The visits of classes from the schools, public, private and parochial, 
club groups, special class groups, college students and design students 
have as in other years brought thousands to the Museum and demands to 
the docents for talks on every manner of object that the Museum contains. 

In the spring Saturday afternoon gallery tours for the public, chiefly 

on the current exhibitions, were given and on the whole were very well 
attended. Because the docents are so few in number it was not felt that 
it was possible to continue these tours in the fall ; but it remains true that 
they are a sort of thing worth doing whenever it again becomes possible. 
In November the docents did participate in a somewhat similar enterprise, 
the gallery tours for members arranged for Mondays at 2 :30 and Fri- 
days at 11. 

Special activities not already spoken of that deserve mention are the 
showing of the Chronicles in January and February on Saturday after- 
noons for the Council on Adult Education of the Foreign Born, a talk 
given at the Art Centre in February on the educational opportunities in 
the Brooklyn Museum, the beginning of the Monthly School Bulletin al- 
ready mentioned, the making of charts of the Museum exhibitions to illus- 
trate outside talks and the numerous visits to schools made by the docents, 
the entertainment of the Crippled Children in May at which time they 
were shown the Dutch East Indies exhibition and a motion picture on the 
subject and were amused and instructed by a Javanese Shadow Play given 
by the curator of oriental art, radio talks given on the Long Island and 
other Exhibitions and the history of painting in Brooklyn and the Christ- 
mas celebration in December. 

The Christmas celebration for the children was particularly diverting. 
It took place during the Story Hour period on December 20th and was 
divided into three parts. The first part was the Javanese Shadow play 
given in the auditorium, the second a carol with the organ in the sculp- 
ture court sung by Miss Nina Wallace and when the other expected sing- 
ers failed to materialize by members of the museum staff recruited at the 
last minute and including a curator, secretaries, modeller and a workman, 
and the third part the procession to the Christmas tree, very large and 
glowing, standing in the rotunda with the children's projects from the 
Saturday Art class and Miss Franklin's class set up near it. 

The Museum's collections in fine and decorative art have been aug- 
mented during the past year by the addition of forty-five paintings and 
drawings obtained either by gift or purchase and twenty-five received as 
loans; also by a large number of other objects including sculpture, antiqui- 
ties and decorative art objects. A detailed account of these may be found 
in the list of Accessions. 

A number of paintings and other objects from the collections have 
been lent for exhibitions at other institutions. 

The following special exhibitions have been held during the year : 

Exhibition of Contemporary Belgian Painting, Sculpture and Applied 
Art, January 24 until February 24. 

Exhibition of Original Drawings by Dr. Carl von Marr, January 24 
until October 1. 

Exhibition of Plans and Models of Projects by Prof. Behrens and 


One-time Curator in Chief of the Brooklyn Museum 
By Stanley Middleton 

his Pupils at the Master School of Architecture of the Fine Arts Academy 
in Vienna, April 21 until June 1. 

Exhibition of Sculpture by Contemporary Artists, May 16 until 
December 1. 

Summer Exhibition of Paintings by American and Foreign Artists, 
June 1 until October 1. 

Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Brooklyn and Long Island Artists, 
November 21 until January 1. 

Exhibition of Hispano-Peruvian Art, December 20 until September, 

Exhibition of Contemporary Hungarian Art, December 25 until 
February 1, 1931. 

During the summer months in the Department of Fine Arts, increased 
gallery space was acquired by dividing the former Early American Paint- 
ing Gallery into four small rooms. This extra space was used for the 
installing of the black and white drawing of all schools and the European 
water colors. 

The Department of Fine Arts lent a number of paintings for 
exhibition at the Sanitary Fair given by the Junior League of Brooklyn 
at the Hotel St. George. These paintings were by artists who had 
exhibited at the original Sanitary Fair in 1864 and one picture was the 
identical painting which was exhibited at that time. The Department of 
Decorative Arts lent a doll with wardrobe which was dressed for the 
original Sanitary Fair and which is the property of Mrs. Ira Downs. 

On January 31st a small Guide to the American Rooms was put 
on sale. There were also put on sale thirty views of the rooms and at 
a later date several postcard reproductions of some of the rooms. 

During the year a great many classes in architecture and Interior 
Decoration came to sketch in the American Rooms and an exhibition of 
sketches made by these classes was held for a short time in the galleries 
adjoining the rooms. 

In the month of May about one-third of the collection of peasant 
art was placed on exhibition in the north gallery on the third floor so 
that it would be more easily available to students and the general public. 

During March and April, Mrs. Virginia Carrington-Thomas gave an 
organ recital each Sunday afternoon at 4 P. M. and these recitals were 
attended by quite a large and enthusiastic audience. Beginning in Novem- 
ber, Mr. R. Huntington Woodman gave an organ recital every Sunday 
afternoon at 4 P. M. 

The following lectures have been given during the year: 

Winter Course, Sunday afternoons : 

Jan. 5 — "Shirlaw, the American" by Mr. Frederick Dellenbaugh. 
Jan. 26 — "Teepee Fires and Northern Lights" by Col. Philip Moore. 
Feb. 2 — "Contemporary Belgian Art" by Dr. Christian Brinton. 
Feb. 16 — "Shadow Plays, Celebrated Court Dances and the Theatre of 
the Javanese" by Mr. Tassilo Adam. 

Feb. 23 — "What Is Modern Art?" (Its Appreciation and Meaning) by 
Dr. Henri Barzun. 

Spring Course, Sunday afternoons : 

Mar. 9 — "Australia To-Day" by Mr. M. P. Greenwood Adams. 

Mar. 16 — "Dutch East Indian Art Exhibition" by Mr. Tassilo Adam. 

Mar. 23 — "The Icelandic Millenial Celebration," by Mrs. Thorstina Jack- 
son Walters. 

Apr. 6 — "The Minotaur and Its Labyrinth" by Dr. Rollin H. Tanner. 

Apr. 20 — "Down to the West Coast of Central America" by Mr. George 
P. Engelhardt. 

Apr. 27 — "The Architectural Movement in Vienna" by Dr. Peter Behrens. 

Fall Course, Sunday Afternoons: 

Nov. 9 — "Methods and Principles in Painting" by Mr. Philip M. Brody. 

Nov. 16 — "Argentina and Adventuring in Patagonia" by Lt. Col. Charles 
Wellington Furlong. 

Nov. 23 — "Iceland" by Dr. Clyde Fisher. 

Nov. 30— "What Do We See ?" by Miss Mary Cecil Allen. 

Dec. 7 — "Modern Architecture — Here and Abroad" by Miss Katherine 
S. Dreier. 

Dec. 14 — "Some Wonders of the Heavens" by Prof. Gregory M. Walcott. 

Dec. 21 — "Some Lands of the Mediterranean" by Mr. Gardner Wells. 

Dec. 28 — "The Medici Family and the Art of Florence" by Dr. Hugo M. 

The following organ recitals were given : 
Jan. 12 — "Organ Recital" by Mr. Clarence Dickinson. 
Jan. 19 — "Organ Recital" by Mrs. Virginia Carrington-Thomas. 
Feb. 9 — "Organ Recital" by Edwin Grasse. 

The following special lectures have been given : 

A special course of four lectures on Thursday mornings; winter 
course, as follows : 

Jan. 16 — "Styles in France under Louis XV" by Mine. Henry Caro- 


Jan. 23 — "Home Life in the Balkans" by Miss Agnes Ethel Conway. 

Jan. 30 — "The French Couture and its Museum Inspiration" by Mme. 
Helene Volka. 

Feb. 6 — "The New Silhouette Declares its Museum Origin" by Mme. 
Helene Volka. 

A special spring course of four lectures on Thursday mornings, as 
follows : 

Two lectures on Art in Dress by Miss Fern Bradley. 

Apr. 3 — "The New Spring Fabrics and Colors." 

Apr. 10 — "Line and Silhouette of Spring, 1930." 

Two lectures on Lace — How to be a Connoisseur. 

Apr. 24 — "How to Know Lace Periods." 

May 1 — "How to Know Lace Technique." 

A special fall course of four Thursday morning lectures, as follows : 

Oct. 30 — "1931 Fashions and their Shadows as Reflected in the Museum" 
by Mrs. Mary Brooks Picken. 

Nov. 6 — "History's Fashion Parade : Through the Reign of Louis XIV" 
by Miss Rosalie Rathbone. 

Nov. 13 — "History's Fashion Parade: Since the Reign of Louis XIV" 
by Miss Rosalie Rathbone. 

Nov. 20 — "The Peasant Costumes in the Museum Collection" by Miss 
Mary Evans. 

The use of the Print Department which is combined with the 
Library shows the same proportionate increase. The attendance here 
was checked off at 50,007, a gain of 4,000 over the previous year. The 
etching press was used 264 times, and the number of exhibitions held 
in the Print Galleries were far in excess of 1929. 

In January was held the 14th Annual Exhibition of the Brooklyn 
Society of Etchers ; in February an Exhibition of Birds and Beasts in 
Etching and Block Prints, and the 12th Annual Exhibition of The Brook- 
lyn Society of Miniature Painters ; in March and April the Annual 
Exhibition of Artistic Photography under the auspices of the Department 
of Photography of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. In May 
an Exhibition of Competitive Posters for World's Fair, 1933, and a group 
of Scandinavian Posters ; June to September, the Fourth Annual Exhibi- 
tion of American Block Prints assembled by the Print Club of Phila- 
delphia ; in October an Exhibition of Polish Color Designs ; in November, 
an Exhibition of Modern Austrian Wood Block and Color Prints ; in 
December, Costumes and Stage Designs executed for the Little Theatre 
Opera Company. 


Numerous process exhibits were sent to high schools. 

The important event of the year was the acquisition by purchase of 
the library of the late Stewart Culin, for many years until his death in 
1929, Curator of Ethnology at this Museum. The collection is particularly 
strong in books on China and Japan, India and Tibet, the peasant art of 
Southern Europe, the North American Indians, Negro Art and costume, 
and numbers, exclusive of duplicates, about 4,236 books and pamphlets 
and approximately 2,775 periodicals and pamphlets. 2,108 volumes in 
fifteen languages were catalogued by a summer force of four extra 
cataloguers and placed on the shelves but the Hungarian books and 
periodicals and pamphlets remain to be done. The Japanese books are 
roughly classified on the shelves but are not yet catalogued. 

The gift from Dr. Herman T. Radin of a collection of four or five 
hundred posters, covering travel and other European posters, was a wel- 
come addition to our poster collection. 

Another important gift was a collection of 626 mounted photographs 
covering art and travel, from the Misses Van Vleck. 

The next outstanding item is the increase in loans of lantern slides 
and mounted pictures and plates, 14.231 slides and plates having reached 
170,386 people, an increase of 2,458 and 54,622 over last year. 

We have subscribed to The Art Index which started September, 
1929. This long-talked-of index to art periodicals has already proved in- 
valuable and, though expensive, will soon pay for itself. 

Special talks and table exhibitions have been arranged at the request 
of teachers and clubs. 


The following exhibitions have been held in the Library Gallery : 

Extension of Exhibition of Brooklyn Society of Etchers (overflow 
from Print Gallery). 


Exhibition of color plates showing Modernistic Design, from the Li- 
brary Collections, arranged for the schools. 


Exhibition of the year's work of Kate Mann Franklin's classes in 
color and design. This opened with a tea on April 3rd which was at- 
tended by about 200. 


Exhibition of Posters, including the coming World's Fair Posters 
and a collection of Scandinavian Posters. 


By Frank Currier 

June Ath-6th 

Exhibition showing the History of Architecture, arranged for the 
Art Department of the Girls' Commercial High School. 

June 8th-22nd 

Exhibition of work of graduate art students of the Alexander Ham- 
ilton High School who had studied under Morris Greenberg, recent 
head of that department. 


Exhibition of Public School Children's Work, pupils of Miss Frank- 
lin's teachers' group. 


Exhibition of Modern Poster and Color Prints, from the Library 


Exhibition of Block Prints and Lithographs, at the request of the 

School Art League. 

Exhibition of Holbein Prints, made at the request of Erasmus High 



Exhibition of Pencil Drawings by Milton Smith Osborne. 


Exhibition of Design pertaining to Christmas. 

Exhibitions have also been sent to high schools and loans have been 
made to branch libraries in connection with exhibitions on special subjects. 

On May 7th, the Librarian was one of the speakers at the Art Cen- 
ter's Celebration of its Tenth Anniversary, her subject being "The Com- 
munity as Served by the Museum of Art," and she also gave a talk on 
"Prints with Special Reference to Book Illustration" before the Long 
Island Institute on May 8th. 

The library has been represented at the meetings of the New York 
Library Club during the year. 

The library has been quick to re-act to social as well as other activi- 
ties of the city, in meeting the demands for authentic costume data in con- 
nection with the Artists' Ball given by the Painters and Sculptors of 
Brooklyn in January and the Sanitary Fair later in the season. 

Publishers, lecturers, textile, costume and other designers, clubs, 
artists, interior decorators, commercial artists, the School Art League, 
undertakers, department stores, occupational therapists, public school 
teachers and pupils, art schools and their instructors, librarians and many 
others are among our users. 


The afternoon session of the Long Island Institute for the librarians 
of small towns at the western end of Long Island was held at the 
Museum Library in May. 

The Saturday afternoon personally conducted sailors' parties from 
the Navy Y. M. C. A. numbered 106. 

In addition to several temporary exhibitions arranged in the depart- 
ment of ethnology during the year a considerable amount of Museum 
material was reinstalled and placed on permanent exhibition. 

In February Miss A. E. White's Pueblo and Kiowa Indian drawings 
from the Southwest were shown in the corridor leading to the Japanese 
Gallery. During the next month a most interesting exhibit of Dutch East 
Indian art was opened and remained on view until May 15th. 

The Ainu material in the Museum was placed on exhibition in the 
hall outside of the auditorium. Other reinstallations included the South- 
west Indian material and a permanent exhibit of Japanese art which was 
opened by the Japanese consul-general in October. 

Mr. Desmond Holdridge returned from a Museum expedition to the 
region between the Amazon and Orinoco in South America, bringing with 
him interesting specimens and reports. 

During the summer Dr. Herbert J. Spinden attended the 24th Con- 
gress of Americanists at Hamburg where he presented a paper on Maya 
Dates and What They Reveal which had been published by the Brooklyn 
Museum as Science Bulletin, vol. IV, No. 1. Mr. Tassilo Adam also 
visited Europe studying oriental installation in many museums. 

In the Natural History Department ten gallery talks on bird and 
mammal topics were given to students of the Public and High schools 
during the autumn. During the same period birds and mammals were 
loaned to the school teachers for class work. This material was utilized 
before more than 4,350 students. 

In the west gallery on the first floor fourteen habitat groups of the 
larger North American Mammals have been installed, viz : Alaska Fur 
Seal (14 specimens) ; Atlantic Walrus (3) ; Stellers Sea Lion (5) ; Polar 
Bear (1) ; Black Bear (4) ; Arctic Fox (6) ; Red Fox (9) ; Musk Ox 
(3) ; Sanoran Beaver (6) ; Virginia Deer (5) ; Rocky Mountain Goat 
(5) ; White Sheep (5) ; Alaska Moose (3), and Mountain Lion (3). The 
last three are new to the collections. All of the animals are placed amid 
reproductions of their natural haunts. 

On the third floor the section formerly used by the curator of Lepi- 
doptera has been opened into the Long Island Bird Room. Three bird 
groups were installed, viz : the Wandering Albatross, the Sooty Albatross 
and the Hoatzens. 

The cases containing the exhibit "Mechanism of Flight," Long Island 
Mammals, Bird Plumes, Long Island Reptiles and Batrachians, and the 


Isaac Walton exhibit have been relined, painted and specimens rearranged. 
Four new mammals (Little Brown Bat, Great Brown Bat, Long-tailed 
Shrew and Short-tailed Shrew) were added to the case of Long Island 

In the Long Island Bird Room about twenty additional birds were 
added among the number a Rough-legged Hawk in the black phase of 
plumage, also Goshawk, Red-tailed Duck, Cooper, Sharp-skinned and 
Marsh Hawks in immature plumage, a European Widgeon (adult male), 
Dammy Ducklings of the Hooded Merganser, Loon, Shoveler, and Buf- 
flehead Ducks. 

The owls have been shifted to another case to bring them in proper 
sequence with the other birds of prey. 

The case containing bills, feet, wings and tails of birds showing adap- 
tation to the birds' modes of life has been rearranged and a few additions 

In the hallway alcove, next to the L. I. Bird Room the Egg Collec- 
tion has been arranged in five glass-topped flat cases. Seventeen colored 
plates from Audubon's Birds of America have been framed and hung on 
the walls of this section. 

In the Vertebrate Hall all of the specimens (fish, reptiles, birds and 
mammals) have been rearranged, and new specimens added. 

In the adjoining section the cases containing the exhibits "Man's 
Place in Nature," "The Struggle for Existence," "Variation in Nature," 
"Variation under Domestication," "Adaptation to Environment" and 
"Albinism and Melanism" have been relined, painted and rearranged. 

During the past year this department has to some extent, cooperated 
with the Children's Museum in the repair and identification of material; 
also in supplying a considerable number of specimens of bird skins for 



Department of Fine Arts 


These paintings are in oil, unless 
otherwise specified. 

Presented by : 

"Christ in the Temple" (water 
color) by Paul Thevenaz. 

Mrs. John W. Alexander 

"Nude" by Charles Conder. 
"Head of a Boy" by Frank Cur- 

Mrs. Charles R. Baker 

"Portrait of Susan Thursby" by 

S. S. Osgood. 
"Portrait of Emily Baily" by S. 

S. Osgood. 
"Veiled Madonna" by Sassofer- 

"Girl with Guitar" by Bonifacio. 

Mr. Edward C. Blum 

"Chaissons House" by Ogden M. 

Miss Charlotte Cullen 

"Villa d'Este, Cypress Allee 

(water color). 
"Church Port, Lequieto" (water 

"Leap, Ireland" (water color), by 

Charlotte Cullen. 

Miss Katherine S. Dreier 

"Tiger Lilies" (water color) by 
Leon Carroll. 

Friends of the Artist 

"At Port" by Armand Wargny. 

Mr. George S. Hellman 

"Landscape" by Merton Clivette. 
"Ramparts of Zion" by Rubin. 

Mr. Alfred W. Jenkins 

"Forest Landscape" by Asher B. 

"Flowers" by Carl Sprinchorn. 

"Holland Landscape" by J. H. 

"Vesuvius" by John Kellogg Wood- 

Mrs. Jesse W. Reno 

"At the Milliners' " by Medard 

Mr. Walter Rosen 

"Unfinished portrait of Mrs. Wal- 
ter Rosen" by Ambrose Mc- 

Mr. Stanley G. Middleton in mem- 
ory of his brother, Clifford L. Mid- 

"Portrait of Dr. Frederick A. 
Lucas" by Stanley G. Middleton. 

Children of William Augustus 
White and Harriet Hillard 
White, in their memory 

"Landscape" by George Inness. 

Mrs. Horace Williston 

"Lake Superior" by Walter Shir 


"Portrait of the Artist's Wife" by 

R. A. Blakelock. 
"Portuguese Girl" by Charlotte 


"Still Life" by Matilda Brownell. 
"Fort Lee Ferry" by Glenn O. Cole- 


"Oarsmen on the Schuylkill" by 

Thomas Eakins. 
Two gouache paintings each entitled 
"North African Woman" by Susan 

"Trinity Church and Wall Street" 

by Bertram Hartman. 
"Arab Merchant" by A. Jacovleff. 
"Eagles Chasing a Hare" by Bruno 

Andreas Liljefors. 

"Women of the Street" by Frans 

"Calendulas" by Jeanie Gallup 

"Lois" by Eugene Speicher. 
An unfinished oil painting by Abbott 

"Portrait of Samuel Jones' Son" 

by Jeremiah Theus. 


Lent by : 

"The White 

Clown" by Walt 


"Still Life" and "Still Life" by 
Charles Willson Peale. 

Mrs. Frank L. Babbott, Jr. 

"Landscape" by George de Forest 

Mr. Michel Bexisovitch 

"The Last Judgment." Flemish, 
15th Century. 

Mr. Eugene H. Block 

An oil painting by Botticelli. 

Mr. Walter H. Crittenden 

"Lobster Men" (water color) by 

Winslow Homer. 
"Scene in Holland" by J. H. Weis- 


Mrs. Pruyn Harrison 

"A Winter's Dream" by William 
H. Singer, Jr. 

Mr. Charles B. Hester 

"Portrait of Dr. Charles R. 
Baker" by Unknown Artist. 

Mr. T. H. Riggs Miller 
Four paintings by Axel Lund, as 
follows : 
"Fall Scene, Fox River" 
"Day in July" 
"Moonlight Shadows." 

Mr. Harold T. Pulsifer 

"The Army Teamsters" by Wins- 
low Homer. 

Mr. Bayard W. Read 

"The River" by C. F. Daubigny. 

"Sunlit Landscape" by M. V. 

"Landscape" by M. V. Diaz. 

"Autumn Landscape" by George 

"Landscape" by Charles Messonier. 

"Landscape" by Theodore Rous- 

"Landscape" by Theodore Rous- 

"Landscape" by Emile Van Marcke. 

Mr. Gordon Stevenson 

"Portrait of William J. Locke" 
by Gordon Stevenson. 

Mrs. G. Thomson Parker 

"Hoarfrost" by Gustav Fjaestad. 


Presented by : 

"Coral Pinnacles in the Lagoon 
of Maraa, Tahiti" and "Bream 
in 25 feet of water off the coast 
of Scotland" (pastels) by Zarh 
H. Pritchard. 

Two crayon drawings by C. B. J. 

de Saint-Memin, as follows : 
"James Alexander Fulton of 

Mount Erin" and "Elizabeth 

Bland Mayo (his wife) of Pow- 

hatton Seat." 


"Baby in White Cap" (pastel) by 
Margaret Bucknell Pecorini. 

"Cows" (crayon) by Jane Poupe- 

"Chinese Boy" (crayon) by A. 


Presented by : 
Mrs. Charles R. Baker 

"Sarah Baker Hester" (marble) 
by William Ordway Partridge. 
"Alfred, Lord Tennyson" (plas- 
ter) by William Ordway Par- 

Miss Katherine S. Dreier 

"Ted Shawn and Margaret Gra- 
ham — The Tango" (glazed 

Mr. Charles S. Peterson 

"Wings" (bronze) by Oskar J. 
W. Hansen. 

Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 

Two marble reliefs, Italian, 16th 
Century, by Giovanni di Mon- 

Mrs. Charles Cary Rumsey 

"The Dying Indian" (bronze) by 
Charles Cary Rumsey. 

Mrs. Doris Ulmann (bronze) 

"Recumbent Figure" by Sava Bot- 




"Reclining Torso" (ceramic) 

Alexander Archipenko. 
"Mexican Madonna" (wood) 

Phidias Alexandre. 
"Volupte" (bronze) by Arthur Lee. 
"J u i n" (bronze) by Constantin 


"Tristram and Iseult" (stone) by 
Andrew O'Connor. 

"Ted Wagner" (wood) by Emile 

Carved group, Augsburg, about 1500. 


Lent by: 

Mr. Frank L. Babbott 

Marble bust of a youth, "Francesco 
I d'Este, Duke of Modena," 17th 

Mrs. Manya Konolei-Barnwell 
Five pieces of sculpture by Manya 
Konolei, as follows : 
"Mother of the Congo," "Joy," "The 
Cossack," Hermaphrodite," "A 
Fragment" (Christus). 

Mr. Robert Laurent 
A Greek marble torso with pedestal. 

Mr. Leopold Stokowski 

An antique Greek torso of a young 
boy, entitled "Eros." 



Department of Decorative Arts 


Presented by: 
Mr. Frank L. Babbott 

A table, walnut, Italian, 16th Cen- 

Miss Anna Ferris 

A sideboard, mahogany, and a game 
table, mahogany, early 19th Cen- 

Mr. Charles D. Platt 
A walnut table, Italian, 16th Cen- 

Six fire sets. 

Three pairs of andirons. 

Six chairs. 


Armchair, Italian, 16th Century. 
Looking glass. 


Lent by : 
Mr. Frank L. Babbott 
A chair, probably Italian or Span- 
ish, 16th Century. 

Mrs. Pruyn Harrison 
A settee and a chair, Adams period. 

Mr. David H. Lanman 
A roundabout chair with high back. 

Mrs. G. Thomson-Parker 
A set of furniture, style of Louis 


Presented by: 
Miss Mary S. French 
A silver tablespoon, English, 18th 


Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 
A set of four pewter measures. 
An inkstand, pewter, English, 17th 

An old doorway. 




Presented by : 
A cup with handle, Chelsea, 18th 

Estate of Ruth P. Bailey 
A Royal Vienna vase. 

Mrs. Louis Feldmann in memory of 
Luther Feldmann 

A glass bottle with stopper, 19th 

Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 
An English salt-glaze pitcher, early 
19th Century. 

Miss Louise Zabriskie 
Two glazed earthenware dishes. 
A Staffordshire plate. 
A Canton Ware plate. 
A Lowestoft plate. 


A punch bowl, Lowestoft, 18th Cen- 


Lent by: 
Mr. Frank L. Babbott 

A majolica dish, Italian, Urbino, 
17th Century. 

Mrs. Pruyn Harrison 
A pair of Lowestoft vases. 
A Celadon Chinese vase. 

Lieut, and Mrs. Hallsted L. Hop- 

A compote with cover, Sandwich 
glass, 1st half of 19th Century. 


Presented by : 
Miss Margaret S. Bedell 
An apron, American, 19th Century. 
A bedspread, American, 19th Cen- 

Miss Emma A. Brockway 
A lace cap, American, 19th Century. 

Mrs. E. B. Butler 
A child's dress, 1852. 
A pieced quilt for a doll, 19th Cen- 

Miss Margaret M. Cullen 
A piece of crewelwork embroidery, 
Mexican, 19th Century. 

Mrs. Anna Dunham Evans 
A sampler, American, 1826. 

Finnish Women's Organization of 
Brooklyn "Kalevan Naiset-Anni- 
ken Tupa" 
A Finnish rug. 

Mrs. J. Lester Keep 

A dress, made by Worth, Paris, 
c. 1870. 

Miss Gertrude F. Merrill 
A child's shirt, middle 19th Century. 
A child's dress, middle 19th Century. 


Mrs. Eliot Norton 

Two dresses, American, early 19th 

A dress, American, c. 1860. 
A piece of brown silk brocade, c. 


Commodore Charles T. Pierce in 
memory of his wife, Caroline 
Low Pierce 
A Cashmere shawl. 

Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 
A dress, made in Paris, 1887. 

Miss Jane Kende Rakhit 
A pillow case, Hungary, 19th Cen- 

Mrs. Mary H. Sully 
Three pieces of embroidery, 18th 

A piece of homespun with applique 

chintz, 1821. 
A printed cotton handkerchief, 18th 


Miss Catherine S. Sundgren 
A wool wall hanging, Swedish. 

Mrs. Frederick Tanner 
A dress, moire silk, Patou, 1929. 

Mrs. Stephen Valentine 
A Friend's shawl. 

Mrs. Albert Van Wyck 
A dress, 1890. 

Mrs. William C. Wallace 

A dress with feathers, court train, 
etc., c. 1910. 

Mrs. William C. Wallace 

A prayer mat, Spanish, 18th Cen- 

Mrs. Edwin C. Ward 
A dress, French, c. 1875. 

Miss Maud L. Waterman 
A vest, c. 1880. 

Two pairs of gentleman's trousers, 
early 19th Century. 

A pair of pantalets, 19th Century. 
Child's clothing, 19th Century. 

Miss Martha Woodward Weber 
A man's hat, 1848. 
A silk dress, c. 1865 
A silk dress, c. 1880. 
A parasol. 
A doll and trousseau. 

Miss Nell Witters 
A woman's night cap, American, 

middle 19th Century. 
A child's dress, American, c. 1885. 
A night gown, American, middle 
19th Century. 


A silk handkerchief, English, 1st 
half of 19th Century. 

A Watteau gown, Norwegian, 18th 

The uniform coat of Col. William 
Taylor of the Connecticut Regi- 
ment, 1776. 

A shawl, said to have been made of 
tree fibre and brought from an 
island in the Pacific by a sea cap- 
tain about 1850. 

A sleeve and a pair of sleeves, parts 
of peasant woman's costume from 
Salamanca, Spain, 18th Century. 

A collection of textiles. 


Lent by : 

Mr. Frank L. Babbott 

A Verdure tapestry, Italian, 17th 

Mr. Louis S. Cates 
A Gobelin tapestry, 17th Century. 


Mr. Richard C. Greenleaf 

Four costumes : two from Sweden, 
one from Bohemia, one from 
Rome — and other accessories. 

Miss Frances Morris 

Bobbin lace, English or Netherland- 
ish, 1661. 

Embroidered linen and cutwork, 
Italian, 16th Century. 

Bobbin lace, Milanese, early 18th 

Miss Helen Parkhurst 
Three early American coverlets. 

Mrs. Edwin C. Ward 
A black lace shawl, Chantilly, c. 


Presented by : 
Eastern Air Transport, Inc. 
A bronze medal by Julio Kilenyi 
commemorating the inauguration 
of passenger schedules from New 
York to Atlanta and Miami. 


Mr. Alfred D. Flinn 
A bronze medal, "The Guggenheim 
Aviation Medal." 

Presented by : 
Miss Margaret S. Bedell 
A collection of bead bags. 

Miss Beatrice Bodin 
Two snuff boxes, English, 18th Cen- 
A Wedgwood medallion, English, 
18th Century. 

Miss Virginia Butler 

A pair of curling irons, American, 
middle 19th Century. 

Miss Mabel Choate 
A Spanish fan. 
Two Chinese fans. 

Mr. Richard R. Coggin 

Scales for weighing coin, English, 
19th Century. 

Miss Charlotte Elizabeth Dudley 
A pillion trunk. 
A wooden trunk. 
A basket. 
A child's parasol, c.1870. 

Miss May Gelston 
A wool winder from a Long Island 


Mr. Albert L. Groll 
A spinning wheel and flax, 19th 


Mrs. Ellen A. Hutton 
A hat of white horsehair, about 75 
years old. 

Miss Margaret Rantoul 
A wooden doll dressed in costume 
of early 19th Century. 

Mr. R. Martine Reay 
A costume or fashion doll, German, 

Presented by : 
Mr. William Svendsen 
A pair of wooden shoes with leather 
piece over instep, Dutch. 

Miss Maud L. Waterman 
A bonnet, c.1880. 
A watch chain, c.1840. 
A fan. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wood 
A doll dressed in the costume of 
18th Century. 


Q u 

>. OD U 


Lent by: Mr - Luke V. Lockwood 

a »,o„v„ n r,c A pair of andirons, c.1800. 

Anonymous . T J pa irs of candlesticks, 18th Cen- 

Two sets of old books for use in tur ^ 

the American rooms. A pai ; of can dlesticks, c.1690. 

Mrs. Pruyn Harrison Mrs. Eliot Norton 

Two paintings on glass, "Lady A walking stick said to have been 

Lenox" and "Lady Broughton.". used by John Ruskin. 



Department of Prints 



Michel Benisovitch 
32 engravings. 

Mrs. W. C. Howard 
2 engravings, viz : 

"L' Enlevement de Dejanire", by 

Bervic after Guido Reni. 
"L'Education d' Achilles", by Ber- 
vic after I. B. Regnault. 

Thomas Lamb 
1 engraving: 
"The Signing of the Death War- 
rant of Lady Jane Grey" en- 
graved by Charles Burt after 
Daniel Huntington. 

Mrs. George W. Mensching 
2 engravings, viz : 

"Lady Washington's Reception", 
by A. H. Ritchie after Hunt- 
"Scene of a Wedding", engraver's 
and painter's names not given. 

Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 
1 German Birth Certificate of 1707. 

Paul Stetson 
"View of the Old City Hall, Wall 
Street, in the Year 1789". 


John Taylor Arms 

"Basilica of the Madeleine", Etching 

Gifford Beal 
"Tanning of the Nets", Etching. 

2 Belgian Prints, viz : 
Jules De Bruycker, 
"Jan Palfyn House, 
Fernand Ferhaegen, 
"La Ronde de Gilles". 

Edward Borein 
"Cantina de Las Palomas" 


Adolf Dehn 
"Austrian Alps". 


Emil Ganso 


Albert L. Groll 
"The Temples of 

New Mexico". 

George ("Pop") Hart 
4 Lithographs, viz : 
"Mexican Orchestra". 
"Grinding, Fez". 
"Tea Garden, Fez". 
"Boi Galand, Fez". 

Clement Haupers 

"La Petite Chaumiere, Paris". 

Victoria Ebbels Hutson 
"Still Life". Lithograph. 

Hans Jaeger 

"Donkey Cart". 

Georgina Klitgaard 
"Two Bulls." 

Martin Lewis 
"Glow of the City". Etching. 

Adriaan Lubbers 
10 Lithographs of New York City. 


Leo J. Meissner 
"Green Pastures". 

F. Louis Mora 

"Somewhere in Arizona". Etching. 
11 Norwegian Prints, viz: 
Mons Breidvik, 

"From Raundalen, Voss". 
Arent Christensen, 

"Ister Valley's Peaks". 
Otto Johansen, 

"From Telmarken". 
Alfhild Borsum Johnsen, 

"An Evening in March". 
Sverre Johnsen, 

Arne Kavli, 

"Henrik Ibsen (Caricature)." 
Johannes Kolbel, 

"An Old Woman" 
Guido Schjolberg 

H. K. Stabell, 

Inger Sverdrup, 

Olaf Willums, 

"New Snow". 

Guido Schjolberg 
"Barthgaarden, Krager". 

Frederick T. Weber 
"Peck Slip, New York". Etching. 

James Lesesne Wells 

"African Phantasy". Block Print. 

James McNeill Whistler 
4 Lithographs, viz : 
"The Duet". 
"The Sisters". 

"The Forge : Passage du Dragon". 
"Little London Model". 

C. Jac Young 
"Winter Poetry". Etching. 



Department of Ethnology 


Presented by: 
Mr. Tassilo Adam 
Magic designs on paper, Batak. 

Mrs Ruth Tishner Costantino 
Egyptian wood panels. 

Mr. George D. Pratt 
Peruvian textiles. 

Mr. Tassilo Adam 
Batak textiles. 

Miss Charlotte E. Dudley 
Eskimo, Egyptian and Am. Indian 

Mr. Frank L. Babbott, Miss A. E. 
White and Mrs. J. M. Howells 
Persian curtain 

Miss Sophie Morgen 
Wooden ladle, Jerusalem. 

Prof. Adrian Barnouw 
Brass lamp, Sumatra. 

Mrs. Francis M. von Ardyn 
Japanese porcelain teapot. 

Mr. M. D. C. Crawford 

Drawings of van Kerckhoff textiles. 

Mr. Francis A. Wilson 

Turkish inkhorn and model of 
Chinese junk. 

Mr. John Condon 
Navajo blankets. 

Mrs. Tassilo Adam 
Javanese white batik. 

Mrs. E. Martin 
Chinese book about games. 

Mr. George H. Ford 
Scarf, Tugu Islands in South Sea 

Mrs. Lucy M. C. Addoms 
British East African collection of 
jewelry, implements, costumes, 
baskets, etc. 

Mr. August Peters 
Chinese tin pipe. 

Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 
Javanese dish and Japanese baskets. 

Mrs. Charles P. Peterman 
Japanese pocketbook and fans, 
Chinese box and Negro bag. 

Mr. Edward A. Wyatt 
American arrowheads, spearheads 
and shark's teeth. 

Mr. Frank L. Babbott 
Japanese ceramics. 

Bequest of Dr. James S. Waterman 
Chilkat Indian blanket. 

Mrs. Bessie C. Workman 
Chinese ivory boat. 

Miss Sarah S. Walden 
Mexican gourd, Panama figure, Van- 
couver Island baskets. 

Miss Elizabeth Schulz 
Algerian jewelry. 

Herman and Paul Jaehne 
Japanese porcelain jars and beakers. 

Mr. J. E. Ponte 
Bolivian dolls, cap, bags, figures on 
wire and carved stone figures. 

Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt 
Balinese straw case and Japanese 
sake bottle with two cups. 



Lent by : 
Mrs. L. H. Rovere 
Chinese screen embroidered on silk. 

Miss Martha Weinstein 
Japanese embroidery. 

Mr. Francis A. Wilson 
Chinese wood carving. 

Estate of Miss Eliza M. Niblack 
Balinese wooden figure. 

Prof. Adrian Barnouw 
Dutch East Indies collection. 

Mr. F. W. Stuart, Jr. 
Persian rug. 

Miss Frances Morris 
Japanese costumes and Korean cos- 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank L. Babbott, Jr. 
Japanese temple screens. 

Mr. Wesley Strait 
Sioux Indian beadwork. 

Herman and Paul Jaehne 
Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Per- 
sian bronzes, pottery, brocades, 
paintings, etc. 


Balinese gateways. 

Mexican saltillo sarape. 

Am. Indian beaded pouch. 

Culin library, maps and ethnological 


of frescos at Tizatlan, 

South American pottery and other eth- 
nological specimens. 

Peruvian textiles and pottery. 

Algerian jewelry. 

Bolivian textiles, figures, shoes, hat and 

Japanese Wajang costume. 



Department of Natural Science 


Presented by : 
Mr. J. Morgan 
Specimen of sandstone with fine im- 
pression of a large fossil leaf. 

Mr. Adam Rank 

Cocoons and eggs of the silk moth 
Bombyx mori. 

Mr, H. B. Parks 

Specimens of honey bee and sections 
of comb, showing worker, drone 
and queen cells to be used for the 
school loan collection of Central 
Museum and Children's Museum. 

Specimens : 3 pinned queen bees 
and 6 in alcohol ; 6 sections of 

Mr. Harold Lockwood 
Two specimens fossil limestone. 

Mr. Edwin G. Laing 
6 specimens of Tree snail shells. 


A Northern Flicker — left at the 
Museum and was mounted and 
placed in the loan collection. 





Presented by: 
Mrs. Tunis G. Bergen 
"Het Land van Rembrandt", by C. 
B. Huet. 3 vols. 

Alice C. Chase 
"Spanish Ironwork", by Arthur and 
M. S. Byne. 

Mrs. Horatio Connell 
"Aquarels of Dusseldorf Artists", 
executed by Arnz & Co. 

Anna Ferris 
14 Japanese books. 

A. W. Jenkins 
8 volumes; also postcards. 

Thomas Lamb 
17 volumes. 

Mrs. H. L. Sparks 
10 volumes. 

Library Donors 


Alaska — Agricultural Experiment Station 

American Anthropologist 

American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, Inc 

American Association of Museums 

American Federation of Arts 

American Institute of Graphic Arts 

Amsterdam — Koloniaal Instituut 

Art Students' League of New York 

Ball, H., & Graupe, P 

Basel — Oeffentliche Kunstsammlung 3 

Bergen, Mrs. Tunis G 3 

Boerner, C. G 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts 

Boston Society of Natural History, The 1 

Braun & Cie 

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

Brooklyn Edison Co., Inc 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. — Children's Museum.. 
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. — Education, Dept. of... 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. — Museum 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. — Museum. — Decorative 

Arts, Dept. of 1 

Brooklyn, Packer Collegiate Institute 

Bryn Mawr College 

Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, The 

Canada. — Agriculture, Dept. of 

Canada. — Interior, Dept. of 



Bound Unbound 

Canada. — National Gallery 2 

Carnegie Corporation. — Visitors' Grant Committee 1 

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 1 

Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa 1 

Cassirer, Paul 6 

Chase, Miss A. C 1 

Chicago, Art Institute of 1 

Chicago, Arts Club of 1 

Cincinnati Art Museum 1 

Cincinnati Museum 1 

Cincinnati Museum Association 2 

Cleveland, Ohio. — The Union Trust Co 1 

Collectors' Club 1 

Colorado Mountain Club, The 1 

Connell, Mrs. Horatio 1 

Cooper Union, New York (city) 1 

Copenhagen. — Statens Museum fur Kunst 2 

Corcoran Gallery of Art. — Art School I 

Coster, Mrs. Esther 2 

Dakota, South. — State Geologist 2 

DeMotte, Inc 1 

Dennison Manufacturing Co 1 

Devine, Herbert J., Galleries ; 1 

Dighton, Basil 1 

Dodsworth, Mr. and Mrs. J. W 1 

Dunton, W. R 2 

Dunton, W. R. & Dunton, Edna 1 

Earle, Airs. W. P., Jr 2 

Emergency Conservation Committee, New York City 1 

European and American Art Committee, (The) 1 

Farina, Pasquale 1 

Ferris, Miss Anna 8 6 

Field Museum of Natural History 1 

Florida, University of 1 

Florida. — Agricultural Experiment Station 1 

Freeman, S. T. & Co 2 

Gallerbach, E 1 

Geneva. — Societe de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle 1 

Gilhofer, H. and Ranschburg, H 2 

Glasgow University 2 2 

Goodyear, Evelvn 1 

Groom, W. P." 1 

Hamburg. — Kunsthalle 1 

Hamburg. — Zoologische Staatsinstitut und Zoologische Museum. 1 

Harlow, McDonald & Co 1 

Harper & Bros., Publ 1 

Hartford, Conn. — Wadsworth Atheneum. — Morgan Memorial... 1 

Harrison, Elliot 1 

Harvard University. — Germanic Museum 1 

Hasbrouck, W. C. Estate of, through Miss Marie E. Gurnee 2 

Haynes, Elizabeth 1 

Hoffman, Arnold 1 


Bound Unbound 

Illinois University 1 

Illinois University. — Agricultural Experiment Station 2 

India, Western. — Prince of Wales, Museum of 1 

Jay, John 1 

Jenkins, A. W o ° 

John Crerar Library 1 

John Herron Art Institute 1 

Kaempffert, Waldemar 1 

Kansas. — State Geological Survey 1 

Knoedler, M. & Co 3 

Kristinbergs Zoologiska Station 1 

Lamb, Thomas 10 

Liverpool Biological Society 1 

Lunt, C. S 1 

McDowell, J.; in memory of Carrie J. McDowell 2 

Macsoud, Nicholas 1 

Madraw. — Law & Education Dept 2 

Magnan 1 

Maine. — Agricultural Experiment Station 1 

Marchlewska, Mieczystaw 1 

Maryland Institute 1 

Marvel, J. P 1 

Merchant Marine Library Association, American 1 

Michigan, University of 2 

Milwaukee. — Layton School of Art 1 

Montana, University of 1 

Moscow. — Musee des Beaux Arts 1 

Munich. — Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwis- 

senschaft und Technik 1 1 

Miinster. — Westfalischer Provincial-Museum fur Naturkunde. . . 1 

National Academy of Design 1 

National Academy of Sciences 1 

National Research Council 1 

Newark Museum 2 

Newark Free Public Library 1 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, (Eng.) 1 

New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station 1 

New York (city). — Metropolitan Museum of Art 1 

New York (city) . — Museum of Modern Art 3 

New York (city) School of Applied Design for Women 1 

New York (state) 1 

New York (state) . — Conservation Commission 1 1 

New York (state). — Education, Dept. of 2 

New York, University of the State of. — Education Dept 1 

New York Academy of Sciences & Affiliated Societies 1 

New York Zoological Society 1 

Norton Co 1 

Ontario. — Agriculture, Dept. of. — Agricultural Societies 1 

Ontario. — Agriculture, Dept. of. — Agricultural College & Ex- 
perimental Farm 1 


Bound Unbound 

Ontario. — Agriculture, Dept. of. — Horticultural Societies 

Ontario. — Agriculture, Dept. of. — Minister of Agriculture 

Ontario. — Agriculture, Dept. of. — Vegetables Growers' Association 

Ontario Society of Artists 

Oxford University Museum 

Paret, Henry 15 

Paris, W. F 4 

Paris. — Louvre 2 

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 4 

Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art 1 

Peterson, Frederick 1 

Petit, Georges, Galleries 1 

Philadelphia, Print Club of 1 3 

Philippine Commission 1 

Philippine Islands. — Education, Bureau of 1 

Plaza Art Galleries 1 

Portland (Ore.) Art Association 4 

Pratt, F. B 1 

Press Art School (The) 1 

Purdue University. — Agricultural Experiment Station 1 

Queens Borough Public Library 1 

Quinn, Davis 1 

Rains Galleries, Inc 1 

Reay, R. M 2 

Rochester Athenaeum & Mechanics Institute 1 

Rockefeller Foundation 1 

St. Louis. — Museum of Fine Arts 2 

St. Louis. — Public (free) Library 1 

Salem (Mass.), Peabody Academy of Science 1 

Scotland, Zoological Society of 1 

Seattle, Art Institute of 1 

Silo, J. P 1 

Smith College. — Museum of Art 1 

Smithsonian Institution 1 

Sparks^ Mrs. H. L 11 2 

Spinden, H. J 2 

Stanford University 1 

Taggart, E. L. M 1 

Toledo Museum of Art 1 

Toronto, Art Gallery of 1 

Turismo. — Segundo Congress Sub-Americana, La Comision Or- 

ganizadora ] 

Turner, Mrs. Howard 4 

U. S. — Agriculture, Dept. of 1 1 

U. S. — Customs 1 

U. S. — Ethnology, Bureau of 2 3 

U. S. — Fisheries, Bureau of 1 

U. S. — Geological Survey 2 

U. S. — Hydrographic Office 1 


Bound Unbound 

U. S. — Naval Observatory » 

U. S. — Public Health & Marine Hospital Service. 

U. S— War, Dept. of 

University of Chicago 

University of London Press 

Vanderbilt, W. K. 
Verburgh, Medard 
Vernon, P. E 

Walker's Quarterly 

Wanamaker, John • • 

Washington Cathedral. — Executive Committee 

Washington, Biological Society 

Weinberger, Emil 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co 3 

Western Association of Art Museum Directors 

Wilbour, Victor 3 

Yale University 

Zurich Kunstgesellschaft 



Brooklyn Children's Museum 

Anna Billings Gallup, Curator-in-Chief 

Complete remodeling of exhibition cases in the double bird room and 
in the hall of the Brower Building has rendered the bird exhibit far more 
pleasing and attractive. New porches were built on the Brower Building, 
an Otis elevator (capacity 1,000 pounds) was completed, and partitions 
were built on the second and third floors near the elevator in the St. 
Marks Avenue Building, thus forming two new storage closets for books 
and loans. New electrical connections were installed in both buildings 
and linoleum was laid in eighteen rooms. Painting of ceilings, walls, 
and woodwork has been in progress in the St. Marks Avenue Building 
all the year. The Museum force has also built a considerable number of 
wooden wastepaper baskets, small benches, stepstools, and special cases 
for loan exhibits which could not be found in the open market. A venti- 
lating system was installed in the lecture room. Continued deliveries of 
furniture, purchased under special appropriation for furnishing the St. 
Marks Avenue Building, have added substantially to the convenience and 
efficiency of all operations. 

An emergency situation of our own, owing to the rapidly increasing 
number of visitors, was temporarily met early in December by recruits 
from the Emergency Work Bureau, who have fitted into every division 
with amazing adaptability. The quickening effect of an augmented staff 
has been registered in much housecleaning and repair work, and the prep- 
aration of educational material in the Library, Loan, Lecture, and Docent- 
ing divisions. Additional helpers as attendants, docents, and clerical 
workers have given prompt and adequate attention to visitors and helped 
bring up to date files and records which have been almost static for lack 
of helpers. 

An attendance of 97,755 was attracted to the lectures. Classes from 
schools were furnished with questions to form an apperceptive basis for 
and review of each one. These were sent in advance of lecture appoint- 
ments and have shown their value in furthering cooperation between the 
work of the Museum and that of the classrooms. Our present lecture 
room is too small. We have had to refuse lectures to schools anxious to 
send groups of more than one hundred. After-school and holiday lectures 
have been so crowded that children are regularly turned away. 

In response to requests from the Maxwell Training School for 
teachers, talks on minerology were given in sections to 1,000 students by 
Mr. Boyle of our staff. Data was furnished for a talk to students at 
Hunter College. Fourteen broadcasts were sent over stations WNYC 
and WABC by various members of our staff. The Curator-in-Chief gave 
addresses at the New England Conference of the American Association 



One of the twenty-four models in the World History Room given by the late Anna Hastings Hills 
The model was made by Dwight Franklin. 

of Museums in Hartford, at the Children's Museum, New Haven, at the 
Long Island Federation of Women's Clubs, at a meeting of Chiropean 
in Leverich Towers, Brooklyn, at the Women's Club, Rockville Centre, 
Long Island, and at the commencement exercises of Public School No. 
162, Brooklyn. 

The loans made 2,319,911 contracts — of these, 32,041 were by chil- 
dren with individual loans — the privilege of obtaining which is limited to 
those who pass tests on birds, insects, and minerals. Additional new loans 
have been acquired in an effort to satisfy expressed needs of teachers. 
Labels and descriptive material have been prepared, and strong emphasis 
has been laid on keeping the loans fresh, in ^ood condition, and in attrac- 
tive containers. Illustrated articles of National Geographic Magazines 
have been bound for circulation with the loans. The Loan Division was 
open to the public every week-day after April, 1930, and attracted 4,551 
visitors who enjoyed looking over the specimens at their pleasure and se- 
lecting objects to meet their respective needs. Many enthusiastic letters 
of appreciation of this service have been received. A light-weight Chevrolet 
delivery truck was given to this division, in November, by Mrs. Dean C. 

Growth in 1929 led to the appointment in January, 1930, of an as- 
sistant to Mr. Denslow, Scout Nature Instructor. Mr. Samuel Vitale 
began work on January 27th. More than 6,000 Scouts received instruc- 
tion in the Museum. Lectures were given to 1,235 Scouts in their respec- 
tive troops ; eighty-seven Scout Troop Nature Museums were established 
throughout Brooklyn, and 2,281 Scouts received instruction on field trips 
Six hundred and fifty-two museum emblems were awarded. Special ex- 
hibits and displays illustrating Scout nature activities made 20,000 con- 
tacts. Two additional displays, one at Namm's Hoyt Street Window, 
March 28 to April 5, and one at Abraham & Straus' April 21 to 26, 
were enjoyed by an additional 33,000. A group exhibit prepared by the 
Scouts won first prize of $40.00 at the Children's Fair, held at the Amer- 
ican Museum of Natural History in December. 

The popularity of the Summer Field Trips, financed by the Aux- 
iliary, was reflected in a steady attendance throughout the season. Private 
collections illustrated the quality of work accomplished, and one of these, 
an insect collection, made by Virginia Delaney, was awarded first prize 
of $10.00 at the Children's Fair. 

No activities in the Museum are more important than those conducted 
by the docents. Children attend voluntarily, their interest inspires their 
best work, and the docents guide them in paths to success. Museum games, 
club meetings, tests, and tours through the Museum made 47,751 contacts 
with the docents. Since the appointment of Mrs. Charles Scott, at the 
beginning of the year, we have had two docents on full time, but two peo- 
ple are scarcely able to deal with the large number of children who surge 
in and out of both buildings at all times of day. For this reason the four 
public school teachers have helped out during school hours, as have also 


volunteer docents from the Junior League. Miss Martha Sparks of St. 
Louis, Missouri, gave three weeks in June and July in this division in re- 
turn for the experience gained. Further part time assistance has been 
made possible through the generous gift of Mrs. Joseph H. Colyer of 
$1,000.00, in memory of her father, Eugene G. Blackford. A game 
enables a child to become thoroughly familiar with each object and the 
text of its accompanying label. Such familiarity with stimulating mate- 
rial furnishes the rich background for courses of study and comparison 
that lead to certificates of credit, Museum medals, competitions, prizes, 
and life-long, wholesome joys. It is expected these children will find 
added impetus in competing for prizes for which Mrs. Osborne has 
offered $100.00 to be given in five-dollar gold pieces to play the "Museum 
Game" in the galleries. 

The Museum has given cooperative assistance to the Brooklyn Tree 
League, the Bird Lovers' Club, the Brooklyn Nature Club, the Stamp 
Club, and the Woodcraft League who have held regular meetings. The 
Executive Board and the Education Committee of the Auxiliary have held 
meetings each month and the Auxiliary has continued to support various 
activities for which they have made themselves responsible. The Otis 
elevator given by Miss Mary E. Butterick at a cost of $7,275.00, the gift 
of $1,000.00 from Mrs. Joseph H. Colyer, the Chevrolet truck from Mrs. 
Dean C. Osborne, and a legacy of $2,000.00 by, the will of the late Mrs. 
Pauline Eger, have been the Auxiliary's outstanding gifts for the year. 
A Year Book published by the Auxiliary carried much information and 
many illustrations of Museum activities. 

To the Anna Hastings Hills history collection have been added seven 
models, bringing the number up to seventeen received. 

The minerals acquired by purchase and by gifts have contributed to a 
marked increase in enthusiasm for mineral study. Boys and girls are 
making home collections. A group exhibit made by our children won first 
prize of $40.00 at the recent Children's Fair. Lots of material from vari- 
ous sources are pouring in for identification. Three classes a week, con- 
ducted by Miss Hubbell and two classes by Mr. Boyle have registered 
eighteen students a day who are studying this subject seriously. 

Notices of Children's Museum news appeared in the metropolitan 
press through the year. Magazine articles illustrated, carried the museum 
story farther afield and the Associated Press spread the news of out- 
standing events throughout the United States. Photographs were fur- 
nished for the rotogravure section of the American Weekly which has a 
circulation of 6,000,000. In Germany, our Museum was given much em- 
phasis in an address by Dr. Carl Zimmer, of Berlin, before the German 
Museums Society in Danzig. This address was published in Germany 
and forwarded to us. The National Museum of the Philippine Islands 
requested our publications. Photographs of our history models (12) 
have been incorporated into the picture loan collection of the Kent Scien- 
tific Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the World Book Company, 


Publishers, is using photographs of our history models in a text book, 
Story History of America by Theobald-Pugliese-Green. The same com- 
pany asked for a photograph of the exhibit of minerals which our children 
displayed at the Children's Fair. This exhibit gave them the idea for the 
"present organization of material in our unit of minerals." We have 
welcomed visitors from China, Japan, Hawaii, France, Czecho-Slovakia, 
and England, the most distinguished one from the latter country, being 
Sir Henry H. Miers. 





Brooklyn Children's Museum, 1930 

Philippine hat. 

H. W. Arndt 

15 specimens Diopsicle. 

3 small specimens Tremolite. 
2 large specimens Tremolite 
(from Canaan, Connecticut). 

F. C. Badgley, Director Canadian 
Gov't. Motion Picture Bureau 
Motion picture films, 35 mm. width. 
"A Bit of High Life". 
"Canada's Metropolis". 
"Land of Evangeline". 
"Harvesting the Deep". 
"Nomads of the Sea". 

Mrs. Havens Brewster Bayles 

Postal Cards — 157 pictures of Old 

Mrs. E. A. Beal 

4 pieces Silicified Wood from Arizona. 
1 large oak desk. 

1 oak book case. 

2 framed pictures. 

1 stereoscope apparatus. 

1 box miscellaneous minerals. 

4 arrow heads. 

1 ivory pen holder. 

A few miscellaneous minerals. 

Miss Mellicent F. Blair 
Miscellaneous shells. 
Twigs from Washington Elm, Cam- 

Maurice Blumenthal 

4 garnets of unique cut (about 1870). 

5 moss agate gems, artificially pro- 

1 moss agate, natural stone for com- 

2 "Bull Mouth" shells, layers cut 
away in part producing cameos on 
outer surface of shells. 

3 cut pieces of Jade, dark green, first 
quality cabachon. 

3 cut pieces of Jade, light green. 

1 carved Jade pendant. 

Miss Jane Bogue 
A piece of Calcite Stalactite from 
Cavern of Bermuda. 

Mr. Daniel Bowen 
8 pieces of Chalcopyrite. 

2 specimens massive galena and chalco 

2 polished slabs of fine white granite. 
12 pieces Syenite (soda-microdine) from 


J. Claudius Boyle 
Approximately 300 specimens of min- 
erals including Chrysotile, serpentine, 
picrolite from Thetford Mines, P. Q. 
Sodalite from Bancroft, Ontario. 
Allanite, ellsworthite, ferruginous 
quartz, microcline, cyrtolite, amazon- 
ite, calcite, smoky quartz, hornblende 
from Hybla, Ontario. Apatite, phlo- 
gopite, diopside, calcite from Cant- 
ley, P. Q- Molybdenite, graphite, 
fluorite, apatite, calcite, Grenville 
limestone with chert from Wilber- 
force, Ontario. 

Miss Kathryn Brady 

One Eskimo doll dressed in brown and 
white fur. 

Miss Minnie Brock 

Model of coral reef containing brain 
coral done by W. H. Southwick, 
American Museum of Natural His- 
tory. From authentic marine life 
off coast of Australia. One piece of 
coral from the Virgin Islands. 

Brooklyn Museum 

1 herring gull, adult, skins. 
1 herring gull, young, skins. 

3 screech owls, skins. 


Jacqueline Coblens 
Nests of birds : 
Red-eyed Vireo. 

Chipping sparrow. 

3 Chipping sparrows. 
1 Robin. 
1 Goldfinch. 
1 Baltimore Oriole. 
1 Phoebe. 
1 unidentified. 

Mrs. Miriam E. Cohen 

7 pieces of coral. 
6 minerals. 

1 piece Angora wool. 

8 books. 

1 pair Canadian snow shoes. 
Several miscellaneous shells. 

Miss Mabel Colvin 
57 postcards of foreign places. 

Mrs. S. Collyer 
1 large piece of coral. 

Mr. Arthur B. Cornwall 

3 arrow heads. 

1 spear head. 

1 bottle of volcanic dust. 

Dr. Adele Cuinet 

1 pair Italian peasant shoes, children's 
shoes, handmade. 

1 Egyptian necklace, sometimes used 
as a headdress by the Kabeles Wo- 
men, who form a large portion of 
the inhabitants of Algeria, Africa, 
dwelling in the mountains. These 
were purchased in the mountains in 

Mr. Earle W. Dudley 
Tomahawk of limestone. 

Miss Ada B. Fisher 

Mrs. Alexander M. Fleming 

Miniature China (models of vases, etc.) 
1 miniature China cup. 
(39 Specimens). 

Amorette E. Fraser 
8 issues of the Nature Magazine, March 
to November, 1930. 

Miss Anna Marie Gissel 
Two pages of Guttenberg Bible. 

Mr. Frank Glover 
1 ring-necked pheasant. 

Mrs. Golden (Children's Museum of 
10 postcards, views of Indianapolis. 

H. A. Greeley 

7 colored postcards. 

1 colored picture Indian woman weav- 
ing baskets. 

Nathan Greenberg 
1 Florida alligator. 

Miss Haesloop 
Bird of Paradise and Mahogany pe- 

Miss Elizabeth H. Hale 
1 box minerals and fossils. 
4 mineral specimens : Chalcopyrite, Mi- 
crocline, Galena, Amethyst. 

1 booklet, Leaf Key to Trees, by Ro- 
meyn Beck Hough. 

Manual of Common American and 

European Insects, by William Ben- 

Manual of Common Butterflies and 

Moths of Europe and America, by 

William Bentenmuller. 

Mr. Burton Holmes 
4 fancy salt spoons. 

2 paper cutters. 

1 pin-cushion with carved wooden 
10 Swiss animal carvings. 

1 pair of napkin rings. 

3 round boxes. 

2 miniature door stops. 

1 piece Japanese, tapestry. 

2 large Buddha ornaments. 
13 grotesque dolls. 

18 small toys. 

8 very small peasant dolls. 
Souvenir of Valtornanchi (Orange 

wood bowl with cover). 


2 tooled leather table covers about 24" 
x 18". 

23 Waverley novels. 
5 volumes of Story of Nations. 
Our National Parks by Muir. 
Yellowstone National Park by Critten- 
Panama and the Canal by Lindsay. 
Old Quebec by Parker and Bryan. 
13 Japanese prints. 

Mrs. H. T. Hotchkiss 
8 boxes for insect collecting. 

Miss Marion Hubbell 
300 specimens of minerals. 

Mr. A. Karlsson 

3 specimens of deep lavender lepido- 

3 specimens of albite. 

Mrs. George W. Knox 
7 Japanese dolls of about 1700. 

The Empress of Japan. 

The Emperor of Japan. 

Kugi of Japan (Prime Minister). 

Japanese Noble. 

3 maids of honor to the Empress. 
1 jinrikisha. 
Collection of books and pictures. 

1 Palaquin. 

Miss Muriel Kolb 

2 fossils in lithographic limestone. 

Thomas Lamb 
5 watches. 

3 gold watch keys. 

1 ring made of horseshoe nail. 
1 child's purse (mother of pearl). 

1 four-cent piece, 1797. 

2 gold cuff buttons. 

1 bronze medal Henry Ward Beecher. 

1 souvenir Eiffel Tower. 

1 box Civil War copper tokens. 

1 stone ring, Crimean War. 

1 toy music box. 

2 cap pins and silver holder. 

1 tortoise shell from Bahamas. 
1 alligator. 

Mrs. F. Lansing 
1 collection of shells (25 specimens). 

Mrs. John W. Leich 

1 box of butterflies. 

Mrs. A. P. Lenz 

Picture of Falstaff from Shakespeare's 
Henry IV, Act III, Scene 2, "Fal- 
staff Mustering His Recruits." 

Mr. Levine 
Model of the bark, "City of New 

Mrs. Theodore B. Littlejohn 

2 strings of beads made of seeds from 

1 branch of coffee. 

1 bird guide, Land Birds East of the 

Rockies, by Chester A. Reed, 1922. 
1 Handbook of Birds of Eastern North 

America, by Frank M. Chapman, 


3 miniature dolls carved in wood and 
painted (Nuremburg). 

1 framed picture. 

1 unframed picture. 

Mrs. James MacEvitt 

2 Oriole nests. 

1 Indian pottery jar. 

1 carved gourd with cover. 

1 Totem pole. 

1 pair pottery shoes (Mexican). 

1 cocoanut. 

Mrs. S. A. Mangam 

1 silver and turquoise bracelet. 
1 silver and turquoise ring. 

Miss H. G. Mark 

1 sword of swordfish. 

Mrs. Elmer Ross McIntosh 

2 newspapers. 

The Boston Gazette, Monday, March 
12, 1770. 

The New York Morning Post, Fri- 
day, Nov. 7, 1783. 

Mrs. W. S. Mead 

Canoe made from rubber by Amazon 
Indians, S. A. 


Lead donkey collar from Haifa, Syria. 

Egyptian figure and small vase. 

Baskets from Santiago strung on 

Doll carved by and dressed like Semi- 
nole Indian. 

Persian peasant doll. 

2 Indian baskets. 

Calabash from New Mexico. 

Pottery Basket. 

Gourd from Porto Rico. 

Gourd from Argentine. 

Vase made of steer's horn. 

Necklace of Chinese hand carved 

Scimitar from Algiers. 

Wooden sandals from Haifa, Syria. 

Shells from Florida. 

Caterpillar dipped in copper solution. 

Small beaded Indian knife scabbard. 

Indian coat. 

Armadillo made of rubber by Amazon 

Mr. John D. O'Connell 
1 stuffed pheasant. 

Mrs. Dean C. Osborne 

1 bittern carved from horn of water 

1 pocket air-map silk globe. 

Miss Dorothy Parr 
Indian tomahawk found in Arizona. 

Mrs. Parr 

1 mounted hawk. 

Charles H. Pearson 
55 specimens of imported woods. 

Mr. Philip Keep Reynolds 

1 reel of film. 
46 slides. 
1 manuscript. 

1 map. 

Miss Virginia Rice 

2 books of stories about dolls, written 
by children. 

Miss Jessie Righter 
2 beach chairs. 

Miss Julia Ring 
23 volumes of books. 

Rev. Louise M. Roepe 
Nest and eggs of canary birds. 

Mrs. Elmer G. Sam mis 
14 geological maps. 

1 cloth chart of geological ages. 

1 case of large shells. 

1 case of birds. 

1 piece of fungus. 

1 book case (revolving). 

1 Astronomical instrument. 
25 miscellaneous minerals. 
10 miscellaneous rocks. 

6 slabs of polished marble and granite. 
25 water worn pebbles. 
16 boxes of shells and fossils. 

1 limonite geode. 

1 drill core. 

1 framed map of the United States, 
showing extent of the various geo- 
logical formations. 

George Schretzelmeir 

5 pieces of Lepidolite. 

6 pieces of Albite. 
8 pieces of Beryl. 

Mrs. Frederick Sherman 
Hawthorne's History of the United 
States, Vol. 1. 

Miss Helen L. Squier 
Basket made of small white shells. 
1 large glass globe. 
1 stand. 

Mr. Edward C. M. Stahl 
1 wooden Indian doll. 

Bernice E. Storms 
1 box of bittersweet. 

Mrs. J. Richard Taylor 

1 portfolio containing 8 Remington 

4 Remington pictures, Artist's proofs. 
100 post cards (views of the United 
8 books. 
28 numbers Hinton History of the 
United States (unbound). 


13 numbers Recent Ideals in American 

7 miscellaneous magazines. 
1 Buffalo skin with pictograph story 

on skin. 

1 plaster cast placque. 

2 buttons from uniform worn by 
Theodore Roosevelt in Spanish- 
American War. 

Dr. J. Richard Taylor 
4 sticks sugar cane. 

1 piece water worn coral from Ba- 
hamah Islands. 

3 photographs of Sarakaba women 
with duckbill lips. 

9 copper coins. 

2 photographs Kyabe warriors. 
2 photographs Kyabe musicians. 
1 centipede. 

1 snake. 

1 lizard in alcohol. 

Charles R. Toothaker 
Uraninite in black nodules. 
Gummite (the red material near the 

Uraconite, the yellow waxy material. 
Cyrtolite, gray-brown material around 

the uraninite. 

Mr. Berkeley M. Waite 
1 bird of Paradise. 

Mrs. H. H. Warfield 
1 snowy owl. 

Miss M. L. Waterman 
Dalmatian money. 

1 paper certificate, 10 Dinara. 
4 copper coins. 

Miss Martha Woodward Weber 
1 costumed doll (French lady about 

1 "Lady's" wardrobe. 

Mrs. William Wells 
6 large picture frames. 

Miss Mabel E. Wentworth 
1 compass. 

1 magnifying glass (folding). 
3 violins. 
1 flute. 

1 banjo ukulele. 
1 mandolin. 
3 small tin flutes. 

Sister Joseph Wilfred 

1 box of seeds of various kinds. 

Rev. and Mrs. Woolworth 

1 large piece of fossiliferous lime- 
stone, containing brachiopoda. 
1 piece of limonite concretion. 

World Book Company 
Story History of America — Fifth Year 
— second half, by Theobald-Pugliese- 

Miss Mary Virginia Worstell 
96 colored slides of Yellowstone Na- 
tional Park. 
81 lantern slides on the Grand Canyon. 

Mr. E. S. Underhill 
3 bottles latex. 
12 pieces smoked rubber. 
12 pieces sprayed rubber. 
12 pieces crepe rubber. 
12 pamphlets, "The Romance of Rub- 


Brooklyn Children's Museum Library 

The year 1930 was an extremely busy one in the Library. The at- 
tendance was the largest ever recorded, 153,902, a gain of 56,546 over the 
preceding year, which was also a record year. 

Increases were recorded in the number of teachers, teachers' train- 
ing school students, schools, and individuals, who borrowed illustrative 
material. Undoubtedly, the increases were due to the new equipment and 
added facilities now available to the public. 





Presented by 
Miss Lillian Danchy 
Works of John Burroughs, 15 vols. 

Mrs. Frank L. Dow 

12 volumes — mainly history. 

Miss Gertrude Espenscheid 

111 postcards and pictures of foreign 

Burton Holmes 
35 volumes — mainly literature. 

Mrs. Scarritt Jones 
Works of Charles Dickens, 48 vols. 

Mrs. George W. Knox 

"Keramics of Japan," 2 vols. 
433 mounted photographs of foreign 

Miss Maud Perry Mills 
"Lands and Peoples," 7 vols. 

Mrs. William M. Parke 
Children's books, 11 vols. 

Miss Julia F. Ring 
74 miscellaneous volumes — mainly 

Beebee, William 
"Lives of Game Animals," 8 vols 

Berry, Ana M. 
"Art for Children" 

Collodi, C. pseud. 
"Adventures of Pinocchio" 

Daglish, Eric Fitch 
"Life Story of Birds" 


Forbush, Edward Howe 
"Birds of Massachusetts," vol. 3 

Formilli, C. T. G. 
"Stones of Italy" 

Grober, Karl 

"Children's Toys of Bygone Days' 

Herrick, Glenn Washington 
"Manual of Injurious Insects" 


Johnson, Allen, Ed. McKready, Kelvin 

"Dictionary of American Biogra- "Beginner's Star Book, A" 
phy," vols. 1-5 

Seton, Ernest Thompson 

Koechlin, Raymond and Migeon, "Lives of Game Animals," 8 vols. 

"Oriental Art" Tietjens, Eunice and Janet 

"Jawbreakers Alphabet" 
Kohler, Carl and von Sichart, 

Emma Warren, Frederic Blount 

"History of Costume" "Pageant of Civilization" 

Mahoney, Bertha E. and Whitney, Wilson, Ernest Henry 

Elinor "Aristocrats of the Gardens" 
"Realms of Gold in Children's 

Books added by purchase and binding 379 

Books added by gift 144 

Total number added during year 1930 523 

Number of bound volumes in Library, December 31, 1929 9,230 

Total for 1930 9,753 

Books withdrawn during year 137 

Number of bound volumes in Library, December 31, 1930 9,616 

There are also several thousand pamphlets. 

Periodicals received by subscription 56 

Periodicals received by gift or exchange 56 

Total number of periodicals received 112 

Picture File and Indices 

Pictures mounted, classified, labelled, and indexed 6,650 

Picture postcards classified, labelled, and indexed 710 

Unmounted pictures classified 615 

Pictures circulated , • • 8,196 

Persons recorded as having viewed the pictures 144,623 

New cards typed for various indices 1,158 

Guide cards for card catalogue, pamphlet and picture files lettered and filed.. 1,131 

Classification and Cataloguing 

Books accessioned , 523 

Books and pamphlets classified • • 1,423 

Books catalogued 208 

New catalogue cards written and filed 623 

Shelflist cards made and filed 208 



January 1930 12,142 

February " 10,267 

March " 11,348 

April " 15,785 

May " 9,009 

June " 8,678 

July " 15,460 

August " 14,546 

September " 13,172 

October " 16,759 

November " 13,829 

December " 12,907 

Total attendance for the year 1930 153,902 

Largest monthly attendance October 16,759 

List of Donors 

Adelphi College 

Adelphi Company 

Alexander, Miss Harriet 

Altio, K. F., Consul of Finland 

American Association of Museums 

American Beet Sugar Company 

American Fruit Growers' Association 

American Gem & Pearl Company 

American Hide & Leather Company 

American Library Association 

American Museum of Natural History 

American Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals 

American Telephone & Telegraph Com- 

American Tree Association 

American Woolen Company 

American Writing Paper Co. 

Arizona Museum 

Australia, Commissioner General for 

Australian Museum 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 

Barrows, Harlan H. 

Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories 

Bauer, Fred L. 

Bell Telephone Laboratories 

Bird Lovers' Club of Brooklyn 

Bogue, Miss Jane 

Bonilta, M. A., Consul of Costa Rica 

Boston Museum 

Boston Public Library 

Boston Society of Natural History 

Bowen, Daniel 

Bowker, Richard R. 

Boy Scouts of America, Brooklyn Coun- 

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts & Sciences 

Brooklyn Savings Bank 

Brower, Miss Lillian 

Brower, Mrs. George 

Buffalo Society of Natural History 

Butler, Mrs. Glentworth R. 

California, Department of Natural Re- 

Canada, Department of the Interior 

Canada, Department of Mines 

Carnegie Corporation of New York 

Casares, Raphael de, Consul of Spain 

Charleston National Bank 

Chautauqua Institution 

Chicago Academy of Sciences 

Chicago Historical Society 

Children's Museum of Boston 

Child Study Association of America 

Clarke, Mrs. John J. 

Clarkson School of Technology 

Cleanliness Institute 

Cleveland Museum of Art 

Cleveland Museum of Natural History 

Cleveland Public Library 

Colorado State Museum 

Colson, Mrs. Edward 

Comstock Publishing Company 

Cornell University 

Cornwall, Mrs. Arthur B. 

Dairymen's League 

Douchy, Miss Lillian 

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad 

Dehli, Mrs. Arne 

Dins, Raphael, Consul of the Dominican 

District of Columbia Public Library 


Dodd, Mead & Company 

Doran & Company, G. H. 

Dow, Mrs. Frank L. 

Duncan, Mrs. A. 

Dutton & Company, E. P. 

Economic Bureau of Meats and Wool 

Elmer, Mrs. Charles W. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica Company 

Engelhardt, George P. 

Erie Public Library 

Fairbanks, Miss M. B. 

Federal Board of Vocational Education 

First Church of Christ Scientist, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Fischerauer, Dr. F., Consul of Austria 

Furness Prince Lines 

Gallup, Miss Anna B. 

Ganez, Andres, Consul of Columbia 

Gaylord Brothers 

General Institution of International Re- 

German Railroad Information Bureau 

Grand Rapids Public Library 

Hall & McCreary 

Hammet, Mrs. W. 

Hartford Public Library 

Haverhill Public Library 

Higginson, Edwards, Consul of Peru 

Holland-American Line 

Houghton, Mifflin Company 

Huntting Company, H. R. 

Hutchinson, Miss Susan A. 

Hutton, Mrs. J. 

Illinois State Academy of Science 

Indiana Public Library Commission 

Institute of American Meat Packers 

Iowa State University 

Jay, Mrs. J. 

Jersey City Free Library 

Jones, Mrs. Scarritt 

Kansas Geological Survey 

Keenan, Albert 

Knox, Mrs. George W. 

Kroone & Vandereng, Holland 

Leeds University 

Lees, J. H., State Geologist of Iowa 

Leicester Museum and Art Gallery 

Library Bureau 

Library of Congress 

Macaulay Company 

Macheras, A., Consul of Greece 

McQoskey, Mrs. Delia F. 

McGill University 

Maguire, Mrs. Elisha 

Mantheim, Miss Gertrude 

Massachusetts Audubon Society 

Matthews, Miss Mary 

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Mexico, Pan-American Union 

Meyer, Walter S. 

Mills, Miss Maude Perry 

Milton Public Library 

Milwaukee Museum 

Milwaukee Public Library 

Missouri Botanical Gardens 

Montclair Art Museum 

Montgomery, Mrs. Richard Malcolm, Jr. 

Munson Steamship Lines 

National Association of Audubon Socie- 

National Association of Book Publishers 

National Child Labor Committee 

National Geographic Society 

National Museum of South Africa 

National Safety Council 

Near East Relief 

Netherland's Government Railroad 

Newark Museum Association 

New York Academy of Science 

New York Botanical Gardens 

New York City, Board of Education 

New York Historical Society 

New York Library Association 

New York, Hartford & New Haven 

New York Public Library 

New York State College of Agricul- 

New York State College of Forestry 

New York State Conservation Commis- 

New York State Health Department 

New York State Library 

New York State Museum 

New York State University 

New York Telephone Company 

New York Zoological Society 

North German Lloyd Steamboat Com- 

Norwegian Government Railways 

Novak, De Jar, Consul of Czechoslo- 

Official French Government Tourist Of- 

Ontario Entomological Society 

Ontario Provincial Museum 

Osborne, Mrs. Dean C. 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Packer Collegiate Institute 

Pan-American Union 

Park Museum, Providence, R. I. 

Park, Mrs. William M. 

Peabody Museum of Salem 

Pennsylvania Museum of Art 

Pennsylvania Railroad 

Pennsylvania State Library and Museum 


Philadelphia Commercial Museum 

Philadelphia Free Library 

Pierrepont, Miss Anna J. 

Pittsburgh-Carnegie Library 

Pittsburgh-Carnegie Museum 

Piatt, Mrs. Willard H. 

Piatt, Mrs. Willard R. 

Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Pratt Institute Free Library 

Providence Public Library 

Putnam, William A. 

Putnam's Sons, G. P. 

Quarrie Company, W. F. 

Religious Liberty Association 

Rhode Island School of Design 

Rinicons, Pedro R., Consul of Venezuela 

Ring, Miss F. 

Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics 

Rochester Memorial Art Gallery 

Rochester Municipal Museum 

Root, I. A. 

Royal Ontario Museum 

Rozenadowski, E. J., Consul of Poland 

St. Louis Educational Museum of Pub- 
lic Schools 

St. Louis Public Library 

Saito, Hirosi, Consul of Japan 

Salem Public Library 

San Diego National History Museum 

School Garden Association of New York 

Science Service, Inc. 

Scranton Public Library 

Seymour, Walter 

Sherman, Mrs. Frederick 

Silver, Burdett & Company 

Slate, Mrs. Paul J. 

Smith, Miss Bertha 

Somerville Public Library 

Southern Pacific Railroad 

Southwest Museum, Los Angeles 

Spanish Tourist Information Bureau 

Springfield City Library Association 

Springfield Museum of Natural History 

Stamp Club, Brooklyn Children's Mu- 

Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sci- 

Swiss Federal Railroads 

Syracuse University 

Taria, V. E. Verdades de, Consul of 

Taylor, Dr. Richard J. 

Toledo Museum of Art 

Tule, Arthur B., Consul of Lativia 

United Press of America 

United States Biological Survey 

United States Civil Service Commission 

United States Department of Agricul- 

United States Department of the In- 

United States Geological Survey 

United States Health Service 

United States National Museum 

University of Illinois 

University Society 

Vassar College 

Vaga, E. Cano de La, Consul of Bolivia 

Wells, Tileston T., Consul of Rumania 

Western Pacific Railroad 

Wilkes-Barre, Osterhout Free Library 

Wilson Company, The H. W. 

Wisconsin Public Library 

Worcester Art Museum 

World Peace Foundation 

Yale University 

Young, Samuel Sung, Consul of China 


1930 Attendance 
Central Museum 

Sundays Free Days Pay Days Totals 

January 10,888 

February 16,016 

March 19,208 

April 17,359 

May 10,019 

June 12,596 

July 3,898 

August 6,365 

September 8,028 

October 13,888 

November 14,623 

December 9,214 





































142,102 368,671 6,848 517,621 

Total Attendance for 1930 

Central Museum 517,621 

Children's Museum 547,639 

Attendance 1928— Central Museum 500,044 

Attendance 1929 — Central Museum 349,454 


Museum Publications and 
Contributed Articles, 1930 

Brooklyn Museum Quarterly, Vol. XVII, 1930; William Henry Fox, 

Children's Museum News, Vol. XVII, 1930; Anna B. Gallup, Editor. 
Catalogues of Exhibitions held during the year. 

Adam, Tassilo. 

Keramic Art of Japan, Quarterly, Jan. 

Brinton, Christian. 

Contemporary Belgian Art in America, Quarterly, April. 

Fox, Catherine T. D. 

Lace in the Belgian Exhibition, Quarterly, April. 

Fox, William Henry. 

Two Important Works by American Sculptors, Quarterly, July. 
Brooklyn Museum Sculpture Exhibition, Scandinavian Review, Sept. 

Goodyear, Evelyn. 

Soap Sculpture, Quarterly, July. 

Progress of the Educational Department, Quarterly, Oct 

Florence, Edna B. 

American Block Prints, July, 1930. 

Haynes, Elizabeth. 

A Gift of Bead Work, Quarterly, Oct. 
Coverlets, Quarterly, Oct. 
In the American Rooms. 

Holdridge, Desmond. 

People of the Green Mansions, Quarterly, Jan. 

Hutchinson, Susan B. 

A Tribute to Gertrude Mary Young, Quarterly, April. 
Stuart Culin Memorial Library, Quarterly, Oct. 

Learned, A. Garfield. 

Paul Helleu, Quarterly, April. 


Lockwood, Luke Vincent. 

The New Section of Early American Rooms, Quarterly, Jan. 

Matsuoka, Asa. 

Two Japanese Masterpieces, Quarterly, Oct. 

Morris, Frances. 

Eliza Maria Niblack, Quarterly, Jan. 

Mussey, Kendall K. 

Costumes and Scenic Design for Opera Comique, Quarterly, Jan. 

Parsons, Harold W. 

A Marble Torso of Aphrodite, Quarterly, April. 

Reay, R. Martine. 

The Magdalen College Cup, Quarterly, Jan. 

Sawada, Setsuko. 

Address at the Reopening of the Japanese Galleries, Quarterly, Jan. 

Tschudy, Herbert B. 

Foreword to Catalogue of Leon Carroll's Exhibition, Quarterly. 

Tschudy, H. B., and Page, Jean. 

Painting in Long Island, Quarterly, Jan. 

Spinden, Herbert. 

Indian Paintings of the Southwest, International Studio, Feb. 
Linguistic Evidence of Racial Equality in Intelligence, Eugenical 

News, April. 
Mayan Dates and What They Reveal, Science Bulletin of the Brook- 
lyn Museum, Vol. IV, No. 1. 


February — International Studio : Indian Paintings of the Southwest. 
April — Eugenical News : Linguistic Evidence of Racial Equality in 

Science Bulletin of the Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts 
and Sciences, Vol. IV, No. 1 : Maya Dates and What They Reveal. 



Appropriated Expended Balance 

Salaries and Wages $36,039.33 $35,914.88 $124.45 

Fuel Supplies 1,348.52 1,348.52 

Office Supplies 475.00 474.95 .05 

Laundry, Cleaning Supplies 360.00 359.78 .22 

Office Equipment 63.45 63.45 

General Plant Equipment 225.00 224.74 .26 

General Plant Materials 617.46 616.62 .84 

General Plant Service 3,525.00 3,524.85 .15 

Telephone Service 320.00 320.00 

Carfare 29.60 29.60 

Expressages and Deliveries 75.00 74.40 .60 

Contingencies 200.00 199.37 .63 

Insurance 253.87 253.87 

$43,532.23 $43,405.03 $127.20 


Appropriated Expended Balance 

Salaries and Wages $198,466.00 $198,335.02 $130.98 

Fuel Supplies 18,551.42 18,551.42 

Office Supplies 2,000.00 1,999.68 .32 

Laundry, Cleaning Supplies 900.00 899.59 .41 

General Plant Supplies 5,000.00 4,999.92 .08 

Office Equipment 800.00 799.63 .37 

General Plant Equipment 3,258.00 3,258.00 

General Plant Materials 10,402.00 10,401.94 .06 

Repairs and Replacements 5,400.00 5,397.38 2.62 

Telephone Service 875.00 872.83 2.17 

General Plant Service 4,140.00 4,138.42 1.58 

Carfare 90.00 89.23 .77 

Expressages and Deliveries 800.00 799.52 .48 

Contingencies 400.00 399.84 .16 

Fixed Charges and Contributions 895.20 876.73 18.47 

$251,977.62 $251,819.15 $158.47 





Mr. David Aaron (Culin Library) $100.00 

Mr. Frank L. Babbott (Italian Hall $13,826.25) 

(Dept. Ethnology .... 500.00) 14,326.25 

Mr. Frank Bailey 2,000.00 

Mr. Edward C. Blum (Culin Library) 500.00 

Sidney Blumenthal & Co. (Culin Library) 50.00 

Cheney Bros. (Culin Library) 250.00 

Mr. Harold P. Daniels 400.00 

Mrs. Mary C. Draper 500.00 

Mr. H. S. Dreier 50.00 

Mr. Lock wood DeForest (Culin Library) 100.00 

Mrs. Theodore G. Eger 10.00 

"A Friend" (Mr. Frank L. Babbott— Italian Hall) 4,000.00 

Mr. John W. Frothingham 150.00 

Mrs. May T. Healy 100.00 

Mrs. John M. Howells 300.00 

Mr. William L. James 100.00 

Mr. A. W. Jenkins 500.00 

Mr. Albert L. Mason 25.00 

Mr. Willis McDonald, Jr 25.00 

Mr. Rowe B. Metcalf 250.00 

Mr. Max Meyer (Culin Library) 100.00 

Mr. John Hill Morgan 100.00 

Mr. H. J. Morse 100.00 

Mrs. Elsie Clara Parsons (Culin Library) 25.00 

Miss Anna J. Pierrepont 50.00 

Miss Julia J. Pierrepont 50.00 

Mr. James H. Post 100.00 

Mr. George D. Pratt 500.00 

Mrs. Richardson Pratt 25.00 

Mr. William A. Putnam 500.00 

Mr. Robert A. Shaw 100.00 

Mrs. S. Emlen Stokes (Italian Hall) 1,000.00 

Mr. Herman Stutzer (Culin Library $100.00) 

(General ..." 100.00) 200.00 

Mr. Gilbert Thirkfield 10.00 

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Van Sinderen 350.00 

Miss A. E. White 300.00 

Miss Frances E. White 1,250.00 

Miss Harriet H. White 850.00 

Women's Wear Company (Culin Library) 500.00 

Mrs. Cornelius Zabriskie 200.00 





♦Lyman Abbott 
♦Andrew D. Baird 
♦William Berki 
♦David A. Boody 

R. R. Bowker 
♦Joseph E. Brown 
♦John Clatlin 
♦William J. Coombs 
♦Edgar M. Cullen 

Conrad V. Dykeman 
♦Joseph Fahys 
♦Bernard Gallagher 
♦A. Augustus Healy 

Henry Hentz 

Edward I. Horsman 

John S. James 

♦Edward Litchfield 
♦Gustav Loeser 
*Seth Low 

♦William H. Maxwell 
♦Albro J. Newton 
♦William H. Nichols 
George M. Olcott 
Edwin Packard 
Henry L. Palmer 
♦Lowell M. Palmer 
♦Rossiter W. Raymond 
♦William Cary Sanger 
♦Theodore E. Smith 
William H. Taylor 
William H. Wallace 
♦Robert B. Woodward 


Babbott, Frank L. 
Bailey, Frank 
Beers, E. LeGrand 
Benedict, H. H. 
Blum, Edward C. 
Bowker, R. R. 
Cadman, Rev. S. Parkes 
Cary, Mrs. William H. 
Crane, Judge Frederick E. 
Crittenden, Walter H. 
Curtin, John J. 
Denbigh, Dr. John H. 
Dettmer, Hon. Jacob G. 
Draper, Mrs. Mary Childs 
Fahnestock, Gates D. 
Fairchild, Julian P. 
Farrell, James A. 
Ford, Sumner 
Francis, Mrs. Lewis W. 
Frazier, Kenneth 
Frothingham, John W. 
Good, Mrs. William H. 
Healy, Mrs. A. Augustus 

Hunter, William T. 

Jenkins, Alfred W. 

Jonas, Ralph 

Lewisohn, Adolph 

Lock wood, Luke Vincent 

Loines, Miss Hilda 
♦Matheson, William J. 

Maynard, Edwin P. 

McLaughlin, Hon. George V. 

Morgan, John Hill 
♦Morse, Horace J. 

Murray, Thomas E. 

Osborn, Mrs. Dean C. 

Post, James H. 

Pratt, Charles 

Pratt, Mrs. Frederic B. 

Putnam, William A. 

Shaw, Robert Alfred 

Smith, G. Foster 

Stutzer, Herman 

Underwood, John Thomas 

Van Sinderen, Adrian 

Warner, Prof. Edwin G. 

York, Rt. Rev. Msgr. John C 

* Deceased. 


Walker, Hon. James J. 
Hesterberg, Hon. Henry 
Brown, Hon. James J. 


* A very, Samuel P. 
♦DeSilver, Carl H. 
♦Graham, Augustus 


*Healy, A. Augustus 
*White, Alfred T. 
*Woodward, Robert B. 


♦Avery, Samuel P. 

Babbott, Frank L. 
*Benson, Miss Mary 

Gould, Edwin 
♦Graef, Edward L. 

Hills, Mrs. John 

Jenkins, Alfred W. 
♦Jones, Frank S. 

♦Pell, Alfred Duane 
♦Polhemus, Mrs. Caroline H. 

Putnam, William A. 
*Schieren, Charles A. 

Underwood, John T. 
*White, Alfred T. 

White, Miss Frances E. 

White, Miss Harriet H. 


♦Abraham, Abraham 

Babbott, Frank L. 

Babbott, Dr. Frank L. Jr. 
♦Batterman, Henry 
♦Bell, James A. H. 
♦Benson, Miss Mary 
♦Blackford, Mrs. Eugene G. 
♦Calverly, William 
♦Cary, William H. 

Childs, Mrs. William H. 

Cranford, Walter V. 

Crittenden, Walter H. 

Filson, Mrs. Ella J. 
♦Graef, Edward L. 
♦Hearn, George A. 
♦Hoagland, Joseph C. 

♦Hoyt, Samuel N. 

Ladd, Mrs. William Sargent 

Lester, Mrs. Joseph H. 
♦Loeser, Frederick 

Macdonald, Mrs. Ian 
♦Martin, Henry P. 
♦McLean, Matilda 
♦Perkins, Joseph T. 
♦Polhemus, Mrs. Henry 

Pratt, Hon. George D. 

Putnam, William A. 
♦Sheldon, Henry K. 

Stokes, Mrs. S. Emlen 

Stutzer, Herman 

Underwood, John T. 

Young, Hon. Richard 


Abraham, Mrs. Abraham 
Babbott, Frank L. 
Barclay, Mrs. Reginald 
Barnes, Mrs. Richard S. 

♦Barr, Mrs. Thomas 
Beers, E. LeGrand 
Beers, Miss Elizabeth 
Beers, Dr. Nathan T., Jr. 
Benedict, Henry Harper 
Blackford, Eugene G. 
Blum, Edward C. 

♦Boocock, Murray 
Brown, Miss Lila 
Campbell, Miss Mary 
Cooke. Henry F. 
Day, Mrs. William S. 
English, Mrs. J. Radford 

♦ Deceased. 

Fahys, George E. 

First Unitarian Church, 

Rev. J. H. Lathrop 
Freifield, Mrs. George 
Godfrey, Mrs. Edwin Drexel 
Good, Mrs. John 
Hentz, Henry 
Herriman, Miss Helen 
Higgins, Tracy 
Hoagland, Miss S. W. 
Hodenpyl, Eugene, Jr. 
How, Miss Mary E. 
Hoyt, Mrs. Mark 
Joost, Mrs. Martin 
Lawrence, Richard H. 
Low, Mrs. A. A. 
Macdonald, Mrs. Ian 


Maxwell, J. Rogers, Jr. 
McMahon, Joseph T. 
♦Morse, Horace J. 
Oakley, Mrs. Theodora Lawrence 
Olcott, George M. 
Peabody, George Foster 
Pell, Mrs. Cornelia Livingston 
Post, James H. 
Powell, Mrs. Robert L. 
Pratt, George D. 
Putnam, William A. 
Sanger, Miss Lillian 

Seamans, Miss Dorothy 
Simons, Mrs. William R. 
Smith, Howard Caswell 
Smith, Mrs. Hugh 
Stutzer, Herman 
Underwood, John T. 
Vander Weyde, Mrs. J. N. 
Walsh, Mrs. Anna F. 
White, Miss Frances E. 
White, Miss Harriet 
* Woodward, Mrs. John B. 

Through the Brooklyn Museum 

Cullin, Miss Margaret M. 
Denbigh, Dr. John H. 
Draper, Mrs. Mary Childs 
Francis, Mrs. Lewis W. 
Lewisohn, Adolph 
Littlejohn, Mrs. Thomas B. 

Mead, W. S. Morton 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 
Potts, Maj. Charles E. 
Pratt, Harold I. 
Putnam, Mrs. William j 
Zabriskie, Mrs. Cornelius 

Through Other Departments of the Institute 

Abraham, Lawrence E. 
Acer, John Winfred 
Albertson, Rev. Chas. Carroll 
Allan, Mrs. Mansfield 
Allen, Miss Mary W. 
Anderson, Mrs. John 
Andrews, William A. 
*Atkins, Frederick L. 
B abbott, Frank L 
Babbott, Dr. Frank L., Jr. 
Bailey, Frank 
Banbury, J. J. 

Bannister, Miss Eleanor C. 
Batterman, Charles H. 
Batterman, Henry L. 
Batterman, Miss Minnie P. 
Baxter, F. W. 
Baylis, A. B. 
Baylis, William, Jr. 
Benedict, Henry H. 
Bigelow, Edward F. 
Blum, Edward C. 
Blumenthal, Maurice 
Blydenburgh, Frank J. 


Bolwell, Mrs. Sarah A. 
Boody, Alvin 
Bouck, James B. 

* Deceased. 

Bowker, R. R. 

Bramm, Miss Elizabeth 

Brasher, Philip 

Brasher, Reginald 

Brockway, Miss Emma A. 

Brown, Miss Augusta W. 

Brown, John J. 

Buek, Mrs. Cecilia 

Burnham, Dr. Clark 

Butler, Mrs. Glentworth R. (In 

memory of Dr. Glentworth R. 

Cadman, Rev. S. Parkes, D.D. 
Campbell, Mrs. William Mitchell 
Cary, Miss Alice B. 
Cary, Mrs. William H. 
Chapel, William Lincoln 
Chapman, Miss Leila Hartwell 
Chapman, Mrs. Leila Tisdale 
Chauncey, Rev. E. F. 
Childs, Eversley 
Chittenden, Miss Alice Hill 
Claflin, John 

Clarke, Rev. L. Mason, D.D. 
Colyer, Mrs. J. H., Jr. 
Corlies, Howard 
Crane, Hon. Frederick E. 
Crittenden, Walter H. 


Crowell, Mrs. Jeremiah 
Cunningham, Mrs. Florence W. 
Curtin, John J. 
Curtis, Henry S. 
Dalby, Archibald Baxter 
Davenport, Mrs. William 
Davis, William T. 
Dennis, Dr. Frederic S. 
Dennis, Mrs. Frederic S. 
Dettmer, Hon. Jacob G. 
Dick, Henry 
Dixon, Theodore P. 
Dodge, Cleveland 
Dodge, Miss S. Rose 
Dougherty, Andrew R., Jr. 
Doyle, Mrs. Allan M. 
Draper, Ernest G. 
Dreier, Theodore 
Dykeman, Conrad V. 
Eastman, Mrs. William F. 
*Eger, Mrs. Theodore G. 
Elm hirst, Mrs. Leonard K. 
English, George L. 
Englehardt, George P. 
Evans, Mrs. Gertrude 
Fahnestock, Gates D. 
Fara Forni, Mrs. Armenia F. 
Fairchild, Julian P. 
Farmer, Walter B. 
Farrell, James A. 
Farrier, Albert M. 
Farrier, Frederick B. 
Ferrier, Miss Elizabeth A. 
Field, Miss Elizabeth 
Fish, Mrs. Jay C. 
Flagg, Mrs. Montague 
Flagg, T. Benson 
Flinsch, Rudolf E. F. 
Foote, Alfred Sherman 
Ford, Sumner 
Frank, Mrs. George S. 
Frazier, Kenneth 
Frothingham, Miss Elizabeth W. 
Frothingham, Miss Helen H. 
Frothingham, John W. 
Gibb, William T. 
Gifford, Ira L. 
Gilbert, Miss A. L. M. 
Gilbert, William T. 
Good, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Good, Mrs. William Howard 
Good now, David F. 
Goodnow, Prof. Frank I. 
Goodnow, Weston W. 
Gould, Edwin 

Grace Church 

Rev. George P. Atwater 
Hall, Charles H. 
Halsey, William B. 
Harriman, Mrs. E. H. 
Healy, Mrs. A. Augustus 
Heckscher, August 
Hester, Mrs. William Van Anden 
Hicks, Henry 
Hill, William B. 
Hills, Mrs. John 
Hoagland, Miss Anna M. 
Hoagland, Miss Ella J. 
hollenback, mlss amelia b. 
Hooker, Davenport 
Hooper, Mrs. Franklin W. 
Hornaday, Dr. William T. 
*Horsman, Edward I. 
Howell, Hampton 
*Hubbell, Rev. William S. 
Huber, Joseph 
Hudson, Mrs. Edwin F. 
Hulbert, Mrs. Henry C. 
*Hulst, Mrs. George D. 
Hunter, William T. 
Husson, Miss Julia 
Hyde, Henry St. John 
Hyde, James H. 
Ingraham, Miss Frances 
Ingraham, George S. 
Jeffrey, Dr. Stewart Lee 
Jenkins, Alfred W. 
Jennings, Walter 
Johnson, Alvan R. 
Jonas, Ralph 
Jones, Miss Emily W. 
Joost, Mrs. Martin 
Kahn, Mrs. Otto 
Kelekian, Dikran G. 
Kellogg, Dwight H. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Mary A. 
Kenyon, Mrs. Irene S. 
Kenyon, Whitman W., Jr. 
Kunz, Dr. George F. 
Ladd, Mrs. William Sargent 
Lang, Mrs. Robert 
Latimer, Miss Julia W. 
Lewis, Mrs. August 
Lewisohn, Adolph 
Lincoln, Mrs. Dorothy C. 
Litchfield, Edward H., Jr. 
Litchfield, E. Hubert 
Lockwood, Luke Vincent 
Loines, Miss Hilda 
Love, Mrs. Fannie Burt 

* Deceased. 


Low, Ethelbert Ide 
Low, Josiah O. 
Ludlum, Clinton W. 
Lyman, Frank 
Lynde, Mrs. Martha R. 
Macbeth, Robert W. 
Mason, William P. 
*Matherson, William J. 
Mathews, Mrs. A. H. 
Maxwell, Henry L. 
Maynard, Edwin P. 
McAneny, Hon. George 
McConnell, Rev. S. D., D.D. 
McDonald, Rev. Robert, D.D. 
McKay, Mrs. John S. 
McLaughlin, George V. 
Melish, Rev. John Howard 
Mercer, Rev. Arthur 
Moffat, David 
Moffat, William L., Jr. 
Morgan, John Hill 
Morse, Miss Alice L. 
Morse, Charles L. 
Morse, Horace J. 
Mundhenk, Herman 
Murray, Thomas E. 
O'Connor, Mrs. W. R. B. 
Ogilvie, Donald M. 
Olcott, Miss Martha W. 
Orr, Miss Mary Moore 
Osborn, Mrs. Dean C. 
Osman, Frederick D. 
Packard, Miss Mary S. 
Palmer, Henry L. 
Parker, Asa W., Jr. 
Parker, Gorden 
Peet, Mrs. Louis Harmon 
Pierrepont, Lieut. John J., U.S.N. 
Pierrepont, Seth Low 
Pratt, Charles M. 
Pratt, Frederic B. 
Pratt, Mrs. Frederic B. 
Prentice, James Howard 
Prentiss, Russell E. 
Prosser, Thomas 
Prosser, Thomas Harold 
Prosser, Walter Richard 
Putnam, Hon. Harrington 
Ramsey, Dick S. 
Ramsdell, Mrs. Fanny Van N. 
Robinson, George C. 
Robinson, Dr. Nathaniel 
Ruger, Mrs. Adolph 
Ruland, Irving A. 
Ruscoe, Miss Rose 

Russell, James Townsend, Jr. 

Russell, Mrs. Talcott H. 

Sackett, Charles A. 

Sanbern, Mrs. Frank H. 

Sanger, Miss Lillian 

Schenck, Miss Eunice M. 

schieren, harrie victor 

Shaw, Robert Alfred 

Sheldon, Mrs. Anna B. 

Sheldon, Henry 

Shevlin, James 
*Slack, Miss Julia G. 

Smith, G. Foster 

Smith, Mrs. H. C. 

Smith, Mrs. Hugh 

Snow, Helmer 

South wick, Dr. E. B. 

Squier, Frank 

Stevens, Mrs. Roy G. 

Stevens, Shepherd 

Stewart, Douglas MacCollum 

Stokes, Mrs. S. Emlen 

Sullivan, Andrew T. 

Taylor, Miss Bessie 

Taylor, Mrs. Stutzer 

Taylor, William H. 

Thatcher, Edwin H. 

Thayer, Mrs. A. K. 

Tiffany, Louis C. 

Tucker, Mrs. George S., Jr. 

Turner, Mrs. Bertha Chapman 

Tuthill, Miss Isabel H. 

Underwood, John Thomas 

Valentine, P. A. 

Van Anden, Miss Susan M. 
*Van Nostrand, Mrs. John 

Van Sinderen, Adrian 

Van Sinderen, Mrs. Adrian 

Von Francken-Sierretorff, Countess 

Wagner, Miss Marie 

Walbridge, Robert R. 

Warbasse, Mrs. James P. 

Ward, Miss Helen 

Warner, Prof. Edwin G. 

Weber, Mrs. Herman Carl 

Webster, Mrs. Edward H. 

White, Harold T. 

White, S. V., Jr. 

Whitney, Sumner B. 

Wisner, Mrs. Horatio S. 

Woodward, Miss Mary B. 

York, Rt. Rev. Msgr. John C 

Young, Hon. Richard 

Ziegler, Mrs. William H. 



Sustaining Museum Members 

Babbott, Dr. Frank L., Jr. 
Baker, Joseph J. 
Bush, Irving T. 
Campbell, Miss Mary 
Doscher, Mrs. Alice B. 
Dreier, Miss Katherine S. 
Edwards, Mrs. William Seymour 
Faber, L. W. 
Field, Mrs. W. D. C. 
Foster, Charles L. 
Froeb, Charles 
*Frothingham, Mrs. J. S. 
Frothingham, John W. 
Good, Mrs. William H. 
Greenberg, Morris 
Jacobs, Mrs. Harry M. 
Jenkins, Mrs. John S. 
Judge, James P. 
Kay, Dr. James E. 

Kjrkman, Mrs. A. S. 
Lambert, Frank 
Loomis, Guy 
Louria, Dr. Henry W. 
Low, Mrs. Chauncey E. 
Morton, Dr. L. J. 
Pierrepont, Miss Julia J. 
Redfield, Hon. William C 
Reimer, The Misses 
Righter, Miss Jessie 
Robinson, J. J. 
Rossin, Alfred S. 
See, Alonzo B. 
*Somers, Harold 
Stimpson, Edward B. 
Sutphin, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Underwood, Mrs. John T. 
Van Vleck, Durbin 
Zoebisch, Mrs. C T. 

Annual Members 

Aaron, David 

Aaron, Joseph I. 

Abberley, Lester S. 

Abbot, Mrs. John J. 

Abercrombie, Mrs. D. T. 

Abraham, M. 

Acken, Henry S. 

Ackerman, James T. 

Adams, Miss Alice 

Adams, Mrs. Charles S. 

Adams, Horatio M. 

Adams, Joseph H. 

Addinsell, Mrs. Frederick 

Adelsohn, Harry 

Ahner, George P. 

Alberti, John 

Albrechtsen, Henry P. 

Aldridge, Darwin R. 
*Aldridge, Frederick T. 

Alexander, Alex 

Alexander, Mrs. John W. 

Alfred, Frederick 

Alkazin, Dr. S. Y. 

Allan, Mrs. Evelyn 

Allen, Dr. Herbert C. 

Allen, J. Trevette 

Allen, Joseph Dana 
*Allenspach, Mrs. Robert 

Allgaier, William 

Allicino, S. 

Alling, Newton D. 

* Deceased. 

Allison, H. V. 
Almirall, Mrs. Juan A. 
Alsop, Mrs. Reese F. 
Ambrette, Conrad 
Ambrose, Birger E. 
Ambs, Mrs. Harry H. 
Amend, B. Edward 
♦Ames, Edwin A. 
Andelfinger, Dr. C. E. 
Anderson, Miss Edith 
Anderson, George A. 
Anderson, John 
Anderson, Mrs. John R. 
Anderson, Miss S. K. 
Anderson, Thomas 
Anderson, William C. 
Anderson, William J. 
Andresen, Dr. A. F. R. 
Andrew, Dr. James 
Andrews, Mrs. C. E. 
Andrews, George 
Andrews, Harry 
Andrews, James 
Andrews, Mrs. Samuel H. 
Ant, Dr. Morris 
Apfel, Dr. Harry 
Apher, Louis W. 
Arata, George F. 
Ardery, Walter A. 
Arensberg, Mrs. Myer 
Ariola. Dr. Emilia 


Arkway, H. 
Arms, John Taylor 
Armstrong, Elmer 
Armstrong, Mrs. Ronald D. 
Armstrong, R. W. 
Arnesen, Sigurd J. 
Arnold, William 
Aronson, Mrs. Bessie 
Arrowsmith, Dr. H. 
Asch, William 
Ashton, Joseph 
Aspell, M. R. 
Atkins, Miss Annie G. 
Atkins, Ralph 
Atkinson, Miss Louise S. 
Atkinson, William W. 
Atwater, Rev. George P. 
Atwood, Mrs. George D. 
Aube, Mrs. Henry W. 
Audley, Miss Emma M. 
Auerbach. Dr. R. W. 
Augur, William A. 
Austin, A. W. 
Austin, Frederick J. 
Avery, Walter 
Babbin, Dr. Abraham 
Babcock, Mrs. E. G. 
Bach man, Clark M. 
Bachrach, Clarence F. 
Bachrach, Herman S. 
Bacon, Joseph Mansfield 
Badgley, Mrs. Elizabeth J. 
Baez, Charles 
Bahn, Clarence E. 
Bahrenberg, John 
Bailer, Mrs. Henry J. 
Bailey Frank L. 
Bailey, Mrs. John E. 
Bailey, Miss Sarah H. 
Baird, Andrew R. 
Baker, Mrs. A. E. 
Baker, Miss Annie E. 
Baker, J. Elmer 
Bakerman, John J. 
Baldwin, William J. Jr. 
Ball, William H. 
Bampton, Mrs. B. E. 
*Bangs, C. Roy 
Banks, C. E. 
Banks, Malcomb S. 
Barber, William McK 
Barbu, Peter 
Barck, Oscar T. 
Barnard, Philip E. 
Barnes, Herbert O. 

Baron, Miss E. L. 
Barra, Ralph J. 
Barrett, Leon 
Barrett, William H. 
Barruck, Miss Jennie E. 
Barschow, Frederick C. 
Barthman, F. William 
Bartholomew, Ralph I. 
Bartlett, Miss Rhoda 
Bartley, Dr. S. Potter 
Baruch, Bernard 
Bassett, Edward M. 
Bassett, Mrs. Ida 
*Bates, Mrs. B. F. 
Bauer, August 
Bauer, Dr. John L. 
Bauer, Joseph 
Baum, Edgar A. 
Bauman, C. Ludwig 
Bayer, Walter A. 
Bayles, Mrs. W. H. 
Beals, H. Warren 
Beardsley, Mrs. Thomas H. 
Bearns, Mrs. Melville H. 
Beatty, Dr. George Wesley 
Beck, Charles H. 
Becker, Frederick W. 
Becker, Miss Johanne L. 
Becker, Joseph F. 
Beckley, W. J. 
Beckwith, Charles 
Bedford, Edward T. 
Bedford, F. H. 
Bedsole, Mrs. M, 
Beebe, Mrs. Howard F. 
Beekman, Walter L. 
Beers, Arthur C. T. 
Beguelin, Mrs. H. R. 
Behr, Edward 
Behr, Edward A. 
Behr, Herman 
Behrens, A. W. 
Behrens, H. J. 
Belden, Mrs. Milton B. 
Belitz, H. 
Bell, Herman F. 
Benedict, Frederick S. 
Benham, George F. 
Benjamin. Isidore 
Benjamin, M. 
Bennett, A. C. 
Bennett, Arthur V. 
Bennett, Miss Cornelia 
Bennett, Mrs. Edward Grace 
Bennett, John J. 

* Deceased. 


Bennett, Miss Josephine M. 

Bennett, Mrs. Walter H. 

Bennington, J. H. 

Bensinger, Jerome A. 

Benson, Philip A. 

Berg, Rev. J. Frederick 

Bergen, De Hart 

Bergen, Mrs. W. E. 

Berger, Dr. H. R. 

Bergman, Mrs. Samuel 

Bergsto, John 

Berkowitz, Mrs. B. 

Berkowitz, Dr. Maxwell 

Berliner, Mark 

Berman, Joseph 

Bernard, Bernard 

Berndt, Walter H. 

Bernstein, A. N. 

Bernstein, Alex 

Bernstein, Alex A. 

Bernstein, John L. 

Bernstein, Moses 

Berrian, Mrs. Everett S. 

Berry, George 

Berry, Herbert 

Berry, Louis S. 

Berry, P. S. 

Bersohn, Mrs. Sarah 

Best, Mrs. A. M. 

Bessey, Miss Nellie 

Betsch, William G. L. 

Betts, Miss Dorothy L. 

Betts, Mrs. George Hodges 

Betz, Mrs. Edward P. 
*Betz, Dr. Isidor 

Betz, Otto J. 

Beyer, William Jr. 

Bick, Harry J. 

Biedermann, Arno 
*Bierbauer, Dr. Bruno W. 

Biggane, Rev. Martin J. 

Biglin, Miss Josephine 

Bildersee, Miss Adele 

Bill, Joseph G. 

Billings, Miss Mary Hathaway 

Bird, Bernard 

Bird, Herbert S. 

Bisbee, Mrs. Eugene S. 

Bishop, Dr. Charles G. 

Bishop, Dr. David T. 

Bishop, Dr. Eliot 

Black, William T. 

Blackman, Edward L. 

Blackman, Dr. W. W. 

Black mar, Hon. Abel E. 

Blagen, Mrs. Albert E. 
Blaisdell, Joseph F. 
Blake, Miss Louise 
Blakey, B. Webster 
Blankley, Thomas S. 
Blatchford, Mrs. Henry 
Blatteis, Dr. S. R. 
Blinder, Dr. Joseph 
Bliss, Dr. J. Herbert 
Bloch, Mrs. Bernhard 
Blomeley, A. Y. 
Blomgren, John P. 
Blood, Charles E. 
Bluemer, Harry G. 
Blum, Dr. Harry 
Blum, Robert E. 
Blum, Dr. Samuel G. 
Blum, Theodore B. 
Blumenreiter, Gustave A. 
Blumenthal, Raphael J. 
Blumenthal, Dr. Samuel J. 
Blye, Herbert 
Boardman, Mrs. George M. 
*Boardman, William 
Bob, Herman D. 
Bodin, Miss Beatrice 
Boe, David M. 
Boecker, Mrs. Elna C. 
Boers, Mrs. William J., Jr. 
Boese, Rev. J. H. 
Bogardus, Dr. Clifton 
Bogie, Robert R. 
Bohack, Henry C. 
Bohn, Albert 
Bollman, Robert 
Bonnell, Mrs. William A. 
Booth, Mrs. Emma 
Borchers, Mrs. Annie M. 
Bornmann, Dr. Alfred 
Bossert, Charles 
Bossert, John 
Bossert, Mrs. L. 
Bott, Alfred E. 
Boulter, Miss Jennie 
Boulton, Miss Isabella Averil 
Boulton, Miss Maude R. 
Bourquin, Rev. W. E. 
Bovenizer, George W. 
Bowman, Ralph Waldo 
Bowman, Dr. T. L. 
Bowns, Miss F. M. 
Bowns, Howard S. 
Boyd, Oliver 
Boyle, Mrs. Margaret R. 
Brady, John J. 

* Deceased. 


Brainbridge, Miss Harriet 
Braislin, Dr. William C. 
Braman. Miss Emily 
Braunstein, William 
Bregstein, Benjamin 
Breitzer, Dr. C. 
Brennan, Mrs. C. E. 
Brennan, Lennox C. 
Brennan, Mrs. Philip A. 
Brenner, Arthur B. 
Brenner, Louis 
Brenner, Mrs. Philip 
Brewster, Mrs. Walter Shaw 
Bried, Frederick J. 
Brightman, S. D. 
Brinckerhoff, Miss Jeannette 
Brinsmade, Dr. William B 
Brislin, Andrew J. 
Bristol, Miss Frances L. 
Bristol, Lee H. 
Broden, Miss Elizabeth F. 
Bromley, Mrs. Bruce 
Brossard, Miss Theodora 
*Brower, David S. 
Brower, Mrs. George E. 
Brown, B. L. 
Brown, Miss Bessie 
Brown, Miss C. A. 
Brown, Mrs. Egbert Guernsey 
Brown, George J. 
Brown, Mrs. George Steward 
Brown, Mrs. Harold E. 
Brown, Louis A. 
Brown, Mrs. Roscoe C. E. 
Brown, Mrs. Samuel T. 
BROWNING ^ Dr. William 
Brukenfeld, Morris 
Brune, William 
Brune, Mrs. Frank E. 
Brush, Daniel S. 
Brush, Mrs. William W. 
Bryant, Frank L. 
Buchanan, Mrs. Edwin F. 
Buchanan, Mrs. S. E. 
Buckley, William D. 
Bucksey, Miss Addie M. 
Budd, Frederick W. 
Buehler, J. G. 
Bulley, Mrs. George W. 
Bunn, Frederick A. 
Burchell, H. D. 
Burdick, Clinton D. 
Burdick, Howard 
Burger, B. A. 
Burnam, Mrs. A. N. 

Burrell, Frederick A. M. 
Burt, Harry P. 
Burtis, Mrs. Mary P. 
Bush, Mrs. Robert Wilder 
Butler, Edward M. 
Butler, Sheldon L. 
Butt, John D. 
Butterick, Miss Mary E. 
Byxbee, J. A. 
Cabot, Dr. Irving 
Cady, Mrs. Harrison 
Cahoone, Richards Mott 
Caine, Mrs. Pauline 
Calder, Hon. William M. 
Caldwell, George W. 
Caldwell, W. H. 
Calkins, Edward C. 
Callahan, Miss Katharine R. 
Callahan, Dr. Vincent D. 
Campbell, Mrs. Howard 
Campbell, Marcus B. 
Candidus, Mrs. E. W. 
Caplin, Stephen 
Carey, Mrs. Maude B. 
Carley, Patrick J. 
Carlin, J. P. 
Carlson, John P. 
Carpenter, Mrs. James N. 
Carpenter, Mrs. James O. 
Carr, Albert L. 
Carroll, Mrs. Otis S. 
Carroll, Capt. W. P. 
Carter, Edwin A. 
Carter, Robert A., Jr. 
Carter, Mrs. Walter F. 
Casamajor, Mrs. Louis J. 
Case, Charles W. 
Ceballos, Mrs. J. M. 
Chaffee, Mrs. D. Dwight 
Chandigian, Y. 
Chanin, Irwin S. 
Chapin, Mrs. W. G. 
Chapman, Mrs. A. Wright 
Chapman, Mrs. Isaac E. 
Chase, Miss Alice C. 
Chauncey, A. Wallace 
*Chauncey, Mrs. George W. 
Chauncey, Miss Mary L. 
Chess, Dr. Neuman 
Child, Dr. A. L. 
Childs, Mrs. William Hamlin 
Christ, Miss Emma A. 
Church, E. D. 
Citron, Henry C. 
Clapp, Mrs. Arthur P. 

* Deceased. 


Clark, Dr. Frank H. 
Clark, John J. 
Clark, Dr. Raymond 
Clarke, Thomas A. 
Clash, Miss Ida 
Cleary, Dr. Thomas J. 
Clonney, A. M. 
Clust, Prosper 
Coaney, Charles F. 
Cocheu, Mrs. Henry 
Cochran, Mrs. James 
Cockshaw, Mrs. Herbert, Jr. 
Coffey, Samuel 
Coffin, Mrs. I. Sherwood 
Cohen, Mrs. E. M. 
Cohen, Emanuel 
Cohen, Mrs. Louis 
Cohen, Dr. Simon R. 
Cohn, Louis 
Cohn, Dr. Michael A. 
Cole, Dr. Philip C. 
Coler, Mrs. Bird S. 
Colket, J. Hamilton 
Collier, Mrs. John A. 
Collins, Mrs. Erle L. 
Collins, Miss Marietta 
Colton, Mrs. Wendell P. 
Comfort, Harold W. 
Commiskey, Miss M. Agnes 
Conklin, Preston 
Connor, Mrs. John M. 
Conroy, Gardiner 
Cook, Miss Fannie 
Cook, Mrs. W. S. D. 
Cooke, James P. 

Copeland, Mrs. Hugh Montgomery 
Copithorne, W. H. 
Copland, Alfred W. 
Corbin, Miss M. L. 
Corey, Mrs. Clarence T. 
Cornell, Edward 
Cornell, Frank E. 
Cornell, William H. 
Corner, Clarence F. 
Correale, Vincent J. 
Corso, Mr. Antonino V. 
Costello, Rev. William J. 
*Coutts, Mrs. George H. 


Cowenhoven, Mrs. G. P. 
Cramer, Mrs. Theodore 
Crampton, Miss Emily A. 
Crane, Dr. Claude C. 
Cranford, Frederick L. 
Cranford, Walter V. 

Crawford, Mrs. Sarah M. 

Crews, John R. 

Cridlin, William T. 

Crippen, Mrs. Claude C. 

Gronemeyer, Carl 

Cross, Charles 

Crotty, Mrs. John F. 

Cruikshank, Mrs. Russell V. 

Cummings, S. N. 

Cunningham, John J. 

Curran, Philip A. 

Cuthbert, P. T. 

Cuthrell, Mrs. Faith Baldwin 

Cuthrell, Hugh H. 

Cutler, J. 

Daitch, Irving W. 

D'Albora, Dr. John B. 

d alton, j. w. 

Daly, William 

Dalzell, Mrs. Lloyd H. 

Dana, Mrs. Arnold Guyot 

Dangler, Jacob 

Daniel, Mrs. William W. 

Daniels, George W. 

Dann, Asher 

Danziger, E. 

Danzilo, John L. 

Darraugh, John J. 

Dauernheim, Mrs. A. M. 

Daugherty, Dr. J. E. 

Davenport, Mrs. Henry B. 

Davenport, Mrs. Louise 

Davidow, William H. Sons, Co. 

Davidson, W. F. 

Davis, Adams R. 

Davis, Mrs. George H. 

Davis, Mr. H. Jeffries 

Davis, Mrs. James Sherlock 

Davis, John W. 

Davis, Thomas J. 

Day, H. R. 

De Baun, A. E. 

DeBrauwere, Roy L. 

Decker, Mrs. Charles A. 

Deely, Dr. George E. 

De Ferari, Dr. George J. 

de Gersdorff, Mrs. Carl A. 

Delatour, Dr. Henry Beeckman 

Delatour, Hunter L. 

Delmhorst, Mrs. Arthur E. 

DeMatteis, Leon D. 

De Mesquita, J. B. 

Denning, Mrs. Ffolliott C. 

Denton, James T. 

DeSilver, Mrs. Albert 



Desmond, T. E., Jr. 
Deutschbein, H. J. 
De Voe, Franklin 
De Waltoff, Dr. D. 
Dewey, Mrs. Seth Bradford 
DeYoanna, Dr. Aurelius 
DeYoanna, Dr. Gaetano 
Dieckmann, Mrs. Frederick 
Diefendorf, Warren T. 
Dietz, Nicholas 
Diller, Frank J. W. 
Dilliard, Miss Maud E. 
Din i, George L. 
Ditore, Michael 
Dittmar, Dr. A. G. 
Dixon, J. D. 
Doane, A. C. 
Dobson, Edward B. 
Dobson, Harvey O. 
Dodsworth, John W. 
Dodsworth, Mrs. John W. 
Doherty, Mrs. Philip A. 
Doman, Samuel. H. 
Dommergue, Jules H. 
Donnellan, John J. 
Donohue, Mrs. Charles A. 
Donohue, John J. 
Doran, Charles S. 
Dorfman, Boris W. 
Dorrance, Rev. Samuel M. 
Dort, Rev. Charles H. 
Doudiet, Dr. E. A. 
Doughty, Mrs. Samuel 
Douglas, Mrs. Walter L. 
Douglass, Dr. George Crawford 
Dow, Mrs. Frank L. 
Draper, Ernest G. 
Dreher, August 
Dreier, H. E. 

Drescher, Dr. William F. 
Dressler, George 
Drew, Miss Dorothy 
Drewsen, Edmond T. 
Dreyer, Henry W. 
Dreyer, Peter R. 
*Duane, Mrs. T. J. 
Duberstein, Samuel C. 
Dudley, Miss Frances E. 
*Dudley, P. S. 
Duffy, Francis V. 
Duncan, Mrs. Cameron 
Duncan, Mrs. Colin C 
Dunne, Mrs. John V. 
Dunnell, T. Drew 
Duntz, Miss Gertrude C. 

Durieux, Mrs. Amand 
Dutcher, Miss Elizabeth 
DuVal, Guy 
DuVal, Mrs. Guy 
Dykman, Jackson A. 
Dykman, William N. 
Earle, William P., Jr. 
Early, Joseph J. 
Easterday, John H. 
Eaton, Mrs. E. H. 
Eaves, Elliott W., Jr. 
Eberle, Mrs. Edward 
Ebinger, Walter D. 
Ecklebe, Emil H. 
Edmands, Samuel S. 
Edmonson, George W., Sr. 
Egelhoff, Albert F. 
Egginton, Hersey 
Eilers, Miss Else F. 
Eisenberg, Charles H. 
Eldert, Mrs. Cornelius 
Eldert, Mrs. Henry C. 
Eldridge, A. B. 
Elmer, Mrs. C. W. 
Ely, Robert A. 
Ember, Mrs. Randolph 
Embree, Miss Alice 
Engel. Dr. David 
Englehardt, Dr. L. 
Engler, Mrs. C. Ernest 
English, J. U. 
English, William H., Jr. 
Enright, Daniel 
Epstein. Martin C. 
Erdmann, Dr. A. F. 
Ericson, Carl O. 
Ernst, Mrs. John Henry 
Erskine, James Douglass 
Espenscheid. Nicholas, Jr. 
Etzel, Mrs. George F. 
Evarts, Edward M. 
Everit, Mrs. Edward A. 
Fabry, Adolph 
Fackenthal, Frank D. 
Fackenthal, Joseph D. 
Fagan, John J. P. 
Fairbairn, Mrs. H. A. 
Fairbanks, Miss Maria B. 
Fairchild, Frank K. 
Fairchild, Julian P. 
Fairman, Mrs. James F. 
Faison, J. W. 
Falconer, William B. 
Faour, D. J. 
Farber, S. W. 

* Deceased. 


Farber, Shepard 
Faris, Miss Fannie B. 
Fasullo, Charles L. 
Faust, William H. 
Favor, Mrs. Irving P. 
Feaster, Dr. Henry J. 
Feitner, John 
Feldman, Herman 
Feldman, Hymen 
Felter, Mrs. Mary Bentley 
Felzmann, Ernest F. 
Ferdon, Clarence J. 
Fernstrom, Miss T. M. 
Ferres, Walter D. 
Ferris, Miss Anna 


Fickling, John B. 
Field, Edward S. 
Fine, Isidor 
Fink, A. S. 


Finnerty, Matthew 

Fischer, Mrs. F. G. 

Fisher, Mrs. James B. 

Fiske, Dr. E. Rodney 

Fiske, Dr. Edwin H. 

Fitch, J. D. 

Fitzhugh, Mrs. William, Jr. 

Fitz-Randolph, Mrs. Elizabeth A. 

Flanagan, Thomas P., Sr. 

Flattery, Miss Loretta C. 

Fleming, Thomas R. 

Flinn, Arthur 

Flory, William E. 

Flynt, Mrs. Henry N. 

Foale, Sidney A. 

Fogel, Louis E. 

Folger, Mrs. H. C. 

Folwell, Arthur H. 

Forbes, Charles M. 

Forbes. Raymond 

Ford, Edward 

Forman, Alexander Merle 

Forsythe, Charles E. 

Foster, Arthur L. 

Fowler, Dr. Russell E. 

France, Mrs. Melville J. 

Francis, Miss M. 

Franklin, Miss Kate Mann 

Franks, Mrs. Heyman S. 

Franzen, Leonard 

Fraser, Mrs. A. E. 

Fraser, Dr. Horatio N. 

Freeman, Frank 

Freer, Mrs. Florence 

Freifeld, Miss Freda 

French, L. A. 

French, Richard M. 
Freshman, Mrs. E. A. 
Freund, Max M. 
Frey, Mrs. Charles 
Friedman, Harry H. 
Friedman, Samuel 
Friedsam, Morris 
Friess, A. W. 
Frisse, Louis 
Froeb, Frank 

Frothingham, Theodore L. 
Fuller, Edward M. 
Fuani, Orlando 
Funk, Dr. Merton L. 
Furst, Michael 
Gabbe, Mrs. H. 
Gabbe, Robert 
Gabler, Otto M. 
Gabriel, Mrs. Barnett 
Gabriel, Pasquale T. 
Gahagan, Frederick M. 
Gahagan, Walter H. 
Gainey, Dk. John J. 
Gair, Mrs. Robert, Jr. 
Gallagher, Miss Augusta 
Gallagher, John J. 
Galligan, William C. 
Gamble, James A. 
Gardner, Mrs. G. H. 
Gardner, Rev. Wallace J. 
Garlick, Dr. Ralph H. 
Garr, Dr. M. M. 
Garrett, Miss Lillian 
Garriger, James R. 
Gartlan, George H. 
Garvin, Judge Edwin J. 
Gasner, Simon 
Gassner, John 
Gastor, Isidor 
Gatehouse, William P. 
Gaynor, Edward J. 
Gegenheimer. William 
Gelien, Mrs. Henry J. 
Gelston, Miss May 
Gendar, Bertram E. 
Gerdau, Mrs. Otto 
Germain. L. 
Gerry, Mrs. John T. 
Gerstenfeld, Dr. G. J. 
Getzler, Walden 
Gibb, Mrs. Walter 
Gibbons, R. James 
Gibson, Mrs. Henry S. 
Gill, Miss Mary C. 
Gilvarry, James H. 
Gladding, Mrs. Walter M. 
Glass, Mrs. Hyman 


Glathe, Bernhard 
Gleason, Marshall W. 
Gleichmann, William 
Glynn, Dr. John G. 
Goddard, Mrs. Arthur E. 
Goding, Miss Florence L. 
Goell, Charles 
Goell, Jacob 
Goetze, Otto 
Goffen, Dr. A. M. 
Gold, Dr. David 
Goldinger, Abraham 
Goldman, Jacob 
Golz, John A. 
Gomory, Andrew L. 
Gonnoud, A. J. 
Goodbody, Mrs. W. W. 


Goodman, Jacob D. 
Goodman, Morris A. 
Goodnough, Lynn G. 
Goodrich, Mrs. Ernest P. 
Goodwin, Warren F. 
Gordon, Maurice 
Gottesman, Sidney M. 
Gourrich, Mrs. Paul P. 
Graff, Mrs. D. 
Grafton, Frederick D. 
Graham, James S. 
Gralla, J. 
Graten stein, A. 
Graves, Miss Yvonne F. 
Gray, George H. 
Gray, Mrs. Percy R. 
Gray, Robert L. 
Greaves, Henry 
Greenfield, Joseph 
*Greenman, William B. 
Green, Miss Clarissa 
Green, L. C. 
Green berg, Dr. L. 
Greenberg, Dr. Paul 
Greene, Everett 
Greene, Isidor F. 
Gregory, George D. 
Grennell, John C. 
Gretsch, Fred 
Gretsch, Walter 
Gretz, Paul 
Gribbin, Miss Mary 
Grice, Miss E. M. 
Griffin, Mrs. Albert C. 
*Griggs, Rufus T. 
♦Grossman, Julius 
Grotecloss, Mrs. Edward 

Grounds, Mrs. H. Collier 
Guerra, Mrs. A. D. 
Gunnison, Mrs. Frederick E. 
Gunnison, Herbert F. 
Gunter, Evan L. 
Gunther, William H. 
Gusman, A. E. 


Guyer, Louis G. 

Haas, William J. 

Haassler, Dr. A. 
*Hadden, Crowell 

Hadden, Mrs. George 

Haff, Alvah C 

Hagarty, Hon. William F. 

Hahn, Mrs. Rudolph C. 

Hale, Mrs. Joseph Cleveland 

Haley, Samuel C. 

Hall, Miss Bertha 

Hall, Dr. Charles H. 

Hall, George A. 

Hallock, Mrs. W. W. 

Halperin, Harry 

Halpert, W. H. 
*Halsey, John R. 

Halstead, Miss Adeline E. 

Halstead, Mrs. John Morton 

Halsted, Mrs. Gilbert C. 

Hamilton, Charles Edward 

Hamilton, Claude 

Hamilton, Mrs. William G. 

Hamilton, Mrs. William P. 

Hamlett, Dr. Horace I. 

Hamlin, Mrs. George D. 

Hammarlund, Mrs. Oscar 

Hammer, Mrs. Julius 

Hammer, Trygve 

Ham mitt, Miss Isabella L. 

Hammitt, J. O. 

Ham mitt, Walter 

Hammond, W. K. 

Hanan, H. W. 

Hanan, Mrs. R. W. 

Hand, Paul J. 

Handelsman, Dr. Ben 

Hansen, Hans Peter 

Hardy, Miss Ruth G. 

Harmon, Mrs. William 

Harper, Mrs. Charles 

Harras, Mrs. George O. 

Harris, Charles 

Harris, Mrs. Earl B. 

Harris, Mrs. Hubert 

Harris, John J. 

Harrison, Miss Ray 

* Deceased. 


Hart, Miss Adelaide Putnam 
Hart, Dr. Edward B. 
Hart, William C. 
Harter, Mrs. Eugene W. 
Hartzsch, Mrs. Paul 
Haskell, Douglass 
Haslam, Edward J. 
Hassall, James H. 
Hauck, Mrs. Arthur E. 
Havens, Mrs. Valentine B. 
Haviland, Howard Ross 
Hawes, Edward S. 
Hayes, Charles P. 
Haynes, Mrs. Edward 
Hays, Mrs. C. L. 
Hazard, Charles 
Head, George W. 
Healy, Joseph 
Hearn, Mrs. Cornelius 
Hearns, Mrs. Charles V. 
Hearns, Mrs. F. T. 
Heath, Henry M. 
Heaton, John L. 
Hebard, Charles R. 
Heeren, Mrs. R. S. 
Heffley, Norman P. 
Heidenheim, Miss Caroline 
Heidenreich, Mrs. Carl 
Heilbronne, Mrs. Ellis 
Heinlein, John 

Heissenbuttel, Mrs. William F 
Heller, Dr. Jacob 
Helm, Mrs. G. A. 
Hemenway, Miss Millie E. 
Henry, Dr. M. W. 
Henry, Robert E. 
Henry, Thomas W. 
Henshaw, Miss Cornelia G. 
Henze, Miss Eleanor 
Hepburn, Miss Elsie L. 
Herr, Frederick J. 
Herrick, E. A. 
Hertz, Milton 
Hess, Charles 
Hetkin, Henry 
Hewlett, George 
Hice, George Sutton 
Hicks, George 
Higgins, Thomas J. 
Higgins, Mrs. Tracy 
Hiler, Thomas F. 
Hill, Miss Clara Sloan 
Hill, Hugo 
*Hill, Lester W. 
Hill, Mrs. James M. 

Hinrichs, Fred W. 
Hirsch, Stefan 
Hirschhorn, Mrs. Fred 
Hirsh, Hugo 
Hochman, Julian 
Hodes, M. S. 

Hodgdon, Miss Katherine 
Hoefer, Augustus R. 
Hoff, John F. 
Hoffmann, Mrs. George J. 
Hoffman, Samuel L. 
Hogg, Miss Elizabeth M. 
Hollenback, Miss Amelia B. 
Holman, Mrs. J. B. 
Holmes, Miss Florence L. 


Holzman, Dr. Meyer P. 

Honeyman, Mrs. Robert B. 

Hooker, Dr. Samuel Cox 

Hopper, Dr. Magnus T. 

Hoppins, Mrs. Waldron 

Horni, Dr. John 

Horowitz, Mrs. J. L. 

Horstein, S. 

Hotchkiss, Dr. Henry T. 

Houg, Dr. B. J. 

House, Dr. Alexander C. 

Howard, Mrs. William F. 

Howe, Arthur M. 

Howe, Mrs. George C. 

Howell, Alfred C. 

Hubbard, Norman, Jr. 

Hubbard, Dr. William S. 

Hubbs, Charles F. 

Hubert, Philip A. 
♦Hughes, Mrs. John 
♦Hull, Mrs. C. A. 

Hume, Mrs. Henry M. 

Hume, Kenneth J. 

Hume, Russell S. 

Humpstone, Dr. 0. Paul 

Hunter, Miss Mary 

Hunter, Samuel E. Sr. 

Hunter, William T. 

Hurley, James F. 

Hurley, Dr. Walter E. 

Hutchins, Mrs. Alice Parker 

Hutchinson, Franklin 

Hutchinson, Miss Helen 

Hutchinson, Miss M. Louise 

Hyatt, Miss Annie 

Hyatt, Frank S. 

Hylan, Hon. John F. 

Ide, Mrs. Henry E. 

Idell, Mrs. F. E. 

* Deceased. 


Imhof, Joseph A. 
Infanger, Charles 
Ingersoll, Raymond V. 
Ingraham, Henry A. 
Inteman, Miss Lillian E. 
Irish, William S. 
Irvine, Miss Fannie A. 
Irwin, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 
Isenburger, Mrs. Natalie 
Jackson, Mrs. Anna 
Jacobs, A. J. 

Jacobs, Dr. Frederick M. 
Jacobs, Mrs. Richard E. 
Jadwin, Mrs. Palmer H. 
Jadwin, Stanley P. 
Jaffe, A. L. 
Jaffee, Mrs. Louis J. 
James, Darwin R. 
James, Halsted 
James, John W., Jr. 
James, Mrs. Warner, Jr. 
James, William L. 
James, William S. 
Jameson, Mrs. P. C. 
Jandorek, A. 
Janicula, G. T. 
Jannace, Dr. Elmer 
Janson, Dr. Christian W. 
Janson, Dr. William 
Jeffares, Mrs. James N. 
Jennings, Dr. Frank D. 
Jennings, Dr. John E. 
Jewell, John V. 
Jewell, Miss Marjorie 
Joachim, Dr. Henry 
Johanns, Mrs. Frederick L. 
Johns, E. B. 
Johnson, Charles E. 
Johnson, Mrs. Charles F. 
Johnson, Mrs. Charles H. 
Johnson, Mrs. David C. 
Johnson, Joseph H. 
Johnson, Dr. Louis C. 
Johnson, Miss Margaret E. 
Johnson, Remsen 
Johnson, Miss Rose B. 
Johnston, Mrs. F. Cliff 
Johnston, Miss Florence 
Jones, Miss A. Louise . 
Jones, Allan Northey 
Jones, Arthur A. 
Jones, Mrs. Benjamin C. 
Jones, Howard E. 
Jones, Myers R. 
Jones, Miss Reba 
Jonker, Mrs. Roelof 
Jourdan, James N. 

Judd, Mrs. Orrin R. 
Judge, Mrs. Ellen 
Jughardt, William G. 
Jung, Eugene S. E. 
Kalish, Dr. Samuel I. 
Kalt, Mrs. Morris 
Kaltenborn, Mrs. Hans V. 
Kalvin, Dr. Henry M. 
Kantrow, Dr. N. 
Kaplan, Abraham 
Kasper, Dr. Girard 
Kastendieck, Dr. J. T. W. 
Katz, Mrs. E. 
Kaufman, Dr. B. 
Kaufman, Maurice 
Keck, Frederick A. 
Keegan, John S. 
Keep, Mrs. J. Lester 
Keiley, Mrs. Benjamin A 
Keish, W. C. 
Keller, Sidney A. 
Kelly, Mrs. Edward J. 
Kelly, Miss Eugenia 
Kelly, Walter C. 
Kelso, Mrs. William G. Jr. 
Kendall, George M. 
Kendig, Mrs. Philip Morgan 
Kennedy, James J. 
Kennedy, Lewis L. 
Kennedy, Mrs. William, Jr. 
Kent, Mrs. Horace L. 
Kenyon, George W. 
Kernan, George S. 
Kerr, Mrs. LeGrand 
Ketcham, Garry M. 
Khautin, E. 
Kiernan, J. Joseph 
Kiess, George Francis 
Killeen, Edward V. 
Kimball, Miss Isabel M. 
King, Mrs. Warner 
Kinney, Mrs. G. R. 
Kinney, LeRoy R. 
Kinsey, Harold C. 
Kinsey, Henry R. 
Kirby, George E. 
Kirkman, Sidney A. 
Kirsch, Morris 
Klaff, Louis 
Klaus, Mrs. Walter 
Klein, Frank A. 
Klein, Murray 
Kleinman, William W. 
Klempner, S. 
Klinkowstein, Dr. J. J. 
Knapp, Dr. J. F. 
Kney, Leo G. 


Knowlton, Eben J. 

Knox, Mrs. John Mason 

Kny, Mrs. Richard 

Koback, F. 

Kobelt, Miss Matilda 

Kohan, Mrs. Joseph 

Kohn, Daniel 

Kolb, William D. A. 

Kolbe, Dr. Parker R. 

Kolle, William D. 

Koppelman, M. 

Kornberg, Mrs. Henrietta 

Koshel, Frank 

Koster, Dr. Eugene 

Krakauer, Abraham 

Kramer, Irving 

Kramer, N. H. 

Kratina, Joseph M 

Kraus, Michael 

Kraus, Sol B. 

Kresse, Ernest 

Kreusler, Miss Clara 

Krey, Mrs. Bessie M. 

Kristeller, Mrs. Robert S 

Krones, Mrs. Louis 

Kultzow, Herman A. 

Kuper, William H. 

Kurland, Mrs. Estelle P. 

Labenow, Dr. Max H. 

Lachicotte, Mrs. W. B. 

Lachlan, Bruce Stewart 

Lachlan, Miss Gertrude E. 

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W. 

Lagerquist, Mrs. Erik 

Lamb, Thomas 

Lamey, William J. 

Lamphear, Mrs. Amos Stewart 

Lane, Charles E., Jr. 

Lane, Mrs. D. B. 

Lane, Miss Ella M. 

Lang, Mrs. Alma 

Langdon, Palmer H. 

Langworthy, Dr. Howard T. 

Lanman, David H. 

Lantry, John F. 

Lantry, Mrs. J. P. 

Largeman, Morris 

Larson, Ole E. 

Lathrop, Rev. John Howland 

Laue, Mrs. Anna C. 

Laurie, J. Duncan 

La Vine, S. C. 

Lawrence, Mrs. L. C. 

Lawrence, H. Edward 

Lawson, James S. 

Lax, Harry 
Lay, Charles D. 
Lazansky, Hon. Edward 
Lea, Mrs. Robert Brooke 
Leach, Dr. Henry Goddard 
Leadbeater, E. H. 
Learey, Mrs. Arthur R. 
LeBerthon, H. Ginnel 
Leddy, Mrs. Alice G. 
Ledwith, Mrs. Minnie Q. 
Lee, Mrs. Robert E. 
*Lehrfeld, W. F. 
Leifert. Philip 

Leigh, Mrs. Ethel Traphagen 
Lent, Mrs. Charles Fletcher 
Leslie, Dr. Robert L. 
Lester, Mrs. Maxwell 
Levert, Albert M. 
Levi, Julian Clarence 
Levine, Harry A. 
Levine, Mrs. S. 
Levingson, Mrs. Isaac 
Levison, Philip 
Levitt, Dr. Alexander 
Levy, Aaron W. 
Levy, Mrs. Dinah 
Levy, Miss Esther 
Levy, Henry D. 
Levy, Dr. Jerome 
Levy, Lee 
Levy, Dr. Saul M. 
Levy, William 
Lewine, Jerome 
Lewis, Daniel F. 
Lewis, Miss Emma B. 
Lewis, Hon. Harry E. 
Lewis, Dr. Maurice T. 
Lewis, Dr. Samuel 
Lexow, Allan 


Liebman, Julius 
Liebman, Mrs. Julius 
Lieberman, Emanuel 
Liebowitz, Dr. Philip 
Lilly, Henry W. 
Linder, Dr. John 
Linder, Dr. William 
Lines, Dr. Mary Louise 
Lipman, David 
Lipnitzky, Dr. Nathan 
Lipper, Aaron 
Lippman, Dr. Meyer 
Litchfield, Dr. Harry R. 
Little, Mrs. Frank 
Livingston, Mrs. Charles 

* Deceased. 


Lloyd, L. 

Lockwood, Mrs. Horace C. 

Loines, Miss Elma 

Loines, Mrs. Stephen H. 

Lord, Chester S. 

Loth, Paul V. 

Lott, Erskine H. 

Lott, M. S. 

Loughlin, Joseph J. 

Louria, Dr. Alex L. 

Louria, Mrs. Milton R. 

Love, Dr. C. R. 

Lovell, Clinton P. 

Low, J. Edward 

Low, Mrs. J. O. 

Low, Samuel W. 

Lowenstein, Mrs. Josephine 

Lowenstein, Sigmund 

Luber, Mrs. Harry 

Luce, Richard H. 

Ludeke, Rev. Francis X. 

Ludeman, Arthur A. 

Ludin, Mrs. John E. 

Ludlum, Dr. Walter D. 

Ludwig, Louis 

Lupo, Thomas B. 

Lustig, Philip H. 

Lustre Fibres Ltd. 

Luther, Martin 

Lynam, Thomas J. 

Lyons, Edward 

Lyons, Frank G. 

Lyons, Dr. John J. 

Lysaght, Dr. Ellen 

Mack, Dr. C. F. 

Mack, William 

Mackay, Frederick D. 

Mackey, J. T. 

MacNaughton, Dr. Donald S. 

MacRae, Mrs. F. J. 

Madeo, Antonio 

Madden, F. W. G. 

Madfes, Mrs. Samuel 

Mahony, Miss Mary K. 

Main, William A. 

Malament, Dr. M. J. 

Malkenson, Arthur L. 

Mallinson, H. R. & Co. 

Malone, L. W. 

Maltz, B. M. 

Mandelbaum, Dr. Harry 

Mangel, Walter 

Mangels, W. F. 

Manley, Dr. Mark 

Mann, Mrs. F. C. 

Manne, Dr. Alexander S. 
Manning, Dr. Charles E. 
Manning, Miss Charlotte T. 
Mannix, Mrs. Henry 
Mansfield, Miss Louise B. 
Manson, Harold J. 
Marel, Dr. A. H. 
Marguelies, Miss Pauline 
Mark, Mrs. Louis H. 
Marks, Mrs. Alexander D. 
Marks, Harry M. 
Marshall, Mrs. W. W. 
Martin, Mrs. D. D. 
Martin, Dr. E. L. 
Martin, Percy H. 
Martin, Mrs. T. W. 
Mason, Albert L. 
Master, Mrs. E. Hazen 
Mathews, Mrs. Charles P. 
Mathis, Paul 
Mathuson, Mrs. Alice M. 
Matthews, Joseph 
Mattfeld, Mrs. Mary M. 
Mattsson, Ebba S. 
Matz, Israel 
Max, Mrs. Anna P. 
Maxwell, Mrs. Earl C. 
May, Joseph M. 
May, Mrs. Mitchell 
Mayer, Frederick J. 
*Mayer, W. H. 
Mayer, Mrs. William E. C. 
Maynard, Dr. & Mrs. Edwin P. Jr. 
Maynard, Richard S. 
McAllister, Mrs. John J. 
McCooey, Hon. John H. 
McCord, W. S. 
McCormack, Mrs. J. L. 
McCoy, George A. 
McCrossin, Mrs. Hugh 
McDaniel, Mrs. W. B. 
McDermott, Mrs. Charles J. 
McDonald, Alex W. 
McDonald, Willis, Jr. 
McDonell, The Bishop, H. S. 
McDougall, Miss A. Alice 
McEachen, John C. 
McGlinchy, James H. 
McGowan, Clarence J. 
McGrath, Edward 
McGuire, Mrs. Elisha W. 
McIlduff, Miss Margaret 
McKelway, Mrs. St. Clair 
McKenna, John F. 
McLaren, James R. 

* Deceased. 


McMahon, Dr. Arthur J. 
McMillan, Mrs. Lamont J. 
McRoberts, W. J. 
McSwyny, Miss Mary 
Mead, Dr. Irving 
Meader, J. J. 
Meeker, D. E. 
Meeker, Samuel M. 
Meinwald, Dr. H. 
Mellen, Mrs. Arthur 
Mendes, George A. 
Mercelis, Mrs. E. E. 
Merrill, George H. 
Merrill, Mrs. Whitney 
Meruk, Robert 
Merwarth, Dr. H. R. 
Merwin, Mrs. Robert Eugene 
Meserole, Walter M. 
Mesouita, R. 
Metz, Hon. Herman A. 
Meurer, Andrew 
Meyonborg, Miss Evelyn A. 
Meyer, Edward 
Meyer, Frederick J. 
Meyer, Jacques 
Meyer, Johannes 
Meyer, Max 
Meyer, Max C. 
Meyersburg, Dr. Harry 
Meyerson, Dr. Jacob 
Meyn, Hans H. A. 
Michaels, Joseph 
Middendorf, Charles H. 
Middleton, John 
Milch, Jacob 
Milefsky, Louis 
Milham, Guy W. 
Miller, George A. 
Miller, Henry 
Millette, Miss Marguerite 
Mills, Dr. Henry M. 
Mills, Oswin J. 
Minenberg, Dr. Philip 
Minor, Edward T. 
Minsky, Mrs. Mary 
Minton, Dr. Henry B. 
Mintz, Benjamin 


Mizel, Bernard 
Moffat, George P. 
Moller, John, Sr. 
Moore, Mrs. Willis M. 
Moorhead, Dr. Robert L. 
Moorhead, Mrs. William H. 
Moran, Joseph H. 

Morehouse, David 
Morgenthaler, Leonard 
Morgenthau, Mrs. Henry 
Morrison, Charles W. 
Morse, Mrs. Bernard J. 
*Morse, E. P. 
Moscowitz, Hon. Grover 
Moselsio, Simon 
Moses, Francis H. 
Moss, Dr. Abraham 
Mosson, Mrs. Herman 
Moyle, Rev. James H. 
Mueller, Paul H. 
Muller, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Mulligan, Arthur M. 
Muncie, Dr. Curtis H. 


Munson, Frank C. 
Murphy, Mrs. Arthur J. 
Murphy, Charles F. 
Murphy, Dr. Daniel 
Murphy, F. M. 
Murphy, Henry V. 
Murphy, Rev. Joseph F. 
*Murphy, Mrs. Mary Cogswell 
Murray, Mrs. Thomas E., Jr. 
Mussman, George A. 
Myers, Mrs. Ada S. 
Myerson, Mrs. M. C. 
Nadelman, Mme. Elie 
Namm, Benjamin H. 
Nash, J. Webb 
Neaderland, Herman 
Neiswender, A. B. C. 
Nelson, A. N. 
Nelson, Mrs. Godfrey N. 
Nelson, John G. 
Nelson, Stanley F. 
Nesmith, James 
Nesmith, Miss Sarah Frances 
Neuburger, Mrs. Selig B. 
Neumann, Mrs. Henry 
Neuman, Miss J. 
Newall, W. C. 
Newman, Emanuel 
Newman, Jesse 
Newman, Miss Louise B. 
Newman, Miss Louise M. 
Newton, Charles E., Jr. 
Newton, Wallace S. S. 
Nexsen, Randolph 
Nezold, M. 

Nichols, Dr. Carroll L. 
Nissen, Mrs. Ludwig 
Noon an, Dr. Cornelius 

* Deceased. 


Noonan, W. E. 
Norris, Howard E. 
Norris, Mrs. William H. 
Notman, Howard 
Nova, Hon. A. I. 
Nowlan, Miss Nicolene C. 
Noyes, Charles F. 
Noyes, Mrs. H. F. 
Nugent, John S., Jr. 
Nugent, P. J. 
Nye, Miss Margaret 
Oberman, Irving 
Obermayer, William 
Obermayer, Mrs. C. J. 
O'Dea, Peter J. 
Oetjen, Henry 
Ofner, Mrs. Emil 
O'Hara, Mr. & Mrs. John J. 
Ohly, Dr. John H. 
Ohman, C. A. 
Oldenbuttel, C. 
O'Loughlin, A. 
Olsen, John C. 
Olsson, Dr. E. 
O'Neill, George 
O'Neill, Thomas A. 
O'Regan, Miss Margaret 
Orlinger, Miss Augusta 
O'Rourke, Miss Margaret 
Osborne, Dean C. 
Otis, Dr. F. Burton 
Outerbridge, Mrs. V. L. 


Paffard, Dr. Frederic C. 
Page, Miss F. A. 
Page, Frank C. B. 
Paige, Mrs. Clifford E. 
Paine, Charles B. 
Paine, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Pallister, Dr. S. W. 
Palmer, Mrs. Carleton H. 
Pancake, Carl O. 
Parker, Mrs. John C. 
Parkinson, W. H. 
Parrish, Dr. John W. 
Parshelsky, Isaac 
Parsons, Mrs. Frank H. 
Partridge, Mrs. Charles 
Pascual, Dr. W. V. 
Patterson, George J. 
Paul, Mrs. William A. O. 
Paulsen, Miss Gertrude M. 
Payne, Alfred W. 
Payne, Mrs. Charles L. 
Peabody, Mrs. Charles S. 

Pearsall, Samuel 
Pearson, Charles H. 
Pease, Samuel A. 
Peck, A. J. 
Peck, Bayard L. 
Peck, Fremont, C. 
Peck, Howard C. 
Peiper, Rev. Samuel 
Pendas, Mrs. Manuel B. 
Pendleton, Fred S. 
Pendleston, Dr. Judson P. 
Pentlarge, Dr. V. H. 
Perkins, A. Ludlow 
Perkins, Mrs. Charles E. 
Perry, George H. 
Peterson, Ferdinand 
Peterson, Mrs. Jonathan 
Peterson, Dr. Theodore 
Petrocelli, Mrs. Joseph 
Pfeiffer, Mrs. William 
Phelan, William F. 
Phillips, Mrs. C. B. 
Pierce, Charles T. 
Pierrepont, Robert L. 
Pierson, T. G. Reynolds 
Piesen, Mrs. H. H. 
Pilcher, Mrs. James T. 
Pilsbury, Mrs. Ernest H. 
*Pinkerton, Allan 
Pirie, S. C. 
Pitkin, Mrs. F. E. 
Planten, H. Rolff 
Platt, Frank L. 
Platt, Mrs. Willard H. 
Plumb, H. B. 
Polak, Dr. John Osborn 
polhemus, theordore h. 
polivnick, isador 
Polsky, Mrs. Paul 
Pomeroy, Mrs. R. H. 


Post, Miss Jessie W. 

Pound, Mrs. Florence Hegeman 

Powers, Miss Emdly C. 

Pratt, Mrs. Abram J. 

Pratt, Miss Caroline S. 

Pratt, Charles 

Pratt, Mrs. Frederic B. 

Pratt, Mrs. K. S. 

Pratt, Mrs. N. W. 

Pratt, Mrs. Richardson 

Prest, Dr. Charles S. 

Price, Miss Gertrude 

Price, Dr. William H. 

Prince, Benjamin 

* Deceased. 


Prince, John D., Jr. 
Prosser, Mrs. Alfred L. 
Prosser, Miss Ella W. 
Provost, Miss Eva M. 
Putnam, Charles C. 
Putnam, Miss Grace S. 
Putnam, Hon. Harrington 
Pye, David W. 
Quick, Miss Amelia F. 
Quick, Mabel E. 
Quinn, Edward F. 
Rabinowitz, Dr. H. M. 
Rabinowitz, Dr. Meyer 
Rachlin, Dr. Louis 
Rambusch, Harold W. 
Ramsay, Miss Grace S. 
Randall, Arthur E. 
Randazzo, F. E. 
♦Randolph, Mrs. Harry R. S. 
Rasch, Mrs. G. William 
Rathbun, Dr. Nathaniel P. 
Raymond, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Read, Dr. J. Sturdivant 
Read, Miss Mary E. 
Redding, Miss Helen 
Redmond, Miss Caroline M 
Redmond, William 
Reid, Mrs. Aaron L. 
Reid, Mrs. W. Rowley 
Reimer, Otto E. 
Rembski, Mrs. Stanislav 
Reuter, George P. 
Reynolds, Mrs. A. G. 
Reynolds, Charles H. 
Reynolds, Mrs. Harry K. 
Reynolds, Mrs. Patrick 
Richey, A. S. 

Richardson, Dr. W. Payson 
Rider, John M. 
Riley, Miss M. Grace 
Riley, Nicholas F. 
Ringe, Herman, Sr. 
Rink, Dr. W. S. 
Ripperger, Mrs. Walter 
Ris, Bernard 
Risch, Dr. Otto E. F. 
Risley, Mrs. Everett E. 
Roache, John Benedict 
Robbert, F. W. 
Roberts, John S. 
Roberts, Mrs. Kingsley 
Robertson, Norman F. 
Robertson, Dr. V. A. 
Robbins, Louis 
Robinson, George 

Robinson, George N. 
Rock, Mrs. B. 
Rogan, John H. 
Rogers, Mrs. John R. 
Rohlfs, Henry 
Rommer, Isaac 
Roney, Emil H. 
Rose, Joseph H. 
Rosen, Mrs. M. A. 
Rosen, Meyer 
Rosenbaum, Bernard 
Rosenberg, John A. 
Rosenberg, Samuel 
rosenbluth, mrs. irving 
rosenfeld, morris 
Rosenson, Miss Olga L. 
Rosenthal, Dr. Joseph 
Rosow, I. P. 
Ross, Rev. John F. 
Roth, Benjamin H. 
Rothblum, Mrs. David 
rothenberg, louis 
Rothschild, Simon F. 
Rothschild, Walter N. 
Rothstein, Mrs. Max 
Roulston, T. H. 
Rountree, Mrs. A. V. 
Rowe, E. Everett 
Rowe, Frederick W. 
Rowe, Mrs. Frederick 
Rowland, Thomas F., Jr. 
Royce, Mrs. Robert S. 
Rubel, Samuel 
Rubin, M. 
Rubin, Dr. Samuel 
Ruby, Frederick 
Ruckgaber, Mrs. Paul 
Ruddy, Charles John 
Ruefer, John W. 
Ruppert, Mrs. Katherine 
Ruppert, Louis L. 
Rushmore, Dr. J. C. 
Russell, Miss E. C. G. 
Russell, Miss Grace W. 
Rust, Alfred H. 
Rutchik, Max M. 
Rutstein, J. 
Ruwe, Mrs. C. D. 
Ryan, Miss Mary M. 
Ryckoff, S. 
Ryder, Mrs. Henry C. 
Ryerson, William F. 
Rynd. Dr. Charles E. 
Sackman, Charles 
Sacoder, Henry J. 



Sadler, Rippy T. 
Sahacht, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
Sahlin, Dr. S. S. 
Salmon, Mrs. William S. 
Salomone, Charles 
Salsberg, Dr. Philip 
Saltser, Mrs. M. J. 
Salwen, Dr. Emanuel 
Saltzman, Michael 
Sanford, Elmer B. 
Saper, Lewis H. 
Sargent, William D. 
Sarnoff, J. M. 
Sartori, Joseph J. 
Sartorius, Otto 
Savarese, Francis X. 
Sawyer, Mrs. L. 
Saymon, Ignatius 
Sayre, Edwin H. 
Scacco, J. 

Schaap, Mrs. Joseph M. 
Schad, Mrs. Katherine M. 
Schanzer, Albert D. 
Scheck, Herman M. 
Scheidacker, Mrs. H. 
Schenck, Charles L. 
Schenck, Willard P. 
Schenk, Henry 
Schepmoes, Mrs. F. R. 
Schindele, George 
schlossberg, a. 
Schmidt, Arnold M. 
Schmidt, Miss Dorothy G. 
Schmidt, Dr. James M. 
Schmitter, William A. 
Schmitz, T. S. 
Schneider, Theophile 
Schneider, Mrs. William W. 
Schoen, Mrs. Joseph 
schoenbaum, morris s. 
Schoncite, Paul G. 
Schreiber, Dr. George J. 
Schroeter, Louis D. 


Schulman, Miss Beatrice V. 
Schulz, Miss Elizabeth 
Schumacher, Henry 
Schumann, Carl J. 
Schumann, Frank M. 
Schumann, John H. 
Sch wager, Mortimer 
Schwartz, Harry N. 
Schwartz, Joseph J. 
Schwartz, L. B. 
Schwartz, Dr. Leo S. 

Schwarz, Frank H. 
Schwarz, George J. 
Schwarz, John A. 
Schweitzer, Mrs. William P. 
Sclafani, S. C. 
Scott, Charles M. 
Scott, Mrs. Robert G. 
Scudder, Mrs. A. H. 
Scudder, Hon. Townsend 
Seaburg, Gust, Jr. 
Seaman, Charles F. 
Seaman, Miss Mary 
Seaman, Miss Mary T. 
Seamans, Miss Mary A. 
Searing, Joseph P. 
Seaver, Dr. Alfred Drew 
Seddon, Graham 
Seekamp, John 
Seemann, William H. 
Seibert, Albert E. 
Seiderberg, Otto 
Seiderman, Samuel 
Serper, Harry 
Sessa, Joseph 
Sewell, Mrs. R. A. 
Sexton, Edward A. 
Seymour, Walter B. 
Shabshelowitz, H. 
Shalit, Mrs. Aaron 
Shann, Dr. Herman 
Shapiro, Mrs. David 
Shapiro, Nathan D. 
Shapiro, Dr. Jacob 
Shaw, Frank S. 
Shaw, Robert Alfred 
Shay, Dr. James J. 
Sheldon, Mrs. Alexander E. 
Shepard, Charles S. 
Shepherd, Mrs. George M. 
Sherman, Mrs. A. W. 
Sherwood, Dr. W. A. 
Shevlin, Mrs. George C. 
Shipley, Mrs. Samuel J. 
Shipley, W. S. 
Shulman, H. Edward 
Silberberg, I. 
♦Simmons, Mrs. Alex G. 
Simmons, Mrs. Frank E. 
Simms, Mrs. H. L. 
Simon, Mrs. George 
Simpson, Hugh A. 
Siney, Edward F. 
Slee, John B. 
Sloan, Mrs. M. S. 
Slotkin, S. 



Slutzky, Dr. David 

Smith, Dr. A. H. 

Smith, B. Herbert 

Smith, Caleb V. 

Smith, Miss Claire M. 

Smith, Mrs. Clarence Bishop 

Smith, Miss Frances A. 

Smith, Mrs. F. Morse 

Smith, George William 

Smith, Dr. Henry Mitchell 

Smith, Mrs. Hugh M. 

Smith, Leo O. 

Smith, Mrs. Townsend J. 

Smith, William H. 

Smith, Mrs. William J. 

Smith, Dr. William Sidney 

Smithwick, Mrs. J. G. 

Sniffen, Frank L. 

Snyder, Jacob A. 

Snyder, Mrs. Susie C 

Snyder, Dr. William H. 

Somers, Arthur S. 

Southard, Miss Edith B. 

Southwick, Lewis S. 

Southworth, Theodore 

Sparago, William 

Spark, William 
*Sparks, H. L. 

Spatt, Dr. M. 

Spelman, Mrs. William A. 

Spence, John L. 

Spence, Mrs. John L., Jr. 

Spence, Dr. Thomas B. 

Spencer, Miss Eleanor 

Spencer, Mrs. Harry H. 

Spencer, Mrs. J. D. 
*Sperry, Elmer A. 

Spiegel, Simon 

Spitz, Isidore 

Squillace, Dr. Joseph A. 

Squires, William A. 

Stabile, Joseph 

Staeb, Rudolph 

Stanley, Mrs. Albert W. 

Stanton, Mrs. George A. 

Starbuck, Mrs. W. H. 

Steele, Mrs. F. T. 

Steele, Roswell H. 

Steen, Charles 

Steenken, E. H. 

Steinback, Mrs. William E. 

Steinbrink, Meier 

Steinbrucker, Charles 

Steinbugler, J. L. 

Steinweg, A. L. and Co., Inc. 

Stekin, David 
Stephan, Carl J. 
Stern, S. 

Sternberger, Louis 
Stevenot, George A. 
Stevens, Don L. 
Stevenson, C. Maxwell 
Steward, Miss Maud H. 
Stewart, James A. 
Stewart, Mrs. Seth Thayer 
Steyert, Charles F. 
Stine, Mrs. John R. 
Stires, Rev. Ernest M. 
Stolitzky, Milton 
Stoloff, Dr. Benjamin 
Stoppel, Ernest A. 
Stott, Edward B. 
Stoveland, Dr. S. 
Strang, William H. 
Straus, Hugh Grant 
Streeter, M. B. 
Strong, Dr. L. V. 
Strubel, P. C. 
Struse, Otto F. 
Stumkoff, Dr. David 
Sturm, Mrs. Ernest 
Stutzmann, Rudolph 
Sullivan, George T. 
Sullivan, Dr. Raymond P. 
Sullivan, Dr. William E. 
Sully, Mrs. Mary 
Sultan, Dr. Saul 
Sussman, Dr. Samuel 
Sutro, Mrs. Lionel 
Swan, Mrs. John L 
Sweedler, Nathan 
Sweezy, Mrs. Richard Leland 
Sweitzer, Miss Elizabeth 
Swenson, Mrs. Oscar E. 
Takami, Dr. T. Campbell 
Talmage, Harry 
Talmage, John F. 
Taub, Isidor 

Taylor, Mrs. Howard M. 
Taylor, Dr. John M. 
Taylor, Miss Mary C. 
Taylor, Mrs. Ronald 
Tedford, Mrs. John E. 
Telsey, Samuel A. 
Telson, Robert 
Terry, Miss Marion J. 
Thatcher, Edwin H. 
Thayer, Gordon C. 
Thayer, John V. B. 
Thayer, Mrs. John V. B. 



Thirkield, G. H. 
Thomas, Mrs. Oliffe, W. 
Thompson, Allen 
Thompson, Frank 
Tiebout, Cornelius H., Jr. 
Tiebout, John 
Tiebout, Mrs. Ralph 
Tiebout, Wallace 
Tilley, Dr. R. McFarlane 
Tilyou, Mrs. George C. 
Timney, John J. 
Tisch, Charles 
Titus, Miss Alice W. 
Todd, Dr. Joseph F. 
Tomlins, William M. 
Tong, Alfred E. 
Topol, Nathan 
Tousey, Miss Elizabeth 
Townsend, E. M. 
Traendly, Mrs. Frank H. 
Trainer, Mrs. Emma C. 
Travis, Miss Katherine G. 
Treakle, J. Edwin 
Trees, Clyde C. 
Trenchard, Henry 
Trismen, Frederick 
Trommer, George 
Trotter, E. T. 
Troyansky, Dr. J. 
Truslow, Dr. Walter 
Tucker, Allan 
Tudor, Miss Elizabeth 
Tumbridge, Mrs. Stanley S. 
Turner, Mrs. Henry Chandlee 
Turner, Mrs. Henry C. 
Turner, Mrs. Samuel 
Tutino, Ernest 


Twyeffort, Miss Nellie 
Tyler, Mrs. Walter Lincoln 
Uehlinger, H. 
Uhdal, John H. 
Vaczy, Mrs. Edward 
Vail, Mrs. Frank E. 
Valentine, Stephen 
Van Aken, Mrs. I. D. 
Van Alen, Mrs. William 
Van Brunt, Jeremiah R. 
Vance, Mrs. Robert 
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Robert T. 
Vander Wyst, F. A. 
Van Etten, Mrs. Howard H. 
Van Iderstine, Mrs. Charles A. 
Van Kleeck, Mrs. William H. 
Van Norden, Miss M. Pauline 
Van Nostrand, Benjamin T. 
Van Siclen, G. S. 

Van Vleck, Miss Clara 

Van Vleck, Miss Jane 

Van Wyck, Albert 

Varian, Mrs. A. W. 

Varin, Miss Dora N. 

Vernet, Mrs. Sargius 

Vernon, Mrs. Frederick F. 

Vernon, Howard W. 

Vernon, Paul E. 

Vitale, Frank A. 

Vogel, William H. 

Vogt, Mrs. Charles 

Voigt, Albert 

Vollmer, Mrs. Edward Richard 

von Au, Mrs. Otto E. 

von Campe, Mrs. Edward 

Von Sternberg, Julius R. 

Voorhees, Mrs. Tracy S. 

Voorhies, Frank S. 

Wade, Mrs. H. Albert 

Wagner, T. B. 

Wakeman, Miss Lillian C. 

Walde, Miss Ruth V. 

Waldo, George W. 

Waldron, A. J. 

Walker, Miss C. Murton 

Walker, R. O. 

Walker, R. S. 

Walkley, Mrs. A. H., Jr. 

Walkof, Nathaniel 

Walsh, James A. 

Walsh, Michael F. 

Walsh, Mrs. W. W., Jr. 

Walsh, William 

Walter, Mrs. Thomas C. 

Walters, Mrs. John 

Walters, John W. 

Walton, Mrs. Frances E. 

Wandel, Carlton 

Wandel, Mrs. William Simonson 

Wappett, A. J. 

Warbasse, Mrs. James P. 

Ward, Charles R. 

Wark. Charles F. 

Warlow, Mrs. F. H. 

Warner, Miss Margaret B. 

Warner, Miss Mary E. 

Warren, Dr. L. F. 

Waterbury, Miss Nellie M. 

Waterman, Miss Maude 

Watson, Harold D. 

Watson, Thomas G. 

Watson, William A. 

Watts, Mrs. C. A. L. 

Weatherless, Ellis B. 

Weaver, Christian 

Weaver Mrs. William G. 


Webb, G. B. 
Weber, F. C. 
Weber, Ferdinand 
Weber, John W. 
Webster, Richardson 
Weck, Mrs. Edward 
Weed, Louis E. Jr. 
Weeth, Dr. Charles R 
Wehncke, Mrs. Ernst 
Weiderman, George 
Weinberg, Morris 
Weinberg, N. 
♦Weissmann, Caesar 
Welch, A. C. 
Welch, Dr. Daniel E. 
Welch, John F. 
Welcher, Miss Alice L. 
Weller, Miss Helene O. 
Weller, Millard V. 
Wells, Mrs. C. R. 
Wells, Dr. Francis M. 
Wells, Walter F. 
Welz, John 
Wemmell, Dr. A. A. 
Wendel, Hugo C. M. 
Werst, Christian 
Wess, Harold B. 
Werbelovsky, Charles 
Weymuller, Dr. Charles A. 
Wheat, Miss Nina E. 
Wheeler, Mrs. R. A. 
Whitaker, Henry A. 
White, Mrs. George Andrew 
White, Mrs. George W. 
Whitley, Frederic N. 
Whitney, Mrs. Joseph Botsford 
Whitney, Mrs. Howard F. 
Whitney, Mrs. Travis H. 
Wickenden, Robert J. 
Widder, Samuel 
Widmann, Eugene Alfred 
Wieder, Samuel 
Wiener, George 
Wikander, Miss E. 
Wikle, Dr. Herbert T. 
Wilbert, Mrs. Elizabeth M. 
Wilckes, Mrs. F. 
Wild, Frank 
Wilkinson, Horatio L. 
Williams, Francis E. 


Williams, Mrs. Mary R. 
Williams, Rhye B. 
Williams, Robert G. 
Williams, S. R. 
Williamson, Bernard C. 
Wills, Louis C. 
Wilson, Miss Agnes 
Wilson, Francis A. 
Wilson, Kenneth G. 
Wilson, William G. 
Windels, Paul 
Windwer, Dr. Charles 
Winey, C L. 

Wingate, Hon. George Albert 
Winton, Alexander 
Wise, Dr. Alfred M. 
Wishart, W. 
Wittmer, Mrs. Mary 
Wood, Mrs. Arthur Emory 
Wood, Mrs. S. A. 
Wood, Mrs. Thomas B. 
Woodcock, Mrs. William J. 
Woodman, R. Huntington 
Woodworth, Mrs. F. J. 
Worthington, Miss Charloti 
Wright, H. F. 
Wright, Miss Mabel 
Wright, Mrs. William H. 
Wrigley, Richard D. 
Yenni, Mrs. Frederick A. 
Yergason, Mrs. J. S. 
Young, Mrs. Ezra Hallock 
Young, John M. 
Young, Leo H. 
Young, Mrs. Richard, Jr. 
Young, Walter N. 
Young, Wesley L. 
Zabriskie, Mrs. E. T. 
Zahler, Max 
Zarnikaur, Herbert 
Zeitz, Hyman 
Zellner, Mrs. Carl P. 
Zerga, Frank L. 
Ziegler, Mrs. W. H. 
Zimmele, Charles F. 
Zimmer, Dr. Wilson B. 
Zimmermann, John 
Zuckerman, Henry 


Zwinge, William P. 



I hereby give and bequeath to the BROOKLYN INSTITUTE OF 

ARTS AND SCIENCES, the sum of Dollars, 

to be applied to the Endowment Fund of the Museums of said Institute. 



City of New York 

The Central Museum (Brooklyn Museum) established in 1896, 
is in cooperation with the following institutions in the cause of 
public education : 

Department of Education of the City of New York. 
High Schools and Public Schools of Brooklyn. 
Brooklyn Training School for Teachers. 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. 
Department of Education. 
Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 
Children's Museum of Brooklyn. 
Biological Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, L. I. 

Brooklyn Public Library. 

Pratt Institute. 

Brooklyn Training School for the Blind. 

Young Men's Christian Association of Brooklyn. 

Young Women's Christian Association of Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn Entomological Society. 

American Museum of Natural History. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

New York Zoological Garden. 

New York Aquarium. 

Teachers' College of Columbia University. 

School Art League.