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mT ...ary Anderson 


The Secret Power of Numbers 

The numerical guide to 
the secretsof life 


Numbers have valid meanings. Properly 
interpreted, they can provide a route for life's 
journey. This book reveals how to analyse 
your name and birthdate numerically for 
exploring character and assessing future 


By the same author: 


The Secret Power of Numbers 



Wellingborough, Northamptonshire 

First published 1972 
Third Impression 1977 
Second Edition, revised, enlarged 
and reset, 1979 
Second Impression 1981 
Third Impression 1984 


This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by 
way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or 
otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in 
any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is 
published and without a similar condition including this 
condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. 

ISBN 85030 183 1 

Printed and bound in Great Britain by 
Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press) Ltd. , 
Bungay, Suffolk. 



Foreword 7 

1 . The Meaning of Numbers 9 

2. Words and Numbers 23 

3. Your Destiny Pattern 32 

4. The Meaning of Your Birthday 

Vibrations 42 

5. How to Lay Out and Analyse Your 

Numberscope 59 

6. And What About your Future? 68 

7. Love, Money and Success 77 

8. Love Without Tears 87 
Index 95 


We all use numbers every day, but few of us 
think that there is more to numbers than 
their general use as a medium of 
measurement. In fact, numbers have their 
own inner characteristics and meanings and 
understanding these leads us down a path of 
discovery, even self-discovery, which can pay 
us handsome dividends in terms of happiness 
and success. 

To those of an enquiring mind who want 
to know why, I would just say c try for 
yourself; I shall be giving you all the tools 
you need for the work. You can then do some 
venturesome exploring and who can say how 
absorbed you may become in your journey of 
discovery to the secret inner worlds? 

These are the same worlds of abstract 
design in which mathematicians of old, like 
Pythagoras, laboured to bring the world a 
workable system based on the numbers one 
to nine. Later researchers have added two 
master numbers, eleven and twenty-two. 

It is interesting to note that Pythagoras 
said 'Nature geometrizes', and the great 
psychologist Jung stressed that numbers, 
instead of being the product of invention, 
were found or discovered. He said, in fact, 
that they were spontaneous productions of 



the unconscious and that the latter uses 
number as an ordering factor. 

The origin of both the alphabet and 
numbers seems lost in the mists of antiquity, 
but so far as we are concerned, numbers have 
valid meanings and so can guide us in 
assessing both people and situations. 

We are all interested in ourselves. 
Numbers provide us with interesting tools for 
exploring ourselves and our own potential 
and destiny. 

This is not all. We can obtain valuable 
guidelines as to our future, our career, 
happ iness, health, success. Numbers, their 
analysis and understanding, put into our 
hands a route map to guide us on our journey 
through life as well as a basic 'map' showing 
our particular situation at birth. 

Given this data, there is no longer any 
need to hesitate or waver, lose our way and 
waste our time, we have only to follow our 
number guidelines. 

Words are symbols of thoughts, and like 
numbers they communicate ideas. Words 
can be transformed into numbers for each 
letter has a numerical value of its own just as 
each number has a letter value. 

So let us get to work now and give you the 
basic meanings of the numbers. 


Number One 

The person who has number 1 on any of the 
main positions of birthday, expression, 
destiny or reality, and so predominant in his 
numberscope, is a dynamic personality, 
independent, original, creative, a hard 
worker. He gets things done, encourages, 
advises and drives others. If he will use these 
qualities positively, his life will be successful. 

This number is ruled by the Sun, and 
stands for all things masculine, such as 
courage, leadership, decision and willpower. 
Number 1 people are predominantly mental 
types and are introverted. Those who have 
number 1 strong can only fail if they 
are indecisive, lacking in confidence, lazy and 
allow themselves to be led by others. They 
can also fail if they become -over-positive, 
dominant, egotistic and intolerant. 

When applied to future events, number 1 
indicates new starts, the launching of new 
projects, personal or business. Success if the 
past is left behind, a time to be determined, 
active and courageous. 

Affinities - 2, 4, 7. Colours - 
yellow/gold/bronze. Fortunate days - 
Sunday and Monday. 



Number Two 

Numbers 1 and 2 go together, they are 
polarities for number 2 is as essentially 
female as number 1 is masculine. Number 2 
people, that is people with 2 predominant in 
their numberscope, should ideally exhibit the 
best of the womanly qualities, that is 
gentleness, tact, adaptability, understanding 
and wisdom. 

Number 2 is ruled by the Moon, and so to 
you the home, family and peace and 
harmony in relationships are very important. 
They should be the ones to make for 
harmony and beauty in their surroundings, 
they should never push for things, but gain 
them through their quiet, gentle, diplomatic 
ways and capacity to handle others. 

Number 2 people can fail if they fall into 
negative ways, accepting everything which is 
dealt out to them without protest, being 
over-tolerant, obsessive about detail and 
worrisome, not being able to adapt 
themselves to others and losing out by being 
moody, touchy and easily upset. ^ 

People with this vibration predominant 
can be either too 'bottled up' or over- 
emotional, they need to keep a balance for 
success and happiness. Their warmth, 
sympathy and understanding attract others. 

Regarding future events, number 2 warns 
of the need for caution, a wait-and-see 
attitude, the time for decision is not yet. 

Affinities - 1 and 7. Colours - all pale and 



pastel shades. Fortunate days - Sunday and 

Number Three 

Number 3 always relates to self-expression, 
and if number 3 is predominant in your 
numberscope you must always try for 
personal self-expression in creative ways, for 
this number gives you talent where writing 
and speaking are concerned. 

Number 3 endows its children with a 
basically happy, optimistic, carefree nature, 
they must not be imprisoned or forced into 
too practical ways for this number tells that 
they were born to encourage and entertain 

A creative outlet is essential for success 
through acting, singing, dancing, music or 
other forms of creativity. 

The number 3 is essentially related to 
Jupiter, planet of abundance, joy, good luck, 
so you feel the need for breadth of contacts, 
social life, friends and a job which is not too 
practical and down to earth. 

Failure comes to the number 3 if you do 
not develop your potential, if instead of being 
a joy-bringer you are a pessimist and a 
killjoy. You can also fail by being too restless, 
by never sticking to anything, and by 
worrying unduly you can make yourself and 
others into nervous wrecks. 

Overdevelopment of your basic 
characteristics can also lead to failure 



through a tendency to self-advertisement, 
boasting and conceit. Snobbism and 
cynicism are also negative 3 traits. 

Success comes to the number 3 when you 
develop and use your gifts, then your life 
brings happiness to others and you are 
fulfilled yourself. For the future it gives the 
green light and suggests Lady Luck is 

Affinities - 6 and 9. Colours - all shades of 
violet and purple. Fortunate day - Thursday. 

Number Four 

If you have someone in your family who is 
predominantly a 3 person, and another 
member who is very much a 4 person, you 
will continually be reminded of their 
differences, for these two numbers are almost 
mutually exclusive, although each could give 
much to the other. 

Number 4 people are predominantly 
strong-willed and serious, for 4 is the number 
of the will and so 4 people can be powerfully 
constructive, true builders, willing to work 
and attend to details, or they can be equally 
powerfully destructive. 

Naturally number 4 people will be 
successful if they are prepared to work to 
develop their skills in order to be of service to 
others. They should be reliable, responsible 
and patient, for upon their work and sound 
constructive abilities many vast edifices are 
based. Routine, detail and system are very 
important to them and they dislike change 


unless advised of it well in advance. 
Tenacious, obstinate and determined, they 
get things done. 

Number 4 is related to the planet Uranus 
in its more Saturnine construction, and 
therefore number 4 is rated a relatively 
restrictive number and vibrates on an earth 

It may be said that the strongly 4 person 
has to face definite limitations and 
restrictions, but his powerful willpower and 
determination, allied with creative 
imagination, enable him to override 
difficulties and reach success - a service of 
some kind is often the best bet for him. 

He can fail if he uses his willpower in 
purely destructive ways to rebel against 
practically everything, to argue and debate 
endlessly and even use violence to reach his 

On the negative side, too, he can be 
stubborn to a fault, unreliable, weak, careless 
and lacking in concentration. For the future 
it shows the time to slow down and work for 
change in the future. 

Affinities - 2 and 8. Colour - grey. 
Fortunate days - Saturday/Sunday, 

Number Five 

Number 5 predominant in the numberscope 
gives quickness of thought and action, a love 
of freedom, change and variety. These people 
are truly mercurial, they are progressive in 



thought and hate to be tied down to routine 
or monotony. 

They flourish where things are going on 
and generally choose a public career related 
to travel, salesmanship, the creative arts, 
adventure, communication in one of its 

Number 5 is ruled by the planet Mercury, 
and so the number 5 person has a brighter 
than average mind and has to use his creative 
powers constructively to be happy and 
successful. Thought and communication are 
very important to him and he can, therefore, 
fall down on this vibration by using his mind 
destructively and so make himself ill and 
others unhappy. 

Negatively he can be destructive and 
pessimistic or else just plain unreliable, 
deceitful, a confidence trickster, using his 
glib tongue and power over speech to fool 
and defraud others. When acting negatively 
he avoids all responsibility and tries never to 
'carry the can'. 

Number 5 is also the number of sex 
attraction and magnetism, and number 5 
people are generally strongly attracted to the 
opposite sex. 

For the future it demands 'get about', 
move, change, communicate, invest in your 
own talents, take a chance. 

Affinities - all groups, but especially their 
own - c 5\ Colours - all light, shining colours. 
Fortunate day - Wednesday. 



Number Six 

Number 6 is the number of the romantic 
idealist. Number 6 is sympathetic, attractive 
and loving. It inclines the person who has 
this number predominant in their 
numberscope to strive for love, their own 
home and hearth fire. 

You'll have a very strong desire for 
harmony and beauty around you, whether 
this is in your home, community or group. 
You are basically conservative in your views 
and ideas. 

Your ideals always drive you on to seek for 
improvement in everything you touch, and 
you have a flair for beauty, colour and art. 

With this number strong you are 
essentially a practical person and can accept 
responsibility, whether in the home or in the 
wider sphere of community or organization. 

Happiness to the number 6 is essentially 
sharing and harmony in relationships, hence 
the importance of forming the right 
relationships. It is a number ruled by the 
planet Venus so that there is artistic ability 
as well, which is often expressed in the home 
environment and in clothes if not actually in 
other creative work. 

Success comes through diplomatic 
balancing and handling of the difficult 
temperaments the number 6 will inevitably 
encounter in their immediate surroundings, 
and the giving of willing service. 

Failure arises through an insistence on 
your own ideals, a too narrow, exclusive 



attitude to loved ones, friends and 
possessions. There can be jealousy and 
interference with others and continual 
complaints which lead to quarrels. 

For the future this number shows that 
matters have to be adjusted in the home and 
possibly between partners, as it is a number 
which rules both marriage and divorce. ; Do 
not delay' is the message. 

Affinities - 6, 3 and 9. Colours - blue and 
pink. Fortunate day - Friday. 

Number Seven 

While number 6 people are essentially 
extrovert, needing companionship, number 7 
people are introverted and the thinkers, 
mystics and philosophers of this world. 
Understandably then, you who come under 
its vibration tend to be silent, secretive, 
selective, solitary and aloof. You are strongly 
individualistic, sense a great deal, but say 

Number 7 is ruled by Neptune, the 
inspirational, illusive planet, the planet of the 
heights and depths. Those with 7 strong can 
be markedly creative and artistic if they use 
their gifts positively. 

You have the capacity to see through 
things, to reach a more spiritual reality, you 
do not fit in easily with the hustle and bustle 
of the modern world. 

Essential to the success of the number 7 
are peace and quiet and communion with 
their inner selves. Sacrifice of some kind 



usually enters into their lives whether as 
children or adults, for this is the number of 
soul growth. 

When we spoke of the heights and the 
depths, the heights alluded to the 
inspirational/spiritual insight conferred by 
the number. The depths referred to the 
illusionary side of the 7, and the wearing of 
rose-coloured spectacles. 

The illusionary side leads to the desire to 
escape from reality and this can come about 
in various ways through refusal to face the 
self and problems as they really are. This can 
lead to drugs, drink, promiscuity, illness. 

Living up to the highest in your nature you 
can be the mystic or creative artist and find 
success through following the truths which 
you unearth from your inner self. 

When this number comes up for the 
future, a beautiful aura of self-deception can 
make life difficult. Relationships do not last, 
contracts should not be entered into. There is 
a need for self-examination and facing the 

truth . . W^^W^^&Kl^B^ ■ ' I ■ fililiii 
Affinities -1,2 and 4. Colours - pastel 

shades, white and pale grey. Fortunate days 

- Sunday and Monday. 

Number Eight 

People who come strongly under this number 
are realists, good organizers, energetic, 
ambitious and capable. Their vibration is of 
earthly and material power, so you number 8 
people are often attracted to c big business' 



and to the organizations which stand for this. 

You are people who have a good eye for 
value, you are discriminating and 
authoritative, prepared to work relentlessly 
towards your goal. 

If working for material power only you will 
not find success, you have to incorporate 
ideals and doing things for others into your 
philosophy then you are better prepared to 
withstand the obstacles and disappointments 
you will have to surmount to achieve your 

Mistakes can be made on this vibration if 
number 8 tries to drive too hard, yourself and 
others, and misses out on the spiritual side of 
life. You find success if you will temper 
justice with mercy and do not neglect the 
emotional and spiritual. 

Number 8 is often associated with 
marriage, for number 8s are more dependent 
upon others than they would like to admit. 
You need love and affection, but find it 
difficult to express your feelings. 

Marriage in this connection has often 
something to do with security and money. 
Number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn, so 
number 8s have to work and keep working to 
achieve their goal and stay there. 

Success for them is to be found in the 
world of material values and power. 

In predicting for the future, number 8 
warns that this is no time to stand still. One 
must go ahead but be prepared to work and 
take responsibility. Marriage is a serious 


affair based on financial security. 

Affinities - 2, 4, 11, 22. Colours - all dark 
shades from brown to black. Fortunate day - 

Number Nine 

With number 9 we complete the circle of the 
numbers from 1 to 9. People who have 
number 9 predominant have energy and 
drive, optimism and generosity coupled with 
great compassion. It is the vibration of 
energy which is to be used for universal 
service and love. 

You are never pretty or small, but grasp 
broad principles and contacts. You are 
strongly intuitional and creative, but your 
true fulfilment only comes through service, 
tolerance and a capacity to be fair in all your 
dealings. You are leaders and have the drive, 
courage and optimism to pull success out of 

You succeed through using your energy 
and drive in fields which will give you broad 
scope for usefulness, and in particular those 
under this number are often drawn to travel 
communications and foreign fields of service 
and enterprise; some field where your drive, 
imagination and sense of adventure will not 
be stifled and where your need to serve will 
bring you happiness and fulfilment. 

You can fail if you allow selfishness and 
narrowmindedness to enter into your 
thinking and attitudes. You will find life tries 
you on these scores. 



Number 9 is associated with the planet 
Mars, and so gives a strong character, 
independence and assurance. 
* When this number is shown for the future, 
nothing new should be begun, for 9 being the 
end of a cycle shows this is the time to pick 
up loose ends and gird the loins for new 
ventures in the future. It represents 
termination where a relationship is 

Affinities - 3 and 6. Colours - rose through 
to red. Fortunate day - Tuesday. 

Number Eleven 

This is considered a master vibration and 
you who have this number strong have 
spiritual insight, are idealistic and visionary 
and, being ahead of your time, are not easily 
accepted or understood by others. 

You are 'tuned in' to higher forces. Your 
minds are inventive, progressive, intuitive. 
You are searchers and seekers after truth, so 
unconventional and unorthodox in your 
beliefs. You are always a law unto yourselves 
and have to go your own way in life. 

Success comes to you in life when you 
uncover truths about yourself, others and 
life, which can benefit the race and humanity 
as a whole. You are often lonely for there are 
few at present who follow this inner path 
with dedication. This number is associated 
with the planet Uranus. 

Failure can come on this vibration fairly 
easily for it is a master vibration and proves 


too strong for many, turning them into 
cranks and crackpots, easily taken in by any 
charlatan or offer of a new heaven on earth. 

Number 11 should remember their high 
opportunities and stress the use of their 
intuition and teaching others the values they 
have proven. 

When 1 1 appears for the future, it is a time 
both to teach and to learn, to express ideas, 
however progressive and radical. 

Affinities - 2, 4, 8 and 22. Colours - all 
electric shades. Fortunate days - Sunday and 

Number Twenty-two 

This is another master vibration. As number 
1 1 is a higher octave of number 2, the Moon, 
so number 22 is a higher octave of number 4. 

You people who have number 22 strong in 
your numberscopes are idealists and have 
tremendous potential for realizing your 
ideals. You are idealists de luxe, but also have 
the capacity to put your ideals into practice 
for you can see the scheme as a whole. 

Failure and difficulty arise on this number 
if you allow yourself to be bogged down by 
details and by lesser minds with narrower 

Often, too, you fear to tear down what you 
or others have erected for fear of failure, but 
you should have courage, for emphasis with 
this number is on building, creating, making 
master plans and using vision. 

As a future indicator it implies c Yes, go 



ahead, but do not allow others to deter you, 
you may have to destroy before you can 
build ; do not be afraid, for you will succeed. ' 

Affinities - 2, 11 and 8. Colours - 
yellow/gold, and electric blue. Fortunate day 
- Monday. 



Now we have to show how numbers are 
related to language, and this is done by 
setting out the primary digits 1 to 9 and 
simply placing the letters of the alphabet 
under them. 



Name Analysis 

In analysing a name, three major operations 
are necessary to obtain three different 
numbers, all of which have their separate 
meanings as related to you. 

L Tour AMBITION or Inner Urge Number is 
called the ideality by some numerologists. 
This is found by the addition of the vowels 
in your name. Vowels are A E I O U, and if 
there is no vowel in the name, Y becomes a 

VOWel." '• < i "- r ' I " •' - 

2. Tour PERSONALITY number. This 
represents the outer you, sometimes called 
the impression or appearance number. (The 
'impression 5 you make.) This is found by the 



addition of the consonants in your name. 
3. Tour EXPRESSION number. These are the 
abilities with which you were endowed at 
birth.; \/ 'V :> ^' r;: ''':V ; ' v: ;: ::V 

Always use the name you were given at 
birth, even if adopted. This is your true 
vibration, other names taken add vibrations, 
but life runs on your original name and no 
other, this is you; your parents, believe it or 
not, were inspired to give you the right name. 

We can now set up a name and analyse it 
into its components. First of all numbers 
must be reduced to a single digit. 

= 6 =6 =6+6=12=1+2 = 3 

3 = Ambition or 

Vowels 5 + 1 1+5 Drive Number 


Consonants 1+5 8 + 9+4 + 7 

= 6 = 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1. 

Consonants totalled = 6+1 = 7 

7 = Impression Number 

Totalling the vowels and consonants together 
once they are reduced to a single digit gives 
an Expression Number of 1, i.e. 3 Ambition 4- 7 
Impression = 10 =1. Summarizing, then - 
Jean Harvey has: 

3, drive or ambition, the inner urge. 

7, impression or appearance number. 

1 , expression or attitude plus abilities. 
So this tells us that at heart, Jean is a 
sociable, fun-loving, talented type. She loves 
people around her, a home, family, children 
and friends; she can paint, write or express 


herself in some other creative way (her 3 

However, the immediate impression she 
gives others is of someone rather aloof, chilly 
and reserved (7 impression). She is the type 
who will wait and see how she likes you at 
the first meeting. If she finds she has 
anything in common she will unbend and be 
interesting if she is sure of her ground. 

With a 1 expression she throws herself into 
achieving what she wants out of life and 
concentrates on doing well whatever she 

In her own sphere she will be a leader 
inclined to want to do things her own way in 
an original, independent manner. However, 
her desire to be liked (3 ambition) and her 
sensitivity will serve as welcome brakes on 
any tendency on her part to be too bossy or 
selfish, at least in too obvious a manner. 

However, it is wise to remember that any 
number can be used negatively, and so a 
person may show forth the unpleasant side of 
a number rather than its constructive 

10=1 14 = 5 

1+9 5-^ 


4 + 4 + 4 5+9 

12 = 3 14 = 5 

Vowel total = 1+9 = 10 = 1- 

5+9 = 14 = 5 

6 = Ambition Number 


4+4+4= 12 = 3 =ft 
5 + 9 = 14 = 5 
8 = Impression Number 



So David Weir has a 6 ambition number and 
an 8 impression number derived from the 
consonant total. The two added together give 
6 + 8 = 14 = 5 Expression. 

From this we gather that David Weir is 
home-loving, conscientious and diplomatic, 
he will want to help others and at the same 
time will want encouragement, love, home 
and family, and adequate remuneration for 
any work he undertakes. (The ambition 
number 6.) 

His outward personality is powerful and 
inspires confidence in others, he likes good 
clothes and the company of those who count. 

Combining the two vibrations as 'the tools 
he has brought to use' we have a 5 total, and 
this implies that he has quickness and agility 
both mentally and physically. He will not 
want to be too tied down, the 5 likes change 
and variety. His ambition number will 
incline him to work for others and in 
partnership, perhaps as a doctor or other 
therapist, where his versatility and attractive, 
confident approach would be helpful. 

It has to be remembered that the inner 
urge will count a great deal, this is what the 
person really wants to do, his drive is the 
secret hidden mainspring of all his actions. 

Wh ereas a number 6 ambition will want 
love, a home and family, will want to help 
others and bear responsibility, the number 5 
ambition will desire to be free and 
progressive, to use his creative gifts. 



Number 5 will not make the ordinary 
husband or father; although he is fond of the 
young and romance, marriage for him will 
have to include intellectual interests in 
common, in the same way as the number 6 
ambition will desire artistic and cultural 
interests in common. 

The total of the consonants and the vowels 
shows what the person does best and his 
general mental approach. 

For instance, a person with a 1 expression 
would never do well working in a 
subordinate position, in an ordinary 
humdrum job without any chance of using 
his creative and original ideas, his capacity 
for concentration and hard work. He travels 
best alone. 

The frequency with which numbers 
appear in a name or the lack of them is of 
great importance, for remember, every letter 
has a number, every number has a specific 

When tabulated these show what the 
person has or lacks in his makeup. These are 
unconscious factors, and if you have a belief 
in karma and reincarnation these, where 
lacking, indicate weaknesses to be made 
good during this life and where present 
benefits are piled up from the past. 

It seems only too true that life tests us on 
our weaknesses! 

Taking DAVID WEIR as an example we 
can set up his specialized traits as : 




1 x 


Here we see that David Weir has a 
predominance of 4s and 9s, the 4 
representing the practical skilled worker or 
technologist and the 9 representing the 
humanitarian and service in a wide universal 
sense. Both these are numbers of service and 
the 4 has a particular slant regarding health. 

David has quite a few numbers lacking, 
but these may be made up on the major 
positions, in fact the 5 is also the number of 
his expression, likewise 6 is his heart 

However, 2, 3 and 7 are not made up so we 
can conclude that David Weir will find the 
situations symbolized by these numbers 
cropping up in his life and to a lesser extent 
those other missing numbers will also make 
their lack felt, for these are his stumbling 



His natural talents are: 

4 A person who is good at routine, detail 
and system, he is a practical builder and 
worker, his concentration and judgment are 

9 He has compassion and sensitivity, he is 
kind, sympathetic and generous, he has 
literary or artistic ability and enjoys travel 
and broad contacts. 

Numbers lacking: 

2 He tends to lack the idea of co-operation 
and does not always consider others as much 
as he should. 

3 He tends to be impatient, scatters his 
forces and may suffer from an inferiority 

6 The question of responsibility, 
particularly in the home, will come up in his 
life at some time, and there may be trouble in 
this respect. 

7 He is not an analytic type, the caution 
and tendency to look under the surface for 
hidden meanings is absent. He may well be 
happier for this. 

8 In his case this is largely made up by the 
4s, which give him the application and 
practical ability also endowed by the number 
8. He will not be too intense nor will he drive 
too much and worry about money. 

The numbers always have the same 
meaning, it is just that their interpretation 



varies according to where they are found in 
the name. 

A brief outline is given of the 
intensification table, or what the presence or 
lack of a number means in the name, to help 
you work your own traits out. You can add to 
these from the explanations given earlier as 
to the meaning of numbers. 


Many of these numbers give: 

1 Leadership, pioneering, originality, 
independence, drive. 

2 Diplomacy, co-operation, sensitivity, 
moodiness, indecision, consideration. 

3 Sociability, self-expression, optimism, 
imagination, the spoken or written work, 
so ability along these lines. 

4 Practicality, application, work, economy, 
restriction, health, tendency to be 

5 Freedom, variety, adaptability, change, 
attraction to the opposite sex, 
resourcefulness, highly strung. 

6 Love, ideals, domesticity, service, 
protection, marriage, adjustment, 
balance, artistic ability. 

7 Powers of analysis, introspection, 
secretiveness, faith, wisdom, peace, quiet. 

8 Executive ability, good judgment, 
material power, success, ambition. 

9 Universal love, sense of brotherhood and 
service, compassion, understanding, 
artistic literary ability. 



Few of these numbers give: 

1 Lack of ambition, independence, 
originality and ambition. Too much 
thought for self, lazy. 

2 Lack of co-operation or consideration for 
others, little sense of harmony, rhythm. 
Tact and diplomacy missing. 

3 Lack of patience, difficulty in expressing 
the self. Lack of imagination and a quick 
temper, tries to do too much. Perhaps an 
inferiority complex. 

4 Dislike of work, detail application, 
concentration, a tendency to impatience. 

5 Dislikes change or fears it, little curiosity, 
hangs on to old situations and things. 

6 Lack of ideals, a neglect of duty, 
unwillingness to assume responsibility. 

7 Does not analyse, is not introspective, 
ignores intuitions. 

8 Lacks good judgment and a sound money 
sense, can worry about money unduly or 
be completely carefree. 

9 Has a narrow outlook, lack of compassion, 
understanding, little interest in others or 
the good of humanity. 



Up to now we have analysed a name into its 
component parts and shown the traits and 
characteristics as indicated by the numbers. 

Now we have to go a little further and 
interpret your birthdate also, for this 
indicates the job you were sent to do, your 
purpose in life, and the path you must walk 
to fulfil this mission. 

The path of destiny is found by adding the 
day, month and year of birth and reducing to 
a single digit, unless this is one of the master 
numbers 1 1 and 22, which are not reduced. 

We will take someone born on 6 October 

Day 6 Month 10 Year 1947 
= 6 =1 =3 =10 =1 

This person's destiny or birth path is 1. 1 is 
the number of the pioneer, the individualist, 
he will always find himself in situations 
where he has to stand alone, make his own 
decisions, he should not allow others to butt 
in on his decisions. 

Now let us consider the birthday 4 March 

Day 4 Month 3 Year 1930 
= 4 =3 =4 =11 

This is a master vibration or overtone, and 



where it comes as a destiny influence it can 
be reduced to the simple 2 unless the person 
wishes to face up to the potential of the 11. 
Here the stress is on intuition, teaching and 
idealism. People born under this number are 
interested in the unusual, they are searchers 
and seekers after the truth, they may have 
radical views, but they have to live up to their 
ideals and so they may be lonely, v or living 
negatively, eccentric. 



A 1 Path of Destiny - The Pioneer 
This is the number of the pioneer, so your 
path must be original and give you 
independence, you must be at the helm and 
make your own decisions. 

You have keen perception, good 
concentration and ability to get ahead and 
overcome any obstacle to your success when 
you use your own creative ideas. 

This is one pf the birth path numbers 
which gives every prospect of success and an 
interesting vital life. 

However, avoid living negatively, either by 
being lazy and indecisive or else by being too 
dominant and selfish. 

A 2 Path of Destiny - Co-operation 

Your life will lead you into situations where 



tact and diplomacy are necessary. You 
cannot live without others, and should 
realize that helping others and co-operating 
with them will bring you the things that you 

Your innate understanding and 
consideration for others will pay off every 
time. Be patient and friendly, provide the 
necessary 'oil' to the machinery of life. 

Collect information and be prepared to 
work at detail in order to be of service to 
others. Stick to the tried ways and be 
cautious in making changes. Your success is 
tied up with the success of others, either 
those in the home or in the group or 

Avoid living negatively through being too 
emotional or moody, gossiping or betraying 

A 3 Path of Destiny - Individual Self- 

Life will put in your way opportunities for 
self-expression, and you should take them, 
even if this is only an optimistic encouraging 
word to your friends, family and neighbours. 

Write, speak, or use your potential in any 
creative way, for you were meant to be a 
bringer of joy to the world. Cultivate your 
associations and help others to be of good 

• % ) \':v« 

Life for you should be expansive and 
successful if you have developed your creative 
powers, then you will have achieved the 


luxury and beautiful surroundings which 
your soul craves. 

Avoid the negative traits of being 
dominant and boastful, pessimistic, critical 
or cynical. 

A 4 Path of Destiny - Practical 

Your path is likely to entail you in a great 
deal of 'hard grind'. Even if your other 
numbers show you have riches, their 
possession will entail your doing a lot of hard 
work and giving much attention to detail. 
Moreover, there are bound to be times in 
your life when you are very much restricted 
by the need for economy, duty and 
responsibility, even perhaps by your health. 

However, do not turn your head away in 
disgust for your contribution to the general 
weal is absolutely essential, for this is a 
cornerstone number and you are likely to be 
well rewarded for the amount of hard work, 
sheer grit and endurance you have had to put 
in. Things come slowly to you. 

Be responsible, efficient and prepared to 
work hard, and you will be a success. Don't 
fall down on duties and obligations, you are 
the builder for the future. 

A 5 Path of Destiny - Experience and 

You will never find yourself in a rut for yours 
is the path of freedom, change, variety, travel 
and adaptation to life's vicissitudes. You are 



given this number to learn the right way of 
using freedom. 

If you think of anything as too permanent, 
you will soon find that this is not so; 
although you should not make changes for 
the sake of change, always thinking that the 
grass on the other side of the fence is greener. 

Learn foreign languages, be alert to what 
is going on, keep up with the world, seek new 
ventures and untried paths, tackle things 
with ingenuity. Use your capacity to get 
things going and keep them moving forward 
progressively. You are one of the progressives 
of the numberscope, be free, but don't 
neglect your roots. 

You will have fulfilled your pattern if you 
have been prepared for change and a full life, 
if you have packed it full of experience. 

Avoid giving in to every self-indulgent 
whim, be prepared to be responsible and not 
too casual about money - even you have to 
earn it. 

A 6 Path of Destiny - Responsibility/Service 
At least some of the cares of the world are 
bound to be yours for you were born to be the 
comforter, the diplomat, the adjuster of 
inharmonious circumstances. You have to 
learn to serve lovingly, cheerfully, efficiently, 
maybe within the home where everyone's 
comfort and happiness depends upon your 
tact and wisdom, or in a wider circle qr 

Without your capacity for loving and 



sympathy the world would be a poor place 

No matter how independent you are, your 
destiny will always push you to assuming 
responsibility and the care of others, whether 
this is solely in marriage or in the 
professional or commercial world. 

Your success comes from the love which 
others show you, as well as the financial 
rewards which will be yours. 

You can fail if you refuse to accept 
responsibility, if you try to dominate or 
possess others, forcing them to your way of 
thinking, making them emotionally 
dependent on you. 

A 7 Path of Destiny - Mental Analysis - 

Yours is the path of the thinker and 
philosopher. You will find yourself naturally 
drawn to studying meanings and theories, for 
your task is to ferret out the truth behind the 
appearance and in so doing to attain 
wisdom. ^ 

Not for you the rush and the dash of 
modern life, you function best behind the 
scenes and as a lone operator. Somehow you 
have to learn to be alone and like it at times, 
for it is essential to your inner growth. Only 
in the silence will you find the answers to 
life's problems. In understanding that all 
answers have to come from within will you be 
able to guide others. 

The secret, the antique and the mysterious 



will always have their charm for you, and 
you will be successful in so far as you learn to 
operate from your inner centre. Never rush 
into anything; accept your partnerships in a 
philosophical manner. 

You can make things difficult for yourself 
if you fear failure and loneliness, if you are 
unreasonable, moody and unwilling to learn 
the secrets of life in whatever field you 
investigate them. 

Your success comes through specialization 
and the development of your innate skill and 

An 8 Path of Destiny - Money - 
Commercial Power 

If you have an 8 destiny path, then you will 
be very well advised to pay attention to 
material values and practical financial ideas, 
for yours is a power number which stands for 
organization, success and material freedom. 
You came to be a power and a success, but in 
order to do this you have to be prepared to 
work hard, organize and exercise sound 

If you find yourself in a narrow 
unrewarding type of life, then somewhere 
you have missed out and should if possible go 
back and find the right turning. You came to 
head activities, to work for a goal or purpose, 
and to use your energy and ambition 
constructively for the good of the community 
as a whole. 



Certainly you can be successful, for you 
have poise, assurance and self-control, which 
would best be used in the commercial, 
financial or political realm. Prosperity and 
economic progress are keywords for your 
destiny path, and if you do no^push too hard 
and have other than purely material values, 
you will be a great success. 

A 9 Path of Destiny - Universal Love - 

To be happy and successful with a number 9 
destiny you have to cultivate a broadminded 
attitude to life as a whole. You have to forget 
petty little things which may and often do 
upset others, but which you should not allow 
to influence you, for your path will ask of you 
compassion, understanding and a broad 

You should make your scope as wide as 
possible, associate yourself with some 
humanitarian scheme; national and 
international movements sometimes call 
number 9. 

You will find that it is always you who is 
left to tie up the loose ends and to . see a 
project through to completion, but this is 
your job, to cultivate a wide vision and an 
interest in what is going on in the world. 

Success and happiness come to you in so 
far as you are able to forget your prejudices 
and really treat others as you would like to be 
treated yourself. 



This is not a money vibration but 
moneywise you are divinely protected 
provided you live up to your ideals. 


Number 1 1 Destiny Number 

If you have this number and do not wish to 
live up to its high potency, you can simply 
reduce it to a 2 and read there your destiny. 

If, however, you wish to explore the 
heights and depths of number 11, you have to 
learn to trust your intuitions and guide your 
inventive and original mind into practical 
channels, that is if you wish to benefit from 
your ideas. 

Certainly you will not have a dull life, but 
you will have to meet opposition in various 
guises throughout your life. 

The mystical scene and its adherents are 
bound to cross your path at some time in 
your career, and you would be advised to 
allow your intuitions to guide you when this 
occurs. For you the unusual attracts, with all 
its implications. 

You will be successful if you develop a 
philosophical attitude to life and are always 
guided by your own inner light. 

You will come up against a dead end if you 
allow the power of this master number to 
drive you into being an eccentric and an 
impractical dreamer, or a critical, bossy 



Number 22 Destiny Number 

As with the other master number, 11, you 
can reduce a 22 to a 4, and read for yourself 
what is written there. 

However, if you wish to live up to your full 
potential then you should be prepared to 
unite your ideals and your practical skills in 
some broad universal, idealistic scheme. This 
is a number which often occurs in relation to 
social welfare schemes and spiritual or 
healing foundations where the 
idealistic/humanitarian vision is to the fore. 

You, in fact, were born to be the practical 
builder and idealist to bring down to earth 
your imaginative and constructive visions. 
New movements are your strong point. 

However, you can only succeed if you see 
your ideas as a whole, allow others to work 
out the details and do not allow yourself to be 
sidetracked by others worried about the 
'where' or the c how\ You are the builder, so 
you must build somehow around, through or 
over your obstacles. 



You are all interested in the interpretation of 
your birthday. From the numerological angle 
this has added significance as it is one of the 
most important cycles of life - the middle 
cycle. Therefore your birthday has 
considerable influence in choosing your 
career, and its vibration has to be considered 

All birthdays are grouped into three 
classes called concords. They are the water, 
fire and air concords. 

Water or Scientific Concords are those 
whose birthdays reduce to 1, 5 or 7. Since 
this is an element of mind, those who are 
born under these numbers require a good 
education, they make good writers, engineers 
or diagnosticians. 

The water birthdays of any month are the 
1st, 5th, 7th, 10th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 
25th and 28th. Number 1 people are go- 
ahead, intellectual, scientific and creative. 
Number 5 people are versatile, changeable 
and restless. Number 7 people are retiring, 
cautious and observant. All three are 



Fire or Business Concords. These are 
birthdays which reduce to 2, 4, 8, 11 or 22. 
People born under these numbers succeed 
best in the business humanitarian field. 

However, musicians and conductors are 
sometimes born under these numbers owing 
to their gifts of timing and precision. This 
concord represents feeling and emotion. 
People born under these numbers feel 
deeply, but are unable to express their 
emotions, so are often misunderstood. 

The business birthdays of any month are 
the 2nd, 4th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 
22nd, 26th, 29th and 31st. They make good 
business executives, bankers, general 
merchants, secretaries, auditors and 
politicians, and innovators of new 
movements, especially 1 1 and 22. 

Air or Artistic Concord. Those of you 
whose birthdays reduce to 3, 6, 9 are the 
artistic, literary and creative ones. 

Your career lies before the public in some 
capacity. People born under these vibrations 
usua lly have no difficulty in expressing 
themselves in a creative way. 

The element of air is spirit so these are 
regarded as the inspirational impersonal 

The air birthdays of any month are the 
3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 
27th and 30th. 

People born under this vibration make 



good artists, writers, doctors, lawyers, 
advertisers, humanitarians and actors. 

The meaning of a birthday is the same 
whatever the month or year of birth. 

In interpretation it cannot stand alone, but 
must be considered with the destiny path, 
the ambition number and the expression 
number. Its influence helps you to find your 
true vocation. 

Born on the 1st 

You are a natural leader, strong-willed, 
independent, you like to go your own way 
and hate to be told that you are wrong. 

It is difficult to appeal to your affections, 
but you like others to show you affection. 

You are intellectually inclined and should 
have more than one iron in the fire. Your 
reasoning powers are excellent, and you are a 
good organizer. 

Beware of jealousy and dominance. 

You need to be the creative pioneer. 

Born on the 2nd 

You are the natural diplomat and work best 
with others rather than alone. 

You love music, rhythm, dancing and have 
a natural sense of harmony, and appreciation 
of the fine and beautiful things in life. 

The right environment makes or mars you, 
and you must be careful not to indulge in 
depression. Underestimation of your abilities 


could be a big handicap - assess yourself 
fairly, too. 

Artistic or business lines are best. 

Born on the 3rd 

You are very gifted and must have individual 
self-expression in order to keep happy. 

Social life and friends are the breath of life 
to you, so you are a social asset and sought 

Gifted with a keen mind and lots of 
imagination, you should write, lecture, teach 
or find a place in journalism. 

Your best outlet is in the intellectual, 
artistic, creative field. . 

Born on the 4th 

You are a very firm, determined and 
sometimes stubborn person. You do not like 
to change your mind or your methods, but 
your gifts lie in the practical field and you are 
a hard worker, systematic, loyal and 

You tend to tell the truth even when it is 
unpalatable, and may make yourself enemies 
in this way. 

Your emotional nature is well und^r 
control, others sometimes do not notice it, so 
give you less affection than you crave. 

You always finish what you start, so any 
work requiring attention to detail, discipline 
and stamina would suit you, but basically 
the business world is best. 



Born on the 5th 

Versatile, quick in mind and body - that is 
you. You can turn your hand to many things 
but you hate to be confined. Routine is not 
for you. 

You are one of life's enthusiasts and you 
enjoy every minute of it. Travel will come 
iqto your life owing to your innate 

Any work which keeps you on the go will 
please you, and owing to your enthusiasm 
you would make a good salesman or 

It might be a good thing to settle young, 
but oh dear, heaven help your partner, 
because you hate to be restricted. With your 
enthusiastic, magnetic approach, you will 
have to learn to handle the opposite sex or 
else you will get your fingers burnt. 

Any field which brings you before the 
public would suit you in some capacity 
where there was movement and action. 

Born on the 6th 

You are the home lover and need 
companionship, love and encouragement to 
give of your best. Under adverse conditions 
youngsters born under this number can get 
into considerable trouble and lose their 

You have a pleasant speaking voice which 
could possibly be trained, and you are 
interested in music and the arts. 

You would do well in any group or 



community affairs, for you are an idealist 
and an improver of conditions in whatever 
capacity you find yourself. 

Health, beauty, music or the stage are 
your best bets. 

Born on the 7th 

You are the introspective, quiet, analytical 
type. Your aim is perfection and the best of 
everything, for you are discriminating and 
not easy to know, although friendly once you 
know a person. 

Your attraction is towards the scientific or 
the occult, for you are extremely psychic and 
sensitive and should follow your hunches. 

Partnerships are your difficulty, as you are 
not an adaptable person nor truly 

Specialized pursuits are best for you. 

Born on the 8th 

If you were born on the 8th your real place is 
in the business world. You have innate good 
judgment, poise and the capacity to wield 

This is a good financial birthday, but if 
other factors in your numberscope are out of 
harmony you may have to struggle against 
adverse circumstances at some time in your 

life - 

You like power, money and the c big' 
situation, you are not interested in the 
mediocre, it follows you like to make a show. 

You need some organization to be 



successful, for it is within such a structure 
that your own powers and capacities are at 
their best. 

Born on the 9th 

You have both intellect and creative capacity 
so some broad field of activity is best for you. 
The 9 being a 'world' vibration, it is likely to 
bring considerable travel into your life, or 
occasion you to have to do with travel or 
communication in some form. 

You are essentially impressionable, 
generous and protective, so you have to 
beware giving too much to the wrong people. 

The wider your viewpoint the happier you 
are; you can reach for recognition in any 
artistic or professional field. 

Born on the 10th 

You were born to lead and to be independent 
so do not look for support from others, rather 
know that they will lean on you. 

Nor should you try to work in harness with 
others, it will not work, you are the 
individualist and can handle several different 
lines at once provided you are at the head of 
the ventures. 

Cultivate your artistic abilities as well. 

Any individual enterprise is best for you, 
you have enough determination to get on in 
whatever field you choose. 

Born on the 11th 

This is a master birthday, and if it is yours 


you have high ideals and aspirations. 

Your difficulty is that you often allow your 
reason to overshadow your intuition. This 
will not do for you are extremely sensitive 
and psychic and should go on your hunches. 

As this is a master number you come 
under a high vibration and will have to learn 
to keep your balance, even when your nerves 
are strung to breaking point. Emotional 
control and following the middle way are 
necessary for health and happiness. In spite 
of your above-average intelligence, allow 
your intuitions to function and find an 
unusual outlet for your great potential. 

Born on the 12th 

You have a warm, friendly personality, a 
practical mind and artistic or literary talent. 
Provided your surroundings are sufficiently 
interesting and your love life on an even keel, 
you can be a charming entertainer and a real 
whizz at promotion or salesmanship. 

However, if love affairs and friendships are 
causing trouble you are all awry and 
discouraged, for these take pride of place in 
your life. 

The entertainment or literary world suits 
you best. 

Born on the 13th 

You sometimes put your worst foot forward 
so that people misunderstand you and think 
you hard and dictatorial, for you find 
difficulty in expressing your feelings. A hard 


worker yourself and ambitious, you like to 
organize and manage others, having a flair 
for detail and scientific and mechanical 
leanings. Try and express your feelings more, 
use your imagination, and if possible 
cultivate a hobby such as wood carving or 

Born on the 14th 

You are versatile and dual natured, having 
both a logical and imaginative mind. You 
can build or destroy, so powerful is the force 
of your birthday. You stand with one foot on 
earth and one in the starry heavens, so you 
can forge a true inspirational link between 
the two. 

You love the new and original, change and 
variety; this could lead you to over- 
experiment in many fields, but really you 
need some stability and can then manage 
your career most successfully. 

Born on the 15 th 

You are co-operative, giving and 
sympathetic, always willing to help and bear 
responsibility if called upon, but you must 
never stay in an environment where you feel 
dominated, for this would affect your health 
and well-being. You have an appreciation of 
all that is good and beautiful in life and crave 
a happy home and a kind, gentle mate who 
will allow you to be yourself. You would be 
best in some artistic or professional field. 



Born on the 16th 

This is a spiritual number, so links you with 
spiritual truths and philosophies rather than 
mundane affairs, although your inspirational 
and practical mind could lead you to seek 
success in a business career. However, your 
gifts lie along the development of your 
perhaps latent literary, artistic or musical 

You are a perfectionist, so can get 
irritable, moody and depressed if you fail to 
reach your high standards. You need a home 
where you can be independent as well as 

Born on the 17th 

Your variations in mood and attitude can be 
quite considerable. However, family and 
loved ones mean a great deal to you, and you 
are sensitive and emotional where your 
private life is concerned, if a trifle dominant 
in your business affairs. 

Yours is considered a fine birthday from 
the point of view of finance. You would be 
wise to make your own decisions and to leave 
the details to lesser mortals. You should 
never want for lack of cash if you use your 
abilities rightly. 

Born on the 18th 

You are independent, efficient and a born 
leader. Intellectual matters are of interest to 
you and you find arguments congenial. 



You have an emotional, sensitive side to 
your nature which gives you a love of music, 
but you tend to be critical and demanding. 

It would be best if you used this analytical 
critical ability in your work as a critic or 
writer. You can expect an active life and 
much travel. 

Born on the 19th 

You are an extremist, subject to fluctuating 
moods running the gamut from 1 to 9. You 
live your life on the edge of a precipice, an 
emotional one, but you have tremendous 
resources and can weather all difficulties. 

Use your original ideas and versatility and 
you will never want, but you should avoid 
being too set on your own way or you will 
have many knocks in your life. Choose your 
mate with care, for your birthday can bring 
you many misunderstandings in the married 

Born on the 20th 

You are above all an emotional type. You 
need friends, companionship and the comfort 
and backing given by others. You seek 
security, home and family and would do well 
in a family business, where your capacity for 
detail would be an asset. 

You have musical or artistic talents and 
should try to cultivate them. 

Try and avoid being overswayed by your 
emotions, for then you will get yourself a 
reputation for changeability. Success comes 



to you through cultivating your natural 
capacity for sympathy and patient handling 
of detail. 

Born on the 21st 

To be really happy you must have some 
means for personal self-expression through 
literature or the arts. 

You are tactful and charming, but a 
definite individualist and independent. You 
may have an inclination to scatter your forces 
and waste your energies in too many 
directions at once. 

You need beauty around you of colour and 
form, and make a good host or hostess. 

As you are so up and down emotionally, 
love makes a big impact on your life for good 
or ill. In general you like to be on the 
receiving end of this rather than the giver. 

The literary educational world is your best 
bet, and you can rest yourself by reading and 
relaxing, as well as enjoying entertainment 
and social life. 

Born on the 22nd 

It is your fortune or misfortune, according to 
the way you like to look at it, to be born on a 
master birthday, so you did not come here 
solely or even particularly for yourself. 

Your aim was to leave the world the better 
for your passing through, so it follows that 
you should keep your mental balance and 
your feet on the ground, but interest yourself 
in anything which is for the public good - 



humanitarian causes or welfare schemes are 
within your capacity. 

Your ideas cause you to look to wider 
fields than the average, but you have to be 
courageous and willing to keep your eyes on 
your ideals, but yourself on this good earth. 

If you feel you are not yet up to this, read 
your birthday as under a 4 birthday. 

Born on the 23rd 

You are independent, self-sufficient, proud 
and responsible. 

You are a quick thinker when up against a 
problem, your insight is remarkable and you 
have the capacity to diagnose disease in the 
body politic of an organization or else in the 
physical body. 

You get on better with the opposite sex 
than with your own and with older rather 
than younger people. You have the gift of 
adaptability to changes in your 
circumstances and environment. 

Being versatile, you could venture into 
business, the entertainment world or the 
medical profession. 

Born on the 24th 

Your energy is quite stupendous, you must 
always be on the move and active all your 
life. You are prepared to take responsibility, 
especially within the family or community, 
for this is where your real interest lies. 

You have the faults of your virtues of 
energy and responsibility for you can be 


worrying and jealous, determined that what 
you think is right should be done. 

You can certainly work hard to achieve 
your aims, which possibly lie in the 
educational field. 

Born on the 25th 

You are the intuitive, inspirational type and 
conceal your thoughts and feelings, so are 
often misunderstood. You need to succeed 
for your own self-esteem, for you tend to set 
yourself standards of perfection and worry 
and grow moody when you fail. Never 
underestimate yourself. 

These are influences which could steer you 
along creative lines and into salesmanship, 
but you have to concentrate and avoid being 
melancholy and erratic. 

Town and bright lights are not really for 
you, you need the country and a simple life to 
be happy and successful. 

Born on the 26th 

You love home and children first, all the rest 
comes second in your life. 

In spite of this you can succeed in the 
business field, for you are an excellent 
organizer and executive. You have great 
enthusiasm for starting things but do not find 
it so easy to finish them, so you need more 
continuity and persistence. 

Pride of place and position are strong, so I 
don't advise marriage except to someone 
monied or likely to be so. Don't live in the 



past and try and keep your emotions from 
tearing you apart. 

Born on the 27th 

You have strength, determination and high 
ideals, so you are a natural for leadership. 
This you should remember in your life and 
strive for the top or for working on your own, 
the position of underling or of a 50/50 
partnership will not suit you. 

In friendship and marriage you have much 
to give in terms of companionship and 
affection. Your psychic sense is strong and 
your birthday is likely to draw you to 
metaphysics and philosophy. 

Your main problem is that when things go 
awry you can indulge your moods of 
introversion and blind dislike; control this 
and relationships go well. The literary or 
artistic is best for you. 

Born on the 28th 

Your birthday indicates you have a strong 
character and prefer the unconventional 
within the confines of the conventional. You 
are dominant, independent and ambitious 
and should work in some individual capacity, 
yet within some group of organization. 

You are inclined to dream, then work 
towards your ideals. Having attained them 
you tend sometimes to lose interest. 

Freedom is very important to you, but you 
often find yourself hemmed in and are not 
inclined to play this down, in fact you can 



make quite a thing of it, keeping your 
troubles with you long after they can really 
be relinquished. 

The unusual interests you. 

Born on the 29th 

In numerology this is considered a master 
birthday. It is a day which tends to bring you 
before the public, for you are intuitive and 
idealistic, with strong leadership qualities. 

Unfortunately you are inclined to be 
moody and changeful, for you feel things 
strongly; with you the good is very good and 
the bad exceedingly bad. 

You live on an emotional seesaw, so are 
not particularly easy to live with or 
understand. Interests outside your work can 
be soothing and help you to maintain your 
calm and poise. You need an outlet for your 
artistic, dramatic sense, perhaps through 
music or writing. You can be tremendously 
successful if other factors in your 
numberscope agree. 

Born on the 30th 

You were born with a great gift of 
imagination, so that this is the factor that 
you will use to find your self-expression, 
which is so important to your happiness. 
Drama or literature seem obvious outlets, 
but never try to force yourself into a routine 
job, for you will rue it. 

Others should know that it is useless to 
argue with you, they will get nowhere, you 



have your own ideas and are not going to 
change them. At times you can be a bit 
erratic, but you make a good friend and are 

As you have strong ideals, some form of 
social work could appeal. Really any work 
which gives scope for your artistic talents is 
good for you too. Your danger is you can do 
many things well, but incline to impatience 
and the wasting of your energies. 

Born on the 31st 

You are a constructive type and can work 
hard to make yourself and family secure. 
Extremely loyal as a friend or worker, you 
can be stubborn and disinclined to alter 
either ways or opinions after the first part of 

\ik.:m§i§^ ' . 1 1 k 

You need others and a firm family 
background in order to succeed, but will 
enjoy travel when the opportunity presents 

Remember not to aim too high, make your 
ambitions reasonable, then you will not 
suffer so many disappointments. Your 
birthday gives you a natural understanding 
of drugs and herbs and an interest in health 
and healing, and in this way you can help 
yourself at times. 

Your success lies in making a good 
foundation to all you attempt. 



Books sometimes are frustrating teachers, for 
their writers often seem to forget the one little 
thing which it is essential to know in order to 
gain competency in any particular subject. 
You are left tearing your hair and the writer 
is quite unaware of your frustration. 

In this book I aim to avert this situation, 
although it is difficult within a confined 
space, by explaining exactly how you should 
set up your numberscope. 

If you will remember, the name totals gave 
us three factors. 

1 . The addition of the vowels gives the drive, 
ambition or inner desire. 

2. The addition of the consonants gives the 
personality or the impression you make 
on others. 

3. The addition of the vowels and 
consonants gives your expression number 
or what you do best, and your general 
mental approach. 

4. The addition of the expression and the 
destiny gives the reality number, or your 
goal in this life, towards which you are 
working all your life. 

Y is to be treated as a vowel only when 
there is no vowel in the name. Remember to 



check your arithmetic. It is no use unless 
correct in every detail. 

Your destiny pattern is shown by the 
complete birthdate. That is the day, month 
and year of birth reduced to a single digit. 

The name to be taken is always the one 
you were given at birth, even if this has been 
changed since for whatever reason. 

The birthday is the one which applies at 
your meridian of birth. 

Name changes bring additional vibrations 
but do not alter the birth pattern completely. 

We now have a full example of name and 
destiny pattern. 

1 5+ 6395+ 6 5 = 6+5+11 = 22 = 

5 5+3 1+1 51= 1+4+7 = 12 = 

3 = Impression 

Addition of Ambition and Impression = 4+3 - 1 = Expression 

Birthdate = Destiny Pattern, i.e. 2.4.1946 = 2+4+2 = 8 Destiny 
Reality = Addition of 7 Expression and 8 Destiny =15 = 6 


What You Are Working Towards 

The addition of these two gives you what you 
are working towards achieving in this life, it 
is always part of your character, but becomes 
increasingly so as life advances and has 
therefore greater relation to the second half 
of life. 

The discovery of the 'Reality' is due to the 
research done by Dr Juno Jordan at the 
California Institute of Numerical Research. 

Through twenty-five years of research Dr 


Jordan proved the principles of names and 
numbers. His teachings have been my own 
unfailing source of knowledge, although I 
must admit that on one tenet I do not agree 
and that is in the use of the birth number as 
the birth force instead of the destiny number. 

We can see that Anne Jones's deepest 
desire is for security and a practical 
approach to all the problems of her life (4 
ambition, 8 destiny). 

Although she has a pleasant, friendly, 
talkative personality (3 impression) giving 
the impression she has not a care in the 
world, in her inmost self she is a most 
practical, loyal and conscientious person 
(22/4 ambition). However her 3 impression 
may draw her to the more lighthearted and 
easy-going people and to those who will let 
her down or cause her pain especially in love, 
for the 3 in often frivolous and socially 
minded, but not very serious. 

Although she can be the life and soul of the 
party, note her 3 impression, she is not a 
really sociable or adaptable person. In a 
close relationship she will be receptive, 
secretive, 'choosey' and introverted, the 7 

She will not make many close friends, 
although she may have many acquaintances, 
but once she has made you a friend, you will 
find her loyal and self-sacrificing. 

The Planes of Expression 

We now have to deal with other factors 



which give us more comprehensive insights 
into a person's temperament and aptitudes. 
These are referred to as the planes of 

Taking our previous example: 

1 5+ 6395+6 5 =6+5+11 = 22 = 

5 5+3 1+151 =1+4+7 = 12 = 

3 = Impression 

4 Ambition + 3 Impression = 7 Expression 

we total these, keeping in mind the meanings 
of the numbers. 

In numberology, man's nature is divided 

1 . The physical numbers 4 and 5. 

2. The emotional numbers 2, 3 6. 

3. The mental numbers 1 and 8. 

4. The intutional numbers 7 and 9. 
The name is set out like this : 

1 555 363915 16551 

Then we find 4 x Is 

■ Illi - Ox 2S V- 

2 x 3s 
Ox 4s 

^Ak'^MMiMi, 6.x 5s Ai*''^ 

2 x 6s 
Ox 8s 

SB- , 1 x :^mMM 


We can now formulate another little 

Physical == 6 (only 5s) 
Emotional = 4 (addition of 2s, 3s and 6s) 
Mental = 4 (addition of 1 s and 8s) 
Intutional = 1 (addition of 7s and 9s) 

As mentioned earlier, the frequency with 
which numbers appear in a name, and their 
lack, both tell a tale and are very important 
in assessing temperament and aptitude. 

Life will put us in the way of making up 
our lacks, yet we operate easily on the planes 
where we have many numbers, sometimes 
too easily. A high number on any plane gives 
the possibility of success and shows an 
outstanding individual talent along the lines 
of the number and its plane of expression. 

One exception really is the 5, for this is 
such a restless number, and overbalance of 5s 
can vitiate success and make for Jack of all 
trades and master of none. 

Interpretation of Anne's Numberscope 

We see that this is exactly what we have here 
on Anne Louise's numberscope. She lacks 
the balance of 2s, 4s, 8s and 7s. Even if these 
are found in other parts of the chart, she will 
still be lacking to a certain extent. 

The lack of 4s shows that she does not like 
detail, and is not too keen on hard work and 

The lack of 2s and quite a few 1 s shows she 



is an individualist, has her own ideas and will 
stick to them, but does not find co-operation 
with others easy. This is again borne out by 
the expression number. 

She has to learn organization and 
judgement as well as attention to practical 
values^ she may either fear poverty and 
incline to miserliness or else be completely 

Her destiny number shows that the 
business realm and commercial activity are 
her best bet vocationally, so to succeed she 
will have to develop her ability to deal with 
practical worldly things. 

Repressed Emotions 

Where in the planes of expression you find a 
7 or the lack of it you can be pretty sure that 
your subject represses his emotions. This is 
bad for nerves, health and ordinary general 
human intercourse. There is a shrinking 
from expressing the motions for fear of 
finding the affections repulsed or treated 

A barrier is built up between the self and 
other human beings, the person is lonely and 
may seek outlets in other ways such as drink, 
drugs, promiscuity or ill health. 

The advice to be given is, 'Don't take 
yourself too seriously. Yes, you may be hurt, 
but you'll be in the same boat as every other 
human being. Don't let pride and coldness of 
heart turn you into an "icebox". ' 


Now we will just analyse the birthdate and 
the influence of the birthday. 

8 - an Extrovert Number 

We have already said that the 8 was a c mind' 
number and one related to the conquest of 
the material place, an extrovert number. 
This will not be an easy road for Anne Jones, 
for she is introvert in 'expression' and so will 
be unlikely to like the noise, dash and rush of 
the day by day commercial world. 

However, Anne could go into an 
organization which had to do with the arts, 
creative work of any kind such as music, and 
she will not mind taking responsibility, for 
she has two 6s on her physical plane. 

Anne can speak well, the 6 has to do with 
the voice, so she would quite like a job which 
gave her enough scope for variety, many 
people coming in and out; she has six 5s on 
the planes, little routine and some time to 

She would cope with others pleasantly, 
would like nice surroundings and a fairly free 
hand, she would make an excellent P.R.O. 
for she is able to keep her mouth shut (7 on 
the expression), and be diplomatic and 
tactful (2 on birthday). 

Anne can also carry responsibility and 
provided she got the encouragement and 
thanks that her nature requires to do her best 
(6 on the physical plane), she would be 
happy, especially if her work was well 



enough paid to allow her to bank some of her 
money, although with that number of 5s on 
the planes of expression she will very likely 
learn economy the hard way, for the 5s and 
the 3s are the spendthrifts of the chart. 

Her difficulties in life will come from the 
divergence between the 7 of her expression 
and the 8 of her destiny. 

The 8 will tend to push her out into 
circulation and the 7 will hold her back, 
making her reticent and secretive. 

4 - Ambition Number 

However, she has a 4 ambition number in 
tune with her other business numbers, the 2 
of her birthday and the 8 of her destiny. 

At the same time, her physical 
attractiveness and her charm of manner, 
indicated by her physical plane 6 will enable 
her to function in an outgoing manner and 
attract to herself in love and friendship those 
who can make her happy if she will curb the 
moodiness of her 7 expression and use it 
positively to enable her to see beneath the 
surface of the people and situations she will 
have to meet in life. 

As a last note on the analysis of the name 
and birthdate, it is wise to remember that 
any number can be used positively or 
negatively. The positive expression of a 
number harmonizes with a situation, the 
negative expression is always separative, 
limited and selfish. 

When laying out a chart, work everything 


out on one sheet of paper, including future 
indications which we shall be going into in 
the next chapter, for then you will be able to 
assess the present reaction of the person from 
the natal data and the existing indications. 



When you have drawn up the birth chart and 
you want a fairly quick assessment of 
whether the life will be easy or difficult, draw 
up a sort of box arrangement rather like the 
game of noughts and crosses which, no 
doubt, some of you used to play as children. 
The following diagram shows which number 
goes where. 










Along the top line are arranged the 
numbers 3, 6, 9 from left to right. 

Along the second horizontal line are 
arranged the numbers 2, 5, 8 from left to 

Along the third horizontal line are 
arranged the numbers 1, 4, 7 from left to 

You will notice that along the horizontal 
columns the numbers are 3 degrees apart in 
mathematical value. This implies many 
problems and a hard road to gain success. 

Along the vertical columns the numbers are 1 
and 2 degrees apart. There is little stretch 
between them. This shows that life will not 


be too hard. Not so much effort will have to 
be put in to make a success of life. You'll get 

Along the diagonal column of 1, 5, 9 the 
stretch is 4 points or degrees. There will be 
ease of accomplishment, perhaps too much 
ease, too little struggle to bring out strength 
of character. Downfall through taking life too 
easy, depending too much on others. 

In this quick look only the numbers of the 
birthdate are used. For example we have a 
birthdate of 6 February 1950. So we put out 

The 6 goes in the second column on the 
first line. The 2 on the first column of the 
second line. 

Taking the numbers now of the year, we 
put 1 on the bottom line left-hand corner. 
The 9 in the right-hand top corner and the 5 
in the central diagonal. 






As you can see at a glance, this person will 
have a relatively easy life. Things come to 
him; he does not have to make much effort. 
His danger is of taking it too easily; of 
wasting both his time and his money on easy 
living - notice that the birthdate itself adds 
up to the 5, the spendthrift and the lover of 
change and variety. 


Your Future Indications 

Now for the future and your means of looking 
at your future indications. 

There are important divisions of life known 
technically as 'pinnacles'. These are 
computed by: 

1 . First subtracting the destiny number from 

This gives the period of the first pinnacle. 
The first pinnacle number is found by the 
addition of the day and month and has a 
duration of nine years. 

2. Find the second pinnacle by adding together 
the day and year of birth. It too has a 
duration of nine years. 

3. Now add together the addition of the 
previous two and this gives the third pinnacle] 
also of nine years duration. 

4. To find the fourth and final pinnacle, add the 
month and year of birth. This together with 
the first pinnacle is the longest and lasts from 
the end of the third pinnacle to the end of life. 

The pinnacles show the kind of attitude and 
the type of experience to be encountered over 
the period of time they last. 

Naturally in every case the additions must 
be reduced to a single digit. A further 
refinement is given by the potential shown by 
the day, month and year of birth. These are 
called cycles, and they add a little more 
knowledge since they show the environment 
and the situation, or background to the 


The first cycle is the month number and 
lasts as long as the first pinnacle. 

The second cycle is the date number and 
lasts through the second and third pinnacles 
and the first nine years of the fourth 
pinnacle. This is called the cycle of productivity 
and is considered the most important as it is 
usually the most active period of a person's 

Besides the cycles, pinnacles and personal 
year number, which is found by adding the 
addition of the day and month of birth to the 
universal year number (addition of digits of 
the year), we also have the c weak links' in a 
person's character, pitfalls which can ruin 
the life or take away from success and 

These are called challenges, and are found 
by subtraction from the cycle numbers. 
These too run concurrently with the 

From these indications and others which it 
is not possible to discuss in a book of this 
size, a pretty fair idea of the life pattern and 
trends ahead can be found. 

As these instructions have been pretty 
condensed I will give an example of the way 
in which the future can be laid out according 
to these guidelines. 

To interpret these you can use also the 
meanings given to the various numbers in 
earlier chapters, although I do give a 

Numbers always have the same meanings, 



only their position on the chart or the 
progressed chart change. In order to be a 
good analyst you have to understand their 
meanings and apply these with 
understanding and intuition to the whole 
chart including the birth chart. 

No indication stands on its own, one 
person will not react in the same way to the 
stresses set up by similar vibrations. How 
they react will depend upon the strength or 
weakness of the number (characteristic) in 
their birth chart, so I advise making the 
whole work out on one sheet so that you 
could easily check up this strength or 

Example of Progress Chart 

Now we will take an example of a progress 
chart to see the future trends ahead. 

the birthdate is 21.4.1942 = 14 = 5 destiny. 


Find the Pinnacles 

1 . Subtract destiny number from 36 to find 
time of first pinnacle. 36 - 5 = 3 1 . 

So first pinnacle = up till age 31. 

2. Find first pinnacle by adding together the 
day and month of birth. 3+4 = 7 = first 

3. Add the day and year, 3 + 7 = 10= 1. This 

is the second pinnacle. 

4. Add the addition of the previous two in order to 
find the third pinnacle. 


5. Add the month and year, 4 + 7 = 11 to 
find the fourth pinnacle. 

Find the Cycles 

1 . The first cycle, which goes the length of the 
first pinnacle, is the month number. 

2. The second cycle, which is the date number, 
runs through the second and third 
pinnacles and for nine years of the fourth 
pinnacle. The year number is the cycle for 
the rest of the fourth pinnacle. 

Find the Challenges (the weaknesses which 
will be highlighted at particular times in the 

1 . Subtract the day and month of birth for 
the first challenge. This runs concurrently with 
first pinnacle and cycle. 3 - 4 = 1 so 1 is the 

first challenge. 

2. Subtract the day and year numbers 
(always the higher from the lower of course) 
and so we take 3 - 7 = 4 so 4 is the number of 
the second pinnacle challenge. 

3 Subtract the number of the first challenge 
from that of the second or vice versa, 
whichever is the higher, and you have the 
challenge Tor the third pinnacle. 
4. Subtract the number of the year from that 
of the month for the fourth challenge to last till 
the end of life. 

So diagrammatically this can be expressed 
as follows. 



21 .4 1942 
Birthdate = ^ 4 — 7— = 14 = 5 destiny. 

Cycle Pinnacle Challenge 
From birth to age 31=4 7 1 

From age 32 to age 41= 3 1 4 

From age 42 to age 51 = 3 8 3 

From age 52 to end = 3 for 9 11 3 
of life years then 

7 for rest 
of life. 

So the first and last pinnacles are the 
longest, the others being of nine years' 
duration, and indicate the environment and 
experiences which will form part of the life. 

Short Explanation of the Meaning of the 

1. Gives opportunity to be independent, an 
individual and at the head of things. Active 
period - person must stand on own feet. 
Sudden changes likely. 

2. Work is to be found with others. Do not 
stand alone, co-operation and diplomacy are 
keywords here. 

3. Cheerful time for travel, developing 
literary, creative or social abilities. 
Friendships mean much, and so does luxury. 
Don't be too lavish with love or money. 

4. A practical period when it will be difficult 
to do more than stay on the job and attend to 
the duties of working or building for the 

5. Free and changeful time, travel, contacts 


and uncertainty, but a lively, interesting 
period of experience. 

6. Usually a time when the individual has 
the opportunity to marry, build a home, have 
children. Relatives and responsibility are the 

7. An Unturned' period of spiritual and 
mental growth. Soul development. Can be a 
lonely time and hard on the health. Good for 

8. A good financial period if effort and 
discrimination are used. Good position and 
responsibility' within an organization 

9. A period of opportunity to learn and 
understand a great deal about life. 
Disappointing on- the personal level in 
connection with love, money or friendship. A 
hard lesson to be learnt to live for others 

11. A time of successful forwarding of the 
ideals. Can apply to self or children who have 
creative successes. 

22. A time when it will be possible to further 
schemes of vision and expansion, perhaps on 
an international scale. 

The meaning of the cycles and the 
challenges is similar. In the case of the 
challenge it indicates that the person who, 
for instance, has a 3 challenge must bring out 
their creative and joyful side, they must 
express themselves creatively. Failure to do 
so will militate against happiness. 

Likewise with the meaning of the cycles. A 



4 cycle on a first pinnacle will indicate some 
hard work, study, getting down to it at school 
and university. 

Every year a person's number vibration 
changes, and as mentioned earlier this is 
found by adding the day and month of your 
birth to the universal year number. 

The year of 1971 was a 9 year for 1 +9 + 7 
+ 1=9. To find your own year which, taken 
in conjunction with your natal indications 
and the indications of the pinnacles, cycle 
and challenge, will show you what to expect 
of the year: you simply add your day and 
month of birth to 9. A person born on 5 May 
will add 5 + 5 = 1, so in 1971 she was 
beginning a new cycle of living necessitating 
organizing well and making important 
decisions which will affect her future for the 
next nine years. 

We can also look at any particular month 
and see what it promises for us. To find your 
personal month, add the number of your 
personal year to the calendar month. 



The magic of Numbers can provide you with 
valuable information about your attitudes to 
love, money and success. The procedure is 

Concentrate on the word you have chosen 
spontaneously select in your mind any three 
numbers up to nine (you can include eleven 
and twenty-two if you like). Add them up 
and reduce to a single number (unless they 
come to eleven or twenty-two). Now check 
your number for its interpretation in the list 
of number totals given below. 

Remember that you must be relaxed 
before you undertake this procedure and that 
your choice of three numbers must be 


Number One 

This implies that you are sincere in feeling 
and that you are looking for the ONE person, 
the right one. Love must be romantic and far 
removed from the everyday world. Caution: 
you could be a bit selfish, which would 
militate against your happiness. 



Number Two 

You look for security first of all, this is 
because you want a home of your own, a 
family and children whom you can love and 
protect. You hate to do the chasing, want 
your love to come to you, but remember it 
does not do to be too diffident; you could 
miss out. 

Number Three 

Lighthearted is your attitude to love, you do 
not want to settle down, you want to enjoy 
yourself and sample what is offering. This 
may be a temporary feeling, nevertheless it is 
true for the moment. Do enjoy yourself. 

Number Four 

Your attitude to love is steady and loyal, you 
consider love as an extension of your attitude 
to friendship in general, that of stability and 
steadfastness. You will not have many love 
affairs in your life as you are the persistent 
type. You need a sincere and thrifty mate. 

Number Five 

You are someone who needs a family so you 
would not consider marrying someone who 
did not care for children. You also like 
romance and travel, which may mean that 
you are attracted to a mate from afar. 
Through your love affairs and in your 
marriage you want to learn a lot and so need 
someone who loves family, travel, education 
and physical fulfilment. 


Number Six 

You are the domestic type. First and 
foremost you want a home and a kind 
understanding mate. The practical aspects of 
marriage will always be important to you 
and you'll make sure that this is all arranged 
before you make the marriage arrangements. 
Your attitude is mature, loving and 
reasonable, so you should lead a happy life. 

Number Seven 

You are selective and discriminating in love 
and friendship, something of a loner as you 
look for perfection and the tiniest little thing 
can put you off. You are not convinced of the 
benefits of marriage or close relationship and 
your attitude is perhaps a little too critical 
and inhibited. 

Number Eight 

Your attitude to love includes the need for 
money. You are not one to say 'let's starve in 
a garret'. Love is very important to you, but 
for you love and money must go together. Do 
not stress the riches side too much or you 
might find yourself married to someone 
whose career comes first. 

Number Nine 

You have a giving nature and feel that love 
should expand your horizons and allow you 
to put some of your ideals into practice. You 
need someone with as wide and loving a 
heart as your own. 



Number Eleven 

You are attracted to the unconventional type 
of mate. You feel that the right person will 
come along, that this is part of your Destiny 
pattern. Do not be too passive about this, you 
need to mix like anyone else and cannot sit 
and wait for your lover to come to you out of 
the blue. - 

Number Twenty-two 

You are the idealistic type and will not find it 
too easy to find the right mate as your early 
attitudes to sex may have become rather 
fixed and rigid, so making adjustment to 
partnership difficult. Loosening up on 
inhibitions will help you to fii)d happiness. 


Number One 

If this is your total, then money in itself is not 
of great interest to you, but you like to obtain 
it in original ways. It indicates that you gain 
most through your own creative efforts and 
by your Contacts with people who know how 
to make money. All in all you put LOVE 
before MONET. 

Number Two 

If this is your total, then to you money means 
SECURITY, especially in connection with 
the home, your family and children. If you do 
not think of it as an end in itself. When you 
use your diplomatic powers you gain 



financially, when you assert yourself and 
force issues you lose out. 

Number Three 

If this is your total, you think of money as 
luck, you tend to be a bit of a gambler and 
rather extravagant. In fact you find it hard to 
take money seriously. However, you could be 
lacking in consideration moneywise where 
others are concerned and, for instance, forget 
to pay your bills, as to you money matters 
are taken so lightheartedly. You are likely to 
be lucky, but remember those who are not. 

Number Four 

If this is your total, you take money seriously 
and are prepared to work to obtain it. 
However, you have a tendency to be insecure 
where your finances are concerned and to be 
rather pessimistic about your chances of 
obtaining enough money. You have to work 
for what you get, but don't let that make you 
too tightfisted. 

Number Five 

If this is your total, you like to use your 
money to finance your trips and you hope 
that these will involve you in romantic 
encounters. To find security you need to find 
some endeavour along the lines of 
communication such as writing, selling, 
being an agent or something in publishing. 
These are suggestions which might appeal to 
you and bring you security without tying you 


down too much. Money and romance are 
likely to be yours. 

Number Six 

If you do not possess sufficient money you 
tend to worry, so to you money is necessary 
as an antidote to your own feelings of 
insecurity. You feel you need it for any 
worthwhile venture such as marriage, travel 
or any other enterprise. But you like to feel 
you'll always have enough money to help out 
those you love. 

Number Seven 

If this is your total, money and its handling is 
something of a mystery to you. You are not 
very practical or capable when it comes to 
coping with more than a few pounds. You 
may gain money from unexpected sources 
and out of the blue. You need to try and be 
more practical in your budgeting. 

Number Eight 

You are at ease in handling money and in 
managing your budget, as this comes 
naturally to you. You have big ideas and 
tend to judge people by their appearance of 
affluence or the opposite. You can be 
deceived this way as things are not always 
what they seem. Your desire to acquire 
money will ensure that you have plenty. 

Number Nine 

You hate to be short of cash. In some way 



money, and a sufficiency of it, means that 
you feel sure of yourself and confident. You 
need it to fulfil your purposes and to express 
yourself as you would want. You always aim 
high and on the whole you'll succeed. 

Number Eleven 

If this is your total you like to obtain your 
money in unusual ways and you are 
singularly influenced by what others think of 
yourln fact your need for money stems from 
what you want others to think of you. How 
they see you is most important to your own 
sense of security. You'll gain most through 
progressive techniques and perhaps through 
the occult or alternative medicine. 

Number Twenty-two 

If this is your total, you like a broad view 
where money is concerned and you see it as a 
means for achieving success in big projects, 
probably along commercial lines, for this is a 
good field for you. 

You need to be practical, then to stretch 
your practicality a bit in order to achieve 
your dreams of success. 


Number One 

If your total is ONE you are not the type of 
person to take the broad highway in life. To 
seek success you will take up something new, 
independent, progressive - and succeed. 



Number Two 

If this is your total, you are not exactly a go- 
getter. You like your leisure and pleasure too 
much. However, success could come to you 
through cultural fields, such as music, art, 

Number Three 

You are naturally attracted to success, but 
having a vivid imagination you can explore 
many fields to achieve your ends and this 
implies you may scatter your talents, 
energies and forces too much. It is wise for 
you to limit your scope, to finish one project 
before you start another. 

Number Four 

If this is your total, you. are one of the most 
practical of persons: where success is 
concerned you are prepared to work for it. 
Your attitude is realistic, but you can take 
success so seriously that you have little time 
for enjoyment. 

Number Five 

You are a creative type and look for your 
success along the lines of travel and 
excitement. The communication of ideas is 
important to your success. If your luck holds 
you could make yourself a household name 
as a writer, journalist or television 



Number Six 

If this is your total, then you do not desire 
any spectacular success. Your happiness is 
based upon success in the home, family, and 
in love. You are willing to let the rest go by if 
you can obtain these blessings. You are likely 
to do so. 

Number Seven 

You look for success through the realization 
of a dream partner who will share your 
ideals, hopes, joys and sorrows and with 
whom, of course, you will achieve success. 
Yours is the perfect dream of complete 
perfection. A difficult ideal to realize, but if 
you do you'll certainly be a lucky person. 

Number Eight 

If this is your total, to you success is M ONET 
with a capital C M\ Your heart's desire lies 
with material things, clothes, cars, homes, 
good food and drink and the wherewithal to 
buy all these. You need to know how to share 
some of your 'goodies' with others and then 
you'll be happier and more fulfilled. You are 
a go-getter and likely to succeed. 

Number Nine 

If this is your total, you aim for international 
fame. You aim high and can best achieve 
success through the entertainment world, the 
creative arts or through your dedication to 
humanitarian ideals. You can make it. 



Number Eleven 

You dislike the beaten track and aim to 
achieve success in fields other than the usual 
ones. Actually, you are not likely to be too 
successful in any settled, well tried field. You 
could succeed in television, computers, ESP 
work or in any of the occult or New Age 

Number Twenty-two 

If this is your total, then you consider that 
your success lies in your own personal 
approach, persuasive tactics and actual 
magnetism. So you could well succeed in any 
field of selling, particularly along broad lines, 
as you can have the Midas touch. 

If you are prepared to start all over again if 
you find you are barking up the wrong tree, 
you are sure to be successful in the long run. 




You have probably noticed that there is 
nothing in the world so important as 
relationships. We sink or swim according to 
the quality of our relationships, and 
relationships depend upon our ability to 

Numerology gives a great deal of 
assistance in assessing whether we would be 
happier together or apart, whether the 
relationship can be ephemeral or permanent, 
but in order to find this out it is necessary to 
do out the full charts for both people and also 
to look at their present and future trends as 
discussed in the last chapter. 

Broadly speaking there are three rules 
which show with what ease we will get along 
with other people. 

Water Air Fire 

L Similars 1.5.7 3.6.9 

2. Complements Two numbers, both odd or 

both even. 

3. Opposites Two numbers, one odd and one 

even and of different concords. 

The concords are water, air and fire, as 
shown above. 



Similars: This brings harmony in close 
relationship. This is shown when the 
ambition number and the destiny are the 

Complements: If two numbers are both odd or 
both even, then the two people will 
complement one another. Each will 
contribute what the other lacks. 

Though the number vibrations are 
different, this is a harmonious set-up for each 
will -learn and develop through the 

Opposite*: If either the ambition number or 
the destiny number are opposite numbers, 
there will be great difficulty in understanding 
one another's ideals or sympathizing with 
one another's interests. There will be strong 
attraction, though each seeing in the other 
something entirely different and unknown. 
There will be strong personality clashes. 

If you really understand the meaning of 
each of the numbers, then it will be easy for 
you to see when you first meet someone in 
what direction you will really c hit it off. 
Simply add the digit of your expression 
number to theirs and see what the resulting 
number is. 

For instance, your expression number is 1 
and his is 9. You then get a resulting 1. You 
can work, study, organize, begin new 
projects together. 

Or yours is a 1 and his is 1, = 2; you'll 



probably fall in love if the circumstances are 
conducive, marry, establish a home and 

The same principle can be applied to the 
addition of two birthdates, day, month and 
year of birth. Yours adds up to a 6, his to a 9, 
= 6. Here you have mutual understanding; 
remember both belong to the same air 
concord and so are similars. 

There can be mutual understanding which 
can make a lasting friendship, partnership, 
marriage or collaboration. Both will learn a 
great deal from the other, both will develop, 
improve and mature. 

But if you are seriously interested, or shall 
we say when you are seriously interested, you 
must compare the two charts and study the 
pinnacles and cycles of life as well. On the 
whole if you are seriously interested it might 
be wise to get an expert numerologist to 
assess the pros and cons for you. 

Another factor which will help you assess 
whether you and another person will get on 
well together is whether either is basically a 
positive, outgoing type or an intuitional, 
more creative person. 

Positive and Negative 

To help you assess this, numbers are divided 
into positive and negative. It is easy to 
remember that even numbers give positive, 
objective and basically extroverted 
characteristics. The odd numbers give 



negative, subjective, intuitional, feminine and 
introverted characteristics. 

So when the even numbers predominate in 
a name and birthdate, it denotes a more 
negative, subjective, imaginative type. 
Expressed in a nutshell, the formers are 
'doers', the latter 'thinkers'. 

This, as you will realize, is too facile, for 
there are always various shades of white from 
grey to black and no one is entirely 
introverted or extroverted, but in general you 
will find there is some penchant towards one 
or the other. 

For a predominantly introverted girl to get 
hooked up with a predominantly extroverted 
male could produce problems of 
communication, and so jeopardize the 
relationship unless both care enough to work 
at it. 

Many people are interested in whether 
they will marry young, older or not at all. 
Others are interested in whether they will 
remarry, and these are two separate 
questions really. 

6-Marriage Number 

The number of marriage is 6, and when this 
number is predominant in the chart, that is 
either as the expression number or the 
destiny number, it is hard to see how these 
people are going to escape early marriage 
unless there are many introverted numbers 
to make the time at which they marry later 


than you would normally expect. 

The years which are important for 
marriage are those personal years which add 
up to 3, 5, 6. The latter is a year which is 
more promising for a settled, secure future. 
The 5 brings a more jazzy vibration, 
tremendous physical attraction and 
sometimes rather a love/hate scene. 

If a girl has a 6 expression, a 6 on her 
pinnacle and comes to a 6 personal year, she 
is more than likely to marry. 

To consider remarriage, take the 
expression number into consideration. If this 
is an introvert number and the pinnacle 
number is also, then there is less likelihood of 
remarriage. A change of pinnacle will alter 
the picture perhaps. 

Sometimes people marry late in life due to 
responsibilities or lack of money and 
security. To see whether they will, you have 
to look and see whether the pinnacle number 
is a 6 or a 2, and if so you can say fairly 
confidently that they will not be alone in 
their later years. 

This is particularly so if the reality 
number, the addition of the destiny number 
and the expression, is a 6 or a 2. 

In fact, with a 6 on the reality, a true and 
lasting love may not come until later in 
life, when at last the right person comes 

The thing is that numerology can help you 
to understand other people. Although much 



has had to be condensed into a small space, 
and so it has naturally been impossible to go 
into the subject in great depth, even with the 
pointers given here I hope that perhaps some 
understanding will have been given as to the 
basic differences in our characters and in our 
destinies and ways of life. Anything that 
contributes to better understanding and so 
better relationships in depth and quality is 
worth looking into. 

'Should I Change My Name? 5 

Lastly, a question often asked is, 'Should I 
change my name?' The answer is yes, if it 
will help you to succeed in a particular field. 
As you now know the meanings of the 
different number vibrations, you will know 
that certain numbers are good for business, 
certain numbers good for creative matters. 
Who has not heard of the singer who wilted 
away in the wilderness for seventeen years 
before changing his name and gaining 
instant success? 

If you want -to succeed in a 
creative/literary field, your name change 
should be to a 3.6.9. If it is business success 
you are after, you should go for an 8. 

However, it is advisable to take the destiny 
and birthday into consideration so it might 
be wise to consult a professional if you feel 
you want or need a change of name. 
Remember, though, that this does not wash 
out the original name. This vibration always 


stands. The new name adds something of the 
quality which you need. 

Finally, I hope you enjoy your study of 
numbers and find it great fun. 


birthday vibrations, 44- 

challenges, 71, 73, 75 
concords, 42-4 
cycles, 70-1, 73,75,76 
cycle of productivity, 

future, prediction of, 68- 

Jordan, Dr Juno, 60-1 
Jung, C.G.,7 
Jupiter, 1 1 

love, 77-80, 87-93 

marriage number, 90-2 
Mars, 20 

master numbers, 40-1 
Mercury, 14 
money, 80-3 

Moon, the, 10, 21 

names, analysis of, 23-31 
positive and negative, 

Neptune, 16 
numbers, meaning of, 9- 


numberscopes, analysis 
of, 59-67 

paths of destiny, 32-40 
pinnacles, 70- 1,72-3, 74-6 
planes of expression, 61-3 
Pythagoras, 7 

Saturn, 18 
success, 83-6 
Sun, the, 9 

Uranus, 13, 20 

Venus, 15 


Mary Anderson 

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