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Full text of "The second part of the Institutes of the laws of England : containing the exposition of many ancient, and other statues, whereof you may see the particulars in a table following .."

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f_ ^^////,) 


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OF THE ^ -y^3--^ 




The Expofition of many ancient, and other Statutes , 

Whereof you may fee the particulars in a Table following. 


%\)t ^inl) CDrtiom 

Luc. 10. 26. 

Jurijferito dixit^ In lege quid fcripttim eji .<? ^iwmodo Ugis > 

Auguft. ^uod non lego, non credo. 

JtiriJprudcKira cjl jiwenibtts regimen^ fenikis folamen^ panperibus diviti<e 

^ divitihus fecuritas. 

(Author e E d w. Coke (S\dilite^ T. C. 

» i__ 

H^c ego gran d<evm pofiii tibi^ candide LeUor. ^ j 


Printed by W. Rarclins, for Thomas BaJJet at the George near St, Dmfians 
Church in Fleet-Jireet, MDCLXXXL 

V V 




The feveral Statutes treated of in the Second 


MAgna Ghana Pag. i 

S\Aerton ']() 

S\darlehridge loi 

WeUm. I. 156 

©^ Bigamis . 26J 

(jloceHer 277 

Weflm. 2. 391 

Qrcumjpe&e agatk 487 

Qj^o Warranto 494 

WeUm. 5. 500 

^e Judaifmo ^06 

(SAd'odm lev audi fines 510 

^e finihus levatk 521 

Qonfirmationes Chart arum 525 

©e Tallagio non concedendo 552 

<$_Articulifii]^er Chartas , 537 

©^ Af^ort^h ^ligioforum 580 

2)^ firangenttbm frtfonam 589 

T>e*(SM.'ilml?m 593 

<$^rticuli Qeri 599 

18 E. 3. cap. 7. Of Tithes 639 

2 E. 6. cap. IS' Of Tithes 648 

/4 3 I H. 5. 

The Table. 

1 H. 5. cap. 5. Of (^Additions 66'^ 
27 H.8. cap. 16. Oflnrolments 6j\ 
32H.8.cap.5. Of Executions 6jj 

2 2 H. 8. cap. 28. The latter fart concerning Difcon- 

timiances 681 

2 2 H. 8. cap. 58. Of SVfarriages 685 

2 E. 2. cap. 8. 0/ 0#cf/ 688 
22 H. 8. cap. 5. decayed 'Bridges 697 
4^ Eliz. cap. 4. Commijfionersfor Hof^itals^&c.joj 

3 1 Eliz. cap. 12.^^ ellers ofHorfes in Fairs^&'C. 715 

3 o Eliz, c. 5 . .1 Of erection of Hoj^itals^ <&'C, 720 
2 1 Jaccap. I \ Houfes of QorreUion 7 26 
7 Jac. cap. 4. Rogues, Vagabonds^ ^c. and houfes of 

QorreUwn, * 728 

5 1 Eliz. cap. 7. Of Cottages and Inmates 736 

14 R., 2. cap. 1, 2.") 
2 H, 4. cap. 5, U)f Imfloyments 741 

4 H. 4. &'C, J 

2 5 H. 8 . cap. 1 5. Concerning printers and Binders 
ofBool^s. 743 



Deo, Patri^, Tibi. 

(^ Proeme to thefecond Vart of the Inftitutes. 

IN the firfl: Part of the hftitntes^ following Littleton our Guide, 
we have treated of fuch parts of the Common Laws, Statutes, 
and Cuftoras, as he in his three Books hath left unto us. We 
are in this fecond Part of the Injiitutes to fpeak of Magna Char- 
ta, and many ancient and other Statutes, as in the Table precedent do 

It is called Magna Charta, not that it is great in quantity, for there Marib. cap. j. in- 
be many voluminous Charters commonly paffed, fpecially in thefe [^zh.II fententia 
later times, longer then this is 5 nor comparatively in refped that it uta. hp'er chmas. 
is greater then charta de Forefta^ but in refpeft of the great impor- ^"^- ''^-^ f-*9» 
tance, and weightinefs of the matter, as hereafter (hall appear: And Mirror" cap-'^Sea-. 
likewife for the fame caufe Charta de Forejia^ is called, Magna Charta R-'g'ftr. 
de Forefia, and both of them are called Magn<e Charts libertatum Rot'.45.Aton^Ca(e 
AnglitC. Rt. j'at.zo. 

King Alexander was called Alexander Magntfs^ not in refpedl of the |^ramb'u arfone 
largenels of his body, for he was a little man, but in refpedt of the for' i- com. Ef- 
ereatnefs of his heroical fpirit, of whom it might be truly laid, fex. Rot. Pari. 

Mens tamen in parvo corpore magna fait 5 

So as of this Great Charter it may be truly faid, that it is Magnum in 

And it is alio called Charta libertatum Regnij and upon great rea- 
fon it is fo called of the efFeft, ^ia liberos facit : Sometime for the 
lame caufe, Communis liber tas^ and le Chartre des Jranchifes. 

There be four ends of this Great Charter, mentioned inthePreface, The Ends. 
viz. I. The honour of Almighty God, Sec. 2. The fafety of the ICings g^/'"^ '"''f'^ " 
Soul. 3. The advancement of Holy Church 5 and 4. The amendment 
of the Realm : four moft excellent ends, whereof more (hall be faid 

• By Charter bearing date the 1 1 day of February, in the 9 year of By what Authori- 
King H9. and fecondly, by that Charter eftabliihedby Authority o£'^' '"'* "'''"' 
Parliament then fitting, and Co entred into the Parliament R.0II •■, the 
Witnefl'es to the (aid Charter were 3 1 Lords Spiritual, viz. stephett 
Langton Archbilllop of Canterbury, E. Bilhop of London, J. B. of Bath, 
P. ofWinchefier, H. of Lincoln, Robert of Salisbury, W. of Roche fier,W. 
of WorceUer, J. of Ely, H.of Hereford, R.of Chicefier, William of Exe- 

<a>^ Proeme. 

The great provi- 
dence and po'.iey 
for prefer vat ion 
of it. 

25 E. I. cap.i* 

a€E.i.c. 2.&1: 

The quality. 



Pafch. s H.3. lir. 

Stat. 2$ E.r. 
Confirm. Chart. 

How, and upon 
what grounds it 
hath been impug 

ter", Biftiops. The Abbot of St. Edes, the Abbot of S. Albaj^s^ the Ab- 
bot of Battaile, the Abbot of S. Atigujlitics in Canterlnrji^ the Abbot of 
Evefiaw, the Abbot o^WefimnUer^ the Abbot of 5//r^/je s. Petey\ the 
Abbot oiRendwg^ the Abbot o^Abindon^ the Abbot of Mulmsbiiry^ 
theAbbpt oCWh/chcofube, the Abbot of Hjde^ the Abbot of Certefey 
the Abbot of Shertibcrn^ the Abbot of Cerwc, the Abbot of Abbot chury 
t\\Q hhhat of Middletoft^ the Abbot of Selby, the Abbot of C? re wff- 
Jier •-, And 33 of the Nobility, z^/js. Hubert de Bttrgo, Chief Juftice of 
England^ and 32 Earls and Barons, vi%. Randall Earl of CheHer and 
L,it7colr?^ William Earl of Salisbury^ William Earl of Warren, Gilbert 
of Clare Earl of Gloucefier and Hertford^ William de Ferrars Earl of 
Derby, William Mandevile Earl of Ejjex, H, de Bigod Earl of Nurjfolk^ 
William Earl of Albemarle, HEarl of Hereford, John Conftablc of Jje- 
sfer, Robert de Ros, R. Fitzwalter, Rob. de Pipoimt, Willi Jm de Bmcr 
R. de Moutitfichct^ P. Fitzherbert, William de Aubeirte, Robert C -Jly. 
Reginald de Brehuf, John de Movenne, J. Fitz-Alen, Hugh de M( rti- 
mer, Walter deBeauchamp, William de S. John, Peter de Mulolacn, Brian 
de Lifle, T. de Mtdton, Richard de Argentein, Jeffrey de Nevill, William 
Maiidij!t, John de Baalim, and others. 

There were many of the great Charters, and Charta de Forejla, put 
under the Great Seal, andfent to Archbifhops, Pi{hops,andothermen 
of the Clergy, to be fafely kept, whereof one of them remain at this 
day at Lambeth, with the Archbifhop of Canterbury. 

Alfo the fame was entred of Record in a Parliament RoU. 
And after KingE. i. by Adt of Parliament did ordain that both the 
faid Charters (hould be lent under the Great Seal, as well to the Ju- 
ftices of the Foreft, as to others, and to all Sheriffs, and to all other 
the Kings Officers, and to all the Cities through the Realm, and that 
the fame Charters (hould be fent to all the Cathedral Churches, and 
that they (hould be read and publilhed in every County four times 
in the year in full County, viz. the next County day after the feart of 
S. Michael, and the next County day after Chri^imas, and the next 
County day after Eafler, and the next County day after the Feaft of 
S. John. 

It was for the moft part declaratory of the principal grounds of the 
fundamental Laws of England, and for the refidue it is additional to 
fupply fbme defedts of the Common Law ■■, and it was no new decla- 
ration : for King John in the 17 year of his raign had granted the 
like, which ahb was called Magna Charta, as appeareth by a Record 
before this Great Charter made by King H.3. 

Home ne filer Mordanc apud Wejimonafierinm des terres in auter Coitn- 
tie, car ceofer enconi Lejiatat de Magna Charta finon que ilia aj/zjajemel 
interminata ftiit coram Jujiic. 

Alfo by the (aid A6fc of 2 5 E.f . ( called Confirm' Chartar ) it is ad- 
judged in Parliament that the Great Charter, and the Charter of the 
Foreft (hould be taken as the Common Law. 

Soon after the making of this Great Charter, the young King by 
evil Coun(el fell into great miflike with it, which Hubert de Burgojum- 
mm Jufiiciarim Angli£ perceiving ( who in former times had been a 
great lover, and well deferving Patriot of his Country, and learned in 


<,J "P 


the Laws (for Rot.claitf. 1 1 H.5. ^/c/z/Zr. 44. I find that he, and many Ror.clauf.iiH.5. 
others were Juftices Itinerajitm 5 H5. and I have Teen a fine levied be- «"emb.44. jH.j. 
before him, and fix other Judges, between Stephen de Wamcejle^ind the 
Abbot of Bales') yet meaning to make this a ftep to his ambition(which 
ever rideth without reins ) perfwaded and humored the Ring that he 
might avoid the Charter of his Father King Job; by dureft, and his 
own great Charter, and Chart u de Forcjhi alfo, for that he Was within 
age when he granted the fimc, whereupon the King in the 1 1 year of 
his raign, being then of full age, got one of the great Charters, and of 
the Foreft into his hands, and by the counfel principally of this Hubert 
his Chief Juftice, at a Counccl holden at 0.*/tfri;/, unjuftly cancelled 
both the (aid Charters, ( notwithftanding the faid Hubert de Bitrgo 
was the primier Witneis of all the temporal Lords to both the faid 
Charters ) whereupon he became in high favour with the King, info- 
much as he was foon after (viz.. the 10 of Dccen^ihcr, in the 1 3 year of 
that King, created to the highcfi: dignity that in thofe times any Sub- 
icft had ) to be an Earl, viz. o^ Kent. But foon after ( for flatterers 
and humorifts have no fure fou.ndation ) he fell into the Kings heavy 
indignation, and after many fearful and miferable troubles, he -was 
iuftly, and according to Law fentenced by his Peers in open Parlia- Rot.ciauf. 17 H.5 
ment, and juftly degraded of that dignity which he unjuftly had ob- Ti-]\^^'.^m'u 
tained by his counfcl for cancvrlling of Magna Churtu^ and Charejia de atergo& 12. 
Forefta. And the King by his Charter granted, g^nod nos firmiter & 
inlcsre temhimus ptdichtra de Hitherto de Burgo per Birones diStmn ; he 
was" buried in the Frier Predicants where Whitehall \% now built, fo as 
no Monument remains of him at this day. 

In this advice Hubert de Burgo either diflembled his opinion, or 
grofly erred (as ever ambitious flattery bedazles the eye, even of them 
that be learned) firft, for that a King cannot avoid his Charter, albeit 
he make it when he is within age, for in refpeft of his royal and poli- 
tick capacity as King, the Law adjudgeth him of full age. Secondly,it 
being done by Authority of Parliament, and enrolled of Record, it 
was if range that any man Ihould think that the King could avoid them 
in refpect he was within age. Thirdly, it was to no end to cancel one 
where there were fo many, or to have cancelled all, when they were of 
Record in the Parliaraen Fvoll, or to have cancelled Roll and all when 
they were, for the mortpart,bat declaratories of the ancient Common 
Laws of EngUf^d^ to the obfcrvation, and keeping whereof, the King _ 
was bound and fworn. What fuccefs thofe potent and opulent Sub- ffspencnmS 
jects, H'.-gh Spencer the Father, and Son had, for giving rafli and evil &fiiii. 
counfel to King E. 2. cnconter la forme de U grand Chartre, I had rather 
you (hould read then I fliould declare. 

After the making oi Magna Charta and Charta de Forejia, divers Rot. clauf. Anno 
learned men in the Laws, that I may u(e the words of the Record, kept 
Schools of the Law in the City o^ London, and taught fuch as reforted 
to them, the Laws of the Realm taking their foundation of Magna 
Charta, and Charta de Forejia, which as you 'have heard, the King by 
ill advice fought to impeach. 

The King in the 19 year of his reign, by his Writ, commanded the 19H.3. ubl fupr^. 




Mayor and Sheriffs of Londoti^ ^od per totam Cizitatem London cla- 
mari faciant & firmiter frohiberi^ ne aliquis fcholas tcmtis de kgibus in 
eadem Civitdte de c£tero ibidem leges doceat^ ^ fi aliqiiis ibidem fnerit 
htijiifmodi fcholus tenens^ ipjum (ine dilaiione ccjfare fac 5 TefieRege^&c. 
1 1 die Decembris, Anno Rcgnifiti decimo nono. But this Writ took no 
better efFcft then it delerved, for evil counfcl being removed from the 
Ring, he in the next year, wz.. in the 20 year of his raign compleat, 
and in the one and twentieth year current, did by his Charter under 
his great Seal confirm both Magna Charta^ and Clarta de Forcfta^ he 
Marlb.cap.s. being then 29 years old. And after in the 52 year of his reign efta- 
15 E. 4. 13. blilhed and confirmed both the fame by Aft of Parliament, with the 
10 A(T. p. 17. claufe, ^od contravenientes per Dominum Regem^ cum convi&i ptcri/it^ 
Bto^klienlf^ns' graviter ptwiantHr. Hereby fhall fome opinions and refbiutions in our 
licenic 10. Books be the better underltood, which Ipeak of alienations without 

licenfe before or after 20 H. 3 . which year was named for that the 
King then confirmed the faid great Charter, and in like manner did 
King E.I. by Aft of Parliament in the 25 year of his raign : and the 
faid two Charters have been confirmed, eftabliihed, and commanded 
to be put in execution by 52 feveral Afts of Parliament in all. 
of what high efli- This appeareth partly by that which hath been faid, for that it hath 
mation it haih fg often been confirmed by the wife providence of fb many Afts of 

And albeit judgments in the Kings Courts are of high regard in 

Law, and Judicia are accounted as Juris di&a^ yet it is provided by 

Aft of Parliament, that if any judgment be given conti-ary to any of 

Confirm, Chart, the points of the great Charter, or Charta de Forejia^ by the Juftices, 

vL^Magi c£r^ti or by any other of the Kings Miniflers, &c. it fhall be undone, and 

2 parr,foi.3i. holden for nought. 

25 E.I. ubifupra. ^^^ jj^^j. j^Qth the faid Charters fhall be fent under the great Seal to 
all Cathedral Churches throughout the Realm there to remain, and 
fhall be read to the people twice every year. 
42 E.3. cap. I. The highefl and raofl binding Laws are the Statutes which are cfla- 

25 E. i.ubi fupra. blifhed by Parliament, and by Authority of that higheft Court it is en- 
acted (only to lliew their tender care of Magna Charta^ and Charta. de 
Forejia ) That if any Statute be made contrary to the great Charter^ or the 
Charter of the Foreji, that pall be holden for none: By which words all 
former Statutes made againfl either of thofe Charters are now repeal- 
ed •■) And the Nobles and great Officers were to be fworn to the ob- 
fervation oi Magna Charta^ and Charta de Fores fa. 

Magna fuit quondam Magn£ rezercntia Charta. 
We in this fecond Part of the Injiitutes^ treating of the ancient and 
other Statutes have been inforced almort of neceflity to cite our anci- 
ent kwxhoxs^Bra&on^Britton^tho. Mirror^Fleta,and many Records, ne- 
ver before publifbed in print, to the end the prudent Reader may di(- 
cern what the Common Law was before the making of every of thofe 
Statutes, which we handle in this work, and thereby know whether 
the Statute be introduftory of a new Law, or declaratory of the old:; 
which will conduce much to the true underftanding of the Text it felf 
We have alfo foraetime in this and other Parts of the Injiitutes, cited 



<^yt iroeme. 

the Grmd Cnftitmkr dc NorK/an^J-, where it agreeth with the Laws of 

Englaml, and fometime where they difagree, ex diafnetro^ being a Book 

compounded as well of the Laws of England^ which King Edward the 

Confcflbr gave them, as he that Commenteth upon that Book teftifieth 

(as clfwhere we have noted ) as of divers Cuftoms of the Dutchy of 

Normm-dy^ which Book was compofed in the raign of King Hen.^. viz, 

about 40 years after the Coronation of K.Richard the firft, 3 Septemb, 

Afyno I. of his raign, At;. Dom. 1 189. about i^Syears after the Con- 

qucft. See that Book f.22. f.o.^.a. and the Comment upon the (ame, 

(5-"f.ii2. In which C///?//w/cr agreat numberof the Courts of Jufticc, 

of the original Writs, and of many other of the titles of the Laws of 

Evglaf^d, are not (b much as named or mentioned. And feeing we have 

in thcfc, and other parts of our hfiitiites, cited the Laws and Statutes 

of divers Kings before the Conqueft, and in the Conquerors time, we 

have thought good for the eafe of the Reader, to fet down the times 

wherein tho(e Kings lived, and deceaied. has began to raign Att.Dom. 

689. and deceaied 726. Alnredus^ alias Alfrcdm^ alias Elfredtis^ began 

to raign A>2. Dom. 872. and deceafed 901. Of this Alured it is thus in Hiftoria Eiienfi 

written, Ahirediis aicrrimiitjgemi frinceps per Grimbaldum^Johan- °'^ ' ^ '^' 

ncm do&iifw20s Monackos tantiint injlrtiUui cfl^ at in brevi librornm om- 

i7itim noMvjm huberet^ totnmqne ftoviim C^ vetifs TeUamevtum in mlo- 

giii/H AngUCit gank tranfinntarct ( cnjus travJJationis pars nobis feliciter 

accidif. ) This learned King in advancement of Divine and humane C- Caius D. m. 

knowledge,by the perfwafion of thofe two Monks founded the fimous ^^"^' 

MmvQx^xty o'i Cambridge. Edrvardus, fbn of the faid ^///rei, began to 

raign ^'f^A D^v;/. 901. and deceafed 924. ^EtheJjianm^ alias, Adelftane ^Fmis^fapimy 

eldeft Son of the faid Edvrard began to raign An.Dopi. 924, and de- tl'^^Tfit I 

ceafed 940. b tdnnmdus began to raign An. Dom. 940. and deceaied AngiUm inMo- 

946. c Ed^ariis began to raign An. Dom. 959. and deceaied 975. ^E- f''!^*"'" '■^^«*"' 

f/ie/rcc/z/.f, began to raign An. Dom. ^j<^. and deceafed 1016. « Canutus wxZoUmH-gUf- 

began to raign ^'3/z.D<7;/i. 10 1 6. and deceaied 1035. iEdvpardmhtgzn ^o»- 

to raign An. Dom. 1042. and deceafed 1066. gWillielmm Baftardm l^ceu'fuim'' 

began to raign An. Donh 1066. and deceaied 1087. d Named in 

Some fragments of the Statutes .injhe raigns of the abovefaid Kings EcdeS^d'e^Eve^' 
do yet remain, but not only many of the Statutes, and Ads of Parlia- fham.Adeiredus. 
men. but alio the Books and Treatiles of the Common Laws both in f ^" Domefday he 

* IS ever wriccen 

thefe and other Kings times, and fpecially in the times of the ancient emit' rcx. 
Brittons ( an ineflimable lofs) are not to be found. f "^ 's ever called 

It is to be obferved that in Dome/day., Harolduf^who ufurped the Epjf°^us s.Edw. 
Crown o[ England^aixer the decealc of King Edward the Confellbr, is Cf/Zr. RexEdwir- 
never named per jjomen Regis, Jed per nomen Comitis Haroldi, fen He- ^imn'o\mam 
ra'idi 5 And therefore we have omitted him. qu^ejicebattyns 

In citing of the aboveliud Laws originally Written in the Saxon ll''fJ'J'"^ ^'^^ 
tongue, we have referred you to M. Lambard, who accurately and g He is in Domef. 
fiiithfullvtranflated the lame into Latin, one page containing the Sax- f.^J written vvii. 

, -', II- 1 • • • /r • • lielmus Rex, tie/ 

on, and the next the Latin, and is in print (tor ourmanner is not to cite wiiiieimus, vei 
any thing, but lb to refer the Pveader, as he may ealily find it, ) Sed ttt w. Rex. 
■7/7;ic!:i(jnef/iM tribuatnr hof70s.,?A\ thofe Statutes in the raigns of all the 
aboyeDid KingS^ were of ancient time plainly and truly tranflated into 

■ Latin^ 



Latin, ( whereof we have a very ancient, if not the firft Manufcript) 
which no doubt did not a little abbreviate M. Lambard's pains. 

Upon the Text of the Civil Law, there be fo many glofles and in- 
terpretations, and again upon thofe fb many Commentaries, and all 
thefe written by Dodtors of equal degree and authority, and therein 
fb many diverfities of opinions, as they do rather increale then refblve 
doubts and incertainties, and the profeflbrs of that noble Science fay. 
That it is like a Sea full of waves. The difference then between thofe 
glofTes and Commentaries, and this which we publifh, is, that their 
glofles and Commentaries are written by Doftors, which be Advo- 
cates, and fb in a manner private interpretations : And our Expoliti- 
ons or Commentar'res upon Magna Chart j^ and other Statutes, are the 
refblutions of Judges in Courts of Juflice in judicial courfes of pro- 
ceeding, either related and reported in our Books, or extant in judi- 
cial Records, or in both, and therefore being coUefted together, fhall 
( as we conceive ) produce certainty, the Mother and Nurfe of re- 
T-tguIa. pofe and quietnefs, and are not like to the waves of the Sea, but Statio 
befte fda peritis : for Judhiajimttaf/qitam Juris di&a. 

Finis Vroosmii. 

But now let us perufe the Text. 



Magna Charta, 

E D I T A Anno nono H. 5. 

HE N R. I C U S Dei Gratia Rex Anglia?, Dominus Hibef- 
niae, Dux Normanise, 8c Aquitaniae, & Comes Andegavis, 
Archiepifcopis, Epilcopis, Abbatibus, Prioribus, Comiti- 
bus, Baronibus, Vicccomitibus, Prapofitis, Miniftris, 8c 
omnibus Ballivis, 8c fidelibus fuis, prsfentem Chartam irifpeduris, 
falutem. Sciatis quod nos intuitu Dei, 8c pro falute anim.^ noftrse, 
8cc. 8c ad exakationem ianft;£ Ecclelise, 8c emendationem regni no- 
ftri, fpontanea 8c bona voluntate noftra, dedimijs. 8c conceffimus Ar- 
chiepifcopis, Epifcopis, Abbatibus, Prioribus, Gomitibus, Baronibus, 
8c omnibus liberisde Regno noftro, has libertates fubfeript, t'enend* 
in regno noftro Angliie inperpetuum. 

t[ Henricus Dei gratia Rex Anglise, 8cc. ] Concerning tije ^ttle? of ^he^Jn] P"' °^ 
t\)t i&tngis of England, boti) t)cfo jc anD after ttjis J»ing, ann Ijoiu often i^jt^^Xf sea." "'"' 
teren tljc fame, fa in tljc firtt part of tljc BBnftitutcg, Sedione prima. 

^ Archiepiicopis, Epifcopis, Abbatibus, Prioribus, Gomitibus, 
Baronibus, Sec. ] STljiji q% tlje like jiarticular tiirettion, tijig i^ing ano Jjig 
|)?ogenito?0l)cfo?el)imufeu-, anofo oitjE.i.E.2.&:E.3. ifeingR.2. in^tis iLer;= 
tet? |3atents uftu a mojc general ano tompentiioiis cirection, vh. Omnibus ad 
quos prsefcntes Uterse pervencrinf, &c. toljicl) Cil'Ctfion ijS ItfeO to tljis Dap, falJing Note not only the 
in Cijartcris of Creation of SDigniticg, tljc tiiccctionsf to tljigoap arc Archicpif- Pf^mbie of this 
copis, Epifcopis, Ducibus, Marchionibus, Sec. anH hiis teftibus in tie enU. Fo?reft'*but°the 

bodies of theChar- 

ff Nos intuitu Dei, pro falute animse noftra, ad exakationem tersthemieivesare 

r-Tir^i/- o 1- r» • cl ■ -, Contained in the 

lanctae Ecckli.?, 8c emendationem ^egni noltri. J ^ere le four nota? charter of King 
lie eaufeis of tlje malting of t\)\$ great Cljarter rcljcarteD. i. aCije Ijonoiir of >KAn.i7.ofhis 
(25oti. 2. iroj tlje ijealtlj of tlje liings ^m\. 2. i?o> t\iz etaUation of ijolj) '^'f • , .„ , ., 
Cljurclj ; anD iTotinblp, ioi tlje amcnnment of tfie teingcom. J;; explu'Jx- 

djcfe 1)C tljofc erceUcnt ilatog container in tl;i0 great Ctjarter, ano nigettcti ma uges amqtias 
into 38 Cljaptet0, loflljiclj tent to tJje Ijonour of CDoD, tlje fafetp of tljc llings '^. ^^^"1 co^utcu-; 
Confcience, tlic aubancement of tljc Cljttrclj, anD amennmcnt of tlje ISingoom, ''"'" "'"^"^^''"'' 
grantee ano aUon3eti to all iljc 3>uljject!3 of tijc ISealm. ^^^•'44' 

C Spontanea, 8c bona voluntate noftra. ] sCljerc toojus toerc aatica, 
fo J tljat !liing John, ag Ijatlj been fain, maoe tlje like Cljartcc in cffea, ano fought 
to auoin tlje lame, pjetenuing ic toais mane bj? mirclTe. 

KW great Cljatter i;s oiDiDCD into 38 Cl;apter]si, 


(SKfagna. (^harta- Cap. 


IMprimis, Conceffimus Deo, 8c hac praefenti Charta noftra confir- 
maviraus pro nobis 8c hsredibus noftris inperpetuura, quod 
Ecclefia Anglicana libera fit, 8c habeat omnia jura fua integra, 8c li- 
bertates fuas illsefas. Conceffimus etiam, 8c dedimus omnibus liberis 
hominibus regni noftri, pro nobis 8c hsredibus noftris inperpetuum, 
has libertates fubfcriptas ^ Tenend' 8c habend' eis Sc bsredibus fuis,de 
nobis 8c hxredibus noftris inperpetuum. 

tnttr icgti ftu mm- SanftamDei, inprimis, Ecclefiam liberam facio, ita quod nee ven- 

mionis RtgisH.i. Jani, nec ad firmam ponam, nee mortuo Archiepifcopo five Epiicopo, 

"^''' vel Abbate aliquid accipiam de dominio Ecclefe, leu de hominibus 

ejus, donee fiacceflbr in earn ingrediatur, 8c omnes malas confuetudines, 

quibus regnum Anglis injufte opprimebatur, inde aufero. 

|[[ Conceffimus Deo. 3 "Mt "b^u grantcfl to (Bon t toljfn anp tijing is 

fitantEU foj CS>OD, it is Bcemeti in ilato to be grantco to (5oxi, ano toljatfoetoec 

iis grantco to \)is Cljurclj foj Ijis Ijonour, anu tlje maintenance of Ijis Keligion 

anD ^erutce, i? granten foj anD to (©oo > Quod datum eft Ecckfis, datum ell 


See the firfi part ^"^ ^^)^^ ^"^ ^Ije lifec luoere tlje fo jntg of ancient ^ds anu (©^antg, anti tljoti 

of the inftituces, ancicnt Sl(i8 ano Cjantg miifl be contttueo ano taken as tlje iiaiu tuag ijoloen at 

Sc«.i. ti^at time totie n tljep vucre mace. 

^cre in tijis Cljarter, botlj in tlje title anli in uiiejcs part$ of tljc boop of tlje 
Cliarter, tlje iiing fpeakctlj in tfee plural numljer, conceffimus ; SCljefrtft Bing 
t^at 3 reaa of bcfoje Ijim, tljat in W grants tujote in tlje plural number, tuas 
3Sing John, iFatl)Cc of our i^ing H.3. ot^er icings before l)im tojotc in tlie fin;= 
gttlar number, t^cp ufeD Ego, ano teing John, ano all tlje icings after l)im, Nos. 

f[ Pro nobis 8c hseredibns noftris inperpetuum. 3 SCtcfe luoiDg toctc 
atiDeo to aboio all fcruples, tljat tW great ^acliamentarp Charter migljt line 
ann take effect in all fucceffions of ages foj e^er. spoje of tijis tuojo Cljeics) 
ijereafter in tijiS Cljaptcr : Mljen Pro nobis, hsredibus & fucceflbribus noftris 
came in, Riall be fljelwcD in Ijig fit place. 

f[ Quod Ecclefia Anglicana, 8cc;] SCljis at tl;c mafeing of tljis great 
Cljarter, ejctencec not to Ireland, noj to anp of tlje iiiings fojrain jSDomintongi 
but h^ tljc ilato of Poynings, maoc b"p tljc 0utl)ojitp of |)arltament in Ircland,iii 
Anno 1 1 H.7. alltlje latos ant) Statutes of tW isealm of England befoic t^at 
time Ijan oj mafic Bo ejcteno to Ireland, (0 as noiu Magna Charta ooti^ ejcteuo into 

^Quod Ecclefia Anglicana libera fit.] SEljat is, tljatall (Sfclcfiaftiral 
perfons witliintlie J5ealm,tl;eir poffeffions ano gooDs fljall be frir-D from ail un^ 
Juft cjcattions ano oppjeffions, but nottwitljttanDing Qioulti pielc all lauihil Duties 
citlier to ttc JSing oj to anp of Ijis Subjects, fo as libera bcrcj is taken foj iiberata, 
foj as liatl) ban fain, tljis Cbartet is Dcclaratoap of tljc ancient llato ant Libert? 
of England,anotljerefo}C no neto frtccom is Ijerebp grantee, rto betiifcljiargcti of 
latoful tenures, fcrbices, rents ano aios) but a reftitution of fuel) as Ifitofullp 
tlbcp Ijao befojcano to free t|)cm of tljat baljiclj Ijau been ufurpeo ano incroadica 
upon tljem bp anp poller UJ|).ufoe\jec ^ ^nv purpolclp ano matcriallp,tlje Ctjar:* 


Cap. I. SViagm (hart a. ^ 

ttt im\) EcckCu, bccattfc Ecckfia non moritur, lutt moriuntur Ecddiaftici, anti 
tW c.rtcnti? to aU C'cclcfiaftical pcrfong cf Tooljat ojncr oj ciualttv totter. 

^ Et habeat omnia jura (ua integra. ] SDljat Isf, tljat all C-ccIeftaaicai 
Merfon!3 Ojall enfop all tljeir laiDfuI jurtfctcttottp, auD otljcr tljr ir rigljta luljcllp 
luitljout awp oinuntition oi fiilitracttDn toljatfocftcr-, aiiD jura fua pjoueplatulp, ^°^- p^'"'""'' 
jljat «o ncto rigljts lucre gi\3cu mito tl)cm i but fttclj ag tfeep ijao Itfojc, Ijncbp '^ Num.13. 
are confirmen ; ano great inere fotnetiineg tljcir rigljts, foj tljcv Ijati t^e tlnro 
part of tl)c jjodcfiiong cf tljc Heaim, ajs it is affirmeti in a parliament Koll. 

^ Et libertates fuas illxfas. ~\ Libertates are Ijcre taken in tliio fcnfc^. 

1. ifoj tlje 3la\i3g of England, fo talleiij tccauCe liberos faciunt, agljatl) bitn faic. 

2. Cljej? arc Ijcrc tahen foj pjitjilcrigcs IkId bp ^'ai'^iament, Cljartcr 02 pjcfcri^ 

j^tion mm ti^cn opinarp •, ano in tins fcnfe it is taken in t^e WS.xit De liber- Regifi. foi.rp. & 
tatibus allocandis, anU in anot'ocrtEJOIrtt De libertatibus exigendis in itinere, but it 262. F.N.B.foU 
is but libertates fuas, fticl) as of rigljt tl;ep l;ati befo?e ■■, Jura Ecclefix publicissqui- ^^^^^^ 
parantur. ^ 

(l];\)f rp 3rct!bifljopnck anti JBifljopjick in England arc of tljc iSings fottnrsaticn, 
anu Ijoiocn of tlje Mng per Baroniam, anD manp Abbots anti |L^jio;is cf ®onafie# 
ties tocrc f.lfo of tl;c lyings foundation, ana cio liolo of Ijim per Baroniam, ann 
in tljis rigljt tlje Srcljbifljop ann Eifiiops, anu fuel) of tljc 5lbl ots anu pjiojs asi 
ijelD per. Baroniam, anD callcO bp SSlrit fo |3arUan-;cnr, toerc JLojUs of ^J^rlia^ 
tnent i aun tljis is a rigl}t of great Ijonoj tljat tlje Cljurcl), viz. tl)e ^rcbbiaop BrX'i'* f-^',< 
anD lEifijopS nolu IjaVC. Ecclefia eft infra statem, & in culbdia Domini Regis, j/j'.ff.j.^J'?!* 
qui tenetur jura & hxreditates fuas manutenere oc detendcre •, SuD in oiljcr kc# Trin. 22 
COjDiS it is faiD, Ecclefia qusefemper eft infra astatem tungitur Temper vice minoris, Com.Bjoc. Roc. 
nee eft juri contonum quod infra statem exiftentes, per negligentiam cuftodum fu- '''"* ^^^•^' 
orum cxhajredationem patiantur feu ab adione repellantur. 

Snijep arc cifcljargcB of purDcpancc foj tljeir oton j^joper gcoDj. see hereafter car. 

0nD tW ttas tljc ancient Common llato, ano fo oeclarcD bp ciucrs ?tifg of '^ ^.j.c i2.swt.2 
parliament, anu tljcre is a tRKrit in tlje IScgiCcr fc? tljrir liicljnrgc in tljat be-- L. s Vg^'foi 26." 
Ijalf: Sinn tW is not rcflraincD bptlje faiD Set of 27 H.S.foj tljerclp iticpic^ Rcgin.iKp. 
DiDcD ttiat the pur\3cpo; ftall obfcrDc tljc »»tatuteji foj tljem p:c\)ttico, foas ^'<i 27H.8.C.24. 
luljcre tlje ^itrtocpoj is pjoljibitcD to purucp bp anp Statute, tlje faiD SlA cf ^"*' f^^"- '^•"' 
27 H.S.fettctl) Ijim not at Itbertp. 

anD true it is,tljat Ccclefiaflical pcrfonis lja\jc moje anD greater libertic0 tljcn 
otljcr of tljc iSingo |?i'.bjcftSj luljcrcin, to fet Doujn all, toculo take up a uiljole 
Clolumc of it fclf, anD to fct Doton no cramplc, agrectlj not uiiclj il;c ;©fttcc of 
an ©rpofito^y ; tl)crefo?e fome fcto eramplcs fljall be crpjelTcD, auD tlje ftuDious 
3KcaDcr left to obCcrDc tljc reft, as Ijc fljall reaD tljem in our HSrokg, anD otijec 
^tttljontics of iLaii). 

3f a man Ijoloetl) lianDs 02 2renement0, bp reafon luljereof Ije ougljtTupon Regin, 58. f.n.e, 
election, gf c.) to fertoe in a tcmpojal office, if tljig man be maDe an CEcclefiafi teal '75' 
perfon luittin Ijolp ^'jDcrg, Ijc ougljt not to be clCiteDto anp fuclj office, anD if 
|e>e, Ije map lja\3e t^c iiing? Mrit foj l)is Diicljargc, ana tljc toojDs of tlje 
©Uritarc obfcrVjable, Rex, &c. Cum fecundum legem. & confuctudinem Kegni 
noftri Anglice Clerici infra lacros ordines conftituti ad tale officium eligi non debe- 
ant, nee hadenus confueverunt, &c. anD t^C rcafon tl)Crccf is CXpu'ficD in tlje 
Writ, Quia juri non eft confonum, quod hii qui falubri Itatu animarum, &c. ( in 
tali loco, 8cc. ) deferviunt, alibi extra ( eundem locum ) feculanbus negotiis com- 

51Bp tljtis Mrit it appearetlj tl^at tljiji tnas tljc ancient common 3Latn, anD ttX!: 
ftom of England, anD IjaD a fure founDation, Nemo militans Deo, implicet fc ne- 2 Timor. c.a, 
gotiis fecularibus, ut ei placeat cui fe probavit. Ccclcfiaaical pcrfons Ijaiic tljig 
P2iv)ilcagc tljat tljcp cugljt not in petfon to fcrbc Ui teiar. Mo dEcclcfiaaical ^ ',"'^p n°r^°2'^' 
pcrfons ougljt to be quit anD DifcljargeD of Colls anD Cuftoms, iJDirage, ^cn^ f .N.B.a27. 
tagc, i|t*a\3iage, anD ttjc like, fo2 tljcir CDcclefiaftical groos, ^auD if tljep be mo;* 
UilcD thereto je, tljcp IjaDc a iviit foj tljeic Difcljarge, bpiuljicljtujit it appearetlj 

315 2 tljas 

^Adagna Qharta, Cap.: 

tljat tins toais rtje ancient Common llaUJ of England. R.ex, &c. cum perfonae 
Ecckfiallicae fecundum confuctudinem hadenus in Ptegno noftro ufitatam, & ap- 
probatam ■■, ac ad telonium, paviagium & muragium, &c. de bonis fuis Ecckfiafti- 
cis alicubi in eodem Regno prasftand' nullatenus teneantur, 8cc. 
F N.E.29. Regift. 3f anp GDcdcfiaOtcal pcrfon i)C in fear oj fioubt tijat Ijig gojDg 0% Cljattels?, oj 
289. DlBcaflSj oj tljc gtot)5 of Ijis farmoj, jc. fljottln be talicn bp tljc miniUerg of tljc 

iaing, foj tljC liufmcf^ of tljc i&ingjlje map piircljafe a protection cumclaufula 

See the expofition SDiarelfeg fiiall not be tafeen lip ^Ijetiffsi oj otljec of tljc JStngs miniffersi in 
of the Statute of tl^c ittljetitancc of tlje Cljurclj toVcreuiitl) it toag ancicntip eni)olneD> but otljet*: 

' Artie. Cler. cap.?. ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^f ^^^^ putdjafe. 

1i anp dDcclcfialiifal peuton fenolDlenge a Statute spcrcljant oj gitatitte &taj= 

pic oj a iKecogni^ancc in tbe nature of a Statute Staple, W botip fljall not be 

taken bp fojce of anp pjocefs tljercupon, ano foj moje furetptljcrcof tlje OTrit 

tljereupon to tafec tljeboop of tlje eonufoj is fi laicus lit. 

Regift 300 F.N.B. 3Ef a pecfon be bounti ;n a ISecogni^ancc in tbc Cbancerp 0} in anp otljec 

266.3. 16 E.3. Court, $r. anD \)t pap not tl)C fum at tlje nap, bp tljc Common Jlaiu, if tlje per^ 

pjoces 165. Re- fjjj^ jj^^ nptljing but C-cdefiaftical goitis, tlje Mecogni^te coulo not Ijabc IjaD a 

gift, judic. 22. j^^^^j j^^, j^ ^j^^ ^ijf riff to Ictop tl)C fame of tljcfe gcDti0, but tije Mrit ougljt to 

be Diretteti to tlje icifljop of tljc SDiocefs to leup tlje fame of Ijis ecclefiaCical 

gOJtlSt. I 

> 18 E. 2. Proc. "^ In an action bjougljt againtt a pcrfon Ctoljerein a Capias lictljj foj cjcample, 

20J. 9 E.3.30. an account, tlje a)ljcriffreturn!Squod clericus eft beneficiatus, nullum habens lai- 
24E.3.44-25E-3- cum feodum, in toljiclj Ijc map bc fummoneD, in tl)ig cafe tlje plaintiff cannot 
V'^h]oL 8 'J^^'^ ^ ^^P'35 *" ^^J^ ^Ijeriff to take tlje bonp of tlje perfon, but Ijc fijall IjaUc a 
34 E.3. scire fic. Writ to tlje lEifljop to caufc tlje pcrfon to come ann appear. ISut if Ije Ijati re^ 
i<;3."4SE. 3.6. Jiirncii quod clericus eft nullum habens laicum feodum, tljen ig a Capias to bC 
47 E.3.I4- 21 H./. grantcD to tlje ^"betiff, fo? tljat it appearen not bp tlie return tljat Ije Ijae a be^ 
f- J^^^''J}/"'!'o* nefice,fo assljemigljt be ttarnea bp tljc 51^ifljop Ijis SDiocefan, ana no man can 

^" ^^' be ercmpt from jufficc. ^i& mojc of tl)is( matter Artie. Cleri. cap.p. 
Marlebr. " Secundum legem & confuetudine Regni Angliae clerki in decenna, (See, poni non 
Briton, fol. 1 9. B. debeant, vel ea cccafione diftringi vel inquietari non confueverunt : ann (ll;ccleftafti*= 
Fietaiib.2.cap.45. ^^i pcrfou? acc not botmu to appear at CournciS oj uieing of ifranfepleogc* 
^°j[- •"■"'; ^"""^ %\.\t Ijereof tljig little taffc fijall in tljig place fuffice, tjuitlj tljig, tljat ag tlie 
■ ^ oV)erflo\)3ing of luatersi no manp timeis make tlje riber to lofe Ijig pjoper cljanci, 

fo in times pall CScdefiaffical perfong faking to cxtenn ti^eir liberties bepono 

tljcir true bounns, eitljer loll oj enjopeu not tljat iu^jiclj of rigljt belongeo to 


^ Conceffimus etiam 8c dedimus omnibus liberis hominibus Regni 
Lkt.Seft. 189. noftri, 8cc.^ aCljcfe lMOJti|S C omnibus liberis hominibus Regni ) 5o indUDC all 

perfons Ccdefiaflical anti temporal incorporate politick 01 natural, nap tljep 

crteno alfo to ViilleinSjfoj tljep areaccountco fra againft all men fawng againfl: 

tlje 3io?ti0. 
See the Statute of ^ Has libcrtates fublcriptas. "] ^cje it is to be obferbcD tljat tljc afojes: 
54E.i.detaiiagio ^^-q j}g,,fg jjjj,f conccmeo tljc Cljurclj onlp, is in fabour of tljc Cljurclj general 
wWciTiTmorc ge- ^itt^outanp rcftraint, but tljis claufe tljat concerns all tlje icings fubjccts Ijatlj 
nerai. a rcftraint bp reafon of tljis toorn (fubfcriptasj tutiidj reftrainetl) libertates to tjlje 

38 Cljapters of tljis great Cljarter. 
* Midi 7 E r. ^ ^oit that Courts of Juftice are alfo called Uhertates, becaufc in them the Laws 
in Com.Banc. Rot. ol the Realm (]H£ liberos faciunt, are adminiftred. 
" '• L^'':: „ C Hseredibus. ] ^t tljis time Ha^redes toere taken for Succeffores, anii Suc- 

See the firft pare .„/r._p, f-,, H^rtdf; 
of the laftitut. ceuoresior Miredes. 

Seft.r. fi L>e nobis. ) gn tljis place tljefe loorbs are not inferten to make a legal 

tenure of tlje Bing,but to intimate tljat all liberties at t^e firH iucrc miijco 

from tl)e Croton, 


Cap. 2. <£\dagna Qharta. 


SI quis Comitura, vel Baronum noftroruiti, five aliorum tcncntium 
de nobis in capite per fervitium Militarc, mortuus tiierit, & cum 
deceflerit, hares ejus plens aetatis fuerit, Sc relevium nobis debeat, 
habeat hereditament' (uum per antiquum relevium, (cilicet, hxres vel 
hxredes Comitis, de com' integro, per centum libras, hsres vel hseAji 
des Baronis, de Baronia Integra, per centum marcas, h:«res vel hsreoes 
Militis, de feodo militis integro, per centum folidos ad plus. Et qui 
minus habucrit, minus det, fecundum antiquam confuetudincm fco- 

^ Si quis Comitum vel Baronum. ] at tijis time tljcrc toas ncljcr a Rot. Pari, anno 
Duke, ^avciucfs, oj tEltfcouut in England, fo; if tljerc IjaB Ijiciij tljep l;ati ( no ." £• 3-i. %. f». i, 
BOKbtJ) ban namcD in tIjisCljapter : tlje firfl SDitkc tljat luag cccaccii fince tljc "''^^^" prindpis. 
ContiHCft, \m> Edward tlje 3i£tack p^inre, in 1 1 E. 3. Pvobert de Vere Carl of 
Oxford, Ujaji in tlje 8 pear of Richard tl;c fcccuB, createD Sparciticre of Dublin Rot. Pat. 8 R.2. 
in Ireland, ant) \)t iBap tljcfiii-tt 95arqucfs tljat anp of our Utnp crcateo. 

jClje fitft Glifcount tljat 3; fine of Uccojd, ano tljat fat in ^parliament bp tijat Rot Pat 18 h. 6. 
name, luas John Beaumont, te)^)o in tlje i8 jeac of H.<5. •juais crcatca mifrount ":2.Febr. 

^ Comites. 3 DicunturComites, wz. quia in Comitatu five a fbcietate no-' 
men fumpferunt, qui etiam did poffunt Confules a confulendo : Reges enim tales ^'"^''^.i. cap.j. 
fibi aflbciant ad confulendum & regendum populum Dei, ordinances eos in magno ' " 

honore, & potcftate, & nomine, quando accingunt eos gladiis, ringis gladiorum, 
&c. gladius autem figniiicat defenfionem Regni & Patris. 

^ Barones. '] Sunt & alii potentes Tub Rege qui dicunturBarones, hoc eft, ro- Eraft. «W/"«pfi. 
bur belli : ^nu tuljere fome Ijaiie tljouBjljt ttiat Baro i? no ilatin luojti, toe fine it Ad Artie. Ep. j. 
in Tullies (iSpiftleiS, Apud Patronem, Et alios Barones te in maxima gratia pofui. I"4uif. 4^ £• 3- j 
Galfridus Cornwall tenet maneriuni de Burford de Rege, per fervitium Baronis, 
31B«t it i0 to be unDerftrou, tljat if tljc Mm, giDe Jlann to one anti ijis ijcics, Te- 
nend' de Rege per fervitium Baronis, \)t ig no llexo of |9arliament until Ije be 
callea b}) Writ to tlje ^atliamcnt. %\)t\t tol)icli arc CatliS ano 515atons lja\jc 
officc0 ano nutieg annciccii to tljeit Dignities of great truft anD confiDcucc, foj 
tlDO purpofeg. I. Ad confulendum tempore pacis. 2. Ad defendendum Regem 6c I"ter.record. in 
Patriam tempore belli. ^nH pjutient autitiuit)) Ijatlj giijen unto tljcm tUio en? H^^the Ea^i"^f^* 
Cgns to rcfemblc, anD to put tljem in mint) of tljcir unties i fo^ flta tljey Ijaijc Nor'thamb^cafc, 
an honourable ant) loitg robe of fcarlet refembling Counfel, in rcfped: iSobere? &c. 
of tljep are accounteD in JLalu, De nnagno concilio Regis. 2, SEI}cp are girt toitlj 
a (\i)ojD tljat tljep flioulo euer be reatip to DcfcnD tljeic iSing anu Countrv : %wq Canv. i.p. 0,4. 
it is to be obfcrneti tbat in ancient l\ecojtis tlje ffiaroup unner one luojt) ) in^ ' 
cluticti all tlje ipobilitp of England, becaufe regularip all i^olilfi^fn lucre 3£a;j 
tons, tl)ougl) tljep Ijatj a ^igljer tiignitp, anD tfjcrefoje of tlje Charter of iSfng 
E-i. in tlje (Drpofition of tins Cbaptcr Ijereafter menttoncti, tljc conclufion is 
Tertibus Archicpiicopis, Epifcopis, Baronibus, &C. S)0 ylaceD, inrcfpcct tbat Ba- 
rones incllttjet) tljC toljole i^obilitp: antj tlje great CounccI of tlje igobilitp, 
liiljcn tl)cte toerc beGoes dSarls anu llBarons, Dufees auD sparaueffes, tuctc all j H.4. «j,>;. 
tOmpjeljCUUet) untiec tlje name De la Councd de Baronage. 


5 <i\dagna Qjarta, Cap. 2. 

^ Sive aliorum tencntium in capite. ] 3!t {$ iuo>t!)p of obfctlsation, 
toitt) taljat great lutgmcnt tljis §>tatute concerning relief is penneD i JToj Ip 
tlje0cf of 50arliament caUeu, KXytMiiz of Clarendon, Anno loH.a.Anno 
Domini ii6i,. it iS tljUjS cnafteD i Archiepifcopi, Epifcopi, 8f univerfe perfonae 
Picgni,qui de Rege tenent in capitCjhabeant poffeirioncs fuas de Rege,licut Baronia, 
& inde refpondeant Jufticiariis & miniftris Regis,& ficut c^teri Barones debent in- 
tereffe Curis Pvegis cum Baronibus,&c. %\)tulm iW CJjaptcr beginnCtljjSi quis 
Comitu, vd Baronum ■■> a»o as (ag to rclicf of an CDarl J l£aron j it 10 not mates; 
rial tljat Ijc Ijatlj Baroniam, unlef0 Ije lie i^oble, tljat if, QBarl oj ffaron, ano 
otljerg leing not iI2obIc, but IjolDiiig in Capite, Ojall pap relief accejtino; to tl)c 
|||igl;tg f«g looljiclj Ijc Ijatlj. ^a Ijereafter Cap, 3 1. ^Ijo Hjall be faio toljoU) in 

^ Per fervitium militare. ] J^o; tljis! fffi tljc firft part of tlie BJnSituteg, 
Se(ft. 103. 112, 154, 157, 125, 127. toljereunto jjou map aon tljijB Jticcojii rol*= 

Hil. 8 Banc, Per Ajftfam Johannes de Moyfe, qu? eji infia £Uteni^ impladtat Tho. 

Rot. 8(5, Midd. ^ ^q Weylaund C^ Marg. nx. ejus pro iwo Mtjjmg. ii. moknditiis. iv. acrk 

cited in the firft /"■-^^'j ^ xlii s. red. in Eaftftnithfield ext' Algate. Ipfivoc. ad jv^nRad. 

part of the Inftit. de Bemer., qui war. C^ die. quod nihil clamat ni(i CHJtod. eo quod Johan.- 

si^.isi' inmarg. ^^^ ^^^^^ ^-^^ Johann'ts teniiit de eo pradi&a ten. per homag. ^fervic. 

vi d. d''" inveniendi quendam hominem pro eo in tnrri London, cum arai- 

hus c^ figittis per quadraginta dies tempore gHerr£. Johannes die. quod 

tenet^di&.per homagium i^ fervitium quorundam ealeariorum vel 

vi d. pro omni fervie'. Et (le ommittendo multa ex ntraque parte tnani- 

fejie patebit per vcrd. Jur. d^ per Jud. Cur. quid in hae aff terminatum 

Vtridiaum. fait. Jur. die. quod pr£di&a ten. tenent. de pr£dicfo Radulpho per ho ' 

t- Trio. 17 E.I. in magium d'" firvie. unius park ealeariorum deauratorum'vel fex. deji. * ^' 

Banc. Rot. 29. Sa- inven. attend, hominem pro ipfb Radulpho in turri Lond. ettmarcub. d^ 

lop.Walt. de Hop- ^ .^ ^ ; j- . • i j a t ^ ■ i .r 

tons Cafe. Ace. J^S^^- P^^ ^^ "■^^^ tempore guerr£tn boreal. Angulo turns pratdiUte pro 
* The Judgment, omni fervie' . * Et quia eompertum eJi, di^. quod Radulphus cognofcit in 
redone, quod pr<edi&. heres tenere debet eadem ten. per predict, homgg. 
^fervie. prtedi&. ealear. vclfex denar. d^ per ferjanti am inveniendi mntm 
hominem pro coin prad. turri per xl dies, d^ manifeUe liquet quod hujuf 
modi minores ferjanti£ qu£ debent feri pro Dominis fim de qui bus tenent 
tenementafua per alios quam feipfos nuUam inde dabunt eujiodiam eifdem 
Dominis, nee dare debent licet iidem Domini infia £tatem h£redumper 
ftcgligentiam propinquorum parentum hujufmodi cujiodias oecupaverint, o"" 
ifke Radulphus non potesi dedicere quod unquam aliquam habtiit feifinaue 
de pr£diSt. Cujiod' 77ifiper oceupationemfuam d' negligentiam parentum 
pr£di&i h£rea/s anteeefforis ftti dum infia £tatem fuit, d^ nott alio jure. 
Confiderat. eft quod pr£diCl. Johannes ree. indefeij'. d'C. d" damn, Cxi. 
iv s. vii d. d^e. Valor terr per annum xx I. x d. 

See II H.4.72. &a;tt]efirfl partof tijelnffitutes, Sed. 155. & 157. anu note tlje DiiJcrCtp be ;« 
& 24E.3.32. tlDoeen fuel) a tenure of cbe iitng, foj in tijat cafe it flionlo be a tenure bp (II5janD=« 
ferjancp, ann tbat CD janti^fer jantp, foj tlje grcateft part is to be none toit^in tl;f 
laealm, ano i&nigljtis fcrijice out of tlje Mealm, ais Littleton t^iere faitlj. 

C[ Plenae xtatis. ] &jf tlje firft part of tl;e InCitwtcg, Se^, 104. 


Cap. 2. S^agna Qharta. 

^ Antiquum relevium fcilicet,8cc. "j Concerning tlje toojli Rdevium, 
vide I. Part Inftitut, Sed. 103. 3Ct appcarctt) tijat t\)C relief Ijcre fctuolun, is tlje 
ancient relief, anii toag certain at tlje Common liaiu •, 31Eut tljere im tan of 
Jong time an Ijeal)? incroacljment of an incertain relief at Miill anD pleaftire, 
toijiclj unuer a fair term toajs callen rationabile Rdevium, anD tljis act IjaD jutt 
caufc to fav, Per antiquum rdevium, fo; in tlje raign of H.2,©janiifatljer to H.j. 
tlje iSing C]ca(teD an incertain relief, foj fo Glanvill faitlj, tuljo ijjjote in Ijis time, 
De Baroniis vero nihil certum Statutumeft, quia juxta voluntatem & mifericordiam Glanv.I. 9. c.4. 
Domini Regis folent Baronix Capitaks de releviis fuis Domino Rcgi fatisfacere. Ockham cap. 
anD Glanvill uncet t^e name of HEaronie? Dotl) induce CEarlDomg alfo, Co tlje ^/^IZmmrdl' 
relief of all tlje i^obilitp toasi tafecn ag incertain at tljattime, anD tljerefo?e Norw.f<.^.34.and 
holt) neceffarp it Djag t^at tlje ancient relief (IjouId be refto jeo ig eUiDent. -^ ■ the commenc 


f[ Scilicet hxres vel hseredes. ] £)f tW ttojD (hdr) fee tlje firft part of 
tijc 3nCitutc0, Se<a. i. toljereunto j»ou map aDD tljat toljic^ tnas tljcre omitteD , 
concerning tlje ^ntiqtiitv of Dcfccntg, \dW) tlje (Germans IjaD agreeable luitb 
tl)e ancient JlalDg of tlje HBjitong, continueo in England to tliis oap, out of tljat 
faitljfttl anD learncD =l^ifto}ian, toljo of t^e ancient Ccrmanjs faitlj i Hsredes ticim de moribta 
fucceflbrefque fui cuique liberi, & nullum Tellamentum : fi Iiberi non funt, proxi- Gnmanorm. 
mus gradus in poffcirione/ratres, patrui, avunculi, &c. Mlljercin toe Obferbe tflj^ 
t^ingg. J. 2Eljat foj Default of cljilD?en anD bjetljjen, tljc mncle, $c. ano not tljc 
^atf er, oj anj) in tlje rigljt line atcenoent ffioulo inljerit, but tlje collateral on«= 
Ip. 2.2Cl)atbp tlje Common ilali) no2Ecliament ojlaftMlill coulDbc maDe of 
j.anD. 3. 2Cljat of ancient time Succeffores toereSynonyma tuitlj hiredes. 315uc 
in tlji0 ancient Statute it 19 pertincntlp laiD, hsres, anD not fucceflbr, fo? cberp 
jlBidjop of England Ijatl) a Sfaronp, anD fo IjaD manp 0bbot0 anD |0;iojs ( in re^ 
fpett tobereof tljcp toece ilojD? of parliament ; anD pet tbep paiD no relief, 
bccaufe tljcic fucceffojjs came to it bp fucccffion, anD not as Ijeir bp inljeritance ■■, 
SnD tljis 0£t faitlj , Habeat hasreditatem fuam. ^nD tljep are leifCD in Jure 
Epifcopatus Monafterii, &c. de Comitatu integro & de Baronia Integra. 2Clje }15a^ 
tons! in SDomcfDap are accounteb amongft tlje 2Denantsi in Clief. Vide Glanv. 

lib.p. cap. 6 . Magna Charta cap.3 1 . 

3t ip to be unDerfttDDtbat of ancient time ( as itebinentlp appearetlj bp tbis ^raa. lib.z.f.?^ a. 
Cbaptet, anD bp cur llDoobs ) cberp CarlDom anD ^aronp tuere IjolDen of tbe 8+- '^E-s^ef- 
5&ing in Capite, toljiclj pjo\)etlj tbat bot'b t^c SDignities of tbe Carl anD tbe tn^ Aifi'feT22. & m!^ 
ron, anD tljc CEarlDom ano iEaronp luere DeribCD from tbe Croton. a 0nD it is lO a owV. 126- 
ie bnoton tbat tbe fourtb part of tbe pcarlp baluc of an dSarlDom, a Earonp, 22 ems. 18. 
anD tbe libingof a l^nigbt, toas tbe ancient relief tbat tbis Cbapter fpeaketb ^%^^'f/' 
of. anD foj tbat of ancient time, b a J^nigljts li\jing toas cflameD at 20 1. per ^ewtt\ 6. 46 e.?. 
ann. (tubicb in tljofc Daps teas fufficient to maintain tbe Dignitp of a janigljt ) forfeit ig." «o h!?.* 
%i$ ancient c relief toas 5 1. tobicb isi tlje fourtb part of bis liuing bp one pear. iPi^a- 

%\)t pearlp balue of a 5iBaronp toas to conCft of 1 3 itinigbts fees, anD a '^ ^^^ f^„} p^''^ 
quarter, tobicb bp Jutt account amounteD to 400 sparbs bptbe pear, iberefo?e cambden Erit.^^' 
Jis relief teas as is bftc fet dowi 100 ^arfes. . 122. acc, 

^ec an ancient Spanufcript intituleD, De modo tenendi Parliamentum, iScc. iiE.2. cap.r. 
tempore Regis Edwardi filii Regis Etheldredi, qui quide modus fuit per dilcretiores 1. ^ ^.'S- ^- 2- 
Regni coram Willielmo Duce Normannorum 8c Conqueftore & Rcge Angliaeipfo McJcalfs Cafe, 
conquertore hoc tempore prseciplente recitat &c per ipfum approbat, &c. ^i dyz fol. 33,34. 
autbojitp anD Jlntiquitp tobeteofpoumap reaD in tbe fourtb part of.t'ijeiEnai;^ 
tutes Cap. of tbe Court of parliament, Et hie infra. 

M\a eberp CarlDom conCaeD of tbe Daluc of an entire JlEaronp anD an balf, 
tobicb amoutcD to 20 J^nigbts fees amounting to 400 1. per annum, anD tberes* 
foje bis ancjent relief bere calleD AntiquQ relevium, being tbe fourtb part of tbe 
pearlp balue of bisCBarlDomtaas 100 1. 3(n tbat ejccellent Cbarter lubicb lining 
H. I . maDe on tbe Dap of bis Coronation, Communi Concilio 8< aflcnfu Baronum 
Regni Angliae, amongft Otbct tbingS it i0 tbus COntaincD, Omnes malas confuetu- 
dines, quibus Rcgnum Anglis opprimebatur, inde aufero, quas malas confuetudi- 

• nes 

8 <*5M'agna (harta, ^Cap. 2. 

nes exinde fuppono. Si quis Baronum meorum, Comitum, five aliorunij quideme 
tenet, mortuus fuerit, hsercs fuus non redimet terram fuam, ficut faciebat tempore 
fratris mei, fed legitima & jufta rekvatione rclevabit cam, ficut homines Baronum 
meorum legitima & jufla rekvatione relevabunt terras fuas a Dominis fuis, &c. 

" ;. Edw. fiiii Legem ^ Regis Edvi'. vobis reddo cum illis emendationibus,quibus Pater meus e'men- 

Etheldrcdi. ^j^yj^ confilio Baronum fiiorum. 

IBP xW Cljartct it avpcarcti), i . %\)&t t\]txt tea? a lawful ann juft relief, to 
be pam bp tl)c dead, ano igaron, luljtrlj inipltct^ a pjopojtionablc relief accojU;* 
tng to tt)C ijaltte of tljc li\)ing, bp reafon of tljis Uio;^ r Juih ) luljicl; cannot be 
iiueutieti of an uncertain relief, but of tljc jtttt relief, upon tljc Computation of 
fo'nianp i^nigbts fkz containcD in tlje Modus, toljcrcunto tl)is Cljarter Ijatl) rc^ 
lation. 2 3t appearctb tljat tljerc tos an unjuft relief, in tlje time of William 
Rufus bis lEjotljcr, luljiclj upon fcarclj toe Ijabc founn in an ancient fpanufcript 
in tl)c ILibiarp of ^rcbbifijop Parker, toljicl) toe Ijabc fan, ann toiU tranftrtbr, 
in tljat Slanguage tljat luc finn it. 

Dc rdeefe al awte que al Roy afert 8. chivals erffiemes^ & enfehees^^ 
4, Hatikrts & 4. Huwmes & 4. efcues, & 4. hunces^ & 4. ^-jf^ee/, /ff 
aiiltrey^ & 4. chaceurs & 4. palefrees afieins (^ a chevcjire. 

De reljefe abarun 4. chivals les 2. enfienes d^ enfeeks c^ 2.hauherts 
€^ Q. harvmes & 2. e/f^, C^ 2. ejf^ec/ d" 2. lauMces^^ks autre s 2. ci&i- 
z;<?/j nn chaceur d^ nn palfiey a fiems ^ a cheve fires. 

De reliefe a vavajjur a Jon liege Jenior doit ejire quite fer le chivalfon 
per tielcome ilavoitjour defon mort^ & per fon hawme, & per Con efcu 
& per fon hauler t^ & per Jon lance^ &filfuit dijaparoile, que ihwu^ 
chival ne armejufie quite per C. fol. 

Le relief al villain le ?ueliour avoir que it aver ad 2. Chivals^ 2. Boefs 
2. Vaches durrad a fonfeignior^ & puis font touts les villains in fianl^ 
■ ■ : pledge, 

iwt leges Canuti In K. Camttits time, Relevatio Comitkfuit 8. equi^ 4. fellati, 4. infel- 
"p.97. luti^ & gale£ 4. & lorice^^. cum 8. lancek, & totidem fcutis^ &gladii, 

*C e.mare. 4..d>*C C. nianc<e auri. 

» /.Earonis. ^"^'^'^ * ^^^^"^ ^^&^-> VJ^ " proximus ft, 4. equi, n.fellati, 2.7wnfel' 

lati. l.gladii. iif.lancec^O'totidemfcuta,^ galea cunt loricafua, & >^0. 
jmnc£ auri. 

Et mediocrk thani equm cum apparatufuo d^ armafua c^ halliangin 

Wcll-fexa^ &c. 

Hafllp, d)isi Chapter of Magna Carta is but a rcRitutton anD Declaration of 
tl)C ancient Common iiato, ann tljat antiquum rekvium of tlje ©cirl, ann IBaron 
mag certain, fo nolu jopntng botlj together, tljig certain relief luvc Ut Dcton i? 
Icgitimum, juftum S<. antiquum releviiun, mcntioncO in tllC IVI(jdus , ccc. ' 

%t i0 faio tbat tbcrc be ancient pjecetientg in tljc Crcljcciuer, tljat Ije tljat belo 
bp a SDukeuom, tobicb being b.ilueti at ttoo Garls linings, Qjouls pap accoiising 
to tlje proportional ann jutt fourtlj part of bis li\3ing bp pear , 200 1. cjuD a 
Sparqucfs tbat beln bp a SParquefDom, inbo fiioulD Ijaue t\uo lif aionieiB, 0;culn 
yap foj bis tclief 200 marks. Mbat tbe Dalue of tbc libing of a ttiUount 
fijoulti be, 31 ba\)cnot bearo, but certain it is be fijoulo pap tbe fourtb prt of 
tbe pearlp vialue of bis Clifcountefuom. 

3ieut all tbis is to be intcnueo, tobere t\z iiing grantetb a Dulketiom, ^ar^ 
quefoom, dUatltiom, aifcounteftiom, oa IBaronp to IjolD, as berc it is fpofeen, de 
nobis in Capite per fcrvitium militare, viz. De Comitatu integro &: de Baronia in- 
tegra, & qui minus habuerit, minus dec fecundum antiquam confuetudine feodorum. 

<SKiagna Charta, 

6 H.g. Dier 2; 

jBut in fomc cafesf t\)t Ijctr of an (Bad, oj a JlBaron, tnav yap tljc relief ctpjc f;? com.Micii. 1 4 E.3. 
f£D in tW &wtut0, albeit Ije Ijatlj not fo manp fentgljtg Jr>xs, as is aliobcraiD : Rocs, ex parte 
foj if nyon tie creation of t\}Z (Eacl tlje ?^ing m grant anj) a^nnnojg, iianup, oj !,^|"- Th^r. com. 
annuitp per Comitatum, & nomine Comitis, OJ ftib nomine & honore Comitis,0? ex parte "rem Thef. 
tlje like, IjeOioulo fapC li. foj relief, ann Co of tljejlfaron, mutatis mutandis,foj com.Hii. 7 h'.4. 
a fnecial referijation maj) Derogate from tlje Common !ia\i). Rot.2.Rot.cart.3$ 

X5ut otljeiluife it is if tljc ^annojs, Jlanos, oj annuitp be granteo unto ti^c E-3-nu-8. theEari 
CUarl, ut idem Comes Hatum & honorem Comitis melius manutenere &c fupportare "^c^ ^"^ ^^^^* 
pollit, OJ, ad fuftinendum nomen & onus, J tlje UftC i ifOJ t^jen tlje Carl IjolU;? 
tt\) not per Comitatum, OJ, nomine Comitis. 

IBut noiJ) tlje ancient manner of creation is altcren, foj uoto, Uljen tlje ling 
creates a 2Dufee, a sparques, an CDarl, a ZElifcount oj If aron, \)t felDom creates 
a SDukeDom, SparqiUifOom, CEarlOom, f C. ad fuftinendum nomen & onus, viz. to 
grant \>m spannojs, JianDS, aCencments, $c. to Ijolo of Ijim in cljief, foj com# 
monlp ttpon creations tl)t iSing grants to tljcni createn an annuity ■■> Sinn tljeres: ^ „ 
fo?c at tl)is nap jl^oblemcn do pap fuclj reliefs, as otl;er men ufe to 00, in rcfpect ,7 e j 
of tljeir tenures, foj as tlje Ijcir of a tenigljt fljall not pap relief, unlets Ije Ijabe cap.3.' 
a JSnigljts i?a, f c. fo tlje Ijeir of an CBarl, oj 315aron, fljall not pap relief bp tljis 
great Cljartcr, unlets Ijc tiatij an C'arlcom, oj Jfaconp, as is afo jefaio. 

^ Ad centum folidos ad plus.] ^nD t^is toas tlje ancient relief foj a Gianv.iib.p.cap^' 
l^ntgbts jTec, anti fo it toas IjolDen in tljc reign of H.2. foj Glanvil faitlj,dicitur iib.9.foi.i24. 
autem rationabile relevium alicujus juxta eonfuetudinem regni de feodo unius mili- A"™Dy Lowes . 
tis $ centum folidos, fo as tlje i?a of a fcnigljt at tljat time tnas certain, . viz. tlje sta^ i e. 2. demi- 
fourtl) part of Ijis libing per annum, ano fo ougljt, as appearetlj, tlje relief of tlje litibus. 
igoliilitp to Ijabc ban in certaintp, tljouglj t^ep mere not permitted to Ijaiac it • pa" of the infti. 
fo, toljicl) faijoureu of t^e potoer of a Conq[ueroj to feeep tljc ^obilitp unber, oj fufSe^a. loj.nsj 
to make Ijimfelf tlje moje amiable to tljem. vldehtzioa ubi 

fl Secundum antiquam conluetudinem feodorum. ] Cljis is obfer# Britton cap 69. 
bablc, tljat tljefe certain ann proportionable rates are accojoingto iljc ancient |^'"^ '-s-c-i?. 
cuCom of reliefs. , Jar"o1-Yhe in 

*0iinigl)tl)oHJS3lanBbp(II5raniJ &er|antp,ljc is not\uitljin tljis ^tatute,ano nituc.Sca.154. 
tVrefoje fliall not pap tlje relief of a i&nigljt Declareb bp tljis 9iA-, but tlje Ijcir bc«^ 1 57- 
tng of full age at tlje occeafe of Ijis ^nceftoj, Ojall pap tljc iialue of Ijis Jlanns Lic.Sea.15^. 

fOJ one pear iuljiclj is tis Primer feifin. 

. lEut tere it is Demanoeo, feeing Littleton faitlj, tljat tenure bpCojnage, if it 

be of anp otljer illorb tl)en tlje ?^ing, is J^nigljts ferbice, buljat relief tljc l^eir of 

fttclj a 2Eenant fijall pap, or toljetljer Ije lljall pap anp relief at all. Littleton in 

tlje fame place faiclj, tljat tenure bpCornagcbjatoetlj unto it ioarD,anti marriage, e.i. in 

ano fpeaketl) nothing of relief, ana bp t^is art relief is to be papeo according to *" ^anco Rot.84. 

tllCCluantitp of t^e ISnigljtS fae, viz. De feodo militis integro per centum folidos Jnto^'^lt^i^ 

& qui minus habuerit, minus : but a tenure bp Coinage Ijatl) no fuclj (iuaniities, Cumberland. 

nee fufcipit majus &minus,anb tljcrefojc tenure bp Cojnage,tbouglj it be i^nigljtg JaSwinborns cafe 

ferbice, is not toitljin tljis Statute ■■, l^ereof pou map reao a isecojo to tljis effctr. ""• comaiinm. 

Liter JohaK»ef» Cmifloke querent em "verfus Idoneam de Ley hour tre q;t£ 
dijirwxrt ipfiimperaveria prorekvio dando^pro terrk in Dunfton,Bramp- 
ton yanene which, Eleclyve, c^Boulton,^;/^ valetit C li. per ann. qnie te- 
net de ea per homagium ^ Cornagium. Et ipfe dicit quod talk eji confiietu- 
do patrite deWeflm. quod haredes poji mortem antecejjoritm fitoritm dehent 
relevare terras Juas do mink de qui bus, d^c. fcilicet folvendo pro rclevio 
quantum terra valentper annum, qua de ipfis domink tenentur, nifide mi- 
tiori ipjis domink pajfunt fatkfacere, nnde ipfa advocat captiotiem pro rele- 
vio Jeatndum prdidiciam conjuetudinem, ^c. 

'Johannes negat takm ejje confuetudinemyfed concedit^ quod tenet tene- 

C rmnta 

lo S\dagna Qharta. Gap.9. 

menta pscli&a per Cornag xxv s.vid.d^ dkit quod antecejjbresfni prius 
dupUcarufit antecejfor. ipjius Idonea fohef;do Lis. Ipja didt quod cumjc- 
hamies cogn\ quod ipfe tenet pr^dicfa ten de ipfa per cornagmm^ ad quod 
hijufifiodi relevmmmere ejl acceffor\ratione confuct' pr^di^d;. Et die' quod 
idem Johannes exigit tale relevinm verfus tenentes fuos in eadem patria a. 
tempore quo von^ €y^c. Et de confuet' uterq-^ pon fe fuper patriam. Ideo 
zien Jur'in Cra. S. JohannhBaptijitC^ <^c. Infuper Idonea die quod du- 
plex cjitenura inCom.WeJimerl, fcilicet, unaper Albam firmam^ S- alia per 
'Albi fimi com- Cornagium. Et quod tenentes per Albam frmam poji mortem a-ntecejjorum 
giitit- fnorum debent duplicare p'rmamfuam tantum. Et tenentes per Cornagium 

poji 7nortem antecejj. fuerum tenentur reddere valorem tcrrarum juarum 
unijis anni. Et "Johannes e contra die quod confuetudo patriae eft quod h<e- 
redes nonfolvant niji duplicando Cornagium^ ^c. 

Braa.1.2. fo.84. Bradton, cap.36. nu.2. Et imprimis de feodo militari quale fit rationa- 

vide Glanv. 1 7. bile relevium antiquum de feodo militari diftinguitur in Carta libertatum,ca.2. &c, 
ca''^' ^Brit'f^' ^^^ ^" *^^ ^^'"^ CtaptCC, nu.7. fattlj tt)«?, De ferjantiis vero nihil ccrtum expri- 
17^* V78 &c. °' niitur, quid vel quantum dare dcbeant hseredes, ideo juxta voluntatem Dominorum 

Dominis fatisfaciant pro relevio, dum tamcn ipfi Domini rationem & menfuram non 


Lit.Sc£t.iii. Certain it i0,tl)at l^c ti)at ^olnetl) b? Caaic^gwatu fijall pap no Cfcuagejfo} CED 
cuage ntuft be raten accojttng to tlje (luantitp of tlje l&nigJjtg fesSjas foj a tol^oic 

Lit.Seft.97. ?tinigl)tB fee, oj Ijalf a ^inigbts fae, ?c. anu of tljat nature tg not Caftlc^guarD. 

Lit.Seft.i M. Littleton treating of Ca(IIc#guarD, fait^, tijat in all cafes Uj^crc a man liolDct^ 
ip iSnig^tiB fcrtjice, fuclj feruice Djatoetlj to it Wart ana Carriage, anD (peafes 
not t\)cce of relief. 


SI autem hares alicujus talium fuerit infra setatem, Dominus ejus 
non habeat cuftodiam ejus, nee terrs fu£, antequam homagiura 
ceperit 3 8c poftquam talis hxrcs fuerit in cuftodia, cum ad xtatem 
pervenerit ( fcilicet xxj annorumj habeat hsreditateni fliam iine re- 
levio, & fine fine, ita tamen quod fi ipfe (dum infra setatera fuerit ) 
fiat Miles, nihilominus terra remaneat in cuftodia Dominorum fuorum, 
.ufque ad terminum pracdidum. 

3$ H.(5.52. ^ Hseres. "] %\)i$ Statute ijs onip to be intenneu of an Ijeir male, toljcreof 

haeres ijs DetitcB ; anB tobo Cjall ie haEres,&c. 2>ee tljE firft part of tlje Inftitutcs, 
lib.i. fe(a.i,2j3. Cuftumier de Norm.^p. ano t%z Cicpofitions upon tl;e fame. 

See the Cuflumier ^ Antequam homagium ceperit. ] Jfoj Ijomage fee tlie firff part of tlje 
de Norm. cap.2p. inftitutes, $6(^.85. anti it ig to It oWetlJEO t^at in England ano France it ig callea 
«"pJn^hefamr" Homage,' Homagium, ant. in Italy Vaffalagium. 

Et cap.32. & ie • S>ome Ijatje tbougljt tljat tljcfe iDojuji arc to be unnerttoiti tljat t|)e beir toitbio 

latine Com. foi. age fljall not be in Mam until tbe l-ojn batb tafecn tbe bomage of fonte of £b« 

4**-i»' ancefiojs of tbe Mlam, fo as tbe anrello} of tbe bcir map tnc tn tbe bomage of 

tbe llojH : foj in a Mrit of ®2IlarD bjougbt bp tbe 3lo?D,it \% a gtoD plea to fap trbst 

tbe anceHoj nieD not in bi^ bomage, anu tbe Statute faitb not Antequam homagiu 


Cap. 3- SVLagna Qhanar \\ 

fuum ceperit, but homagium generally ^ anli, fap tftcp, if tijc Lojti fljotilti re# '^ E.3. Reliefs 
ceibe Ijomage of tlje l)Cir, lie flioulD not be in tonm ai all. ^r°' i 

315Rt tljis is not tljc rigljt intf numeut of tbcfe toDiiiF,intt tljc §)tatute ntcant ,, 81 8o^2!2''^'' 
tljat tl)C Ijomage fijouln be taken of tljc lieir IjimfeU :, anc ii;at fov t!;c benefit cf Brit foi 171.' 
tie ^ctt, ana fo notlj it appear bp a our olo lEcnks tijat lu.iote fconc after t^is Hf» p. 
Statute, aUD contemporanea expofitio ell fortillima in lege, anU fo CO tlje Vt-Cjtig ^j^o'" " 9. §, s. 
tljemfclsesoftbisilatu impou, ano tlje reafou tliercot is notable, tuiiiili Uiasj eTx^^'V'W 
iljat befojc t^e ilojD flioulD Ijabe benefit of®a?artiOjiyj l)e fljoulo be bcunti to tino i^d. 31 e.' /." ' 
tljingiS ■■, bi. Ko toarranttlje iLano to tlje Ijetr, ano to tbat enti tlje beir trtg'ot gard- 15?.' 
'l)aDe a tiail jit, De homagjo caprendo ■, 2. 2Co acquit btm from fcrviicc ano odjrr *Tr.4 E.2.f.5f.b. 
Butie? to be Done anc pain to all otijer Jlojos, botl; toljiclj tlje lojo iuas bouno |f,^' 5" q^-^J^I' 
to DO (cas tlje iialM toas tljcn Ijoloen) if tlje tojD accepteo Ijomagc de droit of cafe. Hornage^aun- 
^tjsSCenant, fin fuclj fojt as tlje iiojD i?, if Ije reccivietl) Ijomage aunceihel at ceftrei only bind- 

tljiiS Dap ) but Otljcrtoife it is of IjomagC in fait ■■> d Homagium ell )uris vip.culiim, ^''1 «» warranty, 

quo quis atlrinaitur ad warrantizandum, defendendum, 8c acquietandum tcnentem °J"^'"^f"3ge infuit 
7 ■ r r r . r •.• ■ j • o bindeth to ac- 

luum in lelina verlus omnes per certum lervitium m donatione nominatuin & ex- qaitaj. 

preffum i & etiatn vice verfa,quo tenens ailringitur ad tidcm Domino fuo fcrvand' S.e :he firfl part 

& fervitium debitum facicnd'. c Me Ija^e an ancient S^anufcript of a cafe aD* °' ^^^ inflitues 

juDgcD in a Mjit of Cuftoms ano services bettoecn Alexander of Poukon, nxi vfrJ sfad"'' ^^^' 

Robert de Norton, tljat Ijomage IS of an Ijigier nature to Diijers purpofcstljen homage. 

cfcuagc. i./iFojtljat IjortiagcbinDct^ to toarrantp, luljiclj efcuage Dotl; not. cXr. 9E2. 

2. l^omage is fo folemn as tljat it cannot be Done again as long as tlje aTenant "j^ f'jP''-'- 

tljat maoe it liljctlj, but efcuage map be gi\3en cijerp ot^jerpear. g^nD Littleton ii,%\ej,y'^"'' 

fait^ tljat Ijomage is tlje mott Ijonburable feriJtce, anD Ijumble fcrUice of re\3e^ 47 e. * g7r. JJ.'^' 

tence,ano pet it is true tljat efcuage taking, it foj fertoiccjDjatoetlj to it Ijomage. Temp.E , gar.90. 

/7 3fut at tlje Common Jlato, if a man IjolDing 3lanDbp!^nig^tsfer\)ice, Ijao fW^s if ^emVE-i. 
maDe a gift in frank#marriage, anD ttie Donee Ijao DieD, Ijis Ijcir toitljin age, tlje 'J^I ''"•' ^'"'^ P"^ 
ijeir fljoulH be in Mlaro bcfo?e anp Ijomage rcceibeD, Quia dominus non potcrt ka. y^"^'""'^" 
capere homagium ufque ad tertium hxredetti, anD tljiS Statute is to be intent ^ Lit. fed. 85. 
DeD boljere Ijomage luas to be receiueD bp 3Lato,pEt DiD tlje SCenant in luDgment ^^^- 99- 
of Jla^u Die in tlje Ijomage of tlje JlojD, oj otljertoife tjc coulD not be in Mlaro, * '3 "• ?• e^r. 42. 
a cafe luojtljp of great conftDeratton. 

i %\\t after tuljen it Uias refolDCD foj 3Lato,anD fo IjelD to tljis Dap,tljat Ijomage ' 35 h.6. gard. 72' 
of it fclfDotljnotbinDttie 3io}D to anpluarrantp q% acquital, unlets it toere IjO;? HH.T.u.Lit.feft 
mage aimccflrel,toljiclj eitljer is lB30?n out,anD Derp rare in England at tljis Dap i 
tljen accojDing to tlje OlD rule, Ceflante ratione legis cefTat ipfa lex ■-, 2Clje Ijeic 
tannot binD tlje ^LojD to rcceiije Ijomage in tljis cafe, but if tlje tenure be bp Ijo^ 
mage auncellrel, tljerc tlje llojD (ball not Ijaije tlje cuftoDp of boDp oj ianD be^ 
foje Ije receibetlj Ijomage of tlie ^eir, foj tljat Ijomage binoetlj Ijim to toarran*; 
tp anD acquital, «nD confecittentlp tottljin tlje reafon of tljis Jlatn. 

/^.Ipereisto be noteD tljat one Doitljin age map Do Ijomage, butlje cannot do see"he firft d^^' 
fealtp becaufe tljat is to be Done upon Oatlj,Hoc obfervaro,qd' li minor homagiu fe- of the Inflitiites^ 
cerit,nullum tamen juramentum rtdelitatis,antequam ad aetatem perveiicrit,pra:lhbit. Lir.lib.2. cap. ho- 
&ee moje concerning tljis matter, i.part.lnliitut.lib. 2, cap. Homage 6c Fealty. "''8^ & f^^^'^y- 

f[ Fiat miles.] lEe maDe a !Snigljt ■■, 0nD Ijis tenure of fcrbice i^ calleD Ser- i Lib. 6. fo.73, sir 
vitium militare,!linigljts fer\)ice,i anD tljerefoje if tlje teing create tlje Ijeir iiiitljin ^^^^ Druries cafe. 
age,a SDuke, a S^arciueffe, an (Earl, a tlHilcount oj a Dlgaron, pet Ije (Ijall remain com' Ra'tdiffes 
in tRElarD foj bis boDp, but if tljeljcic of a HDuke, oj oCanp otljcr of tlje i^obilitp cafe.' 
be maDe a ttnigljt, Ijetliall be out of ®®arD foj IjisboDp. 3if tlje Ijeir in MlarD See hereafter w- 
be createD a iluiigljt of tlje (0arter,a fenigljt of tlje Batlj, a !&Higljt JKanneret, oj ^^ ^^^mm^t. 
a !5nigljt IBatcljeloj, Ije fijall be out of WarD ioi bis boDp foj tljat Ije is a 
linigbt, anD fometoljat moje, ano tlje statute fpe aketlj gcneratlp Unlefs a 
3&nigljt, anD tljerefoje toitljin tbc toojDs anD meaning of tbis =Lato, anD tlje 
S>otoera{gn of Cljiyalrp Ijatlj aDJuDgeD Ijim able to do j^nigljts feruice. 

3nD tljis iDojD Fiat,bc maDe,p?oDetlj tljat JSnigljtljooD ougtit to be bp creation 
£1} making, anD caniw be bp Defent. 

C 2 "Jl^ut 

I ^ S\^agna Qharta, Cap.4. 

« See Sir Drue a il5ut albeit tljc ^£tt be ittaue a ianigbt toitljin age, pet is ijc not fmu of tljc 

Druries cafe. ^^\fxz of bis marriage, fo} tbat lojagi beCcDbefoje in tbe iiiincc, oj otljer iiojD, 

<*^' /"i""** ano tbe Mw^ being Soberaign of Cijibairp Ijatb anjungcD Ijim of full age, 

tiiat i0, able to 5o iSttigbts (crbite, to tbiis intent, to free bt0 botip from cuffoc 

ap, but neitbct to bar tbc i^ing oj otljtr llojn of tbc baluc of tbe marriage, no 

moje tljen if be Ijao attaineo to W full age of 2 1 pearg. 

Lib.8.fol.i7f. ^ Remaneat in Cuftodia Dominorum fuorum. 3 SCbis^bobjO Crema- 

sir Henry Confta. ^^^^^ itnplietl) tbat tbis Statute is to be unnerft(Dt)onlp,bJbcre tbe ijeir after be 
15E rio.Pi.eom. iJe in MarB is mace iSnigbt boitbin age, foj luben tbe beir apparent is maoc 
267. ' iinigbt toitbiu age in tljc life of tlje antcflo?, anD tbe anceftoj Dietb, bis beir 

i ■^itbinage, beffjall be out of Mlam botbfojboup ano aianti, becaufe tbe &obe#= 
Sir Anth. Broww j.^^^^ (,f Cbi^alrp b^tb atijuBgEii btm of full age, anb able to 50 l*ntgbts ferbice 
Sir Drue Druries lu tbe lifeof bis ancefloj, fo as in tbat cafe no title of mrarofljip nto eber ac^? 
cafe, ubifufrt. Pi. ttvity attU tbetc Can be no remanere oj rcGnue, but of t^jat tljing tbat ][)aii bi? 
Com.Ratcliffs cafe jffence oj being. 


CUftos terrae hujufinodi hseredis, qui infra setatem fuerit, non ca» 
piat de terra haeredis, ni(i rationabiles exitus, & rationabiles 
confuetudines, & rationabilia fervitia, & hoc fine deftrudione, & 
vafto hominum & rerum. Et fi nos coramiierimus cuftodiam alicujus 
talis terr« Vic, ,vel alicui alii, qui de exitibus terra illius nobis debeat 
■ refpondere, & ille de cuftodia ilia, deftruftionera, vel vaftum fecerit : 
Nos ab eo capiemus emend", & terra committatur duobus legal' & dif- 
cretis hominibus de feodo illo, qui de exitibus terra illius nobis refpon- 
deant, vel illi cui nos illam affignaverimus. Et fi dederimus, vel ven- 
diderimus cuftod' alicujus talis terrae, 8c ille inde deftrudtionem fece- 
rit, vel vaftura, amittat illam cuftod', 8c tradatur duobus di(cret' 8c 
legal' hominibus de feodo illo, qui fimiliter nobis reipondeant, ficut 
prsdift' eft. [Vide Gloc,cap.5. W.I. ca.21.3 * 

^ Cuftos. ] a teaper, fome tieribe tbe toojb acura & fto, quia cuftos eft is 
cui cura rei flat cuftodiend' \ ano tbcreupon fometime be i$ calico Curator, in 
irrencb be is rallen a Gardien, fo as bis name cuftos notb put bim in mino of 
bts ofKce anb Dutp, tbat i^y not onip to fecep ann pjefetbe tlje ilancs anu SCene*: 
"*' ments of tbc tII2IarD committcb to W cuftonp in fafetp, but alto to enucate ano 
bjing up bis ©riariibcr tuouflp, anB to abbancebim in marriage toitbout Xi\U 
paragement. Vide i part Inftitut. Sed.103. of tbe caufe anu enn of OTarbfbtp j 
anb fee t^z 4 part of the Inftitut. cap. Court of Mams anb ^Liberies. 

Braa.lib.7. fol.87. ^ Rationabiles exitus. "} Exitus is beribcb ab exeundo, auD Cgnifietb tbe 
u.(" i!^f E.r 6. '^^"^^ ^"^ Profits iffuing out oj coming of tbe JLanes o; aCencmcnts of tljc 
84 E.3.28,29. ' Mam, babicb nmft be taken bp tbc Caroien in reafonable manner, ano tbere*= 

foje to exitus, rationabiles is abbcb, foj tljat notbing tbat is uvireafonable is ali* 

Jottjeb bp liato. 

Braft.n.2,fo.87. ^ Rationabiles confuetudines. 3 SCbat iS, tbings bue bp cuUom oj 
p;efcription, ana appendant 0? appurtenant to tbe iLantis oj tenements in 
TOarbp ais asbotoions, commonsj bJaif,ftr8p,bojeck; anb tlie lifee-, alfo tlje reafo-/ 


Cap.4- SVLagna (Jtctrta, i ^ 

itaWe cuftottiiS, fines, ?c. of STcnantB in tmillcnage, o? liv dTopv of Ccurr^UoU 
ttt^f« fines lie inccrtain : foj tliouglj tljc ciittoms, maic^, fines, ci tijc llfee 
ibe tncertain, yet iftljat toljicl) is'ciattcti o? ocmanncn tc vmrcafonaWe, it is 
againll tljc Common lLa\i). iFoj tljis iMojo ( confuetuJ ; ana rljc DiUcrs figuifis^ 
cations thereof, f« ljcreaftetcap.30. 

^ Et rationabilia {ervitia.] %\\,^ alfo, as appears 1)? Glanviv ttjat lujote Gbnv. lib. 9. c.e. 
in t^c IScign of H.2. ttas tlje Common ilato of England, tljat iufcrff tu fcrijices w.i.cap 31, 
anD aius ousljt to be teafonaWe ■■, foj, faitl) l)c, tlje iLojD mav ratin.ubilia auxilia ^'' '^' "P* "- 
dehominibus fuis indeexigere, ita tanien moderate (ecundum quantitatem feodo 
rum fuorum & fecundum facukates, ne minus gravari inde videantur, velfuum con- Contenmcntm. 
tencmentum amittere ■■> anD tl)at Uiljiclj \)c Ipeafeetl) tl)cre of aiug, is to hz appUcD 
to all inccrtajn ferUices, ctittoms, fines, 031 trntics. 

Tut it map le BcmanBeo, ^^oijj ann Ip luljom fljall tlje fain reafcnallenefs in 
tlje cafes afo?efaio le trieo :- Stljis pou map rean in tljc ficCt part of tt)C Infti- 
tutes, Sed.dp. 

f[ Et hoc fine deftruftione & vafto hominum & rerum.") j^oj tljefe Marieb. cap. 17; 
toojts, JDettrttction ano Mlaftc, fa tl^t fitft part of tlje Inftitutes, Sed. dy. anfi "i'f<""- ^ap-s- 
tlje Statute of GIoc cap.5. § 2. 1.4. foi.??- 

^ Et fi nos commiferimus, &c. ] 5^0^ tijis toojn commiferimus, vide t\)Z 
Rrfl part of tlie Inftitutes, Sed. 58, & 53 1. %cre t^eCommitta of tlje ifting ig 
taken foj liim to toljom t^e ling committetlj tlje culloop of tl^e Jiano to one oj 
moje i hv tljiS toojD commifimus, referijing a ISent, Quamdiu quis alius plus dare 
voluerifj ano ttierc ttie JSing remain (E'arDien, 

C Nos ab eo capiemus emenda. ] anD tf)is map ie upon an office founD, Regifi. foi.72,7?. 
tj ip Writ DiretteD to tfje ^Ijeriff to tljis cffcrt , Quia datum eft nobis Intel- f.l''- ''^•2-foi47. 
lid &c '■''•4 f°'- 3i7' 

^ r- /- 1 1 • 1 Ti . ,. ^ , 4oA11if. PI. 22.1i. 

^ Et 11 dederimus vel vendiderimus ahcui cuftodiam,&c.3 3!n djis '"trat. Ran.6i5. 
cafe tlie i&ing grantetlj, oj fefletlj tlje \)erp cuftoup it fclf, fo as tlje grants ox 
Dcnoa bccometlj Cuaruian in fact; ant tljat tljis niftinttion htt^m tlje Com^ 
mitta anu dJjantee toas lip tlje Common 3J.ato, Ijear to^at Glanvill fait:^,Si vcro Gianv. iib.7. 
Dominus Rex aliquam cuftodiam alicui commiferit, tunc diftinguitur utrum ei cu- 
Itodiam pleno jure commiferit ita quod nullum inde reddere computum oportet ad 
Scaccarium, aut aliter : fi vero plene ei cuftodiam commiferit, tunc poterit, &c. ne- 
gotiaficut fua rede difponere. jSing H. 7. granted a WarB to tlje ?Dutcljes of 
Buckingham, quamdiu in manibus fuis fore contigerit i ;anD aftertoarHS tlje ISing 

mane a fpecial Jiiticrp, as l)p Jlain Ije mig'^t,to iljcljcic toitljin age, ann it tuas 
anittngen, as iuftice Frowick repojten, tljat tlje EJucljes was toitljout remenp 5 
lut otljeriuife it fean been if tlie grant toerc durante minore state hsredis, oj, 
durante minore astatc & quamdiu in manibus noftris, &c. 

llBut Ijerc it map be matcriallp nemanncn,Mljat if t^e Committ^ oj Cjantee 7 E.3.12,1?. 
notb toaCe, ann t^e l^ingnuring tljcminojitp taketb no amenns, tuljat remenp ^^-.^^ ^^"^ ^• 
%&t\) tlje Ijcir after Ijis full age i %\)c anftoer i?, 2Eljat Ije fijall IjaDe an atfion J^ h I'Jf n b 
of Matte, ann tljat bp ojner of tlje Common liaiu; ann tljen it is furtljer ^cf^ZLc-Wdc 
noitbtcn ann nemanneo, «ljat Cjall tlje Ijeir tljen rccoijer, fo; tljc OTarnfljip rotMU mordm. 
cannot be lott, feeing t^e Ijeir is of full age, neitljcr bp tljis Statute noj bp tljc ^- s^?"'- ^°/"" 
Statute of Gloc. 2Co tljis tljeanftoer is iierp obfcr^able tljat feeing tljat tlje d^hb see here. 
Marnanp cannot be lott, ann tlje Matte, being to tljc Ijeits cifljctifon, ougljt after in the Expo- 
not to remain unpimifijen, tljat tljc lieir fljall reroDer treble namage, foj tljat pe# fition upon the 
naltp is anneren to tlje action of Matte i ann tljerefo?e ifnn action of Matte statute ofeioa 
toerc giuen againtt 2Cenant in tail apres pollibility, generallp tljc plaintif Qjall "P'^' 
rccoUer treble namagcs, bccaiifc tljcp are anneien to tljis futt. llEat if t^c !^ing 
JO take amenns, tljen tljc Ijeir at full age fIjaU Ijauc no action of Matte. 

^ Amittat 


SvLagnd Qoana. 

Cap. 5* 

Brafton I.4. f.285. 
Gloc. c. <,. Dier 
Britt. f.3?.34. 
* W.1.C.21.GI0C. 
c. J. Artie, fup. 
care. cap. 1 8. 
14 E.;. cap. 1 3. 
§ Solent. 

* Nota, the caufc 
of alteration by 
Aft of Parlia- 
ment. Mirror C.I. 
c.p. § £» aiiur 
miner at f.^Britton. 

3 £.3. tit, gar. 5. 
Britten cap.66. 
fol.167. b. 

Brac.I.$. 42i.a. 
Stanf. prerog, c.p. 

4[ Amittat Cuftodiam. ] m\)i6 iis unDcrttcat) of tlje lauii, anti not of t^c 
bODy, foj tl)C tUOjDiS 1)C tradatur duobus, 6cc. qui de exicibuS terras nobis inde re- 

"^ Nota, fince tljig ,&tat«tc of Magna Charta citEcs otljcr a>tatut£j8 againtt 
toaflcis ani>iieflructton0 in t\)e lanus of MlavBis l)ai3C ban mauc. 

at tlje making of t^is Statute, tbe !liing \m not anp pjcrogatibe int^e €\x<t 
ifotip of tlje lattus of Juiotg During tbc life of tl)E 3[t)iot,fo j if Ije Ijao ljaD,t|ii8 Set 
iMOuiD Ijabc pjobinen againtt OTaft, gtc. committeD lip tlje Ciimmita, oj affignec 
of tbe i^ing to be none in tbcit po(reirions,aflucU as in tlje yoITcffions of toarnjs, 
but at tbis time tbc garuianfijip of 3<^iot?, tr. toag to tbc JloiDs anu otbersi acs^ 
cojDing to tbc Courfe of tbe Common 3ia\M. Sno Btniotp from tbeir natitoitp 
toere accounteo albaaps tuitbin age, ann tbcrefojetbc CuffoDv of tljem ttajs pet;* 
jietual fo long a? tijep Utien, foj tbat tbcir impotcnrp boas perpetual. 0nD tbc 
ILojD of tobont tbe i-ann boas bolnen, bao not a tenant tj)at boas able to Ko bim 
ferbice. 0nij tberefoje boitbin tbe reafon of a Cuftobp of a mtltoj o^ of an beit 
toitbin age in Cafe of tIRIHar5(bip. Sinn tbiis appearetb bp Fkta, Solent tutores 
Idiotarum &c ftultorum cum corporibus eorum perpetuo, quod licit um fiiit & pro- 
vifum, eo quod fe ipfos regere non noverint, * nam femper judicabantur infra aeta- 
tem : vel quia verumque plures per hujufmcdi cuftodiam exha?redationes*compa- 
tiebantur, provifum fuit, & communiter concefTum quod Rex corporum & hsredi- 
tatum hujufmcdi idiotarum & ftultorum fub perpetuis cuftodiam obtineret, dum 
tamen a'nativitate fuerint idiotgeSc ftultii fecus autem fi tardse a quocunque Do- 
mino tenucrintj & ipfos maritaret, & exomni exhasredatione falvaret, hoc cum ad- 
jedto quod Dominis feodorum & aliis quorum interfuerit ut fervitiis, redditibus 
& cuftodiis ufque ad legitimam astatem fecundum conditionem feodorum, releviis 
& hujufmodi nihil juris deperiret. 

3Eut tben it is Demanneu, bobcn biaji tbiji pjcrogatibe giben to tbe !&ing i 
Certain it iis, tbattbc iaing ban it before tbc s>cat«tc of 17 E.2. de prsrogativa 
Regis, foj it appearetb in our )15a)ks, tbat tbe fcing bab tbis pjcrogatibe, Anno 
3 E.2. anD befoje tbat, it ijsmanifefttljat tlje Jliing Ijabit before Britton bojote 
in tbe ISeign of E.i. as ^ou map reab in big bojfe. 

Sinn it is a? clear, tbat boben Bradon bo?ote ( M)o bJjote about tbe cnu of tljc 
5Keign of H. 3.) tbat tbe feing ban not tben tW pjcrogatibe. 

anu tberefoje it foUobjetb, tbat tbi? p?crogatibe boag giben to tbc King E.i. 
befoje tbat Britton bjjote, bp fome 5ltt of li^arliament, tobicb i? not nolM ex^f 
tant. anB it appearetb bp tbe Mirror of Juftices agraing buitb Fleta, tbat tbijs 
pjerogatibe tua? grantcb bp Common affcnt, Vide lib.4..Bevcrleys Cafe foli2<5. 

CAP. V. 

* Gianv. 1.7. C.9. 

Fleta li. I.e. ii. 

ioH.7.<5. & 30. 

See the firft part 

of the InHiwtes, 


See prer. Regis, 

C.14. w. I. ca.2r. 


14 E. 3. cap.4,s. 


CUftos autem quamdiu cuftodiam terrs hujufmodi habuerit, fu- 
ftentet domos, parcos, vivaria, ftagna, molendina, &c. ad ter- 
ram illam pertinentia, de exitibus terrs ejuidem, 8c reddat haredi cum 
ad plenam xtatem pervenerit, terram fuam tot' inftauratam de caru- 
cis, & omnibus aliis rebus, ad minus, ficut illam recepit. Hsec omnia 
obferventur dc cuftodiis Archiepifcopatuura, Epilcopatuum, Abbati- 
arum, Prioratuum, Ecclefiarum, & dignitatum vacantium, qux ad 
nos pertinent, except' quod cuftod' hujufmodi vcndi non ddjent. 

Snijat tbiEi \uaj3 tbe Common JLab) appearetb bp ^Glanvi!l,iMljo fsitljiReftituere 
autem tenentur cullodes hasreditates ipfis hceredibus inftauratas & dcbitis acquieta- 
tas juxta exigentiam temporis cuftodias & quantitatis hxreditatis> 


— - — - - ■ — : — . — ■,■■■ I. ii»i .ii ..iMi r »i S i£:j 

M Hxc omnia oblervantur de cuftodiis Archiepifcoporum, &c. ~\ ■ 
SlE^je CttttoBp of tbc tcmpojaltiesf of cuccp arcljljin)op, anu ^tfljcp toitl;tn t\jz 
asealm, anc of fitcb abbtess, ajitt #jto?tC0, m lucre of ttjeiiings foundation, af^ 
tcr tljc fame Ijccamc i30io, bcIongcD to tlje lung miring tljc vjacaticn thereof tp 
l)ii6 pjcrogatiije : foj as tljc fpiiitualtiCiS belongco mtring ttjatximetoxlje S)£an 
anu Cljapter, de communi jure, oj to fontc otijer Ccclcfiattical pcrfon Ijp p jefcri- 
Mtion, oj conipofitton, fo t%z tempo jaltics came to t\t !Sing as founder, ant»t^is! 
Botl) belong to tljc JiJiJig, being patronus & proteflor Ecclefise, in fo Ijigl) a y jero# 
gatiije incioentto t^is Croton, as no fubjed fan claim tlje tempojalties of an Adjudged 21 e,i. 
;arcljbifljoi), oj lieifljop, toljcn tljcp fall bp grant oj pjcfcription. 

ilBut aSj In omni re nafcitur res quse ipfam rem exterminat, unlefS it ht timclp fugula, 
njcwnteo ( as tljc toojm in tlietnaiii, oj t^e motlje in tlje cJotl), ano tl)elike; fo 
flftentimes no pjofelfion receives a greater bloto, tljan bj» one of tlje ir oijjn coat : 
fo% Ranulph an Ccclefiaftical perfon, an» liing Will.Rufus |jis Ctjaplain, a man 
fubado ingenio, ano profunda nequitia, luas a fatfojfoj tlje^ing in making mer^s 
£l)anni?eof Cljurclj livings, in as muclj, as ialjcn anp ^rcljbifijopjick, %i^OT^f 
ricfej oj S^onafietp became ijoio ■■> firft, iit perfnjatieD tljeJSing to keep tl)cm DoiD 
a long time, ano conberteo tlje profits ti^creof fonittime Ip letting, anu fomes^ 
time bp fale of tljc fame, iu)l;crebp tlje tempojaltics tuere crcscuinglp luaflen anD 
leffropea. ^econDlp, after along time no man toas pjcferrco t^ tljem per tra- 
ditioncm annuli & baculi, bp UiJerp of feiCn, fr®lp, as tlje olD fafl)ion toas, but 
Jjp bargain ano fale from tlje i^ing, to Ijim tljat hjouIo giue moff, bp meanjs 
toljcreof tije Cljurc^ looas ftuffeo ijjitlj untoojtljp, anoinfuffirientmen, anomanp 
men of libclp toits, ano totoarolinefs in learning oefpairing of pjcfcntment tur** 
ncD tljcir ftuoics to otljer pjofeffions. SCljis Ranulph, fo; fec\)ing tljc iUingiS 
turns, iduas aD^anceo, firil, to be t^t !^ings Cljancelloj, ano after to be 51Bit})op 
' cf Durefmes itt)l)o after ^is aoijancemcnt to fo liig^ Dignities, maoe tljcm fer# 
iants to Ijis facrilegious ano fimonaical oeCgns. I^ing Henry t^cfirllfaingtl)iiS 
mifcljicf, ano fo jcfiting tlje great inconbeniencc tljat tooiilo follo\jj tljercupon, 
toss contenteo foj Ijis oton time to bino \m oton IjanDs, to tljc eno tljc C^urcl^ 
tiotn nafeeo ana bare miglit reccibc fomc comfojt, ano lijabe means to pjoijioe 
things neccffarp foj t!)cir pjofeffioUj ann calling, ^e tl^creupon at Ijis Cojona^; 
tion maoe a Cljarcer to t^iS effectj Qaa regnum oppreflTum erat injuftis exadlioni- See this charterat 
bus, eeo in refpedtu Dei & amore quern erga vos omncs habeo, fandam Dei Eccle- cf|^l° '^^V.'^^"^' 
fiam imprimis liberam rac ita quod nee vendam, nee ad nrmam ponam, nee mor- mncioio. 
tuo Archiepifcopo, live Epifcopo vel Abbate, aliquid accipiam de Domino Ecclefis 
vel liominibus ejus, donee fucceflbr earn ingrediatur, & omnes malas confuetudi- 
nes, quibus regnum Angliae opprimebatur, inde aufero. ^e COmmitteU tlje faiO 
Ranulph tljen 115ifl)op Of Durham to pjifon foj ^is intolerable mifoaeos, ano in^ 
Juries to tljc Cturclj, to^jere %e liueo mit^out loije, ano oieo toit^out pitp, fa^* 
ting of t^ofe, t^at t^ougljt it pitp, l;e liueo fo long. 

C Vendi non debent : jflcta, ubi fupra,faitlj, vendi non debent nee legarij jet P'^f- Mfupn: 1 

t^efcing map commit t^e tcmpojalties of t^em Buring tl[)e location, as bp t^e l^^'^' "P4'$r 
Statute of H Ed. 3- appcaretlj. ^'^-^^ ^^' - ■ 


I— I i^redes autem maritentur abique difparagatione, 

SCljis is an ancient ma]cim of t%t Common %m x f« woje hereof in tfie 
fiiia partof t^^e anftitweSi Sed.i 07,108,10^. 


i6 ^^_^ jMagm (Jbarta. .Cap, j. 


\TIdua poft mortem mariti fui ftatim &: fine difficultate aliqua, 
habeat Maritagium fuum & hsreditatem lliam : nee aliquid 
det pro dote fua, nee pro raaritagio fuo, vel pro h^reditate fua ha- 
benda, quam hsreditatem maritus fuus, & ipfa tenuerunt fimul die 
obitus ipfius mariti fui : & maneat in capitali meffuagio mariti fui 
per quadraginta dies poft obitum mariti fui, infra quos dies affigne- 
; tur ei dos fua,,nifi prius ei affignata fuerit, vel nifi domus ilia fit ca- 
ftrum : 8c fi decaftro recefferit, ftatim domus ei competens provide- 
atur, in qua poffit honefte morari, quoufque dos fua ei affignetur, (e- 
cundum quod prsdidum eft : &: habeat rationabile eftoverium (uum 
interim de communi. Affignetur autem ei, pro dote fua, tertia pars 
totius terrae mariti fui, qux fuit fua in vita fua, nifi de minori fuerit 
dotata ad oftium Ecclefix. Nulla vidua diftringatur ad fe maritandam 
dummodo voluerit vivere fine marito ; Ita tamen quod /ecuritatem 
faciat, quod fe non maritabit fine aflenfu noftro, fi de nobis tenue- 
rit, vel fine aflenfu Domini fui, fi de alio tenuerit. [ Prarogativa 
Regis cap.^. 

Braa n 2 foi 88. ^^ appeatcti) by Braaon of ancient time, tljat a tooman ieing !^£ic,fine Do- 
FIeta,'l.5.cap. 23! minorum difpofitione 8c aflenfu, hseteditaf em habens,maritari non poteft, nee etiatn 
55 H.(5.5 2. Match, in vita anteceflbrum de jure line aflenfu Domini capitalis,quod fi olim fcciffent, hs- 
Par.407. reditatem amittercnt fine fpe recuperandi, nifi folum per gratiam ■■> hodie tanKjn 

aliam pcenam incurrunt, ficut inferius dicetur, & hoc ideo ne cogatur Dominus ho- 
magium capere de capitali inimico, vel de alio minime idoneo. 

0lfO it appcaretl) hp tl)e fame 3«tljO?, quod fi mulier dotem habens pro vc- 
Sce"t°he^i.'part'of lunate fua alicui nuberet, prseter aflenfum Warrant! fui de dote, olim ex tali caufa 
the Inftitu'tes § 36 dotem amitteret nunc tamen non amittet. 

Item cum femel legitime maritats fuerint, & poflea viduac, iterum non cuftodicn- 
tur fub cuflodia Dominorum, licet teneantur aflenfum eorum requirere maritandi 

fej & c. anB IjcretDitl) agreetlj Glanvill, tofjo tojotc befojc tljis ^tatutf. 
Gianv.1.7. cap.i 2. ^nchv poit rtiav fe toljat Ijati \iscn uku of ancient time in t^ek cafcis : )Eut 
Fieta 1. 3. cap. 23. at tljis tap tpicolws arc pjcfcntlp after tlje ecccafe of tljcic I)tii5l)anD0 uoitljout 
anp niSictiltp to lja\3c tljcir mantagc ( tljat i^, to marrp toljerc tljcy MU luitlj* 
out anp JLicence > oj affcnt of tljeic %om ) auD tljcir inljcrttancc , toit^ 
out anj) tljing to be gibcn to tljcm •, but in tijts bjanclj t|e iBing ijs not incluaw, 
ai5 Ijereafter in tlje eno of tljig Cljaptcr fljall appear. 

^ Et maneat in Capitali MeflTuagio mariti fui per quadraginta 

Braa. iib.2, c. 40. dies poft obitum mariti fui. 'j ^\\\j tW i^ calleu Ijer fflJuarentinc, anti if 

Britton, tljc CSaitioui bc toitljolDen from Ijer ilDuarentine, fije fijall Ijabe Ijec Wlxit, De 

Fkta, lib.5. c. 23. quarentena habenda to t\)t ^l)£tiff, toljicl) reciting t|ii0 Statute, ig in nature of a 

CommiffiontO l)itn,Quodvccatis coramvobispartibus prasdidtis, & auditis inde 

earum rationibus, eidem B.C. Vidus plenam & celerem juftitiam inde fieri facialis 

juxta tenore carts praedid^, ne pro defeflu juftitia: querela ad nos pervcniat iterate. 

seginer, 175. 3iSp fojce of tubicl) Writ, tlje «>l)erifif map make pjoccfst againft t})£ Dcfenfanr, 

F.N.B. 161. reto^nable ittiitljin ttoo oj ttija^avs, fc. anu map, ano ougijt ( if no /ull caufc 

be fbctoco againft it ) fpceiiilp to put bee in poffeirion , am tlje vtn* 

fon tol)? fut^ fpaD is mane, isf fo; tl;at ijft: £nuarfntine 10 but foj fojtp 


^ Viduaj 

Cap//. S\dagna Qharta. 

^ Vidua, &c. maneat, &c. ] %%txdm if fi;c mart? toidjtn tl^e fojtp * Mar. Br.Dower 
Dav^j fljc iofetl) Ijcf €luatfnttne, foj tijen \}tt TOiDiio\Bii£Dti is patt, aim flje Ijatlj '°'* 
pjotoiDCD foj Ijct felf, ann tije flDuarentine iis appjoiJjtacen to Ijcc tliliDiic'u33 

^ Infra quos dies aflignetur ei dos. ] l^ece it appcaretlj \)m tpcecilp Bricton ca.103. 
jDotuer ougljt to lie alTigncD, to tljc cnu tljc £21{tDfio\u itiigljt not be toitiljout 

^ Poll: obitum mariti fui. "] scijc uap toljercin t\)z IjasbanD m'ctlj fljall be ^'" 7 E. (j. fo.7^. 
accountco i\)t firtt Dap, fo ag Cjc ^all Ijatoe but tljirtp nine after. M.161. ^"' 

^ Nifi domus ilia fit caftrum. ] %\y\^ is intenueD of a Cattle, tl^at isi Eraa.ii.2.foi.4tf; 
ittjarltfee, ann niaintainec foj t1)e necetTarp ncfcitce of tlje Wealm, ano not foj a ^,""*?.'!*^''°3- 
CaCIe in name maintaineo foj Ijabitation of tfte otoner, but Ijereof fa mm in 30T.3 Dower I'r. 
tljefirftprtof tijclnrtitutes, Sed.3d.& 242, Desdibuskernelatis. Kernellare, 30 E.i .vouch. 298*. 
Oj cerndlare, bp fottie 10 BcritjeO from tlje iFrenclj DIOJH kemer, OJ cemer, to fo j^ 8 H.3. Dower i^d! 
tifie, iniiron, oj inclofe rounti about ; 0nii bp otijers, from kamean, oj camean, ^ H.3. Do*er 194. 
,a battlement of a toalh oj from kamele, oj camele, imbattclet, oj Ijatting imbatj= Rot-Pac pare f' 
dements i ano tljc trutlj is, it bearetlj all tij^fc fignifirations in tlje ilates of nu.17. 
England, auD t^ie ufe of it in Caftlejs anDi?ojts was to oefenir l;imfelf bp tlje Ercheat4. E.i. 
i)igl)er place, ann to dffcno tlje alfailants at t'^e lotoer. ™'88' 

Brittons U)0?l)? be, Si le chief mees foit chief del Countee, ou del Barony, ou Britton ubi fupra. 
Caftle, &c. S>o as it appearetl) bp Ijim tljat Oje is not to tiaDe Ijer HDuarentine of 

tljat, twljiclj is Caput Comitatus, feu Baroniae, aUD toitlj Ijim agrectlj Fleta, but ubi fupra. 

Eradton onlp fpeafeet^ deCaftro. %\)t ancient %m of England |aD great regato 
of Ijonour ann o?iiec. 

^ Statim domus ei competens provideatur, in qua poffit honefte 
morari. ] JlButtljijai mutt be of a Ijoufe toljereof ttje is SDottable, foj ttjc mutt Britton ubi fupra, 
Ijauc Ijer €Juarentine of t^at, Doljereof fijc map be entioioJCD. 

^ Et habeat rationabile eftoverium interim de communi. 3 

Britton faitlj, Que eux eient des iffues del intier dc les terres lour covenable fu- Britcon ubi fupra; 
flenance, &c. 

Fleta faitlj, Ubi inveniantur ei neceffaria honefte de hsreditate communi, donee Fleta ubi fupra. 
rationabilis dos fuerit ei aflignata. 

^0 as eftoverium liere is tafeen foj futtcnance: SCljere i^ an opinion in our 19 H5.i4.b. 
3Ec0k0, tljat tlje MiODoln cannot kill anp of tlje ^%txi of tljc IjttsbanDS, tol)iles Regiftr.iys. 
(be remain in tlje ijOUfC ■■, 3!5ut tlje iSegitter faitlj, Quod interim habeant rationa- 
bilia eftoveria de bonis eorundem maritorum, toljiclj feemetl) tO be an ejpoCtion of 
tljts 31B?anclj. 

3ln tljc S»tatUte intituleU, De catallis felonum, it is faiD, Gum ibidem captus Vec.Mag. chart, 
coram Jufticiariis noftris fuerit convidus de felonia, tunc refid" catallorum ultra 2 part foi.(5i5. 
eftoverium fecundum Regni confuetudinem nobis remaneanti luljerc eftoverium 
fignifietlj futtenance, oj aliment, oj nourifljment. 2Cljis too;ir eftoverium 
cometl) of tlie i?renclj toerb eftover, id eft, alere, to futtain oj nouriflj, ano tljis 
agrttt^ toitlj tlje faio olD ilBmfes, ano in tl)is fenfe it is taken tn tlje Statute 
of Gloc. Trover cftovers in viver & vefture, tljat iS, tljingS tljat concern tlie nOH«= 
tiibment, oj maintenance of man in vidtu & veftitu, wherein is container) meac, 
Cjink, garments, anu Ijabitation. Alimentorum appellatione venit vidtus, veftitus 
& habitatio. 

OTIienettotoers arc rettraineu to toajus, it fignifietlj ^oufebote,ljeogebote,anl)i 

D CAffig- 


(^h/Lagna Qharta. 


Prer. Rcglscap. 4. 
Stamford Prer.17. 
Britton fol.28.a. 

Rot.Pat. 4 E.I. 

Brad, ubi fupra. 

3$ H.(5.S2. Fortcf. 


Rot.Parl. anno 
6 H,i5,nu.4i, 

Seethe firflpart 
of the Inftitures. 


^ Affignetuf autem ei pro dote fua tertia pars totius terr<£ mariti 
fui, &c. ^ajfoj tt)iisintl)C firftpartof tljclnltitutes, Se(3:.37. 

C Nulla vidua diftringatur ad fe inaritandam, 8cc. trijigigta 
1)0 miBcraoDn of MiUBotois SEenantg in SDotocr of Lanes IjolBcn of tljc Mm 
bpJfentgljt]Bfcmc{md3tcf, ann thereupon flje is caUc5 tl;c iaings ^KHiDCoto, 
ann if t\)t liings MTitmoln marrp toitljout licence, fl;E fl;an pap a fine of t|)c 
Dalue of \)tt 2?oliu£t bp one ^tu* 

SnD iit rcafon of tljis \m is pielDen toljcrefojc t!jcp fijoulti not marcp 
toitljOUt tljc JlingS aiiccncej Ne forte capitalibus inimids Domini Regis mari- 

^no olD itf auers lia\jc piclBeo tljis rcafon, \t^ tljcp fljoulD marrp unto ftran^^ 
g£rs, anu fo tl;c trealtire of t\)t IScalm migljt be carricu out,anD ctljcrs Cap tljat 
tlje rcafon is foj tljat upon tljc affignment of \)ti SDo^cr flje is fUio?u in tljc 
Chancery, Que el ne marier fans licence, & pur ceo fi el fait encont Ion ferement 
el ferra fine. 

£)tl)cr6 fap tljat it is a contempt to ntarrp toitljout tlje toings ^Licence, anD 
againft tljis Statute, ann tl)crefo}c foj tl)is contempt flje (Ijall mahc a line. 

Btf tlje icings 2Eenant in Capite ape feifcn, ijis Ijcir female of ftiH agr, if j^e 
marrp toitljout tljelHings JLiceucc, (Ije fljallpap no finc,,foj fl;e is no Miotrouj, 

anD tlje UlOjnS be nulla vidua dillringatur, &c. 

3f tieSDueen being tlje Mitmoto of a Mx\% ht cnnolueti, ana marrp tott^out 
tijc J&ings ^licence, becaufe flje is ennotoeD of tljc feiCn of tljc liingljimielf, fljc 
i^ out of tijis ^taiutt : ffint at tlje |3arliament Ijolnen in anno 6 We. it is cnactcD 
bp ttieJ^ing, tlje3lo?tis2i:cmpojal,ani) tlje Commons, tljat no man Cjoulu con^ 
tract tuitl), oj marrp Ijimfclf to anp ^m\i of England, initljout t^e fpecial \y 
cencc 0? atfent of tlje !Sing, on pain to loic ail ijis gross ana lanes ■■, to Ui^ic^ 
^cttlje31Bifl)ops, ana otljer Jiojas spiritual gabe tljeit confent, as far fojtlj, as 
tlje fame ftocrbea not from tlje i.aU)ef (0oa, ana of tlje Cijurcl;, ana fo as tlje 
fame impojiea no aeaalp fin. 

<[ Si de alio tenuerit. ] sCljis i^ to be unaerttcoa, luljcre fuclj a licence of 
marriage in cafe of a common perfon, toas aue h^ cuttom, pjefcription, oj fpe*; 
cial tenure, tlje toojas being fi dealio tenuerit j ana tljis CjcpoCtion is appjoben 
bp conttant ana continual ufe ana experience, Et optimus interpres legum coi> 

CAP. viir. 

NOs vero, vel Ballivi noftri, non feifiemus terrara aliquain, vel 
redditum pro debito aliquo, quamdiu catalla debitoris pras- 
Tho.wrothescafe feiitia lufficiunt ad debitum reddendum, & iple dedit' paratus fit 
Lord°Berklies^ inde fatisfacere. Nee pleg' ipfius debitoris diftringantur, quamdiu 
iple capitalis debitor fufficiat ad fblutionem ipfius debiti. Et ii 
capitalis debitor defecerit in Iblutione debiti, non habens unde fol- 
vat, aut reddere noluerit cum poffit, plegii de debito refpondeant, 
& fi voluerint, habeant terras & reddit debitoris, quoulque fit eis la- 
tisfaft' de debit, quod antea pro eo (blverint, nifi capitalis debitor 
monftraverit, fe effe quietum verfus eofdem plegios. 

Cafe, &c. 



Cap.8. SKdagna Cham. 19 

— ■"■ — - - ' ' »i — - . 

f[ Nos vero. '] StljCfc toojDg being fpokcn in tl)epolttich capacitp Do c-^* 
tfuo to tljc fucctffojg, foj i\\ jiugment of Jia\j) tlje iiiug in W politick rnpacitp 
Bictlj not. 

^ Vcl ballivi noftri. 3 3!n tl)is place tljc &beriff ant) tjis tanticribailiffs Seethe firfi part 
arc (tttenDeD anti meant, ann to tijis Dap tl)e &|)criff iifct^i tljis in Ijis Mctum^, And^u'°'^f "'"' 
Infra ballivam meam, fo? Intra comitatum, &c. ^3° ^g"^* ^" 

^,Non (eifiemus terrain aliquam, vel redditum pro dcbito aliquo, See Arcic. fuper 
ciuamdiu catalla dcbitcris prxlcntia fufficiunt addebitum reddendum.] cart.cap.12.lL?. 
JSp ojcer of tlje Ccmmon liato, tlje !i5itig foj Iji? ncbt Ijau cjrcciition of tlje liox ihm^Herbercs cafe! 
Bj), lancg, ana gcotip of tl;coclto} : K\)i» ig an art of grace, ano reftrainctt) i\it 5 Eiiz. oier 224* 
rotoet tljat the ISing liefojc taD. ^'ait^r de chir- 

"^ tons cafe. 24 £. 3. 

IQ Redditum. 3 ifoj tlje fc\)cral feint of rents, fee tljefirft part of tl)C In- Debe°t'Jmpe'r prin. 
ftitutesi Lit.lib.2.cap.i2, toljereimto pou mapaDD, i. Rcdditusairifus, ojred- cipjUs txciiti aH- 
ditusaffifs: Cllttlgarip rents of ^ITifc are tlje certain rents of tl)c iTrccljolDers, tequam pervoiiatnr 
atiD ancient CopiljolDcrSj lecaufe tljep be aJlifcBjanti certainjanu Dotlj oiftinguiflj "^J^'l i4'<"-es. 
tljefame from redditus mobiles, i?arm rents foj life, pears, oj at \»iil, Xii\)icl) are fee w.2°cCa a 
uariable ano incertain. 2. Redditus albi, Mliite rents, blanclj inarms, oj rents, 29. iSEi.Sta't. 
tiilprlp anu commonip cancD (luitrents '■> tl^ep are callcn Uil;ite rents, becatife de quo warranto 
t^ep toete paiti in filber, to oiainguiflj tl)cm from tjjcjb^taps, rent cummin, cart'^ait'^L^"''" 
rent ro?n, 5tc. ann again tljefearc talleo, 3. Pvcdditus nigri, black maile, tljat cufiumier de '^' 
is, black rents, to oiftinguiflj tljem from \j)ljue rents \ foe Rot. clauf. 12 H. 3. Nonn.cap 6a. 
m 12. Rex conceilit hominibusde Andevor maneriade.M.F.A,&c. Reddendo per Vide43El.c.i3. 
annum ad Scaccar Regis Lxxx li. blanc, de Antiqua tirma. 4. Redditus refoluti 
be tents ifTuing out of tljc il5annojs, &c. to otljet ■ilojoSj $c. Feodi Hrma, fee 
iFarm, foj tljis feinn of rent, vide infra Gloc. cap,8. 

;3fter tlje statute of 33 H.8. cap. 35). toas mane foj lebping of tljeffiingsnebtis 

tljettfual pjOCCfs to tlje ©Ijeriff at tljiSbap is, Quod diligenter per facramentura 
proborum dc legalium hominum deballiva tua, Sec. inquiras quae & cujufir.odi bo- 
na & catalla, & cujus precii idem (debitor; habuit in didta balliva tua, &c. Et ca 
omnia capias in manuS noftras, ad vakntiam debiti praedid', Sc inde heri fac' debi- 
tum prsedid', &c. Et fi forte bona & catalla praedidt' ( debitoris ) ad foiutionetn 
debiti prsdidt' non fufficerent, tunc non omittas propter aliquam libertatem, quin 
cam ingrcdiaris, & per facramentum prsfat proborum, & legalium hominum dili- 
genter inquiras, quas terras, & quae tencmenta, 3c cujus annul valoris, idem (debi- 
tor) habuit, feu feifitus fuit in dida balliva tua, &c. Et ea omnia & lingula in quo- 
rumcunque manibus jam exiftunt, extendi fac', & in manus noftras capias, &c. Et 
capias prLsdidl' debitorem,ita quod habeas corpus prsdid' (debitoris) ad fatisfac' no- 
bis de debito prsdid'. Seecap.ig.Ghn^. 

Mlljerebp it appeatctlj, tljat if tljc Cojts anti Cljattels of tlje iaings ci^is^ticrJiib^i. 
SDebtoj be fufficient, ano fo can be maoe to appear to tbe §)ljeriff, luljcreupon ca!<^2'.F.N.B M7.f. 
^c map lc\)p tljc icings cebt, tbcn ongbt not tl)e ^bcriff to e]ctenti t\)t ilanus, 
ann SUcnements of tlje SDcbto;i, oj of bisljeir, oj of anp ^urcbafer, 0% terre^ w^n'''''Hl'b'ns 
SCenant. %o condimc tliis point luitlj tljc ^utljojitp of olD ano SncicJU cafe.Ti'^.fo'n^i'a. 
Ockham. , 22. 50 ad p. 5. 

Terrs & tcnementa debitoris regis, ad quafcunq-, manus quocunq-, titulo devene- 21 E.4.2 1, 
runt, poft debitum Regis inceptum Regi tenentur, li non aliunde fatisfacere poirit. Ockham, ca. quod 

fl Nee plegiiipfius debitoris.] 0s plengesojfHretics to keep tlje peace, curtumi'erdeNoj-. 
plecges foj a fine to tbei^iug upon a contempt, ^i. are luitbin tljis bjanclj, but 
otljccVMifc it is of mainperners, ano tljis appearetlj bp Glanvile to be tlje Cotii;? Gianvii 
mon iLato before tbe making of tljis Set. 

3nU tbeSutboj of tljeSpirroxfaitlj, ceux font plegcs queux plevilhcr aut chofc 
que corps de home, car ceuxne font propremcnt plegcs, mes font mainperners pur 
ceo que ils fuppofoHt plcvifliablcs font liver a ceux per bailie Corps pur Corps. 

P 2 CE: 

I — —■ 

20 (SM[agna (hart a. Cap. 9. 

^Et ficapitalis debitor defecer it in folutione, &c. aut reddere 
noluerit cum poffit. '] feome IjaDc tljougljt tljat t%{$ bjanclj IjatI) tafecn atoap 
tl)e ncjct pjcccucnt concerning plcngeg, tut bot^i rio fianu toeli toptljcr, fo> 
tcdderc noluerit cum poiTit ttiuft be unBerllajB, to!)eu tlje pjincipal i;s able, ano 
jct Ijis abrtitp cannot be tnatie to appear, being in monep, treafure, oj tie lifee, 
oj in »cbt0 Dtoing to Ijim, toljiclj Ije concealis, ann mil not reddere. To as de non 
apparentibus, & non exiltentibns eadem eft Lex, anD in tljat cale plegii de debito 
rcfpondeant, ann pct i\)t fojmer bjancJj concerning plcugeji Botlj ftann, m^cre tfee 
plccges can mafee tt appear to tljc ^Ijeriff, tljat Ijcmap lebp tlje icings Debt j 
fae tiie Statute of Articuli fuper cartas cap. 1 1 . 

'« Erltson cap. 28. ^ Et fi voluerint, habeant terras, & redditus debitoris, &c. 3 
Fleta ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^qjj,^ fj,„,(, j^j^^j, f j,(j, j^^g j jij^ ^^jj j^ pj^gjjj gcquietandis tg gtOUn<= 

Reg.'ij'!'!? E.?. ^c^3 •''"^ f^i"5 "" '"£«tion ig matie in tl)i0 Statute of nnp Dan, tliepIctigcslIiaU 
ii.a. 44E.3.21." liatoe tliat tairit Doiti^out anp DecD. ano if t!;e plengeg Ijabe anp nceD, cobenant, 
48 E.?._28. 32 E.3. oj otijer afinrance foj ttjeir inceranitie, tijen map tljep taikc tljeir remeop at tjie 
T°°"/e ^" ^""' <I^'"^"'''" ^^"^ ■' * "l^"^ " appcaretlj bp Glanvile tt)at ti)ig toas ti^e Comtnon JLaij), 
Dier 22 EUz. 170. f°J ^^ l&it\h Soluto vero eo quod debetur ab iplis plegiis, recuperare inde poterint 
* Glanvil ad principalem debitorem, fi poftea habuerit unde eis fatisfacere poffit per principale 
cap.4,5. placitum, anb fet bolun tlje « Writ de plegiis acquietandis. 

M^^ Paris i^' a. i^OtC ^tce ig a Cljapter omitteb, viz. nullum fcutagium, velauxiliumpDnam 
Wendov!waIf.4o. in regno nollro nifip commune concilium regninoliri, lul^iclj claufe toaiS in tlje 

Vide poftea Stat. Ctiarttr, anno 17 Regis Johannis, anD bjas ontitteb in t^c cjccmplificfttien »{ 

de Tallagio con- tljjjg gjfat CljartCr, b? Ed.I. videCap.30. 
ccdeDdo. 34 £. i. 


CIvitas London' habeat omnes libertates fuas antiquas, & confue- 
tudines (uas. Prsterea volumus, & concedimus, quod omnes 
alix civitatesburg, &vill£E, & Barones de quinque portubus, &om-' 
nes alii portus, habeant omnes libertates, & liberas confuetudines fuaj. 
Articuli fuper Chartas cap.7. 

dMkror ca.5.§.2. d %'^ie, cijaptft fi8 erceHcntlp interpjeteB bp an ancient 0uttloj, to|)o Mt% 

Fleta lib.2.cap.48. jn pointe que demaunde, que le Citie de Londres eit fes aundent franchifes, & fes 

PLx:om.fol.4oo. £-^2j^jj Cuftomes ei^ interpretable in cell maner, que les Citizens eient lour fraunchi- 

I H.7'.4?i I H.7.21. fo, dont lis font inherit per loyal title, de dones, & confirmements des royes, 5c 

28. Aflif.24. les queux ih ne ont forfeits per nul abufion, & que iiz eient lour franchifes & cu- 

45 E.?.26. ftomcs, que font fufferable per droit, & nient repugnant al Ley : Et le intepretation 

See ^^5 °f^"' que eH dit de Londres foit intendu deles cinque ports, &desautres lieus", ^nb t^ijS 

chartas C.7.W. 2. interpjetatiott agreet^ toiti; nibetis of our later ieoofeg. 
cap.p. 7 R.2. 3lt ig a maieim In iJ atn, tliat a man cannot claim anp t^ing }i^ cuttom oj pje# 

nlent imprimee. fcriptton againtt a Statute, tmlefsi tljc cuflom, oj pjcfcription be labeb bp ano;? 

^ H t*?' V 8;c ^^^"^ Statute i iFoj erample, STljep of London claim bp cuftom, to gibe lanbis 

Seethc*^fuftofthe tott^outltcenceto ^ojtmain, becaufe tljisi cuflom i$ fabeb, anb pjeferbeb, not 

inftit.sea.7.3i. onlp bp tlji? Cljapter of Magna Charta, but bp biters otljer ^tatutejef, & fic de 

8 H,7.4.b. csteris. &«; moje in particular concerning London, in t^« fou?t^ part of t^c In- 
ftitures, Cap. of tlje Court? of t^C Citp of London. 


Cap. I o, 1 1 . (SAdagna Charts, 2 1 


CAP. X. 

tlllus diftringatur ad faciendum majus (etvitium de feddo Mi- cunumierde 
litis, nee de alio libero tenemento, quam inde debetur. Norm, cap.i 14. 

fol.132. b. 

SCljat t!)isi bjajf tl)e ancient llato of England, appeared; bp Glanvill, anu alfo Gianv.1.12. c? ro 
tljatt^e Writ of Ne injufte vexes toa$ not grounueii upon tljisi art, appearetijal* Reg.foi.^. & "sp'.b. 
fo bp btntj foj Ije faitbj Et alia qusedam placita, veluti, li quis conqueretur fe Curia B"Soo fol. 529. 
de Domino fuo, quod confuetudines, & indebita fervitia, vel plus fervitii exigit ab Jj|j^" '" |' *^P' }^' 
CO, quam inde facere debeat : 0nfi fettctl) tioton tljc fojm of tije Writ of Ne in- c.27! fol.°ab."^° 
fuftes vexes ■■> Rex N. falutem'. Prohibeo tibi ne injufte vexes, Vel vexari permittas 
H de libero tenemento fuo, quod tenet de te in tali villa, nee inde ab eo exigas, aut 
exigi permittas confuetudines vel fervitia, qua? tibi inde facere non debet, &c. 

anoanoitier ancient autljoj toljicl) tojote of tijc ancient %m% long liefoje Niirrorc.2.§i^. 
t^igf Statute, niafeetlj mention of tlje Mrit of Ne injufte vexes. & cap.5. § i. 

=[^cre*j» it appearetlj ^m tijep are necetbcn, tljat Ijolo tijat tW Writ i? grounds f.n.b. 10. e. 
Ben upon t^is M, ano IjoU) ncccITarp tlje reaning of ancient jaut^ojs i?!, to gibe pi. com. 243. b. 
i\}t ancient Common iiato W rigljt, as lierebp it appearetlj. 

%%t toOJB0 of ti)C Statute be, nullus diftringatur, tl)erefoje if t^e IIOJB tn#^ PI.Cora. 94.243, 
croaclj mojc IXcnt of tlje fame nature, bp ttie boluntarp papment of tl)e SCe^ lo H.7. u.'b. 
tiant, ^e fljatl not aboio tljis incroacljment in an abotojp, but in an aififejceffavit, 3° H.6.5.b. 22 Aff. 
m ne injufte vexes, t^e SCenant fljall atjoio tlje incroacl)ment : 2CtiissruIe toioetJj y^^l ^5" '9' V 
not in cafe of a fuccetfoj, oj of tbc ilTue in tail, foj tljep (Ijall aboin it in abotojp, 28.5.4 e. 2 Avolt 
Jjut if tljeferbice incroac^cn be of anof^cr nature, tlje aCenant ftail aboiti tliat 202. 18 e. 2. ibid! 
feifin in an abotojp> foj majus fervitium impltetlj a greater epattion of t%z faine 217-20 E.3, ibid, 
nature: if tfec incroacljmcnt of tie fame nature be gotten bp cobertionof r^if JJg'^-^-^- 
Orefis, tliere tie SCcnant 0)all aboin t^at feifin in an abotojp, fo> nullus diftrin- 20 e'. t- il". 12 rt. 
gatur ad faciendum majus fervitium. 315ut if an incroacbmcnt be maoe upon a,h.' 
JCenant in tail, oj JCenant foj life, oj anp ott)er, tn^o cannot maintain a Writ 
Bfneinjui^evexes,nOjacontraformamcollationis, noj ot^er remcBp, Ije ^jaW of.he inft^la' 
Ijabe an action upon tljis Statute i foj t^is Statute intcnoet^ to reliebe t\)Ofej ' 

to|)i£| lab no remebp bp t|e Common Jlatu* ^ 



Ommunia placita non (equantur Curiam noftram, led teneantur Mirror cajf.j. §», 
in aliquo certo loco. Articuli (uper chartas, cap.7. 

J15efo}e tljiis Statute, Common peas migljt Ijabe ban Ijolcen in t%t Wingis 
IBencI, ano all ejiginal MIrits returnable into tl;e fame JBenclj : ;9nD becaufe 
t|c Court tnas loloen Coram Rege, ano follotoeo tl;e icings Court, ano remo# 
bablcat tljc icings toill, t|e I8.eturns iMere Ubicunquefuerimus, arc. toljcreupon 
ntanpiiifcontiuuanccs enfucB, anti great trouble of Blurojs, charges of parties, 
anb Delap of 3;uftice, fo? t|efe caufes tbis Statute tuas mabe. 

^ Communia placita. 3 !^creit is to be unDerftmB, a bibtfisn of fBleas, 
foj Placita are DibiOeO in Placita Coronse, anO Communia Placita : Placita Corons Mirror ca.i. § 4; 
arc OtIetbJife, anU aptlp callel>criminalia,flj mortalia, ann placita communia arc Scamf. Pl.cor.f,u 
aptlp calico civilia : Placita Corona? are oi^iocti into |ig| SCtcafon, mifpjiCou of ' "^ "P' ' 7' ^ 
aCreafon, pejtit SCrcafon, iTelonp, jc. anu to tljeit acccffojies, fo callcD, bccaufc 
tie J a je contra coronam & dignitatem v aub of t|cfe t|c Court of Common picas 


21 (SAdagna Qhartd. Capiii.' 

cannot %olD plea ■■, of tljefc -pou map rcau at large in tlje t^ire part of t^jc Infti- 
tutcs. Common oj tt^il picag are niviDeB into real, perfonal ana nu'irt. 
vide cap.17. SCJjep are not callcu Placita Corona, ajs fomc Ijatie faio, becaufe t^e tetng jure 

Coronx fijall ta\je t^c fuitc, auD Common plea?, liccaufc tliep be ^elD bp com^ 

mon perfone. i?oj a plea of tlje Cromn map be Ijoloen bettoon common pcrfong, 

Rsan appeal of mtirtier, robberp, rapcfelonp, mapljemjfc. ann tlje iSing map 

be partp to a Common Pea, as to a Q_uare impcdit, anD tlje lifee. 
igoDa ais out of tlie do ficlos muft tome tlie neln co?n, fo our oln boiltis uo ejc* 

cellcntip ejcpouiiDj ano ejrpjefss tljis matter, as tlje laUi is Ijolnen attljis nap, 
CUnv.n.i. C.I. t^ercfoje Ghnvill faitf;, Placitorum aliud eft criniinale, aliud civile i luljcrc Placi- 

turn criminale, is Placitum Coronse i anD Placitum civile, placitum commune, na*; 

met) in tt)is Statute. 
Eraa. 1.3 f.ioi.b. 3nD Bradon tljat liDcn \a\txi tl)is Statute toas mane, faitt), Sciendum quod 
Fkcajli.a.capsS. omnium acftionumiive placitorum, (ut indeutatur ffquivocej hsc eft prima diviiio, 

quod quaedam funt in rem, quidam in perfonam, & qusdam mixtati Item earum 

quifunt in perlonam, aliacriminalia, &:aliacivilia, fecundum quod defcendunt ex. 

malehciis vel contradtibus i Item criminalium, alia major, alia minor, alia maxima, 

{ftundum criminumquantit?tcm. 
Flcta,U,t.cap.i5. Fleta taitl), Perfonalium injuriarum qusdam funt criminales, & quadam civU 

les V criminalium qusdam fententialiter mortem inducunt , qusdam vero mi- 
ni me. 
Erlcton foi. 3. 5.c, Britton calletb t^em pleas de la Corone, ann Common piea0, anu t'[« Court 

taltctl) Ijis name of tl)e Common picas. 
2Co treat of tlje jurifnittton of t^is Court, cotl) belong to another part of t^ie 

IniUtutes, but a toojD oj ttoo of tlje ^ntitiuitp of t'^e Court of Common pleas, 

luljic^ is tl)e lock ano Itep of tlie Common ilalu. 
Glaov.lib.ii. C.I. Glanvill faitt), Placita in fuperioribus, &c. ficut & alia qudibct placita civilia, 
& lib. 2. &c. folet autem id fieri coram Jufticiariis Domini Regis in Banco refidentibus, &c. 

^nU in anotlicr place, Coram Juftic' in Banco fedentibus, 
Braft. 1.?. f.iss-b. Bradon in mijcrs placcs calls tlje Buttices of tlje Court of Common pieas,as 
& J08. b.' ' Glanvill DiU, Jufticiani in Banco relidentes, fo Callen fO} tljat tljC ISetums in tl)C 

toingS 315encl), arc Coram Rege ubicunque fuerimus in Anglia, as^at^ been faiD, 

iecaul'e in ancient time it losas, as ^aclj betn faiD, remoi^aUe, ano foUolueti tlje 

l&ings Court. 
Artk.fuper Cart. JSnli tljcrcfojc all MtitS returnable, Coram Jufticiariis noftris apud Weftm. 
cap.r. are returnable befoje the 3utigcs of tlje Common pica?, anu all Writs return 

{i'f" J'^-^- "P-2* nable. Coram nobis ubicunque tunc fuerimus in Anglia, are returnable into tfcc 
F.N.B.69.a,. j^i„gg jigj^clj. 

Bri„o„^ Britton fpcafeing of tlje Court of Common pleas, fait^, Oufter ceo voilloms 

« que Jurtices demurgent continualment a Weftm. ou ailours, ou nous voudrous ordi- 

naire a pleader Common pleas, 8cc. 

Fleta li.c.28.& 54 Fleta fait^, Habct & ( Rex ) curiam fuam & jufticiarios fuos refidentes, qui re- 
cordum habent in hiis, quse coram eis fuer' placitata, & qui poteftatem habent de 
omnibus phcitis, & adtionibus realibus, perfonalibus, & mixtis, &c. 

& c 12. 7 E 4.< 3 3^ isi manifeft tljat this Court began not after tlje making of tljis ^,as fome 

D. &sc.i2.b. Ijatoc thought, foj in the next Chapter, ann Bibers others of thisberp gjeat 
Charter mention is mabe De Jufticiariis noftris de Banco, tohtch all men bnoto to 
be the iluttices of the Court of Common picas, commonlp calleb the Common 
31Bench, oj tljc 315cnclj, anu Dodt. ano Stud, faith, that it is a Court creatcb b? 

2<5 Air. p.24. 2Chc abbot of B. claimen conufance of plea in Mrits of 0irife, 9c. in the 

times of iSing Etheldred, anb Edward tljc Coufiffo?, anb befoje that time, time 
out of mint), anb pleabeb a Charter of confirmation of ling H. i. to hiP pjebCi^ 
ceffoj, anb a grant, »c. fo tljat t'^e Juaicesf of the one iiPencti, 0? «f ttie ot^CE 
iljoulb not intermcbble. 


Cap. 1 1. <iMagna Chrta. 29 

5t appcarctl) l}) ouk Sfoilxs tljat tl;c Court of Common piea? luas in tljc 4 £.^49. 
KcignofH. I. S9E-?-2i. 

%\)U tljcre was a Court of Common picas iu anno i H.3. \i)l)icl) toass bc^ Rot. pat. i H.3. 
fojc tljis 2ct i Maitinus de PatelliLiU, \jua0l)p.%t:tcc)tis ?3atents conuitutcD cljief 
3;ulIiceof tl)C Court of Common picas in t!)C firU vtv: of H.3. 

St is refol^co bp all tl)C ^imgcs in tk C-rrljeciucr Cljamlcr, tljat all i\)t 9 E.453. 
Courts, viz. tljc Mup JiBcncl;, tlje Common place, tl)c Crcljc^iuer, anc tlje 
Cljanccrp, are tljc toings Courts, anu Ijauc ban time out of mcmojp, Iiiint que 
home ne poet fcaver que eft plus auncient. 

m Non (equantur curiam noftram.] JDi^jcrs fpccial cafes are out of 2' H.3. brief. 88?* 

tbiS^tatUte. Xr. 26E.i.Coram 

1. %\)t !^insmap fuc anp action fonni'Common pica in tlje linp ilScnclj, tms^e I'^Sam 
foj tbis general act Dotb not crtenu to tijd^ing. ' Kege Rot. 62. 

2. * if an|i man be in cuftodia MarefchaWof tlje icings IBencb, anp otijcr map 31 e 3. prer. 28. 
Ijaije an action of SDebt, Coijcnant, oj tbe lifee pctfonal attion bp llEill in tl>e i'.^'^'f V 
3iingS iiecncb, becaufe \)t tljat is in cuilodia Marefchalli ougbt CO \mz tlje T^%i\sy- Anic fup.can'c.4'. 
lenge of tbat Court, auD tl)is M taketb not atoap tljc piturlenge of anp Court, pi. com. 2o8.b. 
becaufe if be fljoulD be fuen in anp ocljer Court, Ije fl;oi!lD not in refpcct of bis 3° Afl.p.2o.fimii.' 
Mjiijilcrige anftocr tbcre,ani) fo it is of anp officers, oi minifters of tijat Court; 

%\)t lifee 3LaidD is of tlje Court of Cljancerp, ano Cfcljecincr. • 

3. 2np attion tbat js Qiiare vi & armis, tobere tbc ifiing is to liauc a fine,map 
be purcbafeu out of tbc Cbancerp, returnable into tbe icings 315encb, as ejedti- 
one tirmse trfis, vi & armis, forcible cntrp, an» tbe lifee. 

4. auD a replevin map be remotieo into tbc iSings ffienclj, becaufe tbe Hiing 9 H.7.10. 19 E.3. 
is to Ija\3e a fine, anu fo it is in an aifife bjougbt in tlje Countp tobcre tbc ^^^^^ H ' h.?. 
^Bingsieencbis. Itp'r'^f",?'^ 

5. aibci't o?iginaIIp tbc Kings 315cncb be reCrainea h^ tbis ^ft to boln pica bre 661 
of anp real action, ?c. pet bp a mean tbcp map. Bs if a Writ in a real action be 

bp ^titigmcnt abatcD in tbc Court of Common picaSjif tbis juogmentin a OTrit 

of Crroj be rcijerfeo in tbc !l5ings SBencb, ann tbc Writ acjuBgec grotr, tbep 

fljall pjocren upon tbat Mrit in tbe Mings 315cncb, as tbe SEunges of tbc Court 

of Common picas fljoulu b^^c Boiie, tobicb tbcp to in tbc ncfault of otbers, foj 

neceffitp, left anp partp tbat batb rigbt fljoula be tuitbout rcmeop, oj tbat tbcre 

fljoulD be a failer of luftice, ano tbcrefo?e Statutes are altoaps fo to be erpoun^ ^'"' ^^ '^'"°"» 

ten, tbat tbcrc fliouHi be no failer of Juftice, but ratber tben tbat (boultr fall out, "P*'"*- 

tbat cafe (bp conftruction ) fijouln be crccpteo out of tlje Statute, toljetljer tlje 

Statute be in tbe negative, oj affirmative, 

6. 3n a rediflliiin, OJ tbC lifec. 

f[ Curia noftra. ] ^[re \»ojDs collcctibe , anu not onip eictcnB to tlfje 
icings OlBencb, but into tbc Court of (iSfcbcciucr. Vide Artie, fuper Cart, cap.4. 

Mbcn judgment is giuen bcfoje tbc ^beriff, ann tbe 2Cenant batb no gcons, ^•^•^- '9o- 224; 
etc. in tbat Countp, be map baijc a Certiorare to remobe tbc ISecojB into tbc ^'^^' 
ilJtngs ioencb, ano tbcre ba^c c)i;ccution,foj tbat is not Placitum. ^ojmojc l;ccc#= 
of in tlje fourtb part of tbe Inftitutes, Cap. M tlje Court of CEfc^equer. 


II, ' ■^- " ■ 

24 <§\dagna Qhana. Cap. 12. 


REcognitiones de nova difleifina, 8c de morte anteceflbris, non 
capiantur nifi in fuis comitat', & hoc modo 5 Nos vero fi ex- 
1^ tra Regnum fuerimus, capital' Jufticiar' noftri mittent Jufticiar' no- 

ftros per unumquemque comitatum, femel in ann', qui cum Militibus 
eorund' com', capiant in com' illis affiC prxdift". Et ea qux in ad- 
ventu fuo in illo comitat' per Juft«c! noftr' prsdid' ad didas affilas 
capiend' miflbs, terminari non pHTunt, per eofdem terminent' alibi 
in itinera (uo. Et ea quae per eofdem propter difficultatem aliquorum 
articulorum terminari non poffunt, referant' ad Jufticiar' noftros de 
banco, & ibi tcrminentur. 

JlBefoje tlje mafeing of i%i% &tatutc,t^e Writs of ^ffifc of Novel difleifinjano 
Mordanc' Wtt rctumaile, cither coram Rege, oj into t^t Court of Common 

Glanv.l.ij.c.3.& ^Icag, atlD tobc tafeen t^Crc, anO tl)is appearct^ bp Glanvill, Coram mc, vel 

33. F.N.B.i77.f. coram Jufticiariis mcis. ^ttt fincc tl)ii5 Statute, tljcfc WritiS ate returnable, 

Reglflrura. Coram Jufticiariis noftris ad aflifas, cum in partes illas venerint \ ip fojcc Of t^efe 

UOJtiSi} Mittent Jufticiarios noftros per unumquemque comitat noftrum femel in 

anno , qui- cum militibus eorundem comitatuum capiant in comitat illis affifas 


Mirror c.$. § 2. €1 Nifi in fuis Comitatibus. ] 2Ct)ijS tenten greatlpto tlje eafe of tlje 

See w.2.cap.3o. Slurojg, anD foj facing of cljarges of tlje parties, anti of time, fo as t|ep mig^t 
foHou tljeir Dotations, ano yjopet btiOnefSj aun tlje ratljct, foj tbat t^e MHz 
of Novel difleifin, UjaS frequens & feftinum remedium in tljofe Daps, anD Us toag 
t^t affife of Mordanc' alfo : 3t is a great benefit to tlje fubjett to Ijabe SvLiiiit aD#= 
miniftreo unto I)im at l)ome in Ijis olun Counttp. 

See the firft part i^"? ^n affife of Novel difleiiln, anD affifc of Mordanc' fa tlje firil part Of t^C 

of the Inflltutes, Inftitutes. 

Sea.234. ;3nD toljere Bradon faitljj Succurritur ei, ( i difleifito) per recognitionem affifaj 

Braa.l.4.toi.i64. ^Qygg jJiffeifince multis vigiliis excogitatam, & inventam recupcrandae pofleilionis 
gratia, quam dilTeifitus injufte amifit, & fine judicio, ut per fummariam cognitio- 
nem abfque magna juris folemnitate quafi per compendium, negotium terminetur. 
&« tljC Curtumier de Normand', ( CompofeD, aS Ijatl) bffin fatD, in 1 4 H.3. ) Sed. 
9i.&93.oftl)c0ffife of Novel difleifin, toljicl) being inbenteD anD ftameD in 

See the Preface of England, as Brafton anD otbets ^jabe tefiiliieD, mutt of neccfTitp be tranfpojteo 

?nftiru?eT°''" into Nonmndy. 

OlBut Mjcre toe pieiD to Bradon, ttat tlje Sffife of Novel difleifin toas fo ittsf 
Glanv, c.?. & beuteD, fo Ijc muft pielD to us, tljat it boas a berp ancient indention, foj Glanvill 
33. Cuft'umier de ma&etlj mention tljereof, ano of tbe Miit of Mordaunc', as Ijatlj ban faiD, anD bp 
Norm, ubi fupra. tlje Mirror alfO tlje antitiuitp of Affife De novel difleifin Dotb appear, lojljo faitti, 
'^i aS-*'^" ^ ' ' * tbat tljis tIRffitit of strife of Novel difleifin, toas ojDaineD in tljc time of Ranulph 
2tfAn.p.24. de Glanvill. 

IBut tbe cafe of 26 AlTife before toucljcD, Dotlj pjobe tljat tbe Mrits of Aflife 
are of far greater antiquitp, foj tljere it appearctlj tljat in an Aflife of Novel 
diffeifin, claimeD toljabe Conufans of |3lca, ano Mrits of Aifife, ana etlier oji;? 
ginal MIrits out of tljc 3^ings Courts bp pjcCcription time out of miuD of man, 
in tlje times of S.Edmond,anD S. Edward tljc ConfefTo^jiSings of tljislSealmjbe^ 
fpje tlje Conq^uett, anDfljcboeD Diuers allowances tljereof: but true it is, as tljc 
ancient ^uti^ojs affirm;tl)at a neto fo:mof Writs cf ^{TifCjfo} tlje moje fpaop 


Cap. 1 2. S^agna Ghana, 25 

rcCODerp of poIfcfTion, tobtclj Wrc callCD Feftina remedia teas iutocuteu (n Eng- 
land fince i\t CouqUEttj anD iMCtC CallCD Brevia de alTila novx difiiiiins \ teljicl) 
•mxw fo altereo continue fo until tljis uav, anti accojDing to tljc alteration isi 
titCtJ in i\t Cuftumier, cap P3.fol.io7.b. 

3if an Bffife le tafecn in proptio comitatu, ano tljc tcnarr plcao, ant after tl)c 24 E.^.a?. 
affifc is oifcontinueD bp tlje non venu of tlje 3uttireg,tl)ti l^a ejctentis to tfce 0f:« 2 E.3.23.1. » - 
fife, lutnot to a rcattacljment tticreuijon, fojtljat tlje 2 (fife ia,.-?fii*tt arraigneu ' '^•'' 
ano e)canunci) in tbe proper Count]', ncitljcr cotl; tljie Act encni. to a ^ISllrit of 
attaint, b?ougljt upon tlje wroirt of ttjerecognitojsi of tlje 'aUtfe ; :9nii Ijcccteitlj ^£.3.55,55. 
agteetljBritton, toljO faitib^ Et tout conteinc la grand Chfe des franchifes, que af- Britton ^ap^p^. 
cuns allifes foient prifes in Counties, pur ceo ne intent nul que certifications, & at- ^gj^"*"' ' ' * 
taints auter toitz elire pledes, &c. 

0nD Bradron faitl), Et fi ad hoc fe habcat communis libertas, quod aflifa: extra Brafton lib.4. fol, 
comitatum capi non debeant, non fequitur quod propter hoc remaneant jurats in "^^' 
com capiendo ■•, aliud enim habet privilegium affifa, 8c aliud jurata. 

i3n affife \% bjougljt in tljc iiiinp IJenclj, tben Ijeing; in tlje Countp of SufF. 6 £3.55,5^- 
Cais it map be, as Ijatlj ban faiti) of ianeglping in tljat Countp, tlje tenant pleao '? E-3'afl-84. 
in bar, tlje plaintiff reply anD p?ap i\t Mxit-, tlje lainp iEcnclj is remobeo to 
Welhn. ano t^cre tlje pi' pjapeo tlje ^iTifc, tljis statute is, tljat tlje aiTife fljall 
not be taken but \\\ tlje Countp, ann nom tlje fUings 3i5enclj i% in anotljer Coun<= 
tp, ana tlje ojiginal cannot go out of tljis place, foj iuljen a Kecojn is once in 
t|is Court, Ijere it mull remain, toljerefojebp tljc aobice of all tlje 3;uriges,tljc 
0f[ifc inas atearncn at large, quia nihil dicit, ano a Nifi prius granteo in tlje 
Countp of Suff. tljat tljcre migljt tlje afftfe be taken. ^ cafe toojtljp of obferba^ 
tion, Ijo\ij \i'^ tljis erpoCtion botlj tlje parties fute \cm pjefcrben, ano tljc pur^ 
bien of tljis Statute obferbcn. 

^et in fome cafe nottuitljaanning tljis negatibe Statute, tlje SlTife flioulo jg e.2. Affifegga 
iiot Ijabe been taken in Ijis proper Countp, ^nb tljerefoje if a man be titTciteD of 1 3 e.:?. jurifd. 23; 
a Commote oj ILojbQjip sparcljcr in Wales, Ijolocn of tlje toing in Capite, as 
foj ejcampie of Gowre, tlje Writ of Milt HjouId Ijabe been birectcb to tljc ^lje# ?er° pet?tion«!°' 
riff of Gloc. toitljin tlje ISealm of England, aub albeit tljc lanb of Gowre \uas 28 E.s.cap.a.* 
cut of tlje potoer of tljc ^Ijeriff of Gloc. being out of Ijis Countp, teitljin tlje ' 

bominion cf Wales, anb tljis Statute faitlj tljat tljc 0flife OjaU not be taken but 
in Ijis pjopet Countp, pet was tlje %Mz taken in tlje Countp of Gloc. ano 
Siuogment tljereupon giben anb affirmeb in a tSQrit of CBrroj : ano tljc reafon \% 

notable, foj tlje ilojb Marcher tljOUgl) IjC Ijab jura Regalia, pet COUlb IjC not bO 

%Vi.^itt in Ijis oian cafe,anD if Ije fijoulb not Ijabe remeop in tljis cafe bp tlje Jiings 

Mlrit out of tlje Cljancerp in England, Ije fijoulo tiabe rig^t ann no remeop bp 

3lab) giben fo? tlje tojong Done unto Ijim, bciljiclj tlje Jlab) buill not fuffer, anb 

tljerefoje tljis cafe of neceffitp is bp conttruction ercepteb out of tlje Statute. 

3nb it teas teell faio in an olO btok, Quamvis prohibetur quod communia placita 2oH.3.tic.bre7. 

ron fequantur curiam noftraiTi, non fequitur propter hoc, quin aliqua placita fingu- 88 1. 

laria fequantur Dominum Regem, anb t^e like in tljis negatibe statute. 

^perebp it appearetlj rtljat 31 map obferbe it once foj allj tljat tlje bell CjcpofiJ^ 
tojs of tljis ant) all otljet Statutes, are our bcoks ano ufe oj erperience. 

^ojc fljaU befaibliercof \\\ tljc (i!;;tpofition of tlje Statute of W.2. 

f[ De morte anteceflbris. 3 ^ajtljefittt part of tljelnftitutes, Sed.234. 
Cuftumier de Norra.cap.pS.fol.i 1 5. 

^ Nos vero fi extra Regnum fuerimus, Capitales Jufticiarii noftri.] 
SnjiS Capitalis Julliciarius (teljcn tljC totng iS extra Regnum, out of tljC IRcalm) 
istecll OCfcribeO bp Ockham, R.ege extra Regnum agencc, bfia dirigebantur fub 
nomine prasfidentis Juffitiarii & teftimonio ejufdem. SDljiS is flC tljat iS ConllitU* Roc- Parlfattient 
tcbbp ILetters ^patents tefjen tlje?^ing is out of tljelUngbom, to be cuftos five "tf "'„""•"• 
gardianus Regni, kfiepcr of tljC teingCom, anU locum tenens R.egis, anb fo? InS ^ E.inu.'il 
lime is Prorex, tuclj as teas Edward Duke of Cornewall 1 3 E. 3, Lionel jDuke of 2 1 £.3. foi.37; 

dS Clarence 

■ I l _ ■.■.■! I -n»— III. II..I.. I , _,i — ■■ ^. 1 III — . , ^^ 

26 S\dagna Qoartd. Cap.i2» 

Clarence 2 1 E. .3. Sltti tl)C telk to all Original OTritji tocre tefie Lioncllo filio no- 
Aro chaiitrimo cultode Angliae&c. John iDufeeot Bedford 5 H. 5. Richard SDltfeC 
fif Warwick 3 E.4. anfl maitp otljecsf, bcfoje luljom ag feapcrs of tljc iainpom, 
|3arUamcnts liatic ban l)olDcn,ant! as ijatlj been faiUj tl)c teik of original Mrtts 
atcimtiGttljcttamcof tljEi^ttpcr, Mjiclj no officer can bo, toljen tljc Ititng 1$ 
laiitljitt tljc Uealm. 3n 8 H.5 . a great tiiicftion arofe toljetljer if tlje^Sings ILiew^ 
tenant, 0? JJttper of l;is liingoom unner Ijis telle, Dotlj fummon a|9atliament, 
tljc iung lietngliejJonD 3>ca, ano in tljc mean time tlje iung return into En- 
gland, lufjctljer rt;e parliament fo fummoneo tnigljt pjocati; it toas ooubteD 
S H.5.cap.i. tljat in pisfentia majorib ceflaret potelbs minoris, an5 tljefojC it toag cnatfeD tljat 

tije ^'ailiament fliotilo p^oceeo, ano not i)c Biffoltieti bp tljc l:ings return, i^otu 
tljat tljig statute ig tolc intcnncD of fuel) a liieutenant oj isaper of tlje iiing^ 
Dom, it is pjO\JEti bp t1;it£i 3rt it felf, Capitales Jurtitiarii nortri mittent Juftitiarios 
noftros, tljat ip, tljep fljall name anu fenfl Sttlliccsi bp autljontp unner tlie great 
g)cal unocr tljcir o\un tefte,tol)iclj none can 00 but tbe liing Ijimfelf if Ije be pje^ 
rent, oj Ijis iLieutenant, oj tlje keeper oj guamian of Ijfp ISingcom, if Ije be, m 
tljis M fpeaketlj, extra Rcgnum : anHti)ij3 C7pofition is maBC ex verbis & vif- 
ceribus Aftus. iTut tljcn it ig OcmanteD, toljetljer tljig locum tenens Regis, feu 
cnitos Regni, toas calleo capitalis JulHtiarius befojie tlje making of tt)is 2it, ann 
tbiSDevp name poufl;all real) in Glanvile, UjljO faitlj, Prseterea fciendum, quod 
fecundum canfuetudines Regni, nemo tenetur refpondere in Curia Domini fui dc 
aliquo libero tenemento fuo line prascepto domini Regis, vcl ejus Capitalis Juftitia- 
rii, toljere Capitalis Juftitiarius is taken fo^ Cuftos Regni. 
Gianvinib.i2. ^t ig to be obfcrbcii, tljat befojetbcWcignof teing Ed. i. t][)e!Singg Cljief 

cap.25. SuCiccUiasfometime calleD fummus Juftitiarius, fomctimcpraEfidensJullitiarius, 

Hercoryoumay'* «nD fometimes Capitalis Juftitiarius. 3" anno primoE.i. Ijig Cl)ief 3!wttice toajf 
read more in the callcD Capitalis Juftitiarius ad placita coram Regetenenda, ano focijer CttCe i auD 

4 part of the In- tljis Cl)icf Jufttcc ig creatcD bpMrit, ann all tlje reft of tlje iutticcg of eitlier 
flituccap. of the 3£cnclj,byEetters ¥'atc"t!f« 

Bench" ^ ^" Glanviles time, ano before, tlie iSingg 3«fit«i8 tocrc callet Jufticis, tlie 

Gia"nvii.iib.2.c,6. tetumg of Mtitg bciug coram Jufticiis meis, fo as tljc iiingg iufticeg toerc antij^ 
Hovencr.foi.413. cntlp calleo Jufticis, fo; tljat tljcj) ctigljt not to be onlp Jufti in tlje concrete,but 
ipla Jufticia in tljeabftrad. S>ince tljat time, asbptljis great Cljarter in manp 
placeg it appearetlj, tljep are calleB Jufticiarii a Jufticia. %%t Ijonourablemannet 
Fortefcuecap. 51. "f tl)C Creation of tljefe ^w^im lou map rean in Fortefcue. 

12 H.4.20, 29 Afl". ^ Alibi in Itinere fuo. ] SEljig is taken largelpanDbeneficiallp,fojt|)ep 

1. 27 Afr.5.<?o. jiiapnot onlpmakjiaDtojnment iefoje tlje fame SuiJiceg in tljeir Circuit, but 

Y'^2H.\ 9. ^^^^ ^^ VVeftm. 0; to Serjeants- Inn, oj anp otljer place out of tljeir €ixtmy bp 

b Rtgiiia. ' tlje Cciuitp of tl)ts Statute, anD accojting as it Ijau ban altoapg ufeB : iFoj con- 

c 48 E.;.7.4'7 AfT. ttant alloteance in manp cafes ootlj make iiato. 

!• 39 ^-^f ?* a %\)t Statute fpeaking onlp of an aojojnment in 0ffifc of novel diffeifin.&c. 

42 e's'.I I. ^^' ^"^ ^^'^ ^ Certificate of an ^ffife is toitljin tliis Statute. 

=«■ 7 H.6.9. ^ Sed rerum progrefTus oftendunt multa, qus initio prasvideri non polTunt. 

3 E.3.16. 8 Atv.i s c %\\\\t founo out, tljat becaufe t^e Slufticeg of ^ffifc came not but once in 

^ 5 £■?• an.9«- tljc pear, ano tljat anp atijo?nment coulo not Ijatoe been maoe bp tljig jact,unlefs 

14 E.t-aff. 1 10. ^'-"^ 3.«ro;iS IjaO gibcn a iJCroict, fo? tljig 5ct faitlj, propter difRcultatem aliquorum 

20 £53(1^25! articulorum, ano not upon Demurrer, Doubtful plea, Eftoppel, &c. •* oj foj p?cs» 
22 E.3.5. 29afl;7- ferbation of tlje flings |Deace, ano no pjoUiCon luas maDebptfiis 0ft, if tljcteir 
34 *n^3- 43 ^^'^' in tlje ;ailfife of Mordaunc. IjaD maoc a fo;irain \)Oucljer, oj plcaD a fojrain plea : 
22 H.(5.i9 ^^'^ ^^^^^^ ^'^^ Ijolpen bp tlje Statute of W. 2. cap. 30. as fl^all appear toljen m 

come tljereimto* 


Cap. 15,14. <SKd^agna Qharta. 2 7 



Sfifede ultima praefentatione Temper capiantur coram Jufticiariis 
de banco, 8c ibi terminentur. 

SCtappcaretPpGlanvil, ttjaticfojC tljtSl Statute tbc Writ of Darrein pre- GUnviUib.i?; 7 
fcntment toaji rctOjliaWe coram me vel Jullic. meis. 0nl) tlje rcafou of tljig 0ct "p-i^-iS.ip. 
Djas foj E]cpc»ition, foj Doubt of tljc Iap0. s^s &" '^^ . 

315p tlje Statute of W.2. it ig yjo^iocD, tljat 3'uttices of Niil prius map gilje Britton cap.90.* 

BlUDgment in an iJffifc of Darrein prefentment ,anD Quare Impcdit. fol.222. 

. Fletalib.5 



~~~" ~ ' " 

5 Mar.Dier i?5. 
9 Eliz. Dier 260. 


Liber homo non amcrcietur pro parvo delifto, nifi flcundum mo- 
dum illius delifti, & pro magno delido (ecundum magnitu- 
dmem delifti, lalvo fibi contenemento fuo : 6< Mercator codem 
inodo, ialva merchandila (ua, & villanus alterius quam nofter, eo- 
dcm modo amercietur : falvo vvainagio fuo, fi inciderit in mife- 
ricordiam noftram. Et nulla prsdiftarum mifericordiarum ponatur, 
nifi per (acramentum proborum Sc legal ium horainum de vicineto. 
Comites & Barones non amcrcientur, nifi per pares fuos^ & non 
nifi fecundum modum delicti. Nulla Ecclefiaftica perfona amer- 
cietur fecundum quantitatem beneficii fui Ecclefiaftici, (cd fe- 
cundum laicum tenementum fuum, 5c fecundum quantitatem de- 

^ Liber homo. '] 3 free man l)atl) Ijerc a fpccial unnerffanDiiig, anti 10 
talten foz Ijim, qui tenet libere, fo^ a ftffi^ljoHierj aiB it is taken intlje venire fac. 
toijcre duodecim liberos, &c. homines are taken foj ftiKljolDcrs, auti tlji0 appear*: . 
ftl) l)j) tljis 0rt toljid) faitl), falvo contenemento fuo, Ttuijeteof nioje fljall be fnia 
in tljis (Tbaptci;. %\)t too^tg of tlji? ;3rt being liber homo, it crteutietl) as luell 
to fole Cojpojation0, ag XSifiiop?, $c. as to lap men, but not to Co?po?ation0 vijew.i.captf." 
aggregate of mnnp, as fl^apoj ann ConmionaltpjanD tlje Iike,foj tljep cannot be 
conipjeljenucD ttnuer tljcfc irojus liber homo, &c. 

^ Amercietur. ~\ KW ^A ertent0 to Amerciaments , anii not to w.i.cap.18. 
ifincsimpofetibp anpCourtof Juftice: luljat amerciaments be, auDtoljcte;^ nH4-5- 
of tljis luDjti Smciciameut cometlj, fee tijc 8 bcok of mp R.eports, [ft alfo Lib-s-foi.59»40' 
tljcrc, tljat tljis Statute is in fome cafes of amerciaments, to be intenceD of '^'"^y'^'^^ "'^• 
p?ibate men, ansnotof amerciaments of jdDfficcrs, oj spiniftcrs of Suffice, cianv. 11.9. ca.n. 
lo as liber homo is uot iutcnueD of ^Dfticcrs, oj SBinifters of 3fuaice. auo Hcra \\.2.c.6o. 
liciu, anu in mljat cafes tljc afferement iljall be, pou fl;aU alfo rcao tljere, togc; '^ ^■^- 2'^'°° '""r 
tl)ct aUoiuitl) tl)c ancient AutljOis, antimanp otljec Antl}o?itics of iialn, con? Reem'gl^L 187 
ccrniiig tbcfe matters. ^ " ' 

3;t appearetlj bp Glanviletljat tijis act luas matie in affirmance of tfje common 
Jlato, as hereafter fljall appear, but pet tlje Mrit dc moderata miiericordia, 

C 2 \% 


xtAddgna QharU. 

Cap. 1 4. 

Clanvll. ubi fup. 

Brafton lib.3. fol. 


Fleta lib. I. c 43. 


1 E.3.cap.4. 
Stat. 2. 

is grounBfU upon ^jijs Statute, foj it rccitetlj t\)z Statute ann giijctt) remeup 
to tlje partp tl;at is cxcciriijdp amercieo. 

^ Salvo contenemento fiio. ] ipirft foj tlje toojti, jiou (]&all rcao it iti 

Glanvilcj Eft autem mifericordia Domini Regis, qua quis per juramentum legalium 
bominum de vicineto eatenus amerciandus elt, ue quid de fuo honorabili contene- 
mento amittet. 

0nD Bradon. Salvo contenemento fuo. 

Fleta, continentia. 

2,iFojtl3CfiEntflfatton, Contcncment Cpifictl) lits totmtcttanfej tol)icT)'^e 
Ijatl;), togctljct luttl), ant ip rcafon of Ijis fra^ljoiD, an5 tljercfoje is callcc con^ 
tenement, oj continence, ann in tljis fente not!) t^e Statute of i E.3.anti old Nat. 
Brev. itfc it, wljcre tountenance is ttfet) foj contenement : tlje 0rmoj of a ^ah 
Dier is Ijis countenance, tljetcoks of a ^cljoUet Ijis countenance, anti tlje like. 

^ Et Mercator eodem modo falva merchandifa (ua. "] jpoj 2Craue 
a'ttH SCraffttiuc is ti)e liDcliljiuii of a i^etc'^ant, ann tijc life of tlje Common^ 
luealtl), loljereintije i^ing ano eUcrp fubjctt ijatlj intcrcft, fo? tlje S^tu^imt is 
tlje gcDD Scatliffc of tlje Mtalm to erpojt ano iiem tije native commodities of 
tlje1^ealm,aniito impojtanti bring in tlje neceffarp commodities foj ttc Defence 
ano benefit of tlje JSealm. 

^ Et villanus akerius quam nofter eodem modo amercietur falvo 

seetJiefir^P"' wainagio fuo. j ilpere Villanus is tafeenfoj one tljat is a boiiD^^man, nativus 

Sea 17. Sr'"' ^^ ^^"8"'""^ "^ ^"^"^• 

ja ;illillein x?> free to fuc, ann to be fueo,b? anu againft all men,rabing i^isJLojB, 

f[ Salvo wainagio fuo. '] vVainagium,ts tljc contenement o% countenance 
of tlje tiainein,anB cometlj of tlje Saxon imoju Wagna,.tB^iclj Cgnifietlj a Cart oj 
Waine, toljereiuitlj ^e teas to 00 CSilletn ferbice, as to carrp tlje tiung of tlje 
J^ojo out of tlje fcite of tljc i^annoj unto tbe lio^cs lanti, anD calling it upon 
tlje fame, ann tlje lifte, ann it toas great reafon to fabe Ijistoainage, foj otljer^ 
toife t^e mifcrablc creatnre toas to carrp it on Ijts back i it is faiu Ijere Waina- 
gio fuo, but pet tlje 1.0JD map take it at Ijis plcafure. 
%\xi l)ercb}) it appearetlj,tl)at albeit tlje Jiato of England isa ilabJ of mercp,vet 
is it a 3J.ato boljiclj is noba turner into a fljaooba, foj luljere bp tljc bjifoom of tfee 
ilalD, tljefe amerciaments tocre inftituteo to ueter botlj bemanbants ann plains 
t^^ from uniutt futts, anti tenants ann riefcnbants from un|uft defences, bobtclj 
mas tljc caufc in ancient times of fctoer fuits, but nobotoe Ijabe h\\t a fljabobo of 
it. Habemus quidem fenatuf-confultum, fed in tabulis reconditum, & tanquam gla- 
dium in vagina repofitum. 

See the firft part . 
of t he Infiitutes, 


Mirror cap. I. 




21 E.4.77.b. 

Mirror cap.4. de 


3E 3. Coron.370 

3 5.b. 

Mirror ubi fup. 

Britton fol.iy.b. 


^ Comites & Barones non amercientur nifi per pares, 8cc. ] 
aitljouglj tljis S>tatute be in tljencgatibe, yet long ufage Ijatlj pjebaileb againft 
it, fo; tie amerciament of tlje j^obilitp is rebuceu to a certaintp, viz. a i?uke 
10 1. an Carl 5 1. a 3lf ifljop tobo batlj a llEaronp 5 1. &c. in tlje Mirror it is fain 
tljat tlje amerciament of an CEarl toas an C 1. ann of a liaron an C marks. 

3;t is fain tljat a l^'ifiiop fljall be amercieD foj an efcape 100 1. (I^aoler fljall 
beamcrcieo fcj a negligent efcape of aiFelon attaint 100 1. anbof aiTelonins' 
oictcD onl)) 5 1. 

3f a iSpble man ann a common perfon jcin in an Action, anb become non# 
fute, tbcp'fljall be feuerallp amcrcieD : viz. tlje igoble man at C s. ano tljeCom^ 
mon perfon accoirsing to tlje S>tatu£e, iljerefojc toljcn a igobleman i?^ plaintiff, 
it 15 poUcp ratljcr to Dtfcontinue tlje Action, ttien to be non^fuit. 

^ Per Pares. ] )15p Ijis Ipeers, tljat i^ bp ^ts equals. 


Cap. 1 5- S^agna 'Q^am. Ip 

Snijc general tWlfiort of pErfon0 bp rtjc ilalu of England, t;s ai);tx one tbat ?5 Eritton c.2. f.jd. 
ttoWc, aurj in tcfpcct of Ijtjs nobilitp of t\)t ^m^ l;ouic of parliament j oj ciie of 
jt^e Commons of tljc Kcalm, anti in refyctt thereof, of tbc Ijomc of Commons 
frtl^arUamenti anuastljcre be 5iDers ucgnts of jpJciilitv, asSDiifecs;, spav;< 
nucffes, Carls, tEUfcoimts ann ISarons, anu ret all of tljem are rompzcljentieii 
toitljm tljis \uojt), Pares, fo of tbc Commons of tbe Mealm, tljcrc be i5nigljts, 
Cffiuires, CDcntlemen, Citizens, ^comeu ano IgitrgcITes 'of fe\)eral cegrecs, • 
ann vet all of tljem of tlje Commons of tlic Hcalm, anti as ebcri' of tbe i^cbles 
is one a l^at to anotljej, tljougb Ije be of a fcueral Degrtc, fo is u of tlje Com:* 
monsv ann as it batlj ban fain of Jjpcn, foBotlj itljolD of i^obleHlomcnj tU 
t^er bp birtb, oj bp mariage, but f-ic Ijereof Cip.ap. 

Bracfton faitlj, Comites vero vcl Barones, non funt amerciandi, nifi per Pares Eraft.I.^.f. n^.b. 
fuos, & fecundum modum delidi, & hoc per Birones dcScaccario, vel coram ipfo J^["- ^°^-'^- Fleta 
4lege. Nulla Ecdeliaftica perfona amcrcietur fecundum quantitatem bcneticii fui vije'^fb, nigr! 
Eakfiaftici, fed fecunduili Laicurh tenent fuum. Scaccarii parte i. 

■ C.4. Of Ancient 

f[ Ecclefiaftica perfona. ] i?oj (Il;cclefiafiical perfons, anti ttjctr ^x'QtK-. of'"tVe''£?f°"* 
fities, ano Degrees, f«; t¥ firtt part of tljc SnCitutes, ubi fup. ,,ere 'Barons'Tal 

Peers of the 

■ ^ Beneficium. ] benefice. Beneficium i^ a large tuojD, ann is tafecn foj Realm. 
anj) Ccclefialf ical pjomotion oj spiritual libing toljatfoeuer. orth?inftitute7 

i^erc appcaretlj a pjibileogc of tljc Cljurclj, tljat if an (Ecclefiattical perfon be sea. 133. ' 
amerciet) (tljougl) amerciaments belong to tlje liing) pet Ije fija^j not be amerci=^ 
£D in refpcct of Ijis dSccleCaftical pjomotion, oj benefice, but in refpcct of Ijis lap 
fa, anH accojtiing to tlje (luantitp of bis fault, toljicb is to be afferen : anu Bra- Braa.1.3. i.ii6. 
don fettetb Dotwn tbe oatlj of tlje affercrs of amerciaments, & ad hoc hdeliter P'eca 1.1. cap.43. 
faciend' affidabunt amerciatores, quod neminern gravabuut per odium, nee alkui 
deferent propter amorem, S<. quod celabunt ea qus audierunt. 


Nulla villa, nee liber homo diftringatur facere pontes, aut riparia's, 
nifi qui ab antique, 6c de jure facere confueverunt tempore 
Henrici Regis avi noftri. 

^ere it is to be obferbcu, tljat in tl)C ISeign of J^ing John, ano of Ijis eloec 
bjotlier iKing Richard, \nljicb toere troublefome ano irregular times, oiiacrs op# 
pjeffions,erattions ann injuries,Uierc incroacbeo upon tbc sublect iv. tbefeitiings 
names, fo j making of lEuliajarks, jpo^treffes, JBjioges ano 51Eanl?s, contrarp to 
iiato ano rigbt. 

llBwt tbe Kcign of Uing H. 2. is commenoeo foj tljjffi tljings, firtt, tljat Ijis 
Pjibp Coimfel luere toife, ano ejcpert in tlje Jlalus of tlje Iflcalm. §)econolp> 
tbat Ije tnas a great oefenocr, ano maintainer of tlje rigljts of bis Croujn, ano of 
tbe JLatos of bis liiealm. SDljirolp, tbat be Ijao learneo ano upjigljt 3uoges, toljo 
Wcuteo 3uaice accojoing to bis ilatos. 2Eberefo?e foz bis great ano ncbcr op^ See cap. 35.37. 
ing bonour, tbis ano manp otljer Slcts maoc in tbc ISeign of H. 3. Oo refer to bis ^^^^j'^'^.j"' , ^ °' 
Keign, tbat matters fijoulobe put in ure, as tbepluere of rigbt accuftomeTiin ro^. pariiam.n.lz 
bis time, fo as tbis Cbapter is a oeclaration of tbe Common liaui, ano fo in tbc i ? r.2.c 5. 4 H.4. 
Mcigtts of H.4.anoH.5. tbe |3arliaments refer to tlje IHeign of !iingE.i.tobo cap.2.3H.5. c.s. 
luas a ^jincc of great fojtituoe, toifoom ano juttirc. 

ano oiDers Statutes refer to !iing Edw.5. lubo was a noble, loaifc, ano ij3at=' 27 h.$. cap.2. 
Jifec JUingj in toljofe neign, tl)e Jlatos oio pjmcipallp flouriif;. 

C Riparia* 

>> Q SKd^agm Qhma. Cap. 16,17. 

^ Riparia. 1 ^js \ytU tafecn foj Ripa,toljicl) t0 extreraa & eminentior tenae 
ora, quam fluvius utrinqe alluit. 
4 H. 8. C.I. 2 & 3 %vit i\)z niafeing of lultoarKiSj fojttcffcig, ant otijct ti)iugs of lifec fetnti, toerc 
Fhii. & Mar. 3. ,,ot pjol)ibitE5b? tl)i£i 'i^A•, bccaufc tlje? coulD not be crctfcn, tut citljec bp tljc 
^'''"•'' JUine; bimfef, oj by act of patUament. 


NUlLx riparis defendantur de caetero, nifi illas qua? fuerunt in 
defenio tempore Henrici Regis avi noftri, & per cadcm loca, 
8c eofdem terrxVinos, ficut effe confueverunt tempore fuo. 

%\M tSj tljat no o\nttct of tbe 15ahfesi of Miberjs fijaU fo appjopjtate, oj kap 
tl)e ISiDcrg feucral to Ijim, to ncfent oj bat otljcrig, citijer to Ijabe paffagc, oj fiflj 
tijere, otljertoife, tljcn tl;ev tuercurcn in tijc ISatgn of i&ing H.2. 

Mirror cap.5. § 2. 2L|)i8 Statute, fattb tljC Mirror, 10 Otlt Of tlfc. Car plufors rivers (ont oreap- 
propries & engamies, & mife in defence, que foilount eftre commons a pillier & 
ufer en temps l^Roy Henry 2. 



Ullus Vicccomes, Conftabularius, Coronator, vel alii balivi no- 
ftri tencant placita Coronse noftrs. 

-• idDne of tljc mifcljicfsi befojc tljts &>tatute toasi, %\m none of tijcm Ijere na# 
men, roitlD commano tlje UBifljop of i\)t 2Diocef0 to gibe t^e bclinciucnt ijis Clcr^ 
Braft. I.;. fol.io6. gp, toljeve Ije OUgljt to Ijabe it, foj as Bradton faitl^, Nullus alius, prster Regem, 
Brit.c.104. f.248. poiln Epifcopo demandare, &c. 5IuD tijcrelaitl) agcectb Otlt otljec cId, ann latcc 
8 'e ? ' g " E^'^^ "^^^^^ ^^'^^^ ^^^^ IBinjop is not to atient) upon anj) inferior Court, noj tljat anp 
14 H^^i^ 15 E.5^. inferior Court can toiitc unto, o: commanD tljc iSifijop, but tlje lung, (tbat is; 
conufans4i. '' t!)e Ilitugs grcat Courts of UecoiD, ann fuclj, as fince tijac time Ijabe autljojit? 
14H.7.25. bp art of parliament. 

Vieiu ^^'^^' Suotljer caufe tos, tljat tlie life of man, tuliicl) of all things in tbistaojio , 

Pafch.'3a E. i. '^ ^'^e moft pjccious, ougljt to be trico bcfoje lunges of learning, auD ciperi* 

Coram Rege Kane. CUCE in tijC JlalUS of tlje iSealm : ifoj ignorantia Judicis eft fspcnmnero cala- 
The Mayor and rnitas innocentis. Et cum ex quo Magna Charta de libertatibus Anglia: alias con- 
Por7s"co°mpl in^^ '^'^^^' ^ ^^^^ quidem chartam Dominus Rex in Parliamento fuo apud VVeftm. an. 
Parliament. • i'^eg'ii fi-ii 28. ad requifitionem omnium Praelatorum, Comitum, Baronum, & com- 
munitatis totius Regni, de novo concelTit, renovavit, & confirmavit) placita coronae 
ipil Domino Regi fpecialiter refcrvantur, per quod nullus de Regno hujufraodi pla- 
cita tenere potelt, feu habere, line fpeciali concelljone, poft conhrmationcm charts 
prsdidls h^£. Jn tlje fame pear, ann term, Coram Rege, a complaint bp tlje 
abbot of Fcverfliam, botlj cafes atiuiugco in tbe toings USentl), wljcreunto t^ep 
lucie referrcti bp tlje Uparliament. &is, Michael 17 Edw. i. in Banco Rotulo. 33. 

2Cl;c Cljaptet of Magna Charta Ijcre intenneo, ann in botl; tljc fain Kecojus 


Cap. 1 7. (SKiagna Qoarta, 3 1 

crpjctTcB, iis tl)ts 17 Cljay. of Magna Carta iiolu til IjnuD. l!Dp tijcfc UfCOjCSi ttoo 
tl)ittg0 avc to be obferUeD. i. SDljat tljis 10 a general iialw, bp reafou of tljffc 
too joe, Vel alii balivi ™)ftri, tlUDCt lllljicl) UlO JUS arc COmpjcljCUBCti all JlltigCg OJ 

31«flicc0 of anp Courtis of Siwftice, 2. 0lbctt it be pjoijiccn bp tl^e nintlj c|ia|^tcr 

of Magna Charta, Quod Baronesdequinqueportubus, Scomncs alii portushabeant 

ottmes libertatcs, & liberas confuetudines fuasv 2Dl)at tbcfc general luc:l)3 niutt SeePafdi. g^E-r; 

be unoerttcDD of fuclj libertiee ann cufloms! onlj), as arc not aftcrloarBs in ilje The'rHofof 

fame Cljartcr bp crpjcfe luojns taken aiwap, anu rcfumeti to tljc Croiun. 0nti Tinemouthscafe. 

tl)er£fo?e if tlje jpapoj anti Igarons of tl)c Cinque pojts Ijati potoer bcfo?c tljts Norchumberi. 

2(t to IjolD pleas of tljc Crotun, pet bp tljis Srt of tl^c fetjentfcutlj Cljaptcr, 

tljcparc abjogateo, anDrcfumcB: a notable ann a leasing judgment. JEotlj 

tijcfe Hecojog being toitljin tluo pears after tbc confirmation of Bing E. i. of 

Magna Charta, arc teojt^p to be reao ano obferurn. 

C Vicecomes. ] ^ee foj Ijts name, officCj ano antitiuitp in i\t firtt part of '• P""^ infiitutcs 
tljclnmtutes,Se(a.234. sect. 234.248. 

^ Conftabularius. 3 3!£f tjere taken foj Caflellanus, aCaftellein, oj Con^ Mirrorcap.5.§2. 
Cable of a Cattle, foj to tiotlj tljC Mirror interpret it. 'Hm Caftellanus eft qui cu- ^"g^°"2' f! 5 
llodit caftelluiTij aut eft Dominus caftelli ■-, ^ttO fo Dotlj Bradon i Debet, Sec. often- vidc'cap'.ip. 
dere caftellano, ficut conftabulario turris, &c. 3nti tljcretoitl) agrectlj Fleta, Item Fleta lib.2.csp.43; 
nulls prifcC capiantur de aliquo per aliquem conftabularium, caftellanum, prster- 
quam de villa, in qua fitum eft caftrum. 

0nD tlje ^tatttte of VV.i. agreetlj lierctoitl;, Des prifes, dcs conftables, ou caft#- w.i. cap.7. & jt. 
leins, faits des autres, &c. * 

0ttU Caftellani tocrc mctt in tljofe Baps of account,anD autljojitp, anu foj pleas 
of tljc Croiun, ?c. Ijau tljc like autbo^itp wtbin tljeir pjccinds, astlje aljeriff 
ijao toitljin Ijis 3f atlitoick before tljig iitt, anti tljep commonlp fcalcD f toljiclj 35 
Ijatie often fan in manpj ano l;ai)e caufe to knoui, tljat fome of tbe ancient fas' 
jnilp of de Sperham in Norft'. 33tD) toitlj tljcir pojtraturc on Ijorfeback. 

j|oD] foj tlje number of Callles, in ancient time toitljin tljts Mcalm, Certum 
eft Regis Henrici fecundi temporibus Caftella 1115. in Anglia extitifle. 

0no it is to be obfcrijc o, SEljat rcgularlp eijcrp Cattle toiuainctl) a fi^annoj t See the firfi part 
fo as eUerp Conttable of a Cattle, is Conttable of a spanno.i, ano bp tlje name f^'''y'"^' u'?'^ 
of tl)e Cattle tlje S^nnoj fljali pafs, ano bp tlje name of tljc ^annoj i\t €^^\t ^' " ° ° """ 
fljall pafs. ^ 

f^i tljis toojD, Conftabularius, Ijis office, ano antiquitp, fa? tlje fiirft part of Lamb. leg. Ed.c.2<J 
t^eInftitutes,Sea.37p. Brifci'^'/°'V.'^o 

0ni) albeit tlje francljifes of Hlnfangtljiefe, ano ^Tutfangttjiefe, to be ^faru anti tJetaHli/cap'. 4° 
netermincD toitljin Court llBarons belonging to S^annojs, toere toitijin tlje faio Hovend. parte po- 
mifcljief, pet toe fino, but not toit^out great inconbeniencCj tljat tlje fame ^e"*"". f. 345. 
i)aD fome continuance after tljis 0ct. IBut citljer bp tljis 3ct, oj per dcfuetu- ^'^^' p^"". Anno 
dinem, foj inconijenicncc, tljefe francljifes toitljin spannojs are antiquascBi anii r p^arL^s e. r. 
gone. • Roc. II. 2R.3.10. 

%_ Coronator. ] =l^ts name is beriteii a Corona, Co calico, becaufe Ijc is 
an jaDfficer of tlje Croton, anu Ijatlj Conufancc of fome pleas, toljiclj arc, ca.llca 

Placita corons. '':"' ' 

i?oj Ijis antiiiuitp, f«je t'^e Mirror, inljo (■ treating of Articles Gftablittjeb bp Mirrorcap.r. §?. 
tlje ancient lyings, Alfred, &c. ) faitlj, Auxi ordains fuer Coronours in chefcun 
County, & Vifcounts a garder le peace, quant les Countees foy demifterent del |,:„^g ^,^^-.- . 
gard, & Bayliffes in lieu de centeners, ( tljat iS) CojonerS in etCrp Coimfp, 
atto S>ljeriffs toere ojDainco to kap tlje peace, tuljen tlje Gratis bifmitt tljcm# 
feltes of tlje cuttobp of tlje Counties, ana JlBailiffs irx place of ^uncje^ 
sers. • • . , 

i?oj Ijis tiignitp anu autljojitp, Britton faitlj in tlje pcrfon of ttjc Ifeing, Pur Erit. cap'; .3.^01.3,' 
ceo que nous volons, que Coroners font in chefcun County principals gardens de Stam.Pl. Cor 48,0. 


^2 ihddgm Qoarta, Cap. 18* 

noftre peace, a porter Record des pleas de rioftre Corone, & de lour views, & abju- 
rations, & de utlagariesj volons que ilz font eflieus folonque ceo, que ert contein in 
nous Statutes de lour eledion, 8cc. * 

Bpt. brevium. ^InD a Commott ^erctiant being cijotcn a Cojoncr, tuajs remobcdj fo j t^at \z 
5 E.3. nu. ?8. Re- itjas Communis Mercator, 

giftr. 177. w. I. * ^p tije ancient Lalu, ijc ougljt to be a tonigljt, Ijonett, lopal, anti fage, Et 

"Reeiftr 1 77 ^"* melius fciat, &: polTit officio illi intendere. ifoj tljisi tcaiS tlje polirg of pjuDent 

^ antin.utt J), that ^fticeris iiiti eucr giiie a grace to tlje place, ann not tlje place on^ 

ip to grace tlje Sifficer. 

vide pofiea c, 35. Jiut wljat autl)Ojit|) t)aD tl)e ^Ijeriff in pleas cf i\)Z Crowi befoje i\\% &ta^ 

GUnv. 1. 1. C.2. & tmg ^ 2[;i,ijj appearct'b iip Glanvill, tljat tl)e S)l)ciiff in tlje aTonrn, ( foj tljat is 

22 E'^'^"fol'»2?'^' ^^ ^^ intcnoeri) IjelO plea of tljeft, in). \t faitll •, Excipitur crimen furti, quod ad 

'*' ■ ' Vicecomitem pertinet, & in Comitatibus placitatur ■, If Ht IjC map cntiuire of all 

felonies bp tlje Common llato, crccpt tlje Deatlj of man. 
Mirror cap i ^"^ "^^^ autbojitp Ijati tljc Cojcncr :- JElje fame autljojitp Ijc noto Ifjatlj, ixi 

§ Coroners &C.5. cafc toljen anp man come toljiolcnt, oj untimelp oeatlj, fuper vifum corporis,&c. 
§2. Braaon iib.3. ab/urationgi,anii out^laiajic, gee. appealjs of neatljs bp bill, ?c. 2Dlji$ autljojitp 
f-»2i- Brit. CI. jif t|,0 Coroner, viz. tlje Cojoner fdelp to tafee an innictment, fupcr vifum cor- 
cap 1*8 25 " P^"^*^ ' ^"^ *" ^^^^ ^" appeal, ann to enter tlje appeal, ana tlje Cotmtremain* 
22 Afl.97,'98,&c. ti\ to i\\$ oap. DlEut \z can pjocceu no furttier, citljer upon tbe muictment, oj 
3 H.7. C.3. Stanf. appeal, but to tcUtoer ti&em otier to tbe Blufticcg. 0nB tljiis is fabeo to tljem bp,ii7.*t^e Statute of VV. i. cap. lo. 0nB t|iiie appearetlj bp all our olo JlBrofeis, llgofe 

cafes, anu continual experience. 

•ant fo} t^e further aut^ojitp of tlje Cojoner in cafc of Ijiglj SCreafon, fee 
19 H.(J. foi.47. tlje ffirofe of 19 H.(5. fol.47. ann confioer toell tljereof. 
W.2.C.13. 1 E-3-1 IBut tlje autl^ojitp of tlje ^lieriff to Ijear ano Determine tljeft, oj otljec felons 
?e" ^'■^TiX "'^^^ ^? tie Common ILatt, c ercept tlje ncatlj of man) in tlje SCottrn, i% to^ollp 
cap.4." tafef n atoap bp tljis Statute, Ijotobcit Ijis potoer to tafee iuDictmcnts of felo# 

«ies, an» ot|jcr mif^mus luit^in Ijis jurifnitfion, is not taken atoap bp t^ist 



SI quis tenens de nobis laicum feodum moritur, 8c Vic', vel Bali- 
vus nofter oftendat literas noftras patentes de (umraonitione 
Qnoftra'] de debito, quod defundus nobis debuit: liceat Vic', vel 
balivo noftro attachiar' , & imbreviare omnia bona & catalla de^ 
funfti»inventa in laico feodo ad valentiam ipfius debiti, per vifum 8c 
teftimonium legalium hominura, ita tamen quod nihil inde amovea- 
tur, donee perfolvat nobis debit', quod clarum fuerit, Sc refiduum 
relinquatur executoribus ad faciendum teftamentum defunft'. Et 
fi nihil nobis debeafeur ab ipfb , omnia catalla cedant defunft' : 
Salvis uxori ejus, & liberis pueris fuis, rationabilibus partibus 

^^uh^^Thi' ^P ^^^^ Cljapter tljjee tljings are to be obferijen •, ifirft, Cljat tlje teing bp 

27 E. 3.88. 29E.3. Ijis p;ercgati\)c fliall be pjcfertcti in fatisfaction of \i% Debt bp tlje dijcecutojs, 
13. 41 E.3. 15. bcfoje anp otljer : ^econnlp, 2Clj8t if tlje Crectitojs Ijalic ftiffiricnt to pap tlje 
41 E.3.cxecut.38. jftingsnebt, tljeljcir tljat is to bear tlje countenance, ano fit in t!ie feat of \\i 

28 b!*33 H 8 0.39'. ancelJcr, oj anp purcljafer of Ijis lantis fijall not be cljargeir. STljirDlp, 31f no* 
See before capis. ' tiling b^.otting to tlje King, oj anp otljer, all tfie Cljattels l??aU go to %\z ufe of 

Cap. 1 9 . ^Adagna Chart a. 5 5 

tlje DcaD, tliat iis, to l)i0C'trcutoji8 oj SnmiiuftratojSj fabttig to Ijis Mifc ano 

Cljilnjen tljetr rearonablc part0j toljitlj 10 coniiUum, anu not pixceptum i anu 

jlje nature of a failing; rcgularip is, to fa^e a fo?mcr ngljtj ano not to gt\3C oj 

treate a netoj ano tljcrcfojc, tul)Crc fuc|) a CuCon; ^j tljat tl;c Mifc anc Cljil;^ Mirror cap.?. § 2. 

Djen fijall IjabC tljC Mrit de rationabili parte bonfcrum, tljis Statute faUcil) it. 

^no tljis Writ Dotlj not Ijjc luittotit a particular Cufiom, fo; tljat tJjc ticirit in P"i!°" '•^'oi-^o. 

tfee Kegiftcr i? grounncn upon a Cuftom, iDuJjiclj (as Ijntlj liecn faiuj is fauco ijp Regift"^^^; "■^*'' 

tljip^tt. 34 E.r, detinue 

+3ieut tljat it toas ueDcr tlje Common liato (tljoiigljtljcre be great ijarictv in *^'- i E.a.ib.jd. 

itofesj l;ear Wt Bradon fait^, toljO tojOtC fcon after tlliS ^cr, Neq-, uxorem, neq-, '7 |-2- ib- ?8. 

liberos amplius capere de bonis deiundi patris vel viri mobilibus, quatu t'uerit eis fiE.z'.^rn'd'er^. 

fpccialiter relidum, nifi hoc fit de fpeciali gratia tellatoris, utpote li bene meriti 39 E.g.' 

m ejus vita fuerint, &c. vix enim inveniretur aliquiscivis,'"qui in vita magnum 17 E.g. 17. 40 E. 

quaelium faceret, fi in morte fua cogeretur invitus bona lua relinquere pueris indo- 3'?8. jE.j.det. 

ftiSj vel luxuriofis, & uxoribus male meritis : & ideo necellariura elt valde, quod ijlis \\'J.zu'^i'^K. 4. 

in iiac parte libera facultas tribuatur. Per hoc enim toilet maleticium, animabit ad Sever. 30*. 

virtutem, & tam uxoribus, quam liberis bene faciendi dabit occalionem, quod qui- 31 H.g. Rationab, 

dem non tieret, fi fe fcirent indubitantw certam partem obtinere etiam fine teftatoris ?■*"£ ^'■°:^; , 

•" Bract'l 2.101.01. 

voluntate. ■, ■ . j^ ^ Note the reafotl 

llEitt ttie acmiuiCratojs of a man, tljat me mtcttate, oj ejcecutoj of anj», tljat hereof maketh a- 
mabe no oifpofition of Ijis toljole pcrfonal cftate, gamSj Debts, ann cljattels, tlje galoft perpetuities 
0Dminittrato^s oz tBrecutojs after tlje Debts paio ann WiiW perfojmeB, ougbt 
not to take an^ tljing to Ijis oj tljeir oton ufe, but ougljt, tboHgb tbere be no par^ 
tiCHlac Cuftom,to Di\)iDc tljcm, accojomg to tljis 3'catutc : ano tbe faio ancient 
anti latter autbojities 1 tljan Itnbicb tljete can be no better cireflion; map giiioc 
tljem tberein: ann tljis rig^t fiotlj tljis Statute of Magna Ghana fabe bp tljefe 
toOjDS, falvis uxori, & liberis fuis, rationabilibus-^artibus fuis. ^o as tljouglj tlje 
Statute fiotb gibe no Action, pet tljeir parts are fa\)CD Ijetebp, toljictj bp Glan- 
vile, ann otber ancient 0Htljojs appear to belong to tljemi ano tbc Crecuioj oj 
^ominittratoj fliall be allobjeD of tl)is biHribution, accojbing to t^is Statute, 
upon Ijis account before ilje ;i)ji3inarp. 


Nlliius Conftabularius, vel ejus Ballivus capiat blada, vel alia ca- 
talla alicujus, qui non (it de villa, ubi caftrumfuum fitum eft, 
nifi ftatim reddat denarios, aut refpeftum inde habere pofiit de vo- 
luntate venditoris : Si autem de villa ilia fuerit, infra quadraginta 
dies precium redd'. 

^ere alfo it appcaretlj, t|)^t in tljis Ctjapter Confiabuiarius is taliett foj Ca- see vp-.i. cap.7i 
ftellanus : anD tljis tafetng bp Caftalleins, t'^ouglj tlje Caftle baas feept foj tljc iiej= & 3 «• 
fence of tlje Mealm, toas an unjuft oppjeffion of tlje &>ubject, ano tljis erpjeflp 
appearctb bp tlje Mirror, Ceo que eft defcndu a Conltables, a prender Ic autre, de- ^■"°'^ "P-^ § 2» 
fend droit a touts gents de cy que nul difference parenter prife dautrui maugre foen, 
& robbery, lequel eel prife foit de chivalls, dc vitaille, de marchandife, de cari- 
age, deolliels, ou desautres manners debiens. auD tl)is appcaretlj alfO bp Flcta, 
1.2. ca43. Quia multa gravamina mukis inferuntur per diverfas dillridtiones,quaE qui- 
dem fub colore prifarum advocantur,&c. inhibetur in MagnaChartadelibertatibus, ^^ £^ ^^^^^ 
&c. no purijepancc fljall be taken, but onlp foj tlje Ijoufes of tlje lining ano 23 h.6. cap.2. 
filuan, anti foj no otljcr pevfon : fo as tlje gtitbance before tljiSj ano otljcr like 
^tts, is bjljollp taken atoap, 


j^ S^agna (Jbana. Cap. 2 0,2 


NUUus Conftabularius diftringat aliquem Militem ad dandum de- 
narios pro cuftodia caftri, fi ipfe earn facere voluerit, in pro- 
pria perfbna fua, vel per alium probum horainem faciat, fi ipfe earn 
facere non poffit, propter rationabilem caufijim. Et fi nos abduceri- 
mus, vel miferimus eum in exercitum, fit cjuietus de cufi:odia caftri, 
fecundum quantitatem temporis, quo per nos fuerit in exercitu, de 
feed' pro quo fecit fervitium in exercitu. 

^tu Conftabularius is ta&cn in t%z fojtnct; fcnfe: fat^c firft jpart of tljcln- 

ftitutes Secft.pd. 

^ae tl)i!S0d: in Fleta : 0mi note, tIjtiS 0rt CcoMfiffi«g «l3on tiiio bjanci^fs) is,4?. Beclaratoj}) of tltjc Common JlaDJ, fojfirtt, t^at Ijctlat ijeiohp Cattle gam. 

See the i part of tljat 10, to feet}) a totoct, oj a gatt, oj fuel) Ufe0 of a Cattle in time of OTar migljt 

the innic.p5. jjo {^^ f (t|,pf jjp {jimfelfj oj bp anp otljer ftifficient pcrfon foj l)tm, ana in lji3 

flace. 0nfi fonie |)oHj bp fuclj ferbice, ajs cannot oo it iv. perfon, ais ^apoj ano 

Comminalt j>, SCf an ano Chapter, jlBifljopp, jabbotg, 9c. Hinfantis ieing pttrclja;* 

ferg, taomcn, ano tlje lifee, ano tljcrefojc tljcp migljt mafee a oeputp bp ojner of 

tlje Common lato. 31f ttoo Jopn^tenantsi ijolo bp fttclj fetbice, if one of tljcm 

jierfojm, it i? ftifficient. 

ifojt^efeconDj tf fuci^a SCenantbc fap tlje !^ing ko, oj fent to Ijiis iiott, in 
time of War, t^t aCenant iis ejcctifeu ano (luit of Ijiis fcrbicc fo j keeping of t^e 
Cattle, either bp Ijimfelf, oj bp anotljer During tljc time, tljat Ije fo Cerbe t%e 
JSing in %i$ l;oft, foj tljat toljen tlje ©ing commanoetlj i^is ferbice in Ibi? Iiolf, 
ijc oifjjcncrtlj buiti) Ijig ferbicc bp rcafon of Ijisi tenure, foj tljat one man cannot 
fetbe in pccfon in tboo placcg,anfl bJljeu Ije ferbe? tlje !^ing in pcrfou in one place, 
l)C ig not bouno to finb a oeputp in tlje otljer, foj Ije is not bounn to make a oc^ 
putp, but at Ijis plcafttce, ano tljiis ijs alfo tieclaratojp of t^e ancient Commcn 
3LaU). &a tlje ftcft pai;t of tlje Inftitutes 1 1 1 . 1 2 1. 


W.I. C.I. verb. & 1^ I Ullus Vicecomcs, vel Ballivus nofter, vel aliquis alius, capiat 
que nui face &c. \^^ equos, vel careclas alicujus pro cariagio facicndo, nifi reddat 
capT. ^^" ""' liberationem antiquitus Statutara, fcilicet pro una carefta ad duos 
Regift.foi.93. equos decern denarios per diem, & pro carefta ad tres equos qua- 
f7"f Brktonfoi* tuordecim denarios per diem. Nulla carefta dominica alicujus 
33'3'^-38. perfon^e Ecclefiafticx, vel militis, vel alicujus Domini, per ballivos 

feecap iti e^°" "oftros capiatur, nee nos, nee ballivi noftri, nee alii, capiemus bo{^ 

cum alienum ad caftra, vel ad alia agenda noftra, nifi pc^ voluntatera 

illius, cujus bofcus ille fuerit. 

Cap.ii. SKdagna Qharta. 55 

2Cl)is Cljaptcc conCCctlj of tl;?ffi bjancljc?, Mje fitft fcctctlj coluii tijc anrtcnt 
^ire Dj allDtoancc foj tljc carriage foj tlje JStiig ■■> ti;e fcconr; fcttctl; tioton, 
Uj^o arc cjccmytcti from tijat carriage i tl;e tljirti, concerning; purbepancc of 

iFo; tije firff, tl)C carriage mutt ietaftcn foatljciSing anu Cttsiu onip, anu w.r. cap.i.& 32. 

fojno OtljCtj implieO in tjjcfe IIJOJCP, Nullus Vicccomes vel ballivus nolkr, ano ?^ E-3- <^^P-»' 

tl)ijs is ejcplaineu l)}) Diucrg otljcr Statutes!, anu Ij) cur 2f ccfeg. s.s "•j'/ "p?- 

2i:i)e Ijire cj allotoance is ccrtainip ctpKlTcD, nsancicntip mte, Reddat libc- & L 2 2*e.Y' 
rationem antiquitusStatutam ; ,^0 aS tl)i3 alio ig tCClarato:p of t!jC ancient 3[a\i), Barressp. 

anD ti)el)irecj allowance ougbt to lie paio in Ijanflj foj tlje Statute faidj, Nui- 7 Hs.m.wafte. 
lus capiat, &c. nifi reddat, &c. 

;anlj t|}i0 liberatio antiquitus Statuta, tg, Cas^ it appcarctlj "b^tljiiS 0£t; per diem, 
bp t^e uai'. 

Aver-penny, ant) avcragium, arc too?B0 common in ancient Cljarterf, ann Cg^: 
nific to l)c free from t^c Jaings! carriages, cum averiis, ano tijie is meant tolicrc 
it is faiD, Aver-penny, hoc ell, quictum cile de diveriis denariis pio ^ avcragiis Raftall*i. carra- 
Domini Regis. giis cum averiis. 

JFo; tlje recoKD tjanclj : i^o Demean, oj pjoper Cart fo; t^e neceCTarp ufc of w i.cap.r. 
anp Ccclcfiailical pcrfon, oj of anp linigljt, o: of anp iojD, fo? o? abcut tljc oc^ uE-^-cap.!. 
mean ilanus of anp of tljem, oiigljt to Ije tafecn foj tlje icings carriage, Itit tfjep ' \" "p?- 
arc cxempteo bp tlje ancient ilaVn of Eng' id from anr fuel) carriage. chart^pmVKs 

2Dl)is Statute cjctemjet^ not to aitpycrfondjcclertaaical, of teljat eUate, oj# Fktaiib.3. cap 5.' 
ncr, oj tiegrit foeijcr : anu tW toas an ancient pjiuilenge belonging to ^olp 

^Ifo it cjctenDctl) to all Bcgrees anti ojters of t'^e Icffer ann greater j^obilitp, 
Dj SDignitp, as of i^nigl)tl)CDti, SDukes, ^^arciHcffcs, Carls, tHtfcounts, ann 'm^^ 
tons, foj albeit tljereUicrcnoSDukeSj^arciuefrcSjOjOiicountstottljin England 
at tVe mafeing of etc a>tattuc, pet tljis S>tatULe notlj erteno to tliem, foj djcp 
are all Domini, jLojDs of parliament, anti of tlic 2f aronp of England ■■, ano rtjis 
alfo luas an ancient pjiijilcoge belonging to tljefe ojoers anu nignitics : ana 
alltliis concerning tljc Ccclc&attical anuaCcmjjojal S>tate\uns Camcnga otl;cc 
things foj tlje anijancement ant) maintenance of tljat great yeace^maker, ann 
iouc^jolner, iofpitalitpj one of i%z ancient ornaments ano commencatiDns of 
jt^e ifeingcom of England. 

acijc tl)irj)bjanclj is,2nijatncitl)ert^ciliing,nojanpof IjisJlSaplics ojasini^ w.r.cap.i. & 32. 
ffcrs, fljall take tl;c ticoti of anp otljcr, foj tljC teincjs CaCles, oj otljer neceHa^^ !f „ s ca'p i?^ ^' 
rics to be cone, but bp tlje licence of Ijim iuljofc tocou it is, 0nD all 3»tatutes 5 eiiz op g:" 
mace againtt tljts bjancl) (amongtt otljers) befo?c tlje parliament of 42 E. 3. 7 h ?.tit.wa.i4i. 
are rcpcalcti : ^\x^ tljis bjancli, amongtt otljcrs Ijatl) Cas Ijatlj ban faioj ban u H.4.28.Pi;Com. 
confirmcti,anr)CommantieDtobevut ine.recuticnat32 g>efrionsof|3arliamcnt. 5"' 
;anl> fo it teas rcfoHjcti bp all tlje 3ucgcs of England, ano lEarons of tlje Gr^ Mif .^'b ''r foived 
t%c(\v.u, Mich. 2 Jac.Reg. upon mature nclibcraticn ■, anu tljat tlje i!:.ing5 pur- i , h 4 fo.28. No 
Uepoj coulti take no SCimber, growing upon tlje inljeritance of tlje Subject, be^ purveyance of 
caufe it teas parcel of tljc inljeritance, nomojctljan tlje inljeticance it felf. s^'^'-'^ccaufeitis 
mijcreof tlje J^mg ano Cotmftl being infojmeti, tljel^ing bp l)is Pjoclamati^ Pj'^^„°/ ''^^ "''^' 
on, bp aD^ice of Ijis Councel, unner tlje great ^eal, 23 Aprilis, anno 4. tierlarcD see47 e.?. fo 13. 
t%t iLatU to be in tljefe mojUS : Firrt, when we were informed, that fume infc- Iflue taken upon 
riour Minivers had prcfumed to go fo far beyond their Commiirion, as they have '^^ fale of timber 
adventured, not only to take Timber Trees growing, which being parcel of Our f^^ reparadon o^ 
Subjedis inheritance, was never intended by Us to be taken without the good will, " '. .~i 

and full confent of the owners, but have accultomed alfo to take greater quantities 
of provificns for Our houfe and Stable, than ever came, or were needful to Our 
ufc, &c. as bp tlje faiopjodamation bearing cate 23 Aprilis, anno 4 Jac Reg, 
appearctl). ^nODiuerspur^jepo^stoere accojning to tljc fain refolution cf tljc ■"'^i 

3uegcs puniajca in tlje ^tar#cljambcr, foj pur^jeping of STimljer grctoing, 
initljout tljc confent of tlje i©teuers. 

V 2 Bofcus 


Fkta ub: fupra. 
PI. Com. 2^. 


?4 E.I. Vet. 
Magna Charca. 
fol.37. 2 Pare. 

S\dagna Qharta^ Cap. 2 2. 

Bofcus is an iincicut iMO?t! iito in tlje ILalu of Englandjfoj all mannet of taojij, 
anD tl)e Italian ufctlj tl)c tuo?ti bofco in tlje fame fcnfe, ana tl)e French, boys, 
accojuinglp. Bofcus is5 titoiDcti into ttoo fojtiSj vi7. Ijiglj^tomti, haut-boys, oj 
timber, auB €o^picc#lucDij (fo callcn, Ijccaufc it is nfuallp cut) oj unDertoeoo. 
^igljtoroD i? yjopcclp calico Saltus, Quia arbores ibiexiliunt in altum. 3;t ig callCO 
in Fleta. maeremium. 

SClje Common JLaw Ijatl) fo aumcafttccD t\)t P;croptiic of tl)e Mn^, as Iji, 
cannot tafee, noj pjcjuoice tl)e inljeritance of anp,anB (ag Ijatlj ban faioj a matt 
]^atl) an inljcritancc in H% tucDOs. 

0nti f© tl)C Statute of Mirkbridge, Anno 52 H. 3. Magna Charta in fingulis 
teneatur, tarn in illis, qua; ad regem pertinent, quam ad alios, anii 31 0tI)CC 
&tatittcg. ^0 ag all p?ctcnce of p?erogatiDe againfl Magna Charta ijs ta&en 

&it Ijcccaftcr tlje Crpofition of t\t §>fatutc De tallagio. Anno 34 E.i. & dc 
priiis, Anno 18 E.2. vet. Magna Charta, fol.125. i part. 


NOs non tenebimus terras illorum, qui convifti fuerint de felo- 
nia, nifi per unum annum, 8c unum diem, & tunc reddantur 
terrsB ill^e Dominis feodorum. 

%W appcarctli bp Glanvill, to be mte to tljc iiing bp %\^ ancient ^jeroga^ 
tite, foj Ije faitl), Sin autem de alio, quam deRege tenuerit is, qui utlagatus eft, 
vcl de felonia convidt. tunc quoque omnes res fuse mobiles Regis erunt, terra quoq-, 
per unum annum remanebit in manu Domini Regis, elapfo autem anno, terra ea- 
dem adredumDominum, fcilicet ad ipfum, de cujus feod' eft, revertetur, verunta- 
mcn cum domorum fubveriione, & arborura extirpatione. 

SCijis Cljapter of Magna Charta Botlj cjcpjefs tljat \ii%it% totl) belong to tlje 
Jfttng, viz. tlje pear anu tlje oap, anu omit tlje Wafte, ag not belonging to i^im, 
ann tljis ip notably eicplainen bp our ancient iBtofegi luitl; an uniform content : 
Braaoniib. 3. foL Bradton treating of tlje pear, ann tljc nap in t\M cafe duc to tljc feing, faiti^. 

129. 8s 137. 

Provifum fulr. 

Brltton cap, J. 

Fleta Ii.i.cap.23. 

Sed qus fit caufa, quare terra remanebit in manibus Domini Regis ? Videtur quod 
talis eft, quiarevera, cum quis convidus t'uerit de aliqua felonia, in poteftate Domi- 
ni Regis erit, profternendiiedificia, extirpandi gardiana, &arandi prata, &quoni- 
am hujufmodi verterentur in grave damnum dominorum, pro communi utilitate 
provifum fuit, quod hujufmodi asdiiicia, gardiana & prata remanerent, & quod Do- 
minus Rex propter hoc haberet commoditatemtotius terraeillius per unum annum, 
& unum diem, & fie omnia cum integritate reverterentur in manus Dominorum 
capitalium, nunc autem petitur utrumque, s. finis pro terminOjSc fimiliter pro vafto, 
& non video rationem quare, &c. 

^nu Britton treating of tlji? ijerp mattcrjfaitli, Lour biens mobles font les nous, 
& lour heires difherit & voilons aver lour tenements de qui que unques font tenus, 
leanSc le jour, ilTmt que lour heritages, demourgentun an & un jour in noftrc 
maine, fi que nous ne faifons cftre perie les tenements, ne gafter les boys, ne arer les 
prees, ficome lenfoloit faire in remembrance des felons attaints, &c. 

Fleta faitlj, Si autem utlagati, vel alii convidli terram liberam habuerint, ilia fta- 
tim capienda eft in manus Regis,?*: per unum annum, & unum diem tenend", ad ca- 
pitals Dominos port ilium terminum reverfura, & hoc habetur ex Statuto Magna? 
Charta?, quod tale eft, nos non tenebimus terras illorum, qui convidi fuerint de fe- 
lonia, nifi per unu annu, & unum die, & tunc reddantur terne ilia? Dominis feodoru, 


Cap. 2 2. (SMagm Qharta. g 7 

caufavero talis termini Regis, quia in fignum fclonise olim provifum fuit, quod sdi- Nora. 

ficia talium prolkmentur in terram, cxtirpentur gardina, ararcntur prata, truiica- 

rentur bofci, & quoniam hujufiiiodi verterentur in grave damnum dominorum feo- Nota. 

dorum,pro comrruni utilitatc provifum fuit, quod luijufmodi dura,& gravia cefla- 

rent, & quod R ex proptcrca per annum & diem totius terrxcomnioditatem perci- 

Bcrct, fccus autem, fi terra non elTet efchacta Dominorum, poft quem terminura 

Dominis proprietariis integre abfque vafto vcl delhudrione rcvcrtcrentur, 

Sbije Mirror fpcafeing of tl)tS Cljaptcr faitl), Le point desterresaux felons tener f^^'^or cap. 5. §2, 
r)unandldefulie,carpla ouleRoy neduillaver q le gaftdedroit.ou Ian in nofme 
define, pur lalverlc hcfde leftripment, preignontlcs Mmilicrs le Roy ambideux. 
tauon'all toljiclj it a^jpcaretl), tljat tlje fctng o?iginaUp teas to Ijauc no benefit 
in tljtjs cafe, upon tl)c attainoer of felonv, Ttuljcre tlic fnt^lano uir.B Ijolcen of a 
^lljCCt, liut onlp in CCtellation of tljC crime, lit psna ad paucos, metus ad omnes 
perveniat, to poftratc tljC Ijoufcg, to ftttrpc tlje garccns, to eranicatc Ijig \ucDt0, 
anD to ploioj up t^e mci30"U3? of tlje feloix, fox fauing; tokreof, & pro bono publi- 
co, tlie ILoiDs, of ia)ljom tljc nanus lucre iiolmn, tofrcctniiutcD to v":clD tlje 
JanDs to tlje Mng foj a year auD acap, ano lyercfoiie not onlv tlje ^Clafte ujaa » 

juftlp omitteD out ot tljis Cljapter of Magna Cliarta, but tljercbp it tg enacteU, 
t^at after tlje pear ann nap, tlje lanu tliall be rcnnjeo to tlje Jlojti of tlje fa, after 
toljic^ no tsaalle can be Bone. 

5lnB toljere tlje treatifc of Prerogativa Regis, mane in 1 7 E. 2. faitlj, Et poR- ; 
quam Dominus Rex habuerit annum, diem, & vallum, tunc reddatur tenementum 
illud capitali Domino feodi illius. Nil! prius faciat Hnem pro anno, die &: vafto. 
^^tclj is Co to be crpouuDcu, t^at fojafmuclj, as it appcarctlj in tlje faio olu 
Ifioks, tljat tlje^'fficcrs ann ^iniffcrs, Ditmcmanti botl) foitljc Mlaflc, anD foj 
tlje pear, ano nap, tljat came in lieu tljereof, tljerefoje t^is 2Creadfe namcn botlj, 
not t^atbotljtoere mte, btittl)at arcafonable fine migljt be paio foj all tljat, 
Do^iclj tlje iSing migljt laiufuUp claim. IPut if tljis art of 1 7 E.2. be agatnft tljis ^'^^'i Sramford. 

bjancl) of Magna Charta, tljCn iS it repealet) bp tlje fain M of 42 E.3. cap r. vldeTE r^ron 

^crebp it alfo appearetlj, IjoU) neceffarp tlje reaoing of ancient ^utljojs is foj ^27. 
unticrttanoing of ancient Statutes. Bnti out of tljefe olo Jitofes, you map ob# 3 E.3. ibid. 58. 
ferbc, tljat toljen anp tljing is giben to t^c toing in lieu, oj fatisfattton of an 3 ?-• 'bid.310. 
ancient rtg^t of ijiiB Crototi, toljcn once Ije is in poffetrion of tlic ncto rerom# Rfg;Norff wn^' 
pence, ano tlje fame in cbarge, Ijis £Dfficers anu ^©iniftcrs luoiU manp times 6e# de ormesby. 
mano tlje olo alfo, tu^ic^ map turn to great pjejwfice, if it be not uulp, ano Dtf;# 
creetlp pjcwnten, 

f[ Non tenebimus terras. ] %i tljere be lojn, spefnf, an5 STenaut, ano 
tl)C S^cfne is attainteo of fclonp, tlje JLojD Paramount fljaU Ijabe tlje ^rfnaltp 
pjcfcntlp. fn tljis pjcrogatibe belonging to tlje liingeictenDs onlp to tljc lann, 
m^icl) migljt be toaftet, in lieu tiiljcrcof tlje pear ano cap toas grantco. 

0nD tljis is to be unocrtttDij tjjljen a SCenant in fde^fimple is attatnten, foj 
to^en snenant in tail, oj SEenant fo^ life is attainted, tljere tlje ?Sing fijall lja\)s 
tk profits of t^c llanos, During tlje life of SCenaut in tail, oj of tljc SCenant 
foj life. 

C Convidifuerint.] i^ere Convidi in a large lenfe is taken foj At- see the firfi pare 
tindi, iQi tlic nature, ano trucfenfe of botlj tljefe toojos, f« tlje firft part of tljc 'f^i'^ inftitutes. 
Inilitutes, auD Kfeetuife foj tljis ttiojii felony tljerc. ^ ■''*^' 

C E)e fclonia.3 a5utt be untierCfojii of all manner of iFeTontespunilTjca 
bp neatlj, an« not of petit larcenp, tijljic^ notUiitljftanBing is felonp. 



58 (SAdagna Qharta. Cap. 2 5. 


25 E.3.C.4. 1H4. /"AMnes Kidelli deponantur de catero penitus per Thamefiam 
C.I2. 12 E.4. C.7. 1^^^^ Medewein per totam Angliam nifi per cofteram maris. 

Rot. cart. i8 Feb. Rex^ &-C. Noveritk iios pro comnnwi utilitate Civitatk 72ojir£ Lend' 
Anno i 1 H. 3. ^ totius Regfri fwjirj concejjijje^ &frmiter p£cepjjc^ ut emms Kidelli 
qtiifunt in Taniifa^ vd Medaveia^ tibiamqite fuen?!t in Tamifia^ vel in 
Medcrpeia^amovcant\ <6^ non dc c£tero Kidelli aliatbi fonant' in Tamifia^ 
•vcljn MedcTpeya^fiiper forisfaSur decern libr (ierlingorim^ quietitmetiunt 
clamavimus omne id, quod cufiodes Titrr noflr<e London anmtatim per- 
cipere fokbant de praditfk KidellfS : ^are volumus ^ firmiter pr£ci- 
pimus^ne aliquis cnjios pr^efat' tiirr aliquo tempore poji hoc, aliqttid exigat 
ab aliquo, nee aliquam deniandam, ant gravamen. Jive molejliam alicui in- 
fer at occaJloiteprxdiQoriim Kidellorum,Jatis emm nobis conjiat, i&perfi- 
dcles twjiros fitffcienter nobk datum e^ intelligi, quod maximum detri- 
mcntum, & incommodum pr<£dici£ Civitati London, nee non (j^ toto 
Regno noflro occafi-one pnedi&oritm Kidellomm pervenicbaf^ quod ut fir' 
mum,d^'Jiabile perfeveret impcrpetuum, prafentis pagin£ infcriptione ^ 
flgilli nojiri appofitione communimus, Jicut carta Domini Regis Johannis 
Patrisnojiri quam Bar ones nojiri Lond' inde habent rationabilif tejiat'. !n ^ Kidelli ] Kidels i;8 a pjoper tuojB foj open tocariS toljcrcbp fiflj are 

the cafe of Chert, jgy p-Jjt, 

?!'i5.''*^'^''^"' 3t ^as fpcciallp gitocn in tljargc bj> tljc JuaiceiS in Cir, tljat all juries OjOUlU cncitlirej De hiis qui pifcantur cum Kiddlis & Skarkdlis. 

Tr.5 E.2. Coram 0n5 it appcaictl) Ij) Glanvill, tljut i\)i& pourprefiure toaiS fojbinnen ip tl)C 

G^^'^r'"'^' Common JiatUj foj Ije faitlj, Dicitur autem purpreftura, vel porpiertura proprie, 

Qv. i.p. c.ii. q^jjj^jg aliquid fuper Dominum Regem injufte occupatur, ut in dominicis Regis, 

vel in viis publicis ebftrudis, vel in aquis publicis tranfverfis a redo curfu, vel 

quando aliquis in Civitate fuper Regiam plateam aliquid ffidificando occupavcrit, 

& generaliter, quoties aliquid fit ad nocumentum Regii tenementi, vel Regia: via?, 

vel Civitatis, anli ctJCrp publick iAiUt oj ftrcam, 10 alta Regia via, tlje ifiings 


Pourprcfture COmEtlj of tlje iFtfncij \l30?ti pourprife, M)ic\) CptfiCtl) a ctoff, 

oj inclofurc, tljat ig, tolj£n one encroatlietlj, oj mafeeji tliat fctocral to Ijimfclf, 
tot)icl) ougl)t to ie common to manp. 


Cap. 24. (S\dagna Qhma. 50 


BReve quod dicitur Precipe in capita, de cstero non fiat alicui Mirror cap. j. §2." 
de aliquo libero tenemento, unde liber homo perdat curiam ^^^il^^ttlg^l 

luam. 3E.3.25.6E.:?.i5 


%W i^ foJ rcfojmatfott of an atiufCjann tujong officer) to the iLojn, of toliom '^' ^'^'^' '" ^' 
tljc laiiD teas Ijolnen, anB pet upon tljts Statute, il)e tenant cannot pleao, tljat 
t\)t \n\m are not Ijoluen of tlje J^tng in cljief, foj ttuo catifcs, firft foj tljat tljiss 
^[(ttDasimatiEfojtlje'bcncfitof tljcJLoju, of luljom tljislann tsljolDcn, anu Ijc 
cannot jlcao it, Iccaufe Ijc i? an eflrang', ann if one claiming to lie Jlojo njouln 
Jie aomittetij anotljcc migljt come in ant pjetcno tljc lilve, ant fo infinite. ^e«= 
conDlp, 2Lljis 3tt ejctentig to t^ie Cljanccrp, fo j tlje loo jDis lie Breve &c. non fiat,fo 
in tljat Court tlje Mlrit is matie t aiiB tljerefojc toljcn tl)e «rit is grantco in 
tlje Cljancerp, ano retnrneo into tljc Court of Common picag, tljat toljiclj i? Ip 
t^ip M jjjoljibiteB in tlje Cljanccrp, cttcntiet^ not to tlje Court of Common 
^leas ■■> anil tljerefoje tljep cannot aomit of fuclj a plea j noioui tlje tenant, lead 
ije he concluteti, mutt take tlje tetiure hv p?oteftation, ann tlje iliing, tljouglj Ije ^g f ^^°pp"' 
icnot ipaitj) to tljeMccojUj pet fljall Ijc lafee anuantage of tl^ie CUfloppcl, foj Ije 40 e. 1 30!''* 
131 ctoer yjefent in Court. 

0nB Cute tW Statute, no man ougljt to "^ate tljis Writ out of tlje Cljanccrp 
upon a fuggcllion, but oatlj muftbemafle, bcfoje tlje granting tljereof, tljat tlje 
lanD is IjolDcn cf tlje ffiing in Capltc. 

3£e Mich. 4 E. I. de banco Rot. 114. Norff. Barth. de Redhams cafe, pro terris Mich. 7 E. 1. in 
hi Curia comitis Warren apud Caftleacre, notabile recordum fuper hoc Statutum. banco Rot. 65. ' 
Per breve prsecipitur Jufticiariis, quod inquirant, fi terras tcnentur de Rege in Ca- Lane' ace' Peter 
pite. &0Ctl)e OTrit in tlje Mcgiffer, 4.b. bp toljiclj Writ poiojer is giuen to tljc ^^^^^^^^ "'^° 
31uftices, tbat if it map aypcar to tljem, tljat tlje lanu is not Ijolcen in Caplte, 
t^en tliat tljc pica be Ijolocn in tljc ILojtis Court, accojting to tW Statute, ano 
foi tljat tl)e oemannant Peter Grellye, confelTcti tljat tlje lantis lucr^r not IjolDen of 
tlje iiing in Capite, but of Edmond bjotljcr of t^e i^ing, tljercupon tljc cntrp 
laaSj Ideo Petrus perquirat iibi per breve de redo pac in Curia ipfius EJi verfus 
R. fi voluerir. Mich. 1 4 E.i. Rot.48. Sora. ace. Regift. fo.4. b. & 5. a. 

5lnD ttie iLojBj of tMljom tlje lanfl is Ijoloen, iljall upon tljis Statute, Ijabe Ijis 8 £.4.^. ^ e,§. r $ 
OTrtt of tJifccitagainft tlje JDemantiant, toljiclj Ijatlj recoDereo bp ucfauit-jano re^ f n b" V ^' ^' 
coDcr Ijis tiamagcs, but tljc IScco ju of tljc iutigment fljall flann in fc jcc ; ano con^ ' ' ' °' 
ccrning tljc conclufion of tljc tenure, tlje ilojo fljall Ijaiie remeap againtt tlje 
?Sing bp iJCtition of rigljt. 31Sut if tlje rccoijcrp be giben upon trial againft tlje ^f /H^A^ ^"^ 
tenant, tl;en tlje tenant Ijatlj concluneo Ijimfelf foj tlje tenure, becaufe Ijis p?o# seft iV2°i7 e\1' 
teflation cannot abail Ijim, toljen Ijis plea is foitno againd Ijim : 216ut tljc JLojo 31. 36,37.59. ' 
map'^ayje in ttat cafe, Ijis action againft tlje tenant, anu l)is petition of rig^t to 3^ E.3. Avowry 
tlje JTting, to be reftojcti to l)is^eignio?p, anobp tljat means t^e tenant Ijim;* "^' ^^ E-3-P"i" 
fclfmapberelieien. "°"^- 

^ Breve. ^ Dicitur ideo breve, quia rem de qua agitur, & intentionein pe- Braft. Iib.3.f.ii2. 
tentis paucis verbis breviter enarrat, ficut facitregula Juris, quae rem, qu* eft, bre- J^t^'f,'/,',""!, 
viter enarrat. . •$• A i- ' l' ■ : 

Breve quidem cum fitformatum ad fimilitudinem reguls juris, quia breviter Sc 
paucis verbis intentionem proferentis exponit & explanar, ficut regula juris rem qua; 
eft breviter enarrat. 

Sim Heta OefineS a OTrit, totidem verbis, as Bradon Ijatlj Hone. FIeta,!ib.2. era. , 

Snijereis a great ni^JcrStp bettoan a Writ, ann an action, (altljcuglj bp ^/g'^^^""'' ^'"^ 



(Shdagm Qbana, 

Cap. 24. 

fometljep arc often confountieu) to'yic^ toill bcft appear hp tljeir fcijeral nefini^ 

A(9:io nihil aliud eft, quam jus profequendi in judicio quod alicui debetur. 
Br»aon,1.3. f.pS.b 0tHi lOJUi) Braaon agr£Et^ Fleta. 

cap.i. Fleta lib.i. Adio nihil aliud eft, quam jus profequendi in judicio quod alicui debetur, & 
cap, 16. § aflio & ^^qJ nafcitur ex maleticio, vel quod provenit ex delidio, vel injuria. 
Mirror^cap.'a. § i. ^^^ ^^^^ Mirror faitl), Adiion neft aut chofe que loiall' demand de fon droit, 
neii?' ' ' Adors font queux fuont lour droit per pleint, &c. 

&0 as tt)E firtt nivicrfitp icttaan an action, anB a Writ 10, tljat an 0tfion 13 
tlje rigljt of a fuite, ano tljc Mrit is gcounDcn tljcrcupon, ano tlje mean to Ijjing 
t^e ncmaucant c; pf to Ijis riglit. 

%\)t tcconu Diuerfttp, a ©IHrit crounnen upon rigljt of 0ttiott is eber in 
foro contentiofo, l)Ut fo ate not all tuaartts, foj tliat Mrtts are muclj mo?c large, 
t^an actions are, as fijall appear bp t%t niiiifion of OTrits. 

£»f OTrits grounoeu upon rigljts of action, tome lie criminal, anB feme tc 
ciBil o> common. 

£»f Criminal, fome ie in perfonam, to ta^e juugmcnt of Deatlj, as Mrits of 
appeal, of ceatl), robbery, rape, ?f. anti fome to Ijaue ^uiigment of damage to 
t^e partp, fine to tl)e iliing, ano impjifonment, as Mrits of appeal of May- 
hem, 8fC 

^f Writs Citoil oj Common, fome be real, fome pcrfonal, ant fome mirt. 
antiof tl)efe,fome be ouginal, anu all tljep go out of tlje Cljanccrp, anti fome 
judicial, anu tl)cp i^m out of tlje Court, luijerc tlje plea Dcpennet). S>ome Con<f 
titional, as Writs of Error, rediffin, 8cc, fome toitljout Contiition, fome retojn* 
able, ant) fome not rctojnable. anti all tljefe arc toarrantcD, eitljer bp tlje 
Common liato, 0? grounuec upon fome act of |0arliamcnr. Wijiclj are Co ttcll 
Iknoten, as tbis little touclj fijall fuffice. 

^f i?jiginal Writs, fome be brevia formata, ann fome ex curfu, fome ma- 
giftralia & fspius variantur. 

ISegularlp tl)C iSings Writs are, ex debito Juftitia?, to be grantee to tlje lvi\i<f 
ject, wljiclj cannot be tienicu, ano fome be ex gratia, as a fpccial liberies, ano 
b Writs of j^jotccticns foj tljc fafcgaro of f^ie Subject, being in tlje J&ings toac 
out of tlje ISealm, ,^ . , 

36n nature of CommiffionS ■■, as Writs of Error, of Oier ann Terminer, of 
election of iSnigbts ann lEurgcffes of tlje parliament, of election of a Cojonet, 
oj of tifcljarging of Ijim, of election of taeroerers, cDe ventre infpiciendo. ^De 
viis & venellis mundandis, Regift. 267. £Df t^e furetp of tlje groD beljauioj, t% of 
tlje peace, c De odio & atia. affociation, of de admittendo in focium, of Si non 
omncs, anti tljcliKe. Writs of Jufticies. 

jSDf Writs of Prscipe, fome le, quod reddat, as Writs of rigljt, &c. Bebt, &c, 
&ome be quod permittat, aS Writs De quod permittat. &ome be cuod faciat, aS 
De confuetudinibus & fervitiis. De domo reparanda. anB of Writs Of Precipe, 
fome contain federal pjeccpts,anB fome jopnt, anB fome arc fole. 

Writs spanBato?p, anB ertrajuBicial, luljereof fome be affirmati&e, anB fome 
ncgatiBe. affirmatibe, as calling of men to tlje upper Ijoufc of prliament to 
be PitrS of tlje ISealm. De Comitat commilTis. Regift.2C)5. £)f Conge de eflier, 
licence to tljCDfC a Kdbop. Regift.2p4.b. De regio afTenfu. Regift.ibid. %Q call 

one to be Cljief^uflice of England. %a call appjentices of JLaiuto be §>er^ 

|antS. De brevibus & Rot. deliberandis. Regiil. 2515. De reftitutione fpiritualium 
Regift. 294. b. i^Cgatibe, as De non ponendis in allitis, & juratis. De fecuritate in- 
venienda, quod fe non divertat ad partes exteras fine licentia. De non refidentia 

^ ^_ _ _ clerici Regis. De clerico infra facros ordines conftituto non eligendo in officiuni. 

N.B. 85.3!" Regift. Ne fines capias pro non pulchre placitando. 

58.b. Artie, fup. £>f ti2llritg,fomc are fo^ furf^erance of Jullice, aiiBfojoufling of Bclaps, ana 

cart. C.6. Regift. ^^ mtaisM, aS tljC Writ De procedendo ad judicium, tljat i%t ^uCtiCCS ftall not 

C.3. nu.i. Fleta 

BraAoD ubi fup, 
Fleta ubi fup. 
Mirror ubi fup. 
&c. Regift. 187. 

Braa.l.?.4i3. b. 
Fleta, lib.2. C.12, 

■flDier 23. Fitz. 
377. a. 
iF.N.B. 23.29. 

c Regift. 227. 
d Ibid. 267. 

r Regift. 133 ^• 
Fitz. N.B. 185. 
Regift. 206. 

170. Regift. 294. 
F.N.B. 1^5 a. F. 

J87.b.ibid. 179.1 
F.N£. 240. d. 

furceafe to bo common rigljt, fo? no commanBment unBcc i\t 

great ^eal, 

Cap. 2 5- S^agna Qharta 41 

petit §>calj 0% mclTage from tijc Btng. ^ £Dj ^ if tl)C KtiDgcs of tljcmfclbc? ne^ « f n.e.m s-b. 
Iaj> (uDgmentj tljerc Ipetlj alfo a procedendo ad judicium, again, tljf re is a pro- 2 e.? ca.g. 5 E.3. 
cedendoin loqueb, &: ad judicium, after 0tO of tljc J^ing. ^ii^rit de exccutio-^.fas"''*' 
ne judicii. F.N b! 153. 

^^ome foj aDijanccment of Kitfticcnot to pjocccn. t.N.B. 

c lacgalarlp OTritg arc oirerteo to tljc ^Ijcrifts, oj Cojouers, lut in fpcciai 20. 
cafciB to t^e vartv, 0? otljcrg. STo tljc part}', as Wnit^ of pjoljibitiong, Ne exeat :f/-^'!l'',^'^"'^5' 
regnum. 2ro otijerp, ajs to JitDgcs SCcmpojal, Ccricfiaftical ano Cibil. 2^o audiendo, &c? 
&erieantiEi at a;rmc0. 2Eo tljc '^partp tljat Ijatl; tlje cuCoDp of an it)iot. ^ %o ttje aii writs of fuper- 
f 9Kapoj anO 115aj'liffe0, tc« ad movendum eos ab officio, quoufqi inquilltio foret fcdeas. 
de eorum gelki. /Liberate thefaurario, & camerariis, thefaurario & baronibus. c fol.73. 

ipotc Of Mritg of rigljt (toljereof t^e praecipe inCapite i? onej fotne be dote, jn^jebc nw ciud 
anD fomc be patent. in that cafe. 

Writg of rtgljt reto^nable into tlje Court of Common pleag be patent, ann Regift.114,115. 
OTritg Birerteo into ancient 2r>cniefne, areclofei ano tije reafon lul)crefo?e in ^"", °^„ '^"'^"* 
ot^er Courts of tljc }lo?Ds, tlje OTrics fljall be patent, i0, becaufe tljere is a Eons ad jura' 
Claufe in tljOfe ^SffllritSi, &: nifi feceris, Vicecomes N. hoc faciat, ne amplius clamo- regal, 
lem audiamus pro defeftu redi : Ituljiclj claufe ilS not in tl^e Otl)er Mlrit0,anil nej= ti Regift.2$7.a. 

(cffarp it is t^at futlj Writs 0;ouiD be patent, tljat tljc ^Ijertff migljt take no? J [J','jfJ" , 
tice thereof, a.b.' " ' ' 


UNa mendira vini per totqm Regnum noftrura, 8c una menfura 
cerviiis, & una menfura bladi, Icilicet, quarterium Lond', 
& una latitude pannorum tindorum, ruflatorum, &: haubergettat- • 
rum, icilicet duse ulns infra liftas. De Ponderibus vero fie ficut de 

%\)i$ act concerning features ano Weigljts, tt)at tljcre (fjoulc ie one mea# 31 E.r. 
fureanB one tueigljt tlj^oug^ England, is grownDeo upon ti)e JLalu of CDon* Non u E,5.cap.i2. 
habebis in facculo diverfa pondcra, majus, & minus, non erit in domo tua modius see^^e Culium. 
major & minor, pondus habebis juftum & verum, & modius squabs erir tibi, ut de Norm.cap.ik 
multo vivas tempore fuper terram, &c. Sinti tl)is Ijatl) often bp autljo^tp Of '^dXi Deut.2s.v.i3,"i4^ 
liament been enadeo, but nciicr coulo be effccteo, fo forcible is cuCom concern 
ning muUituDcs, luljen it Ijatlj gotten an ^cao, tijcrcfoje gcoo Elatos are timelp 
to be eicccuteu, ano not in tljc beginning to be neglecten. 

ifo} «eigi)tsano speafures, tljere are gcou Lalus maoe befoje tlie Contiueft : int'iegesCanut. 
In dimenfione, &: pondere nihil efto iniquum, ab iniquitate vero deinceps quifque cap.p. 
temperet: Per commune concilium regni llatuimus, quod habeant per univerfum Inc' leges will. 
Regnum mcnfurastidelillimas, & fignatas> & pondera tidelilTuTia, & ilgnata, licut Regis conq. 
boni prsdecelTorcs f^atuerunt. 

^ Una latitude pannorum, &c. ~\ 2Cruc it is, ttjatbjoau clotljes tflere Mitrorlcap.j. § 2; 
maue, ttiougl) in fmall number, at t^c time, ano long befoje tljis S'tatutc, but vet.Mag.cart. 
int^e beginning of tljc reign of Edward 3. tlje fame came to fo great perfecti* "''^""cap.a'. 
on, as in t^e 1 1 pear of Ijis reign all men toere pjoljibiceoto bjing inpjiuilp, 
oj apertlp bp Ijimfclf, 0; anp otljer, anp clotljes mane in anp otljcr placc9,?r. 
Sno t|)is is tljc toojtluett ano ricljett commooitp of tljis i^ingtiom, foj ni^yiu 
our natitje commodities eicpojteo into ten parts, ano tljat ^Ijiclj comes from 
tlje &ljap0bacfe, is nine parts in \)alue of tlje ten, ano fettetlj great numbers 
of people on too?k. i?o? tlje bjcaot^ ano lengtl; of Clotljes, fee manp Statutes! 
mafic aftev tljis ^(t. 



S^agna (Jbma, 

Cap. 2^. 


Mirror cap. 5.5, 2. 




Fleta lib. I.e. 2;. 


GI0C.C.9. W.2. 

cap.2p. Hill. 32 

E.I. coram Rege 




Hill. 3; E.I. ubi 

Irtirror c.5.§.2. 

28 E.^.cap.p, 

Nihil de caetero detur pro brevi inquifitionis ah eo, qui jnqui- 
fitionem petit de vita, vel de membris, Ted gratis concedatur, 
& non negetur. 

f[ Brevi inquifitionis. 3 Eljat iis ikt Wixit de odio & atia, an^ientlp 
callcD Breve de bono &■ malo, anD ijetf, of lift atiD mcmticr, toljic!) t\)Z Common 
%z.\o gatie to a man tljat \iiasi impjifoneii, tljotigl) it lucre foj t!}C mott osious 
caufe, fo; tl)C ocat^ of a man, foj tl;c toljicl), tuitljout tlje ^ings WLxUXyt couln 
not be lailcD, pet tijc 3lato fa\3ouring tlje litertp anti fra^tiom of a man ftum 
impjifonment, anti tljat lie fljoulc not be uetaineu in pjifon until tljc ^lullicejs 
in (Eire fl)OulD come, at totiat time Ije toais to le trico, ^e migtt fue out iW 
Witit of 3inqiuifition Direfleo to tljc ^lieriff, quod affumptis tecum cuitodibus 
placitorum Coronas in pleno comitatu per facramentum proborum, & legalium ho- 
minum de 8cc. inquiras (inde appellatur Breve inquifitionis) utrun:i A. captus, & 
detentus in prifona, 8cc. pro rnorte W. unde rettatus (i. accufatus exiftit) rettatus 
(it odio, & atia &c. nifi indidtatus vel appellatus fuerit, coram Jufticiariis noftris ul- 
timo itinerantibus in partibus illis, & pro hoc captus, & imprifonatus, i?OJ b? tlje 
Common iiato, in omnibus autem placitis de felonia, folet accufatus per plegios 
dimitti, prsterquam de placito de homicidio, ubi ad terrorem aliter ftatutum eft. 
3in tljis Mrit, four tljingg ate to be obrecbcD. 

ifitft, tl)oug^ t^e offence luljereof Ije toajs accufec, tocre fucl^, aji Ije toftg not 
bailable bp 3Lato, pet tlje iLatoJOio fo ^tgtilp liatc tlje long impjifonment of «np 
man, tljougl) accufeo of an o&ioug ano l)ainoii? crime, tljat it gaije i^im t^isf 
Mrit foj Ijisi relief. 

&econt)l|>, Sf Ije ^etc tnnictcD, o> appcalen tljcreof befoje t%t 3itftice)8 in 
CBpre, l)c coulu not Ijabe t\M Mlrit, becaufe tW Mlrtt toag grounneti upon a 
furmife, tu^icl) toulonot be reccitoco againft a matter of ISecojo. 

2Et)irtilp,tiapon tlji^ Writ, t^ougl) it ujere founD, t|)at Ije toas accuteo de odio 
& atia, anotljat i;e Doag not guiltp, oj tl;at tie Din t\)\^ ^Ct fe defendendo, vel per 
infortunium, pct t^e &!jcriff bp tljis Mlrit ban no autliojitp to bail ^im, but 
ttcn tbc part? toag to fue a tEilllrit de ponendo in ballium, nitetteii to tl)c ^^riff, 

lulicrebp lieiOjajS COmmanDCO, quod fi prasdidus A. invenerit tibi 12, probps, & 
legales homines de comitatu tuOj&c, qui cum manucapiant habere coram Jufticiariis 
noftris ad primam affifam, &c. Standum,&c. tunc ipilim A. &c. prsdidtis duode- 
cim tradas in ballium. 

llaaip, tljat tljere \jjasi a mean bp t'^e Common iiaiy be fojc incitfment oj 
appeal, to pjotcft t^e innocent againft falfe acculation, auti to Deliiser 5tm out 
of pjifon. 

Odium, fignifiet^ Ijatrea, ano atia oj ada i\\ tljig Writ Cgnifiietl; malicf, bf# 
caufe t^at malice 10 acida, tbat is, eager, fijarp ano cruel. 

anB t^i0 bjanclj, foj furtljer benefit, anu in fabouc of tljc pjifoner, uotb cn^^j 
tl)at %t fijall iatie it gratis, toitfeout fee, anti teitljout iDelap, oj Denial, of "mW^ 
t^e Mirror faitl) tt)U|S, Le defence que fe fait del bricfe de odio, 6c atia, que le Roy 
ne fonChancclor ne preignont pur le briefe granter fe doit extend a touts briefs 
remedials, & le dit briefe ne doit folement extender a felonies de homicide, mes a 
touts felonies, & ne folement in Appeles, mes en inditement. 

Jlgut tljis Mrit toas tafeen ataap bp a later g)tatute, viz. in 28 E. 3. becaufe 
as fome pietenDeo, it became unncccCarp, fc j tljat Jufiices of flKife, iuttices cf 
Oyer ann Terminer, auo 3!uiliccs of (©aol ocUbcrp camc at tlje leafl into ctoc rp 
Countp ttuice eberp pear ibut toitljin 12 pears after tljis statute, it taagit cna# 
cteD, a? often Ijatl; ban faiti, t^jat all ^tatutejs maoe again S Magna Charta (as tl)C 


Gap. 2 6. (SMagna Qharta, ^^ 

faiD 0£t of 28 E.J. teas) flmulti he boio, toljfrcbp t^e Mrics of Odio & ada, 6c 

Deponendo in balium arc rc\ji\3Cti, auD fo in li^c cafes upon all tljc bjancljcs of 

Magna Charta. SnU tljcrcfOJC tljc i[ufltCC0 of ;a(fi[c, Jwfttccs tif Oyer J Terminer, 

ann of dDaoI ucUucrp Ijabc not fitffercD tljc |3jifoncr to be long netaincti, but at see the statute of 

tI)Cirne]t:t coming Ijawgibcn tije |E>?ifoner full ano fpatop Jufticc, bp cue trial, Gioccap,?. 

toiti^out Detaining bim long in p?ifon : j^ap, tijep Ijabc ban fo far from tih 

lomancc of bis Detaining in p?ifon toitbout Due trial, tljat it tuas rcfolbcD in 

tic cafe of tlje Abbot of S. Albon bp tbc toljole Court, tijat toljerc tlje^aing IjaD 

granteD to tlje ;abbot of S. Albon to Ijaije a dDaol, ano to Ijatoe a CDaoI Dclitierp, 8 H.4.18. 

anD DiDer0 perfons; mere committeo to tljat CDaol fo? iFcIonp, ano becaufc t^c ^° ^■^•^' . 

abbot tuoulD not be at coft to make DcUbcrancc, Ije DetaiucD tljem in pjifon ^^*'""^' '0"«"urc' 

longtime iuitfjottt making latofttl Dclibcrancc, tbat t^c abbot l)aD foj tljat 

caufe fojfeiteD W ifrancljife, ano tljat tlje fame migljt be feifeo into tl)c laingsi 

i?oj W committing to p?ifon is onlp to tljts enD, tbac Ijc map be fo;itl) com^ 
ing, to be Dulp tricD, acco?Ding to tlje JLaw anD Cuttom of tijc IScalm. £Dbe 20 e 4.5. 
^bbot of Crowland IjaD a (0aol, uuljercin Diuerg men toere impjifoucDjanDbet^ 
taufc l)C DctaincD fomc tljat laerc actiuitteo of 5?elonp after tljcic fass paiD, tijc 
l&ittg fcifcD tlje <I5aol foj eber. 

ano it is pjobiDcD bp tlje Statute of 5 H. 4. tljat none be impjifoncD bp anp ^ 
^ullice of ^cace, but in tlje Common CI5aol, to tlje eno tljcp migljt IjaUe tljcir ^'l' 9J0U19. 
trial at tlje nejct (I?ool Deliberp, oj ^clTions of ttie peace. Vide cap. 29. care"'""^ zanchars 

0nD fome fap, ttiat tljis Statute ertenDetlj to all otljcr 3EuDgc? ano 3ufliccj3 see^ihe Statute of 
foj ttoo reafons!. i. SCljep fap, tliat tW 3rt is but Dcdaratojp of tie Common Gioccap 9. 
3LalJJ. 2. Ubi lex eft fpecialis, & ratio ejus generalis, generaliter accipicnda eft. 

Breve Regis De bono & malo is fo callcD of tlje toOjDS, De bono & malo, con;= Hil, 52 E.1.C0. 
taincD in tbe OTirtt. SEljis Mritlap tuljen A.B. taas committcD to pjifen foj tljc " R^ge Eborum. 
Jcat^ of a man, tlje toing DiD tojite to tl)c3uCices of (Saol Dcli\)crp ■, Quod II ^°f^^ '^ ^'^'*" 
A.B.. captus, & detentus in gaola prsedida pro n:iorte CD. dc bono & malo fuper See the form of 
patriam inde ponere voluerit, & ea occafione ( & non per aliquod fpeciale manda- this Writ at large 
turn noftrum ) detentus fit in eadem, tunc eandem gaolam de prxdido A. B. in this Record, 
fecundum legem, Sc confuetudinem Angliae, deliberetis. &0 aS laiitljout (lueftion 
t^C tlHHrit De bono & malo, IS not tljC Mrit De odio & atia, aS fome IjabC 


^ote, in t^ofe taps tljc BtuCttes of CD'aol Dcliuerp tooulD not pjorao in cafe 
of tl)c Dcatij of a man, toitljout tljc liings Mrit : iFo? in tlje fame KecojD it 
appcarctlj, tljat R.W. Indidtatus de morte W. E. non tulit breve Regis de bono, 
6c malo, ideo rctornatur gaols, & fic de aliis. 

C * CAP. 


S^dgna Qharta, 

Cap. 27,28. 

Sec the Statute of 

Fleta liba^ 


SI aliqui teneant de nobis per feodi firmam, vel per Socagium, vel 
Burgagium, 8c de alio teneant terrain per fcrvitium militare,nos 
non habebimus cuftodiam hsredis, nee terrae (ua?, quae eft de feodo al- 
terius, occafione illius feodi firmx, vel Socagii, vel Burgagii. Nee ha- 
bebimus cuftodiam illius feodi firmx, vel Socagii, vel Burgagii, ni(i 
ip(a feodi firma nobis debeat fervitium Militate, Nos non habebimus 
cuftodiam hsred', vel alicujus terrs, quam tenet dc aliquo alio per 
fervitium militate, occafione alicujus parvx Serjantise, quam tenet de 
nobis per fervitium, rcddend' nobis cultellos, fagittas, vel hujufinodi. 

^ Per feodi firmam. "] jfit farm pjopcrip tafecn 1$, tofjen t^t lojtt upon 
tljE creation of tljc aCenancp tcktu to f)imfcif, antt W Ijcirsf, eitljcr t^c rent, 
foj t\)t toljici) it Djas Iiefojc Ic tten to ifarm, o; at Jeaft a foutt'^ part of tljat 
ifarm tent, 

JlBut Britton faitljj Fee farmes font terres tenus in fee, a rendre pur eux per ann 
le veray value, ou plus, ou mcins, anD is calkB a ftt i?arm, betaule a i?arm rent 
is referbcn upon a grant in fee. Sinn regularly, as it appearetb ip tW 3tf, 
jLants granten in fee i?arm are Ijolncn in focage, unlefg an eicpjefg tenure ip 
iinigljts fcrbice be referScD, as it appcarctlj hereafter in tljis Cljapter. 

See the firA part || Vel per focagium. ] * Tenere per firmam Albam eft tencrc libere in fo- 

S^a*'i7 ^"'^'' ^^&°' ^'*^^ '" ^''"^° "'S*^" Scaccarii, capite De officio clericorum de firma blanca. 

*^Rot. clauf. 3t is commonip caHeti Wanci^ if arm. Lucubrat Ockham, firma blanca, & vide ibi 

i2H.3.m.i2. antiquum verbum [dealbari.] 

Litt.Sea.1^2; H Burgagium. 3 &ee tlje Cuftumier de Normandy cap.3 2. aWi tlje Com;* 

Wentaries upon tlje fame. 

lbid.Sea.105. C Per fervitium militate. ] ^et le Cuftumier dc Norman, cap. 33. De 

gard de Orphelines, fol,49. anu tlje Comment upon tlje fame. SCljis act, as lojell concerning tenures in i?ee jIFatm, feocage ann JlButgage, 
as Ip little serjantp, is ncdaratojp of tlje Common llato, ano conttantlp in ufe 
to tljis Bap> anu neeoctl; no furtljet explanation. 

Mirror cap. 5. §.2. 
Fleta li.2.cap.$6. 
des hautt homes. 

Fleta ubi Tupra. 
vide Vet. Magna 
Charta part 2. in 
See the firft part 
of the Inftitutes. 


NUllus ballivus de cxtero ponat aliquem ad legem manifeftam,nec 
ad juramentum fimplici loquela fua, fine teftibus fidelibus ad 
hoc indudis. 

SCte Mirror treating of tljiS Cljapter faitlj, Le point que defend, que nul Bay- 
liffe met frank home a ferement fans fute prefcnt, eft interpretable en ceft manner. 
Que nul Juftice, nul Minifter le Roy, ne auter fenefchal, ne bailif ne eit power a 
mitter frank home a ferement faire, fans le Gommaundement le Roy, ne puit ref- 
ceive afcuns teftraoignes, que teftmoignent le monftrance eftre veray. 

313p tljis it appcaretl), tljat tinoer tljis toojo ballivus, in tliis M is compjes* 
^enneo ebetp ^ultice, spiniftcc, cf tlje teing, ^tetoaru mn JBa^liffe. 

^ Simplici 

Cap. 29. <Shdagna Chma. 45 

%_ Simplici loquela fua. ■] 5foi ag Bradon fatdj, Vox fimplex iiecBraa.l.5,f.4oo.b. 
probationem facit, nee prsfumptionem inducit i Item non per fedam, qus fieri 
poteft per domefticos, & familiaresj feda enim probationem non facif, fed levem in- 
ducit prsfumptionem, & vincitur per probationer^ in contrariumj & per defeulio- 
nem per legem. 

Btt appearctlj Ip Glanvill, t^at tljc ucfcncaiu migljt to mafee ijisi italo, 12 Gianv.ii.i.c.9. 
manu. 0nD lo it appearetl) bp aiuDgment in tljc fame year, anotctm, tl)at Mich. 9 h. 3, tic. 
tW B«at €\vxin tpas mace, fo; tljcrc, in uclit tlje tcfnitiant toagcB \)\.i, iiato, ^^ ''''• 
Idee confideratum efr per Curiam, quod defendens fe duodecima manu venit cum 

d^erp toagcr of Jla^ Dotl) cottntcrDail a 31«tpj foj ttje Defendant fljall make 35 h. <5. 8. 
IjiisJLato, de duodecima manu, viz. an cIcDcn, anti |)imfclf. 0nu it fljoulD fai^, 
ti^at tljisi making of ILatu toajs ucrp ancient, foj one lujiting of tlje ancient ILaiu 
of England faitlj, Hujus purgationis non omnis evanuit vetullate memoria, nam 
per hsc tempnra de pccunia pol^ulatus, debitum nonnunquam duodecima, quod 
aiunt, manu difTolvit. 

!^oto muclK anti foj toljat catife tT)C ILato refpectctl) x\)Z number of 12 fee tlje ^f J''!^^l^ P"^ 
Srft part of tlje imHtutes. "l^lX !f ""^«' 

%\t partp Ijimfelf, toljen Ijc mafeet!) %i& %m, fljall lie ftoojn de fidelitate, ' '^* 
f^at i?, uirectlp oj aljfolutetp, anti ttjc otljeris decredulitate, ttiatig, tljat tljep be^ 
Jiebe, tljat fje faitlj trtte. 

2Co make W ilato, isf n mltclj ajs to fap, as to take tiis oat^j, $c. aim it i? 
fo calleD, becaufe tljc JL&w giDetlj ijim tljat mean bp Ijiis oton oatij, to fea 

0nD t^e reafon, toiierefoje in an action of SDebt upon a fimple contract, x\t 
^efenuant map toage Ijis iLatu, is, foj tljat tijc SDefennant map fatiefie t^e 
partp in fecret, oj befoje toitnefis, anc aH tljc toitneffcs map Die, fo tljc ilatu 
liDtb alloto Ijim to toage Ijis JLato foj \\% Difcljarge : ano t!jig, foj ougljt 31 couId 
tier rean, ig peculiar to tlje JLaibo of England,anii no mifcljief infuetlj hereupon, 
foj tlje plaintiff map take a llBill oj JlBonti fo; lji0 monep, oj if it be a fimple 
contract, Ije map bjing Ijis action upon Ijig cafe upon liis agreement oj pjomife, 
in^ic'b ctoerp contract ejcecutojp implietlj, anb tljen tlje jaDefetibant cannot toage 


NUUus liber homo capiatur, vel imprironetur, aut difleifietur de See the Statute 
libero tenemento fuo, vel libertatibus, vel liberis confuetudini- ?ril!.gio!&c'. anex- 
bus (uis, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut aliquo modo deftruatur, nee ceiienc Law. 
fuper eum ibimus, nee fuper eum mittemus, nifi per legale judicium 
parium fuorum, vel per legem tetrx. Nulli vendemus, nulli negabi- 
mufe, aut differemus juftitiam, vel redum. 

C Nullus liber, &c. ] STbisi eictenBs! to tdilleittg, fabing agatnft t'^eir ^ ^ 
ILm, foj tbcp are fr* againft all men, fating agatnfl tljeir 3loj5. s>c8 tlje fiirft 5° ^^ pi.'coV i\a 
part of t^e Inftitutes, Sedt.iSp. b. 25 E.9.45i.b.l6. 

fol.52. TheCoun- 

^ Nullus liber homo. ] 0lbeit homo botlj erteno to botl) feres, men ann «f? "f Ruciands 
toomen, pet bp act of parliament it is enactcD, ano Declareo, t'bat tljts Cljapter "^- |'^g ^-^ ^• 
ftoulD eicteno to SDucljetfeSj Counteffes, ann JlEaroneffeSjbut ^arcljtcneffe?, ann 30. 35 w.e./^s. 
micountetfes are omitteo, but nottoitljftanbing tljep are alfo ccmpjeljentien 
tniti^in tljis Cljapter* 


^6 tSAdagna Qoarta. Cap.29. 

tmpon t^iis (Eljaptetj aji out of a vcotj manp fruitful Ijjancljcg of t^£ JLaui of 

England IjaDE fpjung. ' ;. ,,. , 

0nii t^crcfojc firft tlje genuine fenfe Ijercof iis to be fan, anu after IwtiJtlje 
fame Ijatlj ban ncclareD, anu interpjctcti, ifoj t^c firft, foj moje perfpiruitp, it 
10 ncccfTatp to nibioc tfjis Cljaptet into feberal bjancljeis, accojtiing to tljc true 
conffruction ano reference of tlje tnojois. 

SLtiiS Cibayter containetl) nine feberal bjandjejs. 
See W.I. cap.ij. I- 2Cljat HO man be tafeen oj impjifoneo, but per legcn:i terrs, t^at ijt, bp tlje 
Common JLa^j, Statute iiauj, oj CuIIom of England , foj tfjcfe toojos. Per le- 
gem terrae, being totuarDis tbe ena of tbi0 Cbaptcr, do refer to all tlje pKccbcnt 
matters in tljie Cljapter, ano tljis Ijatlj tbe firtt place, bccaufe tlje libertp of a 
tnans perfon iis moze pjecious to Ijim, tl;an all tljc reft tl)at folloto, anD tljetCi* 
foje it i0 great reafon, tbat Ije fljoulo bp 3la^ be relicben tberein, if lie be tojon# 
geD, asi Ijereafter fljall be fijetijct. 

2. i^o manfljallbe nilfcifeu, tljatig, put out of feiCn, oj nifpoffeffeb of i^i^ 
fta4jolD ('tl)at is3 lann^, oj iibeliljcDO, oj of Ijis libertie?, oj fra^cuftoms, tljat 
10, of fuclj francl)ife0, ano freeboms, ann fra;;5cuaom0, a0 belong to ^im h^^ %\& 
free birtlj^rigljt, unlef0 it be bp tlje laboful juDgmentj tljat i0, beroict of W 
equals (tljat i05 of men of l)i0 oton conuitionj oj bp tlje JLabJ of tbe JlanD (t^at 
10, to fpeafe it once foj all ) bp tlje buc coutfe, anB pjocef0 of Jiaijj. 

3. j^o man fijall be out^labaen, mane an exlex, put out of tlje JLato, tljat i?, 
nepjibeo of tbe benefit of t^e ilato, unlets Ije be out^laboeb accojbing to tlje 
%m of tlje iiano. 

4. i^o man (ball be eicilen, oj banifljeu out of lji0 Countrp, tljat i0. Nemo 
perdet patriam, no man fljall lofc lji0 Countrp, unlef0 Ije be e;;ilco accojuing to 
t^c JLatu of tlje ilano. 

5. i^o man Ojall be in anp fojt neffropen C Deftruere, i. quod prius ftrutaum, 
& fadtum fuit, penitus evertere & diruere ) unlef0 it be bp ti^C betDict of IjiiS 
equals, oj accojuing to tljc JiabJ of tlie JLano. 

6. i^o man fljall be conbemueo at t^e icings fuite, eitljer before t^e teing in 
l)i0 31Bencb> baljere tlje i>lea0 are Coram Rege, ( ann fo are tlje luojos. Nee fuper 
eum ibimus, to be unBerftoDD ) noj befoje anp otljer Commillioner, oj Sluoge 
toljatfoeber, ano fo are tbe too?b0. Nee fuper eum mittcmus, to be unDerftcDO, but 
bp tbe jubgment of Ijis IpewSj tljat i0, ctiuals, oj atcojbing to tlje llaU) of t^e 

7. Me (ball fell to no man %wtitt oj Kiglit. 

8. WSit fljall oenp to no man iuftice oj Migljt. 
9- Me fljall Defer to no man Bfullice oj ISig^jt. 

SClje genuine fcnfe being Dittinctlp unDerftmb, boe (fjall pjoc&b in ojber to 
* See W.I. cap. IS uttfolD Ijolu tlje fame Ijatlj been DeclareD, anD interpjeteo. i. 315p autljojitp of 
< 5E.3.C.9. 25 E. I^arliamcnt. 2. il5p out bcBfe0. 3. 315p pjecebent. cp -- 

3.C.4. 37 E.J.C.8. ' ' ,^- 

38E.3.C.9.42E.3 ^ Nullus liber homo capiatur, aut imprifonetur. 1 )3ttacl)cb anb ar^ 

C.3. 17 R.». cap.5. ^ , , ■ '^ -^ 

Rot.Pari. 43 E 5. tcflcD are compjcbenDeD beretn. 

Sir Jo. a Lees cafe. i. J^o man fljall be tafecUjCtljat i0) rcttraineD of libertp, bp petition, oj fug? 
nu. 21 22,23, &c. gcttion to tbe iiiing, oj to W Councel, * unlef0 it be bp inDirtment, ojpjefent*= 
cafe del Martha" *"^"^ °^ S"'^ ^"^ labjful men, bjljcre fucb Da;D0 be Done. %\)is bjanclj, anD Di;^ 
fea. ' ber0 otljer parts of tljis 2i<t Ijabe been notablp crplaineDbp Diber0 aSi&S' of J3ar# 

t See 43 AIT. p.2 1 liament, f c. quoteD in tlje margent. 

where this branch 2. i^o man (ball bc DiffcifcD, gtC. 

and Sr s«tuces ^ ^"cbp i0 intenDeD, tljat lanD0, tenement0, gcoDs auD cljatte!0 fljall not be 
are cited, ma f^ if^" i"to tlje ISiugs ljanD0, coMttarp to tbi0 great Cljarter, anb tlje iLaba of t^z 
bene, the ifurpati- ILauD i i^oj anp man fljall be DtffeifeD of bis lanss oj tenement0, oj Difpoffcf;' 
pntoanadvowfon feo of tji0 gcDD0 0} cbattcls, coutrarp to tbe ilaba of tlje JlauD. 
5 E 2 c o 2" E^' '^ ^ cuttom bias allcDgcD in tlje aCotou of C. tljat if tU Cenant ccafe bp. tbjo 
cap.4." ^^ ■'' pears, tljat t^e JLojd AjouId enter into tljc fraljolD of tlje aCenant, anD IjcdD tbe 
f 43 E. 3.32. fame until Ijc tocre faticfieD of tlje arrcragcs, ann itbjas aojuDgeo a cuttom 


Cap. 29. Sidagna Charta. 47 

againft tlje llato of t^c Jiano^ to enter into a man? fraljolD in tljat cafe luitlj^ 
out atfion oj anCUicr. 

I&ing H.(5. granteD to tljE Corporation of Dicrs toitljin London, ptocr to Lib.s.Tr. 41E1. 
feared, $c, ano if tljep founo anp clotJj Dtcotoit!) JlogtocDD, tljat tljc clotl) doulo foi-i2 5- cafe de 
be fojfcit : ano it iuag anjungcti, tljat t\M Cljarter concerning tlje forfeiture, ^°°'i^«- 
mag againa tlje iiaiu of tlje lauo, ano tlji;s Statute : i?oj no forfeiture can 
groto bp ^Letters |0atcnt0. 

i^o man ougljt to be put from Ijig liucliljojD toitljout anftocr. 

3. jo man outlatoeo, tbat ig, barren to Ijaue tlje benefit of tlje Jialu. Vide \?^ ? ^^- ^ Mar. 
for tbe teoro, tlje firft part of tlje Inftitutes. ler 1 14, 1 1 5. 

i^Ote to t^ilS toortt utlagetur, t^efe iUOrliiSj Nifi per legem tense, Ho refer, 

f[ De libertacibus. "} aCljis tooru, libertates, libertie?, Ij^itf) tljrffi Cgntfi*^ 
cations : 

1. jTirft, 3is it bat'f) ie^n faio, it Cgnifietlj tlje llaiujs of tljeKealm, in toljic'^ 
refpec tlji© Charter is calleu, Charta libcrtatum. 

2. 3t Cgnifietlj tlje frffiooms tljat tlje ^ubiettg of England Ijabe^ i^or ty^ ^'■- 4iEiiz. Cora 
ample, tljC Companp of tljC Merchant Tailors of EMgl3nd,ljabing poiuer bptbcir trn^sinc!Dfv^enant 
Cljarter to make iTrninance?, mane an £>rf inancc, tljat euerp brottjer of tbe & Hurdes. 
fame giocietp fijoulo put tbe one Ijalf of Ijie clotljes to be orcOfeti ^i^ fome Clotlj^ 

tuorber fra of tlje fame Companp, upon pain to forfeit x ?. &c. ann it toajs au;* 
juCgeo ti^at tbiiS £Droinance tuas againif Law, becaufe it luas againft ti^e 3Liber*= 
tp of tlje S)ubjctf, for eijerp &ub|ecf Ijatb fraoom to put W clotljesi to be Dreffcu 
bp iubom be \XiiM, & tic de iimilibus : ^nb fo it i?, if fuclj or tlje like grant Ijao 
ban mace bp Ijis Letter* patents. 

3. 3libcrticsfignifietlj tlje francljifes, ano pribilcnges, tobiclj tbe feubjcct^ 
ijabe of tlje gift of tbc Bing, as tljc gcoDs , ann Chattels of felons, outlabos, ano 
tbe like, oj toljicb tlje ^ubjcc claims bp prefcription,as torccfej'toaif, Crap, ana 
t^e like. 

^0 iiketoife, ano for tlje fame reafon, if a grant be maoe to anp man, to babe ^x. 44 eiIz. cors 
t^e fole making of CarDS>or tbe fole oealing toitb anp otbcr trace, tbat grant g^^g' ^^'e/w 
is againft tlje libertp, ano frecoom of tlje &ul)jctr> tbat before oto, or lanuftiUp Darcies c^fe. 
migbt Ijabe ufeo tbat ttaoe, ano confequentlp againft tbis great Cljarter. 

©enerailp all monopolies arc againft tbis great Cljarter, becaufe tbep are 
againft tbe libertp ana fr^oom of tbe Subject, ano againft tlje JLabo of tlje 

C Liberis confuetudinibus.] £!fCuftomsof tbe Mealm, fome bege;? 
tieral, ano fome particular. ;©f tljcfe reao in tbe ficft part of tbe InlHtutcs. 
jano liberis is aooeo, for t^at tbe Cuftoms of England bring a frabom lujittj 

4. i^o man erileo. 

51Bp tbe 3latu of tbe EanB no man can be erilec, or banilbct out of W natibe roJ 12 Bo'ibrds' 
Couittrp, but citber bp autboritp of parliament, or in cafe of abjuration for cafci'si E°.i/cui 
felonp bp tbe Common ILaiut ano fo baben our bmks, or anp Mecoro fpeak of in vita 31. 18 e-?. 
c]cile or banidjment, otbcr tben in cafe of abjuration, it is to be intenoeo to be 54.Matraverscare. 
none bp autboritp of iparliament : * as Belknap ano otber Jubges, jc. banifljeo '^J-i'j'y™' Hufoni's. 

into Ireland. :, Rot^Parl.i"? R .1'. 

2Cbis is a beneficial Jiab), ano i^ conftruen benignlp, ano tbcrcfore tbe Jitng nu. 28. stam. pi. 
cannot fcno anp Subject cf England againft bis Uiill to fcrbe \jiva cut of tbis cor. 116, 117. 
Kealm, for tbat Ojoulo be an crile, ano be iljouio perdere patriam : no, be can# 35 e-i- "p. i. 
not be fcnt againft bis teill into Ireland, to fcrbe tbe lltng as \m S^epmp tbere, 
becaufe it is out of tbe llralm of England : for if tbe liing migbt fcno Ijim cue 
of tbis IScaim to anp place, tbcn unocr pretence cf ferbtce, as ambaR'i-JCcr, or 
tbe like, be migbt fenO bim into tbe furtbcft part of tbe loorlo, luljicb being an 
cjeile, is probibiteo bp tbis 0ct. 0no albeit it teas accoroco in tbe tSipper^boufc 
of |E>arUament, Anno (5 E.3. nu.6. t^atfuc^ learneo men in tlje Jlalu, as lijoulD 

a8 SVLagna Qoarta, Cap. 2 9, 

1)6 ftiit, u Biuaicejs, oj otljertoife, to fcrije in Ireland, fljoulD l)ai)e no ij-cufr, yet 
t\]at being no 9tt of parliament, it Din notbinti tlje ^uljctf. 0nt) tljis notaj* 
1)1 J) appcaretlj Ijp a JSccojn, in 44 E.3. ^ir Richard Pembrughs Cafe, toljo teas 
Rot ciauf- Anno MatDcn of ti)C Ctnciuc jj^ojtsi, an» Ijaii xim,i$ offices!, annuities, ano lanns 
44 E.5. sir Bich. gtantcD to Ijim foj life, oj in fee bp t^e laing ttntier tlje great S>eal, Pro fervitio 
Pembrughs Cafe, itiipenfo, & impcndendo. SCljC M\\^ commanBCti ^ir Richard to fer^je Ijim in 
Ireland, as l}i0 Dcptttp tljere, toljicl) \)t abfoltitelp refufen, tot)ereupon tlje iBin^ 
bp at)\}icc of Ijiis Conncel, fcifen all tljings grantcD to Ijim, pro fervitio impcn- 
dendo, r in reflect of tl)at clatife ) but \)z teas not upon t^at refolution com* 
mittcD topjifon, asbp tliat HccojD it appcacct^ : 3nD tljc reafon teas becaufe 
Ijis refufal teas fateful, anD if "t^c rcfufal teas lateful to ferbe in Ireland parcel 
of tl)C liings ^Dominions, a fortiori, a refufal is lateful to ferbe in an? fcjrein 
Countrp. "^nn it fecmetlj to rac, tljat tljc fain feifure teas unlateful, foj pro fer- 
vitio inipenfo & impendendo, nuift be intenticD lateful fertjice teitljin tVe 
5. i5omanticffropeD,fc. 
l.9.For?efcue STljat is, foje^juDscD of Ufc, 01 limb j nifljcritcD, oj put to torture, oj 
cap, 2 2. Deatij. 

Mirror cap.2. § 3. SCije Mirror tejitittfj of tljC ancicnt BlateS of England, faitl), Soloient les Roys 

faire droit a touts, per eux, ou per lour Chiefe Juilices, & ore les faits les Royes 

per lour JulHces Comiffarics errants ailignes a touts pleas : En aid de tiels eires font 

Tomes de Vifcounts necelTarics, & views de frankpl. & quant que bones gents a 

tiels inquefts inditerent de peche mortel, foloient les Royes deltruere^fans refpons, 

^c. Accord ert, que nul appelee, ne enditee foit deftroy fans refpons. 

Pafc. ?9 E.?. Co. Thomas (Earl of Lancalter teas teftropeti, tljat is, aD|uiigeo to tiie, as a SCrai* 

ram Rege, John of tojj auD put to 5catl; iu 1 4 E. 2. an5 a Kecojc tijereof mane : ^nn Henry dUarl of 

Gaunts cafe. Lancafter Ijis bjotljcr, anD Ijcir teas refto^eti fo; tteo pjinctpal erro?s in tlie p?o* 

0^1 -^Counte ^d C^^i^ttB 'IS^inft tlje faiO Thomas CEarl, I . Quod non fuit araniatus, & ad refpon- 

Arund. cafe. fionem poiitus tempore pacis, eo quod cancellaria, & alisCuriee Regis fuer' aperta?, 

Roc. Pari. 42 E.?. in quibus lex hebat unicuique, prout fieri confuevit. 2. Quod contra cartam deliber- 

nu.23. Sir Jo. of tatibus, cum diftus Thomas fuit unus parium,& magnatum Regni, in qua contine- 

Lees cafe. ^^^^ ^^^^ rccitctl) tl)iS Cljaptcr of Magna Charta, anD fpeciallp, quod Dominus 

Rex non fuper eum ibit, nee mittet, niii per legale judicium parium fuorum, tamen 

per recordum prxdidum, tempore pacis abfqi aranamento, feu refponfione, feu le- 

gali judicio parium fuorum, contra legem, Sc contra tcnorem Magna; Chartx. ) \z 

teas put to Dcatl) : spojc cramples of tljis Kino mig'^t be fljeteeti. 

Lib. 10. foi.74. In CSucrp oppieffion againft Hate, bp colour of anp ufurpeD autljojttp, is a feinD 

the cafe of the of Ccftruction, foi, Qiiando aliquid prohibetur, proiubetur & omne, per quod de- 

Marfhalfea. venitur ad illud : ^UD it iS tljC teOjft oppjCffion , tljat IS Donc bp Colour of 

^<g'iU, 3uflicc. 

gt is to be notes, tljat to tljis tiHerb deftruatur, are aweD aliquo modo, ann to 
noot^cr 5:ierb in ti}is Cljaptcr, ano tficrcfoje all tljings, bp anp manner of 
means tcnoing to ocftruction, are pjofjibitca : 0s if a man be accufeooj inDictcn 
oftreafon, ojfelonp, Ijig lanDS, ojgojts cannot be grantee to anp, nonotfo 
muclj as bp pjoniifc, noi anp of IjislanDS, oj gross feifeD into tljc feings Ijants, 
bcfoje attainner : j^o; teljen a Subject obtainetlj a pjomife of tlje fojfciturj, 
manp times unnue means ant moje biolent pjofecution is ufeo foj pjibate 
RocPari. IS E.3. '^wxt, teuDiug to DeCcuction, tljan tlje quiet ant) luft pjocauing of §late teouln 
nu. 6. 8cc. permit, anD tlje partp ougljt to libe of Ijis oten until attainDer. 

II E.?. breve.173 ^ Per judicium parium fuorum. ") 3i5]p judgment of ^is Pars. £^nlp 
i R.2. proc«. PI. g i^p^j gf ^artianient of England fljall be tries Ip \v& peers being JlojDis of 
"o'Eii'z.^Diert^o. Parliament : ans neitljer i^oblemen of anp otljer Countrp, noj otljers tljat are 
Lib.9. foi.i 17. calleD JlDjDS, auD arc no iio?ts of parliament,<arc accoumeo Pares, pars teitl)j< 

Seignior Zanchars in t^is ^tatUtC. MljO fljall bC faiD Pares, pocrS, OJ Cquals, fa befOJ€ Cap.14. 
^*'' ^ per Pares. 

igcre note, as is ljefo?e faio, tljat tljis is f c be unmilroD of i\)% Jiings fiite 


Cap. 2 9* SVLagna Qharta, 49 

fOJ tljClUO?l!S be, ncc fupcr eum ibimus, nee fupcr eum mittemus, nifi per legale iH.4;i. ijHiS.i. 
judicium pariuni fuorum. HDljercfoje, fo^ cii;artiplc,if a i]2obIc man hz tnutctfti foj lo E.4.5, 
murticr, I)c fljall be triefi bp Ijis ipai'iBjbui; if an Bppcal be b?ougl)t aptnit Ijim, 
lyijicl) is tljc fuit of tljc }3aitp, tljere Ije (liall not be tvicD bp ijis ^arji, but bj» an 
ojDinarp 3iurp of tbjclbe men % ano tijat foj ttoo rcafon0. ifira,fo} tljat tl;e ;9})*= 
j^cal cannot be bjougljt befoje tljc aioju Ijiglj ^tetuarti of England, toljo is tljc 
onlp 3;uiige of J!obIe men, in cafe of 2Creafon oj irelonp. g)econnIp, tl;i]s ^ta?; 
ttite e);tenoetlj onlp to tlje icings fiiit. 

flno it cjtentietl) to tljc lyings fuit in cafe of trcafon j fclonp, oj of mifpn* 
ftonof treafon oj fclonp, oi being acccfrarp to feionp befojc, 0; aftcr,ano not to 
anp otljer infcrioj offence. 01fo it ertcnDetlj to tlje tvial it felf, tuljcccbp Ije is to 
be contoicteo : but a j^obleman is to be incittco of treafon oj felony, 0} of mif*^ 
yjifion, oj being accelTarp to in cafe of felonp, bp an inquell untiet tlje oegvcc of 
i^obilitp : tlje numbev of tljC i^oblemen tljat arc to be triers are, 1 2. oj moje. 

0nii a |9ar of tlje iiealtn map be inoiaeo of trcafon 0? fclonp, before Com^^ 
initfioners of Oier & Terminer, oj in t^e iiingsBenclj, if t^e treafon oj felonp 
becommittcuintljeCountpto^eretljetoingslioenclKit: bealfomapbetniiittcD i9H.7.Edm. de 
of murcer, n manaaugljter,befDje tlje Co;oncr,?c. 31Eut if \)t be incictco in tlje '» p?'^ ^^^ o^ 
lyings 31£encl), oj tlje Binoirtmentremobeotljitljer, tlje i^obleman map pleaBljis i"cob the Lord 
^aroon tljerc bcfoje tlje 3utiges of tlie toingsbenclj, ano tljep Ijabc potner to al? Norrke cafe co- 
Jolu it, but Ije cannot confefs tljc inoittmcnt, ^t, pleao not guiltp bcfo;e tljc ram Rege. 
Sungcs of tlje icings 2i5enclj, but before tlje LoiD steluarti , ano tlje reafon of 
tljis oiuerCtp, tljat tlje trial oj jucgment mutt be befoje oj bp t^e Jlo?iJ fe>teto# 
aw, but tljc allowance of tlje paroon map be bp tlje laingsJSent]^, is bccaufetljat ■ ~ 

is not luitljin tljis s»tatute. 

3if a ipoblcman be infiicteo, anD cannot be founn, pjoces of j^utlatujp Ojall scamf.pi. com 3c. 
Ic atnaroen againft Ijim per legem terra, ano Ije fljall be j^utlaiueo per judicium 
Coronatorum, but IjC fijail be trieo per judicium parium fuorum, ijjljcu Ije appears 

ann pleaos to (flue. 

^ Per legale judicium. ] )l5p tljis toojtt legale, amongft otljers, tljjce 
tljings are implieo. i. 2Cljat tljis manner of trial toas bp 3iato, befoje tljis 
S>tatute. 2. acijat tljeir bemid: muft be legallp giuen, toljerein pxincipallp it Pafch.j^H.g. in 
is to be obferbeo. i. %\u tlje =ILO}ris ougljt to Ijcar no ebiocnce but in ttie pK«= the cafe of the l. 
fence ano tearing of tlje p jifoner. 2. 3fter tlje Jlojus be gone togetljer to con# cacres of the 
filler of tljc ebioence, tljep cannot feno to tlie Ijiglj 3>tetoarD to asfe tljc Juoges ^v^uthe'iudMs 
anp (lucftion of liato, but in tlje Clearing of tlje pjifoncr, tl)at Ije map Ijear luV^' of England as 
tljer tlje cafe be rigljtlp put, foj de fado jus oritur •, neitljer can tlieliojDSjbciljcn juftice speiman 
tljep are gone togetljer, feno fo: tljc 3iHiges to knou) anp opinion in Jlato, but reports. 
tlje biglj ^teiuaro ougljt to oemano it in Court in tlje Rearing of tlje piifoner. ^^^^ innituKfcap 
3. iHRljen all tlje ebiocnce is giben bp tlje icings learneo Councel, tlje Ijigli xreafon. 
^tetoaro cannot collect tlje ebioeuce againft tlje pjifoner, oj in anp fojt confer 
iMitljtlje Jiojos touching t^eir cbioence, in tljc abfence of tljc pjifoncr, but Ije 
cugljt to be calico to it i ano all tljis is implieo in tljis toojO' legale. 0nD tljetc^ 
fojc it fljall be neceffarp foj all fuclj pjifoncrs,after cbioencc giben againft '^im, 
ano before Ijc oepart from tlje ilBar, to reciuirc Jufticc of tt)e Jio.iu &teiDarD,anD 
of tlje otijec J.o:ds, tljat no qucftion be ocmanoco bp tlje ILojos, oj fpaclj oj 
conference Ijao bp anp toitlj ttie Jiojos, but in open Court in Ijis pjcfcnce ano 
ijearing;, oj clfe W fljall not take anp aobantage tljereof after beroict ano iuog* 
ment giben : but tlje Ijanoling tljereof at large, ano of otljer tl)tngs concerning 
tljis matter, belongs to anotber Srcatife, as bcfoje 3 Ijabc fljctueo, onlp tljis 
map fuffice foj tljc (lEjcpoticion of tljis statute. 3)ec tl)e 3. part of tljc IniHcutei, 
cap. SDreafon. 

;9no it is Ijere calico Judicium parium, ano not vcredidum, bcrnufetljc i^o* 
i)le men returneo, ano cljargeo, arc not f\i)0?n, but gibe tljcir juogment upon 
tbeir ^fjonout ano Jiigcance to tlje teing, foj fo are all tljc (Entries of lieco?D, 
feparatelp beginning at tlje puifne JLo^o, ano fo afceuoing upuiaro, 

1? Slnu 


S\dagna [harta. 

Cap. 29* 

Rot. Farliam. 
4 E.3. DU>^< 

Anno 8 Will, 

Anno 8 W.I. 

Pafeh. 28 H. 8. 
Sf elmaas report. 

22 H 6.47. 

Rot. Farliam. 

2$ £.3.cap.4. 

28 E.g-cap.j. 
37 £.;.cap.8. 
42 E 3.cap.3. 

0n» tiiottgl) of ancient time tljc JlojtiiS anti |i5ars of tljc Kca!m ufeir in par*: 
liamcnt to gibe jungment, in cafe of 2Creafon ano JFclonp, againft tljofe tljat 
toere no Jiojug of ^Barliament, yet at tlje fuit of tlje iojcg it mas enattcD, tljat 
albeit ttje JLojOS ann^ariEi of tljc IScalm, ag Stiugesi of tljc pariiament, int'bc 
jijcfencc of tlje !Stng, Ijati tafeen upon tljcm to gi\)c itiDgmcntjin cafe of s:rea«= 
fott ano i?cionpjOf fudj ag mere nopar? of tlje Kealnij tljat Ijereafter nopeersi 
IJjall 1)C Bjiijen to giijc 3i«fgment on anp otljerg, tljan on tljcir |9ar$ accojDing 
to tlje 3lato. 

Snijigi trial!)? pebvis toajs \)erj> ancient, foj 3 rcan, tljat William tlje£onqae*= 
ro^5 in tljc beginning of Ijis reign, createo William F itzosbeme (tu^o teais ©arl 
of Bretevil in Normandy) Carl of Hereford in England, Ijis 3>on Roger rticCflEOell 
ijim, anD toagCarl of Hereford, U)ljo unncr colour of Ijis^iCcrsi marriage atEx- 
iiinge near Newmarket in Cambridgcliiire, toljcreat man? of tlje j^obilttp, ano 
otbers tocre affemblen, conrpircB iuttlj tljem toreceiVie tljc Danes into England, 
ano to oepofe William tlje Conqueror, (tnljo tljcn toas in Normandy) from bis 
ISingtiom of England : ano to bjing tlje fame to effect, Ijc totclj otljerg rofe. C^ig 
SCreafon toag reuealeo bp one of tljc Contpiratoj?!, vi?. Walter Carl of Hunt- 
ingdon an Cnglifi) man, &on of tljat great Syward Carl of Northumberland : 
foj toljiclj ^Creafon tljis Roger Carl of Hereford toa? app?cljen0e6 bp Urfe Tip- 
toft tljen &ljeriff of Worceikrftiire, ano after iMas trieo b)) Ijis |9ari8,anD founn 
gUiltp of tljc SCreafon per judicium Parium fuorum, but Ijc li\)eri in pjifon all tl)C 
Daps of W life* i'ou Ijatoe Ijearo in tlje Crpofition of tlje 1 4 Cljapter, toljo arc 
to be faio ^ars, fomeiiiljat is ncceflarp to be aoncD tljereunio. %t is p^obioen 
bptlje&tatutcof2oH.6. acijatHDutc^eires, Countcffcp ano JHfaroneffes, fijall 
be trieo bp fuclj ^ccrs as a iPobleman, being a ^ecr of tlje Healm ougljt to be •■> 
toliic^ act toas maoe in Declaration ano affirmance of tlje Common iiato : foj 
^aranelfes ano ^micountcffes not namco in tljc M fijall be alfo trieo bp tlieic 
^ttrs, ano tlje ffiuan being tlje !^ingsconfo?t, ojootoagcr, fljall alfo be trieo, 
in cafe of SDrcafon, per Pares, as iKueen Anne, tlje Mlife of iiing Henry tl)C eigljt 
toaS Termino Pafch. anno 28 H.8. in tlje STotoer of London befojC t^C ^Uke of 
Norff. tljen big'b ^tettaro. 

3Bf a Woman tljat is i^oble bp birtlj, ootl) matrp uncer tljc Degree of ipobi^ 
litp, pet fbe lljall be trieo bp Ijer |3ecrs> but if flje be noble bp marriage, ano 
marrp unoer t^c Degree of ipobilitp flje lofetlj Ijer SDiguitp, fo> as bp marriage 
it ttias gaincD, fo bp marriage it is loft, ano flje fijall not be trieo bp Ijer Ipeers. 
3f a E)utcljefs bp marriage do marrp a 21Earon,fl)e lofctljnot Ijer a?ignttp, foj 
all Degrees of j^obilitp, as Ijatlj been faiD, are Pares. 3f a ©ucen SDoiuagec 
marrp anp of tlje j^obilttp, tii unocr tljat Degree, pet Icfct^ (Ije not Ijer SDtg^ 
nitp, as Katherine iUueen E'Oloager of England, matriCD Owen ap Meredith ap 
Theodore Cfquirc, ano pet fl)e bp tlje name of Katherine iJuecn of England, 
maintaincD an action of S>etinue, againft tlje JlBifiioiJ of Carlile. 

anD tljetliueen of Navarra marrping luitlj Edmund tljc Ijotljcr of E. i. fucD 
foj Ijer SDoluer bp tljc name of ©ueen of Navarra ano rccoucrcD, 

^ Nifi per Legem terrx. j Jlfut bp tlie llato of tlje iano. JFoj tljc true 
fenfe aito ejcpoCtion of f^cfe tuojDs, fee tlje Statute of 37 t.3. cap.8. toljerc tlje 
iDDOjDs, bp t^e JLaU) of tljc 3LanD, are renojcD, luitljout Due pjoces of JLaiu, foj 
tljerc it is faio, tljouglj it be containcD in tlje great Cljarter, t^at no man be ta# 
iben, impjifoncD, oj put out of Ijts freeljolD toitljout p?occ9 of tlje JLaijj, tljat is, 
bp inDittmcnt ojpjefentment of gcoD ano lalijful tocn, Uiljctc fuc^ DccDs be Done 
in Due manner, oj bp Mrit o:iginai of t\it Common lato. 

maitbout being bjougljt in to anCtoer but bp Due Pjoccib of tlje Common lato. 

^0 man be put to anlu;cr luiajout pjcfcntmcnt bcfo?c Jufticeg, oj tljing of 
rcco^D,oj bp Due pjoccs,oj bp tojit ojigtnal,accojDing to tlje olD ILam of tlje iLanD, 

©Kljerein it is to be obfcrbGD, tljat tljis Cljapter is but Beclarato?p of tlje olD 
llaUJ of England. Rot. Parliament 43 E.3. nu. 22,23. tlje cafc of Sir John a Lee, 

tlje ^tetoarD of tijc fetngs ijoufe. 


Cap. a 9- (Shdagna Qbana. 51 

fj Per legem terrx. 3 '• P*^"" ''^8'^'" Anglia?, aiio Ijcvf upon fill CommiUions! 
arc gmmBeH, ialjctein is tl)iS claufr, faCluri quod ad juftitiam pcrtinet lecundum 
legem, & confuetudinem Angliac, &c. SuD it \% not faiD, legem ^ confuctudiiiem 
Regis Angliic, left it migljt bf iljotifftt to liinti tljc !Stng onlp, noj populi 
Anglise, left it niigl)t lie tljoiigljt to binu tl)cm onlp, but tljat tl)c \m migljt 
CJCtcnD to all, it is fain per legem terrs,i. Anglis. 

flnti aytlp it i? fain in tl)i0 attjper legem terras, tljat iiEf, \-^ tl)C 3La)M cf England : 19 h <J 7. 
5T0J into tljofc place? toljcrc tl)C Jlato of England tunnctlj not, otljer ilaUig ave 
allotoeu in man? cafegj an5 not pjoljibitcti by tljtg 0tf. i^oj ejcample : ^f anj) 
injurp, robberpj Wonp, oj otljer offence be none upon tl;e liiglj ^ea. Lex terrse 
cjctennctl) not to ii-, tljerefo:e tl)e anniiral batlj conufance tljcrcof, auD map pjo^ 
ccco acco?Ding to tlje marine ilatu bp impjifonmcnt of tijc bonp, anu od;et: pjo^ , 
cceDing0, as liattc been allotijcii bp tljc liatos of tbe rtcalm. 

0nti fo if tU'o (Bnglifl)'me« no p into a fojrain ittingcom, ann figljt tljere jann 
tlje one murnei- tbe otljcr, lex terrs cictcntiEtlj not hereunto, but tljis offence fl;an '^ '^''^' 
be Ijearn ann netermincn befojc tlje Conftable ann lOparnjal, ann fuel) pjocccningis 
Iliallbetljercbp attacljing of tljcbonp, ann otliertDtfc, agi tlje Jialu ann Cuftom 
of tljat Court Ijabe been allouien bp t'be ?iatog of tljc Kealm. 

0gaiuft i\)\$ ancient ann funnamcntal iLa\u, ann in tljc face tljercof 3 finn an „ H.7.cap ,. 
Srt of parliament mane, tljat as ijjeU ^ufticeis of iKftfe, as 1\x^\iz% of ipeacc 
Ctoitljout anp finning oj pjefentment bp tlje bernict of ttoclbc men) upon a bare 
infO'jmation foj tl)e laingbcfoje tljem mane, llotiln Ijabc full poluer ann autljo.* 
titp bp tljeir nifcrctions, to Ijcar ann neterminc all offences ann contempts 
tommittec, oj none bp anp perfon oj pccfons againft tlje fojm, ojninance ann 
Effect of anp Statute mane, ann not rcpealcn, ^c. Hep colour of i; Mflj a(^,fl;aking 
tl)is funnamental JLato, it is not crenible tol)at Ijo.uible oppjeflions ann e]caci*= 
ons, to tlje unncing of infinite numbers of people \i:£» ^ committen bp Sir 
Richard Empfon flinig'^t, ann Edm. Dudley being yx^m% of ^eace, tljjougljout 
England i annupon tljis un|uft ann injurious 0ct ( as commonlp in \\\z cafes ic 
falletl) out) a nett office inas cretfen, ann tliep mane Rafters of tljc iUngs foj^ 

feitures. ^ „ 

llBut at tlje i^arliament Ijolncn in tlje firft pear of H. 8. tljis Set of 1 1 H. 7. , H.8.cap.5, 
is reciten ann mane boin, ann rcpealcn, ann tlje rcafon tljereof is pielnen, foj 
tljat bp fojce of tlje fain act it toas manifcftlp fenot..ri, tljat manp finiffcr ann 
craftp, fcignen ann fo?gen informations Ijan been putiucn againft nibers of t^e 
iSings Subjects, to tljeir great namage, ann tojongful bejcation ; ;9:nn tlje ill 
fuccefs Ijereof, anti tlje fearful enn of tljcfe ttoo oppjeflojs, ftouln neter otljers 
from committing tlje like, ann fljouln anmonidj |)arliaments, tljat inftean of 
fljis ojninarp ann pjecious trial Per legem terrs, tljep bjing not in abfolutc ann 
partial trials bp nifccction. 

Sf one be fufpctren foj anp crime, be it ^TreafDn, i^clonp, f c. Snn tlje partp Rot.pari. i H.4. 
is to be craminen upon certain interrcgatojies =, Ijc map Ijear tljc intcrrogatojics, memb.2.nH.i. 
ann take a reafonable time to anttoer tljc fame tuiti^ neliberation c as tljere tlje 
time of neliberation \uas ten Ijours,) ann tlje eraminate, if Ije luill, map put 
IjiS anftocr in waiting, ann keep a Copp tljtreof : ann fo it ioas refolnen iw 
parliament bp tlje Lo?ns Spiritual ann SCempojal in tlje cafe tf 3uftice Ri- 
chill, &ce tlje Ketojn at large. 

ann tlje 3Lo?n Carew being eraminen foa being pjibp to tlje 53lot, foj tljc ^nno x6. JacoW 
cfcape of Sir Walter Rawleigh attaintcn of SCreafcn, nefircn to Ijatc a copp of Regis. 
Ijis examination, ano Ijan it, as Per legem terras Ije ougljt. 

ipoto bcre it is to be fenoton, in toljat cafes a man bp tlje 3laiD of tlje Lann, 
map be taken, arrcften, attacljen oj impjifonen in cafe of SCrcafon oj i?elonp, 
bcfoje pjefcntmcnt, innictment, jc. OTljerein it is to be unncrftain, tljat ?p?oces 
of iiato is ttoofoln, viz. 315p tlje toings Mrit, 0} bp nuc p?oceening ann toarrant, 
cicljer in neen, 0? in iiauj toitljout Wait, 

as firft, lualjete iljcrc is anp iwitnefs againft tlje offenner, l;c map be taken 
ann arreften bp laiwful uoarrant, ann committen to pjifon. 

^ 2 WS^tXi 


SM^agna (Jbarta. 

Cap. 29. 

WljenSTrcafon aim iFcIonp is committw, atiD tljc common fame atiD Doice 
is, tijat A. is m^t'^-> « iis laiofnl foj anp man tljat fttfperts Ijtm, to apj^jcljenu 

<j 2nt)iS JFame Bradon DcfcrilJCtl) Uiell, Fama qus fufpicionem inducit,oriri de- 
bet apud bonos, & graves, non quidem malevolos, & makdicos, fed providas 
& tide dignas perfonas, non femel, fed fspius, quia clamor minuit, & defamatio 

b &o it is of l^itc anB Crp, ann t!}at is bp tljc Statute of VVinchefter, \aUt\ 
is but an affirmance of tljc Common ILauj : Jiikctoifc if A. U fufjiectfti,' ano Ije 
fleetlj, oj Ijicctlj Ijimfclf, it is a gcoti caufe to artcft Ijim. 

c 5f SEreafon j iTcIonp be none, anti one Ijatlj iutt caufe of fnfpition, tljis is 
a gmo catifc ant iMavrant in ilato foj Ijim to arrcft anp man, but ijemuft fljcin ixi 
certaintp tbc caulc of Ijis fwfijition : anu luljetljer tlje fitfpition be juft oj lato^ 
fill, fljall be Detcvminco bp tlje Itttlices in an Action of falfe impjifonment 
bjotigbt bp tlje partp gricDcn, oj ttpon a Habeas corpus, &c. 

a i^elonp is Done, ano one is ptirrueti upon ^m anu Crp, tljat is not of ill 
fame, ftifpicious, unknown, noj inciflcti i Ije map be bp Doarrant in %m at^ 
tadjct) ano impjtfonen bp tlje JLato of tlje iianD. 

Si Matcljman map arreft a nigl)t#toalfeet bp a tuarcant in 3Latu. 

5f a man iBOunuetlj another bangcrouflp, anp man map arreU Ijim bp a toar^ 
rant in \m, until it map be knoton loaljctljenljc partp luounfleu fljall tie tljere^ 
of, oj no. 

3;f a man keeptljc companp of a noto^ons tljief, inljercbp Ije is fufpecteu, jc. 
it is a gcDti f aufc, ann a Qaiarrant in Jialu to arreft Ijim. 

5f an affiap be mane to tljc b?caclj of tlje icings peace, anp man map bp a 
tKlarrant in iLatu reftrain anp of tlje offenficrs, to tlje eno tljc iftings peace map 
be kept, but after t^e afftap cncea, tljcp cannot be arretten toitljout an ejcujefs 

S>fC noto tlje Statutes of i & 2 Phil. & Mar. cap, 13. & 2 & 3 Phil. & Mar. 
cap. I o. 

ipoto feeing tljat no man can be taken, arrcfleD, attacljen, oj tmpjifonea but 
bp Hue pjoces of ?iato,antiaccoiiitng to tlje Jiato of tljc Jlanu, t^efe concluOong 
Ijereupon tio follow. 

i?irC, tljat a commitment bp laluful Warrant, eitljer in uecii oj in Jlato, is 
accotnueti in liato cue pjoccs oj pjoceening of 3iaU), ano bp tlje ^m of 'tlje 
ILanti, as tacll as bp pjoccs bp fojce of tlje JSings Mrit. 

2. SEljat Ijeoj tljcp toljiclj Bo commit tljem, Ijabe latoful anttiontp. 

3. JTljat Ijts Marrant 0; Mittimus be latoful, ano tljat muft be in iujitinff 
unrier Ijis Ijano anti fcal. 

4. 2Elje caufe mutt be containeo in tlje Marrant, as fo; SCrcafon, ifclonp,(jc. 
oj foj fufpition of SErcafon oji?clonp, gpc. otljetiuife if tlje Mittimus contain no 
caufe at all, if tlje p?ifoner efcape, it is no offence at all, toljereas if tlje Mitti- 
mus containcu tljc caufe, tlje efcape toere jEreafon 0% iFelonp,ti)oug^ Ije toere not 
guiltp of tlje offence i ano tljercfoje foj tlje toings benefit, anH tljat tie p^ifoner 
map be tlje moie fafclp kept, tlje Mittimus ougljt 10 contain i%t caufe. 

5. acijeOTarrant oj Mittimus containing a laiuful caufe, ougljt to Ijabe a 
See mnre before ''''^^^"^ fontlufjon, viz. auD Ijim fafclp to kccp tmttl Ije beDclibereBbp 3lLato,9tc. 
hereof in the Ex- «"^ ""' """^ ^'^^ pactp Committing Botlj furtljcr o?tier. ann tljisnotlj euitientlp 
pofition upon the appear bp tljc Mrits of Habeas corpus, botl) in tljc ittingsJlBcnci^ ann Commou 
Statute of I E.2. |)leas, Cjccljf fiwcr ano Cljancejp. 

De frangentibus " " " 

7 E.4.:o. 8 E.4-5. 
9 E 4.27.1 1 £.4-2. 
a H.7,i5.b.4. 
5 H.7.5.a. 
27 H.8.2?. 

4 29 E 5.9. 

39 E-3-39- 

26 E. 3.7 1. 

c II H.4.4.b. 

20 E.4.6.b. 

27 H.8.33, 

29 E.5.3P. 

4H.7.2. 5H.7.5 
10 H.7.20. 

26 £.3.71.3. 

38 H8. faux im 




Out of the Kings 
Bench, though 
there be not any 
privUedge, &c. 

Rex Vicccoifi London falutem. Praecipimus vobis, quod corpus A.B. in cuftodia 
veftra detent, ut dicitur,una cum caufa detentionis fua;, quocunq, nomine prsd.A.B. 
cenfeatur in eifdcm, habeatis coram nobis apud VVeftm' die Jovis prox' poli Odabis 
S. Martini, ad fubjiciend', & recipiend" ea, qua; curia nollra de eo adtunc, & ibidem 
Ordinal" contigerit in hac parte, & hoc nullatenus omittatis, periculo incumbente, & 
habeatis ibi hoc breve. Tefte Edw.Coke 20 Nov. anno R.egni noftri i o. 

%W «? tlje uiual fojm of tlje mxit of Habeas corpus in tlje 5&ings 31Benc|i, 


Cap. 2 9 . S^dgna Ghana. 5 5 

Vide Mich. 5 E.4.Rot. 143. Coram Rcge, Kefars Cafe, tmCcr tlje Tefte of S)ir 
John Markham. 

Rex Vicecom London falutem. Prscipimus vobis quod habcatis coram Juflicia- In the Common 
riis noltris, apud VVelhTi die Jovis prox' poftquinqv fcptimain. Pafchs, corpus A.B. Pleas, for anyman 
quocunque nomine cenfeatur,in prifona velha, fub cufbdia vciira detent, ut dicitur, ^j^g^ 'J^J*^^^ l", 
una cum die, & caufa captionis & detentionis ejufdcni, ut iidem Jufticiar nollri, like in'^the Efche- 
yifa caufa ilia, ulterius ticri fac', quod de jure, & fecundura legem, & confuetudincm . quer. 
Regni noftri Anglis foret facicnd", & habeatis ibihoc breve, Terte, &c. 

SCljc \\\t Mlrit 10 to 1)C giMiuco cue of djc Cljauccrp, citljct iw ttjc time of out of thechan- 
tl)ca:ci-m, (asmtljc!^ings51Dcndj) oj in tljc Cllacation , fiSj tljc Coiia of ^^|^y 8^""='"y' 
Cljanccrp 10 officina jufticix, anD is t^er open, nnti nrtcv aDjourneti, to as tljc no" any p'rWiiedge 
^\\^)tiX iiciitg lujongfullp inipjifonc5, may Ijaijc jitflirc foj tl;c libcrtp cf Ijis S:c. 4 E.4. 
pcrfon as \&t\\ in tljc tHJacation time, as in tl;c SDecm. 

315p tljcfe ©Krits it manifcftlp appcaretlj, tljat mo man ougljt xt^ ic impjifon*^ 
cb, but foj fome certain caufc ; ann tljefe toojts, Ad fubjlcicna , oc recipier.cT,&:c. 
pjoljc tljat caufe muft tie flictoeD : foj otljerUiifc i;o\M can tljc Court take ojaci; 
tljerein accojmng to ILaiu i 

0nD tljts notlj agree witlj tljat luljiclj is faio in tljc Ijolp l^^iffojp, Sine ratione ^a. Apoft. cap. 25 
mihi videtur, raittere vindum in carcerem, & caufas ejus non iignificare. HEut ^WiZ ^"" " ^' 
me lojote tljefe tljings, ana paffeD oi)er tco man|> otljcr Sct0 of |3arliamcnt \ Ik, 
itolu tlje petition of Migljt, Anno Tertio Caroli Regis, rcfolijeD in fuU l^arlia:*; 
ment Dp tlje Itiiitg, tlje iLojps ^jjiritual, ano Ccmpojal, ann tlje Commons, 
luljtclj Ijatlj mace an cno of tljis tiueftidn, if anp toere. 

3!mp?ifonmcnt Dotl) not oufpertenu to falfe impjifoument, anti unjtttt, lute 
fo} retaining of tlje ^jifoner longer tljan Ije ougljt, luljcrc Ije teas at i\)t firtt 
laujfullp impjifoncD. 

3;f tlje !Sings OTfrit come to tljc a>ljcriff, to neliDer tljc ^jifoner, if Ijc Detain Hii. 52 E.i.coram 
Jim, tljis Detaining '\% an imp?ifonmentagainfi: tlje ?La\i) of tlje JLanD : 3,f a man ^^?^ ^°^'u'i!^ '^ 
lie in |)>ifon, a Inarrant cannot be mase to tlje (Gaoler to Deii\)er tlje pjifcner parcii'',*^ ehz by 
to tlje cultoDp of anp perfon unknoton to tlje (II5aoler»foj ttoo caufcs •, i?irlI,iTo;i all the juaice's. 
tljat tljercbp tljc iiiings Writ of Habeas corpus, oj Deli\3crp, migljtbc pjeUenteD. 8 H.4.18, 2oE,4^$ 
2. %\)Z Mittimus ougljt to be, as Ijatlj ban taio, till Ije be neliuereD bp aiam. 

if tlje S>ljerift; oj ©aoltr Detain a ^Djifoucr in tljc C'aol after Ijig actiuital, 
unlefs it be fo; Ijis fa?, tljis is faUc impjifonmcnt. 

3In manp cafes a man map be bp tlje JLa to cf tlje 3lattD ta&en anD imp?ifonefl 
tp fojcc of tlje !^ings ^^rii upon a Cuggcftion maDf. 

jagainft tljofe tljat attempt to fubbcrt, ano ener'batc tljc icings Jlaiws, tljcre Reg1a.tf4R0t.Pat. 
lietlj a Mrit to tljc ^^etiff in nature of a commiffion, Ad capiendum im- frnpulnaores' 
pugnatores juris Regis, & ad ducendum eos ad Gaolam de Newgate i luljiclj jurium Regis. 
pou map rcaD in tlje Kegifter at large. Ubi iupra. ^no tljis is lex terra?, bp 
|0}o'ccfs of ilaiu, to take a man mitljout anfiucr, oj fummons in tljis cafe : 
anD tljc reafon is, Merito beneficium legis amittit, qui legem ipfam fubvertere in- 

3;f a ^ottlDier after toages receibcD, oj pjcttmoncp taken, Dotlj al;fcntljim:= Regid. :4& ipi; 
(elf, oj Depart from tljc !atngs ferDice i upon tljc certificate tljereof cf tljrC-'p- 
tain into tlje Cljancerp, tljere lietlj a Wnxt to tlje ?^ings ferjeants at jarmc?, if 
tljc partp be V3agrant, aUD IjiDCtlj Ijimfelf, Ad capiendum condudos proficifccnd" 
in obfequium noftrum, &c. qui ad didtum obfequium nolbum venire non curave- 
rint. 0nD tljis is lex terra;, bp p JOCCfS of 3laD),pro defenllone Regis, & Regni, 0; 
foj tlje fame caufe, a Mrit map be DiretteD to tlje ^Ijeriff, De arreftando ipfum, 
qui pecuniam recepit ad proiicilcendum in obfequium P>.egis, & non eft profe- 

V. a man IjaD entrcD into IScIigion, anD toas pjofelTeD, anD after Ije DcpartcD ^m- f-^"^?- f-n. 
from Ijis Ijoufe, anD became bagrant in tlje Countrp againfl tlje rules of bis IRC;^ c'c'r^^r?^ 6 e??.!^ 
ligion,upon t^e Certificate of tlje Sbbot, o> ^jio^i tljercof ino tlje Cfcancerp, a 22 e.j 2. 
Writ fljoulD be DireCcD to tlje §>ljeriff, De apoitata capiendo, luljcrcbp be luas 
COmmanDCD in ttiefC toOjDS \ Prxcipimus tibi quod prsefatum, &c. Sine dilatione 


54 (£\dagna Qharta. Cap. 2 9. 

■■• .' arreftes, & praefat Abbat, &c. liberes fecundum regulam ordinis fui caftigand'j 

iJllD tlji)8 luajS Lex terrge, bp PjOCefS of ilato, in honorem religionis. 
Begirt. 59,5o.F.N. Sf anp lap wcn iBitlj fojce anu ffrong !janD, do enter upon, oj feeep rtjc jiof*; 
6,54. 15R.2.C.2. fcffton cu'bEr of tlje Cljurcl), ojofanp of tlje toufes, oj glcl)c,$c. belonging 
tljerennto, tlje 3tnrumbent upon certificate tljercof of tl}c liEtfljop, oj luittjout cer# 
vide Regift. 284. ttficatc iiyon lji0 oton f«rmtfcniapljaiiea®I!Irittotl;c^ljerift,De vikicaamo- 
'^^nrofVur^- v^n<^3, bp uj^ict) tlje ^fteriff is contnianncD in tljcfc toojnsi Prscipimus tlbi 
wyors"^ whid^' ^^'^^ omnem vim laicam feu armatam, quse fc tenet in dida Ecclcfia, feu domibus 
make purveyance eidem annexis, ad pacem noftram in Com tuo perturband", iine dilatione amoveas, 
of the men of the & fi quos in hac parte refiftentes inveneris, eos per corpora fua attachias, ^ in pri- 
ehurch. fo^j m^tz falvo cuftodias, &c. anti t\}i% ig lex terras, bp |9j0CCf!B of latB, pro 

pace Ecclefiae. 
Regift. 89. F.N.B. ^Ifo a Writ of Ne exeas Regnum map be atoarDCt to tlje S>'i)criff, oj Ituttices 
85. 31 H.8. Dicr of |9eace, OJ to botlj, tl)at a man of tlje clurclj fljall not Depart t^e ISeafm i tlje 

45. I Mar. 92. f ffert tobcrcof is ■■, Quia datum efl nobis intclligerCj quod A. B. clericus verfus par- 
I tiXL. I J. ^^^ exteras, ad quamplurima nobis, & quamplurima de populo noftro prsjudicia- 

lia, & damnofa, ibidem profequend', tranfirc proponit, &c. tibi praecipimus, quod 
prsedid' A. B. coram te corporaliter venire facias, & ipfum ad fufficientes manu- 
captores, inveniend", & c. Et fi hoc coram te facere recufaverit, tunc ipfum A. B. 
proxims gaols committas falvo cuftodiend", quoufque hoc gratis facere voluerit. 
0no tbercis anotljet tUHrit in tlje Kegiftcr DiretteD totljc partp, eitljer of tlje 

Clergp OJ JLaitp. 0nD tljiS is lex terrs, bp^JOCefSofilato, Pro bono publico 

Regis & Regni ■■, Mljereof pou map reas mojc at large in t^e tljiro part of tlje 
Inftitutes, Cap. Fugitives. 
Regift.2i57. F.N.B. ® pon a furmifc tljat a man is a JLeper, one tl&at Ijaf^ morbum elephanticum, 
234.Braa.i.5.f.42i focallcDj bccaule Ijeljatlj a skin like to an flDlepliant} f^eremap be aMritDire*: 
Brit.f.39.88. Flcta £tfB to jjjg ^i^criffj Quia accepimus quod J. de N. leprofus exiftit, & inter homines 
cora*tn ReecRoti? Comitatus tui communiter converfatur, &c. ad grave damnum homin' prsd", & 
Rot.clauf. 22 E.';. propter contagionem raorbi praed" periculum manifeftumj &c. tibi prascipimus quod 
in dorf. 20 parte, afTumptis teaim aliquibus difcretis & legaRbus hominibus de Comitat prsed" non 
•"•I4' fufped', &c. ad ipfum J. accedas, &c. & examines, &c. & fi ipfum leprofum inve- 

neris, ut prasdid' efl, tunc ipfum honeftiori modo quo poteris a communione ho- 
minum praedid' amoveri, & fe ad locum folitarium ad habitand' ibidem, prout mo- 
ris eft, transferre facias indilate, 8cc. SlnD tljis is kx terrae, bp |0JOCefS of ilaiu, foj 
falling of tlje people from contagion anD infertton, f.74.intiie jigtit if anp man bp colour of anp autljojitp, ^^ibere i)e Ijat^ not anp in tljat 
ftaifea Rot'^pari ^^"""^^"^ ^^f^' arreft OJ impjifon anp man. oj caufe Ijim to be arretted, oj im«s 
42 E.?. nu. '2;. ' ¥?ifoneD, tljis is againft ttis 0ct, anD it is moll Ijateful, toljen it is none bp couu;* 

Sir John a Lees tcnaiice of ^Uttice. 

Cafe- JSing Edw.d. Din incojpojatc tlje SCoton of &. Albons, ana granteti to tljcm 

Clark caf ^'*" ^^ '"^^^ ojDinanccSjf c. tljcp mate an ojninance upon pain of impjifonment,ann 
' ^' it luas aDjuDgcD to be againft tljis Statute of Magna Charta i ^o it i^, if fuclj an 
ojDinance ^ao ban ccntaineD in t^e patent it felf. 

ail Commiffions tftat are confonant to tt)is;9ct,are, as Ijatl) ban fain, Secun- 
dum legem, & confuetudinem Anglix. 
42 AfT. pi.5. Rot. a Commiffion toas mase unDer tlje great &eal to tafee J. N. (a notojious fe^ 
Pari. 17 R.2.n.37. Ion) auD to feife Ijis lanDS, anti gmos : 2Cl)ts toas refoltieo to be againft t^e 
3la\u of tl^e 5ianD, unlefs Ije l;aD been ennitteD, oj appealeo bp tijc parip, oj bp 
otljer Duepjocels of llalw. 
Rot. Pari. 2 H.4. %t 10 cnartcD, if anp man be arreffec, oj impjifonen againft tijc fojm of tljig 
ou,i5o. gjf jjj cijarter, tljat be be bjougljt to Ijis anftoer, ann Ijaue rig^t. 

^0 man to be arrefteD, oj impjifoneo contrarp to tljc fojm of tlje great 
^® mojc of tlje fcijeral 3Latos allotueu toitl)in tljis Jianfi, in tlje fi'rtt part of 

tljC Inftitutes, Scd:.3. 

2CljepjiloCopljical |3oet twtlj notablp nefcvibc tfic Damnable, ano Damneo 
PjoceeDings of t^jc 3«t"gc of ^ell. 


Cap. 2 9 . SViagna Qharta c 5 

Gnofius hie Radamanthus habet duriilima rcgna, yj„;t 

Cartigatque, auditque dobs, fubigitque fateri. 

0nri in anotljer place, 

■ leges rixit precio atque refixit. 

JFirtt l)C punilljctlj, atiD tljcn Ije ijearctl; t ann lalilp, compcHctlj to confefg,anii 

mafec ann mar Jlato0 at Ijts plcaftirc ■■. M^c as tlje Ccntttcion in t\)z Ijolp Ijiito;? 

flo^J) Citi 10 &..Paul: iTojtlje tejctfaitl), CentuHo apprchendi Paulum juirir, & Aa.Apoft.c.22. 

fecatcnis ligariSc tunc interrogabat, quis fuilTet, Scquid feciflct: btttgOJD B^tlUgeg i-H-'^-l- 

anD Blufliccsi abljoj tljcfc courffg. 

j^olu it niaj) be nemauDCD, if a man Ic taken, ej committer td pjifon contra 
legem teint, apinit tlje iiaui of tijc lano, vuljat remeiiv Ijatlj tlje partp gttebCD i 
SCO tlji0 it is anfluercf, i^irftjtljat cttcrp j9tt of |i3arli<iment niatie againft anp 
tnjncp, mifcljief, oj gricliancc Dot!) cttljer crpjefij), 0% impltrnlv ^m a vcnicnp 
to tlje partv lu?onge!i, n grieueD ; as in manp of tlje Cljaptcrs of tljis grent 
Cljattet appearctlj, ano tljerefoje te map Ijaijc an aition grotinneD upon tliis 
great Cljarter. 0s taking one example fo? manp, anc tijat in a poluetful, ano a 
late time. Pafch. i. H.8, coram Rege Rot.558. againft tlje pjioj of »>. Ofwin iw 
Northumberland. 5lnti it is p?o\3tDeii, ano JeclareD Ijp tlje Statute of 36 E. 3. j^E.j.cap.p; 
tl;at if anp man feelctlj Ijimfclf grieueo, contrarp to anp article in anp S>tatute, 
Ije fljall IjaDe pjefent rcmecp in Cljancerp ( tljat is, bp original CSErit) bp fojce 
of tl}C fain Articles ano Statutes. 

2. ^cmap caufeljim to be tnoideo upon tljis Statute at tlje JSings fttite, 
totiecedf pou map fee a ^Sjeceoent, Pafch. 3 H.8. Rot. 71. coram Rege. Rob.Shef- 
fields cafe. 

3. a ^t mapljaijean habeas corpus Otttof tljC tetngS JlBencl) OJ Cljancerp, -J See the refolud- 

tljouglj tljere be no pjiisileoge, jc. o? in tlje Court of Common picas, 03, ^U onofaiithejudges 
clMuer, foj anp officer o?p?iwletigciiperfontl)crei upon luljiclj Mrit tlje goal#^ anav^'^'t^ j" ^^^ 
cr mtift return, bp toljom Ijc toas committee, ano tljc caufe of W imp?ifon;=^ tides" f the ci"I 
mcnt, ano if it appeartlj tljat Ijis impjifonment be luft ano latoful,lje fljall be gy hereafter at 
remanoeo to tlje fojmer dPaoler, but if it fijall appear to tlje Court, tt)at Ije toas '"^e in the expo- 
impjifonco againft tlje llato of tlje lano, tljep ougljt bp fojce of tljis statute to [l[i°" f°Lt/c,"; 
ocUtoer Ijim : if it be noUbtful ano unoer conOOeration, Ije map ht bailee. to the 2 1 and fz 

%\\ 5 E.4. coram Rege Rot.143. John Keafars cafe, a notable KCCOJO anti tCD artic. of the Wric 
long Ijere to ie reciteo. of mheas corpus. 

loEIiz. Rot. Leas cafe. See more in the 

3;n I & 2 EIi2. Dier 175. Scrogs cafe. th?°sS.°ofT". 

3[|n 18 Eliz. Dier 175. Roland Hynds cafe in margine. cap. 15. 

4. ![?e map Ijauc an BtJion of falfe imprifonment 10 H. 7. fol. 17. iut tc is *Regift.77.F.N.B, 
cntreo in tlje Court of Common Ipleas, Mich. 1 1 H.7. Rot. 327. Hilarie War- ^t^"*? n KaP' 
ncrs cafe, ano it appearetlj bp tlje Kecojo, tljat Bttmgment icuas giUen foj tlje f.nI. 249.258! 
plaintif ; a Uecojo toojtljp of obfcrtiation. Braft. 1.3. ^154! 

5. h ISe map Ijabe a tElrit de homine replegiando. ^ w 2.C.29.GI0C. 
Vide Marlebridge Cap. 8. "P.9. 

£ Mirror f* t S tf 

6. c ^e migljt bp tljc Common ilato Ijalje Ijao a ©lltrit De odio & atia, as c.2.§ n.c.5.'§ 1,2 
pou map fee befoje. Cap. 2(5. but tljat ws taken atoap bp§>tatttte, butnotu is Fie*ta,i'2. c.12.' 
rebiucD again bp tljc Statute of 42 E.3. cap.r. as tljere it alfo appearetl). 3(t is O'^^am cap. quid 
faiO in d VV. 2. Sed ne hujufmodi appellati, vel indidati diu detineantur in pri- blTsTN B^^*^""' 
fona, habcat breve De odio &c atia, iicut in Magna Charta, & aliis Statutis did' cli : J" '^g E.-.' n.7. 
ano bp tljc faio Set of 42 E.3. all Statutes maoc againtl Magna Charta, arc re# 2 \^8 e*?. n.'ii.' 
pealeo. ^s45E?-ni9' 

^ A I E.J. n. 58. 

C Nulli vendemus,&c. ] . Cljis is fpoken in tlje perfon of tljeteing, To K^^.tnei ill 
toljo in jtiogmcntof iiauj, in all Ijis Courts of JCufficc is pjcfent, ano repeat;^ 34 h.5.:!8. 2E.?. 

ing tljefe luo jOS, Nulli vendemus, &c. c. 1 o. i E.4, cap, r. 

^no tljeretoje, e^ccp Sublet of tljis liealm, fo? in|urpoonc to Ijim in bonis, ^^" ^- "?•?• 
terris, velperfona, bp anp otljcr ^ubjcct, bc Ije ecclefiaftical, o} STempoial, ^' s-cap.n. 

^5 S^agna Qharta* Cap. 2 9. 

JFreeo; ^onn, span oj OTomanj€>It) oj ^oung, oj beljc outIaiD£iije;i;commttiU;« 
catcD, oj anp otljer toitljoitt Ejccepttoii, mav tafee lji0 rcrncup bp tlje courfe of tlje 
jiaiUj auB lialje juCicej anti rigljt fox tlje injuri? fionc to Ijim, freelp Doitljcut fair, 
full? toitljout anp Denial, ant fyantlv twitljouttrclap. 
^crei]) it appearctl), tl;at Bintticc muft lja\)c tljja (lualitiegjit muff be Libera, 

quia nihil iniquius vcnali Juftitia i Plena, quia Juftitia non debet claudicarci & Ce- 
kris, quia dilatio eft qusdam negatio i anu tljEn its liOtlj Juftice anii Migljt. 

aE.5.c.8. 14E.3. CI Nulli negabimus, aut differemus, Scc^ 2El)cfc toojniS Ijaljc ban cj:*; 

C.14. 20 £.3.1,1. cellentlp ftpounccti bp latter ^rtsi of |3arliamcnt, tljat bp no meang common 

I r Rp2. cap.i I. j.jgjjj^ p. Common Hau) ftoulD be DiQurbcD oj uclapcD, no, tljougl) it be com5= 

nu o! Ro^ Pari. wanceD untiEr tl)c Cjeat |i>cal, oj |)?ii3p S>cal, ojncr, wjtt, Ictterg, melTagc, o% 

2 H.4.' nu. 64. commandment toljatfoeber, eitljer from tlje l^ing, oj anp otljcr, anD tljat ti)e 3h^ 

Regift. 186. dices fijall ji?oc«ii, as if no fuel) tojits, letters, ojner, meffage, oj otljer com*= 

I 2 E.3.3 jtianDment luere come to tljem. Judicium redditun:iper defakam affirmatur, non 
i4E.2.tic.lour.24 1 A 1 T> • 1 ^ .•'.,. .. ' ' 

18 E.2.47. 39 E.3T obitante breve Regis de prorogatione judicii. 

7. L."s E.4.132. 2Cljat tlje Common JLatos of tlje Kealm fljoulo bp no means be celapeu, fcj 
Pafch. 3 H.4. Co- tijg jLato is t\t furett fanctuarp, tljat a man can take, anu tlje ttrongeft fojtrefs 
Roc ^5^^Warwik ^^ P^^^^^ * ^^^^ lucahcff Of all i lex eft tutilTima calTis, anO fub clypeo legis nemo de- 
Roc.' Pari. "^.6,' '-"'pitur ; but tljc iaing map flap Ijis olun fuite, as a capias pro fine, foj t'^t i^ing 
nu.33. 22afr.pi.9. map refpit Ijis fine anotljelifee. 

p H.d. 50. b. an ^ajotections tl)at arc not legal, lol)icl) appear not in tlje IRegiUcr, noj tuajfajitfu ^ out bmks, arc erpjeflp againfl tljisbjanct), nulli differemus : 0sa 
4.76?3'iT3.quare P^otcction unDert^c dPrcat^cal grantcD to anp man, tirecteu to tlje ^Ijeriffs, 
imp.idi.Mich.u gtc. anD commanuing tljem, tljat tljep fljall notarreft Ijim, curing a certain 
H.7. Roc. 1 24. in time at anp oti^er mans fuit, tobiclj Ijatlj iuojos in it, per prsrogativam no- 
^°^'^^l'^' F/^^^' ftram, quam nolumus effe arguendam i pet fuclj jjjotcctions Ijafie ban argueH bp 
com!'banc. '° ^Ije BtuBgcs, accojning to tljeir oatli anu nutp, ano anjungeD to be DoiD : 0s Mic. 
Mich. 13 & 14 El. II H.7. Rot. 124. a^jotectton granteD to Holmes a Vintner of London, Ijis 
in com. banc. factojs, fctbants auD Dcputie?, $c. refolbcQ to be againft 3lati). Pafch. 7 H. 8. 
Hicchcockscafe. Ror.dd. fuclj a ^jotcctton ntfallotoen, ann tlje S>ljeciff amercer foj not ejce^t 
IIH-4-57-39H. . j„t(„g tlje Writ. Mich. 13 & 14 Eliz. in Hitchcocks cafc, ana manp otljer of 
"<■ Pafch. 22 E.I. latter time ; anD tljerc is a notable^ ISecoju of ancient time in 22 E. i. John 
Rot.39.CoraRege de Merflialls cafCj non pertinet ad vicecomitem de protedtione Regis judicare, imo 
EiTex. W.t.c.i. ad Curiam. 
I E.3. C.14. 2E.3. 

i'H.4.c.i!* 2 H-V € Juftitiam vel reftum. ] Mt Ojall not fell, Denp, oj tielap tn^kt ano 

C.I. 4H.4. C.I. rigljt. Juftitiam vcl redum, ncitber tlje enn, toljiclj is iullice, noj tlje mean, 

I ""h *^fi''ft ' tJjljercbp toe map attain to tlje cno, ano tljat is tlje 

of che^ inaiST Rectum, rigljt, IS taken Ijere foj iiato, in tlje fame fenfc tljat jus, often is fo 

Sea,234. ' calleD. I. JEecaufe it is tlje rigljt line, toljerebp Iw^itz niftributiDe is guincD 

anu uireetett, ann tljerefojc all tlje Commilfions of Oier ano Terminer, of goal 

teliUerp, of tljC peace, f C. Ijaue tljiS Claufe, Faduri quod ad juftitiam pertiner, 

fecundum legem, ano confuetudinem Anglis, tljat X^^, to Do 3uQice anD Kigljt, 

accojDing to tlje rule of tlje %m auD cuttom of England ■, anD tljat toljiclj is cal<f 

IcD common rigljt in 2 calleD Common 3lato,in 14 E.3.&c.anDin tljis 

fenfe it is takcn,toljere it is faiD,ita qd ftet redo in Curia, i. legi in Curia. 2.%^z 

3Latu is callcD redum, becaufe it Difcoberetlj, tljat toljiclj is tojt, crcokcD, oj 

lujong, foj as rigljt fignifictlj ILain, fo tojt, crcokcDoj lujong, fignifietlj injurp. 

Injuria eft in feu ^"^ injuria eft contra jus, againft rig|)t : reda linea eft index (iii, & obliqui, i^ere;^ 

contra jus. ' ^^ tlJc crrokeD cojB of tljat, toljicl) is calleD difcretion, appearetlj to be unlawful, 

nnlefS pou take it, as it OUgljt to be, Difcretio eft difcemere per legem, quid fit 

juftum. 3. 31tis callcD Migljt, becaufe it is tlje belt birtljmgljt tlje S>ubjett Ijatl), 

foj tljercbp Ijis gcoDs, lanDs, iuife, cljilojen, Ijis bonp, life, Ijonoj, anc eflimation 

Cicero. are pjoterteD from injurp anD iujong : major hsreditas venit unicuique noftrum 

a jure, & legibus, quam a parentibus. 

4. JLattlp, redum is fometimc taken fo} tlje rigljt it fclf, tljat a man Ijatljbp 


Cap.^o. S^agna Ckarta. 57 

5Lalu to ilaniJ ; 00 teijcu me fap tljtw Uctlj Breve dc redo, in fo mucl) tljat 
lomc olD Ueancrsi Ijaijc fiippofcD, tliat red-um in tl)is Cljaptcr (Ijoiiit) be un^ 
MrftroD of a Writ of rigljt, foj totitcl; at tljis uav no fine in tljc Ijninpcr is 
uaiD. a? tl)c ©olnfiner toiU not out of tl)C utift, t\m^$, oj fl)?cDs of Coin, 
m pafiS tljc Icafl crutn, in rcfpett of tlje ctccHcncp of tije mttal : fo ougl^t not 
t\z iseaoet to let yafg anp fpllaHe of t|)i;s Jlato), in rcfped; of tlje cjcccUencp 
of tlje matter. 


OMnes Mercatores, nifi publice antea prohibiti fuerint, habeant 
falvum 8c fecurum condu6tum, exirc de Anglia, 8c venire in 
Angliam, 8c morari, 8c ire per Angliam, tam per terram, quani per 
aquara, ad emendum, vel vendendnm, fine omnibus malis tolnetis 
per antiquas 8c redas coniuetudines, prxterquam in tempore guerrse. 
Et fi fint de terra contra nos guerrina, 8c tales inveniantur in terra 
noftra in principio guerrae, attachientur fine dampno corporum fuo- 
rum, vel rerum, donee fciatur a nobis, vel a capitali Juftitiario no- 
ftro, quomodo Mercatores terr^ noftrx traftantur, qui tunc inveni- 
antur in terra ilia contra nos guerrina. Et fi noftri falvi fint ibi, alii 
falvi fint in terra noftra. 

^ Omnes Mercatores. 3 %W Cljaptet concernetlj ^erc^jant tttan^s 

gCtiB. ■ ' 

jffirtt, it is to be confiuereD iwljat t'^e ancient llatois befoje tlji? ^tatiue were 
concerning t^igi matter. 

315? tlje ancient lyings (amongft toljom iSing Alfred toag one ) defendu fuit Mirror, a. § 3. 
que nul merchant Alien nehantaft Angleterre forfque aux 4 foires, ne que nul de- 
murraft in la terreoufier 40 jours. Mercatorum navigia, vel inimicorum quidem, int. Jegcs Ethd. 
quscunq, ex alto C nullis jaftata tempeftatibus ) in portum aliquem invehentur, cap.s. 
tranquilla pace fruuntor •, quinetiam fi maris ada fludibus ad domicilium aliquod 
illuftre, acpacisbenelkiodonatum navisappulerit inimica, atq: iftuc nautse confu- 
gerint, ipU & res illorum omncs augufta pace potiuntor. 

2. 3lt is to be fan tuljat tl^is S>tatute ^atij pjoDineu. 

1. aD^at befoje t^ii3 Statute spcrcljant If rangeris migl;t be publicfelp pjot)i# 
biteo, Publice prohibeantur. SivM tljis pjoljibition 10 intenuabie of £perc^ant 
flrangers in amitp, foj tljis act y^oDioctl) aftectoam fo;^ spcrcljant flcangers 
cnemieg ■, ann ttierefoje tlje p^oljibition intenoeo bp ttjig M, muil be bp tlje 
common oj publicfe Conncel of tlje Kealm, tl)at ijs, h^ act of parliament, 
fo? tljat it concernetlj t'^e lo^ljole Mcalm, ann 10 impUeti ^ tljig tojojo 

2. 2r:i)at all ^ercljant firangcrs in amitp C dtcept fuel) a? be fo publicklp 
pjo^ibiteo ) (tall liatie fafe ano furc contiuct in 7 t^ingis. i. 2lo Depart out 
of England. 2. SUo comc into England. 3. %Q tarrp Ijere. 4- 2Co go »i 
ann tljmtgb England, ag lojell bp ILano as bp Water. 5. %q bup ano to 
fell. 6. Mitljout anp manner of cuil SColles. 7- 315? tl;e olo ano rightful 

Joljj tcHcljing ^erc^ant arangers, toljofe ^oijeraign is in War \s:Ai% tlje 
l&ing of England. 

3! %\%xz 

^ ■'- ■- ■ • — — • ... ■,,■,■■.,.., — — . I ^ 

58 S\^agm (Jharta. Cap. 50. 

Regifl.1 2p. de %Mt^t i$ an cj:ception aim pjoDifion foj fudj as \it founn in tlje Kcalm at tlje 

arefi. faft. fuper icginntng of tlje tiHar, tlKp fljall be attacben tottti a pjitoilcnire anu Itmitattou 

Sl™^'"'°'' "''• ^"^^°"* *^^"^ "^ ^"^^ °^ Sflofs, tuitlj tljt0 iimttation, tiHntil it be fenoten 

Rot.Pariiam '" "'^' "^ ^'"^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^'f"^' ^ ^^^^ IS ottt (SJatDiati, oj feapcr of tlje Kcalnt 

Mich. 18 E.I. i« owr abCencc ) l;oto our spcrcljantg tljere in tlje Hann in Wat toitli m fijaU 

coram Rcge foi. ht intreatcD, anD if ouc spcrcliantiB be ujeII intreateo iljcue, tljeits fljaJl be 

7. reprhel. UfeeiBtfe Voitl) U0, anD tlji0 ig jus belli. Et in republica maxime confervanda funt 
Reee RoM^"""^ jura belli. 

27 E.3. sm^i." ii'wt foj fitclj spci-djant Qranger? ag come into tlje iRealm after tlje Mar W 
cap.! 7. law of gin, tljepmap be tcaU luitljaU ajsopen enemteiS ■■, ano pet of ancient time tljia 
r"'p' I H ""^" ^^^ pnV)ilcDgc gvantED tljcm in time of OTar. Clericus, Agrkola, & Mer- 
nu6d"'' '^' "tor, tempore belli. Ut oictqi colat, commutat, pace fruuntur. 
4H.5.C.7. 14H6. -^SCtcenDof tlnsCljaptcr vwaisfojatiuaiucment of trace anti tr^ffiouc i tlie 
C.7. 18 H.6.C.P. mean? fo^ tlje well ufing ano intreating nf i^crcljant ftrangcrs in all tlje par# 
MatPar.965. ticiilars afojcfaiD, i? a matter of great moment, ag appearetlj bp manw otbct 
c I iWz ^2 ^^* °f parliament, foj as( tljcp be itfcD Ijere, fo our Jpertljautg fljall be tcalt 
25E.3cap.2.' " Wtljall in otljer Countries. 
JiJ-2'^-7- f[ Mala tolneta. ] A Cijil SToUcg. 

Id R'tcaf!^". 2Eljis iDojD tolnetum, ano telonium, anD theoloiiium arc all one, anu no fignifie 

b Lib.8. foi.4<5. in a general fenfc, anp manner of Cuttom, ^ubOtip, p^otettation, Smpofition 
John Webbs cafe, oj fum of moup ccmanocri foj trpojting, oj importing of anp toareg, oj met' 
onyw?c°2,"' f^>'»"^i?c^> tobetakenof tljcbupcr. 3nbotlj iljefe fenles it is Ijere taken of fe=^ 
46 E.3. barrc ai 5. ^^^^^ l^'"!" "f ^ollcs : #o?e (Ijall bc faiD Ijereof in tlje CjcpoOtion of tide &ta^ 
spE.s.i^.b. tutegof VV.i.antiW.2. 31n tlje mean time fe John Webbes cafe lib. 8.fol.45. 
F.N.B.227.d. c scijep are callen mala tolneta, tuljcn tljetljing nemanoco fo; toarcg o; nier^ 

wTcao 2^°' tl)antii?eg, BO fo bnrocn tljc commooitp, as tljc mercljant cannot Ijaue a conijeni^ 
t See Rot. Pariia. ««£ gain bp tracing tljerelmt^, anD tljerebp tlje traDc it felf is loft oj IjinDereD. 
17 £.5.00.27,28. ^no in Dibcrs Statutes maletout,foj maletot, oj maletout ijs a ifrenclj toojo, ana 
and 21 E.?.nu.2f. fignifictlj au unjuft ejcattion. 

roodTar"'''" '" ^"^ ^^^^^ ^^ '''^'" '^ ^•"'•'^ ^^^^^ pjiUatiUelp, fine omnibus mails tolnetis it 

See theex'pofitioD gof tljon foj mo?c futttp aflitmatiuelp. 

Gfw.i.cap3i. f Per antiquas & reftas confuetudines. ] sCljat is, bp ancient anU 

rigljt Duties Due bp ancient anD laiuful cuttom, toljiclj Ijatlj been tlje ancient pttf 

licp of tljelicalm to encourage merchant llrangers, tljepitiabe a fpaDp recoljer? 

fo? tljeir Debts ano otljer Duties, ijc. Per legem Mercator j toljiclj is a part of t^e 

Common 3Lai». 
Gianvii.iib.9. c.7. ^Cljis too?D confuetudo Ijatlj in Jlato Dibcrs fignifications- i. ifo} tlje Com^ 

lib.i2.cap.^, 10. mon JlalJ), as confuetudo Anglis. 2. $0% Statute Jlato, as contra confuetudinera 
F n'b^''^*'' cotnmuni concilio rcgni edit. 3. iFoj particular tuftoms, as <I5abclktnD,lEojoug^ 

cap."ltinerisV' <I'ngliflj> aUD tljC ItfeC. 4- iTDJ tCntS fcrbiceS, ?C. Due to tlje iLOjD, as confuetu- 
cap.Efcheatre. dines & feivitia, 5. i?0J CUftomS, tributes, OJ impofltioUS, aS de novis confue- 
Sce before C.4. tudinibus levatis in regno, five in terra, live in aqua, 6. ^UbCDieS OJ Cuflom? 

cap.itineris. grantcD l^ common confent, ttiat is, bp aut^ojitp of ^Darliament, pro bono pub- 
lico, anD tljefe be antiquse, & reds confuetudines intenDCD bp tljl'S 0(t, ti^iS 

agreetlj tuitlj tljat, tuljiclj Ijatlj baen faiD befo?e in tljc enD of tljc %politiou upoa 

tljc eigljtlj Ctjapter. 
^crcbp it appearetlj tljat tlje i^ing cannot fet anp netu impoft upon tlje jpcr^ 

cljant, anD tljerefoje tljis 3tt pjobiDctb not onlp afrirmatitelp,viz.pcr antiquas,& 
Orllle ^"^"'^ °' redas confi]etudines,butp?ii)atil)elp alfo,fine omnibus malis tolnetis,toitljin inljicft 
31 E. i. for this ^^^'^^ "^^ impofitions are incluDcD, anD arc Ijcre callcD mala tolneta, as op^ 
word impofition, pofitc to ancicnt anD riglitful Cufloms oj ^ubfiDieg grantcD bp autljo?itP of 

and trom whom it |3atliamcnt. 

DiTr^si H 8 43 ^"*' ^^^^^^ ^"'"'^ ''^^^ fuppofcD tljat tljctc ttas a cuflom Due to tlje Bing bp 

I Mar.^2.' ^^^ Common Lato, a? well of tlje Stranger, as of t^c ©ngliflj, callcD Antiqua 

J Eliz. Dier 155. culluma, viz, foj 'ujiBi:;, lutolfells, anD katljcr, t\}&t ts to fap, foj eberp fack of 

Tpol coniaining 2d fionc, anD eberp ftone 1 4 pouno, i; St biij d. anD fo? a fall 


Cap.^o. SvLagna Qharta. 59 

of Icatljcr j:(t^sf. i\) u. Ctrtatu it 10, tljiit tljofc cu'tto^ns Ijau t^dr ifstnm'no; bp 

common confent bp 5lft of ^acUamciu, fo?JSmgE. i. bv bis ^letters |)nmus 

rCCitetl), CumPrdati, Magnates, & tota commuiMtas quandam novam confuetu- Rot.Pat.^E.i.m.i 

dinem nobis & hsrcdibus noftris de lanis, pdlibus, & coriis, viz. de facco lanse di- Rot! tiuium! " 

mid' Marc', de 300 peilibus dimid' Marc', & de lalto corii xiij s. iv d.&c. iljerc^ 3 £•' "^•24- 

in four tljinp arc to be obfcrbco. i. SEljat tljcfe cuRomg Ijao tljcir cication bp ^''^'^' ^l^"'" ^"'' 

autljojitp of parliament, anotoercnotbp tljc Common ilaiu, apvfartng bp ETJarte'R™. 

l\t{t iMOJOSf, Quandam novam confuetudincm, fo as \i \l3aj3 nrU), ant) not ola. Scac. 

2. snijat ttiis! neu) cuflom tuas granteo to ifting Edw. i. pjotico bp tljts iijoja 
nobis. 3. 2ni)at it toap granteo at tljc parliamennt ()olDcn 3 E. i. commonip 
calleoW. I. Cttjoitglj tlje Kccojt) thereof tannot be fcttnnj fojttjcfdii! patent 
learg natc 10 Nov. Anno 3 E.i. tubiclj toas neat tlje enting of tijat j^car, nno 
t!je iaarltament toa? bolncn in Claufo Pafch. bcfoje. 4. SCbat Ijcre confuetudo 
Cgnifictf) a cuftom, oj ^ubfttip grantcD bp common confcnt bp parliament, 
anD in tljat fenfc it i0 Ijere taken, ano liketoifc iw tlje statute of 5 1 
H. 3. Statutum de Scaccario, foj in 48 H. 3. Proclamation toas maue, Con- Ror. Par. anno 
tra fuggerentes, &c. Regem velle cxigere tallagia inconfueta, & introduccre 48 Hj.atergo. 
jano IjcretMtt^ agratlj tl)e 0tt of parliament commonip calleti confirmatio- Anno 25 e.i. 

nescartarum, ( tuljicl) is but an ej;planation of tlji0 bjanci) of Magna Charta ) See more in the 

toljcrcin it i0 enatteo, tljat foj no occafion anp aio, tasks, oj takings fljaK be tn# E'«P°''"on of'ti"' 
feen h^ t^cl&ing, oj l)is ljeirs,but bp tlje common affcnt of tlje laealm, fabing ^'''"^^' 
t^e ancient aiog anu takings one anu accuftomeo. 

0nD toljereag tljc mott of tlje toljole Comminaltp of tlje l?ealm finti tbem^^ Rot Pari. 13 h 4J 
felbcs tarblp gricbeu of ttiemalctout ( oj ill toll; of tocols, tljac is to fap, of Anew of- 
cDtrp fack of toml 40 0. ano pjapcti tlje fato !iing to rr Icale tbe fame, tberciipou "^^ g.^nted with 
tljc faioteingtiit) releafe tlje fame, ano granteo furtl)cc foj Ijim ano l)is bcirs, ulf subiea Ts° 
t'^at no fuclj tting (houlo be taken toitljoiit tljeir common affcnt, antr tbcir gmo againft this Aft of 
mill : anf in tljat 0rt tljece is a fabing,Sauvea nous, & nous heires laculUtme de 25 E.I. and of 
laynes, pealx, & quivres avant grante per la Comminaltie avandit ■■, ©o a0 tlji0 3d: ^'^ ^•'.- hereafter 
Of parliament p?oftetlj tljat t|e faio cuflom of bj s. biij b. foj bocol, ano tiij 0, ^°"'»'^"'8- 
i'o 0. foj Icatljcr tes0 grantee bp parliament. 

)15p tljC Statute De tallagio non concedendo, Ctoljiclj is tUt an erplanation of Anno 54 E. r. 
tW bjanc^ of tl)e Statute of Magna Charta) it i0 pjObiOeU : Nullum tallagiiim S" more in the 
vel auxilium per nos vel hseredes nollros in Regno noftro ponatur, feu levetur line s^a^°te °° °^ ^^'^'' 
voluntate & alTenfu Archiepifcoporum, Epifcoporuni, Comitum, Baronum, mili- 
tum, burgenfiUm, & aliorum liberorumComitde Regno noliroi a)0 as E. i. itl 
concluGon abbeo tlje effect of tlje claufe concerning tljis matter, toljiclj in lji0 cj;# 
amplification Ije bao omitten out of Magna Charta. 

^ee Cap. itineris de novis confuetudinibus levatis in regno, five in terra, five in Cap. icineris. 
aqua, &c. iuljcrc confuetudincs are taken foj cufloms. 

tSlpon grant to St^crcljant Strangers of oiuers pnbilerige0, liberties anb im;* Rot.chartarum. 

munitiCg tljep grantCb to tl)e !^ing anO Ijis IjeirS, Dc quolibet facco lanse 40 d, |haVMe"cato la 

de incremento ultra cultumam antiquani dimid* Marc', quae prius fuerit perfoluta 

& fie pro lafto coriorum dimid" Marc', & de trefcentis peilibus lanaris 40 d. ultra 

certum illud, quod 8c antiqua cultuma fuerit prius datum. i^Ote Ijtre tlje Cudom 

iDtiicl) lua0 gtantcb 3 E.i. \% Ijere calleti antiqua Cuftuma, ano tljis nelu Cuftom 

is calleo nova Cuiluma, anb fometime tljC one is calleo magna Cuftuma, anb t^c 

otter parva Cuftuma. 

2. !^ere it appearctlj tljat spercljauts ^trangei'0 paib tlje fojmcr €\.\* 

Spo^cobcr bp tljat (Hjartcr, pounbage of tljicc pence upon tlje pouno toas 
granteo to t^c Jaing, ano Ijis Ijcirs bp tlje a^crcijant 3>tranger0, Et de quo- 
libet vini nomine Curtumsduos folidos, &c. Sub tljts at tljiS bap is calli'D 
315utlerage, anb is paioonlp bp ispercljant Strangers ■■> tut pjtfage is paio bp 
t'^e GEngliQ) onlp, except tlje Citizens of London, anb tins is an ancient butp: Rot. Pat. Anno 
fo)|lfino itaccounteb foj in tlje ileign of H. 3. bp tlje liings lEutlcr, anb is 40H.3. 

3 2 calUb 

5o Sidagna Qharta. Cap.30. 

calleD Certa prifa, toljicl) at tljc ficil toag grantci! in Ucit ann fatisfattton of puiv 

l3cpauccfoj toinrs. 0uri lafiiy,bvtl3atCljarter it is grantcD, Quod nulla exadio, 

Fktalib 2 ca 21. P^'^^, vel prxflatio, aut aliqnod aliud enus fuper perfonas Mercatorum alienorum 

pra;dicl'j feu bona eorundcm aliquatenus imponatur contra formam expreffam fu- 

perius conceiram : g>o a? iio imjufition ran be let toitljcut affent of l^atUamcnt 

upon anp ftrangev. 

Rot ordinationum ^^ ^^^ ojDctct) autj rcfoIticB ^ ciljci-s pulatcg, CEatis anH IBatons, bp fojcc 

Aniio 5 E.2. in of tljc iitnfrs CommtlTion, tl^at no nclu cuftom^ coulc r.e lEUico, noj ancient 

Scaccario. incteafcCj toicljottt autljoutp of paiiianicnt, foj tijat fi/ct'lo be againft tljC great 

Cljarter. Anno 6 E.3. Rot. Parliament, nu.4. tijat no taH.Tge fljallbe atTclTeD but 

in fnrlj msin:rr ac it Ijatlj been in time of Iji? anccffoj^, ano a? it ougljt to \iz, 

ant) lifanmil all otljitg. 

1 1 E.g.cap.i. 5tt Arino 11 E.3. ic toajs mace irclonp to carrp WM out of tlje IXeaim, t^e 

Rot.Pari. 15E.3. cnt) toljerccf Icagj tIjatottrMiol njculn fcea^apco intoclotl^, ilSut tlie i^ing 

nu.i2.iicence,&c. iijanting^maDe tljis ufe of tijic ^(t : 3<i ilje 12 ano 13 ^ i rs of ^iis ccign Ije maie 

Difyenfations of tljat Statute in ccnfiocration of monc p paiu : but t^at Statute 

\mxi not long. 3n 13 E.3. a great iinpcOtion teajs fet upon ©Ilojlg, ano it is 

canciJ a great tU?ong, Cum populus Regni nollri variis oneribus tallagiis & im- 

polltionibus hadenus pra^gravetur, quod dolentcs referimus, aUt i\)iXt Dot^ ejCCUfC 


igote l)cre is tlie toojD impofitiones firft wk'Q, imporen b? anp ?&ing, in anp 
Kecojti tljat 3! Ijabe cbfcrbeu, ano 00 remember. 

Anno i4.E.3.cap,2i. 0§iubfiDp granteo to tljc iiing of MobI, WcQifefliSjano 
iieatijerj^c. bp |3arliament,foj a certain time inrefpeetof tljeOTarSjfojtoliic]^ 
tl)C iSing grantetlj, tljat after tl;at time, Ije noj l)is ^cirg inoulD take mojc tbeu 
t'lje olo cuftom. 

^fccc tlji0 time enceB, t1>e ?Sing entreD into a ncto Dcbice to get raonep, viz. 
tljat bp agreement ana ronfent of tbe Sgerci^antjs, tbe i&ing iuais to ^abc 40 s. of 
a facU of OTojIjfjc. bttt Ijcreof tlje Commons ("tljat in trot^ toere to bear tlje bur* 
tenj fo? tlje asercljant uiill not be tlje loferj complaineo in parliament/oj tljat 
tlje grant of tlje S^ercljant0 nit) not bino tlje CommouiSj anu tljat t^e Cuttom 
mtgljt be taken accojctng to tlje olo o?cer, luljic^ in t^c cnD toas granten, ann 
tljat no grant (Ijoulo be maoe but bp |JarIiament. 

i^o cljarge fljall be lebieo of tljc people, if it tocte not granted in pac«= 

3n 21 E.3. bp autljoxitp of parliament, a Cuttom 'Was grantee of riotfj, 
foj tljat tl)e SKlTrol tjas foj tlje mott part conberteo into clot'^j, toljit|) pou map 
fae in Orig.Scaccar. 24 E.3. Rot.13. 

215p tlje Statute of 27 E.3.cap.4. in pjint, a^ubCup of eDcrp clotljto take of 
tljc feller ( oiicr tljcCuftomstljereofDHC, tljat is, fuc^ as t^en enoureti foj a 
time, ano toere granteobpparliamentj tljat is to fap, of eberp clotti of alTifc, 
luljerein tljcrc is no grain 4 d. jc. 

0nD tjercitistoojtljpof obfertiation, tljat tljere toere ttoo caufes of tlje ma«« 
king of tljrs Statute, i. /oj tljat foj clottj no cuttom mas Due ctlier t\)en ip 
tlje^ttof 21 E.3. 2. i?oj tljat QCUajl being conijerteotoamanufatture, ana 
maoe into clotl),tl)C ancient cuttom of Dimid. mark foj a fack of Mlrol toas 
not bp 3laiu papable, becaufc tlje Mrol inas turnen into another kino, albeit 
tlje clotlj toas mace of tlje CQfcol ■■, iino tljisDotlj notablp appear bp tlje Mecc^os 
of tljc Cjccljeq^ucr, one of tljcm in tljc fame pear tljat t^z 0tt of 27 E. 3. inas 

Ac jam magna pars lans didi Regni noftri eodem regno pannificetur, de qua 
cuftuma aliqua nobis non eft foluta v ^no tljerc it appearctlj tl)at tl}at loas t\}t 
caufe of gibing to tlje !3ing a S)ubCt)p foj clotlj )i^ i^cfaiD 0(t of |)ariiament, 
of 27 E. 3. ann pet if in anp cafe xlje jaing bp Ijis pjercgatibe migbt Ijatc 
fet anp impoCtion, Ije migljt Ijabe fet in tljat cafe, betaute, as it appearetti bp 
tljc iScco?D, bp making of clotlj Ije lott tlje cuttom of MroL 


& 14 E.^.nu.; 

Rot. alinancf. 
i« E.5,iTiemb.22. 
in dort 


Rot. Parliatti. 
17 E 

SI E.^.nu. i£. 
Ror. Parliam. 
21 E.5. Dicr I EI 

Int' origin. Scac. 
24 E.3. Rot.i J. 

Int. original, de 
Scaccar. anno 
24 E.5. Rot.4. 
Vide fimile ibid. 
24 E.3. Rot. i;. 
See the firft part 
of the InftituteSj 

Cap.^o. <thd.agna Qoarta. 6\ 

Rot. Parliam. 45 E.3. i?)o inipofttion oj cljargf , ?c. fi)aH lie fct Uiitljout aKf nt Rot.Parl. 45 e. 3.- 
of ^adiament. nu.42. 

50 E. 3. Richard Lions, aSpcrcljant of London punifljcti foj pjccurttlg tlftJ) Rot. Pari. ^oE.j, 
impoftttong, atiti fo uiajs djc liojn Latimer, tbe Jsingg Cljambcdatn. 0nD in tlje nu.17,18. 
fame iparliamcntjmi.idj. upon complaint tljatueiu impofutons ircrc fct, tljc nu. li^.&viJe 
|iingini)arlianicnt alTcntco tl;at tljc ancient cuftom fijoiilD i3C Ijolocn, ano no ibidem jji. 
neto impofltton fct. 

3;n tlje raign of E.3. tl)C black pjince of Wales l)al)ing Aquitaine gcantcB to Rot. Pat. an. 25 e. 
il)im, tit! lap an impofition of fuagc oj focage, a foco, upon tl)C feubic'ttB of tl)at s-created Duke of 
SDukcDom, viz. a fijilling foj cDerp fire calleo Ijactlj^ftliier^tMljiclj \m> of fo great ^i"'"""^' 
aifcontcntment, anu oDious to tljem, as it mane tbcm to rc»olt. 

^nu no ling fincc Vm time impofeo bp pjctcjct of anp pjcrogatioe , anp • 
c'barge upon Sl5arcbantiifesi impojtco into, oj eicpojteti out of tljis ISealm, until Rot. rati. 8 h.^. 
^U£en Maries time. &« tljc Statute of 1 1 R.2. c.p.& Rot. Parliament. 8 H.(5. nu.ap. & Rot.Par. 
num. 2p. 

ano in 3 H.5. tlje ^ubCop of SCunnage ann |)ount)agc Uiasi grantee to iliing R°t- P^rj- s "• s- 
H. 5. During l)ts lifc,in refpect of tl;e recotierp of Ijis rigljt in France, (tnljicljiuas "ee'i°' the fourth 
tlje firC grant foj life of tbat kino ) pet therein luas a provifo, tljat tl)e Ising pirt ot the inns- 
iijoultinot make a grant tljercof to anp pcrton, no: tljat it fljoulD be anp pjccc;* tutes,cap. of the 
Dent foj tlje like to be none to otljcr ifiings aftertoarog , but pet all tlje iHings h'g'\ court of 
after Ijim ^ate "feati it foj life, fo forcible ig once a pjecenent fijceo in tlje Croiujn, J^"["of7h; sub^. 

aUtJ toljat provifo pou toill. dy of Xunnage. 

0nD tl;iiS grant bp |9arliament of t^e a>ubfiDp of SDunnage anti |Jount)age to 
t|e teing ig an argument, tl)at tlje !aing taking it of tl)e gift of tlje s>«bjcct,ljaa 
no potoer to impofe it Ijimfclf. 

%\)t Jlojti0 ano Commons! cannot ic cljargeo iBitl; anp .tljing fojtljc ^t* Rot. pari. 13 H.4 
fence of tljc llealm, foj tlje fafeguaro of tlje &ca, $c. unlefg ic be bp tljciu "u-i^- 
UJiU in |0arliamcnt, t|)at is, in tljc grant of a ^ubfiDp, toljcreunto tlje JKing 

Non poteft Rex fubditum renitcntem onerare impofitionibus. Forreic. c.9. & i3 

iiing Philip anti ©uan Mary,granteti bp ^Letters JJatcntg to tlje S^apoj, 315ai;s 
liffs, anB IBurgeffcs of Southampton,anti t^eir feuccelTo^s, tijat no Mines rallcB 
spalmetepes to be im.go;teti into tljis Mealm bp anp SDeni^cn, 0: 0licn, fljoulo 
te Difcljargen oj. lanocD at anp otljer place toitljin tljis Mealm, but onlp at tljc 
faio SEovon ann |Bojt of Southampton, initlj a p?oljibition, t^atnone fljoulo do 
to tlie contrarp upon pain to pap treble Cuftom to tlje iSing ano iJJuan, ?c. 
anDfo; tljat Anthony Donate,Thomas Frcderico,anD otljer Speccljant S»trangcrs Int'commnnia de 
bougljt niDers iSuts of ^almefcp, %u ano lanoeo tljem at Goore, ano in Kent, ^*'™"'° 'I ^""* 
Gilbert Gerard t^e jattouruep (General, infojmeo in tlje (Efcljequer, againft tlje ""°*^ ' •", 
faio spercljant Strangers foj tlje faio treble cuftom, jc. Cllpon luljiclj info?;? 
mation, as to tljc faio treble Cuftom, tlje faio Anthony Donat nemurrco \\\ 
3La\u, $c. ^nu tljts cafe toas arguen in tljc (Erdjequer Cljamber bp Counfel 
JearneD on botlj Cues, anu upon conference Ijati tiwo points tnere rcfolbcD bp all 
tlje SittOges. I. aDIjat ttc grant maoe in reftraiut of lanoing tljc faio Mines Mag. chart, c 30 
toas a refiraint of tlje i.ibertp of tlje »>ubject, againft tljc JLatasi ano Statutes 9 e.?- ci. 14 e.? 
of tbc ISealm. 2. aCljat tlje affcft^mcnt of treble cuftom bias marlp botn, ano ^s |-?-c- 2- 27 sc 
againft t^c Hati). as it appearetlj bp tlje repojt of tljc \m Dier unocr Ijis Ijauo fj'{^ ?• °^ '"^ 

( luljicl) 3B Ijabc in mp cuftoop. ) XBut after bp Set of Parliament, in An. 5 El. 2 r,2."c.i. 

tlje faio Cljartcr i% cftnblifljeu as to ^crcljant Strangers onlp, but not againft 

Subjects. H^ r s 

ano toljcre impofts, oj impofitioiis, be gcnerallp namen in niuers ^tts of g^c 4. 13 EU.4. 

parliament, tlje fame are to be intenoeo of latoful impofitions, as of snuiuiage /ja'cc.!?. 3 jac.° 

auo ^ounoage, OJ otljct §)ubGtiies impofeo bp parliament, but none of cljofc c.6. 

acts OJ anp ot^er do gibe tljc iiiug power at Ijis pleafure to impofe.aic tljc ftrft inc' decreta in p. 

part of tk Inllitutcs, Sed. 9I. '^I'^S^. 

31t is tljcn DcmauDcD, bp Mjat 3Lato Cuftom is pain foj liccfcpcs, toijitcs, \^ g/^^ giij. 

jlaJn,ftraits,anDotljecncbJD?aperies, maDeof iBCDli, fojit appearet^ bp acts Mic.3c,&4oEiiz. 


f —— — " ■■ — — 

62 SvLagna Qharta. Cap.^o* 

of parltamcttt, ann common cjcperiencc, tijat aU tl;efe pap Cuflom te tlje i&tnff. 
SEo tW it is anttocreti, Cljat a pjopojtionable ^iibfinp, oj Cuttom is paio foj 
tljcm toitljin tlje ecitiitp of tljc fain statute of 27 E.3. C4. ano Uhctoife a pjopo?^ 
tionalile ainagc ig! alfo Due foj tliem bp tljat 0cf. 

Hil. & Pafcii. anno 2 Jacobi Pvegis, gteat (iueflion0 tuete motjeOj Mljctljcr ^tU 
fatiocg, 51Bajifg, i^ojtljcrn Cottons, igojt^ern 2Do?en0, Ctot^^raflj, S?urancf j(, 
pcrpctitanocs, 2i:uft,'mDcat!OE0, ^ackclotlj, i^uCians, Wojttcos, a>tttffc!8 mace 
of SiUojftcau parn, ijc. \uece tutttiin tlje fato 5ld: 27 E.3. as concerning tf)C &ub^ 
0Dp, ano ainagf : ano if tlicp tocrc not, toljetlici: tlje i^ing bp Ijis pjgcogatitoc 
mtgljt not tmpofc a rcafonablc ^ubCop, oj Cuftom upon tljem p?opojttouabIp 
to tl)c clotlj mentioncD in tijc §)tatutc of 27 E.3. 5lnD ttiis being citteiUoncD be* 
foie tbe iLojos of ttic Counccl, iliep tojote to tlje Suoges to be certtfteo tuljat tlje 
llalB toas in tticfe cafes, \mIjc upon mature Deliberation, tlie 24 of June 1605. 
rcfolbcD, ano fo certifien tlje Jlojos bp t^eir Jiet'ters nnocr all tljcir Ijanos, 2Cbat 
all irrifatocs, Jlfapcs, i^o?tljcrn JDo'scns, i^onljcrn Cottons, Clotl>-raa), ano 
t\\tK. neba 2D?apei:p manetoljollp of irrol, of toljat nebu name foebct mane, as 
neto SDjaperp fo? tlje ufe of mans bobp, are to pielo &ubfiDp, ano linage acco?;# 
btng to tbe Statute of 27 E.j. anu bottl^in tlje office of tlje ancient 0lnagcr, a.s 
map appear bp febcral SDecras in tljat behalf in tlje Cjcc^ctiuet, in tlje time of 
tl)e late ^uan : but as toucljing fuflians, canbas, ann fuclj lifec mate mavlp of 
otljer fluff tljen bjcol, 0} being but miiceo toitlj turol, it teas refolbcb bp all tH 
Note this. Siubges, tljat no cljarge coulo be impofeo foj tlje fcardj oj me^^furing tljcteof,bHt 

ti'at all fticl) iLctters patents fo mate are boin, as map appear bp a laerojo of 
1 1 H.4. buljercin tl)e teafon of ttie judgment is particularlp reciteo, toljiclj t%t 
Htingcs tljougljt gcDO in tljcir Jietters to fet notiju as follotuetlj. 

Jaing H.4. granteo tlje mcafuring of tooillcn clott), ano canbas, tljat fijoulo be 

b^ougtt to London, to be folD bp anp Stranger, oj SDeni^en Ceirceptlje tocrc free 

of London) taking an ob. of eberp toljole piece of clot|) fo meafureo of tlje fel*: 

ler, and one ottier ob. of tljc bupcr, ano fo after tljat rate foj a greater oj leffec 

quantitp, ano one pcnnp foj t^e mcafuring of an C, ells of cpnbas of tlje feller, 

ano fo muclj mo?c of tlje buyer v ano tl)oug^ it mere aberreo tl)at ttoo oti^et Ijao 

enjopeo tlje fame office bcfoje toitlj t'^e like fas, viz. one Shearing bp tlx fame 

56ings grant, ano one Clithew befoje bp tbe grant of R.2. ( ano tlje trutlj toas, 

Robert Pooley, \Xi 5 E.3. anO John Mareis, in 2 5 E.3. 1)80 likcluifc CUjopcO t^e 

fame) pet amongft otljer rcafons of tl)e faio jnogment, it boas fet oobon, ano aO:? 

^lOgeo tljat tlje former pofTcflton luas bp ejctojtionjcoljertion, ano boitljout rigljt, 

ano tl^at tlje faio iletters |?atents toere in onerationem, opprelLionem, & depau- 

perationem fubditorum Domini Regis, &c. & non in emendationem ejufdem po- 

puli •, ano tlierefojc tl)e faio ^Letters |0atents toere boio. jSno as toucljing tljc 

13 E.?. ex parte narrob) nebj fluff maoe in Norwich, ano otljer places of OTojfteo parn, it toas 

Remem. Thefaur. tcfolbeo tljat itiuas notgtantable, nojfit to be granteo, foj tljtre baas neber anp 

Rot-P"'-25 E-3- ainagc of Norwich MlojCeos, ano foj tljefe fluffs, if after tljep be maoe, ano 

drnetothifrefo- ^""^^^^ "P ^^^ ^^^^ '^^ ^^^ makcrs tljcreof,tljEpfljOulo be again opcneo to be bieto^ 

lutioD. 30 E. 3. £0, ano meafureo, tljep boill not buell fall into tljcir olo pligljts, 9c. as bp ttje 

comijot. Forin- fato iLettcts it moje at large appearctlj. %%t{t Iletters toere openlp reao at tlj« 

feco. in Scaccar. couuccl SCablc, ano toell appjobeo 'h'? tlje toljole Councel, ano tljc Jiojos com* 

compot. j.Mareis. j^g^jpi, jjjg j^^g ^^ befecpt in tlje Counccl Cljeft to be a oicettion foj tljem to 

anftoer fuitojs in tljefe cafes. 

315ut tljjee juogments in tl)e Cjcc^etiuet Ijabe ban citeo foj pjD)f, tljat t%z 

i^ing Ijatlj potoer to fet impofitions upon ^ercljanoi^es etpojtco, ano im* 


Pafch. 1 EUz. in »• )a juogment gibctt in tlje C^tc^equcr in an information againfl Germane 

Scacc, ex parte CioU foj 40 s. fet bp €JU£cn Mary upon cberv 2Dun of ?I3!line, of tlje grototlj of 

Remem. Regis. France, to be bjougbt into tljc IRealm. llEut tlje cafe tVere toas tljis, t!)c ^Ittour*' 

nep general info;imeo, tljac toljere !iing Philip, ano dKuecn Mary bp tljcir 53?ocla* 

ttiation, 3oMartii, in tlje 4 anO 5 pears of tljcir ratgn, oiOtoiU ano Craitlp 

commano, tljat no Wines of tlje grototl) of France, (^oulo be bjougljt into tljis 


Cap.90. SV[agna Ghana. 62 

■K taint, tot'tljout fpctal licence of tijc rain fSing anir <^\xkxi. ttncct; jpatn of foj# 
fcttttrc of fticl) Mine to tlje feing anu €J«ecn, Cumq, etiam did' nuper Rex &: 
Regina de advifamento Concilii fuiad tunc ordinaver' & dccievcrunt,quod qua^li- 
bet perfona, quas in hoc Regnum Angliae induccret hujufmodi vina contra formam 
proclamationis prsdid', (olveret pro quolibet dniio hujufmodi vini 40 s. vocat 
impoft. &c. ano tijat dDcrman Ciol, againft ilje fojm ano effect of t\)t fain |B?o# 
clamationj Ijan li^ougljt intotljc Kealm 338 tuns of 51<li;inep of t\t gtototlj 
of France, ann Ijan not pain 40 s. fo^ raclj ann etoetp tun : K%t a)cfennant 
pleanen a licence from tljc fain iSing ann iCuan, naten t^e 9 of Decemb. anno 
I &2. tobjing intotljC Hcalm 1500 tunig of twine, of tlje grototlj of France, 
in ttrangerg bottom?, iwitlj a non obftante of anj) iLaiu, Statute, oj |0?ocla»< 
ntation mane oj to be mane to tljc contrarp, lojljereupon ti^e nemurcer tuaie 

3n tljiiS Mecojn t^efe tljings are to be obferbcn, i^irft, SC^at a pjoclamation 
pjobibiting importation of mineis upon pain of forfeiture, \m> againft Lain j 
foj it appearetlj not, tljat anp toar toas betluecn tlje ll?ealm0. 2. 2C^e|3?ocIaj; 
mation \im mane of putpole to fet an impofition, fortl)e4os. is impofen upon 
tljem onlp, ann upon fuclj as fliouln bring in tuines againft x\z fain ProcIama*= 
tion, Co ajs tlje |3rocIamatiou mas tlje grounn of tljie information. 3.3ri)e fting 
ann £juan bp anuicc of tljeit CounccI, nin orner, ann necra, ?fc. ann Qjcin*: 
ctlj not IjoiB, or bp toljat means f^is orner ann necree tuas mane J tbe plcaning 
of fuclj a former licence fo inlufficientlp fljeiuetlj, tljat it toas bp agrament ann 

2. 2Cfee e)cecutori8 of Cuflomcr Smith, locrc djargcn va a tpecial information ^}9^\ 38 & 39 
for receiuing an impofition of ? s. 4 d. fet bp €luan Eliiabeth, unner ber pri=^ Rof'J"/'^*'^'^" 
Ijp fignct, upon etierp bunnjen tocigbt of ailom mane iiiitbin tbe 2Domintons of 

tlje ^ope, ann tbe Cjccbctiuer teas gi\)en againit tbem : tbc reafon 
of tljis jungment iwas, for tljat Cuflfomcr Smith reccitoeo tbe fame as cue to tlje 
Clueen, ann tlje iS^Wt irias Jopnen, quod prsdidi executorcs non tenebantur ad 
computum, &c. ann tlje balinitp of tbe impofition taas ne\)er queflioncn. 

3. 9i jungment toas giuen in tbe CFcbccLUEr, for an impofition fet upon €.ViU fn mem. Scaccar, 
rant?, but tbe common opinion tuag, tbat tbat jungment \uas againft Lalo, ann V''"'|°'^- ^^^^^: 4 
aibcrs ejcprcfs Sets of |2arliament ■-, ann fo bp tbat tubicb batb been fain, it notlj £01 verFiohn 

Itianifeaip appear. Bate de London. 

aCo conclune tbis point, toit^ ttoo of tje maximes of tbe Common ILato. i.Le mcrcat. 
Common Ley ad tielment admeafure les prerogatives le Roy, que ilz ne tolleront, 3'^^°^ ''^^P* 
ne prejudiceront le inheritance dafcun, tbe Common JLaiM b^tb fO anmeafuten tbc portefc Veft!° 
prcrogatibes of tbe iSing, tbat tbep Ibouin not tafee atuap, noj prcjunice tbe in«= 
leritance of anp : ann tbe beH inberitance tljat tbe Subject bad), is tbe ilaiu of 
tlje lUealm. 2. Nihil tam proprium eft imperii, quam legibus vivere. 

tHpon tbiis Cbapter, as bp tbe fain particulars map appear, tbis concluGon \% 2E.3.C.9. p e.?; 
neceffarilp gatberen, tbat all Monopolies concerning trane ann tafficfe, are WXcl'^'ill'i, 
againft tbc libertp ann franom, neclarenann granten bp tbis great cbarter, cap.V.dR.2.cap.i' 
ann againft ninersot'^cr a^tfis of parliament, toljiclj are gcon commeniaritis i2H.7.cap.d. 
upon tbi0 Cljapter. 

Le point del conge del demurrer des merchants aliens eft iflint interpretable, que Mirror c.§. § 5; 
ceo ne foit in prejudice des villes, ne des merchants Dangleterre, &: il foicnt fere- \g'\n'^W-.''' 
ments al Roy & plevyes lllz demurront pluis que 40 jours. j'^ £.4.0.1.' 3 H.7. 

iTor tbe UieU intreating ann ornering of spercbant ftrangers ann neni^ens, cap.g. 
annfoj *nue implopment of tbeit monp upon tbe native commonitica of tbis '^se< hereafter the 
Mcalm, manp Statutes baijebeen mane fince tbis great Cbarter,ann baiie ba.n thrs"n°e?of 
cicccHcmlp ej;pounnen in t^ie Keign of i^uan Elizabeth, but tbat matter bes= impioymems. 
iong^ not to i\\% plac(» 


6d. S^Agna Qharta. Cap.5 1. 


SI quis tenuerit de aliqua Elcaeta , ficut de honore Walling- 
ford, Netting. Bolon. & de aliis Efcaetis quae funt in rna- 
nu noftra, Sc fint Baronis , Sc obierit hxres ejus, non det aliud 
relevium, nee faciet nobis aliud (ervitiym, quam faceret Baroni, 
fi Baronia efl'et in manu Baronis, & nos eodem modo earn tenebi- 
mus, quo Baro earn tenuit. Nee nos oceafione talis Baronis, vel EC- 
caetae habebimus aliquam Efcaetam, vel cuftodiam aliquorum noftro- 
rum hominum, nifi de nobis alibi tenuerit in capite ille, qui tenuit 
Baroniam, vel Efcaetam illam. 

5Bp tW Cljapter it i$ ficdarto, anu cnarteD, t^at if an? man l)olii of an? 
ffcl)catCj ais of aup Ijonout, oj of ot^cv cfcljcats, toljiclj are IBaronicis, ano 
toere in t^e toingco l)antig ; i^itft, 3if ])e me, ^t? Ijeir being of full age, Ijisi 
i)eit IljaU gi\)e no ctljct relief to tlje !^ing tljan Ije nio to tlje 31£aton. 2. i^oj 
so none otljer ferbice to tlje JUing, ttjan %z fljoulD Ijatje none to tlje ifarcn. 
3. St^at tfje i^ing fljail Ijolo tljc t)onour oj ilParonp ajs tije liEaron Ijcln if, 
ttiat ii0, of fucb ettate, anD in fuclj manner ano fojm, ais t'^e iEaron Ijclo 
it. 4. acije iaing fljaU not Ijatie ip occaGon of anp iiBaronp , oj efcljcnte, 
anp efcljeate tut of lanDis Ijolocn of fucb JlEaronp. 5. i^oj anp iratoHip 
of any otber tanug tljen arc Ijoluen bp ifenigljtss ferbice of inch iBaronp, m\:f 
iti» l)e, toljiclj :|)cfD of tlje ioaronp, IjelD alfo of tlje Mn% bp Unigljtg fcrbice 
in capite. 

Sill t^is i0 marip beclaratojp of tlje Common lla\u, anb Ijere it appearet'd 

tljat Ije tljat IMcctl) of tIjelSing, muftljolD of tlje perfon of tljc iSing, ano not 

of anp ijonour, 316aronp, 30anno? oj ^eigniojp ; anb it appearetlj fartljer in our 

Seethe firA part ^^^^y tljat Jjc tljat Ijoloetlj of tlje ling in cljief, muff not onlp Ijolb of tl;e pcr# 

of the inffltutes, fon of tljc J^ing, I'ut t^e tenure muftbc createo bp tlje Jaing, 0} Come one of tljc 47 E- 3- pjogenitojB, 01 p^cbeceflbjs iUingis of tljisi 5KeaIm, to befenb Ijis perfon ann 

21. F.N.B,5. Croban, otljertoifc Ije fljall Ijabe no pjerogatibe bp reafon of it, foj no pjcrogaj^ 

tibe can be anncrcb to a tenure crcateb bp a ^ubjed:. igote Ijere is not namco 

tlje Ijonour of Lane' bjljiclj toaji an ancient Ijonour eber fince tlje conqueff, 

luljiclj E.3. raifeo to a Count palatine, a0 in tljc fourtli part of tljc Infiirutes, 

cap. Duch. ofLancaftre appearetlj. 066 28 H.6.11, per touts les juftices. 1 E.6, 

Bro.trav. 53. Stamford Prerog. 2p. b. 

rl«Lr»*^^^'* € ^^ ^^"^ efcheatis. ] ^omeciueffionljatlj beenmabciof tljefc mojb?, 
f oj fome liabc faib tljat tljefe boojois are to be unncrttoH) of common cfclieatis, as 
tulierc tlje ILojn uietlj bjitbout Ijcir, s^ baljcrc !je ig attaintcb of felonp : Km 
iDbere t^c Jlo jb is attainteo of Ijigl) SDreafon, ttiere tlje !fiing Ijatlj tlje lanb bp 
forfeiture of bobomfoeber tlje lano is Ijclb, anb not in refpert of anp efcljcatc bp 
reafon of anp s>eigniojp : anb tljcrefo:e buljerc Will. Riparavc a Norman, ^cio 
lanbs in fx of tbc teing, as of tiit Ijonour of Peverell, ana Riparave fojfeiteb W 
taio lanb fo? ^Creafon, anb tlje !Sing fcifcti it as Ijts efclieat of Normandy, in 
tljiscafe tl)C lano fo fojfciteD baas no part of tbe Ijouour, as it fijoulb Ijabe been, 
if it Ijao come to tlje toing, as a common cfcljeate, foj it cometlj to tbe iSing bp 
reafon of Ijis perfon, ano Crobm, anb tljerefoje if Ije grant it ober, ^c. tlje 
Patentee (ball Ijolb it of tlje l^ing in cljief, anb not of tlic Ijonour. ^nb all tljiiS 
W to be agrefO, but pet tlje tenants tljat Ijelb befoje of tlje Ijonour bv iSnigljcg 

■ ferblccs 

raves cafe. 

Cap.32. SVLagna Charta. 65 

fcrbice, cannot !;dId of dje Bing; in djief. i. i^oj tijat tljep Ijolo not of tljc 
^)crfon of tljc i^tuff, but of tlje ^^onouc. 2. llBecaufntljc tcmtvc toag not crcatcD 
ijp tlic i!»ing> 0? anp of \)\% pjogcnito?03 as Ijatlj been faiD. 

0nD fo Dotl) Bradton, \i)ljo ixi?otc fon after tljc S>tattite, cjrpouno tljisi great Erafton 1.2. fo.87. 
Cljartct to rttcno to forfeiture of Hcaronies fo? SEreafon, as of tlje Normans. •'• ?o h.s. tenures. 

anil pet to make an enn of all ambiguities ann quettions, tlje Statute of ^'■•44- 29 h.s. h- 
I E.d. toas mate, tobiclj is, as tlje too;tis be, a plain Declaration ano rcfolution ^"\i^^\ ^ ""-s^ " 
of t\)e Common JLato. iiifeetoifc tljc Statute of i E. 3. toljiclj p?obiDetl), tljat i'E.^.cap.4! 
toljere tlje ILano tbat is bolncn of tJ)c!Sing, as of an Ijonour, is alieneo toitl;# i Eg.cap.i^ 
out licence, no man fl;all be tljercbp grieDcD, is alfo a Declaration of tljc Com== '^^"^'^^J P"f°f 
mou jlauJ* fg^ J ' 

iBp t^is Cljaptcr it appcarcf^, tljat a fubjert map Ijaijc an Ijonour. 



Ullus liber homo det de cstero amplius alicui, vel vendat ^'■- '^.r. coram 
[alicui ] de terra fua , quam ut de refiduo terrie (jax poffit adedarado^'made 
fufEcienter fieri domino feodi lervitium ei debitum, quod pcrtinet °f '^is Aa. 
ad feodum iliud. K'-plaaiT 

cap. 5, mirror c. j 

1. iFirtt it is to be fan tuljat ttje Common ILato toas befo?e ttjis Statute. ^^^ . 

2. M^at is tujougljt bp tljis Statute, tuljerc iljc lanDs are IjolDen of tljc Norm'!cap^2^<5 

3. Ml^at tilts Statute tiatlj pjoDiDeD in cafe toljere Hants are Ijoltcn of a «° ^-i-n- 

JlBcfojc tljls §>tatute, in cafe luljere tlje tenure Ums of a common pcrfon, tljc 
tenant migljt Ijaue mate a feoffment of a parcel of Ijis tenancp to Ijolo of Ijim, 
foj ttic feigniojp remainet intire as it Uuas, anttlje Jiojt migljt tiftrein intlje -" ^pAiT.p.ip. 
tenancp paraljailc foj Ijis rent ant ferbice v but at tlje Common Jlatu Ijc coult ^^ ^^'^''' 
not Ijaac giircn a part of Ijis ten.mcp to be Molten of tl;e aiojt, foj ttje tenant bp l^ E.3.^avJwry. 
tljis act coult not ti^jite tlje feignio;tp of tljc JLojt tuljiclj iuas intire, foj at tlje Roc.Pari. 29 e.^. 
beginning tljc lojt rcfer\)CD Ijis feigniojp outof tljeluljolc tenancp, antmig^t 
tiftrein in cDcrp part tljereof foj l)is feigniojp, but if tljc tenant migijt tjauc ''^°^^"- 'SE.i. 
mate a feoffment of part to IjolD of tljc JiojD,^ tljen Ijat Ijc feclutct tijc Jlojt of die'sra^of w.g!^ 
\\^ libcrtp to tiftrein foj tljc Mjolc feigniojp in encrp part tljcrcof. de quia'emptores 

attire Common 3la\jj tljc tenant mtgljt Ijatje mate a feoffment of tlje to!)olc t"r- an. ig e. i. 
tenancp to be Ijoltcn of tlje ILojt, foj tljat toas no pjejutice at ail to tlje JLojt. ^■^■^- '49- b- & 

d31Eut in tlje liings cafe ituiastoubtct, toljetljcr Ijis tenant nugljt IjaUcgiiJcn ^^gjj'^. pier 
part of tljc tenancp to Ijolt of Ijimfclf, bccaufe tlje Hant, auc tljc pjofit tljat 299 b. " 
mig^t come to tlje iiin^tljerebp, toas removiet fartljcr off from ^im, ant tljc ^ 
mcfnaltp toas eter of Icfs Vialuc tljan tlje lant, ant foj tljat caufc tlje tenancp H-3nu'4jH?-con- 
toas callet parauail ; * ant in 18 E.i. tljciaing anfujcrct to a petition in par# made 9 h.?. 
liament. Rex now vult aliquem medium, &c, ant tljis ciucftiou rcmainrt after e 20 AiT.p.i'y. 
tljis Statute about tljc fpacc of 133 pears, viz. till tlje ^ statute of 34 E.3. toas ^^ An.p.37. 
mate, wljcrebp it is pjobitet, tljat alienatioits of Jlantis mate bp tenants, uH4-2.3- 
tnljiclj Ijelt of H.3. oj of otljer iaings bcfojc Ijim, to Ijolt of tljcmfeltcs,tljat tlje sr'amf^pre^'. cap.(?, 
alienations fljculo ftant in fojce, faDing to tlje lung Ijis pjercgatitc of tlje time fo 27,28. 9E.3.36.' 
of Ijis great CDjantfatljcr, Ijis i^atljcr, ant Ijis oum, 'teljercbp it appearetl) tl;at 
tljis pjerogatite to Ijaijc a fine foj alienation, ^ began in tljc reign of H.3 lufjidj 
teas bp t^is ;act, ant tljercfojc Ijc beginnetlj tuiclj H.3. Ijis great (IDjanDfaitjer. 
t %o tlje fecont point bp tljis ^ct, toljcrc lants are Ijoltcn of tljc iSing, as Bing, ^'l No?tf.'^'in ™ 
in Capite, be it bp J^nigljts fcriiice, oj in forage in Capite, ant alienet luitljcut lurri. 

fe Jifen.c, 


^Kiagna [harta. 



Statute of quia 
emptores terraru. 
ubifup. Hil. 2 E.^. 
coram Rege wiltcf. 
PrerogHegis c.6. 
F.N.B. 175. 
14 E. 3. Quare 
Imp. 54. _ 
Br. Alienation 
fans licence ^4. 
Hil. 45 Eljz.1.2. 
fol.80,81. Scign. 
CromwcU cafe. 

JiccitcEjtijerc growtt),a!3ljatl) been fatJ, to tlje i^ing a fine j irojbptljeConis* 
nton iiaiB it toais agaiutt tijc nature anu putitp of a fx fimplej foj t^e tenant to 
i)c reftrainct from alienation. 

Scut fome Dio IjolD, tljat uyon tiHjs Set tlje ILanu fo alienea toit^out licence 
toag forfeit to tlje iiing> by reafon of tljefe too jug, nullus liber homo det, &c. 
anD ot^crss Dio liolD tl;e tontrarp, tljat upon tliefe toojos tljc laiw toag not fo?«: 
feitec, but tljat it fijoulo be feifeo in tlje name of a Diflrefjs, ano a fine to be paio 
foj tlje trefpafs, toljicb 3 take to be tlje better opinion ■■> auB tlje reafon io)l)p our 
lEDfegfpeak, tJjat no fine toas mt befoje 20 H. 3. iss, foj t|iat about tl;at pear 
H.3. being of full age (as ljat5^ ban fain) nio ettablifij ann confirm tW great 
Cbarter, but in trutlj it toais in 21 H.3. as bp tlje Cljartcr itfelf appearctlj. 

J^ut tljijB queflicn Depcnoco about tlje fpace of 100 pears, gfc. 2nD toas not 
DetermincD until t!)ea>tatutc maeein i E. 3. ijuljerebp it is enacten, tljat tlje 
feing fi?all not IjolD tljem as fojfcit in fuclj cdfe, but tljat of lanns fo alieneo 
tljecc ftjall be Itam tljencefpj.tlj a reafonable fine taken in tbe Cljancerp bp Hue 
pjoces, luljici) ;3ft luas but ati CErpofition of tl)ts Cljapter of Magna Charta as to 
iianos tolDcn of tlje liing in Caplte, alieneo mitljout licence, anD ertenaetlj to 
lanDs IjolHen of tljc ising bp grano ^crjantic aliened toitljout licence. 

SLo tlje 3. tlje great loubt upon tljis^d; toas, tljatin as mutlj as tW 3rt 
toasa pjoljibition general, ant impofco no pain oj penalty, toljat pain tlje te# 
nant, oj Ijis feoffee fijoulo incur, if l)e tiiti tlje contrarp-, ano bp tlje commoji 
opinion tljis Set toas tljus intcrpjcten : tljat luljen a tenant of a common perfon 
niD alien parcel contrarp to tljis Set, tljc feoffor Ijimfelf miring i^is life fljoulB 
M0ta\30iD it, quia nemo contra fadlum fuum proprium venire poteft, but t^at IjiS 
Ijeir after Ijis Dtceafe miglit aboiu it bp tljc intendment of t^is 9tf, to tlje eno 
tljat men fljoulo not purcljafe fuel) parcel, in fear of lofing t^c fame after tlje 
Beatlj of tlje feoffo; : but if tlje Ijeir apparent Ijan joineo toitli Ijis aucettoj, in 
tl)e feoffment, oj after IjaD confirnuti it,aniitl)crcbp Ijaogi^jen Ijis affent tljere^ 
unto, Ije OJ Ijis Ijeirs fiioulti neber IjaDe auoioeu it, tulietljer \t furDiueo i)is ^to 
tber ojno •, ann if tlje Ijcir cntret upon tljis &>tatute, tljc aliens of part raig^t 
pleao tljat tlje ferDice, luljerebp ti^c lano toas Ijoloen, mig'bt be fufftcientlp cone 
of tbe reCtiue, ano tljereupon iffue migfet be taken, anu % Ijaiae feeuciVfrsruclj 
l^jecfBents bettoan tljis Set of Magna Charta, anu 1 8 E.i. 

SCljencamc tljc Statute of 18 e.i. toViiclj cnattet^, quodde caeteroliceatunl- 
cuiqi libero homini terras fuas, feu tenementa fua, feu partem inde ad voluntatem fu- 
am vcndere, ita tamen quod feolTatus teneat terram illam, feu tenementum illud dc 
capital! Domino per eadem fervitia, & confuetudines, per qua: feoffator fuus ilia prius 
de eo tenuit, & 11 partem aliquam earundem terrarum, feu tenementorum alicui 
vendiderit, feoffatus ille partem illam immediate teneat de Domino. 

flpanp ercellent tljings are enacfcn bp tljis Statute, anu all tlje noubts upon 
tl)is Chapter of Magna Charta lucre clcarcD, bo:l) Statutes Ijabing botlj one enc, 
Ctliat is to fap ) fo; tlje upljoluing ano p?eferbation of tlje tenures, wljerebp 
tljc lanos iwere Ijoloen i tljis Set of 18 E.i. being enactcD ad initantiam magna- 
tum Regni. 

1. iFirtt tljis Statute of 18 E.i. uotlj begin luitlj a de cstero liceat, ijjljic^ 
pjo^etlj tljat befoje it iwas notlatofulto alien part, unlefs fufficient \jjerc left, 
anD tljis appjoisetl) tlje afojefaio common opinion, tljat in ti^at cafe, tljc Ijcir 
ntigljt enter, otljertoifc tljis Cljapter of Magna Charta ^ao ban in bain, auQ 
tljis de ca^tero liceat t)ati not nttDeU. 

2. 2Ct)at bp tliis Statute of 18 E.i. tljc pjoljibition anH penaltp bp t^ijt 
Chapter of Magna Charta, to aljoio tlje fiate of tlje feoff® is taken atoap •, de 
csetero liceat, &c. 

3. 2Clje point afojefain of tf)c Common iiato, tljat tl&c tenant coulD not alien 
parcel to Ijolo of tljc JLo?B, is \^^ tljis Sc of 18 E.i. altcrco. 

4. 3notl)er point of tlje Common iiato is bp tljis M altered, tljat toljcrc b? 
t^e Common Jiato Ijcljatlj alieneu parcel to IjolD of Ijimfelf, tljis istakcnatoap, 
ano tljc alien® fijall ijoln of tlje Jiojo pro panicula. 

5. W%txt 

18 E.I. de quia 
emptores terra- 

Cap.32V' --^^S^a^M'ChaHa, 6y 

5. ^Ijcre tljc Ccnant Ijati lilicttp anu cicftiou hv tljc Contmou ialu to make 
afeoffmcnr of tijc toljolc, .xa.ljpit>,CUlia:of iimfclf, oj cf tljc LojD, noto d;is 
libcrtv afiti election 15 taftelX;a]»^v,'^il)^tl)i^|ia,t^c Ifaic nutftlc immeniatelw 
Ijoicen of tl)c iLoiu. 

d. STliat tl;c iuiiff is Jjotina lip lljis Set, anti. tljig appenredj Iv rijc Kcgiflcf, Rcginr.268, 
tljat tl)ctetng cannot cljarge tljc feoffee Df'partiuitljtiic etuirC'Ment,titttljcrciU^ F.N.B.234. 
■Ctlj a Mtit De onerandupro rata parrioiiev If lit rijif i^ing Diaj) grant i.anti§tO 
ijolD of Ijimfelf, fo? Ije is not.reftraincu bj? t ijig Set, foj Ijctebv «o t^fm is rcaraf? 
nefl, but l)c luljiclj Ijolcs oucr of feme LojOj aun tlje Jiiing fjoijjetlj of none. 

3lBiit tljen Ijei-erifetljaciticflion, 3f bv tljisf Cfjapter of Magna Charta, a fine 
foj alienation accfucu to tlje l»ing upon an alienation of tljc lungs aCcnaut in 
Capite^ an5 no\ytl)istCKmut'C agljatl) ten fato j letng taken alMay'i Ijoiu 
can tljat ^ici:ogati\3C IfanD .'Uiljcit tljc founoation, luljercui^ion it i^i luilt 
failetlj:' ,.', , 

lEltt Ijei'CUntO It ij) anfiueteti.: i. SCljC re!jl-aint of Magna Cfeatta, feciinaum 
quid, a&to tljc ai3oitiancc of tlje ftatc of tljefcofftt bp ti;e Ijeir, ,10 taken aijiap, 
a? Ijatlj ban faiD, but not fimpliciter, foj in vc.fyect of tlje JAing, tlje fine fo; alic*= • 
nation remains Due, ano Ijci-euiitlj agratlj conftant auu continual ufage. 2. 'JEljc 
'Statute of 1E.3. enactetljj Qucdeformes de tielz tcrres Sc tenements alien fbit rea- 
fondble fine prife in le Chancery, aUD tljDUglj If faitlj (deformes) ftom ljettCj:fo?tlj, J e ? ubtfu'pr 

tljat toJis not, tljat anp fine lojag tue befoje, jbut, as Ijatlj bfcufaiHj to take aioap 
tie pettion of tlje fojfeituce.. • , ' ./,] 

aftec tljis 0ct out of tlje^^^ffice of tljc Remembrancer Of tljc Ctcljcqiter, 
Mtitjs of Quo titulo ingireffus efl, to Ijclj) tD^luing to l)i^ reafOttalle finej iffuea 
out of tlje Ciccljequer, to knoto Ijolii tljc feoffee came to tljc toljolc, oj part of tlje 
jlianD, auD of \Dljat cllatc, ujlicreupon tljc feoffe tuas o^iicn to plcan to Ijis great 
ctjarge ann trouble, ano tbcrefoje upon conference Ijao uitlj tlje !«ings ^^fitcerjf, 
ano tljeSiuoges, it iuas ojoainco, tljat leting tljc liingis STenant coulo not alien 
luitljout licencCj foj if Ijc tiDy Ijc fijoulD paj a fine, tljat foj a licence to be ob# 
taincD* tlje i^ing fljoulo Ijabe tljc tljiro part 'of tljc vjaluc of tljc 3lant),toljitlj luasi 
Ijolnen reafonablc, ann ilje feoff© fljoulo pap tljc fame beca.ufe Ijis Jiano iMas 
otljcrlriifc to be cljargeo, anu ljc;riti of^tljc trouble aitn cljargc b}) tljc Mrit of 
Quo titulo ingrelTus eft i anD if ttjc alienation leas toit^out licence, tljcn a rea«^ 
fonablc fine bp tljc Statute, teas to be pain bp tlje alienee, toljiclj tljep refolbeo 
to be one years baluc, \i)biclj eUt finte couttantlp ano continuallp Ijatlj been ob*= 
ferbec aniJ pain. 

2Cljts fine toag to be pain bp ttjc alienee, ai8 Ijajtlj ban faio, oj hv tljofc tljat 
claimeo by oj unuer Ijim, ano if tljc fine be not'paiD, tlje ?Lan» fljall be feifco 
into tljc lyings Ijanns ■■> ano tljc intent of a IJarliamcnt is altoapsiintcntieri jutt, 
anu reafonablc ■■, ano tljcrefojc if a uiffeifoj of ilanog in Capite make an alicua:* 
tion toitljout licence , ano tljc oiflcifec enter, tljc Jianii fljall not be feifcD foj tljc 
fine, foj ttjc oificiftt is in bp a title befoje tlje alienation, ano fo in otljct like 
cafcg. 3i Ije in tlje reberfion Icbp a fine of JLanns Ijolocn in Capite toitljout lis^ 
cencc, tljc leffee foj life fljall not be cljargco toitlj tljc fine,bccaitfc tljat eflatc toag |^ ^f" 
liefo^c tljc alienation, but pet in a Quid juris clamat, tlje leffee fljall not be com*; 
^cllco to attojn, becaute tljc Court toill not fuffcr a pjc^uoice to tljc ilUng in 
like manner, ais if tlje reberfion i^ao been alienen in Mortmain toitljout tljc 
Mngg licence, 

3 Ijabc been tlje longer in erplaining tljis Cljaptcr, becaufe it feemcn fo ob# 
fcurc to fome JScancrs in former time;8, tljat tljep palTeo it ober witljout anp 

K 2 CAR 



^hdagna (Jbarta. Cap.3 5 ,3 4. 

Mirror ca.$. §.2. 

44 E.?.24. 

38 A(r.22. 
50 A(r.p.5. 

44 E-S-a-J- 


OMnes Patroni Abbatiarum, qui habent Chartas Regum Anglise 
de advocatione, vel antiquam tenurara, vel poffemonem, ha- 
beant earum cuftodiara cum [vacaverint] ficut habere debent, ficut 
luperius deelaratum eft, Cap.^. 

aCliisi Statute isi intennen tobtte i^z patron, oj iFounncr of ^blejistj oj ^%U 
ojicis Jjp fpccial rcferDation, tenure oj cuftom, ougljt to Ijab^ ti^e cuflonp of tlie 
2Ccmpo?aUteis of tlje fame, miring tlje tiacatton, as manp ^atronis ann ifoun- 
DeriS in time? pft feau. Jjgut if tljc i^ing be i?ouniier, fee ougljt to Ijatoe tfee 
aCempojalties mtrtng tlje Ziaacation of common Migljt bp tis }0jerogati\)e. 

31f tiie teing ano a common perfon join in a fonnnatiun, tlje Iking is t|ie 
iFotmner, becaufc it i? an entire tfetng. 

31f a common perfon founo an ;abl)ep oj |3jtojp, luitfe poffeffiong of fmall 
fealue, ano t\)t i^ing after entioto it lojitlj great pofTefTions, pet tlie common 
perfon i% iFounoer. 3f a common perfon founB a Cfeaunterp, ann after tijeliing 
tranflate it, an» mafec it a ^onatterp, and cnDptB it toitl) potTcffioniS, pet tfee 
common perfon is in Hlatotfee i?ounter, bccaufc fee galje tfee firft liijing i fo if 
tfec tranflation fee from regular to fecular, vel e contra. 


llllus capiatur, aut imprifonetur propter appellum fbeminoE de 
morte alterius quam viri fui. 


See the firfi part 
of the Inflicutes. 
17 E.4.i.2oH,5. 
45. Stamf. PI. 
ca.35. See the firft 
part of the Infti- 
tutes, Seit.24. 
Mirror ca.;. §.2. 
&ca.2. §.7. 
$0 E.g. 14. 
28 E.9.91. 
3E.;. Coroii.3$7. 
20 H.^.4^. 

iFoj tfeiiS toojD, 0ppeafj fee tfee firft part of tfe^ Inftitutes. J9t tfee Commott 
3Latt) before tfeiis &tatute> a iDoman, ais tueU n a man migfet feabe feaoan appeal 
of neatfe of anp of feer anceftojsi, ann tfeerefoje tfee fon of a tooman (feaU at tfeia 
Bap feabe an appeal, if fee be fecic at tfee ueatfe of tfee anceftoj, fo; tfee fon i$ not 
BifaWett, but tfee motfeer onip, foj tfee Statute faitfe, Propter appellum fomina;. 
Videmo?c of tfeis in tfee firft part of tfee Inftitutes. 

Fkta faitfej Foemina autem de morte viri fui inter brachia fua interfecfti, & non 
aliter poterit appellare , ^nH tfeereUJttfe agreetfe tfee Mirror, Britton, anO 

IBp inter brachia in tfeefe ancient 0ntfeojis(, is ttnoerfton tfee luife, ^si^it};^ tfee 
neao fean latofuUp in pofTefTion at feis ocatfe, foj flje muft be feis toifc botfe of rigfet 
ano in poffelfion, foj in an appeal, Unques accouple in loial Matrimony, is a 
goDO plea. 

a tuoman at tfeis nap map feabe an appeal of robberp, f c. foj IJe is not re^ 
ftraineo tfeercof. 

%W Writ of appeal of tfee oeatfe of feer feusbans, is annejceo to feer WLimW 
feam, as feer ©uarcntine is. 

31f tfee u)ife of tfee oeaD marrp again, feer appeal is gone, albeit tfee feconB 
feusbano oie luitfein tfee pear ■■> fo; fije niuft hefoje anp appeal bjougfet, conti#! 
nue foemina vir\.fui, upon Dofeofc bcatfe tfee bjings tfee %peal. 

Cap.55- Sidagna Qharta. 69 

$»o if fljeljjing t^z appeal uuring i^cc «itio>j)»l)CDDj atiD tafec Ijuiefbauu, tl^c n h. a.±6. 
appeal fljall abate, ann is gone foj eber. 

&o lifeewife, if in licr appeal (be ijatft fuogmcnt of tieatlb agatnft tl)e SDefen^ 
Bant, if aftcj; flje tafee Ijujsianu, lljc can nc\)ei: liaDe erecution of ticaclj agatna 

albeit t\)t Ijusiann be attaintcD of Ijigi^ SCreafon, o> fflonp,?»et if Ijelc flain, 35 h,(J,<jj. 
l&is iuife ftall baue an appeal, foj nottuitljflfanuing tljc attainuet %t toas vir 
fuus, but tljc l^eir cannot ^aue an appeal, h% tlje blcoti iis cojtupten between 

f[ AppcUum foeminse. ^ 0n licrmopljjoDite, if tlje male feje be pjetiomi^ 
«ant, fljall Ijatie an appeal of oeatlj as Ijeir, but if tlje female fer notlj ejccan tljc 
otljer, no appeal uot^ lie fo? ^n as Ijcir. . 


NlIUus Comitatus de cstero teneatur nifi de menfe in menfem, & 
ubi major terminus effe folebat, major fit. Vide 2 Edw. cap. 
2 5. Nee aliquis Vicecomes, vel balivus luus facial Turnum (uum per 
hundredum, nifi bis in anno, & non nifi in loco debito & confueto, 
viz. ferael poft Pafch', & iterum poft feftum S. Michaelis, & Vifus 
francipleg' tunc fiat ad ilium Terminum Sandti Michaelis fine occa- 
fione. Ita (cilicet quod quilibet habeat libertates fijas quas habuit, 
vel habere confuevit tempore Regis Henrici avi noftri, vel quas 
poftea perquifivit. Fiat autem vifiis de frankpleg* fie : videli- 
cet , quod pax noftra teneatur , 8c quod Tithinga teneatur Inte- 
gra ficut effe confuevit, & quod Vicecomes non quaerat occafi- 
ones, & contentus fit de eo, quod Vicecomes habere confiievit 
de vifu fuo faciendo, tempore Hen. Reg. avi noftri. Vide Marlb. 
cap. 10. 

^ Comitatus. 3 Quod modovocatur Coinitatus, olim apudBritonestem- inter leges R.Ed, 
poribus Romanorum in Regno ifto Britannis vocabatur Confulatus j & qui modo f?'"''" '^^ ^'^' 
vocantur Vicecomites, tunc temporis Vice-confules vocabantur ■■> ille vero dicebatur yentusy^'^ ^°"* 
Vice-conful, qui Confule abfente ipfius vices fupplebat in Juris foro. 

Curia Comitatus, in ^ajcon, bcypegemote, i. Comitatus conventus. r2H.7.i3. 

Ejus duo funt genera, quorum alterum hodie le Countie Courc, alterum le Lamb.igj. 
J Tourne del Vifcount, olim Follimote, vulgo nuncupatur •, ^c ^$ mailj> tine^ Britron cap.27. 

I Turii Vicecomitis tjS ejcpjeffcft unDet t^e name of Curia Comitatus, becaufe it er* ^'-'^•':*- <^-3^>37' 

tentcu tljjouglj tlje tobolc Countp: anBtfeerefojeintljereDlBcDhof ti^eCrcljes= iniibrorubro,ia 
qucr, amoitgft tlje JLalujBi of JiingH-i. c.8. De generalibus placitis Comitatuum, Scaccario, cap.8. 
it is tljup tontaineo, viz. 

Sicut antiqua fuerat inftitutione formatum, falutari Regis imperio vera eft recor- 
datione tirmatum, generalia * Comitatuum placita certis locis, & vicibus, & defi- * 5, Turnoruiil 
nito tempore per llngulas anni provincias convenire debere, nee uUis ultra fati- placita. 
gationibus agitari, nil! propria Regis necelTitas, vel commune Regni commodum 
Ispius adjiciant. Interfint autem Epifcopi, Comites, Vicedomini, Vicarii, Cen- 
tenarii, Aldermanni, Proefedi, Praepoilti, Barones, VavalTores, Tingrevii, & ca:- 


<7o S^cigna (J) art a. Cap.35. 

teri terrarum Domini diligenter intendentes, ne malorum imjjunitas, aut gravi- 

orum pravitas, vel judicum fubverfio folita miferos lacera:ticne- confiniant : AgaiT- 

Regis placita. tur itaque primo , debita vera? Chriftianitatis jura, fecundo, PiCgis placita po- 

i. The Pleas of the ftremo, caufe fingulorum, &c. debet enim Shcryfmote, C i-tljC &l)eriffs2E0tirn) 

Crown holden in j^j Hundreda, & Wapentachia, ( i. t^lC CouiltV COttrt0 ) duodecies in anno 
the Sheriffs Tourn . ' ^ ' ^ , , ' 

alfo. congregari. _ _ ;- 

;3nD trillp did H.i. fap, Sicut antiqua fucrat inftitutione formatum : f-t% tljffe 

CoUEtsi of tl;c aCoimi, aiiD of dje Count?, ana of tlje 3lat d;i\3icjM of franfo 

Lamb.foi.i?^. ptcDgc mfiuioneD Ijcrcaftcr in tljts Cljaptcr tacrc tocrj) ancient; fo; of tl;c 

The oath of Ai- gcourn j»ou fijall rcaD amongtt tlje JiaiMS of teing Edw. Statutum eft quod 

legeance in the -^^ ^ fcilicet apud le folI\mote ) debent populi omnc5, 6cc. cpnvenire, &: fe tide 

Tourn or eet. " g^ fjcramento non fraflo ibi in unum & fimul confcderarc, &c. ad defendendum 

Regnum, &c. una cum Domino fuo Rege, & terras fua5> 8c honores illius omni 

fidelitate cum eo fervare, & quod illi, ut Domino fuo Regi intra & extra Regnum 

univerfum Britanniae hideles eiTc velint, &c. Hanc legem invenit Artliurus ( qui 

quondam fuit indytiflimus Rex Britonum } & ita confolidavit & confederavit 

Regnum Britanniae univerfum femper in unum, hujus legis authoritate expulit Ar- 

thurus prsdidus Saraccnos, & inirfiicos a Regno, lex enim ifta diu fopita f uit,donec 

Edgarus Rex Anglorum, qui fuit avus Edwardi Regis, illam excitavit, & ercxit in 

lucem & per totum Regnum tirmiter obfervari praeccpit: & liu jus legis authoritate 

Rex Etheldred" fubito uno & eodem die per univerfum Regnum Danos oc- 


- 31B}? tlje llaHJis of lUing Edward, bcfojc t1)e Conqitcft tlje f(rft, totiic!) fuc<= 
cecDCD ISing Alurcd, it \% tljug tnadcD ; 
Inter leges Edw. Praepoiitus qirifquc, i". Vicecomes, Saxonice Gerefa, Anglice Sheriflfe, ad quartam 
Regis ante conq. I. circiter feptimanam frcquentem populi concionem celebrato, cuique jus dicito 
cap.u.fol.51. asquabile, litefque lingulas cum dies condidti adveniant dirimito, 

^crebv it ajjygarctlj tljat Common pcag bettoccn jjart? anD part? loere IjoI*= 
Dcn in tljc Count? Cotttt cDcr? montlj, tjljiclj agratl) Init^ Magna ciiarta, ana 
otfjcr «>tatHtc0 anD continual ufagc to tljis Dap. 
Inter leges Edgari ^"^ amongtt i\)t ialMg of liiing Edgar it ig i\\\i, conccming tt)C S>Ijcciffst 
Regis, e.5. f.sji. SCourn piOtoiDCD. 

- Gekberrimus ex omni Satrapia bis quotannis conventus agitor, cui quidem illius 
Dioecefis Epifcopus, & Senator interfunto, quorum alter jura Divina, aWr humana 
populum edoceto ■■, \&%i\) aWo agrtttl) tuitl) Magna Charta, anD Otl)£r ^tatttteg 
anD continual ufagc. 

315p tljat iDljicb Ijatlj been faiD, it appcatftlj tljat tlje \m maDc bj) !Sing -H. i. 

toajs C aftet tljc great Ijeat of tlje Contiueft toas paft ) but a rcftitution of tljc an^ 

cicnt JLatM of England : 0nD fojafmuclj as tljc JlBifljop luitlj tljc ^Ijcriff DiD go 

in CmxAX. i'm.t ciiccp pear, \i>'^ cberp IjunDjcD tnitljin tlje Countp c tol)icl) alfa 

., appearctlj bp tliiis Cljaptcr of Magna Charta in tljefc luojDS!, Turnum fuum per 

F"«K''cap.'45 hundreda, &c. itttais tall CD Tour, oj 2:ourn, tjljtclj Ognifictl; a circuit, ojper;^ 

Mariebr.'c'ap. 10. ambulation. 

31 H.6. Leet n. 

F.N.B. 169. a. ^j,^ Jet ticj peiufe tljc federal bjanclj.cis of tfjig Cljapter. 

^ Nullus Comitatus de cstero teneatur nifi de menle in men- 
fem , & ubi major terminus efle (blebat, major fit. 3 %\)\$ Cais 
ijatlj ban lAiD ) i? an affirmance of tljc Common 3lato anD Cuttom of tljc 

%_ Comitatus. ] ^erc Comitatus \$ tal<ctt in tljc common fenfc foj \\z 
Countp Court. 

2njat tljc iSealm toag DibiDcD intoCounticiS, long befojc tljeraign of ising 
Alured, viz. vo. tljc time Of tljc ancicnt 31B}itonsf. ^ce tlje firft part of t^c In- 


i Et 

Cap.9 5. (SAdagnu [haru. 7 1 

f[ Et ubi major terminus, &c. T %\)^ (g aiteren lip tl;e Statute cf 2 E.5.cap. 25. 
2 E.(5. lukrcbp u is pjotoiWD tljat no Coiint|> Court fljaU be longer neferrcD, 
Ijut one niontlj fvom Court to Court, ano to tlje faiD Court lljall lie kept cucvj) 
montlj, ana nanc otljerujife, 

llBp ttitjiclj act e\3£rp Countp of England, concerning t^e time of tlje feaping 
pf tlje Coitntp Court is goljcrncD bp one ano tljc fame ILato. 

ana tljcre is to ie accounted 28 caps to tlje legal montlj in t\\$ cafe, anti not 
accojning to tlje montlj of tlje J^alenner. 

|g Nee aliquis Vicecomcs, vel balivus fuus faciat Turnum fuum 
per Hundredum, nili bis in anno, 8cnonni(i in loco debito&con- 
lueto, viz. femel poft Palch. & iterum poft feftum S. Michaelis. ] 
Mi;cre tljis bjancb faitl;, Seme! pod Pafch. Sec anije Statute of 31 E.3. er=^ 31 E.3. eap.15. 
plainetl) it, viz. one time toitljtn tlje montl) after Eaikr, ann anotljcr time 
toitjjin tlje montlj after S. Michael, ana if tljep l)ola tljem in anp otljer manner, 
tljeu tljcp fljoula lofe tljeir SCourn foj tljat time, ujbiclj is as muclj to fap, as 38 H.d. foi.7; 
t'bc Court fo l^olaen foj tliat time, fljall be utterlp boia, anatlie^ljcrif fljall ^H.7.2. 
Jofc tlje pjofits tljercof. stamf. pi. cor.84 

C Nifi in loco confueto. ] aCljis remainetlj to tljis aap. • 42 E.3. 4. & %. 

Dier 4 & j Phil. 

C Per hundreda. ] ^m Ijunajeas, ana tljc Courts of t^c funajcas fltft ^ ^"•'*'* 
tame, fa Ijereaftcr in tljis Cljapter, 

^ Et Vifus franciplegii tunc fiat ad ilium Terminum Sanfti Mi- 
chaelis, &c. 3 it Ijatlj appearea bcfoje, f^at of ancient time tlje Sheriff Ijaa 
ttoo great Courts, viz. tlje SCourn, ana t^e Countp Court ; ;afterlj3aros foj 
tlje eafe of t^ people, ana fpcciallpof tl)ei|usbanaman, tliateacljof tljem 
uiigljt tlje better folloto tl)eit buCnefs in tlieir feberal aegr«s, tljis Court Ijere 
fpoken of, viz. bie^ of franfepleage, oj Hat baas bp tlje iiing aibiaea, wna aeri# 
bea from tlje SCourn, ana grantee to tl)C 3lo?as to Ijabe t^e biebo of tlie 2Eenants, 
ana iScCants tuitbin tljcic i^anno^s, jc. &o as tlje aCcnants, ana Mefiantg n H.4.89. i?h.4, 
fljoula Ijabe tifee fame 3iuOice, tljat tljep ^aa befoje in tlje 2nouvn,aone unto tljcm ?."'i!';"' ^°- ^5- 
at tljeir oton ao^s toitljout anp charge oj iofs of time, ana foj tljat caufe came '^°'*'''eyescaie. 
tlje autp in manp Hats to tlje Jioja De certo Lete, tobiaras x\z cljarge of obtain#= 
tng tlje grant of tlje faia \ki. 

^0 lifeetoife, ana foj tlje fame reafon toere ^^unajcas, ana ^unajea Courts, 
aibiaea ana aeribea from tlje Countp Courts, ana tljis tlje ifiing migljt ao, foj 
t^e 2nourn ana Heet botlj are tljc iaings Courts of ISecoja : 5lna as tlje iUing 
map grant a man to Ijabe pobiec Tenere placita baitljin a certain pjecintt, jc. be-« 
fo?e certain Suages, ana in a manner ejcempt it from t^e |urifai(tion of Ijis 
J)ig^et Courts of: lufticc, fo migljt Ije ao in cafe of tlje Courn, ana ipunajca 
Courts : fo as tlic Courts ana luoges map be c^angca, but tljc aiabis ana €\v^ 
Hams, to^erebp tbe Courts pjocaea, cannot bealterea. ^na as tlje Countp 
Court, ana ^unarea Court are of one Surifaiction, fo tlje SCourn, ana Haet be 
alio of one ana tljc fame lurifaiction, foj Derivativa poteltas ell ejufdem jurifdi- Ktg^ii- 
dfionis cum pritniliva. 

Wiit ftile of tije SCourn is Curia fraiw' plegii Domini Regis tent apud L. cora ;i h.(?. Leec ir." 
Vicecomite in Turno fuo tali die, 8:c. flna tljerefoje \\\ fomc 515(Dks it \% callea 8 
the ileet of t|ie aCouru. ana t^erefoje buljcre tlje ^Ijeriff ttilea Ijis Court, ^ h-72- 8H. 7-" 
Turn Vicecom tent tali die apud L. 8cc. it bJas tefolbca tljat it bJas (nfufficent fcj 
tljat tljis boo^a Courn is but tl)e perambulation of tlje &ljcriflf, but bp tljc rigljt Mirror ca.i.§.iiS 
fiile of t^e SCourn, it appcarct^ ttiat tfee ILourn ana Jiat Ijabe but one ftile, ana 
t^« fame jiitifaiaioB. 

72 (SKiagna [hartk . Cap. 5 5; 

i8H,tf. abbr. by 215at foj Uiattt of i\)t feuotolctige of anttciuitp it toas obiter, in iS H.d. DenicD 

F.Lect.i. tijat tijc Xount, anu tlje JLcet tocte of one jurtftictton, anB ttwo inftanceia arc 

tljcre put, vi7. tljat i\)t aiect Ijatl) rontifancc of l)?caii anti ale, tljat iji, of tJje affifc 
of l)?eaD an5 ak, anD ttjc acotirn W\) tiot contifance tljereof v auu tlje otljer i0, 
Ujat in tl)C Jlitt tljep IjaDe aufjjojitp de prefenter ceux queux ne font lies, abjiUjJ^ 
CD bp Fitz. a prefenter, ceux, que ne font mife5 in le decennarie. 

2C0 tbe finf ic is clear, S^ljat tljc bjeaclj of tlje affife of b?eati anD ale is pje^ 
rentable in ilje SCourn, ap a common nufancc, ann tljerctuttlj agr^tlj conftanc 
anjj continual ctpcrtence, ano reafou p;oi3etlj, tljat tlje Deriuatibe cannot ijabe 
conufance of tljat uiljiclj tlje pjimitibe Ijao not, unlets it be giben bp fomejart 

4E.4.31. 22 E.4. of parliament \ anD Ijcrc^itlj agratlj tlje ttile of tlje SCourn, ana t|e aut^oji^ 

22. 12 H.7.I8. tp of later iccDfes. 

28 H s.Dier i^.b. ^^ (j, ^\^^ fcrouD, it is ill rcyo?teD in t\t fficofe it felfi but if it be intenDeo 
as Fitzh.abjiDgetlj it, tljeu it is clear tljat in tlje %mui tljep tljat be not put 
into ilje Decennary map be inquiceo of, foj, as Ijatlj been often faiD, tfec flilc of 
tljc aCourn is, Curia vifus frank pleg' •, anD tlje Deribatibc cannot of common 
rigljt Ijabe mo?e tljcn tlje pjimitibe. 

Pafch. 5 Jac. lib, ^ ll^ut botlj of tljc SEoucn auD tlje %m, tljis map be trulp faiD, 

f.78. Bulleins cafe. 

Cicero.' "Tcm^tra mutantur-, & nos mutamttr in illUi 

Quodquc vera infbitutio iftius Curis evanuit, & velut umbra ejufdem adliuc rema- 
net : iiabemus quidem Senatus confultum, fed in tabulis repofitum, & tanquam 
gladium in vagina reconditum. 
Igut noiiu let us return to our Magna Charta. 

Mirror c. i. § 17, ^ Et vifus de franc' plegio tunc' fiat ad ilium Terminum Sanfti 

?h"7.2, %X Michaelis, &c. j ^t is to be obferbeD tbat tbc v?«cDent bjancb i?, SCbac 

'* 'Vicecomes non faciatTurnum per Hundrcdum nili bis in anno, aS ^atl) ban faiD 

viz. Semel poll Pafch' & iterum poft fefium Sandii Michaelis i STtnS Claufc C]Ctcn# 

Dctb to tlje entiuirp of felonies, common nufances anD otljer mifDeeDs, tl)e bielu 

of franbpleDges, ancto all tbings inquirable in tlje SCourn.i^oto bp tbis claufe 

it is VJobiDCD tljat tlje Article of tlje snourn concerning tbe bieto of frank^^ 

pleDge, being iiere unDerftcaD in a particular fcnfe, fijall be Dealt toitljal bp tlje 

3>ljeriff in Ijis STourn but once in tlje pear, viz. at tlje SEourn IjolDcn after Ea- 

Ikr, anD fo it Ijatlj ban fojmevlp erpounDcD •, anD tberefoje it tuas toell rrfol^ 

30H.6. Leet II. ieDtu24H.8. tljat tljisclaufe of tljc Statute of Magna Charta, is to be unDerlJaia 

24 H.8.Br.Leec 23 jf jijg ay^eet of tlje SUoum, anD not of otber JLaets, anD fo tuitljout tiueflion is tlje 

MHi'lt'liVit ilatolJolDcn at tins Dap, SLljat Ije tljat claims a 3Lett bp Charter, mutt IjolD it at 

7. Dier 7'Ei. 233', tlje fame taps Ta)l)iclj are containeD in tlje Cljarter, anD %z tljat claims it bp 

234. pjefcription map claim to IjolD it once 0; tUitcc eberp pear, at anp fuclj Daps as 

fljall upon reafonable earning beappointcD, if tlje ufagebatlj been fo, fo tljat it 

Ijatlj b«n kept at uncertain times, oj elfe it ougljt to be kept at fuc^j certain 

Daps auD times, as bp pjefcription i;atlj been certainlp ufeD ■■, anD tlje nert tuo?DS 

to tljiS claufe be, Ita fcilicet qucd quilibet habeat libertates fuas, quas habuit, &■ c. 

DO crplain t^JC meaning of tljis Cljapter, tbat it cjrtcnoetb not to tlje JLeets of 

tlje Subjects, but tljcp fljoulD babe tbeir liberties, as befoje tljep Ijao , ano tljijs 

alfo appearetlj bp tbe conclufion of tljis Cbaptcr, Et quod Vicecomes, &c. con- 

tentus lit de eo quod Vicecomes habere confuevit de Vifu fuo faciendo i &o as it 

muft be \ ifus fuus, tlje §>ljeriffs m\t\si^ tobicb of nccetfitp muft be parrel of 

tbe acourn ■■> anD it is faiD in tbe Mirror, tbat tbis bieto of frankpleoge ( parcel 

of tlje acourn ) fljoulD be maoe once eberp pear. 

f; Fiat autem Vifus de franc' pleg' fie, &c. ] l^cre it appearetl) tljat 
tt)e \3ie\D of frankpleoge fljoulD babe ttoo enDg. i. Quod pax noika teneatur.- 
2, Quod Tithinga tencatur Integra. 

Cap.35' SVLagna Q)Cirta, y^ 

iFoj t^c fit0,tl)at tl}C iStugs peace mtgljt be kept i tJjc rtgljt inaitutt'on of tlje 
iiieti) of Franke pledge, an? uiljcrcon tl;c name came is to lie confiBercDj luljiclj 
is as foHotoetl), 

Franci plegii. i. F.ibcri fide juflbres, fcffi furettes 0} plcDges i anD Ijcre it iS 
faiJ fiat vifusde Francis plegiis, ita fcilicet quod pax nortra teiieatur, tl^at tjJj let 
!^e tiicto of pIeDgC0 oj furcticsi foj ^tit^men Ic waDe, fo tljat our peace map 
H \)o\un X i^oto tijc inftttution ijereof,foj tljc feitping of tlje liings pcacc'toas, 
tljate\3crpifreETORn, atljisagcof 12 pears, fljoulD in c!je (if Ije laere in Eraa.iib.?.f.i24; 
anp) 0), in tlie STonrne, f if Ije were not in anp iiettj tahe t\)t catlj of allegiance int.icges canuti . 
totljeJSing, ann tliat pf et)ge0 oj furcties njculD le fcuno in manner l)ercafccrf°'''o8, 119. 
Ej:pjc(reD foj Ijts trutl) to tljc ^in^, anD to all Ijis people, oi eUc to le feept in Jceisn^i^z 
pjifon: Cl»is Franke pledge conCften moff commonlp of ten Ijoufijolns, mljiclj cap. de fribor'gis. 
tie Saxons caHtir Theothung, in ilje i^ojtl) parts djep call tljeui Tenmentale,in Braftubifup. 
Ottier placeg of England Tithing, Ijcrc in tijiS Cljaptcr Trithinga. i. Deccmvirale Lamb.verbo cen- 

co]legium,tD^reof tl)c matters of nine families (iuljo iirerc Ijounti) toerc of tlje '""' Sf decurfa. 

Saxons tallct Freoborgh, toljtclj in fome places is to tljis Dap calleo free Barrowe. 

!. iFree fitretv, oj Franke pledge, amj tlje itpattec of tljc tcnclj IjcuflioH) luaslfp tlje Braa.foi.i^.b. 

Saxon calleubpriiuers names, viz. Theothiingnion,totljistiap in tl)e (KIlellcalleD 

Tythingman, anO Tihenheofcd anO Freoborher. i. Capitalis plcgius, cljicf pleDgC : 

auD tljefe ten maffcrs of families tocrc lounn one foj anottcrs familp, tljat 

s&cl) man of t^ek fcDeral families fijoulD CanD to tlje iatu, 03. if Ije toere not Brit, ubi fup. 

fojtlj coming, tljat ttjcp fljoulo anftuec fo; tlje injncp 0; offence bp |im commits 

ttt>i De eo autenn qui fugam ceperif, diligenter inquircnd' li fiierit in franco plegio, Erafl.I.j. f.124. 

& decenna, tunc erit decenna in mif«ricordia coram Jullitiariis nofcris, quia non 

habent iplum malefadtorem ad reftum. 

^erebp it appearetlj, tljat tljc pjecinct of tljigfrank pledge Vuas calleo decenna, 
becaufe it confiaeu moft commonlp, as Ijatlj Ian laiti, of ten ljonfl]oliis,ani) eue^* 
rpman of t'^cfc fesieral ^cufljoltiSj fo; toljom tljeplecgeo; furetpiMastahcn, ^'■■'f-^P-'^. 
tuete callcD decennarii, bccaitfe euerp particular pcrfon in tlje iSingcom tons of l"^lc "^' 
oue decenna 0; otljcr, to|)iclj names are continues as fljaootosof anticiuitptotljis Mirror cap.i.g.i?; 
tap. Ordeine fuit ancientment, que nul ne demurralt en le realme, fil ne fuit en 
dizein & plevy de frank homes, appent aux vifc' de viewer un fois per an' franke 
pledges & les plevys, &c. ' , 

31c p tlje Due erecuricn of tljis Hato, fuc^peace Ctoljereof tljis Cljaptcr fpeaft? 
ctljj toas uniDerfallp Ijolocn toitljin tljis ISealm, as no injurieg, io.t!ici5es,rol#= 
Ijcries, tljefts, riots, tumuUis, o?'otljer offences iwere committeo i fo as a man 
toitlj a tnljite toanD migljt fafelp Ijabe riuoen befojc tljc ConciuclJ, iMitlj muclj 
«ionp about Ijim, iuitljout'anp lucapontljjougljout England , ane one faitlj trulp, 
conjedura elt, eaq-, non levis, baud ita multis Itatuiffe prifca tempora fceleribus, 
quippe quibus rapinx, furto, caedi, plurimifqi aliis fcclenbus muldae imponebantur t . u 
pecuniari32,cum hiis hac notka tempeftatc nos omnibus nierito capitis poenam irro- ^ftimatio capitis; 
gamus, &c. 

C Et quod trithinga teileatur integra. 3 Trithinga 0; Tithinga is ex^ 
pOtmUCDfojTheothinga, tuljiclj flguifietlj tlje Frankpledge of ten IjouftolOS, BS pig„|i(j2.c.54. 
tatt) been faio, anD it is notablp erpounoeo bp Fleta, lyuljiclj tl)ere pou map rcao § de Tritiiingis. 
at large, tljc fenfC Ijerof is, quod Trithinga, five Theothinga. i. Dccemvi) ale col- 
legium teneatur integrum, i. tljat HO man be not toitljin fomc decenna OJ oilier, Lamb. Inr, leges 

fo as tie map be b;ougljt fo:t^ to ftann to right if Ijc ftall offcno : Olim Try- |5"rron'!:'''' '"''^'** 
thinga lignificabat tria vel quatuor hundreda, quod autem in Trithinga dehniri non 

poterat, ferebatur in fcyram. , m„uu,;j„= , 

'' ,.™... . ^ „l v-_ -.. ■ ..< Marlebridee 10. 

Cilljat perfons fljall come to tljc Courne anu II eet, $r. ann iuljo ht cjcemptco, Mirror c. i.§. 1 6. 
te tt)e Statute of Marlcbridge, anD tl)e ancient 3utljo?s. Eraa lib.?, foi. 

124. Brit.ip.b. 

^ Tempore Regis Henrici avi. 1 Kxake tcpeaten in tljis Cljapter : nu "!.'i'„':':*^^' 
Vid, before Cap.i 5,16. . lib.2.cap.45. 

^a lU 0j;pc(ii$iOtt of tljiS Statute Rot.Clauf. anno 18 H.3. 

Jt €Et 

pjA S^dagna Qhana, Cap. 5 6. 

tf] Et quod Vicecomes non qusrat occafiones, &contentus fit de eo 
quod Vicecomes habere confuevit de vifu fuo faciend', tempore Hen- 
rici Regis avi noftri.'] 315p tlje Common Slato, to aijoiD all ejctojtion ann 
Mirror c.a.§-5. gricijante of tljc ^ulijcct, nop>ljctiff3 Cojoncr, dDaclcr, o; otiiei; of tlje iStngjs 
Britton foi.^.b. ^in^gprs ougljt to tafec an? reiuarD foj Doing of ijis officcj iiut onip of t|e 
Fieta lib ix"t8. iiing i anD tljis appcatetlj bp our bfokg, ano is Co occIarcD ann enarteu bp ;a£t of 
§. Item fi offidum ^iBatUament in tljc 3 E.i. 0nii a yenaltp aDDCB to tlje pjo'^ibition of t^e Com#^ 
&Ub.2.c,39. ^oji j].alDbp tljatiJctt 0nD Fortefcue cap. 24. faitl), Vicecomes jurabit fuper 
27An'.p.i4- fanfta Dei Evangelia, inter articulos alios, quod non aliquid recipiet colore, aut 
«p 10 '1^7 ^^ " ' caufa officii fui, ab aliquo alio, quam a Rege. 

I H.8.C.7. ?7 H.8. )i£iut fiftei- tljac tljis rule of tl)C Common ILaUJ teas altercD, anti ti^at iSiZ^%u 

c.2a.2iH7.»o.i7. fif^ Coaoncv, ©aolcr, anu otijer tljc iliings ^imftets, mig^t in fomc cafe 

»vv.i.cap.26. jg^j, pf ^j^g fubj£(t, it ig not crcnible teljat e^tojtious anu oppjclftons i^aie 

tl)EtEupon cnfueo. &o tangcrousi a tljing it is to fijakc oj alter anp of tlje rules 

oj funtiamental points of tlje Common Jiatu, ixiljicl) in trutl) are t^e main pili? 

lars ano fuiJpc^ttrs of tlje fabjick of tlje Common#\ijcdltlj, as elfctoljere 31 

See the Preface to ^^^^ ^^jj^^j, ^j,jg ^^ jj^j^^^ g„j, ^g^ „j,t fj, jgrgelp as tl;c liicigljt of tl;c mattcc 

cue A* Uarc (^1 my ^ 

reports beletDCtl). 

f[ Content us fit de eo quod Vicecomes habere conluevit, &c. ] 

42 £.3.5. 38 Hi. SEljefc teojtis are not to be intenHeD of anp reiuarti, f c. (foj tlje a>ljertff \i^ iiato, 

J. 6 H.7.2,3. ag ijatlj ban. fain, coulD tafee no reteatc foj Doing of !)ts office) but of t^e pjos; 

fits of t^e Court of tlje aroiirn, anD fuclj onlp as \uere accuftomcD in tlje reign 

of H.2. &otljep mutt beDcrp ancient, foj tije toljiclj tbc -sberiff fijoulD c bp an 

ancient Late J pap a certain fum de proHcuis comitatus, anD fboulD be cljargeD in 

x\t Ciccljeciuer fo? x\\% certain fum. 

anD it is to be obferbcD, tljat if anp man be gricijeD conttnc? to tlje purbielu 

Repift 16 1-74 of tljis aff, Ije map, as Ijatl) ban faiD, foj bis relief tljcretn, tabe an action up^* 

V7 J. ■ * on tljis Statute, albeit no aCion be eipjeflp giben, luljicij in tljis, anD manp 

f.n!b i5i.d. tjtljet like cafes upon t^e b?ancljes of Magna Chaita, is wojtlip of obfetbatio|. 



Mirror c.5.§.2. T^ I^'^ \v:ssX de cstero alicui, dare terram (uam alicui domui Re- 
Gisnv.i.i.c.7'. ' I ^ ligiofe, ita quod illam refumat de eadera domo tenend'. Nee 
liceat aUcui domui Religiofe terram alicujus fie accipere, quod tra- 
dat illam illi, a quo eam accepit tenend'. Si quis autem de cKtero 
terram fuam alicui domui Religiofe fie dederit, & fuper hoc convin- 
catur, donum fiium penitus cafletur, & terra ilia domino illius feodi 
incurratur. Vide Statutum de Religiofis, An. 3 E.i. 

_ £Et)is Chapter is e]ccellentlp abjiDgeD, accojDing to tlje effect tl^freof, anD 

Sec1h?i part of notablp erpouuDeD bp a parliament IjolDcn bp iting Edw. i. Son of H.3. tlje 
theinftitutesseft. tMojDs teljcreof arc tljcfe. £Df late (viz. anno p H.3. cap. 36.) it toas pjubiceD 
»?vis7- tljat religious men fijoulD not enter into tlje im of anp teitljout licence, ann 7 E.I. de ^^jj ^j ^j^^ ^.j^j^j JLjjDs, of tuljom fuclj fccs bffin IjolDcn immeDiatelp : teljerebp 
aVH."?" Afl 436. it appcaretl), i\m bp tljiS Cljapter of Magna Charta, a gift cf lanDs to anp reli^ 
■ Britton foi.32.b. gious l)oute luas pjoljibiteD, nottoittiaanDing tlje l^eligious Ijcufe gabe not tljc 
Fieta iib.3.cap.5. fame back again to IjolD of tlje fame ljoufe,5c. but kept tlje JiauDf fo giben unto 

t'bemfclbes in tljcir oban ^anbs : anD in tljat cafe, tljat tlje 3:anD (houlD incur to 

tlje 310JD of tlje fee, conCDer bjellti^e bJOjDS ■■> ano tlje interpretation is inojtl)? 

of obferbation foj tlje interpretation of otijer Statutes in like cafes. 

i - fn 

Cap.^6.-' S\dagm iC^anOi > 'ff 

i^OX i\)t toOJti Mortmain, fcc tljC fivll part of tl;E Inflitiitcs. Firfl parr of the 

snijere toers tlDO cauCcs of maluug; of tljis Statute : oue tljat tl;e fcruiccs tltx infiirutes. cap. 
mere Due out of fuel) fcE0, anti tobtc^ iti tlic I'Cginuing lucre crca;tD foa tijc Cf^ trjnkaimoigne. 
fence of d)c Kcafm, mere unmtlp Ujuljujami. 2. 2Cl)C cbief iic-.ts tio lofc 
tljcir CBfcl;cat5, Idatofljip^, Beliefs, ano tbe like ■-, fo?. tobiclj cauies im^s p?o# 
tinent 3Lo?tis at tl}C Creaiion of tljc &eipio?p Ijao a daiife in tljc dccd of fcoft^- 
ntcnt, Quod licitum fit donatori rem ddtam dare, vcl venderc cui voluerit, cxcep* 
tis viris religiolis, & Judseis. Vide Bradon, libro i. fol.13. ^atipof tljcfc CecUiB 3 fot.Vji " 
IjaDc fccn. 

5iEut tlje CEctf cfiaQical yerfons r\ul)o in tl}is \)aere to le ccmmenDcu, tliat tijrp 
Ijan cDcr tl)e tell Icanuo men in tlje iia^u tl;at t\)ty coulo get, of tlicir <!:cttnf cl) 
founo nianj) \Daps to creep cut of tljis Statute, viz. religious men-, as nbbot0, Fietaiib.j. cap.5.* 
^jio.ip, aui) o^ljcr CDcclefiattical yecfonp regular, to purcl;afe liancs ijolDen of 
tljemieltocs!, oi fakeleafes foj long tetm fo^ pears, annmanp otljer ceiurec ttjep 
iiao to efcave cut of tljis statute: ann JlBtfijops, parfons, ann otljti: ®fdeda(li# 
cal perfono fcculac trok tljemfelijcs to ijc out of tljis g)tature. 

SLljc faiD §>iatute of 7 E. i . iutenoeD to pjo\3ioc againrt tljefe Dei^iceSjin tljefe ' 5 ^^- '^^Ps- 
lUOJDC, Qupd lUiUusreligiofus, aut alius quicunque C i. otljer luljatroclJCr of lihc b^^ '^aH 8^' 
qualitp of Itiiig, a boup pclititiue oj co^ojatc, ©tclefiaftical, o j iiap, folc, oj Moamain'g?. 
aggregate of nianp) terras aut tenementa aliqua emere, vel vendere Tub colore'do- 
nationis aut termini •, flnO to puViCUt all OiijCr illlJCnticns anO tDaflons atsHet) * Thefe words are 
tljefe general UIOJDS, Aut rationc alterius ticuli cujufeunq, terras aut tcnemen:a ab """^^'y ^_j'P'ained 
aliquo recipere aut alio quovis modo '^ arte vel ingenio libi appropviare prasfumat, ,p H.6.55?' 
fub tbrisfaiftura eorundcm. .4iE.?.i6. 

;a man troulo Ijaue tljougljt tljat tljis fijculoljabe p?etoentcti all netu ceiiiees, 4'E-5-2i- 
IvA tl)ep fcunti atfo an euafion out cf tljis atatme, foj tljis Statute of 7 E. i. mai!i^-f '^'^"' 
cttenDcn but to gift?, alienations, ano otljer conijepances mace bctu-fcn tljem ,7 e.? 59. 
ano otijers, Arte vel ingenio, 8cc. anD tljerefo?e tljep gaue oijcr tljeiti-, flno tljcp 21 z.-2,.^6. roc. 
jpjetenuing a title to t^ie lann Ctljat tljep meant to get j bjougljt a Praecipe quod P-rii-n"- f R.2. 
reddat, againft tljeSCenant cf tlje iLann, ann Ijc bp ronfent ano coUufion lIjoitlD "e^r^/j^"^"'^ '^-^ 
make Default, ano tljereupon tljep fljculD rcco\jectl)e Jiano, auD enter bp JuDg*^ convey arRoy!"' 
mcnt of EaU), Et lie heret thus Statute. w.2.cap.^2. 

tUljeu tljis neto in\3ention leas pjouiticD foj, ano taken aiuap lip tl;e 3)£atutc f"'^" iib.5.c3p.5, 
ofVV.2. petfounDtljep outauewfiou out of all tljefe ©catutcs, fo? noiu tljep '^'E^'?- 
luouHi neitljet get anp Jiann bp ptircljafe, gift, Icafe oj reroberp,lu£ tljep caufco 
tl)e Jlanus to be conUepeD bp feoffment, o> in otljeu manner to nibers pcrfons, 
anD tljcir Ijeirg, to tlje ufe of tljem ano tljctr fucccflojs, bp reafon toljcreof tljep 
took t^cpjofits ■■, but tljis toas cnacteo bp tlje s>tatute of 1 5 R..2. to be mojtmain '^J'-^^^P'^' 
tojitljin tlje fojfciiute cf tlje faiD statute of 7 E.i. nj^.io. 

IBut tlje fcunDaiicu of all tljcfc Statutes, ttajS.tljis Cljaptcr of Magna 

L 3 CAP. 

76 <SMagm (Jbarti, Cap. 57,38; 



SCutagium de catero capiatur ficut capi confuevit tempore Hen- 
rici Regis avi noftri. 

^ Scutagium. 3 Vide foj t^ijS ti^e fitft part Cf tlje Inftitutes, lib.2. Cap. 

f[ Tempore Henrici Regis avi noftri.]] i^erciis another reference 
to tl)e Meign of iSiug Henry tljc fcconJ. ^ee foj tbijs befojc, Cap.i5.&c. 


SAlvje fint Archiepifcopis, Epifcopis, Abbatibus, Prioribus, Tern-', 
plariis, Hofpitalariis, Comitibus, Baronibus, & omnibus aliis,tam 
Ecclefiafticis perfonis, quam fecularibus, omnes libertates & libers con- 
luetudines, quas prius habuerunt. Omnes autem iftas confiietudines 
8c libertates praediftas, quas conceffimus in Regno noftro tenend* 
(quantum ad nos pertinent ) erga nos & hsred' noftros obfervemus, 
& omnes de Regno noftro, tam ClericiquamLaiciobfervent (quan- 
tum ad fe pertinent) erga fuos. Pro hac autem donatione & concef^ 
fione libertatum iftarum, 8c aliarum libertatura contentarum in Char- 
ta noftra de libertatibus Foreftae, Archiepifcopi, Epifcopi, Abbates, 
Priores, Comites, Barones, Milites, liberi Tenentes, 8c omnes de Regno 
noftro dederunt nobis quinto-decimam partem omnium mobilium (u- 
orum. Vide Stat.y. Anno 25 E. 3. Conceffimus etiam cifdem pro no- 
bis 8c hsredibus noftris, quod nee nos, nee haeredes noftri, aliquid 
perquiremus, per quod libertates in hac Charta contents infringantur 
vel infirmentur. Et fi ab aliquo contra hoc aliquid perquifit' fuerir, 
nihil valeat, 8c pro nuUo habeatur. Hiis teftibus Bonefacio Cantuar' 
Archiep', E. Londinenfi Epifcopo, 8c aliis. Datum apud Weftm' de- 
cimo die Februarii, Anno Regni noftri nono. 

2nt)i)5 Cljapter Dotlj conCft of ft]c part?. 

JFtttt it iis cnadeo, SCljat all tljc iLibcrtieg anti iFree Ctiftomg, toljiclj 
anp atcPilijop , 315ifl)oy , abbot , Pjioj , snemplar , ^ofpitallcc, €a t 
JBaron , oj anj> pcrfon citlier <i!;ccl£Cattical 0? Secular , Ijabc Ijao , be 
fafe , t^at is , tubole toitljotit pjejuoice unto tbem , foj tl)» wojusi be, 
Salvae fint omnibus Archiepifcopis , Sec. omnes libertates , &c. all t^e 
JibejtieiB , ?c. be lafc to all arcbbifljop?, gtc. fo a;s tW is no fabing to 
t^em, but in effctf, an act tljat t^ep ftoulo cnjop t^em ; foj regulatlp a 
facing in an att of |?arliament cnlargctli not, noj ertenoetli to anp nem 


Cap. 9 8. S\dagnaCharta. jj 

tljinfi, but pjcfetijetlj a ligljt o% tntcrcft, tljat is fo?tttct: to tbtngs contatneri in 
tbc jacf, toi^tclj bp tbc tuojDiB of tl)e act migbt Ijaije ban giijen ateap. liDut tbtie 
rlaute nott) enlarge, anoeictentietl) to all otber liberties, ano fra cuHoms, MaW^i 
anp &ub|ect dScclefiaflical, oj aCempojal otigljt to tiaije •, ano t^erefojc tljc Cn^ 
gUflSi SDtanflation, botl) in tW ano manp otljec placep of tljiis great Ctavter, i^ 
ijcrp tticiouiB. 31Biit it ii8 pjincipallp to be obferijeo, tljat bcre ijf not anp falsing 
at all foj tl)e JSing, Iji? Ijeirs, oj &uccctroj0, to tljc eno tljat tlje toing, Ijis Ijeirjt, 
antJ 3>uccefloj0> againfl all pjctcnce? of euaCong, fljoiiH) be botino bp all t^e 
himtW of botlj tliefe Chatter?. 

%\)t fccono is> tljat all tlje CuttomiS, ano iLibcrtiCiSi, toliiclj tbe iSing Ijac 
granteDtobc^olDen toitljin liis ISealm, foj Ijim ann Ijis i^eirp, tlje jlSing Ijim^ 
felf anD yiis Ijettsf, a? muclj as: appcrtainco to ^im oj tljent, fljoulo obferue anit» 

• 2Dlje tljiro iiS, tljat all tlje men of tljis ISealm, ag ujcll of tlje Clergp as of tlje 
Jiaitp, tW fain Cuftomsano liibcrties fo? tljcmfclijesi auD tljcir tieirs, as miitilj 
as to t^em appertaineUj ftoulu obfcrbe anD keep. 

%W is tl)C cl>ief felicitp of a iSingnom, toljcn gcoo JLatos are rectpjoeallp of 
l^jincc ann people (as is Ijcre unnertakenj uttlp obfertieD. 

SElje fouttl) is, tljat fo; tljis gift anu grant b? tlje iiing, of tlie ILibcrties con:*^ 
taincD in tljis great Cljarter, ann of otljers ccntaineu in t^e i&ings Ctiarter of 
^Liberties of tljc iPojrcftj'tljc arc^ifijops, 21£iQjops, Abbots, |9 jiojs, €arls, 3Ea^ Hil. ? jacobi, i. g, 
rons, li&nig^ts, ifra^ljoluers, anu ot^cr tlje iaings Subjects, Citizens anti jL'ur^ The Princes Cafc. 
gefre)S,C aflembleD in parliament) gate imto tljeiSing onefiftantiji toljic^ 
pjobetl), tljat as t|e fifteentl) toas granteu bp )3arUament, fo toas tljis great 
Charter alfo grantcD bp autljojitp of tlje fame , 31£ut Qncc tijijs time tlje manner 
of tlje fiftffintlj is altereu \ fo; notjj tbe fifteentb, luoljiclj is alfo calleo tlje SCask^is 
not ojiginallp fet tipon tlje poUes^, as at tljis time it toas, but noto clje fiftiKntI) 
is certainlp ratcD upon euerp SCoton. SivM tbis toas bp Dertiie of tlje icings 
Commiffions into ctcrp Cottntp of England in 8 E.3.ta]cations Tcuere mane of all Rot. pat. 6 e.?* 
t'^c Cities, 515o}ougljs, ann SColuns in England, anD recojoen in tlje CEjccljetitier, ^ P""^- °"-^^* 
ano tliat rate teas at tbat time tlje fiftantl) part of t^e Dalue of eijerp SLoton, 
anti t^erefoje retainetlj tt)e name of the fifteentl) flill. 

anD after tlje fifcrcntlj is granten bp t^arliament, tljen ttic inhabitants rate 
tljemfelbes foj papmcnt thereof, anu if one snoton be jopnen ujiclj anotljcr in 
t^e rate of tbe total, ano fubcibincti on eaclj a certain rate in tljat CommiiTion, 
ann tlje one is raten tm lote, anti tlje otljer too Ijiglj, tljere lietlj a Mritcalleo, Ad 
squaliter taxand' to bc taken out of tlje (Ercljcquer to rate t^e aCotons equallp. 
2Elje &ubCnp is uncertain, becaufe it is fet upon tlje perfon, in rcfpcc of ^i3 
lanos oj gams, tuljiclj commonlp to ebb anu 9oto. 

2nije fiftlj i^^ tbat tljc Hing oio grant fo; Ijim, ann bis Ijeirs, tljat neither Ije, 
nojljis Ijeirs, Cjall feck out anp tljing, toljercbp tlje liberties m tljis Cljarter 
containeo map bc bjoken oj toeaknefi: aino if bp anp man againtt tljis Cbartec 
anp tljing fljotilD )it fought out, it ftoulu be of no wlue, ano Ijoltien foj nougljt. 
ant) all tljcfe no eDincntlp appear in tljis dbapter. 

sntie fi]ct anu laft is Hiis teltibus. 

3t is true, tljat of ancient time notljing paffeii from tlje liing of Jprancbifes, 
JLiberties, ^nbilcoges, spannojs, lianns, aCenements, anD l^erenitaments of 
anp efiatc of inljeritance, but it toas bp tlje aDDice of Ijis Councel cjcpjeffco unoec 
Hiis teltibus, as it lujas tljen, auD continues to tljis oap in tlje creation cf anp to 
anp ficgrtt of i^obflitp, foj tljereto Hiis teftibus is fiill ufcD. 

2Eljts tonclufion of tlje toings grants toitlj Hiis teltibus teas ufeD bpBing 
H.3. ann Ijis ^jogenito^s ^ings of tljis Kcalm before bim, ano bp W fon E. i . 
anDbpE.2.ani)E.3,aftcrl)im: aftermrDS, in tljc beginning of tlie reign of 
R.2. Sfinti tlje claufe of Hiis teftibus luas left out, ano in fteao tljcrcof came in 
Tcfte me ipfo in tljiS manner. In cujus rei tellimonium has litcras noftras heri feci- 
nius patentes : Tcfte me ipfo, toljiclj fince bp all l)is &ucceffojs Bings, anil 
fliuans of tljis IRcalm ( cjceept in Creations) Ijatljban ufeo. 

7 8 SVLagncL Qharta. Cap. 9 8. 

£i;!;Ofetlja£l;aBHiis teaibus, lucre call co Charts, ais tljis Cfeantr is calltB 
Magna Chui 3, auB fo 10 Charta de Forella, &c. ant tt)0(e OtIjEC t^at ke Teftc nie 
ipfo, arc calUo ilct.crj; IP^atcntsf, icing fo namcu vx t^e claufc of In cujus rd tc- 
iHmonium has literas noitras heri tecimus patentes. 
See the firfi pare auD tl)t3 luas tljc ancictit fo^jtt aUo of t^c SDcEtiS of &uli,tctfs, concitiMng 
of ihe inftitutes, ^^^\^ hjjj tefiibus, ujljiclj continiicB until, anu in tlje reign of H.8. but novu is 
liiUllp or.itttcii, anil now tlje ituitneffes arc fubfcribca unoet t^e SDaeH) oj cnt)o?# 
tcD t^creupn. 

jgoUu upon tl;i0 cccafion to treat Ijoto tljefe claufest, Datum per manum no- 
ftram, per manum Cancellarii noftri, per ipfum Cuftodem, & Concilium, Sec. £«/ 
trcD in, anD tocnt out: toljen tljcfe claufc?, De gratia fpeciali, auD Ex certa fci- 
entia, & mero motu tegan, ( to^iclj continue to tljis caj)) ann tl)e caufc ana rcai^ 
fon of tljc infcrting of tlje fame ■■> aulitol)en ann to^erefo;ie tljcfe daufcs lucre 
fuljfcribcD unner t^C iletteriS PatcntsS, Per ipfum Regem, Per breve dc privaro 
iigillo, Authoritate Parliamenti, &c. came in, (luljicl) Cill Do continue; tooulD agfe 
a fcucral SCrcatife of it fclf, ano not pertinent to out purpofe foj tlje uuccr^ 
Canning of iW Cl)arter of Magna Charta, auB tljcrefojc purpofclp 3 fpcak not 
of tljcm. 

I^ere lie caiitncffcs! to tljis great Cl;arter, a great number of MeuercnB, ano 

l^ono?atle pcrfonagc?, in all 63, of luljicl; t^ere iBcre of tlje Clcrgp 3 i.ii)l)cre# 

of tljere lucre 12 JEifljops, auB ip Sbbotg, anB Hugh de BurgoCljicf Juflice, 

anB 3 1 Carls auB JU^aron?, ag Ijatl) been faiB bcfoje. 

JlEcftBcsi, it luagi cCablifljcBbp ^ut^ojitp of ^Sarliament, tol)iclj toas Ijolcen at 

Hii. 3 Jac.lnCan- Weftminrter, in fo>m of a Charter, as manp otl)eris "baue b^n, fo: iwljicl), as 

ceiiaria. The ^gt^ jj^cn faiB lifeciBife, b? liparliameut tljc ilojbs anB Commons gabe a tU 

Lib°8"foi fe ^®"''^* ^^ ^^^ ^^ parliament in foj^m of aCljarter, ?ou ma? reaB at large ixi 

'' '• '■ t^e Princes Cafe, anD tbcrcfojcnaB not to be tcciteu, 



Statumm de Merton 

E D I T U M <Umo so H 3; ■ te4l-,St 

18 H.3. 

1% \$ callcD tlje Statute of Merton iecaufc i\)t ^acliantettt tuag Ijotoen at 
t^e sponafterp of tlje Canon? regulac of Merton, fcuen miks Diilant ftom 
t^e Citp of London, tnljiclj ^onafterp toaiB fcitnotti bp Giflebert a noHc 
Norman,t'&at camc in toit^j tlje Conqucro;. 0nn tbis ijs ttiat sponallcrp of 18 £.4.21. 19E.4; 
Merton, tlje Pfioj iD^jcteof Ijao a great cafe in 3la\i), to^icl) long DepenDco ^'^'g^^fj,'^* ' 
lettoeen Ijitn ano tlje '^\\^^ of Bingham. "*" ' 

PRbvifum eft in Curia Domini Regis apiid Merton, die Mercurii, 
in craftino Sandi Vincentii, anno Regni Regis Henrici filii R*- 
gis Johannis vicefimo, coram W, Cantuarienfi Archiepilcopo, & Co- 
epifcopis fufFraganeis fuis, & coram niajore parte Comttum & Baro- 
num Anglis ibidem exiftentium, pro coronatione infius Domini Re- %, 

gis 8c Elianorje Reginse, pro qua omnes vocati fuerunt, cum trafta- 
tum effet de communi militate Regni fuper articulis lubfcriptis, ita 
proviium fuit & conceflum, tam a prxdift' Archiepilcopis, Epifcopis, 
Comitibus, Baronibus, quam ab ipfo Rege, & ahis. 

^ Coram Cant. Archiepilcopo, & Coepifcopis (iiffragancis fuis.^ 
Suffraganeus, pjopetlp 10 a vicegerent of a 315i(l)oy, in(litute» to atti ann afTttt 
ijim in \\% fpiritual office, anti tjs to caUcn a fuffragiis: 2Df tl)Cfcpoumap rean 
in tbc Statutes of 26 H.8. i & 2 Phil.Sc Maris, i Eliz. janD toljete fome copies 25H.8.C.14. 1&2 
laUe Coram Cantuar. Archiepifcopo, & Coepifcopis & fuffraganeisi tljig latter Ph-& Mar.cap.8. 
conjunction ( & ) i? moje tlien oug'^t to be i foj fuffraganeis fuis tr.iifl refer to ^ ^"^- ^- '• 
Coepifcopis, tfeat i0, tljat tl)elll5ifl)op0 fljoulti aio anti alfift tljc atcijbtflbop toitlj see thefirft part 
tlieic Cuffrages: toj otljec Suffragans , toljicli toere taicegerents of lEtfljops, of the infticucesi 
neber ijao tEoicc in parliament, lecaufe t^ep IjelD not per Baroniam, as all ^i# cap. Frankai= 
ll)op0 ooj ano wianp Abbots anb pjioj0,a0 Ijat^ ban fain, bib, in refpert b3l)cte^ tnp'gn^- 
of t^ep toerejlojbs of iSarliament* 

C Pro Coronatione ipfius Domini Regis. ■] %\)z %\\n% tuag foimecss 
IpCrotonebat Gloucefter on tlje iS of Odober, in tlje beginning of tlje firtt 
pear of Ijis reign, tljen being about nine pears olb ; Sno Ijere it appearetl; 
t^at in tlje tbacntietlj pear of l)i0 reign, te toas Crotoneo again, tljen being 
about 29 pears olo, ttnice Crotoneb, as Bing Henry tljc feconb, anb !^ing John 
befojc \m Ijab ban, anb as Jfeing R..2. after l)im boas. 

f[ Et Elianors Regins. "] %%$ Elianor teas Daugliter , ann one of 
t'^e IjeirS of Raymond Berengary Carl of Province, flje toas filler to tlje (Sail of 
Province, anb tO Boniface, jarcljbiftop of Canterbury, anb fte toas CroUineb at 

go S^erton. Cap. 1,2. 

§>lje furtotUcD tl)c i^iug, auB of a CrotnncD Sluffiit became a pjofelfcD i^un 
in Ambresbury, anD ticn a i^uu tljcrc, in tljc ninctiicmlj pear of ^cc tuaiiooia);' 


snte ^tatittcis enattfH at x^% lE'adiament arc oiUiDco into elcicn Cljap?-- 



DE Viduis primo, quae pofl: mortem virorum fuorum expel" 
luntur de dotibus fuis, & dotes fuas, vel quarentenam fuam 
habere non poflunt fine placito, videlicet, quod quicunque defor- 
ciaverit eis dotes ftias, vel quarentenam fuam , de tenementis qui- 
bus viri fui obierunt feiliti, & ipfe vidus poftea per placitura re- 
cuperaverint, fi ipfi defoic' de injufto deforciamento convidi fue- 
rint, reddant eifdem viduis damna fua, fciiicet valorura totius dotis 
eis contingentis, a tempore mortis virorum fuorum, ulque ad diem 
quo ipfe viduse per judicium Curise feifinam fuam inde recuperave- 
rint. Et nihilominus ipfi deforciatores fint in mifericordia Domini 

Firft Dart of the ^^^^ <H)apter \$ crplatncB in tijc firtt part of i\t Inftitutes, in all tlje yotntss • 

mnitutesjSeft.s^. tliercof, \Mi\^ pou ma? r« tl)erc at large ; tolicreunto pou map aoD f upon tljtsf 

... p r^ u toojDrecuperaverint)acafetnpE.2. tljat in a OTrit of SDotocr, tlje SUrnanc 

In iibromeo un V^fati tljat tljc l^usbanu IS altDe, gfc. anD tlje trial aujartieD lip p}tDf0, ana a nap 

fem. &c, ' t^tulm gi^E"? ?fc« at toljic^) nap tljc 2Demantiant came tuitlj |er j)jtDf0, ana tfje 

Snenant mane Befaiilt, tl)e HDcmancant Ijau /uDgmcnt to recoDer, liut if tlje 

^emannaut Ijati not Ijao Ijer yjcofiS tljerc, tljen Oje fljoulD l^aue ijaa but a Petit 



ITem omnes Viduse de cstero pofllnt legare blada fiia de terra fiia, 
tam de dotibus fuis, quam de aliis terris, & tenementis fuis : (al- 
vis confuetudinibus, & fervitiis dominorum de feodo, quse de doti- 
bus, 8c aliis tenementis fuis debentur. 

515efo}e x\it, ma&ing of i\\$ Statute, it \uais a (lucttion, OTljetljer SCcnant in 
SDotoer mtgl)t nebtfe tlje co?n,to!)ic1j fl^e Ijati foiucn,oz toljetljer Ije in tlje re\)crOon 
Djouln tjalje tljem. ^omc IjclD tbat fljc couId not ceViifc tljcm^ oj if fl)e ncuifco 
t^em not, tljat Ijer Crecutoj0 fljonlti not l;aDe tljcm, tut Ije in tljc reDerfion,foj 
tbat l)cr cftatc toas freelp crcateo lip Set in ILa\u •, antt a? (lie, luljen \)zx Dotoet 
InaiS atlignet to Ijer, (IjohIii l^a^e tl)e lanti fotocn, oj unfotoen, fo) Ijcr sonjcr, fo 
at tijc time of Ijcc ncatlj, l;e in \\)Z reVierCon (^otilu IjaDe tlje lane fown, oj un** 




SVLerton. 8t 

folUCn.0nD of tljt'C opinion. tSS Bradlon, tBijO fnitljjAntiquitus folct obfervari, quod Eradon lib.2. fd. 

ficLit uxor dotem fuani recipit poll morrem viri fui cultam, five incultam, ^6. 

ita port mortem uxoris folet rertitui hsredi culta fcu inculra, quia de bladis 

& frudibus a cenemento non feparatis non habuic uxor teftaititnti tadio- 

nem, fed nova fuperveniente gratia, & provifione, Lieut patet de provillone apud 


anu ttuE it i0, t^at if tl)e l^usbano fo^ t{)e grouno anti nic, tlje pjo^ ijEI- Dier^i^. 
pect? of tl3e Cojn is in tl;c Ci!;rcc«toj0, lut fubjed: to tljis conDttton, tljat 
if djE Ijeit afiign nnto l)cr tijc JLano folucn foz Ijcr Dctofr, fijc fi;aU Ijauc 
tljc Cojn, foj fijc fijall be in de optima poiTeirione viri, aboue tljc title of tije 

0n5 Fleta faitl;, vidua per (latutum de Merton poterit difponere de rebus fuis, f^'^" ''^ 2.C.50. 
& frudibus in dote fua exiltentibus, five feparati fint a fob, five non, quod quidem 
olim facere non potuit. 

^nD tljep tljat Ijclo tljig opinion, relicomucl) upon tljefc >mm-, de csetero, 
ioljicl; implp, as cijcp fap,- a hciu ILatu. jjSoDj otfjcrs IjcId tlje contcarj, 
anD tljat, foj aDUanccmcnt of Cillage, anD incouragcfncnt tljcrcunto, tuljiclj 
(g fo ^pjofitablc fo; tljC Common tocaltl), anc bp reafon of tlje inccrtaintp 
ef ^ef eflatc foj life, tljcp IjclD opinion, tijat tlje CSjcccuioj? oj atmiini^ 
llratojsi of \\)Z ©Dtife (IjouH) ^atc, 0? fl.;e ter fdf b? Ijcr teill mig?}t rilf<* 
jioCe t|em, as toell as any otljet 2rcnant foj life migljt do, anti tljep ijouclj 
0utl)Ojitp brfo?c tl)is Statute in 4 H. 3 \jjfeeire it is faio, i^otc that aCcnant 4 H.5. devife 26. 
in SDotocr map ocijifc ^cr Cojn grotoing i.pim' tljc'JianD at t|ie time, of Ijeir 19 e.?. bar.249. 
•Beatl). i^olMto cleac tljis ooulit, ws tl}is S>tatutc maDc, ano de csetero map '^ H-vtss-Pafch. 
a^ toell -be appliCD to tljc clearing of a notibt from tt'Cucefo^tlj, asfoj making 
of a neto ILato, anu to of necefCitp itmtift be takcif in d;is Cljaptec fo; fttclj 
aianDS anu SCcncmeutSj as tlje Wiuolu liattj of inheritance, ^t, quam de aliis 
tcrris & tenementis fuis. 

^ Omnes vidu^e, &c, ] Qui omne dicit, nihil excludit, Regula. 

Cenerale didum gencralitef eli: intelligendum. ■ , Regula. 

9m xS^txtlm iuJjere tljcre are fibe kinb of jDotoers, viz. SDetor at tljeCom^ i-P"'' °J^^ ^"" 
monJlatut SDolucr bptljcCuffom: SDotaer. ad Oftium Ecciefis -. SDotoer ex cuSer de'* 
aflenfu patris ; anH SDotUer de la pkiis beale : tljis Cljapter Dot!; fytenD to tljcm Norm.cap.io2. 
aU.'ilButif tl;e tKKife be bp Cnftom enDoioj^jD durante viduitate fua, ano fljc foin 
t^e gcounu toitlj Cojn, ana after take IjttsfaanD, Ijc in tlje KeberBon fljall Ijabe nil. 44Ei.iib.5 
t^e Cojn, becaufe tljCttigl) Ijer filiate mas incertain, pet fijc Vatl) cctermincti it foi.'u^. oiands 
tpljer otonatt. . - cafe 

Id Legare.J %\\% tuojD is appjopjfateb to a Tatt tSiSlin, ann Cgnifictlj to 
bcqucatl) dDaJus, Cljattels, anb in fomc cafes ILanbs anb 2Eenements. Legatum 
a Lege dickur, quia lege tenetur ille, cui intereft perimplere. 

f[ Blada fignifictl) Cojn oj dUjain \M\z it grolnctlj : Jt pjopeclp Cgni^ 
ficti) Cojtt 0? (0?ain inljile it lierba, dam feges in herba : but it is taken fo? Brafton 1 4 22<' 
all manner of Cojn oj Cjain, oj tljings annual coming bp tlje inbuarp. of Kqiw.ijj.''''. ^f^ 
tnan,astcnip,i?lar,fc. -,,/,' ...o^ .^.>Vn "' ^ ^.-^s w 

.J9nb of tljis toojb Blada, an Slngrolfer of Cojit oj ©jain \.$ caltetiBIa- ar^D?? 

dier, but t'^is looojD Blada ejctenbctl not bp tl)is 0(t to (^?aire, oj to anp ^^mi jrfj 

tiling t^at grotoetl; fuapte natura, albeit it grotnetlj bp fotoing of tap#fefb, 
oj tlie like. 

• Iv/ 

^ Quam de aliis terris & tenementis fuis. ^ SCbi^ is manifrCIp in 

affirmance of tlje Common il.iuj, anb ejctenbct^ to tljc Jianbs, tuljiclj fl;? Ijatl; 

in iFrank<=marriagej 0; of anp otbct eftate of inljcritance, %\}t Co?n oj •©jaui 

growing thereupon Qie map latofiillpbifpofe. - . ..ii - • ' 

M ^ Salvis, 

82 dMerton. Cap. 3. 

(Q Salvis, &C.3 ^nt is a fatog to tlje %mii of tobotn tl)e iUnns in 

' Do\Der, oj otijer ianiis; been '^olnen, tucb tuflontis auD fenjicejB, ag are Due unto 

tl)em, fo as tljcp fljall not ie barwD, oj pje juDiceo bp tl)ii8 3(1 foj oj concerning 

fuel) CulIomisanD fetDtccs ag tljepljao befoje, but tl)C? fijaU be fabcD to tljem, 

8)3 if tbis Statute bab not been maBe ; fojtbat is tbe nature of afabing,as Ijatb 

bacn faiD, to fabc a fojmct rigl^, anu to create no neto, anb bp tbis fabing tbe 

JLojD map biOvein tbe Cojn after it be reapeo anbput into a cart, foj bis rentes 

7 H.7. loRc iw. anu ferbices, but tbe Cojn in S>bcafes cannot be bitlreineb. 

«as- ISiR t^e'firft part of t^e Inftitutes Sed. <58. 

CAP. in. 

SI quis fuerit difleifitus de libero tenemento (uo, & coram Juftic' 
itinerantibus (eifinam fuam recuperaverit per Affifuin novx diP 
feifin^e, vel per recognitionem eorurp qui fecerinc dulcifinara : & 
ipfe difleifitus per vie' feifinam fuam habuerk, fii iidem dillcifitores 
poftea, port iter Juftic', vel infra de codem tenement' iterum eundem 
conquerentem difleifiverint, & inde convifti fuerint, ftatioi capian- 
tur, & in prifona domini Regis detineantur, quoufque per domt- 
num regem per redemptionem, vel aliquo alio modo deliberentur. 
Vide Marlb. cap. 8. Et hxc eft forma qualiter tales convidti puniri 
debeant, videlicet, Cum conquerentes ad Curiam veniant, habeant 
breve domini Regis Vic direftum, in quo contineatur eorum nar- 
ratio de difleifina fafta luper difleifinara. Et ideo mandetur Vic. 
quod aflumptis fecum cuftodibus placitorum coronae domini Regis, 
& aliis legaiibus Militibus in propria perfona fua accedat ad tene- 
mentum illud, vel ad pafturara illam de quibus fafta fuerit quei^la, 
& coram eis per primos juratores, & per alios vicinos, & legales 
homines de vicineto iUo^ diligentem inde faciat inquifitionem. Et 
fi iplum iterum invenerint difleifitum ( ficut prsedidum eft } tunc 
faciat fecundum provifionem prsdiftam, fin autem, tunc fit conque- 
rens in milericordia domini regis, & alius quietus recedat. Nee de- 
bet Vic ( fine fpeciali prxcepto Domini regis ) hujufmodi loquelam 
profequi. Eodem modo fiat de illis, qui feifinam recuperaverint per 
Affifam mortis anteceflbris, & fimiliter de omnibus terris & tenemen- 
tis recuperatis per Jurat' in curia domini regis, fi poftea diflfeifiti fue- 

^hrlebridte'c.^?^ ^^^^ ^ prioribus deforciatoribus, verfus quos recuperaverint per jurat' 

w.2.cap.26. quoquomodo. Vide W.7,cap.i6. 

See the i part of 
the Inftitutes 333 

f[ De libero tenemento fuo, 8cc. ] SCbat is, of ilano, Kent, Com^* 
nion, oj ruc!t)Iike, tobereof if a man be tiffeifeo be tnap ^abe an MUt de no- 
vel diffeifin. 

SBp tbis Chapter tbe Mrits of Webiffcifin annpoft diffeiCn, are giben fcj ibe 
caufes bcteafter cjtpjetreb, tobicb iap not at tbe Common JLab^, ann botb tbefc 
Writs are tiaicountcis, anb not retojnable, but tlje 0^eci0 Qjall ^olb i^ plea 
anb gibe t^e ^uDgment, 

f Et 

Cap.^. S\dmon, 83 

^ Et coram Juftic' itincrantibus feifinam fuam.recuperaverit. ] 
teert 3:ttfficc0 in CBprc are namcti, Ijut fo> cjcaniplc, anD becaufe affiCe^ teere 25 Afr.p.?, 
taken moft commonl]) lefoje tljem, foj tljottsl) tlje .^ffifc br tnl^cn itx tljc Binss |° x!-''?*.! „. 
JlBcnclj, oj Court of Common ?01cas, oj before 2uaiccg of Sdifc, re. is it toitlj^ 2„. ' 'M- io-=3*. 
in tljis §»tatute : hi tljougl) tl)e iBOjDg be fpecial> pet tijc reafon of t^e Jiaua 
10 general i Et quando lex eft tpecialis, ratio autem generalis, general iter lex eft RiguU. 

^ Per affifam novs diffeidns. ] I^ljis bjanclj crtenDS not to an ^Mk 

of Mordauncefter, OJ Darrein prefentment, oj of Utrum , JIBut if a man recobct F.N.B.iSp.d. 

in a Writ of ISeuiffeiCn, upon ttjat recoijcr? Ije fijall l;aijc a lacDilTeiOn, ano 23 redif- 

t^e lifee, a0 often a? \}t 10 renitTeifcu. . yt '""" 5- 3° an.??. 

tmpon a plaint in tlje nature of a frclTj fojce, accojDtno; to t\)e ruftom j^ e.?. rediffei- 

fif a €itv, OJ JBojougl), anu a recoljerv thereupon Ijati, a KenificiCn Dotlj fins. 14E.2;. - 

not lie, foj no MeuilTeittn cotl; lie, iut tuljere tlje firft pica began bj) 'bid.9. 

«[ Per affifam novse diffeifins, vel per recognitionem.] aCIjat 
10 to fap, bp tlje flffife, i. tl)C Deroict of tlje Uecognicoj0 of tlje 0irife, ;"£ MUtutes' 
OJ hv confeffion of tljc niffeifoj, $c. anu pet a ISeDiffeiGn Dotl) lie upon a sea.234. 
recoijerp in an ^ffife, upon t^e pleaoiug of a Mecojo, anu failer of it, oj vv.2. c».26. 
upon a Demurrer, oj bp Default, ojt^elikei anD fo it i0 ejcpiaincD bp a later Fietaiib.4.ea.29. 
Statute. • 

^ Per Vicecomitem (eifinam fuam habuerit. ] ;3nD fo it 10, Seethe firft pare 
if tlje paintiff in tlje aififc Dotlj enter auD ejcecute tlje rccoijcrp Ijp ubitu^ra'^^FN^B 
Cntrp. ,i88."^"' 

f[ lidem difleifitores poftea, Sec. de eodem tenemento iterum 
eundemconquerentemdilTeiliverunt.] jfoj tlje erpoCtion Ijercof fee t^e 295. ''^''''^^■^' 
firtt part of tlje Inftitutes, Sc&.z^y. 

f[ Et inde convifti fuerint. ] Jfoj in tlje Writ of HeDiffeilttt t^e 2Cc^ g^ e.?. rediir.?, 
rtant map pleao to tlje SKKrit as fopntenancp, oj tlje like ; oj in bar, a0 a rc^ 40 Aff.a j. 
Icafc, oj tlje like > oj giuc it in eijiDence. 

^ Statim capiantur 8c in prifona Regis detineantur quoufque per 
dominum R.egem, per redemptionem, vel alio modo deliberentur. ^ Mirror ca.s.§. 2. 
3nD Bradon Ijcrcupon faitlj tlji0 , Talis quidem qui ita convidus fuerit, ^^^\^u^°\ 
dupliciter delinquit contra Regem, quia facit dilTeifinain, & roberiam contra'.26. 
pacem fuam, & etiam aufu temerario irrita ea qua: in Cur' Domini Regis Braft. lib.4. fol. 
riteadafunt: & propter duplex delidum merito fuftinere debet poenam dupli- aj^.b. Fletali.40 
catam. • "•=^9- 

0nD Britton tpeaking of a MeDiffeifin, Pur ceo que il defuy de recover' per ^^11^1246. 
judgment chofe, que il ad conquife per fa proper force in defpifant la Ley. 

2nD tl)i0 reafon IjolDetb in otljer cafe0, ag after a juDgmcnt in an aBmeafurcj: weft.2. cs. 
ment of pafture, if tljere be a furcljarge b-^ tlje partp luljo toas aomeafureD, a 7 E.4.23. 
?RKrit De fecunda fuperonerationc DOtlj lie, anD tlje tike. F.N.B. isi?. 

3nD it i0 to be notes, tljat iDljerefoeiscr a man Die recoijcr t'^e feifin oj pof^ 
fellion of tlje JLanD, anD tljc 2Cenant oj SDefencant DiD after DilTeife oj eject l;im, 
tlji0 Doa0 a contempt at tlje Common ilauj, becaufe it is Done againft t%t juDgs^ 
ment of tlje Court, ano in Defpite of tlje JLato, foj tlie toljiclj ttie Court map 
commit tim, foj interert reipublicaf, ut judicia rata fint : Et ea quae in curia neftra RiguU. 
rite ada funt debits executioni demandari dcbent. K(g;iU> 

M 2 ^AiTump- 







$ Affumptis fecum Cuftodibus placitorum.] %\)i$ is fpofeen in tlje 
plurai number, tt)E«foje toljcrc t^cre are ttoo ojntojc Cojoncre, tie ougljt ta 
tafee at leatt ttot),1)ut to'^ere ttere is imt onc,if ^e tafee l3im,it is fufficient tuitti^ 
in tl)e meaning of tljig Statute : t^ougl) regdarlp t^e plural number is not 
fatisfieu toitlj one. 

^ Per primos juratores 8c alios, ] 2CTjis mutt ic uuncrfffflO totjcrc 
t^ere toere juratores in tije aiTife •, foj if t^ere mtz none, tl)cn it mutt be trico 
ottlp per alios: 0s if tljc Biffeifoj pleaua Keco?ti, anu fail of it, oj if Ije plean 
a bar, ann confefs an immeniatc oufter, upon toljiclj tlje paintiff notlj Demur, , 
anb (utgment is giben foj tlje ¥>laintiff, ano after tlje paintiff is rebiffeifcD, 
tlje l^laintiff fljall Ijabc a IScDitfcifin, anb it fljall be trieb onlp per alios, be# 
caufe tiiere were no lurojs at all in tljc fo?mer ^tfifc ■■, foj tljc Statute, (albtit 
itbepenaDQjall not be fo literally ejcpounoeb, tljat if it cannot be trieb pet 
primes Juratores, tljat it fljall not be tricb at all, foj verba intelligi debent cum 
F.N.B. effedu. 315ut bJljere tljere toere anp 3urojs, it fljall be trieb bp t^em anb otljers, 
anblM'^erc tljerelaierc none, tljenbpotljers alone V but if tljere tnere Surojs in 
tlje 0ffife, anu tljep all Die, anb after Ijc iBljicli recobereb is rebifTeifeb, ttiere (bp 
t^e act of d^ob) tlje Mebilleifin faileti 5lnb fo it is, if all tlje Btwrojs be beab 
(abing one, becattfc tlje toojbs of t^e Statute be, per primos juratores, & alios : 
anb fo note a DiberCtv baliere tljere boere nebcr anp Juratores at all, foj t^ere 
tie Statute coulb bp no polTibilitp Ijabe tojougtit, but upon otljers onlp, but 
Uotiere t^erc baere once Juratores, anD tl)C partp ncglcctctlj Ijis time, ano bp tlje 
jart of Cod tljcp fail, tbere tlje UeDilfciGn fails, bccaufe it cannot be trieb 
per primos Juratores, ( toljiclj fomctimcs bJCrc in effe ) & alios, as tlje Statute 


PondllTeifin. C Eodemmodo fiat de illis, qui feifinam recuperaverunt per afli- 

fam mortis antecefforis, & fimiliter de omnibus terris 8c tenementis re- 

cuperatisper Juratam,&c. 3 l^ere iS tlje poft diffeifin giben, bjljcre tl)C re^ 

coberp in a Mordaunc', oj in anp otljer real action is bp berbict, anb in tliis 

cafe tlje ISccobero; fljall Ijabe a poft difleifin againft tlje fo?mer SCenant being' befojceour, tljat BiffeifeD Ijim after tlje recobcrp i 35ut if t^c recoberp be bp 

W.2. ca.25. rebbition oj befault, $c. Ije fljall Ijabe a poft difleifin upon tlje g>tatute of W. 2. 

F.N.B. 190. cap.26. Nota, Ijere eodem modo are bJOjbs of great operation, foj tliep implp, 

Regift.2o6.b. ^■^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ y^^^ conquerens de eodem tenemento, & idem tenens, againft 

toljom tlje recoberp was Ijab after tlje fame manner, as is lefoje faib in cafe of 
a -Kebiffeifin, 


Cap.4. ^Kierton. 8 5 


ITem quia multi Magnates Anglic, qui feoffaverunt Milites & Mirror c. ^ § *.• 
alios libera tenentes fuos de parvis tenementis in magnis ma- ^^' '•* f*''-^^^ 
neriis fiais, quefti fuerunt, quod commodurn (uum facerenon po- Flew 1.4.0,20.' 
tuerunt de refiduo maneriorum (uorum, ficut de vaftis, bolcis, &: 
pafturis Communihus^ cum ipfi feofFati habeant fufficientem pafturam, 
quantum pertinet ad tenementa fua 5 ita. provifum eft, 8c concef- 
fum, quod quicunque hujufinodi feofFati affifam novae difleifinse dc- 
ferant de communia pafturs fus, & coram Juftic' recognit' fuerit 
quod tantam pafturam habeant , quantum fufficit ad tenementa 
fua , 8c quod habeant liberum ingreflum', & egreflum , de liberh 
tenementis fuis , ufque ad pafturam (uam : tunc inde fint con- 
tent!, & illi de quibus conquefti fuerint recedant quieti, de hoc 
quod commodurn fuum de terris, vaftis, bofcis, & pafturis fecerint. Si 
autem dixerint, quod fufficientem pafturam non habeant, vel fuffici- 
entem ingrefTum, vd egreffum, quantum pertinet ad tenementa fiia : 
tunc inquiratur Veritas per affifam. Et fi per afiifam recognitum 
fuerit, quod per eofdem deforciatores,. in aliqua fuerit impeditus eo- 
rum ingreffus, vel egreffus, vel quod non habeant fufficientem paftu- 
ram, 8c fufficientem ingrefTum, & egreffum, ficut prsdidtum eft: tunc 
recuperent feifinam fuam, per vifum Juratorum, ita quod per difcre- 
tionem 8c facramentum eorum habeant conquerentes fufficientem pa- 
fturam, 8c fufficientem ingrefTum 8c egreffum in forma prsdift' , 8c 
diffcifitores fint in mifericordia Domini Regis, 8c dampna reddant, 
ficut reddi fblent ante provifionem iftam. Si autem recognitum fuerit 
per afiifam, quod querentes fufficientem habeant pafturam, cum libero 
8c fufficienti ingreflii 8c egreflii, ficut prsedid' eft : tunc licite & libere ^ 
faciant dom commodurn fuum,,de refiduo, 8c recedant deill' aflila 
quieti. Weft. 2. cap.48. 

^ Quod commodum fuum facere non potuerunt. 3 l^crebv it ap^ 
pearetlj tljat tlje JiojD couln not aypjoDc bp tljc ojccr of tlje Comnton liato, he^ 
caufe tfje common ilTuED out of tlje toljole OTaftc, anii of cuerp part tljcreof, 
ano vet r£cTr.dH.3. Mjcrctfjc JLoju appjoieu ttoo acreis, ariti left fufficicnt, 
t^e 2Ccnant f)?ougljt an ;atrife, ann tfjc fpecial matter being founu, tlje pai«»= mon 26. 
tif retraxit fe* 

|[ Libere tenentes. ] SCbe prbievu of tljt? Statute eietcnus onip fojtlje ^ , c 5 Braft 
110^5 to make an appjouement againli Ijis 2Cenant> ano not agaiuft an? arang;^' j.^, f 22V Fieta ' 
cc, noj to'^ere tbe ilojo Ijatr common appendant in tlje SCenancp, ag l^c map i.'4.*c.2o.i*8Afl;p.4 
Ijabe i but tljc Statute of W.2.pjobitietlj, Decstero quod Statutum de Merton, 18 E.3.4?. 19E.J. 
provifum inter Dominos & tenentes fuos locum fiabeat dc cstetQ inter Dominos p'fj^5' ^^ ^'^'^ 
valtorum bofcorum, & pafturarum, &C vicinos, &c. c.a^'. iili'.n.±' 

13 E-;4;. and 

C De refiduo maneriorum.] )lBp tW recital a point of tlje ancient "''"'^ ''"^'•' 
Common %m appeamlj, tbat toljcn a Jioja of aSBanuoj r louljercin iMast 


85 (S\derton. Cap.4' 

great OTaCe grountiiS) niv enfeoff ottietsi of fottie ^^xttl<s of arable lanu, tlje 

fcoffeC0 ad manutenend' fervitium foes, IljOUlD Ija^e common in tlje faiB 22IaKg 

of tijc 3L0JB foj mo cattfeg. i. Ss inctticntto tfje feoffment, foj tlje feoff® cotilo 

Temps E.r. com- ""^ ploug'b anD manure \M gtounn toitljout iJcaQiSi anti tfjep coulo not be fuffatj^ 

mon 24. 17 E. 2. nco iMttljout yaflure, anu bj) tonteciuence tljc aCenant Ojculii Ijabe common in 

ibid 23. 18 E.5.50 tljc OTaftg of tlje Jlojo fo; Ijig icafl?, iMljicl) do ylouglj ano manure W Kenm^ 

20E.3. Admea- jp^ ^g apjienliant to Ijig 2Eenancp, ano t\)i$ Djasstlje bcstnntng of common ap?; 

Mkh!%6 & 27 E- pennant. %))t feconti reafon teas foj maintenance ano aobanccment of 0gri== 

iiz.iib.4.foi.37. culture ano aCiUage, totiicb toass muclj fabouren in ILato i iifee a? toljen a man 

Tirringhams cafe; giDe0 tl)t lanfi to a |0arfon auD \)i6 &ucccfro?s, ia)\)ercup6n a Cliurdj is built foj 

Pl.Com.4|i8.b. f|,g fct\)ice of (©OC, tO IjOlD of \^im in Frankalmoigne, tlje iianii is l)olDen,anii 

hp confequcnt, anu operation of Jiato, tlje aDUoiMfcn, iuljicf) ti&e JLauo Dot^ 

giijeto tlje ifounfier, tljat ig, tlje CiDer of tlje ILanis, is alfo Ijolnen, foj tljat 

tlje atmolMfon notlj in a manner auljere to t'^e Cljurclj, ano as t^e SCenant tiao 

maDe a feoffment before tlje Statute of Quia emptores terrarum, to bolD of bim^* 

felf fap fealtp, ano j;i) D. tljis #£fnaUp bp operation of laiu ban ban IjolBcn of 

tbe JLojD 53aramount. 

C Tantam pafturam habeant, quantum fufEcit ad tenementa fua, 

& quod habeant liberum ingreffum. ] JClje jlojii map appjobe againff a 

* See the firfi part SCenant tbatljatl)"^ commouofpaffure appendant, but if tbe Jlojo grant com* 

of the infticutes. ttion of paftute luitbtn bis OTafts, tbere is no appjobement bp tbis ^a againtt 

w 2 cap* 6 * common in groffe, foj t\)t boojos of tbe Statute be, Quantum pertinet ad te- 

3 ie"! Common nementa fua, &c. 

26. 32 E.I. ibid. 0na fo inas tbe iLabo tafeen aiib aotungcn ton after tbe making of tbis 0tf, 

29, 3 E.2. ibid.2i. anB latter autljojities agree tuitb tbe fame ■■> anu albeit tbe common appennant be 

ilia if' 22 Air. ^'tbout a certain number, as to babe fufficient pafluce fo? bcafls, quantum per- 

p.6s. 7 H.4.33. tinet ad tenementa fua, \xil)ic^ map be leHUCeO to a certaintp. foj,- Id certum eft 

I i H.'4.2d.a. ' quod certum reddi poteft, anti tberefoje tW ^A Dotb erteno to it. 0nD tbe Writ 

F.N.B.125. of aomeafurement of paffure notlj lie onlp foj ano againff fucb Commoners 

fyi^23^°^ ''•4- as babe common appenoant, foj tbe toojns of tbe Mrit be, Et ad ipfos pertinet 

habendum fecundum liberum tenementum fuum, &c. to as common appenDant,' 

be it certain oj incertain, is toitbin tbis Statute > ano fo is common appurte^ 

nant certain oj incertain, fo j pertinet ejctentetb as toell to common appurtenant 

as appennant. 

Braaon ubi fupra. Bradton treating of t^iiS Chapter, faitb, Imprimis videndum eftqualiter con- 

♦ ftitiitio ilia fit intelligenda, ne male intcUedta trahat utentes ad abufum ; anD tljetl 

cypounoetl) tbe fame in tbisi manner: i. Si' fit alienus ( &• non proprie tenens ) 

non ei imponit legem conftitutio. 

2. Si fuef liberi tenentes proprii,tunc refert qualiter fuef feofFati, See. utrum fe- 
offati filer' large fcilicet per totum, & ubiqi , & in omnibus locis, & ad omnimoda 
averia, & fine numero, &c. ^0 as bp bis opinion tljis Statute eytenoetb not to a 
comn:jin in groffe, no j to a common fans number •, tales, faitb be, non ligat con- 
ftitutio memorataj quia feoiTamentum, (i. concelTionem communis) nontoUit, licet 
tollat abufum. 

3. Si autem communia fuer' ftrid'a cum numero averiorum ccrto,&c. (tobicb \lZ 
intenUetb of common appennantj) licet ufus fe largius & latius habuerlt q r.m ne- 
cefTe effet, talcs ligat conititutio quod coar<Sentur ad certum locum, & infra certum 
locum, dum tamen locus inde fufficiens fit & competens cum libero ingrefTu, & 
cgreffu, & competent!, quod non lit gravis nee difficilis : Competens autem debet 
eflc locus ita quod non longius dilkt, fed propinquius aflignetur, &c. cum diftantia 
inducit incommoditatem. 

4. Item eodem modo fi ita feofFatus fuerit quis, fine expreffiotie numeri vel ge- 
neris, fed ita, cum pafl:ura quantum pertinet ad tantum tenementum in eadem villa, 
talem ligut conrtitutio ficut prius cum expreffione-, quia cum conllet de quantitate 
tenement!, rls facili perpendi poterltde numero averiorum, 5c etiam de genere fe- 
cundum conluetudinem locorum. 

•i, Item 

Cap.4. cgAderton, ' 87 

5. Item tempus fpedandum erit cum omnis nova conftitutio, futuris formam Tr. iS E.r. ia 
imponere debeat 8c iion prstcritis. Banco Rot. 50. 

Walterus Bonde iniplacitat Aliciam de Bordeleji^ c> vi, alios pro eo c*""*""- 
auod cum avcriisfiiis bUdafna ad Madifigk crejcetitia tioCfanter dcpajli Note this cafe fof 
jmty &c. Alic & Nkholaus Rujjell die qmdplacea uhi tratijgrcffio Jup- '^°'""'°^« ^<^- 
pOKitur fieri vocatnr Leylofjfarlongc^ qua quidem placea femperfait pratufn 
nCqiie ad pr£dj3nm amiitm quod pr£di3us Walterus pr£diUttm pratitm 
aravit^ ^Jeminavit^ & in quo prato ipfa Alicia ha bet comtfiuniamfitam 
poji fena kvatv: Et q»iapr<edi£tm Walterus^ ad auferendnm ci commu- 
fjiamfttam in pr<£di£fo prato, feminavit, ficut pr£di&um efi, dicitnt qiiod 
quando fetta in pratis adjacentibus levuta fuerftnt^ ip(i cum averiis fins 
communiam ftiamin pT/iediBa placed depajli fiterttnt^ (lent eis bene liciiit. 
Etinde ponmit fe Ji/perpatriam. Walterus die quod in ck&ionc ffia ejl 
ad dimittend' pr£di&am placeamjacere pratum^ o- ilind falcare, vel pla- 
ceam ilium arare, ^ feminarepro voluntatefua. Et de hoc ponit fe fuper 
patriam^ d^c. '^Jur die quodpr£di&a placea a tempore quo non extat ^ yg^jja 
mentoria hit prattim falcabile, nfqt, ad pr£di£fum annum quod pr£di[,fus 
Walterus illud aravit : diatnt etiam quod pr£di&us Walterus ejl parvus 
ienens ejufdetn vill£, C^ * non Ucet alicui tali parvo tenenti fine licentia * Note this cu- 
ipfius Alice£prata aliqua in eadem villa arare^ d>^ quod pr£d:Sa Alicia in ^°"'' 
eifdem pratis pofi fena ajportata communicare debet: "^ die etiam quod if- ^^^^ i\^\^^ for 
quofido fena en pratis adjacentibus levata fuerint^ ip(i cum averiis fuis feed\ng of corDj 
commmiiam fuam in pr£diB a placea depajiifuerint, Jicut bene hcitumeli ^ludgmoi^^'' 
eis : Ideo confidcrat' ejl quod * pr£di&us Walterus nihil capi-it per breve 
funm^jet fit in mijericordia. Et ajfer per Jnr ad dimid. Mure. 

Vide Pafch. 15 E.i. in Banco Rot.5. Buck. Lib.5. fol.78. common of failure, 
fub modo, DJ Uittl) Umitattoii. 

aC^jOUgljOUt all tl){!S S>tatUtC, Paftura & communia paflurs, ijS tiamcD fo ad 

t%i% Statute of 3pp?oticmcnt? Dotlj not cjctcnn to common of jifcljarp, -of tur# 
Ijarj, of cCo\)cr!S, oj tl)£ like. ' 

^ Quod commodum (uum de terris vaftis, &c. fecerint. ^ ^oto 
it tiai to lie feen l^otu t^tsi approvement muft lie. 0nii it muS lie tti^ttico 
ip Tome inclofute oj Defence, ajs it map ie mace federal, foj it is latuful to tlje 
aCcnant to put en W cattle into t^e rcCouc of tlje Common, ano if tt)ep ftrap 
into tljat pattto^ereof tlje appjofeement is mane, in Default of inclofurej tje i^ 
no trefpalfer. 

ana if ti^e Jloju mafee a feoffment of certain acre?, tlje fcoffa map incMc, 31 e. i. common 
Jecaufc tt)e feoffment iss^m appjoljemcnt in Ijis nature. 27- «^ e.j. garr. 

de Charters 31* 

^Tunc inde fint contenti, & illi de quibusconquefti fuer' recedant '° ■^''*' 
quieti de hoc quod commodum fuum de terris vaftis, &:c. fecerint. ~\ 
IBp tlje appjoijement of part accojDing to tljis Statute, dj?.r. psrt bp t^is 
3(t is mfcljargeo of t'^e common, in fo muc^ ajs if tlje SEenrait tol;icl) l;atij 
tlje Common purcljafe tljat part, Ijijs Common i% not cjctiuiiuifljet) in tl)t Dier Mich. 16 a 
reflDuc. 17 Eiiz.339. 

3f tlje iLo^n, fc. 60 mafec an appjoiiement, Ije map impjcve eft^^frons i3AiTp.4. 
as oft as \z ujtll, fo ^e leatoc fufficicnt Common, anti fo It toas none 18E.3.30.43. 

31f tl)e Cenant at tl;e time of tlie appjotemcnt liabc fufficicnt Common Icfc 8 Aff. 1 8. 16 e. j- 
unto Ijim in tlie reCcuc, toitlj a competent mp tljereunto, accojuing to tljip Sfl, c°""^°" 9- , 
ana after t^e reliuue lecomet'^ not fufficicnt, pet tfee appjcijement rcmamctl) 

88 * S^erto7t, Cap. 5. 

gCDDj foi t\)t luojOg of tljt? ;3tt ic, Tantam pafturam habeaiit, quantum fufficit 
ad tenementa fua. • € Coram Juftitbriis recognhurn fuit, Sec. ] 0nti pet it map 

le rrieD iu an acton of 2Erf fpafis : fo j man? timesi ijc C)aU fail to i^abc 
an ^ffife. 
8 E.3 38. 16 E.?. iSDj if t^e 31 D jD Dotlj iuclof c anp part, ann IcaDe not ftifficiEnt Common in tlje 
Common p. rcfiDuc, tljc Conimonf r map Ijrak ooton tlic twljolc inclofurc, becaufe it flano*^ 
22 Aff42. {.({j upon tlje grounn tjljicl) is IjiiS Common. 

'5 ^7j'°-, Bradon recitctl) a Mlrit DEijifcD iipn tljtsi S>tatute I)p tijat fap of tlje 

eraa. .4. .222. . j^jj^ YVilliam de Ralegh, onc of tlje J&inp JuflicciS, in cafe toljcre tljc ILo?o 

toa0 Difiurteu to inclofc, o} itt)l)cn Ijc IjaD inclofcfl accojtiing to tljis ^ta^^ 

tutc J anD W intlofurc Jjjofeen rioia3\t , toljidj pou map reati tl)cre at 


f[ Et per Affifam recognitum fuit. ] ^[f bp tl)E afTiCe it njallie foiuiD, 
tljat tl)e plaintiff Ijaa not fufficicnt ingrctfe ano c greffe, 03, not fufficicnt pa«= 
> fiure, tljcn tlje plaintiff fljail recouer Ceifin bp tfjc "iiitMo of tljc 3uro?0 ■■> fo tljat 

bp ti)e uifcrction auD oatt) of tljem, tlje paintiff JJjaU ^atoe fufficicnt patttirr, 
anil fufficicnt ingreffc anfl egrefl"e affignen to Ijim, ana tljat tfjc ciffcifojis fijall 
he amercen, ann piclD Damages. 
7 E.3.fol.67. aapon tijisf bjancl) of tlje Statute, toe ^aDc a notable cafe in our XBrokiB, viz. 

a Commoner bjougljt an aiTife of Common of paflure belonging to W 
fraljoIOj tlic 2Denant faio, tl)at \)t tnag iiojti, $ c. ano appjoucB part of Ijis 
Mlaff r, ano left tlje plaintiff fufficicnt Common, ?c. £:i^c plaintiff DcuicD 
tbat l)e left fufficicnt Common, ann tljereupon tffue teas tafeen, anu &ir Wil- 
jiam Herlc Cljicf ^xx^xtt of tl;c Court of Common pieajs tmfe tlje aiTife, ann 
tlie affife founUj tljat tlie plaintiff Ijau not fufficicnt Common •, toljcrcupon 
tie Court Bio awarD tljat t%t plaintiff fijoulD recotjcr W Common, 9c. "ana 
tie lSecoEnito3,B of tlje affife lucre going from tlje llBati ana albeit tlje iffuc 
toasi founa againtt tlje 2Cenant, pet foj liiu aauantagc tlie ISccognitojg of tlje 
aiTife ougljt to come back again, ana to ojaain bp tljeir aifcretion ana oat^ 
fufficient Common to tlic plaintiff, fo tljat tlje SDcfenaant migljt appjoue of 
tl)C remnant bp tljis statute of Merton, ais Trewood affirmea : tuljereupon 
^ir William Herle pcrufeo t^t? Statute (foj no man can carrp t^e toojcsof 
a poCtiije iLatu bp parliament in Ijis Ijcaa ) ana foima tlje S>tatute as Tre- 
wood Ijaa faia, ana tljerefoje toast iw purpofe to Ija^c caufea tlje Surojg to 
come again (tlie Mecoja pet lieing in Ijig bjcaft) to appoint fufficient Common 
to tljc plaintiff accojaing to tlje Statute, but it toag pjeientea, Iq% t^at t^e 
parties agreea. 

CAP. V. 

Similiter provifum eft, & a Domiiio Rege conceflbm, quod de ci- 
tero non current ulurx contra aliquera infra statem exiften' a 
tempore mortis antecefforis lui, cujus hsFcs ipfe eftulque ad legitiraam 
aetatem fuam, ita tamcn quod propter hoc non remancat folutio de- 
bit! principalis fimul cum ufuris ante mortem anteceflbris fui, cujus 
hxres ipfe eft inde provenientibus. 

Cap. 5- SVLmou, 89 

SEljtiS Statute Ijatlj bitn tuDcrflj) crpctinDfU. 

I. snijattijtg S>tattitc crtcnocB to tljciifattousScius tijat lucre tljcn in Eng- inter leges Sanfli 
l^d : fo? at t!;at time auD bcfojc tijc Conqurft alfo, it li;as not latufitl fo? C!;;t# Edw.Lamb. 
flians! to tafec anp ufttup, as it ajjpcawtlj fc}) tljc Jiatujs of s^aint Edward, &c. com"idus^ "S" 
fine Glanvile ana otljcr ancinit Stitljojs ano Itctfijug. 0nD lip \\\% i^o it is vii.!* 
tnanifeit tljat tlje tiftirp intenfiefi liv tljc Statute leap rot tinlaicful, fo: rt,c ockiumca. qua-. 
nfwrp Due licfojc tljc Dcat{) of tljc anccfto? ip tnatftB to lie paic, antt after t^c 'i^" "°" *K°'y^- 
full age of tl)e ^eir alfo, auD no ufurp toas xljen pennitteD.ljttt ij- tlje ^tijug drch^nftrimis'^. ■ 

Wllp. ufuariis. 15E 2. 

tf SSutJJtng Edward tijc firtt (tl^at mirroj of ^Djincfg) lip a«tljo?trp of |^^at# ca.5. Rot.pari. 
itament mate tljis JlaVJ, \ii\ii\ isiBOjtIjp tolie toM'tteninJLctterscfColD: !.°'^-3""'58. o' 
iTojafmucIj as tlje lt5ing IjaD fan tl^at manj) of tljc cDils ann mnjerifcns of tlje Tnu "^c"' '"^ ^' 
gaiDmcn of Ijisliealm Ijao tome to jiafs Iptlic trjfurirs luljicl) x\t %z\&%\m /sta.'de'judaifmd 
mauc in times paff, ano man? otljer miftljiefs Ijao tifen tljcreupon, albfit tl)at fce hereafter the 
tljC faiD JUing anD Ijis 0nteftcjs liaioe Ijao great pjoPit of ti^e 3cte : ue\)crtl)e«= ''^po^'cion of it. 
Icfs in Ijcnourof (iDoDj ano fojrommoutueal of tfee people \ it isojoaincnatiD 
ellailinjeu, tljat no Jetofrcm tljenccfojtl) fljoulo tafee anp tlUurp, gfr, ^ut pet 
p?o\)iDftlj foj tlje time paft in fucb manner, aji tp tf)e0ft appearcti^i, 

;ant)true ft is, tfjat grcf.t toRjstlje profit (as in t^at 0ct isrecitco) tljat tlje * ^°^- P"- 3 e.e. 
<Ii:roii3n l;aD Ijpt^e Jetos, '' foj Iiettoecn tl)c 50 pear of H. 5. anB tlje 2 pear of '"■m-i7-2<5. 
E.I. tlje CrouiniuasanflDcreD dc exitibus Judaifmi, fourijuncjco ano tlrcntp 
tijoufano pounns, anu tljen tlje ounce of filljer \im fibe groats. 

iSDtljerS CjCpounD tljefC Uiojtis non currant ufuras contra aliqucm infra statem i2tf.b. 

exiikntem in tljis manner, tijat tte rent Iftall not be toubleti During tlje nonage 35 H.^.di. 
of tlje Ijeir (toijiclj in a large tentc i% caUec ufurp, foj dicitur ufura quia datur . 
pro ufu ceris) 35 if tljeBing gibe JLani) to anotljcr rcferbing a rent papable at 
a i^eaft certain, anu foj tefault of papment, tljat Ijc il;all Double tlje rent foj 
cberp Default, anD after tlje grant® Dietlj l)is Ijeir toitljin age, Ije fljall not Dou^ 
blc clje rent to tlje ISing. 

3if a man bp obligation bine Ijimfelf anD Ijts Ijcirs to pap 100 1. at fuclj a 
i?eatt, anD if Ije pap it not at tljatiFeall, tljat tljen Ije ano ^is tctrs fljall pap 
10 1. foj eberp (luatter it fljall bebe^ino, tlje obligoj DietJj anD leabctlj alfets n H.7,22. 
va. fa fimple Ijis Ijeir Tojitljin age, Ije fljall l)abc Ijis age, anD fljall not pap t^is wich.sfS & 27 Ei« 
10 1. incuircD During Ijis m in ojitp after 1) is full age •, anD tbts agreetlj iutt^''''-3'f°'-'3- 
ti^C ttOJDS of tlje Statute, Non rennaneat folutio debit! principalis, anD in tljiS 

cafe tljere is a principak debitum, but debitum fignifietl) not onlp Debt foj tlje 
luljic^ an ;9ttion of Debt Dotlj lie, bitt Ijcre in tljis ftncicm 0tt of ^^arliament 
It fignifietlj gcnerallp anp Dutp to be ptelDCD oj paiD ■■> foj debitum is DeribeD of 
tlje berb debeo, id enim elV, quod vel lege natura?, vel obligatione civili debetur, ajS 
rents ano tlje like. 

S>o if A. fenotolcDge a recognisance to B. of 2 o I. to be paiD at a certain fcaff, 
anD A. Dotlj grant, tljat if tlje 20 1. be not paiD at tlje Dap, t^en Ije fljall pap 
10 s. a ©laetk foj cberp Meek it fljall be bcIjinD, auD befo?e tlje J^eaft A. 
Dictlj feifcD of fee fimple lanDS, Ijis Ijcir toitljin age ■■> 3;n a Scire facias upon tlje u E.3. age 4. 
recognisance tlje Ijeic fl)all Ijabe Ijis age, as in tljenert cafe befoje, bp tlje i^ e 3. ibidem. 
Common iiato, anD after ^is full age Ije J^all be frecD of \\z 10 s: a Mecfe £5- 29^"'3'- ^^ 

Ipt^iS Statute. E,3.5o.42afl.4.r^^ 



S^erton, Cap.6. 


Braaon Hb. ^pXE hsEredibus per parentes, vel per alios, contra pacem vi abdu- 

91. Fieta Hb.i. ca. |y Q;is, vel detentis, feu maritatis, ita provifum eft, quod quicun- 

"52! li E!3.f2. " que laicus inde conviftus flierit, quod puerum aliquem fie detinuerit, 

21 E.g. 19. 29afr. abduxerit, feu maritaverit, reddat perdenti valorem maritagii : & pro 

35. 29 E.3.37. delifto corpus ejus capiatur,utimpri(bnetur donee pdenti emendaverit 

deliftu fi puer maritetur : 8c prseterea donee dno Regi fatisfeceritpro 

tranfgreffione fua.Et hoc dehsrede infra quatuordecim annosexiften. 

De hserede autem cum fit quatuordecim annorum, vel ultra, u(que ad 

plenam aetatem, fi fe maritaverit fine licentia domini fiii, ut ei auferat 

maritagium fuum, & dominus ejus offerat ei rationabile maritagium, 

- ubi non difparagetur, dominus (uus tunc teneat terram ejus ultra ter- 

minum SEtatis fuae, feilicet xxj annorum, per tantum tempus quod inde 

poflTit percipere duplicem valorem maritagii, fecundum aeftimationem 

legalium hominum, vel fecundum quod ei pro eodem maritagio prius 

fuerit oblatum, fine fraude & malitia, 8c fecundum quod probari po- 

terit in curia domini Regis. 

JlBcfoje tt)E nta&inj of tW Statute t%t ilato gaijc tfje iLojn ttoo fetjcral ttf 

mecieg, if IjisMTarD tucrc tafecn atoap, netatneij, oj niatrien, viz. i. ;2n j9ctton 

Tr. 9 Ei.iib^ fo. j,f trcfpafg, tuljercin Ije fljtmlD rccobcr tiajiiageis onlp. 2. £>j a Writ of rig^t 

M(e "f Maru, lutjcrcin Ije fijouio rccoijcr tlje cuftonp of Isoup aim Janft?, iHt if t^e 

7 E.V58. 40 E.5. Mart toere tnarrien, tljcn toag Ije njiucn to l)iiS Action of trcfpafg, Quare fe in- 

6. 3 1 afr.26.F.N. trufit maritagio non fatisfad. %\)Z ILO JO IjaD alfo Ijis Mrit, tUt t|)at lict^ agaittft 

^•'4i« tljc Ijeir, toljen ^z twtxztl) into tJje 3la«D bcfoje oj ? ftcr ^iji fuU age : aifo tlje iiojB 

map IjaiJe Ijig MIrit de valore maritagii at tt)C (Eoinwon JLaij), bat t^at lap alCa 
againft ttie Ijcit Ijimfdf aftir W fuUage totjen Ijc intraBto not. 

%\)t Writ of Ravifhment de gard is franiCD bp tlje ^mXAt of W. 2. cap. 35. 
8E.5.J2. to^creof moje fljall be faio licrcaftec inljis pjopec place. 

anijis Statute giuetljjtljat in i\^t Writ of tigtit of OTarp ti^e plaintiff f^ottlo 
Regift.161. rCCODer, Valorem maritagii, & pro delido corpus ejus capiatur, ut imprifonetur do- 

nee perdenti emendaverit dejidum, fi puer maritetur i & praeterea donee domino 
Regi fatisfecerit pro tranfgreffione fua, 

Mirrorca.5. § 3. ^ Si laicus inde convidus fuer'. ] aClje Mirror fait^ tliat tl^is point ist 
repjoijable, inromticlj ais tijc Statute ettcnois not to Clcrft?, car eft nient pluis 
droit que clerke peche fans payne, que lay home. 

35 H.6.53. C E^ ^°c ^^ hxrede infra 14 annos exiften'.'] tHiKin t^efe, ano tlje 

See the firft part "oitiiM ftibf£:qucnt tljig Statute ootlj not ettena to t!)c ^eir female, foj t^e age 

of the inftitutes, of confcnt to matciage of a male ijs 14. an6 of a toomau 12. anii after i+. (at tie 

§.104. cuftumier maWng of tl)i0 Statute) tljc female toaiS to be out of ©Earn. 

deN0rm.cap.33. ^m „ot£ jijjjcit tlje marriage toittin tlje age of content be Doinable, pet t'^e 

rie$"uperTndr* C^tnein (liall recoijer tlje balue, ann albeit tljc Ijeir at t^e age of confcut Difa# 

' gtft, fo a0 tl)e gamein 0)all ljai3e tlie marriage again-, pet t'bere iis no remcop foj 

tlje raViifi)Ct. 

^, 2 i^oiMlnljat alterations tlje Statute of W.I. cap. 22, anu W.2. cap. 35. IjaDe 

L E.3.%,20. v^^Xit, to at large appear in Dodor Hufleys cafe abo\)efaio, ano in t^e firJf part 

■ 27 H.d. gard i8. Of tlje Inliitutes. 

ftituces §.Vo^ ''"' ^ '5'i fe maritaverit fine licentia doraini,Sic. Et dominus ejus offerat.3 
li^ere tlje Statute pjoijiml) temeop iuljen tl)cljcir male after u;e age of 14 



S\^erton. _ ^ i 

pcarsi (tufeen i}C map, as is afojcfaiti, ronunr u< marriage) after trnccr ynmz 
tnarrtetl) Ijimfdf ijuttljottt djc limuc of Ijip t.o;^, r^^b gitctl; a tWrir cf fo?? 
fdttJrc of marriage, fo caHefi, becaufe tl)e JioiH fljall ttin-cbp rcroicir tljctibii;' )8 e.? i8. r4E.3 
iilcDalueof tl}e marriage i asifttie marriage iDereiiwrlune Sjuu^jcd pDiniD?, A'^'°" f^^rieaa- 
\)t iijall retotocr ttoo ijmmjcD pomHis. Jlcut tljis fojfcitttrc of marriage ip not o^Te Lein'' ^' 
Hue bp tl)is Statute, Ittt xa\)tu t\>z gamein after 14. an6 befoje 21. ijau ten# ^ ^ ' 
ficrcn a toDenable marriage to Ijim, ano Ije vefiifcu Ijer, ann of Inmfrlf mar^ 
rieti Cas it toere in oefpite of l)imj anotljer tuitljin age i attDfo is tfjis statute 
to be conflrucD, tljat tlie tuarn marrieo Ijimfelf tuitbout licence, fr. aftei'tlje 
aiajD bad tenucrcti unto bim a coDenable marriage ■■, foj if tbe teao firft marrp , part of the in- 
ijimfelf, after tlje age of 14. a tenner of marriage to bim tbat is fo married is ftifutcs § lo?. 
l3oiD, anotlje Statute mull be intenocD of a laniful tenner. Sud tbis 2>tatULC ^""^ forfeiture de 
tbat onlp gitJetl) tbe forfeiture of marriage not crtenning to an Ijeir feitialc, "'Y,c3bi 1^$ f^ 
tljere is no forfeiture of marriage of an beit femftlc. 70,-1. Seignior* 

JlBut if a Warn be taken aiuay ann marrien infra annos nubiles, at tbe age of oarcies cafe 19. 
ten pearg, tljere, for tljat Ijc map 5ifagr«, tlje Jiojn map tenner to bim after W ^•5- Ju'^g'"^"^ 
age of fourteen, tuljict) if be tcfufe, ann after nifagrec, ann marrp elfetuljere f lo^'folfeiture of 
ujitljitt age, tlje garnein fljall Ijaije tlje forfeiture. marriage of an 

heir female. 
f[ Ubi non di(paragetur. ] Vide Magna Charta cap. 6. ann f^ tljc nejct 
CI;aptcr fonolDtng. i • 

f[ Dorninus fuus tunc teneat terram, 8cc. "] Cfje ILorn (ball Ijiije ete^ i^ £.3.182. E.2. 
tfion Ettljer to iMaitoc tlje il?inn, ann to take W attion of forfeiture of marriage, ^^'o" '"•■ 'eftacute 


(for perljaps! tbe Lann map be of fmall ialucann tbe marriage of great Daluej or f^Wm - 
to enter into tlje 3lann, ann take tljc profitj(,tiU of tbe fame Ije be fatisficD tljfere^ 
ip Of tbe nouble Dalue, : for tlje tuorns of tlje Statute be, per tantum tempus 

quod inde polVit percipere duplicem valorem, fo as tlje taking Of tbe profits in tijat 
cafe.fljall go in fatisfatfion of tbe nouble toalue ■•, but if tbe beit; ouile tlje gamein g „ 

before tie be fullp fatiisfien of tbe forfeiture, tbe gamein fljall recover tbe tuljole 7.^ aIT.'-^I. 
forfeiture againft Ijim, becattfe tbe Ijeir fijall not take anuantage of Iji? omu a ]ac.ii.5. fo.70. 
\urong, ann tbe nouble ijalue \% cafual., Dier 9 Ei.25o.b. 

2Clje !iing fljall Ijabe tlje forfeiture of i\z marriage, albeit Ije be not particu? 
iarlp namen, but tben tbe iiing muff purfue tbe &tatute,ann make a tenner, foj 
in cafe of tlje forfeiture tljere mull be a tenner, but not for tlje fincrie iialue. 

%Mz grantiK of tlje bonp o«lp eitber bp tlje toing or a common per.on fi?aU not 
retain tbe JLann, but De map Dane upon a tenner ann marriage clieiMljerc ioitljin 
age a forfeiture of marriage. 

%% tlje (IJarnein entretlj into tl)e iiann for i\z toiible balue, Ije cannot IjatJC a Temp< e. i. aai- 
Writ of forfeiture of marriage, altljouglj Ije tuaiije tlje polTeirion of tlje Jlann. °" ^"^ i^"«. 56. 

f Quod inde poffit percipere, 8cc. ] 3;f tlje (tDamein entretlj into tbe Mich. 41 & 42 Ei 
JLann, ann after fuffcr otbers to take tlje profits, pet be fljall boln it no longer, 'i^-si. sir An- 
tljen be migljt DaDcIcUien tlje nouble DaUie, ann Ijts negligence fljall bcljisoiin ^^T" *^%^"' 
namage. 7H^V2 ifH.'<s.3. 

Siltbouglj tlje Statute fa itljjDominus teneat terram,pet if ljenie,Di0Cj:ecutoris 15 h.ViV 
or anminiffrators fljall boln tbe hmn, or babe a torit of forfeiture of marrtage/or see the firfi part 
tDis9(tljan toefien an intcrett tljerein in tbe ^orn, imbictj after \)\<s> neatb goaij "^'"^^ inftitutes, 
to Dis etccutors or anminiffrators, as it notlj to tbe ^uccefl'ojs of an ^bbot. f 'h°8 s8 afT.? 

llEut if tbe beir in Mam nie eitljer toitbin age, or of full age before tlje Da* 1 1 h'.4.82. 
lue or tbe forfeiture fas tbe cafe require; be piclncn or paio,tljerc tbe J^orn Ijatlj Dier 14 EI.305. 
no remcnpbp action for tbis incertain perfonal nutp againft bis Ijeirs, dEtcru* '^y'^' /"'Iv 
tors or anminiftrators, no more tben an attion of nebt lictD agatnff CBrccmors jg oWr ibi fu?* 
upon an efcape mane bp tbe gamien upon tbe Statute of W.2. ann pet Thiming pra. 
Cljief Kuflice beln opinion.tbat if 31 gibe lanns in tapl to bolD of me ^ Jinigbts 
ferUice, ann tlje SDonee dcvia fon iffue deins age, & jeo tender a luy mariage, & i-l 
eeo refufe, Sc luy marie fans ma volunt, uncoxe elkanr deins age, & puis moruft, 

S^ ^ in 


<SK£erton, Cap. 7. 

in ceft cafe jeo retiendra la terre pur la forfeiture del double value accordant al fta- 
tute de Merton, & le procheine heire in tayle navera remedy, \jjl)crcl)p it appcatEt^ 
tijat bp Ijisi opinion tljc garuein after i\)t Deatlj of tl^e Ijeir piiglft ^oio jijc SLanO 
bp tljisi Statute foj tlje oouWe vjaluc. ■ ■'■ ,.a>,;;i^^. 

Wi\)tmxi it iis to be obferbeDjtljat tlje 3Lo jn o j uonoj ffian tjabe not^jing but tlje 
llano lolten of Ijim, anoTojljic^ moben from Ijim, until ^e be fatisfien toitij t^e 
pjofit? of tljat lanu of tlje Double baUie bp t^c toojnsi anti meaning of ti^ijs &ta:< 
tute, tl)e VoojCSi tubereof be,teneat terram per tantum ternpus quod inde pollit per- 
cipere duplicem valorem. 315ut ot|)eru>ife it \% of tlje ftngie balue, foj t^ere tbe 
paofitg tafeen bp tlje JLojo go not in fatigfaflion of tl)C balue, a? ftall be fato vx 
tl;e noct Cljapter. 
14 El. Dier 306 0nD tlje grantee of tlje bonp onip is toitljout rcmeDp, if tbe Ijcic tietlj. 

Snu albeit tl)e Statute faitb teneat terram, pet it ettentictb to t^e bolbing of 
tlje mefnaltp bp t'^e 3Lojb paramount, ann in manp cafes tlje mefne ftall be fup<* 
pofcn to l)0lD t^c JLanir. 

^ Secundum seftimationem legalium hominum.^ SCljat is(, bp a Slurp 
of ttnelbe men in an aoion to be bjougljt : concerning ti)c foifcitute o> ualue of 
t%t marriage confincration muft not onlp be Ijab of tbat ianti t^at is tioltiCn,bwt 
of all otljer lanus, Icafes, grocs anu Cljattelg, ano otljcr pcrfonal eftate to^iclj 
map abbance tljc eCtmation of tlje ©Karti, ann pet t^ie balue of tt)C marriage 
ougljt to be fo moberate, as tlje Ijeir map imcU unoergo ttie fame. 

^ Vel fecundum quod ei pro eodem Maritagio prius fuerit oblatum 
fine fraude, &C.3 3nD Ijcrein tlje d^arbcin Ijatlj tljfe election eitljer to Ijabe fo 
muclj as an inniffercnt 3»urp luill gibe ^im, oj fo mutii) as foj t?)c wacriageljabe 
bona fide ban offercD unco i^irn* y: - ■ '• ; ^ -f'^ 

CAP. vn. 

DE dominis qui niaritaverint illos quos habent in cuftod'villanis, 
vel aliis, ficut bttrgenH ubi difparagent' : fi talis hasres fuerit in- 
fra 14 annos, 8c talis statis quod confentire non poffit matrimonio : 
tunc fi parentes conquerantur de ilio domino, dominus ille amittat cu- 
ftodiam uique ad jetatem hseredis, & omne coramodum quod inde 
perceptum fuerit, convertatur in commodum ipfius hxredis, qui infra 
xtatem eft, fecundum difpofitionem & provifionera parent' fuorum, 
propter dedecus ei faftum. Si autem flierit 14 annorumSc ultra,quod 
confentire poterit, 8c tali maritagio conlenferit, nulla lequatur pcena. 
Siquis hsres, cujufcunque fuerit 2etatis,»pro domino fuo le noluerit 
maritare, non compellatur hoc facere, fed cum ad xtatem pervenerit, 
det domino fuo,8c fatisfaciat ei de tanto,quantum inde percipere pollet 
ab aliquo pro maritagio fuo, antequam terram fuam recipiat, 8c 
hoc five fe voluerit maritare, five non: quia maritagium ejus, 
qui infra jetatem eft, de mero jure pertinet ad dominum feodL 

See the firfi part C ^icut burgenfibus. "] !^ereof fee tljc firft part of tlje Inftitutes : ano 
of the innitutes, albctt tljc S>tatutc of 5 bot^ ranfe bibers begrees tljat are to come to 
fcft. 107,108. ipatUament, as ?Dubes> Carls, Jlfarons, 31fanerets, tonights of ^^ires, CittJ* 


Cap./. <SMpma. 

?Cns aUD frUrgeffCS i pft tljiS 2rt of Mcrton tOtlj fjrtCnD alio to Ctti^CnS, hti Magna Charta 

caufe all Cities tocre firft JlEtirrougljgj auD toitlj tljc Saxon ano German Buprh "p 6, \v.i.c.22. 
fipifictl; a Citp. -- / , ■■ • -. i parcinfiJca.107 

K\nB scatiite conccniing ^pAi:agcmrtit-lJtKl> -ttot crtcnc to Ijctrjs fcmalfs, 
itit oulj) to licics males, tljcrcfojc tl;e foifciaitc giuni l)p tliis statute onl^ 
cptentig tot^cfafcof tlje Ijcirmalf, JUitjbpctljir ^jiatwtep t|)c mtpariWrntnt 
of tt;cljeir female 10 fojbiDWn.^^.,^.^.; ;rn-Ji3itj-.;i .Hsioo \ | 

41^ Det Domino, Sc'fatnsfacikt ei de'tanto giiantum inde perciperc 4?E-32?- ?iAfr« 
pomt de aliqvio pro maritagio fuo antcquam terram fuam rtcipiat, ~] l^ich.^^'&l'^ EI. 
jgote ttic feDeral pcntiings of t^is rlattfc coiiccvnmtj tl)c finfilf tialtic, anD ttjc lib d. foi. 82. sir 
clatiCe in t^c Cljapter tiejct before ctmterning tl;c toiiWic ^jalne, ^tit foj tfee fm# Andrew corbets 
Sfle laaluctijc C'arnein (ball liolDtJjc iatHmnttUbc be(t tattffic l^^m of il;c ba,-' o^^^^ 
Ju£, fo as ill tljis catc, tlje taking of il;e pjofits ftaU not le accounteti as j)ar# of'the infiituces? 
•eel of tbc ualue, but as a penaitj) to caufe tlje beit to pap it i^c, tonev. refl.i 10. 

^lEttt note, tljat ncitljer in tljcMiit De valoie miantagii, noj foj forfeiture f*iic'i- 4 £• i- 'n 
of marriage, rije JLojn fljall not lecjiUer tl)K lann^ ijiit Damagcg> fftj t,i)iB;ajttflii3ctlj Pf "'^'^ ^°'' ' ^\, 

«A «/«;«.. I>.«<.i.» i^Mi. .." tjLi Y ."Jii.'.iy-'.'C'j'^i / ' '-.JTi ^ Ti . v?-. ,.-' Lincoln,' a notable 

■iiearttenfojtijelanti. ., * " -,,, cafe for holding 

0nll tlje IMOJBS of tW bjanctj are to be ObfCrijeil, Cum (hsres) ad a^tattrfi per- the land for the 
venerit, det domino fuo, iDljetebp it apjjearcti) tljat tlje payment of t^e fingic forf^tof the mar-" 
Ualue i$ pecfonallv app?opjiatco to tfec Ijeir, atiti tiicre fo?e if tc X!icil),4t liS !o(?, l'^-. : .j 
l)Kt tlje claute toncctning Uj^pouWe Daluc i? Dtticrliiilepettncti, ag lattj ia^i ^^' ^■■'',^* 
■oliferDeti* •-- ' -- 

^ De mero jure pertinet ad dominum feodi ^ &« foj tlic CErpcCti*! ■ ' ' 

en of tljis bjauclj, ano U^ljere a tenner tji requifitc, anD ronccrmng tlje tiifferw* Hii.4. Jac.iib.s. 
ces between tljc cafe of tlje Ijcir male, anti of tlje Ijeir female, tl^e iiojo Darcfes foi.70,71. 
CafCj ano Palmers Cafe, ano t^e firft part of tl^c Iniiitutes, k6t. 1 07. hereunto ^afch.g.jac.ii.s. . 
map be atiDcti a cafe, ixiljere tlje 5Lojd cannot at anp time feife tljc OTatti,oj ten* '"'•"'^'i^y. 
nerfl marriage to Ijtm, ann -^a l)e (ijall Ijauetlje ©Marufliip. Edward Hampden (-3^^^ \n cur, 
i>oltitng lanujs of tlje hnm bp ?fenigljtj3 fcrijice in Capitc Ijati iffue a tiaugiitcr, wardorum. Tr. 
iMljo poft annos nubiles, (vi?. at ttoelije jjcarp) contractet spatrimonp toitlj WilU- 29 Eiiz. 
am Ditton, anil after marrieo toitb John Croke, ano tljen tlje jf atljer Dieo fcifen 
in fee of ti^e lano in Capite, Ijis uaugljtec being of tlje age of tljino-n pears, 
ann after t^e Daugljter Ijau paffeu tlje age of fijttcen pears, Ijer marriage ititlj 
Croke Ujas niffolDeO bp BiiJOJce, Caufa prsecontradus : anB it tjDaS rcfolUttJ bp 
iotlj tlje CJjicf SuUices upon Ijearing of Councel Icarnco on botl) fitics, tljat in 
tl^is cafe (0? t\je iLojD in tl)e like cafej fl-all Ija^e tlic CSlarDflhip of tlje caugbter, 
albeit ncDec anp feifurc coulo be mane of Ijer, noj tenner of marriage to Ijer, 
becaitfe tlje marriage toas netoer laijjful, ann tuas after nilfolijcn bp niuojcc, as 
it l>an newer ban, ann fije ftall talte no an\3antage of Ijcr olan tojoiig, to bar tl)C 
©uten 01 otljer Lojn of tljat tuljiclj bp JlaDa is nue to tljem, not^uitljiJanning tljt; 
opinion of Laicon, 35 H.6.4o.b. tljat if oueljoin laun of miocljcr bpUintgljts -jH.^.^o.b. 
fcrbicc, ann tlje 2Ccnant Ijatlj iffuc a naugljter, toljicl) entrctij into Krligion.ann 
is pjofclTen, ann after tljC Sicnant nictlj, Ijis naugljctr being inlidigton, ano 
toitljin fourteen pears, ann Vuljen flje is of tlje age of fourtan Oje is ceraignen, 
ttjst lljc fljall net be in ©2iarn. Nota, Ije fljcluetlj not to; iDljat caufe fl,,c uias 
tcraignen : llEut bp tlje niiDojce, caufa prscontradus, tljere iis a nullttp of tlj« 
marriage, ab initio, ann tljc cljilnjen bctiuan tljem are mm baHarns. 




Cap. 8. 

Cununiler de 

Idem eodem lib. 

Eodetn l;bro. c 3, 

CAR vm. 

DE narratione difcenfus in brevi de Refto ab anteceflbre a tem- 
pore H. Regis fenioris anno & die, Provifum eft, quod de cx- 
tcro non fiat mentio de tam longinquo tempore, fed a tempore H. 
Regis avi noftri, & locum habeat ifta provifio ad Pentecoften, Anno 
Regni Domini Regis nunc 2 1. & non antea : 8c brevia prius impetra- 
ta procedant. Brevia mortis antecefforis, de Nativis, & de Ingreflu, 
non excedant ukimura redit' Domini Regis Johannis de Hibem' in 
Angliara, & locum habeat ifta provifio, &c. ut fupra. Brevia novx 
difleifinx non excedant primam transfretationem Domini Regis qui 
nunc eft in Vafcon", 8c locum habeat ifta provifio a tempore prxdift', 
& brevia prius impetrata procedant. Vide Weft.i. cap.38. & 32 H:8. 
cap. 2. 

^ De narratione difcenfiis in breve de Refto. ] 3It appcaretij ip 
Glanvil, t^at ttt tl)C raign of H, 2. tlje limitation in an ailifc of Novel diffeifin, 
loajS poft ultimam transfretationem Regis in Normaniam, li'ljic]^ tuaji in tl;C 
year of ^tis raign. 

31But of tlliS lintitatiott IjC Mt% Infra tempus a Domino Rege de confilio pro- 
cerum ad hoc confticutum, quod quandoque majus, quandoque minus cenfe- 
tur, &c. 

SDljcUmitationin tlje^ffifcof Mordaunc', laaiS poft primam coronationem 
H.2. iijljict) laasi 20O6tob.11 54.. 

Ki)t limitation in a tMtit of Migbt btfoje tljiis Statute of Merton, toais a 
tempore Regis H.I. ana notoliptljiji Statute of Merton, a tempore Regis H. 2. 
^otE H.I. began bistaign tlje firft of Auguft 1 100. ano H. 2. began W raign 
1154. fo asi tljis Statute of Merton DtoabjtDgc t^e limitation in aMrit of 
Kigljt 54 V^atjE!, toljercof Brafton fpeaketlj t^UjS, Quia breve de refto ficut alia 
brevia infra certum tempus limitatur, non enim excedit tempus regis Henrici avi 
Domini Regis ( i H.2.) & eft ratio, quia ultra tempus illud (quod inter initium Reg- 
ni H.2. & Statutum de Merton, anno 20 H.3. eft circiter nonaginta annos) non po- 
terit quis aliquid probare, licet jus habeat in re : cum nullus aliquid probare poffit 
ultra tempus illud, ex quo loqui non poterit de vifu fuo proprio, vel de vifu patris 
fui, qui ei injunxit quod teltis eflet fi inde audiret loqui i Et unde li quis loqueretur 
de tempore Henrici Regis fenis, (i H.i. quod tuit circiter 125 annos) amittere pof- 
fit propter defedtum probationis. 

C Brevia mortis anteceflbris, de nativis, 8c de ingreffu non excedant 
ultimum reditum Domini Regis Johannis de Hibernia in Angliam. 3 
^ing John toent firft into Ireland in tl^e fecono pear of W taign, ann rctutnen 
in tbc tbiru I'ear ; 3n tbe 12 year of t)is raign ije toent into Ireland again, ano 
returned tbe fame pear into England, ano tljig toas ultimas reditus, tljat tljiis SiA 
fpeafeetb cf, fo a? bcttoan ttie ttoelfti) peat of toing John, am 20 H. 3. toerc 
about tbflcntp fibe peatiS. 

^ Brevia novx diffeifina? non excedant primam transfretationem 
Domini Regis qui nunc eft, viz. H.9. in Vafconiam "J 

Jfeing H. 3. firft paftage into Gafconie, toag in tije fiftlj pear of Ijig raign, 
foag tljere e]cc»W6not tljc fifteen peavjs betltu^n tliat tranjftetation anB tW 


Cap. 8. 

S\derton. o « 

3|£ appcaml) bp Bradon tljat bcfojc tljtg Statute of Merton, tlje limttatton Eraa.1.2. fol.i?^- 
tn a MXxit of 0ffifCj luag Pole ultimum reditum Domini Regis de Britannia ih 
%\xt t^cfc ttmciS of limitationiB tucrc tXttttts in tlje reigit of Mxig Edw.t. ■^•'^^!" ^■^" 
ainii tljcn tljc limitation in a Writ of Kigljt loas from tl)C time of i^ing R.i. Tr.'7 e!i." inBan- 
icttoan tlje bcginuiug of R. i. ann 3 E.i. tljere \m padcn alout figljtp ctg^t co Rot.? i. Hunt. 

ycarjf. Mich. 7 E.i. ibid, 

anB tijat tlje Writ of ^ffife of Novel diffcifin, ann tlje Writ of |Durpartp, ^°^-5°' ^*''"''' 
Ujljicl) 10 callcD tlje Nuper obiit, fljoulD lja\)e tlje term of tlje ftrtt trangfrctation 
of H.3. into Gafcony, tnljiclj ag l)atlj iffn fain, was in Anno 5 H 3. 

anU tlje Writ? of Mordaunc', dc Cofinage, de Aid, de Entrc, & bf e de Nieftie 
eyent le terme deCoronement inefme le Henry, i H. 3. Inljic^ Octiaatn tljat anB 
cljis statute of W.i. luais abottt 58 pears : igotc cas Ijatli Ian fatD; tljis liing 
luas tluicc CroiMncD, firft tljc 28 Dap of Odober, in tljc firft pear of Ijis reign, 
ana tlje feconn time on Whitfonday, in tlje fourtlj pear of Ijis reign : but ^i^ 
Statute of W.I. fjfieafeing inoefinitelp, is to be untierftooo of tlje fiirft Cojonati^ 
on, foj quod prius eft tempore potius eft jure i ;antibptlje Statute of VV.2. cap. 2. RignU, 
in an auotujp tlje like limitation foj feiCn fijall be accountcn, as in tlje aifife, 
luljiclj, as is afojefaiHj is poft primam transfretationem Regis Hetirici 3. iii 

315ut albeit tljefe times of limitations toere reafonable, tnljen tljefe Statutes 
lucre maoe, pet in pjoces of time C tljere being fet t'imes appointeD in former 
ISings reigns) tlje times of ncceffitp gcenj tto large, toljercupon manp fuics, 
troubles ano inconucnicncies tiD arife, ano tljcrefojc tlje makers of tljc Statute 
of 32 H.8. ttokanotljer anti mojc uircrt courfe, toljiclj migljt injure foj. eber, 32 H.8..ap.t. 
anD tljat toas to impofe Diligence anti bigilancp in Ijim tljat teas to bjing Ijis » Mar.cap.5. 
Stfion, fo tljat bp one fonttant 31 aw certain limitations migljt ferie botlj foj 
tlje time pjcfent, ano foj all times to come, viz. 2Cljat tlje E>emanDant fijoulD 
allenge fcifin in a Writ of iSigljt not abobc fi]ttp pears ncjtt bcfoje t^e Telle of 
J)iS Writ. 3l!n Mordaunc' cofinage, aiel, entry fur diffeifin, oj Ctljer pDffeiTojp ^tti#: 
on upon tlje feiCn q% polTetTion of anp of Ijts 0nceflojs oj p?eDeceffojs, of a ity 
fin Witljin fiftp pears : 3;n anp Action upon Ijis oj tljeir olun poffcffion tuitljin 
tljirtp pears » Kn an Bijotojp oj conufance foj anp rent, fute, oj ferbtce, toiitljin 
40 pears v Bin a Formedon in Metoerfion 0^ IScmainoer, oj Scire facias upon 
fines tottljin fiftp pears ■, 0nti pet tljis Statute pjcfiring a certain time eittens* 
■Dcti not to biviers cafes, toljiclj were toitljin tbc ancient Statutes, as to acti;* 
nental fert3ices> as Ijcreaftcr Cjall appear. See tlje firft part of t^c Inftitutes. 

^/Brevia prius impetrata procedant, 8cc. ] jfoj tlje rule % Omnis 
nova conftitutio futuris formam imponere debet, & non prjetCritis. SflS a cafe up# J^' ^ ^•^- Rot-7i« 
on tljis b?ancl) in 7 E.i . Redberwcs Cafe t BraS' fo "Ts. 

0115 albeit Bradon faitlj, tljat omnes adiones in mundo infra certa tempora 1 parclnfi.feft.iv'o 
limitationem habent •, .Slnti in anotljer place Ije faitlj, Omnis querela & adio in- Ub.4. fol.10,11. 
juriarum limitata eft infra ccrta tempora •, ^et fome adions iwece not limiteU bp 'l''-'' '°''4o-li''-8' 
anp Statute, as bp niucrs .autljojitics quotco in tlje margcnt apyearetlj. mJo^f^ ll^ 1 1 

JlBut fomewljat moje is nccetfarp to be anneD to tlje fojmec Ivepojts, ann foi'Js. iTi.iii. 
315(Dk Cafes before quotcD in tlje margcnt, foj tlje faio 3irt of 32 H. 8. eitrenns 20 E.4 14. 
onlp concerning aDoWjies to rent, fute, oj fertiice, fo as relief is not toitljin tljc F'e" iib.2. ca.28. 
purbicto of tlje i,ato, fo j it is no ferbice but a Dutp, bp rcafon of tlje tenure ano o/gaVd 6^°*"^ 
ferbice : ano albeit Ijomage, fealtp, anDefcuage, anu otljer accinental ferbices Braft.ii.2. f'o.f i. 
(being ferijiccs) arc toitljin tlje ^Letter of tlje Jlato, pet tljep ano all otljer acci# & iib,4. foi.314; • 
nental ferbices, as Ijeriot feruice, o> to cobec tlje JLo jns l^all, ano tlje like, fo j 
tljat tljep map not Ijappcn luitljin tljc times limiteb bp tljat 0ct, arc bp conCrui= 
ction out of tlje meaning of tljis Statute of 32 H.8. as it appearetli \i^ tlje cafes 
quotetj befoje : but albeit relief be not imitljin tljis Statute, pet in auob);ip foj f^^^X^^'^'^ ^ 
relief, tlje abowant muft alletige ^ feifiu of tlje ferbices ibitljin tlje ancient Sta«^ cafe'adfudg«d! 





1 E.6. dt.gard. 
Er.69. Avowr.ptf. 
31 E.g.gard. 

I Mar.cap.5. 
in Quare imped. 

jtutfj vii. Poft primam transfrerat Regis Henrici in Gafconiam, anC tljCfciCn of tljC 
fCKtiices 10 traverfable. 

auo fo it \% of Ijomage anu fealtj, anu efcuage ■■, albeit t^cp Ic out of t^e 
Statute of 32 H,8. vn are t'ljei) toittiintljc ancient ^tatittc. 

^«o it is to be noteu, t^at toljerc tl;e tenure ig bp Ijomage, fealtp,ant) e fcuagc 
incertaiu, anD \i'i fuit of Court, oj rent, oj anp otljer annual feruice, tlje fciGn 
of tlje (ute oj rent, oj anp otljer annual fertoice ig a groo fciftn of tlje Ijontage, 
fealtj), oj cicuage, oj ot'ijcr acciuental femices!, ajs OTaroCjtp, Ijcriot fcruicc, 
oj tljc like : ann Ijerebp ( if pou Qjall Ijeenfullp perufc oljer tlje Kepojts ane 
JlBfflk cafeg bcfo?c quoteo) pou ftall unocrftanD tlje fame tlje better. 

315j) tljisf M it is tieclaret!, tliat tlje fain ad of 32 H. 8. iljall not cjctenii to 
Witm of Migljt, of 0DbObJf on, Quare impedit, ^ffifc of Darrein prefentment, 
OJ JurePatronatus, noj to anp Mrit of Kigljt of Maro, Mirit of Uabifijment 
of tIsnatD, fo; tlje boop 0? lanu Ijoloen bp i&nigljts ferijice, but tljat tljefe actions 
map be maintaineu, as t^iep mig^t Ijaije ban befoje tlje making of tlje fait SifX 
of 32 H.8. 

anB facing perfonal Actions are at tljis tiap moje frequent t^en tljcp Ijabe 
ban in times pall, it toere to be \!aiG)tM foj eftablifljment of quiet, ana aboioing 
of olD fuits, tljat Brac^ons rulcs bp tome nelu pjobiOon cjctenDeti to ti()cm alfo, 
ano tljat tljep tocre limitco iBitljin fomc certain time. 

&ince toe to?ote tljis Commentarp, tfecre is a gmu Statute matie concerning 
certain perfonal Actions, i\\ Anno 21 Jacobi Regis, ano tljerein a limis; 
cation fct D0\ijn in tlje Formedon \xx Difcender, Formedon in Remainder, anO 
Formedon in Reverter. 

Sec the firflpart 
of thelnftitures. 


Vide Decree. 
Gregorii 9. 
fol. 160.C0I.1. 

GIanv.11.7. C.I 5. 


AD breve Regis de Baftardia, utrum aliquis natus ante matrimo- 
nium habere poterit hsereditat', ficut ille qui natus eft poft 
matrimonium, Refponderunt omnes Epifcopi, quod nolunt nee pof- 
funt ad iftud breve refpondere, quia hoc eflet contra coramunem fbr- 
mam Ecclefia'. Et rogaverunt omnes Epifcopi Magnates, ut confenti- 
rent, quod nati ante jnatrimoniura eflent legitimi, ficut illi qui nati 
funt poft matrimonium, quantum ad fucceffionem tereditariam, quia 
Ecclefia tales habet pro legitimis. Et omnes Comites & Barones una 
voce refponderunt, quod nolunt Leges Anglis mutare, qus huculque 
ufitatse funt 6c approbate. 

^ Contra coramunem formam Ecclefia, &c. ^ i?oj tl'e better un5er*= 
Ilanoing of tljis bjancl), it is to be fenoton, tljat in tlje time of pope Alexan- 
der tlje tljim, C toljo libeo Anno Domini 1 160. toljicl) toas Anno 6 H.2O 2Dljte 
conflitution toas mate, tljat cljilDjen bo?n before folemni^ation of ^atrimonp, 
toljere ^atrimonp follotoet, fljoulo be as legitimate to inljerit unto t^eir ^nce;; 
Cojs, as tl;ofe tliat toere bojn after spatrimonp, ant thereupon tlje Statute 
faittj, Ecclelia tales habet pro legitimis. 

jSDf tljis Canon oj Conttitution Glanvil tojitetlj tljus, Orta elt quasftio, fi 
quis antequam pater matrem fuam defponfavei^t fuerit genitus vel natus, utrum 
talis filius lit legitimus haeres, cum polka matrem fuam defponfaverat : Et quidem 
licet fecundum Canones & leges Romanas talis tilius iit legitimus haeres, tamen fe- 
cundum jus be confuetudinem Regni nuUo modg tanquam hsres in hsreditate fu- 
ftinetur, vel hsreditatem de jure Regni petere poteft. 



(tAderton. ^j 

^\\Xi\)cxmit\} DO tigxk, not oiilp otlier ancient atttl3o;is,ltit ti'C conttantoptV Ecaa.ii... fo.4i5, 
niott of tljc gucps iu all fucrcffion of ages cucu fuuc, of tlje anctnu JLaiu of 4'7- Flew lib. 6. 

England. ^erClipOU tljCfC ttoO COncItlflonEI OO foUcU) : ^-l^- Fortefcue 

1. Eiljat anp fojratn Canon q% Conftitutian maDc bp autl;ou'tp of tljc 13oyc, '^■^^* ' ' Afl.p.20. 
ieing CajS Glanvil fauijj) Contra jus oc confaetudinem Regni, binCftl) not until 

it be alloiuc5bp M of parliament, toljicb tlje JlEifljops here rjaj^fO ic migljt 
j)a\)e been > foj nolLaln 0? Cutlom of England can be taken aiuap, abicgaten q% 
amuilIcD, but bp 3utl)oiitp of parliament. 

2. 2Ll)at altljouglj tijc llBifijoyg lucre sptritua! pcrfon?, ?.ns in tljofc naj'S 4 e.i. Scar, dc 
tan a great oepenoencp on tlje ^ope, pet in cafe of general bailarop, uiljc n tljc Eigamis c p. 
iiing lujote to tljcm to cercifie toljo -0330 lawful tcir to anp i.ant!gj oj otbcr in;= ^'""'^' 
ijcritance, tljep ougl)t to ccrtifie accojoing to tlje iiaUi ana CuCcm of England, 

anti not accojoing to tlie Roman Canons ano Conftitutionsj njljiclj luerc con# 
trarp to tlje 3laiu ant) Cuftom of England, luljcreiu tljc Uifijop? fc«g!;t at tljis 
]0arItament to be rclieiien. 

^k tlje firft part of tlje Inftitutes, fecft.jpp. & 400. anD anc tljcreunto : Gianv, ubi fupra. 

, AjJiJ'i vemt, d'"c. Si Nicholaus de Lewk^Jtor P^it' Thom de Lcwl^nor 
fujtjeidtus^ <d^c. de mxnerio de. Sottthmyms quod Rogerus de Lewkcfwr te- Pafch. 18 E. i. in 
mt^ qui dicit qnod ipfe ejifratier jpjius Thom£ antenatus de eodem Patre, ^^PP°. ^°^'^°: 
&eadem Mat re, S'" ejl Jeifitus de fradiBh ienenmnis, C^ clamat per eitn- Mor'daunc'.* 
dem difcenfitni, d^ petit Judicium. Thorn' die'' qnod Roger /0 non potejl cla- 
mare per eiwdem difcenlmi^ quia dicit quod idem Ro^eruf natus fuit extra ^'t^ ^"il"' ' 5 E.r. 

K, ,. , -n ■1^1-1 ^ nit- -in inBanc.RoM29. 

Spotijalja, CTT. tLt quia idem I ho. non potejt ardtcere, qum idem Kogerm Hertf. Tr. 1 5 E. i. 

^t fiater ipfiusTho. antenatifs de eodem Patre., & eddem Matre, ^ poii ibid.Roc.5o. Not. 

'mortem pradi&i Nickolai Patris^ ^c. intravit in eifdem tenementis ut 

plius ejus (^hieres^ '^ Con fideratum cji quod pr£di& us Rogerus ind' fine die, * judgmenc. 

Et Tho, nich. cap.perAjJijam, fit (it in mijericordia^O'c. 

i^otc bp i\)i% judgment tijat tlje baffaru eigne to tljiis intent is accountcn Ijeir, 
anil of tlje blojD luitfj tijc ^ulier puifnc, as tljc ^uUer puifnc cannot Ijaue an 
Strife of Mordaunc' againtt Ijim. 

©He remember not tijat toe '(jaue reaD in anp 511:a)fe of ttje iegitimation oj aDop* i 
tion of an Ijetr, but onip in Bradon lib.2. cap.29. £01.63. b. ano tfjat to no little 
purpofe \ but tlje furett adoption of an Ijeir is bp IcarncD aotice, to make gcoD 
affuraucc of K\)t JLantTj gtc. 

^ Et omnes Comites Sc Barones, una voce refponderunt quod no- 5^5 t^g ^^^ 
lunt leges Anglise mutare qus hucfuque ufitatse funt 8c approbate. ~\ of the inflkuces, 
%\)Z i^obilttp of England, Ijabe eber Ijaa tlje ILatos of England in great eCimaj^ '^^'^•4°o- 
tion ann reference, as ttjeirbeft btrtlj^rigljt, ano fo Ijauctljc Jiings of England 
as tljeir principal ropaltp ann rigljt belonging to tl;eit Crotun anD tignitp : 
SEljis mane !l».H.i.tljat noble jfiing firnamen Beauclerk,to Uu?ite to |.iope Pafcal, 
Notum habeat fandlitas velba, quod me vivente (auxiliante Deoj dignitates & ufus Chart. Hen.r. 
regni noftri Angliae non imminuentur, & ii ego fquod abfit j in tanta me dejedtio- - 
ne ponerem, optimates mei 8c totus Anglise populus id nullo raodo pateretur. 

0nD it is iMojtijp tlje obferbatton, Ijoto oangerous it is (as elfctoljere Ijatlj 
been often notcu) to change an ancftnt sparim of tlje Common ilalu. 

&ome Ija^e "tojitten, tljat William tlje Contiueroj being bo^i out of matrix wiiilam Maimf. ■ 
monp, Robert Ijis reputen i?atljet did after marrp Arlot ijis motljer, ano tljat 'it"-?- circa initiu. 
tljerebp Ije Ijau rigljt bp tlje Cibil ano Canon JLalu, but tljat is contra legem An- i«8"'p'i"^ '''^•^• 
gliae,asljereitappearetlj. ana nuringtljis parliament in tljc 2opcatof H.3. see 'theCunumier 
it map be collettcti bp tlje 23. anD2 4. CEpiflles of Robert Grollead tljen EiCfiop deNor. ca.27. fo. 
of Lincoln HirectCO to William Rawleigh (|3?ieft) tljcn one of tlje iKings iuili# 42.&44' 
ces, tljat tljis matter to bjing tlje nati ante matrimonium to bc maDe legitimate 
toas Deljementlp laboureo bp tlje Clergp : 0nQ in tlje 26 dipittlc to tljc If iGjop 
of Canterbury, \z finoctlj fault luitl) tlje arclj^bifijop, foj. tljac tljc iiing ano Ijts 
Counccl Ijao refotbea tljat tl)e 3iatM anti CuCom of tlje Itlcalm in tl)is point . 

£D Cjoulo 




Rot.Par. 28 E.I. 
apud LiacolD. 

Jus coronx. 
Caudries cafe. 
I part of the In- 
flitutes §'5?4. 
Braftonlib.;. fo. 

See the laft Cha. 

of Merton the 


12 fo.4id, 
Fleta Ii.6. cap.58. 
28 afl.4(5. 

OjOulD contimtc ftiU t ^SS'betcb^ it appcam^, tljat not onip tljc i^oWtis, i)U£ 
tije tiing ijimfelf teas againft it. 

0nii in tlje licttergjluljicl) all tl3£ i^cfcilitv of England t}) affcnt of tlje teljole 
Comminaltp alfemWcD in parliament at Lincoln mjotc to poyc Bcniface, it is 
tljltS COntainCD, Ad obfervationem &c defenlionem libertatum, confuetudinum, 8c 
legum paternarum ex debito prsftiti facramenti aftringimur, qus manutenebimus 
toto pofTe, totifque viribus cum Dei auxilio defendemus, ncc etiam permittimus aut - 
aliquatenus permittemus, Ikutnec poffumus nee debemus pra^mifTa tarn infolita, in- 
dcbita, prsejudicialia, &c alias inaudita dominum noftrum regem, etiam (i vellet, fa- 
cere, feu quomodolibet attemptare ■. (ant! tljcte t\)t inconDeniEnccis are fet totun) 
prscipue cum .prsmiiTa cederent manifelk in exheredationem Juris coronas Regis 
Anglise & regis dignitatis, ac fubverfionem ftatus ejufdem Picgni notoriam,nec non 
in pracjudicium. libertatum, confuetudinum, & legum paternarum. 2>eaIeD bp i%t 
fcucval feals of arms of 104 CDarls anti lEarons, ann in i\}t name of all tic 
<Iomminaltp of England. 0nD to tljat effect Jfiing E.i. iwjotc alio to tlje |9oj)e, 

^ Leges Anglian.] ^ere our Common ilatos arc aptlpaimpioperlpcal;;. 
let! tbc iiairsof England," becaufc tljcp arc appjopnatcD to tljie liingBom of 
England as moft apt anti fit foj tljc government thereof, anti Ijauc no Depcntian^f 
cp upon anp fojrain Jialu louljatfoe^jcrjuo not upon tlje Cibii 0? Canon iiam otljer 
iljen in tales allotoco lip tljc llatos of England, as partlp Ijatlj been toucljeti be^ 
fo^c : ant) tljercfo?e tl;c ^loct fpake trulp hereof, Et penitus toto divifos orbe 
Britannos : fo aS tljC ILalu of England IS, proprium quarto modo, to tl;e i^ing^ 
iiom of England v tljer£fo?c fo?rain pjecetents arc not to be objettco againft trs, 
bccaufe-l»e are not fubjeo tofojrain Jiatus. 

2uD It is a note loaojtljp of obfcruation, tljat tol)erc at tljc tiolning of tljiis 
|3arltament in anno2oH.3. anti befo;e,anti fometiHicaftcrjmanpof tb£3!uiigcis 
ano BiuQtces of tljis Uealm tocrc of tljeClergp, as l^ifljopsj S^eansannpjieils, 
ano all tlje great £)fftcers of tljc ISealm, as JLojn Cljancelloj, S^reafurer, ^%if 
top feal, ^jefitjcnt, gee. toere foj tlje moft part of tlje Clcrgp ; pet euen in 
tljofc times tlje Blutiges of tl)C Mcalm, botlj of tlje Clcrgp ano iiattp, niti con^ 
ftantlp maintain i\t»s of England, To as no incroacljment toas mane upon 
tljem, oj bjeacl) unto tljcm bp anp fojrain potoer, as partlp Ijatt) been fljctocti in 
Caudries cafe : anBmanpmoje 3u0gmentsanti 0utljojitics in ilatnmigljt be 
p?oBucet) foj tlje manifeftation tljereof : ^ae tlje iiirftpartof tljclnrtitutes,manp 
of tljc Clcrgp 3u5gcs ann Suffices of tlje Ifxcalm of ancient time. 

^ Et rogarunt orants Epilcopi magnates ut conlentirent, 8cc. 3 
li^ere toas tlje motion ann rcqueft, 515ut Bradon Caitljj Rogarunt Regem & mag- 
nates : Et omnesComites & Barones una voce refponderunr, Nolumus leges An- 
gliae mutare, &c, fo} fo it is in ancient SjJanufcrtpts, 

2Cljis is tlje firft of tljisktnt!tt)at toe remember, tljatljatlj bitn pjinteti, foj 
it is to be unticrftmti tljat bp tlje ^arliamcntarp ojtier all motions anti petitions 
matic f as tljis toasj) tljouglj t^ep toetc nenicD, anD neber pjocccneti to tlje cfta^s 
bfifljment of a Statute, pet tlje fame tocre entrcti into tljc parliament ISoll tof 
gctljcr toitlj tlje anftoers tljereunto : but tljis is tlje fir0 of tljis luntj (as Ijatl) 
ban faio; tljat Ijatlj been pjintcD. 

ilnti pet in our boifes tljis is calleii a &tatntc, foj SirGalfred !e Scrope Cljief 
l^wiXitt faitlj, befoje tljc Statute of Merton, tljc par tp plcaticti not general baftar*: 
op, but tljat Ije toas bojn out of ctpoufals ■■, anD tlje JBifijop ougljt to certific to^ic^ 
tljer Ijc toerc bojn bcfojc efpoufals 0? not, anti accojoing to tljat Certificate to 
pjoccco to^utigmcntaccojoingtotljcJlatoof tljejlanti: ano tlje prelates an# 
ftoereti tljat tljep cottlo not to tljis Writ anftocr, anntljerefojc cucr Cnce fpccial 
battartip,(vi2. tljat tljc ncfcntiantjgfc. toas bojnbefo:c efpoufals; ljatoeb«;n trico 
\\\ tlje iSings Courts, anti general baftarcp in Court Cljjiftinn ■■> anti Ijeretoit"^ 
agratlj our olo ba3fes anti tlje tonftant opinion of tlje 3!utigcs cbcr Gncc. 

i^oto foj tljat tljis point toas rcfolijcti in |3arliament, it i? Ijcrc in a large 
fenfe callen a Statute. 


I 'iJvlerton. 09 

CAP. X. 

PRovifiim eft infuper, quod quilibet liber homo, qui feftam debet 
ad comitatum, trithingum, hundredum, &: wapentagium ; vel 
ad Curiam domini fui, libere poffit facere Attornatum ruum,ad Icftas 
illas pro eo faciendas. 

. ^ Seftara debet.^ Nota, SCljcrc ie tiuo feinUji of fuitg, viz. fuft real, tijat 

igjtnrefpert of IjigrffiancctoaiLat ojSTountc; ano fuit fsmce, tlMt i'3, lip 

rpafon of a tenure of \)\% Jlano of i\z Cotnitp, IBnnCjeD, OTavcntahe, oa Sl9an^ 

tioj Iwljereunto a Court Ifaron is inctuciu ; l)cfoje tlji? :9(t c\)Erj) one tljstljelo 

lip fuit fcrbice ougljt to appear in perfon, becaufc tlje fuiters tocrc ^tifcrts va. 

tljofc Court?, otljettoifc Ije a^oulu le amcrcieo, U'ljicl) vuas ittiftljieDeuc, fcj it p . 

migljtbc,d3atl)eljaDlan!is( toitljtn oiwrsof tijofe ^cigniojirs, ano tljat tlje J,' vldGio^a 

Court? niigljt be fecpt in one nap, ann Ije coulo be but in one plate at one time \ w"" ' ° 

ISuttljig Statute eictencis not ti) fuit real, bccaufe Ije cannot be toii^iin ttoo 

^Trithingum or Trithinge.'] ^ere it Ognifict'l; a Court toljidj con# Lamb. int. leges 
Cffctlj on tljjao} four ^unojetijs, antmotlj notljcre Cgnifie a Jiat oj iieto of Ed.regis,nu.j4e 

franfepletlge. Magna Cart.cs?. 

^ ° Temps E.I. At- 

^ Wapentagium.] SCljat, tol)icl) in fome Countries! iScalleB a ^unojcD R'egm°i72. 
Court, in fome Countries is calleD a Mlapentafee. * Qi'od Angli vocant Hun- 23 e.? cap.4. 
dredum fupradidti Comitatus vocant Wapentagium. J^oto tlje reafon of tlje name F-N-E. i5(5. 
toas tl)is : OTljen anp on a certain nap ano place tmfe upon Ijim tlje government tunTinl kees""* 
of tljc ^unojeDj tlie free fuiters met Ijim toitlj launces, ano Ije nefcenDing from gd. regis, nu.33. 
Ijiis Ijojfe, all rofe up toljtm, anu Ije Ijoloing Ijis launce upjigljt, all tlje rett, in Braa.iib.3. 
ftgn of obeoiencej toitlj tijeir launces toucljen Ijis launce oj tueapon : foj tlje 
Saxon luojti wapen, is ijjcapon, ano tac, is tadtus, oj toucljiug : anD ttiereof tljis 
affemblp toas calleB Wapentake, oj toudjing of toeapon, 

i^oto albeit Ije tljat Ijolnetl) bp fuit feruice map make an ^ttojnep, pet tljat Mirror,ca.y; §3. 
atto?nep cannot Ctas3lutigc, as tlje fro; fuiter IjimCelf migljt 60, foj Ije cannot 
Depute anotljer \x\ Ijis juoicial place ■, anutlje iuojtis of tlje Statute be, Libeie 
poilit flicere attornatum ad fedas illas pro eo faciendas. 

^ Liber homo. ] snijis ootlj ejctenu to JFra^ljolticrs in ancient cemefne. Temps e. i. 

but not to C0ljp4j0lDerS. Attorny io(J. 

^ Facere Attornatum. ] ^e mutt make a ILctter of ^ttojnp unoer Ijis F.N.B.ijd.E.w.i. 
real, toljidj tlje^tctoaro ougljt to alloto s ann if Ije Co not, tlje fuiter map cap.33. 
IjaVe a Mrit out of tlje Cljanccrp foj allowance ef Ijim : oj if Ije ooubteo, 
tljat Ije OjoulD not be aUotoeu, Ije migljt Ijatoe a Mrit bcfojecljanti to receiijc 
l)tm as atto jnep t ann fuel) a tMrit %^\\ fcr^je During tljc life of t%z tenant, jc. 
foJ tlje toOjDS of anotljer Mrit be, Et quia virtus Brcvium noftrorum de hujuf- F.N.B, 157. 
modi Attornato facicndo terminum non capit, nee terminus limitatur durantibus 
perfonis, Sec. 

tmijat fuel; an 0ttojnepmap do, ano tnljo ^ttojnep, fa tlje ^ta*= w.i.cap.?;?. 

tUte of W.l. Cuftumierde 

•• ' . Norm.cap.^jo 

^ Ad fedas illas pro eo faciendas. '\ ^0 as lip fojce of tljis Set Ije 
map DO fuel; Cuit, as tlje iFrce^^liolDcr ougijt to do. 
^et tlje Regirter ip. tljis 3(t c^itenDctl; to Btufticcs in C'ire. 

O2 CAP^ 


S\derton. Cap.ii. 


DE malefaftoribus in parcis, 8c vivariis nondum eft difcuffum, 
quia magnates petierunt propriam prifonam de illis, quos ca- 
perent in parcis, 8c vivariis fuis. Quod quidemdominus Rex contra- 

dixit, 8c ideo difFertur. 

^ Vivarium] gis a lajtijD of a tarp cictent, anB ex vi termini fipifietl) a 
ylatc in Lanu oj Mater, toljere iitiing tlnngs be fecpt. ^ott commonlp in iiato 
it fignifictl) park?, ©Elarrcng, anu f^ifcbattejs oi ipifijings , Ijere it'iji tafe«n 
foj OTarrcnsi ann ifinjingg, foj tljat i^arb? Mte nameti befoje. 

^ Prdpriam prifonam. ] SCljt? petition of tlje JLojnis in parliament 
ftcDD upon t|[)j» i)jancl)eis J i. S:i;at tljep migbt impjifon fuclj as tljep fiiouiu 
tafee in tljeir park0 oj IMitoarie?, Xa^icl) fanieu to be againil tlje 29 Cljapter 
of Magna Charta. 2. SLljat tljep fliOUlD l)iW propriam prifonam, a pjifon of t|)eic 
See the like be- otMn, Hsljtcli no fiibjcct tan Ijatte i foj all pjifous oj C5aolc0 are tlje Kings P;i#: 
fore, cap.9. fons 0} (i^aoles, but a fubjert ma? \)^w tlje cuttoDp 0} keeping of tljcm. 
3. %\)U tljep fljoulii not be impnfoneti in tlje Common <5aol. ;^U ta^iil) 
Dominus Rex contradixit. 



Statutum de Marlcbridge^ 

Editum 52 H. 5. Anno gratia 126J, 

^ \A Arlebridge ] ^oUJ ctdUn Marleborough, a Coiun in Wiltftiire, tljf Polyd. virg. p. 

IVJb gteatctt fame tobereof is tlic Ijoloing of tljis ^^arltamcnt t\mc. Uen^ ^h- lo. 
ricus vcro, &c. Concilium convocavit Marlebrigium, quod eft pagus Celebris co- 
mitatus Wilcerise, qui in eo conventu primum leges ab fe latas, & prasfcrtim Magna 
Charts de concilii fententia approbandas, deindc alias condendas curavit, qus ad 
ftatum & commodum Regni maxime conducerent. 

KW 2CoU)n in out Wos^na i& caUcB a Citp, anii tijc i?mmcn t\}tmt €1^! 5? ^-i- foi.ij' 

^ 5 2 H. 3. 3 KW ^iH taigncn longcff of anp J^ing Cncc tl)c Conq^neff, 
ojljefojc, t^at toe remember ■■, foj Ije raijneD 55 years. Wut tlje great anti fa# 
motis £Juan Elizabeth toas of greater years tl;en any of Ijcr pjogcnttojs, foj fl;e 
attaineo near to 70 years. ^0 iiing H. 3. raigneo longeft, ano SDueen Eliz. 
liijeu fongett. &\}t raigneu tlje years of tlje Cmperoj Auguibs, ano Ii\jeo tlje 
years of !^ing David. 

ANno Gratis M. CC LXVIL Regni autcm 'Domini Henrici filii 
Regis Johannis quinquagefimo lecundo, in o£tabis S, Martini, 
providente ipfb Domino R.ege, ad Regni fui Anglian meliorationem, 
& exhibitionem juftitis ( prout Regalis officii expofcit utilitasj ple- 
niorcm, convocatis difcretioribus ejufdem Regni, tarn raajoribus 
quam minoribus : Provifum eO: 8c ftatutum, ac concordatum & ordi- 
natuni, ut cum Rcgnum Anglise multis tribulationibus Si. diflentio- 
num incommodis nuper ejfet depreflum, reformatione legum & ju- 
rium ( quibus pax & tranquillitas incolarum confervetur ) indigeat, 
ad quod remedium (alubre per ipfum Regem & fuos fideles opor- 
tuit adhiberi : provifiones,' ordinationes , & ftatuta fubicripta, ab 
omnibus Regni iplius incolis , tarn majoribus quam minoribus , 
firmiter 5c inviolabiliter temporibus. perpetuis ftatuerit obfer- 

sntiis generjti preamble to all tfie Statutes of Marletjridge notlj conCS on 
four parts. 

1 . W,\}t enu toljerefoje tijefe Statutes toere mane, fo j fapiens ineipit a fine, 

anO tljat is ttoofolD i i.Ad meliorationem Regni Anglise. 2. Ad exhibitionem 
julUtiae (prout regalis officii expofcit utilitas) pleniorem. 

2. ^^f tol)at members tW ^'f'tltamcnt confiSeo, Convocatis difcretioribus 
ejufdem Regni, tarn majoribus, quam minoribus. 

3. Wlm toas tlje caufe of calling tljis parliament, Cum regni Anglise 
multis tribulationibus 6c diflentionum incommodis nuper eflet depreflum. ^\SC 


J02 (SA/farlebridge, Cap. i. 

ntanv fearful anti Dangerous troubles ana oiffentions let^jsecn tijt i&tng mh Ijis 
IBarons, totiiclj 31 "tiao rattier ?ou fljoitlD reao in ^tttojp, tljcn 31 (Ijoula relate, 
grcto ojiginallp out of tljis rent, t^at tlje iSing fomctimcg allotjjco, anU fomes^ 
titnejS DttaUoUieD Magna Charta, anD Charta de Forefta, 

4. OTfdat fijoulu ie tlje rcmcup tljat peace anu tranfiuillitp migbt cnfue. Ut 

cum regnum &c. reformatione legum & jurium quibus pax & tranquillitas inco- 
laram confervetur indigeat, ad quod remedium (alubre per ipfum regem & fuos 
fideles provifiones, ordinationes, & ftatuta fubfcripta, ab omnibus Rcgni fuis in- 
colis tam majoribus quatn minoribus firmiter & inviolabiliter temporibus perpetuis 
ftatuerit obfervari. 

%W remcBp tljat lijoulD fo^ eier in all future times ie inViiolaWp obfcrJjen, 
tonfiffeti) upon ttao ^mg. 

1. 5T0J eUaWi(|)ing of Magna Charta, anil Charta de Forefta, toljercof moit 
fijall be faiD toljcn tue come to t^e firft Cliapter. 3in tljc mean time, tljis is to 
ije obferbeD, tljat after t^is ^^arliament nciti^er Magna Charta, no? Charta de 
Forefta, toaseber attcmpteu tobeimpugnco oj ciucflionct i tobercupon peace 
anB tranciuilUtp, toljereof tbis Preamble fpeaketb, babe ebet fince cnfueo. 

2. iFoj cnading of ndM^atojs, o^bcclaringofoliij witlj aonitionof great 

CAP. I. 

CUm aiitem tempore turbationis nuper in Regno Anglic fuborta", 
& deinceps multi magnates & alii juftitiam indignati fuerint 
recipere, per Dominum Regem,8c curiam fuam,prout debuerunt, & 
confueverunt temporibus prsdeceflbrum ipfius Domini Regis , Sc 
etiam tempore fuo : fed de vicinis fuis, 6c aliis per feipfos graves ulti- 
ones fecerint, & diftriftiones, quoufque redemptiones reciperent ad 
voluntatem fuam. Et prsterea quidaqi eorum, fe per miniftros 
Domini Regis jufticiari non permittant, nee fuftineant quod per 
ipfos liberentur diftridiones, quas authoritate propria fecerint ad 
voluntatem fuam. Provifum eft, concordatum 8c conceffum, quod 
tam majores, quam minores, juftitiam habeant Sc recipiant in curia 
Domini Regis. Et nuUus de cstero ultiones, aut diftridiones faciat 
per voluntatem fuam, abfque confideratione curix Domini Pvegis, ft 
forte dampnum vel injuria fibi fiat, unde emendas habere voluerit 
de aliquo vicino (iio, five majore five minore. Super articulo autera 
fupradifto provifum eft 8c conceffum, quod fi quis de csetero ultiones 
hujufmodi capiat per voluntatem fuam propriam abfque confiderati- 
one curisE Domini Regis ( ut pradidtum eft ) 8c inde convincatur, 
puniatur per redemptionem, 8c hoc fecundum quantitatem delifti. 
Et fimiliter fi vicinus fuper vicinum fuum faciat diftridionem fine 
confideratione Curix Domini Regis, per quod dampnum habet, pu- 
niatur codem modo, 8c hoc fecundum quantitatem delidi. Et nihil- 


Cap. I. SM'arlehridge. 105 

ominus fiant emendse plene & fufficienter eis, qui dampna fuftinue- 
runt per hvijufmodi diftriftionem. 

%%\^ fitft Cljaptet confiffetTj of a ^jcamlle, atrn ttje lotip of dje Stf. 
%\)t f>jcamW£ fljetos tlje ttiifc!()iefg, luljicl) lucre four. 

1. SLljat m tljc time of tljc late trouWcsf, great men ano otljers refufen to 
ie jullificD bp tlje Mw^ auD Ijig Court, as tljep ougljt, foj Ijere it ijs fain, Multi 
magnates & alii indignaci fuerint rccipere juftitiam per Dominum Regeni, & cu- 
riam fuani. 

2. Sed graves ultiones fecerint, %\)^t tljep rrcfufiug t^ie COUrfC Of t'^e iHingj! 
llaiBis ) t03fe upon tljem to lie tljcir aXan lunges in tljeir oton caufes, ano to 
take fuel) ieV)cnges as tljep tljougljt fit, until tljej) Ijati ranfoms at tljeir plca^ 

fureS. Aliquis non debet efle judex in fua propria caufa, 

3. 2ni)at fome of tljem tooulD not be juflifieD bv tlje ?Sing0 €)fficErs. ji^,guu. 

4. ipoj woHlti fuffer tljcm to make tieliuerp of fuel) oiftrcffes, as tljcp Ijan 
taken of tljeir oton autl)ojitp at t^eir pleafure. l^erc pou map lis, tljc uefetts of 
a DifojDcrcD ant troubles &tate. 

SCljc boDy of tijc Act confiftctl) of Dibcrs bjancl)cs. 
irirft, 51 remeop in general foj all tlje faio mifcljiefisJ. 

^ Provifum eft, concordatum, & conceflum, quod tarn majores 
quam minores, juftitiam habeant & recipiant in curia Domini Regis,^ 
2Cl)is is tlje golnen mettoanue , tliat tlje ILato Ijatlj aDpointec to meafure 
tlic cafes of all ann fingtilar perfons , l)igt) aiiti lato, to \mz annrecetijc 8^.4.19, Gafc. 
Suftice in tlje teings Courts i foj tljeteing Ijatlj Dittribuceti Ijis JuBicial potoer 24 kk cap.12'. 
to federal Courts of guftice, ano Courts of Slulltcc ougljt to nctermine all 25H.8. cap,2i. 
Caufes, ano tljat all pjtijate re\)enges be aijoitieii. 

^pon tljts general nab), four concluGons no folloiu. 

1. 2Cljat all men, Ijiglj ano loto, muft be /u(lifie», tljat is, Ijate anD receive 
^uCice in tlje icings Courts of %\x^m, 

2. SLljat no pjiDate reuengc be taken, uojanpmanbp Ijisoton arm oj seecap.itinerh, 
potocr retjenge Ijimfelf : ano tljis article isgrounnet) upon tlje iLaio) of (I^oo, Artie, uit. 
Vindida eft mih', & ego retribuam, faitlj iJlmigljtp dJoti. 011 rCDcngC mulJ 

come from (0OB, oj from Ijis^lteuteuant tlje Mig, in fome of Ijis Courts of 

3. SCljat all tlje Subjects of tlje liealm ougljt to be luttifieD, tljat i^^, fubmtt 
tljemfclDes to tlje iiings Officers of 31ufiice accojcing to ILato. 

4. djat tljcp ougljt to fuffer replevies to be mane accojning to tlje 3Lato, 
to tl)e cno tljat men map polfcfs tlicir Ijojfcs, bcalis, ano otljer tattle ano 
gmtis in peace, iwljcreof t^ep Ijaue fo great ann continual ufe. &a Ijereafter 
Cap. 4. 

^ In curia Domini Regis. ] ^Cljefe toojDS are of great importance, foj 
all Caufes ougljt to be Ijearfi, ojoercB, ann nctcrmineo bcfojetlje Biucges of tlje 
liings Courts openlp in tlje icings Courts, toljitljer all perfons map refojt ■■, 
anD in no tljambers, oj otbcr p?i\)ate places : foj tlje lunges arc not iuDges of 
chambers, but of Courts, ano tljercfoze in open Court, ijoljere tlje patties 
Couuccl ano 0tto;ncps atteno, ougljt ojOcts, rules, atuaros, ano Biuogments 
to be maoe ano giocn, ano not in ctjambers oj otljer pjioate places, toliere a 
man map lofe Ijis caufc, oj receioc great pjejuoice, 0% oclap in l)is abfence fo: 
luaut of Offence, igap, tljat guoge tljat ojoeretf) oj riilctlj aCaufcinljis 
tljambcr, tljougb Ins ojoer oj rule be Jutt, pet offeuoctlj Ije tljc ilaiu, (as Ijetc 
it appearetlj ) becaufe Ije ootlj it not in Court. 0nD tl)e opinion is goao, ano 
agrteablc to tljiS JLato, Qui aliquid liuuerit parte inaudita altera^ asquum licet sensca, 


rioA S^arlebridge, Cap. 2. 

ftatuerit, baud sequus fuerit : i^citlKt atc Catifcs to l)e Ijearo upon pctitioiiSj oj 
fuggeftion? anU reference!?, lltt in curia Domini Regis. 

^ Et nullus de cstero ultiones aut diftridiones faciat per volunta- 
tem fuam abfque confideratione curix Domini Regis. ^ %%t firtt claufe 
TouaiB affirmative : SCljig cf aufe, foj tl;e mojc ftiretp, is in tlje negative. 

^ Diftridiones faciat per voluntatem fuam. ] %%u is, tafeing ^u 
fireffeis not accojning to tlic lla^, as foj fcniiceis, rents, oj foj namagc fefaiint, 
cj foj otljcr lawful raufe, but foz rcbengc toitfjout caufc, of ijig oton Ijeat anD 
\Min, t!)at is, to be Ijis oton jimse anu carijer i to fatisfic IjimfeU toitljout anp 
latoful mean o; cotirfe of l.aio, ans fo it is to be ttnDerflojji tl)?ougi^ tljis iuljole 
Chapter x ^o% ti)is Cljaptcr is to be uitBerftojti de ultionibus, of reUengcs, 
•\Mt^ are of ttoo natures, i . |3erfonaI, as bp combat, impjifonment, ano t\)z 
iifee : 2. 31Bp niCreffes, tl)at is, revengeful taking of gcoos. Concerning ta:* 
feings in nature of aiftretfcs, pjoVifion is maDe in Hje nejct tijja CJjapters. 

Part inftitut € Puniatur per rederaptionem. ] ifoj tW toojn Credemptio ) ans t^e 

Sea. 194. ' fignification tljereof, f» tlje firff part of tlje Inftitutes, Sed. 1^4. 

Here cap.4. 


NUllus infuper major vel minor diftringat aliquem ad veniendum 
ad curiam fuam, qui non fit de feodo fuo, aut luper ipfiim non 
habeat jurifdiftionem per hundredum, reapentagium^ vel balivam, qu<e 
foajit nee diftriftiones faciat extra feodum fuum, leu locum ubi bali- 
vam habeat, vel jurifdiftionem. Et qui contra hoc ftatutum fecerit, 
puniatur eodem modo, 8c hoc fecundum delifti quantitatem, & etiam 

Fien 1.2. cap.40. ^ N^ll^s infuper major, &c. ] cijis Cljapter concerning SDiftreffes en< 
W.I. atfetlj tlj?a; tljings v i. 2Cljat no man fljaU nittrein anp to come to W Court 
Here cap. 15. but fucl) as bc \nitl)inljis fa; KW is intentieo of fuic ferbice in refpett of a 
Artie, cier. c. 6. ^gigniojp, ann not of fuit real in rcfpctf of reCance. 2. £)j tljat Ije Ijatlj ju^ 
ArticMupercarc. jjfj,^jf^j,„ ^^ ^^unHjeD, WapcHtafee, oj llBailttoicfe. 3. %^u l3e fljaU not tafee 

iiftreffes out of Ijis fee oj place \j3l)ere l}e ^atlj a IBailitoick oj jurifoirtion. 
41 E.Z.26. ^'•jii^ Cfjaptet is a ^Declaration of tlje Common 3Laln, faiing fo? t|(c penal^ 

47 E-ti- ' tP Ijerebp inaicteir ■■, ant tlierefoje if A. tiittrein B. ano in a repleVp A. aUow 
Regift.97. 4E.3.1 as JLojD foj rent 01 ferbice. B. pleaD hors de fon fee, ano it is founD foj B. A. 
^9^-3- 1'^"^ f fijall not in tljis ISeplcDp bc punifijea bv ranfom, ?c. accojuing to tiis3(f, but 
I? R.j". Avow 87^. ^}^ "'"tt ^J^^^ ^" ^^i''" "5°" ^'^''^ Statute, Et fie de fimilibus. 

j8E.2.Aaionfur ^ x r i v -i „ 

ieftat.8s- F. N. B. f[ Intra balivam. J ^cre Baliva is tocll eicpounneii hv t|ie Statute it felf, 
89. 90. foj it fignifietlj ^cre ^uritoiction, auD tl^erefoje it is Ijerc fain, infra balivam feu 



Cap.^. <S\darlebridge. 105 


SI quis autem major vel minor permittere noluerit liberari per mi- 
niftros domini Regis, (ecundum legem & confuetudinem Regni, w.i. csp.17; 
diftriftiones quas fecerit : aut etiam fuftinere noluerit fummonitiones, 
attachiamenta, executiones judiciorum curis domini Regis Htnfea/n- 
dum legem & confuetudinem Regni ut prd:diB' eji^ puniatur modo prs- 
difto, tanquam fe jufticiari non permittens, & hoc fecundum delifti 
quantitatem. Et fi quis major vel minor diftridiones facial fiaper te- 
nentem (uum pro (ervitiis & confuetudinibus, qus fibi deberi dicat, 
vel pro re altera, unde ad dominum feodi pertineat diftridiioncs fa- 
cere, 6c poftea convincat", quod tenens ea fibi non debeat : non idee 
puniatur dominus per redemptionem, ut in flipradiftis cafibus, fi per- 
mittat diftriftiones deliberari fecund' legem & confuetudin' regni, fed 
amercietur, velut hadtenus confuetum eft, ik tenens dampna fua recu- 
peret verfus eum. • ' 

acijtj! €{)apter concactlj on tlj^a i^anrtieg t 

1. 2C|iat all of toljat ettatefoeuet, QjaH fttffcr fucti SDiOfrcrTciS as Ijaue liacn Regin,??. 
tafecn to lie tieltijeteD bp tljc feiiigs £Dfficf cis after i\t iiato atw CuRom of clje 
asealm. XEut if anp toill not fufffr tljem to licoclibtreo, it ip no gcoD return fo> 
t\)t S)iEriff to Tap, ti^at fje U)a0 rcfiaeo, foj Ije raap tafec poffe Comitatus. 

2. scijat all fijall fuffer fummonis, attachment?, oj cxccutionis of jnogmentg 
in t^elSinp Court, gfc. 

3. 3f t\z \m ctttrein l)t0 SCfnant foj ctiltomg, ferljtcejf, oj anp otiier ontp, 44- e 2.26.11 f'' 
w^icl) tlje ilojo allcDgcD to be bfljino, if it be founo tljat it is not bebtnc, Non toi 1 1 *Bevj!s" rv:; 
puniatur Dominus per redemptionem, &c. llBut at tl)C Common ilalnan attion ^^'^- ''•^•f''-7^'.^! 
of acrefpafs Vi & armis in tljat cafe cin lie. ^"'""^^ •-^''^- ' 

%W bjanc!) is inttrpjetco iljat tl)e iiojo JhaJl pap no fine, ano tljercfoje 
finte tt)is 0(t bp a confeciitent no Action of STcffpafs, Qaare vi & armis Ketl; i 

againft t^e ILojo in tljis cafe, fo? tl)cn %t fijoulo pap a fine. { 

2n^e former Cljapters inOitf punifijme nt, toljcre tljc oiftrefs is unlatoftti, oj ^ , ,^ 
tl)at l^e tljat Dittratneo Ijati no feigniojp oj jurifoiftion at all, oj oiarainco out J! E.t.12'. 
of tiis fee 0? turifoittion, ^c. llPut in tijis laOj^bjanclj, Ije toljic^ oittraincD Ijao a 28 £.'3.97.* 8 E.40 
Jatuful feigniojp,anD oiflraineti ttit^in Ijis foe ano ffignio?p,aniifoti)is cafe niU ' s- 1° ii'4-7- 
fccctMtom tl;c otljer, (altljoujlj in tnitlj noticing toas be Ijinti.; Jftit tljis is to 2°^'4-3- 
be intenueo tobcrc tlje ILojo Ijimfcif ootl) otftrain ■■, fo? if Ijis 2!Eaplic takea 2Di^- la Ah t h Z '' 
flrelfe, tofeetc noticing is beljino, tljece an 0(tion of acrcfpafs, Quare vi & armis ^8. i keo 
lieclj againtt l)im, beraufc tlje X^aplie ig not Dominus i ano fo ic is againit a 9 "•7-14 com^e; 
iCPuatoian in focage. ^no if tl^e lojo Ijimfelf ootlj cut anp Uom, cj b?fak tljc "^■- "*" ^"^% VI 
^oufe, oi fscD of t^e gcouno of W SDenant, o: tije like, lubicb Ije ootlj ncc in L ,9 R,-!flftir 
tefpcttof Ijis gieignto?p, tljere an Action of acrefpafs, Quare vi & armis iiet^) 5. " 
againft l)ini, foj l;c Dotlj not t^efe tljings as Dominus. 'i^' 

ano (DominusJin tljis^rt is cttcnocD to tljc ilffToj upon a Icafcfo? life, oj 48 e^-s"' 
foj peats maoc, foj t^e ILeffec foj, pears fljall 00 fcaltp aUo ; tut if tlje ieffoi pttc -I ^ ^-^ ; 
out t!je iiefTae foj pears, oj oitrcife tlje SCcnant foj life, 0? to anp jSct, not as ? h ^o 
Dominus, t\iz JietTee fi}all iiaDe an jaction of SCrefpafs againft Ijim, v i & armisi ' " 



io6 S^arlebridge. Cap.4. 


w.i.cap.ip. TV TUllus de csetero faciat ducere diftridiones quas fecerit extra 
J.^ Comitatura in quo captx fuerint. Et fi vicinus hoc fecerit 
fuper vicinum fuum. & per voluntatem fuarn, & fine judicio, puni- 
atur per redemptionem ut fupra, veluti de re fa£ia contra pacem. 
Veruntamen fi Dominus hoc fiiper tenentem fuum facere prsfumpfc- 
rk, caftigetur per gravem mifericordiam. Diftriftiones infuper fint ra- 
tionabiles, & non nimis graves. Et qui diftridtiones fecerint irra- 
tionabiles, 8c indebitas, graviter amercientur propter exceffum diftri- 
dtionum ipiarum. Vide Statitt. Anno i. d" 2. Phil. ^ Mar. Cap. 1 5. 

, %%\z Ctjaptcr emptif tb it felf into fibe partjs, vh. 
■ 1. %\iH noKC iljaU isjiJjc anp a^iarelTc out of tlje Countp, iDljcre %z fjatft 
ial(en it, 
22 „ 2 . 3[f one ncigljtour to fo to anotljer, (ag fc j tiamagc fefant, o;i rent cljarge) 

^^' ' of ljt0 oton autljojitp, %t fijaU mafee ranfomc, tijat 10, a fine, ag of a tljing none 

againft tlje peace. 

3. 3if tlje iiojti pjefume to 60 it againtt l)isi SCenant, t)c fljall ie puntitefi bp 

a great amerciament, 

^t tlje Common Jlatn a man mig^t ^atie tijiben t^e SPiffreffe to tobat Cottn^s 

tfH.3. Avow.242. tp i^e tooulfi, toljicb luas mifcljieuous fo; ttuo caufeg: i. llBccaufe t^c SCenant 

Temps E.I. ibid, ujag jjou^u iq gijjg tijg i,£a({g \ti\\^ impouutieD in an open pouniifttttenance,ant! 

29 E Tit ^^'"^ carrieo into anotljec Countp, bp common intendment Ijc coulo l)a\)e no 

I H.^ 9. 2*2 E.4. fenotolenge toljete tljcp lucre, ;9notI;et caufe, Ije conlo not Itnoto luljere to Ijaue 

Barre 120. a JScpIeijp, but tljc pattp toas befoje tljiiS Statute t jiljen to Ijis Action upon W 

F.N.B. 89. cafe j jam, n]Hj£(t tljis Statute be in tije negatibe,pet if tlje JSDenancp be in one 

I"!. Com j.b. dtountp, ano tlje S^annoj in anotljcr Countp, tbc JLojn map r^im tie SJittrefiS 

toliicl) Ijc taketl) in tlje 2Denancp to Ijis spannoj in tlje otljer Countp, foj t^at 

tbe SCenant iiS out of botlj tljefaio mifcljiefgi foj tlje SCenant bpooingof fuit 

ano ferbice to tlje ^annoj, bp common intcncment map fenolu tobat is none 

tljere, ann tljerefoje;nap gibe Ijis beattis fuftenance i ano to fenotu luljere to tjabc 

%ixf !Seplebp, tlje^apUff of tlje^annoj ufuallp bjibesi tbe a ttle nillraineD 

to tlje pouno of tbe ^annoj % ;anti tliiis act eytcntisi aj8 toell to gmug; ajs to 

beattg : j^ote Ijerebp a cafe out of tljc mifcljief iis out of t^c meaning of tbe 

ILato, tljougl) it be t»itt)in tbe ILettcr, 

Reginr.97. 4. SCbat SDiaceircjs be reafonable, anu not tm great ■■, Vide tlje firft part of 

I part ina.fea.96. ttie Inllitutes, toljat fijallbefaio tcafonable, ann bp Mjom it fljall be trieo in 

% E '"^J* ^^^''^ ^^^ '" ^^^ "^^^^"^ ^^^^^ ♦ ^^^^ ^^? ^^^^ ^°^ bomage, oj fealtp, foj tlje ejcpentcis 

iiH.4.*2.'8H.4.i6 of tlje tonigljtja of tlje parliament an cjccellibe siftrefg cannot be tafeen i bijjk 
29 E.j.a'j. tbis Statute is general, ano ejctenoetl) unto all. 

5. Ipc tbat tafecs unreafonablc ano unnue jaDiarelTes, (ball be gricbouflp 

amerceti fo; tbe ej;cef5 of tbofe SDiftreffes, 
Sut. SI H.;. 31t tis toojtbp of obfecbation, bob) pjobiocnt tbc spafeers of tbcfe anu otbec 

W.I. C.16. Statutes be, tbat mens beafls, cattel, o; otbec groos be not unjuUlp oj ercef^ 

28 ^•i-c.j2. jijjElp oiflraincD ■-, anb if tbep be, tbat ocUbetancc be fpeeoilp mabe of tbeni bp 
Marc 12 Keplebp, otbetbJife tlje Ijusbanojp of tlje liealm, anb mens otber ECvaties 

migbt be obcrtbjoiun oj bittb?eb ; anb ibijs agrcetb ^itb tb^ rcafon of tbe 

Common ilab). 


Cap.4' S^arlehridge. loj 

SLnrs djercfo^c if tljc ILo^anj Ijis 315apliff come to Diftratn tljc beato o? gmos 20 ait. 
of W SCcnant foj ^10 rent bcljino, before tlje SDiftrcfg tlje SCcnant Ctljat l;c ?3- i.^ h.4.i7. 
map feccy ann ttfe W bcatt? oj otljer gcong) map upon tljc iLano tcimcr tljc \i^M' 
arccragES, anfl if after tljat a SDiftrefs lie taken, it is lujongftil , ^m ii tlje le 5 carSers 
JLojB IjaDc Dittraineti, if tljc SCcnant before tljc impouncinj of tljcm tcnuer tljc cafe. li. 
arreragcg, tljc ilo^u otigljt to ncUucr tljc SDiftrefg, ann if Ije cotlj not, tijctrc* Piikingtonscafe. 
tainer is tinlaiufttl ■■, (Bijcn fo it i$ in cafe of a JDiftrcfiS foj Damage fcafant, 
tljc tenner of amcnnjs l)cfo?c tljc Diflvefs, makctlj tljc SDiCrcfiS unlaiuful, anu 
after tiie 2Diftrerp, anti bcfojc tljc impountiing, tlje netaincr unlawful. JlEitt 
if a man bjing an Action of SCrefpafs foj taking aluap Ijig beaftj! oj otljct ^i H.7.30.3, 
goDJiEi, tljerc tenner of fuclj ftifficicnt amennsi bcfojc tl)C action b?ougljt is no ^"J^ ''"^ i^ "°^' 
Jiar, becaufe Ijc tljat tennjcn tljc amcnns is not tljc otoner of tljc grons i as in s°atu'e 0/2I lac 
tlje otljer cafes, liut a aCrefpaffer, lutiom tlje ilaiu fabouretlj not : ^nn fur# cap. 
t^er, if tljc 0\joluant Ijatlj retournen irrcplegiablc, pet if tlje otuncc of tljc 13^44.3. 53 h.^. 
beafts oj gcDDS tenner to Ijim all tljat is nuc upon tlje 3;iingment in tlje 0bo\u/' 27^- 45E.5.9. 
rp (tuljcrcbp ttic certaintp notlj appear) Ije iflap Ijaijc an Action of ^Detinue fo j 
tlje Detainer aftenuamj oj upon fatisfattion mane in Court, Ijabc a Mrit foj 
t|eir nelibcrp. 

^ Diftridtiones funt infuper rationabiles & non minus graves, 51 h. 3. 
&c. propter exceflum, Sec. 3 Quicquid in exceflu adtum eft, lege pro- ^'^^'^"- ''^'^• 
hibetur. • 

iFoj cramplc, if tlje llojn niftrain tuio oj tlj?cc £Drcn foj %i\ n. ox Regii-??- 2 2E.4« 
tljc like tmall fum, ann tljc oluncr bjing a Kepleljp of tlje €)]cen, ano shTi^ ^* 
tljc 3Lojn a\30\n tlje taking of tljcm foj tUJclDe pence, $c. of Ijis olun F.N.E.89. 
fi)CiMing Ijc fljall make fine, fc. 0?. tlje partp map Ijaljc Ijis Action upon 
tlje Statute. 

3if t|)c Lojn nittrain an £D]ce, oj ^oiit foj a pcnnp, if tljerc toere no otljcr 
)BDiflrefs upon tljc JLann Ijolnen, tlje SDiftrefs is not ciccefliijc, but if tljere uicrc 
a &^ecp 0} SlMine, ^c. t^jen tljc taking of tlje dD]ce oj ^gojlc is ej;cc(ri\3C, bc*= 
cawfc Ije migljt Ijabe taken a beaft of lefs Dalue. 

P 2 CAP. 



Cap. 5. 

Magna Charta 
e. 32,38. 

Cap. Icineris. 


C A P. V. 

MAgna Charta in fingulis fuis articulis teneatur, tam in his qu^ 
ad Regem pertinent, quam qus ad alios, &: hoc coram Ju- 
Iticiariis itinerantibus in (uis itineribus, & Vicecomes in comitatibus 
fuis, cum opus fuerit demandetur, 8c brevia verfus eos qui contra- 
venerint gratis concedantur coram Rege, vel coram Jufticiariis de 
Banco, vel coram Jufticiariis itinerantibus, cum in partes illas vene- 
rint. Similiter Charta de Forefta in fingulis fuis articulis teneatur,8c 
contravenientes per dominum Regem, cum convifti fuerint graviter 
puniantur modo {upradifto. • 

2ni)i0, as Ijatl) iecn fain, toais one of ttje pjinctpal caufcs of tbc fummonis 
of tljiis parliament, anu after tW c«f«cD great ano conftant peace ano 

ann luljcre fonic lja\)c tljoiigljt, tljat Magna Charta Ijaa not tlje flrcng;t!) of 
a parliament lefojc tl)i!S 0(t, ^o\n t^cp miflafee it, ^ou map reao iefoje ia 

Magna Charta, Cap.32. anU 38. 

^ Magna Charta. ] %^ tljig time tljts Cfjartec Ijan got t!)e name of 
Magna Charta, ans I)j» tljat name onlp ip Ijere confirmeti. 

^ Tam in hiis quae ad regem pertinent quam ad alios. ] 
Snitefe be 0;ojt ann effectual tuojBg, ann to aDoin all fcruplesf, tl)e teing ig t%* 
yjeflp nameir, anti it Ijatlj not toojust of conftrmatton, but toojts of t^Mi^fi 
ment, Quod Magna Charta in fingulis fuis articulis teneatur, luljici; i^ tljC furett 

^ Coram Jufticiariis itinerantibus. ] Vide Cap. itineris, t^e ;3rticIeiS 
of Magna Charta cfpcciallp giDcn in cljarge, anu cnquireu of, ft. bp SuCiceiB in 
dBpre, ano bp tljiis k& tl;ep Ijao tljeir autljojitp tljcrein. 

fl Brevia gratis concedantur. ] tKIItitjs agsinft tlje bjeakersiof Mag- 
na Charta fi;aU be fralp granted, to entourage fuclj ais looulo purfuc againd 
tliem. • 

f[ Coram Rege.] sCljat iis, in tlje teings ilEenclj. 

C Coram Jufticiariis de Banco. ] SCljat 10, in tlje Coutt of Common 

fl Similiter Charta de Forefta, in fingulis fuis articulis teneatur,8cc.] 
%W toas anotijcr of tljepnntipl caufcis of tlje fummonisof tljiis|0arliament, 
as Ijatlj ban fain. 


Cap. 6. 

SVLarkhridge. \ qq 


DE his autem qui primogenitos, & h^redes fuos infra statem 
exiftentes feoffare (blent de hsreditate, liui, ut per hoc amit- 
terent Domini feodorum cuftodias luas, Provifum eft, concordatum, 
& conceflum, quod occafione hujufmodi/^//; feoffamenti, nuUus ca- 
pitalis Dominus araittat cuftodiam fuam. De his infuper qui dc terris 
fiiis, quas tradere voluerint ad terminum annorura, ut per hoc Do- 
mini feodorum amittant cuftodias fuas, falfa fingunt feofFamenta con- 
tinentia, quod eis fatisfaftum eft de fiimma fervitii in ilhs contenti 
. ulque ad terminum ahquem ; ita quod (1 ad didum terminum fol- 
vere tenentur hujufraodi feoffati fummam ahquam ad valorem terra- 
rum illarum, vel in multo excedentem, ut ^\c po(t terminum ilium 
terra eorum revertatur ad ipfos vel ad hseredes fuos, co quod nemo 
eam pro tanto tenere curaret : Provifum eft,concordatum, &: conccl- 
fiim, ut per hujufraodi fraudem nullus capitalis Dominus amittat cu- 
ftodiam fuam : Veruntamcn non licebit eis hujufmodi fcoftatos line 
judicio difleifire : fed breve habcant de hujufmodi cuftodia libi 
reddenda, & per teftes in chartis de hujufmodi feoffamento contcn- 
tos, una cum aliis liberis & legalibus hominibus dc patria, & per 
quantitatera 8c valorem tenement', & per quantitatem fumniap, qux 
inde reddi debeant poft terminum fr/di&um attingatur, utrum hu- 
jufmodi feoffamenta bona fide fadta fint, an in fraudem, ad auteren- 
dum capitalibus Dominis feodorum cuftodiam fuam. Si vero capitales 
Domini per judicium curiae in hujufmodi cafibus recuperaverint cu- 
ftodiam fiiam, falva fit nihilominus hujufmodi feofFatis aftio fua, quo 
ad terminum, feu ad feodum recuperandum, quam inde habuerint cum 
h^eredes ad legitimam aetatem pervcnerint. Et fi aliqui capitales Do- 
mini feoffatos aliquos malitiofe implacitaverint, fingentes cafum Iftum, 
maxime ubi feofFamenta legitime & bona fide fafta fuerint, tunc ad- 
judicentur feofFatis dampna fua, & mifse fu$, quas fecerint occafione 
prsdift' placiti, 8c ipfi adores per mifericordiam graviter puniantur. 

Robert Walrand peittiEij atin pjcfetteD tW 0ct, ana bv aio ano rommou afs= 
fern of tlje great ilojB? of tljc Kcalm, obtaincB ta yafis it foj a statute. 
%\)ii Robert Walrand toag leatncn tn tlje ilaiBSi of tlje Mealm, ano fmn after Britcsi?. 
tljtiB Statute, Dieo : 1^10 Con ano Ijcic conbevcB Ijts fanog Ijolncn hv iluu'jljts 
feti)ice to Ijis fon ana Ijeir apyarcnt, being toitijiu tljc age of 2 1 pears, ratljec 
trufting W lanD inljisfonluitljin age, tben in Ijimfiif, anu BieD, Ijisi fonl)C# 
ing ftill lojitljin age •, ann tljtg Statute tiHjiclj Robert Walrand tlje gtannfatljec 
Ijau pcnneu ano pjefcrccti, tfok firft effect in tljc Ijeic of l;i!3 Ijcir, ass Britton xtf 

%\)Z niifcfjief befoje tfjis fittt bjaric^ of tW Statute tuag, tljai fttcl) a fcofi^ 9 h 4. 6. 
ment as toetl in t^e iiings cafe, as in tlje cafe of a common pctfon. Din take ?? h. b. 
atoap tlje toaron)ip of tlje Ijcir, as it appearetlj bv tljc pjeambic, ano out IBcolts, Lib.6. fo. 7(5. sir 
becaufe bp tljc Common ILato tlje Ijeir coulo not be in luarD, unlefs be toece in 7^ E.'^"re°?efa, 
bv oetcent, ano tenant bp iSnigljts ferbice to pjeuent tlje iLojo of tlje luarO;; 
fljip, tooulo enfeoffe Ijim oj M'i to Vnljom tbc fano fijoiilo ocfrcno bp tbe Com<f 


no (iAdarlehridge. Cap.6. 

22 H. 6. 1(5. tnon llato. 9nti upon t^isf Statute colUtfioit of tljis feiim toais DibiDCB into ttwo 

PI. com" 82*. ijjancljcs ; Wc^t firft toas callcn coIUifton apparent, upon i\M firft iijancl;, qui 

primogenitos feoffare folent i tljc fcconti Icoais caUeD coUuCon aUcrrable, tljat iiS 

to le pjotJcD upon iffuc tljereupon to be tafecn upon tlje fetono bjanclj, De hiis 

infupcr qui de terris fuis, &c. 

Rot. clauf. an. 2 € ^^^ primogenitos &: hxredes.^ "albeit tljc Ijeir ie not prlmogeni- 
E.i.m. 14. tus, but an Ijeir female, oj male lineal 0% collateral, pet c^etp of t^ent ist 

PI. com. ubi fup. jjjitijtu tbe fame miCcbief ^ anti tljercfoje tbc ancient ^agcis of tlje iianj, (tbat ^ 

Banco RoVi i'" *"^V ^^P " "^"'^'^ ^"^ ^^^^ ^*^ ^^^"^ ^1''^''^ ^^^^ remeD? to tbe mifcljief •, ann tljcre^ 
Norf. johaiines'de foje Ijcretbis C&) a conjunctiije, \i)as bp conttruction taken foj a Dipjunctiw, 

Brampton. viz. qui primogenitos vel hseredcs, &c. 

3f tenant bp ifenigbt^ fer\)ice of lanB of t%t nature of 31Bo?oug^<^englifij in#^ 
feoffe W poungeft fon, Ije iis loitljin tljis Statute i foj ha?res dicitur ab hsredi- 
tate, & fie de fimilibus. 

9 H. 4.5. C Infi"^^ statera exiftentes. ] JCbiiS bjanclj ejctcntisi not to ijibe remclip 

Sec the Stat, of foj rclicfjs \&\)k\) is Duc toljcn tl)c tenant tietlj, Ijisi bf it of full age •> but bp 5i^ 

34 H.8. c. 1 5. Ders M)tatuteg of later time p jobiCon iis mane foj relief, ainn tljus tnuclj con^* 

^"^"1;, Z,"!!' . cecning tbe pcrfon to be iufeoifeD toitljin tljiis firft b?anclj. 

1 J iLliz.* cap. ^ • *^ 

31 e!?". tu! ronu'- f{ Feoffare folent de haereditate fua. ] i .« aCljisf UJOjB feoffare im^ 
fion 29. 7 E.j.tit. piietij afffi^fimplc, anu tbcrefo^c if tljc anceller Ijan maoe aleafc foj life, oj a 
"■^'•J, '• 4 ^•?"- gift in tail to Ijis bcir apparent toitb a rcmainnet 0} toitljout a remainner ober 
Sea I for this ' of tbc cffate in tail, it tua? out of tljiis Statute. 

word/jo/are. 2. b %\)i% Sct fpcafeetl) of a feoffment mane folelp to tlje Ijeir i ano tberej* 

93 H. 6. 14. foje if a feoffment ban ban mane to tbe Ijeir ano an eftranger, tljougi t^c 
27 H. 8. 10. fa#Cmple lucre limitcB to tbe beir? of tbe \)tiXy pet it tuag out of tbiis Siti> 
22 H 6/14!° "'^^' 3- « ^"^ tbts is to be unnerffcDD of an immeciate gift to tbe beir apparent i 
c 33 H^ ubi fup. foj if a leafe foj life be maoc, tbe remainDer to tlje Ijetr apparent in fee, tbis is 
no collufion. 
4. Cboug"^ it bJas not a feoffment, but inureu bp toap of grant ■■> 0:6 if tbe 
, mcfne ban grantcu bis mefnaltp to \m bfifj oj if tbe tenant oj mefne ban lcbi#= 

CD a fine, oj fufferco a rcc oberp bp confcnt, oj bao mace a leafe ano rclcafe, oj 
confirmation, oj tbe like, fucb conbcpancos Ijan bixn in eq,ual mifcbief, ann 
tbcrcfoje luitbin tbe remetip. 
jj g g ,j 5, SDbijs 5lct crtenDeti not to a feoffment to tlje ufe of Ijis bcifj oj to tlie ufe 

of bimfelf aiiD bis bcirsi foj at tbe Common 3lau) tbe iLojn fljoulo not batoe 
tbe toaroflnp but of tbe bcir of bis tenant, tbat uieti in \M bomage, ann tbere^ 
foje tbe Statute of 4 H.7. cap.17. luas mate to remecp tbis mifcbief. 
jj ^ j^ 6, %i tbe elDctt fon luitbin age purcbafe of bis fatber tbe lanes boltcn h^^ 

Lib. foi. * linigbts ferbicc foj baluablc confiocration, bona fide, bp feoffment oj otbec 
Ham. Stranges conbcpance, tbis is luitbin tbe letter, but not luitbin tbe meaning of tbiS ^ta^ 

Cafe,and Porriges ^jj.^ ^q n^j,jg jIjch jf jjg \y^fi folD tbe lauO tO anp Otbcr. 

J ^" 7. BBf ceftuy que ufe after tbe Statute of 4 H.7. cap. 17. anu before tbe §>ta^ 

avHsV ^"^'^ "^ ^7 H.8.C.10. ofufes, IjaD enfeoffen Ijis elncft fon, tbis luas taken luitljin 

tbe cquitp of tbis ancient act. 
33 H.6.i5. S. OTben (ball tbis feoffment be upon tbis 0tt namcu to be bp colluCon i 

2Ebe anfujer is, after tbe occeafe of tbe anceffcr, foj tlienttje title of luarofljip 

accrues, ann not in bis life time. 
33 E.3. gar. 12. 9- 3if tbe ILojn accept bomage of tbe bcir apparent (after tbe feoffment mate 

31 E.i*. ibid. 15 $• to bitn bp bis ancelicr ) in tbe life of tbe anceffer, be fljall not Ijabc tbe luarB>f 

32 E.3. ibid.^ij. fljipj iiccaufc be alloiuen bint to be bis tenant. 

Tr "' tie li 8 foi ' °' ^"^ ^^ ^^'^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ infcoffe bi^ cloeft fon, 0; anp of W 

164. Mights cafe.' cbilf ?cn, tbougb it be founD to be mane upon collufton, tonefcattbc laing o> 

otbec llojn of luarofljip, pet tbe i^ing oj otbcr Jlo^c (ball not babe but a tbirii 

part bp tbe Statute? of 32 & 34 H.8. of Wills. &o note \W Statute altereo in 

' part, ann muclj of tlje manner of tbe fcoffmr nt. C De 

Cap.6. S\darlebridge. 1 1 1 

C De hiis infuper qui de terris fuis, &c. ] %%{% is tl^c fecctH) lijanclj 
of tijijs 3(t concerning coHttftou aijcrvalilc, toijcn feoffments arc mane to ftrang^ 
tx$t tocfecrccf Ijcrc is an cyamplcfct Doiiin in t!jis 0ct. 

tl Ql" tradere voluerint ad tcrminum annorum. ] srijis ig to Ic Britton 95. b. 
unDerftoDU of a feoffment in frc rcfenjing no rent, hi tljat ti^ep fttppofe tijcp are 32 E.j.gard.??. 
tatisfieo foja certain term, toliicb tlioulo eno luljen tlje Ijeir flioulD come to full 4 ^^'^ 8"<*-"9- 
«ge, ann tXyzw it toas connitioneti ttiat tl]C feoffee QjotilD pap mo^e tljen tlje lano 
mas iBojtlj, auc tVercttpcn t()c Ijctr entree, fo j t^at none tooulD giuc fo great a 

f[ Per hujuftnodi fraudem nullus capitalis Dominus amittat cufto- 
diam. ] ffip fuel) frauc, tljat is, fuel) in mifcl)ief, oj fuel; in inronueniencp, 47 E-s- 19- 
anu tl)erefoje all otljer frattnttlent feoffments tenctug to iljefamc eno are toitlj? ?* ^•^- g^^'^??- 
in tljis statute, toljatfocljer cclourallc pjeteict tljep Ijauc, ann fo is tl;is too:D ^ ^•2-co"uf-47- 
[ fuc^ ] oftentimes tafeen in odjcr statutes. Jt is tlje opinion of Hulls Jxma, 9 h. 4.^. 
anij of Gafcoine cljief Suffice cf England, tljat bp tlje U)o;itis ano purDiclu of tljig 
Statute, itljolncttj onlp bcttiian i.o^t) ano tenant: ano tljercfoje if a man 
ijolD lane bp !inigl)ts fertoice incapke of tljciliing, ant! otfter lann of a fuliect 
bplSnigljts fcttoice, ano mafectlj a fccffmcnt bp collufiou of tlje lanti Ijoiocn of 
t^e tubjetf, anu tiietlj, Ijis Ijeit toitljin age, tljc lungftall not take atiDantage of 
4is Statute foj Ije is not Dominus of tljis lanD i I'ut tn iljis cafe tl)«; iiing is 
rclieiJeObptljC^tatUteof 34H.8.C.5. vafus hnem ejufd. Adus. 

5 Veruntamen non liceat hujufinodi fc^ofFatos fine judicio diflcifire.l 
Hujufmodi feoffatos, fuel) fccffiig. ^nti pet tljt teoffffis of tlje feoffacs upon tlje 33 h. 6.16. 
fame collufiou arc to be taken ujitljin tljis statute i luc if tlje fecff^s in t^c 3i E.3.gard.29. 
life of tlje anceffer mafee a feoffment in fa bona tide ano tljen tlje tenant oietl^, 
' ijS ^cir tuitljin age, tl^e Jlojn ffjall not Ijate anp acion upon tl)is Statute, foj 

at tljecollufioit continucunot until tlje Beatlj of tlje tenant i lEut if t%z lenant 
ibau DieD, Ijis Ijcir tuitljin age, ann tljen tlje feoffixs liao infeoffeo otlicrs bona 
fide, pet tlje lioju fljall recover tlje uoamfljip, becaufe tlje iiojo bp tlje neatlj of 
%i^ tenant toas once intitlen to Ijis aflion i but pet in fome cafe tlje ilojd fljall 
enter upon tlje feoffae. 

3if tlje tenant iiifeoffc a ffranger upon collufton, ann tljat ttranger infeoffc ,^^s\6 
t\t i^eir in tlje life cf tlje tenant, anti tljen tlje tenant oietlj, tlje iic?D map en# ^^ ' [ ' 
ui upon tlje Ijeir, becaufe no Writ of rig^t of toaro lietlj againtt tlje ^eir ; 
anD tljerefo;ic tlje Lo^Dftall enter upon tljc Ijeir, being feoffit : foj otljcftoile Ijc 
fljoulo be luiiljout remetp, tlje tcojDS of tlje CSIrit cf marn being Praecipe A. f.n.b.i ,9 
quod reddat B. cuftodiam terrs &: hasredis C. qus ad ipfum B. pertinct, &c. fo aS " ' 
tlji? Writ is evier b;iougljt againff a ffranger. 

Sf tlje tenant infeoffc tlje billcin of tljc lioju upon collufion, anti uietlj tljc 
^eir toitljin age, tljc iiojo fljall enter upon tljis feoffs ■■, foz if tljc iLojo fljoulti 
icDriijen to Ijisf action againtt tljc Dillein, it fljoulD amount to an euftancljii"ej= 
went i anti statutes wuft be fo conffrueD, a? no collateral pjejutiicc grolu 

aifo tlje Ijeir of tljc feoffflj is toitljin tljiis a>tatutci ann if tlje feoffit oietlj, ,§ e, , covenant 
t)is tieir toit^in age, t^ JLo?i5 fljall Ijatoe Ijis Mrit of tnarn againft tlje Ijcir, toljo 7. 
^all not lja\)e Ijis age, but tljc 3lo;o fl;all rccobcr againft Ijim bp tljis Bet. 

%\yt Statute tait^, feoffatos, anti pet conufces of fines, auD all otljer conbeps- 7H.4.1S. 12 h. 4. 
antes arc toitljin t'bis statute. >^- 

;anti Ijercit appearctlj, tljat tlje ancient 3latn tiiti euer fabour tim tljat came ^ p^.tinrtit s a 
ip title, ana put ^im t^at rigljt Ijao to Ijis act-ion 472. " * 

3if tljc f<u1)cc ^ati mace a feoffment foj tlje maintenance ano litjcltljcoti of Ijis ^3 H.5.14. Dier 
Iflifc, preferment of Ijis Daugljters, oj of Ijts younger fons, oj fo;i tljc papment loEi.sfio. 3EI. 
of ^is Debts, ana after Ijac infeoffea Ijis Ijeir apparent, tljis iuas Ijolccn no colitis '93- 2° ei.s6i. 
fiou , fo? e\)erp man bp tljc Jlaioj of (DoD ano nature, ougljt to p:o'oiDe fo? Ijis I'^Ptl^: t '^"' 





Sir Geo: Curfons toife a«D tl^Ucjen, anH \^t tiB \j30?te tlj£n an (nficc! tijat tiot^ not pjotjioc foj Ijts; 
c»fc. famrtp ; anu bp tlje ILalM of 0od ano ef i^attons tiebtis otigljt to be itiato : Ne- 

tnini quicquam debeatis, nifi quod invicem diligatis. 
* See Sir Geo: "^ ^"^ ^V t'jc fatu Statutes of 32 & 34 H. 8. inl)£tc tl)e tenant bp JSnigljts 
Curfonicafe,»w ferijice tiotl) inftoffe otljers to anp of tljcfe tljjflc int£nt0> viz. foj tlje iiucUf)CDfl 
foprt. of Ijts lutfe, pjefecment of W cl)iItijen,oj jjapment of Ijts ueitsi, tljc t)eir fljall be 

in toam fo; Ijis i)0Dp, ano foj iljr tljim part of Ijtis lanug fo contjcpeir, toljercbp 

tlje Comnion iiato luajs cljangcn intljat bcljalf. 
^f lanes ^olDcn bp i^nigl^s ferbice nctjtfablc bp cuttont, no coHuCon coulD 

lja\)c ban aDcrrcD upon a tebife bp Mlill ■■> tlje fame iato, if ceftuy que ufe^aD 

CebifED t\)c ufc bp MJill , but no\u tljat i? alccceri bp tlje Statute of 3 4 H.8. c.5. 

f[ Breve habeat de hujufmodi cuftodia reddenda. "] snijig Writ i? 
a tiairit of rigbt of toaru, anB toljen tlje Jioju Ijati^ recoijereii tljc inarD^ip 
againft tije fcofiee, tlje fmUjoIo anD inljeiitancc i$ left in tl^e feoffee, ana not re«* 
fto?cD to tljc Ijcir, anb tljcrefoje tf tlje gatcein commit toatte, tlje fame is; Bir*= 
punilballe, foj tljc feoffee cannot Ijabe an action of toafte againft ti^e gartiein in 
tljts cafe. 3no tlje Jiojntipon tW §>tatute cotilri not feife tlje bonp of tljc Ijeir, 
oj Ijabc a ra^ifljmeiu of luaro, bcfo?e Ijc Ijao recobcrea tlje lano in a Mlrit of 
34 H 8 c < verfus "-^^^^^ of iDavu, foj tljcrctn ougljt tlje colluCott beticft trieD, becaufc unlcfs tljat 
finem/ij EI. c.5. ^^^c founo accojbing to tljis statute, t^jcre iis no caufe of ttartsltiip bp tljijt aitr. 

C Et per tcftes in cartis. ] jgote, tlje SDacisnotljerebenpeo, and pet 
IDjoces to be abjavbec againft tlje toitnctresi. ifoj tljiiB fee t^jc fitfi pavt of tie In- 

llitutes. Vide poltea cap.14. 

t[ Adjudicentur feoffatis damna (ua & mife fux. "] SCbijs is tlje fiirft 
Statute t^at gabe tlje bcfentant bamageis anb coifs if it toerc fotmb foj Ijim, 
anb tlje i.o;b to be grtebotiflp amercicb, anb manp otljer Statutes ^abe fol# 
lobjcb tljis example : 0nb boljcre tljis §>tatttte faitb (malitiose) implacitaveiint, 
if cljc matter be faincb, anb toitljowt jiitt grounb, t^e Jiati) implictlj malice fn 

^ Fingentes cafum iftum maxime ubi feoffaraenta Icgitima & bona 

fafta fuer'. ] SC^ere is no gtratec injuaic£,tljen iul;en unber colour of jwttict 
injurp ig cone. 
RigHk. Mulci litigant in foro, non ut afiquid lucrent, fed ut vexent alios. SC^ecefojC 

juOlp m tljis Ztt, toljiclj gabe an artion in a nely cafe, gibe bamages anb cotfs 
to tlje befcnbant, if Ijt mere malic iouflp bejcco tljcrebp toit^out gob caufc. 

a^ H. 8. 10. 
4 H. 7. c. 10. 

J9E-?- 33,34- 

4E.2. gard.itp^ 
32 E.9. ibid. 93. 
12 H.4. i;. b. 
4 H. 7. 10. 
r.N.B. i4;.Ir. 

I2E. 2.C. 2. 

1. Partlartic. 



Cap. 7' cS\farlebricIge, ii^ 


IN placito vero communi de cuftodiis, fi ad rrlagnam diftriftio- 
nem hon venerint deforciatores, tunc bis vel ter iteretur bre- 
ve prxdidum ad terminos quibus fieri poterit, infra mcdictatcm 
anni fequentis, ita quod fingulis vicibus legat' breve in plenoco- 
mitatu KJfi al' iibi prius inventus fuerit deforciator. Et ibi pub-* 
lice dcnuncietur, ut veniat ad diem fibi prsfixum. Quod ^\ ipfe 
extunc fe fubtraxerit, ira quod infra medietatem anni prsedift' re- ^ 

Iponfurus non venerit, nee Vicecomes eum invcnire poilit, per 
quod corpus fuum habere non poffit coram ]ufticiariis, ad re- 
fpondendum fecundum legem & conluetudinem Regni, tunc, (tan- 
quam rcbellis, Sc fe jufticiari non perraittens ) amittat feifinam hu- 
jufmodi cuftodise, falva fibi alias adione fua, fi forte jus habeat 
ad eandem. In cafibus autem ubi cuftodia pertinent ad cuftodes 
hsredum infra statem exiftentium verfus cuftodcs ill' 'pctatur at- 
Jioclia qH£ accnlit k^redibus illis tanquam pertinens ad eorura hs- 
reditates : & non amittant hujufmodi hxredcs infra setatem-exi- 
ftentes, hsrcditatem fuam per ncgligentiam, vel rebeliionera fuorum ' 
cuftodum, ficut in cafu prxdifto, fed currat lex' communis eodcm mo- 
do quo prius currereconfuev it. 

In placito communi de cuftodiis. ] 3!n tlic Common pea of MarDj 30E.5.10. 24E.3. 
tljat iiSj in a Mrit of 5?.tgljt of MJarc, oj in an Ejedmenc de gard. 35- 2 h 4.1. 

31n tije Cljaytct ping iscfojc, remcuj) teass giijcu totljc Jloju foj OTatoiTitp, 
to'berct^crc toas none cue to Ijim lip tlje Common 3La\u : 3u tljis Cljaprec 
moje fpeetip remeup is gt^cn to tlje %m, as toell toljtn tlje Jiojo Ijatlj rigljt 
ip tijc Common lato, as Bp tl;e nett pjcccccnt Cljap' er. 

JlBefojc tije making of tljijS Statute, tlje ^?occp in tljc Mrit of Maro 9 E.4.50. 18 E.3 
lojais ^iimmon0, ^Ittacljmcnt, ann S^itttcfg infinite, ano d)C slcntf bjotilo scirefacio. 
manp timc0 return fmall i^vx%, anti fo tljc ILojo teas great!? otlapco, ano if 
tlje l)eir came to full age, Ijanging tlje Mrit, tlje Mlvit abateD, Hifctcij teas 

ipoto tl;ii3 Statute pjoiiicetlL tijat if tlje SDefojcccuts fomc net at tlje 9E.3K. ?h. 4. 
grano niftrefTe, tljat after tlje return tljereof a S)i(treKe witlj p;icdama? 45- i6B.?Pro. 
tion Ojall lie mace in tlje Coantp bp fiic monctljji, ano if Ije apjjcar not, f ''^'t-Vroc'^s °* 
Suogment iljall le giDen againtt Ijim, facing to Ijim Ijiss rigljc at ano# il E.tgard'igt'. 
tliec time, fi inde loqui voluerit : WdtaiinlL 2. Cap. 35. pjclctiletl) kit 2H.4^i. 
t^ef monetl)0. 

31n a rcfummonisi of (!I5ar5 upon tlje Statute of W. 2. a |??oclamation so"^-? •"• 
fljaU be aiuatoeti upon tljis s>tatttte, fojit is in equal ir.ifrljicf, but in a liia^- procidm'-"^ 
mfbment of ©am, no |3joclaniation fljaU be atoatDco, fcj tljat Mim is fcj# "'' 

met), ann giijen bp tlie statute cf W.2.cap35. toljiclj iras but STvefyafs at. 
tlje Common Jialu. 

^ Amittet feifinam hujufmodi cuftodis. ] gf tl)e DcfcnDant in a Damjges 115.' 
CJKdtof Mart) mafeeacfault at tlje return of tbe S^iarefs luitli a Pjccla* n^-^-]^<^g^-^^^ 
mation, 3,uf£mcn£ fijall be given foj tlje plaintiff agaiuft tljc ucfoirecur to Damages 5 ^' 

^ reccijfi- 

1 1 J. Sidarlebridge, Cap.y. 

recoijct tlje OTarn ann namagciBjanD Ijatoc a W&xit to enquire of tl;c Damagcis-, 
»4 E.3.33. ^nn yet tljis 3(t fattlj, tijat Ijc Oiall lofe tl)c fciCn of cuftocp, ann rpcahetlj 

4 E. 3.26. not of camagcsf, IjutintljiiB ^flion tlje ^aintiff C)ouiD rcco\)cr Damageji at 

tlje Common JLato. 

17 E.3.70. %\\ a Writ of Mtaru agatnft tluo, at tlje grano liiftrcf0 one of tijem ap^ 

14H.4.37. peareu, ano tljc otljec mauc oefault, tlje plaintiff pjapen a SDittrcfs toitlj a 

? ^'^' & To ^?ocIamation, ano it toas oenieo, foj ilje boop is not Ceierabk, ano tljerefoje 

■ ^' ' tljc IDIaintiff cannot Ija^jc ^uDgment to recouec tlje moitj) of tlje lonp, otljei:* 

iBife it 10 of tlje Jlanti, foj tljat ijs feiierable. 

^ Non veiierint deforciatores. '] Jf in a Writ of Wars t^t 2D£fen* 

liant yjoucl), no ^joclamation fljall be atoarocu againft tlje CJoiicljcc fo;i tiuo 

29E.3.S8. 15E.3. cattfc0. I. 2Et)e Statute eirtcnoctlj onip to tlje fuit of tlje plaintiff, ano tl;iB 

prociam.p.^ ^ ig jj^g fuit of t^g JDffcnOant againft tljc taouclja. 2. i^ljc statute yjolMDet^ 

""'' tbat ^joclamation fijall be atoarneo.againtt tlje ocfojccojg, ano t^c CHoucIjk 

tj3 not ocfojceoj. 

4 33 £.3. ibidrip. 

^ Quod corpus fuum habere non poflit. 2 %^is i$ to be tmuerffoD, 
tljat tljete is no Default in tljc ^ticriff in rctourning of gcoo iffueig, fo as l^ 
tljat mca«!3 l;e migljt liaie Ijis boDp to appear, foj t^t ^^eriff cannot arrell 

17 E.3.70,71. ^ Nee Vicecomes cum invenire non poterit. "] sc^iji muff be unuer^ 

ttfflO of tljc &ljcrtff in t^at Count?, tol)ere tlje original is bjougljt, foj no 
otl)er ^Ijetia in anotljer Countp upon a Teftatum, &c. ffjaUmakr ^joclama;; 
tion, but tl)ere ^?ocefg Itetlj, ajs it toais at tljc Common JLato. 

aE ? Prod 17 € ^^'■^"^ Jufticiariis. ] KW i$ bcfoje tU 3^\iitite$ of tljc Court of 
* ■*■ ' ' '* Common IJleag, ano tljat Court being particularly nameo, t^is; Sl<t fxteuten 
not to 3;uaic£)3 in CDpre, as it ig faio in our JBrobg. 

f[ In cafibus ubi cuftodi^ pertinent ad cuftodes. ] gf one temano 
a Warn againft me, toljic^ 3 claim bp caufc of Mart, \)Z fijall not ^atjc 
pjocefs upon tljis Statute, icU h^ negligence o% collufiou of tlie d^arcicn, 
tlje Ijrir totttiin age map be p?ej|utiiceii, but tljerein t\it ^imi? fijaH be at 
tl^e Common 3lato. 


Cap.8. <iAdarlebridge. I15 

CAR, vm. 

ILli autem qui pro itcrata dilfeifina capti fuerint & detenti,non de- 
liberentur fine fpeciali prxcepto Domini Regis, & hoc per fincm 
cum Domino Rege inde faciend' pro hujufmodi tranlgreflione (ua. Et 
fi compcrtum fucrit quod Vicecomes alitcr cos deliberaverit, propter 
hoc graviter amercietur, & nihilominus illi qui per Vicecoraitem fine 
pr^cepto Domini Regis, lie dcHberantur, pro fua tranfgreffionc gravi- 
ter puniantur. iVIertonCap.3. Weftminrt.2. Cap.26. 

. SCfec 3>tatute of Merton cap.3. u \M\) been fatD, gaiie t\)t PvcdiiTeilui, ana 

Poft diffcilni, tlje U)O.:li0 of U)l)idj S>tattlte IJCing, Inprifona Dnmini Regis deti- Merton cap.g. 

neantur, quoufque per Dominum R.egeai, vel aliquo alio modo dclibereriXur, Rcgift.2o(5. 

tUpon tijEfe toOjCSjVcl aliquo alio modo deliberentur i tljep tMCrC DeliiJetetl Ijp tljc Mirror ca.5. § 3. 

Common Mrtc De homine rcplegiando, foi tljc libcrtp of a ifra#man is fo ^""^on J'^.?- ^ 

mud) faboitrct) in iiato, as tbcrc cbcr is 1 facntgnc tntcryjctation matic foj tie ^.■'^'^" ^•'^^-^-^ 

lenrfit tijcreof. i^ola tljis Statute uotlj cnatt, tljat tljcv fljaU not be Dcli^crcD ^^ "■^''' 

fine fpeciali prscepto Domini Pv.egis, tljatiS, bp tl)C latngS Mrit rccitino; tijc 

fpectal matter, ann foj a fine toitl) t'^e teing tljerefojc to be maoc. Snii Ijc tbac '^ "'S-r- 

ij! attainted in a Ucnitrcifin, anD in pjifon, iW fine tljat tl)is :3£t fpcafeetlj of, 

as fome babe fain, ougbt to be affefTcti in tljc Cljancerp, to toljicb ena Ijc muft 

iiabc a Certiorari to rcmobe tlje Mccojti tijitber, anu out of tbe (tbanccrp to ish.s. ubifupra 

i|abebtsMlrtttO Itfcbarge bint, foj Sine fpeciali prscepto Domini Regis, igitlj* 

tenuable bp Wtxit (fap tljcp) in tbe Cbanrerp. 

jaintr tbercfoje if one be attainteo in a ISeDiffctfin, anu is at large, tbe partp 
map ba^c a Certiorari to remobe tbe ISecojo into tbe Court of Common picas, 
anu bp Capias out of tbat Court be map be tafeen , ano fome Do bolD, tbat tbis 
Court cannot aifefs tbe fine, noj make tbe fpccial tKllrit. 

HEut certain it is, if a manbc.ittaintciibefo?c tlje &beriff in a UeDifTciCn, 
anu tafecn in crccution, becaufe be cannot hz belibeccB bp tbis 0(t toitbout a fjjc:^ 
cial Commancmcnt of tbe lung, be map Cue a Certiorari toremobc tbe Wecojo 
Jbefoje tbe i^ing in bis ilEencb, in lubicb Court after be batb mane fine, be iiS 
tbereupon to babe a ©Hlrit foj %\i neliberp, reciting ttje fpccial matter, Xa\^k\i 
is tbe fpecial Commantimcnt tbat tW ^rt fpcaketb of, iwbicb apuearetb in tbe 
SKegiflcr, anJ F.N.B, ?f!V"f-!^;?' 

f[ Pro itcrata difleifina. ] %%{$ tiotlj Cjtteno as toeU to tlje Poit diffeifin, 
dScJ Rediifeifin. 

H Et fi compertum fuerit, &c. ] • 2Ebat is, bp luap of innictmcnt 
anu conbirtion of tbe s>bcrtff, anti fo it is of tbe partp tbat pjocuretb bitnfelf 
to be belibeccD in tljat manner alfo : 3iut no ;9aion can be grountieD upon 
i\n ;3ct. 

I pei'. & 242> b. 

Q^ 2 CAP. 

ii6 S^arlebridge. Cap. 9. 


Regift.176. I "\E fedis vero faciendis ad curiam Magnatum, vel ad curiam 

F.N.B. 159. \^ aliorum dominorum ipfarum curiarum, de cstero fie ob- 
45E.3.23. fervandum eft, quod nullus qui per Chartam feoffatus eft, di- 

ftringatur de cstero ad hujufmodi fedam faciendam ad curiam 
Domini fui, nifi per formam feoffametiti fiti fpecialiter teneatur 
ad feftam illam £aciendam. His autem exceptis quorum anteceflbres, 
vel ipfimet, hujufmodi fediram facere confueverunt ante primam tranC- 
fretationem prsdifti Domini Regis Henrici in Britanniam, a tempore 
cujus transfretationis elapfi funt xxxix. anni 6c medietas unius anni 
ad temp(s quo hujufmodi conftitutiones fuerunt Statute. Similiter 
nullus feoffatus a tempore conqueftus (we Chart a vel aiiquo alio an- 
tique feoffamento diftringatur ad fiujufmodi fedam faciendam s 
nifi ipfemet, vel anteceffores fui eam facere confueverunt ante pri- 
mam transfretationem prxdidam : Qui autem per Chartam pro cer- 
lo lervitio, veluti pro libero fervitio tot iblidorum annuatim pro 
omni (ervitio folvend' fcoffati funt, ad hujufmodi feftam, vel ad 
aliud, contra formam feoftamenti fui, de cstero non teneantur. Et 
fi hxrcditas aliqua, de qua tantura unica feda debeatur, ad plures 
hxredes participes ejufdem hsereditatis devolvatur, ille vero qui ha- 
bet enitiam partem hxreditatis illius, unicam faciet (edam pro fe 
& participibus fuis, 8c alii participes iui pro portione fua, contri- 
buant ad feftam illam faciendam. Et fi plures feoffati fuerint de 
haereditate aliqua, de qua tamen unica fefta debeatur, dorainus 
illius feodi unicam fedam inde habeat, nee poffit de praedida hxre- 
ditate nifi unicam fedam exigere, ficut prius inde fieri confuevit. 
Et fi feoffati vvarrantum, vel medium non habeant, qui inde eos 
acquieiare debeat, tune omnes illi feoffati, contribuant po portione 
Jtta ad (eftam illam pro eis faciendam. Si autem contingat, quod 
Domini curiarum tenentcs fuos contra hane conftitutionem,' pro hu. 
jufinodi ledla diftringant, tune ad querimoniam tenentium illorura 
attachientur eorum Domini, quod ad curiam Regis veniant ad 
brevem diem, inde relponfufi, Sc unicum inde habeant cilbnium 
fi fuerint in Regno , Sc incontinenter deliberentur conquerenti 
averia lua, five alix diftriftiones, hae occafione fato, & delibera- 
taj, remaneant, donee placitum inde inter eos terminetur. Et fi 
Domini curiarum, qui hujufmodi diftriftiones fecerint, ad diem, ad 
qucm attachiati fuerint, non venerint, vel diem per efionium fibi 
datum non obfervaverint, tunc mandetur Vieecomiti, quod cos adali- 
um diem venire faciat, ad quem diem fi non venerint, tunc mandetur 
Vicecomiti,quod diftringat eos per omnia catalla, qus habent in bal- 
liva lua, ita quod Viceeomes refpondeat Domino Regi de exitibus difti 
hsredis,&quod habeat corpora eorum ad certum diem fibi prsfigen- 


Cap.p. SVlarlehridge. nj 

dum coram Juftitiariis, Ita quod fi ad diem ilium non venerint, eat 
pars conquerens inde fine'die, 8c avcria fua, five ali^ diftridiones hac 
occafione faft^, deliberata remaneant, donee ipfi Domini fedtam il- 
1am reeuperaverint per confiderationem curic-e Regis, Sc ceflcnt in- 
terim hujufmodi diftriftiones, falvo Dorainis curiarum jure fuo de 
fedis iliis recupcrandis in forma juris, cum inde ioqui volue- 

Et cum Domini curiarum inde venerint refponfuri conquerentibus 
de hujufmodi diftriftionibus, 8c fuper hoc convincantur, tunc per 
confiderationem curiae Domini Regis recuperent verfus ipfos conque- 
rentes dampna fua quje fiiftinuerunt occafione diftriftionis prsedid^p. 
Simili autem modo fi tenentes, port hanc conl^itutionem, fubtrahunt 
Dominis [_ fcodorum ^ fedas quas facere [_ debeant 3 & quas ante 
tempus prsdidum transfretationis, 8c hadenus facere confueverunt, 
tunc per eandem juftitiam, 8c celeritatem quo ad dies prsefigend', 
8c difiridioncs adjudicand', confcquantur Domini curiarum juflitiam 
defeftis illis perquirendig, una cum dampnis fiiis quemadmodum te- 
nentes dampna fua rccuperarent. Et hoc fcilicet de dampnis recupc- 
randis, intelligatur de fubtradtionibus fibi fadis, 8c non de fubtra- 
dionibus fadis prsdecefforibus fuis. Veruntamen Domini curiarum 
verfus tenentes fuos feifinam de hujufmodi fedis recuperare non pote- 
runt per defakam, ficut prius fieri confucvit. De fedis autem qu^e 
ante tempus fupradidum fubtrad.g fuerunt, currat Lex communis, 
ficut prius currere confuevit. 

%W €^tipm fjatt nine bjancljeiB, %%e firtt iff, 

€ De fedis. "] KW is untcrftcDU of fuit fctbicc to Courts Baton's, Regift.iy^.F.N.B. 
^unDtcM, anD tljc like, ana not to fuit real in rcfjjftt of rcfiancfj noj xo fuit '59- 45 E.3.23. 
to tljC mill, foj tljC toOjns he, de fedis fac' ad curiam, 8cc. 

C Nullus qui per cartam feoffatus efl, diftringatur de csetero ad 
hujufmodi fedam faciendam ad curiam Domini fui nifi per formam 
feoffamenti fui fpecialiter teneatur ad fedam illam faciendam: ] 
severe is anotljcc claufe in tl;i6 Cljaptct concerning tljis matter, Qiii autem ^^- Cart. c. ro, 
per cartam pro certo fervitio,veluti pro libero fervitio tot folidof annuatim pro omni 
iervitio folvend' feoffati funt ad hujufmodi fedam, vel ad aliud, contra formam 
feoffamenti fui, de csteronon tcneantur. 

at tlje Common llatu, lefojc tl)e making of tliis ij>tatutf, if tljc Hlojti l;aD 3^.2. ace' fur le 
nwDc a feoffment bp ntxc, auu refertocD certain fen3ice)3 , as foj ejtamplr, 4E'5^a'vow2-2 
fcaltp, anu 2 s. rent, o} i? 2 s. rent generallp, toljiclj ^au impltcD fcalrpi dE.'a.avowialc' 
in ttiis cafe if tljc lloju Ijao oiQceineo foj homage, oj fuit, oj anp otl;er rent 3 e.?. 27,28. 
ojteruice, tljenujasrcferijcriintbeiiaij, not oulp tlje tenant anti \)is Ijeirs, ^^E-.M^-b- 
ijufbis atfigncg alfo, o;i anp otljcr tenant of tljc lanu migljt ^a\jc rebuttcu tl)e [I^r^TITe^I' 
iojB, Ijis Ijcirs, 0^ affigns, bp tlje Bacij, ano tljis nottj Ijolo between part? 14 H.4i 
ano partp, pjiijp anti pjiup, pjitip ano eftranger , anu eflrangec ano 5, ?o H.6.7, 10.H, 

CllrangCr. 7.11. Dier2 5H.8. 

* JlEut tljis act giijctlj tlje tenant 0} W Ijeirg a moje fpctup xemenv, fo? \}m^ ^ Fie« fi.'c^ii 
bp i& giucn to tljc tenant againll tlje ILoin anu W 'jcirs a m.xit of contra for- f.n.b. 162,^611 
mam feoffamenti, toljcrein fi]c tljingis are ltMOjtl;p of obfcr\jation, 

I. '©Slljcn 

1 1 8 (SM^arlehridqe. Cap. 9. 


I. XM.\)i\\ anv 5lct tiotl; pjoljibit anv tojong oj Delation, tliottjl) no attton 
lie pai-ticularip namcD in tljc iUt, vet tlje yartp grietocn fijall Ijaue an action 
grouucft) upon tljis 3>tattuc, uilnclj in ttiis cafe is a pw^ibition to tlje nojti oj 
Ijis Ifailiffs, ano rccitctlj tW 5l£t, tijc fojm loiljcrcof pou map rcan in tlje Re- 

Regin. F.N.B.igj gilkr, ant) F.N. R. 

^- J!o\u \ij?)ece it map lie otjetfcir, tljat in Mich. i6 H.3. rcpojten bp F. tit. a- 

•3-avow.243.vowry, 243. t!)at upon a confittnation a OTrit of contra formam feoffamenti 
DOtlj lie, ano bp tljatboik it njOttlD fam, tljat a MU'it of contra formam feoffa- 
menti niD lie at tlje Common JLaiu bcfojc tljig Statute, looljic^ teag mauc in 
5 1 H.3. SCo tljis it ig anftocren, tljat tljc fain cafe i$ mtfpjintcD, foj toljcre it 
is Mich. i<5H.3. itfijotilD l)C 5<5H. 3. toljcn tlje Cafe ujajt forefoltico, anu in 
Regin. F. N.B. \s\]it\) SCctm, viz. tljc Id tap of Novcmb. Hen. 3. Diet, fo as tljat opinion Uiasi 
165.6. after out Statute t anDt^jat tljeiiaHrit luas gttrn bp tljis Statute, tfje tKavt't 

( as Ijatl) bitn faio ) notlj recite it. 5nD iwljere in 4is claufe tlje statute 
■8H416.12H.7. faitlj Cdirtringatur ) all tljts Cljaptcr is to be unDerftcDD offuit fcrtoire, be^ 
15. , cauic fo.i fuit real no nitttefg can be taUen, but foj tte amerciament in Default 


46H.3,avow.24?. 2. tlSHljere tlje Statute faitlj, contra formam feofFamenti, pet if tljC JlojD 
II E.5. ibid.ioo. confirm t!:;e eftate of tlje SCcnant to Ijolo bp certain ferDices, upon tljis confir*' 
30 E.5_i?. 27 E.3. niatton Ije fl:all Ijaije a contra formam feoffamenti, foj ti^at it is iBitbin one ano 
^o.'i^trcon. tlje fame reafon. 

fir.8. F.N.B.ii3.g 

P. I-; E. 9. per 5. p^o certo fervitio. tHpott t'^efe too JDS if one gitje lanD in franfealmoigne, 
f!n!b^ i52 f. "^ '" franft«mariage, be cannot babe a tSKrit of contra formam feoffamenti, be# 

caufe tbcre is no certain fcrbicc contained in tlje feoffment ojgift, ano tbercfoje 

out of tbis ^ct, but be map rebut. 

4- 3ftbeJio}Dmftrcin eitljer foj fuit, oj foj anp otbcr ferbice, oj rent not 
containcD in tbe Dao, tbe tenant fljall batic tbis Writ of contra formam feoffa- 
menti, foj tbe toOjDS of tbis 3ct be, ad hujufmodi fecSam, vel ad aliud, &c. 

i4H4< 22H5 '5" STbc Statute faitlj, contra formam feoffamenti-, b£«upon erpofitiou Ijatlj 
50. 30 H. 6. 1'. ' i^" tnaoe, tbat tbis Mrit Ipetb onlp betluan pnbies, viz. bp tbe tenant ann 
10 H.7.11. F.N.B. bis bcitSj againft tbe =llojD ann bis bcirs, fo: tbcp be incluBeo in pjibitp of tbe 
i6?.e. Lib. 4. foi. feoffment, but fo are not tbe affigns on eitber fiDc. 
ibiff r KBevii?" * 5f tbe feoffment be luitbout oeco, tbe fcoffae is ojiben to %is mtit of Nc 
cafe.'Li.p! f.54. iifjufte vexes. 

Burkoals cafe. 

^^^srlnth.^' C H"s autem exceptis quorum anteceflbres vel ipfi hujiifeodi 
feftam facere conliievcrunt ante primam transfretationem pr^edidti 
Domini Regis Henrici in Britanniam, &c. "] %}^t iLato Dotb eber fabouc 
pofleffion as an argument of rtgbt, ano botb incline rattier to long potfelTion 
luitbcut fljctoing anp becD, tben to an ancient been ujttbout poffcffion •, ana 
tberefo?e tbis ^ct botb crcept long poffelTion ; but in rcfpert of tbe great trou*^ 
bles tbat bib arife in tbis IRcalm after tbe cancellation, Mjicb H. 3. mabe of 
tbe CbarterS of Magna Charta, anb Charta de Foreita tn tbe 1 1 pear Of biS 
raign, tbis Set Dotb gibe relief againft anp fciCn Once bis firtt going obet 
into Britain, ubicb looas in tbe fourtecntb pear of bis Kaign , but tbe feiCn 
befoje tljat time , toben tbe times toeve regular anb peaceable, tljis0ct botlj 
15.4. foi.u.Bevii5 ^cito,anbin lubat manner feifins bp incroacljmeuts fijall be aboibeb, pou 
cafe. Lib. 9. f. 34. map reaD in Bevills Cafe, in Bucknalls Cafe, ubi fupra, anb in tljc firtt part o£ 

Bucknals cafe. tlje InlHtutes,Sed. 

^ Similiter 


Cap. 9. Sidarlebridge. 1 1 9 

^ Similiter nulius feoffatus a tempore conqueftus fine carta vel 5. 2yanch. 
aliquo alio antique feofFamento diftringatur ad hujufmodi feftara fa-, 
ciend', nifi ipferaet feu antecclTores fui earn facere confuevcrunt ante 
primam transfrctationem prsediclam. 3 ^cre \)t Ijfginnctl) toitlj feoffs 
mentis \uttfeout naD ■■> fn tlje nc]ct bjandj tottlj feoffment? bp tiKD, toljcrciu is 
to be obfcrben tbc peat antiquttp of feoffments! bp oau oj iuitljout Deeu of ancu 
ent time befoje tlje Conqttcft. 

s>cconDlp, 2Dl)e reafon intljofe troubtefom timcg, Cnce tljcficOt going ctjerof 
tljc teing c 30 Ijatl) bitn tain ) is not aTloiuen of, but a feilin \9 reqititen bcfojc 
t^at time, luljen time?! ujere regular anti peaceable. 

^ Qui autem per cartam pro certo fervitio, &c.'] %%{$ bjancl; i$ A-'^'funch. 
repeatcn befojc, ann conplen toitlj tl;e firif, being botl) to one cffett. 

^ Et fi hsereditas aliqua, 8cc. ] jToj parceners, fee tljc fira part of tlje s- ^""icfc- 
Inftitutes, Sed. 241. & le Cuftumier de Norm. cap. 30. fol.4(5. tenure per parage, 
i. per coparcenarie, Sc cap.3d.fol. 55. 

C Ille qui habet enitiam partem. ] %%i^ is to be itnuerttrott after par«= 24E.3. 34-7?' 
tition, foj before t|)at tlje elDeft Ijatl) not enitiam partem, ma tljcrefoje befoje Htbernia^"^' 
partition tljis^rt ejctcntuB not to it, anD before partition t|)ere can be no contri;^ vet. Mag, char, 
bution, a0 Ijereafter fljall be faio, but in tlje i^ing? cafe all tljc ccpsrccncrs 
fljall Do fuit ag tucll after partition a<3.bcfoje> ann fo fljall tljcir fciictal feofj= 1''-n<b. 159. 
fttis, fo} tljis! 0£t ejctennef^ not to tljc lUing, foj tlje toojusi be, ad curiam mag- 
natum, &c. 

3lf ttie elDctt after partition toill not bo t^e fuit, in tlje cafe of a common 
perfon tljc llojn map Ditttein tlje ot^er parcencr0, as well as clje clDcft fojtlje 
fuit, anD tlje otljer parceners map ^atie upon tljis act a ?I!ffltrit againtt tljc el# '^^^e'^- 174- 
ncft tQ compel Ijec to do tlje fuit, anD if tlje eloeft Dotlj tbe fuit, ann lijc rcfimte ''• ^'^' ^^^' 
lefuCe to contribute to Ijer cl}arge,fi;e fijall Ijaije upon tljip j^st a W.tii, Dc con- 
tributione facienda to compel tljem to contribute. 

F.N.B. i5$>; 

%_ Qui habet enitiam. ] SnD pcttljtg :att ertensetl) to tlje fcoff« of ^im 
ttjat tjatlj enitiam pattern, anD fo it is of t^e tenant bp t^c cuttefie. 

j^ote, a tootnan map be a free fuitcr to tlje Courts of tlje iJ.o?D, but tljouglj 
it be generallp faiD, tliat tlje liit fuiterg be ^vibgt?' i\\ t|jefc Courtg, it i? iw* 
«nDeD cf men, anD not of laomen. 

^ Et fi plures feoffati fuerint de hsereditate aliqua de qua unica ^- ^uncb. 
fefta debeatur, Dominus unicam feftam habeat. j jEfjis is to be uu«= 
DerttoBD, eitljcr \i3ljen tlje tenant IjolDetlj bp fuit, anD enfeoffetljotljccsleDeralli), f.n.b. 159. 
one of one part, anD anotljcr of anotljcr part, gfc. in certain •, tljerc tije Lojd ^y\l''^\^f' 
lljall Ijaije but one fuit, anD Ije tljat Dotlj tlje fuit fl;all Ijaue a Sffirtt De contri- Br^rto'ns cafe.'' 
butione facienda againft tlje otljers : o; laj'^ere tljc tenant tljat Ijohictli bp one 
■ Cuit infeoffetJj manp joinilp, tljep l^all make but one fuit i as tX.y lyall ulif 
Uer but one Ijatuk, o;i otljer intire ferijtce ■■> anD if one of tljcm lot!) lije fuit, 
l^e lljali not lja\3e a Writ De contributbne facienda bp tljis £(1, foj ttijen tljc pot;^ f.n.b. 152. d. 
feflion is iuDiViiDeD, auD intire, tljere can be no contribution i but if one of tlje sruertonscafe' 
lopnt fcofEecs make a feoffment in it, iljc feofftt fljall do a fcticral fuit, anD "^i fup. 
tljc rea of tljc jopnt fecffss fljall do but one. 5lnD if one of tljc federal feoffees 
Dot^ t^e fuit, if tlje otljcr fcoffas Le DiQraincD foj tlje ft:it, tljep fijnll Ijaiic a 
OTcit againC tlje iiojD to Difcljarge tljem of tljc fuit, toljerein it is to be notcD, Regift. 174,17^; 
< as befoic ijatlj ben obEerbcD j lu^at artious arc grouuDcD upon tl^is auDotljet 177- 
tlje like a>taiiitc0, tt^cuglj no mention be wace of tljem in tlje .3C0, all toljiclj 
appear in tlje Rcgiitcri 


1 2 o S^arlehridge. Cap. i o. 

♦o E.3.5. ?4 a(r. Sf parcel of tlje lann IjolDcn bp fuit come to tlje Ijantus of t^e iLojn, all tlje 
^- 24 £.3.73. fuit iis gone, fojljencitljer can recctijej uojmafee contribution. 

5 . , _ 
Erucrcons cafe 

T. Branch. ^ Et fi feofiati illi Warrantum, vel medium non habeant. "] 

For warranty and ^\ju i0 to U% it tljc? Ijabe ttcttter onc to iuarrant bp fpccial grant, noj anp 

iTa"t*of thVin- *"^^"^ ^? tenure \U^tcl) OUgljt to aqtlit tljem, tunc omnes illi feoffati pro portione 

flit. Seft.i42. ^"^ contribuant 8cc. 2El)is clatife vs to bc uncerSajii of fetjeral tenants, ag l^at^j 
bitn fain before : Snti no pictJiCon is mane bp t%i3 0(t concerning contribution, 
tol;erc tl;c parties are p?ouiDc5 foj bp grant oj tenure, 

s. B>-mb. C Si autem contingat quod Domini, &C. "] ^tte is a remcDp gibe« 

to tljE tenant againll tlje Jloju, if Ije ciftrain conirarp to tW Statute, 

7 E.4.14. 9 H.7. C Donee Domini fedam iliam recuperaverint, &c. ] Nota, tjjc 
12 H. 7. 15. fuit t^at is paC cannot be recobercD, but Damages fo; t^e fame. 

9. sranch. ^ Simili autcm modo fi tenentes- poft hanc conftitutionem fiib- 

traliant, &c. '] ^ett i$ remecp gil^cn to t^e 3Lo?d againU Ijis tenant tl;at 
fljall luitljDjatjj Ijis fuit, 

fl Currat Lex communis. "] ^ac befo:e, Cap.7. 

CAP. X. 

DE Tournis Vicec' provilum eft quod nccefle non habeant ibi 
venire Archiepifcopi, Epiicopi, Abbates, Priores, Comites, 
Barones, nee aliqui viri religiofi, (eu mulieres, nifi eorum praien- 
tia ob aliquam cauiam fpecialiter exigatur,' fed teneatur Tournus, fi- 
cut temporibus prxdecefibrum Domini Regis teneri confuevit. Et 
qui in [diverfis"] bund' habeant tenementa, non habeant necefle ad 
hujufinodi Tournos venire, nifi in balivisubi foerint converfantes. Et 
teneantur Tourni fecundum formam Magns Charts, & ficut tempo- 
ribus Regum Fvichardi & Johannis teneri conlueverunt. Vide Mag. 
Char. cap. 3 5. 

Mirror.c.i. §.ifr. ^De Tournis Vicecomitis provifum eft quod necefle non habeant 
Ma^'.^ca'r't.°c.*3'5. '^^ vcnire Archiepifcopi, Epiicopi, Abbates, Priores, Comites, Baro- 
& hie ca. 18.24. nes, nee aliqui viri religiofi, feu Mulieres, nifi eorum prcefentia ob ali- 
quam caufam fpecialiter exigatur. '] 

snijis is tlje firft bjanclj of tljis Cljapter. 

515cfo;e tljc malxtng of tl)is gstatute, tlje sljeviff in Ijis STourn, anu t^c 

JLojtis of ilffts DtQ ufe to amerce 0rcl)fcifijOps , £;ifi)ops , P?io?s, Cl;arls> 

8H. 4. 15. iEaronSj religious men antiUiomen, if tljep came not to tlje 2tourns, ojto 

12 H. 7. 15. tl)C lleets of otljcrs, becaufe fo: fuit real no fiiltrefs can be taken , but foj 

t^c amerciaments foj Default of fuit, iBljiclj tliis 0£t Dotlj remesp ■, foj notf , 

f&ing it is i;erebp pjotjioeo ttiat tl;e perfons abotoe nameo Itall not mtu 

to SViarlebridgi. 121 

to come to , aCctirncg, jc. tl;ercfo?c fcj tljcir not romiug tljcj) cannot Ic 

iFirft, Ijcar toljat tIjC Mirror faitlj of tljis matter : Abufon eft dc fufRr afam Mirror wp 5. § r. 
deins le Realme oulkr 40 jours, que il ibit del age de xij aiis, iqfuis Anglois ou 
Alien, fil nc (bit jure al Roy per ferement del tlaky &: plevifc, & in decennc i A- 
bufion eft que Clerks & ferns font exempt de fairealRoy le dit feiement, de fico- 
me le Roy prcnt lour homage, & lour Ralty pur terre. ■ .. 

i^OlBtlji? oatlj 10 tocnnyjeirco in Bricton, Voillons nous que treftouts ceux 
dexij. ans, defouth nouf facent le feiement que il?, ferr' foiall & loiall, & que ilz CaU 
ne ferr' felons ne aux felonies affentants. '"''■'s cafe 

ano it t!S toojtljp of obferUation, tljat bp tlje Common liaiu, p^arfonis of 
CljUWljCS, tl)at Ijao Curam animarum, t\)t bcttct to pcrfojm tljeif fitnflion, 
iBCfc not comi-icllablc to come to aCournes, ox iectgi ano if tljep lucre tii^ 
ftraincD to come tl)itl)cr , tfjE}) migljt Ijabe a Mlrit, Cum fccundum confue- p^sift*''^''?^*. 
tudinem Regni noftri pcrfonae Ecclefiaftics ratione terrarum &.tenement6rum ' •^•'^°* 
fuorum Eccleliis fuis annexorum ad veniend' ad vifum frar.c' pleg' in Cur 
iioftra, vel alio^^um quorumcunque, &c. Mlljereb}) it apjjcarctS) tljat t!)ie tEffilrit 
is grounocD upon tlje Common Jiato, being tlje general cuflom of tlje Kcalmi 
JlE'ut otljcr Clerks ( tljat be no |3arfons of Cl)UtcljC3 luttlj Cure j unnec 
mbicl) name all CcclcfiaCical |)arfonis regular ano fecular arc containeUj 
if tbep be uittraineD to come to 2Eourne oj Jiat, tljep Ojall Ijabe a mrit 
reciting tljis Statute to be nifcljargeu tliereof. Mlljiclj tBrit beginnetlj, 
Cum de communi confilie provifura fit quod viri religiofi non habeant necelTe ve- Regift. ubifupri. 
iiire ad Tournum Vicecom, 8cc. 

&0 likebjife ttomen fball Ijabe t\t like Mrit, Cum de communi con- Regifi. ubi fupra. 
filio, &c. Provifum fit quod mUlieres non habeant necefle venire ad Tour- ^'-N.B.idi. 

SnD it isf a rule of latj), tljat iM^enfoeuet a Mrit tiotlj recite a Statute, 
tljcre tljc Statute ootl) introouce a neto ilato. 

i^oiu albeit tlje abotielaiu pctfons be crempteti from ttjeir perfonal coming to 
tlje 2Courn ano Jlrct, ano manp otljec pcjfonp nctier tojk tljc fato oatlj of ^llc!* 
giancc, pet ate all ^vi^tH of iuljat quality, pjofcffion, oj Ity, foeuer, as firmlp 
bounuen totlieir Allegiance, as if tljep Ijao taken tl)e oatlj, becaufe it is \x^%itf 
ten bp tlje finger of tlje JLaU) in c^crp one of tljeir Ijearts, anD tlje taking of tl^c 
cojpojal oatl), is but an outtoaru nctlaration of tl;c fame. 

3;n tlje Cljapter nert before, p^oDifion toas maue fo; Doing of fuit ferbice, 
tiotu in t^is Cljaptcr a Jiato is mane concerning fuit real, bp rcafon of 

^ De Tournis Vicecom*. ~] %%ii Courne of t'^c ^Ijeriff is Cu- Mag.chart. c.35. 
ria Vicecpm' Franci plegii C aS it Ijatlj been fatB ) ano tljerefoje tljis M ejti^ ^f'^R^h^^°' 
tencetl) to all fleets ano mm% of iTrankpleugc, of all ot^er JLojUs ann Jj^; '^'S"'i7s, 

- ^ Neceffe non habeant. '] 2Cl)at is, f^ep are not compellable to come, ' 

but left to tljeir Otnn liberty, Nifi eorum prsfentja ob aliquam caufam fpecialiter - 
exigatur, as to bca1aiitnefs,8jtijeUkc. ' .', .. . . .; 

f Nee aliqui viri religi'ofi. ] Religiofi iv. i\t pjoptr fcnfe are taken See the firft part 
foj tljofe tljat be regulars , but Cccletiaftical p?rfons> tljat be feculars, are ?/« i??. ""'* 
alfo toitljin ttjis 0cf, anu f^at iotl) notablp appear bp a Writ in tlje ISegitter, 
Cum perfons Ecclcfiafticae non habeant neceffe venire ad Tournum Vicecoifi, vel 
ad vifum franci plegii, &c. juxta Formamprovifionis dc communi confilio Regni 
iioftri in conlimili cafu pro viris religiofis fadx, &c. Mlljerebp it appearetl), t^fit 
Ccclefiaftical pcrfons fecular, ace in confimili cafu mit^j tljemt^iatbe Religiofi, in confimiii caG>. 
ann (onfe(j,uentlp ujitljin t^is ;3[tt. 

' « CSed 

122 (ff^dartebridge* Cap.ii. 

Mag.Cha«.c.35. ^ Sed teneatur Tournus ficut in Temporibus predecefibrum Do- 
mini Regis teneri confueverunt, & teneantur Tourni fecundura for- 
mam Magn^ Chartse, & ficut temporibus Regis Richardi & Johan- 
nis teneri confueverunt. "] 3n tW 52 pear of H. 3. fo long it m$ 
bp. effluxion of time Cnce tljc reign of H. 2. mentioneir in Magna Char- 
ta, tljat tW M IjaD jutt caufe to i^aDe reference to tlie timcis of R. i. 
ano iiinss John. ^" 

^ Et qui in diverfis Hundredis habeant tcnementa, non habeant 
necelTe ad hujulmodi Tournos venire nifi in ballivis ubi fuerint 
F.N.B. 1^0. converfantes. ^ ^tvt Hundredum ijs tafeen Pro vifu francl plegii : fo as t^e 
M»g.chart.c.3y. fenfe is, t^at \)t to^tcl) W^} SCenementsi in t%z SCourn, ano in fome ottjet 
Dieiu of ftanfepfeoge of fome otljcr Jiojo, oj in niucrs uietos of franftpleogc, 
ije (Jjall not nteu to come to anp otter l)iit toljere Ije is conDerfant, ano ^un*: 
Bjerrs ijere are nameti, iecaufe ^Ijeriffs C as Ijatlj hm hifi ) feept tW^ 
SCourncs in cDctp ^ttnojef . 

4[ Ad hujulmodi TouriloSi "] l^ere Toumus is tafecn not onip 
foj ttie JSings Dieto of franbjjleoge, Ijutfbjt^eiJietos of frankpledge of otljes 


1^ In ballivis. ] il^ere Balliva is ta&en {0% t\)t %mxn oj JL«t to^cre 

!)e is conUerfant. 
3 J H.6M.9. 3if a man ijatl) a tjoufe toittin ttto ilaets, |e (IjaH be ta&en to it conJwrfant 

19 H.d.foi.i.a. iaijere W ^^ iss, foj in tW part of f^c tioufe Ije is moft conDerfant, ano '^ere 

cottijerfant fljall be taften foj moll contjerfant. 
Mag.chart.c.35. 3if a man ijatlji a i^oufe ann famtl? in ttDo !^un5?e5s, fo as U is in JLatu 
&hiccap.9. conljerfant oj cotttwojant in botb ^unojeDS, ?et Ijcfijall 00 ^is fuit to tfie 
p n'r' ■/''•^^'h STourn oj ?lfet toljere Ijis perfon is commojant. 
36 i%cip! JLaftlp, if anp man be gcieueo in anp tljtng contrarp to tU puruieto of tW 

Statute, \)C fijafl babe an action grounueo upon tW Statute c as often in ot^ec 

cafes Ijatb ban obferben) foj |jis remebp ano relief therein, tDi^icl; actions appeat 

in tlje Mcgifter. 

CAP. xi. iE.3. "pjRovifum eft etiara, quod nee in Itinere Juftic', nee in Comi- 
Brkton^foi.'32, X ^^^■> ^" Hundred", nee in Curia Baron' de caetero capientur fines 
Fleta li ab aliquibus pro pulchre placitand', neque £pro eo^ quod non oc- 
cafionentur. Et (ciendum eft, quod per iftam conftitutionem non 
toUuntur fines certi, feu prsftationes arrentatx a tempore quo Do- 
minus Rex primum transfretavit in Britanniam ufque nunc. 

:■ .J...IAV, 

^efojc ttie mafeing of tW Statute, Suffices in tlBpte, t^je ^uito^ 
in ttie CourtB of tbe Countp, l^mojeo, ano Court 51Baron Dio ufe to fet 
lines at tljcir plcafute upon t\)t SDefenoant 01 plaintiffj ^Tenant oj JSHi!- 
manoant, ano not upon tlje Councel learneo foj btcious pleaoing i anO 
tlje rcafon tljereof toa?, foj tljat it ttias in oelap of lull ice, ano fo a contempt ta 


Cap. 1 2. S^arlehridge, 125 

t\)t Court, anu tljeu %t. liau Icaijc to amena it, aim to make it perfett, lubiclj 
isj caUen Beaupledcr. SEljisi M confiftctl) upon tUio biantl)cs t 315p tljc ficff 
all fittEiS inccrtaitt foj Diciou? ykatiing;, ana foj amcnument tljcrcof, arc toljoUp 
tafeen atoa^ 

lEptlicfcconD, fines cmatitfojljtcioujsplcaiiing, ana ameniimcnt tijcrcdf 
affcfffS fince tlje firft going of H. 3. into Britain, toljiclj Ujais in tl;c 14 jjcat of 
iig taign, arc not tafeen atoap bp tljig Statute. 

^ Pro pulchre placitando. "] gin trutlj it toasf, as \)&t% ian faiir, ag 
tocll in rcfpcct of tljc ijicious picaDing, as of tlje fair plcauing bp toap of 

%W crtcnucD to plcanings, ano not unco Countg antipletnt«, ncttljcmotl) 
it cjctcnu to tbc liingis Ijigljcr Courts of luflicc, hut to tljcfc four Ijcre nameo, 
foj in tW i^ig^cr Courts tljcrc toere fair ano gcoo plcanings , totctcof tl;c (!l;n#= 
glift^oet (fpcafeing of tlje Serjeant at ilaUJ) faitlj, 

Thereto he could indite and make a thing, Chaucer. 

There was no wight could pinch at his writing. 

C Neque pro eo quod non occafionentur. 3 SCljat is, tfiat foj ti^at 
caufe tljep Hioulo not be occaOoncD oj troulilcii. 

5f anp man be gricucu contrary to t\iz pur\)ietn of tW Statute, Ije mapljaUc p j^'b IJo 
an aaion in nature of a pjobibition upon t'^is Statute. i j e.i'. At'tach- 

mcnt 8. 
^ Non toUuntur fines certi. '] anu tly: rcafon of tW toas, foj 
tljat fines certain greto ^i^^ confent, anu tljerefojc tljis Sd: tcofe tljcm not 
atoap, foj Omnis confenfus tollit errorem, ano 3 Jia^C fen ano 00 fenoto 

in ciijcrs Court lEarons, 5tc. fincjs certain foj Beaupleder pain to t^is 


IN placito vero dotis, quod diciturun'de nihil habet, demur deVjdeyiH.?. 
cstero quatuor dies per annum ad minus, 6c plures li com- in Banco, in pi*; 
mode fieri poterit, ita quod habeat quinque vel fex dies ad mi- cico docis. 
nus per annum. In affifis [ autem ] ultimx prsfentationis , & 
in placito Quare impedit de Ecclefiis wacantibus, dentur dies de 
quinden' in quinden', vel de tribus feptimanis in tres feptimanas, 
prout locus fuerit propinquus, vel remotus. Et in placito Qua- 
re impedit, fi ad primum diem ad quem fummonitus fuerit, non 
venerit, nee effonium milerit impeditor, tunc attachietur ad ali- 
um diem, quo die fi non venerit, nee effonium miferit, diftrin- 
gatur per magnam diftridionem fupcrius datam. Et fi tunc non 
venerit, per ejus defaltam fcribatur Epilcopo illius loci quod re- 
clamatio impeditoris ilia vice conquerenti non obfiftat, (alvo im- 
peditori alias jure fuo, cum inde loqui voluerit. Eadem lex de 
attachiamentis faciendis in omnibus brevibus ubi attachiamenta 

R 2 jacent 

124 S\darlebridge, Cap. 12. 

iacent de oetero ( quoad diftridiones faciendas ) firraiter obferve- 
tur: ita taraen quod fecundum attachiamentum fiat per raeliores 
plegios, & poftraodum ultima diftriftio. [_ Vide Artie' fuper Char- 

%l)t mikWi befojc tU^ 0(t toag, 2C^at in a mtit of SDotoer, Unde nihil 
habet, tljcrctoete naps of common tctojn, ais in otljct real actions, Doljic^ luas 
mifcl)tei)0U!S to ttje toonian, in refycct of tl)C long Dtlap, fljc claiming litit an 
Eftate fo; Ijer life, tu^iclj mtCcljief tljig Statute, as bp tljc letter tljereof ap^ 
pearctlj, notl) temeop. , 

0nD tW Statute in fatjour of SDotocr i<s alfo cjctentieij agamtt tbc 
moutite, foj tljis Sid fait^. In placito dotis, anfl tbe Uouci^ee is in Pla- 
cito dotis. 

32H.8.cap.2i.l f[ Unde nihil habet.] KW 21& ejttenw not to aCafftitof ISiglit 
of gDotoer, iuttljc Statute of 32 H. 8. tj:mm to it, neitbec Dot^ t^iis 0ct 

CjCtenU to a Mlrit of SDotoCr ad olHum Ecclefias, 0} ex aflenfu Patris, UttlcfS 

it be Unde nihil habet, but tl)e faiB 0rt of 32 H. 8. cytenw to mrp Writ 
of 2Doti)cr. 

26E.3.7S. C I" ^^^^^ ultiraae pr^feriut' 8c in placito Quare impedit. ] 

17 E.3.21. jCljiS 0Ct ejctenDCtlj not to a tEiSrit of Quare non admifit, noj to an Incumbra- 

18 E. 3. jour 19. ^j^^ ^yj jjj^jp jj, jj[jg 0{j^f£ £,{ Darrein prefentment, aW) Quare impedit, anu t^C 

rcafon f^erecf is, foj fear of tlje lays. 

01 Dentur dies de quindena in quinden'. 3 315p affcnt of parties a 
»' H.^.i3- jj,„gj.j jgp ^jjp jjg gi^f„ tljtn is pjcfctiben bp tliis 0ct, but t^at alTent muft 

ht entref of JSecoju. 
44 E.j.f . ano it i0 to be obferbeo, SCljat bp tl;e Common 3Latt great oelaps be Bifalsf 

39 H.6.40. lotoco in four fein»s of Actions, vii. in all ©ttrits of SDoluer, Quare impe- 

Arcic. fuper dit, ^ffife of Darrein prefentment, anD 0ffife of Novel difleifm, ant t^xt^ 

chartas.cap.15. f(,j£ no pjotedion lljall be allotojeu, oj eflbine de fervitio Regis Qiall be catt in 

anp of tljem. - ; A 

":, X- 


C In placito Quare impedit fi ad primum diem ad quern fummo-^, nitus fuerit non venerit, &c. ] 3t tlje Common liali) in a Quare im- 
247. Fkta lib.;, p^jjf^ tljc ^?occfs Uias fummonSj attatljmcnt, anu Dtitrcfs infinite, toljicl) teas 
c.i5. Bnt. 233. ^iftijip^jujg in rcfycct of tlje lapg, notu it is pjouiocD tljat if Ije appear not at 
" '^' tlje grano oiflrefs, ^uogment (?)all be giijen foj ttie l^laintiff, anB a ?KI!rit to 

tit ySittjo^ atoatoen. 

£ Default C Summonitus fuerit. ] put tlje cafe, tW upon tlje fummons, t^e 

17. i I H.d.4,s. jBDefencant is rctojueo nihil, ano at tlje attachment ano tidrefs, nihil alto, tljis 

21 n.6.if. cafe i0 out of tljc Jletter of t\)z Statute, foj tte jDefentant teas nci3er fum*= 

Lib.,- foi.4i- tnoneo, but it is faiD, + ^Dljat toljen t\)ne be tuio mifcliiefs at t^e Common 

^^^ 3Lato, anu tlje li'lTcr is pjoDineofoj bp eirpjefs tflojBS, tlie greater lljall be in^ 

fluDcu uutl)in tlje tame remeDp ^ arijis cafe vuljen nihil is returneD, is t^c grea«« 

ter mifcljicf, foi Ijc bp Ijis Default Oiall lofe notljing, but in tlic cafepjobineD, 

tit SDefencant bp liis Default Ojall lofe iffues, ano tljc JLaU) intenns tljat U 

toill ratljer appear tljcn lofe ilTues. 

a Quare impedit ip bjougljt againft t\DO, upon tlje DtCrcfs one totlj ap 

7 E.3.4. pear, ana tlje otljcr mafecs Default i in 7 E.3 . it uias refolbcD tljat tljc |Blaintiff 

CjDulD not paefentlp Ijabe a TOrit to t|)c IBifljop againft ^im tljat mahes nefanit, 


Cap. 1 2. (SAdarlebridge. 125 


fo^ tl;at it rnigljt be, tijat tljc otljcr ttat appearg fijall Iiabc agfaiuff tl^e "^Mw^i 
tif a Mrit to tlie 515ifi)op i ani) it toag tljere faiD, tljat it toas not rcafonablc, 
tiiat upon one original tijc pjaintif fl;DulD l;a\3C one XXLlxit to tljc l£t{l;op foj 
Ijim, ano anotl)er againft Ijimi bttt tljis nottoitljaanDtna'tljellMaintif Iptljiss 
Sitt ougljt to IjaUc againft Ijim tljat makris nefatiU a Mrit to tlje IPinjop i anD H H.y.ip.b. 
it i0 not againft reafon, if tljc otljcr aDcftntiant can tat tlje |Jlaintif, fo^ Ijim ^* ^- ^- ?9: •': 
to l)a\)e a Mrit to tlje llSifljop apinft tlje piaintif bp tijc Common Jiato, anD Evefquc 2? 
fo be t^e later HBcskg, auD common cypetience at tl)is cap. 8 H.4.2, ioH.^.4. 

^ Tunc attachietur ad alium dietn, quo die fi non veneritnec eflb- 'vjdehic c.2,& 15 
nium miierk. ■] EfTonium, 0; Exonium iji neriDeD of tlje i?rcncl; tjerb Effo- i,,&c Braa Lj?' 
nier, cj Exonier, toljicl) fignifietl) to ctfufe, fo ais an €{foine in legal ttncci:# foi-53t,33 5,&c. 
fianning is an ercMfe of a tcfanlt bp resfon of feme impctitmentj q% otilurbanfe, ^"^- "p- 122, 
ann is as iocil ioi tljc |3lainttf as tlje SDefeuiant, anc is all one Toiitl) tlji^t luViclj \^^2. 0.7*8 &" 
ti^ Ci\)ilians call Excufatio. ^ j©f Clfoin!?, ti^ere Ijabc ban (as me tcao in our Mirrcr'c' 2'. § lo. 
310CDks) fibe feinUj!, viz. i. De fervitio Regis. 2. In tcrram fandtani. 3. Ultra DeEffoines, & 
mare. 4. De malo Ledti, in OllC olO JlBffiks callcB EfTonium de reliantifa. 5. Et ^^P- 1: | ^* . „ 
de malo veniendi, ant tljis latt iiS tlje common Ctfoinc, luljicl) is incenocD in ^^^^^^ ;''^ 

t^isatf. ^ 10 H. 4, 5. 8 H.J. 

31n a Quare impedit, oj Darrein prefentment, an (Effoine de fervice le Roy, ad EIToine 195. 
terram fandtam, 01 ulta mare Ipetlj not foj Botlbt of tlje lap?, but a common ©f^ ^; ^- ^^9}7- , 
loine IjJCtl), ano of (JElIoineS tlje Mirror fain lUCll, Abufion elt que faux caufes Mirror ubi fupra. 
de EfToincs font refceivable de cy que droit ne allowe fauxime in nul cafe, & abuli- . 
on eft dallower ElToine in perfonel Adion i i^OJ tlje fame ^Utljo;^ treating De Ar- f^'""' "■*' ^^P"- 
tides per viels Roys ordein, laitlj, Ordein fueront Effoines in mixt Adions, & 
realls, & ne in perfonels ■■, ^nD 3 fino not in Glanvill anp Cffoincs, but iu real 
ant mitt actions, but befoje tljc malting of tljtg act, (Elfoinesi iwere allotoeij 
in perfonal 2(tiong. • , 

Non jacet EfTonium, quia fummonitio teftificata non eft, vel pars non attachia- Y"^^ '^ ?'-^* ^"'• 
tur, eo quod Vicecomes mandavit quod non eft inventus. nfa^do "2° h'(5 Ts 

^ Per ejus defaltam Icribatur Epifcopo quod reclamatio impedi- 2 H.4.i.b. 22H.6. 
toris ilia vice conquerenti non obfiftat.'] Upon t^efc toojtis of tljigi ^tt i^^^^ H^d.i.a. 
t^t piaintif fijall Ijabe a Mrittotlje 51Bifijop toitljout mafeing of anj» title. • ■ • 3 • n. 

SEljc »>tatute faif^ onlp, Scribatur Epifcopo, auD pet tlje piaintif fljall Ijabc 2 H.4.1. 84E.3.3^ 
iotl) a SSarit to tlje 5Bifljop, ann beCues a Writ to enciuire of Damage? i if t^t 38 E.3.12. 
31Bi(i)op be out of tljc Kealnt, a S^rit to tte llBifljop map be atoarDet to Ijijs tltlii» 
car general, foj %t is ixi place of tlje SBilbop. 

BfcftbcSDefcnoant appear at tlje granootflrefs, ann tafee a Bap bp precepar- 13E.3. breal 
tium, ano after make Default, no Mrit fijall be atjarneo to tlje ilBifljop, foj tljis ^"^'"1"^ i?- 
C(ife in ccfpett of Ijijs appcwance is out of tljc Statute, but a neto niarefis fljall 
Je atonrtico. 

^ Conquerenti. ] ac^c iSing fijall take tlje benefit of tljis Statute. H £• ?• 

f[ Eademlex de attachiamentis, Sec. ] SEljiisiistljelaft claufcoft^iiS 
Chapter, ano i$ to be itnocrftroD accojuing to t^c letter, ant neeuetl) not anp 


126 (S\darlebndge. Cap. ij- 


Dicr 5 EI. 224. TTT (ciendum eft [quod^ poftquam aliquis poluerit (e in inquifitio- 
is £112.324. r^ nem aliquam, quse emerferit, vel emergere poterit in hujufmo- 
di brevibus, non habebit nifi unicum eflbniura, vel unicam defaltam, 
ita quod fi ad diem fibi datum per eflbnium fuum non venerit, aut 
(ecundo die defaltam fecerit, tunc inquifitio ilia per ejus defaltam 
capiatur, fecundnm inquifitionem illam ad judicium procedatur. Si 
vero inquifitio ilia capta fuerit in comitatu coram Vicecom' vel Co- 
ronatore, ad Jufticiarios Domini Regis ad certum diem eft remittend'. 
Et fi pars rea non venerit ad diem ilium, tunc propter defaltam ipfius 
aflignetur & alius dies, fecundum difcretionem Jufticiariorum, & 
mandetur Vicecomiti, quod ad diem ilium faciat eum venire ad au- 
diendum judicium ( fi velit ) fecundum inquifitionem illam. Ad 
quem diem fi non venerit, propter defaltam luam procedatur ad ju- 
dicium. Eodem modo fiat, fi non veniat ad diem fibi datum per eflb- 
nium fuum. 

o R -, FiTn t,« SClje ttiift^ief befoje tljijaf S>tatitte toajs foj ti^c great ticlap tljat migijt come ta 

2 R.2. tno. 59. j^j^ ^^gjj^j^j ^„ g„^ pcrfonal acton. 

([ Inquifitionem aliquam. ] JCljat ist, Diljcn ilfuc is jopnco, anii t^e 5e«» 
fcimant ponit fe fuper patriam, & prsdid' querens fimiliter. 

SiW Statute cictn«ict'() not to a fientutrct in JLaU). 

21E.4.74.78. 31nanartton of Oebt un cuftome de London fuit alledgc Scdcnieperle pi': 

%W ttfue fijaU not be trteD bp ^tt^ueft, butbpt^e certificate of t^e ^apoj bp 
t^e ttlOUt^ of tlje MCCOJtier, Proces ifluift al Maior a certifier a quel jour le def* 
pria deflre eflbine, ano luas; effoineD bp t^ie opinion of t'^e indole Court, foj tW 
trial toa? not per patriam. 

19 E. 3. cnbine 21 C ^"^ unicum eflbnium. 3 ^ere eflbnium is tafecn foj a common ei^ 

19 H.5.51. [oiwe, ano extennctlj not to tlje cffoine de fervitio Regis, &c. 

25 E.3.8. sniiiis ig to be unoerllcDD luliere an elfoine ootl) lie, foj t'^isi 0(t reftrainet^ 

cclaicis, ano gibetlj not anp, iul^ere none toas befoje. 3nB tijetefoje after if^ 
fuc in a Scire fac', tljc Dcfcnoant lljail not be cffoineo, becaufe no effoine lpct|> 
in tljat cafe, & fie de fimilibus. 

3 E.4.19. 3l5ut if tljere be oiberis tenants! in a praecipe, 01 oibers DefcnOantg in a perfo^ 

nal action, albeit in liato t'^epbebut one tenant, oj one nefenoant, pet eaci) 
of tljcm fi;all Ijabe one elfoine i ano fo Ijat^ tljijs M ban ejcyountieD. 

20 E.-. Effo. 30. C ^^^ unicam defaltam, &c. ] ^yon confilietation of ti^efetoojo?, antt 
22E.3. 4. 7! of ttefe toOjOlS fubCeCluent, tunc inquifitio ilia per defaltam capiatur, ttUO con*^ 
2 R.2. eflbine 159 clufions ate coHedeti. i. SCi^at 1^10 Sid cjrtentictl) to tlje Bcfennant, ano not 
Di"" V' ^°^^^^ plaintif, becaufe t'^e oefenbant mafeetli default, ano on tlie plaintiff 
is^EiizT'^r^''* fi^^ " ^^ ^^^^^^ ^ i^on^futt t alfc tte enqueC i0 atoarueD bp tlje Default of t^e 

oefenoant. Snti laftlp, tlie mifct)icf toas fo} tl)e oelap of tlje plaintif bp t^e 
oefencant, ann tljcrcfoje tlje Delap iwljiclj tl)e plaintif makctij l^iimfelf is out of 
t^c mifcl)ief, ano temainis at t^z Common JlaU). 

Gap. 1 4* ctMarlebndge, I2'7 

%\)Z ftconti conclHflon ip, tijat tljis Stt is to U tfiiDetacoB in pti adion perfo*; ^ h (5 io 
nal, foj tljat no euciucil in anp action real can i)c taken bj tcfauU. 9 h.?, 12,13. 

Dier. ubi fup. 
f[ Si veto inquifitio capta fuerit in comitatu, &c. '] SlIjc incaning 
cf tl)is daufc ig, tljat if after i^\xt |opncD in a l)afc Court, tljc Bcfcntiant Ijatfj 
]^aii ii0 cffomc, pet if tlje plea be remotico before tl)c iaings 3Culliccg, Ijc fljall 
Ijabe anotljer effoine befoje t^e Sufticc?, foj ttie pjocaoing in tlje bafc Court \% 
not of rccojn abouc. 


DE chartis vero cxemptionis, & libertatis, ne ponantur imp'e- w.2. cap.28. 
trantes in affifis, juratis, vel recognitionibns aliquibus: Pro- ^^ "•'^' *^'3- 
vifum eft, quod fi adeo neceflarium fit eorum juramentutn, quod fine 
eis juftitia exhiberi non poterit ( veluti in magnis afiifis, & in peram- 
bulationibus, & in chartis vel fcriptisconventionum, uti fuerunt teftes 
nominati, aut in attindis, vel alris oonfimilibus ) )urar' cogantur, fal- 
va fibi alias libertate, & exeraptione fua praedifta. 

f[ De chartis vero exemptionis Sc libertatis, &c.] !^erebj> it ap«; ?4H.(5. 25. per ■■ 
pearctlj tbat t^iiS M iP in affirmance of t|)e Common lain, foj ebcrp Cbartcr '^^y'^- 
of anp ifrancljife oj Ubcrt}? lutiatfoetoer, b? reafon toijereof t^erc fljottlo be a ^' ^•4'47-0' 
faiJer of %\x^kt, iss boiD ano of none tfitA i\x Jlalu, as i\\ t^c cafe of conufanis, 
anb tW cafe of exemption, 

%u tW ^Ict tljcrc be four e,rampfeis fet uoton, vi?. tljc granb HfTife in t^e i2E.4i 
Mritof Kigbty in tlje Mrit of Rationabilibus divifis, Ijcre calleb in perambu- 1?- 'sH.iS. 42. 
lationibus, in SDabs iuljcre tuttnefrc^ be namcb, anb in ^ttaintis. - ^^^^ exempt. 6. 

C Rationabilibus divifis. 1 

Magtht ajjifa inter Prior em cle Tytiemurm petentcm, ^ Simonem de Pafch. igE.i.rot, 

Riicejire tenentem^ de co qitod idem Simon fermittet ratiofiabiks- divi- thamb^dl^i^iol' 

fas p'eri htter ferrets iffim Prioris in IVeiham, d^ terras jpfius Simo- nabilibus divifis. 

im in RiiceUre ^ Cicttt effc debet (& folet, Et unde idem Simon qui ^ ,„^ 
ri r ■, y- ■ rrf' -ii ^ = ^- ■'- Magna Aflifa 

tenens eit fojtnt Je m magnam ajjjjam lUam , & petit recogn pert , utrum ipfe majus 

vtrum ipje majus jus habet in quindecim acris terr£^ d>" quindecimacrk '"'> ^*^' 
mer£^ cum pert in' in Rucejlre * per metifs ^ dtviJM jid)jcriptas^ fciL'^^^'^i'^^'^^^^'^- 
incipiendo apttd altam viiim qtia extendit Je ultra Swalnjpotleche ,. e^ ' 
jic defccndendo per' Srcaltifpotlechye verfus A»Jirnm ufq'-^ Ryjdenburtie^ ubi 
Svpalnjpotkche li^ Rjjdenbnrne conjungunt^ d^ (ic afcendendo in Ryj- 
denbnme verfus Boream tifmc Aldeivylumnpay. €^ (ic adhuc per RytUen- ^"1? ^'^„; \f'^ 

I r D r t -n i r I I • 1 ' ■ r . in bjnc.roc. 20. 

rnrne verjus Boream ujque le Kedefora^ ubi alt a vm tr unfit "uerjm ?io- Sur' inc' Pnorera 
•mm CaiirHiHfuper Tynam fmitillas tenet' An pnedicius Prior per metas ^"^ ^""'^■■^ ^'x°' 

J. -r err ■ • • '■ • ; t n i r 1 j> r 1 rein de Hidawmt. 

aivTjas pvjcrjptas^ vrz. 7nrfp7endo apua Keaeford, & iicper altam vii^fu pafdi. 6 E.i. in 
•verjifs Occidentem ufquc MnnleJIjened^ d^ fic verjus OccidefTtem per dl- Bancrofts?. Sa- 
tam ■viam tcfq-^ SivaInJpot!ecf?e, & (ic de Smalnjpotlcrhe verj;^ Anjirum ^Jcird^ScVM. 
njque KjjdenbnrfiCj d^- fic di; Rjfdenburne verjus Boream ajcendendo Cof^^t perambu- 

128 S\d^arlebridge. Cap. 14. 

videPafc. 8 E. i. '{fl"^ Redeford pr<edidi' ficut iUm exigit : ven rccogv m forma prsdi^' 

in Baac. rot. 58. fer WiUielmtim de Haiilton^ Robertum de It7fnli, Ntckolanm de Pun- ■ 

chardon , Johanmm de Oggeill^ Johanmm de EjUtigton^ Rirhardum 

de Horfele, Hugotiem Gobion, Walterum de Egloythcmham^ David de 

" urn. CoitplaKd, Fratuotiem Tyeys^ Henrkum de Dytheend^ & Robertum dtt 

Maner, ^ mode venhint pr<ediCt' Simon d^ Prior per Attorn fuos: 

ju cum. Et pr^di&i milites fHper facramentttm fmm diawt^ qiiod pr£di&«f Si- 

mon majus jm hahet in prxdiBis tenementk per pr£di&as divifas per 
qt/as ilia tenet, quam pr^diitus^ Prior per divifas per quas ilia exigit. 
Idea COM p.deratitm eji, quod pr^diBus Simon eat inde fine die, d^teneat 
pr£di3Hm tenementum fibi d^ h^redibus fm per pr£cliBai divifas, fcil. 
incipiendo apud Stpalnefpotleche ubi alta via extendit fe ultra Sxvalne- 
Jpotlerhe, df'fc defcendendo per Srvalnefpotleche verjuf Aujirum ufque 
Ryfdenburne ubi Sn>alne^otleche d" Ryfdenburne conjungunt, d^fcaf 
cefidendo per Ryfdenburne verfus Boream ufque Aldevpybwiwey, d^Jicad- 
hftc per Ryfdenburne verfus Boream ufque k Redeford ubi alta via tran- 
(it verf/0 novum Cafrumfi/per Tynam, quiete de pr£di&o Priore d^ fuc- 

Finalc. cejforibus fnis, d^ Ecclejea fua de Tynemuvee imperpetuum, df' Prior in 

mifericordia, d^c. 

Pafch. 18 E. r. in Magna ajjifa inter Trior em de Tynemuwe petentem, d^ RichardumTur- 

Banco. rot. 72. pjf^ tenentcm de eo^ quod idem Richardus per mitt ct rationabiles divifas fi- 
Northumb. Mich. ^ . . ^ ^ ■ r d ■ ■ ■ u/ 1 ^ ^ • r n- i 1 "'• 

18 E.I. in Banc, ^rr rnter terras 7pjiuf r'rtortf rn Wylum, d^ terras ipjius Kichardt/s in 

rocytf.Nortliumb. Hoghton, ^cut cjje debent d^ folenf, df- unde idem Richardfts, qui tenens 
eji pofuitfe in tkagnam ajjifam illam, d^ petit recogn fieri, ntrum ipfe ma- 
] us jus habet in'medietate decern acrarum mor£,viginti acrarum terra, d^ 
• ' fexaginta acrarum hofci, cum pcrtin in Hoghton, per metas d^ divifas 

fubferiptas, videl. incipiendo ex parte Boreali de Ic Thvpertonerdike, df 
(ic verfus Boream ufque ad curfim aqu£ qu£ currit ititer le Strother de 
Hoghton, d^ le Strother de Rucejire, d^Jicfcut curfus illius aqu£ Je ex- 
tendit verfus Occidentem ufque Redeford, cf' fc defcendendo verfus Au- 
jirum ufque le Holleford, d^ (ic del HolJeford defcendendo verfits Aujirum 
• ufque Ryfdenburne, ufque adterram arabilem deWylum, d^ (ic per fof- 

fatumejufdem terr£ ujque lei Longhing quod vcnit de bofco de WyUwi, c^ 
lie defcendendo verfus Aufir»^t (icut Sygpethvpay fe extendit inter bofcum 
de Hoghton, d^" bofcum de Wyliim, df ufque Wylum Halugh, d^ (ic per 
fojfatum quod fe extendit verfus Orientem inter Wylum Halugh "d^ bo- 
fcum de Hoghton ujq'j AlberyUrother in parte Occidentali, df (ic per par- 
tem Occidentalem de Alberyjirother verfus Aujirum ufque les Pullys per 
partem Occidentalem, & Jic de les Pullys verfus Occidentem per quod- 
dam fojfatum uJque quoddam Run quod je extendit ufque aquam de Tyne 
jalva communia pa\lur£ eidem Priori ^ fuccejforibus fuk in pr£dicla 
' mora de Hoghton uJque le Thwertonerdike per partem Occidentalem, d^ 
fic per partem Occidentalem de le Br-hill, d" de Hyndefcharve, d^ (Ic ver- 
fus Aujirum defcendendo per le Greneleghe, d^ fc ufque Sygpethway fcut 
ea tenet, an pradiBus Prior per metas d^ divijas fubjcriptas, videlicet in- 
cipiendo in parte Boreali in Wylummore defcendendo verfus Aujirum per 
le Ihwertonerdikg ufque Thornrawe, d^(ic de Thornrarve ufque Martinpol 
verfus Aujirum, & (ic de Mortinpol ufque Aldehervey &fic defcendendo 


Cap. 1 4- SKdarkbridge. 129 

per le Haldckeyway vcrfm Antrum ultra Raveficsbtirne^ ^ (Ic de Rave- 

nesburne verjui Aitjlriwi (^ iteritm ultra Ravcricsbttrtie^ <^ fic de Ravc- 

nesburKe verjus Aitjirum itfq--^ Standundejia??^ &■ (ic de Standaadeflan ver- 

jjts aiijlrum iijq'-, le FiJIjcrcney vfq\ aquam de TytiC fiatt ilium exjgit, Venit 

recogti in for»upr(£di&a per Willidmitm de Huideton Robertum de Iti- 

Jiila, Nichol de Pimchardof?^ Joham^em de Oggil/, Johannem dc Bjling- 

ton^ Robertum de Qlar7tifigdon^ Richardum de Horjlee^Hjigonem Gohyon^ 

W alter um dc Eglejt?thaw^ David de Coufeland^Fra»cione Tyeis^ c^ Hefz- 

rtc de Dyckeead. Et modo ^emunt pr^dicl' Richardus, ^ Pnor per At- VerediiSurtl. 

turvatos jkos^ (^pr£d' Milites ^ft/per ficramei'tiim Jm/Jt dicunt quodpr^d' 

Richard/0 viuju-i jus habet tencndi ntedictat' prtcdiUorum ten per eajdcm 

metas d^ divifitf, per qiufs idem R'^cbardus fuperius clam\ quam pradilft/i 

Prior. Idea confiderat' eji quod predict uf Richardus eat inde fine die, c^ 

te/ieat medictat' pr^di&oriwi tcfi cum pertiven per prtcdiSas mctas d^ Judicium finale; 

divifas, per quas illam clam' (ibi (S"^ h^ered' fnk qu/ete de pr<edi&o Priore 

^ Jitccejjoribus fnis^ta^ Ecckdafua de Tynemuvpe imperpttuum, Et Prior 

in mifericordia. 

Vide Mich. i8 E. i. in Banco Rot.7d. Nortliumb. a notable KfCOJU. i*OJ tljtg 
Wixit Dc rationabilibus divills, ailH tljC Writ Dc perambulatioije tac', vide Regilh 
1 57. b. Glanvill lib p. cap.14. Bradton lib.4» fol.207. a. 2 1 1 . b. De perambulatione 
fac'. lib. 5.372.3. & 44+. De rationabilibus divilfs. Fleta lib. 4- cap. 15. lib. 5. 
cap. 9. 5p. 31 E.I. Droit 70, 5 E.3. fol.12. 28 £.3. fol.43. J4E.3. tit. Aid 23. 
29E.3.45. 45 E.3.4. 3 E.4.10. F.N.B. 128. m. &c. i33.d. &c. Vet. 73,74. Coke 
lib. intr. 565, 566. lib. intrat. Raft. 541. 4S>5. 

m^im all tljcfe ISecojug atm JlEofes, tlje Icarnitts of tljefe ttoo WixiiSi Santi^ 

r. 2Eifei0 Mrit of Rationabilibus divifis isi a Wrtt Of l>(gl)t in Ijts nature, 
tu^erein 2DattaiI, auD tl)C granD ^ffife Itet^ tm jwDgemcnt final fijr.U be ^y 
ien : 3in tljis tKItrit t'^e DieUa anu tHoticljcr ig to be gtanteB, anu ctplees are to 
be lain, aUD ttltSiMvit Eft breve adverfarium. 

2. %%t Mrit De perambulatione facienda,i iS no Writ of i\tgljt in ljt9 nature, 
anfi \% Breve amicabile, anH IjaD b? confcnt of parties. 

3. 2Dfte perambulation wapbemaoeas! tocUbp commiffionto certain pcrfon^ 
au bp Mtritv but iMt p^ocecning, De rationabilibus divilis, i0 bp Mirit onlp. 

4 %\ii% is! common to tljem botlj foj a nibiCon to be mauc bcttocen .leDeral 
SCoums oj !^amlets. 

5. 3lf it be foj a oibifion bctlD^n mo CoHnticg, foj tlje better ciccctions of 
&l)er{ff0, Cojoner0, auD otljcr tlje iiingg ^ifficers, anD ^iniCcrgj it mu9 be 
Done bp ttie fcingsi Commiffion untier t^e great &cal, but tlje niijifion l^crcbp 
mane njall not eiiop j conclude tlje parties iutereffeD in tljc l^no. 

tHpon tlje bcroict in anp of tlje four eicamplcp bcfoje mentioned, no C3!rit of 
attaint DOt^ lie i tljcn foKoliJCtl) tljCfe iUOjDS, Et in aliis calibus coniiirjilibus : 
SCljefe bpt^elLettcr of tljis Statute, mulibefuclj, astljcreupon no attaint Botlj 
Iie> as! in t^e Partitione fac'j anD otljcr infiueCg of office, ag Ijatlj becniriti: 
31Eut all Cljatterg terifiing to t^e failer of 3uttice, are DoiD bp tlie Common 
llato, iDit^out anp aioof t'^ia ^rt : H0 if tljere be not fufficicnt l^tmojeoerg, 
befiDeg tliofc tljat labe Charters of eremption, foj trial of an iV\.\xt in an Action, 
toljeretn an attaint ootl) lie, tljere cWi^ters fljall be Difallovue'a, becaufe fine eis 
juftitia cxhiberi non poteft, ano fo in all otljer like cafes t »>o if tlje liing grant 
an eremption to art tlj^ i?taf?jolDcrsi in one Countp, anD to all tlje Citizens iu 
aCitp, tlji?\)oiu. 

^ In Chartis, &c. ubi teftes fuerint nominati, 3 ^ercbp it appear^ 
n\, tljat bp tlje Common Jiato, tlje MitnclTcs nameo iu tlje 9?«5 (laulD jopn 

9 teicl; 

1 2 o (Shdarlehridge. Cap, 1 4 , 

toitl) tije Q^wOiUtt-, 0; die tlje Cl)artEi of Cl;r£niptton De affifis juratis & recog~ 
I Part of the In- nitionibus aliquibus, ftoillti HOt ljat)e ftaB tljf m. Vide t^£ firft part Of tljC Inlli- 
ftitutes, Sea.i. £^[55^ j^^^jj fgj jjffjjic Cap.(5. 

^ In attin&s ") ^crelp appf ^^^ tt) tliat tlje taSTrit of attaint, to5)idj hp 
out oia JlEcoks a«5 ancient liccojDs is calleti Breve de convidione, Doas givien bp 
tlje dDommon i.a\i), aim tlje fo)m of ttjc Wxxit ig let toten in out ancient 2[\\i' 
t\oi^ at tl)c fuit of il)c parip gvieuct! : ano it ajipcarcilj Ip tl)c iicgiftet tljac no 
Writ of Attaint recitctl) anp gMattue, anu ti)c 3iitgment in tt)C Mrit of ^t*; 
taint is fearful anti {-enal, anu giben bp no -statute, anD tljig is pjoijeo bp t^is 
53£t, tobiclj namctl) ilttniutis, anD ig bcfoje anp Set of ^"larliamcnt in pjint 
tnafie concerning attaints. 

anD it fesmett bp our olu lEtofes anti ancient ISccojtijs, t^atbp tljcComtnou 
JLfftt), it lap as Uiell \\\ plea real as perfonal. Vide Regift. 122, Mirror cap. 3. 
De Attaints. & cap.2. ^ 4. DeLoiers. Glanv.l.2.c.ip. Bradon I4. folaSp. Flcta 
1.5 c.<! 1.34. fol.237. 6 H. 3. tit. Attaint72. & 73. 15H. 3. ib. 74. 
Temps E.i. ibid. 70. 12 t!.!. ib.71. 3oAir.24. feS E. 3. pi. 44 E.3.2. b. Temps 
R.2. Conufans 85i. 3 H.4 1 5. Fortclcue c.2<5. F. N. R. 107. k. W.i. cap. 38.47. 
I E.3.cap.d. 5 E.3. cap.6.7. 28E.3. cap8. 34E.3.cap.7. 23 H.8. cap.3. Seethe 
Hrft part of the Inliitutes. Scd.514. Verb, en Attaint. 

llEut feme fap tlie tCIrit coulD not be obtaineu toitljout tifficultp rbecaufc ^e 
Ijao otljf r rcmeup to trp it in an action of Ijigljer nature ; anu t^ercfoje tie 
Statutes toerc mane. 2)ic tl)c s>tat. of W. i . c.38. anu ttie cjrpofitton ttieteupon, 
anD a judgment gitoen Mich. 5 E.i. £Df an attaint Ijcar toljat tlje Mirror fai£V> 
En temps le R.oy Henry le primer ettoit ordein &: communement alTentu que Jurors 
in Enquefts, &:c. in Attaints, & tiels autres ne prendront rien de loiers, &c. ^ee tI)C 
otber ancient autbcjs anD bosks abobeciteu •■, bp tljem it appearet^ toto necrtrarp 
tt)£ reacing of ancient autljojs anu ISecojos be fo? tl)c fenctoletge of tljc €om<: 
mon Lato, ano Ijoln tl;e Statutes ccrcerning attaints are but in affirmance of 
See W.I. cap. 58. tl)C Common i.ato, foj tlje |ila:niif map Ijaije upon tljem tlje penal ano fcbcre 
40 AfT. 23. juDgmenr gibcn bp tlic Ccmnicn ILato. Vide 40. Afr.23. 

F.N.B. 165, 166. Sf a man batoe a Cljarter of ejten pticn, ano (Iietnet^ it to tl;e ^Ijeriff, pet 
A et D.39 £.3.15 notltiiliitanBing I'C map rctcurn Ijim, fo; it)e Sheriff 10 not to juDge of l)i$ 
40E.3.30.18H.8. ciiarter, noj to allcto, oj tifallotJ tljereofi but if tjCtotU Ijatjctlie efiettof Ijis 
*• Cljarter, ^e muft fuc out a Sffiirit of alloirancc cf Ijis charter, anu oelitocr tlje 

Mrit to tljc 5)l)eritt, anu fi eto Ijis Cijarur to ^im, ano tbcn if tl;e ^^eriff re? 
tourn Ijim, Ije map baue I'i? action upon tip cafe againft t^c ^Ijeriff, anu fo 
muft Dur olD ana otljcr iT-roks be tntenDco. 
18 Hk 8. 5. after tlje ^bcriff Ijatt retournco bim, if a full 3wrp fio appear, tljcn Ije map 

flielo fojtb bisf Cbarter, anD if tlje ^islainttff confefs it^ I)e fljall be nifcbargeo, 
but if tte paintiff taitl) tljat Ijcis not tbe fame perfon, it fljall be pjefentlp 
tricD, anD fo in ttjc like cafe •, but Ije cannot pleaD Ijis Cljarter foj ^ts Ditcljarge 
before a full lurp do appear, foj if anp anfincr be maDc tljereunto tljc 3lurp 
muft trp it- 
£ cxempti- ^"^^J general Cljarterg of eremption in Affifis, Juratis, & Reccgnitionibus, 
od4." 42An.2^. ae in tljis act are mentioneD, fljall not be allotoeDtnljetct^eiStng is either fole 
2 5 H.6. exemption partp, Ojtoljerc tlje fuit is Tam pro Domino Rege quanipro feipfo, tottljOUt t^Cfe 
5* oj t^e like toOjDS, Licet tangat nos. 

18 E. 3.20. 3 H.5. ^ Salva femper alias libertate &: exemptione praedidt*. 1 anD fo it 

14. 36 H.(5.32. ig in cafe of conufance, anD of a |9jotectton, tlje partp map toailje t"^ benefit of 

it in one action, anD pet take tlje aDuantagc of it in another : anD fo if a Non 

omittas be atoarDeD toitljiu a francljife tljat |at^ retoura of Mfit?, pet %t (IiaU 

inot^cr fuitsen^opit. 


Cap. 1 5- t^Adarlebridge. 151 


NUlli de cstero liceat ex quacunque caufa diftridiones facere ex- Fieta lib. 2.0.41. 
tra feodum fiium, nee in via regia, aut in communi ftrata nifi Artie. 
Domino Regi & miniftris fuis fpecialem authoritatem ad hoc haben- Ardc.'^fd'per carc. 

tibuS. ca-i2. 51 Hj. 

Dift. de Scaccar. 

%%t ttiifc!jtef irfoje tW ^tatutt toas, ttjat to!)cms t!)c toing bp Ijig pjero^ 13 £.4.6. 
gatttie mtgljt sittrein fo j Ijis rent in anp otibcr Itintis of Ijis SEcnant, Icing in 
i)i)ai oton atttial poffElfton, tljottglj tljep tocre out of Ijtg fa, ano fetgnio?}', ci^ 
uerg lojos tmb upon tljem alfo to Hiilretu out of ti)cir fti, 'tolncl) iuas luiong ' 

anD oppjElTion : ^nn toljcreas all tljc ?^ingB ^ulferts otigl;t to Ijatoe fra pafiage 
in via regia, & communi ftrata, ais UJcU to i?airs anti S^arftcts, as al'out tljcic 
tt^cr affair?, tlje I.OJI10 ttfeti to oiflrein in tljc l)igl;#loai'g, Iiotlj toljicl) mifcl;iefsi 
t^ip ^tattuc totlj rcmcDp, 

^ Non liceat. ] %\)i% {% utbtccij into tljjee Inanrtes : 2nijc firfl ijantlj 
ijB, Non liceat ex quacunque caufa diftridiones facere extra feodum. 

1. %W is to be unoerlliDti of Diffrcffes, bj» reafon of a feigniojp, ant) not foj 34 Ei- Avowry 
tiCrclTcs fo} rent cljarges, ^t, oj bp reafon of a 31 at. 2^h.4 2/' ^'^*' 

2. SCljiis b?ancl) is but in affirmance of tlje Common ILato, foj regularip no 
&ubiEd: can uitfrcin out of \)\% fa ano feigntojp, ano tl3crefo?e if ti)e JLoju to 
Biftrcin out of Ijiis fa, i\t 2Ecnant may citljcr ia^e an 3ttion of 2Crefpafs! at t\t 

Common JLato, 0? an ;9tfion upon tljtsi Statute, but in Come fpecial cafe tljc ^ej avowir 
aiojn bi'tlje Common ?j.ato map Dtffrein out of Ijig fee anD feigniojp, ajsift^e 44 E.j. 20,21. ^* 
Elojti come to utttrcin, auu tlje STenant, oj anp otber faing tl;c 51djii come to 6 r.2. Refcous.n 
ttftretn tljem, D;ibe tljem to a place out of tlje fa of tt)C }Lo?ti, pet in tljis cafe 3? h- ^ 51. 
t%z ilojD map tiCrein tljem out of %w fa, becaufc tlje iloju Ijao a Dieto of tl^em \f'^'l\l ^"^'SS* 
lBitl)in Ijiss olun fa, bp reafon toliereof tlje ilojo fijall be anjutigeB in a feinu of 
poffeffion of tljem •, but if tlje beatts go out of tbe SCenancp of tljemfelijes 
lDitl)out encbafement bcfojc tbe iiojD can oiftrein tbem, tljere tljc iLojn can^ 
not Diflrein t^em, tljcugl) %z ijan tlje bicto of tljem toitbin Ijisi fa, anD 

%\^t feconu bjanci) is?, 
C Nee in via regia, aut in communi ftrata. ] ^a Irljat fljall be fato Firft part of the 
regia via , anH toljat communis ftrata , in tljC firft part of tlje Inftitutes , inftitutesjSeft.s?. 
Sea. dp, P-N-B. I73>174- 

acijis 3labu IjaD tlje foundation of tbe ancient Jlato of England befo?c tbc inter leges Edw. 

Conciuett, Alia, s. immunitas, quam habent quatuor chemini, ( i. via? Regias ) Wat- '^^g'^' Lamb. fo!. 
lingftreet, Foffe, Hilkenildftrcer, & Erminftreet, quorum duo in longitudinem, alii ca^p^",2.'Artic!"^' 
duo in latitudinem defcendunt. Cler.cap.42.' 

3(n tl)i5bjancl),non liceat fljall be talien not fimpliciter, to mafecit uttcrlp ttn=j RegjQ, ^^i^i- 
latoful, as totakcaDbantagctljcrcof in barto an aboto?Pj but lecundum quid, ipE:.bre.842. 
tljat is to tljis purpofe, tljat if tlje aiojo Biftrcin in tt;e Ijigl) ilrat, oj in t^e 21 e-s-h. 30 E.3 
Commion luap, tlje SEenant map Ijabc an 0ction againft tljc JLojd upon tljis ^°J^' ^" ^f\^ 
Statute : auo tlje reafon Ijereof is, ttiat toljenfoeber anptljing ispjoljibitcD bp avovvV^V" 
a Statute, tijcpartp gricbeti fljall babe \jiii Action upon tbe atat me, ano (be 95 e.?. c.?. 
offenDer fiiall be foj Ijis contempt fineo ano impjifoncD ■■> ano Ds it is neclareti bp 1 9 h.6.4- 35 h.6.6 
art of parliament, asljatlj ban often obferbctj. i^oba if tljc SCcnant Iboulo ? ^'t^^[^<^^f6o 
pleao it in bar of ttie 0ticbojp, tlje ?iing fijoulD lofe Ijis fine i foj in tljat nature Bee'hers cafe. . 
Bf fuit Ije cannot be finen, ano tljercfoje tbe asenant is to take Ijija remeup bp u r,2. Avovf. 87 
taction upon tlic Statute, ttljerein tlje iaing fljall tiabc liis fine, ?c, 

S 2 ]& Di- 

12 2 <S\darlehridge, Cap. 15. 

17 E. 3. I, 

f[ Diftriftiones facere. 3 ^ertot Cuflom tljc ILojO map icifc in' tjje' 
i)tgl)'li!ap, foj tljat 10 no Bitttefsi but a fcifurcj but Ije cannot tiltrcin fcj a ^Cjs 
riot fcrviice tl)ctc. 

3f tl3C ilojo come to Bittrcin, anu fa i\)z teaflg tuitljin ^iig fe, anu if foje l)e 
can oiftrein tljcm, t\)z sncuant encljafc tljem into tbc ijigb^toap , tlje aojD 
map , a? Ijatlj been faio , niftrcin tljcm i%ttz , foj t'tic caufc aboije cjc^ 

2Dljc tMrit upon t^iiB Statute 0;aU be contra pacem , attD not Vi & 

%\}z tljiro ijanclj : 

44 Aff.^i. 5 E.3.5 fl Nifi Domino Regi & miniftris fuis, &c. 3 %tu i0 an cjcccption of 

13 E.4.5. tl)e iiu«g0 pjcrogati^c ( ijiljiclj bp ttiis ^d: appears to be ancient ) as toell to 

iiCrcin foj Ijis rent, oj fcrbfte out of ijis fee, ano fcipiojp, as in \^z Ijigti* 

toap, oi common flrixt. 31f ut toljEre it is fain tljat tlje iiinj map tiflrein out of 

t;is fiBj tljat is, in t!)c ott)cr lanns of Ijis SCenanti it muit be unDcrOcoD in fuc^ 

otljer lanos as W SEcnant ijatlj in !)is oton actual poffeffion, anti mauureo toitU 

Jjts oton beatts, ano not in tljc poffeirion of bis lefl'ot foj life, pears, oj at toiH, 

foj tiicir bcafts are not fubled to fucb Difttefs. 

Artie, fuper Cart. SCljcrc UJas a Statute mane in a ^parliament '^olnen at Weftminfter in 51 H.3. 

cap. 12. t^e pear nert bcfoje tljis Iparliament ijoloen at Markbridge, concerning Di;* 

flrcITes, conaCing on t\uo b^ancljcs. 

1. Que nulhome de Religion ne auter foit diftreine per fes hearts, qiieux gai- 
nont fon terre, ne per fes barbits pur la det le Roy, ne pur la det de auter home, 
nc pur auter enchefon per les Bailiffes le Roy, ne per autres, tanque come ils trove 
auters chateux fufficient dont ilz poient lever le det, ou que fuffift fa demaund, 
C forfpris emparkcment des bealts queux homes trove feafants damage folonque le 
Ley, ufage, & le manner de la terrc. ■) 
Artie, fuper Cart. ^- E^ que diftrefles foieiit reafonable a la mountaince de la det, oudelade- 
•c. 12.27. 1. AiT.52. maunde folonq-, bone value, & per eflimation ne pas outragious des vicines & nemi 

28 AIT. p. so. per eihangers. £Df boil) tljefe (IjaU be fpokeu toget|)er, becaufe Diwrs of t^je au# 

29 E.3.2^. 8 H.4. jijojitifg zjiitxiQ to botij. 

Lib.n'. foU4." Beafts queux gainont fon terre & fes berbits. 

Godfreyescafe. aCljis iLalu Ijati Ijis founDfltiott of ti^e aucicnt 5LaiiJ bcfoje t\)t Conqueflf, 

Fiores Hiftor. Po- Dunvallo Mulmutius pjoljibiteti tljat tlje beafts of tlje plouglj fijoulD be Diflreineu, 

lyd. virg. 22. b. jf. a^ii galjc pjiDileDgcs to SCempIcs ano ^loug^s : 3no Ockam t^at tujote 

Ockham^"'^"'^'^' ^^^^'^^ ^^^^ Statute of tlje iliingS SDebtS, faitlj, Bobus tamen arantibus, per quos 

agticultura (elet exerceri, quantum poterint parcant, ne ipfa deficiente debito am- 

plius in futurum egere cogatur, quod li nee lie quidem fumma quas rcquiritur exur- 

gir, nee arantibus parcendum elt. 

-Braft. 1.4. fol. 217 Bradon ttcatctlj of botlj tljcfe bjaucljcs UOtablp, ana Ije Dibitietl) animalia itljs 

Heta,li.2. cap.42. to laboriofa &<. otiofa, anO faitl). Fit diftridio injuriofa ordine non obfervat', 11 fiat 

diftridtio per oves, & funt quas ad minus damnum diftringantur animalia otiofa » 

Item ordine non obfervat li Hat diftridtio per boves, ut culturam auterant vel im- 

pcdiant, cum fint aliae res & animalia otiofa quas fufficiant ad diftridionem i Item 

fi fubfit caufa &C obfervetur ordo, adhuc poteft effe injuriofa, fi fuerit nimia, & di- 

llridtio modum excedat in qualibet fpecie. 

Lifa.2. cap. 42. ^nO Fleta faitlj, Quod pro communi utilicate Communitatis Regni inhibitum 

fuer' ne quis dirtringeret alium per oves fuas vel per averia fua carucarum, quamdiu 

alia fufficiens dillridtio inveniri polTit. 

Diilridiones fint rationabiles & non nimis graves. &« befoje Chap- 
.-> . ter 4. , 

Brit. fol. 5J.& 3nD Britton faitlj, Ou fi afcun Vifcount eit pur malice fait prendre plus des 

133. b. avers pur nolire det, ou pur autre, que a la vailance de le det, ou fil eit prill beads 

des carues, ou motons, ou berbis, ou veflsl, ou mounture, ou robes, ou deins mefon 



SKdarlehridge. 135 

la ou auter dirtres poet trover fufficientment & hors de meafoiv SfnlJ tlX anotljCr 

pierce Ije fattij, Si afcun dillreine auter per que gainage ell: dilrurbe, &c. 29 alT. pi. 49. 

^uDtljiS agradj tuitlnljcCtViil ILalW, Exccutio fieri nonpotclt in boves, ara- Lege Executorcs 
tra, aliave inftrumenta ruliicorum quatenus alia bona habent. & Auten. 

aclje^tatuicof W.2. iDljtdj gtnetb tlje Elegit, cotl) abfoliitclp tjcrcyt tl;e w.2.cap.i3. 

ieail0 of tl)e plougl; in tljefe lUOjOj?, Exceptis bobus & afris carucs. Hcta, 1.2. c.j 5. 

2ri3t2 §>tatiitc Dot!) not mniD onlp to nittrcficB lictlean =!lo?t anb tenant, Regirt.p7. temps 
Jjut alfo to all otljer Dtftreffes tjjiiatfomr, a? todl at tlje iStncrs frit, ae at tl)e £• »: ^''owry 230. 

fuit of tljc &ui)ie(r, fo tljcrc be otljer goDC? fufftcient •, alfo to all nisnncr of n* ]^^^\ ^'^'^'^^^ 
ccutione, as \ncll at tlje fuit of tlje J^ing, ajs of tl)C fubjen, toitlj tljc like tantion jp e.'/.'i*^! 17?"* 
a^ i0 afojefato. p. 17 h.<. Rot.93. 

0tni an action upon tl)is Statute tiott)Ite,a6 luell after Deltberance,a!?befoje, '"^°'^- ^aneo. 
fojtljecaufeoftljetiiCceintng maj* be laujful, ann v" nottoittHanctng if Ije'j^'*"''" 
take tlje beads of tl)eplougl)Mjere^cmigl)tfintiotl)ei'!S,tl)ctiiCrefsi is to?ong# ^ ' ^''"' 
ful. i^nD albeit t^e tenant after tucb a Diftrcs taken pap tl;e rent, ano tberebp 
affirm tl^e ratife of mftres lalsful, notlriitl;Qantiing t^is Dotlj not purge tije of;* 
fence againfl tljis S>tatute. 

0nti tlje ©tatute is to be conttrueD, t^at at tljetime of tlje Diffres, fc. tl;ere 29 e. 5.17, 
muft be otljcr cattel fufficicnt, aun it is not material xuljat toas before oj 4 "• 7- 8. b. 

%\)t JEiHTrit upon tljis Statute alfo n;all be Contra pacem, & non vi &artnis. 17 £.3.1. ' 

i5obJtBljeretljc3>£atuterpeaksof t^e beaftsof tie plouglj, anonot oft^e 
plougl; it fclf : bp tlje Common 3La\M altoays ufcD tlje plouglj oj anp tljing be# 
longing to it toas not nittreinablCj fo Icng as anp ot^ec niflces mig^t be 

Snius Statute of 51 H. 3. being of recojD anD in punt, 31 tljoupt to toitc^ See Art. fuper 
fpeciallp fo mncl) tl)ereof as concern oiftrelTes, ijoljereof our a>tatutc of Marie- cart.cap. 12. 
bridge Ijatl) treatcD botlj in tlje fourtl), anu tljis fifteentlj Cljapter. 

anD it appearetlj bp x\t Mirror, tljat maup otljcr beads ana liuing tl)ings, Mirr.c.2.§.i(?. 
ano otl)er gcoDs toere not DiCrcinable bp tlje Common =lla\i), if tljcce toere otljer "^^ ^^ ^»'"«' 
gmDS fufficient. 0s foj mojt gosDS, a cobenable Dilircs is not of armoj, 0; Def* 
fel, oj apparel, oi jctoels, fo long as t^ere arc otljcr fufiicicnt oj co^enablc i 
noj of fljap, faDDle Ijo^fe, beads of t^c plouglj, poultrp, fiiflj, oj faliiagne, 

ut fupra. 


SI h^res aliquis pofl: mortem arltecefforis (ui infra xtatem extiterit, 
& Dominus fuus cuftodiam terrarum, 8c tenementorurri fuorum 
habuerit, fi Dominus ille difto haeredi, cum ad legitimam statem per- 
venerit, terram fuam fine placito reddere noluerit, hseres ille terram 
luam per affifam mortis anteceflbris recuperabit, una cum dampnis 
fuis, qu2 fuftinuerit propter detentionem illam a tempore quo fuit 
legitimae atatis. Et fi hxres aliquis tempore mortis anteceflbris lui 
plense setatis fuerit, & ille hseres apparens, & pro hserede cognitus & 
inventus fit in hxreditate ilia, capitalis Dominus eum non ejiciat, nee 
aliquid fibi capiat , vel amoveat, fed tamen inde fimplicem feifinam 
habeat pro recognitione Dominii fui ut pro Domino cognofcatur. Et 
fi capitalis Dominus hujufmodi hseredem extra leifinam malitiole 
teneat, propter quod breve mortis anteceflbris, vel conlanguinitatis 


13 4 ^Marlehridge. Cap, 1 6. 

oporteatipfumirrlpetrare, tunc dampna fua recuperet ficut in affi(a 
novae difleifinx. De hsredibus autem, qui de Domino Rege tenent 
in capite, (i obfervandum eft, ut Dominus Rex primam inde habeat 
feifinam, ficut prius inde habere confuevit. Nee hseres nee aliquis 
alius in hsereditatem illam fe intrudat , priufquam illam de manibus 
Domini Regis recipiat , prout hujufiuodi hsreditas de raanibvis 
ipfius & anteceflbrum fuorum recipi confueverit teraporibus elapfis. 
Et hoc intelligatur de tcrris 8c feodis, quae ratione (crvitii militaris, 
vcl ferjantise, five juris patronatus in manibus Domini Regis eflTe con- 
fueverunt. Fide Prairogativa cap.:^. Et GUnvil. lib.y. cap.^.fol./^. 

f[ Si hseres ahquis pofl: mortem anteceflbris, &c. '] aCljig Set is hu a 
Mrtaratson of tlie Common liala, foj in tljis cafe luljcn a garuein in cljitoairp 
Abridff afTro b Ijoltjctl) ttitx, \)t 10 an abatoj, toljidj i0 manifeai}) pjoftcD bptljig ilrt, wljetcbj? 
F N.BT19/. f. ' it i2 uertarfo tljat tlie aiTifc de mord' ootlj lie againtt Ijim. ;9lfo it ijs fo refold 
Gianvii. 1.7- C.9- beti tH out bcofes, toljcmn tiji0 citoerfitp is to ticoWerieOj tljat luljere a man 
Braa.i.4.foi.2 52, con^ft^ toaparticular cttatebj»t^ead:of tljcpartp, tljctc if Ije JjolooiJcr, tie 
2 5g.Bru.foiM^8.b -g jj jg„j[„j gt fuffcrance v Ijut \o^tu Ijc cometlj to tlje particulat cttate bp art 
io^E!4!9i?o. per tn JLalj), as i\)z gatDcin hi ottr cafe Botlj, t>j£rc Ije is no tenant at fiiffetance. 
Curiam. ' iJUt an abatoj. Vide i. part of tlje Inftit. Sed, 461. 

8E.3.63.10E.9. ;anD pft foj tlje benefit of tlbc Ijeirtofome purpofe, ttic pffcffion of tlie 
4'- "E3-a»87. garuciit is tlje actual fcifin of tlje Ijcir, fojtif tl)C gatoein beotiaec, ano Ije Dif^ 

\\ an!'p 2 '• f"f^^' ^^ ^-'^" '^''^^^ ''^ ^'^'^^' *^ " '^ ^^°''^^" *" ^ ^•'^•5- ^• 

J 3 E.'g tit. AflTife "^ 3f * a iMoman bjing a OTrit of SDotoer againft a gawein, ano recover toitl)^ 

92. 28 aff. p. I r. Btjt title, t!)c Ijcir fijall Ijalie an ^(lifc of Mord' at Ijis full age at tlje Common 

34an|.io.3^9E.3 ^^^^ notluitljaanBing tljc poireftion of tlje gartiein. 

H^S^'BN^tic. t«^' ^ Et fi haeres aliquis tempcfre mortis anteceflbris plense setatis fu- 
a voiunt. 1 5. erit. ] sc^is is tlje feconn clauCc of tljis Cljaptcrjaim is aUo a rc^etfal of tfte 

46E.3-foi.20. Common liato. 

GlanviJ T C Simplicem feifinam habeat pro recognitione Dominii fui, ut pro 

Brafton C ubi Domino cognofcatur.^ djis ts unuerCtcDD of ttie papment of relief, tulere^ 
tfi»°° C '"P"* *)> Ije puttetlj tlje iloju in feifin, ano uotlj acfenoioJlctige ^im foj Ijis jLoju, fo a? 
of ancient lime, aim in ancient bcolts, relief is calico fimplex feifina. 

C Et fi capitalis Dominus hujufmodi hsredis.^ SCljis is tljc t^iro 
claufe, anti is ebioent, 

^ De hxreditatibus autem qux de Domino Rege tenentur in cap. 
&c. ] 2Dtjis is tlje fourttj claufe of tljis Cl)apteu, ano is alio a rebeartal of 
tlje Common liato, in luljiclj claufe are tljefe tuojos, Sicut prius inde habere 
confuevit, anO tljefe lUOJUS, prout hujufmodi haereditasde manibus ipfius & ante- 
ceflbrum fuorum recipi confueverit. 

^ Ut Dominus Rex primam inde habeat feifinam, ficut prius ha- 
bere confuevit. 3 ^ote, in tlje former claufe concerning tlje tenure of fub*^ 
jects, tlje LOJUS fljOUlD l)al)e fimplicem feifinam, i. relevium; 515ut in tljis 
claufe toljere tl)e tenure is of tlje iaing in capite , ano ^is tenant oietl) 
tiis Ijeit of full age, Ije faitlj not t^t %t fliall Ijaijc fimplicem feifinam, but 
primam liberam feifinam, tuljereof pOM map rea» at large in Stamford Prc- 
log. 1 1 . b. 

C Priuf- 


Cap. 1 7. S\^arlehridgc. 155 

^ Priufquara illam de rtianibus Domini Regis rccipiat. ] trijat 
ijcj, liefoje \)eiixtt\j Ijislitocrp out of tl;c lyings Ijnno^/albctt Ijebc of full sge 
at tlje Dcatl) of Ijis anccfio?, biljcreof pou map rcau at large in Stamford, ubi 

41 Et hoc intelligatur de terris & feodis quse ratione (ervitii mili- Prerog. RegiSj c. 3 
taris, &C. "] i. Scrvitii militaris in capite, fcrjjntix. i. magiije ferjantis, yii/e 
JKm patronatuf. i. tundationis Epifcopatuum, Monalteriorum, Sec 


PRovifum eft infiipcr, quod fi terra qux tenetur in Socagio, fit m 
cuftodia parent' hxred', eo quod hseres infra statem extiterit, 
cuftod' illi vaftum facere non poflunr, nee venditionem nee aliquatn 
deftruftionem de hsreditate ilia, fed (alvo cam cuftodiant ad opus 
difti hxredis, ita quod cum ad legitimam sctatem pervenerit, fibi re- 
fpondeant de exit' didx hsreditatis, per legalem computationem, fal- 
vis ipfis cuftodibus rationabilibus mifis fuis. Nee etiam poflunt difti 
cuftodes maritagium difti hsredis dare vel vendere, nifi ad commo- 
duradi&ihaeredis: fed parcntes difti haeredis propinquiores, qui hu- 
jufinodi cuftodiam habacrint , a toto tempore illo a quo brevia 
non conceduntur implacitandi, hujufmodi cuftodias habeant ad com- 
modum hsredum, ut prsdiftum eft, fine vafto, vel exilio, vel deftru- 
dtione facienda. 

C Vaftum facere non poflunt.] gr^e Ijetr toftljhx age njall !)a\je an je. 2. waft.i. 
attton of Malt agatufl tlje garncin in forage, but ije fi;aU not be j)imin;eii foj kse.?. waft. 100 
Ujaftc maHE iv ftcangcrg. 28 h.s. waft 9. 


C Cum ad legitimam jetatem pervenerit, fibi refpondeat. ] g^jjts & gIouc.^c!^? ' *^* 
feconB daufe i<s a tcdaraiion of tljc Common iiato : kU latoful age of tljc See the i. Part of 
Ijeir of a tenant tn fccage (g tlje age of 14 pearg, ano at tl;at age l)e fi}all Ijabc ^^'^ 1°^*' §• i24. 
an action of jaccoitnt a^ainft lis garncin •, all wljid; you map reaD at large in 
tlie firft part of tlje Infticutes, Sedt.104.. ^a alfo tljete t|)c federal ages of men 
anu toomen. 

^ Nee etiam pofl!unt didi cuftodes maritagium didi hsredis dare. 
&c. j mi0 is ttie tljirB claufe of tljis 2d; in affirmance alfo of tU Common 
JLato. Vide ttie firtt part of tlje Inftitutes foj tljts claufe, Sedt. 124. 




Cap. J 8. 


Glanr. t.p.c 10. X TUIIus Efcaetor, vel Inquifitor, aut Jufticiar' ad affilas aliquas 

Fieta l.i. cap.4s. J_^ fpecialiter capiendas affignatus, vel ad querelas aliquas audicn- 

dum Sc tcrminandum, de cstero habeant pateftatem aliquam araerci- 

andi pro defalra communis (ummonitioniSj nifi capitales Jufticiarii, 

vel Juftic* idnerantes in itineribus (uis. 

f[ Inquifitor.'] Cnqtttroj, tijat is to fa?, ^Icriff, Cojonet fuper vifum 
corporis, oj i\)t like, tl^at ija^c poUicc te cnciuire in certain cafeg. 

%\)Z mifcl)ief befoje tl)is S>tatutc toas, tl)at t\)t (iSfcljeato?, ^Ijeriff, Cojower, 

fpcctal 3«tficcs of atlife, aiiD JuCices of Oier ann Terminer, in fpecial rafts 

Britton, foi 4. ( tn|)om Bridon calls fimpk <il;nqutro?iB ) tooiilD upon t\)t common fummons 

amerce fuel) ag mate Default, ipoto tljiic Statute takes aDuap tbctr potocr to 

amerce, Nullus,&:c. hnbeant potellatemamerciandiprodefaka. 

3fiit t^tiB ejrtenoeil) not to ateriffs in tlxir SCctirng, noj to ^tcluarcs! in 
llttts, ncttoitljttanring; tljat tljep It Snrittircjs, foj tl;at t!jep ncal uiitlj common 
tittfancess, oj matter? concerning tije publick, ant not in pjiljate caufegj ana 
H4?a4°8 H.4.i« ttif^efojc arc not reftraineu Ip t\\^ Statute. 

^ Nifi capitales Jufticiarii, vel Jufticiarii itinerantes. 3 2Cljat ig, 
Sufticesi of general ^ITifciS, iDljofc autljojifp inrrcaftnc ip Diners acts of ^nl 
liament, anc coming tujtce eutEj) pear luljccc tljc ^ittttccs in (£ic came liu: from 
feucn pear0 to fe^en pcarjs, tlje autljojitp of Sjutticeg in Cir bp little ano liu 
tic ianiflcD. 

^0 ais if anp amerciament is to be mane foj uefattlt upon commoti fummon?, 
upon Due certificate maoe tljeteof to tlje SuOices of BfTifc ( Ijerc caUeD Capitales 
Jufticiarii, in rcfpcfi: t^at fpecial gufiices of ^ITifc toerc namcD Itfojc ) tljev 
map amerce upon fuel) Defaults, but tlje Cfc^eatoj ueaUng virtute officii oic af^ 
ter tl)is Statute certific tlje Defaults into tljc d^rcljequer, an& tfeere urns tlje 
amerciament impofeo, toljiclj is toojt^p of obfer\)acion. 

^D tl;is eicpoCtion agrectlj tutt^ Britton, DbIjo lB?otc fron after tljts ^tatute^ 

Bmc. foI,i.cap,4. C & contemporanea expolitio eft fortiilima in lege ) atlD fait^, Et ceux que avoient 

eta U.I. cap.45. ^jg funimons, ^ ne viendront a eels enquefts dts coroners, volons q its foient in 

noftrc mercie, a la venue de nous Juftices as primiers ailifes en eel Countie, fi tieh 

defaults trovant entres en rol de Coroner. Illint que nous Coroners, ne nous Ef- 

cheatorS) ne limples Enquirers, ne eient poer de nulluy amercier per nul defautc. 

vide hie, c. 24. 

Brit, fel.4. 

Clanr.L?. cii. 

10 E.;. fol.9 


II H.4.8. 


Cap. 1 9 • liKdarlebridge. i^j 


DE Eflbniis autem provifum eft, quod in Comitatu, Hundred', Fleta \ib.6.* 
aut in curia Baronis, vel aliis cyriis, nullus habeat neceile ju- 
rare pro eflbnio fuo Warrantizando. Tide GUnv.Ub.i. cap.ii.fol.^. 

DIB? t!;e ojDcr of tljcCommou ilato, foj rtjat Cffoincsi toljtcl) tocrc firff tuflij= 
futcDupon jttft anD ncceffaup caufe, fljouIDtiot be ufcD upon fcigncB cautcs foj 
nclapjljc tljat catt tljc cIToinc ougljt to be filuD;tn, tljat tljc catife tljercof uiag Juft 
aim mte, anDtljipljcloinall tljcfilicCfToinegljcfojcnicutioncti Cap. 12. aiiD vide hie. 
tljtS! appcarctlj tU Glanvil, Eflbniator probabit quodlibet elTonium jure jiiraiido ^',2" gr\"^'|'j'' 
propria &c uiiica manu, &c. Jftit 1)"*'^ tlje Common iLalu an oatlj ioaa0 not al? ^1.551, 552.' "'* 
lUaViS rcquireo in djat cafe i Non autem omnes efToniatores ad diem rccipien(f Fleta li.6. cap. 10. 
affidabunt, fed illitantumqui funt Baronibus inferiores, Barones vero &c BaronifFde Eritton fol:82. 
& eorum fuperiores, licutComites, & eorum Artornatnon affidabunt, fed plegios "P-'^s. 
invenient, &c. Ratio vero hujus diverfitatis talis efTe potell, quod ita nobiles & dig- gee the third part 
tias perfons in Warrantizatione eflbnii non per fe jurabunt, fed per procuratores, of the Inftitutes, 
fcilicet plegios fuos, 8(c. 0nl> ijercioitf) agrect^ otljcr ancient ^utfjo??. cap.perjury. 

^ De eflbniis. ] %\)i&SlA fpeakctl) gcnerallv of effoine?, anti vet it is 'l."4-i4- 
particularip to he unDcramo of one of tl)e fi5)e elToines, anu tljat isf, of tlje corn* ^^ "^yg \^i^^^' 
mon cffoine Demalo veniendi ■■, fo a0 in tlje elToinc De fervice k Roy, ano tljc cap.S. 
rctt, Ije tljat caft tlje effoinc muft ttill U fii3o?n i ana tfjisi 3ia\u Ijatlj ban tljus 
interpjctcii fo j ttoo leafong. i . i?oj tljat in tlje ctfoine De fervice le Roy, anD tljc 
reft, tlje cclav is great, viz, a year ann a oap, jc. anD tljerefo?e tliofe effoineiS 

DUgljt to be moje pjecifelp p?0DcD. 2. Ad ea quas frequentius accidunt jura adap- 

tantur ; ^n tljofc Dapg tljofe otljec cffoincs tnerc ijerp rare, ana tljerefojc tlje 
BlHDges of tljc ILalu, tljat cter ^ateD tielai'js, interpjetcD tljig 0tt to cxtenn to 
common effoincis onlp, tljat IjaD tljc Icaft tclap in it, 

^ Vel in aliis curiis, ] scijcfc general toojDjsare tnterpjeteD toejctcnD '^ h. 4.24. per 
to tljc mingjs Court0 of Meco jd at Weftminfter, ano otljcr Courts of Meco^D, al# n^^^, °J^' ,^'"^ 
tljouglj ttie^tt beginnef^ toitlj inferiour Courts, as it is manifeft bp common ' ' 
experience ■■, 0nB tlje caufe is, foj tljat otljeriuifc tl)cfe general luojns fijoulD be Lib. 2. foi.46. Le- 
ijoiB, foj it cannot acco^ning to tlje general rule eictenD to inferiour Courts ■■, "^i'^^^^ ^j"?"^- 
foj none be moje inferiour oj iobaer tljcn tljefe, tljat be particulaclp names, ^ap^as 'vv.i.'ca 2. 
anD fo note a juft ejcception out of tlje general rule. 15, "26. 

fJ.Warrantizando. 3 Eft autem • Warrantizare, jurare quod ita deten-|52; 
tus fuit tegritudine in veniendo verfus curiam quod venire non potuit. SDljis 12 H.4.i5,24. 

taas tl3C ;©atlj of Ijim tijat caft tlje elfoine at tljc Common JLatia before 
tljis Set, 


2 8 ^A<[arlebridge. Cap. 20. 


NUUus de c^tero Cexcepto Domino Rege ) teneat placitum In 
curia fua de falfo judicio fafto in Curia tenentiura fuorum 5 
quia hujufmodi placita fpecialiter {peftant ad Coronam & dignita- 
tem Domini Regis. 

3!Bcfojc tMt mafeittg of tins Statute, if a. falfc Blutgineiu %ati Jjisn giicn i\x a 
itoutt 315aron, ttjis fijoultj Ijatoc ban renjeffeD in tijc Court IBaron of ttie lloja 
ncjrt aloDc Ijint, anti fo uptoarD0 of t\)t IL^m |9araniottnt, toticlj botl) toag an 
occafion of long oelapg, ann tlje i^ing Ijao alfo manp time0 p?e)uDice t^ercbp, 
foj tijat tljofc bafe Courts couln affcfsno fine oj amerciament to tlje ?iingi tuljtclj 
is fo to be untcrflcDti, tljat if tbc ncjct immcDiate spefne Ijati no Court X5aron, 
tlje falfe Bfuogment couio not be rcnjefTeti in tl;e Court of tijc Jiojtr ncyt abo\jc, 
Reeiftfoi i<. ^"^ ncfault of vnbitv, but tljen tljc falfe 3!ut!gment toas to be reDjelTeo in t\)t 
Court of Common ^ileas, oj bcfojc tlje Suftices in CEpre : Tl^ercbp fljall ap;^ 
pear, Ijoto neceffarp it is to fenotuwljat tije Common iLalu toas bcfojc tljema^ 
feing of anp, ann efperiailp of tljis Statute, foj toitljout tl;at tljis Set coula 
not be unocrflcoti. 

SCijis M confiflctlj on tVoo bjancljeg, t^e firft is negatitie, tlje otijer affir<» 

1. 2Cljat none from Ijencffojtb C^rcept tlie ?Sing) fljall Ijolnplca in ^is Court 
of falfc SluDgment in tlje Court ofljis 2Ccnants. 

=^crebp is implico tljat bptl;e Common Jlato, tbc falfe BtuDgment in a Court 
315aron Uias to be rcojcffeti ix^ tbe Courts of tlje ilojcs abobe. 

2. SCbc fiffirmatibe is, becaufe fuel) pleas Cof falfe Blutgment) fpcciallp be^ 
long to tljc Croton anb 2Pignttp of our =liojo ttic iUing i tl)is is a rcafon of t^e 
taking aiuap of tlje guriftiirtion of tlje fuperiour ilojns i 0nii tlje effect of tljc 
reafon is tljiSj tljat in fuclj pjocaoings, manp times fines ano amerciaments 
to tlje i^ing lucre to be impofeij,tol)iclj nib belong to tlje 3iings Crolun anb 2Dig*^ 

Dier? Eliz.2<53. witp, tl)at is, to tlje iSings Courts of Uccojn, ano not to infcriour Courts of 
JLojtis, tljat toere not of Keco^b : iJno befiocs, if tbe 3Eubgment luere reberfeo 
in tlje JLo^DS Court, tlje fuitojs tljat gabe tljc falfe Hungmcnt lucre to be amer^ 
cieo to tljc !^ingj luljiclj tlje infcriour Court coulo not Do. 

a^no foj tljat at tlje Common JLabo, fo? Default of Courts of fuperiour ilojbsf, 
tljc falfc HuDgmcnt luas to be rcDjeffeo in tlje Court of Common peas, tljere^ 
fojc tljouglj tljc lno?OS be excepto Domino Rege, anb hujufmodi placita fpecfi:ant 
ad Coronam & Dignitatem Domini Regis, bJljiclj migljt gibe a countenance £0 tljC 
iSings Court, Coram Rege, pct tljis Statute taketlj aluap no Sutifotflion from 
tljc Court of Common picas, tljat it IjaD bcfoje tljis S»tatute. ^m tljts botlj 
Britton, luljo bJ?otc fcon after tljis Statute, grounding Ijimfelf upon tljis ^ct> 
notablp erpjefs in tIjefeluojDS : 

Britton fol.59. Et li faux Judgment, ou faux Proces foit trove in le Record, & la parol 

foit in Counte, de ceo ne voilons nous my que le vifc' ne les fuitcrs cient co- 
nufans : mes plein foy, que greve fc fentira, 8f face vener le Proces & le Record 
devant nous Juftices in Banke, d<. illcnques foit redreife le etror fi poient iiVint 

Regm.fol, 1 5. ant! t^c Wule in tljc Regilkr is, 

Si faux Judgment foit done en County, Court Baron, ou auter Court nient en- 
franchife, ,(i-nientdeKccord) que ont conu fans de plea, celuy centre que Judge- 
ment eft done poet aver brief de recorder la parole devant Juftices in Banke on 


Cap.2i. S^darkhridge. 159 

in Eire. Et ceft rule extend auxi bicn in autre bfc, come in bfe de droit, &: la ou 
la parole eft per brief, ou fans brief. 

0110 no\B tijc luiltces in ^Y^t iifing ras \zx\ leett fain J ti'im cut, Regift. ubi Tuprii 
tlje Djiginal Mtit cf faife JllDgmcnt X% tctojnable Coram Jufticiariis no- 

ilris apud Weilm' : to^iclj are tljc 3iH(tices cf tl)C Cotirt of Common 


PPvOvifura eft etiara, quod fi averia alicujus capiantur, & injufte 
detineantur, Vicecomes poft querimoniam inde fibi faftam, ea G'^njii^-ciz. 
, . J- ^ 1 ^ j-n.- • • JTL • '. K. Mirror C.2. 

line impedimcnto vel contradictione ejus qui dKta averta ccpent, §'i6. pieta iib.2. 
deliberare poffit, fi extra libertates capta fucrint. Et fi infra H- ca??. i E.j.u.b* 
bertates capta fuerint hujufraodi averia, 8c ballivi libertatis ea dc- '^ -i-c-i?- 
liberare noluerint, tunc Vicecom* pro defeftu ipforum ballivorura ca 
faciat deliberari. 

2C^c mifd^itf^ icfojc tljis ^mxixt lucre firft tolien a ittariS teafis oj tsCatx. 
go)i!S totre Diftreincti ano ittipounncD, t^c oV)ner of tljc gcoois Ijan no rcmenp lut ^ , u, ^, ^jf ^g, 
a JSaHrtt of Meplebtn, bp tol)tc|) oelap tt)c leafiis oj otljec gajUjS toere long oc* Torn.' del vifci'?. 
taincti from tlje o^ner to Ijis great lofs ano oamagc. okr mIcH, 7 & 8. 

^ecDnolp, ii)l)en tl)c bcaftg oj otljer groos Were oittreincB anu impounoro e'iz-24^- 
tjitljin an? liberty t^at Ijao retojn of Mritg, t^ea>ljeriff toas ojibrn to mafee 
a tMfartant to tbc XBapUeof tlje ILibert? to ntafee oeli^jerance, ano tljat tujottgljt t-^N.B^sg^b. 
a longer oelap, foj at tljc Common JLaiu \z cotilo not enter into itbcrtp va tijss 

21 tljiro mifcl)ief tnas lojljen tlje oiflrefss toas taken out of x%t Ubertp anB 
fmpounoeo xottljin t i^oioj t^ig S>tatute ootlj applp ciircsi to all tljefe t^jes 

f[ Poft qucrimoniam inde fibi fad', &c, ] JEi^at tg, f^e ^len'ff . 
iiyonaplcint maoc tmto Ijim toitljout Mlrit, ma? cttljer bpyaroll, 01 bj> g £44.^9 1 1!' 
pjeccptjCommano Ijis 5i£apUe to oeiioer tljemjtljat 10, to make ISeplcijin of tbem, 48. 14 H.7.9. 
ano bp tljcfc i»o;iOis poll: querimoniam libi fad', tl)e ©Ijertff map take a pJeint 1^ H.7.15. 21 H.r. 
out of tlje ^Ccuntp Court, ano make KcpleiJtn pjefentlp C tobicl) be ougljt to u^/*^ ^'^\' u 
enter in tlje Countp Court) foj it fljoulo be inconi^eniEnt, ano agninft t^c fcope inftinftes! icSi. 
of tl)i6 Statute, tljat tlje otoncr foj tuljofc benefit tlje statute wsma^e, ffjouio 219. & 237. 
tarrp foj tjtg beaftis till tlje nej:t Countp Court, tobiclj 10 ^elocn from vuontlj ■*■ 21 e.^.iS^. 
to montij. 

3no in a Kcplcbin bp pleint, tl)e &t)criff map Ijolo pica in l)i& Conntp Cottrc 
altljougl) tl}e ualue be of 20 1. oj abobe, bp fojce of tljt? ^tacntSj but in otl;ec 
SJcions Ijc fljall Ijolo plea unoer 40 s. 

Clje ufagc of tlje Countp of Northampton v&^ tljat in rije abfence of i\t 
&fecriffs ISavlie tlje i^rankplcogc map make oeUbcrmtce •, j^ote tljig. 30 E.3.23. 

"il J.S. be 3il)erif{, ano tlje o'ticrefs toan taken bp bi.n, tbeCSlric oj pleint 
fljall be in fommon fojm, naming tl)C ^Ijcriff bp bis c^jtften name ano Gt<< Reg'^^Si-b. 
name, qua; J. S. cepit, ano not qua: cu ipfecepiili, ano tljc ^Ijerifif iw ttjat cafe 
ougljt to make oeliijcranee. 

140 Sidarlehridge. Cap. 21. 

^ Et fi infra libertates, &c. ballivi libertatis ea deliberare noluerint.^ 

l^crcbp it appearwlj, tljat toljcn tlje titffreCis igi ta&en anti impouimeii untljin a 

atibcrtp tljatljatljretojnof Mrits, toljetljer t'^e matter be icfojic t^e ^Jjcriff 

W.I. cap.17. bp tiaurit oj bp pleint, tbc &ljeriff ougl^t lo mafec a Warrant to t^c ffiapltff 

F.N.B.68.f. of tjjc libertp to mafec neliuerance i loabereutito if \)t mafee no anltoer, oj, re# 

tojn tljat %z toill mafee no neliberance, oj tlie like, tljc sheriff map bp fojci; of 

tl)t$ Statute, ant) tbc Statute of W.i . enter into tljc Jibcrtp, auD mafec telibc^ 

ranee ■■> ano i^eremitlj agratl) Fleta, 

Fleta ILi.cjp. §. Et fi ballivus alicujus habeiitis libertatem retom' brevium poftque Vicecom' fibi 

fi ballivus. praecept Reg', vel aliud mandatum ex officio fuodependens averia ut praedidtum elV, 

Ilcgift.82. detenta non deliberet, Vicecom' extunc habet ingreflum, & faciat quod fuum eft, 

&c. Et eodem mode fiat deliberatio licet fine brevi fufcepta fecuritate de profe- 

quendoj dec. 

ann if tljc tiffrefis be taken toitljout t^e franc^ife, anD impottnocti toitbin, 
Vi^t ^b^tiff map upon pleint maDCj^jefentlp enter anu make Dclibcrancc (iijitb^ 
out anp pjecept to tbelBaplie of tbc 3libertp) foj ttjc Statute p^oDiDef^ tbat be 
iijall rejJiebp, Si extra libertates capta fuer', & fi infra libertates capta fucrint hujuC- 
modi averia, &c. &0 a0 tbfrc i? no pjccept to be iiirctteo to tbc lEapIte of tljc 
iLibcrtp, but tuljcre tbe ctfirefg taa? taken toitbin tbe 3Libertp ■■> anu tobere tbe 
utttrefjs toa$ taken out of tlje3Libcrtp,tberebptljee]cjijef)S toojug of tljc ^ta# 
tutc, tbe ^beriff inap enter anu make Dcliterantc pjcfcntlp. 

a I E.E. eager it- € Sine impedimcnto, 8cc. ] man bp SDeeo makes a leafc foj pearjef, 
liverance ij. refcrviing a rent toitb a claufc of Biftrefis, anu to Detain tbe uiarefs aijainft 
gages ann plecgcg until grabe mane, pet tbe &beriff,oj215aplieof tbellibertp, 
as tbe cafe requires, ougbt to make Deliberancc of tucb a niilrefs. 

ilotc tbe original Mrit of Repleg' is itx nature of a Jullicies, ano is noc 

reto?nablc i ann in a juilicies no conufance can be nemanneo, becaufc none can 

temann conufance, but \)t tbat batb a Court of Eccojti, anc of a plea in a Court 

of KecojD •, but tbe Countp Court, tbougb tlje plea be bolscn tbcrein bp a Ju- 

a4H.f48. fticies tlje icings Mrit, pet it is no Court of ISecojii, fo^f aSlutrgmcn! tbercj* 

in tbere lietlj a Writ of falfc Blutgmcnt, anti not a Writ of CBrroj : ;aifa 

if tbe &>bcriff ftoiilu grant tbe conufance, \)Z coulu not attam a refum^ 

mons, anu tbe ioja of t|)C i?rancljifc can nemann no conufr.ncc in a Mc#! 


F.N.B.73.b. Reg. ^nii pct Bibcrs iLojiis of ^unii}c»s, auD Court l^arons babe potoer to Ijoln 

orig. 12 H.7.8,9. plea, Devetito namio, in olD ilftoks callcD De vee; foj tbe better untJcrRancing 

of tbis ;acr, anu of oibers ancient :atts of parliament, l^coks, anu Kecojus, it 

See w.2.cap.2. iS groB to knouj lubat tbe genuine fenfe of vetitum namium is, \iA)tmn manp 

F.N.B 7 3. batoc erren. Namium figniftetb a taking, t^i tiittrefs, anc vetitum is fo?bi5Den> 

aHD pjoperlp it fignifietb lubcn tbe JlEaplic of tbe loic titllrftneib traKs oj 

gcDDs, anti'tbe =liojDfojbiiHietbbis31Eaplietooeli\j£r tUem tebcn tlie ^bcriff 

tomes to rcpletop tbcm, anu to tbat cnD to Dxtbe tbem to places unki^coin, 0% to 

take fucb a coutfe as tbep fijoulti not be repleincfl : tlwt it is alio ca-Jeo a ti*- 

ftrefs, tbat iz^ fojbinfien vetitum namium, luben toitbcut anp irojfs djcp arc 

eloigncD, oj fo bannleii bp a fojbiotien courfc, as tbep cannot be rcplebieo, foj 

tben tbep are fojbiDten in iiato to be repleuten. 

i^olM bp tbis it appearetb boto tbep err tbat take it, tbat bealts oj gtocg 

Braaonlib.?. taken in Withernam (boulD be beafts 0} gOJtis taken in vetito namio, foj veti- 

fol.ij5.b. tum namium, 0; vetitum namii is unlawful, loi tobctber tbC Diftrefs tocrc 

latofullp taken 01 no, pet tbefojbintitng of tbem agatnft gagrs anu plcBgesto 

be replebieD,oui of queftion is unla\uful. %m. tbe beaCis in VVithemam arelato*^ 

fullp takeu tp autbo?itp of tato, in lieu of tbofe tbat uicre ciltrcinen anu foj*= 

bintientobercpletoieD, anotbe Writ oj p?ecept of Withernam recu'ib, Quod 

Regi(l.82,85. 79, poftquam prasdidl' B. averia prsdid' A. cepit, & in Comic tuo ca fugavit, ice. per 

ae. F.N B, 73. q^Qj Q^ eidem A, replegiari non potuiUi, nos malitia? ipfius B. obviare volentes in 


Cap. 2 1 . <Shdarlehridge. ; 4 1 

hac parte tibi prsecipimus quod averia prasdidl' B. in baliva tua cap' in Withernam, 

& ea detineas donee eidem A. averia fua prasdiiit' fecimJiHr. legem & confuetudi- 

ncm Regni nolki replegiar' polfiSj &c. &0 aS tijc taEing; in Witiiernam tg a latr^^ 

fttl t'afeinff i)p autljojitj) of Jiato, aim tijetrefojc cannot be tf rmiD a talitng fojj: 

bitiDcn, fojtljatit is c.tpjcflp cominanDfD to lie tione, anD tljip agr^ctlj tottlj our 

oliJ JlgfflfeS. l^ereof Bradon faitlj. Si autcm averia capiantur per fervientcm Do- Braft, I.g, 1^3. 

mini ( fine judicio curia?) & poika petita fuerint ab ipib Domino cnm prifens fu- ''5' b i.57. a. 

erif, & ipfe ea vetuerit per vadium 6c plcgium, uterque tenebitur, ut videtur, unus ^^"•^-Witheraani 

de captionc, & alter de vetito namio \ & licet Dominus ipfe advocaverit capti- 

onem ftrvientis, fervientem non liberat fed onerat feipfum, & uterque tenetur de 

fadto fervientis, ferviens quia cepit, & Dominus dupliciter, quia advocat fadurh 

fervientis, & quia vetat : Item funt qui dicunt, quod non tenetur quisrefponderedc 

vetito, antequam convincatur captio injulia, ad quod dicOj quamvis captio julta, 

vel hijufta, tamen vetitum Temper crit injuftum. 

;9nD in W.2. Placita de vetito namio, is intcnDCB a poUjer to IjOlD pica of taj; ^^- =• cap.a. 
Ring of Diftrcfffs, anu fojWDDing of tljem to be rcple\)icir, as cicarip appearcti) 
Jjp tlje tuojcs of tljat 0ct, ano cannot be intentifD of Ipieas of Withernam. 

De vee font 2. manners, lun quant un vee vive naam, Sec. contre gages, & Mirrorc.a. § kJ. 
pledges fuffifant, lauter quant lun ne fuffer my foy eltre diilrein a droit, & lun Sc ^^ ^^^ **' xoAtA. 
lauter font perfonel trefpaiTes contre la peace. 
Vee is an olD iPrenclj toojUi ano is as mucft to fap, as vetitus, oj fojbiDDCrt. 
Naam neit autre chofe que reafonablc diftreffe •, 3it commcti) of Ujit S>aton toO?D 
nemmem, tl nammem, to tafec JjolD on, OJ Diftrcin, totereof comes namium, i. 
captio, itntr fo vetitum namium fignifietl) in iiatB a Ditlrcfs, oj taibing fojiiofien 
to be tcpleuieti. 

i^oiu feeing Withernam i^atl) been mentionct, pou Rjall fmtr tljat tlje true 
fenfc of ttje tuojti is a pjrof of tlje afoiefain matter, 'oj it is compotinoeo of 
ttuB olD &a]con toojos, viz. Weder, toljitl) common ipecclj tatlj turnco to Oder, 
oj other \ anu Naam, tjjat Cgnifiiet^, as Ijatlj been fain, a caption, o;i taking, ann 
tljerefojc is as muctj as a tafeing, oj a repjifal of otljcr gmos in lieu of t^em 
tljat mere fojmerip tafecn anu cloigneti oj toitljljolocn, anu tljis is Capere in 
Withernam', tuljereof tlje Regifter [peaket^ ano lueU erpounDet^, intjicl) nolii 
you fee clearip is juft ano latoful. 

atD tl)crefo?e one fpcafeing of Withernam, anu conuemning ttie afojefait) txf Lambard verbo 
roj faitft, Verum maximam mihi admirationem movet introduda nominis depra- Withernam, 
vatio, qua: Withernam vetitum (cum potiusiteratumfonat) namium dicit. 

Sno albeit t1)c niflrefs were laMuI, pet bp matter, Ex port fado, it map be p- n- B.89. u. 
calleD Vetitum namium, aU3?ongful taking : fojtoljen ( foj erampie ) ^e t^at ^^sjft- vide 
uiftreinetl) t^em cloignetft tljem, fo as t^ep cannot lie replebien, tlje otoner ^^"' 

fijaU l)abean action of SCrefpafS, Quarc vi & armis averia ipiius A. cepit & eaad 
loca ignota fugavit ita quod averia ilia eidem A. fecundum legem ^ confuetudinem 
Regni noftri replegiand" inveniri non potcrit : UJ^erebp it appearetlj, t^at bp tfee 

matter fubfetiuent, tfee firft niCEccfs is in ti^is fenfe, ano to t|is effect, tetmeu unj= 


142 ^Adarkbridge, Cap.23. 


If R.2. cap. 2. "V I Ullus de c^etero poffit diftringere libcre tenentes fiios ad relpon- 

16 R. :. cap.2. 1^^ dendum de libero tenemento fuo, nee de aliquibus ad liberum 

tenementum (uum fpedantibus, nee jurare faeiat libera tenentes fuos 

contra voluntatem luam, quia hoc nuUus facere poteft fine prscepto 

Domini Regis. 

XW J^rt fs( confirmcti anfi cnlarpt lip tljc Statute df 15 anu 16K.2. 

Rot.ciauf. 18 H.3. llBefojc tljis Statute, Jiojns luottlD Diftraiu tljeir free tenants to come ans in Have- fijct) ti()C SDacdiSj fpccianj) t^e onginal E^aiu, toljcrcbv tljcp mig|i)t knoto I? 

""fr toljat rent ann fertices tlje tcnancp w^ IjolBcn of tljem, anu obUqudp man? 

times perufing tlje 2Di«H0, C tobicl) are tlje fecrets auD finclos of a mans lanu ) 

i)joug!)t (n (lueftion t^e title of tJje fra^jolD it felf. anotfjer mifc^iief toas, 

tljat tlje iojDS of Court l!f arons, Ipunnjens, ? c. \uljere tlje fnitojs toere SiHJges, 

ImoiiIo conftrain tljem to fiuear licttoan partp ano party, lotl) lol^ic^ mifctiefs 

are taken aluap lip ttoo federal bjantljcs of tijis 0(t. 

^ Ad liberum tenementum fuum fpedantibus. ] 515p t|efe luojUS arc 
intcnBco tl)c Cljartcrs D^ tenure of tljeir jLanus, foj tljep do pjoperip belong to 
tlje frotljolD, anti if tlic fraljolocr bctiaraineD contrarp to tlie putDicto of t'^is 
Statute, Ije fijall Ijaije a Mrit of |0joljibition grouuoeo upon t^is Sit, Cum 
de communi confilio Regni nolki Anglis ihtutum lit, quod nuUus diftringeie pof- 
fit libere tenentes fuos ad refpondendum de libero tenemento fuo, nee de aliqui- 
bus ad liberum tenementum fuum fpedantibus, 8cc. Tibi pricipimus quod non 
diflringas ad refpoixlendum, &c. 
Regin. i7r. ^"^ i^ app^arctl) bp t^c Regifter, tljat tljis 0d: notlj binu tlje !&ing, foj tl^ere 

is a tUlrit niredcD to tlje toings ^iliffs of Ijis spannoj of N. tlje tnojnsi 

tuljcreof be, Vobis prscipimus, quod non diflringatis A. ad refpondendum coram 
vobis in curia nollra prsedid' de libero tenem' fuo, nee de aliquibus ad liberum te- 
nementum fuum fpedantibus. ^wn if tlje lungs iBaiUff Dot^ noc obep tljis 
Mrit, tlje tettant fljall IjaDe an attaeijmcnt againil Ijim, ivljicb alfo appears in 
tlje Regifter. 

27 aftp, 6.20. C Nec jurare facit libere tenentes ] SDljis is to be nnterftaiij bettean 
39E.3.20. 12 H.4. partp ano partp t but to enquire foj tlje Jloja of all t^c articles belonging to 
8.b. F,N.B.7s.e. j^g Couct X5acon oj l^unojcHi tljep map be [lDo:n, anu Co are t^e bojhs to 
be unOerUcDti. thereof pou maprcan a notable lierojo in 14 E. i. in Ban- 
co, &c. 

M.I4 E.I. rot.19. Gilbertus de Pimebek^ & Richardm fiUus Gitilielmi de Spalding im- 

Lincoln, pladtaver Priorem de Spalding pro eo quod aim fif/t liheri homines^ C/^ 

terms ^ tenemento. fia tenent libere, ipfe Trior dijiringit eos ad corpo- 

rale facratfientitm pr£Jiand' (ibi fine pr£cepto Regis, contra legem ^ con- 

* That is this f'*'^^' R^gni Regis, C^ contra. * prohibitionem, <^c. Prior dicit quod habet 

Statute. libertatem & regalitatem, qitod (i qnis captus fiierit cum latrocinio, quod 

ipfe per Balivos fuos in Curia fita indc habet cogn . Et quod fiper capti- 

cnem juris cum manuoperc diSumfuit-diclis Gilbert S" Richardo,quod 

ad ret veritatem indc inquirend' pr£^arent ftcramentum, qui il/udficere 

fufe to prcfenc * recufarunt, unde die' quod per confiderationem curiae pr^d' fuerunt ipji di- 

for the Lord. Jiricfi propter contemptum pr^dicl' Judic'. Et quia in cafu hujujmodi 


Cap. 1 7' aSAfarlebridge.. 145 

lih er homo in curia Domini fui corporate debet facranientnm prafiare^ (I 
per coJtfnetndincm ejufdcm CHri£ ad hoc elcSius fiierit^ (fj- idcn Gilbert its Thecaflomof 
^ Richardus fion pojjunt dedicere, qitin per conjii tnd' ejufdcm curitC ad "^ °'"'^'" 
hujufmodi corporate facramevtnm elecfi ftierutit .CoriCuivrdt' eji^ quod Prior 
{ine die, d^ hab' return avericritm, (& ipji Gurlieh/i ^ Richardi in mi' 

ffiut itt tlje Jlttt oj aCotmi, tl)C imm niaj) ht compciku to fee fteojn as toell ,, £ , :. .^ E4 
fo>tl)C?aing, ag bcciueen prtpsnt) partpi foj t^jep arc not libsre tenentes, as %. f,n.b!7sE. 
tljis Statute fpcabctlj, in rcfpcct of tenure, but to tljr ir futt in rcfpcft of xt<f 
fiance i SlKo tljc ILeets ano 2Lourns are tlje Courts of tfjc i&ing ano of ItecoiD i 
anD tl)e Court XBaron anD l^unnjcD Court of otljer JLojtisare not Courts of 

anije rule of ILato ts> tijat tofjcnfoeber anp man Ijatfj anp t^ing of common i^^-i- 8, 9. 
rigljt ann tj) courfe of 3iaijj> tlje fame map toell be enlargen bp tuliom ano ^iz^ 
fcrtption , as tlje Lojo of a ^©anoj tljat Ijatij a Court 2i5aron, of common rigt)£ 
ano bp courfe of Lato all pleas tljcrein are oetcrmtnable bp ujagcr of !iau', 
ann pet bp pjefcription t^ellojo map pjefcribe tonetcrminc tljem h^ 3urp. Regift.i7i-b. 
3nii tljis bjancl) Dotlj binD tlje teing in l)is Court iSaron, ^unnjen oj Couutp 

£)f botlj tljefc articles Brafton Caitlj t^US, Non poteft aliquis Baro, Vicecomes, foLioiS 
vel alius de liberis tenementis cognofcere, nee tenens tenetur refpondere tine pras- 
cepto vel warranto Domini Regis, nee etiam pofflint aliquem ad facramentum 
fine warranto compcUere. 

31n a Writ of Kigljt patent oirecten to tlje ILo;nj of tl;e spano?, pica fl;all be Gianv. 1.12. c.2,3, 
^oloen of fcaljolD, ann tljc Court in tliat cafe map gibe an oatlj, foj tljcre is &cBraa.i. 5.1.528 
t^C icings Writ of Prscipe quod reddat, toljicl) i% prsceptum Domini Regis, ^[,'[,"^ \^°' 
M tt)is pou fljall rcao plentifullp in our olD 315ajfes, anu it pjoperlp belongetlj 
to anotljer SCreatife. iJnti note tljefe luojos in our ^tt. Sine praecepto Domini fo.i. 
Regis, DO refer to botlj claufes. 


PHovifum eft etiam, quod fi balivi, qui compotumi (uum Domi- 
nis fuisreddere tenentur, fe fubtraxerint, Sc terras vel tenemen- 
ta non habuerint, per quse diftringi poffunt, tunc per eorum corpora 
attachientur, ita quod vicecomes in cujus baliva inveniantur, eos ve- 
nire faciat ad compotum fuum reddend'. 

SClie mifcljief before tljis Statute was, as it appearetb ^ tlje letter tl-ereof, 
t^at tlje laft |p?ocefs in an Action of iJccompt toas SDiffres infinite, anu tlje ac# 
comptants faking jfubterfHgcstii6li3ttljO;ialutl)cmfeli3Csano liecome ij.igrant, 
aping to fecret places, fonictimes in fojrcin Counties, anti IjftH no ifmDS oj 
tenements toljerebp tljepmigljt beoiflraineo, foas tlje Jiojos toere i\x a mm^ 
ner rcmcoilefs. „^-^^ 2 i 5 

2Cljis att Dotb giue to tljc ilo^o a ^KElrit of 0ccount, fcunoeo upon tl;:s ^ta^ f.n'.b". 117.'^ * 
tute, toljicl) of tlje Mojos of tlje ^Mllrit u callen a Monihavit de comporo, ana Fieca ii.2. c.64. 
ieginnctl) tl)US : Monlkavit nobis A. quod cum B. balivus fuus, &c. iDf toljiclj Erie, tol.163. b. 
tiKHrit pou map rcao in tlje Rcgiiter, in Fleta, ano otljer ancient IBai&s ann Ke* ^^"■'^•^ Vc'< 
cojBSjanfllietl)inanpCcwntptuljerctljcatcoumammapbefounti. conraasj .<,. 

C Balivi 

J 44 (iAdarlebridge. Cap. 24. 

Britton ubi fup. fj Balivi. ] SEljis ^tatiitc cictenBgi not onlp to 5!5ailiff? accojnino; to tl&c 
ii^-^-^roc-ioi- letter, but to gaminiB in focagc, rcteiwrs, ano otljet accottntancsi : %\\ii\)t 
17 E s^r^"^^'^' ^t^tutc of VV.2. C.I I. C);tenDiS onlp to llBailiff? anu receiDetj3j ano not to a pr*=;. 5cin in fotage ■, foj a Capias Ijctlj againft Ijim bp tljis Statute, but no Cjcigcwt 

bp tljc "Statute of VV. 2. 
W.J. cap. li. 3nti luijcre fome IjaDc fugpofeij, tl^at ttje Statute of VV.2. \a))it\) giuctl) |P}o# 

Regift. 136. ccfgi of tatlaprp in an Action of Account, Ijat!) tafecn atoap citl^ec tlje effect oj 
F.N. B.I 1 8. tlje ufe of tiji0 iUtt, tlje contrarp ayjiearetl) in tljat cafe, ann in otljet cafes in out 

Jfcofeis, m IjcreaftCB fijall appear. 

^ Et terras & tenementa non habuerint.^ %{ tlje accomptants Ijabe 

anplaua^ 0? tenements;, Mjerebptljcpmigljt be DiCrainen, tfjougl) it be not 

to tlje \3aiuc of tlje account, pet it fufficetlj to cj;empt tljem out of tljijs Statute, 

but tljep mull baVie lantisi ano tcncmcntis foj teem of life at tlje leaft, ann fo is 

tljig ;a(t to be untierftojii. 

4 E.2. brere 751. i?"^ V}^^ ujljcteof s Efter tljig Statute, ann after tijc fain Statute of W.2. c. 

II. viz. in 4 E.2. one bjougljt a Mlrit of Monlkavit de compoto upon tljisi &ta^ 

tute, ann counten tljat Ije toas Ijis receiUer of C I. gtc. 3in tu^iclj miction four 

jjointis were refolijeo. i, 2Cljat out Statute ettcnnetlj to a receiver ap tocll as 

to a JlBailiff. 2, SEJjat if tlje Accountant Ijatlj anp lanng oj tenements, tljouglj 

tljep be not fufficient to rentier tlje account, pet |c is e^empten out of tlje ^ta^^ 

tute. 3. 015p tljefe toojns [ Jlanns ano aCenements ] is intenoen an cllate of 

fra^bolUi ant) tljerefoje tobcre it toas tljere founti tljat tlje accountant Ijao a 

ijoufe of tlje pearlp \)alue of Di s. in tlje rigljt of bis toife, toljo IjaD tl)e inljeri:* 

tance thereof, but fo} tljat it tnas tbe freeljoln of liis loJife, ant) not Ijis ftaljolD, 

it toas amungct! no fufficicncp toitbin tbe Statute. 4. JLalllp, it lojas rcfolijeii, 

tljat if tbe Ijusbann Ijao iduc bp Ijis tnife, fo as Ije Ijau a franktenen.cnt foj Ijis 

6E 7. breve 806. Hfe, Ije \m ban etempten out of tbe Statute, ann tlje like cafe toas ixi. 6 E.2. 

17 E.'z.Proc.zo?. in cafe of a receiljer, anu manp otljer autljonties ano rcco^Ds tljere be to tliat 

17 E.?. 59- effect, iDljerebp it appeatetlj tljat botlj tljis ^A Ijatlj fiiU Ijis effect, anu tljat it 

F.N.B. 118. jyj,jj j„ yfg j,fj.£.j f^^g Statute of W. 2. c. 1 1. ;anti Ijeretoitlj agreetlj Fleta, toljicl) 

Fieta,ii.2. cap.«54 ^jotc foju after tbe Statute of W.2. ann tljat Statute ootlj confirm tljis My Et 

Britton ubi fup. fi diffugerit, & gratis compotum reddere noluerit, Ikut in aliis ftatutis alibi con- 

tinetur : bp lubiclj toojDs tljis Statute is meant. 
F.N. E. 118. AntigmB ufe map be mane of tljis Writ of Monftravit de compoto, if tlic 
Regifl. 1 35, 1 37. piaintif can learn in tnljat place oj Countp Ijelurfeetlj, but Ijc cannot i^lje tijjis 

Mlrit fed per hdem, qisiam prgeftare debet in Cancellaria, &c. 

515Ht if anp fue out tljis Mlrit of Monftravit de compoto, auD attaclj tlje ac^: 
countants boop, iwljere Ije Ijatlj lanns anu tenements, contrarp to tljis Set, in 
deceptionem curias contra formam fiatuti,&c. tlje partp griebCD f^jall ^aue a Mrit 

Regift. 137. foj ijis relief, \ii\ii\) appearetlj in tljc Regifter. 


SIS of TTem ftrmarii tempore firmarum fuarum vaftum, venditionem, vel 

wiouc^c. 8." I exilium non facient de domibus, bofcis, vel hcminibus, nee de ali- 

quibus ad tenementa quse ad firmam habent fpeftantibus, nifi fpecialem 

inde habuerint conceffionem, per fcriptum conventionis mentionem fa- 

ckns quod hoc facere poflunt. Quod fi fecerint, & fuper hoc convin- 


Cap. 24. (SMarlehridge. 145 

cantur, darapna plena reftituant, 8c per milericordiam graviter 

%\it mit\)id tjcfoje tbis Statute tua?, tljat agatua HefTas foj life o^ pear?, 
tfjerc lap no pjoljibition of tHaftc at tljc Common Lalu, beeflulc tin p came in bp 
tie M of ttic JLetToj^ano Ijc migl^ttjavjcpjobmcDupou vlje matins of tl^e Irafe, 
againft Watte to lie none, ano Ije tljat migljt ano toculD not y^oiiicc lo^ ljim# 
felf, tlje Common ilato tooulunot pjoDiue foj : j^^tlicrtuirc it tie of tuaccs tccas' 
t£D 1)P ILato, as SCenant in 2Dotoct, anti tljc C-attiicn •, lut faing iuaCc ano tc^ 
firuflton is Ijiirtful to t\)Z Common#\McaItl), tljis 0(t p?oliiDctlj rcmccp foj 
OTatte none bp ILftTee foj life, d; lieff* foj years, ano it ig tlje firft statute 
tl;at gaijc remetp in tliofe cafeis : foj tlje rule of tljc Regiikr ig, tljat tljere ere Reg'ft.72, 
fibc manner of MUits of Mattes, viz. ttoo at ti)c Common JLato, as foj ^Clatte j, 
none l}) 2Cenant in SDoDjet, oj bp tl^e Caroieni ano tljjec ip &i.atu:e, oj fye* 35 6>357. 
rial Jlati), as againft aTenant foj life, SCcnant foj pears, ana SCenant bp tljc 

^ Firmarii. ~\ Jfbj t^c Ifljojn firms, toljereof firnaarius cornet^, ik tlje firtt 
part of tl)C Inftitutes, fe(3:.i. 

^ere firmarii tic compjcljenti all fuel) as ijolu bp leafe foj Ufe, oj liijes, j foj 
jears> ip Ceeo OJ tuitljOUt CaD t Large fe habet hsc didio firmarius ad terminum 
vitas, & ad terminum annorum i anO fo mucl) Fleta fait^, de termino. Fletalib.s.oa.34. 

Albeit tlje RegUkr faitl), Sciend', tl)at per Statutum dc Marlebride, cap, 23. ^-^ , 
data fuit quadam prohibitio vafti verfus tenentem annorum, luljicl) is true, tljouglj 
tlje Statute ootli ertenc toi?armers foj life alfo, but tljis Act ejttennetlj not to 
SCenant bp tlje courtefie, foj Ije is not a iFarmer, but if a leafe be maoe foj life 
oj pears, |e i^ a jl?armcr, tljouglj no rent be refetiteo. 

^ Vaftum, venditionem, vel exilium. j £Df tljefc pou lljall rcaD in Firft part of ths 
tlje firft part of t^e Infiitutes. ilfuta reafon is rcciuirco, tljat faing as toell tlje 
cttate of tlje accnant bp tljc courtefiejas tlje Cenant in SDotoer are created h^ Ad: 
in 3ia\n, tolierefojc tlje pjoljibition of Matt oio not lie as iccll againft tlje %t* 
nantljp tl)e courtefie, as tlje SCeant in SDotaer at tlje Common %m-> ano tlje 
reafon is tljis, foj tliat h^ Ijabing cf iffue tlje ttate of STenant bp tlje courtefie is 
Djiginallp createo,ano pet after tljat Ije fljall to Ijomage alone m tlje life of Ijis 
OTife, toljicl) pjo^etlj a larger eftate ■■> ano fixing at tljc creation of Ijis eftate %t 
wigljt 00 Mafte, t^e pjoljibition of tKlTaffe lap not figainft l)im after IjisMiues 
Dcceafe,l)ut in tlje cafe of aCenant in SDotoet, fijc i?, puuinjable of Mlafte at tlje 
firft creation of Ijcr eftate x tlje pjoljibition of Mlafte lap not againft Cenant 
in taile apres poffib. (luljofe ftatctoas crcateo bp Act in iaio); becaufe tlje ojigi*: 
nal eftate toas not punifljable of OTafte. 

^Nonfaciant.^ SDo oo oj mafee OTafte, in legal unocrftanoing ixi ^ ^y,^ 
tljis place, incluoes as toell pcrmiftitoe Mafte, luljiclj is Mlafte bp reaton of jg^bV 
omtffion, oj not ooing, as foj inant of reparation, as Mafte bp reafon of com# 
miffion, as to cut Ooton timber tras> oj pjoftrate Ijoufes, oj tlje like •, ano tlje 
fame \wojO Ijatlj tlje statute of Glouc.cap.5. Que aver fait Walk, ano pet is xwu 
oerftoDO as toell of paffiue as actitje Matte, foj Ije tljat fufferetlj a Ijoufe to oe# 
cap, iajl)icl) Ije ougljt to repair, ootljtljc Mafte : ano tljercfoje if a man maket^ 
a icafe foj pears bp BEnoenture of a Ijoufe ano lanos, upon conoition, tljat if it 
Ijappen tlje JLelfa to 00 anpMafte, tljat tlje ilcttoj fijall re#enter, in tljis cafe 
if tlje ilettee fuffer ibe Ijoufes to be toafteo, tljc Jicfto j (Ijall re#enter, fo as tljis 
Wojo facere, Ijatl) not onlp tljis fignification in a penal Statute, but in a con*' 
tition alfo. 

2Eljis Act pjoljibitetlj tljat Jparmcrs fijall not 00 Matte, ano pet if tljep 
fuffer a fttanger to 00 Matte, tljep fijall be cljargeo toitlj it, foj it is pjelu# ^^ ^-i-ii-i- 

®l meo 



Cap. 2 4* 

nien in llata, tljattticiTarmcr map toitljflatm itjEt qui non obibt quod obfiare 
poteft facerc videtur. ^cconulp, t\)t JIatu Botl) gt\)e to fbcrj) Mian ljt0 popcc 
Action, fo as none of ttjem betuitljout ?uc rctneup: aiiD tljerefoje in t\m cafe 
tljc Jieffoj fljall l)al3C Ijis Jetton of Mafte apintt tijc JlcfTec, anti tfjc JLcfla Ijis 
Firft part infl. Action of SCrcfpafiS againft Ijim tljat tiu djc Maftc, ano fo tlje lofis, ag rcafoti 
fca.<57. rccittirctl;, in tl;c enu fijail lie upon tfje wjong Docr, ana if ttje JlcfToj l^oulD not 

Ijanc Ijip ^ition of ©Elafte, Ijc fljotiln fie toitljout rcmccp. 

^ Nee de aliquibus ad tenementa qus habent ad firraara fpeftanti- 

bus. ] STl^ere lucre tefojc particularly namcu De domibus, bolcis, & ho- 
iTiinibus i SCIicfe toojDis to compjcljeno ILanUiS ano $l9eai»oti)S belonging to 
tlje i^arm. 

0lfotljcfe general toojD? Ijaijeafttrtfjer fipificatton, ana djerefoje if tljere 
ijaa bccnai^armer foMifc oj jjfi'ris, ofaSpnnnojjantialCcnancp IjaaefcljcateD, 
rijts sncnancp fo cfcljeateii aia belong to tlje sncnemcnts tljat Ije Ijcla in farm, 
ana tljerefoje tljis 3tt ejctenaca to it, ana tlje Jlcffoj fljall Ijaw generally a Mlxity 
ana ftippofe a leafc maac of tijc lanais cfcljcatea bp t^c Jleffoj, ana maintain it 
bp tlje fpecial matter. 

3E.3.foi.34; ^ Nifi habeant (pecialem conceflionem. 3 SCljijs grant ougljt to ie 

24 E'3-37« jjp jjajtij foj all ^{ittc tenaetlj to tlje aifin^eritance of tlje iielTo?, ana tljcrei^ 

fojc no man can claim to be aifpimilljable of Mafte toitljout BDaa.,83. a gtt Lewis Bowles cafc pou map reaa plentifullp of tii0 matter. SCljis fjie^ 
rtf^n"^' '°"^^' •fi^'^C'^^nt i? intenaca to be abfque impetitioneVafti, tnitljowt impeacljment of 
i vd \ ^' f « h ^fiff e. 3^nipfacl)mcnt cometlj of tlje iprenclj tooja cmpefhement : h %^2 fages of 
Lewis Bovvis cafe ^^^ ^lato Ijauc tifco tljc ittJoja impetitio, BcribcB of in ana peto, ana t^at Sine 

See the firfl part ' impetitione Valti, ig ajS mticl) aS tO fap, ajB luitljOUt impcacljment, tl&at igj U)itl);# 

out anp aemana oj challenge foj aoing of OTafte ■■, but if tlje claufe be eitljcc 
Sine imdimento, oj impeditione vafti, it amountctl) in Siuagmcnt of Jlato) to ajS 
muclj a$ Sine impetitione vafU. 

of the Inft.fea. 

554. verb, fans 

Impeachment de 


Adjudg.Tr.6 Jac. 

in Com. Banco. 

Lib.intrat. Co. 


f ir. 


W,2. cap. 1 4. 


^ c Damna plena reftituant 8c per milericordiam gravker punian- 

tur. ] d 0na tljiiS mutt be unacrfttoa in fuclj a pjoljibition of Matte upon tljiss 
Statute, as lap againtt 2Ecnant in SDotocr at tlje Common jiatu, ana finglc aa^s 
mages toas giben bp tljis Statute againft Jicffec foj life, ana ileffa foj pear?. 

Kiic Statute of Glouc'. Cap. 5. gabc treble aamagc?, ana tlje place toattea 
againft ^LetTee foj life, Jleffec foj pcarg, ana SCenant bp tbe courtefie, jc. 

ffiut after tbis S^tatute, ana tlje Statute of Glouc'. Confievit fieri breve de 
prohibitione vafti, per quod breve multi fuerunt in errore, credences quod illi qui 
vaftum fecerint non liabuerunt necefTe refpondere nifi tantnm dc valto h€to poll 
prohibitionem eis diredam ; Ddminus Rex ( ut hujufmodi error de cstero roUa- 
turj Ihtuit quod de vafto quocunque. Sec, non fiat de caetero breve de prohibitione 
fed breve de fumnionitione, quod ille, de quo queritur, rcfpondeat de vaito fado 
quocunque temporej &c. 

©mijereupon tlje pjoljibition of OTatte wag abjogatea, ana tlje Action of 
^aftc framca upon ti^e^ct of VVeilm. 2. ag in tlje Regiikr appeavetlj. 


Cap. 2 5- (SAdarlebridge. lAj 


JUfticiarii itirierantes de csetero non amercient villatas in itinera Mag. chart, ca.3 3^ 
fuo, pro eo quod finguli xij annorum non vencrint coram Vice- "''^"' '°' ^ *• 
comitibus & Coronatoribus, ad inquifitiones de roberiis, incendiis 
domorum, velaliis ad Coronam fpeftantibiis fjciend'. Dum tameii 
de villatis illis veniant (ufficientes, per quos inquifitiones hujufmodi 
plene fieri poffunt,exceptis inquifitionibus de morte hominis faciend'. 
libi omnes xij annorum, venire debent, nifi rationabilem caufam ha- 
beant abfentis fuie. 

2Ctoo mifcljiefe tte« Mm tljc ntafeino; of tW ^tatutf, 

, i?irff, tl)at if tlje ^Ijeriff Din pjefent iffoje tlje Jufttccs in CBpre, tfiat tijofe 
of tt)e «P of ttuelbc i?earg came not to tlje aCoRrn, t^at t^e anotanffjipgiajljcre 
tijep BUjeU fljotilD le amctcieu, foj tljat e\3crp one aboije tmcl&e ^eatis appeareli 
«ot at t%tvc ECournjs, toljere tlje^ fljoulii be fU'ojn, (as Ijatlj been fain) amougft 
iA%tt t^ing?, tljat tljej) fijouitr do no fclbnp, noj affcnt to any, anu tljercfoje al^ 
iett t'^cp couln not lie pjcfcnt ad inquifit faciend', being tintiet age of 2 1 . pet tljep 
Ottg][)t to be.ttjcrc to tahe tlje oatl), ano oifcoicr feIoni£$j if anp t]()ep feneui, ac^ 
cojjing to tljeic ont|(. 

^notljer mifcljicf, tljat tui^en aitp robkrpj ittming of tjoufe^j liomicioe, oj 
tt\tx felon}) luag Done, tljc&Iieriff, foj fo mucl) as pectaineo to Ijim, oj tlje Co# 
roner in cafe of tlje ocatj) of man, tuotiln fummcn mani' SEotonnjipB, anu fome5» 
time a toljole ?^unD?cii, toljere ttoel^je iwoulo ferDe to make cntiiiirp t ^no if all 
Jin not apgear accojoing to tlje fummonis, tljep taottlo pjefent tlje fame befoje 
tlje BCufticcs in ©pre, iMljcre tljc Ujl;ole ^notundjipg q% V^unnjeu tuere amerciciTj 
albeit manp times a fiifficient number 10 make euquirp m appear, i^oto tljis 
Statute pjoiiicetl) remenv, tijat M)txi tljcre cometlj out of tlje acotonfljips fa 
CummoneOj a fufficient number bp luljom inqtuifitions map be fullp mauc, tljat 
no amerciaments fljall be fct upon tljc SCotMufljips 031 ^unnjeu bp tlje iufticcis 
in (Epte, mljiclj toas one rcmeop foj bot^ tl)e ttoo mifcljicfs. 

H Singuli xij annorum. ] M^txt oln IBcofes mention fometime 14 ^ , 
pears, it is liut mifpjinteo •, Jroj tljc time fo?. one to come to tljc SEourn oj wag.chart.c.^j, 
3leet, anu to take Ijts oatlj, as isafojefain, is ttoelDe pears, ann fo it is pjol)i^ 
ueb bp tliis M* 

f[ De roberiis.] ^a foj tljis toJOjB in tlje firft part of tlje Inflitutes, videw.i.cis; 
. feft. 501. 

C Incendiis domorum. ] 5lBp t|)is it appearetlj, tljat butning of l)bufes Braa.La. foii 
toas felonp bp tlje Common JLaiu, foj otljertoife Ijc coulo not Ijatoe cntiuireo of Brit.foi.i6. 
tlje fame in l)is aCourn. i-'eta 

%W is to be unnerffroBnot onlp of a fitoelling Ijoufe, but of ttie 5Katn oj f f'Tg!''"^*''* 
Stable belonging tljeccunto. 1 1 H.7.1. 

SlIjc Mirror goctlj futtljcr, foj Ije reckoning tljc fame amongtt tlje Ijigljeff aU Mirror'ca.r, § 8; 

fences, faitll. Ardours font que ardent City, Ville, Maifon, bead, ou autres cllateux deArdours & § iS 

dc lour felony in temps de peace pur hainc, ou vengeance. a*^*^'i^h"a. fon 

Les appeales de arfons fe font in tiel manner, Cedde icy appeal Harding illonque gt'tap.i.^ iV 

^ 2 (eve 


Cap. 2 61 

(ove les furnofmes) de ceo que come mefme cefti Ccdde avoit un maifon ou plu- 
fors, ou un taffe de bke, ou un mollein de feyne, ou auter manner de biens in tiel 
lieu^ &c. la vient mefme celuy Harding, & en le dit meafon miR fewe, &c. felo- 
nioufment, &c. 
Flctaublfupra. atlD Fleta faitlj, Siquis asdes alienas nequiter ob inimicitiam vel predse caufa 

tempore pacis combufferit, & inde convid' fuer' per appellum vel fine, capitali de- 
bet lententia puniri, JEut tW Mon^Ul) to attOtljcr %xmik. 

^ Vel aliis ad coronam Ipedlantibus. "] ^cre i$ meant otljer felo* 
nies at t%t Comttton JLaioJ, tnljic^ ate calico Placlta Coronse, eit^jct tnquiraW? 
icfbje t^e ^ijeriff in W 2Couni, 0% tijc Cojoner, of tDl)om tlje &tatntc ^zxz 

f[ Dum tamen de villatis illis veniunt fufficientes. "] 31Eut if t^cre 
appear not [ufficicnt, ais if t^erc appeac unBer 12. toenail tijattocre fum<» 
ntoneD fljall be amercteti, anu t^iis notti fonom t]}e reafon of tljc Common 
ILatj), foj to'bere foj trial of anp itfuc, t^ere fljaU he fummoneti 24. if t^ere 
12 onlp appear, anu are ftoojn, t^e otljersi tljat mane oefault fljaU not be 
amcrcien ■■, but if anp of f^em ttiat 00 appear be cljallengcu ano trien out, fo 
tiat 12 remain not to trp tlje iffue, tt)£n all tlje rett fljall be amercicn, ajs if 
if tiere tiau unBer 1 2 ojiginallp appcareo : 3ino it is a goou cjcpofition of a 
Statute, tobcn tlje reafon cf t^e Common JLato is purtueo : §>a befoje Cap. 
18, concerning amerciamentis. € Exceptis inquifitionibus de morte hominis, &c.] jctje' ILaiij 

JjatI) fo great reCpect to tbe punifijment of ^omicine ojmurBer, tijat at t^at 
inquifition befojet^e Cojoner, all afaobe 12 muft appear C to tljc enti tl)c trut^ 
map be foxmo but ano punifljen, ano tbe bojribic crime oj murDer bctetfeb) wn# 
M» tljep Ijabea teafonablc eytufe to t^e contrary 




Britton cap.^. 

Murdrum de cetero non adjudicetur coram Jufticiariis, ubi in- 
fortunium tantummodo adjudicatum eft, led locum habeat 
murdrum de interfeftis per feloniam tantum, 8c non aliter. 

BrittoD cap.7. SCljc mifcljief befoje tU^ Statute toais, SCbat tje tijat feincn a man ip mtf«s 
5 E.?. coron.554. abbenture, per infortunium, ai3 bp coing anp Sla ttat tuaji not againft 3laii3,anD 
3 E.3.ibid.322. jigj againft l)is intent tbe beatlb of a man enfuefi, t^is toas aBjuDgeo rauroer : 
^$ it a man bao caft a (tone obct an boufe, oj iJjot at a marls, ano bp tb fall of 
tbe ftone, oj giaimce of tlje arrobJ a man toajs flain,tl)e partp fijoulB Cuffer beat^» 
Sno fo it toais at tl)C Common 3lab3, if a man bao ikilleoa man fe defendendo, 
%e fijoulb be bangeb, anb fojfeit in botb cafe?, ag in cafe of murcer •, fo ten=? 
Ber a regarB IjaB tbe 3Lab) to tlje pjeferbation of tbe life of man. 0no toitb t^t 
Common 3iab) Taiag agreeable tbe 3uBaicfll iLato, bcfoje tljc Cities of refuge 
]oniua2a,2i, &c. boerc appointeBi betbatfetlleBa man bp mifabbenture, ^c. teas put to Beai^, 
to tbe euB tbac men fljoulD be fo pjo\)iDcnt anb toarp of tljcic action?!, a$ no 
beatlj oi ttian, booman oj cljilb migbt enfue thereupon. 


Numb.; $.9. 

Cap. 2 7* S^arlehridge, 

%\)i$ S)tatutc Dotlj rcntEBv lul) points, foj tljc latter ciattfc is general, tl;at Sec the Statute of 
ttlljaU not be murDcr, but tuljerc it 10 Doneper feloniam, i. fdlco animoj anu Ij) <i!ouc. c.p. 
malice p?cpcnfcD. 0nD albeit l;ts life in nciti^er cf tl)cfe rafcs ijs n.:\M lott, yet 2 h 4,18. 
tlje forfeiture of Ijis grottis ann cljatenjc tcmainco in boclj cafe?. Sno fa if a man ' ' "-^-^s- 
MX a man bp mifati\)enturc, if Ijc efcape, tljc SCoton fljaU be amcrcieD, jc. ijg al# ? E.3. coron. 302. 
To a mwfe of tljc Common iLaiu. 

C Murdrum. 3 i?oj tljiglMOjo, te tfjc firft part of tlje Inftit. Sed. 500; 
SCo fpeafe of tlje part0 of iomicine, Dotfj belong to anoti^cc Kxtmit ; tljis onl^ 
(IjaU fuffice foj tljeunncrttanBing of t^i$ ^tt, 

*f[ Per feloniam. 3 if oj ti^is toojD, ano t'dc fignification tljereof, fa tlje See the firn part- 
firff part of tl;c Inftitutes at large, of li'^ inftitut. 

Sea. 745. 


PRovifum eft, quod nullusqui coram Jufticiariis itinerantibus vo- Eraft.l.g.foi.rrj, 
catur ad warrantum in placito terrx, vel tenement', amercietur ii6Brit.c.2.foi.7. 
decsetero, pro eo quod prsfens nonfuerit quando vocatur ad war- Mirror cap. 4!cii|.' 
rantum ( excepto primo die adventus Jufticiar* ipforum) fed fi War- itlneris. 
raat/0 ille fuerit infra comitatura, tunc injungatur vicecom', quod 
ipfum infra tertium diem, vel quartum ( fecundum locorum diftan- 
tiam ) faciat venire, ficut in itinere Jufticiar' fieri confuevit. Et fi 
extra comitat maneat, tunc rationabilem habeat fummonitionem xv. 
dierum ad minus, fecundum difcretionem Jufticiar' 8c legem commu- 

015? tlje Common JLaiu, alt t^e men of tlje Ceuntp ottgljt to appear befoje 

t'^e 3(UtticeiS in (tit per breve de generali fummonitione vie' diredt', quod praemo- 

neat omnes de com' quod lint coram talibus Jufticiariis ad certum diem & locum 

per quadraginta dies, ag luell tljat etierp man OjouId be reaBj to anfiojet to anp 

matter, tuljeretoitlj Ijc toasi to be cljargeti, 0; commenceu againft tljem, as to 

ferijet^e iSing atm Ijis Country, asneeB fliouls require, ano to l)caranli learn 

tlje MW ana CuftomiS of tlje ISealm, unner itnljiclj tlje? liuea. ^oiu tlje mif<f 

cljief luas, tljat if tlje "^ ;!1IoucIj«e appeared not at tljc firCt nap, Ije toas amerces, * For tbls worf 

foj tliat Ije ougljt to be pjefent. i^oto t^i? Statute enaflet§, tl;at ^z lljall not ^ °(i Pa«' of the 

be amcrceu at tlie firft uap, but |3jocefis fljall be atoamcu againtt Ijim, as bp tljis inft. § 145. yerb. 

Sid is limitea •, ano if Ijc come not tlien, Ije fijall be amercien : ibjljerein it is Et iivouche,&c. 

to be obferijet), l)oD) tlje Common 3Lati3pjoi)iBet|) fonppeKition ofguftice, ano cuftumier de 

]i)oto neceffarp it is foj unuerttanDing of olo Statutes, to reaD oln JBofes. ^°^^' "P-s°'^°^ 



150 S\darlebridge, Cap. 2 8. 


SI Clericus aliquis pro criraine aliquo, vel retto quod ad coronani 
pertineat, arreftatus fuerit, & poftmodum per pr^eceptum Do- 
mini Regis in ballium traditus /wer/* vel replegiatus extiterit, ita quod 
hii, quibus traditus fuerit in ballium, eum habeant coram Jnfticiariis, 
non amercientur de c2tero illi quibus traditus fuerit in ballium, q^c 
alii plcg' fiii, \\ corpus fuum habeant coram Jufticiar', licet coram eis 
propter privilegium clericale relpondere noluerit, vel non potuerit 
propter Ordinaries fuos. 

Vide W.I. cap. 15 ^ In ballium traditus fuerit, vel replegiatus extiterit. "^ ^txtwtAt 
Stam. pi. cor. 72. a mffetcitce hettuau 515ail, ann l-icplcb)) ■■, foj t|)e one is bp tljc ijtgljcc Courtis at 

RegiH. 77. Weflminlkr, anD tl)C Otljcr, viz. KCplCVlp, bp tljC ^IjCCiff, 1)J) fojce of tl^e 

WSSitit of homine replegiando. 

iFoj t\)t unneraanfling of tlji'is 0rt, it is to be fenolun, tljat at tlje Comtnoti 
%m toljcn anp man tuag appcaknoj inuitfeo of feionp, if Ije toerc bailcB, t%t 

' '"-•'- bail liias, tljat be fljoulo appear at a certain tap befojc fuel) Suffices to anfliiw 

to tbc felon}', i^oto tbe mifcljicf luais, tbat if a man toerc batlcD, q% celibereQ 
b}) plc^in, albeit Ijc riio appear, j»ct if Ije claimeo tlje benefit of bis Clergp, 
tbc perfons tbat baiien bim, oj bis plcnges luere amercieu, becattfc ]^e refufcti 
to anftof r to tbc fclonp, but trok bimfelf to bis Clergj) ■■> tbis statute totfi 
p?ol)ilie, tbat if in tbat cafe tbe Clerk notb appear before tbe fcings Siullices, 
ijis 315ail oj l^leDges fliall not be amercieo, altbougb be toill not anftuer bC;? 
foje tbem bp realon of Ijis Clcrfes pjiioilengc. 

a W.2. c.2.Regm. C Si Clericus aliquis. ] 3;f be toere no Clcrlt at tbe time of tbe bail, oj." 
in homine repkg. iieiiberp bj* plcbin, but Icarnen to rcan befo?e bis appearance, pet %z toas toit^ 
f • N. B. foi.65. iix t^ig Statute, ano vet a Clerfe luas not baileo noj oelibereo bp plebin. 

oAl.Povvkcrscafe, ' ' 

cler.'o 14. Mkh.* € De aliquo crimine vel retto quod ad coronam pertineat, ] 
31 E. 3. coram ' a Mbcte it ts pjintco reftum, it niutt be amenDeo after tbe £D?iginal, ano mane 

Rege roc.138. in rettum : SEljiS iS DetiDCD Of au olB iJJOJti rette, Ojreatte, a reatu, ann fignifieti& 

Mffenden'^i^E^i *" ""'^ ^^^^^ imDcrfiantitng an offence oj fault. 

rot. Rom"m?6. "* ^ Crimen ano rettum arc \)txt taken in fucb offences iolijercfoje a ntan ilioulD 

Adam Evefq; de lofe life oj member, becaufe foj no otber offences be can babe bis Clergp, oy 

Heref. 20 E. 2. tbe pji^ilenge of a Clerk, 31But in crimine loefae majelhtis %t loas not to bane \)i» 

coro. 2S3. 19 H. 6. <£icfgpj ji^ij tberefoje tbis ^tt eictcntetb not to perfons let to bail foj ^igi^ 

iSE^l.c.?.' Vide* 2Eteafon, anu fo it is in cafe of facrilenge, anD tbe like. 

powiters cafe ubi Sno ibus is tbis Hark Statute cleerlp erpountieo. 

fup.. c i^oto to fet Doton in tobat cafes one fljall be bailee, o} briiberen ip ^\t\m-y 

exceDrdeclc^ev ^"^ ^'^'"'^^ ^ '"^" ^^^^ ^^''^^ ^^^ benefit of bis Clcrgp, anu lubere be is barreo 
Braft. lib. 3.123, ^Jjercofbpaa of parliament, bo belong to anotljer STreatife; in tljc mean 
124. Fiec.i.i.c.28. time fometobat pou fi;all reac of Clcrgp in Alex. Powiters Cafe, ubifupra,an9 
Bric.cap.4. fol.u. lib, 4. fol, 44, 45, 45. 
Iib.6. cap. j^. 


Cap. 2 9- S^arkbridge. 151 


PRovifum eft, quod fi deprxdationes, vel rapinse aliqu:E fiant Ab^ 
batibus, Prioribus, vel aliis Prselatis Ecclefiafticis, 8c ipfi jus 
fuum de hujufmodi deprxdationibus profequentes morte prsevenian- 
tur, antcquam judicium inde fuerint affequuti, fuccelTores eorum ha- 
beant aftiones ad bona Ecclefis fuse de manibus hujufmodi tranfgref^ 
foris repetend'. Similem infuper habeant aftionem luccellores de hiis 
qusdomuifus & Ecclefi^ Qrecenter] anteobitum prxdcceQorum 
fuorumper hujufmodiviolentiam fuerint fubtrafta, licet prs:di6tiprs- 
decelTores fui jus fuum prolecuti non fuerint in vita fua. Si autem in 
terris & tenementis hujufmodi religioforura, de quibus eorum Prslati 
obiennt feilit', ut de jure Ecclefis (use, aliqui fc intrudant tempore va- 
cationis, fucceflbres fui breve habeant de feilina recuperand", 5c adju- 
dicentur eis dampna fua, ficut in nova difl'eifina adjudicari confucvit, 

SCljerc tocre ttoo mifdjiefiS at tljc Common ilaiu (ajs manp DtB IjolD) tljat i\\ 
t^e cafe of ^bliotis, |3jio?]S, aim otiier regular ano religioiig pcrfong, if tl;e 
gojtis of tljc sponafterp tojcre tafeni atoap in tlje life of tlje pjeDccclToj, tljat &y 
ter \m Keatl) ijis fucceffo} Ijan no remccp foj fuclj trefpaffesi : 2El)c otl)cr mtiV 
t%iii laiasf, tljat if in time of Ijacation, luljeu tljere toa^ no 0l)l)ot, |?jio?, oj otljec 
regular o> religious! &oi)eraign, auj) intrufion tucrc made, tlje fuccefioi ijao no 
renieDj to ccco\jcr tljelano tottlj t)amagc0, tljouglj tljercof IjisJ pjcoecenout niea 
fctfeu, anu bot^ tljefe are remeDien Op tljis art. 

fl Abbatibus, Prioribus; vel aliis Prslatis Ecclefiafticis.] snijijg M 
f j;tenDet^ oulp to 0bbot0, |)?ior0, anti otijer p?elatg tljat be religious ana 
regular, ann not to UBifljopss ann otljct perfonjs CccleCaftical being fcculat t 
iFoj in tlje fcconu claufe of tljis ;art, hujufmodi religiofoium is mentioneo foj 
tlje ciftinrtion between religioug ano fecular. ^oe tljc firH pact of tlje Inftitutes 
fed. 135. 0nti tlje rcafon of tljis oibctfitj) is, tljat tlje ^abbots, ^%m% ano 
otljer religious ano regular perfons are neaii perfons in 3la\j), ano Ijabc capa*= 
citv to Ija^e lanns ann goons onlp fo; tlje ufe ann benefit of tljc Ijoufc ■, ano ran#^ 
not make anp tettament ; auu tljerefoje tlje Cijucclj j religious Ijoufe is Ijoloen 42 E.3.22. 2 h. 4. 
altoajes one, in refpect \Mljcreof tbe fucccening 0bbot fljall Ijaijc an aiTife foj 2,3,19. 21 h.6.45.' 
a BilTeifin none in tbcltfe of tlje pjeoeccnoj, ano an Sletion of MTaffc for toatte 4 ^•^■^- 9\4-5?- 
none in Ijis pjetcceffo^s time , but fo fljall not a JlSiftop, ^vtbtieacon, jaDean, ^^utiol6\Act 
^arfon, ojtljelike, tljat are diJcclefiaCical fecular, becaufe tljc Cljurdj bp tljeic ijw.'i.c't is-z^* 
tieatlj Ijatl) an alteration, ano is not altunyes one, anb tljep map make t^eic 
SCeftament, foj tljat tbep map Ijabe gons ano cl)attels to tljeic o\un ufe. 

31fotbe,^ifi)op is ofanlj(g=betoegra tljantlje Abbots ano P?io?s, tuitlj 
toljic^ t\)is act begins. 

C Morte prsveniant. ] &o it i?, if an :abbot oj ^jioj be ctpofeo, tlje 
fuccclfoj fljall lja\3ean action upon tljis 0ct, altljouglj tljc pjcocceffoj be alibe, Temps e.i. trn's 
as \»t\\ as if Ije ^ao oieo, foj as to tljat Ijoufc Ije is civiliter mortuus. ^42. 


J - 2 (SAdarlebridge* Cap. 2 9. 

F siae^s C Bona. ] I. 3f an Obligation be ta'ken from t^epjESmffoj, ttisftottlj^ 
fs E. 4.'i6. ■ ' in tljiis Statute. 2. SClje fucccBoj Ojall iitaDe bp ttie tquitp of tljis Statute an 

fj Succeffores habeant aftionem ad bona Ecclcfise fuae de manibus 

huiufmodi tranfgrefforis repetend'. 3 &otne Ijaije t!?ougbt in refpert of 

tl)i0 tBOjD repetenda, tljat tW wuft bc intcnuco of an action of SDftinut, cj tbe 

lifec adion, ui^crcin f^c tbtns tt fcif iis to be recoijereo, but de manihus hujuf- 

modi tranfgreflbris mafee it cbiocnt, tljat it Jtittft be tntenoco of a trefpafg quarc 

vi & armis, fo; tljereof toas tbe noubt at tbe Common llatu : foj it 10 balocn, 

12 H 4 tit Ac tbat foj ga5B5 taken from tljc pjeBeceffoj of an abbot oj pjioj, no atfion toas 

count 124. 4 E. 5. men to tbe fticcelToj at tbc Common llalB before t\)i» Bd, foj bp tlje taking tbe 

11,17. 25 E.3.45. pjonertv luas oeDefteu. IBut an 0(tion of account, tiebt, wtinue, replebtn, ann 

9H.5.2 5.j7^E.3. ^j^^ j-^^. action, luljicl) affirms tlje yjopertg to continue, t^c fuccelToj Q)&U i)abe 

m'e.?! Account an action at tljc Common 3LaU3. • 

57. 47 E.3. 23. 


"^ act^oiroTifrefpafs of cutting aoton of ttdfiet, ano carrping tljem atoap ; tol)ere=* 

7 H,4 ?. II H.4. in it i0 to be obferbcD, tljat jac? tljat gibe remerip fojtojongjs Jone, fijail be ttii> 
55. fembie. feeu bp epitp. 

7E.4.1S. a. 9 E.4 ^ Ecclefise fus.^ 2Cbe 0ttion tliat tbe SuccelfojOjaU bjing upon tW 
33- p H.<5.25,26. Statute, fljall be Bona & catalla domus & Ecckfiae fu» tempore J. prasdecefforis 

Regift..96. ^^j^ ^j^^|.i^ luitbout tiueflion a JlDilijop , jaDean, o> otljec CDccIeCattical feculac 
cannot fap. 

i(5E.3. trn'saii. ^ Recenter ante obitum.^ ^et if t!)e tafeing of tlje gclig toere long 
befoje tlje Dcatb of tlje abbot oj j>jio?, W fwcceffoj fljaU^abe an action of 
SErefpafje bp tbijs Statute. 

18 E.2. trn's 237. ^ Si autcra in terris & tenementis hujufmodi religiororum,&c. ali- 
ii^E^."^. "^' q^' ^e intrudant tempore vacationis, &c. breve habeant de feifina fua, 
18 E 4.16. Sc adjudicentur eis damna. '] jCbiiS bjancl; ijs alfo tafeen h^ equitp, foj bp 

t.N.B. 89.1. jijf fg ^ojug^ tijg fttcceiro} of an abbot, pjio?, oj anp otbct religious ^oberaign 
CjaU Ijaije an action of HCrcfpafiS fo: ttetji cut Dolun ano carriea aiuap in tije 
time of iacation. 

i5ut a IlBifljop (I)aH not babe an action of SHrefpafsin tbat cafe, i. a$ batlb 

been faiD, foj tljat tbis act crtcunsi not to bim ■, 2 . s:be !tting batb tlje tempo** 

raltic0 ouring tbe Vacation, ano tljercfoje be cannot babe an action of SCref^ 

Regift. 125. pa0 : XPut in tbe Regifter tljere is in tbat cafe an Oier & Terminer to be granteo 

F.N.B, 112. h. to bear tbe trefpaffcs none in time of \3acati0n of tbe iSiOjopjicfe, as tberebp ap«s 

«« > 13- pearctb, Mj\)iclj fametb in fatjour of tbe Cburcb to be granteo bp tbe Common 

3laD3, foj it is not grounoco upon tbis act, ano tberefoje % leaue tb^ marginal 

notes in tbe Regifter tbat are neiulp awjco, ano are not ioarrantei) bp ancient 

Sj^anufcripts, to tbe juuicious ISeatier, 

4E. 4.3. . ano tbe OTrit of Jntrufion lietb not foj tbe fucccIToj of tbe 51Eifi)op, foj an 

intrufion in time of ijacation foj tbe iiings poffcffion C tobitb be batb looitbout 

office ) pjercrDctb tbe inberitance of tbe SBifijop, but it lietb bp tbis Statute, 

inbcre one intruces after tbe oeccafe of an abbot 0; ^jioj. Vide tbe fird part 

of tl)e Inftitutes Seft. 4+3. foj tbis manner of intrufion, Twljile tbe fnxbolo anc 

inberitance is in ronfitieration of Jiato. 


Cap. JO. iSMarlebfidge. 155 


I^Rovifumeftetiam, quod fi alienationes ills, de quibus breve ^'■^^•'•.4"f°?'^- 
de Ingreflli dari confuevit, per tot gradus fiant, per quot breve naa lib.'rca.'u. 
illud in forma prius ufitata fieri non poilit, habe.i.nt conquercntcs Lib.4.cap.i. 
breve ad recuperandum (eifinam fuam, fine mentione graduum, ad ^^^^^ \w.L' '" 
cujufcunque manus per hujufmodi alienationes res ilia devencrit, per Eborum, John de 
breve originale, 6c per commune confilium Domini Regis inde pro- "'""^"°°^"^^° 
videndum, &.c. 

3!t \$ to be obfcttort, tljat ttje Common ^lato pjotoiDfU foj tl)e qiiteiners of see the firfi part 
mens fraliolii anu intieritattcejanD tljat tljep fijoulo not be nilturbJti from manu# of the inftitutesj 
ranre of i\)tix grounns i infomuclj as Ije tljat vigljt Ijas ccuio rot enter upon l)im '^^47?- ^. 
tljat came in bp ocfccnt oj lawful ronbej'ance > but luag ujibcn to Ijip Wkxki of 
CBntrpi auDtlie Common JLalBfojt^e fafctp of mens {^cflcHions furtlier p?o# 
biOeCj i\M if tlje ianti teerc ronbejieo out of tbe HDegrers, fo as tljc SDcman? 
Bant ceulo not Ijabc bis OTttt of Cntrp in le Per,oMn tljc Per &: cui, tbe £Deman# '4 f^4-35'34C" 
nantCto tbe enti tbat futts migbt ^avie an cntij toas Djiuen to bis Writ of l\ie;^t, 
a long anti final remcDp, anu tbat be tobicb rigbt ban (boulo take bis rcmcDpbp 
?Mtit of (iDnttp befojc tbcre tcere aboDc tteo nefccnts, oj ttto conuei»ances,ar>D 
alfo toitbin ibe time of pjefcription. 

%\)i% Statute in cafes of uefcents ann conbepanrc s, after tbe SDcgntjet paff, 
Botb giije a Mttt of Cntrp in tbe Poll, tabicb in tbofe cafes lav not at tbe Com# 
mon ilato. 5!5ut in otber cafes, tben in cafe of alienation anoaefcent, tberetoas 
a Mrit of Cntry in tbe Poft at tbe Common iialu t as tubcte one entreo bp iJif# F.N.B.192. f. 
feifin,tntrufion, abatement, jtiogment, fuccelTion, ojas2Denantbptbecucte(ie, tkta 1^.5.0.34. 
in tbefe cafes a ISHtit of (Entrp in tbe Poft nio lie at tbe Common iiau), but if 
tbe luife tecoDet bet SPoUier bp Juogmentj petisfljein tbe Per bp bet b«is*= 
banD, anB if tbe feconti alien* be Ditfctfeo, ano be rccober in a real Cttion, "^zt. 
lietb tbe Mrtt againif bim in tbe Per ^ cui,becaufe tbe alienation to bim is tbe 
gtounD of bisi title, Et fie dc ceteris. 

f[ Si alienationes, Scc.^ ^^erebp it appearetb tljat tbis 0rt ertenoetli s e 2- cui in vita 
tobete tbe lanDs mere alieneti from one toanotber, citber bp lawful conuep^ ^5- 7 E.3.12. 
ante, 0^ bp oefcent s ano bp conftruPion tbis ;3tt ejctcncetb as UjcU to aliena*! 
tions, etc, maue befoje tbis statute as after, foj statutes tbat gitie renu op to 
tbcm tbat rigbt ba^e, are c^jct fatooutablp erpounoeti ■■. obferue lueU tbe toojBS of 
tbis act t 3f tbe Bitfcifix Dotb rcleafe to tbe Diffeifoj, tbis Botb amount to an '? h-^.i7. 
alienation, ano ma&ctb a oegree, but a furrcnBct of an cffate foj life makctb no \ h /f ' ^ "^ 
Bcgrec, pet is it an alienation. 

jt Breve de Ingreflu. ] t;bis is unBevftcoB of tKJIrits of Cntrp, Sur dif- 
feifin, in !e Port, in Ic quibus, line aflenfu capit', cui in vita, fur cui in vita, non 
compos mentis, dum fuit infra statem, ad term" qui prsteriit, in cafu pro- 
vifo, in confimili cafu ad communem legem i ;2Df inttuCion, Caufa Matrimonii 

f{ Per tot gradus fiant. j Giradus dicitur a gradiendo, becaufc tbe Hate 
paffetb bpBcgrasfromoneto anotber, ano in tbe ila^u it Cgnifietb, a con*^ 
tiepsttce, oj a oefcent from one to anotl;et, ano tbete be but ttoo i)cgra;s,viz. in, 

i^A ^\darlebridge- Cap. 3 o^ 

tljc Per, aim in tljc Per ant) cui, if it pjocao anp furtljec eitljct bp conUf pancc oj 

Defccnt, it isi out of tl)e Begras : 3;f a gift in tailc, oj a kafc foj life ie maHe 

f isH.3.b'rc878. t^e rcniainncc oijcr, tlje fiirft cftate, auD all ttic nmainBet malts lint one 

20 H.3. An.432. jfgvaf. 

4 E^i^ bVc 790. ^ ^"^ ^^^^^ alienations tijat make ucgrass, ottgljt (ti<i Ijatlj been fais) to ie fo 
8 e!?.^;. 8 Afl:28. laluful, HB tljc altcnic ma? be in bp title i anti tijcrcfojc a feoffment fcp a gamn 
7 E.g.iSp. 50 E.3. in Cljiualrp, aocage, oj bp i^utture, aSCetmcr fojj'car?, SCenant at iuiU, oj 
22. 43 Afr.14. iiBa^liff, 0} 2Ccnant in naillcnage do make no Degree, bccaafe tijcp amount to 
18^ w 2 c'ap 25.'^" ^ Siffeifin, ano fome tiolo tlje feoffee luag a aiffcifoj at tljc Common ^m i ano,525, lojfecrc tbe luojDS of tbc statute be Quod alienationes, tljofe mutt be intenDeo 
324,325. latuful altenatiouis, fuclj as bp tlje ancient JLalu) fJjottiD Ijaue taken aiuap an, (£„ti.p, 

lib 1" cao r "' " iSegwIarlp a man (Ijoula not Ijabc a mtit of CDntrp in tlje Poft, totm fje 
-» map IjaDe a MTiit iMitljin tfjc HDegveesi, ano tije caiife tijcrcof is to outte faffc 
25. u'E.3.b're. ^outhtiSy pet in fome rafes a man map Ijatoe election citljer to Ijabc aJKKtit of 
472. 22 E.3.rb. cgtitrp in tlje Poft, oj a Writ of Ctntrp in tlje Per & cui ■■, b^s H 3 map |jai)e a 
I fo^' ^'e ^'^ ^* ^^^^ ^^ Cntrp in tjje Per & cui againft B. tnljo aliens, fo as noto it is cut of tf;c 
14 H.4!39. 2^7 H^.5. 2?f gr^Pj pft if B. take back an eftatc again, 31 map cljcofe citljet a Witit of (Ba^ 
ent.2 3.F.NB.i92." ttp itt tlje Per & cui, Ojiutlje Poft, but prirria facie, tljC Mltit of Cntrp iutlje 
b 31 E.I. bre. Per & cui is moj0 bcneficial, becaufe tt)e aCcnant in tl^e ©Dlrit of Cntrp in tlje 
875. 39 E.3.33. Port ,nap ^joycij at jarge, ano fo Ije cannot 00 in tf)e otljcr tUSHrit, but onlp Mt^^ 
l?.;^?7.d^ '^'intljeSDegras. 

21 H.6.8. Br.tit. c Wm if tlje SCenant take back an effate to Ijim, ano to another, tlien 33 am 
Entry 19. tjiben to mp tlKHrit of Cntrp in tljc Poft, fo it is if tlje ttate be mafte to t^e 
'^5E,3.3r. ijcirofB. 

3 H.6.38. ^ luoman feifcD of a ISent takctfj Ijusbano, tlje fjusbanu purcljaretl) t%e %mti 

toljercout, $c. ano after alienctlj tfje lano in fa, bp toljiclj be inclttoeoip paffetlj 
tlje rent ano tietlj, tlje \riife in a Cui in vita, fljall fuppofe tlje alienae to be in 
7 H.4.J7. tijg pe^ cjPoft. ^no pet in fome cafe one Qjall i^abe a Mi'it of Cntrp in tlje 

7 E-3'S3- poi^^ ^|jp„ tljcSDegrecs be not patt, fnote toell tlje ituojos of tljis 0tf.) 

3if a tilTcifoj Ijatlj iCfue ttoo oaugljters, ano tljc one oaugljter fiatij iffuc and 
oietlj, in this cafe tlje 3unt is in tljc Per, ano tljc i^iecc is in tlje Per & cui, ano 
one MTrit mutt be bjougbt againtt tljcm botb, toljiclj mutt be in tlje Port, he-^ 
catife one Writ cannot be bjougljtbotlj in tlje Per as to one, ano in t^e Per & cui 
as to tlje ctljer. 
30 E.I. brief 884. ^olubeit in fome cafes a tKHrit of CBntrp in tljc Per fljall lie,altljoug'^ tj^erete 

4 24 E. 3. manp alienations oj oilTeifins ■■> as if tljc Ijusbano be feifeo in fa ano oie, ano 
32. 35 H.iS.Dower t^fntp alicnatious oj Diffeifins be maoe, noto totlj tbc Writ of Cntrp in ti^e 
^f'w ft^f a"*" Poft lie, butiftljcWifebecnooUieD, tlje entrp of tl)e Wife ttjall be fupyofeo 

*= init. le . ^^ j^^^ bu0bano , but otljcrtoifc it is of tlje aCenant bp tljc courtcficfoj tfte §Uiu 
ujojketlj bp iffuc 5^aD toitljout anp alignment, ano tljcrcfoje mcerip in tljc 

^ Sine mentione graduum. '] SCliisisintenoctiaWrit of CBntrpin 
tljc Poft, fo calico of tljis ttOjO UfCD in tljc Writ, In quod idem A. non habet 
ingreftum nifi poft difTeifinamquam C, iiijulte, 8cc. fecit prsedid' B. Sec. 

Sis tl)e Writ of Cntrp, lUljiclj Writ is fine mentione graduum, aS OUC i3ct 
fpcakctlj X 3s tljc Writ of CBntrp in tljc Per, is fo calico of tljis trojo [per] in 
tllC Writ, In quod idem A. non habet ingrcftlim nifi per C. qui illud ei dimilit : 
3nO in tljC Per & cui, of tljofe tUOjDS in tbc Writ, In quod idem A. non habet 
ingreiTum nifi per C. cui D. illud dimifit, qui inde injufte, 6c fine judicio diflei- 
fivit, &c. 

315ut foj as muclj as tl)c Eato is neber knobm until tljc reafon thereof be 
appjcljenDco ■■> Wljerefojc fljoulo not tljc fucceffojs of a Isifliop, Dean, 3bbot, 
5Pjioj, ?c. be as njcll in tl)e Per, as tbe Ijcic bp oefccnt :- Eno tije reafon tbcre>= 
of is, foj tl)at tbc Ijcir cometlj in bp Ijts ancetto;, anc tijercfoje a scfcent fljall 
take atoaj anCntrp, an5 tljc Watrantp of tl;c iJnfeftoj fljall bar tlje i&ctr, bwt 



Cap. 30. Sidarlebridge. 155 

iw cafe of fucccffton, a tipincc fctfeo taftetlj itot aiuap an (Entrp, tioj tl)C t2lar*= 
rantp of tlje pjcucccfToj ootlj liinn tljc fuccelTo? i ana tijcrcfoje t^c Regiikr x\t^ Regin.230. 
Jibcretlj itfojatulc, luttljtljc rcafon tijcrcof, Breve de ingreflli debet impetrari o^ie^.'^n^ P'" 
verfus fuccefibrcm femper in le pofl, quia fuccejfor per pmdecejforem non ingredhur. {^fy^^^%6.<z±. ' 
^nn tcrctoitij agcatl^ Bradon, toljofaitlj, Item quaritur, &c. an f^ciunt gradutn 5 Ed.3.1'3. 
de Abbate in Abbatem, ficutde hsrcde in haeredemi & videtur quod non, magis 
qtiam in computatione defcenfus, quia etfi alternatur perfona, non propter hoc al- 
ternatur dignitas, fed femper manet. 

^ Res ilia devenerit. "] SCljisf i$ intentiEtJ of JLanWi STcnmcntg, 
%tnts, aim otljcr tljiup luljercof a Praecipe Dotl) lie* 

^ Per confilium Domini Regis inde providendum. 3 Mljicl; toa? R^si'^-iSoi 
tone acco?iiingIpj ano d;c Wixit ict ooiun in tlje Reglften 

X 2 Statutum 


Stat, de Weftminft. I. 

EDITUM (^mo^Edw. I. 

The Preface of the Statute ofW. 


CEux font les eftablilhments le Roy Edward fits le Roy H. faits a 
Weftminft. a fon primer Parliament general apres fbn Corone- 
ment, lendcmaine de la clufe de Palche, Ian de fon raigne 3. per fon 
Counlell, &; per laffcntments des Archieve(ques, Evelques, Abbes, 
Priors, Countes, Barons, & tout le Comminalty de la terre Ulonque^ 
fummones : Pur ceo que noftre Seignior le Roy ad graund volunt 8c 
defire del eftate de fon Realme redrefler en les chofes ou meftier eft 
damendment, & ceo pur le common profit de faint Efglife, & de fin 
Realme, & pur ceo que leftate de fon Realme, & de faint Efglife ad 
efte malement garde, & les Prelates & Religious de la terre en mults 
des manners grieves, 8c le people auterment treit que eftre duift, 8c 
b peace meines garde, 8c les leyes meins ufes, £c les misfefants meins 
punies, que eftre duiflent, pep quoy les gents de la terra doubteront 
meins a misfaire : cy ad le Roy ordeine 8c eftablie les chofes fbuth- 
fcripts, les queux il entende deftre profitables 8c covenables a tout le 

C Ceux font les eftabliftiments. '] Stabilimina, 0} ftabilimenta, (^ttHif 
blifijmcnts, ox Sffutances coming of ftabilis, anu f^at again a ftando, of ffanOs; 
ing ■■> 0nD jnftlp map not onip t^efc Chapters ctiallenge tl)at name, Jjut all 
ot^tt tlie Statutes mauc in t\)e IStign of tW toing map ie If ilco bp tlje name 
of Cftal)Iif|)mentj!, lecaufc ttjcp arc mojc couffant, ttanoing, anu Ourable 
5E.3.14. ILatoj!, tijen tiatje fian maDe ebet fince ; fo as iSing E. i. uifio Cais S>ic 

William Hcrle C|)ief ^uHite of tlje Court of Common picas;, tijatlitoco in 
ijiiS time, fain, Fuit le pluis fage Roy que ungues fuit ; map VucU be calleo 
out Juftinian. 

^ A fon Parliament general.") @>o caneB,lccaufc tAl cfce jl&W tften 
maoc tocre gcnctal, anti ttjat great ann tjonoutaWe ^Ucniblv tuerc not trt^f 
tanglen toit^ pjiuatc matters, but initi) furtj onlp, as tuete foj tfje gene=* 
ral gcDO of ti&e Common?toeaUb, fo; tf)C cnn of tljis parliament, is, as 
hereafter in tlie pjeface is CjcpjefTcO, Pour le common profit de Saint Efglife, 
& del Realme. 


Weflm. f rimer, 157 

f[ Apres fon coronement. ] ^e l£gan ijts raip tlie i<5 Bap of 
November, Anno Dom. 1272. \)t tljcn being in t|)C lanD of PaldHne-, ana 
aftct 1)10 return into England, toas crotoneu tljc 19 cap of Auguft, in ti)C 2. vet. Mag. chart. 
pear of liiss raign, ( anti not tljc 9 nap of December, in tbe i. pear of W ^°'-H4- 
raign , a0 fomc IjaDc mtttaiten) as cbicentip appcaretlj bp tljtg ^?eface, ann 
bp ancient Kecojojs ifeereafter remembjen. 

^ Lendemaine de laclufe de Pafche. ~\ snijat t?, in crailino claull Gianv., 
Pafchs, ffi in craftino odtabis Pafchas, luljiclj iS all onc : in Cnglillj, tljc tnojroija 
of tie utas of Ealkr. ^t 10 calleu utas of huit, toljtcl) Qgntfietl) cigi^t, viz. tljc 
cig^ti^ nap after, incluning Ealkr nap it felf fo? one. 

jgote, tl)is parliament mag riimmoneD to be Ijolcen at London in quindena 
of tljc purification after \)i$ Cojonatiou, anD pjojogucD from tljcnce until tljc 
mojro^ after tl)e utas of Ealkr to be Ijoloen at Weitminfter. ^no tljc number of 
eig^t toa0 muclj refpeflen in tljc ancient Jiato?, a? amongli tlje liato of iSing 
Edward tl)e Confeffoj, Pax Regis die qua coronatus elt, quae dies tenet odo, in 
die natali Domini dies odo, in Pafchate dies odo, in Pentecofte dies odo, &c. 
S^m tlje eigljtl) Dap, accounting tlje feaft nap fo} onc, ig claufum felH, tljat 10, 
t^c cloGng up of tlje fcaif foj manp purpofeg, 

f[ L'an de Ton raigne 3. ] SCljis pjobetl) tljat tie toas crotoncu in An, 2 . "^ide vet. Mag. 
fo> if %t Ijao been crotoneo in Anno i. of Ijis raign, tljen tljis parliament fljoulo '\l"'^ P*"' 
Jabc been Ijolnen in tljc 2. peart anu tljig i? p^oben bp ot^er matter of IS eco?i3. 
%\xt t'^e trutl) 10, tljat tlje 19. oap of December, in Anno i. of l^i0 raign, Ijc 
lBa0not returnco into England. 

Rex venerabili in Chriito Patri, Roberto Cant' Archiepifcopo, totius Anglia? Dorf. clauf. An, 3 
Primati, falutem. Qi'ia generale Parliamentum noftrum, quod cum Praslatis 6i E-i-mzi. 
Magnatibus regni propofuimus habere London' ad quindenam Furificationis beatce 
Marias proxim' futur, quibufdam ccrtis de caufis prorogavimus ufque in craftinum 
daufi Paichs proxim' fequen' ", vobis mandamus rogantes quatenus eidem Parlia- 
cnento ibidem in codem craftino dauii Fatchs interfitis ad tradandum & ordinan- 
dum una cum Prilatis & Magnatibus Regni noftri de negotiis ejufdem Regni, 8c 
hoc nuUatenus omittatis. Tcik Rege apud Woodftock, 27 die Decembris. 

Rex in primo generali Parliamaito fuo poft coronationem fuam in craftino Rot. pat. An. 4 
cdabis Pafchs, Anno Regni fui 3. de voluntate fua, & Conliliariorum fuorum E.i.m.5).i4. 
conlilio,& communitatis Regni fui ibidem convocat' confenfu,ad honorem Dei, &c. 
ordinavit & ftatuit quod Sicc. 

Rex Edw. tenuit primum generale Parliamentum fuum poft coronationem fuam Rot. pat. An. 10 
in craftino odabis Pafchs:, Anno 3. Regni fui. '^•'' 

^ Per (on counftll. '] %\^\% pjobet'^ t^at tl3i0?fcing ann otljer Mxi%$ be^ 
foje ^im IjaO a ^7\\s'^ Counccl, \j3ljicl) appearetlj bp tbe Mritg of parliament, 
tljat ^arliamentg arc eber fummonet) to be Ijoloen de advifamento confilii no- 
ftri. MtW fee mojc in tlji? firft Cijapter. 

^ Per laffentments des Archeve(ques, Evefques, Abbes, Priors, 
Countes, & Barons, & tout la cominaltie de la terre illonq^ fummones.^ 
I^ere i? a compleat parliament fo j tlje making oj enacting of iLai»0, tlje iSing, 
t^e JLOJU0 §>piritual ano 2Cempojal, ann tlje Commons t foj if an £tt be mace 
bp tlje !Sing, anfi t^e §Lo)ti0 Spiritual ano 2Cempo?al, oj bp tljc iSing anti tljC 
Commons, tlji0 binnctl) not, fojiti0no Set of |0arliament i foj tbe parltS;*^ 
ment concerning making oj enacting of 3lalu0 conftttctl) of tljc tetng , tljc See the 4- part of 
llojog Spiritual anti SCrmpojal, ano tlje Commons > ana it i0 no 0tt of par^ ']"= i^li^- ^ap- of 
liament, unlefs it be mate bp t^e JSing, tlje jiojDg anu Commong. 0nri toljerc pa^riiament°"" 
it tsfaiD, bij all tljc Commonaltp, all tlje Commons of tljelScalm are repjc- j,, h.^.j^.' 
fenten in JDarliament bp tljc i^nigljts, Citizens anu JiSucgeto. 


158 WeHm. primer, 

%\}t purycfc of t\)\$ |DarIiament ig to renjcfsi tlje ftatc of tljc Cljttrclj ana 
cE tljc Mcalm in tljofc tljings tljat iteeti amennment. %%z enn ij! ttocfolti. Pur 

le common profit de faint Efglife, & de fon Realme. 
%\)txz ijpcrc fiijc tt)ing0 tljat n&Dcij amenBttient. 

1. iroj tljat tljE ^tatc of tljeJSeaUn ann of l)olp Cl)urclj C totjiclj arc eticc 
Jtkc Hipocrates tiaiiis) Ijati bffin ill go\3crneti. 

2. acijattljc ^jclatcss ant) otljcr men of tlje Cljurdj inanv taaps Ijati iiccu 
gricijes, anD t(je people otljcrtoifc cntreatcD t^cn tljep ottgtit to Ijaije liecn. 

3. £;i)e peace ijaD not lioen toell Itept, M)it\y luas againft a wain SjSarim of 
tlje 5LatU, Inprimis interell reipublicas, ut pax in regno confervetur, & quseciinqi 

^ Mat cap 12' P^'^' adverfentur, provide dcclincntur : tUSlljicIj SBajcim l;atlj ban rcpfateu anO 
^ *■ V- • affjrmeo bp autljojitp of parliament, 

4. 2Cl)at tlje 3LaU30 Ijau not been put in crecttticn apinft anotfjcr pjinciplc 
32 H. 8. cap.?, of tlje Common JLaUfj Nihil infra regnum fubditos niagis confervat in tranqui- 

litate & Concordia, quam debita Icgiim adminiftratio. ^ffirmeU alfo in Parlia;^ 

5. j^ffenHojiS fclDom punifljcii, Et impunitas continuum affedtum tribuit de- 
linquendi , foj tljis Statute fait!;, 315p rcafon luljercof t^e people of tlje lano 
fear lefs to offeno, 

SDlje remeop Ijatlj tlup ejccellent qualities;, toljiclj ougljt to be infeparablc to 
fberp Act of parliament, vh. to ie pjofitable, anD con^jenient. 

^ere fijall pou ffe tlje cffediS of tlje tlSKritg of parliament, as tljep beat tljijS 
Jap : iT^irft, tl)e OTrit iiS, Nos de adviiamento ConciUi nollri i anD t^liiS 0t? 
faitlj, Le Pvoy per fon councel. 

I. STlje ^rit is, Proquibufdamarduis&urgentibus negctiis nos, ftatum & 
defenfionem Regni noftri Anglisc concernentibus : ano it iS erpjeffeu in tljis ;9rt , 
Que nolhe Seigniour le Roy ad graund volunt, & dellre del ellate de fon Realme 
redreffer, en les chofcs ou melHer ell damendement, & ceo pur le common profit 
de faint Efglife & de fon Realme, & pur ceo que leftate de fon Realme & de faint 
Efglile ad eltre malement gard, &c. 

0nB bereit is to be obfemeo, tljattljis noHe anu luifeiiing E.i. taas eon^* 

tentEB in a free ann general parliament to Ijear of tl;e mifgovjernment of tl;c 

&tate of tlje Kealm anD of tl)e Cljurclj, anti neuer fougljc to cober tl)ofe ir^^ 

regular pjocaoings, eitljer in Ijis fatljcrs time, oj fjis oDjn ■■> ano tl;cugl;t it 

fijoulo be greater Ijonour fo? Ijim to rip up tljefe grietjous ulcers bot|) in tlje 

Rot. Pari. 50 E. 3 ^\y[xu\y ano Common^toealtlj, anii to cure tl3cm bp toljolfom rules ann =llali)S, 

i"'&c' Rot Pari! '^'j^" " '^"^^ '^^J""' ^^"^ " *^-'°"^'' ^^ '^niw^ fearcn tijep fijculti rcBert upon Iji? ' fatljets, ojl)is oiBU mifgobemment, wliere in tcut^ all t^e fault fijoulD reft 

7 H. 4. nu.30.41. tipon great Counfcllojs, ann £>fficers, ana ^iniflers of S«ftice, ano otljer tlje 

9 H.4. indemnme ^^{xigc, £)fficets ano ^iniftersi an» fo it Ijatlj fain out in biiiers otljcr icings 

I H?/ nuScT*^' ^itt'fi^' ^^^'3 preamble to all tlje Statutes is toojtljp of nue ann Deliberate 


£Df ttiis iQOjtljp iSing toe IjaDc fpoKen in otljer places : ^Cljis toe toill arm 
But of an appjoljeo 0utl)O?, Nen-io in conllliis illo argutior, in eloquio torren- 
tior, in periculis fccurior, in profperis cautior, in adverfis conftantior. 

iSoto tljis Parliament liolnen at VVeftmimkr, is calleB Weftminlkr tlje firft 
foj ejccellencp/ 


Gap. I . Wefitn. f rimer. i e o 



EN primes voit le Roy Sc commaunde, que la peace dc 
faint Efglife, & de la terre, foit bien garde & mainteign' 
en touts points, & que common droiture foit fait a touts, auxy- 
bien as povers, come as riches, fans regard de nulluy. Et pur 
ceo que les Abbies, & les meafons de religion de la terre, ont 
efte furcharges &: greves malement , per le venue des graundes 
gents 8c dauters , que lour biens ne fuffifont a eux niefmes, per 
que les religious font ci abates & impovers , que ilz ne poient 
eux raefmes lufteign' , ne la charge de charitie quils foilent £iire. 
Purview eft que nul ne veigne manger , herberger , ne gifer a 
raeafon de religion dauter avowfon, que de la laine, al coftages 
de la meafon , li ne foit prie 8c requife fpecialraefit per le gover- 
nour de la meafon , avant que il veigne. Et que nul a fes co- 
ftages demefne, ne entr', ne veign' gifer encounter la volunt ceux 
de la meafon. Et per eel eftatute nentend' pas le Roy, que 
grace de hofpitality foit foftreit as befoignes , ne que les avowes 
des meafons lez puiflent per lour fovent venixes forcharger ne de- 
ftruer*' Purview eft enfement , que nul graund ne petit , per 
colour de parent, ou defpecialtie , ou per auter affiance, ne per 
auter enchefon , ne courage en auter parke , ne peftie en auter 
viver , ne veign manger ne herberger en meafon, ne en manour, 
ou en meafon de Prelate , ne de home de Religion , ne dauter 
encounter la volunt le feignior , ou le bailife , de coftages le 
feignior , ne a fon coft demefne. Et fil veigne , ou enter per le 
gree , ou fans le gree le feignior ou le bailife nul farure , huis , 
ne feneftre , ne nul maner de ferme ne faire overer , ne de pe- 
cher per foy , ne per auter , ne nul maner de vitail' ne auter 
choie preigne per colour de achate, ne auterment. Et que nul 
face barter blee , ne prender blee , ne nul maner de vitaile , ne 
les auters biens , de nulluy Prelate , home de Religion , ne de 
auter , ne de clerke, ne de lay, per colour de achate, ne auter- 
ment enconter la [ bone '] volunt , 8c le conge de celuy , a que 
la chofe ferra , ou de gardein , deins ville merchandife , ou de- 
hors. Et que nul preigne chivals , bofes , chares , ne charets , 
neefes , ne bateux , ne auter chofes affaire cariage, fans le bone 
volunt de celuy , a que les chofes ferront. Et ii il per la bone 
volunt de celuy le face , lots maintenant face fon gree folonque 
le covenant fait enter eux. Et ceux que viendront enconter les 
eftablifhments avantdits, 8c deceo foient attaints, foient adjudges 
a la prifon le Roy , Sc dillonques foient rentes , 8c punies folon- 
que la quantity 8c le maner du trefpas , 8c folonque ceo que le 
Roy en fa court veier que bien foit. Et foit affaver, que fi ceux 

a que 

6o WeUm.f rimer. Cap. i. 

a que le trefpaffe fuit fait, voillent fuer Ics damages, que ils 
N avera refceux , lour lerra agarde & reftorc au double. Et ceux 

que le tre(pas averont fait , foient enfement punies in le maner 
avantdit. Et fi nul ne vbile fuer , eit le Koy la (uit , come de 
Chole fait enconter fbn defence , & encounter la peace. Et le 
Roy ferra enquire de an en an , ficome il quidra que bien fbit, 
queux gents eyent tiel trefpas fait. Et ceux queux ferronfen- 
dites per ceux enquefts , ferront attaches & diftreign per la grand 
diftrefle , de vener a certain jour, que conteigne le (pace du moys 
en la court del Roy , la ou luy plerra. Et fi ceux ne veigne a 
eel jour, ils ferront auterfoits de rechefFe diftreigne per mefme 
diftr' , de vener a un auter jour , que conteigne le fJDace de vi. 
feraaigncs. Et fi ceux adonques ne veignent , foient adjudges 
come attaints, 8c rendent le double ( per le fuit del Roy ) a 
ceux queux le dammages averont refceux , & foient grevement 
rentes , folonque le maner del trefpas. Et le Roy defende & 
commandc , que nul delbrmes ne fice male , damm', ne grevance 
a nul home de Religion , perfon de faint E(glis , ne a auter , 
~ per enchefon de ceo que ils eyent deny Ihoftelle , ou le manger 
a nulluy , ou per enchefon de ceo que afcun (by pleint ou court, 
de ceo que il fbit greve des alcuns choles avantdits , 8c fi afcun 
le fece , Sc de ceo que afcun fby pleint ou court , de ceo que 
il foit greve des afcuns chofcs avantdits, 5c fi afcun le face, 8c de 
ceo fbit attaint , fbit incurre le peine avantdit. Et efl purview 
que cts points avantdits lient auxibien nous Counfellors, Jufliccs 
del Foreft, 8c auter nous Juftices , come auters gents: Et que 
les points avantdits foient mainteignes , gardes, 8c tcnus. Cy de- 
fende le Roy fur fa grieve forfeiture , que nul Prelate , Abbe , 
Prior , home de religion, ou bailife dafcun de cux, ou del au- 
ter, ne refceive nul home enconter la forme avantdit. Et que 
nul envoyau meafbn , ne au manor de religion , ne de auter 
home , gents, chivalx , ne chiens a fbjourn', ne nul lez refceive. 
Et que le ferra , pur ceo que efl enconter le defence 8c le com- 
mandment le Roy , il ferra punifh grievement. Uncore efl pur- 
view , que les Vic' ne herbergcnt ove nulluy, ovefquc plus que 
v. ou vi. chivalx, ne que ils ne grevevent la gentes de Religion, 
ne auter per lour fovent vener, ou gifer a lour meafbns, ne a 
lour manors. 


Cap. I. Weftm,f rimer, \S\ . 

2El)isi Cljaptct notlj fyjrati tt fclf into ti^trtan b?anc!jC0. < 

^ En primes voet le Roy, & commaund, que le peace de Saint i sranch. 
Efglife, & de la terre foit Bien gard, & mainteinc en touts points, 
& que common droiture foit fait a touts, auxibien as pourcs, come 
as riches, fans regard de nulluy, &c. ] 

Imprimis Rex vult, & prscipit, quod pax facrofandlae Ecclefix, & Regni folide Obierve well thli 
cuftodiatur, & confervetur in omnibus, quodque jufticia lingulis, tarn pauperibus, i-^w. 
quam divitibus adminiltretur, nulla habita perfonarum ratione. , 

%%iz iis an ancient tnajcimc of tlje Common 3lato repeater anu aflftcmm i"^^."" '^g^* Edgan 
amongft tlje ILatUiS of Jliing Edgar : Primum Ecclelia Dei jura & immunitatcs ^^'^' 
fuas oinnes habcto, publici juris beneficio quifque fruitor, eique ex squo & bono 
(five is dives, five inops fueric) jus redditor. 

Fleta rf Citetl) tl)i0 funBamcntalllato in fcVO toOjUS, Quod pax Ecclefis, & Fletalib.i. ca.29 
terra: inviolabiliter obfervetur, ita quod communis julHcia fip.gulis pariter ex- 

;anD tljis 3laiD Ijatlj ban cicplainen ann afficnicD bp uiijCEsi otljcr Zd^ of i R.2. cap.2. 
^aarliament. 'S'^"«dI* 

Britton fol. i. fattl), Peace ne poet my bien eftre fans Ley i SCIjcrcfoje t\M I H'l'.capB* 
3Latu as a mran, tljat ^jcacc map be feept ann maintatncn, pjoDinetli tljat ^n.^.a^.i-Sca 
common Droiture, ( i, Juftice felonque le Ley, & cuftome d'Angliterre) foit fait 
a touts, &c. 

5IBut tljis ancient Jlato tiau great nstuat tijis time to be reljearfen, anlrcom^ 
manteD to be put in erectition, foj tljat bj? rcafon of t\)e often infucrcflionsij tu^ 
tnultsi, ann intefline WariS in t\)Z taign of i^ing Hen. 3. tl;c peace of t^t 
ci)ucci), anD of tlje JLano, Tajajs foj a long time miferablp niSiirbet), ann in a 
manner oDcrtlijotmt, foj of tljofe intettine Maris t\}Z^o£t faiD trulp, 

NhIU fides pietafque viris, qui cajira feqimntur. 

0nri of tljefe fenitiouji ^ubjetfg, anotljec in tljc perfon of tlie i)coj^]iougIj«!man 
in tlje Ufee cafe fain i 

Imp/us hie tarn culta novalia miles habebit ? Virgil. 

Barbaras his fegetes ? en quo difcordia cives 
Perduxit miferos ! 

Snotljer mifcljicf ttag, tljat During tljefc tumultst anu inteHine OTar^, 
3Lalaj ano 3uCice lap afleep, foj Silent leges inter arma i 3£ut tlje rule i» 
gartJ, antJ DOtlj eUt IjolD, Dormiunt aliquando leges, moriuntur nunquam. 
k 15p all toljicl) it appcaret^, Quod ex mails moribus bonae leges ori- 

^ Purview eft que nul ne veigne manger, herberger ne gifer ^ ^^^^^^^^ 
al meafbn de Religion, &c. 3 ^Cljc mifcljief is at large fet ootun vide leftatute de 
in t|is 0tt, tuljerein it i0 to be obferueu, tljat oDer anti aboijc tlieir oton cariiie, Anno 
competent maintenance, tlje reCoue ougljt to be dcpennco in ujojfeis °^ P^'^'^^^f^f^ot 

f^^,i"P' r r-, r - , .■ ■ n ■ • J u- r • • The^ford fchole. 

ipereof Fletafaitlj, Et ne religiofi per onerationes indebitas lupervenientium pietjiib.^.cap.j. 
depauperentur, per quod eleemofynas & fervitia fubtrahere cogantur, vel terras Bncjon foia?- 
fuas vcndere, vel alienare, ex principis cocftitutione prohibitum eft, quod nullus 
hofpitari prsfumat in domibus religioforum de aliena advocatione, niii fpecialiter 
rogatus, nee fumptubus domus nee fuis propriis contra tutorum domuum vo- 

Y C Et 

I 6' 2 

WeHm, f rimer. 

Cap. I. 

9 Branch. 

4 Bnnch, 

$ Branch, 

Fleta ubi fupra. 

Vide hie, cap.2o. 

6 Brtnch. 
14E.3. cap.j. 
18 E.5.cap.3. 

7 Branch. 

8 Branch. 

Brit fol.37. 

p Branch. 

10 Branch. 

Fleta ub! fupra. 

CoDfjliarii Regis. 

^ Et per ceft Statute nentend* pas le Roy, que grace de hofpita- 
litie foit fuftreit as befoignes. 3 ^ttc it appearct!) tljat t^t grace of ^Of 
fyttalitj) conCCetlj in uittrtbuting to t^cm tljat IjaVie nan. 

^ Neque les avowes.des tnefons les putffent per lour fovent ve- 
nues furcharger ne deftruer. '] SL^iis is etoiuent. 

m Purview eft enfement que nul graund ne petit, per colour 
de parent', ou defpecialtie, ou per auter aSiance, ne per auter 
enchefon, ne courge en auter parke, ne pelhe en auter viver, &c. 3 
^Crcof Fleta fattl;, Nee etiam prsefumat quis temere illicentiatus currere in 
parco alieno, nee in alterius vivario pifcari, veruntamen fi contingat aliquis 
in hujufmodi domibus per licentiam magiftri domus vel ejus ballivi, quod 
non aperiat feneftras inhibitas, vel aliquas frangat feruras, & vidtualia vel 
alia bona violenter capiat, vel extrahat fub colore emptionis, vel alio quoquo 
modo, &c. 

^erc note tijat vivarium, Diliatp i$ \)nz tafeen foj toatcw toljere fi(J)cs are 
nourtOjen ano kept. 

^ Et que nul face barter blee ne prender blee, &c. "] Kl)i$himt^ 
spina purtoepojis ooti^ ertenu as tocU to lap, as CEcclcfiafttcal perfong, ano tj$ 
toell ejplaineu ana confitmen bp niters ano manp Statutes. 

^ Et que nul preigne chivals, boefs, chares, ne charets niefs, ne 
bateux, ne auter chole a faire carriage, &c. 3 2lnn bp tlje S>tatute!S 
ato^cfaio ano manp otticr, tljis iijanctj concerning carriage is alfo toeU ejcss 
plaineu ann confirmcD. 

^ Et ceux queux viendront encontre les eftabliftiments avandits, 
& de ceo foiant attaints. 3 ^ere is containen t^e puniQjments of tudi au 
tooffenuagainftanpof tfecfeeftabli0)ments, astocllat tlje iSings fuit, as at 
t'^e fttit of tljc partp griebcD. 

anD Ijcretoitlj agratlj Britten, foj ^e fait^, Et auxi des Vifcounts & des 
touts nous auters Minifters, Juftices, & Coroners, & auters que gents de Reli- 
gion, & auters gents greveront per furcharges de lour venues pur herberger ovef« 
que eux fovent a auter coftages, ovefque trope de frap de gents & per fojourners 
de lour gents, & de lour chivaux, ou de cheines, ou auterment per emprompts 
de lour chivaux ou de cariage, ou de deniers, ou per begger merime, ou fees, 
ou auter chofe a eux ou a afcun de lour meyne, ou de lour amys, & in ceo cafe 
foient puny per fyns. 

C Et le Roy defend, & commaund que nul deformes fece 
male damage, &c. 3 SE^is claitfe ejctenns as tocH to 3iap as CccIeOafti;* 
cal perfons. 

^ Et eft purview que ceux points liont auxibien nous Coun- 
(ellors, Juftices de Forefts, 8c auters Juftices, & auters gents. 3 
jaDf tliefC ttoO bjanrijCS Fleta faitll tl)tiS, Item nee graventur viri religiofi, 
perfonse Ecclefiafticae, vel alii, pro co quod "vetuerunt hofpitium, vel vidualia 
alicui, vel pro eo, quod quefti fuerunt de aliquo gravamine eis illato in pra- 
didtis articulis contento, quod li quis fecent, & inde convincatur, puniatur per poe- 
nam fupradiftam, nee excipiantur in prxmiffis conuliarii Regis, nee Jultic' de forefta, 


Oap.S. Weftm.f rimer. i6^ 

vel alii quicunque Jufticiarii vel miniftri Regis, non magis quam mediocres, vel mi- 

^ Et que les points avandits foient mainteyncs, 8cc. [] %\)i$ iiBrmh. 
Ijancl) cj:teni!0 ag mil to 3Lap, ais Ccclcfiallical perfong. 

C Et que nul envoie a meafbn, &c. 3 %W iS alfo a? general as ti^c 12 Branch. 

^ote it iiS an article, Inter capitula Itineris de hiis qui miferunt ad domus 
vel maneria religioforum homines, equos, vel canes perhendinando ad cuftum 

^ llncore eft purview q Vifcounts ne herbergent ove nuUuy, Scc.^ , ^' ^'^f'!'f' 
£»f tt)i0 Fleta faitlj, De Vic' provifum eft quod non hofpitentur alicubi nifi ^" " ' ^^"' 
prppriis fiimptibus, veruntamen concefTum eft, quod in domibus religioforum 
viciifim per unam nodiem tantum cum fex equis, & non pluribus fumptibus 
^lienis in fuis ballivis hofpitentur, dum tamen frequenter non venerint. &ee 
Cap. Itineris dc Vicecomitibus venientibus ad hofpitandum cum pluribus quam 5. 
vel 6. equis in ballivis fuis, vel qui per frequentes adventus ultra quofcunque one- 

^tte is to Ije obferwo tl)at often in Fleta, ann otljer olD Siutlim ano ^ca:? 
ttttejf tljis toojfi perhendinare is ufcD, t»^ict> Cgnifictib to (o)ourne, ann perhen- 
dinationes Ogniiietl) fojoumittg. 

Slnntljat toe map note once again foj all, toljenfoeijer an 0d: of parliament 3<5 e.j. Cap. 
Botl) gencrallp pjoljibit anp tljing,a0 in tljis Cl)aptcr it Dotb, tlje partp grieteo ^*P- 1^'"- ^^'^ . 
fijall not Ijabe Ijis ^ttion onlp fo^ Ijis priiaate relief, Itit tlje offenoer fljall jje^^^gn'Cart.iH' 
punifijeu at tl;e lyings fiiit foj tljecontempt of IjislLaiUi ana ti^erefoje upon 
tIjiiB Statute it lliall be inquireo at tlje !^ingig fuit, De hiis qui miferunt ad do- 
mes vel maneria rcligiororum vel aliorum homines, equos vel canes perhendinando 
ad cuftum eorum, &de Vicecomitibus venientibus ad hofpitandum cum pluribus 
quam quinque vel fex equis in ballivis fuis, vel qui per frequentes adventus ultra 
quofcunque oneraverint. 

CAP. 11. 

PUrview eft enfement, que quant Gierke eft prife pur rette de Marlb.cap.27. 
felony, & il (bit demande per Lordinary, il luy foit liver, fo- 
lonque le priviledge de Saint Efglife, en tiel peril come ils appent, 
fblonque le cuftome avant fes heiires ufe. Et le Roy amonift les Pre- 
lates, & eux enjoine en la foy que ils luy doient, & pur la common 
profit de la peace de la terre, que ceux que font endites de tiel rette 
per folempne queftes des probes homes fait en la Court del Roy, en 
nul manner ne les deliverent fans due purgation, iflint que le Roy 
neit raeftier de mitter auter remedy. 

2i:;i)cmifcl)iefs( befojc tljis Statute were tljjtt : i. SCliat t^e ojuinarp tooulD 
often challenge one foj a Clarfe tbat toas none. 2. 2Cl)at loosen anp tljat toereoj 
Ijao abilitp to be of t|je Cletgp, toetc inDirteo of felonp> tlie gDjBinarp tooulD 

^ a p?efentip 

a6 Afr.19. 7 *^ 4* 
3<5. 9E4.:8. 

25 E.3. cap.6. 

Leftatuie de Bi- 
gamis cap,6. & 

Braft.l^ fo.123. 
Artic.Clcrca 15. 

164 IVefim. f rimer. Cap.2. 

pjctcntlp BemanB tljcm, ans t\)t Court u\i\)n ttiem toitljout inciuifittcu. 5Eut 
aUtuajis after tljis Statute, tbe Court trofe an inquiCtion of oSice, ut fciatur 
qualis ordinario deliberari dcbeat. 3. SCljat fbe SDjtsmaric? VUDUlD often OClibet 

tl)Em tottijout Hue piirgationj mijercb j tl)e ifiing loft Ijig fojfeiturCjanD offence? 
rcmaineo uni)unifi)eii. 


f[ En tiel peril come il appent. ] sc^c peril toais, tljat if t!)e £»jj= 
tiuarp fi)OulD ocmanD anp wan foj a Clarfe tljat toa0 none, l;i0 tcmpojaltieg 
fi)OulD le foj tliat contempt fcifeH, anu fome Ija^c Ijolncn t^iat be fljoulD loCe 
tiat francljife oj pjitiilecge to fiemairt Clarbs foj i)im ano W &ucceirojs foj 
cijer i Ijttt fet tljc Statute of 25 E.3. Cap.6. foj fince tijat Statute it l;at|j ban 
ijolDen l)ut finable. 

^ Que ceux queux font endites de tiel rette per {blemrie enqueft 
des probes homes en la Court le Roy in nul manner ne deliveront 
(ans due purgation. '] lEefoje t\)i<s S>tatutc if anp Clarfe Ijati ban firrefteD 
foj tlic ncatb of a man, oj anp otber felon?, anu tlje ^SDjuinarp nio ficmano bint 
befoje tl)C fecular 3;ui)ge, be wais Beliueren toitljout an? intiutCtion to be maue 
of tlje crime ■■> anu tljis appearetlj bp Bradon, tobo tojtting befoje tbis &ta<f 
tUtefaitl), CumveroClericus, Sec. captus fuer' pro morte hominis, vel alio cri- 
mine, & imprifonatus, & de eo petatur curia Chriftianitatis ab ordinario loci, &c. 
imprifonatus ille iiatim ei deliberetur fine aliqua inquifitione facienda. 

it'ut after tbis 3>tatute, to tbe eno tbat tbe £Djoinarp migbt bate moje 
rare of purgation to be oulp Done actojoing to tbe pjoaifion of tbts ^rt, toben 
anp Clark ujas inmrteo of anp fclonp, ano refufeu to anftocr to tbe felonpjbut 
tlaimcD privilegium Clericale, anu toas oemanoeij Ip bis ^joinarp, pet iefoje 
be toas oeliljereii to tbe ;® jninarp, all tbe Kecojns tap, Sed ut fciatur qualis ei 

(s. ordinario ) liberari debeat, inquiratur inde rei veri{as per patriam ; 0nlii 

tbereupon an intiuifition toas tafeen tobetber be toere guiltp of tbe fact oj no, 
auo if be toere fcunu guiltp, bis gronsano cbattcls lucre fojfcitj ant bts lanDjS 
fcifcD into tbe banns of tbe iSmg. 
BrU<a.4. fo.ii. Britton tbat \i)?ote after tbiS Statute, faitb, Si Ic Clerk encoupe de felony, 
fi. indite qu appcale de felony) alledgeClergie,Sc eft tiel trove (s. que eft un Clerk) 
&|)Lordinary denaaund,donquesferra inquife coment il eft mefciue (i. culpable) 
& fil foit nient mefcrue,&c. donques il fcrra aroge touts quits, 8c fil foit meicrue fi 
foient fes chateux taxes, & fes terres prifes in noftre maine, 8i fon corps d>.Kvcr al 
Ordinarie : S>o as b? tbe onc 0utb6?j tubo iBjotc a little befoje tbijs statute, 
ano tbe otber tobo tujote pjcfcntl? after (togetber teitb tbe continual pjattife 
tbcreof ) tbe Diutifitp ootb appear. 
8 E.2.Coro.4i7. Monachus indidatus defelonia, petiit privilegium Clericale, Abbas prsfens pe- 
17 E.2. ibid.386. tiit eum tanquam fuum proftlTum, & ad hoc fuit admiffus loco ordinani, inquiiltio 
3 H.7.12. capta ex officio dixit quod non culpabilis, ideo quietus recelfit, Sc fi culpabilis in- 

ventus fuiffet, adhuc dido Abbati liberaretur, &c. 

3i5ut of tbe allowance of tbe benefit of Clergp upon tbe arraignment,if ttas 
icrp pjcjuBitial to tbe |3jifoncr, foj tbat be loft bts cbullcnges to tbr :uqt:cft, 
tbat founo bim guiltp, ann pet upon tbe inqiueS of office fojmetlp uf£i,ut fcia- 
tur qualis ordinario deliberari debet, be fojfciteo all biSgcoDS anBcbatteUjanUtbe 
pjoftts of bis lanBS until be baomaoe bis purgation •, 0no tbercfoje tbat tbjite 
5 H.7.fQ.i,i2. rcjjereno anu learneo Bluoge &ir John Prifot Cbief liuftice of tlje Court of 
Common |?lcas CuOping boln to reliciie tbe pcoj pjifoncrg tbat tocre ccftitute 
of counfel, toitb tbe at)\)ice of tbe reft of tbe Sunges in tbe raign of H. 6, foj. 
tbe fafetp of tbe innocent, tooulo not alloto tbe pjifoner tbe tcucfit of Clergp 
bcfoje be ban plcaoeo to tbe felonp, anu ba^jing ban tbe lencfit of bis cbalj= 
lengcs ann otber aotoantages, ban ban con\3i(teD tbereof j tobid) 1"^ ano ^\i^^ 
ritablc courfc batb b«n generallp obfer^eo c\>ez Once. 

^ Sans 

C ap. 9 . Weftm. f rimer. 1^5 

f[ Sans due purgation. ] ilBcfojc tijis §>tatuf p, Ijiiurrcaftotw torrp ttn^ 
cuelp mauej moje foj fa\)otir, tljcn foj futtljerance of ^ufiirc, a'ljerclip ma^ 
Icfatfo?s iioere cncourageo to ofFenD : Ml)er«fo?ctlje iutig at)inontn;cc ant en*' 
jojincD Ip i\m 3ft of parliament tije |3jflates upon t\)c fnttfe Ujljtcl) rt'pj' cug^t 
untol)im,5c. to Ddtber no Clerfeg, tfcat mere inoirtcD, tottl;o«t mic ptirga*' 
tion, ae tljep tenojcti tljc common p?ofit of ttic peace of tljc JlauD. If tit tljis 
topal atmonition ano iniuuftton f anD manp otijer in fuccaoing'SgcSj as it 
bp parliament ISollg appearetlj} tasit little effect, Ijttt t^c altifcs in maftinj 
l^urgattong in tl)e cnD became fo intolerable, as dDueen Elizabeth, bp at?r;;c i^-^xn, cap^ 
of tlje ILojuj! Spiritual ano aDempojal, antr tljc Commons in ^aHt^.-iient ' ' 

affembleD, as matter tmrefojmable, tcoft it quite atoap; but pet, tu^at tlje 
JU\i) Doas tisercin befoje t^jat Statute, is gcoD to be fenolon, ano tljerefoje 
fomeluljat (Ijall be fato tljcrcof in tlie SCreatifc of tlje pleas of tl'c Ctoton, be# 
ilia; clje pjoper place foj t\st fame. 


PUrview eft enfement, que nul rien defbrmes foit demande, Regift.184. cap. 
ne prile, ne levie per Vilcount, ne per auter, pur elcape '^"'^SIL" ^"' 
, , ^ ri • r \ r r- i- i ^ t n- Mag.Cnar.l54. 

de laron, ou felon, jeique a tant que lelcape loit adjudge p Juuices 
errants. Et que auterment le ferra, cy rendra a ceiuy, ou a ceux 
que tiel averont pay, quant que il avera prife & refceive, & au 
Royau tant. 

snijc mifcljief befo?e ttiis Statute was, ttat Slieriffs in ti&eir bournes, j8E.2.stat.d6 
anu ILOiCs in tljcic iLects, toljo Ijao jurifoiction to cnqtiice of efcapes of tijieijes 'i^" Franc', 
ano felons, upon pjefentmcnt befoje tljem of fuclj efcapcs, tooul^ leUp fines 
oj amerciaments foj fuel; efcapes, foj tljat tljep pjetenneo t^at ilje faio p?e*= 
fentmcnt luas not traterfable : jpo\u fo?afmuct) as it rcquireo juogment in 
ILatn to oifccrn bettuan a tooluntarp efcapc anu a negligent in cafe of fclonp, 
ant) alfotaljat fljoulo be acjucgeoan efcape, ana toljat not, tljep migbt enquire 
onlp, ana tljc ^uJigmcnt thereupon belongen to i%t 3iuftices in Cire. 

SCljis Statute Dotlj Declare, t^at noticing fljoulD be temauDeo, taften, ojle^ 
i3ieo bp anp Sbfriff, oj ot^er, until t^c efcapc be aojutigeD bp tlje Suffices i\x 
(Eire, ano aouetlj a penaltp if anp fuel; tljing be none. 

Sm PJoif tuljereof, toe finD bcfoje t^e mafeing of tljis Statute, Quod eva- Rot.ciauf, 2E.1. 
fiones lationum fecundum legem & confuetudinem rcgni coram Jufticiariis regis "i-t. 
itinerantibus & non alibi, debeant & confueverunt judicari, & amerciamenta inde Mirr.c.2. §.9. 
provenientia per fummonitionem Scaccarii funt levand'. W\t finO alfo in tl)e 1 r e 

fame pear, tljat befo?e tljis 0ft of 3 E. i. toas mane anotljet MecojB, Quia m?!,. " ' 
evaliones latronum coram JuiHciariis regis itinerantibus, & non alibi judicari de- 
benr, mandatum elt vicecomiti quod reftituat 8. 1. W. C. quas ab eo cepit pro 
cvafionc cujufdam homiriis, &C. ^otu tljat tlj2 Common iLato, tlje mifcljicf 
befojc tlje Statute, ano tte purViieiB of tlje Statute be unoecftcoi), let us pet* 
ufe ttietoojosof tbeScr. 

^ Per Vifcount, ne per auter, &c. jefque a tant que lefcape 
fcrra adjudge per Juftices Errants. ] ^p tl;«te lajojois ttie Court of 


WeUm, primer. 


Lib.2. fol.45. 
Narleb.c.ip 28. 
Hie cap. 1 5. 

81 E.3.54.b. 
31 afr.i2. 
2i afr.p.2. 


^1 E.3.cap.i4. 


I R.3. cap 3. 

t^e liingu JlBencI) toljtcl) 10 Ijolnnt coram rege, 10 not cjccItttieD, but ^itlznu 
mcntof fuel) cfcapesirtiav be mate tljcvc: iFirtt, foj. tljat tljis p?oljtI)itton be# 
ginnetl) tuitl) ^Ijeriffs, ann tt)etefo?e tljc general toojts [ or by any other ] 
fljall be tntcnten ot ILeetg, being infcttottr Courts, ann not of t!jc 3;tifticej3 
of tl)e iSing0 i£ent^, being tljc Ijigljcft of anp ojoinarp Court of JuQice iv. 
England, aecontiip, foj tljat tlje Court of tlje teingis lIBenclj iss an <il;ire, 
( tlje returns tljcrc being Ubicunq-, fuerimus in Anglia ; ann mo?e t^cn an 
QlJirc i foj if tie ISings IPencl) \m come into a Countp toljcre tlje Cire 
^aD Ctj tlje d^ire Ijan ceafcfij foj in prsfemia majoris cefTat poteitas mi- 

llEut bj» tJje Statute of 3 1 E. 3. it is enattcu, tljat efcayes of ttiiebes ann fes* 
Ions, 9C. from Ijenrefojtlj to be jungcD bcfoje anp of tlje JSings iuffires flbaU 
be leuieti from time to time as tljev ftaU fall, as toell in tlje time pall, ajai in 
tlje time to tome. 


Cuftumicr Ac 

DE wreck de mere eft accorde, que la ou home, chien, oa 
chat efcape vive hors de la niefe, la niefe ou batell', ou 
mil rien, que la eins fuit, ne (bit [^ adjudge 3 wreck, mes foient 
les chofes faves & gardes pur le vieu del vicont, coroner, ou al*, 
ou del bailiffe le Roy, Scbailes en les mains ceux de la ville, ou 
les chofes font troves, iffint que fi nul (ue les biens, & puit prover 
que ils foient, ou a Ton feigniour, ou en fa garde peris, deins Ian 
& le jour, fans delay luy foient rendus : (i non, remaigne au 
Roy. Et foient prifes per le Vic' 8c Coroners, & bailes a la ville 
pur refpoign' devant Juftices de wrecke que appent a Roy. Et 
la ou wrecke appent a auter que au Roy, cy le eit per mefine le 
manner. Et que auterment fra, & de ceo fbit attaint, foit agarde 
al prifon, & rent al volunt le Roy, & rendra les damages enfement. 
Et fi le bailiffe le face, 8c fbit difavow de (bn feigniour, & le feig- 
niour ne ottrie de ceo a luy, refpoign' le bailiffe, fil eit de 
quoy, & fil neit de quoy, rendra le feigniour le corps du bailiffe 
au Roy. 

cap.51. fo.155. fo.120.,i. cap.4i. 

^anp ijaijc noubteu toljat tbe Common ILato luas befo?c tljc mafeing of 
tbts Statute ■■, anti fome liaDc Ijoltien, tljat tl)e Common 3LatD Dias, tljat t|ie 
gcDtis to^ecltrfi upon tlje fca ttere fojfeiteri to tlje i^ing, atiti tljat t^ej> be foj# 
fciteD nlfo fince tlje »)tatute, unlefs tliep be fabeu bp following tl)is Statute. 
2Lo tl)is 3 anftoer tnitlj Macrobius, Multa ignoramus, qus nobis non laterenf, 
li vcterum kdio nobis elTet familiaris : i^OJ Bradon, toljo teJOte lcfo?C t^ijS 
Statute, pjobetlj, tljat tljts ^iCt is but a Declaration of tlje Common lato, 
Magis propric dici poterit Wrcccum, fi Navis frangantur, & de qua nullus vivus 
evaferit, & maxime fi dominus reriim fubnnerfiis fuerit, & quicquid inde ad ter- 
ram venerit, erit domini regis, &c. & quod hujurmodi dici dcbeant W reccum 
verum eft, nifi ita lit, quod verus dominus aliunde vcniens per certa indicia & 
figna docuerit res ti{t fuas, ut fi canis vivus inveniatur, &c. Et eodem modo fi 
certa figna appofita fuer' mercibus & aliis rebus. 

Cap.4. Weftm. primer. i6y 

%\)t Mirror fattlj, A lour view (s. ks coroners} dc wrecks i !es appent denqui- §.13, & 
rer ou les wrecks vient a terre, quelles<hi)lcs, combicn & la value diiUiii9ment per c.3. §. de wrecks, 
parcells. Et li home, belle, oifell, ou auter chofe vivant vint avecqi ou non, Si iilint 
per dividend foit liyre a la prochein vilie, u'n ou plufors pur cnt refponder al verey 
Seigneur fi. proprietarie) 11 la vient challenger, & defrefucr de deins Ian. 

j9nD albeit tljts ^utljo? tojotc after tljb ss»cat«tc, jicc Ijc iujotc of tljc antv 
cnt JlaiBS lefo?c tlje fame, an5 10 mo?e large tljen tljc toujcs of tlje act : fo? ' 

tljeretn is namcD onip of a man, a tog auD a cat, tljat cfcapetl) alitje ■■, ann 
tljis ^\xt\m fpcaketb gencrallp of anp leatt, Ijato^e, oj otljer UUing tljing, fa 
aj! \)z pttrfuetf not tljis act, lut trcatetlj of tlje Common iaiu. 

Rex pro falute anims fuse, & ad malas confuetudines abolendas, concelTit, 
quod bona in mari periclitata non perdantur nomine Wrecci, quando aliquis ho- H.?. Rot.clauf. 
ino, aut beilia vivus de navi evaferit. ;9nli notu i^atiing ckarc!) tljtg JJOint, let \f!^l' '^f- 
lis perufe tXyz luojBs of our Stf. ' sir HeSnfia- ' 

bles cafe. 

41 De wrecke de mere. J Wrecke oj &!)ipiJjjfckc is an Cnglifij ttojti, cunumier de 
in i?renclj, Naufrage, in ancient i?renclj, Varech, in ?latine NauFragium, lc# Norm.c.i7. 
gaUp Wreccum maris, TOrecfee of tlje tea in legal unDerflanoing i^ ap} IfCD to p 
fuci^ gcDDS as after sljiptojccfe at tea are bp tlje fea call upon tlie lann, ann \^ t^NiB^iz.'t 
tl)ercfo}e tlje jurifDidion tljercdf pertainetli not to tlje l,ojtr ;a5miral, but to sir Hen.confi'. ' 
ti^e Common iiatu. cafe, ubi fup. ^ 

aitljoug^ tljis Statute fpeafectlj onlp of Wtccfee, pet ti^is Statute erten^ 
uetlj to iFlotfam, ietfam, anD Jlagan : foj toljiclj fa ^ir Henry Conftables cafe, 
lib. 5. ubi fupra. 

%\t caufe toliercfoje ojiginallp Mrccfee toas giDen to tlje Ctoton, ftmB 
upon ttoo matnc Spajrimes of tlje Common 3LalM •, iFirtt, tliat tbe rjopertp of 
all gcDOg luljatfoeter muft be in fome perfon. ^econulp, tljat fuel) gcoDs, as na 
fub ject can claim anp pjopertp in, do belong to tlje ISing bp l)is pjercgatiuc, ais 
treafure trobe, lfrapes> Injecke of tlic fea, anD otljcrs i bccaufe of ancient 
time, inlien tlje art of i^abigation taas not fo perfect, nojtrabe of mcrcljanni^e 
groliin to fuclj perfection, as notn it is, it loias a matter of great Bifficultp to be 
pjobeD, in toljom tlje pjopertp of gcobs tajeclteti at fea toas. Bradon faitlj, Eraa.!, 
Item tempore dicuntur res in nuUius bonis effe, ut thefaurus. Item ubi non apparet ^ h.^.'4s. 
dominus rei, ficut efte de wrecco maris. Item de hiis quae pro waivio habentur, 
ficut de averiis ubi non apparet dominus, quae olim tuerunt inventoris de jure 11a- 
turali, jam efficiuntur principis de jure gentium. £Dtl)ers l)abC pdclBeD anotliet 
teafon, tljat tlje laing h'f olu cuftom. of tlje iXealm, as ILojd of tt)e ^arroloi 
&ea, i^ bounir to fcourc tlje &ea of tlje ^irats ano pettp robbers of tlje S>ea : 
anu fo it is rean of tljat noble Mwg Edgar, tljat |e tooulD ttoice in tlje peat 
fcoure tlje^ea of fuclj ^Cirats, ?c. anb becaufe tljat coulu not be none ttiitljout 
great cljarge, tlje SlabJ gabe unto Ijim fuclj gcoos as be tojeckeu upon t^e ^ea 
totoarDs tlje cljarge. 

31f a ^Ijip be teaup to perifij, anu all t^e men tljercin foj fafeguaru of t^eic Rot.pat. 28 t.u 
JLibcs leabc tlje ^!bip, ano after tlje fojfaken ^Ijip perifijetlj, if anp of tlje men m.23. in dorc ° 
"be fabeo ano come to lanD, tljc grots arc not loft. fhe Merchants of 

a ^^ on tlje s>ea is purfueb luitlj enemies, tlje men foj fafeguaru of tljeic ^^^^ '' "'^* 
libts fojfafee tljc SOjipi tie enemies take t'bc S)ljip, ano fpoil Ijcr of l^cr gcoos Rot.ciauc'5 R.2. 
anu tacfele, anb turn^cr intoS)ca, bp tlje ujeatl-er flje ig caft on lana, Mjere Ijer pro wiiiieimo 
men arriben, ano it teas refolbcb bp all tlje Bubgeg of England t^at tlje i^^tj Fiihiake. 
toas no tojecke, noj lotti 

f[ Home, cheine, ou cat. "] aCljis Statute, as Ijat]) hm faib, being 
but Dcclaratojp of tlje Common llato, tljefe tljjcc inQances are put iut foj er* Braa. iibl fgp.., 
amples, foj bcfiueis tljefe ttoc feinbof beafts, all otljer beatts, fotoles, birfis, fo.iio. 27E.3.C. 
Ijatokes, ano otlier libing i!u(gs arc unDeraroti, toljercbp tljc ottncrQJp 0? can2Sk"et 
pjopertp of tlje groDs niay bt knobon : anti Brafton pet goetlj fauljer, Si certa ,1 h.^.c,-}, 2 R.3 
figna appoiita fuerint mercibus, & aliis rebus, See. fo,2 a, 

C Mes 



IVeflm, f rimer. 

Cap. 5. 

^ Mes foient les chofes faves Sc gardes per le vieu del Vifc", Co- 
roner, &C. ) Pet it t\)t goODp lie bona peritura, t\)t ^\)txiS ttiav fell futtj 
gojDg tDitl)(n t\jz ?Ear, left tl)ep fljouTlt) perifl), ann nothing ic m.\ce of tfjcm > 
ant tljcrefoje foj MccefTttp (loj^iicl) ig cj:cepteD out of laioj) t'^c falc in tljat cafe 
19 grnu ToDttljin tlje pear. 


Doft. & Stud. fo. 

55 H. 5.27. per 
Sir Hen.Conft. 
Cafe, ubi fupra. 

35 H.6.27. 

Regift. fo. 
F.N.B. 112. 

Vide Raft. PI. 
15 R.2. cap.g. 


2 R.g.fol.ii. 
Vide hie ca.9.20, 

^ Et poient prover, &c. deins I'an 8c le jour. '] pet if t'^e otuncc 
Die toitljin tlje pear, Ijts Ej:ecuto?!3 oj anminiftratojs map make pjojf, foj t'^ac 
tl)i0 0(t is ittt a tcclaratioti of tlje Common Jiali). 

2Li)is pear ann tap fijall be accountcB from t\jt feifure mane as lujecfte, foj 
t^at is tibc ti)ing iMljereof tl)C ototier ma? tafec tije icft notice. 

J15ut if tijc iSinp gases lie tojeckeu, ano caft upon grounu, toljcte a fubjert 
\m^ iMjech of tl)e ^ca, tol;o feifetl) tl)C fame, tlje i^ing map make Ijis pjcofcis 
at anp time luljen Jje toiU, ano is not confineo to a pear ana a Dap, as tlje 
fubjeit is. 

i^oto if tlje grons oj mercbantiifcs fo caft upon tIjc lanB be not feifen, as is 
afojefaio, but taken atuap bp certain Iwjong toers not knoton, tlie pattp map 
l^atoe a Commiflion of Oier anD Terminer to enquire of tljcm tl)at ain t^be 
trefpafs, anD to Ijear anu Determine tlje fame, ano to make reftitution to t^e 

fl Devant les Tuftices del wrecke que appent al Roy, 3 SCljat is, 
it fi)an not be tricD in tlje aomiral Court, but befoje ti^e icings 3iuftic£S at 
tljc Common llato, bccaufe tlje tojccke is eijer caft upon tl)e lanD, 

^ Et la ou wrecke appent al auter que au Roy, &c. "] tliJUrecfee 
map belong to tlje Subject, eitljer hy grant from tlie ifeing, oj bp pjes» 

£Df ancient time, tojccfee of 1^0 fea, anD otl)cr cafualtics, as treafure troie 
in ti^c lanD, ffrapfs, anDttje like, toereprimi inventoris quafi totius populi,fed 
poftea ad regem tranflata fuerunf, quia non modo totius populi, fed reipublicae 

etiam caput eft : 31£ut if treafure be fount in tlje fea, tl)e finoer fljall ^\iz it at 
tljis Dap. 

<| Et rent al volunt le Roy. "] mW is, be fines at tljc lings tDtll, 
iBliicl) is to be unDerftojD, tljat t'^c ISings 3ufttces, befoje toljom tlje partp i$ 
attaintet, fljall fet tlje fine , Et non dominus rex per fe in camera fua, nee ali- 
tcr coram fc, nil! per Jufticiarios fuos : Et hsec eft voluntas regis, viz. per JulU- 
ciarios, & legem fuam, unumeft dicere. 

CAP. V. 

Art.fuper cart. 
cap.8.& 13. 
33 H.8. cap.27. 
Dier, 8 EI.147. 
31 £liz.cap.^. 

ET pur ceo que eleftions doient eftre frankes, cy defend le Roy 
ilir la greeve forfeiture, que nul haute home, ne auter, per 
poyar des armes, ne per malice ou manaces, ne difturbe de faire 
franke eleftion. 

7 H.4. cap.14. §>0E tlje Statute of 7 H. 4. tliat ^Snigljts of Sljires foj tlje parliament C&aU 
it t^OitXly libere 8c indifferenter fine prece aut prscepto. 


Cap. 6. Weftm.f rimer, 16^ 

%l)ttt tocre two mifcljicfsl^fo?^ tU making of t\m ^mtute. u iToj tl;at 
dettion? tocre not milp mane. 2. 2Dl;at clftficns iijecc net ftalpntafici aiiD 
ijotlj tijcfc toeve agawft tljc ancient niajctm of tljc 3laU), Fiant elediones rite & /jf^;,/i, 
libcre fine interruptione aliqua ■■, ^nD again, Elcdio libera eil i foj befojc t1)i0 ^tt 
in t^e in-cgiilar raign of H.3. tJjc CBlcttojs Ijao ncitljcc tljctc fcit, noj Ujdc 0110 
dcrtiong, foi fometimcs bp fojce, fometintcg bj) mfnacc0, ann (cmciimcs bp 
malice tl;e C£le£toj0 tocrc fvameUj ant) tojoiiglK to mafee dcction of men un# 
iMOjtljp, oj not degiblc, fo as tijeir dccion luas neitljci- Due, noj fnt t Eljio 7 H.d.ia. 
2rt bjieflp rdjcai-feo tlje olo rule of tlje Common 3La\)), C foj tljat elections 
ouglit to be free ) luljcrein botl) tlje fain points arc incliiDen -, 1. it mutt be a 
Dtie election, anti 2. Jt mull be a free election. 

%ii^ Statute Botl) enact, tljat no man upon griebous forfeiture fljall nillurb 
anp to mafee free election, anti is etcellentlp pcnnco in ttuorefpectsi /'ir(f,fo?. 
tiat gcncrallp it ejctenoett) to all elections, tljat is to lap, to e\)erp oignitp, of*= 
fice, 0} place elective, be'ttCcclefiaftical oi snempojal, of mljat feinu oj qualitp 
foebcr. ^econDlp, tljC Set is pcnneo in tlje name of tlje liing, viz. SCljeiSing ^•^" '^^■JJ;'^••• 
comman^)et'b t anD tiicrcfojc tlie l^ing btnoctt) Ijimfelf not to oiaurb anp Cle* Lord Bakiier 
tfojs to mafee free election, as in tlje like cafe upon a Statute maoe i\i tlje raign Cafe. 
of tlje fain !^tng ■■, tlje 0ct taping, Rex perpcndens, &<;. tlje fame bounu tlje iiing. 14 H.4. 2o,t2.' 
^oto tljat (Electors migljt make free ann- one elections Djitljotit oifplcafure oj stamf.picor.i^?. 
fear t'^ejeof, bp tljis 0ct of parliament, as a furc ccfence, tlje toing commano* ^g ■ '^ V'^?-j* 
etl) tlje fame upon grievous forfeiture : ano tljis 0ct e.ttenos to all elections, 27s!DieriTEi! ' 
as toell bp tljofe tljat at tlje making of tljis ^d Ijao poUier to make t\)cm, as 289. fembie. 
bp tljofe ijjljofe potoer toas raifen, oj createo fince tljis ;act. 

^ Greve forfeiture. ] SCljat i?, t^e oiCtitbers to be puninjeo h-^ gvie^ 
bous fines anu impjifonment, 

tEaaijat offices ann places be eligible, &« Artie, fuper Chart, ca.8, anu tl)is 3ct Art. fuper chart, 
eictenuet^ to all elections in Counties, tiawiberCtics, Cities, Coipojattons, ano "P'^' ^ ^'"^^ ^^' 
ot^er places. "P'°' 

0no tljus mttclj fball fuffice foj tljc unDcrftanniug of tljis e]ccellcntanijneccf»= 
fatp 0ct. ^ee Ijercafter cap. lo. 


ET que nul City, Borough, ne Ville, ne nul home Ibit amerce cap.itin.vec. 
fans reafonable enchefon, & folonque le quantity del trefpafle, Mag.charc.f.if4.b 
s. franke home (avant fbn contenement, Merchant favant fbn Mer- 
chandife, 8c villein lavant (on gainage, & ceo per lour peeres, 

iSDnemifcljiefbefoje tljis Statute ttias, ttiat fdeing tlje luojos of tlje &ta^ Mag- chart, c.14. 

tUte of Magna Charta bjere Liber homo non amercietur, &c. it eitenOCb not 
onlp to natural ano Angular men, but to fole booies polititiue oj corporate, 
anonotto Corporations, or Companies aggregate of manp, as Cities, 315o^ »3E.i. Attach- 
rougljs, ano SCotons. another mifcliief teas, t^at manp times not onlp Cities, ^^^^ *' *"• 
JEorpugljs, ano SCotons, but pribate men alfo loere amercieo toit|)out cawfe. ' 
JlaOlp, tljat t^e faib Statute of Magna Charta ettenueu but to Ijim tl)at teas Li- 
ber homo. 

ifor all tljefe tljree tliis Statute probtnetlj, vh. tljat no Citp, 55oroug^ or- 
SCoton, nor anp man fljall be amercicD toitljout reafonable caufe, auD accorbing 

■^ to 


Wefim. f rimer. 


Mirror c. 5. § 4. 

to t\}t ciuantitp of Ijis trefpafis, ano ttpon tW Statute tlyt partp grieueli map 
IjaMe anattacljmenttjitlioutan]) pjoljibitioiip^ecenentv foj tbi? Btf iisapjo? 
i^ibition of it feif. 

Sno ?ct t\)t Mirror ootti tafee it, tliat all tljiis toag tontainen in tlje gcaunn 

Stat. Voc. Rag. 
man. Anns 4 E 

if Quantity de trefpafle. ] ^evt aTrefyafg, trangreffio ftgnifiictl) oU 
fence, fault ojncfault, anu fo it is tafeen in ntanj> ancient IRccojtis, a? tafeing 
one ejtample foj manp : tlje Statute, tl)at is caUcD Ragman, ojtminctlj tliat 31u^ 
flices fljall go t^jouglj tt)e ILant, to enciuire, fjear, ano Determine t^e pkintg 
anu querelg of trefpalfes, as toell of tbe IBapliffei ano spinilfcrs of t^je i&ing, 
as of tlje ilPapIiffs of otijers, ano of odjet people toliatfoetcr t^rp be, ercept 
appeals of felony, fc, luliic^ tiias unoerftcoD a^ toell of outragtous takings, ag 
, of all manner of trefpafs, contempt, neglect, Default, 0? offence to t^c i&ing oj 

anp of^er, ^c. 

3nD in tljat f enfe tljc apottle faitlj, Ubi non eft lex, ibi non eft tranfgreffio. 
FIetalib.2.cap, i.Flcta Defcribing ttfattljj Tranfgrellio autem eft, cum modus non fcrvatur nee 
menfura, d?bet etenim quilibet in fado fuo modum habere & mcnfuram. 

CAP. vn. 

Cap. Itineris vet. 
Mag. Chart, fol. 
I $4. b. 

Ficta lib.2.c.43. 

Mag.Charc. c.ip. 

Braft.1.3. f.117. 

Brit, fol.27. 

Fleta ubi fupra. 

DEs prifes des Conftables , ou Cafleleins, faits des auters que 
des gents de la Ville, ou la Caftles font affile. Purview eft, 
que nul Conftable ne Caftelein deformes nul manner de prife ne face 
dauter home que de la Ville ou fon Caftle eft affile, &; ceo foit paie, 
ou gree fait deins xl jours, fi ceo ne foit auncient prife due au R.oy, 
ou a Caftle, ou al Seignior del Caftle. 

£Df tljiS Ctiapter Fleta faitlj tljUS, Nulls prifae capiantur de aliquo per aliquetri 
Conftabularium Caftcllanum, prsterquam de Villa, in qua litum fit caftrum, & 
illis fatisfad' fit infra 40 dies, nifi fint prife antiqua; debit' Rcgi aut Domino ca- 
ftri aut caftro debend'. 

tElpon tl;e Statute of Magna Charta, ana tl;ts Set, tljere toere ma article? 
amongft otljcrs, tljat tlje 3uliiccs in Cir entiuireo of, viz. De prills faftis per 
Vicccomites, rel Conftabularios, vel alios balivos contra voluntatem eorum quo- 
rum catalla fi.ierint : Item dc prilis Domini Regis five in terra, five in mari, five 
in aqua dulci, five in libertatibus fpedtantibus ad caftra fi.ia, five ad Civitates 
fuas, five ad Burgos fuos, vel in aliis locis, qua? fiant, 6c quantum valeant, vel quis 
eas occupaverit, celaverit, vel fiiffocaverit, & quis eas ceperit, Conftabularius, vel 
alius, & quid valent. 

Bradon treating of tlje Articles of tlje Sullices in CSir faitlj tljns, De prifis 
Domini Regis in terra, five in aqua dulci, five falfa, & libertatibus fpeftantibus ad 
Cartella fiia, five ad Comitatum, five ad Burgos fiios, quae funt, 3c quantum valeant 
per annum. 

0nD Britton iMjiting of tlje fame matter faitlj, Et auxi des prifes faits, per 
nous Caftellans , & autres que font perners de vittaile, ou de autre chofe, per 
queux tiels prifes ount eftre faits, 8c a queux damages, & de quels gents, & en 
tiel cafe, voillons nous que nul ne foit garrant per continuance de feifin in 

BnD Fleta Ijatlj it tljUS, De prifis faftis per Vicecom, Conftabularios, vel alios 
contra voluntac eorum quorum catalla ilia fuerint : Item de prifis Conftabulario- 


Cap. 8^9* Wefim.f rimer, i^i 

rum caftrorum fadtis de bonis aliorutiij quam eorum, qui funt de Villis ubi caflra 
fita funt, & de bonis eorum, &c. li non fatisfad' fuef infra 40 dies, Sec, 

3t is to It obCcrtieD, tljat in tlje ratgn of tbis Mn^, nno in moft of tljc r«c<« 
catling iSings, tl)eve Ijauc lian manp ot^er Statutes mauc concerning |?ur? 
Ucrojs, vet neUEcHiu anp Ucpo?tcr jjiiiliflj anp cafe, tljat 3 ¥"01 teen, ano rf# 
member, tljat map fertoc foj t^e cirpofition of anp of t'bem, anu manp pjoceen* 
ings Ijabc b«n juDicialii) upon manp of tljem againft ptirbepojs! , toljiclj do 
appear of MecojD. Vide Magna Charta, Cap. i^. anD tljc ejcpofition tljctcof, ano 
tljc tljiro part of tljc Inftitutes, Cap. Purveyors. 


ET que nul fine foit prife pur Beaupleder, ficorae auterfbits fuit 
defendu en temps le Roy Henry, pier le Roy que ore eft. 

E^at is to fay, bj tlje Statute of Markbridge, Anno 52 H.3. toljere tl^iji; 
matter is ejcplatnco. 


ET pur ceo que la Peace de la terre ad eftre feeblement garde 
avant ces heures, pur defalt de bone fuit fait (ur les felons (b- 
lonque due manner, 8c nofment per enchefbn des franchifes ou les 
felons font refceves : Purview eft, que touts communement ibient 
preftes, 8c aparailes, au commandement 8c a les (ummons des Vilconts, 
& au crie de pays, de fuer 8c arrefter les felons, quant meftier ferra, 
auxibien deins franchifes come dehors. Et ceux que ceo ne ferront. 
8c de ceo foient attaintes, le Roy preadra a eux grevement. Et fi ie 
default foit trova en le (eignior de la franchife, le Roy fe prendra a 
mefme le franchife. Et fi le default foit trove en le Bailife, eit len- 
prifonment dun an, 8c puis foit grevement rente, 8c fil neit de quoy, 
eit lenprifonment de ii ans. Et fi Viicount, Coroner, ou auter Bai- 
life deins franchife, ou dehors, per lower, ou per prier, ou per 
poies, ou per nul manner daffinity, concelent, conlentent, ou pro- 
curent de conceler les felonies fairs en lour Bailies, ou auterment, fe 
'teignont attacher, ou arrefter les misfefints per la ou ils purra, ou 
auterment fe feignont de faire lour office, en nul maner de favour des 
misfcfants, 8c de ceo foient attaintes, que ils eient lenprifonment dun 
an, 8c puis foient grevement rentes a le volunt le Roy, fils eient de 
quoy, finon, eient lenprifonment de iii ans, 

f[ Pur default de bone fute fait for les felons in due manner. ]] 
&omc I)ai3e tljoug^t t^at ^ne ano Crp IjaUe been grounueti tipon tMs §>tatttte, 
but tljis act pjobctb ti)at %tte ann Crp fojtbe appjelienCon of #elons teas ben 
feje tl)is Statute, foj it finoetli fault tljat gcoD fuit, tl)at is, frcllj fuit, teas not 
iiulp mane ; ano it appeatet^ tljat ^©ue ans Crp in tljofe cafes Ijat^ ban bp t^je 
ancient ILatns of tljis Mealm. 

z. 2 %\% 

iy2 TVefim.frimen Cap. 9. 

Mirror ca. i. § 3. SClie ^Ut'^OJ of t'^e Mirror iDjiting cf tljC anciSttt JlateS bcfojc tl)C CcnquEil 
unDcc t\)e title Des articles des viels Royes ordeines , faitl) > Ordeinc fuit que 
chefcun del age de 14 ans, & ouitrc de mortels pecheors enfuivre de Ville, & Ville 
a Hue & Cry. 

loter leges Regis Si quis latroni obviam dederit, eumque nullo edito clamore abire perniiferif, 

Canud. quanticunque fuerit latronis vita seftimata, extreraum folvat denariolum, aut pleno 

& perfedo jurejurando de facinore nihil habuiffc cogniti cor.hrmato. Sin quis pro- 
clamantem audierit, neque vero fuerit infecutus, fu£ in Regem contumacis ( ni 
omnem criminis fufpicionem diluerit ) poenasdato. 

Glanv. 1. 14. c.?. Glanvill callEtl) ^IXS aim Ctp Clamor popularis juxta AlTifam ( i. Statutum ) 
fupcr hoc proditam. 31Eut t\)is Statute is not noUJ cttant. 

Braa.l.j.f.121. Bradlon of l^UC anD Cr^ fattlj, Statim & recentcr inveftiganda funt veftigia 

malefadorum, & fequenda per dudum caredc, paflus equorum, & veftigia homi- 
num, & aliomodo, fecundum quod confultius & melius rteripolTit. 

Mag. Chart. C.3 J. .Snti it isojtc of tlje^rticUiEi of iljat aucicnt Court of tlje^ieto of franfeplenge 
Cof toljofe antiquitp tue IjaDE IpoI«n Mm) to ewtiuire of ^tte ana €icic8 Icii? 
£0 ano not piitfufD. 
ail tljefe iStitljojitics toere Mm ttemafeing of our 0rt,anB t^erefojc it toag 

ttulp faiS, laljOfoeDCt faiO it, Pervetufta Anglorum lege fancitum cfl:, ut Ci quis 
damnum ex furto paflus, aut qui ipfum fpoliatum viderit, fontem per acclama- 
tionem infequatur, Conllabularius ejus Villae cujus opem implorat, auxilia ciese 
furcmque perquirere debeat ■, quod fi furem illic non deprehenderit, in proximam 
commigrare, & Conllabularium ad ferendas fuppetias iterum invocare, &c. 
Brit foi. 1 9 20. ^f ^'^'^ ^"^ ^"^ ^^^ ^^^ ancient Sutljo j0 finct our Statute baijc alfo \3iiitf 
Fieta lib. i.'c. 24. tf«} ano niUxs Sidn of |L'arUament babe fincc tan matic concerning ^uc ana 
Anno 4 E.I. Crp, ag tljc Statute De officio Coronatoris, mate tljc nert pear after our Sii, 
4E.1. Deoffic. toljEtc it iiS faiO , Et omnes fequantur hutefium, & veftigium, fi fieri poteft •, 8c 
SHc°'de' Winch. ' '?'■" "°" fecerit, & fuper hoc convidus fuerit, attachietur, quod fit coram Jufticia- 
28 E.^.ca. 11. i^i'S de gaola, &c. 28 E.3. & 27 Eli/. 
27 Eliz. cap. 1 3. 

Cap. itin. Vet. €1 -^^ commandement & a les (ummons des Vifcounts, Sec. ] 
Mag. Chart. 155. fl^eu oug|)t to le in tljefe cafes at tl)e commansment of t\)e ^Ijeriff, foj Ije i^atlj 
w.2.cap,29. Cultodiam Comitatus committee to l)im s ana lie tljat goetlj not at tlje com^ 
manamenc of tlje §>l)eriff oj Conttailc at tljc Crp of tljc Countrp, tl)at ig, up*: 
on ^uc ana Crp, fijaU U grieuouflp finca ana impjifonea. 

y H.7.S. a 
2 H.7.i5.b, 

Mirr. cap. 2. ^ O^ a crie de pais. ] ^ote, in legal unaerCanaing ^ue ana Crp is 

Britt. ubi fup. all onc > in ancient Kecojas tljep are callea Hutefium & Clamor, ana i^ere Crp 
is ufea foj^ botlj. 0na tljijs !^wc ana Crp map le tp l)ojn ana lip uoice, avec hue 
& crie de come & de bouche." l^oUo tlje ^ue ana Ctp Qjall be maae, ana all in** 

Lib.7. foi. 6,7. ciacntg tlicreumo, pou fljall reaa in tl)C aboijcfaia §)tatute!5, ana in our Uepojts 

Dier 13 El. 370. pott fljall fina l;olB tljc fame Ijaljc iccn ejcpounaca. 

29 E.3.39. II E.4 C De fuer & arrefter les felons.] 51Bp t^efe toojaji it igljolaen, tl&at 
4. b. 5 H 7.5. t^ere muft le a felonp aonc, oj clfc tl)e arcefling of t^e partp, tljiSug'^ it be 
2 H. 7.15. ,tpj,„ 3ipj,g gm, ^yp^ ^g unlawful, iecaufe it wantcti^ a founaation i but if a 

felonp be aone, ana tlje ^ue ana Crp is againft one, tljat is neitljer inairtea, 
uo} of ill fame, noj fufpicious, noMmfenotun, pet t^e arrcftofljimislatoful, 
tbougljljebenotguiltpi fo;t tbc %ttc ana Crp ofitfelfis caufe fufftcient, 
tii^cre tljerc is a founaation of a felonp committca. ^na Ije tljat le^ietlj ^ue 
ana Crp upon anotljer toitljout caufe fl;all be attacl;ea ana punitljea foj aiflur^ 
bance of t^je Kings peace. 

^ Auxibien deins franchifes come dehors, 3 SCljis luas not intenaen 
of §)anctuaries, but of ilojas, ana otljers, tljat Ijaa ifrancljifes of 31nfangt|)Cfe, 
iIDutfaugetl;cfc, ana tlje lifee, , 

e Le 

Cap. 9' Wefim. primer, _ 173 

^ Le Roy prendra eux grevement. "] 2CIjat ig, at tfjc ?StngjS fuiC 
tljc? fl)aU lie finen gruDotiflp, atxD impjifoneu. 

€ Et fi le default Ibit trove in le Seign'our de la franchife, le Roy 
fe prendra a mefme le franchife. 'j 35t fcemctl) ftfrehp, tljat tljc irranc^ife 
is loS fo} EWtj foj tl)e toojuis ifj tliat tlje Jaing ^aU taftc to Iiitr.feU tibe jffraiu; 
c'^ifc, (viz.ajsfojfcit.) 

g{ Et fi le default foit trove en le bailife, eit lenprifbnment dun an, 
&c. ] 0115 tW ijS accojDilig to tfie Olo tule, Qui non habet it^ are, luet in 

^ Et fi Vifcount, Coroner, ou auter bailife de franchife, ou de 

hors, Sec] i^otc \)tte fiijc tljtngsf arc rt'^earfeD, as cattfex! Mjcrefoje 
^'^eriffg ano otljtr tfjc IStnoES ^Dfficcts anD spinifteris of 3ufltcp no nfglcrt 
tljcirmtties. i. 315p pjaKcr, prece, rip letters, nieffagcs, oj luojD of moutlj.) Price: 
2. ISetuarc, precio, ( fojBiti bjiberp. ) 3. i?ear, metu, ( tlje liafeft, anc pet tfjc Predo. 
jnott fojcible of all affections. ) 4. Sanguine, anp raannec of coufangutnitp oj Mem. 
afftiutp t tinuer to!)tclj toojo ( aflniitp j in tljis 3ct is incluucti as totll neer^^ sanguine. 
nefs of blcDU, as alliance bp marriage. JLattlp, favore, faliout, in refyert of Favore. 
ftirntilp affedion, foj men map be cojrupteD, not onlp bp retoarD, but in re^ 
^ett of tlje otl)cr four alfo, all tenoing to one anu tlje fame enn, to fupyjefs 
trutl) ■, as Ijcre to conceal, confcnt, oj procure to conceal tlje felonies none 
toitljin tl;eic fcijeral jijecincts oj bailituicks. 

f[ lis eyent lenprifonment dun an, 8cc. "] ^m ijere ti^e puntf^menc 
fo} concealment of felonies, oj confenting to, oj procuring tlie concealment 
of tlje fame •, foj all tljis make not tljem acceffarp to tlje felonp, foj tljen tljep ; 

ttere to Ijaue ban pnitljeD in anotljcr manner, but it is callen mifpaifton, o> 
concealment of felonies. jSDbtertie tucll tlje punifljment of t^is mifpjifion, but 
t^e learning thereof appertains to t'^e aCtcatife of tlje pleas of tlje Croton, ano 
tiercfoje tljis little touclj Ijere fljall fuffice. §>» ti^c t'tiito part of t^c InlUtutes, 
Cap. Mifprifion. 

^ Al volunt le Roy.] ^a'^eteCap. 4.20, 25. 



WeHm, f rimer. 

CAP. X. 

Videdcrant c. 5. 

Inter kges £<!". 
Regis, cap. de 

ET pur ceo que petits gents meins fagcs foient eflieus ore de novel 
communement al ofEcs de Coroner : & meftier (erroit que pro- 
bes homes loialx 8c fages fe intermellent de eel office: Purview eft 
que per touts les counties foient eflieus fuffilant homes Coroners, des 
plus loyals 5c plus fages chivallers, queux melius iachent, puiflentjSc 
voilent a eel office entender, & que loyalment attachent & reprefen- 
tent les plees de la corone. Et que le Vicont eit conter roUes ove les 
Coroners, auxybien des appeales, come des enquefts, de attachments, 
ou des auters chofes, que a eel office appendent, Et que nul Coroner 
riens demande, ne preign de nuUuy pur faire fon office, for paine de 
la greeve forfeiture al Roy. \_ij:^E.i.Stat.Exon.~] 

%\)t mtfcl^icf l0fojc cotlj appear in tlje ^jeamble, viz. %%u men of fntall 
haluc aim little ttnnerftaninn j, of late time toere cljofen to tlje office of a Co>^ 
roner, toljere it fi)0ulti le necDful tljat aCojoner fijoulo l)aljefi\jc qiialittes: 
I. SDljat Ije fljOulD be probus homo: 2. JLaUiful , i. Legalis homo: 3. £)£ 
ftifficicnt unnerftantiitig ano Itnotoletige : 4. i^l gcoB alilitp anu potiet to 
c.rerute Ijig office accojBing to \m fenoMetige : 5. ^uo lafllp, of Diligence ano 
inicntiance foj tlje Due cjceciition of tlje fain office. 0nD rcafon rcciuirco it 
fljotilDfo be, fojtWt Co?oncr0 Duere in tijofc oajs tlje pjincipal gamcing of tlje 
^eace, ano tljerefoje tlje Common ilatu tin not onip require ejcpert men to it 
Cojoner0 , liut men of ftifficicnt alifitp ano JibeliljcDiJ foj tl)jec purpofcs : 

1. 2Cljc iLaiu yjcftimeis ttiat tijep m\\ Do tljeir Dut?, ano not offcnD tije 3iaU), 
at tlje leafi foj fear of yunifljmcnt, mbereunto tljeic lanDg anD groDji be fubjcct. 

2. 2Cljat tljcp be able to anftoer to tljc JKing all fucb fines anD Dutiegi as belong 
10 Ijim, aixD to oifc^argetibe Coimtrp tljereof, toljeretoitl) tbetr Countrp being 
t'^eir electojs tocte cljargcable, as Ijereafter fijall be touc^cD. 3. acijattiiep 
migl)t ejcecute tljeir office witljout bjiberp. Sno tl^efe fibe properties are necefi; 
farp to eberp jSDfficer. Vide tlje latt claufe of tljis ^A* 

^ Solent eflieus. ] gt is to be Knolnn, tljat tlje office of a Co?oner ebec 
toas, anD pet is eligible in full Countp bp t|)C ifteeljolDers, h^^ t\)t iSings «ttt 
De Coronatore eligendo : anD tlje teafon tljetcof luas, fo} tljat botlj tlje JStng ano 
tlje Countrp Ijao a great intcceft anD benefit in tlje Due ejcccution of Ijis office, 
anD tljerefojc tlje Common iLaba gabc tlje jfFrecljoloers of tlje Countp to be t\zi> 
etojs of tim. ^nD foj tlje fame teafon of ancient time tlje s»ljeriff calleD Vice- 
comes, toljo IjaD curtodiam comitatus, toas alfo eligible : i?cj firtt, tljc Q^rl 
Ijimfelf of tlje Countp IjaD tbe office of tljc ^tjeriff of tljc Countp, anotoljen: 
Ije gabc it ober, tlje Vicecomes ( as tlje toojD Cgnifietlj ; came in fleao of tlie 
©arl, anD inas eligible bp tlje iFreeljoloers of tlje Countp : 0nD mojcobcr, foj 
tljc fame caufc tocre conferuatojs of tlje ^Peace in like manner cljofen, anD fo 
"mit, ano pet ate cletteD tlje mierDerojs of tlje iTojeff, ano all tljcfe foj t'^e 
time of peace : i?oj tlje time of tear, tljece toerc liketoife Icacers of tlje Cottn<* 
ties foulDiers, of ancient time cljofen bp tlje iPreeljolDers of tlie Countp. 

Erant &(. alia: poteftates & dignitates per provincias & patrias univerfas, & per 
fingulos comitatus totius Regni prsedidl' conftituts, qui Heretoches apud Anglos 
vocabantur, fcilicet, Nobiles, & inllgnes fapientes, & fideles & animo- 
fi : Latine vero dicebantur Dudores exercitus, apud Gallos, Capitaks Confta- 
bularii, vel Marefcballi exercitus. Uli vero ordinabant acies denfiilimas in praliis, 
& alas conftituebaiit prout decuir, &: prout eis vifum fuit, ad honorem coronx, 


Cap. 10. Weflm. f rimer. 175 

6i ad utilitatem Regni. Ifti vcro viri ^ eligebuntur per commune concilium pro =t- ^^^^ 
communi utilitate Regni, per provincias & patrias iiniverfas, & per lingulos co;ni- 
tatus in pleno Folkemoce,ricut & ''' Vicecomitcs provinciarum & comitatuum eligi * Notaj 
debet, &c. 

SDljC Mirror fpEafelKg of tljC Articles bp olDlSmSS OjMt'nttlj faiclj, A^uxi fucf Mirr.cap.i. § 3. 
ordeines Coroners in chefcun countie, & Vifcounts a garder.Ie pais, quant les coun- 
tes foy demii'teront del gard, &c. ^nu t\)t ^Ijctiff toag ctofen bp WiXii UtreCfD 
to tl)e CojonetiS. 

;anD fo toere tljc confertoatojis of tlje |3cacc eltgime alfo, Ip Writ imden to Rot.pat. an. 5 E.r. 

t|)C ^Ijeriff. 
ifej tl3C ^IlerBcto?, Ijc 10 ftill djofen bp t^t $xii\)tiiux^ of tlje Count? bp ttic 

lyings Witiu 

^v £iur iiing in ttie 28 year of Ijts raign reffojeu ta Ijis people tlje ancient Arc. fuper 

election of jSljcnffS in tljefe toOjDg, Le Roy ad grant a fon people, que ils eient 28 E. i.e. 8.13. 

election de lour Vifcount en chelcun Countie , ou Vifcount ncft my de fee, lili ^''^e'"?"- 


llEut noiu bj» tlje «>tatute of 12 R.2. tlje Cljancello), STrcafurer, liccper of tlje 12 r. 2. cap. 2. 
pjiup S>eal) ^tctoaro of tl)e iSingsi lioufe, tljc !l$inp Cljambeclain, Clerk of videStat. 9 E.2. 
tljc 15oll!S,5uflices of tlieone lEenclj annof tljeotljer, Jl^arong of tlje Ctcljeciucr, ^^ ^*'^- hE-s-?- 
anil all otljer tljat fljall be calleu, are to ojnain, name, oj make ^Ijerife, fljall 
be firmlp t^Qiw tljat tljep fl;all not ojnain, name oj malte any sljeriff, foj anp 
gift OJ bjocage, fa^Jour oj affection, but tljat djep fljall be of tlje moll latoful 
men, anD fufficient, to tljcir eQimatton anD fenotoletige. 

3tis Ijoloenin our'llScofe, tljat albeit tljeliing Dictlj, pec tlje Cojoner, be^ Dkr lEi.c idj. 
caufe Ije is electen bp tlje i^jaljolDers of tlje Countp bp Writ, ann retourneo of 
ilRecoju in tlje Cljancerp, \Ml)iclj is a juDicial act, remainen, anD fo of tlje tmer*= 
teroi : otljertuife it ig of BEuoges ann Sutticeg, tljat IjolD tljeir places li^^ Mrit, 
Commiffion, Letters l^atents, OJ otljerluife at toill,, toljicl^ migijt be a reafon 
teljerefoje t^c Sljeriff of ancient time toas eligible, foj tljat IjeljaD cuftodiam 
comitatus, anD a pjincipal conferUatoj of tlje |9eace ■■> anD tljercfojc Ijig m^ 
tljojitp fljoulD not ceafe bp tlje Deatlj of tlje Uing, no moje tljen tljat of tlje €0^ 

igoto feeing tliat Cojonersi are electeD bp tljc Countp, if tljep be infufficient, 
anD not able to anfiuer fuclj fines anD otljcr Duties in refpett of tljeir office, as 
tiep Dugljt, t^e Countp as tljeir fuperioj Jljall anftoer tlje fame : ;as fcj e]cam*= 
pie, tlje Countp of Kent maoe election, h-^ fojce of tlje icings Writ, of William in'.scaccar. inter 
Herli7on to be cueof tljeCojouergfoj tlje fame Countp, toljo after teas amet;= pricept. Term. 
cieDproBforetourno4o s. toljereupon |3jocefs tocnt out to tlje ^Ijeriff to lebp H'"-anno 14 e. 3. 
it i tljc §>l)eriff upon Ijis oatlj faio, t%u tlje faiD William Herlizon non habet 3"j^^H. ^ " 
terras vel tenementa, bona feu catalla in baliva fua, nee habuit, unde di(ft' denarii 
levari poirmt : i^O\U faitlj tlje MecojD , Et quia ipfe Coronator eledus fuit per 
comitatum, &c. ita quod in defedtu ejufdem Coronatoris totus comitatus ut eledror 
& fuperior ^c. tenetur Regi refpondere i prsceptum fuit nunc Vicecomiti, quod 
de terris 5c tenementis hominum totius comitatus in baliva fua fieri fac' praedid' Refpondeat fu- 
40 s. auD tlje like 3la\B tjas of tlje s>ljeriff, auD otljer tljc faio £Dfftcers, to^en P"'"*^- 
ttep Docrc eligible. 31But no\u let us return to tlje purbieiu of our 5lcr. 

^ Homes Coroners. "| acije number of Cojoncrs are notfcttoton bp 
Hall) : in moli Counties tljere are four, iw fome Counties Cr, in fome fetuer, ^^ , ^ 
anD in fome Counties one. ^|, ?9h:'6.4o.^' 

iTo J tljc WOJD Coronator, fee Mag. Cart. cap. 17, F. N. B. 163. k. 

^ Sufficients. 3 Sufficiens is a large \uojd, anD implies as muc<jasido- Li.8.f.4r.Greinies 
iieus, anD it Ijatl) ttoo of tlje attributes mentioneo in tlje ^jeamble, tliat ij(, cafe. F.N.B.i^^.n, 
latofiil, anDfage. 4Ei.deoffio; 

■" " Coronat. 14 E.3. 


C Chi- 


JVeJim, f rimer. 



Eric. 5.b. Flet.lib, 
I. cap.ig 25. 
25 afi". p.7.Mag. 
11^4. Seethe next 
Chap. & Chap.jiS. 
See hereafter Stat. 
de milit. Regift. 
177. b. F.N. B. 
16^. m. Regift. & 
F. N. B. upi fup. 

Mirr. lib.i. cap de 
office de Coroner. 
Braa.1.3. fol.iir. 
Britt. fol. 5. Flet. 
lib.i. cap.i8.&25 
4 E, I. Scat, de of- 
ficio Coronat. Re- 
gift. jud.7d.22aff. 
98.4 H.6.I5. Mag. 
Char. cap. 17. 
Hie cap. 14. 4H,d. 
ubi fupra. 

^ Chivaliers. ^ 3in ancient times none \uctc c^ofcn mut i\}t urgra of 
^inigbt'bfflB to tc Cojoner0. 215ut fome Tap, tljat tljtg ujoja ( Chivaliers ) loas 
put into tljis Statute, to tlje enti tljat tl)e partp to be c^otenmig'^tijatic fuffict;^ 
ent in tbc Counip, iMl)iclj map fev\)e foj iutetpjetation of Ditoets ot^ct &ta*= 
tutc?, icing accompanicB laiitlj ufe ano npericncc. 

^ Qiieux melieus fachent, puiffent, 8c voilent a eel office enten- 
der, Sec. j Qiii melius fciant, pollintj & velint officio illi intendere, &c. i^otC 
men tbefe t^jfc ciualitief . 

^■^oUci iMljat caufejs tljece lie to remote a Cojonerj Vide Regift. & F. N.B. 

f[ Qiie les Coroners loialment attachent & reprefentent les plees 
del Coron, &c. "] 5l5p t\)is it appearctlj, t^at tlje Cojoner is Sluuge of t|)c 
cattfe, anu not tlje ^Ijcriff i anJ tljis agratlj witlj out oId ann lattcc ilBosfes, on«< 
Ip tlje ^Ijeriffs Ijatie countcivrolls toitlj t'^c Cojonerg bp fojce of tW ^d, ano 
tiercfo^e a Certiorari map be uireftct to tljeS»J)eriff ano Cojonec to rcraobe an 
appeal bp Will before t})z Co?oner, becaufe tlje ^Ijeriff Ijatlj a counter^roll : 
Jlgut if t^e Certiorari be titecteti to t^e ^Ijcriff onlp in cafe of appeal oj inDicts; 
ment of ueatlj, it is not fiifficient to rcmoiie tlje Ktcojtij becaufe Ijc is not Sutge 
of the caufe, but ^atlj onlp a countetf^roU. Vide Magna Chart, cap. 17. manp 
autijojities citeo tijere concerning tl)is matter. 

14 E. I. Stat, de 
3 H.7. cap.i. 
Vide hie c.26. 
See J E.6. c. 

^ Et que nul Coroner riens dcmaund, ne preigne de nuUuy pur 
faire ion office, fur peine de la greve forfeiture al Roy. 3 Snu tijis 
toas tljc ancient llaln of England, tljat none ijaijing anp office concerning ali*= 
miniftration of Svi^iie, fljoulo tafee anp fee oj retoamof anp fubjedfojtljeBo*' 
ing of bis office, to tlje enn Ije migljt be free ano atUbertp to do Sfxititc, ano 
not to be fettercU toitlj golnen fas, as fetters to t^e fuppjelTion oj fubuerfion 
of trutl; ant) lufticc : flnti tljercfoje tljis Statute toas mace in affirmance of t^e 
Common ilatU i tijts onip is aUDCDj fur paine de greve forfeiture al Roy. 

3 E.3. coron. 372. Si Cojoner receiijeo i d. of eijerp tHifne tolien t|ep came befoje tlje lunges in 
€iv, as belonging to l)is office, toiiclj was neither againft tlje Common liatn, 
noj tljis S>tatute , fo j Ije tmli it not foj Doing of Ijis office, but a rigljt Due to 
I)ts office, t)t)ict) migl)t liabe a reafonable beginning, viz. foj anD toDiarDs Ijis 
trabail, attenDancc, anDcljarges. 

3 H. 7. cap.i. ^nn tW statute ffcoD in fojce until tl^t Statute maDe in 3 H.7. ca.i. taW^ 

gaueljim a f^of 13 s. 4 d, upon t^e bieuj of t^z boDp, of tlgc groDS of t^e 
mtaDerec, etc. 

1 H.8. cap.7. ^'«t if tlje Cojoner fit upon t'^e bictjj of anp fiain h^ mifaDtJcnturc, |)c ff;aU 

ls?M notljing. ^oje fijall be faiD Ijereof l)ereafter,Cap.26. 


Cap.ii,i3. Wejim. primer. 177 


ET pur ceo que plufors reintes de mort de home^ 8c que ibnt 
culpables de meCne la mort font (per fiivorables enqucfts, 
prifes per Vi(conts & per bfe le Roy que eft appelle Odio d^ atia ) 
replevies, )e(ques a la venue des Juftices errants : Purview eft, que 
tiel enquefts foient deformes prifes per probes homes eflieus per fere- 
ment, dont les deux foient a meines chivalers, que per nul affinitic, 
touchent a Ics Prifoners, ne auterment ne foient folpe^ious. |^ Gloe. 
C.9. Weft. 2.C.29.] 

^ee tl^c 26 Cljapter of Magna Charta totietc t1)i]S matter IB tiantlen atlargc><?, 
atiD tittD not Ijtxe to be rcpeateti, ann l)otn tW Wiiit De odio & atia toag taken 
8\»ap, ann Cncc reUt\)es bp a later Statute, as tljcre it appeareti^. 


PUrview eft enfement, que les felons efcries, & queux font aperte- 
ment de male fame, 8c ne foy voilent mitter en enquefts des fe- 
lonies que homes met fur eux devant Juftices a la fuit le Roy, foient 
mifes en la prifon fort 8c dure, come ceux queux refu(ent eftre al 
Common Ley de la terre. Mes ceo neft mye a entender pur Prifo- 
ners que font prifes per legier (ufpeftion. 

tf Que les felons. ] SCljiji &>tatute ejctenuet^ not to SCreafon, tolM i$E.4.j2.scam. 
i» tie Ijfg^ctt offence, xm to petit JLarccifp, ^tjcMiS of all felonies: tlje pi.cor.150. , ' 
loujeft. "':; ., , 

2Ct)i$ ;3rt totl) ejcteno ag lucll to luomcn m to men, ann fo it Dotlj appear bp tr. 40 ei. coram 
ti^iUfi ancient ano late pjcceoentj!, ana to t^at eno tljc makcrg of tljiis ;9rt oio Rege, R0C4. 

UfC tW gCtteral lOOjO, jfelonS. J»ne Witemans 


||[ Efcries 8c apertement de male fame. ] j^o perfbn flijall be put m 
t\m punifijment unleCs t'^e matter be etjiocnt oj pjoueable, lu^tc^ ijs tlje nutj) 
of fbe lunge to Icpk unto. 

5 Ne foy voilent mitter en enquefts des felonies.] XW 3ct fpcafe# 
etl) onlp of inoittmentjs at tlje fuit of the iiing, HBut tljc juogment of 
Paine fort 8c dure toas at tl)c Common iiaij), botb lu appcaljf, antt in in*= 

SL man map ttann mute ttoo manner of toapsi firft, tolien i^e flancjs mute 4? Afr.p1.50. 
toitliout fpeaking of anp tljing, ann tljen it fljall be enquireo, toljet^er Ije ftoiB * H.4.1. 4 E.4.rr; 

1^8 ''<rW^fim. primer. Cap. 1 2 . 

mute of malice, oj bp tljc 0tt of (I15oUi aiin if it be fount), tljattt toas bp tlje Slct 
of (!I5oD, tljen tl)e Suogess of tlje Court (toljo eter are to le of counfel iwttl) tlje 
^jiConer, to gitoc l)im iiati) aimSiuftice) ex officio ougtit to inciuirc toljetljcr ibe 
lie tijc fame perfon, anu of ail otijcr ^leag toijicl; !je migljt l;abe pleaDCDj if l;c 
Ijan not ftosu mute. 

0nii note \i!Ell tljc aboviefaia too?ii|g of our JEmks, [tuijetljer ef malice, oj 
Ip tiie act of Cob] foj it map be, tlje pjifoner in truti) cannot fpeafe, auD pet 
being not mute bp tljc 0(t of dDon, ije fijaU be fo?tl)\Mitlj put to Ijis penance,a0 
if tlje oeUnciuent cut out bis oton tongue, ano, tljercbp become mute. 

iSnotljer kiub of mute is, toijen tbe ^jifoner can fpeafe, ano perljaps pieafiV; 

i^ot guiltp, Dj pleao a pica in ILaH), anti iwill not contluoe to tljc enquci! 

acccjuing to tljis Set •, oj (peak muci;, but to not tircctlp aiiftuer, ^c. foj 

Idem eft nihil dicere, & infufficienrer dicere : to be Djojt, inben in tl;c enD be' 

Xa\\\ not put Ijimfeif upon tbe enq.ucft, tbat is, De bono & male, to be trieo 

4E.4.11.7E.4.29 bp(0oD anD tlje (arountrcp, tljen tbis ^A is fufficient Warrant, if tlje caufc 

i4E,4.7. jjg £i)it,ent oj probable, to put bim to bis penance i but if be Jemur i\x 

3Lato, anc it be atijuDgcti againft bim> %t (ball bavie jungment to be bang.? 

£0: Snti tljDHgb bp bis Demurrer be refufe to put bimfcif upon tbe cn*= 

quett, accoictng to tbe ILcttcr of tbis :3tf, pet fojafmucb as be is cut of tbe 

reafon of tbts 2^, foj tbat be rcfufetb not tbe trial of tbe Common %m, 

tbe Dcmuncr being allo\j0£& to bim bp ILato, ano to be trico ^ tbe Sluiiges, 

be fliaU not be put to bis penance, but baue juDgnteut to be bangeD , ano fo it 

3 H.7.2. & 12. is if be cballcnge abotoe tlje number of ^6. be fljall be bangeD, auD not baije 

Paine fort be dure. 

• f[ Al fute le Roy. ] %\)\^ %a £j:tcnDS not to tl^e tuit of tbe partp bp 
appeal, becaufe tbe judgment of Paine fort & dure toas botb in appeal ano in*" 
Dioment at tlje Common JLato, as Ijat^ban faiD, anD Ijereafter (ball be faiov 
anD p;o\)CD. 

stflrf PI Cor € Soient itiyfes en la priibn fort 8c dure. ] mpon tbefc taojDStbetc 

149.1.' * ' %abe been tiwrs opinions x iFirft tljat tlje puniibment of Paine fort & dure lajas 

gibcn bp tbiP ;3tt. 
g H ^ome otber baDe bolDcn, tbat at tbe Common iLalo foj felonp tbe Pjifonec 

scamf.pi.cor. flauDiug mute fljoulo upon a Nihil dicit be bangeD, as at tbis Dap it is in cafe 
nbi (upra. of Ijigb STrcafou, anD, as tbep lap, in cafe of appeal. £)tbcrs batoe bolDen tbat 

21 E.3.18. at tbe Common i.aTQ) in fa\30ur of life be IboulD neitbcr batoe Paine fort & dure, 

noj bane juDgment to be bangeD, but to be remanocD to ^Djifen until be tooulD 

jToj tbe fitnDing out of tbe trntb Ijerein, let us firft fee tobat tb&.^uDgemen£ 
tobtcb our ad calletb Fort & dure is, anD tljen laobat tlje reafon (IjoulD be, tl)at 
fo feijere a juDgment is giucn in tbat cafe. 
8H.4,i. 2Cbe iuDgmcnt i^-, tbat tbe man oj tooman fljall be remanDCDtotbepjifon, 
Tr.40 El. ubi fup. anD laiD tbere in fome loto anD Darfe boufe, iDbcre tlje p (ball lie nafecD on tbe bare 
canb tuitljout anp litter, rufljcs, oj otber clotljing, anD uutbout anp garment 
about tbem, but (ometbing to couer tbeir pjibp parts, anD tbat tbep (ball lie upon 
tbeir bacfes, tbeir beaDs uncoDereD anD tbeir f^t, apD one arm fljall be Djaiun to 
one quarter of tbe boufe tuitb a cojb, anD tbe otber arm to anotbcr quartcr,attD 
in tbe fame manner fljall be Done toitb tbeir leggs, anD tbere fljall be laiD upon 
tbeir boDics iron anD flJone, fo vnticb as tbep map bear, anD moje, ano tbe neirt 
Dap following tbep fljall batoe i\n^ mo?fels of barlp bjeao taitbout anp Djink, 
anD tbe fecono Dap tbep (ball D?intt tb?ice of tbe ujater tbat is nejct to tbe Ijoufe 
of tbe ipjiton Ccrcept running toater j tuitbout anp fajeaD, ano tljis (ball be tbeir 
Diet until tbep be DeaD. 

^0 as upon tbe matter tbep fljall Die tljja manner of tops, viz, Onere,fame, 
&frigore, bp Uietgbt, famine, anD colD, anD tbfrtfojr tijts punifljment (if it 


Cap. 12. JVeftm. primer, iyp 

lucreejcecuteuaccojDinstodjcfdjm'tpoftljcliauj) OjouTti be of ^\lot\)Ct tfje 
iitoft grtetious ang fearful. 3!cuttol)at fljCtilBlc tlje ucafon of tijis fo terrible a 
jtmgment^ djiis^ttanfincretl), bccaiife Ijc refufetlHo ffanii to tljc Common 
3laiu of tlje 3LaniJ> tljat if, lawful ano tute trial acrojDinn; to ilato, aun tljc refoife 
l)i0yuiu(l)meiu fo?. tljW cont«macj) luitl)out compnrifon iomoje fencre, r^ftin^, 
anD grieviotts, tljcn it fljotiloljaDc been foj tljc offence of felonv it felf ■■, ano foj • 
tljc felonp it felf, it cannot be aojiiDgeti luitljoitt anftocr. 

ii2oto let us cramine rije opinions aboijefaio, ann tue l)olD, tljat none of tljcm 
are confonant to %m ■■, foj as to tljefirft, Uic Ijolo tljat tijis Ijeabp yunidjmcnc 
tKTs not giijcn, ttiat is, firft iuflicteo bp tljis M t foj inljat Court oj Sttcgcs 
upon tljcle tocjijs [Ijabe flronganu Ijaro impjifonmcnt] toulD frame fuel) a jung* 
mcntasisabobefaiD, confifling upon fo manp Dt\3ers particulars :" ano tljere^^ 
fojeit niuft ncceffarilp folloiu, ■SCljat tlje fain puninjment xuljiclj tljis Statute 
callctl) Fort Sc dure tmpjifotimcnt, bccaufe tljc penance toas to be Done in p?i^ 
fon, Ujas bffo?etl)is 0cf, Uut fufftcientlp CpificD Cas it Ijatlj bcsn eucr Once; bg 
tlicfe t\uo Cpitljcts, Fort & dure ; fo as tW ^c fettetl) fojti) tljc quaiitp of tlje 
jHligment, anti not tljc Jutgment it felf. 

2. SCljts Sia Defcribctl) lu^at perfons ff)all be punil^cn bp Paine fort & dure, 
viz. notojious felons, aniilnljicl) be openlp of ill name, but fettetl) not ooiEn 
cag Ijatl) ban fain) toljat tlje punifijment i?, but pjoijiuetlj it fijall not be foj 
iegicr fufpition* 

3. a;il JlBmfes, tljat IjelD toitlj great autljojit^ tljat in cafe of appeal tlje ^pji*' Mirror ca,s. §.4. 
foner upon flanning mute fljoulo Ijabe lutigment De paine fort & ^ure,tio pjoije 4' AfCp-jo. 
tljat fuclj a jimgmtnt luas befojc ti)e making of tljis Sid, fo? tljis Statute e]c*= ^ "•4'i- 4E-4-"' 
tcnBS not to appeal?, toljiclj are tlje fuit of tljc Subject, but onlp to tlje futt of Fletatib' m *' 
tljciliing, iMljiclj is bp loap of innictment : ano Ijerein tlje luojos of Fleta are Brittonfoi.43. ' 
DCrp remarkable, Si autem appellatus nihil refpoudere velit, &c. & appeilans indc p. „ l: r „ 
petierit judicium, indefenfus remanebit, morti tameii non condemnabitur, fed gaols * , 
committetur, Sec. ^UD tl)erc fettctlj ootuu tljc pcnancc, toljiclj of necelfitp muQ; 

3j€ (as Ijatlj been faio j bp t^e Common iLato. Sim Ijereluiclj agreetlj Britton tljat Bricto:« ubi fupw; 
to?otc fcDU after tljis^^ct ■■> fo as tlje penance in cafe of appeal, ig botlj bp anci* 
cnt ano fount) autljojitp. 

21:0 tlje feconti opinion, if tljc pjifoncr ttanning mute ftoulu be Ijangen bp t^e 
Common Laiu ; 2Ll)C anftiier to t^c firft notlj anftoer tljis alfo, ano if l)c fljoulD 
be Ijangeo bp tljc Common iLatn, tljis Statute tafeetlj it not aiuap, but ojDainetl^ 
tljat Ije (Ijall IjaDe ftrong ana ^aro impjifonmcnt. Snti tlj^refoje bp tljcir opinij! 
•on, tlje felon ftanting mute migljt be Ijangen at tljis nap, toljicl) i$ againft all 
our i^coks, ano againft conftanc ann continual crpcrtence. 

Ko tlje tljirti, Met no man imagine tljat tlje Common 3latn, toljicl) i$ tljc ab^^ 
folute perfection of reafon, coulo foftcr fo ttnreafonablc anu unjuft a meanc of 
encouragement of felons, tljat tljep bp tljeir mn contumacp againft tlje Com^ 
mon iiaiu fljoulo fuffer onlp one of tljc lotoeft ptmtfijments, viz. impjifcn^* 
mcnt until tljcp loooulij anfttier ; auD tlje aiiftocrs to tlje firft arc anftoers to 
tljis alfo. 

0m let us fee Daljat our ancient ^utljojs (inljo as pou Ijalje often pcrcciijeD, 
ijaue Ijeretofojc ban our gmo guines) fap in tljis beljalf. 

^ou Ijavie alreaup Ijcaro Fleta -, ano Briteon alfo mentionctlj tljis pcnancc in Brittonfol. u.a. 
t\Do teijeral places, botlj upon tljc inoictment, ana in tljc appeal, ano ioucljetlj ^ '^°*''' 
no Statute tljerefo?e, as no Doubt in tljts cafe Ije Duoulo, a? in otljcr like cafes 
Ijc Ijao Done, ano fpeciallp, feeing Ije laijotc fojn after t^jis Statute, Ijc woulu 
ijabc mentioneo tljc 0(t tljat IjaD inflictcu fo ftrangc ano ftupenoious a pu^ 
nifijment, if tlje Statute Ijao not been maue in affirmance of tlje Common 

HnO tlje Mirror faitlj, In peche de homicide chient mortalmcnt ceux que oc- Mirror ca.i. §9^ 
eiont home in prifon per furcharge de peine en cafe quant afcun elt judge al Mirrorca, 5.§.4. 
penance. SixiD in anotljcc place tojiting upon our Derp Cljapttr, ije faitt), 
Le point de mitter gents rettes de felony, que fe ne voillent mittet in paiis, a 

^9 2 penanca 



Wejim. primer. 

Cap. 1 9 

penance, elt cy difufe que ben ks tue fans aver regard as conditions des perfons^&c, 
3i:^i0 auttjoj, a$ ijatl) ban fain, to;itctl)o{ tt)e ancient iiatu iong bcfojc tl)ig 
<XCi^ as l)cl)imfclf tcllifietl) intlje beginning of Ijiis IftDk. ^c callctlj xW 
^unifljment of Paine fort & dure ( tl^E v^w^wc^ ) ^Jfcawfc it ig tlje grcatett 
anil meC feberc penance, anb i^ain of all otljer, an» fo it is commonlp calleb 
in out; limltiS. 

CAP. xin. 

ET le Roy defend, que nul neravife ne preigne a force dama- 
fclle deins age, ne per fongrec, ne fans fbn gree, ne dame ne da- 
tnafelle de age, nauter feme mauger le foen. Et fi ul le face, a le 

Cap.Itineri5.if 5. 

4E.i.0ffic. Coro- 

ratoris. Vid.Pafc. 

6 E.I. Rot.4. in 

Ea^oLanc, W.2. ^^^^ celuy que fuera deins les 40 jours, le Roy luy fra common droi- 

2. caV. 4"& 5 Ph. ture. Et fi nul commence, la fuit deins les 40 jours, le Roy (uera, 8c 
ceux queux il trovera culpables, ils averont la prifonment de ij ans, 
& puis ferront rentes a la volunt le Roy, & fils nient dont eftre rents, 
foient punies per plus longe prifonment, folonque ceo que le txdr 
pafle demande. 

StMar. ca. 18. iS 
Eliz. C.6. Regift. 

Mirror ca.ii §.12. 
See the firfl pare 
of the Inftitutes. 
(eft. 190. 
Third part Inft. 
cap. Rape. 

$ E.4.26. ca.:. 
Mirror ca.4. do 

Brit, fo 3,7,39>45 

iFoj tliebetter unbetflanbingof tljijai ann otljet »)tatttteis concerning rapesi, 
it \% fitft to be feen toljat tfjiis njojb [cape] Dotlj fignifie, anu feconolp, batjat aU 
fence rape taag attbc Common 3iabJ befoje tljiis Statute. 

Snijig ig tuell Delcribeb bp tljC Mirror, Rape folonque le volunt del eftatute eft 
prife pur un proper mote done pur chefcun afforcement de fern, de quel le condi- 
tion quel le foit i llBut better in another place, Hape is, boljen a man Ijatlj carnal 
fenotolenge of a toomau bp fo?ce, anb againft Ijet lojill ■■> anu as t^e Mirror faitlj, 
it is a pjoper bjojo ■■, ano rapere to rabiflj legally fignifictl) as mucb, as camaliter 
cognofcere,anD cannot be e.tpjeffeD in legal pjoceeoing bp otljer baojos, as elfe*' 
boberebatljbttn faiD. 

SClje offence is calleu Raptus, anb tljc offcnuec Raptor. SCljis offence boas 
felon)) at tlje Common liab), but bat a punifijment unner fucb a ccnnition 
as no otbet fclonp Ijan tljc \i\^t^ t^at 31 Ijabe reaD of i foj, firft, SDibers of our 
ancient 0utl)o?s, tljat tojote before our Statute agree, tljat of oln time Kapc 
bias i^elonp, foj tobiclj tlje offenber baas to fuffcr ceatlj, but befoje tljis 9itt 
tlje offence baas mane leffer, ann tlje punifijment cbangcti, Vn. from teattj, 
to tlje lofs of tljc members tobctebp %z offenoeb, viz. Ijis epes. Propter 
afpedum decoris, quibus virginem concupivit. Amittit etiam teifliculos, qui 
calorem ftupri induxerunt ■, &o as it baas no J^elonp at tljc mafeing of t^is 
Bet : anb in ttiofe naps if tljc offenoer in tlje appeal bjougljt bp %tt, tljat toas 
rabiUjeti, Ijan ban conoemneo bp tlje Countrp, baitljout anp redemption Ije 
fljoulD lofe Ijis fpcs ano Ijis p?ibp members, unlefs llje tbat teas rabilheo be*' 
fojc luDgment ijemanceo Ijim foj Ijcr Ijusbano •, foj tbat boas onlp in tl^e toill 
of tljc baoman anu not of tbc man t foj »f ( fap tljep ) it fijoulfl Ijabe httxi 
in tlje toill of tlje man, tljis incoubenicnce migljt Ijabe fcUobaefl, tljat a ^u 
bauOj t} a ISnfcal 3»labc migljt rabifi) a ^oblc-^moman, anti bp occaCon of one 
ftameful pollution, perpetuallp tobefile^er, ano to tlje bifijonour of ^er Ijoitfc 
to take Ijec ta loife. 


Cap. 1 5. Weflm. fr inter. 1 8 i 

II5ut aomtt djat tljc raDifliCC Ijan bxu a j^oblcinan, nuD tijc tooman ra# 
ijifijeD bate anu ignoWe^ it mtgbt Ic tljotigl;t tijat tijc like iucoHUcntcurc ->, ' 
mtgljt foHoto, if in tljat cafe t!)c toomau a;culD IjaVc t!;f tlcraon. Rclponfio, 
quod five vir nobilis, five ignobilis fit, voluntas feir.per eritfominse, & elcdio i i- 

quia quod eft in foemina voluntarium, in viro erit necelTaiium, ut membra 
fua rcdimat ex necelTitate : cum igitur mulier habcat eledtionem, & fpreto judi- 
cio petit eum in virum, conceditur ci de gratia domini regis ob tavorem matri- 

;anDl)er£Uflitl) agratlj tlje Mirror, tl;at before tljc time of oui liing Edw. ttc Mirr.c3p.4. de 
I . tlje ptinifijnient toais by caRration ano putting put cf tlje t^zp of tXyz offcuuecj """"cide. 
(jc. but of ancient time at tlje Common Jiaiu it uiais ncatljat tlje ekfttou of tlje 
fiucclc tooman rabinjco. 

0nB tljat alfO 1wa0 tlje J.alU amongff tlje Romans, foj Seneca Mt% Rapta rap- Li' 2- controverfi- 
toris aut mortem, aut indotatas nuptiasoptet ; upon luljicl) iaiu tljcrc aroie tijis """"' '^°''^''' 5- 
caffj Una nocfle quidem duas rapuit, altera mortem optat, altera nuptias : tljere ^^' 
t\]e cafe ig largeip anD ooufctfullp nifputen, td^id) in our Jlaiu tooulc make but 
iittlcqueCion •, foj tljougt) tljc one foj tlje offence tone to bcr migbt take Jjim 
to Ijec Ijusbanu, jict Ojall ijc fuffer ceatlj accojoing to tlje Jiato foj tlje offence 
Done to t\t otljer. 

i^oto let us Ijear biljat tlje %m toais Ijcrein befoje tlje Conauctt, Qui viduam i"f^>" H^^ f^S's 
per vim ftuprarit proprii capitis aritimatione compenfato, ncc mitiori conditionc ^^"""* 
qui virgini vim intulerit. Qui per vim j^ani hominis ancillam ftuprarit, pagano inc. leges Aluredi 
ioV lenos numeratOj & 6q prseterea fol' muldator : Servus autem ii fervulam ftu- regis. 
prarit, virga virilis ei praeciditor i qui tenets statis virginem ftuprarit, eadem lege 
tenetor, qua is qui adultam comprefterit. 

ann if tlje 3Lop Ijao rauifljeD ^is nicfe oj bonntoomrin, 0)C migljt Ijabc Ijati an See the t. part of 
appeal of Wapc againtt Ijcr JLojo, ag at tlji? Dap fte map. the latt feft.ipo. 

0nii tlie puntfljment aboiiefaiD, vi7. tl)c lof3 of t\^ fain members in fnclj fojt, Braa. ubi fupra, 
z% Brafton cjcpjcffeti ttie fame, continues until tlie making of tW Slct , tlje pur;^ ^ 11.3 fo-i^s- 
pofe of toljicl) act toag once again to cljauge tlje punifpmcnt, ann yet to make it 
Jcffer, tljat is, to make it punifliable bp fine and impjifonmcnt at tlje toings 
fuit, if flje purfuea not Ijcr remeop loait^in fojtp caps, ass bp tW 3ct ap^^ 

5Eut it is not cretiblc toljat ill fuccefs tljis ^&, tljat mitigateo tlje foj^ 
jncr punifljment ^ao. •, foj manp ill cifpofeo perfons taking upon tljis oc^ 
tafion encouragement to folloto tlje Ijcat of luft, tin manp Ojamelefs ana 
fijamcful rapes in barbarous ann inljumane manner: Ss taking one cjr^ Hii.i?. E.i.incom. 
ample foj all, Warren de Henwicke rabifljeo OpCttlp in tt)e ^iglj toap Matild banc.Rot.4.Lanc'. 

tlje oaugbtcr of Sy ward de VVarton, ann after lie came ano ocfireo t,a Ijabe ijcr 
to Ijis toifc, lailjiclj Was grantcu bp tlje 3!ullices, ano luoas affiances to Ijer iw 
^cn Court. 

2b^is crping fin tailp increaCng, our noble itiing, ten pears after tijis 0rf, ^^•^- '3^.1.0.34. 
tnane rape bp autljojitp of ^parliament felonp, as bp tljc Statute in tljat cafe 
pjownes, appcarctb. 

^oto tljis tljat batlj been fain tof^ agrtt \m^ our ^roks, auD tljerefojc it is 
benedida expofitio, toljeu our ancient ^ut'^ojs, ano our pear^bcoks, tcgetkr 
luitl) conflant ejcperience do agree : i?oj if rape Ijau not ban maoc felonp bp tljc 
Statute of VV.2. but Ijao ban felonp \uljcn tljat ^ct toas mane, tljc n fijoulo tlje 
Court of tlje JLaet Ijabe enquired of it,as of a felonp bp tljc Common Jiaio i li\t '-^ e^- Swt. de 
feeing it teas maoe felonp bp tljat Statute, it Ijatlj been often aDiucgeo, tljat tlje Vi" ^Te * if''^' 
ILffit cannot inciuire thereof : foj albeit itluas once felonp, pet tlje nature of tlje , r.^.i. 6H.74. 
cffcnce being cljangeo, as is abobcfain, to be no felonp, uiljcn anotljer ;a(tmaDc n H.7.22. Dier 
it felonp again, pet coulo not tlje ILcet enquire tljercof, as of a felonp, bjijiclj is 3 ^i-aoi. 
too?tljp of obferxiation. 

S^oje fljall be fato of ISape in tljc SCrcatife of tlje ^leas of tljc Croton, anB 
toljtn toe come to tlje fato^tatute of W.a, cap.34. 


32 E.4.22. Raft, 
pi. 496 pier 9 EI. 

Weflm. primer. 

Cap. 1 4. 

41 Ne preigne a force. "] K\}t taking attiap b|>fDjte of a tocnan toliat* 
focbet agaittft !)ec ujill, albeit t^etc be no rapCj $c. ijs generaUi' p?o!)ibiteii bp 
tl)i$ act, upontlje penalt? Ijecein c;:p}eir£D. 

^ Deins age. 3 ^cre it f^ali be tafeen foj Ijcr age of tonfeht, tljat iss 12. 
^Eat0 oln, foj ttiat h W age of confent to marriage , ant) t\)t tafeing ber airap 
Kuitbin tljat age, ttbetiet 0)^ confent oj no, i0 pjobibitcu bp tW M- OTlljere^ 
of, notio)iti)ftani)tng all t^e abouefain Statutes, gcDD ufc ma|i be maue, becaufc 
it ijs general, ana not bounn initb fo manp fetter0 as fomc of tfiem be. ^ee 
ntojc hereof in ti^e SCljKti part of t|)e Ihftitutes, Cap. Rape. 


UUage, Utlagitus, 

Utiagaria, Exlega- 
licas. Vid. Lam. 
Inter leges Ed. 
3: Part of the 
Un niefrae. " 

of the 

Iraft.' §.13. 
40 3(1.25. 


ET pur ceo que home ad ufe en afcun pays de utlager les gentes 
appeales de commandement, force, aide, ou de receiptment,dems 
mefme la terme, que home doit utlager celuy que eft appelle de fait : 
Purview eft & commande per le Roy, que null' ne foit ullage pur ap- 
pele de commandement, force, aide, ou de receiptraent, jefque a tant 
que lappellee del fait foit attaint, iffint que un mefme ley foit de ceo 
per tout la terre, mes celuy que voit appeller, ne leifa pas pur ceo de 
attacher fon appell', al procheine countie vers ceux, auxibien come 
vers les appellees du fait : Mes lexigent de eux demurge tanque les ap- 
pellees de fait foient attaints per utlagarie, ou auterraent. 

^ere are acceffariegbiDineD into tujopartjs, viz. to acceCaricK before t^e faff, 
anc to acccffaries after tbe fatt. 

again, acceffaries before tl)e fact are nibitieD into tlnee bjancljeg : De com- 
mandement, force, & aide i acceffariesi after tl)c fatt i& onip bp recitement. 

41 Commandement.] Pracceptum. ?llntcr tljijg is unberSf mti all tljofe tljat 
incite, pjoture, fet on, 0^ ttir up anp otljer to Do tlje fatt, antj are not pjefent 
luljen ttie fact iis none. 

^ Force. "] Fortia ig a toojD of art, ana pjoperlp fignifietlj tljc furniffjing 
of a lueapon of fo?ce to bo tlje fact, ann bp fojce totereof tl)e fact is 'committeD, 
ano be tljat ftttnifijctti it is not pjcfent \o\ie\i tlje fact is cone x i?oj tbefe tbaa 
tUOJbS, prsceptum, & fortia, Ijcar bD^at Bradlon faitlj, Ubi fadum nullum, ibi 
fonia nulla, nee prseceptum nocere debet, ^nti again, Vulnus, fortia, & prasceptum , 
generant unicum fadum i non effet vulnus forte, 11 non adfuiffet fortia ■■, nee vul- 
nus, nee fortia, nifi praeceptum prsceffiflet : anu fometintesi in a large fenfe 13 
tafeen foj anp ttat is acceffarp bcfo?c tlje fact. 

Et poteft quis corporaliter occidi, fadto, & lingua. 

4[ Aide. ] Auxilium. mnber tljis toojb is compjeljenncb all perConsi 
counfelling, abetting, plotting, affenting, confenting, anD encouraging to 
so tlje act, ano are not pjefent toljen tlje afl is Done ; (01 if tlie partp command 
ning, furnifljing Twitlj tocapon, oj aicing be pjefent l»l)en tlie act is i)one,t^£n 
(S \)z pjiucipal. 


Cap. 1 4' Wejim.frimen 183 

fl Refceitment. ] %\)i$ fjs tiuDErCfaju after iiyt fact umic, tliat 10, toljcn Br"- ubi fupra. ; 
one fenotoing t^c felonp notlj receive tlje felon, ano not onlp conceal Jjijs offence j 
l)Ut fat)0ur ann aio Ijim, tljat Ijeljc notknoton. 

3(n tfee ^jeamWc tljc mtfc^icf i% reciteD, tijat befojc tljis Ed in fomc conn;; 
me0 it Ijao been ul'cu to ontlaU) accefTavtc? inttljin tlje fame time, tljat tijc yjin*: 
cipal toajs ontIa\j3Cii. !^ere it i0 to be ttnucrttajD, tljat in tljofe caps moft flp^ 
^als of Dcatl), jc. were fuen bp UBill in tlje Coimtp befojc tljc Cojoncr, iti 
toljiclj UBill of appeal tljc appellant Dot!) make a Difttnttion bettueen tbe p;tn# -j p 

cipal ano tljc acccffarp. SnD djetefojc tljig 2(t i0 intcnDeo of Sppealg com;? , ic. 

tnenceo bp JlEill, foj in tljc Appeal bp ;©jiginal Mlrit, botl; p?incipal0 ano 43Ebi7.!8.34» 
acctflarie0 are gencrallp cljargeti alike, toitljout anp niiiinrtion, luljo be pnn# J"!^ difference 
cipalB, ano toljo be accetfaricg, until tljc plaintiff maketlj l)i0 connte, ano tbere^ peirbTBiiilinci 
in Ije mulltiflinguill) tljem i SBut if tlje 2Defenoant0 in fuel) an appeal, luljere by wrir. .■>. 
fome be p?incipal0, ann fome acceffacic0, make Default, tljc appellant before Ll)C 1 H.431. -? 
dEtigent ougljt to Declare, to tlje cno it map be knoTjjn toljo be principals, anD _, ^ °"v ' 
ta^o be acceffarie0, anntotake tljeC'tigcnt onlp againfi t^e p?iuctpal0, ano aiiya^ppi'a^^nce. 
continue tlje plea agSinft tlje acreffarie0, until tlje pjtnctpal0 be attainteo i fo> ^ ^^^ ■ 
if t^e plaintiff (boulo p?ap an (Eiigcnt againft tljem all, Ije i0 conduDctiafter'^ 
iMaro to cljarge anp of tliem as acceffarie0. 

2niji0 ait 1)330 mace in affirmance of tljc Common Lain, anD it Dotlj not IjolD 
onlp in appeals at tlje fuit of tljc partp, but in inaittmentB alfo at tlje fuit of t|ie 
liing •, foj it is an ancient anD funbamcntal apiajrim of tljc Common iiato, 
Juri non eft confonum, quod aliquis accefforius in curia Regis convincatur, ante- 
quam aliquis de fado fuer' attindus : f^et if tllC acccffarp luill, Ijc map pjap ^'^*'''' 
^joces againft tljc Cnqucft befo?e ti^e principal be attainted, foj qullibet potcil 
renunciare juri pro fe iiitrodudo. 

C Jefque lappeilee de fait foit attaint, ] ^f tlje principal luagc bat* g E.3. judgm 22^. 
tail, anD is flain in t^e ficlc, ^et %t is not attainted, but tljc SluDgment muft 3 part of the la- 
ie, tljat t)e\))a0 bantiuinjeo in tlje fielO, Ideo confideratum, quod fufper coir, J?"- Hiccap.i4. 
&c. aiiD ttiis ujas agrecD bp t^c Juttices, fo? otljcnuifc in tljis cafe ttje iLojD °"^53- 
fljouln lja\)e no cfcljcat, noj anp jgDutlaiMrp coulo be fueo bp tljc appellant 
againft tl)c accclTarp. t 

^ur 2d; fpeaketlj Appellee in tljc lingular number ■■, pet in an appeal bjougljt 
againft ttoo as principals, anD againft another as acccffarp to tfeem, in tljis • h|Tk*4.'b''*'' 
tafe bot'^ of tl)cm muft be attainted before tljc acccffarp be outlawfi'i anD if one ^o.pixom p?!'^* 
of tlje principals be fouim not guiltp, tlje accelTarp is Difcljargeo, for tljc plain;^ 
tiff maDc l)im acceffatp to t\uo, ano tljcreforc Ije cannot be founo acceffarp to 
one. JlBut toljere tljere be Dibcrs principals, tlje appellant map Ijabe Ijis ap* 11,4^0.47. waits 
peal againft anp one of ttiem, nwa make t^e acccffarp acccffarp to Ijim onlp, if cafe.' & (044,45. 
%t toill, for tl)e fclonp is feberal, but tljc appellant cannot Ijauc fcbcral appeals ^^"^ "fe. 
of one teatl). 

31n cafe of popfoning, albeit tt)c Delinquent be not prcCent toljcn tljc potfon vaux cafe, ubi 
is receiuen, pet is Ije principal, anti fo tljc principal ana acccffarp map be botlj fupra. 

31t is to be obferbCD, tljat in tlje Ijig'^cll offence, anD lotocft in|urp, tljerc are 
no acccffarieSj but all It principals ■■, as in SCrcafon, petit larcenp, anD 
2Crctpafs. ."! 

anD in one tafe of fclonp all be principals as tocll before as after, tljouglj 
t^ep be abfent at t^e Doing of tljc fclonp i but tljat is fpeciallp probiocD bp tlje „ 
Statute of 3 H.7.cap.2. of taking of toomen againft tljeir toills, ?c. \ ^,^^^'l^l'\\]i,'''^ 

_. . . . an.5. 133(1.14. 

f[ bolt attaint, j snijat is, Ijabc liutgemcnt in cafe of fclonp foj ttjc 22E.3coro.250. 
fclonp i for if tlic Principal be conUirt bpbctDict, anD prapctlj bts Clcrgp , o'r 7H.4.16.36. 
if t^e principal upon Ijis arraignment confcfs tlje fclonp, ano before iuDgr? ', "^l;/ ''' 
went obtain a parDon, tlje acccffarp is tljerebp DiftljargcD, becaufe tljcprin^ 3H.7.coron.s3, 


184 WeUm, frimer. Cap. 1 5. 

4E.(j.coro.Br.i34. cipaltoasneiet attaints, as otic Statute fycafectlj •> Stnn to it i^ tft^eyjin^ 
Lib.4.foi.43,44. ctpal Die bcfojc ^tiDgmnit, oj upon W ai-ratgnnient aano tttutf. 2iM tlcfe 
|X[." "f"^' '^ cafes ija\)c ten accojuing to tt)is neclaratojp act toeil rcfoltoeo, to^emn t^cce 
Bibithes caic, ^^j, j^^j^ g^^gj jjjjj^gjp (,f opinions. 

2,22. 3if tlje principal Ic moniouflp attainten, yet t!)ts monious attatnncr (0 
tottlun tbt's Sla, foj t^c acccffarp Qjall not tafte aDDantagcof t^cerrojj lut t^e 
pjincipal onlv- 
3m note, tijat t%e attainner of ti^e pjincipal muft U in tide famefuit to^ere 
7 H.4.47. t|)e acccllarp is alfo to te put to anftter i anD tlierefoje if t^c principal be at<* 

9 H.7.j5).b. tainterr of murrier at tl;E icings fuit, anu after tljc toifc bjing an appeal againff 

t^e piincipal anu accc ffarv, t^e principal pleao tbe fojmec attainder, t\)C nmf[Sf 
tv ft)aU not be put to anfuoer, ana pet tbe pjinripal is attainteB. 
2El)e erpcricnre anu courfc at tl;ts Dap is, anfl iuarrantcu bp gmo aut'bojitp 
4oafr.p.8. 7H.4. anD reafon, tljat if tlje principal plean not guiitp, t^e acceffarp fl;all pleao not 
30. pH.4.2. Li.9. gutltp alio, ano map be trieu bp one Jnqucft -, but ttie ciiarge of ttjc 3urp i<Sy 
chars'afc ' ^^° ^^^^ '^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ pjincipal not piltp, tljep ftaU finB tljc acceffatp not gutltp 
alfo ■■, anD tljis isfoj aDDantement of 3toftice ■■, foj if tljece toere no pjocurer* 
befojCj no? anp receiijers after, t^ierc tooulD be fetter principals. 
9 H.7.19. 3f Ht if t|)e pjincipal pleaD not Direttlp to tl)C fclonp, a plea to bar tlje plains 

50 E.3.15,16, "ffj fls auterfoits attaint, oj unques accouple, oj tl)c like i tljere ttie acceffar^ 
fliall not plcaD until tl^at plea be DetertnincB j 2nD fo if tlie pjincipal pleaD a 
plea to tlic Mlrit, tlje acceffarp Oiall not be Djiben to anftoer until t^e plea be 

iFoj tbis ttojD [attaint] ano of attainbers in SDaD anb in ILato, fee t^t 
firft part of tte Inititutes, fed.747. 

^ llffint que un mefme ley (bit de ceo per tout la terre. ] 
Eljis is tljc Ijonour of t^t ilato, tnljen all tlje Courts of ^fxftict t^jouglj tlje 
Xsiljdlt iianb, in all cafes pjonouncc tlje Jlabo tanquam uno ore, toljict) ti)iiS 
bianc!) DDtV aim at in tl)is particular cafe, ano ongljt to be obferbeb in all otljet 
■cafes '■> Lex uno ore omnes alloquitur. 

^ Dattacher (on appeale al procheine Countie. "] snijat ig, to corns* 
mcnce W appeal bcfojc tlje Cojonet at tlje uejct Countp. 

Rafi.pi. 2,47,48. C Lexigent de eux demurge, &c. ] g)o muclj ^atlj bam faiD as 
map fetbe foj tlje erpofition of tljis Sitt, t^e refioue Ojall be t^anbleb in t^je 
SCreatifc of tlje |aieas of t^e Croton. &a tlje tljirb part of tlje Inftitutes, 
ubi fupra. 


Cap.itin. Vet. 1 j T pur ceo que Vi(counts, Scauters, queux ount pri(es & re- 

27E^i'.cap?3*.' JZj tenus en prifon gents rettes de felonic Qet3 meint foits ount 

23 H.6! lelle per replevin Ics gents, queux ne (bnt my replevi(ables, & ont detenus en prilbn ceux queux font replevi(ables, per cnche(bn 

de gaign' des uns, 8c de grever les auters, & pur ceo que avant 

ces heures ne fuit my determine [ certainment]] queux gents faiC- 

(ent replevifables, & queux non, for(pris ceux queux fuijlent priies 

pur raort de home, ou per coraraandement le Roy, ou de les Jufti* 



Cap. 1 5. Weflm. primer, 185 

ces, ou pur la foreft : Purview eft, & per le Roy commande, que 
les prifoners queux font avant ullages, Sc ceux queux cyent forjure 
la terre, provours, & ceux queux font prifcs ove mainer, & ceux 
queux ount debrule la prifon leRoy, larons apcrtment e(crics & no- 
tories, & ceux que font appelles dcs provours tanque come les pro- 
vours font en vie (fils ne foient de bone fame) & ceux queux font 
prifes pur arfon fclonioufraent fait , ou pur faux money, ou fiuxer 
le Seale le Roy, ou escommengc prife per prier' Levefque, ou pur 
appiert melveifl:, ou pur Treafon que touche le Roy mefhie, ne foi- 
ent en nul maner renlevifables per le common briefe, ne (ans briefe : 
Mes ceux queux font endites de Larceny per cnquefls des Vifoonts, 
ou des bailifes prifes de lour offices, ou pur legier fufpedtion, ou pur 
petit Larceny, que namount oulter le value de 12 deniers, fils ne 
foient rettes dauter Larceny devant eel heure, ou rettes de reccipt- 
ment des larons, ou des felons, ou de commaundement, ou dc la 
force, ou del aide de le felony fait, ou rettes dauter trefpafle, pur 
le quel un he doit perdre vie ne member, & home appell' de pro- 
vour puis la mort le provour, fil ne foit apert laron cfcrie, foit de- 
formes lefle per fuffifant plevin , devant le Vicont, dont le Vicont 
voile refpondre, & ceo fans rien doner de lour biens pur la plevin. 
Et fi le Vicont ou auter leflent per plevin ul', que ne foit replevi- 
lable, fi ceo foit Vicount, Conftable, ou auter bailife de fee que eit 
gard de prifons, & de ceo foit attaint, pcrdr' le fee & baillie a touts 
jours. Et fi foit South-vicount, Conftable, ou Bailife, ou celuy que 
ad tiel fee pur garder les prifons, & ait ceo fait fans la volunt fon 
foignior, ou auter bailife que ne foit de fee, eit lenprifonment de 5 
ans, & foit rent a le volunt le Roy. Et fi ul' deteigne les prifoners 
replevifables, puis que le prifoner eit ofFre fuffifant fuerty, il ferra 
en le greve mercy le Roy. Et fil prent loure pur luy deliverer, il 
rendra le double au prifoner, & enfoment ferra en le greve mercy le 
Roy. De Finibus levatk. 2J E. i.cap.i^, 

fj Vifcounts & autres. ] KW t)S to fap, §)l)ertffsf anu gaolfw tIjaC 
%«\it cuttotp of gaols, fo astbts SiA ertenngi not to anp of tljc ilsinge Sutttccjs, 
oj ^itnps of anp fuycriour Courts of SluKicf s firftj foj tbat tlipp being fupe# 
ticur0 are not com^jeljenOfti in tlje general UuojUis, ag often \mt ban obfer#^ 
SeO. 2, Queux ount prifes ou reteynus prifoners, toljicl) ^.ui^es 00 not. Lib. a. fol. 45, 
3- llEecaufe intljofc oapsi pjifoneriS taere commonip batJeobp ti^e i^angsMrtt Marieb.c.ip,2g. 
De bominc repleg', ano tljen alfo bp tlje Wtit De odio & atia, botlj lio^id) tocre 
circcteo to tlje ^Ijcrtff. 

3nD ^ere it is pjo\3Ct!, tijat it tis an offence as loitll to bail a man not bailable, 
ais totcnp a man bail, tljat otigljt to be baileo i ano tlje rcafon is yieloeti luljere* Eric, fol.34. b. 
fo?e tlje k^etiUs ano otljcrs m fo offeno, bccaufe tljcp tooulo gain of tljc one, 
anDgriebct]bcot^er,viz. eitljet fojabarice, oj foj malice. 

C Gents rets de felony. "] Bin tljofe Haps fclonp compjeljeWren in it an 
Ucll ffi;reafon ( as in tljiiB Cljapter it appearctl) ) as bomicioe, rape, oj Itiro 
glarp, robbcrp, arfons, ann all larcenies ano ti^eftsi foj tlje \iio?ti ano fignifi^ 
cation, fee t^e ficft part of tljc Inftirutes, Sed', 745. 

€ Avant ces heures ne fuit determine, &c. "] ^tte ig anotljcr mif# ^" }^^ ^^°^^ ■"'=• 
c1)icf reciteo, SCljat it taajs not ccrcainlp Determine!), uiljat people toere teple^ ^j'lef'^^p^jj 

33 b ijifable, " ^' 

1 8 6 Wejim. primer. Cap. 1 5. 

Stamf.p1.C0r.72. totCable, anti to^at tiotj MtW tlje general UiojDg ef tljc Mrtt De homine re- 
Regift. 77. pleg'5 vi'^- Pro aliquo alio retto, quare fecundum confuetudinem Regni non funt 


f[ Et queux homes fiier' replevifables. ] Kl)i<s \am [ repIeViifaMc ] 
jijotiet!), t^at t^iiis 9iA intentietlb ^Ijat jperfons taere to ht tz^lcMiext bp tljc com? 
mon tKHrtt De homine replegiando, ir^icb toa? Birfrteo to tljc &ljetiff imtifr 
lo^ofe cuttotip t^E ^jifoncris arc, aitti of toljom tt)iss 0ct fpcafectlj, ann fo it ap# 

Marlb.cap. 28. ^EarCt^bp tl]E Regilter ; atlU rEplCl)?, 0} plEt? tS applcED tO tljE ^IjEriff tO 

Regia. F.N. B. tafeE plEBgES, aitu bail to t'ye Ijig^eftCourtsi of iStcojn. Sinn tljE Wtit Dema- 
249- nucaptione DircffED to t^E &ljErift is grounHED upott tljis 5itt, itt toljicl) Mrtt not 

oulp replegiar' but manucaperc alfo ijS UfEB. 

Regift.77. & 13s C Forfpris ccux queux fuer' prifes pur mort de home. ] ^crE our 
Braa.i.?.i2i,i54. ;9d: firft lEttEtl) tiotott Mjat pccfons tocre not bailable foj certain offences bp 
Fieta lib. 2. cap.2. (j^p tommon Mrit De homine repleg', ann tljEp be in number four. ilEiit bp tlje 
HiuT^E.V^ ancient Jlato of t^e Lano in all cafes of felonp, if tije partp accufeo coulo finn 
Coram Rege. fufficieut fureticg, te toag not to be committEti to p?ifon, Quia career eft mala 
Roc. no. manfio : but aftectearcsi it toais pjo\)ineii bp parliament tljat in cafe of Ijomis^ 

Glanv. 1.14. C.I.?. ciBE t^E offenDer tuaiB not bailable, fojfoGlanvillfaitlj, In omnibus autem placi- 
Braft. 1.3. fol.i23. tisde felonia folet accufatus per plegios dimitti, prscterquam in placito de homi- 
cidio, ubi ad terrorem alitcr ftatutum eft. 

25E.3.42.28E.3. C Pur mort de home. ] 2Cl)E tieatl) of man is foonioug in am, tfiat 
94. 40 E.J.42. ( as is aboDcraio) h^ tljE common ^rit Dc Homine repleg', neither principal 
j'^t^'lfr. 44.^7! ""^ acccffarp was replcijifablc. 

41 Aff?i4. ^'hV C Per maundement le Roy. ] Per prsceptum Regis. 
27. 21 E.4. 84. I. a%\ie teing being a boup politick cannot commano but h^ matter of Ke^ 
%?'c' ^'''2' ^^^^* ^°^ ^^^ pricipit, & Lex prscipit arE all onE, foj tljE iaing mutt commano 
Seign. Berkkyes ^V matttr of Mccoju accojbing to tljE J,ato. 

Cafe. *8c 2 1 7. le 2.b Wljeu anp junicial act is bp anp Set of |0arliament referrEO to tlje JAing, 
Duchy cafe. it is unoerCoDD to be Bone in fomc Court of 3\ittice accojoing to tlje ILato. ^no 
Stanf. PI. Cor. 72, t^iE opinion of Gafcoine CljiEf 3vittice is notablE in tljis point, tljat tljE tetng 
i lee before C.4. ^^^^ committEO all Ijis potoEc jHOicial to DiDErs Courts, fomE itt one Court, 
2 R.j.foLii. fomE in anotljcr, ^c. ano becaufe fome Courts, as tlje l&ings ^enclj, arc Co- 
ram Rege, ano fomc Coram Jufticiariis, tljercfoje tljE Sd: faitfi, Per maundement 
le Roy, ano tlje nejct toojDS be, Ou de fes Juftices. 
iH.7.4. Seehere- Hufley Cljicf S.utiice rcpojteO, tljat &it John Markham faiD to iiing E.r. 

after at this mark tljat tljE ?feing coulD not arrcftanp man fo;i fufpition of SErcafon, ojiFelonp, as 
+• . anp of l)ts Subjects migljt, becaufe if tl)E iSing Bio tB?ong, tljc partp coulfi not 

Coram Rege.^kot. ^^^^^ ^^^ Siaiow : 3f tljc !Sing commanu mc to arrctt a man, ano accojuinglp 31 
53. Jo. de Biide- ' »o arrcft l)im, Ije Ojall Ijaije liis action of falfc impjifoumcnt againft me, albeit; 
lions cafe.optime.. lie toas in ti^ciSings pjiefencc ■■, rcfolueo h^ t^c toljole Court in 1 6 H.<5. laljiclj au^ 
16 H.6.tit. Mon- tljojitp migljt be a gcBB toarrant foj Markham to oeliuer l^iis faio opinion toE.4. 
182? Swmf"pl. ^^^^ ^°^^i^ "f *^^ Statute of I R.2. c. 1 2. are, Si non que il foit per briefe ou 

Cor." 72. e. Dier auter maundement le Roy , ann it inas rcfolbCO bp all tl)E 3iutigES of England, 
4& 5. Ph. & Mar. tljat tl)E IKing cannot 00 it bp anp commantimEnt, but bp Wixit, c% bp Smvy 
i62.b. ioEi.275- ojMulc of fomc of Ijts Courts of 3luaicc, wl;Ere tljc caufc oepcnoctiti} accojoing 

Mich.i2&.3EI. toj^a^^ 

Tr 2 1 E 2 Norf. Dominus Rex de aliquo contemptu fibi iliato, alium judicem in Regno, quam in 

Coram Rege. Rot. curia fua, habere non debet. Vide Marleb. cap. i. 

170. Marib.cap.i, SLxUi Fortefcue fpcaking to tl)c ^jincc to inttrurt Ijim againft Ijc lijoulo be 

Forcefc. cap.S. I^ing, faitl). Melius enim per alios, quam per teipfum judicia reddes, quo, proprio 
ore nullus Regum Anglise ufus eft,i8c tamen fua funt omnia judicia Regni, licet per 
alios ipfa reddantur, ficut & judicium olim fententias Jofaphat afleruiceffe judicia 



C ap. 1 5. IVeJim. f rimer, 187 

jSlnD Bradon faitlj. Nihil aliud potefl Rex, &c. qiiam quod Ac jure poteft. 

^0 as, maundemcnt le Roy 10 ag niuclj as to fap fag tome afftrmc.) asi bp tijc Mag. char. c.^p. 
!imga Court of Juaicci -^fo; all matters of juDicaturc, ana pjocanings in 5 E-3cp. 28 e.?. 
aLatoarcmftvibutet) to tlje Courts of Sttfticc, ano tbetoiug Dotij (uogc Ip Ijis '^•?- ^^ K-B-cap.j,. 
BEuaiccs, 8 H.4.tol.ip. & 24H.8. cap.i2. anu rEgularlpuoman ougljt to be at# f^^, ^ ^g^';^*'^ ^'^ 
tat^eo bp Ijis boop, tut cttljcr bp ^'?orefs of ilalu, tljat is fas ijatlj ban laioj bp see Mjg.charta, 
t^E liings CtRrits, oj bp tntictmrnt, 0? latoful liiarrant, as bp manp M% of c. 29. verb, per 
parliament is maiufcftlp enaeten ano oeclareD, tubiclj arc but ejcijofitioug of ^^g^"" '^tje. 
Magna Charta i ana all Statutes mace contrarp to Magna Charta, ■bjljiclj is Lex ^^ "„4-'9- ^*'''^* 
terrac, fjom t^c mafetngtbereof until 42 E.3.arE DeclarcD ano enactcD to bcDoiD, 42 E^fcapT '^' 
anu tlierefoje if tljis 5l(t of VV. i . concerning tlje ejctra junicial commanDmewt of 
t^e 3Sing bcagainJi Magna Charta, it is Doic, ano all rcfolutioiis of BEucges con^^ 
cerning t^c commandment of t^c iSing are to be unDecCcoti of juBicial })jo# 

^ Ou de les Jufticcs. ] tiSpon anp caufc, iju^jereof tljcp are Jubges, ap*= Erittonfoi.73. 
yeating to tl)em. ' 2R.3.U. 

C Ou pur la Foreu. ] jann all tljcfe four are pauticularlp ejccepteu out , E.^.cap.?. 
of t^c Common ©Krit De homine replegiando, tljat tl)c OJjerifif in Ijis Countp 
Court, toljicl) is not a Court of KecojD, fi>all not rcplcijpanp of tliele four tljat 
arc committeo ■> /oj trample, t'^ougl) tlje partp be committeo bp tlie perfonal 
commanument of tlje Jaiug, albeit tl^e commitment be unlatoful, pet tlje slje^ 
riff Cjall not neal'tljcrcin bp tljc iMxit De homine replegiando, but tlie tuperioj 
Courcsat Wellm. upon a Habeas corpus, &c. fijallbo iuQicc to tlje pnrtp in all 
t^ofe four caufes : &o as Stamford, being tocll contoercc, impt:gnctl) not in 
anp fojt t^is opinion, foj Ijts opinion ertenbetlj onlp to tlic Ccuutp Court upon 
tie ©IHrit De homine replegiando, anD not to tl)e fuptrtoj Courts. 

3!rut fincc Xic l;aD tojitten tljus muc^, auo paffeo cber ■-, lee t^e Petition of 
Right, Anno 3 Caroli Regis, refolbeB bp tlje iJing, tlje Jiojbs Spiritual, ana 
aCempojal, anu tljc Commons in full |Darliament. 

^otj) tljis M Bott) pjobttie, tljat tljefe li'jifoners Ijereafter follotoing ftall 
not be repleljilablc neitljer bp tlje common MItit (tbat is tlie ^USSrit De liomine 
repleg', no? Ex officio Ctoitl)Out Mlritj bp t\t S>l)eriff oj otljer gaoler, ann tliep 
ie 13 in number, ano all t^eic 13 are epccpteD out of tlje fain common Mrit bp 
tie faiD general toOjtS, viz. Vel pro aliquo alio retto, quare lecundum confuetu- 
dinem Regni non funt replegiabilcs. 

C I. Perfons utlages.] ^erfons outlalDeu are attaintec in JLate, ano Braa.i.g/iu. 
tl)crcfoje are not rcplebifable oj to be bailen ■■, foj if a man be arraignco of l)o# 2 Eiii. oier I'vp. 
micioe, ann pleao not guiltp, ano is founD guiltp,anti foi nifficultp of Clergp is m h, ?■ 9- 
repjieUeD, it teas refolbeubp tlje iuQices, tljat Ije teas not bailable, fo? tbe in* ^""°° '°'''3' 
tenement of tlje iLatn in bails is, Quod flat indifferenter, tol)£tljcr Ije be guiltp oj 
no-, but to^en Ije is convict bptoettiict oj confeffion, tl^en Ijemuftbe bameniu 
iLato to be guiltp of tlje felonp, ano tljercfo?e not bailable at all, a fortiori, \))l)en 
t\t partp is attainteo in iLatu. 

0nO ^ereiDitl) agreetlj Brafton,Nec funt illi qui culpabiJes inveniuntur, per pie- Braa.l.?.i2i.b. 
gios dimittendi, &c. 51ntl pet if tlie partp upon t^e Cap. utlag' pleao mifnomer, ^ H.7.14. 9 H.d. 
oj alleDgc erroj, ijc. lie map be baileo. fo>'2- 

C 2. Queux eient forjure. ] gcijep be alfo attainteo upon tfieii; otott 
confcffion, ano t^erefoje not bailable at all bp Lato. 

f{ 3. Provours. ■] scije reafon ti'^erefoje |9?obours 0} 0ppjoi)ours H Braa.i,3*f.is3.b. 
not bailable is, fo^ l^jobours no firtt confcfs ttje felonp to be none bp t^em# 
felties, ano t^erefojc tljep are not bailable, bccaufe ic appearetlj tljat tljep be 
guiltp of t^e fact. 

25 b 2 C 4. Ceux 

1 8 8 WeUm, f rimer. Cap. 1 5. 

fl 4. Ceux queux font prifes ove le mainer. ^ Jfoj in t^tsi cafe Non 
ftat indifferenter, aj8 Ijatlj hkxi faiu, luljcf^Et t)e be eutUp oj no, being tafecn 
\uitb tlje mainer, tl)at 10 toitt) tl)e tljing ttoln, as it tBCte in tig tanti, ancicnts= 
Ip calkD handhabbend i t^ic lifec ijs ancientlp caUcD backberend, ag a bunnlc oj 

BraS. U.3.fol.i54 f^^j^jj. ^^ bis bacfe, tBbict) Bradon ufctl) foj manifefl tljeftj furtum manifeltum, 

Bric.fol.22. D. ^^ ^ I n ■ 

& 72. b. *i"0 fo fioty Bntton. 

Braa.l.3.i53.b, C 5- ^^^^ queux ont debrufe la Prifon le Roy. ] ^ete be ttoo ofs= 
fences : i.^i» tjf alting of tlje |3jifon i foj it is pjefumeD, t^iat Ije tl)at is ius: 
nocent toili neijct b^eaH^^jifon : ^nD 2. Ijis flping, Quia. fateur facinus, qui ju- 
dicium fugit. 


15E.4.S. C ^- Larons apertment efcries Scnotories.] JFelong openip knoUm 

ann notojious are not bailable. 
- '"^ 
^ 7. Ceux queux font appelles des Provours tanque come les 

Provours font en vie ( filz ne foient de bone fame.) 3 icije appeal of 
ttie 0ppjoi)er is forcible againft tlje 0ppellec, becanfe tlje app?obct confcffet^ 
Ijimtclf guiitp of tlje fame fclonp, anD tljerefoje it fcrijetb in naiurc of an ixif 
Bictmcnt againft tlie Sppellff, fo long as tlje appxo\3ct libctlj, ttnlcfs tlje ap# 
25 E.3.42. peilee be of gccu fame. iSut pet tbc general Ujojds do recei\je qualification, foj 

albeit t^e iE>jobet be alitoc, pet if tlje flppjo^er toaibe ^is Appeal, t^e appellee 
fljall be baileo, if no otljcr Appeal be againft tim. 

Lib.i r. foi.ij. 41 8. Ceux queux font prifes pur arfon felonioufinent fait.] 3£urn^ 

Alex. Powicers (ng of ijoiifcs, ?c. iBas felonp bp tlie Common Jlati), as it appearetlj bp tW 

"^^- act, anD bp our ancient 0Utl)O;0, viz. Glanvill, tl)e Mirror, Rradon, Btitton : 14. & I. gjjjjpjgfjj-j^!^^ Siquissdesalienas nequiter & ob inimicitiam vel prasdae caufa 

s^r^De^Ardours.' tempore pacis combuflerit, &c inde convidus fuerit, 8fc. capitali debet fententia pu- 

Bra'a.l.g.f.i 18. " niri. 0ttO tljis famctlj tO be t^C iLalU befO?e t^e Conquett : a Incendiariis capitis 

Brit. fol. 16. 59. pcena efto. anti again, h Sane quidcm tedtorum excifiones & incendia, aperts com- 

Fleta li.r. cap.55. pilationes, cades manifeftas, dominorumque proditores, fcelera funt jure humano 
10E.4.14.11H.7.1 r . , .,'. 
-z Inter leges E- mexpiabilia. 

thelftani. ^ r -1 

b int* leges canuti ^ 9. Ou pur taux money. J 2El)ii8 appears to be SCreafon bp t'^e Com;* 
mon lato. Glanvill lib.14, cap.7. Bradton lib.5. f.i 18. Britton fol. i<5. Fleta 1 1. 
cap.22. Mirror cap.d. 
Int. leges Ethel- Prasterea autem ftatuimus, ut unus per omnem ditionem noftram atquc idem fit 
fiani Regis. nummus, eumque nemo extra oppidum cudito, atqui fi monetariorum quifqi num- 

mos corruperit, ei manus fcelere violata prceciditor. ^ee t^ tljitB part of t^e In- 
ftitutes, in tlje ejcpoCtion upon tlje sitatute of2 5 E.3.C. i. of 2Ereafon. 

^ 10. Oufauxerle feale le Roy.] SE^ij; teas alfo SCreafon bp tfie 
Common J.a\ii, as it appearetlj bp tlie faiii ancient Sutljojs. 

anD botl) tljeie Ujere DeclarcD to be ^iglj SLreafon at tlje Common Jlato, bp 
tl)e Statute of 25 E.3. cap.i. &ae moje Ijereof in t^e t^iro part of tfee Inftit. 
ubi fupra. 

^ II. Ou excommenge prife per prier del Evefque. ] 2Dl)at ig, Ije 
tljat is certifieD into tlie Cljancerp )i^ tljc llBifliop to be ejccommunicateD, ann 
after is tafeen bp fojce of tlje^ings WSLm of Excommunicato capiendo, ( toljicl) 
Eraa.1.5. foi.408, is fo calleD of luojDS in tljc Mttt calleD a Significavit ) is not bailable, foj in 
409. Fleta iib.6. ancicut time men luere eicommunicaten but fo> Ijercfies, propter lepram animar, 
"P-44-Reg''^- oj otljer Ijainous caufes of dEcclcfiaflical conufance, anD not foj fmall oj petp 
Doft &Swd'^i2 caufcsi auD tljerefojc in tbote cafes tlje part? toas not bailable bp tlje ^^etiff, 
cap.aj. ' ' ' ci 0aolcr luuitljout t^e JSings Mlrit : but if tlje parcp offeree fiiffitient cautiou 


Cap. 1 5 . Weflm. f rimer, 189 

De parendo mandatis Ecclelise in forma juris, t\)t\\ fijotilD t!jC pactp Ijaije tije 
ifttngis WiKXt to tibc llEtfl)op to accept %i9 catuton, anu to caufc %ixn to kcelibes' 
rcD. 0no if tlje IBifijop toill not fcnn to tl;c S>i)ertff to ncliuer Ijitii, tljen fljall 
Ije IjaDe aWrit out of tlje Cljaiiccrp to tljc ^licriff foj Ijiis Dcliuerp : £)j if t)e 
he CFcommunicateo foj a tcmpojal caufc, oj foj a matter tutjerf of tljc (Ecclcfiis 
aflical Court Ijatlj no Conitfance, Ijc fljaUic BcIi\3creD bp tt)C iSings Mrit toit^# 
out anp fatiisfaction. 

f[ 12. Ou pur apert malveift] jflDj foj open oj manifcft offence;^. Bric.fgl.7ji 
iFoj, 80 liatb l)dcn faio, llBail is quando flat indifferenter, anD not Uo^en tlje of*: 
fence 10 open anD tnanifeOt. 

^ I ^. Ou pur treafon que touche le Roy. 3 Britton, luljo \ujote nf*= 
ter tt)i0 Statute, fait^, Queux font rcplevifaUes, & queux non, avons dit in nous 
Statutes. Et oufter ceo nc font my replevifables, endite ou appeales de compaiTe- 
ment dc noftre mort, ficome defuis eft dit, ne ceux que font prifes per judge- 
ment de nous Juftices, &c. 

ifo? fap t^e Common llato a man accnfen 031 intiitteii of big?; Creafon, oj of 
anp felon'^ toljatfoetjcr, wag bailable upon gcou furetp i foj at tljc Common Jlatu 
£|e (0aol toas l)i8 plenge q% furetp tl)at coulu fino none, ^un tljis appearetlj bp 
Gianvill, loallO faitlj, Is qui accufatur, ut prsdiximus, per plegios falvos &c fecuros Glanv. li.r^ca^i 
folet attachiari, aut fi plegios non habuerit, in carcerem detrudi : fo a? a man bp 3'4oa !• P- 3?* 
tl)e common iiaui toais bailable foj anp offenccj until %z toere conbittcD: Snu 
tW famctlj to be t|)e oId JLatu of tlje iLano before tlje Contiueft, viz. Ingcnuus 

quifque fidejuflbres, qui enim ( 11 quando in crimen vocetur ) jus fuum cuique tri- ^^^^ ^Reeis 
buerc quam paratiiTimum fore praeilcnt, fidillimos adhibeto, 

^ Ne foient in nul manner replevifables per le common briefe, ne 
fauns briefe.] 2Cl)at 10, tl)C a>t)eriff fljallnot repleup tljem bp tlje common 
t!K!tlrit Dehominereplegiando, no? luitljoutMrit, t^atig, Ex officio: 31f ut all 
t% anp of t^efe map be bailee in tte toing0 3i5cncl)j jc. 

|[ Mes ceux queux font endites de larcenie. ] Latrocinium, larcinium, 
i. furtum, t^ieft , anD i\\% Sict DibiDctl) larccnp into ttuo feincg, fc. ©janD & "^zf 
tit: ©ranDlarcenp is tuljen tlje tl)in5 ftoln is aboue tljc balue of 12 d. oufter 
le value de 12 d. a0 ouc fld: fpeafeetl; : ano peti; larcenp ist toljen it i0 of tbe 
Dalue of 12 d. oj unDer. 0uD tlje tljinp ftoln ace to be reafonablp DalueD, foj 
ti^e ounce of filler at ti^e making of tbi0 M ma? att^c baluc of 20 d. anD nolo 
it i0 of tlje balue of 5 s. ana abobc. 

Eltenim furtum de re magna, &rcparva: pro minimo tamen latrocinio 12, Regift.jf^. Fief, 
denariorum, & infra, nullus morte condcmnetur, &c. ex pi uralitate tameh 8c cu- lib j'foti^^f'r 
mulo modicorum delidorura poterit capitalis fcntentia generari : j^uD iVigig fifflD Brict. fol'.jr.'-l^'* 
iLatu at t^i0 Dap, auD appjobeo bp manp aut^ojitieg. Fortefcue cap 4^. 

' 8 E.2. coron.404, 

^ Per Enqucfts des Vifcountsou des bailiffes, &c. ] gcijat 10, of 40^,415. '8 afl. 
&l)eriff0 in tbcir aCourng, 0? 3lo?D0 in tl^eir 3Lat0, oj tljofc tljat Ijaye infang»= ir! af E.J.coram 
tl)iefe anD ^utfangtbiefe, f c. Rege Ronf 42. 

Ipere our 0(t fettctlj Doton feficn kinD0 of offcnDer0 t^at map be bailcD. »° e-4'I4' 

1. ^ecfon0 inDicteD of Jlarccnp befojc tlje ^Ijetiff, $c. pet tW 10 fo ejcnoun^ 

BCD bp <^z Regifter, tljat t^iep be of gCDD fame. ^^i^^- SJ-a^^r 

2. 31mpjifoneDfoj lig^t fufpition. !perei0aDDcDalfo,Dum tamen bonsfams 


3. i?oj petit larccnp, \ul)ic'^Dot|) not amount abobe tljebalueof i2d. iftljep 
be not cljacgeD boitl) otljer laccenp. 

4. ^ccttfcD fo} tlje rcceibing of tbiebe0 oj felong. Regirt. ubi fup. 

5. £Dj of commanDment, fojce, oj aiD of tlje felonp Done, f n-e, 249,25a. 

6. £)j accufeD foj ot^icr trerpaf0, foj xoljiclj a man otigljt not Jo lofe life oj 
tnembct, 7. ^y 

I ^ o WeHm. fr inter. Cap. i 5 . 

Regift. ubi fup. 7- J3D> t\)t appellee of an appjolser after tlje ceatl^ of t^e appjoter ■■, ana up? 
F. N. B. ubi fup. on out ^(t IS 1 1)6 Writ De manucaptione grouriCEi!, i»l;ic^ raafectlj mentton 

^ Soit defbrmes leffe per fuflSfant plevin devant le Vifcount. ~\ 

%\m i% to be unBeracoD toljcrc t^c inDittment toais taken iefoje tlie ^IjcrtS in 

%\% STourn, fo? tljcrc ^e iBais 3uBgc of tl)C Caiife, foj otl^er pjifonccs couln not 

Ije bail luitliout miiit % ann if t\)t ^tieriff Ijatoing fuffitient furctj) offetcu unto 

Braa. 1.?. foi. 1 54 Wtti, refuCeD to bail l;tm, Ije Ojoulu liaiae a Writ Dc manucaptione tiirectcD to tfjc 

Regifi, 8?. 268. Mjcri(T> to take plccgcp of Ijim ■■, 0n» if tlje 315ailiff of a ^uncjcD C toliicfe \% 

spi.F.N.B. 249, intencf cf a a)retDarD in a iLat 3 rcfufcD to take pleDges of one inoirteo btfoje 

'SO- iitn,^ ttjc pjtfoner (ioulD ^a\)E liae a Writ De manucaptione to tl)e ^Ijeriff to 

F.N.B.ubifup. tale plcDges of l)im i anuall tljis appearetl) bptbe Writ De manucaptione. 

3Ent liuce ttiis time i to fpcak once foj allj tljig Writ of Manucaptione is taken 

atoap bp ti^c Statute of 28 E.3. 

1 & 2 ph & M. ^^^^ Statute of 1 & 2 FhiL & Mar. concerning bailment bp SuC ices of 
C.13. 2 & jP.&M. iPcare, liatl) relation to our ac, xaW^ Ijatlj mace mc tlje longer in cicplaining hereof. jSno fee tlje Statute of 2 & 3 Phil. & Mar. concerning tljat matter. 

vide c. lo & 2(5. C P^^ fufficient plevin dont le vifcount voille refponder. '] JE^ep 
toliiclj take pletgeg, ougl)t to take fufficient plengeis, foj toljicli tljcp toill 
^ anfvucr. 

^ Et ceo fans riens doner. ] jToj neitljer tlie ^\tn% noj otljcr of tl^e 
ISings Officers roulo take anp tljing foj Doing l)i5 office. Vide cap.2(5. 

^ Et fi le Vifcount ou auter leffent per plevin ul que ne (bit plevi- 
fable. ^ Ou auter. 2Cljis ijsejcpounDetibp tlje tnojuji following. 

^ Si ceo (bit Vifcount, Conftable, ou auter bailife de fee que eit 
gard de prifoners. ] §)o as at tliis time t^ere tocre &l)erifftoicks in fee, anu 
Conllables ano JBailittickg in fa, tuticlj Ijaii tlje keeping of pjifong j acijefe 
being attaintcD of letting to bail of anp pjifoner not baileable, fldoulD lofc tlje 
fee awn bailituick fo; ener : ano upon office fount), t^e ifting Qjoule taue t|)e in*' 
^eritance of tljeofticc inljim to be grantablc oDer. 

^ Et fi foit fouth Vifcount, &c. ^ere it appearetl;, tljat ^HnDer^'Cje^ 
riff0 arc of greater anticiuitp, tljen fome Ija^ie furmifeti. 
39 H.(5 32. J^otc, tlje act of tljc tainter^fijcriffoj ot^cr ainner#bailp toittout tlje affent 

For this fee the of l)ig fupcrioj ig no fojfciturc of tlje fix, oj bailitoick of %v» fupcrie?, t^oug^ 
l^di^li^fontri ^" '"^"^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ fuptrioj fijall anftocr fcj Ijis neputp. 

Vic. & cliricos. r i • 

Vet. mag. chart. ^ Et fil deteinc les prifoners replevifables puis que le prifoner eit 
159. 160. offj.£ fuffif^nt furetie, il ferra en le greve mercy le Roy '] ^erc it apj^ 

Vet. N.B. foi,4o. pfftctl)} tljat to Dcnp a man plcDin tljat is plebifable, ann tljercbp to Detain |jim 
in pjifon, is a great offence, auD griebonflp to be puniOjeii. 

f Et fi il prift louer pur luy deliverer. ] ;3nij if tl)C Sljcriff, $c. take 
anp rctoaro foj Ijis Dclibcrance, tlie partp fljall recoijcr Double tl)e ualne, anD al«= 
fo Ije (Ijall be in tljc great mercp of tlje JSing. Vide cap.2d. 

anijcre be manp Statutes niaDc Once our ^tf, tljat Do pjoljibite bail oj main:* 
pjife in berp manp cafes, ano alloujctb tlje fame in manp otlier, to^iclj teno not 
to tlje EjrpoQtion of our Set, anD Do belong to anotljcr SCreatife, anD t^crefojc 
toe omit to fpeak of tljcm anp fartlier in tljis place. 

2 E, 4. cap.2. &ee tlje statute of 1 E.4.. cap.2. tljat upon all pjefentments anD tnDictments 

taken before anp ^Ijeriff oj otljcr in tbeir SDourns, Hat?, o; JLato^Daps, tljep 


Cap. 1 6. Weftm. f rimer. I o i 

fljall Ijabc no yoluet; to attaclj arrctt, oj put in {jjtfon anp perfon fo pjeftnteo 
0^ inDictcti, lint tljat t\)Z §>ljcriff OjaU HeUoei; all fnclj pjcfcntments anD tnctct^ 
incntsi to tlje ^tiflicciS of JDcacc at tiljeti: ne;t;t ^effionis. 




J droit de ceo que alcun gents parnount, & prendre fount les vide Fiec 
.. , avers des auters, & les chafent hors del countie ou les avers fue- *^"*°* 3oaff.28. 
rent priles : Purview eft, que nul deformes ne le face. Et fi ul le 
face, foit greveraent rente folonque ceo que eft continue en les efta- 
tutes de Marleh. cap. 4. faits en temps le tloy H. pier le Roy que ore 
eft. Et per raefme le maner (bit fait de ceux, queux parnont les avers 
a tort, Sc queux font diftres eu auter fee, plus grevement foient punies, 
(i le maner de trefpas le demaund. 

Snijijs Statute conCff ctlj upon ttoo bjandjcis : %%t firff in a ronficmation of 
tlje 3>tatute of Markbridge, cap. 4. ann t\)t fcconu bjancl) is a confirmation of 
tl)£ statute of Marlebridge, cap. 2 Sc 1 5. tuljcrc jiou map teau t^e £]cpofition of 
t\)em i £Dnlp tljetc niffercncf 55 3 obfEv^e Icttneen tljem, tl)at Marlebridge, cap.4. 
fpcafectl) onip of 2Diftr£fiE0, anti our ^d: fpeafectlj of all manner of takings. 
Marlebridge p?oljibit£tlj SDitttcffcs gcncrallp, our j9ct, of beafts, anu goctlj no 
fartljfr. Marlebridge fpcaketl) of E>iflreirE0 to^icl) Ijc Ijatl) tafeen ■■, our M ^''^'^ ^^P- '""• 
loljicl) l)£ Ijatl) taken, oj caufeD to lie taken. Marlebridge, cap. 15. crceptetl) ^f * "'^^' *^''"" 
tljC iaing ann lji0 ^iniftcrs, tc. toljtdj our M lotlj not, but pctbp conftru*; °p'*' . 
ttion of Jiato tljcp arc eicccpteti, becaufe t^z IStng migljt no it Ip Ijig J0jero# "^ 

2Dl)iS 0(t Fleta rccitftlj in t\)i$ manner : Provifum eft quod nullus averia ali-FIcta ubifup, 
cna capiens per fe, vel per fuos notos vel ignotos extra com', in quo capta fuerint, 
fugare praefumat, &c. 


1^2 PVefim. frimer. Cap. 17. 


1")llrview eft enferaent, que fi ul deformes preigne les avers des 
auters, & les face chafe en chaftell, ou en forcelet, 8c illon- 
ques dedeins le clofe du chaftell , ou de forcelet les deteign' en- 
counter gage & pledge, pur que les avers ferront folempnement 
demandes per vi(c', ou per auter bailife le Roy a la fuit del pi', 
le vi(c' ou le bailife prife ove luy poyar de Ton countie, ou de 
(a bail' & voile affaier de faire de ceo repl' des avers a celuy 
que les aver' prife, ou a (on feigniour, ou as auters des homes 
Ion feigniour quicunque queux font troves en le lieu , ou les a- 
vers fueront enchafes. Et li home luy deforce adonques de la de- 
liverance des avers, ou quel ne trove home pur le feigniour, ou 
pur celuy que les aver' prife que refpoign' & face le deliverance, 
apres ceo que le feigniour, ou.parnour, per vifc* ou per bailife, 
ferra adraonift de faire la deliverance, fi fbit en pays, ou pres, ou 
la ou il purra per le parnour, ou per auters des fees covenable- 
ment eftre garnie de faire le deliverance, fil fuit hors de eel pays 
quant le prife fuit fait, & ne face adonques maintenant ks avers 
deliver, que le Pvoy pur le trefpafs & pur le defpite, face abate le 
chaftell , ou le forcelet fans recoverie : Et touts Ics damages que 
le plaintife avera refceve de fes avers, ou de fon gainage difturbe. Ml 
ou en auter maner puis le primer demaund des avers fait per le 9t 
vie', ou per le bailife, luy fbient reftores au double, de feigniour 
ou de celuy que les avers aver' prife , fil eit de quoy , & ill neit 
de quoy, refpoign' le feigniour quel heure, & en quel maner de- 
liverance fbit fait apres ceo que le vicount ou le bailife ferra ve- 
nue pur la deliverance faire. Et fbit afeavoire, que la ou le vie' 
dever' faire returne del briefe le Roy ou bailife le feigniour du 
chaftell, ou le forcelet, ou a auter a que returne de briefe le Roy 
appent, fi le bailife de eel franchife ne face le deliverance, puis que 
le vicount aver' le return' a luy fiit , face le vicount fbn office 
fans delay, & fur lavantdit peine. Et per raefme le maner (bit fait 
la deliverance per attachment de pleint fait fans briefe , & fur 
mefme la peine. Et ceo face a entender per tout la, ou le briefe 
le Roy court. Et fi ceo (bit en le marche de Gales, ou ailors, la 
ou le briefe le Roy ne court mye, le Roy que eft Soveraigne Seig- 
niour ent fra droit aceux queux pleindre fe voudront. 


Cap. 1 7. Wepm. primer. 1 9 9 

S\)c mikl)id iffcjc tliis Sid \ua0, tn the irregular time of H. 3. great vide Marib. 
men, li;I;cu tljep twk a tiitxtisi of tlje leatts cf tljeir SEcnniitg oj jKtgl)l'Durs,tl3ac 5^ t^.^xa.ii 
fer\)CD foj tijcir tillage oj Ijiisbantijv, to pjcUeiit tlje fpecrip cctirfc of i;uUice, 
antj to enfojcc tlje otoncrsof tlje leafts foj ncceliitp topiclD to tlieii-Dcf:rc,VjciilD 
5?ii30 tlje tcaifs into a Caftle oj .f ojtrefs, anD tljcre Detain ano hap tl;ettt 
apinft gages ar.D jjlecgcs, fo as no rcplcijp coitlD U mace acro?t)tr.g to tlie o%f 
liinarp rcurfe of laiy ; fo? tljat in cafe of a ^ttljcrt l;c cciila not bjeak tf-f C.iflic 
0} iyojtrcfs, luit tlje ^Ijevtff laas to retoiirne uveria dongata, ant) tljereui-ontlje 
oUiner toag to lofc tlje ufe of W tcafts of long time. 2i£ut tljis ^et gi\3Ctljrc*^ 
meDp, iljat tljc 3>ljcriff taking toitlj Ijim tljc pcUicr of tlje Cou.up, map make 
vepU\)in, as l)p tljc lotip of tljc 0a appearctl;. 

^ Chafe in Caftel ou en forcelet. ] iJnti Co t't is, if !)e tijat Hi*; videraFij.c.?; 

Urain cljafc tlje DiUrelTe into anp otljcr Ijotife, park, oj otljer place of firengtlj, ?|"'"°,". ''^•''' 

tljc S)l)criff to make replcviin map tp fo?f e of tins Sla bjeak tljc l)oiu'c,caaic, oj vv!" Lp'^^^°' 

fo?trefs, park, oj otljcr place of Crcngtljlp fo?ce of tljis^ct, at tljc fuic of a,9'2. 

a .alttljeCi:. SemainesCafe. 


^ Pur que les avers ferront folempnement dcmandes per Vilcont, s H.4.17, inRepi- 
on auter Bailife le Roy a la lute del Plaintifc, le Vifcont ou le Bailife 
prife ove luy poyar de fbn County, &c. '] Nota, eDfrp man is lotniD 
l;p tljc Common ilato to affift not oulp tlje S'ljtrifi" in Ijis iDffice foj tljc cxc^ 
cution of tljc iSings tairits ( Wl)iclj are tljc commanDcments of tljc 3&ing) acs= 
co?5ing to JlaUJ •, bttt alfo Ijis Ifailp, tl)at Ijatlj tljc ^Ijcriffs Marrant in tljat 
iicljalf, Ijatlj tljc fame atitljojitp luljtclj Ijismafter tljc ^Ijcriff Ijatlj, foj tlic 
^Ijcrtff cannot do all Ijimfelf, anD if tljcp no it not icing rcquircn, tljep Ojall 
le finco ann impjifoncn ; lent tljis is fo to le uncecftaju, uiljece tljc ^Ijcrift" 
map iatufiillp no it, ana tljat liefojc tlje a>ljcviff cotlj tifc anp fojcc, Ije otigljc 
Cas our act tcacljctl)) to Dcmanti accojcing to tlje iLaiu tljc gcous to be tcliuereo, 
fo as rcplcDp migljt be tljercof mace, fo j fcqui debet potentia mandatum legis, 
non prscedere, fojce oug'^t to follotjfl, anti not to pjcccnc tljc commauDcmcnc 

Biadon tJJljo toJOte befo?e tljis 2l(t faitlj, Et fi [VicecomcsJ aliquem invenerit$.442.b. 
lefilkntemj affumptis fecum (f\ opus fucrit) militibus oc liberis hominibus de Com' Fletalib.2.c.62. 
ad fufficientiam capiat corpora hominum refilkntium, & illosin prifona falvocurto- 
diat, donee Dominus Rex inde praeceperit voluntatem fuam, 8cc. 

SliM our ^statutes of VV.i. W.2. am Marlcbridge arc all in affirmance of tljc w.i. ca.9. & 17, 
Common iLalu in tljat point, fn\3ing foj breaking of tlje Caftlc, i?ojtrcfs, 
^oiife, ?c. in cafe of tljc 3>iibicct, in toljidj cafe cue Sid giuctlj rcmetip. winTs cafe. 

5f anp man, Ijoto great foeuer, migljt Ijauc rcfiftet; tlje ^iljcriff in ctectiting ubi fupra. 
of tlje liings Mrits, tljcn Ijao it ben a gtoo retcurn foj t^c 3>ljcrift to Ijalic rc# 3 h. 7.2. 10. 
tottrncDfuclj rcfifvancc-bittas tljcS'tatntc of W.2. faitl;. Quod hujufmodi re- i2H.7.i7.b. 
fponlio multum rcduiidat in dedecus Domini R-Cgis & Corona: fuxi anO fljat ^^■^•'^^P'55'' 
mljidj is in dedecus Domini Regis, &c. isagaiufttljc Common 31ato, tljcrcfoje 
of ncccffitp, if mxD be, foj tljc cue execution of tljc iiingsQarits, tljc ,S>l)crtff 
map bp tlje Common iLaUi take poffe Comitatus to fnppjcfs fuclj uniatoftil fojcc 
ano rcftiiance. 

R.DingrautantircnticrlautisbpfinctoI. I.fticDtljeilJingst^lrit totljc^Ije*: ipE.z.tit. Ekc- 
riff to Dclitocr feifm, tljc S>ljcnff rcto^ncn, tljat Ijc coulo not ctccutc tlje fSings '^""°" *'*• 
©iarit foj tefiCance of B. ano otljers unknoifljn v anti bccaufe tljc »>ljcriff task not 
tljcpoDflcc of tljcCountpinaiD of tljc execution, as tlje statute toilletlj, Ijctos 
amevcicD at j;r markSs anD an attacljmcnt atoarDcD againfl B. anu tlje reft, ?c. 

0ntJ it is Ijoloen foj a matim cf jy,ato, tljat it is not laluful foj anp man to s E.2.tit. Execu- 
Difturb tije spiuittcvs of tlje teing in tljc one erccution of tljc icings Mrits, 01 tion 252. 
Ji'ioccfs of am, 

C c i?oto 


Weftm. f rimer. 

Cap. 1 7. 

i^oto icfiBC!Stl}e Warrant of t\}t Common ILalu, tljc S)l)eriff batlj Ijis iLEt# 
tevsiBatents of affiaance,lul)crcl)i)tlje i&iug commamict!),ti)at aUarcljlifijopg, 
JBiOjopsi, SDukeg, CEatliS, ilBatons!, ilintgtjtsi, i^rscmen, anti all otljcr of tljat 
Count? ht to t^e &ljcnff tliereof in omnibus quae ad officium illud pertinent, in- 
tendentes auxiliantes, & refpondentes i fo ag no man CccIcfiaBical oj SCempojai 
iiB crcmptcn from tljig fcmce being nhoMz 1 5. anu unccr 70. foj fo it i? bp con^ 
ftruaion of laiea. 

Fleta ^ Et voille aflaier de faire plevin. ] HEp fojce of tlji0 claufc l)C 
cugljtbp tlje votoer of tbc Countp to maKc rcpkV)in, anu it is no rctotirn foj 
liim to fap, tbat tl)c bcafig be in a Cattle, ft. ijoljcteof pou ^all rcau moje Ijetc* 
after in tlji^C^ayter. 

€1 Que le Roy pur le trefpaffe & pur le difpite face abater le 
Caftel ou le Forcelet (ans recovery. ^ yEut tljig total pjottrating oj 5c# 
molifljing of tljc Cattle, jc. rannot be none upon tl;e retoutn of tlje ^Ijeriff, 
but upon a fuit on tljc ISings bcbalf, luljcrein tljc parties intcrcffeo map be 
caileu to anCtiJcr, ann upon juogmcnt giben againft tliem p^otes to be mane 

Semaines Cafe, to tljc S»l)cri{f to pjottratc auDtifmolin) tl)C Cattle ano iTojtrefs, anti fo is tlje 

ubl i)0)fe tljat fpcafes tljereof to be intcuDcti. 

^ De ies avers, oufongainage difturbe. ] i^'ojtbellalMtotljcbcu 
fabour tillage, ano tlje IjuebanDjp of tlje Wcalm, as bp tljis claufe appcarctb, 
anD tljcrefoje gibes tljc partp grieben Double Damages. 

^ Et fbit aflavoir, que la ou le Vi(count dever* faire retorne del 
briefe le Roy au bailife, le Seignior del Caftel,ou de forcelet, ou a au- 
ter a que retorne del briefe le Roy appent, fi le bailife del franchile 
ne fait deliverance, 8cc. face le Vifcont fon office fans delaj^ '] 
Snijis Dotl) gibe fome ligbt to tbe fojmet b?anclj, tljat if tlje beatts be DCtaincB 
in a Cattle oj iPojtrefs, tljc ^Ijcriff mutt Do Ijis office luitljout Dclap, tljat is, 
fojtljboitb to rcplcbp tlje beatts ■■> ano if Ije ougljt to do it in tljis cafe of tlje 
franc'dife, tlje fame Ijc ougljt to do in tlje otljer cafe. 

3!t appearetlj bp tljc Rcgifter, tljat if tlje ConCable of tlje Cattle upon a 
Mandat to Ijim to mafec rcplebin, nihil inde curavir, 0} if Ije make no re^ 
tourne, gfc. at all, upon retournc Ijcrcof, a Non omittas fball be atoatDCD, $t. 
315ut fuclj rctourncs tocrc permittcD befoje tljis 0tt, but noto bp tljis 3tt tljc 
^Ijerift" in tljat cafe ougljt pjefentlp to enter, anD make Dclibcrancc cf tljc 

^ Et per mefme le manner foit fait la deliverance per at- 
attachment de pleint fait fans briefe & fur mefme la paine. '] 
Marieb.cap.21. ^£6 tlje Statute of Marlebridge tljat pjobtDctlj totljcfamc cffert, baljere poufl;all 
vcaD moje of tljis matter. 

i8E.2.A(r.382. ^ Etficeo foit en le Marches de Gales. 3 2Cljc #arcljes of Wales 
iE.5.i4.3E.9_82. ^g^g jjjg Comwots, great &eignio;ies> anD if atonies in Wales, ujljiclj toere 
lurifdta!2g? ^' ijo'l^en of t^e toing in Cljicfe, anD out of cberp Countp of England : %f 
i5E.3.ib.24.24E. anp Ditttcfs wrc Djii3cn into a Cattle oj iFojtrefs in tlje sparcljeg of Wales, 
3.42. 47 E.3.6. anDDctaincD, a «rit fl)OulD be DirettcD to tlje &ljeriff of tlje Countp of Eng- 
jo E.?^26.6 H.4.9. i2,^j j,f^j aojopning to tbe Cattle oi .f ojtrefs, toljcre tbe beatts fo DetaincD, to 

^ Le Roy que eft Soveraigne Seigniour ent fra doit. 3 Sit tins 
time, viz. in 3 E.i. Lluellen b)as a ^jiincc, oj iSing of Wales, 'Uiljo belD tbc 
fame of tlje !feing of England as Ijis fuperiour JIojD, ano ougljt Ijim liege, Ijo^ 



47 E.3.33. 

Cap. 1 7. Wefim, f rimer. 1^5 

mage anti fcaltj) ; ann tljis 15 p?ol)ctilJi' our 0(r, viz. tljat tljc Jiing of England 
tttap Superior dominus, i. ^otjeratgnc JlojD of iljc teiugcom 0? |)?incipaUtp 
of Wales. 

JUingH.3. after PjinCC Edward Ijafl mntrieU Elianor Oaugljccr of Spain, pcr# Polydor vlrg. 
KiUtng Ijim CtOUfe 11)0 MO^Og of mine ilutljoj; Ita fuapte natura tanta indole ^7 H ?.pag.^o'(J. 
praeditum, ut maturius ad res gerendas idoneum redderet, prinio VVallias principatu PI-Com.i26.b. 
donavit, deinde Aquitanis 8c Hibernice praepofuit ■■> hinc iiatum, ut deinceps unuf- fr'^Tu^" '" 
quifque Rex, qui fecutus eft, rilium majorem natu principem Wallise facere con- 

Lluellen |)jince of Wales, ip tlje incitatt'on of David \m ijotljer, in t'&ep pcac 
of E. I. rcbcUca againft tljcir ^cDeraign ilojt ■-, in tjfeiclj rclf Uicn Lluellen 
ifljasflain, anD tljCiSingiijougljt all Wales unnerljiiBfubjetfion: SCljcfaiD David 
iieing l)?otlKC anD lieir of Lluellen fo;t .Ijis !/\fl)£llicn f.nti SEctaton agatntt lji0 
^oDcraign iio<iii tuas after tlje tieatib of lji0 l?jotl)er at a t^arliamcnt Ijoluu 
in tlje 1 1 pear of E.i. attaintcn of Ijig^ 2Crcafon ■■, of tuliofe |titigt^fnt anu ete? Ror. Pari, anno 
rtltion lieac toljat Fleta faitlj, Et unico makfa(2:ori plura poterunt inliigi toimcnta, " E-f- 
prout meruerit, ficut contigit de Davide principe VVallia; cum p:r recordum quin- F'e" 
que judiciis mortalibus torquebatur, fuis namque meritis exigentibus, detraiAus, 
fufpenfus, decollatus, difmembratus fuit & combuftus, ciijus caput principali Civi- 
tati, quatuorque quarteria ad quatuor partes Rcgni in odium tiuditorum deferebatP* 
^ tur fufpendenda. ilBp rcafon to^crcof,tol)ere Wales teas before IjolDen of tljeifiing, 
as of W S>ot)eraigu 3Lo?D,ai0 is afojcfaiD,no\i) feing Edw.i. tieramc tiiig of lijc 
fame in yoUeffton, uiljtclj appearetl) bp tl;e Statute of Snowdon in t^efe tooaDS i 
Edwardus Dei gra6ia,&c. Divina providential (qua^infua difpofitione nonralliturj R^t. Pr:.,. 
inter alia fua; difpenfationis munera, quibus nos & Regnumnoftrum Anglisdeco- an;u .-: l" i. 
jaridignataelt, terramWalliarcumincolis fuis prius nobis jure feodali fubjc/ltm, PlCmii;6, 
jam fui gratia in proprietatis noftrae dominium, obftaculis quibufcunqueceffaiuibus, e.jfuL'^ '* ' 
totaliter & cum integritate convertit, & Coronse Regni prsedid' tanquam partem 
corporis ejufdem annexuit & uuivit : llEp tol;tcl) 31(1 it furtljer appearetlj, iljat 
3^ing E.I. Ijao confioereu, ann yerufeo all tlje 3lauj|B of Wales, ano fome of tljem 
^ii uttcrlp abjogatetjjfome of tljem Ije permittee, fomeljc cojretten, tm fome Ijc 
nelnlp anscti to tlie otljerja!. 

f(2le Ijaije been, abobe our ufttal manner, tlje mojecopiouiB l)cretn,becaure oiiu 
fieOre i0,ti^at trut^ m(gl;t pjcbail. ^it Ac ^tatuteg of 27 H. 8. ana 34, anD 27 H.s-cap.a?. 
35 H.8. concerning Wales, ^jetfie fmitt^part of t^c Inftitutcs, Cap. of t^c 34 & 35 h.s. ' 
Courtietj gtc. of Wales. J 

Cc 2 CAP. 


We^m, f rimer. 

Cap. 1 8. 


PUr ceo que la common fine &: amerciament de tout le Coun- 
ty en Eyre des Juftices pur faux judgements, ou pur auter 
trefpas, eft aflefle per Vilcount 8c Barretors des Counties male- 
ment, iffint que la fumme eft meintfoits encrue, & les parcels au- 
terment affefle que eftre ne duifl'ent, au damage du people, 8c 
plufbrs foits font paies as Vilcounts Sc Barretors, que ne poient les 
acquitent. Purview eft, ScvoitleRoy, que deformes en Eyre des 
Juftices devant eux devant lour departure foit tiel fumme afleffe per 
ierement de chivalers 8c des probes homes, fur touts yceux que 
efcoter deveront, 8c les Juftices facent mitter en les parcels en 
lour eftreats que ils liverent al Efchequer, 8c non pas la fumme 
Greiflies cafe. 

7 H.4-"P-3- 

23 R.2. cap.4. 

Greiflies cafe, 
ubi fupra. 

pEliz.Dicr 263. 

%%ut toere fottr mtfcljtefis, 0; rather griciiances iiefojc iW JSrf. 

1. SC^at t%i% common fine anu amcrciamEnt l)Efo?e Sufficeji in <l&prc toas 
pjomiftuouflp alTcireo ip tljc ^Ijeriff anu llPacrctc^s of tljc Coantp Cfoj fo cut 
ha fpcaketl); upon tlje faultlefs, a0 tocU as upon tljc faultp> ann t^iat aftcj tlie 
BEufticciB in (Eprc toere nepartcn anD gonf. 

2. 2L]bat i\t fame loias manp times bp t^cm inccc.ifeu. 

3. %\^ij,\}t parceliB tuerc ot^cciMife tijen t\)t^ 0Hgl}t to le, to tijc carnage of 
t^e people. 

4. 2Dljat tlje fait) ameuciamcnt \a^% paiD to tlje i»>l)cciffj anu BartctojiS, t^at 
coulD not acquit tl)em, ann tl)cvcfo?c toete often touWp cljargeir. 

%%z temetip bp tfje boBp of tlje ^ti couQlletl) on t\iJO partg. 

I . SDljat fuc^ fumg fijall le aireflc^*? tlje oatlj of ilinigljts, ana ot^cr ^oneft 
men befoje tlje 3ufliceiB in <Il;pre, tipcm fuc^ as ougljt to pap tlje fame. ^ 
- 2. snijat tW 3Vi^\tt% fljall cautc tljcir parcels to be put in tljeir eareajgjto\)t£^ 
fijaU l)c DelibercD up in tljc Ctc^eque^anD not tlje toljole fum. 

%_ Common fine 8c amerciament. 3 i^ere fine anu ameiciament arc 
all one, foj, ag l>p tljis 5(t appearetlj, it ougljt to be alTetren, \&\it}i a fiue in 
%x$ p?opcr fcnfc cugljt not : 2El)isig parcel of tlje gtacn iaajc, fo callcD, becaufc 
tljeeftrcatg to tljc ^Ijetiff for leaping of tljcm ace fcalco luit^ gteen Iflaj:. 

d)isi common amerciament \ua» a great grieuance to il;e people, foj t^at tljc 
faultlefgjasi tuell as tljc faultp, toerc (as Ijatlj bitn faiHj ttjercbp c^arget i ano 
tljiS toas difperdere innocentem cum delinquente, mucl) like tlje abufe of tljC 
Clarfe of tlje #atbct, D3ljo ufcD to tafec a common fine, until it toas temenieo 
jbp^d; of parliament. 

^ Eft affife. ] %%^t is, is affcrrcB. 

fl Pur faux judgements. ] snije fuitojs in a bafe Court fo? falfc /utg^ 
ments Qjall be amemen, to tlje enc tljep map be tljc mo?e toarp, anD tafee better 
atmice to no ^uQice. 

Lib.8.fol.36,37. f[ Per Barretors. ] JFojcljefignificationof tljistoojri, fttPafch,3oE]iz. 

Firft part of the tl)C cafC of Barretrv, an» tljC firtt part of tlje Inltitutes. 


C Siir 

Cap. 1 9 . Wefim. f rimer, 197 

^ Siir touts ceux queux efcoter deveront. 3 %\)iQ isa iLatoof great Mirr.iii>.4.§- <Jc 
cq[HiC};> tl^at fuel) a0 be fauUp ftoulD oulp lie conttibutojp to tlje jjapment of ^^^jciamencs i& 
fine ana amerciament, " ^' 

% Al Efchequer. ] ifoMljat Court is tlje true center, into Mjicb aU See hereafter 
tl)e toinjs rebenue ann jijofit ougljt to fall, ano bp tljis means; tlje toll l^all "p.4J- 
tome to tlje rigljt mill. 

^ Et non pas le total!.] i5ut patticularlp,anti Ip parcel, upon ebe.! Jehereaftef 
rp one tljat ougljt to contribute. ^ ''^* 

%\)Z Commongpctitioneo, tljatno common fine of anp Countp from tljcnce^ Rot.Pari.An.17. 
fojt^ IljoulD be mace, but tljat euerpman map be particularlp punif^eo Ml^cces' ^-s-""-??. 
unto tlje toinp anCtoec toajs, 

The King willeth the fame. 


EN droit des Vic", ou auters queux refpoign' per lour maines 
al Efchequer, & queux ount refc' de les dets le Roy pier 
le Roy que ore eft, ou les dets le Roy mefine avant ceux heures, 
& queux ne ount my acquires de ceo les dettours al Efchequer : 
Purview eft, que le Roy envoiera bone^ gcntes per touts les ! j 

countiesj a oyer touts iceux, queux de ceo plcine fe voudront, 
8c a terminer iffint la befoign', que ceux que purront monftrer 
que ils eient iftint avant paies, a touts jours ( ent ) ferront quites, 
le quel que les viconts ou auters ferront morts ou vivcs, en cer- 
taine forme que lour ferr* baill'. Et ceux que iftint mver* fait ' 
(ilz foient en vies, ferront punies grevement 5 8c fils fbient morts, 
lour heires refpoign', 6c fbient charges de la dette. Et com- - 
maund le Roy, que les viconts, 8c les auters avantdits defbr- 
mes loialment acquitent les dettors a prochein accompt , puis 
que ils averont le dette re(ceive:^8c donque (bit le det allowe al 
Efchequer, iftint que jammes ne veign en fummon". Et ft le -) 

vie auterraent face, 8c de ceo fbit attaint, cy rendra al plain- a--'i 

tife le treble de ceo que il aver' de luy refceive, Sc foit rent 
a le volunt le Roy. Et bien fe garde chefcun vicont, que il 
eit tiel refccivor, pur que il voudra refponder, car le Roy fe 
prendra del tout as vilcont, Sc a lour heires. Et fi auter que 
refpoign' per fa maine al Efchequer le face, il rendra le treble 
al plaintife, 8c (bit rent en mefme le manner. Et que les vie' 
facent tayles a touts iceux, queux paieront le det le Roy. Et 
que la fummons defchequer a touts les debtors, queux demander 


io8 WeHm. frimer. Cap. 20. 

voudront la view, facent monftrer fans denier les a nulluy, & ceo 
fans rien prender de lour, & fans rien don', & que ne le fra, le Roy 
prendra a luy grevemcnt. 

w.i.cap.32. C Detts le Roy. "] tanker tlji? toojB [debitum] are all ttjings mt to 

%%t i^ing compje'benBeB i anc tiot Dnl}) ticbts tu t^cir pjopcr fenfe, but 
Butieji 0} tljingsf mte, as rtntiS, fines, ilTueSj amerciantpnts, atiD otber t!«j= 
ties to t\)Z ?Stti5 rcceiDcD, oj IcbtcD ip tl)e ^lieriff : fo , SDcbt in Ijis large 
Jenfe Cgnifics, Mjatfoeuer anp man Dot!) otee, ann debere didtur, quia deeft 
habere : debitor! enim deelt quod iiabet, cum fit creditoris, maxime in cafu do- 
mini Regis. 

f[ Lour heires refponderont. ] JC'^at fs to be un&erffoD, quoad 
leftitutionem, fed non quoad pcenam i t^at iSj fO? tlje Ciljil, l)Ut not fo} tlje 
tttminal part : JFoj it is a ^ajcime in JLatn, Poena ex delifto defun<ai 
hjeres tencri non debet : ;9[nn again. In reftitutionem, non in poenam haeres 

"^ C Au prochein account. "] && foj tt)ij3 ll^e Statute of 51 H. 3. 

Statutum dc Scaccario, anU tt)C Statute of W. 4. Vet. Magna Charta, fo. 

, ^ Et tiel receivor pur quoy il voet refponder. ] JTojtljcruIe 

of ti^is, anu U&e cafes of t\z itiing, i^y Rcfpondeat fuperior. 

^ Et que la fummons defchequer a touts les debtors, queux 
demander voudront la view, facent monftrer fans denier les a 
nulluy, & ceo fans rien prender de louer, & fans rien don' &c. ■] 
4a E.3.cap.5). aC'^at is, t^epjoces, togetljer toitl) tlie Cffrcats tmBer tlje »>eal of tJje Cl;;^ 
7 H.4. cap.3. t^cquer fijaU be {ijelueu to ttie part? pjcfentlp luttljout Denial, anti fra;lp li3itlj*= 
otttanpt^itigtoiegiijcn tlierefoje, upon pain of grieious fine anoinipji;* 


* TJUrview eft enfement de misfeafors en parkes, & en vivers, 

Mag.Char.155. J_ que fi ul de ceo foit attainte per le fuite del plaintife , 

Ibyent agardes bones & hautes araendes, (blonque le manner del 

trefpafs, & eit la prifonment de trois ans, & dillonque foit rent 

Rot Clauf ^ ^^ volunt le Roy, fil ad de quoy poit eftre rent, & lors tro- 

17 H.3.m.9. va bon fuertie que il jammes ne misface. Et fil neit dont poit 

eftre iflint rente, apres la prifonment de trois ans, trova mefme 

le luertie 5 & fil ne puiffe trover la fuerty, forjur' la Realme. 

Et fi ul de ceo rette foit fugitive, & neit terre, ne tenement 

fuffilant pur quoy il poit eftre juftifie, cicourtcome le Roy avera 


Cap. 2 o. IVefim. f rimer. 1 99 

ceo trove per bone enqueft, fbit demaund dc countie en coun- 
tie. Et fil ne vdgne, foit utlage. Purview eft enfement 8c pc- 
corde, que fil ne faift dcdeins an Sc le joiir pur le trefpasfair, 
le Roy avera le fiiit, & ceux queux il trova de ceo rettes per 
bon enqueft, ferront punies per mefme le manner en touts points, 
ficome defuis eft dit. Et fi ul tiel misfeifbur foit attaint , quil 
eit prife en fes parkcs beafts domeftes , ou auter chofe en Ic 
manner de robberie en venant, ou demurrant, ou en returnant, 
(bit fait de luy common Ley , que affiert a celuy que eft at- 
taint de apert robberie 8c larceny, auxibien a la fuit le Roy come 

SCljccnitfc of tl}C making oftljis statute luri0, tl)at attljc Common ILalu, 47E.?-jo.b. 
tlje plaintiff in an artion of 'Si\iz{i^, HjohId, as in otljer cafes, recoljet no 9 ^■^^ 
otljer namages, but acrojtiing to tlje quantitp of tlje trefyafs : toljiclj tlje plain*: 
tiff fo} trefpafTcs in paiks anii tiiUuaries cflecmeB at a l;ig(; rate ■■, l)ut tljc 
Counttv commonlp fottnu tl)c tinmages Ucrp fmall ■, fo? tlje Common iiauj 
pDe no iuap to matters of plcafurc, (toljerein moil men do etceco) foj tfiat 
tbcp b?oiigi)t no pioliit to tljc Common#Uiraltl) s anu tljercfo?E it is not latoful 
foj anp man to ctert a Path, Cljafe, o; OTarrcn, luitliouta licence iinoci- tl^e 
©jeat ^CP.l of tije liing, \ul)0 is pater patrise, ann tlje ^^eao of tlje Com^ Temps E.2. m. 

mon^tocaW;. adt-furkftac. 

^ Br.48. 

^ En Parks. ] SCljts i^ tinBerflfcoB of a lavoful Parke, toljcrcunto ''"" °' '^^' 
tljjdc tljings acercquireo: i. SLlihtttv, eitljcc bp grant, as is afojcfaio, 
Dj bp pjefctiption. 2. Snclofure bp pale, luaK, 0? IjeDge. ;Qnti 3. beatfs 

fabagcs of tljE parke, foj tlje toljicl;, ann foj i%z name, foe tljc firft part of /nd "a „8 
tljC Inltitutes. ' ' 

llEwt tljis Statute crtenoetlj not to a nominative park erectcD iBitljout Ialu# \i.'il'H6 6 

fulluarrant, albeit it be caflco a park i foj tfjis Statute is Derp penal, ann iiY\.6.i^'.^:^^. 

tljcrcfoje, as Ijatij been fait, cj;tentietl) onlp to a laUiful parke. JEut Ije map '^•28,43. ic H.7. 

ijatjc an action of 2Crefpafs at tl;e Common Jiaiu, quare claufum fregit,& unam ^'\^^ 

damam cepit, &c. \l E'.^^'.'/o'.'tH.^- 

Jl!Inoec tl)is tooju park, a Cljafe is not tncItiticD. 55. s E.4.5' 

^ snijis Set ertenos not to a i?o?reft in tlje Ijanus of a futject, foj tljc \m is ^^^ the statutes 

fo penal, as it Djall not be taken bp equitp. °^ 'J ^■- "P-i?. 

H Misfciauns. ] gu tijis 3ct is unDerRroti Mjen a man citljer cljafetlj in 3'jac. c."f.' 7 Jac. 
a park, o;^ bp boiw, b: otljcr engine enocauotiretl) to kill fomc of tlje game of ci?. 21 jacc.28. 
tlje park againa tljt iibertp ano pjiDileoge of tlje park, tantinct inljen tlje 3Car.cap.4. 
%m of a park takes beafts to agiftment in Ijis park, ant) tlje otoner bjeaks ^ Vo^]'l\\ the 
tlje park, ann takes tljem attap uiitljout agntment fo? tljrir pafture, foj it i» couocefs'ofAthoii 
not luitljin tljefe ttio?Ds, De malefadoribus in Parcis, bccaufe tl)c trefpafs concern cafe, 
netlj not tl)c libertp of tlje Park bp cljaling of t^e game tljcrecf, bnt a collate^ 
ral trefpafs, & He de limilibus. 

C Vivers or Viviers. ] 2Cl)is lieing a i?renclj toojD, Ggnifiietlj Sii^-. 
ponDs, oj toatcrs tuljcrein fiflj are kept ano nottrifijeo, luljicl) being a matter 
of pjofit, aun increafe of victuals, anp man map erect ■■, anD tljat in legal un# 
Dcrftanning ic ftgnifietlj a iFiflj^ponu, q% luaters luljcre fiflj are kept, it ap^ 
pears bp our ancient Butljojs, loibo tojote fmn after tljis time : fo? Britton faitlj, 
Auxi du wart tait per eux en parks & en vivers, de venifon &c de pctlun, & de co- 
nies, & auter deftruftion pereuxfaits en gniieiis : toljcre IjC applirtlj VenilontO 
Parks, Pcffon to Vivers, ano Conies to ©Ilarrcns. .anoFleta agrat^ luitlj Ijini, 
foj IjC faitlj, De feris & pifcibus pntcll heri furtum : Ex benignitate ta-'. 


2 o o Wejlm. primer. Cap. 2 o- 

men Principis conftituitur, ne quis pro hujufmodi furto vitam perdat, neque 

membra : Conftitutio quidem talis eft, provifum ell de malefacftcribus in 

parcis & vivariis, quod ad fedtam querentis ftatim adjudiccntur emendas, &c. 

atin recited) fumtnarilp tlji0 Set-, ann fo it is taken before in tljis Deep 
vide hie cap.r. ^^arliamcnt, Cap, I. foj Mj ponBg, oj places toljete fiflj arc feepr, in tljcfe 

lUOjDS, ne curge en auter parke, ne piQier en auter vivcr. 3nU Bradon, toljo '^l^^^ ^ '^'""'^ ^"^f"?^ ""'^ S>tatute, coupietl) tljcm togctljcr in tije cljargc g\\im 

J)JJ tl)C 3,tlfticci3 in CiBirCj as our statute DOtlj, viz. De malefadoribus in parcis, 

& vivariis. 
F.N B.S8.H. 3!t appcaretl) in tlje RegiHer, tl;at tljere le tiijers fojmis of Mrits foj fifljing 

in IjtS pifrary t ^ne Writ is, Quare in vivariis fuis pifcatus fuit : 0ttOtl)er, 

Quare in feparali pifcharia iptius A. pifcatus tuic, &c. 
Hie c I. Arr.fuper 2Ll)erefo?e, as fomc \}ti.u ttretcljeii tljts luojo tro far, Ettcnuing it to War^^ 
cart.cap.i3. rens of Conieg, toljirlj tljep migljt as toell untier tlje generaUtp of t!;e 
34H.6.2S. 21H.7. .jjjjjjj [vivarium] cjctcnB it to i^ojreflfs anti Cljafes, ( foj tljcy lie loci 
21. F.N.B.<57.d. ^[^j viventes cuitodiuntur) lojljereof pcu Ijaljc l^earti before i fo fome luoulo 

reflrain ttiis toojo to i?ifi>pont)5 onlp tl^at i)e in |Barks, toljicb is erp?eflg 

againft Ijotlj tljc letter auo meaning of tljis ^ct, anu tl)C i^in^pono ronccr;? 

iietb noticing tljc libertp ano pjitoileoge cf tlje ^<vc% toljcrcof alfo a tonclj 

Ijatl) lieen giuen before. 
%l a wan romnuttctl) a trcfpafs in tljc irifij^ponn, ^t. of anotljcr, ip ta»« 

king anti rarrinnti; atoap of toater, lie i^ no niif^fcafoj Uiitljin fljig g>ta^ 

ttite \ lut if Ije let out tljc mater, to tlje eno to take fifbj Ije is a niif^ 

feafoj toitljin tljts Statute, oj Ije muft fiQ) tljcre, if %t be toitljin tlje Danger 

of tl)isiLato, fojcollatcral trefpalfeisncitljer in^parkis, noj ififlj^ponDS, ^c, 

areiwitljin tljis^rt. 
0ni) if one Ijtint in a ^ark, oj ipiflj in a ponn, $c. tljougl) Ije kill no ^ar, 

noj. takeanp S^i% pet ttiis i? a mif#fefan? toitljin tljis Statute. 

Regifi.iii.b, ^ Per le fuit del Plaintife. ] %\)i$ fuit i0 intenneD in an 0ctiott 

"^ H^ Yt^\ i "^ SCrefpafjs, but tljc OTtrit mutt reljearfe, ano be grounoeo upon tljis Statute \ 
I H.L." f.nTb.' fo? it iis a ^ajcim in t\)e Common JLato, tljat a §>tatutc mate in tlje affirma^ 
<57.d.'87.a. '7 EI. tibc, toitljout aup negative erpjeffeo o: implpeu, ootlj not take atoap tljc 
Dier 258. Lib. common JLalw : ano tljcrefoje in tljis rafe tlje plaintiff map eitljer Ijaijc 
intr. Ran.585. jjj^ temeop bp t^e Common ILali), o; ttpon tl;e statute ■■, 3f Ije b?ing Ijis atfi^ 

on of 2Crefpafs generallp toitljout grounning tlje fame upon tlje Statute, tljen 

Ijeiuaibetl; tlje benefit of tt)e Statute, ano taketlj Ijisremenp bp tljc Common 

7 EI. Dier 2^8. 2El)C pjeflCCnt0 tf tljiS acttOU are, Ad refpondendum tam domino regi,quam 

Regift.ubi fup. ^^^^^ querent! : jSno pet bp tlje Regifter, Ije map IjaiJC tljis in Ijisolun namc,anD 

tljatmap be gatljereobp fome of our bcoks, qtiotco bcfoje in tljtg Section, i\\ 

tlje margent. 

^ Soient agardes bones 8c hautes amends. ~\ 3!Bp tljcfe toojug [iTiall 
be awarded good and large amends] if tljC Damages be to fmall, tljC Cours 
Ijatlj povner to increafe tljc oamageSj fo j tljis luojo [award] pjoperlp belong;^ 
etlj to ttjc Court. 

Dierubl fup. €1 ^^ eit la prifonment de trois ans. ] jEotlj aamagcs ann impjifott;* 

15 El. pier 325. ment concern t^t plaintiff, ana tljcrefojc tlje liings parcon cannot Difpcnce 
9 Ei.Dier 269. ^jtij tjjpn, . ^^t t{,g ranfomc, tljc finotng of furetp, ano tlje fo?cjuctng of 

tlje Kealm are puniQjmentis ejccmplarp, ano concern t^c Using, ano tljevefoje 

ije map paroon tlje fame, 

f[ Et dillonque foit rent a le volunt Ic Roy. ] ^nu after fljall 
make fine at tlje icings pleafurr. 

vide hie cap, 4. ^^ befOJC foj tljC CFpoCtion Of tljEfC iUOjng, C3p.4. 

C Et. 

Cap. 2 1 . Wefim. f rimer, 201 

^ Et lors trova bone (urety, que il jammcs ne misface.] SuD tijeu 
0jaU finn gcDD fitrctv, t1)at afcei" Ijc fljall not mi? tic. Hii. 24 h. 7. cor. 

%W fuvetv nutft l)e lij) recopifance to i\]t fcing, a«B not to tlje |3Iaintif i \^^^-^?^-^^- 
5Foj cicantylc, tlje ftirctics in 10 1. anu tlje DcfmuanL in 40 !. tljc coumcion muft Rege Rot ^8°^* 
Jie general, ano not tcaraine'o to tljat parfe, oj CJibarp i foi trample, Qiiod ipfe 
in aliquibus parcis & vivariis contra formam Statuti prsdidt' amplius non male- 
faciec, Sec 

^ Le Roy avera le fute.] ©tt^er Op ^uDictment, Hnfojmation, 0; Mif 
on of 2Eretyafg upon tljisi 0tt. 

^ Forjure le Realme.") Fleta tranfiating t!)is M into iatin, faitlj, Ab- Fietai.i.cap.?^. 
iurabit Regniim, anO fo Hot!) tl)e RegtRer j anD Bradton Ufctl) tljc tamc toOJti in Reg'*^ 8°. b. & 
cafe of i?elcnr, Abjurabic Regnum. f°'- ■ ' '-l^'Braaoni 

j3nD Britton ufetlj our \130?Ii, Forjure noftrc Rcalme, anD fol. 2 5. in tl;C fame Brit. fol. 7.25. 
cafe Ijc ufctl) tlje toojo of abjuration. 

Ht fignifietl) fn Jlalo a perpetual bauiflnncnt of tljc SDcfcnuant out of tlje 
Kcalm, D3bicb to obfcrbe Ije liinnct^ Ijimfclf b? oatlj, foj fo mucft is implieo 
in tlji0 looojo forjure , oj abjure , tol)iclj pjoperlj? Dgnifictl) to fojttoear tlje 

2Bp tlie Common 3lato no man can be ctileb, cj banifijen out of Ijis Countrp, Mag, chart, c.s?, ' 
but in cafe of abjuration foj felonv : S'n all oiljcr cafee crile oj banifijment 
ougl)t to be Done bp autljojitv of parliament ^as Ijcre it ip; anofo are our boU? 
tl)at fpeak of cjcile oj baniiljmcnt to be unticrfiroB. 

if fuc^ a pcrfon, 00 Ijatlj fojjureo 0? abjurcn tlje Kealm, return again, Ije 
iI)aU be puniQjeD at tl;c lyings fuitfoj tije perjurp, anu Ijiglj, contempt. 

C Beafts domefts. ] aCljisi ijsunneraajD of iSinc, jgD^en, 3>l)i»p, ana ot'tiec 
Bomeftical bcaffs toitliin tlje ^arfe. 

31f tljere bt toitljin tljc park tame SDar, ann mifDcers come to Ijunt ami kill 
Ijenifon, anu tljep feiH a tame SJoer, ant! carrp ic niuap, not fenoiuing i\)t fame 'o E- 4- 's- b. 
to be a tame a?ar, t%{% isi no fclonp, foj tlje intent mabetU fclonp, anu fo are Stamf,pi.cor.25.b 
ferofeiS to be intenoec. 

^ En le manner de robbery. ] 3!n tlji3 0£t robberp i^ tafeen in a large Firfi part of the 
fcnfc i fae tliie firft part of tlje Inftitutes. iDnit.Sea.501. 


EN droit des terres des heires deins age, queux font en le garde 
lour Seigniors : Purview eft, que les Gardeins les gardent, & 
fufteinent, fans deftruftion faire en tout rien : 8c que de tiels manners 
des Gardes (bit fait en touts points Iblonque ceo que eft conteigne 
en la graund Charter des franchiles fait en temps le Roy H. pier le 
Roy que ore eft, Alug^m Charta cap. 4, 5, & 6. Et que iflint fbit ufe 
defbrmes, 8c per mefme le manner foient gardes les Archivelqueries, 
Evelqueries, Abbies, Elglifes, 8c dignities en temps de vacation, ride 
Artie, fuper Chartas cap.i8. 


IVeftm. primer. 

Cap. 2 2. 

Mag.char. c.4,5,6. Stljis ^ct botl) to IjKtriS ill iKIIarii, ann tl;e CHttotip of Sfrcljbiftopjt'cfeg, Jlif^ op 
Artie, fuper ' * ricfe0, 5C. cui'ing Viacatioit, 10 but a confitmation of t\ie Statute of Magna Char- 
chart. cap. 18. ^^^ cap. 4, 5, 6. iBicrcof tljecc }>ou maj? reaD at large. 

CAP. xxir. 

Merton cap. 6. 
21 E.3. 19,20. 
27 H.6. tit. gard. 
118. 3?E.3. 
Judgment 251. 

Erit. fol. 1^9, 
5T H.6.40. 5? H5 
Gard-7i. ?pH.d. 
ea.F.N.B. ^j.d. 

DE S Heires maries deins age , fans le gree de lour Gardeins, 
avant.que ils averont paffes lage de 14 ans, fbit fait Iblonque 
ceo que eft contenue en le purveiance de Merton cap. 6. Et de ceux 
que lerront maries fans le gree de lour gardeins puis que ils ave- 
ront paffes lage de 14 ans, le gardein cit le double value de 
Ibu mariage, iblonque 1g tenour de mefme le purveyance. Oufter ceo 
ceux qucux averont fuftret le mariage, rendant le droit value del 
mariage al Gardein pur le trefpafle, & jalemeins le Roy eit les 
amends folonque mefme le purveyance de celuy que le avera fuftret, 
Weftm. 2. cap. 55. Et des heires females, puis que ils averont accom- 
plies lage de 14 ans, & le (eignior a que le mariage appent celes ne 
voudra marier, mes pur covetile de la terrc, les voudra tener dif- 
marie. Purview eft, que le Seignior ne poit aver ne tener per erche- 
fbn del mariage , ks terrcs a tielx heires females ouftre deux ans 
apres la terme de lavantdit 14 ans. Et ft le Seignior deins les deux 
ans ne les marie, donques eiant els actions de recover lour heritage 
quietment fans rien done pur le garde, ou pur la mariage. Et G. 
els pur malice, ou per raalveis counlel ne fe voillent pur lourchiefe 
feigniors marier, ou els ne font difparages, que les feigniors teignent 
la terre, Sc la heritage jelque al age del Enfant male, ceftafcavoire, 
xxi ans, & oufter jelque ils eiant prifes le value del mariage. 

STlje Statute of Merton pjoDiDet!) ("as batl) ban fain) t^at if my iap^man 
ra^ifl) an Ijfir, oj Bftain l)im loitljin tlje age of 14 neatg, tijat tijcn tlje (SarDten 
QjoiilD rccoDcr tlje Baltte of tljc mariage againft tljc Kaiiilljcr together \uttl) tlje 
Btnfant ann Ijis lanDgj anu tljat tlje HDefensant fljoiilfi le ittip?ifon en until Ije 
Ijatl) rccompenccD tljc ^laintif^ jc. ann furtljer, until Ije Ijatlj fatigfieo tiyeiliing 
foj tlje 2Crefpaf0. 

2Dl)i0 0ct Dotl) firS confirm tlje S>tatHte of Merton, lotlj concerning tlje ra# 
bifljmcnt, ana alfo concerning tlje forfeiture of mariage : Sino pjotiicetl; fur# 
tljer, tljat of tljem tljat be abo\)e tlje age of 14 yearg {oijer ana aboueilje Double 
baUte of tlje mariage after tlje tcnocc mane acco?i)ing to tlje Statute of Merton 
to be recoberen againft tl^e Ijeir ) tlje ©aroicn fijall rccobcr againil tlje rautfljec 
oj Detainer, tlj? Ijeir being maricD, tl)e full baltie tljcrcof, anD ttie l^ing fljaU 
i;abe alfo lifee amenDis accojDing to tl)e faiD 0tf. 

C Ceux que averont (uftret le mariage. ] scljat 10, tl;c rabiCbtr oj BC# 
taincc of tbe Ijeir, ano imljicl) marries tlje Ijeir after 14 ano befoj^e 21. 

acijis crtenoetl) after 1 4 a0 tuell to C'CclcCaCical , as JLap^perfons , luljiclj 
tlje §)tatute of Merton of a rabifljment bcfoje J4Dotlj not, but tt. 3Laj><men 

^ Et des heires females. ] Cbe mifcljicf Icfcje tUs M teas, SCljat 
toljcreag tijc Ijeir female after Ijer age of h jearsi w^U of rig^t to be out of 


— ■■■ "" • — ^ — ■ ■■ — - ^^ ■ ■...-■■ ..».,* 

Cap. 2 2. ^^/w. pr/weri 205 

©UacD, tlje liojD foj co\)Ctoiitnefs tooulD not marrp tljcm, Itit krcp tljcit lanDs i 

at tljeir toill aun plcafurc maup ycai's after tbeit age of 14. againfl tl)c UiljicI) 
lajjong tl;i? Statute pjouioctl) rcmctip, anti teiS mace foj tlje rcftiaint of tide 
li3?ong, aut) in tnitl) foj tljc antoantage of tlje 3lojU0. 

aim ^CtC \13C arc OCCaflOueO to crplatna place in Bradon, Foemina 14 vd i 5. Erafi.I 2. 
annorumpotclHifponcrc domuifuaj, & habere Cone & Key, 6cc. Mljiclj IBOJO 
[Cone] ig miftal^f n in tlje impjeffion, foj it fljodo be Cover & Key ■■, anu foj 
Cover luc life Gofer at tl)is Dai', cljanging; tlje v to an f, ( toljtcl) is ufual ) fo ast 
at tljat age likca gojD Wwik fljc is alk to Difccrn M)U tljtngg are in a bouf^ 
JjolD fit to Ije kept in Cofer iiuDcr lock anu hey ; Sna tljc tcafon, iDkrefo?c, if 
t^e Ijeir female of a 2Lcnant lip Imiglits fcruice le of tlje age of 14 ])car0ac 
tlje neatl) of l;cr anccttcr, fije fljall not be in marD, is, foj tljat (Ije is viri potens, 
anB can goDcrn an l;otinjolD, anc map marrp an IjujBbanu, toljiflj map Do Ji\nigl;ti5 See the firn part 
fcrbicc ^"^"^''^ iifiitures. 

3!f a'man Ijatlj two Daugljtcris anD Dief^, tlje one atobc tlje age of 14. anDtljc ^^^' '°^' '"■*• 
ot'ber luitljin tl}c age of 1 4. tlje lojD (ball Ijabe MarOfljip of tlje baDp of ^ec 
mtljin age, anD tlje moitp of ti)C lanD. 

^ Purview eft que le Seignior 1 i. Cticrp 3lojB i$ not toitljin tlje 35 h. (5 52. 
purtticto of tljis 3tt. SDlje Ijeir female ffjaU enter upon tljc liojD bp poBeriojitp, 
Ijecaufc Ijer manage belongs not unto btm. 

2. 3>f ttie JLojD grant tlje mariage of tlje Ijeir female to one, ncitljer t^e 3^h.<5. ubifupra/ 
gtanto} noj tl)e grantee Qjall Ijaue ttoo pearis, but tlje Ijcir female fijall enter at G"d 71. 

ier age of 14. foj tljc grant® cannot IjolD tlje lanD, anc tlje grantoj Ijatlj not 
t\)C mariage 

3. ^0 it ig, if tlje ?^ing grantetlj tlje MarDOjip of tl)C bocp of tljc Ijetr fcs? 35 h. 5. ubifupni 
male, fl)e fljall fuc Ijer Itijerp at feer age of fourtan, foj neitljtr i^e ting no? 

^10 grant® tan Ijolo tlje lanD During ilje ttoo pear?. 

^ Per 2.ans oufter les 14. ans.'] 315p tljis i$ unDerCaiD tliat tigs liojD 35 H.I52. 
f^M not liabe t^e 2 pears, but toljcre tljc Ijcir female teas teitljtn tlje age of 14. 
at t^c DeatI) of ^er ancetter, ano in ISlaro to tlje llojD. 

^ Les terres. '] ^ctt a mernaitp tljat is IjolDen i^ unDerCfoD, tljcuglj tl;is 
Statute fpeak of lanDs onlp. 

f[ Per enchefon de mariage.- 3 CefTante caufa ceflat efFeftus, anD tljere? 35H.^, ubifupra. 
foje if teit^in t^e ttoo pears ttie lojD mavietlj tl)e Ijcir female, tlje Ijcir female 
fJjaU pj.e[cntlp enter, becaufe fo; tljat caufe tlje t\»o pears are giuen. 

3;f ttie dDarDicn marrp tlje Ijeir female after tlje age of 12 pears, Ijc fljall not 
jctain l)er lanD but until l)er age of 14. foj tlje caufe ceafetlj. 

^0 it is if tlje anccQer marietlj Ijis Ijcir female, anD Dieil) befo?e fije attain F. n. b. 143 d. 
to ^er age of 14. tl)c lano fijall be in MarD, but tlje ILoiD fliall not Ija^c tbe 
2 pears. 

^nD it is to Ije obfcr^eo, tljat tlje ilojDljatlj tljefe ttoo pears bp foice of tljfs ?5 H.6.40. tin 
2tf, anD not as garDien, becaufe Ijis garDienflnp euDCD at Ijcc age of 14. aiiD ^'I^- 7'' , . 
tljerefoje a Mrit of SDoteer Dotlj not lie againit Ijiiu During tljofe tteo pears, fupra!^"' " ' 
bccaute Ije IjolDct^ not tlie lanD as garDien. 

flnD fojt^at caufe if tk JLojD tenoer to Ijrr a mariage, anD ff?e teitliin tlje 35 n.s. Gard.yr. 
ttoo peats marrp tier felf elCeteljcre, tljcre lietlj no forfeiture of mariage againS 

^ Et (i els per malice ou malveis counfcl ne foy voillent, &c. ~\ 
^ere tlje 0tt in ^atreD of contraDidion anD DifobeDicnce, In odium contradidi- 
onis & difobedientioe, gi\)etl) to tbc ilojD Ijcr lanDs until Ijct age of 2 1, fr. but 
ic IjolDetl) not tlje fame as garDien foj t^e caufe afojefaiD. 

2 04 WeHm, primer. Cap. 2 5 . 

Flctal.i. cap.i2. £if t^ts Mjolc Sl(t Fleta Tattl) tljttS, De foemdlis 14 annps habentibus, quibus 
Domini fui maritagium competens medio tempore non obtulerint, talitcr provifum 
efr, quod negligehtia Dominorum hujufmodi talibus harredibus non fit damnofa 
fed retenta hxreditate per duos annos poil 14. annos, earn hsredibus fine contradi, 
dtione reddere non contradicant i quod fi infra statem competenter & palam con- 
tukrintj ipfaeque maritari non confenferint, tunc ufque ad atatem mafculinam hx- 
reditatemtalium impunepoterint retinereulterius quam per duos annos, pro fine 
maritagii, & in odium contradidtionis & inobedientix. 

^ Oufter jefque ilseient prifes le value.] ^ere tfje pjofits are m 
COUntCO to go in fatisfaction of t\)Z tialtic. vide le Statute de Merton, cap.d, 

Sf tlje 3Lo;d grant oDcr tlje MlarDfljIp of tlj0 Ijoup cnipj ncitWgtantojnoj 
grantee fijall take t^e atiDantagc of ttitis i)?ancij. 

CAP. xxiir. 

z-} E.3.nat.2.c. 1 7 "P^ Urvicw eft enfement, que en City,Burgh, Villc, Faire, ne Marche, 

I ne (bit nul home forein, que (bit de ceft Rcalme, diftreine pur 

dette, dont il neft dettour ou pledge, & que le fra, ferra grevoufe- 

ment punie, & fans delay foit le diftrefl'e deliver per les Bailifes du 

lieu, ou per auter Bailifes le Roy, fi meftier (bit. 

%\)Z miCrtjicf befojc tW Statute toag, tljat Dibcr0 Cttieg, t^c Cinpe Pojt?, 

5Sojougl}0, %mw Co?po;atc, ?c. laitljin tbig Kcalm, tin claim fuclj a tuCom, 

tfeatif anp ofoueCttpj&ocietpj oj a^ctctant guilD tofre incebtcD to anp of 

anotljcr Cicp, ^ocietp, oj spcrcljant guilo, if anp otljer of tJjc fame Citp, &o<s 

cictp, til spcrcljnnt guilo tljat ti'e Bcltoj toa0 of, came into tlje Citp, &ocietp, 

t% spercljant guilD toljcrcof tljc Crcuito? toaj?, tljat %z Iroulo cljargc fuel) a fojei;? 

ncr foj tl)e Debt of tlje otljcc i luljicl) Cuflomis are tafecn atoap bp tljiis Statute, 

rieta 1.2. cap. 56. lU^Crcof Flcta tcacljCtlj in tljefe toOjCiS i Solent plerique homines in feriis, Merca- 

Cap. Itin' in Vet. tis, Civitatibus, Burgis, & feodis, & in jurifdidionibus fills aliquos tranfeuntes de 

Mag. Cart, fol.155 feodis, vel jurifdidionibus fuis nullatcnus exifientes ad querimoniam alicujus in- 

vcnientis plegios de profcquendo impedire, diftringere & gravare pro alieno debito, 

cujus non fuerit plegius ncc debitor, imponentes ei quod erat tali debitori affinis, uc 

de una focietate vel civitate, & hujufmodi & impune : propter quod provifum eft, 

&c inhibitum, ne quis aliquem forinfecum, dum plegius non fuerit nee debitor, pro 

aliquo debito alieno alicubi diftringat, nee ad aliquam folutionem compcllat, ^ qui 

fecerit graviter punietur. 

Mirr. cap.5.§.4. ^nfl it fffimetlj b? tl)e Mirror, treating of tl)i)3 Cljapter, tljat fucUcuffoms 

toere againft tljc Common liaUi, foj tljcrc it ig faio, Le point de tortioufnes di- 

ftrefles duiit conteine le paine de roberie. 

^ Que foit de ceft realme. ] %%t{t are material toojnj; : ifoj if a 
ipcrcljant of England be eitljer tojongfuUp imp?ifoneo in tlje partis bepono tl)e 
&£a, oj Ijabe Ijis mercljanuifes oj gconis tafeen from Ijtm t^cre tojongfullp, ^e 
(ball IjaDc tlje Jiingg Letter to tlje iSing, ^?inte, oj Jiojti of tl;at SDerritojp, 
toljcre tbe tojong ijs none, toljerein tlje lujong iis bjicflp rcciteD, ann requeft 
ntatte. Quod fatisfadionem debitam ac juftitia: complementum fieri faciat, &c. 
luljiclj iLctters of ni^er? fojmja appear in tlje Regifter. j^ouj if i)e be oeftitute 
Regift. foi. up." of Sluftice tljere, tljen map lie citber baDe ti^e icings asmrit De arrefto fado fLper 
bonis mercatorum alienigen' pro tranfgrelTione fada mercatoribus Anglia?, OJ elfe 


Cap. 2 9 . Wefim. primer. 205 

accojuing to tl)C 3Lati) of £©arqitc, Ije fijall IjaDe from tljclung ILcttcrg of 27 e.?. Stat 2, 

^artiue oj rcpjtfal uuncr tljc great a>cal, toljercbp Ije map rcDjefis Ijimfclf of cap. 17.' 4 h. 5/0.7, 

t^e gcDDsi of anp of tl^e men of tljat 2Cctritojv taken toitljtn tljis liealni. ^nn 

it is callcD tljc Jiato of asavtitte, of a ^njcon luojti, tuljtcij fignifietl) a limit oj 

iounD i Ijecaufe fttino; l]e cannot obtain 3utticc luitljin tljc limitig of tl;c fojcin 

Countrpj \)Z map be reojeffeD of tlje men of tljat Countrp luitljtn tlje limits of 

2)t0 oton i tolitcU appcaretlj bp t^e statute of 27 E, 5. in tljcfe toojcg, " j^o 27E.3. ubi fup. ^ 

" mcccljant flranger be implcaoeo foj anotljecs trefpafg, oj foj anotljecg Ucbt, 

*' toljcreof Ije ig not ticbto?, pleoje, no; mainpcruoj. ^jobitrcD allBapg, tljat if 

*' our liege people, i^ercljants, oj otljci- be enoamageD bp anp 3loj5$ of ttrangc 

*' Jiau50, 0? tljctt ^ub)ett0, ano tljc fain ILojD? ( Dulp repireD ) fail of rigijt to 

*« out faiD S>ub|ctf!S, toe fljaU lja\)C tlje Jlauj of 5l9ara«e, ano of taking tljcm 

*' again, ais Ijatl) ban ufeo in times! yaff, mitljout frautj oj Deceit. Wljerein 

jnanp tljings arc toouljp of obferijatton •, ano camongfttljcm) tljat tljis iLali) of 

sparque C]cten50 not onlp to spcrcl;ant0, but to all otljer tljc iiiingis ^ubjectsf^ 

Snn tljiis JLalu of Sl5ar(i.uc in fomc Kecojw is calleo t^e iliings rigljt. Jus P>.e- 

gium, bccaufe tljcrcbp Ijenotlj Ijis »>ul)jc£ts rigljt : Si^ taking one eramplc foj 

manp. Sin tlje parliament IjolDcn in 1 1 H.4. John Kowlcy of Bridgwater in Ijis ^°^- ^"^- ^°'» 

|0etition pjapeo tlje Bing tljat Ije migljt take ^arquc anti Kepjifal of all ""^* 

Jfrenclj^^mcn? gaios, C Ijabing no fafe contiutt of tlje iling) to a certain balue, 

U% certain Ijijs ^Ijipg ano otler groDs taken bp tlje irrenclj in tlje time of tljc 

SCruce: C^e anitoer of tljc toing mag, acijat upon fuit mauc to tlje liing, Ijc 

il^oulD IjatJC fuclj ILctters requiOtojp as are neeoful, aun if tljc irrenclj i^ing xt^ Norf- Tr. 35 fe.r; 

fufe to 00 Ijim rigljt, tlje iaing toill tljcn lljcto his right. aCljc Jiettec of SlJacque ^°"™ ^^8^ ^°^* 

BjlSepjifaltoas ancientlp callcDLitera mercatoria, (becaufc moft commonlp'^' 

i^ercliantSi ObtaineO it ) Litera mercatoria conceditur mcrcatoribus Anglis contra Matth. Paris fol. 

mercatores Heynon, Holland, Zealand, &c Frilland. ^0 aS if tljOfC tOOjDS [toljiclj S"5^- b- 

10 of tljis Mealm ] Ijao baen omitteti, ano tlje Statute Ijati ban general in tljc 

negative, t^jat no fojein perfon fijoulD be oittraineB foj anp oebt, to^ercfoje Ijc 

ts not Dcbtojoj pleuge, tljisbao taken a^ap tljc ancient iLato of sparciue oj i\c<= 

pjifali ano tljerefoje necelTarilp luere aDOeo tljc fain toojDs [ uulj'iclj is of tlji? 

IRcalm] toljerebp tlje ^laioa of ^arque oj Mep?ifal is implieD ano favictr. 

€ Diftreine pur dett,] ^t tijis time a Capias niD not lie in an ^dmx of 2< e 2 cap ,- 
iDebt, but is gitien h^ tlje Statute of 25 E.3. but pet tljis statute Dotlj f;ctenD 
ta t|ic Capias, bccaufc tlje Capias cometlj in lieu of t^e i©illrefs. 


'.o6 WeHm.f rimer. Cap. -5 4; 


PUrview eft enfement , que nul Efchetor, Vifcount, ne autre 
bailife le Roy, per colour de fon office, ians efpecial gar- 
rant , ou commandement , ou certaine authoritie que appent a 
ion office , ne difleife nul home de fon frankteneraent, ne de chofe 
que appent a fon franktenement. Et fi afcun le fait, foit a le volunt 
le dilleifee, que le Roy de fon office le face amend' a fon pleint, 
ou que il eit la Common Ley per briefe de Novel dijfeifin. Et ce- 
luy que lerra de ceo attaint, rendr'les dammages a double a mefme 
le plaintife, & ferra en le grevous mercie le Roy. 


%\)e ttttfcljiefe Mm ttjis Statute to.t)E(, tl;at Cfcljactoj?!, ^|)cciffe, ant 
otljcr of t\)t toinp JEailiffs, WottlD, colore officii, fcife into t%t i^ingg ijanng 
f 1)0 frectiolD of tl;e ■j>Hlijeft> aim tljerebp Biffctfe tlje partp, taljo thereupon to W 
intolerable deration anD celap, tuas yut to ijijs fuit to tljs Jtiing bp petition, foj 
toljicl) tljis Statute pjotoiDctlj remeup. 

^ Bailiffe le Roy. ] ^ut Ip JBailiff i$ unBcrllcDii anp tx\tt officer oj 
mintCfcr of t^jc iiinp. , 

PI. com. C P^r colour de fon office. "] Colore officii tS iDer talten in malam par- 

tem, as virtiite officii tis taken in bonam : ^nu tljerefoje tljis impliet^ a feifute 
iir Dulp mate agatnft 3Latu. 

0n ) \)Z map no it colore officii ttoo mannct of toaps ; CEitljct; to|)cn ije i^at^ 
no tournnt at all, o? toljcn Ijc Ijailj a toarrant, anB noti^ not purfue it. 

^ Efpecial warrant. "] JEljat is, to tljc (iEfcljaetot, ?c. a Diem claufit cx- 
tremum,ivi3ndamus, oj anp otljcr of tlje i^inp WritiBjano office ttiereupon fonno 
foj tlje iunjf. 

5 E.i5, Br.^?.tit. JLifeetoifc to tlje ^Ijrriff tijc ?^inp Mttit, as an Habere facias feifinam, oj 
office, Li.8.f.i68. tlielikf. 

Paris stoughtons 'jiBptljis Sct no fcifure tan be mate of ianfls oj tenements into tt)eteings 

Art^'fuper cart. ^^"^^ befo?e office fonnii, ann fo is tl)e common erperiencc at tljis nap. ^ee tlje 

cap.'i9. 29 E.i'. Statute of Articuli fupercart.cap.ip. & 2p E.i. lellat. de Lincolne. -• 
Stac. de Lincoln. 

^ Ou commandement. '] tanner tljcfc laojts are compjeljennet not on# 
1p tl)e icings commannmcnts bp Ijis Mlrits, as Ijatl) ban taiD^ but alfo tlje 
cemmaunment of tl>e Bluttices of tl^e liings Courts of 3x'^Siitt, 
* 17 E.2. arr. 371. + ^ man toas innifteo befoje tlje ^Ijeriff in Ijis 2Courn of felonp, upon ioljicft 
32 E.I. ibid. 378. inttftment ijis lantis ann cljitttels toere bp tljc S>t)crtff feifcn foj t\t i^ing : &U 
sEa^'coronipo tEttoarO befoje Sufticcs affignen Ijc isoas acquiten, ann fucD out a Certiorari 
3E.9.coron.'?47.' to remotc tlje ISccojo into tfee feinp llSeuclj ", toljicl) being remobco, ^epjap^ 

6 300. 8 E.3.38. f D tJjere to Ijaije reff itution of l)is lantis ann gcous ■■> anB it luas tefolDcn t^jat tlj^ 
15E.?. extent 17 gyjjftiff Ijao uot Warrant to feife t^e lantis, ( bcfoje Ijc toere attainteo) anD 
Vn'^lfil°i'^' tberefojc tbat Ije fljoulb fue Ijis Mife againff tlje aljeviff upon tljis aratute. 
22afr96 8i. " ^t toas furtljer refolueti, tljat if t^c^ljcriffleife lanes bp tlje commanomenc 

4iafr. 14. 43 E.3. 

s4-25afl. pi. 32. 7 H.4.4t. 13 H. 4.13. Stamf. pl.cor. 192, 193. PI. com. Morgans eafe, 12, 13. 4E, r. officium 

coroD,ir. I R.3,eap. 3. 


Cap. 2 5' Wejim.f rimer. 207 

of t^c ?iifliccE(, tljcn (0 t\]t S)ljertff cjccufeD, tljouglj tl^c Suffices tijci-etn did 
crti aiiD if l)ctitD it of \)\i o\mu Ijeao, tljc" b'lU tlje pai-tv jcmcDpl)? an SiMe; 
t\indm tlje partp luap vfciiitreii to fitc otitaMrit to tljc Stjfliceg toccrtifie if 
tljc ffifure luEi'c inane bp tljeir commannmcut* 

g; Ou certain authoritic que appent a fon office. ] artjat {0, Ex of- Stamf. pnrog. 
ficio, tottljout anpOTirit oj commannmcnt: i'^oj mmplc, toljen tl;e C-fcljac* Regis, 83,24- 
toj tafectl) an oflice virtutc officii, \)t map fctfc tbc lano > foj tl)i0, as oiiv 2Li!t. 
faitlj, uott) lidong to l;is office, but if of l;t0 oioii Ijcao (asljatl; been fnio; 
^e feifetlj tijc lano toitljcutanp office, tijat feifuce is colore officii, nnD tljercfoje 
tljc 0(life iiyou tljis s>tatitte is maintainable agatnft Ijim in tljat cafe, ik fie de 

g Per briefe de novel diffeifin. ] sCf^ts is put fo? an ejcamiile, foj Ije 
map fjaue anp otljcr W.xit, oj iaction agaiuft l)im. 

SCljis statute is maue in affivniance of tJjat, toijtclj ougljt to Ijaljeban none Braa. 1.3. f.isi.b* 
ip tlje Common ILaiu, anti is tl)e founnation as imcU of cur HBajk^^cafes aboDc? '^"H'^'t'''" '"* 
faifl, ascf the acts of l^acliamcntjtljat after Ijabe been maDe concerning uumie ^•'^•25M""f-c-'- 
feifures bp Q;fcljeatojp, ^Ijcriffs, anD otljer JlEailiffs, as Cojoncrs, anu tljc 


^ntj if it Botl) appear to tbe Court, tljat t\tz ilUngs ^ifficer Dotfj feife foj 
t\t !Sing anv lanos mitljout toarrant againll tlje JLaU), in an ;a£tion bjougljt 
againft tlje fiDfficer, Ijc ougljt not to Iwue anp aio of fljc iSing i ijSeitljcr oot^ 28 £.3.94. Morti- 
tljeMIrit De Domino Rege inconfulto lie in that Cafe, becaufe tl;at luljicl) is "^^'^^p'^ '^"'' 
none bp Ijim is uoiii i ano luljerc tlje eaufc of aio failctl;, tl;cre ncaio is to S'epr^orofMoun^ 
ic grantee. Ht wrs againtt reafon, tljat tlje lung, toljo is tlje Ijeao of ^nflicej tegues cafcad- 
ll)OulD ait) Ijim in Ijis \33jon5 i ano tljcrefoje tljis ^A foj Doing of to;ong in rlje judged in Pariia-. 
i&ingsnamc, aotlj gibe tljepartp griebco an :airife againft Ijim, loljercin t^c '"^"'^- '^'^•^' 
plaintif ffiall recobcr Ijis lano, autt Double Damages, ano befiDcs tlje liings £)f# ^^' ^°' 
fleer djall be in tlje gricbous mercp of tlje lung, foj Doing iujtirp in Ijis name 
to tlje fubutt. 

2Lljercto;e in a real action, if tljeCBfc^aetoj ( of tuljom tljis Statute fpeak^ ? "•^•i°* 
Ctl) ) be cramineD, auD upon Ijis cjcamiuation faitlj generallp, t^at Ije Ijatlj fei# 3oa»-P-J' 
feo tljelanDS in DemanD into tlje teings IjanDS i tijis is not goo, anD tlje action 
Cjall pjocixD, fo^ Ije muft fljcu) tlje caufe of tlje feifurc, ( as is implies in tljis 
act ) toljicl) caufe, if it apjjiear to be againft tlje JlaiUj tlje 3;UDges of tljc 3lauj 
flug'^c to Difalloioj t^e fame. 


NUl minifter le Roy, ne maintaine per luy, ne per auter, Ics 
plees, parols, ou belbignes qucux font en la Court le Roy, des 
terres, tenements, ou des auters chofes, pur aver part de ceo, ou auter 
profit per covenant fait. Et que le fra, foit punie a le volant 1g Roy. 
Vide Champerty 11 Ed, I. 

^ -NT 1 • -A. Flet.lib.i. c 

f[ Nul minilter le Roy. J Fleta in reljcarCng tljis Sitatute , taitlj , Rric. fo.?:- 

Nullus miniller Regis cujufcunque fuerit officfi, &'c. anD anotbct: S>tatute p:c^ '^'P^'" ""' 

Flet.lib.i. cap.go, 
.b. Arc. 

iMDet^ againft all otljers. Minilter Regis toas taken iv. tins lyings time to ejc* m "jtfe 34 e r 
teuD to tljc 3«Dges of tlje Mealm i fo: in tljc cafe of Suffice Heigham foz a coram Rege. see 
fcanDal, auD rcpjoacljful toojDs fpolicn unto Ijim, tlje iiecoxD fsitfa, sicut I'f rafter the ios? 

honCff?5 Chapters. 

2o8 IVeslm, f rimer. Cap. 2 5, 

honor & reverentia, qus Miniftris Domini Regis attribuuntur , ipfi Reg! attribu- 
unturi ita dcdeci:s 6c infamia, qua Minirtris Domini Regis inferuntur, "ipli Reei 
inferuntur : 3;u luljtcb JSecojD ana maiiv OtljEt of tijat time [Miniftri Regis'] 
cjrtcnt) to ttjc SiuBgcg of t\}Z Mealm, £ts tocll asi to tljem, t\)u iiauc i|)tiu=: 
ficrial cfficc0. 

41 Ne mainteine, 8cc. ■] iSDf spatntcnance fljail iic fpofeen in t\)Z cjcpoCti^ 
on upon tlj£ 2S & 25? Chapters of tl)is pacUatticnt. 

Regift.18?. 3oafr, ^ Queux font en la Court. ] 2Bp tijefe VuojDS it is wda«D, tljatrcp;! 
ch ^' '° tv I*' ^^'^^'^ Cliampcrtp i? pendente placito, aiiB tljetefoje a feoffment after /ucgment 
3 H.6.S4' 8 E^i 3 i55 net teiiijin tljis statute. 

^ En la Court le Roy.] sc^at iis, in fomeof t|)€ teingis Courtis of mc^ 

fl Pur aver part de ceo. ] ^ttz ig Cljampett}) fojbiDDen bp tins :3tf; 

i^trff, tljerefojc it i? tobe fcen luljai Cjjampertv ip v anu fcconulp, luljetilicr it 

lucre not pjoljibitco bp tlje Common iiato befojc tijis Sitt ; anti laflip, iij^at 

lua0 tlje canfe of tlje making of tlje fame. 

Fietal.2. cap.50. Cljampcrtp is Dcri\3CiJ from tivo i.atin luojlis, Campo & parte, anD tljercs^ 

Erittonfoi.?':, fojc Cljampert? is a bargain loottlj tijc SDemantant oj STenant, i^laintif oj 

f'n B ^i^V ""^'^ SDcfenCaut, to Ijaue part of tJje tljing in fiiit, if Ije pjctoaii therein, fo; mainte^ 

■ g j v^J ^ nance of Ijim in tljat fuit i 3t is caHeu Campi pars, tccaufe Ije Ojall Ijaijc a part 

cLr'fo.j.&'ui. ''f ''•'^^'^''^ °'^''^"''>^''* in DemanD, Sn ttic tSitataic caHeo Detinitio confpirat', 

Cljampcrtojs arccalleD Campi participcs, ano arc tljns tficribeD, Campi partici- 

pes funt, qui per fe vel pqr ahos placita movent, vel moveri taciunt, & ea fuis fum- 

ptibus profequuntur, ad campi partem, vel pro parte lucri liabend'. 

(!!;\3cri> Cljampcrtv is Maintenance, bnt evierp Spaintmance is not djampcr^ 
tp, fo^ Cljampertp is but a fpecies of i3paintenance, loaljiclj is t^ie genus. 

3lt laas an offence agaiuft tlje Common iim \ foj tlje rule of iiain is(. 
Culpa ell: fe immifcere rei ad fe non pcrtinenti. ;9nii, pendente lite nihil inno- 
Eraft.1.3. fo. 117. Biadon, toljo ti;jote bcfoje t!)is Statute, reljearOng tlje articles enquirable 

Fleta 20. bp tljC 3ufticcs in (Sit, faitlj, De exceilibus Vic', & aliorum balivorum, li quatn 
Bnt. ubi fnpra. \[f:£m fufcitaverint, occaOone habcndi terras vel cuftodias, vel perquirendi denarios, 
M3g.Cha7c?i52V '^'^' alios profeflus, per quod juliitia & Veritas occultetur, vel dilationera capiat; 
anO Fleta agcKtlj toitlj Ijini, Uoljere it ts faiD, Per quod jultitia & Veritas occulte- 
tur i 5t appcarct^ljat tl;c eno of Cljampertp ano SKaintenance istofuppjefs 
3«lliccanij SCnitlj, oj atlcaft to \Do?k oelap, ano tljcrefoje it is malum in ie,ano 
againC tlje Common lam. 
Mirror cap.i. § 5. ^nli tlje Mirror faitlj. En pcrjurie chiont, &c, touts ceux Minifters le Roy, que 

mainteinont faux adions, faux app^"ales,ou faux defences a efcient. 
II H.5. fo.ii. 0n Siaion of spaintcnance nis lie at tlje Common 3ia\u, ana if Maintenance 

in genere iDas againtt tlje Common JLaln, a fortiori Cljampertp, foj tljat of all 
spaintenances is tlje wojif. 
8 H.?.8. 1$ H.7.2 ^nu our 0tt anD otber 0(ts concerning Cljampcrtp pjoljibite spaintcnance, 
in Sub poena. ann Cljampcctp en le Court le R.oy, pet an action of Maintenance in tlje nature 
ef an Action of SCcefpafs notljlie in ancient ocmeCnc, anD otljec bafe Courts at 
tlje Common iLato. 
n H.5. ubi fupra. 0s it is (ain in our lEoks, tljis 0ct ano otljer Statutes concerning Cljam;* 
jiertp ano Maintenance do giue a greater punifljment againft t^iem, t'jat cffen<f 
Deo in Maintenance ano Cljampertp tljcn mas at tbe Common i^au;-, h^ tljijs 
act Ije fl;aU be punifJjcD at tlje tuill of tlje i^ing,i. bp Ijis Sufliccs, fo as €ljam# 
pertp is botlj malum in fe, bp ttjc Common JialUj ano malum prohibitum, b? 
tljis SlfS, 
^nofoj tl;at t^e iUngs Mi"il^fts oj £)fficerg uit^iu ^i? Courts, latere in 


Cap. 2 6. Weflin. f rimer. 2 09 


})Iace to DomoK mifcfjtcf cljemn to tljcfttliDertnio; of 2uiItreanD tttitb t(ictt 
Dtljergjtbmfojc tljisi art pjoDiDctfj onip agntnfl t\z totitp ^iniacrs anc £ffi? 
ccrj! of l}i8 Courts. 

ipote ir iis p?oi)iucD bp tljts 3rt tljat no JKtniflcr of t%z i^tngfl^oHlti maintatn Regift.182 4 e 2 
to ^atoe part, fo tl)at ijcrebii it appcarc tlj tljat it is ito Cliampc rtp unlefs; tljc champerty 12. * * 
ftatc, fc. lie mane foj maintenances jgotc tljc luojDs of tljc Mrit cfCljam* ziE.^ 
pert? ie Aflumplit manutcnencf, 0? Manucepit, 8fc. Icut f& aftet tije 2^ Cljap# j^ E.3.10 joafT. 

tec, Come perfon^s pjoljibitcD to puccljafc at all pendente placito. 32'E./°champ.5 

^ _ r -, ^ 19 R-2. ibid.15. 

^ Ou auter prohc, J * gf tljC STfnant in a real airtton grant a 12 H4-2^- j3H,4. 
rent, common, oj otljcr ^-jofit appjcncerotucf tljelanDtomaincat«,?c. tljiss '^'J'- s E.4.1. 
tsiCljamperti), anc pet tlje rent, common, fc. ignotin DemanD, ijut tljcp ai-e ^ini'^tl'Jn^'^' 
pjofitjs out of tlje lano. dic.j/. ' ■' 

|[ Ou auters chofes. 1 Mitljin tljefc tiojti^ are inclimes leafeg foj 
jeargi anuotljcrgajiiisantiCijatteljSj ocbts sne nutie?. 

^ Per covenant fait. ] aCIjat is, lip agreement, eitl;er ip lucjn oj F.N.B.171.1. 
lojiting i foj alOcit in tlje common fcnfe a coije^ant is taken foj an agramcnc 
i)p tojiting, pet conventio in W large fenfe is taken (ais ijcre it is; foj an agra^ 
tnent bp tojiting, oj bp mojD. 

f II ferra puny a la volunt Ic Roy. ] ^^ befoje Cap.4.5?,io. anB 

acijis jact concerning Cljampcrtp is tljc foundation of all tlje ^rts anti JErak 
Cafes tijat enfuea. 

Vide Vet.Mag.Chart. 11 E.i. Stat, dc Champerty. Artie, fu per Chart. Cap.ii; 
33 E.I. Definitio confpiratorum. i E.2. cap,i4. 20 E.3. Cap.4. i R.2,Cap.46 

ann t^usmttclj fo? tl;eunDeraanmngof tljis firaa£tliJt)ic|iscnlargc»l)pi!is« 
Jjers of tljc SifX$ aboDefaio, 


ET que nul Vifcount, ne auter Minifter le Roy ne preigne re- cap.itineris vec 
ward pur fairc fon office mes font paies de ceo que ilz puraont Mag'*. 
del Roy, 8c que la fra rendre le double al plaintife, 6c ferra punv a 
la volunt le Roy. ^ ^ ''•""•-^5. 

C Miyifter le Roy. ] mnoer tljefe toojBS, tl^e Jialn beginning toitlj pieta w^ c is a 
Nul Vifcount, arc unucraaiB C'fcteatojs, Cojoners, lEailiffes, dUaolers, tlje 39, 27Afr,p.i4. 
I&ings "<- Clerk of tlje i©arket, ^ulnager, ann otl)cr ipiniHecs anu scamf.pi.coron. 
£Dfficerg of tljc toing, Mjofe oflices no anp tuap concern tlie aominiliration oj f^- . . . 
Etecution of 3[«Cice, m tlje common goiti of tlje subject, oj foj tlje iSiugs fer^ part of the initin 
Dicei 2Eljat none of tlje iiings;©fficers oj spinificrs no take anp retoaru foj cap. court ot the 
anp matter toucljing tlicir offices, but of tlje teing. 0nD fome Co bolo tljat tljc cierk of the Mar- 
ifeings Retains are \uitljin tljis act, foj tljat tljep are tlje tings spinifters, ano ^"- „ , - 
mere long befojc tljis statute. In,. *° '^' 


C Ne preigne reward pur faire Ton office. ] ^i& bcfoje Cap. 10. 
verfus tinem. anQ Fortefcue faitlj, Qiiod Viceconies jurabit fuper landa Dei 
Evangelia inter articulos alios quod bene, ftdeliter, & indiffereiuer exercebit. 


Wejlm. primer. 

Cap. 2 7. 

& faciec officium fuum toto illo anno, neque aliquid recipiet colore, aut caufa offi- 
ciifui ab aliquo alio, quam a Rege , ^no note it ts not faiO, tljat Ije (^all tafee no 
rctoarU gcncrallp, tut no rclnaru to Uo Ijis cftice. Vide devant, Cap.i o. 

aClje &l)etiff, 0} anp orljcr SjSiniScc of tljc iliing cannot pjefcribc to tafec a 
rtimarti oj fa foj Doing of fiis cffice : itut tljc fa of 20 b. calleu iEar faj time 
out of mint) taken bp tlje S>lKriff of tiJCt^P P?tfo«cc t^jat i0 acquittco, is? not 
againC tijis statute oj anp otljcr, foj it i0 not taikcn fox soing Jjis ofltcc. 

2Cl)i0 Statute ie maoc in affirmance of a funnamcntal ^ajcimc of tljc €om^ 
men iLalM, toljiclj is Non capiant Vicecomites, vel alii Miniftri Pvegis praemium, 
vel mercedem, vel aliquid pro officio fuo faciendo, fed tantum de feodis fuis a Do- 
mino Fkge fint content!. 

3t is a certain anD true oWcriiation, tljat tijc alteraticn of an? of tljofe ^m 
tmeg of tijc Common 3Lato is moftnangcrotts, lu^iercof poufijpU eifetoljcrc reaa 
fome inSanccs ■, toljereunto pou map atiD tljis ancient SJ^ajtime affirmcD Ip out 
3(t of parliament : i^oj luljileg ^Ijeriffs, Cfcljeatojs, Cojoncrg, anD otijec 
^iniftecs of tijc liingj luljofc offices anp toap tic concern tljeauminiftration oj 
crecutton of juftice, oj tije gajo of tljc Common ^ealCj coulD talte no fee at 
all fojtoing tljcir ofticc, iut of tljc iiing. tljenljao tljep no colour to ejcact anp 
tljing of ti)c a»itl3)eft, toljo feneto, tljat tljep ougin to tafee uotljing ti tljem. 

lEut iwljen fome acts of ^Darliament cljanging tlje rule of tlje Common ilaii), 
gai3C to tlje faiD asinifters of tlje iJing fees in fome jjartieular cafes to ise tafeen 
of tlje S)ul'. jcct, teijereas befoje toitljout anp taking at all tljeir office toas »one> 
noto no ofiicc at all ttas tone toitljout taking : If ut at tljis Bap tljep can take no 
mo?c foj Doing tljeir office, t^icn Ija^e been fince tljia M allotoeD to tljem bp ^vof 
tljc:ttp of Parliament. 

2nijis Statute Dotlj aoD a greater penaltp tljen tlje Common Jlato 5iD gibe, 
foj bp tljis 2a tlje plaintiff fijall recober Ijis Double Damages, anD befiDes tljep 
0;aU be vuuifljCD at tlje mill of tlje liing, tljat is, bp tlje teiugs 3i«iiiCfiSj before 
D)ljom tlje caufe DepcuDg. 

42 E.5.fol 5. 
21H.7. 17. 

28 E.I. cap. 18. 
36E..5. cap.j5. 

See the Preface to 
the fourth part of 
my Reports, and 
the third part of 
Of the high Coure 
of Parliament. 

See here cap.42. 
8 Eliz.cap.12. 
54 H.g.cap. 
3 H.7. cap. 1 2. 

I H.3. cap.7. 

I I H.7.cap.4. 

12 H.7.cap.5. 

1 3 R. 2.03.4. ^^' 
See before 
ca,4,9, 8.C. 


ET que nul Gierke de Juftice, defchetor, ou denquiror, nul rien 
ne preigne pur iiverer chapiters, forpris fblement Clerks des Ju- 
ftices errants en lour Eyres, & ceo i j s. & nient plus de chclcun Wa- 
pentake, Hundred, ou Villc, que reipoigne per xij, ou per vj. Iblon- 
que ceo que auncientment fuit ule. Et que auterment le fra, rendra 
le treble de ceo quel avera prife, & perdra la lervice de fbn Seigniour 
per un an. ^ 

Mirror ca.4. des 
Artie, des Eires, 
Braft.1,3, fo.iiy, 
9,10. Fletali.i. 
C.20. Mirror c.2. 
§ 13. See the 
fourth pare of 
the Inftitutes. 
Cap, Juftices in 

i^oj tlje better unDerffanDing of ttiis 3ct, tljc manner of t^e jjjotatDing lip 
Suffices in Cprc in tljeir CEpre is to be kuoton. iTicft, tljep tiao tljeir autl3o?itp 
anD potoer bp Writs, toljiclj Mrits \uere at tl)eir aefiions firfi reao, Quibus 
auditis, quidam major eorum & difcretior publice coram omnibus propofuit quasiit 
caufa adventus eorum, quae fit utilitas Itinera tionis, &quK commoditas, fi pax ob- 
fervetur, occ. SElje cljarge being giben, tljen luere tlje IL^apliffc? of tljc ^un^ 
tjcDs callcD, anD tljeir names enrollcD, anD etoerp of tljcm ftoojn tliat out of 
cberp ^unDjeD tljep fijoulD cljajfe four iintgljtis, toljo fojtljtoitl) ftoulD come be^ 
fojc tlje Suffices, ano fljouln be ttoojn, tljat tljep fljoulD cljcofc ttoeltoe ?Snigljt0, 
cj fresaiiD laloful men, if ^anig^jts toulD not be founD, 9c. bp toi^om tlje buC^ 


Cap. 2 7. Weftm. printer. 211 

«Er0Df dje lung t!jc tetter, anD toitl) grcarcr p?cftt migbtle cryccitcti v toI;o 
iieing vcturncti a'ut) [teojn, tljcii fljoulo ie rcat) to tl'cm tije Cljapter© o? 0rtt* 
ties of tljetr cljarge in DJjittnj inccnten, tljc one part tobcvecf toa0 Delibercn 
to U)cmj anD tlje otljcr part remaiucD Miid) tlje Bttifticcj! : Hnti commatiDcment 
toas; gtDen to tljem bp tljc 3uCtcef!, tijat to cVicrp Cliaptcr oj Article tljcp 
l^oylti anttoer intljcir yeroitt fcwrallpano lip it relf, fufficicntlp,i!iCin(tlp,anD 

Capitula vero qus illis duodecim proponenda (unr, quandoque vanantur, fe- Briccap.j. fo).io. 
CLindum varietatcm temporum & locoruin, & quandoque augentur, quandoqile Hera lib. i.cap.20. 
minuuntur. ^^^I^- '^1°' ^^g. 

JlEwt t^e ojninar}) Cljaptcrs 0? airtidcs, a0 it appcaret"^ Iv Capitula Itineris,''''^"'"''-'5°- 
amomueD to tljc number of 138. oj tljercabotttg. 

^ Enquirer. ^ ^jcfentlp after t!)c mafeins of tfjts &>tatute, tljere tuas 
aBUfS to tlje Cl;apters of tlje ©pre tljc effctt of tl)i0 2ct to le inqtiireD of, viz. 
De Clericis JufUciariorum, Efchaetorum, vel aliorum minilkurum capiendbus de- 
narios pro capitulis deliberand', &c. lainjerc Cntiutrojp 0} 3n().uifitDjs; are intUi^ 
iicB unoer t^e name of Miniiki. 

^efoje i\)\% statute, not onlp tlje Clerks of ttjc 3uStces, itit of <ll;fcljeatoj0 
anu otljcr 5piniftcr0 auD £)tTicer0, tfeat follouicD tljc Cpre, niD life to to?ite 
t^cm, toljo tBOiilD to it reacilp, fufiiciendp, ano toitlj lefs cljargc, tubiclj toas 
iojn Ijp tlje tTBelue of eijerp i5unD;ien. illjis libertp iljat il,ie Sulnert Ijati, 
coulD net be rcttraincD but bp ^ct of parliament, ano tljercfoje iiuo tljingg 
are Ijerebp p?oi3itiec. i. Stljat no Clerke, f c. but onlp tlje Clcrfe© of tlje 3tt'= 
fiice0 ©rrantg in tljcir (iBpre?, fi;oiilrn3fli\jeriljeCl)aptcr0. 2. ECIljtn tins ^tt 
of parliament ijati rijaten it to tlje ljanD0 of tlje Clerks of tbe 3tt!iicc0 in 
Cprc, it tnas »ieccf(arp to fet noluu in certain uiljat tbcp fi;oulD take, anD tljat s .s.m 

10)80 but 2 s. of eberp ^unujcii, toljiclj tljep loocll ueicrijcii, ano tl;e Countp tljere;* ■ -^ >^ 

ftp mttcl) eafcir. 

f[ Pur liverer Chapters. ] Capitula are ueriuea a Capite, t'^e Ijiglieft cap.ida'ubifup. 
ami principal part of man, fo luljen matter0 are Diftributet into principal ^r# 
ticlejPj t^cp arc Iain to be DigeHeD into ljeaD0, tuljitlj tljereupon are calleo Capi- 
tula : toljat 19 intcnoes Ijere bp Cljapterg, 10 tieclareD befoje. 

C Que refponde per 12. ou per 6. ] i^o? fome l^unDjeDg tuerc fo 
Becapeu, z$ tljcp ufeo to anftocr to tljc Ct)apter0 oj 0rticle'0 \^^ 6. t% befoje 
time IjaD been ancientlp ufetr. 

^ou) \m tljis cljaptet cohId be untierllojti tnitljout rcaning of tljc ancicne 
0ut|)O^ anu olD Mecojo?, let t^c tnDifferent i^caDer jun^e. 

C Et que auterraent le fra rendr' le treble value ceo que il aver 
pfifc. ] aciiat 10 to tap, 3If anp Clerk, but tljC Clerfe0 of tlje 3uatres t'tt 
dfcptc, tin foj reiuarD Delitier tl)e Cl)apter0, 0; if tlje Clerks of tlje Juftices 
in C&prc foj t^c oeliberp of tljem cio take abo\)e 2 s. tljep ftoulo rentier to tbem 
of toljom tljep took treble fo muci^ 90 tljcp rccciljco, anu befiDC0 lofc tljc In'mt 
of t^jcij Rafter foj one pear. 


Ee 2 CAP. 

212 WeSfm. f rimer. Cap. -2 8 . 


ET que nul Gierke le Roy ne des Juftices refceive diformes 
prefentment del Efglife, dont plea ou conteke (bit en la 
court le Roy, (ansfpecial conge le Roy, 8c ceo defendele Roy flir 
paine de perdre lefglife & fon fervice, Et que nul Clerke de Juftice, 
ne de Vicont, ne mainteine parties en quarels, ne befbignes queux 
font en la court le Roy, ne fraud ne face pur common droiture de- 
layer, ou difturber. Et fi ull' le fait, il ferra punie per la paine 
procheinment avantdit , ou per pluis grievous, ft le trcfpafle le 

1 . %\m 3(t is tiiiJiiieli into four bjandbcg, firtt, tl)at no Clcrfe of tijc Utnjj, 
ttoj of anp SufiicerecciDcaiippirfcntment to anj) Cl]urcl), iBljcrfof anp pica 
teas tEpcniiins in ttjc feings Court ■■> %'^t mifcljtef before tljis Set tojas, tfeat 
BcpcnDing a fuit foj a Cljtircl) intljetoingis Court, t\)t one part? oj tl;e ot^er 
iBotilD pjtfcnt t!}e Cljaplain of tlje ^fcinj, o j of fome of tl)e Suuses, tlje moje to 
countf nance tbe one party, ant) oifcouragc tI}E otljcr, ann tljc mifcljicf luas tlje 

Brit. fol.?7.b, greater, fOJ t\U at tljiiS time. Cum aliquis jus prsfentandi non habens prsfenta- 
W.2. i3'E.i.c.3. verit adaliquam Ecclcfiam, cujus prsfentatus fit admifius ( i. inftitutus ) ipfe qui 
45 E.3. Quarc verus eft patronus per nullum aliud breve recuperare potcrit advocationem fuam 
Imp. 1 3j. cjuain per breve de redo. 

2. 2CI3C fetonu bjancl) containct^ tlje punifijmcnt, viz. t^at if Jje not'^ it yaitii^ 
out tl)e Ltiings licence, Ije ftalUofc t^c Cljurdj, tljat isi, t|)at tijcCljiircl) (^aU 
le boiD as unto Ijim, ano ttiat Ijc fiiall lofe I;t0 fetbice, t^iat is, tljat l)e te not af^^ 

Reeift fol 8 ^^"^ Cljaplain to t\)t !aing curing one |)ear. 0nD at ttiis time oiuers Ccclefiafti^ 
F.N.B.^V.g. tal petfonstocre not onlp Clerfes in ttie Cljancer?, ano otljer tlje feings 

Conrts, Imt alfo S>te\Barcs of i^oulIjoU) to ^oMe men, Suffices, ani ocljer 

great men. 

3. %\)z tl)irD bjanc!) is, t^at no Clerk of an? 3x^itt oj ^Ijcriffe I^all 
maintain anp partp in anp (lucrcl?, oj luGnefs nepenning in tlje Jiiings 

4[ Ne mainteine parties, &C. "] Ne manuteneas, toljereof cometl) 
tl)e toOjH of art manutenentia, oj manutentio, BertbCli a manu oc tenere: manus 
Botl) not onlp frgnifie poluer ojiiclp bp toojn oj countenance, but manus ig 
herein ufen, foj tljat mott wfuallj) maintenance is Done bp tlje Ijanb, eitljer bp 
seliberp of monep, 0? otljec retoaco, oj bp to?iting on t^e beljalf of one of tVc 
parties in a fuit nepenoing. 

3l£ is in tlje Regifter t^us couplen, manutenuit & fuftentavit, anu fuftentare ifi 
pjopetip to unberpjop anp tljing tljat is iifeelp to fall. 
* spaintenance is an unlatoful ttpljolDing of tlje SDemannant oj |SIaintiff, 

aCenant 0? Defenoant in a caufc repenting in fuit, bp inojo, tojiting, ccunte*: 
nance, OJ oao, 

SEljis ajaintcnancc (as Ijatlj been fain) is malum in fe, ant) againft tl;c Com^ 
mon liato, anu tljat is notablp p?oD£D bprl)is :2u, fnj Ijcreb? t^aintcnance is 
bjanBeo toitbtbis ciualitp tbat tljerebp tomiiion ligijt is DelapcD, oj Difturbei', 
ana confeq,uentIp againti t^c Common iiate. 


Cap. 2 9. Wejlm. primer, 215 

0nll it is! to be unnerCcoD, tljtlt Manutenentia eft duplex, tl^at 10 to fap, curia- i E.3.C.14. 4E.3. 
lis, tbat i?, in Court?: of 3ufticf, pefidente phcito, ano of tl;iis tljc faiu ncfcrip? c.u. 20 £.3x3.4. 
tton 10 giljen i anu ruralis, tljat is, to flit up aiiD maintain querela, tl)at is, ^ R2cap-4- 
complaint?, fuits, ano partss iw tljcConntrp, otljcrt^ientfjcii: oton, tl^OHgl; t^e 
famcDcpenti notinplea,anDtl)i9iispuniOjCD mtljgccat fcDcritv, as bp tl)e ^00 
rtercfoje pjotiiDcu appcarctlj. 

Manutenentia curialis is BibifcD into latofttl ant) ttnlaUifuI, ann into general, ^"- '"P" "^f- 
anu fpctial, as (Ijall be fljctoeo in Ijis pjoper place, viz. in tljc cjcpofition of tt)c "^■"' 
^tt of 2 8 Ed. I . Art. fuper cart'. 

f[ Nul Gierke de Juftice ne de Vifcount. 3 aCljefe tocrc pjoljilitefl Seecap.24. 
Lp t^is 0ct, be raitfc tljcp tocre in place, as Ijcfoic Ijatl) ban fain, to 00 mojc mif*; 
tfief, tljat iSjbptljeii: maintenance to nifturb oj .selap common rigtit. 

C Ne fraude ne face. ] aCliiS fraitu is toojtbp of tlje puni(][)mcnt tn^ 
fitcreubp tl)is Set, foj tljat it tenurtlj to fielap, oj iiifturb common rigljt, t^at 
iS) t\t Bue pjoceeotng of Jlaui. 

^ Pur common droit delayer ou difturber. ] SCljefc toojDS refcc 
as tndl to maintenance, as to fraun. 
4. 2C^e fcurtl) bjanc^ i$ tlje punifijment, tol;ict) eiiBentIp appcarctlj bj) 


PUrview eft enfement, que fi ul ferjeant, counter, ou auter face 
ul maner de dilceit, ou de coUufion en la court le Roy, ou con- 
fent de faire la, en dilceit de la court, pur engin' le court, ou la par- 
tie, & de ceo (bit attaint, lors puis eit la prifbnment dun an & un 
jour, & ne foit oye en la court le Roy a counter pur nuUuy. Et d 
ceo (bit auter que count', per me(me le manner eit la pri{bn dun an 
& dun jour a tout le meins. Et (i le tre(pas demande grcinder paine> 
foit a volunt le Roy. 

aScfoje t^is &tatttce, in tlje irregular raigne of H. 3. Serjeants, 0ppjenti^ 
ces, attojneps, Cler&s of tljc iHings Courts, ano ottjers tio pjactifc ano put in 
we unlatoful fljifts ano oeDifes fo cunntnglp conttii)e5,Cano fpeciallp in tlje cafes 
of great men,) in oeceit of t^e J^ings Courts, as oftentimes tlje ^ufges of 
t^c Came toere bp fuclj craftj) ano Cniller Ojifts ano pjacfifcs intoetgleo ano bc=s 
guileo, totiicl) luas againC tlje Common iiaU), ano tljcrcfojc iljis 0(t teas 
waoe in affirmance of t%t Common iiato i onl}> it aooeo a greater punillj^' 
ment : i?o; Ijeac toljat tlje Mirror faitlj of tljc &>er)eant at l.ain, toljat Ijis 
tfficc anOOutptoaS: Chefcun Serjeant counter eft chargeable per ferement que$^ 
il ne maintenera, ne defendcra tort ne faixirae a fon fcicnt, eins guerpera fon "" counters. 
Client, a quel heure que il puit fon tort a perceiver. Auxi que il ne mittcr in court 
faux delaies, ne faux tefmoignes ne movera, ne profera,- nc aux Corruptions, de- 
ceits, menfonges, nc aux fauxes lies ne confentera, mcs loialnient maintenera 
le droit de fon Client, que il ne chiet per foUie, negligence, ne default de luy, ne 

Bot.Parl. 30,5. 

2f4. Wefim.pimer. Cap. 2 9. 

de refonne que a Uiy appendroit de pronounccr 6c per meikrie, leding, defpifer, 
coup, polie, tenfon, manace, noife, ne viUanie, nedifluibera judge, party, fer- 
)eant, ne auter in court per quoy il difturbe droit audience. 3n tDjmcc ti\\M$ 
if aructi a«3 gra^c ^pyjciuicep of ?Ia\u tame net to tl3t0 Sate ann Bcgrce per 
ambitum, Imt coiuranlnife totjcn tljcp \atu caUcn tljcvcimto, tljep afrajen all to a\3oio it, taking tl;c Df grct of an ^ppjemire to be tljc mcjc {jetma** 
itcut place : Ss taking one £]cai-nplc foj nianp •, 3w tl3C 5. year of H. 5. John 
Martine, William Babington, William Pole, William Wcllbury, John June, anD 
Thomas Rolte, fij; graiK ant famous ^vpjtcnticcg, Ijaning W.iit^ Deli\3jrca 
unto tliem to take t^e llaie anu tegra of 3>crjcants3 retcjnalile in Michaelmas 
2Ecrmfj toJjcn all tl;e means tol)icl) tljcpljaD ufeo tculu not pjetall, tljep at tljc 
return tljeveof in <£l3anccrp alfolutelp vefufcti tlje fame ■■, iuljereupon tljep tjjerc 
callct) into tljepavliamcnt tljen fttiing, ant) tljcre cljargeo to take tljc ftntc anp 
tcgra upon tljcm, tol)icl) in it,t tw^ tlicj) itti. anc iii3ers cf tl)f m aftertuarDs liD 
ipouljilp fetUe tlje i^ing in t^c pjinripal cftice? of tlje Jiaii), ag lip our ^lEoskiS 

I Part of the ^ Serjeant counter. ] £Df Ijis anticiuitv anD calling adilatum &c gra- 

inft.fca. dum Servicntis ad legem, 31 l}a\)e fpotot in anotljet place. 3n ancient Irofes l)c 

Fieta iib.2.cap.:i' ^^ tallfO Counter, o: Narrator of ilje countoj Declaration, tetng gtounticD upott 
capV^ ^°™' tlje original cairu, tlje tounaation of tlje fuit ; 3nD Serjeant being a general 
Mirr.tbi fup, luojt), Counter (5 aDtiED to it, to teftrain it to a §>erjcanc at JLato. Vide ca. 50. 

^nD until tljis DnVj ^^^^ " S)crjcants pjocitn, evjecp of tljem countetl), tliat i.e, 

recitetl) a count in an Action appointeu to !;im by ilje Suogcsi befoje tljcm. 
Mirr. abi fupra. g^ljf Mirror faitl). Counters (ont Serjeants facliants le ley del Realme, que feiCj 

vent al common del people a pronouncer & defender les adtions en judgement, pur 

ceux que mitteront pur Icier, Sec. 

^ Ou auter. '] SCljijs cjttenijetl) to 0ppjentice3, ^ttojnics, Clerks of 
Courts, ounpotljer. 

iToj tlje better untierffancing of ttiis Set, it is neceffarp to fct BotoJU \%z oat^ 
erf tlje 3'etjfant at i.a\i). 

Theoathofthe 2i:i)is ^atl) confiiletl) on four parts. 

Serjeant at Law. i. SCljat Ijc fljall )Bell anD trulp fcrue tljeiliings people, as one ef x%t ^tu 
jcants of tljc Jiauj. 

2. JDljat Ije fljall trttlp counfel tl)em, tljat Ijc fijall le retainer) toitlj, after lji0 

3. a:i)at Ije fljall not Defer, tract, oj eel aptljeir caurcstoillingljjfojcoijetowfs' 
nefs of money, oj otljer tljing tljat map tcnD to tits pjofit. 

4. 2Cljat Ijc fljall giiie Due attcnuancc accojDingl^, 

Unijis £'arl) confifletlj en fijc parts. 
The Oath of the I. SCljat Ijc fljall tocU anD trulp fetue tlje JSing anD Ijis people, a? one of tlje 

Kings Serjeant at |iingS S>etjeantS at JLalM. 

^aw. 2. 2Lljat Ije fijall trulp counfel tlje i^ing in Ijis matters toljen Ije (Ijall be 

talleo. , ^ ^ 

3. 0nDDuclp auD trulp miniaer tlje JSings matters after tlje courfe of t^e 
JlaltJ, to Ijis cunning. 

4. ^e fi)alltake notoages oj fae of anp man fojanpmatters,\uljeret^e5&ing 
1)3 partp, agairil tljc !iiing. 

5. ^e fljall m tulp, as Ijaflilp fpeD luclj matters, as anp man fljall ^a\)C to to 
againfl tljc iSing in tJie l.alu, as ^e map latofullp Do, toitljcut DClap,oj tarrping 
Ilje partp of l)is la\nful ^Sjoces in tljat bclongetlj to Ijim. 

6. ^t fljall be attenDant to tlje lyings matters Ui^i^n ^t IfjaU be caller 

2Elje ;£!pp?tn»ce at \m is not fiojojn. 


Gap. 29- Weftm. -primer, 215 

Conccnung 5!tto?«e}ip, it ispjoiitncti bp tlje xPcattite cf 4 H.4. cap.jS. tl;at 4H,4,cap.i8. 
t^cj) tl;at lie gojti auD ijecttioiis, IcaincD, anti of gcoD fame, fijail Oe recciiicti, aiiD 
tljcir namc0 put into tlje roll, ano fijall be ftoojn tedl aim tnilj) to fcrijc in tl;ciE '^''^ ^°" °^ '^i:- 
officcjB, auo fpctiallp tljat tljcv make 110 ftiit in a fojrein Countj). torneys. 

Newton, Cljicf Juftice of tljc Court of Common pFfap, gabe jttCgmcnc of 20 H.lfo.jy, 
an Sttojnf p of tljat Court, tljat Jjao fuco out a Capias toirijout an £r?tginnl,tlja£ ' I 

Ijisnamcfi^oult! IcDjaiutt out of tlje ISoU of jatto?ncj)jB, auB tijat Ije fijotilQ 
netcr be ;3tto?nf}) in tins Court, noj in anp otber Court of tljei'iing, ana tljat 
Ije (tjoulD itot me cnle in tljcm tn tlje iatu ■■, ano to perfojm all tbis, \)t in tljofc 
liapie iwas ftoojn on a bcofe, SinD Newton fatD to Ijim, SClje lUnj Ijereafter, luljen 
pou fljall Ijaiie letter grace, map pamcu pou bp Ijis Jtetters patent?!, $c. ano 
tijen joumap be rctlojeo again. 

4[ Face ul manner dc difceit, "] 2Cl)i0 ttiufl be a mif#fcfans!, anD not 
a non^fefauns ■■, Iq% tlje ImdjOS be ^oe, i. faciat aliquam deceptionem feu 
collufioncm, &c. 0nD to iUuttratc tljig matter, it is gtoii to put fome ejc^ 

Si Writ of Habere facias feifinam BiD falflp recitc a rccoijcrp in a real arfion, a 17 e.^.t i. 
(toljere in trutlj tl;erc Uias no recoucrp at allj bp colour of toijtclj QiHirit a man f-n.b. 98. o. 
luajs put cut of l)is frocliob i « tljig luas a colUtCon in occcit of tlje Court, auo Hii. 16 e.i. in 
tljc Belintiucnt luais bp tljis Statute atuarucD to Djifcn, ?c. Banc.58. deceu, & 

b ^0 it is to fuc cut a Capias toitljOUt an ;©jiginal. covery°&c!'^Ra^-' 

c aifo to bjing a Prxdpe againft a proj man, fenotoing tljat Ije Ijatl) ttotljing duiphu's p!:ymei, 
in tlje lanu, of purpofe to get tlje poffeffion of tlje lanu againfl tlje tenant wljo &c. nil. 22 e.i. 

i» in poffeUicn. r"'''''aii" Tats 

d SCo pjocurc an 0tto;inep to appear foj a man, ann plcan toitljout warrant, ^lk'b2on.l 57. 

3Ef a Serjeant, cj an apprentice of tlje Jlaia in plcauing a matter of fact ilTua* c 39 e.s. fo' 15. 
ilc foj |)i$ Client, alleogc tlje fame to be Bone at a toton in fuel) a Cotmtp, 3E.3..;9,'!o.fem- 
lu^erc in mn Ije fenotuetlj tliere is no fuclj toton, of purpofe to Belap 3utlice, ^^^- 4 E.3.37. 
&a enginer la court, tljis iiS a Bcccit toitl)in tljiis g)ratute, anB fo it Ijatt ban ^'^I'l' e^°J; Dier 
l;olBen. 20 Ei.j^i.' 

e A.H. in Cjtecntton in tlje Counter of London, auB becaufe tljat pjifon is « Diers EI.249. 
a ffrait pjifon, BcviifcB a fljift (in mtnt of tlje Court) to be remotocB from tljencc 
to f^c i?lffit, anB Ijis Denice toais tljiis : ^e maBe an Obligation of ]C]c l. to S. ana 
caufeB tlje £)bUgatictt to be put in fuit agatntt Ijimfelf in tljc name of S. ano 
BiuBgment in tlje Court of Common picas \Mas giuen againft Ijim upon liis 
conftffion, ano pjocureB a habeas corpus cum caufa, anD tljcretipcn Ije tnas bjougljt 
into tlje Court of Common picas, anB tljcre one in tlje name of S. pjapeB tljat 
Ije migljt be committcB in ejcecution to tljc i?leet ■■, anB tlje Court being beguileo, 
attB knotoing notljing of tljis Bcceit, anB fubtil anB Mfz p?actife,committeD Ijim 
to tlje iflat, Uiljcre S. ne\3er l)aB fuclj a Bcbt, noj eljcr tnas pjitoie to anp of tl)e 
faiB p?oc0EBings, A.H. anB Ijis counfellojs, ^c. arc toitljin tljis Statute. 

%W Set is alio in affirmance of tlje Common iLato, foj frauo ano falfijcoo ,0 E.^.^i.b, 
ts againU tl)C Common JLata : 0nB tljercfoje if tlje Client tooulB Ijaue tlje St^; 
tojnep to pleaB a falfe plea, Ijc ougljt not to bo it, fo; Ije map pleao quod non 
fum veraciter informatus, & ideo nullum refponfum, &c. anB tljat fljall be CntrCU 
into tlje roll to faue Ijim from Bamages in a Mrit of SDifceit : SnB if an ^u 
tojnep ougljt not Tutttinglp bo pleaB a falfe pleai a fortiori, a Serjeant oj an 
^ppjenticc cugljt not to do tl)e fame* 

^ Pur enginer ( on cngwgner ") le court ou la part ie.") SLljat is, 
to beguile tl;e Court, oj tlje partp, as bp tlje ejcamples befoje £jt;pjefl"eB Ijaue 

;anB tljis artificial Beceit is of all otljet tlje too jft, fo> Ijcrebp tlje matter is 
Co trickcB, QjaBotoeB, anB IjeigljtncD bp colour of painteu art, as t^erebp tlje 
BHuBges t^cmfelijes ate abufeB anB ijeguileB. 




m. f rimer. 

Cap. 2 9 

Rot.i68. vvarr'. 

$ Eit la prifonment dun an, & ne foit oye en la court le Roy a 
counter pur nulluy. ] SCljtg punifljment octeim? ajs WW to tlje jSppjer.;* 
tice, a?! to tlje &£i'jeant, 

f[ Soit a volunt le Roy. 3 %l)tte too^nsi ate befoje CFiJounCfD, 
Cap, 4. &c. 

William de Wafthjll plaintiff againft Matthew of tljeCjcctctlHcrjin an Stfi*: 
on of SDeccit, aun ceclarcti, tljat inljcre i)C l^au iiemifei) to tlje faio Matthew 
certain lanus in Wyrlingfcote in t\)t Cottntp of VVorceftcr, anU Blakgreve in 
i^e Countp of Warwick foj tl)c term of ttuclbe year?, anD cotoenanteti bp fine 
to afTttrc tije fame, t\)e fain Matthew otl)cr ianns in t'^e fatD fine frattCis* 
Jentl}) JiD infert, to l)ate anti to Ijolo to Ijim in fee, to t^e nifljerifon of 
ttie ^jfaintitf, &c. X\n<s matter toas treateo of,anii ejramineu bp all tlje JuDges; 
of England, ano tijc ^Creafurer ann ffiarons of tlje (Stc^eciuer in tlje piefencc 
C fait!) tlje Uero?D ) of Henry de Lacy (Il;arl of Lincoln, S^& William de 
^ifi)op of Ely,anD Robert ofTipetet,ant> otljerg; anD,toufe tibe djojos 
of tlje KcrojD, Super examinationcm tarn ipfius Matthsei quam recordorum, com- 
pertum d\ quod hsc & alia pcrpetravit in deceptionem Curise , 0nO tljercupou 
3;Utigment im gibcn, Quod committatur gaols ibidem moratur' per unum annum 
& unum diem fecundum '^ fcatutum, 8c finis t caffetur. %%( quafljtng of tlje 
fine Iras hv fojce of tljefC UiOJtiS in tljilS ©tatute, Et fi le trefpas demand grein- 
der paine, foit a volunt le Roy, 2Cl)at iis, of t^c !l5ing0 Cottrt, lo^erc tlje plea 

* \v.i.cap.2p. 
t Nou hoc. 

Nota, Six Judges 
in the Court of 
Common Pleas. 
Mich. 53 E. I. 

HiCc ejl fitiaUs cofjcordia fu6ia in curia clomm Regis apud Wejlm a 
die SanUi Michaelis in xv. dies^ Anno regni Regis Edwardi flii Re- 
gis Henrici tricejimo tcrtio, coram Radulpho de Henghant^ Willielmo de 
Bereford^Elia de Bclqnghatn^ Petro Malore^ Wiliielmo Hotvard^ C^ Lam- 
bert de Tr)kif^ghafnjMJiic\ d^ aliis domini regis fiddibtfs tunc ibipr^fen- 
tibuf. Inter Roger um de Gamages^ c^ Ceciliam uxorem ejus querentes^ 
C^ Johannem Jj'liumjohannis deBallingham deforc de duabus mefuagiis, 
quinquaginta d^ duabus acris terr<e, ^ una acra bofci^ d^ dimid'' tin'' 
acr<e pajhtr£^ d' niedietate %mius acr£ prati^ cum pertinentiis inBdUing- 
ham^ i(nde placitiim conventionis fnmmofiitnmfuit inter eos in eadem Cu- 
ria^ jcilicct quodprxdiCius R. recogn pr^dicia tenementa cum pertinentiis 
ejjejusipfimjchannis. Et pro hac recognitione^ fine d' concerdia, idem 
Johannes concejjit pnedi&is Rogero ^ Cecili£ pradiBa tenementa cum 
pertinentiis^ d" ilia eis reddidit in eadem curia. Habend' c^ tenend' eif- 
detn Rogero d' Cecilia^ d^ k^eredibffs ipfius Cecili£ de capitalibus domi- 
nis feodi iUius per fervitia qua ad tenementa pertinent imperpetuum. Et 
pr£terea idem Johannes conceffit profe d'-' h^eredibus fuis, quod ip(i war' 
rant' eifdem Rogero d>- Cecilia^ d^ h£redibi0 ipfius Cecilia^ pradi£ta te^ 
nenienta cum perti?:cntiis co7}traonwes homines imperpetuum. Et pro hac 
recognitione^ redditione, tparrant\ fine d" concordia iidem Roger us df 
Cecilia dederunt pr^diSo Johanni viginti lilr Jierlingorum. 

Snijijs i?ine being remoieB coram Rege ■■, t^e IjeiriS of John BalHngham, 
?epe'Ro^Q,*^°""' ^'^- C^'^'lJe t^J^ ^^^ "f ^og^"^ Burghull, anil Ijer fiusbantJ, ano Sibyl ans 
Cecilie Baugbtcrg ano Ijeirg of Margerie, bjougljt a Mrit of E>eceit, $c. 
foj t\}e aiJoiDing of tlje i?ine : Aflercntes ( faitlj t^e KecojD ) prsdldum ft- 
nem minus rite effe levatum in deceptionem Curiic regis, & in exhasredatio- 
nemhaeredum pra^did', eo quod prsdifta tenementa in praedidt' fine contentafunt 
de manerio de Ballitigham, quod eft de antique dominico corons Anglia:. 


Placit' convent'. 

A render to Ce- 
cilie, which was 
not party to the 


Cap. 29. Wefim. f rimer, i 1 7 

SfterwarDjs Roger anD Cecilie Ijiis toife upon tJjcir ticfault toerc feijercD, ana 
Sibill ano Cecilfe fncD fo?t!jj anD p?apeD tl;at tlje fine foj tijr raufc afo;efaiti, ro- vide n e.?.?!. 
vocetur & penitus adnulletur, anD tljC Cottrt in tljio cafcrcfolljcti tl)U0, Et quia ?oE.3.22.8air.3$ 
videtur Curisquod prsd" Sibilla & Cecilia filia prscf Margeris ad breve fuum prsecT j,"^^'" 
rcfpoiider ncn debent, eo quod praed" Johannes tilius Johannis anteccffor earundera, ^J^ jj "^"[jg ^' 
&c. fimodo vixiffet ad prsd" tineni adnullantf admitti non debuit : ^wn -^u dyz brought by the 
KccojB pjocecDctl) foj tijc pttntftmfnt of t^e Deceit to t^ie Court in tljefc \bojdSj i ord for the ad- 
Quslitum eft 3 prsefatis Rogero de Gamages, & Cecilia uxore ejus, quid refponde- nuHmg and revo- 
ant ad deceptionem & colluiionem Curis Domini Regis prsd", &c qui dicunr quod bunhec ourt may 
prseJ tenementa in pr^edido tine contcnta funt ad communera legem placitabilia, & pumft the Deceit 
Temper a tempore, quo non extat memoria hucufque, &:c. & non per breve claufum to the Court, at 
de re6}:o, &c. eo quod non funt de antique dominico, 8cc. & dc hoc pon' fe * fu- ^''^ '^"^ °f fhe 
per Patriam, 6cc. Ideo ven' indc Jurata coram Rege a die Pafchas in quindecim dies ♦"^E?».gi! ^'"' 
ubicunque, &c. 

snijcrc t!S a Cljaptcr airncD amongft tlje ;3(t0 mane in W. 2. Anno 13 E. i. tljc 

iaft dtljaptcr fautng one in tljefe IUOJDP, Chauncellor, Treafurer, Juftices, ne nul 
del Councel le Roy, ne Clerk de la Chauncery, ne del Efchequer, ne de Jui\ice, ne 
dauter Minirter,ne nul del hollle le Roy ne Clerk, ne lay, nc puit receiver Efglife, 
ne advowfon de Efglife, ne terre, ne tenement en fee per done, ne per achate, ne a 
firme nc a Champerty, ne en auter maner, tanquecome le chofe elt en plea devant 
nous, ou devant ul de nous Miniftres, ne nul lower ent foit prife, &c. 

3t i% certain tl)at tljis Cljapter tBas not enatten in 13 E. i. ttierefo^c it 10 to 
I)C f(sn loiljen it toas raaoc a iiato. 

i?irff, Fletacouplctl) tlie 25 Cljaptec of tljis parliament of W. i.anntljefaiD rieta ubifupra; 
Chapter infertcD into W. 2, together, toljcrehp it fametlj tljat it laag maJc at 
tljis i^arliament. 

2. 3it is cnatteD in t\z JFrcnci) SCongur, as tljis Statute of W.i. is, anfl alt 
t%t reft of ti)? Statute of W.2. is in Hatine. 

3. 3!t Ijatlj tlje fame plijafe ann manner of penning t^at ttie 25. 28. ano 2^. 
Cliaptcrs of tt)is 3ct of W.i . Ijatl). 

4. %\yz Statute of Ci^ampettp mane in t%z 1 1 pear of E.i/toljiclj toas l)efo?e stat. de champ, 
tlje Statute of W.2. ) recitet^ t%t effect of tljis Cljaptcr, ano tljc 29 Ctaptcr of ^Xtchm. f 80"! 
ttc parliament of W. i . fo> Ip t'^c faiu Set of 1 1 E. i . it is rccictu. Come con- 

tenue ibit in noftre Eftatute, que nul de noftre Court preigne plea a Champerty per 
art ne per Engin' i lojljicHs afummarp recital of tljefaiDSct inferten, as is 
afojcfaiu, amongft tte a>tatutes of VV.2. foj tljc C^aurelloj, aCrcafurer, 'iw^u 
ceSj $c. are all of tl^e iSings Courts, ann it toas fitter to rcljearfc tticm gtueral^^ 
Ipj tl^en ijp particular names. 

^uD furtter, tlje fain 2(tof n E, i. recitetlj tljiS 29 Cljapter concerning 
Counters, ^ttojnies, ann ^ppjentices, ano otljers, as Fleta notlj, rattier bp toap 
of explanation, tljen in tlje fame toojcs. 

5. aCtierc is no one act in VV. i . f general as tljis reljearfal in tljc 1 1 E. i . is, 
fo? tte 25 Cljap. is nul minifter, ano tljis is nul generalmenttoittlOUt limitation. 

6. spention ismaoein tlierccitalof tlje faio 5l(t of 11 E. i. of £»tlicers a 
hauts homes Scautcrsde la terre, anu in no Statute iefojc tljat, anp mention is 
mane des hauts homes, t^at is, of t^e Cljancclloj, Strcafurer, tlje toings Coun«= 
fellojs, f c. Jjut onlp in t^is ^ct, ioul)icU is inferteo amongft tlje Statutes of 

W. 2. ' 

t 7. anB tuyere bp t^e 28 Cljapter, pjo^jiCon toas maocagainft tlje Clerfes of 
tl)e Bing, ano of t^c 3iuftices,anDl)p t^c 29 Cljapter againft §>erj£ants,Sppjcnj= 
ticcs, attojnies, anD (Otljers, it feati been a great omilTion auo Defect in t\it 
fakers of tljele =llatos, to \mt left out t^e great £)fficers an» %\x^m% tljem^ 
felties of t^c teings Courts, ano others reciteo in ti^is Set inCerteo in W.2. 
againft toljom it toas moje neceffarp to pjoDioe, tljen againft t^e ot^er, Iccaufe 
tljcp baD moje potocc to offeno ■■, anat^c iam IjaD net fccmeD equal, if pjoDiDon 
W not been maDc as Djell againft t^e majojities, as tl)e minojites, t|je great, 
astljefmall. „ _, 

if f S. EN 


3 Wejim, f rimer, Cap.3 o. 

8. %%t faiD art infectEB into W.2. inflittctlj punifljment (a la volunt le Roy) 
tl)e 2tt of 1 1 E.I. DotljatiDljtreunto tljjee pears impjifonment, fo? dignitas per- 
fons auget poenam. 

f[ En fee.] Eljat ig:, in fa fimplf. 

( Per done. ] SEljat isf, 1)? a gift in tail. 

fl Ne per achate. ] STljat is, l)p putcljafe foj monp oj ot^ct conCuc^f 
ration. ^ Ne a flirme. ] SCijat is, lip leafc foj life, oj foj peats. 

30 E. 3. 3. 

^ Ne a Champerty.] :CljiS Ijatlj ban cjcplaiuco Mm Chap. 2 5. 

8E. 4. 13. 

^ Ne en autcr maner. ] SCljefc tc general IdojUS, anu fojfaio ail pwr^ 
chafes pendente placitobv t^c ycrfons nameD in tljis Set i totidj is toojtljp of 
oWerMtion, to mafee atitoerfitp tettocen tl)cfe jictfcns ijemn naracD, anft 
otljers J 3* ijcfojc Cap.2 5. anD note UjeU tlje bcoks t^ere (jaoteB, 

f[ A volunt le Roy. ] Cljis is ejcplaineo bcfojc Gap. 4. &c. 

vide W.2. cap.49 C Auxibien celuy que purchafe come celuy que le fra. ] 
Scat, de 33 E.i. ^otc tljc puniO)ment lietlj bp tljis ;act equaflp, as U)eU upon t^e giljei; as t%t 

De confpiracy, ^^^^^ 
Vec. Mag. Cart, 
fol. III. b. 


Vide Mirror c. 5. |~7T pur cco que multz des gents (c pleignent des Serjeants, cri- 
§4.Britton37.b. JH^ ours de fee, 5c les Marfhals des Juftices en Eire, & [ dauters 
Juftices] quelles pernent a tort dcniers de ceux queux rccoveront fci- 
fin del terre, ou queux gaignont lour quereles, & de fine levie, & 
des jurors , villes, prifbners, & des auters attaches en plees de la 
Corone, auterment que fiirc ne duiflent, en mults des manners, & 
de ceo quil ad plus grand number de ceux que eftre ne duift, per que 
■ le people eft malement greve , le Roy defende, que ceftes cho(cs ne 
foient difbrmes faits. Et fi uU' ferjeant de fee le face, office foit priie 
en le maine le Roy. Et fi Mar(hals des Juftices le facent, foient punis 
grevement a la volant le Roy. Et a touts les Plaintifes lun & lauter 
rendre le treble de cco quels aver' priie eu eel maner. 

Fieta,ii.2.cap.32. C Serjeants. ] Fleta rcnUjet^ t'^efe toojus ttus, Virgatores fervientes, tljcp 
de virgatprlbus. ijjere callcD virgatores a virgis, of to^ite tocSj Uiljic^ t!)ep cattieo in t'^eir i^anus 
bcfojc tljc lattices iw <Bir ana otljet luftir es. 

Fleta ubi fuprj. C Criors de fee. ] 3]t appraretb bp Fleta tl)at t!jcfe are contpretenwo 
uncer tlic general name of virgatores, anti tljevefoje carricB roBS alfo, Ije ren^ 
HjCtlj tljefe toOJU? damatores de feodo. 

■ CEt 

Cap.5 T. Wefim. primer. 219 

^ Et les Marftials des Juftices. "] Jufticiarioruiti Marefchalli. Fleta ubi fupn. 

M Et de ceo que il ad pluis nombre que eftre ne duift. "] 
^ctrtj) it appcarctl), tljat tljc ouer^grcat number of tljefe mirgcris, Criers, 
zm #aiajalg, was a means of ejctojtion, oj grie\3ance of tljc people =, ano fo it 
U in all ortjer cafes of lQ)l)at pjofclfion oj place foeber , Multitudo imperito 
rum perdidit Cariam : JicfiDcs it tafeet^ atoaj? ttic eftimation anD cteuit of tl^e 


DE ceux queux parnent outragious tolnet', enconter common Mag. chart, c. 5«. 
ufage du Realme en la ville merchandie : Purview eft, que fi ^•*' '^^P- ^5* 
uir le face en la ville le Roy mefme, que foit bail' a fee farme, le 
Roy prendra le franchife del marche en fa maine. Et (i (bit auter 
ville, & ceo foit fait per le Seignior demefine la ville, le Roy le fra 
per meffne le maner. Et fil foit fait per le bailife ians le commande- 
ment le Seignior, il rendra al Plaintife au tant pur le outragious 
prife, come il avoit prife de luy, fil uft import fon tolne : 8c il avera 
prifon del xl jours. Des Citizens, 8c des Burgeffes a que le Roy ou 
fon pere ad grant murage pur lour villes encloler, Sc que tiel murage 
parnent auterraent que lour eft grante, Sc de ceo foient attaintes : 
Purview eft, que ils pardent eel grant de touts le temps que ferra a 
vener, 8c ferront en le grievous mercy le Roy. 

3n t\)e troutilefom mn irreplar raign of H. 3. outragious tolls wtt tiiktn 
miu ufurpcti in Cities, HEojougljis, Co^uns, tokre i?airs ano sparkets toete 
kept, to tl)e great oppjcffion of tlje icings ^vibieag, bp reafon tulicreof berp 
manv Bin refrain from tlje coming to i?airs anb iparkets, to t^c Ijinojance of 
t'^e Common^^boealtlj ■■, fo> it "^atb eber been ttie policp ana toifbom of tljiis 
asealm tljat i?airs anb S^arkcts, ann fpcciallv t^e Markets, be tocll futnifljcb 
anb freciuentcb. 

C Tolnet. 3 SColl, JFoj tljc generality of f^c bjoju, fee Jehu Webs Cafe, Lib.s. foi.45. 
Lib. 8. Magna Charta, anb W. 2. iMljereof, auboftlje feberal binbs tljcreof, Mag. chare, ubi 
mojc flball be faib in tljc c);poCtion of t^c Statute of W. 2. fo; t^at Ijere it ig fup- w.2. ubi fup; 
reflraineb, as Ijercafter appcaretlj. 

fl Outragious. 3 2El)atts, eitljer toliete a reatonable tollisbueanber* videcap.36. for 
ceffitoe toll is taken, oj toljere no toll at all is Mt, ano pet toll is unjuftlp ufur# t^i* word. 
pes, foj it is an outrage to do fuel) a common injurp anb iujong •> fometimc it cap. itin. vec. 
is calleb fuperfluum, vel indebitum, vel injuftum. Mag. Chart. 

ii2o toll is Due eitljer on tlje part of tljclLojb, toljcn Ijc Ijatlj a i^air oj ^ar^ Fieca, iib.2. c. 43,' 
feet, anb not anp toll ■■, oj on tbe part of tlje a5arkct#man, bjljo ougljt to bebif* & 
cljargeo of toll, o> of tlje tiding folb ttiat is not tollable. 

f; En la ville merchandie.] a:iiatiSj in a Citp, 515o?oug^, oj aCoton of Braft. 1.2. 56,57. 
^ccc^anni^c, baljcre ifairs anb open Markets arc kept, fojS©crcl)anbi?ing,anb ?"'■«'«' ^""^i'"', 
liuping anb felling. Fma,MncuM, 

IF f 2 %W "" 

2 2 o WeHm. primer. Cap. 5 1 . 

%W is intcntieu of toll to tl)c i?ait oj S^arketj to'^crcof toe toiU onip fpeafe 
in tl)ii£S place. 

aCoIl to tlje ifatr oj sparkct, is a rcafonaMe funt of monep mtc to tl&c otoncr 
of tlje IFair o; ^atfeet, upon falc of tljinggi toUable toitljitx tl;c irair oj :^ar!tet, 
oj foj ftallage, picagp, oj tljc like. 

0nti tljijs toas at tljc firll tntoeiucDj tljat contracts migljt IjaDc grou tefftmonp, 

an» lie maue openlp ■■, foj of olti time, pjfjjp oj fccret contracts loere fojljiouen. 

Cap. I. § 3. Inter anHtlje Mirror faio ttUtlj, foj tlje ancient ILato luaS, Negotiator in vulgo 11 quid 

leges Ins Regis, ^lercatus fuerit in earn rem tclumonia habcto i nemo extra oppidum, nili praefente 

Inter leges Ethel- pr^poflto aliifve fide dignis hominibus, quicquam emito. 0na anotljec, Ne quis 

fiani Regis. extra oppidum quid emat, 31" tljefe latoS oppidum \% tafeen foj i?air OJ S^arfeCt. 

0n5 again tlie fame Binj, Si quis teftato rem aliquam mercatus fuerit, quam 

alius deinceps quifque fuam efle contenderit, earn venditor prsltet, atque in fe re- 

cipiat, five is fcrvus live ingenuus fuerit ; die autem dominico nemo mercaturam 

facitoi id quod ii quis cgerit, & ipfa merce, & 30 prscterea folidis muldtator. 

^^erc note bp tlje ujap ma tljiiigs, firtt, t^ie antiquity of t!)C liavo foj cljangi= 

ing of pjopert)) accojoing to tljcfe ancient CatoSj anu ttierefoje to tljis fiap it 

'" ig calico, Apertum forum, J Apertus mercatus, an open <parketj oj i^arfect owrti 

Snti feconulp, tljat no spercljannif ing fljoulD Iz on tljc JLojos HDap. 
Inter leges Ethel- Bonorum (line fidejuffione , & teftimonio ) emptio, aut perm.utatio non 
dredi Regis. efto. 

Inter leges Canuti Si quis tcftibus non adhibitis quicq&am fuerit mercatus, idemque alter uti fuum 
Regis. ipfius proprium vendicaret, emptori nulla fiat advocandi poteftas, verum is Domino 

rem reddito, &c. Wljiclj 3 Ijaue rccitcD foj tlje confirmation of tlje Mirrorj ana 
foj t!je Ijonour of venerable anttquitp. 

(EDerp one, tljat Ijatlj a iFatr oj sparfeet, ougljt to Ijabe it bp grant 0; p?e^ 

fcription ■■, 3f t'^e iiing grant to a man a i?air oj ^ariket, ano grant no toll, tlje 

patentee fljall Ijabe no toll, foj toll being a matter of pjibate foj tlje benefit of 

tlje 310JO is not inctoent to a i?air 0? S^arfeet fo granteo luitljottt a fpecial grant, 

as it toas aniiiogeo in tljc cafe of Northampton, foj fuel) a #aii- 0? sparket is at^ 

Mich. 39 & 40 cotiuteo a fra iPair oj Market ■■, anD tljete it toas alfo refnlbes, tljat after fuel; 

Eiiz. Cor. Rege. j, g^mt maoe tlje J^iug cannot grant a toll to fuclj a free ^air oj Market Xait^j* 

Dtt'c quid pro quo, fcmc pjopo^tionable benefit to tlje a)ubject. 3iafilp, it toas 

tljere refolbeti, tljat if tljc toll granteo luitlj tlje if air oj jacket be outnagiouis 

oj unteafonablc, tlje grant of tlje toll is boio, ana t^at tlje fame is a fra ^ar^ 

ket OJ #air. 

Braa.i. 5. cap. 334 315ut if tljc Jiiing grant unto one a i?air n sparket, Ije fljall Ijabe nuitljout anp 

17 E 4. c. 2. 1 R.3. grant a Court of iSecojD, callen a Court of pipoDJOjes, as iucinent tljereunto, 

c,5. 7 E.4.23. foj tljat is foj aDbanccment ano ejcpenitiou of 3iHftice, ann foj tlje fuppojting 

il^e^iaH^f'ie ^"^ maintenance of tbe ifaic oji^arketv ant fo note a niiierfitp betbaeen tljc 

b.Dier3Mar.i32,'pjiuateaniJtljcpublick. 1 

133. "^ i^o toll foj anp tljing tollable bjougljt to tljc iFaic nj Market to be folb, 

*9 H.<s. fol.45. fijati jjg patu to tlje obJncr of tlje ifair qi sparket before tlje fale tljereof, unlefs 

tit. toll 7. ^j jjj, jjp culfom time out of minn ufeb, toljiclj cullom none can cballenge tbat 

claim tljc i?air oj Market bp grant toitljin tljc time of memojp, viz. fincc tlje 

raign of i&ing R-i- ioljic^ is a point luojtijp of obfcrtotionfoj tlje fupp?ef[ion 

of manp otttragious ann unjuft tolls incroacljcc upon tlje fub|ecc to be punifljeu 

iBttbin tlje purbieto of tljis Statute. ^0 note, it is better to Ijabe a jrair bp pje^ 

fcription, tljcn bp grant. 

2 & 3 p. & M. C.7 ^Ifo if tlje JLojD OJ ctoner of tlje Jfair oj Market bo take toll of tlje feller of 

31 Eiiz. cap. 12. ijojfes, $c. Ije is to be ptmifljeo boitljtn tljis S>tatutc, fo? Ije ougljt to take it of 

9 H. 6. 4$. ) tlje M'^n onlp. Vide 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. & 3 1 Eiiz. 0n5 fo de communi jure 

no toll fljall be paio foj tljings bjougljt to tljc jfFair oj ^aiket, unlcfstljepbe 

folt), ant) tljen toll to be taken of tljc bupcr ; but in ancient i?airs ano sparkets 

toll map be pain foj tlje Itanbing in t^e ifair oj Market, tljotiglj nothing U 



Cap.^i. IVeJlm. primer. 221 

3f tijc lling 01 aiip of lji3 ^jogcnttojs IjaDe grautcu to ani> to he uifcl'argcD Eraa. i. 2. f ,- 
of tl)ts tol! cttljtc ffcnctallp 01 fpfciallp, tljt0 grant is goon to Difdjarse Ijim 3 e.?. an;" 445! 
of all tolls to tl)e lyings o\un ifairs oj searfectg, ano of tlje tolls, toljicl^ togc# '4E-?- Barr.177, 
t^cc totti) aiip iraic oj ©arbet Ijaljc been gcantcD after fuel) grant of cifcljargc, '^ f^- 8""c 53- 
kit cannot Difcljarge toll? fojmcrip mic to S>ttb)eftg, f itljer bp grant 0? ^^e^ 1 24. 4?^E.5?i 

fCrtpttOn. 44E-5-20-F-N-E. 

Thereof Braflon faiD, In omni libcrtate concefla, Sec. erit prioritas prseferenda. 94- <"• & -27. 
S!ttD again, Effe enim poterit libertas, ut fi quis teneatur ad daiidum ex fervitute, Braft. fol.jd.a. & 
ficut tlieolonium & confuetudines, ex libertate defendi potent ad non dandum, 57- o- 
Item li ex fervitute teneatur quis ad non capiendum, ex libertate concelTa capere 
poirit confuctuilines & theolonia. 

2Ccuant0 in ancient Demefnc, fox tljingss coming of tl;brc lanes, fljall pap no 7 h-4.4- pHf^.sj; 
toll, becaufc at tljc beginning bp tl)cir tenure tljep applicn tljemfelijes to ttc ^-N-B.zjs.d.Reg. 
wanurance ano Ijusbanojp of tlje icings Demeans, anu tljerefoje foj tljofe lanos 
fo IjolDcn, ann all tljat came oj rcncteeo tbercupon, tljep Ijan tljc faio pnbileDge : 
2?ut if fttcb a tenant be a common Spcrcljant foj biiping ano felling of inares oj 
merc^anuifcs, tljat rife not upon tlje manurance oj Ijusbantijp of tljofe lannSjljc 
Ojall not Ijabe tlje pjitoilecgc foj tljem, bccaufe tljcp are out of tljc rcafon of ttc 
piibilet!ct;c of ancient iremefne, ann tlje tenant in ancient nemefne cugljt ratt-er 
to be a iKtgbancman tljen a ^ercljanc bp Ijis tenure, ano fo are tbc btoKs to be 
iuicnticD. 0nD bcrcinitlj agreetlj an ancient ISecojn, tlje effect toljereof is, Qnod Hiii. 14 E.i.coraro 
hiiqui clamant efTe imnriunes detheolonio prseftando, ut tenentes in antique domi- ^^8^ ^°f- 41* 
nico, vcl per chartas regum, non debent diftringi pro aliquo theolonio pro mer- ^™°' 
cliandizis ad ufus fuos proprios emptis ■■> imo pro merchandizis qu' emerint vel 
vendiderint ut mercatores, debent folvere pro eis. 

iiing H.3. DiD grant to tlje Sbbot of L. ano Ijis fucceffojs, Quod ipfi & ho- ^°'=- Pari. An. is 
mines fuiiint quieti ab omni theolonio inomni'foro & in omnibus nundinis, &c. batem]"^""T*ft^' 
J3nn tljece it is refolbeo, tljat tlje abbot fljoulD Ija^e tljis pjibileoge bp fojce of Edw. & Baiivos 
tl)i0 general grant in tljiS manner, Q^pd ipfi & homines fui fint quieti a prslk^ de Southampton.' 
rione thcolonii in venditionibus & emptionibus pro fuis neceffariis, ut in vi(ftu, ve- ^^^^- 2 E.2. cora 
ftitu, & limilibus, & hoc ad opus proprium ipfius Abbatis & hominum fuorum. j^i^ J""® P^^f/^ato 

*2nijc ?aing Qiall not pap toll fojanp of Iji^ gojtis, auD if anp be tafeen, it is ace'.' """""§"'"' 
puttifijablc \)jitljin tljis statute* * 35 h. 5.57. 

^ Marche. ] X^jig ijjojti Botlj Ijerc incluoe a? tuell a JFair as a S^arfeet : 
foj. Forum., from tjj'^encc i?air is seribeo, fignifiietlj botlj : ann a ^art is a 
great i^air Ijolnen ebcrp pear, oeribeo a Merce, becaufe mcrcljanoifes ano toarejs 
are tljitljcr abuuDanclp bjougljt : ano Mcrcatus is beribeo a mercando. 

|[ Prendra le franchife, ] aCljat is, fljall feifctlje iFrancljife of tlje iFaic 
oj ^arfeet until it be rctJcemea bp tlje otoner j IBut tW is intenoeti upon au 
fifficc to be founo, foj in Statutes incioents are ebec fupplieo bp intenoment. 

f[ Seigniordemefmala ville.] SCljat is, tU obanec of ti^e ifair oj ^ 

Fleta coUcrtetlj t!je effect of tljis fojmer part of tlje Sla in tljefe too?t?, Inhi- f'". 1. 2. cap. 45; 

bitum eft ne quis in villis Regis merchandiis, qua^dimiffie funt 8c commiflkad feo- ^"'"^ ^°^"'* 
di, firmam, indebita & injufta capiat theolonia •, quod fi quis fecerit, extunc eo iplo ' 

capiet Rex libertatem mercari in raanum fijam i eodem modo faciet Rex, licet in 
alterius villa prsemifla fieri contigerit, fi balivus hoc fecerit fine voluntate Domini 
fui, reddet tantum querenti, quantum cepiffet balivus ab eo, fi tolnetum afportaf-- 
fet, & nihilominus habeat prifonam 40 dierum. 

i^ere 31 pcrfimaiie mp felf fome IoouId ocfire to knoto, iuljat is tiue foj toll to 
tlje i?air oj sparkct : %o toljiclj 3 anftter, tljat 31 can tell toljat toas cue of olo, 
ano UJljat loas ojcaineo in times pall bp ancient iSings to be paio : fo;t tlje 
Mirror faitlj. Que Faires & Markets fe iiflent per lieus, &c que achators de blee, & Mirror ci. § 3; 
beafts doneffent toll a les bailifes des feigniours dc markets, ou de fairs, ceilafcavoire 


2 22 We flm. primer. Cap.51. 

maile de dixe foux de bieiis, & de meynes, meynes, 8c de pluis, pluis al afferant, 
iflint que nul toll pafTaft un denier de un maner de merchandize, & ceft tolle fuit 
trove pur fcllmoigner les contrads, car chefcun privie contrad fuit defendue. ilEut 
at tljis nap t^ierc iis wot one certain toll to t%t matfeet taken, but if tljat tolbicib 
is tafeen be not teafanable, it iis pnifljable bp tl)i$ Statute, anc totiat fijaU be 
taemeo in Jlato to be rcafonable, fljall be iittigeti, all ciLcumftaticesi confiuereti, 
1)J? ttie SluDgCiB of tlje JLaiu, if it come juDiciallp befoje t^em. 

Cap.ltin. ubi fup. ^ Murage pur lour villes inclofer. '] Muragium, a muro, asf out SLd 
5 E.3. aff 445. 5j,t|, ejcplatn it, to "Uiail in, oj inclofc toit^ toall a 2i:oli3n, unoec iwiitlj ib3oj5 ijs 
ilt 1I 'rj a.Mrt ^J^« inclttcca a Citp anti JBurgl^e. 

m.30. Harwich. ^utage is a teafonable toll to be taken of etierp Cact, OTainc, ^ojfe lanen 
Rot. pat. 8 R.a. cotnittg to tljat aToiun, foj tljc inclofing of ttiat 2EoVDn toitlj lualis of Defence, 

1. part. m.?5- Sa- foj tijg faffgatD of tlje people in time of toar, infurre (tion, tumults, oj upjojes, 

moutli ^"^ '^ ^"^ ^'^^^^'^ ^? S'^*"'' "^ ^? p^tcription. 

*Fiet.i.i.cap.42 JlEut if a toallbe mace, toljicl) is not terenfifalc, noj foj fafegarti of tte pco^ 
« 3 E.3. & 13 H.4 pie, tljen ougljt not tljisi toll to be pais, foj t^e ena of tl)e grant oj pjefcription 
ubi fup. Rot. pat. (j, y^^^ perfo^mcir. 

I'rfnVcumibuV fub- ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^'^ 31Eurgljbote grantcD to Ijim, is nifcljargctj of ^urage grantea 
tus pontem Lon- aftcrtoarti0: anti altljouglj jpurage be Ijcre patticulari}? nameo, jct are grants 
don Rot. pat. of Ufec nature iwitliin tl)e puruicto of tljis Statute : asf, 
i2H, ^ pontage. 

i.Rot.pat.ioE.3 c ineyage, g^c. 

m. 32. Henley 2. 

part. Rot.Pat.i E. ^ Pardent eel grant de touts temps. J ^ete tl)C toljole Jfranc^ife is 

2. i.part. m.t. fojfjitgir, auD fo uote a DiterCt? bettuoen prendrala franchife, &c. ano pardent 
B 227 Regift-2*59.' ^e^ graunt, tbc One implying a feifure, as Ijat^ ban faiu, ano t^e otlier a fojfei^ 
c Rot. Pat, I E. 3. ture foj eijcr, d fej it is a mifufer, n abutcr t e ^m tljereof Bradon Catt'j, Hu- JLifmodi autem libertates, &c. liatim quafi transferuntur, & quafi polTidentur, 6cc. 
«^22 ad", p. 34. donee amiferit per abufum, vel non ufumt 

V.2^.i!iu° 3^ '^ ^^ ^^ obferbeo, t^at Confuetudines Ijatlj federal fignifications in Jiauj : 
e Bradi.U.'f.s^. foj fomctime it CguifictljCuiiom, to^icl) notlj incUme all manner of tells : ann 

Lib.3._foI. 117. tljercfoje Bradon faitl;, De novis confuetudinibus levatis five in terra, five in aqua, 

Fiet. li.i. c. 20. qyjj ^^5 levavit, & ubi : &0 calleD, becaufe tljep colour tljings fo taken unuer 

tap.itiD.u I "P- pjftcjft of pjpfcjiiptioji 05, cuflom, toljerc tbcreisnonc at all: anti tljerefo;e 
^crc tljep arc calleo novas confuetudines, becaufe tljep toerc nein tolls oj cyacii? 
ons, unuer t^e \3ifarti of antipitp. 

Flct. 1.2. cap.43. Flcta renusictlj tljis lafl part of tljis Chapter in tljefe toojUS t Item qui mu- 
ragium ad villam claudendam gravius ceperint, quam concefTum fuerit per cartam 
Regis, perdant extunc gratiam fuas conceffionis, & graviter amercientur. 

2nii pjefcntlp after tlje making cf tljis 3rt, tlje effect tljereof foj Sufiices in 
€it to cnciuire of it, toas inferteu in tlje Cljapters t% ;9rticles of ttic (lEir in 

Cap.ltin. ubi fup, tljefe tOOjDS: Item de hiis qui ceperunt fuperflua vel indebita tolneta in civitati- 
buS) burgis, vel alibi contra communem ufum Regni : Itemdccivibus & burgenfi- 
bus qui de muragio per Dominum Regem eis conceffo, plus ceperunt quam tacere 
deberent, fecundum conceirionem Domini Regisfadam. 

Mirr.cap.j. § 4. CljC Mirror faitl), tcucljing S^uragC, tljU0 x Le point que voet que ceux que 
mifufent murages les perdent ne fuit miftier daver elke, car ley voet que chefcun 
pcrdra fon franchife que mifufera : ^0 aS tl)is Statute HJaS maUe in ttiat point 

fo; ttoo purpofcg, viz to affirm tlie Common 3iau, ann to aim a fartl;er puniil)^ 
went, viz. to be grieucufip amerciec. 


Cap-js. IVeJlm. f rimer. 223 


DE ceux queux parnent vitaile, ou nul riens al oeps le Elcy a 
creance, ou a garrilbn du chaftell, ou aillors, & quant ils ont 
refceive le payment al Exchequer, ou en Carderobe, ou aillors, de- 
teignont le payment des creancers, a grand damage de eux, 8c en 
efclander du Roy : Purview eft, de ceux queux ont terres ou tene- 
ments, que maintenant fbit ceo leve de lour terres ou de lour cha- 
teux, 8c paies as creancers, ove les damages queux ils averont ewe, 
8c foient rentes pur le trefpas, 8c (ils nient terres ne tenements, 
Ibient en le prilon.a la volunt le Roy. De ceux que pernont part 
des dets le Roy, ou auter louers pernent des creanfbrs le Roy, pur 
faire le payment des mefmes celles dets : Purview eft, quils rendent le 
double, 8c foient punies grevement a la volunt le Roy. Et de ceux 
queux parnont chivals, ou charettes a fiire le cariage le Roy, plus 
que meftier (erroit, 8c pernont louers pur ( releffer ) fes chivals, ou 
les charettes. Purview eft, que fi ul de la court le face, il i^rra 
grevement chaftice per les Marefchals, 8c fi ceo foit fait hors de 
la court, ( per un del court ) ou per auter que de la court, 8c 
il ( ent ) foit attaint, il rendra le treble, 8c ferra en le prifon le 
Roy per xl jours. 

f[ De ceux queux parnent vitaile.] Concerning tljisi point of pttr# 
ijeiance, toe fijall refer tlje-Meauer to Magna Chart, cap, 21. ann fijall Cap no 
moje concerning t^at matter foj tlnk caufeis : i . iPo^ t\)e 2Cc)rt of tins iaiu 
10 etjinent. 2. JFoj tl)at tljcte lja\)e been manp ercellent ^tatuteiS mane con^ 
cerning |3uiDepoj$, ana purveyance, in all to tl;e number of 48. tijljiclj are 
fuUp ano plainly penneu, one of tljem being a gmu erpoCtion anti enlarge*= 
tnent of another. 3. 31 fittn no JiBrok Cafe, nojanpHepoit foj t^e ejcpofitioii 
£itt)et of tl)t0 oj of anp of tlje taio Statutes, toljicfj C to fap tlje trutlj ) Ijan 
moje nao of erecution tljen eicpofition : anD tljerefoje eitljer tlie ^mMevois 
|)ai)e been fo Ijoneft ano juft Dealing men, ag tljep felDom oj neuer offenocB i ot 
elfe itiep Ijatje ^ao citljcr fo gaio fricnD0, oj fo groo Ijap, ais tljcir offences Ijaije 
Van couereo, oj not imputeo to tl;em. 

^ De ceux queux parnent part des dets le Roy. 3 snije mifcljtefs 
before tliiis Statute toerc, Sfitit, tljat in tlie raign of liing H. 3. tlje iitngs 
S)fiicers, t'bat tiau cljarge of Ijiss trcafure ano revenue, oj tbeir agents tooulo. 
In retpect of W troubles ann erpences, pjctcuo to tljofe, to \iJl;om t\)i Bing 
toas inDcbteo, tljat tlje icings coffers tocre emptp, ann tljeccupon paping pact 
to tl)e IHings creoito^s, cornpounDco foj tljeir toljole oebts, anu trok tljcit ^c^ 
quittances foj t^e totiole, ano conVertco t'^e refioue to tljeir oton ufe, 
' fClje feconu toas, tbat fometime tljep tooulB craftilp pap tlje totiole, ann take 
a great retoaru tberefojc, to^icl; toas Difl'onojablc to tl;c !5ing, oamfigc to tlje 
Creoitojs, ano corrupt Dealing in tljoi'e officers, 0; tlicir agents, 

2n^is 2Ltt is general againft all i^oU tljat take part of tljc Swings Debts, oi 
atW rctoarD of t^e liings cceDttojs, foj papmcnt of tlje fame Debts. SCijis Haw 
ootljpjovioc, t^at Ije tljat fo Dotlj, fljall renoer Double to tlje partp gricbeo, anD 
lI)aU be punifljeo gcicVoHilp at t^e !Sntgs fsilh 



WeUm. f rimer. 

Cap. 5 


Rot. Pari, joE.j 

DU 17. 

SEljts att tiB in affirmance of tlje Common Jiato, onip it anfictlj a greater 

Richard Lions 2p£tc^ant of London, ann iFarmo} of t^e ijinp Cuflomg ana 
^iibfiDies toas atjuogcri in |Datliamcnt foj buping Dcbtg of DiMcts men, cue 
!ip tlje i^ing, foj fmalil ualueiS, anti foj tafeing of b%i\its, to pap to tlje jaingg 
' crctittojs t1)Cir cue Del)tiS, to le impjifoneti at tljc teings tuill, ann all ^tg lantig, 
tf nementiB, ana gooos to lie feifiS to t%e !&ing0 ufe, U)l)icl) pjotiet^i it an offence 
0} mitDcmeauoj againft tlje Common Ilato, fo; t\)e BiMOgmentiuasi not giDsii 
accojDing to tbts art. 

John Jioja Nevill, tijljtle Ije toais one of tlje ?Sings pjiijp Councel, Icng^t 
Dilocrs oebtiS cue bp tlje iSing, nanielp, of tbe ilaup of Raveniliolme, ano Si- 
mon Love ipercljantj far unficr tlje ttaluc : 2Ct)e iLojo Nevill bring l)creUiit^ 
cljargeu in ^jBarliament, confeffeo tljat Ije reccibeu of tbe faio jiaDp 5^5 L 
iDljiclj Ojc gaije Ijim of Ijer oloon gcoD totll foj tlje obtaining of Ijer Debt j fo> 
tljis C amongtt otljers ^ Ije ban Jtiugment of imp?ifonment at tlje Jliingg DlhII, 
ano tljat Ijig officeis, lanogana gcoDis Qjoulo be feifeo into tlje liings l)anD0, auu 
to make reftitution to tlje (Ejcecutojs! of tl)c JLacp ( toljo tl)cn toag Deceafeo ) of 
tlje faiD j?5 1. 

F.ot. Pari, so E.J 
m. 34. 

Sec for thefe 

words beforCjCip 

Cap. Icin. 

Vet. Mag. Char. 


Mirror cap.i. §5, 

Cap. 5. §4. 

C Detts le Roy. ] g>ae foj t|)e erpoCtion of tljefe toojug before. Cap. 19. 

Cap. Itineris Dotlj rentier tljis Claufe t^US : Et fimiliter de hiis qui partem ce- 
perunt debitorum Domini Regis, vel alia munera, ut de refiduo creditoribus fatis- 

SCO conclude tljijS point, tlie Mirror faiti^, In pa jurie vers le Roy pecIienC 
ceux minilkrs, queux rien nc paiercnt des dets le Roy, folonqi ceo que enjoyne 
lour fuit a faire, ou rendant part pur fatisfadion del entier, Sc ne rendant au Roy 
le remnant. 

f[ Et de ceux queux parnent chivals, 8cc. SCljiiS Article toncecnis! 
^«rT3epance0, anu ^urbcpoj? •, ano tljercfoje fo} tlje caufes before re^earfeo, 
no mo^e lijaU be (aiD Ijcreof in tljijs place. 


Cap.5 3 ,9 4. Weftm. primer, 225 


, V. 



PUrview eft, que nul Vicount ne fuffbr' Barretors, ne maintai- 
nours des parols en counties, ne Senefchalles des graundes Seig- 
niours, ne des auters ( que ne foit Attorney (on Seigniour ) a [la] 
fuit faire, ne render les judgments des Counties, ne pronouncer les 
judgements [_ ou allenter de faire les jufticements '] (il ne fbit efpe- 
cialment prie & requife de touts les fuitors, & les attornies des fuit- 
ors, queux ferront a la journe. Et (i ul le face, le Roy fe prendra grie- 
voufement al Vicount, & a luy. 

W.\]txt ip tte Statute of Merton it 10 pjoticc a, tljat cl)cr? fra fuitoj of t\t Merton cap. 10: 
Ccttntp, etc. mtccljt fca! v make W ^tto?nep tii do tljefe fuit? fo j ^m, sce there the ex. 

^oto bj) colour tetcof ttoo mifcijiefs oiD arife. P"*^""^" '"'""f- 

1. acijat liBarretojs anu ^aintaincr? of (ittctcis tocrc bp t^c Sljcriff comt:* 
tcnancto to 1)C :atto?n£ps to make fuit, ano amougC tl)e iuttojs! to giuc juogC;* 
ments'in tlje CounticiB, ann fometimcis pjonouiicc /ungement in tl;e name of 
tljc tuito?0. 

2. cWt &tctoartisi of great 3Lo?t$, aiin of otljerg, to^o Ijao no JLettcris 
Df jatto;inep, accojoing to tlje fato Statute of Merton tooulo do tljc iiket 
2Cljt0 airt Dot^ remeop Ijotlj t^efc mifc^iefp, as ip t^e lletter hereof ti^ 

4[ Barretors. ] JFoj t^c toojB anB fenfc tljcceof, fa Lib.8. fol.jd. in t^t ti.s. fo.35. in the 
cafe of »rretrp. "^'^ "J ^^^^etry. 

' Seethefirltpartof 

IB; En Counties. 3 acijat is, in t^c Count? Court, foj ti&ert: t^efuitojs ' ^ '"'^•yoLfefi- 
Ic luiigeis, 

^ Jufticements. ] i:iiat is, all tljings belonging to 3l«lli«. 

^ A la journe. ] jc^at is, at t|)e Court, 


PUr ceo que plufors ibnt fovent troves in courite controvours 
des novclles, dont difcord, ou manner de difcord ad eftre 
Ibvent enter le Roy 8c fon people, ou [_ aicuns de ] les hautes 
homes de fon Roialme : Defendu eft pur le damage que ad eftre,' 
& que uncore ent purra avenier, que deformes nulle ne fbit cy 
harde de dire, ne de counter nulles faux novelles, ou controvor, 
dont difcord, ou manner de difcord, ou efclaunder puit (urdre 

G g entre 


Wejim, f rimer. 


entre le Roy & fon people, ou les hautes home de (on Roi- 
alme. Et qui le fra fbk pris, & detenus in prifon je(ques a tant 
que il eit trove en court celuy dont la parol ferra move. 2 R.2. 
Cap. 5. 

Exodus 23. I. 

Epjude. ver.8. 


Polydor Virgil. 
lib.i($.pag ;i2. 
1265. 488: 49H.3 

%^t offcnccjS, viz. falfe rfpojtsi anu ncto? puniCjjaWe ij> tljiis 3la)»acc fojlio^ 
nciibpt^cJLatoof Cob: 

Thou (halt not have to do with any falfe report, neither Qiak thou put 
thy hand to the wicked to bean unrighteous witnefs. 
ifoi tl)£j» toljiclj glatilp tiear falfe Kcpo?tg ano i^etug, tuiU jbc alfo asi tcaBp 
to publifl) tljcm. 

japinfl tljofe t'bat ttcfpifeMulcrg, anfl fpeafe tbil of tljofe tljat be tn autboji** 
tp, aiiD ae;ainft tliofe t^at fpeaK ctoil of tljofc tljings totjiclj tljcp hnol» not : Ju- 
diclbus non detrahes, & principi populi non maledices : SEljOtl fljalt ttOt tailc of "t^e 

3luBgcg, no} fpeak cbil of tije Muler of t%e people 

JlBefojc tljiis Statute, in tljc raigneof i&tng H. 3. ttoo feinn of perCons mere 
autbojg of great mfcojt ano fcantial in ttuo feUEi-al fifgrajs ; firft, men t^at 
DID raifc ant) imagine out of tljcir oiun ^eausijfaUc bjititis ana vumottr?jam) others 
ttiat repojtet) ann tpjcac tljc fame, iMtierebp nitcojB ann fcancal ms ofttntime? 
fo kinnleu, fometime between t^e !Sing anu W Commons, ana otfjer timeis 
iettoren t^e Bing anc Ijts i^obU£f, tl)c great men of tlje Kcalmjas! tl^ep tD?ougljt 
jiniJ? tifcontcntmcnt, tljatpjocuceD vuMicfenifcojoanDfcannal, teljeteof out 
^a fpeafectb ■■> tBbicb fcannal ano r>tfco?ti appearcu in manp ^atltaments be^s 
ttoisn tbe Mng ann lji0 Commonsi, ann bctij)an tbe i^ing ann Ijiis iLojDjs of 
parliament, anfl efpcciallp in ttiofe t^o parliament?!, tbe one in 2 1 H. 3. m^en 
Magna Charta toas confitmen, anD tlje otber in 42 H. 3 . IjolDcn at Oxford, to|iit^ 
in ^tojp is; taileu Infanum Parliamentum ; SnD tljia BifcojD anD ffantal Din 
oftentimes in tbe raign of tljat iSing bjeafe out into fearful ano bImBp tIEOIariS 
ann Kebellions actojDing to tljat oln obfenjatton, Improbi rumores diffipati funt 
rebellionis prodromi, toljicb fullp appear in our ^illojies laiarranteB bp gmo iSe# 
cojti, ann \» implien in tbiis 0rt in tljcfe toojtiig i " ifojafmucl) ap tbere tiati^ bait 
" oftentimes! fotmDST'Cliifojsianiilaepojters! of rumo?s,$c. luljerebpatfcojti^atl) 
*' manp times! arifen bcttuan tlje lling Cmeaning H. 3.) anti t)i? people, oj tlje 
*' great men of tbe l^ealm. 3nn amongll all tbofe rebellions in tljofe taps, tliote 
at Lewes in Suffex ant Eveftiam in Worcellerfliire tucrc molt fearful, blcDOp, ana 
Dangerous, foj at Lewes, tbe iJingljimfcIf manfullp figbtingjconfoffoex utro- 
que latere equo capitur cumRichardo Rege Almanorum fratre fuo, & Edovardo 
principe filio, &c. 3nt at Evefham, Simon Mountford Carl Of Leicefter ( our 
dDngliOj Cataline) inftruit aciem impedimentis ex acie remotis, ac in fronte aciei 
ponit Henricum Rcgem, quem fecum captivum ducebat, atque fuis armis induit, 
' utfi fortuna adverfafit, dum ilk imperatoris perfonam gerens ab liolk petitur, ipfe 
interim fuga faluti confulcre polTit: inftruuntur contra & hoftes & animis & viribus 
fuperiores : committitur utrinque pugna, qua? aliquandiu anceps ftetit, Henricus 
inter primes hoftium idus non pugnat, fed Regem Henricum damando indicat, 
quod ei faluti fuit, &c. Quod ubi Simon animadvertit, fuos cohortans in mcdios 
hoftes prorumpit, qui a multitudine circumventus prsliando occiditur cum Hen- 
rico filio. 

iaing E. I. finning bp Dangerous erperience tlje tuoful effctts of fucti falfe 
rumojs anD repojts, as isabouefaiD,anD fenoiuing tbat tlje M»tate of eberp iSing 
ftojD mo;e afiureD bp tbe beartp ant in^arD low of tlje ^ubjetf totoarDS tljeic 
^oijeraign, tljtn bp tlje ujeaD anD fear of feijere ant rigo;ious Jlatos, DiD 
tljerefoje make t^is Hato fo; retjefs botlj fo; tbe Debiting ant fpjcaDing of fuc^ 
falte rumours ant bjuits in all milD anD temperate manner, botlj foj tlje llile 
anDtbepunifljmcntjrat^erleabingtliefameto djecenfurc of tljc Common liato, 
(talicl) all men toillinglp obcp j tljen bp inflitf ing anp ne\D umkii punifljment, 
to'^ic^ moDcration of our Bing, leabing tlje puninjment to fine ano impjifon* 


Cap. 3 4' Wejlm. primer. ^2j 

ttiEntjlMas tljc greatcr,foj tljat tljc ancient llato of England kfojc tlje (Tonpcft 
Djas mud) mo;ie fcDcre ano rigojoug, as bp a feio cjcaraplcs Ojall api^car. 

Qui falfi rumoris in vulgus fparfi author fuifledeprehendcturjlevionaliquapoenl Int'Ieges Aluredi 
non iTiul(aator, verum lingua ei prseciditor, ni is earn Integra capitis fui asftimatione |d^!f;i"J'p.^^" 

data rcdemerit. , , • , Inter leges Ed- 

Si quis alium runnoribus diflipatis improba voce lacerant, quam ob rem, aut cor- g^^i f^^g^j 
pori ejus damnum inferatura, aut de fortunisimrainuatur aliquid, turn fi alter audi- & inter leges 
tiones tanquam falfas refellere & coargucre poterit, aut is linguam data capitis asfti- Caouti Regis, i 
i-nationeredimito, aut ei lingua prsciditor. f 

^ En Counte. "] SCIjat is, in tljc Country ojlSeatm. 

^ Controvors.] 2Dl)at is, gDcDifojs oj 31nlJentojs of t^du OToan 

^ Difcord.3 Difcordia. SCIjat iS, diffentio cordium, DifTcnCion of IjCartjS. 
snijis gretuCas Ijatlj ban fain) to fuclj an bcigljt in tt)C ratgn of H.3. as tljat of tljc 
|0ljiilotoi)l)ital poet migljt w\\ be appUeo to it : (inljicl) befoje iis vemcmbjcJ.) 

Impim h£c tarn cult a novalia miles habebit ? VirgiK 

Barbarus has fcgetes ? en quo difcordia cives 
Perdnxit mifim ! . 

Difcordes qusfi duo habentes corda* 

f[ Ou manner de difcord. ] sCljat is, Latens odium, pjibp tatreU oj 
Bifcontcntnient, toljiclj i^ ocraCon of riifco?ti, ano xal^neii^ men become male# 

^ Defendu eft pur le damage que ad eftre. ] 2C^is Damage oj Ban*= 
ger ^ou ^aije pai-tJp IjearB befoje. 

K De dire, de counter, ou controvor. "] sctuo manner of perfons 
are liercbp jjjoljibitec, tlje firtt, tljofe t^at tcU, fpjeaD oj report falfe ann 
fcigneu bniits ano rumours unner tl)efe taojos, Dire ou counter ; ^m fecono^ 
ij;, fuclj as oeDtfe j inbcnt of tlieir olun Ijcao tie fame utioer tljis toojo Con- 
trovor : i^oto tl)c perfons being oefcribeo, tljis Statute uot^ fet toton genets 
rail? \i)t)at tJjofe fajuies ann rumours ftoulD be. 

^ Faux novels, dont diicord, ou raaner de difcord ou diflaunder 
poet furder enter le Roy, & fbn people ou les hauts homes de ion 

Realme. 'J «©f tljefe falfe neius, tijat i?, falfe bjuits oj rumours, tl;ece be 
fiije feinbs toitfein tljts Slct. 

1. i?ira, if tl)ep be againft tlje Jfiing, to'bcrebp oifco?ii oj fcantral map ariCe 
bettoan tlje !^ing ano Ijis Commons, fignifieo Ijere bp people. 

2. againft tlje Commons, inljerebp oifcojo oj fcanoal map be motoeo bettoan 
tljem ano tljc Jfeing. 

3. acijirolp, againft tlje 3feing, ttiljerebp oifcojo 0% franoal map groto bettoati 
t\)e l&ing ano tljc peers, oj 3lojos ano ilobles of tlje ISealm, fignifico Ijere bp 
Les hautes homes de fon Realme. 

4- 3?ourtljlp, againft tl^e pars, oj Jlojos, ano i^obles of tlje Mealm, 
to^ercbp oi[co?o oj Hanoer map Ijappen bettoeen tljem ano tlje iSing. 

5. ILaftlp, toljerebp oifcojo oj fcanoal map arife betuieen tlje toing, Ijis JLojos 
ano Commons. 

Quod narratores rumorum quicedere poffunt ad timorem, & tremorem populi, jr. j^ e.z. Rot.1 
& in dedecus Regis 6c Regni, capiantur, §c in carcere detineantur, 8cc. iS- Coram Rege,' 

(S?g2 315p 


Wefim. f rimer. 



Fleta i. 

5 6. 1 E.6. 
C.I 2. 1 Mar.cap. 
J 7 R.j.cap.8. 
jMar. Dier 155. 
Oldnollcs cafe. 

Cicero pro Clu- 

Dierfo. 13H.7. 

Keylway 28,29. 
2 R.3.9. 



20. tit. faux judg- 

tnent 10. 

4j Afl'4o.2R.?.9. 

15 H.7. Reylwey 


315p tijis ISccojD itappcaretlj of to'bat (lualttp tijciumojs mua be. 
515j> Commifftonis of Oyer ant Terminer potecr is giDcn to enquire, De illi- 
citis vcrborum propalationiljus •, ano to puniC[) tl)C fame. 

Britton fpeakctl) of hoU) tliefe feinc of offennecg, viz. tlje SDeijifoj, ann t!;e 
iScpojtcr, in tl^Cfe IDOJD^, De ceux que trovonr, & content menloynes del 
Roy, &c. 

0nD FIsta faitl), Sunt etiani qusedam atroces injuria, quse prifonatn volunta- 
riam inducunt, ficut de inventoribus malorum rumorum, unde pax poffit ex- 

SLljc 'Statute of 5 R. 2. pttniOjeD fetiitious rumojs in an ijtglj tiegm, but 
tijat is repcaleu bp i E.6. & i Mar. 

3;t tuas refolDco bp all tl)c ^utticcg, tljat fjojrible anc Dantierotts iBojug fpo^ 
ken of ffluan Mary, HDcre toitljin tljig statute ano punifljable l)crcbp,anD not bp 
tljc Statutes of 2 R.2.cap.5. noj 12 R.2. cap. 1 1. foj tfjc iiing 0? ©uecn i0 an 
cjtempt perfon, ana not incluDco luitljin tijefe tuo}i55j[Les hauts, ou grand homes, 
ou Ncbles, &c. ] 

^Oine faj) tljat Rumores dicuntur a ruendo, quia inducunt ruinami ant true it 
10 t^at anotljei; faitljjUt mare, quodfua natura tranquillum eft, ventorum vi agita- 
tur i lie populus fua fponte placatus, hominum feditioforum vocibus, ut violentitri- 
mis tempeftatibus, attollitur. 

^Ht it is to be unterGcDt, tljat albeit tijis Statute, ant tljc fait 3tf of 2 R.2. 
be general in tlje negative s pet to tljep not crtcntto all manner of falfc netoe, 
oi Ijojrible ant falfefcancals ant lies, fc. foj tljcp ertent onlp to ertvajuticial 
flantcrs, sjf. 3nt tljerefojc if anp man b?ing an appeal of murter, robbecv, o> 
ctljcr fclonp againtt anp of tlje ^cers oj iI5oblesof tljc ISealm, $ c. ant cljatge 
tljem Miitl) mnrter, robbery, oj felonp, albeit tlje cljarge be falfe, pet fljall tljcp 
IjabenoaetionDefcandalis magnat', ncttljet at tlje Common 3la\M, no; upon 
cither of t^efe ^tatute^g fo j ttie bringing of Ijis :a(tion,nojfoj affirming tljc fame 
to Ijis Ccuncel, 0tto?nev, oj Curfiter foj tljc framing of Ijis Writ, 01 foj 
fpcalxing tije fame in euitencetoa^urp, oj foj uling of tljofe tuojtg foj tlje ne^s 
celTarp commencement oj pjofectttion of Ijis Action juticiallp ; ant fo it is in 
an 0rtion of iFojget of falfe SDeets, o% anp otljer 0d:ton to^atfoeber : foj it is 
a ^arim in ilaui, Que liomc ne Terra puny pur fuer des briefes en Court le Roy, 
foit il a droit ou a tort •, 3nt tljc teafon tljercof is, tljat men fljoult not be te* 
terret to tafee tljeir remctp bp tue courfc of ILato ■■, ant tljjrefojc tlje §>tatutes 
neber intentct to pjoljibit tlje fuing out of tlje l>ings Mlricsjant tlje pjocixting 
tljcteupon ■■, SnO fo it is,if in tlje S)tar#cl)ambera^ar of tlje iKealm be cljargeo 
toitl) fo?gerp, perjurp, oj tlje like •, JlBut if in tlje bill tlje plaintiff cljargetlj Ijim 
M'tlj felonp, 0? anp otljcr offence not eraminable in tljat Court, tljat flanter in 
toitljin tljefe Statutes, fo? tljat tlje plaintiff purfuetlj not Ijis cljargc in anp 
luticial courfe, feting tlje Court Ijatlj no juriftittion of tlje fame, ant fo Ijatlj ic 
b^n atjutget. 

^ Soit prile Sc detenus en prifon jelque a taunt que il eit trove en 
court celuy dont le parol Terra move. 3 3t Ijatl) appearet faefoje, tljat 
bp tljebotp of tlje 2fl not onlp tlje tellers ant repojters cf fttclj falfe nc\BS, but 
tljcteuifojs ant inbentojs tljereof are p?oljibitet : but no punifijment is inSii= 
ctet bp tljis ad upon tlje tcbifoj oj iniientoj, foz Ije is left to tlje Common l.ain 
to be punifijct bp fine ant impjtfonment accosting to tlic attalitp ant q^uantitp 
of tljc offence, toljiclj is aggrauatct in refpect tljat'tt is p?oljibitet bp tljts Srt of 

Deuter.cap.17. ^no tlje i.aiu is grountet upon tlje ILalM of ©ot in tl)ijs point, Non maledices 
principi populi. 
,=iEap, in t'^el&ings cafe tlje fecrct cogitation of tlje Ijeart is pjoljibitct, In co- 

Scclcfiafles c. 10. gitatione tua Regni ne decrahas : ant tljc fcautals of great men arc Itketoife fo?^ 
bitten, Et in fecreto cubiculi tui ne maledixeris diviti, quia aves coeli porta- 
bunt vocem tuam, & qui habet pennas annunciabit fententiam'i STljOt 10 


Cap. 2 5- We ftm. primer, 229 

aimtgljtpCDoDluill pjoDitie meang, tijat fuel; Dettattion anD malcuictton fljall 
come to Ugljt, anD be Difco^ereo. 

£Dnlp t\)i& am tnaittctl) impjifonmcnt upon tlje reporter, until l;c \}U\) 
fotmo out, anD bjougljt into Court tlje Sutboj of tljofe falfe xnm. Roc. Par. 7 e.i. 

7E I. tljeising rent CommtfTionp to alltlje Counties of England, tocn^; m.i?. Rot.pat. 
(lUice De fparforibus rumorum, &c. 25 E. i. Declaratio regis milTa ad omnes ^ 7^& FraDwn.4, 
Com' Anglioe, de rcge purgand' de ccrtis rumoribus iniquis contra ipfum Rot.dauf.Vafc. 
ortis, 8cc. anno ioE.3.iti.25. 

Rex mandavit Maiori & Vicecom' London' quod fada inquifitione de fpar- In dorf. clau(. 
foribus nunorum & fedic' in civitate ipfos caperet, & in prifona de Newgate de- 3""° loE.j.parc u 
lineret, &c. 

Vide lib. Intrat. Coke, fo.3 02,3 03. in i?alfe impjifonment. 


DEs hautes homes, & de lour bailifes. Si. des auters fort 
pris les Minifters le Roy, as queux fpecial authoritie eft 
done de ceo faire ) que a le pleint des afcuns , ou per lour 
authoritie deraefhe attachent auters ove lour biens trefpaflantes 
per lour poier a refponder devant eux des contrafts, covenants, 
ou de trefpafs faits hors de lour poier, 8c lour juriidiftion, la 
ou ils ne tcignont riens de eux, ne deins le franchife ou lour 
poier eft , en prejudice du Roy , 8c de (a corone , 8c a da- 
mage du people : Purview eft , que nul deibrmes ne le face. 
Et ii aicun le face , il rendra a celuy , que per eel enchefon 
ferra attache, fon damage au double, 8c ferra en le grieve mercy 
le Roy. ^ 

K\)t mifci)ief befoje tW Statute toag, t^tit great wen anir ctlm tljat Ijau 
particular jtuifDitfton anD potoer to Ijolti plea of contracts, coUenantis, ano trefj^ 
pafTeg mate oj none iuitljin a certain pjecinct, ajs luitljtn a spannoj, Cttp, oj 
JBojouglj, tojottlo attaclj otljers bp tljeir gcDOis to anfuier in tljeir Cotrrtis of 
.contracts, coijenantsi, anu trefpaffes mauc oj cone out of tijeir potocr oj *^ 
frandjifc, pietenuing tlie fame to be tranfito jp, ann fuppofe tfje fame to be none 
Ittjitljin tljeir potocr ano franctitfei uiljtc:^ inai? to tljc pjejuDtce of tlje Ifeing anu 
litis Croton in lofing \ns i?ine0 in Siaions of aebtis anti trefpalTes vi & armis,ano 
amerciamentiB, ann otljer pjofiits upon a faffe fuppofal, not lifte to tlje general 
juririiitttou, anti polucr of tlje icings ^utttces of tlje Court of Common ^leajf, 
tlj^ougl) tlje tuljole itvcalm ■, foj toljcrefoeUer tlje contract, cotjcnant, trefpas, ?c. 
were maoe, tlje matter being tranfitojp, tlje plaintiff map allcf gc it in iBtat 
Cottutp l)c mill, ann tlje teing can lofe notljing ■■, anu fo it is in tlje l^ingg 
lEcnclj ano (lErcljeciuer agatntt pjibilengeo perfons in tljofc general Courts j 
janD tlje Statute faitb furtijer, ano to tlje oamage of tlje partp being attacljeo 
ancfueo, aslje is paflinganntratjelingtoit^intljat particular pjccintt, upon 
a falfe fuppofal, inljere in trutl) lie ought not. ifo} tljis mifcljief tljis 0ct mo^ 
liml) rcmeup, as bp tlje fame fijall appear, 

C De lour bailifes. ] ^ttz lIBailiffs are tafeen foj tlje 3EuBges of tljc Mag.ch3rt.c.25i 
Court, as manifefilp appearctlj Ijcrebp. 

C Et 


WeHm. f rimer. 

Cap. 5 5. 

Cap. Icioeris. 

BraA.1.2. fo.14. 
Lib.2. fol.f 6. 
Lib.;, fol.228. 

Mifrorca.i. §3. 
Int' leges S. Edvv. 
fol.23. & 132.,42. 
Mirror ca.5. § i. 


Fleta lib. 2. C.4S. 

18 E.2. tit. Tefta- 

mcnt. i.6. 

^ Et des auters. ] SCljat iis, ottierjs t^at Ijaiie particular jttnftiictiong ano 
poiaieriEtj ajs manifeftli? ap^icaretl) bp t\)t e]cccytian Ijcrcafter. 

^ Forfprife le minifters le Roy, as queux efpecial authoritie eft 
done a ceo faire. ] ^zu iis to be obferbcD. 

1. 2Cljat all ttiefc toojng belong to tlje eyception, as bp Jl;e Regifter ap^^ 

2. acijat Miniftri regis are tntcttticti tiere tlje icings %i\tizt% in Ijts general 
Courtjs of Siuftice, ana fo tafeen in tljis J^ings time, as it Ijat^ br-n touc^eo 

^ Des contrafts, covenants, & trefpas fait hers de lour poier & 
lour jurifdi(!lion. ] S^ljat is, out of tlje p?ccintt of tl)e ^annoj, c; fnclilifee 
particular jurifniction, 9c. toljere bp prefer iption 0? grant tljcp Ijaue poiiaer ano 
lurtfoiction to l)olo plea of contracts, covenants, ant> ticbts tnanc oj Done toitl> 
in tlje^annoj, oj fticlj otljer particular jurifDiction. 

C La ou ils ne teignont riens de eux. ] gCljis Set bfginnetti, Des 
hauts homes: ant) Braftonfaitlj, Sunt qui Barones, & alii libertatem liabentes, fci- 
licet, Soc & Sac, &c. & ifti polTunt indicare, &c. foj Soc is a potecr OJ |urifliidi*= 
on to Ijabe a free Court, to liolo plea of contracts, couenants, an5 trefpafTes of 
|)is men anD tenants ■■> t^crcfoje ntatcriallp toere tl)cfc toojtis atoec, tljat if a 
great man ojotljcrs bailing Soc, fl)Cul5ljoHi pica bp fojcc of tljat libcttv cf an? 
tliat is not ifeis tenant, it is coram non judice, anapuuifljablciuitljin tljis Statute. 
3Jt is Hitoerflp tojitten, viz. Soc, Soca, Sock, Soeke, Soke, Sockne, anO Soknes, 
anfi it is ccri^eD from tlje olti &aron too jo Soken, Sochen, oj Suchen, i. to en# 
quire oj finD out, tljat iSjto enquire anD finD out tlje trutlj of tlje matter in plea 
befoje Ibim, ano to Determine it accojDinglp, tnljicl) is as muclj to fap, as ad in- 

quirend', audiend', & terminand'. 

;3uD Fleta tljerctoitl) agtdetb, anD faitl). Soke fignificat libertatem curis te- 
nentiucii, quani Sokam appellamus : anD Curia implpetlj ad audiendum & ter- 

2Elje Mirrour faitl), tljat En temps le Roy Alfred, perdront les futers de Donca- 
fter lour jurifdidion oufter lauter paine, pur ceo que ils tiendront plea defendu per 
les ufages del realme aux judges ordinaries Tuters a tener, toliicl) 3 ratl)er Doudj 
togetljer tuit^ tlje Derivation of tlje Wojd Soc, foj ttie great anttquitp of tlje 
%m in tljis point. 

^ Nc deins la franchife. 3 %M^i i^^ no; toitljin anp fudj li'fee particular 
potuer 0; lurifDtction, ettljcr bp tljc grant of tlje idling, oj pjefcription. 

i?oj tlje relief of tlje »)ub|e(t upon tljis atatutejttoo original CJKrits are fra# 
tneD : 2Clje one in nature of a|);o|iibition befoje tbe fuit begun, commanDing 
t^at tljc partp fijall not be arrefteo contrarp to t^e fojm of tljts S>tatute. 

2Et)e otljer, after tlje fuit begun, tlje partp to rccoljcr tlje penaltp of tljis 0(t, 
viz. Double Damages, anD a commano to Deliiier tljc gcoDS attacljcD oj DidraineD i 
botlj ujljicl) Writs appear in tlje Regifter : )Eut tlje partp map tDaine tlje htf 
nefitof tljis Statute, anD tljerefoje if Ije pleaD to tlje action anp ilEar, gtc. Ije 
Ijatl) concluDCD Ijtmfelf, ano fljall not Ijaije anp afiion upon tljis statute, 
tljerefoje Ijc mutt pleaD tlje fpecial matter, anD bp tljat means tafec benefit of 
t^is act. 

Fleta re nDjetlj tljis Set in t^is manner : De magnatibus & eorum balllvis & 
aliis ( exceptis minitiris regis, quibus ad hoc authoritas data eft ) qui ad querimoni- 
amaliquorum, vel authoritatc propria attachiant alios per bona fua, qui per ean- 
dem poteltatem &: iurifdidtionem veniunt ad refpondendum coram eis de con- 
tradibus, conventionibus, 6c tranfgrelTion extra eorum poteftatem & jurifdi- 
dionem, ubi nihil tenent de eis, nee funt de libertate eorum aut jurifdidione : 


Cap.56. WeJIm. primer. 231 


Aatutiim eft, quod ii quis de hujufmodi convidus fuer', reddat querenti damna in 
duplo, ac etiam graviter amercietur. 

^nn It is to Le obfcruco tbat at tl;c tnabingof tl)i<s^mme, if a maii^E.?. ioE.3.7. 
IjaD bjtougljt an action of SDcbt, Account, 3D«inue, oiCobfnant upon anp i2E.j.brief479.' 
contract Ip ojiginal Mrit in tlje Countp of Norff. lie tnigljt Ijabc Dccla^ 14 ^ ?• brief 274. 
ten of tlje contract m SutT. oj an? otljer Countp tljcn toljcre tl^c ojiginal tuasi 1?e ^'20 2i"e'^ 
IJJOUgijt i foj tlje rule luas, tljat debitum & contradus, &c. funt nullius n'''2.Buhverf 
loci, auD cticrp tiu:p is a outp in tMct^ Councp ■■, but in cafe of account tljig cafe. 
nitoerfitp ig to be obfetDeo, tljat in account againif a Vfcciucr ttje i.m was 
tbcn as is! afojcfaiu, but if a man bjougljt an action of account againlJ one tus 
2H:apIi{f in one Countv,be roulD not cljargc i)im ag liEaiUff of a ^annoj in ano;# 
tljer Countp, foj tljat ig local. 

315ut after tljis act it is pjotiiceubptljc Statute of 6R.2.cap.2, tljatin p\ta&^R-2.cap.2. 
of Debt, oj account, 0; fuel; lihe, as Detinue, 0} contract, it fljall not be oeclareD '^ ^'^- ^''^^^^9- 
iljat tl;e contract toas mane in anp otljcr Countp, tljen is containeo in tljc djf:* 
ginal ESlrit. 

JlBut at tlje Common 3La\B one tl;at liatlj a particular jurifoiction to Ijolo plea ; h.^. jo. 
of Debt, contract, crtinuc, coticnant,ojtrefpafstMitl;in Ijis #anno?jOj tl;e like, 
touln not Ijolo pita of a Debt, contract, account, Detinue, covenant, 0? trefpafjj 
sHcDgcD to be maDc out of tlie ^anno?, gtc. becaufc albeit it tuas tranCtojp, 
yn toas it (being fo allcDgeo) not toittjin ijis poimer oj jurifDictiontoljicljljeljaD' 
bp pjcfciption oj bp grant » foj all pleas i^olDen t^ere muft be infra jurifdidi- 
onem Curise. 

as if a 3Loja ftatl) Pjobace of EeCa^nents maoe toitljin tljc pjecintt of 2R.3. Tenam.4. 
tis #annoj, Ije cannot pjoDe a SDettament mace out of tlje pjecinct of i^is " H.7.12. 
fl^annoj. 17 E.4.C.2. i R.g,- 

ano likc\Bife of tlje Court ^ipotoDers of contracts, f c. maDe out of tlje *^f ••'' ^ 

ii aire OJ Market. Et fie de cseteris. - Michelbomscafe. 

-" ' '' Dier. J Mar. 132. 

13?- 7 E.4.IP. 

13 £.4.8,7 H.5. 
, 18,19. I3H.7.I9. 


PUr ceo que avant ceux heures ne fuit ungues reafonable aid* a r-. i-u 
r- 1 ■ c 1-1 1 ■ r f • -^ F!etalib.2. C.40; 

taire leigne fatz chivaler, ne a leigne hie maner mifeencer- iib.3.cap.i4. 

tein, ne quant ceo deveroit eftre prife, ne quel heure, perquoy les ^"^•^"•''•^ ^o^ 

• uns leverent outragious aide, & plus toft que ne lembleit rneftier, Nora^ 

dount la people (e fentit greve : Pui-view eft, que deformes de fee f°'-S3>54' 

de chivaler entier folement fbient dones 20 s. & de 20 I. de terre 

tenus per fbcage 20 s. 8c de pluis, pluis, 8c de meins, meins, fblon- 

que lafFerant. Et que nul ne puifle lever tiel aide a faire (on fits 

•chivaler, tanque que Ton fits foit del age de xv ans, ne a (a file ma- 

marier tanque que el (bit del age de 7 ans. Et de ceo (erra fait 

mention en le briefe le R.oy fourm' fur ceo quant home le voile de- 

mander. Et fi aveigne que le pier, quant il avera tiel aide leve de 

les tenants, moruft avant quil eit fa file marie, les Executors le pier 

. foient tenus a la file, en tant come le pier avera relceu pur ceft aide. 

■ Et (i les biens le pier ne fuffifent, fbn heire foit de ceo tenus a la 



WeUm» primer. 

Cap. 3 6, 

40 E.3.21,47.*. 

L'tb.ii fol.44. 
R.Godfrey es cafe. 
See before Cap. 

18E.3. fo!.i6. 
40 £.5.22,47. 
15 R.2. Avowry 
89. 14 H.4.8. 
5 E.4,41. 

Britton 57.b. 
F.N.B. 82.g. 
Regift.87. in the 
rehearfalof this 
Aft it is raid, 
Vrimogtnito fiU'o 
& frimogenitic 

Regift< ubi fupra. 

il5p tlje Common laU) to evicup tenure ip iinigtjts fcctice, anD focagc, 
tljere toe re t'^jee aiDe0 of moncp, caHeii in iato auxilia, tncinent ano m<f 
pUeo, toitljout fpccial refetbation oj mention, tljat is to fap, relief toljcn 
tt)e ijeir inas of full age, aicc pur faire fits chivalier, anD aine pur hie 
marier , ^m tljc firft aiue, viz. relief l)j> reafon of a tenure bp iinigljtis 
fertoice, toas certain, iecaufe ^e toas to pap it, if lie mere of tlje age of 
21 yearis at tlie neatlj of Ijis ancettoj, as Ijatti han fain befoje, toitlj^ 
out rrgarn of anp tircumtlance i anD lifeeiMifc tl)e relief of an Ijeir in ia* 
cage ieing of tlje age of 14. at tlje teatlj of lji0 anceffoj toass euer ccr# 
tain, viz. to Double %\% rent. 315ut tlje aiDS pur faire fits chivalier, anD pur 
file marier mere incertain at tlje Common JLaiu, foj tljat tlje LojDs manp timeg 
lOJOUlD pjctcnD tljcir elDctt fon, ano elDcft Daugljtcr to lie Ijcpeful ano fojtuarD, 
anD tljercfoje UjouId ejcad: tm great an aioe, anD bcfoje Due time, \wl)Ertasi bp 
tie lia\n tljcp oug^t to Ijave rcafonable aiDjs, anD in rcafonable time, \Dl3ict) in 
a futt tl)crefo?e fljoulD be DctermincD bp tiic Siufticcsi of tljat Court brfo?e 
iuljom tljc fuit DepenDCD, i^oto tlje aCenantg founo tljemfelue^ griebeD in tljjfc 
tljingB : 

1. SLtiat t^e faiD aiDgi tocre outragiouis anD crcelTiDe, Et exceflus in re qualibet 
jure reprobatur communi, fo a3 tljefc outragious anD cjccctliDe aiD» were againtt 
JLato, lubcreof eUeto^ere pou map reaD at large. 

2. SElje 3L.OJD0 cratteD tljofe fines atujljat time tljep pleafeD before reafonablc 
age apt foj tlje papment of tljofe aiDcs. 

3. i:i)at Ijc coulD not aboiD tlie fame but b? fuit in 3Latj) toitij Ijijs ILojD, 
luljcrein Ije founD bp ejcperience tljofe olD iierfe? true > 

Ctim fare luUari dubhtm, cum procerefiulinnt, 
Cum puero focna-, cum mulkre fudor. 

SnD our Set faitlj, Dont le people fe fentiftgreve. 

2El)efe tljjee mifcljiefs arc reDjelTcD \\'i tliigfltf, anDccrtaintp tljc motljcr of 
quiet anD concojD ettablilljeD tljercin. 

JlBut toljere it i0 faiD tljat tljefe aiojs arc inciDcnt0, it 10 to be unDcrlfcDD tljat 
tljcp are inciDcnts feparalle, citljer bp fpetial toojDg at tlje creation of tljc 
tenure, ojbpDifcljargcojrelcafebpfpecial toojD?, oj fpecial re^carfal aftcr<= 

llBut if tlje 310 jD at tlie creation of tljc tenure Ijao referbcD fealtp,anD 4 marfe? 

per annum, pro omnibus fervitiis, exadionibus & demandis quibufcunque ', oj if 
tlje JLojD after tlje feigniojp creatcD IbaD releafeD to tbe SEenant, omnia fervitia, 
exadiones & demanda quaecunque ( except'' fidelitate & reddit' iv. mercarum per 
annum, ) pet filOulD t^e STenant pap relief, aiD pur taire fits chivalier, anD file 

marier, luljiclj is nccelTarp to be bnoton foj t^e unDetftanDing of auncicnt 


C A faire leigne fits chivalier. "I iLojD, CDjanDfat^er, ifat^er, anD tluo 
&on0, tlje iPatticr Dictlj, tljc JLojiD fijall not Ijabe aioe foj lji0 elDcft granD:* 
cljilD, fo} Ije i0 not lji0 clDcft fon, muc^ lef0 fljall Ije babe aiDc to? Ijis elDcr 
bjot^er, oj tji0 elDcft coufin anD Ijeir : but if a man %ui} ifTue mo tons, anD tl&c 
cloett Die in t^c i?atljet0 life toitljout ifTuCjlje fijall Ijabc aice foj tlje fcconD fon, 
foj Ije i0 noto elDcft, anD tljc Statute faitlj elDclJ fon, anD not fita#bo;n ■■, pet t\t 
Writ grounDCD upon tlji0 Statute i% ad primogenitum filium fuum maritandum, 
but Ije is primogenitus tljcn libing. JlBut if t^e llojD IjaD receibcD aiDcfojliiiS 
elDeft fon, Ije fijall not Ijabe aiD again foj tljc fcconD, foj unicum auxilium, tmt 
aiD 10 onip Due to one anD t^ fame iiojD, to make i^i0 elDeft fon a ISnig'bt: Non 
tenetur quis de uno tenemento eidem domino plura dare auxilia ad filium fuum 
p:iilitcm faciend. 


Gap. 9^. Wefim. primer, 293 

3f t\)C ilojti l)atl) iffue tluo fon0, t\)e tluit ion Ijatlj tfftic a Datigfjtrr aitD ttV Mirror ca.i. § 3. 
ctlj, tl)E llojti fijall not tatoe aiti to make \)is fcconD feu a Janigljr, foj tljc fccoiili vkti uii fupra. 
fon 10 not l)is ^ctc apparent f ani) in tl^ig cafe tie otigljt to kljts Ijet'c apparent; ^- ^' ^- ^2- 
foj at tW time tlje flatc of all lanDs laas fa^^fimpie, anu tlje InncB of tlie iLojD 
ftoiilD oefcenti to tlje Datioiljter, ano tijerfoje t^c ilatu luotilD not Ijaur tljcutgni:* 
tp of djiwlrp to lie apparcIIeD luitlj po^crtp, ano in refpcct tficcccf tly: fen tole 
JSnigljtco ia3as to lie Ijeir apparent. Zm tljis agratlj toitlj tljc letter anc mean^ 
tng of tljig Sctj A faire fon eigne fits chivalier, luljo l)j> common intennmcnt iu 
Ijcir apparent. 

- 3;f tlje clDcC fon ht mace a iSnigljt before ttje age of fiftpcnj tlje Jlojti can Ijatie 
no aiOj Oecaufe tlje Uiojosi be A faire leignc tits chivalier i ano none lDa$ eucr Due 
to tlje LojD. 

Sf tlje ildjo Ijatlj iffue taflarn eigne, ano mulier ptiifnc, Ije fijall not Ijabe ain 
to mafec tlje lattam a tonigljt, in Ije is not in /ucgment tf Jialu accoiinteD Ijtj! 
Ton, liut ^e fliall Ija^e it foj tlje mulier ptiifnc. 

it \uasi IjolDcu in ancient time, tljat tlje ILojo coulD not ncmano aio pur faire vide cap. 10', 
fits chivalier, unlefs Ije Ijimfclf tocrc a Jsnigljtj nefilius antecederctpatri: 3!5ut 
3&nigljt!3 in ancient time greus fo fcarce, as Cfciuires tljat luoere of abilitp to be 
lanigljtSjnot onlp in tliis cafejbut in manp otljerJupplieD tljc place of tentgljtsi 
Suiliciens honor e'l homini, qui dignus honoreeft. 

l^erebv it appear etlj tljat bp tljepolicp of tlje iLalWjtlje clccft fon of a tonigljt 
taas not onlp traineD up in Ijis rentier pears in learning ano bnoiuicDge of lis= 
leral acts to aDojn tlje mine, but toljcn Ijc came to coniienient pears, oio foj ti^e 
Befcnce of tbe ISealm learn ano cjcercife tlje oaeos of ^rms auo cljibalrp, tljat 
i)Z migljt be able to ferbe Ijis Countrp bot^ in time of peace ano Mar. 

^ Ne a leigne file marier. ] 315p tljis tljc policp of tljellato appearctlj, See 3sH.(S.4o.' 
tljat tbe Eloeft naugljter migljt be timelp pjeferrea in marriagejfo;^ tljcrebp come 
Crengtb ana goiD alliance to ttieiFamilp, anD botlj tljefe are giben bp JLain f.n.b. f.gz.e.d. 
tattljout anp fpecial referviation ; ano tlje obferbation of tlje ancients teas, SCljat 
marrp tlje elDcft Daugljtcr mell, anti all t^c reti lojill be pjeferreb tljc letter i 
anb to tljat enn aio tjjas granteb foj tlje clDea naugljter. 

^ Outragious aid."] 2Cenant peravaile Ojall be contributojp to tlje aiD Pafdi. 17 e. 
foj tljc marriage of tlje iSings Daugljtcr. &« foj tljis luojo bcfoje Cap. 3 1. B^nco roc. 38. 

"^ Northampt. 

^ De fee de chivalier entier folement (bient done 20 s. "] ^ere it Mag. chart, c.2. 
is to ht obferbCD ( as it Ijatlj been noteo ) tljat relief is tlje fourtl) part of a 
ISnigljtS fee being tljen 20]. is 5 1. anO aiO pur faire hits chivalier, oj pur file ma- 
rier, i$ tlje ttocntietlj part of a Janigtitsfffi, viz. 20 s. limitco bp tljis ^ct. 

<|[ Et de 20 1. de terre tenus per focage. ] SCljis fum is fet ndton hto See more hereof 
tattfc tlje baluc of a Inigljts fee teas tljen 20 1. ( toljtclj tljeniajas fufficient to '" ^^^ commen- 
maintain tlje Dignitp of i^nigljtljoatj ) ano fo tlje statute mafeetlj tljcm cciual in 1"> "P°f ''15 
balue ■, tbe Bing toas not bouno bp tliis Statute, but Ije migljt tafee fuclj relief, De mrndbu's 
ano at fuclj time as toas flue bp t^e Common 3lato. 

HBut tlje Statute of 25 E.3. ootlj alTefs tlje aiDs at fucli a rate as tljis Statute 25E.3. 
Dotlj, ano tljat SiA oot^ luell erpouno tljis Statute, tliat none fijall pap tljcfc roc. Pariiam. 
ains but tlje aCenants of tljc lanu Ijolning tljc fame immeniatelp in oemefne 29 E-s-nu. itf. 
toitljout anp mefne. 

jTo} mefnc ILojus ougbt to pap no aio tmplico in tliefe tooios of our ^tf, De 6 n. 3. Avowry 
feede chivalier, & de 20 1. terre, auti if tlje aCenant peravaile bp tonigljts fcrbirc 242. F.N.B. 8j. k. 
goetlj toitlj bis 3lo}0,$c.lje5ifcl)atgetlj all ttjc mefnc 3L0J0S. i^ote tljefe luojDs, iiH-4-?4- io'h.4. 
De fee de chivalier, uotlj cj:clui)e grano ferjeantp, fo; Ijc tljat bolDctlj bp tljat ^"h^P a^^' j 
tenure fljall pap no aio to tlje Lojn eitljer to make Ijis fon a tonigljt, o; to mar^ merne^i.Rot.'par^ 
rp l)is tiatigljter ; foj bp t^is Sid it appcarctlj, tljat none fljall pap anp aiD but 9 h.6 nu. 15. 
Scnants bp !^nigiits fcrbiee, oj SEcnant in focage, ana no otljec tenure. 

Hh CTanque 

234 WeHm. f rimer. Cap. 3 6» 

1 E.2. Stat, de C Tanque le fits foit del age de 1 5 ans. "] i^otc no man (Tjall I'C com^* 

miUtibus. * pcUcD to ta^e l^nigljtljoDti upon Ijinvuntil l;c be 2 1 ^ears olD, ant) Ijaue fuffici>« 

twt lanu foj maintenance of tljat negtee, i?ct at tlje age of ftftan years \)t ina^ 

iegitt to learn foinc tljings tljat belong to Clji^alrp, but it is gron foj tlje iLo?n 

to make wiat fpecc Ije can after tljat age to rccoijer tlje aio citl^er bp tlje Mlric 

De auxilio ad filium fuum militem taciend", ojbpOifirefSi fojif tlje fon Bie, tljC 

3Loj» lofetl) t^e aiD, foj t^at bp Ijis seatlj tlje final caufe ceafetlj, anti fo lifeetoife 

if t^e iTatljer Dietl;, tlje aiu is loft, fo^ tljat tl)e tiutv auB remeup is cnl^ gi^ 

T*r4 nmrdu. ten to t^e i?atl)cr, uj^o in rctpert of nature Ijatlj t^e Mariifljip of Ijis eHiett fon, 

inflit. Seft. 1 14. anu as a natural i^atljer is to pjovjinc foj Ijis aniancement v ano fo as a iFatljer 

Lib. 7- foi.13. b. jjj, ji^g ^^^ (jf nature is bouun to pjoliine a competent mariage foj Ijis aanglj^ 

^nl\Tlf» 6^c;^ ter, tol)icl( arc tberefo?c pcrlonal to t^e i?att)er : anu fo note t^e Biuerfitp bc^ 

101.17. 33 n. .57. j^^„j.gijjf^ ^ijij^ ig abfolutelp iwt to tlje lojti in refpert of tlje feignioj]) 

meerlp, anu tbcfe aius, t»l)icl) are not abfolutelp cue to ilje ILojn, but foj tljc 

performance of a Dutj of nature. 

^ Tanque el {s. la file) foit de 7 ans.^ 3in ancient time dDentlCi* 
men of grou Ijoufes, fo;i fenitting tl^emfelVics in greater bonus of amitp anc al<« 
liance, maricD tlKir cl]ilt)?en berp I'oung, tol)iclj tlje %m cotl) feem to fabour, 
foj tljat it gibftl) 'ber SDotocr, if de be of tlje age of nine pears at tl^ie tieatb of 
Ijcr Ijusbans, tjjl^creof 3 babe fenoton fome to Ijabe pjofpcren toell, but moje 
tljat babe pxobco unfortunate. 

F.N.B. 82. i. & C Et moruft avant que il avoir fa file marie. ~] ^nt our act gibett) 
83. a. 0i,ip rcmcDv to tbe caugbtcr, ant mafeetb no mention of tbe fon in tbat cafe, 

ano pet tbe fon (ball babe tbe fame remeBp againft tbe C'lcccHtojs, tbat tbe 

naugbter fljall babe, being in aequali jure. 
Hil eE 2 foi 62 SEcnant for life, or 2Ccnant in SDotter fball not babe aiD pur file maricr, ou 

<3.'inli"bromeo.' purfaiie rttschivalier, but tbebcrp JLorO, tObobombp potlibiUtp tbep migbt 

Phil. Leuteynes inbcrit, auti Mjom tbc lorD bp nature is bounb to prefer i but SCcnant for 

"'^^^ life, f c. fljall babe (Il;fcuage, ^arb, spariage, ann ISelicf. 

E Debt I s6 3f tbe i?atbf r rcceibc tbe aiii, ann after tbe fon is mnigbteu, or tbe baugbtec 

" marricD in tbe life of tbe iTatber, neitber fon nor caugbter (Ijall babe rcmeup 

for tbe aiD, for tbe enti of tbe iiauj is performcu. llBut bp tbe tobole contcrt of 

tljis act it appcnretb, tbat fmall portions prcferrcD in mariage tbe baugbtcrs 

of gcDC i?amilies, ^wben uertue ann goo blcon Ms more cftamen tbcn great 


f[ Les Executors fon pier font tenus al file. "} j^ote, tbe iFatbec 
bimfclf batb time to make bis elricft ton a iUnigbt after bis age of 15 ana to 
marrpbiis tiaugbtcr after ber age of 7 pears at anp time During bis life, ano 
tbcrefore tbougb tbe iTatber rcceibe tbe aius, pet babe tbep no remebp againtt 
bim, but to cepenn upon bi? paternal care, ano tbeir remeup is againll tbe Cite.* 
tutors, or anminiflrators of tbe i?atber, if tbep be not prcferccb in bis life 
time, as it appearetb bp tbts 0ct. 

f[ Et fi les biens le pier ne fiiffifent, fon heir de ceo foit tenus a le 
file. ] 0nD berc it is to be obferbcn, tbat if tbe pcrfonal eflate of tbe llorf be 
fufficicnt to pap tbe ait), tbe beir (tobo is to maintain tbc fiatc ann countenance 
of bis ifatbcr ) is not to be cbargeti tbcrebJitb. , 

OF , . . , 3n an action of bebt brougbt bp tbfe clDctt naugbter againft tbe beir for an 
3 1L.3. ucDc 157. ^^ ^^^.^^ ^^^ jTatber receitcD of \)\% tenants for reafonablc am to marrp ber, 
anB tbat nje boas not marrico in bis life time, f c, ann in ber Declaration maD« 
no mention tbat tbe Cxecucors baD no atfets, anD pet tbe count iwas ruleo to U 
groD, for tbat is tbe ojDinarp count in an Action of Debt, tobicb tbe Statute gi<* 
uetb. auD if tbe executors babe atfets, tbe betr fljalt pleac it in bar. 

Cap. 9 7- Weftm. primer, 225 

aitl)oitg!) tl)e Statute be, tljat Ijts Ijetr fijall be lictiti^i to tljctJEUgljtcr, tt is 
itnoecftcoD, tljat Ije fijall lie boicnD, if tie Ijatlj alTctis in fe^OmijU bp tefcent from 
W ir'atljer. 

2Ul3Ctiatig;!)Ccrnjan not recover pait agniniS tlje (iB.recutojs, ano ttje teCtue 
apinft tl)e Ijcir, but eitljer all againft tlje €):emms, oj aU aKaiuCt tljc tjcir, ais 
tljefe luojiis DO pjoije. 

SClje ciDcft foil mutt IjaDe W rcmcup onip againtt tl;e (iEircctttojis, foj Ije Ijim^ f. n. b. ubi fup, 
fclf is Ijcir. 

auD tljefe aiDs appear bv tlje Mirror to be fter? ancient, o?taincti bp iaing Mirror ca i. § ? 
Alfred, anil otljer ancient §AingS, fo^ Ije faitlj, Et que Efcuage, Rdiefe & Aides, 
fe hiTent per ks Tenants a lour Seigniours de lour heritage reliever, les heires Ics 
Seigniours faire chivaliers, & de lour eignefTes files marier. Bit iS to bc Obfcr\3£0 
l)0\u moneratc tljc aims be bp fojce of tljis i3cf, ano tljercfojc it is to be coUcfico 
tljat tljc fffs of tl)e Iterates tocre tljen (ano pet oug|)t to be) moueratc alio. 

CAP. xxxvir. 

PUiview eft Si. accorde enfement, que fi home (bit attaint de dii^ See Marib-cap. 74 
feifin fait en temps le Koy que ore eft, ovefque robbery, de af- Y^^' ^"'"ff- ^'^ 
cun maner de chattel on de moveable, & foit trove vers luy per re- infl.Sea. 514! ^ 
cognifance de Affile de Novel dilleifin, le judgment fbit tiel, que le '^^^^- ^" Actainr, 
plaintife recovera fa feifin 8c les damages, auxibien de chattel Sc de 
moveable avantdits, come de foile. Et le diifeifor foit rente, Ic quel 
que il foit prelent ou non, iftint que ( fil foit prefent ) primes foit 
agard a la prifon. Et per meime le maner foit fait de diffeifia fait a 
force 8c armes, tout ne face home robbery. 

i;l)is Statute is tnane in affirmance of tljc Common iiato, as appcarctlj bp 
original OTJtitS of 0ffifc, toljerein tlje iMOjns be. Facias tenement' illud refeiiiri 
de catallis qus in ipfo capta fuerunt, & ipfum tenemcntum cum catallis effein pace 
ufque ad primam atlifam ■, luljiclj Writ toas at tlje Common ILatu befo?e tljis 
Statute, as it appearctlj bp Glanvill, ano b'^ Bradon luljo iujotc befoje tljijs Gianv-i.3-"P-33, 

ano tlje Bltmgcs of tljeaiTife ougljt to enquire of tlje fame, fcj tfgcoDS be ^"^-M- foi-i?? 
taken atoap bp tlje oiffeifoj, it is a Biffeiffn luitlj fojce, ano tljcrefoje ex officio, 
t^e 3Jutigcs ougljt to enquire tljereof. 1 1,i7. „ h. 4.15,17. 

^ En temps le Roy que ore eft.] ^et tljis M being in affirmance of 
t^e Common liaiu fiotlj extenDto all times after, toljiclj tlje iJuoges in 4 E. 2. 4 E.2. damage 10. 
not obferbing, noj remembjing tlje U)o;5s of tlje MJrit of 5lffifc cenieu to cn*= 
quire of tlje tafeing aiuap of tlje gcoos. 

C Ovefque robbery.] l^ere ( robberp ) is tafeen in a large fettfe, foj 
a tojongful tafeing atoap of gmos, as a tojong ooer ano trefpaffer. 

f De afcun manner de chattel, ou dc moveable, Sec. ] gf a man bc 3 £.3.3.54. 
iiffeifeo, auD Ijatlj gmus, tol)icl) Ije Ijatlj ttereupon as (Erecutoj oj ^Ominiiira* 
to?, taken atoap, tljefe are not accounteo Ijis gosos toitljin tljis &>tatutc, beraufe 
lie Ijatlj tljcm, in auter droit, to tljc ufe of tlje tcao. 

a man feifeo of lano in tlje rigljt of ^is luife, oj jopntlp toit^ Ijts toife, anD i , h. 4.16. 
IS iifieifeD, an5 W goos taken amap i in an ;aifife b?ougl)cbp tlje Ijugbano anD 7 H.5.30. b. 

^Ij 2 wife, 

2^6 Weftm.f rimer. Cap. 5 7. 

totfe, %c anti l)ij5 tuife (l)aU recciJer feifin of tlje lanu, aim l;c alone upon tl;a£ 
ojtginal "bjougljt bp Ijim ann |)isi luifc fljall tjauc Damages, toljitl) ig u^ojtl)? cf 

0nD fo it igj if ttoo )opnt#tcnant0 le Diffeifen, anti tljc got)? cf one of tljcm 
taken atoapjlott) QjaU tecouer tl)e lanDjanti d)e one Damages fo;i Ijts gmjjs : scijcre 
be ii)t onlp cafes Hjat 3 temembec in tlje llaTj), toljere one SDcmanoant oz^^Iain? 
tif toitljottt anp fummons o> feijerancc fiiall ^abe jiiugment alone in one o?ifi;i# 
nal V foj regdarlp tJje Juogment ougbt to be gibcn accojuing to tljc ojigtital 
la E.4.6. TOrit : fls if t^c l^usbann ana toife bjing an 3rtion of batterp foj tbe beating 

cf liimfelf anD W toife, tije tESHrit (ball abate, beeaufe tlje toife cannot jiopn (o> 
tbe batterp of bet busbanc, anb tbe busbanD cannot babe jiiogmcnt alone, bc# 
caufe biis baife is jopneo tuitb biw in tbe ojtginal i Et fie de fimilibus. 

iBtit tbe Mife is a fpecial cafe, fo? tbe |3Iaintif making bis plaint to be tilf 
feifeD of \)is ftei*1stHt> in fucb a 2Coton luitb tbe appurtenances generalip, pet 
fball be rccober bii8 goobs, if tbe Dilfeilln be founD toitb robberp of bis gmts, ag 
tbe Statute fpeaketb, anb tbe gojos are contained in tbe ojiginal, anti not in tbe 
Pleint i 0nti tbe affife of Novel diffeifin teas teftinum rcmcdium, anH mucb fa*! 
boureb in 3Lab) foj tbe relief of tbe biffeifec, botb fos^ tbe regaining of bis poi^s 
feffion of tbe lanb, ann of W ftocfe of cattle, ano gmos tbeceupon : tberefo;e 
labere our 0ct faitb, tbat tbe ^Diaintif fi;aU recober W feiOn, ano bis damages, 
as bjell foj tbe gojbs anumobeables! afo^efaio, as foj tbe frecbolD, it-is To to be 
imBerttcDfl reddendo fingula liugulis, accojDing to tbat toljicb batb ban fait). Wil- 
Coram Reg. Tr.4 ijam Burcheftcr, ant) Margaret biiS tKHifc Uiere DifTetfcD of tbe lant) "0)1)^^ Ijeteib 
H.4. Rot.24. SufT. ^^ jijg jjgjjj pf ^jg ijjjfp^ g^j, jifjjoffeffeD of bi? gooDg ■, in an affife bjotigbt bp 
tbe buiBbantJ ant) toife, Jubgmcnt boas giben foj tbem botb, Damna pro dilTei- 
lina C L pro bonis C marc' : in a Mrit of Crroj tbc jtitigmcnt boas reberfcB 
foj tlie C marfesi, becaufe tlic b3ife i^ab notliing in tbem. 

^ Et le diflfeifor (bit rente. ] Sim iht Diffeifoj fljall be fineu, tebtcl' i? 
aUo in affirmance of tbe Common Lato,fo;i a Diffeifin boitb tahing aboap of gooDjr 
i0 a Diffeifin toitlj fojce, ano tbercfoje finable. 

W.25 & j(5El. ^ Et per meihie le maner foit fait de diffeifin fait a force & armes 

deErrorihiJBart- ^^^^ "^ ^^^^ ^ome robbery. ] i^otc tbe Mr(t of Sffife mentionetb not a 
let & Baxter in Diffeifin vi & armis, but tbe bJOjDS tbereof be Injufte & fine judicio dilTeifivir, anti 
Aff. de frefliforce tberefoje if tbe 3uro?sfiinD a Diffeifin, anD no fojcc, tbe jnDgment fljall be Ideo 
In Ipfcwich. in mifericordia, anD not quod capiatur, but aS it batb ban taiD, tbe Court ex of- 

ficio ougbt to enquire of tbe fojce ; but if t^ep Do not, it is not erroj, as it Ijat^ 
banaDjuDgcD. - 



Cap.jS. . Weflm. primer. 257 

CAP. xxxvm. 


PU R. ceo que afcuns gentes de la terre doutent meins faux (ere- 
ment faire, que faire ne duifFent, per que mults des gents font 
diflierites, & perdent lour droit : Purview eft, que le Roy , de Ton 
office, deformes donera Attaints fur les enquefts en plea de terre, ou 
de jfranktenement, ou de chofe que touche franktencment, quant il 
fcrnblera que befbigne foit. 

an^ie mifc'^ief tefoje t\)i$ Statute C lu^icl^ iuag tlje fiicff concenuug ^attaints) P^fch. 32 e.?. foi. 
juas!, tftat albeit ( ais the common opinion ie) an attaint oio lie upon a falfc tocr? p' '" 'j*"""!!^®- 
. tia gtuen in a plea of lanD, I'ct tlje iliing manp times! toottlo not grant it "ayitl)^ tiie' Burgefs L° 
out fuit ma»e to him, Mi\)id) turnen t^e part? gricuen, not onlp to great tieiap, s. Aibans, that 
tuttoettveamtrottble, attenoancejanocljarseiB;. 0nti ttie reafon tijatmate tijc "one of them . 
ciffccente bctvoan tljeplea real, anu tlje pica perfonal, toas, tljat in tlje pica f|io"i'i beimpua 
perfonal tlje part? gtieDeo IjaD no otber remecp, but ti)e Attaint ■■> but in tlje hoid°in°a°ta?nt 
plea real Ije Ijan ot^er remcBp in an Action of Ijtgljer nature, anD foj tljat caufe &c. & aUQcatnr. 
u»g not granteu toitljout Difficult?. Hnn fome Slungcg Ijclo, tljat in a plea real 
an Attaint tiiD not lie, ann tl)erefO}e tljis act pjobicetlj tljat tlje i&ing fi;all 
grant it ^ ex officio, tljat is, ex merito juftitias. ^niJ fljiS iltt ig ^olCCn to be in "^ De fon office. 
affirmance of t^e Common lato, tuljereof pou fijall real) at large, Markbr.c.14. Merieb. cap,i4; 
anc t^ijs i0 tl;e common opinion agreeable toitlj our olo bcofeg, ag tljerc jou 
tnap rcaD. 

2D&at perjurp in 3iurojs tiais puniflljeD before tljig 0(t, tiatt) been fufficientlp 
ptobcB alceaup x jPo^ tlje preamble of tljis M gibetlj iuft occafion to ej;amine 
mljetljcr perjurp alfo in initneffes toere punifljable bp t^t ahcieitt ILatos of 
England: De pejerantibus prsterea Itatutum elV, ut fi quis jusjurandunn violarit, Inf leges Edw. 
falfumve dixerit teftimonium, fides ei in pofterum non habetor, verum is in or- ^^s'^, 48. 3. 
dalium adjudicator. 

Si quis falfum juraffe convi<9ais fuerit, ei poftca non modo non creditor, verum- Iiki- leges Ethel- 
etiam facra ei etiam prohibetor fepultura. ^^^^ '*7. ^s- 

Si quis facra tenens pejerafle convidlus fuerit, ei manus prsciditor, &c. Inter leges Canuti 

Vide inter leges W. Conq. fol. 125. b. ii3-54' 

0nli ttiC Mirror faitl), Que folonque les auncient priviiedges, & ufages afcuns fe Mirror cap.4. de 
font per perde delponce, come eft dc faux notaries, & de cilTers de burfes de naeyns q paines. 
I2d. &pluis que 6 d. queleRoy R. i. fe chaungea a la parte de oriel, afcuns per 'oH.j.Coron. 
Couper des langues, come foloit eftre de faux teftmonies, ^^^' 

ainu irt tbe fame Cljaptec tceatetl) furtljer of tljiis matter, taping, Perjury eft Eritton foi. 38. 
graund peche, &c. U3^ereof pou map reau t%nz mojeat large. Britton faitl) tljat Hetai.5. c.21. 
it toajB pHnifljable, anD to be enauireo of Deceux queux fe voilont purjurer pur ^''^•t'^'P;'- 
lower. Braa.l,4.fol.289. 

Fleta Deftribetlj perjwr? tljliiS, Perjurium eft mendacium cum juramento firma- 
tumi annfurtljcr faitl), Ettribus modlscommittituri primo, cum quis Icit, vel 
putat aliquid falfum efle falfum, & jurat eife verum •■, fecundo, cum quis fallitur,& 
credit verum effe quod eft falfum, & temere & indifcrcte jurat ■■, tertio, fi quis credit 
falfum effe verum, & jurat quod verum eft. 

Wljerc pou map reaD furtljer of %W matter. 0nD of fome it 10 calleD, Crimen Braa. foi.292. 
Isefas confcientis. 
Thomas Vigars anD ttoo oti)ersf toere founo guiltp, ^c. of perjurp, Hii. s e. i. in 

j8E. 3, 53. jSDnce, fo?ftoo?n, anD eDet fojlojm commtini Banc 

^_ 7 H. 6. 25. f eriurp puniOjeD. foSS^.- 

: Vide t|ie Statutes of 3 Ey.cap.i. n H.7.cap.25. jaH.S.cap.j?. 5 Eliz. fields cafe. 


238 Weflm.f rimer, Cap.59. 

upon all tljat loJljicl) l^atlibitn fain toucl)ing tljiis point, you map obferue Ijoln 
wilB tl;e late laws l)a\)C been in punifijing of ptrjitrp in rcfpcilof tlje ancient, 
Taji)crein 31 l)avie been tlje longjer, foj tljat fomc liaDe gincn out, tljat pcrjurp 
imasi not punifljco bp tl)e ancient iialns of England, i»ljetein tljere fi)Oulti ^abe 
ian agrcat Defect, ann an encouragement to ill uepofeo men, if 3uroj0 Ojouln 
bp tlje Common JLato Ijabe hkn punifljcft foi pcrjurp, ano toicneffcgi, toljicl; are 
great motives to tljem of gibing t\}tix berbicr, (^tiulb be petjureii, ana not be 

Mich. 5 E.I. in C Qyant il (emble que befoigne foit. ] ^ec 5 E. i. Ijj^tcl) toais toitl)in 
Banco t\33o j>ears after tbis ^ct, an attaint toas bjougljt upon a faife bercitt giben in 
'*'"*''• 0ffife befo?e Suftices in Cir befojc tbc making of tJjis Statute : 0nb tbe Me^ 

COJO faitb, Qiiod non efl: intentio Domini Regis, nee extitit tempore confedionis 
ftatuti prsdidi, quod breve de AtCindtu tranfiret fuper hujufmodi inquiiitionibus 
ante ftatutum captis, prout Johannes de Lovet recordatur, imo port ftatutum con- 
cefs' Confideratum eft quod querens nihil capiat per breve, &c. j3nD tbis toas tbe 

5Lalj) taken tben bp colour of tbefc iMojDg ■■> but otljerg bolm, t^at tbefe tuojw 
are not to be to tafeen fo; tlje reafon afojetaiD, foj tl^at tbe part? griebeo in tljis 
plea real ban remeop in an action of bigber nature : but later ^atuteis quotefl 
befoje in tlie margcnt Ijabc cleareri tW point. 


ET pur ceo que le temps eft mult paffe puis que les briefes de- 
fbuth nofmes fuerent auterfoits limmittes : Purview eft, que en 
count countant de defcent en briefe de Droit , nul ne foit ci ofe 
de counter de la feifin fon anc' de plus longe (eifin que de temps le 
Roy R. Uncle le Roy Henry, pier le Roy que ore eft. Et que le 
briefe de Novel dijjeifw, & de purparty, que eft appelle Nnper obiit^ 
eyent le terme puis le primer paftage le Roy Henry, pier le Roy, 
que ore eft en Gafcoine, mes nemy avant. Et les briefes de Mort- 
danc', de Cofinage, de Ayle, de Entre, & briefe de Neifrie, eiant 
le terme del coronement mefme le Roy Henry , & nemy avant. 
Mes que touts les briefes ore a per mefme purchafes, ou a purchafer, 
entour cy & [ la feaft]] S. John en un an, foient pledes de temps que 
avant foient eftre pleades. 

I. inft. Sea. 170. € ^^ ^^"'P^ '^ ^°y ^- T 2n^at 10 l^ conaructiou from t|e firtt nap of 
tlje raigtt of iSing Richard tl;e firft, ano fo batb it ban tefolbec in parlia^ 
34 H. 6. s6. %W ^rf Botlj limit Ujitljitt UJljat time tbe feiCn fljall be in a WXtit of Kigljt, 

inAic. nbi fupra. anQ bp con(tru(tion tl)e time of pjefcription is taken fo^ tbis time. 

^ Puis le premier pafi'age le Roy Henry , &c. in Gafcoine. ] 
%^&t luas! in anno 5 H.3. 

€ Del 

Cap.40« Wejim. "primer, 259 

^ Del Coronement mefme le Roy Henry. ^ H.3. toag crotoiico 28 
Odobris, Anno Dom. 12 17. & Regni fui primo i tUt Otljcrs fa^ IjCtoag crolBll^ Vet. Mag. Chart; 
to i^ Junii, Anno Regni fui primo. ^44- 

JCljigi iiinn; taag cro\i3nci3 again iw anno 5. of Ijisi rai'p, iut tljijg 5Itt tntcn;* 
cct^ l)is fitft Cojonation. 

SDljcfc limitations arc altcrcn ip tljc Statute of 32 H. 8. as |iou map rcao 
bcfojc in tlj£ crpoCtion upon tljc Statute of Merton cap. 8. ^ec tl;c fitft yact of 
tlje Inflitutes, Sedt. 170. 


]^llFv ceo que mults des gents font delayes de lour droit, per 
fauxment voucher a garranty : Purview eft, que en briefes dc 
poll, tout adeprimes come en briefe de Mortdanc', Cofinage, del 
Ayle, iV}/per ohitt^ de Intrufion , & auters briefes femblables , per 
les queux terres ou tenements font demands, queux devoient dif- 
cender, reverter, ■ remainder, ou efchier per Mortdanc', ou dauter, 
que fi le tenant vouche a garrant' , & le demandant luy counter- 
pled', 8c voile averrer per affile, ou per pays, ou en auter maner, 
licome le court le Roy agarde , que le tenant ou fon aunc' que 
heire il eft, fuit le primer que entra apres la mort celuy de que 
feifin il demand, foit le averrement del demandant refceve, fi le te- 
nant le voile attender, & fi non, foit bote oufter le auter refpons 
fil neit fon garrantor en prefent, que luy voile garranter dc fon 
gree, 8c raaintainant enter refpons, falve al demandant fes excepti- 
ons enconter luy, fil voi!e voucher oufter, come il avoit avant, en- 
conter le primer tenant. De rechefFe en touts maners des briefes 
Dentrc, queux font mention des degrees : Purview ( eft ) que nul 
deformcs vouche hors de la line, Et en auters briefes Dentrie, 
ou nul mention eft fait de degrees, les queux briefes ne font fiifte- 
nus, forfque la ou Ics avantdits briefe de degrees ne poient gifer 
ne lieu tener. Et en briefe de Droit purview eft, que fi le tenant 
vouche a garranty, Sc le demandant le voile counterpleder, 8c foic 
prift de averrer per pays , que celuy que eft vouche a garranty , 
( ne nul ) de fes ancefters ne unques avoient (eifi de la terrc, ou 
del tenant deraaride, ne fee, ne (ervice per la maine le tenant , ou 
( afcun ) de fes auncefters, puis le temps celuy de que feifin le de- 
mandant counte je(ques al temps que le briefe fuit purchafe Sc plee 
move , per que il poit le tenant ou fes aunceftors aver feoffe : 
Adonques foit laverrement del demandant refceive, fi le tenant le 
voir attender, 8c finon, foit le tenant bote oufter a auter refpons, 
(ilneit fon garrantor en prelent, que luy voile garranter de fon 
gree, 8c raaintenant enter en refpons , falve al demandant fes ex- 
ceptions enconter luy, ficome il avoit avant encounter le primer 
tenant. Et lavandit exception eit lieu en briefe de Mortdaunceftre^ 



Weflm, frimen 


& en les auters briefes devant nofmes, auxibien come en briefes 
queux touchent droit. Et fi le tenant per cas eit charter de gar- 
ranty de auters home de ceo chofe que foit oblige en nul des avant- 
dits cafes a le garranty de Ton eigne degree, falve luy foit Ton re- 
coverer per bricfe de Garranty de charter de le Chauncellor le 
Roy, quant il le voudra purchafer, mes que le plee'ne foit pur ceo 

15 E. I. counter- 
plea de voucher. 
118. i^E.2. ibid, 
iio. 8 E.$.6i. 

22 H.5.40. 


Inflit.Sea.14 5. 
Gianv.1. 13. cap. p 
10. & alibi Tape. 
Britten c. 75. 

FIcta lib. 

K\}t mifcljief Mm t\}is Statute ms, tW cierp SCcnant tn a real jattton 
m$ permitteD to Douc^ anp of tljc people, ttjougl) Jje oj anp of W anceftojs 
Ijati neuer anp tljtng in tlje lanii toljereof ijc mig|)t enfcoffe ttie aTenant oj anp 
of lji3 Sinttttm i ana again t^at tHouclja mig^t bouclj anotljcr in lifee ntan# 
ner , anu upon euerp fummons ad Warranti^andum, tljcre miifl be nine tta 
mnm, 9C. fo ais t^je celap toas in manner infinite, anu all upon falfe mouclo^ 
a& ■■, toljicl) matter being fljcuieti in tljiis |DarIiamcnt, Fui advife al Roy que cdi 
ley fuit malveis, foj it i0 a £0a]cim in ilato, tijat Lex dilationes fempcr exhor- 
ret : toljeceupon tlji? ^A of fsarliament foj remeup toais matte. 

f[ Vouchee a garranty.] 5F0J t^iis iMojD ( Ijoucljee ) f» Lit, 

Vide Glanv. of t^is matter. 

vide Bradon, a \i)l;oIe tractate of ijoucl^ing to Marcantp. 

Vide Britton, a Cljaptcr of tljc fame. 
Flcta faiti^j Sunt autcm nonnulli lites protrahere nitentes, minores falfo vocant 
ad Warrantes, & de quibus provifum eit C fuming up t^epjintipal part .of tbilS 
Statute in felO) tOOjUsi } quod fi petens rcplicando offerat verificare quod vocatuS 
nee aliquis anteccfforum vocati nunquam feifinam habuit de re petita, feodum nee 
fervitium per manus tenentis vel alicujus antecefforis ejus a tempore ejus ex eujus 
feifina petit ufque ad tempus inipetrationis brevis & placiti moti, per quod potuit 
verificare tenentem vel ejus anteceflbres inde feoiTatos fuifle, admittatur veriiicatio 
ilia fi tencns voluit hoc expe(2are, alioquin ulterius refpondere compellatur, falvis 
petenti talibus replicationibus, quales verfus principalem tenentem obtineret: Et 
fi tenens chartam habuerit alicujus extraneae perfons qui fe ad Warrantiam obli- 
gaverit , vel per antccefTorem obligatus fuerit qui gratis warrantizare volucrit, 
tunc competit tenenti remedium per breve de warrantia Charts, fed propterea 
non capiat placitum jam motum dilationem. 

3ln ancient time it feemeo flrange toljcn f^e original Praecipe ma bjougljt 
againa tlje SCenant of tijelanti, tliattlie Court uponf^at original fijoulo Ijola 
plea bettoan tljc tenant anti tlje mouclia, but it is moje ftrange to mafee a 
(liieaion of tbat, uuljidj Ijatb receibeD an ancient, continual, anc ccnltant al^ 
loliiance, anii t^e ©oudjee comet^ in in loco tenentis , ann in judgment of 
3Lato ig a SCeuant to tlje SDemannant , ann our 0£t tiot'^ alloto of true 
^oudjers, but pjoUioetl) againtt falfe ma\ic\3tt$, as our jatt fpeafeet^, fo> 
BClajj onlp. 

8E.;.57.b.32E.3 ff En briefes de pofleffion. J &o callen, becaufe eitljec ttie anceCer, 
Count, de vow- ^f \i)^ofe feiCtt \)C DemanDis, was in pofTeflion tlje oap l;e DieD, oj tlje nem-an*! 

Dant Ijimfelf toasin pofTeffion, as Mortdaunc', Cofinage, Aid, Nuper obiit, In- 

trufion auD otljcc like Mrits, as Bcfaile, &c. 
2Elje tiuerCtpbettDeen tlje actions Aunceftrel droiturel, anu tlje Actions Aun- 

ceftrel poffefforie, pou fljall reaD at large in mp IScpojts in Markals Cafe, 

ann is nccclTarp to be obfej\)£0 foj t^e unDerttanning of t^is ^it, XaW^) tmUt^ 

tlje fame uiflinction of Actions. 


8 Etjii. 

cher 82.21E.3. 
II. 46E.;.2. 
Li.6.f.54,95, &c 
Markals cafe. 

C Per 


IVefim, f rimer. 


^ Per Jes queux terres ou tenements font demaundcs. ] gu a WSint i £,5.57 61 
of iaigljt of tSSaatD of JlBoDp ana Jianti, t^je BDffenDant boitcljfD, ano 2' e.V,i. ' 
t\)Z plaintiff counterpleafico tfje IHoucfjcr bp tljtg firtt bjantlj of tljig jSiit ^se.?.^. 
t^at ti)c SDefenuant teas t^e firtt t^iat aliatcD afrcr tljc Deatij of Ijis SCenant, c»''^'F''^^\^' 
anu tbe fame continues till tljc tmoucljer, ann aDjuDKcD a gcou comucrplea v ° °^^ '°^^-83- 
foj allcit it 10 nanicD a "Mxit of iiigljt , ano fo in letter 10 out of 
tliiss bjanc^, i>ct is it in nature of a ^rit of foITeCfion, ana tlje toojus 
ate per more dauncefter ou dauter , anD tljoug!) no iianDjs oj Cencments 
le temattHeiJ, in^iclj tcgularlp is intenoeu of an eilate of freeljolD, pet 
tl)i3 cafe heing toitljin t|)c fame mifcljiefc is taltcn lait^in tljc rc«= 

Bin SDotoer tlje tenant bouclj Cofine & heire T. A. tlje SDemanDant faiD t^at * ^■?-? '• 22 E.g.3 
%zt ^sbantJ nitu fcifeo, ann t^c moucljde teas tfte firft t^at abateo ; ann a gmo ,?^J^-s 7s.a.iQ 
countcrplea toftljiix ti^eCe too?5S, Autres briefes fembles, but tljat plea i» not in ° " 
cafe of tlje feeir. 


f[ Difcender.^ SiFormedon in tlje 2Dcfcentier is out of t|)is l)?ancl^, 4E.j.5^, 
foj it is a Mrit of Migljt in Ijis nature, ana not a ©ailrit of i^offeffton, ano Ijc 39 E.g-g^.b. 
fiemannetti not t^ie lanD cf tljc feifin of Ijis ancefloj, as tlje Statute fpcabct^, 
})ut cf t^e gift. 

C Reverter. "] Formedon in t^e McUcctcr I9 not toitljin tljis lijanclj, 32 E.3.infra. f. 
foj tl&at it is a tSUrit of Jfiigljt in l)is nature. 

^ Remainder. ] Formedon in t^z Memaintier is not toiti^tn tljis 
bjattcl),foj it IB no Writ of |£>ofren"tott, but a CTrit of Ifvigljt in Ijis nature,anD 
ti^e SDemanDauc notlj not oemano tljc lano of t^e feifin of %i^ ancefio?, as tljc 
Statute fpeahec^) but bp t\e Memainnec. 

^ Efchier. ] arijts is in tlje Cnglifij tranflation turncD to (lEfc^eat,tn]^ic!3 
ougljt not to be, but Efchier Cgnifiet^ to fall, ana a Writ of (Efcftcat is not 
toitljin ti^iisbjanc^, foj tbat it founnet^ in tt)C ISigljt, ano Reverter, Remainder, 
0% Efchier is to be intcttoen after tbe Dcatlj of Ijig anctfto?, oj SCenant foj life, 
jCenant in SDotoer, oj bp the Curtcfie. 

Sin Mife of Novel dilTeifin, anO an jatfifC of Darrein prefentment arc iuitljin 
t'^isb^ancl^, if ti^e tenant Dotted anp names in ti)e tMrit, anD tlje^emantiant 
tnap connterpleaD t^ ^ouc^er, as tuell tuijcn tljc SEcnant \9 pjefent in Court, 
as tulien t)C is abfcut. 

4 E.g. Count de 
t See 52 E.j.fol. 
74,75. in litiro 
meo Lopinion 
del Court al con- 
trary, vide 32 E.J. 
tir. counterplea 
de voucher 82. 
4 E. 3.33. 32 E.g. 
count dcvou.82. 

3 E.g.vouch.ipp. 
2CJH.6. tit.counc 
de voucher j. 

21 H.6.J0. 

C Que le tenant ou fbn auncefter que heire il efl: fuit le primier xhe firft counter- 
que entra apres la mort celuy de que feifin il demaund, (bit laver- piea given by this 
ment del demaundant refceive. ] A. uictlj feifco in fffi, B. abatetl^, anti '^f' 
ttiaftet^ a leafe foj life, ano grantetlj tlje rebcrfion toC. in fa, anD Dietlj, C. C.ount.'de voii-'* 
grantetl) tlje reijcrCon to D, t%z Ijeit of R. SCenant foj life is impleaDcD in a cher 96. 
tffiltit of Cofinage, anD mafecs Default after Default, D. is recciijcD ano bou=* 
cliet^ to toarrantp C. tlje 2DemanDant counterplcaDS t|)e ZiJouc^er, foj tl^at B. 
mas tl)C firft t^at abatcD after tbe Dcatl) of l)is anteftoj,of Ma^^lt feifin Ije mafees 
Hjis DcmanD j anD ttoo ob|ettions tncre maDc, tljat tljts counterplea toas not 
luicljin tljis statute, i. SCljat D. claimcD t'bc rcijcrCon bp purcljafe, anD fo 
B. luas not Ijis anccfto?. toit^in tl)is Statute, foj Ijc claimeo not tlje lano as 
Ijcir. 2. SEljat tljis Statute fpcafeetlj of tlje SEcnant, toljicfe muB be unDcri= 
CoBD of tlje 2Denant foj life, to^o is tlje 2Ecnant to tlje Precipe in DeeD, anD 
not of tlje 2Ecnant bp receit, to^o is 2Ccnant in Jlaiu : 0s to tljc fire it toas 
anftnercD anD refolDeD, SCljat in as muclj as t^e abatement is confclTcD, 
albeit tljat Dibcrs ftates be maDe, pet foj t^at D. is ^cir to \.%z abatoj, 

% i auD 

242 WeHm.frimer. Cap.40' 

anti B. \n ancEftoj toit!)in t\z Utter of tlje Statute, avm Injuria per circmtum 
non tollitur, ano fo mt\)i\\ tljc meaning, ^tit if tlje ffatc of tljc abator 
ijat) ban aDoinen bp a title paramount, ann tljc \)m of tl)C abator Ijao been 
cnfeofleD, tljere tlje liieir Ijan not daimeo untier tlje abatement, anti tl)erefo?e 
altl^ougl) \)t toere toitljin tlje letter of tlji^ aicr, yet tian Ije ban out of tljc 

40 Aff.22. C Aunceftre. ] flnti toljerc it is fain Ijere ancettoj, pjeBccelfoj is 

taken bv equity •, foj acts of parliament maDc foj fupyjeffion of falCjcDD 
pjactifcti foj oclav, ajs tlicfe falfc noucljeris be, fljall IjaiJC a benignc inter* 

^ Tenant. ] %o t\)t fecemu, albeit SCenant bp reccit ^t but SCe* 

nant in 3Laiw, iJCt ijs Ije in lieu of tl)e SCenant, anu fo luitljin tljis bjancb, 

fo; Dtljertotfe tlje abatoj map mafec a leafc foj life, anu bp Ijis nefault 

after ticfauU be receibcD, anu fo bp cotoin bettoan tljem mafte tljis b?ancft<53.5n (,f i,£,„0 fffftt, to^icl) fljoulti be agaittft reafon, & in fraudem legisi ^no 

iib.megenCofin. j^;^^^,^ i„ |Lato bp «arrantp is tMitljin tljis 0a, albeit Ijc be not jjjefent 

''^'* in Court. 

f[ Primier que entra. ^ A. ann B. Bo abate to tlje ufe of B. tlje toljolc 
flate is in B. if B. infeoffe A. tl)is coanjutoj is Uiitljin tljis 0tt, ano pet Ije gaineo 
nofrabolt), but tljis Statute faitlj, Le primer que enter, anO t^ottgl; Ije cntreo 
not at tlje firtt folelp, pet is Ije toitljin tljis S>tatute. 

J6ut if tlje abator maUetlj a feoffement in fac, ann taftetlj bacfe an cfiate to 
Ijim anu a tttangcr, ant tljep botlj be impleaoeo in a ©Hirit of Aiel, ano boucl) 
tl)eir feoffor foj tlje benefit of tljc ttrangcr (toljo is out of tljc Statute) tlje 
moucljer cannot be counterpleaneo wttljin tl)is bjanclj. 

31But if tlje flranger rcleafc to tljc abatoj, ano ije be impleaneti, anu ^ouclj, 
tl;is bouclxr map be counterpleaDco bp fojce of tljis bjanclj. 

45 E.3.KJ.8H 7.5. ^ Et fi non, foit bote oufter al auter refpons. '] &o as tliis claufe 

gibetl; no benefit to tlje tenant, unlets Ije gibetlj eber Ijis moucljer, anu 

tijen ^e fljall be rcceitoeo to aufttcr, but if Ije iJanti to Ijis tHoucljer, ant oe*= 

mur in \t\o upon tlje counterplea, ano it be at^ournco to anotljer ^Cerme, 

it is peremptojp to tlje 2Cenant in refpctt of tljc oelap, in fuc^ fojt, as if i^t 

Ijao ban taken, anu a trial Ijao : ilBp tljefe Tuojcs [ Soit bote a auter refpons ] 

Ije map as toell bouclj as pleau in cljicf. i^ote tlje toojcs be, Soit bote a auter 

., F,T. Rrm icfpons, & lie du en chiefe, fo as aup anf\Mcr fufficetlj, ano tl^erefojc tlje boucljee 

c^un?de;ouch j". mappleai. tiilatojp in tlje paintiff in an Action of pebt, after tlje laft con^ 

2IE.4.54. tinuance. _ . . , , 

22 H 6.40. 1 1 H. ffiut if t^c counterplea be anjungcti fo; tlje nemannant m m fame term, Ije 

4.22. 42 E.3.i(j. ntap pleao in bar, but Ije cannot ijouclj. ^ 

10 H.7.22. Demurrer in %m upon a tEloucljer aDjournen to anotljer term i^ perempto:* 

rp •, fo; tljc ocmurrer is in lieu of an anfuicr, otljerujifc in cafe of counterplea 

tlje fame term, as %&t\i becufaio. 

Hil. 9 E.2. {0.6^. 

f"nage.°"'°^"^°' ^ Sil neit fon garantor en prefent, que luy voille garrant' de Ton 
Temps E.I. gree, &c. 3 gn a Mrit of IXigljt of «arD, tlje SDefcnUant uouclj, anufo; 
i°6°'s« tCfia- f^st tlje tEiouc^ee toas pjefent in Court, auD entren into Marrantp, tlje paiu# 
tuW de vocat. ad tiff coulo ttot countctpleair. 

Warr. 20 E.i. 


Cap.40' IVeftm. primer. 245 

|[[ Des rechiefe in touts manners des briefes des entries queux The fecond Coun- 
font mention des degrees : purvieu eft que nul diformes vouchera ferpiea given by 

hors del lien.'] a SDiffcifoj makes a Irnfe foHife, tijc Kcniat'nbti: in fee, 9E.3.i5.fimiie.*' 

tlje SDiffcife bjtngfi a XMtit of Cntrp fur difleifin in tljc Per againfl tljc Jteffa, 

11)1)0 makes Default aftec Default ; Ije in tlje Kematnof r (is reccibco, Ije QiM 

um\) out of tljc lien, lecaufc ^c is not toitl;tn tlje Degcaes mentionen in tljc 


Sinn t^ete is no tiicl^ mifcljicf in t})is cafe, as Jl^oulD foltoiu, if tljc Jlatu trete 
fo talten in tljc firll l)?ancl), as before it ajjpearetb. 

3iut of tlje lEoucljfle, in cafe of tlje Per & Cui, Fleta faitb, Fiat vocatio de pj^^^ jj ^^ 
perfona in perfonam, & de warranto in warrantum de perfonis in brevi nominatis 
ufque ad ipfum dilTeifitorem ■■, ano tlje reafon maj) be, liccaufe it appearetlj, tljat 
ti^e tUoucljee is toittiin tlie oetccas mentioned in tljc Witit : ana tlje toojDS of 
tljc ^atute are general, Nul vouchera hors de lien ■, in U3l)iclj tUOjDSj tlje 
:?iIlouc^ee is incluacD. Jiattlp, it Ijao ban to little purpofc, to reftrain tlje SCe* 
nant in tjje Per, ano to let tlje saoucljec in tlje Cui at large ■■> fo as tljis bjanclj 
Ijat^ (as pou fa) Ijis fpecial reafon. 

3f a tmrit of CEntrp in t^e Per be b?ougljt againtt tlje Ijusbanb anD taife, ann 
upon ii)Z Default of tljc IjusbanD tlje tuifc is rccetiscD, flje fi)all not tiouclj out of 
tlje lien, becaufe Ojc is partp to t})t Witit, 

^0 it iSj if a Writ of ©ntrp in tljc Per be bjougljt againft tlje Ccnant foj^ 
life, anD %e pjap in aiDc of Ijim in tlje rcucrfion, ann Ije jopn in aioe, "^e mnft 
jom in plea toitlj £l)c SCeuant, ano tljercfojc fljall not uouc^ out of t^e 

^ Hors del lien. ] Lien ifi pjcpcrlp tljc binDing of tlje tEloucljaf bp 
fojcc of tljc piarrantp ■■> foj tlje tSIoucticc faitlj, Que aves a vous a lier a 
garranty ; anD tljcn tljc 2benant fljetoetlj tlje Lien, tljat is, tljc 2Dfl;D oj 
ifine, ?c. t^at binDctlj Ijim to Marrant? : Ijcre it is tafeen foj tlje We* 
grees > of to^iclj pou IjaUc IjearD bcfo?c, in ttic (Il;:cpofition of tlje laU Cljapter 
of Marlcbridge. 

Bin a Wi^tit of Cntrp in t^c Per anD Cui againft B. of tlje feoffment of A. 12 E.3. Count, ic 
A. Dpct^, B. ftallijouc^ tlje i^cit of A. foj ti^e^cir is tuitljin tljc intention anD vouch.92, 
meaning of tljis llaiM, lett le fijoulD lofe Ijis toatrantp ( fo mttclj fa^ouccU in -? "•'^■'• 
%,m) bp tlje act of (0od, viz. tljc Dcatlj of A. 

^ Et in autres briefes Dentre ou nul mention eft fait de 

degrees. ] SCljat is, Mltits of CBntrp in tljc Poll ■■, leljercof, ano of t\)iB 
\i)^ole claufe, fomc toljat Ijatlj ban fpokcn in (ijcpoCtion of tljc faiD Statute 
of Marlcbridge. 

^ Et in briefe de droit. ] SCljis is not onlp unDcrCoiD of a Mrit of 
3Sigl)t rigljt, but of all IJmrits of Migljt in ^is nature, oj iDljiclj touclj tljc rigljt, 
as t^is iiato Ijercafter fpeakctlj, as tljcMlrit of (iDfcljeat, Mriis of iFojmcDon 
in K£toetter,iacmainDer,2DifcenDer, ^c. 

^ Que cduy que eft vouche. "] Bif tljc SCenant \30uc^ A. as ^f^ The third coun- 
Cgnec to B. tlje SDcmanDant map countcrpleaD tlje feifln of B. tottljin tlje t"P'ea siven b>- 
meaning of t^isbjanclj, foj tljat oijcrt^jotus t^e tooucljer, inljiclj is tlje eno [^e.^, contir. 

of tljis 3UiJ3. de Voucher 42, 

" 3if an Infant be Doutljen as \)tit to A. it is not fufficient to countcrpleaD a 21 E.3.9. 51 £.9 
tljc feifin of A. t^c anccftoj, foj tljat tlje infant cannot make a feoffment i but vouch. 
J)e muft countcrpleaD t^c feiCn of tlje infant anD Ijis ancefto^s, ano tlje infan;* ^s. Dier 13 e,i. , 
tp fljall come upon tlje Lien. ^^°- 

li 2 fli Ne 

244 We^m. primer, Cap.40. 

fcioE.3.?o. iSE.; C Ne nul de ces aunceltres. 1 b ^tu is tmpIj?CD (Ull)ofc Ijdr Ije is) 
3.2.6. 98 E.3.22. lut j)ft tl)is notl] f jctEiiB a0 toell to dje fpecial Ijcir of t\)t potlelTion, ( as tlje 
4oM-»4 23- Ijeir in iy:ojDUglj C-nglifi)j ann in Ciaijclfeinii; ais to t^je general Ijctt; at tlje 
27H.6.i'.^35H.5. Common iiaiM. 

34. 22 E.4.10. c Wl\)ete a 315in;op oj an 0bbot 1)C tJO«d;cB, t^e CctintCrpUa muft not be of 
ao H.7. ibid. tljf ififljop o: 9bl)ot ano Ijis ancfflo?0j accojBinj to tlje letter of tlje ILato : hut 
c 40 A1I.2 2. pf i^j^ j,^^5 j,jg pjft)ccEffo?si,acco>Ding to tljat cajjacitp luljereip x\z lanD ig Mf 
de vouch?M4. ttianDCD : ano fo it is of otlicr bouics IpoiitiAUc ant) Cojpojate. 
6 E.2. vieu id2. •'i 3f a i5avon ann .feme be botidjEi), tljc feiCn of tl)e i?entt anlj \tt anccffojsi 
T5ps E I. ib,i7i. map be rountccplcatieti, itnlefs fpecial matter be fljcwen to tl^econtrarp ; anB fo 
^ *o ^'I'l"' '^^ ^' tt iSj if thJo otbcrs be uottrbec, it is a gcoo Counterplea to counterpleau tlje fcis= 
54 47. 39 E.?.^' fin of ""f °f ^^^f"^> fo^ oullingof SDelap bpetroinej protection, ceatl;, ano Ijis 
30J32." 16H.7.13. l)cir ttiitijin agCj f c. 

roH.7.ibid. ■ r ■ r \ ^ r 

e Temps E.I. tit. ^ Ne unques avoient leiim de laterreou tenement, Sec. per 

124! 16 E.?'. pears, it is fiifftcienti foj bp t^ie Ituerp Ije pinetlj fcifin, ana bof^ tbe feo(f# 

Count, de Garr. mcnts dc jure ano de faifto are luttljin tl)is Statute, but ot'^ertoifc it is of an 

?*'?7-'8E5- caateattoill. 

121 - 44 °E J ^' 3f tljc aoiicbee Ijatlj but an ettate fo j life, fo as bis feoffment ll)0ulii be a fur^ 

27! 13 E %.Count. rentier, pet Ijad) l)c fitd; an cftate as is \uidjin t^jis Statute. 

de vouch.36. ^usbant! ceiti que ufe in tlje riglit of Ijis toife, oj fcifco in tide rig^t of Ijig 

8 H.7.5. 21 H.(5. ^jfj.^ batljaffifin dontilpoet feoffment faire, a feoffment foj maintenance', 

mh"6 io^°" '''' ^^^°"S^^ ^"^^ Statute of i R.2. make it boib, pet feeing it is not ioiD until Ert# 

/44E.3.count.dc trp, it is a fufiicicnt fcifm to niafee a feoffment. 

vouch.45E.3. /^Tne 3opntcnaut cannot enfeoff another, pet Ijatlj Ije fucb a feifin as is 

If 14.35 H.«. 10. loitijin tljis art \ foj [ Feoffement faire ] is fpoken but foj cjtampte •, but a 

5o"E3?tit! Count", i^'"^' rcleafe, oj anp otljer tonDepancctoljicijgisetlj an effate, is toitljin tljis 

de Vouch. 124. 3lato. 

3;f a iKoudjee 01 anp of \>\.% ancettojs l)aD anp feifin, t\wx^ it mere atjoiocs 
oj DetermiuED, it is tufficicnt, ^^ \> •• 

^J ^*'' io'e^^2o' ti Endemaunde. ] ^ 3f a Kent be DemanDeu, ana tlje SCenant isoucf) 
26'r'.^. Count! d°e bp rcatou of a feoffment of tbe lanti Oifdjargea of tlje l\ent toitlj toarrantp, t^e 
Vouch.?. SDemanDaut map countcrpleao tlje frifin of t|ie iOlouclja, $c. of dje lana, al^* 

12R 2.ibid.34, jjfij tlje licut is oiilv iuDcmanD. 

3 5 H.6.30. 

fc Fkttii^f. ca.s3. C ^^ ^'-'^' "^ iervice per la raainc le tenant, on afcun de (es aun- 
i5E.i.coiiint. ceft:ers,Scc.] fci^ojin refpcrtof fome tenure auarcrbice, ttie STenant map 
devoucii.n8^^ ijoucl) to uiatrautp i as irrankalmoigne, l)omage aunceftrel, reberfion, $c. 

fbid'.a'?! I. part $[ Puis le tcmps celuy de que fcifin le demand' counte. ^ '^^ere 
inmt.fea.143. [fcifin] is taken fo^ tlje title of t!je SDentannant in bis Mrit, foj it v& a S^ajrim 
* '?'^-3- ^"g""^* in countcrpleas, tljat tljc SDemanaant is not to countcrpleaD anp feifin, but after 
^E 3^1-38 E.3. tlje title of Ijis Mrit \ ana tofjere tlje feifin is in tlje title, tljere tljc counterplea 
28. 39 E.3.36. muff be after tbat fcifin : as foj crample, in a tESErit of Migljc, after tlje feifin 
41 £.3.15- of Ijim of toljofe feifin Ije aemana. 

46 E.3.32. 48 E.3. i^jjg jg implpea, (ana befo?e tlje Writ purdjafea^ foj if it be pendente bre- 
22 "^I'Xl'i E.4. vi, it ougljt not to be allotoea. 

21E.4.26. f[ Jefque le temps que le briefe fuit purchafe & plea move. 3 

^2H-7-2- ""^ ifo? no ©Llarrantp, crcatea after tbc purdjafe of tbe Mrit, fljailaelap tlje 

3 L^'aTe ^ s " ^''*'"^'*''' tmlefs upon tljatconbepancctbe Writ be maaegajBi as if a Precipe 

12 R.2; count." be bjougljt againft A. of lana lubereof B. is fetfea, ana B, infeoffe A. Ijanging 

devoach.33. , tljeWrit, bcfijaUboudj bpfojceof tljis Warramp, odjertoifenot. 


C Soit 

Cap.4o« Weflm.f rimer. 245 

1^ Soit le tenant bote ouft' al aut' refpons. ] £)f tW fufficftnt Ijat^ 
ian fait>l)cfb?c. 

^ Lavantdit exception eit lieu en briefe de mordaunc', & en les 12 h y.a.b. per 

autres briefs devant nofmes auxi bien come in briefs queux touchant "^9^^ * 3- P« 
. _ ^ . , ^^ , -^ £ri(a< 

droit. J SBji tljt0 tlatirc, tljc SDcmauDants in OTrtcj; of pofTcfft'on, ag tl)C 
Mortdauncefter, Cofinage, Aid, Nuper obiit, Intrulion, anD t\)Z (tfec, lialje a 
greater pjiDilenge anD an^antagc tljen SDcmanUants in 0tttons toljiclj touclj tk 
3Ktgl)t i foj tljiB 0rt giueg tlje Dcmanriantg in mrits of potTeffton, not onlp 
t^e firft counterplea, tljat is, tljat tbc 2Cenant oj W anceftoj toas tlje firft tljat 
cntreo, ft. but alfo tlje laft ccuntcrpka, toljiclj is giben in WSXxitB toiicl;ing 
tie Kig^t, viz. tljat neitljcc tlje ^Houdja no; anp of %\$ ancettojjs fjan eijcr anv 
(£i&n> f c. 

^ Et fi le tenant per cafe eit charter de garrantie de auter home inflit. i. pare, 
que (bit oblige in nul dcs avantdits cafes, &c. "] 3f an? man It outtcD SJre of' this 
of IjiisHoucljetbp tlji6a>tatute, pet if Ijc ijatl) a Cl)artecof OTarrantp, Ije matter, 
map Ijaue Ijis Mrit of Warrantia charts i as if a man tljat ncucr Ijau anp t^ing 
in tlje lanD, noj anp of Ijig anceftojs before Ijim, reltafetl) to tlje ^Tenant of 
tljc lanB toit^ Marrantp, if tljc SCenant ijoticl) Ijim, anu tljc EDcmanBant cottn^ 
terplcaD tlje tloucljcr, bp tlje lafl bjanclj of tljig3(t,vlz. tljat tljc tHoucljee, m% 
anp of Ijig anccaojs Ijan e\jet anp fciCn, f c. anu tlje tmoucbec [^ not t^ere 
yjefeut, to enter into Marrantp ■■> in tljat cafe tljc SLenant Ojall be ouffeo of 
Ijij! tloucljer, but map Ijaijc Ijis Writ cf VVarr' charts. ^0 if a man after 
tlje oeatlj of mp anccftoj abate, ana make a feoffment in fa, ano after purcljafc 
t\jt iano again UncljMarrantp, ann after iis impleaoeu in an;9lTife of Mortdan- 
cefter, %z fijall be oufteti of Ijig CHoucljer bp tlje fivtt b?anclj of tljisatt, becaufc 
l^c teas tlje firft tljat cntret, ?c. but Ije map Ijaije Ijis Warrantia diarts, ^0 if % 
BilTeifoj mafee a feoffment in fee to A. luljo infeoffetlj B. anu after reptirtljafet^ 
tlje lanD of B. toitlj Mlarrantp, againft toljom t^c SDilTeifee b?ingg a ©Hrit of 
Cntrp in tlje Per, as Ije map no, Ije cannot uouclj B. \)^^ tlje fetonn b?ancl) of tljis 
Statute, but tlje SDiffcifoj onlp, ann i? Djiben to ^is ©Blrit of Warrantia charts 
againft B. 

31t is to be fenoton, tljat tljere are counterpleas to tlje taoucljer, anti tljat tljis 
Statute gibet^ to tlje SDcmanuant againft tlje aEenant in t^jet cafes, as Ijatlj 
iiecn fain. 

janDtljereisacoimtcrpleato tl)eiMarrantp,ojto.tljt Lien,(ioljiclj is all one) 
anu tliat is bettorcn tlje acenant ano (Uoucljec, toljereof tljere is no occafion gtben 
to treat at tljis time s foj tljis 0(t oeals not in anp fojt iuitlj it. 

acijere inert at tlje Common Jiato Ditiers cotmterplcas of tbc Eloucljer, to 
^jebentoj to ouft tlje SDcmanuants nelap, uj^creof it is not impertinent to 

it toas a gcDti rounterplca at tljc Common 3Lato to fap, tljat tl)erc teas Nul 7 E.3.27. 7 An:4. 
ticl, as tlje tUoucljce •, anD t^attlje Statute of 1+ E.3. cap.18. ioas in affirmance 28 e.;.9^. 
xif tlje Common ilato. ,..,■,,, " u h.5^io. 

. ^ ^0 it is, if one be ijoucljcu "as Ijeir toitliin age, ano tljat tljc i^arol map \' e."|"' count. dc 
Demur, to fap, tljat Ije is a baftaro ■■, fo it is, to fap tljat tlje tmouclj® is ijiUcin vouciLiy. 
to tlie SDemantiant. 

3!t toas a groo cotmterplca at tljc Common ilato, to fap tljat t^c ^oucljec 4° e-3?^- 2? e. 
wasoeaii, but upon tl)is oiftindion, tljatt^cSDemanoantftjelu t]^efamebefojc^,'^|;,','^.7l'.3-,* 
anp ^jocefs atuarticij , foi after ^jocefs aijoareeD, it muft come in bp tlje rej= 37. sE.?.??. 
toiirn of tlje felieriff : antt tbat tlic Statute of 14E.3. cap.18. luas mane but 
in affirmance of xlie Common ilalu, foj it tjjas aojuogeo in 5 Edw. 3. a gcpn 
counterplea. . 


246 Weftm,f rimer, Cap.41* 

39 E.3.32. ^"i" fo it i£f, if t\)30 Ije toucljet), it isi a gosu cDuutevpIca, to Tap, tfjat one of 

tl)cm ig tican foj pjEbcnting of nelap. 
18 E.?.5s. Sin DoiucE it 10 a gmo countccpica to fap, tljat tlic SCcnant entreo bp Ijcc 

Ijusljann. - 
3E.338. 6 E.?- gt igagoBD coimterplfaof ttjetaoucijcr tofapjtljattljeSCcnant IjatHojntcdp 
18 1-5- y/?"'^*''' IJjaptti in aia of Ijim, in refpect of tl3e nelap. 

Th 4?'i I H 4^ 2 1. 3n all rafes!, toljerc one uot^ toouclj out of common courfe, tljcte t\jz Ktnmt 
32116.19. ' OMgljt to (I)£te caufc. 

;anD inbcnfocticc tlje SCcnant cannot be atimittcti to W tUloucljet bjitl)out 

fl)Etotng of cattfe, tljcre bp t^e Common lLatot|)c 2DcmanDant map countecpieao 

t\)e caufc. 
21E.3.37. 25 E. tSSHjcnonctioucljettjljtmfelffojrabingof liisellatetail-, oj toljcn ije touc^etti 
5.53. 40 E.3.14. iiimfdf as \)m, anu Ijis b;iotljcr a!3 SCenant in IBcjouglj Cngliflj^bEcaufe it isi out 

41 f •?"^'p ^-^ ^- of common courfe, tte lEcnant mufl fljclu caufCjanD tijc iDcmautiant fijaU Ijaljc a 
I9E a 29 22 E.?. countciplea to tlje caufe. 

vouch.95. loH. 3n a Prscipe, tije 2Dcnant beuclicti ttoo bjetl)jen ajs one Ijeir, anu tliat tljc 

7.21,22. 16 H.7. poungeft mag luitl^in age i anu bccaufe it tuap out of common courfe, Ije toag 

'3' tuIcDto fljem caufe v ann fljetocB, tljat tlje fatljer toas feifec of lanDg in (!5s.uU 

43 E-3-'?- ^tnu, anc t^bat tl»e fame BcfccnDcn to tljem, ano tlje SDemannant counterpleaueD 

tlje caufe. 
4E.3.13. 11 H.4. ^0 it is, if a Proecipe be b}ougl)t bp foufjano ttoobe fummoneu annfebercb, 
i5. 21.48. tljc SCcnant cannot boucb tbem tljat be fummoneb anD febereb, bJit^cut fljetuing 

caufe foj t\)e tcafon afojefaio j anb t^e caufe being fljetoeb, t^e SDcmanbant 

fijall CDunterpIcau tljc fame. 

42 E 2 i(f aE a 8 ^" ^ Prscipe againft tbJO tljcp cannot bouc!^ febecallp toitijout 0)etoing of 
•12 H.'7.2,2. cattfe, becaufe it ig out of common courfe, tljat 3Jtii"tenantg Qjouto bouci^ fcbc# 
3 E.3.38'. 8 E.3. rallp toitljout fljebiing of caufe •, tol)ic!j caufe t^e 2Demanbant (JjaU counter.^ 
61. 17 £.3.61,62. picao ijp tlje Common iabu : anb fo in all otljcr cafes, tuljereof t'^ere are plens^ 
2I E^'^'v "ch "^"* autijojiticg in our Ifmfeg. 

44 E.3.18? ^^ "i^'J^ ^^ t^j'i^ matter in tlje firft part of t^e 3inttit«te?, Cap. Gamntie. 


DE ferements des Champions , eft iffint purview : Pur ceo 
que rarement avient que le champion le demandant ne 
fbit perjure en ceo quil jure , que il ou fon pier veift la feifin 
fon Seigniour , ou de fon aunceftour, & que fon pier luy com- 
mande a faire la darreign', que deformes ne foit le Champion le de- 
mandant conftrent a ceo jurer, mes foit le ferement garde en touts fes 
auters points. 

0t ttie Common 3lato none coulb be a Ct)ampion foM^e SDemaubant, but 

ounv.ii.2. ca.ii ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^^^ ^imkli fabi, t% liearb \)i? fatlier fap, tijat %t fato t\}t fei^ 

fin of tlje JDemannant o> W ancefloj, anu t|iat W fattjcr commanbcb Ijim to 

tcftifiic tie tigljt,anD tljat tljig luajs true,l)e tcok a cojpojal £Datl; : 21Eat oftentimw 

t\z JDemanbant? feifin boaiB fo ancient, ap felbom anp man toulo tafee t^at oat|», 


Cap.47' Wejim. f timer. 247 

ajiti yet in tljcfe cafes, cljaniptons in tljofc times tok tljc £>atl;, tljoitglj tljtp 
fenem it not, titfjcr ex vifu, oj ex auditii, ^c. anu tljctefo^e ag tljig Sid faitlj, 
mere perjwrcD. 

C Des ferements dcs champions. ] Cljanipiou,Catiipio dicitur acampo, 

iecaufe tljc comlmt ms ffnickcn in tlje ficlu, nun tl)crcfo?e is calleu Campfigljt, 

ana i^c nutC Ic liber homo, a hie man. 

2C|)is trial bv Cliampion ixi a ^(iHcit of Kigljt l;atl; ban ancicntlp allolueti Braai.s fo.;!44; 

ip ti^c Common Jlau), ann tijc SCcnant in a Ml fit of l^igljt Ijatlj election tU 9 H.5. Hctai.^. 

t^tt to put Ijimfclf upon tljc srnnn aififc, oj upon tljc trial lip combat bp ^is "P-?* '° ^"^• 

Champion uiiclj tlje Champion of t(jc STiEmanMut, luljicl) tuas inaitutcD upon 

^ tW rcafon, tljat in rcfpcct tlje SCcnant Ijau loft bis cuiuences, oj tl)at tlje 

fame toerc burnt oj imbejclcn, oj tljat Ijis toitneirts lucre oeaD, tljeJLato per*^ 

mittcD Ijim to trp it bp combat bcttoan l)is CJjampion, anti tbc Cljampion of 

tljc SDemanoant, lioping tljat C^od tooulD giUc Uiftojp to Ijim tljat rigljt IjaOjanti 

of tuljofc pactp tljE Dictojp fell out, foj Ijim toas (ucgmcnt finallp ^m\\, foj 

felDom aeatfj cnfueu licrcupon, (foj tljeir weapons lucre but JEatottnes ) viictojp 

onlp fufficen. 

^im concerning tljc oatlj of tlje Cljampions, ann tlje folemn manner anu Brac.i, 

ojDec of p?ocaJi!in!S tijerein, anD bcttoccn luljat parties trial bp battel ftoulD be 1 e^.'^'^IjIIoE-I 

lopncD, pou map reao in tlje S>tatutE of W. 2, cap. 41, ano at large in ottr 20. 9 h.4.'5; 

itofe^ i ant) tlje oatlj of tlje Cljampion, as tuell of tlje SEcnant as of tlje 'De^ i H.d.^, 9E.4.3J. 

mannant continuct fmce tljis statute, folloluctlj in tljefc tuojus : '9 H.^.95. 

21 H.6.4. 

Hear this you Judges, that I have this day neither eat, drunk, nor have upon Dier 501. See the 
me either bone, itone, ne grafs, or any inchantn'ienr, forcery or witchcraft, firftpart of the 
where through the power of the word of God might be ^ inleafed or dimi- l^"*^; V^^- ^ SH 
niftied, and the Devils power increafed, and that my appeal is true,fo help nie vvord^ enlaffe. 
God and his Saints, and by this Booki 1. intangled, or 


SnijeJiaiu Botl) aliolM a trial bp battel in anotljcr cafe, anB tijat U m cafe of Brac'.^.fo.ijs.b. 
life in an appeal of felonp, tljc^SDefcnDant map djcofc citljcr to put Ijimfelf i.,g7a°["cap.5l! 
upon tlje Couutrp, o> to trp it bp bonp to boop, tljat is bp combat betluan Ijim Eraa.1.9. fo. 14/, 
ann tlje piaintiffj but tljere t^c parties tljemfclDcs fljall figljt. u^. Brit.41 fo. 

ajlDit appearetlj hV our ancient SutljOJS, Quod ii appellatus fedcfenderit Fjeta ubi (upra. 
1,*^ 1- r L ii 11 ■ ■ • J Mir.c.2. ordinatio 

contra appellantem tota die uique horam qua Itells meipiunt apparere, tunc rece- punnamium. 

dat appellatus quietus de appcllo. 

0nii in cafe of tie ?Kiarit of Jaigljt, tlje Cljampions are not bouno to figljt 
iut until tl)e Stars appear, ano if tljc Cljampion of tlje SEcnant can cefcnti 
llimfelf until tljc Stars appear, tlje 2Ecnant fljall p:cljail, fdj tljep iliali 
combat but once, ano it is fufficicnt foj tljc SEcnant to ocfcno being in 

Snije iSuoges of tlje Court of Common picas arc Jutigcs of tlje battel in ^''"°^ p ,. 
a Mrtt of Wigljt, anti tlje Sunses of tlje laings 2i5cnclj in an appeal of felonp. EHtton ^ fupra. 
315ut if t^e caufe of appeal be not betcrminablc bp tljc Common lato, but be;' Fieta S 
foje tljc Conftable ano tlje i^arfljal acco;iDing to tlje Cibil iialu, tljerc tlje Con^^ 97 h.6.2(5. Kot. 
liable ano 2parfl)al arc 3,uDgcs. vafc. 

21Eut tljis trial in an appeal at tljc Common llalM of later times fclDom come '9 E.2.cor.?85. 
in ufe, foj tljat tlje appellant procures tlje appclla to be inDittco, ana tljcn IjC ! Mar^.tk.Batt, 
cannot trp it bp battel : * but if tlje innirtment be infufficicnt, tljen tljc E)efeii> lir., ,;," cicr 1 3 ei. 
5ant map trp it bp battel, ubi (upra, 

ipoto tlje ancient iiaiu iwas, tljat tlje Dictojp fljotilD be pjoclaimcu, tbat Ijc '^ -c. E.4.6. 
tljat ujas uanciuiflieo flioulo acknoiulctige Ijis fault in tljc auoicnce of fljc people, Mirror cap.?. 
0} pronounce tlje Ijojrible \mo?d of Cravent in tlje name of rccrcaHtil'e,fic.anD p^^ ont^n ino pug- 
fcntlp juOgmcnt mas to be giijcn, ano after tljis tlje recreant lljoulo amittcre "'""""'' ^ 

liberam legem, tljat is, Ije fl.'oulo become infamous, auo fljoulo not be accountcD 
in tljat rcfpcit Liber & legalis homo, ano tljcrcfojc roulD not be of anp 3urp, 



WeHm, f rimer. 


Rot.Pat. Anno 


a Cham- 

Vide Mic. 1 5 E.I. 
Rot.8. in Banco 

& fervicns Abbittis 
de Bury, ttntntis 
divi5lM& inltr- 

Vide Mich, 3E.1. 

Rot. 19. 

Fleta ll.i.cag2. 

Lc cafe del Abbot 

de Strata Mar- 



verfe 10. 

Glanr. ubi fupra.,5.fa373. 

noj gtoe tcdiinonj as a toitncfg in aitp cafe, bccaufe Ijc ijS become inf!tmoui8,atio 
of no creuit ; Sni tljip Dotl) notablp appear in an ancient Uecojb, lo^ccc t^e cafe 
11)30, tbat battel being Joineti in a Wlrit of i^igljt of a^Bbobofott, in Anno 55 
H.3. bcfcjc t\)& Snflicess in (Bpie in tlje Count? of Northampton, ana tlje cbam^ 
pions combating,Philip le Pugil cbampion foj ont of tfee parties! boss banciuinjfD, 
nnb tbeteupon |::joclamation mace accojuingfp \ tbe teing bp auijice of i^is 
Councei reciting unfier Ijis great 3>cal tlje jcyning of battel in tlje laio Mrit 
of ISigbt of iltiDobJfon, ans tlje pjocaoing tljcrcupon Bin Cgnifie, Quod in du- 
ello prsdido coram Jurticiariis prsdidls percufTo, irruerit in eundcm Philippum 
tanta multituJo hominum, unde opprelTus fe defendere non potuit, qui homines 
perpetuam defamationem iibiimpofuerunt, & in eodem duello Creantiamproclam' : 
Rex inde certior fadtus, &c. iiatuit quod prsdidus Philippus propter Creantiam 
praed'iS' libcram legem non amitteret, &c. 

M tljis trial bp battel, Fleta faitl) tljug, Duellum fingularis pugna inter duos 
ad probandam veritatcm litis, & qui vicerit probafle intelligitur i &quamvis ju- 
dicium Dei expeftetur ibidem, quicunque tamen raonamachiam, i. lingularem 
pugnam, fponte fufteperit, vel obtukrit, homicida eft, S<. mortalc contrahit pec- 

^ Son pier luy commande a ftire la dereign . 3 2nB tljefe boojw 
are toell erplaineU bp Glanvill, Cui pater fuus injunJcit in extremis agens, in fide 
qua filius tenetur patri, quod fi aliquando loquelam de terra ilia audiret, hoc dira- 
tionaret, ficut id quod pater fuus vidit S>c audivit, 

^ Ne fbit le champion le Demandant conftreint a ceo jurer. 3 
iipercbp it appearetlj tbat pjebenting Slullice is better tljen punifijing Bluttice, 
Melior eli JulHtia vere prseveniens, quam fevere punicns ■■, foj D)l)en it i? puniQl^ 
CD, pet tlje offence iis committee, but toben it 10 pjebentcD, tben tbere iis nei^ 
tljer offence noj punilbmcnt : %W 3Lab) pjetoentetl) pcrjurp, tnljic^ taltct^ 
aboap tljat pact of tlje oatb baljiclj felbom oj neber toasi oj coulo be bept. 


PUr ceo que en briefe daflife, dattaints, 8c de Juris utrMm^ les 
Jurors font fovent travels per effoines des tenants : Purview 
elc, que del heure que le tenant un foits apparuft en Court, 
jammes ne puifle k tenant fe eflbine, mes faire (on Attorney a fiier 
pur luy, fil voile. Et fi non, foit laffifc, ou le Juric prife per fon 

snije mifcbief not!) appear bp tbe pjeamble, anc tljat t^c ratber, foj tbat itr 
tbefe Sflions %zxt rebearfeD tbere i? a 3iur? retojneD tbe fiirft nep, anti tberefoje 
tbe Dclap of tbc 5urojs baajs tbe greater, but of tbio mifcbiefiS, one onlp reme«» 
bp boas pjobioeo ■■> foj as great belap bau tbe 3iuto?s bobete tbe SDemantant, 
as boljere tlje Cenant toas effotncc, ano \^nz p;obifion is mabe foj tbe effoine 
of tbe SLenant tubicb boas tbe greater mifcbief, foj commonlp tbe SDenant 
feefes belap, ann tbe plaintiffs etptbition i Perens praefumitur defidcrarc potius, inftantiam litis, quam djlationem. 


Gap.42. Weftm. ■primer. 249 

%\)i0 ^A 10 not ItnoerttCDtr of a XMxit of atTifc De novel diffeifln, foj tljat in Britton fo:. 154. 
tljat^rtt, t\)C accirant (Jiail not be cffoincD, ncttl^cr Lefoje, noj after avpcar^^ Hctaiib.i5.cap'.9. 
ante, Lccum non habct cffonium in perfona diffeifitoris,vel icdiflcifitoris Jhm tl)iS '° ^- '^•^-• 
in tntenBcti of an Miie of Mordaunccfter, anD it ig fato, tljat tljc Juliicc0 of tlje g^*^ f ; "; ^j^. 
©ings IBnulj \uiU not allotoanefroinc fojtljcpaintifinno manner of Mifc, 79. ^'oAti.'si.gV 
nojfoj tljc a:;enantin ^tlife of Mordaunc'. a(I,6. 6E.3.25, 

l£ut albeit no eCfoin foj tlje SHenant »otl) lit in Effife of Novel diffcilln, $a 44E.3.5. 44 Afr.24 
if tl;E fame be tiiftontinueti bp t\)t non venu of tlje Btuftireg, oi bp tljc Demife of 
ti)e toing, in a reattachment t^e aTenant fijafl be effoineUj ann fo (Ijafl tbe ^tf ^^ A(r.p.<. 8 Aff. 
nant be in a refummons after a Difcontinuancc in ^flifc of MorJ. p.22. ' * 

an fllltfccf Word' toas bjougljtin Chefter, tbe aCenant boucijeD a fojrcinec 
tb^Marrantp, teljcreupon tljeMecojn luas remobeo into tlje Court of Common 
|)leap, 1 5 Pafch. at toljiclj Bav Ctl^ouglj it be in an jaffifc of MorJ ) tlje SDenant 
maj) be effoineBjfoj tlieplea in lEanfe is not tlje pica of 0irife,but tlje plea tljcre 
ig onlp upon tlje OTarrantp, foj tl)e ^ffife fljall not be tafeen in lEank. 

SCbe statute of W.2. uot^ pjobice foj tlje otljcr mifcijief in tlje cafe of aififc W.2.C.28.25 Aff. 
of Mord', Attaint, anD Juris utrum, viz. tljat tlje Demaniiant tUcein after ap# P-ss- 45 AfT- 2. 
pearancc fljall not be effoincD •, but tljat Statute eptenbetlj not to tlje laHife of 3°" ^•'••'^ ^^•^° 
Novel dilTcifin. 

^ Dattaints.] lEljtsi Statute ig intentefi of tlje SCenanf in an attaint 26 A!r.p.25. 
a? tocll in a pica perfonal, 0} mi);t, a0 upon a plea meerlp in tljc realtp, ''^ ^"- ^•^' 

^ juris utrum. 3 §)ee tljc Statute of W. 2. aboijefain. 

^ Que le Tenant. ] 2El)t0 totlj ejttcnt a0 tocll to tljc SCenant in 3Lato;a0 22 ait p 79. 
tlje tmoucliiaej an5 aCenant bp receipt, as to tlje 2Ccnant in Dan, foj it is to 23A1I. 
cuft Detap foj etpeoition of 3uGice, ana fo; t^e eafc anu benefit of tlje 3luro?0, 
anc tljerefoje being in eqiual mifcljief fljall be tuittiin tlje fame remetip, 

^erebp it appearetlj tljat ttiis Statute pjobioetlj onlp againft tljc Cenant 
after appearance, anfi leai)etl) tl)C clfoin of tlje ^Blaintif ( as Ijatlj been fain ) 
at large. 

^ Seeffoine.3 aCljottgljljerecfToinljefpofeettiniiefinitelp, petistttobe laE.i.efromi?^ 
ta^en in a common fenfe, ann tljertfo je is it to be unBerCojij of a common elfoin, ^l^-^"^^' ^ ^' ^' 
anO not of an effoin de fervice le Roy, foj Statuta per Regem, Dominos, & Com- ° ° 55- 
tnunitatem Rcgni ordinata in communi, & vulgari fenfu intelliguntur. 

C Mes £ut Ton Attourney afuer pur luy.] ^Bp tljc policp of t%z f-NB.2 5. Erit. 
Common J,aVu, t^at fuits migljt not encreafe ano multiply, Cum lites potius re- Mert<Kfcap''io!^" 
ftringendae funt, quam laxands, botl) |piaintif, anD ©efeuDani, SDcmanDant, ano gIoc- c.8. w 2! 
SCenant in all aaions real, perfonal, ano mirt Di'o appear in perfon, as mell in 27 e. i. 
Courts of ISecDju, as not of ISecoju, becaufe tlje tKtoits bo commanb tlje 2Cenant p j^c"'*/ T^i* 
6} Defendant to appear, toljitl) toas altoaps taben in pjoper perton i anD tlje ," e z^c i m £ 2 
cntrv in e\jerp action foj tlje UDemanbant oj ^laintif is, & praedidus petens, oj scat, de cariiie. ' 
querens obtulit fe 4 die, tuljitlj iuas e\)er unDcrftmD in pjoper perfon : but bjljen 3 H-7-cap r. 
t^is anD otl)er statutes tiao gi\3enMp to appear bp attournep, it is not tie;; 2j hs. cap.?,?^ 
bible Ijoto (toitlj attourneps anD tl)eir multiplication) fuits in JLato ( foj tlje Jhe fou^Jh ^Book, 
inoft part unncceffarp anb foj trifling caufes) totjen tlje parties tljcmfelbes and here before,' 
ntigljt fit quiet at Ijome, incrcafeo ano multipIieD : fo Dangerous ano ill fuccefs cap.2fi. 
l)abe ebcr IjaD tlje bjeaclj of tlie SSajcims ana ancient rules of t^ie Common ilain, 
as clfetobcre Ijatlj been obferDeD, GUiiv.ii.n. c.t. 

3t appearetlj in Glanvills time, f^at tlje Suffices aDmittcD tlje patties. Per Braft.i. 5,^353, 
refponfalem loco fuo ad lucrandum vel perdendum, but tljen onlp loljen tl)e pac^^ 3^°- Mirror c.a^ 
ties tljcmfclues toerc ^jefent, foj Ije faitlj, Verum oportet eum eiTe prsfenttm in l"^l '^" "'" 
Curia, qui refponfalem ita in loco fuo ponit : & nota differentiam inter Helponfa- jiee'tlief.psrtqf 
lem & Atcornatum. fe fe anO tbelnftit. § iji. 

250 WeUm, f rimer. Cap. 4 ^ ^ 

^iD t^e Mirror fpeafeing of ttie ancient iLaiu bcfoje t'&e Statute fattlj, Abu- 

fion eft a receiver Attouriiey, ou nul poier eft a ceo done per briefe en la Chaunce- 

ry : Et abulion eil a receiver Attourneyj ou le parol neft njy attaine per prefence 

des parties, &c. 

Rot.Pari. 20 E. r. QftEr tl)ts ut Uuts ^atliammtis it toag tljougljt gooD to ticcrfafc t^e ntimif c 

De Attournatis. of 0ttournEV3j finoing tljcm to be tljc caufcjs of iniiUipIication of ftttts. Jtut 

4 H.4. cap. 14. tljowgl) oitif rs Boon i.a\»0 Ija^e l)(ien mace tljerctn, yet tlje number of ti^em tap 

gjH.d.cap. 7. j^ incrcafetlj, to great inconvenience in tl)c Common toealtlj, anlitotl;e no 

fmall Wcmiflj auo DifcteJit of tljat ancient anti neceffarp tiocation. 


PU R. ceo que les demandants font (bvent delayes de tout droitj 
pur ceo que ou font plulbrs parceners tenants, dont nul puit 
rclpoign' fins auter, ou quil ad pluiburs tenants jointraent feofFes, 
ou nul ne Iciet fon fevcral, & ceux tenants (bvent forchient per 
eflbine, iffint que chcfcun eit un effoine : Purview eft defbrmes, 
que ceux tenents nient eflbine, forfque a un jour, nient pluis que 
un fole tenant naveroit, iflint que janimes ne puiflent fbrcher, fbrlque 
tantfblement aver un eflbine. 

^ Forchient per eflbine. ] scljc true unterftanninff, luljat it is to 
JFourclj bp elToin, uotlj open botlj toljat luasf tljc mifcljief befoje, ann toljat is re=* 
mebiea bp tW statute. 
Braa.i.5.f.342. Fourcher bp elToin, on tl)e part of t!)C aCenant, istn^en a Praecipe is bjougljt 
33H-6-25-2E-4i9againfttluooimojc2Cenants, ano after eac!) of ttiem ^labe ^a» one elToin, 
iMljicI) is Due to tljem bp Jiato, tljep oijec again Dclap tljc SDemannant bp fuc*= 
ceffiDe cffoins. 

if 0} eicample, a Precipe is bjougljt againC A. anB B. A. is effoineu, anD B. aps: 

pears, ano Ijattj idem dies gi\)ett Ijim j at tobicl) oap A. appears, ano B. is elToi^: 

neDj t|)is is lateful, but tben at tljat nap B. is enoinca again, ano C. appeair, 

& Ik viciinm & alteniis vicibus, tJjis is callcn fourcljcr bp effoin, ann fo it is c]c? 

1^ H. 6.28 29. piaineo in our books. 

bo Tenants? ''"' Sufeis Cotlj F leta compjeljeno in felu toojus, ano rennjct^ to fourdj bp effoiii 
Fletalib 6. cap. p. Effoniare viciirim : fo;i l;e faitlj, Si auteni plures fuerint tenentes pro indivifo pro- 
Britton fol.184.5. vifiun eft, quod non eflbnientur vicilTim, fed limul ad uniaim diem, ficut fuifTent 
ununi corpus ratione unitatis juris, Sihaereditatis. 

Ko fcurclj in one cf tl]e fignifications is to tiMiu, anu becaufe tUv f t^tcc 
tliemfcibes in nelap of tlje SDemansants bp effoins anu appearances intetcljan;* 
geablp, it is caUeB fourcher per effoin. 
i^ointl;isttufct)ieftoasnot tbateberp one of tljc tenants Ojoulo not liabc 
» E.4.19. (n^g cMn, but tliat tljere fijoulti be a fourcljer, a bicilTituDc of elToinS after eac{) 

of tbcm Ijabe Ijau one effoin. ^o as tljis ;3rt totlj onlp pjotibite tlje fourcljcr bp 
effoin, toliicl) tuas ufeo foj belap, ann not one onlp effoin, as Ijatlj ban fain, 
to^iclj is latuful anft neceffarp. 

2oE.2.Fourcheri C Demandants.] EljisactBotl) ertenironlp to real ;3ctions in refpcct 
16E.3. ibid. 9. of t^is tMojS Detnandant, toljicl) is pjopcr to real actions v ano tlj^ toojos be 
p^'?'*'^'^'** alfo. Where be divers parceners Tenants, or Tenants joyntly infeoffed, and thofe 
sWi^'o H^isi Tenants fourch by Eifoin ■■, fo as tljis 0(t cjctenDetlj to flflions in tl)C ISealtp. 
4^. * ' " ' JlEut tljis Statute ejttencs not to an Action cf Debt upon an jSDbligation, 
Cotienanr, oj otljer like pcrfonal mictions. 

^ Tenants. 

Cap.44' Weftm. f rimer, 2 5 1 

. f[ Tenants. ~] %%{$ Stt is (o be unuerftoti after aipparancc, ann fo not!; 22 e.?.?. 38 E.j; 
t%t Statute of Gloc' mite it, foj tljere is no iFoitrcljec but after fojmcc CfToine 12-18. 48 e. 3.20 
antt reciprocal 0pparance, a? Ijatlj iiaen fain i atto tljis notij alfo yjobc toljat ^'°'='- "P-^"- 
Jfourcljcr is. 

SDljis Statute being mane foj erpenition of Suffice, ann foj oufting of a?e# 3 h.(5 9^. F.tlr; 
lapisisibeniguipinterpjeteiii fojinatlRinrit of anntiitp agatntt a |3arfon, ^e '■ourcier 3 
Mja?ct^ in aio of tte patron ano jSDjninarp, ano t^ep, after eaclj of tljem Ijbe j|h s'^l' "^^^ 
]{)aD one CDffoin, toottln ijatje fourcljeo bp Ctfoin, ann coulD not bp tlje Kttle of * '* ' 
tie Court, ann pet tbc piice in aio i? no partp to tlje Wint, 

ano tbi* Statute is ntaoe againft tbc irourc^cr bp dDlToin of tbe SCenantg, Braa. ubi fupri: 
ftnn not of tbe E>emanirantp. 3S H-^-^s- 

' 4[ Parceners & jointment feofFes. ] SCbiS Statute fpeaking cppjeflp of Gioc'.cap.i^. 

Parceners aniJ Jointenants, e]ctenDs not to llParon ano i?enie feifeo in tbe rigbt of <5 e.i. 

tbe toife, tobicb iis remcDieo bp tbe faio Statute of Glouc': bttt tobere ilSaron *''«">"''' '^"P'"* 
■ tttO ifemc be jopntlp infeoffco, tbep are toitbin tbe puruicb) of tbi0 Statute : 

011 Sointenantis are luitbin tbi? Statute, altbougb tbeir ettate be createn bp 

«np otbfj; conbepance tben bp feoffment. 


PUR ceo que multes des gentes fe font feuxment eflbine de ou- 
ftre le mere, la ou ils fuerent en Engleterre le jour de le fum- 
mons : Purview eft defbrmes, que eel eflbine ne fbit pas de tout allow, 
fi le demaundant le challenge, & foit prift daverrer quil fuit en Engle- 
terre le jour que le fummons fuift fait, & 3 femaignes apres : mcs foit 
ajourne en ceft forme, que (i le demandant fue a tiel jour averment 
per pais, ou ficorae la court le Roy agardre 8c foit attaint que le te- 
nant fuift deins le quater meres Dengleterre le jour que il fuit fum- 
jnons, &c trois femains apres, iffint que il puit eftre reafonablement 
gamy de la fummons, foit lefl'oine turne en un default, 8c ceo fait a 
entend' tantfolement devant les Juftices le Roy. 

^ftbebiberCtp of (Effoin^, ano amongft tljcm, of tbis (EIToin, caltetiberc Mariebridge,c.i2; 
Ultra mare, pou babe beam bcfoje in tbe etpoCtion of tbe ^tatntc of Marie- 
bridge : foj tbe better unoerftanning of tbe mifcbitf before tbiis JStt, ano of tbe 
jurbieb) tbeteof, it is neceCfarp to imoerttanB tbe oiberfitpof CDlToing ultra 
mare i fome of tobicbj ancient ^utbo}?! call Effoines de fervitio Regis aetemi : g a ,., , , 
ann fome, De fervitio Regis temporalis: of tbe firtt fojt bjere, viz. ad terram ^^gfJp.Heta 
fanftam. 0nti tbis baaiS tb30#folD, viz. Cum peregrinatio vel paflTagium gencrale lib. 6. cap.8. 
fiierit ad terram fanftam, & tunc recedant partes fine die, quoufquc cflbniatus redi- Brie. cap. uj. 
erit, vel obierit, &c. Semper tamen non habet locum iftum elTonium, quia non nifi Braaon p ^^ 
tempore transfretationis alicujus Regis cum peregrinatione publica & general!, aut j.-igJa"" 3 Aipra; 
cum fimplex fuerit, dabitur eflbniato terminus unins anni & unius diei. 3 E.3.29. Ace. 

Et fi fimplex fit peregrinatio, & ultra annum & diem moram fecerit ultra mare. Mirror cap. 2. 
excufatur ejusabfentia fecundum quofdam per eflbnium fimplex de ultra mare, & §2o.dcEnoiD*; 
fic habebit Ipacium 40 dierum & unius Flud & unius Ebbe •, & fi adhuc moram 
longiorem protraxerit, habet eflbnium fimplex de male veniendi citra mare, per 

%\ z quod ■* 


Wejim, primer. 


Mirror -j 

Brafton C ubi 

Britton /* fupra. 

Ffeta , \ 

Fleta, ub'i fupra. 
7E.4. 27. 
Glanv. 1,1.0.15. 

quod habebit ad minus fpacium 1 5 dierum quod verum efl ad minus habebunt 
cffoniati tantum tempus & ex caufa majus tempus fecundum difcretionem Julticia- 
riorum. Et quid fi tunc non venerit ? procedatur ad defaltam contra eum, nil! 
forte contingat talem cffoniari de morte ad cautelam. Si quis autem eflbniatus fuerit 
eflbnio de ultra mare citra mare Graecorum quod profedus fit in fervitio Domini 
Regis sterni in peregrinatione alia quam ad terram fandam, ficut apud Sandtum 
Jacobum, vel alibi, datur dilatio ad minus quadraginta dierum & unius Flud & 
uriius Ebbe ad excufationem clToniati de iimplici eifonio de ultra mare, &c. janU 
after %Z faitlj, In hoc cafu inducise fjnt arbitrarix dum tamen ad minus quadra- 
ginta dierum ut fupra. 0nD Fleta futtljec fattlj, Effonia autem ultra mare Hiber- 
niae & Scotis vertenda funt in eflbnium de male vcniendi i per 1 5 dies. 

0nB Glanvill, 10)1)0 tJ?Ote befojC all tljefc, faitlj, Elt aliud genus eflbniandi & 
neceffarium, cum quis eflbniatfede ultra mare, 8c tunc fi recipiatur efTonium, da- 
Idem l.r. cap.sp. buntur ipfi eflbniato ad minus quadraginta dies, &c. auD fptafeillg of dBfToingj bp 
rcaton of Peregrinatioitj Ije faitl). Si verfus Jerufalem iverit is qui fe cflbniare fs- 
citj tunc folet ei dari refpeftus unius anni & unius dici ad minus, &c. 

215p t^tlt ancient 0utljojis it appearetlj, iirtjat cclap tl)i0 ElToine de ultra mare 
tojotigibt to tl)c SDemanuant ■■, ano bj? tlje Hato no abetment coulo be Ijan againft 
it, no moje ti^en in a ^jotection, oj in tljc EflToine de fervice le P.oy, ix)l)icl& 
( fpeciallp in t^jofe capis toljen fuel) Effoines de ultra mare tocre fo frequent 3 
iuajsticrpmifcljieDousii, fo; fome fainen fuel) a paffage oj peregrination, ann 
fome uoent of ptpofc after t^ie purcljafe of t^e Prxcipe, vuljicl) i? toell etpjefleo 

Jjp Fleta : Sunt tamen quidam, qui cum fuerint brevia fuper ipfos impetrata, extra 
regnum fe devertunt, nc fummonitione iint praeventi ut fie jus petentis per cffonium 
de ultra mare deferri poffit, & unde provifum eft, quod H petcns oiferat verificare, 
quod tenens fuerit in Anglia die fummonitionis, & per tres feptimanas fequentes, 
adjournetur efTonium, & irrotuletur calumnia petentis, & fi alia die conftare poffit 
Juftitiariis per inquifitionem, vel alio modo, quod tenens fuit in Anglia die fum- 
monitionis, & per tres feptimanas fequentes, ita quod potuit rationabiliter pra;mu- 
niri, vertatur illud eflbnium in defaltam, fed hoc obfervetur tantummodo coram 

Ubi fupra. 

Mirror cap.f,§ I, 


SI H.5.20. 
Prot. 28 H. 6-1. 
21H.6.20. 99E.3. 
3$. 47 E. 3. 6. 
I H.6.6. 34 H.6.62 
35H.5.5.8. 19H.6 
3$. $ E.4.2. 21 £. 


a Regin.fol.i3. 
F.N. B. 17 H. 

fl Font fauxment eflbine. "] flU fatfllioli isiabfjOjreD in 3lato, anb %%txzf 
foje tl)e Mirror faiO toell, Abufion eft que faux caufes de eflbine font de cy que droit 
ne allowe fauxime en afcun cafe i tlje lla\)) alloiujetb no falflicDD in anp cafe, 
mljicl) is a SpajCim of tlje Common JlalU, Contra veritatem lex nunquam aliquid 

^ Eflbine de ouftre mere. ] SCljis Set Bot^ ertenD onip to t\t Eflbine 
de ultra mare, toljereof toe Ijabc fpofeen at large, ano not to t\z Eflbine de fer- 
vitio Regis, &c. Vide 21 U.6. fol. 20. 

f[ Etfoitpriftdaverrer, &c. ] scijisi abcrment, ais Jjat!) ban fatir, 
coulD not be tafeen ^i^i t|)e Common iiab), no moje tljen in cafe of a pjotecrion 
befojc tljc Statute of 33 E.i. tuljicb gibetlj an abetment in cafe of pjotcittoni 
of iDljicl) Statute pou Oiall reao in our il5rok0, ann Ijolutlje p^iotection map be 
repealebi anb in tbe common Eflbine demalo vcniendi, oj de fervice le Roy, no 
fuc^ abcrment can be taken againft it. a JlBut if tbe aCenant be efToinej in anp 
action de fervitio Regis, toljere in trutl) i)e is not in tlje JSings ferbice, tljen t\t 
SDemanDant oj piaintif map fue a^fpecial Mrit out of t^je Cljancerp Biretten 
to tlje 3!uaiceiE!, reljearfing, tljat be is not in tbe lyings ferbice, ano commanD;* 
ing tbcm to pjoceeb i tljen t^ie <3;(roin lliall not be aojourncb , but fljall be 
().ualljeti pjefentlp. 

jSno fo befoje tW Statute in tlje Eflbine de ultra mare, if tlje partp toere in 
England, tlje SDcmanuant migbt Ijaue purcljafcD tlje likeMrit, as is abobefain i 
butfo} tljat manp times t^at coulD not be obtainen toitljout great nifficultp, t^ijs 
abermcnt teas giben foj aboibingof falfljeDb, 

€ Jour 

Cap, 44. Weftm. primer, 255 

^ Jour que le fomons fuifl: fait, & per tres (emaignes apres. [] 
^0} t\)e S>umttitins altoaps 10 maue upon tlje laiiD bp ttoo ^umncrsf, lu^ctljcc 
licfc Cenantj oj anp fnj Ijtni, be tljcrc 0; no. 

SClje nap of tljE summons i;5 not cotintet) yarrel of t^c tlj?a; toeekSj but it ntutt 
l)c tij?© luffifes aftet tljat Bap i otljcrixitfc IjaD it ban, if tljc tMojng |)aD Ijanj 
tljjffi luaks aftet tlje Summons mane. 

C Deins le quater meres D'angleterre. ") mitW tljc four &eas iisas 
JtiucI) to fap, as tott^tn ttje jurifDirtion of tlje teing of England ; fo; all iwit^in 
tljc four &Eais ttas ilt\)ct part oj Ijolncn of tlje Crolon of England, ais ip manp 
ancient KccoxDjs appearctti. 

C Que il puit eftre reafbnablement gamy de la fummons. "] 
SDljc tlnet lMak0 after tlje cap of tljc Summons tuere giijen as a reafonable 
time, toljerein bp common intennment lie migljt Ijatoe notice of tljc ^timmong 
maDe upon tts IanD« 

- f[ Soit leflbine turne en un default. ] aci^is is tlje remciip giben lip 
tljis art, foj tl)c benefit of t^e jDemannant, tojIjo toas un/uttlp nelapea bp t^i? 

Si tooman Cenant in a Writ ot (i!;ntre, 9t> tuas effoineo, fo j t^at (I)e toas in 9 e.j.j?. 
terra fanda, viz. from tljc time of tlje Ctlloin, foj a pear ano a Dap, anu it toajs 
faiD, tljat tlje SCenant fljoulo lofe Ijer lann, if it be founo bp Slnqueft, tljat flje 
luas in England tlje Dap of tlje dBlToin i anD tljere it is faiD, t^at at tlje Dap ti^at 
tljc parties Ijabc bp tlje ClToin, tlje JDcmanDant fijall be receibeD to aber W 
challenge. ConfiDer Doeil tliisiBajfe, anD tljc 315ook alfo of 28 H.d. uii^iclj ej:* 28 H.<5.3. 
jiounDs tljc Statute of 33 E.i. Vide Raft. PI. fol. 2^7. &« mojc foj tlje anti^ 
nuttp of Cffoins, antt great barietp of matter, bot^ of tW <BMn aiiD of all 

Dti^er in tllC Mirror. Mirror cap. r. § 3J 

anD tljouglj tljis feinD of ClToin is at tijts Dap out of ufe,pet Ijabc 3! fpofeen of pXim V°' ? - 
tljc fame tljus muclj foj tbjo caufes ; firtt, foj tljat mine enDcabour ^atlj becn,to *' ^ 

c]cplatn tljefe ancient ILatos, anD to make eberp toojD of tljem Co to fpeak, as t^jcp 
map be unDerftooD. ^cconDlp, tlje feberal points of ^learning tljat Do rife out 
of tljis ILab) ( tljouglj tlje particular cafe be out of ufc) map ferbe to gooD pur«« 
jiofes, pou fijall obfcrbe in tljis anD manp ot|iers( of tljis nature, in tW feconO 
$art of mine Inftitutes. 

OTljerc tljc Ktn is cbioent, it tnerc lofs of time to make anp ejcpofition. 


2<^ Wejlm. f rimer. Cap.45 


DE dclaycs en touts maners des briefes, 8c des attachments eft 
purview, que fi le tenant ou le defendant, apres le primer 
attachment tefmoign, face default, maintenant fbit le grand' diftreffe 
agarde. Et fi Vi(c' ne refpoigne fufficientmcnt au jour, (bit grievouf- 
ment araercie. Et fil maunde que il ad fait lexecution en due manor, 
& les iffues bailes as mainpernors, adonques foit maunde au Vilcount, 
que il al auter jour face venir les ilfues devant Juftices. Et filattachee 
veigne a ceo jour a favcr (es defaults , eit il fes iffues. Et fil ne 
veigne, eit le Roy les iffues. Et les Juftices le Roy les facent live- 
rer a la Gardrobe, & Juftices del banke a Weftminfter les facent li- 
verer al Exchequer, 8c Juftices en eyre, au Vifcount de cell' countic 
ou ils pledent, auxybien de eel count ie, come des foreine counties, 
8c de ceo fbient charges en fummons per roUes des Juftices. 

17 H.6.2. 1 H.5.9. fl Attachment. "^ %^z attatljmcnt mutt hz ntaue ip tnoteaWe goDg, 
Brie, cap.26. de anu mat pcrfonal, totiic^ map k fojfettED bp j^utlatojp, anD not bpgmDiB tolbic^ 
Attachments. ^^ jjgtl) as CjcccHtoj oj SitimiiuatatO}, ttoj bp a cloD of t%z «artt), noj ip an? 

c^auel real, z% HHatulIjip, oj t%z Uke. 

Regift. judic' f.ii ^ Grand diftreffe 3 Diftridlio magna, it iji fo callec, notfoj tlje qaaju" 

Se^'T'''' *^^P' ^"^ '^ ''* ^^"^^ ^"^^^ ^"^f"* ^^^ qualitp, foj t^etjctcnt is Deep great: 

^ '^'^ ■ fo} tljercbp tlje ^licrif i% commanoell, Qiiod diftringat tenentem, ita quod 

ipfe, nee aliquis per ipfum ad ca manum apponat, donee habuerit aliud prscc- 

ptum, & quod de exitibus eorundem nobis refpondeat, & quod habeat corpus 

ejus, Sec. 

%W Mtit Ipetlj in ttoo tafeg, tttljcr toljcn tijc arenant oj 2Df ftwuant ^ 
attadjcB, ann fo retounieD, anu apyrarctlj not, but mabes Default, tljcn bp tljijs 
3tt a tiDjano tiiOvcfg 10 to be atoaroco i oj toljen t^c 2Cenant oj JDcfcntiant 
tiatl) once appe arec, antr after mafeeiB Bcfault, tl;en t^lis ZMixi Ipet!) bp tlie Cora* 
mon Hlalo in Jtett of a Petit Cape. 
Brit, ubi fupra. Britton f jieahetl; of jDiOrelTesi pertonal , toljiclj be intennetb of perfonal 
gmcg upon tbe attacliment, ano iaDtftrefreiB real, toljiclj concern tbe Meal tp i ans 
a tbito map be aUDen, viz. 2Dtttreffes tubidj no concern botb tbe Kealtp ana 
^erfonaltp, as tbis dPjann Bifltefs tiotb. 

18 E.^.judgment, 3,n a fecfta ad molendinum, after Spparance tbe SDcfcnoant mane Default, 
i2o.f.6E.2. ibid, tobereitpon a Cjanimiftrefs Mjs atoaroeD, anotbe SDefcnDant maoe Default 
8^. 14 E. 3. De- jgatn^ a„5 tijercupon tbe paintif bao juDgment. 

^ Et fi latachee veigne a ceo jour a faver (es defaults, eit il (cs 
iffues. ] ^ere tbe Lattachee is taken foj ^im tbat is DiftraineD, anj appcaret^ 
upon tlie (!D>janD Didcefs. 

H Et 

Cap.^6, PVeflm. primer, 255 

^ Et fil ne veigne eit le Roy les iffues.] fo^ tljrn lucgment ie to ht 
gttjcn againft t\)t gif fcnnantj as liailj hkn faio Icfojc, aim tljc Jiing to (jave 

^ Et les Jufiices le Roy. ^ Stliat ij!, ttje iutticcj; of ^ijsJlfcncl;, fo calleK, 
foj iljat all tl)c picas tljcre arc coram Regc. 

4[ Les facent liver a le Gardrobe. "j S^ljcrc Ijat^ leen an ancient j^Df^^ ockham. 5, h.^. 
iicet of ttie llinjJS ^^onfljoHi of OlO time, CallCti Cufto5 magm Gardroba;, Mac? '^«-. dc Scacc. 
Ben ojIScepcr of t\)t great Marti?ope oj CQJarozobc, of later times calico SlJa^ fg^^- ^"P-c'"ri^ 
ttcr of tljetEaiarojobc, fo calico, bccaufe be Ijat^ tljc feeeping ano cliargc of tlje metilTcio'd 
asopal Uobes of fojmcr Bings ano ffiueens, ano foj pjo\)ioing of Kobcs, $c. 
of tl)C toing ; l;c Ijatlj aUo tljc cljargc of keeping ano p?obioing of l>ingings, 
icOBingj f c. in aanoing aJHarojcbcs in tljc ?5tugs IjotifcSj anotlje oeliterp of 
Jilciuetano Scarlet alloiuco foj librrirs, $c. ^no manji ot^cr things belong 
to Ijis office, toljiclj arc not ncccffarp to be bcrc repcateo : Ije is accountable in 
t^e CrclicJiticr. 

De articulis porredis coram Domino Regeper comitcm Marefchallum pro hiis Rof- P^rl. Pafch. 
qu£ad officium fuum in Curia Regis clamabat pertinere, Dominus Rex vult quod *' ^■'' ^°'^" '• 
diiti articuli irrotulentur in Garderoba, & quod tranfcriptiim eorundem liberetur 
prxfato eomiti, 8c quod nee ipfe nee miniltri fui aliquid habeant, feu libi attrahant 
ultra ea quae ibidem inveniuntur, &c. 

Vide in tljC (3;]CCl)CClUCr, de anno ipE. 2. a pjib}) fcal bearing bate 30 Junii, Int' communia id 
anno 19 E.2. concerning Ijis account amongft otljicrs. ^'^'g',''^ ^^°° 

llEut ^ecc it map be ocmanoco toberefoie tljcfc iffucs tocrc to be telibcrco into '^ 
tlje Marbjobe : iroj tbe anftocring Ijcreunto, it mull be unoerKcDO, tl)j»t tlje 
Jiings lluftices of Ijis iEcnclj m in tljofe baps folloiu tbc Court C tlje rctonrn 
of tlje ^JOCefS of toljtclj Court to tljiS Oap is coram Rege ubicunque fuerimus in Arc. fuper Chart. 

Anglia ) tljcrcfojc it tuas fittcft foj tljcm to make belibcrp of t^cfeilTues to ti&is "i«a'i.2.cap a; 
£)ffitcr of Court. 

C Les Juftices del Banke al Weftm'.] Eljat ts, tlje Suffices of t^c 
Court of Common picas fljall make tljcir cftteats, ano tljefe iffucs are part of 
tlje gran toajc. 

^ Al Vilcount de eel Countie. ] 3in Hjis particular cafe of m£& djc 
3luftices in (Eir oelibereo tlje cflreats to tlje ^Ijcriff, vide bcfo?e cap. 18. luljiclj 
tjctenoetl) to fines ano amerciaments. 

f Per RoUes des Juftices. ] sCljat i^, parttcnlarlp , anO not a ^'^■2- " 

Vide mojc foj ettreats t^e Statutes of 5 1 H. 3. W. 2. cap.8. 42 E.3. cap.^. 

5 H.4. cap. 3. 

. • CAP. XLVL 

PUrvicw eft enfement, & per le Roy commaunde, que les 
Juftices de Banke le Roy , 8c Juliices de Bank^ a Weftmin- 
Iter deformes per pledant les plecs a terminer a un jour , avant 
que rien Ibit arraine, ou commence des plees del jour enfuant, 


25^ Wejim.f rimer. Cap47. 

for(pris que lour effoines foient entres, judges, & rendu?, & per 
enchefbn de ceo nul home (e affie, que il ne veigne au jour que 
don' luy eft. 

iFtrffj 3!n fome impjclTions tetlj in iFrcndj anti CngUdj tif tljis Sft, tijffe 
lijo;ti0 [ Et Juftices de Banck al Weftm' ] te cmittct, ar.D tcirarBs i\)t ctm ttefc 
tDOjUg, [ forfprife lour effoines] be iibetoife omictEH, lotfe toijfc^ iBtt^OUC qitcftu 
^ on ougibt to be infmec ais parcel of t^jis cicccllcnt jLato. 

SDfje mifcljicf before tljiiS Statute toag, in rcfpea cf pjcpcCercag oj Difojner^ 
ip t)fattng of caufe? i foj manp times ttie SuBgep of tlje fitntjg llEenc^, ano of 
tie Court of Common ^leag iuottHi Ip impo jtunacp of great men anji otljcrs iw 
t^e irregular time of H.3. put off mattcrg to be Ijcam at one Dap until anotljer, 
ano at i|at time Ijear fome ot^er matters appointee to be Ijcaro on a Bap folloto;* 
tng, loj^crebp tlje parties, toljofe caufes Tooere tljcu tifappointen, toere not onlp 
fielapeo, ano put to furttier cljargeg, but manp times, toljen tljeir caufe came to 
be liearD, either tocre Dtfappointen of tljeir councel )aiW\\ tljep Ijau inttrticfeD, 01 
tlje Bap appointeo not being come, liao no councel inflrutteB at all -, auB beCues 
Inliere tuitncffes mere requifite, tliep manp times failcB of t^em , SDljis Jiatu 
tl^erefojc is maBe to remeop tljefe pjepoflcrous anB Bifo?Berlp pjocaBings, ans 
to gibe 3!iniges a jufl caufe of Benial of anp fuel) requefls, tljouglj nebcr fo pcte# 
erfullpj 0} impojtunatelp maBe, ano tl^at tljis iLato map fcrbe foj tljeic lucfelcf 
ano OjielB, lu^icit) Fleta renBjet^ in tljefe toojDji : 
Fkta 1.2. cap.25>. Et provifum eli, quod Jul'ticiarii de utroque Banco placita ad unum diem adjour- 
nata perfiniant, antcquam placita die! fequentis quicquam placitare incipiant, hoc 
tamen excepto, quod effoniuni illius dici fupervenientis admittatur, adjudicetur, 
& reddatur. 

SnB Ijerebp it appearetl^ tljat bot^ tlie faiB claufcg fo omitteB, as is afojefab, 
oug^t to be ittfertco. M tW ^inB of Rearing of caufes it \» trulp faiB, Mcrito 
hsc dicuntur pirspoftera, quia in hiis prsfunt poftcriora. 

f[ Que Juftices de Banke le Roy, & del Banke al Weftm', &c. '} 
2Cbis Statute being maoe in atfirmattce of common rigljt Botlj ertenB to t\>t 
Court of Cl)ancerp, Court of Crcliequer, anB to all oti^er Courts of Suffice, 
foj tljat all arc lait'iitt the fame mifc^ief, ano tljerefoje ougl)t to be toitljin t|)e 
fame rcmeop. 

H A terminer a un jour. ] ;;apon t%i^ Set tliiiS ancient concluCon of 
Eato BOtl) follotu, Judicis officium eft opus diei in die ipfo perficere. 
Mag. Chart. & 2j. SlnB tW agratl) mi^ tljat ejccellent ILalU of Magna Charta, Nulli vendemus, 
nuUi negabimus, aut differemus juftitiam, vel rcdtum. 

CAP. XLVII. ' ' 

Urview eft enfement, que fi ul deformes purchafe briefe de Novel 

diffeifin, & celuy fur que le briefe vient, come principal diflei- 

Ibr mourge avant que laffife fbit pafTe^que le pi' eit (on briefe Dentre 

fbundus fur diffeifin, fur le heire, ou fur les heires les diffeifbrs, de quel ' 

age que ils foient. En raeftae le raancr eit le heire, ou les heires le 


Cap.47« Wefim. j^rimer. 257 

le diffeilee lour briefes Dentre (ur les diileifbis lour aunceflTejOU lour 
heires, de quel age que ils ((^ient. Et fi paraventure le dilTeifeemourge 
avant que il eit Ion purchafe fair, iffint que pur les nonages des heires 
dun part ne dautcr ne Ibit le briefe abatus, ne le plee delay, mcs en 
quant que Ihom* poit fans ley offender,foit hafte pur la frefti (bit apres 
le diffeifin. Et en mefme le mancr (bit en ceo point gard'en droit des 
prelates, gents de Keligion, 8c autcrs, as qucux terres & tenements eil 
nul maner puiilcnt devener apres auter mort, le quel que ils Ibient 
diffeilees, ou dilleilbrs. Et fi les parties en pledant di(cendont en en- 
queft, & lenqueft pafla encounter le heire deinsage,&: nofmement en- 
counter le heire le dilleifee, que il en ceo cafe eit iattaint de la grace 
le Roy fans rien doner. 

SCije nufclncf tcfoK tlji's Statute imasf, tl;at if a man Ijau bktn niffctfcD, 
ctdjcr tl;c Dtffcifit o^ tlie DilTcifoj Ijaa fiicD, rljctr \nit being tottljin agCjtn a Witit 
ef Entre fur diffdlin bjougljt i)j) tl)C \)cvc df i\)t tiiffcifac being tottbin age, oj bp 
tlje BtlTeite 0; Ijis \)m againft tlje Ijcir of tlje nidcifoj being initbin age, tljc 
parol! baonemurreti until t|)c full age of tljc Ijeir refijcctibelpj tuljicii) "loais a 
great oelap, aui3 i$ remenieD on botlj jjartiS Ip tljis 0(t. 

^ Purchafe briefe de Novel diffeifin. ] Albeit tlje tiifTciris. purfljafcii - p . -„ 
no Wxit of ;airifc of Novel difTeifin, pet tljc Ijcir oj Ijeirs of tlje isiffeifoj are I e -'.71! ^'' 
luitbinttiisi statute ■■> foj faing in tljis cafe Ijere put bp tljemafeccs of tbis Jiato, ' 
true it i0, tljat nottoitljffanting tlje ptircbafe of tljc Saarit in a ©Hrtt of Entre fur 
difTeifiii biotigbt bp tbc Diffcifa againfttbe Ijeic of t\)c DilTcifoj, tlje Ijeic fljoulD 
ijabe baD W "age to tbe great Dclap of tlje SDcmannant, tbis is fl;ciueti foj a mif^ 
tl;icf in tljis particular cafe,to perftoatic tljat tlje iato migljt be generaI,tljoHgl) 
no Mlrit luas b?OHgljt, as bp tlje boDp of tljc ^rt appearetlj. 

^ Briefe de Entry foundus fur diffeifin, fur le heire ou heires les 
difleifbrs. ] , SCljis is to be unnerCcDti of a WLtit of CSntrp in tljc Per, ano not ';.^ 4- '?• 
in tlje Poll:,foj tbe InojOS of tljc statute be Sur le heire le diffeifor, tobiclj is a ^ ^' ^°^ '^' 
WLxii of Cntrp in tbc Per, ano tl;crefo?e if^tbc \]tiK of tljc Diffeifoj make a fe# 
offmcnt in fffi, ano tbe feoffrc Bietlj, bis Ijeic tottbin age, in a Mlrit of (ll;tttrp * ^•^•?- *« ^4.1$ 
againft tbe Ijcir, bcfljall Ijabc bis age, foj tljis M crtenns but to tlje bcir of tbc U^'l'^„ 
titfcifoj, lubo ftttctb in bis JTatljers feat, ano cometlj to tlje lann luicljout confi-« * 

Deration ■■, but otbcrtoife it is of Ijim tbat purrbafetlj tbe lanD of tlje bcir, foj 
Ije anB bis beirs are out of tbe letter ano meaning of tljis act : tlje fame Jlanj 
is of tlje aiOHcbae anD p?i(r i\x iSioc luitbin age. 

3f tbe feme bcir of tbe OtlTeifo} taketb busbantr, ann Ijatb ilTue tuitljin age, 
anu Dictb, tbe Diireifec bjing a Mrtt of CEntrp againft tljc ^Tenant bp tbe curtcs> '7 e-b.^i. 
fie,be p?ap in aio of tlje bcir tuitljin agc,bc fljall baDc bis age,foj tbis i^ a mirtt ^^ "'*•'• 
ofCilJntcpintljePort, being bjougljc agatnil tljc 2Cenant bp tljc curtefie, ano fo 
out of tlje Statute. 

3(f tljere be ttoo bjotbers ano a fifler, tlje eloec bjotljer oilTeifetb onc,anii oictlj, 
ano tljc lano oefccnoetb to bis b?ot^cr,ano Ije enters ano oietbfeircOjanotljclano =4E-3-25-t'.4<^.47 
Dcfccnoetb to tlje CQer toitbin age ; in a Mlrit of CBntrp bjougbt bp tlje otn"ci#= 
fee againtt tbc fiaec, (be fijall be ouffeo of Ijer age bp tbis 3>£atutc : toljerein 
tbjoe tbings are to \it obfetbeo. jrirtt, tljat tljc meoiatc bcir on tbe part of tljc 
oiffctfoj is toitbin tbis statute. 2. SEljattljougb tljc fitter is to make Ijcr felf 
fiftcE ano beit to t\it poungcr b?otljcr,anO not to tbe oiffeifoj, fo j ti^at Ijer poun^* 
get bjotbcc entreo, pet is fljc bcir luitljin tljc meaning of tbis Statute to tljc 
oiffeifo?, ano tbetefoje to be outteo of ber age. 3. 2Dbat a Mlrit of Cntrp in 
tlje Per Cui in tbis fpcctal cafe is luitbin tbis 9(r. 

special in(IDabelkinD,SBD?ougb(lBnglift,ano tlje lifter of tljcteljolc 
blcDO ate on botlj (iocs luitbin tljis §>tatutf, foj tbouglj tljep be not Ijtirs bp tbe 

=11 \ Common 

21-3 Weftm. ff-imer. Cap.47, 

dEommon ilatw, v^t arc t\)ev Ijc'vs iDitljin tlje inteution of iW JlaUi, lubicl} ii 
to U tafeen ieiiignlp, bfing mace foj cj:petiition of luftice, ann to ouft Uclap. 

fiE loE € En mefme le maner eit le heire, ou les heires le diffeifec lour 

58."1'Je.3.°27.^' briefes Dentre fur les dilleifors ou lour heires.^ %W i2 to he uncetflorti 
<^E-3-3i- as^DEU oftl)emcwateasoft^citMnicfiiatel)eicof tijc tiffcifoj i mu tljctcfoje 

if i\)txe\it (I0?attDfatl)Er, jratljcr anDSon,aiH)tl)C CUjancfatljcr is xsiMkn ano 
Dietlj, ann tlje j?atljci- of full age likctoife oietlj^tlje fon 10 toitljiii age,anti bjingss 
ijis Writ of Ctttrp againft tl;c tiffciroj, Ije 10 an l)eir luitljin tljis statute, foj 
|e mahctl) \)i\nU\f l)cic to tljc (I3?amifatljcr, tol;o m& tlje oiircifee, 

C Et fi peraventure le diffeifce murge avant que il eit fon pur- 
chale fait. "] ^ext tj» cicpjcfiei toojD? I3?o\)ifion is mate, t^iougl) tijc Diffcifa 
tic before tl)c purcljafe of Ijiis Mrit, toljetcof fometoljat Ijatlj Ian fain liefo^e. 

^ Iffint que pur les nonages des heires dun part ne daut', &a 3 
m\}ttc tlje 2Dcmanoant oj tljc SCcnant fljaU Ija^e \)i& age at tlje Common 3lato, 
poumav rcan at large in Markals cafe abo^jefaiu t 'U is tljere refoHjcn, tljat t%e 
l)eir as well of tfje SDemantant as tljC SCeuant, ll)OtilD ijabe Ijan ^ip age in 
tljiis cafe. 

fl Ne foit le briefe abatus ne le plea delay. ^ ^ere abatement ijs 

taltcn foj putting off tlje Mrit ano pea toitljout Dap until full age, but tlje 

Eraa lib fol. '^'^^^ ^^ "°t; abatCH, tljat is, oDettllJOlDn, non cadit breve, foj fo Bradon faitl), 

& lib.'4.f!zi8.b. Minor ante tempus agere non poteft infra statem, maxime in caufa proprietatis,nec 

etiam convenire, fed differetur ufqtie statcm, fed non cadit breve. 

8 E.a.7T. C Pur la frefti fuit apres le difleilin. ^ Statutum de W. i. habctur in- 

Dier 4 Mar. tclligi, ubi hsrcs diffeifiti facit rccentem fcftam, aliter non. 

ubi fupra. ^Eijig ftcO) fuit IS not to be unuertttDt) bcttoeeu tlje ciCfeifo? awo tlje niffciftt, 

24E-3-25>46>47. altljoug^ tlic oiffctfoj contimic in pofrcffion b? tlje fpate of 30 oj 40 years, ^u 

Lib.6. foi.4. 3f yt jjjjjf n t^£ Biffeifo J Dies, tljen is tl)e frefl) fuit to be matte, anu tljat is regus^ 

^o E r<??E.3. la»:ll' ^"1)1" a year ant) a oap a fter tljc 5f atlj of t be oilfeifoj, fo j uiitljin tljat time 

II. 9E.2.agci4i. COntittUal claim map be mane, tuljiclj is in Jlail) recens & continuum dameum, 

34 £.3.25,4(5, ann toitljin tljat time an appeal of oeatl) map be bjougljt, wljiclj is recens infe- 
cutio, anfi fic in inultis aliis fimilibus. 

5 En droit des prelats, gents de religion, & auters, &c. ] snijis 
claufe is to be unBerttfflO of Cccleftaftical perfons, tljat be regular, ano not of 
CEcclcfiaQical pcrfons tljat be fetular, fo? tlje regular are ueaD perfons in Jia\», 
tomtom no lanns (astljis^attite fpeaketlj) can tc fcenfi after tlje oeatlj of anp 
ctljct : but to tljc fecular, as to 31£ifljops, parfons, <iaicars, ano tlje like lanUjS 
map ocftenD,anD tljerefoje tljep ate not toitljin tbis claufe, but tuitbin tlie former 
bjancbes of t^is0ct fo} fuclj lanns as tljep are fcifeo of to tljem ano tljeic Ijeirief 
in tictr natural capatitp. 

C Eit lattaint. ] £»f t^c Mrit of Attaint, fa iefojc tljc ^atutc of 
Warlebridge cap. 14. anB Ijcrc Cap.3 7. 


Cap.48. Weftm.f rimer. 259 


SI gardein ou chiefe (eignior enfeoffe ul home de la terre que efli 
del heritage del enftnt (que eft deins age 8c en fa garde J a le dif^ 
heritancc del heire : Purview eft, que le heire eit maintenanc ion re~ 
covery per briefe de Novel dijfei (in vers (on gardein, & vers le tenant. 
Et foit la ftifin bailie per Juftices (fi el {bit recover') al prochein amy 
lenfant, a que le heritage ne purra my di(cend', pur approver al oeps 
lenfant, & a refponder des iflues al heire quant il viendre a fbn pleine 
age. Et le gardein perde a tout la vie la garde de meGne la chofe 
' recover', & tout le remainder del heritage, quel tient en nofhie del 
heire. Et fi auter gardein que chiefe feigniour le face, perde le garde 
de tout eel chofe a celfoits &: foit en grieve peine envers le Roy. Et 
fi lenfint foit efloigne, ou difturbe per le gardein, ou per le feoffee, 
ou per auter, per que il ne puifie fa Affife fuer, fue pur luy un de fes 
prochein amies que voudra, &.fbit a ceo refceve. W. 2. cap.i^. 

STljc mifcljtcf iefojc t!)t0 statute "toas, tfjat U3l]Cit tfjc (aSaruetn in Cljtokp 
tnacc a feoffment in fee, tljc ^utigcji, fo;i tfjc facing of t^c Martantp betlMan 
dje iFcoffo? auD tlje i?eoffffi, ano tljattlje rigtjt of cacljmigljt Ije fabcUjallotoen 
t^at a Writ of €ntrp in tfje Per Din Ipc foj ttje fjeic fjcfoje tljis Statute, as it 
appeacetf) fjp Bra(aon,anD 15 H.3. nap, tljc BluDgeg in ancient time Din allolu Braa.1.5. fo.g24; 
a Mrit of CUntrp in t^e Peir, as it appearetlj fjp tlje olo ISegifier, of a ireoffment ' 5 13- ^"^^{^^'^.v 
ftiaue bpa Baillic i Itit tfjis opinion, oj crroj vatfjer, luas Ijolpcn ii}) t^e refolu*= { e.j^ BriefT^o. 
tion of tlje Jucges ■■> ano tljc alienation of tljc Cavnein C after tljis M ) to be 
mane is fjolpcn bp t^is 0£t, bp enacting ano Declaring^ tl;at an Mite of Novel 
diffeifin Dotl} Ipc agatnft tlje C-arncin auo Ijis feoffs ■■, tljerefoje of a feoffment 
maue bp tlje CDamcin after tlje Statute, no OTrit of Cntrp in tljc Per Dotlj Ipe, 
but an ^ffifc of Novel difleifin : ann tlje S>tatute Ijati) aDiungeu tljc feoffment a 
DifTeifin ; but of an alienation bp tlje CDatiieitt bcfoje tljis Statute, a Mlrit of l^^'z^L^ff^ 
Cntrp in tljc Per Dotl)lpc after tl)is act, becaufc tljis 0ct notlj ejcteno to feoffs 8 aLs." 14 e."?. 
wents maDe aftenMartp, as appearetlj l^ tlje letter tljereof ■■, but if tlie SCenant Feoffhients 57." " 
alien, ano tl)e dDaruein auo Ijis ifeofia ope, oj if tlje ijeir npe, fo as no aiTife '9 .^•4-i8- ' 
can Ipc hy tljis 0cr, tljen of fuclj an alienation after tljis M a XMiit of (Bntrp 
Botlj Ipc: anti all tljis iS appjoben bp tljc autljojitp of oui:3£ajks,ainiupont^efc 
DiUerCtics all tlje iScoks arc rcconcilcti. 

2Eljis Statute fpeaketlj onlp of a Carucin in Cljibalrp, tljcrefojc tenant 
foj pears, ^tenant bp Elegit, Statute spercljantj^tc. Qjall be rcfcibCD tillioje come 
to tlje §)tatute of VV.2. cap.25. weft.2.cap.25; 

f[ Enfeoffe. ] SClje feoffment at tljefc times toas tlje general atfurance 
of tlje aflealm, but a irine is toitljin tljis jacTj foj tljat is a feoffment of 
jKecoju. ^ 

41 Maintenant fon recoverie per briefe de Novel difleifin vers fbn 
gardein, & vers le tenant. ] ^ere ttoo things are to be obfertoeti, i.upon 
tljis luojo Maintenant, tljat is, pjefentlp toitljout anp oelap : Sim tljis is tljc 7. 
act maoe at tljis parliament foj cjcpeDition ofluQice, ana foj tlje outtiug of 
Jclaps^ foj as it is commonlp faiu, tljc oeuil Dcbifctlj nelaps : UJljcvcin tljts Mirror ca.5;§. 15 
noble Siing folloiuen tljc fteps of tljat gmn JSing Alfred, in loljofetime tljcilata 
of England toas aS follolBCtlj i En fon temps puiffoit chefcun pi' aver commiffion, 

31 1 2 OH 

260 WeHm.frimer. Cap.48. 

ou briefe a fon Vifc' al Seigniour de fee, ou a certein Juftices alTignes fur chefcun 

tort •, En fon temps fe halta droit de jour en jour, ilTint que ouikr 1 5. jours nelloit 

nul default, nc nul effoine adjornable. 

2. %^ t^ig 3(t, not oiUp t^jc (II5anicin is a Biffeifoj, tut tljc iFccffa; alfo \ ana 

Fleta fo DOtl) Fleta renter It, Et apud Weftm' fuit provifum quod cuftos, qui alienat tcr- 

10E.4.18. W.2. ras lisredis, habeatur pro difTeifitore, 8cc. anU fOJn after IjC fattl), Habeantur pro 

"P'25* diffeifitoribus tarn cuftos, quam emptor. 

^ Et (bit le leifin bailie per Juftices, &c. al prochein amy del in- 
fant, a que le heritage ne purra my difcend'.] %-\j\^ claufe Fleta tencjetlj 
FI ti bi fupra ^^ ^^^^^ manner, Et cum terra fuerit recuperata, tfadatur propinquiori amico, cui 
haereditas difcendere non debeat, qui refpondeat puero de exitibus, cum ad statem 
fuam pervenerit. 

^nB \uljere tlje Statute fait^, Soit, &c. bailie per Juftices, t\)t meaning is no 
mo?e ijiit tl)i0, tljat tl)c Hutlices Ijcfoje tlje recover? toas IjaD, Cjall charge t\)t 
neyt of tljc Uxi, to \Mljom tlje ianu cannot nefccna, to tafee accojningto tljis Set 
ttie cufloup of tlje lanns, ano to pielD a true account to tijc Ijeir at tis fnU age, 
ano to enter an obiter of Court tl;ereof accojBinglp, 

0nD Ik is neitljer a Caruein in Cl}il)alep, noj in Socage, Ittt a Statute 
dDarnein in lien of t\]Z dParnein ixx Cl)i\3alrp bp fojcc of tljis att. 

flno if tijis Carnein tpc Icfojc tlje full age of tlje l)Cir,l)is djjcecutojs iljali 
not Ijabe tlje cufloDp, tut tlje nert of kin, to luljom tl^e lant cannot tcfcenfi i foj 
tljis 0ct Ijatlj annetet it to ttic nejct of blcou, to loljom tlje lano cannot Dcfcena. 

^ Et le gardein perde a tout fa vie la garde, 8cc. '] 2ni)is bjanclj 

is to lie unDerflcDii cf a CUarccin in Droit, tl)at is to fap, of tlje cljicf JLojt, 

fo? Ije is not onlp to lofc tljc cuttotip of tljc lano altcnen, ann of all tlje rcfinuc 

of t^e Ijeritage Tj)l)iclj Ije Ijao in Marti i Init alfo to lofc all benefit cf ®Ilattifi)i|j 

of tljat tcnancp lip t^c letter of tljis JLaiu, curing Ijis life, foj tljat againfl tljc 

Fleta li.r. ca.i r. ^^^^^ ''"^ ^"^? °^ ^ Carccin, Ijc Ijatlj fcttgljt tlje Difljcriion of t%z ijcir luljiclj tc 

tau iw Ijis cuCoDp : ann Fleta tvanflatctlj tljis claufe in tljefe \doj5Sj Et li fit ca- 

Vide T. part In- pita'is Dominus qui hoc faciat, amittat cuftodiam tota vita fua tam de refiduo, 

ftitJeftpfis. quam de terra alienata •, lut in tljis cafe tljc 3loji! lip Ijis feoffment Of tlje tcnan^- 

cp, oj anp part tljercof, Ijatlj cjttinguilljei! Ijis &eigniojp fsj fljer, toljctljer tljc 

feoffment le mate of all tlje aCenancp, oj liu of part, bp tlje Common Jlatu : 

ano tljcfe luojts (turing Ijis life) Icing in tlje affirmatiije, reftrainc net tlje 

operation of t^c Common JlaiDin tljis cafe. 

^ Et fi auter gardein que chiefe Seigniour. "] SC^js is intenDCD of a 
(Sartiein in fait : as UJ'^cre tlje ilojt affignetlj ober tlje cufloties to another, \t 
is rallCD a dPartiCin in fait : Ijereof Fleta faitl), Et fi alius fuerit cuftos, quam ca- 
Fkta ubi fupra. pitalis dominus feodi illius, amittat cuftodiam rei recuperate, &c. 

^ Perde le garde de tout eel chofe. "] SDlic feoffment mate lip tlje 
<E>arDein in fait is afojfeiture of Ijis ettatc bp tlje Common J.aU3 of tlje toljolc, 
if tlje feoffment mete mate of tlje tuljole ■■> ana if of part, tljcn cf tijat part 
onlp bp tbe Common lla\u ■, f ut tljis Statute gibetlj tlje forfeiture of tljc toljolc 
lanc in WarUi but it fametl) in tljis, tlje Martfltip of tljc botp is not lott, 
becaufc tljis bjanclj ertcntctlj to tlje lano onlp i no mcje tljen upon tlje Statute 

cloc% cap.5. of Glouc' in cafe of toafte tone to tlje cinjerifon of tlje Ijcir, tlje sJtatittc faitlj, 
Perdra le garde, pet fijall Ijc not lolc tljc cttSotp of tljc botp : ant in botlj tljefc 

Mich. 28 H.8. C'^ff ^> tljc S»Eigniojp, IodIjicIj i^ tlje caufc of tlje Martfl'ip, continuetlj , but 
. Eenioes. iu^crc tl)e scigniojp is cjctinct, tljerctljc Ijeir fijaJl be out of eaiaro, botlj foj 

botp ant lant. 

^ Sue pur luy un de fes prochein amies. ] JlSefoje tljc making of 
t'^iS Scr, tljc dPartein oj Ijis fcoffoJ, oj fome ot^er tooulD efloiguc oj tiffurb tljc 


Cap.4P« PVeJlm. primer. 261 

infant, foas Ijc coulo not tahe IjisfremeDp bp 3Iato, anir tj' atto?ncj> fje cct:Io See before ca.42. 
not appear, tijerefoje tl)t0 0£t in tljts particular Cuic Ooilj gtur thcjiifant to 4^ £.3. id. 
purcl;are anD foUo\jj Us SSItitof 0llifc upon t^i? art bp prochcin amy, albeit w-*-"-!?- 
Se be not pjcfcnt in Court •, ann cuct Cncc tljc Statute of Wcftm.2. lujjicl) is gc^ 
«£ral> tijc tommon rule ijs Ijolticn, tljat an 3,nfant fljaH fue bp ptuchein amy, 
anH UcfenD bp Garddn. 

^ Prochein amy. 3 Amicus propinquior •, 31n out 'Ecaks t\)e names! of 
Gardein anfi Prochein amy are fomf timejs taUcn t\]t one fo^ tlje otljer, betaufc 
t^eGardein ano Prochein amye are oficntimc0 all onc, as tl;e dparoein in fos^ 
cage i3 alfo Prochein amy, &c. 0nt) notO aS tuell tlje Gardein, H<S tlje Prochein 
amy are aHoUJeD bp tlje Iticges to be fome of tljc Officers of tljeCoHrt^amj botl; 
in rcfpctt of tljcir place mn flull, are in trotl) tljeljcft Prochein amyes foj tlje 
gojt! ano furtljcranre of tljc Snfantg caufe. 

Fleta rcnOjetlj tljiSCiaufe in tljefc luojOStjEt fiha^res impeditus fuerit ad fequen- pi^ta uy fum, 
dum, fequatur unus de propinquioribus amicis, & admittatur ; ant) tljis aOmiffion 40 E.^.i6. 48 E. 
ig bp tl;e ojtscr of tlje Court, buttljc Carccin mull put in a 5Marraut. ?-'o- 33 £-3. 

3n an 2a1on of Uiatte, bjougljt bp an Infant againU tljc abbot of R. as ©'ar* ^"^^^^ "■*• .jr. 
Bein in Cljiualrp, quas tenet, tlje infant came not in perfon, but one came ais ''. '" An 5' 
Prochein amy bp tlje Statute, toljiclj is iutenoec liptljcfaiD Statute of Well 2.28^.2. 29'Afr. 
aniip?ap£titober£cci\)ciito(ue,fojil)att|!e3infantiQ)a0cfloineDi againfttoljitlj 67. 35H.6.12. 
tljis objection toas maoe, t'^at it appearea not jtiniciallp to tlje Court tljat tlje ^°ci^'^' '^*"''° 
infant U'00 efloineti, ann tljat fuclj a fuggcfiion in tlje cafe of aiFife of asoj* f, e , Aaor- 
DanceCcr Ijao ufeu to ht mate, bccaufe tlje cflopning, luljiclj i^ tlje caufe tljat tlje ney 76.' 
Statute fcttctlj Doton, migbt be entiuirco of, being a jurp, tlje firft cap, but 
DtljertuiCe in tljc cafe at tlje bar being an action of toaffe > but it toas rcfolbcti, 
tljat tlje Prochein amy oug^t to be aomitteo upon tlje faio fuggcftion in tljis 
tafe, foj tljat tlje Mlrit ig bjouglit againft tlje Gardein, ujljiclj peraobentureljan 
cIloincD tlje Infant, ann Ije of Ijis owt tujong l^all not tafee atiijantage, ann 
tljerefoje t^e Court tin aiuarti tljat tlje Prochein amy fljoult be aumitteo to fuejfc. 
OTljiclj cafe Slljabe remembjen lj£rc,,bccaufc it map feritie foj an erpofttion as 
tocll of tlji? act of Weftm.i. ais of tlje fain act of Wcftm.2. 


EN briefe de Dower dont dame riens nad, ne fbit le briefe aba- 
tus per exception del tenant, pur ceo que el avera refceive Ton 
dower de auter home avant (on briefe purchafe, fil