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Full text of "Sefer Leḳet yosher: kolel minhagim, pisḳe halakhot u-teshuvot shel rabo ha-gaʾon Baʻal Terumat ..."

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^ *^\vv 




#^ ■■'■'. ■.-,■ ■ 


1 1 






Joseph b. Mose. 


GoUectaneeD seines Lelirers Israel Isserleio. 


<Cnii. IVIiincIien So. 404, 405). 


Zweiter Teii. 



Mi» i^rkiSruuiWu Anmbrkuntf**!! 



Dr. J. Frelmann, 

tUblitner in Holliierhftu. 




Vt%t\ rba U. llikowBk!. Gipr^tr. 7. 





tc-i^ ;itp*? 


7 a .Ar 

9 N .f«^ 

27 N .Snasnr 

11 a .BMV 
66 M .tt^MB^ 

100 a .110 N .vSu^MP ifVmd^v 

65 M .]d«MEf 
65 N .B«)«MEf 

66 M .p«fev 

.180 M .trmr 

27 a .nj^atp 

61 N .|B^JV 

86 N .vSiv 

61 M .|ftnr 

66 87 86 N .^aenv 

86 N .nauDV 

58 M .M>VV9V 

74 M .fSm pit9V 

72 M .SlO C)Dt9V 

78 M .ns&v 
77 N .iDSnr 



96 91 M .npnn 
103 84 K .Dip*) 

125 K .aio ^a^j; 
96 a .108 45 K .onno ninar 

95 86 a .Dfi^Mi nifimn 

90 a .69 K .-pt9 nwDin 

91 M .»nm» \3»a-n nieoin 

98 M .'naa 'ftDin 

90* a .148 74 m .d^m ^ptiv nifioin 

21 8 a .60 14 M .nDinnn ifto 

HBTW nm;in py pn» i*a j^^h i^arn 

45 48 29 18 16 m .p« *)nmD 

86 76 49 a .148 145 96 66 58* 

81 a 

75 22 a .?«'« n^^no 

65 M .[po vfyn pn»» i*a] ^m» u^ai 

17 M .n*^no 

27 a .150 M .i-^no 

41 a .pynno*)UD y^ apjr* *)«ti 

47 29 28 14 18 10 6 h .S^no 

157 111 92 85 82 66 64 59* 57 

57 58 87 29 16 12 8 1 a .159 

99 98 97 85 67 66 65 60 

48 a .w^^^n 

98 a .irat»*)n 

100 64 M ["p^ia ia] o"nno 

61 a .106 9 M .whv nnno 

95 92 




rwnxn u lana »-'>nnoi i***)nDi i**© oy wnQ 

184—132 126 ,29 K 

96 a .128 111* M .lan^p on*)aK '*) umo 

111 K .03y< pfn T iTor oumD 

109 K .*)3n^p ]»»VT«rD n »;in30 

111 M .Dun umo 

168 106 52 M ."p^inn <aTiD*,7*)Drw »ai*)D 

62 27 9 1 a 
.pp ono Amor wio lana^ itsp ^amo 

65 27 a 59 M 
27 a 115 52 k .Dun ^aan /0U<*) orua 
27 26 K .jwor n Sr »aTiD 

69 K .[n*ny r'aa*)] ««Dn^n 

nai 86 85 84 k .♦*^no^ noen TiQ 
94 89 K .^TB Bpv '^h H 
98 M .onnsS « « 
16 8 7 jt .intDBnn ino 

7 M .m*)lt TID 

184 H .»nnD in«D 
149 146 145 K Aym ^"t:^ nyatix mo 

18 a .-p^ijjn 

88 87 K .ninnn *nSit m<B 
03Tfia»oD fp-w »ate va ^nty 'n] »n Bm»fc 
(?) 89 88 a .29 m .nnro *)TD Sy 

68 a .66 K .Dsnfi 
136 ,19 M .ivrry m^inoS d»dw 

159 M .fa^"} 
158 105 95 78 m .D*)t93ip 

.rnnr mbo 

189 M .BS)r:mit 
61 M .t^ 

82 M .^^ftlM |P«M 

48 M .);na )S«m 

58 a .iiBia«D*)nM 
76* M .V'wr i»aw 

78 M .B^^anp ptar *)avi 
21 a 85* N .:)«BapDSM jnsapDW 

xfh \vth iwon a*n mo rr rwnaS n© »n»n iw nSit nj^^am (* 

.ca)n tta^d "payn tsv^M tp :22 -nt ii^na 

.)Diu vSnsna vn ^m :28 t, 

.r\^¥i\\ |wit BB^H an innjw ■p*' bSiwu d»o ib f?m :82 ,» 

.B^it»3 |waim BMP jStya ]«M an p Ba»«^ n;i aa ty :72 « 

.Onifi DM Bn BpSMl )MB :158 » 

I«^*)no nvMO T3avM pvSa nn;iM Miron 19 ,» a«na 

•lu W ovn i»n I'M -utar jtn aw |yi«» y\ ^m Sw w :27 ^ 

irv ttr^S 


27 a .|:n^^M»p 

59 d .Mdionp 

97 24 a .105 9 » .ttjynp .rD*ip iTonp 

149 115 M .m»n .on 
40 28* 16 15 7 4 » .p^n f?»f?;i ^n 
124 118 111* 98 81 80 72 70 
62* 38 3 a .157 151* 141 125 

87 78 

#p*nNPU*) iP*)ifivjM*i ipnwvrm <p*iiMf3J3n 
20 16 15 14* 12 11 » .piwrayjyi 
98 74 54 58 51 50 34 29 28 22 
73 24 17 14 7 1 a .141 128 

86 77 

41 M .pn»»tiK^ 

16 M .]^t9V 

118 117 118 27 26 9 H .v^^w .>n«fcr 

39 27 25 a 

89 18 a .148 44 M .t9*iifi*)M lO^iwij; 

95 a .157 35 m .M-mfi /nmifi iVent 

149 M .fnfi 

62 K .runD /luVifi 

76 a .e|*)nSrwB 

89 86 51 a .142 K .D^ruBfi 

64 18 a .142 k .Junfi 

S3 a .MSD-w 

91 a .86 48 m .p-iwvr>fi 'P*)WDr*iB 

141 M .SnsdDtny 
89 a .Mp^ns 

75 74 K .»n«p ,^s\p 
49 45 41 a .97 68 66 41 85 k .r^xp /pVp 

69 a .41 25 24 M .|;i3«t«p 

77 a .it»3iSp 

40 a ."p^aijp 


81 a .[ilia w»a*iS] noann ibd 
.140 132 107 M .n»on ^ nni« /Dn»on ibd 

99 87 6 a 


76 72 62 60 48 M .^mnD iai;iv D«t9)p«^ 
109 107 104 102 99 81 80 77 
61 a .154 151 146 144 129 
29 28 21 20 15 M .p^riaut tni« n ^\p^ 
68 67 65 62 61 54 51 50 48 46 
99 96 95 81 80 77 76 75 72 69 
109 108 107 104 102 101 100 
180 129 126 124 118 112 110 
145 144 141 188 187 182 181 
2 a .156 154 158 151 150 146 
49 28 28 22 21 20 15 14 12 8 
94 92 90 87 74 78 65 61 58 52 

98 97 96 95 
20 M .vnn mvh »oip»S 
122 80 77 » .p»D rwD '^ faip i^oip^S 

41 a .148 188 

75 72 68 54 46 29 21 m .Dnafi n n9ip«S 

112 110 107 104 101 95 81 76 

141 187 182 181 180 126 124 

96 94 90 58 21 2 a .158 150 

51* a .129 110 99 95 93 92 M .ntyn 'a^ 

66 51* a .115 102 95 66 m .rniOH 

1 a .32 M .nn^m iidh 

5 a .m*inD^ [o<*jyw y6] nnmi *)«« 

87 82 14 a .148 » .hn> ynt Tin 

95 86 2 a .r» <3D»o /icp ynt nw 

34 M .ninin oy [;nia3ona] o*nnD ntai; 

80 48 41* 40 39* 

49 a .|^a \wv n p«Si 

80 a .T'' p»Sa 

46 M .[*iTy»S» i^'a pnx» nS) pn nao 

8 a .10 » .T'm pHH no nimm nwnT 
58 a .111 85 79 51 tc .V'^no »piD»3inwm 
.mSttP inmo [»»^ lannror o'pio^ai] m«m 

89 3 a .74 60 M 

81 a .p"v^ hv ran^in »BnTn 

42 K .B^mn Sr lan^p p^nijro m vmvi 

75 21 8 a .152 101 96 

81 a .p'no Sr iraann ♦■m»n 

76 a .oSv wn 


nie»*n nnw 

68 a .(?tV») iS» ]vov 

163 M .|VlBW*»0 1*3 Wiw 
64 a .MIfiO pVQV 

26 a .tsmv ^mov 

60* M .^nno p vhn ]iyor 

69 66 a .11 M .fo tiyov 


76 26 a .160 M .vi9*m /VDiml 

27 a .pnuarmi 
112 106 94 86 74 64 28 19 9 M .Msni 
89 87 24 18 17* a .189 182 116 

99 97 94 
76 a .anupaii 

80* 76 29 a .44 m .tHtnjm .trnptt 

7 M .vw /uno 
82 81 80 29 M .tos^-HD 

16 a .piiaaii^ 
67 9 » ,vhmv 

.41 a .H»«S3 

112 M .tsinsHSM^ 

97 a .]a»jA 

.76 M .pit /tytS i 

77 36 86 a .itnA 

29 a .118 n .mia^ ^^h 

77 76 26 a .mr^D /f^:)D iMYi^o 

41 a ,\n)D 
97 68 61 44 19 11 1 k ,^wm .^v^v^^t^ 
47 87 7 a .169 168 162 149 112 

86 69 
89 a (?)T»iBViHa piifcan^o 
82 81 N .pifi*)o .pn^'XD /pnifi*)o /p-iifi*)Q 
14 a .149* 112* 110 47 41 86 86 
97 92 64 60 60 88 29 

41 a .86 M .innB*)^ 
84* 82 81* 80* 21 20 17 14 m Mm\m 
70 68 67 66 62 64 68 49 47 41* 
112* 110* 109* 97* 81 74* 78 72 
149* 142* 189 182 180 129 116 
62 69* 60 40* 17 14 a .168 167 
100 91* 88 87 86 84 77 

64 27 a .62 m .piyanu 

29 tt .t93»a«D 

67 M .M««»0 

82 a ,rwo 

89 26 22 a .64 10 9 m .*i:i«tt /M*i:)M 

96 a .9 M j\^\H <t«aiM 

p^aiaw n"n' '^ .p»3*iaw 

97* 26 11* a .97 10 m .pi»BnK ,pi^fcwm 

62 a .piTfiiTW 
182 10 M .dSw 
12 a .pSiM 
76 89 87 a .D^^naiiM 
86* 80 24 16 16 18 9 8 7 4 M .yiamH 
61 69 67 66 68* 41 44 40 87 86 
88 82 81* 80 72 ^"^n »ia 70 
112* 106* 102 98* 97* 96 86* 
182* 130 125 116 116* 118* 
161 147 146 142 141 140 189* 
.n-'m ^aa 169 168* 167 168 162 
62* n"»n »3a 40 88 86 22* 8 a 
99 97 94 90 87* 88 76 

149 M .1VH 

111 86 M .nuno /K^So'h 

80 a .r\iaS«H 

60 28 a .149 146 102 m .dhdbp3««m .w/*w^h 

41 a .a«fi9*ovM 

.96 M .pi^raiao 

(?)68 a .28 19 m .mfna 

111 M .MSia 

14 19 a .8 M .on« /Dn*a 

49 a .116 112* M .yxjf^^ .pn»« ipH>*a 

78 77 72 a .6 n .iU3»a 

87 28 a .167 61 60 M .Mnw M^l^ 

78 67 a .88 m .iis)*ia 

78 77 a .iSi<»;| 

78 77 a .pSya 

81 M .fyij 

18 a ."wn 

97 67 a .97 m .ntan inaa b^bwi 

41* 16 7 a .100 97 79 H .fm Ann ,tf)n 

98* 81 

wr tph 


78 77 76 a .[pDWftj?] |n3 
27 3 .^'Sjn nauon Sions 

80 79 3 .]miD /inaiD 

67 M .iTiy 

84 82 3 .raty 

39 a .Kpnito Sumy 

27 a .Sn3W p }ff^^ 

29 a .tta^p}^ 

54 46 44 29 28 21 19 k .[Mnfia] onsfi 
107 104 101 96 81 76 76 72 68 
132 131 130 126 124 112 110 
21 13 4 2 a .168 160 141 137 

96 94 90 68 32 22 

74 tt .*a;i St9)yfi 

(61 a .146 M .pe) 

86 a .pfc 

18 K ,^H^no p A»nj?a Anjrp .S«arp n^nne 
91 90 31 29 3 a .163 104 86 64 30 

77 a .panp 

16 M .D«^ 

94 60 a .129 127 m .p^Kp ,]}ohp 

26 a .f o ]dSp 

69 a .41 M .t»«t*p foSp 

n^nnfi 'n^ .^^npa Anj?p A»aj^p 

16 M .(inn ip»n) S»a3?n 
61 » .♦•mno ^B^ iD»j A^ay*) 
37 a »*Hino Sr inSa Anyi 

20 a .38 jt .'^mno niwt ,|wVt3W i-^naitt^ 

76* M .mSr 
(onsD) 83 a .163 20 tc .««innD p oi^v 

26 a .Tjraiia oAr 

9 7 4 H .tDOBwao i-vn #pw i*'a oAr 
72 67 66 64 60 41 31 80 16 10 
106 100» 96 82 77 76 76 74* 73 
3 a .162 144 129 124 118 109 
94 92 91 89* 87 61* 34 33* 12 

99 96 95 

62 a .^p*iw *i^ oAbp 

26 a ]jiad^N3tpo oniaM n \r\n inoW 

89 27 a .118 117 113 9 m .m^v nsVv 

(26 a .Ton Hmov) 
47 42 41 a .p-nD hmav 

(39 37 a .D^^mMMD pny«) 
[16 M .!"»» pn«n] 
37 30 29 3 M .n»nf« T'a i*nD»n ^w* 
18 12 a .183 122 118 111 68 48 

100 62 
81 78 67 88 a .38 tc .luna hnnsn 

79 a ,vr\*?itvh 
20 M .Bnn iw«S 

29 a .113 » .»niB iina^ »m«S 

89 a .)DfiiS 

79 78 77 a .1DB«S 

66 M .]tn ^aj?^ 

26 a .p*nNp;nMa i^SopS 

89 a .74 28 19 M .wnia S^ »nte *)»nO 

79 a .D*)DWWD n^ita 
79* 78* 77 76 a .p -IHO 

101 M .SlO 
132 H .[S*^no p] iSiD 

16 a .114 N .:i*na3*nnd |dvio 
97 a .[«nnno na] ttpmo 

89 a .iSam] ^a*D 

17 a .140 21 20 n .|S*)ta»«D 

(89 a .p*iifitn«DD Dnas) 

36 a .45 40 m .w^so 

96 61 10 M .Mnas «nno p nv^ 

.162 109 101 96 42 H .lanSp ]»Vnvo 

76 21 3 a 

77 M .|»V»ijn3 

81 a .onno 

86 6 a .116 97 96 84 M .-lanon «aM <nvo 

(?) 80 77 K .f 3»a n^n [niySit va] nro 

41 a .148 138 122 

56 26 26 K .p»o ^hn \pTW i*a] nro 
67* 66 67 38 37 6 a .164 (?) 80 

78 77 76 71* 

:J8 16 7 a .100 97 79 M .trSno rwo 

93* 81* 41* 

24 a .ttnnpn naun nro 
73 34 20 a .11 M .p*)ifiVdjna Vuyo nvD 

(13 M .oyyt nvo) 
80 a .DTBNa 

18* a .IBID n^onj 

96 a .9 N .)«aiMD )nd 

89 82 26 a .9 M .*u*iio fru 


mo»n nnfitt 

132 131 107 95 43 23 18 M .p«Q vn\^ 
48 41 39 24 18 a .157 152 149 

91 51 

27 a .pinaannua ^m» 

37 a .1W0 ^m» 

125 56 M .oiSr i*a ^m» 

74 71 49 25 18 a .23 14 tc .]^3 pn» 

26 a .]Sov 

25 a .74 42 M .oAb^ Y'a niv 

.79 a .jA»m tpv 

14 M .et9Bntt*3Q |Tn epr* 

.153 111 M [lanon nro va ]»^n»] e|Di» 

90 74 67 51 48 38 29 a 

* 141 M .SnodDtsw sp)^ 

.97 68 66 41 35 M .[p^ino] p^n e|W 

49 45 43 41 a 

40 a .-p^aup e|Oi» 

111 K .^npTn» 

89 a .'^Tn» 

111 M .ram n*a apy» 

24 18 10 6 M .r»nna AK»m ^nSm apr 
86 88 80 65 54 50 45 44 30 29 
137* 133 132* 118» 114 97 96 96 

25 14 13 11* 6 a .150 148 144 

97 95 94 62 60 49 29 27 

82 81 80 29 M .DBH1DD [vvhpv] apr^ 

14 18 10* 9 6 H .V'^ino 4*Sio ^» apy» 
66* 64 59* 57 51 50 47 29 28 15 
126 111* 104 92 85* 82 79 73 
12* 8 8 1* a .159 167 148 138 
62* 60 68 67 53 40 37 29 n 16 
99* 98 97 95 94 85 67 66 66* 

.162 149 61 11 M .nDV«*o )wiav *i*a ap^r* 

86 69 37 36 7 a 
60 17 a .96 83 29 21 n .)^*)dvmq y^ apr 
(41 a .86 N .|nniDii3 f^ apj^») 

80 a .e|«vin 

.48 M .piiAvsnft apr 

26 a .116 M .na^n ^j?» 

.(27 26 M .M*i«Mfo aprj 

99 24 a .105 64 m .lonu m*i;i^md ^^ 

80 a .pTMM 
81* a .DU^K prrt^ 
9 a .8 M .Dn«a pmr^ 
4 M .piifc«rij^*)D ^m» va V'jo ptw» [prw] 
108 84 80 73 44 36 28 17 14 
6 a .163* 160 144 128 116 104 
98 69 63 40 39 38 24 23 18 10 

26 a .]iS9nT\ 

102 30 M .SS*n 

73 M .pa p»n 

31 K .^nin 

111 8 .wia ]aST I'^a raO 

^ 97 a .k;i»i 

79* 78* 77* a .rBM 

80 23 a .MDifi VfiM 

26 a .]DOit 
111 K .Mia ]dSt 

HI M .t93y« ]D^T 

.64 a .piyaiuD fa ]aSt 

25 24 K .panrp ]oSt 

74 H .S'lW 

90 a .(»^H*ino ]a) pnSyt 

150 K .]HDp»SyT 
10 M .oVlHD ]Dp<^T 

76 72 71 a .6 H .W30D ]vs n'jn pp'SpT 

79 78* 77 
.83 a .129 9 m .nnao ,;Dp'^T 

114 H .^pyt 

111 tt .o»»n 

159 M .nD««»D i«x?a o»»n 

(22 a .13 6 K .T'H o'^n) 

(65 a .[piiM^ii] D)*n) 

98 88 26 a .12 » .^»a3?n ,Sayn 

62 a .Say^ 

37 a .^»Br*183 

5 a .146 124 30 H .p*in ywi' ,p*iTO 5^«nn^ 

62 66 38 19 18 

29 23 21 20 18 15 14 k .p^aiaw ht^ 
66 62* 61 64* 52* 61 60 48 46 
80 77* 76* 75* 72 69 68 67* 
101 100* 99 97 96* 96 83 81* 
110* 109* 108 107* 104* 102* 
181 130* 129 126 124 113 112 
146* 146* 144 141 138 137 132 
12* 3 2 a .156 154 153 161 150 
29 28 28* 22* 21* 20 16 16 14 
73 65 64 61* 58* 62 51 49* 40 
98 97* 96* 95 94* 92 90 87 84 74 

36 35 M .piTfiiDD im» 1^3*110 ,]hpyiQ kw 
4 2* a .158 96 88* 81* 74 68 

86 51 13* 

itv lop*? 


mhd. kulter, goiter » geftltterte Steppdecke : 109^ 
mhd. bursal, burschat = Stoff aus Balbseide :B'ie^m 

.'wi pnjnn .p^Jf rhn |i9pn 

.31 nmv 67 nar wn 'T^ — nrorni 

j-D '^0 D^awi D'»poc3 y vo pan pai .ro '^d pro D'mo n-wa "ir 

.n-ap vw p-nnoi ioi 'S '^o pro o*nno nnra •'ir 

incon r|»a niia p'ooa 'in 

mhd. hayen, h&yeii « topf :pM 

.Sa^K rmo kti^ii i-v mai .unrc o»na 

•132 T3f d-^Sk 'T^ — ttSo IK paio 

.iTana ry t-a r|T — linSp m wnioa 

•for — :i"v '^D niS^aii 'n npna a-ro m SaS mrn 











j»j myn 








ytp nipn o*/ 





— ^ 


onwon »3a<Di [3«s] npn niw [h=] o^n n*iw pSn ^ r\v nnajra ')ftoon nww 
.•noj? vrtMa BfSr w o»Dj?8 oB^n rmwn Sjr »oii * ma aaiai omoj^n Vj? iw o»a'u?n 


1 3 -ina i^'a iiy^Sit 

(14* a .on*W3 iir^H) 

8 2a .64 49 28 m .t^ lanSp ihi^] niy^^it 

116 7 M .^nnno Str ion 

66 M .nS S^vsN 

95 92 88 a .110 M .pifino f^nsnc Wsn 

76 a .m*ipttD *iVM 

20 16 16 14* 12 M .pi»aprij^*io f'a |0»33 
.141 128 98 68 61 84 29 28 22 

86 17 14 7 1 a 
76 a siin hw^a -pia 

82 a .Tiioo inn hv^i 
19 N .fnv )%^ou 
94 a .Himo ^3^4 

20 a .TIT 

80 a .[nS*m «im' 'n |nn] in 

.149 146 102 M .ttHMri^w «BH9irHM -nn 

60 28 a 
111 82 48 N .Sinn p -m 
98 68 a .pM*n nn 
27 a .95 62 M .pn^ra^iuD pnav iSayn nn 

41 w p3Tnw in 

(40 a .;woap pT<«« n p nijrn *aK) 

62 M .(MsVifi runoD) onnaN 

168 M .(>nnna ]a) Oman 

64 36 M .♦^no DnnaH 

89 a .pa onia» 

8 1 a .147 146 67 22 k .^<rD nman 

88 88 29 22 

86 M .j^anm onv^r Oman 

96 a .128 HI* 97 74 m .*i3lAp onia» 

27'*' 26 a .];nadS«M»pD Oman 

168 M .(«nnno p) pnn 

24 a .pa pnn 

77 86 86 a .nnA Jinn 

100 61 K .ttKpvn pnai 

80 28 22* 19 16 16 10 7 m .^iQlSl pnn 
110 109 106 76 68 66* 64* 62 49 
146* 142 129 128 114 118 112 
60 87 81 24 28 21 8 2 a .167 

87* 84 88 61 

89 86 61 a .142 tc .t«vuM pmi 
9 H .Q^hmvo itav lanon «rui 

pr\r '^ .piwn 

81 88 a .142 tc .omfio n^N 

(81 a .[nnr^Sit i-^a] o»»n *W3^n) 












-— . 

113 nuon*? jnon 

.onann }o inn cr 

♦w^^» onnS 

•evn rrjnarn jnorS nam ir» d3 ijidS ^S nonoai yt -•wr^oo 

.V]ft ^«3 napi 

.V31 '^0 V""viD n-iv 'in — .or o^aSi n-an "» anr 

A^D dSv tm Dsnpm r'vir »S ^roi ^^od 

•^-tno n*wi a-y '^ o^awi o^poo 'm — •o^iien co^ hod Saiin 

^w fa n'oS nSy nn» dm m nhy tdooS Sa» nr-a Mry dwd 31 

^■or '"D Tnn '"y) 39 — 

TWO nww J'* '^0 p^o ^inoi y^p '-o rino nnr '^y :d'oi 27 39 

•vnn rxo^^S .D^p^ny o^nai oic^ipa ooijn rnra 

A'in per ^v^k rrio p-Sao wn yaino ^wrn ^^r pa n»ion Sa 10 40 

•oro wy T»o S-an ]'m2r] d^-dv ora 16 — 

.33 7r\)t^Q pvToS r^ iS» niaw — .•picrwa pir wa o^KaA 32 — 

•"ojfpo nt ainaS 6 4i 

.pTio Swor 28 

khS^o ^Mna pn pM p»T SSa na mvi n-a n^S npi^i »nSo ^»rn 3 42 

•pa kSk 

.•«Hp ani nam 1 43 

•D'am njw ^S yoro 2 

•D\T Sk pawon niriK jmna 32 — 

•D^r mc npnsf prSa 26 44 

♦A 130 ma na^ im^an Mn^anS 33 

♦^n lA m pn nSa '^wn 1 1 45 

/ay -iieT^oa pTi© pnr 19 — 

•|op Kn 21 — 

•a^na ^» iryoan 22 

joiDW )S pH Mn Sa 31 

^vw ^0 San 13 46 

[B-a '^1 a-ai Mop pi© nne^Mai o^pmon an naa irn « n^mi rrain 21 — 
'wnn p naw pi ntsfo vih 'mtfh D^naan D^inenn innS ana 
♦|nwn KHH lanai [nnurSi nn a-y 'n i?|nl Hpi^ wnna 

.'rrar lA ^m 35 

•^Kar "piipS 2 48 

•^•jn p»r ^itran mo \fhso a-a mn yano "lum *w pa •umon 73 34 49 
Ta 'V iD^i 1B00 pn — niwa |u o^yc ti ^w ^a nnyi :nra mrn — 

♦VKin nnr oiwi nana rap *nd rjio 

♦3'y n-ap r)i piK i|tt^ 'oa '^ — dw^ S»^ man pSna paiS 23 59 

8 Leketh Joscher EL 








arni nSnnSi db^S p-nn pwn "ii^rn — 'Wi d^S«^iy -rone n^K'51 

Monumenta ZoUerana, Berlin 1857 III, : 3}1BV''''S-ptt^^''S 
464 (a. 1361) ,,ein pfert in leistunge setzen^S 

.iSicr^^o THo p 18 
•naiD trn w jot mK inoS ly 15 18 

.1 Wi |«3 tt^" DK 17 — 

.fitter d:k "raw cra^i ti cr it 30 19 

.S»ii »^i 1 20 

.mn pi >nn ^3 

^^3131 "^33 3tt^rO D-O S^hS 

.pnw pSft jntt^ 

mbd. helbelinc = ein MtLnzsttLck im halben :p^S3SNn 

Werte des jeweiligen Pfennigs. 

mhd. barte = Bcil :SlDiy3 

.pi3A-w]rp = Y'P ^^"^^^^ 
.vp '^D rmo n'W ^yi — .trn 

•D^^ro 'D W X 'S CjnO 131 

3^3yn TtnS 
•^nrm ^3 jrsi ^maiir 

.3ni3ir^o Siv 

•Top '^D D^3n31 D^ '^y 

.pp DfTOK 

mbd. swiger = Schwiegermutter :ir3tt^ 

•T3TnS iTom 'tti vr 1^ 
(iTorw ■01 Hoyn 3-1 pi) ,1-0^3 T3T »oyi no3nn iod3 sns pi 

.fH3 3n3 pi 

WD niruD3 imw p» '»idA pSoo n\T d« S3« Kn^iun hbht ^33 23 32 

♦D*3yi '^or 103 KiY^^Un WIT ^3: 3':i 

jr« 'ue ^irw «3Hn 18 34 






































Ill ni3o?^ pon 

.p33 031 ,nyn33 »nm rvi y^mh px '^o ,nTn33i 21 156 

♦[nScnn oroi nton anDJ nh^^^r^r] "vik 35 — 

.3n3 Tnno 8 157 

/irxno 10 157 

•nuoDD inv nwnoa nwnS 17 — 

.ih iD» 13-nS -[Sn rrSu^nrai d-iim nuo 26 158 

.npT n-iv pSn 

♦iTrS» 1-noS 22 1 

•34 TSf S'X H m>'n -- 

/n^tt^ «S w^v3 ,"3,1 }n3 nn3tt^ 28 2 

4?'wn 34 — 

M p'ovno pi 1 3 

mhd. phifferlinc — Pfefferschwamm :ai^Slo*c 20 — 

♦irS rnw 2i — 

.fSySSaa 27 — 

♦T^ '"0 "[in tn» nnno n-wa "^yi .wno S-sf '•Sw 35 — 

.ona rY'awot^ 4 4 

•l^jr 9 G 

mhd. 6rt-ber= i^ny — X7» *?3W ITS D^W W inK .ITOKn 11 — 


•nnK inm ^n p^D 13 — 

•rm S3» DM ,1i^0 «pCi "KO 31 — 

.O'nn '"o v^^y — .t-p wttd x ^Diioai 2 10 

•"^BH DW or D-amn Dtt^a "nne^H l 1 1 

ipipa ••« y:i "wi piri p iS pnr pS j-aorin o^oa ^3 j;^^ dh i 12 

•va-ao nStt^ 

:ma pya wiw ivrott^ 17 — 

•joSwar noMn /I'd Ty 21 — 

♦■in''M nitT^i ■nr'iDp pK 'Wi or loa im 14 13 

f]r 'na ni pn iranr .loinnn ico ^ wiwr nmii — /m ido 24 — 

.rrSp '"D 

.'« 'wSi 29 — 

.Podagra = :kVtic 3 15 

A-^no '"RT 22 16 

♦l^iara mron |Maa 32 

-rv tph no 

Dn^o^nn loSo '^yi — .S*we»w r]or i-no mtt^ you^r .ny)or pi 
.148 lar v^Wt ySK3wwn pw a-voi nSit^ d r»i "ii^ ^:p-n 81 'p 

.mno «npn ptwn 

•D-ynon ir3'»r -inn 

•D^nwD '^ "in pD3^»a 
.p^ni noA "OT «S neS oSiyS ,no'»ni ,^ieaS 

••3 naiyi Din *i3 -jn 

•]•«) p'OD 

•ni 33 hy nt d^i^o^ onrp 

.ninw i*So 

»^3n .Evreux Hm HiTH = Kiv« — .poiiw ir« "Sraa kSi 

.38 IX Gallia Judaica hScvi 11C03 OOKi: nn ni3 3'tt^O 

.DM }e ID3 «^3on 
•p'^i pro 

.nor '131 ^ 
*n3r tc3 Dni3» 
-oyiDiw: 11C03 ym 3"re nm p^yn f\^}h y^um — •niccpni 
— n»mpiD^ ,h r\^f7] 454 isf ..T^r nnnr] ,p^iidi«c ps^Scojy^T 
iDiD»S3iwinpiD^S y'303 i^ioS irw n» pn pi ;497 tx yiD3'«ttT?:i 
177 nsf pi^c^^s nco3 oySiyc 'nn vo '^pi 656 'V DiD5n« Dp 

•364 11DP 47 p3 ^mnn yw won 

♦mn pnr 

•ran pm 

.63 nsf ^yS '^ 

•tt^» .n'D p S3 nS tt^ ,norS to^ jrys 

.vti 1*^ Dalits 

155 nsf S^S ainsr noi innin nSnnn ]H2\ff v^m nnio nt3 [»] 
|w nmnS [3] niK3 dv d: pxr inn j»3S -[-^t^ jSnSi 25 nnwo 

.21 nsf 3TD wfDn pi ♦nmKon o^ipntr 
aitt^n ^a ,nno m n-^ «S» mpi f » wrKn ^nrimn "^d^d S^niw — — 

♦D^ra jnn 6 — 








. — 



























— — 



















109 r\\:orh p-ion 

mild, kumpost = Sauerkraut renoip 27 124 

jimnh nmw aii 8 125 

.S-K Stt^ HIiW 13 — 

«m D^jn^tDS tt^'^^yi — •laSe o-npo noi^n Sai linSp onjoa 3 128 

•nn Di)p m^3 35 — 

•"Sr '131 ^^1 n^A 1 129 

! •tern -[dS 14 — 

I •San a'nK T'oi 27 — 

' •ttrwia p3fi3 iTTn 11 130 

A'SfK n-na nvnon 15 — 
•pmoS tt^ icioa a-ro onra^ nim — 

•23 i3f a-na '^ 13 181 

♦S^nn^t^ Clip 3ID^•^ p-ocnS te^^ jkd .fjir mSnai 20 133 

•IIKO^ 1^ -pHH 25 

*h :nTa Hin orn amatt^ o-aa 17 134 

rtui 20 — 

•letn ^iTi ^Sa 7 135 

.p^y 'n 15 — 

♦•S Sa .rn .nnwi iT'^pi nioaa naao ,iai Saa rava na«SD Saa iidh 19 — 

.pmoS r» [a] 24 — 

.nwrS nittT^ oaS ,ia^i 34 — 

i .jSia Djn nawn "yo •m 19 136 

j .rop '"D on^on 'D 'J — mw 25 — 

I . .^:iD «n tt^o 34 — 

•nawn "Spa n aiw 38 — 

•aw TOaS 15 137 

•Sr^ 24 — 

•yn S-3f — 11 1 138 

•K-3"l '^0 v^y — p-003 25 — 

•nSiTj iTim 30 — 

•nsfp D^iiyo a*: SukS •]'»w wn t-r 31" '»wno 2 139 

jwi D^Doa ifytiH 8 — 

♦D^^» IW S3W 12 — 

•D^-DT T3 S3S KOnDO .HSniO U^H 34 — 

♦S™ S3 Sy -iDH n-iToS ^Sin rrn nnya San U 140 

♦ii-DVi ott^a a-y rrai fjn n'Stt^ '^ 28 — 

i«n^ tp^ 108 

♦^Wa .T31 "P niyn 100 

•pp^a 17 101 
•r^cM nipSnn pr Sr nmi avnS mio San ,Taa n^awia nipSnn 22 — 

J-PK S-^T r»»tt^^» 33 102 

•nntDV aiiy dwd "m 36 — 
^moS r* rnno mv f\)BW nia'ri rf?n ni^n — 

•n^nnr u^sfo -pKn 3 104 

•rrp ttnr p^no '^ irr niyn — 

.tno nSan 11 105 

s^y*^ My 23-nvTa ny)3ta 

.line^ «Sa two «n^ 

•6 mw 97 njt S^S 'V — nona re w^m niTot 

.- Wa 

•n-na a-y k-o fji .e-^r vSoa Br-ien wn Dion n^nSp irnno "n^oa 

.n^SKir»S nnio "ij or p» m 
.n ,ninn o'^now i'»k a'» oiip aipai ,n3nn 

•TNT »"V7or S-sfi p»yr jo 

•pn» "lino OTO yor 

.-lovf f M ana rea 

•pK:in tow S-i jiKin idrv loa npi^h 

'•^nnsf nan \iS» 'i nSnnen fwSow ,^San3 '•inia m 'nn am 
TiavK ri:o ^03 nwSon "noa nocw iSn Swott^ ra in '"lo irn 

•148 nsf DWi pi3f '^n — •nnpa moinS 
•276 -Wf K'^ni 524 ix piDa'»ttT?m»»iyiD^S pw '^y 

.r\yxQ7\ vy mip 
•nnyo ^v iitT^e a-nw ^ite^ iitT^o 

•■[Svin m 13 
.monoi MDVT Kipi nwD niitT^So o^ai yiion Sa ^a itmm 

iTapnS niS iSna 

•n-no D'Tpvi 

•ia D'^iDiSv nono icon 

•a'pD nona >3f '"d p'M '^jn — •nait wie^ onnn 
























«— . 



























107 nuon^ jnon 

■]n3^ MM nana -leiSa [vS n-^itnn .TDna oian S*y ywj 

nt DW3 d: .p ^v TO S2S n^iN"^. naia nmm ,Tain m dt33 w 

f'Saw pm Dwo ,y: nanx .nrKi nmn .nmm ncov » won kS 

:rrtDT3n Sa Sj; 
naia iwSa [rS^mno n-t 'i d"dd te^'Ste^ pyo n-aia-rj 
D'^inKH nwiao San m oiae jnioS }-« pn Sj; piaote^ n5nn« 
.n'^jiw noai ^ni n-n jw: ^itn a-n pw m^w ai ^lao ^an .}we 

:(t)D,n^ Sy wanaa tyoS on -mai ^inaS i»i pi 
nSona -idiS pS^r loiSa .[vSira S-^ir^ tw j^-^ov n'^ni:] 
ainpa in^a nw^ mn Tn« lew a-nw d:i oSonTa n«an nwS iTon 

rnSo }e« }e« iro^a mnoa 
UDovD Saa iinaSna no© Son :p»inKa '^dk ni 
Doip pw y .mttn^h naw p inw noS irat w«a ,inpm 

•niia p"3fS D^nn ma ^pw p'Jf^ nne .n^e ^d Snp 
(n)n'Kn anar no Sjn [rr pro Kir ini-no ^S a'»rn m] 
^a: ^S nma ,di^ Sia^t (iD)ineai ^^ a-nw nana mpY"ww "aii 
"laS nS^awS nana pa iT-nv a-a la p« poina h)Tt mpT ikk^ 
npS -plan -lOKi 0) nav nS -yae hS ino '•ai a-wro ii'o "pao 
kS» ,nS^a»S nana pa nSra n-Mv nn^n wn won jo nonnn 
pail wnr norm wS wSn inon op normno f|W np- kS yaS 
.ntn jota '^k Kn^nwi tt^iw nino,T SaS iS irv inon ^aoi 
Hop mro mr n:fp nintrS -pi* nonnn fjiJio inon Sy p«n p^ai 
nanan pa pa*! |o -in^ n^Niv nnM a-Ki ,{h^) nm |o nwr 
latS fjioS -pao Kor w .pao a-nw onip Saw -jaSi inS^awS 

nop nonnn }o np** »Si roa wo oyo n\Tr 

.7»S 15 95 
•nooa p^oo 33 — 

•^n ?ri »7 n'^p DTIDO 'Oin '^ r-irp nn^n — 

♦orn Sal nS-Sn Sa nar Saw naiaa wo 16 96 

•n^w pirn Stt^ 7 97 

.nS"»Sa iS^cK -pntrwa nivin 20 — 

•Kip-va -mo -in h'h 11 98 

lo^y noTD r" T o»t3BW3 »"B"i»ci RDCi -iDij? niyv S»S:i3 |nD mora nonpi (n 
noea o^Bron }^a nirnD vb"i n«ao wht onn lonp iiy^ .noci o S«Sa imi noca aipn 
'»j? (1 .noB Sr »3W m» inntr aiva nSna ]om i^c^tn »"!» nn n^y ins nSuo ♦nna '^ 
.•^loa cv ;» .n*yn '»d (0 .;i"j,ti "d (n .TT?n '»d '»>* (t .n"pD en '»d ap;r» pn 

.3*y v'op D»noB (k» 

105 rniorh ]ran 

•V3TM w hff nie^a 4 62 

.nwo: nSsfna irn rmro 12 — 

♦uuvi »or 7 63 

.vh 3»\n 1K3 m S3 13 -• 

•tottn oral 16 — 

.rip'^hin nn-aa kS nnw 30 — 

•1 ,iiyn 53 TJt rn jnfoyra -^ a*w nn:?.^ — 

.p'th H'zi wTto in» iSd3 'K .S-'ti ^S DiSn naivn :30 27 G4 

/•n33 .TSl i-w n-irn — 

mhd. spinne-w?t « Spinngowebo :id^ per 9 65 

•j'»«nyr 103 pm noA 22 — 

♦Tpn nr 33 — 

mild, seiger win « verdorbener Wein : v^ 4 66 

J3iW mtttl 24 — 

mhd. viRCD muos = Feigenbrei :no ]T^ 30 — 

•n'O '"D i^onn n nww3 jAm — n^na lapi idoS 6 69 

«S "3 .f'pna vn c'oa pTi,iiD 'Doa ^nt^wS n\nv 'Wna wfoa pi 17 

.S-n f'linao Sp yxi 'Din ^nvn 

mp nT(n)i tt^ott^(n) a''n3i dwo a-c omp niaSn itnpS rm jAi 2 70 

•n)aSn ripS inio 'T -pna Saw [ - o S»i^] (on")©) 

•Dun ^lai SaK 8 

mhd. raten = Unkraut im Kom rj^TKI 9 72 

•nD13D pT 15 73 

•Wr'iB '1p^ 20 — 

♦^aa tewo rrr 8 74 

mhd. phNi<j;ener, vragenaerc = Viktualienhandler rpnxmna 13 

.)^hw i3«n [i3tt^ '•iDin 13V ner^rn -win 16 -. 

.nSj;:n OTip 21 75 

♦S-ia Sr D^ipjp 25 _ 

•niiD3 np'^naa D'«-nnn Saa pnaS 31 — 

f|ntt^^tt^3i D-^oao D-Sw nnSi pnae em iite^S i-i^f [n3no W3n] 12 76 

usSd S-'^tt^ittt^ 'iptt^ Stian SaK .rrooS iit^a n3non pnae »inn 

•tuo d;) uaSott^ ai» .iwa nanen SpSipo iy« dki ,iiHa 

mhd. ovensohtlzzel ~ Pchiebcr, womit der ih'Wtff pW 33 

Backer Brot in den Ofen schiebt 

•D'«nnn naaSi y\oh ait u^kt 30 79 

.nn^ cuDM 17 80 

•iS m^n «Si mw no »ttf»n» 8 81 

•jSpiio "^nno S'» 21 — 











■nW^ TDpS 104 

♦|noS S'vanS pi 

.pij; irnnv 7\\ffv o'io Si }w:n now w'^vrnv nittT^^o 

•D^mw DViion Sj; irnnv iv n^T? »S D^ait onv Dvnon Sy 

•p'^Srctt^ pip nirio i««n rp^Sia ^irran nno anai .imtrj; 

.KHV rnoo fnn» npoS wm pi 
nenr (i-n^ mj?n i?|id3 3'«^ai .I'l S'Sf 19 mittoi 13 nniva pi 
r\}r\) nn ■nitoi -iiioo o^aiwtt^ tS-ifi ,pinoS ttf» nyr,! Sjn "ino 

.|»3 DOipOl p^J3 

jnr j^-itt^ ^3ni nrrif onS p«i niWD "i enS irr ^3m ^eitf^Dai 21 — 
•e^Dp tf^w p'^inoi n -^o rn nTie n-w '^jn — .D^ninc 

•nino Sv Dvo 

ni-nc 311D1 pm pipv n'on nv wtto iibSS thk at hn ^naSn 
n%nv -^nK 3i ^nwro nin» oyoi nifpio.-! nana avi y:u iio^Sn 

/lai nan 
.r^^n S'l n^nSp 

•lana dp no^an n'oa «^3 

♦nn lAi 
3^an iD^A 

mhf). j]:escharbe = klein geschnittene Stticke :anpw 

^Kiyn" «S nm^an .-jw iS:w -[S wyn^ne ni a:« ♦nSia le^ne^H mv 

•^joi noai oaSiaa j^c^i nnoo S*i "iAo nnno p ^^At iin -pn 

v^nnn pmo ^in^en »in a'» wcSw p »Sni d-owo: pa nanve 

♦S«ntt^3B^ ryyni ]^pr\ dw ,Ki,n fSn ampi S'^mn .nio oSynni 

••1 p^oS pSiy 23 — 

•^■naa noi n-^n-ij^n — 
•n-c '"D p'»e D'nnD nnva '^n n'or nnyn 54 

•pn S^ayS jp:n 

.nnjfp "rott^a oSia d^7«^ 

••p-Snn '"unv 

.nnSxm nana vn" ••rie^a loirp n» inaoi w«n Spo pnton rm a-nm 

.i-vn '^D i^n '"jn — ^Tan n:« pwS Swt^ nv d-o lainS ^owi 

.yhm li^KV 
♦fop '"0 S*nno nnr -"p — nava nwifo 

.Sew Ka\n .nSnnaS 
•Hin in:w^D ^bi» 

mhd. schoppen = stopfen piv 

•21 nnw 135 mf ppS '^ 








































— . 

103 nxrh p-cn 

♦T3y KiTo rr^o o'o nav hSt w o-o 4 25 

.»o'«Do pn "njn 29 27 

♦6 niy»i 85 nx rn pKoyr:! "»jn ;tt^-''i p» rao 35 28 

•nnw n'hvi tr dk 34 29 

.\'i)p D^oyo am 3 30 

♦»a p rnnn 6 — 

.mn ptn 22 — 

♦na nnph 27 — 

♦tnip ^r« ^ir»Sv i^co irra 3 31 

♦mwS »yo3 ly 4 — 

♦Si-i S'sn — S-TT 'ipr 10 — 

a^rni nwjfo »Sa ipion n-aa o^nov Km iS "nSwit^i nwsto nSa 24 — 

o^Stt^ n-a ^ 

.'^a » SScnnSo 39 — 

♦S^iniJf pia 11. 32 

♦S']ft pK:n -a nyyi 2 33 

•ma naooa ana 7 — 

•jaS onS Sy "»we onS Sa Sy 24 34 

•thk laao "h }w 37 — 

lOfon „lezelt" It na^naa tSxy^ na-ni — D^ova oy ran onSn 13 35 

Nikolaus v. Basel (Mitto d. It Jh.) ed. Schmidt, SsfH KVon 

Wien 1866, S. 368. 

♦"Kio ^S pw 27 — 

•S'^pi'^ii va'»»tt^ IK B'Sya vri pa 30 — 

♦irro 32 36 

♦}0K oSinT nm 26 37 

•D^^nS D^onif? 29 

•no »Sa piiAc Sawv 7 38 

•wna nnor D^nvrano 12 — 

•f)"i3fS ninrS "vthS 17 — 

♦•^S ni3fS 28 — 

.'m 24 39 

/a '^D vn D'n nnte^ "yi r^Si myn — 

•'S "»o i-nn '^jn |par nSo Dip S^yS na^^tt^ nawn na^n 8 40 

•S^yS "nanav loa ti S-jt ^yi 9 

♦'lai a-y rS nwia '-y^ — «Sai:i^ papnt p^n^ 36 — 

•niiia D;n 18 41 

•'13 pott^o ptt^n Sy pao w^k o-o '(\'Vi''}H7] ^ina 29 — 

•rpa Dpipt n iS ttfv ^Sa w 3 43 













-ir^^ bdS 102 

NUrnb. Polizei- 3-rc Sj? rvrih ^^ (:p* mpn 20 iJf jopS '^ :Kcp 
ordnung (13— 15Jh.) ed. Baader, Stuttg. 1861, S. 321: 
auch ist gjesetzet, daz kein jiide kmn kappen tragen soil. 

jh '^D TOIC1 '» "»o nK nnno nitf^ '"jn ro mm — 

•m^ ^npT kSi 12 15 

♦onn^ina ^w ^la^ 22 — 

♦270 Tsn 122 TX :i'm 261 ix «'n ncoa pwDyi":! D-te^e '"yi (noa nn^n — 

mm pai.w rooS o'nw^an nano ,j^^tt^pT''« n nn »in te^'Kin 9 16 
Ha jpin nriDO o^mnM i«n:wr 'nnw pn'»in»3njai ptyanwa 
liai .rr nm •« ora nSyo Sr na-r^S te^ani Don ^iiarjriS 
nia-TKa voi nwa reon Sy ra» '•nwa p^nyn ^ty ^aw nno ain 
vn noSr ra '"nno inn ^7 j'ttT^n pSnS woii one njfp doki Sn: 
333 '"D D-mS omi iwai 147 '"D '» nw «'n rnva a-roa .t-B^ 
|in WK nor Dnn ttn^ cpS ido njwai .872 '^d iy»ia^^i ncttna^ 
D^onai >]ft i^^ctt^ pr'«K Y-ino iTH ja -itj^n *aK ^S n-'^vn 
''C31 .D^joatt^ D^rnn Sy w^h p^S:n Sy D^^rx a-irn D"*iw«in 
p'»oon kSi "-nan Sa*? nnce nwyS noS natrnoa nnSj; nni^n 
n^on Sal .p^San Sy mvp myn ana ote^ ryi w rvt ik ^noA 

•tt^oo IT ana wn pane ^wfn ^w pa }«a 

j-ei '^D i^ioS 13 — 

•C'a '^ ^ainoa B^-^yi — •n^aiai p-oD o-in 25 — 

p'^S^o «in )'} — tt^K p»B^ D^poa 1 mw 17 ix np 'm Sinit^nS 36 — 

qSn Sa ^r»i Sjn 23 18 

•pvioS ttf» [p'l] na^n 25 — 

•}c«^ pSoon n 6 19 

♦TO fySa 9 — 

•Dtt^ pSo ^Htff 17 — 

♦meSS ^a Hwt:h 'w -naaS HiT* S«i acM -wa 23 — 
S'Jt OJOK — .Syin »'Sa 'ipit^ pDp Sdcd Sj? piKn ijua post nxa 14 20 

mhd. sidel = Sessel. Bank^Lexer, mhd. Handwor- SyTl 

terb. Leipzig;, 1872—76). 

♦nSapa awav wa D"*inii o^o^a miw»i n^ana oa 33 — 

.|S-^|Dttf--D 7 21 

♦nnavn nya vSy •pooS ^oS«nTn na iok ^a im »Si noipnn |o 20 — 

.mtuTT piDn 

rmon oann nwj; nv n»aio id^ n npnyn b^ Mia oi ir'n "^w op^ im 
wm »fiiDn /WBin raao nnno t'i* pSno 49 -nr ly o'Vyn w»» wk nnn nnjn .n"mr 
D»n«rn SaS mpo ne dwS «33m .ni»an ]y33»oa ib^m oneon •nnic «*TDn wp "nn 

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•i'2 /a niov3 lewn — 'W -pSK ir3in '*on 5 7 

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naia 2*:i dv K-3n nnrn nian3 p3) jrw jie^ nnH nSon ino n»-So 

IpKn Dj; -inov lefw 

mhd. arraz, ein leichtoR Gewebe tniK pnipv 1i3 VtV) wa 29 8 

au8 Wolle, beDannt nach der vStadt Arraz in den Nieder- 
landen, (Lexer, Karntisches Wfirterbuch, Leipzig 1862). 

.S'jfi n)h)t^ -innio -3Ttp 

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ara D^H iHt yi»a nipiSn ikd nieipon "a pn .init^ -pn dw\t to huB" itnip 
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latrien njnoa i: mpin ibs np »>i Pilaen Viajs Merklin now I'y en'3 runoai 

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n:zc XXX 

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]pv«p mp*D :ii'3n 1271,7 -'0 m3"3 no'wiai in rm vh iitm"B a: Kxon 


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■pn ^« D-noi Dntnin pjdh iiph ,D":iwn riCK* "[Sim n:io [68 oic p-n -2010,3 
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"0 243 Tir pBcyjyT ,ip)jni 'nn J-wn nm ,ni3ijni*3 mn bppr ■■) (lo 
Heraog Friedrich mipo £-yv 273 ix ?'n Muchar ^xk ini* iwaai 194 
iSDMf ws 1313 Kiton DtPi .vSyc D*Dcn hxf ib-pii 17. Janiiar 1438 di'd 
Sekhleiu c'epeSl Sekobl w Sekchel ijiSa Nipil 14. Sept. 1436 di"3 
'm OB" [t*3nr noo hkut "B3 .lo'jiy'j i^n t33 16. Decemb. 1467 or3l 

.81 "c 90 IX iv^ril 
n "01 -p "D ^"moD W .pnciPiK D"n omnn TiBii" DTi n {?o 
3*iPnic S-moi .i3TiJiiD]op'f?yn"ncpDiJD pnjnn □B'li-op "o 3-ic^ |65 ,3 =| 
r™y p-netPiKD 'ntix cn •in'; ni i3t "mK'3i : H-:p "03 i? o j'SnBif'o -h 
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mn n)n ,avr\ -i3i3i .|26 ,3| inippsS -iny; mm D*3ini 'n iS rhvv \'0 "d 
iTBDo rna Muubar hw o'rsn n:tP3 o'-ain ]'^ wojn 'n«xoi n'amS ii'a 
.Cheuwel Meinbard (1283) 54 nx S-3n 
S^^ino 'njo] n'om iW ipiipn on ,B']t *'o 3"io3 isu ^wno n {) 

"0 wrao "ino n'lIP3 S-J wron Drostlia w TroBtlein »ir3ni [37 yJC (]T 

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rnmicni rmi(*n p'nyni -tnno Sx8 loSic ,[pi i-x "o p'o o-inB) n«n 'ii 
p'nyni ,"ii>d Sy '-Kino 03t mmo ointt on'oSn lansr hd dj iBipV3 fiom 
iiM p'^Sj by 3rott' ^3 pir noi |20 ,«] icTn kitSb ,|nnoD3 "y| dtjc no 
Y'ivrvi Sy ]nc n nipyit* riiunoi [firiooa "y] pnjino uwr n3'mm [49 ,3) 
[68 ,3 51 ,itj S-nno mic-nDi [95 ,92 .61 ,3] di'jb' no nuiwni [146 ,«] 


I D-^^m a nijin 182 -rai 42 "d 819 tk m"i ly (np 


Henog Friedrich von Tirol :u ainsr 25. Mai 1435 Di'e ')"n wnril 
ly^m 'run babe von (ler JUdin Seldnianin 1300 Gulden eingeaommen 
DW Friedrich 111. -jSon araip no iran 240 "d 250 lit prtSDyayn nwa 
Aram Juden, SeldmaoDB des Juden zu Marchburg ^k 5. Febr. 147t) 
IebSi : 1204 "0 iy*i3"3 no'ipia yvo Sy iiinS 'jjn ]oi'3J7T 'usn -Diai Sohn 
'D PJ1P3 '3JP iobSt nr3Bn bMior p »mn' : 1035 "tn dip: .Tonn nivc va 
.jce'?! npD 'T :tb-i "d ry 'pooa rn i-mi E(t)207 jjerryaiix ,^Jiit = ] "" 
B*nit 'IIP w'M Si» iS'BTo n] n'n dj :nxr miy-T dibt 'j-mo 'riJD 'd r|io3i 
.(Hp) job'?: Tfio mm iBpip vya ^Siay t.ib B*oin' 
T3JJn Kin *Sllt ,T3nKl "jIP 1V«f .B'OTMII '7np'T D)1B .|xtsp^pt '1 {» 
,3'j) 3-D HT S-"ino 'rtioa: |iry ri p|"t| rep "B3 S-'inoo rSiBif'o "i rVmca 
(|i i-Dp "D vmn] KJ'o mo len oien o^wo omaK t3 pp'^pT n (io 
[ 10 ,K] »f^3(Q "tnno oy .rn pp'V ni ,(rp 'o dip] p-ii3ip3 n'n ra* .[try b-d 
njipa C3 DIP TM |26 '"D 82 "nt juBoywi .iy3ni| KoSixa nM laa ti lufai 
naiipn iSl .[34 -'o 83 ixtv] rtia lami spy ua dipt [38 ■'o 84 lit or] i"*! 
vc "0 winao "MOj iSo-i -i hy iien ipjiy h'tan rnnoi ,i'Xi 3" "o rnnoa 
n"p ,rp ,Tp "D rnno) na ryni jop'Syi n iU33 SiSiip S'sips [r'TnoS K*m 
j-riBiP Ssyn m fa rmippnn ibbo no'm ny rn pj'jfp fwoi »tvii [ropi 
p"vio3i IhoStko nno ^-it a-y rp pji dw .j-ji "o tnraa 'nno] pjini tii 
(Cip^a TBiP (^"T n3 uroK nnyoi ,idip hy hn rha i|'ovi dp -ouv nmp viv 
ujynni DifjipSi D"nS uaipn pa ■.nCDOiPMXon (:) ro ''d ^j"o D-ino nawm 
piiaipo jwrp lo*?! 3i'jyn dik:i oi^tp lam lay's aio vm DiKJ oAr an Hy 
ni prrp pbi iip maia nawnn pao 'j3k' Vj pS !noS n: pr^ ^oai ,dSiko 
(3p)p"nyofi wjipai m -un* ni nniiP 'niP3 ni ana win arnv cfrmo piiaipo ]Dp'>'jjn 
"d n'niHa stpo ]prh vr ixyi ,ii3 nip'jiipo ncnn ninw a"yi h dv boipj 
.194 ix yB3*iP))J lilt piw 821 
onno] I. Mai 1446 ny -[mwa -nw (Jp)pT[ 'I'JH pp'^JJ^ 'T (no 
Kii'33 nmvi.i Koa hy atri [Magazin i, 8i ,Top e*D yv ,b'd "o pro 
p'uiPWiiyS] i-ai— rsi nwa foi 3*S ,m-^ "d pro D-irio] o^^nieitta a-nm 
lyrSiys 'nn wiyoS pitn Ta:i ,[3" ''d WS "yi .'lai 24 nit (ip)nDDa 
"0 rWD n*itp ^y vynS -[bu h^dtk 'aiin 'lai 81 nit I8ii9 nv TSJons 
iw TH T31D1 loip Sy h-] rfiu r\'Dm neipi) u-yi td "c pro B-ino .e-op— n-op 
n^^ .'B pu'jT B-c ip-tp>3 ti'a,nip po'a "oip-fja p's rSnip nmji [mpo invt 
nn ,*i3n nrn v»o miwi >ioi xa'aa bj trn luipa itd J'Tho irtnw 

■ 10^ " 

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■P'bS naio fi;p -xpinp d«t ,ptQ o-ina ;i"w^ nmpns nyon nai ijio m»n (ap 

!in<i puoa D<bipp intoni ,mji i-i .p-nno n*w e|\03 n'jon ' 

BrUch, 3-FD ivimic ■^ ■P'nif 'ai'tfi -o isn* tkd i-a oruD n S» ua p (jp 

Q«*cliicl)te d. Juden ia Coin n. Umgebuog, II, 19; Grots, Gallut Jadftic*, 

XCfreuteln, QMcliielita d. Juden in der Kurgtah, Fnukf. a. M. 189& 

}"p "D or tn -nDSis-yp .{ix»)yap .\vip d-tb =]K-)p .Tap .ny .z'i {ix)t3 
j'B'j vvn [pijmijo -|'ii,iD Vni :-v iic -.-a r|ij rS -'o ]':'c n-inoi 37 3*d r|T 
iran en i^oa p'o '•inei rr«p ''d anea isun uai iiD tarn .vu "d tb 
nr^iioa cifi (rp ,:"p ,37 ,a*p ,'3 ,n"o ,j*b ,3-0 ,i!"^ ,3-a .b" /n '*D3]b*3 

.ITCDB n3irT D-3 p'nyn 
a-ai "tnno Sr nn mw ynnoip s-y "d a-ie cji '3 819 "o ri-niM3i 
innciws'ja laiai .a*3 "d ryb a-ifoi 178 nv ii"i ^n 106 pB:*irj3 iix ,piif 
.nK^ni 62 ixo neoa pjiBic -nn icanit* no n«i 

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[71 "B K)ii3D "nna| .nin irtto Wk* (onao "•inon t33 [n-a ''B to i'B'j 
'*oa iTstoi |i" '0] i:8o saw na team [i*c ''b -[in dip] iS a'r.i ttini 
j*3i "0 a-1031 (nic) pijfaiua hmip ,iki3 dip .tsi "001 j-jt t"i ,btp 
vy H*B *|T on InB'nn' '.i3 3-y i-p i|i S-'TiIo 'jnioj S-nno nwyo .-mil .(■ut)itt'an 
nno :S'n s-fiTy-fis .TJn KitDnn*jis-^»iT 'Mpn Bicn3i .jwrp i-ine nim wan 
i)n3 nupnn tjj piiipcn p n'n mni .(iic) Vi nrSjio '-ine era mw St pt 
'■inooy D'asni (nif)[lDln(tDpiia:po :niPino'mi (aji-o "op'o o-inB] wars 
.[yp mr p-nno] pncip SajiB tt bip riTj rem piii ti by Vur nhv Kii-oa 
,82 lit 1869 T3iDn] rhit -umyn nSKif ttn'ii :-:p rp :3'a inno "naai 
nan 821 "d n-mwi .[He o-d Vwi ino'itna (Bit) ibytiPTn ,61 iit o-'Sn 
rijy' noi .nnotpo on* mn pis* dip anaip iPDipn r]!Da nmnoo onno "ui by 
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[i-itp "0 b'*ino] Dibip T Tip.T bip in*a jw« n'ni [irs Tb f)i b-mo 'jnjoi 
.(37 3'3 1"i b*mo 'USD ^ 74 ,K] (CnjpD ipiit ley n'ani 
1*311 nTBB "inK ixp jet j-ikh ba •yni ibnip ."Kino p pn'sjff (» 
13 nor rtnai [163 ,20 .v] '"Kino 13 oibr -1 wv tvtitn 1.90 ,3 Hfi ») 
Tor irsn 240 nir rn b'jn ii*31b biP nBB3i ,(83 ,3j btdo orn lb woin 

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.gt-iij) pi kSi t^ S*» T-a 
.36 "D 318 IS (i"i3 jiSii J*Bp n» p-nno =• (Tia 
■ST •'T 113 B-3 Di' n"»p '"Da 103 Tiino h-i d» dw iretn (n» 
•XiJ'a Wr nt«ij [67 .al •^m mr d-o Mjai'a tono wp "Da db" a-rm (» 

.T'o "D ]Dph a-rc "v (ns 
,«n BTDi 163 ID Sp DJ paSHa mio la's'? idSt'i yipa niorn nneoa nn (on 
K-SmS jun iJj'S'p jo'n "i mn S-an p*i rnnoB" »»r wdib'bi wSd uA i"bSi (p 
n^jwpn 84ft t» 1868 •innrtj)"oa lyav'" '"" a-nra ni«i .m'Sjio •nnoS* iToSn n'rw 
88 TX pDW TW S» "B03 "jfi ! rpna nai-nt 18 "d 19 ti tv hA niwaa pxn 'Wi 
.184 TV 1870 I'awna yxa 'nn a'vm 3 mw 


W Tmi ,ninrri3 [80 ,23 ,3| -inno ^unino ,K»"« VBl -i (l^ 

Udino "joja Pordenone nS Nip* DVni ()[)«"Vl< nnos Portenau Tp 

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nvMOB n'n v*i micni Din ri'ieo B'anjs i*; I'ntP .xaiz icSt 'i (i^ 
miJipn f jn .|(a) B'S b*d p'o cnnel f'-3 pjjcip ni p'o rwn '1 liy inn {efa 
iTCW (wr)i«-vn)'i;npi: loSnoin 871 'j! 1864 njic .TJin |3 y-M f^Jrn '"H 
■itjiSH mwpinn »]ic3 k-p n-x r|T j-b-j 'ps ck' loip onin [jic ,S'mo 'aniB 
.laimiaS ni?pT (:v)i!w Dcieaa-ji r-"i?i .nijiiirBiipe p jor nnso app" (5 
in n M'anr inxSi .niyiya .riSn lyjy'n 'nn mjrii'nK' nw-i: |111 ,tt\ ""joi 
nco lani!' iniN San qSim pi'did ,K3ia ]dSi n "jit* di:"i *ii3ts3 a-icn 'jtcn i-3 
pyBif 'nn ^r neeai !ni "Kia ni "mt kS a-H /lai ara S-nne -"ipv niiciin 
Judlein meister Salmans euo von Bunn, des :Kai& 75 TV S'ln 
'1 l?y acie pas rfxtf >«1J DWK Mendel Sprinczen eydeno (1443) 

.nv'Tfi "jy^ I'H Nw loSi "11 yhrf 
ki'^B'R ru'iB "jaa Bn'"in» D'jnu hpn D*jn)Dn ii'dw .car loSl -t (nS 
nns 'JiUT |3i iK'ae ry it r|T nxif wujin dibi S-mo 'wibbi 4III ,«! 
401, 5 "D iparea iiph Snw ikih n'^D "^^ J'aipa cnii neni ,i"m)Jti3 bjjii 
jB'] nn Wa (?)ik'»3 I'jTtfib J-sipn "jr 195 r|n ,B"Sn3 d'bt nicDn S; o'-ain; 
?aB r\tf*xf] Twi 6'jnjB,i p*^o :b"bo 199 »]i3i ,(?)mw 'itD ■: '^peB naira 
yilJ03i ti*iVto nSnp3 pnu jjt b-r on jaSi t.ib "jnii SiPHfi itdip mvn 
t)j? 'l^l^D3 Kain psSt iraiB- ara 221 ix o-pa v■va^^ .nKmaoi'j Ss3 b: tib 
M-Br inns was i-n ''b aieai .a-jj i-S (51 n-n ,n-jr v't p'ix 'SiyB nve 
.68 ■'0 322 IK K->T "pi .r-nB fino n-n "o bwi 
■ "B irtt"J fiB'if!) fiy'isi b)?a i*nne Kip:n ,piy3)n3o yo p*?? n (bS 
w-i)3 KirMO Spy "18 "rapip !«■>■ n-ap f\ ]'Dm* ,68 nit B-rnp nyi -2010, 3 
sJiTao "Vioi [■: d-b pro cnno] wii jnio yn |a-p "o pra '"inoS bw nc) 
^■vibI ii'an nprs laia inawn p'nyni [n-ap "b a**] m'/irh ubb iccj 
-D i-nno| bSwb |ap>V "1 pc'S noy tttiei (a-y «-y rji {■(!) ,Titp "b nanas 
VmoB W) ,',SiP Taa nmiSipiS vmo n«F|TvtP ntna rep "ca dipi ,[n"p 
T-Si impi [Tp "0] -nn inaifni |rp "b V'lno] tt'tp niica n'nic nifyo t-y 
"B '.'"no oy D3 *iBi S*pip ni inj3i) n-p "B3 V'-jio iS a'lfn iiyi •]vuhr\ 
'i-y— j'ji "Ba mno dji .n-o "d rmo n-iic rjicav n-iiai 3*'p — "p "oai |i-3p 

Friedrlcb HI. I'mn ojini B'sn 244 "p 261 in [rneyjiji nees ipMii 'nn (j 

.26. Juli 1488 Di«a OH' \t\iw 
•n D'pnj miPBj neea inwiiy^ .86 n cian iiBoa j-ji* : iwviw s-ro niti (m 
19 ns ;•« ntDa idopTJ ,88 ts 1872 -Dstona -rji'^iifa ,196 -n «3an poya ivMii' ^^^ 
PiBf I'Stnna Kiiori icin' rhvhw] .nij-ii ]0^ :Kn'it 906 "d ii!'ia"J no'^isi .8 niyn 

.24 It 1869 
!»•( 446-6 ■^ ip3j«3Sijf» '-33 wi"? i>jflMiO"iB pn* 'nn -o'j cs- 'nvpa vt! (as 
nuB-in DBiea pSt 't ncrn ;pwb- iIj arai .oneea iv"^ "i»'»< oneDn thk n'aa npa mn 
.^^a ]ijnji nwDir 'Sa wiia «•»> xinB' 103 »oo wr -"Ma nsni 


■j'-nno 'WJO] ni^a h'O d*vid Sr n'oSn .uniBijfe jpin SSti '"i (3^ 
Vnnci oc) |3")' Ti I"! :i'Cp 'D "j-'Tnis mra iiDTJn ipn^ jp" i-eyi wp j-d »|T 
3-ipe'tSi .nsSnS iryn mij'kd jp) t3 iir'jK ■^ tc-an — i '03 cb-i n'310 n "o 
"D S-nno n-iicar "nsa nm 8 myn 84 ix 1869 pjip titms ip*Siy3 'm 
hhn -iQ i«"3o [K-j? Tp I"!) D*y "o yya a--\noy\ .H'ln i i3"m nnno Sit tf) 
leipo'j 3Bn mi onciSn iS n*/vii u-vmi cvn bjii ip mi "k"? nSyh n:* 
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p''D nno"? B:n 1103 s-icb von i3"Mi .'lai Sn SVn i^ne bwd "S lemc 
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,BiiBiye pTn hh:\ i*ino : 3n; (K-y -i-ap eii j'Dfir , i38 ix nv crip ryi ,2010, 3 
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nniH i^iiS ainanip ,iei i-y .nyn VyS "y -loSiyS -[S.i laa rep pjicaip nm' 

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I ^ro "mdS Bii 11031 j-o '0 p'o onnoi [77 .3 = | 3')i "b s-ica isui [i-y 
-n-y i-S «)i r-"yi rt-a '*d tb j'b*3 v-vo naioia d'liSpi i-i,io S-x ra "o 
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■1 IK nvo '1 miJiin S])3 "jic ui n'n wnic ni«i3 on |ntp p-o .T3n3 niaio 
ana 37 ijt oic'i ncoa pm 'rm [253 lit or rmin in in "y] im iiySw 
! 1500— 1550 nuwa pyS mw S-in ninmif 

.vD myn XX t( 'j^S 'nanar uu (« 
-I'D T^ in i^'j mr'ai n'pi i-i ■« ■">Tn (» 
ID low nairnn ba piyawaiaa ^nz'vh lat I'ln- nnti jn (ne 
nno (or Konrad v. Weicsberg hr uorn araa oinrt apjf* n» nS? 
.nwain hss 'tg av a«> dm peoa hsio lain fiy ,inti uSi imr lain 
Bipo ,pisajiu Tjf rih'i T^ai app> nwi mrp nj»a JiiawaiM Snp Sr pnon 
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I'n tA i^inos- ,ina lain B-av .(146 rt S'jn neoa I'tscpp 'nn dj airis 

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3'm onvaiitVi b" "d v\b2 rroii Dn*^M "mno rowni rnnn [nr'jJTe — ] 
■I^Spr n vom pni in pai j^notp Sayo tt j'a an -n'l . b '1)3 p'o d-vid 
iTtnc ,|3-:i "Drniaiifro] tonao "inoi .[yp stnif p-mo] ofiTuS wpa b-vioi 
ni ja'rp joSi ni .SSa wiy oiw ctSij Sw kSb* omtyS op ,p)»ni tt Ijw 
yoa ipiMi -nn S'lcoi 718 "di 716 "o n-niK ''yi .loy lo'snn jktm n*^« 
nipo ni nno irnii vo mxan •} "d S-mo n-wai .347 iit 1868 'B*inn 
.traunn n-w cnti mSin -d F|iDa nwinin n*BMO rite* o-y S-itai ^n p:ii 

pnn 'T tfnpni h-u'ko Spy* ie nminS icdj ,f infcttJ "jajio Til n (S 
lit ncDa pytw .95 ,k] j-iyaiana mm |"aini [o-Sp '*o a-ic] i"r\ }"SDiSa 
26. Mai oi'a cvh nv p^yaiua ri«nnn kp3 Sy awi {kc)15 niyn 297 
-D] Rime "VD ^ip Inline H\ni [5 niyn 293 nan 77 ijf cip pyttc] mi* 
Oman 'T ^ic moi itnipi [n-Sp "d 3'ic] piicruyio Vjd prw i "jip mi [j-ji 
"h a'lp.i l"■^^el |3-]t -t mji-iio -ipbI p:(ni in n hv imi |27 ,aj jyojS'witp 
■'ca or naui leop -'ds T3^ iSi |52 ,k — ] t» "d a-ica "irirDi (ae) a-'p "oa 
or noenj ■i3"'3 wras "ino iinine miy^ jiiaiPHSi hnph irawn b'"?! b" 
"D 3-it3 "HifiBi fijuy vi'n poya vhv rrn vtn "ca wnao "ifiDi ,i-ap "03 
"B3 iiy iTaiDi n3^n ^3t thd Sttr vh "d J'J'd cnnei .pnsn rn p'lxn cSp 
n^in B-op w p*nnci .k-si 'B -oa i-aSi iS a-wni a-ci (i) tec Z'h ,b" 
'nm 2 myn 203 lit "yew p^n iicoa feyi: nn :-iPc ntn .inyia WDrcfi 
■iTl .2010,3 "D -ri3") rBTP-isi 347 ix )868 rmj" 'ipnnn y'03 lyjyil 
w y^t r:vi h^vt r-\ tib:i ipiaij ,iTm pjMii in pi i:'3 3'in pe ir*t3 
"Kinoi (:6) j'Dp "D3 i-nnei 1297 iit cip jiyBW 'TJ iieann Ty inn n-n 
■tw "jy &t;c ^y piyaiu "jnpT 'rnjci 'ore ir'ain (ib) vyp— n-yp "o a-iea 
.rninn "rem 't nnra n«in' Pi^icscni c'jDa nipyjn cm Si^*m ccm latpi 
'-I 't3 r^CHCH) .[296—98 pyBiP) cn'n oiSr nicyj 3, Mara H5.« Di*ai 
yv nV^y "-y 7. Juni 1475 di>3 o-vp ciyy "jso irti ,{fic) BiriBD Smeic 
BT cr^n D'D'3 piyaiuD mvi Bnno ipy i33 -ik .dw mcun tiycic lyin 1313 

•I'llO P3"1D3 iSflK 

,4 n-iyn 70 ijt S-jfi nBB3 pifn -nn a-wo nin ,p'3"nitt' tit '- {(6 
KaH *33in 3 p-B XUl "0 LXIII iy\ 3 n-'yn 75 i3(l 2 myn 72 lit Bri 
ra '"B p'o *'M\aH Bjn nD3i rep "b vino ri'iifa '"yS i"i3i nn 'ntiSei vwh 
.1-3 "D Vp"? "yi TT '*D 3x ps'j r-r^i Tai 

OeBchichU d. Jadeo im ehemaligeD ; i*«03 i^bs^d 'nn sto nn^l (mb 
D» i"'ina 3»> [328 Tt ilBWl l-tpB* 'nn TtSi :U6 ti FaritbtstDm Bamberg, 18BB 

.o-»p nj^a 
.n'H "0 TTirs 'ID) S'p* roD n? pijai (u 
1»»n n^ »'r 'bS :B'T) ffia-a nrnpos- iwm j"Dp iinr p-nnoa 01 noe™ (u 

.98 Ti 1IBD0 j-na ;jKOVTJ 'nn v^ "ji 226 -nr wm bVh (tb 
.B'l'iBs "jiiy -rn' Taia a-op -^ a^a -own mn 'W (ns 


WUrttemberf'fu'nMKatzensteiDmpe.HfjJ Tiipo itipjxp dPniP Wfon KetP3 
,s-il3iP3]?]piS nra ai pmo ]'« S'tn NordlinKen I'sSi Nereaheim I'pS -pcu 
fiTJ npc ,iDnS — ("jTiwa — pmoo k'3.iS npim nxica ueip d':3: «Si 
rr3n33 t3 ''d i-nno nawn pnjjn niton ovn .n-o "d siiiao ^-irm n-ira nnii 
Tarn pp^i m :ian33 i-b '"ca db' vme Sip inSo aion n-Spi woo nJiifSai 
Vas '131 {"utpp ^1)70 '■! nnw Sp "nanaip fi pooa i"!.*! ["s-ki] T'n i"\nah 
]wizvn 31P0 nn-i pT'nipnn -ih nirn v-no niipa n-e -dip mun-i -['ry 
II'jb'j ib*k nH pan pai 3 ,nyn 76 nit ncoa 
trnp' ir« Ayetet loipc vy ityin .CTDtt'rK w BTDtr^'K tn 'i (la 
.146 ,102 .»] I'niSwp Sy a'lpn "Kinoi ,py"3 nrnoa EichsUirii orn nh 
r»S nijyis iniR tSb* ,pnyai»a pi '"jyao tiDye Saptc .pro onnoi [60 ,28 ,3 
ip] irit "oa nw latii [tt-p "d pre n-inn] nosm mm ihk icua .i-y piDo'j 
'pnr m jyii' I'a en,ioi ipivib ]Ufii ii wanao "ino oj? D'aonip [«■? pp 
.ni'iB t|Di" 11 Vjid Vii:t -ti yya kit nS cycon jo pimS oncy njoji :-i13S"k 
"pi .tnih H-n-h -n p'jiaw mv ni nEK'"D apj!' -i uj .tmo "hi nw^w') 
"eoui «•? n-ap F|T (ryn Hpnip Dicn) pom'a n-ai 2010 ,3 -d ivi3"3 ro'i^i 
» .68 i:( (tSb'h ':ai niDio pSrr D'lnp npia 

IpBavjjj iw ncBspjix ntii] Aicn i"3 in "i iJ"m .hH'il tit n (na 
•ujjfiinn Srji ■Ti*3tw nuiji .|111 ,k] lananS inanrnsicc DrntP ic3i[46l 
Y*vi8 Si-wn 'cro 'rSapip -[S -iciit up :Vii cr arsr n-ir 'd fi^d Vwt n-iE-a 
miD iPD'iPi pnaio ToSn hmic S-t hn^it Tina Siian Tcnno Sapc hn oiD'JiVp 
3V13 a-y .B-anu imhp lea (np) naw inww nm S-i iiPin noun Spa ^lo^w 
.r-'lf n'a tji noanS tjTXo ito Sp ya:£»a iimo 364 '*d n-.iwai .S-ay 'wi -[3113 
Irsye in n Sic iToSni uiiBriiiPo (op) p'Spv n ]nn ,p3m in n (oa 
2. JuU 1461 m'3 nn\i pipaniu ina'Bf nbnn .{rri "o twnao 'nno] pjncip 
riTOnifoi 177 ixh'nr ncoapyrip] oicn i:iip 28. Miii-z HRO oi'a oji 
in ••fi rmnn irai ,n-iin dip p'ain o-ai wtc aw wira iiyip naio to d-d pj'a 
^ D^riT^ iS'S ipym ren raoa neisp -jn insPK ni« aitri 3i13T'd3 iiw tP-H 
3'ipn "m-iBi .[■» "c vmc] 3-ii31''d3 ispji inn Sji r.i3i cr «m iics iok 
lan Bp piyaaiin Taa dic: i' iSi .{o) ]m [83 ,3 =] k-j ''d 3-ic3 pioii in n"? 
"D 3TB3 "mno a'lPin I'j'jn o-ynn nwSip';i .'>'Jo joS: •'o pj'ioa' Sape in n 
BBrrit app" n dj3Ji V:d joV -i mr ,tf3 "d pro D-inoa vin- nyu pi tcop 

w jsre np» ■tion *osn njjna nawa t Sb" I'^en n'anS «" d« ds jnam (ny 
1 mnp Pia ^3 ^ n>»m I'Swn nruna ui rHninns ov Tiit,-!^ (13 k] -^a 
oi nto I'rp D'^n n^ in .o'pDiBni iioSnn -pio t»on ;'o» nta noj ••mnoiF wSdShi 

-IBM in;t ;i»ii 
I inn 1^ Tun 84 T( pvm Tin S» nroa era wipi vs^n nmn (oj 

.[81 -n DV| c]MnD 
JK'Wi -k T'nna inaisn ^v aoiB tna 'nrm tn«»i laa j'Si "a a-wa a-nroi (b 

,17 "C 816 -nr irn -Ttt .lawn nniH Sy ton [61 .a] "^a lai 


inno (w) iin pw jw:in inwo Sk ana S-t [3]^tt^n S^pin p^ i-mov S-o 
ny'»no ^3 by SSwn Th ^Son bj^ido 1435 wra m^w inn .S*3p S'^n tko 
,S-D S'»WK '1 KVitr IK .36 nx :*n jJKeyr: 'nn Stt^ incoa rnnw "v .liarn 
.f CI '"D 'T^i :"ii '"D wrao '»nno n-w] pnottf^iyna Hiinao '^nnon iTwiSo na 
•unon iSxK loStr inn [t3 d-d to j'^d": tt^nr' ,n'3p— np ano iK*3p '^ r%io 
: Btt^ K^antt^ [H'p 3''» r)n] n '"o rjio j^^o '^nnoa ntni .[60 ,h] piiott^nyia inrna 
.2010.3 '"D nrwi no^tt^i "^jn •Si S-^o hr^» inno nM'jK c^'^i^^o no n^^v 

[33 .3 « K-S "•D y)t\ cAr -i i-tt^n h\t^ iToSn ,p-nBnD '?vaK n («3 
B31 ,3'y T3 ,3-y o ,H'p i-** r)n S-^ino ''i^i03 M:ronK^ lea rnA«r f?y Tww 
^tnnoi [n-3p '"d anc] nma tnSia S'O i'»ho n "oo yottn [92 .3] iS Tivn aroa 
''inioai TP n-D p|t hoc m pjid v'^ino n-wa law [33 .a .110 .«] woo Sap 

•682 '"D ip'»ia^''i no^in '"pi K-y T^pi rp n-x r)i S-^thb 

a-ic] pnyaiiio j^a joSt n Ste^ rnn ja .piictt^wio }^"D p^as n (aa 
on^a '11 BiStt^ i-a niv n ay wrao ^-inon rao nn ,[178 nx h*^ 'in :*^ "id 
^nnoS nnini .n'^ '-oa bu^ inaip nin n'-T^nai [I'oni o'p .-S "« nrroo ^vro] 
•^-mno ant^n vniS«i^ Sjn [i-a B'o tc }'«^: te^-te^J vpw» oirf nSap winao 
.[T^pi :-'»p .n'p .a-p '^Do yv^ (ry) loipS^a nanon p]Dk oSiai] ,Tap— 'p '"d anoa 
S'X ottn 275 nx y»3^rpiiioKipo''S .pw "y) .p^a vSk t'»i '"Ba v\«^ ircm 

. 1404—5 '"0 

nnoa Peuschldorf loipo ote^ Sy p Kipi .;]in "^tt^^B "[ns n (aa 
nm] ntt^m lavn^ nmnoi St-o n'^ian wk j^nn B'»yan nwtt^a B«n pmeo'^rer 

hir« Brni [159 njf "te^te^ pSn h'^n noBa Muchar anr^B 

K-^i '"p jott^ ''lian na^a1 ,n>rri'»iS -poo '••^otr^oa .jtv pSfcBi:i n (^a 
.823 '^B n-nuta a-ni nyn pi Stain Tpn or o-p niyn nipoi 2 nipn 277 it 
)h l«ip'» irK lor ni 14 IX K*n jpraam •^yoiitpjKio incoa piim 'nn toSi 
ncoa pyotr nm * 108 "wr :'n nooa })8oyn^: -nn -jSn rniapyai Schottcn 
or Tater ra rw p«^ino '^yi .Teufel lyoroa imTor mam 829 ■« S-in 

.pDV n-mb 
a-nn n-na na^nn ^aoS -napS iS rnn oiSr n Trn ,w^io ^iv^i n (na 

•fo '"0 nm vmoa n*ai [94 ,3] AaH "o^a 

Soi ,[20 .3] inKnn3 piicriwio Sn»o nro n op c^aBn^ .tit n (13 
.piicw:yi3 nr jSnS iswn vmo p [80 ,3] kS'^i r]BT^ n |nn nn n ^03 vw 
^oSn "OTi .n*B— TO '^b i-^ino W3wn o''3np rSinr noA n3^n 3r>p nnjww 
pSapo Btrn Hw:\ff loA irciow .ann )ro^-p pn piiow»T3T ,vo'WU'»iyo 
••w .«oSy3 '•piK -jm mpD3 m p«i wn in n-o '"03 j'^rixp pSapoi ro '^3 

Descriptiye Catalogue of the Hebrew MSS. of the Montefiore Library : inDnna 

.npTi oro aioa warn wip vh p'Tin 146 '^ London, 1904 

.inn pHJ> pwn wnwo ^h ana *?n w«n *?«pan pSt nnnov :S^ (ip 

Ba»H 131 mn noo piB '»p rp '»d ejioa V'^di oDipoa initi init *?a ^p ^nn^pm (?p 

.[14 m] ♦^d naiona 1100:10 ninwo nwin H*a v/mno nai 

(ay) Ipap^pwm (81 .2] niaS-M pmc n p'sv jnanS .uiri po p'irn mni 
^J3 nninSi piS ixii pny n 'To'?n rnv hhrt ni u^up n cav^^hn -aio 

»Th» -11 Iw'T mo iniPti otcuxon ,tp "D3 dwi ,'^ "d p'o o-no n*iip| can 
"* TO ps3 r-itn 3-po criiD Sr jhjo kjtb »ri '3njo| ciiun Sp mnjn nwy 
.'3 -O KX pSln Bf-tE"! 32 "D n-,11M "VI [n-D 

tit Vin iSjie^KT m W nco3 win .{-iis'Sm vn n^n irp''?)* n) (c 

.B-p flTiJ Blip c-3y ,1335—1340 dip p -iBCJtP 3fi3 ix cv yva "pi 303 

16 nr IP "jn I niyn 167 m S-jrr ppBip th bv iicea "j-w nn 3-iPO nmi 

KW TJ '"0 p'o D'lTO n-llP "yi . U9 "D 190 1X1 ,4 n-\yn 183 ix ,24 '-o 
.((■p 3']p r|T .B-x 
fi *)i) fn 'D ^"iflD Dp *iBi h'pv itffT .ru'SB jni t3 nTj?''5K -i (n' 
IP*!! IM n ain ro p iiyW : lav om «t k'd rpz av^ .•\^^ ■■o ly [i-v 

^"IflO '3 3-n -031 (ip) J"wblN no 'Jim :3m3 (TP K-D t]l) '■•! "D31 (jp) S'n 

60 IX S')n j-ipoip nn ^ip nco "pi) j*-: -iS i-in*? pip3Jii:S naiipn iS rtSiPr 

')n)03T 3'p "D3 DIP 131)1 (31. Juli 1431 Dl*3 DtP 3tP" VTIMD pl3 I^V IJPT 

p'o ""inoh rnnoai [1 ,3 =]j-p -o 3-ic3i (ipa)DniB 'naa-y n-o r]T S-mo 

.T3 O-D TD I'B'J IP-IP'3 H'2nV j'B'; nD31 TB "D 

W31 DID .TT 37 'I F]T rp 'owa (taw .(DiTcD prrr t3 iiy'^« "i) (c 
^S) aiaS BicT 3*3 D-ino n-ira ''pi Ton min' -iS irairn Mxan r»p "o tt-n 
^11031 n-ap D-D) a-pD n-p '"d a-m B-pm d-di rrjp "o «-n J'W ijtii .3"p 
*1*IPK nnjn3i »-Spn "d pipnpi j-oai o-in d-o ninina dipi a-'jip "d naiPi to 
'MW Hyj S*p "0 TP 'poo vn vm: .[14 ,3 =j 3-"p ■'o 3-itai i-b "d ryi px 
[y-w rxe"'?! a-n o'p'np onai onojipa Doijn J-nra -pi wroo -iip'W n ain 

.S-' p'D 3'p !■) e]T ,3-Din dpwnp ,n"aKl31 9 ^X 

Vd Sipjh Tino wnPM Kintp iipom ,i3nDn Sip lai .'i"? "^^JK •! {3 

)0p''7VI 'T ']n3D31 ."inuM 3lP''IP ('3) B'O O'D p"B D"inD n*llP3 M3iniP MriSpo 

^311 'T nn Dica tbnip ("3 ppsr Tino "npctP lara td hi (np) D^nicm h's 

jA^nno oiTnTi •nzrar mip sti n'n» nrpom naio 0B«> (ap 
laTpiK mjon 'nn ana i^n nil pan j'ai ,mipD3 iib* i""iyy it-Sno n»a "i^ istm 
QV BM3 DISH :14 -IV Geichtchte d. isr. Gemeinde io Ilalberstadt 1866 ;nCDa 
{]**B»ep] ^ So'i "IB" ninj n '>d31 nn'S :0']oin -no h} noo mi ipni y\y fva d'huow 
■inniS "rin S'dvi "> IfiJ» ojn itd i-'! "oai na'jnai ma iS a'wn j-bi i"a "oai ibbj laa 
run lonnji isnai n-D^ to ■'cr mri na'an .Vajft^ "jon ]•= p^"^ ""* "i^"' ^^ o"" 
! '"Kino ni'sD mr ,t"i D-np a's j"d "oi o-ai 
,TiniS p itv^npn JiTJ n-o i|t ('ii)i'o -0 p'o o-iniaa won no'rnn I'jiai (ss 

h «'Di' D"n niJC o'ai i-iK :]ipnBi: mfir S'-3i S>n v* unine Stiiaip 
.465 Tsi ZVl n s-'oa-pyj lis 
^^no n»n rn'OB wh isp iDi mp n»3 dki nn-nir nam nhvvn idjdoi (-tp 

.BTT i"*p e]T ^nno 'jnia "pi 
■l^no la S-iV S")! .hij'mo pli» [a ^^'h T"i;i S«r :i«n'H kt im lia dim {Tja 
rvA i»t« oneori iim n'aa nya Him ')^» iiaipo irntBi rapi* "-naa (np 
flA)i»Tr! Tin im lai 81 -« 1869 mv i-aicna wwD^ tih.i i^ji^ipa 'nni pn^a cann 

xxt mw 

t^T W'jn yy IX rp "j-nnD 'JniBj -pia lojj ^Sm [r :;) "ds] lero row no 
n-wai |ncD nonpna "pj ricyoi rmsiSnn ntn kjtb prit "i r|Ki [37 .rb 
D'u'j) bac (116 ,«| W110 (TO) nrmi ,iJoo nbap trao v« "d p'o *-ino 
nSyn ^ip na'te^'j icpanj toi mnicb g'd iS ijni 'ij^no wwi oii'p 

.[37 ,3] 
pmcupia 'ni .liDD jopn I'-cr pi"H n "ntt ,n*njBB pnK n {» 
['» "0 S'v'' S'tfo nx-t] iJiaiVwxp Dmawni p-c rupo -i oy ^^M jeia |51 .3| 
'nnol n»ii"in kd3 Sy unw 'ii diSb* ts n^" ni wnae "ino cif laif r nya 
DC 3ir iiPK nj)3 piyaiua S-j,t ivtk ey min |"3in a'nw [3-Sp '"d wrao 
fiiancni ,|B-Dp mtp f|iD p"ino| nvb:io app* "ii j'y-icie Saye nn "i inp'fi 
.|H6 ,(J =1 ni [86 ,3 ^1 ,Ta ,[89 ,3 -J t: "d 3'1c3 rS's nianj "-kvib 
i-n niE' inK o-av] o" ■*» 3"ic3 "tnno lb 3*tpn«' ,jinfiD rp'^K n {ns 
,TD ,»-3 ,[■!! "D j'j'a D'ina n-nf "ri ni3 i-Sv loun dip m- ■*d3 ritn B-p 
(no) •\•^ ,[td "d -[in ittian pJni D"ino rnawn I'jya nawnn r|iD3 "jii] n*D 
Dibw niBTibpanD iTnwinfjKi -wai: tt-op ,"] .y "oaDtp naiBb n'sim ,TD"n 
[rri "D wna "ino n-wal pSic irS n H-ipi,i (bc) vkobd iiySn n j-ai u-a 
'n'oy 'ainH inn (r) b-j "oa cr a-: ddij b-jn ^Ip'W n Sk "(tino anaoi 
,pD n raiipnai ,n-si— t-yi "ca etc ao'n i« bviibc am "ist bai .ifino 
■jiinb b'KiiT (t-c-i "Da K:nan 'nno dji ,:-c-n axn "oa or ,n'bi« ■■! bip lanp 
w"! n«ii*icB D'lnc n-iB-ai ,;-d-ii (kj?) i-op .k-b ,bt "oa dip i:i) iiyi .B-rra 
pjttii in "1 p"b iioyb rim nyu nan wiiaa ""nc: dp :(ncD itm .n-b -x 
ipiip p-'ins) p"ij?3niJ3 Doini oa'i vh f riDip bapB tn n tjj j"bpr "i van cy 
•\:i piiB ytPin* m buyo omaw n yip-b wic vim |K-y jxp ^1 bth n .y? 
iiR i''?i iia'yn nwa j'n iiy^btt n ana Dmips bti [38 ,a] R-bno rwo n 
"1.181 N'nb Jinn ii [tb p-o iik n-i wi*b k-i -iuo ninan] oa iwiai 
jtnco n'bt( -i by [to "d :'1b[ "ttino 'job wbaipa wa K-bnB nra ni xjiiao 

^ff lOK ,pn» n nintt nJini nvi ui K-iip iD'i 'o ijf 1"? ni» 1"b " 0113 (ra 
meoai 219 nijin 1S6 is «3n pcy nBoaiuirii 'nn s-vo ■"J^ ,c»n »iTp Sp "mno 
Regeiten lur Gesctuchte d. Juden in DeutachiaDd wfthrend d. MitUUIUra 
.166 "CI 168 '>D -239 -n HannoTer 1862 
uwS^i ur33 ru»3i idkj ti "OO innitn ini .o-iii n-ii "d iid* hv ma (no 
"TTiD mwa WDB wn pi lotin «]id tji (3*t i~j tji) uoii r'-io v^ "o i^ino rira 
'"iRO nsirn icni jkibo ntSii nh a-j tv i«nfioa ob- "or nSnni -n-s "o wnan 

or) Miio Hpy< "id "ra nuM ,(i*3p "o unao >nnD) i"nno St iTO^n (w 

.(b-V m? <|i n-rp ■* 

.1 mjm B^in 21 -id 816 tx tr^ia W31 (jf 

3X160 n'^H 1 nt I'KT o-'jnn 6 msn 'J69 is n'^i i-n iibds o"ii n-Kii (h|i 

lannn p"ij?3JiPBif I'Pnti' d-a np'raoT onSu Msti ,1'Si; oniom ipipajiyerD npim d-nB- 

SiaiS rn»n .ofi'b rinna mno d'/ib-i oSiya iib" pivMiVOB" l'»i """i il'inyoa «'n fia 

.Schlon i>>'S HMiii niuic niivni jkib^ ihd nanpi BenMch&u 


.[24 ,a) p'D 
Loria, Distr. Castel- I'yn ifV H'llS nisi htani V2 pHK '1 (3" 
WTPip ^yi [3'?l '»« iPiirl p" "jic uiif? .itSb'h rmw fraoco Veneto 
hn rna p|*Din a-it inwai ,(fD— »■] ,h" iciipa pm' n ua^i a-o itnw a'icn 
h'fw .nuSoS irDD*** vSy di'Ji □"kic wicd h^'jk ni .pnw n Sic leip Sy 
■'03 nyii oyo 3ib3 iS yv7\ sinao "-inoi ,td "o 3'1C3 "«nno "p .tdbibejS 
T3 .rs ,0" .I'B '"03 j'ra d-tho oy ns'in i3"i3 {nji t^vi^ ,o'i) en ,n'3i 
yj'D o-TiiD] aj-s Jmo nupn Sy "un tty ivh ]vp»in n"n ttini — .|35 ,3 =) 
ijon M*3 i-viDi dviip .cnan nMy "h dip yannip loioni ,|3'i"i "d d'»i re "o 
y" nnnf 'oS ['or die AITenprorte zu Sacbseahautieu] Bncc3 pS inw 
'KYi*i iDin* nSr'jB' i3iai .l^'^hudt, jlid. MerkwUrd. U, 3G0| b'-djh djj 
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p«Tno3 KavT ,niPB i-a nir m f|ov n rnua 'npiS Tjrn Ban ,bi3-i3 nraswa 
.178 lit B-n ''yi .i-ap icir 
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[97 ,ii| -ui'iSp BiTan n W iD'j ,|87 ,3] imiap "dim ai .ntcyo rtwy-i [T¥p 
vw6i [64 ,ti] w"ii3 i*Sy pSmif (rip "d 3-10] irj'tio (id) Spy 't hv n»3m 
flu mm .[106 ,H| wiiS iraie^i inri yap-B* u-nS Snpn inSif Spy n m'Bt 
,|19 ,»=] K-t .i*y ,[30,11 =] 'y ,.T0 "•D3-ifi3 i3iii "innDSif p.iaio mi wk 
.B-ap ,3*Sp ,(16 ,M =] ]-3p ,[128 ,« =] i"p (22 ,k = j B-p ,(2 ,3 =] yp 
.[142 ,»tj "Sn nnoii B-y i-3 dt3 »)hi ,Titp .ixp ,np ,[76,it=l a-jp 
.iMtn »3i D'T3T 'c .nSif '63 loifD o'piD'3 (Tan n-ny "«i,id lo'if nmiraai 
nvun -ny (21 ,3] '■Sai 3-Sp "d 3*103 rau nn 'nS k-i lamr ninm 
yi"*v SayB m -11 .(3 .a] Spnio t3 mv -1 :i3J 'T3 i\t .tin 'ins nnnK 
iToSr i"SiBir'D "ii [B'Sp "d cw] iiKiinS hdo mm (o-S "o 3-it] uoo Sap 
rcD Skt S-'inoi .[s-y iioon rp2 dip] tibS ji [17 b'o it n*yp "d S"in8] 
hr nam [66 ,»] Top "oa n'aiBi [or noon: 8I rawri n-p "o itbds] mm 

[Caul. =1 a'p r-»Di "p luan iai3> I n-ipn 226 -nr 073 b-tpdis tiSti (no 

.M"V M-Y E|-i nii3B> iKBii Tl 'J8 y [Bodleiaoa 
S» nvhn r'n innoe' o» 3-»oi ;Spvi n'ln nijfea bbij 277 "d n-nwai (id 
W en .SSsi SSs nnsin jw jw s-noa ,rDp "d S*^na /iiB-a nuiaa mj-iis Vjd D'"ina 

Lii-isn '3n>j 'n «)» S-nno 'jnjoa wn'ea 'sr ma ^ S n Tno u^m n-ina 
.JTf j-3 (|T n«B» Hnwn mnai 


■if, I 



XIX x^:5 

h'^nm |r:nJoS inoipna anstf ids] wtb pvn 'i Sk* pnaio mi |97 ,k] T^n 
[Tji 3'] r|ii M-y 1-0 tp ,ny "0 Dw) 13CD Sapi [.T31 'n "0 S"ino) rrpo nm 
MTOO "iiioi '1 "D 3-X3 i-i3t) mswm .[rjr T][ r]T Vvis 'Jn:c] n'rm mwi 
lltS noWna 567 yui'ipyj iw .^-Jix] Aglar onw 'l djj nnJB *]' .tt "o 
D'n» 'C 13m [Neuzeit IS94, 366a] HOK iw 1407 rjica itswi [166 
Hami (wB) ujnoT Kir-a b-ip i^'joj tpina nM'ipio npy -i ttonn "j? dcimp 
Tjr B'D r]T iStp 3-:tf3 uoo p'nyn rinoi dt ^■-vio 'wmdi j": "c Vmoa 
'3 - i ■'' "0 n'nwai .| 1 11 ,*»[ p-ttino ':njo3 nj w*? -Minoi ,n-'j "b n-nai 
,]tj" '-30 D'3in33 iPN -iB-K DfiiKC inv ni:nK3 .ion CDcnjn p-tnno 'anJoic 
103 "ros Die D'lnB Erwit* Kircm 201,1 'o ironfia (3D) ip-ico-i 3-b'd niirn 
'nn i-y Tpn ^33l .niJiu' niMnow pip* dip nstiip niDcs d:i dxi3 li'jeS ofW 
22561) "Di 2188,2 "c iri3") ro'vi "jn ,177 ix tr 'njicn ncD3 'j'j'T3 

iDipD iP-p p K-ipji (jiD) inrrcn ^b- \y»v ,]J13i'?*>tJS[pD omSK '"I (o 
T3n3'i'' '11 JliaiWM nno Sip irD^n Katzenelubogeu, Hegb. Wiesbaden 
"KlfiDl .wpr '11 naSiP '1 1T1J3 'npiS rarn DWi (25 ,3] :-n3B'MVT3 DlSr 
-vSn -|ny [27 ,3 =) a-vp ■■•o dji pTB:p -1313 n-cp — ixp -d 3-x3 ib a-wn 
)"p nno Sv ;S-K "on f|1C3: (iDin-Sp "D3 dip "i;h,i un j-ikd k-iho hwi 
"D -ijf'U": no'iPia K3\nip i':D^((jap3 pnr t3 ctqk n Mirnc itcwti .pim 
ntPD 'nrwco p,m ni .ihhi '-d (P-^yi D-iD'o a-sn cy tits iS .rnw 709 
,[a'Sp "0 »3ii3e '-ma] anja -n niv -n wnso "inci t3 'joS vhy iSap jTo 
ini* I'mni *'ki,ic "[n Sy nccn hdIj tip j'ys mrSDi nimn i3n yp tcviDi 
rrnv lom }"3 k-ihc "j-ytp .I'liS nvi 42 "d n-mK3i |nx ■-o b-ici) udd 
Vttnn S-n inr'Si ,prr n'v )icdS nvn Dni3« t3 pnir ■mo am nonpn "jy 
mniTi ntpp n-nn i;n iipk Vt Sick i-ino D':iinM2 imos pn 'Jioip T331 ; ov 
laini .S'sy 'idi inr -['mm wna |*'p icinD in s-hhi '13i nocn -na rmmt 
S-nn ictf 7'(ti .T3 "d d".dd r3ioi3 .'"Mine raiu vipp ]*-3 s'lnav jnr 
.wroiw traipS pMi 3-iPe: yy hSs inipyos ipf'i ncioS j"3 winoS rrn Tnivw 
trtf T3 omaK i Sj ans 1 12 ix ■! Dionp D'ipnp njn) pSio spy 'i Sip oinn pDosi 
.(ID") NDW = j:i3iS'Kii[p DB-n Sy (?)nt3 ji'si ,yi iip -isj! pipS '•U33 mpin : j'i*d 

Mufhar Situ Dni3K '1 rOK DV 131W KW 'Sw ."MTIO p pHK '1 (' 

.'3 "0 h'yh 'nansr id3 78 tit "ror pSna or 

.178 T( VB'ini in in nocn uTia onii n'Hi j'tS ar' nu irinoi wan ^i {tm 
Steusetmeider, Catalog d. hebr. Eandschrifteii In d«r SUdtbibliothek (so 

zu HamburK, 1878, 
I'pnnon zipH 'h in n»TVi 6 to 277 -ra sfHjn 2 'w 276 -tj h"vi3 kVii (jd 
WW tiiz |27 .3] isnon ^« inawn «|»a f^ xn 3"»d nuin oh o'cn i'n< innn jnna 
.ntpi ■rep ,n'^p "O a'Toa tmS irw rm I'arn I'Svi >i»w ^W" 
-TBp 'loa -Dtin mi' 'T hw bb- n'zav *^no\ (no 
^j .^ ain mja b-do ;'h St ip« msa e)t» ;ana» 20 -vt rya (c-"ui {Tca 

IVion nn'on mpi lai 24 -na dv naiona ri'S;iD apy ~i kl '»f9 

1^311 101,1 n3iJfT ratea jmS niran n'lnS nxi «•? i*Sp ■'d mnaD *'ino mica 
.(104 IS 'iP'cn p^n T:if,-! rcD3 hh"\2 th r-ipo .iki) hdwi nSm d'wipd 
■1 ,)M"^ 'I ,Sr« n iDp iTHi BToiya ijnn cva mf cipi nipcnn pa nJoii 
(•'CByuip DiBi) sinno '-inci [89 ,0 -) T3 ''d rice nsiJ: n'pirr ni jra 
lyvT OT -Tn 434 IX *j"Dip pSn ^n:.T nco3 j'oyi: -m rjn 'oSi j-op b-d 
it-a .rn (cS 60 ix ncoa (ni) 'pollJ!«'l«^^{• 'nn mjncn o-yi 1410 mw mn 
■nn W iiBoa nun liJyi n:tf3 .rnv nuu (ojjnt^ 'nn njm 1387 n:vi 
42 "D B'niS n-msa s'tpeB* y-n — -nn -["iHnB' 1 mjin 2S ix (d) lyj^ip 
.'t "D3 finh M>2»\f 10: (tn'S ,f3 Knno S-x n-n "o "jin mraip 
vmW Sy 3'B'nB' («-Sp 3"ib) '-Knno W n'oSn ,'7i:yD dh-qk n (i 
iS vni xhn -py 3-d "d dw iwcki |29 ,3 =] vSi |33 ,3 -^] n-b "ta tw 
n-itc nD3 iisipS'3 i|DK p'ji3iM »nr ni (M-Sp 3-id) ^"ineo cpnyis Cimn 
■T oy T33 Kin Kmiva aip-i |22 ,3 .146 .67 ,k| i3io Si:yD onTiK n S3pif 
«3Tit3 "jKno niPD m .k-y — c-b "d d'ibs "mno nvn cn'ir^i .pirc ywi.T' 
•■tno3 nwT ,t:i ,J-y "d s-ib) iSi3i3 nmi w m-ni? unr kSip onimb nin 
c"tp3 imi omiy'r lap jkibo n'Stt ■ii (tm3E3 -i-no in (n-on j-ji "d «in3D 
on-ra oiStf nupy'ji npi'inan miirn'? »-3 pmS mSi aip": k*? hxt k^ "KinDi 

Ka T3l3n Abraham Menlyn ini S-jn hiiVQ dhtsk -itp lU'cm .[38 ,3| 
-3" "D XLiii IX jJMia 'nn^w 
- , 1 VI) a-yp ipnie* p^inos n-3 ,*KrcT si .ysiwi onicy omaK n (i 
pxBVM! neSic i'3 ppv "i 3in Sk 'Smdbp -t'jb n '^tp n3M3i (icy u'xp r]i 
il> n'n kS '3 ,y3iKi o'lcy ncD n idici 'ijsrn 3t i3r: (452 ix dip fopa) 
j'RiP j'ey; 'nn (2 niyn 453 ix) ca* rj-n pixai .yaisi ciipya nbn T 
xrorcoT m^ 'm .D"in«^ e: cicn rM-ip r3D n: i'«i ipoc dup ntn rivoa 
C'3c'7D inTT IK imSiB DipD vy ]: nip: -TJatPun 3Tn nw won 
Vienindzwanzig H5fe, OA. Ubemdorf, Wilrttemberg. 
.Tsjn 13 yo3 '"jimal D-'jta S'ipid ■! hv iT'oSn ,n3n'?p cmaN 'i (n - 
|35 BiB'i ,194 yesTPyj iix ,]'jw) i380riB'3 itrm 'n ,|737 'j! n'roB' niif 
-inK J0T3 013313 Dif n:i [Neuzeit 1894, 37&b) Siwir il3i ,ip3i iniPtt nifl 
S'ln D-ino oy wsom [vzp '^a 3'ici »-ip "O i-nnD] wiSdd '1^,1 Tsa •^ ny 
-ilpyif I'Sy Tcp,T b-o o-inoi [74 ,«) rSy pVnic u'lioi [j-d "d a-io] vnnwa 
wtffK 'T tt-npn hv ID') Kini .[s"! "d h-'-:no] inn 'n;n n'rw!' ''nS3 iwyo 

1^ Jsraczewaky, Gescb. d. Juden in Erfurt, 1868. {ni 

.RahniBre Jild, Lileraturbl, 1884, 110 roa {01 
Kroner, Festschrift zur Einweihung der neiien Synagoge in Erfurt am (d 
OTH njn Sv nrh nhv .inv Bn*! ]'m dp dm'shp -bs iiHp -nn '13^^ 4. Sept. 1884. 
ip'V Sa' roii DB DP nai-'c nyBf nniiia cdd ippn nB'3 nnn nojj' o'lnanr o^v'Q 
n»in non naVB' iri»^ iv lai niisnn 'njnea nwS nSr o'jnDn ^p Tonn*? n'n pnsn 
tnn ;t'3 "B S'TSa "Kino nai or wibS n^ip lyattip nni .nwth ntioio e]iDi npeoi 

rpi w*! s'noa .ai»ii'3 n'3 Tl'i3 "onp nipn Sy ma wjiup ^B^ain iSx lannrj 
!SS3 Bnm i»> iniparn^ 

mSna .nitaioi dmxid ,(ki) d»3x "icdd3 mS 'in nrji — .ncoa D"utj,i 

: nmnB nnow rmxp 
III »)T3 leort "lye's idw cnn iipm .[p-or pr'H va ntpn '3R 'i] (it 
irsm H1JJ K-a in^Ssn ip w kSi nin caipS u'rjpfi rnca ipnS S-mvn "nsa 
n3i ns ^I'Din iiyi "rsaw I4 eji np 3"3d np'i'n '^if 'Sy unsi 12 fp ip 
no'U'T nKi .B"")! HK^ni 102 iito 3-n ri',D3 3-1PD3 jr^n Sy mxp .-npn 
"i?y '3M nip "j'-ii 701 "□ hy bi len Die oneiM nncoai .872 ''d (w) ima"! 
mnE' iij;t«' -in«D ,ii'K nn xip ciPUfi n-K iiun nxp nvz ■dip mw »iw S-j.i 
.(333 "D r%nw) rci n}ir3 :-con ^y vsii 'iiie'a it-di »pH 
'c ™« ^wnp "K-ino 13 n'nne no ippa ,»t)Sio njnso DmaK 'i (a 

.[63 ,K =) -D "D 3-1B3 )r3wni ntryoSi n3'jn'j rn vm 
GeBchichte ncoa Muchar ^XK T3!Jn mn ''jiH ."Kina p omSK 'T (a 

Jes Herzogthunia Stevermark, VHI, 78 (17. November 1472). 
IV* D'lPin nyaiHiT ]"3 wipa 'jj'ain trn *^im .(jj) "ina cmaK 'I (n 
5 myn lOl ix S-on ncos jjina 'nn 3'B'd n«ii ,3'Jp "oa vmo on^ a'lcn 
.{li} 13 "0 XLIU 13(1 8 "0 XLll "W dipt 
BBip-o'jna p-nS nWiP n-w mhhx lor ni ,in3n h'Sk -i-a DmaK n (n 
«ino ""-f} onyB-n 'o "jSiin cnatt loiip D'oa ptnS ona in'Sit -i '-y ^eenji 
3'ipt53 1436 n:iP3 'm ,ti*y to e]i .b-jip ir^-cs ,VipiS noW may vrvt oy 
nun3 1*? 3"ipn (p-oS d-W KiuKn cnoi) S-nnm ,194 ia yB3"ipy3 i:x .^nit 
.(3'y H-3 m) e-pp "D3 DIP 13U1 (n))ix— .TO ,ry— Ty ,3'y— b-d "m iiaa 
.K'P :-D pji r-'Tii wSttn Ty3 :rnv nsio n-y o-S rp xah diot S"ino 'nioai 

, 'P .B'D .3'3 "03 (IJ) TmSltPHD 037013 T'lnO 'C'3 DSiy3 iStP ]"B"31D IWT T331 

rat wnsT inrm nii'ipy oipoa 'nrjp p'lwS "i3 'J"k : 3r n'3 "03 p'3 vSw 
Die 131:1? n-Si t^ "do nsiia rhtt iny «-3 ■•o oji ,tf"y tPiToa iTsin 3*nin 
nnn iioy'? j'mip dpb uod pcip i"i,nsi .K^opi33 nip mxt ipiiddi .pw inwa 
j'op p'D 3T1V hv 3n;D f]io x)tb p!"N n 'njD mans 3-3 .niaSn ipip*?! an 
inVtnpi 3-p "0 T'lnDS pio n o-ipodJ .irwiin hv T^n (u) K-Sno diW m 
noun '031 .tt-pD B'] "03 w"3,n nai' nS Bni'en rriM »]»i .[3'Si pd siea Hitor 

1VH BTim -iraiio 'Mun i'3 <r\av inn >t neoina '"nan ji'Sw onsian rit»n {w 
nnsB" D»ini'Dn tea nna^ 'fisKa n^ n^tioi nSw]) '<Rin j's 'nor o'lrrn o'TBdd lanon it'sn 
.on'Sp TjfnS pnw p n'nrs 
.Neabauer, Catalogue of the Hebrew MSS. of tlie Bodleian Library (31 
.461 n jfos'iryj iw fni '3P loai "ino p u"m (u 
-Vt '^ino 13 3fV' TUn 131 :»ii3na' i'D "o rnnuniB* tiB3B' niia "in (u 
nuTp TB ri3iB'ni ,t^ iiS oiw Sa tiddih 'la^ f'a tcinn '3 itj "03 atn (m 
TW ppS d:ib^3i 03033 uffai nowi I'^iari^ "1^ d'3"» b-b— i^ "oi *»"p i-y ■vS 

.(131 3-B n"! t|n) Tup ■« 
(naio .-US' iHpHip dibi) n*^ 'loa fi'o o-ino 'lai 013010 o^ "03 r'lno ^1 (« 

.nt 13T S"ii 'nnoo W |"3 omaH Tino W lasi '3» aii i"o *|t 
B-3T "D aneai n") "o iibd ^iDa» rrnai b"i^ fh -v >"nno3 I'm-rai -^ (« 

.890 IS 1868 njBiS •■nnn ros iPtt'ii 'nn 3*»d nini 
U Leket Joscher IL 

»rza XVi 

I «t)K> B-y nwiTD TD ^r lAm irpr .[llS .65 ,61 ,58 ,Mj mun '33 mauyna 

,157 ,»t] nunc o'Pjia pici (lo) niv^Bai -^ly rjiS'n ,|49 ,39 ,34 ,wj piicn 

.|17 ,15 3 .114 ,61 ,K] mbum mnwn ,|62 ,60 ,47 .24 ,16 .a 

' 13001 npo3 Mn in' I'mrvn "loisn dsitd a: n»fu n'SSs ncpicnai 

' iriDDn nwm jncB'S laSntc iy [61 ,«] ^rcio mbv 'dtii |32 ,»] cnsin ua 

rniP m [96 ,3 .9 ,k] KHf ■'^3,13 pownS &ia i^pcnntc it^ [49 ,3 .137 ,»] 

U'Vy onoijj^ .[29 ,3) nSB3b ic-b' maim [34 26 ,3| mjjDm omM n'xne 

rrn Sr i''7in nircn [158 ,{id)50 ,34 ,m] vto^d oy iBcwoi 3in 1133 rsic^ 

(n6)ricBpi [104 ,nj c"noi odct -m nijnsin 'M "innS kmp '3'n iiia 

I BrpnuiSnni arliSyo ,D*-)in3n "n nnii .tthdh unSpoDMi [153 ,m| nsura 

, W in-afl niDT o'HtD) [031 59 ,58 ,39 ,29 ,26 ,3 .45 ,43 ,«) o-no'*? -ym 

[67 ,M[ jn' dS -nnEn n:n .lioi ■"iirso 'irm ii'v irryS jjti" ioxy3 T3non 

wn .njiiT'S '^ -n"! 'ui Tyw W .i:n r3ip 'kxim n'jnsns d'ioik m»v noic 

wtDi wninn 'h )n :3in ib ic«'i i-n33 oipo n'm iPipn '3M3 h^d trpo 

I awub n*3r 13 iTJfon iicioi iudd Sv pmtt 01-3 nnoiKtc mioens pwcn 

I i|4 ,tt] uDifM pwb 3in3 p-,ie'S3 sinsS 'ssinirKcn ii^iiw* .neo Spm 'PiTn 

» — .T3nn :-n3rn imra Kipj kS nw Sa op ,Tnn n^* D-paiK*? y':,i laai 

,(37 ,3] D'iPJKSittr mm mn^ nwiPJ niPtn [16 ,M|pi:S'? jp-^T p ipSriB' :ynn 

wnin mnn 3na nou ,[8i 'i3i 76 .3] ni^npn 'njiKO nun n3Ti D'33in mi3n 

ffD -[U-n noi |36 ,3] uij?d bsdci ph oaai '3iJ D'yawoic .ivu«n [38 ,3] 

funinjiK ,[91 .3jmipy^no D'y^vo]?n tTCKainrsnuBn nsfjnnDKi ,|59 ,3 

\rini M*? i»n ':m '3n [rnn ciuTn uniip d'cjd nD3i [92 .3| tnen mi 

tHBUu tra*i mno3 D'-nnb -pnisitnm wn D-nn'.i p3 noi (cd) |34 .3] 'sn 
.{)) [40 ,3 .159 ,70 ,tt] n-m 
,_. [P3*» 311 3ni vr .ininoi i)3n ,inn3rioi icon -pp npi"? ntnn nnn 
nnp' m» .ion niv u'-Sm jran noi n33 hy n«T no ,T3nD,i nyn 'nDB* ip' 
rm '03n hy ji'cw niip' iiki vvi 31b 3i — mSwi nosm rnrn sflvpM 

I rw <iiDa fi« 'nn sva nmi " "o 711a onnoi t" "d i^no n*w "jn (lo 
aon D»r p-n — .XII -a mjir |»Via Jiwap nruo -oS woipru liNoenp 'nm jnM'»p3 
■ucoai, eine bjzaoti- :itin "^sx "^la -n \vi pne iipv :na« 62 is a"n t^a mawn 
^Bbebe GDldmOiue, die vorwicKend seit dem 9. Jbd. io lUIieu eurflierte; Salfeld, 

Martjrologium 296, 6. 

' tjrt loiiD n>n» Dua Vn ,1^ oi3D inn ^3 omw oninani :o» a-mi (10 

IN .HTpn o-np DDU uta tthv pi'ii rnn djibi mvpn onp oninan p mm intt Sa 

ma iwDpTJ Tin fipio 'piei*^ i-p wi-rvn — .iSb" ddb itb"!* in'o^n^ ain mm 

_ .87 -n itDca 

■ .98 ]woinu .28 D^ii ,276 -n i»-n ■w {no 
Bi*vii im»D ,pti»it -1 'jinjB rmpnai t x i^no n-ira man m jvai (bd 

Bipi* nirui — 

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r nxMi — .n^T "D TTwi rp i*«p I"" V"ina ynaa rai -b "o Vnne "p (s 

-•pww vn'no pii r^ p mpi 97 ij Man pap m laim n"n p paw 1 

XV mas 

a-fffc "iv 11003 aw : [22 ,3] icon oy idkb' nua mh nmz rr»i iijn 
mo' ow niS ptn p^-:? nnttn pno m'ji iS yiri (yjii n-n '"c Snj u nswr 
101 T31 nshra wn in'mrai nsa *jp D-oyo Smipjh* lotow itS dk .hh^ njmi 
Si -03 runs' ntni Ti'jf npo .n'nis' nryo hv onno D'3in3: noni inn jew ^ 
.'ransip 1D3 S'joyi nhn^ inw nwipn n-o "d 3-ic31 (ko) vSii 
iraoip "jniT svi Kin Vmoi iins (3D) Tap "c 'ait oan mica {a 
nioipo noaa mn p '3 r\ott .Vay nawn3 3n3 Sna n*n '03 nui d'djjb "mno 
pw] Till ''031 |,Ta "0 V'lnoai 73 nat sen '-^3 woo n3ioi3| o"p "oa p33 
n:ipie' mpo Saaip u'Snn'j pn Saie |3"'pi «-'? '"o b-moai 98 ijt a-n "Sa ikwo 
injn K-Ji ,n-Dp .rit .rrc ,yy "D3t ,Bpn fj-nno hv vmsv ■» Sna mea ono 
SKnnyiD no rt "oai ,[23 ,a H6 ,129 ,105 67 ,«] i-n i-i.i« n nn Sy 

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n3ny maci Sieves ipiif nji)3 w uph ly ,Bin3Dl> na3eB irpi pttips on'Jt'j 
S3 Syi (ns) 131 -j'ys nwa 3'3n -Tm — :[152 .149 .82 .80 ,k| mioiPi ^33 
QT nn3 3:iPi mn [bm] in-a S331 (140 ,«[ mT3co b'3C3 i*? 3TPn rniSmp 

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WU firiSs D« neosj irit .rnji nawn ifi'B- •■■Hino <» nSn' 67 in o»^ (i3 

.iii3j,'3 np'Mi' mm conn Sti' '1 n>MP t^ Jifiwi*) 
•neji ri'OST nai :3Tjp "d nsiwna i">ino i''?w ana iwn — -ki'bb- no'w ni (na 
■lysu'nssa »n — 'ui iS cm mS nSa cwn ^>l^Da iti-i lai :j-vp ■•oa bw nai 'j'D'H 
.(9 ,ii] i'D).'B TiiS 101* 010 otarvi Sii' n -ua (iiaa n'H'a ^'on 

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iioSb JiDifj'iH TpS i"3s inn*?!?'! CD'- m* let* ns i3*i niKo is inrn oio 
.miain hd3 Sy vnno or aw' (T) onii o'0'3i icip lottln min 
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.(iij)|9 ,Mj jop^Syr 1133: [129 ,K] Dfija iS mS' la's 11:3^ iJ3 dpi |H3 ,(*] 
yap iifK 'VTK t'niBB bj nS jn) *3 .(ib) npS iipm nifun oy e^n ntn kS -jh 
.[49 ,H] Bomirja vuic 
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•1 rj3 'JB-i Vmo :.-nir Sir nncn^oa o'Tiajn non irviDB'n 'jao rS»t o*anp.i 
,['131 37 ,3] nm p'o nipo n imn p ,[132 .»] jVio m [60 .k| ppor 
roiKin DJ1D jop'^yr 'ii ['isi 4 ,n| 'iV pi^K n [26 ,3) pujVHjyp onias n 

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S'ritt n :nen nSn ona-ica loS ivh yv^n 'Sya rnuii I'mo 'Snai 
nil* n ,[26 ,»] p"0 niPO n [85 ,3] pc "i .[8 ,H] OB'S pnr n (66 ,»] 'l^ 
hnivr '1 pnsion i3i tssj 'sn pviMni [107 ,tt) p'o kit n |15 ,3) p'lnaiK 
van "pyS n^nna ,[15 ,«] "hm n^ri tnv w b-jip irya Sjia jViith 
.[4 ,«) 11m oin )'i»S i^n 3'nm (r) o'jb' 
noe .S-jn 'a^ **y d'o pr joi nTta rjn^ rniprr i'sit -iipcni .ifijjoi 
ibitK "nr n'3inS ir .nonn naia it3o [ai] n'n h-hv 'nwn [43 .h[ anar 
"Kino yap pH"33 ne'crn nn'nica [112 ,»] ticd3 Tar ny ,(n')B*i rora 
niR nn'n 181 tit h"i incKca nprbiio 'nn tcSi ,iriB or n^yn BBtPW'aa 
,221 myn 197 lie K33n poy ntea lyiyni ^ai 'lai "jy TmTn'icni -ti niira 
1450 ^aiM Dica n'nr nryeu' nei) (56 -iV Virr noca cic) pnoyTj t-t nyn 
niti Dwi ,{B') [60 ,3] iKnBW'DKp iDian nor mra BBBnir)3 .rm ,[115 ,h] 

.(97 j| jfiiapj'w T)f3 iB-w |innrn D"n,i r-aa lapm (j' 
jiawwD win rnno ipv laa hth ruB-ai trip wb- Diip e-ap mn rm (t 

,828 Ti V'jn iiBoa pvop 'nn iiic'Da rrainw lOs 
maa DBVui'ja mm |41 ,k| v<n 'a<H mvj! v^iKn nir -« vax ^k n'n xSi (to 
vv A nwSo "intt e-sji [83 ,3] \'o< 'Oia no non [85 ,a) i-w 'aw rwoto ns\orr\ 

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,t(i') rrapT 228 m !3'pz araip p"*ot twi .itibp "jt Sp nD» /w ww hSi (to 

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.n"n3 'fi "I'oi iDfiP nttii .d'jb' njDB- [62 is] 'a» imovTJ 'uni (n 
jD'3 j-3 '1 DiiaB" .HT n-ip «ii rinn aiaS oiei .S-nno 'jnia idd t^vi ■jn (ni 
.D'jipa i"Tp M'ith la-d iBon lann n'n t^ onn Qia'ai ,nonn naia S"'ino 713 p'e't ifsp 
Kiun (j'Bian oh Friedrich III. ^So^ yav n'H'n nan 'loioo isS yTun 'eai {»' 
nspjj'' wsn i** l")* TV 103 mn nmi'n i-nnoMD Spenn naai U50 mn otsBnu'w ntn 
BOheim, Chronik von Wiener - KeiiBladi leoa iiOHn 'oa pw .Mj'Yia inera ■« 
na^ nope tmS dw h'ji' nnS npwai H5l >no vin :|\D3 or ntn nisn n'n 119 t» 
nyir pJDin p uj'hi 1456 iitnapB wins off n'nic 'a [146 ti] ijhdptj "'nni .iwmS 
nvn IDT hs mo c'lnri'i I'ni rin na nuw o'mtSi larao'e- no hy nnh ■"! roK jn*^ 
W» »-"jf) >»ffn n^tt^ M"'-! r\3vb 3-n in nana a ffa n»t-n .bob-ih'js ooB-m W "i 
.ao'n itta lain imao OBn iwonn (|SnS fl P»a 


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*ienn ^3 nSjnnS ,3::h ttS pvco ,idhi -i^co yi^wh mK muM npy'i nfv npu 
i»fii .i3nen "n 'D' '-ot 3'K*pni ^'mn c» j^nn hv nonr *?« nrKi .jnoi no3n 
K^ uDDi .nin BTfi iy oop oiS b'ioij.t -rBVs '^vjtt .rnuii i-iionM nwn T3"jj 
^5 Di B'3i r'SSs ncptcnai ,nnn DiIdj nry iwit ,in'T3 TfjH d: nyi'j tw* 
pbSb) (tS nnpi .ini^Ji iirj 'D' S:3 o^nn mmtts 'jnnni noian 'loinn asto 
rtD 'jiK nc hy rrnSi iipnS rp: iMoi ns-a nnK T»ipn iipk ncD uoo ten 
D-iaii B'rjy yosn*? *rBi nn I'M ■;« .inijnoi i3iy njinS nom: npiJi iy3B,i 
nij:DD Tjn I'tiip DipD3 (f3 ,D"in« "p nyii oyB 3ib3 low "a^v no rmvhi eyrv 
•niti m ,ii3rnS 'S vnn Dipni osix Ss ntca KSiyiK 'Jioipip d'odhh nyisnS 


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rocip -yivS nav 11 iipm ,niP8 •^ V3k .{')(07 ,kj rarriK -fyh n3ioDn 'i«n 
rnw' ^3 ,o'miM ncj3n^ nmi^ mno m^a: mi ip'i 3S 3'ii -Tn .r\iv Bnicyi 
}^n rnwDai 'i t31 "7? tvii m' n'ni ,(97 ,3) naiprin ■I'lJo o-y iM np3 
uSip r»S ps)*? nMi np'i3i .iB'nif 'n3 vnn i3 hxd -3 rjm [96 ,«] iirb 
mvin '3T3 Sy tjs pk SijS ^nnicn ins Ssa .]-3n'n naa maBSi loxya bvwS 
WiK uS nan) -npio '.ri (K')n3iMi nc one yjo nh mn e]Ki in's*? mio iS rrp'i 
■]^ii i*H "inna a-rhttn ^K nSy nwoi ,nmpn p*(S mSyS d'd' nvnie iiayS 
.(3')B"T ruiP Blip noi yi:T [85 ,3] ro 

.BrttoD, Geichiehte der Jnden in Schleaien, Breilsu, 1896—1897—1901 (d 
62 Ti neoc yra iimiW'J '"" riappa 'ns^n nowi .o-^ a nipna [97 m| 3"po rwi {' 

>nsv HauiiBtetteo irs n'DV -ai ;)io D'S BaasBtetten sips >3 :<nBn] <3W nnw nnm 

mtiji ,]*iva iMJiin ifiK 01* iSnn ni I'n mum a-K :nD'*Bn ovo niriB jiisffi'w^ auo rasnoi 

vm Dillingen Sou Hochatedt m. d. Donnu cvn r"? Mip' iM Tun ti'n n'oenna- ilia 

Sr 0BW3 iiDO wti nii'iini o>^B3n pa maiin K'm ,Tai i»it pj'JiSa "i* [97 .a] qv 'ar 

L mep »S»n nKD3i 9 n ,ifDin js'ii ,pv3'V»' ■nn'' liipon oioaipa iiiiaoa .iwn nmp 

I Johann BoescheoBtaiD ')Ciart ana 1d17 nwa 1^ll1 Lougingen .LaugingeD nmp] cntDiaV 

P XauiDgen nS iitip' ipk nac m u'O'ai (72 "o o-p »"B'oi 't) isio ijn jn iJi-a-nt^ 

Dai Martjrologium dea Nfirnberger Metnor- :ip'n TiBoa i^eVw Tin yvo nuit 

i-«ca iai3> oownin npjn oipo tiji wdj 'a vt> — .271 -w buchea, Berlin 1898 

]ipo» 'nn D'Binff noxoa I'nniK ana laai 206 ,178 ,51 ,36 t» S'jn i^i'iiSiit 'on ^ 

. Hfichstadt vni 6 r-v;i 179 -n Narnberg im Mittelalter, Kiel 1894—1896 :i-iKa 

L .T^ w r*inoa laian CDsan tud i ^p lano ts tt'nB- rmiJi a. d. Aiach 

H .[6 ,a .84 ,h| vaH •co irsmf D<p»a<» soairis H^an lanoni (h< 

H ivun oy ^am nara vaM ii nov bi' ^ns' [116 m) anav noa tnii b>iibo\ (a< 

■ .'UV DW <^a tMD U1-T3 

ana oitpa 111:1 pen ,Tn ,iikS nJUftti ma tntio *w iipr ,iin' tsp*? ibd 
*tS N3 itPtt TV .m'an ijaroa irtt Snjn d"icm ixih n'aa Tsnon W (») it 
or D'liitHn ciajn «a nSSian (3)ne'itnn rsuho instrto "jiiS »*rDi cann 
D rDnenS lyrSipa wnna oann'j initt ]r\i\ yy naiu la mi Kini ,"[^on 'dm 
(jJI^iD'H bttiip* '31 :ip\i noKoS D"n niMxw i:oo T ,D'3in riK 13 niaiSi 
'o'a iHirna D'ii.Tn "n iwr' is irti .jjiun reeS 0: -[irn 31 loin torn ui 
.piieia 'nna') nocn ne D'cin {n)'3'"o nTicnnir jmSh -naaai .(i)D')"an 
■I'lai 86 ,'H] -wv laph 'Dd pvyn iwii 
p^n Ml |-I3i 3 ,'«] -BM noTpn (i)^^ -nn «^ ran a*'jin wrai 

.['131 26 ,3] fJiajWwp Dni3M n anaoo 
Sy iw f'wS mn iocs jicx aie ai no (i) iJWjjn'J 'nn nwia mi 
UWBX rmrf} mn bj inoi n'ran nijipa iinow 'Sna nn^in iroan riiip 
nmcn '^a Tain n:»p3 rxin nunin D"i'ai i)^ nSi n^ dji ,tnnfi -inan jo 

.(n) inryoS 

.1') 'jr i*Ki nWa TH' mai (n 
Steituclmeider, die hebr. HaDdacbriften der k. Eof- nod StaaUbibliothek (3 

nna iwrns 3'mri p'Opn 131 225 ij ori in Hilachea, iweite Aufl., Mtluchen 1896 
.lyp "D 1^ nnS 'lan i^'iti ]M3Di .tt Sjj 404 "oi nin Sp 406 "o "nan nion 
.wn 1)0*01 ,131 180 •!» l§69 dtS ."t-rnn ros (j 
Berliner, «us detn inoem Leben der deuUcben Jndea im Mittelalter (1 
D-in rura jfti iia'fin ipnv Sv niiipi nwoin oj- n'j» nmina rino oeiji .Berlin 1671 
.d"'Sk nwn iS nii .laj nevS w pnvini 
'namw o'lntnr m .(131 106 ,s| mo'Sra innMn tiinn oj won t "ds on (n 
D'aiyr DiBDon •JO'oi |a =] -rrni |n =] n-iitn ■^»l• opS 'D hj! o'lio panis 'inifia 
-iBon «|i03r nr*D3 "jr upon Sy 'rn^n »Sr O'aai .omwn Sy onoii 
nimn warno jfnn nan ,iai 809 tn i fiiain (187&) r'»'Sr ma Saian p-Ds (1 
aina^ run ncoa onaur o-tfjun niD» diwi''i niijj men 'Sa Tnti -wiai n<a nB ntttn'} 
.Sjm niKWi iin^pni oct iff« n»v t6 orn ipi ,227 is o-pa 3~i irs i3> -lanon finSw 
,TiBB piita ^tnB"a Mivmenn n»iBi -pann pn'?vi auiaS j-^in nara "rnn im (t 
Sxir'a n^amn rnhv'yritm i^nn Sy oj iidhd iwij a'mm "pun nnSm o-ir w^oi 

.31 von nitina 
OGdemun, Geichichte dei ErziehoiiEs- :iS invon ioB> n>i hrun iiuo j"n (n 
weieDB D. derCnttur der Jadeo in DeuUcbland wUtrend dee XIV. u. XV. Jahr- 

honderte. Wien 1888. 



m'ry\ nosna nnro Vnn yun lo^b 


^»P«dj;t':i ntyD^-^o 

MT •"TVaT »Oni p"T3l« 

.rm D^K^ lb nwbo di^ 


♦ny-i nnr pbn 

WM1 onwa ' D^jTpn .mrun of jj^sj^o t ana 'fc ^jr hjwkt iw^ Kr 

♦p ^ n a 



Joseph b. Mose, 

Collectaneen seines Lehrers Israel Isserleii. 

(Cod. Miinchen No. 404, 405). 

Zweiter Teil. 

Mit erklirenden A nm e r k u n g e n 


Dr. J. Frelmann, 

Btbbiiier in HoUetcban. 



Diuck Ton H. Itxkowtki, Gipt^Str. 9. 


n3i2^«in DVD3 nii<^ D^«srn 

Qnnn rotto tenno napvi) 

-.mann '»Kn nnjrna 

.»«Sojna3 pKT3 ^TUJ 

.rnaoTByoa 'Q2in in^H urran 

X-TDTP) o ruB' 

Leket Joseher. 

BERLIN 1004. 

H erausgegeben im Selbstverlage des Vereins M'KIZE NIRDAIOM* 

(Dr. A. Berliner.) 

In Commission bei J. Kauffmann 

Frankftirt a. IL 


HE'D -\"2 f\CV -\b 

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.n>i mr pbn 

& KiM^nnixj.D'jipn .rmjnoyiJjj'aTsnj't'jynjwii-i'iR'jiai* 



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^T3o u'w on mnKfi imivoS aie^S Sn* ir« m-ci .o'dit ^y ti3d n*m 

^SonoT nnjo naifs ^^cnn nhv -d-i -fj (Cippi d'ow hy plan nsina -pMi ars 
IP* nniD n";!!!!! ,m3p nnion r\yv onm SSr 'dt m^i .Sin Sip dtb' mip 'Kmoa 
jiiSonn 'ntn .poiSiPnS uSitnait' 'ttinoa SSeaT kSi Tayjoim p'si .yiap joi r\h 
,ya)hv>nh n'JiPi niiipjnn SnsnS ini .naic Ste SSon' fttn ,n'3ip niSon jn 
j'OiTa hzH ,Sin Sb* kSk lif-wa nj'tt n'myi /lay lasif ,Kn'S nnjo npif pn 
T3inS T'lx .bin hv n'sny -'ji: i«S -nin jrsi .naipa lyw -tiwd hy ["nitj 
J31 .1TI3 D'DJn hy SSunn'j (»3pa) n'a 'la rynoa bwd jhjd jsi .ynittan ]'^a 
j'mf inns BO'-'pT WBin naufn w oi&k .nS'Sn iy mivo i'3ipdjip3 ifioa 
.01' ^^JJ3D S-nrn iS-ch orn 'wno nS'Sa y-iiKon pso Tsn^ 
p-DD3i .cnio3 .iskSo niipyS im pm D"3Din 3:131 ryai ryh {33p) n«i3 
"13 piPijjiP m:wSo,T S3 o'o ,omfi3 ,13160 nwyS MStp in:T niaipn itt ws 
ni3K'?o piPiyip ffH .navh c:")?: o'Ss nD3 j'jpnoi I'T'xai pncina' ju3 nQtc'? 
MinK3 iS'BK KiiD'K :mj oSipS '':vai (Jsp) px3 wtn '3m ,'-itP ]im ,nnio3 
•IIP .TEW 'ytJD inv mi03 .ibhSo -jS j*m ,pbj nncip Sip nyw **i mSk ,"n 
.[nDD3 aroj S-i pmn n3iipno -nsxo ni ,3"n33 
pKi ,nS'S,T S3 nDi3o pSiPn n'm kciS -iptp Bioen p'Sio n'n o-itp S-Sa 
laS ryS mtnpj niJiipSn S31 .B"n naipa pi Sina oiotn p'SinS I'lcipitta invi 
Mty DM Npn myrti lecna -iidk pB-nin iiK hv n" ,p^3 'rwitD .iPipn jupS 
viio maijJD Clip i(tiP3 S3(t ,noK in dv3 u n:vr\ -qijio 'in 3'nifl nrion 
.S-inpwn loK 131 .0-0 ,(i3p)'TtP« 'io'c .r'lym loona 
tui nvr' S'lPin u nwyS jnji .nxjoS o'idik pK pipmn n« Sip t'i 
ana p piPmn n« Sip T'a nnro niipyS d'wijip no 'Mip "jiijii .o'lwi San 
ppiip viK S'S3 ynn San p' Sip nr3nn nittSoS jnui .nS':Dn nnpS nutos p'oon 
.roD Diip pon 'Saa tibSoS hSw iian ,D"nD 

'J Dva 3K 1*3 B-ifiS Sin njiy a^n miK (fa mcj nt 'no"D 
.■"jy^Di Kjom "pia .f**' 0"n Tinio n'aa nioif"o tjj3 

.7& Ts BC iJXDifi'J "V iTiBww V vuiui n'vi •» W (wpi .vi -w Tin (Mp 

.'T ■'D wt nh'xa (lap .3»y ti n nS»«i (jop .a^ "o ttw -"J (up 

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vmnh yiv S2H .rrcz ifi'tm luyn nvn etaifis-a 'n ns'fuc oiip eye ir*in 
rnpSi 1J3 SiDK^ ^3(t 'OJipa 'hkxd .n^":D «ipD mip n-aiy S'jcnn'? I'liti ■- inR 
^ onioj? '3 IK iiop Sv niDy nS'Jon bipib .Tntc 'Jiwii .(ap^) I'l^f ptt sttk 
naian mip nw'ipn inH .131131 (ciipi msiaa ntpji i-nm .n-i3»D cnwy o 
tPinS cN '3 .noS "jr piccS -mr^ -j'-ix u-k piccn wkid npD nns cki .nnnKSi!' 
nb'ttn Sy pi pine j'ki ;pico^ picc p pccnn nMiP rj!» [tnp nnptf] piocn 
iS *mDtn .|'V'^''a] nfj'jon ansic ^rj on'ii'n ti:' 11:3 mS'jo ikip Sy »Si "nnS 

.«ln MJIPl WIP "S 1SK1 TBtOO IP-D 

D'ains T"Mi DWB -p^a irn nS'jan "jy |S'xi iSpiio kit t-ihid 3n;| 
,'npT 3-3 (3p'')mB'-n .]vhi2 )h o-ains rn n*? Dnp-io^T jS Tnoo jkoi ,]rSj3 
.Ssiifitp Tpyni lopn am .pn snio^na :i n3i3 niifK mSt aira ■yym 
D-D ,n'j';D3 3"n (3p«)Mor 'do3 'Okis 'D p im ■jirn'? yann |»pni 
Vi iwrr 'mf 'iiisti .nS-Jon yiote-'j nnow citeo D':Dp 'Jisp K-anS anicrt 
■nnfs D'jrajA nurDi itiipi inyi'? »•« ni:o mWci dt ^ipa Hiipu' inn 3i .thb' 
a-amf Tjn nniNS iud .th '3 ,di ^ipa oiip iSip nw .lan int* 'jy n'ni .nVaan 
Klip ij^if ntn ,]'jnD niB'y'? jnrc )i:3 ,D'-nc3 rnasn niL' nuo ainS in^if 
Swf in» ;m ^ipa si-innh nunci C3 Niip Vitt pwn 'S nBnc3i ,-pD3 Sipa 
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n:a mtp niSs"!) I'Ktc a'B-m ,piai {:p<i)]vn ]ij3 .e'lio ly nvnnh a-h)y nr« 
.D"nD3 Si:kS vnn lai nii? iS pw: .ciid cnip nwn 'jsm'' kok' -2 ,d"iic mip 
iTanS Di« nW ck oik rnti-ip icki .laib r '31 ii'arfj nuD mSicS -['ixi 
iP"i3 i"yi ,nnK none cw dj'k DiTiwic o-ys ,nnK mom rrK ni'Kn a'lioa 
a'B3 'ina TKito pi .b-ip d ynv d-vk '^33 pJip 'a: inaipw) (spe) '31103 ann 
TJTi nstnoi .D'yiJif^ kSk pSaa pm .tc-y ki,i b3 rrnj kd*?! ima {sptJiTs'ji 
.[■u'li nxno *KnS nyaa nj-w nunBn iiBoa 3:13 .hbiibo inr mic 
[3Vn^] T"iit -rn yihwh idkp "j-k amaa nijo i"? s'an innwa 'Jiiaii 
yna n*nic 'Jiian .d'-iib bk b': opjKi ]q k'^3 .d'hb nuo S'atpa 'iW iS 
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em^w a-v:h ptt dki .cnS mm pi ,n'aiS inSic o'tP) iS'^w ,"w vo 'ja miTi 
K^ Vxi pKiiS yiT i3in rr'ni .cub je'itpa iS'bk [inSif nuen kb"S] d'hm 
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■irv tph 44 

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-WV tph 42 

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q. Nr. 627 K*!! "22v apy pS oneo -isim "^ (nSna .pn»i nn n'W n-am nn» in 
.Ingwer, Galgant, Hegliae (kdi .dbf t'j (an .t~i u'uS (^n .ninjn d]i msdi 
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Leket Josclier. 

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.Ingwer, Qalgaot, Regliae (koi .b» i-J (01 .n waS («^i jiirsn d? wdj 
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*pDniiptD«ii pnt« ra vn*n tat n Sv raT) 





Joseph b. Mose. 

Collectaneen seines Lehrers Israel Isserleln. 

(CocL Mfinchen No. 404, 405). 

Erster Teil. 

Mit erkl&renden Anmerkungen 


Dp. J. Ppelmann, 

Babbimer In HolleBcham. 



Drack von H. Itzkowski, Gips-Str. 9, 



(provCniio vine nepvi) 

.j'fnM T»j*^3 nrroK 
.Bopcmua njDMa am f&^» 

.maoT»j>o3 nnDi'Ji tit 
.naermvea rsam Tthm or 

.Crtsvi) 0^ n»r 

Leket Joseher. 

BERLIN 1008. 

Herausgegeben im Selbstverlage des Vereins IPKIZE KlRDAMDL 

(Dr. A. Berliner.) 

In Commission bei }. Kauffmann 

Fnmkfiurt a. M. 

^^^^^^KI ^^»>^, -fjmm-Jlfi 


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H' jjNo-'-'ns 2py 

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■pmotw "[nyufn " pon 'jHin'i 

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'nas" -pnutoS '3 nempni 'mpc 'B 

nsSn 3in:S ^'nriH tfii 3ib3 

niMsm nujif cna M(D' kSb" •'isr "pDni 

ri3-D ana 'janam *rf:itv sha 

nma nitt 'nvDic /iiaSnn nef 

ma'tjtja i'jio'k inmn jpin an pHJn 'jran 

Dvh *niiia 'a "jyca ttfji "upva "repS "a icr Bp*? icon m^ *ninpi 
"iBBn iita 'nana kS bji .'nanrip cr:)? noaa -ibm imn nitp nam pi ,b*oip 
'/iShvip nj? ,n]WKT3 o'rjy naaa ^na fniaa "Sd m ^am .tjjio in'm -iid-m kS 
ainaS rxij "jinr^ dji) .'njantf ny B'TDSfin joi "n pBii |d b'opb B'riy noa 
tfiinan rapo jo ippab i"i3t -jk on .niTnoa ainaS ^aw tk dj [rha* kS na 
B'DjJBi Dvia B'BpB .2'n» n'ii^T fjtne" "oanS S-i pwan anar o'pMn 'S p^nyrtS 
ana b-i pHim .cpcB ini« hy iibd^ w p'ji ,'aT3ni 'axya Tana B'oyt ,-ia»a 
p^mr^ iVH] iBiDTt iifo w "lYD K3 HI Tn' IK lOn Bna mfo: cm pnpia nia'm 
anaif iwd [nxoj wa m riJBp na'n jS'iip ano mta ktoj dki .(it na-na 
,MD^jf3 n-utta "loK I'S'En 'aa (it)nin)Ba naSnn Sj) li^ ion m* bjibi .niTnoa 
pipi*? init pHip [Btp] S'l pKjn 1EW ,nnr*i mona (n)pTpT ttb Dtc *Ten'oi 
wfo^ ■''jy n'n dji .'^tiz •frcH 'Jitp^a kSi "anaa k^ "iS'v j^k dji ,0'oi'jb' msta 
'Mjn nSa 'jaoB' j-n'] avn "2 'nyao rS d*d ,nin ibbS rii -i"3 mip^ D'opoS 
BpS mn -ibdS wip'? yen 'aS jaSi] tbh' a-pS wntD'a vvip thd .iinp tto 
hKiv n-D^ (op)n pwn Bif 'BS'a mn (dji .^jioa mSi iin'a 'nBpS 'a ^wr 
'iw ,nmna 'naraif loa ]'jiD*»i *3i wiK pip nVn Sait ,Vin "nnB -u 
,nimnn "icK-a ■';i(i)[)J'"itip loa St nva -a r|or n-B^ »npj 'Jtn jSii" vsip 
')iiai 'a .rcpnh p» i-ji in* epSo (a)(Vi} jSiv 'jKiJf' p'joa mn innv noi 
Dn'"ttT I'BB'a p)Ba inn icn dk Topn*? pKic cSipn ibtkic no [jwii] lOKr 
onpnS -pTitiD 'la d^jw -a B'npni BriiPi:i hy (:)pnnm xa '■iptbic hod [tnn] 

m»i» K^3 "BHiB n^B nijn nans hunav ib» rnim ai iob a*? 3^ or (» 

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onpnw iHt i6v itTf r'6 pwio .rp n** j'B'j jra /i ,D>iai (3 .n'jvi Tacja iwii 


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Ldnt JowdMir.