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Abin Cobmm. e.g. 

-«"IL"» * CO, « to™ ^^„u. 








n.D., Hoa. LL-ik, D.oj.. ; aisBor of ouoan 
aoxwTVtt aaaaa fbofbsob or hodkb* bistort 







■r HotAcx HArr, nnrTu to twi uirrvKUiTT 


HIS book b InUbded to be firiinarilj' a tnARiuj at rctenaeo ; 
ui •oailj' baaiUod rvpcrvii^ oT tli« Origina of Etigliib Ooaali- 
tnliooftl Elictorjr ; nnil, wooodoril/, * tuniul for toKbon »ai, 
•dwUn. Witit • vi«w u> \h» first piupoae, I have tried to 
«Q«eC In It ererj constilutiuuul dociuucnc vi uaporlaoce during 
lbs periwl that it coven. VTiih » viov to tba wcond, I luve 
tltciDptod by way of iUtutiution to point out tho bcsriog* of tfaa 
■cTcnl dociUB«Dts oa one wiotUDr au>d on tl>e notioiuJ polity ; 
■pplyi&S LD tbe Introductory Sketcb a ttriog of coumxIod «tMl 
MDe Mit of ooDttnucpua llwory of Iho tl«iT«lapm«iil of tlw 

I TliB atody of Oonstitatioaal Blitotj b cawntiftlly ■ tracing of 

Mid (MMue(]ueuci!K ; tli« exsminstioo of n (Hfltitiot growtJi 

I « WttU-dcfinod germ to full msturity : a grovtfa, tlio jiarll- 

nlar din«t)oti tud ihapitig of vHab aro doe to a divcrHty of 

bat wbow life and doTelo^iing power lira drcp in (bo 

^wy utnn of the people. It is irot iben tli« coll«cliua of 

I mnlUWile of &cU and vicvr^ but Uie pieoiug of tbe liuka of 

I perfsot duln. And in tbia coiopftnUve'ly «mpli-te uid intel* 

^bla coaaeuQin of cauK itnd oooMqnence, it hu acatoin charm 

llmt nakea op for tli« default of orcntbiug depending on the 

play of penonal cbaracter, tbe unlooknl-for and tbe pictareaqiM. 

It t« of tbe fpvateat importance tbal tbu study iiboald beeone 

rrcc^iii>iTd pari of a rv';;n>l'^ EnglUh cdiicittion. No know- 

I of Etiglidi biitory can tie rrally cound without it : it U not 

■lilo to UN as an eilncalcd people that white o«r (tsdCDle are 

i Aoqiiainted with tbe state inadiiuery of Atbeaa and Bom^ 

abould bo ignorant of tbe corrcapoDding iniMtutiooa of 

own far«ralliars : inatituUoDi tbut powen a living inl«n«t 

' anty nation flat ralbM iu identity, and have exerdwd on 

wellb^ng of llie ciyiliied world an induenoe not inferior 

nly to thu uf tha CUmioal uatiom. 

vi Frefaee. 

I have pointed out in the introductoiy cliapter mf nuon' 
for not going further than the reign of Edward L The latef 
history is rather a history of politics than of polity, and has to 
be illustretcd by a very different sort of documenta. A more 
consistent supplement or wmpanion to this volume mmld be a 
comparative assortment of corresponding Origines of the other 
constitutions of Europe. This isa branch of study without whi(^ 
the student cannot fiilly realise either the peculiar character) stica 
of his own national polity, or the deep and wide basis vbich it 
has in common with those of the modem nations of the Continent. 
To have fdimiahed however in this volume, even the bare texts 
of the chief coDstitational monumeDts of France, Germany, Spain, 
Italy, and Scandinavia, would have obliged me to alter the plan 
altogether; nor conld the comparative Constitutional History of 
Enrope be illustrated at all thoroughly on the same scale. 

For the present, I commend this little book to the good 
offices of teachers, and to the tender mercies of pupils, in the 
firm coQTiction that the subject it illostratee is of the first 
educational importance, and in the hope that the plan and lin« 
of atady which it saggeats will be fonnO well calculated to draw 
ont the mind, and to extend the area of sonnd teaching. 

OMoai>, (kmUr j, 187a. 

Id the Second Edition a few additions have been made to the 
Excerpts, and five or six documenta of interest have been added 
amongst which the Haheat Ootj»u Act and the Act of Settle^ 
meat are the most important An intereating charter of Canute 
wll be found inserted at p. 75. 

OxroBD. Jmam f i4< 1874- 


Till d«iiigtDil for ft ii«w «ditioQ of thit book jaelitif me, 
r txuiA, in bclieTiog that it baa hfm (btuid oMful (o itiidcnta 
of EogUab Oofutitutio&iO BUtoiy, and in hopins Ibat it will 
oontime to be n. I& proponnfi it for Uie pre», I biive tbinifiht 
k wen lo iiul(« MMM lanll modilii-iitioiis id the ' trncinology ' 
ot tba MfLiar part, and to get rid of a few utprcaeiooa wbieh 
belong mora properly to FreiKh imJ Qerauiti Biatory, Conte 
af tbew, iiaefiit iMioufth In a oum^Anitii-o mrsty, are not diiecUy 

ipro]innl« to Eiigli*b cniitoina or institutioBi, wliieh, altboogb 
if not qirito idvnticnl with tboae of tbe Oaatioeut, baTe 
^, is contemporary d<KtUMiil«v borne tfae mubb derignatkna. 
Tbft nttt of tbeee terms, aoooidinglj, leodi oecailonallj to the 
mlaotnwcited oottun, tliat caatam* wliicb are L-tt)ier matter 
of eommoa primitive ongin, or of iadependcnt anslogDiia 
dwelopmant from common oii^n, are borrowed or derived 
in Ui«tr natnrrd fonn bjr mm naliooal (■ytAtm ttctn another. 
Tblt riak ia eonaid«nble in tlie atudy of flie eommoiil)^ oelled 
fendal taaUtutioDa and of many tlicories on tlie bittoiy of land- 

la fdatfam U> thia poini, I will add a word of caution, 
BMMHfy in tbeae da;*, allboagb fiunilior to antiiuariee and 
■liidMla of conUBsiricfl. Tbe fint occurmi>ce of the montion of 
I^riicular tenKt, or Tortna of inttitutioiu, la treated by divrncly 
Moatitutdd minda and diOfennt aiboot*, in waya diametrically 
To one it ia an eridcooe of ooTcltj or innOTjition, to Ibe 
a pff aampUiw, itntng enoagh to be a proof, of a previoua 


nii Preface lo tie EiffilA Editum. 

exiatence. The ba]auc« of reasDuablenss is, in human biitory, o^ 
the die of the Utter, for as a rule facta are older than reeorfe 
cnatoro s older tb«i it^to^B ; and many records haTO feratafit 
in all probability, before the one that samTea famiBfaea erideDC* 
of an institution which may and oflen most have existed Iod^ 
before it came to be embodied in record at all. InTestigatoi* 
who reject this consideration would reduce the domain of 
archaeological study to a Tacuum, or to a oolleotion of nnoon- 
nected and unorganized atoms. 

Now the history of institutions, as of nations, rnns through 
occasional tunnels ; and it may very well be that a custom, 
or law of primitive life, emerges at the end of such a tonnel in a 
form somewhat modi6ed from that iu which it entered, whilst 
on careful iinalysis, its identity is anmutakeable, its history beiag 
susceptible of varied hypothetical explanations. That this 
generalization is open to occaiiocal misundersfanding or mi>> 
application, any historical student must, and will readily grant; 
but I confoBS that to me, as an oM investigator, a good deal of 
the accepted theoiy of continuous History, in this region, at 
least, of History, seems to rest on arguments as sound, within 
its own material and area, as those on wliich Copernicus and 
Kepler worked out their aslroaomieal conclueions. Where there 
are periods of occultatioo, a working hypothesis is often all that 
vma be ftdduc«<.l in sustentation of continuous Eistoiy, and it is 
well that eveiy such hyiMthesis tliould be freed as much as ia 
possible from i-oufuaiun between cssentiab and accidents, as well 
as fn-m the pen>tiiptory dugmatism which identiliea theory with 
disccveij. But a working hyptitliosis, coiistautly being realized 
Mid illustrated even by ditachwl disioi-enr, gradually approaches 
til tho [K-silion of proved History. And. this being allowed for, 
1 do not hesitate to esprcs* my ovmtideace b the future of 
hislorirtl wx-rk c^^nduot.d i>a the plan on which in this and in 
my oth.rt Iwk* 1 hat* tti*d lo work. 

I have t^ aeknowUHlg*. rrry gt*trfuHr. mj- oMi-ations to 
Pix.f^««>r York Pvw^U and Mr. A. U Smith. ,v>i tin J adTiee wrf 

1 hare iati^A. m addwada, a •(vvtiura pip, k.ji f^ 

Prefae* to the EigAti Edition. 


Oibnliliire, wtiich will illustrate the Dialogus d« Scaccario, 
•■d rnddcDtallj tho legal bist<ii7 of the year ta which it 
Umgi; and a cnrioiu relio of the scheme of national defence 
Mton foot by John in 1305, which has a special bearing on 
tbe derelopnent of the Militia Eyetem and the office of Constable 
in conntie* and their sabdivisions. 


Martk 14, 1895. 



A SuMH or THI CoaniTUTUiHU, Eibtobt or tbb Gholibd 

Ninor DowK to tbb Bsioir or Bdwabo I 1-51 

PAST n. 

Eaiim oirCBTBATivx or rsa Eablt Pdlitt or thi Ehoubb 51 

Kilnetifram Caenr £1 

Bsiidi &om TacitDB .. .. .. ., .. .. £4 

btaieti from the Earlj Iawi of the Kngliik 60 

EUwIbert 61 

Hlotbure ud Ekdria 61 

WDitoed .. 6r 

Ini 61 

PiiDtifiala Egberti 61 

OoDo. LcgKtiu. AJ>. 7S7 61 

iltnd 61 

Edwud 64 

(MhotTfltj 64 

Fc^le'a Banki and L<t« 65 

OfWergiliU 65 

Atlulrtan 66 

GdmaDd 67 

Edgar 6S 

Ordinaaoa of tiw Bandied • • >. .. .. •■ 66 

Ethebed 7» 

Qanaia 73 

EJwud tha CoofoMor 76 


SuioT Chabtus An> ExcKxm; Hokmam PmoD. 

WauAit I 79 

Swerpti 80 

Cbvfar to Um CI^ of I^mdon 83 

SUotM 83 

lit ConienU. 

•^ OnliDKUce npantmg tbe Spiritual and Temporal Courts .. ip 

Kittacta rrom DoTnesdn; Book 8^ 

Title of tbe El; DosiFailaj 8t> 

Cwtoina oiCbeitBr S; 

Cuttoma of LiDcoln .. .. .. .. Sy 

Cuitoroa of Oxford uul OifbnLibire .. .. .. ■■ 90 

Ciutoma of Berlubire . . .. .. .. gl 

WiluamII 91 

Excerpta gi 

Hbkbt I 9J 

Eiceqiu 96 

Clutrter of IJbertiM .. .. .. .. .. 99 

Letter of Henij I to Aosclm loi 

Onlsr fur huliliiif; tbe Coun* nf the Hundred and the Sliire .. 103 

Eitncti from tho Xc;^ ifmHri / .. .. 104 

Cbkrter to tbe Citiieua of LoDiluD .. .. .. .. 107 

Cbkrter of Tbuntiui to B<cverl«; 109 

Ctutouu of Kewiaitie-upoD-Tyne .. .. .. .. .. 110 

i^stBMX 113 

Gicerpta .. .. II4 

Pint Charter .. 119 

__ Stcond Ci.mrtei II9 


Select Cbaetebs axd EictBria; Uexbt II. 

HuitII Ill 

Eicerpt* Iij 

Churtcrof Libertiee 134 

•^ Conitilulioiu of <JUretid<.i& 135 

^ ^ AKii« of CUrmdoD 14a 

iJAUlil; toScutiiBe 146 

Isqunt ofSherin 147 

i« of KartbuDplon •■ ■• I50 

lofArnu ■• -■ 153 

•> AMia aftb«Fon»t I96 

~- OriUnaaee of tba SiLtdin Tlt^ 159 

Eitracb fnim GlsDrill 160 

Chuten of BorDOEhi 164 

WiMhcMv 165 

Vlocherter 16; 

linoDtn 166 

Kettin^MS 166 

Ox&id .. >6: 


Couietitt. xiii 


IKahgDi Jb Scaecsrio ,. ., .. .. l68 

PneGitlo |6B 

Liber Pri mm .. .. .. .. .. .. 170 

libarSocnmdiu 109 

ScLEor CuBrau ahd EicxBira ; Riohabd urn iosa. 

ticHiiD I 149 

Eieeipto 351 

~ Foim of proceeding on the Jodtdal TiriUtioD .. .. .. 158 

Ptocbkinition for the PrgMmtioD ot Peace )6] 

ChutanofTowDS 164 

WincheBtei >fiS 

Lincoln.. .. .. .. .. .. >66 


Braerpti .. 170 

Vnt (iiT lerjlng k defenaiTe forea .. .. .. 181 

Sonnnoni to K Grat Conocil .. ,. ,. sSl 

.. WiitroTtba A<M«mcntofthaThirteeiith 183 

- CoDCOBon of tha Kingdom to tha Pajw .. ,, ,. 184 

,. Svmmooi to aOreMCauiieU 186 

Onnt of Freedom of Election to Chnrchei 187 

Aitrclea of the Buiini .. „ .. „ 189 

Great Charter of Libertiea .. .. .. apA 

Older for Inquiry into Bnl CnitolD* .. .. 306 

Obartcn of Citiee and Boroagha 307 

(t) Kottingbun 308 

(1) Northampton .. .. .. ., ., 310 

(3) Donwicb 311 

{4) Lincoln 311 

(5)Tork 311 

(6) Hartlepool 313 

<7)Ni(»t 3M 

(8) Hditone 313 

(9) EeMona 314 

(10) London „ „ .. .. .. 314 

Sblsct Cbibtsss un> Excsapra ; Hssrt III. 

IMT m 3i« 

EioerpH 3M 

Aiiiiimnnmiunt of the Beianieof tLa Quirter 337 

xiv Conientt. 

Krrt ChurtBT of Haniy m J39 

Sninmoni of Uis Sheriff to bring ap (tie Canntj in Amu ■ ■ ]43 

Second Chirter of Hanry III }44 

Charter of the Forest J4l 

WritfoithftCansotionofkCiinicage 3$! 

Third Cliarter of Henry III J53 

Writ for the Cdleetion of the flfteanth 35i 

Writ for the ■ummoninK of Four Enighta of the Shire . . , , 357 
Writ fhr ■wmmbling the Coanty Coait betbre tha Jndgea 

Itinonmt jjB 

Writ for aaeembling the ' Jmli ad Armm ' .. .. ., 359 

Writ for the CollectioD of the Fortieth 36a 

Writ for the ConaemtioQ of ths Peace jtil 

Writ for the Collection of Scatage 364 

ConGnnktiun of the Cbnrteis .. .. .. .. 3(15 

Writ for the Collection of the Thirtieth 366 

Beoord of k debitts in the Conncil of the Natien .. .. 368 

Writ for anfordog Watch and Ward and ths Atfice of Aimi . . 370 
Sentence of Exoommunioation agalnal IVanigreiBon of the 

Charter! .. .. .. .. 373 

Writ for oanyiDg oat the Watob and Ward and Aiom of Am* 374 

Writ (ummotiiiig tiro Knighta of tha Shim to graat an Aid 375 . 

Charter ofHeniy in to Oxford 377 

DocnmenU relating to the Provision* of Oxford . . ..- .. 378 

I. The King's consent to ■ Project of Reform . . . . 3S0 

IL The King*! oooeent to the Eleotlon of the Twentj- 

fijor .. 381 

III. PetitioD of the Bamns, at Oxford 3S1 

IV. ProTiBioDi of Oxford .. .. .. 3S7 

Treniilatiaii 393 

T. Proclamation of the Xing'! adhedon to the Pro 

vietanB .. .. .. jijG 

TI. Provieiani of the Baroni .. .. 400 

VII. Writ aummoning three Enighta of tha Shirs to 

Pnrlinment .. .. .. „ ^5 

Vin. Award of S. Lewia •• , . 406 

Document* connected with Simoo de Montfort's AdminLittation 409 

I. Writ for Conservation of ths Peace and Summon* to 

Parliament .. -. .. 411 

II. Fann of Peace drtermiued an in the PaHiunent „ 41* 

III. Summon! to the Parliament nf iilS; . . .. ,, 41J 

IV. Confirmation of the Charter! .. .. .. 416 

V. Summons to Parljamentat Winclwatar .. .. 418 
Tl. Dictum de Ecniiworth 4I9 



PAliT VJl. 
RUKT Ds««T»ut AXD Eictsmi £Dw«Ne I. 


I 4)6 

■■ ■*»« 

<M«rfar UiaProdUiMUMiofibtKlait'* P*Ma .. 447 

inmVuV»m^lU«AwiA\ 44S 

- I. 6«ntutaorWwtiiiiiitCat I (BitiMt) 4S9 

' IL Owntcf OiM«a «a W«el 451 

tMmoM to Boet««iMUad ConMOi 41* 

IL SuaniMWtokOaandl oTKilinpi ., ■•453 

□. fliiwiim— to ■ OoiiTDaMk* «f PnUto. ArcbdeaeoM^ 

Mid OoUsgUM *ad MoMrtlo C\atJ ■ ■■ 45J 
m. 8Binao>i* IB a CM>*«c»l>aii Is wliidi tiio AtthilMonn* 

Mt M Pfootcn f«r Ui« PwmhuJ Ct«rg7 - . .. 454 
IV, SnnuDinu to • C«iivao»tlan io >Wcib tba IH«cm>d 

(Xtrgj «• n|irMtnUd by B|il«onp4l NonlaM* . . 491 
V. SnmsMu to • CoRvooUloa In nUiA iha UiooMM 

CUrK7 M« up r Kwl ed b]r lliair no«t(a .. ^ f,s 

" Wito Inr DMnEnt orKolghtliaod 454 

*faHU «f Man4bUn 417 

E~ > hr FarliMnvot awl Connmli ut llRi anil 1*9 j .. .. 460 
LelUr ttf C[«d«a«B Ibr ■ V.ajtX CcamulMOiiw t» nbi 

uAld 464 

U. UUsr ofThuika br Ik* Aid Brgotliilad .. .. 464 

ItL Wrii ol 9amMora cf KnigUa «1 iIm Shin .. ,, 46$ 

V. WriiofSiuHnioMloUMAi(U)UKii|WMidClc(87 .. 46$ 

T. Writolllu ArtlbyM(iMinMiiiiki|CMiTfxatioa .. «66 

n«, SumoMof ttonmhUunfaantokNatMUICiMndl 467 

nt. SUtslaof H«rehni(* .. 469 

m. Writ £>f tlw CotloolMn <if • TIilfUMb . . 4IS9 

tosfWlndiMtti 4«9 

OmUUm 471 

T hn MIIP M lnF«rli i «w rt in i*y> .. .. .. 475 

I. OnntofAMfiHrjBbiiMKtr 477 

IL SwnBom oT KiiltfliU of Um SUr* 477 

m, KIMOM <ima Smftlam 478 

rllHMnlrfUM 479 

I. BoMioinH of tb« Oarer 4S0 

It eaMnMMo(ik«KBfgfal»orib*tlklra .. .. 4tli 

I OOMDcfl ud PMUmnl of I I9t 481 

I. Bmibww of lh« AnIiMtlHip l« ■ Oraal Comiill .. 4B4 

IL Ho^MU af Ike ArabbM>o|i lad Cktg; U> rRtltUMMt 484 

zvi Omtenlt. 

III. SummoDi of an E»tI to PuIiuDent 

IV. Sammoni of the RepNuatatiTes of Sliirei uid Towni 

to FarUiunsiil 

V. Wrftfijrtha CoUection of nn Aid 

CouGrmfttloti of the Clurten . . . . , , . , ... 

^Da Tillagio non Conceilenda .. ., .. ., .. . 

Sommani to (hs PnrliameDt of Uncoln • . . . - ■ 4 

Snmmotu to ft CoUofuituH of Meiiihinti .. .. ,. •■ 5 

WritforthaColleotion ofTii]U*ga 5< 

Modu Taaandi FirlUiiusntDiii gc 


Prtltlon of Right 511 

H*b«u Corpui Aet fii', 

BUIofRIghtB >>.1 

Ant of Settlameiit i»^ 








The Englbli mtioB la nf tlittJnctljr Teut^nio or Oermui 
•riftin- Tl»« AhhW, Jtitn, and Saiions, who, iKcordiufc to Bcda^ 
ftirnitliwl Ui« nuM of tnunixnota in tliv fifUi onilury, wen 
■Mwmgtt thoM (rilw* ot Lower Gennaaj' wbirh lia<l been tbe 
1«H> BAtflod bj Rmbmi inflnraoca. Tlii^^ eiitorod opoit a Uud 
wtume MeoAtn bid fonaken it, an<l bad i-urrinl miny with 
(iMna miwt of llie •dvciililioas ciTilisalion wliicb Ibej bod in*lu- 
^aad for (bur bniidred jrAra ; wfaoee InbabiUnla we euemted 
■Bil dBlxuiraliicd bjr b-ug d^jirndtiXiO, wwrted fajr BDwcMivo |)Mti' 
IcBew, worn OHt by Ibo mitickt of balf->B<.-ag« ueigbboora aad 
by Utdr own niicid*! ware ; wImm va«t (brcoU and unrwloined 
nnrafa-buidi alTorded to Cbe new-eorasn * ooni|«rBtiTcly my 
amijncat, ud tbe meani of re])rudncing at libtrtj on now 
fTtmii'l tb«i tnirtitiiltniiii iiii<t<T wliich tbey bud lived at Iioem. 

TbU lurw rm-c wu th^ main atock of our funbUien ; aliartng 
tbo priinrval Ocmiaii [iriil« of ptiritjr of extraction; atill rugard- 
inft tbe f»i&ilj tic ilb tbe l>«tia of itijnial orRiuuiiatioa ; iniKTatiuK 
to groopa of allird and kiiidrtal r.luinKtcr, and oomm«Dt>n>tJnK 
the tlilad ' '1 tbo nniD'-N ti>vy )^ve to lltuir uew acltli^- 

nentii but v woinoi of tboir naliun, and atrictlv run'liil 

of tb« dbtiuctiou between tbcn>M-tirt« aud tbe totciutcd miilitat 

3 lulroduetory SkOdL 

of their predecessors. Tlie variationa of phvEical bi 
cburactemtica which in the pnigresa of foiutn-n huiidivtl t< 
have been developcil LxrlwecD the English and North 
tfpee, may be aiujily accounted for bj natural and 
causes : the natural ones, the air, food, water, and other almofit 
imiverceptihly efficient workings of the laud no its iuhabitants i 
the political ones, the total difference of history, and of ment** 
and moral discipline. 

It is uDQe<.-ei>Ear7 to sappose that any general intenniitiirs 
either of Boroan or of Bntish blood has affected this national 
identity. Doubtless there were early intertnarriages between 
the invaders and the natives, and proliably in the west of 
Eugbud a large and coiitinuons infusion of Celtic blood. But 
though it may iiave been locally or relatively great, it could 
only be io very small proportion to the whole. The language, 
the personal and local uames, the character of the cuttomi 
and common law of the EngliBh, are persistent during historic 
times. Every infusion of new blood since the first migration 
has been Teutonic ; the Dane, the Norseman, and even the 
Fre&ch-s|)eaking Xurman of the Conquest, serve to odd intensity 
to tba (liiitincluess of the national identity. It is tme that, m 
civili^lion bus ndvanit>d, the language and the legal ajBtein 
have absorbed new elements, some of them pecnliar, some of 
them common to all civilisation- The langnage, eontinnou 
ia its perfect identity from the earliest date, unchanged in 
structure and ttniurioua in viH-nbulitr}-, has drawn in from the 
Latiu serviiiiti uf the Cliurch, and from the French of the 
Courts, new rii-heii of oxpn-siiiou ; as it has become the litenry 
langnage of a fnt' ptti|ilt>, it has rv-eeivcd from the OommoB 
sources uf all lilt'iiituri> new furins, which, as the nation hai 
educated itai'lf, lutvo Ui'ii thoruuKhty incorporated with the 
older oni-M. It in triii', in the <Mn)n way, that from the adentifie 
study uf Inw, muni'wlmt of tUniMn fiinus, and somewhat nm 
of lionian iirincipliM, \mvv I'nloriHl into a combination whh Um 
elder uuil iu»ri> )iuii<l.v ili<vi't<>|iiil iiiRittiitions of the race; Im| 
neither the k*'''""' "' loi'ilxm Kiii:liiih as a literary kngaago, 
uur iliat uf I'lngliati law In ill euiugHMilv form, can be made ^ 


Anant German Folilf. 


H '/MliraDlw in any «tagc with sny posubk infusion of fon-ign 
tlocil. They Immt the marks of ft rapid clriltfatiiHt uftiniilatiug 
Of* tlemeDt*. not of a niuob mixed twx n-Uioiiig fnigm«Jila of 
■wSir sod sliAUerod syHvai*. 

But wnre tli« cTidpnroii of intermixture of x*et niacb Ftn>ng*T 
ud more (^nornt than they »r«, to tb« student of coiutitutional 
tutory they are without Bi(,-ii)ficaii«e. From the Briton aiwl 
ttM BoBiftD of the flfUi «eulur>- vie iuve tec-eit«d Dotliiaj;. Our 
whi>le int«njal Liitory totiliM untnintiikablj' to our iiilicritAnec 
rf Teutonic in>tittitt(>n> from tho fint imtnigruntK. Tlu) Ten-, 
tonie derouut in the [wtoronl dement id our lyiitom. nfttTunl 
UbI political. 

The 6rtt tne«B, Uiem, of onr national hiatory mudt be •ought 
iMt in Briuin but in Gi-rtnany : in tlio reports giT«D by Cbmot 
ami Tacittu of tlic tribun vliicli tlity knew. In tlieoe rvpoHa 
w« havo, it it) tnic, a »um'-whnt indictinct picture : ao indinlinct 
thnl it liaii been interpreted in many and «v«t iu coiilmdictory 
ways; lint one vliicfa is certainly capable of being inl«>pietod 
by the clearer history of tlw lal«r stnKea of tlie iuHtitutiono 
whieli are common to Uie race; and which ao iutcrprvttid diwa 
);ive a probable and connslent nrpmcntation. We have in tbc 
Oemuna of the first century a fumily of tribes whose common 
politi<ttl cliaractrristia are tbeae : — 

They have in the tlnia of Tadtus ceased to Iw juxnloial end 
itoaettlcd nicnt : tliey oonipy fixt^d ncata inntcad of aonunlly 
diaugiug their pMtum aiul biiDt;og-gmun<lii, as tliey were eaid 
to do when Caesar wrote ; but tlioy are not so far settled us to 
hive divided the land Bmon;{st itidividuala. The seircral eom- 
niuuitiM allot acnnully tli^^ir arubk- tuiids among the frcemeii : 
thiM have their own m-veral honicNtrndii ; but tbc pasture lands 
ar« not oidy held bnt used in conunon. and the whole land of 
the Mitletnent belongs to the community. The community, \hv 
viena of Tacitus, is juini'd with utben of the aiune tribe, ami 
ibu aggregate i* the pagns ; au aggn-gntion vf psgi is a 
eivitaa or popnlua. The viei and pagi are governed by 
principee appointed by tlie nation in its popular aswmhly. 
These principes aduiiniater jtiatice, but with ibe aid of a 

B a 

^•^--^ «fo^^_ 

""" "^ -omits, ITJ^" P'^^ege of t-^'* ^'^'^i rirt. 
"""'' """' - 0,2^ ""* '"»'»"r ofJf ^**''^ '^■t o„ Zl 

^ ^ -«^- >^ ,. ..... .,^; ^-^ ^-'■V ^A^, -«— " - 

. — mm iMi' I 

jMfient GermOM PotUy, 


tiif b enable tfl od witlioat ibe aMioo&l conncU ; bjr ii ili« 

fNnfilic* an elected, l&wHuiU t«niilnat«d, oflcndcn *|{iuiiat 

' lU IijIm CMMlamniyl. Nu- ia iIm rcUtion of tbe king lo tli» 

' • ponlM with that of (bo princ«p« to hU 

Tlie pritie«]iE ftglits Dot fnr the king but for 

!■ Mm i^orjr ; Uio comes fighu not for glorj, but fur Uie 

I fringepi, TIiv kbifc tbon rvprvwiKs but tlw naitf of Ibe 

■libt, ibe )trinoepa tiw aathority of tb« oomm unity, Uh dux 

dt blitenoc 6f poreo&a] )>r«-eBiineQce. 

Tkn sra «t tbe bottooi of the scale aotnt enltiraton of 

thr MJI, aot darts, but teniuila jMjing rent and bolding land 

wain ibn frcr ; iUvM proprr, Much U capliTM in irar, or 

fnablvn t*bu tuvo atMkiH] and loat all ; and la»tly, frMdmen. 

Taritas doM not mcii'iuii fbc Jutea or Boxodh at al), and 

01)15 "* '"*^ ^^ ■ 1'*^ '^f ^'oi'tti Germim tribes wlune 

, dofa nut fix. To PtolctD}' we oiro tbo iduntlfMAtinii 

nf tba toata of llic two laM, be<w««i ibo Elbe, the Ej-der and Ui« 
Tamov, la Ibo moik-rn duvbie* of HolatMn, LaiMnbarg and 
Macklcnlraig. We ciin dinccni notliii^ diwttBetife tbont Umdb, 
rtcrfil Uiat in tbe KGODd oontnn- thrjr wsra ncogiused but 
indpiififluil trihen. 

Bet<r«oti tbe nge of Tadlwi and Ftolnny and that of Bode we 

km rvtf frr dlitJnct dnla : wre know, how«ver, tbut daring tbf 

fmoA tbo nanie of Snxon wa« extended to a great ag^rvgutioa 

nf Nortli (isnnan tribes, wbkb rctninvd tbcir indopondcaro of 

. tb«ir aiidont nlipon and soatt, and Ttiy much of th«ir 

— T'liil bnrbari«B). To wb«t exUiil th«v h>d devtloped tbe 

(p iiw of a politiod fiyiitMn oomniun to tbum wilb tbe rest of 

. TRMM, brron' Ihcv took poiiK«ton of tbi-ir new bomc, cu 

'<n canjMtund. We may, how«rer, nafoly argur tbat tbetr 

'«• had aot fH<eD npid : H la certain tbat vhatever pro- 

ft«H WS* mnite wai frco from Roman eletiients : it b probabl* 

Iluf iha Saxvu were behind Iho rest of tbe Ocrmana in th« 

taoM of polity wbidt belongs to th« tnb(« with wbidi 

muQi werr lirller nr<{uuiDted. Tbe importaDCS attnohcd 

i»- of Lindrnl. ev«ii in the rifjhtb trtHury, (n EngUnd, 

tiwrk* a iniiTv priniilEir* or mwrv pUT«ly devriopetl nytUrm than 

Jmtroimelorj SkddL [m^ 

tli>l deacril^ by Tacitoa, whilst Bede'i acconut of the gover*' 
in«it of the Old S»x«tis, the Suxoiu of GmoAny of liu o*'^ 
dj>T. Iiean evidence of a stfttc of things little remoTed horn tlk»* 
dwrilxd by C»«jr. In the miiUt of the obscurity, two point* 
iit*nd CKit with desrnesi, — (i) that the Teutonic occupation <f* 
Biitain waa m mi^TBtion and not a mere conqoest ; and (2) tlti'*' 
the nationa so migrating came from a aettled coantry, &nd mnsO 
ht credited with the same amonnt of organisation here wbicb 
tb«y had poBMSs«d at borne. We are thus freed from the 
Max-Hily of anppoaing that our forefathers had after their 
■Digrati'in to b^n with the fir^t elements of settled civilisft- 
tion ; tmt we are also prepared to Bee changes in the primeral 
i^ittMn under which they had lived at home, originated, neces- 
■it«t«d, and sh^ied by the fact that they bad mode bo great 
Slid funeral a movement. 

In the firat placej a nation moving in roasa haa not to teani 
the first lessona of colonial life. It has the names, the offices, 
the functions of the Gystem in which its corporate organisation 
is inherent. The tie of kindred is strong, but it does not super- 
sede, nay, it carries with it the organism of the vicns and the 
paguB, prnlwhly also that of the civitas. l^e new-comcrs 
have but to divide the land, and then for peace or <mr, justioe 
or politics, simply to reproduce their own old condition. The 
vicus, village, or township, will eveu retain its old proportionate 
uumbcrs : the superior diviEious will have that indefiniteness 
which even in the age of Tacitus bel<mged to the hundreds, 
the centeniiof the C-ermans. The Hyatem, such as it is, is 
transported whole, at the point of development which it hu 
reached at home. 

But, in the second plni-c, it will be modified and advanced 
by the very process of migrntion : the necessity of ord^ and 
mutual reliance will have Etrengthtnoil the cohesion of the mass. 
The successful dux or princi-ps who has brought his peopla 
over the sea, although at huinc ho was no king, and perhain 
owned no king, has, now that ho has reached the new land, won 
for himself a rank beyond that of an i-luctive niagistrato ; he 
has shown himself a son of W<h1cii, the great leader of'thn 




IfffeeU ^ Migration and Conqiiesi, 

u^.nXhm, %nA fmimli « ni^ir rojrAllj and nobOItj lu Itis awn 
IfiKiB He tinilPR tlin hrmliUr^ chnractrr of roynlty iritli iImt 
pniipi . r ilin ffUL-L-rmfuI ti>iul«r bdcI tlir Biilhority of tli« 9l«oUn 
■mialnir. Tlia kiiig of iImi new IniiJ is mucli atTODger tliM 
tW kintf. Ui« ilux^or tlw [iriuceps of ifae olil. 

Tk«! [inwene* ktv, of oourw, iiol pccii1i»r lo tbc ncciipltn 

•' BnUiu : thejr aro of tho iicKr«sitics «f all tbc ini^'mliuaii : 

Ibt Pn&kH uid ibe Gollie, u tlxiy more, $,n affecied in iIm 

■■w miy. Yet out of Ihe Frank awl Gvihiv fysKMn* arises 

JUikr ibu liillti«iMM> of Roinnn intnrmixtuiyi, ■ ocw uiio so 

>|n<l]r «im1 •« pi-iLlI;' Mttnnceil, tlint it ia in mmc ncpiHt an 

nMlhaia to (bat or the Ivtijjlutli. 11i« civitiiiing power nf llonw 

Ulo DBDMiitiiii of ri>iu|UMt liAvc. iu tho sixtli matary, in 

Frunt and 8]win, funvd lli« procnwi iiitA a nuturity wliirh it 

cli«d In EegUnil or iti uD-RonuniiMxI 0«nnany fuur 

Jer. We nnst mM to tl>a two eoniliti'iiM iilrndy 

qVillfd. itiut tltr Tuutmiic nyRt^ni tmiutpliuitml wltli the tmoe 

I firilain ^;nim ii|> more [itirvly sDd i» dvvel»p«d more froaly, 

loa of iniitatjou, and with dower, ftteadkr, atroDger 


Tba progma towartU (mliticul tinion in Knglani) dot* not 

{■f[ln witli tito ajj^regiition uf uuita. 1'here u no rcsson t4i doubt 

tho tubaUnttal trutli of tli« ttnditioiiH wliti-li ascribe llie origin 

of tli0 kinifdoiiH of K«at, Sihmx, Eiit An^lia, Dura ui<l Ber- 

niirta, to tbe cooqnwita of aiiiglo ehi4-f>uii)a ; or tliat Ike kinplom 

[ W«M)x was tlw rcHitt of a long wrios of aggrsMJona led by 

i* line of priixm wiiti tbcir dependent aiid«r-kiDga ; or 

tliM Menla waa an aocrvtion, under one gna-t orgaiitser, of « 

anoaidcnfalv nnmbnr of little autea, cmlvd by kte ntignttioa* 

■nditr man uwigui limit cbirh into a eottntry tbe dangvra of 

wbii^li wrre now kiwwa, and tbo orgaumtioD of the imniigranta 

tRqiiouil]' 1(!M doae. 

1iVa thua arrive at tlte point of tliM at wbicit the oouvenion 

lit tbir p<«p)> to CtirtfttMiiiy ininxlucM!* a new bond of union, 

the iiiBonioM of a liiglier civiliiation. and a grater nalifAliim 

of tba |ilaoa of lUe English in tho oommonwealth of netiona. 

Ila TvduotioB of ibe wholo of the Church or|[aiii»tiuti of i1m 


Ini/vductorjt SiefcA, 


Mren klngdomB inl6 Uie KAtiaoal Cliurcli, wna Die vrurk of 
Tlieodore of Tanua : the iutroduutiua of the fons* and dt^Doea 
of ecdenuHticiil cuunciln into the mectiat^ of the natiooi giv«a 
it« p«Cttlinr character to die Kiigliih WitcnagifmoC; and tlio 
uiiioQ of eccletiBttii-al and civil orgaDisationithrutighout the laad 
(uipres»M a pn|><!tuit,v on llio ilivuiona and eabdirisiona which 
before IukI been dclcnninod hj the occupancy of the famil}' or 
trilM. The aqinrnto vioua, or townnhi(i, htcomes the epben of 
duty of a singto priest, ami later i* called hi* pari«U ; the 
kingdom bocooies tlie diocreo of a bidiop ; Ibe whole Iiitul tiio 
I>roviQce of llie metropolitau : the riral arclibishopB head rival 
nationoliticH ; Ibn Kn'i'tcr dioci'Nca are Bubdivided ou the linea 
of the tarlinr under- kiii/ilorrut iu six of the neven ataKa, and 
when Wf'6!«x late in the day begins to subdivide, she follows 
the Miiia idea. The or',^ni6mB of Church and State advance 
Bide by side; lie ^lli^M become tlie aivlideaconrie*, and the hun- 
dreds the deanerie* of a Ut«r age. The arclideocon or bialiDp 
prDsidei wtlh the caldurnian and ^IimfT in the xhirciuoot ; the 
|>ari«h prime Icuda Iiis [lOciida to the buudredmool, or even to 
the f,vrd ; the witcimij:i'iiiui luu its most dittiucL uud permanent 
Gou«iitucnt in tlic cIi.-t^> bishops, and abbots. 

There are ia the Anglo-SaKon system, as we God it Id the 
lawH und eliiirtcrii of the kintn cvrlidn didiuut Kleits of growth 
in puliticul ibiight ; but an thn dcveliipiiiCDt iluriii^ lire centuries 
was Tciy gradual, there are nuiny fcuturca of the system wbioh 
rcnuuu almost ia pcmmnonco during the wliote period, and 
nu on in diOerent cujubiuattonB etiU Inter. The system Is 
developed purely and slowly, aod we are at no loss to trace 
the continuity of tta jcrowlb from llic eurlicr geniis. Fnm the 
aevctitli to the eirveiilb ccDtury ibi- niitioiiiil nr|<iini«iition may 
be gcui-rnlly ilcacribeil thuf ; — 

The people occupy >e<tl«d ^rnts ; the land is appTO])rialed to 
tepatata townships. and in th*»e certain portioua belong in entire 
postestioJi to separate owurra. wliiUt otlicn nre the common 
property of the community ; and ibeiv art- liirgn unappropriatM 
estates nt the diapoguJ of the nation. Bach of tbcfe toa'nshipa 
has an orgaotwtion of ita >in-ii ; fur ccrtnin purpuws tlie ia- 



Aii$to-&ttair Syt/fM. 9 

bilinla wr iinilnl Uy tlin muluul r«|ioiwbililj of tbr kta- 
Ij for otlwra titoy are iiixler ibo Mithorit]r of Uirir r<^Ovr, 
MUm tlidr pMy dlspuUa, c>ill«ct8 their oootribuUona 
' 1^ hUmmI i«v«nuG, ImU tli« cSwIlTe men to tlw f.vrJ, 
uit *4lk Us fiiur conipUiiuiM n>|>mto>iiti Otc lowiulitp iu the 
nrt o( tha laiiudrd or in t)ic fulkinoot. Th« UiwBtliips an 
■IvBTi itulcpemleot ; •omcliine* tfa«y an the pri>|xn]r of 
* IttnC «hu ii « nobl« fullun'or, comes, geaith. tliegn, of 
■^ klfij^ witli jnmilktioti over the men of Ibe towntlnp, 
mJ niu^ of tlte ri^liU which ve iiKMaat« witb frudalinm. 
Vlitn, bnwcv^r, UiiH la tlie cmc, tbo argaoiMtioD b of the 
«t aort ; the reeve is the lonl's noRiioce, tbo moot is the 
Wi court, the lUttu of tlie iiiliabituita i« eonrcclj leea tb«B 
^ aoil tlwtir dutic* to tbc *Ute sre u imperative u if thojr 
^^n frM> 

A tinatcr of toimaliips U the himdretl or wapentake; ite 

pwUiag offinrr i« the huMlred-Bun : h* calhi the huoilrwd- 

bool logtitlxrr, «im1 I«mU tJw men of the huoclrcd to tbo bott, 

ur In ibo hue niul cry, or to the Bhir«moo(. tie ifl generally 

•fcdtil, althougb Mmetim«a the feudal elemeut is all powerful 

hn alsc^ and b« b iKMiiinatcd by the noble or pr«Iuto to whom 

lb* baadred belooss. He bos do undivtilod anthonty ; ho is 

Uped by » body of frMmeu, twcltc or a multiple of twelve, 

*b» declare the repurt of tlid hundred, and ur« capable of 

ibrUring tlie law. Nearly all tbe work of judicature ii con- 

taiiiMl in Ih'ta, for quMtioiiif of fact are deUrrniiied by oompur- 

tatioD and ordeal. Tlie abiremoot i& a r«ady conrt of appeal, 

utd the ri>ynl audience ia aoocttible only when both buodtvd- 

moot and fotkmoot bnvc failnl to do jualioe. 

A oluMor of bundredi makes tbe abire; ite ofBcen are 
IW nldonnan, tlie aberilT, nitd tbe bishop ; ita ootinolllon an 
Uw thrfpu^ who dnclknT t)io report of tlie ahire ; iU ju>il([«a nrs 
tbe folk usemblcd in tlie ablreinool, the {leoplr. tbe hnds of 
Imd «{lh llMiIr slewards, and from ibe towiiahipt the rteve and 
bar nutn anil I ha pariidi prlcaL 

The alilremuol ia llie imMt eom|ileta orcaiil*uliao nndor the 
^Muu 1 It Is iho roLKUnot ; not tbo witomgonot of tbe 


•hiiv, but Uin aMembly of the prapU ; In U nil ftwtnm In p«nc>4 
or hy roproMnUUiA *pf>Ktff. Ibi nldormkn it np|>«iiii(H t^J^ 
tlio wilan of llie wUulo nation. HIm tlw princeps urTiiritiu* I 
lu revTv oom. iiertiHp*, etucttol frwm Mow niid iiiit1ti>riae<l frat<4 
■tmve, like tlir king or lititliDp Intuwilf. Th* snUlDniinn teiuli tK^ 
wIkiIu iliire to tli« hod, Iha •IxtrifT coimnsiidfl ibi; Imtncu, tlii#i 
lonU tlwU" oomitea aixl itmmIs, tbe lii«Iii>])'a rerve c>r «bl>ot'>| 
iTCve (lie tunuitt* of tlie vbureliw ; all tiuJer tJic oalilorBUii w 1 
Uw iwticuMl iMitor tlie cnlilorman and Inabup fdltcad tb« I 
witcuft^temot ; Um •Iwrifr exocutw jtMioe and MOUrvB ibc riftliU 1 
of itie king or nation in tbe shire. 1 

Tbc uaUin of «lurae i» tba kingdom ; wbetUcr ihun b« two | 
or time u in aaj at tbc nevvn kiugdonw, i>r all togvtlinr in itm I 
kluudom of Atbolrian or Edgar But lli'- kin^loiti is mrtvl* I 
■D ag^fTe^UOB of thirea, wliidi in niMij <«aM li»ve tbntasi-lvM | 
bwn kiugdoRia of «irli<T fomulioi), with the tniniiimm ufj 
BwcMaiy adniiniatration. I'be k ing i> nt tb« hoMl : i lu: nittional I 
Couu«il is tlia.wit«nM(;einot. I 

Under tlie Heptudiio amnnrentpnt then wn* ii<> <'ivu"i«)«l1 
uiiitv bat tli« ecckstnatioBl. Tli« Oiurcb in thU a>]-pc-t i* dMit | 
titan tliv But*. Tba diuiTb omtoirtU wrra tlw inilv rmlir.naH 
coBDcna, (be roeln>]>olilan tbe only jicreoii witoae word bftd tb«' 
nnx' fi>rc« prorj^wlirre ; it was tliroogh (li« Cliurcli ibai Iba utiou 
(Iret tauned to nnlii^ iu unity. Yet tli« unity of tbe Ttm,^ 
tboogb not BvitiUblo for »ti;aiii(MNd itoTerntmral. wna not fnr-j 
gattctL TImtt wm im |irri(Nl vrttliin bivturic lEniM wliM 
of tbc wv«n kin^donu bad iit>t un bonomry and matr m> 
rtal pr«<«d»ticr. "WliMbor or no lliis iiremdenM w» , 
by tbe title of Bratwnldo, it inTol\-vd no inbnnnt aulbnHty, i 
ibM it inply Mty unity of aHii n. BmIi kinifdiHn 

Iti ova w it«Ba grroot, Mid tlt<' ^HonA of tbc kin^a 

ntbv cooaallMtions of iilriiipotMitiariM tliaa natioaal ooannU.] 
Only wboi Vtmrx hsi finally anaexMl iba otktr kiupbiaia, ' 
llw aattoB caaDarlK>d for by om wUoi^Mtwt 

Kcilbrr is ita ««r)l«T oor in it* lalw form. »eiHi«r in 
•■na B«r ta tba oBt, is tbv NilaaM|*tnivol fonnod i« tba 
nt Ak biwer mvtia. It U itwt a f<>lkRH->t : altbanBb te 

Ens '""' WU«tug«mot. 


MA* tbe jieofite, It i* not « «i|1(«tii>ii of irprrnfnlotivcii : iIh 

Bdilm m Ui« I'rtnoiprt. tlio lApieutcn, llic cuniilc* nnil 

miudlen of n>fa\ty, Uw Usbupo, tlie mUloniivD, and ibe kint^s 

^«Skik Tlie wiicun^i^mot «d awvr linw Iilwu k lar{(e u- 

IJj; wwDtt^n liinbujis, » tuwIiIu uuiiilicr of ouldonntn. 

MmOJBg m Uiu ahtrts wrni itUtributod fliogly or in cluatrra, 

Mns (icriMfw taore lliaii twr«utj; of vmMit! iiiemli^ aIm ■ 

*WmIiId number, gmbialljr iocnuuiitg wt tbc |><in'i-r ot tli« crown 

^aae pmtcr niul tbu nntnbiT of junMlietiuiui mitlti|>li)Nl 

tbn Imvco of frailaliim. 

Th« prutMM of limi' aoiJ cbonge of cinniinBtai>0M bave now 

ftnnml lbs tliotuin uf 'Tuiitus. On )p«)i>er nuttvra tlie prlncta 

Betutt, an umallvr nultrri all; (be pleba, tlie folk, rian 

m hi|;brr Uiiu) tbe •liin-inout. But tbn wbohi cUima of tlw 

fMiplc M agMa«t Ibe king tm *wt«l in tli* witcDiigcaiot, uxl 

■• tfw clwfvcter of tli« king rariw, tltow claima at* mora or 

iMi Mtivnlj' exnvtwd. Tbc wiuo, when tlief are able, liam 

tbff right of elorting and deposing king* ; in co^janctim) wiiU 

tba klnf^ of nominallujf eaklonoea and biobopa, of n-gulatitij; 

ibo tnuiifiT of pnbtio loadtf, of Imposing liixea, of Todng mp- 

pUn and M> dmUUng war and peace, of nuiboriring Uio «n- 

fcnwiMiit i>r nxlcaiaatual dccnea, of Joining in tlie aiakiriR 

irf lawa. of 8tUui(; aa a bigb court of Jiiati«e over all peraoua 

awl esuana. 

But under a itning V\B^ manjr of tlioae dniiit* are nitilc ; 
tb« wbole ))ulilic liuul Ktm*. br t1i« eleroitlli ccmiur;, to bav* 
rnfudod as at tbe kinj^s di^weal really if not in nante ; 
aberiS^ eatdortnea, nod blabopa are naiaod by Ibe king; 
If lie tw a piuus Mi«, tbe bi«hi>pe are cbo»eo bv Itim witb reajiect 
to tb» ivntciit of tiM dioccmn clergy j if bo bo a {irreniiiUify 
ntv. lli«r an appiMnt«d by bia dcicrminml will. Bnt tbe puwen 
of \e\. '-'•! tnxntioii arc never foat, nor doet ibe Vm-i 

ffsoeut' . < It witlxviit o court wbicli [a in nanvc, and in 

mdhy pcrbap*, a pottiuo of the wilenagvmoL 

Kirillivr lAknlifui ni>r b't;U'iiiii>i) is vny nnerona work : tbr 
Buda Beecaallaa iUi<l Uw rvnis of (be piibliu lauds iiu|i|ily 
ft long time all tlie nooaawy tupcuaes of govonintent. Ex- 


13 Introdmderj SketdL \ti 

trsonliniti'y taxation is imposed by the witenogemot, u tlie Dane- 
geld or the shipgeld; a regolor tax of two shilUngB on ever; 
hide of land fiimiBhes a bribe to the Danes, or a contribntioD 
of a ship and its e^nipments ia levied on tbe ahires in dne 
pro[>ortions, to enable the king to resist them. The laws are 
mostly concerned with minnte adjustments and modifications 
of usage(| the great body of the common law being yet trans- 
mitted orally or by custom, not reduced to writing nntil it ia 
in danger of being forgotten. 

The fabric is crowned by the king ; not the npreme law- 
giver of Roman ideas, nor the fountain of justice, nor the 
irresponsible leader, nor the sole and supreme politician, nor 
the one primary landowner; but the head of the race^ 1^6 
chosen representative of its identity, the snccessful leader of its 
enterprises, the guardian of its peace, the president of its assetn- 
blira; created by it, and, although empowered with a higher 
sanction in crowning and auoinltng, answerable to his people. 
He is tlie national representative; the national officer* are hia 
officers ; he leads the army of the nation as the ealdorman that 
of the shire ; he is supreme judge, as the sheriff ia in tbe ahire- 
moot ; in each mpacity hia power is limited by a cooacil of free 
advisi'is ; and ho is bound by oatiis to hb people to govern 
well, to maiulaiii religion, pence, and justice, they being bound 
to him in turn by a genera! nath of fidelity. 

It would be ninh to affinu Hint (he system thaa characterised 
ever existed in integrity, mneb Mion> -lo that it existed in any- 
thing like this integrity for the whole four centuries that pre- 
ceded tlie Con^ueat. Yet tliat every single pi.rtion of it existed 
at some period during those centuries, and when it ceased to 
exist was Bupc«e.l«l by some other arrangeinent of the same 
kind, ia c^»ble of proof. Varieti** of praetic« may have pre- 
vailed in diffa^nt ages and districts, as to tbe name* of the 
inferior courts, as to the number anil functions of the aseeroora 
of the aluremoot, as to the law of wmpurpitiou. wergild and 
ordeal, aa to the responsibility of the kin-livd. the hundred or 
the township for the produ*-Uon of culprits; but the general 
machintty was pennana.1. and during the gr«,ter part of 

Later Hevetcfnwnt. 


Ik that liUlo nfltetod hf Frwilt, ftunun, or Celtio Inwa np 

met the eni] of Uio (cntli oeiilury ■ diaa^ Mcto in wbtcli 
' <o^t uhiBwUljr by ft lltnr ftud ntmul^ Kcriea of ckusc* atul 4h>»- 
' *(■««> hftv* |M«duoe<I MXDetbing like ooDUnantal feudalUra. 
TU greM poeitlun lnk«n lij Edgar ajiil Ou)ut«, to whom tbe 
prioco ot Um dtlwr kiDi^onii of tlie MutA fiubmitteO m tu- 
•iJ^ hBil t)ic «Anot or cciilraliaing; tW gov<Tnmriit bdiI in- 
fWMiiig; tb« power of llie king. I'^arly in tic eloreiiih centai; 
NTtna to Iittre «Dt«T«d on ttie nglit of diKpustng of tin 
lilie IeihI without refereoM to the wriun, and of cnUiiiif up 
kit own eniirt hy writ ttiEtN wliidi faftd not jot cxhauMod 
r piiwrn of tbc Kkwpf triUinalu The number of rojal vunla 
■aa tliiw ymtlf iRL-rrssod, and with it the power of royal aud 
iKible juriadirtioDB. Canute proeeeded so far Ui the direction 
laiparial feudaliam aa to rcamnge the kiitj^oiu uiul«r a vvrj- 
*ll BaniW of gnat nrU, wliu w«ra fttrong enough tu hdm 
to transmit their authoritjr to tbeLr duldren, though uot 
bimt new invoititurc, and wbo, had t>nM bc«u ^nven fur tli« 
I tn wofk, would bava no dnuht dcvclopf^l thn tamo wort 
budalily at prr^-aitrd abroad. Already by tabtufeudatiou ur 
f ooomnMUtion great portiooa of tba laud of th« oonntrj wer« 
bold bjr a feudal tcnan, and the alodial tcBura which had 
eace been Boivenal, was becoming the pririlege of a few greal 
ftobloa too (trong to be uoaeated, or a local luui^-e in a cUm of 
laadownna too hninblv to lie dangeroua. 

Th«NonuBiiCuii<{at!8t ia one aspect atopped Ihi* natural growth 
nf feutbititm : in auuther, it naj be nid to have introduced 
the fvudal lyKtcnL Uoi) thia ayirteni been dereloped natanlljTt 
it would have doubtle** Imumo, at it did abroad, the franewoHc 
of gowanuDont. Tbe Conqueror nir the evila of thia exenplUivd 
ia Fianoa. Hit, fn>m tiim brgiuning of hit rrign, otlcni|it4^ (■> 
rule aa Uie national torercigu, not a« tli« feudal lorcL The gnat 
cuDflaootiona nwiltiiig (tarn tlic rctwiliout of the native aarit 
r, howerer, eiionuoot territories tato hb haitd*, awl lime, 
diainbuted aoioni; bin folluwera on the FpikUI eoudiltoiia, 
nlvd him at oncK the iiu|imna lamlovnier. To thatn 


Ttttrvttuelory SteteA. 


eoDiltUmia all Mbcr b<nnn« wont grKlunll; but n>]uiily •«<»!'' 
Qitwl; they were not, ]i«i'Knpfl, rntirr\v to BjnimilivttKl «Wti 
[DoBMMl^-bDok wu dniwii ii|>, l>ut Man tlte ki^mbIvij d 
fTmiry I Ikcjr Kwm to hirv lionntue uaifuniilr femiul. ■ 

On tbo Cootiiicnt, tlie fvuliA ^ytttm hwl, u&d«r tho liniiliilliiJ 
of oonqnMl aiul bjr the influfnci^ ot Ilouaa pHnoiphs of ImH 
vrorkod ilft'lf into tbo vcr)' inAchloeiy of gDvemmMit. IVfl 
origin uf i-a»ii1af[« has becD tmonl to (Ih) rrliilion oP tl^| 
comet to tlw princvpa in the (k-nniui. or to tliut ortiie i'li«^| 
tto his potron in th<- Itoiiinn i}Etotn; nnil llir iloulile tills tH 
the hind, either (o the emphyteutic tenure of tiio Utter, or ttT* 
ibu beiieficium of the Mcroriii^au eutuiueron. But •» Ur 
it was a taiiarc only Wlicii the l>ciiefii'iHm l>rgui to be h«n> 
ililiu>-, uicl the provincifll govcrnort to bu tbo graat bcne&iivj 
proprietors in the province, ofton klso by miimnite or descent 
Lgnst olodiul owi>era, tlieo Uie |)uwen> of juriMllction sad 
rvilitafy oocnmiUMl 1i«miiie FcikUI oinn. Tlii: royal pomr 
VM ectipiMl liy that of Its own oRii->-n, soil Ibc king l^ecatiia 
Lpn'mus inttr fnrv, or olWn vooogli the sen-tuit of Us own 

This tne the coiKUtion of things vritl) which William tbe 

CoiM(urrof had been cooTCTMat in Frsncei and in a lower degree 

in Nonnaody itself, where tbe gr««t«r vasnls wen always tiy- 

bg to reduce the diikcM uiitln'rity to » kIuiIdw, to nainloin 

[ ihe iiiimnnity of their laiiile from his highrr jnriMiidion, and to 

f gti rid of h)B aueit-'nl Hi;bi tu gnrrison their caatles. It was 

not witlwrut a long MmpKic tliat he IumI cslablixbGil hit ponlion 

against the prcdccenMin of tiie nolil<« wlio (onnnd the strenKth 

of the oonfodcntioa b)r which he Iwd to arcnre bis conijuc«t. 

Ti> BTuiO the renewel of llie stniggle upon tlie new aoil, 

Vtltiam &on) tlie beginning of hi> rvlgn lo-'k Ntfong and ile- 

vided mrasarea. Ai the earlltet opinrtuuily ho slmlishMl the 

L great earldom* wliirh rimiite iMdomtcd, and placed tbe gDV«ni> 

I ment of tlw Hhir(-^ Ihnxi^li the offlcv of •lienfl', in direct depoml- 

[ «BC* on hiinwif. For tl>e vnawilii who demanded asd had a riglit 

(41 demand a ihare in Hif fmil* of llirir victory, he provided \ry 

liberal gifts of land; bul ibeiHi wetv M-ittlcrcd ibmngiHiut ilia 

RetulU o/' lAc SormaH (Joii<iu6*i, 


riiy Id ■ vin; iW niadu ui)i|i->l orjoniMltMi of grwt mIbIm 

■iMniliU. In tiie cmmv tu wliicli lu- ix attid to )>ftvo craktw) or 

attmuil paUiiue couulies, —those of Chester auA Sbrevraboty 

U< Valkh marcfa, thai of UtiKiui on the Soottkh bonier, 

I Uia of Kent m a gwM against agxTMsioo from Pinrdjr,— 

<«« wtra «otruitt«d to ouclcaiMlii^i wliocuuM not found hmiliM; 

•Ml gtacrally not eroi liis miMt faitlirul scrTmcU went trUBl«d 

*iih olJiiir 1*nt* conaect«d estotn or greet Imedit^ry juiiitdie- 

lie furtJier nwlntamcil iu full dEcicncy all the lower or- 

an nf tiia carUer »;>t«iii, witling ilufitiitctiew nnd dwtipct- 

M««ben it WM wiuited : li« cDr<irc«il the fnink]>MKi<, aai apheld 

ifatMOta of tlie hiuidml &ud tie aJiire, allbou;^i iu M doing be 

bd to raBnr \Sm contiotium of the private Junwlictiona or tnu- 

Aitct of tlw noble*, nod even ibe extmiaioa of the prindplo on 

■ ■mU aolt to tile now cet»l<w of )iiii nuiMle. But in order (o 

t*Bttate tay liopii of CTeAting un indi^udout jurisdiction to tbe 

OtlMua of hi* own, he renowvil the idd cuMom b,v which vnay 

ftuhuhier took to oelh of fnlty to (h« king ; nor did he, wfailrt 

llTiDii to itreiigtlieit the notioiMl iiulitutitiu*, at all relax tl>e 

kU wbi«h liiit feudal pokitioa gan liini on the NureiuiM, in tbe 

tuctioM of all cuatotnarj rigfita and duM. 

In all Um oqgaDbation of tbe stale, however, great ohangta 
£d lollow llie Conqueat Tbe officers of the gomniinent were 
KoroiaD* -, llxir ollieta receit'ed Nonmui names ; aiid the aasi- 
tuiljition of all tenure* to tbn feudal iDtrotlucvd the (eadal 
prtndpUi into onrj department. Henor, altbougfa not pcrlu>|« 
, at noec, tlie uatioual ixhiucU, instead of being the aMcmbly 
wiae nan of the nation, became (be hiufi's cotirt of fradal 
• . tbe to)-iil revenno be^n to consim lar(;ely of feudal 
and other iooidonta: •• tbe feudal l»rd, the kii^ becam* 
the bead and •'■nroe of all jntiidietloa, and tbe admini«tnUioa 
itf Ida mart ami boutaliold a eeniralbation of all louer orf^nnU 
national or tmpoKed 

bulk rtopecta, then, in tbe QMintenancc of the inferior 

uiaOiiinand in tliccmtionofamiiust<na)l>ody in iJia feudal 

itavK, Willian imposnl achcvk on Die feudatorin alreadj- 

plad bjr tlw diii[ierwon of )heir catates and the limilntt^iii of 

1 6 LilndKiorj SketeJk. {yusff 

their jnradictions ; and the raBfarictioD of their power wu th^ 
secatitj of tbe people st IxTge . — bnt to woric tbe compont« Bfi' 
tem he wms compelled to me the feaiiatoriM ; and tbej nsturtllj 
worked tt to their own puipoees, thus gaining & vantage-ground 
for their atmg^e ogaioBt the royml power which lasted for 
nearly a centnry, and ended in the hamiljadon or extinction 
of all the great families of the Conquest. Throughoat this 
struggle it may fairly be said that, although in the way of pecn- 
ntary exaction the kings pressed their hold on the great vassals 
to an undue extent, the interests of the erown and the people 
were one. 

At the head of tbe administralive system, now, stands the 
king, the feudal lord of all the land, the source of all jurisdic- 
tion, the supreme arbiter of war and peace. His court, whose 
counsel and coneent are the only restriction on hia power, is 
i-omposed of hia own vassals, even the prelates bung compelled 
to do homage in token of their secular depenilenoe on him. Bnt 
he is also the king of tbe nntion, big council is the witeni^emot 
of the nation, and tbe laws by which he rules are the laws 
which bis people have claimed from him as their own. Inde- 
pendently of tbe whole feudal niacbinery, the people are bound 
:u him by oath, and he to tbeui by his coronation promiaes mod 
charter of liberties. 

Thf enormous aoioant of bosiness entailed on tbe king by 
ihis i:>.>m[>licutioD of new and old rvlationa, compels the aiHMHnt- 
iitent of a minister who shall stand to him in the wbole kiog- 
dtw in the ;»ni« reUiion in which the sheriff doa in ach 
shir*. This is ihe juatioiar. or lieuieuaat-gesenl ot the king. 
wlw i* th* kins's Teprvsentsiiv* in all mauen ; Rgvtu of tlie 
itiii^dotti in hU •be«w* : *tid. whrcher the kiny ■ afawM or 
|<m>;:tt. xh* juj-wia* aJui-aLs^rMor rf Uw and fia«», Cnder 
kiw tl-!^- kios'. v-t*rfc* «* rtMKaiw. ^ (,.,«<*• imu, . boj^ ttf 

Tie Noman Kingt. 




I a nfiT oflSoi*!, a lawver or n cliapUin ifUr 

Tb« oryuiiuUDn of tlie justictare adiniDiUMtioQ il>t«a from / 
Ibi td|D nf Wfury I, ibo cbi«f «}-dUnuitis«r of it being Roger, I 
lubi|) at •Salinl'urjr, wboMc fuuilj- ndunedtbe ^irvclioa of thu | 
■urhioerf for uvwXy k MnioiT. Tbo «Uff of tko jutticiar i&l 
• «l(aion fruu) tli« borooa or vuaals of the crown wliu anJ 
■on otMrij' cunnocfeJ with tbe rojral bouMliulO. or (]UiJi6ei) bJ 
lUi luii»rl«>lg(* uf tliu Uw for tin- pcnitiim of jnilgCK. Tliwc 
^«* tominl into a iiupr<;Bi« ooort ultcndvat on tW kicg, tl>e 
kfltit Krgii, wltich when ctiipltiTrd opon Bdbiicc site iu the 
fifcnW uiil i» koowa h}r ilie iHuue of the Escboquer. Tlio 
Bwmbers aro oallMl. Ill the Curut, juMices, their htifti] 
hiU9 iJte enpitalis juntu-iariu*, or chief Jiwtice; in the 
EuWioer, haronos "t baronr* icaccarii, n title vrhicb 
WSlfsiMg to Mimg to i\wta aft«r thoy bare caoMd to be obown 
fnm. thf miJu uf tb« giMt TaMal*, 

Thi* vtafT of i>IIic«r*, whith rnay be ngarded u RtaiuUng to 
lb jiulJuiar ib tli« relatiMi in wliidi (he twelre thei^ alaiid 
to the ilwriff ill the 6>iknioot, ae a judicial conunittee rtftn- 
Blbig Ibo irboU ooart of vmwK b the fg^rm of tho eutire 
aiin*lrativc maohi&erir of th* oooititulioii. By it all appeals 
anr (l*«hlnl, aixl to It all «uita amy be called tip on niipUcalion 
af iIm niitora : to it liclonj{[a the atMetvinent and colleoiiMi of hH 
■vraatia. A* tbn mjal conocil, it *harc« iu tlte rcvinioti am! 
raghiralliin of the laws niid clmrtcrs which it atlct'U. It«luw 
it tbe only JndieinI luachinery is tlie old one of the aliiree, tbc 
bvndnda, aud (hi hical fraucliitoei. Bui iu the decreeing of 
Uxaliua awi the auUi'irUii^ of hiwa it has no dirrct infliMDce ; 
(iMiv po«n« ar« itill vt*1<d in Ihc king and the witau, — 
tlw kiaf; and the national BBKtnbly now compoeed of his 

Tbn ItgiaUlire Ainelions of the natiouat council are under 
ibe Nonnan ktnga mthar nominal thun ml. Etut the funn of 
pftTlietpalbrfi i* rrbiin<J : Ihr coiiiuel and eoBMBt of tbc Imroni 
mtpf \» tmcvd ill (lif aiiixiiilmenlii ui tli« old lawn by Ibe Cob- 
qnvror and Uniry i. Tbii iramci&Dnat iiounacl and couaaiit 

i8 Introductoiy Stetcl. fpin 

descendi irma the earliest Teutooic legislnttoii, vaA is preserved 
to our trvn dBj , a standing and perpetnal protest against tlw 
imperial dootriiie faTonred I7 the Uwyen and founded on the 
devolatioD of all legisUtive power on the king, — ' Qood prindpi 
placuit legia habet vigorem.' 

The taxation of the countiy involTea little btmhle to the 
supreme council. It depends paiilf on the ancient nadmal 
system, partly on tlie new feudal one. A tax based on the 
former require* no new authorisation : a grant from the latter 
merely the vote, and a Btateroent of the amount wanted, where 
a aperiat gift over and abore the prescriptive feudal dues is 
demanded. Undn- the Nonnan kings, there is no instwioe in 
which such gisnt is debated, ninch less refused. It is no small 
limitation of autocratic tyranny that it should have been thought 
aeceacary to ask it. 

The assessment and collection of the revenue is the work of 
the Exche(]uer : there on two fizeit days in the year every sheriff 
oppcsirs and accounts for the sums due from his shire : — the 
ferm of the shire, that is, the rent fonnerly ptud in kind or in 
niaiotenance, now commuted for fixed sum^ frxnn old public 
lands and rw^ demesnes : the Danegeld, also probably 00m- 
ixiuuded fur : the pnx'«cds of the fines of the local cwarts : the 
tvuilal aiils, auit other inddenta. It is only in these Utter heads 
thai an,v variation occurs that reijuircs adjustment, ^te others 
are all fixeil l>y taw, and thr |)roponi<au payable "bj eadi estate 
aiv itet(<rmiui>l by l\im<«d>y-lH>iik. Bat as the lands have 
cltM^pHl liaiulf. and immuiiiti<9 and franchisea an constMitly 
dll^^etl l\v i\\v«l charltr, stvon* d«>1>aie between the |)ayers and 
rm-Mwra i> UlN^W. TW »heri<r. wli« is often a local m^nate, 
v«»u<.M b» tnntx^ tit art«n^ this ; «» a detachment of the staff 
t^ (h«> jt)!»|i\-iar mak«« th« rirvuit <;^ the ehiiea: thcee officers 
arUtw »illi ih* UitiK^wMMv lW uumbn- of hiilea far which they 
wwe tV)t<vAt. i« Ihv ttutntxT i>f kaij^hta' fees froB whidi aids 
a)Ml ivhi'^ arv 4tt<r ^ iW^v tikrwKie aMMa the town;, which are 
M>tw Wt\<4uiiv iM)yi(laut i\«tnl<«hm to the revanie. These 
itwat viw1aih««Mi tif tW Wt\««> tead h< j»£cial vwiatioDs also, 
•ftO •.» hv * MniM f-r Mh I'Mrfs-wwwith the Iwnl ot^anisa^ans. 


Ti* fi'vmau Ki«fia, 


'ii'A, u (itnn MK-niMini, is ft lot^ rtep towartls Um oaDMlidil- 
li>«»rniii>>littiltuiial govemRiMit. 

la tUi waj tiie Norman aduunivtralioD worked ; In taaay 
(>•* «ilk fptti harHihip to indivsilaitU, but mtber dri>tiiidBg 
ihai oiMliliig tbe old iMtiounl OTgiuiwm. It in gnduiill]' dc- 
triifML WiUinm tba Conijuoror vat, bo br m an^ king or tbe 
Eajtlbb onild be, ah irreeponeible nil«r; lie wu iiot ■ grt*t 
"ffmiMT, bal n pun-erTul uid Inbonoiu man. lUs haail iru 
m (VTtyiliiiig. KQil Ilia wiwlom kc]>t kiin from ticing a tjmot. 
1^'llliaa Itufui WM u Ivrmnt c^ the wont *ort ; but )ie wna with- 
OM iba liuciiina powon ol hU btlicr, and lite work ofgawrii- 
Bmt in tlM hftodi of Baoulf Flnmbuxl wwt fiill of iiT»{H>imble 
ud wmittoo opprrmiaa, Hcnrj 1, « able a miui u kin (iitki-r, 
atid u d«»|>otic aa liis brolbor, by the emplo^rnwut of organiW 
whnfaiatiation, aet a limit on bb own capriue. Routine U tbej 
oolj affifBaTd of ft people under a perfect antocmoy, and by I 
mtina Elt&ry I bplpcd to bring on the reign of law. It i»\ 
nnly in tbe ilnigsteB of (ii« elerijy tbat the idea of liberty finds 
mjr cxpficanoQ' 

The attitude of tl»« people to tbo crown during tbcae reigns 
'» ooBstanI ; tko wknie national ayvteni is safe b tlieir support 
of ooa aaotbcr. Tbe great vaaads are tbe ooidbiob enemies oT 
botb. nenoe Wtlliani Iluftu lud Henry I in ihuir ttncrgmtatM 
found H tM*y to purolia*« tbe edoctnal aid of tbe country by 
prvAihoi; and tlic penpio wme aoalaineil in lli«ir itucient cu»- 
lonts by tbo kint''s fear of iucitiunji); tbe juri>iilii-ttiins of tbe 
lawaMk Tbr wiirdi by whicb Henry I in bit Cbprttr prorid«t 
Kur tbe nuiuienance of tlie rigbt« of the lower Uudourntrrs, are 
ft aignifioant pnxif nf ihis, and of tbe way in whleh taattera 
ban la elouige before it la necenary For the barons to toroe tlie 
■KM pnivitiooe oo John ; In little more tbnn a century tbe 
iilm of ibn kiiiif and l«n>iia are revrn^l. fu r>iM- imporlaiit 
Tifiwevnr, Henry 1 ounnoclMl tho locid Marts with thr CnHa 
Repi^ \t]F nniUtii* mtmhI sberilfdonis under one of bis juslicea. 
Tbe ^lurticaa WDre among tbe nort bominea of tlie baionage. 
Bod, like ail ministerial bodies wore JsnloMly watdied by botb 
ButiUe and imi^Io. 

o a 


Jntrodtitiorg Stetek. 


Ytw Iwwtj Jtan tbat follow the death of Heniy I, aixl are 

••llMt dw rvicn of Sle|ihcii, arc n {HrTiud witUout exaiii]ile in our 

^^JYJ Tti* Ivuilal l»roi>api IaIci' ndvaiitiigo of the atruggle 

IW Ui» (town, to throw off c^'cry turt of rotraint ; kbA by 

[iti^UlitUt b«lwwn Uii> two jiartin ia * wiiy that preveottt cither 

MtUinX K <lo<^iileU n>lt-<iitu,f^. to destroy the new atltuiui* 

Mnllv* imk4i1im^> '^■*<' t^icrciise irrui<|ioiiail}te |K)wcrH on lluur 

u«u t«Ut«a. Th»y uow exemplify all the mitcliievoiL* diarao- 

iMlalt'.'* >'( i-Hi>tll»ntal fcii<lalinu : ]irivat« wan ; coimtlcw for- 

' UiW^l i'MlU^ ', Um orud aiPTv'Uo of Bon^marj juriddictious ; the 

Ihi.^^^ ^,f Mrlvkte coinnge' Each tiarou in a king iu bia own 

[hmIW- 'FlMit U i* ouljr ft>r their own immuuitica tliat thi-y fight, 

aiiitinn «t*M4y fVoin their iloanlion* and t<TgiTorBations duriug 

()w vtutlbiuainM of the i>'ar. To thia diHoigniiisation mud tli« 

u . '■Uv (*|H»>*'*'>"> '*f ^'^ EiuprciM, St«plieii had Dothiag 

, . •! ki V-,t iipiMHH'. He wnit a brave niuu, but without re- 

«ti(tiw«<, without Mlmim*lralit-e puui'r, and devoid nf political 

\^i. Hy t>MO ai'4 of iiniuilicy, itit<.'m[)erats rather than anjiistja- 

h« (Hvk» with Ihn cl«n;y, to whom he owed hu tliroMt 

l«itU tW »ilnkint*traUve Dorp«, at the head of whiob Biahop 

vl Uwllahury atill wan, without whoMi aid lie had Dot » 

, vl UMltllfttnlujf it. nil weakii«M( had auBered th« power 

< . »IH» onrweenlBg ; hiii impolicy set botli iu array 

«m1 b)' oue act he alienated every eleiutot in ilir 

.\ vtti uJf Itia Ow« eounws of revenue. The attempt 

'< I iMuiU ti* emte for himself a atrong [inrty and a 

l.,v viwliiig new eorlilonia to be provided for out 

■ a atui l>y the duiiieine hind^ of tlie crowu, pro- 

1 vl |Ih> baroiu iiud impovert(ihiu({ Ihu ruyal 

.1 lor »u|i|)ort on taxation whicli be Imd uo 

>;. The imtutal result was war, uud utiarohy 

< which all central adniuiiatruliou, exue]>l iho 

.|>wnL When all paitjea were exlinuded, the 

Ita flue of mediatota, ut whicJi they had lonj; 

iifrowdou of Henry II wiu the result of ihe 

the t«mu of the pneiHoation wliidi were 

iL.,1 '•.'III At«pbe& aud Henr}', was a re<-ulur pn>* 




■Poluj of Henry it 


giBBiii* of >dmini«tnitiTe refonn. Cor lli« »bo1Uhing ^f tiie 
if tbfl Uto uurdij. Mid tbo rmttaration of dMimiaI pros- 
Tbe oulI«« were to bo rM^, the ooinago reftimwd, 
ihvrift to be raplK«d. tb« erown Uads to be renimcd, tlit 
' wUnma to bs extiu;iiiiHhei). fot«!gu«ra to be bauialied, 
\n nhnfniftntlon of Juuic« to be proTided far, tbe Gokko 
of Henry II tDttktes the ni1« of law. Tbo ad- 
■Urinttre macbinAry, wbioh bad be«n regulated hj roulino 
win Henry I, h now laiulc a part of the «o(ialitutioci, enau- 
nMid in Liwi, and ii«rf<.-ct*.tl by a deady ieri«a of refontu. The 
onkl of Hrnry li w>a ttiat of n lawyn- ami iniui of baiinoH. 
Q* Ml U work from the very beftinuiiiR of ibo niga to pUc« 
*l4traa a iHtnnaDeot bwiit, and, rncurriug to tho men end ni«a- 
**r«i of bb giKudEiitlier, to eomplote an organiMtion which 
dmld makfl a return to feadaliani iiopoesiUe. To dMtroy the 
' idahctlDe' castlea, to sbolteh the ' fiaoU' earidoma, to resume 
^ dffiwled cn>wD laod*, woa the fint, Iho drxintcliTC port 
rf hb work ; to raatorc tbo tnAcbtDGfy of tbo Kxc)>r<]ocr and 
Otria &>gia. to extend tbeir powera and to bring them into the 
ttoMrt OMitact with Ihe provincial organiaation, was the next 
Hep. The grealect obetacluv to the carrying out of this policy 
vmr the berono. nod, nnfortiinatcly, the clergy alao ; the former 
■Mt be oootpclled to agree to the mtriction of their hercdiicry 
JviadlotioDi within tlte bmalteet comjiua, and the latter to allow 
thpBieltwi to be, in all mattera not purely apintual, aubjoct to 
IW enlfnary proocn of the law. Hence aroie tbe two great 
Kniflglee of , tbe nrign : in ibat with the barom Henry wae 
Mpiwfnl ; in tliat witli the tivi^, altboagb wonted and huini- 
^Mid, he carTkol off tbe fralta of Tictoty. TbeM matlen ought 
^Bt to be rejcanlnd |M>p«rately; the CouUlutioaa of Clarendon 
^Hrr« bat ft part of a aebecne which waa to reduce all nen to 
^Plnality before tlio nine *}'»tnin of law. 

In hi* flnt ynm, Henry leacwod tlie prorindal visitation* 
ff the Joetioee for both fiscal anil judicial parpoace ; at a later 
period he larj^ly inertMed tlie slalT of judges for thin very end, 
uid at the Mine time groUly expuidetl tlie lystem of inqtiot by 

■; ■ ^r-if-T-T--,— ^ae 
23 Introductory Sketdk, " \tilir 

jury, which anpei-seded the old processes of trial by battle aod 
compiirgstion, and led by no indistinct steps to the incorpors' 
tioD of tlie machinery of the shire and of the borough in the 
national council or parliament. The instructions giren to the 
visiting judges are precise enoii^h, — they are to enter the fran- 
chises of the barons, and to take cognisance of castle guard and 
every relic of old immunities. 

A second measure of reform less directly umed at the feuda- 
tories, was no less effectual to the diminution of their strength. 
Tb.e commutation of military aerrice for a money payment, 
or Bcutage, placed the military training of the people and tbe 
disposal of their forces in the king's hands. It enabled him 
to hire mercenariea for his foreign vars, to dispense with the 
hated Danegeld, and to bring the ecclesiastical baronage under 
contribution. The revival of the ancient militia ayafein, or 
fyrd, by the Assii* of Arm^ enabled him to dispense with 
the military services of the barons for the maintenance of order 
at houft. This ancient force had been called out under William 
KufuB and Stephen ; it was now reorgamsed and ordered to 
nimiith itsolf with modan weapons. Hemy tnuted the people 
man than the bamns. 

A thinl symptom of his decided policy was the bestowal of 
Ihv office of sheriff on lawyns and soldien rather than on the 
grrat barvms; who had almdv soceeeded, in some esses, in 
UMkiii); it henNlitary ; during the whole of Henry's later years, 
ihtwc ^'<^rY important ftinctionariM wen drawn from the claas 
whivit ftimUhi^ the banxw of tbe Exciw({ncr and itinerant 
jw>li\>M: aiHl lh«'ir |>.twv« wm« casUy Kmiled aa^ngnlated by 
th« ruri* K«)!i«. 

All th(w nH«xur(« haw a gnvtw ngnifinnw, viewed aa parts 
«>r an iFxIrmW ^'tt*eM i^f admittotiatiiiu ; tlM reforms which 
thf^ Wtxtki^n ntn into vTm- i<q:k« (4^ pnMk hwBMn. 

llont;! 11 WM<W iW Mi<«t>«*) «\>«wcil a diff<KBt thing from 
«K«t Uvutv I Ud Wft il ; W MiMNtv««J it at regolar intemls, 
(wW tw thiW vvwir >v*r tsf W «t«<r in Ei^iland. Itaeonpontion 
««. tW vt a )<«(«M «Ht4at wwrt : awfcbwfc(y^ bssbopa, abbots. 
)^(t.^(^ vwK W\4Mk Vwiij^ltta <M*t ftwiwUsn. TW fanaaess 


Jnitieittl SjfUm m»Jrr Hnry II. 


taHHdtainii '<{sl, liHm). tfgit)UliT» itndjuAictil. In 

m>7 inililu: 1'^ ' tialHMi wiM in ilMoty, coiooltnl ; Iho 

l*«t wtn biunl ' cum ouawnsu ot coomMo ;' ev«n lauUtoD, u 

** tmj infer fratu tba inealionB latsMl Itj- Bcchet in tho oouncil 

■■fWcodftotk. mm mflanil to vome Into debate ; iHa kitig- rat in 

poMii Ui twv Uw conpliiinU of bis |>M>t>lv, anil deddvd tbem 

I7 IW adTtee of Iiu bUhopt and judgM. It was in a graat 

««adl tl)«t he d«Unnin«d on th« rMwoaption of tli« alieuaicd 

dtmMi; in another be turanged tbe gmt quami between 

OMtJIt* and Naiarre ; in ano4ber h« isaued tho oiuizo of CU- 

irodoa; Id aaotbBr he difcnMvd Iho marring of Iim dimeter. 

Tltat towaida tho end of the rrign hn round it tit^tsuiy 1u limit 

Iha nvialias of knrer fneholdm wlio utteuded the «oaacib, ii 

nrj prnhaUe ; tho i»e of atiniinunse* which prevailed from iha 

bat jTMta of Hip tvi][o pive him the p-iwnr <if A\n\>it tlini. 

Tlia Oaria tlrgr* aad Exdmjocr continue to be united, but 
BudiT^ a Wfie modificatioD hy Hm increaae and dinituulion tif 
lha niluber of jiut^ta. It la ]>robaMo that Henry, a* Edwurd I 
■ftarwaida did, fotiiid l)i« chancca of comjption and opprnmon 
leo tciBtilingi for the sort of men that he waa educating, Iha 
ta'rjrenai'd lAvAtt of the court. Be found it Docemu? in 1 1 78 
to KMlrict tliv nambtr of thoae vho oxcrctaed tlicir functiona in 
Um Curia to 6ve, oxid to rtaerre for hia own bearing in coiiikiI 
lb* cauea in wliioh thia court, which until now bad been 
a final court of iijifival, failed to do junlion. Thia limited 
tnl.iirial in the linn! prodcccaior of tbo cxinting Court* of Kinit'a 
U'Ui-li and Cooimon Pleva; whilst the upper oourt of a{i|)cn], 
tba king Injiia ordinuiy oouudl, U tlie bodj fhiro whioli at 
Irisr date* the judicial funclioM of tite Privy Coaa«ll and the 
•quitabia Jtiriadi<:tion of tlw Chanodlor vntrgtA. It if Uiia 
eotincll which, h> eoiijnnotton with the dementa of parliament, 
•amraonMl to mart, but not ttnder the proper pariiaixicntaf7 
style, oinatilulea the ffnnX councUi ot the naxt oontuiy. And 
further aUll, thia ordinary oounctl, in nuioii with the barona 
. hitttofw, contaiiunf[ all wlio n««ivcd a epedii] aummoni to 
nti funuud in ibe (i>nrtooatb century the Mn^itum 
CaaciHum, or gnat vounril of tbe kiuit. It wiu from the 


InlToJMctory Stttek. 


mixture ef tite powen of the tvo bodtw tbat Uie HotiM of 
Lord* recmred ita jiidicUl c}uiiw!t«r u a court of BiiiMat, atul 
Ibc Prit^ Ccmndl dcriv«d iU lcguUUr« dwractcr, which U 
tittinuptod to cnrn- out in the form of ordlmnceB. The ungual 
tritHuial, tli« king's ordumrjr council, reUiouil ■!■ uiidiiDiiii>lMl 
pQwen througbont, changing kt varioui times uud ibrawing 
off nevr offihoot*, auoh u tii« Court of SUr Ciuunbcr, until it 
liM FMchtid our own tinw in tlie form of t\it Judici*) Oom- 
mittee of Privy Council. TI>r limitMl tiibunnl of tbe OuHa 
lt«ftia continnea, with vkiying nnmben, until the roign of Joh&, 
vrluiit tine Oommon PIom »n •qwrmtod from the otW (intiiiHM 
■nd fixed at Wefrtminster. Soon sft«r the dst* of MagiM Out« 
it (Uvidee nud airan;^ its bufinees intn Ibat nf ttine conrto. 
mtaininij; tbc Mme atiJrof JudffM for all, and the ehi«f Jnstlcltr 
at ib« IvMul. Towtmlfl the vod of tbe reign of Henry Hi liis 
three oourta rweive each a distinct atnfT, and tbe extiuctioa at 
ibc old [ire-eiuineuoe of tbe grral justiciar reaulta in the ai>»> 
]>lele tic{innit»on of Ibo thrre for all ptirjMHa. In tbe Es> 
diequer Chamber, however, they long retain a trace of llwit 
ancient uuitj- uf i»KatiiaBliao. 

Tbe viuta nuulo to tlK nhirea by tlie iltnomat judges nnd 
baiotia fonn a very importAnt jart of the tmiiiiiig »f tbe |ieop1e 
for aelf>fOT«minent ; not oiily in tbe jiidicinl, bat in Ihir fiieal 
bmbsas also. Heniy 11, if not tbe inventor, was tbe great 
improver of the lyUMx of reeognitiona \ty JB17. The DMohiiwy 
whivli bad liasa oetarioually used More^ and wUidi may be 
traced lu KoKolingian umg«, be applied to awry deHoriptian of 
bunneea. By tbe ordiBanea ol the ;;rantl aitii«, tha lu-rson 
srboao |K'Ssearion of land «a> inipui;i><Hl was enipowcriKl u 
make choiee between trial bv hdllsi and tbe ttxanainatlon 
of U* right by a Uidy of twelve sworn nvnanitor*, who 
ware selected h;r fuur sworn kni[;M8 tamnwBod C'T th« purpoeo 
by the ehniff acting Wtdcr a ruiitl writ. In Ibe oilier rtoofc 
aitiuoa, as uf Mortdaaoesler and Norct dissHtiu. the iweWa 
MeagnHan wan timjiy auMntooed 1>y iW aburiif. acting in this 
rase also tMdnr • spooial prweepl frmn the kittg. Out of tbtwi 
rseoKDitious aniae the ayatsnt of trial by jury ; the innn are at 

Stecffnitiam by Jury. 


tb» fact ; u bufliMM iDcr«aMdi tbe.V >rv. undrr 

bjr llio adililion of poivotia U-ttcr acHunintcd 

tlig nsttci- ; H furtlier alep acpukUa tkeM nfforciii^ janm 

th» i»if;tiul iveUr, and the funn«r tben engrooa Ibc ctin- 

IT ul wllnnMCn, tho jury bvcoming tli« jwlii*-'* <^f foci after 

bcMiag «v>(Ionc«. Tbc swimi knigbu who nominute tbe re- 

HpittfB of tlx) gnuid uuM BTv, luTlher, tbo fint germ of a 

•OHtjr npnieBUiioB. Uj Uie asriu of Clanadon, a like prin- 

h Mppltnl to crimtiMl JuriMlictioa. Twelve lawftil men of 

jritl) four lawful men from «*ch towntliip, are 

Briinitiftlfl cr rcputitl criminolf of Ibrir itictriet, 

b mA enuuty Miart ; Uie priaonort bo preBcntod being Mitt at 

W(* to tbe ord«al. In tbia oaae, Heury slnii>l)r utilised ttis 

Mdiinny Ibat IimI exiiiud probably niiiee tW iiii>e of Edgar, but 

W i4{ii«l it la tlio priociplfl of ncognition ; tlie twch'o lawfiU 

M» are wiuieaaee. oa tfaojr wen andei- the oliler 8y(.t«iii, but th* 

H an inqaoit uader until, aa in llio cmo of tlie great 

Fnni thii iloulilv cliaracter of jitdgc nnd wilticm tli« 

^Jtixi jury Bjr«tean historical I jr (l«Kenils; the pcnniaion to tra- 

^^ki the vcrdlvt of Uie grnaA Jury by a new in<|U(«t ia of kl«r 

^BtradnotiiiD, aad wh »i)«|iliNl m a outi»e<|ueoce of the abolitioo 

^Hwdotl ia tlto Tviga of Henrj' III. 

Bat the principle of reco^iilioo by jury is found applicable 

■> oIImt tnallcra lh»xi judicature. As early m the year 1070, 

William Om CuiKiuvrur lu>d a»ed It t« ohtoiu from the native 

pfialaliofl au iiDOticiatioa of the lawH uiuler which tliey olaimed 

<i KvB. In the propantioR of tho Domemlny Min-ey it had 

(■nt apiili^, ii>oreo*er, to 6m»I huuDess. The inqueU tlieu 

•I* Biado by the oetli of iii« sberiS^ the bttrooa and fr««koldur« 

«f (ho altire Oitd tlio hniulrtd, lite prieat, the mere, and »ix 

filMaa nf «<Mh lownaliip ; nixl it wu n»nl to aiccrtaia the 

<U«Bt and lUbUlly of drery tstute in tbo kingdom. It wag not, 

cwr, applied gcmimlly to tbe purpoee of taxation until tlie 

of Rid«rd L TIm »Uft by which lo hnportant a ttagv 

It •rJrtxxatioa and rcprvisentatioii «m |tu<lll^l nrv of 

ini|.'>rianee^ An aid having liccn il(-cr««>l by ilw 

cuuncU, Um ooUocliou of it b«ooince the work of the 


Jii/twfHetoty SieUA. 


i>bnri(r> otii) of th« oAkcrt nf tli« ExHi«qa(r, Tbe damn Tnii 
which it u to b« UonunJcd ore, ruu^hly apeolcing, the kui-jb: 
Um tonrnii, and the socage tcnuiU ; Uie baroui ^"'■^■''' 
l«wer. Um bi>roi)glia, knt) tlm lower frMhoJden. TIh' tniliu 
tciiAiiU kre bIIowm! to cartifj by tlivir own c»rtd iba ntuiil 
of kiiigbtn' ten for wliich Ihfy kra li&bk. Tho towitc^ throttglil 
ibdr burj^ge bold«n, xatke tlieir agnwiieat witli tb« b«roiM| 
itiuemnt ; but tbe low«r freebotdcn an aoMwed by tbe abvi 
aud hU ofSwrs, nnd luit'O no c]i«ck upoa ibeir Bxactiona mili 
llwir bjiriI<Jii[<* can lio nuulo Itnown to llio Icing. Wbcii lamt-i 
lion deicendfl lo |>om>n«l property, th« ibcriff has oo basiB 
ntculalioii; it U id ibis, then, tbot tbe Qec«an^ of Min* 
chinery of ns»e«ament fint iutroilaces the Jut; syittrm. Ut 
lb* aisiceof arini in ii8t, Hunry II UiivcU lbs liatiiUty 
of aacb oiAO, either in rent or in cb■tlcl^ to be Mtinatod liy « 
■worn Loity of kniglita or lawful men of tbe vonae ; nnd th« 
Kuuo [dnii in UMtl for tbe lerying of tlu) Sabidin Uihe, tin on 
pereouHl at w<rll us ml pro|>«ny, in ■ i86. When Rtehard I, tn 
1 198, exacted a carueago or aid of five eliillingi on the hida^ b* 
applied tbe principle of Jury oHemmpnt in tbe most elaliorUa 
way to lli« wbole loud of the oooiitry. How tniiKirtAnt wrn 
tbeM (Icvt-lopmrtitx of tlie i<l(* of rejiTMonlation will b* uea 

'riiMe nre but b few of tbe mea&urM by which Henry II ud 
hit mhiinlcn |>n>vii]ud for tbe scninty of bt( jienpli!,— througfa 
wliidi he enmod tlicir cotilulenor, aud liuinKi tbtm. botii by 
Uie enjoyment of legal fectinly and by the rapoouble part UM 
on tbeoi In jnUicial oiul ftsiwl niallcn, for n time when tlicir 
w-opL-ratioD wonld he rcquiroil in the higher dvpartmmta of 
gevcTTunvnt, in tlie decreeing not tbe executing; only, of Irtn*- 
lation Bn<l taxation. In thcM tbe king bwl tlie help of the 
fiiwnoial family founded by Biahop Bc^^, nod of tbe gnal 
legirt Banulf Glonvill. Ho tired b>ng eaouxh to He tbe mokm 
of hie policy in making Rn<jlBnd ricb and cnotented, aiul a nM* 
of Hobic* Rpiingiiig «ut of tbe adiiiiiii«>retiTe hooMe, whidi waa 
to tirengtlien ilw law amd tnake GOmnion oatiM witli the people. 

Riolianl'a reign U In eom'itiuliDiial matten t\te M|>]>letiMnt ii( 

■ fliwy/rf -if Uteaam. 

il ■ w be a« J trf not w iuB«ei^ b^ to ait -sicsxxn, ES.-f^iUv 
nttXsL the treaenr^. oiBuaiics ite oHahfmijea: ci lae 
bAcqaa- ; Habcti Walts', t&e jis^anu; onwn t» aa- 

Gbiy n, or hii vsaAe. Kknu GIast^H T^ p-"-r-Tif7- awls' 
ittici of BiebanL uid lui loo; abanas Sxa Fnj-V-»i :^« 
tfe whole i^iimmilinirj oa tbe minisei^ and aficr tee sBucbr 
•f Ui fast two von, owin^ b> tf>e j«aIo<isT of tbe twroiB and 
the betioa fig&ta ariaiog from the qoamb of Jotm, G«oft«T, 
and U'lUiam Longcbamp. this <i«Ti(jTed altogether on Habot 
Valter. He mutcl io ius own poaon the vbole Kvclar ud 
ipiiTtaal aothoiitj. 

From tbe tnimeti<ns of the eariier part of tbe reign ve 
^ber little that ii eonstitaticnallT imponanL The attack ou 
tbe ehaoedlor waa not a coiutitatioaal attempt to assert the 
Te^MKoibility of a minifter, but % straggle of bctioiu; the 
amwii gen^nt of tbe toini element b not a deliberate act cf 
poli^, but the result of an occasional expedient for raisin^: 
aionejr. One or two ^parent!/ minor points, bowerer. at« of 
importaiice. We hare teen that Bichard'a ministers were the 
fast who applied tbe repreaentatiTe system to the assessment of 
ical propertj in general for tbe purpose of national taxation. A 
step which is scarcely leas important is the introduction of tbe 
■jstem of election to conntrfiinctioas ami offices. This is applied 
in the fast inrtance to the choice of coroners, who, acconliu^ to the 
assize of 1 194, an to be chosen in every county, three knights 
and a clerk; to keep tbe pleas of the crown. He measure was 
doubtleas intended to be a check on tbe power of the BhcriflTs, 
vbo were forbidden by the same assise to act u justices in tbeir 
own coun^ea : » proof that tbe baronial party still required to be 
nstrained from att«npting to strengthen their hold on tbe local 
joriadictions. This assize prescribes also tbe way of selecting 
the grand jury : four knights are to be chosen in every shire, 
wbo in torn are to choose two out of each hundred ; these two 
sn to oo-opt ten more ont of their own hundred, and the twelve 
sra to form the jnry for the hundred. The plan portly resembles 


Itifrotluetory Sieici. 


that aMd for the nomiMtioD of rooogniltin tor the gnat wtt^ti, 
•od wiu UhcwiM a cbrck on tbe power of tli« MberilT, to wlien 
the noniiiifttioii eeeon to Uavc before bolongvd. It » pOMflite 
that the kni^hta eleolon ar« bencefortli cbomn by the siUloca, 
and that tbo article of Uu;;n« Cnria wliivfa onlera tltcm to b« 
elected, for lbs rocognitioni of aoret dinMixtn, moniUflontfr, 
aod (Wnio |>TeeoDtmeiit, by the county court, i* aii i-xplaaaUun 
of earlier cuttoia. But in the c*se of the coroaer ihen is no 
■aefa qnMtioo; tlie exiJttiiifc iinmeinorial ttMi^, aa w«ll a* ibe 
word* of the Mstxc, {trorc* t^nt the election wa* by tbe wImIc 
body of freebuldcn- It i> the first attooipt at |>o]>tilar clcL-tloD 
in RflgUud within th« hi»1aric period, unless we regard «■ aach 
the priTilegci gnuited to certain of the boroughs to elect ttinr' 
ntafH'i^t'^ Tbia Ukd lieen attained }>y Nome towna, by payment 
of a fioe, under Ucnry II ; in the reign of John it booocaea a 
general privile«e eonferreil by charter. 

^0 ttep* tiiken in tbe direction of freedom and aecoHty it 
theM iKlmtutitrntor* were duubtle** of ini|>(wb>ncc ia tbentsel' 
Tboy were an extension of the rate of law into regionB where 
tlie rule of force bad been far loo genaral. But it nnst nul be 
tiiongbt that they were n pure eonoession to tlie deaire of tm- 
dom and good goTemment. Henry II ami IluWrt Waltrr 
ncognised (ho fact, wliidi Flcnri.- I had wen bcfon> tbeni. Iliat a 
people able to count on personal and eouimerrial safety in muoh 
more p!«l^table to tbe Kxch."<|aer than one uver-tued and on- 
eonttitulioually opprened- Tbe nigo of Bicliard ta not only a 
period of rcfonn io law, but of uoparalUled exactioiu in money. 
Tba varioua plaas of laxation adoptad by tli* carli-T kings are 
all naoacitated and amplified. Tlie aeutafte of Uenry II 
applied to tlie raising of fuuda for the king'* nuutom, and 
orasod ill ninotinl. Tli<! earurjige of Itidiard b bat the Dan 
omler a now name, and of larger and muro praKtable 
Tbe feudal duoe are all exacted ; tlie wool of Hie Cieterclaaa b 
•oiud ; tlMi plate of tbe eliurcbea la borrowed ; Ibn moTtablea aa 
well aa tbo land aiv rated. Tbeae plans an raMnlained after tbo 
orii;)&al call for them baa beeo aaawoTML Nor ia tlie 0]>|xi«tion 
to this Bj-atcmntio oppreaaion eo marked na migbt bu axpMiad, 


U-iiry II is J 
>in, and in-fl 

aiwaaiMt L-W 

Rtiffn of Jo Ah. 


< inn agaiDBt tlie Justictnr; the ngtilar t\er^ 
.; . : iiy virtiul outlawry to [ikjr tlie c&ni«m[e ; tli« 
Btb tt LoDitoa riMii imftltut the Imt^irm, IxnuM of the niifair- 
Sm of tl"- ' 'it ; litit tbe odIv furmnl mtixlnnrc to tW 

kiau Id tlip . : ' : >;i>uii«il pi-ocpi'<lH fr»m iS*int Hugh of liin- 
coin Mill Bishop Ueriml of Salubury, w)io refuse lo consent 
to (mil tiim an uid in kiiijjbu and money fur lus forvign 
nribrf. ThU, vhtch i* done iiot on eecbwiiuticnl hut on oao- 
MitutianBl gTTiiinili, Is vn kct wliich kIiumU out imiminrntty \>j 
the Mik uf S*t»t 'nioDiM** protMt agninst Hoard's prujKXAl lo 
•fpropriftle tli« ■h«rJff'« ihars of Danpgtrld. 

TIw iwculiiir circuUMt Mires wlih wliich (he rci;^i of John 
tHgtB» a (juestioiuUe title. perfm;t«<l by the dcction of Ihc 
ntioa— might hare flMmed for » time to msKMitklo th« ob- 
«mae« of )rg»l brau. But nlllMKigh (mm time lo time fae 
■nBBMMicd hta TMMtb will itunianJc<l xn aid in cou^titutlonnl 
ttna, ho noni frequently exActed tlie taxes vrilhout a formal 
fnot, and bjr impo>wn^ Gnnt and torvin^ reiuoms on tlie 
baroBt who offraded hitn, without a legal process or aenteuci', 
««D1 in oppressiTeiicM br beyond anytbint; done by RichanTt 
Bioistna. Frum the be^uuiti^ of bin reixii he tcK>k Ixilh can- 
WIgt aiid aciita^ as a malti^r of ouutvi-, and niiiH-d the rate of 
Ik* latter from Iwouty ahilliugx to two marks on tli« lint;;ht's 
fsa. Id 1201 and 1905 he exaetrtl from the army ubii'b he 
had eollrtied at Portnnoulh a payment in c<>mmutiitlon of *er- 
«c<e, niui'h an Willium Rufus hnd dour ulim bo plunilered the 
BatJciD&l inilitta of the vial\cnm proTiilcil by their oouiitits. In 
1104 bo leviod from th« tonnnts to chief enurmoua ' auxilia rail'- 
krist' and raised the rale of scutpKc to two marka and a half, 
la 1)07 be ikmamled aud receiied a tbirteeath of all cballcts 
ihnMgfaont thtt ooantry. The ingenuity with vbi«h be deve- 
loped the sy^lvtn of finea It n frrtilr theniv of fiislorians. After 
Iba death »f llahert Waller iu iioQ, relieved from (he incun- 
naloit ailmouitioDs of a couuMllor lo whom he owed so 
t. - rid sIm of bis eompolilor, Arthur— having tost his 
u dutniiiiiins, aad mdangiTrod his bold on Kuglaml by bta 
qaatnl wfUi Iha cbrgy — he took advantage of the genctsl 

30 Itttrodmtory S^Hek. 

disot^nisatioD to play tlie tyrant without rertramt. The fnnili 
arising from the confiscated estates of the Nonnan nobles and 
the exiled bishops enabled liiui to spend lavishly, to hoanl also 
ltu'gc'7' '^"'^ *<> '^"^^^ an armyaiid fleet forresistance to Philip II, 
and even for the invasion of France. But the uniyersal disaffec- 
tion brought all his preparations to nothing. After offending 
every portion of his people, he had to yield to the papal cl^ms ; 
and when he had yielded, the desertion of his vaaaala left hiiu 
powerless even for revenge. It was the resistance of the 
norihem harons to his command that they should join his 
expedition to Foictou, that provoked him to the vindictive pro- 
ceeding which ended in his complete aurrender. The barons 
found a counsellor in Archbishop Langton, and a pn^ramme 
for the redress of grievances in the charter of Heniy I. Thia 
they conipelletl John to renew, with large additions, at Rnnny- 
mede, and in securing their constitntional rights to themselvea 
bound him to observe the same rules towards all free men. 
Thenceforth no ixx over and above the customsij fendal aids is 
to be taken without consent of the national council, the common 
conndl of the nalm, the afsemlilj of the barons, the greater of 
whom are to be summoned by special writ, the lesser by a general 
one through (he aheri^ The jiririleges aectired by the great 
charier of John become in their turn the basis or programme 
of new claims which aro the nibject of etniggles that mn 
throujrh the whole ivi^ of Henry lU, and in those struggles 
an> made -^hxI. The next reign sees them accepted 1^ the good 
Eaith, and ilelineJ by the adiuinistiatire genius, of Edward L 

The agrwnieut between the kiBg and his pe<^Ie — for Magna 
Carta, although in fotva a charter, is in sabstaDce a treaty of 
pfw*— that no tax (hall b* exMtetl without a grant fr»m the 
conioMw (\tuu«il of tho kinj^K^nt, and that that common council 
shall U »tttt»MM>»w»l in a Jtfiuil* awl i«t»£act<Nty way, may seem 
to be but a small inslaluwttt of .»u*ti(«tMiiaI reform, and not to 
(^> b<rj>uiJ whai WM «hy*d}r iW tb«v»«y of p>refitmeol in Eng- 
land. Hat (h« wxinU «f tW ^'Wlw. tv> h* c«rried o«t at all, in- 
^^^hr<J u>««4i anon tkan tWy M|tn**Nl. TV eCd state of things 
that had WU>w»d iW t.\Mk<|W«l wva «)wit« «vn w«t. The 1^ 


Polilu-* of tkt fkitte€\,lh Centvrg. 


umI {c«i«n1 policy of llcniy IF l>a<l created » li«« 
mU^j, vliMe interesU wvr« ciilirel.v English, and hnJ nabiml 
tkt udcnt Lininlf orgftnicaticHi ; wbibl the imrilegc* procured 
I7 Im frvm <fae mric king, Mid bought in tliit Kltapo of chulen 
bm Irii •ofli \rj (li« toints, bad cmW ft ii«w clement of poli- 
IM lib. Tb« new bsmiuige compdU'd Ihc king to f[niiit ibr 
rWttf : (be connliM aixl lli« borough* hod (o wort; tWir irej 
into the full {MiticijialiuD of its provisiou* hjr s'nir ilrgnwii. The 
biitary of UiMe slcpa hu «d iatereBt partly political luid putly 
cowtKutioud, ud dcwrvca «xftmii)»Uou in Kporate detail. 

Tbe political rituutton may be genemUy •luted thua : — Since 
IW Oi>nquert, Um potitk*! eoo*i!tuenla of the nation bod boa* 
divided between two p«rtiefl, which mnv be called ibo oalioul 
•od Um feudal. The former cotnpriMd the kin^, the niinigterial 
aobiUly which wu crenlcd by Ileury I ftod Hcnn- II, And 
irhicli. if Uaa rieUjr endowed than that nf (he C»n(|iia<, uaa 
xaan wiilcly >pir«»d, vaA had nwre Eug;)**)! 8]-Di))Mtliie« ; tbe 
othar MulMBod the gr«at nohlts of tbe Com|iint, and tbo 
■hntj* Utr^ bnt varying body of lower Taatniji, who were 
inlinit on purtulug tbe policy of foreign feudalism. The na- 
tiuoal party waa atao generally in cIom alliance with tbe clergy, 
whoae aeal fiic their own privilv;^ extended to tlie defence of 
dn elama from whidi thcj- <-liicily apnuig, and whone vindi- 
nfioB of daas tibcrlics »iaintaiu«d in the gtnenl recollection 
At poawbility of reaiating oitfrnantia. 

Tbe dnrgy nay be roughly diridcd into ttircc Khonia,— tbe 
•enUr or atateamao achool. the tcelcsiii^tical or ]>Tnfi-Mtonal, 
Kod tbe devotional or apiritual. Of tlttve^ the rej>rc8i-ntatirc 
iDia an llogcr of Salicbuiy, Henry of Wincbeater, ntid Anaclm 
of Catiierliary. Thooiaa the Martyr more or Icsa comUnea tbe 
■iliarMciera of the three throo^out bU life. The thive atagea 
UinMgti wbioh be iiaaicd, tliat of chaiKellor, that of primate, 
«ad that of eandldate for ninrtjnloai, anawer well to the throe 
adin-da uf tlu> daqty. Tbrmighoal tbe whole iwriod, the ftril 
nf ibrw ■rjuiola waa eonaiatmtly on tlie aide of the king, the 
ImI aa ooutitteolly on tbe aiile of the lutiou. The wcond, 
wh«n lie own privtlngea were not in daogvr. waa, from llie 


IntrotiueUry Sketck. 


|teu« or Ihn Cliuroli in iiof (o tl^ Bockfi qiwni]), and vSia 
tlM ooncltiakiti of Uiat i]OiirT«>I, roiitinuuaBly on tlw lunHi Ait. 
No (livitioii of tlie clergy ever symiwUiiiicil irilb tliv fraikl 

Tlie slmigth of th« jKinim wu lonJly dmdn), Tlic nnlhitul. 
pirt; wu stroneMt in ibe nortli, wbnrv the flacMwivo Ktrfviture 
of Enfi'liali and NonauiB bad put it in tW rojml puwtr lo imviik 
M»|>ly for iu iti))|H>rt«t« ; where tli« natioiul »]Nrit >diI iiisli- 
tutioiM liiigeruil itie l(Hig««t, wid uuly miuirvd tiip awunuiM 
of good govorninvnt lo |ilnc« tbonifclrM on tbe lua^t'a flda^' 
Tbe iloiiiatna of the grpat rarls [mv more in th« mtdiHr of 
£iiK)ani), wkieh was t)i«tvrore tbi- seat of diwITttcticn Mid 
UDCiuiacM gcDcmlly, the towns taklii;; the nytX or nabunar 
ride BKaiiut the noblct. Tbe Mutlx'ni ihiM^ wore ream An' 
ci4edly royiiliM, the icrcftt domains uwl blruii*; oMtli'* of ibu 
kiogi uiil Ibeb- kiniiaivu in tlie uei^-libourliood i>f tfat Mirfs 
lt<n-emm«nt, «nd llw ditfuMion of qiiitminil inflaraca, gl 
llM-ni a very coDWilMnhle advantaj:;?. The feiiilal party made up' 
for itM want of atrvngtli iu otlur daaaea of auctul.v and otbci 
pnria of Hnfflaml, by forvipi aUtances, and tbe uKlunt au4 
wealth of great foreign doiuiuna. The iotoMe disliko of tli< 
Enitlrsli to foniKnera, which wm wisely liumour«d hy Hetit7 il, 
and u fixilUlily dimvf^ninlvd by Ste|>li«D, Julin, and Ueury fU, 
uuutrihuted an tngrcdinot of pcraoDul piirtisa»ahl|i. 

Ilvnry II had biukcn the feudal pnrly hy n-ar, ami diicintird 
it by pulicy : Iw had succeeded lO well, tlut tJi« very lucti wlio 
bod beoD fate Op[)uii«it« accepted their iwaitluii, and 
t)i« nwBt fallhful adbon-oU of hia aoiw. At bb ditatli, and 
during Ihu rci^ti uf Bichard, t1i«re aMinfl lo be CTtry clianM 
that tbe natioiutl l<art;r wontd eoon ootui'riM evrry elctiMut 
of political life ; llii> party igunrrrla of ll>G [wriod arWni; from 
merv i>«<rsoiial catiscfi, and iIm grv«l IkmIt of ttin bvrotiag^ 
H well oa Ibe rioiDK tnnnicipalitin, twmg fiLilkful. And ibMd 
dianoM might ham bent niMte a ci-rtuiiity, wheg Ibe Iom iiT' 
tbelr NorsMU) wUtee bad robbed tbe feudaliitii iif their rauU]{i>- 

Uat lli« growth and conHolidatlon of the Bilional party liad 


PoiUk* of tk« TAMumtA Ceninrj. 


RMilribalnl UrgvJv to tlio SniroMn r>f tli<i |inwrr of the king. 

Hx u«i>titultiHi j>*iiK<t in ntKtigtb imd oMinitL-ncy, mil tiK 

kiq; «u tha striMigest fll«in«nt ta the cmwtitulion. Bunrx TI'r 

iWMnm, (kxible in Uicir iiilontion, nnd <)oiil>!c in tlii-ir Micm». 

hrf mml«d a «lrouc toyiA power ■iid a idnin}; national rpirit 

in majanctlim. JoUn's (iesiwtio oondact set the two fome 

vUcA liii btlKtr luwi Uhaored to atrengtlien uxl oonsolidate, 

b im^ Mgaitut «wh oUuir. Pr«m tbo beginning of the ihir- 

icrclh eontury tlw Btnig(;lo is bttwccn the buvni, ckrgy, and 

ftm^ on lli<i ono ride, nod tbe kxa^ ami hia penooal par- 

ti«oa, Kn);li*li nud foitritni. on tbe alher. TIm barom uid 

pRbtiM «!><• drew op tli« Arlioles of llie Charter were ibu ton* 

■f tlM niiiiUl*ri)il noblta of Henry tt, tbe utiitaton vf Sntut 

ftninlin aiiil Stiint Ungli, of Ilcor; of Wineheatfr, imd Thomas 


In tlw liMtiir^r tliat follows w« trace new elements a* wd) m 

«U oomfiUcalions. Tlie national party of 1313 wm itMlf 

dlridad botwoen thott who, l>k« Bobert Fltx Walter, woutd 

hrinif In French aid, and tliose who atood merely by tbe imlionai 

riKbu. The kiiijl'fl party contained two, or eren thr«t Bcctions ; 

hia own pemiiMl frii-ndH luid ministm, his fomgn allif*, and 

iIm Btuall bat powrrfol tuniinting party acting nmler papal in- 

Ahbm. Of tbcM, lite firel may be regarded as repnaenled by 

Babart de Bur(i;li and Peter dea Bocbes ; tliv aeooad by Falkn 

(!• Braantd, and ike tliird by the tepit« Qiutlo. John's death 

nuiuved the gn«t obstMlo to Iho onion between the el«ncn1s 

wUoh were cujmMe of uniting : the Fr«ne)i detachment of the 

Tlf"r^ pnrtf collapsed, and tbo position of tbe foreign allies 

4 John WW made anltmabte. Tbe national hiin>ii«K« under 

Vininm Maraball aud the king's friends ui»l<-r Hubert d« 

Huryk cmitod, and the papal afcrnta were gmdnolly but rfi««t- 

onlljr attyed oat. The tnrly tilrugglee of Henry nTs njgn 

•VI* for th< Mt]mlHian of tli« foreign elemeot Bat the \affj 

iifDMis wiki^ lilt! ciMrvnce ssemod to promise wer« roiideRd 

fcitile by tiM folly, (he fakeueas^ and the CareigB pfwUrittes of 

tin ywinft kinm liitnmlf, who a* toon as he grasped the sub 

waaea of power brongbt haok Into tbe political arena e^-ery 



htr^uetory SJketei. 


ainglc elcmant of disconl. Befosiufc to be bound hy III) fktM 
enjptgenicnta, tmUoj^ bb tnoiit fiuUiful aervuit with ponoM 
iguoniiiiy, and iu ibiU ad rerivliig tbo rivKlry bctwrou tlu 
fri«ii<U of ili« king koil tins (tufadu of good gorcrnmeut ; tlirow- 
it^ hin>Mlf into Ui« dooest klli»i':« vUb llomi;, ■od onubio, 
the spirit of (be Datiujutl Cliurdi ; rivalling bU faOicr m lb 
multipllcitir »( bu oxnctaooti, now oootrarjr to tim Ifiter of liii 
own oblignttona ; and bringing in botbt of foreigners bnUfiil u 
Ih* people, and th* eaiue of uapamDeled ex tnvajptoM and ojipre* 
aoD— be let Ioom overjr elemeut of miaery, and roaanl vttr 
poUtioal oouaiiliM'iit lo rwiiHUncc. 

Btran^lj' enough tbu b«ad of the dlMflccltoii wm Uio rm 
iriio perha]M bod least of oil in conimuQ witb tie nation, tOKtf 
the aeoH of juslioe. Simon de Muntfurt was a f'>rei^ni imIvco 
turer j by dmcent npreMntiug on onu tiide the puruiil fiiuilaUia 
of Nonnand}-, ami on the otbcr tbc great fvudal party of 111 
Oonquest ; brother-in-law of t\>e king, and bjr tbe faendJlBi; 
timbitioa viWi<iii nwrkm) liia jxtti^rnul bouae, fitted ratber Ibr I 
OMirper than for a d«ffi>diir of otbcr mm'a righla; Yet there b 
no reuonjo <l4>ubt either bix political wiadom or his eiiiearit] 
and boDMty. Hia atrangtb, lioirevcr, vas in tbe blae jiotiitioi 
of tlie king. Neither tbe ability of Uie feiaalUe, experienced 
luut bavetled aiateeman. nor the confidence of the Cbnrcb, noi 
(be wealth of his Englisb earldom, iu>r tiii own Imlliant nnttira 
vould have won for him tlio nipalatiou of a b«m uiul martyr 
eatut, mndi Ims Ibo eulfctance of power. At llto bead of tJa 
baroua^ troated by tlie gUt^ and worshipped by Ibe peop1«t 
be forced on the kinx ibe new progminnM of tpiotl govemnient 
a prognunmo wbiub contained indeed tilllt! more than wM 
already binding, but which owed its importance, aa ita adro 
onle owed bia atrengtb, to Ilenr^-'a folaeiMaa. Stroog in reeiai 
anoey and riotodous in battle, Simon ds Uoulfort nadertook u 
adminislcr, and attcinpteid to nnite under a prcmnluro politic! 
ofgaiusation, all the po sa — wa of i<uw«r in tbo loud. Hut tin 
force which had been ao great againxt the king in arma, wM 
intflKient tn euprriuncy : again It became dear tliat Sinonl 
vbkf stnngth was in hi* rivaTa foQy and anakneai. The «acap 

EJi^rd r. 


Ztt rjwui] from nt]tlirilir rencwcil tlie itrife, lliis tune witti a 
Irrtnl rwult Tbc deailli or Stmuu rcstorod lleiiiy HI to 
r (Lroao, and loft Ike pnrtj wbi«li Simon liad ntiitttf brokcD 
I rmljr far WW oomhiiuitiona. 

Tb* loflg atniKglr of tli« rourtibition for «xiiil«iie* «nd> with 
ik iMgn of EdwBKl I. Tiiia gn»i monanfa, whoM Qommaml- 
tatifiiril. ilolining unJ orgvnUinK poirer, aDil Ihoroagfa Iioneoly 
•f tkitni-tf r, jilace him in atrutig conlnuit not nterdy witli hit 
thn, but irith all ihc net i>f our long tine of king*, wm not 
rfo iBmiiddT williout ft struggle tlw pontion which be 
ibnritf^ For mnn llua ivrentj jtm be reigiitd u 
Vtuj II Wl doiM, »bowtiig profwr respect for conititntioBtl 
bran, but «xarciiign{; tbc raalit}- uf dospotio powrr. He loved 
ik people, and thfrtfrnw did not opprmi tlMm : Ihejr kiMW and 
lowd tum, and endtiivd ibo prcaaurv of taxation, which would 
Ml hftv* beoa inipuwd if it bad nut b««ii tunxeaaxj. He sdmila 
lian tu a abarv, a Ur^*' *^>u*, >n the proceat uf goTvmincnl : be 
JnvlnjM Riwl dcfiiM* ibc ouojttitutiiio in it* m>cclianiaJ ckanctw 
a way which Simon de Montfort bad ner«r oontemplatcd. 
(irgaulMtion of parliament, of coDvocation, of -the eoojt* 
Uw, of provincial Juriadiotion, ii etabomted and ceiiiplet«d 
^util !t •r«nu to be a* perfect a* it ia at the prcaent day ; and 
Iripalatlon ia m full that the l»ws of the n«tt tbnw c«n- 
an little noro than a nweasu? ezpansioo of it But 
ha ia compelled by the action of tbe barons, he ntaiiu the 
nlMianna of royal [wwer, tb« right to the jiariac-ctringii, the 
hi la talliage the town* and the dcmeance of the crown 
lit a grant Eruni the parlinntcnL Edward I would nut 
Wrir b«wn nearly >o great u king ae be was if he bad not 
UnRibrht lliia right worth a strugf^le; nor if, when tliat atnigglo 
*** SoLn^; a^jninat bin, be lind not Men that it waa time lo 
Twld ; nor if, when hn bad yielded, he bad not detcnained 
ally tA abide by bia oonceauona. The political party that 
him to Ibo ooneMsion was not to he compared with ibn 
, *: ■,iioD« of the oenlni7 : Bohun and Bigod liad 
iia) ctains at beart, aad not political one* : Inil 
timk whsniag* of a slate of thinp which Edwanl uw 
D a 


iHtrodnctory Sketei. 


could not be ranftod. Tho confinQntion of tlui Charten eon- 
Itlcia tbo prMcnt mimj of politii.-Al hisloiy. 

Tlie Aea of ooDsUUition*! goverament, dofined by the m»- 
BUrv* of E<lwftrd I, uxl eumincd u[i in tlie legal BKntning of tlw 
word pnrliament, impltcH four principlts: firnt, tfa« BxiatcBce 
of A ttotzml or utional anemblf , a ' commnaa romiliuin rognj ;' 
Moood, Ui« rppremnUiUoa Id th&t asMmbty of *U daaaet of tiie 
people, rogularlj BummaDed; third, the reality of tbo npn- 
MDtatiou of Iho wliolo pmplu, lecured cither by its pnssoet Jn 
tlw oooDcil, or hy tho frvo ctoction of the pfirsona who an to 
rcprcMnt it or uij portion of it; and fourth, the aaaemMj m 
BuniiDoned and dectod murt poweas definite power* of taxation, 
loi^lalion, and gei>cral politieal deliberatioB. Wo will nowtnm 
very briefly t)i« origin, growtli, and oomhinntion of ihcae- 

Fint. Tbe Oommiuu Coooiiinm had existed fnm the earlleat 
timei^ first aa the wftenagnnot, aod afUnranJi a* the court of 
the king*) vaMaU, or, in a mano«r, as oonibining t1i« cbanettn 
of both. It bad in neither stage been reprtaentAllve, In the 
iDoden meaiiiog of the word. Tbe witouagemot acted for tbe 
nation, but was not delegated or elected by it : tli» On>At Cuandl 
of the Norman Vin^ iododod in theory all tenants in chief of 
die crown, but had no qiecial proviBJoo lor theae to repraacnt 
their under- tcoiants, or for the securing of the rights of any not 
penonally pneenL The witcoiagemot [wesacd and os«rcisod 
all tho powRTi of a free covudl ; tbo Norman court or pnriia- 
iMDt, claiminff tbo cbanctvr of a witensjuenot, if it possessed 
theae rights in theoiy, did wx exercise tiwra. At no period, 
however, of our early history was (he ataeinbling of the national 
oowml dispensed with. 

Seoood. The reprassntation of all clasMS of the psople Is 
necessary for tbo complete oiganiMtiau of a ualioiial vouudl, 
and tbal cwxplete organtaatioo is Iq^nlly coniitituled by mm- 
moo* to jMrliaineuL, lu this three priiK-J|il>« sro involvMl : ihu 
idea of rsfweseuutiun, tlie idea of exhatutivs nftusnitotioi^ 
and the definite luminons. 

I. The idea of repn'sentatwa was lainillar to tho EnglUi In 
tho minor courtiv ^>^ handrodmoot and llie shinniDOl. Tlia 

National Ittprtitntatiom, 


rent ud four men rapreannMd tbo tcwoiihip in tli««e 
Ute ; tin iivi-Int oMMMin of tlui sbcrilT rvpnMnt«d the judicUI 
ifiiilMt, aoiDnliiau tbe ooIUetivia leg&l kiMwMga of tlio shiro. 
At • Uter poriod tli« taquwt by svom recogniUn, tn civil 
ill, in lb« prweatmeDt of criauaftK uiii in the UKannaot of 
nd »aA pcnoa*! [irajivrly, Tvpmcuti.-d tho ixmitrj, Uut in tli« 
lUr* or hiiMlnsd or Iwnxigfa, for wbow bminiMi tiMf went 
fw«ni to MMwar. 

IL till) political eonetitiienta of the Mdion (exdtuire of tlie 
tiaf), — t)i« Uiree e«tal«a of tbu niulm, — are the derttf, tli« 
■wl the eomnuKU. A perToct Dationttl ooancil muat 
lode ftll tlMtte: tlw iMrooag* b; porsooftl nttcndikDce, the 
umI paopla bjr repnaentatuHi. Th« btBlwp*. nlihougli 
tbi^ right to ajvfWHT jMraonally in the Cooimaao Couciliuui is 
cUnr IIad (be iatrndaction of Uic fctidftl principle od which 
(hi ikeorjof iMtranage ia hawed, htre, \>j the dcfiuitioo of l«wy<ra, 
hnn nwla to a!iik their cliantctvr of wit>Q in that of bmroiUi 
■ n iogpt trixKB tliey may for onr prraent puq>aBe bo included. 
The rvpraMBlation of the e«t«t(« llwn tmplira the uuioii in 
ptriument of (i) the buonage Uy tuid dcncal, {3} tbe lower 
^btfjr, and (3) the ooramooa. 

^^■S, Thn haritnage, tn it« rtTliat mciuitDR, incluilrn all hannti, 
^^■ik ■> all konagcn, holding <Urcctly of the crown ; Init \yj va^ 
^Bi^ve diaagca, tbo progren of wbirh i* fiir fnim cmt lo fii 
«feeeolog>L>lly, it hu been limitod, fim, to all who poaaeai a 
bbIwI 'owpaa* or cidloelioD of Itnighta' fees l>eld under ona 
title: MBnndly, to thoae wbo, pooaHnng n^ a haraoy, an 
«»swMd by ■jMtfial writ: thirdly, to those who, wbntlier 
stUlcd by radi tenure or not, liare reoeivtd n special tun- 
■Dw: and Sanlly, to those wIk> have become by creation or 
(Moiptien entiUed hereditarily to rweJn null a nuBinoni. 
The -iwiottooa of iliffuity oniong the penona ao nuinioiMd, 
i«ynwiia] by tbe noinn duke^ inoniuia, Mr), and visoount, are 
•f a* iwtimtiiiiMl (ignificance. The h«irnntnl liiJe of the 
tUofa mtA miltni abbula original^) iu the MKOud uid tiiird 
•f lis pmdfilo iliai ftAlod. 
3. 1W •■feriw drjigy liad onmamorially tlidr diooenui aa- 


fntroduehty Sietc*. 


»cml>liea aad (liuir share in lli« provincial onuncUs <A the Cliurek, | 
— ■ sham whtoh wooli] b« im diflicult U> defiiw m it t&at uf tlin 
ploba or populiu in the ' oommuiie ooosiliDin rfigui ;' bat trbicli 
do» Dot mu«Ii affect conatltutiocul Ustun- uutil the pariixl of] 
Ui^Ba Oarta. At the begiimiii^ of tbi- tliirlrcnili nvnlniy tlic 
(lootriiw »aa gMning grotutcl that the taipajor ahoald ham a J 
voice in tbo beatowal of the tax ; the l«>^l poailiun uf the heae 
fiord clet^ bad b««a long dtdnitolr Mt4l«d ; and th« changea in 
the chim«(«r of taxation took Trom them the intmiiiiitiw which 
th«y had earii«r poawoard and «till ptmitMcat}; oUimtd. Tbo 
liid* which John oondc*c«nd«cl to mIc of th« inferior e1«r^ w<Tr« 
not grenlcd bjr anemblles, Imt eollect«d b^ sepanle nqifuliadtia . 
ihtougb tlie ardidtaoooa, in the Minu wny that tlt« ahorifla ocl 
itinerant Jiul^ ncgotWod tbo atda of di« towna and countus, [ 
In a cotindl held by John in iiof tlio ngnlar ttlOT^WBra re-| 
prcamilcd bjr the abbota; in aiiotlter iii iitj) the cnthedral' 
clergy wore represented l>y llie deana ; the rut of the dtr^ not I 
at alL In both of tbeae oaaoa then arc nnalogiea with llw doal- | 
ing* of the Uf eatatM that might be traced at leagtb. Fuaatngj 
oTor th« anomalain oouiM'ils of the next fortj Teara, we And in { 
1354 a wHt directing tlw archbi«hi>p* and biahupi to nascnnbtaj 
all ih* elnfj for tlie parpaae of gnnting an aid ; tn 1 35.'; iIm> ! 
procton of tho clei^gj appmred in jwrlianiMit nt Wtatiiiinalor j 
mid prcwMited their ^vamina. In 1 183, Kdwan) I eitnimonod | 
tbnn br tlt«ir {irueton to ffreat eoUDcEls nt Northampton and I 
York; in 1194 they wwn lammoBed by thcdr proctor* to tbe{ 
paHknMOit at Wettniinatnr ; and in 1195. by the cJauM ^nUMin- 
itMnlt* in Iha writ ennmioning the bishopa lo pM^iantoni, tbo I 
doner **^ Mnimoned to appear then ; the d«ana and ]>ri4rs of I 
the o*lh(4r*la and tlie nrchdenooii* tn pervon, the oha]ft«n I7 j 
OBO proctor, and tli* clergy uf «nob dloceae by two, liariiig full 
and nUBcianl puwnr IVom the ciiaplen and tht tinjsj. Thlaj 
olanM baa bn-n inaortnl, otilli a fnii rxccptlou, ever ainoe ; thai 
COtMtant tiaag<> (latino, aa lUtrd l>y Hcdy, from the a8th of j 
Edward III; bnl it liaa DittW«ai octnl nptin sinretlieroanoeothf 
cMitury. Wo may tnco in lUa Iho doAnlng haivl of Kdward I, [ 
who tloubtlaaa inhaihled by this omm to Introduce a ooot|>li:tnj 


Gttmijt Rejrrt*e»lalio». 


>7iKiiKiri(*l «ynt«a of rcpreKnIalian into the lower dejiort' 
nni dT hU puriUmifnt. It wu dcfimtctl bf the clergy tliem- 
atim, wlio pntfi-rml to tiHo tlii-ir nifia in cmirocatioB, tliair own 
npNU uaemlily or prsviKcial MWDcit ; which, aUo dnriDg tlio 
ni^ ol Edward I, wu ft few .vca» earlier remnstitatMi ou tlie 
iffmamtkttvfi buhu, in tiro dlvisloiw, one ine«ting at London uid 
tia a\\\tf Kt York. I'lio Mmvooitioaa, wliich were nimiaoiioil hy 
ihc wiiibialtojM itixl wore divided ocoordiiis to tbo proriuMs, tbe 
aaawtr of rc|ireMFDiivti<iii dilTcriDg iu tlw two. tnual be ciu«' 
hDf ititl{Bft*ii*biHl fiuin thu pwrliiimMitaQ' n-'pnisi-utntioii of tbu 
4b|[^, wliidi wu summui>od by the kin^t writ directed to the 
nliliittinpa anil lii4iiapK aiul wu iDteiHl«d to bo on t«t«tc of 

%. TUe commons must b« ref^Knlnd u compoaeil, for polllickl 
piquac*, or tbe impuiation of the ubirec, the eocicnt divitiona 
M ili« KdminiMratioQ of which the eorijr politiod syvtcm of tbc 
VKairj «M baaed ; uid that of the towui or boroughe, wbieli 
bd baen ereelMl \>j (uccemite graatH of privilege* Into the 
Matin of anbclantivt ]Mliticnl bodie*. 

(i>) E(i<>u)(1i !iaa bean said already of the origin aiul growth 
of rr|>mri)ti>tiofi in iba fomer. It would iiot a{i|>ear tliut there 
n* any proTiaioa for the tocorporaliou of tbe repreaeutativee 
rf th« ■hires io tbe Coiumuiie Cundtium before tbe rtign of 
■feba ; and when the pnnci])to is adopted, it ia queatiooable 
vh«tbrr tlk«y ow«l their privilege to tlielr coiurtitntional poel- 
tbo moet proinin«iit portiuD of an estate of tbu realm, or 
bfliag the mo«t reiuly maebinet^ for the rcprtacntation 
uTlbe iiiitiur lurDrui, the lower tenant* of tbe crown. The I4lh 
of .Magna Carta prouiiMR that tb»o shall he mimmuued 
gODvral writ, himI through Hid alieriffa. Hie ouly couxtilu- 
nwda of the ■beriff's action wu in tlw county court. 
tbe niDor barons, to be miuulicd at all, must bo 
(oanitlail fn Ihn oonuty court. But that court was already 
vnsHtulwl of all tire freoholdcta. ami tbe raacbinerr of repre- 
•MBdon and eltctMo was already familiar to tbem. It would 
thsa appear <<er1ain that from tbe time at wliieb the reprnseiw 
tai*M of tha abira were firW amuDoned, they were held to 


InlTodueiory Skttei. 


reiUMcnt the wliole body of fredioldera ; ud oltboDgfi llMn waa 
at n litter period o ijuesUon wlirtbur Um wages uf tlic kiit^flits 
of the «hiro ahoiiLd be p«id \>y tbe wliole bodir or freelioUlcrs, 
or oolj- bf Uw tenaiita in kuight aorrio, it wm never [imm|>- 
loriljr J«t«rtDiDed ; nor liu tlier« evor benn a doutit bat that 
tLe ri'preMmtatiaD wnit that of llie wliole ebire, and the dootioa 
inade^ theontJciillr at IcmI, in ^t/mo wmiiatu, <lown to tiie 
Act of Henry W, which rattrtotcd tli« tleotonl AnndiiM lu tha 
forty shillings freeholders. 

The firat txi^uon on which tbe reprcanitnlivcc of tho lUm 
wvr« Munnianud to oontult with lb« kioK aixl otlter eatatoi is 
in Iho 15th of John, 1313: wIwq the Icing Ij writ, addnamd 
to th« HberifTa, directs th»t four diacrtet inun of e«iifa ahira dull 
bo Bent to him, *a(t loqaeodum nobiacum do iH([olii» ngrii 
nostri.' Thune 'bur diaoreet men' mnst ho ntganlvd in 0011- 
uexioD with tbi! cuitont of eteeUng four kliiglit« in llie ootiiily 
court to uoniinatc tbu rooognitor* and grand Jury ; uul tiw 
t^tfa Clftuaa of tli« C%art«r, dimling tha tammona of Uie mbior 
bkrans by the Aim's, rami be iutorpretiNl or !lluRtnt«d \ry this 
writ. Tbe next cmm in which it u dear tlut reprtvttnlativm 
uf the shire were called to parliament ia that of 1 354, wbon two 
kntghta ivpnacDt each oounty. la 1261 tbe barons, and after 
tli«m llcury III in oppoaitiaa, Kunntoned tbree kui|;bta Iroin 
aodi ahire. In 11641 Simon de Moatfott •ummoni'd fixir; to 
tbe fomoua aaaeoibly of 1*65 be nmnuincd two. In tlw great 
aaecmbly wbicb Kwon all««gi«we to Edward I in 1173, four 
knighia, and in (]» aecond parliament of 1275 two, reprea o oteJ 
eadt aliire. Tbe mention of the commonnlty in tbe esHy wrlta 
taA alatulu of Edtrunl I aeenti to abow that tbe pnutioo wa* 
pimaod with come appraaoh to L-oiitinnity, and oettaialy in 
aonM> ouM, iia in tlx' wuitcila of 1183 and in the parlininont 
of Shrewebury, it was fully carried ont But tbe diurauter of 
tbeae aaMnblieo is ■ mntter of debate, and it cannot eartain^ 
be Mtid Uwt tlie knicbia uf th« iblro were foraially aamnaDed 
to propFT parlianenta until the year 1190, or tliat Uwy wwra 
rt^urded aa a necesMry inyrt^imt of parlUnMmt until 1 1^ 
Their regular and coutinuooa aunmDua dnte« from 1395. 



OrmetA of Borovght. 


(1) 'nw barouRlu i>r England, like tli« «ian(i«t, stood ia a 
<lmAic ralatioo lo tlw king. Jii refy vaxay (."aaes Uwy were in 
yi dcDMins, mm) liad rewivcd their jiriviltf^m ru k ((jft or par- 
(hua bvm him ; ami it) ntl ciuit lliey wvrv n vc(7 important 
^w wat in lAKatioa. EJiber ih«ii on tbe (eitdnl pHacipl« as 
dnuane UdiIh, or uq thn political ktohikI as on influeatial part 
rf Um batiuK. tli«y >tooi] od a baotfi, not indeed ao old as that 
af Um eouuly or;gauisatioii, Init iu all other nwpMU Kiuvoljr 
Im bBparteoL Tlwir biatar; tdb ita own lalo : beginuing aa 
k m Mm» of a kini; «r of a biabop, abbot or accuUr lurd, thejr 
bad bjr tbo tima of tba Conquoat oblnin«d rccoj^ititian, aa indi- 
HtoUlio apart from tlic bod)' uf tlie counties to wlucli looill}' 
ll*)r bolooged. Tliey wen tnJueil Kunemlljr Kiilijuet to tW 
juriadtelioci of the ktni; an Un d«tn<wi<^ and not iocluded in iJm 
«r|na aoaillatiia. But tbo towna au aittiatcd at the tim« of the 
D— wJay mrrajr wcra fow, and. even for a oentw^- after, thej- 
incpeaaed la aamlxtr and importaaoe alowljr. Tboir internal 
eoadUvn waa but that nf any manor in tlM eoantry ; tbe reeve 
nd fail cofopaiuoiiB, llie Uvl jiirj- oa it wae a(l«nraids caHed, 
fcdag lh« niagistra«jr, aad the oonalitutioa being fiirther 
■ttVBfthcned oolj 1^ the rolautary aasuciation of the loot 
|idd, whoM nNoban woold naturatly fumiah ibe OOtUweDon 
af tke lert. The towns ao H<lmini»tered were lial)l« to be uIUhI 
DM fur tallies* **• tbe will of the lord, and tJie Ujwiinn«n wer« 
in nnr rwpeet, except wealth and cloaeneaa of organintion, 
B iW aaiaa eoDdition a« tli« vlIli-inH of an ordinnrjr (lomeoae. 
Thn oast ttap taken in the diroction of eroancipation woe the 
pvrchaan, lijr the tenants, of the jtrma Aui^', that ia, tbe term of 
Iha 4hHi psjrahle to tbe lonl, or tbe biii)f, witliin tlw borough : 
■Mead of beitic eoUeelwl ae*«rally bj tliv reeve or the duiriff, 
iLsa wvre eomp<>umled for by a fixed ram, which waa paid 
if tW burgbora anil rvn]>])ortioDed amungat ibvauelvaa. Tbe 
ptBt of the ferm waa accdmpanied !>}', or implied, an act uf 
e^andpatiun from TJlIuin nervicm; niul tbo Teripicata of tbe 
paM wern itia bofgbcra, aa meiubers of the le«t or of tli« guild, 
m fat both (Mpacitiee. Tbe bnr^tBeo f^ii^t "^ Bp|HirtioDed among 
Ike bmMM or (enefneDte of tlte boighere. w)>o thus became 


Intwluetory Skfhi. 


tenaiile iii biirg&g« kdi) oo an equnlity with leaanti in friHi uA 
common socage. Tbe possesion of tiMvo Iwrgwi^ wetv, uatil 
a furtber OTgaaiaatioii ina prvvUted, t]i« poIitionJ oooMiUiaDla 
of the baroagh. 

Tli« privileges of tito boroRgha lukd not ^t niiidi Ko^'MkI flii* 
al the dMtb of Hcrnr; I ; the Imrghrni of B«(v«riay, who wprr 
diart«red duriuj; liis reigo by tliejr lord the arebbisbop of Vorfc, 
with the nme privlkgee n» thoie etijoxed \>j the dtiutu of 
York, an em|K>¥reT«(l by Uidr cbart«r to bare tl>eir kuM-Aw, 
and tlun to make their liy-lavni, and to enjoy curt«in inmif 
nitlM froin tolU within th« shiro. It !a impoMibU lo argua 
from the pririlegee of tbe city of London to thoM «f tlw pro- 
vinciul (owns ; and ia tbe seardty and uncertaiuty of Ibe «ariy 
chitrien there art- many aerioaii liindniuoa to any gvnvniin- 
tkm, Araoi^t Ui« nghta dniniod by I.oudoo at thU lUte, are 
llioM of electing iu own eheriff, of «xemptioD from external 
Jodicatote, freolom from aevcnJ Rpecified impoats, and prolw* 
tion for oorporato Mtatee. London, however, con never hav* 
twen reganlvil >» a town in dunMuue ; and ito pririlegea, mtal 
in llio piiwerful burgbnr* of the frvp dly, MTved u a model for 
tboM which gnttlualty cmancipatMl. Under Henry U w* 
traee an inerrofte iu tbe priviUigM recogniaM or i^ruitt^l by 
■.-liarter : the king conlmna the liberties enjoyed dnring tlia 
rri(,'na of Edward. William, and Henry I ; by apooLal priviU^ 
tltv villein wbo hu itaycd a rear and ii diiy in a i-linrlrmj towii 
un«Uiiacd ia (reed in perpt^uity, or (he lowra are exeiin|it<«l 
from the jariadictton of tlie iberilT or king's offiner. It la only 
by fine that they obtain now and tliwi tlie right to elect their 
own officers. Thia and other righu Harmly toat important are 
oceanonally gmnt«d in the chartem of Ri^nl, and eontmonly 
la thoMi of Jolui, which mcb (O nxx<-;tiise in tlm lmroui;li b 
modified e<»per«l« dbantet«r Imt tittle slwrt of the Ut^r idrs 
of ineorpoTMloa. The obnrter of John to Dunwieh is npeeially 
fall ; beatowinft the pfaaractur of a tna bonwgfa, cDunimting 
the riglilji, auuh h Sao and Soc, in which the biiTgbwv enlirr into 
the powaMon of the ilatna Wfore Iwlongiag lo the lonl i>f tbe 
franohiat; iho fittin of tl»eir town; inmnnity froiu all Juria- 


Seronfi R«pr«trHlation. 


iidloo Morpt Owl of tbe kiag** JnitwM ; lli« rigbt to apfxar 
htlm tlir ju*ttCM, If «umni<]iM(l, bjr npr«Mnt«liati of tmlw 
kwfal OMD, Mid uf Iwii^; aMnenl in cas» of *■> ameneiiHiQt hj a 
siud jarr, half iwioed »ut vf tluir own IkkI}', Tbe privilc^ot 
•f the lawn* ailrm&ovd wty tilllu furtber tImD diin iluring th« 
UrirtMaih ocntury : but at tlwi Ix^iiniit^ of it tbo [irinciple of 
i*pnMaM«Uo« uul Dleottoti wm lbu« B{i|ili«d to tbom. 

Kb itlcM of mimnioning tlw towus to appear ))l^foM tbe kisg 
bj Uwir TvpraMuiativM i«u be t»ceO bi;^i«r tfaan tli« nigD uf 
Jafca. BM^bra ati>l alV«r tliu tbe richer teoimta tii burgage nay 
han oocaaiooAlly attended tli« rojml councUa wilb tbo other 
(Miokbra. Tbej' wmiUI, however, buvc no npmtatativo cbo- 
iMl«r vbBt«v«r; aor u tborfl an; trac« of th«ir m^btntteo, 
lo filwm sttcb a oliarauter would belong, being niiniuimed lo 
Pk/UutMUt, aa cbej' wore to the Statin Oemen) in Fraaoe b,v 
fUltp tha Fair. Tlu' fint notioe uf n unitol reprt^enbttioa 
I Id iJtj, whoa John anntinoned tbe rq>r«e«fitativea of tbe 
ne bada of the erown to cotimaie tbe eonipeaMtion to he 
|Nid to tb4 plundered btahii|M. By a writ to tho Kh«riffM, they 
tn •Urectoil to aemd to 8. Albany four men nnd tha reavo 61XB 
•TCi7 lownaliip in demesne. In llib may be distioaly tnoed 
■ omnexioo wilb the county court representation of earlier and 
lUer titniM. The OiAaenibly ao oonsliluted met, and ia ^gniSed 
bgr Matllurw Pari* with lb* title of a council ; the arohbuliop, 
lUiofM, and Riognatca bdng prtaont at it. It la indeed tbe 
■amildy to whtob, tbruu^^h iJie JuatlvuLr, Jobu propoaed tbe 
tWunlioo of (be laws of Henry L Frwtn tlii* dalit, however, 
\u the porliaiDent of Simuo du Uonlfort. wo find no foitber 
tasM : nor can tbia caao be token aa more than pointiiif; (be 
way to tba \aXcr tyrtem. Tlie taxatJOD was still a matter of 
amuifpmient with iba ofilcan of tli-: excliM|ucr, a.a& for no other 
fgrptmi irrv tlM tuwna likely to bo consulted. Tba FiimtiM>ua 
nTRimoo dr Montfort waa diivcted to tbe dtJMBi and bur^tieni 
rf Um taveraJ dtJea and borougb*, end) of wbidi waa to oenil 
Iw rapraaefltatirea. Mwr tlie year 1 365 tbrre ia again a ton; 
Uaafc; for alfJtongh in aevera) plucn the burglter« are apolccii of 
a» joinjnft in granU of moiM-y ai Ibe king's rxiiieit, H eannnt 


iHimiuctorg Skrlch. 


U shown tliiit tbcir raiKwctiUtirM ««r9 coBTokm! for tiie pi 
IKiM b«foro the jimx 1395. Tltc nnttooal oouncUn oT i>;3 ttud 
■ 383, nod the parlutaieut of mmwobury, oooUiDcd npnam- 
utJTcs oTtho town, but tiMjr an not allowed by coDBtitutioDst, 
lawyers tli« full unnie of parliaments ; aor U it eerliUD wbct1 
ihe reprtHvatAlivea alteutled m repreMuting an eMotu or a 
of 000, or meHj' lor the pur|KiM of informing tha king 
rrCT*"" In IZ94 t)i« tawD* were acked for tlidr oontri- 
bolJoiiB by dUlinct ooniintssions ; ia 1 395 they w«ro summoaeil 
ci^ularly to (lartianieiit ; and alUiougb the aerlee of writa 
Qoi «o coni|ilet« in the ciue of the towua at In tfaat of Uw 
cmuitic*. their rigbt waa tbcn reoognUcd, tbeir fmutatt wa« 
Men to be iiidispetiMbI«, aod tho rrpraeetitation baa bc«D ooa 
tinaoiu; or nearij oontioumu, ever ainoe. 

The gnat difleieooe between (Ji« repreaeatatton of tbe eoiui- 
t*M and that of Uw boroughti b diii, that it was ia tlw powor of 
the crowu or its adnscra to inenaM or dimi&idi tbe Dumber 
of bormifrliB mpresented — a powor baaed on the doctrine tlut 
their privil<^ was Uic gift of tlw crown, and thdr statoti 
hixtorieally that of royal d«in<sne. Bui tJieir aaaodation with 
tbe knights of tbe nhire, wboae nunilxxa could not bn altdivl, 
and whoie poeaesuon of their right sprang ^m the mora 
aDci«iit part of the ooDelitution, |irovimtcd the tliird estate from 
falling into the coudilioo into which the «orrc«puniiiag body fell 
in Bpun, wli«re live custom of HunimoniDg tDwtiH wru mhipiw) 
earlier; and in PiaDoe, wtien H was powibly iuitutcd by I'bilip 
tbe Fair from the practioo of Edward L 

III. Tlie status of the parlimncnt vm oonstitnted by the 
writs of mmtiMMis, addnased to tbe barons individtially, and to 
the sborilfi for tbe reprcseutalion of tbe third estate. In tlM 
latter cose both towns and countin choae tliuir reptwcntalives 
in the sbirerooot. When tbe particolar fbmi «t writ was not 
obMTVed,~and both for military leriea of tho nssals and (oe 
great ooviKila a dlstiuct fonn was to use, — tbe assembly, 
althottgb it might eonUb evrry element of a pariiatnenti was 
not reftanlod as om. Tbe obscurity of our kiiowUvlg* on 
point, oBuacd by tbo loss of tli« aiKlent writs, i>f<a«ions 



Grtat CanmeiU. 


ASevltjr titet vxMi Bbotit Um MMmUics oT Ike rdgH of 
B«U7 m and of Um (sriy jr«H« of Edward T, dontig -whliA 
wmj WBciTi wan beU whicb eonbdned eertaialj fcniglttf of 
■W ahini, sad poa J J y d*|MUia frtwn tbo town, b«t wludi an 
«bIM OnaC CmMiIi ntbar (ban pftrHamfalA, li>r tliif twluucal 
NMOB— ndiar Ibt^ eoDluiMd otbw iagndiaBte bsidM die 
■falir «aw of (wrfiaiium ; or ibejr £d aot castafai all the 
BfnAKBta of pariiaaMBt ; or tbe towaa were mnaioincd odwr- 
wiM Uho ilsoog^ Ik fborUb ; or tli« mtnber of rapmratatlfw 
fvifril or Ac >ri ae ti oB of the borov^ wai trngnbr ; or the 
fau|NM» ^ m d he A itt tbe writ ma uUnn- tlwo pariiaai«aUi7. 
SmIi cBOBcik wen otxanaaallf held ta [!><■ atKcawKiig nigM^ 
ori «wr«ia«d nasf nt tlw powcra of {wriianoBl, but Uom 
fa^eaad by iben, %ai lawi enaded by lltrir Milli«iitf, wore 
n^idad «a of gawliopaMa raUdhf, uid aoncUitM* had to be 
benaOjr ■■ iniilnil Tbeae nraoal* wtn, liowCTer, a part 
•( tbe pwawi by wkiob tlta tnatitutioD of pariuunebto ripeoed. 
1W im u l ai tribmal of later date, to which the Mtne nane 
if Onst CoodI ia gnen, ountMoed the lord* Kpiritaal and 
tmifmrwi, iIm jodgn of the eoorte aad the otbtr vcnibcn of Iha 
Ui^ axTiiiwj oraaeil. For jadirUl parpoaea it eicrciaed a 
r%hc vUcb pariiaiBBBt as Eodi bad not. And whtch has deeccnded 
faa it to tbe Hoon of Lutda ooly. It abo adriwd the crown 
ia tA iBitlwe flf gmernmcnt, although atqr attempt at lagida- 
ties waa w»tdied Tory jc^looiilj by tbe Conramn. 

TUkL Iba eoabiaatiM) of the prioriple of election with that 
«f RfrnMBtatfOB baa been Qluitnteil by what pr««ed(«. Hie 
'lim of da<tion wa» rcry nnricnt in tlio lutioa, and had Iwoii 
ttwiUleaBy owiAlaitied in l>ath th« higfatet and the loweal 
■ 0GM of the polity : (he kiDgB and prelalM wtre Mp^ioeed to 
be rf wt rf ; the Ba|^atrat«i of tuwna, the Judidal oOcien of the 
anafltaa aad faw t i^ were nally «o liraixi the bogtnni&g of the 
Osnonth eaBtwy, if not befen. In tht*. aa in nery other 
point, the frvedon dalmed md ofleo aenred by 
: to maintain tha reooIleetlaB or Uw of a right, 
b the rni^B dC EdwHtd I the Uwycn reprMumlod it ae an 
IWtMiia right that the rddonaan, tbe haretogp, and 


jHlftxtueioty Slflci, 


iIm! «lt«rilf wer« e1«(iod ufficcn. The elMtMfl of nbctiff wm 
daiincil br lliu oouuiiot (lurioft tfac i>cil!aiiit^iiivrir Atraguff 
whieli prmlucw) tlie PruviBion* ot Oxford, anil wm Konurd ta 
Ibe fre«liold«ra by tkn ArticiiU npcr CaitM in i joo ; but tlie 
privilege wua willidrawn early in the next nign. Tlie two 
prindple* of «l«ctiou and TV[iivMiilAt>on have i>ev«r bwu dirided 
in EngiatiiJ >in«o One reign of Edwim) I, altliongh tlv vftrii 
of fnuichiaea and dixpoUii on Uie right of voting for maabeni 
»f pnriutiuent an for tnaiijr cmiturifs bcwildsring in tbe ex 
tn»M). The tuwiu^ however doce tb« elective (ntKblae, Imva' 
iMfvr boen, w in Fnue^ Tq>rMi!itteU b; tUeir OMftixtnUi' 
M ntli. 

Pourttt or <Im four noniuil [mwcm of u national aaaciubly. 
tbo juili«ial bna n«ver b«trn exereiaed hj ibe parllameui aa a 
IMrliniQKtit. Thp E'luau of Common* b not, rilher by itadf 
or in conjunction iritli iIm* Hooac of Ijonia, a court of jtutloo : 
tlM Uonae of Lords Iwm inherited iu jurudivlion from iIm 
Great CottiKil. Auoth«T powi-r, the political, or itglit of |{«n«r»l' 
dvliboration on all national mutters '*» too j»gae in ita extvRt| 
to be capable of hcinji diruDologicnlly defined ; nor iraa it reulljr 
N-indiL-uted bj- the [wrliaracnt until a much Uur p«n-io<) Uuui 
llial on which wc are now employed. Tlic Inn moft im|iorlaBl| 
remain, tbo Icgiolaltve and the tAxntive, rbo IrMing of «h> 
bittory mart oonplete our preaeul survey. 

I. The ancient tlicory tlwit tlic hiw* wen made by iJie kti: 
and witan cu-onlinaldy, if il be an ancient theory, boa within 
hictoric tini«« been modified by tlie doctiiiM Iboi the kin< 
enaieUd tbe lawa with the ootiaeet vmI oonaent of tlie iriliin. 
Tliia !■ the moat nuoinit farm exiatin;; In enattmenta, and la 
common to the early law* of all (lie Teutonic nun: it 
of oonree alway« been itill nwie modilWtl in uaage by 
vatyinit power of the hin^ and hia ooniiaellor*, and by the 
tlwl eadi was strong cuuiigh to vimtieate in tbu pmooaa, 
Until tlte rrigit of Jolin th<- variclii-^ of |inctice may ha tnwed 
chiefly in the form taken b} il>e law on ita tnactttont. Tba 
andent lawa an either drawn np aa c<mIi>, like AKml's, or *« 
Mneodmenla of cuatuina: oftco nc bava wily tlie I ore »*ifM* 

ded JO 


GmHMt and OntKnt. 


d tkrai, tlw ntbHaan llwt w«a orally tranKBilt<4 IWim om 
^■nitkio of wJUn lo uiotiieri wlwra w« lure Uiem in tn- 
tt%ra,j tltfl rj/urarl aiid ooosent of tbe witno am Hpecificd. Tlie 
hm uf (■•» Nurmui kinga are pat in tb« fijrm of chartera ; 
ibo luiitf in hia •or^trdgn upadty gmnt* nnci ctrnfinm liberties 
mA frve ciuton* to bin people-, but wilh tbe oonumt and ooa- 
M)t of kit boroM and failkful. Henry II tssued must of hi> 
■Milninilii u (>>li(H« or naaiK!*, with u full rebeamil of the 
ewMal and cmurnt of hi* arcbbuho|i*, liiahop*, nbbole, prion, 
■rk, faanjua, luiiKliti, luid fmolwldcn. Th« oompaot of John 
vilh Um baroM liaa the form of a cWter, Iwti oa nlrondy 
ilitetl, la radlj a intXj based oo utiolea ]>ropo»ed ta him, and 
oaataHliug additiooal artMea to (tcccm excctition. Prooi Ibo 
r John the fomw viu^-, and tJw raiga of Hnirjr III oon- 
ntatatea of avcrj abAp« — the cUrter, ibc assize, the 
•TtidM profMsol and acceptwl, and tlw epecial fonn of ((ravi^Mnit, 
vhtok an snalogMia to (be canons of eueUwaatical oonncih. 
Fracn the raign of Edwaiil I tho forma aro those of atatotes and 
onltnaiHea, ditCdring in soma asMrtoined r«apocta, the former 
Ibrawllj acoeptcd in l)i« psritsnHot as laim of perpotn&l oUiga- 
tioOt and ennllvd : the latt«r proceeding from tlie kiiig and his 
aooadl iMher ikon from tbo kti^ awl |iar1iiuiicnt, being titon 
t i potwj in chamctvi-, wnd iiot 4'iiro]U-<l anrang tho statutea. 
AO aUka eiiirces tJic cuqumI and consent will) wlucb tbu kiug 
fcirti&B* hia own etiacting power: but several of the eadj' 
uacut«a of Edward are «'onl«d as if that eoaoliog |)nwer reoided 
a iJia LinK and bli ordinarj ooondl ; and it b not clew whether 
tbi* assiunptioD is lautcd on the doctrine of tho ccirnliBc Jurists 
who wen adilicied to tl^ civil law, or on imitation of the 
prsctiea 9f the Trench kin([a, jtut them made illaalrious by the 
EstablUiinMita of Saint Lnwia. 

TW actual force of the vxpreHJoB ' couniwi and eoBseiit,* which 
if pincrvvd during ap tong a period and nodcr such rarioua 
dasal i^ nwnto of tba rayal power, can oulf be eatinuted approxi- 
, aooordii^ to (be oocaaioa or tli« needs or the chsniL-ter 
tuT«rai|fn who nrknowledgca iL It aiand*. for at least a 
plury after the CuoqntrDt, im ibr rvrord of a tif;lit nilhcr tliaii 


Intfoiuflory Sketch. 


tiie exptywioa of k fM!t. Under Umrj II and bis deiceuduila, 
bjr wliom * Urge than of power ns Mtoftlly T«Med la the 
aawlWn mxA jndgee, tbe bdlitf of conmiltation vm mitob 
iiWRased, bat it rccDaina an obware poiot, wh«tha- oooaenf 
ouutd be witliheld m well u burtowH, itod whotlitr it wm BoI 
g«n«nilljr t»koD for gnmtcd. Froin tbe rngn of Hennr IIT it 
was probably « reality ; and fram tliat of Bdwaitl I dovrtiwnnl* 
tbe form hM a typiod foroe, and tlw ranatMos lat«r InlrMlaand 
Luto it hvn A fprent deal of meaniiig. After tbd pemuUMial in- 
oorpontt.iun of tbo oammotM, from 1318 dowowanb, (be form ti, 
iy Iht aim»t iff At pnlaum, earU, haratu, and Ih* fon^monaltif 
vflht naJm. From the first year of Edward III tiie abara of 
tbe eomiDooa is fretiueally expreaM>d as fttitton ; hy tbe obkhC 
of tbe pnlatM, earlo, uikI Ittronti, aud at tlia reqtiMt of tbp 
oommoiu : undur Itichud 11 tbu awctit ii occasionaUy «xpnan>d 
as aimply that of the lords and common*. Henry lY • 
with M< advic« and atmnl of At \ordt at tht njvtH rf Utt 
eommoti*. lu tbu 33rd of Henry YI tlie aiiditioa by flMlAortiy 
^partianmni tint ocean ; and from the ist of Heniy VII tbo 
DMntian of petition is dropped, and tbe rv^Iar form beoomea^ 
(JU oieJM and atuiU, or conaent, of the lords ipiritnat tmd 
(amporol and eominont in parHamtnt tuttnnbhii, and by aulSoritjf 
efl/ta MOW. Tlicsc forms certainly un not unifoirmly obaarred, 
but tbe origin vS tliA cbaogM may ho exactly trnctd, and will bo 
found to syuthniniM witb tbe later cbangM in tbe baUnco of 
power between tbe several est«t«a and tbe sovereign. 

Tbe fortlier question. Were the tstatea ou an «<)aality Id 
r«spcct of li'^iilntion ) may be tliua briefly aurwerxd. Tbe 
claim of tbe dci^ and commons to * voice WM not admitted 
so early In legislation as in tba ease of taxation : anon adiattbid, 
lbs power of tlie cummuns very qiiiddy eUminaled all direot 
interferenM on ibo j>art of tbo derfty. Down to tbs und uf Um 
retgn of Edward I it can lianlly bo saiil that tba right of Cuuims) 
was «<xt«ndol tu tbe comuniiis iit all ; it is in the next pdun 
tliat their |H)wer of iiiitiitiitMi l>y way of |ietttiou is first roeo^- 
nised. Ai bt« as the l8tli nf Edward I, tbo statnte Qoia 
Einptores waa pMsed by tlie king aiul liamni, bofure tha 





4ij (or whtcb Uw cemmont wtm emnnvoned. Ab to tli« cl«i^'. 
drar* V DO doubt mtlin- that they exi-rciwd tbo riiflit of putilioii 
<r iW tbo king DocuioDiUly niatle a at»tutu at tJieir requceU 
with llw ooBiMel of Ibo lonlt, nnd without nfcnnec U) lli« 
■Mhiboii*; bat >i-t* no Nuictiooisl wcm not rrgnrdfd hy Hie 
lawTsr* m of fall aatbority, and are reldgatifd, [>erliB|w rightly, 
fc* tba cJkh of ordinancM. FowiUy the royal theory wu that 
Ifct rigbt of (rtiliuo belonfped t« botit cl«i:^ mid eominoiui, 
<rlil*t tli« couumI amt oofutcBt of the Ionia only wm inilinprn- 
«Ue. It wu not until tbo iglti of Edward II thnt tbp 
niice of porlbuBeDt, wlien revoking tli« aula of the LTdainers 
ilUtincily enuuctoted the principle that all mailers to l>e <eta- 
bbahMl for the «l«te of the kiiif; and people 'Khali It treated, 
■MonlaJ, ami r»luhtiah«d In Parlinmcnta by the kii^ and by ihe 
•■cat of iha jirrlafM. eiiHfi, bnrnni:, and oommonalty of the 
nalm, •oeonling as it iMth beca hitherto aeuuttoined.' 

The growth of the right of tlte common* may be traced in 
IIm bnaa of tbo writ* : in tl»we of Jolin, ibe knights of tliv 
■Un nro aumiaoikMl Biioply ' ad loqurtidum ;' thOM of !i>'inMn da 
Mi-ntfort deecrihe tlieia aa 't/nctaiuri el oonailiam impensuri/ 
mi frwfawdum aa wall at od ^intHlttutum ft eoiumfienJuin 
hmog the form of tummoiia unial in tlw cum ofa Qrmt Cbancil. 
Ealwatd I, in 1383, aomiiiuBa the repreaeiilaltvea of the town« 
0d muH^ndtti* *t/aeUudtim ; bi 1394, he nummans the knights 
of tb« ahitv od «hum/«im1n»« «I t»n«#*Ui-m'/itiN, pm tt of tiommu- 
N^laii iOtf, tu yv4if. tvmiUt, Laruneg, tt pneertt proftlicti ordi' 
mmvtr i nt ; witli which agr«ea the 6ict, tliat in 1 190 they were 
wA aaaetablrd until the IfigiaUUre part of the work of tbc jnr- 
bsMint had been truaactcd. From the y<-ar 1195, however. 
tba fnrm ix ' ad /aeifmlum ,-* under Edward II it heootnee ' ai 
MMMnMnKfwm «l /aeifn'inm,' to aaarnl owl «nwL From tbi« 
tine, tboti, tlio eoranmna wor*; Bilmitt«l to a sliare of iW din- 
iMlar of the Sa^dcnteB wbicli in tliix rr«p(«t ili« bibbup^ mid 
baroiia b*<i enpvasiNl aiiiee ibe CowjuiHit, and tlie kiug wua 
•aatilad to atalo vitb truth, aa E^lward I did to Cie |«>pr. lh<it 
the MHtom of El^(laiMl woa, thnt in Imtiiim afTii-tiii^ tbr oljilc 
«( the kitifrdom the coniMul of all whom the nMlter touelMd 


Iiiirciluctofy SMcA. 


■hould be Rqalnxl. Tli« comwiwrnling variatloM in (Iw 
fmnnumenia daiuii ramaiotiitiK t1»e ckngy im :— fai lafic'Ml 
tnetMKltim. nnlinnmluin, vl r«(.'ivi>(!um ;' lu 1 199, ' ul beiemdoai 
et conwTitiriulciin ;' from 1381, only 'oil coMMiiliMKlun/ ■ 
fuBotioD Bd«iaat«l7 ducWged bj ttbwneft. 

>. The flIuu-L- ur th« conmtoiu in taxation iakm prMcdMtt «f 
(li«ir aliarc in lt.-vtiHliitiuu. Tlw powi^r of voting noBDy wM 
mora nccMMiy tliiw tlut of giving coiuimL Of Ikis povrar, at 
it existed up to tho date of Magna Carta, «iwi)gh W been wUd. 
The wltetii^niot, and its suooeaBor tlie rtijvl counuil of ImroiM, 
eauld iiupuM tli« old national (axni ; tbc imlinarj- fwidaJ 
cxitctiou went maltcni of egcniuon Uw and ciislom, and tJie 
•moont of them ma Hmiled by OMge. But the tuctmonlliiaij 
aid* which Hear)' II awl bia Mun auIiHittiliNl for tli« Daocgcld. 
and the taxoe oa tbe demesne Itadu of iho crown, were arbitnu7 
{d ami>nnt aiid iDculanee: tbc fonnnr dearly requiring ood tbo 
btter, oD all moral jtrounda, not I«m diTnumling, on act of 
oonaent nn the part of tlie pajom 1'liit rigtil was early 
rrecigoisod ; oven Jolin, sa we bavn »ecn. asked liis boronM amna- 
times lor grants, and treated with the demcaoe lamU and lovnia 
thnxigh the E]cdiM(uer, with (be dai^ tbnwgfa the bisliopa 
and ordidtaconi. Ua^iia Ouin enunciates tlie priiici|»te that 
the payers shall bo called to the oommoa ceiuicil to km Dm 
Bids which bad been previously negotiated Kpantely ; bot tbe 
eJanse was nev«ir coiiRrmeil bf Hi-nry III, imt was it ^>lionlile 
to the tallia^ng of dememe. It is as tbo lowus begin to 
uKreose, and at the uroe time taxation ceases tn be t»wil Milely 
on land and begins to allect peraunal as well h real pivperty, 
that the difBcutlies of the king and the bsnlsliips of the estatea 
lishte to toltioge became imporiant The steps by which the 
kii^ was eompolled to pve np llw right of taking monay 
wilhoot a parliamentary grant, are tlw same as iIkhm wbiob lad 
to the oonfliTuatMHi of the ohwiere b^ Edwanl L It was virtually 
mmndered in the clause then ooneeited En addition to tba 
charter, whieJi la eommonly known under tli« fona of tha 
article*, D* Tallagio non et>Hn<tatdo. Ami this complotfd the 
laiativB iwwers of poHtaUMBt. The fiulber atapo of develop- 





JE^KWYf /. 


wtA, Ui« dAtenDiaaioa at Ibu dillHrent proporilooB in vbtob 
tW TBTiMui hnuidiM of ilic ilirv« iNitAtiM TDtcd tli«ir •ujipllen, 
nd iIm ficid fqi^roMiing of llic taxing pover bf Iho BouM of 
Omurodi, liifl fltrugglm hy which tbe graota wero tnade to 
dafMud no tlie ndreM of grievaacee, tnd Ibe detenninBtion of 
Iks di^unl of tuppliM iMiinMd hy th« pM-Uunent, beli>n{[ ia 

Wa tiftV0 tliDK lirought our skotcb of CoDstitutioiiBJ Bintorr 
to Uw point of time at wbi«h the nation may be ragardcd m 
fMcbiqg Ua full bUtiire. I( hai not ytl It^nmcd Su itnngtli, 
Dnr MOMtofoMl iucU to economise tt* power. lU lint TagiriM 
an tbuM of k peofih) grown op, but not ditciplinod. Tn tfwie 
Hm prooMB bj whicb it kwnod tlxi full atiwDgth of its otf^iam 
—by wliicb it learnod to ue its powera and fan«8 wilb db- 
criminatloa wmI effect — to act Mflil]*, eflectuaUj, and ecoDomi- 
allj, ^or, lo UM lUKitbcr mi-taplior, to tnoa tbc graditiJ woar 
nf tbs varioiu yntU of tbc mscbiuny, uutJI all roughnoaws 
ware mooibfd, and all that wa* mprrflnous, Mitangling, and 
eonfiMug wa* got rid of. and tbo balanoe of forcn a^lostcd, and 
Mtioii Biado manageable and int><!ligibK aod the power of 
aiUptatioa to obaage of drvum^tAucM tatty na]iaed,-~i» the 
ator7 of later politica, ot a proeew that ta lUU goii% oo. and 
niu'l go oa H the ife advaoccs, and mm are educated into 
widf-r vimni of govemnMtnt, national unity, sod political re> 
ajxinaibilitj. We stop^ Iiowerer, with EdwaH I, beoauM the 
niacbuieT7 (a now completed, the peO|>]u are at full growth. The 
■jnrtem i* nw and untnimd and awkward, but it U coi»|>Ic{e. 
Tbe attainio;; of this pmnt ii to bo attributed (o the ddluiog 
Utouua. ih* potitkal wtedou, and the botieetjr of Edward I, 
bnildiiiii on tbe intiiMraorial fuuudation of nalional eostom; 
ftttiag lugeth«r all that Henry I had phumr^ nenry II organ- 
bnd, and th« faeroea of tbe thittemth ccolury bad inspired with 
AmL lUa and tnmgy. 

R I 




ExTBAcra rsoM Caesar. 

1 BE Kcount of the GeniiMi* gtrea Itjr CWtMu-, %bA Anwa hgr 
bin) mora from tli« report* of tlidr nrighboan thaa from bC> 
own knowladge of UMm, must not be ngitrded u mon tkan » 
partiftl K^'i^I'M o^ ■ Knnll )iortion of tbc grvut fftmily nndvr 
Bpeoial cirvumrtiuicM. Tt wotitil, then, bo wrong to look ou U 
u & picturo of Ml <«rli«T jiImm of Uie iif« uf tho poople wbo luv 
It ocDtnry Ut«r dMcrib«d in dotail by Tacitus, or to infer from 
tlw difftiraiM of tlie pidurea Ibat the interVMiing (leriod wit- 
Bwaod tbo truuitiou from ono condilioD to the otlicr, Tbs 
ftftturca T«nuri[«(I on bv CncMr — tbo ptrpHual etato of urAr, tlte 
iioglect of agrioaltura for postoml pumits and bunting, tbo 
KoniuJ migrations of tribw — ve, It is tnae, oommonlf riowed m 
cIiftrMlviulic uf the first >t«|M out of barboriam into cirittMtioD; 
liiit tli« fint two km exlr«iuvl>* liftble to rJtagj;«nilii>ii by rumour, 
and tbe proiiiiD«(n<« of iIm hImIo tlirpp in thi< i)Mcri|>tion li 
owinfc to the genendly uuwttled ilAte of all (ril>M bunlnriug on 
tbo Roman oooqtuota. It would be iiiiinfe to kch"''! <i"y point 
in wbldi tbe report of CWnr fa not mnSnnoil by Tadlni m 
oarUinly cbaractartstie of tbe liCe of llie Ontiuu at homi*. lu 
InlortMt 4l«penda ehiafly on the bet, Uiat it is the fint alt«mpt 
«l Mil Mcount of the life of our for^aHhen, and ihat it cunifla 
frum Ibo p«n of one of lbi> frrMdpM atalmmon lliat tnm livnl. 

0. 3ttU Cawamk. CuniNi. J* ReBf f.'allieu. VI at. Ocrmiuil 
wnltum »b hae {te. (Salloruni) tMunuptutlinx diffprunt, nun 



'-■■'- '"i.^.tiloii 1>ii|imi, i|ui rwlrtK diHntc pnusint, nequc taeA- 

:it. Oi-i>ruiii nuRirn. ms gn|o« ducant, qnoB cernunt 

, .1 :ipcrtc opibui juiantur. 8ulcni et Vulcan um et Lu> 

r'.n'i <~ ii« lamA <|iiiiJeiB M!ceperiiiiL Viu amnu In 

•••luttntiiiiiiB 5tque in Mudiu r«i cnilibiris ooosartit; ak paivutis 

bKati ftc dnritiei Bladcnt. 

T' (! >3. AhTfcuIturae niMi ttndont; niajor(|iM pu« eoniin 
< in tiu-t<^, etxf. ouiM oonjiiitit ; nm^un qaieqiism a^ 
ri orniim kut Sue* h«bet pmprio«; wxl mn);i8lralud kc 
>09 in aiuioH ningTiIni gcDtibua cogotitiutiibuMiuc bonu- 
'{Ui una cuirrunt, quantum et quo loco vieum Mt Ign . 
I -lutit BU|q«i uino po«t ulio traiinirv eoguDt, Ejnt mi ^ 
■allM aflKniiit caaawt. tie lusjdua couMnrtudine GBpti rtndiuni 
MK ({(Tvitdi nfprtculluiK cuiniuutcut ; nc ktiM fine* pArare 
dadMUit, pcitmliorcaqiic liumilwnM pufKranoniliaii rx]>dlMit, iw 
MnmLtii* Bi] frigorn atquo ■nrlati vimdiIm acdificont , do qiu ' 
nrinlur jiot'unuc euptilitiw, quit ex r« fiHtionoa diiacoBioiMMqti* 
awctinttir : ul unimi atquilnle |>leb«m mulincAiit, cum auH 
<|«bqne ufi«B cttiii {lotetitiMirnls Mquiui vidca). 

Ik c. 33. ('ivitiiti)>iiii Diuxiiiia baa cMv qum latiaatnw 
nreum m VMlutia liuilnu niiilixlincM habcra, Hoc pnprluiil 
Ttrtiitti exittimant, nitpvilaos agm Snitimos o«dere, twqae <|a«m- 
•loiua prope audnv ooiiBUtore: Binul boe Be tan tutiorat 
Brtiitmnlur, rvpenliiine iDcurnonis tiioore BuliUto. Cum bvllum 
tiTitM rtut ilUtuin d«r«)itlit ant laXfui, tnaglctratux qui ri bcllu 
pnuHinl, ut vitM uecifqu« Iiabciuit polurialem, drli;;uiifur. In 
lliillu* est commimi* iiin},'i-''tnituii, iiril principM rpgionnm 
Knrum inter »u-.m jun diciint, controvsnuaqoa tniiiuunt. 
ttiiu uulluio liabcnt infuminm, quae extra fiiiH cujuaquc 
riuiis fiiiiit : atquo m jurootulia esQrooi>dae ac dfeidiM miuu> 
■■\-r cauM (ivti pr«edicaut. Atque ul>i quia «x [iriiid{iil>ui in 
1.1 ■« dixit duntn fore, qui t«qui t-eliat, |inifitMntur, r^n- 
prpuot ii qui et caaiwni et hiiroiDem itrolMint, Boamque 
tillum jHiUid'olur, atque ol' multitudine collaodatitur ; qni 
■rL'uli non «unl in dcacrtorum ao prDdit4)nuB DUBieni 
ur : (iniiiitimqae his renun poatca fidca dvrogatur. Hoa- 
'•f fna lion I'litunt ; qui qitaque <te causa ad cot ra>t- 
.Jdria fir»hil>out, (anctusquo liaUut : lii»qui! omiiitim 
' |Mt<;iil, rictusque oooimtiiucahir. 

n" ^ i.*.,.S-ii<lionira gww «»t loiig« maxima et belltro- 

: I oiiiiiium : hi erntum pagoa habere dictiatsr 

iiiiiia 'iii>ioiiii» Riugula miliu Bitnatcroni, bellandi cauan, 

'\«i* Mlacnnt ; rvliqui qui dmtii manaeruDt k atqut iltoa 

aJoui. Hi ruriWB tn«k«ni auno yM in amiia sunt, illi dotal 


lUnttratira Exiraett. 


KniraBnt. Sic ii«|iie n^cnltun. hm ntio fttqu* itfna IwDi 
intcrmitlitur. 8cd priviiti ttc *«])arali a^ Bpud «o« niliit nt: 
n«(|iie longius anno ntmaiMiro iino io looo ineoloaili nus* Itcot ; 
iioqoe multum fnimeoto sed maxiinBni p*rtem Uctc ktque pecotv 
vitunt, malUimque niut io vennliombua ; quM rw et ciln 
genare «t oalidiuuK exerciUtiooe, et libertAt« vitae, cum a paerU 
nuUo i>fficio Mit diacipliii* assucfacti niliil omuiiio euntn TotiiD' 
tftlein £icunt, et vires ulit ct imnmiil oorponim maguiindiiu 

Iwtaijiat cfficit. 

lb. c 3. Fublico nuudmom putAut mm laadMn <iium kti»> 
simt a Boia fi&ibu> racare agroa ; hao iw significan mag&um 
nuraerum civitatuia soam rim niMinera aon poiuiaM. Ilaqu« 
una ex patrte a Soebii ciivJIer milia paaaunm aezeeota agri 
vacife dicuntur. Ad alt«niiii [wrtem sucoeduot Ubit, qoonini 
fuit dTitaa ampla atquu fluniui, ut eat oantna OermaDonuii, «< 
iiaulo aunt «ju«deiii gencrui ceterit bamanlona, propt«roa ijiimI 
ttbeoani attingtuit, multiquo nd cos mereatomi militaDt, M 
ipd proptor propinquitatcm Gnlliran miit moriUiM mwuefuU. 
Hoa cum Saebt, multia aaapa bellia azporti, propter Binpliludinrm 
graTitat«inqu« oivitatia, Giubaa BipoD«n dod potuiwcnl, l>imi-n 
TWtigales sibi feoerunt, ae multo butniliorva infirm ioniiqae 

EiTVACTS paoM Tacitvs. 

Tho followtng cxtneta ountain nearly ererjibing in 
*Q«na8niB' which toucfaofl on mutton of gnT<inini«iit and law. 
The picture tbtia dravo must b« regarded as a ivrj ^iirnU 
oirtJiae of tb« Teutonio ajstem, as it iraa known to th« Romana, 
io tboae parU of Qennanf wbidi ruuie more doaely ondsr Uialr 
riow; and it gi«xs tbua an impr«uion of graatcr potilicd 
•olidilj in tbe instiutioaa of tbo Ocrtiuuw at the tuna tluw 
would prubablj bo wamnled hj fart. Of ita subaUnlial tnith 
tbora oan Iw no doabt; ita very ^'«i>erality U a proof of tl)« 
caiHii) lioDcatj of the writer, and of the B;>^«at historieal inaiglii 
which aabl«d bim to <alcb at a glance tho comman diarao- 
t«miici of a largo family of iribw caolt of which bad cuNtonw 
peculiarly Eta own. It mut Iwwvnr l<o nnncmbciwd lliat 
Tacitua wu likely to rtmark with particular force Hie pninta 
in which primitin Qenuan Inrillaliona eaiittaat«d with the 







■imititioiM and ■rtiflnsl dviliMtion of Rome ; ud alllioagli 
ft would lie «b»urd to regnni tlio getienil riew m drawn 
inUntloaKllr fur Um imipow of ooDtiwt, nicK an mfluouLi! 
«mM a u o u i— rily dToct Ibo exuctitnci and proportion of tbv 
drawinif. Ill partknlar it nuj be remu-ked that Uie force of 
tke til* nf Itin-lml nppMn iu our own tiarly Eugtbb lawa more 
|in>inini;iil1y tlian in IliM picture; bat thia u n mark of « ktato 
of todtiy lea nrtilkially organised than that of tlic ' Ocrniaiiia.' 
A4 U la not to bo aupposed tbat 41m Oenaiuia won tn a rolro- 
pwlo Rtato from the HL-cund century to tli« ustli, we are IcD Iu 
inftr thai tlic oomplolunnui of '[Witna'a ouUiiM) u]>|>Hp!i only to 
•:'■" Tiiuat BdraanMl tribiv, or own Bomethmg lo the defining 
iit of the histonao. It mi^ht moreover bediffi^ult to blend 
islo a *iti({le pio(ui« all that Taeitua t«lb tis of the uae of 
royally and mibility with tlic conciliiir structure of the tribttl 
polity, or with wLat w« know of the condition of the Siixoim 
in thnp mpeota lome ccoturiei later: it is poraible that lie 
faaa cumliidcd into one aketcb fratnive chiiracteriatic of different 
tribe* or of diflereDt Stage* of development. But if this be w>, 
It only tender* the ontliae more readily applicable, and plnccc il 
1b duwtr coDnexion with later hiatory. That is, wo have in it 
a povral view of the ideal of the Teutouie nyatan ; tu which 
il OMj be all pnrts tlius dencribcd did not ttiit oontciBpofm- 
aaMuiy b this exact pn^rtion, hut wluch ia appruxiaiataly 
q)|ili«blc to it at e\-ery etage of tie early det-elopoent 

CoKs. TAt'iTt. D* Sita, iforitiut 41 J'lij-iJU G*rman%an, 
c ». Ipme UrmiuiKM indigrawi cmlidcriin, miuinM.i|U<) alianini 
potion »dTeatibus el boepiliia mixlos. , . . 

lb. f. ,-). Cvletmiut camibtbuR aiiti<|uis quod aotini apud llloa 
RkTRi'iriai- rt aiiiialium ^'''niu nt, Tuut-'onera deuui terra odiluin, 
at Stinni ^labtiuiii, ori^nctn ^cuti* cmitlitiinTUiue. Manmt 1m 
flUoe BHi;,'Dant, ■ qwmim nntninibiis i>ri>xinii Octaoo Ingwi- 
vonea, innlii llifnuinonr*, t^lcri IsSevooea voccntur. . . . 
Omnaaiae Tocaliulum rccons cl tiuper »ddituRi. . . . 

D>. «, 4. Ijian Kirum opbionibuB accedo ()iil Oennanloe 

- ■'■'■- nnltlii aliaruni iialiiwuni oonnulm* iiifccina jiropriain 

:i pt liuiluni Mil Mmiluin t^cntrm ciiiititiMe urbilmiitur. 

l I'lK- bn'Htua quoque c<>r]iuruBi qiutiijunin iu tanto honiinuin 


Illmlratict ExlracU. 


nURirro idem omnibu«, Ituom ct envniloi oruli, ruliUe cmikw, 
msi,iiu coqiora H iMitiim ail imrwtum validiv- 

fb. e. 5. 1'«rrft . . . wtis fens. frujpf«mnimqiin nrbonim 
iinpati«na, pccoivtii fecuoda my) plcriiiD(|ii«< improett*. Nu 
armeDtiB qatdom mius liotior wit gli>rift Tixiulis : uumero |{uiddnl. 
eMqu« aoiae et pwtisnnMe opes annt. . . . 

lb. 0. 6. ... In nnirerMm aMtEinanti plni fwnea f<fdil<nn 
roburii; eanuciutxtipirM;tuuitur,a[ita«tcout{>'uciitr lul r<|un>tr«m 
IMlgnaiD TdociUte pcditum, qun« ex omni juvi^ntuU* dclrc^toa 
Mite Bdont tooitiU DclinUar et nuai«<m» : rootmii px aJogulu 
iwgis mnt; idquo ipiata inter mm vocanlur, el qqoi! primo 
numonu fuit, jam Bomea et boooir Mi . . . 

lb. c. }. Begcs «x Dobiliiat«, duces ex nrtuto •umiint 
y« jvgibaa iafiiiita aut lilieru potottna ; et dun« nwtiiptu 
|>otiu* qiiiiin irnprrio, ni proinpli, iii coii^iciii, «i nnlv adoni 
i>Kiiut, uiliiiimliono jinirHiinl. C«l(.'rutn neqUD Miinudvprtirti. 
iict|U(i viitdti^, nr vi-rlinnirt- qiiiilrm nisi luci-rilfltlUiii |Hmit!muni, 
nun i^ua *! i n pprnmii. ncgj ^ucin jtiwiii. wd rpliil iloo ini]>rr»titfl 
anon uHm» bekianbbna owlnnt ; offigMwino ct %\%rM quAwUni 
dctncta lucM in prodium fvruut lijuodquo |inii!Fipuntii furli- 
tndiuia iiioilanifiitum ««t, bod camia Bev Turluita cuitfflobatio 
tnnnain aut cuu«um fiwit, ttod fuiniliao rt prujiinquiltUiw. . . . 

IK 0. 8. IncMe (fcminU) quini-linm xaBctatn allquld e\ 
proT i d m n patnnt, nee aot oodsIIui earmn asperaautur «ul 
nqiDMa ncgliguiit. . . . 

lb. c 9. Deomm maxiiue Xercurium oolant. «t{ aonU 
diehoa linniuiia quoaau WitiiA litwn faa balicnt Hrrmlen ae 
HnfUiB cobotmIi tuumalibiia plnoanL Pan Suevorum et laidi 
wcrifieat ; uade cautw ct oriip) pnrcgrino muto parum onniperi, 
iiifi quod inifnum iptmm in mtidum libunuw ngiiralum liueH 
Mlmrtem reliponeni. CM«rum nee cohibnro parietiliits deoe 
iiMiiift ill ullam hiiinani oris Apeciem Htuiiiiulara ex inii(;ui(udiu« 
Aelvatiiini ari>it»iihir. Luce* ac ueiuunt oouaecratil, dcuntm- 
qu« Duiniuibus npjn^llatit aecntuiD illud quod aola iwereatiA 
Thltol. . . . 

Ih. 0. 11. De iniiKiribua rettaa princifMia consDllanl, At 
iiiHJorilnu ooiiMu ; itu tiiinra ut c» quoqne quorum prnm )>lirtN*ti) 
arlHlrium cut aixtd principM portnetonttir. Cutnitil. nwi quid 
fortnilum ct inihilum inddorit. cortit di'-Uw, ciim (i< 'rir 

Inna aiil in)|>l<'lur ; nwu ageodie retius boo nii-i ini 

initinin eredunt- Nee dierum uuiiimim. nt ihw. mi 

cutiipuUnt. Sic ooiMliliiiml. Hic ivudic^iDt. Nox ' ' ..rti) 

viil<iur. Illud <ix til'rrlatv viituni, quud ni>n nmul iitc ut jitMit 
co&veninnt, wd et alter ct trrtiiia dtea cunctntiane eomuiliani 





T>— -rimr I'i turba^lsctiil, ootuMlant nrtMitJ. (tilentiqm par 
lev, quiltits turn «t oocfDopiti jus nU. iniprrAtur. Mox t«x 
•*> pruacflpM, )>n)ut Mtas caiijuo. prout oobiliUa, proat d«ctu t«l- ' 
lonnik, |irtiat fncundia cat, widiantur, auctoriute eiudemit iniigis 
quks jubuidi iKittHtiiU. Si dti|>ltcuit Moten^ft, fnaiitu Boper- 
nutur ; <iin pUcait, fmncM coaeutiuaL H^nantiuimnm 
•MitiMUi geoiia Mt arm in Uddnre. 

T>'. r i>. IJcct a|><i(l OMidlium KcuoAroqnoqiM at dtMrintNl ^^j') 

i4er«. Diitiiictio poetMrnm ex delicto. Proditorw ULit^ 

.-;« oriforiUis aospenduDt; ixnaroa et inbellce at ^ . ^ f ^i ' 

rtmefl «ueoD«c p«luilu, iuj«cta iiiaiiiwr cnit«, mergunt.j^^^. 

iL-w «upplicit iUuo rvHpicit, Iaiuiuaiii acclent vntmidi 

< III, dam puniantur, flofptiit ntMconai. S<d «l lurioriliU 

i«jrioi pni iwid" popim ; Mjuotnim |K«urumquc oniDoro eoiivicti ^ 

malUnliir. Pont mujlJio rogi vet dvitAli, ptin tpai qui Tuidicatur 7"*^"*^ • 

*d |«tipiai]uis ejw exsolviltir. ^ 

Giifpiatiir in iMetu connliia et priudp«a, qui Jura per pagM H 

neoiqtie rmldurit CcDtcni lingolu ex plebo eomttci^oonailium ^^H 

•Imal ct ■ucipnlll BiUuuL ^^^H 

n< c 13. >ikil aoicm ooqw psUicM iMqua privKtM ni V 

nni arniuli at'ont. S«d arma aamert nan ■&(« wiqaam maris e\^ M 

qaao) drius sufTectnrum iwubarerit. Tuin iu ipM ooootlio i-el H 

(inikdjKua ali<|tiid vcl pater vl-1 proptoquuB avut'i fnunuaquc ^^H 

jafiiaeiii ornaDt. Haeo apud illux tuga, bin printiu Jureotae ^^^| 

liiw ; Mile Iioc iloiniu pan ridrntar, mox rciputilicae. InRisnia ^^^H 

■wbifht* aut mogiiB pAlrum oimta principi* dig nalion am «tuin J^^^f 

aMMntBtnli* aMi»naDt; ceteris robiuttDnbus bc jam pridem '^^^^^ 

ffnfcMU ailgnganiiir. Nee rubor inter eomilea a^ict. Gredne ^^H 

^fim etiaai et i|iM ootnitatUK bulwt, juditio ejus quem wotaotKr ; ^^| 

m(BaqiH et oomitum »cniulatiu, qutlxu iiriiiiun up<id priudpeai JJ 

•Ufli ImU) <rt |irii)cipan\ eoi pinrimi et aoerriiui eoH)it«N. iWc ^- ^' V 

JI^Jdm, has vuM, nugBO aenper dodornm jureouni globo cir- H 

nn&ri ; in pace doma, in bello pra«8idiam. Ncc Bolnta in hi* H 

0Bi(|ti(i, eed apud SniUnia^ quoqno ciritalca id noniMi, es ^^| 

, o*t, «i iiuBiero ac >irtul« oowitaliu emineat ; expetuatur ^^H 

Ufcniionibus -el inuncribai onuolur, et ipaa plemtuqtie ^^H 

fcH» betlum ftiiKigtal. ^^H 

U- Cuui vnuliim in Bcicin, tuqie principi virtutv ^^^| 

eocniuiiii fittiiiem principix luiD adarquArc^ Jaiu ^^^| 

b i>innriB riconi nc proliromiiD supcrvtileni principi ^^^| 

rwwvaiwr. lilam •■"feniltni tMn, Hia quijque fortia ^^^| 

I'MviflTiU' urn ■ aeraiiientum wt I'riu- ^^^| 

1 la pugnajii -' pn> pri&cipe. Si civiUu in ^^^| 

^/m arti Mint toap pa<w ot wtiw torpfnt, pteriqtie uoUlium ^^H 


lUutlratift KtiracU. 


luIoteiiMnlium {>»tunt ultra nM DatUinn quae turn Iwlluin ntiiguud 
grnint, qui* fX inj^tn gciiti quiM, ol TftoiliuB i»t«r •iictpitia 
clnrwcuot, m*gnuiiiqufl comitatum dod uUi vi l>ellM|ii« tumn*. 
ExigUDt cnim pdncipis sui liWraliUite Uluin bellHEotvtu eqtium, 
jlUm eniMitsm victrieemque &«in(&in. Nnm opulfte M, quukquaai 
incompU, brgi taateu, appantnit pro c1i|icwlia eedunL . 

lb. c 15. Mo* ud civitAtibut ultro ac Tiritim coufi 
priociptbaa Tel annentdruni vcl frugiim, qtuxl pro Iiudih% a^ 
OepUim viiam nMviuitatibuH mbvcnit. . . . 

lb. c. 16. Xiilla* GcmMnoruin jioptiliB flrbaa babitari mtii 
notum est; ne pati qaideiii iat«r se juMtaa aedei. Ooluul dii- 
croti so div«rn, ut foas. ut itampu*. ut oemua plncnit. VIoon 
kmaiit DIM ill noetrum muiviu i^i.'uaexu et cobn«r<iiilil>iu aodi- 
ficiia: Huun qabque dDinum aiutiu dn-untdat, tiva ail 
caiiui ignu remiedium, «ive iiudtin aodifituindt. . . . 

lUc 18. ... Propo soli borinronim tinguHs uxoribos eoi>- 
Wnli Rvnt, exceplia admoduin pauciii, qui tioo liUdiDc aed oti 
uobititatetD pluriinia nuptiis ambiuntur, Dotem qob uxor 
marito, eed uxori niaritua oflm. ... Ne m inuU«r exira vir- 
tutum co^itaUuiiM extisqtic bcllortim cnatii paM, ipnis ind- 
pientibua matrimonii niiigti<-ii» ndiuon«tar r«iurc M laboniin 
lirriciilonimqiia iociam, idem in pace, id*>m in pradio paasuraBi 
aiuuranqa«. . . . 

lb, c. 19 pluiqae ibi boni nuirea valent, quua alii 

boiuM lilies. . . . 

IK c. le. Heredts . . . succe«a>>r(aqti« ni culqiM liberl, 
aullum teataiBcntuin. Si Itberi non 'auiil, prosimn* i^adua 
(WMcaoona fiwtna, palrui, aruoculi. Quimbiplui propinqaorum, 
quo major affiuium oumcnis, tonto gratuxior icnadua, dbo ull 
orbitalia praita. WV**-^ 

lb. c «l. Suadpere Urn jpi fticitiaa mu patHa wn |>n>pliiqii 
qtum amiuitka i>coeaM eat yeeinii^a^ljjJjp^jJiKKil : liiilur 

rrdpitque •atUfncUunvin uniir«na oootua, ulititar iu jHihltouiu, 
quia periraloawrw aunt iaitniHttun juxta libvrtuteni. , , 

lb. c 39. Sed et do Hcj^Mliandii inviccm iniiaicU at jati 
gendb aSituta(i)>ui «t j^accaJt^ pd nc i |ii boi, d« pane dcniq<i« 
80 bello plcrumqtie in tfiHiTiviu ooDflullaiit, tanquau nullo mngia 
tempore aut m simplicea iMigitatiooca patml aoiniua aot ad 
riffgwfi tnolcacat. Qena noD a«tuU neo caltid* ojieHt adbuu 
aocrabipMtoria liecnti* Jod. Er^o detAoU et Boda omaiuiii tniiat 
poatera die retnctAtur, et «alva utriiuoue l«ru|iun' rnlio u«t.; 
bdlbemut dum fingen; ouaciunt; Donicbluuut duiu vrmri) nuu 
pCMHIinL . . 





lobnt inter errift oxerwal, 

Hna«riut« at, mm omiiiA drfcoriiiiit, 

j^^* *k Ubvrtel« et ie corpora cuiitra- 

MTtitatem «dit: ciuamvm juvitnior, 

M M wmin iwtitiu-. V* wt in r« 

VMMt. Serras ooDilItiuiiui bt^u» 

■t « qtte<[ue {>tidor« rwloriM «x- 

I noo in nortrnm iiiorHOi dcaoriptie per 

Slum <)ui*qiui sedum, rim 

iwwiiiiii (lumitiu* nut |>«coria an I 

wt Mnos Wtcuuii iMTot. Olar* 

m fiWi exnqanBliir. Vrrlwfmro M-rvuin 

OociiliMv Kilmil, noil diH- 

inptta et in^ ut iuimicmn, nisi i^oml 

I flit! aia ■rftMi mpn acrvoa nut. F»ro alttiinKl 

t> ^^M^ i^-TWTi in dvitatc, eiMjiua duntaLxat its 

>t^. Ibi ottim et uMr iuf^vnuoa et Hip«r 

■ i sp«d ««t<r« inparoa libertini libertatia ni^ 

lb. c s6. Fcaw wf(iSS% «t in iMona utenilere ignotuin ; 

■«w fa » qaaiB v rvtitun oMt. Agri pM nu- 

■h — in w Bl nd« [diL in Ttooi] <HN:u)iatitur, ijii'is 

■ Maandam AgB*tioo«a [<i/, digiittiit«oi] partiuntur. 

pwtiaadi eunporam ii|iatui praMtwit. Arv» per 

t^FTBit ifer. Meo eoim com ulxirUtis et 

aa0 kbm oonlendtuil nt pomvia (wiiM<r«nt. . , 

ft praU Mparat, ct borio* rigent; wU teri«« m^h iiupenf ^'^' 

Ik c 39. T«lattMiinua m Bobi]iwmo«qac Suevorum Smu- 
■MN» mMBonaL FUm antiqaitKtk nligiono finuutur. Stida 
Hnper* in tUiam ngorilB patnira el priMa fotmidine aMrain 
•BBM qudan anifBiait pofwU l«g»tiobibw cocunt, c»<«0(iii« 
p ab B o MBtM «eUinat bftriMri ritua bonenda priinordin. . . . 

fwU [ i w i frl -n, qni tngniMiM balU ulinia 


•^~..f(- rf-*— 


nitufrathe KxfntU. 



The law* of nil natioiu) whicli bnvr dcn-lopcd itU«itlly luiil b 
Ihnir ami H«t«, with litlk or &« inlcrmivliirc of forngti olu- 
inents,aTe geoenU)' perpeUwUd by custom tad oral tnulJUoo. 
Hence tlie ou-lioict wrUtca liivr« coutum Ani«ndiii«r»U of <itder 
anwritten autonx, or oodiftoatioiui uf tItoM eutoUM wlton llwy 
■n grwiuRlly vretiriDg out of popuUr rooollcetion. Such doen- 
Bi«nU are Uwo generallj oWure, requiring for tlietr etucMlAtJiHi 
B knovledge at the uuftoiaB tlirejr were ioUouled to uoenii, wbioli 
i« not oaaily nttaiiublc; lux] where ihej im olwr, they will be 
foniKl rrt<|ueii<ly to contain tittle more than BaaeHRteiits of 6iic6 
for offeocot aad injories, with very Konty indiutlooa of Iha 
|iroeew by vrliiuh the Uwn lurc inude or the finee euctod. Nor 
ii th« flaw much bettor whore oodificntion i» attempted ; fur ibe 
divcruty of customs beinj; very great, and the code not iittcoded 
Itf sapersede but to perprtuatc thrm, tJie luwfipri-r Lt apt to 
UcoDie didactic, and to enunciate principlce drawn from religion 
or morality, rather than leKul .k-rinlliutiB. The fuUowitig ex- 
tracts from ili« An^lo-Saioii Lnwi> and InxlitutM may aeem a 
vcfy tiiiall Koidunm, afl«r the wihtiowing of ■ rery bulky 
Oirpui Joria.' Hut they will l>e found to contain Mvly amy 
mention that ocean ia the CoJhwtioii of our L«ws of wuh 
matt«n aa pablio oaaeinliHcii, oourtK of Inw, Inxnilua. or the 
lepd Dachinery on the carrjiiig out of wUidi the dlKijilin* of 
pelf>govcromont is iMwd. The great Imlk of (he lawa (wne«ni 
diiefly meli qiu^tiona aa tlie praotii.'n of etMnpur^lMXi, ordeal, 
wergild, aaoctity of Imly placoa, pi-iTuu», or lliinpi; ibc tmmu- 
idty of oMaiea bdimigiiig lo churobu ; and tho tal^M of pmaltiM 
fur crintoa, in Ihetr atrenil aspecta na offenow ai^insl tlte peacn. 
tlw fiimdly, and the iiMtividual. Tlume, aa liiticliinn CooaUcn- 
iioaal nirtory in a r4>ry indirrci way, are hem excluded. 

Of tlie Fxintlnij Aii^'lo-Snxon bws, lltow of Ethi-lbrrI, Illo- 
there and fWric; Wililml, Ine, f^lwanl the Filler, Atkrlxtan, 
Kilnmnd, and I''il),'nr, are mnitily of the nulure of amendBctita 
of vuatom. 'I'hoae of Alfrrd. Eth<1rtxl, Canute, and tliiwe de- 



Lam t^ HVmot. 


KA*d M Edwknl lliv ConRrMi>r'«, Mpire to tli* cliw»cl«r of 
vAm ; bat Knglbli law. Tivm it* fint to ile lauwt phase, Iim 
pntr |moaaa«<l an Millioritotiw, coD8tructi?e, ^rstematic, w 
ifipnxiinalMl; exbustire statctneot, ancb aa was atlemptod by 
tlM grwl eompJIon of tba citil oud i-anon Ibwk, by Aironm tli« 
Vin or NA|iolron BuimapkrtG. The tnuulation of tli« following 
cnnuita U tlint of Mr. Beiijnraia Thoqw, in the Axvnenl Ltuet 

^^ A.D. 600, Ktnt. ETiiiOKinT ; cap. 3. 
'"hj^ ' lo liiiii iu«l wy opfj^cr ^ 'l"„tjl|qtf .rrU . lot 

mth > iwolSCPnfcl' liaTB^ifinragslTtbo king. 

If tbp king call bis 
lot him oompen- 

A.D. cir. 680. Kmu. Hlotbaku: axo Eai>bic ; ca|>. B. 

If <nm man "^SJpJljiL*, ^K^'^^^tHItili^lJifk'' ***'*' "' '*^ *^'*'^ 
tfanjHnjRg a ' inHRcr^r 1u a ' eKnjjTwC tli* man alwuyn give 
^bHiHiVha otbrr, aikI do him sudi right aa tbu Kcntiah 
lidgaa pfvacrib* to tlmm. 

A.D. eir. 700. Krnt. WiffTRSD; CouocD of Baocab«diI. 
nUa> p«*onai-, («c. regis) ^i^pnud|>«B, pntefucloi stiu cliwcil 
CaarilnaDJ cddurmen, acircMV^ and d oMwroem i.'^ .-S-Chron^ 

A.D. (»>. 690. Wr*Hx. Ini ; ^^?aW« Ut Lam. I, Int, 
bj O.rd'a (trace king of tlw W«t Saxo()^ with the counwl and 
. tba t«acJunA of Cenred my falbrr, and of Ilcdde my bisbof. 

il 'i-d ^l^Q^^Tmy people, and alio, with a laniv 

I H aervantK, have bwn oontiidering of IIm health 
flf oar (oulii BiiO af_th< t,»t»l>ility of imr realm ; ao that juit Uw 
and )fut kiiifcly t feon^ ii miglit It tattled and tMablifhed thmugh- 
•Mt (lur f'llk, HO tlidl noMi of the mMormcn nor of oiir jglijeels 
Ai.ul't hETnift'T pcrrart tlicae oar dooms. 

I. fl If anr one denianil juxlice before a ' ^niia o' or other 
tod MBSLiS'l*'''" '*■ ""^ " """ C'^ defMHiaiil) will not 
I im 'MgC wt bim ii>idi« 'bot' Milh x%%. »]iilliu{[S. and 
•:iuiiu tB. days do ti ■■ -■!-■.- 

r«p. tl. If "11^ ' ' i> own cMulryman, bond or frw, 

lh»ai;b Im b* gui^ii^tt^'i' *^, let him pay for him according to 
Ua 'itct; 

XmI him who takes a llitef, or to whom one taken is 

)}r Ui<-ti lets him go, or conceals tbe tlieft, pay (or tli« 

Utivf Mwrdlnfi to hia * w«r.' If ho be an caldomuin, let bim 



JUtutraiiiv BxlreeU. 


forfeit hie Am, ntileu Ui* kiiig.t8 willini; ia be mtrdfn] to 

Cftp, 39. If any oii« go fnm bis lord without Imto, or «teal 
hiinKiir ftw»f into nnodier Mn, and he be diMorend, let him 
go where he w»» before, nnd yay to his lord Ix. i^I^i^h .' t .i*'* 
^'*^|'- 4&- ' But' iilialt he niiiilf forthc kin^i 'wWfi-MYce' and 
a bishoi/s. where his jiirixdiction in, wilb cxx. BhiLIitigs ; for au 
ealdomian's, with Ixsx. sliillingx ; for a king's tbcf^'a. willi It. 
Hhillin^ ; for a ' geeithcnnd ' mnn's, haviii)* land, with utxT. ahll- 
linjc*; aiid accordiug to this makr the le^l dtniul. 
mJAS^JiSxHi^ '^ ** ' ftMithcuud ' mail owniufc liuid nagleot the 
_^;^7*BjWi7 loPlHiii jraj- CSX. ihitliti^wid forMt^hin land; one but 
\>wuing Innil, Ix. eliillings^ a VornCIT^innn. xxx. vhilliiigs, aa 
• lyrfwil*.' 

A.D. eir. 760. PoHTtncALE Eoberti Abch. Edob. Sene- 
dtetlo Kujier r*.gem nofitor «t<v(um,— /Vi'mum mamdalnm rr^U ad 
jMtjndum hi< riJert ]mle». Rectiludo reaia eat noviter ordimiti 
et ID lolium tnhliinuli, li»ec ttiu praeoepla populo Chriatiaiio nbi 
aub<lito pm«ci]>cre ; in primis ut oc(:l««w Dei et omnia populoa 
OhristianiiH voran I'uecni i«rvent in omni tompont. Atiioo. 

AUuil 17K, tit rapnciUlM et oi&bm iniquitatca ORUiibua gmdi- 
hiic inti-riiiokt. Anien, 

Trrtium vM ut in omnibue judlem Mq»itat«ni et miaerioot- 
diani pnccipiat, ut per hoc nobia indiilgeat nuBoriearcUaui Suotu 
deinriis ol miiericora Deus. Amen. 

A.D. 787. CoKC. liEflATix.; 4^p. XII. Duodmimo *M-inon4i 
nnnximas, nt in ordinutionc rcgum nulluii pcnniltnt prnTorum 
pm«valere asKnmiD, aed Irgilime rogrs n Raccrdotibiia cl aeniu- 
ribua populi dit;antur, et nou do adultciio vol iucestu pn)- 
cr»ti. . . . 

A.D. «>. 890. WfMfx. AlfbeD; Preamble, . . . Tliey tlicn 
ordainrd. . . . llmt scnilur lords, with ihrir (the l>i>ibii|»i and 
wibm) leave miglit without sin tnlio for almoflt ever; niiiuleed. 
for the first offence the DUID97 * bot ' which they then ordaioed ; 
except ill cases of Imaon against a lord ; to which thejr 
not aoaigu »ay mere;'. ... I, then, Alfivd. king, gathered 
(laws) togMhor, and oomiiiaiidt>d man.v of thoae to be wri 
which onr foix-fathers lield, thoae which to nie aeemed good ; 
and many of those vbich nrmii'd to me not good I rejected 
tlicm, l>y the coimiral of my " witiin.' .... I, tlien, Alfred, king 
of the West Saxona, abewed these to all my 'witan,' and they 
then said thut it se«ned good to tbcm all to be holdon. 

Ca(>. 4. If any one plot agaiii»t the king's life, of himself, or 


At/ted and Edvard, 


b^ Tisrbounng of «xUee, or of his m«i ; lot liim be luble m bii 
Mff aiwl iu «]1 that be has. ... He wbo plota ftwiint hii lord'M 
|jf«, let bim be liable in bin life {o bim,^d in ull ttint he hiu. . . 
Ctif. II. If our i)ii« ftt tbi> )t^M^ff^:y"T?fclrf d«cUralion of a 
t*-^jri4. wwl Rft«r««n!» wish to withdisw it, let hiin char^ it on *^i^' 
^ ngbter pcreun. if he can ; if be caiinut, let biiii forfeit hia i^jgy***-**^ 
>*«^^l<li^,' uid [l«t the reeve] t«ke poaKOSioD of tlie 'wil>^.' 

h'T^. 17. If a mail. kiiili-Ki of pat«nuJ rdative*. light and iilay 
rknaii, and llieu if lie b&ve mulernnl rrtnlivM. Int them pajr a 
Knl (if tbe ' wer ;" his [{'''1'1-''|'^''i!T'1i a tliii-d purt ; for a third 
let biin fl««; If \ic bnvc no miilcriittl rclutivca, let his guild- 
bnlbreu pay half, for half let him llco. 

Cap. iS. If a man kill a man thufl circonutanced. if he Imra 
nn rcUtivMi. let half be pud to the king, half to his yuiJd- 

Cap. 38. If a manflffhtbefure a IcIiik's ealdomian in the 
'gemot,' let him mukt^ t3t ' with 'wer' ami ' wite,' lu it maybe 
ri;-hc ; and livfon tllj j^ CTX._jii llin(t» to tbo cnldortnaB a« ' wite.' 
If \w ditturb tli« loSia^^tltnwing hii? weapon, cxx. sbillinga 
to the oildornion an 'wjt«? tf aught of this liBp|icn l>efor« a 
king")! raldorniao's junior, or a king's priest, xsx.'flhilliu^ ■• 
' wite.' 

Cap. 41. Th« man wlio has ' boo-taiid.' and which V\k kindred 
iJUf^V^^ orduD we tbut be lount not give it fi-om bis 
te^ui^ Tf there he writing or witnesi that it wa« forbidilea 
by those men who at fin>t acifuired it, and by those who gave it 
to him, that h« sliould do so; and tlien let that be declared 
in the ptMonoe cf the king nnd of the bishop before his 

A.D. 879. ALrBED AXt> Outbbum's Pbaok. Tliis is the 

that Kiii^ Alfrul and Riug Gulbniin, and tbe 'witan' of 

rkll Ibe Eiiglioh uutioD, and all the proplc that are in J'^aat 

Anglia, buve all oriiaincd and with ontbn confirmed, for Ihein- 

sctrca and for their dcHccodtints. as well for born as for unborn, 

wtio reck of Ood's mercy or of ours. 

1. Conceming our land boiuidunta ; Up on the TharoM, and 
th«D np on the Lea, and hIodk Ibe Lea unto Its aource, theii right 
to Bedford, then up on the Ouse unto Walling Street. 

1. Tli«D is this : If a mnn Im slain, we rstimats all eqnally 
dear, English and Daninb, at riii^Jiolf marks of pure gold ; ez- 
Ifiopt the 'ocorl' who residi^on 'Sjt^jTIand and their ' l iedng a j*^*^ ' 
th^ also «n equally dear, either ^c shilUnKS. 

3. And if a wxogt thegn Im Hocused of mau-slayinif, if he dure 
to olonr himself, l«t him do that with xll. king's thegns. If any 


lUuttraiitv Eriraelt. 




one accuM that man wUo Is of lea* ilegfrr«> tlian (Im) king'ii tlM^rii, \ 
lat him dcftr himself with xi. (»f his cqqalii hikI «ilh obc king's 
tbcgn. And so In eveiy suit which v»y bo for more than iv. 
""TTUrr And if bo dare not, let him pay for it tlirccfold, as it ] 
vay bo vidund. 

4. Afld tlist sver; maa know his warrantor for m«n, sbiI| 
for bones, and for oxra. 

5. And we all onlaiiMd on that Akj that Hie^j atlM wew 
swuni, that n^tlm- bond nor froe might go lo the bom wttlumt 
\tvn, no moro than any of th«iii (o ua. But if it bafipen that 
from neo ss Mty any of tli«m vrill bavo traiBc with na or we with 
thsm^ with catU^jptdwith goods, that is to be allowed in this 
wise : that ^g^^fpfgJTeo in pledge of ^ttux, mm! m ervidsooo 
wlivroby it n^tw known tliat the |)«>rty has a clean hadt. 

A J>. «V. 910. Wtttex. Edwakd; cap, 4. King Kdwaid 
•xborted hix witan, when thc^y wen at Exctor, that tboy sbotUi) 
jS^ anuvli out how their '^jUi' mi^ht be l>ctt«r than it bad , 
prerioiMly bc«i ; for it socmod to him that it was more bi. ■ 
dlfferentiy obSBrrod llian it sbotild be, what be had formcriy fl 
commanded. lie then asked tli«m who woald aptily lo Hs 
amendment, and be In that fell<>wiihi|> tlint ti(t wa*. ana lova thai 
which he lored, and shun tliat wliicli be shunned, both on en 
(uitl on IoikL That in, t1i«n, that no man deny juHtico to 
another; if any od* so do, let bin make 'bot' as it hefitre ia.l 
written : for lie Hrst oflenoe, with xxx. shllli&ga ; and for thaj 
Moood oflenet^ tbe like ; and for the ibiid, wiu) cxx. ■Iiillinga| 
lothe king. 

Cap, 1 1 . I will that each reeve have a ' gcmt> t' nlwnys ouon I 
ID four weeks, and so do that evety man be wiirtliy of (oik ritjlit ;] 
and tliat every suit have lui tvA, and a trim ohm it kIwII be] 
brought forwuil. If (hat soy one disregard, let him make * bot'j 
sa we before ordained. 

Of Ontht. 

Thf ihatt a man rwrai- f/altt/ oaiA*. By the Ij^ri beforal 
wboin Ibb relic ia holy, I will be to N. faithful iiuil truii, aiid h>vii| 
all that h« lovo*, and ebun all llut ho shnns, according to ()o>rel 
law, and ai^nirdiog to Ibc w<<iid*M ]irii)ci)>lee ; and never, by will! 
nor by fonv, by word uor by witrii, du uuchl of wlui is tootlirul] 
III hitn; on condition tliat ho nw kn^> a* I aiii willing to dnam-vc, ' 
simI all that fulfil lliat utir ngronneni was, when I lo him sub- 
niilted aiid ubuse his will. 


Uneerlaiu Date. 


0/ PfijiJe$ Rank* and A<tw. 

I, It wwi wliilntn, tn tl>D Inu-i of tlii? RagliHli, tliat people unci 
ti« weDl t>]r nwkii, uid tlien wi'm tbo couniti-llurs of Ibe nMioa 
rf wlM;^ml^w|j;ihJ^ftaleh^^cco^<ting to hid cotidiUoa, «url aail 
owrl, (li^i'ir will t!i?r5|i"if^'" . , ,^| . • 

1, Awl "tTft i'.-(.rrtTni«i, «> tlttt ho bad, falj T.^^ ""^^ **' 
bbovn Innil, rliimli luiil kitchen, WMMMflSbSlrifr^nrE^'giitit-amt, 
HkI vijccial ilcty in tliv kiug's b^kll, tk«u waa be thcnnfortfa of 
lb«gi)-ni.'1it wi.rlhv. 

J. Atiil if n i)>r,;ii throve, to that he KtT«(l tlie Vlog, M>d oo 
■lit >ur >'ti; i>iniih}f hii bi>u»rlii>]il ; if hu llii'D batl » tlicgn 

«bi> ii' 'Kit. xb^i to t)>r king'* 'utmru' five liidts Iiad, ' 

nd in tlitr kim*'* ■■all «>'r\-nl b» lord, WKfthrice with bis cmml 
vent til llic king, lie might thenorforth with hi* 'fixmntb' bis 
btd n-]>mFnl ul varioia ueoeU. and Lit pUint lowfulljr cviidu«t, 
•bcn»uii«<T he bU{{hC. 

4. AimI b* wlio HO [Totperous a vicegereot had not. swora for 
bbnadf aniinliiig ti> bi> light, or it farfdt«d. 

g. AimI if a ttiegn (liroi-e eo that he liuowne an eorij^ tlieu mu 
Im tiMttoe forth i>r fiiH-riglit worlhjr. 

i. Aiul if B nirrcliuiir thruvo. to that be fan-d thrice over Ibe 
vfcleaea Ui hie owp tnT"fs tbHu wm be thenceforth of tlx^n- ^\^''''j 
rig^t worthy. ^^ -V--^'" 

7, And if (here a t^lioliir were, vrbo tbrou-.'ti Icuniinj; throng 
•D tlial b<^ liail I">l} vnl r>. and (errtid Christ, Ihm itm he thenee- 
fcirtb of r»Bl( wid ptrwitr ■•> much worlliy. an ilicii to tbuse urdtra 
n)thtfnlljr btliiDC^xi. if he liini»etf CDiidiiclcd n> m Iw eliould ; 
nnlen be ebould mudo, eo that he tboec ordcre' minbtty might 
ikit niiuiiter, 

8. And if it )iap[>ened Ihat any one a man in orders, or a 
,._.. ,^,_ Bnyiiliere, by word or work, tHea [wrtained it 

!<^ aad to tibliup, that they titat aliould make good as 
\iici MMunt miglit. 

U '-.^ 

I. Tbo I 

F* fiir t]j 

0/ ITer^flil*. 

T-ln'i kitig'a ciM in 30,000 tbrrniui; 15.000 
. uiid 15.000 (<>r till! >'vii''iTi>m. Ttir wer 
il ui'd till- ryarliot lo ibr p»^!e. ^ / 
, * aiid an aviMniig'e wirgUil U 15,000^ 

U»i>'a aixl enMiirmaira, 8000 ihrjinns. 

<itd a kluy's h'tfli !««««**, 4000 tlirjmeaa. 

66 lUuarative StiraeU. C'A>'i 

jy-^ ■ i^-^..'!. A m oM tlitgn '* and a *orolnr Ibegn's. aooo thrymBaA. , 
^ 6. A~ GRHlTtnFrgild » 366 tbryiMae, tlut a loo Bbitlitigi| 

hy McirUn law. . . . 

A.D. dr. 930. Atheutax. Com, Grfalatdta. 
3. QflfrtUeat men. Aixl w(! Iiavv oix^iMxl. rMtpccUil^ Uww^ 
lardl««it iDMi iif wliDiii no liiw (iiiind^^^(K>thBt Uw kindrrd \k 
oanunaiid«d Uinl thoy domicile him lo lolk-ri^'lit, and (litd tiim a 
lord m the (i>tknint« ; mid if tli«f thcrn iriU iiot or cannut (>ro- 
duoo him nt tbo U-rro, then bo be theni^efortb » ' flyiii^ iuMJ loC ^ 
him slajr bin for a tbiorwho can conie at him i^wawbnerrr 1 
iifl«r that shall bubour him. I«l kim pay fur bim according tv ' 
bi« ' WOT,' or by it dear himaelf. 

IS. And wu hiive urcloinvd, ()iat nn man buy any pn>jirr4y 
HJCiLtMl of |»irt over xx. pcnoc ; but let him buj- tbero wi(biii, i>r Uui 
^^^^j^'.f^iiotDv of iho port-rcvvtv or of aoolher uulying mnn ; or furlhsr, 
^1 tli« witiKiM of the rt«vcs at Ibe folk-mole. ' 

to. If aoy oiM [wlieo sutntnoned] fail to att«i»d the 
\oS* ihrice, let him |ny tli« king*! ' cfcrJmBiCB,' and iH it l-D 
nounued acveo days Ix-fore the firmiA it to b«. But jf bn 
not do tight, nor pay t\^ ' ofrrhyriKi.' than let all the cliinf men i 
bokxifpnKlo the 'Uildi' ride t<i him, and tnkc oil that Iw baa, 
^.(Tand put him id 'horli.' But if any one will noi rid« with bia 
I fellows, let bin pay tlio king's ' ort'rhymea.' . . . 

.KrnKWTtkS. Cone. Cant. ; cnp. 4. Qnortuni, nc alii)ni8 ! 
, Tvcifiiat nlti-nuM bomliM'm »iiMt lioriiLin cju* cai outi' f» l |pjy j t. noaj 

' ^J^A^^H. *"''* i^ twaia dcl- cxitu. Kt f:l>«m ne dominns libera bo<MtDi| 
btn/unlMUani iiitordicat %\ cam rvcte otuUiidiiTrit. 

Cap, f. S*))t)n)iim, ut omni< homo Ifii'iil homines sooa in ' 

^ jJ|d<jiunJooe OUR c«iitra oniiie fiiilum. Hi turn.- oit aliquia i|ui 

Tfcit bomtnA tyhaatyfod nua mfficiat omnes irufttudire. praeiioiiat 

'^) siU Blii;3ilia viQIirpn^Mwi turn nniun, qui cmlil>ilia nit <i, vt <iu[ 

ooncralat bam!mbi& £t si prkennaJta* alioni oorum burainum 

concredctie non aude«t, invcjiiat xii. pl«(^oa wi^natioiiia iniuv qui 

ei atcnt in fiditjuMione. Et ti doininut v«l pra^'poititas vol wl- I 

r)tiia bomo hoc infrinDfnt vel abbiii<i nxrat, sit di;ti><" eoruin 

qtiiM> apud Gmtvlcynm diets BUnI, ni«i irgi magis ptooeat ojla 


.^YitXMFTAX. CWi. Sxon.; copL i. And hi thrr« be DomtNlJ 

\ in erirty nova's 'l asiwing' as many nwi as am known to bol 

nntyin^ tlut tli«y may be for witneca in srory *utt. Mid bo' 

lbs aatha of Uitse uulying meD Moordlng to Iho worth uf tlto, 

|wopertj, wit boat election. 


JlieUtau ami Kliaund, 



» — v- -TKM. Jwticia CirHaiU ;.«!« jtfmcK ,- PrtomtU. T\Aa 

'in«i«« ASkIi ihe bMioM *a^ r«eT«B belonging ta 

'I UST* oidMi>*(l and will) ' if Jffl^ conSnwMl. unong our 

j mHiI m' m woU Qoriidi m oeorliHh, in MlditiaD to t)i« 

I Wltu^ w«rc Kxod al OnwUato luul at Kxvtcr uid «t 

&I T •<■ ■Sfliil alwBvs X. mfn toi^tlicr, nnd the chitf 

ifi"Q':. f niitfl iu mdi of tlioeo (luti«A wliidi we have sU 

'odi and [couni] aftcrwHrds tlictr ' fayodeBa' togctber, ud 
lijadcn man' wW AiM ndiuiniinh ftr^XTtor Wir catnmaH 
lH!Mfi\ ; and let Uwae si. hold cIki iiKiiii.-y of Ui« ' li,vtid«ii,' aud 
daod" v}»- tliry •lull diaburw.' wlica Mi^ltl ia t>i pav, and wliat 
tW; ■ :v«v if moarj' Jibould viM hi u« oi nur cornmon 

"rf - i ;Ji«n •!«(> know ibftt «!Yipi7 contribution be forlh- 

-^ wliivb wa bavo all oniuord for our common benefit, 
>iv'-: ibc ntB of KXx pence or one oz ; mi thot all b« (nlfillcd 
viorli wp l»r« ordained in uar ordinaaoM and whioh sIbimU iu 

Cap. riii. I. Tbut wn fpuber to IM oiM» tn vttay muath, if «r» 

j bo " i liyml ■■n ■ mm ' nnd iboM who dinct tlit 

- "^yfttjUiog" M eUt? it may eoBCom nn, nnd 

wbat "f our aitrapm eul liM Jw cn executed : and let tlMM 

^^ -410 bare tfaeir r^^liufc Whether, and feed tkemMira 

MconlinB ■• they nuty Seam ibemittlvM w(>rtliy, aiid deaJ tbe 

iiiiwhii nf Um nmt for tore of^fld. cA^'u-^-Ac 

I. Aad if it ibm iIkxiIiT liitppno that any kin be eo Ktroon 
end •ogmLjrilliin Iiu»l nr witlKitit Land, whclhrr xiL_lbjJuli-'' ^"-^ 
Wt<■j^^|^{' iliat tli«y r(rlu<« as onr rigbl, and ttand up in 
iirSi«raf« tltief ; ibai we nil of na ride tbereto «-ith tbo rcora 
aiiiiiii wlii^e 'nianani;' it nuit be. . . . 

All or. 943. Ki>iiVMi>. Cottc, CulinbM. IIn«e cwt ImtitntJo 
(|uun l.-i'iiundna rrx d e|>iF«iipi Hii, mm i»pi«ntil>u> mid, ta- 
dUtacn!;ti ajMd Culintonani. dv paw et jnmnwto fitcicndo. 
• L/n ^ai:ntmfnt.f yiA-Hlatis Brgi Jtitnutdo /atimda. In 
' at umoe* Jurent iu nomitic Itomini, pro quo WMttnm 
>.:iMi ■MMtmn m. fidttiuaem Edmnndo ngi, (iout bomo iAet 
•«• fideli* duinioo Koo, line unini ounlrovenin et atditione, in 
— iiifaalo. in ucculto, in anaando quod omabit, nolendo qnod 
MiUl ; et anlMjtinra jtiramMitam hoc dabitnr, nt nemo ooottlK 
b«c in fistre vd pri)\itti<< «ao ploi riiiam in cxtmnj a,^ -^I^A^uu^t^ 
^, Ct rjui'-fw knuunef mot faciat ervdi^W, Mdt M^HMflf 
tfrtt itftiUi^*. Kt onanta bumu (Trdibiloa fanat 

>>ii ..'« qui ill fie^et tcmt ana tuiiu Et omnra 

nifiBall M aentaatiuuibu> ingnmiii lOb plegto redigniiUir. Et 

r a 


lUiuiraiie* SxlraeU. 


pnunotittu rd Uiajiius, comes rel glltBH^ V^ ^x^c r«c«re natit, 
nut diiqxTdut, emundet cut. ». et Bit dlguua eonim i^um wpni 
<licbk sunt 

A. D. 959-975. Edoab. OrdiHinee rff the RtiniiNii, 

It cannot bo dsteiniiMMl williout tjuMlion wlint is the hb 
torieal connexion batfraen tli« syftvia of llw I'< 
exemplific<l b tkebondrcd wanionaiMltHehmHln.-' i.m 

fif tbc Uvrmaiiia, nml tlw Ikter Imrlltiitioa of piilicc ptptnlmtion 
and lorritorial division knovn undrr tlit» luiiiie in Uogtuid. 
Ilie uxisleuoo of & letrituriitl suUIiviftion int«nDed!al« helween 
(li« viciu or towntliijt aod t1i« shire or undPr-kiu|{doin, rudi n* I* 
known in vnTiuTUi ]>«rtn of Englnpil in Iki: prnmnt day «> tlw 
linndred, tlie wapootoko, Ibo Inlhc, or thn ntpit, nia;r l>c n>gKn)f<d 
an prarcd b}- nuwcroiu pMnuj^a jn Beile and tbc Clirouidn; 
and tliia saldiTiiitiHi majr bo regardal aa aiuiwvring nmgbljr to 
tkejxi^uDf Tacilnaorthc'^awofOmuny. Butitunottxjunlly 
dear wbeo,bow, or whyOw name of Mmndred' wu fint up|>l!iH) 
in tbo majority of tbe countiM to tliis eubdivisioa. It is auoiL-' 
tiiDcs Btat«(l tliat the linndred ia n primitive nibdiviiion conaint- 
ing of a hundred hldoa of l«nd, or apportuned to a handn^ 
Cmilin: lli« gr«dtt objection to whic-b theory is \\\r iiii[H<nii~ 
Ulitjr of reconoiliog the hintoricid buudreils with any BiiGh 
compulation. Another tlieoty ngard* th« use of llie tena aa 
mnch more modem, and aa aiwin({ fnnn tlie police Bniui|e- 
mirnt excmgiliHed in <hc followini! iIixhidcdI, and in tiro mwAt 
earlier oitrs of Cbildebert and Clotliuire. of llio year 595, 
which exist among (lie CapiluUriee of tlie Fmiik kings. Upon 
thi* Ihvory tbe ' hundred ' vas originally tlte naaooiation of a 
hundred pemnK for the oonuTviition of peano nnil execulinn tif 
Uw, parallel wilb llie Inter iniltiuiioii of tlie tithing or nM«v- 
cialion of ten frretueu for n siniilnr piir|K>fr. In iinx-iwii of lime, 
tbe name of ' hundred ' would nnlurolly exii-nd to iIm tenitoty 
prolectod by Ihu Maociiition. aa iIm tilliiiic itaelf fanvme, in later 
tinaa and in eartaln dittricla, a local division. Tbia iltnKji ia 





Ban) ivcImMi) tKan Uic fonn«T, bat ncjairai lo Xtt oiAyuifd ia 
iraint of dale mbcI Iixklitjr. W« are not to regnnl Ibe onliuancra 
' V-ii Abd Clotliiiu«, or this of Ed^r, u tlw iu^tilutlon 
. .i'«l]r Drn- ar^nimtuin, luiil tin crciitins t)ie dixtiict m 
wall u tli« police tytum from which it look tt« name. It 
wuul't b« u illtSi-ult lo prove any liUurial connexloo between 
llw ilocrviv of ,195 and iho ordii«nc« of Edgiir, u it woold to 
tncB rilher directly to Hit 'eeuteai' of tbo OcmMaia. But )t 
b vxttvmelj jtrohaUe llwt both legiibton tililiwii uu exbtlng 
nudiinery which wm originally ftod closely aUi«d to tke c(!nt«i)i 
of Tacitna. Then ara tlnu tliieo )ioiiit« : the pxiri«n«e of Ibe 
•uidWiMon of the vhirc, whidi i* nnquostioitablc ; the «xist<ince 
of Ui« tnachitiei; of the hundred for potic« putpow>v wkidi 
eiuei^fM la thcM ordinai>o<«, hut whicti nuy fairly be prenuaed 
lo Im tneeaUe to t))« analogy of ilio (iriiaitiTe aaa|;e, aad wliieb 
may liatv booo cuitoinury for ngte, during which then u no 
diiTCt rword of it ; aad, thirdly, tlif a|.|4)cntion of tli« penoiutl 
MBc and oigaiuaatioa of the huudred (o the already «xistiBj[ 
territorial division, which ciccun in OernwDy a* well lu in 
E(i|;Uo(l. The Iwt thus Tiawed booomn of minor importnnco ; 
m tlw KiH-ciiil uaniee applied lo the pardculnr Ijundri-dii must 
in mot «■•» Iiava «xi»ted previous tc the ap^iltoatioD. Tlw 
buiulml -court wu the oi^inai^ court of juidioe among tiM 
Pnulu ami tioro the name of maUiu, The luw of Childebert 
and Clothaire rewgniMs the cxislcnc* of the t«rrit«nal hundred 
rrua wliil«t inolitutiug a new measure of pUiee. Tlic Inw of 
XklgHT ha* a very mudi wid<T opcnitloa, retpilniiiig tlic pmdiee 
of till- huiidrtil-caBTt in otlter rr«pe<;tit. Tli'- coincidence in the 
wanliu); of the two docUBicAtA is remuhahir, ratlier oa ex- 
tiihiting lira imxt 61 aiioient ooinnxia iutUiutioni tlian u 
pmvicg any diract coiUMxioa. 

DitnU* CkiUiir'tf nyii ; (lUlui. 1. I4\. Ckp. IX. S qnU oaniannriiuu 
-'■ I'ivadik*! )eiU<ani a(>tu«nl *up«r aiilafaolana ad jdlkJtoduin adja* 
: [. ■iUitti Mnnlna conikwiiinu'. 

Ikt tiakoMqiw Mrvun orimloAnim balmfrit M •! Ja4M regaverit 
r . . : I iiMwiUw. •! Botuvrit. lUBta wi'lrigiUuB uiBfiiD« eoMpoaal- 

>. 1 WmUltor wavwiit ul il Turlinn fMrtum fawit, oifnlal* da |inMMIJ 
nU<sa rMtlliuO. vl mmmtXot ambnutiBin oom o w lw i«q«init> 


IliMMtraiice ExtrtieU. 



Zn. Pari osadldoDO mnnM Dt li aiw wntM* in >l» riwliwi TWtl- 
gtam mmU tiwrii •( iBHMtit vel in onlbnMan^i- flddnini KatMiniM 
MminU vnlisluin rniiorit. M (fmuD la aBurn eMMaan rotoboB axpcltct* ' 
potuarit. Ml oonnetmi raiMtt btronam. aut (■{riulo d* pnoMaiU rwUtvM. 
vt COM diMdMiH ipwaooit m h hoo Mcrammto wuM. 

DurtHa ClMarii II, 4. P. f^J. I. Dnccvtom «tt ut itaiA fn tIiiOIm 
OMiiititulM noetamo* fwe* moi ckparant, oo qood per di>eoM int«f>nvlcn1« 
Ma1u£o «Ml»>m prarlnrmii ouiioUm MtfWMnt, miiteaa* B«ri. In qn* 
oiMteM aliqaid d*|<«f<«TU, a|4Ula qid ptrdhlarM Kdplkt •! Uiro liMMii»- 
lur. T«l ■ in «)Mriiw c w ti t tmmtmi at &dh*e itrdra««itl *i nrgloxennL 

r'BM MUdiM oOB^MMMHur. OipttaU Untra qiri ptnlMsril > onitena 
■edpfet tlMqaa ilabio, bM Ml d« (mumI* v«I lertik oMtodi*. . . . 

A.D. 959-97S- Kmaiu Ttm U Uis onimamef hotp At', 
Uu»dr^ (AaU Ire hM. 

I. Pint, tli«t thcj meet i\yr»y% witliiD fixir meb; aaA tlist 

a.' Ilut m tliief ehaU be imrsnM. ... If ebere be pVnM^t nnvi), 
let it be made known to tbe huudredmas, and lot Itirn make it 
knovrii to t)i« tttliin^neu ; «iil let all go forth to wlicre Gi>d 
may direct tbem to }{o. Let them do junticc on the ti,nt(, as it 
una fonnorif (ho cDnclmi-ot of Ediniiml. And let the 'oeaU> 
Ipld' bo F«id to him who owthm tbo cattle, and t]i« real tw 
divided iiilo two; huir (o Ibi- hundivd, half M Ih" lord, 4>x- 
fiepUng mitii, mv\ Irl tliv hird tHk" |io>Emwion of thu 

3, Ami tli« man wlio notf lnytit th ta^ aiid denim 
the hiiiidrn], aud tlir same t« arterwiLTda proved agninVl klm, 
let biin ]»y to the lmn<{icd xxx. [wn'^- ; and for tlio secuwl 


|tBi«i Ix. iwtice, liair to tlic hundred, half to the lotil. If lie du 
•o * thinl time. Id him pay half a ]>oaiul ; (or the fourt>i limes i 
let liini forfeit all llutt he owne, and bo an outlaw, nulesf the | 
ktng aUiiw him tu ninain iu the oounti^. f p- i^ -^ ^^\ 

4. Awl we have ordained, coiMemLiig' unknown entile, lhnt< 
no one ebontd poeaeu ii without (he t««tiiDOQMai>f the nmn <J. | 
J^-'jIbo htindrei. or of the lilliiivimim ; and that be bo a wull lni«(y 
' ^han ; and iiulem lie luve vitlurr of thesv, let no rouching tu 
wnrraniy (tn>m) be allt>ue<l him. 

g, Wo liaro alio onliiiii.-.l, if the hundred jdifMie k tnwk into ' 
aiHillier hnndnil. thai notice \k giwea to tho hniidirdmnn. nuil 
tk«( 1.- M..'ii e!o Willi tliem. If he neglect ibu. lot liim i«j x%\. 
air 'Imi king. 

.'f.« Pi»Sht»mimrtIofifljd-tjj||% let Wmwbn hold . 
fcl " ''"• "f^ ilw • aiTgglle.' And if wyW 

•«> ' Invin;; iiwaynSniini cUar hiawrlf,, 

t» It I' 'Itf cotitiirr. 

1 I' ■'. n< In anj- utiier ■ g«mot.' wo urda{» tl 




fiilk-riitlit Im) ]iron«iinrM in mvtay aQit. nnU that n lonn lio fixed 

'it kKiiII W TiilfilM. Aiwl be who tholl brwk that l«rra. 

K lir ItT tiio lord's Aecrw, 1<4 hitn makD ' hot * with xxx. 

taiiiv.. ' nti Lbu (lajr flx^ fulfil that which be ought to 

K All "XB twU,'ka(l a do^s Mll*r, Mid » Uaat-boni^-eidter 
M tlirw thi«e aWI be worth ft •hilling, uid «Mh b reckoned lui 

■■ .IT. 

I l^ tbn iron ihnt ii for the thrcrftilil orileal wo^h iji 
pouMli : and for the nnglo, oao pnaud. 

A.IX 959—975. EnuAB. Ordimmet. Tliis is the onlinaucc 
Oat Kin([ Edgar, vrith the counMl of his wiUti, ordained, tn 
fniaa of QoH, Mid id honour to himMU', Mid for the behoof of 
■Q MNpcoide. 

I, titci*, iKnn, Are 6n>t : That Ood'a ehnrtlice be eotitltd to 
wnrj ritfUi ; uiid tlial ''vi-ry titlta be rAtxlered to the oM iitlnaicr 
,_Mi ohidi tlifi iltHtricL WtoE^ ; unit that be thiin mi paid, both 
jruiTin a thctjii's ' in-laod_ ' kod from 'goacnt' IiumI, ao oa the 
plotigh tratcivps iL . , . 

So-uittr OrJin-itift ; rap. 1. Nov thta ifl tite Mcnlar ordiiuuioe 
iriiicb 1 wilt (lutt it Im held. Tbti, Iben, ia firvt what I wiQ : 
thai every nun Im nortiiy of folk-rigtit, m well poor m rich ; 
akd llMit ri^jhtciiu* <li-i>iuR \m judgL-d (o him ; and l«t tbrre l>e 
lub reaia«i«n in thi ' but ' m may be bvcomU^ bc&m God and 
liknhk bolbn the world. 

Cat). 1. AimI tct ne one applj to Ibe king in an:^ a«>>^ untoM 
he at home may iiot be worthy uf Inw, or caonot obtain Irw. 
If thcr bw be loo l>eavy, let him seek a mitigation of it from the 
king ; uid for anjr ' hot '-worthy crinie tct no man for&it inon 
llau) Ilia ' wer.' 

Cnjt. 5. And let the boDdred gemot bealtnidtd a« it wae 
bafcrv lixed; niul Ihrico in tlw* yi-nr let a burb'gemot bo hdd ; 
aad twice, a shtre^ntnt ; and let there he prtaent the biahop of 
the ihire and the aaJdonnnn. and Uiere both expound aa well 
the law of Ood aa tin aecular law. 

Clip. 6. And let every man ao order that be have a ' boHi ;' 
and l<4 the 'Ixirh' tlien bring and hoti! him to •■rcry jii*ti<« ; 
and if any one tlir^n d» wrong Hnd run away, let titr ' borh* 
hnmr that whinb be ought to bear. But if it Im a thief, and 
tf he can fT't bold of him within iwiUio montbi, let him deliver 
him up to jnettu^, aud lot bt rendered unto bin what be before 
had paid. 

And let ow mnoey paaa tbrouebout Uie king** 
. aud that let du inon refaao ; and let onu meaauro 




Illustralite BxtraeU. 


and coo voigUt pMii, <u«h u b obnrvwl «t London aud kI 


Tliia. tli«n, n what I will : Uint 

SuppUmmi; «a[ 
man b« tinder ' borli.' botb wiltiia tlie * ImrbB' and n-ilhuut 
the ' burba;' and l«t witncae Iw Bppoiatod to every ' biu-li* 
and til ewrj buudrvd. 

dp. 4. To evcr^ ' bnrb' let llic<r« be cboam xxxili. &• wJtWH. 

Csp. 5. To Hoidl ' burba' and ui cvu^' bnnilml xii. udIobi j« 
dMiro man. 

Ca]>. 6. And let vxety miui. witb tbcir irilBft**, buy and sell 
every of llie cliatleU tliat b« maj' buj' or iirll. vitlHrr iii a burb or 
lAAK-A'^A-^Hlt " '*'*l'"l)l"'^" ? ■■'■'' '^ evrnr uf tbom, irlwn be is finit cboMn 
aa wiiiieia, giv« tli« oatli tliat be never, neilher for money, nor 
for love, nor for fi-nr. nUt deny any of tboae tlUngs of vrblcit I10 
WM vritiiMs, nor drL'tnra uiy other iIiiiik in wiuieaa «ave tbat 
alone triiicb lii^ nan- or brani ; and iif Kudi twom tacn lei there ^ 
b« at avory liargiiiu tvm or tliroc a» wtdirM. \ ^ 6-<» C* ' '-*■ ' ) 

A.D. <i78-ioi6. Kt)iki.i>ki>. I. This i« tbe ordin>Dce wliieli 

King Ellielrod and faU wiiao ordaiiwd m ' Trilb-bol' for tbe whole 

naliun, ut WondRtork, iu tbe land of tbe Murviaus aooordiiig to 

tbe law of the Kn^lixli. 

■ Oip. 1. 0/'B<irht.' That i", that nrery frroman liare a true 

P ^ 'bnrli,' tliat the ' borb' tna; preaent him to every jiietice, if haVft'J 

r ""' t ahould tie accusol. But if be be ' tfU^^lttl lei him \^ xo tbu 'j~ 

F 'nir^fold ordeal. If bis lord lay that be Ima failcil ii^'itber in 

OMIi ui<r ordeal since the gvniot iraa at BroRidiiii, let tbe lord 

lake witb bim two true tliepw witliiu ttio fanndrvd, and nrear y 

that nerer hath oath fnitcd liim. nor bnd lie paid ' tl»aof- (f]i-ld.;'- 

nnlcM be have the rcerc vlio \» competent to do that. If tb<m 

tlu) oath suoomnI, let tlie man then wlio i« there acciuod choOM 

whicberor be will, either Hngle ordeiO. or a pound-worth luith, 

within the thr«e bundreda, for aliove tliirty peooe. If lliey darn 

not take the oath, let him (^ to the triple ordoal .... And let 

pveiT loni have IiIb h<iiii«-l«'ld in liia own ' borh.' ,^ 

jl. cap. 6. If the frllli-bnuicfa be ooannittod wilhtn a * hiirh,' 
'it the iiihabitanta of tlio * burh* themadrca go and ^i-t th<i Biur- \ 
<tercn, lit-ing or dead, or tbi-ir nmmt kiiwlrcot, bntd fur bead. 
IT tliey will not, lei tbe eaUlornwn ^o ; if he will ni>l, let the 
kbig R» ; if bo will not, let tlie mldordom lie in'' ontrllfe,' r<^>^f^ 

111. eap. 3 -And that a gemot be BcTd In ewj^*^ 

wapfintaku 1 and tlie xli. *enior tlipRi)" v." "^^ ■"■^ *''<* rr«vf >• 
witli iboui, mid swt«r oti the relic that Ih ^itnn ibnni iu liuud, 
that they will a«cuiie no iiuKiecnt man, nor oonceal any i^ilty 
one. • > I . 


ttkelrtd and CanuU. 


0^1. If. And lot BD Bian have any x^en over » king's tlu^i 
MflHA Uto Viitg hlnutdf. 

V. «(>. 3 Aim) iImi unlinitncA of oar lord and of hu wiun U, 
Ail Chriatiiui mm Mid nnoioilrniitcd Iw not sold out of tli* 
iBMttry. i^'iiwiHlly into a hentboD nilion ; and be ti jedousljr 
fi: liiist, that those souk poriah not that Christ bought 

■ i .i-u life. 

Can. 3. And Ike nrdloance of our hwd uul of hk iribin I*, 
that CbrUtuui num for uU t^o ItttJe be not oondemnod to doatli ; 
b«t in i^imil IH mild puniilimciiU lie d««r««d, for t)i« proiiVe 
BMil: >nd l«t not, for ■ hide, OodV handj'work and Uia own 
panbaae be deatm/cd, which Ifa dearly bonglit. 

t.'*[>. 36. Bol let God's law be faeooeforth Malonilj loved, by 
wiirl and <)eed, tli«n «ill God aooo be merciful to this natkw : 
umI let ' rrilbiup-bol' atxl '^ooJiot' eretywh^re in the country, 
,jf^' hurb-liot ' 00 every Hid*', and ' biio-bot,' and the arniuini.iit* 
'fmlu^) also be diligently aticudMT^ aucording to what b 
■Inya praeerihcd when then i> nrod. 

Cap. jH. And if any one without lonvo rrtiini firom tbo ' lyrd' 
in whitli the king hiniftelf is, tot it ho at Ihe |>eril of himself and 
all hie eatate ; and be who olae returns from tbe ' f)nl,* let him 
U linUe in out. ahOlinga. 

A.D. ioi6-io3»i. CAKifTB. Seeubo' Dooms ; cap. 17. And 
Irt DO one ati{>lj to the king nnlesi he may not be entitled 
to any juriioo intliiu his liuiulred ; and let the huodnid ^Hinot 
he npplird to uniiur pviuJly of the 'wite,' ao aa it is ri);ht to 
Ipply to it. 

Cap 1 9. And Ihnoe ft-ycnr lot tht^ra he a ' bnrh-f^mot,' nod 
twice n ' shira'^^niot*; Bndar penalty of llie 'wite,' aa is right, 
ttnln* thrra be need ofteuer. And let tli«re be present tlie 
Wabop of the aldre and tbe ealdorauui, and there let both ex- 
pMnd aa well the law of Ood m the aeeular law. / / 

cup. 19. And let do man uike any di.'lrcM^cilliAr tn the 
iliirv or out of tlie diire. b«foi«~Ee nus twloe demanded bis 
right in the Itundrod. If at the third time he JMre no justtoo, 
Ibaa let him go at tbe fourth timo to tbo ' shirr-geraot,' and 
let lb>' aliirv appoint hini a fonrth temi. If that then fail, let 
Um talu) laare either from henoe or tfaenre, that he may Kdse 
hb nwa. 

Cefh BO And we will tliat every free nan be brou|^bt into a 
. IniO'lml luul into a tjlhioif, . . . And that every one be l»rau);ht 
it ' Irvi and in -both ;' end let the ■ borh' bold aud lead 

h -y pU«. . . . 





liiutiralire Exintet*. 


Cap. ai . Aiid ire will tbni every man nbove x\\. ynnn maks 
Mtli Ibat be will oeitber be n tli'>-f iiur cogDiwiut or ihpft. 

Otp. 70. TliiH Umh u iIm) nllcriatinu wliicli it >h mj* will 
to teoure to all Ui« people of tkAC which lli«y twforc tliix were 
too mod) (^^HUtsod Willi. Tlutt tlwD ia lirat ; tbat [ oooinund 
all mv reovM thi>t (boy jii*tlj- provide en my ow n, ami nininl&iii 
, m« tonrowitb ; and Uiftt no mui neca giro tbctu aajlbiiig •« 

>Mf.V''.^.*4^r?'-'''"""l' ■u>l«ta he bimaelf be willtni:^ Anil if any oii« 
.0 _ _ *uler tliat d«iaaad a ' wit«,' let bim lie liable in bia ' war' to Did 

Cap. 71. And if any ojm depart thia life inltnUUt, be it 
Uirough hia ii«>glec1, be it through Mddea d«*th ; llii>n let rrA 
Ibe lord draw te^rehom hia property tUaa bis lawful ' 
And according loMs cfimctioii, let tbe proptrty be di- 
rery juvtly to tli« wife and ubildren luid rclalione, to vnej one 
ao-'oixllii); (o the dc^r^it that bulmigii to him. 

Oap. 73. And lot tbc hcriota be os it ia 6tlii)s to tlw dcgnn. 
An aorl'a aucb aa thereto bcloi^. that is, ciglit liorara, foor 
Mddl«l and four nnaaddled, and four heJtiMits and four unala tit 
nuii], ud eight ipmn and as muDj' shkhU, and four awords aiul 
soo maiMuaM of gotd. And afler that, a kitig'ii tli«gti'a, of ihoae 
wliu are UMrat to him ; four lionoa, two caddlud and two un 
aaddled, and two aworda and four a|i««rs aiad u» many aliiclda 
luid a hclmci uud a coat of mail uul fifty mancaaoa of gold. 
And of the mclint (htgns, a hone and bin (ranpinga UM hia 
anna ; or bis ' healtfang' in Wea«ex ; aad ia UercM two ponnda ; 
and in Ea&t Aoglia two ponnda. And the bcriot of a kin^a 
lh«gn among the Danea, who hua liia aokeo, four pooada. Aud 
if hs have fiutber relaUoD U> tbe klii^, two hotsw, one aaddlod 
aiid Ibu other woaddted, a»d one aword oinl two spam and two 
tJiicldi and fifty laaneuacs of gold ; aiut bo who i« of loai maKn^ 
two pounds. 

~i I Cbp. 81. And I will that «v«i7 man bo entitled lo hia IniRtitig 

J I la wood and in field, on lita own pocaoiaioii. And lei evirry hdp 

(ongo my hunting ; take notice where I will ban it nutraa- 
pMMd oo, under jie^ialty of tbe full ' wite.' 

Cap. 83. And I will tliat every mnu be nnlitled to ' grilh' 
to tbe tfemot and from tlui gemot, excejit Iw be a notonoua 






CBAkTSR OP Cakl-tb. 

Thx following Clwrter affurda a mnrt impnrtsnt illnatratioB 
«( iba polioy of Canntv with nguri to hi« Giiglisb mbjects, ani 
rfUin g^nvnj t|tiril of liia legiisUtion after hia role wat unlrer- 
«>]|; ailniitUxL It iHnbably beluRjp to tlte yuar 1020, in which 
Iha king rntoniol from Denmark, aa tbi; <«rl Tliurcirl, to whom 
ll la addraBMJ, wim outlawed the folloiriiig yenr. Tlic lam of 
Bdpir hiul been cImimui by the Danes nod English at Oxford lu 
' 101^'. Tbo docniDi-nl i» pobliUxd for <hu lint lime. 

Gannt«, (b» king, gnt** his arcbhirtiopt and hi» Bnffraguti 
Utlnf*, aiul Ttiurcy) the earl. <uid all liia earb ao'l all lib 
Mople, tweI(1ivDd« ai>d twjhjivd^ clerk aiMl lay, in EoKliaid. 
maiul^ ; and I do you to vit thnt I will be kind lord and 
mftnlilift to Ood'ti riiclibi nud to rifflil lecalur law. t took to 
■y ranetnbnnec tlx! writing and the word tliot utchbiijiop 
l^ftog Intrnght me from Borne from the pope, tliat I alioala 
Wtwywken maiutaiu tli<i glory of Qod and put down wrong, 
ml work full peace by tbe might tliat Ood would give me. 
Now I ibnuik not trvtn my <oat whilst hostility was in Iwnil 
aciniis rou ; now I with God** l>clp tiiok awuy nl my cjott that 
of wliii'.ii ineti told tnt- lluit it t}ii(4tcued m with moi-o hnnn 
thkii w«ll plcucd Bs; and then wont I myMilf into Denmark, 
wilh tha ntcn that went wilh me^ from whence most harm came 
to you ; and Uiur have I witli Ood's lieljt taken prMauiiona for 
Ibal aaver henceffirlh elioulil enmity oome to you froin tbeuee 
■liii>t ye men n;;lil)y hold, and my life UxteilL Now I 
tliNiik God Almighty for hu> help and taeny, tlut I liave no 
alliiwl <)>e gnwC linriDN tluil (Iin-ikti-ncd u», tliut wc iiretl expect 
from Uieuee no harm, l>ut to full |>eiic« and to riolirersiwe if 
rjuil ))«. Now [ will ihul we nil nn-erantly thmik Oo<l Almighty 
r.<r thr mitry ilut Ite has doo« for onr h«Jp. Now I bomecli 
my artlihtalKipe and all my anfl^vgui Usbope (bat tliey all be 
■tt/^niivn nlmut Uori'g ri;;lit, every oBe in us district which ia 
roniniiltnl to him ; and alto my cnMormen I eoinniand tltal 
tittr btln tb« UabufM to Ond'd ri^bt and to my royal ntuhiirily 
■nd |o the behoof of all tbu jwiplo. If nuy be <o biiM, clrrk or 
I j^tiih, Bi to go agniont OixI's Uw and aeniniit my 
;, or a^tnrt Fftiilar law, and Iw nnwilliug to 
vmkt unaniia, anrl to alter aonirding lo my bialHipt' toachitig, 
Uwm I (my Thurcyl mjr earl, a!>d aliH' i,--)mmatid hilu, thai be 


TUuttralitv ExiraeU. 


twnd Uint nnngbteiatii one to Hglil if ti<! an ; Ef ho cannot, thru 
w!|] I wiUi iIm: itrpn^b of v* bulli tliat lio dwtrc)' bim in tlie 
Uixi or drive liim uut ot tbc land, bo li« IwUvr, tic Iw worw ; 
and also I conuiMUid nil rajr iveTM, by my Iriendtliip and by all 
tlial they oirn, and by t1i«ir own life, thsj tkoy cvorywbiriv bolil 
my [i«<>i>tc riglidy ajul judge rigiil jud^menU by Ui« Bhire 
bbbopn' witndM, mid do sucli nittrc)' tlMreia tat Ibe ibirw bisliop 
tliiok* right, as a tniui may aUaiD to ; aiul jf any liarbonr a 
lliivf, or Dcgltct th« puntuit, be be aiuwi-nMii to i»c n« IImi 
tliior rliuuhl, udIm* b« <aa denr liinmclf towunia niu villi full 
pnrg*ti»ii. And I will lluit all peo]>le, clerk aud lay, Itoltl fi>*( 
Eiigur'fl law, wkicb all men have clioaen and a«rom lo at Oxfofd, 
(t>t thai all tJi« biahope any tliat it riglit d««]>ly oflends Uud. tbut 
a nan brmk oatlia or pledges; and ItkewiM tbey Turiber ti'ncli 
lu tbiil wv nboiiM wilb all Ri)({bt and main, alike ae«k, Ioto, and! 
woiiibip tlte C'Uirnal mcrcifol (iod, and cxi'bew »tl tuirigbt^yiaa- 
DCM ; tbiit U, ainying uf kiiumcn, aod rnunlrr, and jivrjury, and 
witdicntft and riidianttnetit. and (uliilt<iry, and inccut ; and alao 
wpr charge in tlie uama of Uod Almighty, and of all liU taiiita, 
Ibiit no cnan be so bold aa to marry a hallowed nun or myiiobeu ; 
and if any have done to^ bo bi- outlaw townnlii Oud, and exMini- 
mutiieutftl from all ChriMiendi>m, and ikiuu-vnible tu tbo king ia 
nII bo biiH, unlcM bo quickly alter and deeply m«k« aiaaoda to 
God ; and fnrtlutr still, wo admoniah tlwt nirn keep Sunday'a 
festival n-itb all their migbl, and obeerve it from Salnrda/a 
noon to Monday's daviiin)*; and no man be ao bold tliat he 
either go to market or seek nuy court ou that holy day ; and all 
nten, poor aud neb. M«k tbtiir cburrh. and aik ruOfivenetw 
lli«ir aina, and kii-p eartirntly every onloiiicil h»t. aud caniettly 
lionour the aaiutjt tlwt iho maas printa aliall bid lu^ tlwt 
may altogether ihroagh tbo Bivrcy of tlte everlaatiu^ God and 
the intereerunn of hi» aaintB come to Ibe joy of tltc kingdom of 
heaven, and direll with Uim who Uveth and iwgneth (or ever 
witlMMit end. Amon. 

[Yofk G<^ Book, .VS.] 





A.D. 1043-1066. EnwABD TiiK Coxrnaon (aa 
bf the iHee men of tlu thiRa under William, and edited by 
Olnn^ ill in t)i« n«xt century, witli the legal language adiq>tod 
to ibe biter ]>rno<)). 

IX. i>* iVft* qitijvdirium/aeiuM (lyiuu wi /Vrn' eatidi. AAtli 
ikd judicium mit»l«r tpiicupi cura elerids aula, «t Jucliila ng{* 



EdKord lie Guif'fuvr. 


im Ingalibua hamiiiifiaa )trovin«fl« illins. ut viilranl et ftiulijiiil 
^Bwliimnia o^'itw fl«nt; «t (|U<is iulvawrit D(itiiliiu« por mii^- 
lt„~>;.r.. <>,-ni| p4 Jiutftia uorum. (juieli suit rt libon alutwdunt ; 
K iiiiU« vX icijualitia Nuii ctimti^inimverit, JuKtitM irgM 

d* i|-'x '"-ri fueibt juitilum. BuniiiC!! au(vni qui curiiui miM 
hibuit do Itnmiuilian taa. vidrAnt ut iU ogmit Ae do quntcimi 
irgw Dtruin roatum non iiicurniut, ot rr^m non uflbndunl. Et 
rf [ilariluin do hnitiinil'iis tdionim btironain nritiir in curiU mU, 
alnt «d plocltum Juslitt* r«L;H, quoniaiD abflqiM c» livri non 
MkMt Et u barvnM alnt qui jud'tcin non habmnt, in IiuiMtreda 
nbi pl*rilnm baliiluni fu«ril. nd pr«[iiiK)uiorcni cecIeBiMa ubl 
Mtutniu ri-f^ ctit, ilulurmiiittiKluiii oo, Mlm reetkadinibUB 
Wdubri ipM>nini. 

Xfll. DMiiina tekirttmm et Aundmtoram, DivisinitM 
•cinmm regia jmijiric cnm judtMi ml i-bimtDoruia reg&lixm 
KbL DlTiniotKw bundri^jloniiii rt wnpcntiigiuruin, OMuitlbiu et 
TieeoomitilMU, cum juilicio oomiinlu*. 

XX. D* friMtirgin. Alia pax maxim* eat, per quam oniws 
lnB(<>ri Hiatu Buili^ijlutitiir : aditoat 6de}iiMloiuii irtaIiiltU1<:, 
^nsa An^ili vonot rrillibt>rKnii. pnuil«r Eb«>nK«iMM qui vncuut 
HUD (miiuiRW laU, y>(K tfi. iiumrniRi x. liAiiiiiiiini. Et hoc ott, 
■ud dc omiiibu* villii' t<-lius rcgni tab dcci-nnBli fidrjuwrnie 
•tbtuit cnntica cm«, iU qnod ta anus ox dcccm forii-fpccrit, 
nvrrai cum halNnvnt ad rertam, Quod m aiifiignvt, at dtcorcut 
qaod ana pM»e&t eum )i&Ii«t« ad reirtum, dai'elur cis tA eainiu 
ft •JoMitift r«^a HMlium xx. dictum et unius did ; et si poeaent 
ram hiTi'iifrv, ailaurart-nt cnin iid Juslitiim. IpM (iuid«m de 
nn nttmrtl dunnnm quud fei-<;nil. et d« eorpore «io Ibt 
Jniitta, ll ud boc r(>ruf<c<^t. iSt outcni iiifni supruilicbuu tcr- 
nitium tnvcfiiri iit>n potent, quia in nmni frillilMince utina i-nt 
eafiitnli* lupTii i{ihi viicalunt frilhlioryt htred, i|>»c rapiliitu 
a i<t mrlioHbiM in tun frithlKir^ rt dc Uibus 

(m :-iqiiioribus TJcinis eiiia iicd)>iat dc iino<fao<|ti« 

apuJam : :f di>M de mdionlnis, si |><>lrcit eos babefe, 

rt »* 3»t-Vi . .irjjet seelfrithlMirguia buhiii ai boeicpotorit. 

d< -•■ e4 fuga aupmdicti radcfuctvriB. Quud >i faovre noo 

f> ^niiraroL •Umiiiun quod i|)»e fe««Tnt de proprio foite- 

t iittim diiruvnrit. rt do MO ; et er^ Jiiaiitjara rmnn 

i' liim quix) k'-„i>lilnr jiidicAlnin fncril pIi. £( tnmea 

t iJiiquMt iMn jiolui-ntiit 0(Hi)ul«!r(> jxt vii-imxi, pi^r ao 

(J 11 junnl ac rniK imiminc*, \'A m iiliqm-m pi-eii^ridt 

(t mlducmil «uin ad JntlittiiiB, ai |)otumiit, aut dicoul 

.luiiiEiitv UM ait. 


lllutiratice EglfiuU. 

XXL Dttcripiia tibfirtatitm divtT*arum. ArohiBiriKepi, e[^ 
ii^iipi, i-umitcK, hiironui t-t inilittt tnoB L-t projirios Bemootei siioc, 
sdlipcl dnpifcroF, itiiii-wiui*, Mmcrnrina, coqnoB, pistoi-o*, eiib 
sua fnthborgo hnboliBiU ; ct ipii saoa nrmigdroa vcl alios 
sn-vieiitM saot sub suo Trithbor^; quod n ipH forisftioereQt, 
et cUmor vicinorum iiisurgtnd <le tU, ipai baberont eoa ad 
i-ectuiu ill curia sua, ai liukcxuiit Bacham ct wcbam, tol et tbeun, 
et infiuigeu«tber. 

XXII. Quid tit Saflu,et To!, it Thramttt Ii^fim- 
genlA^. Sooiic est, •^uocl n iiliijui" qiincrit nliqiitd in t«mi biir. 
eUati) furtuin, sua csl jiialitta si inventiim fuerit aii Hoc. 
Sacra, (|U0<1 n aliquU aliqueni uomiDAtim de aliquo calumni- 
Aia» fu«!r:t, et ip»e negavenU ftimravtura prubattiuiia vel ne^p^ 
ttDni*, «i cvonerit, nun crit. Toi. ({uoO nan vucaniua tbctcRieuiu, 
scilicet lilwrtiktvn) tMiiendi et viiuUi-ndi iu lorra Nua. TilUii, 
quod 8) nliquia aliquid tntcrciiiljulur iiupcr itliqucm, «t i{uo Don 
)>ot«rat wnrnutiim siium hnbofv, orit forinfnot.ura, ct jiiBtitia 
simililerdecalumDiatoroRi doficicbat. DUn oril. Vk IsvAsexint- 
THBT: — Justitja i-oguoBcCDtis latroDu eua «8t <le homiuo buo, si 
e&ptiu fuerit Hiper t«rmm suuu. Et illi qui non babeut cuo< 
Huctuilin«N i|iiait Aupradisiinus, eiile JuHtUiuin rc^ju fnciiuit 
rccttiin «tiiim in liuiidndo. vd id wapeutikgii*, vd id scliiris. 

XXVIII, Quar« FriUdnrryi conttilutt iwU. OuiQ AUtem 
vUeruat quod aliqui stulti libcDtcr forisbciGbunt oi:Bit v-icJooA 
MM M}>ientioraa ceperuut coii«iliiiin inter ae, quumodo ea> 
rrprimervftt. nt aio iinposuerunt justiliarioB super quusque x. 
fritlibot^oK, quoB dvcauoB poMnmua dtoere, Aiit;ltc« aut«m 
It/fittJit-hevti vocati Giuit ; boc «jit caput x. Itti autviu intvr 
villaa, iuter liciaos u«ctabant raumu, ct sccuiuium quod fori«- 
buturac eraiit, emendation es ct ordiuatioDc* fadobant, videlicet 
de pascuJA. do pratiB, de tDMsibuB. do ccrutionibua inter ncitioa^ 
et de niullii bujiismodi quae fh)qu«iitcr insiirguat. 

XXIX. Cum nutcra majorfci causuc insnrgebaot, refcroba&t eM 
od nlin* majorM juxtttianos quoa lupleDteii Buprndicli lupcr coa 
const! turrant, 'Ciliccl, mii«t x, tlnnuioii, ijihih puMumu* rocare 
MBttOuirios quia super ceutum frithl>c<rgo8 judicabnut. 



A.D. lod^-ioS?. WILLUM I. 
Afohbliliapa ot CuitWTbury. Stlgand, tO£>-io;oi l^nfmiti^ 107»- 

Js*llOM. Odo <A Btjrvni fttiil Xt'illiani Fiti-0><>rni. lofi;; Willinm d* 
Wamme kod Biobud flu-Gil I xTt, 10731 Lnnfruie of Cniiterbut7, 
Ocofftc; fii'bogi of CouluiDVS. and Robert Ooant of MortAJn, 1078. 

ChanooUon. llcrbtt, Bftcmrdj Bittiop of ElmluuD. 1068 ; Otboni, 
■Rvrwonl* BUhop of Eietor, 1070-1074 ; Ounotid. aKhihiuiI* Biahnji 
of Salinbury, i074'io;tl ; Mfturiru, atl«r«sr<t« Binhop of Lonilun, 
1078-10631 WilliunilcBaiQleu.sflcminls BUhop of Tbotford. 1083- 
toS$: WnUwu GiOud, loStS-ioS;. 

William tli* Conqucrur having, ul Ibe batfl* <ir Hfliittn^ 
wrualiil Urn Icingdom of England from Horuld, was l'1(h;U(1 \ry 
th« n-iljin, and crowned aftpr making tio timml compnct with the 
nfttion. He slmvoil himself ]>repArcd to I'ulo m the West 8uon 
line of kitig» Mare hiiu lisd dono, and found the forfeited 
denifwiea uid juriwlittion* r>f lli« family of Godwin sufficieut to 
MitihTy for tlic miNDODt the demiuidi uf liis serrftnU and kllie*. 
But the tynuiny^ of Odo of Boyeux and William F^tz-0«bcrD, 
who wcni left behind as juatices regent on the ocejiFtOD of bii 
first viMt to Normandy, prodmcil a re&iataDoe wlUi-h was not 
extingulslied until n vrry liiv)^' jiorlion of thu uutii'C lunduirocn 
hiid siilTcrcd forfoiHire, and n wry lnrg« «ubstitution of Normun 
nobin in both lands and juritHlictions followed. Thia lubstitU' 
tion bad tlic twofold effect of producing a gradu&l change in (lie 
instilutioiM of the country, from the hi;;heet to the lowest, 
toward* (hf. Norman or properly feudal type, and of tliui 


lUntiratiet Zrimefi. 


nlatnf; up a nobility covetous of ext«ikuve e(Ut«« and beredituj 
jurisdiutuina, wbicb taxai id Uie long ran cripple tbe Kudeat 
power of th« king and tbo iijrttcm of •df*^Tcmm«Dt wkioli Mill 
eabnrtod among Ui« ptopla Ttia siraggtn of tbo Eaglidi 
Bffkliut Ibeir eonquorora were after a ahort intoral RMoeeded 
by a. Mri«a of Aragg]e» betweoi tbe Crown and tlie Barooa, 
which began in the cooRpimcjr of lUIpb Guadnr kimI Roger ton 
of Witliiim Fitx-Osl>eni, and eoDtinueJ until the nobility of the 
Ooni)uest wits naorljr extlnet. The reiKn of the Oonqnerar 
wttneeadd outy thv ojMniii^ of this long ooutufi, wbldi hart the 
c&M in ila turn of compelling tbe kiiigt to foel«r every remnant 
of local iadependaoce amongst tho Eiigtiali aa a chock oa the 
rvhellioiu and tynuutical poliey of tho great fondatoriea. But 
ibia did nut pnirrut ttiu mpid nadmiliitiim of the govemioent, in 
ita liigbciit range, to llic fciidnl model ; which wa* the movt pro- 
tniooot Tvanlt of tlie Oomiuosi, rcgnrdcd in ita coutitntional 




A.D. ioS6. Will. Fictjlv., Gnta trOUiml. cd. HMetet, 
p. 145. Die ordioatioiii decroto. docutus nd Angtoe oondenpnii 
•ermone KboraerouB arobtepiwopmi, a«quilat«m vaMe amau*. 
Rovo maluma, sapieaa, bomuB, eloquent, an oonsentirent vgm 
{Willi-tmnm) n\n dominnm coronari. iuqui^iviu ProlMUili aunt 
hiUrcni conaonsum unitenii minima hueei tunica, ao ig co<>lihu 
uiui mcnte data tuu»(|UO voe«^ Aii^-lnrum voluulati qoani fn>-tl- 
limc Normanni conaonaerant ; arrmociniito ad eoa ne nmletitiam 
pcrcunctato Conatantini praeaule. ... Sic cloctiiin coiHi-i;rmvit 
idem arcliiepiMo{inB, aeqiM Banota rita earua e( iiiviulnla faata, 
im[ii>iiuil ei r<r«iun) ilindi-ma i|Mumiiue regio solio fitviMiu »h1* 
torum pracacutia praevuliuu et ablutum. . . . 

Flob. Wicosy. ConaecrntuB «et honorifice, priua, at Mlcog 
onrhipraeeal ab 00 exigelwt. Ante altara iSoDuU Prlri Apiibloll, 
conun dero et popnJo Jurejiimodu iui>mitteu ao vclle aaovliu 
T>ci ooclcaiaa ae rertnrca illimira dclenden-, oecnon et cunotuni 
popiiliiin >ilii antijri'tain Jtnte et n'^li providctitia iVHrn*, 
Rctam Irpim alHCuTp et tvutm, njiinaa ii^iiatO'iue judiula 
peottua intrtdiccn). 





Ohbcim. Sax. Aiut li* mmn to Wctttniiutn' maA Arch1>i«hnp 
U-ln'i) cotiBcTTBlml liim king, «&il molt |iaiil him tribntc, uid 
iltjitrrcil him kMU|{»> bo^ nfUrwanlg lioiighl tli«ir land 

Vftuu Malwwiii.. ff«wto Hrymn, lib. iii. $ 179. CouvJtIo In 
nnciputa fe^tivitalibil* eulii|i(U(HUi vl riiikuJIiub initial ; Kntoli^ 
!'■■■■ "vml IjloeotMnim, I'aschti •pml Wintoniwn, Peiiloco«tcii 
Bj 'ii)»H«*lvTium BgcDB quiitaniuR qnibu* in Aogli* 

lu'i^.'i iKJi-nt: omnM eo eujuaciiiM|u« |in>r<wranM mitga&lcs 
rrffiuiti p>iii:tiiRi •co.-rot'bnt. ut «xl«tmm gontiani Irgati apecicm 
■nulutuiltiiiF ■|i|Nknitotiuiti« itdiciiirum mtrnivntur. . . . QuMa 
inutmk cuuvivnixli primua sucnnMir i>b«(iiwt« leutut, sectUHlm 

CkboX. SaXt A.D. 1087, Tliriw ho wore bii crown cw-ry 
vnu-, w ofteu u br WW in Eiif;laiMl ; at Kart«r be wore it at 
'WtiH-Wlrr; Mt WliiiMiiitttlu •! \Vi.-fltiiiiiist«r ; st Miitwinter at 
i A.,Kirrgt4tr ; tui'i llirii wi-rv with bitu al) tfae rich mi'U over nil 
Ei>Klaml, anbbidbops aiid nifTnigui l)tsb<ip«. abboU aod oarb, 
tit^iia ami kiiigbis. 

B. HOVKPK.V, Olmniftt, \i. 118. A.D. 1070. Willclmutt 
TOU iptarbi aanci nfui Mt, couiili« barouuni Buiiruni. frcit 
MmniaDeri |><ir univ«nu<< oouxuLatiui Aogltau Auglu« tinbilM et 
>\;itriil«« ot Mia logo (miiitoa. ut v«rum et jun et oonaueUiiiinut 
all i[«)s BucJIrct Etccti igitiir Jr tingulis totiaa patriae 
wmiiatibaa *iri iluixlccim jurrjurandv conlirmnvrnint primo 
si qn'jiail puoMi)! redo iraniito, oeqac ad drxtrnm ncqtip lul 
duirMnmi parlom ili^verl «»(<>*. Kifum suarum conmatuilim^m ot 
Moriu pair&CEn-'ut, uil pntutonniUeaWt, ail a(ttlont«a, nil 
pnwrrariisDilo mnlanlca. 

FuJit. Wioous,, A. D. io8<. R<!S Anglornro Willrlmiu de 
aiM|nai|ue liida jxr Angliain aox M>1ido« accopil. 

TtaiL WiooRs. A,D. io8<i, Willeliam i«x fecit d(«mbj 
MHttrm Ar .uttitn t«rra« f)ai»qii« baronun suontni poa- 

•iiM^l, 11^" ' '■ mililce, qnol camxM, qnot vilbutue, qtiut 

aiiiiuklia, tmnKi quautum viva« pecnniAe qnuxiini [loaaidebnt in 
.1., n ri-;/ti[i »U(>, a Riaxiiuo tuqni* atl minimaw ; ct qaaiilum 
11 pdawwio ir-lilirr jnlnrat : et vnxnta rait l«m 
........... inilo procerfrntibtis. Kt iu MxloriMdN Pcnta- 

■anm lllium Ueiiirii-niii npiKl WntiDiiiiatil«ri)im. ubi oil- 

iT.iri, laiatti Uiiiiti' mililmibiia biHiomviL Nn: tnultn |HMt 

miin-l»it ut u li, e|ibc(i|>i, nbbatM, Mniite*, baruixa, 

tioeCuokilM, euiQ •iiiK iiiililibua. die Kaleixlarum AuniwlMruHi 



jf'nii4,m r. 


ailil ocvuirerent Smrecibyrise : qiio cnn vniismtt. mQltm Hloniiii 
cilii fidcliUiMn oaiit» innun bouiiMS Juiw ooef^l. 

CniiOK. 81X., A.D. 1086. After tbiit li« w<tnt alMiut t>o llint 
bo uunn nt lAraniss to SnIivlHiri-, omI tlicre mnin Ui him liia 
witaii, aiul all lli« Undonning inpti of pri>j>crly tlim wern over 
All EtigluixL, whMe SMver m«u thojr iroi'e. aod all bowvi) down 
to him iuhI lieeiuuc liia meu, and swore oatlis of foalty to kitil 
tlinl tliey would lie IWilbful to liiui a|piiuat all utber iiwn. 

OiiOKBtc. Vital., lik tv. c. 7. Ip« mro rm, at fortar,| 
niille et scxnginta lit>ra« iU«ri)ontiu inuticbw, (olidiqaB iHgiiili 
et trM ubuti, ux jiutiit rtdditibus Au^liac per hdjiuIob die 
mlduiilur : exce|>ti« muneritms rrgita H lYaiuum ml<.'iii]ilioa-] 
iImh, aliiwiiie muUi|>lidbiu negiAiia qnac rvgia ai-nriuni qnoiidia 
atlauitiTDt ; rex Willelrous omne regiium nuuqi lUliitunter inrntti- 
g^vii, et Mnacii fiMXw cju*. ticut tempore EitwBnli regis ru«runt,| 
ventdier d<«cril>i fecit TeTTu* autem militihufi itn ditlrilmil, 1 
edrum onltDcx iU dixpocuit, ui Aiifilini^ re-gniim LX inilliji milt- 
Una indMJiieiit^r lialxiret, ac ad iiujicriiim irgiti, jirout ratJAl 
jiopoacorilv oel«rit«r exbilteret. 

^ EADUBit, Uiti. jVm% i. p. 6. QoJiMUni da cU quae Duva 
Angliiun Acrrari |WiIlolmas] ouo^liluil ponam . . . 

!i. Non ci^ pali voJebat qii«iMiii«m in otuni duinttiatloDe ana 
coiiatilutnm lUmuDce tiri)ia ponliflcem pro ii|>uituli(<ii, iiiai a^ 
Jabente. rei-i|x.T«, »ut ejus )it4ent» ta i>riiiiilas ri\n ortenaae uoa 
fuiaaeot ulli> piicto «iiacipi;n!. 
s. Pfiinatem quoque rvgai aui, ardiieptacoinim dioo Cantnari- 
R&aem >ou DorobtniCniHitn. si ccuctu geavrnli einMopunim cx>n-_ 
eilio prM*idcr«t, wni niitclwt quicqtuuu lUtaotv aat proliL 
bar« tiisi qoM) sqjh voluutau Hccotumoda et a le jmnio ea 

3. Nulli nihilo minus eptaeopomm tmorutn cotwvaaum Iri per 
miUcl^at, ut Hltqueni de Iwroiiibua auia sen mioivtriii, «ivc iii««t< 
sive adultvrio fcive aliqtin capilali mmiiie dniotiiliim, public' 
uiji ejua pivecepto ioiplihritanTt, «ut exoamnmiiiount aat uU 
eoclesUatici rigoria pocon Murtriiigeret. 

CiiAimtH or WitojAM I to Tm Girr op LoxnoK. 

Gotfrtf^ poilJr 
Mid enlle ^ boriiwitni biniinii Lundune Frrnciwo niu Knjftiii 

^VtU*ro kjmfT pvt Wiirm biaooop biwI 
f^ boriiwitni biniinii Lundune Fi 
(iTOiidlice. and ic kjdv «n>w ^t >o wyll* ^il ^t boon ealln ^n^ 




wrllr ^mi bAc cj'uI boo his fadnr ^-Wnuiai:. wftT hia fedenla^ 
■Ad M imIU goboUaii ^ vnig mau eow vnig wnu:^ beode. 
0ml mw gdkwJdt. 


Willmm, kiiift gncto Wtlluin, liishujs aiul Qoefritli, poil- 
rm«, ADd tS\ the Uirgliui^ witbia Loiiduo, French uiul Eii^liali, 
frxticily , and I do jruu lo wit that I will tbnt ye two bu wonlij- 
-•r hII tbn laws thni yu were worthy of in King EdwHrd'ii day. 
And 1 will Hut cvory child W his Eatlivi'a licir, after bin btlxir'a 
daj. And 1 will not cadnrc that any man oSer aay wrong to 
ygo. CmI kiT|> juB. — {l/Httr C^u^fumanun.) 

&thtvm or WtLLUu rnc Coxouekos. 

IVi ToUnwing abort rKord, which it foond iu tliia, ita e«r1!eat 
fariH, in tlie 'Trxtas ItoiTenais,' a inaDuncript written dturiag 
Um rvign of Henry 1, oontaina what is prolMbly (b« sum umI 
anfaMuice of tU tha legal enactuenta actually nuda by the Coo- 
^BMtar, tDdcpOiufainl of hi* confinnalMns of the earlier lawa ; 
tb>y an prol«bty tlie allerntiona or traendations referred w by 
tTriir; I in hb charter, oa mtidt by liia fattier in the Uwa of 
Kii>g Eilwanl. Tlte charter which fi>ltowa is the important Act 
by whirh William divided the ecctesiartical from the sceular 
Jnriadictit>n over the clrrgy, in mntlcrs not striotljr ijtJritiMl, 
wldch bad of coUTM always been tiv«ted, as they oootiouod lo 
U, by the bUioiM, m tlieir own courta and coundla. 

tlie iiUititaiur tpiiJ WtlUttmu J?«e Anjfbntm mm prindpibm 
•uw e*>utilMil pott Cou'iviritianfm Angiiat, 

t. 1b primi* i|no<I tiiiixr omnia uuuni T«Uet Deum per tAtnn 
tv^rnnin aaum veuerari. uiiani fldeto CluMi semper inviolat&m 
ciiatoiitri. |>*oeta et MwuritBtem inter Anglo* ot NormanDoa 


a. Staloiniua etlani ut oinnii lilier homo foedere et sacTainentv 
alftmiet, quod Infm rt extra Angliam Wiltelroo regi Ikleln 

o a 


irUium /. 


M»e valtint, tcrraa et IwmoM-rn illitiB omni fi<l«1ilate rain to ur-] 
van, et •nte ciim txintnt iuimioiM (I«r0ii<l«re. 

3. Vo)o nuteiu ul omnee bomiDM 'juoa mectiin fuUliixl nut 
pout ino veunruDt siot in pawe mea «l quieir. £t oi i^uin iii> illb 
oeoimiii fucrit, ilomintix cju* linlvui tiifm iiniiiiiup ilun lioiiiKiiliMB 
4ga« si |Mitiirric ; »in aiit<-m, iiicii>iiit {ktihiIvitv mill! xlvi. imitvaa 
ai^geati (|Uitnxliu euhdantix ilMni •lomiiit |iirnJuruvrril. I'U 
<r«ro (nb>tniitia <l«re««-it, lotiM huii<lrv<liis in quo oociaio faHa 
eat oommuiiiter perwival quod renutoet. 

4. Et «iuuia Franiei|ieiia qui tempuro ncis Edwanli proiunqni I 
IDM fuit in AoKlin purticepe ooaauHtuJiuuiii An^Ionira, quod 
ijMi (licuDt oubliite tt anacfltr, pcjriulvalut Mcomium 1«}f<nu j 
AngloruRi. Ho« decrflum KanriiuTn mI in nvitjit*: Cluudiit. 

5. Iiit''r(lininu)> ctinm nt nalln viva praunia vciwlotur aut j 
eniatur nUi i»fra civitatca. et Itnc nnto tm 6(]clo> tmtra ; aix 
aliquam rem vetustam sine HilrjiiAHirw vt varanto. (juwl ai] 
nlttur fooerit, aolrat ut |>urt)ulvi>t, «t p<4tc« ruriafacturniu. 

6. DecreUiru eit Miam ilii, ut, si Kniiiciiiciin np|>c^r«riLJ 
,i^Jl>>'AligIuDi io perjurio aut murtlrv, furto, luimii'i'liti. r^. qiioili 

Angli dicunt aportnm rnpiiuim quiia ii<^ri txm |«'ti'«l, Anginal 
ae il«fcii<ial pnr quod melius volumt, aut jitdirin fffri aut 
duello. Si aulcra Au^lus infinuus fucrit, inveiiiut alium qui 
pri> eo bcial. Si quix uorucn t'ictiia fucrit, I'tneiulvl xl. aulidiM 
roffi. Si Angina Fraadgennm ap(>clUv^rit el pfvbare nolurril 
judioio aut (luellu, rolo tanieti ("kauviiftnain porgare ae Mwni' 
laimto lion tneto. 

7. ilflc quoijur praeoipio et toIu, at omnea halwanl «t tcneant 
l<^(ii b^lwanii rcgir in tnrrio rt in »niiiibu« rvbua, u(l«actil iia 
qUM< cooslitui »A utititiit^m (lojnili Anglorum. 

9. Uninis boiao qui Tolverit <w t4-iM>ri pni tilwm nit in plmpu,] 
nt plexus teueat et babeal ilium ad juFilitiatit ni quUI Dnv-uilnril.i 
Et ai quiaquum talium evaiti'rit, viJi-uiit ptv^i ut 8iin|ili«iter j 
anirant qUod mlumnialum est. tt purutuit m quia iu nratnj 
uullum frnudcm novrrint. Rcquiniltir hiin<lrtHlii4 et comiutu*, I 
airut atiU-cpoaona aottii «tatui-nitil, Kt qui jupIp vriiirr d«l><Tt-|]t| 
ct vmiro noluerint, acmrl KuniiuuiH-nRlur ; rl xi •ecuudo votdiuj 
Qi>lnei^iit. aocipialur uuun boa, <^ cummonanalur tortio. "Ei all 
BOB tertio venerinl. aonpiatur alius l>rw: qiiarln eutom vice sil 
otm T«iMriut, retlilatur do rct>ua livtnlnin illius qui veniiT tiotu-l 
erit qnud ralnnuiiatttni eit, quod divitur cvap^ld ; et JnauporJ 
fdrikfiirtiiru ivifia. 

9. pruliibco ut nullua fvntlat iMtDinem aslra patrin 
aii]vr plniHin fiin>furtunim nvnni. 

iQ. liit«rJi<xi vtioin ae quia uucittatur aul iwiMKidatur pr 


CutivmM from Doaiesthif. 


*li<)iia cuI|M, snl eruntilitr oouti. ct (Mtlctili nliwidMll>r. Et 
W |>nir^-{ituRi non nit violnlum »up«r forafiicturam toeun 
fknom.— (Jf.V, iI«(U. XaioA'Mcn, C. 641.) 


Axo TBuroftAL Covim. 

Willeltoas f^nttia Dei Bex Anglorain, R. Buinanto rt 0. At 
MaffiMTilla, t-l P. d« VkUiinM, oet«ii»<{iie ni<-u llilelibus <1« Esmx 
M ()• ll<rrtfurdi«ckin el de Middetw-x, luilutuiii. SeUtia vm 
inniit rl i:<:(cri nwi fidclw qui In Aiif[)iii niMtvot, qaod c])i>tm- 
)m1m I<v™' (|iuu; ni>n I>cim) dm mcuikIuiii soxidonim cutn'iium 
pnccn - ad ■■)■>■> tcitipi^iu !ii tVKiio Aaglonun fucroal, 

eonnj .ln> et r>oo»itio aivliiofiiwipunim M epanonponiiii et 

•Itlntutii r-i iiiiiiiiuni priiidgium Tt^\ mei eiueDdandss judicavi. 
I'rupuir^ lUBiidu el rcgid iiu<TtoHtaI« praccijMo, ut Dulliis e|iisco- 
pM nl aniludlMioaua de Icgtbtu u|iUcu{mlil>us aBn|)ltia iu kuudret 
pUdtA lencadt, neo aiaHun qnan nd rt'itimeti antmamtii |wrtitie( 
«! ju-Iicium Mi!nliirium lioRiinum niklituant, mA (|uioum|ii« M- 
cuiulutu riiiMOpdM l«g«a, dn ((tuu-iiaqno caun vel culpa iotrr* 
|rlUiui fueril, tA locum qaein ad boe o|jis(.-o]ra8 rivgerit vel 
' - :t KTcrii renUt, ibiqtie de cni»a v«l culpa suu re<]K>udeat, e4 
-t-ui>dum b'lpdret^ «m1 lettiiiduio cAnoiMs et epurapnlM 
f^'-ij nvtuni Deo ct r|>iiii'<>]M duo [uciAt. Si vvru ulii|Ut> p«r 
wficTtii'iiii flntus ad jii'Utwin i-i>tK»pnIcin i-coirr ont«-nipMTit 
> ' <. vooBtor u-mA, socuDdo vt tortio ; quod n niv. ni<i ad 

' ip«i vm«nt, PXOOtniDntiioetur, ct si ojni* fiii-ril nd luio 

r m, foriitudo «t juslilta rvgis fel Tiraootnili' lullitbc- 

1 ' BUtcni 'iiu vonuiH ad ^Btitium ^pisoopi venire doUi- 

PTii |l^. ijuM'^iuque vocutiuue k-^tvm cfii^copnlem MueodalMt. 
lli<- riiktii ili'j'uudp. vt nicM iiucinrilat« JiiU-riiico, lie nllia ric&- 
mnw >ut irnqmilui wu miniiUT tvglii, nee aliqiiii Uicu* 
ti'»iu>. At IcKibiu qiMr ad c)>i»C'>puin pertinent m ialroiuilUt, 
I'lntn Uku* humo alitim liomirinn aino jniiiti* c]>)M»|)i lul 
I ^ii> ndducBt. Jitdiciuin vero iu itulto looo jxiftctur, nisi iii 
]*a)i F«d« ant in iUo Ivco quem ad Ihm; qMMopua oonstitu- 
«.i. — (JnOfnl £<iiD« diti/ Institute*, p. SI3O 


^ -.1 lo tlw Um nnd rbnrl«n of (he ivrl)' kings, tlie KCor<t 
il nuiioinii ID U<ii<i'«<ln/>book w lli« ixxinc of the mwt 


tfWuim I. 


oertiun inibnnatioD m to th« cinamaa law of EogUnd bsTore tli« 
ConqoML It in probable thnt aver^'Uiiiig in tlif M>-callKl bm 
of Edward Ibe Conteator (abov«i pi 76}, whidi Ims any tort of 
■tKbcnUoity, b derivod from those meiaoi-nada. Tlw followJog 
«xtncta m given htm m UtuKtratiug — 1. The Mriatocnilk 
dwrwittr of dw municipal goTommunt in tbe tovni whUb 
oootefaMd tbe Kerms of ao orgaiuMtioD of tlwr own ; a. Tbo 
6aitncial ijitoixi of the oounliu preritKU to ita or^niaation 
ondcr tlM Court of GxclMtttiur, Mid wbiUt itill luIimnUtornl by 
etMoniMD or earb, miperior to the Hhitfilb vrlio Uko tbvir [ilaoo 
under tbo Nonasn ayrtcDi. altboogh Um enri rpuini ' tho tbird 
penny' of tbe county ; 3. Tbe ' cousnctuiltuoB' or fiaaacial anil 
kgnt viMoavury tettkineut wbicb it was tbe olject of tlie 
muuidpal cWtcra of iImi nont cuitnry ta oonacrve or amend ; 
4. Tbe mctbod of nusing and >npportiiig (be cuctomary militury 
foree of tbe J^ or tsepeditio ; and 5. Tlie early appUcstton of 
tUe method of uuineAt by jury for tbe aacertainiug r>f ibeae lepil 
and Kaauidal ' oooiuotiKlLoce.' axoinplifi«d in tbe beiuliiig of tlw 
Ely Surrejr. 

TiTLi or Tim DoWESDAT tvQViiir KW Elt. 

ffionibacritiitur InqiiiHilio '[Wninini qnomodo boroiiM mgifl' 
inqnumnt, v)tl«lic<rt, jxr MuranK-nluui Vioocotiiit!> Ktrae et oni- ' 
niam bannuai et eornin Pranagrnarnm nt loliu4 <>Mtturtii!us 
pTMbiteri, praepositi. vi. viUanantm uniu»cujiuqu« viltae. Dc- 
ind« quomodo vot-atur maiiaiu, quia t«Duit eam t«mpore Bfp* ' 
Ifadwanli ; qnis raodo teuel ; quut ludoe ; quot oarracM in 
dominlo, quot bominum ; qu4it rillaiti ; ouot outarii ; iiuot 
■ervi ; quot lilicri bominc* \ quot adcbunuini ; quantum tilvoe ; 
qnantum pratt ; quot paacuoram ; quot molondiiui ; quot pis- 
caniMi quunlum est additum T«l abUtom ; quantnra valebalj 
totum nininl ; «< qnaotutn modo ; qoantam ibi quiiqiM lUxr 
bama.wliocbcniaitnusbabuU veJ liab«t. Hoc tolum triplictter ; 1 
salic*l teinpor* It«Rts Aeduardi, «t quMido Bex Wiltelmua <l«dit ; j 
etqvonwdo eil modo; vK si potest plus baberiquani babeatur.— { 
{IitjiMUt £lifnnt, Ihmaday, lii. 497.) 


Cu»lomt from Doaei'luy, 



CtvTOHi or Oii)-.n-UL 

Cinlaa (le C«tre t«in|«)n! R*^* Eilwardi k*^'')'*))*^ P™ '■ 
liili*. Trvt biiliu? Ft (limiOiii i|i»i.- ount cstn civitutno. IIoc 
Hrt, nii« liiila ul ilimidiw ultrn pontnm, M ii. hid»a in Neiitonr tX 
Rcdfdivr trt in tmrii^i cpinci)])) ; l>iwi gnld»h*nt cum ciritate. 

T<:m[un! H'-i,'U tlilwanli tvant in ipM civitule eeoc 4t XXXt. 
■lanitu i;rl(ljiiit<-A Et pfii«(er liu habelut epuoopus )▼!. dotniw 
pliUBtrfl. Tunc reddebat haea oivitan x. ntirku orgend et 
dniilUni. Dtiae parted L-ruikt rtgia ct tertia oonutb; et bu 
h^ muii ill! ; 

F«-. 1)11 rripit r(| aan breri vcl prr mvm hgntum. ti 

•li d:< '. infrucCd. iiulc rvx «. sotidoa hiibriMt. Quod ti 

ipM fmx tvjij't juwi eju* a ouiuite data futMct infracta, d<i 
entniu totldis qui pru liuc ilaliuiiiur ttrtium dmariura ramcs 
Ubcliat Si t«r« a pn>*]ia«ilu rcKti aut ininiHtra comitis eadcm 
|aix data inrriiif-erflur, pM- xL aulidM cRUMMlabntur, et coiuilis 
wnx lertiua dtaaritu. 

'^' ([uia lilicr lioDio rvgis puvm datam infringwa in doiiM 

f-m (iccidismt, tern cjua et pecunia tota ref[ia crat, ot Ipm 

iii'uj:it fielut. line idem habcbat ooinua de duo tonium bomino 

baiM fori 4fiidu ram fiLdL-u(«. CuiUliet niili-m uliagb uullus 

|iiK4mt rtsbhire pacem nin jirr rt^'cm. 

Qui MngniDMn fiu-JetHit a tnano liccuDdoa fcriao um|u« ad 

WMMBi mIiBaU, X. tolidin cinnuUbat. A nooa vnxi Mbbat! uxqui- 

ad RiaM wwoadae rn-ioc mogutB rfTnsuB U. »o]idia eimendnbiitur. 

XX. roImIuh fiilvrtial qui hoc fuM.'ie)>at in xii- dii'litis 

1^, et io die Purir««tiuitid Saudai- Miiriaev et printo 

ike iVnfaev, et prltiiu die Peiitecoeta, «t die AKeii*iiMii«, et 

hi Atraiii]>tKKie vd Nativitato Sanctea Uariac, et in die feelo 

' l.iiu Bniictoratii. 

.1 io t*t!a eanctii dinbu* li<imii)etn interf)ci«bat itiL liltris 
iiuliat -, m alii* nutetn dii^lniit xl solidiit. Sioiititer Ueirei- 
. vnl fnfmU-l in hU frttia dtubus et die DomiuKO <)ai 
rii. tiit. lil>nu exs»lvi*hat. In aliU dii'bus xl. aolidoo. 

iiiiuiti-iriilmm fndciw iu civilate x. Milida* dulml. PracpceittiH 
4u*riii "vS* Tcl <yimiliii baoo forwliictarani fucwron xx. auttJis 

(^ui rvvrUeh (acinbiit vrl Intmcintum vd violcntiam fcminae 
tn tkxno [ufBrebat, UBnnxiugdque Iwram id, tolidia natnida- 

Viilna H alicui ao non Ir^limc cntniniaeebat xx, solidia emeti- 
dalMl 1 piuilU vofo X. SolidiB jnu aiinili chum 


iniii^m I. 


Qai (d aTimte lemm attertiu aaiilbat «t noD |H>l«nit ilim- 
tiodiiiire cuara t««, xt. poliilu eiuendshat. Siraililer ct ille 

3ni dumorvin inilu facnebitt. Hi MuaiR vaae deliuru uon piMMt 

Qni tcrrum >uiun vaX proptiK)ui flol relevnre Talebat x. Mtidoi 

Quod ri non ixiUrtt vtl aQl*bfttv tofTwn qjiu tit nikDii ngia 
jmicposituii a^cipiobot. 

(^ ad terminuni quud <I«beb«t gnUum nop mlilebu, x. 
aolidia etwnUlHit. 

81 igub ctrilabm ci>mbun.'bat, de cujus dorno exi)>M ein«D- 
iXtXmX per iLL imu dtnuriortiia. ut au« pmiiioi^uion vicino dnliat 
ii. iiilidiw. Oniiiiiiin bunim foriiTiMluraniia ii. ]iarl<!ii until rugii 
ct trrtia comiltn. 

Si siii« litiiilia rogia ad portum «ivitatia dbvm TOntrcnt to) a 
[Mrtu nii'Mlvrviit, de iiiioqui»|uo Ixxnina ([iii navibiis esMt, xl. 
•oUdoa hsbubat rac et eocnee. Si cimira paeem re^t* e( nipcT 
ujiia proliibltionem hbtIs adventret, tom ipwm <|ium huuiiMa 
cum omuibns qui il>i etiuit lialiehat rex et tvifDM. 

8i Tcro ciim piico vt lictiilU rvfCn vcuiwael. aid In ea emu 
quirlc Tondehont qufir linlirtmnt : m(1 cum duuMomt, iiii. dena- 
rion de UDaqaoquQ ImUi halicbat m «t comtM. Ki linl»rnlibiis 
tiiat'triiias p^l4« juberM praopoaitan regis at null! rei)ili-reiit 
duiK-c sibl prius oaMiMW oonqwrarat, qui hoe two obaervsbal xl, 
wlidii emeiMlabat. 

Vir Hive mtdiur &liMm n«ii)tunm in civitate frwiimii, d«i>rr- 
buDfu*, iiii. ■oHdi* animilabet. Sirailif r niabtn i-rrviqiun 
fadrDS. fiat in ciulbtdra |Hiiirl«tur ati-miris, nut iiii, toUddS 
dabnt pni«]>osiluk Mane rKrinfiu^tunitn ancipii-bnt miairicr rcgial 
Dl ooRiitis in «Titat«, in cuiiMcunquo hirra fuiaadt, mtc ■ pigi-ojij 
a*r« attcritifl hontiuta Ktintli(«r at tbeloiwum, li quia illud 
detiiielxil ultn tr«>t noctea, xl. H>)idia em«ndabAt 

Teta^Miri! iv;;iii Edwardi want ia uiTi(«l« liac vii. ii>o)i«Uiru, 
qui ilitUiiit vii. libra* r«gi e( cumiti cxlm rimuuu <|unud<i imMMila 

Tunc cnmt xiL jimKomi etvimlia: ct bi emnt <■« bominibus 
rogia vt «|itiiM>]H (4 comitif : lioruoi ai qiiio do liundrcl rumaBi 
tat dicquuiKdvl>al,«i)D oxciitnlitMis inniiiteirla,x. lolidia odkd- 
ibibat iiiU-r ri-gcin ct uitmiliMii. 

Ad laiii'iiin civiliitia et |x>ntrin rrncilifitaiMliiin do anaaiiaqaa 
bida eomitatus uiiuin boniiiieiii vi'iiitv prnciH-»itua edlivt-ul. 
Cl^jiM homo non VMiielxil, ikintJiiu* ejua xl. •'>lidis etneoiluLat 
rcgi rt ciimiti. Hniec furinriHlura extra firiiiam ntnt. 

Hare dvitiia tiinc midcbat ile fitiiM xir. liliraa «>t iii linibroii 
IHtlliuni luaitriiittua. Tertiu pan vmt ooniili* «t du»« rngi*. 



CW/OMJ/WiM DoHittiiay. 


Qwaniio \\\ij^ dooim ntcnpit lUHi tsIdImI oici kxx. I!bri« : 
nidn nnini erU nurijiu : ducenUe vt v. iloinnii raino* IIh cnttit 
qnnin ttnjKire rvgiii EdwvKll fHsnuit. MoUo lotidcm Muut tU 


siuuin Muiiilret l^titiit de c»niit« pro Ixx. tibrii et 
HIM RMirka KUri. I|mn) linlmic tu\ finiiam |>ro L libria (<t i. nwrku 
•uri. onuiia ntodta ootuilU ta cviuiutu et bundretJa imeter 

Irmt in ()iuk Ml toRiplnin Sancti Petri, (jitam Ri>1t«nua <1« 
EivlcU-nd diuBftbal ad ttvinUnd, t>i«ut diruliooiauvit comitalus, 
Mini|iiNni p«r(inui( oj maiteriiiin exlni civitntvn ted nd t>ur)(unt 
[«Ttiii«t ; et »i'niiwT ftiit in coDMetudinft ngis Ct oomitM urat 
•liorum bur^uiuni.— </>MnM(ky, ]. )6>, b.) 

OwroHe OP Lixcouf. 

In dvitate liooolia enwt tciu|x)T« ruffia Edwardi noriec cen- 
IUB1 L-t Ixs, nwatiobcs boapiUliie. IIic numeniN Anglicc oniu- 

CBlftlur i. crntam pro cxx. In i)>M cmtate crant xii- l*((ctiiwi, 
1 Mt babviit«A MtCMD dt Rocun ; lIard«cDut, Suartio llliua 
Oriatbirldi, Ulf Rlim Sutrl^bmiul. qui habuit tbut el thciai, 
Walwvmi, AlirtJO. Brilric, Ourvl, Ulberi. Oodric filiu» E.Id-v*r. 
Slwmnl jitniliUi-r, Ix-wine pri-abv tvr, AldeiM pradiyter. Mwht 
■ant il'i ("liiicni kjibi'nits Miuilitcr Mcaiu ot socain: (i)Suar> 
ifdrdmmt imtriii noi; (a) Sunrline ; (3) Snrtnbtmml 
I'.ilrifl cui ; {4) Agrmuud toco Wnlmvrii (witriii cni ; 
< i i; (6) IJMldiDiia filius lirictiio; {7) NonnnnniM cniaaua 
I < r ; (8) Ulliert fnkter Ulf adhuc virit 1 {9} IV-lnis d« 

Kicii G«dric Klii E'kl<;vn« ; (10) Uloodu* iiri'sbjUrr 
1 . -ird prtabytm; (11) Uuniolt loco juitriH ml Lcwine 

qui moAo Ot owaacbiu; (ii) Ledvriau* BUiu Revcoc loco 
Aldca« prwbjlrri. ■ . . 

Trinp<>ra n^i t!<Iirar<li n-ddclmt oivit«> Lincolia np xz. 
lilnm, M comili x. libtao. Modo nsldit c tibrtm ad numcrum 
iiiii r rvgom ul ouiiiitein. MoiwtH roro rwldii Ikxt. Itbraa. 

■ 'ouurludion ngia el oomitis in SudltDvulta nddoiit xxriii. 

Ill Korlircding comuitudiDOi rc^i* et coroitia mldunt sxiv. 

lu WcKtndinf; ooMnctudinnt rcgia «t cnniilM nxidaat xii 

In Mudtnding conatirtudiitoa ivgiM ai coniitiii nddant xt. 


H'iltiaa I. 


Pas BiAUH regii vol aigillo qaN (lata, •! fiiftril iufiH^tM «iti«u- 
rlolur prr xviii. jiundreK. Untunqa>><liiiU' li'imt real urn wlril via. 
librae Daodeeim hnndredu eowniUnt rcgi cC vi. cnniili. 

8i quU pro «li<iuo rcolu exiitatiu fnent a n'gc at ■ eamitr 
•t nb noniaibua viccconiitiilutt, nulliu nisi res ubi ilftte poeein 
potent— {Z>om«ft^y, i. 336.) 

OtfsroHS or Oxfohd amd OxroKMHiKS. 

OxxsEBroRDBCiitK. —Tempore wpi* EilwanJi n>ddrbsi Osenr-j 
furd pro tlidoDeo «t fiMo et omnibus nliiw o&tMU«tudin)btia (tcr 1 
■nnum re^ (piidcm xx. Khns et vi. Hcxurios ia«llU ; comiti 
rora Alguro x. lilmiH, siljiiuoto moliiKi cguem iiifra driutvml 
babcbitt. Qiundo rex ibnl id expuditionetn, barReiuiiM ix. iboiii 
earn ao pro umnibiu mlii*, vol xx. libnu tUbiuit n-^i nt ooiim!* 
eaatnt lib«ji. Umio tvddit Oxcnrford Ix. librnii iid imatentinJ 
de xx" ill orsL In i[iM *ilU (nm intra niurum qoikin «xtni stiiitj 
ec at xtiii. domus redilentM gvldum. ftt cxcoptie liis i>niil ilii] 
qningentM dorous xxii. miniiB ite vaatM et dwLniuUo <|ii(m1'] 
gddam HOD pOMunt nddereL 

{JJier tie Aomw ^ lAe le-atUt.) 

Hi omiMS pnuiKcripti t4-ucnt biu praedictMi nwbiiionM II 
propter nparalionom mnri. Omnce naiwoncK riuao vpouititi 
tnuralM Uiu|>ore tv^^ii Edwardi libMiw «rsBt ab oniai connieUi-j 
dine exoe]>la ex]icc)itiuii« et niuri rcparatioiM. . . . 

Onines burjf.fUM;a Oxetii-ford lutbeiit oummtioiter extm tuuruni| 
paatumm rtdd«ut«m tL Bvlidoa «t viiL dMiarioa. . . . 

CoHtVATtrs OUWSPOBD r«ddit firtnain Irium nodititn boo n 
d. libnu: dc bukdiciiIo xsv, libnui ad jioniluti : di> barj^o sx.l 
libna ad poiiduM ; dii manctn xx. libia* driiurioniin de xx*l iiif 
<im : od armii iiii. nalidos : dp gRnnimao nginao c. ouiiiUw ad 
oiinimitn : pro nccipiUe, x. libnu : pro auDiraario. xx. aulidos : 
pro mnibiis, xxiii. libra? dcaariorum d« xx^l to urn, et vt,j 
■ractnrioi mcllis el xv. denariiu de coiiaactuJiiie. . . . 

I'ax rc)^ inaau vel nulliu data hi qais iDfreifrrrit it* ut boini- 
neui cui pox ipca data futrit occidut. Pt niembra «l vita tjat in 
arbitrio regii rninl oi ca{<tiu fuortt. £t, m capi noa jxititcrit, ah 
uranibna exul habrbtrnr, et si i)nia cum oocider» |iniovila«vit^ 
qiolia ejus ti«et)Inr habtUt. 

8i qaia extraneus in Oxcoeford manere delicraa at domnin 
lialn'iii Kinn [inrcDtibiiii i1» vitam fiuieril, rux babrbit (iiii«i|uii) 
r«li 11)01 it 


tnUiam II. 


6i qm kllooju* eamin vel domam Tiolenter effngerit wl 
ItbatwH, nt hnmiuoia ooriilat, vet vtilaeRt, t«1 umlial, c 
MKttt nrgi «m«ndi>t. 

SonQitar tjui i&o«utat Ira in oxpedEtioium Hon vwlit, c solidM 
S quia kliiinein interfoveril intm tmriARi vol domuin aitam, 
cJQi ol omnia subatanUa mnt in notffltale n^ pfn«tar 
I Bxoris ^tu ai dotMtttm iiabuertt. — (Ovnttday, L 154.) 

OosroMa of Buikbbibb. 

Quaado f^dnm dabatur tempore rugU Rdwardi cotiiiRtinit«r 
|iw tnUm Itorvhnchinm dntxil hid» iii. deiuruw ct obolum anw 
Xilale UtiRiiui et tAnttiiid«Di ud Peatecost«a. 

S« ru miltebat ultcuht exorcitum, de qoioqae hidis Innlum 
oBtM Biilra tbat et ad ejus victum vel slipeiulium d« unnqiuqua 
Uda dabuilur ei Uii. a<^di ad duoa isenMft. Hua veto dvownM 
not BOO miU«b«Dlur «ed niilitiboii dabaotur. Si i|niii iti cxgir- 
jJH ani n aamiiMxiitu* aun ib«t, totuin Icrram siiatn crga rvgvm 
lnn»r>HBlial. Quod si (juia ivniauotidi liabciia alium pro ao 
:int>i<rr [iruinitlaret, ol toinpn qui mittendtu erat reinanerel, pro 
I ' liia qnictuM eial doninua ejuii. 

i Jiciu *el iuili!!< re^ domiiiicna morwas pro r«Ii>Tninpn(o 
riiwUal«t ngi omnia amia iitia vt niutini uDum cum nrlln, alium 
WW M^Ia. Quod si ctx^iit ci <«ocs vcl a^vipitrca puMacutaban- 
tur tTj;i, nl, ai vell«l, accijMTst. 

8t i)uiii oocident bominem pacem r^a hftbent«m, «t coqwu 
Man at onuieiD aubataii tiara foriiifaciebBi er|{a regem. 

Qnl [urr nuctem effiii^[«bttt oivitnWiu c aoUdia amendabitt Kgi 
MD vicecnKiti. 

Qui moattna ad atabilitionom Tcnatiania doo ilwl, I. aolidia 
€mmtUtitt.—{l>Mutdai/. i. $6.) 


A.D. 10S7-1100. WILLIAM n. 

ArnhtrfaboiM Of Oanlarbixrr. Laafhiii«. i07O-iD39: Aiualm, 1091- 

Jwtloaa. (Mo ol IUr«nt. 1087-1^^ ; WtlUaai da S Cahkiiba. loSS ; 

UaaairrUnbafd, ioiM'IIoo. 
OkaaaaUon. WOUun UttTjtnl, io8;-i09a: Bobart Blaatl. 10901 

WtWria, tags ; WillMin Gld»iJ, 1094-1100. 

Tba tvi|Cn of William Ruriis oocil&ina do gnat oomtitutlonal 
Uu'l'uark, but It witiipsMd tba ripetilag of tba ootUM wludi 


triliiam U. 


wvra pri>ilucin}( the deulh-tiUuj^le of Uie roynl nnd fniilal 
powera, uTid a/Tiint* n f«w iXi^l uidtotitiaiii of iko uontiiiuilj uf 
ibo nnliiHial instil utioiu, which inn «nabln] liy Ibnt wnt«cit to 
lake brtatU betweoo tbo mccesHi'C stmkee of tbeir tynuti; or 
were even ooouiomillr utiliwd by the king, m poatMvUig in- 
teraia fur Um mouieot in unison witti fail omi. On Uii 
oonuioiM WilliiUD found it iMKN^ieury or iKlviulile to tsoe 
ftitutioiu)) nuknifcttoM or pi-umifcs, but tlio tvxl of nunu of Uipm 
la estanl ; and niHW of tlirm w»e obwrved. Tlio rvA of IIm 
liiatory of Ibe reifpi b a |)icture of pTOfli|j[«to exaoliou and cxtra- 
vo^uil oxiwodtture, lying outdde tli« spken of cotwliiuiional 

M to 





A.D. 1087. GjUtHBS, BiM. Ifovorum, lib. I. p. 13. Dcftincta 
i(ai)uo IU<;:i' Willolino, BuootBHlt ei tu re)-uum WillFlmtu liliui 
fjii*. qui cum rc^iii fiuti^iii fmlri kuu RoIwiiu [ira«ri{H!n; 
tirt-'i, ct Liitifi-Bticum. «iui- ciguK inmcunu iu iv;.-iiuin a«e!»ci nil 
I4nu8 pu(«THt, aibi in Uoc ad expkit*oii«ni dMulcrii Kii 
OBUuno eonaentaoemi) invctiiret ; v«r«iia n« diUiio 8iM« do: 
vmtionii luferitd ei di*)Midiuni cupiti boooris, oueptt tjtni par 
He, qiuuit pu' omiiM ijUM polentt, fide moramcntiKiue LMifmnoo 
]m(inittrrB, juKtitiun, (u'rjuitiiltiin ct nilMricunltam nc per totuna 
rrpium, h rex font, in omui ni'tfolio Krraturum ; pacont, liber' 
lntvn^ Mcuntatfm pcclcviuiiim contra oninm dcfousuruni. nrc 
ixm pmecv-piiA ftli|iMi ounailiii ^ua por omitia «t in umnilni: 

A.D. 1088. WiLU M^i-MEsn., (?«fa J?fsf«in. lib. iv, | 306. 
[Kox] videos Nonnanno* pcnc oniim iu nnn raM•^ cnosplniliM, 
Anglos probos et fortM riros, (|ui ailhnc rcaidui I'mnt, invilaloriia 
seriptis acceniit; quibus mpcr injunia sui» 'iiifriniuniam (adona, 
iMuaaque lv,!iw, ut tribuluruni levani«n, libmaquo veiMiim. 
polltceiia, (iilclitAti aorve o)>)i|i>vit. .... Ai^Ioa aoo* iipfx-Ilai, 
jubct «t ouiiip>trii>lMi lulvooMit lul obudioiMjni (Rovwaatrae) 
vrairc, aiA fI qui vi-liiit miI> nmniuu Kitliiiiir, quod iieijunro 
Bonst, Tvniam^"- Angli qui iiDiil mivcriui puturviil quam hiijusoii 
Tovabuli deducore ajluri. <«lcrratjtn od ri'gom eonfluunt o( 
inviu«ibilem dxttrcitum faciunl. 

A.U. 109}. Eadmiiu, HUt. Jfm. {. p. t6. . . , TaluU bt-j 

finitilM oorripuit [rrjiii'ni]. . . . Ailijuifiicil i|<w frvx] rt «ir<t4i| 
oompanotu*. cunr(« qnan vtri [AnBelioi] sentmiUa lulit m foctn-l 
rtini, necnon lotau vitaiu snatn iu aia&BU«ti)diDa el Justitia nn-J 


mj Bemry L ^ 

Spnatc ia hoc Ucs ivm. «t 

Dm tmfm ahuc iKk not pnaunut. ScribitBr 

ant m «^nd 4oHBatfici«e s^ rdt^cstar, c^ua dctiite ut*<w«- 
biliter niaitiialMi, amai» tMraaouta mBtci*ec pcfpMTktae. 
adalta nmuaaamt frrfitmM. oUriau mdaatBr. PromiUvKw 
inH{Kr fl^ni pnyln boMw ct —■"*--* l^es, inTMialxHs ot««r- 
ndo jwn^ iBJaiiwK graTE «C qoae tcmat oet«ni« exam- 

Flo*. WieoBX^ A.D. io«h- Qaod cHn ngi iniMta^nt (sr, 
oImcmo ofltelB de HcJnil, nnDbis io AngtUm iiuf»s, sx milln 
pedcmMi in Noramiua^ jiiiiit aba in MuOnuu mitti. Quibau 
■t vare truksrait Htwtin^ae otH^rc^atis, pccnnUm qoM dal> 
(benl eis ad netam. RumnUas PueeAamhu^ni praec^pbi (v^ 
^MtalH, acilicct imicsiqne decem aolidoB, tt aoe domnm ivpeil«iv 
naodaTit ; pecmuam ran icgi tnnsmiHL 

Will. SLalxesb^ Getta Btyum, liUir. { 319. NihOosmua 
in homines giwwat»otttr [cnriales] primo pecaniam deinde terras 
•oferentcs. Kod pkoperem tranitas, non opaleDtnm copia (u«- 
batnr : Tenationeii qnaa res primo indatwiat, adeo pruhibuit, ut 
capiula owt Mippliciam prendisee cervum. 

A.D. 1 100-11 35. HENRY L 

AiebbiahopB of CaotoTbnry. Aiueho, 1093-1109; Balph of EKurai, 

lTI4'Ii])i William nf CorbeO, illj-iljf. 
Jimioea. Bobwt Bioett, 1100-1107 ; Roger la Poor, Biibop of Saliobuiy, 

1 107-1 135- 
Cliaiioellora. wiuiun Oi&rd, 1 100-11 01 ; Rogar la Poor, 1 101-1103 i 

WiDtuD GifbRi, 1103-1104; Wakliic^ no* ; Saoulf. iioS-uij; 

GeoSrc; Bufiu. II)4'<>3S- 

Altboogh the reign of Henry I was a period of irreeponsible 
despotiem on the king's part, and of great suffering, from several 
cansea, on the part of the English, it U to it that we trace back 
the exact lines of the process by which the reviving liberliee of 
the nation were to assert themcelTes. This is due, first, to the 
fact of the necessary alliance between ttie king and the ]K'0|ile, 
which resulted fnim his queeti enable title to the throne, the com- 
petition of his brother Kobett, the existence of the powerful 


Jl«iity I. 


hutHiage UDdrr Roberl of Belcumc, wMdi wm uiziuiui lo take 
odvnotafte of tlie veoknew of the kioK to Kvure iu i>vni pra^ 
ttul imlejirtidi'iicc, tuiil ()i« unity uf tli4 itiU'rvi>t of \\\e king ood 
pto]>lo aguioiit tbrir conimmi encmj. 'lliii ullinnoe waa o«t«n- 
tiblji- Mcuivd by tbo careful Irgslity of Henry's election iumI 
corwuitioii, hy IiIh [liurter of liberttca, mA \ty Ina mnrringf writh 
ui Snglidi }»iy vrlio inbi^ritti) a Hbnra of tbu clikinM of lUe AVcst 
SnxDD King! ; and tlie practical rrsultji api>onred in Ibe Bt«Mlj' 
support giT«ii by t1i« native pnpiiUliim to Tleoir ngaiiist fain 
coui)i«tit«r» uiul HHwilaiils, and tu llic proniisM of p»d i{<ivcni- 
ntuot bjr wbiab Uiat lupport vru requited. 

Bui not leas importaul, cooMtitutioaally, is the rrault aS 
Hoitt's eoiapletc Irinmpli ; vrliicb not oitljr niad« bim one of the 
niiMt infludilial priiiocs in Europe, but plaoed in bis bonds, by 
tli« furfciturv aiid ilcjicnKUtion of bis most powerful vaauls, an 
nmouiit of torritorj nud oomplotenoes uf jurisitictioD in ERglawl 
greater than lind fnlten to tlie lot of his fstlm. Thus ftreofftli- 
f(iad,~HUid tlus b (wjKcially upjiareiil ufter tlie foil of Hobfti of 
Bolsanu^— Honiy followed out liis fiiflirr'a ]>riDcipl<a uf arotd- 
tns the ndielrilmlion of Icrritoay and juriadtcliixi on a large 
scale, and atlompted, by centralisalioD and eystetnatic nia<ililni»7'. 
to unite tlie kingdom under a strong ro}'al admiuisUvUon. 
Whilst, with this intention, be organiaed the finundnl s>'irtiini of 
the Exchequer and fitcililatcil aceaae to lbs Curia Ilegin, o» 
tlie oDu hand, on the other he rcstoetd or etrcngtbeood tlie 
county conrts, granted cluirtcrs to ibe boroughs, &ik1 iiiitbortMd 
tbs fouixisliou of trade {{uiUIti in the towns. B}' Judiui&l journeys 
of the Justiciar and Barons of tbc £xHin|uer be broi^hl the 
sgpremc jurisdiction into oontaet with tlic provincwl organifla- 
tion, and mluceil the hereditary' franchises of tbe nobles Xa com- 
parativi- liannlrmncet. In theac meaanne he led tbe way for 
the ^TRit rffurms of liis granilsoRi But we are not to snppoae 
that under Ileury I the security of life and property which 
nwulliol from tbcM nttsourea was based on nnytliinp; more per- 
manent Uian royal will or routine. Hmry 1 wns not a Uwjpver, 
nor d»d be entrust llic natjoiud couiidl with any frsedom of 
legislative action, llis relation with tbc barons, the clergy, and 



Hetforotwu <^ OnUr. 


itio |)«>t4R mii)rT«d lltii- tnijMistiliU-. Ut« difthcr i>f lilwrtioa, 
Ihin, mnuim lite kot« Icgikliilive act of his raJtrn, for Um 
Oailuinal known u "Die Lawaiif Hrnr)- 1' ii ■ cairi|ttl>Uai) of 
'' r iUl«. liut tlicrvarttconaidcrablo irvidvilcM of JmlioiBl and 
i<:ijii:iiau«tlv« •cliritj in tbo nmacrom cWtcr* <>f tli« rrign, 
uid fa) U)« T&liuble reouni of Exchequer ixnoeedbipi knowD a* 
ikf- ?if>u Roll uf the 3itil of Haay I. 

A Uiin] iiiHuentiBi cbiimctf'riiitio of ihn period wm tlia ManA, 
auinljr KiirrMfiil, made liy f. Atisnlm gu brliKlf of MoloalMtinl 
libaniM, whii:h, allJi"Uf;li !t IumI no iinni«<'liftt4 beirlnK ntt lh« 
bUMWork (if the coiialiUiUiHi, *e<:iiri!d tiio nilteaat uf a limit 
oa nqral irrrvponaibitity lu one direction at Iwurl, taught Um 
natioa tba ptaaibilily nf vindicvliitg tntdotn, mmI crosled a eloM 
of polhidaJM^rnDgingrrom iIm ii«aple, trastsd by Ihr •unrreipi, 
osd MBcerclj' iiit«r«et«d in lh« nwintcuanoa of U«' ami (waaa. 
Bt'V targtl^ thi« was the cawc ap[N*n (nun iko fuct, that it ll 
tnaa the clergy only that any real check upou the royal power 
|iiiii— li (or nmre than a oenttu;. Tbcy only radal arbitrary 
Tttt'^— ' ; and, wbellier itrqggiing for tl>e national good, or, ae 
in aotne inataaccs, for their daM privik^^ tnaintain tho rwnlhic- 
Ut>a ami ideft ol (ireodcoi. 

N I'twittataMUag Ibe ezietence of theae lofliMBce^ wlileh w«r» 
■■« tmij ^wiiiineiii^ the coDilition o( EogUml under Umry I 
^m ««i7 mhappj. Althonglt he krpt go<Ml peaoai and by lib 
adanM(*ti*« •yateni (ocarol joMica b^waeu nan and 
and doM, hie forciga wara and doineatk aspenaM 
i bv^acBt taxatioo, a|piaat which ii» liam of fab Mlb- 
jNM flOoU rrcB rvwNiatntc and llw p w —ii e cf wfaidk, owlag 
m • magaUtij loog raeeaadaa of ImI a «— o b ^ waa Mpcoally 
tm ihc flomiiry. It b no mull praiaa t« Hany, oa a 
, tbat mhUt the C^roniclra arv full of hi— Blalirtna over the 
of the rngn, he ia wwiyiiaed m the Uua o( JoMim or 
af Hcritn'a pfo ph i ey . and hwktrl opoa aora or 
ta« w • aniioMal ar Bn tfli a b k^^ whaoe bvo. or mthar euafaa^ 
tt« th^ of Ed«»d the OgaAoKir. k«nM tlM list «f the Ubw- 
*• vkidt, whA ifca Htioa haa faacMw mtmf aad ihsmgUy 
I. Bi ta U vWtoitad ^nart hii I 


Hfnrs I. 



A.D. I loa Will. ITAuiiaB., Getta R*;fvm, v, j 393. Owiw 
rero ngo Wilhtlmo, . . . (Hmrioui) b n^iti i>WtaN r«t. aliciDaatiii 
tMnm aau cantrorcniis tnUr proMTts a;riutin itqiic snjiilia ; 
aanilflnU maximo comit* W^mrimni |li>ririoo, viiM iitlcsm H 
uukIo, cujiiffAmiliariJAmdudimiutiiiHrui'ni' i-oiituli«tTito tUqiio 
edicto stfltim per ADgliain intMOy ii^justilua a fra(re et fijuiniiirn 
inrtilutiu i>ii>hilHiit, jxaiuanam «t viuculoruin f^linm furit; 
offrmiiuiUM curia propdluiiB, liKXirimrum umm uootihiu in ciiriu 
itstitait qui fumit tunijiora fratnn iiilcmnMu* ; ■ntiqiurum 
nuHlcnttioDotn Ingum ivvocaTit in •olidtim, mcramcitto tua cl 
onnioin proofruiu, no iudcrrnttir oorroIxMUua. 

Eauhkr, ifitt. yov. iii. pL 55. HeoriciiB ipi[ Iudd Diivit4'r 
fnitri dettiBcto lu r^iftiiim Huncvswrut, in ijwo tmui oonnitcrutinoii 
dio btuiM cl witurtM iMani popolo Irgn m nervntuniin nt uninM 
upprawionci ct iiii(|iiil«lnt, quna (ah fratn *ao cninrwmDt in 
oinni nia (I<)min»ti»n(\ lain In «ocl«8iu qiMBt IB necuUribus 
uei^ila. protiiliiiurtiiu vt Mibvtnumm spopandsfnt ; cl bun 
oitiuiii jurinjuraiHli iutcijetrtiuue finiuita, aub nionitn^ilu li(t^ 
nimm vigilJi Mii tenliimmio robDnUniin, per lotuin rrf[iiuia 
diTulgAWm iri pnvcciicmL 

Flob. Wio., A.D. iiioo. Loitoni re^ia Eaduardi onmllHu 
in coiDTUUue rMtilidit, cum illis eniciidulioDibus (itulMin \Mvt 
fiuni ilUm nmMKlttrit ; Mil fotestuA quiu iitu couKtiluit «t linbiiit 
!q nuuiu Ml* ntuiuiL 

Will. Maijik^i., GfHa /Ugum, v. § 3D4. Roberto* iot^nni, 
Normanniaui vc'iiinu oomiuium sunm otimit(nnt4) nnllo rowpit ; 
quo au<li(o oniixa pvuo hujus tnrao o{itJRtHt4« lidpi rpgi jiintnfl 
trunftfugsc (xute ; qtiidant nullis «XflADtiliti)i cauBtc, quiduiii 
kfilios ui-cusiuDCulii «iaeDd(catif, qnod iiollrl iL<i lems ijunii 
Tcllcut ultru pro libilu eoraiD impertiii Soli RobertUB Ktlim 
llanxxuR, et Rintrdu* de Ri-twra, et Rvgoriux Ri|f»t, rt RolH-rttu 
Ccmoa ic Mcllcnlo^ cum fratro Hmmco, jtuiM (nirtn fovcbuit. 
CVtcruBi mnnrt' vcl clam pra Roberto Qt nx Itnrri niill«re. vol 
p«Um oonttinii'liiH Hiiminum Inumo; Gottricum vum et earn- 
pnrem Qodgivam «pp«llantM. 

A.D. Iioi. Ib. { 395. Lic«t principilnu ddkrintlibiu pMrie* 
RJiiv fulidiui muii«l«iit, quAx AnxJini oruliiofiiiiciiiH, wi < i'i« 

KuiK «iniiil i-t iiiiiiiiiini Aiik-I'ituni ttilatialur fuvur. r 

•pee provtnrMlium fide! i^tu* et mIuU (mividiu, plviuuiquv 




ntnmM ritruixM cl(K«tial quiimodn tnilittim ftfttriuo (litilnntM, 
iectar«nt et ictus rvniiUoTMit, quo rlTecit iit nttrooels 
I 4(1* de|>ofucivnl ill nnllo Nunaiiiiitoa luetueiites. 

A.D. 1104. Fwtt. Wto, (I'i n»n. WillvliuoR romes ^ Uore- 
laott «ilMcn<liiluii eil <le ti>U Km «w i^unin liftbuit in Annlin. 
Nob t»di» pofxA tiBtTuri miJieria (|uDm HuxUnuit i*to tniDiKtrc . 1 

Ivfnt Anetunin) propter cxM:tii>nr« ivfpu«. Ju^fTi 

A.r>.ii07. Fix^l. Witi, (»/ anu Aiinuit rex et fetaCutt, ut al) 1^^ 
•o ti>iii|>orc ill trlii|iiuin, iinDquaia per duitMiem iM^niti [maturslb 4 
n] uiouli i|iiiM)[iniii lie efiJKopiitu aut alilMti& i<or ngem wl 
qoaiDiniM UicBtn inamim to AncUn iavcHtinttur ; coaordoiiiv 
qiMMine Abanlmn uc nuUus in pfMlati<Hi«iB el««liM, pro hiimioto 
tpioA np fae^ni, oonxcmiono itiuMpli bc-non* privantttr, 

A.D. 1108. Clol Vila, ad nnit. \\«x AD(;luruai Heiirictu 
iMMTB finikaai Ingt-mqiir talem connituit, ut ti quU in furto vel 
I-' >li-|ireheaBua fuiwet ■nspendeiMur. iloueUni qaoque 

<' I r^l faltMun nub tsDtA puinuidvifnioiM corri;^ atatuit, tit 

1)11. .11- iii poawt (IfptvliMidi fiiliNm denariut (iiccfv, uliqua r«- 
drmji'.i IK- qain oculmi rt infRnorec coqKirU pnrtM penlflrH 
Jsnui nl«ret. Et (pMniMn RMptseiine ilum denarii eligolmntur, 
flaMriMBttir, rumpeWnrnr, re«|>uel»ntur, etntuit ut nulluH 
d«lMTiw r«l (rl»lud, (]iiu8 el rotuixliM eaM tnstitait, aut ctiuni 
qiBiInuM. [wi] ii)t«i^er cia«4, [rapaervtur]. Ex quo (kcto tnau- 
MtB batium loii nfpo ervnlum est, quia i]iM; rex Imdo m 
acdiUnliuii ad relcvuKUa tcrrao aerumnat ogclHit. 

Wiu, MJLLHna.. G^^la Hyum, v. 40S, H^bebat . . . . It«x 

Hrarion cpiauopiim SaleBUrLenfMU Rogcrium a aevrelis. cnjuN 

■nainw nhcttttur ewisilio, Dsn et ntle regnnm omuibui nni* 

prmfMarM nx ; primnm ouni.'ellariuni. mox «^iii»copnin coBHtita- 

cnat, praJKitiaiii vtri ex|ii.-rlu*. Sollertcr adminiiitTttti cpiactH 

P«tns oAciiim iprm inrutlit, quwl nujori digntia hab«retur 

nniii«r«, itaqnc totiiu regni modrrani«ii Tiling rfclfgsTit juBtiliav, 

pie ndivset Angliiui (ivn innreretnr N'ormHimioe. Itefngit 

)»i* lanlia »e ciiris iuTi>lrero niai tns ArcLtepiiopi Catitu*- 

•. Amelmuii Bad u I Cue, WUlelntus, et jioxlTcnio jxijia 

i:ijui>iiat«i>i el munua ubvdientlae; 

Onii. ViT., S<^. ff>*t. libi xi. o. a. . . . FUmeqntt illuirtrea pro 
Iruuriiuii' min d« itttlilimt [KrfrMatii culmin* pTB«idpitant, «t 
biirmiitnriu jurp irrrcu[»-rBbi liter qMliato* rondemaavit AUt<« 
rtmtra Fov'^rntiiliUr illi obvioqunDtm de if^nobili »tirpe illustravii, 
dr Ilu!^lI' lit. iu dicaBi. «xuilit, dataqtie tnulti|iH^ facullutci 
aj I'irra oppidauoa exallnvit liide tioit^edni 

(Ih ^ — , -— >■> lioaset, et Hugo de Bocalaiidn. QoiU^^rip, 


lleurij/ I. 


•t Rninerim de Bad«, GuJltelintis Tronehot, et HivtrabD de 
Fakain, Guigmn AlgMO, et R<Kl1i«rlQ« de DriaUra. kliiiitK? i>)(imi, 
miln it«t«« ttuot, o|Mbiu nggngnlM «t a«dil>tiii i.-on4trni'tiii, ui|>ar 
nmnw qnu patm eoniin hi^cniiit ; ip«i quoquo. qui al> OMilRin 
"ii^iw r«tue vd injoatu occa«innilMiH o|>prR48i mint. IIIob nimi- 
mm aliuwiue plana quM Bin^lUlini iiomiii«re (aeilio Ml, rvx 
ouni <lu inGmo sebere esMot nobilitaril, iv^jli auotoriintr <le tmu 
i-n.'xit, in Cwtifpo poteatatum cMiuituit, i|Niis Hiatii i|H:ctabiliI(us 
rogni principibu* foitnuUbileB offiedt. . . , 

Ub. ii. c 3. VUx itM(UO totem lioDorwra Rndbcrti (d« 
Belisnio) et bominom ^tu, qui cam illo in rv^H-llione pemU- 
terant, poaaedit, ipsuinqne con rniiiia «t an&ia iiMwlumem ablre 
p«nuiait, iBlvuinquu \ht ADgtiam uaquo ad toiure ooodadum pur- 
r»tL Omni* Ant(iil^ exalnnle crkI^Ii tfraiiBO, ezult*vit, mtil- 
tonumitui ooDgralulutio rejti Hcnncu tuiio oduiiuulu ilixit, 
* Oaode r«x Ueaiicc, i>omin<Hiuc I}<<» ^'raltnK nge quia tti libera 
eoepiiti regiuuro ex quo li< ■dlnTtnn) ilc Itcliiimo vicitti et dc 
finibua regni tni rxpnlinii.' Fuitnio itaijae Rodbcilo r«gniim 
Allwonifl in pace ^iluit ct rm lloaricus xxiiii. annis provpetT 
R^arit, quibus iu Auslia nulitu [K«t«a nibellare ooDtm com 
aiuiM ftiit, nc<! muiiltionem aliqunm coutra cum tetiuit. 

Hbjib. HuiTiKaD., Bitt. h'b. vii. Anno igitar arqaenti 
(A. U. 1109) <UtA est GtiA rrffia impermtori, nt brcviter diam, 
Kcut <Im:uit; Rex itaquc vcpit de unaquaqii* hida Aii([)iM tna 

Ciinox. Axa S., ad ann. 1114. .. . Btrlvcw Chrirtntaa aad 
CftDdlcinax \iw acre *ced oT nbuiil, that i« two Kxdlipa, ma aoM 
for six flbilUne^, and tlio *crt m^cd of oaia. that ia four aefdlipa, 
for four eliillin^. ... In th« aunc jrar, after S. Andrew's 
OMUs, before Uirislmas. lUdpli Uaasct and tbe kiri^-'i> tli«t^s lidd 
a ' );cwit«aeR)ot ' at Uitudelioge in LM<.i.-Nteniliir«, mid ikiire 
haaKed »o many tbt«v«e U never were beCore, that wna in that 
little while, alt*>f[«th«r fouiHuid-forty nen ; vai aix men were 
dopnTcd of tlieir ejret and uin»Hrti luted. 

Chron. Axo. S., id o'ln. ii;:t5. The kiiiE^dUxl ou Iho follow- 
tog day afti-r S. Aixlrtw'* miiu Any, in Normnndr: tli«n titera 
wu tribuUtioi) aoon in the land, fnf ewnr man tliat eoiild fortli- 
witli riil>l>ed anotlicT. Tli«n his son and lila fn«n4l!! took liia 
boily and limuxitt it to Englund nnd Uurird it nt llnutint;. A 
Bood niMi l>« WW. and there waa '^rval tiwe of kirn. No man 
liiint tBiHla Bsn>'"<t nnoilirr in bis time. He uado ^•nr.t for 
man aud boaat. mmao Uire liia burden of gold and nilvpr, do 
nan dorat taj to bim auglit but good. . . . 



Charier of LUtertiet. 


A.D. I too. CdUreH oj Libehtiks iuvkd it tlwRT I. 

Thtj cliarlar «M |iubliBlH<d b}' Ilcarj' I at his oorouatiuo, nud 
pniUilf ruiwuMl ^m tinu lo time m h« fouiul it ncceaMry to 
■|ipe*l to Ui« Byni|Kttliiea of bif (wople agKinnt ibcLr cdmmiMi 
ntMtRi)««. It I* in form na un|>li&tation of hi* CorDnsliaa Oath, 
Um exact wunli at whicfa kr« rtill prcMrvctl, and ^i«e vitli tli« 
andwtt fona umxI iU tlic coruDflUon of Ktbolred : — 

* In CliriiU noRUDft proniitta baoo tria po|>u]o ChriiitiMio niilvi 
tuIiiliUt. In |>riiiU4 Die pnMe]>turum el oprm pro viriUi* ini- 
penaurum ot ecolesia D«i et umnii pujiuluH Christiaiius rcnm 
pMotm OMtrti arliitrio id uiiiiii ti?nipi>re wrvsl ; ftUud ni npftd- 
tHa* «t mnnos )iii4iniui«)i otnnibn* gnulibtu iDlMdioani ; t«rUuiti 
nl in omniliuii juJiviit »equilAt«in ct misericunliam ]tra«ci)>uiiii, 
Dt niibi et voi'ia iwlul^t Sium miseriounlUiu oiemeoii et 
mwencon D«u».' ' 

It ii llras » dclibant« uprcMioa of tbo Mtii-ItB of the 
wnvDMit Buda b/ tbo king with hU p«opl«, iJi cunHidenUioo 
af wliidi fao receim tlw ilireofold Mnction of dection bj the 
ofttiOB, BnotioD uhI oorouLion l>y the Ctmnrh, sad bonugn 
from tbe fcodal vmmU. Furtlmr, it i> n tldibcrat* limiution 
of rlin [wiw«r which )utd been exerciaed bj Williun tli« Cou- 
^Bsror *a& Wittijun riofus, a renuticiation of the evit caitoBUi 
temdneed bj tlio lalur, kih) k rfntomtion of tbc aacivnt 
raattun* of ibn nattou; uid in thU wfiMt, it i< a recog^nition of 
llw lawful Imdom of ibe nation, whicb tboee evil customi lud 
iBfriaged, Had which wm regarded as qmboltMd by tbe lava of 
Rdirard th« OoalBHor. yurtiutr, it is iin cxcmplifitstion of iIm 
trril raatonu tbenuwliva ; aad hiaturioally marks the antount of 
•ti^rtnrti from ire* aiid aatioaal govorniaMit vbich luul pr«- 
: in ibit Iat« mign. TlicflR ar« tbe oppreawona of tbe Cburoh 
uj urn vuction of the regale in tJie caae of vaoaariet, lUiil the 
aonaoqaent tl«lay nf deetlooe ; and ibuae of th« feudal baixioaga 
and thi-ir tHnaiil*. >>r Omi i>kr<'«iru rxactioOR in the way uf r«li«£i, 
nurriafK^ oud wanUliijw, dobu to tlM ciowti and furfciiare. In 

• UMlwll.JVim.Att.liLs, 6. 
U ) 


Henry I, 


l(. Si qals aliq.>ii<I d« rebut tn*{( rel in relxu Klimyui post 
ubitum Willrtmi. n^ia rmtrui ni«i urpcrit, lotuni du> hiiio etata- 
(ktiuue ret]il«t<.iT. rt *i qui* inda uJiqui<I iwtinucrit, ilU 8U|ier 
qu«ui iuventtitn IWrit milii gnriUsr tateaikhiL 

T««(ihu« Mauiicio LanxIoniM episoc^ ol QuDdulFo cf)iiwoiw 
M WillvliQo f U^i> opbcQpo et Hearioo eomite «t Simono ooninn 
ot WdUiro Oiflardo <i Bmlbtrto d« Mcmrort «t Rogvn Bigolo 
rt Henriea (1« Porta, ^id Lundouioiu quuido fni oorviMtiM. — 
(Awitnt Latn aad InatituUt, p. 115.) 

A. D, 1 100. LrrTKx or Hekht I to Axsblh. 

Anacui WM abMot fnm EnglMid M tfa« tine of lh« <l(«tli 
of William Itufiu, and H«nt7 1 vroto the foUowug letu-r ti^ 
way o( u) ajKilofiT for huving liumed oo the corDtuktion n-ithoot 
wuitin^ for liim. TIm l«ttcr ia of cxtraiM ioUnat, u alwiriiig 
thir importjinix which Hmry ■tUched to ht> formal fll<ctioD, 
■od aa illuilmtiDg the ooiMilutiuual poeiliun cf the arcSilntbop 
u tlie fint kilviiter of tb« crown. It illuitmtu furtJwr the 
oporatioD of the principle that llie king's peace died with him, 
■o tliat law was io abejaace uutil the pouw of the new kiou WM 
pntclnitticd at hia coranatioo. 

Hesbicdb, Dei grati* rtx Angtorum, piiMimo patri auo 
iqnrituuU AnMlna, Oantoarienai epifcopo, ealui«iu et omnia 
miiicitiae exhilittloDem. 

Sciaa, pater oariaMme, qnod fralcr meoa r«x Willtrlmus ntor- 
toot wt, «t ego OUlu Dei, a cl«m rt n populo Anj^Uae et«ctus, 
•t qwBvi* invitos pri>|>t<Tr ahacDtiain tiii rex jam coDaerralae, 
requiro te sicut patrem cum omni populo AngliM-, quat<u)iis mthl 
ftlio too et aidem populo eujoa tibi aDtmaram cura ctimmisaa 
eat, qnan citius potent veniao ad conmlendain. Ueipaam 
ipiidem me totiua nffoi AnRliae papalam t«o eomroqne ooosilio 

3111 tM!um milit oonnderv ilebent cotnmitto; et prck-or nc libi 
iapUoMl quod rcffiitm beunljctionetu abaquo Us miaccpi ; da 
qtio ai fieri ponaet Ii)K!ntiua earn nuteipiTHn qtinm de alio ali^iito. 
8«l DODMsilJu fnit taliJi quia inimici iiunirgttni rolebant contr* 
me et popalum quern halieo ad giibeniandum, et ideo liarouca 
niel el idem popalna ooluerant amiJiiw earn proUJari ; Iiao 
ItMjiM! ocwaioiie a tuis vicariis iUam miacepi. Miaiaeem qoidem 
od te a ton) latere aliquoe per qtioa liln etiam de mca pr«unia 




County CoarU. 


ilKiftMwiii. weA pro morW fnitm mci cirat ngnnm Aiiffluw iu 
MDi n<nia«ii» «>L, ut millitlMiua tA \e lulubritMr per- 

fitnlti tit IjhiUii ergo ct mamlo ii« per Norlbriumniaiu 

vnkUa •bI jK-r WitKtnJ, et ego Dovrram otiviun babcbo tibi 
btnnn iimkm, at pRcuninm od ic recipiondiim ; ot invcnioB, Dm 
JavMitr, UDcla bene pcrMtren poterii qui(l<{iii(i mtituo ■cv.'cpiBtt. 
f«4ilM igiuir, \i*Ux, vmtn. ne luuler iiiMlru Cantiuricuais 
••deaift dtu flucUiBae eC dMoUta oaon lul unplitia nutinot 
uibn«raiii dMulattuinera. Tefilo Ginmlo epUcopo, «t Will«lmt> 
WiiitanUMi ciccto epiacopn, r4 WiHrlmo Warrlwnil. et iKimiM 
Hnirieo. Pt Robrrtu Hliu nainuiuU, ct Humuar <ln|'ifcni cl «liu 
Uiti in>iioopu oaaR) bttniDibua tiiotB. Val«. (Sintt. Atmiim, 

Ui. xk) 

Okmx ron nic roldixu op thb Oovkts or tub Huiii>»xd 


Tlu* climrtcr wns Iwued l>«tw«eii A.D. it 08 anil 11 is : — it n 
•ililrtafiMt, in tile uncicat fimn, to tli« bisliop of the tlioccw iumI 
ttn tbarilT vf tbe uouuty, aod >a n remarluiUe tvlk of IIwu^'b 
MtMxikl policy, WIiMher tbu fvuilul buroiui lAd attempted to 
]^ fid of tbe nnti<iniil oouria uf tbc »liire mkI hundred, lu lul^-lit 
bg iiiftrred frum tli* rd«retioe to KinR Ednttnl't daj«, or liad 
btrodtind iMvcItJM of prooena iotii thum. mn vn^\l tetaa UkcJjr 
frnni the bet ttml BUhup SAtnjuon wiw a Ndniiuu biron, ukI 
thai Uno d*AbKot wu bnrttdiUu^- itlkeTiff of WonMslcndiuv, duM 
□ol appMr ; nor i« it cli^r tb&i thU i> not m tMbt«d mm. 
It would tnem c«r(iilu tbut tho ihire admiiustratimt oxiet«d la 
full vfdvr niider WiHiiim ibc Coix|ucror, ikud for »ome purpoMS 
Biidoubledlj undur Wil1i*ra Kufua ; but it lany have been 
p«mtrted to opjin-uioii. or even diaregarded altogether by a 
perjH-tiMl or UercdJUn- alierifl. It would Bti^Mar, from tlie 
wi>rd* of tbo writ, iMt iiuprvbablo tbnt the sheriff luil in the 
kiiic'* aailM (ued tboM oKirtt Tor tha puq>aec of cxtniordiiiiify 
enelioaa. auch as tbc chruiiickrs loudly CunpUia of at tlite 
pariod : for tlic Tulnrc, wWu tbu klug iiaa need of Bucb, lie will 
mtUDDD Omi couria a|icuiilly for the purpuiM! : a prumue wliltli 
waetm, to tUi\>ir no idmII amouut of light aa tbc way in which 
liatiuual taXailuii irtt negotiated. 


Emtry I. 


Henbiccs BEX Axotx>RUM SuMMi! eplaooju ot Uraoni 
d« About el omnibiu baraoibiu auU Praude «t Angln, de 
VtreoMtKMin mIuMdi. 

Beiatu qiioi) oooonlo ot pnicctpio nt mbimIo comitatua mei ti 
hntidnNla in il1i« Ioch «l oudvnn lormiois sodouit, nicut Kdemat 
in ccmpoiw ngii EaJwHrdi et noo aliur. Ego mini, qquido 
voluero, faoiant m aatis eummonorfi propter moa dominick im>- 
ces»ria ft<l voliiutat«m m«Mu. E4 ai amodo exmirgat pUciUuH 
i)« divinoDfl Urmnun, ai cat inter barouM meoa dmuDioos Intc- 
t«Uir plndtum \a ouria mc* : et ri «at UiMr vavaivcna du'>nuii 
dvmJiKiruni tnwiLdur in comitalu. Rt line du*llo fiat, niw in eb 
nniaiiMi-tt. Yx vulo et pnecipia ut omnea dc cmuiutu itaiit nA 
eomiuitiia et ImndrMla sioit feoeruut in tiiniiMra regis Eadwanli. 
nee rvDiureul pr»j>i<ii- uUqnnm nuaam pacetn mAam vol quieta- 
iliunn. (|iii non arquiiiitur placita niea rt jiiiliciu mta, ucnt toar 

Tiwla It apiwxipn LnndoDiar et R«g<rro einaoopo et lUmiUia 
aaac«lkno et it. coaiit« de Mellciii; apud itodiim.— (/Wdara, 
L .>,} 



Tbe oumjtilNtiim frnm vhtch the fiiUowitig oxlnicU are taken, 
i« a coltiwtioD of legal meutoraiKia and records of cuatom, illua- 
tratcd hy reEEireiloe U tbe viril aiid ciuioti Iuwr, bat conlAiiiiiig 
Terv manr veat^^ of ancinnt Kngluli juri*)>rad«nc«; Tbe data 
of tbe compilatiou ba« beeu a matter of mndi ijaeation, batiafl«r 
a most oarefii] aiwljrais of tli« xiiirccs made by Dr. Li*l)enn«ini 
ib Is DOW defiuilely rofnrcd to rlic< porioJ iut«rr«niiig between 
tlo8 aiul iiiS. It would api>oar to gin (Mobable but not 
■utboritatire illuMratiuui of Uio amount of nntiuiutl ouatotn 
existiDg ia the couiitr}- in (be GrsI half of tbi- tw<-lfUi oentary, i 
but cauaot be appwtod to witli «wjr eoiifi<l«iK*. except wber« ll 
is bone out hy oUmt loiitiniofij. Among tbe Itoowu man 
of Infonnatioa, the lawi of (.'miuIa oihI the euttotns decbr«d In < 
DutDBidar B»ok are tbu luuat vdIuhUo. 

VT. t. HognuMi AjiglUe trifarium dividilur ia regno Britan- 
oia«, iu Wettsexian et Mineooa ot DaDonun proviacian. 


Aneint Ckatomt. 


Bftbtt ■rHiiiTTri*c»patii« dam, p)i{KO]i*ta« XT. comiUtiw xx\iL 
IiMi vcK ctimiUlUN in ornltiriu ot M^Mornn (liHliiiptuiiiiir, 
<.'i)l(tn«e vbI liiiudfi-la in iIwAtiiAfi vel decinuu el doiiiiiMiTLiiii 
plfjioa. 3, Lr^is clMin Aiigliiiio trios etit. [inrtiliu, >it ftii|i«- 
n»rcia mvdiini. nil* coioi ^VesitwAuu.-, olia Mtrt«a&, >li« DouG' 
h^ nL . . . 

VIL t. StL-ut kutiqun Aierat institutinito f»nniitimi. Mitilnri 
>T;ti* iRi|«Ho, v«ni tiu[ier art reooixi&uu»« 6nnutuiii, K«uerBli> 
(uiniutiiiiin niaciiji c«rlis locu et ridlNis M dtflinilo ttinjHirp, 
nn linipilM AngUae {itDvinciBii ooDVonirv d«ili«Tv, ncc iillLi ullr* 
Uli^tionitinx ngitari, mn pr»|>rin rrgiK iM-ccJuiitiiii vet eonimuiM 
rrfni) ontBDiodntn ncpitUMijimt. a. JnUireioi nut«in epi«ci>pi, 
nitiii(«B, vKodomtui, vicaiii, rcntonarii, aldermanm, [ini«f«cli, 
iTrMTpofliti. banner, TavMoraa, tUDjcrerii el ceteri terrenim 
(k'lnioi, ililigeoter iiiteudeiiteB ne Dultinim impunius aut f(ni- 
Tiornm pnivitM vet Judicum mlrecruiu Holtia miseriM luoemlioiM 
CDuAiuuK. 3. Aftnntur ibwiuv primn de1>it» vrm^ ChrirtUDitntiti 
jtiim : WMxaiia m^ ptocita ; poftremo CA)in« Kingulanim di^-iiiii 
Mttsbi^innihiu fxploaatur ; ct qiJO*ciin(|U« «c}-r«8nK>t i]t<':iii'- 
(UnU« inveniet, Tel amore con;;r>'s*t vel •e<|ii««tr«t ju<licio. 
4, Drbet autem acyrenmot *rt Iniiyt-mol L»», liumlri-tn wl 
'•{■ruIa^tU dlii>d«rJfli iu audo (xineriTKari, cl xcx itirl>iu iiiiti-n 
•nlxnouin. nini puhlicnm commodiim vrl rcei" dnminicn ik^c**- 
iilM Urrmionm pmvvpnint 5. Kt xi sliqnid in bntwliTlif 
aglBdonitn ponuria jtidicnm vel ouu aliqoo UniMforeoduni sit 
ia diiM vel tree t«I ainpljua Imndreioa, mpevtrtur juslu line 
dutdetMlum. 6, Et t\ <|uiKt)iuin violi-nta recii dMUtutiuiie vel 
dMaotioBv, in huMir«lia vel con);rui« u^ixlorum looiii chumdi 
nun tt« InrluTarit, nt od comilotu* aiHli«nttam perlrabMur, 
p*nUt mm, et de vrt^'m componnt nimt mclttm sit. 7. Si <|tua 
MtroaBflt ra%M' vvl ftlioriiin comitalui aedUMlum Irgom iiitcrfu- 
eri^ totaai tnnun <|uam illic in domiaio boo babel. ac<)uie1are 
fwifrrit I'VnIftii BKxlo cst u daptfer ^}b> legitime fueril. Si 
Dii>ri|ut- nrrr-mrio derit, pntepcwiiuK el Mceidoi et <[ujituor de 
nellnribu 1 illae nmiiil pro oinutlxm qai nwniiuitim nnn rrunt 
•d pUdtum «utiiiiciiiiii. 8. litem iu hundrcto decreviina' o\>- 
MTTBadiiiD An locia et vicilni* H judicum obnorvnntii*, de cautii* 
■{r.ri''^rum )lUlJ* exHniinntioniliuti andicndis, du doiaini et 
vel MKMrrdotis et pniejKwiti el melionun hominuu 

VUi. I. Spndtli tamea pleniludino, A opm wt, bn in anao 
OMveaiaat in bundri'luui Ruuai qni^nntiti" M>"i-i, tun 1>n>nlir<nt 
<)tMB futirarli, ttd dluoeooadam •dllcet ioL^r ivler* A dacuilair 


Ihnry L 


plcnae rint vet qui <]nam<)do qun rstioDe noeMcriot v«] auper- 
accrcv^riiiL Praexit nutiTni iiiii;;ults lioniiiium nuvenia tleclniiu. «t 
(oti «iiiml humlrrto uiiuh do mtliorihuK el tomUu- tKlrvmauime, 
<|niDci lugvF rt lu>niitiiim juni vigiloiilt t>tu<tniit »Wtt«ii1U jmu* 
iai)V«r*^ 9. CoinmuDu luijigic nomiiKidi provida dwpoDMtione 
fltatntum eel, ui s dttodvi-imo iM^tU RUft« koiio «t in bondnto 
BJt et di^ciQia, eel pl«(r>o til>Frsli, ijuiwiuis were, vol witc, *«l 
jure lilieri, (li;{uiu ouivt aeslimaiL C<>iidut-til>i. ve) aulidarit, v<tl 
Mipeailtarii domitiomm pli^o t«npfttilur. 3. £t omnia doniinu* 
wnim UlnH habcat qui ei justiiiuInlvH unt, tttnquaai eoe si 
lipciMivcriut ftd rnctiim hkbiturus, v«l |iro i-iii fimiUtii ntliuncm 
rrdditunu. 4. Dictum art de illi* qui ti-rnni non habent, ir 
in alio coniitatu scrriant et coKnolinncm niam Tiaitcnl, qui eo« 
int«r azciuluni firniabit, «mi8 ad publicam rectum ducat, n ibi 
fonifaoi&nt, rel propter eoa emoBdoL . . . 

IX. <. Et omnin («uKa tcriiiinrtur trI hundreto rcl comluto 
V«l lialimolo Bornm liahrntium, vrl <lnminnrum curiis, vel divieia 
parium, vc) certia agentUimiD locisaijjacciitibua. . . , 

XV. I>ena|;!Iilum quod aliquaitda thin^manRia dabatur, Id 
«tt xii. diMiarii do urnwiuaqne bjtia (wr aiiuam, a! ad lertniDoa 
noQ rtddatur, witn rinuiidctar. 

XXIX. Rcgin judicoa auut harnnes emnitatua qiti Hberaa in 
<u («rr>B liabcut, per quM drlictit cauui« itingulorum altcma 
proeecutiuDu trMturi: villmii \tn vel ooiaeti, vel ferdiugi. rel 
qui fvut viks Tel inogiea |>«t«iNia«, hod aunt inter l«f;um judloea 
iium«randi. . . . 

XX.\I. 3. TnterfMO comitattil drbtnit epiacopi, ooinitea, et 
ceterae ]mt«etBtes, ([iiae Dei lege* cl aaccnlt negotia juftA oon- 
aidcratifine dlfliiiiaiit. .... 7. Unnaqulaque |ieT pana 
anoa judiciuidun e«t, et rjuxicin provincioe. . . . 

LY, I. Oinii! domitiu li^vl Kubmonin! litiminam auum, ut 
e« ait ad rrelum in mnu nui : ut ai rmidens m ad roniotiQa 
maii<ritiiD (juMlriii boooria unde Imi«I| ibit ad ptacitoiBi ai 
dotniuus iuua aulimtMicat eum. 8i dMiitiiiia ejua divertoa feodoa 
leneat, uun oui^tur [ht le^eiii Ikioki uniua bviuiria in aliuni ura 
placilum, iiini dn alturiiu cauaa lil, ad qit«m ilotiiiiiui auti* Nub- 
nioDUcrit etiiu. a. Si boino di' plitriUia doiuinia et tionoribiu 
IfiOMit, (jiuntumi uixjuo d« alitn bulnal. «i |>laa dcbat «t ^oi 
raaidcoa |>i-r judicriuui erit, rtijiia h^>mo ligina crit. 3. Onnia 
lioKiQ Bdam dabvt domitno luu d« vita «l tuetnbrie aoia M tenvno 
Iwnare el otMnratioDe oounlii sui. per boneatitn «t utile, Ua 
D*i et terrac principia aalva. Furtum vero et prodilio et nmr- 


darter <f landau. 


drum «t r^ol^t cotilni I>ummtim sunt et fiilem mtlialloam, nitlli 
pni*ri|<ipii(ia rv] pen^eniA Hunt ; aed ftileo Imbtsiiir ilmniiua 
ofnaibnii. inltu (iili; pnuvrctviitium, el mHgia a ciijuN lifciiui nt: 
rt rjut li<fiitU i»it, iti qiiM ItMuiiiuin ejiu alium «iln domiiitUD 

LXVL tf. Si tjuis bnrcljotam vri brigbotam vel ri<-rdbre 

r— !-rir, rmemlrt lux- crga i-egim cxx, »oli(lu In AtiKti>Tain 

r>!»«liifia siciit etvttt autuH, vul iik m iillegiet, numiiion- 
rur •'! villi- I't HL-ijuirut ex l-u xi. — (Jn«t'mf ^atcw oixJ tHMiluU*, 
pp. aiA-a&O.) 

CtiAirmt or Heiibt'I to tbic CinxKra or Lomdoit. 

Th* prinl«gei of Uie ddwna of London tn not to be nr- 
(^KTcU^I a* a fiiir cpediDcn of lli« libortin of onliuwr towiiH ; 
I'ut u n »ort of tjpe aixl ituDilnnl of the amaant of muaitijMtl 
ititlrpeoileuce and Mir-i;Dv«ruiiieai at wbicb Ui« otber t«wiui of 
the 00011117 '"■^bl be exp«c1c<l to aim. At a period at whicb 
ibe o4b«r tovn« vera jiut ilruiggling out of the oondilion of 
dmMoe, the LotxiuDere wtiv put iu poasesrion of tbe (ena or 
brm of Mi(lilI«HX, iritb lb« right of app»intiDg tbo eborilT: 
tlivj nvm fr«e<I from ihe immediate jariMlidian nf any tribunal 
ri(wpt uf Uicir (>vii npjMiintmctit, from MVt^nl uuiv<f«iit impost*, 
fmm tbo obligation to accept (rial b^ battle, from tkbililj tu 
miMrieofdia or cotire rorfeilnre, aa well as from toll* and local 
riitrtlotu ffuch aa uHinafy chnnen ajiecifv. Th<ijr lutro atsu 
th'ir lepantJ' frnn'biiH'a wcuml, aiul tiiwr wadcljr oourta. Dtit 
ilinji hav« not y«t ibe churactiir of a per))«tnal wrporattun 
m commana, and tbua, altbougb poiaesainK by virtue of tiMtir 
aatOCTatioM U) Rttilda. of ibeir Beremi fniDi^bisc*, of tbcir fcudiU 
ciiaria, and of tlwir tliim ur^MiiuiitiuD utidor tbo tberiSI muiiy 
*IumbU i>f ■transth, ooiiaoiiilatioD, nod iudopcndcnc*^ ibey bav« 
ion as a manicijutl bixljr. The city it an 
' and differvnt corporate bodiea, but uut 
jrtl a p«rfpci nunlcipalitj, nor, althoagb it tra* rrnvgnlacd tn 
tkr ntip «f Ri>'|<hcti aa a eontmunio, did it gain tbo legal alatua 
Wore till' of Ri'Jiard I. 


Btnry L 


Carta Civi&tu Ltmiomantm. 

FTknkicus Dm ^U* njs Atigtwi^, Brfliii-jitiwopo C»nf""riiiir 
cC optKi^piii ^t al)l<atibua. cl oomitibua et baruniba* f\ jUFlUinriu 
«t vicecoTDilibua et omnibiu ftdelibus sui*, Francis et Anglwia, 
tolioa Auifliae, aaluleiu. Sdatis in« cAixMHiMe oiTibtia ineu> 
LonduiiiHrum, tennudum Miildl«MX Hil firmam pro coe. tiliria aA 
oompolum, i|iiriK rt )iiu:r«(lil>uii NaiK. tie me cl hacndibia meiii, Itn 
quod ipn rivcH [ranrnt vicnMimitcm <)anlrin volunriiit <l<< Mt imi*. 
lA jiutitiariom (|tial«m rotuonDl il« Hci{Mi«, »d ciuto<l(«nauiii 
pUcita ooronoo in«ae et Mdetn plscitan<U ; «t nnlluii alina rrii 
juslitiarius Bupn" ip«>M Iiomintfl LoiMlmiianini, Gt cires im>ti 
placiuliunt mtrv muixiti dvitatis pro ullo placito; et aint quteli 
At rchoi L't di) loth, lie Dane-fildo et tit mtintro, rt nuUua eonuu 
fiwial ixJlum. Et «i (juu ciriuiii (le pincitiii i^uroiine irojtlacttatusi 
htrit, per neruncntam qiioit j<i<lii.-aiiini furrit id civitute, te 
(UanitJoiMt borao Londonianim. Va infra mum* nvitAti» nnllu* 
bofipitetur, neqne lic luea raniilia neqne de alia, ntn alimi hoa- 
piliun libei«tur. Et umueg bomiucs LondoniBnun nut quieti 
«t Iib«ri, et amnt« nm corum, et i>er totam Anglkm et |mt 
portni maria, ito theolonio d pama|{io ct lattugio et omnilMin 
■liia oonancliidinibna. Et«ocl(«i*e M bcrancs ut olvin tcnnuit 
«t iutbeant b«o« et tn pace aocDaa aoaa cam omDihna cmaacla- 
dinitRia, its quod bo«pit«8 qni in aooda niia honpttaBtsr aalU 
(lent coDanetiidiiiM saoa, niai U)i mjna aocca Tutrnt, vel raiobiro 
•uo fjoeiii tbl poaiierit. Et bomo LoudoDi«ruti) ii<in judtrattir 
. in Riincriminli* peniniac, ni-ii ml niam Mwrn. naliri't *A <• Milidoa; 
dim dc pkcilo quod ad pecuniMn p«rliiM«t V.t ampliua non 
rit miskcnninpA in boBtCDs* Deque in r<i>lke<imot« ueqga ia alita 
plaoilb iofra (.-ivittttem. Et liuattng aedeat aetuel in bcMonuKla. 
videlicet die Luuae. Et ttmtt atiaa et wardenuituin et debits 
dyibua meta bul>cre Ciciam infra civitatem el eitn. Et de term 
de qoiboi ad idc clamarmnt rvclum ci» t^rnvbo \t^v ririlalu. 
E( Ki qui* llwlouium \r\ coDSiiPtndin«n) » dvltiun LondoDtarum 
eaperit, dvM LotKlonianim npiant de bnr^o vnl do villa nhi 
Ibetonioiii vel cDnauHudo capta fuit, quantum bomo Loodoni- 
oruiB pTD tlitloniu dedil, et jiruindr do (lamoo c«|>«Tit. EtoEDoea 
debltores qui dvibtia dnbita d«l«i)t «U r«<l<Uiit, lel in Loodouiii 
•4 dUratloiMnt quod aun d«l)ent. Quod »i rcililcrc noloerint 
n«qiH *■) dlnntioiinmliiRi vrniiw, tunc civo* quilm* iti-btu warn 
dvbont mpUnt intra ciiititu tu niimiit viia, vel do rcmiiUtu iu 
quo mannt qui il'biium 'lobrl. Va civf^ liab'-nnt Ta^ttonM SUita 
•d ftij^nduRi nevx niclim rl ptruius baliurrarit «ci(«crwona 
eontnti 8vili«et OiJire vt Mtddk-aex irt Sureie. Toatibue npiaoopo 


CAarlfT <f Bneriry. 


'Rolxtrta Alio RJohn'., et Uu;;on« Bij^t, et Aliinxlo 
r»<4-.i»ai«. «t WiII«IiDo All>ini, el Hatiert" regis CuBi-rario, 
filUlroo tie MuntAcfaet, el Hi^ilfo du Tani, et JnhaiiiM) 
t, at Sob. fit- SiwBrdi. Datum Hjmd WesUnoiiaat«riuixi.— 
if^^itrit. i. II.) 

to BBrBSL£T. 

f urigioftl cWun gnutod to towiu hy Heoty I, 

i^ign, » protnUy to be aocoont«(i for bj tlie fkct 

Ikal *aeh wax\y gnuiM of priri]«ge» w«ra rv^ardcd u supvisedcd 

by tfa* Ut«T uul lwg«r ones, ud w«n lew canfullj prewrvecl. 

TfcoM of 6«verl«7 {mktpa nre (heir pKaemtion to liw foci 

^t tke adjiutment of the ricbu of tbe archbinbop, the cuiona, 

^d iIm Imr^rra, B««aiUtc<l « oonslant rcf^reiics to tliem. 

TIk fblloirlng elMrtcr b of greM v»la«, u inmuating ib« 

fniilc^a which had WoD oonfciTttl bjr Um king apon Yorii, 

n* jyow&w of iJw Donh w the CfiUAotf of tbe sonth ; the 

tIalMta an the bj-laws ot written custums <A th« Inroaifli. 

TW •rrhbUMpi h7 rirtu« do doubt of the kxDjt'it ttatlwirilf, 

ftMe Um) liorgbeis fnun toll not oolj tn hb owu d rtmaaw , |/ul 

ihlPOii^Mmt tlui shire. Tbe fcnn reftt m fixed »t eigfateea aaHu 

/«r oiMiuM. Fnrllwr then Hoi tbe ohulcr doca aot go ; oar 

^jHhqH did tha chaiter of York, apon the nodal of whicli it 

^^pa* dniva up. the mnaberof town* and cttiaa wliich wera 

^^b tbf dtfiDMiM of tbe bohope acwl bar«iu at thla tine «u titj 

^^nige ; add it ia BOt to be rappiacd that ctrii olirn the lord warn 

praewlMi ttpon lo gnat a charter, be bail eitbar tha power or 

Iha wiQ to omfar ao larga privQeieea at the kuv. or a great 

prtoiK. lilM the arehbMiap of Tork. with tbe Ut^a MUboriaa* 

tioa, awsld bntow. 

IM gratia Eho««e«nub ArcUciriaeopaa, onnctb 
noittctu tan pnaventiboa quam fiiloris, Mluten at Dei 
et toaiB. 
Smuid *lt Tuhf> dw dedhM M coocw ei eee , et eoMitlo CBpittiH 
AaiMeMM «t Buiri a ia MM el oooaiio imian» ' 


llcHty I. 


cftrtn vonfirmMM. baminibua de Bemrlftoo ontaes libortalvs pts- 
dem legibiM qiiil<as illi de I^lKiraco ImWtit in Hia ciiriUl«. I'rsv- 
It-roa lion Utat vos (|uad doralnua H«urictifl nx nott«r nubia 
conceaiit noteUatent fiicteniU boo tie Iwiui vuliinuttB tu% «t aim 
carta ooDnnniiTit RbituU niMirk ct U'gw dokUU juxl« foriiiwn 
lagum butseiutium (t« IQioraco, Mlva dujuiUtc «t Iiunorv Dm 
«t Sancli Johumia at noatri et cuiKiniconim, ut i(« ariliocl 
iMBonn elecRuwjnannn prBcdoeoaaonim (niniin oiaIur«t «t 
pmmoreret cnm omnibus his libeiie conM«tui]iniliua. 

Vofo ut burgeoaea met lie Bevcrlaro baheant suaai Aoim-Aiw, 
<|iuuu eie do, et coiioedo ut ibi sua BtiUul* perU»cl«Dt m1 
iKinorem Dm «t Sonoti JolmDiiiti ct canuuiMiruni at ail toliua <ril> 
latuR ctnendiitioncm, codcm litwratARi It^ xicut illi dr Ebomoo 
h*b«iit in na hanthu*. Cooccilo rtiam tnx lbcl»ninm ia nor- 
petunm pro xviit. msrcia ftiinnatim ; pt»ot«rq«ain in x\» foabs in 
fluibns tbcloueum ad nos et ad caoonicoa fpectat, id foalu Milleet 
Sandi Johaimia ConfeMoria in ICaio, et iii Teslo Trantilalioiua 
Soncti JohaiiniH, «t in Nativitate Sancti Juhaimia Ba)>tia1ae ; ia 
hi* rcro triliuB fiiatis onuitn bursenact de Bcvnrlaco ab onini 
tclnneo libero* ct quteto* diniiai. Ht^jua vtintn cartao tt«liiDimi<i 
eiadpin Uii^cnsiUiR libcroa introitua r1 nxitue conccwi in villa 
et extra villain, id piano et boaoo «t mumcu, in viia et in acint- 
ti«, et ceterifl couvroiciitiiB, exoeplu iu pmtia et bladia, aieut 
UPi)QaiD nwliuH lilHMiuN et UruiuH alii{uia nonil concrdcK et 
Gonfirmafv; ct Bciutin (juod Mat lilwri el miieli ah omni tdouiu 
per totaoi Ncbiram Gboraci aioit illi de KbonKW, Kt roln ul 
quicunquo biK dirfccvrit. anatboma n\, eicut i|iiiut eocltaiar 
8ai)«ti Johanoia asunt couauetudo et aieut elatututn eat in 
eooleata Sanuti Jobannia. 

HU aunt teatm ; Oalfiidns Munbo, Ifinllua Poaaard, Alnuui 
de Peroi, Waltena Eapec, Eiwtaobins 6Tiua Jobanuiii, Toinaa 
prMi>o«itua, Turatinua uKhldiaoonns, Hvrebertaa wnniurina, 
WillelniiiB jiUui Tole, Wtlk-Imua Bdioceaiia ; coniin k>ta faniilta 
anbicptwopi, clerici* et loicia, in Eboracoi — {Poti*ra i. ic<) 


Tn» Ov«TOMS or NBwtwarjjuipoji.TyxM. 

Hm OOTunwiu^JiMa inentioaed ao Mnsla&lly tii the i:hnr1''i-* i 
boruagfaa were tbe common or ciutooHuy lawn wtiieli hid cxiMeil 
iu tboBi ImmviiioriBlly, and were amended fiuin time t« linu^ 
as by-Uwa. Tbeao an not rdiMncd b tbo cfaorton, porbiqM 


Custcmt vf !feteta*ll«. 


bwwmc of tlie lUfflonUy of eDanwnting tliem pAHectly, ami Uie 
itMiKi'r »t crMting » npirit of riialr; amooust niaiUr bodiu; 
nvr wouM it b« well, irliilst ginoK {luwrr lo tAwr nmt biucimI 
tfaani, Ui plan Uiem iu sotemii rocord id a charter, whicb mif^t 
bft re^^wdod an infringed )>}' anj nu^ attempt at dienttioa. 
Tba perpotoation of sncb mi-lomK kjr i>ral Irnilition oiiljr vmiI-1 
faiTalv« no ntk^ at a period at wfaicli tli« whole law of Ui« UdiI 
irai eiutomary ; nor in it at ull doar tliat (tie custonuirjr taw 
had nut a poMtiun in the coiutitutioii stroujc eiiou^b to raitt, 
■ud oTNi, u in tlio mm of weigbt* and mewwiret, nicMaitrully 
to d^r^, slatBtof^ enactments. The customa of Newoutle-ii[MO- 
Tyne m talcen fma a n|)ort, drawn up in the reign of Ileiiry 1 1, 
M to tltrir ebaraeter under Henry L It will be tKvu (liat tJiey 
ehiofly ooDcera internal arrai>gm«ut«, am) alioir vtt}- little teii- 
dcnej tuwanls indepandcat origan iaation. Tbcy ftrc, in &ctt tlio 
ttahUa wbicb tbe bur^liera were empoTcrpd to deal with in tbctr 
iiwn aaaiiiabtim ; aud the body which trmted tbuin wua doubt- 
kn of tlia uataiv of the bofDage of it manor under its rocre ur 
pnepnritua aansted by (lie Wt lory — such a body a« conliniK* 
tfl Piftko and eoforoe audi reKulutivtia, witb « very inudi 
dimlBiabnd ipbprc of Mtiuu, to llio prtaenl day. 

Sm tvMt l«^ <f eontvetvJineg 4fmu SMrjieiiM' Ifovi Ca*l'Ui 
waptr Timmm habtitnuU tempoK Ueiu-Ui Rer/u Anj/iia« «l 
Win (Mml 

BnnfrDwa pownnt namiam foriii babitant^a iufm niium fonira 
el nin vt infT« enaoi dntnum et rxini, rt intrn »uum liiirgnm 
■t rxtrn. >lnn Itoentin pn>pp»*iti, niai romitia Icncnotor in burgo. 
<i iiiai la eiercttu nitil. vcl ctixtoilia r*etclli. 

Supnr biir(,-iiisarn nvn potest buigeiuis namuni aipere sine 
IfawBUa pnciHititi. 

8i burpniaia fori* habitantibus Nli<iuid ncnanuaodarerit in 
buT)to, i]«r dnbitor tt oowwdat reddot debilun, vel in burgo 
fariat nvtutn. 

riaritii <|uae in burgo auiignnt ibidem tenoantur et ftnianttir, 
praalcT 111* quae aunt ootooM ntgia. 

Si ali(|uis burueuan de aliiiuu loiuirU appellotnr. non pUcilnbit 
extra burguis nnl ex defDota curiou. Nee debet rcapoiKlerc ttae 


i/«rj I. 


Aw «t ivnniDo, iiisi priu* ia Btwitani roajioBBiooain Itwiilerlt, uni 
de rvbtu qtue ail ooroiuni pcrtiiiiMit. 

Si DBvi* Kpud 'nnemM R|>i>ltcucrit quu nUl dined^rav lieM 
tinn^oxilKiM eiuero r|noil volut^rint. 

Intrr btuKcnM-m et KMnalnrem id plncitum orikhir, finJolur 
hhIo t<nuiin rdluxiivncm mnrii. 

Qaici]ukl mormUinw nsvis per marv ndveverit ul umiii 
debet ftrri prnct«r ta.\; «t alU^ debet veiidi ii> unvim. 

Si quis Umni in burgngio uno iititio ri unn ili<- jusle el niaii 
calainnb tenu^rii, non respoixlfAt eslutuuianti, ubi culumuiui* 
rxtn ti-i;uuiii AiicIJi^e fu<:Ti% vul ubi sit yavr iMffi tnbcM potca- 
liitcni loquirttili. 

Si UiTgciuiis hftbeKt filinin iti Aonm tiiui lul miRiNUn niuii, 
filiu* ojiu Mndcm faaltntt libcrtub-ni t(ium i;t patrr numt. 

Si i-aslicUB in burgn vcnint maiiorc, t\ ibi p«T «nnain iiiiiiin 
e( Jtuni xiuiit liurgfusix niiKieHt in burgn, ex toto rNuniicni, 
niii ]>riuti ob igwo v«l <loniino suo prRclociitum sit ail tcmiimiin 

Si quin biii^Miib ti« tv jdlqna appellaverit, oon |»itMt npw 
barKaDMBi )M)gi)*ro. wd {Mf UgcDi le defeixUt bnnfuiuiii, nid 
■it d« proditieno. undo dwMt i« dt^eiidcn WUp. Nm burgniab 
contn villMinm polerit pngntine \u» print de boigngiu exiuriL 

M«nator mliquia, iiisi burj.'Siuii, txm pot««t ettrtt vUUm emere 
iKc UiiKta iiec coria neo mertstoria alia nee infn burgum nU 

!h lombcturo contigurit burgi^iiai. lUI'it vi. otas prni'pMito. 

In bargo aon ot lucrchvt, nc« hcrict, nee bluilw-it, hm 

Ui>uw|ui>que burgeBsif potMt hnbete traun funmra ct moUm 
lUiiiiiUiltmi »i vftit, mivo jiirt- fumi regii. 

Si fpTiiina sit lu buo furiHfacIo de jiane r«l etc cerriet*, nullut 
(kfavt iiitnifKiltpn! Dint p4u«j>uaitu«. Si liia foriNrvMric, caitiK«t«r 
iwr . . . foriafiictnin. Si t«rtio forii/piwrit juiitilia de t« fint. 

NuIIbi uivi bur^xis put«rit cincn: telui od liugeudaa aw 
fanra neo Mcure. 

SaTgcnaia pnuat dara lemm rniam rt vondoro ot ira qtui 
volueril lilwrv et <|iii<;t«. uiu sit in iaimaMi.~~{Aett tf J'af 
liammt i^ Sc«llaud, i. 33, ,{4.) 



A. D. iiss-tt54. STEPHEN. 

Ar«bW«bop* of Onntarburr- WUIlun ofOoilwulJ, )iij-tii4, ne»- 

IwU. iijp-iifii. 
OhlBf Jamtiot nnKrrllhliaporMiibiirj, 1135-1134. 
CnwAMOacv- Ro|[ar U INmt, IIJii-1139; PhlHp. 113^ 

Tbo aTormiitn of Ui« Xonuftn* to na Aogerln nilcr, tlw 
ttvpopokrltj of (bi: Hmi'n'M, aixi ttio unmUinl)' iibnat II«iir/« 
lltud tlot(TiHinBli'ia u to n fooontor, bciliUUd tlir Dccos^ioti of 
Sts(ihc;i, altlioui^i Iw had no rirong p&rtjr nor any clftini to 
lltn tJiroDe. Tbe oftportunity was Ktied by ilia prompUMiM ; 
■mI the eloctiaa, gruilKlDKly koil iiirunnmlly tranMcted, wm ooo' 
6rn>iNl \ty tbu body of tbu Uiruna Mid bUbopa En sptU of ibcir 
uHtk*, and iubat<|u«iiUy ■{■proved liy the |)opc. Biit tbc oon- 
UniuKini of t)iR (tipjioK at lint niToriltd bw) to b« purehawd by 
laxc gifts and lani^r protniaet^ wliich Stephen, «bo wmh bcik 
ratbrv ibui fnUe. t'«j nadily lie«low«d. Th« cbartm whidi liv 
iaaiMNl weal UKlMd no furtbrr ibim wm jurt ukI fair, bnt the 
wvaktMM of bill bold on tbe royal aathoril}' iraa tJiowu oan> 
^icuoimty by l>i« exlnvapuit grsuta of tbe crown Uiida and by 
bit iiiolMliiy to secure tli« execution of the bws. An moii m 
bia power of purv-haNug 8a|<|iurl *ru exiuaaletl, h« wna drficd 
liy tlw baran*. and ■ gnneral pundyvia of gonniineul fulloired. 
TliuM buroiM Mid tiidioiw who bad not alr^-jxty firrmnl uneon- 
alitntiounl dxaign*. wm comp«llmt, in iteir dnrence. to fortify 
their n*1l«a mkI preparr for civil war. Stephen, eonaoion* of 
tlMi wnakiiMB of bia position, alleniptol, by the arrvkt of bUliopi 
Rnj^rr and AlexMider, to striku (error iota the feodalisla, 
lurtead of doing tbia, the nw*Mre bud the effect of throwii^ tho 
whole odniinlMtralion of tb« country iolo lite almoat disorder, 
and alienating tbe clergy at tbe mme liRi«. Nor eoutd tbo 
tnisgla with the Kmpreaa Imto laaied M long as it did. or hare 
bad «u«h an Imo, if tbo baroflaf<t aa a body bod been deter- 
minMl to pill an end to it in bcr farotir. Ni'itb«r iJw uor 
Alephen bnd any ml Iiold on tbn country ; the fendiil parly 
(nujfhl THlbor for ita uwu advHulwg« lluui for ibrirsi mmI tbo 





Mo|ipega or tlie wiministniUv* nuulitiiDry il«priviil th« luttnn 
•t kifp of %ay ch«oce of utiit«d adioo. Both iwrtiiHi fouglil 
widi meroetiiiry fon»8, and the people BUflmd. After ■ loiii* 
rtnigglc, tba ljuhi>])s negotiated a peace wbicb 0»ve the crown 
to StapbcD for the ramoitider of bi> life, and ibe BuccoMtau to 
Henry of Aigou : and adrantage was taken of tliiii i-onijimitiiiN) 
lu force on both parties the rcforaw aiu! rentoraiii-u of guoil 
gOTCrnment, tbe oarryiog out of which marks »o Urungly and 
dmrlj- tlic rciffu uf Henry 11. AAer the arrest of tke buliupa 
by SUrphon in 1 1 39, Cite coauitutional Inittory of the reign ia tn 
abeyoDce notil tbe treaty of Wallingford in 1153. 



Will. UaLuxaiL, IHm. Hov. i. f ( i. TIIo {«c St^plianna) ubi 
a Londonieoaibiu et Wintoninuibus In regem exoeptiia «Ht, etiau 
Rogerum SalesberionGeaa opiacopunn e( Will«liuuoi de Pkiutc 
aretia, eiutodea thenaarorum re^^ium, od ic tnuudiuctL Ne 
UiuoD veritaa mlutur poeleris. omoea ejui conatuii irrid fuiKcent 
uisi lloiirictu fruter ejuii W'iiitoiiieairiii epiacnpiia, qai mixUi 
Aportoltcac todis legatua cat in Angliu, placidnm oi comtno- 
[lairt asaenaam : qra actlieat o«piu» ninpliasima, quod Sl«pbanas 
ari sui Willelmi in rrgni mndcramine mom aervaret prwcipue- 
que iu Ec<:leata6li(-i vigoris diaciplina. QnapropteT dislricte 
nenuueulti ([uod a Stephano Willeltuua CantuariemtU Arviluqiiia- 
eopiu exegit de Ubertote reddeoda Eockeia« et oonacrvuiitla, 
Epiaooixu WintoniBssia •« nedbtorem et radem a^>i)umit . . . 
t^orooattu eat ergo in regem Angliae Stephnnn* Xl° kalendaa 
Januani, Domintua, XX>11* die iKxt excouium avnncali, anno 
DominioM Iiwsruationis }kI<K>X\XeYo triUu optacpia prae- 
»eutibuii, archicpuvopo, Wintaoionsi, Salcsborivtiai, nullis abbal- 
ibtia, paucissimiB optimatibus.* 

CoxT. Fl. Wio., Ayf, Volente igitar Qaufrido coroita earn 
uxore dua. quae liaerea ent, iu re^^Dum snccedem, priraorea 
tniwe, jurameoti sul uiale Rcortluiilva, rvf.'eaa earn ouindiwre 
nolucniiil, ilieentes ' Allenigena non regnabit iiupcr uoa :' iiirtu(iU(< 
cuiwilio, .Stcplianu comiti . . . euronani rrgni imitcMivnint 

QiKrABTxrHAM,p.3. Cunuiua . . . canipHtidmmocaniiliitii 
appliciuaK4, ad ipfam totius n^o&ia rtginam tnetR>)iolitii, mn- 
tnrato ilin«Tv, Lvodonias dcrenil* Concuaaa pruleiiu* In ad- 
rantu viri dvitas ilia eum tacto atrejiitu obvtaoi ei ocenrnt. . . . 




aattt, «ofigullnc|ti( quiqua iNroveetfonB, Mmdllttm 
|iie rtftti bIbIu pm ariiittio auo utilU iu flommaM 
Tm, <uI reiiem vli),-i-ii<)um unanimiUT euospiravere. 
)1c«ImuiI i^tiiiu iiinni' r«Kiiuin HJiiintnM furtunee ounlKin lak- 
JAeera, ubi itna lotiun tc(;iiiiiiai> iincMDtiBL, jiutitM«|tie cftput, 
daAiniL Id<^irc(i it]>f-ni(! {irnluni ci« cue rcgtm qunm mUure 
Cfntniiaorc, qui •>) romTnunU tililitnlia |Hic«m rcTortnandiiin ot 
H'tirllilNU nifni annnim oRcunvrdt «^t l«f^to instituU juet« dt^ 
[■ofim-t. ]i} qiioquQ flui MM* juris, satquc spetiiJiter privUcgii, 
, u tv\ iiHHiiuii) qnoqui) mixio vbiret, nliua huo jiromu in ragno 
il»liuit'mltu e vcbtipM RUCoeileM. . . . HU igiuiraudltii «tal> 
Jjii- '<".i^.4(>, uu1loi|)ii> a]i«rl« oontrM)ir«iitt>, r«c<;i>4iii, if 
I'l rtini ill oommunc caRmltiun coiMdvciv, r«-)[eai' 
ciiinnuiii 4<1 hoo coocurtluiiU fiivorc, CTiitBtituan; finnftU 
I nuinwiiif pof^nr. pnnctoqur, ut vulgii* aMCtvlmt. tniituo 
bruneBlo, ul cum utcs quoad rivirrt opibas MUsUsUrcnt, 
vtribus UiUr«nltir, ipae nutuin ad rcguum pMnfiouidtun ad 
otniiium connxkiii dnflra^um toto ttae cunatu acviii-^uret. 

t'lu.- N'kwb. L 4. Cum . . . rex H«nrictut obiiMct, idem 
fiJuinuti BttCTuinonli qiim) fitini; ojnt dd oooficrranda fidetitate 
Jtermt pnic?aricatnr, n^iniin arriputt. aniiileutibuB prM- 
niqito priiicipibiiJ! cimI^id sacnuncato ailiictis. . . . 
erjtu ul (KiDtra jtia hanunum pHrit«r «i Divinum ; 
I MtlioM quia k^uiuut baarca dou erat ; «t Divinum, 
vtoJata juriiijumiMli nii)(iane; aablimimiiir in rr^imm, 
Am e»l qnuMunqtM! pncsdlea at proccm rsi^.m viiliicrunt, 
qna« poatM per rju* perfidiam in irritara cunrts cnwcninL 

Hoc. Htnrr. tib. nil lodo prrrvxit rex Steplianui aptid 
Otini^foTdf, nbi rrcordatas eat «t cuDflrnuiut pacta quM Deo et 
popnlii el ■aocta« Ff«lnia« oonccAMrat in die ooronationia aaa* ; 
qaa« annt haeo : priino vovit quod defunotu epiMopia nnnqoam 
' ' -i'lK iu owuu MM, m4 aUUm cloctioni fanonicM 

it:»]>iN ctiH invi'HlirH. Se«undo Tovit qaml nnlliua 
■ ■]■ I .• I >rl liuci lilvM in mnnu onin irtincrrl, ticut nx HeBlicus 
!•■ •-rnt, qui ni^ulix lutnis iinplnicitavcrat CM, ai vd veoatiofurm 
i wp iaippt in nilria propriti, ivl li *aa ad oeoeialUtes mfea exaltr- 
, rrl •liminnenni. . . . Tertio vorit qnod DaMKvldum, id 
•ulidot ud htifiiTii, quua ant«c(aaore« aui accipcrv miIr- 
iills annia, in M-leniaio condoDaret. Hnte prindpatiUr 
I vavil ct alia, aed nilii) bunun tciiDit. 

(■m. //>«f. .\'av. i. { iS. Anno Tncarnationia 

M«OXXX"VIlI°, iniMtinia diujdiia Atigtin amti- 

ktar; mnlli iiqui4l«m qnu noliUitaa gvneria rei mugiiitwto 

I 1 




anltnl rel potins vfruliorii MUtis awtact* ftd illicits prudpit»> 
lint, • rejre hi pntnlio, lit aoatellit, pustrenio qiia«oui>que m>ri«I 
callibui»»i'l, [inure noii vercbaiilur ; <]uh<- ciun illu duv diler- 
ntt . . . illi contiiiuo in ootnnioti <»«l<!lU cuiitra cam ofaGrau* 
bant. . . . Dvniquc innltcs •limn coraitoi, qui imlo non fiionuil, 
utftitiiit, applicitU posMauouibus ct rcdilitibuH qiuc proprio 
jure np tompetelMA. . . . 

la. ii. ( 34. Sub Stepbaao plane en Fluidrin et Britannia, 
rapto vivere n«m«tl, *{>« UMgDonim prMNtumm Ani^liun !a- 

Hrx. Kvxt. lib. Tin. Qoicito addo rtgni (mi fii^nl rax 
Ijtvpliiuius Ni^i-llum opifcojwm ElyooMta. . . . Ubi «iit(-iD ad 
nntale vcl od FucIm ftwrit itioere non at(in«t. Jam quipiw 
ouriiU) 8i>lenii>«a el oroatua regii aclmnatis ab at)li(|iia i«rie 
(liiB3Midcii« pruma eTanuuranL lagetia tbwauri copiM jam 
depariarat, pax in r«);iK> Dulla, oawlibuai iucciidiU, ntpiuia 
omnia cxtrrminabn&tUT. 

Will. Nkw*., //iff. Amgl. t. >2. Anglia IntMlitiia tnalis «x- 
tftDtnila et anncia tabeacebat. Et qnldeni de (luinlam tempore 
i>l*i)ii astiquae Kriptum eat, 'ia diebiu illia ik>u mt nx in 
larael, atyl unun|uii<qii« quoti Tectum aibt ridclwdir lacMibal.' 
At in An^liB nub rcKu 8t<^]>lIaDI) pijiii IJi'bat. Nam quia tuao 
impotcns rrnt nx, et pvr rrRiH impot«iiti»m languida lex, qui- 
butdam qtiod rectum nbi Tidohattir ag«utib(it, rauiti qui<d in- 
tiu ntioue nwlam Mse Kirimiit, sublato tt^ et I4'gi8 mctu 
prMliviua fadebant. Et priiao qaidem videb«(ur K^uuin 
AufHiae aeiMam aae in duo; qoibuMlam rcKi, quilimdam im- 
prnitrid fnvciitilnis. Xon qnod v«l rex vel imiK^mlrix noue 
parii poirnirr imporarct, tol quiid ciuirum Iwllicin quiiqtia 
atnilii* pro trmpore nileratur. NouUr «nim in nioa imj 
agcra et di&ciplitta* vigoran) excrcen potent, «cd nterquo tai 
ue a ae deflcerent, nihil nejjaDdo malccfaant. Saoo inter par- 
t«i, . . . diu niullumque cevtatuni eat, a1tvniant« foHuna. 
Proocaau vtro temporia inter e*t jam aaepiua furlunae iiifttleU- 
tal«ra exiwrtaa. remlMi«reia roi>tai caae coepere ; quud tameii 
Aji|;)iae nou cuiait in bonum. lllia quippv dmtiitai; concerts- 
lionta [•rrtaeaia, el mnttiua Hgcntilma. pravindalcH <l{ic«rdniitinni 
prfK-eriim latittu cAerlnicrr. CnxtolU qunqiir ^ht dnm'aa pni- 
viocus Btiflid {Mrtiuni rrebra Bumixcnint, crniiUiiie in Ai^tu 
qncHlaniiniMlo lot ivgw vd potins tymnni, qixH duiniiti caatel- 
loruro. baltmlea aiii^ili pireuMuram proprii uuniiBninlif, et 
|ioli.'iiti>tein oiibditia tvK>" niore dirtnidt Juris. t^niiM)iM (ta 
tiiiKQli exwUiire qua«n<nti)t at qoiiUin aiiporiurera, qttMaai 





tv\ iMrcm nittinotv noD ponrnt. fcrnlibiu in(«r m odiia il»«- 
r-^ttwites, mpiiiis atqur iiiivniiJiB ro;;ioi>ps clnriMtniaa corra- 
pcnint, ct, hi ftrrliliMiniii oUm ])atnii, ferv ornne rotmr puiia 
■iMiiiniMuniDt. Aqolloiulu mo regio qaM in po4««tel«iii 
Daviil n-jiu Soottoram uqiM: ad flumen Tcsinm aaaenx, per 
•■jUMlimi rcgiK inilutlrinin in ^nce •gcbnt. 

Wtu. MAUfUB., /Kit. ^ov. iii. 43. A.O. 1141. Fcriu 
Bn-R[itU pMt uclsvu Paacliav conciliDin arciitepbcopl OMttuuiM 
Tbcob*Mi H omaituQ eptBcoponun jVuttliae niiilturvmquA al»- 
batun, \eiSfttii pnMidenlf, WintwiiM ioecDli agfpaniiii incvptuin. 
.... I)iK* die poat reciUta acHpta exnimitimn qiiiW-i altiMituan 
nwm t|ui<liuii tatali lant nwitotTit in pnncm Icgiitiu c)>ieeo|>o« 
haLuiiijaa cum «ia amnum oooailii Kui ; ]>oat mox abtwUa, poM- 
rwmii ardiidiacoDt wnvocati. Es oonsilio nihil procaant in 
Irtiblkum, TotatabaMr LanMin per iflnninm inaDt«a tt on qui<I 
fvrot a^BduBt. 

I 44. Ftrria tenia hoc fere seoni l<v&ti eucurrit oratlo; '. . . . 
Itii(|ii« <{iiin Dm4 jtnlicinm Suum de fratre meo «x«iTuit, nt ctun 
ID« iimiimte ill \iiUat»Um poUoUum inciderv penniltaret ; nc 
n^un VBcilli^ ai regnant* wrcat, omnm vos pro jnre Ifgatiooia 
ncae hoe oonvrnire invitan. VrcililaU rat iMuteruo dio caUM 
(ccTFtu eonni m^ori part« clef i Ai^lias, ad cujua jua potinumum 
■]ic<r>at jH-inciiiein eligere simulque ordinare. luvocuta ita<|ue 
(iriaio, ut |iBT wt, in auxiliotn DiviuilAU', filiam [mcifici regb, 
(^nrioti ivtra, divttiH rvfii*, buui n^it, tt noatro t«m|iore in- 
c(>m|>ara)iiti*, in Anxlino NoTnuinniiM.ijui: douiinam cligimnN, ct 
ci fiilam et manntenciucntum protnittimut.' 

( 45. Ciunine uuinra pniMvntca re) modualA acclamaMont 
Mmbdttiaa rd Hiloiitvx mm otmlmilixiwicDt, tuhjixit Irgutu^ 
' LondotiioDaM, qui luot ijaiwi cptiiniU**, pro tuflgnilndino civi- 
lalia, in An^i«, Baaciis uoatria ooovvnimiu, ot couducluin ut tHto 
vanJaM misimiw. aoaqne ooo6do non ultra InUKdieBninoraturoa; 
tiona venta uaqua eras Baatineannft.' 

{ 46. Peria qtiarta vencmnt Lundnniraata at in eonciliiUB 
tntnvlnolt, cauaam tmnm calenua cif^nt ut dicnnot dubkh aa a 
eomiiiunionp iiaain vocant Loiiiloninniin. noD ccrtamiua sed 
pnwra oSrxtv Ut dominua miot roK do captione liberarvlur. . , . 

I 47 Peria qiiinta aolutum eat conciliam excomintint- 

ottii ante multis ijui rc^fiurum «nu)t puitium. . . . 

Hiuu. Hlkti.soo. lih. viii. Anno docimo acptinM r«x Sto- 

t-tisntu lilium auujD FuaUidiium rrgic diiulfmate volvit inaigiiirv. 
'iMtuloD* ij^itor ab ardiicpiicopo OtntiiariaHi Tbeobaldo, 01 




cMUria tpiscopu quo* ibidrai con^cngaverat, ut eum (a rrgvin 
nngCRdt et beocdiatione ana ooBfirnurcnt. r^pulawn pwnia «M. 
Pa|« riqniilem Ulterla anit Anrbteplaoopu prohibuerat »» BUtuu 
ivgu ill n^gem aublinuireat, vi(lnlic«t quin res Stephunua regnum 
coDtrn jiiiijunnduni pracripaiiwc vidolMltir. 

Matt. Vxmo, Bin. Angl. (td. Wau), p. 86. A.D. 1 153. Jus- 
titia d« ca«]i> proapimnte el ditigoDtia Theobald! Canlaarieaaia 
amhieptacopi et epiaraponim rt^ui intervedente^ ns Aii);lorum 
Stephaoua «t dux Ni>nnuiinuruni Ueoricus, apud W'sliDKL-ford 
in tftlno toouunliuu uonvenurunt. Roi StephknnN ouiui boervcle 
vidti&ltiH pni«lcr aoluinniodo ducirm Hennram, reo(>gnDvtt in 
cmvonlu opwcopontm ot alionm rrg^ii optimntum, quod jus 
hnrradiUrium dux HanncuK in ivgiiiiin ADgli«e bab^L ; M 
dux benigoe eonoeaiic, ut Rox Stephanus tota v)t» nw, si veiled 
rt^um ptwifiee ponidecet. Ita tamea confinnata eat pax, quod 
i{ue rex ct epiaeopi luuc praeaenUa cum ceteris i>)>Umaubu« 
regni jurarent, qood dux post niorUtD regii, si ilium aup«r- 
viverct, rvuitum bum mnlndiotioDe oliqua obUnoret. Et oi 
itind pri>jibetii;uui Mcrlini attcaidatur, cjuimI ilidt, ' NoortHt 
poMldMiti ex impiis pidM. doueo atee genitore iiMluerit;* 
niaaifeslum eat ivgoin Slepbanum Henricom iuatituisae liae- 
radetn, qui'm noii genuit, dum i|>eum adoptarit in filtum et 
regni imrlicipem <4 postraodum auooeasorHn. In nftt qnoquo 
doccm et in duce onuet Teiiurabuntur reffsro. Rcgaliu (muuiih 
» proorrilnia uHurpata, rex in aim rvcipict. Poaaeaaium-a quau all 
invasoribna dircptu« cmnt, itd Icgitimot poaMMOTM, quoram 
fuerant regia Uairici tcntpon;, rorrrtentar. CaaUrlU odnlteniM 
<|iiM tempon regie a qoocunqne conatnicta sIdI. diraentur; 
'lunrum Bumena ad Diid«oi«a oentam et qniniltyini excrevit.* 
K«x coloBoe praedtia aaaigiiabit, anIiHcia combn^la rcDovabit, 
milebit paacua annmtii^ decAFabtt oviliua muniana. C3eri«tui 
delMlam tnuiquitUtatem ae habere gaud^-bit, pxacUonibtu tu- 
debitia nun gmvabitar. Vlcocomitnii in locia pimriiiur ountueliii, 
el iwrminrm rx tidiu ]icr»«i|U4!nlur ; n<iD gratifiailiiiiitiir anii«iit, 
DOB indulgcntiia crimiBB auUevabuat, niuni cnimii.- nx intogra 
reaerrabnot : tnetu poeBaram affideot nnroiitoa. Fum ct prac- 
doBea tcnebuniur in fnrca ct eeitteatia capilali. Mili«^ jiixta 
laUaio, gladioe convcrtmt in voiDerea, et Unccns in lij*oii«ii 
■ cBilria ad umtra, a teotoriie ad erjputeria redibunt, eUuBteat 

• PtmOAj lb* nnuhfr al ewil« maf h» tll'XV, m« IfCXV— bM Ifea 
•tute b tU iwUnc of U.n MSM. 

t B. d« VieMA. irbo ntalM Uiim mallen In noarir Hm mom >a«4*, hat 
Inr^'atontoriitadarpKMtanaailiviiriBai pIvHrniraroistiuatar,*!, qu*f 
iiMUatlbuaoparMinitUanuMidaiilaUniiH nw— ttala pa>»elwt.'«. }iB, 


Charter ^ LiitrUe*. 


kb nxcdltiit fnligiti. in <!(>mniuiii WtiUa rwpir»buiil. B«leva- 
liitur ruiliritiu otio iiiiio(«ii)i ctqiiiH*: ue)(i>tii>li>res eomnwr* 
riuin iliUiliil nJoWius ; ct {Mihlicn nionntn unii et Mden eric 
to rrgnii rx iirgont« p^rcasm. W«rtn igitur quM Mptcindeciu 
•nni* McvKnt, lioo flue qoierit. 

Tbs Fi&st Cbahter op Srepuex. 

TTiifl h proteUy tlw duLrttr iNititcd by Stcpkea at his ooroiut- 
U»D. Md ia of tin mMt rormul dcMnptioD, ifMcifTinfr noUung ; 
MOil aliliuuf;li of icmi itnpart had it tMcn tho ftcl of a Rtroag 
or mMtutvIjr just lorereiga, meaoing rerjr littl« nndcr tlur band 
of tow too vc«k to coforu it. 

STia>iUNt>a Dei gntia rex ADf-lontm. Jastitiia, VicecuiiiiU- 
W*. BBniiiiliaB et omnibus tnitustris et (ideJibus suia Fraocia at 
Atigliciii •dlutam. 

ekiatie ni« conocteiaae c< pracMmti <*rla m«« confimmsee oin- 
ni1}()8 Lwnibaa H homiiiihiu mcta do Anglin orama Ub«rtatea 
el bonaa leKVS cjuu Ucnrious rex ABgloriun amncaltis nMni* ei* 
(IvdU d ci'Docaail. et orauM bonaa Ugta et boons cuuuctudtiie* 
H» ctiDiYilii ignaa tutlxunint tempore Begis Edwardl 

Qom rota et firniiter pra««ipi<i qood lubauit at tancant 
••mnia Olaa bonu IcKm nl libt-rtatra M me et haeredibua nwis 
inai at ba«Ttd<M >iii litwrc quii-le cl plenane, et prahibeo ne quia 
na •iif«r hiii ir.nloFlUii) v«l iniprditUiCEittui), Tal diiBbntloiMm 
facial )'i[>fr funvfarturam mram. 

TnU VVillHlmoMart«lBpudLuiidonias.^Saaiuia«o/M«/fea^ 
— Chorion o/LiimHut, p. 4.) 

TuM 8iU)0SD CuAirm or finruBx. 

Thb dociicneat, wliich ia of a character far more ddUiite and 
aiote binding ifaan tli« priwedm);, wm iwued hj StepbeD at tbe 
Int great coiueil of bia rttign, at Ibe moment whm all partie* 
aa w pad to acrjulcaoa in hia aoecMJon. Hb rtibcarwil of lii* tilln 
ia tvnooM ai^l imp^'riant ; it is wortli wbik ttt compare it with 
thai uf U«nr7 1, but it neni oot Decetcanlj be inUqiratcd ae 




■liatring « coiuewnunm of wmIuiom. TIm [irnviaioa* on hMn) 
on tbooe of Henr/i cWter. Kottbcr of the ch&Hoi-s of Strfhcn 
vrill tw foond to agree with tko Koount given bjr IIcDrj' of 
HuatiugOun or Itifl promises to Uie peo|>le of ili« »bolilinn of 
D>De^(l, or lo the clergy of mUre fnedom of election. 

Carta SUpfiaiM Ragia dt Ubertatibat SectMiiu A nylUanm 
«t n^nf. 

Eff> Stejihaniu Dei gratia esMiMn clori «l popati in raf^ni 
Anfflonim uloclu*, el a Willalino OuituaricDsi arch(epi*copo et 
MutctJte RoaiMiae oeolawiw U^to coiiMcratug, «t ah jimouunliu 
MDCtae Kodi4DU aedla pontiflce oonfiniiauu, reMpectii et ■mi>r« 
Dm wncUm eorlcMain liuenUB mm cooomIo et deuilMU ravarm- 
liniii illi poiifiriBo. 

Nihil mo iu ctvlMJa rcl robtu eccknostiai* SimaniMc Ktumm 
vel ponDianirum cmo promitto. EcclonaKtIcitnim penoMmin 
«t omniuRi ckrieornm et rernni eonitn juRtilbai et potesUUn 
et (liMriliutiontrin bonoruin evflwiasiiuuniui In uuuiu q>(K>o- 
poram CMW )ierltil)«(i ei coiifimio. Dignilatet Mclcaiiirum ]fri- 
vU»gii» Mrum confiimatna, et conjnetuilinei nrum aiiliquu 
tcnoro iMbiUi, iDriDlut*! nuiixtre utiitao cl coiviinio, nuiiMW 
ecdMumm poantuiioncii ct totiui-nR (|uu die illn tinUiwruat 
<|ua WilletniiM rex nvna bmub fiiit miia et murtuns, sine mnui 
cidunmiauiium rwljimatione, eos liberas et Bl>ei>tiit«s earn uoo- 
Mdo. Si quid verxi de halntis vel poaewais ante niortctn ^u*- 
dent ytfp*, qnilnii modo careM eccletia, detncem TVjwi!«rit, In- 
dul){iintiiic et di^jicnKatioiii nic«e, vd mlitnend) rel disi'iiii<imli, 
rawrvo. QuMcuni]Ui- vm> jioet mifftom ipeiiM r^it liltcnjihtto 
ffgum vcl krfptioDo )iriiiri)Win, obUttOM vel compiirBttione, vd 
ifluilibet tntnumtitetiouo litleliani «ia collnla mint, confimo. 
Paceiii cl jiiitiiittia me in omnibus hctarum, et piii jkvm) mw> 
coD*ervftturum eia promitto. 

ForaiM quu Willulmna avtia meus el Willelmut ftVHiMulae 
muoit iiistituenint et bulwcniiit, inilil reaervo. OUru omnot 
i}iimii rox Henriou* niperaddidit ecoletiitf et rt)ino ifiiieUa nddn 
el ooiKvdo. 

Ki quis irpiwwpa* vel ulihM ve) aIIa (cdeiiastia pereonn Mile 
MKirteni >uiiiii i«tionaliilitiT mia distrilmerit vel dittrilmcada 
Dttttuerit, firmunt nunere conoedo. Si roro inorte |}ni«>rcupUus 
rntrit, pro Mitat« aniiuiut ejus en]esi*e coiiailio eulein &at d» 
Iriliilio. Diim r«ro aedu pniprili pMluribuii vnmu! fuerint. 


darter of tibtrllm. 


i|iNu rX eanm luMMssiooM oriiioti in innnu et cOBbxIin dertoo- 
nun ntl ]>r»U>nitii homibutn (JiimIodi ccciedM oocninitUm, dooM 
|M»lAr vMuioloe RiiatiUMtur. 

OiBDM «x«ctioiMa H injnsutttta et metciianinfcwi, cire pnr 
viervfiRiiUs ret p«r kIim <(uualU)et ibbIc iiMlaotM, ftUHUtuN 

BoMU Ics** rt uitiqujH at jii«U« oonancltidiiM*, in tnnnlris 
«l pkdtia et tXm cntuit, (ihsorvabo, et obMrvnri praecipio, «t 
cnutiuia. Hww omnia cuDCodo ot oonflmiu atlTa r^a et JWU 
4Ml«t« Ri«s. 

Tntlbu* W, CanluHiiensi nrchiopieoopo, et HUKOBe Rotho- 
HMKUuI wvbiepiacopo, e( HiiiHcu WinloDlemi epincnpo, et 
Il<>lj*'n) S«nd)iiieDii «piAcO|>a, et A. LincolnieiiHi episouiiu, tX 
Nt^^llu Klieaii epiocopo, et Evrudo Norwicvtwi epixcojMi, «l 
SitiKini; Wi^mi-niii eourapo, et Baroanlff «>iacopa ilc iSMicIa 
Osii'l. i:t Audomo BbroicMui opiieopo, ct tticttrdo Abfinoomi 
cpiaMipo, nt llobciTta llrrefordMiiii apuenpo, «t Johanne Koue- 
R«trrtivt fTpucopa, et Atlirinlfo CarlalvBfi episcopo ; M Itogern 
<aiMxillu-iu; et Deairioo nepote ifdia; «t Bi^WTla coinite Clloe- 
reUhae, et Wilteloto eonute <le WarenDft, et {UaDulfo conite 
Coatriar, et Ruliiirto comite ilu Warpwio ; et llolwrlo dc V«r, ct 
Mikme de Ooconirin, rt ItHnDtiD filio Comitif, et Roberto d« 
Omi. nHMtfMbBtia; ct Willdnio Martcl, ct llugone Kgot, M 
Hnnfridn dc Buhun, et Simoo* de Itoteamp, dapi/eiH ; vt Wil- 
lulmu de Albiiiuco. et Kadoae H«rt«l piaoernta ; et Roberto d« 
Ptrrvriia, et Willrliin) IVvewI de Ni>liu;,'eUaiTi ; et Sinone de 
8«intlb : ct WillvlRio do Albaioiirla, et Pa;jiiiio filio JiJiuula, et 
^Lunuiir de SiuMtu (JUru, Ct Ilberto de LmoM. 

A]>uil Oxrncforde, anno ab InatiTiAtioQe Domini M^C^- 
XXJ£»V1». »cd rp^i i»ri jinnio. — (Statttitt of lA^ R/atn— 
Chorum nflibr-rtif. p. 3. Witt. .Valme-*b.. Hi»t. Nov. i.) 


A.I>, ii54-i[69. 

AirabbUhop* of 0»atMbury, Tlioobklil, Il)9-lt4l ; ThoMM BmIwI, 
1101-1170^ Rktutri, 1174-11841 BaUwio. ||S$'1I90. 

Cbtof Jvuttooa. BotiMt,EulafLcl«ca(«r.iiJ4'lie7; fikktH <!• Luoy. 
IM4-III91 RaouUOIuiTll). iiS»-ti59. 

OfaMiMUon. TWnM BeckM. tiM'ii6); Ralph lU WusarlU*. iifj- 
iiSi 1 Gacftay. tba Ung"* MA. iiSi'iiS^. 

X HE retgD of Henry 11 wu lh« period ot oinulgiuuutiAn o( the 
En^kik aoil Normiui* no br ua conccmod tbcLr U^ and cod- 
•UlaMoRftl Btatus. All vostign of dtrtinetion beCwMn tlw two 
raceB before the law diMppmr, taiA aiUiougfa farther changM 
«ID requiral bofurv » p«rf««t union of (nlweat and Idea* i» roiu- 
plotvd hy n perfo<;l fuiioii ttt blood, tiuy mn now <m an eqaality, 
and tsrta the DomiomI distiiKtion ia rook in tfae ootnmoD natne 
of Eogltih. Ueorf luinMilf Mc«ii>dod tlie throiw wtUioat any 
dndow of opporilion to hts title, and free from anj oblij^atiom 
td Um foetlona wliicli IumI straggled for tbeir own enda iuid«- 
tlie pretence of supporting Stepluni aud Ifatild*. He wu 6tted 
far tlw [KMition of a narJooal auvvrcaga, not only by thin freedom 
from party connexion, but by th* tnuning of hia eaxlici' years, 
which bad been so cfaangfAd and twwltied as to prevent iiim, 
nlthounb be waa heir of Normandy and Ai^ou, and by hia mar- 
rugs tord of all the aantli-wcat of Prance^ from being roonldHl 
into lbs pm-alent type of any of the noes which he npreaeiited. 
He vtu not n NonnaR nor an Ani^ria nor a Pnitovin by policy 
any nxire tiiau by cbantdor, and came to EugtiuHl unfctlered 


Seign of Henry ft. 


prapnowMMtM Uint would nuke liim ant i- English. His 
fMNitioii ii) thi* m|N«t VM slt«ii|:tlie>i«l bjr tiM dcvetujiiiiciil 
of ki* pvntMtuI chiinu.-t«r. which, altltougli in tnntiy paiau exoep- 
(iuoabW, wbb eiiigukrly w«ll suited to the oondition and a^ of 
lb* BatiiM) Ui«t rec«ir«d hini. Ilia gmtl ngteity «tiabl«d hini 
' MO lb* tnw itit«rvat of EiijjUnd, aiid liis ability fiiF budncao 
\ kvp in bond tbu atringa of an intritsto poti«y without falltu^ 
tint aw*}- or nny rxiiniiitcr whoM dooigiu miKUl he man 
li]r luiiuiwl or [inrty inclinatiout tlian bin own ; «vw] 
Ui*t clMkn^hted aelfisbDea). which ttepl hint during tli« whole 
td bia Ufu free from oonipUcity iu tbe atniggl«* of foreitiu oa- 
llecM, and intent no tlic Kciirity and ea(npl«4«ae« of liia owii 
deounioo. waa a cbaracteristic whii^ brought much gnod to l\.f 
nrinufi aj^rit of Kngbind. His pulic}' waa to govero EnglaiMt 
1^ an luigli^ king, to utilise aiid tram all tb« eleni«nta of lifu 
I7 now offcanianlinn, and, b}- aaK-rting bis royal ri|{fa(ji and thuMt 
«f bis pwpk, to keep ihe feudal tyatou in ita proper aubunltua- 
tiua tn tbe natiooal int«r«tt«. 

nb rri^ (alia nuluraltjr iiilo four eporhf : the finit. ndcnd- 
iB([ from bis acccasion to bia quarrel witb Tbrnnut) Bcckct; tlw 
aMoud, from tbat point Co t]i« death of tb« Brcbbuhop ; the 
tbird. until ibe doutb of tli« ytiunger Utiuy in 1183; and tbo 
li, to bla owti ibwili in 1 189. 

fitat ten yeua uf tbe r«ign were aJngnlnrly bnppy and 
Hentj'a firat miniatttra were tbe m«n wlivao ex- 
bad accurod bis anrccMcion : Tlieobald, An^liliinbop of 
imry; Tliomas, tk« Oianccllor ; and tba Earl of Lciceater, 
supiMrt be had obtaiiwd whilst bo fan Duke of Nor- 
llBumlj'. Witii their co-operation be pmoMded at ouoe to oarry 
Ml tba plan uf roform dictiit«<d by the P«aoe of WnllluRf-ird, 
naOad tbe fiiaboi) of Ely to tbo Exchequer, uid rcnuned, aftnr 
.cgOMllation witli bt* asMmUed barona, the eitatea of tbe Crown, 
bad baas iilleaAt«d by Sleplien atid Matilda. He then 
Iha demolition of tlie ilWgal ca^tlvs wbicb bud been tlie 
bolda of baronial tyranny, and enlorced by arma tbe entire 
{if t)ii> few who. like Rttgvr of nioticniier. Itiii^i 
VViliiam of Aum&lc, and Ilugb Bigot, aitcm^od Lo 


Iltnry 11 

[part I 

Aernl Uiv mMsure. In all IhJs Ue wcnu to hav« actocl on iIm 
plan of Ilia gnuilffttbw, irliiMo iiwgiiificonce he rivMll«(] in hi* 
miurt. Mill wluiM- ciiatams he u well u bin HubjncUi, rvKanlir^ 
tbuni iliriHigh (bi: lia^ aUi)o«{ibprp of tiie inlom-niiig rtigii, 
look«d on mB tlio iileal of good goverunient. Tim war of tliU 
fljKwb \» tlMt of TuulouM. whidi ftSboU Englitti lilatorjr only 
M tlt« oocastou of Ui« greal Scutnge. Th* rMtiiration of iJm 
iiorllicrB countiM b/ tli« Soota, the rsforouitKiB of tlw ooiaiga^ 
iho careful securiug of th* title to the crown to bis irlilest M>n. 
and tli« foniifttion of ibe dteiim of Itbh ooaqocHt, Gil up die ti«« 
of Engliah tnuiMctioafl of tlw period. In dufiuh of more distinct 
und aUbunilc bistorr, iIir writing* of Jobn of SuliOtnry tnd 
llw Iott4'n of Gilbert Koliol aro tbo best warcM of iiidirmultoii 
for tlie lime. la tJ>em in con see bow mnny other influenoca. 
IwBidtH tli« break-np of feudal (Eowrnmcnt tbrxigtiout Rompn. 
wcrv at work towanh ihv iinprovotiM-ot i>f tociri/. Tbe revivnl 
stai)/ of llic Koman Uw wtiiub bad reuelied Oxford ta 8lei>lion's 
time, alihoiigb it uevcr bad tlw effect of RoniAaUinf; tbe Enfitbli 
uotiiinun law, bad, u an iuatrumeat of edncfttion, a grmt l)«nring 
on tli« vpfiMd of orderly and equitable idona of jnrwfmidrac* ; 
tbe npid f^wlb of the iinivcrBities of Paris and Oxfurd, ytlaiAt 
wore the outward ei|>r«B8ioD of the lif« of early acboladieiam, 
oondueed to the maintenaaoe iu tlw educated clan of an idnd of 
free gorerDDwnt, dnwn from aacieDt Greek and Boiaan hiitoi^, 
which, allbough oerer likely to be raolleed In detail, tended to 
tnalie tyranny anch as llial of 'WiJliain Rafoa [mpoMibh' ; and 
tlie reanlt of this wim tu f{ivc to tlie court of Hoory Ti during 
tlieae yean a ehow of reRiMinMttt as w«ll as of ntagDificoaee wlildi 
[■roniiii'd well for the fittare; All locfa omens wvra unfununalHy 
belird by ibe ixilbreak of the great (juarreL 

IL Wbatet-er may bare heen the ponitivr Inltnence of T^nmaa 
Bcckrt a* tbe kint^n ooofidaitt and chaoinllor — and llHire ia ^ 
nutbiiig to show tlint it was ever strong tnoOKli to eootrol or | 
guide tli« pnrpoaos of hie master — the removal of it, wbicti 
followed shortly alter his cooaecratton aa archbishop, coincitlM 
in time with the origin of Henry's Irjial refnnni. In the («dfr- 
aiaitical |iortbn of thoaa refDroia there b no raaaon to siippnao 


SktUi of tie Jieign. 


lb«t H«mrj WW actuated bj on/ DiotivM (if liowttlilj to llMtclcrg}', 
or orcB by ■ d««it« to incrvM* tli* rayttl power ; tlie aboaes 
■fputiat which tl>«7 were ftimed were gUring, and the mvchoniani 
iijr which tht7 niiKhl be Mrritd out wu K»ty, and likely to be 
aBadin. Tlw linoi en which tlie pngMit of mfnnn wan drnwu 
werv tlte ' aritae coimtietudiiite,' the attite of Church law whicli 
lud pninilcd under TTi'nry I, mul tlie miuittert by whom it 
•ma U\ bo carried out were men of imrc and rclifroiu chnnwtcr. 
Uai, nn the otiiei' baud, Ibcre were cerlaio dilfimttiee of detail 
OkUinl bjr the Jralunaie^ which bad alrwdy anwn betwevD die 
irr.bbialiofi and i1m> murt ; wad then wa» a ttroDg ptuly anuiipn 
the dtrfff, npeciull)' the inonartic body, wliidi waa coitKioiiB 
of iIm! grtat refortnattod bfgno by llildelmuid aod earrifd out 
\ij B. Benurd, Mid »aw in tlie futara n fiirthor improvanieiil, 
working in tlie Mune grooTe, aad not to be a« men like tiic 
kla^ and ncn Mch portinnB as John of Snliahury aaw, a re- 
■nltaal front other font* of pr<i|{KM bcaidee ibeir own. The 
ttro^Le with fiecket bad tbr wvrtt aflbet ou HMirj'ii (character, 
imkis); liim reckltas of relifpoiu and moral obligatioo, fierco 
ai^ irritable. But it did not entirely etot> bin deeif^oa for the 
nfurmation of the law. Allbnugb be ira* ubeent troni Ei^flvid 
dunfig the larf{vr pert of lite period, it i» marked cerlainly by 
the ex|>nnnon of the prorindAl judicstorc, in tbo nuBuon of 
{tiaerani juetien, and by the Amu of Clarendon. Poaiibly 
It witiirMol aevi-ml of tiie other refuroia, the effect of wliich 
w« ecxT in tbo work of Ranolf QIanvill, and wbi«h fonii a Hvy 
in coMtilntional ]>n>gr«ae the importitnco of wbicJi cannot be 
txagKeraKtl. Tim Becket ttrug^le ilMlf only indirectly afl*ect» 
the cunatitution, uid tbnt in wajii wbtcb belong cblrfiy to other 
|irlncjpli» now being worked out 

in. Tlie eoruMlloD of the younger ileiiry h Ibc link widch 
tnnorota the HDOWl and third epoche of iJie politiuti hiHtory 
of the reijja. It waa thr raont iinportaiil uf the Mriua of evcntii 
wbirJi led lu the arclibinbop'K ibsth, and aica of tboae wbii-h led 
ti> that milia|i|>y MraiigetnoDt between the kii<]; and hia miia 
in which iba age aaw Bwkel'i ilvnih av#ti|tcd. The deM)n> 
iif tceuriag liw nicceMiou of EngUnd fur liio family apponra to 


IJtary fl. 


hav« IimI In Henri's mind a grmtor im|>nrUncc ll»n ia meily 
rMllsed, seeiujK tlist |>rartt cully ll>crc was no conip«litw. It b 
|>ri>lMl>le tbat, like CVaute oiid WillinTii tin* Cniujueror, li« mw 
the bopdnnnM* of aU«iii|itiiig to found an cnipirv oo tbo uiilun 
of his t«Tritori<s, Mid IumI an ttvrly jmq)p<o of dividing tlieia. 
Th« |>roct(ce of ^curing hv tti? boir-Kiipaniiit the oonSnuatioit 
of bb titio hy th<> komai;« of the liOTOta was lutunl euuni^, 
nltlioagh Uie tSeet of it wiio, oa be had seen in hln own OMC; 
TOty micvrluiii. Tliin w«l^ Itoweror, vi-ry early negutiiklod, lutil 
both Ihc child Williuin aiid tlxr child Bcniy rcM-ivcd the 
recognilioB. Bat the history of Franco euggcstird a ttningcr 
and mStir expedient: in tlwt coiiintry. sin«« the a««wiou of ihe 
rrigninj; djruMlf, it liud l>(i.-i>ni« ■ rtietom for tlwt non to ho 
<TOWii«d before his father's dt^illi. in acciHrdanoe with many, and 
those calainit<.tu% prrt«denls in the Em|iira Kast and West. 
This plan was adopted hy Hriti-y 11 in the ««se uf hi* cidnt 
eunriving aoti : after ht'tax couteni|)lnt«d for winHt yuan, it ww 
uflTri«d ont and«r the mont unfortiuMtc drcumrtanvM, and hwl 
IIm most mifortunutc raralti^ The young hing beoane a cculm 
of disafGHtion among llw barotis whom Uie great quan^l he- 
twem his Cither aiid the arehbisboit LmI unactlled aivd roused 
to SB aUcinpt to ngain Ihoir power : he himself fouiwl lliat his 
coronation invokod the Imnlinit without th« ^wcrs or ple«- 
snits of TOflltiy, and was imahte to «« in bin fatlKiKa deei)tn of 
so|iBrating hit eatatee, the roost «ertsiit pledge of b secure till* 
to tho English kiiigdoni and a happy reijn>. 

Under t1i« mnligimiit itifluvnco of Elranor aad I.ewu VII,' 
Ihe son^ rose against the tiohfr, the pvM <-arIii whoM torrittines 
cuvrred the middle of Eu^'laiul took adrsitlago of th« distrsetion, 
aud the Seots moTed d»wu upon the nurtlt. Beniys gnat 
ability wm (4t*lced to tlui ulmiwt, but tbe Kngliafa |>rnpl<i itood 
by him, and bo wiw vict^iriuus ; tli« iiorthern people aiul barons, 
with the single exception of Ibo Uowbrayi, were fiuthfnl, and 
hy them tbe Scottish tnvasiun was repelled ; Ibe reMlioo of tbo 
midland earls collspaed at tbe appesrauoe of the king, and lbs 
towns rroHvod him aa a dolivcver. The eontinental stntggts 
uutlsslsd ths English one but a short timo ; Ihc undutifnl nons 





MlimltlPiI, ukJ Hmry jiereoiikilj- «-•» tlnm)^ tliuii onr. Bui 
km diantcUr uptiu i\(v\timi, (lie cliil^livii tur wlKim he luw bwii 
«i>H(!d){ ti'niain uniliitifiil, Ms wife U a pnsoiier, aud liia awu 
Icrr •aillf i:liuig«c) rmm iu tirat f>rciniiitu. Nolniiliniaiyliug tlti>, 
kp Inljonrad hinl for EiikIuimI, aiul all«r Iba MilMDisiuaD of titr. 
nbcU look tneHUroa of Ui« moat ^^TmIivv Hoit, ounetmctive 
ntfaer Uwn deatnictivi*, for Mcurity agiunirt a rcMtioo. It b to 
tLb poriod tltat tlif Amixc of NuriliniiiptaD and the oompleiion 
»( Uw ot:gaDtHUi<Mi of borh Um Cum Htsw kimI tli* Uinemnt 
trilxiiiala belong ; U w«tl as tbi.- Aisixv of Arm*, kotl othor minor 
but at^ifteanl reftirma, wliidi uurv tbvtr ori^imitioa pvrbaps Ui 
iba ^rau jnBliiwr Bmiulf Otunvill. Tlic ilrath of t1i« jroung 
ltiDf(. whom liin &Uicr Wl dctit n^iircd attcmpttii]; to draw tu 
' kw udfl by liic gift of u much power as oontd be ufrlj- in' 
truatcd to litni, but wbo li*d never stopped in Lli oonite vt 
imebeiy '"^ iDgntitu<Le, oIomb tbis e^'cniful epoch. 

IV. The rcRiaiuiiig >-«n of the nigu wen oocupi«il witli the 
Kcidrntal reealta of the rvoaU tbut liad gOM before: ibero were 
• frw nfoms at boOM, such as the Aaaiie of the Kore*!, and 
there went eonei(l«mb]e prepMntiona for a cnuadc, hot the 
<blef work wm the niaiut«a»nco of pMoe b Fnui«e againEt the 
W BblnetioM of Philip, iumI against ttie robcUion of the re- 
maining cbildrMi of I-3canor. By this laet th« king's jiower and 
prasli^ in Europe were serioual; impaired and his lieut broken. 


Will. Nkwb. li. c- i. Anno a ]wrtu Virsniis UCUV, 
Hfurlcu* Hi-iiriei majona ex filiii olim iniporatnoe nspca, poat 
ii»>rt<ini ngia Stcpbaiii a Normuiniii in Angliam Traieni^ hiCero- 
ditarimii rvgnoin suacopit, couoLunntut ab •.inmibus ; c4 eon- 
•pcnlns tnjnitiea nnctione in rogMn, concreiMuitibus per Augliam 
Uirbi». Viral Sex. I*noria qoippe t*gtn, snb <]uo tot nwU 
pnllutavCTmnt, inlelicilatein esperti, d« novo (nincipe mcliora 
■(■rrabanU praMcniiu ciuo prsecUni illi pnidrntia atqiMi oon- 
Dtantin cqm eelo Juvtitiae iiHBw: t Hlvrcnlur, vt tnogni prinripis 
jani in fpaie snis primuTdiin pnicfrrrH iniagim-ni, Ditui4)ii« 
<^irti> pravc«|iil ut illi (|ui n gt'Dtihiii rxt^^s in Angliam sub 
ngr StrpWoD praudunini gralin tanijunn) od mililawluBi con- 


Btnry U. 


fluxemnt, et inaxime FI>di1itom«, iiixiniiii ma^u luno An^)Un 
iDcnbntwl inulliludo, progffiis it^'ionibus iwkle»ii<tir, Malcm eti 
<li«i» conHtilueiu, qu«iD in Auglia suUiuera <«rll fcn^t discri- 
minii- Quo edido pftvrfftdi, tU in tircvi dilnpet »iiiit ul (iiinsi 
phuitaraiita in nomeoW dt^MmuMe riderentur. »iu[MiutilitiH 
liiurimU quomodo rapcnte mrwiuiaMiit. Mox (»«t"ll» irnvn i^inin 
in ilii^huo *Ti aiii iir<|uiuiium nxs^ilt-rnDt, cami'tuiMri [iraiN'i'jill, 
prarter [mtu-n In lociv oppurluciiii «t« l)u■■^vd \\mk rctiiionj vrl a 
|Hidfic)B ad rr^i muiiimno rrttDori voluit. I'libtioar quoqna 
•liKcipliiiue in primi^ H'>Ili<riludinoRi habuit ; et iit l(),iiiii vigor in 
Ati);liii rrviviai-eret qui «ub Va-^- Slepliaoo cxtiix'tiis sepulttia- 
qm? viiliibutur, cum pri>p*iisii>re taU-gil. Ordiiutisque in cuucti* 
rvgni finiliu* juris el I<tnim iniuititris qui vrl imprulionim aiula- 
ciain (xwrccrvnt, rcl iiiU'riwIUnlibun MNmiMlum cuiwumin ntoriln 
Jiuliliam nliil>cr«nt, tpm: vd in dcticiix rrat, rrl iiu^oribui 
Degutiia rrgiun i>)>«rnra impriMldivt. Quoiint aattin jiidicibni 
tuMliua indigniusvc ugimtibii!!. ptovinctalium qumin(>itiiii piiliw- 
Imtur, provtsionis regiae renteiliiiin' wlhilMbat : illonim (-<iii>|n<- 
triiter M)rri){ieiis t*\ negligent i*fn vet exoewuni. Talia novi 
lUincipiN iiiilin fuere, graltiluiitlbui quidsm et laodautihut 
Mcilidii, muMiitMitibui vera et oontnmiscentiliui improliw, 
rti]jneljnnt lupi ra|)(Mxi* vol luutabuinttir in ervw; ant,*! non rerc 
inuliilMiitur. inotii tsmeai l<giiii> imixxii cum ovibm morabniintr. 
CoiiUnbnntur gUilii in voineres et laDOBM in fnlces, nnllu-qui' Jhiu 
«x«rivlMlur ad praeliuni, MdanUHSolimoptatacet nunu !><«■ pru- 
pitio iiidulbw pacia, tcI favebnntor otiis vd int«iid«baDl Migodia 

C. •■ ConaideraDi aiiliim itjc, qnod reftii rcilditti.i brcvM cnenti 
qui ftvito temporr abvr*» fuemnt, eo quwl r<'gia duiiiini<« |>er IDvl- 
litiMB rtgiti S1<-pluiiii a<l ulitw miiUoHiiK^ dominiNi iiia)i>ri » paiti! 
ininraiiTir. prnecrpit c* euni onini iiilegritati- a <|iiit)uacntiqar 
dcteuloribos rcHgnari, et in jus elstumquo priatiniiia ravocari, 

A.D. 1 154. CtfitrAft. 0. 1377. Id Kativitnle Domini teniiit 
rt^ eariani mnro apud Btrmnnndeauiiun. nlii ouui priikdpibiu 
Buia d« tiatu rnpii rt pnce i^Fomuinil* tmcljini, propiwuil animo 
alionigcDas genu* ile rrgno propcllere et tnunitiuneutiu |Mudmai 
per lolani Anglian solo tenua diiMipftra. 

A.D. ii&S- fij^B. DB MosTB. Bex H«nricQB oocpit monre 
In JuK propriiini urbes, mtella. vilUB, qtiM ad oomnam regHi 
prrliiMtUni. vantelU nuvlter fiuia deatruendu, et «xpel)endi> lie 
rrgiui nuxinio FliiiMlmiaeti. el dejioneudo quotdam imatpnnriiM) 
nt pMrntloci'iuiien qniliUH rox KlepKanos otiiiiU pvnn ad flomin 
penii;«B(iB Diimw unulv diiririlravnit. 





Cswm. DB BSLLA. p. 7*. (MmM Mattio) -, tcnait gmnnk 
WHwiliuEn Mfiad I>tii<liiiiiAin et nittivarit pkccoi «t logM vl ooo- 
■ftoiliiiiM t>cr Aii)(luiii uli ftDtiqut* lomporibiu «»uititutu. 

A D 1 159. Rob. dm Uokts. B«x fgttar HeurkuB, ilnru* 
tioaero pracdictAn «t coBBi<leniu« loagitudiuciB el diffi- 
viM, nowM vexara aifnknuii militct mx Imr^iiteiu ■!(< 
nwUcgtwiii mnltjtti<tinpm, wumptU Ix. iioliili* Aadrfn>*<n>«bu> In 
KomMnnU ilc fRUiln uniuKuj tuque loricnc, et dc mliiiiiu oiDiu> 
boa tam in NonnuimU qniuo in Anglin, iiivo ctinm aliii torris 
nfa^ MCBDiiain lioc qood d nram full. capitaiM b«iraoeB tntm 
pMicu wcom daiul, Mlidarios rero militn iDiium«Toa. 

nRKTU. o> 138 1. Hoc anno rex IfeuHouii Bcolngiam Bivit 
■mitni^tini du Aii|,-)u ucc>;pit, cujuE sunitiiH fiiit centum raUllft «l 
qoAter Ttfrinlj milliii Uhnu-um «rg«*itl. 

A. n. 1 163. I!al>. i'K I)i(jiito, c. 536. Miiloolmuii rox Scol- 
tmDi, llmuD Aufilratiuni jiriiicTp* \Valoni>iiiin. AudonniM Aqni- 
IdiMrium, et iiiiiqiip ninjxKa do C^mbna. ftorrant boouigiuRi re^'i 
Anglorum et ilcuricu ^lio buo kalcndis Jubi npud Wdeslolcc 

V. S. Tiioiuil. attet, Okim. pp. 3i, is. Comm<irant« ngo in 
[mnl!(> mil) npu'l Wodortukc. pntrnt^ali' ArrliirjiiiHyipo ct prilnw 
pattW. iolcT alia morctar quMctio do cwifactudino <[uadani qoae 
m Aiiglia teiii<lHitur. IMbantur do hida bini eoJidi ntiiiistiu 
fcgtt qtii nccAjmitniD loco ootuitatua MfralMnt. quos loluit rex 
coBMiibero flsoo et rfditibna propciis Maocttra. Oul ardiicpi- 
acnjMia in fadem twtiUt, dic«nt doh debcra tot exigi pro ndi* 
ttbua, ' Dtfc pro rcditd,' inquit, ' dabiuiua eoi, dtu&iiM rex, aalw 
bannilacito Twtru ; a«d ai digiw BDUa aervieruit vioeMiiutaa, «l 
affftuntea v«l minutri proruMMrum, at buroiiM* noatroa inuiu- 
luaanBt, nacjiiMBaip cia daerimua b auxiliuin.' Hex BUteni 
Mgra hrw* ucnimiaeopi rcapooaioaani, 'I'cr ocuUi* Dai' ail 
'd*baatnr pro r«diu. «t in acrifitura ra^ acriboBtar; nee 
dignaai eal at nmtradicaa, cam nemo taea contra volBBiatem 
taan gnwe vchL' PraariilaBa arcbiepiaoapua «t ptMoaveBs 
n« p«r ipaina iMtientaam conaaetwk) inuueentur nnde poeteri 
(rrafarantar, ' ptr r«T«r«ntiaiB oculonun (juoa juriUi, douune uii 
m. noo diahanUir da tola tan n(% «t d« Jun eedeaia« no uniu* 
(laklcai denarioa.' 

OnvAB. 0. 1 384 [Uroaa Oetobri]. Oi»i<roaAiB epito«>pia a^d 
Wcatnooattaiuni nmtil cam arcbiApiMwpo, d« crinwoaia elmeu 
eeotiB oBDoaam UbeitBlccn male tnctaadia, aeqiw in vaapamn 
< pattimdor eat pratrutnib 


IlevrS n. 


A.D. iifi^. Rad. D8 Dicktd, c. 536. Ex momUto ivfti* 
eODcurrviilibua efitBcopH et prooerilMU n|>ad CSumduiM', VIII. 
kahimUe Febnurii pwt imiDetwoa lract«lut rex tandem ad hoc 
WUmM pcaelAhinuii toBexil, ut tvgia rooauctudiiiM vehiepiaco- 
porum et epticoponim MiMoriute finnoreMur et Mri|iu«. . . . 

Apu'l Nurtiumtanuii III. iduM OcttibrU: ooDTeatmnt UIim ^> 
Neopi, conitM, bwociM totiu* rtgni ntanilHU) ng!a iu|p!tite. (Oienea 
qui dt ngt teunot in c*^t«. Guiu, r. & TftoimM, p. 39.) 

W. F. Stbpb., V. S. Tkamat. p. 7to. Et nliam diem . . . tex 
. . . praellxil, ItUeria aaia ad *i<wct>iiut«m Cautice d« aivbiepi- 
Kopo cituido «muaU , . . u«c aliiua per litwnu aiUi dircctaft 
wIemDC-m et priiuatn, ut autiqui ruoris ernt, habuemt ardit- 
epUcupus ad coiiciliuDi ciUttionuo. 

A.D. 1170. Bx»KD. Abb. L 4. Poracta igUnr aoUcmiiitate 
Paaclutli, perT«zit ioAe LundonisA, et ibi ms^um ceUbravit con- 
dliuni Ae coronatioue Ueurici fllti tnii iiiaJoHs, et de siatutii 
regui ui, «t Uiid«m depueuU fere onuwe rioKomiue Anglinr et 
bdUivoa Minim, pro «o quod male inetaTeraDt lioinioea ra^pi foi. 

A.D. 1176. Bed. Abb. i. 107. . . . C^rea tt-afam Coavenionii 
Sanoti Pauli, venit domiuus rex laqtw Noi-kaativniaui, et mac- 
Dum ibi eelebnrit coociliuin d« stalDtia regal tiai, mnun ^■ 
•copia et Oiinitilius tH hknwibiu temc KUao, et coraiii eit per 
eonailium r>-gia Henni:i Hlii tiui, et per caiMlliuni conutiuii at 
banioiiiB ct nulilnm ct borointini •uorom, liaac raliacripUm 
aauMoa feat, at mbi U:nm |iraccq>it ; Kili<^ quod regoum 
Riiim diviait in Bex partw per quarum eiiigvlaa tree JmUtiM 
oooHtituit. . . . 

ill. p 116. (Lf^mii ngiK Siciltae) . . . tnvriito domino rege 
a|tud LtuidiiuiM ]icli«nuit ali to Juliannain filuuit tuam doburi 
in uxfirem domino nuo Willelmo rt^ Siciliae:. Ipae rero ooB- 
Kivtprtti) in nrho Lnndoninnna archipracmilibiu «t upitcopia ct 
oomiUbua et aapientioribaB regni lui, coniulait eon quid tau 
magni regis Dundta rwpondvret. Et attepio ab cu connlio misit 
eoa Wlutoiiiam ut praebtam puelUm vidvreot, n eiia plaoeret. 

A.D.1177. lb. pp. 143-iSi. (Menae Murllo.) Kl cum dominna 
rex HUiluni't istud cnim)(raphum (ae. n^nm Caatvlliie el Natamie) 
et uiincionim titriaiH|iir t«g\» ollegatiuMa liino inde audiuet ct 
Intellrxtauit, pneccpit eU wnnt vjiiaMipi'^ oiiniitilNia et Iwronilxia 
Miia, nl oniiii oooaaioiM reinola, Mwnt nd ruin nptid Ixiuiluiiiaa 
[lomiaioa pruxlma aeqnenll, rtvrjituri ilitilfm jiitlicium auum. . . . 
lltiduiii ad euni TcuentiiL Ricut iiiiuidavomt [utituiia fere epiaoopj 
ngui]. V>tienuU ntiam illuo tot alibaua, tut deauii, tut arehi- 




dupooi qoot nib nsntero non uadeltAot : vmmint Hum JIluc 
wBiitM ct Imtoiks nfni quuram non est Dumtniii. . . . Tuttc 
an-liMtt>iMw«>M CkuitnanniMB et «pitsco)ti AngliM qui adpraot et 
gcimitc* et buvnes ngtu plenariam utriqtio pnrti na|irailtctoruiu 
i|iiM in jure petit* ennt fieri rcntittilioiiciu wtjiulic&venuit. 

Ik |> 160. (Mciiae Hjiio) , , tnnsUjlit bc rex usque Wind**- 
lioTeroa et R<j^tru( Bbonccnsin uvfaiepiseofius et pnenomt- 
nati (^it'opi cum to, Vwienint nutem ibi m1 «ini ten omnn 
cumito et buvDCs et mtlitee ivgiii, piurati eiguij et umiii nd 
nnilum quo nx pr*ecii>er«t. Cuuique ibi<lcm <liu de pww ot 
•tabilitAte rcKiti tnutasaeat, per oousilium epiacopnnim et comi- 
tam et beronun anontm reawvit eustodra cMielloTum An^-liae. 
et trwlidii e» ul cuaiodlenilDiD cnilittbue qui erant d« privota 

A.D. 117S, But. An: i. 207. Itaquc dorainux rex momm 
bctens in Anglia quuairit de JuMitii* quoa in Antflin oonatitn- 
enl, ei betw et modate Incfftverunt bnminM rrifni ; et cum 
dkliciseet anod terr* et buiutuee t«rrK nimi* gnivnti raeeiit ex 
tBirt* Jnititianim nmltitudiiie, quia actodecim eivnt tinmero ; 
f" iiim Hujiii-nliuni rrgni »tii quinqne tuiloin elc^t, dtioi 

«. -ifoe et tree Uicoe, et eraul umuea ilu j)nTat& fainiliiL 

Ml*. Kt Btatiiit quod illi quinque awlirent omiKa clamorw 
ngnt, et roetum fu>:«rent, et quod a curia rvgk noD rrcr^htrcnt, 
■pl iU ad BudiiMiduni elunores bomiiium rcmaBrrrnt ; ita ut si 
ftUqna quaeetio iiiter eoa veiiirct, quae per coa a<l Sdoed du<i 
tw>B powat, awlitui rr^o pmraeDtoretur, et sicut «i et eapien* 
tiaribu* n^pi plaocrel (cnoiiurctDr. 

A.D. 1179. Bcic. Abb. L 238. Tano rex onnjiregali* epi. 
Hti|iii tt oontilibua et proceribm reicni ajiud WindcsnviTo, 
I mm IBI I 111 corum ouusilio, ooimn ret^e filio nuu, diriait in quataor 
partM Angtiatn et tuutoiqae parti pracfucit Tiros Mpientea de 
ngnn; et pMtea mirit eo« per part<« ragni cic aangDBtaa, nt 
Jntitiitn ezerccreot iii populo. 

R oa Diovro, o. fioS' Hex pater Ai)frIoium bis plurimum 
qnnrri^* predeeae qui niioimum poMunt, vicix-omiti-ii publici* 
fi I'' et mtiuciNiui invoIntOB cootmodU pn^ii* invi^- 

L < nit. Quftre ilu commuai vlute mai^ et magit aol- 

III : I . . I til in loci* jari'dictioDM alii* Rdelibaa euia in regno 
c<Hiiii- r ut cojniitui' per tirovinoins puMicae potestatis iid- 
TOitiu terrnrvm incatenrt ddioqaeotibua ; fiactlia suppriiuHntM. 
B( gnaa prilidpia Uederent majoetatein, rettiain imlitrrialiciiiein 
(aCT U tw n t ; (cranim otibilia lesKnuita auiiibaa iiiotinuiictv, ve) 
omle'B rvpriment ve) tttrcer.LlIa cuatodia niacctaret diuliiu; 

K 9 


an Tin p«r>- 
ififf pasmtar, {inxliEaraa 
■pvlwoai trntmUoae 
WHirM locorem vigor 
tBtubctio Btklumla 
Uanto cnrncalD, nx Jn- 
•adioi, Dt ATctiuB autxlitb 
onfiotsm. In v&riia nunqnc 
nUidtiDt invMllpuia, qtMm 
bHBUBim miltu reqaireb»(, et 
rBHTwrtHf. circa penotua malahilc* 
, I KBt»«it •nileiiUaiD. Qtutntun 
quBPilM pwiiwnim relenvcfit, qaaa- 
bM» (Wtitenl pouulioribua at ^vtn 
k aofik nkuiUi oftfirMKUim. Nan 
noAh cipitaMot modot dontMticM notlo; 
mam aad&mlk at aiamiiiawlia pnu- 
_,_ mm lot fiilakt anoa cowlidoiiiliu tam 
paWbia otUttattbiH pnafcOfMl,. bk alieq)iia 
_> MliiiMhm. isffnigwm alml ooiRma^a pri- 
aam. mw^BM, oaalim wnA «d oMlna, ei d* 
MB at mbquid ncittuuia » waicatiliiia, aie btMni- 
-wrani, at boaiuM ab luaiBva gatanUtate 
ijctYvnt iuii-r tioiiutm ■wiwimiainhiilaa 
- -iktwreut, aliiiiiid Fraunnt, ahipml anil^niK 
Tm— — '"* iyiuir onutibw ijaaa mntafatlilkti 
da Cadli. rex ai) laa cto iiaat lU nennwi^ 
E|y«nMa, NonriocuKB r p i w paa aw m i wtf - 
! <•€!)• in locii, «a Ckma lai H i ra lt 
i[i»M loDge priua m aaiiifa f '^mm 
tvrvriti ftwrtoipfaU " ''" " " " 
Oraalnmn, Jodinm < 

t rai W B B tBr aUcntiat at MihMw^ « aaa a4 
mm liiMnirir rd ail duxu-ran. «■» 
OMB, MO caiisatD dhritii ob «a^ 
aiMMvnt. Ilaqu« >i » oaoolaa saMiv* 
iMtiiuU j>niiM<ii]i» tBiuM.'«ma4 M A 
- , tr^'i* iiisUotiaai, i»ip« ^^^tta^ 

!Vo [darobiU*. plwwt 

MltekaBdaw, rif^n 

. tnXenoQ oanUtib 
Mt tit ad K<vt« 

4,„4MBe eotatnOm mm m |w« 




liariuin, qiunt ali eccleria B«bwd>, (joub ftb Aiiulmo, Riululfob 
Willdbao CuilaBrietuilbas irdiie|)ueopi>, jttsU tcmptmiin mc- 
eeMJoneai cum obcdinntiM rirluto irihi fuerit boc odus im[HMi- 
tun. Al' npJATOpuiiciturNDpnKliotiaetftconjiKlidhasooiranilriD 
qaimli* |iii(itin mcdiBnta doc»i«, rtMrvHtis quilioMiaiD ad prin- 
ciltia ■adirtilUtn, ngi ratio rcdditar adiDiniitntionis, VI. kalcn- 
lUi SeptcmWia, ajxi'l WrftinoDBsteritiiD. . . . Ontta catfkadi 
boc Biiiui tetmias potMtaUe in earn trrga dulxlitou oflMtionem 
fatdttxh, tit singulis ijaereiM halxmttbus tan in foro cirili (|ium 
■wlwisMteo aacta oonsldantMMW procpectnin e«c nnti duMtes. 
Eo nanuina deounum cat, nl in oomiliis iiKiit anprsdixiiDlu nge 
procunuita pnMMidc«at pnnulcs rtdiacoptntionibus quacstioaom 
feraMinm -qaaa aaagniaia poensm non inrogant, sadicDtiam suam 
MOOtUDodcDt. Binaaa m oannatorinoi Brcfaie|ibcopi Caatua- 
Aada, A veritaa \\\a comes ftunt» mun aniini trauqulllitate 
t»tes secorua acoedtrc pro merito causae culeulaot rtportttturns. 
Ke md nquiili-m u.-iMonorai, quua in duidia eonsJliii et litiUiit 
diriotcodta kabet aniduu*, a rin vrrttatia exurbitoDt, «< in 
pMoniac corraptelani partium atodia liii^ntinm nnivom nr^tii 
•pern nnh-fnam roponaDt, cur et quando lembilea in nwdium 
proponi Bcrifituraii oivititcr intn^ductum ut nuooritcr tcnnenint. 
NamomnMcomtnUDi »poMion« devincd tactttsaeroMBctiacvan- 
^eliis public« jurarcruiit, iveiniDe dderento, ae conaerratitras in 
wMtanun modi* onmibaH inH manua iiumaiwt n monarfl. 
mnisit illud idmn arcbicpiseopoi in rorbo rcritalis apod 

A.D. ti8o. Bb». Abb. i. 143. Henrimu t«x AnffUM FmuI 
In Anictia Doram munetam fi«ri, et pnmqtit quud a f«ito Saocti 
Ifartiui nun capeiMur alia munf ta in Au^lia qiiam ilia nova : vetas 
■una^mt moocta ootruptA fiiit, ct rex moitctarioa aiuM rcdcmit, id 
sM, M redcmptiancm cm-git. 

A.D. iiSi. Hxx. Abk. i. 37S. Bex ABglia« frciL . . . aMJaain 
dc armb habpodi* in Anglia. 

AD. 1184. Beh. Abb. i. 311. lottnai papa Lactoa misit 
nondua anua ad n-gcm AngliiKi poatutans ab 00 et ab clericatn 
Anglias BaxtUum atl d«r(Tiuii..iinm patriraonii Bealj Petri contra 
BoaaiKW. R«x wro in Angliam misit nancntm nnun ad npi- 
Mnpoa Anglian nt per eoniin Mosiltum providcntiu* rcniutidRret 
imndiB doniini papa*. IIU raro <MM)|gng:atI LundoniK coram 
Banulfii lie GIniivil, justiliario ngii, de mminuui conun coniilio 
muii.LM'nmt dumino regi, quad in oooaurttidiacai verti p«aaet 
■•I litum ngni «i pmnittcrnt nnndoa domiai papa« in 

A-»...~>. ■ubirv ad eolkclain fackodam; «tideod« •urum oun* 


Henry U. 


uJto enU. xA domlnns rex weafldim v6hi&lAt«m bduh ft bono- 
r«in, HUxiUuin [nri-n-t iluinino pajMM. Dtci-lMUit eiiim qnod 
U>1«n(liitiui BMtt et pliu <?iB [i)ao>n;t, quod doniauB r«X do eis 
ucipenl Hi vdkt ri^ooin|icn»utioDem »uxilu qnod ipM faeemt 
domino \m\iiio. Quoram consitin (lominu* rex sdqaierit. 

It. p. 33}. £od«ra mii&D poet oIhUiri Thonutc filii Bmunlt, 
ifiri, |)08t dbircaeum Alani d* Novil, fnic mngistcr f»rMt»riti» «t 
jiulibsriae per hiUm Angfiani, dominua rex dirisit foivsUs euu 
in AuRfli* in pturm partea et iuic-ui<iu« p^rti pncfocit qiistuor 
juslittftriua, sciliMt diuM oleriocu el duos milite^ : ut constiUiit 
in lUMqunqne parte duos M:rvi«iile« du domo et fiuniU& ip^insi 
COKlodt* vMwtiniii* «t viridin iniper omnoi (amAtavM alios tam 
n^ qtiam btrooiiiD «t militum ; ct pnxUM fecit pmnilictoi jai- 
tttiaricw <4 MTvienU* junn^ tacti* McroKueiia evuigdtis, quod 
. . . nsMMs de fortata sorvarvnU 

A.D. 1188, Bex. Abb il 13. Bex connlio fidelittm siiomni 
ele^pt uterioo« ct tatuia dn (|uurum prudenlta coofidebul, et inisil 
ew per siuguloa coinitnluii od docimoM oolLigundu aeouodatn 
prai.'dictiun |)ni«ordiiislii)ueiii in t«iTUi Van tn&HBUiriDb eoniti- 
tutain. Sed de singulis urbibiis toliua Angliae fecit cligero 
umnw dilioroB, scilicet de Luuduata cc. et de Eboraoi> 6 ot dt 
•liia nrbibuB c«ciinduin numenun «i qiutotit«t«m earum. et fecit 
omnea »ibi pra«a«ut«ri diebiui et loci* aUtulis. De quibus ocptt 
dedmam redditnum et mi))>tliuin nHiruni iiecuadum aeatina- 
tioncin rironim (Ktelinm qui rrdditii* ct mobilia eoruis noverant. 
Si i)uoa >ul«ni invcniMCt rcbcltcs HtKtim fecit vim tDcarvenui et 
in vinrtilid tcn«ri donee ultimum qtui'irsttirm penolvcrent 
Similiirr fecit do Jndaeis terrM bub«, onde iuaMtimabtloa aiU 
odqniitivit pecuniwk 

OiiAKTSK or LTBiKnm intiRO st IbwftT IL 

Thia cluirter of Hcniy II, wlitch, like IIm liiniUr one 
Stephen, waa iaauod probaldy at tlie corannlion, ta linijdjr n 
ooidinnittiun of that of his gratidfather, but would nBiuimlljr 
bo ciHMtniMl to covrr any rcfoniM curied ont on tlie principli« 
•et foftli ill tlut cliarter. aucb aa tlia fixity; a rMMnolile »utii for 
relieb, uul ll>o admin iM ration of justice in Uio country at \w\gi 
tJiraugh riiiutioDa of the (>iria B«f[ii. Tlie meaning of oaK- 
ttutudo, like oar word etMtm, rauirt ofira be understood witfa 
referonoe to pcmuiiarjr exactiunm aiiwctalljr wIi«d qnalifird by the 


CMttitatwiu «/" ClaremtoH. 


voni malar. Ricliard d« Lucl, wbo bM«iU Ui« obirter, b Vbt 
On»t Jiuiiciw, BDil tlw foel Ifant it ia alttttod hy him piMnto to 
Uia date ut tiM ohartcr u b«ing prgbabljr oarlier llaau tiM ap- 
poiattneat of TIwibm u Chuiccllor. 

Carta R4giM fftmriei Secititdi. 

BJtXXiroa Del gratia Bex An^Uc, dnx Nonnnnniu et Atiiii- 
tonalnp, et ci>>um Aja>)e^nvi«e, omnihus oomitilnis, bftronibiu ot 
flrf>fliliu» Hila FniKia «t An;,'lioi8 salDtom. Sciatia m« ad liono- 
Rtn Dei ct aanctae ecdcMiao #1 pro coinmaoi ememlatioue ttiUU 
ngni na^ eoocoMiicM.' tt rcddidi^M et {iraeaentt catta luea cott- 
finnaaaa Dm et MnclB« e«il«eiM et intuiibu comitibaa ei 
baruDibui ct otanibui bominilxu meia ohum ooncoialoDedi et 
donalioriea M libcrtstM et liberal coomieltiiliDea quai rex 
Kcnrictia stih mena eis <]«<dil «t coi>o«K«iL Similiter cliain 
flmckca tnolaa oonstieiudiue^ quas ipaa dolevit et reraiait, ega 
natitto ct dderi ooncedu pro me e« haereclibas ni«ia. QuttW 
Tolo at firmiti-r pf«ed|>ii> auod auicto eoclens et onuna oootitca 
«t barnuix tt onu>«a nMti fumibus, onuiea illaa oonKieludlncs et 
defutiuiwe et liberlatra et libema oonHUL'tudinni liabeant et 
teneaot, tibere «t quict«. bene et in pace ot inUgre, de mc ct 
kMndibtu mcia, ubi et bHen^dibuB ania, adoo libere et qiiiote 
el |k)«ume id onuiibua eiuuultex Henrioiu avns meua eia dcdit 
et rooceant et oartn ana rouKnnarU. Teate Ricardo de Loci 
mad Westmoaul4!riuiii. — {SlatHUt of ikt Stitln — Vi^rieri iff 
Mm t ka, p. 4.) 

A.D. 11A4. CoKsrmrnoitt or CLUtDtiMS. 

Tlie fotlowinit copy or tlie Conrtituttoiu of ClareDdom ia prob- 
ably Ibn exact form in wliidi tbejr were rr]>ortod to the king 
and eoufimiMl bf tlie bisliops and barons. I'be list of the 
baroBi ia eapecially valoable aa diowing tbe cumpontioB of lb* 
'OimBitina Condtium regni' at Um period, and tnajr be eoni- 
pand Willi Ihe correapuBding Itfla attached to the confinBatioDS 
of the great Clinrler of John. Beeidoa tho impoituwe of the 
CoaetitntioDt tlieinaehraa Ib tbeir lieoring on tlM rcUtiona of 
Cbimib and State ]o Knglaod, the follomng pointa of 000- 
•f^anoa, nan tmtnediately toaobi&g Constitutional Hirioiy ami 
tlir ;:tuwi1i uf OUT legal B7it«m, are worthy of attcntioo. 1. The 
nsemtion to the Curia Bc^^ia of queBlioos of Presentation awl 


Hnry II. 


AdTowKQ for the ileciirion of wfaii^ Uie AssiM of Jhtmin pr«- 
»mtment wu iinnioil, tli« only vnttigN of which u« prtMrroi) in 
OlaoTil). ». The maintmun(« of thp rdatiaaia between th« 
«oclcsiutlcnl aod civil juriKdiolMHiH wbtoh had been iatroduaad 
IntoBnglaudbf W'illiMDthoCoiMituror. Under the Aiigla<8uoii 
ajttem, in which the biflhi>p uul mrcbdcaeoB «t ta th« ihlre- 
moot had huiidred-nwol, all offiocee touching the dtrgy, except 
thoM of a iwrelj' sptritiul character, which w«re treated of in 
■P«0m1 oourta aod cuuDicilii. were decided according to th« Uw of 
tho lai>d, which provided aliundantly fur iiuoh eaoca : dot until 
the canon law b«gftn to bo itudicd, whioh wan ui\or tht pubUa^ 
tloo of the Oolleotion of Ivo of Chartroa, waa moob inooa- 
veaienee found to rcanlt from conSlotftig juriadictlona. The 
Dtcruttm of Oratiau appeu«d toward* tli« end uf Stephen's 
r«ign, and appc«la to Rorm multiplied aa the inflnenoo of tbu 
Italian Uwjen incnnaed. The nooMaity for the reatrtottva 
action of the Cooatitntions of Clarmdoo will be leanad {t\>ib 
the eveots which led np to them : although tfaeae ereitta are to 
be aaorihed no doubt largely to the exaggerated Influenoe of the 
eBDMi law, it onght not to be forgotten that tlie aotUM of tbu 
eri) WAS in the Conqoeror'a ntrwure of diTiaioti. 3. Tho notice 
of the use of a jnry (Art 6), and of the principle of recognition 
by twelre lawful nwn in caw of a di*put« as to the tennre of aa 
catate alleged to be in franc-almoign (Art. g), itt tbe ettrlieat tat* 
of auch mention in anything tike RlAtut^ law. It i* not, how- 
ever, to be auppoaed that thia is the act of tho in»titatioB of 
aii«h recognittoiu, of which probably mony earltor iniianoaa 
might be found. 4. The direction that clratiooa to the hlfhoprioa 
umI abbaciea ihall lake place in the royal chapel, subject to tho 
approval of the king and hie eotincil, is in ooofbnuily with the 
nsage of Henry I, and witli the pinotioe of the V«t-6ataa 
Ungs of Knglond. But tlic right of cicetion had long been 
claimed for the clergy of the church wlioec vaoaaey was to be sup- 
plied. Aa iMly as the eighth century the lottcn of Ah.iiin t'ive 
proof ijiat Budi liberty was po n se oo ed by ths dsigy of Y»iic. ojmI 
the rabsequeBt reetriction woa probably awing to the exun|'le 
set by the empenxa in Vnaoo and Uennany. Qsaciully tlit 


CotutittUmu of ClarmAm. 


Aaf^n-SKton Uthopa ven ■pfwlnted Itj Um kiag utd witon, 
fast Ibvn M« Inwn, fnim tbr ilalc vf Theodore to tbe Oon- 
fOMt, of bvo rl«etti>iM occMiiNiBlljr tllvwed, and ooii«tuitJjr 
cfalmad. It WM ibe Pmm of Anaolm ud Henry I tlwt gave 
(It* Vtog Ml Abwiiil* aai, legs] loflneDeo in this mattvr. Q. The 
natrictwo of Um Ulierty of ' niitic*' or ' nativcB* to tftk« holy 
sadm. is not to be undentoud m intdndHl to d<pp»M • cUn of 
|MDpl« wbotD in other owtto* tfa« king wm utxioni to raise, 
hot M a Mcarity to tfao iMsdnwiMin th»t thoy •bnald not loM 
Um Mmooi of ibetr TilleinA. TIm villeia* were in foci lalmuren 
wboM wafai mn paid in land, tbe teuitie of vhkH. Inving 
bBomwe wttled to villcDage, could not be Klt«««d or r«»djui(«d to 
m to Idenuiifj tlw lord for the Iom of tlw labour ooosetiueiit on 
Uw onliiaatioB of bia Titktn. It is |x«iibl* abo, onniiidrriiig tli« 
uulw artida of the AMtxe of Clarendon (below, p- 1 45]> tliat 
onlat* or reUKioiu vows were aoBMtiawa uaed by viUnns as aD 
Sftadknt hr eacajMiig tnm tba JuriwlirtioD of their lorda, and 
thoa tinrrr— eti the n umber of diarvputable deilca wfaoae tnucon- 
«)mI BMeantaled Henrys meaanre of refortn. 

Anno ab IncaniatKMW Domini M<OLSoIV». jwpatus Alex- 
aadri anno IV>o. iDosUltaim) raffia Anglorum ll«mict wcnmli 
■mo dedmo, in pneaentia fjosdem legia, facia nt ista rccoir- 
datin vai recognitio cajondam partia cooaaetudinum cl libertalont 
et iHgiiilalaRi aat«OGaaorDtn caonim, viddtcet regis Hvnrici an 
ni, el alionuB qoaa obaerTari «t l^^nori dobent in ragno. Bt 
ptevlar djaacoaionra «t diecoi^ias qoae riDonKnuit inter olanra 
ft ivMniit domini ivgis et barooM regni de coiwoeinilinibtM «l 
^fBilatihw^ beta est' isia rwo^nitio ooram arclu«fi>aM|ib tt 
"pMBopia at daro et eonutlhoa et barunibus et proccnbtta regni. 
Et MMBBi eooaundiaea teoegniUH per arcbieplaeofMa et epl- 
aeopoa et eondtei et baroiMs ti i>er nobilknea et antioniorea 
ra^i, DiaaHB Caotnariciuiii nrcbiKjiueopB^ e( Rogcrva E)Mr»- 
taMa arcUepiwopv^ et GiUcbcrtw LondoniaBria ajNaooiwai at 
Baarieoa '^ntonwaaia afMaeopu^ et Nigvllaa Elwaaia aftiaeopm. 
fli WiBahwia Nurwicenaia ^ueofMia, et Koberto* linool&icaGia 
•jiiaDapa^ st Htlarioa CScaaMaaia apJaoofMia. et JoeeUntM 8«ri»- 
banAns apiaeafina, et Ricatdua C««treosia epiaoDpus, et Barikolo- 
iMans BvanlaiMia enaeoptia, et Robertas HervTofdeoab epiacnpua, 
et David MsBerenaa emKopoH, et Roj^tmu Wif[onienau elrHtaa, 
int, et in Tcno Veritatia vira voov firmHer promiaeniDt 


JhMfg it 


tODcndu et obMnuiKlu, <toiiiino reni et luuiredibui nil. 1>ou 
l»d« rt Bb»<|iie maltt iugcnin, t>nt«ufltiliiu i^ir : RolHrtO mntitQ 
]«gbc«lriM, Br^noldo (-<imi(« OornubiM^ Conano cooiibi Bri- 
tMiniac, JobaniKi coinitv <)c Aiigo, Rog«n eomit« d« CUn. comiW 
Onufredo do Mandorilla. Hu}^n« oamite Cectmcv WilMmo 
coiaito <Ie Arundct, comitv Patricio, VTiUelmo comite <1« Fer- 
ruriic, Ricardu de Loci, R«^tialdo de SftBoto Walerieo, RogefO 
Bigut, Ri-'jiiiiaMo d« Wuvnniu, Richeru ile Aquila, Willelmo d» 
ItnKHM. Iticardo dc Ciunvill*, KiguUo de Moubrai, Sinione da 
Bcllo Ompo. llumfrido dc Bonn, l(>ttlun> de Hprrfotdia, 
WalWro do Mcduaii«, MantUMTO itbeth dnpifcro, Wi11«lRio 
Mal«t, Williiliuo do Curei, ttuherto dc DuDwUuviUa, Jocelino ito 
BfulloUo. Willtrlmo d« Luivulis, Willelriw d« Caiiiivti^ Qaufrido 
de ViT, Willulnw d« Uuntiohi'*. nu;;Kii« de Uorevitla, AUno de 
Ncvillu, Siaione fillo Petri, ^Villdnio Hiilduit oaamnrioi, Job&niM 
M«Muit, Jobuiiw Marifeollo, Pobro d« M«ra, et mail!* aliU 
]>rc>ocribiu at aobilibiu rtgai. Um chnicis iiu«m Uieu. 

CoDWCladiDUm veto rt ilignitatum rcgni rocogoiUmm itute- 
dan pw« prMWnti Krii>t« oouUii«4ur. Cujua pwti* cspitnU 
Iwec Hont ; 

Onp. i. De advocal)Ddi« et pnw<»entatioDe rorleiuaniiu A oon- 
Irorania «niM«iri( inler laicos, vel iolcr Uiixis ot vloriwt, vol 
titter ckricoi, in tvria dunitDt rtgu tnolctur vcl lermiDolur. 

Cap. ii. Ecel«eue de feudo duinint rr«iB non po»uut in p«r- 
petuiiui d*ri alMtque aMniau «t coiK«»>bne ipsJiie. 

Op. lit. Cl«rici rwluti et nccumli de quiuniuqiM re, mniuonlti 
% Jiwtitia Rgi* rtmieal iu cnniun ijwius, reeponiuri il>idein de 
boo nnde Tidetiitnr ouritu; r<-gi4 qtuiil ilitdum tit, revpoodmdum ; 
et in cnHft ecclraivtics, uiwle vidobilur quiKi ibidem nt reepon- 
deoduiu ; il« quod JaBlili« n^» mittet in curiam Mnetu eocl«- 
«iTC nd vidrnduii) qua ratioue r«i ibi tmcUbitar. St si ckricat 
L-onviclus vet ooofuseua faeritt Don debet do Gc4«ro oum eooletia 

Osp. iv. ArcbiepiKcpIs, epiao^i^ et penonli regni, noa Iteel 
pxirc de Ktmo itl>«H)ut: lioontia dumuu r«i{ia. Et ei exierint, ai 
domino rcKi idni'iiiTit, n»H»unibuiit, quod neo ia euiulo, nee io 
inunin fudcndo, wtc in rodcuado, poquinnt malum rel dManum 
regi rt'l n^iM. 

Clip V. KxciEninunttati dod det>«nt dnrr radium ad ramuMBi^ 
two pneetAru juniuieiituiu, eod tiuitum radium etpte^um Mwdt 
judlcio WclMiae ul abmlvuitur. 

Okp. vl Laici nou d«beut mcumH nUi Mr eertoa rt lefaJea 
■eenaatore* et totlM Id pnuKntiA opiacopi, it* iinod anihi<li«- 
wnui uou i>ordttt jmi euum, im>o quic^uam quod iiid« babwe 



ContiituticMt of Ciamiivn, 


drtwkt. Et ■! tAlc* ruerint qui cml|iaDhir, <iuod non v«lit t«1 
mia »udM( Blupiis to* accnMro, Tiocoonua requiHtns nb cpUrapo 
&drt Jnrw duodtcita Icgklen kominiM da Tkincto, mu (I« vilU, 
ranm vpifcopo, quod JiuU vcritatcm MciuKlam coDacieatiAin 
mam nuuilfestubuiit. 

C^p. fii. Nullua qui d« refje tooet in capttA, dm aliqiits 
doniiniconini miiiistrorum «Jua, exootimiunioeiur, nee t«nu(i 
ftUn^ni illomni tab iutenlictv poiMtitur, uiiii [irius doniinua ns, 
■i in Ufn fucrit, convcDwtur, rel Jiutilu cjua, d fucrit <xtm 
ragBf U B, nt rocUiin dc i|Mo fiu^iut : ct ita ut qqod {wotimtbit oA 
■vUiB ngitun ibidem tenniiictur, et de «o qnoil s])«ct«bit ail 
■■BlMJattitam curiam, ad canilem mitUtur ut ibidem tnctHor. 

Cap- viiL D« appellatioiubM si MMlMtint, ab arrhidiaoooo k 
ilebtfHt prooedcra m1 episcopum, nb cpieeopo ad arcbicpiicbpum. } 
Bt ti wcbKpiMopiu deCeoerit in juntitia exbibenda, ud douiitum L 
npint MTTaainidum «ai postremo, ul pnecepto ip«iua iu etiria S 
snhitpiKopi oontroTvnia tunninctiir, ita quod non debet nlteriai 1 
on ab»quo uacnmi domini rrgi*. ' 

Cap. ix. Si oilutnnia emerM-rit inU>r clrricum et laicum, vvl 
inter bioum et dericum, d« ullo teocmeoU) quod ctaricus ad 
<l>WifltinaTn velil aUrabere, laicna vero atl laicum reiidum, recoa* 
nltiflao dnixlmm Ic^litiiii bominum, por capital ia Juditiao regu 
«(uuidri»l»i)iien) termini^ litiir, utnim triwmcntaiD nit iicrtiiKnt 
ad cIcmBonaain hitv nd laictim fcddDin, coram ipno Jusbtia rrgin. 
Gt al raoognitntn fiwrit ad cloomorinam periiiwiv, plncitiim crit 
In vdria <<orJeBa8tka, n T«ro ad Uicuni retiduin, uim ambo do 
codetn ii]>i0oof)a vd baroM advocaveriot, erit placituui in c«ria 
raRU. Sod m utcrque wiTuuivcrit de feudo illo a&t« euudnu 
«pUn>poin v«l barowm, tu-it ptnvilum in curi* i\>A\a ; ita (jiiihI 
pronlvr factum recugnilioiivtn iwiiinam non amit4at, qui jxior 
■mtUW fturat, da«i«e per ptai-itnin dinttioiutum facrit- 

Chp. X. Cjui d« ci^itatc, T«l caattUo, vel borgo, tcI donunico 
BMiMrici domini ti^gii liHtrit, d ab arcbidtacono vol cpiaoopo 
Mpor uliqtio dalicto citatus fuerit, nQdc debvat ebdem rMpoud«r« 
«l ad citaliuiMa eonim aalis&cere Dolu«nt. bene licet euin oab 
intortliclu panere, wd uod dvlwl vicommumcari pHu«|tum 
(■pilalit minister dotuiui regis villae illiua convmiatur, ul Jnad- 
nlet vtim ad satisfuctiuncm VL-oirv. Et si miniirtcr n^ia lads 
dsboeril. ip«e erit in miwcrlconlia domini r«gi*, at ninde potarit 
tpboopuH i[»um accuaitum eo'timiiMtica ju«titia cohibcm 

Cup xi. Arcbirf>ii(oopi, q>i«iv>)>i, et unirenae p«noa«« tt^x, 
■|Di lie nqfp (i^ix'nt ill oapile, babetit pcnaesitonM aoas de domino 
mgn sieut baroiiiiuo. ct iixle rwpondmt Ju»titi>s et mintslria 
ttgil^ et M^uuutitr et r<>duut »iuuea rectitudiuM et oouaiw 


Henry II. 



huilnM res^u, el simt bnrones e^um, dchont tnt ag ia jn<Ucitii 
onriM dcxniul ref[U cum bluxiDibua, uMjue dum p«rvcoiatur in 
judi<no nd diininutioo-^m meinbrorum t«1 nairt«m. 

Cup. xii. Cum viuairerit aroliMpisoopaliu, vul eptMopatiu, vrl 
ablxttin, vd priontu* Je donviuiu regvi, dcliui eMe in nuuu i)Miiu9^ 
et indc percijMet otnuca rrdicu* ct cxituH sieut domiaimti. Ft 
ctun VQDtnm faerit ad oonsuUixtuni cmWW, dnbct domitiM rvz 
maadare potiorcB peitonu cedosiM;, el in capella iptitis domini 
ngii ilelMt fteri electio swenso domini ragia at connlto per- 
rananim rq^i, quM ad hoo faciendum Tocaverit. Et ilMd«iB 
f»d«t vleeluK buuBgium et fideliut«m domino ngl ucut liRia 
doounOi do vtt* Kia et de nwmbra «t de boDan buo tenenq^ 
alvo ordina ano, priuaqunnt iit oonaeeratna. 

C«p. liii. Si qiitHquam da prooeribna ragiii d«f<irtiaTorit 
■rcliippiKcupo, vt\ epiiMMpo, Td archidiaoono, d« a* vd da aaia 
Jniititiiiiu exhibere, <luniinus rax d«bet eoa jostictare. Et A furM 
aliqnia di-furtiaverit d<>i<-iuo ngi rectiludiiMaD Buam, arcliiepi- 
«coi>i ct cptaonpi et an^diaoooi dubeot cum jtutioiare u| 
domino rcgi ntufneial. 

Cap. xiv, C«Ulla eonim qui sunt in Kiritfuto ngia win 
JetiuMt eodeai* rel cimiuciuai contra Juetitiam ragia. qoU 
i[itiuN r«]{iii Hunt, uve in ecclesiia give «xm l\i«riiit inventa. 

Cap. XV. Placita de dtbilu, quae fide ioterpoeiu debeotnr, 
nl uImhjuc int«riio*iUoDi; fidei, aint tn jnttltUa rena. 

Cap xvi. F^lii niiticoram non d«bcnt ofdinan abaqat mxamam 
domini de ct^tut terra noti digaoacnutur. 

Eaota at aiitem praodictAmm coimHudiDuni ct dignitfttim 
recotrdatjo regiaruni a ptneEitis •rohtepiscopiA et apwcupis et 
comllibuf et barontbua, et nobUioribu^, et iuiti(|uioribuB rt^ru. 
apud CkrendoDun quarto dte ante Purifkuliuuern Beutae Muriae 
iivrpelUM Virginity donuiiQ Heurieo cum paire auo domino rcge 
ibidMn fneaontc Snnt autem «t aliac multae et magnac co<n> 
aoetudinti «t dignitatea sanctao matria Mcleana ct domini ragia 
et baruoun regni, quae in boc ampto non continentar. Quia 
aalvae aint MaotM eccleBia« «t domino rfi|q:i et haendibaa «uik «t 
baraaibia regnl, et in perpetuum inrioUbiliier obcerveutnr. 
{LyUtetoi%'i Lift ^ Ifewy JI, vol ir. pp. 18^-185, from US. 
Oottun, Clnudiui B. 2.) 



A.I>. 1166. ASSIKB or Ct^llKKDOK. 

Tbi* Auite was Iwued by tbe king early to it66, after tlM 
UoudgU of Oxfunl, in wUich tbo bvntica mentioned tn tlia 


Juist tjf Clatftiitem. 


si(t ArlicU mm oondnoned. It ni t document of tlw gmttit 
tatporUncfl to onr legnl hirtovy, wid mart bu ngtnled m in- 
trodaciag cliSBgoa into Uio adminiiilralioD of juiticn wbt«h 
went (w tcftd dw way to Klf-goTeriiitteiii at no diiitaut time 
(I.) It b ckM- ftom lli« first utjcle (lint a comintMiioii of UiDcnint 
JDiliM* «H to *i«il tbe iibires, kcd that to th«TO >i>d tbo Hberifb 
iIm t«vml jnric* of th« shire aiid tfic bnnilrtxl wer« to present 
niitonow w rniiD(«<l ofienden. Hctuy 11 bwi bcco ragsrded 
M tke iuveiitor of tbe aj3(«m of itioeniiit Judges, but tlio 
namiuatiou of tlie Orett Roll of Ibu Pipe of 31 Henry I aluim 
Om) durii^ Uii reign th« gimrlioe wu obscrrtd both for fifluieid 
MmI Jtidictnl purpoms. Theee jounuiys w«re th« >nbctilut« 
BndM- tba Nomuui lungB fur tbe pro^rewes of tbe esrlier 
•urvrr^pu, wbo, irliiUt moving &om one of tlieir edatea to 
anntJirr, heard th« cunipUiuta of defect of jiMtice iu tli« tower 
eourt« The uinUAl ooorta of William the Conqueror, who wore 
hii croi*a nud heard cioBes it CbristiBM, Eastcir, and Pentccoit, 
at Otoneotcr, "Vf incheMer, and VTeatmiuter, a ourtom occsaionall/ 
otMrred by WilliAm Rufiu and nooiy I, only partially anvwettd 
llw MiDu pfupoM ; and for thet« towards ilie end of Henr/a 
mff^ n riritatian of the Cnrin B^;^^ itself aeenu to have lieMi 
•ubstltuted. Everything of llie kind coaiicd nnder Stephen : 
and in tbe earlier yttm of Ucnry II th« viMtation wat ap- 
parently nuulo only by either tbe Cmt Juidieiar or aosio otlier 
grent ofliocr of tlie royal bouMtkold, aa the Coostahte or tlia 
Cluui«eUor. On tbi* pertienlitr oeeaaion the Tisiution uaa 
earricd out hy tbo Great Justiciar Richard de Lnci, and Qcoffrey 
IUiid«rtll« Eul of Baeex; but in 116S a deputwtioa of fuur 
baitMit et Um Exchequer traTcraed tbe ooontry u itiuemat 
Jud^ and oolUeton of revenue, and in 1173 the countiy wu 
divtilird Car financial purpoMt into nx circuits. Bevenl modi- 
Kcatiaos of tbe onmbeti end cit«aite w«re >otn>duoed during 
Umy'e relKn, and tbe pten was followed up under Rioliard and 
Jobn, until the anarchy wbi«h followed tbe interdict. By Ua^faa 
Cartn the king undrrlook to send itiaonmt oommiwionK fnnr 
tioHN • year (Art. i8>, to ulce as»ixea of Mort-dancester, IfoveJ 
ItiMebin, and Darrein Prvaeotinenl ; but tbia waa altered in 


Uatry 11. 


1117 ^ ^'^ annua] risitattun for tlib piU|io». Wliellicr tlie 
juilgci wo conimitaiimixl were coni|i«tcnt U> treiuact Mher liiuv 
ncu i* not dear, but it aecma tluU fi«in thu p«riiKl ibc (iw 
of tbo jUFtidw for geoernl bneinrsE wm aoptennial, am) tuA 
annual. AimI tli«aa aeptetmial iUrt were coiitinaed iinltl the 
reign of Etlwnrd I ; nor e^-eti Ui«a entlrel}' i>xt'mKti>iiliM) l>y iht 
appointment of jnrticM of omiu. Tbe Kulijcct ia an intriirat* 
ono, and only in its carlitr stages coudscIckI wtlli coiHtitntional 
law ; but it may be observed, tfaat much of lbs ouufusiun lliat 
prevails couoeniiiih' it is to be traced to tbe fact. Itiat attention 
hsa not U-tu paid to tlia ranoty of comini«ion« uixlor wliich 
sncb provincial justice mu executed. Vtvn t)i< fint we bnve 
to(liatint{ui»!i buiween Bnanoial and judicwil it«re, Lh«n between 
commissloua for taking tbe a«^se and for tryiu}; criaiinals, and 
M> on until wo come to tbe state of tilings described by Black- 
slonc, under which tli« judges at assises itt in fin eapodtiss; 
as Justice* : — (t) of tbe Pt-uce, (a) of Ojrvrond Tcrmitier, (3) of 
Gaol Deliverr. (4) of Asxi&e, (5) of Nisi PHus. (II.) Tbs 
OidopUoa of pTCBootnont and onteal bud the effect of aliolinbing 
tbo prsctioo of conpargation in tbo sbire-iBools, which oontinuod 
to be nsfwl in tbe borongbs wbose ohartsn exempted tliom from 
tbe juriMlictton of these courts. Tbe ordeal in th«e drcum- 
slait<in< Iicing a rrsonrce fallowing the verdict of a jury ac- 
qnaintcd with the fact, could oulf b* applied to those who were 
to all intents and purposes proved to be guilty. Hie abolition 
of tbe ordenl by tbe Latetan Council in tub, and tbe Imposri- 
bility of Mcuring pericet justice by tlie mocliiuery of the grand 
juty, led tbe way to ibe osage of a sooond or petty Jury, to 
traverse tbe dectsions of tbo former. (II I.) Tlio directions that 
aO qusltfied petaon* sluU atten*! tbe eouuty court to serve on 
these juries, and llint no franchise Is to exclude tbe sheriffs 
&vm preparing for tliese vittlationa and enfbreiBg tbe frank- 
pledges, are an important attonpl to limit the exercise of CetKU 
covria of Justice and feudal privikge. (iV]. "nie Inucs of 
Attgio-SoioQ cnstosn in the treatment of stmngcra, waUs ami 
wanilcrera, a)id the re^nsibility of Ihdr vutortaiaorc, mqr be 
regarded as a proof tbnt tha country was stiU in on unortllvd 




Jstit« ^ CtanndoK. 


>Uti>. u>i llutt ttio old (indii Ui) to be aecnrcd by tbe old comiu. 
(V.) Tb« joUi Mticln hM rvUtioD to the inbJL'ct of Um ImI 
uticle of ibe CoostituUoiM o! Clnrentloii : ami Ibo not i> 
of gmt iij>poTt«Dce touobiog th« IrMtmctit of hcre^ uH<l«r 
Story II. wbicb wu certiuuly sot w nven m Uial of dITuiiwm 
i^dMt tba foFMt lAwa. 

I»fipil At$tM Am dareniuna fntta a rt^ ITmriM, n>7iAct 
ttettmto, it <u»engu arr/urinAniporum, iyji4«fii>orum, al}(irit<im, 
comilum, f/aronufo, Mius Aiiijiiat. 

(. Inprimia eUloit {iracdtctuN r«x Henripuii de ciMuJlio 
OBinitim b>n>iiuni Eooruni, pro p<uNi unrvanilD «t juntitio U'netidit, 
tfooA fxT ainftuloH ouBiitaliH in^ainttir, «t per ungulo* hui>()r«luti, 
Mr xii. lo>:Bliuri!ii bomiiiM de buodrodo, ol per iv. Ic^lion* 
iMstbiM de qtialibet vilUta, |Mir ncriini«Dtum quud illi T«nUB 
dicast : d is hnndredii xuu vvl villu* sua «it altquis borao qai 
ill nUktiU v«l publvcatu* qnoil ipse nit nibator ve] murdntor 
fd btro Tel kliqnis qoi Ht rcMptor roUitoruni \r\ mnnlntonim 
««l Utronnm, poxtquuin dominuB rex fuit rex. El hoc tnqiiiraBty , 
JiutiUu canm tic, vt riceooraiteti coram ve. J<S) 

t. El qgi illvc^uieiu^ jwr aHcrain«ulum praedictonim rvtiMua 
val publicatiu quod fiivrit rabator rel murdrnUir vel Intro vul 
noeptor rarum, poalquBm dominun rvx fuit rex, Mpwttir el cat 
m] JuiMm sqiute, et juret quod ip>c non fait robntor vd mur- 
dntor vd lUro Tel noeptor eontm postqiiAtn dotnisiu r«x fuit 
nx, d( Ttlentia r. *olid<irum quud Eciat. 

}. ICt a dombui e'ya* qui apUia fuvrit Tel depilW ^ub vcI 
boaUnw ^a> reqoisiorint cum per pli-giuin JufVv iMium i^iem 

{pee Mofatt kgaa aoam. 

4. Et qnando robator vel mur<Jmtor vel Utn> t«1 romptom 
aumn mpti fuerint per prne^lictum R>crMii«nturo. »i Justilia* 
Don furriut tuu ctto Teutnne in illoni comitatum ubi capti 
forriut, vicrcoiaitM maadciit pTui>iiiquiuri Juttitiae per aliqotiu 
inirlligmklem boaunnn, quud taXva liominee ceperiot ; et Jns- 
titise reuuMuUtiunt *ic«coinittbu* ub« ruluerint quod illi tluaotar 
B&tc iUo«: et viceooniilMi illoe ducnnl niitv Juatiiiiui; ct cum 
Ulta duouit de liuiidredo et de vilUta abi capti fu^rint, daoa 
l«Kale« bomtDeB ad [>ort«Ddum rcootdatiowm comt talus ct 
huidndl, quare captl fueriut, et tbi aot« JuUtiam facient legem 


g, Et d* Ulia ant capti fntrritil per imwdicitim aacranMMiliini 
i bqjtM hairn*, Dullua babeot curiam vut jatliliaoi Dec cataUa, 

Henry //. 


niai dorainuii rex in enriB mu ounin Juatitiis ejaa, et domtnna 
nx habrUit omnin atUlU eonun. Dc illU Tcro qui capti 
fuurint mlitor qaain per boo Monni«ituiu, nit ucut umq lolst at 

6. Et vicooomiU-^ qui ma cqinint ilacAnt mm utle Judtitism 
ritie clift eummuiiitiuDe (|tian) xwio lislKMDt. Et cam rulMtorea 
rel luurdratorea v«l latroiiM et rvcvptom euram, i)iii cttjAi 
fuitrint per taciumenlitni vel alitrr, Irmlutitur vifernuiitiliua, et 
ipiii Kcipiant eoe statim fiue dilatKiue. 

7. Et in Mingulia comitatibus ubj noo vuiit iiatoW, fiant iu 
bargo W ali<|uo nurtvllo rexi" dc denurii* regin ct boMco cjuj> ■! 
prop* fuoril, r«l An olic bciMx> prapiii<iut>, per viAum Rcrrionliutii 
rc^lis, ad hoc Ul vMxwooiit«a in iiti* powiut ilto* qui -^pti ftitrint 
pev ininbtro* qui hoe bcor* eolont at per BamentM woi, 

8. Vult ctiun donibus rax qaod omiiee renhuit ad comitatos 
m1 hoc *w:ram«ntum raoi«i>dum, Jlu <[uod uullua reiiikneiit jm) 
Iil)ert«t« oliittm ijunm hnbcftt, vel cnrU \r\ 100* qoain balHieritt 
quin vcniunt wl hoc fwinkineiitam facwudum. 

$. Et HOD nt ftliquis infru ciuU-Uutn v«l extra cuti<tlam, dm 
tliam in hoDoni do Wnliugcford. qui THvt fioeoomiU-s iiitrarg 
in cnnain vi^l letram sunni ad rideiwlo* franmv plegjoa, et quod 
i>inn«l siut sub plegiia : «t &ut« vieeoouitec mitlatttur sdb tlbera 

10. Et in civitatilnu rel hurgin nuUtit hab««t hominca vol 
rccipint in cl»mD Kuu vd t«TTa ua veJ *o«n mn, quo* non in 
suiju capiat quod coi hahcbit eoruu Jtutitia ai rcqoiiiti fu«riiit. 
Till nnt eub (nncoplcgio. 

11. Et DutU diit in cirit«t«v«l bnrgo rel caat«lloret exln, 
nee in bonore etiam do Waliiig«fonl, qui vetrsi rico:oiuitca 
intnu« ill t«iTnm auam rel aoivui sinuu, ad cnpiendum illot qui 
reitaii luerint <nl puhlicftti quod ebt robatorM vet nardratona 
Tol lalroDBB vel itccptarea eonun, vd irtUgaii vat rrttati de- 
fonata : acd pnccipit quod Juvcnt iHoa ad oapiRidnni toa. 

13. Et d aliquia fiicrit oaptna qui lii«rit caiaiatoa d« rotwria 
ret latrodnio, hi ipaa FiMrit difUmataB et habeat nalum toati* 
RMnium de piibticaniento, et i>on knbeat warantum, uoii hnbeal 
legem. Et si nou fueht publiratoti, pro Miuiiia qiiani habei, eat 
ad aquam. 

13. Et Ki aliquia Tiierit raeofpioacMi coram li^lilitu bomini- 
bua vel huiMli-nlia du roberia vtA luardro vel lalrwiiiiju vel 
dc rcceptiiMie eoruin, et poatca Dogmre volnerit, non habeat 

14. Valt etiaa domintia rex qtiod ipei qui facient legvin Mnain 



Aitite 6f Ctartudon. 


•I mstiili enitit pur leffimi. «1 i|t<i fu«rint iIq pcMuao uatimooto, 
•t puUiiw lit turjiitcr uillaouti ivMtiiiunu) laaltoram ct tfgaliani 
bouiuuim. r»rM jurmt lorraa irgit^ xxa. quod t&fra viU. diea 
Riniv tmiKilmnt, oi*i niim ooa <lnuni(«nt ; et cuna |>nDiB t>um 
iiuwi) li»l>rl>unt piMUv nuu* tmiHliuut, et ultra iu AiiKtinm 
Biiii rET«rUtiiCiir iiii>i jM-r miiorwinJUiii iloiiiitu rcfjic et ibi 
■tut ttthgiti ; ot h rtdirriiil i-Hpianlitr Hctil iitUtrnti. 

13. YX pnOiilirt •If'iiniuiiH vtx ii« aliiiUM vuivat. Id <M vagus 
wl tKDotno ^ ulicubi iiui ill burgu, ct ilit Don lio^tvtur 

Bfad UBft I i>>i uifirmctur, vol vquiu ejaa, ila quod 

mutiatnirr jviwit iiii>u*tn>l)ilr cwnium. 

16. Kt *i ilii TiMirit plrnxjuun una nocte, CHpialtir Ule ct 
Uomtnr dtmec domiiuu «jii> VHoerit ail cuui plf^utdua, ») 
iloum i|iM Ittbaat salrae plegioa ; et iUe aiuulitcr otpbtnr qui 
bH|iiUltia fuerit. 

i;r- d *1 atiqoii rioeuiiMi nwDdavent alii vioeoomiti qnod 
fu^rint d«! ouniitBtu kuo in nliura oomitaUim pra 
vr] pro mnnlro re) Ulroctniu vd Tvccptionc eontm, vel 
pro iitli>(pa vel pro rctU formteo regis, illo ropiat eos: «t 
•tkn ii per se tcI per alioa tctat quod Ulu honunee fugtrriot id 
oottiutum auuui, capiat eoa <t costodbt donee <te ei* biibcat 
aaIv(M pli^iu*. 

il). ICl trmnea vioeoomitca hciaut inbroriarf onuwi fogttivos; 
oiii fui.'nriut da miia oumitatibu* ; ct hoc fiwuDt conun ocmiita- 
Ulxu, et ill<-rum noniiaa acnpta jxirfabunt ante Juuiliaa cuui 
piBM) ad tUoa vonniat, at ilH quseraniur per t<itam Amjiam, el 
aonnn cataUa cspiaiitor ad opus regia. 

19, Kl vult duoiinus rex ijuud ex quo neooutiiitot Muveperint 
mooMuilionM Jiutitiaruiit enantiuin. ut ijua oun comitatibua 
inia liut nnie illon, tpsi eongrt-j^bnnt comitattw mio* ct in- 
aiinnit imdum qui do noro vencrinl iu tuo* oooiitatm poet 
haiic uMivira; ct illus mitlent per pl'g'oe, quod crunt conm 
JuntJUM. vcl illos ciubidiciil, doiMG Juatitiae aa aw veDeriut, «t 
totic lialwliuiit oerwn Juflilias. 

■o. fmbibet etiam domiiiua rex lu* mntinfhi vet canonici 
Mt| iJiiiiia dumua reliipoiium recipiant aliqunii dv pupulo 
imuuta in luivrl caiuinirum vel fralrcm, donoc Kinliir 

da quali : ' i^iM fuvril, uiai ipae foerit tDfirnna ad 


;t )'rnhil«l etiau dtiminas res, quod nullos in tota AiiKlla 

I trim aua vel toc» sun vrl ilomo Hub le. u)i<|ueiD de 

HI roiMfialnriiin qui vicumtiiunicaii et •i^iinti fu^runt 

ifurti*. Et Hi qui* eoi rtccprril, ipae frit iii miMn- 

i iiiiii raffia ; at iluniuii, io qua illi fucriut, portctur 


Henry II. 


cxUn villjim «t cotnbimtur. Et hoe JmUl aoiuqniaqiM vice- 
coran qtioil hoc tenebit, et hvo jurw fadet omneii miniatrai 
fuo*, «t lUpifcros buonam, ct uibdh nulilM rt fruiecfUnantw 
do oomitstibu*. 

9>. Et rult dontinoa r«x qnod bucMUM ttoriitur in ragno 
tan quMindtu ei plaeuerit — (mS. ti'>dt. H<iwtin*fm, C. 6*1.) 

A.D. 1 166. Cartbl dbcxaaatokt op LiAnurr to Scctaox. 

Tiit fullowiug letter b oDe of a hrge number of naswen t« 
an inquiry miulo hj Hcnrj II in or ulxiut the year 1 166, u 
to tba number of kni^jhu fpu licid or fai* teiwnt* in chwt 
Tbe neamre vu Deceesitatcd by the Diumctal policj' of Um king 
irho reqnired tome guiJo fur ihe aisrasment of Scnl«ge in aid 
fw_fiUe mari«r; tbe eatlter aids having bwa niatd 00 tix 
hidu^ uf tbe country Rimply, oa recorded in Domeaday. It 
■liowi tha way i& vbicii tbe Wrou declared their BaUtttj 
aod that of their tenauu at thia tima, Tli* latter [irotMUy 
preaerrea ibe eitaet worde of the royal irrit whicfa it is int«ade<l 

Kurintmo doouno aiM ligto Henrico Ecgi Angtorum &r. sua* 
botuD ligiua Robertas da Bmlon ndatMn et fidete mrvitinm. 

Hibi c4 aliia oomparibue meia par iittcTwi rofrtmc innotoit, at 
per ftdem et Uf^tiam quam Tobia doliomus, vobli per brere 
ooetrum pendens extr» 8iK>llum, raaDdaromua quot nulitea 
habemaa de vutoi feodameulu dc tempore Ueorici regis avl 
vcstri, et quot militea lubeamus da noTo feodanteoto puot 
tenipua regie Henrici avj rtMitri, ct qunt militea liabeamtti stipdr 
dominium novtmm. ludc uU quud Tobin, nt domino meo 
kariaaiiDOt nando quod d* vctcri leodamento nullum militcm 
babao, pmetw Uoiaim aataa qnnn mibi cnm quadMn libanlt 
imli«c«, nomine Eva, quae nodo eat faatree, par aertithtm ontna 
nilitee dediBtu^ fadeodo ecrvitinm ad c na lin ii Tcatnnn. Da novo 
aatem teodamanto nullum liabro militaoi vel enpar dmniniuB 
nenra. Et vobta qnidem «l filiu veettn homnuBa «t 'i(p-'**w^ 
fbo. [£t6ar Xigtr Sneaarii, ed. lleanMv i tfft. I49>] 



Inquett of Sierifft. 


A.D. 1170. IxqvMT or SoBHirn; 

Wbra Htmr^ tl retunwd from tbc CootiliMit iit ttve apring 
of 1170, afur «a abmi>oo of four jmra, be wu rccoivtd wttb 
loud canpltunta of tli« exacliona of (li« BltetifTs aiul liaitifb, aoA 
at Um oppnsaiTenma of their JurUdicttun. Tb? ouiitrj had 
bMn aeamtAj prapared for the Mv«re wuy b wliicli tlie Aasite 
of CUmndoii wh corrioi! out, '«nd tlio paymrnt of tli« aid 
on the nMrriag* of the kins'* cidoct danghtcr had bocn fdt ■» 
• \Mmty IkS ; bat it is probable that there )iad b«en nmr 
BUMoiiiliicI ainuug the roj'Hl officers theniaelvta. For Heiirjr, 
who wua al ifiis luunicat uixiutuly coutrivin)- the recognition 
ftitd eoroiuttoi) of Ilia eldcat aoa, it wm rerjr important to k«ep 
lb» people ooatrnt«d. AcoonliDgljr, abortlf after &»t«r, ia k 
pot couDci) at London, )i« iamod the foltoving oammiadon 
tn ft bod/ of batruna errant, aud remoTod the ubi^rilla of neorij 
aO tiia oonntiea fratu their ptunt. 

I. Ue acMiu to hkTe tolicii advuitago of the opiportuuity 
■ITcirdad bj the complaints of the people lo eater upon a 
general Lavcetigatioo of the provincial adininlfitratiun of Jua- 
tic«, aot mtnky in the county and liundred ooorta and rogra) 
detneanc, hot in the fntiu-hinea uf tlx iMrona, lay and ^le- 
ilartieal : and further to have in<iiiiied narrowly into the con- 
flacatioiui of ffioAa of the peraoaa who had fled from jucticr 
Biidcr tha AauM of Clareodim, slxiwio); aome auapicton m 
ta the lioneaty of ibc alierifla botli in the exanrinatioo of 
ehaifaa and in the diapoaltion of tli« forfeituroa. Ho wctM Iv 
ba*« thou^tt tliat tbo aid for tho ntarriage of hia daagfatcr, 
which we leani from the Pipe RoUa waa a Tcry large one, 
affoid^il loo great a teniptatioa to tlie aheriffa. The fuHlt^r 
tnquiry whether tb«M oScen bad reKtomI anything, a* bliah- 
■ntioey, to tboae who had eampUiood to the king, with a viow 
uf etiaing iheir compUintfi, h rcry aigiiiAcant. Tbe eixanina- 
tlon into Uir BdnUuiatJutiou of the fureets oompltled the rnxnoy 
tt thir wlwlv ayalen of Jniiadictiuu eatHting iu ibo ooontry; 
and the rvport, if It evvr waa made, nitixt liave li*vn a rvoord 

I. 1 


ffiirs II. 





of Ui« iDMt interMtlng kind coDoeivnble. It la probttble 
iIm reiull w«8 fta the vbol« (utUictiirjr, u tlie butorian 
us \\m ho fnitlier [>roc«cdit)gi wan takon «gainit the nburifli. 

n. Tie aberiib remored on tbt* ooouioa front Uieir 
vera moet of tbem local magiMtM, wboOT cbancoa of 
luul irhoM iaclinatioa towarda a feudal admiuiKtiBtion of juNtioe 
wun> too gmt. In tbdr place Ilcury uutitutcd offiwr* of the 
Excheqtiw, Iwa closely oonnectod with tbo counties by property. 
&a<l more ameoaUe to royat influeooe as well as mora tkiUoil 
udminiHtrutom— another step towards tlie conoeotration of tba. 
provincial jnriidJction luder tbo Curin Ktifps. 

In pnroii cxtg^ejit beroaes Tsdiuro et plef{t&m ab oranlbus 
virMsoniitibus qui fbrrunt viceMimittf ]Mslqu»iu domimu rex 
uoviMimo tnnsfh:--tavit in Nunnnapiam, et ab uinnibuH qui 
foerunt pool tcrmioani illam liaillivi vut niiuiitlri eorum qui< 
eanque bsillivam do eis habucrunt ; ct ab omnibus illia qgj 
poM teruiinuui ilium teonenml hundroilos barjtaDm quoa ipai 
liabent in comiiatu, si*e eos uutienot ad nriliabi, wtb in 
custodia ; — quod eruot coram domiDO rege die qui-m tpsi eia 
eonotitui-nnt ad Sciendum rMum «t adreviandnm ei et bomi* 
nibiM stiui quod adreciare di^but-riut. Et ai viueoumitM ento eo« 
pn^tar mBnnitat«n Toniro oon poarant, mlttant loco mo qai 
pro Mt retpoDdeant, at dent vadiom et plnixium snSidantaiB pra 
vioeoomilibua et pro so ipsit, qnod coram domino r«g» 
hue quod vioeoomites faoere dehent ad di«m coutitutnffl. 

Fuatea oapi«ut sacsameatun ab omniboa banatbDe et mili 
tibui et libem liominilioB do comitatu, quod vcroia dit«ut de 
hoc (qnod] ab cis inquirvtur ex jiartc dumini n*Kis > ^ qnod nan 
eelabuat vcritat^ra pro amoro alicujns rvl odiu vel pretio val^ 
pntunio y«1 timore rcl promiuioiu nl pro nlla re. 

Hie Mt inodns inqui»itionia : — (I.) uiquLratur dc Tioeeooiiti- 
Uu, inprimis, et baillivis eorum. quid vel quantum aocoperint 
de atngulia hnudivdu et de aingutis villati^, at de aiaBulb 
hominifaoB, pottquam duminus tex tnutsfretant, nude terra rd 
homiiM* gravnti tint ; et quid Mveperint \kt judicium oomitatua 
vd hundrcdi, nt iiui<l sine judicio, ei qnid itiqinsinriiit cnpln 
case p«r judicium Mriliatnr •rjinmtim, ct quid sine judict 
■cribatnr separatim ; ct do ooimbiis prifiiM inquimat miwan 

II. Similiter inquinttur do archiefHsoopia, episcopis, atdiali- 
bos, comitibua, baruuibut ot eorum aaumilltl ct tniiiiatria, quid 


tan pra i 




Imjuett ff Skeriffi, 


vA qnantmn Kcqtcrint ptr Umm lOM port tormlnam prwdio- 
t«m, itu nniipjlM linndredM ■nia M d* dngulU vilUtis eiiJo, «t An 
uu^iilu bumiaibitt kom, per jitdidmn ml atae Judieio ; el umu«a 
pruM ilka Mnl«Bt afpsratiin ot oaiisaa tt MMMlMm earum. 

III. Gt simititor mqninint Ae bomiDibua illis qui poat lermt- 
BBm illan luilnierunt alias tMilliraa de ik>fauu) rej^ in onKtodu, 
nvc de epi»M[inlu, aive da abbatim aive d« barania, tire dr 
bonnrp ali<|iio viA «Mba«lA. 

XV' Et aimililrr tni|uirn(ur dv liiiitlivi* itgiaqiii par UnuD 
aokin errstrmnt pro nrgotit* rrgU faciei)db, quid eia datum Bit ; 
eC tiutd iDflc iiMininirriiit, Kcribant. •V**" 

V. \\ftt\ do caUllis ftigitivomm pro Awisa de darendiuuv ti— (UjLI 
«t dn caUtllif MriiQi qui per aaaUam iUatn perieruiit, inquiralur 
(^uid actuBi nil, o( qtiid iade eximt d« aia^tia bimdrnlU et 
Mbi^tb vitUtif, et (lilij{ent«T vt iu(«ii(« aeribatur. Et nlmiUtor h-^-i 
itujuintar h aliquia in awun ilbt iDJiut« nitatna liivril, pro ikLV 
praumio ral pronuaabiBe vd ndm rcl alio injnato modo ; ct an 
aliquia ratataa ralaxatua fuorit Tol rcna pro pmraiio vcl pn^mia- 
aiuM vol Kmoro, at quia ii>do prsomiiun acoeperil, et hoc Gtmiliisr 

VI. El iiiqtiiralnr de ausiUia ad nuuila&dnm iiliain rcgia, 

eiicrit detuiKulu biindrului ct siiigulLi vilUlii^ aive in 
' i»ie in perdonii^ et cni illud traditum fuoiit «t tibon- 
tiim. V*-*' 

Vlt. Et inqnintur quid nl qnanlam acroperint fomltmi , 

vrl iMilllri vcl ministri eorum, p^tt termiaum pracdictum, in 'v'"^] 
bftiUtria Bius, qoocuaque modo illud cepmnt vel quftcuaqne 
orcaaioae ; «t ai quid pwdoiuverini de redis regis pro pnuraio Mw'lw 
Td promiinoau vel nro anucitia aliqua. Et de (brinactb forf*!- ^|K(u 
arom : da bits qui nrvatu nils (ariafeoeranl, ct cervia «t biiiiii V'. i\ 
irt alii* liotita tulngUa ; »t quod indc inquisiariat, acribaDl 
•ltli)^pt»r ; et n forMtarii v»l bnillm coram aliquem capcriiit 
Ti-t kltuibiaT print per railium ft plagium, vol retityoriutf el 
puatea ajite jii<lirir> per ae relajLavonat, qai faaec fecerict itiqul- 
rartlitr at iubrevientiir. .,„ 

Vin. El i-nuM* qui rv^ti fueriiit de aliquo reto poaantnr fwr 
ndiam trt jdwium quitd aiot oonin) iloniiiui Tvgl^ die quem eia 
potirnl. ct qiiod rectum facinnt, ct oitod iwlrrvfiabunt ci et homi- ' 

I' quod adraciarc dcbnennt, et qniboa plngii d<«inl, 
. _ LLiur. 

IX. lU iuquirotur « Ti«c<oniltea vol quicuiiqu« bttilliri 
aliquid tvddidi^ut de biia qaa« ceperiot, vol t\ pacem aliquant 
tSaoarint eata Kivmiaibua poatquant sadieruat adTeatuia domiai 
rvjpA, pr- ■ ' -r)<afa aa querinootftJiMk ad domiaBn nmn 


Btmry U. 



X. Et d« odioeraiatli bqutratur, hi nliquj* reUxJitas fueril 
INTO pracmii) TCl ainore du lioc quod fitcrit pntnam iulmcTci«tu>, 
ot \fx (]URm boc Ikcluin fu«rit, 

XI. Inquiralur qui cant iiiii drbont domino ragi lioiiMgiaiii 
et Don r«<%rDi)t, nrquc illi noqae Alio boo, «t iBbrevientur. 

XII. Do dominiU donitBt regia iuquireter n OUrHM va£ 
vUuaM de foasatU «t h^ «t al out U^ grapgiu et txirariu | 
ct berctitriM, «i alUo d<»iuB et instatunnenU aiuut dimiiniii rax I 
jintpi^ofiit amtequani IntDidVelArut. 

XIII. F.t pMbinun inqaitiiti fuerint, vicecomitm aid et ml- 
niatri ■dhilwuitur nd oeten nqgotM ism «t jareat quod to^Uter 
iaUndcnt inqui'<itioni litciaDdM per tmru baronunt. — i,iiS. BoM. 
AihJJmqm, C. 641.) 

A.D, 1176. AesizR or Nobtoavptoic. 

Ilio Ambft of KorUuimpton ia a r»-usua and txfumaa ot ' 
the Awl» Af CUreodoo Usued in 1 166, drawn up in tbe fonn ot 
Inatnctiuna to the ilx committees of juilfm who wore to viail 
tite circuiu now inuked out. Tba ewlicr article* of this Amu 
COrrMpond witii tbow of CUrcndon, but »tk more Mvcre id tbe 
jKinijihmcnt prcscribod, and ptaoo Ina pow«T id tli« luads of tbe 
•heri& Tbe later articles, whicb an new and are tu b« oai«> 
ftUIf compared with tbe g;raat Cliarter of John, are of Icadiqg 
importance aa tmicbing tlie tenure of lanib, roliefo. dower, and 
ainiilar po)iil«. TIki Awiut Ka* oonnUI«nU>ta aignifimuee M m \ 
politicBl iDoaaan al>o ; for it in tlw dm judidul aet uf import' ' 
ance aioce tbt quelling of the rebellion of 1173: and in tbia ' 
asi>ficl deatrvea examioaliua in nidi poiota aa tbo onctioD of) 
tbe oatba of fealtj- from all daaaei, frMJioldcra and viltDUia aiiira ; { 
the complete deatnictioa of the nantlfli which had been beld ' 
agminat tbe king ; tbe prceeiit cnntodj of all the coatiM ; and tbe 
Ttgiatratioa of all fngitives and oullawa. 

ffat »iaU Ataiiat/aetm apud Cbreniuw, at potUa rwoTJalM 
apvd yortltamloniam. 

1. Si quia ntatna fuerit coram jnctitiaria: dominl m^ it\ 
mimlro rcl latroctnlo, nl roberiik vet rooeptatioiM bomtnnm 


^uut i{f Norlhampion. 


(tellM bcaaaUum, vel i)e CabaocrU vel iiiiijiui conibuitiflno, per 
McntBeBtuin ilutxlerim milituni <te ImiidrMO, et ei militcs non 
■ilfbcriut, per aMTKineiitutn duixlecini lib«rorum legaliuin bomi- 
nniii. (It per •Mmnratuu quntuDr liooiiuum d« uiuugnaqnc rllk 
botulivdi, «*t ad judicima aijuntt, ct u pcri«rit kltcrum ped«m 
■mitUL Et Bfud N>irt)iikmioiium odditum cat pra rigi>TB ju>- 
titiae quod di^xtcram iimililcr ptigiium cam pad* «initUit, ct 
ngnum nbjuivt, et infra qiindroginla dies b regno exolet. Et ri 
»d aqauB mnu'liL^ fu«rit, ioTeiiuit pkgiM et naaDMt in ngMt 
nisi retAiu* fuerit de bquiyIiu rel alt* turpi ftloou par oomume 
flCMitatM et Icimlium niiliiuiu (wtrioe, de qoo u praedkto 
modo rttalaa, quamvi* ad aqaain tolviu (iurit, nlliilo- 
niinu* infra qiiadr>g;ii)tn itiea a n-giio cxrat, et cntalU Hua 
•FcDin iMpart<Tt, nlro jum dominonuu Kuoram. et rt^tun ab- 
jorvt in mWriccrdin doiniiii nsit. Ha«e BBtem ani*a atcncbit 
a tfQijxTo quo uaisa facta ftiit Apod Clarmdoaam, ootitimHl 
ovqui- »d hoc Icinpus ; et aniodo quamdiu domino regi pl*cu«rit| 
to niimlru, et prtxliliuni^, et iiiiqua iivmbuatione, et in omnibus 
pranliclia capitulu otii iu miuutid fuiiia et nberlia, qtiM fiuta 
rncnint t«mpot« guernie, Ktcut dc equis et bobiis et minoiibiu 

1. It«m nnlli liccal aequo in burgo imxiho id villa bo«pitari 
aUqueni extraneum, altiri unam iioclem, ia dome na, qnctu ad 
r«otun baber* twlnerit, Dtai boepit«taa iUe eaaoobn ratjoiubile 
h«bcierit, qnod boapee dofnm nooetret riciBli mil. El cum 
renr»a(rrii, ci>mni vicinit reeedat et per dieai. 

3. Si qui* Mtinitus fuerit de muriro rel latrooinio vel rttberia 
nl fiUaoncri*, et inde ut co^notoeni, tcI de aliqnn alia fcluiiiit 
quam fecorit, comn pncpcNuto bnndredi rol burgi, et oonm 
IngalitxiH hominibu* ; id ]K<»tcaci>mn Jimtiliii ncgw noo potent. 
Fit ai jdrtn siiM) satnna eornm eis aliquid biguEiDodi reoogDoverit, 
hoc ■tiiiiltter mwn Ji»titii« iMffare noo poteriU 

4. Item si quia otiittril fr&nnis-tenena. hacredea ipaiui rema- 
Doaat ID (alt Mtaiua qual<TU pater sutu hiiliuii die qua fuit vlrut 
■4 iniiTtiiiii>. da feodo mio ; ot cuIaIU aua babeaat undie faciasl 
diTtJam drfiiDCtl : 41 domiiitim aunin poatea rcqniimnt, M ej 
fedaitt de relevio et aliis quue ci (aern: d'twot do feodo ano. 

. Et *i baene Ibedl infrv aotalem, dominns foodi rc«ipiat bom»' 

I ciuia cnutn et liahoat in ciutodta ilium qutnidiu debuerit. Alii 

' ootniai, n plorM (ueriut, humagium ^uh n-cipUot, et ipae fitciat 

•ri* qaod boere dvlitunL Et uxor defoacti bnbest dotem enan 

' rt putMB de eaUllEa «}ua qnae earn contiti|i^t. Et ai domiuu* 

fpodi ncK*t l>j»-ri-ililnu drfuceli kukiiuiu vJuKdnm defuncti qunrD 

eugont, JiuLitiM domini tv^ factaut iuUo fieri pcrwgDttiuiKUD 


He»ry 11. 


por duodeciin Ieg«l«8 boininps. qiial«n) atlHn«in deftiDoUis UmIb 
hahuit iMv qua fnit rivos et mortaos : et sicut r(yyi<'aituni futrit, 
iU liMreilibua tjnn restituonL £c u quia ooDtra hue fMcrit rt 
iii<l« atUinUu tatait, naaaiiflU in tniwricordin Kffu, 

5. Item Jua(itia« itoiDiDi rv^ii tncuiiit fieri rMoguitioDom dc 
diMBifinia facta* (iipiir Antiwun, a tempore qoo ifetntuua rex 
venit in Angltam proximo pout pnonu factam inter ipnini et 
ragcni filium mam. 

6. Item Jiistitia« cflpinnt domini regit fidelitetea i&As olaasom 
Ptt^lia, ^t ail uhiiiiuni iufra olaumm PMleco«t«ii, ab omnlbnit 
vcilicet cDButiliOB. tmrunilKiS, milittlius et libere teitentibaa, K 
etiam niMtciii, <iiii iu tVKDO manerv votuenul. Et <jui faMore 
■uiliirril (tdclilntciB, taafiuam iiiiniictis dumini r«-f;i* cnpiatur. 
Habnit etiaai Jnititine praMipcri:, •juod omnc* ill! iiui noiKlniii 
ftcarvat bomagiinu ct li^Dtiatn domino rc^, ipitid ad trrniinam 
qoeiD MS noraioabnnt vraJant et fndant mp botitagiutn st ligan- 
tiam aicut ligio domino. 

7. It«m Jufltilwc Cuant omim juHitlae et rdctitodiBce q)««- 
tant(« ad dominum regent «t ed ooronam suam, p«r breve tlo- 
mini regit. xv\ illorum qui in looo ^ua enml, d« feodo dintiidii 
militiii ct infni, nlni tam grandt* (it qam'lii qnod uoo po«n( 
divltid Kin* domino nve, vH tidi* qonm JuMitiae d nportent 
pro diibildtionc lue. toT ad ilkw qui to loco tyan anal. Iiil«a- 
da&t tantou pra poeae soo ad cotninaduni dominj r«gis (aciendiuii. 
Fauiaitt eli*m aasisam de Uironibua iniqnia et malefactoribta 
lertM ', qiiM aaaiaa eat per eooNlium regis lllii sui et bomioum 
auonim, per qwM itori titnt oooiiUlua. 

8. Item JuotitiiM! protldout quud caati'lla dinita proniui 
diniatitur ot dinicwla lione prmtemautnr. Et uisi bu« teoerinti 
domioas rvx judtcituo «irin« auae de ct* habere Tolverit aioit 
da coDtviDptorilmx prMcepii oui. 

9. Item Jn«titiae inqniront de excaetis. dc eocleaiia, do tcrrie, 
de fnniuis quae eiint de donatioDe domini rejfia. 

la Item boillivi douiini regi* ropoudeaiit «d acnccaritun, 
lam de amiao redditu, qiiam d« omBibun perqui*itionibue anls, 
qvM fitciuut in bmlUii auie ; exccpti* iltia quae pcrtiDent ad 

1 1. It<in JutUtiaa inqiiinuil de custoilii* oalellonim. M qnt, 
et quantum, rt ubi ra* dcboant. et [>a«t«a mnii-ictit ilomino rt^ 

la. Item lulro, rx qao cnpitur, Ticoeomili tmdulur ad em- 
todieaduru. Et n vlcrromo* al»*ns fucrit, diicutiir ad pruxl- 
muai cwlclUniim, rt \\ma tllum cnstijilial d<^nco lUuiu libcret 

13. Item Jnstitiae (aciant qnacnm per ctuinHUdiiicm 



Jstite 6f Arm*. 


tUcw qui « neaa reccMemnt ; et am redire Tolaerint infht («r- 
aiaam nuniuiaUiin, wt nUrv oil recltmi in curia dvmiui regii^ 
poMm utlaffrntnr ; at oomiiui ntln^rtiiu affuniul nd Putdiai, ci 
ad Coium Sutcti MicliM-ltR, imI imccKrium, rt i-xin<lf niiltantur 
deoiiaa n^i. — {BtntdiHut Abbot, i. io8.) 

A.D. iiSi. AsMxe of Aniti. 

11m- IrinoJv t*ier**ila», tlw ol>]igatioii oil all free mtn pel wing 
UtuI in fall owiMTidnp, impliwl the datj of expftitia or fyf^, 
in mi'.Aiuatt bi lii« iiuiini«iMiiee of i>rid)(M and local dcfraces 
[briif-iol atid fntrk-lM). And Ifau obli([ation to military wrvice in 
dcfouM of the ouutilry ur of tiw pouie Mrvived (lie r«rli«r ■ytiWta, 
and WM not mer^l in the mititun' mocliiiirr}- of fradalum. U 
waa by tho meniif of a gcncnU l«v)- of tli« wluilv population of tlw 
«liire nnder ila mldortnan that tba eui}r war* ngainut tiie Dobm 
mn f"U|t)>t, iuhI to tbu want of a general Gi-iitr«^, protmlrty, tbi-ir 
biliin ia to be aatribcd. Tli« huttarU of Otnulir, on tbe o4h«r 
hand, werg tba germ of a sbuiding army, and as nnlicipatioa 
of tbe sjvlem cS flgbtiog by merconoi-iea which was adopted by 
WilUain ttia Cooqueror and tbe Norman kin^fl on aMuunt of tbo 
iiMafiefeDCy of tlie feudal kricii. Tbe Iiatrcd of the Kngliah 
towmnla incrcenarica rawbcd a dimox in the time of Stcjilwin, 
and Deiiry II oolyvVBtured on one ooranoD to introduce bia 
Bfalianfona into the oouBtxy, after the «x|iuUioa of tbe Fleminfpi. 
Neilbnr tlie fewlal leviea wbtcb nerc unraanai^ble and pre- 
eariooa, imt tbe nm:euaric« who woru inlolrratile to tba peopia, 
wrrf avnilable for tbe purpoaea awed by Ibo luicicnt naltoDal 
militia : and ibnt bt^ly. wlilch was tbo armed Kn;f:lub people^ 
bad (ulmiitnt aido hy xidii with tlie county court and bnndivd 
oaiorl tlirougb tli« Normiui ]>rriod. It woa Ihi* force wliicb 
William Hufua bad broogbt to the MMide for n>mpuUory net- 
<ner. Mid bad tfaore releaacd on tbe payment of ibe mim givMi 
Id rai-)) man by bin iihirn lo ptuviik' lilm with neceamries during 
tbr n(ni|Miign ; unil wbii'h, lii;l>t)ii|; umlrr tlie banner of An-b- 
biahnp TbnraUui, wbo had called up evny iian«h pri^t at tbe 
bead of bia parMifoiMta, bad won Uw battle of tlte Stuulard : 


Ilnry II. 


tlM HRte forM b I If 3 bw) been Mt b Toricabtrc b «otijuno- 
UoD with tiM lo}^ baroDB, u>d lud auoccMfullj hxistad tho 
8ooltblt iuviuiuD. 

TItc Amiu of Ami wm b mracuro ool pocalMr to EnglaDd, 
but i<< effect in EDgtand was to re-create Bud re-sm tbb aacient 
fraw. The effect of tUe iculagea in wroinntBticia of penomU 
•ervioe wa* to dimiuiab the military forM under the influeoue 
of the bATOtia, {iruvidiDg the kiuf; with merceiianca for lua 
foreign wan : tlia Antiu of Aim «»■ intended to crwt« • foroe 
for lutiionai defenoe, nfer «ad more tniatwortbj tiaa the feudal 
leriea. And Ihia puqiooe it Mean to have atwwrered ; it wu 
rcDowed or rc-iHQcd 1:7 Ueorr III in an expanded fona and b 
co^juncttoB with the BTStein of Watch aod Ward : and lahw* 
qaeot le^iiilBtion \ry Edward I tn the Matute of Wiiich«ator, hgr 
H«ni7 I^^ Philip and Miuy, and Jamo* I, hmi brought it down, 
b principle, to our own time* m the mUitia. Th« importanoe 
of the AaBi».< u iilufitrating lite couatilational point of rocog- 
DitKin by jury for the |»u]>om of taxation, and the growidg 
tcodtnqr to conuccl local aod ccntnl adminiitraliMi, dependi 
chiellj' on Article 9. The hm of the words Mmmitna libenrum 
Aonuitum, to ArtirJe 3, U abo Interesttiig, aod givca b tort of 
clue tv the political tendency of the whole Act 

Attita da Jrmu lialMttiia in AngUa. 

1. Quicunque habvt feodum uniu* milttii babeat loncam et 
cuiddem, dypeuni ct lanceum ; et onuiii milee babeat tot lorioaa 
ot caoidva, et vlyj)eo« et tonciw qnut babnerit leods militum b 
d-iDiinico mo. 

2. Qnictinqtie varo lib«r laicaa habncrit b oatallo vol in 
redditu ad ralantiaai de xri. naroia, babeat lorloam et cawi(l«m 
et clypeum et lanceain ; qoicunqoe ven> Uber lalon* habncrit 
b catallo Tel redditu x. raaroaa liabMt auberj^el <it i^peJlot ferri 
M laooeam. 

3. Itvm omn«> Iniriiunam vt tota oummaua libtnjruui honil- 
QUiu bnhcnut wumbnia at cajx-lk-t f«rri et liu>o(<am. 

4. UniuiqaiiNiue aulcm illonim jurot, quod infht fealun 
Sancti Hilorii Iiam urma hnl>«l>it, ct domino ngf Henrioo 
•ciliMi filto Maltldis iiuperHdicw 5dem portaUl, e4 haec uina 
b »uo aervitio teoEbil secundum praaaeptam nnim «l ad Sdem 




AuiM 6/ Amu. 


donini Ttf^» «4 rvfcni «ai, Et nuUus ex qno unu haee lMbueiit> 
n Tcaaitt, IMC mvadirt noe praestot, nee aliquo alia inudo » M 
4lirnc1; nro (tomimi* «uus es ■li<iuo modu ub Ixiniiiia miu tlifiMt, 
nec ]>nr fombctum, dm pur duutuu, aee [mr vndium, ace a]iquo 
ftliii edcmIw. 

5. Si quiH haee utuh bnlienn olMcril, amu snii muumuit 
hkcrtiii sHo, Si veru Itm-rca ilu uti a(4«u aoD sit, qnod «rmia 
Bti jMMttit, *i opui fuorii, ille qni eum lubebit in euBtodb liflbeat 
^inilitrr (luHndiiiin itrmoniin. ot humiiwim iuvenUt qui unit atl 
pCMoil iu Kcmltv dotnini regis, douM: bMnc de tui a«t«t« ut 
■|ui>J onita porture [Mnit, et luoc lutbeal. 

6. (^iiicnuqiw Irargposia plurw unii* lubuerit, atuun bslMtV 
opurtunrit wcunduni lianc nwiiuun, «« TondBt tcI dct vc) «c 
ft M NlicnH (all litimiiii qui ea in Kcrvitio dosaini rsgia AogliAO 
minoit. El uulhu comm pluro anna reliimt quaiu cum M- 
oamltun haac aoMaaiii halicn) oportuerit. 

7. lt«Ri tiulluR Judiitus (orii-aiii vel aabergellniB ftobt m 
ivtiimt, and cb tandal, Tcl del, vd alio mudo ft 80 reuMvat, 
iu quiifl n-maiMaiit in aervitio re^ 

8. Item anUiie portet ftrmn exin Angltatn ni«i per ptM> 
<«plnin domini regia ; iirc aliquis ToiMlat urma alivui, qui ea 
porlH a)i Aufflia. 

9. IttTin JiuUliu bciant jurom per legale* iiulitw v«l aJioa 
Iibrn<a vl legale* boniDcs de bumiittUs et d« buigia, quot 
vidiTiint esi>e<lir«, qui habcbuut ral«iiU«u oatoUi seconduin 
quud nam boberc oporiuerit loHcaiu et (i^iileejn et lauecMii H 
U^ieqni BOcuDduin quod dictum «a( ; scilicet quod acMntim 
■MMBtnuliiiut cia oinaes de bundmlia aub et de vidoietu «l da 
barftij, qui babelraut svi. marca* ret in cntallo vd in reddito, 
•imilitcr et qui liulirhit x, inarcoa. £t JuttiliM poftea oniun 
illna Juntores et altw fuciuit inbroTiari, qui qu«ntuin oitatli vel 
reddttu* iMbufriut, et qui aecuudum valeuliani ntalti vcl rad- 
(litui, qiiM DrmB babera debaeriot ; «t postea coram eis in com- 
muni audinntia illoniiu Ekiiaut te^ere buuc aaaiaam do armia 
babatndia, et eoa janrv quod m anim tiii)i<.-t)uul aMuodum valcii- 
liun »nirdict«cn caullumui \t\ irdtlitus, et ca Ivnelunt iu aer- 
vkio dmniui regis ivcuniium banc prwxtictani aanaam in pne- 
Mptw «t Ode doiiiini rt^u Heitrici at rcffoi mi. Si roixi eonti- 
grril quufl a1^i)uii iilumiu qui bnbcro dcliurriRt ha«c arma. nun 
•inl in omitUtu ad tcmiiiiiim qiundo Jualittac iu cumiuUi iilu 
rrtiDl, Ji'- itinl n t«raiiBtun tn aliu oomitntii corwn cia. 
Ft *i in I. uitii [wr quM iturae Hunt, ad mm veiirrit, et 

L'is. poiuitur i-i lemiiiius n|>uil WoMniiMter nd 
< !it«liB, quiid nit ll>i »(i facieniliiin Bocmmentun 


nenry 21. 


raum, ?icut se et omnia sua Jili);it. Et ei pneoipiktar <)iiod 
inrM r«itum pranlicttmi SiuiHt HilHiii liktieat ana* MCunJitm 
quod B4l oum [>«rtiiii't Imln-iiilum. 

10. lt«ui Juiluiiui facUnl dii-i fr.r omnM camitiittu fvr qiiofl 
itunte aunt, quod qui haoc armi noa hakiicrint ewuivdum quixl 
praedictnm est, dorainni rex capwt »6 ad wrum membra «t miUo 
tnodo cnpkt ah ris tcmkcn t«| cii(allnin. 

11. It>?ti) DulliM jurnt Buper leiitales «t liberoa bomiiM^ qoE 
DOD haWal XV). marcas, vd x. inttn.-a!i m caUllo. 

II. lUm JiHtilia« pitteci]>iiiiil per oranuii oomiMtaH, qaod 
natlu* siciil m iiMtum ct omnia cna diligit, cmat v«l vi-ndut 
nliquam navem nij <lu«nidum ab Angl!a, iwc aliqtiu dufonit vet 
dnfrrni fncint mniraniatn sxtnt Aiigliam. F.I pmi-cnpil rwx qnod 
Dullu* rK4[>i-Toliir ad Racraiuentuni annonim ntai liber Iiocuo. — 

(B4H. Abb. i. 3^S ; ffoiedrn, U. 361.} 


Hie foreoto i>f Enj^Und irm rtgarded, at l«ut from the thiw 
ot tba Onquest, an tbu jiecidiur aod iwiwmdU i>n)i>vrty of tlie 
kin^ nbji-ct to lit* um-uutrullcd juriwllcliaii, aud out of Uiv 
eoi^ of the common law of tli« realm. In orifpn, tluijr inn 
pTolMblr tlie reiaainiDg uneiMloMal woodlamb vfaich had beeu 
nittioaal propurty, tuul bectuM royal deneaae in tke elcruatli 
emturjr. There eviitd a tenet of dirMtlaiii for Um iniuuigeRiMU 
of tbeae tcmae, stat«d to bo enacted by Cnnut«, with the ua- 
wut of the witsa. But their autlimticity is too UDceriaia to 
nllow any Kr({uinent to be baied upon them. His {ccnuine legii- 
lalioD on ibo iraint id verr aiinple : ' I irlll that evdr; raan 1w 
worthy of hta hunting in wood nnd field on hi« own r*tat«. And 
let erery man abslaio ftoin my hunting: look, irhmvvr I will 
tJiat it Hboiild be freed, undor full penalty.' (Onnu/i, tiaff. $ 80.) 
Tlie ancient woodUods had Iwca odcIomm), with ttry ■Ktousiw 
ndditions, aa huntiae groanda, l>y th« Conqnaror and ha cona [ 
a act of forest cxiatoRM, cruel U> man and beoat, were brought 
into BW by Honiy I ; and the anpreme Jurudictioo of iha king 
OTtr alt woodi and fontrta, wbrlbrr on hja owii mil or nut, ww 
now aaaeited. TIun prerojj^tivo waa odiou« Wb Ut ttie ImimiM, 
wbofe pl««Mrea and tights it intcrfend wllli, and to tha peojiln, 



Aititf ^ tie Foretl. 


on whom f«U Ibe craelty of tha cx«ctitiv« MlmiTiislnitfoD. Aud 
Um dhancr of Hmry I faile<l to provide «iy mncdjr for tlie 
Rvi] ; tli« nrtieli) thul togcics lli« forMts amaaiiliu|;[ to n refusal 
ottioj limitatiiHi of tlio exutinf; ouHlum. SUiphno, in bis w*»k- 
IMH, WM mmpeUtd to tt^ga all ihu fonwt* thut Ileiir,v I had 
BNKtMl, Iml iflaimi] ibow tb>t inlwbttd nt th« licvth uf Wiltlftm 
Ihtrui. The jurtMliclioQ liad bocn ivittiRitaied by Henr; 11 
mrly In his roign, bj th« appuintm^nt of jiudicM wbo risited 
tfaa Tarpsts at tbe lime titat the Jiwtioo ItuKnot ' went lbs 
iwuntiM' or * circuit^.' Bat ihiti, the Aniao of Woudttock, i» lib 
lint fomul ucA concerniitg tli«ni, that is no^ in «xi8t«tiGC; The 
•iaT«iiih ikTtida of neniy'a Astiae is npedtd hy ibc great Charter 
of Jolin; aod a panilel maj be dnwn between tli« eoiuity }uri8- 
dlctjon aod tbe forvbl juriidictiua in Mvcrat of tbc other aniclea^ 
a^eciaHy that rtxguiring mi oatli from cTory jierMw of twdrv 
yaan old bdiI tipwardx. Tbo puuisbm«iit« preaoibed by tli« 
aaiiui are milder than tboee uuial under Hi'ory I, but the rigour 
iritb which the hiw wa* enforced was a great ground of com- 
plaint agauMt Henrj II ; and ihia is altogetber the part of hbi 
admlnialntKNi that mToui« raoat strongly of tyratmy. U^ury 
waa an ardent and ioddult^blo honter, and lome of his ii>uat 
itaporlanl cvuDoib were lidd. and acta performed, at his hunting 
pialaoea, anch aa ClarcDdoo, Woodatoc):. and Uarlborough, 

Incipit Amsa Domini ffrnria rtgit d» Fontta. 

Haeo est tmim, domini Ilcnrici re-^is Hlii Maiitdia. in Angtia, 
de foroMa e( voMtJona sua. per oousiliuiu et aMwnicuin archi- 
tfftiaoofionim, «pi«cn|K)rum, et larouuu, comitvm at uobiliuin 
AogliM. apud WuilMtoke. 

I. IMmum defuodit qpoA nullns ei fofif^iiit d« vcnalionc 
ana nee d« rtmotts niH in ntU re : «t a«& volt ()Uod oourident in 
hoo qnod habnerit luix-riconjiam de illis propter eonuu ostalla 
hoe uMjuo ipii ai foriiifiieenint do mialione sua ct de forvttii' 
kuia. Nam ■ i|ui« ei ainndo fonsfocerit et inde ronvictua funit, 
pli-oariitm vnh ito illu lialiu« juelitium qualii fuit facta (cnipore 
M?Ki» Hi-jiriei avi rat. 

a liriii dofroilit nuud unllu* halmt amu, ncv sngittas. nee 
nana, nne le|>orari<is In fortaliii «ui», nUi htbeat warrautum rcgcm 
vat nltiguem alium (|ui ei wmutiun |>oUrit. 


Jltnry II. 


3. Item defrndit <{w)d nullus tlooet vol vonilnt alitiniil ad 
dtatnidioaMB rel VMtum Ihihvi 'bii>, (|ui tutit inftn fonetHin rctps 
Unirioi : ooncadit Iwdo qu<id rapiant de boecii eorum quod 
hmmw eU fnent(K. esiuvci-ia), liue v«sto, M hMo per visum 
tunttarii ngi*. 

4. ItOB pne««pit quod amtm illi qui habent boacoa tnfnt 
motiu {oTVittut: TKjp», poiiaiii idoaco* foredUri'M in iMada wniiD, 
d* qiiiliUK fi)rcit(niiiii i)Mt quoram buMi fupriul Hint ptogii. vel 
uIp* inronUnt pl»ei"^ idnmioa qui omandaro potonut ai forc8t«rii 
in aliquo rortsfec«rint quod domino rein pcrltnou. ¥x illi i|ui 
extra mvUia ruKnardi boacoe hubeant in quilnia veaatiu dumini 
r«|[iA pocem Unbct, nullum furmurium lialwant. niti anaijiiun 
douiui iv|[ts jumvennt et p«K«ni renationia tnut, et cuiHodeio 
aliqucm ad btwcum ejus cunlodieudum. 

5. It«ni pnccipil domiuua rax quod fonwiarii mi CMpiant 
i.iir»in aup<T (orntam mtlituro ct niii^nim qui luthont lw«cm 
infm motM fAKctno regit. i\»iy.\ Iwn-i non ituxlruniitur ; Mm si 
ia|wr hoc fUeriut dcatruoti boadt aeiaut bene illi (piorum boMi 
ru«rin( dcstructi, quod de ipatamet T«l de eorum Ivrria capietur 
craeodatio et noo de olio. 

6. Item (tominu* rax prai.iM'ptt quod omnoa foTcatnrii vui 
)nnnt qutxJ «ccuii(lum pmn Ruum t«Dchaot nMUnin rju* qualTin 
oam fccit dc forrMts suiti i ot quod non vcxabuut milito neqn« 
alios proboa komiuae do boc quod domiitua rex canoedit illU da 
boBcia eonim. 

7. Item rex preeoepit (|Uod in quolilict comitAlu in qao babet 
vutBlionem, pODiintur xii. militca m1 cuntiHlimdum venjauoneai 
mam et viridcm cam fonuta ; ct iv. miUtcii ptiusiilur ail 
a([iitUuidum buacoa ano*. «t ad recipH-itdum |iun>|pum suuni 
ct cuMtodMUMluin ; et dcffodit rex qund nuUnit Hgiilnt Immob 
suoa infra metu fomlM antcquani Ix-acd ire>* »f(i>t«ntar ; 
at isoipit agisumanlum duinitii rvffia quindecim dia >Bt« 
feeluia l^ncti Uidiaelis, et durai quiudeoiui dice post fi«tuui 
Saudi ^licliaelift. 

S. Et rex pnecepit qund ai foresUriwi ejus habeat boacoa 
domiuicoi domini ngia io camndia sua, t% illi bpici ru«ri»L 
ifenructi, ct non ponit noc MTint juatam cauHun noovlran* 
qaare bote! dculniautur, niliit nliud rapiatur a fikrcalurio titu 
proprianv corpus. 

9, Il«m rax defcndit qnol nidlns clerinu ei rori«raci«l de 
natatioM soa uoc dc roveatis suis :' pnwwptt lieiie furt^tariis 
mis quod ai iiiVMorint t«a (nri^ocientw. Don dolntent iti ras 
Dutottm ponere, ad eoe retineBdum et atUwliiuudum, ct ipae 
too lwn« wwiiintiiu 







SolafliK TltA*. 


ID. Tt«Tn roc pnec«pit quod hub NKnru vidcuiUir [id quo* 
lib«l t«rtto anno] oovb et vtXon, ; ct purjirMttirM nae, el tuIa 
rotwtitc, «t qnod inbnivUatiir qaulibet per m.. 

1 1. \\em roz prncmpit quod (ucbiepucopt, eiUMOpi] eoniitn 
«t l*niaM et mllitcs ct libere teoenl«( «t <imii«* liominf* r«nui>t 
od Bommotittiouni lua^nri furwUrii mi, ucut m <IrfriMli rolnat 
Bf incidBul in miacrMordUtn domini regit, od pliwitaadum 
plMibt ilomini regb de fore»ti« mU, et aim ocgotia ma fsclenda 
Id Domiuuu 

t>. Apui) WdMtoke rex piwoepit, qutcunque ronrfec«rU d<r 
IdtmIk na c«n>el, do JpM aalvi pUgii cspianlur ; et u itenm 
(britfKi-rit, Bimilitor : n astein tertio forufMcrit. pro t«Tlia 
farisb«to uulli alii plegii CApiaDtur de illo, d«o aliquid iliail 
■U prapriuiu cr>rpUB fons(ai:i«iilij. 

[13. llrra piu<.-t.-ipit quod uttiiii* liomo bmbenji artrttm xH. 
unorum. tnanran infra pAoem vcnatioiiii, jurct eju paeon, at 
cbnct Uicnm fpodiuti l«u«ntc«. 

14. IImb pravcipit qnod «xpoditAlio tnutivoruni Ibt ubi- 
esnqne fene Buae |jiM.-em habeul «t habere r<>iisue*«ni[it. 

1 1, Item pnecipit aood nullus lanoator vd dealbalor cori- 
onun mannnt in forcatia iniii extra bnrgnni. 

i<i. [torn nx pnecipit qund niillut de cotero chacoat ullo 
isodo od capietidwi fvnu> j)«r noctem in^ f»re*lMn neqae extra, 
obtotuique fcne fOM fnqneotaDt t«l pomn babcnt ant haberr 
nmaaeverunt, mib poena impriaonanienti unius annj et facieoil'i 
fioem et redemptiunero ad Tolunuteri) suam, el quod duIIds nh 
tadem poooa faciat altquum funtallutiouvm fens mis Tivan tvI 
OMMtoaat inter fbttatem rniun et lw*ocw vel alia Uufa per ijifttKi 
nl progenitOTM aoM dMSbr«tato«.}~-(.Sm. AM>. u, cLxL) 

A.D. itSS. OsDixAxcx or th« SAUDrs TiTBl. 

The irapo<rtasc« of thia Act, conatitutic^ialljr, connats in it* 
Uiug an oartj attempt to briuf; taxation to bear 00 peraooal 
pruparty ; awl in \hv fact of ilie emplojmeut of looal jiuxm to 
(klarmine tlie liahilitjr of indiTiduala, bh bail been done in 1 181 
b tJifl AaBtxo or Anna. In these poinl« it sboiild lie compared 
i^omsponding Art of Diilip Au^isln*. A •imiliir txit 
I'lnte pbui bad been uicd in %^}^^.~t^LA. Vutt. ]>. 65^.) 


ffnry II. 


m in 


iplftriw I 

I fining 

OrA'iwtMM tf tU Saiadin TU^. 

I. UnaM]iiiM]u« decimnm redilttniua et nioliiUuia aoonim in 
eteonoayimm (kbit Imc umo, cxveptu armU «t oifnii et VMtibiMj 
nulitnm, excr^rt!* ■umilit«r etfuu d lilifii d vcmiJIku at Tn«ti> 
tiKHtiii ct oniiiimrNU ciijirllii irteriRoniin, et lupiililitui pratio 
liun dcrioorum tjuam laicorum. 

a. C'otlt^tur auieni ptcuain isU in tiitigulu ihiroahUa, pr»e- 
Mutv pr«»ln'(«n> jtai-ocbine et arcliiprcBltytero. et tioo Templariu 
tt uoo Hospit«Uriu, et Mrriente <l<inuiu regis «t cterioo i — '-~ ' 
HerriMito liaraiiU el olerioo ejUB, ct cl«rico epiacop! ; Guttt [ 
exuomtnunicatioiio nb ArcliicpiompU, epiwcopin, orchiprwbytcris 
Bingiilis in singulis pomcbii*, nipor uuuRi<|u«ii)quo qai dnanum^ 

ilLorum qui debent, sieut dicUim est, interswe. Kt si aliqois^ 
juxu oouacierttiam illunuit ininua dederit <)u>m dekucrit, eli- 
f^eiitur de puodua titiatuvr vel sex viri legitiim, qoi jurati 
diriuit nuoiili lutein ilUai (|iuuii ill« d«lruii>4(-l disuM ; et tnnc 
oportobil ilium Mi{i«^itddvre quod miniu dedit 

3, Cterici aulem ol militM qui cracMn antpmant, nihil da 
dedioA ista dabuot, sed dc proprio nio «4 dominitv ; et quioquid 
borainn (lloruiu debueriut ad opus illonuo colUgelur per supra 
dtctna, et eis lotutu reddotur. 

4. EptKCOfii aul«in per litterM nuu In timrulii parocfait 
r{ii<copn(uiiin Mioniin fiicieut nuuoiuri, et in die Katart*, 
Haucct Stcphsni, ot RMidi Johannis, ut unnMjuitqne deramai 
Itfaetaiatnnt infn purificationna Bcatao Virginis pMic* au colli 
{.tt, «t aequeoti die et dvinceps, illia ptwaentibus qut dicti sunt^ 
■kI lixniu <[uu vonttu fuent, lutusqutKine penolnt.—{Bmcdiftu4 
AbUu. ii. 31.) 

ExTKiCTS rsov Olaktiu. 

Tbe foUon-ing extntcU contain ouljr «ucb illuxtnitiofu of 
^stem Oif f«cog&ttiDci bjr juiy an throw light on the principles 1 
npTCMoUtion and election esisliu); in lh« legal ejai«m, befon_ 
Ifaey begiin to bo applied to twlf'^ovemnieul niid to tlw ootuti 
lutioo of Uie Cuutnuin Kutiniial Ooiini-'i] ; irilb a fiiw (mrnul 
tioee ot (Im ixxidition of villoina and ttio privil«|i«a of I 
and fraocbiMa. 


SglraeUfrom Ghnriii. 


O1.AXVILL, Ih Lfylf'U* An;ilia'. lil>. ii. c. 7. Ent autcm 
MgM aidM niiitlr •|ii<kMiiiii liriiiriciiini, cb-mrnti* [iriiwijiiu 
<{■- r»iMlio pmortum |Hi[iiili!i iii<l<illiiin, iiuo vilrMt 1 111 mi 11 11 in et 
tlnliti inlrerilnti turn •iitiiln-ilpr (xmiulittir, ut in jajv <]uimI <)uia 
in librrn coli triwiueiito |mim»()c( rMtDCDdo durlli ni^iiin dedtiMre 
I'liiiiil liomum anil)ii;uum. Ac per boc conlingit iiis|wMtw et 
'ae niortib ullituum erailora sii)i)ilUnuia, vel ul(eti) 
I . ..1... iufBniiiu> u1f]>ii>bntim illins lahaii et iuvtrecuixl! vtrhi 
qiKiil ID ore ilcti lurpilvr Knot txaaeeatiram. Ex aLytiiilitt^' 
■uItih ninxima prmliln Ml li-j^i* i«(a iuMitatio; jtw raim i]Uod 
piwl maltoa et loiuiiM ililiktiiitieii vix criiicitur pnr diicltuiu, jvr 
1*111 111' iu I II iitiii* miiRtttutionU Mimmodiiui ct wcirliTMliiM DXpe- 
■litur. Amm mim i\»* lot non rxjHxtitt r-«)>nniii ijiiot (hitilliim, 
tti ct ArqiiciitiUis li<|iiet>it. Ac [x^r boc «t Uburibu botnitiiim 
pMi^itiir L-t Miioptibuis patipmiDi. Praetenn qasnto nn(^ i>ou- 
(iFTni in judiciiH plurjuin iduDcimiiii t«*liaia SdM qaam nuioa 
(ntitiim. tiuito tnajorc ai'i^uitnte uititwr ista oolutilutiu (iiiniii 
Oorlliini Oiini roim rx uniuii jiiniii ti^Htumuiiii procnbl iluoU 
lani, iliimlM-im ud miau* Icf^ulium bimiiuum cxi^'it Uta coutitvlia 

INa^aiittur tatma nd asMmm ipeom lioc ordlne. Qiwre » 
■)«) M in uoiinni poonit nb iivilio, pcnguiret breT« de pttc« 
fcidicndA, ne d« ertrm ttb iid*«TMrii> poiialur in pUcitum per 
liNTi^ qtio |>nin inter tM pliKilum fait du tenanKBto uikIc 
IturrM pcwiiit M in MBtiwm. . . . 

C 10. IVr t«lia adtvRi brvvia paonm pnqtiirit i* qui t«act, pi 
In itMisiiin BO poiiit, don«c adveraarinit nd cnnain vcntnns Blind 
brore {ieri)iiimt, iit |irT quatuor l^alra oiilitM dc coinitatu 
rt An v)>iiir(ii dliganttir duod«<«in mililcs l«gml«« ■)<■ khIciii 
viiiaeln, itii aniMr aacrnmviilum Huura diamt uier liligHtitiiiin 
niajuii JUK hnWat in lrn-> pi^titn. . . . 

e. 1 1. 8cd iKita qutvl iip|inTcnlilmii in curia quntnor mililibna 
di* ailM ptaafixa, paratiii ilLiiHliv.ini iiliu* cligrn-, iU> hoc ex aaqno 
prmliln eal q[UBeilain cou<>iitutii:>. jnxtn (|tiaDi dc cnnicilia chiim 
itit mAf^t m axpediri, qaod me VMierit airo non ii> qui tenet. 
uUiiliiminuR per tllua qtiniuor mililoa, et miper wrum aacrn- 
atvDtuni ti«t electio ■lui>d<<ci(n. . . . 

■■. 14. Pnrta elerlt'iiie duodecim ntilttum, sammonendi rant 
Qlj nt ad cnniiin vnoianL pantti miiht Mi'mnicntiim mnm dit^rt 
anil minim, kjUbM an iMtens nu pctMia, mqjaa jua babeat iu wa 
drinanda. . . . 

c 16. Die aatem duixlm'ni mililihua praeflia nd nccKnU 
tixiMRi (iH-ii'ivUm. Kive TFix'rit i« qui tenet rive i>oo, atne djla- 
(iitiw ncifgiiitk* ipaa imxMidat. . , . 



//wy //. 


e. 17. )'i<ocitk-iitA nutvm ts-\sA ail riici»iiliiin ri-«if^i[iuiicin 
ipMm. nut Wnr uxliim lott jiu i|x]uiii ijuiii Jiirot»ril>n«, ant 
(jaHUin niutiiil vt (|titdjtm neaciuul, nut cimii«s igiKimot. 81 
nnlli mrum ni vi-ntat«iu iixle advitrint, et boc in curia sapor 
ncramentum •uruin toaUti tint nivc foentit, mA oliM dacuN 
reiMluin eel donee talcs invcsUnUir qui nd Tei-ila(«m inilB 
s«ierliil. Sin aii(«in quiOam eoniiu rci roriut^m scUni.tjtiiilRia 
Boii, mjectia igiiorwntibuK, alii quideiu Tocandi aunt mi ciiriuB 
ilfiiK^c duoJedia nd nittius ■■e|>«riaulur ii>d« coticonlM. itna 
li nnidnxn corara dixeriiit |>tu uuu. ((uidiim |>ro alio lili^puitiuoi, 
itdjiciundi NUEit alii d<inoc duixlcciin nd miiiua in altoniUwin 
{iMtcni conwrditcr iKiuii-virriiit. .lutnre nulrni qililil»el eonim 
riclxtt, qui ad hiw vocnti •■iiiit, quod iioQ liitiiuin iitdr diuctit dmi 
rarit«t«in tac^lNint Hci«nt«r ; ad aciMitiui aiittin eonun qnl 
au]>«r hoe jtirant ii»i« bolwndam, exigitar qood per |>n>priam 
rinntii duuiii «t uwlilum illiua rei Iwbuerint uotitiau, vti per 
v«rliit |ia[niiii iiuuruiii «t |]«r lalia qoibw 6dcm WieatiUu- habera 
HCpKipriijt. . . . 

Lib. V. c. 5. PturibtM aatem modlt jwUnt kd libortAUrm iiliqtus 
III nIt«iiagto positiu dcduci, vultiti si domiiitu ejus volena ram 
od Ubert»l«ni pcitluci ct a se et bsendibus atiis qui«lam cbniA- 
verit ; vd si ram ad )ibcr«ndum alicui donavcrit vel veudideriL 
IIIikI t«ci«n ni>tjitidtiia m>1 quud nua [lOtMl aliqtiiii in vitlcni^a 
|)c»itnN lilierlateu) siiani propriis densriiii kuin quacmx^ Pomt 
Miim tunc a dfimiiui mo sccumtum ju* nt coomuiladiiMtiD Tvgiu 
ad TiilcMgiiim icvocnn, qiiiu omtiia cntaDii cujiutlibet natiri ita 
inMl^^lur ono ia potcstatc domini sui, quod propriia denariti 
Ruia venoia domiDnin mntm a villenagio so nxlimorv aon pot«rit 
Si quia veiv uxtraneus eum wl liberMidam enwKi boI* nutntnta, 
IKMMt quidciii iiffpclno rennia dominiuu snuni qnl turn veudl- 
d*nU, m> in sUitu liberlatiii Ui«r). , . , 

NoUindum «tiam quod pot««l qui* nalivam nuim qaontuRi 
ad sat ipnus vpI baoirdum Mwrum pcnana* liberuni (Man, iwn 
(jaantum ad nlios. (^ia ai quis prius tiativne, boc modo ad 
ttbertatroi perdutluB, contn extraueum aliqu«in iid diratiuctna- 
tioDem racittidain prudaoer«tar in curia, vel od aliquam legem 
terrac bciendam. poswA Jade juate anioveri, n nativitoa nu od 
villcnopum miuid id curia ol^ecl* fuerit «l probata, ctioiBal fu 
lull irtotn miles Eactun cM6t a viUciiagio Itbcmttu. 

Item si quia uMtivin quictu pirr unum nnntim ct anaiD dtoa 
ill aliqua villa privilegiuta ma)i«i-rit, itu quod in eotunt cixn- 
tnunnni, iciliwt giUlnm tniiquoni civil reoeplus farrit, co ijiao » 
villrnaifl" lilxtrabitur. . . . 

Lib. ix. c. I. , . . Episcopi vera ooBsccnli booMgiuia faooro 




ExtncU/nu GUiwiU, 


iHin aoUut doniEnp ir^ odaro dv Ixroniia wait, sed fiilvliutm 
euRi jiimnirtitis inlrrpoaitia ijwi pfsastare Got«i]t. Electi vmto bi 
qMKOpM ante coBHcnUioDeni m»m bomagiB son faeere »ol«Jil. 

c 4. . . . DiciturmitoD ratiooabile rderiniii alicmiu juxU 
eniMDKuJin^iii rc;n>). de ftoAo nniiM ailitb eentniq »(4i<lo<t ; de 
aitc»l{ii>Tcroi{uaiiUimTBli-t censui illiiu aocagii pcmnumMinnia; 
t]n baronJM vcn> nihil ccrtum utMUituin cat, qau juxb) vdIdd. 
KiU-fii Ft tnisrricordiiua domini regia xilciit bftroniM c«[>iUl«« d« 
■nib rokriu (ImmiDO rtgi Htiafaoere. 

c. t). pMbiu»ni vera eooreDerit ioter dominum el buredem 
binnili* aui de ratioD^lt rdevio dando et riH:i|>i«u<l<i, pottrit 
Mom \\ai.Tt* ratiMUthlUa anxtlta d« bumutibns Miis iiid« esigere; 
ita tanm modtTritv w^'undum (luuititatem feodortim luoniis, 
*t wcutnlnm beultutcs, no niini* oraTari indc vidi'witur yd 
suns) coDtrTMonctitnin aniitteiv, Niliil atitrm Nrbim atatntiim 
«t de kujusmwli auziliis daudis vcl cxigendis tiin nt pn«dicta 
forru t&violaliilit«r uliMn-utur. 

^it pnu4«f«i alii camia in quibus licet doiulnis aoxDIa 
■imtliK, leA aub furnia pncMinjtla, exij^ere ab Iwoiuiibaa suia, 
vrluli It Tiliii* vt tiMTve miiu miln 6at, tcI ii primogmiuni 
flliam tuam mnritaTerit ; utnun vera ad gnerrua aaam autatiM- 
neadam poaRBtdoauni hi^umMdi snxilia ucigvra quacro. Obti- 
URt aiiirn quod DOD pooRint ad id teneDtcs distriBgere de Jon 
nisi (lunWnna faoetv n-Uiit. Pomunt uutem domini teoentcB 
■DO* a<l hujiumodi ntiuaabilia auxilia rtddcoda, (4bm Kio jure, 
•in' prawcpto domini n^ia vd fjn* oapitaliii Juirtiliao, per judi- 
dum conac eiiac dittringcre per catalla qmui in tiHiia fcodi* 
iamiMHiil, Tcl per ipaa feoda si opus fncrit ; ila toinca qnod 
ipai lenentffl inde dedncantur jutto sMundum connitlorationcta 
euriat: luae ct ctimuuUiditieai ratiunabjlem : ai er^n ail bujusiDodi 
Mixilk ntiuiialiilju reddeuda posMt idt()im duminna l«iMntea 
•DtM ila diftringcn!, mullo fortiuN diftrictioDem «o modo licit* 
pulrrit fiiccn' pro ipw ntcvio mio n^l pro ncccaaario aervido auo 
da irodo mo *ibi d^'Mbv 

Lib. xii. c 6. Solent aulcni pinciln iHta {tc d« trrvitio) in 
euriia domitioniiu vcl eomm qui loeo doiuioonim babenUir 
dnliui, M.>ettti<!iin) r«tio&abil«s oouauetudinee ipsaruni cununun, 
qua* lot el Uiu TariM sunt, ut ill MHptum de fadli reduei uon 

c. 9. Ad TietooitittMn antem Drovincinrum pertinent pracdieta 
plaeita da ncto ubi enria« oomiDorani prohBntar da recto 
dafrci«*. , . 

r. ay. rnrdietn vero plaeila eive alia, qnalilor vol quo jure 
dodnci live utnninari h^)eiuit in diTerns oomilaiitus. omilto, 

H ■ 


lUnrg n. 


ciiin pTopIrr ipsorum romilAlnnm conmcttiJino* iliv«>r«M, quu 
<|iii<lM» «iiisnH ri>iu)tatu» «inguliu obMTviint. turn <iuin |irnt'DWti 
iii«i Wevitsji illiid uon cxi^t, cnni non Allcmlam ni*i ad «« qiuw 
in upitali curia r«g)a fii.>ri sntt«ut «>l d«t>canl. 

Li)), xiit. o. I. . . Nunc vcro en qiiM super wiriiila eolvtn- 
ino(l« u^uUIo iiuuc r«at«iit )>r»3e(|u<ni(U, Qum ({utm ex beueSoio 
(iMintitulioDiii nfpu (|U«c AasIsu Domlnnttir, m nwijori pftfta 
trniistip nolmt p«r rvoo^niltMieiu, ite divei^ia reougnitipnllnu 
mtot tnvc til II 1 1 11 111. 

G- ]■ K»t niit<'in quMdftm rocngnitio ^un« rocolur An morto 
Ml«etaK>ria; qiutodiini autom ito ulUmis |>n>ranDtfttioitibue 
penouaram in (ctjraiia. . . quacdain autvis rocoguitio eat quiw 
dicitur uova dnseiaina . , . 

c. 3. Aooupto itaque brav) d« moria aiit«MHaorIa ah Ipm 
ricKcmite, ct id coiniUitu data iNKniriUle »b ipM |Hiinitp ile 
cUraara huo prMcquvnilo, tunc liou ontin« perrenitur ml awMni. 
Ab initio oligrndi ciiiit duiAltxiim libvri at Irgxlca liumtnm i)a 
▼itiuoto lectindiiin fonnatn in Incvi rx|ii>r*ii*ni. . . . Nnmina 
atiain illorom dnodoritn eWtorum bciot viceooniea imbreviari. 
Driode Bdmiaonere faciei ipse vitieoonKB ipuiin tenetit«in. . . , 
Et si juratarea iptd dixeniit pro pewtilc, Hdj«<liivil>itiir «! ind* 
M-'isIna ct |iraecipi«lar viwcumiti quud vi Mininaai llliuii liahere 
faciaL . . . 


Ohartebs Of BoKOCOHs auscTED Br Bexby IL 

Hi* M1i»«riBg ar« epccinictiii of tl<« charters timed by Hi-nrj 
H in Ui« earlier part of his nagn. Towards iLe eud at It be 
eecms lo have avoided graiitin;; eucb penniuMnt IfbertiM, and 
to have griwrally prefcrrHl Inkini; fliiCD for ibn ODnliiiuanoo 
of privilrgft or cu»ton>i< frum jvar to yMr. Hic fftmiiU of thrae 
chartcn ara not much in adranco of those of Henry I. Tlis 
folluwiiifC list of liberties aoqiiii«d by Ane duriuK the intcrvMiin^ 
pcno<l in abridj[(d from Mndox'a Biitdrt/ a/ th« Hxtft^ier, 
ohap. si. : — In the ihirty-fint of Ileiiry I tlw rilincitt of Iioudim 
pny too inaHu to Iuto thrrifTs of Ihdr ovra thooainti ; thntc 
of Liucdlii pay loo mnHts tit eiWi^r, niitl ftiur of nitlil, Ibat tliey 
may hold Ihuir city in diief of Ibc kini{ : tl»c wearora of Oxfovd 
pay tvo nuks of gold for Uimr gaiM ; tlioae of lineolB, onej 
those of Iltmtiogdon, forty iiliiHitig*. TlioHiat of Yovk, at 



Ciarttr» of Totnt*. 


t)lT{H, gives R eoimlntr dog tlwt li« nuy be aldennui oF the 
CItilkl uf Herdiaiils nt York. 

In llic (liinl oi lU-iiry II tlic citiuiu of Yorii pay forty 
iwrit* for r*K)<ile ttiiit llwy may out ploid outei<l« of tlte county 
uiiiil Ibe Ieiii^'r ralurn: in tbe Uurtcenth, the 1fui;g;ti«rfl of 
Bcxlfnnl pay furty marka to liar* Um Bune Ulwtrtics Uint ibuM 
of Oifunl Imic : in liie nisleeulii, thate of Shrcwftliar}- uul 
Uri4ljiw>TlU ]My ft fine to liave tbcir town at fvmi : in Um 
Iweuty-MflMul, tbc men of Awlovcr pay to liave l]>e asiae 
lilHtrtin in their gnilil tliat tlioae of Wilton mid Salinliury 
\mi« : and in lb« lw«oty-sixlh, ibe men of Preiton (Hiy to bitvu 
tlw mm9 libeitiea na tltow of N«u,-aa«tle. In the tbirty- 
flnl, (Im barghns of Caniliriil^ piiy Ihreo biiaitrcd morka of 
ajlver, and oDe mark «f gold, to hav« tlmr town at furm, 
uul tx nrmpt frum tlie intermeddling of tJie atMrlif. In iho 
fourlMnth of Hi-niy 11, tli« ni«uof Homcajillc pud £39 ij*. 4<i 
for the ud to nurry the king's daughter, ' quod ipsi aasedonuit 
iatrr »e ounotesu Jostiliftniu alit«r quam JuMillae.' 

Chirltr 1/ /fmry // to iriVAwM*. 

Hcuricus res Aii),'liBe, dnx Nonnanniae ei Aquitannfaw, 

flnnat Aiid«Bnviae, luvbii-pi^upiit, e|iijitupiii, alrlHililnui, comiu* 

hii> lir^miDilibut et (inmilms fidclibua >ui« Fcmnci* et Augli*, 

a tiilitu Augliau ft wDuium iwrtnum mari* anlnton. 

i |. quod cin« tad Wintonionto* ile gilila ntcmtonun 

mm uniiiiliua reboi *Di» sint qiiitti do muni thelonio, pMMigio 
• t 'iidine ; «t nullug super nta distnrbet ueciue ii^uriam 

h tuneluuii eid facial uiprr foriafactunun minun. HI* 

t I lio. CaMvll.; Com.Itcg.; CunL Gtuvc.; Itic. ilu Humet, 

< lio; Gar. SI. Giruldi. Camemrio ; Will. fil. Hum. ; 

J.. \iiillu\.~{ili!iutr'i n'iittitetter, 0.300; IKoodtMutf* i/oui/r- 
jAirc, i. 371.) 

Citarl*r iff' lltnty II 10 Winehuitr. 

H. B«x Angtonun, Ac Sciati* m« oonomnaa esTiliui irpib 
Wii.t"ni«i' uiuixa librrtatea e4 conmrtuilinrs quas ipai buliu- 
> nii>i in U-rupun rogi« Henrid avi moi. El praeripio quud 
Imlo-iiiil (4 U-upniit omiiiu luata et Tailia auu et tenencnla 
Ma accnnUuni ouuaui-tiiilitia civilatia, ita libcte el qnieW 


fffitry II 


8t pMifloe, aknit mKiuam nwltut (euueruDt temiMtv ngii 
Hearid; ct n itlti]tiiu: oonHUutmlinM Eujiuto levulac twit in 
guenm chmUm siiit i fit quictuiquo pMiAniit uivitutcm illsm 
cum meratu mo, dv quoctinquc looo unt, *ivu oxtnuici. sive •lii. 
voDMot, morenlur ct rrcodnnt id sulvn {mco inca, cvddaodo 
roclas consuetudinrs, et unna us injusto duturtxrt super -hajH 
ouUaa DuanL Et tuIo et pmocipio quod pnedicti dv«a me ~ 
Snanm iiac«iu juste liabeout. T. Cuiic^llftrio, eta. Ai>ud f 
— ( Woodtoard^s Ifampthin, L i; i.) 

OAorttfr <tf Hmry IT la Line^n. 

Beanwit Dei mti* &«. epbeopo lintolnienu, jutEtinriia, rj. 
oomitibus. bitriMiibtu, ntinwtria et omiiibu* fiilelilni* tu'u, Fniuct 
<it Auglis LiDcolniu siJutoEn. S<iuli« me conccMiaM civjbus 
meia lincohuM omoes tibcrtalM ot oonsuotudiius <t logos auo* 

Suea habaenot t«mpor« Eadvsnli et Willclnti c< Eletmci reffum 
.ngliae, et gitdwn mutn memtoriftm ile hominibaB dvitnlu er 
i]e alii* memtoribtu oomllatua. sicut illain lubuerunt t«iu|i 
praedtotonim uit«oe58onim n«trtT»niin rrgum AdrIim mcliun 
librriofl. £t omiiei liomntci iiiii infn quoluor diviiH civitnti 
EOAdeBt ot memtum dcdncunt, Hint nd gildiw et conmiHudiuea 
lit BBUnaa dvitatu ticut mrlius fuorunt tempore Kdv&rdi Wtt- 
ti-lrni et Hejirlci regiua Aogliae. Oonccdo otiam ea quod si 
iiliquU emerit alii|iwni temiin infra civitatem de Imrg^o Lin- 
colour <rt cam tvoocrit ])«r luiiium vi unum dicra wue cnlttmnia, 
•t Ule qni MBi omorit, powit moii»tr»re quixl rjilutiininlvr «x«li 
erit ia rvgiooe AiigliiM! infra uinuia et imih calumnialnx (9t 
extanc ut in aiit«a b«De ot in pace tenfat cam et »ine plaeilo! 
OoDfirmo etiam eb qnod ai aliquU man^erit incivitat^ Linc^lni. 
per Htumm ct tumm dlein fooe «atuinnin alirujus calumniatoi 
ct dcderit ooniini^diDea, et polcrit rauualrare per Xogta et ooi 
Nuotudinea civitatin qucid calumniptor exatiierit in 
Atii^luo ct non cntnninialuii n>t mm, extune at In aat«« 
maoeat in pace, in ciiilAle mra [.iiirolnia, Kicut dvis mi 
T«Htib«B. i'. episL-opo Lexovicn^i ; Tlinma Canci'lluHo ; H. 
Blabalario ; Hcuncu de Esaex, Oooslalitilitriu. Apad Noltioge^ 
tuun. — {Fordtra, L 40.) 

C3uirl»r nf Uetkry II U youinghom. 


Itearicus, Rex Aajtliae, fto. Sctatia me ooDceMiaae et baa 
carta dim confinnaase bur{[enBibui de Kotiai^ham ouaee Hi 
tilwraacunuieludiiMwqtmhabaerunl tempore Heoridavi ixtatrij 
eciltoet l«l et tbeam et iarnngenetbef et telunia a Tunnuteaic 

Giarten ^ Tv»n». 


i|iii9 od Nrwerc. dn omsibus TVenUm tranteuntilKU, ita ]>li>- 
ir nl in bun^' <l<^ Nutingehara, ot rx oliii pute s I>iiito uUra 
nitMiiiiin uf^ite a<l aqtwm de itMlefurd in NorbaDhtain. 
lotniBea «tum <t« NotiiwelMoiairo et de DubuBcire reuitv 
jjitient ml lmr|[Uiii d« Xotingehani (U« VenLTia el Salibali inm 
[ji et yunimBgib ruh : dcc nliiiiiia infrn il<icciii Icaau d«i 
vham tiitcto* piiun»« ojwnirl dclmt. nisi tn btit^ d« 
~Min. V.\ ni nli<|uiii niidecamiUG sit in bargu do Not- 
niuu^nt Ktino tino ot di« udo tempore psci« absqae 
Imnfa, bqIIv poafa nixi rvx I iu cum] jna liabelut. Et qui- 
inqna burgmiainm tvrtAin vidm lui eiuerit M poawderit ]i«i- 
tiiutu integrum «t diem uniim Kibaqne oalumnu parentiuB ven- 
, 8i ia Anstia fuerint. poitea Mm i]iUL't« poMdctnt ; fle(|iie 
•it«burgid«Notii^te)Mm nliqiumi buT]getuiium mlumiiiiuili 
Jnlur niai nliua fuvrit wcuMtor in cnuaa. Et qoicunque 
IB Iwrgo Buuworit. ct^UKVuque fcodi nt, mldorc debet umul 
cam bor^Dsiba* talliagia ct dofeotiu burgi ■dimplerv. Omim 
•luuii qui od rorum de Nutiuguhan VMLerint, a TMipcrf <liei 
Veiwfia uM)u« ud « es|)«min Sabbati, non nuiiieutur nisi pra fimu 
Kffia. Et iter dc Trent* lilwrnm ee»e debet iiAvif^tibus quu- 
tim prrticn unik obtiavtiit ox utrnquo parte lili iiqnne. Qaire 
Tolu i>t prkKcipio quod prudicli burgcxuicii pnuthdiw con*uetn- 
liiiwi liatwant rt t«ii«'ant b««i« et in pwc, lilierc ot qiiieto, ct 
boaoriBci) et ptenuiie el iut^^ie, aiout babuvmnt tem|ioro ngit 
Heurid avi mei. 'I'efcte, Ac— {/ttdtni, i. 41.) 


&ar%gt nf Umuy II to O^ord. 

BtfuioiH rex Aiigliac, dux Nonnaantae eit Aquitauiua« Av. 
Briaiia me coi>ocMiaM et conlirmuaM civibiu laeta in Oxeatoria 
vmDM lil'crtalM ct coatuatudiDua et legeii ct quicbuitiaa qnaa 
hal'uenint tempore np" Henriei avt mci. iiomiiialitn |(iMam 
Kiani Urrcatorwm com omaibu* libcrtalit>iii> ot coiun«tudiiilbns 
fit lema ct in nlris, puUiru ot aUis pertinent ii*, ita qnod aliquia 
nan lit do gildbalU aliquam mercatunun non facict iu 
itala Tel mburbiis, ntfi sicut Milebut leui|>ure regis Heiirici 
taei. PiMrterea eoacewl cia quod nnt quieti a theluocu et 
io et nmnl ooMiNtadtDs per totom Augliain et Xurtniui> 
w, per lefram. per B4iiiam, [mr ripam iniuiti, bi/ land and hy 
t»i. Et balicant (Wiim alioa oobRiietuiliQeR el lilx-rtaim et 
■un* qiiAji haboant communrt rnm civibuii uii^i'p Ijoixltinia- 
Kt qiuid ad fntum mniim mifai KTriant cum illiii de 
Intialeria mea, et fad^'nt cnni cis meri'Aturam siiam infra IxiD- 
Cl nxtra et in oiuuibua loria. Et si dubitaverint ral 


//ffl/y /;. 


cuutcndmDt ik judicio nliquo qnod l*c«ra dd)«uit, d* li<ie 
LondiMiiafl mittant duiickm ^ihw, vi quud LondoniriU'r* tiwl* 
jadtoattunt fitmura et rntum linliMDt. Kt oxtm I'iTitab'ia 
Oxaatatio non placittnl d« ultiguo uude caltimnUti auiil, aeit tie 
qnoeunqvfl in pUcitu [M>u«uttir i»e flUmtionuUiut wcuuiliiin 
lcg«M et couiucludtni!* civiuiu I.oiHl(itiiHruui et nua aliler; atut 
ipai et civm Luniiooinriiin tiuiit (1<: naa d oadem oonntiMiiinna 
lit lege ct litwrtnlc. ijiiMV viilo &o. qttotl lubtiuit |invilii:tni> 
libertatcB ct legos ot coDsuetuilincn al tciiiinui muui ilii tmitc at in 
p»oo &c. cam 8a(s rt Soc« «t Tol ot 1V*nt ot Inroiigtlirof, «t oum 
oDiuilnu (Jiifl libcrlnttbuB ct conHuetiiiliuilne ct quiclniitiis «ub 
Nout eu uii(|uain nieliuH liiibu«re (emiioiv rc^« Ueatiui nvt nwi ; 
«l steutctvee met LutidoDLuiitn «imi h«b(!Dt. TastibiuTonMCui- 
<«1kri<i,B«giiuddoCaiiiit«Corn<itiini', H.CoinitvNorfolkW&c.— 
{PtuJtalti Oxford, p. 339, /jwit an iiw|f»«xtmiu «f Q*um% Ulisit- 


Tlua very important ttvAtJM 1* Ibo work of Rlcliotd, BUiap 
oF fjondon, Trmsurcr of Ibe fjcclKqner, md of Nigo), Bbbop of 
El j, hia pred«c«HMr ui the ofUve, and gnat nepbew uf Kakip 
I{o){«r of SttUabury, iStt OTiginol offputtHa- of tliu iidnuuUlt«tioii 
of ilwt Coart. It u pv^n Iwro in it« tnl«grity, u oontrilnitin]; 
an cxttaonliDajy tuas« of inJbniMlioB on vnry irapoiteDt poiol 
in tbe development of comlitutlonul imndples iH'fure (be grat 
Charter. Erai Uiofc portioiu of it wlik-h livar moru directly 
OB ard)a«ologic«l «Dd lagnl <|ii«ttioDa am uorlliy of Knititt/, u 
indicatioos of (be spirit of iIm lime tliat wm pro[»rii)g for (be 
great (IniKRle for law againat deapodc rohralG. It U Ukea 
(hMD Uadvx'a edition, a« dnwn bf him from (lie HM Bouk of 
tlia Kscboqaar, a 1(8. of (be tUirteentl) ranturj; anil for the 
firat timo piinted ia Ills invnliMbie i/utory ^lAt Saxhofmor. 


OtdioHtidA Vvo poltutstiMw in ntnot limorr 
ct <rb«M|ui Dt«(iaiMi cat OmiiiK i^im |)0MRM a I 
Noo ergo ridrtiir alAtinliim vij n viria «cl<- 
r«gibM qtiaci iiraccclleatibaH i-t cmUria polc*1..> 


Hialfyu* tie Sciieeario. I. 



MiK Jtint wnrnfv ; praewrtim in hits qna« veritiiti vd honmUiti 
nan i>)ivi«at. Oport«t aulem biU serriiv. mm In vooMrTBudiB 
Unlum iliKiiiialiliui^ prr qou slnrin regiM) potMUtu dnce*, 
TenuD in munttniinnnD fiiri:ll«i iim OOfMil^ ijnM cm aui lUUua 
(MImm wall ii;[ii lit : ilia i-iiim illi»tr>iit, hcM Mubrrniuiit. Porra 
nobiliam mfitit, vcl iIofiKtu*. principiim [x>(oBlatN humiliot vrl 
MUtltkt- Qttibus riiim Iiaoc dmitit, liostibus pnmb cnuil : 
ijulbas iMlrm )i»pc Bupfietiiut, liiJa hoMs in pnudwD ciiilant. 
Sutr licel hnen rc;,'ihaa, |>l(>mnqa« Jure Don proraus exAmin«to, 
•nl palritB i]uim(|iH|U« IcKihtia, tiuiitiduque ooi^iuin niorum con- 
iti ocmtlin, vi.'l Moliiti int^rJuin ium voIuiiUiU arbitriu. ]>ri>* 
iiin* coiitingat, conim Umcn fiirtn uli inrrrioriliuK iliKntieiMlji 
V»l CMKieHi]><iaiMl> mm laiit. Qnonim rtiim ounla et oivIim 
conliaiB is tiMOii Dei aunt, et quibiin ii)) Ipno Deo Kingiiliiritfr 
«rt cnilta mm mlKlitorum, eonim canaa Divino timtain noD 
binuna jtujkrio «ImI aut cadit. Neiau tainen quaolunilibet 
•li*M, ki «pcnii «K«rit. dv iini>iiiiUiit<> »il>t blutxIUtur, cum do 
b^ioaiDixli W'rijHnm «it, ' jKiU-iitpi putcuUr lunnCDia {wtifuttir.* 
Xipbir (pudl»oiiiM|ae >il vel vitluitur acqnimuii muaa v«l iai<diiit, 
■ia qui ad coram cnitladiatR ex pfficio dcfxitentur, cura remMior 
rxif D011 debet. S«d tn eiadera congrtgandia, conserraudifl, rd 
iliatribuMidta, tolUdtam decrl mbo diUffeutiuii quasi rnlloiwin 
fvdilitnri* de nfim Btulu. qui pvr Iiim iitriftumia |>«nt<!Ti-nit. 
ynrTTTiiM qoiilinn pmd«nti«, fortitudiiMs tcmjicraiitiB, aivejiulitik, 
ijiiv virliitihoH principal iter rivnii rcg! jamquc Rubaiitcrt.- : 
iiiKi. r< liiia miiiidi rvctunbua totia m* viribua inautemlaiii. Scd 
fit inlriilum III quiid aaiM edkuilio ral exc«ll«i>t4 mnnta eoMipi- 
lur. \mr liniic <n»ai per nuandam aegotionim metbodum fKllctn 
ntiafKiimtur e»M»uia. Nnn whiin auUnt boatiliUlia, «cd ot 
paoa tno^iure tiFcivmrin vidftiir : illo cnim in Baunicipiia fir- 
BMiidia, in iitipL-u<Ui> RiitiintnuHlia, ot ia ftliia pkriaqac locia 
pro iiunliUlo porutiiamm nil coiiMrvaudum rcgni itaUini «ffuti- 
ditur ; lioc rem lic^t arma i(tii«aauit, a devotta priiidptboa cod- 
•(niuiilur haatli«ae, CItriaius ulttur <A rauitur in {Mtiprre, ct 
CKlrri* uprribna raiaencoTdiiKi inuateuda, iu uiinertointia diatri- 
Idiititr : u) ttlHuoqae veru lemporiii HtjEiiuia acttbtu gloria |>riii- 
cit'iim I'll. ; awl cxoellit 111 bill ubi pru lomporalibua impniwia 
f- ' iiuiuiu DiMiatmi atuvnluiii, Ga pn>pU:r. nx illiutria, 

tti^ -'iia priD<'i|wiB ciiaxinip, quia sacpo l« Tidimus utro- 

tfov U-inputT (tlimoxiiii, nan iwrGeutvtii quidvm pecaiiiaiti iJw- 
ria, w(l pni loci\ pro teiu|>ore, pro [wrHinia. l«K>''Biia 
ipliliu* iiiHiiileiitviD, Diodk-itm uput rxcvllctitiiiu ttiae il«- 
iiiti de rvliiui (|m<l(in iiia;cut« vel luculoiito aemiuoo 
I. Md agraui Hiylo do aciLcuarLi tui nenwaruB ob> 


Henrg 11. 


•crraaliit. Porro taper liiii U> Tiiliiniui ifuiindoquo wiUicJiun 
wloo nt mbaii a Inttrm tuo vxnt <lMcrx>riii, <lr roUf'in dMninul 
taoc F-lieiwem coDvracm. Nvc fait abanrdum Um vxri-ll/tiiij 
infenii virum, tam singtilaris pobtntiM prlnciimn, inlor cni» 
majora baec stiam onnuM. Suie KMcarinm ma l«gibua tiu 
t«iii«re, aed nMtgDoruiu coBUderatiooe mibvislit ; cq}iu mUo 
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iioliillBciiiMc mcntiji tunu luiuiKtrn inunu* elTundeTv. 

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eat verbnm hominla in imprto loquAntis ad mc, dicens, 'rnagisl' 
noa lefpsti. t\\ioA in scienti* vel tli«9auro alMoomlito nulla dt ntjl 
litw ) ' Cui cum i'««]>ouiltMein, ' legi ;' btatini iiilalit. ' cur er 
•dentiaiii d« Kacoario qiuw peats t« plurtmn en« dioitur nlii^ 
nan doMB, et ne tibl conunorinlar ncripto L-omniemlaa t' 
fgo ; 'oooo, frator, iid ecnccaritim jam pvr mullt tempo» ros!? 
duti, et uiliil tc latcl, cum acrupDiomis au ; tic e4 d» oeteru qtii 
MStdeHt probabil« eat.' At ille, ' sicul qui in teuetiris aiutiulaut 
et mwiilnia palpaut, Trequentcr ufleuduut: aic ilUc muJti reai« 
dent, qui videuttii noa vident, et audi«ntca noa inUlltjnmt' 
ISimcfco; ' in«vcreat«r loquenti ; are cutm acientia tonia (>t 
d(! lontin ; scd furte mint iUia qui [ciroi] tungna occtqHUtiir co 
nt pcdci aquiUc, qui pana aim n-ttnmt, cl qnos nngna non i 
ft;iuut.' Et illo, ' cato : sad ticot aquilao i.-«'lsina vuUnt, lamen 
humiltbui qiiieecuiit et ly^ticiuntor ; «l ob boc humilia vtil 
Mponi peiiiutuipaiaaquilia profiitura.* Tumvgo; 'rvritusaui 
de liiia rebtu optu coutexere, quia corponiB eanibiu sutijn 
aunt, et ootidiuiiiii uiil'iiH vileacuul ; Dec <at rel oae jiolcxl 
•u aubtilinm raniR) di-*criptto. vvl jorunila novitali* invRtttic 
Et iUe; 'qui novilatibui gaudml. qui siibtilium rcnim fugui 
appetauit, hnbent AriitoWlcm cc )itir>M I'lulonipofi. audiant iUo 
Tu aeriba noa aubtilta. acd otilin.' Turn ego ; Mc Iiiia rcbux qu 
petia impoKiibilc est niai nisticanu ecnnuue et comnmnitia 
lonui T«riiia.' At itlc, T«lut aaccvDsoa in itwn. dMideranti ruti 
amino nihil aatia fcatiuatur, ait : ' arliiim icripturaa ue mull 
parom acttae viderentar, et ut an ililDviUor cufriiila fi«rpl, mulll 
Gonquisicmnt, et Ter1>i« iuMi^DitiH jmlliamnt; In Vfrii acri- 
bendain artom nrni )iiu>.-i)ius mnl qiiiuuluiit eoitnwtuilittni ct jiim 
araccarii ; qiiaa quia cummunia dclxut «um', evminutilUia nocat- 
■ano utcndum cat wrbii; at atnt Mgnati aonnisM* rabua 


Diakijfut i/« Sautario. I. 


qnitms loqaimtir. Pnetereo, qtutmria plmaqite nan licMt 
aomin* Bnifoiv, rogo UtiM-n, si |ilac«l. ut usitatU reram 1(11011-11111 
nttlmlia ()U»« ad pliwituin nunl uU noti putlmt, ate oora difli- 
eallM n: Inaolilia vltIiU (iIk>Hii lunptiiii {•Frtiirlwt.' Tatii tgo ; 
'«nsi !• iretuni ; aed ftnimo iir<|nior i-Hto ; UL-intn (inod horlaria. 
Sugaw orgo ■wlc ex adrmo ; ct do hiU <ium to oflctidunt 
talcmif(ii. Quod it qoid inniidiliim proptisuoru, non enibcsoo 
iltcens, nrtcio. Sod •nnvcninmiu ambo ducrottoreo.' E( illo ; 
'mI Ttiia mpondM. Lioct sutcm (orpu ct ridiculv n« ait tit- 
mcatariuB iKaex, ab i[Ms t&ineu eieineotis iuci|)i»iii.' 

I. Quid nt SeaeMrimH, H gnat raiio h^}u» rMminU. 

Di^ptUut. Quid <fst aoomrium I 

JfayiM«r. ScMxarium tabula oA qaodnuignk quM loogitu* 
dtsu qUMi deoera pedum, Utitadinii qainqne, ad modnro uivumio 
eironniK^ti-D tibia npfioMUi, andif|iM habol limbum kllltndinta 
i|HMt (|iiiitu<ir digilorum, nc ((uid appositum Mcdd&t, 8a|)cr- 
positor uit«ni Kaccario superioii pannua in t«nntno Paacbas 
•nptna, Dou quilibot, wA uiser ya^ liiitincttu, distuntibua 
* Ml *iivia vel pwlb rtl [wliue exlootoo qwtio. In spatili 
•Dir-m cnlcuU mat juxta onUnea aoM de qnibua aliua diwlur. 
Unt BUtrm tnbula tolin aeaccariam dintw, tnuumatatur tainen 
koo BOtont nt ipm quoque eurU qoM ooa>edeot« B(»«cario cut 
Mawvanum dicatnr ; iidm nt «i quaiidoqiK per sententiun nliqnid 
lis communi ooti«ilio facrit conatilulum. dlMtur fnctum ad 
MOMMinriuB) illiaa t«I illiiu anni (jaud autoni hodio dicitur 
■d •cwarium. olim dioebatnr ad lalfas. 

iJ. t^nav Ml ratio htyua noroioid I 

M. Nulla mibi v«rior ad pra«»eD« oocoirit, quam qtiml mm- 
oarii lunilia uroUem babel funnam. 

D. N'iin<[nid iuittt)uiHiiin pnidontia pro aoU forma tic notni- 
luivil. rum ct ximili nttione pomit tabatariuta appoUaril 

JJ. Merilo t« ieropatosum dixL Vnt ct atia, aed occultiur. 
8irot Btiiin in anorario luult quidam ordinea annt puguaturniu, 
et rrrtia lepimM vd limilibns proccdunl vel aubaisttuit, praari' 
dmlibaa alik et alila precedent Jbua : sio in boo qnidim pnMJ. 
<l«nt, fptidam anulent ex uilicto: et nut Mt cniiiUHiu tiboruni 
ItjfM ouaatJtutaa exotd^Te ; quod eril ex conacqueiitiWi matii- 
((Tatina. It«in licat in Imili. |>ui(ua nirumittilnr iiil«r rvgim : tus 
'••. li,..- iTii^-.!ii..» i<nnei|>ali(cr ronflicltwcst et pugaaooimuitlitur, 
.t el Ticccomilrm qai nwdct ad cuin]>uluni ■ 
«.....< t..>..^ d44u iojiqnam jndicibiM ut vidvant ct judicuni. 


Httry n. 


/>. Nnn^nid • UMMTirana oon>|>utiu stiMCtpilur, ou<n Ulie 
multi >>unt wax rattiii« [KXTniuti* miytin'* viitiXkiilur I 

M. Qtiofl thviMiiniriati a vioooomiio com[ioluni iiu«cil'tiit, liino 
mBnifcNUint r8t, <iiiuil iilrro ab co vuiit ivi;i |>I>tin)«ri( ti>juirit(ir : 
iiM aiiiu Ab ifMo ivi)uircr«hir quod aoo £tiiioo[iWMit. iSfUil 
t4UDen qni ilimut tLceamui'iam ei catimmioa ubiMixiM tantwn 
liiift •luud MribtiDUii' iii rutulis in llic^ftiiro, ut in hita coiii|>olufl 
•b CM extuditur. So)l vcnui crmlittir nt <le tutft aoriptura rotuli 
rMponclraot ; (food ex aonaeqoMitibaa comun iratont. 

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if. NoQ. Eat mint tnforiiiB acacnrinm, quod et tvmpU 
(licitar, ubi pectwia notiwrwiidb tradttur, «t acriptia et laltila 
coraiuitUtur, ot de dadem iKatmnlurn in auperiori oomiMtaa 
raddatnr; nno tameti e»t ulnoiMiM origo; (|uin ()uici>|ui<l sol- 
vMiduiD cwa in inqjod (U'piTlMndilur, liic tolvilur ; c( qaod hio 
mliitaiD fbwitt ibt «omputalur. 

III. Quat tit ratio v4l intlUntio infirrioru ftr rinytiia ^jffiei^ 

I>. QiMC «»t ratio vd iiistitatio infciioris MMcarii t 
M. Ot ridao, nnllios hunim ignomntiam auatinea. N< 
■niem t|uod ittferiw illud acacnmum aiisa liabet pereonu, 
ralioDe (|ttiili-m oOiciuniro a ae dinlinota^. aed id vtf/i* uliU* 
latem, mUa ti>m«D aoquilate. pmi iDttriitione duvoUa ; nmnn 
■ laidvni d»niii)cin)m nuoruin nomiuibu* uon ]>rnfiriiK niililmil**, 
rxci-ptiii daoliUH tiiilitibutt aeiliuvt i|Ui ptite i>ikt cxuuiiiiibiu, «t 
flMori:. Ilurum ufbci* de tc|{ii nooti'j [leiideiil arbilri^r; aiuhi 
inaicu ad auj^riuK igiuitn ad itifcritiii ]>crliiirRi vidvutur, sicut 
infra dicetiir. llli« c)it cl«ricua tltnanmrii cum iristl'*' tjiu. Sunt 
g4 dtiu outilea cninpminrntn. Ktrt ct inilca ijuidBiii ({iii argvD' 
tariiu did pot««t ; qnia rx officio nrgento oxaminando pncait. 
Ket et fuMif qui argvulum t-xuniiuat. Sunt et qualtior aMB|Ki> 
tatonn ad uiuueraudaoi )>«cuiiiain. Eat M oatUnua llMasuri, 
(4 vltfil. Hunini aal«in linvc tuiil ollicui. Clcricua tliCMurarlt, 
cum fucnl DumcTHU [ir>,'iitiiu, rt ill hiiulaa iiiUan jier cmhtitaa 
libiiw. nppouil ngiltam, d drputat Kriplo. quimlum. vol a quo, 
vel nb quatn oaQaatu iwmpcrit } Ulriv (|ii<iqiM> de radcm r«MpU a 
uurai'nuriia factaa inbraviat ; uod B-.>luia aiilom pecuiiiao anoeia 
mnI c4 anlits et aingulis fonilis in quibun mtiili vel tAlll»« ctA\o- 
uanlur, n libet, ftpjKiiiit sajpllnm ; «t od omnia miifj«cla oSicia 


Dialogta tie Sea^carh. I. 


dili^^ntr^r |inw]^rlf, ot nihil rum Intct. Mtlidiin, qui ct CMn»- 
iliir i|uih1 iiro uiiiM'rmrii» miiiutntiit, bo« ort officium : 
J arrbnium WjuUiit ; unhtie Milm cullibct doM aene 

«unt divi-ni ^'Dorb, hoc iM, cujus nratri cUtU alltniua poMit 
>{)tAn ; ct bii <tnvc0 camm (lefcniut ; cimmii^Litgitur ftul«m 
qnaclibtl area oorrij^ia quadani ioiiiivbllt, in qua d<wu[wr (imuti* 
Mm theasunrii Hi^.'illuin appoiiitur ; ul tiulli eurum uiti ilo 
conunani Maeum aoonuni* [wt«at. Ittm iiAiduin bomm r«t, 
DniiiTaUun pncuutam vl Ln tbhr lif^eH per oontenoti tifllidoM 
epiti]«aitain poodunuv, dc nit itrrnr in nunirro, tunr dcmiiiti in 
rurulo- mittf re p«T obhUimh, at diclnia rxl, IJlffna. <jti(id &i van 
kltr)ii<id itiVLiiiiim Mt mutua tutWni^ non quMt^m ]>pr luMiiSH- 
tiiiiMiin qwid dcono )>utiilur apponttur. mm! elatim de qno dubi- 
itifiir in iK«rvuin Dum«rHi>di>niiii projjcilur. Ei nnta qixiackm 
B tiiiii«>re regis Ileurici jmiui et in temiKiro rrf-n 
I '■;ctuidi lidu potuiaie cujtwcuihiui: m<inctiM! itriuruM 

•oiutioiii uBerre, dummxdo nr^nidi r-wrtit «t poiidrri l<^'itimo 
onn abrUrvnt; quia Krilic-t monrtario* cx nnliqiM iiiiitilulir>n« 
bini tiulinnlo*, uiul«ciiiiqne •ibi dennrios perquirdiant ; quali-s 
■ant >iurhumlN<rland cC CnmbcrUDd ; ak aiitum RU90F]>li 
dsturii. licH d« Gnnu «taent, Monram tameo ab nlib cam quibu>- 
dain «iKiii* a|)(iuHitis mittvbiintur. Ritliqui rrro coroiUlus •altm 
titiuili-« vt iiMUDtiti m»ii«lne Ir^timn* dciwrios lam do linniH 
quaia lie placitia ftffi-n^liant. At poatqaam nix illiutria, ctijiin 
Uun oat ID rcbu* mngnis rsccliuotior, sub ntDiiarcliia aua \x-r 
luiivcnuni r«i;aBm tuium poodua (4 unam monetani iratituit. 
mniiia oittiiiattM onu k^a Be«eM)tat« tvneri et gcneralia con- 
Btnrii scilutione Gue]>it oblij(ari. Omnnt itn([ii« id«ni nuBotM) 
f^nn* qii<irn<*do<ilM|iM teueuntar wolvutit ; nod tomco cxai&i- 
nati<<tii> quM dp r.'mliuiitii>n« provcuit jiurlnrnm otUDOS nOD 
nutiiMiiit. Ilem bit tal<«f< faciunt do roti'ptifi, et oommiine eat 
tia com oletico tbMauiarii, ut per brevia regis vel pnwv«^ilo 
bspnnuia. tbeaaurum aneoqMam «xpeDdant; Don tamcn iiicuic 
•oltia dtminia auia. HU tiva aimul ointiea vel TitkBim cam 
tbewsro mittuiitur cuiu 0|M>r(ueTit. Hb tnboii pnccipua 
curK «Ht in oniniiiiiii liiix qnn« in infcnori itcacairio finnt. 

D. Krfjo, nl *i<l«i. liiiTl Iii> prr hnve rrgiK, t^I pract-vplo 
Mnun qui imuwidi'nt. thnaurum roMSptam CQBHultii t«nim 
(toffliiua RBts nx)>«>ndaT«. 

if. licet, inijuiiiD ; hoe modo de libcrationibui wrvieotiim in- 

fcrinria MaocariL, et do niiuulis uooeMariu w.-aocBrU oni<^iidi*, 

ijiwlia aiiRt *iMi ilia liifiii-n, et alia, de quibait infm <)i(«ttir, mriiia 

tar; nlinn ntil<rm non. Qui vprn luvvc rvpi \-ri 

lit pn> (NK-unio, {icBcdpieiitil'na duminia mu>, Iumi 


/fc«rj //. 


ei lege Mlratur id quod expremi nDininaliir in t>rcvi, ut ntil«* 
qtum exMt, suK«ptMn peeunUm uiimcn-t; quod ri quid <l4i- 
fncril, Kdnt ud Bcuccmnni U qui siuccpit, et fidel rdiKionum 
|>rae«t44 nib hnc fonnn : quod quuulum eu9ci!|iit reporiarit, boe 
ii]>jHi«iln, Kcanditm conieittttiam mam. ut fit in •tiis ; et l>oe 
tnctti, Hnlvniur «i quod mt«t; iiiuncnita priiu cadcm conim 
nmuilmc a oonstUutin computntoribun. 8i vrro Ir^n xibi pm- 
pooilA ostiniti tliMBtiri tutMmt furrit; qusecunquc (uerit |>er- 
soita, v«l quanlucunqu« joclura, non ei respondcatur. Militia 
«n!«itarii et fuuurl* olbcia «ibi vidoutur annesa, M od aa|>«rius 
Mocvarium tuaffU pertinoitia ; et ob buc ibidem cam eettrht 
(iffidin I'Xjilniiiuida. Qtmluorcuni)>uUit(iran)uflicium boccid. Cniu 
ill sritMnrium uumrrutHln pccuni* uiitlitnr, udiu rorum ililigtnlcr 
toimm commisoot, ut nno acorrum meltora et uronnim d*t4' 
fliDi, and tnixti, nt pondcri rcKitotKlcMtt ; qno ImcIo, Mntrarii 
ad libitim Maccarit poodcrat quanlum opovtet in tratioa. 
(jood si Humerua xx. solidoe plu« quam vi. DnminiB encroverit 
nwpedti librae, liKlif^Tu recipi dicJtur : li vera vti ad vi. dvnarioa 
vel iiirm ae cohlbrl, <naoi]tilur ; et a oomputntoHbua dili;,'vntrr 
jH-r r<-iit4-iimt solido*, Ht ptivodictdm put, inimpnitur. Si vrro de 
firma tint ilcnarii et eiiil cxamiiiiindi, facta ootniuixtioiie xliiii. 
Mtlidorom de aoervo, in louduin soorsum mitlutiiur, i-t buic vica^ 
uomeR eiguuin ajijKnut; ut ex biia iMbtniodmti exHinen, quod 
rulgo taatj-um i^lur, flat, sicut ex couaequi-ntibui Ii<|uebit. 
Rrit untcm ciiraeMrum qui praeniiit reci'iitiui Kralin duminnmia 
■norum, hoc Rat, elerici llieMunuii ct cniDrrmrioruii), ut rroepta 
mrunia Mwnum inittaot extniinali orgcnti {>omlcrA at denarios 
a« firma, appoeilia quibnsdjini Bivtiii eaccin nmim, at si rex 
vBM aiT^tea wl ciutuin domus D«i, rel ad domna proffiae 
olwequium, r«l forte monctu Iraiuinariiiaa fieri Toloctil, ex Ub 

/>. F*t ntiipiid in pracdi«ti« quod mu jvulaaL 

M. Vi« rrstii. 

I). I>ixi8ti, ai bene memiiii, qtio>l ad acaccarium qtundnqna 
diflertur soli-roda prcunin, quar jiidivatur indigna radpi, ri 
scilicet petisata cum libm p<^nderia de Ka/ecario, iuvifuta cat 
ntinus baV-njt ultra vi, tlenarioB. Cim erRo quaelibei moQete 
reffui bi^ imprmaam habere debeat nff" ima(,niiem, el ad idem 
fNMidua omnra ntoiiwtatu teneaiilur optrari, qualiter fieri |i»teril 
nl noil omM eomm opu* ejindeiu pond«rw ail I 

M. Magnnni eat 'iui>d quai-ria, et iilteriu* vgrni iiiqniaitionb, 
altamen fieri polcft p<-r falMrioa et niiinnMiruni docDrtatvm v<^l 
itetonwrep. No^'eria aateni nuim-tam Ang1ia« in tribus (iilaain 
deprdteodi. in falao acalioet piMiden, in falan lege, in falw 





D'uloym ^ Seneearw. I. 


mainiw. Hia hunen blattatiboB pnr poena hod debotnr. Svd 

Jj. Si [ilaocrt, jmM<[wn de officii*, ut coepbti. 

if. All <ii>tUni cumm ii{<ectat, ut txcludat rol ftdnullat qaod 
v\nriH, vt ililigcn* «it in ciUttKliii omriiuni quite uitio con- 
rliiiiiinUtr i uuiic o( ntiooc (wlii do «iii){utiii bt^vilia* rxitu* 
iaoM liabct dciiuioo. Hie minii'trnc hraHiM ad pcriininm nv 
|MMMiMLun et rotiilo«, c4 titlms, ct cvIrTv neccsmm per aiinuni, 
■t pn> Angulia forulia duoa babet dennriiM. Bic in i>mBen 
mv|>(nm ligna opjurtuna ntnirtnt od taloaa receptee, et com- 
' I trtatL, hoc ««!, iu tennlud Sauiti Micliaclis, v. tolidoi 
. :> tal«anun pcrcQ{iit, Hie vmliiIo li;,ii<.-a. «ai|>n]oa, 
I'Ktiiu*, rl cjorrigiM, et eelcr* minuLu Dcnus^urU i\e Gsoo invcDit. 
Iu Innoliio cixlrm pn> iacvuKQ ii>tiiii nniii nd utrumqac unuN 
rnriam li. tolidi dcWutar, quo« tibi de aotiqtio juiv vi-ndi<at 
■•crjata mnjoria Kc«)eBia« WostmoniutCTiL Vigil is cSciuin 
■■li-m uBt il>i (|uo(l alibi ; diligenlissima Kiltoct de uocU culodia, 
tlxMan priiid|>iilit>rr, «t oniiuun «Dmn qua« iu domo tlieeauri 
mvtiuiilur. Sic liabei omiiiiim offida d'tuiiictJi, qui inforfiH 
iiiiiii>irnnt. SiiiitfTtliiinlilwiiitiooMcoiMiluliHtdum MMcnriain 
nt, Iiix: nt ■ die qua conrocanttir, uftqufl »d diem (|aa gvacralts 
nt trcattio. Clttiem theaaorarii qui iufra est. qninque drnarioi 
lubrt iu <lle. Scriptor ejniideiu thesaurarii in eui>eriori acao- 
citrio »iTniIii«T v. Scriptor caiic«]]ani r. Duo milit«a bajuli 
cla^iuiu, (iiiiitijuc in die viiL, rnlione miUtiae. Aicwmut cnJni, 
qaol M|UM neccaaarii» et lumiiii iimtmcti fore tmisiuiUir, ut cuin 
Ihwuni mian, qnod txu officii fuerit opportunius me exoqunntur. 
MilM argcntoHna xii. domJM in <h«^ Fusor v. Ostiaritia 
OMjuria MKOouii t. Quatnor coitipiitatarai, qutM(u« iii. deoanM ; 
*i tA>nd<>uiao fuvrint; m ^Vinloniae, ijuia iodc aoleat tmazuu duos 
i[iiiwiu« babet Vigil unani dcnariuin. Ad lumen oi^iuqtie 
ui'cti* dra tlieaa«nun, obuluin. 

0. Chtiarioa Uwaanri, qua tmtioiM UbenUi»i«m aohw bob 
|iarcipit t 

M. Niw atix QorL S«d tnmcn iguU ^-idctur aliquid perdpsra 
TxtiMir oatii, tt pro fonilorum ct latcnrum mtntUcrio, lilitn- 
lioBcm forte nun radjHt ; re! forto quia dwi ivgi, aed mag^ia 
Uicawnrio vt mnersriia avrviro ridetur in ctiatodia oatil 
tiMnna eonuQ. Hac lege tninona acaccarii rel nceptae ntio 

If. Hie niilii aaEiKfu-'tain eat in hoc parte al ttilill dooaae 
viiliaitur, NuiM cTgo, n placet, pnXK^ucre do nMyon. 


Umt9 II. 


IT. Qtiat ml auetorilaa ittpfritmt, H unAi tmrnpnil <trigium\ I 

if. Licet «nruiii ({ui •■! iwiiccnriuRi oMyui reoidcid, (rifioia 
•inibufdiiin vidcftnhir propriotat!l>tM tarn diitini-la ; niiuiia 
umcn omniiun officiam «*t <<l intcntio; nt tvei* ntiliiati pro- 
eiiicinnl ; ailTa UmcB sp(|uiUle secuixlufn cont>tilutae l**;^ 
MAccarii, f^a» autcm ratlu w\ iiislitutui com i{iM teBi|)cirU 
aiiti^uitate, cum maguuirum qui ufidcnt nudorituio, nibofula 
BiilitiHii, Ab ijwa nikinque rtfpd con<|uiaiitoiie per nfpm 
WilklmuD Ctcta coepiwe iliciUir, vniDplu tninvii ipaiua ntiuiM a 
MMcuio InutciniiriDu : veram in plurtiiti* et \tm< iBiyoril'tiii 
<liHi<kiit Sunt ttinta qni cn-ilunt t»uin nju* suli rvgitiaH 
AogliciB BUlitisM ; tiiuc sumiuitrR roi hojus argumctilum, qaod 
oolooi ct JBiD decrepili bmi^r fondorniD illonua iitii oofooM 
BODOiatniuilur, qaamiit in hUs catia nwmorta eel, o|)tiRie i>ove- 
riut a patriinu Huii eilocti, qu4iituin d« albo 6miH« pro aiagulb 
libri* M)l>-(uv li-iivautur. Svd baeo rmlio coj^iUumia cut de 
finoM aolutioni', nnn ilu (cncnuii MMiitine. VuUrtnr Btiirm «i* 
obvioroi qui dicuni album liniut * taBporibos Aniiliooniin 
oo«i)UM^ qaixl in libra jmlictario to qou lotiiw regni dcscripliu 
diligena «oaUu«lur, et tain de UmpAre regis Etlwardi, i(Uuiu ile 
Impore rcgia Willdmi mh quo holoe est, fcinxulorum fiandDnun 
rateuliH exprimitur, imlla prortus de allti tinnnv fit mi-ntiu : 
andc prubabik vidctur, qtiod, facta ilU dtiKriplioiM: lrii>|ure 
lam dicli rcp», ic albo (irninmni furril n aludiunta I'iua oanati* 
tnlam pr»ptor cao>*s luac iurmiM aniiotautiir. ^noraaquo 
vera lomjiora cocpCTit nsos ejus, wrtum est quod magDorant 
nuctorilale roNiratiir ; adeo ut iiulli limit etalitta acacciirii 
iufriiiKerv, »«] t'la qanvis temcrilate rMistera- Habet eoini bou 
oomuuiiQ cunt ipaa d»iui"i R«Ki> Curia, iu qua ipee in |>«T>pria 
iii-r>(jtia Jura ili^ciimil, quud aee rvcordulttitii, Di-c nvntniitiai.' in eo 
Utav ticct alicuJ oontradiwre. Hui« antcm curiai^ tain InaiKui* 
anctorila* oel, turn propter rcginc imnginta cxn-llriilinni quaa in 
Hgitlo ejiw dc (hmaura indiTtdiui logv prnnlur; tum proptvr 
«g6 qui sMidciit, ut dictum «Ht, quorum wlcrltn futiuH n-gni 
Uatns indeiDiiii eorrator. IlLie eoim rtaidet eajiitalia di-mtni 
rtftia JiHticii, primus poet regem in nfpio ratione furi, et 
majorc* qut4)ue iJu rv-.'no. <|ni funiliuriu* r*;;"'' "''•-'ruita UBistUDti 
lit quod fuc'rit tub tnntorum pnM>>i,iitia cuuitilutiun vol tomni* 
iwtum, in^ioUbili jura HubxiiUt. Vcram quiilum ex ofllciu, 
quidum nc Ruin jiiMii<ioo |>rincipi)i r««)di-oL Ux uflicia prlocip- 
liter r«sitt«t, immu i>t prai-»idrl, primuH iu rvgno, caplf alia (ciltiwt 
Juuicin. Uuic auttiii aMHteiit ex uila juiixiuDe prinripis, moitini- 
taiiM acilirat el Ritibili auctoritate quidani, qui niajorea el dia- 


Diaiofiu de Seaeeario. I. 


crHiiifv* vlitniliir in rrnno, iiirv <[« daro mat nve do earia. 
Awul'-ut ini|<iitin kd iliMxmx'iiilH jum at dabu dot^nniiwnda 
quad rnxjuouUr •!( inddrntibus quatwtionibas oriuntur. Nov 
Miim in nUiociaua eed in matliplicibus jndtciu ezcell«nB kso- 
ovil srirotia toiaistit, Kaoilc enim «t, prt>tK<MUk tuinina qun* 
oxiiritur. et !iu|t|>>MiUii ad collatioiiMO «jua Liii (iua« huIuIa stmt. 
per ■olitractioiicni diacenii^rv, hi Mtufadum eul, vel iii ijiiid 
rMtkl. At cam oocperit niultipl«K tnquwiltii licri An hiu r«>iiiw. 
(juft.- vuri* fifco pTOTcniunt et divcmiii moilU rr<ioinintiir, ct a 
riM>«iintiihi)s noa eodtaB mndo penjoinintiir, diiKvTiiiiire si aecua 
(IferiDis i|ui)iawlam (frave tat. ct ob faoc circ* lia«c MJentia aoac- 
<arii vat^or mm dicitur. Dubionim rero v«l dnbiUlium jndkia, 
4|«a« fm]u«al«t enwrj^t. »ul> una traulattu serie com|)rabeiidi 
MB TatcDt ; i^uta Dccdnm omnia ilubinnuu (peii«ro in Incom 
lirodicruaL. Qun«diuti taxnra ex bii> nuac pn>piwit« rel detar- 
mJaaU cogDovituai, niia locia infcriua anuoUbimas. 

V. Quid nV oj^THim PnttidmOu, tt omnium iUie ex officta 
rtmiitntiutH ; U jna« difpotitio ttdium. 

D. Quid Mt hu)u9 taia exMlleutk KMoris officinm 1 

M. Alind wrina attribni aibi non valct, nini quod omnibus. 
tfiam inftvioro vel Ruperion vcaccuio funrint, bic proepldt et ad 
nutum iptiuK quaclibnt olScin iiul>j<vla diapouuntur ; aio tAnMO 
ut wl duuiiai rtgi> utilit>t«m juaUi provMiiaut. Hoc Umeu 
Inter oet«ra vidatiir exoellam, qood potcsi bic «ub tMtiinoniu 
mo brev« domini rt^cis bears fieri, ut de tli«Mitira quaulibel 
mmina li)>ervtur, vel nt oomputcWr allcal quod *il)i «s domini 
Tvfn* maniiuto praiTnoverit cotnpatandam ; vcl ci mutaeiit, brave 
WQxaa fa^iri «ub aiiumni tmimonio <l« bin rcbua. 

iJ. Ua^ioi «M hie, cnju> &lni t«tio« re^i eonii immo et oor 
rqpa wRimiltitur. 8criptiiio qnippi< cat; 'abi «M theaaonu 
tvaa, iM «at et ogr tuom.' Scd jam ri plaect proaeqnere de 

M. Tia proacKjuar de ipeis aecuudum gradua diguitatum an 
■ennduni di«p«MttioDvm medium 1 

/>. SoruiulDni quixl quisqae ratione uffloi eul sedem adeplua 
all. Padle raim crit ut cnido ex <iAciii petpendera digniUiteH. 

Jl. ITt Dovwia quo online dl^wQantur, atilai od qontuor 
acaccarii laim quatnor poo! sodtlia vel acanna. Ad capot vtiro 
arafi-jLrii. hno rM ttuil« Utiludo difcemitur, in madio non aedilia 
ml traivnni iih-u-i Mt lllius priiici)>ttli8 d<> quo inpra dtzirona. 
Ill tiL> .a 111 loco rttiMl«t c«ticcllariiia rHtiotia officii, ri 

■•li<>« nuiu .v.ii.i-^at : poal liuii« iiiitcB ^regatiua qoMU ooibt*- 


Uenry //. 


bolanutii diciniiw : post hunc 4I110 ctuiumni, prior autrai. qiii 
iniuilu (iroveiTtioris wUtia wncrabilinr erae ridebitur : jxist lioa 
milni qui vulgo iliL-iUir maracakllus : ioaermitur tttuea (juaihIo- 
<ju« alu liis aWotlbits, v<r] for(« eia pmMODtilius, hi taoU wittoet 
nurit MKMritMi «orum qai n refte dcHtiniuitur, ut cu ce<l«n 
dtbouit. Bt liMo wt diafiotttio primi MililU. In urcundn vcro 
quod ut id Utui longitacliuw scsccani. iti prirao capito restdet 
dcriciu vol itlias MrvtcM oinitinrionin) cum rocaittiB, hoc evt, 
ooBi ooulniialvis d« rccepto. Poet hnuc iiit*rpo«iti> quiboadam 
qai BOD en ufficio rMtdcnt md sunt * rege nuMt, loom ert qtud 
» medio Ifttero ■eaemrii i!li qui t-uupoloa poeitione pmiii i^ilcu- 
lornm. Poat bnne alwiui nuu «x ulficto, Deceswrii tnmcD. In 
Am Mdilia illiun rmidH cli-riuu* ({ui iKriplorio prvccit ; «l hie ox 
olfieio. Sic b>bM Kucundi fcniuii di^jKuitioacin. Voram %A 
dextmn pnMMidoDti* jtutaciuii raudct primo looo tinno Win- 
toniMttia EpiMoptu qnoiKUm Hclnvinr ArcbidiMonua, non ex 
oAlcio qnidem eed ex nowlln constitutimic ; at Ecilioet proxitnus 
lit tbesMirario, et scri]itune mtuli dili-jODter inteiMfat, PoM 
bnne midet tliemurarius to <»piu> secundae wditi to dextix cul 
diligenttMima cun eit per singula qoM illi« geninuir, oiiui 
nUiaoem d« hiii onmibua li oportucrit rcddtturo. Poet nuiMi 
nwidH clcrictM ejae, aoriptor rotult do ibcMuro : poet hunc alios 
acrtiitor rotiili dc caDooUaria : po«t bunc dcricua nnc^Urii, i]ui 
ueufata Ad« acniper proejiicit, ut rotuliM suits alii per ein^fiila 
raepondeot, ut oec iot* ttnum dMit, dm aJiuit ait ordo scribeiidi : 
port haao quaai u> fine »ediUe iUius reeidei ckric-UH catuttabslerii, 
laaHnua quld*^ et olBcioatu iu dofninl rvi;i* curia, ct bio 
quideiu biiboM oAWium quod per ncirmuD vi-l jwr nlerirum dis- 
crvtum. Iti rvgi vtaM fnent alias ma]|p« nrcrtuuriun, luUaiDistrat. 
Et haoc Mt tinu-riplio tertino sinlis. In qiwrto ecanno, qaod e«t 
oppoeitutn justiciario, in capjte rceidot Ungislcr Tbotnas cogno- 
miBS BruDUSi com rotulo tertio qui ex uovella oonBliUitioD*. boo 
fct a domino rege noatro, additus eet ', quia Kcriptuu cM, ' fuoi- 
<nilDe triplex diAdle aolTitur.' Poet hunc vicecomitst et ehrrici 
Uii. qui ouiileot od oumjiotiim eum taleis et aUta iififfiwilil 
Et buec «(( disbiNiitio quarlae Miliii. 

O. Srriittor Hngittn Tbomne otinquid undrm fanlN>t Com allta 
■cripturibuN sod auper nlioel 

it. Brdnn qnldMO hahel non cum aliie eed anper alioa. 

D. Qunra atct 

H. Cum «nin) sic dispositae eewtit enUs ab iiiili'i. ut soriptor 
tbviaurarii «d latns aoum refideret, dc qnhl scnl>eretur, qoud 
ocolum ejus effuKerel ) «l itnn scriiilor cuiioellnruic ad Utua 
•criptoijs tbeaauraHi, ut fKlclttcr exuijicret quwl illn pm-Brribo- 





Vtalogiu tie Scaeatrio. I, 


Iwl ; ct it«m cleriL-us esDC«Iliirii utcMatrio pnmimiu aMet ill! 
■cn|>lun, ne ]w«vt errmra ; mm supt-rfuU Imtu* in quo Mriptor 
ille rr«iiJi'rel lu »erir ni-iinDi. wed daluv wt ei tocai ta noutiaiiti, 
at proaiiinnt rl imtiiiiiait wcriptmi ihMannurii <iui prtnns 
•oibit, et «b ip*Q aaod opurtnt cxcipiat. 

£. Huic oculi l)DOvi Doon«urii caMOt, M tmnt ; pcrim- 
loans etiitn in bib enx>T iliciUir. 

M. Unt crret inU-rduni in oxcipieDilo, quia reiaotui cM ; 
Uiact) (luin nitalt corriKuiitar fa«ta ODUiiuot trinm cxdUtiooe, 
bcile erit «n«U corrigen. 

J9. S«tia Iwctdmu dictnm est d« ordiiw »eilca(iuin. Vtme (1« 
•onUR ofBdU, ■ pJoMt, oxd^qture, Incipleii* « Imvk pracddnitis. 

Quid ad Canaitanum. 

M. Cboc«Ibriii« in onlinu illu primuN eel : et neul in coru 
•k kd »awcanum nugnns eat : adeo ut sine ipsitu oooaenni rtJ 
oonrilio nil nugnum fiat, rcl fieri ilulw*!. Vemm hoc habct 
ondmn dum midrt ad ix-jirrariuRi ; lul ipaum pcrtttiet cuslodia 
^l^li ngii, quod cet ia Uiaiiura, iwd indc dimi rtctdit niei 
com [rnenpiu Jnatltiae ab iiiferiore ad «Bp«riuB aoaconuin a 
tlMMnnno vel c«in«rario d«J«Ttur, ad ex|>1«ida Rulum negu4ia 
MKomrii, Qnibua i>«v«liii in luculuin mitlitur, et Wulut a 
aacdtario conaignatur, et dc llinumnLrio traditur cturtodieii- 
dua. Item, cnn pcoewe fncrit, sttciutuii suti ooiniuDi ocuUs 
cwMillirio flfTcrtur ; tnuti|iuini ok ipw, vel ab alio aliaa afloreit. 
dwt. ll«m ad ippiim pirliiivt rutuli c(ui cot do caitiMUaria 
ooalodla per enpf)CMtiUD prnionnm ; ct ncut Tins niagiiia vUaiii 
cat, da utont scrijiturt n>tu1i cxnorllarius a«<iii« tonolur ut 
UMaaHrarina, exmpio duotaxat de boc, quod acribHur in 
I h Mill II remptum : licet «uiiii imid prMaoihat nt iKovitraiioa 
coucrtlnl, tameii etui Ule ranverit, Uoet inal v*l cMw <ji» 
th— Mfwrinni cum modaitia florripeiv, «l quid d«b«at angfftnni. 
Qdod li thrawirarius pcrMveniverit, «t miiturp doIuoHi, |io(«ril 
•um ai dn parto «ua confidit tantnm cunun barouibna ugnara, nt 
ab da quid firri dobcat judicatur. 

It. Veiuimile etiam videtor autodem t«rtii ntalt aadiini 
acrlptiine lege conatriDfp. 

il- Nod cat TCfiuoitle taotom Md v«nm ; par enim art' *mUf 
ritaa illia dnobua njtu)i« ratione aotptotae ; qoia sic plK«ilt 1^ 

Ctud ad CfHwtohJan'um. 

CunaUbularii (iSiciuni cat ad acacvariuni, ut in timltuM ^^ 
do axitn llwnuri ml do alii|uibai ciUD)iul«adii^ kja ijul unHMHiaa 

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lltMrs 11. 


bolunt siraul cum pTMadMito Icriis exuUt. In onmibai «ul 
bi^JiMWudt krevibtis ox aiiti<)ua inslilolione daoe oportM 
•crilii WdiM. Ilecn ejiu xIRvium est, cum kI Kaoorinio sti|wii 
liuirii reifiB veoerint pro siipeodtU auis. txit aiut reMdenU* in 
mdrin ni^ flive uon, u«im[>to Mvum cicrioo coiuUlitilitriMi 
ciyiu uHl terminoH eorum domc, et miimicznllo mwcouii, oom- 
puUt conun libciutltinw, et do rctnuTti* fiiUou vuiicipkt, «t 
rcddnam foM fikciftt Onmu eoitn libcnitio quoratncnnqne, 
sivo iKcipitrmrioram fivg Gdoooarionim eiv« bemarioram, ad 
ufficium tyofl apeotst, ai pnCMtU fuerit; nisi fbrtfl duminoa rax 
ad idem nliqueui prioa usigiutvertt : qnU ounstabaUrioB a ng« 
Hon boile potest «veUi, propter mujoiu et mneit urgeatU. 
Not&Ddum veru quod murMMkllu* luaccMii d« libenlUxtibiu 
rauilCDtiniD militnm pevcipit <|und ad cvm pcrtinH nltone oAcii 
Bill ; d« commcaatibn* antem non. Item hnic cum nliia magals 
oomtoaiM est. ut luhil ma^um no inooosulto fi«ri debeat. 

Quid ai CAmwariM. 


OunenrionuB oflkium annexnin est oiBcto tbvMuruii, q 
BBi>M«odeinpraat«slu lionoria vcl diB|»«ndii iniliui« aoaoontur; 
«>t vA eb idem Telle ad banurem reh-ie, sdeo at quod ab ium 
Tactum fiwril, a roUo eoruui Oicutur iufeciaiD. Tb«aanT«riiia 
anim pro ae el pro eu suadpit uuiupvlua, «t aMundam qanlilst«a 
nactomia verba miniHtrat iu Kcripluram rottUi, in quilnia 
omnibna pari jnre tocietAtiit obligiinlur, et ate de aliis quae vel 
ab boe, v«) ab hijn, wlva fidr dnmini regta, fiDol, aive in 
Bcriptis, UT« in rc«optu, aive in talm, %vn in espeiisia. 

Quid ad MimueaBtm. 

Ifarescalli oiira aat taleaa il«bitiimm qoat Tjoeoonua rtdi 
derit, quae tam«n aiuvotaotur in rotulo, miltere aeomtia 
fonJo auo: brevia quoqne regia de coiDputoiMUji, rd perdiinandie, 
vel daiidia, lus quae exiguutur a viceconiitc per aumiDOtiilioDem. 
nti vero foralo saperscriptiu coiiiitutuv, oi^jua bnec sunt, ap- 
ponitnr, et aiofpili* comiliitibua aingoloa oportet forulot^ a ylc 
eomit« qui commitat, marcac»Uo ministntri. 

D. Eat hie aliquid quod idb muret. 

M. Satia prueacnn. Suetiaa tamcn Hiodtcuia. Pinna enim 
erant omaia ex oonaequentibiMu Item ai quia debitor non 
aatiafaelenB de sunUBonitMNW mcmerit eomrnvbcndi. bui« tndi- 
tor aarvandua, et euloto acaccario illtut d»ol, u rotarrit, mitt 
«iuii in carMrem ciutudiaii publicoe, nun tnrocn viccnlubitur t 
iu una tnidvtnr, atA aegnum vd mipra can>er«in ; licet auim 






Dialoffiu Je Sewxurio. l. 


nlnndo non rit, tAmen ob hoc non meruit tMleratis dqtntari ; 
ite taiDeo si mi\v» non fu«rit ; Ae militibus namque pro peeuitiu 
nteottB, illiutrifl n-|j^a coustilutio eet, quae iafhi aiiiiuUbitur iu 
a^ndu vicecuiTiitu. Item ad Imiic B]>cctat, ul [>erw)to compoto 
vioecotniti.->, vel cutilndis, vvl cujiiioiiuqiid [luraunae qui od i-om- 
petom rc«id«t, lidom itb ipno iiuiici|iiat in publico, quod t^tiinum 
compottiin iccondum conncimtinm Muntn fcorrit. %\ vfro vioc- 
toTdrt, vul qui cotnpatBvit, »liqni' 4<^bit(i Innetiir. nddrt quod a 
scBccario, hoc est, b leugata villao, in qim f«t. nun diacrdet, nisi 
ipsa difi redituniSy iine liceutia baronum. Item hie fiwIaB 
tl]mmoaitiuu«H coDtni termiiium alterius ecaccarii » latere ugilti 
npi BJKuatAa nib axunero auBcipiet. «[ itstiaria vupmuru 
Maocarii per monum Ktuun ilUlribuvt. per AngUum defcroDdas. 
Sic linlicH eonim, qui in prinio woikimo n.-sidi-nt, ufHuiA diiitiiicta. 

Quid ai Factorifm TaUanim. 

Iu eapit« Tero decundae aedis primus est servieiis eKOKnAunaa, 
elerleua i»eu Ulcus, eujus officium puuvU upeUiri potest, y«t(io 
tamcD DiHi opere. flic tileiui do llieoauro voiitm vicrcDinitetii. 
rd enm qui ciini|>utat, itiiiiintrat, et, oum opurtuvrit, aecundum 
quixl ratio camputatiuci* rst^rit, niutat. vol minuit. vol oddit 
in t<il<--ik iippofitn cidcm coutrntali-n viccconiitis. Qno facto in 
l«miiiio i'sschae. loiigiorpni Ticpcomiti rcddit ileruin in terminu 
Bancti Miehsclis afierwdBin. Id tcnriino vero Sancti Michaelia, 
cum io rolulo summa ^lU acripto fuerit deputato, tnulit eaadein 
loiiKiorvni iniirescallo, iu furulo suo ivpLiuenduiu. 

D. Mirur, quod dixisli tukam ttmiatX computo oblalam iUnun 
nlii oompolo offcreudam. 

M. Noli mirari ; quoniam qunMunqur itxucta vel notuta farrint 
a rifleoomitc in tcrmino I'»idiiip, iii^ci^iu«i I'lit itmtto nummonni ; 
Don taowD at Recundo solvatur quod jam (^lutum fuerit, ard at 
ofieraot ae compoto, ot obl&ta («Ie« aololionis jamdadum faetae 
redigatur in scripturam rotuli ; «t ma abnolvatur a debito 
Dnm enim talcam peu«a se bahuerit, liberatus non erit, aed 
aonpcT sumiDoiiiiudiis. 

D. El lia«u oeueeauria viaa sunt ; aed praitquere, n jilaoel, do 

ii. Immi) quin dc taluU in«nl.iotirm fccimna, quo ordine 
talcandi ratio o^riMBUt, paudt itdrcrt«. Taltarum igitur alia 
cEt. qun« Bimplicit«'r t«li-a dicitur ; alia, quam raemurandam 
nuij(:upiimu& L^gitimae veixi laJeac longiludo a suinmitato 
tndieis usque ad sunimitaUm extent! polliuis est : iUic tervbro 
TDixlicu pi^rforatur. Memonuda vero, quo« d« firnia blunca 
semper fieri hiIi^i. puulo bnvior Mt ; quia facto oiuiiyii. per quod 


Uenry IL 



fimta dfslbatur, primn ilia confringiliir, <t apptiint* ribi Uli-a 
I'ombufitioiiiB IaIoac longitndiDcni tuiw [trimo m«relitr. Mac 
autvm mtiotio lit iiicisiu. lu nimino jionuiit H. libr. ; sic at 
iiiciiio ^us Hpuniiuiliuu polnue capax nil ; 0. L nt |)ollioia ; xx. Lfl 
tit auriculorU ; librao uniuti incmo quasi Knni bonliri tunuoiUa ;^ 
•oliili vcro luiiiu* ; tiic tiuneii ut ex «ODi:iBiouibtu loco vuiMto 
modiciw ibi nikna fiiil ; dcoiiriu* Eautgi inciniuue uuUo dempta, 
aignatar. Ex qu« vero parte miltcnnriiu iiicidDur, Dl!nm Dunl 
|wnpa nutntnini ; nbii fortr mnliiini rjiia |i«rt«in ; Nio ut mcdiamj 
aimilitOT inciaionu qua partem (l^ina«, ct iiifni puii«tiluiu>. Sk 
li C. I. incisurua oat, «t noD sit tibi niillnonnu*, fftcin aio ; Dl <!« ' 
XX. 1. ate ; et da xx. aol. <|U0» lil>nim ilicimus. Quixl « niulti 
milteDBrii, rel ceutenarii, v^ vigonae libnniiu iuddendM aont, 
lex vailcm arrvMnr. at «x pateptioro ]«rte «ju»cleni taloM, boc 
cat. quae directe tibi prupoaitur, Tacta annotatioDe, m*^ bd- 
toerua, ex alt«n vcru nituor incidatw ; ex pat«uti<ir« rera parta 
aemper eal itiojur nunwrua in Humini), ex miuua pat«u1« aeniiwrJ 
minor, hoc eat denarii. Morcne armiti ail acoooarium lui-iiua 
Fola atgnifioitiva nun eat ; aod per sidtdoa dmignntur. Wa 
aatrm auri in nwdio talea«, sinit lihnun aaam iactdaa. Anrcun 
ttro nniun non pronus ut aigenteum, aed ducto diivcle incidcD- 
tia cntt«Ilo p«r medium taf*iae, oon obliquundo uctit fit in_ 
aigentao. Sic igilur ipea lovonim diii|>u)iiliu «t iiiciaiouia dilfo-fl 
rentia, quid annum ve( <iuiil ait arg^nteum, nlruroqae detennioal.^ 
Cclcnim opportQuiua hux omniu viou quam veilio cognoaoo. 

J). Quod da bia mtat ocuUta fido ooiialabit. Nunc ai pIu«A 
do odkiia proactiuora. 

M, Port buMv nt npn diximaa. interpoeitia *ins aliqniboa 
discRtis % rem miaeis, reaidtl is <iui vx. piaeropto regu mm- 
Itatationes facit potritiMM Bumeronim pro <ad<^B. Offidara 
qnidem aatia peiplexnm eat et bboHoaum ; M nat eo vix tv\ 
nonquam aeamuii ratio poaMt rxpediri ; eed nulli lUic mideutlj 
coDTenit ex nfficio, ntd cni rcz veJ .luatitia maadnvCTit cxi«(iura> 
dura. X«borio«um iiuitiam ; quia eatara olficin tiiii^uii tni nianu] 
ba«e liiia dnnbaa explcntur ; aod ia boc, ' liugua, miuina, i 
mcna indtfam labonat.' 

Qvid ad OalaJatortm. 

Higu« aut^m ba<« tat ratio: Kcuudum coiianetum curaiit 
•caccarii iiou legiboa ariameticia. Uemoritar, ul r.rnlo, dixia 
xae rriinea, afaooario auperpooi pannniii virgia di'tinctum. ii 
cujna inUntitiu numoruca aoerri coilocaulor. Poi-ro calculn 
tor in medio lalaria rmidirt, ul |)atGat omaibui, et ut lilftTu 
baboat uiotaln nuaua excurauni. Staluit autan ad du 

Ifia/tyiu de Scaceario. T. 

in SpkUo io&riore acervutn nummorum ab zi. et infra ; in w- 
cuDilo w^idoraiii % xtx. et iiifm ; iu tvrtio v«ro Jihruruiii. £t 
lii« (|uid«tu )|iai r-wta fn>uto Jtiliel opponi, quiu iDwliiu out in 
oanauetis aomputiit viceFomiliti ; in quiulo ucomu cut vigrun- 
niia; in auiiito cc^iiti-tiurum ; iu nexto miltcnnruni ; in Ncptimo, 
■ed nro, dorcm mille lihmnim; ruro inqiiam, hoc est, cum a 
reg« vcl mundnto cjux. n inngnt* rcgni compotiu a thcsauraiio 
6t caincranifl rogiii totiiu rcoeptao niiscipitur. Licet uut«in 
calculatori pro d^L-em snlidia argnntoum, pro decern vera Ubris 
oltoluin aureuin, apponere>, nt compolua expediuus Rat. Cuven- 
dum veru est, oe tnauiu pi^«umt)ula liu^^uuin prucreiiiat, r«l a 
omvuno ; net! iiiinul qui coiiiputAt. et culculum mittnt et nu> 
mt^niin ikai^'iiet, in* »it i-rror in oumaro. Ditpuiiilii igitnr p^-r 
ocervu* •umina <{uui^ n vit'ccumiti- rcquiritur, diKponiuittir itifi^ 
nimilitcr per iicrin-iui, qaiu; iiiluCa fiicrint, rcl in tliriiauro v«j 
kJia*. Quod u fiirrit lirinii numcro qtuw; nl> ipso roquiritur, t«1 
qiiodlibct aliud dcliitum cui iola poMit niimero sstiifieri, sim- 
plex flet detrautio inferioiis it superioro stimma, et de ivsiduo 
^teuebitur; aecua autcni Hot si firmam blauouu sit aolutuma, 
Itiod So dgeiidia vicecoinius picuius u8l«uditur. 

D. Piuve puruniiM^r currvuli culamo ut licont pnuciii uti. 

it. Ad akain rcHidui, nuc viiiit tibi verlw ni^gAnda. 

D. Vidcn: milii vidcor Beri poKM mtionc ciik'utiuidi, ut idem 
dnuuitu pro ralt^ilo miwiiw, nunc DutnmuiD, nunc solidum, Dune 
libram, nunc centum, nunc millo ngni&cot. 

if, SAa Mt, quibuHdam lameti apposilie ; itemqne fieri potest 
em demptis si ca1culnu>ri pkceat, ut qui mille aiguifioat 
I d«acenden8 unum stguilioet. 

D. Sic fit ut quivifl de plebe, cum bomo ait ct aliud vsuus una 
powit, tempiiinliliuH ujipuKitls voluntate pnivHidcnlia ab iino con- 
KMidat in iiuniliiuni, uc dciuccrjis forlunue 1^- ncrvalit retrudntur 
ID imnm, miui^nn i]u<i<l luoraC, licet vidcatur rationo dignitatis 
ot RlatUH ate aibi mutittus. 

il. NoBciii. <{uiid Kcrmo tuna non capit in omaibna; vernm 
quioquid aliia vid«iitnr, milii satis plucet, quod ex hiis alia 
(onjScis ', in raundanonuu vero tribulis niystici iotellMtua fluriai 
quaeres laudubile est. Kec iu hiia tuntuni quae oounicmoma, 
>ed in lota ncaecurii deHL-riptiune Kucrauientoruni qunrduni 
latilmla Bunt. Oflioiariomm uanii|ue clivcrsitu ; juiiiriiiHnc 
putontaliii ouctoiitaa ; r«giae iiuii(;iniK imprcuio ; citutiDDum 
«mi«»io; rotuloram coaEcriptio ; fillicntionum nitio ; dcbitorum 
nxnctifl ; reorum ci>n<lentpiintio s-tA abtolutio ; diKtncti cxamiiiig 
figUTB aunt, quod rcvelahitur cam otanium libri aperti rmnl et 
jaouB dauaa. Sed de bia baclenua. Nuui: proscquaniur d« 


Dialogue de Seaeearlo. I. 


tamea «at, quod prodigum in w ramae titaluni idnoui* kctilnis 
HUjwravit. S«d do hia ]inct<Tnu«. Nunc cocpca ni-([otu prate- 

D. Eilo, n tie jilocet. Solva rit ij^tur iwverontia thoeau- 
rorii : liic vUlntur cjun di^itati derogntum. quia Don est soli 
fidei ipsiuK per umnin cifditum. 

M. Absit ; imnio uiugla sio ejua labuributi purciliir et itidrmtu- 
tati providptur ; uun enim quod vel ijuii vu) alii nun uralitur. 
tot et luiili ruaident ad aoiutcariuni : m-d ijuia rrtlius m«t.'niit et 
r^ui nefjcutiin siil> tnnto priiK'igw dn^M'^ magnon nc miiltiis dc- 
patari, nou tumcn ut utililati pro^iiiciaiit, nod excel Icotiao et 
honori r^pa dMcrrianL 

J). i'ireieqan«i ai placet, de olGciia. 

Quid ad Tlutauriiriiu'i. 

M. Offioinm thesnumrii, vol cura vd aotlicttudo iptius vix cx- 
plicari poseet verbis, ctuini<ii r«M9t cniht rtiUmiin scribac vclocitcr 
4cribenliB, In onuibus onim ct per omnia, qiia« ml iu inferiori 
Kcaci-ariu Tel in supuriori geruutur, ip^iua Hollicita' diligeoUa 
necctnuiria eat Ex prHcdiotiii tuiur'ii ui^ua ex part« coustore 
potcat, iu quibiu uitipliur ait vjuit uim, ailvo ul nb htia arelli 
nun powit maneukt Kcaocnrio ; in reuipic-ndix Rcilicct cum]X)t)H 
vicccomiluni, et iji >criptiim rcituti. Ipse nnmquc minirtrat 
verba sccandnm qiinlitatcm ncgntioi-um in eiripturikin rotnli mi, 
a quo poBimodiim illud iilcm cxcipitur ab n1ii» roliilis. »icQt 
Bupra dictum rst; at cavendum ent ipu, no vel iu numero, vel in 
caUB^, vel in puraona sit error, av ali»olvatur qui quielna nou 
eat. vol rur^ua touv«[iiatur qui meruit abiolvi. Tunta namque 
rolnii ejus uucturitus eel, ut nulli Uoeat ei oulrudicere vut 
mutore ; uitu fortir turn manifc-ntUH error fuertl, ut omiubuK 
pati^iil' : uoque tunc niki di: coiumuni conulio uiiiiiium barunum 
mutari (U'bot, nt ipvis praumitibuK ami udhuc- Kilicot Macca- 
rium illius diiri pcrsovmit : Rcripturam vero rotuli prneterito 
anno faclam. vel etiuni bi^us anni ex'taiitis, post aolulum 
si^accarium uulIi inulai« licet nisi regi, cui »up<>r his lioeot 
quaecunque libi'ut. Item itd earn ajwotut, at ad omnia magna 
DCgutia oum euperioribuB aaiuuiatur, et nil cum liiteur. 

Quid wi Seriptanm T/iaauTurii. 

Soriptorid qui proximus eat tbeaaui^rio officium est praeparare 
rotulos ud Bi^riptiimni tx pi'llibua eviuia, uod ainu i/autA. Luo^- 
tudu uuluni conim i-st qnunta nuryit ex duabui mtMiibrtnis ; n»n 
tomen quibualitict, icd miigtiix, iid hoc opua «x luUttitria pro- 


Htnry U. 


officiia ; poat bune qui caloulie iiiMrvit, primas randct ex officio 
olcricu qui pneMt i«gjs ecriptorio. 

Qvx4 ad CUnettm ipti prMtH teriplorio. 


Ad hanc ptyrtinet Kriptorce idonoo)) ad rotalmn oucalhriM, 
et a<l brei'm i^ns quae in Kaonrio finnt, mc atm xil raiDnoni- 
Umm* coDBoribendaa, iuvenire^ et at bene fUnt prosj-iccn ; qoM 
quideiD ofBcia, lic«l puiHs exprimuitar Turbis, iuAnitis Umen 
vix «xpleri pmwiiiit l&borilinH ; <niod noruDt hii. qui hate i\<e* 
Ttram oxpcnontin dldioomat. Sic iMtbet officbi diq)o«iUiriim is 
Mcondo sodili. 

Quid ad PielavenMm ArMlaen^ m nwtw WiMmimtem 

D, S) beno mecuini. primun mI dextnm pmeiideniii rwidct 
WiatOiiMnsi* Epitcoptw, aaja* officium in aaMsouio vflllem 
tinufl oxprniiri. -Mogntu onim <«t et nisi nagnia oocupm 

M. Megnos o«t procnMubiit ; et magniB intentm in mulb 
ilinlnihtlur, dkrut in Triooltunui pluniuH tut Mtvimira. Ui 
luilc (einpom prcmutioniii, ilum pctuUi infiirior in regis 
railiurct, *ii>iu iitt fido et iiHluitri* regis negotiis oecMMrias, 
in compotationiUu Uqwi in roraloruia at bccriunt acrip 
nttia aluwr «t officiosuK Uode dstoa tti «i locua iid 
tbnaumrii. ut Milicet KripMrae rotalorura 6t hiis onuiibu 
ODm ipM int«iulLTVt. TliwaunriuB qutdem tot et tantiH nris at 
MoUidtiicliuibiia p«r uinntA diitrabiuir, ut fai dt iiilcrdam Iftato 
nprri xubi-qMra soRiDiini. In bunumii «ul«iu ociionibus vix 
aiiquid ost luqneqiuqiio porfbclatn. 

J), ({uid 6M quod dicia t nee eiiim aori quid ait Trioa)Biniii& 

M. Libelitu qnidem est a nobis DtcDuqne tein|>ore jureittulia 
editus, de tripartita ngal Aogtiae hbtoria, tnh illiioirt An^oniis 
rege Httorioo aeauadu; qoem quia per troa wlumiMi per uni- 
vorsoin digOHnmiu^ diximus TrioolDtiinum. Id (krinia quidcn da 
eedosiM AuglKuaae negotitt plurimia, ut dc nonnuUi* resoriptiB 
•edis apoatolicae. In secundn ven> de iniignibiis pnimlicti rtgti 
gwti>,quscfidemht)niiiaanirx«duRl. In (titia v«tx> du )<)unbuB 
mgotik lam in poblicis quam in famUiaribiis. omivod iu ctinno 
Jodiciii^ i^tur. Hie si forte in maaua tuas iadderti, cave ae to 
<dFugiat ; utilia etiim pcterit fnturia e«ae leinporitiait et 
hii, qni de regni Matu sub pnediMo principo eollit-iti fiMniit. 
cnini rvi tioiTl uUtvin n-gibu* cdttu* fiii-rit, i>t pi>r loiigu li-mrtiri 
NpHtin tritimiitiiiH vidoria miuoi diUtitvrrit iniperiuia ; 

i jo<!uiMla 


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K. -imt aiiuc "«£. TT" 1^ hii. ^'H. STfiijTir 

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TTnitTify cr *TBi 'ju:Lp itt^i IT hi n*"* l^^sIL 
JC mi'i iirrac *. -jirrnidi^E^ — -s. 

mj£ ttllD^ il^f ^iMs fV^ "rn ?ffi*-? ti« ri^grr- 

&>i3E. ^iSL td Btm. iOK?'.i£. IT III. uniEik in«r:.i 

nitBJaa itf MS^i^NmiK. "a jicLiina "~i - 'a.n. -uic- -i ua itr- 

tndft aH*^ cvi^ «B OMOCki msec ^ ouuiii^ Tii-'TUTnaif u •! 


J/enrf II, 


curatia ; Utitu<t« nro paiilo jitiu iiua expauu H aetniii. Regn- 
latix iRilur rotulix k «uiiiiimi pi-ae uaiiue drarHuiit. H ex ntrki|ae 
parU, ILncu ■ •« ilt^N'ntcr (linluntibitt, pfiMruutBiiiar in MiiDino 
rotuli ounutetuti <it Inillinc, dn (|uil>aH infm compiiluii n<(!diUir : 
laeU voro nxKliivi inti-rvulti) <{niuti Irium vel <)uiiluor rii^nloniiu, 
prMKril'iliir in rarclin linrau noiDcn coniitattiK (to ijiio ]»riiaa 
loro asrittluni est. l)i>tnilo in cji|iit« ncqiiciitis lintM Bonieii rioe- 
C<NiiiIt» iicpiu{;ilur, uilMequente tiM t«uoro vcriwnim ; ' His tdX 
ille vic«coRiM rvildJl compotum de flmMt illiiu ml illiua oomi- 
tnlua.' IViiid« pnulu poet in raAem Hdm scribitur, ' in tbeMnro,' 
nee apiwnitur iilind iiiai couxumiratta iMMDpoto, propter arf^-ulem 
Winiin, quM in nj^iulia vicvcoiuitum nitnifi'iita ML IMuila in 
M|Mt« M«iii«nli« linfiMi, quid iu <.'l«x!mu*yna irt dRcimtii cooatitiilia, 
quill etiain in libcratioix-, dc tirniH ctrmitnlitu vipondattir, ex- 
primittir. Pcol liaec in capi(« linra« in&tri>-ri» in tenia iIhUs 
iinnotiuilur en qtix- rc;;um rauniBooatia ounliilil ecclcsiu, vel his 
qui eia mililnmiil, i>i tun-iib suia quM euruiiae uuiominwitiir, 
quibiMduu IJiuici'X. iiuiliuMlaiii Duuieni. 

D. Muvut mr i{iio(t dicin quoiHUm fuudoa dm bUncoi^ 
ipinadun numuro. 

J/l Koaoqnaiuur ad praMnw do •eriploris officio; et in 
Bgfndifl vicecomiliR Mprr hoc. u hhei. intcm^^ Peat terras 
iluiu, ffti-lo iotervullu tiiiius liuvM at videantur eti&in ipaa hui 
nitiuue ««juDcU. uinotantur ea qna« jiUM aunt d« finiat expcodi 
p«r liniria ivgii ; quia hoM) oonatituta non snot, hmI oaaualin; 
qniui'liim ctiuRi, quiie nine br«vilmii computoiilar pur och>> 
MiMliKlincm aoftcoarii, dc quiliua iiirm dioetur: ci aic tcnainatnr 
cniaputiifl do eorporc comilatn*. Puat hue, ImIo iDUn-nllo qitaai 
MX rcl a«ptem lii>enrnni, fil ootnpottu dc purpratoria et cacaetia 
Bub Ilia vei'bia ; ' Idvni vicMxtmcB rtxidil «iRi)>oiam de fima par- 
prvaluranim ct (Ticiteliiram;' eed etdeomuibua flnnb inuu«ri<iniui 
et d« ccnsu nomonim, quae auanatiin debentur et kuIvuiiIut. 
IWt hiien auo online cumpoti collonntar, exoeptta quibuadam 
civiUtibiu i-t vtlliii et bailiiia, quanun nuiji>rea oompiili aunt; 
quia ooiiMtitulM babent slMmoaynaa rel liboratioDua, et ti^rraa 
<Ulaa ; «t wl castodM cantm (emram proprine wmnionitiuDva 
dt debitia re^ diriguntur. Da hia aotem eoropoti fiunt post 
coBTOmmatura oninino ci^m|)otani de conutatiUia in quibua aunt. 
Qualia ifniit Linwluin. WUitouia, Mifinea, Bcnhamatede, Oole- 
natJ-ia, plciwiuu ulla. 

i). Uiror dixtiae te quoMlani irditaa oooatitutoa dici finnai^ 
qnoadam vera oenana. 

if. Finnue mniurioruoi sunti ceDBoa autem nemoruin (antuRL 
Qnue Miim ex Biaiiariia proreniunt, quia per affricsltunm quo- 



DiaiogHt it Seaecatw. I. 


fUwt MUM monnttir «t rvdruDt. \A imwrtcr )w«v in ipniii (wrti 
Mat oonrtilul) reildlttu coiuuvtuiliiiiim jure peqwlao, nimtu 
flmui M imniuUtiilin iiominiuitur. Quuc Tern ex nentwribiu^ 
quMi quotiilte Mocidnntur et pnmntit, Riuiiut li^ dvhciitur, — 
riDonini iKia ot>t toiu finnui vrl iinniobili* qiuetiUu, Md Mt in 
vm ML'Muiuii ct ili-Kociuuti, linnt Hon nunuUB, firquvna tkOM-it, — 
POMin (Utuntur : nl xic per s]>liMrenm ndditua bos oouBrri 
dieiuiL Sunt tajn«a qui cTudunt, c«iisum (iici quae ft aii^uUs 
htitiiiatbiM •olvunuir ; fimw vvru quae «x liiit aur^pt ; ul ait 
flnna iMMBen collectivuin, aicai turli* : ol> buc ift'tur aicut 
cirditur, ate cnicMgr, at ftnuuum iiuliod, et Grmaui nun ttm 
■jmigbet Poat ItMO cuBUituttt, fuc-to ilcrum iuterrallii, fit OOm- 
poui* lie ilebitb, au|M-r quibua lumtnoiiitua cat TieteaiiMs ; pne- 
liluklii tatnen uuminilut* itliirum jtidicam qiH)nim baeo waxA. 
Ullitou nvxi di: mnllix fugitivaram, nl mutilulorum pro «xc«s- 
nbot auia. Kt )ii« nplctis, oofnpotus tUias vicecoinilatua 
tenaitwlur, Covirniiuui ftutnu eat »ori|itori. ne ali<|uid motu 
vaaa aui achbat in rutulu, nui quoil IbeMnmriu diclHiile 
didioerit. Quod ai fort« per DP(ili!rnituuu t«1 atitiin quemtibrt 
gywiin. cootigerit ram nnre in wriplura rvtuli, yd in nomina, 
vtl in Donntro, vrl Id ciuiiw, in quibiu via luajor Mripturae 
aoaaUtit ; noo prnraanat abrwlrn', aed linea suMili aubdiwta 
(WMwIM, tt acribal Id wrie quod opor1«t : liabrt «u)m rotuli 
•eriptiina boc comiDuoe cum cartia et utii> aorijitin [>at«iitibiii^ 
quod alirBdi aon d«bct : et ob hue (auium »t ut de pvllitiua 
aviuin fiant ; qiita iion fncilr uist timitil'i.-i'to rilio nuiini« (lodunt. 
U. Bcriptor iaie d« pmpriu oti dr liitoo rntuloa iDTriiil I 
M. In t«nniao M« S«ncti MicJiaclit r. soIhIm d« fiaoo rccipit. 
•t Kfjptor aae«UariM alios nibili>miDus v. ; «x quibuB ad 
atrflmquo nxnlnai. ot ad summonitionM et reoeptan inforioria 
•aaccam Bwaibnuiaa inveniuot. • 

i^ii ltd Scrifitor<m CaneelUtriat. 

Cunt, labor, irttidiBm, nliqui scriptoria ad «jus latua |i«aid«ali8 
in hta imxinte oouaiatil, ut acilivci «scipiat de rotulo a]t«ra 
TariniD a t«rho, eodem ut prarKllximua ofdine serrato. It«<a 
>d dune |wtltiiet timvia regis de exitu theaauri acribcrc, de bia 
taalum rebtia qiin« ouiisitleratioae turonum, ociturdrntc Kaccurto, 
a tlnaanrario et eaincrnriw lilirmri d«briit : niliiloininaa bi« 
Uwia regia amtilt d» coaiputnadia vcl perdonandis hia, quae 
t«n>Bee ad acaccarium oompotanda *cl perdoiianda dtcravnriut. 
Ad huae rtium ii|N<olut, at pCTvctU compotia vicecomililin, et 
lasatis dnbilU icfpa do quil^in aunimoidtiobea flunt, CMd«tu prr 
toluiB nguani dtrigea'taa dilij^eati elntul «t biborioM diacRlione 

lS8 Hfry Jl. [Fin 

•Miwrrihil : tx t\a\\m%, at in (|uorum ffnllA, Kqvmtis tortnioi 
ww.'ofiuin 011(1 voMlnr. 

VI. QniM tit ttiwr Brttfittm RtffU /aeti>rum ad Seanrariwm, »l» 

U. BrOTio r«{ps (1« exitn tlxsauri tub ([iM tcnoro T«rlMi 
Aunt I 

it. TIx-MitirnriiH ot CMncnirii nioi rrgi* cxprana mandato 
jMBKiJeDtis jiiMiciarii, mttcejiUni pfcauUm noD FXpeoiInnt : 
•■porUt mint ut iMbmnt auotoritalciu r«ecripti regis tte •listH- 
biiU |>ecaiiia, cum afa eU compotiu generalis cxipHur; Ml 
autcm hio ieaat ; ' H. rex eto. N. tlieesunriii et ilU i<t ilh 
oaiMrariu Mlut«ia. Lilwrnte <1« tlMUiuro inoo iiti vi-1 illi, li«nu 
ve] hnno Rinnmain. Tivlibiu ki* aputl N. nd Kkcmirhm.' 
AdiLilur auU»a ' ad •cttccarium,' iit ■!« fiut ducntio broTium f|i»a 
iu uuria rvgii 6uot Opi>rt«t «ti«m ut facto brerl iJq exitu 
thwauri, nt diximiu, bciac ideni scriptor rMcriptum f'jiu. quwl 
voljp) didttir contralmTO ; et illud )>euea ae rcMrvabit ulermw 
caaorllnrii in Ualimouiiun litieraUe fadae per breve refpa origi- 
tule^ qu»d tli««aunri(iH «i aimcmrii liabeBL Brefia quocioe da 
coiapntaodia tcI pcnloiniixtis bu, qtiM bannwi d«crw«riDt eom- 
iraUnda v«l ponlonitndrt. |>i)U)C«gnita doBiini regit voluDtat«, aub 
Imo (Miore Torborum liiiiit; ' H. Dei gratia et«., biuumtiut do 
aoccsrifl aalutem. Coinputnle illi tet illi haiio vd ha»c (mm- 
iiiHin, quam liberavtt uA Iioo vel wl iltud ni-itxtiiim moton. 
Tcalibua bti> ibi ad Kaoniriuni.* [Iem ; * lUx l>iir»nil>ii* d« ecai'- 
cario ■aJnlom. Penli>m> illi, vit cUmi> (|uii-iiini bun« t«1 illiiin 
lie hoo vd de itlo, Tt^tibu> liiia ibi ad aocinriiiiii.' Honan 
autem OBiDium brovinro rvacripU pruM jamdii-tuin ckricum 
roaidebuul, m ti»timviiiiim Jactoruni brevium, Ori|{>i>alU enim 
coiapaUtonim vel perdunalurum brevia forulU iiiareacalU, fadi* 
vioeootnilum oomp»ti», indudtiiitur ; de cetero, niri contratin 
da eia aciatur, dmi exgxini'ndii. Quud uuleni de brcribnn rv^ii 
dkimuH, iiitvlli^iti'iidiiin vX. nimilitn- de krevibua ptiVMidenlta 
Ituliciurii, tamuin cum mx nliaciui c(t, ct cam tigilU ((jut 
iii)|>reic>iD>« jui« rcgni clikliiniilur, <^t cauuo Ettatitur, ut C(id- 
tleoniiailuf vol absolvanlur <|ui vdntntur lul curiaii). CetvriiDi 
dual rex iu r«^iit> AiigUao fiiorit, brevia Koocarii iiominr iv^o 
Amt, nih rjuMlvm praesid^iiliH d alicujus alutiua magni tMti- 
tiitinio. Ijiii* nnt«'m ait letior brerjuin illorutn quae aanuiw- 
iiitionm difiuiittir, plniiua lufra iliivtur in litnln de auiniMWii- 



IHalagtu de Sraecario. I, 


QviS ad Cl<rleun* Ca»<*llarii. 

Clarinu can«cllarii qui hnic pniximiu e«t, lic^ noB jmtprio 
•mI sIuou DowiDc miiilcl, nu^'niH (•tncD oociipalnr, et in miilu 
dittntliUur : &<leo ut ab ip«>' iuilio ccinj'OlonuD nsqoe ad finera 
IbiI* avitlli Di>u poasit ; tiini f»He dum sibi |>ropiltiu evt ; suImU- 
liiifrim (iiKcrdo vii-iirio. HuJc eiiiin |iriiiM citm rut 
.urariuni iii hiu omiiibtii <}ujm; illio jtirruulur; tnuxusc 
uuKii Ultra rotuiorum ao brwiuin Mn{itiu»iii ; in hiia «iua 
)inmi|>u« r«i^niQr ; nam do hrto «iu alu&M Kriptaris abeirct 
pnqi|iicil hie, aliijiii eoquilur dam paMiba^ of^iuis. lt«n tiic 
inluaiur dtligi-uter ftltrrius anoi rutuluiu «i1>i pri>po«itusi, <l<.'n'« 
k vicAcomite ntjiiriunum fufril d« (l«bitU liiu quav UUc anno* 
Uuitur, «t de quibait MiminuDeiur. It«ni reai<l«»t« vioecomite 
wi coiniHitiuii, cvmptiUiti« et Kfipto d^jxitntU hi* 'ium! ocm- 
■titul* Himt in ootnitnlu, brave ramtnomtiuni*, cui n^i* »igiI1um 
■|>|>ciifuin Mt, muuipit a v»opcainit«, ct do hi* drbitin qunc illic 
•eripln iiuni nrgct Ticpcnmitem, ptuDDDciiino iu publicum H 
dicMut. ' rvdde d« hoc Untiim. et de illo tAi-tum.' DebiU vero 
ooae tt^vuiitur in int^nus, «t de quibua tntinfit, canc^lct idnn 
Msrieoi Udw ducU per medium ; nt tit dutinctio per boo otium 
inltf W^nU ot wlvooda. Ilic etintn ctulodit contntbroria fi^e- 
tonuB wl BeaocanucD. Iliu eli«m suniiDOttiUono* facJas, ut pne- 
dictum eat, oorrigit et uji^iUat ; et eat ei bbor liiliuitua, atqur 
pMt tbeaanrarium nuuiinui. 

D. UtitiA hie eaael ma^ Argua, qnam Polypbemuai 

Quid ad Cltrinun (7mtUahMlariat. 

if. Clericoa conatalialBriAa magniu et oflicioms in t*^» cttria, 
ad acttocanuia etiam ad majora quaeqae oum iiiu^iiua aacitur, et 
wwMMO e)ua regia fiunt ncKutia. Dt-stiuatur autem a rcge ad 
amcrarittU cotn oonlrabnivibuii ^d lemiiuu» aaaccurii, dv hit* 
lanluin qane ad curium finut. Mic ctinm c-um (DOnIiilwUTio 
libentiuDiI>u> mililum vol quoramlibet eorum iulcodit, ut proe- 
dictum ott ; ot Oft inlorduu laborioaam Mlis ofltcium ejus, licet 
pMieia cacprimatur. ijpk'l luiuen illud fnqatatiua |wr i<u]>p()- 
fiiaoi |>er»ociaa), aiout Ciutuvlluxius; quupropter nu^iurai iion 
ladlr [lunriuit a ngio pnuawutia loii^iua ok. Sio ha\iv* dixpoai- 
turuni in teouodu aedili ad doxlrain ptiicxideutia uteuoqae 
diathbuta nffida. 

(inid ad J9rM)imM. 

Pom in rapite qimrti aodtll« qnod opponhnr juticiariia, 
WMiiat Magtator Thomae ougnomaiita Bcuhhi. Hujiu ad tcac- 

■I 4 . I It 

I .,.„ / 

* i^''A •'-i.WI. 

II r I 


JJiateyiu de Seaccario, I, 


meanv ■nmploi jiriw Kftnovonl, bctaqtie cwnmisUoiM' tomndem, 
Bl peodnri rap]ioiHlnuii, mitlit in uoam vmcuIubi irutiiui- libnm 
potMiTrM, in Klt«nun vov d« dciuriis <|IUh1 opurlucril, quo 
beto uumenU ooMletD, at ex nnincro oonstare posMt, si Irgilimi 
I'mirria KUii ; cojuMUDque v«ra pooderia inveiiti fueriiit, »eur«unt 
niH tit in eiSam libmm iuuua.1>oe«t ncsolldos exquitma exantcn 
lilt , nli^QOM Tcm xxiiii. voltdoa inittit in loouhun. Iuku duo 
'Irt.iuii {tra«tcr libnuu ac*raiiuuidiun duitur futori, hod do filco 
rrl <\« piMte vioeconiitin. qiuui in prnctiiium iini Uiorui. Tuiw 
'l:L.'U!imr a prK«id'-i>t(% vcl ■ Uinukiirario hi illo ftbsciM fuarit. 
<lii <!uD Tii'ccoinitM, ut nmul cum arg«atom Mu non «t vioo- 
;.<i:ui(i r^jtia fstUBeii bcicndum est, procedaat ad igncni ; nbj 
hiaor Mit« {inuoMwtoa praefwraUa iwocMariis eorum {>n«eto- 
Utnr a>)v('Diuni: iU itenim praesente fusore et hits qui k 
Iwmnilioii bum! taut, dUigeDter com|iutiaitiir, et fusori Ua- 

QmH ad Vit*yrr.m. 

Qiios !I1e snsHptens manu |iritiiritt numerat, et sic ditiioDit 
•ox in r»Mn1utn ignitonun cini-runi quud in fumuiot! K-tX- Tuni: 
tptiir artjs fu8'>riAc legs ktvuUi ivdigit «oti in nwaMtn, conlluis 
n nunudsna sfgdotum. Cetoruin catxaMiuin eet ei, ii« eitni 
pcrrBotntn oubsistet, vej importunis Bestuati<inil>ua raxdl illiid 
■iqUR concusoAt ; illud pgropt«r regis, hoc pn>i>I«r vic«<romitit 
^luram ; and nxxtii omnibus provideat et procurvt qiutuU 
potent indnitria, ut non vi?x<^tur, wd ud punun Unlum ex«i»- 
<|mtiir: bnc autcm ipaum proridere d«beul kii, ()ui wl ideai 
Buan mat % m^joribu*. F»do tgilur «x«miiie, deferl Illud 
M]l*atftriu« ftd bu«an, oamiUDlibai iltii, ct tunc in omnitiiii 
oimli* poodcrat tUad eun Ubnv pmcdioa pondeHii: wpnltt 
Mtnn mux, qnod igob ootuiuRpmt, «ppo*it«i dmariia «itiadcn 
lorali. dnnec aMiuilibritar M ktMat aunon cum poodnra ; tiinc 
jmcriliilur idem exameu desoper dactji creU liis T«rbia, * Ever 
windra. Lil>nAniitlo<,Tel totdcuHriis/ et tunc illtid MaBinm 
dtcrtur; nun <!iiim iiMmUtar niu pra«oai>ocs»o quud *ie ture 
dnboat Qu»d si nocMDia cvjtis vA, almnpnialua fuerit illud 
<|itui plni Jasto eonsamptum foerit, i;;nis srilicel rxacntiutioor, 
tpI pltinilii infiaioae ; trl etiam fiuor ipoe qunlibct occmsiont 
dHJxtM*- Eslrjrtur rxamm, itcnim nan>Rr«ntar rigioti aalidi, qu! 
raadni hidi in loculo pnadicto, conm butmibuii, noat dicUan 
rA, ut Mdem ntiotie >ort«U fiat rxanmi. Hiac tibj eonatara 
lH>t«vt, qtia eonddantiona da a«rr«o maifciir ^irarpiioitaa pnwiitiaa 
i|Uaiir^^ni« qusluor soUdi •rorvntn ab initM miltanlnr in toen- 
hoD apfMatto ▼iaeoomllU aicUlo. Notaadum tbtu at, (|MiH 


,Htnry IL 


fiuor duos percipit (Ictiario* pro exiuniiw, licat diximos. Quod 
si (jDovia Msu iiliud fkorrat, otinin m ietMa ex^niiiiAverit, non 
perci]>i«< quioquam, Bed coDtentus orit wmd saweptu duolitu. 

D. Uiror a tantia UnUm adhiberi diligentiam in nohu librae 
«uuuiiiniilt>>ti«, cum see nMgnus ex «o qiiu«i4us nee miilta JKi-tun 

M. Nod prwpt^ Unnc tantuin fiuiit haec, Mil |irii|>tiT omnM 
illaa quae »b wKlum Tic««oinit« nub utielcm noaiiii<: 5rini>o simnl 
cum hoc penotvuntur. Qiinntum coim sb Imc libra per i(ni<(D 
purgAloriniu decidic. tantand«<m px Ringiilis atiis libris iiovi-rit 
viceconui de sninina sua subtrali«nduin : at n eemluai UIitm 
Dwut-rataa aolrerit, el libra «ximiniH xii. d«iuu-. excMnrit, hod 
computcntur a iii«i DtHujiiDta quiuque. 

H. None vidcro rideor nuaailum ex hiia jwovMura p«SM son 
modicum, acd cni ocdcrs <l«lH<nt i^om. 

M. Serael dictum est et setnjXiT intdligiktur, »oli n^la« utili- 
tati in his oinuibus semri. licrt aiit«m a tidoa vicecotaJtis 
oombuftiu detroliator, mitUtur tanen aeonuni in Ul«aiii allemn 
brcrioTfi u , ut de summa ^na thwaUFarina «t caraenuii napoo- 
deant. SciciuliiiD rem quod pvr bnii« Uleant comlHiNtianii 
dealbatur lirma nooooiuitis ; unde ia tMtioKiamtn higus rei 
•einper miyori tateae nppcma eohaaret. 

D, Pnlaat adhac m« quaestio noii disMmtlM Uli, qiiam in 
utndit luferiMb aon-carii pr<^HMaiMp me nicinini ; quare Tlda- 
Itcet tibn uoa pltw idtera. decKlat, cum jMr delwat esiie conditio 
anaium opnuniium iu moueta. 

it. Ad banc %\mt ad ilLun quaeetiuneni «ulKdt iv<pood<n, 
(i<rri po&ee lioe per falKarioe at munmorum detoiuurM. FueruDt 
auteoi, qui oreaereDt. quibua nae tgo diwentio, non caw lepU- 
iiuun huju« re);Di monotain, st exaniinata libra docidat pluaqiiam 
vL d«n. H iNiodere, cut numcma mpnndot ; eC otinni dclatatn ad 
•oaccariuin bnjueniodi peciiniHin Haoo debore oeder^ nial ftirta 
nori Hint ct Don usoalea denarii, quoruai etiani anperacriptio 
mum pmilnt aoctomn ; tunc enim idem monelariui aupcropan 
•no diatricte cooTcniulur, et IcK'biis conntttuti* tine jiirlura vic^ 
ootni^ comdroinnbitiir vel ulMutretnr. Qnod hi pl^^ fxomiii*- 
tlonom probatis ct rrjirobitiit dmariia mtMimUiitut eando:iiaatua 
«t ponitua fveiic. detutrii n fitioro ■caccarii, pnnoDtibus alijt 
hnjui artia ptTitia, rcitigirdir in mK»^m, et p(>iidii» <'jtM rie«- 
oomiti oomputabitur. Venim totum hoc paw nuD<; aholitum 
est «t multum ivlinquilur, quoiiiani iti moueta nuenlltor t)«»- 
L-atu ab omuibiM. Cum uut«iu «d debitum et lefta d(44>rmiDn> 
tan) nodiim nimute pervenerit, pnmitivaecaD»1ituti'<iilf lrg«ra 
olwervarii ntceseo crit. Oeutin, ai quia viiYuoroe* nniikinoB stta- 




hiahgiu Jt Scaccario, I, 


Rnrt, r;nnni>ii llltm cii>fnba<iiA a t. vrl ijii. tcI infra w rohilMnt, 
I' lir ill- novo Tiicti, noil timnilnt vcl mn><>rii, ■iniili inodo 

III III il;c<ilMiiliir, ijiuui fxoRiltrnUs Irgnm cdmmnnrin ; 

nrih' [' iLiiUcari [mtcraat Eiciit M iitii. Ilfm runt nd urnccnrinin 
Itltifl'i' ciiiiBtii ulae quae Matutis Utminie frine brori ngi» 
■tlTuntair: ijnnlb Mt Ittmalia uHiidtn, i-mluJis Miticot nmvis 
ngUe quun atiprcnm dirimus. tjiii xii. ilcu. percipit quaque die ; 
daqw M eoiuiniitibita taint* fitint » cuinenriu, i[uiu il<^ Liia bnrU 
am htbrnl, Utin buUiiu argnitimuit honiin rccauU hiilwt, 
i (L eontnuloM. Uic simul ct fuM-r rogati ■ Minenmi*, cnm 
MOHM fnorit «t plarima delate poounis opprimit compateUmi^ 
Jannt eoa comiMUticii* : TolnnUrium tamcn <«t cu. noo neot*- 
Mrium. 6i« lutiea militis ai^ntarii et hisora oAkiA. 
It, Qiiiir Mnt Higna Eacti vel iufocti onmiiUBl 
M. Nod lutifl nuri ; quit ii«« eoUictlusniper hmfni. Vrrvm 
quauiiliu aujiiT jam lU|uidiim ar([entiim nigra quamlam nnberaU 
dwililifrTTi eoo'pidtHr, inCoclatn ditttur. At cum qiunNlani 
qoaai grnis lainuU ab into dniucuntur imI Huminuin. ct Mia dia- 
aijvnutiir, ■ignum est lawniinati. 

Til. A fKtfru* iw/ ad ^Mkl inttitiHa/utrit argtati atamiHalio. 

D. A ifuiltus Tcl ob quam rem iikatiluta fuit eiaminatio hMO 
nl niRitnwtto I 

U. Vt il4- )i(i tiU constere poesit, paule alliiu orietidum mt. 
Siont Indilom liabemni a [lalriiitu, in primilivo rtffni lUUi pHt 
CoDij(ii>ltiutii.'n), regibui dc fniidiit unvt iiuii aari vvl urgi'nti poO- 
dan wd kiU ricttwlia aolvtbantar ; ex ijuibu* in tuux qiioudi- 
Woi doom rrgiao nrccMtnria minitlmlmtitur. Et uovcrnnl, qui 
■d hacc dtpiitati fuerant, q>ianliim dc rin^lig fnndiii |>Tove- 
Mb*U Ccterum ad atipciidia vcl di>n>uva niitituro ct alia 
BWOMwriii, lie placilia regni vel convent i»nil<us, e4 ex dvitatibas 
til cMUllb a quibua oflricultura non esnv^bnlur, pcciinia 
imiflWKta euccrMmbaL Toto igiiur regis ^Villelmi primi tecn- 
MR purawcmvit liaec tiiHtitutiu, uhjuc lemtKirm re^is Heorici 
Ilii c)it* : ndco Dt vtdctim c((v iyte (|u<iwUni, qui viciuulta 
•!.< ''lu de fumlia (cgiia ad curium deterri ridcrint : 

t< ' ant vflirialta domiiN rtfciae • qubot eoatitatibna 

Uuuuii, t nuiiiati direnM iqiecio camiiim vol equomm [uliata, 
*ct i|[ui» I'fH^Mitriii, deWliKDtur. Ilii>i vero anlutiii Rrcundam 
OOMli! lum rujiuqna na, rrgii oAoittlM comptitabMit 

Tfarrr _'(iies in nininiaoi diuMrinrura : pro ntnaBra 

K I ■Htiii'm r. !v>ii>iiiiim, »<ili<liiin ntiiira : pro cor- 

[<■■■■ , I. alia, BuliilQtii utitiiu , pro ancte vol ove, iiii. d. j 


«t ditovtiorn 
mngnlos ]<«• 
« d« biiB eol 
De mniiia t 

W g»b «t is uou «iinila:.. 

— .^uiuda ti aeaccariuro t«iwri . 

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. -9^ Ivrlin « BOO tUta dociderrt. 

rant cMiattttMre at finu 

•"I All peruom Mlvtntor; 

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-^^aaa lex Itujua wlutMNUH : unde 

^^ftna mtnlis regis illiiui invctUM 

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Mcit inlvru vir pfuden*, consiluH 

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jHy^iiriT wd Mc !pi» nrtnlt* tuauifettam. 

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I WkV P*^ tndiduMna ooocjuniua. Suptr 

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__ mUknIobi " ■ 'I'is iio«wit 



JHalogtu dt Seaceorio. Z. 


IMilMK at poaili^rti viilcmtur Mtofnctam, non tiuaen In miAenh : 
COPMOMBa cnim dou entt, tit n gtro VAm, una nuinento* 
XX. aoltdM cii«m librae pondcris rMpoBdeDtn tolvinMt, nam 
qvestar libmm ftolriMrt MrgcnUam i pot«nit raim capra rd 
auovis acre mixtam >olviM«v enn noD fioret cxamiiucio. Ut 
i|{itar regiae sinia) at poUicM proTiderrtur utilitati, hahito 
Mptr lioc ipao tv^a cniuilio, couBtitutum at ut 6ent online 
pnpdicto fimwe oombiutio ve] exAminiUio. 

D. QuMDwIo jmblJM^ 

J^. SiiotivnK rnim vioecomee H pM^ravnri per romlnis- 
tioiHm (Iclcrions monetae, cum Rrmam cat tolutnni*, fotliciUia 
adliibrt dtligcntiam ut monrUrti sub eo eoB«titati l^is eoa- 
BlituU« fiiica non rxi-eikot ; <iuoe ram <l(fpnlMiidarit, ue pani- 
nuuir, ut eoniin #xeiii|>1o cet«n lerre&Dtnr. 

D. Nmumid <!« umnibiM ctxnilutibuii finna blaoca Bohri debet, 
vel »x omnibiu oomitatibu* cxnininntio fi«ri i 

M- Non; •ed qui de aotiqno jure coronac rcgiM annoini- 
nantar mc aolvoDt Qni rcro p«r uicid«ntc» aliqwm riwua infia- 
eantnr. aolo antocro sHtisfaciunt ; qnalc* miat Solojwcir, Sodsex, 
NortfaoinberlaiMl «t Outubtrluud. LUwmm eat ctiain vinoo- 
miti dt MO (iitna blnnca Milvat cnnunali argenti poukra ; et 
■ie tifaftiat jaetanun combantioniii ; lic lamen nt fusor regit 
•adam BUMnpiviida ditocmat. HaliM igitur qnod pcu«ti, a 
■(■ibaa adlirat et ob quam caunm inatitnta fucrit examiaatio. 

D. ViAto per banc ad litteram Implotntu qood •criptum e«t: 
'qtule Tuerit cujuaque opus igitia probabit. Sed jam nunc 
placeat eocplia iiitrUtere. 

Jf. Fiat. CoitM<|a«ia cft, ut crtjo, •ecuudnm lUspoaitAt roti- 
onl* nrilinrai, ut qnne aunt digiiital<a rcaiilvntiuin ad Kaccariuin 
ex oSicio, rel ex rrgit maadiKi, pnMet^namiir. 

D, Kiror aatia qoa oonaidcratioM cam de offidb agwator, da 
Mtiafw m^jeria acMtarii et qiu Dfficio vel ex iadaatm anpprta- 
Rati. ▼«! oblivioiua t^)uria resiateute praoteriUti. 

M. Oratulor (e menoTem ptaedictvnun ; in nroficicnte qnippe 
tUaeipnlo |^i>ria doetoria eeL Xoati jam clivtum vtitiBriiun 
litNTiatlanaBi paniMra cum aliia officialibuii, et idto merito 
nquiria, quid ait ^|ua of&dam. E«t aatc-m liujuamodi ; 

Quid ad OHiarium Sufn-iori* SeaooKFU. 

OaUun dogno* idina In qua acaceariom nddct* ostianna ilt« 
•olna line oonaort* curtodit ; nisi cunt de dono propria »iTrvi- 
enlea aamnll in ootu oflicii sui. Nihilominua cuBiudit idem 
oatiuai tbalomt aaoretonim, qui collocalue lat juxta dumum nlii 
acMCHrtutD att. Ad htino acceduut borouee^ coin pn^oitur eia 

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ftettry It. 


vcrbum niiifiiguum mH MitMnriuni, ilc quo mulant Momm tow 
tarp ([ii'in iti nuribiu ontninm ; tnkxime antnm jmiptcr hue to 
p«rl(im M-cixliuit, oe coin|>oU <|ui oil Kwtcarium liunt im|iall- 
Kiibir i cjuil>u* morHiii fm-idilibii* io oonfiiliu, codbuhIus cureu* 
entnpatorum ngitiir. Si quid vero natum ra«rit quMstionis, 
nbretur «it oo*. Liburutii eltnni rot oili«ri<i, ut quilnuililH'l 
niugnae Andoritulii vtriti ad hue opua nan nel■<^aMrll• {in|MiiiB 
prMoliuUt nclitiim cum Tolut-rit. Sulu vi-ro liibi qui aA *c»e- 
cwium ex officio t«1 ax rcgii mnmlitto rt«td(Mit, voluntnriiu 
|iNl«t Lngnams in uUtrnqn* thaUmum. Quod si nucUDtiei* 
dill ti-rwniur. quo* aiDgularitor inml«ri^ noa wt iduncuni, nntitn 
Tol diK'K iiilruducerc jiolerunt in oxleriomn dumuiu »ncani. 
Ko() in tliftlaoiuiu »«cT«tomm soli u^orea iiilrotrunt, ceteri* 
esclu^is ; ntfi cum mi quaultlxrt regift nc^tiK cxtili-Diln « ilooiDin 
BuiA v'lrnntiir. Ittrm ootinriaii fiicU* inimiDunitKMU* «t ligoatu 
ft iTittrc'Ciiltii fiiierijiil; Mlutn icoccariu iUiu« teraiini. in proprift 
poiiMHU vc] per liddcin imnrium ^r Anglinm, st«ut sii|m 
dictiim ml, euwlem dtitnt. llioHiam ox raauiUtu i>ra«>iileiiti* 
eoDrovftt in iinuMUtiatu ejus vici-L-oinitM qui exirn doitiuia 
ttbicuiMiu« iliNjwm BUiit, cum iitdixuerit illii. Itfui ad liuiu 
MiHiDot, nt twUiniliw lit cirun miuulii quii«libot DOCORuria qua« 
111 ilonM m-Muurii rant, vrlut nd stemcnda et prncpanuita 
aeililia oirva scacatnum. tA hajusmodi. Ex praedtetia, ut en' 
dtmua, de blBcii* (•ranium qui ad Bcsctroriam ntiidtul tlbi coii 
Hliire puUflt. Nuiii- quae siiul eomm jura vel dignilaUa luUuM 
Mauimi* ad icaccvriuiii ostuiidcmua. 

VUI. QuM mtUjura at •U'jmtaM rtJti d m t iiim aJ ■ 
rtUione aetitiimi*. 

Oportct ftUt4n) d« oeieru uubia amplius parcat lingua di'tni«- 
tori*, Pl dtiiiM Hvniidus ue Unlet intidlando ; tIx «nitn nd no4i ' 
tuam ali<iuid bonim |icrtirii^rct, id Don u«itatifl reram tooaba! 
Bed cxquinto vorlrorum ■vhcnutte Tel oouTucUi iKKoitiibiU duze 
riuioi insist cud uin. 

D. Solam nrlMrum nnvitnlum a principio vitarc pniL-nionnt. 
•t circs comtnunia cdrnmuiiitiuH rl usitnlis uti vrrliin obtinui, oc 
diMUfiliDalia ruJimcnU nuriUw insueta turbaret. 8ie i^tur, vL. 
euoputi, coqituw libmt ikrnim vx|tlarv. Quod m te ur gradj- 
entoni dccruotutt* annuta inriia tri liDj^uu iwjxTertt, il!ud obtiaeas 
ab M, ut qui in toriiitia auts aiuo |)«omtu eft> pritnuB tn ta 
Upident miliot. 

if. 8|Miit«T paivo, dummnlo ]rx i*ta wrvrtur. I>it?iiUf mi 
ilnntinni ad »cac«arium to pluritiott oonsisttt Sirueiiim daclrrui 
•uii aiw de rqgb «uria qui MHadoiil ox nundalo, ab oa dli- qua 





Violo^ Jt Scatvani'. L 


roavMiinit BMjtMt m] gfncralom Mwoenom, «d nlinti (^luwlitiot 
CMMM rail qutbiucTin<|<M' judtciboi BOO cTDoanttir ; et iii fort« 
T'Mwti fuorint, ntiDUe ptibticac potnttitia ciciutaDtor. Quod si 
kint aelorf* ct uon rei qoi aasideot, ct allu baibeot ]it«B, in 
mrnm erit ubitriu vel apcnri per procurahirem, r«l Absque 
Dintii dntrinwDio mi jurb dura prorogan. 81 rero judex wli 
qao |j(l^[uit, ftivu rit ocdtaiiuticua aire roraoKH, l«^ hujiiA 
ifrnftm*, oti jnm (licta die comxicnt Minis m1 icauaritun citavmt 
qiMKidiW pomm, ct aWoUAi forto prr rmU-nlinRi (MMSrMMDO 
na v»l quoviR jure epoIuiTerit, nncUiriUto pHm-ifiis «t ratioDe 
•Mslonis revocobitur in iraxa Btntiim ciiiua iji^itu. in quo erat 
Uite oiUlioaem: sed judex jirupt^r hoc pu&iri Doa mi-ruit; 
qntol cnira ooi offidi esl, est exeiiuuUia ; licet pro puUica pi>t«»- 
Uta n«n (onMquttiir efleetam. Quod si nc citattu fuerit, nt 
btali* dim legv d«lemiiiikUli liM coiMilutiu ili«iii ouavociLliuiiiH 
■d ■caocariuni iinuTcoint, non potcrit au per illiid (.-xcunre, vi-1 
juriicia MmUntiam d^dinarc, vd in W Utam itritam fnom^ 
rtiatnri sltn- altcri aic proximoa ait, at itor oogatur arripnv. 
Praruret it»qiic aibi prociiraUiivm v«l rcspoDsalem. «t ipH r«^« 
MUidw Mffotiifl m1 mjiam aiiH Btmolatiuna fratinst PraeUrca 
buoMi qui ad aoaccariam rcaiileDl, d« victiulibaa nue damn* 
in nrbtboi el cacteUin ct nutrilimin f^ipds, nomtno coDiuetndiiiia 
aihil aolTwit. Qaod ai mininicr rccUgalium dc hiia i^aicqaain 
lulTan compnlerit, dwnmodo pmeieofl sit Bomcim <-jus qui 
•oia OBiboa empta finaM oblaU fide proban voluerit, baroni 
qnident exacU peotwlft natitaetur in integrnn), «t imprvbus 
ffinutor pro iinalttote personae p«cuntarltui paMOam luct. Xt«ni 
n qiiiliWt etiaiii nuLfpiux iu reipo iiMsotinilto oa]i>r« aoiini <iuaia- 
libet all touxsrioiB rcaidentcm probria Tel oonviciii Uce«iiirit, 
ai pncisiilena tile pracaena oat, oxcoMoa bojuainudi nltrioeni 
iHwoiun {<<«iiiiiArinni atatim PxcipiM. Abaeolo ixro pnii,'«id«Dt«. 
ilUiani itijartain ai coiulaiit«r ilia Dcgav«rit, «t occlnniavariBl 
RnaaedenlcB ilixiaw eum qnod eibi objicitar, nihilomiDos regicui 
nniutitr in |>(<cui]iam rena aUtim juilimbitur, nisi fnliuavent 
tHMiulao'lo miaericonliam praermira judicium. QumI ai ae 
tnrijwni liii qui ad HaMakrium ixwiilcut, eonUuuclioiA qualibet 
ubj*<tit>no nwWnvmnI, mt-dinutiliaii nliin irai ordiuia niiniktru 
IB )MWBi nnlcant ; HI. Mliiliat ab i\ma qui intmccnti'ili lanit ad 
•onim awtiitiatiouam. Si vcro acquiaaoer* Boluarit, aod m^ia 
in aoa uiucriuu peraavenvcrit, pnoponatw vertmm prwridanti, 
rt A CO pubtDiudam qood juatum focrit uterqne MaeipiaU 
m<TBm ai [ler imwntorem malorara diutiolum, qni tnXenma 
pncia jmiUDiluin tactiituin DOB a««|uia lutpi^it ■.■culia, fieri conli- 
prit, ut inter Ipeoa mujora dbacnaiuaia oriatur oooado^ doinda 

l^H Jfeuiy n. [PABl 

quod absit suocrcacAnt ooaviciorum jtir;^ et ndJtiite ctbnulra 
SatliMMt, per tliM ooUegM ofwris «Ju» jwx refurnuri non poMJt ; ^ 
huram omnium eognitio ipai prindpi reen-i'iliiinr ; qui Kcaudum H 
quod oordi mo D«i«, in Cujus nunu ipMim eA, iuapintverit, ex- ^ 
Ttvtfitm |)unict ; ne qui proMiuit diu ferre ndcuiuir inpBM 
quod daotrannt in aliu ]KUu«iuluro. 

i), Bx bis muiiGMtius oat, qaod S*loinoo nit, 'mora etriU In ! 
naiubaB lingSM ;* et item Jocobaa ; ' Uagna mwlicara membnun 
cBl, et magna exalut' 

Ji. Sic est ; aed proaeqiuiiiar do diputaltbua. Fiunt inter- 
dum per oomiutas ooooanHiBea —iiaP, a jiutitm itimtruitiliiia 
qooa noa lUwnbalBtorioa Tel pcriiuttautee JudU«t numinuimii ; 
qnov ideo dictintnr oommunai, qnin cofpiita nmimD qiuo da 
comitotu requiritar commiinitor Mt bin qui in odnitAtg fuodu* 
habcat, per bydas dismbiiitur, at nihil deait de iltn cum reutunt 
fnerit ad aoaccariiUD eotutioniB. Ab hiia Dmnibtia omoea Ui qai 
ad aoaccarium ex pnacipia maodato naidant libernBU aiuit : 
adco nt non aoltun a doninua aed eti&m ad omnibut feodis miia 
otliil homiu i-iiffaUir, Si v«ro qui neidet ibi fDodam habcal 
vvl ad firmam, rel in ctutodiam, t«1 etiam in pigBDa pro pncanti^ 
lUw DOB 0rit, aod tnagis d« biia U^lm.i publitbi •>bi>oxiiu firl. 
AnpUna antom pract«r baa liber ent od Kcacuiriuui a nmnlris, 
a aootagiu, et » DaMgeldu. Quod aut«m ad tpRtm periinet a 
aiunna oooalitata d«ndet, ct vioooomiti compotabilur per bai-c 
verba ; ' in penlocua p«r bnvc rtgia, illi rel itii hoc vel illad ;' 
cvm tamen nutluta stipn' hoc bnro n^ habuerit. Carcut 
autcm cui dimittilur aliquid a principe, ne pustea eJbi dimi»nni 
reqiiiint a inibditiii, ai^ magia roemur nit verbi iUiua, 'dinittita 
et dimitteoiini;' quia com boe ftierit deprebeoaum, princepa 
evan({eli<a« scmuliitor doetrioae nee diuittet enm im« dcbttom 
dimiliot ei, aed for^ittui in ooitaphim puniet ; i|tiiit impcnaa libi 
gratiii videtur abuti. cura ab aliia irre>'iirenter tixi^ qnod gratia , 
»ibi dimiaaiun cat. 

/>, Dicttim cat, aj b«De memiiit, qaod quicnnqne ref^ pnw> 
oapto reeidet od acaccariuni quiiniMlam a trgv dcl«rnittiarit 
ratioDe aeeuonia lilwr eat. Addilum eat eCiam. si bene ncolo, 
coniidere acaccariuin in t«nnino Paacliac, non Unxn quae illi« 
fiuDt omaine t«rmiDari. aed cunini coBnimiiiatiaucm tenuino 
tSancti Alicliadla teaerrari. Cam igitur poasibile alt, immo et 
freqaeotta- conlingat, uliq^uem ex regia luandato iit tenuino 
Faaeliaa ad hoe aaaumi. qui tu teraiino Sancti Uiehamlia vel Utl 
debita atdrit. vel ad alia nt;m> oegotia m a n dato regi* InuMfertnr, 
vet qnod (iMtin* qtubaadam visum eet, medio tMiiporu prindid 
(actus ekoeu, taw cxcelleniibua negctiii Indij:ni,u judioaturi 





DialoguM de Seaccario. I. 


qviero el qui r«miiiio I'mcIwo qitictns est quo pauca t«mi)- 
DAiitar. »eA oniiiU |>cr it«r«lAm EuinmoDitiouom iuooTttntur, 
bic Ulis in U-rmino Staoti Michaeliii abaolvi ni^Kslur, cum 
fltikm »t Kcaccarii iepalouen) el ipwm prinotpb groliun de- 

if. Ad b^jna qOMErtioDb p*rtna irtrun<|iui eonatrtMadtm 
oopkiaa fbnitaD mI rslwnam inventio, wd mxnrta FfigiM muni- 
AcflDtiM inMrUtem, post tmatA iodiiltam ahtolationia gnliaiB, 
rikm enm pevtiniue dispendio, Jo pBrt«m nuliomn Monper ene 
praBiomo : qui]>p« eiimlis oct donoram et perdoaomin ngit 
ntio, Dt atcut duDii cjim rerocari v«l repcti non delMtit, «lc n«e 
rap* dimiian qtiau vult{o perdvuat* dicuntnr, nM|iunint in irri- 
tBBi dvvDnvi. Lib«r i^tor at ftbaobitui crt in tcrnuDO wimata- 
nutJooiK, qai qaocDoqiM modo in pntecedenti OMnut abeolvi. 

D, Movent me qnaeJam, qnoe pnedicU ennt. Primo quod 
dlda iiUi|uid alktu diniitii aob hoc Ignore verborum, ' iji per- 
donla |MT brave r«gi», illi v«I illi boc rel illud,' cum Umeo 
nullntn breve re^s dimiaBtonU obtinnnrit. Quomodo tinm fieri 
polMl, at sio bim noa dejirdicDdatar leriptunt mttili, nnn 

it. Uovet to see immerito ; qnod me diu morit ; ntquu 
{nteredo) Dondani jratuit omnibus faMO acriptiirM r>tk>: uiide 
licei turn at magnum quod prta, alUuiMli «tt inaolitun, et 
vldetur absurdani, ui per brcre rrgiri dtcAtnr diniasmn qnod 
lime bceri semper est dimitlcndum. tin propter de bac mm 
•allietlnii fui circa dominum Klienscin, vinim utiqne hujiii officii 
nrritmimnm, cnjos lORUuiria in bcocdiclionv sit in artcmum. 
Hir illii-irin illiuH Anglonim ngis Henrici primi tli«Mnntriui^ 
■t iirpa Hari4)»'ri<iiais eifjns aupra m^minimus, inoonipanbileiD 
•uts toRipotiliaa baWt anocarii arienttam: maximus etian 
exlatfloa 10 1>il« quae ad ani status di^ilalem pertJnetwnt, 
fwlirbram mi nomint* famnTii fecit, ndeo ut pene lolua in regno 
lir vUerit ot sic deonacrit ut );lurinm rina in*ida lingua deni- 
Itrvm noil atidfrnt. Hic eliam a)> illutn rage Henrico isMnmlo 
frtiiuwiur ro^tui, aoaccarti acicntiam oontinnata per riqIUm 
aonot tialltca MnpcMate poo» prorms alwUtam rdormavit, ei 
totitu dcaeiiptionl* fJuR Toniuun, velut alter Ea<)ras bibliotbecae 
Mdului reparator, nM]ov«Tit. Credidit aane rir prodens Mtina 
fl«aet cooatitiitas ab anliqnis leges posteria inDDtctccra, quam 
•u taeiiuniiiato nt norae eoDdenntnr cfiieere; rix cnira 
nKMlcruitaa in (|itiut4u pecuniae mitiora prioribos jurm dirUrit. 
Ab Ikw ijcilor >iu[<Fr hoc bujustuudi rMpoomm acrcpi ; ' frater, 
qoi nam nuiliciiili nTidiu habet, b«tla dttraetona linguaid 
invwnit , vtium tr qui nun liabet non Eaeiln eandm emigict. 


Eewey 11. 


Acccasit Itoqne od ref[«ni Henricum primtitn tit »li<inu Iwbeiw 
■ibilu Kcrpcjitiii, diccD* ei; "l>uroD6a vmlii qui ul scMcarium 
rwUlcnt ut qut<l rfune ile U-n-ia «orain cixiur^uat non •olrunlt 
Cuni qtiiflam oooititutwi tiubtut ad MMCcarium ItborntionM ptn 
MMioiM) luia : quidam ctiam pro officio vwt fiitultii luibonl 
«t fhK4U8 nrum ; hinc ergo gr»ri« jodura fitoo tirav«iuL," 
Cum igitOT Ul« priocipu ciuoluiDeDtum nllegMis mqutiitM 
inBlATH, mentero »jus vix Uadem verbutn Ulud «o atcitie 
INiMedit, ut omnia conatitula ab omnibui aolvi prMviperot, nee 
uliquiil altmi dlmilti, niii qnb euper boo espTwnun cjna otrti- 
nuiMset nundAtum: £M(unK|ue est ittk Suwcdeate nro t«iu' 
jiore, cum rvoordnretur |mncqM ooiuiilii Acldtophd, poeminii 
MUD aeqtuwiiKC. Dccrevii anlitm omnihu* i11i<; ntinlstruitibtu 
omnia praadid* oooiputnri, nihil duoriia jnrttiisin mudici aeria 
ntpMta magui bonorix. Dndinnvit ilaquo Inrvo taxaa lul 
soaccarium, nt usideotea illic ab bin lilxri mm-nt juro [wrp«tun. 
Ab hoc igitur breri ex Umc et modo dicitnr, " in pcftnina pnr 
breve regit ;' Btoque factnin ett, nt quod indtillnm Mt pniribni 
eliiim nuiM pcnevnv* in posuria.' Siniile auUm bui« aliqoid 
tMuporibtti moduraia uoa vidUoe memlniniua, iiuod tractu law- 
poria sab ooiwiinilt rorborum t«H>n> hii« qui aIhoIv) m«ra«iBt 
computalntur. Pn«cq>it namqua dominus rex lleurieiui a^ 
randtu in t«nnino Sancti MicbiwliB xsttiL anno re'^'nl aut, ut 
militea l^tnpli, el frotrM Hoepitalis, et motiaclii CiatoTti«niM 
ordioiA. quibus per caitae euae lib«i-ta(vm loajce anto quietaa- 
tiani iodulMrat oiuuium quae ad denorios pertitient, sueptn 
juBtitia mortit et lueiiitirvniin, amodo quieti eewut de bSr 
unmilnui quae ail denartoa per riiigutoa eomilattu pertinanfit, 
mIko ut d« c«tcra eana* maa ad acaocnritua <M-lvn« Hon 
flogonnitar. Hoc oniu r^giae metatj* decrevtt nnot'irii'ui. ut do 
nmol barooain eoiwdemtioDO d« biia omnibm expottir^iiiur ; no 
qui ad fnigvna viiac nialioria tiaoncrant, et c>mii>iiititi8 potnia 
near* tcnealur, iid Maccoiinm pro]M«[r hoc cum cnrtu sbh 
iiiutilvm et ta«dioAiii moram bcere compel lantnr. Ooiisllin 
igitnr et cuiMJderatioae barOBum qui interfurrtiut factum eat 
brere domini rtrpe sob boc tt'owre; 'Clnmo qiilHoH mlUus 
Tempi! i/f quinque man-is, quae exiguMur ub b<Hi>iuibiia coram 
prodefecta : et prohibeo ue aiuodoab ijisis vel b»mihibiu nuram 
rel t«Tra aliqniil cxiKalnr vel capiadir, qtiod -' ' - niM 
pertinoat. TMtibuK lii» ibi.' Sio «t fmtnbua il d 

mouadiu praedM-tit'. llnjns nutem nuctoritato miui'uiu, Amiido 
par ■Ingnlos ooniilattM >le ouinibua qiiao ail deiuuioa jiertiMat 
qnieti erant ; ho ut dtealur ia nnnali, ' in petdonis par brsTo 
rrgii^' Ulud icilieat cujiu lupra nicintuiiiuia. 



lfialoifU9 tU Seaeoarw, L 


/>. Rftlt* tntpHt^i i]Dr4 (liclnm Mt Ktrac il plmwl, qnJd alt 
■i-uU)tiuiti. tDiinlniin, TrI DawgfUliiiii. n|MTire nun ifidi'raR. 
BarhaDi ({iitijnm omv videiitur ; ecti en nia(;ts iiM KiDiuitiuit, 
qniiJ all liiu tttda \i\-KfM its^ scacr»rii luiiiifttro*. 

CC. Quiii Xmta'jinm, *i juan tic itifium *A 

M. Pit tBt*nlTtin, nt inuaineuM vel inwrj^eDte to rcgnoi' 
IxMtiiim tnncliiiiatioDe ilMenuit rex de MnjtulU feullii Dulitutu 
aaninmin alii|iuin solvi, marcam n.'i1iwt vi-1 ttliraro udbiii ; uoik 
mililil'iu BtigwiuiiA Tcl doniilivn *iicGc<Unl. Mavult onin 
prluevjn KlijH-nitinrio*, (}iiam domextico* bnllicl* ojipniMtrc cui- 
bu> \\9fe iUqur itimmA, <]tiia nomine KuU-min wlritur, 
Hat«tnum nnDcii|Mtar. Ab boc nuinn qnioti want ml mm* 
eninio rr<ri<l«-iit«l. 

X Qvid Murdrum, *t ijwtrt tie diclum. 

Porro murdrum proprte dJcilur mom >li«u)u> oociiltj^ cuju* 
Itifrfretor if.'nonrtar. Mnrdram ea'itn Uhn cti quod atwootKli- 
tun Yfil omiltxaa. In primitiro iUiqn* ngni tUlu post «id- 
4|al«ittoiMnn. qni relicti fiiemnt d« Aogiicjs euhJMlu in mitpcctBrn 
fft qciwtn MM Nornunnoram gcntcm latcDt«r punelmit inaldins, 
ft pMtim ipeoa in aetn«Hbiu et loeu remulis, autt* oppoftuu- 
t«t«, cUccuio Jngnlabaiit : in qaonim ulttone cum rv^** et enruDi 
Biininri per tlKruot taaoa exqnisitu t^tmumtonim geiwriba* in 
AagKcM dcMcvirent, dk tnitM-n uo orojiin/> dntiiU'n-nt, in boc 
buidvin ilov'tJnlum «t oonniliuin, tit rratitrtatn. quam hnndr^ 
dvm ilirniit, in qua sic iDt«af«ctus Koniuuinus invraiobatiir. 
foi* nwrtix qos miniitcr bod axstahttt Dec per fugam quis ettet 
ftttimt, in mtniDMn gnind«ni arg^nti examiutti fucn eotiiletit- 
auotBr. i)uaedaffl scilicet in ixxvl, quaedun in xliiiL lil/ris, 
■•nudum loouruni dtrcrsitaleni et inlerfFctiuuU fm|ueuliau>; 
^nd Idno factum dtcuut, ut Kiltcrt poena Krn^nditcr inflirta 
praeterviiiitiuni ladnoutilaleiD pnicunirct, et fcntiDorct qiii»qui) 
iMitnm pnnirc d«lictuni, vd oflvrre jtidicto per qut-m titm 
•nonnb ^wrlnn toUm Uedobftt Ticiniam. Al> bonun, ut prM- 
£x)inu«, •oliitinne aedcntm ad tabnUm libcroe noreraa. 

Ji. Niiti()iiid pro miirdro debet imjvutari dautUvUns mon 
Anfflici «icut Komuinci) t 

if. A primn iniriiltiilon« non debet, sLcut niidisti: aed J*n 
^MbttaiililMi* Atifjiirii et Nonnaaiitu, et allerutnim uxiin»> 
4annti1>iu< v»l iiiil:'i>liliuk, i<i>- ivntiixtoe kuuI nntiaace, ut vtx 
»l [HMiit liixfii-, do lil>rm loi|ui>r, qui* Amjliuua qnta Nur- 


Uenry It. 

I. MM 

inatiniui rit aeatre ; ficccpUs dantAtat anoriptitlis <\m\ vilbm 
(Ucuntur, i]tuW« oon est libcram obctnnlibuB lUimiiiis buib ■ lui 
itnlDii conditiono difciKlera. Ba propter peiie quiciiaque ate 
liodic occuns ntpcrilur, ut tnuidrum punilur, exoeptia hJA quiboe 
cerU Runt u disimus tervilis conditiinus indida. 

D. Hiior BURalariB eicelkniiue pnoctpem et uerriniM tIt- 
lutis liominL-Qi, in auWtain vt Vl\» mitjKciMin ADKlontm gedKm 
Ikac iisuui miitricordi*, lit noii >uliiiu colonoo per qiiiNi agricol* 
turn p'wurt «xcr«ri indriapiiiHi wrvwrct ; vtnim ip«U nigni 
■nninril'us fuodos RUM ei nmpfnH po«(>««iiin(« rclinqnerct. 

M. Lk«t hoM mI nucapts n«^otia quibos debitor facta* mm 
Don attitieat, tanieD quae Bup«r Liis ab ip«ia indigvnis Reecpa. 

S4i8 exponam. Post rtignt conqubitioDeiii, po«t Jiutam re- 
liuni BuWeraioDGm, ooia rex ipM t«^iH)De procerw loea nova 
perlniitinivnt, facta <«t iiiquinitiu diltgctis, qut fu«riiit qtu CoDtn 
n^em in l>rltodimic*nt<« p«r fugum wo Kalrarciint. Hu omnibiu 
vt itttm harrvdilni* oontm qtii in Wllo occulmnnint, fqw* omnia 
temnini ct fandorom atqa« rcdituum quo« iinic poectdrntat, 
IHWcdasa Mt : magnum namqu* reputab»Dt fnii vita« Leacficio 
sub inimiciii. Vemmqni TocaUadbellumnecdumcouvenenuit, 
vel fajniliaritMiH vv\ (|ailiuiilib«t DMessariia ocpupatl urgotiit nas 
iiit«rfucraut, cum tnu-ln U'tnporl) devotis obfcquiitt gratinm 
domiaorntn po«Mdi»s<^iit, lino epc moc««doDb sibi ttuitum pro 
ToldpUte tamrn dominoram poesiden coepenuit. Saccvdeot* 
mo tempore cum dominis eob odtosi pMsiin a p«MCB«ioDibaa 
pdlereDtur. neo «^et qui aUata ntrtituerat, commutjU indige- 
uunm ad rc^crm gierreuit qneiinonla, quaai ric omnibuR cxud 
n ttfao* Rpoliuti ad alien ig<ntjui tnuuirti cgg«rcjilur. Corainuui- 
calu tandom iinp«r hJK cnnxilio, dccrdniD nt, at ipi<>d a domini* 
mm oxi^DtiUiM mcritU inl(<rvpjiimtc nactiom Irgitima jtotCTvut 
olitiiHiv, illis inviolabili jure «>aad<Tmt(ir : c«U>ruiii autem 
oomtoe uiccesiiunis a temporibus mbodae gcnlis nihil aibi rea- 
dioanat. Quixl qaideni quam diacnta ooaaidentiaue cautom 
aLti uuuiifi.'stum vtA, pmmeTtim cum no BMdla omiiiibua at Ribi 
conaolcnat,' do cet«ro uttulere leii«i«atiir dcruiii obieqaiiB 
doBttDornia Ruornm gratiiun cnwreari. Sic ig:itur quiaqnia da 
g«Bt« sobacta fuadoa vel oliquid hajusiaodi poaMdot, dob qood 
ntiooe eaocMtioiita deberi tibi vidcbalur. wl^rtiu wt; atd qnod 
Rolumnodo lacrilia mm exigratibns, r«l aliqaa pactiouo inter- ] 
vmieate, obtiovit. 

I>. Quid «it oMituriata rel hnadredom bod aatia aovl. 

if. tSiutinc ratxIicHin : Nctcit po«tc& loea ano, Iwc cat ia tilnlo ■ 
de libro judictarii). Nunn prKHvgiumiir dc Dout^ldu Ol Bt { 
inti« luiroiui^ ttbi ouotet, poul(«pct adrcitc. 



Dtaloffut Je Seaecario, I. 


XI- Quilt Dan^jtldutn, «t yuetr^ tie dictum. 

Iiienla nostra euis Gont«Dta bonis peregriniti 
Hon tgtit. Hanc iKitui- mi-rito dix«c« priore*. 
DivituMjue tinuni delicIUiiue Urcin. 

Propter ha«c innumrrad ab exlcris injurias passa eet; <)tiia 

Kri[it»in £61: 'furvm preciosa ugoaia eollicilAuL' Circuiu- 

' jaocutium «iuta mtniUrum paedonefl in-uplione facta mnritiuiD 

tk-popiilantMi, aurnm, •u'Reutum, et quaoque pntioHi tollclNUit. 

Vcrum cum rex «l iudiKt^uac b«11icu opgmratibu* iniitnioti in tnuu 

gentia defcHNoncm itiKtarcnt, illi ftifpu a)i:^T«dicbantur aequo- 

1M8. Inter lios itaqoo jxaic pre«cipua et semper proiiior od 

ncwendaiB etst bollicota ills ol popnloM gena Dacorum ; qni 

piMt«r eOBUDlllieiB nptoruiu araritiiini aetiu iu^ta^ant, quia 

aliqaid de antiquo jure in ^uadwu re[;iii (toiiuDatii)ti« vendi- 

mbant, aiout Brttouum pleniua tiarrat liJHturia. A<1 hot itcitur 

fnoeiuloa » re^bua AugUcis ataluluBi Ml, ut de RiDgutla hiJia 

; ngtii jaro qnodam pnqMtuo <luo wlidl argcoti tolvcrctitnr in 

ntiia viiuniii) fortiuin, (]ui pcrliuitnuiUM ot jugitw cxcnltautM 

tnaritima inipdum hontiiini rrprimcrvnt. Quia igitur princi- 

nallter pro Dacis inslitatus at hie reddilua, Daii«h-«1dun) vel 

DnDecrlilua dicitur. ilic igitur aunua le^e, sicut dictum vnt, 

■ub iiidiKi-nis rogibos aolvebatur, usque ad Umpora ruj^iii 

Willclnii primi de f^nte et gencre Nonnuuiioniin. Ipso num- 

qnc rrgnantc. tarn Dnci quuRi oetcri tcirac marinque pnuidMiM 

hoelika oohilflant tui-umu ; aoiimtw veniin mw qiiod ncriptum 

eet ; ' cum fortu^ anniilua curtodit ntriuiu cuum, in pace sunt en 

({lue ponidol.' Novcmnt autcm cliam quod accrrimae rittutts 

liomiiMe impunitas Don fonuit iDJuriaa. Cum cigo diu Btlauaet 

terra huIi «jiiKlMn ngia imperio, ooluit hoc ul anuuum Bolvi, 

quod taunt urgentfl necewitMte bvlUcae tempeiiUlia exMtam, 

;Beo tamCD omaino propter isapLuitoti ouuh dimitti. Raro 

' igiCitr tMnporitiu* illiiu vel neccawnim ipttiua Kiliitux Mt : boe 

: ^ com ab cxteria gmtibua beQa vd winionw bellAnim iimiT- 

\ gcbaab y«ram quucanqne tcmpon ionratur, ab ipao liberi aont 

I <|ai aandent ad licaccsriuni, sicut dictum Mt. Ttce<x>tnites quo- 

' que, licet inter harooca acaccarii non oouputantur, h1> lioc quitrli 

aunt de doiuiniis nis, propter laborioaMD ejundem oennw col- 

feetam. Noveris autMn doniinics cqjualibet booc did, quao 

pro|)Tii> Knin|ftibus vel laboribu« exculnutur ; et item quae ah 

ucnptiliia «uiit mio nninine piifltidimtur. Quia enim aaeriptitii 

de rcgni jure aim tolum al> hiis <(uae inodo pomidenl ad alia 

lock • domiiiut auia traosfcrri ptoaunt : verum etlam ipu quoquc 


lU^rg II. 


lidto v«Dilnnlur t«I quotnoiln libct dis trail nntti r ; mprito ttio 
i)>ai ntinui U-rnte, qtia» excolunt Ut domiuU suw si-ivunt, 
•iixiiiuia i<r]>iiUtitur. Item fertur ab his quibus anliiqua scM- 
iwii iliutiilu MuUla fi4v iiri-aotuit. quod buroiiM <r}aa ab 
MMrtia mrMlanim lUicri nunt Uo ilumiiiiix luU. Quibtu vt no« 
fMuniillra viikmur ; adji-.tu dutrrniinntioor, iit Af liiis MMrti* 
ilKAiitiirniiiHi, tiiiov fuvrntit atito diem qoaivx Ulurtris Kcuricaa 
{iiiiDua miui buuiaitia uxeiiiptna eat. Si onim do omnibuB i)U^ 
(niiK|iHi Uoanorr fttoUa ri't fudoiidis ijuioti laaeDt, libonim Ti<le- 
i^'lur bannUma |>roptpr itD))utiitat«m neinom ma iii quibua regia 
riiTvatn coniinlit, |in> Nii arliilrii voluDluto vuccidere ; quod 
iWt)<Mi|Wiia inpuiM noMunt, oiki |)ru«cedeiitc it^iA coiisentiu vel 
lirlltd]Mtlk fbnatarii. Ponv iu noocMwrio* cdnin iixuii niao 
tliim\i« da )>ropriii> nomuribuR iion ai>iminunt bii, qui in fomU 
■M liabcui iloRiK-ilin, nit<i (mt visum rorum qui ad forataw ras- 
(tfiliatu dfiwhuilur. Vvruiu siiiil pIiir<rB qui sais T«liiit argu- 
nwiilli tiHtniom, quod dv cMartia biia nullus liber eit nlii>D« 
MMilom* ud •ciKOtriHin. K quit uinuium illic n-'fiidcniium erga 
)irln<<i|<i)iu qnovla ddlliiqucrat inrurluiiio, uii<!« pocuniaritei' 
jtitnlri iiiMvnitur, a ]>im'iiii iIIii litx-r mm rsjrt iiini iqiDoiidi prio- 
rl^tla HiaiHUto. Cilia I'l^i dKMirtun) factum cxcv«ua ait in 
fiinwiikiu nifia, iwiti doliet, ut diuuot, is qui sic dt^iinqnit et 

|in<|>t<ir hmi puniltir, niai regis ^sprcwo mandator libcrari. Ilaec 
tMlu« rati" !"'"> subtilts ail, ut Ttdeatui' a]i<]uibua peno eoffirienii, 
uhvUl Uni«ii illi quod poMia pro eHailia coustituta ait et com- 
tuttuU lu dliw, QUI aio ilolinquunt ; ut ioilicet pro ewartA jugeris 
Wtlua Irilimi •nlidua uuua lolvatur ; pro jiiK«re veru qino wiritur 
asMuki vi ilaMHii Jura iwrpvtuo. Ex hiin nutem particulis co- 
at-ta autitma <iiMMaiB Qxautigot, de qua vicccomca mI aoMvariuin 
i\«l<i<i»l'Mit lMw4ur i viout ax oooslitutiB duobuB Bolidis v»I nno 
^ «iiim>iIm Udaa oontiiutui suiuma una, quae MmmuDts asinK 
litiiu<t)'\iiiT-, rxfnacit. (juia iijilur in biia expreeaani liabut 
aiir II dttarlunt cum flMiKk CDinmiuii, alrut dictuni oit, 

Vi<i ' i.i iv<>u iniinorilo aiiuilitvr qniutoa ImliciidiM illua sb 

aMatiu ui all aliia MmnMDibM aKxlHtf. Item obviul.da eonnie- 
twllHta uaiMquD luOKaAvi HOD riLis aactontaa. SJc eain re- 
hwvU* (viti)Hirlliua fui»8o coinmcmomnt qnibus cona metnoria 
mA \\M i-ifii i)MN> titii loquor t«(-uiu temporlbus roodeniii 
liv >' lAiHiilnm (toboitain, virum ditcretum, litt«na eradi- 

^ < •\<m fumiiaibui fueivitiitum. Hio iiig«nitiim halieM 

^1 < III, |<iitrniiM> ciuuquu pnuUntine aeniuUlor effvclus 

' ^liu |ilurii>uit 4ix«minata oat penes girincipatn 
II urciiiiduin, t|u<-m n«c pnUiatn pnidriiiis neo 
,jf. |..^. |'-)L^ luiit luvpiia i ut ox mandate ipsius ago auluiu ad 


Diaiogut ie Sauearh. I. 


KMOkrinm, Tcram flti&ra per unir«nnffl Kji^am pruddeiitis 
digititstna obtiiiuirrit. tlicHvnicI immtnentv vUitutiune noino- 
rum quatn r«j;;iiAnlain vulgo dit^uut, (]uue t«rtia anno fit, Itrcrc 
r«fns iiltiinutt. ut quietus «Biiel ub Uum qtut- de ttim iniii* pro 
MMU'tia uxifrcliuutiir. uppnidt'i iiUDirra am <le hi« owurgnhot ; quo 
(ivUiCo et liTCtri ikd Kuni-L'itriiim in ftulilico stujH 'mat oninrs et 
minttKinlur, dirrnt^ ; ' Nonnr Rome* itite libertatcin noAram iu* 
firiuat i ' Coiitiii-nCibiui itptur so inTicom qui awldeb&nt, exoniUB 
< wt fobcia mciiDome Nigellus tunc Klii'tisia «piKi'ujnis, sio in- 
tfUBBBvam modestia: *IXiintiic vome«. irriutu fcoiiBi; vulenipcr 
hoa hnre scaccarii iltKnittUni, qui niKadutum itfp* «!« liii« roDU> 
impMniti. a quiliuH lilier ox pur wiaicinMn itciioa>rii : »c, k con- 
KCquoulcr amoilo per Inouin u majnri dclKat infarri, qui tic 
MMTti* lirevc irgi* non oIititiH, ttolutioni mox obnoxitis fiat; 
Hd nlT« rcTorcnliiL, pcmicinsufi est propter ^semplum hie 
ftbaolnlinniii modus.' Cum i^'ilur. ut Ht in ilubii^ quiitiun sic 
quidaiu aliUr seotircDt, aUutus eal in Imjus rd vnliduui orRu- 
meutum. rutulns wiualia de tompure regis Uliu* inugni cuju« 
rapra mcroinimtu, tub quo plurimnm floraino dicitur dignilu 
ot ■atntia ncnocarii ; et invriitiim est allquid. quod «pi4oopo do 
di^itatn nwdcntium Hllogmiti ooDsonuni Tidebatnr: quibns 
iinditis, pnulij>p«r (Idibcroni secum OOmM, aiv nil; *Fuleor me 
mtpor biiN rchus bravo regis impetnsM^ Don at jus veBtruiu iuflr- 
mnrem »ed ut die gioe moleotii deeUnnrem impcirtuuuni niuii, rr^'i 
tameii inoognilHm, alutiionun exuttionem.' AbilirAOi nTfpi biwe 
•Dum. per libort«tem aeiuiionts prnvcb-ifit alMolvi. Sucocdi-utc 
tempuru cum prMcdiotun npiicopo* infirmitnt^ dctt^lu* adewe oon 
pOMtrt, roe ipno supplcnt* ad Ruaccnrium vicra ipsius in qnibns po- 
toruD, oontigit cacnrt* tolv) ; cum ergo de dominio ojiw exaclii 
■olnraitur, quntun sum io publicum alleimDs Jus alj«alutii>iiii>. 
Dc oonunuiii ergo omnium coimiliu et cuimderalione, quae jam 
■oluta fuerat miht rctititula ent nuiimui ; KMrrtuu nuUin i\uae 
de dominio tuo pruvenennt, ascripiitiiti ejui quml de quoUbct 
«xactum futrat cum iiil<^itatA mtitui, ut liujtut rei tottu CMOt 
■npentcM mrmnria. 

D. Sah-a rcTorcotia, non nomplis sod retionibus in hiis 
utciidtiro est. 

M. Ita est ; led fit intertlum. ut utUMe nerum didnrumquc 
ratiouM occullue Bint, ct tuitc jtuflicic de biit cxcni]i)a «ubji<»n!. 
prsmtertim de viria jirudvtitibuii mimptu, quorum oprra cUvum- 
itpecl* tinnt d nine ratii>uc non fiiml. \'(rrum qtiicquid mpcr 
his dixrriiniK alloganlcs pro hac libertate toI contra cam, cer- 
tum habcttB quod nihil in lia« parte cvrtnm diciniut, niri quoc) 
prlncipia aucloritoa docreverit obBervaiidum. Sane foreataruni 


Hewf II. 

mlin, pocnn quoqae vd abinlutio deJinqnentinin Id eaa, aire 
liocuninrU fuvrit live cor[Hii»]i-s sccnum ab aliii K^t judicilr 
Hcernitur, ot solimi regis >rbitrio wl oti|iiiilibet bmiliam od 
hoo ipocinlilor ctqnitsti »iibjicitur. Legibus qiiidcm propriis 
4ul«titit ; quas Don cummuni rtgai jurd, sod vnluntaru priooi* 
pum iiietitutioiw subnixaa ilicunt ; adoo ut quod per legetn ejus 
fiu-tum (uerit, nun jiutum ubaulute, wd juefum secundum legem 
feratUiu dicntur. In foirstU elUm penetralu rei^um aunt, el 
itoruiii iniiximae dctiL-tae ; nd liiM taim vuuuikU cauia curix 

Juimdoquo dcpo«itii> nccodunt, ut modiu* (luicto rot'i'MntoT'. 
llieeniis simul, ct iiinntii curinc turauUiliuH iimi^ii, in untu- 
nlis tiborUtia t^tiftm iiauliftpnr rcxpirutit ; nndc fit, at delin- 
qtientes in cnm Boti regiao subjaoBunt animndvomoiii. 

D. Ab aagtin primo didici, qui>d pravc pnidrntis eat iffoo- 
nuituuu pati innll«. quain dictunim cauess inquirere ; ut ergo 
de pnuNlK'tiH pimius conalet, aperire noo diflviiiit quid fonata 
>it> ct quid cuiurium. 

XII. Quid Reyit Foretta, <( qtiae ratio hujtu nominU. 

it. Porata R^ c«t tuta fcntram ninnuo ; non quarumlibet 
Mil «}-Iv<«trium ; non qiiibimlilji^t in loeis sod etrti* ot ad hoe 
idottcin ; undc forcata ilicitur, < mutata iu o, ijunsi fcrota, hoc 
f«t ferarum sintio. 

D. Kunquid in singulis comitutibus for«8ta ngb <«tt 
M. Non; acd iu nMuoroMS. ubi et Ciraruu Uiibula aint et 
ulivrrimu pascua : nee inu-KBt cujua unt nemon, aivu «nt rtgiB. 
aive rogiii proc^rain, lilieros taiuen et iudcinpnev Labcnt ferae 
circtuu^uaqui: diacimuK. 

XIII. Quid KfMtrtvm. rt ijtttiM tic diVfum. 

BMorta ven> tuIjco <linintiir, qune apud Istdomm oocationa 
itmnitiiinttir ; qnnndi) rcilictt forrstac ncuiura v«l ilumcta qtue- 
Kbot pBdcuia cl lotibuliH opportuna micciduntur ; (iiiibus ancciaia 
et radidtns avnlsia, terra subrerUtur «t rxoolitur. Quod ai 
ntODora ide «xciaa dot, ut eubeiatena quia innixna «xstanti too- 
eiaae quercus Tel alterios arboria tlipiti. circumapicieDa v. suo- 
cdaaa viderit. Taatum reputant, hoc t^t, vB^iatum per ajrncopoD 
aie dictum. Excmaua aut«iD tatU etiam iu propriis eujnaque 
nanoribufl factuK, odoo graria didtur, ut uuiiquam inde per 
MaeioDem acacoarii liborari debeat ; hhI muKis justa aui status 
pombolitatem pceimiarit«r puniri. Hactcnua dc <ltgnitatil»u 
naideDtiam ad Kaccarinin, quod biwiuw Mucdncta ponni&it, et 
nienti hmm rcpeutc ae obiulit, nlcuoqnc figuralitcr expoaui. 




DiaUgu* de Sauvario. /. 


Cctcrum rcgam nniinificeiitiiie tcrminum in hiit qiicm non 
transgrKluninr noo coastitni ; proni otiam budI omnM pnraptor 
[;ratiua aibi cre<Iitan) in euae liiguitatia gtoriam promoTenaam, 
hii pnesertim qui recte tapiuut : at ill« muxtme miuulanurum 
|>riiici[>um DiaiiiuuB illuittns Anj-lurutn rex Uenricua wcunduB 
in BUi^i^udia dixiulutiliuH Hjlii nittitoiitium ii<!m[)or lupirat; ttcieim 
pro oerto, qnod uuJutt.i niiii twDcAcia iioTninU »ui gliiriitm im- 
mortalw fomu tituli* <:mcr<riintur. Nunc igitur lul nliii cuircn- 
Um nUmniD coBTvrUmiu. 

D. ConwqaMW eat, ni fallor, ricnt «x pTBe<lictia vidcor com- 
p«TisH, ut de regis eifpllo, et libro judiciariu pru««quuri», quo- 
rum ptimum u bene memini in Uieetoro atrvatur el inde noo 

M. Imnio ct ntrunique, led et picmque ulift. 

XIV. Quod TJuaaunu interdum iHoiliir ipta pecimta, intt<-d'm\ 
bictu in ijuo »«rvatur. 

Noveris autcm theaaurnm quaiidoquc did pccuninm ipBAm 
niimentnm, vaaa divem generis aurea vel at^genMa, ac ves- 
timcutoruin mutaturia. Sc-cutidum liano Bcc«ption«n dicilur, 
' ubi «Ht tboMiunia tuua, ibi tat cor tuuin.' DU-itur «niiu 
tboMum* loouH in quo rcpouitur, uude thenaurus airi (A«irt«, td 
ert ptwitiov nomtnuttir ; nt non incunj^n'ue rc:ipc>iul<-ntur qiiao- 
renti dc qnolilxrt ubi sit. in tbcuauro inrt, hoc mt, ubi tlirNiiinw 
rqionitur. Kiimnata qiiidcm pccuni» vcl alia prnodicta s«rao) 
io tuto loco rvporita noii c&«ruiitur, nUi cum ex ri^gis mandoto 
ill ueoeiHarioH usuii diiilribueDda sibi lutltaDtur. Verum plun 
innt in reptisiUirilfl anibia tbeanuri, qiiuo ciniunferuutur. ot 
tnclodniitur <.-t ouMi^uulur a tbc-Kiururid ot catuciuriis, Hiout 
trapra plviiiua oitteiuuin cut : qualiiv xuiit xiKiltum rcgi* de quo 
qnaorii, liber judiirisriuK, rotuhm ijui cxnctoriuii dioitnr, qnem 
qoidem nominnnt brcvc dc firmiK. Itf^m inH::nt aiinaloi com' 
potorum rotuli. pnvili^oruni Dum^rdBi mulcitudo, racoptaniin 
recunla ac rotuli receptarum, ac brcvia regis do exitu thesauri, 
el plernque alia quao, couaedcnt« Bi-acvario, quoUdiimis usibu^ 
noc'ciuuria suiiU 

XV. Qui fit WNM Si^Hli Jittfii ijiiod eat in Thestmnt. 

TTsQ* MKilli TVjiii qualia ease dcbeat ax pnicniisBia constare 
potcat : boc enim factue iiiiinmuiiitiuii<;B i^t alia prrliueiitia dnn- 
tucat ad •caccuium regis raandata •tgiuintnr; nee dFcrtur alia*; 
■ed ncnt supra dictum est, s cancellario curtoditur por vii'nriam. 
Esprassam antcm lial>ct imaginem ct invciiptioiicm cum d<MUD> 


Jleniy II. 


liulatorio curiae bI^IIo, ai jiar cc^'iiuiiciilur utrr>1>iqu« jtibcjitii) 
luctorilit*, vt n^uK Minilitcr jiKlicrtur jmi lioc ri {irg ilb, ijui 
■ecus cAorit. Porrci Utior iJIn iln ijuu r[iiii[TiB ugilli rcgii onmet 
tel indiviiltiiia iii ihrMum. IIiijiis inBtitutioiiis okutam ab iloo- 
rico quon'tum 'WiiikiiiiciiBi opiticopo eic nccupi. 

XVL Quid Lihtr Jvdtdinti*, et ad ifvid vomitoritua. 

Cum inrii^iix illo Bubactor Angliftc (»x Willalmiu, «jus(lem 
|M)DtiHci£ songiiiiio ]>ropuiquus, ulMnom iikuIm Rnes suu aub- 
Ju^tset iinpcrio, ct rebelliuni inciit«B t«rnl>ilii]m perdomiuuet 
exempUs ; no libina de octeru daretur erwris fuoiUtas, dcowvit 
nibji'ctum aibi populuni Juri scripUi loftiliuHque su)ijic«r¥. Pro- 
poiiti* igitur leji^bua AoRlicaitia aeciunluin trijmi'tiljun mnim 
tli«tiiirtioiinn, buc Mt Mrrdi<!iielaK<t Deni'lntjic, Wrtbaxitncloge, 
quudnin rvpixibarit, quMtlam autcm approbiuii, illii tmasina- 
rinu NcqutriM Icgcf, ()uac nd rrgni pHcom turnilnm ofllcacis* 
■iiuae videbdDtur, n<ljocit. Domum ac quid dcfsec ridcretur &d 
oniDMu Utins prftvideiitiae summam, coiuniuuicato ooDsilio, dift- 
cretiaettnoB n Inttre buo de«tiiiavit vvK» per refunum io cin-tiita. 
Ab biis iUqu« tutiua terruc dcsci-iptio diligeiu fiicta est, torn iu 
ncmoribtiB, qukm in paacub «t |iiiitui, neo non in a^ciilturU, ot 
rrrbi* comniuuibiu annotata in librum rcdarta cut ; nt vidclicrt 
quilibct jure tiuo conlcotu^ alicouiD nop i»ur]>rt iinpnnc. Pit 
antem dmcriptia per comitatuB, par centuriatan, ct [jer hidos, 
praenotato lu ipKo cnpite rcgifi nomine, nc dciiidc ieriatiiu ali^ 
nun procerum iiominibus appuattit> eecuiidum elaluei sui di^iii- 
Istem, i^ui videlicet de rege teneut in capito. Apjionuulur 
antcm HiiiKulia uuineri secundum ordiiirti) BJc diaiKuitid, per 
quo iiifirriuH iu ijisu libri •crie, quae a<I fob pcrilnvnt. fncibuit 
ooourrunt. Hio IiIh;]' ub indigciiia Dumeadci nuufupatur, iil r»t, 
(Itea jtidici! per tnctiipbciniin ; aicul onim diaiHdi ct t«rribilia 
Mtamini)! iIHub novlMimt smtcnUa nulla t^rgivoniationiB arto 
VB)«t «liidi : lie cum orta furrit in n-gno oontvntiu do Ub rcbua 
qua« itiic aiitiotanlnr; oum ventiim lucrit ad lilmim, M&leiitia 
ejua ijiratuari nun potMt vel inipone deeliuari. Ob hoc no* 
mmdem librtun judicinrium iioniiuariniufi ; non quod in eo de 
prapoaitiB alt<|iubus dubii« fcnitur eeutentiit ; sed <)UDd ab eo 
Bictit a i-i-aedii'iu Jndido non licet ulla ntioue diwHl«r«. 

D. Quid cumitatus, quid oenturiata, vel quid ait liida, •! 
placet ediMera ; alioquin plana non erunt quu« praenuMn Hunt. 



Dielogut d« Scaeeario, I. 



XVII. Qwd Ui'la, quii Otnlurtala, ipiid C^nitaltu, ucuniwH 
ndyttr«m njiinl an-t7n. 

M. Ruricolae melitia Iiol' nunitil ; vemtii iiiout nli ipttii nc- 
cepiTiiLiii, liitU a priiuilivtt intilituiiout) c.\ cuiitum iicris coiiKtnt : 
bumliviiuii vi.-i'i> ex hiduruin uHquut ceutcaarii«, gcd noii dobir- 
muiNtiii ; <|uiiinm ctuin ex pluribiw, quulftin ox paucbriliiM liidU 
coiwtnt. tliuc hatidrvdum in vvunboa reguia Anglorum pri- 
vilc)^u ccntiiriulam nnminnri frmjucntcr inreaies. Comitatua 
AUlrm r-iidcm Irgc ex liundredifl conitant, hoc tet quidam ex jilu* 
ribus ihkUbi ex iiaucioribua, soi-undum (|uod liiviw e>t Unn 
per vina discretes. CuiuilutuA ij^itur a oomile didtur, vut coimii 
• eooiitatu. Coin«8 auUin <»t ijul ti^iam portionum mirxwa qiuiu 
de ]»Witia proveiiiiuit in quotilict cijinitntu imrcipil. Siininiii 
lumqiM ilia i]Uiio uomitii! lirniiie n^jiiiritur a I'lc^^umitn, tnta iion 
exanrtiit ex fitodnriim riililitibiiii, «od ex magoa parto dc pIncilU 
pruvunit ; rt lionim f^rliion ]iart«m oomM peroipil ; qui id<<> 
mo dici dicitur, quia fieco »odus est et comes in percipiaidiii. 
Porro vicecomes dicitur, quia vicetn oomitJB rapplmt in plocitia 
illis, quiiiua coiues ex biir« dignitatiB ralione parlicipaL 

D. Nunqtiid ex nugulis cumitalibua conutci ixt* jMTvipiuut t 
M. Nequaqaain: aed hii toutum iiita perdpiuot, tjuibiia re- 
gam inunificL-ntiB, otixMiuii prwrtiti vcl oximiOB prohitatia in- 
toitu, comitcs mbi civnl, ct ratione dignitatis illiua baec 
confcmidft dccnniit, quiliiisdiiin hooroditarie, quibundaoi por- 

XVin. Qti%<i ftolulut SsearUrmi. 

Rnhilim rxBctoriiui itto cut, in quo diatinct* aalis ot dili|;rnt^r 
annnt.'knltir tim^n'' n-gis, qan« «x siDgulis comitatibus oxsui^-unl, 
cujiin <umnia niinni iiiiidciD non potast. aed per operonm Juati- 
ciarii (lili;>eDliain fi'tquciilcr augelur. Beliquonun mtio^ aollioet 
unnalium rotulomin, et alionuti (juoruni supra iii«inin!mu.i, qiiac 
in lUttiuuro aaul et iode aon rtwediuit, ex pracdtdin aatia lii[ii«t. 
tSeuat igitur ut ad mnjorcti vt magia ncceMariaa !n«litiiti«oes 
[acaecarii «uuTiTtninur, iu ijuibiu ut praedictum ott cxcvUeiitior 
«t ct utiLior ct ■ |>laribu* remotior Meccarii acicniia. 

Audi, mi frit«r, et aaribm audieadi pciripe qnan loquor tihl. 
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Telle DUgutita. 8«uit coim noiiDulli, qui doo enit>cM.-UDt dicera 



JUnry tl. 

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hiis i>n«roM e8l iloctrinn ol jncundum •t4'*n]ir[«. I'r(i[i'n- )i<ic | 
liiis longr fad* nt vcnUe, qtti metumtes jocniiJuni iliMiplii 
laborem iuciOatit ia vrmnm. Kiunt igitur cacci conJtr, viarum^ 
pvricula uoii vidcntoB prooU greeiikiia in ptsLi.-ii>iiiuiii nm 
Vcram U.', Tntcr, diiIIuh ilius otiMum iavcoiut ; u« le fiirtc v»- 
naattia pcRMmiN <|iiil>iiBi|uu sulijiciiit {iriHitur lit mulum iafiml- 
latte liumiuutn comlilio. Qtioil i\ forle lihi imlU auut, hoac«t4 
lamon finf^ urgolia ; ut oemprr cK-rritnttw Bniriitu cx|Hilit)(>r( 
ad dtictrinain. llu i)-itur nrK»tii* in i)u*v iio« iinjx-ifiHti \aa'i 
l>cr alU'ude; nou ut ex vU iBagnc* litbi>ria in«las fnictiu^ 
lanlum ttu sit otioaus. 

D. Vercw ue iiutMitiB noctis erepasoalim prnccipitem 
|H)iiat Hncm M-KOttio, et omiRtb ]>luiibu8 nccesiaiiia nccelerci, j 
dUTAS inip(>i-ltinit4tc <|ii(M-n'u(ui. 

if. Iwaio ego roagw Veritas lum, ne t« pcMtl Iniign %i\rtA 
propter egnsUm slilnm, diu nippmumK rucliiniKiH «uomti*( 
vol forte lacitns tecum pettradanci', qunlilcr *iiiv iiuiitra 
iMtU ab bis avelli pouiM, ad qune dm cor^i>ti. Ob Itoc fiib 
me flnem intent pcativum poie pwniBM diMiidii : srd Ittintn 
dooitit via L-t iu te niiiidnni tapuerit uUt-'Dliuuia iixluMria, oord 
fonr itJDcrv. Ut iRittir <li«p<)«ilii(i niliuitU onlitU NitiAfiftt,j 
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tnialitor, cl ad tiiiid Hant. KXt^iix nt dc bin tibi plrtiitis cons 
Hit trium pnnmoiistruiulonun |Mriina piinH tilticiiim, boo < 
(|uSiI flaut. 

I, FiuKt ouMm MomnoNifKmw, Ml Staeeartuny fiat. ' 

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ritatii aignatur itnagiDe, convocantur od bwnui aoisiniituni 
aoootmxu aanl ; nee tnim netxtae hnbeiit aoocdom, ok ' 
monStuine piaemiaaa. Aomltmt aiitcm <|ni<biii ut 
judiocDt. qaidam at st^vaut et judimutiir. Sedetit et 
ex officio vel ox )>rini'ipi8 iniuidalo barooM t|Uomin 
if^aniimmiM SolvuDt wit«n ft jiulicnulur vioeoumlUlj 
phvei in regno, qunram <|iudniB volnntariia oltl 
quidait) noccMHrits aolntiunibnii, nbiioxti Runt, de quibna In 
pletiiuB dioeniDa in agoudia vioooomitia. HMmtn itaijiH) coin 
omnea comitatua numcrota sit mulliluito. oporlet in ipaa cil 
tton« eraiaaa de singulis Beriatim exprimi, quautum ill ijuit 
Untiinu wilvi debrat, adjecta Hiatn rauBn ; iit si diutur, do i 
babcAS bnpc vei ilbun uunniaDi, propter linoc vfl hiuut caiia 
cjuod si uitioni, rcndeole ad e»iupo1uin viceconiiie, rrquiiAlar 
aliiiuid de quovis debHere qui alt in couiitatu suu, du quo 


Jfiiihifrm tie Scaccario. II. 


in summon itioiut nulln fuit mentio, noD t«Titbitnr rctpoD<lcrc; 
ami niA)^ excusabittir ; quia Don pTneceBxit Inijus rei tium- 
Riouilio. Ad boc tsrga Bummonilicnies Sunt, uC Rrmae r«^R 
ct debit* multijilivi ratione reqnirvodft &aco proveuiaut. Verum 
Mint ulitju*. <ju4<! {wr muiium vicecoiuitb urovenire ueumoe est, 
ctiiinui nulla dv lus suminonitio fiat ; mm bacc niogU OMUoUft 
rant qnom conKtituUt rel oerta, sicut ex coniwqucutibuB Uqueblt. 

Qwtlitei' Sit'iunotiilio'tajiant. 

Qiiiilitcr nutom rvl qno orclinu fiknt, primo diccnilnm eat, ac 
demutii <!X i)Utbui>. NoTt-riit tmUm qiiml, irnluto iciicciirio tcr< 
mini illius quo Gimt «iim(i)ODition«p>, nxcipiuntur a clcrJeiii 
tbeeanntrii dcbita regis ))ur siiigulos comitaliu a mogno rotub 
iUius auui, vt in brcviorilju« nnnot«ntur, siiuul ciim ausib ; quo 
f«cto Bccedunt liii in partem quos nu^ores dixiinus, propotito 
ottmitatu quolibet, et <le &ingulb deUtoribua illius deceraunt 
quiuitum KumiiioDeri deboat, liabita eoundentione lecundum 
quulitttli-m pt-iiioiiiLe, L't soi-aiidum quftlttutem nt^tii et uansM 
pro ijuft regi teoctur. Autlieiitjcui! ntinm nnnnlJa rotulu* a quo 
aeUtn except* mint, tendur a tlicsaunuio vcl ujus dcrico, ne 
furtc furril in vxcipicjido quomodolibet «rmtuni. Est ctinm 
alius elericns. qui quod ilt> t«XBvennt in viceptiB annotnt stu- 
diuse ; de quibus siimmonido fit per ha«u verba ; ' H. rex Anglo- 
rum, illi vel illi vicccomiti, salutem. Vide sicut leipsum et 
oinntH tua diligiit, qnud fia tul acaccarium ibi vel ibi, in cnatino 
Siuicti Miclmelia, vel in cnuiliuo cluuxt Poavliae, et bobeas ibi 
tecum ([uicquid debcs de vetcri tirma vcl nova, el nomtoalim 
haec dvbitn subEtriptji ; di- illo x. miuiMit pro line uuwo, ct sic 
deinceps.' Annotatin iiutirm omnibuji dnbiti* illic wriatim quid 
MIM^ qiiM in mstiori nmutli rtitiilo coiKinentiir, proforuotur 
ninom* quiqoa pommbuliLiitiuin judicam rotuli, «x qnibua ex- 
eilMoatur qiuw in nngulie ouuiiutibuii tloiuiuo regi debeutur, 
labora et induatria ipeumm ; et liiis uxutia a n^jorinii^ in sum- 
monitionibua annotantur ; quibua online di^trtii, tenninalur 
nimmoniuo |>er faaee verbo : ' Et hncc omnia tecum habeas in 
dciioi-iiH , taleia, «t breviltua et qnirtiuitiis, vel capicntur de firma 
tua ; t(«t« illo vel illw, ibi ad KAccarium.' Paerunt tomen qui 
crvderrot diccndnm in dmariis vd talcia t«I brevibui tW 
quietaotiis ; non intellige&lM eel qoandoqne aubdi^uuctive 
poni. 8npeiflua tamcn eat hujutouodi de verlus oonleutiu, cum 
de eonim tntellectu cuiutiteril : axt euiin dixena ' ia deaariia 
vol Iwevibua vel quielautiJii,' vel 'in denaiil* ct brevibua «l 
quieiBittiis,' idetn eat intrUeduN ; ut Kilicet in hiia oatolbua 
vcl eofum aJiquiba*, wti^liat <io bi« quae in nnniiKiBitionc 

P 3 


JInrf II. 


oontinetitar. PntMnw, quia noru niorbia per ao\-a rrn 
di«<;i nubvrniri, aiJiliinm fiiii in ramiDonitionibai hue <ulnrr 
Uia, «z novelU coitHiiulioiic. hoc f>«t pcwt tomponi rr^i* 
priiai: quod 'n forte do alicujiu debito sammoniltw 
terrain r«l catulta dud )iab«t in iHullia tna, et noveri» in njl 
baillia virl couitatu lutiuerit ; tu ipae vicecomtti ilH vrl ImiIIiI 
per breve tuum hoo ipcum tiii,iiific«i>, <lHen.'ii(« illud oliqiiu h f 
miaM, qui ci bniT<i taum in i-omitadi, si poloit, vi<l i^irii 
|iluril'iiii ltb)-ml.* ITaoo qnM pnicdixiiiiuii u]>[>uuiii« rijicut 
MtU ut diNpcndioan quomndam tabtcrfugin <ximj>iilcnint. 
nito cnim quibu* (Iclomuitntiii summoDilionM cmitlvbniiti 
atiteqaam perwnisict ul oomitatum suninuioitio d« deb 
BiM, Tacuatia horrvia i^t [Mrcunits stiia quocuaque aibi distrai.'^ 
T«l od loca tuUt translnlis, ravnns b doao ma ivfiit^m, riq 
oomitia «t ceterorum oflivtolium Mcanin cxMtecUhat lulvenluH 
et liao arte nlurimix aantx rt'tnac aummotiitunts aaciorttitf : 
Minr dUppnilio ridfbatur rluili. Illo roim. ad quoin cdqi (ai 
lalibiu «ni« B)«tut Utijtis caun tniinMiHt, cum ind« iiiiii>dntii 
non hfllMiret, in rra ouaa maanm tniUerr n<-D pramtinHilKit. H 
ei^l^ oonsidpratione per aliquot annoa in eummoiiitiooibiu ap 
ailum fuic vitIiuiu quod ]>meini»um cet ; nvo poalm ati 
pnluit locus tuMvrfti^'ii, qtiin mtixfaciat oinniK <l<>btt(if 
omiiHD modum, niai quum «i>1d nipmua cxooMt iiiojiui. C^ 
nntem jam omniboa <rioeoomitibne «t dobitoribua conatit 
quia lie *ophtiitica« potoraat importuntlatcfl (klorminari, 
oportuit amgilius illud verbum a|>|>oiii. ii«o ap|>otiituri 
Uni«n iltu qui dtctnti est co«rciuuia detritorum qua«uniqiw , 
U«DStul«riiil, perwrcnt apod Tintomitw, et quasi quodam ,' 
IMnwUio ciHUtituta* soTTBtar. 

J). Audivi jnmilndum T«fcm>lil>us mnltu, qiimI ki( In 
•cacirnrium cnnvoodur. hoc eat in tcmiino PmcIiU ot in t«nn^ 
HaiKli Mkhnrlift. Dixist! cliftni. ni bcnti Rwmini, luju praomifl 
nuDinoiiiliouibns MB«carium non (irneri. Cum argo Dtiinnu 
tiotias ad utnuuque lertniniim Biuit, tu^o to, ai placet, apcr 
si in utrifque munnMouionibui ]ex una itervvtur, vel, si ia ve 
ran tenon dbsonaiitin eat, quae ait, et quare bio. 

II. Qua4 tit diffrmttia iwnmoi\ituinvm tttnuajwi temtmi 

if. Magnum tuae proreetjann aat arRiimentum qnod 
hiia Jam notti dubtton. Porra oerlo oerliua e*t, <iii(h] \n» 
carinm in anno convooatur «i teiietar ; i>ni*nivl<-MiV>«« (miii 
uL iHTKcdictuiD ea;t, Hummouilionibn*. T: 
aerai<i]iiii sutia beae memini>1L i^i-it ntti'!>< 
Puachae • ricecomitibui nun coinpoti wd qaiiioiu vmm 


DialogM dt SeaceariQ, 77. 


pntorvni flunl ; hm1« penp oiliil eorum <|tia« ilUc tune gvrnntur 
- rij<tunM> cominirmlatQr ; t*A totum rewrvalur nlii torniiiKi ; 
tf itinc ililiK<^iitcr in niigno nuimU rotulv wngufat perordioMB 
MiiKiiiiiittir , taiiiPii qoMdUB niMDuniKk auM frequeuter Ind- 
duut k clrfifo tliioniinirii Momim comcnbuntur ; lit nolaUi 
•nu-uiriu illia* Uninoi ilc liiiii duKNTniint rnkjorcs; qna« quidmn 
Bou fucttn [>ro()tcr nuiDDrosaiD 8ut iniiltitudinrni, ni"i Mirrinto 
nitiinirntl>>TTiiUir, vctfiurereDt. lusugier quUl vicMxinM* in tlie- 
miro •ulicril •!» 6mift ; k dfin<l(> si wli'fHcil, tn en'lem linon 
KTi'lntur, ' ct i|iiietus »1 :' «i aoa, tlcliituni ejus in infuriuri linek 
i|<-iiucti- ]ionUur, ut MJutur, quiintani <le Mimma illiu* termini 
•j<-ii(. i ct Ntatim (•tinraciat oa atIiUi ium iintoiiktitium. <^i- 
lil>i't oiiitn viccriniie* moJictatrni firma* illiaa qiiM <!« •uo 
i:.<iiiilBtu [H-T luinniR azsurgit, in trrmino ilia tolutvntR ml. 
Nuveris aDt^ni, quod in hiii sanunonitionibuB tonor vorbunim 
nun ntulnlor nisi quod nd t^rminum pertioet vel locom ; ai 
•riltrat decnrerint mi^iona alias teoendunt aeaL-vuHum Paidiac. 
ct aluM acatL-ariBm Swcti Mic)ia«lts ; aed cadem nrtiita TcriM>- 
niin in ulri*qiM mmmonitiouibu* atmla, diMnnlUa Mt d«U- 
tomtn I'xcnrtanon annolstio. In nmnoDttMiie munquii eontn 
trTmiiKim ncchao facta, quud tnnc aosna tile dioitur iiiiUari. 
iii»|ilic)tcr dwotor d(i ill«, 'habeaa s.lilwu;' ct de hac aumnMni- 
time nna xaa aolvetido tunc vel aaturadeodo ia x. Iilxt* 
r. At com fadenda cat mnuniMutio de t«nntiM> Saacti 
■ in qan clauditur et tennioatnr idem nanna, et Bt 
nnnnlic nilulus, «d(Ictur |>n(didiii x, U. aliae x. IL, v«l jilnn, 
•icat (ii-aMiilcntiliua vUnm fanil. ot dicctur, 'dc tUo liabeaa u. 
li.' qui Utncn tcnnino PmcImm At Iim tpn inaiina x. aolvamt 
wd w'lvi^na x. ti. in dpnariia nunc, et proivrciu t«l(*m d« x. 
jiOKlu'liim lolutiii, ab»i>1*i mercbitar a iBUUBoaitiaiM : dictnn 
aX- cniiu in nuniBuutione, ' baec onuu* liabcaa in dcouiia «t 
bntTilia* «t lalei*.' NoT«rii pneten*, quod facta wroamni tk ioa, 
« dum oiMii(iiUii isTcntus fbeiH «iTor, nnn d«b«( BobdncU 
lioaa otoceUari, nd dm almdi, qnia paletu MTTptvnt cM : imno 
ptitiiw, in quo caminm fucrit, debet pcaatoa ohlilternri, nt qaod 
■rri)tlutii fuint nolli pklMt; cujoa ni csom, ai Imubi niwUU* 
octilavrria, fiMriW IJbi vaUt oecnnere. 

I}. Cum, Mcot flommoBonw, pvtcna nt illod acriptom, et 
»e ricmnailia dceUnetBr, a« p«r loogft bnpm pwc* ipmai 
»uMqiM naidML aoH Mai qna annnMatlianw bdomttaa cooi- 
mitiittir. I'mbM vnlm, quod wUct impuM di tow . nstv^ 
vrl titinua»k cvm son «xat«( aliqood pcM* laraoa tJM w- 
arrijitun). ■ 

U. PoMrt fuftaMU •! nII^; mA tunt km ia«^ npltft 


Hfnrs a. 


si^meiitum, ri tautis w poricalb Bpont« opponeret; pi 
WTliiu cum Don auferr« bio re^ detiit« p08t«4. smI vix <ti)Ti- 
Otutiin uiiiiu{iie ili'bita de qulbui nuamoofliuM* Hunt. .sWan AW 
SvnUr kBDotata Mrvautar; tiwle non pOKtet quia > <li'l>ilo hi 
viaxn procnranto rtOMamilv, hne arte libvnrL Vcrutii 
mnjunm hnjuK tf\ nnteliun viilimaJi a Pictaveuii anliiduc*: 
nunc Wtntontend opucopo omuitim inimmotittioniim mcrif 
fiaii, IMC sliqnatentu origin«l« omitti, nisi f*c(ie «l dtlimi 
eomctia earnm rcscriptia. Cum autnn. sedente TKcmmito 
computum, kf;«retur siuniaonitio a clerico cancdUrii, ti»pldi 
rJericus ftrahiditwoni reicripltim, oliiervalat cum ne oxurli! 
Pioced«ote vera tcnjiore, euro uumenu debitwran) crvnvret in 
■niinmiun), ndco ul uni Btunmonitioiii Tuiio* m«nil)rana« lonp- 
tmlo non Roffiocrvt, owxutn vA multitiKlini ct Inboriam opoti.«t) 
sola origiiutli Bammonitioiui, «Kut antiquituo, conU'Aii BunC Sflj 
liabw< ut credo, qnantom binivitwi penniait, qnatiur «t ad (jnfl 
Buramonitioiwe fiant. Niuw«sqnilias fieri ddtrant libel intiwri; 
Uoei (UL pnemissi* hoc ip«am magna pro paito jam oooBlet. 

Ex f ui'&Nx Sutmomtionnfiant H 

INnBtria Angloniro nx Ilmricas Iwc nnmino pnrticipaiiliiini 
ngnm eecuodus didus rat. Bed nuUi modernonim fuUse crwiitur 
!& ntaa oomponeudu animi nrtato Mcnndua : a1> jpeo cnioi 
suae doiuiimtioiiis exordio tvtuin in boo dirasit auimum, ut pacj 
retwUautn et d}r«:oto« rouIUj)lti.'i aulivcniione conUrtrmt, etj 
a« Bdct bonum tn cordJImi bomtuum modia omDibaR 
nart^L Iliijns igitar inBi^ia cum jim in nmat* gmt 
bnriRui &inn vnlgnvnrit, ado ut liu cxjioDL-ndiB iiuuaKrc 
vaicuum ridcnliir : uonin tanum est, quod ciiin eitniUo practt 
non valeo, ex quo »Ao BbgulariB t^ta probiUta ot pi«taa iuaudi 

Non laman boc bcorinii fait, mmo Dd mlHTuari«i 
Qiwd libi, qttod U)ii oam {adcoi reatiUt otM. 

D. Qualitcr sibi nsistero did posit npiw JnaigDe, nisi plaau 
feccria, non video. 

if. LiMt haec ad opus eoeptnto vel pmposUnm non ad; 
tuicaitit, muinor tumen tvff» illiua mii^iatiitiii, cum poea mq 
muntia hiifl nptrMxIcne non vaini Videoi er^ quani nir 
loao vir ille silu rutitil, in bdcw GIiob quiitcm inao oarnia, hntno 
at wiiinMi BUM apein poil Dnum uniciun ct gloriam Rngulamn; 
dnm parvaU eatant, ct ntionu aclatb ccni supra modnm at Jm, 
onuien aatmi notum prum, vulpeculae pcrituroa 
pravis dcuiolitaa mat, et tandem tn patram tonquun Id 


Dialogtu de Smeeario. II. 


•ua TiMCrn convRrlcrunt ; ' fncti sunt rthm inimid IiAmiim 
domotici cjuK, «t iiiii t-iininrlii-liniit Intus ejuA, consilium inieruni 
•dverm* «iini ; dicrabt*' tiliis «t hostibus ' peraequimini et com- 
prehendita mm, quia aim est qui eripbl ;' dioenn in biu verbum 
compkltim proplwtM ; ' fHius euutrivi <i eooe i|H! Hprvveruul me.' 
Cum i^ilur uxor in vimm, HUi in pntrem luuni. iluroirKtivi nne 
oauM (lemevirent iu dumiimm ; nonnc vitis i)|itim<i Ribi rcl>cllan- 
teni viruni iliocm 1 Verum contra nami.To«iin bofi(iLin) multi- 
tuilini-nt Dulius Diviiinc Rratiao mngnitudo subTenit. ot quasi 
pugnniito pro so Oomiiio, sic in biwi peuo rebellM omn«a ob- 
tiauit, ut long* fortius quam prius, ex eo quo iulirmari debuit, 
COiifinuarator in repfuo. 

Noruut «uiin per hoc poliMimum, qui conspirovennt adv«r>iu>i 
emu Id omni rirtuUi huo, vUtvnm u munu Ilrrculii nin vtx cxtnr- 
qoeri Don poMe. ComprchcanM tunupcr liontibus t«ni cunrmix 
•oelcril iuceutoTibutt inaa<lilii ]iftpcrcit miHericordia ; nt cnrum 
puid rvnua ausnini, null! vcro sIbIus tui v«l corponim dit- 
pondin lastinorant Si IpgrrcB ultioarm quHiu rxfrrait David 
in subrcrtom Absnionis 51ii eui, diceiee Luuc lUo lougc miti- 
orem eutiUsM : cum tumeu du illu Hrriptum ntt ; ' inreni riniui 
Mouudum oor U«um.' Liuet auli-ra i-i-x innifinii' pluriliu* nlmii- 
dnret aenipllii, et poMirt in eui vcl vilimiinani cxonvrc vin- 
diotum ; moluit tftmcu expugnuti* pare i-rc qimni eo* punire, 
vt ojui regnuRi crcscere ridraiit vcl inviti. Vivnc igitur iu 
longo tomi>oi-« rrx iUc gloriomu ot felix, et pro inpcnM gmtiA 
giutiam mermtur ab alto. Vivat et prol«a ejus iug^nua, patri 
no Bubjeda nee ei tlitaimili& : et quia iiuli sunt po|>uli« im{)«- 
rare, pittenio tiraul et prupriu didunt excni|>lo, quun jcloriogum 
•it ' jMiTccre subjectit et dcjwllnrc rdirllni.' Koh antem iiuiiccptjt 
ncK"^ proHviiunmur, Quod ni dc liiiii nt nliis ftrDiiiiiii «jiiii 
actiliuK librt pli-niui iiwtrui, litwtlum cujUN supra mrmtuimn*, m 
planet, tDxpiciio. Igitur po*t naufntgum regui stotam pace 
reformata, Muduit il«nim rex avita lempora reuovare; H cilff»n» 
dtKretos viroe secuit f«gDum in sex jmrtts, ut eas etecti judioes 
quo« emnTea vocamua ]itTluHlriireut, et Jura dwtiluta rvsti- 
l^«reul. Fuvieotee crjcu mi cu|>iam iu tiiiKuliii coniitatilmn, 
ct hiis qui M- liuunii piitnliiuit jus.tiltni' pl«iitiiditiem i-xliitwnl'.ii, 
putipcrum Inlmriliil* vt KnmjHiblln popi^rccruot Conligit uuti'm 
in liiis vKcnwus vnritw pleramquc variis luodis pro ncgotioram 
qnalilntc puniri, ut quidnm corporalem, quidam pccuniarium 
{MWiuiDi luaiit. I'orro pccuuiariuu di'lin(|ueuliura poenao iB 
rotultd urniiiUum diliticuler anuutuntur; et cuowdeiite scAcourio 
coram imiiiiliui Ibcxkurn iniduiitur. Cnviiuit uutem judiues ut 
cvrrectiKi cl \>tx ordiui-m di»positu« rotuto* tlii-Murario libereut : 


Jitnry 11. 


noD entm fas mt Ipda rthm jadirilras, TacU traJilione, iou 
uuum iDutaiT etiam in ({Uud omiica judicescomimMiriiit. 

li. lo Ih)c mimliili- i-Ht, quml earn Hcriiitorum «ucinini nudom 
tiiil, Rt non tii«i dc ipmnim itidimtrin ircl lalioi'e jinivriiini, I'tiuu 
in uniim n1i<|iiul cuD«onticntM *cri|itiira pivpriuni niuUtn nou 


M. Oum iitdnlta tint oorrcctioniti tompom, «1 tfgvm luiveiint 
coDtlitutHin, Hbi impuUnt; oblatonini pnim frumnia vel ub iMit 
drlutorilniH, n in luuc oondnmiati tunt, vel nl> ipsis juilicibus 
rK|Hiretiir. Ut >i in rutulu mnilviiiiMUini itliijttFiii in volii- 
(ioiio XX. ili«crif>*<^nt, «t, UndtU jniit ci>utii>ii« ikcMunirio, 
rrconlalt fiirtint ijuocl non tcnnitur iitu \C\m in x. \ t{Mi judtOM 
(1« neitluo snlisbcioia ; qiiin iwrii^uin »uiiin runt (Icllbenttona 
liHtiim «t cotrMtum pott tra'liiiotn^m rornrare non ponnnt. 
Sniiit'pl'inini vera ralulorum <Miitn tliNaaranuB in Dia(p>o ntiiiftli 
itilulii <lili;(< utiT t^ (lietiiictc per ungutoe romitnlua annoUri 
fafil, Nnitil ciiin («utiiB : pru<'iu>(ati^ nt Jam dictuto eat. unmiui- 
Una judicum ; lit pei- bi>o exticiuruni fiat dUcrelio. Ex liin i[(i(nr 
«uRirnoiiitiriiK>( tiant nio; '<!« p'acitiii illonim N. <l4' ilioilliul;' 
■ociiniUim ijuod prni'itidrntiHi priui dvl'ita laxavrrint. IIbI'm dx 
|»n«dictia, ut crclinius. qtiatiliim necene «st, ex quitius el 
<[U«liler et ad quiil eummaniliKDM flant : nana nd M)!«Dd& vlw- 
wtnitis tnnaeamuH. DiM:et uuli-m tcdiccndis sullicituRi aiHiilwro 
dili;icenti«ni. quia in )ii>t ex<:«lleDtior acaccarii aeientia conaialtl, 
■icut dictum mt nb iiiiiiix 

lU. D* aytmfh Viewomitum nt^liplieiur. 

Omnes igtuir vioKomitM ct Imlliri, ad <iiioa RunnoniUonca 
diriipinlitr, radcni nrrrwiitAte Ivgi^ coti«lrin|]^nUu' ; lioo eti, 
anctorilnte rrgii maiKtati; ut Golitwt dip ntiminnlo dtatgnuttianc 
tocu conveniunl, et d<> deUlix Biiliifacinnl ; quod ut manifcatiiii 
fiat iiwiua BummoDitiuiiia leuonin dilipmliut intnerif ; ail raim : 
' Vidn licit! t«i])«um et oninin ttm dilii^is, ul nit ad rh'aMarimn ihi 
tune ; et liabciM tvcum quloquid ilvbta de vrtiui firma et noTa, 
Ot hacc ilnliiln nutKcrigilu-' Attemle i^ttir, quia duo diniiitiir, 
quae dnolimt ■rqiiriilibu* mnptnntur: hoc anim, ' vide niwil teip- 
mim dili-ris.' rrfrrtiir ad ' »ta ibi tunc ;' illnd vm, ' et sicnt iHunia 
Ilia di1i|,■t^,' n-rciri vidotnr ad hoc, 'H habraa tecum hnee deliitn I 
RDbtcripiu :' nr n »porl« dicatur ; 'nlwcniia tua, tn r|uicttnqus 
niwipia Buniinonitioneni. nm n<«mmrii« vt Ic^o drlinilt* L'ttnriBJ 
{Mxiijil 4TxruMi-i. in capitis tui periciihiRi rtiluDdabti ; vjdamj 
pnim Kic rrKitiin <>prTviK«i* inntidnluni. et in r<''iilFfii|iium rv-^Q 
niajtatatiti irirvrrvnter e^iwu, ej vitatua tu]i^r i-cgiii quibpa 



IfiatvfMl it Scaceariff. II. 


nJilictuN M ucKiitiU DM vrDitrti, nm «x<;uMtonfa ni«rril. 
Vrnitn <t |>rr iv 4tTt<-nl, •|tii< niiiiuN dcUu *ti1wcri|>U •olntilnr, 
tuac d« fiitn* qium K>liituruB oa, alienn 'lebita do quibus nm- 
OMOitua ca ciipi«nlur ; firnut vwo de otnllia ft fundoniin taoniia 
ndtlililiua petiiL-ii-iur ; If iiitciim. si baraoM decrereriitt, in 
loco tutu >Db liUm oufrUnlU oulktolo.' Cum «np> pntemtaM 
hwril « T)DMioiiut« BBKepU Buminonitio, Ipas die nominnU 
nnUt «i wtenclM le pnMfahmtl, tA ■d«BM vnm eonligent, val 
tbMiuniru'. *i pm«ii<kii* illv jwimmw DOa fkiMiL DriniU 
MlulMliii niBJorilMW, ipu ilir itibi vaoot, «t in cnuitinn ct ileiitMpa 
iltc ()ualil>«1 ltd KMMnriiim rpditiinie. Quod A forl« nee venrrit 
Krr. justHHi pnt'uii^rit cxvuHnttoDetn, |irinifl ilio rvgi mniJcni- 
iiatiilur ill t. M>l)dU sri{culi Ae ijuoliW MiiniUitii : si^i]UMili trro 
iu X libra •TfCeuU ; nmilittr to l«rtM, sicul uli liu •cwpimo^ 
ifHi DOS ptwwuuvrnnt, tn h«:iM!plMito lY^ix eniut <iUMGaDqw 
nobitift poMudol; (]Ui<no voro (|uij» jun ex lioc oonUinntiiit 
ttfUM mi^oWMii conviDcitiir, noii •olum in rvbua nuiik t<rd ia 
propria pvtaoo* aoli rvgino uiiMricordiac BubjaoebiL Sunt 
tunm <]ui endoBt ad omncm Huminsni eolam jraenftm pecuni- 
Hfijiin *ufllcvr« ; ul Huilictl |iHnw Ale \a e. Roliiliii ; mnnil* 
imitliUir ill c. Milidin; ct itii ilvincvp* per «iifful<ii A'tt* in fiiif^ilit 
rmtmii (Muiiuilur nWiitt*. Hi* tga Don diMcDiio ; at tamen 
i> cai ili-Iii>(|iiilur in Iwc ip«utii eonseiMMit ; Iiium HUten 
poeuftc iniidiim velie rvgem Rdmiltcre Mttt prubabil« cat, euin 
rjiaa ifratik unguluiBad poenam p«gra ait, «l tuMO adpncaniii 

/>. Imprudcnliii |MmlFr <4 Inipitiletitia aat anditori) cnmntcn 
aalttitium imto pniviEiim (lioriMldrum Guimo praaocrupara ; ideo- 
i|ii« tt)«tiniu roivriu in nnimo qnod ex parlo mc turlmt : dixlatl 
mini, kI per Titcoorailcm ateterit quo minna debiu eubanipta 
■nlTsnlur, tunc <1« ftrtna quam aoluturaa est capi«iitur Si atgo 
Tic««xinMii ]>u- brevia rt^ vel iu opentionca v«4 mIim nnivsna 
■liAlribiirrit. rjiU'' liic furmt loluturuv; quid ftett 

M. (.'iiui •'! T> ui« tiiiuulntu Tcl iu camen curiae, val in op«ra- 
tincihiia, «el io i)uibiMltbet eJJM^ firtaau oomilattu ex)i«iMl«rit, 
H iu debitia KiUHidis mbua egiHe deprebemlitnr, Mr fidwa 
■oiiD uIh tna}una dwTWcriut deliniibitur, donee do htk atUb* 
Ibaai alcut At firaui nttiJ'ikctunM fuurnt. 

//, Cnm dialuin viiH-t-iuiiilrtii ct hod Vfrnrnltrin vrl mmu- 
^■■'— f fnm rpniiB nMibilinm lum iintiivbilinm Him « propri) 
.'Tavin jnctur* wquiilur. nui buwii nm volunluri^iii «rd 
■■•i,>- iruni iilwi-niinni rvninnvcrit ; tvijo te^ ij plaiM<, nl quM 
ciiHlna |metrti'l<-ri- poaH abwntiiMi suae anffidcatea cnum 
Bprrtrv nun dilhnu. 


llfnrg II. 


IV. Quihtu dt eeiaU oAMiifwi VioMtmltum mrvatur in-lrmnio. 

M. llurM flunt excinalioRum modi, qnitias rivrcomitiii nil- 
sentia scrt'atur iiid«inniti, sic Umen ut, ocrMiono r«l oxcmuUioun 
I>uil(>uHita, itie Domitiata per legitiiuos viro* peeuoiani regis note 
colli-cfam proem i tt«t ; ({iii |iomgeut«s ]>ra«H><leBli UtU^roa excu- 
Mtioni% et alMentino donuni «ui mtuiK neoniarUB alltf^tfi*, 
•tuioi ucnin«ato con>i>r«lit€r iiraenllto, «i immiilimti plocuerit, 
wdgm <aDfinnont. Qund ri vtcecomM, vcl nliiix nri-iciu oila- 
tU8^ iaflniiital« dotcntns aAetM noD potent ; oAAai in lilKritt 
«xountiou)8, qtia« »d Bcacvannm dirigantur: 'ct, quia Tcuint 
non jxiMom, inittu vobis hua aervient«* niMw N. d N,, ut liin> 
ineo Hint, ol iguud md mo i>«rtiii«t faoiant, ratutii kabltaraa quod 
ijwi ffxirritil.' 

Providokt antrin qui excnaat, nt alti'r v«-l ntorqun miMnrom 
niilee rit, vol laicuo alius ration* Miiiguiuin rcl aliUT n\>\ i-oii- 
jnoctoa. hoc «Ht rujiui fidci vol dlacrotioni ae et *iia on m wit lore 
BOD diffidat : wAor. enim cl«ricoa ad hoc euscipi nou ofmriot ; 
qaia, ei Mcna egcrint. uuu decct «ob pro pecunia vel ratiix-liiiia 
epin|irebcndi. St v«to citatum viMcomitem abeue oontiK«n), 
not) iiifimii(Al« quidem Md qunlibnt alia cansa praopwlilnn), aio 
foraitan a poena eonntttuta potcrit libvrari : r«mm nd oxplon- 
dum coinpotnin suum nullua pro «o inscipietBr. nisi primo- 
f^niluH tilius; m>c gciiontlts oiue procurator, etiamai br«ve »uuri 
diroxerit se nttuin balntunun quod ille t«1 ilte pro ae fci-eril ; 
Holius vero mandali r«^i vel etiam praetiidetitia auotoHlatr. si 
TfL alxeu fu«ril, ad compotam mum explendum oliom ]K>tvrit 
•ubatiltun : mi tami-B alind a duntinn rt^ nt^ottiini attii acnX. 
augnatum, ipMj ad Mnocarium in prufiria prmntiu ixifKiilcni 
Doniinct, qui, jasia quiid rnprn dictum tuX. {luf^it «t detirul vti-o- 
comitis abaciitia ntgnlia pnxiiraroJ Uliid aulem breve rvgia 
vel pramidecitia, Tel vi««Qoiiiilts excamntis, iu furuto inanMalti, 
ciyDa supra m«miiiimua, in tralitikODiuru liiijti* rei mcrmtiittir. 
Quod t\ vt<«o(iniea idioa re^i neouaariua ab ipwu vcwatua fiirrit 
extra n-^iura, vi^l acci-pta linTUtia pro bmilinribui tiivoliti i-jEira 
tlijtpiHuurit, iiriun pr«ii:Kid4>nlcnt ad^-nl, ut Ti\-a to<« vicn auan ad 
•caccanum dvlrgct cui mluorit viro IrijiUmo ; quo £art<>, cum 
•fataoa fuerit, nac brer* mittorr, nrc abaoBtiam ounm oxcuMra 
COgetnr. Exctimnle vtro m vinvusiite saaea uilimiitalta, ram 
vvBtitm fumt ad tcribraduro ejus eomjNitun in Hiiunli roliilo, 
dicetur, ' WiltclmnB vii-MHimt^i^ da Lui>(lo<iii\ Robcrliis Hliu*, 
cjiit pro ra, n-ildit <Dni|ii>tuin An firma du Lnndoiiiis.' At *i, 
|>cr regiH mamlatum alinii mlii ttilxititnitDr, vol ipw vifit vocr, 
»io(il praediclura eat, nlitpieiii pro w dnignavifnt pnu->idi-iiti,, 



DialogHM de Satceario. II. 




MC pir mntuft (Jiccndam art «e « ii>aG in propria penoni ut 
as(m4u&i randenst 

D. NtinqHU infinnitoa sola sufliuicnii «9t cxcuntio, ])er (|iuim 
dUIUH kIiviu HTTi'tur iiidciiiiiu t 

U, Atait : tuiit <-nim {ilurt* n<l K&ccurinm ; Bed hiuc Utm 

ia Ihibua q^am to aliiii lugotiia ooolcNsbUcu »t forcnaibuB ew 

«ib(wr. Pom dwwl tc meuorcm eeee praedictonim, at in- 

lll)i|pu itulkin axcontioacm boe efficer«, ut regis pecunb «le 

eoBiUln oollectB penee »u& detioeatiir impuue, v«l ad Bcac* 

cariurn die oumiiuila Doa mittAtur. Pitn'miiun csyga [ic<iiniii, 

potrril «xciuari [icr inlinnitat«in, Bicut JiL'tum cut. Ittxa m 

flUua rjo* priroogcnitui, qQem dc«lar«rit hacnxkin {K*t m 

fBtBrain, moTti proxuous ndjadicotur, ntctinbitur. ll«a fi 

oxiir rju* dotnrs partus pericliUiri oocpcril, vd qnavis alia d« 

. murli i>n)xiinft decttbueiit, qntB portio suae camis Mt, 

.>ri poteril. Ilcm u domiuofi t\iit, qui vtilgo li^'iuB iliMiur, 

s^t, cui soli mltune d»miiui bio teaeUir nt couira ipKum 

il alii (lebeat, rqge ilaiilaxat exoqrio, vocairerit ipaun), ut 
ad«dt »ibi tncto in jna de toto feudu rao vul ejii* maximn jinHr, 
«el laper ati> cnuw qna« in rtatiw tcI corporis rn\ dctrinM-nlnni 
radnndare rideatur, evcuMi-i [>ot«rit ; vie tanien bi dominiu ilk 
nee ampliuB eounsare ii«a sliter litem decUnan valtierit. Quod 
■i idani dcminaii uliutii lupi-r liujunniudi tii>lli<iilaverit, et libcnim 
>b ri alM|ae raomii ilamiiii dicni prtin^-irc, m vocarcrit iltitiiiiii 
nrfix riDMOfnitrm bamimm quitkm funm, v«nirc luin tptirhitur ; 

3uia DK Mc nd ncaccarium poistt oxcamri. Item ti iAvm 
OtiiioBs infintiitatis pwidera pmanB, tcttamcntuia coram suia 
oo«d«ra vulumt, et ad hoc cam aliis fidelibua biub ip^um cto- 
caverit, excoMliilur. It«m ai domiuuc ejus, vel Dkor, vel 6liii3 
(bbita oaml* tolveril, el hie debita fiiuem obecquiu )kroour«Tcnt, 
tseniari tiMrcbilnr. Sunt et aliao pluren txcutatt tonus alKWulwe 
ficacomitii, neocwariae qnid«m et legiba* detenu inatar, qua* non 
aUtkuuia vol axelmltntiB. immo, mm taffici<^tcit rine mm-int n 
mOoribita, lib«Dt«r nuoepimaa ; eed haa quae mcnti m<?a« m ad 
jmMMfieoUuli-ruuc, quasi frequoDlioretvezemplicausHHihjerimus. 
D. Yiiloor ex pmedtc(i» ptrrpeodere, quod mile». vel qtiilibel 
altuk ilitcmttu pumit a rrj^i vtcecooica rol ttliun UJIitiis creail, 
atiaiuai nil ab ipao poMtdeat, vcd wilum ub oliti. 
^^ it, l)elirtur haco prwrogRtiva di^ruitnli* piiblicnr notMluli, 
^Hft cujiui'uiiqtie iiit. oiictiiiqiiG vir nliquii in rrgtio nnlttcl vul 
V^MninlJvt, et r«i;i nccetH'M'itiB visus fuiTit, libcre {wMtt amuni, el 
I reyiia vbMNjuii^ dcjrutjvri. 

I i>. £x hoc litiam c«ruo vcnuu tsw qsod didtur, 
I ' Au ncKit) looflas refibua nae nMnus I ' 

220 Henry II. [pa«T 

S(i) jini nnnc, n plaoct, ad ngcula vineomilia nuiium mlUcrt 
nmi dilTfTiu; sd liMC <qiJra, t« uici)i;nt«, lutom «U«DtJoQiti \a'\m- 
Uinin jam colkgi ; adnu rx bii esMll<inUin •caocvii wietiliaiB, 
dent piMdictom at, debore reqniri. 

il. OmtuJor t« monioTOm praentueoram ; uode fateor Ui>- 
gaenti pene caUmo to ttiinulue luUuliHw. Nowrb imUin quod 
vicecotnea, nisi Cictu priuB examinu iJi'tittiMiuv <1«! ijtiiliuM nm- 
nwnitns eat *oliitui, rCMtli^re ana ilobnt lul c»iii[i'>titin ; mm tui- 
tom accoMwrit ct jnro rmxHl^rit, alii vic<«ninitc« cxcliiil&iitur ; t^ 
midtal BoluB cum mii, a«l inlitmigata lYiponiuniB. IVDvideat 
atil«m nt, ipM die vel pra««()dente, dobitoribus Hii oomitaua 
iniK>tuerit qua die fit ad compotnin Memrna ; vel etiam cirea 
dnmniD iwacoarii, vel vioiua, rel rillatn, voce pTUtfi-oiiiit )p«lii do- 
iiuDciet u tunc vol tiiiM Mwuraia. Tiiqo Mdc^niiliu* itt audicn- 
tibuR omtiibn*, thoniirnriuH, qui «i«iit iliclum tit, ni(i<ina officii 
mti «bi vidctur advcrKin, (luncral, li piimttw <*i xtAAtm ootn- 
potum ; quu mpoudciito ' piwMto lum/ iaforat tltMatirariua, 
* die igitur imprimis ai el«eiiui^riwo, u <l«ciinae, ri lili«ralioDea 
couoUtolae, ei terrae datae sic ra hsbent boc anno Bicut in i>n»- 
Utito.' Quod* Bi Biiailiwr ee habere responderet ; tunc tcnptor 
Ibenurarii praetmttim nniutlcm niliiliim diligrnter i» liiis 
constitntis KriboiHiU rrqnatiir, conlttimto Kimul llMtaurario, oa 
forte inauna Bcriplorio aberret. Yx qutn utis in tilido de officio 
Kriptoria theKuiiwii de online scripturao dixitae me memini 
hii* ad praeteu Biip«raede& 

D. Die er^, ri plaoet, de bii> quae Jamdudiim njujuo ad 
i^Uvn^la viMoomitum dixtuUrii, (luid Milioet sit, qnafdom terns 
a rego dari bUpcaN, qtiatdam aua«ro ; hoe «niin a» Mlliciurit 
ab initio. 

M. ^ti«, nt credo, libi constat «x praedictis, qnid sit anaa- 
dam llnaae solri Uatica» quaedam numeru. Firma qiudoB 
blaoca Bolvittir, cum ipM bolo osamiue deallialur. 



V, QmA rit ^wtiam /tmdoi rlarl IJatKot, ^oidant nuntr^ 

Quia iawper fnerit hujas inatituliuniB euclor, et quae inati 
tneiidi ratiu, xatiii iiinoltiit. Porro Grsiara nunurci eolTt diximu*, 
cum luntum namrnindo non nxaminaodo du i{H« latitfit. Com 
argo rex fimdutn aliqucm ulicui otmtulrrit umnl cum bnndredo 
vei ptacilifi qnae ex hoc pmvcniuut, dicont fundum illnni illt 
hiaiieum coltnlum : ac cum rclvolo «i1>i liuDdrcda per qaod fitna 
dtolbaii diritur, tJsi]>ticit«r fuDdum dedrrit, iton determinaiia 
cum bnndredo vol blanMim, uumoro dalue ilicilur. Oportet 
Mitnm uide (iindo coUnW breve regie, vel catlam ejui^ ^d ^^'^''■o 
8aDcli Miduwtis cni cullatna eat ad ■caecariom deferat at Tioeo»> 



DialoyM dt Hettecarie. tl. 


laiU eomimtptar; aliocjuin in aMSDo nnnali rolnlo iiun (crilMitar, 
Uiri*. viriv'.iroili roTiiiiulal'itur ; (crilwtiir autoRi xic : jmit cli;i»o- 
Hiiuu et ilcc'toMt H. lilwmliuiiKf utriii?>|U(.- generis cunUiUiUn, 
it) ca|iite linear, ' tii iKri-in iluiu Uti N. xx. I. lil. ibi, el tlli N. 
Xi. t. DitiiMirtt ibi.' Advi-rte elinin uuotl, si Tuite iuter tvrru 
datM iiivcocm, ' illi vel iiti x. L til.' vel * nuiiutro ibi de imwtitito 
Rf^ii ;' cum i* iiui wnmiddnti vtl piwMili honcficio gnvtNUii cat 
bti drtitta Bolrnit, nini per ^ratinm ngin, iwn nxori, non 1ibm«, 
Bon iilicut iKimiiM) ojiu, prti]>t«r praMtetitum rcclAtnaadi tocas 
rvliatjuitiir ; similiter si diOum fuerit, ' illi x. qaaindin rvgi 
VT, ^iiMfl «!•( 0m*(i(<i(it Fietf'cmiii rompnianda, dumMymae 
teiUtM n iletiuuit, libefnlv>i*ts utriuM/M j/cneria, U ttrrae daiae. 

/>. Qiii<l »X, quod dixikti libcntioiK* utrituqne i^Deru t 
U. LilK-naionum ciuMdam ioiit indigeDtium; ciub ex w4o 
caritiuia intuitu ad Tictutn « vftlitum •lii.-ui a rc/^ doimriai 
diuruuii <rol duu rtl plui-ee const ituu lit ur. Quncdnm wro tunt 
pci-vii'iitiiiin, ut has pni Dtiprtxliia atiHcipiaut ; (|iiii|ai »uDt ciu- 
lodes diMnonim, nvditiii rvgit, libicinof, lu]>oruin conipielieii- 
Mtw. et bi^nsnivdi. !!««« wiit igitur diverui geueria UIm- 
mti'ttm qtUM diverfcis «x «)Uuis nlrunliir, inter coiiittiliilu 
tAioeo <tini]>ul«atur Ki do1« quod Uoet Ulic-ruw nt rvgi ijuibiu- 
lili^ iDdt^iitihus baa UberatiuuM muferro ; rx iuitic|nft tuneii 
itulttalifluo Milnnt biH lusi^iiMri, 4|ui iu curia miniMnmtPii, cnm 
r«d>litu« nan baliAlit, io cnrjxiniin ru<iruni invnt<?tu<liii<TO dtd- 
iluiil, et Intioribus iiiiitilo liunL His omtiiUis )>t'r oiitinem 
aiinuuti«, qiiaerit timtuinuias % vicwumile, ei quitl ex|iciul«rit 
de firma ctituilntiu per brevia regis practer cutuiituta ; luuc 
■wriatiin [»<--•« ^iln nga brevia tnHlil olerico <anoc)lArii, <|ui 
lecU in i<ub1i'-tim •Mlvin hbeiul theasursno, ut ip<e secuuiluni 
foriBUD in bii-Minu cunocpliun in Kriptiinun rotul! sai oppor- 
tuna terW miiiUlisI : i|>M; nuDque nivut didum ml pnncribit, 
et alii outiKriln-iii<« sb mlem Mcipinnt. Hoc C*cti\ Mt«iuUt 
TicncuiDes fei ()itiil cxpendnit, uon per brevia. ^ |vr ci>UBtitulniii 
Boaecarii lc|,*i-iik, eibi coiiipu(nii<liiin ; qoaliu auiit Hbcralioni-ii 
unibaliirum ntui*, at lUfOt tm qai^e niiltuulur in jnatitiijt (4 ju* 
dicuB «x)ilendii. 

VIT. Qtuu rini par totam eoiuntituiliitrm teaefarii cotnjnilanda, 
hoe a*r, time Itren. 

Advrrti; nutnii, jnnliiliu hie ninntitrr iiiiitrupAH (•rtiliiti in 
•liijUM viroB jarta «x«culiiuiiea : juiiieia viitu, U^fn .-on.lrTLiM 


Henry II. 


forri to] iu|dh. LtbcntUonet [gittir imibnlomm hoc ratioM 
finnt Projrtcr inDtniMnw rtgia liujiu drvlEiiiJ, rt ilvm profiler 
tnn&tAin indigenin cra[MilfUB, ifUtm •rmpnr c»m?> libido ■oquttor, 
i-otiliagit in iptw frvqiwiitrr fiirin fieri nunifcxta vd occulta, nee 
nui et bomioidU et cliver&orum ^Mirum ccelent, ndilenlibai 
Htimulos moccliiii, ill niliil doii aiidcant v«l d<id stteotcut ijni 
RUM m coiinliin Milijn^cnuil. Cum aulom a rvipi» miuitiirk 
regni pacem oxcnb»nt!1niii, nm bornia famoMUi nli'fnia u»mpra- 
liniditur, [iropter oun>tn>Miii yii'tt-'raturum raulliludiniTni, at 
vd dc jicrvcrMt tomt piiixiMar, cuiuiTntiitDt nl in li!»; inU-nluia 
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«ai«t exprimonda«( ut tic ciodciD roilMirum t«iiiHV authootioo 
rMpondMt Maali 

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(um exprint*»», tfiamti ea\i»am delmrmin*i. 

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(|iiftm in aliin : dicilur cnim in plorinquo, luod txjprecaa Booeiir, 
uuu exi>refiui oou noceiit ; T«nun bk expmsa javnnt «t iHHt 
exprtam futi^i^iil : rerlii gratia; tk tuietur quis tKgS in criitiiia 
lilirif, it brvve ejus d«fenit ad KAMftrinm, ut ([uinlux sit d" ilr- 
bito ([tiod n di^bvl, addat rlinm ' loto,' i-t cannmi umul exj-nmaL 
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boc dilationem u»()ue ad ntiuin TOmmoiutioacm i>ronieTvliilar, 
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N. oenlnm libnu )' ned quia nun ridrtur OBUuno dinuMum qnod 
mmdum n<t in brevi iTxprfjiiuni, co^ur t* malto \a\iOTt quacrera 
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aibi tvncbiitur. 

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(tilutHin, tliligrnlcr iniiuirat ; qnod «) non frtirnl, nun pnwM- 
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d«tulit in brevi iolti inntare : cuni ergo |>«r boc quictiis BOB iJl« 
rcetiuet quud «|>edit tm|wlrare. 

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•crijiturae ratuli nuJi ubloqwuilur. 8m1 jam nuoa proanjncre d« 

Jf. Cum igitur omnia fbcriiit auiintata, qtiM ve) oonatituta 
lant, vol per brovik icgis vol [>rr o<'D><»«iudini-tn atMoarii mn- 
palanilo, tio oompotus T«lut inhwHu rriinquilur, «l ad alia 


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Kribrtor, per i^ou Kilicel eorapotot Doaistnnutu* iLidtur. 
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lc«*nt: oujin m «um Mtb ex cotiwqiMotibiM Uqaere pelorH. 
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port notliDUm tntcntitiam ponitnr oooijxiUiB Ac vetori finna 
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■anniaBe, 'qoic(|iri<l dcbes d« tdm nrma ot nova.' De qoo 
■lia anpn diclum eat in titolo do BommonHioaubua, 

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Voti bwe asteen, f&c<o iiit^fTHllo qnau «ex liae«niin, «M)nitur 
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'da pnrprnvlunii et cacuHi*.' In medio 4uiil>-in lincnc Sx praa- 
QOtatio litten* cBpiUliliuii, 'do |.uTpro«tiim ot cwsotin ;' in captto 
vera inforioriii tic Krihiiar; 'idara tiooooomii rtddit computum 
la finna purpn-tilnraram ot eaeMtoniiB. aealicet d« x L de boc 
al d« XX. I. de illo,' <4 ita deinoi'iw, Mcqt ex rolulu perlustrsnttum 
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in lot Uleiit, et debet qnatcr xx. 1.;' T«tl, ' in itieMinro libt^raril. 
It uniatiia art.' Homm autam KLrilxtnclorani onlinLin magui 
■eauta fide qoam mrbomm qnanulibct argumoatom dmerip- 
tiooo BCi({naacM. 

It. Quae lint fi»M ('scidontia, tcI occupatH, et qaa ntiMH 
ben pniveniuiit, uUt pliruiuB ii|>«nierie, nou video. 

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Rini, vf\ rlutn [MT uoiktinuatazn in Inn;^ tempura bellicam trni' 
pr»latriD, ut Imbitanlea prope Tundo* ([ui ooronaa aiuiombMitur, 
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aacriU&t. Cum Nulnm potfluitmntea jodioei per aacMme n tan 
1*1(1 tliBRnim vimruBi bn«e depmbvndcnnt, •eomim a ftma 
eomilaluii oppretianlur ol TlMcmaitihtu tnduniar ut de eiadem 


Ilnry II. 


seureiua r»ponde(int ; ei Imcc dKiimti purpmtarM ve) acai- 
(Mta ; <|UM qiuiletu cum ilc]>it'brii<lunlur, » pomefnorihtu acat 
prMdictum ert tolluutnr el uliliinc fi^uo c«duiit. Vcnini Ht in a 
((uu tollilur uccu|MtuiD Mictor est tttct'i, nimul «tiMi) nut m ni 
|w{H'rccrit, |>rcuniftr!t«r gmviMime punintur ; qnml w upd aootor 
sod hoercs nndoris rucrit. lul pocnum »u(1kit fundi cjnMlein eolii 
rOTOcAtio. Ex quo iwnc, Hcut ex idiia pliiriims, n^H niiwri- 
cordb camprolMbir ; dum patri» tarn cnoi-niiit excn'Mie iiou 
pouitur in (ilio, qui uf^tM ftd facram inqutiitiooem |Hil>licM 
'COt'W |)ot««Utix judura diuibutur. ^orro tucacU^ vulifo tlk-wmir qnnc 
d)^ dooadeotibu* bis iiui dn rf^R teDMt in cn|iitc, oun nuu cx*tat 

raliooa mnguiniit linnm>, no fiimuin rcUbiintur. T)« hi* ntitem 
Biraiil cum purprMtunii compoU fiaiil tah iiim rrnptuntc i«rie ; 
aie tameo at eingiJonun uomins p«r ordincin cx[ii'iianiitur. At 
mm IMterfamUiM milee t«1 serri«w, de nga Ivncue in capite, 
tmti debilti solTerit> ralicUa Umen liberii, qnonin |>riuii>^FuiioR 
minor Ml luinii, reitdilm i]i])di!m «ji»i ad Asoum radcuut ; Mtl 
higanmodi noa aimptictCer okvu.'U dioilur, wed qwytitA cBia 
('«/ h»orc^ ; ando ncc hnrrcs ob hanroditatc, nee ab ipM LuiTditM 
ioUitur; sod timul oitn ka«reditata sub ragia cnstodia oonBti- 
tutaa Umpore puptllaris utalia de ipsa baeivdiUtc, per np» 
officiBlce, tojn ipsa qniun ccleri liberi DeoUR«n» percipiuul. 
Coteiv Toro, <)uae de ipM prcircninnt, rogtia uuhni otilunL 
D« his auteiD fcomuD oampoti 6nnt; min non pMpctuo, ecd 
quodam tsmporali jtuv (Ibco doboBtnr. Cum enim haenw, nunc 
niiuor, legittmae aetatis adeptue benp&cia. a'bi Buieqnc di-iHUicre 
novurit, quod jure sibi patemo d«betur a rcgia iiiiiinhii'iiiia 
MaeiiMCl, quidau gntia, ]i«r lolam tdtioct itratiiiin priiMipiK, 
qnidam proiiiiMa niDina aliqua; Ak qua aim c<>m[><>tui' liet, 
drntar in annali ; 'iltovcl ill* nddit cotupotnm drrpiitumltliriji 
de nlerio t«mo patrie mi ; in tliceanro hoc, et dclfet hoc :' dc bue 
antttUi ultra in atuiali cAmpotiia non Aet ; ciim ad tieouni post boo 
■MO redeat. Venim dum in mana ngis eat, de hoe ate aoril>«tur in 
annali ; ' iUe Tic«oom<a reddil oompolum de flmu illiiia Ixmuria,' 
a baninia at ; ' iu tbeaoaro hoc ; ti in proenmioiM; litieninim 
illinn boc, per breve regii ;' quiMi ibi iwl HMocariutn pi-r couan- 
tudio^nn fiat ; ' et debet boc,' vol ' ct quirtus oct.' Quod ei minor 
cat poarenio baoc, ut rit fiindus anas vol dtio *e] tm, aie 
dicelor; *ille vic«omM' vcl 'iUe N.'cai forte rex eJusOnn rtd 
autodiam deputavit 'reddit oompolum de firma t«rT«« tllinii N. 
qoM Aiit iltitia N., quara nx babct in manu aua.' vcl ' qwu nat in 
mamu n^onmhamde; Id tbeaauro lioo ; etdcl^iboe;' val'el 
^uietiw Mt.' Attende pnetorca, quod booor tile rrl fnndui duiB 
in maaa r«^ cum baercdu fucrii, umnc* elcvtiu^jniae et Utwn- 





iVtf&yiM 4i Seaeeario. II. 


ItotiM iadtgontium. • iNriimbus dominia solo ctriUtis btaitu 
muxtituUt^ hi* qiiibus <lolKiiiiir cum tuCfKnUtc solruninr, H 
mI Kauaktiam custodi voniputaiitur : tibvraii»n«9 rero kfti- 
cntam, (|ui iluraiiiiH tub ud i-xjili-ndu qiuuili)>et obwaniii nvccn- 
nrii tui unt, vt oti liov consUtuuntur, imm rci pofMcIrt, volun- 
t«ri»m liftbeot MilutioiMnn. Cum atitiTO in iiuinu UavrediH 
(loiuluU favrit liMcrmlitu, oporlvt mim patrii; iohnnvrQ voti- 
giii ; ut Hiiliut quoad uaqno viicriut iiii qtiibus Wc a potre 
■wi ooQsliUiUi suut vita ooQiil« porcipienda, tllia MiUfuriitt, ct 
pout hMc si Totoerit, eontiu uutur rel nou utaUir oliMi|uiiii, 

D. Dixiati, ai beue mfmini, nuod si r|uililint dc rv^c tcatni ta 
c»j>i1o it^scdaiw minorcm uim> hnnrrdcm irticjarrit ; taitdcni 
idrm trlictn* po*t legitimac nctatin t«mp4r«, qaiilam gratis, 
qukUtn pruinista pecimin. <iuod aihi dcWur a ngo toscipit. 
Qnod aatsm nc eolvitur, releTium dieis. Die eifp> si oujublibet 
fandi qui d« rei,-«i Mt ui »]>it«. releviura mib ccatsimili ramma 
d«bc>t exifp ; vpI at nob diwimili, <)uare nc t 

if. Id piopriam ta videor annano pemicMitn. Ex pramliclis 
■ cobn alia conjicinni armntia in« vesaa <)iiMatMoibuR. Nortris 
Ntt1«m qood r«levionim qiia« ngi debeotur, secondum dia«imili>H 
pmsidnitium Matua dbtiroilit aniniiM eotworgit : ()ui(Lun eiiim 
do iv;,-«' tcDvnt in capitu (|aa« ad caronam pertinent, banioMs 
•cilivi^ majorcK teu nuDorra; d ergo pater powiiwiw fci^jtumodi 
morlnok fui-Hi, rrlict« hiundc, qui ym adaltiia nt, noo woua- 
dum wnMitutatn do his ■oimnam ngi Mtisfadrt. sed Becnndun 
t|Hod n regv pot«>rit obtinere. Quod si mtnor a^ate foerit 
bwrrva, iu cutiti^la con«tiUilus legitimam aetatem pnM<<to- 
labilur ; tunc autem. rel gnXia ucut dictum eat, vel Kcuiidum 
bratplndtum regis mcot aduttoii, faaeredilat«m paUmam uua- 
ciiiri-lur : •> van) doROamt qui* tvnraa tan« de nge feodum 
militis nun quiidfiiii ntiooo cotodbc rrgiar, «ed potius ratioDt 
l»rotiur ci^ufllibet i]nae ijiiovn eani id mannm rrgiit ddapM cat ; 
iiicut tT-t (^pitcopaius va<.ante ud« ; harm< jam dvAmet! h adultus 
cat pro TnMlu tiiiliuD c. BolidoB Duny>rabil, pro dnobus x. lilma, 
ei ila dvitK-qw juxta numemm mititum quae donuDO debuemt 
aslrquam ad fismm ditvotata forvt Iiovreditaa. Qnod si minor 
annU harrcK rdiclus fcriHt, quiu> dv biiereditat« (jus perreniuat 
raUoM «islo<liac innpon) pripilliiriii actntin lisra prtivenirnt, ticut 
dictum Mt : rrlirCue a palro jam adultoe pr« sinimliK Ccodn mili- 
tiiiB c. wolidiw sulvet, vel etiam infra, hoc art L solidoe ei dimidium 
militi* fpodum poweilmt, el ui- dniuoepe. Ncc t« lalfat quod 
<'ju* iju<in in i.iii>ri»1ia p«r aliquot anno* babueria et poawarioDia 
rju> fmi:tiim, (iidi od aetatem legitimun perTenertt, nlvviuta^ 
l»]»rU*i' imti vidi'bia. ^ 

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D, In bw p«t« pro pu|iillts Inc Judi»t, quod pm ineniilMi 
lien* wdat, de«*niit. 

M. Sie M( ; Md de pruponiiis protM!<|UUDBr. Item Mt et 
Irrtium |{CUUH exridcotiuin vd tscMtanim, qood imio |>rum>it 
JUTW perpuuio. Cam alii|ttu (I« ngt tcncna u oik|>it« peapotnU 
KClerU Hibi oonsdiis, ure lit ei bbJMtum, nivs imn. rvlictu tHiacn 
umniltu |wr fugan viUe oonsnlil : rel ai super eodem cbjecta 
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mnnta qnao aui juriii fuecaul mox iuflnauittir, el redtlitua amnca 
luiuuo, uuBio ct pcfpvtuo, jure ad ■^aocarium a vicvcomitv |i«r< 
iwlvDiilur, et qnod ex mobililitw eorum veiulitit> jirovvnil, rvgl 
ccdit. Simililtrr ti mju»ciinqiu! i!i>n<litionii> vir rd cujuiH:ao<|iie 
domini aemu aut Hlwr, mctu aivtiorv af^uiae qiuni rex pruptar 
•ooleratca eunolittiit, a Mtlu tua fw^rH, et per ci>u»lUuto« ao 
Ugo ddiDiM UrmiiMMi juri ae nou obtulerit vel exctiMvuric, t«1 
frtlam ai acdanwnta in ipMim vicinia euapeutua et poMmudaBi 
ooRiprelitoaw^ par logam aMoaao eonatitutam rau Kderia con- 
vietiu foerit; omnia tjxu ini>1>ilia fUco oedunt, iminohilia vera 
dominW ania. lIi)t>iHuiB vara prrtia per manum vi«c<ximitis ad 
acaeeariUD dor«ruu(«r, et in nnn-ili tic auDotautur ; ' i(i«n) vioe- 
wmtt rcddit uimjMtun) d« cutallia fu^ilivarum vel mutilatomm 

Saariaam d« loco illo ; actlicet ilc lioc v., do itlo x.,' ot tic 
Dcape |>er tingula capiu, esprcaipN oorunt nominilxis et 
aunnia quaa de cataltia KnRulorum exmir^nt; fiat tateni in 
Sim aamna omntam ; «t cirm fiaetn ejUMlem Itneae in qua 
nnuna cat, aci^tlir, ' in tfaeeauro xl. 1. tu tot ve] UA taleia, et 
ilabct X. I.,* vel ' «t qnletus eat.' Uatx Hitut. friktur, (|Uonim mpm 
naminimua, quae ad ai»i«cwiuiD a vicccumite UvfefWula mml, 
etiaiDfi Kuminoiiitio nulla prauoeMiDriC Sic et thcMurn* Hfocta 
telliini vat aliter invrntii*. lUm cum qoiti tatouRi fuidiun 
halwiin, rcl civia «tlam, piil'lict* iuMfvit uturis ; ai htc inte>tatas 
deeawarit, vel etiaiu bi* qnoa defrandavit iwa MliafacieBg. t««ia- 
raentiun de pravo actjuisitia visui ert oemdidiiae, md eadem non 
diatrihuU, immo |mmi«<3 se mvrvavit ; quia kIo p*rqniiiit!i incum* 
bena animuin potBiilciidi deBeniiiKe iiod credltiir, pecunia ejut et 
omnia mobilia mox iiifiM-iuitur ; ft non summmula p«r uAeialM 
ad ■oaooarium itcf<^runtur ; haitm antem Jam dri^uieii fundo 
|Mten» «t ^ui unmnHlibne aibi rix relidia jtandcat i 

D. Ex pntcmiKMs, quae de fueacvnloribu* •IJuta sunt qiiantlo 
mvia animnni polmt, quam Tellem, «i ptacet, pirniut rs^Nidtri ; 
dixiMi enun. ' mm quis latcom rundnm babMu. wi Miam d<ria 
paUida Inaerrit uourl* etc ;' ox qaiboa nrtria paiMiaanim 
i|uaiH)ain iliatiDctla tnlar nc delinqiMBUa ftari poMD vldatnr; 
et alia ait danounm, alia laieomm eonditiv, aiui pntaa atnl in 


JHalogut de Sateeario. FT. 


ikliatA. Itcmex c» quod iwlililur, '|MiMkii«iiiMrritiiforu,'cr«(li 

.V. Pntvlra credidi brevibua ct connnunibfis tibi ulUfscMD- 
(lum; com n Inijiumodl qaMetiouem clk-JAa cujus «hMliillo 
peritonm qa<Mi]iiro hncaxTue Utiul. Yerum t^xtod <lici^ 'rx 
vnliif tuu, di-ricoram et uicoroin tic deUmiui-nUun) vidctur 
«*M dtniar cnn>tilti>, cum pnr» Riot in ilcliclo,' non nppTobo : 
siout onim in gnulibuB lie ct in culpii dia«id«it ; juxta vcrbiim 
illad; 'quaDtogradtisaltkir.u&tacMiMgnvior;' in bonis eli&m 
T-t mrrilijriis operibua, ut qnibnediuu vimum eet, diafiane mat : 
laici cnitu, qui volt Decesjuti mtDU toaeotur, MnpUurem 
l^tiam prontereri videntur ; *ictit in peirerab Ktibus, hll qai 
T«itu relilfiouui inMirinnl, graviiu ulTi.-ndnnL Sed de bia baetemis. 
Hkboi ftutem ex prBoowtontibtia uimIo tnae qnacMioob pan prtmk 
nlMt *b«ohri. Ex «o enim qiwd dnriotu nintriii ioMrvions 
dtgnitfttis RUM privilcglam demerrtur, pvcm Uieo sic dolln- 
qorati poffiwni >ilH iMreatur, nt ipso rid«ti<«t de mcidio suf>Uto 
omnia i*ju* mobtlia Iimo dcbnotnr. Orterum sic a prudeocibus 
KTr|utnu«. Li u« delinqneutem cl«ricum rel laicnm Chriitia- 
nam r^-^ potMUa kctinncta non bolict, dnm vitn comcR fn«rit : 
vumireit enim pocnitmtiw; tcmpu*; mmI magii occhMUtieo 
Jurttcia nMrrslnr, pro eui slAtun qualitatc coDdemiuuidva : cam 
■atom Tnti mnnus txt>K-vvril, Hia omnia, roolosia non recl«liM)to^ 
rrfp cedunt : iilu. tii-uC dictum eat, viu comiU digno poMHitVMit, 
ot laHjunento L-urxlitu qnac Ivk-.u« decr«T«rit a se pitintui 
■lionnverit. BcRUt !u<(ue, ut qium jmblicaa dicAnaa nanras et 
qnaa wo pablicu rxprdiamtin ; dctnde ui pari 1«|^ teneanter, qui 
■a ntrisque delitujuunt. I'libliou igitur rX luitataa uraraa dici- 
RHia, quando oioro Jodamrum in endcni (|>«cio ox conrvnlionr 
qitb amjiliui p(rce|iturva eat quaui oommodarit ; aicot lihnm 
|>m tiMKn, v«il pro libra ar^oti duoa dwarioa in teptimaaa 
da liwro praclcr lerloin : hcmi publicaa autem sed tanxn 
dantoabilf^ cntn quiii ruadtnn ali(|unn vd tv^cldbm pro cum- 
modato miMipit, et mantnio aoru) intc^itatc, Truetua ejua, 
<lo«MO eon ipsa solnta furril, tibi pfrcipit Hoc gmiu 

D'ttr Ubonm e( Kunptum qui in sgricnltnri* aolcnt impendi, 
ilitn vbum eat; led proouldubio aordidum wt et int«r 
naunu iwrapciUDdum meriio. Qnod al creditor nvurus ct in 
rainam aninuie «uau prunua in acrinto ate espnmi di^^ium 
duti-rit. ut diiiilur- 'notitm sit. omnibiu, quod pp> N. doliM 
N. erutiim Riarca* ni-^'Miti : rt pro bis o.'iitum raaicu iiivadiavi 
ri lomiti illam pni x. I. ; •{iiousquo ego. ve\ hiwrc* tnatiM. aolvam 
ipai vnl liaercdi iiuu ptucdicUa cvuttuu marcoa:' eoia poat 


Benry tl. 


mortem otdltoriii ad regis vel iviucipalb Justicittrii ootitUia 
\i\ii\a famotac cartM Unuir pcnmimt : impriiiiu loedw fboBork 

![tiMMlua condom nabitur, ot crMlitor Kripto mo de|irdienaiM 
D«iier*tor. mobilibuB BBU indii;nU8 juilit-nbitur. Qitod « EaJ 
CBJtu fundus «8t a i4g« qnou^uiibet oMiuULTit, nl ido dls-J 

etiutDsi creditor per bicintiuii) vd ampliiw poKmxb'rit, rcgisl 
tttncn oiunitiueDtia At auumft w>rti-H illitu lAiam oonn»^vit,T 
Buucimc propUr MDguhuia ^ilUc muuiui, in qiio ti(l«liliiia «uis' 
debito ]>Tn(^laliont" trnotiir, ct tuuc <|iiiii cnxlitoris »cu roe:iifra- 
toris, qui tiii fideti* fnornii JBctura ditntiK fu«nl, rnti'itir |iuh- 
licH potestatti boiut onmin perwgitui'us ost. Sunt et [iI^Tiqite | 
alia quHe singntatitcr ad 6»cum |>«itin«r»l. t^ima ii»u bcitu aub 
luut acriptuiae »eri« mliiti puesuut; qui* uoo coiisttluU wcl 
voaualla aunt. De btla tttmen cscidentibua hiijus tcrtii ^nuria, 
DOit nuprn pout finniui, acd infra po>t omnia plariln ooiii[H>li fiiinl, 
ante cnUlIu fugitironiin ; lit \ym quoquc locoruin pmitioiw vide- 
antur pro cnomiibiii culpi» dclin-iuirntiniu ad Uecum pcrtiiieotiik 

D. Miror auprr bia qoM dixiii^ ; dor oDiru cum prioiibu* 
AtAtv poeee ndcntur. Cum «nini aioiplit4oniin (luminiB lilii-riiin 
nil, oon aoluro itloa traniiferre, vcruni vtimn quibiunniKijnn inoilis 
cliMlndi«rc^ aiiMt vapra dictum est; ct iiou tantum ralnllorum 
aod «t ooiponim niorito dumini rLfmlunlur ; mirandum cat ciim 
dominuii rcrum ol bomima ni nil tU'liiKjiiat iii tc^cm, (|UM« | 
podsc^one nut |>riT«tar: vidm vnim jimliiDi gioRMrt, ut ro;ci>< { 
CODiititutio in penonam deJinqnenlia punirrt oiceoram, mobiliai 
verti CHID tpaid fuudi» in osua dumiiioruiu ccil(?rciit. 

M. Mui-ut t«(iuodRi«iuoTet; venunin liti )tiii;;nii) fieri moran ' 
snpcrflnum credo, cum ab iuceptu ncKOilis aliona tint. Ut Ubf 
satiefint; propter toUm nrgi* auUum aic esao ixmDimcm; aeoj 
cnim est qui rt^ui conntilutiom, <|uae pro bono pMU fi(, obviaxc | 

Sraeeunial. Quod ai dominiH calalln muotvid per aaainm ivu- 
enuwlorum provenirent, forte qoiu ciipiditatiR BoaMtiae fervida 
iitiB in mvdto piwiln v*X. propter laudicun quaciltmi quidom iii 
tM<ovm itnorum vtimii iniiocciitimn gntMarvtittU' : va ptuplts' xv\ 
inw, cui gcncrali) cat «t a D«a cfvdtla cum attbditonun, boo itM 
decrevit nt aic rd Ufri antlaGtcietitea d-rporo pnnliuilur, at 
nientu aibi ip«i nMbilibua. domi-Hlicts hotftiboa, Wr cnt, di>niiuts 
■BM, noil txpoBantar: rcrum xicvl Jam dixiiouii, mU ii^a 
iiwtitulio uri^Rt« nMctitibalo pro U>bo pMia faMa, bujUH qnaes- 
tioiiis princiiwlta aolutiu csU 

O. Vtdoo quod iMO BUM cam* fit. Nunc, si placet, 
prw««iufrw. V«niia re«(«l in praeordeulibua qnl.ldatn, quod 
T«Uem alliua, ai placet, expcdiri Dixittt enini, quod fntjitlvo- 



Diatcfftu de &Mccnno. II. 


nm «t maliUlnrom ^cr onfamn molMlia mnnmoniU nd ksoc*- 
rium iIi-TirninUir, rt iii nnnnii hdo loco scribtuktiu- ; qoid tiUo 
lie ]>ronli>iiuiti v»l fumni eutiilluK fiori debot non d)zi0ti; ol 
folicct ad rr^trm fwrliufniit, vi-1 mi dc jur« cederv delfMnt. 

.V. PrAedunum. qui et fures manifMti dictuitur, et btentci 
fnranltuni. cDiflitiu (liMimitis Mt ; pom lam honira <|iMtn 
illcrum litio bunt gKbcra, e\ quomni siaunltj caUlU dirarai* 
d)v«nw modo pruvifiiiniii. Pnu-sluiiiim qtudaot aicat vt fnnan 
quidam cxln|t«» nuil, qam utJtktiuii uUMgnloa dtciiBiu, qnidun 
uon : urluguli T<tr» Wl cxl^ef* fiunt, ijiando l«gitiliH oiUU Don 
cimiiHrrnt. d per l»^nui* ti cor.sdUilM l«niuooa «icspect«i)bir 
«t rti*m re'|uirui)lor, nee juri sc offtnint. Hi>run iUqiM catitlb 
•icut «t viu in DuuiilMis compT«Iie»d«iitiuia ipooa <aae nomntnr, 
Dpo m1 regvKi perliaere qualilwt nUoae pcMunt : pnudunnin 
•ulcm boiM qui ttoiidtim in li«nc miMnae Kunniam itnlapR mint, 
•i (.-ouiiirrlK-nilniiliir, ad rucum pnircniunt : furum Auiem kit 
v)cvc(>u>it«n> *»i' qou (Irpirlirniii vt pnniti rant. Quod ai rio^ 
witnes furis cHimni ad cunnm dnluci d'lgaam dax«rit, ut ibi 
Jvdioelur, niliil i|i8iii sed toliim rt^ debetur, quod fur ilU 
puweHliL Si ver» fumn |>ri>]>riuni qub iaaecntiu futirit, ot in 
curi* |>ntiia douini it^l), vcl etiam in comitatu ipaam <aiii- 
prab«fld«rit. M ream farti a<|jud)CBtii l«g0 ptxibaverit ; de tatallie 
furu; n ad td ■uffanrit, aUata prirnum laeao rcatituanlur, 
linccfl^iite, H jAaon domtni refpa Juetidario, de nunma abla- 
tomm Rde ejna qui |>etat, v«l ucmueuto : puiltiK>duni auton 
ex proTida Btudioaorum pacis iuHtitultone, iilnm de l>oiii]i faria 
taalaodi-in accvplnnis n>t in luboris et nitnptut mii Mlatium, 
quantum pi-iu> dolo fnri* ai&iwntt. Hacc aiitcm duplex ct 
prodnitor prociirutn aolntJD ab aotiquts oolla at peraolla vel 
proM>!ta Ron iniineriU) dicta eat: primo entin qnod alilntuni 
faecat rt aulviiur t\ ob htto toUa dioitur : dnncupa [«■> kboru et 
•umptita impendio quod odjidlur pro xel ])crw>llji nuticti|MitDr. 
Hit lit luine modum expti-tin, qam! fuenU in boni* rrj rrtiiJuura 
Qaoo pmn-nii'l. 

D. P.t lii>i->: iiocraaarla vim aaot; aed nunc jnxta pronUsaiiin, 
da caaiu ntmoniin. d pUoet, proaequi-re. 

Jf. Ontalor qnod t« Um diduum vtrtutem quain diceudoruro 
otdlnem meiaoriier tennifM eooapicio. Supcrut igitur at rutia 
tnia aa tial aege pra virlbaa dob oniitum. 

XI. De Centu ttemomm. 

PM( wmpoinm pur^mMvtumnnn M «Ma«Unini arqoitar oon- 
poloa de miKii ncniuniiii, brevi* tmlif <t cx[Hvlii<i8. >ub h«c 
lenun Tcrborum : 'i<itm vicccuOKa vel illv aliua N. nnidit oom- 


Henry IL 


potum do XX. L, Ae emm illius ncnuiris v«l foiwtM de Nurhaa- 
uscin ; in tlwsauro liberavit, et <jui«<U» Mt.' Sunt Uineu 
■(uudun foreiUe de <iut)nu tlecimai- coiiHitutonua Muniim 
occkaitt m&Joribaa Ktlruntur ; »icut de Wiltrsctm ct de Hunpto- 
•dn ecdemic SkriMburipiui, do Norlumlnrcira rero ecchiiuc 
LincoliiMOBi : ci^ua Kolutioni* cwiMm eic Mcept ; quod cntm dc 
forMtiN Mlvitur peoa tolutn vcl epos tniixiiDii pan ex pUcitii et 
M action i hut provrnit ; aio igttar per datas deetmaa illicit) quae- 
btus utcuni<|uc rcdimi poeae riai suDt. De lita aotem sio compoU 
lluiit : ' ille vel ills reddit oomp<>lum de xx. I, de oeura foreatOA 
illiua ; io tJieeauro xviii. I. ; ' el in uapitc prDxintae Itnciui in- 
rerUimaio; '«l in decunU MitiHtitutiii illiccrli'Hin«xl.H. ;' dviadq 
ia fine ejaadem linen* jMulo aooraam ab alia acf ipluiH tic, ' et 
qui«tua ckL' InlelligD etiam aemal tibi dictam, qaod cnnaia 
dobiU ct item «a qua« in tbeeaaro aoliita fuerint aeomun ab 
•Ila acriptura oollncaoda auut; ut jurantt animo «t) dihcvrrenli 
ooulo faoilius occumnt ; quoiumn ex aiflvendix uinnioRitioDeN 
«l ex jaui Botultii abiulutJunee, finnL Poal diligcntcni (inaae 
principalis vetena aira novae compotnm, «t itant poat compotuui 
puipraeetomnim et eacnelarum, «t cetwiM ncmonin, quae omnia, 
liicat dtetam ctit, annuo jure «olviiiitur, teqaicnr coinp"tuR de 
pUcitia [et] conTvutionibua ; in cjuu priuiuin potil DUHlU-uin 
iDtenalliim in medio liuefte pntenotaiio At quornm acili<«4 
jiuUctiiu hHi'c fiint. 

XII. Dt PlaeiUt tt Coni^ntionUMJi ; ^m «rdin» it kU oaiMpeti 
Jivl, earn <wac(a toluunlttr, 

Tlocita antem dii-tmiiii |m«iuu pecni^arias in qnns iocidnnt 
ddlnqnentea : cotiventii'neH vero oblata epontaiKtt. Cum ergo da 
hiia inrtat exactio, tune primiim elcrieu eancellarii InuUtur enm- 
monilio; qniM'riatim<le«inpilMur^'ctvicrcotniti-ni,dto«m; 'rrdde 
(Ic illti X. )i1>nu<i pro bar rsuu;' quod ti in tbomuro aolritur 
quod reqniritur, BK ecribcturin aiiuali ; 'N-roddit oompotum de 
X. I. pro bac ckUM,' et ex ordiuo loM redigalur in acriptvni, ' in 
llieeatiro liberavit, et quiet ua etit:' drero per brere rei^a quietua 
eM, ul, eicut diximua, nniDerus uxpriniatar in lirevi, di<.-etur ; ' N. 
reddil ooinpoluin de x. I.,' et nddat oauiain ; drinile pnulo inferiua 
inipw linvA, 'perbrcrc npt. ipii N. x. lietqiiinltu etit ;'qnodn 
de 0. ausiiDonitui ait, cum tnmen tuiuni* drtiili sit in uinalj x. I. 
«t 0. aolrcrit in denariia. vcl do c. breve r«-^a itnpetraverit, 
(li«elur; 'V. nvMit rompotum de x. 1. l in thcaauro oeolum 
lolidoa, et dobet e. aolidoa,' ^-el ' in penlonia per breve tef^ Iptii 
N. 0. aotidoi, et debet c. aolid«A.' Ht uota, qnod in oniniboa 
MOipotis de plodlia et oonventiunibus siukiiU per ae n'r|HJnd»> 



Diahffiu de Saaeeario. fl. 


l«iit, ut MiilicK uDui debiti, ti doo MtisfMorit. Tel abtnliitioRca 
li onirenuun aolTeritt biu> Domin* m»cijnaot. exc«i>tic cutumutil- 
Im aMun* M Dntu^tdu et nrardm; do bis euim viotanam 
Mmpotiun nddit, et niper lib ipse t«1 <)ut«t(is in kanoli writntur 
vfl in d«bito. Quoil vi niulnlus fui.-rU vicfcuincii, niliitiiminQii i* 
^ui Kioe(^>ltt et da cisd«m m|ioi)i]el>it ut 'K- ri* nommaDehiiar ; 
ct a'ui niJiir««crit, por firmun qtism (ulntumti cat cocrcenilus 
WU QuuMiuU eaim in onus «-jUHiem oBioii mutato niccietlil 
*fa)aecaul«, ftb ifiao fcuuipit reKiipto d«bit«ruEU T%-is in ipw 
oenltaiu; ut [mt hoc notee vale«t s quibos quae detn-niil 
iWfntn, cam ramnumitiooem mI m delnhun scwwpcrit. Ail 
VlMeomiUm ergo ipoctut oumputuK oommnnium, kI qocm 
BulttiB iMrtinet oocrcao tiDgali>rum; «t qni riooeamM foerit, 
duD oumtMluB fit, v«l quietus vd in dt1>itn ha« ntioiM tcri- 

O. T«n«o memoriln quid fieri dcbeat com i^uis super A\<\\ia 
dabito sumnxKiitus bret« regis detult^t, quvd iiumeran qui 
raquiritnr exprinut. Quud ai re(pi> cartAm de qnict&atin rcruai 
q}a)diiBi ijcDcn* Btl *ciic«»riuro dcr^nt ; ut mo ilintUir ; 'toIo 
if^itur lit bMC omnia UaxM. Hborc et qai«tc de pUutii et 
munlris,' «t hb et bis, ct (lujuBtnodi; Dtiuquid in perdoDti 

M. Eril reverft; «ed non dioeuir, 'in pri^oiiiii per curtun 
ngtN,' vel ■ iK-r lilwitateiu cnrUe,' hue vel illud ; immn ■ per brave 
regis i' qnod ri out* qoidem hod ifiMificaM «c continent, ' libera 
«t qul«4« ab omni cxactioiw tt eaoculari aenritio pnuiticta poasi- 
itMt ;' uon taiaan ab his qus« requimntur per buc quietus e»t 
vet In p«rdoBia aeribetur: oolutit cnim qui aMi<lent tpei-iflli 
deliilojper {{eManl«in abeolu^onem deniffari. 

D. rornicioaa Mtis art iiita mbtilita*: qui enim a KVDeribua 
atnffulunun lilier eat, «t a lingului geaenim mcrattir aloulvi. 

It. ViTrum est quud dicii ; nequv no* dtMmtimns ; ned umcn 
quid fiat dicimuf, Don qiiiil forte fieri dcbeat. Igitnr cum du 
omiiibiia biia quse in miaiiuouiliune ooatinentur, vel per nume- 
mU» |i«cnniam vel per brOTta leji^is Mti»fMlnm faerit, bac lege 
•criptoraA quae rapni dicbi e«l seni|>tir uten<Iuui e«t : veruni cum 
iMti svlreril aliquis univertnm quod ab ipm m)uintur, >e(l 
partem ejus v«1 fiirte nihil, t'liuM titnlim n viceet>Biite requircnda 
t«t CUT it solvi^do iwn (ocrit, Qu.xl si rrtjxiiiiUTit TtcocolDM, 
quMMwo M diti;:etil4tr rjiiv Je quo a^tur ncc cstulU iunuira 
[lOluifM ; Wetrt tlii-iauniriua, 'cava tihi; nani bujtis rei fidem,' 
■eilioct •]tiM«i»e t'- ucc iiivviiira jKittiittr per quod Hditfleri 
pueiet, * Itdn cuqioraliliT pnmtita oonfirmaliiit;' quo reapoiuUBtav 
'pratnlu aum ;' in euniittnmiaiun oumputum Bdu aosoq)!!!) diftti- 


Henry FT. 


ntar; obi truper niullu coiinintlilms wmel data enJBottt. De 
bac tnmcn fulr jam GUV* tnilui p}ura iliol« mot, et ratUnt aliqw 

XIIL i)0 ttittinetMne pemnantm qwu aohtitdo non sunt ; it 
mihtu a VioMttmite Jidet iffirtmr, H tub quo more verborwtt 

POm bie primnm durtiagnendtim Mt cinadcUtorwvtilcbite; 
ut in ijuibtiB fide* obUU locum babcat. ct quibiis Don, tibl cun- 
»Ut -. i'x euitn miles, W liber alioa, vel sscriptitiue, t«I i)ua«libet 
liiiJu.->niodi uajuDcunque coixUtionia aut msua [wraona, regi t«ii^ 
tur in iiuuvts <lebitOy quod quidem )><ji.-oa >it pro exvcMu, aoa 
oblatum Kpoiitunctim, Gdii ilia vivFComitlii obinla d in fine himi- 
pioida contctiUiti crit tkvfaurnriu* ; cl it«mt» icribcinr debitor 
tu hoc aniuli, otcut i& proct«rit«, vir Tel mulMtr cigoB actio per 
iaopiaia ioauia fact* est ; vonim stcns Mt a debitor ille d« i^ao 
mueritat <Avis ml vel bur^uua, ai »oUic«t gmiere avis ait, rel 
beta aibi neoeautate cuninioinuitiiiro vivium li^biu gpont« m 
nlgtoerit; noa eaiin niSldt vicecomtti, ijiuid bonim. xi (|ui do 
trqulnU Kumma bob Mttifaciunt, moblliu taotum wlrnt, rel qoM- 
t'ano n Dec iiiv«nisM Gdcoi uffcnt, nt sic ad s<ca«carium liberelur, 
tuai coram et domoe et fiiadot el qiKwIibifi utbium nHlditaa in- 
flaoet, «t petie* aliot oollooet, ut re) siv debiin n^ iMsiunia pro- 
vMiiat ; quud ai uoa ioreuuuitur i^ai NusciplaDL, iHuvriiiiltiw rib! 
invtccm cjuidein cunditioiiiii hominilm*, dumii* mmm rcns <il>- 
Rtnial, el fuodoa liilj^^trr cxcoli facial. Si vera tattrim bti 
aulveriDt quae rc(|tiiniDtur. ad proprietarioe ipaoa por *"»'"■"' 
rieecumitia tuDo moJMlia qua« uii juHs hidI rodent. 

D. Htnui ratia iion pocauni, nbi culpa dixjiiir ui<u «a^ 

Cur i^UB hoe twanlBUB fOTMu lex owtni cucnat. 

If. UaximH pan poaanaioata eonim qui fundoa habeiit et per 
pgricuUurum HUElvntantur, in pecudilnia, In animiOiltua et in ^ 
fmgibu* «C, t'l it«iB iu btiji quue Doti fjuile coluKilAtitinm noti- H 
Itam poaauiit efTii^vre : at btia qui morcimmiii inscrviout, et qui 
parcfutra aomptibu*. muliiplinDdb poaMeriooiban tolia viribua 
«l rnodia omnibus inriMunt, iti num«nt«tii pecaniaai BoUidtior . 
euncotiaiMit. Per liacc inim coniaereia Eacilina exercantur;] 
et ]MMnnt baec in Icwia tutia vl ijtuotia facile npvnl : oaile fit] 
ut »npe qoi dirt* etH, non potMitibuM bla quae Uttni. pauper I 
KpiitoUir : proirtcr liM<r iijitiir in In* kt"* iu* ivx ilia iliyxTiiit ; , 
q^iia BapcnbtuuUn* pecuiiianim putena Doa dc facili fidflUirj 

If. Quid anisa conanioaiB, et quia vol qno onliua de i|m| 




Dinlugm d« Scaeearlo. U. 


n^pondnu, tx pnoiieti* magna ex |M>rte Jftin eooaUt Nime iA 
|>tM:«t (Ic ftniilii*. tvI (tool* dyitatum «eu burgurum ; qualil«t 
tx liiiii rii|ii|>-rli lutit, I't i}ui pi'iiirijiMlitor ooDvi-aii-ndi vt\ 
Mxinxndi mifwr his fiierint, MliMCre ; modo* uniai conrriuiia ua 
pt«Hliiitt4 jnm pAtet. 

if. Gnudeo 1e meniorem praediotoniia ; et liinc, fateor, me 
im>gt« nmnikiti. Nmuru itxjuo quod plurirauoi itil«rMt. m 
^■Btini vi-l iiii:itl)um civjluti* per miiuuIh capiu comtuuninttmn 
ia f^ n .iTHtiliis nmNliiuiklur : riil #1 cin!* auinnMiu aliqaani qiiw 
p-- ;a» vidcnior jnglkiariia affcratil, ct ah <is Mm'iputnr ; 

•1: , rii in hi* dnobas modoR ost CMTnoniit ; si coitn prr 

■iD^tu k jadtiTibue coDblitutum est donum, et quililwt eorum 
MtlTeiKto Dou fuerii. lex pntetlicU de ciribus non ro)T«iitibiu 
■brvalur ; ut tcilioet dtirailiiu cl redditilnia u»>]ae ud mlittiuiteiB 
privslur. At *i dictum <i*t a civibut, ' dAtiimus rt^ mille libras ;' 
•1 hMK tUBiiiu ili:^>n KUteipi judieutur ; ut stvtutis tcnninlii milem 
OfOrgMt i|»t pruvidctint QuimI ni foitr excQiuire <<oepi-Tiiit, idU- 
gMttai '|ii")imiUm iuopiain qui in aliqua jxtrle tummac liujitt>ioi)di 
(mwlNiUtiir ; luiie ililiKeoti^r, boc «it ]M>r fldeni Ticeeouilis, tD- 
qiiireaduDi est, ai n (<.-iu|>ur« ounMituti per Mtdem dvM don) w\ 
mxilii hii l«li-!i cx«tit«nnt ut wlrere iioii vileront ; quod »i in- 
vrntun fiirril, providcsnt aIim «x quihus rommt prior exfurgnl. 
vrl par CMnnuiw dtflribuatur quM ra(at ; venim hi t'lapoiv 
(NMMtitatiiatiis ftbuadabojit, Md lege fertunae nslun n»ol>i)ie 
BBn« i^snt, Biut(n«iKlum est de bib qiiQuoi|De per Dei gntiun 

If. Oruu quod in omnibtit modan MmntM xnapcr ngtb 
Dumnifidia tliluH-TotiK 

if. llcnioritcr tciMS quid dc civibus vel burgvnHbiu noa 
tolfcntiliui) sit AgiMiiliiiB. (|u(mI si forte miles aliqnu vel liber 
atini> n *«i hsiu« di;;nilau, quod ab*!!, de^^i'iKraiis, multiplicand is 
ikaariiB |tei- puLlica mercinuituii, vd |ier turpiwimnm genua 
tiawstua, live eat, |i«r foenns, iaHllteril, «t exacta «pont« Don 
w)T«rlt, D»ii per fidem tantum d« non inrfntu Tiee>ooni«a ab- 
(dtrvtor, Torum cum hiMC praorid«iiti suggfaeerit, districtum ab 
IfMo Riandioinn taMipiet al dc mnuna quae ab iUo rrauiritur 
atxtutu terminii solveiida fid^^uMoree invtniat; quod si nola- 
eril, omnes qus redditun infUcentur; ut in bac pnrte merito fikt 

Hfi* ahwIU qui nwliiiJloanl qaooeDqua OMfe nm. 

D. DigBom nvera est, ut a ■tatu sao pro larfii quMtto 
neodam degeaer roilni, tcI lilwr aliur, prsetsr eomnuiiMn 
Ub'riiram lef;eia puuiatur. Sed jnm nuae at placet edneere, 
qBMi sitiii quae pru catallis ejus qui regi teuetor 4ebeMit Itt^ 


mnry U. 


pulori, et ntnim ab omnibu* omnM IoHfoiU rant ■ vicm»init*v 
<)n<NiM{Uc RumDiA quHe rr(|iiiri(ur i>x«iir;j^, quando wiliMl pria- 
cipiiliB <)cbit«r oxacta ipoute noii KiKit. 

XiV. QuatceHaBa dMUintm vmdtndt nan *unt, emm *pW tfranU 
turn •oftntnt, of fua m wiKfoKlM onii »(( o6Mn<afM/w. 

JV. In pelft^fua we qnawllonum impellU, uaido, Dtna aolt, 
qua emersumm. NovkH* iUque, quod sic iterain pe»M)«ruBi 
ilirtiiKtto oecMMri* ett, ticut ex cooaeqaentilm* l!(|iiebit ; vel- 
Ifto taiiKai iu hac parte mihi parcoret, no plnribu* di*plidtura 
profciiv ooropellu. 

v. Uum ft Icgia cooatitiitaa tnuaite noo exorkiUritrU. justiuri 
prtid«ntu oA^OMn noa merelMirM : quod si uui mtAvo ridebiiur 
quod lex atatuit, ei qui <x>Ddidit iniBcabir, nan tibL 

Ji. Ab initiu dvbilor liU fuclus earn ex prouuaao. Hino ert, 
quod volena teneor par«r« vuleuU vvl p«t«nd. Dobiloniro i^lor 
qui oxacte fpuulu non iDlruiit, cabitln, quae licile vundaiiliiv, niot 
nipim mowliB oe arae nuirontia; qualm aunt Minim, urgiiiluiii 
ct tix hiia vtwai cotii)MifiiUi, laiudrs qaoquo protioai, ct mutMtonii 
TvMiiuenturum, et hii^ umilia ; it«m equonim uutimquu geuua. 
Hfualea aoUioel et indmniti ; arnieiita qttmiue bourn «t gregej 
uviuni, et oelern liujutmodi ; fru^^um cliitm «t quonKHlant «!«■ 
tujJium mobilta cat iwtnm, ut aoilicvt hbert vauli ixiMint, 
doductia aecaaMriia Rimptilnig ij<1>itaria ad aoU violtiafia. boe 
rst, ut necoautati, non 8iii>rriluiUti, et item ul naturae «>ufiat 
noD cnpuW; doc aoli duUturi, »ed uxuri cjun ac Klii* M 
fanitlia« quam prius «xliibuerat dum aibi vintivt, liuio DeoesMria 

D. Quate ilici* 'quorundnm t' 

tf. VictiiuIU qtiati ab via qitolidianis akilma pnr]Wranlur at 
qiiMo aiiw Rui Bintatiiona caibna Bcooaimodantur. uunlia aunt 
]«aia et potua, duIU ratJODc vendi ponnni; vtctualium ifptnr 
» duDlaxat, quae i»vcter naus n«oc«iuiioa ab ipsia iluuutiia 
reaerraodu fuernat ut venulia fiervot, licite *«tidniitur, qtinlia 
■ant ciuiiM aale «onditAu, caaei, ni^llu, vinn, et bis similia. Et 
not*, quod fli ilcbilor ilk qui solvendu imu Mt, intltlute ciu(iultini 
aamcl obtitiucnl, vcbditia ot'icriii, v%\ua» tniunii oi, noD (luilibol. 
sod nana uauitlium, twrrnbilur ; ua qui di{{nitut« fnrtaii cat 
«qn«, pedu cogunr incadcre. Quod ai mtlca ejtiviDodi rueril, 

QiMB jimxi Hmunim ilcoar at Jurat naai ounuo, 

ot qui mrritia axip-otilxia dr4iv«l iiitrr alramM ootDpulari, ('>la 
aui f«r|Kirifl amiatura ram Pi|iiiN nd id nocrasariit a rrjtditoribua 




J)i<ilo^ de Scaeetmo. 11. 


«rit Uhnrrimm iit, cam ofioilMrit, «d rtgn el Kgni DOgotM 
•miii «t c(pii« iiiMlrodM powt »MiumL 

HI taBMA bi« tlMB cqI l*x it) |iari<< ptiwdl, 

auillu necrK-iitste rrps vrl rrcni. •I'litesoen* te abtMiUvertt, 
vet m1 hoc voratii* noa Yoititril hk tumcn at tMti prv])nii< 
•ml rrgi>« rtipODdifa niliM, H i-vtilriili-r nbsriitiua (UKm nou 
Mteanvvrit, nee sb Ki> Tcn<lil«rr« tmijirralniiit ; Md aoto cod 
t^ntua ««]Uo prxptcr digitiutvm tnilitiM sibi nlicto, jari ooin- 
muiii vivat otux'siua. Cav«at auum vi(«ctnii<s ttt TcndJtontt 
•UM firuemunueiii iii mnlf'itdu huuc oi^!ti«n) ob*mnT« ; inohilb 
mjii><|ri« [irimu tcudaotur, lioliuii HOtem ftraDtiUiit )icr i|iiua 
' ra mIH nriw-ri iiuautum ]>oUTiiit panmit; nc ipM 
■■■ dplntor ain|)liiiii in fnlurum (i^etc oo^tur. Quod aj 
MC tie qnidcm nimmn (iii*c m{uiritur cxmirsit, ooc sran^ilKU 
panwfiauin ML Cuii) iiptiir omnia, <|ua« atl ipmin 8)>«ctalitcr 
[lertiiinil reoalia reouiiiiuta sunt ; ri iModnm saUiJaflam cM, 
(i«rn[iliui>nira cJuh TudiIoi ailmnl, «t Mrum «aluUu Xitxx^ vm- 
ilanl, (>nlib«m kiiduI et lepTOi |>nieilicUim obwrvaiilr* ; bnM 
mim ad domitiuiu p«rrtiDorv noKuiiItir, sent tnpni dictnio cat : 
quo fiu^ii, hire aic de rtijuiHla snmina Gi«U*fa4;Uiia ai't aive non, 
vmditufM jaliet lex noaln qnieaoere ; nUt fort« scutn^tim xii 
ijuud II ilumtoo rtqniritur; pro kuU)^ aaiiU|ue ai uoa aolvciit 
■|tii rPiT' IviKtur domiiitu pniKujxiliji, noa tantum priopria erd el 
militum auoruui vt ;>Mriptitionim catalia p»wiin veadutilur ; 
mio Bami|iM seuU^'xiini militca Moa magna pro part* re^cit ; 
tfiiia lum obi An mililibus ct ratioiic militia* regi ddMntar. 
Vi'li URien ego ipse, coi Doadoro eaua memoria est, pro Biagulix 
(Idiilij e»nuB qui non aatiiiracielMUil, uou aulum pro|>ria ncd 
L-tiBtn milittiin iiiiomm rt uni-'riptiliiirum cuulla hciM vtudi. 
8(d illualria regia roiutitutiu iu FCuU|j;iijt tiuitum hoc ob«wnari 
di^rorit, ordine acnnh), at priua propria. lUhiac alinw, t«u- 
iknlur. Qnud ai militva ca ((Uoe dc fxxidb mii* pro\-eoiatit 
douioo aotrerint. «t hoc oUata cautioiw prabarv vuluorint, pro 
btia i|UB« a dotniiiis rtquirutitur abilU M» Tenuudori lc\ 

XV. (hfod r i iiwigi w a ^^lAtOT^imt 4*ffiton'i tl/itu fwi A^' new 

Iutri admonvndui est vincoaiM ut ililitrfutcr et anlliatv 
<)UMituiii polerit |]tvMti){et, d qiitii in cumitatu bud dcltqtorl 
iUi ill aolutiu»«in libi pnM^itiM- vcl ponna eum depoeitar 
pecuniae tcanatur : qnod iii iiiwnlom fuerji, a debttorv ilto 
wnuM UU qoac ab ^m orwliton (|ui n^ u««lur re([uJri(nr, 


Umr^ n. 



-J- ...~., ... L,, 

esugatnr, «t ne fi luper oodcm mpomloBt tucUirilaU \iia\t\ 
poturiatia iobibntar. 

XVI. ^0^ Ytuecnu* a fnndia eju$ yvi »on mirit qwyi n- 
fitirilvr pertifnat, ttiamti nrtdiim, rx qm> rtffi tenrri CMpit, 
ftutmadefibtt alienapent. 

Item, Bi dehtlor » Mnj^tn quo n^ UiMtri eoi'[iit, hiitiliitn 
aaxuo vel retUliiuiu nlii locaveril, vd pigntis pro (icctiiiia <lc- 
ikrit, vd etiaai. quod nbearduin lib! fi>Ti« vidtrbitur. dumtniunt 
cjiu per venditioncm k m (nuutukrit; m aliw tnvmta oon 
*tint per quB« rv^ MtiRfut, quiwcunque prnnna Iveril, quo- 
cunqUD titulo poMHVMOi>cm nacttif funril, nihiluniiuuf «x nHlrai 
quod ad rtg«m prrtioH arcipicttir: Eulva i>ropriMn(« doimnu 
qui jnslo earn titulo coeperit po«eid«T«; nisi fort* ilnliitor ill« 
ftiiidi veudili pretium ab initio ^Dt« rtfp aolverit ; Umc oaim 
totft crit )ii:iint vni|>ti>rem poaanaio. Hnjim iiul^'ni rci cniisain, 
ticot di«torlB miMliciim et ngiM nimio ntilitatj aorricna vi<]«lur, 
evideiitem (amm et iintip juntnin »Muadtiiit patriaa le-^es com- 
DTobabn. 1jui«'|uii> i-nim in rvgiam maiMtateui dvliquiwe 
d«[Mreh«i»ditur, uno Irium modonim juxta qualit«lein dolicti 
rat r«gi oondemiutur ; aut enim id uoitmsd mokiti too ms 
jadicatur, pro mincrihus cat)iiK; aut in oninibiu immolnUbaEk, 
fnndis Kilicrt H rciMititiu*, nt <-iii cxha«Tedetur ; qnod si pro 
nMdoribus culpis, «ut pro mftximts qaibnacunque t«I enotinibna 
dalwtis, in vitam suam vd ntemlira. Cum ifptnr aliquia 
de mohilibus !n Wn^pUcilo regis judicatur, lata la earn * 
judicibtw MntenliB pi-r liaM vertia, ' tslo mt in mkenootilU rtfpa 
de p««iinia siia;' idrm rat nc m 'du tota' dixiiacnt. I^Marnm 
enim [sonteatiaF] indrfinitae, mm hi* pro qiiilHiti tutins eat oa« 
Hcdpi, lioc eat particulariliuR. nod rtniper univcrealibus aeqiii* 

Sollent. Cum i^tur fUndi illina ratalla qu«m debitor |iriiu 
iatmxit in bnix-placlto prinvipia adjudicata fainenl, ot i|>M d« 
rtquiMta mirnmn noo nnUsfi-Ttrit, vid«ri potost tnjiulum Ul ram 
BOO ranin, in fiad jacturnm, iilieniivrnt. 

XVII. Qtwd MOA Ueet Viereomiti tttbilam tibi pfnmiam a 
toiventi&VB nueipen,- tt qvid tit agtndum ti/oru . 

ItMD admonundna est vinfoiuiM |>roptar Add tvllfponnn qiMP 
■h ipKi dt DOO aolveniiUw rxigttnr, imino qium ipm apoiilr 
riaus «>t obtnlbac, nt >iu a vummonitiotifi sibi (ikU lil'rmri 
raleat, na a d«bJtorc qu<iti))et qui ngi non KA-nt, iuierim aliqiia 
quae libi Justo dobrliaiitui' auacipiHt. Nun euim veri^itiiitr nt, 
MO pone vteeeonutan il« caiallia ejus invcniatt^ par qiui'- rrgi 



Dialoyvt dt Scaccano. II. 


dcbite MRHiM Bolralur, ■)»{ ipai TJccL-oroiti vpont« vt\ laTilDs 
({uoJ rfi|iiiritur niiolvit. K UmCD uil<' diilam 6dotn por w vel 
|wr nliiim ri-ri>nIatiiN fiif rit Tioccomcs de hiaaliquase auac^BH^ 
T»l Hiuiii jxitl datum, nondum tamtn eoluUi scaccario diei illitu; 
hoc eel dum cuin|)otm ejas rectos Mt, el venitiis in publicum 
qoeniU vtKW m eusc^pli time iininetnaran exutttiMe, fide do his 
oblaU, «utifinuAiv volurrit, suncejitaui <umiiiiua nomine detiitoru 
IMnulvMia Ubcrabttor. Si vcns 4U01I »lj»it, poet fidcm 'UtABi, 
paat Kla(u» Dcncairinm, per alium hoe intioto«rit, non j«m 
■iweepta t«ntutn imlvrnji •baolrtitjir : wd pro exowaa mo in 
Rgis UnepUcito jiidicaiidu» pocvniariter puidetur. Pcntraou 
TioMonut«iD communuiNe auflii-i«t, ut post ansceptsni Riniraoni- 
tlonem dilii^euter ioquint |>er riduura, n vir <|ui •olrcodo 00s 
art, nsoram duoena, vel inuli«r, diliori nulicn*. vcJ qnoria alio 
Bixto ditcwat, qnntoatu de r«qui<itis wtnfscora valcAl : quod si 
invralum fuiri), prtipUr 6dom vioocoinitis mlvere oompeltatur : 
qnod ai nihil boruin invontum facnt. potcrit tnne ptirgnljt eon- 
■cietitia d^ bitn rebuB fidem dar«, et iiiiiuiooiUoi rerum mwmm 
jnctuiom dodtDftrs. 

X\TIL Quatiltr vir pro uxffT*. vtt vjvtr pro wro amrmitniJ* 
4tl, CVm iUe ttl ilia tolvtinij nmt rat 

D. KuaijliMl Tir pro oxorr, qune regi tcndmtnr, et fsU debits 
3un solrit, ttI pro virv ru» mnlkr oi mperatcs convcoiri debet t 

M. Bnlia nudisti, quod '<jui adkMKt mnlwri nntun oorpuB 
cfficiiur ,' ne tamra ut cft|>ut ejus ait Hwilo er){0 pro m 
uibre[ii«tHlu(i ««! ; i|uiu niulier aui poteM«t«iii non bsoet eod vir. 
QiiihI bi \\t ex c* pn'Wni !iiiice)ivTit. coi ntlione uxoria debciitur 
haiTcditA*, et miiTtuu juni uxtinr nuoiluui aotuM regi drbiU 
peouQts (nerit; vir ille nimiinc hMrcdis oonTeni«i>diu et oo«i^ 
oendus eat ; kliu •uU'.m nop. I'orro muUer viro sua aopcntee 
prDl«m balirns et in viduitate cum ipM permancns, ntioiw 
prulis, cui debetar hsieredilas, conv<-iii«iMlii et merccoda «st ; aio 
tameD ut doti ejus pttr»tur, quia prm^miuin pudoris est. Quod 
d relidis liberia cdii «iro tuulier wlbHCw-rit, lujiiiliniua tutere« 
pro debito patria ooovcuiendus cat : vvnim >i ntnlier quae 
deliqnit «t ngi Icnclnr, priorc viro sine tib«Ti« mortao, ad alium 
«e cum ana hacrvditate transtulcril, debitum (jna a viixi n- 
(luiri-ndtini esL Hoc est igitur qnod pett«1u Et «ie vir cMua 
'uorio, et uxor csasa riri convaueoda est. Oeitum auttm 
ItsLiTMi, qa<>il avBijier lefplimua bacrea qui dvbitori «ucoedit> pro 
illit runveuicudu* est : ut vJcut in emolunientum nc in onus 
•obeat. 8<ilu« nulcm aiciipiitiuH, ct ia qui ainc hoenditale 
ilooedit, vunditia catallia per axtrcnuun tnortia alnm a dctiito 


Unry n. 


lilienmtur ; non tftmen ab utitiJi in quo debit* iuiec oDnot&ntur 
ikiti pvr lirore n>^ Mifm<ntur. ciim rcilirct d* biis a iboMunrio 
rqri Migitotuni fuerii quod itiiililiirr in roUilo vmUuilor, oiua 
nuilo pBcto fii-ri pgBnc ut ab biis dobita ppcania prvTMitnt. 

XIX. Qvod Man fit iStm madmi correiontt Aanmum rti;**, 

et aiwfmm, ii* yomi* ptcnitiariit. 

Ad baoc iuum te eaDvenit, <)uod in dvl>itiii regiti nquirvndi* 
«l dtbitoribofl oorrctiuli*. ImrDnum icgis et cfUtonuB qui 
pHBStm pro wis Pic«Bmbus prcuninriter regi puniutitnr, jwr 
conditio tioa eat. Forro de liiis qui de rejse nihil hu)wnt in 
ciigiit^, liTX iitiKdicU tervatur. At si de tt-st t<n«iu bMrnniam, 
ttu<lita iniinnionitii>ne, fid«m in i>ni)'riM ]>FnH>iut, r«l nuiDU griw- 
nlis occoiiomi qucm vulgi •eDcnOftllum dicunt, iu mbitum vico- 
comitii dodcrit, sub boo tcnorv vcrboniin, quod il<' Iim iiiunina 
d df bac Bummooition* gruituin baronnm aoootrii die compoti 
aui ittie'uA, eic ricecuniM eoutentus ait. 

XX. (iuii /MtMtdum am Oiwuntuu, ^ fidtm dtJU dc 

Si vi^ro dio tvimpiiti \oev |<fHi'i'i>i;!B mjiiiiiitiis Don nrx-ril, 
noc per w nrc per nlium Mlinfeivrit, Ticccoroes quod ad ipviim 
pertinnit ffv.icse judicalntiir. cauM roro lutec Monuni in inenui- 
nuidis scaovarii praowpto tiiwaiirarii dtU(,'<^itL-r •nnolftta in 
finem KSMKrii rewrvabiltir ; ut lunc MMnmunicato cuoatliA, 
fjaviiit qui t>i« deliquit |iiinik1ur Quml ai [mat ounviiinmatiim 
cnn)]ioturo vioeciimitia aui vcnorit vt. vui'itftvunX ; de MBilantiuiii 
grstn. et da \t^ imliilgi'Dtid polcrit nlMi>lvi ; venini u«oaHK eat 
Dt vic«Mn>M fidem qu* in i.-omiut)i ru)> omnium uculia aotel- 
piat '. quia ai fort« qni d«d«rit vutcns inalignari, datam inficiari 
v«li>orit, advi-ma «uri ad omiient probattonis BuniiuHm recor- 
datto eonutatuB suffli-iet. QumI hi bIUe i>il>i daum vtL-«ci»inoa 
ennfeams fuerit, nibil egiaae judictl'itnr: unde mux de Grata 
KUn rw)ii)HitA sumroa capklur, iil «iiiiiiiitiiiitiuhi witbfadat in 
)iM jtiittr diwdti, ' T«l oapiootur do limiu turn.' 

XXI. Quid turn veni^nt non tatiffaeitf, ni itiht 4tt; fiW n 

61 vero qui fhlotn te dedisae non diflltetur die nom!n«l« 
Tcncrit iieo m(i«rK«ril, a! doiitiuuii e«l, mi «c»ouarium <)unmdln 
Btdrril deliitvliitur, fide dntii in manii Diamoalli, nicut aiipn 
dkxiiiiiu, qixid a luui^uU rilbtc niai baroBum Uocntia nun raetdct i 


Hialo^ it Seatcario. //. 


•oluto vrrci icwario tllniii (mikiiii, u nomtum intuf^^Yrit, iit 
loco tuli) auli litirni riDtiiiliu c-'tluiruliitur, igitDtiitqiio rrx !)>•<: oi 
pnwMBi funril, vrl |inu-u-l<-iiii cum aliis M«Ml«ii(ibii>. qui<l do 
ipao ngMidnm fiicriCiIrc«rHn[,qui fiil^m i>e<l«dimedc8ali8fiicii!i)<)o 
oobfcasus, BUllo inotlo t*ti»rccit; quo<l ai milw vel alios ejus 
oeeoBumiu v«iicrit, i>m Mti«f«ocrit, piu f]cl«la«M oompreheoilelur, 
et iiMnMallo raBtoilifiuliu uwlctur, pMt aolntum »cjKCnHam 
tidto vinoulBii4iU, el in carci'irin mitteiKluti, rivo milcn fuerit 
•iv« iiiin. Mi1i« viTo ouiMT ilrhito proprio aon ■atiHfacicu^ 
rum Umru dc aatiKfiwivuilo Mvm dttlvrit, poat tolulnm scac- 
imnum, non in ouwra swi infm MpU doraus otr<«niliR, lil>cr« 
VBBtivliclur, ViAe rorpofniitor praeslitft quod inde aoo regis vel 
prnpeiilt-iiliH li<.<cntia vuia rccedet. Dwrevit euim monivniiidae 
pobilitntid rrx illuAin^, ut (iuLw{tus niilitlu« ilinQitate p^lefuI(^^ 
pro dcliibi prnpHii, mm imupcr it vicrct>iuttA simul nt * ricuii* 
rvputvtur, HI uini-rcm non uiiltaltir, Md •Mnum infm wplik 
doma* MnYmli* litxn; cuxloituitur : vcrum qutMiui* moiidiitii 
iloitiini fl<lni> dnli -rit, oic-ut piucdictum est, rieKQiniU, d vcitiona 
ti'in Milvit; hiinc iximprtlicndi, vt in curoerrm mIuio Ksonrio 
tniiti, Biie tnil«» eit «v« noa, htx titntuit : vt (juuiiiam IJlM-rum 
nt cniltlwt Iiuiuiii. prv debito quud a.\i \\f»o requintur, fidetu 
ofBiaalia oj^HiiH'rc, iil sia iutctiui vireoomilli iuiportuiiitalc rarcat, 
>t da ri'liiia Miia <>tiiH>r1uniuK ijue ilinjKiiiul ; ne «c [in] immcn- 
■uni n^i RiuiMlnti viilrnlur aucWHlos cluili, ilccr«UiiD cat, Ut 
■:uBi]rrtlirmo illu qui Ui>a« fiilri Tvniu m iMin uUiafacicDn judi- 
avil, »uiitii a Ti(c<t>iiiit« BcrcinitM dirigautar, qui fundiM i 
firiuci{iiLlii iloniiiii [N!rlu4truiilcs,Tcnilitis qnocniir|ne nM>do vttallis, 
■ummain TV()ui;iUiti ml bcaccariuoi ejuMlein wnuini d«l«rant; 
•t Uuiluiii ille otnuju-elicui'ua [m laraa ll<l« JtuU powibilitalem 
•uain jtrriiDioriun |Hjitnuua lual, «l ambUtt* KUper eodein dclnto, 
vtiatnu (Uimiiiua ]iraicccperit, ad fidem uumUm uou ndmittatur. 

XXII. QvaliUr dominuj jiuuwm>lif« iM, ijni tp<ml4 Mililem 
^xjMUuit, ut ivstit inlrrim lit-trari. 

Pnnct|i*lL« etiam doniiiiua nc Iukc iin|)Uti« pracsampaiMft 
vidralur. non ]i«r Mtm oupposilae [wnoiwc Mtl mIuiii ]wr pre- 
|iriAiii, d)lBlt»iii» twiiclicium pruinervbilur, at fi>n« BUpi^r cinIoiii 
doliito ipnuro iUtmlo numinonoi cumtiKnTil. 8uut tmiKti ijiii 
cndaDt ul dc «Mitro fupcr coilfin detiito uvo «luun per Iklrin 
linfinaii' umjuc lut ^cucarium a ruxxtmiUr djlnlioacm obliiHMt ; 
qunil iiuiilrm bi-tirficiuni (lilnltonia magmitxi diount (|ui (imo i 
tciH-Diur ; [imiMiiil niiin inlcrim do rvtraa auia milins diapoiwre 
c1 ililuiiu! p-T alii)iio( («nipas aolatioiii mw aarin |)nii-[arftre ; 
quill putinii dkuiii quud KUKF|>tii «timaioottloiM! litmi viowonuti 


IltHF^ II. 


jBXlA coiRtnuticm aliuniiu l«gi»n klntim in ciiUiIU i|iniiii nMumia 
miiteiv. \\\w ego, falror. jnvmu non dig^wnliii ; fvd Uunen 
imiltia iii<li«ii8 el (e«liRionii> vamimilo vidvatur. ptacumu 
itouinuni. u( miW muh bu nsilras exputierelur. (jttutenus poaaet 
ipM! vrl KM iuU-rim libemri ; liujus aulciu rci vnliOiioimum «at 
cooUn (luniiiiuin nr^invutuin, bi ctitiiiMii^, u tvliux iitigndti*, A 
•olatiaui mifSctriiR a v)c«:oiuil« Kimul ut a viciiitn jiiiliin.Hur. 

/>. Dignutn nrcrs crt iit i* indultmit ul-i gntium tlnnvuMilur, 
(|ui in dati>ria ^us peniKi«m cndcm nlxuiUB cm. 

if. UttbcB ex praee«d«iitil>tifl utctin<|ii« diRtinctum, quae n- 
iiilln voudj d«lKaul el (|uae uon, ot etiiun in quiliUB [icnununim 
itUcrvtio t«neiMU (a( ct in <|iiibua uuti ; tuuc ocUiui-t vum debi- 
U>rr>, (itii in ]ii!cuntunU ikk-dih rcf[i t^iwulur, Mvoii'hi non 
fuariiil : rroUil, uf <|uid ilo nbl*tu *poiitnueiii liuri dctiUMt, cuui 
item uon K>l<rcTiiit. n*t«i<Unu». 

Wm. Q»iA it $poMl« t>filirentibwt /ofitHium. earn tt ijm mm 


Novpria if^tur, qnod ol'Utonim regi qnnedom in mil. qnnwlam 
ID »{ii-iu, utTi'Tuutui'. In rtta quidom ofkm diciuius, oum vUn- 
tuni A regD HuiKi|utur, ct offerena comaoqucnitr jiru qno nbtiilH 
u rcgD mucipit ; ut »i quu pro lilierUtc aliquii, pru ftiDilo, vol 
jiro finnSi tcI pro m«(o(lut cujnsquc <pii minor nt niinis ub(|mi 
•d atutoa legilimoB habeiida, vnl ]>ro qiinvU alio qii»d nd eium 
utjlitatcm vel honomn aowvicre vidcatur, H[ii>nt<.> rrgi t. Iil.r»* rel 
r. nuran oflcrat, et aawfliUenlf regc statim jkmI uMuluni m^cjjiUt 
oirltttum. De liiiH ii;itur qui aponte Be otiliKnn'. el qui ouiiveii* 
liiHMi cum |iriiKi|>« facta pcnaidere jam ooeiieiiut, \vx nonm 
dooerntt, ut iiuamdin vnlvenda fuerinl indullii nibi b<««ltciu 
^udoniil ct uiuiitur. Quod si 6e trgii debilo mimiiMDiti aolvoro 
dceierint, ftatim careatit imprtrnlU; fie (amcii ut si nuuiMil* 
Ktwcario fiujicr fodcm mtuTrcvritil, sblftta omnia aino mvtertia 
Mbi mtituaiitur, Kt nolo, quod qualticanque p«ra(Mi», cajo^ 
coaque etiaiB oonditionia aut eexus fti«ril, )iuic obaemntiuc de 
spo(U« oblatia senip«r eril ubiioxbi, ul Kcitimt aunim unit ion i 
Mtiibciot vcl itU|>p|nito c»rviit, iiixi mt ipai; obiaquii pntfEtiti 
nl pwipcrtutiii intuitu iilii{uid Miln pmctrr communcm kjtem 
indiilgeat ', v^'tut «! du obluturc trmiidi* summiie. ad quodlibet 
usccaiiuni, imidieuin quid nb iptw »olvi ron»tiluat ; el Iioe |>er 
breve suum UaiXKiibus iniiotewnt. In «|>rni vero di«unt»r ofTei-ri, 
oam quit exbtlwDrdae ei\ti jantitiac catian, Mijwr fuodu vrl rraldiUi 
lOiqui) rvi;i iiuniinaiu aliqunin ulTril ; uoa tnmeu ut Hut, »c in 
not exc»ndi»cii«, et veuaJviii puona ouin Jiiuitiam diou, Immo 




liialogtt* de Seacearh. II. 


al »\m iVilii(i<'n« fliii. Novorifl UswD non quaecaaijne no cSe- 
niiiiur A |>riiK'i|M «uKii>i, iiiainri nxxltiro vitlMiitar axc«doTQ: 
gndii rii!m 4uibitMUin jut.liiU'! ])li-r)ittiilincm vxliibet, obaequii 
|>iM»lili vi'l lolo ntriuiix itiCuitu ; (luibutNlam ftutem leire oua- 
ililiotiU Ituniiiiiiu) iicc pii-cr ti<« iirdio vull ncqtituitcvrv, ulialnii- 
fibiu iulrT<luni i-iMtim iiiciitiK t^tii ptiMiilcrc nocamtur ; vcl furtc 
|>ro{ifiia iiuftiubiiUum mcriiu iipquaqnam hoc cxi^^ciitiljuH, ijui 
vel It) return vul in Trgem i[>3uin aliqnid <te1iqtii<so ciilpniitur : 
do bib nuUm etc outmiitiiit ivz iiwi;:;iiis, nt anlccjuani rectum 
liiil>u<-Hi)t. boc eat aoi«<]uaai |>er «fiit«utiam ol^ttnuerint. rel i-o 
■ibt (wdSuu ubjiclitatu ub uiuni kjn! cwideriiit, d« olilatis nihil 
•olnutt, (rd ttilticuit do bitjiiniiiiKti viovcumUJ r«9f luiidere, ' rectum 
nandiiin liabui-ruut.' Pn>vidi-nt Iuim^d vicccomvo oe ]>«r i]Kttiiii 
<lehtu<rrm iM. qnu minnn <«un ijiu execulUmi ninmletnr. si 
•Hlk'cc jnri M niilii tMem, ut tiae trtm prosuMu »tlii |)cc-iiiiui 
rvx fn>iitl«lur. Cum eiiim lioc conipcrtum fiirril, dolun ri non 
•ubvrni^t, ocd [)er oiiinU sic cocmbilur ac si j>cr »<ciitoutiani 
ubiiiiutMct. Uiyiia uutein sfiuuUtneM diUttonis cat sigiiuin, 
uuia brcv« rfgii ])«tu4 »e tltiinens eo non uiitur. Sol«t lamen 
cum Ills miwrriilv pi'itK'i|>f inttinn m-^. qui po«t proniicMtin 
|Mviiiitjini n cuiitn »iluiit. n« »)« kuii Tnutiuti, n-baii ctiun tiuo 
cmuliiincula E[iuliittt, iltiplici ountrittoae (ootoiuiitar. 

Snnt item tertii ^enciis ubTentioom, quD» non vidcntur pmi^iu 
Inifi' oUaU conj'ulBudue, Bed wagii Kncs wl KsoaLniim dieun- 
tur , cum Milicet d« n-^c t«neua in c^itla baroiiiiUB relido 
luu-frdc dcccMeril, et idi-iu luu-n^ euro ri^ge tn quua poUK 
NomRiiim cnmgionil, iil iHklcrni jurLi ro«milur iiigrMMun ; qu«in 
limini nl'-viuni rulgo diiimuK. Qncid iii baroina Mt, in regit est 
U-hri'Uiito qu*c di-lxttt CMC summn rclcvii ; ri Tcrn de ctcBcta 
fuurii, (|tiii« in muni) rvg)« dcAcicntc Incrodc rcl nltler inddrrit, 
pm f*odi> nOitia unius hoc tontnm regi nvmin« rricrii eolrct, 
quod cMet (DO domiuo Mlutnrus, ]>oc est, centum solidos. Sunt 
Buli'tn qui credant oua qui iu i-cleviis r«f[) t«»«u<ur aec Bum- 
in<'-i>i(i Milvuul, »jKiiitaii«vrum oViutorum tcKibiu dImioxI«« ; ut 
cum milTciiIit non furiiiit. cjin-oiil imiictmliii : at vrrius dici 
putnt, ut ri<-ut dc pccuninriiii pomi* fit, idc fint dc rrti-viia ; 
(titbila nnniqiK- filiui nitinnatuccenianiii bikcnditiii a U-ge »\"m\» 
oUidonin vtildur cxcludti« 

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Htnry U. 


XXV. ^\d dt aviinia oblalit /iweitdum, it ijwi ttv^vra 

Item fit intordnni ut trnx rtgiao rt-gi qattlibet ex <»itM p: 
mittatitur ; aonpilrce eciltcct t«1 falooDee. Quo«l ei promituna 
(leteriiiiuttiiB dixmt, ' accipitretn iiutautis uini ' t«I ' mutAlum ;' 
vvl locum «iutD esnrimal, divene ' Oibenieiuem,' ' II)«p«n«ti>pni,' 
' Nc'in-tinrm dkbu ; «c wlis&viat. Si v«ro dm ijui prumittil om 
eui giromitlUur (li't«nuiii*Tcrit, tn arbilrui |>rotnitl<'tilii erit, ut 
rautiiluin vcl non idt tolutunt*. Svd vi iiiU-gur ct hihur n rv 
Mtui-cariis judti^lnr, quncni«|ue excliuur fucrit, lUMipitur. 
Porro si eiimmouiUis digtiom ^lucipi lul K-accnrium deliilrrti, 
tiee ut turn (|ui eiMnpinl; olininei puet boa in Hiiiiiim vd l>i«n- 
uium vel aiii|ilm» (litTeiiitur summuuilio, nin qni-iii mnluerit, 
inuliitum tcilivct vi-1 tioriium solvere uon cu^nelur. QikhI Hi aiim- 
moiiitui Kulutioufm quomodolibol difbrn prueufikVcril, jiixMi 
nutncTum unDomm <itiibatt todulta tdbi en dilnlio, Itii-tiiiium 
■cilicot vcl tiii'tiiiium vel deiocepi, inutaiuii) aulviTl. !>• Itftii 
*ut«ni contm ti-rminum PkachM) mimniuniiia non fit ; 4|uia 
nrum ai-ctiTo tempore rerun t*t uaus; tuuc eaitn atvuunim 
utlriii iiiclutiM (liligonter cUftodiuDtor. ut tixlcat dofrndt 
vetunlHte pennanun decor, et eci-uiu ut ntiuilae juvuHiu* tvuovi^' 
tur: vcnun cout» tvmiiiium SaiKrti MtcliiuilisfjiiiLi- ip|iidcbeiitarl 
Kinimiinrnlur ; ut iiiiit4uite tuuc ItyenM re){)i»unlviilur(>bHi|uiift.' 
In coctci^ndix nutem lib qui niv M «poDt« vlilijjiuit 111.1; >olviiiit,' 
l«x pracdictft do ipouto obiatiii Mrvntur. 


XXVI. De aun Hfjinaa. 

Ad bare Dovcriiit hii <iui in ]iemiiiji uumenlji m|tt rponto 1 
oUiKant, i\viuA rrglnac umilitrr iMirnlar, Itcot oxpmHiiu no 
AMiit. QuaniTis sutcm uon »it cxpmmio, «Kt tameii prvmtnol 
eompromtteura ; nl cum rfgi <»ntum rol dnceoiaa Ri*n'Ai< pnH] 
miaerit, tegiane parit«r tenvatur, pro ccutum mani* *ivnili 
promi»«i», in uuk marxtt nuri ; pro (luc«ulii<, lu duabua mnrdii 
kUri; ft aic d«iucvp«. In Itis Bul«m p«ii(t)ireadis uiulnn Ic^l 
vivc^'omvH pvr oiiiuu uivtur, ipm in trypxi usus n(. ti<>i> tntiirni 
■ntn Mtl mat. Cum «rj.'u dc tv],'ii> <]ut>tliii MimiiioniUdimi iiiint,] 
mImA ctvncoK r«^uiui lid boc ciun>tilutu>, el •ildil in runniMtii- 
tiaii«, 'd* illo babcHN ccnttim tnarnu |>ru <«ufu illii, ct m1 i>pii»l 
rcg!na« muoi Riamm aari.' Summt'ttitu aulriii ad Mw<-ariunt I 
nil ejiix (iflUialibus nd huo cuuMiliiiiH M^irtiim fuecijiintiuii'.J 
Novrris ctiani i|iiod Itrfl ii-k ilc pr(inii»» mU jircitnia ni/iluni 
[lutcm dimii^crit \is\ uuivvreaai, vol ctiam (unimi>ii?tr< -li-^iU m'. 


J)ial/y»» de Seaceario. It. 


ilr Itiii Inmra qniid a<l iT^n&m p<^in«nt, i>eciiDi]tim r^\fA kUm 
viMim (Dcrit |icr omnia llrl; ut u tioUutt- iiin(ii(> iliiuitlimtiir 
»r4|iH> il>8i>nuitur qUM siki iIoliODtur, aed ttooiiuoniU •ulvaiitor, 
>!i uoD soh-cDtm praedicto modo coeromntur. 

/). ^Illiquid de imiBUMta regi dtni cmlum marcai aliijtiid 
rrpanp >l«h<rtHr 1 

J/. (jaibattdAm lic Tid«<ur, ut ii*que tA x, mn» toiMUir ; 
ut KiliOTt !)■ qui x. rruJ pri>mi«Tit. in ana unoia auri nftiaae 
Mqcftlar ; alti« non niei d« centum ol supra nb Initio prnmb«ui. 
De Ilia iiplar lul {itiWMBB cuin modettia siuiiiit) : (|uiu r« noiMliim 
tvminata, mspenaa molutio Mt. Lilii^t mho dc liix pan 

X' iM cnra detiitorilitts ; et adhuo null judice li* Mt. Da 
ricnidin Nulrni JB(liii.-i>ram et de ml<'inptionr monrtnrioram, 
•ieat lie ipimlc uMfttii ilictum wt, ma portio Mcaaduia fomaRi 
pnmlUinm r<,-e;!niu< clclMltir. , 

D. Nuu'tQid in [•ocimiariiii ct «ponta oblatia, dcricoa et laicos 
•ina ililferecilia lex una coemi 1 

H. Ib a]>oDt« olilalie apud omiwa kx una aerratur; vX rive 
daricua ail aivc lyiicus qui aolTemlo Don faerit, doMC tatt«fc«mt, 
cartsat Itopftnto. Obeervatur Hiam mIkri In rnnnibui aUia qnoc 
(|uavi« pacto Kf i di'tMjutiir a ck'Ticit ; «uri actlicet BUM djpii- 
latia et lilifmc powcBMonii jtrivili-^iim all^^m tipglex^rint : de 
all<sautibu« outain quid fi^'H d«l>riit, a tliscrotia et Deiim 
lituculiboe laicie, ai placet, mcito i hiii «Dim od praeaena ex 
iiiduclria niperaedeo, oe dtcar mnMi ounditiiMiia bonunibua 
allruiitM \*^^ M mitiora jura diclaaea. 

/}. Dixiiti, ri bene memiui. freqnent«r in naDBni nnn* 
bariMiiaa vrl fiimloM inddm; ; velli!]ii iptur m p1u«et explicaroa 
quo ordiiw riHjiiitiia («ca£(aram ad llacuu provouant; ai dbo 
nwdti rel (lisslmilitdr. 

XXVIL Q^ xi a/i'*r AjSmtia. alqwf odW d>) rMMoiii'ij, mtpwtf 
dNbiwflt, f* tub aJi« UnorefiJf dattda. 

M. Cnm in maDtint n*^ hnroiiia vel mntTinin altquid raddit, 
muidato I'jiia Tcl prawMictitia. ail Im>c diacreli titriuique ofdinis 
viri (linguntur, qui atnirulM prr)uiilnuil«i rcdditu* eoniiideni In 
ntununn redi|;iint, ft do hi« in acaccnrio Icnnri vi/ircoBiiUm yd 
qoniililH'l uliDiii e»natiiuutit : Mli*f>K;ieiti ieitur de Imc aumma 
ia qui wl hoc ODtiHlitutu* eat, ta <lenariia vol lirvtibaa rel lalota, 
BiWriortilr (!<to do li-gilinm cumi-iCo, nirtvtnr abaoiri ; el de ea 
ric KHMur ill auiiali: *ill« v^ 'He rnlilit oomimlum dc firma 
IwiDiwi. illiua ; in tiiw^of" hoe ; H qoietiw i-at ; vd ' H AAxX.' 
Vcnim cum kx cacaotac aiuae ua»toduitu fldci alingua Mn&iBiMrit, 


Henry n. 


lit videlicet qnod tiid« nraTcoi-tit ful rroeniritiR) vAnA, |M>»t 
Hiclttm compoiuai ftde* ilhi nul) pi-«i>ilicUi >oi'l>nru'ii l«ior« iion 
dnbilar: iiumo, qnod qtuntum imlu vcl in drriariit \A aliU 
({uibiMeun<in« Teliu§ itti»cc|<it tnntiim Mcqndiim c'>R>i-4i-iilmni 
mam ad BtMoaiiiiiD Botril; vxvq>tJ4 his duntftxat victualttnif* 
(;uM^ ipM aomiiie xeniimuD non prwniiiiiiu-, siUt oollaU sunt. 

JD. Kunqnid oiatoa iUe de bb leddilibus victul neotaanrln 
{Wrcii'il 1 

M. Licet Kriixtum fit ' bod aI)tEinlii« m bori inlunuiii ;* tasMo 
nin cxpreno ngi* tnnDdnto do bin nihil pcrcipirt : pnipriix i-nini 
aiipendiif, qnbqntH ilia fucrit, in his ragi mililnbit: d« lnuui- 
inodi Butem eic in annali Rribctur : ' illo vel illo ni<lilic comindnm 
de vxitu illins honoris ppr vcrediduni buiim' (Niin igitur <)e 
oninll'iu pniedirtifl coostitnli? vel cuiiidl)>u« !nti»irnctum fti«rit, 
ott\i«rint sin^rulft jwr ordioem authenUce rouili Kriftlnrno do- 
polktit. codTocntis (tmuilno a>Bid«»ltbit« nd ]iTinpi|<nliH lirimU) 
comfiotum ooutiuniiiiiuiduin, i^ui in nummo rottili annotnt'JK cut 
lodiliiiir, vX hoo okUul' puificitiir ; Kotntk hue Icn&ino a vico- 
e«niit« 6nntt do qua uxiuncn fndum ctt. in pi;;mi> a i nlcnbtore 
per naracrak* oornn* in dinianliunt virc»ri-in xpatin dntri- 
buetar ; dMnde facia detiactione per L><)ntbu(ttoDeiii, tdcilt mpn 
didum est, eadem dnibatur. <4 ■(ipennt »ilii taJ«oU comMii- 
tjonii, (|iia« tam«n vicecuiniti non c^inputiilnr, ■uiuma qusu 
nUwitiilur iu taleam ndifptur. Simililcr i-t i|itiid wlutuiii 
fa^Tnt in turminu PdmIim, <!t dcnll>Htiiin, in <mIiTni tnlrn. S>« «t 
OOtnhiHtio do eodein tctmiDo cum mnilKifliuiw liiutia bsnulnl 
miititnr; nt una sit ntriafiq^uc tnlntionis Uloa, ot similit«r niut 
coaibtiiitioaiB : qao fncto tbvnamioB roUilani exa«1oiium cujia 
lupni ni«inininitia profervna, snmnuim, (|UMedo«oinitaui illo, [mt 
uerros supn et ecriaiiin di»i>oui fiu-it , al) har ii;iiur iniprimb 
quod BolutDnt nt iu Uitmtirw ct dt-nllmtiim d<rii iihjtiir ; deindo 
quod rrx dc firma ciHuilntuii cimlulit idiiiuilKin liUnoam; po«t 
Imwc iurutn, qniic aliaa Milula nunt |>cr tmiviii regit tcI alitcr, 
I>cr acorTo« di»pi>niiiitur. «t baoc pm- rublrodiotioni rii. d«iMrky 
iwn • Hugnlii libri* dcaltnubir. ucut (iiian in ibMniira eotvuBtttr 
' dcalbala per coiubutiltoocin. Tune er^u lii infvriwria Nt|>eiiMii 
a BUperiura Bumma detractio; «t »i penilux nlieolvi inmiei-ii, iu 
Hoc comi-uti cjutdem titt«TU pate»tihu» utiliiiur, '«t (|ui<iti» cat ;' 
Tcl iaba \a cupite lineae iiifuiioris, ■ rt deUtt ;' et tunc dvimnn 
OotininnmUo cutniMUi, nuinenti fotutoniii) tn lliuF«aro apiwuitiir 
ci quml jiimduduni diitimut tH-'rijKuni in tlii-:<iur>i, <il qiuHi Aicrat 
hut-iuqav MG ex iudmtita iclictutn, mi fvTto cf^niur alinulur« 
(juiFcribit; ijuod Riiixinn I'irca duumtim M Doraiaa et t-auiaa 
jnnuludtini viluiiduiii dixtmtia. 



DiaiofUM dt Soaeeario. II. 


XXVIH. Qwod JUU» dt ttyilimo eamp/OA »nm»l AaM tnjlriai 
ffr Mniiwivun*. 

OAdmiRiniato tnjni. simt dtouun cat, de mqwn eocnitatnt torn- 
pf>ti>, k nuirrKitllii 6i]es vioraomitti aub forma ptnedictR mnet 
MiM-ijiitur, ft hIq absulaliu dtniittitur. Faerunt Utmcn iini 
cr«ilrKni, (le kiiicinlu fur fidciu firmanilu nigillaliiii Rilem ■ 
vmooti)ile ilnii'laiti ; nt iiuotir* dicmt ric caM kliqaitl qaod 
mU [mmtI flilf coultruiikri. tutlca fitlrm duet: acd a [irodantl- 
liua H tpRiB l>iviniK> prritiF ]>omtcio^ uitU vim c»t eubtililar, 
cam •nor) fidcm dctlcrit se legitimtm) p«r omnia oompotatn 
aalv* eoMcJeuUft ri>ciMo. Ea pmirf^r U»ev Mntvntia poat modi- 
cuin ffleniit cnm miu auctore conuiniii ; «t una fi>l(^ hoc e«t, 
aemel tlnia, ounUinti raiit ; quU lu aniti* fiilei conlnaiow wmre 

D. Scntio. jam laiiffiMnle atylo, quod divmilorum (iiiii adcan 
r<<«liiiat; Yrram licrt iiuUntiit noclii civjKiMiiliini «t prudii* 
tiiim <i[Mtrif lnlH>r prulixior ad alt* ooa erooBiil. «t paululuw 
mi'inm coniwltiuit ; vi!ll«in lameo, si fieri poaset, nt MUpen- 
Mtn ft hadeuin llucuiiiiitmi in verlw tiui diacEunli tni meiiteBi 
(unlinnitm, Odteiidrivf ijuiil sit, qaod ub initio disiMc le recolo, 
tolAin »dlt«et autccnrii il('<i-ri)ttii>iinD quiinlani nne Mcraman* 
bironi Utibnta, quae revdiuuja sunt cam omnium libri ajtrjti 
•rant et jantu dniwa. 

M. Mi^oBi mt quod qnaeris et altvriua egeni iaqoinlioBia ; 
■Me hi* Hponmilis ex proiaiam d«biror libi betas ram. Hia 
igitur eti iiraewiu »u]wrMnlro, in alt«riua diet diHpatatiunero 
(Mdrin rmrrrtuis : t-ervor quiilvni ii« *i iilanbun uiirnto nvvau 
nrciQHffi imiKiucmn, nub itondere dcAcerea ; itotu ai jum dictia, 
flt memoriae eomnMrmluidiii iiornnim rcrum riixtia cousucn-m, 
ulmquo lo fiutidiro romp^lkmn. CouU-ntun rrgi> jmn dirlia 
t0U<, w) qiiDP me coogiati ; habea enim io im, qnantum imwlidna 
>e piituit (i{T«rre taem«TiR«, qnaecuiiqu« circa ara(«arii scientiam 
p»li<irK libi vba rant, ittitiijiler utcimque ilistiucta. Olcrum 
ud •lini.-iitit, qnae Iractu tcni{Him viili^ri )iot«ruiit Dcvi-entio, 
onenc tniu* ezpUnaiida, nee virlu* hominia nee vita foft* 
fufficervt ; ex *ariia i^nim rt intuttitia cnailnis vcl nulla li«t vcl 
adtiue incogtiita dtM-ifilinu. Uixlrlil nt dirinu^loriia liitp^nta kiuv 
(HMin* Rpoaar, Otim tii'ccHonte Irmpore (ilcru^un ilubia nre 
dam audita |iro|Hifli Mintiii)^ ; de qniliut, aut iiniaimililMia cam 
Wk nihil inn^i-Hut, inci]>iiuit illu'Iciv. diveutea, Iiic homo nwpit 
aadtflnm, «t non pulnit vd non ti»Hl cuasnnuiuuro. Hia t|ro 
turn diraeiitio; peatimuni iiaini|na magialnim BKtpaun sccolua 


Henry 11. 

Bum ; feci tamen, te cogente, quod potui, dace carens et exem- 
pltui ; de intacta namque nidique sylva regiis aedificiis miBsa 
Recuri ligna Becui, pnideutioria architect! dolabro coinplanaoda. 
Cum igitur ex hiis regiae domua etnictura Burrexerit, is qui 
dedit initiu, primam licet hod praedpuam grotiom mereatur. 
Valeat rex illustna. 




A.U. 1 189-1199. RICHARD L 


Arehblahop* or OaaiarburT' IVJwlii, 11S5-1190; It«slii«U FIU> 
.lonlin. 1191 ; Hubert Waltar. 1 193-1 M5. 

OU«f JtuiioM. Hugh Biikq- of Durlmm t>»i WiUwm EvI «f Ehm, 
1 1S9 j Bu^h Bl4hop of Dof luun kwI U'^ILam LanKchaMp. SUbcfi of 
Vij, ItQoi WiUJMB lj«>a;DbuDp tioat, 11901 WalMr «I OMlUota, 
AnMiiihop of BoiMA, 1191-1193; tlnbcrt Walter, Aitkliuliop of 
CaMetfany, it^\-Mtfii GooOVvr FlU-PcUr, Ewl of test, I198- 

01uuM«non. n'illiun l>on|,-d»(iif^ BliJiop«( EI7, I189.119;; E«<t«(« 
Btaliif of Elf, 1197-1199. 

AlTHOUOH Riclionl had not boon hWy Mknowltdgcd by 
Wtiarj 11m liia luOMWHir until n few duvs before Iiia dcntb, ai>d 
bad newer bci-o fonnnlly received u kucIi br lli« Eugliah b*ronag«, 
be mcccnlvd wrttbout nuy dtirioutljr in obtnitiins recognition, aod 
htTing bound biBiwir by tboaBoaloatltf,iruanoinlMl«tid crow ti«d. 
After tli« eormuUion (Sept. 3) Ii« elayed » few monibK in Eng* 
Und, luul ouly once npiin viMttMl the coutilrv, iu 1 1 94, niXnt liin 
rrlcvr from ca|)tivity, wbcD h« dnyed from Mnivh 13 to >U)r is. 
On Wlh ibeM occMion* bin rbi«f employiaoDt wu tJie raising o( 
mnnaj by Uw hIc of public ofllMs, tbe unuiging of (jnairriiBlBOnf 
|li« baridia luwl clet)C}', iuhI tbe ie«uriiig of biit own poKition ogaiiw I 
lh« tan. ' i ' a4 Jnbii kod Pbiltp of hVAiiee. Tlie kingdom 

WM fi- <I daring bi« mWnce by tout raooCHire Jus- 

liuiar*, *r)iuw *(-iii>i), oxeept mi fiu* M it wm nRVxrtod bjr tbe 
king'* ooDktniit dmiaudH fur tamiey, "itm tbut of iiule[wnd«it 


rtieinnt t. 


•OToraigns. Un<)«r thfse tlw ooaetitotiiHial amiigMnentB "t^n- 
ised bjr Hvtir}- II worked witti r«w im|><ilitiif<iiln, iiiid tli« rvtitn 
is MOai:ilii>i;ly ii i)«i«l, internnlt}-, of rjuict ;m'"'Ui. The finl 
of these ntinwlcn, WilUnin Loiigdinmp^ wm ■ faitlifnl M>mnt 
of Rktianl. but Hnti-l-'iigli>li And unpopular witli tliti buoiiii(;o. 
Ilia •itempte lo ua»crt the royal rigtits mkI jurisdiction by 
Inking iMMiMnrin of tho cutiv* iumI onfmving liis »wn •tipreintiey, 
raitt«d up It strotig party asuintl liitn. i>l tlie )i««tl o( <rrliidi wM 
luirl John, for wboin UidiAnl Iwil provideil in a biobL lavish 
nuiatier, sad wliu, aft«r Pliilip's rdurii from tba CniMide, iKt«il 
in Cunccrt witli liirii. \ sliorl ilms'^lc f<>1)iiwi-d. Id wlrdi Joba 
giiined the e(lv»titag«, uiwl Willi>ra Ijongcliamp inm (l<>|>•m^l 
from ilie juKtU'lui-^hip by tlw aswiablt^l iMi^ununco uiJler tlio 
tlirectioD of tli« Arcbliiaba|> of Routrn wImi had biinsrlf Imhi 
ABtliunwd by Kicbnnl ti> atUtiipl ihu MttUinKrut uf lliv cuuDCrj'. 
Tbo Arebbislinp «r [touon fiDcc^di-d as jiulidiar, iitkI lirUt tlio 
uJBm niitil ■ few munlbs Kfore RidiardV rctnm from csptliity. 
Hi* period of rule U cbaracturiscd chiefly by tbo aUemivU niail« 
Uy .Ti>)in to siipplnnt liia brother, and by tho inriuurri> taken for 
niiing tlie kiti;;'^ rnnsom. Thu cunstitalional ImUiry of Eiig* 
land nfc«)t-os liltlu llhulration fr"in either of ihna |wriods. 
ArdiitiiJwip I[ub«r1. hi>«T«XT, vrlwi ituociri.iIi:d to tli« jiutio!ar«Ii)p 
in 1194, anil (irnlTr^y FIlx-PHcr, who follDwixl him In il<;H. 
«r«r« botli able adniinielmtorB. niul attrmplnl to unite failliful 
etrvico of the kiujt irilh tlie inniiitcnuiioo at>d tho ilrr«li)|ititiTRl 
in all rpMprcta i>f bis futWr's ityiil>.-ni. Tlie jirtncitih) of rain- 
iug moBi'V by thv it«r nnd arnptiliciilion af judtcisl tuachinrr)' 
was earricd by IIi«m miuutcra iutu mw dirvctioDS; Urgi-r 
cfaaiUrs vers giwited to the towns, and larser powon to tho 
itinerant jail|^ whilit at tho sotne timi- the prui^reM of tb» 
oountry lowardii tt«lf-guv«mnirnl ira* markoct by tlw inlTmluo* 
tion of the doclive principle into the munty onoTi and tbo 
rmployiitent of the jury in the MfwnwincTit of prnperiy. It 
would npi)eur Iroin the hiatoriana tlial ullbough rrry lurp; itunis 
uf iaoi)«y wvre ex&cted )>y tbew Dieaa*. aonie fnnn of oonstl- 1 
tiitiwial pnWMi in tlie irT«ntli>s "f taxe« wh4 iiinlntaioMt, end ' 
tlial allhotlgb Um peopla <x»u|iUiui:iJ loudly of the impoata, thur 





mm «i41 ttble to bnr tbem. Kritb«r Hul»rt Mr GmQhjr ««s 
k ]ic|iular niioUter, tint ni-itber nui bo aociia«d of betrayln;* tli« 
hiUnata nf tlw cHUiitiy, itmt nu-li cxcrviKetl a ■,'oo<l ileal of rqifM- 
riro inSnMiM on Iticlwril, u lUvj' UtJ aUu on hia fcUcuiAioi-. 


A.D. 1189. Bkshd. Arb. il 78. Dciodc Ricordiw diix 
Nannanniae r«T>it LnnilonU*, «C conf^ij;(>tis ibi ar<-hio|)i»rofiu 
<4 e(rf*oo|iwi, comitibuit ct liaroiiilHi'i ot copioM titilitum miiltila- 
dine. III"" Duiui* 8r|>Uiobn« dio Dotuiiuca . . . coiMKnilits el 
ooruuntiM nt in rrgriu An^liae . . . 

Iti. |i. 81. Cum Tcro pervenlum eesct ad sitare, oonun . , . 
an;liir(iU<o{iU rt episiyifiU, nlilialilina, coinitibut, bnrouiboi, dcro 
ft ]MfMilo, have Ilia feat Uicaidtis dux mci-ninciita. Junvit 
itaf|v« et Tovii coniiu {loitiH anoroMUictii Ei-angclib at pluri- 
nianun SaBctorum rulitjuiis, quod p«com rt bonnmn ct rcvtwi- 
tkn otnutbna tlirliiu vitup sniui portabit Deo ct SnncUe Ei^l^ 
•dao vt cjtiB nntinatis, I>eiiMl« jurftvit quod rvctani jnHtiliam 
»«mbtt in [)0[>u)u sibi eorauiino. Dcimlo jurat it quud IcifM 
tnalas et coauiHudino* pcrvcnuu, ai aliquM Buat ia regnn anto^ 
ilcltrt'tt et boDaa cmlodict. 

lb. \K 85. Dcinilu duuiiimii rex Itii-orxlait veiiit ad ulibatiuiii 

^uao (livitur Pijiewclta ... in cnulioo exaltutiutkia Satictaa 

Wk p. 87. In eodeiR cnnedlio Ri««rdiiB rtx conrtitntt Dnnd- 
menMRi rpiiico|iiiin ct Willclraum de Maoda%~ilta coi»iteni W\»- 
nuiHiao jusliliuriM Angliae, quin Itanuirm ile tilaiivil jam acniu 
rt Ulmro coiilectus, qui jiuliltniitu An^liao («nipi>ro regi* 
Honrid cxatiternt, quotsivit » tvfga Bicaido liceuliun vuimIi 
JeroMlliiuiin et aooepit. 

IK p. 90. Et eiHiRm mriuc Rictrdna rex depoanit a baHUtl 
■Ilia BikiiiilTuiii du QLiuvdla jmtitisrium Angliae el fere omnes 
riceoiiniili'* ct ballivoa curuin ; «t omwa ndnoit uaqne ad ultt- 
mum qitiiilnuitcm ; ct qiianto fAmiliariorea polri mo ntatiieniot, 
~ lo MM |i)na opprimebal. Qui uutent noa Wbcbui quuituni id) 
tsigewitur, Slatim capi»batur et in cuTMnm niitlulmtur nbi 
«rat Uutiis et etndi>r deutiuiu, «l ali^nt vicec'>niilca in loco dviKt- 
(ilonim iiistitulL Etomnin rmDt vi venatin, acilicct potcRlaii-a, 
d(>tniiuit>»nea, coinitulua, vireomnitjitua, (■aslclla, rillne, praediu, 
et optcm iiit aimilia. . , . I'ni^lerca idna Hujro DuDelinrnau 
•^((Hvipus dinltt i\-];i millc matoM ■i',{Mi(t, ut eatet jaHtiliariiia Jii 
AnfliiS at ut nb ttiDuru Jcixj»uIiuituuo i«iii&u«i«t. , . . EtcM«ri 


IlKiari I. 


Jnicu&qDe Tolebinl, nneluiil » regc Um ma ijiMun dictu jurk. 
7ih1« fartDDt eat <|Uod ths infiailau vlqawiTit |M>ciitiwia. ijtuii- 
tAin iiulliu uil«MMoruU) Buorum babniMo diiMMcitur. 

Ilic DiTtiiiKXMiii, p. 9. Wiltplmiii Rlicaaij m\ttAav^, ilnti* 
iribuR millitig* liliri* tir(^ti, ■^gillum mgia ribi ratiuuit, l>oet 
J{«giiuUliiB luIuB quartum niiltfnum suporobtiiWrit 

A.D, 1191. BeicKi). Abb. ii, 113. Plocuit ei^ Juhiuini 
fntri resia M oaiiibus «|>iacopU «t coroilibu* oc UimniUu nt 
eiribu* Lutiduiiiiinim. quod cuucvllariax illr dcpoaoretnr a regi- 
miiw- rr^i ; */i quml Vku illitu fiin;i;cr#tur Rothotiitgrasi* arebi- 
•|iiiK»pui>. Hicdt rex ill )Ut«rifl tui* ntandarit. Tit factunt est at) 
•ecurilfll«ni r«igiii. JohaUDea ciibm frater re^is. et arcbiepi- 
BOojitu lUxbomaf^DsU et omoaa opiBc.ipi, couiitn «l baroDM 
r(gui<jui «ilvmit,coDC«a8enintctrilniaLuiiOonlarameonimaiuun 
unnm «t jamvcmiit t\»<A jpai earn el tli^.iiiUUa civitalii Luado- 
iiiAi-uiu cuiil'><lir»ii lililMtoJi <)itain iliD regi ]>lHcucrit. 

Rtc. Divn. p. f,}. Concow c«t ipca ilk ct inetituU com- 
muiiiii IjondomtfiMnm, in iiau iinivrrsi rrgiii maj;uat«i et ipsi 
riinin iptiui provinciae epiicnpi jiirare cu^iitnr. Nttoc piiinum 
in iadnlta sibi onuaratione rcfpo n^gaa deesse cogMvit Loo- 
ikxiia, quim Bm rax Ipao Ricardiu, uee -prm^amOT M pal«r 
<!Jitt ETMiricaK, pro niill« millibtM nuircti ai^oti pmniiMaMt. 
Qiiiintii ipiippe mala rx coojunitioni- prorcaUnt ex ipaa po(«rit 
difllinttioDe iieipaiuli, tjuae talis cat, ' Coramunia cat tumor pl^bH^ 
tinior rvgni, tepor ascerdotii,' 

A.D. 1195. Roo. HovRDESi. iii. ito. Auclorilate ij^tw 
litl«rarum itrtuium (hc. tv^* <1« lYdpinptlone »nn Imrtaiilia) 
nwlCTivgiK ct juililiiirii Angliao alataciuiit ijuud uuivcni. t«in 
ckrici qunin Inici, qoarlam |iiutfin mtilUaii iiui <lu boc nnno 
iWrnt n<l redemptioaeni doutiiii regis, ct builiim cu|MT.tiiil crest 
do invbililiuH buih, uimIc rex dclicrvt eia grates Kiro : et de uno- 
ll^itMiue fL-ulu militia viifiiiti eoliduB, et de ablMtiia onlinia Cistef> 
cMosia et do donuUis urdiniH Ue Senipliugliain, totam Imub 
iiuam (k biw anno ; et uuivvnum aunim eC argentuni ecd»< 
dariiiii. iii<:ut rex in nuudnto au<i pnw^i-pvrat. 

lb p. aoi. Iticanbit rex Augliiut in oaptione Henrioi 
Rcunniuiratn imporatoria driontiu, ul (laptji^iu^m illmii ovadoret. 
eotii'ltu Wurnar nMtris Hia«, dcposuit ae dn fLipo Anj^liue et 
tfadidit illiid tni|>rruton eiuut uiiivaisonini domino, d iiivMtivit 
OBKI iude iwr ]>ilk'um eutiin : aed iniperstar slcut prBolixnilum 
fuit, stulim mlilidit «i. in ootiappctil uiagmttiia AlrnnaiuibM ct 
AneliM'. reRiinm Angliac pmi^dictum, t«nrui)uni de I|i«o pro 
<)utuiiuu luillibita libriuraoi atc]liii)(vnira atnifulis aniiis dc iriLiuto 






•oUnidls, et iiivfativit rtini fade )in|icrator per dniiliorm um^fMn 
de Burn. Srd idirtn iinjHTatur in murtp >ub cIi^ «mnil>u» tii.i Rt 
•Jim ci<nv«-nUi>in)itiK quirtum climiavit iiwum Itiranlum tvg<.-m 
Aiq(liB« oC hacrtdo vaot, 

A.D. 1194. 111. p. 331S. Et tilstini (te. Feb. 10) nor com- 
munn convilitiii) r^^ni definiluni viX quui c«iiim Juliontii:* 
duMitiuirlur de umiiiliu* tenuru«iiliii nuis in Anglio, ct at 
nuUlU lua obeuti-miitur. 

lb. y. 34Q. TriccHima Aw nHnunn Mftiiii, fcria qnarta, Ri- 
nu^ila wx Angliiio rrlrtirHTit priiiiiilD coiKJlii BUi diem apuil 
NoUtigbaiii ; tiii iulfifncrtrnt Atu-nor reK<&> tutw ejus, »t 
Hul>crtus Cuntoarivtial* arcliic|iUcopiu qui in doxtris regis siMle< 
twt ill cuucilio illu. vt UaiifMUuB I^I>oraoeiiMB arcbiupitcopiu, q«i 
n kiniatriii ejus jedtlul, trt Uu^i) BiUMdmeous et Hagi> Unroliii- 
ciisia c( WiilrlinuK KliMHis i^in cnnMllarias et Willcliaui' Here- 
fordrtwi* ct Kcnricu* WigamctiRiK ct Htmricu* Exutiiouui ot 
■Joluinticii Candiil»c C«mc. f^iitoopi ; «l cohm* David fiat«r ivgtB 
8culiiio ct IlBnt«linu8 coucs dc Warannn, v% Itniitilfua cuniei 
OetriM ct Willdiuus ooma de Ferrera et Wilklnmx coniea de 
StdMliirin et Ito-^-ina Bigot. 

Eudtnn die rex diis.iiiivit Ojmnlum de OiunvilU de (nstrKo ct 
TWOOomilAlu'<ili>ii.''iiii, et lIuguDcin liai-iloir de vicecumitnlu 
EboTW'i Kinc rrldeow'icllo Ebornci ot do ctiflrllixte .Si-imlhi'litir'^, 
«t lie caslodia dc \Vrt<tiii«Tiland« ; ct omiiiu HipiailictA csimHiit 
vtrinliliiriii. UiiiUt fuctiun est, quod cubi canccllnriuB coiiveiiiit)- 
BRMct ie dutumm iv'.ji pro viopconiitatii Kliornei BijiM ct pit> 
victfcomitAlu LiiHx>Iuientii M pro Tic«ou(iiit«tu N'otdbnintCfiiue 
niillc rl quiDgcuiM niKmi in priocipio eonit'otiuut*. 01 aiajfulis 
Minis lie un<it|u<ii|ue ptmedictorum cutiiituluuni cviiium miuciia 
de iiicn-meiito ; CUnu'idu* £lH>mcca*is KrdiiepiscujiaH obtntit 
r*f(t (ria millia luu-cniuni pro Tioecpmitatu Etuiuocuii. et singulis 
aniiik t^utum niarra* dc incntBinilo ; ot »ic abjcdti caDccllwio, 
F^HMAccaMe an:bii'pbcopu» nbtinuit viDOootnitntuin £bonccn»iTin 
et ita facius «it r«gi> Mrvions et pr&ecipitaTit bo id {lulciiUas 

Trin^iDia prima die iDenBia Uoitii, idlicet piiilii? kulciuloa 
Apnlia, tvx Aii|{liiMi wilebmvit secundum diem c<iuc4]tt xui ; in 
qno ip»c |>«liil sili (ivri Judiuium de cwniit*.' Jubaiiiic frntrf niio, 
()i>i coiiln lidclilutciii ijuant ei Jiiravcntt, cmtrlla lun iiccujHivi-Tut 
Ft Ictiaa (Una Iranvmniiiuia et ciunnrimiK derliuxont, ct fotilun 
cum itiitiiicD Mio r<i^ Frandue ctiatrs cum iiiirmt. Similiter rt 
de lliigimi* il« Kniiant, (.'u«ci)tn'(i*i i'iH»<«pi> ribi lii-ri jiitlirinui 
|>cnf iilitv it, i|ui Kcrt-li cui cuiuciua «ubi rcliifuumt, ot icgi 


HicAartt I. 


FraneiM et eawiU JoUtnnt, tntmida sau, MlhfteHrat, omii« 
liuklnin in peniicium repii nil ihm'Iuiiiuib. £t jutlicatum p«1 i|uoiI 
KomtA JoUuiinM et epUuopus CorcnireoBU i>«Tctii[iU>rle mIui' 
rciilur; tit >i iiifnt qiimlragiiitn dicn nuu reaeriiit utw jun alclc- 
riiit, jnilicnvcmut comilcro jDlmuuvtn <l«in<.-rutMC n-f^ium, oi 
cpiMopnin CovctitmiDctn m)b)«ucn! jwlicto epucopKrum in vo 
quod e|>ia<»pus cnt, ot jotUcio laicorum in «o quod i])M vioe- 
outuvb r«ps cxMilenit. 

Ka1eiid)H A|)rili», prinm ilio i^URletn maiae, imoUctus rex 
Ani^JMi cvlvbravit it-ruum ditini COlloquU mi ; iu quo cuiittituil 
■ibl iluri de iiniu|unqui: caracata («rnie totiiu Ati^tiau daiw Hiti* 
lion, quod til) ntitiquiH nomitiirfur Teuitiuutdc Dl-jikIi- |>nM)i-<tfiit 
quod unuMiuUijui! facuvi obi Icrtiun (JOiWm M:rvilii iiiilitaiift, 
■iruc Ningiiltu fvuduK apportxt, iid tmijifniliuuliiin cum illo tn 
NurmiuiTiian). Doindn exigctint ob inon»i-kia uritiuts Ciiitrrn<i* 
totiim bnaia mi«m d« Iwc luiiio; ard quiH lioc Cncero erst eis 
);nivo rt int|>ort»1>iti', fcociniiit cvm ca finent pocun tat turn. 

tiocuiHU dw mensis A]>riliii, SoUiaio, odelinvit du-m qoaiv 
turn ot uUinium ooDcilu sni ; in qu'> ontia tam civrk-i iiuniii 
kici qui vol^Lant siU oumiiKri de M-chleiii»cu|io Gliomrcnii, 
fcccruut qiicrimonin-H nuillnx de rapinin ct itguitw exiKli'niiliat ; 
stA nrcliiv|<itco|nu iiallum dcdil dn roponinnt. Uoiude per 
cotittilium el iitn«hinnti«nrtu caDccllurii, ut dicStar, Gii-ardua (k 
Oiitivilla fuit retiitu^ do ivoqilntioiM pnwdoDUiii qui n^«nint 
lioiia ninvatuiiiin «UQliuiii od uundinaa d« BUtifurd ; et ab eo 
rvcctufnuit iid raiiinaiti tUam fnciendaiu ot de rapiiut ilia reilie- 
niiit ud eiiin. Praotem a|))i«llaveruat eum de laeaione regias 
innjectatii^ in eo qiitxl ipw ad ntcntitiucni JurtiUtrum ngm 
veniro noluit, noc juri eUr« de pracdictii rec«i>tittione nptonim, 
ii(i|ue MM dd justitiani ngia prodnccrv ; mnI nufraodit lo o8M 
liOBiioem oomitis Joluiiiaia et wlic in curia sub Juri ctarc. 
PnMAerea ^>pellaveruiit cuin quod ijw fuit iu vi et luljtiioriu 
eum comite Joboone et aliia iuimicid regis ud «iaBli-lla ivgia do 
Kotliifiliam et de Tikekil cai>i«i>da. Uimrdiui vero de CamviUa 
uetiurit onihla quae objicielwutur ei ab il]i»i et illi dedwuot 
vadium de proKKiucudo, ct Girardua dedit vtbtiutii dv defvndeiido 
M per unum de libcri* iKiiiiiiiibn* Rui*. EimUjd die Katnit 
<loniiiin)i rex dinn ooranntiunin tuac apud Wintoniiuu ia olaOM 

AD. 1196, Itoo. HovEDsx.iv. s. Eodem aanomc Ai>);li«e 
niisit l'liilii>i>um DunciineuwtD elcctuin et abUaten da OadNtno 
ill An^'ioni. "d inqui^itionem raoiendain de \m»\a Juditinriiiruin 
«l vicei^uiuiuitu et 111 itiidiru turn suunim. Cum autrni inuiilii-tua 
oLluui de iJiulamo iu Dumiuiica Fkaaionti Dumiui imiuiicivt cuin 




llulicrto Cuittiiiri«iu uxluqM»cv])a lotitu AugliM nnnmo 
jnstlthrio, ■fgn>Uvii id moua 6C qtiinto dw iK<|oanU oUii 

lU. Foilrai uiiio ortn f«t iIUwuhu inl«r cives Lomlouinrum 
Pri-ilui'iiiiiiiiftniniMiliUi, pro])tvi' »'(.'!> raiitiun^m ft alia lU'culcntiii. 
iiii|itinrliniilur c^h niixitin ii<>ii tinxlica. el diviteti pr»]mi* |Mtr- 
cmli-i miii-aiijiiis volelmiil ut pAu[H-rra aolvrmil uiiivcno. Quod 
ctiin i|u>iin») tfgid ii-ntUB, ^ idvlioet Willirlnitu cum biuhR. ftlino 
Olirri!, f IiIitH, »Ii> justitiiM- «t Mx|uitiitiii nrccmiM, faduB Ml 
|mu[tpnim oiIvtiMittM, roli^n* i|iitNil utiaM)iii>(fac lain dives quftm 
|MUi|«r Mcnnilaiu niotiiliii ct filciilutn bium lUrvt ail anivcno 
ctviutia Begot in. 

lb. iv. 13. Eoil«ni uiiw Hubertus Cantnaricnsia vohiepi- 
M'OJtua totiuB Aii^'luie priiniui «t (i|i<Mt<iJiciW titiia lff(atu» rt 
totius AngUae Buninms jut-liluirias, raqiv rt iiiultum nullidtavit 
par tataniQiidM vum dutuiiium luuia ftiowduiu Rgeni AAglbe 
ut *UBi liberaiwt « rcgimine rwgoi, oUcmImis iptmin imd pgeae 
mAmk rtgimiui eooUvuu ol rvgni. Cuin ifphir rax lioet ii>-> 
viuia, CO qood nan em iaveDtuit ainiilut illi <|iii conwrvKi-rt Ictita 
at jnn r(f,iii, imcibui tumcD illiiu incliiiatus. ilium a Kolttcitu- 
«liM rpgiiointi rcgiii i-cmuvvro vclUrt; pucoitnit cum Ul« feciiM 
rvgi maiiitatiiiQ, rxpcrtu* ^uod in curtoclieniliB illit m rctritiotio 
tnull«; H, iiiipcicli»iicnj>U«ct »>in]>uUliotiibue audillB, luauilitTil 
ngi, quod in^ l>itniiium pirosimo praeteritiiiii adquitiemi md 
o|(ii> illius uodL-cif* ocnU-nn millia miirLiiniiu ai;g«iiti da ngno 

A.D. 1198. Boo. HovKHKK.iv. 40. Eodcm onnn Rirardujt rex 
AnnliM pettit |kt Bubcrinm CMiliinrwnMin onbtopiMOpam, ut 
bominoa regni AnKliwi invetiirrDt d trvooDtu* iiulit« tuio MUM 
■iMMttturoa aocum iii ncrvliio tmu, vel tAoUni pccuuiuia ct darent 
unde ipse pOMel va tuiutn ouiium tn-ci-tituH luiltto* io MTvitiu 
>Q0 rclinerc, vidriiuet unicuiqiic milili \n* Miliiloa Angliotuw 
inniMrtM d« libernlioDC in die : ad <|und fwricndiun cum Mleri 
oniikM proni i-<i<eiit. noo undenla raislcrc vnlnnlati r«^a, aolna 
Hugo lincolniRoaU qMaoopna, varus L)ei niltur. abatineiw ae ab 
iMaut opi-tG piavK, r«P]>oD>lit pro iw, quod Jixre tu boc voluntali 
rc)ps oi'qn&quaiu adquiuKcrvt. fiun qui« [irucwvu tenipdi'ia in 
occloiae Ma« dt-tiimriilum reduuduiet. turn quia aucccnoroa mi 
dirrrrnt, ' Pktlm nuitri cumcdcmiit uram nccriiom, et dvntca 
MIi<iruiu vlMrtupMcant.' 

Vita Maoma S. Hiookis, p. 148. . . . OoaaU <rt Tocniila 
arvliWpixoopo C«titi)«H«iMe Hub«rtu ail gctionle eolluqaiuin 


Uieiard 1. 


univenitAA nuKDotum (otiui AiiKliae a|Kid Oxeuefunllara. Qiil> 
litui orcliifinitooputi, (loi vice re^'iH putijiciri pni^debid n«>p,iluH, 
tv^u proponiil iMotwriuten ; qui, KUQi]>tibiu 4^1 in!titAi)tiuni 
cupiia tofcnor, contn rrgvin dimicarat potontwimani, ad 
suMii cxbiKradatioDciii ot ]MTuicinn lotis aUibiu Bfepintntrm. 
t'ootutal domuiD quateniu docernaot iu oommnae <}uo j:;<Mi«n 
nusilit domino auo in aitrtia |Ki»ito valmit Babrunira. Jnin v«r> 
pni«fiiii(um tni tit bis iiui tecata rcKiis ex loto nalibait duoo- 
bniit parrjMluin, at bwiie* AugtuK int«r quos el rpwcupi oeuto- 
bADlur, Ircvcento* milite* ivgi GxliilM:n:nt, ijiti lui* irumptiblis 
M p«r auuum iuttgniu ovrntrk hv>t«« tntiMaMriiiOB indexinmler 

Beqninta super bee in ooctu illo nMeosu I/ocolnii^iuiU epl. 
Kcopi, ipM tacilua secnm ddilM^nat jiatititijter, i-um priuH tma 
primal OiuiluunoiiNi* quam L<iuiliiii<Mi«iii episoopu* Bimrrlu*, <|ui 
ci docaaatUD privitrf-iu fiiu^^lutiir iuter fpiMojXM;, M mi'ia ot «ua 
regiM per omnia aucrHituti pxptHcitura* pnHiunciuMoot. i(ik otiaa 
reepoadit ; 'N>«tiii' ait 'O viri jmiiicnlm et nobiln qui in pnui- 
'scutiamm MlrBtti, roe in parlibus i>Us adTcnam MM; ct de 
gimplicit*t« couversHtionis crciitilicaa ad officium eplacopule lu- 
Rumplum. Cum iK;itur ecdvai» domiiiue lucae Suictkfl Dei 
geottricijt MariaA mttu: duilum impcriliwi od ro^fcndnm fuiMot 
eoinmian, coiwnetudincK illina nt dtgnilaUn^ (Miito rliani et 
OBCni solertar mldidici ; in tjnibus cwworTaodis mvw exhiliMidis 
liMteuaa ftra per trodccim anDOC n rectis praedecoeaurutn 
mcorum vtatipiiia non rvvt-mt. Scio oqiiidem ad tnititnii- nvr- 
vitium iloiii'mu re^i. Mil in luc lem tolaminodo, esliilN-tiiUim 
UncvlnienMim eMde«iRin teucri ; extra im^tau vera Aitijliin; nil 
tale *b oa dcbcri. Undc milti cuiuultiuit uibitror wl uotalo 
BulutD ropeditnt, et ureiniira more »ulito iueotcre, quam lii« |>on- 
iin<alum gerere et •cdesiam mibi conuniamm, n&lii|iuu ini> 
luunitiitM perdcndo, imolilia angaiiis aubjuj^are.' Hoc ejna 
rewpouaum ardiiepiscopm aalis aegr» accipieni^ auppraw pnulu- 
Inm voce, tremctitibuc pm iadignatione bbiia, a SaratUririiai 
epiiioojio nomine Herelwno ioijuirere eoepit, quiilniun et tfise 
Aiiiroi hulivrvt kuimt Riixilin re^fi )>rtni<ii'icDai>. Qui itil inquifiia 
aic paucis rcDpondit, ' Videtur uiiUi quia, dtra ooclmioe mcM 
ejKHrrae prarjitdicium, aliad a lao dici nequit vel Sen. tpiam quod 
racieiul'im etiM ox respoiuitoiM) domini linotnicuhia iinalo 
audivi.' Ad hiwc iiimiuin iiKlignataa areliii'|<ti'ot'{>iiH, pTimiim 
in Lincoliaetiiwni verbis aaiari»eimil stoiBncbiilua, tulnlo cxin- 
ciliot annduvit rrf;i prr ijmtm chiuUm efTeetu ue^tiiun illii». 

Roo. lloVEi>K!<, iv. 46. Eulcia anno Iticanlua rax Aa- 
gliac cepil de uiiai]uni|ue caruuata leme alvg hjib Ivliui 





Ani;lis« ijttinqtie boIiiIm do nuxilio, mI quo* coUtgrnilo* mUit 
Metn KX |wr nDpilt* 4y)iiiitutua Ai'sliiir unutii <1uru-iiin i< 
imiliii railitpiii. i|iii aim vicrtuuiih' coinilatui uil qunn iiiitlc- 
tmiilnr rt lp|iBliIniR niiliiibitn iwl hoc clvctis, ]i«maiiti> jurainmito 
■|uoil Gili'iilrr r>nn<|iiiT(iiitur opgotiiim rrgiB, foceruot vMtitie 
ntt«Bi K wneociillo« t>aroDutn Uliiu ooniilaliM, «t de quallbet 
villn domiiiiini 4«l iMillinim y'tWae et prBejHwittini oiiin (|Ui>tui>r 
legilitiqs Iiuniiiiil>us rillue, urn liWU tavo m^ioU: et (Iuon uilttpi 
Irj^allora de Iiiindrrdo ; i|ui JurAVfninl, <iimm) fidi-Iitor ct tiiiv 
frniide dlMmit qwil carucamm iraonngM FiwriDt iii nn-.-ulin viUiii, 
ijUol wtlicet in ilnmiuimi, quot !n villvnagio, quot in elooaxMfnis , 
viri* reli^iMiii ralUtU, ijuas ipni donntom v«1 eoran baeml<flj 
IflDODtur wiirunlinin Tel adquictare, vel undo riri rt>ligicrfj 
dtlMot MTvitium heen ; tt EU{>or atn^U <»ru<arum wuiin^ii 
pODRfaant ex prmeMpto rvgii |>t'iiiiu <luus Mi4ido«. et poitMi tnc ' 
(Mfliduti ct liwx ofuoU ia acriptuni rcdi|cetNUittir ; et lubrliat 
■ndr rlerinu rotulum uniun ot ciilua rotulum nttcnira, vicMoniM 
nituluni t^rtinni, kimwkIIus boruiium rotaluni qaartnm <lc 
term •loinini nui. Hucc jKctiiiin n-cipidwtor por muDS diinrnm 
(■■gKliom militum dc lingulU hundradia, ot ptr nuuinin lioUivi 
■If bundtvilo ; n ipsi iude nn>poiMleruiit vicecomiti, et per pmo<_ I 
•Itctoa rotukM rapo»d«bftt vicecumes indo ad mmxvHuiii ci>nuiid 
rpiirofMB, ablstibui^ eA baronilitu ad boo amifpatie. Ad itonnnni | 
vetn JtmtomiD, qai aliqttiil c»iitn Juraraentum unm cularcritil 
ill hoc iMgnlii), Nlulutam vnil, qiiod quicuoqae nu(>cui> ooavicta^ 
riituM dr prtjarin <laret doiiiino meUomti bcvrai dc cani«a Raa, 
St iQcupfn- rMponuUitiK do pinprio ad opus doiniiii rcpa tanuin I 
pr>niaiM; qnautuni fuitMt dMtlaratuin p«T Hutitn p^rjuriuiD fuiaw 
orUlum. Hi \vr<j liber bomu cunvidiu fuiiwet, tsaet in miaeri- 
oordia rc^ el iiMuper rvfumlcret (\r prupiio ad opus domlat 
rvifia quaittuii) ftieril jkt mm olutuni. iiicul et rustjcne. 

Sutuium rlUm fuit. (luml iiuilibrl baro cam Tioeeo«qil« 
Taevrri lUiitHi'tiunes sujii^r lH>iniiM4 mioa, et >i per dcfiictuni 
Isirtifiuin dUtriolioni'n furluf nun fuiiwDt, caLperatnr de do-i 
iiiiiiiuo Imronum <|u»d iiupt'r homines toes rtaUrct reddendum, T 
■■I i]Mi bainiim ail Ixiiniiw* luos iiide caper<:nt : ot lil>era feudaj 
rr>-lninniin parvcbiAliiiiii il« hoc (iillngio cx<;ipichantur, et omnea 
<^iwotM> lintviiiiim qiue fuerunt iii manu domiui regie eomnmni- 
laivi-ruiit. SerffButeriae vem domini rc)^ quae oon enut da 
fisxlie toililum, rxdpti-l-Btitur, eed lanten inibi«viabaatar, et 
iMiiiu-nu carucatarum terra* et ratenliae terrarwn «t DonttiWj 
■■'iM-ntium ; el timnw aervleiilca illi aumBOUHbantar e«< 
LiuxlMiiai Id ootavii clatul ]^'l|t(«VI■14■l^ mulimri rt rortitri pr 
eeptum doouni rogUL [p«i vcn> qui clocli fucTant ct i-ouatllitti 


nkiard I 


»A hoe ncgotlum regis Eifli«nilain, atataenmf, per MBtimatiorinn 
l<f(ii)iiim KixntDUBi, ad luuUMuJtisqiM) cttruow vnuiiM||Ciuin fwnttin) 
scnu tor»o. 

Jti. iv. 6i. BcNlem nnnn Vinjin Bnritulfi «t BMfp(t«r Ro^\>ruii 
AnimM ct GRtifn<lu» HuHh'I, r^uiliuii rnmnkisMo fanant I jnuoln- 
^ii'ft. N<itinghaiii*>n;, Uorobi^iiT, Kvrrwicfiirv, Xorluimlitrrlaad*, 
WeaUii«ntuiiIe,CuinbcrlBiidc, Loncastre, itinoniiilf- |>)udUvcru»t 
pholU eorooM regia. . . . 'Et capieiitur cui«m «U elei.-Uon«a 
niafrine rusiaiie per iDaadatmu dwmiui re|;u> v«l ijue cspiUlld 

lb. p. 63. His i^tur et Ulibut Tfixalionihun irirc JDittc *ivi< 
injusM toM Anglui * mu-i aitque «1 mam mlaL-ta nt wl iDupwtu. 
Sed his nonijum finitia, nupcrroatt aliud g«uiu tonnoiili tul con- 
faaiuii«ui liominnm rvgni. per JiiirtitUrioB foreslonini regis In 
Aa|{liii, viilulioet p«r Hogonem de Ncvilla aummiim justitiitrhini 
iiuiniuin furentAnini regis InAnRliaqui ooKUOHiiuutiu vA C'uvehi. 
ft [ler Uugonem Wuc, el per EmUium de NeviltiT. Fnitdictb 
igitor Jiutiliftriia fumitanim iliiirraiitibu« proccrjttua ett, vx 
<wrtr i<%.-iK, ut per ainguloii cnmiliiluK par <|uus ip«i ituri MMnt, 
oonvcnircnt ounuu ciM, nd pinciu forcdjie. luxhioptwopi, episocpj, 
eomites, et Iiuvimis, et umii«9 libere t«ncal«s, et dv nnaqukqne 
vill* pn>epo«itus et qiwUiar huinineo, ad auiliuodt prneceiria 
<ni^ ... 

lb. iv. 66. Eodem nnno (]uik vtri ruIi);i(Mi nollKTUltt dun 
regi (ininqae Nolidua dc waimgio ckrucae nieut nUn bomloM 
ragDJ Wiount, uiit nlidiim ■ rcgc ni qutciioquo in rrgno buo 
fortiifeciaMt dericu ani alii Tin> rctigioeo noti co^vrctiir lattB- 
faioere ilti; led m dericus kui aliua vir religttwu* forufednet 
AJtcui Ui«), atctim ooaupcllerelur sd MtisfiwieiuluRi ilti: wmIs 
boUim eel, qowl viri celigioai imI redeupttotiem eoncU «iut. 

AJ>. 1194. Form or Fkoobkduo ox tdb Jpdicul 


Tb* fallovlBg b B list of tfao egende of the 'Iter' of the jai- 
ticc* whidi bt^tiui in Soptenlter 1194. The Kencral Imiibom of 
die TiailadoD i> of tlw ikubI mixed kind, judicial eiid financial, 
lud ahonld be compared vilh tho Inqiuet nf Shoriflti in 1 1 70, ■■ 
wdl at vitl) the Aaaitea uT 1166 niid 1176. The latr-Hlactorf 
cleuM fa ImpurtMt, m directing die election of tbe gnuid Jiuj ; 

r."] Pnending on tk« Judicial Fttiiatiow. 259 

»aii ihf loth eapihitum, u iDBtltatmg tfae coroner's ofltce, all 
rtrii:t]y diM:tivc. Tli* >lri ilirprbi Ihat a therifT xlidl not 
JnHliw in hb virn cnuntj', luiil niArliK n iliftiiK't tnitUDe 
li*lwtiio ibruuxwof 116A, in (rliii-h tba »lirnSsitiare tha ufflm' 
of jnatiuR with Ibe itioenuit iinn>n«, niid ibn t4th rluiw of 
Mii;;tu t'nrU, wtiiili foiliids tliviu lo lioli] ploM of llin rruwti. 
Itte u|i[iluaUou orjurf inqutut to lti<? nacnrtuiiiiig of Ibo khig"* 
ri];bl«, in C*]>. *j, i« •l-«i, like tbe in(]u<«t i>f 1170, • iirecedont 
f'>r timiUr aii* Uiidcr Hrnrjr Itl ; mad Ibis wbole chapter, W 
wrll u ivp >4, tiM grmi social M well u coaatllutioniil rifpii- 
AcMioo. Tbu >5(li nnlcic Mvtna to Rhotr that n gejmrui rafiew] 
•ir tbe whulc liiiiiiiciiil njrtbioi n« ounbimptatnl. mrh u waA] 
•fpuu at(vDij>t4Hl ill 1 196, but wu proreDlctl by tiie dt«Ui of the 
alibnt of Caen (HotoJvu, iv. 5 ; W. K«wb. liK v. c 19), aiid wm 
|MMaU>1y cobmcImI vritb tho coiii|>liiio(s Mid aaditioD «f WUliani 

FamM fir«»finii in jJatritii Coromu Btyit. 
In [iriraU cli^udi wiui ijiiMtuor mililtw ilc toto cmnitata. qui 
Nv aarnmrntiiiii nuuin rli^iit diitm tegidnt militM '■« ijuuiibet 
Hundrado vi-t Wii|Hn)Urco, ct illi duo e)ig«Eit super (ucn> 
nintluni niiiiD x-niiliu«d€Biiigulia Huudredi^ vd WapeDtaccia ; 
v«l, «i mililes dtTurrint, legale^ «t UIwtm homlaea, Ita quod {III 
xii. if) «iiiiul rcnpomdotnt ile omnibua <»pltulU de toto Huodr«do 
vcl Wapi-ntaooo. 

CopJIwfii fihtn'torum Corviuw R4flt, 

I. D« |>laciiiB coroiinr imviii ot vi^icribtis et omnibus tjiuutj 
iKinduni Miut fiuita cumm jiistitiariis doinini ref;la. 

I. Iti'lii lie utiiiiiliua TTCOKuilii''i>il>tu «t oiniiibus pUdiiH quM 
<iiMinu>tiiu *uat cunun juatiiiiuiiB )>«r linvv rvgia, vd fwpiuli* 
juklitiao, rnl a capitali curia rc^iH i'othri eia mitaa 

3. Itani <lu eacbotrti* <)uh>> >iiii r< ituiui fumiit poatqaftiB rax ' 
>rri|-iiil ilirr ronui iTrntu JtrruMlciti; I'C quae fuoniut luoc in 
mauu Tvgi', et utniin sint nwdo in manu cjua, Tel non : et dc 
WBoibua eachaetia ilomtni rrgi* ai a manu ana aint mn'ituv, . 
((iMrmodu d per qnetu ct I11 cujiis msnuB devetierinl, H qunliin- -(> 
at i|ui* isilua tndu Itatmvnt, ot quoa, «t quid valiierini, ri i|nj<l 

III ' ' <iit i at M aliqin oxtlinHA kIi, iguaa ad dumltiuin 
t' iiiml, niutv in miuiu rjua nun ail. 

4. 111:111 lie pcdmlia ijuao nint tUi doiuiriunt iluinint TVgta. 

a 3 

l6o RicAarJ T. C'*"^ 

*^ 5. [tern <Ic cwtodiu iMuuruin qna(> nd dtrminuin rtgwn jici^ I 

litliMll. I 

6. Itom do marilagiis put-llnntm vd viduwiiio, <|dm> mI I 
tloiiiinum r«^-«iu p^Ttiticnl. i.-rt^,./. | 

7. Ilcm ill' □ulrdii-ionbue d eunun roc«|)loribue et ua ooa- J 
BBiilipntilwii. (•*-'"-'> I 

8. Item dc f*l«innrilB. -1t»V-^ 'V^<^| 

9. Item dp int^rfrcUmba* Jud»i>onini. (|ui *iiil ; «t d« iradili I 
Juditeonim intirfcctnnim. ot cUulliii i-t Irtrj* Hd*<bitia ot caritH ; *l 
(1 qni* OH Iwbuerii, ct quia qmuilum cut d«buorit, d quae vmI|» I 
liabuiTuil, et qub ea Uamt, et quantum valnnt. M quis «xittu I 
ind*!^ Imbueril et quoi ; et aaiiii» vadta et d*il)il« Judamrum I 
iiilcricctitruia vapinnlur in aiiuiu i^xis ; et qui »d vcctiiioaviu I 
Jwlaeonim (iiviiiiit ut mm feORrunt fint'tn ctiin dominu nr^ vul I 
juatiliuriifl 8uiK i-apinaltir ot onn di-iibcrvtilur iiini per domiunm 
ragvm v«1 Justiti;ii'io'' *w*. I 

10. Item de omoilni* auxiliie diili» nd micm|itii>i)ein dumliil I 
ngU qatk i|uantu»i jmHuiMrtt ct qnaiitum ivtldideril et qiwa- I 
Itnii a rclm nit. I 

It. Item du faut'inlxiH ctHoItis Joboimta, qui finoni euui I 

duBiiiiu rvge fucoruiit «t <|iij dixi. I 

11. Itnn drcatallis coniitis Johiumit vel ranlonira fjtia, qua* I 
ad uanm doinint >viiu non nijit ooovcrea, ei quaDlum viceoiniitca I 
tvoi^peruiit, vel baillivt aui, et quia uliquwl cwuira autiqtua dou- I 
stwludineH rt^u dederit. I 

13. lt«m dv i>muibu» leirlft mroitU Joliaunia, de domink'ia «t I 
•rai'dis, ct cicLnetu, vi d« duuiH xuuk vt qu> du onuu dikl« KOiit] I 
«1 dU doMi, <^t oninia douii ■.inuiliB Jdliiiiiiiw (vpUniiir ui maitti 1 
domiui regi" pinrtf-rquam illii inline \*r\- rt^fan ^Qufirmala Mint. I 

14. Item de debitiii cl finibuH qunc' duUTnliir comiti Jubumii, 
et qua de caum ; et omnia oxi^'niitDr ail opiM ilomini rc^i^ I 

15. Item de foeii«ratunbus rl eoruin rtilatlis, qui iiiorlui Hunt, I 
t6- Item de rinis vt-uditi^ couira uttfii-uiu, «i dc fulKin lucu- I 

Buria lam viui qu*m aliurum n-rum. I 

17. Item dc crueialti muilui* aiile Iter ranm BiTSfitaio vonuB I 

JoninJun, at qois conun oalnlla bAbiMrril ut qUM «t qtianl«. I 

■ tS. It«m da magoia >»■>!«, qtwo lunt do cnilum lulidatu J 

Irrrac el infra. I 

■ 9. Item de defnltis. I 

to. Pt«elen« iu quolibei comilntu oligaotur tros mlliles *t I 

ontiN clericv* euiitodea pliuitonim euronae. I 

ai. Et nultuK vicecumea tit jmtitiarius in ricecnmitata moi I 

iicc in oo«uit«tu qacm tcnaerit [xwt priroftiD ootoimtioiMlii I 

dotnini ngta. I 


Proceeding on tJu Ju-iinal Fisi/ation. 


la. l*ntptCTVN tnitlMntiir oianM civitAtot, et bargi nl domi- 
niot dnmlni n-^iit. 

It. •luBtiUiiHi veto Bominsti una ciim Wllivb Wilklmi 
An t{«iict»f Maria« l->elei-i», rt GaiiTriili filii Petri et Willctmi 
lie Cliimdli, Ht WilMnii Bru«n «t Hujciinu Bordull!. et 
vtcnwuituin lucimiin, ttummniHiri fociknt mililc* in coifilMii 
in riiluUi noiniiMtoM, ul lul ilirm H locum i]Ui^iii eia tcirc (nricnt. 
vmiiant, «t oonun •■!> jiirarw fitciant illiM qaod legale pom- 
niUEii ponml kd wordM vl PxcbawtM dooiiiit regis inataiimDilw. 
et ti{>i>rrtiandM ad 00m mud urn domiui n^t, nee elici^x 
odio, favure, vel gnti» illud omitteut : el iitXMl [inn-dicU roilit«r 
aaniiiati aap«r «acnuni-ntuni Mauin <-tiL:<-nt itiiiiili'>-im U-;[ale 
milites, v«l titwroe at Uf[atct hontiim, ■■ inilitcn ml hoc inrriili 
fiun rnmnt. |wr divcnm |»fioa ningiilonini rnmilntuum in 
itiavre pncticbinim jiittitlanim, sicut etpnliro vidfrint: qaJ 
•imilitM' jurvQt qnod nd iranlHi^ ot excselu d« parliltuB illiv 
inalaunDiUs ct ■)<pn'tiiiiidaa et alliniiaiidaB iiuuni legate ptx-se et 
(niwiltam el Buxiliiiin u]>]MDi^ut ad onunioiluiii rvgi*, ul pnw- 
tlidimi rat ; et pranticti jitnti Mipm «a«rain«ituiii fuudi eli^nnl 
do liberiuriUun buiuiuilHiK cxcKi-tornin ot wanUmm quot H 
•)Im1oh novprinl ewe nl>i neoeeBarioe, ad pntxlicta duniiui re);i>i 
■MT'^otift sKut melius tieri poteet ad <y»nmodua domiui rr^x 
ex*r<|uemb. Kt 6ciciiduni eat, quod [iniedictae wanluo ei ex> 
phnciae iii«rnunbiintur d« exittliu* ex cin pruvmieiitiliait n»i(ui- 
ad fc^um SaaHi Micbuclti', «1 diam dc oxiliba* rjuMirm b:nnit)L 
Kt li ]i»KC noo ^lafficiuii). •ii]>|>li-l>itiir dcfic'ons do tolooMi domjni 
n-|t>p, itA ijuixl illi qui U'lM'lxint iT.tiiUs et oichartas illaa ad 
firuiiim, ri^iMindelniiit inde a fealn Sniicli Mivhuelis et doiiieep* 
tsixiusni lie stAuratis. Doninue autcni rex illiii qui wardas illa« 
et exohaelaa mI BnOam tcuobtiiit, mti uMjiie ad tenniiium Miuiti 
do Bimo in Himum imrt-otiiAbit ; itu quod licet di'inintiii ttx 
■llqtiani tllftrum alicni di-diMct, fimnn-iun fimum aium tcti«bii 
luuue ad 6nrm anni per finnain ci reddvnduni, cui luun n» 
d«d4rr)t, qonm il»niiau« rex inde petvr|>cril. Jurtitin vcrocz- 
dM«t4ie quam dnierit rrmniipnt doioiiio regi, am d'>ininuR rex 
illu'l iioniiuatim dedcriL Kinnuriun etiain i-uin liriiMin faaai 
dimiMrit, iusiJiuraBuntum tuum et omnia sua qune in 6nait 

Cwnrnt, ultra tiutaiiraiiMntum reftK Itbere et ihte dimirmticoo 
)U-I>it * rt indi? bnl'etrani lilter>» dixniiii arrliiqilimjii patailw, 
coulinrntr* tenurcin nrtni? iloniiiii rtfpii lujirr Ihio (ucIM. 

Iiiquiii'iiir i'ii4km <lilr»ri>liHinia qnuiito* nl aansua red- 
ditua |ivr ■iti;;iiU miuiri-ia In ilviuMiiu, rt qnantnin valeant omsla 1 
alio ill finir>li'-tu' taanoriia wKiNt, i-t (\nitt »unt cunicae. rt quaM< 
turn •in.-utx' valcaut. non uniitiwotn im* ad pretiuin xx. aoU- 


RkAard I. 


durum timtum. aed moundam quod temi fuorit vt) lionii vel 
idaId, omwot vel ileerwcnl pretiuin, Uli re>» *|m firni*» hum!- 
|H«iL, fimiiu fluiiK iiKiuuialxinl, ut pnwdirtuin oM. Moiumlnm 
prtrliiim Kuprndictum. dv ixiiilfUb i-scl'iu;(sniiii cl wuxluniiti. 

litcjuinilur clitun dc iiuul tiobtu et areria ungulap uttnicn« 
valenat iiinlsuniri. «l qnot cl iguuitum iiutanramviiliiin Biiii>titn 
laaaena pomiot eustimrr'. Ft tiiiin ajxTte vl dialiuvte in ai'Hp- 
turn redi;;iuitur. Ei-il uiitcm pwtium lnjvia it. tiolidi, ol vitciiii? 
»iinilil«r. cl iiv«ri ftiiuiliwr : <! orii cri>}iiu: x. ilctiftrii ; rl ot[« 
liiKiLC grcMium vi. denarii ; at suit xii. drturii, nt ti'ttIi \ii. 
d<-iiai'ii : rt cum fimurii flmisa rims diiniti-rint, dc (iracdi'ttif 
j>n-liu rcipooilnbunt vol do ADlmalibu* {lacaliilitiuv iii upcione 
finiiarioram ; nt cam uiiinin {WMdicU ijulaurriU riierint ct 
apprrttata, omom inlirr^icDtur apcrU' et disliiicM et dcr<»mtiltir 
ait Kacoanum. Esdpiuntur nuliiRi do boo nab* cplM-npattw i-t 
alflultne «l t«-rro« IjonMiDm <|ui {•r.tximi »unl n«iliuL 

lti4uin>tur ctiain per lacmmunlum pnu-iltvinniin de ninnt- 
\m* wnrdio nt csclinitia <|iia« noD enut in nuini domini rr^io ; i-l 
ntpiBHtiir in nuiuu domini regis, et de UIip fiat neat do ulUi 
«]tvkiicti« c( wardU. 

34. Cafiituia d« Jtutiuit. 

Omnia d«l»ta et ndia JudwMmiiii inbrvTicntnr, t*nw, domuib 
redditiM «t poMemionM. JiuIacw* vcn>, qui alii)nid iMirum ccU- 
vpHt, ui in fonfefacliin domint regis do corpuro kdo c< i!i>iu'<'I>- 
nvflto, «t de umnibna powemwubaa snis ct omnibus Aiutlit 
■uisk nee uDijunin coHMJumentnm JlldJMb rMUpKrare Itrelnl. 

It«ip providniDtiir vi. rd rii. Ioch in ijuibus Taci^ul pnitftiUi 
Ha; ct |>rarid«iiitur ii. Iruvb'ii niri.'Uimi, vi li. lc)^liti Jmlnoi 
M iL kgaka MnjitviTw; «t curam illij'. et clerii-u Wiltrlmi dr 
Sanctso Mariae ewlona ct WilUlin! dn Chimilli liatit pnM«tiu, 
el eartae )>m«cUtmin lUnt iit moduni cUiritgriiplii ; vt alu-m 
]ttn rmunent Judoeo m;;itLiU sigillti illiu> ciii [icounia tnidiliir ; 
otallvra \m.r^ rtinunml Ui area i-oinniiiiu, iiitjiia i!ui>t itt% F'Gi-nirao, 
iindodiKi C'lirinliini hulwul iiuiiin clav«in, e( duo .IikWI uoain. ot 
clerti-UF Willc mi Av fMUictM Murine wrkabt et uia^fiiiri Willclmi 
de Cbimilli )iBl>rat trrtiain: ot praclciya trift ni^fillo, ot qui 
elavA babnerint Mgilla np|tpiient. Ctorid aiili-m pranlietonim 
Witletnii vt Willrlmi babtaot rottilum do traiiecripti* omniuBi 
r-artAniui, et di-ut nrlne mutalniuliir miileliir cl rtitiiiiis; de 
tiiii;irii)ii> orlU di-utur trrs dcmuii : mtilivlna a Jiidneo. ot 
luedinlnii i»b vq <iii [i^miiiii rirdiliir: uiiil«> dun Kriptorc* 
liab'jiiit iliios dviiniiiin nl cukIi* i»fiili l<*iliiiin ; ot do <vti-ni 
uulluin imsX piunlitiini, uulU Juiinrii lii-l nilittii>, Dutla Aut 

T.] Pmc/amatlfM /or tA» Prtavrvaliim of Hu Peace. i6$ 

TurtMnm muljilio, nliii conim |)n(<i))i-liii r«-l imjari jMrirf. n 
uDinnt i&trri'Hi'- iHH{tiiv<Tiiit, F.I ]>nmli('li ilii'i CltHiililiiit hoW- 
aiit tiiiun) roliilTim i!<" nivjiUi .luituiiitiim u>1i)lii>iii» ds da ooWru 
CacImiiW; r> •lii» Juila«i uiiuni, Bt riii-li-f n<hili uouni. 

Ili'Qi i)ttilil>rl Juiliicii>> jur^liil txiyvr nituluni «tium quxx] 
omnia ddiila «mi. et vaiUa. et rtMidi<ti». el cmnofi res rt po6M*- 
rtoocf txiof iiil'trtiari faciut, et quod nihil L-flaliit, tit prwdicluiB 
<«t. Gi ri adn |nl«iil (|iiod allquia aliqtiid celAT«Hl, ilfuil 
jiiKiitiia ml rfik niipKiH vtxTvla rerelabit, M quMi bbunuiM otr- 
larum pt ry'U>iiai>n« dniarionini, ubi mi» M:icDl, deii*j;Diit el 
mi>i)*(niliiint. et (li> fiiUic cnrtin FimiliUT. 

35. rn<i-l<-Ti-iiiiii)iiiail)(k(|tiaciiun(TendA<>re((1r (irii>i««t tMUwriiii 
OBiiiitiiu tnlliviiruni ifomini reqli, taio jurtiliarum (|inm vic*- 
UDiiluBi et mndiilittUriM'um vt foivstariiMvin el eortim aorriru- 
tiuin, jawt i.-nru(uiiioa<-m Uoiiiiiii rei;iB Rt>«rdi ]>rini>ni, et qiMtro 

SiRMn illw un)>tai- ruonint, ct |ht nuvm, vi 6v omnilnu catalli*, 
Iniiii, H [ii-i>ni!Ki'iH fui-tiii acaiNioiie Miiiiiiku f>ctM d« term 
eomitU Juliniiiiio, et r»iiiorain Hiorutn, H <iuiii <• rvoepvril, et 
•iiuw:, I't '1(1111)111111.' ili'jiioMin cepit jit maixtatiitn Hnlx-rti 
Ckiiiuaririi>ii nii.-)iir]i(t>.i-|)i, tone l«ii)|ioria capitalts juttitiani 
rtgia. — {t/><vfUn, m. 162-367.) 


TUB Pkacr. 

Arrlit>USn|> Miibnit m cbi'-T jiMieo iwnMl in 1195 tbc foUow- 
Ing anior, the wonliiig of wfaiub is |iBltl,v t*keo from tlic Audu 
of CWeDilou of 1 166, Iwt wbldi ia further a ram&rkable taetaiiw 
of the CKitauuitir of tone tii tbta ilepartnunt of law from IIm 
ArlicM ItnxN ; u i* Khown by th« carorwtncnt of tbc bne awl 
ay, anil tbo appointiseot of knights to I'wcive the oatli* for llw 
nuiBUtiniieo nf lb« [>euoo Tbu Utter ia probably tbo g«rni of 
(1» oflliw nf Con»rrvoior of ikr tfoft. K iii(;hls w«rB aW<Ti*0(f to 
ntaintuin ilie peace in 1153 and 064 : in (be reign of Rdffotd 1 
a aiMot of (he {>m«- na, vccaaivinlly at te«il, elected by tbo 
ULiuiiiy. The eopwrvnton of the |ienee were, aeeunluig to Ux- 
irt EdwitfiJ in. c. 16, ofi-jHfd, m iu tli« Act before as, aixl 
nciminatcd \ty the On>wii. "The rUtiaUs 34 Kilw. III. c i gave 
ibem tbu power of tiyiiig fobxiiea, anil tlien tlw^ aLn}uir«d the 
more bunoanilile LiU* of Jiuti4a of iba fnwe.' — /ilatJaliott, 
Ootutn, I 3.',o. 


BkA^d I. 


A.D. 1195. SJietHm Rtgium. 

BodMit anno prMHictiu archiepiacopus, tMiua Amllae Jv 
tiariiM, minil jkt U)(«id Aiiftlioiii hu)u*awdi fumaio januaeDli, 
vMelioeC: — Qu<h] oibbim hominca Rgni At^Itae jmxnt domini 
ttfpB |>ro pone nw mrabunt ; «t qiKid nvc IhUvimm ncc rotwtotr* 
Deo epruw i«c«j>latares omut, oec in aliquo cm oonwinticnt ; ot 
tjiHid cum liaju«roodi malebctom miro pobrniot, Uloe pro toto 
|HMM luo cafHcnt ct vloMomili tlbemlnint, qui niilto tnudo 
ditlihcTOitur nixi |wr iliMiuiium return v«4 <aiiit«letn -Tustitiuui 
BUUn ; ot II ilki* oapcro dud poUmut, eoa Iwlliviii doniini T«(;ii'. 
qalcunqne fiicrint, wire Ciiciml. Lcvato autuni cluinvre itute- 
quiMidi utUgos, roWtorw, latrciiiu, aut ooram rcKVptalorcn, 
oBUKa BeotaiB ilUni plcne facicat pro toto pouc euo ; ct a! qnmtn 
vlileriut v«l maiufeBtuin fuvrit aeotani iltam mm feciise, wl mho 
Itoenlia ae ab ea 8ubtTuu.4s«, eo« tanquatii malt-fatrtuiea ip«o« 
capimit et ricecomiti lila-rnljunt, uod delibvrHtKluB uiu per ngem, 
aiil cju* oapttalan Juatiliiim. >Iilit«s rero ad hoc ftwigMti 
faoimt vc-iiirc nntnoa dc hdlia *an coram aa a quuMlediD utnia 
el ullra ; et jurare foctfiit ({iiod pacom dMaiikt ngU, ot mipra- 
<lictiira est, s«n'HbiiDC ; eC quod oec uUagi, UM robntaraa, um 
Inlroafs, uec eonun reoeptut'jre^ eruut, oec ha aliquo oil ooiiMn- 
tient ; et <tiiod eedum, ut pmislk-Uim cat, ]>leaam Tackot ; ei 
quod ai cum iiMl«Cactioii« aliqutin cept-rJut, luilitibiu In ballia 
na uncT a* poffitia ct ad hue iwiipiatii, «um lilicrutKint, qui 
«uin viCMOmiti iiborvbuat ctuUudiiriHluiti ; nimilttcr, ti Bli(|U'-i» 
riderint ve| eis notum fiiorit, Urvolo cliunor« lii«equ«udi inal^ 
raotom praedtctvii, qui aeotam non tt^crit, v«l a Mda ilk ae 
Hulrtraxerit aine Ijcitilia, euui tanqtiain malefaetureni ipsum 
eapicnt, et mititlbiu praodiolt<< lilwrubunt, vicecomiti libcranilliin 
ut conloalieiiduin ut ipsuiii iuidi^fnct«rt>ni ; nee Uberiiudum nU 
IKT )»»rccr|>tui» d»tniui n:gu Tttl cjuti cupiUlla lllMlitint 
{R, aowtUn, tii- ^99-) 

CaARTSBB or Towns esA^irvD or RiciiabdI, 

AnwBtcat the privilr^ void by Richard I *a mvTy lAam < 
hti nlqscia, none were more impurta&i than Utoao vhuJi vers 
obtainrd by the borotifiba tn t)'<-ir (.Uartrr^. TbrM van gvna- 
nill> drawD <w llta nodcl of Lh« cliarUga ot Hvaty II : but ««tr 

v.] Ciiiftttt of T«itM granlfH bjf Riciard I. 365 

Us motfi wuhJv illfTunil ; %ttA In llio IM«r ynuv of t}i« nign 
ontiuiii ill fonie itutitnov* • cUuM empowmng llie town* lo 
olflci tbelr own rents. TIh- t«tahli*limrDt of the ecmmMta of 
tka dtiMoa of Loaiion, wkkli is ivcurJcd bj tlw bistoriuu to 
Irani lie(<ii ei>ccinll]r oanfiraml bj^ ibe barooe mid Justiciar OD 
ibit (ictuwiuo of Lao^^hnnip'H ilitfioiutioD fiiMo the jnattcunlitp, u 
« DUlter of Ktnw (lilS>.-a1ty, m lli« vrnnl communa i* not fuund 
in Kn^Itsli towD uliartcra, ami nu furiiial reconi i>f this Mt of 
MMifimutHHi U ouw [traicrreil. The roMimuiKi of the Fnmoli 
towns wu A tnunid{Mil connliiution fininJiil on ft mroni con- 
UAvncf of tlio citlxcoa uid tubMyitiMidy (XKifimii'd \ty chMter. 
With Ihii tli« iiAtm the Enf-liih merdumt-guiM had c<>iii« fcatarer 
fai ranntoo nlthoutfb H wm estnUiabed for meratiUk ntbvr tbwi 
[lolitical purfw««e : and Uie word ctrmnuaxt aecau to be u««d \iy 
UUnvill ns c(|uivajcnt to mrrcliunl-guiM. In it< moiv gmtml 
mnMiinir liowcrcr it must bo tindvnttood to aignifjr a covporata 
idmtil}- of tbfl inttitkipaUlr, viii«h it may bavo claimed befon^ 
and wbicli maf ercn haro h<*a ocean ionally rvcogniiiivl, but ww 
DOW flrml>' cttuhliahod; ■ fort of <xin»oli>lation iiiio a siiij(lr 
urganiaed body of th« variety of fruit<l>lt<», guilds, and uiker 
de^isrttn«nl« of local junMllctioo. It vraa conn«<L-led with, aud 
|)«tha|>e iinplicil by. tlie tioniin&lion of a it'iyar, who now 
KpjKan* fur the fint ttrae. It ia hovnrvcr too tmnnlionkl a t«rn 
to Iw ckfinol with ccrtninty; and tli« Utcr appli(«tiuD of tha 
word eommvHtUu. tike that nf the Mill lalur eo(fH)rafion, u mmiw- 
linwa obccvra ; nManing primA /aeie Hk wliole oorpunte town, 
bat Mxnctiinea only tho majfiatnKiy by whom the cwqiurato rights 
wen cMirciscd. 

A.D. 1 19a Charttr ^Bidtard I ta WintAetSer. 

RjdiiDVS, Dei gntiiii, rex Aniline, dnx NunRannia*, etc, 
arrhi«|M*copiii, vpitropiK, nl>1«tibus. comitilMis, luroiiilii-, jiietiti- 
nriii, vicccointtilHiM, miriislna el omiiiliua baillivis et HdcUbna euia 
tutiua li-rrae atiai- Bittutcni. ScUtia ooacoocemawoivihiieiunitria 
Wialmiiju Ae cildn Rwrniloniin, quod nollus eorum pbclrct 
•xlra mtirxi civitulb Wiiit'>ui»e de uUo pl«cEto pravtev plncita 
da l«oana extcnorib*i*, «ic«ptii mouetariia et miuutnt Du«triiL 




tumm. . . . Et ric l)KTbs!main iii Anglia monun f»cE*>M, n ijiine 
■tiitiMuiln friuit in rvgno cum cniMJIifi lungtintiuxi nl« pcrcgit. 

A.D. I3O0. ItiM. HovEDKN, ir. 107. Intcrini .FotiaiUH-s rot 
Atigliao traitiirivtiivit ilc NoriuniiDUi tD AngliAiii el oepil de 

uuaqiwqui) c»rucft(a toliuH AntjUui.- Irus Mlidoi Ae aiixUto 

Prtwedi-iile vaXtwt leiupote, Jolutiinus rex AogliiM. booorum 
riroruni (reins couiilio rc»titnil pnwTDoininiiio iiri')ii('|>iwv>M> 
(Qnulrido) archiL-{ii«c(ipiituin ■uiim ct i>UtTiil ci diciii va>i<'U'li id 
curia cub nil mi>nt'lnui(luin qtinro nnu traimfivUivit cum ilia mJ 
tncicndani ]>iLOrin (iim ri'gp Fntin'iao. 4|tiitiMl'> turDmoQitiu emit 
Vt qumre noi) perniiwrat servientca eiiaR <«pcre denitriM cnni- 
caruBi de lern sua «ictit in aliis parlilnua rmii fMtum eK c 
d qnflS« verl)vnivenU Mrviunteni vtccoomitta l^borwri ; et aA 
TtAA«n\vta Tt'gi trtH millU nwroaraBi argcnti <|iiui- i{i«e dclmii 
[ticnnlo ni^i An;;li»e frstn suu. 

Rad. CoG(ii'-iiiAi.e (od. ^Iiirl. atxl Dar.. \>. 8f>o). Ad Ao* 
gliun ragrrditur, niucilium nti omni regno trxpixtt iilant. . . . , 
E\iit ergo tdictiim a jii^tiliariu regie )ier uiiiverHin Ant^inni, 
ot quaelibet cnnii'A arai» tree p«T»ott'oret ^olidi^, <itiMt- nimlnim 
gmviti exactb ralde populum lenve extvuunvit, cum luiiou gutva 
vxaclio Mutogii praeccMiimet ; natii lul icutuni duni- oiaroae 
IMnoIvcbantur, cum niiii([UMn uD]>liuv quuia viginli koltdi ai) 
Mulom exigorenrur. 

A. D. I301. Itoo. HovEi>i:v, iv. i4o, i6t. Stitttu |mM 
I'kucba piU(«e))it rex ut t^uiiiiles et IwrDiutt Aiitfliae nuaiit u|m<l 
Kirlnmu ad Pentm-u-'U-u, imniti equi» vt anu>» m] iratmrn-tauilDm 
aim illu. .... Interim comilt-i Aii.'Uue oanvMicruiil ad culli>- 
ijiiiuni inUr con Imlnttim apud LriiVHlre, ut ox cnninmat ectiiiiilJM 
laiiiiilavenint rrgi ijuod immi lr»D>rn;tjirrnt cimi iilo, ui»i ille 
n-<!ili<t«rit eis Jtira liua. Il«x aiili-iit miilu ihum o:>niiiUu (wlrlnil 
ab «ia castella au*. . . . 

lb. ]>. 14(3. lu iMrbdomada Punt««<'Ftce cum l)aroiie« Ati|{liM 
ceMOt cAn;;r<'Kkti apml Fnilci^iiiiii^ ad irnnHfrHAiidiim unai r<i;p, 
nx cvpil d« i|uiliUMUm iltiTum [nk-uhuiiii iiuuiu «KpviMl«r«it 
in avit'itiu auuy at pertuiiiit eon iktliiuiii rediiv. 

A.D. lao.t- Matt. Pakik, p. 309, In die Sandi Nicolai apix) 
Portruitutlu- (ttx) appliciiil. Utinda in eoniitM et lor^inn 
iKca*ioneB iirarl^iidt'iiles quod i|»iim idler Uiwtea rclti]ueraiit 
in (lartititia tranimnritita, u"il£ eiintrlln ct trmu) suns pni vatmni 
ditfeetu niniM^ral, ce|><l ab «ia ac|itiiaau panctii timneai niubi- 
liiim nwiinm. 

A. IJ. 1104. Vatt. I'anin p. 70^. Ill rniBliuu CiicunK-iiioiiia 
couvcuerunt oil wlUxiuinui «|iad Oxouiau nx et immiiaioe 




Apf{liiwr, abi MOOBiM Mtnt ivfp nvxilta n)ilitnrin, dc quolilwt 
Xiito acilifi-t duiu' uiarcw «l diiiii4lm ; nno Hiain o|>!m<o|ii rt «b- 
liMtei •it'*) orclrnwilU'jic iieiMMiac tine prominUHir rtC M wr m it. 

A.D. 1105. MjtTT. PAua, p. 313. CitvA P«tit«c(>til«i rex 
JohkDQcii MDgTviinvit fxiTciltim ^mmlcni qtutsl muo trniiit- 
Uirnin ; Vt prnhtl>riitu titit CiuituiiriFniil anjuejiiwrapo M aliiii 
iiiultiu, ii|>ii<t I'orh-imuo nnviiim niullitii(lini-in ciipuaun nailo- 
luri fiTit. Drirxlc rrx cuiti j>ai-vo cnmiUUt, iililnit Julu, tanva 
owciirlit, et vrtis pAt«ntil>u« NepttiiKi m c«mmitt«nB, inatalo 
contilin, die ti^rtm ayaA Simltlauilt jaxta Wan'Iiani nfiplicuit. 
BoTeniu t^nXna rex ci^|i)t il« cumililxia, bvonibiiB, oiilitilNi*, <i 
viri* rtli)(i(iiiii iM-euiiiuiu itifiailant. oeMUOUM pnetonilriM quod 
noliKtuni ipum M«|iii bJ partM tntintiariniw itt hMmlitoUm 
amiMitin n<ou{i«nirDt. 

A.O. 1 707. Anx. ^V.\v|-.Kl.. (ill. Lnard), p. 358. Rrx Ji>- 
batiiiM pMt rnlitmii snuiu u tninBiiiiii'iuis, couvotniu e\naca'm*, 
BhlMtilfUi et prioribas. tomitibus t\ bcronibtu et mBRtinlliNia 
rce&t, ccleliraril eunciliiira Lomluaiiii in octftria Circuinmiunia ; 
ibiqiio Minvniit «piitoo]>a» ti iiblMUn, ut pcnDilteTimt iM-naoiui 
Ct MiMiliciatai pcolrautrnm daiv rrgi ocrtAm eutiimniii roktiluunt 
aitonuu. Ill (|ii»il cum noa couMulirrnt praelati eoclMlamtn, 
rlat« mt (liUitiu iitijuu tul sfMjueits cuocilium celelireuJum Oximiiu 
in txrUivit t'ui-ifloitiotiu bmtae Hariao; llMqae ooi^rcfUa in* 
fltiiia miilli(u'{iii« innelalMiiiii eceleabe et niajrmtam ngni, 
•xe^l al> (iplMOpit M abbatibui ipiod priu* cxrgnrat ab da. 
Sixl uiMtfili'i inito, oianrti taiii C^iittutrictiBc* minm KbomoeiM* 
mebviiolitafti iiBUumitvr nspoaderant, Angbcftiuisa Mdonam 
nnllo Biodo rastiner* pgtM quod ab omnibtia aaeculia priua (uit 
tMnditUin. Res ergo aaniuri uttu coiiailio eutctionrm illam 
ponitua reUxavit. Portea (tenenliter atatuit per univeraara 
r«Ki>iim, ut umiiia hovao (1« eujuneuiMjue feudo jurarei pretiant 
ntrUorum «ui>mm do tmronliili et mobili. et Je bia liarel dcci- 
nuun teniiim [Hirlcin rrffi, ml ro-Qpcruidaia bnrmtitalem nwin 
ill Nnrmiiiiiiia et in luiU terra mis. Ad quntn cotlignulMn 
itittll Blitiiainn bdim |i«r univenoa comiltlw Aoglwo : ab hao 
rxaetioiie lib«r erat onlu Cisleratnata. . . 

Matt, PAnis, p. lai. Solus Ganfridna ardiiepiaeopua Ebura' 
cenciH noii eonwnliana aail jiUna oanlntlicrtia cUdi-dIu nrvcwit 
all Anglia. 

A.II. iicjS, Matt. Pauv, p. ild. Prima die Lnnae In 
PaMKiue Dutuiai quae tunc (siulijcit deeimu kalvudaa AprUiak 
•ub KVDerati iuttnlkto lotam Anijliaiu iiicliu«mut. 


274 •'«*'•■ t^A"T 

Asy. Wavkhi~ p. s6o. Rex igitur hoo ed!«to gi-Qcrnlilor pnv 
nniidBto per Aiii;l>H>i>f miro n^do tnrbatiu, pra«vq>it coofiscaH 
Iter onlvemUD re;;iiut» buuid oninm ]iOK«noi>ra •|>iMOi>nnim 
p| cl^riconun et viruiutu relii^osorum, «t omtiia bcina t«cl«Bi> 
lutico, «t luJait iwr iitu){uUui proviuciu niinUtros Euoe tain 
derieos quiun Iammw mI roufuoiuiiJa boiw ecvkwaruu. Qui 
circu«ant«i rcgioRcm «iiiiii*vcrunt Iwon derioonim mubilia et 
tminobitia intro i;t rxtrn, (Winniittriit«» cunni (vniiu ilUinim 
ia singulu villis virinis bouiitiibas, per quurum iiuidum clcrici 
pcroperent de rebus biUs neo oow m. 

A.D. iio<). Matt. Paiik*. p. ia8. Pupii lonooeBtlut . . , do 
eant^ilio rratrum suorum cantiQ>Uum ad exutiqwoiluiu mticltus 
eedcsiM Kvndulam, Loiutonioiiii, Elyoosi, et Vigomicnu tpt- 
Kopia (ImIiI iu ntROtlatis. nt rtgcn mcmontun nominBtim ex- 
fioiumuuioatum prvuuiioiarejit. 

A.D. txio. AxN. Wavbkl. p. 364. JohaniKii rex mb pno- 
textn rocupcniDiliui Normnnniai.' ct utiarutn trrrarum tittuniiii 
quibus com nx Frauciac Pbilipptu q<oltuv«ral, inaeatiiiMiliilfAn 
ot iiicom]<arnl>it«m fecit pcciiniao nnmumtaD oudiooem, nullis 
riria clerida vri laicis, null! reliijiom cujuMunqus ordiais 

Matt. Farm. p. 330. Doinilo (to. menae Scptembrij Lni* 
doBiaa cum GBstiaationa proporans, fodt oinnm Anglian pmrlntu 
fai ua pn«aeati« couveaire. Veiientitt niitem ad liaac gene- 
raletn convocnlioiiem ubliates, prioiea, abtmliatae, Tetitjilaril, 
Roepitalarii, mitodi-n villarum i>nliiila CluiiiaeeiieU et nliaruDO 
rrfftoDUiu tnuumaHaanim ct\juitcuDqun di^jnitnlit et onUiiia ; 
qu) omDc* ail tam graTctn compuUi mint rcdcinptionein ne n- 
rum ccclruanim dilapi<lalioncin, quod xumnin i-xU>rliu' (wv-titiiM 
cxcrcviaM fcrtur od cenluiu millin libramm KterliR^rum. Aibi 
quoqu« monachi do regoo Angliir, ntiiit csccptiR. qiuulmginta 
millia librarant ufKeuti io hoc taHagioi V«lleDt nolWt, ousatia 
prinlegtia n-gi persolveruut. 

A.D. 1111. Matt. P\nt», p. 3,^0. lt«x .ToIwddim rqut • 
militibga qui cxcrritui iii \\'a11ia noo iDterfuerant dv quiiUbet 
KOlo diiaa marcan argvnti. . . . 

lb. p. 131. Uabuit autom rex boe bteHicti tcmixaUU con- 
•Itiarios iniquiasinxM, quonim noatina pro p»rte hic poncn Don 
oroitlam : — Willelmua . , . fVater n^a el com** Sflrtaburiensia, 
AlbericuH de Ver cnniea Oxoiiieutua, GaiifiriduH t'iliua Petri 
Augliae JiiHtitiariuii ^ trea epUoupi curialeo, PUiliiipaiiDuiM-lui;ti- 
ni^ Petniv Wintoiiii-iwia et JobaniMS Murwimuwa ; BicurJtia de 







ll[BriiM.H> rvgi* nweclUriiu, Hli^o do IferiHn nrot«f»rMUHu8, 
VViDi'linuii ill- Wrolhniu c\Mm [Kntuum nuiru, lti>l>prtu« <le 
Vitrri (KMiti- H Yvo fmter ejus, BricDUH <to Innuls, ot Oaufridtu 
dt Lui-i, llu);<> ik Itatlul, «l BiTrosrduii fmittt cjiu, Wi)t«lmi» <Iu 
Caiilplu el Willelmnt filtut kjuh, Pulco dc CaBtelu, ot B«giiui1dt» 
dv (.'uiiilirllc vicocMDCS CHtitiiu', UolxTtiu dc UruibrtM et Hen- 
ricu* liliu* cjuN FliiliiiHis do UlccoM, el JoiianDGs de BM»iiig- 
bunin, i1iili|i|>iiR BUrci caaullanui de Nottngbun, Petnu de 
MBul<'i ct I{<>)x-r(ii» dc Oaugi. Qerardaa dc M'w rt Ing«Unlui 
nofMiA rjuH, Fiiliu {de Breantev] et Willdinuii Itniiara, Petnu 
Smm Ueralieitl et Tboaiaa BtuMt, i-t idii multi qnoi loqgum 
OTWt QBBroenre ; qni njA in omiiibu* i>tiK«re cupitntco, cou- 
rilioni Hon pro mliMw Md pro voluotato dodoniot. 

Avit- Wavkiiu |>. aM. Post fcstum Sonrti Jamilii ventvant 
JD Aegiiun I'aiiduirus et Durandus, DUucii domini p«pii«t m1 
fadeii<l*Di pnctm inter r*-^fta el sr«hiq>i»copiiR). 

Il>. p, 3i>%. Dii? MuitiK proxiiuu piMt frctum Sancti flartho- 
IoumJ reDieniM Dnncii dvinitii papM: npud Norluimirxi. MtUicet 
I'luidulfaa el Danmdtw conun rcgn couTocatiH oinniliui comj- 
lilnM el liiironibuti Aiigline, doniinuiu rvgem nlloquunttir. , . . 
Bex, * Quid aiDgis I ' PaaduIfuB, ■ AInulviniiu ttinnc« unAoi- 
miter camiln^ barooM, iniUteii, fnuioM. deriou*, loicm «t omnet 
Ckriatknae fidei per (emui tuu Ubi tnbjeetM. a fidcliUlibua rail 
«t boHMgio.' . . . Putiduiriw vero diMMMt et tranafretanL 

A.D. 1313. Matt. Pams, p, 331. Bex »utem ram Ulia 
Kudiwet («c. dc proditione proTis*) perturbatus taX ralde ot 
ftnimu cMiHteniAtus, alijue cum inlellexiMet DiagiKtM Ai^iai; » 
feOft Noe ft<lelUkte abeolutua, lUHJnreut lUuiia (ibi doetiiutia fidnu 
Mllillxiil. I'lidc (iTopaeuluiii utiliter commatana juaiil omnent 
eXMviliim od pruiiria rctnejin!, vriiiciiK|iie mI nrbem LgndoDi* 
vum mUit nuncio* od mngnaU* noiivrto* %i\A At fideliUto 
nimectoe, exii;eiM obdidm nli oh. nt probarct qui Tclle«it et qui 
nolirat fjoB oMempemre praeceptia. llli vero, re|(iis juMioiiitiuB 
rvsidlirre iwn niidmted, remiHiTuiit filioH. nepotee, et co^kltu m1 
liUtum rrK*'^ *''' "'^^ iiidi;;iiuli4) rja» alifiukntuluin moqulevit. 
VentnbUDOi Euatachiut de Vcsd el Rolicrtuit Fitiiii Walteri de 
pToditipne memnmt)! arcuMiti. ct ivgi nlinin itu«pecli, ivceewraiit 
•b Au)^ia, Kiutarjiiui vidWioot in Scotiam. at Itobeilus »d Qal- 
liiu divertrnlofc. . . , 

Tuno pap* grafi moertire propter dcaolstioDeni repii Aiift'taa 
nmfnrlus, de cunsUio cardinidiiim, epbcoporuw, el aliorum 
vironiin pradeoUuBi, ■eutetitialittT definivit ut rex Anftlunim 
Johannea a aoUo tvsoi ilcimDereiur, et alius, papa prooiraile, 

T 3 




raocederet <itii Oijpilor balicrFtDr. Ad htijns qnoque Mutoiiliau 
rxMTuttDiiciii »>:Tiput dutniiiiis pupa poteotiauiio irif* Fnatii;orum 
Ftiilipgio, qiuit«im> m ttiuini--M\rm i>innit»n suorum prL-ciuuiiiiitl) 
litmn titlNrcm anamciet, et xck' Ani;lorutn d •olio RgDi Ml|>uIm\ 
ipfio ct tmooauon* »iu rcguum AujfluLe jars [rarpetno po»I- 

A.D. I3I3. Tb. pi. 333. Uraae Janiiarlo reilieruot a i-umi 
Boinan* Su-plumiui Oiitti«ri«iiii(« arcliiepitcnpuii, Willutmui 
LondvaioiMi* eC EurtnctiiuH Etyviuu iifitMiipl, vt> baltito in 
|wrtibui bwmaiiriiiiii cniK'ilio, n^i Fr*ncoraia ct ofiiwopta 
(laUicaiiU e<>m cicro ct pnpiilo M-iiluntiBm, quae in reg«n 
Ani;l<iruin Roime pro coaUituacin taUt furrat, Rolnnnilcr pro- 

III. !>. a35. Conrcncrant ■pud Dovemm deciron tortjji dt« 
Uui, vidrilool die Lanac pruxiiuu note AMwiuioiH'in IXinnni, 
Box et PandulfiM, c«iia cumitibusi, baronibiu ct lartiH maitu 
niniM, ul>i in . . . pMia foroiMn nnaiiimiior coDMONtniit. 

lb. p. 936. . . . Coovcnanint itcrum nrx Anglorum ot Vma- 
diilfua cum prooeribiu rcgni «pud domain iiiililuni Teaipll 
jtixUt DovcraiD, decimu quinto dio Maii, iu vi|{iliii MiltceC 
DiKitlnioM AscMiiuOflit, ubi idem rex Juxt» qttod Ki>initn fiicrat 
MntoDtintum ngdgiutvit mroiuini atuin cuiu rcgnb AngtiM M 
BUioniu* in manu domini jMiue, cuju« tano viooi gcivhtl 
Pandulfiis. . . . 

lb. p. 139. . . . St«p1iaiius Cenluariensia uoltltpisoopos, 
'Willvlnius LondonieoBis, Eualaobiua Elyeiiais, Hujfn linwit- 
niciui*, Atigiditu Kerefordetisb episoupi, cum oet«ri> clcriciii 
«t Inictt CMUK tat«rdtL'li csnluiililiiix, . . . njitid DoTCima 
XVII* knloodu Auguiili npplir.ikiiti'ji, in di« bmtuc MRrgarotw) 
virgini* WiDto&iam ad n^tn rcorninl . . . ilium aliaolvcraut. 
Vt baeo abMlatio [acta fiiit in cnpitido Win(oui«iui. In baa 
aut«in abtM>tu(ioii« jumvit rex, UL-tis aanWAiictia efun<^lua, 
(|iiod Mactitm ecdcaiMU cjuaqu« ordijiatoB dilij^ret, de^undcnC 
«l niiiimtcnfret «antn omnoa ndvenarioa tngt )>ro piMae no ; 
quodquo b»nas l«gr« anlocaiioniin auorum «t pmaoi]>u« !«([«« 
tUwafdi regis Ttvnntrcl, at iiii(|iiu d<«tni<<rct, vt omnca 
botntiM* aaoa secundum jusU mriaa suae judida jadicani, 
quodque alnfplis rmld«iit* jura ma. . . . 

la vnwliivo nutctn nuiait rex liltvraa ad omnes rlcMximit** 
iDitnl An)|;Uan, praecipicns ut do Hiii},titU OominiMnim aaorum 
vlllis qnnltior U'^tnlcH bointnp!) niin [mi'poMtlo apud Saadtiini 
AlboDUni pridU iMitiii* jXujjiinti faoitrcnt muvcnln-. ut pur illos 
ai ali<>« aiiciidrcis nun* d« diiTiini* *ii)jpiloruiii efuanipimtrii rt 
nblallt wrtitixliiK^in inquirard, ct qiftit «iiiguli« dvlwrrlur. . . . 






TntrrnMTiint i-onnlio ti|itid 8*nrium All'^niim ditKriiluB FiUti* 
I'etri ct r|>lKi>pu8 ^Viiitouicssis cum urclik'iiiMxijHi c1 AfiinnoiiU 
tl \t%ngi\Mi\m» refpii, ubi cunctla |iuc« r«gis il«nuMim(a c\ ejax- 
item n^» |Hute firra!ter (mecei'ttiin «■(, qnatcnu* Icgw Hcnrici 
«W mi kti nmniliui id rcguo cuttodircntur, o( omoM kgv* ini- 
tlUM ih-dUd* oni^rTBrcntur. ]>Ntuncuituia Mt pnet«m fic«- 
comitiuiaiv fnmitnriiii, aliiMjuc minislrU ivgis, Eictit fiUm et 
mmbn na di!ii,'unt, ti« a quoijuum uliquid riulvnter extoT' 
(|W«iit, T«l aik-ui injumiD im>;i're jimrtiuniiuit. aut Molalk 
nlioiltl III npM faciaot, «ii.-ul Uci-re cocutucrL-ruot. 

Rut). Co<iQmiAu:,p. 873. Btrx Aiiglbo paralo navigio in 
Pktaviam IwroDc* NorlliaiihumlHvnsea inviiavit 11 1 E«cum 
inBafretaTOBt ; at ill) pari aniiiM codtiuque 8>;jil«ntia cQUlra- 
dbirronl, Mferailci non to Im>c oi i>l>iiaxioe etae aecnndum niuDia 
tcmnina aaaniai, %tA iii ex|wdilioi)il>iu Auzliauiia m nimU 
cxhotutoa rt vdiMnuntcr uttciiuato*. Itrx igiltir indignatu* 
cpllvvtipi militum <-(ipiM ip«o» allrrcrc vnluU, mxI UiuIdhi aHiU 
rptKu|ius eutn lationuUilitcr argueM impetlUD iputu compvscuit 

Vatt. Paris, p. 140. EodMn anno octavo kalomlM Sep- 
1<-iiii>ri* (smvpnenint in rivilattt livndonianim wpaA Sancttiin 
J'kulutu 8t«]>li«nut Canttumcnnif arcliifrpiKopfla cutn epitcvu!*, 
•libatiliiu, prioribuB, ilecnniti et baroitilHifl w^\. ... In boo 
oon«i]u!o, ut fanut r«r(*i*l. arcliiopisoopuB memorHlw, cooracalM 
i«onuin quibtiKlnm rt^ni prooeribus, coepit iiiTuri «<ia fleerctiu 
tn bvnc nodum; 'Audiulu' incjuil 'quuinnio ijiM aiwd Win- 
biBiam Rgem aliaolTi. vt iiMiiim jnnire cumpultrim <jii»d K'ijee 
iniqUM dcirtrucret el )i^;t« boniiA, ridtlioct l«gM Edwanli. mo* 
cant A in np.m facvrct ab omiiihua obacnari. luvonta cat 
qnMine nan« cartn <|iiB4xUm llFnnci primi rr|{ii AiiRl!a« per 
qtlaia. H voturritts ilbrilBtm diu aniiRtas pulcritU M atatiui) 
pratiaiim rerocan.' .... 

Kirn. Wavehl. pp. fji, 178. Dominus Nimlaiu, vplsoopna 
ToicuUnriiait ot rjmlinnlij , , , . nuitito knlrniloa Odolirii tenivat 
IqpUna in Angliam. iiiinto iiimiui Odobmapud Loodoninm butuo- 
^uin domini Johaunis 8u»^ pit. ... In f(»lo Saocti Nicolai |ht 
pramptum Nivulai l«f,-ali el nrL-biepiiKopi ootigregati nnl apud 
Rvdii^ea oiudm tcvIt^iAxticl pmOati ocrtivime eperantM aJi- 
({uam n!Btiluliuai.iu . . . infwto uvf^tio . , . rem«arniit. 

Wai.7. CovKxr. il 117. 1)ii»Mi*K) eirin nrt inter Jiilinnntni 
nyrtit Aii|;liau vt tiiiuMlain tlo procfribua pro acutagiM i|M>d 

S'tulint all iltt* ijiii noB ii-mtit, nc« iniBcnitit vuin )[«u ia 
irUTiani. I)uiilil>u« riiini iilud pluc-itiii«, iiriilrsdixerunt ex 
AqulluDarilitiB ikmuihIH. llli Tidelicet qui aiino pn>«l«rit<> ngtn 




DO in Pidariftin trawiMt iiRpcdtcmnt, iltccnt«H n propter Irfnw 
([UU it) Anglk teneDt ono (l«lwro roMin «xtn rttgiium itc<|iii tun 
i|i8UBi eaiitcm sniUgio jurare. B contra rv^ iii tuniiBan) 
>]«Littin) Mugeote co quod in die^Nis |>fttris mi necDon i4 fnilrw 
■ic Beret, res ult«riuB proceeaaMi Din l«^tj praeecatia olmti- 

A.D. 1314. Matt. Paris, ]>p. 949, 153, 353. Nioolnnx Tlins- 
cnlaneariii epifci>]ni0 et aposUtliooe eedM tcgatna in die niiontfi- 
lorum Priri et Pauli io ecol«ia catliednii {.S*iiL-ti Pauli) reluuivit 
wntoDtiata solemuiter uttcrilicti. . . . Kvx Aogloruai JutiAiiiivH 
eipkitlB ageoiUs mis in piiitilniii tranatnarina mliit iu Au;;Uitiii 
Xiyo kaleodu NovemWiK. Sub «n<l«m tftnp«tat« couvMMTunt 
hA collotiiiinm Apud Sancttiin Eailmiiiidum comitea ct iMroiiM 
Aqgliiie <{ti>ri onUioni* gratia, li<.-«1 in catwn nliiMl faiKHft Na 
cum diu simul et eocmtiiM trsctarc coepisMiit, proilucM oat I 
taadinin cvtft qDae<lam ref^s Ilrarici primi, qiiAm i<l«i» barani 
ft Stepliano CantuarifDsi arcliiepiscoi)>o, ut prseUictuin tsi. In 
urbe Londoolanim «ooep«raot. . . . ltii<iu« cnar«D>Ttiii1 iiai- 
verri od eccteBiam Saii«ti EodinuDd!, et iiii'i|iifi)til<(iii lunjoHlptM 
JunTcmot mper di»Jus alurv, iiuod ni n-x litgux vt IiIh-HiiIm jnni 
di«tu conccdcro diffugenit, ipsi ci gntYrani umdiu inuvrmii uL 
ab qatGdelitnlCMsubtnilivivnt, donee eu per carlmii dij^'l" >>u<> 
DiunitoR) ooBflRnaret omnia <|UBe petetiant. At<|im iu boo 
tandem oouimuniter cuoMiuaeruut, ul port NatAle I><iinini siriml 
ODUiea >d r<!;;tni vciiivnt^is, lihertnUi* iimctKrijitMi *itii ixitcTviit 
nDfinnari ; at<|uc iotoim in rqub oiU at nrmi* Udilor provi- 
dcnnt, <iucid. It (6rt« rtx ■ irroprio vellct jnnuocDto, qitod Iwim 
cr«l«baut, rctiliro, propter ausm dnplicilnlem, ijwi pmteBiis per 
captionem cutivruB Buoniu eum ad MtitlaetiuOiein compel- 

A.D. 1315. Matt. Pari!!, p|>. ai^s-iSS- • ■ ^' tonuit curiam 
niMn ad Natalc IXimini aptul Wigiimiuni rix per spalitiro tiniua 
diei ; (tfindo cutn fo^linatioDe LoiMloniaB TeniieBi Dpad Noruin 
Templum hospilio atm reoepit. T«ni«n(eflqiie nd rrffno ibi «upr»- 
iltoti magiiatea, in taaclro aatia appanilu mililnri, )>ni<'runl 

SimwUm lib«rtftl«ii et le^i resu Raitwmnii ciin aliis lil>rrlnliliuti 
bi at regno Aiigliao ct wclr-UBc Anglicatiae coaccwtH confiruiiin, 
prout in carta regix Hciirici primi rt Ii-gibas prvodktU sfKcripliM 
contincntiir. . . . Auilifn^ iiulcni rvx . . . postulahtl induttna 
tiM)iie od dausuni IVs«^1m. , . . lEen aiiti^ni ititcntii voU-nt nibt 

iinientrvra in pcurienim, fedt a£bi auli mnlm ninnni hninini,>« 
idi^itatam per toUm AD^^Iiuni jnmn- r<' M* 

Ut dbi nialiiM provlderct, in tli« I'ui < Mm-iiM 




Cruccm Dnminl nurepit Iii IiebdomoiU I^lKllaB mii> 

Toncrunt n|iii<l Stamdnnl mn^ititca. . . . AvxtiiniUi Autrm uiiit 
in escTcilu iltii duo millin mililuu), jinirU-r equtt«« terrieatcii tt 
peditr*. ■ . ■ Fuenint antom principc* . , . Robcrtoi Filtan 
Woluri, EiutBcliiiiii <le Votfi, Bicardtu do Pcrcjr, )tobrrtufi <l« 
Vm, Fatms do Brai«, NioolMi d* Stutorilln, Sacrus conrn Win- 
toniiukris, RUardiM oomn 'to Clnr«, HenrictiB cofnee do Hereford, 
R. ccm«s Biffoc], ^VillelniiH <1« Sluobrey, Boj^enu da Crvuei, 
RAnatfuB filius Hvbtrti, Roberitis de \'eT, Fwlcn FIHub Wwini, 
Willclmas Mallet, VpnilHiniu do MuDte Acuto, Willelmtiii de 
Di'llu canipo, Simon do Kymc. Willclmtw jurcDi* 4Iamc«]tus, 
WilMmu* Mauiluit, RogcniB dc Monio Briconii^ Johunnf* filiun 
I(iil>«Tii. JuliauiMM mitu AImu, Q. do Lovnl, O. Filina Aluii, 
W. •!« Hobrng, 0. de Valliliua, O. de Ouit, Uaaridtu do GmiI, 
R. (1« Bnkelo. R. de Uimtfichet, Vr'. dc Lantmloi, 0. de Mniido- 
villc romot EftKXia^, Will^lmiu frater ojiii, Wilielmns de 
Uantiufclil, li(ilK'nu.i de Gn.■^tei, 0. OomttabuUriiu de Mi'Litiim, 
Alrxiuulcr de Pointun. PelniK Filina Jnluumiii, Atcxivudtir de 
KaAiDB, Osbortaa de Itob!, JoluuuMa CaoitAtiuliiHiiii CwtrlMi. 
Tbomu de Multonc, Coiuioaa Ftlins HeliMv ct atii mnlti. . . , 
StephRniim Cimluiiriensnn aMiiejnsoapiin) capibilem conaento- 
iMuni lialiuerunt. Erot autem rex eo tempore upud OzoDiam. . . , 
Die TjUok . , . .jtiroxinut post ocUnw Fbschie Wkidw lOft- 
■norati ia vilU de Brakeleie pariter conTcnerimt. .... (Rex) 
miut ail «<M archtcpitcmiiiin CantnarirnH'm et \Villdninm 
Mammllnm comitcin de IViiWock . . . MciKilanii ab «iH qitao 
«aent leges et libortotea quas quaerebant. At illi nnDeiis . . , 
•cbedaktn porrexeraot quae ex parte maxima kf^ satiqnaa et 
nUDl oofunetudiiK* conttiwbaL . . . Tunc airhiepiMOptti cum 
•ociia wiil acbednlHiii ilUm ad regcm defenrna capitnla nngula 
oonuii ipso mcmnritur recilavit. . . . Cum Itaquo Anbicpi* 
■oo^Kiii et WillclmtiK MirMcallua ragtn ad cooantmn iBdnoem 
miUBtenna pouii^wnt, ad jmaionm rejtia ad baranea not 
reveni. . . . Masi>*>ee ■ . . cOBstitnemnt BobeKuni Filiuia 
Walter! [macipcm militiue, . . . et ale . . . Tereus Koi-ham- 
lanain adoa direxerunt . . . Infi-vlo ni!|piUo ad <natnun da 
Bedrfordu prmxerunL , . . Vcncrunt itaqua nd ma ibidem 
nuiidi nil urbc Loodotiinmm, aecrrtiuK ri* indic«iiUe, ({Uod *i 
virllcjit iirl-ia ingrrwiim lialMsv cam leftinaliiine \\\w- venircnt. 
. . . Ad Wane usque vctienmt. . . . Nono kalcndao Jiiiiii , . 
l^rtdMiivtiBiuni civitateni ttine aliquo Itituullu tutravenitit. . , , 
Gt n civiboH jam dictis afceptu ML-urilii(«. tniterunt lillirrna nd 
Miniira, Imtoiwii et militefl illoa qot adlidc i>«r AiiKliam Rgi, 
ItoDl fldc, odliucrcre vlduluulur. . , . Uacv aat«m In parte 




eonim Dfininn Hunt qui noiMliim jurar^nint tilx-rUt** praoilidn* ; 
— WilUilniuk Ik[um>viiltui comn tie I't'ubrock. ItnnuiritH coniw 
OMtnoiaiii, WilMmiiH comes Sareobirirniiiii, Wilk-lntiis ootncd 
Ww«(Uia<, Willchnus oomw AltwmarluiiBis. II. oomc* Com»bui«, 
W. de .MbiiHtu, Bol)eTtiia de Vcteri Poot^ Petnia Filiiw 
Heraberti. Bri<!uua de IiuuIil. 0. Av Luc[, &. de Pnrntvitt, 
TliODUS Hiwel, Hi-uriciis <lp Bmiliriv'J:, .Tohannn Av Haiiungo- 
liurii«, Willclinu* ilc Ciintclu, limrkiu <)i' Ccjrnhutit!. JolinntuM 
Filiiw Uu)(otii», Hugo de Nivilc, Pl>it!ripu« dc Attiiocio, Jolinnoea 
MttTtMallni, WtikilniuH Uruwoirc Hi omaett aim mtuxlnttim 
tMuwnuRi nccc|HMent, maxima para oonira Londunixi |>Turc«ti, 
conibederati euol nwiirDulibuB supradictis, ngem punittiH rclii»- 
■luetita. . . . Statnenmt r^ diem ut ventral coiim cot ad 
LvlliMiuiuin in pralnm int«i' StoiiM et VTiiHlltnora Kirtiiii, ilooiitm 
■luintu dii! JuiiiL CoiivctifTuiit ilnque . . . Taixlnin ii^itnr 
CUB) in mria tii>rt« trnclami-iit, mt Jolinnmi*, vin» rttnn Utiiiniiin 
nribua impanx inlclligvoa, aiao difficallato Icgt* , . . ol Itljer- 
tatee ooaiMMit. 

Matt. Pabis, |>. 264. Bex ... ad VtviHiu iiwuliiin l«l«ntcr 
cuKfu^pl . . . mUit ad enrinm R»maii*m Prnidulfum . . . ut 
bnrvntim pro|ic«itiiiii iinrl»iilntp npi>^t<ilint irritareol. . . Puiw 
, . . cartara . . . caJtsarit . . . Anasuiae. IX. kaleudiu Seiitemlma. 

lb. p. 3j6. Samniiu pontifcx iNiroucs . , . exoommtinioarit 
aiMuinatiin et in tpecic. . . . I^leraiii, XVIL kaleudas Jantiarij. 

Ayf. Wavkrl. p. 183. Interim applicaeraot In Ati^Iia 
alivBtgrnae barlHtri rt magna midtitudu divcmanim Uiigiianiiii 
CTroroin regia poiltiiBcUcr wnfovmlea. Hi« antcm viaia, aupof 
ilicti magnatca olMtiiiutioflem regia ponire dMulcnuitwi, cimd- 
niuni ooufailio Lodowicum fllium regia Kranciae in |rriiicipmi 
AiiKlicniiav iusulae unaiiiinitur eUi^cniiiL . . . Tuoc irni|iuria 
JpliauiieH rex omnia oaatella ct muuttiuDea liabchal Milr nuuan 
iiiM, Hub I'tutodia IniaL'n alwnigcuanim, qui (r«!i|it«ii(«s- |H'raB)- 
bolalauit teiTiLm vaataotM enni et |irai.-daiii olucunqao potcnuit 

A.n. t3t6. AxK. Waverl. pp. jSj, 386. Tn menae Midd 
. . . XU. kalciulaH Junii, T»<l<iwiviM . . . vniil pHmo tn 
Aii;.-1ijim. . . . MeDtie OcloUri, acilicei XIV. kalciuUa Nnveiubria^ 
nx Joliaunea ... in futa tliwcnit apud caatniin de iitnrerc. . , 



Summtmi to Ai-mt. 


A.U. i>e,q. Wmt roR tiik x-xvyixo op a Fords for tbi 

DltrRXVll OP TDK Kjkodom. 

Thb Act, Kithougb only an oonsioDAl «3cpMU«iit br tlw ilc- 
feiicq uf tlM' ocmntxy, hu cou»i<l«nblo iDlcrwt m prooeediog 
from Uio ' CumrnDD* Cowuliuni n^ui.' In Its naterUl stpect it 
i» fell »cl«uiua OB tbe Aanus of Anna, wliicli luil i)ir«c(e<l Um 
Briniii-; oi the wliole popuUtipR according lu u fixed tevAt. for 
llic aune puT|iow. The first pnmdoD be«n on tbo miliui; 
IciMiita Knl; ; Ui« pUn of ntmnjt a force by IIm (ronlHlKitton uf 
tbr kiiiglitN liail bwn tried liy Hearj 11 to 115J: 'ciroa fffti- 
TttAtvm 8. Jolianaia Dapttiln*, r«x Hcnnctis pni«panivit muxi- 
lUuiB expediltooem, ita nt duo mililon dc tota Aiiglia t«rliuin 
[inmn;tit ad oppriiDt'ndtim QunlleDMi t«rnt «t mari.* H. dt 
.l/onM. Bat nllbougli tli« fi)I1oiriiig docmnent is feuds] la form, 
ii Inwr* dixtinrt tmcox of cAiiiMtxiov willi llie older mtlttis 
qrsloa : it is clearly iat«iid<<d tlwl liio whol« popuUtioo slwutd 
Ihi amwd U> rcaht iovasiuB, awl we l«am from 0«rraM that tke 
orgniiUslioD of llii> cwtmuma in ami* was to Im carrifd out l>y 
local ocinsttthloi ; tU' punHltit* for n«-gl(«t or trMobory canj U* 
haek to tbo Isa-s of K4boIrad (p. 73) ; and tbo wliole act alianid 
bo eompored with tho rtotetnoot of the BerkKhiro cnstoni iB< 
Donwsdajr Book (sboiro, p. 96). TIm imnent fyrd tra» tho 
follunnot in amis: the feudal levy wax the NofiMo berooago^ 
porformiii); tbp sonrico dno bj- teonni. The proc«*« now going '■ 
(111 was n I'onMilitlHiioii of tli« whole into the form which it took 
Later Diidcr the writs of Heiiry III aud £dwsrd I for a f^cMrsl 
arming of Ibe naliou, addrcMrd to twch of tho greutrr vnwiOa 
•oparateljr, and, for tlio asMinbliDg of tba Issmt onsa, to Uie 

Rsz, etc. Vicecomiti Rotflniwbe, etc. Boias quod provisani 
«M cuDi asaeiMU nrcliiq>i>coporuin, qMsco|Mram, oonham, bsi^ 
rotiutn M oBinitiiii Adcliuin nontrorom Aiif^lae, qnod norcm 
imlirea per uilam Ani;1iuiii invnoient decininm n>ilit«m bene 
iMiatuin (M)iiia «l armts ad dnrfnutioi^ni rFFtiii niMlh; «t uu*id 
IlU miTrm militM invuniaiil dKiimr niiliti qiulilMt di« ii, solMloa 
mI ItlicniltiMiKMi sumo. Kt idm litn prsecipimns qaod. sirut 




icipnim tt omnia tint tl!1igi». {n\tTi<!r'ai> <{iiod <1ni-imi milites it 
Wlliit tuft siut npud I/oiiiiontju a ilic I'ltKliac in Uvs pcpliouQUB, 
l>cno pitrnti cijaiv i>t nrmia, cum Hberatioiubas auis HOit prae< 
dictum «Ht, parati ir« iu scrvitium iioBtnim qua praeceperimus 
et Mistcre in wrvitii) iioetru ud dtrftuMonem regiii Doatri quan- 
tum upUH fiicrit. Provigiim est ctiam quod si «lieuifceiiM! in 
temun noetnun Teiierint, omnet utianimilcr eia ucciirraiit rum 
fbrdn ct arniiti nine nliquu ncciuiiouL' «t clitulioiie, nudilis ruiuuri- 
bu» in corum ndvcntu. Et h quin tnilci vml »crvi<>tm vcl alius 
IciTam tcDcnn invoDtus fucrit, qui tc iitdo rctraxocit, dummodv 
tantA non (u?rit gravatua iiiflnnitato quod illuc I'euire noii ptrn- 
ut, ipfte et ba«rede» sui iu iMM-jn'tuuin eslia«t«tlabuutur, ct 
ftfudulu suuiu remauebit (limiiiiii fuuJi lul fucieuduiu itide toIuh- 
tatcm tiuam ; it« quod cxluwrodfttu!! vul bacr«dci nui ciunquniii 
indo aliquiun liidxunt recuperation crm. Si qui vuro mtlitc-t, kf- 
viraUoi. rcl alii qui tiMram non kahcnt, imcnti rucricit qui se 
similiter rotraz«riDt, ipsi et ha^rtMlos Rui fecrvi Kent in pcr- 
petuum, reddendo «iu;;utiB unnia iiii. denarioB de capttibuH mia, 
Nt'C pro paupertftte omitiant ad praedit-luin ue^utiuiu vi'uiro 
cum illud iiudierinl. quiii <x quo ad exorcitum veuftrtnl, pm- 
vidcbitur uiide MifHtiirntcr in Minritio nutitro potenint ini*tcu' 
lari. Si vcri> viccomcs vcl IhiIHvu* vrI pntcpOKilun illo« qui 
M retraxeriDt Dobi» gier brevo vcl per tcriptum vcl vivm voce 
non ofiteDderint, dicti vicooonios vol batlivna vel prac])o«tua 
rwnnaebit tn niisericordia uot-ti-a do vita et mcmbria. Et ideo 
tibi pnwcijiimuH quod xub fcoltuiitioiic hncc omnia proclamari 
fncian in furin jtor totam ballinin tuBiu, t-t in merest in et 
nundinU ct alilii, ct itn to d« nrgtitio illo fnciundo intromittail 
qaod ad to pro defectu tui cnprro non ddbeamu*. Kt tu ipse 
«R apud Loadonias ad praefatum tcrniiiitim, vcl aliquem dia- 
cretum ex ])urti^ tua niitltui, «{ facias tunc nobia ecira iiumina 
deoimorum niititum, ct Imbcjia ibi hoc breve. Teste mu ijiaa 
■pud 'Wiutouiara III die Aprilic — (Patent RolU, L 53.) 


Hex epiacopo SariabailMlri. tlAndamui robia rognnto* qua- 
ttaaa onini ootatioiM et dilatiune poetpoftitia, aicut nos et 
honorea noatrum diligitia. aitix ud uos apud Londoniaa die 
TXiminica pruximu ante Asiccniuoneni Domini, tiobiacum tme- 
taturi dc ma)j[&ii et nnluu ncgotiia noMria et cummuni r<'f^ 
noetri utilit«lc, qiioiiiaiu nipcr hit* quae a rrgo Frnnciae |wr 


dueviamt of an Aut* 


naiidoi no«lrai et tnoa imImr nuuiduU mat, uimIc ptr IVi 
gniti«m boiium speruiiia |irovenirv, v<,iitnim <-xp«<Jil liiil)rTi> 
coiiailiutn rt nlti^rum magnaluBi lerrwi iiuhti'ar i)U<,<« ml ilirin 
Dlum et locum rwimus oonvoouri ; ▼«« e<inra vx [luite iiwtn ct 
««>tr» dib«lcs d prion* oonvetilutdta totias dioceinB vealrne 
uiuri tacUth at cacilio ]>nM'rli<-li} noUwum lulmhit, akilt 
diligiuit no« ct comtuiiDcm rvgiu util!ut«i]i.— ^i^f/iurt on (A« 
Dignity of « Ptrr, K\\^. \. p. I.J 

A.D. 1907. 

WniT roK TUB AssL'BSMorr or ih« 

Tbe 'iliirUfiitli' wu »xn<.-te(l l>y .Tohn, notwilli'tamlinf; Iho 
deliotc uid the oppcNiitioD of the dergy, nt the cuuticti of Oxfotil, 
Frhruai^ 9, 1107. Il a[i|H!uni from the Annnlit of Wavetl«]r 
(nbuvc, p. 17,1) that a Gxm) uim was oiiginall)' dcmandMl and 
TefiUMl ; and that the kiii^ wilhdrvw the drmaiid, hot sul>- 
itittitcfl for il Uiv |ifvM'nt rsadion. TIh) prtKrtwt of aMMMaeut 
diSm rroin that ailoftod hjr Henry II atid Ric-Iiard I (abuvr, 
|>|t. 160, 357), exdnding tlie action of ll»e jurim, anil aili>]iting 
a pUa, whidi waa prohahijr the ««rlit>r i>ra«i«r. of a mora in- 
qoiKilorial eWracter. TlieajnitKuof uteaniKtit )<)-jun-nH|>pean 
ia the next rtign. 

A.D. 1207. Bbx oniDlbu*, etc. Sdalb '\u'A iwrcooisiuM 
coiuiHiun ct anenxum OMncilii no»tri apwl Oxoniau, pturiituin 
Mt ad drfeiuionaii rt^iii niMtn et rccup^ratiDiii-ni jurii uvMtri [d) 
conHSMaum i»t, qaMl (juilitict laiciM horaa totiii* Aog;tiae <lr rqjna- 
CBiuitM r«odo til. qni iial>i-t in Anglia ndditua r1 calalb, d«t 
Qobii ill aiuilium do nna^iuaqne mnvata redditos mi aDtitialia 
xJt. ilenariM, et de aiMujiuique cnjaslihet initneri«i eatalli inoblUa 
([urxl tinbuit il) octariti PurtficatiouiB Buatae Mnriur, Kcilic<-( ad 
t4tniiiDuiu condlii, xii, rtooario*, ct lic i«cu»iluni |>]nii ot niiniiB, 
El onUMt •DDi'wialli et Iwlliri oomitutn et lioroDum jtinbuDt 
MraiD Jutitiia Doctru do valcntia rvddituuin ct calallorom 
iBobJlIan domtnoran waram et tie snis propriis similiter. 
£t qullibet bonM pca«ter ooinitea et Wruow Jurabit de Mda 
prupnia rwl<)ilihu8 et cainltis socunOiim ijnod Jiulitiae no«trt 
ad hoe tn>n«inti>ii iililttali twirirao nirliim vidcrint niMolirr. 
Vx *i ali(iiiii> cvuviulii* Aiarit quu>l ad erilatiiluin ccfinDiodqm 
ouatrain fnndnlciitor amovarit ottalla aua, val iu ali4uo loco 




ceUverit, vH i'q nlicujaii sltcrins po4atat^ jiocitnSt. to) nlniu 
qiMin raliK-rint •piirclinvi'rit. omnia nlsllo tym mpiraUir ■(■ 
o]nw iKwrniiii qui^n et corjius ejus in ]>n»aaaia iK»lruin ponc- 
tnr donee per DOS d«lib«ti:Uir. (juudlilwt sutftn bundrvdum iu 
coinitatu v«eUo imbmietur ]>tT mi «l qnaellbct puTi>clii» in 
quutiU't hunilrudo per in>, ihi i|UikI Juiiiiiiiu m-rtri Ht-inut do 
<)uii]i1)(;t villn [«T HC rcKpoixkrc. Ctim &uli-ni .Imtitiiir imctri 
atisiliuni i*tii<l in i^nQlihot huiidrnln, civitnt<<, vrt villii niutdfritlt, 
riatiin tmrncribcre fncicDt » itiliilin Mii> nmacs pnrticuliui nuxilti 
iwHiri, *l libcreotur riceMiinili colli^-eiidum p«r ti-rmiRum ijtiiii- 
il<-iiae ta qaimlenun oun omui feitUuiaiune, el Juultuw tiostrl 
rotulot Buoe ulvo penes He cintodiimt donee od no* «w Nfleniiit 
Sutuiiun est eliara (|tiod an)n«i> cl<Tici nortri et omnM Juttitino 
iinMlri et (J«rici cunim «t oninc* qui m in nltqna de tMgolio toto 
iiitr<>mitteJ)t, junibuntqutid li'klilor ox toto pomr mo lioo msih 
titim fndent, ucot <»n«iituliiiii est et quod pro null* n hoe 
omiltciit. I*raM;i|>iiuus anlem aap^r vitam «t m^iilirft quixl 
4|uililMt denarius boiiiu t\ d« l«^U pondere cspiatur qiiamvia 
uoa n( HOWS, tnm ad opua m^-tnim qium nd omnium sliorum 
r«gni nodtri. Ad lioe nutvm nuxilium in oumitjitu viftro umi- 
dcbdnm niittimmi looo noslrn Kobertnm de Betkele, KicunlutQ 
«k Knoei;roe, Willelmum de Faie«i«, inagtsUuni R, de <>loccf4r(^ 
WnltcTum de Aura, Ad. filiuiu NittelH, etc Et rabis pra«oipj- 
mna quod t\» ile hoc (anquMm nobi* Bilia Inteudentea. T. ma 
1)100 apud NurhpinloD, XVIL die Februarii.— (J'tUmI R<JU, 

A.D. 1113. Jodk's coscrhsioh of tbx Kuiodok 
TO niB Pora. 

Tills net of rabmiMion was niade to Pandtilf at Dover, 
tlife 15th of May, iiij; aunt rHiewed Iv NiraU* liinbop of 
T^bohImu at London on tho $rd of Oi-lolfer wiib a golden 
(imUo, and villi lite aclu«l poirotuiauw of lioijo bomoga h«ro 
proiuUed to Ike Fi>p& 

■ToiiASxra, I>oi frrnti*. rrx Angtiae, dontinun nibeniW, dav 
NormMniae, «t Aquitnnnioc, oomts An<l%-nvinc untnil>in 
Cliristi fidvlilius [•rwseiiteixi curiam inepMluris, nlulain. Uid- 
veiiiinli vetiinio |>er baiic oarlam uoetram sigillo noetro munilam 
volumUtf ene iiuiuni. quia l-uui Dvum et nonlTnn noMram aaao- 
tam aoeli'-tiitm ofliiidcriaiuo in miiltin et proJude Divlna iniaeri* 


Gj/t of He Kinffthm A) tit Pojx. 


eon)!* (ilnntnuin tAiiiffOro iMMWiniir, ncc quid Atfftn oflVm 
jMidimiut pn> iinlUla«lioti» Dto ct ■^■cli-iiiiut <lrl>ita raciviMb, 
itlsi nan iliMB ot rrgnn amtn liiimilMininii : — VoleiiteH tioa ipao* 
linmilinre pro Illo^ui Se pro nobis ItiimiluTit naquuad inorlein, 
f[Tuli* tSauoti Spiritus iii±{>irante, noo vi iti(liu.-ii ti<M tiiuore 
oowli. nti noHlm boiia »(M)ntaiiFH(|ue voluuiate ac comntuni 
eoniilLtt Imronuiu ooslroruiii, ofTerimUK et lilicn coaotdimue 
Deo K tDneliN n]io«ti>liii Kjiu Pdro <:t Paulo «t uiKia* ItunuBoe 
•cdMiw mulri noatrM, ne tloiniito no«lm pniuM Innocvntto 
•jaaiiue odlioUHa raccenoribui, totum rv^iuiii Air^liM et 
tutum refcniiin Uibeniiar, cam omsi jut« ct pvrliiiMillii «ui«, 
pro rcmintone p«ocaturum noMronini et toliiu fiviieriii nodri 
tarn pro vivitt <(Ukni iltfunctiB; «t aniodo iIIh k Deo e< irrlwii 
Kommiu tnaquikin fiiHluturins rei^iplriiti^ii et teiieiitni, io pne- 
Mntia pruilratis riri Pniidiilfi. ilomiiii pii{Mt« mibdinooni ct 
(iimiliniia. liilclitBlno (iximli; prwilkti) ttninino n<ietn> papas 
Iiiiioci-ntio. cJHsquc catliolicix incrtviioribus ei tdAeeiat- IIoidmim, 
HViinilum aubecriptain fomimn iueimia et juraiaun, «4 boma- 
gium liginm iu pra«Mati> domini p«pa«, si comn eo o«w 

SoteriiBns, cidem fsciemus; Bucceteorts et bn^Jvclcs noslroa 
B oioro nostra in pcq>rtaam ol>li^to^ tit nmili iikhIu 
Niimrau pootifki ijui pro tcniporo Fucrit, «t epdcsiav RMautiM, 
aiDu colli ndktloiic <l«l>wDt Ivdclilatem praMlaiv et lioaiajfium 
iMugniMKwre. Ad iadiciuin •ut«[n huju* [i^etuau ncxlrae 
olili^tioiiia el canceMionU volumua et atabilituiui, ut dc pri>> 
pfils et R|>n-ii>libii« ivdditilniH pnK<lrrtoruni ri-gnonim no'tro- 
rum. pro onioi wrvitio et cunincliiilinp quixl pro ipsis fiio»te 
d«liereiiii]s, uIto par oniniii ilcuario bcati Petri, circtesia Ro- 
mMW miUe nuircas fttcriingorum percipUt aiiunMifii, witii'ct Id 
fnto Saiieii Michadis quiti|:^ataa tuareaa et in Pattlia qutn- 
gcntof Eoarcus ; tteptlnifcutna ik-ilivct pro regno Ai>;cl>*« ot tn- 
crolasprorc^o fiibemiae : mUvis tiobi* itl liaorrilibus uostna 
Jttttiliis, libcrtattbu*. et ro^lihus nofftrin, quiio omiitK, irieut 
au]inulic4» sunt, rata <«m rotontn perpelno alque lirmu, ubliga- 
mu* Boa el auoMaaores noetros contra uon wniie. Rt w noa wl 
alii|illa ■ncceworum ooatrornia buo attemiKare pracRiinpavril, 
qukiuiquu fuiril, illo, muj litr oowmonitnii mipuerit, ratlal a 
Jure rr);n', ct Imcc rartu oblignlioiiia vt oonctanonU uottrae 
aein|H)r finna ptirmnncat. 

Form »/ Iht oafJt of f tatty. 

Er» Jolianncs, Doi iirntliB. nx Angliao Ct doniitina Ili1ieniia«, 
ab liM iiora liunic* fiileli* ero Doo et bMto Pi-tro ot «ccle«iao 
Uonanao na ikitning imw jiaiwu lunoecBtio qjustjae tnaceaMribtu 




tadwlice Intmilibiu : mm ero to facto, dicto, mbmbbu *«I doh- 
»ilio, lit vtUsi pi-nUnI vol nit'nihni, vcl ratin atjitioDe <«piaiitar. 
Eorum dainiiutn, n anvi-ru, iiiijmlittm tt ntiKtwrt f«dam d 
INitcro : iilH>(|iiiii quHiu dtiu* ]H>UdX), iiitlmnbo rel telt |wnoDM> 
•li<wRi qnam «ia cmUm pro crito dictunm. Connliiim qiiDd 
mibi cnyiiJci-iul, por se vel per nuDcioa ano* nco ptr littvtM 
H1J0, wci'oluni tcuvtio et od eoniin donintim ntilU pniitlitiTi, ntfl 
scieDtA. rutiiinoiiiuin \>tali P«tri et fcjxicialitor ivgnum Ati){lM0 
el rvgnnm HibemUe, (uljutor ero tkd tfii«iMlutii «t <)ereiti)«a<)Qtii 
oonlni omnm lioiuim:* tiro pixun nt«o. Sic Deus ne tttljnvet 
«t tioec >An<rl« Pvantcelim. 

Tcst« ine ipeo apud domum Mililine Tonipli juxU Dovmnm, 
coram domino H. arobtppiscopo PuMini-nsi, domioo i. f^tnry- 
MUii ep'ncopo; G. Filio Petri eomiu- Kweiiae juMilUrio DtMtro; 
W. coniite Sunstberien«i fmtre tioAtro ; W. MareacaUo <\»uitfl 
Penbrociiu) ; K. cumitv Boloiiii-iini ; W. connite Warennioc ; 
S. oomiti! Wintoniiic ; W. coniilt^ Anindelli ; W, outnitn ile Fer- 
rcriin ; W. Hrivrcr ; I'clro filio Hi-reliorti ; Wurlno filii> Ctoroldi ; 
Willie Mail, initio tvgni noatri XIV'^.— ^^o«f«ra, 1. tii, i tg.) 

A.D. III3. Sl^HHOm TO A ORCAT Couxciu 

Aftrr luukiufc uilitnUBion to tlie legate lU Dover, May igth, 
Jotin rcTaiiiued io Kent, Siihh'i, lutd Hnin[i*liijv, prepanDg for 
an expedition to Friuicc, on wbiok, n* he vm still excommcttii- 
tMle, the barons refasnl to •coompanj' him. Aidil'iflwp tangUM 
ItDilnd 111 Dorer July 16111. and alMolved the kiii^ atWindmtcr 
on tlif zDtti, ho having nwuro to make restilulina to the Cfaank, 
and, BiorMvor, renewDd bin corouation math. Having suminoiwd 
a council to m«ct st H. Albati'a ou the 4th of August, he uiado 
a eeoond attempt to induce tJi« barons to caibark. This was 
defeoted bjr Ui« ileterroinaUon of the uoblw of Northern Eog- 
ksd, who )iad benefited lh« mo»t by tbe Ifgii mcanirca of 
Hcnijr II, oiul wbiiM dc«ocndiini« TorRied tlic Inilk cS tbe Laif 
casllMH party of later oooititutionni lii*(or>'. WliiUt the council 
of S. Alluu's was leaniing fruin tbe Jtiativinr tbe extent of the 
rights to vhtcfa John bad awom, and the archbtsbup waa 
iiwtnuling the haroot at H. Pnol'M in the lawa of Bourj' I 
(Aug. 35th), John mu |irv[Hmog for a joamvjr to iti- N»rtb 



Qraht of Fftedom tf VAeet'tm. 


to iMiiiafa the recnlciir&iil DoUes. Tlio arcbbinhop huUncil ta 
NolUn^Min ui<l (irerailnl uii bim to Inkn judicial *t«]M ; bat bo 
|iro<wiHled u fnr u Dnitinm (Srpt. i^tb), wbpocc he f«4urDMl 
n]U»Il5 rapiill; ta mcot tbo legitte uid reitew hta aubtaieaioD 
(Oct. 3nl) Nt LofldoQ. The rulluwini* iIuMiinent is k Munmoni 
(oir » ouuDcil at Oxford, uf whoie procpcxbtigs ili<r« ia no recQnl : 
it i> Ibc finit writ in wbiub tlm ' ftiur Ji*cr«vl roon' of the countf 
BppoM- u roprcM-ntatiTM ; the firat iartanco of tbe mnaonti^ 
of llie faUunool to a gonenil nsaembly by die npr«Mnl*tiT« 
nacfianr already uaed for jiididal |>ur]HM««. Tbe four men 
■nil tbe re«ve bad firam lime imnwinoriul rcprtvmili-i) lh<.' town* 
khip in the xbirrmoi>t ; nuw lb« fuar mi^n and the abcriff rcpro- 
Mnt the ahiranoot in tbe nalimial council. 

Rfx VioMoniitt OxoD. aalutvm. PrMcijnmu* ti)>i (iikn) 
OBUWK militca baitlivne tuoe, iiui mmmoiiili fueruot owe aiiad 
Oxoni*in ad iioa a die Omnium Sandoruni in quind<«!ni aio* 
Tcoirc fnvius cum annia suii ; corpon rrm baranam tine amiia 
aitnililer; et (luatuor diKnloe homini-a de coniilatu tuo illuc 
vnire faciaa ad noa ad eundem t«rtninnai tA loqncnduBi D'fbtH- 
ciim de n^Aiis tegni nonlrL T«at« tuv ipao apad Wyttvil. VII. 
die yortmibria. 

FxdeB) Diodo tcribitiir onmibos vicccoroiUbiu.— (A<;port an 
tAti Oi^itg qfa P«rr, A[ip, i. p. a.) 

A.D. 1114. Gkaxt op frebdox of Elkctios to Cbdbcues. 

Tb« «lnl«r of 1313 «-rh »j>eDt In coinpnnliir« qulelnna, 
aiul oarif in Febnuij, 11 14, John weiit ulirojid. He rHun>rd 
OB tho isth of Octobu*. During tbia lirao Uio danMgn of tlie 
Qnucli mn asanwd and tbe Interdict relaxed (Jane S9tli). 
Ttw king waa met on hk retnni by tbe newa thai the barona at 
S. Edmuiul'a bad awora to demand tbe charter of llemy I, and 
were prq«r«d alter ClirintmaR t4i force bin U> grant their cUiina. 
It WM probably w> an attempt to aoparale Ibo deiST fron tin 
Inrooa that bo issued ttio following i-hortrr ou tbe iiat of 
Nonobor. It was rclMucd on tli« istb of January, laig, and 




confirmci] bir the Pope ; but it failed to «ot iHmwiwioa iu tlid 
national paitjr- 

Tbe right of the cbiiptan tn el«ot (heir bialiopii, aud of tlw 
DMnast«ri«s to t\r<X tlveir atibots, nlUioagli *<rictly uiKinioil, 
bid long ItMn loat sight of b EngUnd. In tUo olghtli aod 
ninth oonturica MwnU <smi of elmtion to b4iho|iria mn}' bo 
found, in wUich, the nalional Cburcfa Iwing stronger Ibiiu tfae 
baplnrchio kin^, the oboloe wiw probtbly int. But unilvr Ihp 
Wesb-Suxoc kioga tlie a{ipoiiitnM!nt« were gcnonlly iiiiul<^ iii (bn 
Witonagemot, sod uiul«r the Korntans by tlio king in liia grent 
OOUtU. Tbe funn of «l«otiou vaa rt*t4ir>;d under Iteiiry !, 
tli« gnnt Bogor of SnlUniry liciug, it >« Mid, tli« Ttnit biabop 
canooicelly cbuMn ; but tbo proccn look pine* \iaAvr tba oy% 
of tbo king or josticiM-, and vnw only nominally ttw. Tliit naa 
(inktn Ui connexion witli tbe roy*l cbiais to tbe revenue of a 
M<(! (Itiring il* vacancy, a vacancy wkSob tbu king could prolong 
Bl bi* pltacura) a very kravy grievmncv ; and it wu protnOJy 
«itk a view of propiUating Arcbbitbop Longton tlial tbo rvfunu 
waa now profioeed. 


Carta Jakatnit flegU ui tiherat #i'nt derttona lotiua 

JoBAKXES Dei gratia rex Aiigliao, dominn)> liibrfitiac, dux 
Noniiaunine et A(iuilaiiiiiu«, comes And«^viae, au'biei'iwouiii, 
cpii°raptH, Gomitibiu, bon>ml>ui, inililtbuo, ImIUtis et umnibu* 
bu litt«raa viJitirui vel audilnria ulutem. Quuniaui uiler noi ot 
v«norabilcii pntm no*tra« 8(«|>liantiiu OantuaricnucTn arvhicjij- 
orapnm tolius Angliao prtmuti-ui ut Sanctao Romanur Et^lcatao 
Canltiiat<'n), WjIKImum lwDdoiii<riiitcii), Euslacbiun) Kl;niflen>, 
Aejtiydiuni Herefurden^eni, Jo^KcliQum Datbooienaein at Obato- 
nlei)i«ro, et Hugvnetu Liu«olaieosem opifcopoe. super dannnla 
el ablatla tcmnora intcrdictt, per Dd gmliam do ntera et lilwfv 
Tolnntaloutnoaqw) portia plena oonvenit ; vcituniu* nnn witum 
cis qnantom secuDdum Denni pouumiu HHtinfiirrrir, rvnim Hiani 
toil ecclesiao Anglioaoaa nlubrilcr <tl utiiitrr in pri'jn-iiiiiiii 
proTi(l«re : iiide net quoit qiinliwnnqnn <vinBUctii<in laupoHbua 
noatrix et jiraedeemaoruni nu«tn>ruiii liartcnus iu mlmiu Angll- 
oann fucrit oliannnta, M ijuicqaid juris nobis hnriciius \<-ii>li- 
cnvtrimuc in elwtionibu* (|niiraiiKnioi)ue praolaionini. tu'i- i>d 


ArdcUt ^ Uke Baroiu. 


prliUan«ixi i|NM>riiin pro atlnte uiimui nootnir rt pnwdeMHO* 
nun M BiKxtatiOTuni ooatnmim rcgum Augltnc, lili«nitil«r mou 
«t fiioDiaiMa voluiiUto, (l« LVHuniuui coumubu ^iMtxiuni OMtro- 
rum. rnoci'Mitnui ct coattitniiRDs et liAo praM^uli urln noctra 
eooriniuiviiiiiiM, ut <Ie ci;t«ro in uatv(<rau «t sini^lu eceleslia m 
motiut^tii nttlirdnilitius et ooovratunlEbiu (otiuH rvpa txMitri 
AogllM), lilMCMr Mint in peqxstuiun nterlioniw qn»raiiMrUM|iM 
pfMloloniin Ru^orum ei minonim ; mIt* mibis cC liMrtdJbtu 
nwtris ounloclia Kckmmum trt nonArtcrionuB VBCUitium i^oaa 
mi DM perlinctiU PramUUmiti cliam qnod nw impolirraa* aoc 
liD{i«di7i penutUniu [Mr Bc«lro« nee procurabimw, quo to 
tiffin et un)t«nu Mdeaiia et noDBsterlis ntenoratis, poMqtuaa 
nmrftiac praeUlaTM, qnuidociuiqae Ttilucriut. litH>Te ubi prM- 
fii'iMit clet^oren ntslvran ; petiu ttuncii priua a uutiu ei bw- 
notilia* Dixtriii lioentia di)(eDdi, qu*m nan den«|nJiiauia, nee 
difTrmnuK. I''t ai furU^ qnou >lMit, dcucffurcistu nJ diffibnvmiu, 
prtMwiBnt oiliilotninns Mcctaroa mI olectaoocm ciAimicajn focicD- 
(Um : et similitor port cclebrmUm •IfCtioDom Dovhir nqnintur 
#Meoiaa. quem eimilitrr non deDegabtmBB ai« sliijuiil rations' 
liil« ]»opo«ueriiBiu et loffitiine probarerimus, propttr quod noii 
doboMttu* eotiwntirv. Quare mlnniiu et tirmitvr in1iilieni)if an 
quia TMWDtiba> twclMiia vcl moi»*tpriiK rontm lianc nmitniin 
QOMxauoncra ct ooPttitutioaciB in •li<itio vcnint n-l rvain prw- 
tanwt. 8i qui Jtn contn hoc *Iiqiio tinqaun temparo vonerit. 
Cial(dictiiHi«iB Omitipott^lb Dei et nottnm iocurmt Hiia 
UMlibiB) Fetro Wintoniensi episcopo, Willelmo MariKsUo conile 
FrnbrokW, WiUelmo oomite Warv&uiai', BawhiUo conute Cm- 
triar, Sah*rii> comile Wintoniau, Ganfridw de HandeviUa comit* 
()loDci>>triM; et Eaaexiae, Willvlmo votnit« de FerrBriie, Willelino 
IViwrr, Warino filio Ocraldi, Willdnui de Cuitilupa, Hngone 
ik' MoTilln, RolieriD de Ver, Willdmo do Huntingfold. Data per 
mnuuni ma^rtri llinrdi dc MariKCv CuicrlUni opatri, apui) 
Novum Templuni l^onduntia, vioeRiiM primo die Notvrotiris 
antui tv^'ui DOflri aexio dedmc^ — {SlaltiU* <if<h* lUiUm, Char- 
Ur» It/ LilxrtieM, p. 5.) 

A.D. tit^. AjtTic(.(a or tni BABOifa. 

On the feast of Ibe Fpipbany, iti.f. tbe baron* made known 
tfa«ir ekiaia to tbe king. Jntm, after attooaptilig by penoual 
■olidtatiuu to break Bp the party, promiaed an aiwwer after 
Ea«i«r. B« tbsa mieauMl tbe charter to the cler;^ (Jan. i5Ui)i 





directed tbe oUh of fealty uti boawge to be talcen thronKhoot 
EngUad ; and mliNted biroi^lf na a C^nucder; botli pMiiM in 
Uw Bieantiiiic coiuntting Um) Pope. Od tbe a7tb of April, Um 
•lay fixed for the king's Miswcr, tbe baroBs UMmMod in force at 
Bncklef . Tbe king, vho iru at Oxford, Brnt to ask the deteila 
of tlieir clainu ; and whiUt r«fi»it>g to gram tliem. propoaad 
(>fuy loth) an arbitcation to b« uada by the pope and eiffbt per- 
nuii, foor cliCMa by hitnidf ami four by the baivmt. But before 
tbis na* done tfacy had (May 51)1), at Reading or at Wallingford, 
nuouDCed tWr allegiance to Jobn, and begun to altack the 
royal <utlca. On the a^th of May they wtn receired at 
London, aad tie king's renting friends began to negotiale 
vrith them. A meeting vaa afcreed on for tbe gib of June, bat 
[KwlpoDod to tbe i^tb, wbon tlie barons presented tbs following 
Artldee, and the Qreat ChatKir, in which tbo king aowpted tbe 
lenns^ was executed. 


Itta Mtni Capiluiti ijua* haroni* pttmit tl ieminw Hex tmteiSiL 

I. Postdeonsum auteteaaoram faaeredee plense a«talis babe- 
bunt liaereditntem susm per antiqnnm relevtum espriinenlDia 
in carta. 

3. ilnerwlpii lui infra ui^tiiii'Ri iiuiit «l fuvrinc tn <vst»dia. 
cum ad aetalcm pcrvi-ui^riut lul>i'l>unt haemilitntcni nuani aiae 
relerio ct flue. 

3. Cmtoe teme bwredts capiat rationabilea exitns, eon- 
snctwUiMn, et sorvilia, tine di-slnxtione ot vagto bomtnnm 
ct renun snarum, et si oQStos lerrae fecerit diwIntctiimeiB et 
vnstnro, amittat CM^oiliam ', et aistos suMeuUbii (luutuci, parMi^ 
vivaria, stagna, molcudina et cetera, ad tcvruiu itiam prrtiooitia, 
de exitibos tcnae ejosdem ; et ut baercd«a ita maiilcniur ne 
dispatngentor et per conailinm pH>piiM|noruBi de eouanguint' 
tatt ana. 

4. Ne vidna det aliooid pro dote sna, vol maritaitio, post 
d eees wu B mariti sal, sad mancat in dono tna per xL die* )iast 
mortem tp^iutk et infra terminnm ilium assigiutiir ei doe; et 
naritaffiuin tutini habeat e( haereditatem soau. 

5. Bex *«l ballivus noa eaiei«t (erram aliqnam pro delMto 
dnni calalla dvliituns snfRciant ; neo pl«gii debitoris di«trin- 
piTilur, dam cnpitaliK dcUtor suBRcit sd sululiuiicm ; li tciq 
eapitalis debitor dcTcccrit in sulntioue.n plcf^ valiieriDt, babcaot { 



JrticffM tif tM« Saront. 


t«fm i)ptiit«n« doneo drinttini illud prrBolvatur pitne, nisi 
ujtitalia (tebitor monrtnre potcrk m osk indo (jntetum erya 

6. Res noB concedct tilicui {Mrooi quod capiat nuxiUum 
do tibom biimiiubuti Miii^ atai ad ourpiu aaam ndinu^nilun). 
at kd liwiradtiin pmnof^itum (ilium Ruum mUit4>in, rt ad 
prinogcuiUm filiam niiiua (cmel maritaodtun, et hoo fad«t per 
nttotialnic an xi I in in. 

7. Ne aliquis mi^us strvitium bdat de GmnIo mililis quant 
lii<!e (Wwtur. 

H. Vt L-onniunia placila noo sequnntur curiam damlni ngb 
•111 amif^iCTtur in Altquo eerio loco: ct ut nccynitianc« oap»- 
aolur iu (^ilKleln oanulatibtm. in bnnc modtini ; nt r*x niitUit 
duM jtuticinriiw per iiiiai ricnt in anno, qui oiim liii'" inUitilitu 
^i«d«<n oomitaUiR clwti* per cgmiuium, cajiiiuit muuw da 
Dora dtnauina, n>i>rt« aatocmnris, rt ultima pnwwnUtiaBC, ncc 
aliqutB ob hoc sil BommoDtttis nisi jtiratorce et duae partes. 

9. Dt in>cr liDino iuu«rcictur pro porro delicto secuDdnm 
modum delicti, «l pro mnj^o delicto M-oundutu magiiiludliwiii 
delkiU, mlTo c«Btiiicmonto inw ; vilknua ctiut mxlcn hxkIb 
anetvietur, lalvn wayno^o sao ; ot tneicator «od«m nodo, 
«lv» maroa&diBa, per aacranutntuin proboram hoBiinum do 

10. Ut detioua ainerdetur de \aieo Ceodo mo aeeuBdoai 
modum aliorum jiracilIctuniBi, ot bob MCBadoni baneficluni 

ri. Nc aliqna viltn aiBeretAlnr pro pontibas hdcodit ad 
ripariiu, nisi utn iv jure aaliqoitaa mbe aolobaBL 

13- Ut mensura vini, btadi. et latitudinca pwiDi>nim et nrava 
alianim, einefldelur ; et ita de pooderibtu. 

13. Ut aawMW de Bova diatausina et de mortc BBteceaaoria 
alr1fn>vi«iilor ; el ■iinilil«r d« alJis luaiaia. 

14. t'l anlhia rjeecomea iDtmniillat «e d« placilia adcoronaia 
pertinentihut rine comnalnribus ; ct ut comiiaiuit ct hundmla 
iiBi mI aiilt'iiiM firBiJM abeqn* bbIIo incrcmento, vxoeptit doioi- 
nicis inacici-iis rt^a. 

15. Si ali<iui« te»«Mdo rega moriatar, licafait vioMosiiU rrl 
alii >'n1)ir" n-.-iN seiatrfl ei imbreviare ntallum ipnna per visum 
]• im. li* tameB qaod iiiliil iadc aBioTeatur, doiMC 
]J iili>b<«t aliquod UquidumdeHlnm dumiau rvgi', 
Kt tunc (Irl'iiuni ngia pawlnlBr, rmidnum rcro nliiwfuatur 
i^fcutnrilius acl fitncBdnm tadamcntiini dcrancti ; «t ri uihil 
r<fp ilcliettir umniii oilalU ccdant dtfnndo. 

16. tSt aliquia Uber liono intettatiM dmetaorit, b<iBa <ua per 

D 1 




■lUKmi [iroxiiiKiniin pwtntain nRmm «t untomn et p*r 
vJMiB KcltMM iluAnliBiatar. 

17. Ktt rirfiue dutrinf^tur wl m nuriUadaiB. dam *olii- 
erlnt sioe tu&nlo viven ; its teOMii qwd Mnmutem brieot 
qnod DUD mkriubout m aine ■ Wcmu ragii, if d« ngn Unnaiit, 
wl deoinofwii fuonun (1« qnibiu teiiMit 

18. Ke MwatftbuUrinji Trl bIiiu bkUivtii caput UmU nl ali* 
caUlto, niii nuuiiB drnArio* ttulo mUkt, Dtgi rr« pfntu m iMbw* 
|M)wit do vohtitU(« tviMlUoris. 

19. Nc coBsUbaUriiM poMit dwtringvro ftliqnem mitilnn ad 
dkBdom deaariot pre cn»1«du «Mtri, d mlocril boera cmio- 
dWBi illm ia profinK perBi»*T«l pcrathm pcobniB 
ip«e eacn Tmxtv aaa powit per nUOMUiiltm aacMn ; et ci i«z 
ram (luxi-ril in exemtnm, ait qntelns de coNlodn iiccua<luBi 
qoMiliutitai UmporuL 

2^. No TiueonM, n) ballivtw t*^ nl kHqab alia*, npiai 
tqaot rel canrtlas alioujaa tilMri bmiau pra cariagia faulcodo, 
niai ex rolualate ipdaa. 

31. Na MX nl Wlinn nna capkl altenuni boacnm ad eaatn 
vH ad alia aeeuda sua, luat mx volunUlcn iwitw coju* boacu 
iUe (oerit 

31. Nb kx Uncae lenaiB eorun ciBt fberint eouvicti de 
UoDta, uiri MT lUMim uuium vt imuiB Jirm. aod ttUK re>l<latur 
donuiio drodi. 

33. Ul omoos kidelli da c(4«ro penitiu dcponanUr de Tanis!* 
K Mi-derayc «i per totam ADgiiam. 

14. Me brere qaMl vwatai prmeifM de cetero Bat alictii 
aljqtia teaemento uude liber bono anitlM curiain auara. 

35. Si qats futrit duaeintoc t»I pn>laDgaMa per nffem 
jwliciu dc tent*, lilwflatibua, ct jurr nuo, •■laliro ci reMilnatnr; 
et ei oonUDtip nijier Imc orla rurrit, tunc inde Jii^waotiir p<r 
judidiiiD XXT. faBrunnro ; ct at liti qui farnot diMaixitt p«r 
palnm val fintn-m n-gi* rmlum habeant eirc dilatkina per 
jndicium parium buottud 10 carta regis ; et si rex debeat halwre 
KrmJuup alionUD cniM aignaloniin, lano archtepiaoopus et 
epiaoopi fociant iude jwlidum ad certuu dieaa, app>ulatM>M 

16, Ne ali(|uld detar pro brev! im^uisitiouia d« vita val uen- 
brii^ ard libnrt coiKnJabir nne pn^o ct non nffirtur. 

»•}. CJi uliquii tco«t do nge per fewli firnum, p«r •okagium, 
vel per bamgimn, «t de atio per aemtintn tuilita, dMmaua nx 
MO babobit cnatodtam militnia de feodo allehna, oocarioBt 
bitr(taf(ti Td lokagii, oeo debet habere cashidiara bant<W*^ 
■okaipi, rel feodi Snoae ; et qnod liber komo nan amiUat 


JrOeiet (jf tht Barena. 


RitHtMs wucm oocuutM pamram MruBtiMnin, rieutl de ilti* 
qui Wneui aliqnod WMeuotun ndocodo iade ouUdloa vd 
•ftftiUM Tcl lit^Qsraodi. 

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tnmpUci loa[ucl« h* km« teatibus Melibaa. 

39. No coTpa* libcri horaiuU ospolur, n«e imprisoaetur, 
DM ilu«iu«i«4ur, nee ulU)(eiur, om exalotur, u«0 ftliquo utodu 
ilr*tnutur, nee rex Mt v^ railtat HupiT «uia vi, nts) per Judi- 
eiuin iMriuiD ujomm ntl per logon terrao. 

30. No jus readalur v«1 diflimtur v«l vctitum ait. 

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dutn ml v«iMl«iulura, aiDe omnibua malia tolli* per uitiquM ct 
rveUiA couiiuelu<lii>M. 

33. Ne Kulnipnm rd ftuxiliuro poootur in regiKt, niai per 
BomnuBO conuliiim n-gni, uini m1 oorpoi ngis rf^IimcDdDDi, el 
primogeBitam filinm Ruum militan CuteDdum, et ftliam Buuii 
prteMgenitJtm eomel laariUodBin ; et ed boe lUt ntUnittbtle wax- 
iliuB. Kmili modo fiat do tnttlagiu et iuxUiui de eivitnte Loo- 
doninnim, et de aliia civitatibns qtuo ind« hebeot lilicrtatee; 
et ut dvitwi Louilouianua pleoe habMt antiqiiM liborUtce «t 
UlwrM eoiMiuctuiliiini lunK, tain per wqua*, qtuun per t^riM; 

33> Ut liccot umcuiqiie exire de regoo et rnlin, aalva fide 
domiai regis, oin troiparo wemo per aiiqnod brave temptu 
pn|>t«r cuiiitiiuDem otilitalem ngni, 

34. 8i ijuU tnuuo aliquid aecAperit % Jodneiii ploi Tel raino^ 
M moriatur antequaED d«l>ituin illud mlvRtiir, dctiuiin aaa ani- 
nMt, quaniiliu baerett fuerit infra aetatem, de qnocamqiM 
t«beat ; ot ai debitum illud Jucidi-rit in miuiam n^», rex non 
<^^ Bui oUallam quod conliuolur in carta. 

35- 8i qtiis moriaUir et debitum <lelK«t Ju<lMiit uxor ^un 
habmt dotcni eoam; vt si libcri n:maa>wrint. pruvittea&tvr eis 
neceeaaria Hcawbtm UiHiiieatnm ; et de n-iiduo aotnuu- d^U- 
tmn oalvD nrvitio domrnomn ; rimili moAo Itat de oliis debiua ; 
M ot onatoe tense reddat baeredi, cum ad picnam aetutem \wt- 
venarit, terrain eu&m tnatAurataai aecundura good ratioanlMUter 
poterit anatuiere d« «xitibuit U-me eJiudMB de canei* el wain- 

36. & quia tennerit de altqu* «tka«t«. Btcut da bnoore 
Walitigeroirdiaa, NotingalMcn, Dunoniav, ct lAnkaetnae, at d« 
altia edtactia quae sunt in nuBU rrgia etatuil buro&ia«, «t obieriti 
baorea fjua nou iLSit aliud ivleTiiiin rel faciet ngi alind Mrti> 
tiutu quani fuonvt baruai ; et ut rax aoden Kodo cub lOHBt 
quo baro tmxa lenuit. 

37. Ut fiuea qui luOi aoul pro dolibuii Biaritagii^ haoredl- 



Utihoa, rt UDerduBentis, injasu et omtn U^em tovu, ooafaM 
cotMloMnhu- ; vet fi«t inde per nidiciam xxv. baroaaia. nl ptf 
jnAifimmi Bijorii potti "T""**", itn* cam archMMKopo ct 
■Ins qvM tttnm voean votiMrit, ito ((tioJ, d kUqaia vcJ aUqui da 
XXT. fomot ui HBuli qnervlo. atnoTcftDtiiT et alii looo iliofvtn 
per nnimot d» zxr. eubuitiuuUur. 

38. Qpod clnd«8 et arUa nddutnr, quae Uboslae hwWBt 
np iancoritaletn. 

39. Dt illi qui fummt extia forabun noa rcoUot amiB ja^ 
ticvriis d« forinU p« csmmaitca winnnnDttioora, Bi« ant lo 
pkdto Ti) plegii tawiat ; ct ut pnna oofttpafdiuM da fc i nl i a 
«t dt bn«larut, ct wuraaiis, «t TJmtnwiriling. ri mwjia, 
oBtBdntKr par ziL milibaa de qoolibel MMtelo, <|iu debois 
<£p per [wobM howittw ^^Mten cnmiunta. 

40. Ut nx UBffvnt pcottnB <1« balliva paraMM «t lotaoi 
wywi i MB Oetardi do Aqm; quod da catav baniam oca 

da Ouininit, Qjwmmi de (>f|janu«, Milthamm da Uattiajr, «C 
batiaa rin ; et QalfrUtim aniatem <ina at FUUppnu Hark. 

41. Bt ut rex aaoveat afiongeaaa nililfa MJp i lidii rwa Utfia- 
tnioi^ at nttaria*. ct aerTieaiaa ^ T«umt oBn •quaatannu 
ad BooaMBSm r(|^ 

4a. Ct rax fadat j n H ic i Miaa . nnwtahiikiiiw. TieneuBuuM, A 
hallrfni,de taEboa qai aoaal lagca lemaatMm fcaaa vefiat 


ArtUtet of tie Barmu. 


47. Bt iMRDM forwiae <|uu saot aXareiUtaie per rcgem lem- 
pof* mo dAKmiiitcntur, ot iu fiat (t« ripariU qOM per ipeum 
ragton wnt ui ilnfenao. 

48. OiniiM wMm iaUe oaii*iHttiiluM* et libert*t«a qnu m 
eoacMBt regno bundu qutntam id m pertmct er^ mom. 
<miMe do lagBO tam elctia qnatn laid obaerrabant qoantam u\ 

m IMVttMt M1^ RIOR. 

J7aw rat forma iMtinliifw ad oWrraodam paoera et lib«r- 
UtM uitur ivigeni vt n^nam. Baronm aligriit xxv. barone* 
Ae legno qao* voliMdiDt. qui debent pro totis rtribiu hum oWt 
rare, tonere, et faonv abaerrari, paotnn et libcrtatea quai 
doiuinDii rex n» coneenit nt carta nu oonfirmavit ; iU rkleficet 
qnod d rcz, vel jtuitkiariaa, toI baUivi r«gu, Tct aliquia <!• 
miniatru suia, io aliqiio erga aliqurai deliqucnt, rcl aliqaom 
aftieuloruiii paoia aut eocuritatia tFaugTHMu ftiprit, ct deliclnm 
oot^neum fucril iiiio' bnrouibgs de pne^ctie sst. baronibus, ill! 
iiii'" Wxmi^a ■i-onlt^iit ail dominom legem, vel ad jusuV-iariuia 
■onni, >i tax fu«rit fxin r(f[tiuiii, )Mo)>oiient«s ei «xoaiMiiu : 
jielcnt ut «xMMuin ilium nno dilatlono hciat eniAndari ; et d 
rex rcl juirticiarius rjui> illad noa omandaTcrit, ei rex fticrit 
extra rei^num. infra ratiouBlrilc tempus detemuoaDdiim in carta. 
(WwiKcti Uijo' referent causam lll&m ad neiduoe de illii zxr. 
bamnitnu, vt ilU xxt. cum coramnna totiua term; dittringoit «t 
gnvabont t«g«in niodia omtubiu qtitbne poUnint, tctlifiel per 
atpliuatm auttrDTuiD, terraruni, jxMteMionain, rt aliia minlia 
qnibiu pateninl, doaec fncrit ratcndatmn ar«undnni aibitrium 
•orua, »alva pctmitia domini n-gu ot rcginio Ct Ubcrorum 
noniiB; <4, cum faml Mimnilalum, intMidaDt dnmioo ngi 
nnut prins ; «l (|uicuniqae voluerit de torra jarabit m >d piue- 
dicta exieqaenda paritaram nandatia praedictonuD xxv. I<aro- 
itum. et gravBluruiD regem pro posM no cam ipaia; et res 
puUioe et libetv dalnt lioeDiiam Jiunndi cuilibet qui Jtuvre 
▼olncfft, et nullt antqiuai junire prolubelHt; omnea autctu illua 
d« terra qui ipootc aua «t per eo noluerint junm xxv. baraniliu* 
de diatriqgeiMu e4 graTando n^«ni cam eie, rex faoet jiirare 
aoadni de mandate nio ncnt pmcdiirtora tat. Item >i aliquiii 
da praedietia xxr. baroail>us daorMrrit, vol a tem roccsAvrit, 
Tal atiqnu modu alio impcdiuia ftleH^ quo naniM iata praedicta 
poniBt exaequi, qui naidui futriat de xx«. eliRPsl abnin looo 
i[nitia pro ari-iino siio, qui aimiU mudo er^l jutatua quu «t 
OPt«ri. In omniUia aut«ni quae iatis xxv. baruaibus roinniit- 
toottir «x>eqn«ada, u furlir i)iii xxv. praaacDlca AMrint et inter 
aa luper re aliqua diaNnlanrint. rcl allqai ex eia rueati noliol 
vd niitugaot iaUstMt^ ntam baboUCur ct firrauiu quod uugw 




|Htn ex ds ptotMorit toI pnuocpsrit, m r oaanm xxr. hi bnc 
conaeBdHCfit ; ot |inu<l>cU zxv. junbimt quad oanJa uilnlMhi 
fidditer obMmbant ct pro toto |n>m aoo fadcBt gliMmri. 
PtsaHro nx UoH vm neoroa {ler omIm udiufiiMyiiil <-t rfi- 
•rafwnm m ii»(;i»tn PaMluIfl. qnuii uilul impetra io>i 

p^« jierquod kliqua iatMnio convcotionam ntoori.i. nti' 

Ktur, el, oi aliqoid t*1e inipntntvcnt, rtpqtctur irritiiBi i-i iokftM 


A.D. iai5. 0«BAT Cejunn or LnnTin. 

Tb« wbole of the CoutitatHXMl Wittory of Eo^ud It ft «oib- 
iDonUfy oo thia ciiajUr ; tbm illnatntMa of vkidi mot ht 
knkwi for IB tW docimuiitt tliM i>Kc<d« and iialloir. 

Jo&uixia Dei gntU r«x Aagtiw, ^"flrim— Hj'btfiuM, dax 
KonBMuiiM rt AqnitaBBM, eomM flmkninwn >r1>W|RWo|u^ 
■^woopu, •bbadbMt ooHutSm, b«rottibii» JoMiciKUa, fnrwUifl^ 
adaMlatnii. Sdfttiina«iiitattnDartpraB}BtauuiiMWD»Mne 
el omniiiM •at«ce«otiwi «t iwemkkm SMOanxin, ad UumnoM 
IW «l czalWioiMB HBCtM cot fa aMe, M a M anla t i n i i ^ regni 
BOatri, par cooaiBnm mMnbtUnB) |iatraiB DoatroRHB, GMfdmi 
OaBtuancBBia anbicpbc^ lotliu AngtiM prinMti* at tmactmrn 
BwmaB aa ■ ^^■■i*. >«.^u»i^ Uenria Dtibtinctt^ anhiep- 
■mpi, WaMmi LcmlotuatHia, PHri WiBtMUMMUk JomcUbI 
Balhawiaowa at OlartoBJaBria, Bvgunia LtaaabuauM^ Wahari 
W j gnntaag^ WiIMbu OwaattwMia. et Bcaat fati Bo&aua «f«- 
a wyuittw ; nagiaoi FaadsU iauSmamm a ohd rowwri at fiuai- 
liam, faurii B^Mrid nafliitri iMiUaa kapfi is AsefU, 
•t MbtEam ▼iroram VaUudUaroaalli ewlu Pn&gli,^ 
WiUalnl eonuti* Sanabariaa, ViDdmi eoc&itia Wwoum. VQ- ^ 
Man ctiautit Anudeffiw. Alaai do <}>I»«^ oMf«aliBUrit 
fisottiM, W«ritH ffia Oar«Ui fVtri &Ut Hcnfasti. IIoliAti da 
Ango MMKalU PtdaviM. Hwms da NevOk ILoW fltu 
Hn w tart i . TVoMia iWwt. Abiu BtMcC, nuOffi d« ADwuBnt. ii 
Roherti da BoMid^j, J(4nnd> 3lariacalU,J«WMnifilii Hiigwaa fl 
at aUonini ftUiim aaimnn : V 

t. la prinb niBtiiriiii Dm m Iim ^nmnti outk nottn 
r i iB J inu iia. pra aaUa et h— ra A ili a * mmBi* b pflrprima. qaod 
An^iowB OTdMiK libm att. r< lM>fwt jvn *w uuigra. «t, 
Kb irt a l M auM JWawi ; at ha tcImmm idwirwri ; ^u*) «(>f<««t 
« ap q>od a alaliw Jaatjaam^ <<m aulmaat nN?> 



Moytm Carta. 


nriK npulttlnr oooImUv AngUfuiM, m<(ra «t apcintiuiM vvlita- 
UU, utt« tlUronliitin iiitM- Doa ot banNHA lio«lro« not&iB. 
e»o«(MuiDUa et mrU noatn ootiflnnaviiuus, et eam opUnuiiuiK 
ft <lomuw pipB Iniwoeolio t«rUi> euufiniuiri : qoun M dm o1>- 
MTvnlHtnut et ab hanwltbia uostrb in jwnidunm boaR fide 
VoltUBUa oI»«n«ri. Connwiiimi i-tinm omnibua liberi* liviniiii- 
bna nRnl noairi, pro DQbU et himniibuo nMlni in )iff|wtiiuni. 
uronid litwrtjilc* nukocnptiu, Itabcndfis Gl (diendiw, ris et haaro- 
ililioH mi*, ilc noliin rt KiH)re(lil>ua DMtria; 

f. Si qaia mmituBi toI loirnuum lUMtronim, nve alioruRi 
Micatiuiii do dcInb iu <apit« per •enilium mitilorei, muftiiua 
ftinrit. ol com denaarrit lin«rc< iniia pluuM; autjuiii foi^rit cl 
tvleviuiu delieat, Iiabcal liarrediut«iii atuun per uituiiiuiii r»- 
li'vium : Kilwet luii:n« rcl bocrtdc* oomitia <N tMronia coinitu 
iaUyra |wr oenUun libnt ; hacnsa T«i hMmlM barouw dr 
bannia inu^ pvr •.■wnlDm libras ; h««raa vel bacredee militis 
da faodo mUitis inUgro per ceuttua w>lidoa ad plus; et qui 
nitins debscrit mimu det leCTiiiduin antiquam coaaucUiOinMii 

3. SI aaten baana alicujnit talittm ^erit infiH aetatvio ct 
fiMrit in cuRtodia, cum ad aeUt«in penr«iH:rit, balicat hnercdl- 
lal«i» Euain sine relffvio et sine fin«. 

4. Cuaio* tetnw k^jassicMlt havndii qui infn actatna fapril, 
DOD <apiat d« t«rm Iwcrcdia nini ratinnaViilea exin^ et ratwiw- 
bilM ^oMueltidiDea, et ntlionuliiliii wrvitis, «t hoc tioe dntitie- 
tione «b taMo hominum vrl roriiiu ; et it nos mintiiiMrimae 
coalodiam aticigns lalia leme virecomiti vel alieui alii qui do 
eiitibw illiw Dot'ia rMpoudere debnt, et iUe deatruttionem do 
cuatodia faeent vel ratiitim, noa ab illu captantu etnendan, el 
terra commit letur duubtu Irpitibna et dlacretia bomiDibua da 
feodo ilti'. qui de cxitiliun ti->|HMid«atit nobti vel ei cui M* 
aMgnaiirrimoii ; ut u deHcriiniiii vrl Taadiderimitx alicui cim^ 
tudian alinijna Ulia terrae, et ille deatnietioaein iode ft«crit vol 
vaatuiD, antitlal i|«an coelwllam, «t tiudnlur iloolnis leK^libui 
•t rfiaeretia bomtuibiia de feodo illo qui stmilil«r nobis teepoa- 
deaiit nitwit ]>ni«lictiiin rart, 

5. CukIim aiiUini, qunradtu ciutodiam tanae habuerit, sua- 
leiilqt iluDKN, panvM, vivaria, KtihK<^a, OKikiKtiiin, <t oricra ad 
t(«Tiua ilium jM-rtiiwiiti*, de cxilibu* lenw «juaclrtii : et ndilat 
ba^Ttdi, cum ail |il<3Mm aetalctn pervmcril, temro niani t«taiu 
inatauntam de nurtieia et miaaagiia McwidiaB qnol tenpoa 
waiiinafii axigst et exitsa terrae ratiaiMbtUter potenut ana- 

6. lIoAndcB nojitnnUii' (UwqcN diaiiantKatiiMia, ha laniaa 




qufxl, autvqnua coutnlittur niktriiiioiiiam, Odtendabir propin- 
<]iiia de ooDauigutnitatv ipuiin hMiredia. 

7. Vidua poxl RHirtcia muiti mi Ntalim at aioo dtfficaltate 
habckt iiMriUgium »i hncnnJitatoai xuam, noe »liiaiil i)ot pn 
dote Ki», vtJ pro mjiritngio mo, vcl Iworrditnto rub qaam 
liMrtdtUt«fD tnarituB mqs et i|wa teoueriDt Aw obiCiis ipmoa 
atiiti, (4 maDMt in dome nuriti mi por <|u«dr^iitA dita poM 
mortfrin i|i«iui iuCn qnoi UMgtMtar ei doa aoft. 

8. Kulln vidua distringatur ad sa maritondam dum Tolnerit 
vEvere wae inariti>, ita tamra quod aiMniritataii Enciat qtiod n 
noB nurilnliit hjjm a)>*«n»a nosUo, si de ooliis t«DUU'it, vcl atM 
■laniwi dumini mi (l(< quo tenocrit, n d« alto tooaarit. 

J I Nm Doa nrc lialtivi noetri SMmcmtia temm aliqoam dw 
ilituiD pro dclnto aliquo, quamdin calalla d«bttoria aaffldnnt 
ad de)iiUim Kdd«ndun) ; nee pleggii ipaius debitoro diatria* 
nntur quanidin ip« cojiitalie debitor Huffloit ad wdntioDeo 
deliiti ; et ai capitalia debitor defKerit in Molnlione deUti, noD 
habena nade aolrat, pl<Kt:ii n-irHinO^ont de dd>ito ; et, ai vulucriot, 
balxraut t«rTaii et redditiu dcLituriii dnnrc nt ou aatuifoctuni ilc 
dekilo quod ante pro eci aolrcrinl, ui«i capilalis debitor mooBtn- 
rerit Bt ene ((uictuin inde Tvraoa eosdem pioggioa. 

10. 8i qub mnttio Mptrit aliqtiid » Jadaeb. piua v«1 rolDua, 
et moriHtur nntoquam d^bitum ilium solvatur, d<.'l>ilum non 
OBiiret quamdiu 1uMr«a fueril iufra actatem, de quociiroqiic 
teont; et ei debitum illad iiiddeHt iu roniuia noalna, noa dob 
cnpientiu niai cnUllmn cuuloDtum in rmrtn. 

11. Rt ai quia moriatur, H debitum drbcat JuJiMia, uxor 
qq> babnt dotvm •uam, oi nihil tnldat d<T dchito illo; ct h 
libtri ipdna dcfuncti qui furrint iu^i a«ta(«m rwwnserint, 
providoantur «ia neceasaria atfundiiBi touprnvntam quod fu«rtt 
defnncli, et do rtsiduo eolvntur ilct'itun), anlvo sorritio d<»- 
minoram ; simiU modo fiat do dcbitia quae dobeutnr aliJs quam 

I a. Nullum acti1«|{ium vel Mxillum ponatur Fn rcfpo nAatro, 
Diai per cMnmuoe oontiiliaiQ regnt noatri, nin ad oor^iu* ni»- 
tnim TedinM-'iKlum, «t primugenitnm (Ilium noelram militrni 
RacUDduni, et aA lUiain noatnun j>rimti^ui(uin aemrl marilnn- 
dam, nt ad }iui>c nun fiat nlai latioaabile auxiliain : atniti modo 
fiat dc auxiliiii di: rit-itata Loadooianno. 

1 3. Et HvitOH T^iiidoDtnrum babeat oaiiM antjqoat Ubeftata 
Gt libena coiMuctiKliuca aiiaK, tan par tem% qnain Mr aqita*. 
Praelereo votumaa ct ooaoediisnii qnod ontni« alian nriute«, at 
burgi, et viUafi, et portna, habmot omiwa iibertataa et lib«»M 
eomurtiidinea uaa. 




Magna CarUt. 


14. Et od h&lwuluia oomiaaiui conailiaia rcfn^, do wixillii 
MRid«ndo ftliter quam In tribiu euibu* ]>n>«djcti8, vd de mh- 
UsJo utidMido, aumiDniMTri beicmti* •rcbif'puKMijpOi. «piMop<M, 
■lmt«a, eoeaitc*, vt m&jora Imtoum. ugulAtin> por lilKtu 
BoatTM; ot pncKTTMi facicnous utiiiii&oiMiri in gvncrali, p«r 
Tioeoooi!t«s ot bttlliTos Doelma. onince illos qui At nobis UiMiit 
in c«pit«; a*! oerlani diem, uilic«t ad t«nsiDDm quadraginU 
di«ruiii ^ luiiiua, «t ad ctrtiini l<xun) -, et in omnibtu litterb 
Uliua Hunitnuiiilionis cnunm MunnuinitioDU vrprinipniu ; «t no 
facta mimisunitiiino nq^rain ad dicin aasi^iatum procedal 
•ccuwlom comitiuRi illonim qui |>nwMDt«i fiicnnt. qnamvit 
aon onutM aammonili i-oncrbt. 

15. Now non ooooedeouus d« cet«ra alicui qnod capiat aaxi- 
tium de liberii liominibiu sutK uttii ad coqxia sunu redimewluiB, 
«t aJ racienduDi primogeBiUun filtum euum miliwin, «t ad pri- 
nM^Fiiiiaiii Gliitra auam Mniel matitandam, «t ad haeo non fiat 
niti ruioimliili' auxilium. 

16 Nnlliu diktringator ad fariettdiini majna urvilium dc 
fsodo militia, nrc d« alio lilwro (i-ncinciito, quam indn ili-brtur. 

17. Communia placita non tcqoantur canam noatmn eed 
teoMntur in alUiuo loco oeito. 

18. RecciguiliimM da nova diaaaisina, dc morie antcoMaom, 
et de ullinia pntcaeuUktioDOi iion oa{iiaalur niii in auia oomitati* 
Imia rl hoo modo : nr.a, tc) d extra ivi^nnni fncnonin, oapitolii 
jtinlictafiiu oo<t«r, inittcnina duoa jaaticioriu* [ht utitiin<|i>ntnqu(i 
oatnitattim prr qualuor tiom in anno, qni, ciim quatuor ntili- 
tJbiiB ctguelilfet comitatus drctjii per oomiUunm, uipienl in 
eoinitBtu «t in di« el loco comitotua aasiaaa pravdictaa. 

i(). Et si in die comitatua aatdsae praedietae cspi non pooaint, 
tot milium cl UWre t«nenUa nmaiMMiiit de illis qui iiiurfutriut 
MMnitatui diir illn, per qooa pomdut Judida «ufii<ieutvr fieri, 10- 
eundtun qnod Mguliam fiierit raujuN Tel minua. 

aa LJMr bomo non anMircictur pro parro delicto, nin aecnn- 
dum moduiu delicti ; et pro nu^no delicto arantietnr aecundum 
magnitndineni dolidi, aalvo conteucraeato mo ; et meroUor 
aodan mudo aalra meKmndtsa ma ; el TilUnua eodem modo 
anterdetur lalvo wainnagiu euo, li inciderint in miaericordiam 
Qoatrmm ; et nulla pra«dielanun miKricordUrum punator, niai 
per Mtramentiun prutwnim Itoininuai do Tiwelo. 

■ I, Comiii* at barooM non araoroi^'nlor niri per paraaaooa, 
•t iKMi siai aooaodnm mudiuo delicti. 

la, NuHua dorieui amcniietur da luoo taaemcnlo nio. ntai 
aacuti'liim modnin aliomm iTurdirtorum, ct aou secundum 
quaiitilAtem bancficii aui ocGlniaatici. 

yxi JoAiL [put 

ag. Noc villa dco hono ilu(mg»tnr IWere pontM od riparfats, 
itUi ifui al> antir|no e4 ile jure fkovi>^ Jetwat. 

94. Nuilui vicM-otikPS, comljibuliinua, coranatom, Tel kiii 
InUUti Ro«tii, t«neant jilaciU oorutuw noatine. 

ig. OiBDei cmnilattu^ bawlrvdi, vnipeutnkii, et IrMhinKii 
dot kd iuiti<|tiiu flniiM ulNiquc alia iacrcmento, axoeptu <I»- 
BunicU mniwrir* iMMtri*. 

36. 8) aluiuis tmieni de nobU Inicum Hmdnin moriittiir, ot 
vioocomos vol baUirua iio«t«r Mlcndat liU«nui aoetnn pakniM 
([« aumiBoaiiioae noetra de d«l>i(o quod dcfuoctua uobin dehuit, 
liccat Ticectnoiti v«i ballivu uostra atUchUre et iubreviaro 
oatalla dvrundi inviiita in Iimou feodo, ad raleniiuin illiuN itrlMtJ. 
per Tiauin Ui){aliuni biiniinum. ita liiraen quod iiUiil tivlii aiao- 
vc«tar, dooec imr^Ivatur oobi* drbiliiin quod clarum tamt ; at 
miduiun ralinqtwtur vxecutoribaa ad Eutoodum UsUmanUm 
dofuDcti ; et. si aihil nobis d<>b«atar ab ipM, omnia catallii 
ccdant dcfuncU), wlvia uxori ip^us «t paeris nt^ooiabtlibaa par- 
ttbns BUia. 

17. Si aliquis Ubeor bomo int«s(atus deeeaaorit, catalta aua per 
manua prauiBquomm pareuttun et Bmicoruin suarum, per vinuai 
aodcaiae dutribuaiitur, unlris unicuiqno deUtia quae daAuMtua 
oi dabebat 

>8. Nnllits <>oDtit«bulnriuR, vol alius bntlinia noatcr, cifnat 
hlaila vcl alia ciiialla alifl^os, nial atalim iud« rrddal denario^ 
aut rwpectum inde habere pfiiMit da volontate rendiloris. 

19. Xullus comlabuluius distringat aliquam milium nd dan- 
dum deoarioa pro cu*b)dia oaatri, si faoere volueiit uufetodioro 
itliim in propria prrvona nua, tcI per alium probum bomiuetn, at 
ipse ann (aean aon poaml propter nlionubilau auiiain ; «t ri 
DCS daxmmus rel niiiwria:itu( •^im in cxcrvtitun. itiI quivtos 
do CQst'xlia, aeOB&dum quaBtilatrni tcmporU quo i>«r imm ftMrit 
in cx«rcitu. 

30. NnlliM Tleera)m««, vel Inllivui ooatvr. rel aliqoia aUns^ 
captnl «<|U(Ht Jt\ carvlns al)oi()ua Ubcri iMiniinia pro caria^o 
fiH^uiudu, uld de roluulale jpsiua liberi In'minia. 

ji. Nvc noa nee Imllivi nimtri oapt«mns aliannm boaootn ad 
caNlni, rcl alia agenda poatra, nisi per Tolontateai IpaliM icgua 
boaous illo fuorit. 

3a. Nos Don tenobimwi terraa ilbniin go! eonvicti haritit d« 
Teloaia, nisi per ununi nniiuto «i unnm dium. et tuno nnldantnr 
tcrrav dutaiiiis fMdoiuni. 

33. OnuKS k.vd«Ui do Miem difponsnlnr prnitiis ile Tbamiala, 
M d« ilfdnYraje^ «t per totam Atiglialo, nisi patr euatena 





Magma Carle. 


34. Bnre qtiod rocatur J*rateipe d« mtero noa flat aliml 
de aLuitio l«iieiBetito unde liber honut ntnitten pMidt ouriunt 


35. Vtm Bummnt vhii nU per toUim n^inui noatnim, «t UM 
RMtMun <«rvbi*u. H utiu tnmauni lilwli, ccitirol (|Uiirli'riiin 
LooduaieaM, c* uim latitiido gMnnorum anrtflrani et niM«4- 
torum t* hatlMrgrtlurum. fdlM^et diiM ulnae tafra liatae ; de 
puiMlerilNia autem ftit ut <li- tu«DBuri«. 

36. Niliil dfinr t«1 aptular ili; i-i>t«rci y.a tirtvi iaqui- 
Rilii<«ti> d« vilu vul DMduliris, wxl gmtia ctiucxdalor ct DOfi 

37. i?i kliquM tcneat do i>»1h» per frail ifirnuun, vel per aoka- 
cnuw, ml p«r borfragium, et do alio (Mnuit tvitnit )>cir Mrvitium 
miliiarvi imm doo haboUmua nistodinnt Itaercdts dm Umia laar 
■]iiHe ML do tvodo alUrius, ucea»iiH« illtuH feodiliniiK, v«l 
MikaKii. vel burKa;pi ; urn babrbiuus cuatodiam ilUua fMitli- 
finiuM, vcl •ukBffii, vd burKuffii, nbi ipan feodiBima ilrliciil 
M:niliiiin milrbtiv, Noa dod Iialiebiiuin cuMuilinm hn^rcdU vcl 
Urrw ulii^ujuK, quani IcMit dc alio per tfrtitium initil4tn), oMa- 
ai(HK alkoju* |Mirva« sorgeiit«ria« qoatn tenet do nobis per uni- 
tiiiin rv-ldi^tiOi nubb cuilelluit, vel aagittaft. vet bujudinwli. 

38. Nullua iMlltnia pooul de ortero altqiUTin ad Ugi-m nmplici 
loqneta Mia, nine lolibui fid«lil)aii ad boc inilaclia. 

39. Nulla' liWr bomn capwiiir. vel ini|iniK>nrtDr, atit di>- 
■aiHatur, aut iitUgctur, *ut rxiilrtar, autaltquo modn dmstruatiir, 
oei: Buper tnm ibimua, nee super emu mitternus, niai per Itgale 
Jgdtoium parium Midrum Tel |i«r lejttnt leme. 

40. Nullt vpudemuii, uulU n«g»liui)iiii, aut diSi-renius, r«rluni 
aut juMiriam. 

41. OtuBca mfTcatorai habcaut mIvuri «t •r<niniiu exired)' 
Angliii, ot ntuiro iu Angtiam, tt tuoniri H Ire pvr Anstiuni, lati' 
p«r lorram quatn per aqunm, nd emritiliim cl vcndciiiJiioi, Bim- 
Mnuibns malis tollis, per auli'iuu ti rectus tiuii^tiL-tiidinee, pni*- 
Mniaun in tenipure ^emi^, ut ai nutt de temi eutiira no* 
)(«errina; ot sn udu bvi-uiimtur in terra nostra in phneiplv 
gmoTM^ attacbientur kuic danipno corporum ct rvrum, daiiec 
•OlBlor a notiU v*l cnpitoJi justiciurio ixxctTO qaoini)d<> n)rr«»- 
torre terrae uoetrac Lracletitur, qui tunc invruii-iilur iti Um 
wotrm iKie gwerriua; et ai OMtri aalri lint ibi, alii aalvi aiiit in 
terta noatn. 

43. Liceat unicniqnede c«leraezir«de regno rcdirc. 
•olid «il aecuni, pur tevnun «t p«r aquaiii, aalva 6du ixMtni, 
uiai trtn[ii>rF gwt-rrau per aUijuDd lircTO lempuii, |<ri>|iicr cnm- 
BUitwiD ulilitatera rrgui, cxccpti* impriaooatia ct uthgatia 




■tcandnni U^mt regnl, H ffmt» tie tenm eoatn dcm jprfrr ln a, 
et m^rcntonhtu ilc qutbut liitt Rtoiit |in»dictaD) cut. 

43. Si niiu tmurdt de kliqtia tacMtto, nicut do hanorn 
WaliBgelbrd, KotiDi.'eliRin, BononiM, LunliMtrine, vri de aliiii 
«tt»rt1l, quae aont in matig nostia, et soot btironiar, ul abierit, 
liMrtoi tjut noD det Aimd r«l«viuBi, neo bcaat nobis nJiad aer> 
vitiuiu <|uaiu Cueret baruui ii liurooitt tlla «net in mmn bkronii ; 
01 Diw oodom nodo txta tvathimu* quo litiru nun teanit. 

44. HoDunen <|ai muMot extra fon.iitiUD tuin vrniunt de 
Mtwv comn JDatieUrii* nMtriN dc ToroxU per ■-■nniniuEiM (Din* 
moniiHHiM, ait) sinttn jdodto, vel pleggii rUci^u* rvl aUqixiraiB^ 
qui a1tai:lii&ti Biut pro fbrvBlo. 

4£. Hoa DOiu fftciemiu jatiuciarioe, coDBtalwWMe, vioeoomitea, 
v«l iMllivua, iiiiil de lolibus ijai sobot legeui regiu elcun bene 
volint otmervAra. 

46. Omim iMmDea qui funduTcrnnt alibntiM, undo halicat 
ortaa ragum Angliftc, vnl antiqanm tcnnmni, halwanl oanin 
eust(Hl>Ho cum VAcavmint, airtii habere dcbcnL 

47. OniDm foniUae quaa aforMlataiR sunt t«ni|Kirfl iwetrc^ 
ttatim dvuffvrMtMitur ; et itti fiat de ripariis quae per iioa t«n- 
))oro noatro poailae aont in defenao. 

48. Omnca iuIm coMoetutlioea de furnll* H womiiiu. «t tie 
fi>r<-jilariiM wt wmrvnunriiii, vifpcuroiltbiu et i><>mm minialrtt, 
ripanis at Mntm GU»todit>u«, Miitim in>|iiinintur in quulihet 
oooiitata p«r duodcdin mililt^ jiimtoK d« <x>dctn oomitatu, qui 
detteot eltgi pi*r protma bominM vjnNilciii comitiitus, el inlVn 
quMlra^iuta diee poal ioquiaitionrm (iietatii, penitns, iln (jiknI 
iiuinqanin rerooentur, deteimtur per wixlein. it* quod imis hoc 
aeiamus prina, vel juslidarius Dvatvr, ai in Aoglla noa furriuiu. 

49. Onuita obatdea el ciulaa eUlini reddemua quM Ubenttae 
lucrum nobii ab Anglida In aiii.-urital«tD pMla val fidalu 

50. Noa amovebtmiia pcDitm de bnlltis parentca flvnnii de 
AtbfoCt qnod d« eaitant nullam hnbnuit balliiun in Ang1i«t 
Eoemtdam da Onaniii^ Andmni. Pclnim rt (i^onntn de (^^oo- 
ccllia. Qyonem di- ^i;DUtis (JalftHliim do Martjmi <-< fratm ejiit, 
I'liiltppum Murk et fratrns ojuii, «t OnlfrKlun n>-)n,ii'iii rju^, nt 
loum aaqnekm eonim>l«Bi. 

51. Bt ■tatim poat pacta reformationnB amowbimiK de ngae 
onuiaa all«iu|:etuw miliUa, bnlistvioa. anrtontM, fni)>endi< 
qui TMMrint oum equia et annia nd BoennMobuD n-g'iiL 

gi. &i quia fnerit diawdtu* tbI don^jabia per tiua tine tei^ 
jndtdo pariun avoruin, de l«rn>, autaUit) libcrbuihua, vel jan 
auov autim m a rtalitucnna ; at ai oODtautio aupar boc ctU 




MoffHa Carta. 


fucrit, tune Iiid« fiat per judiciuin vigioti i^ainqao tiuvituin, dc 
iiuJIiiufil mrntio infeniu tnaxciiHrTArK VAOis: <!« omnibus aiiUm 
iUu dr (juibui ftliquu ilbwcinilait fuerit vel doogatua rina legali 
jodido iwriina ■aomin, per II»inciini regain potma noatruni vel 
per RicsTdtUD rogcm fntram noatrum, quae in manu ncwitm 
hnbciuuti, Tcl quae alii t«iMBt, quae DM oporteat warsiilixare, 
rwjNvtum habebimaa ueqn« ad oommnticm t«rminun) {nicvaigna- 
toruni ; pxce[itiii illin dr quibua placiluDi uotuoi fuit vel iiM)ui- 
dliv facta per pmneptum iiottrum, aou auaceptioDeD ends 
BoaUiw : rum aut«in mlicriinuti da pengrtAatioae iioftea, vel ai 
hnm rFnwnMtrimua m pcrtrgrinatiODO noatra, trtatiiii JDde plenam 
jualiciain oxhibebimnR. 

53. Eondetn aat«m rMpactsm faabtUmns, at eoden miodo, dc 
juticia exhibenda da forcaiia deaffomttiDdia t«I renaoeurii 
fonatb, quaa Henriciu pater noat«r rel Ricardus baler noatci 
aAbrcaUTenint, «t de cuAodiia t«rrarum quae aunt da altroo 
fcod(K cujusniodi ciutudinx liucusquc bulmiinuii occuniouo fcodj 
qaud >li<|uiNde nobix trauit per nRrritiam inilitara,et daabbstiii 
quar fumUtao fuerint io fuotUi n]t<Tiiis qiutn Doetro. in ijuibua 
douUiua f«tdi dixprit m jua babero; el cum redicrimua, vd ai 
rtnuuiaerinitu a pere-^rioatioM ouatn, auper bila oooqiwreitUbui 
plaoain jnirtloiiuD nUsXaa exbibebiiutu. 

54. nullua capiiiiur nee impnwmelur propter appellum 
foenuaac da mortc alteriu* quom vtri rnii. 

55. Oaiaaa fiaaa qui uijuite ct contra l<f(<na trma bcti auut 
nobiamiB, «t oniiua amorciamaota facta iqJDBl« at contn ItKein 
Usm^ omniuo ecindiMkeDtiir, vd flat indc [icr judicium vtgutti 
quioqDO baronam de qutbui fit menliv infrriua in RXct'itiTATa 
rACO, val par judicium inajorb partis eoruiuUciti, una coiu pniO' 
dicto Slepnano CuutuHriunid arcliiq)iM<upu, td iiittr«aia potarit* • 
at alii* qnoa Mcnm ad boc vocaru vuliimt : et u tDtaromo non 
p<>t<-rit, nihilominnN prooedat ncgolioin riot «a, ila quod, td 
■ili<ial* Tcl aliqa! de praodt«tur viginii quiDquo bnTonibna fuennt 
in aimili qanraU, amoTcaotar quaiitutn ad boc judiciuiD, el nlii 
loco illorum per rraiduoa de ciadem tigiuli quiuqu<^ tautan 
ad hoc facieadum olrcti et jamti sub«ttiuui)tiir. 

36. St Doa di«4aiiiivimu>t vel elooniivimun Waleiuva Att t«rris 
vu) libfrlatiliUH vul n-bni idii*, rine l<i;Lili judicio ]>Eiriuin sDorum, 
in Atifllia vd in Waliiu, ci* itatini ncldantnr ; ct n conlmtio 
•up«r lux: crla furrit, tODC inda fiat in mnrchia per Judidnm 
pajium auomm. da taotiiMiDtis Angtiae sociindum legem Ai^iaa^ 
de tMenenlu Walliae Hcunduia legem Waljtae, de lenemeBlia 
marvbiai; M-cunduB legem maraliiae. Idem fadent WalmMM 
nobia et uwatrin 




fi7. De onnibiu vtlem illi* <!<■ tiiiiliaii ftU^nii W>laiiirfitm 
diKkwiUis fiicrit vol i-lougalu* >iui' l<-)(ali jiiilirio pariom tnoma, 
per Ueitriaim ragein (Mtmn ixMUutn vat Hicaniam KffBB 
Intnm uuKiruni, i)um nos ia iBum ntwtn babemas, ¥«) quui 
•Mi Uaval qui: no* i)(iort«at warantinre, rajieetuiu Inlwblroiu 
Uiijae 0*1 eominuneni UriuiuuiQ uruoeupiatanuQ, Utia cxoapUs 
io quilnm pladtuin muluin fuit v«l ittqiUMtlo C*ctM por pnui> 
oe|>tuiii noBtrum onto nucG|itioDi!ni enid* uoatnui : inim wtinn 
nilimiiiiUi vd iii TorUi nnnMucrimati a pwvgriBMKXie noAim, 
*Utiiu «ia indfl plcaam jitsticinin csliiWoimiu, wonnilum Icga 
Wiilittixium M partM pnedH-tax. 

.^ft. NoH ritl'JfiiiUBfitiutiiLi-nt'liDi tutim. «t onuiooMdMtlc 
Wiilliu, ct cortM quM noliU liberatM fueraat lu MoariUMn 

59. No« fiiciomux AIloxiiKiro rrgi Scottnrum d* mroribot 
■ok, et obtiiJitiitf reddoKlu, el lUwrtittiInu suu, «t Jura hio, 
Mcnadoro (onotaa ia qua radtmus aliia baronibds nooria Aogliaa^ 
iiU altter Mae dabeat per cartas quna faabeninB de Willclnio palni 
ipaina, quundam nge Scottumm; et lioo erit per juilk-iutn 
parinin Kuoruiu in cnria uoctn. 

60. OmoM aatom isUa eofMurttidiiiM pmedictas «t tiberlatM 
qwu noa ooaocanmua in nfiito noilro tcniviMlM quantum ad noa 
pafliBM erga noelrua, «Riiuia de regno noatro, lam i-lcHd qtuun 
iiud, o^iaervent qmuitum ad ae ptrtJnet ergs snu. 

Cum adtkh pxo IJku, et ad eatendatioiieiu regni noatri, 
■it ad mclina aopipodum diNordiani inter not el baronta tuiatrM 
orlam, haee oiouia pnedicta cMietaacrintui, vnlenua ea integn 
nt flrina ataUlilate laudere iu perpetuum, Caoinin* et mncvdimuR 
vk (v«tiriUt4aa .woWripuuu ; videlicet quod iMronM eliptnt 
vigiiiti qiiinqua baninca dc rtf^uo quoa wliiorijit. qui debeaai 
pro ItKiM viribua aula obaerran), leneni, ot facere obwrrari, 
pawm at libartaUa quaa ela caBoenimiu, et hac praeMoti rurta 
Boatn eonflrnuvinros, ita «cUi<«t quod, ai ava, vel Justioiai-iu* 
noeter, vol balltri noMri, ««l ali^tub de aiuiitlHa nuatriii, in 
allqtio crK" aliquem del^lte^irol■», tel aliqui-ni afticulonuo jwcie 
aut Mvuritati.i tninii|;raKi> ruiTiinu*, ei delictum c«f4tnMm fui^t 
quatuor barvnibus de praodicUt vi^iiti qiiin(|n* barooibus, illi 
qiiatuor baroiMw acoodant ad dm vel ad jui-iidarinm Doatnun, ai 
huinmua «xln rvgaunt, proponeatea mibia exoeaeum : peteni ut 
exoewun ilium sine dilatioue tairianiua emeodari. E( ai noa 
eXceMUB tioo einendarerituua, rd, ti fueriuua ozlra rugaum, 
Juiticlariua aoetcr aou emuaduverit infra tcmpu* quadraghila 
dierum eomixitandum a tempore quo motutratuin fwrit nobii 
vol jaAkurio ouetni ai citru Rgnnm fatrimm, pnwiiii-ti quatuor 



SfitfM Carta. 


baroDW rtJomit cntiinm illpm ad Toldno* ds viginii quiiu)u« 
li«r>uiiliRii, ri illi vif[iiiti qiiiti<|tw l«r»tm eitai cinnniuiM boUu* 
leme tlbirinKnut el Kravftl)!)!!! u«« niodw uniiiibiu c|tiibu« jKitP- 
rnnt, w-ilici-t [ht c«|>tt(>ti«)u caMrorum, Umnun, ptrnKmiouum, 
M tttii* nioilit ijuilia* pot«niiil, <loiice fv«iit «in«naatBtn Mcon- 
iliim Arl>ilrium «uniin, m1*h pcnooft noMra ot nginM ocMtno 
•t Ubanutim DvMixrutn ; ot rum fucril eni«iKtjituin iiitnuleni 
nutm *tout priui facerunt. Et (luiMunque volucril <1« Una 
jum <iiiv<l mI [•nu-dicta omnia exaequenda parebtt mandalia pn«- 
ilictorum vi;;iuti qulnque baronum. et quud fpsvaiNt ooa pro 
poaw Buu CUB) i[iftii). m aoa publioe et liWrv duuun lioenliuii 
nirmuili L'uilibci ijui junre vulueht, cl iiullt iui>i|uun jutarv i>ri>- 
hihoUmn*. Ornui-ii BUleiu illon dc trim otii jicr ae ct aponU) 
ma nolnvrint junre ri^nti <)uiDi)ac lMU\>niliu», dv diKtringcndo 
ot gnivondo noa cum eif, fatcirmui juram rottdfin do mnmUtu 
Bi:«tn>. iiicut (wanlkUiia mI. Kt H itliquU d« riginti ((uuMiiie 
b«n>iiilxu (IcMHoril, vcl a terra Krvnitrit, t«1 aliquo aliu idikIo 
impeditiia fniTit, quo Riinu» tMa imedtota poeacnt exsoqai, qui 
nmilui faeriut ile |ini«lii:iH vi^nuli <|uin<iue liatxmibiu L-U^nt 
alium loco ipnu*. ]>ni urUtrio wi, iiui limili modo urit juntua 
quo at oet«ri. lu oniiiilHiN autom qtuvc iatia vi^li quinqnc 
baranibuj cummillunlur exMquenda, ai lorM ipai vigintl qulnque 
pntceeBM fiM:riiil. et iitter m taper r« ^qua diK»nlaT«nnt, 
wl nlu[ut «x eit euBUMtiiti iwUiit vd mqueant Intcnaae, intum 
bnWtur el firaon (|u<m) tnujor pars eonun qui praeacntM 
fuarint prariderit, vel pracceperit, no u omiic* viginli qninijuo 
to boo conataiaMMint ; vt pmedicti vif^inti quiiMiu« jiirvnt ijiiud 
vmnift antcdicLi fidrlictr obacrrabant, ct pro t«t« poBH mo 
txL-irnt ulm-nnri, Kt DM nibtl impctralimuii ab aliqno, per 
tiua ncc \Kr olium, per quod oltqun ttlaruin coaci'wtonum ct 
libntaluni rriucHur v«l iniuuatur ; et. el aliquid tate ini])«4r»- 
tutu fuerit, uhtuiD tit et luane et dodmiiuiiu eo utenmr imv t>t« 
tMi: pet ■llud. 

Et «mu*!i mala* roluntatn, imli^iatioiMa. et nuMrca, onon 
iiiliT iM>» et liomities noalro', cltrioca et Uiooa, a terapocx 
diKanliaA, pleoe omnibus reminmn* et eoitdonavinina. Pne- 
U'rr* ijiniKM traiu^TeMuoiM!* tvUut mrcunaae quadeiD diaeonltae, 
a I'lMH'lia nniin rcgni noatri ■rxtMltHimo utqne nd iwcom r«for- 
■aulain, plnm trtniiitnii* omiiiI>iiii, clcricu el latcisi «t qnaatom 
mI no« [loriinet plorx- rondnnavimna. Et inanper fBoiltma ejs 
IWri liltrraa lestinivnialm pateiilm docuini Stcpliaiii (.'niitiiarU'iuis 
nrclii<-]'israpi, doniini Ilearici Dublinetmii aptliii-pbi^pi, ot 
rfnamportiiii praotlktomn), el tuagialri Paudulfi, oupur wcniilule 
lata el cunctmiutiibiB praeCatia. 




QuAiiB voLUHCH «t finnil«r ]>ruociptinae quod AagUcuM 
eocleaia liber* sit et quod liomiii«i lu rcguo uMtro iialxwit el 
teneant omnra prai^utkii tiliertntrH, jum. d ouiicmiJoimis bena A 
in paca, libera et quiets, pl«ii« e4 inU'gre, nib) cl baenxliltiii tiula, 
(1« nobis et lueredilnut iimdiis, Id DmiiibuN rcbuii vt lui'ii, in |Mr- 
]i«4uum, ucut ptMHliclnin tsL Junilutn oit iiut«in (am ex [<iirlc 
twi«tni quniii «x pnrU) b«ro>iiim, (juoi) luce titniiiit nupratticta 
Ixiiia Im1« ct «)no malo ingonio obMrrahuntiiT. IWitms Bii|ir»- 
(iiottii ct mullis aliis. [>&ta per manum nrntrain in {irnto quod 
vuntur RuuiiiKininie, iul*r WiiKlrfeairum el Staues, qutiito 
(lucJtno (lie .luiiii, aiuio rej^i uvtilri •e]>Uini><l«ciiiH>. 

Matt. Vaju*^, p. i<ii. Hi aoKnn sunt xxv, barooM tlecti, 

Com«a <I« CInn. 
OoaiM AlbtmarlM. 
OcmM GknrBlftA. 
Conoi WlnlaulMMU 
ComM Hurafonlaiudi. 
Oomm BoKOua (Ks^tV 
Com** Kitbvrtua (<!• Vm), 
Witlelinut MkniaealliUi Janus'. 
Bobonu* nUiia Wilteri. S«nlur. 
Gltbarta* da Ottv. 
BuMmUw ■!• V«Mil. 
Hiwid injrod* 

H>taf lie Lnadoniii. 
WiIUUdu de EMMlHr. 
Robtrtuda Boi. 
OsuUbukrtiM CmMm. 
Rkarlui da PoicI, 
Joliaanea VIlin* RobartL 
WilUlwia HaM. 
GMfridw d* Say. 
Rctftrai da MmnbcoM. 
WilMinw iW BoBUni^. 
IticMilu da MuatSthM. 
WaMmua (b AIUn«N>. 

A.D. i>i5. Oaosa roa Ixquikt crro Evil ConoMa 

Ttii letttT, whidi wm iecuoil immecliatWy after tbe piiblicM- 
tioti of llus OrMt ChMrtcT, ia iraporlsnt as sbowinj; tbe niHbcH) 
of ejection lU tbe OMiutjr ootirt, wbtcli tniisl be uuil<-rataod aa 
ruling (lie oasM in wliicb auch rcpreaentaliou of tbo eountjr fat 
tlivcrM puqioMB t* dinded witliout tbc muntion of elecdoa. 

Kex viert-omiti. wnrninariia, costodibu mwrianiin «t am- 
nibua bailtivia Hiia in corniUtn — aalalctn. Soutic iincmi 6r. 
Riam etae refnrmaUm par Dei Rntinm inter nua ot Immtm 
i-t liberoB haninM rogu aoMri, timt atnlire itotwiu «t 
lido* per ortam Boetratn qaain inde fieri feaanua, fjiuiid 
Hi*Bi legi pablice pnuoeptmua per toUm hallltam veatnun «t 
fimaitar l«Deri ; vul«utc« el diatricte praeri|iimlni ijciikI hi rioe. 
moiDe ofnDoi do baiUia Uia secudnoi funDam uwtaa pfM^ictae 


CiMrt«n ef Tovnt. 


Junni fadae zxr. baniiibas d« qnilnu mmtlo fit in carU itme- 
ilkttt. nil laandftUim eonuidem vel mitjuris parlis eoruni, conun 
ifMa vcl illi* nacM mI hoc Monutrcriut im littcru suu paUntM, 
ot at] 4inn *t Wuib <|uo« mI hoc fiu:i«)i<luin prMfiserint pnedkti 
UtrouM Till nUirsBti ah cm iA hoc. Vfltutnns ctiain ct pnedptmtM 
tpiml xii. RiiliUii do comilatu tuo, ijai cltgcntur cle ipto oomitntu 
ill primu i.xinitn(u qui teaebitur post vuicopcionrtn liltcmntm 
iiUnim ill [iitrtiliiu tui^ Jurcpt de inquircDilin pravij consuctiwli- 
niliits lAin Ac vweeomltiHii qnun ewvin tninifitris, rtireBtis, fom- 
tariip. wiirptiuia tX yruvawAm, rinaiiLs et CM-om cusLxlibos, et «la 
•InlciMlii), sicnt ill i[im curia ooottiiotur. Vot igitur ouiiita feictit 
Dim et boiicrcm nostrniii diligitia, et pMcm t*^\ n«iilri, oniuia 
in <wtii eoiitcnU inv)olal>ilit«r obMtrrctis et t&> umnibua oUicr- 
vari faeutia, nc per defoctum VMtri, aat per excounm vevtram, 
paeam regoi noatri, qnod Dmii aT«rtat, ilorutn taibnri CAntingat. 
Et U, rieeeocna, pawcm noatnm per totani bailtian tuaiu cla- 
niari faciaa at Bfniit«r teani pni«eipiiu. Et in hujuH, eta. voIhb 
niUtDKls. T. me ipao apud Kuniniodc, XIX, did Junii, anno 
ngnj noatri xrii*o.— <i'auit< &^t, i. 180.) 

CRAkrmft or Cirini arb BokovoaB oraxteu by Jonv. 

The CbaiUr R0IU of John afford Ri>Miinooa of avn? son of 
ctiai1«r gniilod to bonxigha tn every stage of growth. Tli« 
foHotring are a aeltcttoa iltuKtrating the rarioaa poiiita to whicli 
rafaniDoe hna been nude in the earlier portiuiia of thia hook :— 

I. Th« grant of the Fittd* btirgi ; HclltMOD, no. 9. 

t. Tlio graat of Erwdom ; IlellcstoD, no. 8. 

3. The gnuit of free oualoms on the niodd of a move anciuiit 

bonragli ; HarttqMot, no. 6. 

4. Tba confiniMlioB of free coatonu to % tj]Mcal tovm ; York. 

no. 5- 

5. Hie confirnution of fomtcr cbaru^ with the grant of 

ejection of reore to tbo borouijh at hurge ; Lincoln, 
no. 4. 

6. Similjtr graut with qiocial rafenoM to the merchant guild ; 

NoctiiighMB, ni\, t. 

7. StRiilnr grant ; wiili rcrimuoe of th« choioe of reave lo iha 

alinifT of tlie count}' ; NoKliiunptont no. >. 
Z I 




8. Grant of *pcci«l priviUgo rxninptiog from abinoMmi 

■ad hundntlmoot ; Duoincli, do. 3 

9. FouDiIstion of a CDinmuiia ; Niort, do. 7. 
10. Grant to ttie Londoncn of the pHvitef^s of chuoaiog 

Mayor; no. lo. 
Tbe last of th«tc mart be reganlod m oonfcrrini; the cmtmii 
privil«)t« on tbe community anil conatJIutuij; it a |ierfoct motil- 
cipalitf. Tho mayoralty of Lowlou datea from the 
rears of Richard I, pmbablf from the fouodatioti of that 
Rtifmi which was confirmed on th* occaston of William Lung-] 
chnmp'a <l<iirula11. The namo of tli« oflioer, aa well aa that of tli 
rammuna itaelf, u French. That the ineorporatioD nnder 
form waa hold to imply r«r7 oonaidoable manidpal iodeptml-] 
MM taay be infemtl from the fact that one of tbe 
brouglit l)>- Williun FStz-Oibert ngainst Rielikrd Fila-Oabart, 1 
thai be had not foibwliku the tnybg "qnodcnDiiiM Mt vel ' 
quod DOnqoam hab«aBt Loodoiticaaea aliam ngeia qtmm 
jorvTO Londonianm.* Tbe tertoB ' niAJor ' and ' eommunitaa * 
together ; or Iho other WnJ. the ' aldemuuintt* ' hrlooga to 
^ild, not to iha nraniapality as meh : tho ' pracjuueitoe,' a(puii. ^ 
helooga to the more anctent aystem of the leet. How long Um 
portrecre of London eontinoed to exist a n»t kuciwn ; be tnay 
harc nib«at«<l natil bo waa ma]ged in the ' majin-,* or !•■ may 
bar* hwii oxtingnished when the ancient Engllth C&ihlengild 
RUT^idorod to the prior; of the Holy Trinity ita laada and 
Juriadictions, which were nfaaeqtientljr formed mto tho ward Of 
Port-Soken. Thi* aurrvadcr waa nude oar]; in the reign 
Henry I. 

(t) AJ>. i3oa CluHtr^Xoi^mgktm. 

JoBAyesvB, Dei mntia, etc. Sciatia aoa BoBea w iwa et pra*- 1 
atnti earta noMim eoB6miaM* bni^gMiaibai noalri^ de Hotinjpm I 
unaaa iUm libena eoBMMtcdinai qnaa habMraBt trmpxr* Bhh- I 
rid ngit pronri neatri, ot tampon Bnriai rtfiu gniria noatrt,! 
■i«iil mrta Henrici (gaadea patrit nurtri loUatnr ; Kilicot loO at I 
ibuB, et inAua^lhef, et tolonea a TiMt wn daaton naito* «J 
Neaw«n^ M da omnifaoa Tkvntam InaanMOoav iln plMu>ri« nt I 


Ciarttrt f^ TWm. 


in bunco da NoUngam, ot »x «]» pArU> a Puto oltnt Ri-mpaton 
uiqtit mI HiOftRi <l« ttntefunlD in NorUi. ct (!« IUk«d«tdia. Ho- 
mlDa etlAin tk KotiogKnutK et ile Derbturo venirs d«li«it td 
btu^im <]n NoUngMD die Veaeria et iSabbati cum qnatlriipa 
rt iraminiifiii* nu* ; DOC •ll(|tii> infra deceni IsUcab in circuila 
ite Nnttngiun tiwitai pMinoi opetnrt ilubet tusi in bnr^ da 
Xotingam ; et m nliijtiw uiMlocon<|u« ail in borj^ de Nutiugwm 
DAUf^nC nno dte •! nno aniM t>;ini>ore nacii et ■hdqtie otlntnp- 
ttio, nnllin poslM nitt tvx in cum iua halwlHt. Et iiuicuiwitM 
bnrgoadniD temm rici&t mi ern«nt et jioocdorit por uitium 
intffpniin el diem nnara absque calonipDiit jiarctituin rciidoDti> 
HI in Aaglin fneiint, poet^a enm iiuietam poaidobil ; nc<jao pne- 
ftorito biiTgi tin \ulitignni alii|ii(in baf;g«nsiuii) dJumptuuili 
reapoddMnt nixi aliqui* Tucrii Kccimbir in oiun ; et quicunque 
in burgo mftiucrit, ciijvi»cuiu)u« fcu<li sit, mtiVre debet sbaul 
mm (NiTgBnribus Uilli^a, «t ddactu* burgi ailiniitli-n]. Onui«* 
«tfun qui kd forum d« NotiogBm voticrint, a rcapere die Vuieris 
twqiw M veaperam Sabbati non uamiotitar ni«i pro Grmii noaln. 
El iUr lie Trvnle lib«mm csm debet iM>ng«itibua, qujuitara 
porlicn ud* optinebil ex utnuiiie parte 6U aquae, nwrterra 
fiODOMrinins etiam de proprio iuino nottro ct nac mrta nostra 
confinaovimus eiitdem hurgenaibui ljb«m iMatria, gUdam mcrw- 
tanim cum urauibus lilwrutibut «t liberia cooaoetadinibaa qnao 
ad gibUm mcrmtomm debeut vel soleat pavtiiun ; ct quod tpd 
aiot qnicti d« toluneo per tutam termm noatrain infra uundinaa 
et extra. Kt licet illia qnem Toluuriot ex «uia tn fine aani pr««- 
poailum mium faooro, qui de finna tiairtra pro ipais reapoaaMt^ 
ita quMi St ideiD pracpoahas nobia diaplioeat, ilium ad vohui- 
laUm o'letrani renwvebixana, et qm alium ail libitvm noMrum 
•ubatltuvtit. Conoewimiu dadotn bargennltia ut quicnuqtie ab 
aia conalitutus foerit praepoeitua fguadem borgi aulvat umiam 
(<jtud«m barKi a<l dootinicum Bcaccarium iioatram, ubieunquo 
fuarit in Anglia, ad diioa tenninoa, oMdietateffl sdlicet ad clauanm 
Pafckaa at iii«d!H«teTa in octaria Sancti Michaelia. Qnare 
valumna at firmitxr praedpimua quod pta«di<^ burgenaea 
ImUmm «t teneaut pnieilictaa conauctndiue*, bcue et in pa<«, 
libcre et quiete, bonuriilcc ot padfi<«^ pk-nnrie et inteifre, aicut 
)ial>u«rutit tempore Bearici repa raxtavi noatri et t«nipare Hen- 
riei re|pi> pnlria nuoiri. vxasx praedictifl aufrmenti* quae eia oon- 
ceaaimnit. E( pfi>liibeiiitu ne quia contra Iwuc tartiun iMmtnun 
1 ' < bun,i-'iiMia leimre praemunat in aliqno auper briafii^ 
i< X. liliraruoi aieut eia conofaaimua at tatMoabJli carta 
I iirmitvituua dum eaaemna Qonwa Uonrlonti. Uiia l«^ 
. 4fntltt Filio Puri eomiia Eaaexiaa, Willelmo Briwam^ 




HogOBO Bitrdulli, RoWrto Filio Itogcri, Willeliuo de Stat«rQU, 
Hugone de Neiilla, Symone de Pat(shRlI«, Uilltttrlo de Norfitlk. 
Dntuni per manua S. Welleoais arcliidivnni et Juhannii tiimjr 
arcbitlMCOui CltTel&ndiM a]»ud Clipi-iitim, XIX. <!!« Miwcii, iuum 
rvgai iXHttri prirao.— (Cartrt«tr RoH*, p. 39.) 

(a) A.D. jia Corto JVorAamtOMM 

JoBAiraca D«i fputia, tie, Soiatjs dos oooecnUae barren- 
utioa nootri* de Xorlwintouia, qaod uuUtu Mrun pWiut nxtn 
munM Inirgi XorliuntoDtae du »liqno placito pnoirr plocita do 
t«auru cxl«rioril>iw, cxccptia moncUriiii «t ministrw nastHs. 
OiMMCHinitu otitun ci« i|ui«tuiiti«m munlri iafra bargam M 
porUoko. rt qaod nalliu conim hcUt du«llom, «t qnod de pU- 
citis m1 coronam portinwitibus so pcMiDt dUntionarc sMtiiidain 
DunsuetudiDcm ciTium civitsUs Londooianim, «t quud iiifm 
mntna burgi illius nemo capiat hMptiiam par vim ttl ]me 
Itboratlonem martacoIlL Hoc autflin eia ooDoawtiBaa qaod obidm 
1>UTgCDCM KorluunhMuM Nut quitrti do tbelaReo M leataaio \<rr 
tutam Angliam ct purtns nuuti^ et quod nuUoa de miMnrontui 
pt«uiiiM juilioetur nUi secundnro l^m quman habiHniDt citm 
nostri Londoaiarum Umporo Uonrict rr^s potra DOOtii : et 
quod ta borgo illo in anlio ]>lAcito dt mMltemunga, et qund 
htuiiugas •eme) Uotaia in helfdtinu4U trnostor ; tl quod t«rnw 
H Icuuru m radia Kia. et di^ita ma omnia juste Iwbeani, qiii- 
<nint|ue cu debcnt ; el de terna snia et tenuria qiue infra btti^tti 
sunt nctum cia tcniMtnr •eraadum eonfuetadinnn barn ; M Ae 
OBinilwi debttia ntU qnae acMauiiodata fti«rinl uwd Morfaam- 
tofUKm et de radiii iMdem bcti* placilk anad Nwliaailocdsa 
temnwlar. Et m qnis in tota Anglia twoaeuBi Tel e t wt I 
todineni ab homhribat Noitwaitoaia* ofwrit, postqtnm ipae a 
nolo defeeerit, pnwpodlw KorhaatoBiae nsnuan iads umd 
NortMntooiaBi ca|u>t. Inanper «tiaja ad gmm dal i oB o m IKiib 

\nt0 <ia iiiaaiaiiin qnod smt qiu«ti de lnwlt«U «1 dldwh* ct 

d« jrwt aj FCTft, et de mrtale, lu qaod praepovtiM NonMataakr 
vri aliquit alioa haUiraa atutale noo fiiekl. Hm pnMdicfaa «do- 
■ Bat ailtttae aia goatwrnntia et ootna aBaa UbortalM <t lUMna 
fiOBanetadiaaa qaaa habncntot arm noatri Laadeoiat«n naad» 
DM&oni vd bherioree habfunmt, tEinpon praa&ti Haacki 
regia patro traotri aecsadwn ISirTtaUs Lamkoiann at l^pi 
bnrci NatWntcame. Quare ralaBun ct famhar M«Rpiv«K 
(M»od iwi at haeradw eonm baae lOBaia jnedidi^ ta w n l j ia rit- 
bboMl el IMMM da anbi* «t baandnMa Mitria, mUMda fn 
aaaon onrtHk A xx. Elna a«»ai> da vfllk " 
pwtiM«lB« laia ad 


CHarttri (f tm»». 


Siincti Vu-IimIm, p0r numna pnepociti NorfaamtonUa. Et bar- 
4!(>(iiM-i^ NorliatnlonUo fnoinnl pnvjKifnIuiii qunm Toluerint de w 
per Autiutii, (jtii nit »iliin«ua nobis et eio, lioo mudo, scilicH qund 
idem burgenbM mmU) d« Norhuatonui per comuuDa eunsiliuni 
vDUtae nae eligApl duoa de legiJiorilitu et diMrettonbiu vilkti 
suiic ti jnesenteBt «m Tice«om]ti Nm-lutrntooine, et TloMomee 
UDoiB iUDnua praMCdtet npttali jnititiM apad Wealiiianule> 
rium, cun onBiivilam niun) nddere d«li<4, f|ai booo ct fklolitfr 
ciwlmliant pmr{io>itnrnn> vtUac NorlMiniloiiiM', et non amove- 
Uitur i|uai&diu m in ballia ilia beiw gvaacrint. nisi per (ommntie 
eofiaillum villatac suae, VolnraUB tttatu quod id eodi'in baqp) 
Nnrlut[>louia« per oocnmune oonailinm villatae eligantur uua- 
toor lie lei^ionbus et dtacietiortblu de bot^ ad cuRtodiendum 
placila noronai; el alia qiiM ad Doa et coronam noatmra pertinent 
in «odeia burgo, et ad Tidendum quod ]ira«poaili illiiu btirei 
jo*t« fft legitim* tnotcDt (am paupcrea qiinm diriti-A. T. Wil- 
lelmo LondoDiMUli eptaropo, otc. IWum per tnanoK H. Wei- 
lensia arrfaiiltacoDi, otc^, apud Witidnboraa, etc^ aaiio, ate. — 
(CAiiner tfort*. p. 45.) 

(3) A.D. 1100. Carta 4d Dttimeie, 

Joatjnne, Dd {gratia, ct«. Solatia dos conecasiBae et praeamti 
caita confinaaaM bargeosibus Doatria de Dunewidige, tjuod bnr> 
gam da DnnciHclige ait tiberum borgniii iKialntm, ct habcat 
•Occam ct woeam et ti>U et tbctuD d infao^'Tntbcf, ct quod ipd 
per totam tamm nnntraiii qui«ti siut dc tlieloi>oo ct Icatagio et 
pMWgio et pontagio ct aUlta<tM> vt da lea* at dc I>aiMig«lde, et 
de ew«i;io de wrec ct lagan vt dc omnibvs alilt conauetudtnlbaa, 
■•Iva iiberlate dvilati* Loodoniarom, «t qnod ipd lectam at 
•olitiun flnnam anom per manam mam reddant ad acaMariam 
iKMtrtiiD ; et tpiod niitlam eectam faciant comitalua r«l hundrod- 
omm niit eurani justitiii nodria ; et cum vtimniunili fjMrint 
MM) coram jnatitii*. mitlnnt pro t* xii. Iegnl<ii hominn do buigo 
)Bo qui «int pro eu nmnibua ; ct •) forte anterclari debuerint, 
jwr aex ]>ro1xiB boinines do borso luo et per vi. probos botniiMa 
•xtra bargum amercientur, CoDoeMiniua etiam eia quod filiea 
et liliaa aiiai poaaiBt Ubete ubi rulueriot in terra iKMtts marjtan^ 
et viduaa aiQiiltLei per cwiaiUuni iuuic<>nim B«ionun, et penitit- 
ailiunea auaa de Urria vt ^edilWiis in rilln »ua ixwiint dure aut 
vendcrc ani faccrr indc (|uod vulDcriiit ct quat>do Vdluorint. 
Conocwimni rtiam ana haiuain et gUdam manalorum aout 
habere conaaarvaranL Quare volnmoa <t firmil«r imedpiania 

Suod praodicti burgemes noatri pnumominalaa ItberlatM et 
bona oonsuetudiaee habcsnt et Uoeaiit Ubare, paciflce at 




brtegKi uiw omni uBpedimioto. T. E. Bjttm tfntcoipn,Wtn'-iao 
HbnacaUo. etc DiUom per nunns U. Ouitoariocwii »rctiic)il- 
Hopi oanccUnu WMtri ^xid RiuiMn AnriralUs; XXIX. die 
Janii, unw ngii tuMtri primo. — (Okarl»r SviU, p. f,i.) 

(4) A. D. 1 300. Carta eivium LitKuiniM. 

JoiiAltxiB. Dei gmtim ote. Saatis no* eonooMiiM, Mo. (<m 
■n t&a charter tfXiMard, nfcow, p. 158, lantiUii tautnittliii ; at 
far at tkt lait etatmf. l*nMtcrM vDlomua ct ooneedimtu qtioJ 
iilnn dvrd ito«lri LiiwolnLM per cummont oonsilium civitallt 
■iligiuU duo«> dc Ivt^ortlias et ducretionbas ciTibaa LincvlniM, 
ti pncaentMit eoe <»pituli jiutitia« apud W»tmoiu«t«Tiun). qoi 
bene «t fii)eUt«r cuModinni I'RMpodluruu dvitatis LinouItUM), 
«t um unoTCADtur quABidio »e to ballia Boa bene gcMfriiit. nui 
per comtnime coiuiUiDm civiuiia nute- Valtimiu etiani quod 
ut cadnn cinlatv Ltaoii]ni«ii! per aommDne mnriliuin ciTiun 
diguttir ijaatuDr do )cgalK)ribu« «l dittci^tioribuii civitBti* nd 
elutodicndum jilnciiA ooroOM i-t nlta qune nd nii« pt roniiuun 
noalnuii ]M-iiiniMit in radtnu dviinU- ct ad vidwidum qitr^l ]ir 
jiositi illiuB cdviutiii jtut« cl Irgitim* tnctent inm paiiiw 
mam dirilM. Hiia testibus W. Lood. episcopo, ti. FiUa 
Fbtri ooBiite EMCxinr. Willcliun UaracaUo oordu Ae Pmbnic, 
Htttuoe Banlolfi, Willelnw Briw«ri«. Datiun per mano* 
8> Wtllniafi ardudiMuiii et Juluk&uii de Qnj luvliidiMaQi 
OloocMriu a|iud Aolbio, XXIII. di« Apnlia lutDo n^i noatri 
prima. — {darter SMi, p, 56.) 

(5) A.D. 1 300. Cat\fiirmaii« cfMMtti EhoraA. 

JoKAKxaB, Dei frratis, eit. SctUit dm ooncWiUwi dviboa 
iiostri* do EbonMCi ontne* lib«rt»(<« et legCM Ct connwlndinrs 
■oaa, ct nvniiiiktlm giMun tiMtn metvariun, et IuiMa« suaa in 
Aas'''' "* NomMnnU, et k«ltigia ttiw per UMm coit«m iBari% 
qitleta, neat «■ nnqnam ntcliu* «t li)>«riu« tubnaront tempora 
rtfps Hrarici kvi pntris niMtri. Et vohiBUis et firmilcr pnM> 
dpuuiH quod pravdiotiu liliMtBtefl ot consaftudiiMiB iMbMot 
et t«iMi&( cum MDuibiiK libartfttibni pracdictae gil^Ue nuw at 
hniub anil perti&etitilnu, it* b«i« ct in pK«, libera et quifte. 
siemt uuqnam meKas. libcriu^ ct quieliui. h&baenint et Imumint 
tnapore |i»edicti n^ia Itriit-ivi hvi {•atria noiiri, Mi-iit rrtttA 
ejnxiciii i«tro ooeln ci cart* Uicordi fnitria auntii mtioiinliiliter 
t«a(uitur. Pnet«mi Hciolia noe oonccariaae vl prawofili r«rta 
mnfirtiiMH iMnntlnn civibna nostria EboMi quictimtuun mjuf 
iibet tfaoluiwi, et loatagii, «t de Tree, et pontafpi, ct p»«»j[il, «t 


Chorier* of 7W>i«*. 


•k tnafaa, M dc Mnnibua eoMiiinis pvr toUm AngUarn el Nor- 
nuuiDWin vt AquiUBuiun et AaileKftviam et PictAvikin (4 por 
ORiOM fHMlus e( oMilw ninri* An^llM et NonuMiniae ot Aiju!- 
tannlM ot AiitUsnvine vt Pktuvinv. Qau« voliuntu «t ftrmitn* 
prudhiBiua qaoil iixlc tiQl nuicti, et i>ni)iil>i-ititiB Db quia sup<r 
MM dlittirbvt aaptq-dccMn lihnu forufnctunM!, hkuI carta lUtarcli 
Tvips Tnitris DcMtri nlionabilitor t«eUtur. T. Q. Eliorai<euBi 
»rchi«[ii«L'op» : Ph. DuooUn. epueopo; Gaufriilg Klia Pulri 
mniito £>d«x)M, etc. Dwum per nw&Dtn 8. Wcll«nnii Mclii> 
diMon] et JohftUtiu du Qroy a|'ti<l £bor*cum, XXV. die Unreii, 
utiMingnitiiMtri|iriino.— <CAiirt»-/foU«.p.4a Drake, £'6pr. 103.) 

(6) A.D. 1301. Carta Aomiiwim </« HrrltrpaL 

JonAitxv. I>ei gmk, etc, Scutia no* oop weri we et hae 
|itMM-nti tmrtN noetra oooiuTDaMC boatmibua do Uofteqwl, qnod 
eiut lilirri burgmmfl, et quod knlwaiit mmIodi litwitktM et agaa 
in vilU Buat & Herlerpol qnu bure«BNa No*i Cutelli rafMr 
lliuuii habenl in vilU ana. de Koto (^teUo. Quaie Totnmna et 
ftraiiter |inedpituiis quod praedicti bai]{C0Ni kabeant et tentwit 
prHdictM liherttttc* et leges Imw et In ]>acc. liWrc «t i|tufttc el 
inlAgre, sicut prwdkbim eat. Hib iMtibun, X^'iilrltno d« Kiutc- 
rilto, HuBooe BiuxlulR. I'etro de IVatcUis Witlolmo Briweno, 
Uagpav d« Nevillft, IWtiertA de Bim, Enstiido do Vcaci. Petro 
t\v Bnia, etc IhluBi ftr OMUiatti S. Wellcnsis ordiidiafoui 
ftjiod Dunoln)., VIII. die Fetiruarii, regni noelri oima eecuDdo. 
— (C'Jkirter £o&, |>. 86.) 

(7) A.D. 1199- Grant t^a *e«nm«Na' lo Swri, iit PmOMt. 

JoiMXKW, Dei sndin, etc. otnnibu* ad quae pnwen* KriptiUB 
)>rrvMierit, ete. HcImh qnod dob coiKNanmiu qood burosBMe 
Or Niorto CkuuiI rl l»l>eant cmamnnun In villa ma de Kiorto, 
■•vm imoilxaa liK^atibii^ el libcrii eonfuctnduiibcu quae od 
liujimmndi ct/mcuuiiiu]) delx-ntit pertineiv, valra in omtdbua fide 
•t Jure DMtTu. Ti-*1e xav tyto sjiud RujKtn Andeliaui, XXXL 
die Anguitt, Sul — (CharUr h!<tli4, p. 14.) 

<8) A.U taoi. Ctirta bmynuitan ie ffdiattm. 

JoitAXim, Dn gnttia, eto. Sdatie noe contiBwiite tt pn*- 
icDti nkrtA n<^>eln conflrmaiae quad burifiia noeter de BellesttiR 
•it libnr btuviiB. et quod ImrRe&Mi noitn de cndem viUa halieant 
l^ltUm intnatonain et quirlniitiam uer totem terrain noMmin 
d« thokwea, pontagio, psaaugio, *tallagio, leetagio et aullogla. 



•1«M UMTtatn 

_*o«ai Qoatii tU 

I da Iw i ilwi iMf— tipi BMrid pMria BMOi iik 

^Md uOm bugiMin pMfirtH^ rtri iwi a m fti«rit b 
wM&u nlk di Hinwliw, Im htlnbit IfbcrtUM. HU* tnti. 
bBi^ W. aoa. SaiT^ W. B r i w w w ; Boh. de Tnmham ■ B<>t d* 
TrMfos; Sfan. de htaiteBe ; BmL ds Stoka ^ Bitttoc d* 
Fa uf b ttg c DBtom per bomb & Tdtenm ansUdwocoii 
Bfiuil CniMiam, XV. dW Afriliii, aoao Kgni noMri •MBnda— 
{Chartat SoIU, p. 93.) 

(9) A.!;. IMI. £«Cl0r«< PiMeNtM (vrvMufttM de i/fUatio*. 

JoHJunin. Dei gnda. eU. SciMi* no* loiiniiwi it 
pntMenti Mnpto noMro confliiDMM Inrgtnribtu watria ik 
Helh«ti>n, villain d« H«0««Uin cmn pvrtiacatiia^ w) (imum, i«r 
niitltiuiRi firsMin et debiUm. rt d« cremeDto qoatuur lilin*; 
haimiimat «t teDeod&ai qiunutin iwtu bens ot fldi-liUr irrTi' 
arint «t fimMiii Hum bene wlH id erin t. raddndo finiutin aium 
per nHnnin miajn ad doo ecioiBria tuvti*. tcilicrt tonlwulan 
•d Puchn, ct nltiTnun medicCatnii ad fiatatn Saucti Ttliclueli*. 
El BCUDdnm (piod (iranientiti& laJe crit qude cat finu. 
T. Sinofie de PUeaball*. apod Donettn; XVllI. die Aniilii. 
— (Charter ttolU, p. 93.) 

(10) A.D. 1315. 

D«i RTstb, nx AngtUe, ate. Scntia dm «oona- 
tciiti cart* iMiKtra cunliraiiUM baKtoibtu aiMtn 
dc dvHato noaln XjondoniarmD, quod rli;;ant tihi i>»^on<iii ilii 
wipna dngalifl anala, qui oobia Hilelia ail, diacnias et iiiubttt 
ad rtyim^D oiviUtia. ila quail cum el«ctDs faerit, ttobia vxl jot- 
litiurio noatro, ai prataenlea Don fueritnn*, iinic«««tctiir et aob 
jurat A(leli1at«in ; L-t quod lic«at ei* i|K<utn in fioe ojini amanr* 
et aUuiD aabalitncra u volucrint, tt.I cundem retiu«nv iU Unca 
(inod nobia osh^datur rcl jiutitlario Doetro. ai praaoctiitaa Dt« 
ncfitnua. Conenaimua Mian eisdem ti«roiiibtw omtHa ct <»ru 
noatn oouJiniMTiiDDS, quod babeaot beao <it in fNtcr, liUm 
iiuiote^ ot laU^rei omiwa llbertalea maa quihoa luuAaiina an 
anal, lain in ciritate Londonioniia aaam extra ; et twa in aqaii 
qaam in term, et omnibus alita kkU, aaln nubia ohamlwr- 


Charten cf Towns. 


lengerift noBtra. Qnare volumua et firmiter praecipimus quod 
prseiJicU boronea Roetri civitatis nostrae Londoniarum eligant 
aibi nuyorem dngulia aoniB de BeipBis praedido modo, et quod 
babeaut omneB praedictaa libertateB bene et in pace, integre et 
pleaarie, cum onmibua ad bujusmodi Ubertatea pertinentibos, 
eicnt prsedictum est Testibua domiiiis P. Wintoo, W. Wygom^ 
W. CoTeutr. episcopU, 'Wiltelmo Brigwem, Fetro filio Herbert), 
0«lfrido de Lucy, et Jobanne Filio Hugonia. Datum per manna 
magutri Bicardi de UarisciB cancellarii noBtri, apnd Norum 
Templnm Londoaiia, IX. die Mail, anno regni uostii sexto 
decimo. — {Charter SoUt, p. 207.) 

3i8 Henrg IIJ. [Mir 

wbidi tbemselvcB elutrc tiio AxporimcDtd chanctor of tlia 
ItoUtici of the d«y. 

Tbc iwhinl dWiaion o( the reign Is Into diree e|)Ochs : tlw 
first conUiDing tbo nxtoea ycara (luring which Uia gorem- 
meut was id Uw hands of WilliKin Manhnll txA Htibnrt U* 
Bur^ ; the aeoood, from IS31 to 1351, dniing whirb Hvnf]r 
■ded either under the inStience of Feter dea Bodiea, or as hta 
own ntDtabir ou the aam« iirindples; and tlw third, from 
1351 U> iiva, during which the Mrugigle with the batona luted, 
luid the power of tbo king waa, •ometimw with nml aometimea 
without hia appuraot acquicecencei oontrullcd Uy compi 

1. William Marvholl lived long oDOUgh to finiah tlte 
witli the Freacli : Ii« dini in 1219. The tutaUgo of tbc papal 
lugatea oontJnaed un^l lait, when ArchbtBliop I^agtoD ob- 
leined tha recall of Paudulf and a |)roinii«e that no new legate 
abould bo sent daring hi* lif«. Tlu foreign infliionoee were 
Uiua got rid of. Bat the dangerooa frieDda rvniBiiit<d ; Willi«m 
of Aum&U^ who reproaeuted the old feudal party, waa broogbt to 
Rubnuarion in 1 3 1 1 ; and Fnlkca dc Brvatit^ who repreeent«d ilie 
fnmgn mtrceaarics, in 1334. The field wm open to Rul>crlde 
Burgli and Peter dea Bodies, wIh>, until the country wtu at 
peaoe, workvO fuiily together. The poverty of the crown, and 
the exhaoation of ita rcaouroea fay the meaaurea taken to eactin 
the couDt>7 and to rocovtr the Praieh iBbcritane^ ncevantaled 
heavy taxatiflD and couatant renewala of the cberten ; and the 
uireumiUDCce were aoch aa to provoko atron^ oppodtion aud 
dialike of both the miniatcn. In 1137 Henry dianiiaaed Potar 
dee Roches, repudiated the vbartere of the forvata, and pat bhnaelf 
Into the handa of Huherl, who for tho next five yean govemod 
W4'll, though not with briltinnt r^nccMa. QU prinoiplea wer« tboaa 
ofaatrong Bdministrator ; tho diarun were fcorccly rcf^nnlod 
■a Unding. but aume reajieot waa aticwo to the spirit of tlieiu : 
notwithatandJng the omiwon of the lalhiuid ■4tli attideaof 
Jdui'acliarter, the tascawcmiu)co<ln>ainnlt<rofcoarpa; Wlall 
ak()eetininatDagTantwerea}'ateniaticvllylgiMred. Ihegnot leader 
of the oppodtiou ailhli period waa the Eari ofCheatcr, Banutr, a 





SMei of ik* Rti^n, 


dnlcnHlnad offioMiit of royd and psjMl vimA«m%, wliow at Utwle 
»li<i«« ntrjr roBiM-lutily the oltMvlion in tlui clwtucUi' of the oJili-r 
riind«1 nobility prodacod by tka training of Hrary Il'a nign. 

II. nulcrt (Je Burgb waa dimniaaMl witb tl>e greatert ingrntt- 
ludo iiiwl willi hi* QKul nMsnncM by Henry in 1131 -■ and will) 
the ndcipUaa of I'utor iIm Itocfan m bis prime miuiiitcT Iwrkii 
tba kii^'i earlier lerira of liiRiailliM with liis nobles. Tlie 
foroi)tn relations of liia motber, and Hfltir hi* niuri^ge in 1 136, 
tbOM of hi* wife; (Jie rspactty of the ]mi|u1 envoys, and Hcnrj-'a 
fuoliih coraptioDCo with nil titeir dcmamUi and the ttspenM* 
iitcumd in tbo king'i attempts bo raunfauD his pasilioD in 
ooDtiMAtal poLitka, ioomwd tbe troubles. Tlw leadn- of tlin 
oppoailioD nuw ww llw earl mardial Richard, who di«d in li;)4. 
Tliia was a periiMl of tnmt ezMtiooa and imfrcliii^ t}-miiiy on 
Ibe kit)({'a {lart ; the period of S. Edmuod niul Robert tiroewi- 
tc«U, wlia» esiieriences tlirew ibe i;raat body of tlie clergy into 
tlat«nnui«d opporition to the )uint opprenion of king and 
pufw. It was bIm the period of tbe riso of Simon do Mootfort. 
Till* political history is little more than a d«tail of heavy de- 
RMUida for money, inefl«ctiial protmU. and erer-iDcrcnung irrita- 
tion. Tbe kinjf'B wiseat adriser wim In* brother Earl Ridianl »f 
Cornwall, wlio was norc ostate, rmtk pUniuhlr, and |irvbalily 
more honest, certainly much more iible. than Henry. For a 
(^mt part of the period Henry acted without tl»e a«>istsiicc of 
tbe regular aUff of rainlntan. Stephen Segnve, who after the 
di^(r«oa of Hubert dc Bui^ occupied tbe onoc great pual of 
iiisticiar, was disiaiised in 1*34, and no aoeceesor on tbe old 
tenna was npputnUNt Tfie Clniticellar, KAl|>b Neville, in spite of 
eoDMant atrogetes with tbe king and pnuliatl low of power, 
rvtained hts office until 1 344 ; after which Henry roled with no 
pix.prrly oonstituUd Joslkiar. Chancellor, or Tri-nsur<T. At Ibe 
irritation increased, tbe absence of theae (unctionariot, who until 
tbey were lost eight of l>»d boen objects of dislike, became a ground 
of CMnpUint ; and the iil<« gained ground tliat it was the right of 
ibo commniiity to limit the kJng'a pnTOgatirc !>}' the appoint- 
ment of hia couBsellon. Tbe dcioils of Uie tiWHactiun* of th« 
whole period are alfiuxtant, inlricaie, and dreary. 


Htnry m. 


nt. The liielorj: otthf lut twenty jenn of tbe rei;fn in Ml 
of iiieiOeiit, cluin)ct«r, and <ln-el«|iRteDt ; knd U ao UrfpOy tlliw 
lnt«] l>y ducumenlsr}- ramaini as to rander detail on tli« prcMtit 
Ktlo iinpoMibl«. It b ii«oeMiu7, li<iir«v«r, to diatin^isb br- 
iween the two laiea of caumm whi<^ wrnt at wurk to ]>rodiic« 
tlie rcenlt. The oondnct of die king originated bath : b» ttwt' 
tMot of SimoD do IToiitfoi} ]>rodnced one; hu MiAviour in 
cuDUouon w!tb tlxt htcilaun crowu lli« other. It wm tlH^ Utter 
thai crattcd iho (general fc«ling uft-niiKt liini. Simon'* wraogK 
jiifililird liini, aiid bin jiolitionl ability itunlificd bim, for tskins a. 
pronUMiil [Mil in opiHwilioii ; biit tbc natural leadnwaslbdl 
Earl of Qloacmt«r, althoogb he also liad [irivate injurica tal 
avcflfce. Peraounl joalooawe and divialou of ainu scpimiicij thai 
leadc««, and in tlio end (aaaed the defout of ttw m(ir<'mtait.4 
Bat bcJbro it citme to a doae Seary waa bciiig aujivrtcdcd hj 
Iiis aoo, 


A.D. iti4S. Ax5. Wavekl. ]>. 2B6. Otnwoittuf wuoml 
Hcnrkuf in .... pacT uovetn lUitiDmiii infeiilij A]HMt4>l«riuii| 
Simonis et Judae, ciim miiKiia fcslinutiutiv, vot«iitib(u Biol 
parcntibui ct atnid* eju* qui fiduliti^r pntri vivonti adhaMcnnt,] 
a douiino lagato Gwaloiio atiud Olouccstriani, •Misl«iililiu4| 
iUdom qnaeopie Af'iatonionsi, Wi-'oriii«iui, CotuDUctisi, Baib<>-I 
ntenai, cl oomitilxu <|ai i>u«ro adbaeseruot, scilicet oiom* Om-| 
trtat, 'Wilk'lmua Maic«callus oubim Slri^l et IViibnw, eonaa 
do Porrnriis, WiUalmus Briwerc Snvnricux do Xal'ilaca ; reliati! 
Ofntiae comitaa et baroum Hi-<|ti<.-liiiii(ur l.iulowi<nini. Xc« multn ^ 
poet Gnalo IvgnluN concilium cdubravit apud Urtatollas in fvati-fl 
vitato Sancti Martini, in quo cocgit nndram eiHSovpcia AiiaJiudfl 
ti Walliae qui pf«(««nt«e erant, et alioa imwUtot infonons 
ordiuia, sed «l eomiiM et haroiin tut niilit«a qui ooavaaouat, _ 
Uenrioo regi ftdelttitteni junuv. 

Matt. rAiiiM, ]>. 389. Rrx nutttm t«i<rt ODroMtionoin Hunt, 
rvmauul in ciistodia WiUclnti coniitis Vriibnic. int>;;iii vid«li«vb 

A.D. 1217. LiBXB Dx Antiqitir LRornt-R, p, 103. . . . TotIm 
idua Scptombris (acta cat pax int«r pmpdictnm rrgetii Hrnricow 
«t prmeilictttni Loilcwycum B|iutl K ingouooani, |»^ diiminur 
OttlouaD legatuiH domiiii pvpnev cxit'tciib- ibidem et ouii>.TV',cnl<i 




(Mr praeoepcum douini ref[» m&uroo exercitu mititum et Uber- 
muni tnnrnliuiD »ti Duuii lurte Utius AngUM. .... roBt«* IXo 
lodtfuUa Octoliria rt'Dcrunt kpad Matooam dominiu li-gBtua, 
itotiiinun Ijodowyctu ot omne* Cere imgiwtM AnglMC. .... 
Uouiinus VMt> rvx Angliu eonce«it at carte Boa confimiavit 
ooiniljaB Ubtnt hominibuB rxgni «ii ooumm libntetes et liberal 
coDsaettxIina quaa liftl>u«n]|it tampon pfMdccamoruin raoram 
cum MmracoUlione alurum liberlAtum in pniadicU carta oon- 
tmUrnm : (]UM quitltiu carta quia doiainus rex uallum pro- 
priuin nigiltum tutic tuinporis baUiit provWr miuonm nHairro, 
■igiUala fait aiijillu pravilicti legal) et ngillo d«mtiii WiUalmi 
luiwoalli AngliM Miiiori*, ructom pnodicti ivgi* ct ngnj mi. 

A.D. titS. Matt. Vkoik, p. 300. n«x Heuiou ad Natale 
DoraiDi fuit apad KorlumitoDara, Faleaaio ref[iae foatiritati 
neceMaria omniu adminiatnuita. Eraut aut^u hif diebtu niuiti 
in An^ia quilma t«nipor« Ixslli practerili dulaitwimum (ucral d« 
npiui* vixiMe ; uiidc punt pawm denunciata&i et Dinnibtiii com- 
awuun boo polvcnuit pnirieDtca nana* a pnMida coliibore. 
HonUD Hiit«m pnuctpalca ftunint inoontorM Wilklmiu comw 
Albmiarlia^ FalcauuH ciua auia casteUaniis ItoWrtiu de Veteri* 
ponte, Brienoi dv Iii^ulu, Uogo de BaiUnel, PliilippM Hare, et 
nobcrtua de Guu^i, qui <mtt«lln ()ui>nuMUm cpiKoponjin nc toag- 
nattun cam tcrriji rt |MBMm)oiiiliut, c^iiira rrgin probibitioueiD 
et illorum voluotat^^m, d«(iii«re prawuinpBanmt. 

Asx. Wateku p. 190. Poat festuin Sanoti UickaeUa coot*- 
neruat apud IiOoiikiBtam oaptentea Aiigtia«, «t rcnoravcrunt 
Icgoa el librrtuit^b atcuiidum cartam regit Johannia, qium f«oerat 
baraoibiu, ct in mudum chirograpbi acripaeniiit, et ^igillo Qiia- 
lonb t^faii, ct Stcpbaui arohicpiMX^ CuutuarMiina, et Wallcri 
artiuapiacopi Ebaraccnati, ot Willolni opiaoopi Landanienaii, ct 
WiUelini Manacalli eoofiniMTflruntt doMC m juveoii dgiDiini 
ninale habere videretur. . . . Qualo legatut ab Anglia reeeMit 
ciita featum Saneti Clemeutia, et atatiu auoeeaait ci dominiiB 
PandulAia legal ut. 

A.D. iai$. Matt. Pabis, pi 304. . . . WillelinDii atnior 
MaroKalluB regis et rvgni roGtui-, diem daaiit extmnium, . , . 
Poat cujna mortem mrauintua rex in ciwtodia Petri Winlo- 
BiBMM epiaoopt rvmaTudt. 

A.I). II30. Axw. WavxBu p. 393. Secundo ooronataa eat 
H«iir>uua III rux Attgliiw In ilie PeDte<x>8t«a amid WestmoDaa- 
lariam. Aooepil otiam laiiagiiui per Aagliain de Miigatia 
caracia duua aulidoa. 


Htmry IIT. 


A.D. isai. Matt. Westm. |i. 380. WiDdmna in Foiilbdvl 

ootiM* <le AlhaiMflo, occupUD* i^attnlBin culra ulitwU^, ml jNUxn I 
(lomiiii ngi» u«I«ds ndir*^ cxciUTil ctwtn vum bortitvni nbel* 
lioneni iu LioL-ututa, ooda flpiioopo et eingalu batoribot t^tia « i 
logkto Fftululfu et qiiscopu «t dero Angliae ob sctJub ule per- 
{Milmlom exctiniinunicuia, Mem aaam urreTCrentur ouw^tuft «M I 
lut ili^ititiucicm. . . . Die lunftc vM«li<»t [iroxinitt auto fMliim{ 
beoUo Ifuwe U»git»lRDiie htndulfud Kom-icciuu vtectua cvmH 
Itgittoiu mwe «x msmlalo domiiii iia\me Honnrii, nntcMxiUbu* 
Rinrdo Saruburieiwi. Prtm Wintnnirnki, EnntMihio Ixxidout- , 
caai «pl»vo]>i8 «|iuil ^VcnouMiaeUiriuiii, Dullo alto tiiiM ei ta 
)cg*lioiM auct«d«iite. 

A.D. uai. AXK. WaVJIBL. p. aq6. C«OCt«l»it rex HrnrKUB 

de 1o<U Aiit;liu, per consilium domint Strplinni (.'Rntuuriiu' archi- 
niUcopl el aliorum maguatutn temic, lu fitilwidiiim Trrma 
Siuictofl »<lc|iiir«i>d*«, de quuliliet cvmile iii, narcas. do quolilit-t , 
Uuvai* I. in&miD, dc <)uulib«t milito xiL deoBnos, da (juolilivt 
Itbcro liomine i. dpDnnuru. d<! quolibfl homin« b»ben(e CBtolIuni 
ttd valrnliuni dimi<tiM: raiircu« Uiiuro d«li*riuia. ^i-d ciiiiCTwitu 
jnta p*rum nut nihil pmfuit, (|tuu cito povtra cuulntdicluiu cml, 
et mI effeotum minime porductutn. 

^ A.D, iit3. Matt. Pabis, p. 316. Rex ... in octavis E|h- 
ptia&ia*; i^ptM LoDdouiaK veiiieua cum liarutiiiiiu a<I culloquiuni, 
rM|uiBitu> eti ab imhiepiacopo Caiituarii-niii i-t mngnalibua alii«, 
ut libertaiCB Ot libera* ctaMU«tudit)c^ j>n> (]iiil)itu gucrm mota 
fait ootilra pairem mam, ooofimMM. £( sicot Brchippiaeo{Kia 
mrtendit evtdvntiir, idem rex diflbgcre dob potuit quia hoc 
faoervt, cum iu reooMU Lndovici ab Anglta juravil, et tota 
nobililait rrgni cum eo, i|Uod Ubertal«e pneBcriptoe umncd aW-r- 
varoiit oL »m&ibui tnulcnnt obaerviuida*. (juod itudiucw Wil- 
lelmUR Ilriwero qui nnu nat ex oociniliunii ri-gii, pro roga 
re^)Olldoa8 dixit, ' lilierlatM quu pclitiN, iiiiia vtulcotcr rxtortco 
fueruiit. Duu d«bei>l de jure obMrrarl' Quod vrrliani ni^- 
q>iMu<>]>iu moleete fcroi>i> increpavit eiim, diccns *Wilk-}m«,' 
inqutt ' •! ngfaa diligeree pocem rcgni noo inip«lire«.' A'ideaa 1 
aat«Ki r«x KcMtf&oopum iu iram cominikluni dixit 'Omiuvj 
lUwrtalea Ulan jtmvimtu ttt ikuum aalriotl suiuub ut quod Jura- < 
vfanae obaarrvmtui.' 

lb. p. 318. Kodem anno nmnexit roumiiitatio non modioa 
a magnatibuB Angliae, contra Bnbertnm d« Bur^ JiwtitiaHuni 
. . . Aooeaeit praetcmt ad inqjon* odii iuoniitTuin ailvetilua 
nuBcioram rt^a qnca ItMiuu» mif*ret. qui bullnin domiiki |«paa 
anitiepiwopi* Anglian ot eca-ma Hiffmi^itiMi* tlefvn-Unl, quH 




titira canllnelMt Bent«nliani, T>d«lf««t (|U<h1 dominii* pApa ngtta 
AnjfllM) {ilitnM iioUiii ndjndloftrcmt, qaod ex Uiim ocgolia n•gu^ 
iil«ni nx [•riniipkliti^r cum Kunrum daniMticaniiii cooailiu w^i- 
naxti, Sifjpiificiivii itlUtn . . . (jUatcbtM ■actariial« ai>o«lolics 
ilmiiiieiarttit comitihuii, 1>«nMiibus, nkUitibiia et alits ualwnia 
<|ui mutodiu liuWbAtil eMtixinim, hwiorum, «t vilUrum qnu 
ad ngi* doniiiiiuin spculslant, nl ountiiiuo viiU Uttt-ria ngi 
tilna mldentil. L-outmlutui-rs huUdi per centiaTntn occluiM- 
tlMBi mI MtitlMtioDeiii eompvllaroat. Unde p«M muriaw 
mmitiiin «t hanMmm . . , Mi|mdt>:(M oecuioDcs pTMtmdelml 
a I paerm rvgnt p«rturiiftrrt. 

A.D. 11S4. Axv. Wavxrl p. 399. Mnonnlli ■)ien!f[«>. 
tianim qccU sunt «t niuoti dv caatellb el cuatudiu miik in 
AnglU. . . . IpM vero Falkcuus ... in palriam nmn re- 
vemut Ml. 

Matt. PARta, p. 311, It«gi vero pm m&ximu UboHbuii giil* 
H (ixp^iwit, Urn ft prutlalis, qoun a laicU, eoDOtemm eat per 
totam j\ngliain cnracuf^iuni. (lettualitHitckrucadiio Botidi argsttti. 
AlftgiutibtiB item cnncnvit rex Kutaginm, Ttdclicet de scato 
quiJibet dues msrcas etirliugunini. 

A.[>. 113/;. Ass. I>DN»TAPL. p. 9.^. GoiMrkti oolloqnio 
Luudoitiiii f>(^lc1irut4), pi-tiit rex a betxinibut luta pro regnt defea- 
u<inc aoxilium gcDoralv: iMraDcii vero v>m vom liberUtM 
qtutdam ox«gcnial a rrgv Johonnc codccimu ol ab ipao r«ge 
pofUnMlom wBfinnatAa. lic*t Danduni, ImlliTia eius imixdi<uliUi% 
Mnretoe. Poet mnltae T«ro eeoteatijiruui revulutiuuta, cummn- 
■iit«r pbcuit, quod rex tftia pupnlo quaia jirhi libotatea, prina 
all 6» |iti«Ki coDccMiw, jnin nujur fectoa iDilulwt. Et v'tn vrm 
ftTcKirpiacopii, epieoofit, cuiuitot, iMroaet^ ct viri rvligioai ipM 
rr)ti in taolo duMrimioii qiiintao) docinuun molMliam aaoniu 
lilwraliMr conceaMTtint. Quod quia ckrid necularca mm ad- 
mi^vrsiit, inipt'tntvit irx littrrai dcimini papae ad cientta An^lae 
Iptnerslee, do ausilio ouihikIcdU ei conferendo — ™"lnm Ijcfiati- 
eionim auorain fuctilUtea. 

A.l>. iij6. Matt, rAHis, p. 331. Bvx Anglorom . . , . qai 
ariloDti (l<«idrriu tiitit<Utt ud iKiTt««> tniamitu-inaa bodiliter tntua- 
TiTtarr, cuiivooatia coiiuliarii* eui*, fr«it recttaie litt«rea nbl a 
tlociiitiu pa[>a tianuitiaaM. qiuurooa ab cU moailium tpild auper 
Uli iubiUliutic Mbi fnivt iu^-ii(lum PWuit itaque pnelalia 
H nta^natiUiiii uiiivL-niit ut difltin'eUir iicftotinm deaidentun. 

A.D. 19J7. Uatt. pAXiit, JK 33fi. Ri-x Atigloruro, oietiMi 
Fflbmariti, niHid Oxauuun uowuUo nagregato, denuotavil 

T a 


Uenry lU. 


oontn oraiiibus h legitituM osae neUttK, ut de oalino, ■iilntai 
ft cuHtodU, re^ u«g»tu ifxie prin<dpalitcr onliiuint ; et *ic tfai 

SriuR tutorvm hnbiiit at rcctomn Willi'lniiim MarCM^iDiiin 
am vircrnt <^t poMiaodum Potmm WintonisDMin «pHcoiHi>». 
excUMit M, per oooailiaia Hoberti do Uurgo Jnatitiarii n?gni, do 

cousiUo «t gubenutKiiie dicti epbcopi et BuoniiD In 

eodeni itaquu concQio fecil rex c«i»eUare et ommm omiMd carta* 
in proviuciU Mnuibiu ve^\ AuglUe de Ubertatibua ferartiM^ 
jtwtqtum jam per bicniiium in taU> rc^no fuenDt uuUtw. 

Axir. Taaoxna. p. 69. Rox grave ullagiuin frvit super 
■iugaloi divilM, civee et burgcDMs : d« Tina ^tiuo rctigioaiB 
eoDoem foit qotota decuna et de dencia *ext* dedtiuu 

A.D. i3>9. Matt. Pjuus, p 361. Fecit ns conviHiin kpitd 
WnUDooMtOTiina, DomuDKa ([iw canbUur .Vi»ericordid Domtnl, 
arcfaiq»»copo«,«piMop(M,abbat«^piriorw.T(mplAria«. IlofptUla- 
no*, oomitce. baroOM, «ocl<naniin roctores, et qui de so t«Deb«ui 
ill ctpito. »d tocun pnuCxuDi et diem, ut audireut tuxutia [ac, 
de decimis petitia pro guem ouatra Fr«dericum I!] ineni<M»t« 
et de rerun) exi^utiis coauuuutUir tncbirent. . . . Rax . . . 
ftvctua eat baculua iiruiidineua. . . . CMnitoa mo at haroiwfl ei 
lutci omDcs jiliuic (locimna so daturas eontradixernnt, ooleDtM 
baroDios sw» vcl lucaa poMeanoDoa Bomaoao ecclosiiu) ubliganv 
Bpiscopi quoqoe et abbato, priorea et alii ecdeeiariiTn pni<-tiui 
. . . taudom coDseaaeront, metoentca enoocunuiiiaii 1 n- 

tiom. . , . SoliuautemoonwaOeMrcmau Banulfui :>■■ mw 

noleni leiram auam rodifereiu wu-vitutem, iim prnnuit ilo Ivudo 
■00 viros relinioacM vm cleriooH d«ciiuiM mctnonitiw conferre, 
quamvta Anglia ct Waltia, Sootia et Hybvrnia od aolutiwtiem 
OonpaUeren lur. 

KX>. 1331. Matt. Vkko, p. .167. Septtinu kalendaa Piv 
hntarii «ofiv»a«nitit ad eoUotjutum vfnA WeatiuotiAitrriuni rox 
Gont pirutalis «t allk iiii4putibiu ngni, ubi ezcfrii idriu nx 
Kntagiuro, da qiii>l!bet acaio tna tnanaa, ab oinnibas qui 
barodias (CDebaat, torn laicit qaan pncfcatia. (?iii iticanliLa 
Cautaarieoail artJuquaoopia ct quidnm ppi<iOopi ruia en audae- 
l«T renateotM dixenint, quod uod tnuetitur viri eoctenaatlci 
judiao nibjici laicoRun, com abaqua illb coneeuum AiisMiC 
Moiagium in finibua tniiunMuriuis. 

Hot. Pit. is H. III. Com peteremu* a pnwliilia AukIim 
qood Dobu Muciliuin bcorent .... videlicet rpiuwpia, abba- 
nboi^ ab1»tiMi% prioribua et prioriaiia, t\\A An ihiIiU tonrut En 
eapite, ipti nobU libernlitM' ooDccMcmnl aoxilimn tali-. «ci1irri 
Bugulia teodia milituui Buurum xL aalidoa do tot fvuUis di' tiuul 





ipd tnvrntnr oobi* mpoixlrre qoando fnctnnt nubui tmilium 
tnilitari'. Rt ikw con(M«imiiR viidnn pnwIutU (|ti(j(l m\ prw- 
ilicttitn ■niiliiun Dobw fMWiuIutn tmWnt (U> Din^oilts fcotlia 
mililtiin (|uw do ew tcneatur xl. ■olidos. [ilat. A|>r> I4>] 

A.T). I13I. BIatt. Paub, p. 371. CoiuvMi«roul eo tempore, 
aotm* Murtii, m1 co1liM|tiinin kpud Wctrtniuniuteriiun niJ vim*> 
tionnn rfgi*) nmgnntcs Anglur, Um l*ici qiuun [>rttdiill. 
Qiiil'us TTX praiKwuil (jnod mugniii cawt dcbitM impliutiM 
Mitu IwUicae expeditMok <)uuii sapor «g«nit in parlibiu 
InuunuriDb ; onde nceeBaitste compniKW ab omntbiw gene- 
milter «nxilitim poatuUvil. Quo audito ootnes Cotriae Ban- 
nliiu, pro awmtatilKU ivrdi loqueix, rtopoodit quod eoniUa, 
IwrooM, M! nuiitM qui di- eo teiM-bwit In caiat«, ouid ipso emnt 
ilii (tirporalit«r prMHtmtcii, «t ]ir«iinUin svmto il« iiiamt«r effuili'- 
nmt qwod iudc pBiipcrw oniii« rvoeaMmnI, nmle n-j^ dr jtim 
Mixiliuin aon tlcbcbjuit. I:'t sic p«titk |i<:«iilia luici omikct 
I tirnwrmnt Pnelati rero rrgi respotidcntM dixoruot qnod 
flpiKOpi multi et abbates qui vocati erant, non foeruat |>ni^ 
atotM, «t lie petienint taducias (luogsque ad diem oortuin 

powfut. omnM {writer omrenire lUx — coqnt a vice- 

oooiilil'us et ba1tiri« atiwqiM minirtriii nuji d« mdditilnis et n^bua 
i>mtiil>tiii a-i fisci ouRiiandBin Npcdantibos rattocinium exig;rre. , . . 

Ill, (I, 376. Per idem teinptu xkx, per conralium Pclri Win- 
touii'iMiii «pi»CiO|M, BuliMtom d« Barjpy prolojiutitiariDai regni 
■h oAicio AUD , . . aflKwit ; et Steptianum de Sfgrava aolo 
Donim- i&ilitero rabrvguTit, IlII. knlvndas Au^sti. 

If>- p- .171- Conrencroat . . . 4i|Hid I^mbeiam ad mUoquiiim, 
ia ExaltatioDe ^aactae Onicu^ coram rrge cpiteopi ct alii code- 
«ram praeiati cum proceribm n-gni ; ul>i cooMMa Mrt regi, 
pr<i d»wtu quiboa comiti BrilanniAe tcDobalor aatricUu, qoa* 
iirae«nma pan renun mobUiom abepiacopia, abb*tiba«, priori- 
bus cU-ricu ct lucu 

AJ>.i»33. Matt. Padik, pp. 3S4, 38^. Rex. . . tonuilcwiaro 
anam ad NaUle apod Vigoraiam, ubi, nt dicilar, de conailio Petri 
Wijilonianaia epiaupi. ovbbm aataralrs cona« Eoae miaiatroaa rais 
ntnovil officiia et PidaTeaaM cxtriiiH>oa iii eorum aiinititerUa 
vabrogavit . . . Tunc rex niaaia lilleria puis voosvit uiudw di' 
miDO oomitts rt tiaroaea wl callix|iuum, at Tcairemt apod 
Oxuniaat ad fertuni Saadi Johiuinia: aed ipu aoluenint ail 
vjiu nuiidatuBi venire. . . . Cum aadiaoai naagnata* (inMHati 
■(ihhI paalatim applimeninl in xtguo prMdonoi imilU cum M)uia 
rt unnb, a n^v iurihiii ; cam iiulftuD paeia Tidiaarnt Tciti- 
giuni, aupfi^drruat ad diem wm atatutnm vanin, 


Henry III. 


denanoiantes nffjpn- nattcUvf •olctnnca, qnatouuii omiii illktloM 
remotft qioerat Fetnun WiatonicoBMn cpirropum et e«t«nia 
F1c(»neD8M lie curia ma ; sin aatrnn oollet. ip>i (hobm d« 
ooountuil coDsilio tolius K)^ i|)euni cum iniquLs cnniiliarifi laif 
a regno depellenot, e4 de noro nge cremulo ooutFoctareut. 

A.D. 1334. Matt. Paris p- 4°^ Tunc rex. <|ui ut pax fte 
modia omuibas BuiipimlKit, froit conrocare per liturna miaa pro- 
acriptoa wanes ut vcnirent (ilovoraium, Dominicn piMciiua ante 
Aactfuioneni DtHuiai, IVf^ scilioct kalcndaa Jimii, lul ooUo> 
qniuiD, pleoam grati&m i]Miu§ cum anie haanditatibiu rocvp- 

T. Wykib, OA/mt. (ed. Luard), p. 77. Bex Henricoa fcxiit 
talliftfi Mnnes civitatM ot Imif^ et monuria tna pnxpm prr 
tola III AuglUm. 

A.D. 1S35. MiTT. Pari", p, 41J, Cod«m tempnn cepii r.-x 
oaruuagium, acUivet duui marooa d« caniai, ad marita^nm aorot 
luae laalwtlac 

A.D. ii}6. AxK. DuKTxnr. p. 149. Anno ngiu nmx Hrurici 
fiUi rrgid Joha:ini8 vinsiiao, die Mrrcurit in enatuio .Saticli 
Vuimatii, in curia dumini rvdiii apud U«rtoa« coram doraino 
ni^ Hrnrioo Ct Mram voDcralnli jiatn dotnino Edraniuki Qui- 
taaricnai archMpisoopo et ooapiaoopia miii^ ct oonun inajori parlo 
oomitum «t baroutun ooatramm Jjigliao pro corooatioop damisi 
re);ia «t regina«, et pro coniniuQi atililah' t')tiii» Auglinv provi- 
eum fuit tam a praediciia arohiepisL-xpo, eptsci>iiia. ooDiilibus et 
boronilMS qiuuu a nobia, et concctBuni quuil de cctno iutt arti* 
ciili [rc. AMitta de Mutou} teiicautur in iw^o An;;liae. 

Matt. pAiiia, p. 439. Eodnii quo(ia« anno IV. kalosdM 
Maii, congregati sunt ■"■g"**** Angliaa Londini ad colloqtiiun^ 
de iM^tiis refnii tradatnn. . . . U1>i cum d« midtU traciaretnr, 
unum laudabililiT (>oiiKummuTit, acUicct quod anx'tia uranibua 
Tioeoomitibua mlmlituereutur ali!. eo quod uimij a tnuiutu veri- 
tatifl et jnvtitiiM corrnpti maoeribuii cxnTiiitamnL > . Sigillum 
quoauc mora ab cpiacopo Ckcatrvoai cAni-cllario ano . . . i>sc(pt 
mc iQitiuitixRime. Scd idem caouJlniius lioc rnccn> nwuit* 
viilcna itiip«luin rvf^ nvodestiae finra cxccdoBt«ui ; dixitque ao 
nulla ratioD« hoc poane facere, cum illud oommaDi eoDxilio r<yni 
nucepiasot, quapropter xmo illud aimiliur aine commitni aaMiun 
regal alimi reaignareL 

A.D, 1137. Matt. Pa&ib. p. 435. Miatl . . , [tva] onnllDuo 
par OBUMa fines AnsliaA acripta regalia, pTa«oipiens omuilitu ad 
regmua Angliae a|)ecUntilnu, videlicet, areliiei>iBc<(]>ia, «plMu|iji^ 






ktilwtlbos (i prioribtu inMUtUtui, wnillbui tt bkroniliai, iit 
oDiDH sitM oitiitiioiM> in ocbiviit K|>i))lmniafl Londonii* coiiToni- 
nnt, regH ncsoiia IncUluri tutam ngimni oonting«Btia , . . 
PraniMl . . . libertaKa SIognM OutM wnw 6ilelibui! r«gni Mii 
«X lunc iuriolBbiliUir oticemrt. . . . ConoewH eai itfitur \m>- 
iiifrrir tali cowlitioM n^l M vice tricennM regni {Hin, omninm 
K'ilicot iDi>l>iliiim. 

A.D. 1*40. Matt. I'abis, p. 513, In ocUvia nn Epi- 
l>4iauiu.' congregati euat Loodint archiepisoopt et efMacopi earn 
iiiuliii aliit nuHttrntibos, pncorate «tUm Uftato^ nponeiit«a que- 
rininniatu ^rrnvinimiim oonuu r«i^ in curia km, super vNrlifl 
itOuriiit at u|>jirKii(>tiilm* ot ({uutitliuiiia denUlJoiiibai UUtia 
MdoaiM per iniipiuni rcgi« cunMliiim , , . V.t craot ctwln 
tvg»m io qnmmoniis «)H»eopQrum r»pt(<ik oircH^ xxx. Rt «m 
U'titts proocflMm «ft qood lata tit itenim srnlqntia t<^l)itiUT 
uimis iu oaatta regis oonsUiarioa <|ui ^tjoi animum ad prardicia 
cnorniia cuiiahantur iitolinara. 

AJ). 1142. Matt. Parh, p, 580. Immui«iitr rpro parifi- 
catMMfbmtscVii^iiii, totius Aogliac noliilitan, tnm prndatMiUB 
qnuro comitnni e( baronum, itecuudum r«g;ium praeoeptom e«t 
Loinlini conjfrpuatiL. . . CuulnuHimuit txitur Rgi in tuiem, 
nolcntoi ampliiM mie peounia Ma fnutnUme ttpoliari. 

fl'' p- 595- Sciiliigium prr totnm Angliain r«x Angltao «il)i 
fecit nctonjoeri 

A.D. 1I43. Matt. Pasio. p. 600. CivM LonJiiivuM* ad 
l^raviiMiininm CDm|Miliii aiut r«>|prapliimein (juue talUKii^i" dicilur, 
Nul> W forniH ; vriM<niiit Rxortom ct n-galta urdilui ad iltnm 
vcl illuin dvi-fn dir«iitc«, 'TsntHm ct tantam oportvt t* pvcnniaiu 
iloininn rtfp iii Ioiigiii(|iiiR jiarlibug pro cominixlttat^ rr-gnt 
niititantj et niinl^ iniligetiti, donpo in ngno mo ivdiiurcttir, 
(.■pinrivodaiv.' Et Hcnmliiiii voluntatMD «t arslimationeiii ox- 
biftorutn, pPcuuUni oiriuiu inutilaruul. 

AJ>. 1144- Matt. P^itn, [k 639. OonTmnrant r«ffia iiiU- 
modttionn i-onrocali I<aiidinuiii mii^utt* U>tiuii rcgni, art-tit- 
cpisropi, epiM<o|ii. abbatcji, priortr, ooiiiitcB ot baronei. In quo 
eoiuriliu pciiit iTx urc prtipri<i in pntMeiitia inagnatum in nicc- 
t<>ri» Wi«linciDa>tFTi«n(ii auxitiuni eibi fieri pBOuniarv. . . . Cui 
fuit rmpdnaum quod lupxr \wc Iraotaivnt. B«crd»t«sqtia 
RiagiMtv* dn rvfi-rtorio, cw>y«T«'niiit airJiiriit^Miiii ct qiiwMpi, 
abhaUa «t pHorr^, aMirMim |vr iv (upnr )■■>« ililitrentvr iraclaturi. 
TnndcR) rtN{ui*iti ' > iiarto Mrum comilot ct baronca ai 

Tclli-nt suit cuiMi < i liuUor oaoicntin in i«i)iuMi(ina at 

328 Henry HI. [faW 

prmvinionc super liiit fiwimcla. Qui rmpondimint qnod Rue 
cumniuni iinivonitkto nihil faccrctit. Tnnc do cotnniBm MWnwa 
eteeti fncTunt ex |>arti> dori, «l«etas CVntuuieutis, Winioaitranib 
Liu«oli]i«iiu8 et WigornieDsia episoopt ; rt |>ai1« lueaniii 
RiMnluA conra fraler domini refps, ooiimi K^ot. O0m«t Lcgv* 
oMlriiM Sitimn d« Montvrurti, ct oontcs MnrMullm ; ex nuto 
vrrti tatntiiun) Riiunliu do Munlfldiet, «t JohnniMi de BwUoil. 
et An Snncto Rtlmuiido ct d« B«innwui nUtolM; nl qwxl i«H 
doodtdm proTiiljTmit in coinmntti rccitarrlur \ dcc aliijtm forma 
doniDO regi oaUfldcntur nuclontalc duodrcim, nisi omniutn 
eommouia a^sntsus int«rvenii«i. Yx quiu carlA libtTtatum (ium 
domimu r«x oltm coiioeMcrst el jiiu cujua eaoservattotie udil- 
episcopiw CftnluiiricEwb BdmunduN Juruvent, fid^iUMnt •! 
CWtUKiM pro rcge proDiuernt, tiiMMliim oxttitit flViMi'Vata, >t 
BtixitU qnac toticR conecaaa furrant domino ngi od nutlnm pro- 
fectum regis vol rrgni dcvencrnDt ; rt per lUrfMtum MixxilUrii 
brevia contra jiHtiti^iin plane* fntrant coDoenn; prlitum fait Ut 
aecunduni quod eleftnvnt, juctiliariuB et caitt-ellaritis ftereot per' 
uuiw MfttiM rejtiii *oliitiwtur. ut «ol«1iitt. Kt d« i>«r cumpnl- 
ilonem ooncilii aticguid novam Kbitucre viderelar, noluit pcliliuot 
nuignniiim couiviitire, ard prominit M* rmmd«Utniiii iiim tx 
eortini parte siidiMiiL Unde 'Intiiti fuit tnminua ei« ne-iue ia 
tres wptimanas a Purilicaitoue Be*tM Virginia ut ibldein itcrum 
tunc convcoiniit, 

Ih. p 64.1. Convcnirnlibtif natom It^mim mii^alihna cum 
pracUtia genmlitor I^indiiit .... rcaovata fiiil pHitiu ragia 
Hip«r auxitio peruitian »ibt facirtido. Circa qaod do die in diem 
niovenit mm domtBua rex, tum ia propria pcrwna, tun) p«r ioler* 
DtHiciM aotcmnca per qnoa promisit ae libirlalea qtiaa Jxmvmt 
in CDTonatiooe aua, nipur quilma Mrtani coiif«c<Tat, fntt^serTiraM 
t«r>-atnnim . . . 'TaiMcm unnnimiwr . . . concewerunt domino 
n^ a4l tnarilatidnia filisai n»m nrimogroitam, do aninil>aa qui 
tenant de dumino rcgo in capilt^ de tiagalia icatia viginti aotidoe 

lb. p^ 650. Ill craatino autrm omiiiuni Sancloniin coiivrai«iitaa 
nMgnatM Antcliar, Bex «um iimtaDtiiwiiUA, ne di<«m impgd«n- 
tiasina, aaxitiam pecuDtarc nb pin itcniin pnntularvi, Uitina ked 
et illuai eoBtradiscmat ei nnaiiimiter ct udo ore in fncM. 

A.D. 1 346. ^Fait. Pasib, p. 696, Unb'o mm (|iuu)racM[niM 
. . . edicto rcfclo convucnta convftDit ad PanutfiotTi'K geo^ 
raliaahanm tolina r^ii An^irani nobilltna Londini, vidnlieat 
pnolatorum tarn abbatura ct prionioi qnam *|>(M0|>onim, nomf* 
turn qiioqaa et boronuin, ut do atalo rqful jatn Tsdllaiitia dBn*- 






Mi«r ]>rout oxfgit (irgcm DcoomtM mntrvotaniit. An|{«h«t 
pnim wM gntvanwu intolerabi]* a cDrim BotoMW iocoMunler 
ilktum. . . 

lb. p. 709. IKo Tcro InuinlaliuuU Ixnti TlMtnaa MartTru 
liabitom Mt iM^um concilium iuU^r re;;«iu «t ttfpii tnagnatM 
apud WinUmiiitii. 

A,D. 1 147. T. Wykjw, p. 96. Fuel* wt gnncnlb CMign- 
pttio umnium mahii&tuiD AnffliM cpiKOp>initn, onmitiuii, bttro- 
num, i-onm ilominb regv apud Oxonian), qainclrna PmcJim i 
(|iion»n ooniitlio et aaMUu domiuua rrx mutavit moMtWD 
■nam, quia Tatoi no fuit ivtonn quod quB«i nnlliiw fuU 

A.D. la^S. Matt. Parii, p. 74.1. In octom . . . Purifim- 
tionia edicU rrKto convocala totiiM n^i Augltnr nobilitiut cuu- 
vrnit Loiwliui, ut de ngni negotiis nimis pcrturbati ct depaupcrati 
ct tcmporilitii noctrb eaorauter mtitilBli diligent«r ot clli«ndt«r 
Blmal cam dnmino nge <wntt««tiu«L Adven^nint igitur iltuCi 
rxocptabaronutn, tniltttuD, ii<ilnliuni,DecDUi«tabbalua, prionuB, 
et dericorain maltiladiiie cupioao, noTcm episcopi cum loltdeoi 
eoroitibiu. . . . Et cum prapoaaiM«t dominuii rex . . . pccunbre 
■Qxilium [Kwtuliuv, ivdarguUiB est i^raTilcr eujior hoc qnotl nan 
rrobmcrlMt tuno tale javamea cxiKera, proea^tim quia quaado 
ill ultima tali rsnciKMic, cui noUlai AiigUa« tu eoBMoaem&ti 
eonhcit cartam eiiam, quod amptiuit talcm non flK■^rvt mafpiatibu* 

■Ub tn^uriara et gravamn Colutnniatur itiujiw domiau* 

nx KTiivit«r . . . eu qiiod sicot mAgniSci ngf pnedccrwona 
Hui Itnlxitnitt, Justitittrium ave cancrllarium habet nee Umwhi- 
rarhim per comiuuu« conttniuin ref^ni p*Mit decMmt et ezpcdint, 
bmI laJiM qui miam quaienicimque dunuaado nbi qnaeatuoeam 
HMjuuntor Toluntati-m . . . Diluta miit ij^Mr omnia . . . usque 
oil qiiindciiam XstJTitalii Saiicti JulutnnU BaptiatM. 

lb, p. 748. AdTcntcntc anlem quindcna SwHtt Joluuinis 
Baptifloe .... respundvrunt umnas quasi nao spiritn ptncciM, 
nnllo modo m ampliu* ioutilitvr velle dqiauperara. . . 

A J). 1149. Matt, rAiiis, p. 765. Ad olaurain Tcro Paacha 
ooovrtirriiuL wsgiialcR Angliac, jiruut cundictum mt«r coa prius 
TniTat Loudiiii, ut quod rtx cwpn pn>ini«!nit citMlem •all«m tui>c 
adimplervt, vidtUe«l d«i cauccllario, ju>titl>no at tbcaauiario p«r 
cwwiiiuui «irun) cuualilupodis. Sod cum omnia ae nrtiwiine 
errdnrciil tmi>tun>ii,«imUialiicardi,quieorum omnium auinmua 
o«a vidctnr, abM-tiiia prognanm twgutii pcnitua imp«diTH. 

A.D. l>SO, Mait. Paii», p. 77B. Bex . . . cuiiae sooe ex- 
ptiiaw et toUisc dap6ilil«tii Tacctiaa . . . jumut miiwran. 


Ih^rg III. 


A.D. 1351. Matt. Paiiih, p. K14. XI[I<t» katendu HutH 
babitum Mt PnrtMDcnUiii) miigimm L<Huliiii. 

A. I). US'- Uatt. Paris, pp. 819, 850. Fosto aulom IvmU Gil- 

mrXi immliwDte ooaveu«runt veldti ex cdicto rof^eoovoMli 

lotiuii Anglian |iree]ati fere unir«ni. . . . Frotuut igirnr 1b 
rordiuin duminuii rux . . . paimJc iniui<liiliim . . . quod riileliorl 
coiittikinit domiuu* papa tolkiii rogai ilvctmuni, Tlde1ic«t |>ru- 
VMituam tottu* Mclouac AnglicauM, . . . pei' triL-niiinin nil n;-.^B 
vialicft pervgriaatioatii. . . . Dixerant « Don poaav pli'iium aut 
perfeeluin coiiailiiim iniro sbaqae domini Ouitunni-tixii luvlii- 
cpiBoopi . . . praMcntU et oweuaa, et dsmiiii an.-iiici>iM:upi 
Ebotnoeiuit . . . ooooeneu et provKteotu. 

lb. p. 853. ConvocittiR . . , deOBO domiDU* res nptimatibo* 
Miis . . . convenit 00a Av uegotle GwMoiao <ju>d ageixlam, . , . 
Bapoodcsunt , . . 'de sMta sua modenio minime c*rti&i:ainnr 
. . . DM de Inwrti* oerte |io«niiDaa nspondeiv.' . . . Silulum 
i-at igiUircoDcilinm. . . 

A.D. H53. NUrr. Woftil. p. 35a. In <|uindcii« Pucliao twhi- 
anto nuigno parliameoto potieniiit prMlati fere uinixv, in Riniul 
oon^'^gati, at dotniuua rex, cartas conwrvaiu et libcrtatcH qua* 
mcpiuB promUenit, aiuictani iii*uper eocleaSain permitUirc btiin 
KMudvtv HlMrlalilitiK, maxinwi d« vlectiouiliuii pnuUttiruni tatn 
catlii-ilniliiiin (M)clc«uiniiii ipinii) cunviincuntium. Quao aninta nix 
ae iadeini>it«r obwrratuntiu protMCani, eoi-umkin una mm aliia 
magiuttibua, ad suae praecipue peregriiuriioats Bubaiilium pn4u- 
Intum de oonlribalioae rvporlavit aiaensum. Concema mi igitiir 
reiti dednia para pruTeittuum eoolMiasticonim p«r trwauium. a 
mililibus rero Mutof^titii illo aunu. WL-ilicct od aciiluin Iras martae. 
Bex autofli bona Mc promiait ae oninin i 11 violabi liter olMerratti- 
nun, <iiiae et aliaa mtillotioa jaravonkt «t p«t<.-r auna JoIuuiim!i> 
primo affinnabat, el, at en-timrs fivtwnt dc [immiMi^ tmL-o^ut . 
super hoc in praesentia aaa aeDtrntiaRi proferri in piil>)ioiiiB> 

A.D. 1154. Matt. Pabu, jv B81. Ouin Tito kaUtiMlaa 
Fabtuaiii . . convmisaoDl uaivi'm fen AngUae DUgaalee 
•olulum vti condtium caasum ct iuanc. 

Akx. I>uNsrAPi- p. 190. In 4|iiiiidem Buohw wm 
magiiatca Auu^iae apud WeatinoaaBteriniD. 

A.D. 1155, A«x. IluiiTos. ]i, ^36. ITenncua wx Aii;iluu) !ii 
(]iiin>l«iia a I'aocba teiiuit parliaiitcnUim nuucn apud Wralmunna 
t«riiini : oonvomtii ibuletn . . . totius ivgtii rpiKvipia, abba* j 
tihiu, coinitlliua et Imroniliua iinivenua ilii [imiiaputitms 
exigcliut villi aitxilium vxhilwri, ct nt ijuhIbD) ()u1 il^lem at 




fDiiniiit MMrolwit, dMpMutt rex lulioro taylngliim <\}uA dicilur 
hontgdth. M«gnat«a aut«ta 6 oODti* potdwiit, ut <«cu]Kluai 
flMundudiacnu n^a tr» iwrvooaa poowiit per elwtioiicm in 
ngno luUicTV, videlioet oftjittdeat Jiutitisriuia, cHnoellariiim ot 
iMMunriuiD . , . ncolro oonocwo, (Utua est <li«« ad d«Utwnui- 
dnU) lUpcr Iiii, aM|iic ia quiiMloniun s iv»\a Saouli MtDhaolis. 

lb. p. 360. Potit festdin SoooU MicWliM . . trnnit rex 
p«riuu»«iittini suum npiid WwlmooMtorium, ooovocaUa ihidocn 
qjiaoopis, ablxidbud «t prioribue, ooraitibiu at baroaibua at 
lotius n{[id auijuribmi, in quo pettbat « dero de laivis feudU auia 
teXu uiflngiuni exhilivn nd ii«f{utium *tult« et iucanuiBipeeto 
pro r«tfn<i tncbtutuiu Siciliw procc<]n«nduii) ; dispoonui de nu 
Don*ilu> iniqoo hoe priu • oivTO, ct pi«t<iio(luni n pupulo mnjori 
•t minori extonjucre. Epiecopi wio, abhatcgi, priurvn et \-iv- 
mrmlorca qni ibtd«in pro untvcrnilate affuvnint. . . . gravnniiiut 
BBmmu pontifici . . . d(»tiiuruut. . . . ' IVocuratorce ctcnconiin 
benefldatoriuii arcliidiiKoiultu lincoliilM pro Iota cnimuunitsta 
propoatint quod gmvMJ aunt quod decima bei)eKcionini suoniin 
domino ngi fuit cudcmu ipai* dou rucotu.' . . . 

A.D. 1 156. Uatt. Paris, p. 910. In Festo . . Baocli Hilsrii 
ooDKivgaU aunt Londini e]>iscop! A)i|][llae et anhidiiu^ini, 
tuklique rdiUBuDtor uiguiltitti ut darent rMponinint iimfpatnt 
Buatandov papM ot r^» derioo, pnpac nuncio, regis procuraUiri. 
. . . Pmvuucnqno est itnlabritrr nt Mngnoc Curiae rtgil 
Jolianiut . . , Kub poena horribilis anathematit conccrrenlar. 

A.D. 1157. Vatt. Paris, p. 946. Id modin Quedra;;e»iii)a 
foiclum e«t inaguum parliamenlum. , . , In ]»r4ian>ei)to autem 
. . . m tn audientia tothu populi, addncto inoniitnitoque omoibua 
Kdmnndo qu«m protnlentt in modiutn Tcttitum itidumcnto 
ApRlinni, nit, ' Videto fidelea 01M filium nteuin f^lmuwliim 
qn^m Donituus ad ragalis excellentiiw difpiitateni jp^taita gratia 
vocaTil.' , . . . £t addidit aasenna quod de oonailio et benignu 
favure papoe et evcleatne Anglkaniie, nd regnoin SidlUo ar- 
quirvadnm, so obligitvit nub poena regni cui ainittendi iid 
•uiutionem cenUim milliiim marcanun et qoadniginta milliit 

innr^'inim excepti* tiniris. Item dociiniu totius clcri 

iniji'ilnivit genvnJM per quioqnanniain coiitiiiuandas . . . ilnii 
fnictos omninm eccIcsiaitiooTunt beneficioruta I'acatonim priini 
anni iiH|Ue ad quinquenntam. Hia nndilia, omuinm anna 
tiiitiiuloiiE et conia TUMiaeuter obMupuerunt. .... Protniso- 
rtitii n-gt ad suaa inatantea neccwtalea — et tamen conditiunn 
aililitn ut. Magnaoi (\utam . . . »b«crTBrcb— avinqaaginta duo 
Hiiliia luikrcanun, iu irrestaurabilc doioaiun ocohhm Anglicaluu^ 


Jlenry III. 


Ank. Bubtok. p. 391. Hatiimet tpifOponim et cleri c'tnlra 
fMili-ojiem domini rirrfi*. . . . ' Ittm, ciim oil M>lutioneni iittiui 
pvcuiiiufi nil initio n«n rawmns rcquixiti ncc lUiqno mmlo obli- 
Rikti, iicc contrn\it dominiiH ifTt conscnlicntibus Iscitc ncc ox- 
prciiie, itnmo prniiiiF iiobi» ij;;iioratitibus, ad conmmm*tioneiD 
propoxiti ii«gotii nulUtcnus urgeri voluinus ncc dobemus.' 

A.D. 1358. Matt. Paris, |>. 963. Po>t dtem yurtiii, qiioo 
ruljcitritur Uoked&Ia a]>])e)liitur, frvctum cat Piirlnmraium Lou- 
diiii. R<ix namqac multitt ft nnluiii nngotiU tuilliritiibntiir, mi* 
liwi. de n^gotio rcgni ApiiHn?. , , Kxc^il . . p(M'iini*in infi- 
nitam <lf qua peraolvends §a obligavit papa mtTcaloribiu pro 
(p»o rege. .... 

lb, p. a69. Duruvil n^Ihur. pmelibali ParliAraei)ti nl(eiT»tio 
videlicot inter ngcm et rpgni t^Bgnat«^ uMpin dium Ddiniiiioam 
proximara post Asc«n«ionem .... dilattiin e»t pnrlarapnlum 
usque a>l f«8tum Sancti ilAmabae apud Oxoniain diligotiU>r 

Am*. DcNHTAPL. p. 108, Eodein anno iu festo Sancti Bar- 
imboc a(K)nu>li tecil dcimiuua rex oonvoaui umnea tiiJigDat«« mo« 
Angliuc, Mtlicet dmcuN «t liiiccia. 

Amt. DoiiTOK. p. 438. Ad provisiononi ot ragni in malitu 
nfarmatioOMB et ordinationem fa«i«fldam. sub fidei ncramento 
prolftti tnilt ibidem articuli qui iodiguivnt in r«gna eorreclione. 

lb. p. 445. Pncnint oliam in eoileni parlinnieDlo apnd 
Oxoniun xxiv, olccti, vidrlicnt xii. n part« domini n-gi* ct 
totidem ex parte comniiitiitatJii, qiiorani ordinntionibuii ut pro- 
viuunilxiA dominnK rex et doiDiiiue Bdwardti* liliua cjua . . . m 
Mippusui-ruut super Rtutua eorundeni ot lotiiu Angliso coitcg- 
tione et io melius reformations. 

A.D. 1359. Am. 'RvKKV. p. 471. Fcativitato Sancti E&- 
ward! . . to quindona Sancti Siichacli* apud Wfatmonaa- 
lerinm per domioum rcgcm ngaliter oelohrata, commuoita* 
bodideriae Augliae aignifleavit domino Edwardo Htio regis, 
mmiti G)uvertiia«. et altia juratiit de conailio apud Oxoniam, 
quod iluitunuH rex tutaliter fec^erat ct adimplevit omnia «t ain- 
guts quae pnividnrout liikmnca et nbi itnpiwueront fncienda ; 
et qnoa ipn liurounK nihil ul utilitatcm rciiiulilicno nicut piro- 
luisenat ftoenmt, nici commndum pmprinm ot damnum r«gi» 
nUqne, et qaod niiii indo ficrot eincndatio, alia ratio partuni 
reformant. Dominus Edwardua ftlalini pro se r«4pondtt quod 
junamentom qnoddam f«c«nit apud Oxoni«m etiam invilue. aed 
Don propter hoc quiu forot ]i«ratus nd pntatandum tiponte 






ilictun jununentum, el ad <>x]iuoi:uduin se moiti ]>to commgai- 
taU Aii^ini! rt pTD utililaU rej[iubli(-«e Mcunilum ([uod jontnin 
culilil Hpud Oxoniam : «t nuiiduvit prncdnc Inrotiibti* de oon- 
BJlio juraUs quod tnn jaraincntum hiuih prntKlictum Mtimplo- 
rvDt, ipac usque ad tnart«iu starot cum ooniiiiutiiUI* et (iromisM 
GMwrtt ftdimplerL Taiid«m vidcDtfs IwroiMt luagtt tix|iodir« 
pnMuiaa* sua per Mipsoa Mliiiipieri qu&m per tUio^ puUioe feoe- 
rant iirovuionea luaa promulgwL . . . 

A.D. 1160. Cuiioir. T. Wtks*, p. 135. PortPascba factuni 
e(4 parliameataiu bAroadm apitd [/Kidoaiam. Ilex il«que per- 
pFmlom bATOoea greiMlia moliri «t aliquid vcUe mftcliiuari cootru 
eum, ingrawts eM civitatem londouiae, «l ftcjt uustudiri porta* 
i-ivitatui, n»uinp!iitqne tumin Louduuiae, ei]ieUviu Hugniiem 
l>i«pciU»riom qui factiu fiiit justjtiikriiu prr ordinativiwiQ 
buoDDm ; et fecit Tcnirc t)Oii(.>(»riutn nuuin de Wc*ttIiotiai't4ii» 
ad Sanctum Paoluio iu domibus Kpucopi Londoaioe in quibus 
li(»pit&b«tur : et oocpit propoMro pluTM articulM eoDtra bannus, 
et lutiutiM pniui ubi vidvLiatiir nlis dBcaceo, quod aon tene- 
Utur i>L«>:rran) prumiHioniM Oxooiae. \5viAa atXxaa eat •ohiaina 
iuler ipmini ot pmccmt ; tuidera poat Biultaa nlterMttonea coni- 
promiseraiil id arliiuoa. 

Am. Ddkstapl, p. 917. Poet Xutnle domiuu* rex turrim 
I/>i>i)ifiiiiirtiin iD jf r c— u > eat et ram mnhnm affortiAvit ; pnrtiM 
civiUtiH obwraTit, mauiaoa ron^iwtibue quod ad turriiii ad 
|»rliaaMBt*iiti vcnirtnt : ct rcitucrunt TiiandaDtta quod, si 
|ilaeer«t ai, apud WeetaoOMterium renirciit, ubi pariiaineutum 
lenere tymsuererunt et non alibi, propter quod int«r eoa urto 
nt duKuaio. 

A.D. iitii. CuKOM. T. Wtkiw. p, it8. R«x AngUae io 
(wto I'etiUGoelea apud WiatoniMu detulit litlcras domini papae, 
et poblioe oeteudit eas baraoibua, quwl abnuluttu fnit a jura* 
meuto quod pmealit^nil du provident iisi. bHroDum obaervandis. 
. . . Et depoouil dutuitiuiu Hti^ncni Dupouiftrium d« oflBcio 
juatitiarii. . . . 

A.D. ti6j, Uatt. Wbitk. p. 38 1. Henricue rex abeolutio- 
Min iaipelraverat a pajia UrWbu de suae concearionia obaer- 
vatiooe quaiu fecersl Oii>aia«. 

Chroji. T, Wtuo, p. 130. OiTcn Puri£c«tinnem boatiui 
VufpoU factum Ht parliumviitiim apud Lauduniam, et pceu- 
rruiit M res et bairoon npra dictuio re^jia Fmnciae M r^vit 
Ali'uianniac. ... In qtiindenn 1\mc1im conveuemnt iNtronea upud 
Ixiudoniani truetatuTi aim rege, et p(«t luultoa trvctatus cwkk*- 


neuff m. 


HiniDt qiKxl « pluribnn tuticulu oontvbUii In provitkntia OxobIm 
milirmt. ri cjikimUih tximm c» oonfimuvt. , . , CtrcK gnUai 
Angusli traiMfrrrtaril rtx Angliao. 

AJ>. 1363. Akm. Oexey, p. ijt. ProTuionM Ox«ii» ctrca 
CouvenioDent Sani-li I'auli [rex] cu&finnaril et raiifiuvit. 

CiiKox. T. Vi'vKCK, p. 1 33. In inw cot^gn^tioiui magnatani 
4|iiBe Tacla nt LaDdoniM in foto Peateeostc*, ramca LoTCMttiw 
fit malli ftlit murmuravi^niDt Bdvenua rogpm Angltae, domlittn 
nfpnun, «t dumiiium Exlwanlum. diccnUs «cw p«rjurium uietir^ 
riiM niai tnuvi^leutias Oxoiune otNiervAreut. 

lb. p. 138. llabtci* . . . froqarDtrr tnu.-tiittl>ua inter partfi. 
L-irca (oiiliiii) Nativitiitiii Domiiiinvc, nx ct uitivcfn ooa)|ilice8J 
Mii <^L faulom, coinp« cuin uiiivtrais sibi ct^iaeraoUbiu, ml 
Roinauorum, dumiuus Eilvordus, camitca, baroDee; miUUH, arclii- 
vpiiwiii, (!pi:£uiii, uuiveni ^cclninniin praeUti. Inuoo geu«T«lilvr 
civnii c1 po]>ulua niumimi aaaeuicu ouatjaomittvhnnl in rpgni 
Pmiiviao Mijior otnniUiii conlcntiouitiui ortu inlor rcggn et 1 
prncura uoa occaaionc proviMonnm Oxoniao. 

A.D. H64. Chron. T.Wvkeb, p. 139. Rex Fraooonun . . 
vtoTfimo die ^utiiliH .. . nuunt uruccipUarit nrl>i[num, ip*dnMpM 
DHcloriUte apoalnlk* nibomvit, rcgenuino AtiglUo juitictalitvr 
pratiDU potcnUti rnKtilait, provisiones Oxoiiiiu »rD elatuta 
abni{^*)t pcniuis ot (aMnvil, dectmeiie quo<l rex jnclUinriani, 
caocelluriuBi, lltMaunriiun, vicvcoBiita, balUvoe, cooMtkriiM et | 
BiDittioa rilii digeiet quoeconque reUet 

Axx. DtrxHTAFL. p. 331. Prulic Uiw Xiiii . . apiid I^wn. . . | 
dicttu MRirti <>t qui cum eti mini ccponiiil rtgnu Angltst^ 8(J 
regent Alemanniae, «t EdwardDtii fitium n^l. . . . 

Chbok. Hi^iiANr.ER. p. 37. CofUfMilia jtacit p»M M/hm 
(/* ltru'<*. CajntHtttut j;n'i'mum, ■U|Wi' refonnalioDO paoia ngnl 
Aliglinc rt KOdtioiliatioDf diavuriliAmm ID codeO) n^po mulKniBi 
vcl mHivntaruin, roQipiDuiiltitur in arcliwpueopuni Hotota»- 
f^piMfcn, cpiwupum L4>ndiiiiirt>n-iD, Feti-uin lo Cbaumberipyn, H 
II. Jiutitiariuni Angliiw^ rt SabiiMrnomi epiwxipvfn apoatoliiM) 
ttinc BMlia li;git(tiiD. in arbitroe scu &rt)ilrali>rc8 ; ilata oi* bi 
MDbibitt |>lctia ]r(itmtate, ralro quod ciroa capUvoa rel tnixLHn 
libcniliitni* <-»nim ae uulluleiiua iutruDullant. 

^MTHNflHin ariiculKm, quud illud quod quatuor Vtl km itl 
pcTMrnia pnncripti* i>U[ior ]ini<'iiii»t« iu unain ounconlftMnnil 
aetitrutimn, (tabilur roium difliiiitioiii, quinio luliiitne rrqa$- 
ramlu ; quud n duo o>>at»ixl(« fiirrinl tantuin, ixMt utrum «n-uin 



it T^^^ jm^ a^ mssBT tc 

«: n ^tt 'j w at •namtc la^nie imt 

» «rfa> t H. it AjBaonnk. j &mjmm :- 3& <ini>c suit ^ ■'-■^~" 't»"" 
eccn cv^fiiBC iflnwit ft* T*"^ iaHB^i£iii&. f^ ciWkL i^i^^lik 
gnon^ art micirais. uul MKaaooiiE s. '— r»i- •» v^i^if- 
tOiBS rBtraHK ->«£ kwih-qol ntKKm. jiuk .-3:11. >3t kou- 
tflnH cs 'ri^^aKoB |*eaL cc «"■"'="■'— icve-rir^ T;i^!ac£*aik 

eu iiriiMiiB pMi (MSA pg«M lai. Lu *- ae wc^fKot >&;■« 

minrtor. , 

LiBEK ttx AvnqciE Lbgoc^ p. ^5. Tnac «pi*Mfa «( faaiuim 
tennenuil paria iu a ipuu , in qno imluiatniii Aut, ticol pUct in 
litt«ru domini icgu. 

AJ>. 1165. Am. Watebl. p. 358. In cnrtinp SmxI) 
HiUiii factnm at parliunentnm pugnnm Lonilunia^. 

Chsok. T. Wtub, pp. 163, 174. Die Jovis in MiitimMw 
Pentecostes domino* Edwudvs . . . oollrgis buib niinntibuB i]uo 
pergeret nkledixjt . . . G«stuin est . . . proelium extn »|i|iiilum 
Evesfa&miae die Uartis proximo post fcstuni Snurti l\Xn mI 
VincnlA, qu&rto die mentis AagnatL , , , 

Akn. Vaterl. p. 366. Ad festum Exalbtltinii* HudkIw 
Cracis Ikctum eit pftrliunentan) magnum tpud Wintuiiiitti . . . 

3.-JI5 StHrf m, [PA»T 

prolotigAtum fmt , , . tuiao «) fntum Sttocti Gdwdnli »]>iut 
WnUnomutcrin m . 

A.D. ti66. Uatt. Whsth. p. 397. Hmriciu rrx An^iM 
Natalc auiim tt-Duil a\iiid WoatiiMinast«rinin, ubi n^OQt* nnbilr* 
fionvenerunt iu unum do pwM rvgni mora Molilo tnctatari 

Aw. Waverl. {». 37 1. Ad festum Sui«ti Butbolocoftei «po- 
vtoli bctaiD est furluimeiituin iuit},'iium ugmd Keailwortha nbi 
ilouiutiu rex Hruriciui eoaoemdt btrouiboii kuu luitiquam «mrtua, 
rt rcqiuuTit decinuun per trienniiun tutina «oelc«iiii! AiiglicMuM; 
ra(ponaaiiii]uc futt oaouatiniter ct If^to* UHrnHum pranbgil, 
quod prime fomuroBt p«cem, m qua poMtt fi«ri, et pa«t<* suiier 
liis reBpansmn domtno r«^ fiK«t«nt, qnod dominiis r«x Imua 
eoMetsH. ProviBum igitur ibidom est per MMosum re^-is, Ed- 
mrdi, Ugfi^i, «i>)iHy>iioruD), abbatum. buuituiii i>ioiiiuta ilHdnm 
exutvntiuin, ut eliKereuttir tex viri, tree opbeopt et trrs liutxuH 
iniligriui!, ipuque »ex klioa mcx eliK^'^i't epiwopo* cl barotws 
iadigcnw . . . qui ordiiiarcnt du utalg rr^iL 

A.D. 1167. Mi.1T. Westh. p, 398. Ilex UoDrieua teouit 
Naul« Kium CoveLlrW. Poatmodum v«aieuB ad Weetmaua«lc- 
rinn), porliuuiiottun Icnait oiim pot«nti<iribua Icfnw aiu*, iip*- 
niu pM«ia ia cuDctu Gaibiu Angltac oonliniure, 

OiiBOM. T. WrRin, p. 310. OMonUi quid«m ctm fcotutn 
Saudi Jocobi spoatoli titni f«lici triiunpbo (ac da provii>i*iit 
Elieiiu) ... ID eunctia ragDt finibin suooMut opinta tnin- 

Stat. Mahlil A.O. tilSy, rr^i aulcm damini FT'-nrid fllil 
rvgis JoJiannia Ltl<>, in ocUri* Sancti .Martini, proviilniiv ijiMi 
domtno rega ad T«gai aui mdioratioiwtm et nd exhibitiunom 
JualitlM proat regalia olRvii expoaoit utilitaa pleuiureai, ood- 
loeatk diBcnttoribiH ^joadem rtgni lam <ie in^joriWa i|uun 
it mliwribu^ its pKiTis«ini cat et otMnlum et cotxmrditi'r 

A.n. titia. Ant. Wavsrc p. .i-i;. It«tn X\X. luilendaa 
Uaii celebntvit dotniouB Ic^taa concilinm auuni LuitduniM . . . 
iiid« profaotua veraus Norbamlone, ubi iloiuiuiu rex et alii 
nagnatea r^ui ma^um parliuDeDtiun t«u»crunt . . iiiri 
damitiuH Kilwanlaa et £diiiundua fnler ejua et multi tnaitnalM 
ngui Kiint ab 40 cnoeaignati. 

A. D. 1369. CimoK, T. Wmn, p. lit. ConvumU I,ot»- 
doiiiae in qDiadeiia Paerlwe BiagiMlum Aii^iufi tiiullitodtDo 
eopioM, rax . . . vtx aliquid Buiinorabila geaul in <ipere. 


StUMe ^ the Charter. 


lb. pft. 396, aiT- Tenia iilue Oriolirsi . . . ooii<rocalia aai- 
T«r*it> An^liae |>rB«lu(is tt inii{,iiutibuii itecnon <:uiifliknim itgiii 
Mii civtluluiii [writer et burgonirn potcuUoribuB . . . vcuenmlfta 
illaa irliqtiuu (k. ^noti Edwudi), de r«t«ri amnio tmiaf«r«Di 
... in loco np«viitlDCDti cum ra <)iift decuit rerefeDlu eol- 
locftviL , . . CekbrmUi lAodem taat**! trantUtioub •alemuio, 00^ 
|KlWit Bobilw, nt uMilent, fMrlmm«itntu)ni« g^cncrc d« reps Ct 
ngal DCgotiis perlnwtare ; in quo . . . ■imuRiilit>iiii regni m»jif 
hboa T«l <xintnbdir«it« non auilonlittui, cooccwam at ijaod d« 
aaivvTBta laicorun) mobilibuA [>er rcgnum Angliaa . . . vioesima 

AD. 11711. Anx. WiKTOif. p. lofi. lu-Di parliuiieBtiiiii 
iimiiium nuguntum Ajtj{liiui in qniadaiin I^m^m, iid tncton- 
dum de vicciiin». . . . Pwt octavu Saocti JoUannia conv«n*- 
nint fom onum OMgnnUo apud Lomtuniam ad tntcUadant de 

A.D. (371. Ant. Wditoh. p. 1 10. Tost octavu EpipliaaUe 
uagnuoa regui parUainentuin stium t«nutatuit Loi»tt«tiiii«, nbi 
Mr ooiDBaanen) MMtuam domini Ricnnii rtgu AleiBNimiao, 
Oilberti comttis Olovenine, I'Ltiippi UumatA ot idionim, cxliae- 
mUtia eotic««n« tont eortuii tcnw^ 


Ukx, G. dc Mariara jartttiariu euo Hibemiae, mJoIcbi. Mot- 
tiplicm robi« rcfvrimuii sTutiuutn Ktiocca do bono «t fiddt 
wrvjtio Tcstro, frlicu mctnonac Jubauiii <)uotidnin rcgi Angtiac^ 
]>atrt nostro, exliibil", nobiMjiic rxfaibrndo, H dc hiia quaa per 
li<l«l«in Dostruni lUdulfara do Norwico clnicum nobia aigni- 
licwtttii. Ciun ijolur jub«iit« Ipeo C^jus famaUntur iraiwrio 
won et vita, douiiiua et pat^r imwUt ax bae hion fdiciler 
niignvrnt, cnjna aotma la cMWtibus collocetur, vos acin 
rolumua qaod ocIelmlU aolemniter ex more dditto regalibw 
(OEtct^uiia ia ocul<-un Bratae MarUo W.V|;wniiw, coiir«i»nuit 
apuil GloDcCf'triam plure* rtgni iwMiUi magnatea, «]riKopi. 
abbatca, ooiuit^a et baronrs, qui nalri noctro viventi eenijin' 
w1it«niiit fidclitcr et deTotr, ri nlii ([tianiplariini ; ubi in ftato 
apcnlitlortuu SiRiimiH el ,Tuila«-. in i-cclmin Beati Petri Gl<ia- 
ontnao, aiiplaudi-ntibui cteru ct pvpulo, per maiiaN doausi 



Ihnrv III. 


(liinlonk lilolo Snnfili Martini |>iMbjrteri cardinnti* et Aposlo- 
licM> *n)i« li'uratl ill AiigliA, Pt e|iuc()t>omiii tuuc pm«MUt 
inviionU HiiiritiiN Suiicti ifmlia, tniMiiw ftumos ia mgnn.' 
Iiiiini'ti ¥l uiniUNli. il<l«liut« ut homnfiio ontiiiun illonitn 
tiNliilil(U i qutxl vobin ut lldttt nuotra duxiaiuN iiitimniitlam, 
III <l» ttimifit vt «iKWMu noDtfo felici glori«iDtiii. S«dp cub 
aitillnriwuN indinnnluinom quondui inter oMfDoratum rfoBiinii 
|Mlruiiini>alnint i-ttiiiiNdMn uolMloangiu noatriexorUm, — atruni' 
iiiirii rniitii vrl iiinu i-nuM UM iMMamiM, — Bio >)i;iuitaiii esatiluiM, 
nl. itinm tii1umii> in |inr|M>tunn) iibolen et obUriaci, quod nii 
■(Uoiit tiiKoti n'Htinii nlhrwrMt, «t ut, cwiaiit« CBOUi, t 
itlTi'i'du ; ijuli-i)iil<l iriitlititrit oip) iixum CDitc«|ilne tiit!ittn«tir<nijij 
|>uiili inniiu <-t vittiiiiiiui pni viribun ountm oxpikiti, xingiilisj 
|ini'Wn()» quod ratio cli^.lavi-rit cnm jruMiI'mira coBiiilio, r<M 
ilrUlii (li> n>|;t>o prnvia wbnunluctitiibu*, in lilM-itaUtm ot libeni- 
raniooMDiiltiilirmni innoiotiimi'itiMUubiliiini p«(r\imnoBtroruml 
rufiimiitv ifnilitaoik uniutiiquo tribucndo quml tibi dt'lMbit cam I 
nliiiiiH voniiwlt'r*. All hue nciittU quod cvl«1)ro('> nujHT ociiK-itial 
ujiitnl ILiiNtullurn titii iMnrvDcrunt uuiv«ni AiifiUne |<ni(^1nli <Mnj 
i'|iUotipi ol MitmlM, quvn {iriiKm, et niulli tuni ctiniiuw qiuual 
liM^tiif*, i|ui t>lum niiivenaliliir (idolitittMn nobn i»il)lic« riM;i'| 
Hil«*, ontn'Mi* i-ta lilirildtilKis «l libcrin oot)Mi«tudiiiil>ii« all «isl 
\»ln» |H1ttllllllt^ ot i|wi* iij>prnti«(i<, ]>n>in]>ti et |ironi ul nan* 
duliim ti>'<ili\iiii in mrli-s niM cum g>ndtu nint revenu. S]<«r»- 
iHH* quiitpu) el in l)i-iDiitu omfiilimtR quod regiti nnairi i<inlna, 
l>ivinit fW<rnl» denwutitL, in incliu* comniut«))itur. Dc ilomiiu 
r*«iii* nutra MMin *•) tntn aoalro inittciuliH in HJberuUut 
vttbii iMfvuHlMnM, qoxd tiabllo eontiliu fideUum nostmnun «l 
MBfUtu, qnoil nuUa •( ooaawdii iMwIro et regni nnAri mpedira 
vltkrimiu. (iKMniiu. Hokmbui ij;ilur ililcciioocn vertnua qnik- 
iMiu^ ol>i bonne meRH>ri«r> Jobuini )Milri nortro tidrl(« osuit- 
Iwtitia el davoti. tuttd nobi* &I<-Ii»rr* i-ilM«ra nirH>». quuua ^ 
M4lii BM Msilia «t «OMiUo itslro in Ium tctwrilkte 
idurlBinni tnitigen> ; tKfimU* ftdoUtaten de dngnlw UibentiM I 
uuwT>»<ba», Dt klii* qni nat>U ipaun faocn UtmUtux. Itetinw- 1 
mna tMaie ■elMacum llndalftnn ie Norwich, at de Uia «t aliit | 

C' ipMun volaDtMen noatium i<lraiua vMt ugatteamti^ vi^ 
In M dkhn voa M nteri ftilek* noori HibcniM pmAmUm 
HhMi>lib«H, qoM UalttMM Molfia de regno Abi^Um hwiumjuiii^ 
«t UIm tdUb cMtodMUD* et tuaflrmnmoi. Tento,cte.— (fWbM%, 


JitUtue ^ tie dorter. 


hJ*. 13 16. FtB8T ClIABTEB OF SkMIT HL 

ThU tint rei«fu« ot \ht Great ChMn«r took phoe In the 
ouuiidU at irhicji, tuuler tli« influtiKtf of the legate tli« ami of 
tlie |Mv)al«t and tha baroiu who wrrc not oommitted to tlio 
Fnncli party tntan fealty to the king. Tbe omiraiona and 
additions in tliis cJitiou are tvry ugiiifieaDt. AD tlie merelj 
lom)K»iK7 prDvintona of tbe QrMt Cbarter of Joliii are left out 
■a a iHBttcr of ciwrM, aa wall as iho daoaoa irlii«h w(t« intondtd 
to aectire tbe elocution of Uiem- Tit* most important omiasiotii 
are iIkmw of tbe anidea wbicb reelrioted tbe kiog's power of 
ioprfMiing tiia rerenue, aocb aa tboae toucJiing tbe fenn of tbe 
oouutics, tlte (lubta of (ho Jew*, nod tbe nlterationa in tbe foteet 
Inw ; and moft especially that which forbids the IcTjing of an 
aid over and above the tlire« onlinaiy onee, withoat the ooaaent 
of the 'Commtuio Coniilium rrgiii.' Tb« Ealnisten wtera to 
haTe felt that in the prtsent state of affaira it would be foolish 
to hind tli« yvuuft king by (he term* which w«re neoeisary 
to bimi lii* fiither, and (liat na tluiy thenucU'ca w«re likely to 
have tlie admiiii;ttmtion of the country for some rear*, it would 
bo imprudent to tie (heir ovn hands. It mual bo conddarod 
nJHo that aome of the Bumt deterauned oppoaenta of tbe royal 
|)Owor were in ami against the king, and that thus one eleroent 
of tbe comprmniac wa« wonting. The archlnsbop, wboae poll* 
tical forenigbt iroulil bavo discerned tli« danger of ocnitUng 
the tath aud i4ih cloosee, waa at Boims. It « curMua to 
mark the papal canction given by Gnalo to tlie Clutrtcr, the 
original enactment of wbicb had sabjected the faarooa to the 
•eBtanea of cxcoromunioatJoii. Tlio minor alterationa are dia- 
racteriscd by the iticrciiAcd antbority aJlowed to feudal lords 
over tlteir taeaals, and llw relaxation of tlie terms d«finii^ the 
royal n|i|K>iotinMit of judgva. ^TIulsl tbe taxatire power of tho 
CViwn in tbu.1 nniettered, ita judicial control ot<t the feudatoriee 
•enas to bo wnaltcned ; and this denotes perliapa tbo »piri( of 
the rampramiiK. In tlie 43nd article, however, the mlDbteti 
]{nanl agaiiiat the nispiiiun of dtchoneet dealing vitb tba 

£ a 


Henry III. 


(Minrtir: llio oiiiittoil clanscB are merely respited, and & pro- 
tuin> u iiMtlo iif full comidunttiuu utd ready conipletioa of all 
tluit almU ouiiduca to tlio wclltK-iiig of tbe body politic. 

IlKlHlci'i r>tt fir"tia rex Anf^lioe, dominus Hybemifte, dnx 
Ntinnkiiiiino ct Aquitanniko. ot ruiiiM Audegatiae, arcbiepiKopis, 
••|ti■^1lli^ al>l«tibuii, cmnitibiu. Innmibus, juEtitiartis, forestariis. 
vioNtunitiliu*, pntvporitix, tniiiittris, ballivis ot omniliua fidelibua 
atiU, ndutvm. Sciatu n«s intuitu Dt-i et \iro sjlute animue 
mw4»e rt tnuniitm aatt>co!»inim ot •ui-vt-^orum nonronim, a>l 
hitutimn IVi rt rxattnl ionium saurta^ c\vlt.■^«iao ex emendationem 
rvfini n\<«tn. \itv oi^ti^ibuiu vvnt'rabiEium patnim nt>$truniin do- 
mini tinaUnii* lituU Sati>.-ti Manini prvsbit^ri iraniin^if spost->- 
lio«« M\li> l«^ti IVtri Wini>>iii<'u»i«. R de Sunrto Aiapb>'>. 
J. 1Wikt>:ti^Hsi« t\ •.ilMti.'Uu^iu:!!. ^. £xo7.ieD»:», R. CL«$irec^~». 
W, t.V'fvmivH*'.*, Iv Uorfi-.'.si^ It, L*::\;*Tt2ii4. — Mc::*vtiili, 

IWi^v'TV'.-,*:* <'t S. \V\jj,- -■.■.,-;•,;■*, (■■.•-,>-■,■.-■, rur.-.; f: r-W.vjr:. i-l;--.- 

k\>;r'.*i-. ^^ .".>.-.-. .'.f V.-rrxrv.s ,v.v.-.-.:s ". ;r; ::j«. WiH;,^ ;i.^:.*ij 

Vj.',' ivv,-. ^^ ■.',",'■ ■ ':"::-.4;'w\ rrs yj:-s. ''« ;-- t^__-^,_^ - - 
":?.SfT-:; .■.,' ^\.:':,- i> Vi-'fcfsi. .■'.■ ;■>..'■.-; Vl.v;-Vi.i ii Ti._- — 
W*!;^-. .;. :**:• :^ c.-* A. V ■ ... V ■ ■ '^z^ i, li-.- 
i^:i*. "A.-V^- :-.! :^ :. ::..- ..■•■:.- ■: : f -i l.-^- i-. 
C..^:f.-. i..^,.-'.. --iV .-:.. V,.-^ ':. . ^ 'r.-_.^.-. .-- '-'.l-^,-. 

i. . ';--."■.■>. — . ."..'i :j» ^ U".!..-* .. -. >. ru>-.-. ■ '£'• "T. ;; 

I " •. ■ .v.v. ■.•.:..->■ iV.TTw.-. .■ >. . ■■-■. ■ T. . *r-.-;::i — 

'.•....-■■ • — ..«;>««- -,.:■-*-■ ..- - : i~T-^ .:.■ .1 :^ 



Kinstme ttf the darter. 


abbstWnm, |>rioratutiin, «>cdeii!arum t^ di^riiiUtiim mrsnlium. 
vxMpta quod citctoduw hiijunnixli t*iv&s txni (lebeDt. 

6. tUervdn— (liMptmi^-Hlkine. M. C. Joh. art, 6, omillmg (A< 
COKclttdinff tcvrWf. 

7. VuliM>~d(M m>, JV. 0. Joh. art. ^, adding, nm prina et 
foeril oaeigiiBU, t«I dw domtu ilU sit culrum ; et «i dc cnctro 
nceaanit, sUtiin ptwiileatur 01 domas compatciu in (n» pomt 
hoBoste monri <|iK>ii»iue dofl ana e) Mi^Mtar MCUDdani qnod 
pnwctictam mL 

■ 8. NoUa— tonucril. J/. C. Joh. art. 8. 

9. Nm T«Tt) wl iHillivi—TvddRuluiD, J/1 (?. i/ofc. art. 9 ; et 
ipw detiitar fmnitiu (it imlc iwtiiiEitccre, n«e pltgii — Doti bnWns, 
if. C. Jok, art, 9 : HDdo rodiUt, rat redder* nulit coia |ioaaU, 
idegU — pletpot. J/. C. Joh. art. 9. 

TAf iot\, itlh, omI lalA am'<&M 0/ tb rAorler 0/ 
JuAm art omiU«t. 

10. CivitjM Lomlonionun halxttt omnee a&tiquaa lib«rtjtt« 
«t libcnti cojuactudinM mu. Pnutcna toIuidub et eoDcoiU- 
iBBi quod mudm «1u* dvitatea ct hnnii «t tiIIm «t banxiM de 
aatnque portubna et omaes {lortus Kibi-nnt oraoea libvrtato et 
ttbvnui oonNDMudiuM boiu. Jf. C. Joh. art. 13. 

Tht nA and \^A artv^ <^A» cAarttr <^ Jolin art 

1 1 . Nuflu*— d«betnr. JW. C. Jott. art. 16. 
11. CommuniB— oerto, if. C. ^oA. "rt- 17. 

13. R«co(nuli<>n» — pnedictu. Jf. C. Jt^. art. iB. 

i|. Et Ki— miDtui. Jf. C. Joh, art. 19. 

15. LiSnr iMimo^vUneto. M. C. Jolt. art. 10, ending pro- 
honin «t Irgnlinm lininmum A' viMicto. 

t<i. Oomitcs — delicti. M. 0. Jok. art. 11. 

1 J. NuUm deriottB— •odcsiMtici, Jf. C. Joh., omittiitg 
dp \Mca teatateala mtt. 

18. Nee viUn— debwjt. M. C. Jok. art. sj. 

19. XuDti* viwoomw aortrte. Jf. 0. ynA. nrt. 94. 

TA< 3$^ ar(i'«[« o/tJm dtarur qf John U omUti. 
to. Hi >li<)ui4— pnrtibiu ruIb. Jf, C. Joh, art. 36. 

TAb a-jtk artkU of ike charter ^John «'« omUted. 

at. NuTha coiuteliaUriui v»1 «jna IwlltTns capUt Ulada vd 
iilui •vullft olicujttti qui iion tilt d« rilla ubi (a«lnim tilum Wt* 
ntn *uitim tDdc ndflnt dei);trio(i uut nvpocluu ii»lc )ialxr« puwit 
<ti' v<i1uiilnli! vciiditiiru ; m ■ut«m tin villa fumt, Uiueatur infnt 
trrn m-plimaiuut prcttnin nxldiin;. M. C. Joh. art. i9. 

34* Henry III. £pakp 

33. NoUuB— exercitu. M. C Jolt. art. 29. 

13. Nulliu vicecomes vel balUvus nosUrTel alius capiat eqoos 
vel carettaa alicnjiu pro cariagio fadendo, niei reddat liberaUo- 
nem uitiquitiu aUtutam, scilicet pro caretta ad daoa eqoiw 
decern demuioB per diem, et pro caretta ad tree oquoB quatuor- 
decim deoarioB per diem. Jf. C. Joh. art. 30. 

34. Nee no8 — foerit. JI. C. Joh. art. 31. 

35. M. C. Joh. art. 31. 

36. 3f. G. Joh. art. 33. 
aj. M. C.Joh. art. 34. 
28. M. C. Joh. art. 35. 
39. M. 0. Joh. art. 36. 

30. M. C. Joh. art. 37, 

31. M. C.Joh. an. 38. 
33. M. C. Joh. art. 39. 

33. M. C. Joh. art. 40. 

34. Omnet mercatoree, iibi publice ante prohibit! fuerint, 
habeant — terra nostra. M, C. Joh. arL 41. 

The ^md article 0/ tlie cliarfer o/Jokn is omitted. 

35. M. 0. Joh. art. 43. 

36. J/'. C. Joh. art. 44. 

The 451A article of the charier of John U omitted. 

37. M. C. Joh. art 46, adding, et eictlt aupra declaratum est. 

38. Omnea forestae quae afforeataUe sunt tempore regis 
Johannis patris noetri Btalim deafi'oL'est«Dtur, et ita tiat tie 
ripariis quae per eundeiu Johannem tempore suo positae sunt in 
defcDSO. M. C. Joh. art. 47. 

The articles 48 to 53, inclutive, of the charter of John 
are omitted. 

39. M. C. Joh. art. 54. 

T/ie 55(/( article of the charter of John w omitted. 

40. Et si rei Joliannea pnter noaler diasaiplerit vel elougaverit 
Wallenses — noetris ; as in il. 0. Joh. art. 56. 

The5^tK cfiih.aiid ^^tli articles 0/ the charter of John 
are omitted. 

41. M, C. Joh. art. 60. 

Tlte T(mainjiig articles of the ch'irtcr of John are 

omitted a* ntll at ihn t'ornut Srciirilatie li-C- 

43. Quia vent quacdnm capititln in prion' carta continehnntur 

quae gravia et dubitaliilia viilcliantiir, Fcilicct de aculagija et 

auxillia aasidendii), de deliitis .lintneunitii cI nlinnmi. et do liber- 

tate exeondi de n^io noslixi vel i-cdi'iimli in n-guuni, et da 


EeiatHt ef lie Charter. 


finveUi «t forrMnriiit, mrrnnu ct wnnniiariU, ct do eonwcluiJi- 
niliun r< ct tic ri|Hmis ot mrum cuatodibiu^ plocuil 

■ii)>r«ili> I .'i» H mikgiMtJbus cs oew in rcqMcta qitoiuque 

iikniciit cimuliuiii liAbucrimus, ct luno bcionos ptenuailiM ton <le 
liis luani •!« aiiuiiuc ixv-ui-rvnut (»iu«tii]anda,((iwe ail ooDUDnnem 
umiiium ultiitatcm pvrtiuuei-iul et |mv«bi «t ntiituni tibolruto et 
r«;;iii iiudlri. QuU vcro niKillum nMidum twbuimtu, iinuMuDtcm 
atrlam Higillu vonrmliilii jmtru niMtri tluniini GiultioU Utoli 
S*nctl Mnrtini prcubj-turi cni^liiialin, apottolicM •(din Icgnti. et 
Witlrlmi Mnri»ciil1) comitii) PmhrokUc, rrctoric nostri el xe^xa 
nmtri fKimUH nigfilUri. TMlibus omnibuB praeiioiiiiiiatis «t 
sliis multts. Ihttuin per manua praediclorum duiuiiii l«K^ti «t 
Willelmt ^iarixailli comitbi Peiibrokiiw apud BriMolluia dao- 
dedmv die Norerobro utiuo rtgni nmtri pruuo. — (JtataM ^(Ac 
JlfMlm — Charieri of lAhtrtiu, 14-16.) 

A.D. 1917. SuMHOXA or tiik SHenrrr to briko vt 

Tlut ronowJng writ dinccU tbi; Rheriff to collect the irbolo form 
tX hb coiiitty ia arms : ( i ) tli« bwUl lo*7 in (Ix- proportion 
det«rmiti«d by the «xtent i>f the boldings of the tcuttutii id chi«f ; 
sad (a) tbe foree armed under the Anixe of Amm on iImi non- 
ftadul priivoip1«. It tt»» prubfllitr iMDcd in preparation for tho 
nunb of tbe I^l Mu-Khall 00 Loodon, wbitber Lciris had be- 
(«keji btaitelf aft^r the battle of LtitMlo. 

Tlie writ bnra the same relation to the nuntiMHiii of tbe 
borooa lu military aervice, aa the aumrooim to iho county court 
bi«a to tbo inuiBian* to Piiritanieut. (Si-c below, A.D. 1331.) 

Bsx vioeoomiti SerkeMirae. K>lutem. Praedpimiu tibi (juod 
tws&n heins uwiue Oxonimii ilte Doniiuiea proxima p'Ht rntuin 
Sattcti Petri ad Vineula totuin ncrritinro qnml arcbioptKopi, 
«|>i»i'Opi, al)}iat« et Tiri relipo<i, comitr* et Immooe et omnM 
alii d« b«llia loa, (jtiiciinqtiv fucrint, nobis dcbent ; et veniro 
facias iUnc ad diem ilium litniliter onmee illot de ballia toa igui 
lum font bomioea praedktorum et per otlsllB eonun et alia 
junti miDt, promptos et parstoa ad euiMlnro In aervilium noa- 
truiiiiiuueiapraeceperiinu* Quiuete. T. ii]md Oxi'iiinni, XXtl 
tlie JuUi.^A«|wr( oh fkc IHymty of a Pttr, App. [1. 1.) 






Umi ii<iiiif-W' 

'an. 4<^ Mnin^ iX aacaf jpnuKHi. Mar W 

•*•«■-.* •!* 4ii»C 45'^. t**:^ Hit 473. ist !•«»: lif f;ciB«r 

M«/j*t iuUvatiAjf. 1\^ kL'yv iy/v ^mi a rafiirja tad i«i in 
•iw Ittf! 'la/K '^ J'llin, Mud tLid tbe oriodition of tbc oxintty, 
li»t/«i{ falkif li«Hf iiitfj the «riU «f (l>« Uct century, reqaired tfa« 
tm»iiK iiii-aawrt» >4 f»Vintum. TLi: minute lesal chaiiTn in tha 
futlxf nn.f\m indickte tbe MtK sUU of thin^ ; the rfJaition 
(ff i\in iuHix<« Iff l)i*s itifi<:rjint jnKtica &om four to one annuallr ; 
kmI >lin iliaiiiM itl lli« plan of election of knighta h> take the 
m'<>(/iiil ixiia fart. 13), liMk like a ooaceMion to tbe feudal sjiirit 
wbi'li I'litK I'liiilitiiii^l lifMtile to tbe kinfu'i provincial judicature. 
It wiiiilil Ihi AtMiifniiM Ut inf'.T too much of a political meaning 
lit IIk'wi : liiit till' i>lil fi;uilul ]iarty, wbich it was necefaan,- for 
lliii riiiitiiriit to KHMincilc, wa« tlio utily one which coulil gaiit hy 
IliK liiiiiliilinii i>f the |H>wiirM of eillicr the royal or tbe local 
IrlliiliinU whioli wiin inviiKxtl in thcNe chanfftM. 

MhnhK'ii* Dp! Knilia rex An)(liMi dominua Hjbcrniae, dux 
NkI'IIihiiIiIni', Ai|iitUnuiae, et comea kvAt^t'wt, archiepiacopiB, 


Seniui Jtdttae of the CiarUr. 


ffiiMopiii, alihatilma, prioribua, cofnililmfl, Wonibiu, Ti«0eaat- 
tibiu, jirai'fHniitK. minirtriii, cl omuitiuii baitliviii i-t Ailitlilfus satB 

i>nui»-iit<-m oulxni iit(]Kcliiri>s Milutrm. ScUtiit quixl tntnilu 
)ri rt i>TP Kaliili: animM DMlrM ct Mtimanun BnteecMwniin H 
monrMomtn no^-lronim, »A «icaltalKMi«m enncUs aocIchw ct 
onxtniUtiotieiii repii iiasui. cuituMHimus et ha« pnwscnti cnrto 
Dunliniiuviiniu jmi Do1>is et tiMretiilnia DMtru in p«r])etunm. 
lie Donsilio veDnul'iliii t«tri>i itoatri doiaiiii Otul<»aiB Cituli 
Ruieti Martini prcaliiten canliiulU vt apoatoticM »«0u l«gati, 
dotnini WnlU^ri Btwracfiimii a^c)lil^Jli»al{li, WiUelmi Loudoniensia 
«pi»o()|i(, rt alionun qwcaiwram Aiigliac ct Willrlmi UarivealU 
comitis ft-tnl>tokiM nctoris Dottri et rt^x noolri, ct aliorani 
SiMium roniilniu et baronum noelrorain Anglic, Iu8 UlMTlaUa 
MlMi,Ti|>Uui Icneudaa in regno nostro Angline in perpctuum : — 

Aft. 1-6. M. C iai6. art i-6. 

7. Vidua — maiHni tH. C 1116, art. ;), in opilali mesm^io 
niariti »iii pi^r si. tlicn jmiM obitnra ijidiia* marili eui, in^ qno* 
aiw){UKliir ri dca nia tiiiit pTiim fiMril ri aiudgnhta, vd nisi doiniM 
ilia ait vMlniro, tt « de ostro — prardirtum cut; (SI. C. tzi6, 
art. 7) «t babeat rationabilo Mtnvcrium •iiuin interim de ootn- 
tauuL AMtKii^tnr autitn et pro doU sua tertia pain totiui 
terrae inanti sui <|ua« mia fuit in riu sua, nisi de miuori dotata 
fixtril ad ixninm ccctaua*. 

ArL 8-13. M. a i2i6,ui. S-u. 

1}. HocvgnitionM— per nnnmqucni<iii« conutatam wmel In 
anno <iHi enm iniiitibiu oomitatunm capiant in eomitatibiu 
BMMaa prafi(li<lns. 

14. El t:a qua« in illo n«hr«iitu suo in ooniitatu per juttiti- 
ftriu* praedii'tna ad didaa aanaaa cofncndu miiMa tenniuan noo 
|Kuuut, per «<iw)i:ni t«rTnin«nlar alil^ in itiuiere no, et ea quaa 
|i«r iMMiii-ni, ]>roptcr difficiillsteni Bli(|noruiii articulomn^ t«nai- 
luri unii poMunt, Mcnnlur od jiutitiario* noctnM de banco 
«t ibi t«rniincatur. 

■ 5. Anisao de ultima pncaentntioDe wmpcr tvpiatitur comiu 
jastitinriis de liauoo »t ibi t«miiiMutur. 

16. Liber homo — viLkuu* alteriua quant noetcr^Tianieta 
M. C. 1316, art. 15. 

17. M. a 1116, ari. t6. 

18. Nulla Mdesiastitw p^raoui amenletur secundum qiuin- 
litatdD lici>i!6cii Hui eocliraxutid, acd secruadum laictim funi«n«- 
nirntHtn tnum ct Kirunduiu quantitatetn <klicti. U. C. iiiti, 
art. 17. 

19. .M. C III A, art. 18. 

ao. Nulla ripurin i)c («t«ra ikfcodatur nisi llla« i)1m« riMiniHt 


ffMiy III. 


in (Icfenvo tciii]>o» Ilmriri n^ svi noatri pvt Mdtm loo* M 
nMdcm t<Tniitic», aictil ewe coneue?«ruut tompot* mo. 

:i. M. C. iai6, «rt. 19. 

aa. M. C 1116, urt. to : omiuing et pueris. 

13. Nullus ounitubiiluritia — dc villii )|ih (oertl iaTn xL d>«i 
pratiuiii nMlilttl. M. C. I3i6, art. 21. 

>4. U. 0. I3i6, firC 33. 

15, M. C. iai6, art 13. 

i6. Nulla car«tta dorainiot alicqjos eoolwasUuM pmKinM 
vol mititta vel alii-oju* dominae npEaUir p«r haillivM pra«- 

»^. M. C. 1116, art 34. 

at). M. C. iiir>, art. 35. 

a9. U.C. 1 3 16, Art. 16. 

30. M. 0. i3tA, art. 37- 

31. M. C. i»i6. iiri. j8. 
31. U- C Iit6,art >9. 

33. M. C. iai6. art. 30. 

34. NuIIqx balliro* punat ite ceUro a]ii|acni nd leK«im 
fettam iieo ad jumncutaiii ■iinplici li)>jurlu- -indiiL-lir. IC, C, 
I3i6, art 31. 

35. NulluB liber homo <ai|itatur Tel impriaonetar, aut diMtl- 
fictur de libero tsiMDieiilo suu v«l titiertalilnia vel lilrrn» coa- 
MHudiuiliu Hiia, aut ullnKulur . . . Vtrrvuc. IL C. Ii 16, art. 31. 

3«. M. C. iii«. arr. 33. 
J7. M. C. 1116, art. 34. 

38. Si quill — hnro DKin t«Ruic(M. C. i3i6, art. 35). V «■) ikm 
imMioitc talis bHroniM vol vxcarliMi ImlM'hiniuii ati(|iiaBi vxraP' 
tain vel oustodiara altigiiflntm botninmn noatrortim nm alilii 
tenaerit d« nolia in capitc illn qui tonuit haruotam vel excactata. 

39. Nulliu lili«r ItontA d« cetero deiataplius alicui vel vemlat 
d« t«m aua iiuain ui do reaiduo terrae hum poaait auffictenter 
()«ri domiiM) feodi Ki-rttium ei d«bilum t\ixoA pertioet od feadaiD 

40. OmocK patroni alibatiarum, qui habcnt cftrtan rrgtini 
Angtiao do adTocoliono vel antiquam teiiunnt ttI iKMeaaivMin, 
1ial««nt fanin cnatodiam- dacbratnin eat. &I. (X 1 a 1 6, art. 37. 

41. M. C. tiiti. iirt. 39. 

4a. Nullos coniiuttu d« oetoti tuMMtur niri de meDse in 
mHMcni, nt obi nu^jor terminus e«e aoleliat, m^Jor stL Nw 
■Uquij viceconea vel bailUvua sunt (iclat tuntura aaBm por 
bnadntuRi nini tiii in anno, at ntin bw in loco d«l)ito «t eoi- 
aiMlo, viddicrt iriiK-l iioat Pkadia et IteniiB poet tmtum Sanrti 
Midiaelia. Rt vima de fmuw jilMgiu tuDc fiat ad Ilium tvmi- 


CiarUr of tAe FonU. 


■mm SmcU MicfaMlii kUio ooaaiono, iu »oU)c»t quail fiutliU-t 
htlteal UbertaM aUM qnu tiobiiit vt iMticrv eoimucvit tt-miiore 
HoDrid regis avi noKtri. vul quma jHnleit iKrijnixiviL FUt niitctn 
TUoa Ab fmiKxi ]>li'gio cii-. viil^licet, qtuxj fwi dobIi'ii t«aeatur •( 
qaoA totliin^ integr« tit sicut erne ooosuerit, vt quod vice- 
coman Don qusMst oonsiooes, e4 quod oootoubis ait de eo quod 
ricvooniM IwtMre couxuevit <le villi mo fMieuto tetopura Ueu- 
rici r«^is avi uutitri. 

43. Noil lioeat aticui d« o«i«n> <bni temm stum uliciiS 
doDiui n;lii,-i(MM iU quivl ilUm remimftt Uncndam do oodont 
domo, MO lioMt aliciii domui nligtowo t«rrain alimjus sic ani- 
pcra qood tmdat wn illi a quo mid nceperit tenendara. Si 
ani< nutcta d* eM«ro t«mm Buoin ulicui dumui n-Hi^oiae eio 
drnterit ei super boo conrineatur, il»iium vuuiu iwiiiliu caaaeUir 
et (em ilia domiao mo ilHua fvodi iucnmilar. 

44. Scuta^tun eajMAtur dc cctero Nicut capi conaucvit tcni- 
pnni Betirioi rouiii nvi niMlri. 

45. U. 0. 1116, art. 41. 

46. Solvit arclticpisoopu, epUM^na, abbatibas, priorilrtM. Tem- 
pUriiM, lIoHpitaWiis, comitibus, baronibntr et oiuDibuH alua Um 
eccUatasticta peraooia qunm tnccularibuii, libenatibuH nt UlMiiK 
MoaiMtudiiiihii* qua* pria* habacniiit. 

47. StutuiniuK miam da oommuiii ooDsilio totios regsi noBlri 
quod omnia cutra adullerioa, videlicet ea qnao » pnovi\w 
ffuerrw iDotae inter dominum JohamieiD patKo noatium et 
MUODM euoB AukIIm eoBiiruictii fat-not vel rwaediftcatM, Hatitii 
dintaotur. Quiu jtm noiiduin liubuiinuH ni^illum ban« [cnrlanil 
•ifinllia domiai leptti pnutdicti ct mmili* WilMmi MiinM-«lli 
ravttiro twntn «t n-gai ooatri fecimiis sigiUari. — {/SuxttiM <^ 
A» Htalm — Oharttn o/LOwtiti, 17-19.) 

A J), 1117. CRAHTitR 0? Tmi FoHnrr. 

Tbe Dolion tliat John iasaed a Forest Charter distinol From 
tba foToA elauaoi of iJm Qnut Cbarter, altboagh vtry aitcieut. 
is eiToiwoui ; tb» A)«aiiKDt given io Malthev Faria uniler thul 
nam* beiiig puraljr tho Komt Charter of Henrj' III with mi 
altered Miutotlon. Tho foUoiriiig document ii thn Untl Forcat 
Ckarttr, and waa inued bjr tlie tWl Uunihnll in Ururj'a name 
ou lli« 6tli of Noviinhcr, 1317. As an inipnriant piece of Ivgia- 
latioit it mnat be cMupated wttli tbe Fonat Atai»> of t (84, und 


}je»Ts in. 


witli thr 441b. 47tb, ftnd 4Stli>«la«M6 of tli« Charter of Jnliti. 
U b oliwrrtble tliat moet of the abuaee which an rfinoiUad 
bf it an rfguded u haviuit sprunx up ainca the MOMdon of 
HeiiT7 H, but the mart oQisiuiivi: KlfnreRtattoua hsTO Imod made 
uniJer Bicliiinl uid Jiiho. TboM latter »re at oDCft diaafibnatcd i 
bat thoM of Henry II only n br m tliey had been OHried ont 
to tlie injury of the UadowDen, and outside of the rojml 
demeBDe. Tie heavy burden uf attending the forest courta is 
maitted, as it had bn-n in the Gruat Chiirter, ai>il llinn Uic 
exact analogy est^>IiHbed by Henry H between tlie eoaHa of 
the ahire and thoae of the foreet b abottahed. The Jilb KOd 
following HTticloa npcnl the mo«t offonatTV clanna of tbo Amuw 
«f WoodsUK^ 

HxKiucva Dti gntt!* rci AngliM, daminu* liibcrniac, dux 
Nomuuiniao. A^uibmniao, et oonM AsdtimTiae, arduoptaoo])!*, 
fpiicopii, ahliatibua, prioribus, comittboB, MTonibua, JuatHlariia, 
foreetariis, vioeoumitilxis, praepoaitu, minbtrb, «t oraiiibtu 
)MlUviH et fidelibua mia, aalutem. 8ciatia ^uod intuttn Dai «t 
jiro wlnte anunaie noMrae et aoimanun ant«o«sM)rani et lucoea- 
Nonim ncntroram, ad raallationotn Sundae Gocleabo tt enaan- 
dationein ivgni noatri, conorniimns et bac pfMMWti earta 
coiifinnaTinnia pro nobis ct haendibaa noatria n pavjMCunm, de 
coRNtio v«Mi«)nlu patjris noatri Oualonb thtili Mtniti Martini 
jimibil«ri rardinalu et apoMolicMt kOis legMi, domiai Walt«ri 
KUinKmeb ardii^uaoopi, WitMmi LnndoDienUB epiaeopi, ot 
alioraiB qriaooporum AugUae, et Willelmi HareeoBlli comitb 
Penbrodat^ rectoria noatri et rejipi iiudiri, et alicnim fiitiliiim 
conitum et baronun nuatniniBi Aufuliae, haa libertatea anb- 
acriptas leiiendaa in regno noatro AajtUM', in peqwtuum :— 

I. In primii ownm romrinc qua* Hmricaa rox aru* noatw 
affcireaUvit viilriuilur prr bonni ft Ir^ra boniiuea, et,a) boaouBi 
■liqut^m aliiim quam Ruum di<mim<^n aRi>r«rtav>rit ad damp- 
num ilHn* e^jas boacita Inerit, d«aflurt«leDtBr. Rl li boacum 
Miuin pfMnrinm affsreatanrtt, nnutDoat foravta, win soramBna 
do htrlMgio et alib in eadtiii fonata ilUa ^ aan prlua haiNn 

a. RoBiinm qni manrat extra f«n«tain doo rauant da eetani 
eonunJuHilUni? noslrbde fomUpcrcovmnMaaammoiiitiMlM, 
niiti Witt in pUcito. vd pt(];ii aliei^ vd aUijBoruni qai altachiati 
Mini propter fareMam. 


GkaritT v/ tite Forest. 


3. Omnc* Mitem boaci qui faMnnt ■Sbmlmti per r«gem 
RiatnJuni «<rui>culuin inoatniDi. vd per v<^[aa Johuinrtn |i*trNn 
aoslnuii luque ad prinuni DoronatioDvm nottnnt, itutim de- 
Bflbreel«nlur, nut loorit doniiaicoa boticua OMier. 

4. Arvbiepisi-opi, epiMopi, abbatm, priofva, mmiM et liwonea 
et mUiUs et lUi«f« t«n«atai, qui hoKot ano> habent in fonattii, 
hftheant boaooe no* ucnt eat Kutioerant Uinpon prlmM con> 
Mtionit pracdioU rr^« Hcurici nri noatri, Ita quod quMti Nut 
in p«qi«tatim de omnibua parpnixlaiii^ rutii et unrtH, bctin 
in liti* hotag, pott illud tvniMiH nwroe ad principinm socnndi 
uiui coroaaUonid &o«tnw. El qui at oetcio tbmubi, porpres- 
tturwa, T«) Mautam sine licentw noctn in illiB fecerint, de natis 
ct MMirtis NMKiDdeuit. 

5. B«);uMdores noMri eaat per foraeUs ad &cieni)um refpiar- 
dum licnt &«ri ootunerit t«inpot<e prinuM corunalioatji pnuxlidi 
Tvfp' Hcnrici an noatri, et Dim aliter. 

6. lDqtii*ilio, rrl riiiuit ilc cxpedJIatiiMW conuni «i»trRt!am in 
forecta, de cetcro iiat <iiu>tido delwt (i«ri rvgiLardum, Milioet de 
tnlio anno ia tcTtium annum ; ct tunc Rol per vutiim et lesti- 
mvnium lejipiliuin hominuni cl uon siller. Et ille cttjua •.-luiis 
iovenUu fucrit tunc non «xpMlilntus dec pn) mbcriconlia tivit 
•olidtM, et d« «ti-ro nulltm bwa capiattu' pro rxpcditaliunv. 
Toliit anU-tn ait cxitedilntio per iMiMiB eoounnnitcr quod (raa 
Prtilli abacidautur sine pelota da p«da aoteriori ; ne>e expedi- 
teiitiir caiMa de oetero nisi in locia ubi oonauevenmt expeiiitari 
t«n)par« priuia« cotvuatiuuis r>-;ia Uenrk'i avi OMtrL 

;. N'nIluD furutuiuN v<;l bmletliu ilv uetero flidM sootak, vel 
culligat gariias vel avenaiii vid bludum alind tcI agnos vet 
poroi'lloa, Dec aliquain collectam faciant; et Mr risnn) et aacra- 
iMntum dnodocini rtgoMdonnD quando bctent ngnardnm, tot 
foroaUrii ponanlnr ad (brasUa coatodiendaiv <l<M>d ad illas onsto- 
diciKUfl rviionnbilitcr Tiderint sufficera- 

8. Nullum Biianimotum de cetero teiiealar in kkdo uoatro 
uUi ter in anno ; videlirvt in prtntipio quiudtcim dierunt ante 
foaliim Sancti Mi<JiMlie quando agislntDro ounveniunt ad agis- 
taDdum dorainicos buacea uoMro* ; et dm fettum Sancti Mnrlini 
qnaiido a([isUtot«fl novtri debent nciprra pannagiun nostnun ; 
a1 td ista dun auaoiinota convenjant fomtarii, viridarii at agis- 
teUint, «t niillus alius per diitrictiooem ; et lertium manimoliini 
t«Daalor b initio quindccim dienm ante featum Sancti Johannis 
Baptittac, pro twnalioiM baatkmm noalrsrain, el ud t*lDi) mih- 
niiDc>4uBi UnsndlUH oonnniant foraoarii el viri<Urit rt iiuUi alii 
per dtitrictioiwm. Kt pruHciva Kiouiilii iimiilrnginta diflmn 
per iwtnm annum conrrniaDl viridurii nt foreiitarii n<l vidauhun 

350 Henry fit. [VkUt 

itttnchUmenta de foreu*, bun <1« viridi, qtum de vtnntioitf, jmr 
|)nr«-ntnli(inpm ipaonm funntlnrioruin, tx conim trwii ultBRhUtii. 
Pr«<.'>li>:tn nuicni nuniniDilA hod t<-iit»atiir nixi in coinitmttbus 
in qui)Hu teorri coniiifTorniit. 

9. UnUBquisque lilwr homo a^Utct boAcum nttiDi (n fttnsU 
|Mro voluiilate sua et babeat panDBginm suum Conuodimui 
tiwm t\MoA tumaqniBque libiT bomo poeail duoera pone* ■aw 
)KT doniiuieuiu bMCBtn DOHtnun, libera et sine impodiinento, ad 
•gintaixluin ew in buacia mim )in>|iriis vel alibi ubi voliinrit. Kl 
B porei «licii]u« libtiri liomiuiii una iwctc iwniodnv«ritit in 
Tonsiii nMtn, duu indc accwiMictur iw <|ao«l ftlitiuid de aiw 

10. Xtillua de cetera amittal ritam t«l BiMnbra pro veaaHoiM 
DOttrn, aed td uliqtiiii caplus fa«rit et oouvicUia d« oanilonu tou- 
lionn, gnvito- redimatur, si hab««t unile rvdiini piw^t ; et <ii aon 
bftlml unilu rL-tlimi poani, jaocul iu prinoiia nuatni jMr iiUBm 
anuum et unum dintn; ut, at |Mict unum annum «t uiitim dim* 
p1ci,'ii» invrtiin: |>u«iiit, exciit a prisuua ; ain aittetu, nl^urct 
regUDm Angliao. 

It. <juictinqne arcbiepiacopua, epiacopuo, cornea ml b*ro 
tranaic-rit pvr foKatam nuatnini, lieeat ei cii(>crr itnnm vel daaa 
bwtiu pf-r rianin fiMvatorii, ai pnuaooa fucrit ; tin nuleiit, ianoM 
mmarii ne ritUwUur furtiTo boc foocre. 

ic. Unwquiiqu« libcx bomo de e«t«ro tiae oeeulone bdal 
Id boooo auo, t«1 in terra sua qnam faabcst in foreeU, inolaRdi* 
niam, Tirariuin, stagnum, marleram, roaMtfuni. vel tmwn am- 
liilriD extn oooperatuiD id terra uiubili, ita qaod iitin ait ad 
Botfii men turn alicitpu viciiiL 

13. UntiM)uii>(iuc lilwr hiinto babcnt in boada ania a«ms 
tioiHpitnim cl Hprrunrioniin nt fiLtconnm, aquilarum, at do b^rt- 
iilti, oC lialfcant Miiiililcr mol quod iiivo4itum fnciit in boMia 

14. NuIluB forcBlarins de oetcro, qui non ait fomtarits da 
fwdo raddcos nobis finnaio pro bnlliva sua, Mptat cbiminaginra 
•liqiiod in ballivK aiui ; foreetiiriua wxiem de feudo fimMm nobis 
ralilcni pro Iwlliva lua capiat cbitainagium ; viddioM pro ooraU 
|ior iliinidiuni ttnDiim duoe denarioo, ct per alinn diinidinn 
■iniuim duiM dmsrio*, «t pro rquo qui |>nrt«t suniafptim per 
dimidinm annutn annm obohim, rt per nliam dimidium lu»- 
unm obolnm. et twn nisi <1« illia qui rxtra ballivani sum, 
tanqnan meroatora^ Tcniuut pn llcmtiani man) in balUrain 
ouani ad buacam, mavtminit curtioem vel carbonem maundiim, 
«t aliai dnwtidum ivl vendcudum obi Totnennt : ot da nulU 
altn oan^tu vcl auaisKi" allqitod diiminagiam i-apialur: at pan 


ColUetion of Carneagt. 


cninatar chiminticinm n»i in loci* abi ■nliquitu* cajvi ralo* 
W «t dclwit. fill HUlfin qui portABt super dorenin mitim 
boMMit, curUcem, te\ catl'ooem, ad rtiidendum, quamTU inde 
t. nullum lie ottvru tlcnt chiniinagiuni. I>e buecia ■alcm 

mn nttllum (Ictur cUimiuupuiu foreatjiniB iHWtm, jinMter 

finam do dominicw bovoii umItu. 

15. OiDDM utla^ti pro foralA Untnm, n tempore ngi* 
flrnrlci Avi tuiitri iuqu« >d prinMBi c»ii>nnt!oaem nmlnun, 
fmianl. td ]>*ooa) oostnni roc imjwdiiDcnto, ot (alvos pltgioa 
xivi^iiinut quod do c«(«ro son fomfaciant nobis <l« forot* 

16. KulluB cftrt«lliinu» vd aliuit teiwat plaeiU de foncU ti-n 
in viritli *ivo ilo vrnatione, and quilibet forwiarina de feodo 

(tBchivt pUciU (la furcMk tam <l« viri<li quam At veuniiime, et 

jtmauaUt riridarii* prorindimun, ct uim irrotuIiiM fuerini 

^1 mb BigiUia viridariorum iix-tnwi, pmrtrutrntui' mpitnli foiXKt- 

coia In partes illas veneril ad tenciidujn placita forrsbir. 

. ooram eo tenaioetitur. 

17. Hiu nutcDi lilierUlee de fomtis eoDOeaBimua omnibu*, 
m1*m an'lii<T|ii»co)>ia, epiacopie, abbalibui, prioribum, c<itiiitibii*, 
biudiiiliiio, BiilitilmH ct aliin tam ptnonia tcclcKiafilicia qiumi 
Baei:t)Urilui», Trmplariis ti lioapitalariu, libniulibus et lib«ns 
contufluiliuibua in foreatia ct «zlr», im vareiiniie et aliti, quiie 
IwiuH faul>u«ruDt Omnes aulein iatas coutuetudineB pniedieUa ct 
lilwrtMt«9, quaa coaoewimiu in regno Doatro lenen^ quaolum 
od DM pertinut «rgn aoitroti, oinueB de re^iio nuetro Iain d«iii-i 
quam latfii obacrrcut (juautuin ai) ae ])«rtiu«l ergn euu*. Qnia 
vcro HigiUan noadum tinbiiimti*, prncHoulem oartain iii^iltte 
vctieiabtlia potri* noUri dgmini Guoltiiu* tituli Sauai ^lurtuii 

byteri oanliiMlia, apostoticMi utA'w kigati, rl Wilkliai Alarca- 

Hi eomitia Fcubrokiac^ reetorii noatri ct rrgni noatri, fcdmua 

dgilUri. ^ntibuD pm«nomiiMtis «t nliia miilltt. Datum jwr 

rtnanui pnedictorum domioi legati et Witlelmi Martecalli a(iud 

Sanctum PBulum, Londooiia. aexto die NorerabrU, anno regiii 

noetii lecniido.— (6 ' {a f utt i ^ (ha Baahi^~Charler» t^ Libtrtirt, 

A.D. laao. WatT r<a tbk Coluktius op a Cjlhdoabx. 

Tbe Bwtbod «r aMCfauig imd collecling taxes varied very 

fokMOb Mid vtrj rapidly. John, aa ire bare aeen, allowed the 

motv elaborate eX]>«di«aU of kia fatJier and brotber to be Mt 

■aide, and the ' tlurteentb ' graotcd liim in 110710 Im awriiimil 

' -^ 


m-ry m. 


bjr tli« swoni ftl4U«mcnt oT lli« piiyer*, Tho fiilliiwini; writ tub- 
KlUut«8 tke actioQ of two hiiJishU i-hman in ibo full HMniiMy 
Mid by (he ' will aud couueel ' of the couutj court. It Is im- 
portaut, tlicu, aa iltuatrotiug tUe incraued uea of tlie r«[inMitt»* 
tiv« prifidplc >u finniicial OMtlcn. nud tlic coniMxiou iif i-)pclliiti 
with roprcwotatioo which Iwounm bcacofortb uaaiii'tak)wlil«. 
But WQ must not euppom thai tliia mctfaml waa a final one ; or 
tbkt, in !lc«lf, the utiou of two cboaeu kni^its would be mora 
•ffectoal, ju«t, or tccupUblo tbnn the jurj wrawienta whink 
bad been oacd in tfao reigita of llouiy 11 and Richard. Tbo 
present plan alao me ytry qoicU; euperseded. 

Rbx VtC«oomili Knrhamton^ aalatam. Sciaa quod pro 
magna n«ceasitat« uoatro cl tirgtHiliiwima dobitonmi uiwtmi-titn 
iiutantia, n«cnon et pro ooaservatioiw t^rru dosIfm I^ctariap, 
eoDceafeerant Dobia Rii gratia eomitmntter omiiM maitnalea et 
fid«)ca ttitiua rvgni Dimtri douum nobis fncieoiluni, iiciliiH't do 
qnalibnt cimiou iiicul Juii«U fuit in omatiuo bMtt Jobuinra 
Baptistae proximo practtrito, luino r«gni no«tri qunrtu, duno 
Bolidoi, jxT mnnura tuam rt duorum de leKali«Til>u> mllitiliiM 
eamitalUH tui coUipgiidoe, ipii <te vuluntate cl cuiuilto omnium 
Av uomilatu iu ])1«io cumitiUu diMeiilor ad boc bcii-ndum. Kl 
idco lil'i praKijiimai. finitil^r et dtitric1« injun;^iitra qnnlvtiiia, 
eonTocato oomitatu tuo pluoo, da vpluntatc ct ci>iisilii> vonitii An 
oomitttiu, «ligi hciaa duos da Itgnliuribas miliuboa lotina caiai- 
latua ((ui m^ua aciant vrliot et posuut buic nc^tiu od com* 
modtUB noatrtim iiiteoderr, o( illis tecum aaromptis tUtin 
doDum illud per totam baiUiam tnam b«iaa aaaideri el ooUisi 
d« ainguli* eorucia. uout praedictmii Mt, exceptJa dominkta 
arcbtrplscoporum, «pitcoporum et ruatieonim wotuni, vt oX' 
oeplis doniinicb oidinia Cinterdcnais «t de Premurtre. Et 
ifMms quod dislricle et aportc (ciiw nobis rMpondnr', in ctbs- 
tiDO Sandi Mirliaolia proximo iiiatantis apod LondoDtaa, quot 
fiiorint in bailliu tua canicae de quil>ua doBom Qltul bahen 
dcbnamiu ; et denariot inde provenieolM per msatia pnadio- 
torum duoruRi mililnni et toara salvo oullEgi facial M ilkw facaaa 
ventra naqa« LoDdoiuna pra<^diclo die nib aigillo tno el si^nllU 
praedictonim duorum militum, ut in doniu Kovt Tvini^i hiItii 
rcpMii doner prnviniin tiirric quiil in<l« fieri drlieat , rt tu, ntcut 
l« ipMiin et I'mnin tiu diligi*. nio ioile tn iiitroniittnu. tii-, (kta- 
aiono nialeilcan inquisition is et coltMtiviiin per te rt ',■« 

uiilite* Cavtsc^ oporlcal noa poetaa diatnUaui fwcro ii. m 


TAirtI Reiigue of the Great (Warier. 


per fli]«lM a cum iMstrm niiaMS, ad graT«m oonfaiionem ttum i-i 
illorum (]ui tecoui iiilvrfooriiA pnedictoe inqnintioiii «t coUec- 
tiuni racieiHUo. Tvnte, etc aond OxoiuAni, I^ dia AugOBti. — 
iCht H»ll$. I Ml.) 

A.D. iiij. TitiAD CBABTXit OP Hsntr III. 

Thv pMce of Ibe cutuitnr htm mitorcd ia 1324: Habert d« 
Bargb h*ring at l«iigtli Kuocoodod in expoltiog the Um remnaBl 
of Joliii'a uiipnD«plr<l m^rcmaiy followers. Henry (irlio im 
now pronouiKwl to be of nge) and his advii«er» Ixpin lo oon* 
tMHphu the TVKovery of the ooiitineatal JnlieritAiice ; for thb 
porpoM be nuked oT hi* nAtionftl oouncil tX WMtminster iu 
February, 1115, an ud of a 'fifteenth.' It ww gnatcd in 
eoniiMentiou of tl>e rSMsue of the ehartt'ra, whieb werfi aooonl- 
i^C'y rtprouulgalfd, with two alt«ratioiu : ( 1 ) tho wlMtitatran 
of tbe ' B])onttUH« M bona voliintMe nocira ' Ear tlw * ooosUio ' of 
the Curmer ch«rtet« ; and (a) Hm iDMnion of the final danac. 
whi«li apecifiea the granting of llie kid an the priw of the 
pifMnt ooiiManuD. The witdom of Um latter change ia ob- 
viouf. Tbv rcnaon of live former ia not so clMtr; nor are we 
niffioienllj well anjuainteil with tb« cireuinstaueM of tlie ea«o 
to say whether it w»% repu'dod as binding the jrouuK Iciug morg 
ocrdiiiilj', aud ex|irMauiK lua wsse of indeiiemleiit and frai 
aetioD in llie mailer ; or ne the aiaertion on his part of Ids 
riftbt to gnwt audi a cbarter on hia ovm preroeatii% Irrv 
■pecbre of ibo 'cootnd' vhidi had previoudjr been nqoind 
for a aUtnlMT eaneimeut mieb a« the cbarl«r wan intended 
Ut be. The aame changei are made in the Churter of tbe 
FoTMt, vriiich waa rcimied at tho aame time. 

kS>. i»s. IIkkkr-cs Dei gratia , . . et eDimdaltonem 
r((pti nwlri (aa in M. C. 1117); H>ontanea et brnta vohiiitate 
iHMlni dr>Iiiiiuii i-t coiicwaiintta ardu«|>ii)oo]>i«, apiacopis, abtxtli- 
Iki», ^rioribua, oomitiLuH. WronibuN ct ocunibua de ivgno oustn^ 
luM liburlal«a tulMti-njitaii irueHitM tn rfgno noatro Augliae In 

1-17. CvTftwpitNdmlkiii.C- iai7,artt. i-at. 

JS4 j"«"T Ilf- [M"" 

i8. Si idutuLi tanena , , . luuiri iiwin et pueris mib ratiout- 
1>iUliwB parlibus nit>. V. C 1*17, ul. >>. 

19-37, Cinrfpond with M. C. 1117, artl. 33-45. TTie f»- 
nwiiimi^ artieU it lu/oUowa: — Pro luc nutem oooceMKinv et 
(k)iulii)n« liberbkluin iiitiiruiti et alUmm libcrtatum eontcotsnim 
in carta nottn dc lilirrtatilMM forcRinc, aitilii«piiHX>pi. efMKopi, 
Kbfaata^ prioraf, comittw, barono^ mililfw, tibcTv lm»nl«« et 
OIBDW i* ragiKt iKifttro, dcdcnint nobu quintam dwnmam partem 
oaniaDl tnabilium Buonim. C'oDcM&imui elinin eiKl«m pro 
Bobia et bMrediUiB noetria quod oeo nos nco lia«r«<l«a noetri 
nllquid perqiureroui per quod Ulmlatea iu bae ciuta motcDbw 
infriiiKuiitur v('l iiiimuriitur, ot n nb aliqiio nitquid roiitra hoo 
pcrnuitiluin fui'Tit, tiiliil r&tcut, et pro nulln hnboiitor. Bill 
Unlibiw ; domino it. C^tnar. archiicpiaccmo, E. LmdaD.. J. B«< 
tbon., R WintoD.. U. Line, B. Sarr,, B. BolTeQ., W. Wi^^Dmen., 
J. EHmi., U. Ucreford., &. Cioeetr., W. Exon_ epiMopia ; abbate 
Sanuli EdinundJ, abbate Satteti Albani, al)baU de Betio, abb«M 
8anoti Auj^uattnl Caat^ abbnU: dc EveabaiD, abbale de Wnt- 
muUi, aUlNtta d« Biirf^o Bancti Pvtrt, abbata de Radlng., abhata 
dc Abondoai^ ablxkbi dc Sfaumebir., abbate do Winctirviiinb., 
abbate de Hi<la, abb<t« de Ccrtcs.. abbate de Siretmni., ablwt« 
d« Cera., abbate dc Abot«I>ir., abbate dc Uideiton., abbate de 
Seleby, abbate de Wytcbj-, abbate de Circno. ; H. de Burvo, 
jtuiticiario ; R. coinite Cuiitr. et Line, W. comilc 8*rr^ VV. 
comite Warcnii., C. de Clare cumite Olouc. d Hertford., \V. de 
Femr. eomitc dc Itcrlt., W. il« MandcTillo eomite Eaeex.. H, le 
Bigod eomita Norft, W. eoiaile An)>rniarl., H. comile Hereford, 
JeSaaaa oonalabuUrio Ctatr., Koborto do Itos, Roberlv filio 
Walteri, Bobeito de Vetvri I'oute. Willelmo Bri^werr.. lUcardo 
do Muiiftcb., Telro filiu Horberti. Malbaeo lilio Brrb«rti, 
WiUelnut de Albiuiacu, RolxTrto Grval., Iteffiaaldo d« Brahna, 
Jfdianoc dc Miuiom., Jobiinae Glio Alaul, HuKone de Morluo 
Itlari, Widtcro do Bnllo Campo, WiUnlmo dc Sancto Jolinnne, 
VHro do Uale Inca, Briano de Innila, Thoioa itc Mnlofed, 
Iticardo d* Argeulein, Uaiifrido de Nerill., Willolnm Mauduit, 
Jotianoe de Baalun. Datum apud Weatmoiiaateritim undwdiBO 
dte Pebniarii eiuio regui uuelri iioao. — (SUiMm «/ At Am/m 
— ChirUr$ tf LiUrtiet, ai->5.) 



Chllntion of tie Fi/ttentk. 


A.D. 1335- WlUT FOX Tilt CoLLBLTIdX Of TUB 

Thn all) whioli wu granttxl 1>}' lli« ooimcll nf tbo nation m 
tbu prkw pf Uie nuMiH of llio rhnrten, w» a Iax of « fiftoentli 
«t> ' RwlHliB,' or perionsl profctt}- of eertato apeoiAed deacrip- 
lloBH. Tlw mode of aiai-MJnK uid collecting tliin impoat it 
linacrilird id thu following writ, wbtcli ulwi limilx Ih(^ incidcace 
of ll>c lax. T\u- method Mwinii t» be dn* i»cd so as to nnilo 
all the »]i«d)rnts of th« Eormrr proocdeot^. Tlie uiMaaneM 
ia to be mude by ibe nalb of tlw owner of laxiiblc propettjr: 
tliapulM iirr. It) In" iwttlrd by n-fiMviice to jnriqn ; the praoveda 
aiT to In colli^^tcd by tbc rrevc and four men of eacli tomMfaip ; 
and to b« paid to four olectal knight* of tbe buiidred*, and 
thwe are lo Imnd ov«r tb« nioiwj to Um pcnuu aoaignad by 
tba kiii|{. nnd t» wbom tbe writ is addraaed. Aootbor nc- 
pedient will b« fonntl further on, dirvttwd for th« collnrlion uf 
tiw 'fortietli' in 113a. 

Rr\ ^Vilt'-lmo IU».-t, Rudtilfo do rmmbwrll, Willclmo de 
Vernun, llciirick> <i« lVHr|{h cnnonjeo SuwclUc. ot Aoberto de 
lite clerico. MlntMi. Awu^Kvimiu vos jnstitiarioa nofltraa ad 
tjaiDtam (l«ciiaaiu omnium mobiliiim awitlvmlan «t eoDigcndani 
ad opua noMrum in ouiiiiiatit>uD NoEingebam et Dereby, in W 
forma. Vioeoomca nmtci- Nolii);;vhaiB et Dereby ooram vobis 
Tcnirr farjirt onuMti niUiu-s i^>iuit(kluuiii niorum die Dnainica 
proxinia ant4.' mcdioiu Quiulni^r«iiDBMi n|>ud Notingiibani, ad 
quem diom rligi fiicictw qualunr Irgnln militM dc aingnlui 
hundr^tlM vol wapcntacxiii. vd plans rel {muciorra, Befuudam 
magnitudiiiein hundrcdonun vol wapmilaraoniiB, iturot per nui< 
l^loa liuiiilrKUM rel wa{i«iitaooo« ad aa8id«iMluni cl oolliKi-udam 
■(uinlani d<-ciiiutii iMuuiutii mobiliuni pniedirtortun. Exccpds 
t«mra all lin« i{ituitu 'Iccinui tinootani ad arrhicpiwoopot^ epi- 
•r(i)>a«, iiIiIhiIi-k, I'tiurM et u«teKM virtM rdigionia, «omit«^ 
liHrmiTJi, mililm «'( litirron bomincK t\\x\ noli rant mcrcatorea^ 
iiintiinKxIix lil'ri» Kui*. rC DniiUQcutu rrrkHiaruin et rapellanuu, 
et ei|ui4 0(1 «c[uil«iidtiti), rl njain <Mn>rtnrilE et Hininiariis et 
■niiU um»ii»odiB;)DcaUhuti, ranU, utriivlilnift. lardariis, cellarlia 
nt fomis ; *t exi'eptiH bladid ail waniivlurHiii i.-ii8tri>mni cmptia, 
Hxef<]>tl4 Hun lib bnr >|iiiiil« dpi-tniu quautom ad niei-CBtorts 

A N 1 


Henry Ilf. 


3ui <le omnilius mercaDdUia et uobitibiu ntis (luinliun <le«iin>: 
nl - - - . 


nlnint, onnU ad quM jUKti luut, «t vquu Miia mI injniUiKluti 
e>t vuiuilibiia <)omt>nim sunrura. cclUriia el liinUniti lui vlotii 
ciinm, Ricvplii rli«in (iiuntum ud villiuKw simui art! quan ju 
HUiit, et ntnutililHiH etii«, came a( pince nt pota luo quae uon 
Etmt ad vendendniD, nt focnifl sui* ct fuimgio sud qimo noii »■ 
ad vendeadatnu MUitM autrat illi non ibunt to Duudri'dua v 
wapeutiucoB in quiliua suut reatdeobM, th\ in bundivdM 
vniwDlaecta vicinus alioi. Jturabit antem nnuHqniaque excepi 
ooniitibua, bftronlbiu et militibaa, )>ropnoniiii mobitiuui ■nnm: 
ct umiliter molHtium iluorutti vu-iiionim Baorum ]>ri.>pinquorn 
nuDMrum, qtuuittlntein vt vftlomn. Yx li Tiirlo iDtcr ipautu cujiu 
nobilia sunt ct vicinot luo* jiimto* <)c ciwlrin mobilibus dia< 
MOttO ex hoc ortu fiicnt, ntitilo^ ipi |>rr wicrninvntum duotlm 
prabonun ft kj^tiro lioniiDum vtciiiArum, r«l totidvoi que 
•uSicera Tiderint ad verita(«ro iude tDqulremlain, wrilatri 
iDquirant «t aeouodum UUm t^eritat«tn quinum dei'tniitiu oapiaii 
SrrvU-utM rero et pnif|Hi«iti du (iMTti touiituiu, tMrununi 
mititum, vel pracpnaiti tuiitam hi iwrvinitMi ilii iwitt fi 
idem rt vodein modo jurubont de iDi>liiliIivii dotniDoniin •oomi 
io Hagnlia villia. Medietas mXtm hujumiodi quintnedi 
penocsbitur ad fMluiii Saii«Ue TnuiUtia anno dooo, trt 
inedielaa ad featuro i^notl HicluM;liK [iroxiutc aequiriis. Qnam 
quidrm quinUm decinum militu ilU ivciptetit nrr muiiu qua- 
tnor lagaliom bomtnum ct |irai-|iiBiioniai ain^iarain villanin, 
|>cr tolliaa >Dl«r eo« iiidc tnctu, ct uc rccq)(aoi fercnt ad voa, el 
v«n earn repoDotia in loco lata, gire in eodeaia caUimlrali, dn 
in abbatia, live in prioratn ejusdcm coiuitotua, aob ai^lb rttai 
et ■igillia mililuni, doMO proriioni fuorit quo iiiiiti debcAl 
R«(tdcot au(«m vubia aulilM ilU, stalim ex quu qiiinla 
fuerit aauaa, tcripta et rotuloH uioa iude fuctoa, TMrrvnlia ril 
toruni InavcriptiN : Toa tciv reMirvnblti* illicit oliiiuM pur' 
comitataum praodictonim in quiliuN hacv exH-qanmiui in pi 
priu peraonia mtria, qnamdia vptiii fuerit. Mililm iHI ' 
plaree vvl pnuciorc* elect!, oontni viibiii, ricnt iiraediL'tun) eai 
jarebant, lactii Mcrofanclis coram Tobii quod ba«c nmiiiK a: 
Mqueotur iid«lit«r tt diligenter ; et quod doc pro luniira 
odio, vel pro aliijua n iii niuDdo Ixic fuMnv cniittcut; vo* uii 
Jumbicia coram vice«viRiit« e<t miUlibui coii;;nt{iUia ad d. 
lUum, quod kttiM fonuam per omnia ix-xficiclb pur von irt oil 
*)cut praoilictum eat, fidulitcr rt dili^i-nlrr pro poaae vratro. 
quia v«n> <<x vittitm live nit I'ltriiuii nivo ait loimu, bla iotri 
Bon puaait propter enamin inuiiirrclam nilioaabilaiu «t o. 
riam, reaidui veittmni poleetalvm l«beati<. adbibeadi vubla 


Writ for fie Cotmiy CouH. 


rjua allnm nd 1i«c utileui, <]ui Utta Jarammtoin Iwkt (|ii<hI vm 
iMeritiii, <1« KU liildiin- unn TobMcum •sMqaMidia. Ithna txttem 
EictktU (le rcudin inrliir|>ii«opi>ruin, opiwoporaa), AbbaLum, pri- 
orum rt nlionini vironim rNtgHmii, cxooptu eonini doraiuicis 
ot villanio niiiii |>rQpiiis, d« qaibna arcliieptBn>pi rt ejiitcopi 
■lainlaRi drcimam usidori et colligi facieot m fonm [>ru«di«U^ 
Bt ptT manum raam nol)i» inde rapoudebuDt oil eoitilein ur- 
miiiott. £t idea vobU muiHliimus finniLcr iiijnugmitei in fide 
qua iiobii ttDMuint, quAUniut mi tiMc fi(lclit«r cxMfiiieMl^ iiciit 
aii]i«rius Kriplimi Mt, cuntm ct openun ■pnonnti). 

T<«t« ngc apud Vr'wtmoiuitcriam, jCV. dio Febrtutrii. — 
(foecUn, i. 177.) 


or TBR SmaB. 

T1i« following writ is an inlerwting illustratioti of the exteod- 
Ing tiM) of the eleditjn of reprewniativM lo net for tbe ihirc, in 
iiutten iiMlltnr judicial nor excluMtvdf 6ns&ciBl. The bustneM 
oD wliicli they an called togelbor, the diBpnted interprotatioo 
of fome arliclee of the Qraftt Charier, althouf[)i wit divtiiictly 
dechnd. ia more of th« oharscter of poUlieal dAiberatian than 
anjlhlRg that hat hitherto been laid before tlu'^in. It i* not 
howev«r. in tKiK impret, of any gnat eignilicBiiee. 

Rex Ti<ecotniti OloaceslreKime. wiulem. Roiu quod, %A 
jiHilioneiB magnatom DiMtrorum qui ad oiauiJatum Dci*tnim 
nuper convenerant npud Wintuninra. lUem Nlatuiranv, videltuel in 
enutino SancU )lat<h««i AjxMtolt nnno rrgni nontro X*<i, apod 
linrolniHm nd (cmiiiiandum contentionnt ortiui inter qoofdan 
vic(c«tnJt«* nnrinw nt boiaiiice eomilaiiiuin suorani miper qui- 
bnailain BTlii"uli« roDt«nti» in fltrta li)>«rtati« eit oODCeeMe ; e4 
ideo tihi pi^u«i|4mu» quod ai qua huju%iuodi o«HUeatio Inter te 
et liotiiines baiUue luae orta fuerit pru qnu averia ma oeperia, 
arena ilia e\» n-plegiari faoaa naqne ftd diem pratiliclum, «< In 
proximti comitata tuo dieaK militibna et prt>lni> buminiliiui IwiDwc 
Itinr qaod qtiatuor de lei^liuhbuK at di*crctiuTibiiii militiltui OX 
M ipniii I'lij^imt. qui ltd diem illtim aiot apod I.iurotniam pro Iota 
oMiiilHlii. All iMiemlciidiim llfi qofirelam qiiam lialwnt TerBua le 
mqirr arlindis pnMxliitia. Kt tu ipM ibidea aiB ad oMeodeo- 
diiiii mtioiiem dr dminndn quani iiido Cuiet Tcnu illoa. Bl 


Henry fll. 


liabeat Ibi iiomina militum et boo brtm>. Tm(« mo ifwo mpai 
WlnUMiiiun, XXII. die Junii, anno rtc. X">o. 

£od«in modo acribitur vi<H'raTnitil>u> DorMl. vi Sumrmrt. j 
Bedofoid. Dt Biikiiig«li*iii. ; Wi^tmeriboilc; Norliiunt. ; liuo.— 
iHtfort on du Ui^ity of a P«tr, App. i. p. 4.} 

AJ)t 1331. Whit for asurkblino tiib Cocktv Court 


From tlie foUowiog docoment we iplber what wwi tito ni 
copnporition of dw idiireinoot itt thix pnriiKl. Ko duiiigc mtru 
to Iwve tiUcpn plncQ in it ainm (hr rcigti of Heniy I. It con- 
ttiat M tlie cl«m«nt8 that were united In tlic ' Comniuno Onn- 
ulium Ttgtd' at the time, ' sKliiepisoojwH, epi^copoa, abbotea, 
priorca, oomitea, barooM, mlUte*, et DmneH lilivrc leucDt**,' tfan 
my word* iu which tlie national couociU of Hraiy IT* raigo 
arc dcacriltcd ; but it oootains farther ibo reprcsTDtativc bodicM ; 
tbe luiaoit Enfjlivh t^wnsliijis cocli r«pr«iiMil«d br tli« nevo 
■ad foar men; tlwi new municipahlicii rcpnwntod bjr the twelve 
legal uea Eroia eacb borough. Wo br^n to teo mora ob-arlj' 
tha prootM bf which Um uMional council IwcQinea the rv]»v 
MDlAtive [urlianieat. It will, when it ia comi^etcd, be ihe con- 
oeutration of all the conjtiltienti of the thiremoots in n oonim] 
aaaembly ; the iwrioaiMince of the ancient pojnilnr rlrmnnta, aud 
Ibe aufdmiUtion to tliMB of tbe new mnnicipii] ones, make m 
fetfoel parliament peaaibte. And tlieae eleinenta, wliicb are tlie 
pecoltar feature of the EugUah jiarlianienl, ac« diatiuctly Teu- 
tonic in origin, and not a creation of feudalism. 

Rex vinfoiiiiti EborBMiiai, mbilem. Snmnone per boRn 
■uoimouiton-H omiieo urrliiepiscopM, epiaoopoa, aUialea, (iriona^ 
eomitM, baroocH, mititva et oniaoa Ubere tcnoutta, de tuta ludlia 
tua, ut de aaalilHit villa qanloor lej^ea lioiniuea et pra«p>Hiitam, 
et de quolibet burgo iiuwlecim lepUs btirgenaea prr tulAin 
balliam tnam, et onraoa nltne <|ui conm jtutitiarib itinerantiltua 
▼enire aolent ot debaot, ijuml aiiit apod Ebomeain la ootavla 
SanetaelVinEtaliaannareftni no»1ridm:imoquinUi,(mram •lilorto 
et 6deli aoatro & ((e Srgnve, Raudulfo nllo Rolwrli. nrinito 




ITril far Ute AstUe of Arau, 


Filio Aloni, Wiltolmo tl« InicuU, Bobortu ile Lcxintoo, Ukgiairo 
Boltwto lie Scliard«lavnt, <it Willnlmg >U I^niluniu, quo* jaitil!*- 
rioK aoatKM oociatjiuimus, kudttun n facluri pra«ccptum uoitnim. 
Fmhb «tMiii tunc nuin coram iisd«in uouiia pUcita coronae 
(|ttu piftoitata uo« Bant, et ifoae em^ntunuit poetqtum jiutiturii 
nootri ultimo ilineravaiiiit in putiboa ilUii, ad omnia plaoita et 
omtiU attMkiaineuU imI pUcita ilia pcrtinoutia, et omuea aniMM 
ct omiiiu plnctta quon piHiita natit coram justitiariiii ad primam 
BMiiuin, oum iTCvibuB esHHnim et placitonitD ; ita qaod a«n«ae 
illao ct placila prodefoclu tuivel aamniODitionia ti»o non rvma- 
ncant. Facialis etiara damari Ot aciri por totaro balltain tiiani 
qnod oinn«« aaisa« et omnia pkcita qua« foerunt attetminata et 
WW Bnita coram Jusliliariis nostris apud We«inKiniMt(Tinni, t^I 
mram jiulttiarits noetris qui nltinio ittneravenint in comitalu 
tno de omniboi pla«ilia, vel cunun jostitiaiiiB illito n>i«MS ad 
amM* novofi diMeialuae capjendot et ^iolu deliberaadaa, tunc 
»in( cxtrain prawliott* JattHiariia noitris apad Eburncura. ia 
■Nxlrm ftatu in <\\ia rcmauMmnt per pracceptum nottrum vet 
(H-i' pntdccptum pninltctiiniin jiiKlitiarianim nortronim ituu:- 
nDtiuia vel per juiiticiBriog oortro* (1« banco. Suminonv etiara 
omDea lUoa qui ricMOmitdt ru«ruut poat ultimam itinetultonem 
praediotorum jiutitiariuruni iu panilitw illis, quod tiiac tint 
ibiili-ni coram prnnliHis jtutiliariis uoiitii^ cum breribm da 
aMnns «t placitts quae t^^siporv mo rccupcruDt. ad reapondeii- 
dum d« l^mporo fao, xicut n>j>poiideri dclwi oornin jutfiliariia 
tttacrantibiu. Et habeas ibi mtmmonitorc* el hoc brtive. 
Teel« II. do Bargo etc. apud WMtmaoattorinm XX« die A|)rilifc 
—iSMrlt]/, Boyal LtiUrt, i 395.) 

Writ for amehruxo thk 'Jvuti ao Abujl' 

Tbb i« a writ which helps aa (0 nwliae vei? eUm\y tha 
pradioal iduntitj of the jarati ad arms, th« local fi>rc« umnl 
\tj Ibe A«bc of Anna, uridi the anciefit militia of tJbn /yrd. 
Tba plan of commuting pcntonal attendonee for a contributioo 
towuda tbe equipueot of a portion of tbo force, irliidi had 
bcDB applied to the feoda) levy in 1105 (see p. aSi), i> here 
^vplied to tlie 'jointi.' 

Uaodatum eat vicocomiU Glouccstriae quod, non afaatanta 
maadato ngia ei faciu dc bomiuibns jiiratis lul armn tX. pccuritiaii 
veniendia ad «xvrcttum regii, venire hciat lamrii iHiniinu* juntloa 


Hmirj m. 

■d fermm, vitlelicot toricas> pt iMibMNua *t i>aqmiielM; focMt 
mcnira aid euiid«m exercttiim doocDtos bontnco cnm dnccntiii 
Mntribtu ct cum vicluiilibuii enic <|U*dnkgint« ilu'rum, ijoiw tit 
noMoOMi' bcint iuvtfiiiri |>er hoiniaes comilotHR mi jnrNbn ad 
■Ibi miDUU onnN. (]aii!i r«x vult rcniaii«t« in |Nir1ibus «iis. 
TcnJre etum &cut obiiim oupenurios cooumUw sui lul dviiario* 
rtf^, i|ntbus (rtiam tkccobms (mHtitum faeliil veuii'udi ud 
rcu'in. <|ui hoc ei fucici alloou-i, iri nmofts ofmrutioava iiirmn- 
iKnvriiin in lialliva run ilonim rcEnancBiit ; avc pmnittat ftliipio 
nodo (IiwkI aliiiiioil memluin vrl feriit t«n<«tur in oatnitntu mio, 
OM qnoil nnii aliiiua in eo Tcutluitur, Btd omuU vinn Mqiti 
faciitt cxrrHtiim regis. 

Uittnt nulcni vioa(!i>iaes >d regftn. cum praediutis vlria wl 
um* et caritcntiiriim (ili<iuvm diurvtutn ilc auia de quo oonddM^ 
qui de nutuero pr>i«lict>'rum jiiratunim nxl nniM el aqwnia- 
jwram et d« oniiiiUis pranliclis aiilficicnter mpundurn piwiiit. 
IWU) Ri>gtr aimd Uererwd, XVI, Julii. — {Fotd*ra, i. jl 300.) 

,A.D. 1133. WmrroiiTJiBCoujMjnoHorTBS'FoRTuau.* 

Tlio jwnwimmt in thli ome ia ta Iw made by font man and 
Iha K«te in each tovriiabip on oftlb : and tb^ four unn am to Im 
fixed OB by election ; mi iiuiwrUuit ioili^niion of ihe ii>ual \nn. 
cvM in Ridi Bdectlona. The grant of the ' fortielb' ta aald to bo 
made liy the * arcbbishopB, htdiopa, abbots, prion, clergy, wM, 
barana, frcclioldrris aiul villeins.' If tbeM irordK are to )>• 
underttood literally, the frecbuldera and vilk-in* muat have I 
eootulted iu tlie sbiremoota, or else the lord* iniul liarc 
au|)f>oatd to KfMreMut tboir own villein-teiianta in the '< 
BKUW ConNilium,' aa ta tlie coae in 1137 (aM below, ]>. 365), 

HnFBioin, Dm gratia, Rex AtiKl^rnin. Peiro lie TIauoo, 
Wtlb'lino de Cnlcirurtha el Adno filio Willclmi eulloctdrilraa 
qiuidm;cfainia«, aalatem. Seiatia quod arc]iiei>i*oO)ii, epiacopi, 
•hbatMi, ijrionia, ot clorifi tema habenles qiiai' ail oooleaiaa 
•tiua niMi prttineiil, nmiitea. InuniMS, milita, iilieri bomian, at 
vilUni de regno nottro, conoraMnint noXAi in nuxiliuni qnailra* 
gtaimam jiartein oniniiini niiibitinm anonim u|ipareiiliuiit, aient 
ea habiN'mnt in rnutinu S>ni-li Maltliwi, anno rrtpii noatri 
XTI", videlicet de bkdia, camictB, ovihua, Tticdi, nitcia, bm^ 
ciii^ aquia oarotiariia ct deixilMis nd walnflaj^ium in muwrii^ 


Gfl/reium of lie FortieUt. 


morptk liouU qtisc pnuxlioll crchtepuci)])!, epUmpi rt kIim 
iwintiiimp MclcNiiuitKae iMibent <1e eodeelis paioeliulibas. rt ilo 
Mvlniii' tindivtiilntibu* ot pntebpiKlJH, tA teirU ad pncticiiila» 
pertjaeiitlhus ot rcclrxiiu nnrochinlpH ii]irctnritil>iiii. PriiviMim 
«t B«MT«li(<>r a pnuolictu 6ilnlilm» iuMttriR, qu'«l pmcilicla 

aiuulrngMima hoc modo oMidrntar ct colligatnr ; i^uod Tidclioet 
a i^uftlibet villu inUgra eligaotur qiMtuor de nwliorilKii) ct 
Iruntitiribu* buinbibuA una cum p»epo«itiB fiiiguliinini i-illanim, 
fwr iiiiiifum tacrumcnlum <|iUKlnfcvMiiia jars oinniuni nioUliuin 
|inMHii<.-t<imin taxrtur ct BKniluiitur Kuper Mngnl»n, ill (mviemitiu 
(iiilitnm uMcmontin «d hoc MMfrumtarum ; ct ]ioiU« ]ier Micnk- 
Ri«nttim diiorum legnlium homiDum mruiMlrm \-illaram iuqui- 
miir ot BKHdealnr <|tiBdragtsitiM omnium raobilium <)uac) prac- 
(lii-ti quatuor liominea et ]>niepoBiti babent,et di»tricte imbrotietur 
rt ftperte A* e»\uA Tel de quorum baroiiia quAclibrt villa fu<rit 
in I'lirli! re\ in t(>lo. Et iHKiUiunm qiuiirnifuHiina fuerit a&UM et 
iu Kcriplntn mlncto, mtuliii omnium [iikiliculiirum de iiiugulia 
villu ct «a^li<i MmiUtiliiiH lilicTi'tur KriMMcallo nwolonin) 
bnrooati), v«l attoniatu ijMias Bcne«cnlli, vcl bnilUTo UMrtatu. 
ubi ntiquis libertatom liahucrit, scilii-d. iiuikI tiaro vel dominua 
litiurtAtii vclit pt imwit [iraedictiun qmulm^'vsimiun oulli^^rv, 
ct pro eo bubcndu diHtringrre ; n rcro nnii vclit vcl tvta poiait, 
vim-uiuilM ilialriftioncni ftwiaot pracdidjim, itn quod nil iiMln 
recipiiuil, wd tota quadnignima praodi(.-tA pracdiclla luilitibuo 
nawABoribuH Ijbentur, io nii^ri «t eecuriori rilla Nogntorum 
CMDitatuam ; et de qualilMrt villa fiat MBU&a tolUa inter eenes- 
cidlum Imruniti r«l ijuh uttoruutiim, vcl MiMMalloa dooiini liber- 
latin et praodictiM lUMtsorM. Etdepoculur meuiiia per eoadeni 
iMW iDrw in aliioo loco lutiori tya% villu^ ttn qnod BM««»om 
liubmnt tigitln sua «t mi»s et clavcs «iin«. suprr pcconijUD Drato ' 
djctam, rt vicecomttM similiter sigilla tua, «t Bcru (4 CMrcB 
uua. Kl usesaorea, aUtiu ex quo qiMdrageaims aams fuerit 
prr tpeoa, mittttnt rotulua riob ad acaocariura de toto itluere 
sDo: et aimiltier «x qno didn ihh-uuLi ii1> L-ia L-olk<vt& fuerit, 
miltant totuloa hum ad ncaci'nrium dc ivcrj)ln sua, d praediotft 
(•^cuiitn ruiM'rv(>lur in locU ubi dq>«Mt« fuerit, domrc ad nMUw 
dalum UDKtnim (lcr<Tatnr luquc ad Novum Tcmplum Londoniia. 
Nihil iiutem capietur abaliquo homine uomine quadrageaimae, 
qui Don luibacrit de hqjuiimodi bouiH roubilibuH ad ratentiam 
quwlriigiutB d«iuriuTunt ad miiiua. Ad jmiriliclura ajquidem 
quadmifckiniam awiilMtdun in comituln Ili-rifunliuc uwu^pM* 
vimus von, ft mnndnvimut vic<Y<in)iti dc I[erlf«ni,qu<Kl Rinf^uW 
vilUtiw comitjitat mii ccrtia diobus et locir, quoa m tciro fadctia, 
mI mandiiium aoatrum comu vobia venire fsciat. ct in omnibus 

Ih»ry in. 


quae ad dictum nexoliuu pertiiwiit vobia intondiuit vX, obediaiit. 
Vale.— (Jf . Parit, p. 380.) 

A.D. 1233. 


Tbin i« a vnluubli! illuiitnitioii of tlii! p«nn«nei)oe of Ui« <AA 
F'ligliiih m;;iilatinnii for tli« ir-curity of piHtce in tho ciMUilry, 
which mtky bo Imwd from tlic laws nf Kilgur and Cnii«t«i, «id 
tlirougb the statutory iDJunotioua of William the Cominoror, 
Henry IT, uad lUcbard (iibove^ pp. 144, 164). Th« principle 
thus cxpiuidcil i* li«rc dcTcloi>cd into k complete Hj-stctu uf 
watch nnd ward, which a few j-onn Xaiar is hmugUt into eon- 
junctiou vfitli the Aaaiie of Amu, and completed by Edmrd I 
in the Statute of Wiacboilcr, and by the aasijjnmeiit of juitiora 
oftbo peace uudor Edward IIL 

Da/crma pari* eoAtervanda. 

ItEit vioooomiti Kantiac, iMtlut^m. Sci'na quod ad pacMn et 
tTitii<]uillitat«m terrae no§trae obeerrandam et matefactoraa re- 
primendos proviaum fuit, ^:'^T1^.ta nobis et nufCDsttbui oo•trii^ do 
comuiuni eonsilio euruin. <]iiod vigiUae In aingulis rilUa de nocte 
tcii«antur iiik]iio nd fiMttum Sauoti MichneliK, anno XTfT^, 
«ccundum quod villno fucrint maonno vol parTM; Ha tnmon 
quod quntnoT homines ad minus Hciuit vigiliam illam at villa 
fuerit parva, et %\ magna fuerit. pluros earn faciant Hcnndum 
quantitutein villae. Itu etiutu quod uullua extrau«u8 tranitMt 
per aliquaiu villaiu d« iiovU^ quiu areet«tur uHqu« oiane; ot ai 
vt;;ilutoT«a ilium nan ])DiiHint amiurr, tuna levcnt olamorom fit 
utlicvium Hupcr cum. Et ni aliquix diTfi!^!!^ fuit in vi^Us vel 
tectJa ikd uthcainm factcudiis nullus proptrr hoe » Ticeeonuti* 
baUivix orcanionetur, acd omnea hnjuimiodi omcndae intcgre 
NwiT<intur uaque ad advontum Juttitiarum proximo itinnnn- 
tlom, per atacbbmenta viceconiitia in comitatu cumm cora- 
natoribnn Item uullu.t liuapitottir allquem extraDuuni ultra 
tiiiam noctem niai poKxil invrniro plc^na i\a (irtclitate «t qaod 
nullum damnum oveniet per «iim, ct rrtpondrait pro to nicul 

fro uno d« fitmilia eua, et hoc coram Jurtitiis itinerant i bus. 
tern si atiqui hatieant libc'rtat^in et honiiuea eorum nolueriut 
facers vigiliam, ueo venire ad clamorem et utlie^ium, xicut 



IfateA and Ward. 


pnudictum ett, beoe UeeUt viMromiti xtat-liiaro coa qui nee 
vigiliw (sock vuluci-iut, nee ad vlantowio vcuire, qat>d Hint cwnm 
JiKlitua (irtixiron ilioenDtiboa. iiido mpoDMuH sImjuo quod 
kUqnid iil> m» capiat oocMione ilU. Et A at!<|ui(l fucrit tnuia- 
pcanilD inlrn tnliw Ul>«rtat4« pro (tl^£el■tu risilUrum vol secla- 
niin com ntbosio, itii qaorum tibcrtatm mm Hati»faeiiuil ilUs 
(|iilbu8 (lainnum fiioril ilUtuin, fi rcvpoiMlcont iiukts <lu hoc 
qiUHl ptoum iiostnini non obeciravcmnt. Item (inguU vici?< 
coiDiUv noE^ et lialliri eoruiii, foivstarii ct oorum errvicutcH ilu 
oMcm ImIIu* in ouinilntilnu «uia, oiiitiein qiism polcnini dilt- 
gitRttaia aj^naiit od pum-ni noetrora itetiiiKlum forntam |>nH!- 
dictam ciutodutxlain, v% *\ audtcrint qaod uliijai maleiactorva 
•xnvmit in aliquo \\mKo, vc) alibi ncei>tenUir, propti»qiua 
fiUae et alia« quito oA hoc fiKrint iwoMaaria e Mquentur cum 
ris ad diotofi caalefactores taptcDdos. Kt tri quit mile* t«1 allaa, 
qaivunque fuurit, «liqu«in hujiumodi maleEnctoirra cc|ierit. v!c«- 
oiaiiten ret oonim ImUivi recipient ilium sino dilaitonv ct diBi- 
cullat^T itA qtiod niliil cnpiuiit ub eo qui ipsuni cepit pro iiu 
rocipirudo. Si qui* t^tiaia igiioCns inTvuitu fuerit itincnui* 
armatufi, i>tnliro capintur ct lilwrrtor Tiw«ouiiti rtl ejus Ul- 
livD. vel alicui villae proptuquiori quae habntt p«>tei4al«m custo- 
ditwli eum, et in pnMina euakidiatnr donee talvoa ph'jiriua 
tDTciMrit, quod ent ad pocem Doatnm flt rtabit rocto, n quia 
TcTMu earn Ivqui voluorit ; ut n ptcgioa iitv«iure non panit ct 
pu«tr« in curia nostra convinoitur dc rol>crift rel liHJ»i«niodi 
(' nne, per judtciam tjusdfrm curiae dcdnntur; et no« 

n - coe qui t&lea oeperint do hut<»ii> uorum vel alio 

mtidii, kkut uubtB placuerit. 

Coterum t\ altquls nudebetor captus fii«rit in panM vd in 
viiraniii cum mauuopfrv vel pro HUdpicione, v»l per indtota- 
ni^ntum patriae, ct iiide it) curia Iioalra cauriiMstur, tuoo 
liben^nr prii>i>na« nn«tmo et tbi coNtodtatur per unum »"'""■* 
«t unuiD diem ; et tunc si habeat undc rtdimi pooit, ralion*- 
bititer redimator, «t inT«niat plegine do fidditnte, et i\v>'m\ du 
eet«ro talem Uunsgivnioaem non fscwt. Si rero uibtl hab(«t 
Bade Kilimi poud^ neo plegioa poent invenire, tniic ngnuni 
nontnim abjoret. 

Pra«cipim<i« tcitnr quod, tiiout tc ipauro et orooia tua dili^pa, 
Iwoe omnia prai'ilictn In pti:iio comtlatu tuo et per totum comi- 
latiim tnuni, Inra iu m<T(»liii qiiam in bundn^in et nuiidiaiii 
riamari farina ct finuilcr obwirnri, aiciit pmcdirtum cut, lie pro 
deJrrtu tui in )iu jurte atl le not graTiler ciiiimv <bl>naniua. 
Tt«1« iBeijiqo apud Fediam, primo die JuntL — (i'onbra, 1. 

' 'ir 

/.. .. '-■ />/, ••t^M\ IT. 
. .1,4 ,u ifJA >-*^>4.V. Ut it 

'I. ■•■I/.. f:i II 1.1, .11, -.uu f,f/ij>r,ii'. r*"ji«* »:Ca» TTaM 

/. ;■ I I.I,. „,l f.t-llli ;■.«-.'<( Ul'iikfVl* iu:M XIX"» « »5»» 
II •■;•••..!■ Ill uil I'umiliH mini, XX''. f'r'ni'ifract ecxuB q'a™ 

).i:- •h- hiiii u' iflxffixiii iiilliiiuhii fH-/ riiahuii liallivonim FQC-riiB 
f. ii-,r'il(-i "•iiiilullliim I.I. limUiliii (fir inaiiiiii M/njDtleiD da.-bui 
(iiilifili'f rfiiii-i I'll iiiii imai^iiuviiiiiiK ill Miiit^liii comitatibfU 
ill I' ■' ii'liiiii »'( '•MMiiiiiMii iiiiiiMiiii f/iiiilffiiiip, ad lilierandiun 
(lil'li 111 llii."iiiiiiiiiri i.l Miiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiMlrii ; ot idco tibi praeci' 
|iliiiii" ijiiiiil ml itiiiiiiliiliiiii iFiiiiiliiiii ivitiiiliim ct barotium et 
iiiiiiiliiiii iill>'Hiiii iiiit i1«> iiiililii liiiiiiiii ill ciiiiilfi, in Imlliva prae- 
illilii iiiiiili' I'liii'ilfi III uliiti ililiilltiiiii ilialritjfoui oniiicB militcs et 
llliiH Hill tilt" i|i>1 >!>' ■'>" li'iKHil iHH' »<i'vlliuiH iiiilitani in ImllivA 
tiiii. Hit i('ilil>'<iil»i» I'lillitU "itU ill! Nlii)[iilii fMNlia vt wnrdis duna 
iiiHiiiio Hil |ii>ii'ilt>liiiii Hii«t)iiiui ihiliU rnciMtilum in (erminia 


Conjirmatiott of tA« CAartir$. 


{■nctUctu, ot liberantliun Jolumm de Anre, et Hcorioo de Me- 
riet, quiw od boc nMigmtvimui In CQi]ilt4Uu luu «jciit j»n«di{iiiiii 
«at, etK~ T«*(« n)oi|Hw owid WMtinoiuurteriuui XVU. Julit, 
■nnuete. XIX". — [Brady. Inmd. HiM. Kngt., Aff. p. 43.1 

A.l>. 1>37. OxriMitji.Tio:; or the Chabtioa. 

TI1U U th« confinnatiuD id couuderaliiOB of vhicb the ' Coni- 
tuniu Oi>a>ilium' ni»du the gnat of * diirtleth. Tbe chiu1«n 
ve not nli«itnwd in iho Act, nor wm uij- further altcratloa 
vami« tD tbe t«xt of tWm after tlmt of tlw ycv 1 i ag. 

Htmaiovm Dei gmtin rex ADglwe, domiBcu Hi1i«TniM>, dux 
NurnunDMc ct AquitunniM, «onM« Aiwlegavue, omoibut Ctiruti 
fwtelibiu pneMnletn <*rUm tiwpectari*, mIuutd. Scwtls qood 
iuiuitu U«iet prowlato AuimM nortrM ct uiimftrum aat«ce«o- 
mm rl Wredum noatrorum, ad esultationem Sanctae Eooleuue^ 
et f niciKLtionL'iii ru^ nortri, cum-e^iuut et bao auia nodi* 
coiifii nuvimuM ■rcliIcpU-.wU. epiicopiii, nUmtibiu, prioribu)^ 
cumilibui^ linrniiibiu. mililitiuii, blwru liomiiiJl>uii tt omnibus do 
regno nortro AngiiMs onm* UbertntfM ct liborM confuutudinea 
oontMitas in caitia nnttru quM dMlcm (iilrliliiis DMtria fieri 
leeimus cum iniuoris «cwtna> Htatit^ sciUcM tMn to magna owe* 
noatru qiwm in carta noetn da fonisto. Et volumua et prae- 
dpitnai, pro oubiit et liaeredibua Dodria, quod praefnti fulclnt 
DiMtri ct McxetMires «t baercdos coram luibeatit et Uneant in 
pcrpctuum oinnon lil)ciwte« et lilieru oouMieludbiet pracdktu, 
00(1 obctantc c<> quoit prncdictne <nHae oonfeoliie fiirrunt eutn 
minoris •wcraus aviati)', ut prMdictan ert. Biia tcMibtu vctie> 
rabitibofl patribtis K. atx:liioptKOpti Ointnar., P. Wintoti., J, 
Bathon^ B. Dniioltn., 11. Loodou., W. Karl , W, lixon., R, Sorr., 
H. Eljeo., It. Line, 11. llerHord., A. CoTentr. «t Ljrchdeld., 
vpiKopin, "W. Taleoc. et W. Wygoni. eJectie, R. cumite Oornnb. 
ot Pictuv., J. comile Cfwlr. el Httutedon., J. eoniita line, wn- 
•Inbulai-io C«atr., O. Mareamllu comit* Pembr^ W. comile do 
tVnar., W. oomlli! Wareiiu,. H. comil* Kane, H. oomibt ?^mi<x. 
<-t Hnvford., Sinit'iie dc Moiitvfofti, Willrliuit Lunftcip., Will- 
rlmit lb- Kpmir.. Willilino de Vescy, Riaird" ilc I'vTvy, Etirntdv 
da Munfkli<T|, Willrbno do Bo*, Johiiiiiir B,vwt. Uilbcrto de 
l'i:tfiiutivill., WilIi'liiK) di- TjiiKiulr, WiUnltno de C-atililupu, 
Ualleru do Cliffiml, Joluiiine Moocni., lUdulfo de Morluo Miiri, 

3fi6 Uenry III. Ivavx 

Willeliuu Untidult. 'Ro^nxi b Zuob., Olivorn d« VftlliliDB, Oil- 
ln-rto Boswl, et aliU. D&I. per m*iiun) rt'itenliilis gmtrU It. 
CyowHr. t>pi»co]>i uonci-lUrii Dutrtri iipud W<->.tm«nMt«r., XXVUX" 
<Iie Juiuarii, niiiio rvgiu noHtri viocaiau pruno.— (jSJooUtoiM'a 
Chart^rt, j>p. (i8. 69.) 

A.D. 1S37. Weit ron tbk CoLLscTnov or tuk Thibtk 

'Om •ppointDMut of fonr knighta uid n <il«i'l: to n«eiv« tho 
M»Mi&iiit idmIo oh Mth by tli« four man cdiI rocvo (w liialr 
own toimdiipk is > new rarMrty of rxjKiliciil, lo bo coiii|>u«d 
with Ummo given abcive (pj.. 257, 883, 351, 385, 360. 364). Tb« 
wtber ]»'ii]tB aT iiDporUnoe iii die vril ims tlie dlrrttina Tor tlw 
«lectiuii or tli« KHMMon i>f tbe tuwushi|), tite t>tut«Di<iii ih&l tlw 
fiwlioltkra re]imH!nt<!)l tbnr villdiut in tlidr cotuwDt to Um lax, 
Aod tho proviMiuD for npuring tho poor. The dutiaction between 
the viUcinB who, acmrduig to tbr lawyeny hiul no praportj- of 
thor own, mid tl>e |ioor, who lisci leaa tiiau furij- iwdoo 'in 
bonio,' in worlli rpmnrk. 

Kkx vicccomiti KbiiIuo Nilntooi- Sciju 4|1kh1 cum In octHvl* 
Saiicti HilAiii anno ipgm uottri vicc«iino priino, ul maiwlatiipn 
UMMtrum coiir«iiircint apuil WMtmoaastcritUB arcbtcpwicopi, 
quacopi. abbaUB, priorra, ooinit«a «t baroova totios ngBi iXNrtri, 
«t tractaluni haberecit Dobiavnm d« »1atu nosUv «t rrgni nottrii 
iidnn arcbiepbcopi, cpucopt, ablwIoK, priona ct dvrici twna 
liabcutvM quae ud oo(.'l<aiaa auaa non [icrtiiiriit, cuiiiitr*, boroMa, 
militca vt lilirri hiMninM, pro ae et tuii TillnniE, n<)bi,s i-on««mc> 
TTinl in auxiliiim triemiinain pnitcm omnium mobilinxi •uorant 
apparrotinin, nirut pu liahrbutit ID aottinino iu crastino Exalt»> 
Uoula tiaQcta« (.'iiici». auao ragai noMri vicceamo priino, qnaudo 
blaiii Bua fuerint cuaduuats ; vi<Iclii:t4 do Uadia, carncia, oviUw, 
vaocU, porcia, liaracUa, oquia carelariia aaatgiutLi ad waionaaia, 
«l aliia |)«ic«ribua et bonia. Exoeplia boole quae pn^vdicli arAl- 
•|)iNDOp{. miwoufti el aliau penonoe eocltaiaatkw halMmt in ccdJaifif 
parodiUiooa aire praebatdb, et («rris ad ptMbeodu at ccdtaiu 
pnrocUialc* rnvrtanllboa ; cKvptu ar^;<iiilo et nuro, pftlrfridii^ 
suniinarii*, dutrariia, ninciniH, anuu, ntciwilibua rt Tiul*. 
Cullip^mUni ycT mainx^ dil«<ctoniii) fidcliuRi uoatroruiD KoKni do 
Lrburu, Sinioiiis do Crn)ic, Jv}»nni8 dc Adlington, twr liltnna 
Unwnrd de Bichrl / ot Bicnrdi 6v AVokiiiidon, t^a\ jnnuiunl ooruai 


AtKsmeHt A/* tie TkirtttUt, 


(«, qaod Mf^tinm Dostntii dc anxilto nottro cnlligvndo et assi- 
Anao pro |xmm iqo b«ne*et {i<l«litor «x«qii(aitDr per oiobm, 
mcuimIuhi roan omiscientinm, Kt tpn quatuor militM et ol«ri- 
cut (iDM-diotUH etigi bdeot ijuatuur do leguJtoriUia UomititbM 
ilu Htnuulia villU, quM stalntiB huudredts iu Lx»u)t«tu tuo, nrtic 
(Iw lH iiwo i-i>niiu oimkin od lUJUKhtuni curum corum <■» vcnin 
hi!i», ijui iiitmbunt oomm ctHltnu in practK-ntin Iwllivoroin clo 
■ungiilis rilltH si iDUrfSM voluorint. quixl noxilium illud fideliter 
iiMii)el>Htil M ntionabil« pn'tiuin apponcnt omoiljuB rebut aiiM 
Mpfnrtiandae fueriiil, seouiiiiam commuDeDi el juslani »eaaia»- 
tionem et valurein, ouiore, finilu yi-1 oiJio, rel aln oocoaioii* non 
im|>(ili«iite. E( |KH(«a |xuticulua cfttaUonun omuiuni ct |)retiiiin 
uflrmlritl nuutix>r nulititnM firnoJictin et clrrtco, rt jaxtA pro- 
Ti^nnooi Jict<prum mililnm ct clurici pi-cuiniiiii coJIigi-nl, et 
riMiom niililibua at ch;ri«o deiemit «t libcivbuni per toillias et 
riHulm p«rticiih> oaotinentcs, ropoDeDdem iu prlontu SaiK4«o 
1^iiiitati« CiuitUDnae ; et si iudiguentit suxiliu tuo circa du- 
trictiutieni fHciendaiu in oi>ll««tiuue dii-tae i>ccuiiiue. In cut auxi- 
linm |itti-abi±. ArchiepuMpi vera, epiacwjii, ablxitvi^ pfinnx la 
trrri* niiii et tibnrtntibiu in comitatu tun, jmt qimtDur Ii^bIm 
iiiilitM Ruo* vol libcros ct legnles homines vt n)ilit«i noa liubits* 
rinl, Hmili taodo citva pnedictain iriceumam aosideiulaiii d 
colligendHm et liberuuWi quatuor praedklis niiliUInu ail boo 
allonutiB, praeedeot. Et wum quod ]tni«dicti quuluur bominea 
de aiugalia vilUs non jurabuiit de iwoprii* cutallin imiii, nrc 
a*deiu prvtiuiu iijifioucnt, acd atii qniituor homiuct ili- xin^ilii 
villi* ad hoc electa per militea prudictOK juril>Diit dc catallia 
pmrdictorutn priomni quatuor Iwminum, soouDdum ftmnain 
pni«tict>]D. NuUus autem pnuper homo vel ranlier aliquid ad 
boo conferot. Did habeat iu bonia plus quam quadragiiita deaa- 
rioa. Debet autem redd! pecania praedicta m1 duos tenniiuw, 
videlicet, medietaa in cnuitiiio Sanctl Audreae anno regni 
nofltri vicetdnitf scmndo, ct altera mcdictjia in craatino Saactae 
IViiiitAtiv anno eodem. To autem ita cffica^c auxilium et nlile 
wMwiliiim pniadictis Bulitibtw praebeas in praedietis exaequendia, 
quod BcgotioiD pnMxIictom ad euoiiaoduia uodtram ci utilitatcm 
ntlabrilar proccdal. Urn aulein eo&cciftiimuii praedictia ar«ki- 
qiucopia, tjiiaoofw*, abbatibiw, prioribus, coiuilibuo, Ixurvnibtu et 
aliia Diagnatibm reffoi ikmiH, quod tttm carta Dootn He fortata 
qnain alia de libertatibwa, quae priu* eia li«ri fedmua, de cataro 
ill iimiiibtu tetinuilur. Nolamue ttinm quod occs«ioDe liqjaa- 
nodi auxilil Minalur tlcinocp* occasio, re) traliatur ad cunaaetu- 
dinnii pfteiwU alia* eonairaile auxilium. iDcipient uulem iter 
praedicinm in enrtino Exallationia Sandae Cmdr, quibnti din 

368 Henry tU. f*** 

ct loco «• ««eurrM id •ncrmn>rDtam al> rit n«i]iwodina «t «ui- 
liitn 61* Inapwuleii'lHiTi, ncttt tibi dixmat rx jwru noatn., TeMe i 
B(g« ■pw) WwdnoDurtmara, II. die Julii wum rceni acN4Ti . 

A.!). 1343. RxcoftD or a IiKiurt d* tuk Cuovqu. or 
Tiu Nation. 

The (Allowiag neonl wm dnwa np, w i* dated \rj XMtbew 
Fwii, wIm inwrU il in bb Htntorj, that Um umrv of lb* 
Wdu to tlia kin^s dcnutul Ibr moMjr taigbl t»ffr«r be lar- 
goiUo. Wfl hftre io it the fltat detailed «ccaudt of » dia|Ntta in 
th« NBtiooal Cooncil u to tlw cxpedieiicjr of » wm-. or Um 
gnuitlDg of an kid. No donlit Diaii)r dueoMiaaw on ttw lattar 
pulat had ukoii pla(« during tba previona jMra uf llie rti^, 
■ml IimI preceded tbe gnuita that parcbaaed ifae reuaiM of tba 
ctertcn. On tome (Miner o«Mioi». too, it wonUI mcib thai 
tlw haroOB made it a eottditioa of granting the l»x, thai it abooM 
bo uMaacd and collected in a parlitmUr wkj-. Tld* appntni, 
howamr, to be an early and my important iititanco of ao aU 
baiag abwhiUij refnacd. Tuwanl* tli« end of the y«ar the kJiif[ 
oEaded a icatagc, 'ficcU exton|aeri;' poeaibl/ in Moofdaaoe 
iirltli the article of the charter uf 1135 in whieh be ancnad tba 

('(■IB dominua Eboncnuia arrhtrpiacopoa «t onutn cfnaoapi 
A ii|[ti<ut, »bbat«a, et priorea per ae vel par pvocitntores Moa, vn- 
luiii it| uitiun atmltva et fere onuwe banxM* AnKtiae ad ntutda* 
tam iloniini r*t,-i* oiuveniiKDt a|>ad W<Maianaat«Tiiiin div Martu 
nraxinia aiito I'urilicationt-m bratae Hariae, A.T>. ii(J, rvftnj 
Heiirki rvgi* 36'", ■mliluri domini n^ ToltiutKti-m rt ncituliu&i 
pni 'jao fjiaiM manilavrmt ; et idaai dorainiH rrx (rstinntll«rn* 
ml niitdctn diutum iluuiiuum EbunMWDarin H noliilcm viniin 
diiinlliiim cuniltirni niavdum et domiiiuin Wjllelmtiui dr KtMracn 
liraeprMiliiia d« ]^tAwa, *up«r votiuitste lUmiini nsia N 
Ni>|ti>llii> aiiin, aciliMl nadein expmult* p«r eoeden tnlMnnea 
tiiiriri<>«, uniiM^ DMirnalm de rrnpio «uo infraa»rt dc (t>n*ili0 ei 
tlHhilr) \A niiiiliu bdondo ad liaprrdiutem raun et jun ma 
^H<h|iiiii)iitln in iMrtilnia InuiHinarinie qiiar tpi^abanl ad rvgnUm 



ZVJrite M He Xalionat CounaU 


mum AnitliM ; teocl«m dktl ApitcoiM, abbalM rt priorti, 
comht* ot baroaen, in^pM ijit«r cot traotalu ]>nidial>Uo, in 
primb domino r«gi per prMNlkto* magnatM dotlaiutit ooueilium, 
*ideU««l, qnod £miatia i[>M rax oztijiMlajvt Gdcoi treuKsnitu 
bur com e( regna FnooiM initnniiii : «l ti forle dictua rex 
Fnnctu oontra famaia earandcm treuganun alti[UM fedMet 
inttrrrisaa, tunc dietua rex Anglbe mitterel ad cum tolcmDM 
nuDcioo ad nigBMlitni, nuinendtuD et induocMlum t|i«um rt^sa 
FrMinne, nt tr«U|iui InlUu tenerM et int«ri>ritn» iimimUrvt. it 
(JUS' prr ipmm vcl per Huoa fiuiiic (-jM-Dt. Quud ti rex FnutsiM 
fnKsn colli ladiivrvt, libroler ad koc ocmhitiuin uppontTimt pro 
|>O0M mo <I« nnsilio oi dnndo. OmBm itit unnuiiuilcr rwpoD- 
dniiiiL Similiter poatquatn fiwrst domiiiun txiriiin, multulita 
ud uutanttftiD ui*m ei Huxilinm dcdcniRl, vidi-lioet tiMllani 
deL'iinam mobilium suomm, et jtoctea quiDtam deciraoni el 
ivxtHiii (locimKin et cjuodr-igt^iinam. canKsgium, liydaftitua ct 
plnm ocutppa, et pmiteai tintiin nkagniun >cnta(poni a>l ■onwent 
Miam Impcratricem marilaniiun. PcMlea rcfo n<q)diiiii quatuor 
annta cUpsis rcl circiler, p«(iit at> r\t itcruro iitixitiitni, et taadeni 
cum magna nrecnm inrtiuitia oktitiuit tncvsintum. qniun ei ooo- 
cesMraot, Uli icilicet oonditioDe, quod )>U exactio vel hlia« 
nrHecedenlea amptiue non Irabereotur in cuD»ei|Ur»liim. F.t 
indu fei^it ei» cwbua nam. Et pradertK coiKouiit cin tunu 
quod omnu libcrtatee oarit«ut«e in KlaKiia Curta cxioni; in 
■nt(* pl«iiiiH tnicrcntur per totum regunm Kunro. et ind* fccil 
rin qufuidhni parvam oarl'ina nunin qnam adbuc bnlK'nl, in qi» 
eaedem oocitinrntur. Fractrrca dominun rex conortsit tm de 
voluiilato ma, ct de oooailio tnliuR Ixiroragii mii, quod t«ta 
l>«nini> ex <lic1« trioMiina pn>vciiiens aalvo dcpnimelur io 
cAjilt-ia dumini r^b mib oiutodia quatuor mafpuituin Anglbe, 
Milicet comttiH W4ireQniae et alioruin, per quurttm nnm ot 
wiitilinm i>«ciiula iHa cxjWDderotur ad dicti re^iii et rrinn 
utililatrio, tum neerme <aa«t, Et quia buviia^uin nocit ii(« 
itiidivit quod di! ditiek jiccunui per vii-iira vcl coonilium ■li<:ujii« 
qiialQor mngniilum prB4Hjii'ii>rum aliqiiid ciprndiiciir, crrduut 
Krmitvr et Wiw inlclligunt quod dominuw rrx adhuc tolam 
Imlwt illain ]MxmnisiD inlegmn, do qua nunc potest lisbere 
ina)(nuiii auxiliutu. Praeterra bene K^nnt quod piiM teni|Ki8 
illud tot iiabnit cacactiu, archi«piHxipatuni C-notaarienaejn, et 
plur«s epiKUiialus Aiit^ttac ditior«e, et terras ctjinituu et barouutn 
ot mitituin de cu tenenttum defuncturuin, quod toluminodo de 
illiB ciKai-tiii dvWt ipao lia)>«rv ifnitiduBi pecunbu nmnuun ti 
liend cnalMlialnr. PraPtt-rrn ii triufiore dlcUM tnoeaiinae dotae, 
nun CMHTcrunt juftiliarii itinrmnlM ilineraiv per ain&Ba partM i 


/fruiy ///. 


AngliiMt tam de placitio forcstac qiiBiu de cmnltiai iiliis plucitu, 
Itk <)umI omm-* c<i)nila1u* Airline vt nmiun hunilrola, dvi(»t«a 
rt Imr^i. et fvre omnm vilttc gnvitcr Amcniuntur; uuiii? vdliiai' 
modo ite ilto itiMre babcit dominna rex nl hiU>«nt drlwt mnxi- 
Biain Himmitia pe<n)Due, d pertolvftlnr et bcoc raUigstur. l.'bdtt 
1ieii« (Ilcunt qnod per Ub wa«rciuxiMiU et per mlia Htixiltn prim 
dikU, omitM <1« ngno ita f-nvautur et <l«p«upemiitiir quud 
|<arura not nibi] balMiil in botii». Et quU tluminus rex niiB- 
quam, post tricmimnm daliim, cartsDi suani dv libvrtaulna 
l«nuit, iniino )>1um mlito pu«tc» gravavit, ct ptr nliuin ciiriMn 
tit connsHniut quoit oxactioDM bujuRumli non tnilM-nintur in 
conMqaontUin, n-fpoixlerunt oidBm doniiao nvi pntfciax, qnod 
Biilliim Bil prar*cn8 ei fMeraiil auxitium. \^'niintacncii (|u*m 
ilomiuUB enruta eat, eie le gemw polcrit crg» rat ti»|tie ai] 
Anem di«t«n)in trmigaruni, quod tunc buiiuui apponeiit coradbum 
|XO posM Buo. Et cam divti muh'"*'''" tiuncii Uiud ilumino ngi 
nu&ciMMeiil rMpoonum, n^itunte* ml iKkroiuitcium lUx^runt, naoil 
IB parte miScictm dnii-miit domino rvfti ruivinsum ; »nl dcmintu 
rex Toluit Kirc nb r'n quid foMrrnt ri n-x Fniiicino aat« 6ii«m 
|iraiy3iclnnjia tmifcnmm ruinportl coHtrm tretiBU. Promiaft- 
nuit i-tium ex parte <l<inuQi jvga quod u ijnm slicui nu^utum 
Angliae iiijurinni feoiaaet, ipse Ulud emeinlarcc p«r flonudMS- 
tionem doraiDi P«1ri do SuWudia ct aliorum da goimIm) lao. 
Ad quae magnate sic rapoudurunt, viilitlictl, hi rrx PrntciaB 
rutnp«ivt tnouvnn vi nollct Jut^rpniiu mii'Ddiinr. tiuia appoiient 
ooH^iltam siml priiu dlxmuit k B|ip»»>Iuni« in film irauj^nmra, 
duiiiuriMlo cotistiiret n» de torilato fucti rrgi* Knrtciae. Ad boo 
quod i|itil piiiinitcniiil pmeiHlaa nc parte doinini rt^ie tupcr 
iiynriii eis illutin, rtHpuiidi-miit quod nolui^ruut g>d |)ra«M.-Da OKtii 
doniitio ro^'u pUciinre; et in coDOrsHluDfr trJOfuaian adiio beno 
et Tiiti'liivr priiniiiLiul nt» dcimiuuB 'WilleltnuB dn Rale n pttria 
domuii' rt^a, nail tnudu t{wi fMiuiit: quiditer djitniiiii* rex 
ItfDumt pmniitaa tun vidcat ipw. i'oatcu vcro d^'iiiiiiut n% 
examinavit plurw ainguUril«r ; quid tpri conccsunut uoiTorci- 
tu Igaont— (iToM. Pari*, pp. 581, 581,) 


AJ>. iigj. WniT FOR »::»i'oit<ixo Watcb axo 'Wabo 
AKD TiiK Ati»txtt op Anna. 

In tlila doctimeDt llie king hriagt tof^tlto- tli« tira nr; 
nnctttnt mvtboda of ananring pun and il«r«aK«, of wliirb Miorml 
illustraliotia bava been given Abrsdy. Tbcir coo&raiuu with 


Juiit rf Jrms. 

37 » 

mnttllntioBll bidoiy is noir 1)««oaiing i«M dow, Imt it U im- 
portant lo oWm Ibe |)«miABence of their ehimeU-r, *ii<l tlic 
uilw|iu(y M wv\\ U the eloHidtj ot tbe nuichiiMoy hj irliich 
tfao; ore Wurked. Allbnugh not mi fcnentiftl {mrt of th« Ct>ii- 
■titution, t\»ej kr« sncipni ImttrcwM of Ibe fabric, and tluiir 
very p«rmaii«n(« &llmti m well as mstiiiDs Lhe corponlo 
identitjr of tli« EnKl'^b lutionalitr, witidi feudalum Im* liis- 
guiaed bul liiu not buco kbl« to mntilatA 

Hkxkicus Dei gnitw rtx, etc vicooomiti . . talntem. Svi«tJa 
qucd wt [accm iio«lr»in Rrmitrr observandam, prortiitiia eel He 
couuliu noHtro, ()U0(1 vigiliai.- lunt in ungulia dvitatibut, biuf;n, 
et omiiibas aliU villis eumilalus tui, a die A«cen«ioiiiH Doioim 
uNiau ad rnhim Sancti Michoeltt^ arilicct in nin^tut cirita- 
tibiif ad tdngulni ]>.'irtii} |H.-r Hex hominca annis muniliw, el in 
eingulia bur^R [wr diiod'cim bamiiK*; ct in nuguliB villb 
integris per ffx homlnra vol miatuor «d minus eimiliter armu 
niunitoB Kcnndum numenim inlutbitaulium ; et vii^neat c«n- 
tinno per tutnm n(H:t4.'in ab ocvaau aolis niqoe ad ortam, its 
i|ui>d, n nli<|iiiii extraavttH Intmiituro per ipiMM fMcial, arraetefit 
UKc|iic inan« ; «l tunc, ai fidclia nit, ditnitlulur, rt n sncpccliB att, 
vioMoaiti libcrvlur, <|iii ipmim aioo omni difliciillate et dUa- 
lione reci[^at el ralvw mslndiat ; u vera haJuMDodi extmnd, 
Iranaltuiii raL-t«i)l«<. »e non penniserint armtari, tunc jjiiiedicti 
v!;;ilM liuirdium U-vent cufwr eoe undique. et eum iii».-')iuuitnr 
cum to«* villnta et vidniH villmia, cum cinmore et buEesio dc 
villa in vlllam, donee captantiir ; et Iudo litiervnlur vioeeoniti 
aicot jtnwdictam eat, ita i\uoi nullua occaidonc hujntmodi 
amalalionia vel captionia extnneorum per viccconitem, ve) 
per batliroB rooa occnriunctur; ct tingninc civilstti^ bar|(i et 
vtllac; praemtioiantur ad tingufaui proedictas vigiliae et sectna 
ita diliftcnter fadeodom, ae defectum iJtonim gnt«iter jiunirc 

Profimm («t etUnt quod «ingi]II vioecomilet una cum dooboa 
mititilinti nd boc B[iccUIilvr aanKnutb, uircumunnt oomitalus auofe 
do huixlrcdo in bnudrrduni, et dvitntca cl Uurg.w, et convenire 
TaL-iant oonim ci* in tin^Hs bundmdia, dvitatilwa et buijps, 
dvee, borgciwefi, libcre t<'»entra, viUanoe et alios aelalta qniu- 
drdm anoorum u*quc ail aetatem wxnginta auiKirum, et ooMcn 
fuciant omnca junuv ad anna, Mcundum qttiinliljiiein terraniiB 
et catallonim Huoniin; Kili««t, ad qutnitM-iin liL^rai'i; icmic, 
oaaoi luiicam, capt^Uum fvrreiim, gUdium, i-u1ldlura ct e4|uuia; 
ad dcuin libntaii Icrrae unum kubcrgvUun, enpcltum fcmam, 




■d oMan aolJibtu 

HcnltcUan; mJ 

•dGAmvu et M aM^fin wqM ad doovm 

I ct aliK VBK wi4iif. OttM «tiMii iUi 

«c aBtt^i ■»** fanMua, babcBDl; 

I jKMi ■■] ■»« riat cnnra 
L at tMRTn bwipNuin nt'i iit>n 

*tf« TJBitii aSi (wRsmiinlar uniu 
utbfttiiUutium et 

tm KO— ffitJiB i— iJihnUriiM, aa e^jm ■■wtUlnm pwafu jgmt i 
■A araa da fcioinifia ania oawtaiiiaiil. at ai not iut^aJeDtfa ad 
iKlenlHB «a ipiaa n wrtant ail e w wart a t inawa poets iiMtnia. 
Clamare «t«ut Uoiai nngnli vieacaattoi par ciriutta el hut^o* 
at (nnnu ormiti Imllimnim aitoraBi qood nulU coarmlanl nil 
laminn'luiti vel bunlAiulttm. n«c ai) aliu ijiwan)ii<|ti« avrnturua, 
IMC «ti&Ri alM]ii) incMlant Knnati iiwi vpMuliter furruni ad cua- 
todiont [«■» DaMn« d^putali ; rt ■! altqui fnerint iorpnti tiT« 
ftwedenUa amtati wutra luuic proriuoaem iKwLrniu, arrMtnotar 
•t vieaeoratti lil<rrvDlur : ei « m dob pormiMrtnl nrreaUri. tunc 
oooatabnUrii ninKuloriua faaudredoniiB at vUltiloruni, «i alii qat- 
ounqiic lint, buteaium leveni luper eoe iidi%ii«. •:( uum virinu 
rilllt^ ei Ae TilU in rilUni ipwi* iniwquaniur donfo <«|iia]ilur 
•t Tiwcomiti lilxtvntur, moot pntmlictum crt; <)iio*iM it^itcRi 

oo«iU|[arit hatatium lereri fBp<T quoacoiKitu perfurt 
Boatma, iinudoDCf ot maldaclom ia parda n4 vi' 
propter «w fiat liiilrHium, vt ip«<;« iiiinjun 
ailiBOOOiniti liU'ivnlur. aicut df aliiii iirac'- 
Tioaoomiln ct Mirum t'Bllivi. cxtKloliuUrii, jui ' 
ItanHa, liboro lonfnlra H vilUui. UIrbi *ec\Mtt, 
prardirto* malffiiclurTO, n» ipl walctaclocw eTMiaut. . 
(•nruin drfrrl" '■•'■. l-^' >■! Ik ""iUiH d.fprto* ini. ., 
(tra^ilBr puDi i ' m-trtwi pan: 

<|unil poma ii.--...... — ,- •—'-. ■• anfifrat a^w. 



Senitiiet ^ Bxeommuiue^hm. 


<t«ltD(iupndl ; nnpcctM wtcn de die per iiua»cimque trrMtallniM* 
r«a)iuitil luTMlatoa, vieeoamitei tine Jikliniia et dilDitillBte 
coIto nwlodiADt. doti«e par Ivgcia Icmto ilolibvn.-atur. Rt uho 
tiln pnecipimua, quod sicut ooipiis tiium ct »mtitii Wb dilii;!*, 
aiu> oum diloctig et fidelilnu no«tri« Heorioo Slio Hormurdi. Prtru 
d« OuldinUitia, qtice tibi mI )iuo usigmvimas, omnia pmMicU 
ral) fonnu pnoaoripta cum Oili;^itU eKiM^<|tii»rH. nc [>ro ilufeclu 
tui inde et pntcdictanim Henrid et Putri ud t« el sU ipdoa uoe 
grkTil«r capvr* dcbcKmoii. 

TmU nrdiicpiMOpo Ebontornci ■pud 'Wcirtinuna«t«rium XX"™ 
dia Mail, aono rcgni aoslri triccnmo mxto. — (FiMd^fu, i. aBi.) 

A.I). I9S3- SmnsKOB or ExoomiDXicATtu?* aoaisst 


Anno T>omini MOCMII. ii!o ulii* llnii, id lungou itnl:i rrgU 
apud Weslnton^'tcnum, subpracMiitiactaMonnidomini Itmrici, 
Dei uratifti itiudlrrii nf^i Aii;;liit«, et dominorum B. oomitk 
Cortiub., (rniri* nui. E. comilu NotC e4 SaC nuuvsnUi An;c'iM, 
H. comiti* Hcrvf, H. comili* Oxua., J. oomilia W*r. et nliomm 
gptitnatom rc^^i AneliK. Nos B^Dirina mi»tni1ioiic,Cant.uvlii> 
r]Hiw«niis totiuH AngtUcpriiusii, F. Lnndon., H. Fljrcitt., ILI.iiic, 
W. Wygore., W. Nonric . I'. Hen-ford,. W. Sbtt.. W. Duuolni, 
£. ElviL, 8. Karl.. W. Ib.lbon., L. ItofTuiia,, Thuni. Munoretui, 
epbcopl, pontUiculibtts itiduti, cniideli« acuetinia, in tmugre^ 
aottm libertntum eoc1t«ia«ti(Hrura et Ubcnnlum tMi Hbanrum 
connuctudinum refpii Autiliae, el ]>nt«oi]iao ennim qiiM: contt* 
DCDtur in carta comninnium libertalum regni et carta d« furuiitH, 
exoonimaiiicationiii mrntenliam iiolniipaitcr talimaa tuli lioc 
foniiA. Anctoritnte Dri oninlfiotpntiii Patra at FUii et Kinriiiia 
SaDcli, et glorioMM D»i geoilrit^is tMnperqa« rir^nit Muita<v 
bmlorum apoatolorum Petri et Patiti oniniumque' apostulorum, 
beati Thoauto arel)i«pi»copi et martyria omiiiun)<|ue mattyrum 
Dei, 1>eati Edwardi regis Aogliae omiiiutnque ooofeasorum atqua 
virKiuum. uintuumque Banctvniui I>;i, esoominiuiicaiauB, uuatbe- 
mutiunitu «t a Uminilios aaai;tae rontrL* eodeaiae aeqiKslramtui, 
omne* ilt<ui, qui atniido adeiiter et nialitiow wolcsiaf )>rivitvciiiit 
vcl vptiliarrrint inio jure ; item omniw illoa, qol Cce]eiiiiu1i<iu 
lilicrtatca vel a&titpiaa rtgni cantuetndiDea approbates et pra»> 
cipna lllwrtaiefl ct libene «OD0iU)tailiaea quae in cartia eominn- 
nian libortvloni et da foraat* eootint^itur oonceMia a donino 
nge areliieiiiaoopla, epiawpia «t cetera Aiif^ae prwialia, oowl- 


Uenry III. 


UbiM, bamnitio*, mililibai «t lib«n toiMBlibaB, qaaeniiqut tUm 
Tg| iofcc^o viobveriBt, infrtguut, tUaiBDcnnt, seu itnnrau- 
vtftDtt dua T«l pwtMD, bcto, vtvbo^ T«l ooeaiUo, eostrk EUm tcI 
oaniin aliqutm ia qaoounque nrtirato temere Teoiemlo ; item 
OBBM iUoi^ qui contTB illu rel cama >ll<tu«m aUteta ftlicnw 
edidLiint rd nlita Mmreriat, H wonwtudiDa introdaxennt 
Ttl aervaTCfint iutradoctu, acriptnrat ibUDtarain ownoD connli- 
kloroetcxceutoiM, otqui wraiulum MpraMoapMrititjtidieu^ 
qiii onnM at aiagiili nipcriiu ni* monti hatic WBtanliaw inoiir- 
•nro* M Dorerint ipco £iu;ta, qui scicnh'r aliquul coinmiseriiil d< 
praedictia ; qui vero tgnonator, oiai comiaoiiili iiifra quuuleiuu& 
a tempore eanunomtiuau »e cumxerint ct arbitrio nnliaarioram 
aaliaEGetnut de cOBimtMb, eituiie (iot Immi aeutenti* iovolnti 
Eteten atiam NDlcotia i&awlamat LUm qai jMoem ra^a ec Rgni 
pnummpaariBt pvrtarhare. In cqioa rei nwBioraBi aempibernatn 
BM HgBB iKxtnt duximos «|>poaancU. — {^oA^amit Otaf%m, 
Y^ 70-79; /bwjira, i. a8i>.) 


A.D. 1153. Wbit pox ciUTtita orr tbb Watoi axd Wars 
ASD Amzs OF Arms. 

Tlir minnU direcUoiis fpT«a in tbe followiiif; writ hrip U> 
lopiilanaat Um Act giTcn abovc^ p. 370. The wticloa asmnad 
an, Ml dcnibt, tlia fawtni t tw oa wbieh tha ■beriff wa* te reerin 
fron Uw apectal ooouiianoMr, Hdoy CblvilWb 

UxsucT* Dei gnti« Bex, «tc, Timootniti E «e3tiac «t Bnt- 
ford., lalaUnb Sgnamofta par bonea suBBWDttona onnaa millua 
it oasM libam l«iMBta* da ooBtUtibva preedictii^ «t da qaalilwt 
*91b qoBtoor boouMi «t p r aa p oai hm , at da ^aalibat bnrito 
doodeciiB Icftila* b a tsaaaaa^ qaod aiat vmm dilacto at fidaii 
MBtro Baarieo de ColerilU ad diea et loca qnoa tibl adrt facial, 
ad aodicBdBa et fadeawlua praaoeplnin aoatnns. T«Bii« ettam 
facUa mram eo ad eoailcRi di«a «t tor* omoaa illoa qsi jonUi 
•KBt ad ama et jnnri ddwnl, cum araui rata ail qoaa jorati 
•ml at Mia dcbeot. auditari ct (actuii praeoefiluni BiBtruBi, 
Et imarim diliumter ioqaina qui fvcarvBl nUiflia aenititiiuu da 
Btiaia in BoaM to dliM praadwtia, at qui altiBMt inda iBcniBmiBai 
caparaat ; et old mtuli da acnitiBM lUa at aamaMolA (weruat, 
Bl nrtsloa lUoa li ab ta a eotmm pnablo Haarieu pcwatktia dioba 
at lada ; at ta tpae toM thi aia in profiria pefMaa to* ad aXM- 
< fiauJa» «» qoM idea Hauiktw tiU ns part* noatn pnMdl|d«l. 


SutaKOitt /or KniyiU of lAt SAtre. 


Et ri ballivt ItbcrUtufa (jai retumum Iwbont brcviiua noelnxnuit 
i>tad ituuulatuiii nodrutn eifcculi non fuoriDl, uou umitUa 
tyiun Itl)«i1stc8 illiM iBgrmlinriB »d iij«ia numilkiura exAvifnea- 
duin. Teste inc i|iw< apuil Portenaulbo, XVIU. die Julii, uno 
r«^ uoalri XXXV1I«. 


I. Quod vigiliw fiant per ungul&i tiIIm ncut fl«ri eoosue- 
vcnint, ct |>er viroa probos ct rsliduB. 

3. (jaod MctM de tit«sus fiant wcuiMlam aatiqnnra d«t>)<um 
nxidtim, iu quod negligeotn «t utesiuio sequi uoleuU*, c«]>iautur 
tanqnua concent ientes iiutefBCtoribu ct litwranlor riccoomiti. 
Kt iosuper in qiulib«t rilU providMottir qnatuor bominea v«1 
wx seeuailnm quxnittaUim vilUc, nd titeiiu pnxnuU ct intttantcr 
pruwqueada ct aiI nulcfiL-Ionn pmiequciulo* u iiiiticrTcoeriat 
el aeeoMe twtiU cum niciil)i]« H cngittia cl aliiii levibiw annia, 
qtioe d»lwnt |>ruvi-l(<ri iitl ctiMuid bitiuH Tilluo «t quia seBil>tT 
rentanrant ail o|>ua prnodictac villas. Et super illua pruvideiaiui' 
de ([wJibcl hiiiidrvdo duo liberi et )cw>l** bomiiiM ixtteiitiora, 
qui Bint BU)>4>ri'piea, et viileaiit quod rlglliM KOt« flsnt et praie- 
cotioDes pm^lidae. 

3- Quud iiullua extraneua hoapitolor ntci do die, ct de cUra 

4. Quod niiltin exlraaoaa T«Mpietur in rillia campwcribua 
oltn ODUtii dioRi vnl duoa ad plua extra t«mptia moaiuiii, tiiai 
bospca pro illo velit rcapoDdere. 

5. Quod si aliquie oiaUdactor, vel aliqub de quo mala inapicio 
Iiabeatur, captutur per Tit^alana v«l aluw dojntni rvuw HdclM, 
vioeontaea vul Lalllvus de lituidredo i]wum atue diluliooa tcI 
maroodc aliqun iwiptiTt. 

61 Quod praoci]>iatur nujori ct liallivin ain^larum civitatnoi 
M burgonim, quod at aliquts inrrcnior vet «itmieua defcrena 
pecuniatB <t illiun cia osleDdat ct condiictura p«tat, quod Cacutnt 
»i ronduclnm pvr nialoe paamia et loca ambigua : quod a'l aliqiiid 
amiamt pro deftdu coaauotas rel in eoniio CLiidactu, d« viUatn 
burgi tllius rel civitatis ci nalituatur. — (FoeJfra, i. 391, 393.) 

A.l>. 1254. WwT or ScHvosa pnn two Kmoiits or tuk 

SuiBX TO OKAXT ijt AtD, 

ThU ia an important lamlinark in tlie parliameuUry liiatAry 
of Cflgtanil ; it U a diglinct euininoiu to tbe ooautwa, tliniiigli 
\hr tittriSa, to retuni two kuigtita e»ch, for the pnrpoaa of grant- 

37<S Benry III. >a*t 

ing an aid. The king combinea with tliis % dirwtiaa to IM 
■berifia to compel all teoanta in ciiie^ who 1m^ la=di T£«tL 
twenty ponnda a J^^i, to present tbenuetTcs in poaca ^ 
militaij service. It is to be obsemd that, in the oris w 
retoni the two knights, they an said to be chosea hr tu 
coonties, that is the conntf courts, no Rstricu<»i of the powtr 
of choice to tenants ia cbie^ or to Imighta. tieii^ fpeciSiC. 
This wnt is saffident to fhow that no inch resti-Iftl>e ena at 
this eariy period eiisted. The aid asked for is a caTi.Ck a^ 
not a feudal grant ; and althoo^ the force ipokta of ^ "^ 
tuij part of the writ ia levied on the fendjJ pnrc^ie. 1^ 
assembly simimoned in the latter part of it is c:* a diSzv&i 
charaL-ter altogether. 

Ff/raui direeta v%agnatifnu «f winmrnitibf ±-^fm. 

Eei Vi:*;-,— i-.i BedefcrJ. et B:ikin^'Li=_ iiil;-:=. ^ :i 
'•.c.z:..''>^ t'. r.a.-;:.-^ « c«!*ri majT-»:cs '-i-:^ z,:-i^. '-.'l-s ir=_'-- 


darter ef Oxford. 


• tint in luiinU tuft et lolvi dobaemnt »A iK«cfnriuin ncnlnui) 
Mile PuMba i»iii iti*UB*, vM eotri dolx-nt oA fHwi-nriuni i^ju»deta 
Puchse, hMMW ail idem acaccarium in quinilciM pnuxlicti Pha- 
diM, •dtans quod uiu pnadkta ilebita Iudc ibidem habui-rii nan 
Bolum corpiM tutuu ormtari fiwiemiu, sed deliiu illk de letria ct 
t(i>en<4itid tsu teTui hclemtis ad duununi taum uou modicnm 
T. A. ttrginn ex. E. comiU) ComutiiiM! Dptid Wlmtlceomn XI. dio 
Felwiuirii.— (A«porl «« {&« Dlgaiiy of a I'eer, App. L p. 13.) 

A.D. tins- C1U11TEB OP Uxmtr III to Oxpono. 

Thu durUr is not ([iveti u k >i)edmen of tlie ordinarjr 
boruugb cbanen granted by Urnry III : on Ui« conlrarr, it '» 
^aU)igai«l>ed from Ui«id hj the prorlcMMU touchii^ tlie Uat' 
versify. It may bowerer be rcguxlod a> cxliiluling t^ incrf3»cd 
m!nnl«aeM owl diriinctneas at Jebtil tlutt wu duw being inlro- 
dttced bto municiiml imttlutJoiu. 

Rbx oaiiibui. etc., nlutem. Sviatia qnoil ad pa««iB rt tnn- 
quillltat^'ni ni-cDun et utililMtem luuTcrailalic acbolurium Oxoriioe 
proridinioa ct conccniniu* qnod quatnur ftld«nu*iuii fi«ot in 
Oxonift, et onto de diwretturibuii ct It-gnlioriUiit Imi^iwibiM 
fjiudtnt ritlnc luwocioiitur ipaia atdonnwiiu*, qui umoM jurant 
nubia ftdclitat^'in. et not afsidontn et comaalcnlca mqori el 
hJlivis MBlrb Oxoniae ad pacea naetnm cooMrvwdam, nd 
aatiass pmedkit«e Tiltae euatodteadas, «t nd JDveetigandMU nale- 
factmee et pdriurbatorea pacta noabw, et rapatinndM de nocte, 
et receptatores liitroniun et malc&ctorum, et ooqionlp pneatent 
Mcnunvrtlittn ijuod omnia pracilicta fiddlier olMterrabunt. Id 

aualiWt aiitcm paro<'liia vilW Oxoniac «int duo hoRiioR* el«oti 
e l<|^iorib<i>t pamchiiuiiB et jarati quod in quatibet quindrna 
tnqninot diligmter, do quia aiupeclus bue]Htetur in parocbia, et 
<i aliquia rcccptorerit altqueoi per tree noctea in domo sua, 
i-Mpoadeat pro eo. Nallua etiam r«gnUariua emat victualin in 
TtUa Ozotiiae, Tel extra venua villam wnicnlia, nee nliquid enal 
Dec il«ruin v«tidal aot« faomm nnnam. et a feccrit luuerciatnr, 
et rem eroptam rnnittut. Bi Iniciu inferat derico grarein tcJ 
euonnem lacMuRrm, alalim capiutnr, et ei niagua eit laeeio, 
incarocretar in outro Oxuniae. et ibi detinealnr quooaque 
clerieo aalitfiul, et boc arbttrio caucetbirii et niuvendMi* 
Oxuniae: ti clericos pmlerna faerit, ai minor rel lavii sit 
injuria, incoroerdor ui villa. Si «l«ricu> infci»t grevcm vel 


mnry III. 


snonn«ni iMMontm Ui«n, iiie»rm«tar in itrudicto cMtro 
qnoiteqw cancetUrius praeclicUe uiiiTeraitaUs ip«iiin posluU- 
rarit; a nunor vel levit ait injuria, inckrwretur in carccrt 
tHIm <inou«)UA liberetur per caDwUiuidm. PitAofes «t InacW 
lor« OKMiiiU) in i>niiiu tninai{t««ni iuo non puniantur, m(I in 
Mciiiutu BCnilUuit ]xiuEm, vt in t<!rtii> trnnxgrtHnu liftlxMiit juUi- 
ciuni dc |>illorio. Quilibvt piiitor IioImaC «i^i1liiin R^um M 
Bigii«t puiMR Niim, per qnoa ponit oogiKieri nijus pnoM lit. 
Quiccmqiw d« Tilla OxnniM brftci»vcrit ad vendendiim, cxpatuU 
BignuiB BBuni, alioqiiin amitUt oervisiaLin. Viiu Oxontao i:i>in- 
moniUr Teixlimtur et iudilTerenter t«m deriuia qium liucis ex 
tmo inbmcliiutn fueriiit. Teioplalio puiii Bat bb iu >iiiiO, vtcla- 
Itcd iu qiiind«iw poat liMtani Stuxfti MichoetU, et circn festtim 
SanctM MuiH in U&rtlo, et bmom cnrviiitue Tut oud'Ttn t«r- 
minis, socuBdam Worom bWii ot biwi. Rt qtiotirwcuniiM 
il«bea( ftori t«iniMatio puiia ct cwriMM, intoniit ciuki^IIiuiiu 
pr«edicta« tiaiTerailatia vel aliqni ox p*rl4] caa ad boc dcjiuliili. 
Bi super boc requiati iiitereaw Tolueriot. Ouod d non iai«r- 
Bint neo super boc re^|uisili fu«riiit, nihil vnl^nt KinjitAtio pni^ 
dUiUL In cqjia etc. T. B. apud Wodartvk. XVIU. die Julti.— 


A.D. 1358. DoocHBsns (XLATiyo to mi PurniOKs or 

The particular tntia of «r«aU wbtuli led to the crWa mariwd 
in Bngliah biator^ by dtb ProTiaion* of Oxftw^, and whleb 
Iwlped, in COTfjunclion with otbcr canMa of dirtorbaooe, lo piM^ 
duM lite War of tbo BaroM, begun a» early tm ii5t. In thai 
year Innooeot IV waa treating wilh (he king for tlu> bcatowal 
of the kingdom of Sklly oa Ilichnrd Earl of Comwrnll, and 
Mat Albert Ilia papal Dotery to llie Icinff vilh fall power* lo 
eonelnde ibe borineaa. Af^r a lnug m^f^itiiition, Fjlmund, tlM 
aroood mn of Rnnry, mvived ibe ccwiou of tbe kiDgtlooi imta 
Albert, at Vand&me. March 6lh, 1^64 i '"d (liia wa« eoufinnad 
hjr Uw pi^ at Aauai, on Uaj and. Aftor the death of Inno- 
eent, the aetllemuit waa rasawod bj Alexander IV at Na|>l«B, 
April 9t]i, 1 155. Henry aeetoa t4> bare hung back at fint 
from aooeptiog tha o(br. aitd to hava pkadal a tow of cnuada, 
frum wbidi Im «m bovrenr abaolvad under pi^ orders ; faok 



PrQvitimu </ Ot/ord, 


on tiM) i8tli of Oriober, lags, ha direotMl iolin IkTMiifoll to 
klllx bbaeal lo (Ik- fomul Ht of aooeptaiioe. Ittun(slul«ljr ifbr 
tbU the (M>cuniu7 diBcnltiM of Uie kin;;; la eouikexioa wilk 
Sicily bfgin ; Ihs pope waged wkt witli hU owa traMurav ^xA 
hoond Htutry to binurlf u ilK'Iilor in n«|>ect of tbe cxpendltore. 
ttod tlia king BUoirod iIm) Biiliop of llcrarund, hi* vatoy, to tuAkt 
Ilia raipoaaibU (or the ovtUy. In N'orombsr, 1156, Alex- 
Midar IV oommtaaio(i«d iIm ArcfabubopofUwauwubisambM- 
mlor to Henrr ; ud on HUtent SudcU;, 1957. in th« <ln|itc9^- 
botiiK at Wettminatcr the Arclibiabofi slatod the oMe to th« 
great cobmiO of the Mtioo. At this tirao the d«l>t to tli« |<op« 
reached 135,000 nwrks eterllng. Th« (iMBuid of ta Aid itm 
met with iudtgtuat remonrtnaoee; but niulcr united papal and 
rofal pramn. 5^,000 marka ««!« wmag frum the tA*r^. The 
nazt jmr the like defnaul m* met mora recolutvl/. Th« 
Parliameat mrt at Li>Mloa aft«r Hoke-tide, A]>ril 9th ; aad aat 
until the 5th vt Unj, in aagrj del»t« ou all tli« aiauj exiettag 
<M»ca of ilneoBtrat. The revolt wu wi agnviDcnt oa the part 
of the kiag to place the axeration of the aeeeaaarj reform* in 
the hand* of a body of tirenty-foor couiMelligra, to be cbuaea in 
a partiameat at Oxford on the feut u( S. Baiaahaa, Jaaa 1 ith, 
half l>,v hiRucifand half b7 th« l«mna. To the dFterroioBtioos 
of tliiM tiodjr Imi IxhumI hiiaarlf to ntbaiit. (N'o«. L aad IL) 
The paHiatni'nt of Oxfor d met, and the barou pre*eat«d a kwg 
[iHiiion BlAtiiig the reform they dcaired. (No. m.) The 
council of twenty-four wia elected, and drew up a body of 
pr«liminafy article*, which are commonly known aa the Pro- 
viaioiu of Oxford. (No. IV.) Under this ooaalitatioB a oohdoU 
of fifteen was cboaeu, by foar out of the Iwenty-Aiur, to adTtaa 
the king on all points j anotli«r body of twenty-four wu ap- 
pointed to treat eepecially of aida; and a third, of twelve 
■Mmbon^ wai choaen by the barona to roproMt tli« eommnoity 
In thrM anniul porliaBunta. PartW refonsa were to be re- 
ported belbt* the foBowinff Christoua. la the meaatime the 
kiaft took all the oatha that w«re mquirod of him, and publiabed 
tn Latin, PiwmIi, and Eii^Iikli hia adherioa to the rniriaioiBi^ on 
lb* l8th of October. (No. V.) Tba year ended, aad the conn- 

• ■ 


nenrf III. 


Kolton had not G(ympl«led tlidr Uboon or pnUbhed the fuKbu 
rcforrag, to wbick it Menu certain thut the king hiwl Rwore 
ini|>Ucitl]r bdordiand. In October, 1159, bowornr, under tbo 
tirgeni threats of IMward am] oUien of tlxt baroDft, tbof pn^uiwd 
at Wwtniiuter b kcooA Mtua of provistotu, bueil npoa the 
p«IJtioii of th« baroDB, hot hy no idcuis auewcring tbuir ncpooto- 
tioat. A qnom) between the Earit of LoicMhtr aitd OlinwoM«r, 
tli« forTDcr of whom ww w|>p<irti.-t) hy F^irard, anil tba Intter 
hy Unir^r, oceujiicd fiTMtpart of 1160, the kiuj; Bpendinft witne 
time in Fntiie«, luul being to uU iiitenta and purpoats Mtiwraciitil 
\*y tba coUDciL The n«xt j«ar HcauT, hariiig ohtaiuwl aibaohi* 
lioD frora his oath, n)padtiit«d tho Provirions, and war wmwl 
Immioenl. Ucnrya policy varied botvcen ttubboni rMiatauco 
and falao mbraicHiou. The yenr 1 263 was one of civil war. At 
loat both parlits agreed to iu!oe|>t the arbitration of S> LrwiK, 
Dec 16th, 1163. 8. Lewi* fpi,xc aeotonoe in Ciroar of Wvury, 
oa Uw 33rd of January, 1164 ; and IIm ProrigioD* of Oxfonl 
were atinulled. Tbe barona, aa aoon oa tJhey Imnied that ih* 
award wa« unfuvourable, rvnevrcd hoetilili«a ; and to tho hattla 
of Lawca, llay tjlh, th« king and Edwnid w«re captarfd, th* 
gor«mmcRt railing at once into the hnmt* of Simon do Uontfort. 

No. I. The Kin^t eatueiU to a project 0/ Reform. 

Kex omaibiu^ etc. Cum pro negotiia noctria ardnia ooa et 
rt-KUum iiortrum contingvntibnB, proetrm at fidrten rcgni iiiwtri 
ad uoa Ltmdoniaa in quiiidena FoMhae proximo praeteriue 
fimnmua conrocnri ; d cun d« nrgotiis fopradictia el innxiiuo 
da pTowimtione uq^lii SioUiae diligcoter cum eiult^tn IncUru- 
mn* ; ac ip«i nobis raapondcrint qaod m itaUim n-Roi nuttri p«r 
connlium fid«litiin noatronim rectificanduro (luierunu*, (4 dnmi- 
■>«■ papa conditioDca circa fnclum Sicitine appoailaj meJion- 
voril, per qood nei^iliiiin ilhid prDi«<]ui po*»emua cum oflacta: 
ipn diligantiam fidrlilcr appoucnt crga cnmmnnilalMB ragBl 
noctri mod nobis commuDe aoxiliain nd boc pnt^tctur ; noa eia 
COiiOMaiaia* qnod in&s fntum Natnlia Domini pnxiino fntnnun 
per conailhUD probonun ot fi'leliom honiinum noatrorum rani 
Aiigtiae, niM cum coneiUo Icpiti domini papao, at in Angik 
meillo tempore TeoerH, atatuu rtgni noatri ordiiiahimtii et imlt- 
natioaem illam ftrmitcr obcerrabimn* : «t ad boc fidaUtar ofaaai^ 


Election ^ tie Tte*n/y-/oiir. 


reixlusi, mppikniinus no« colMTcioni dotnini papao, ut tun nd lioo 
{XT centunun eccloHDirticnni, profit sxpodira viilorit, Tnlmt mi» . 
Ure : piMic8t«Biur etu>in quml Kdmirdui filius Hotter prioKKJ 
fitniliu, praertito mcnmcnto oorpomli, per UltwBii buhh onowtU j 
quod iimnia Kip«riua expmm, quAuluia iu ipM e»t, fi<l«liier «t 
iovlnluliilitpr obHTmbit et in i>rr]ieliium otMcrrari pnxtiralMl. 
In cnitiH eto. Hii* uwtibiu, Ednardo fiUa nwtro nnntogioiiilo ; 
Calfrtiilo do Lritigiwin, Witldmo <lu Vnl^^otiiv, Intribus DMlria: 
Pctro do Snt.Htidia, Jubanna do PlrasMis comite Warrewici, Jo- 
tinDDe Mauni'vll tliH«(irsrio Owraccnsi, Hearico 4l« Winttehftm' 
diwnufl Suictt Mi^ini, Londoo. ; Petro d« Ilivallis, Ouiclonc d« 
Ri>clicr<irtl, Buberlo ^Vnjl■mnd, |)niMeiitil>uH et tiiulliB aliii iximi- 
libo*, buronibun rc)cni niMtri. I>*tutD i^md WeatntoaaaUrium, 
Mciiixlo dip Uou. — (Fotdera, i. 370.) 

No. II. The King'i mtwirnf to the Sltetion <ffik« Tteenlff-finir. 

Rkx oniuiba^ etc NoTerilb noa «iDcea«tst« proccrilMu ct 
magDntilnia rtgiii noKri, juruinuiito tn asiniuin noittum per 
Kobrrtnin Wakrand pr»«titu, quod per xii. fidrlM da concilio 
TunAro JAin clectoe et per nlioa xii. (idclca nMtros, «1ectoB ex 
parte proontiin ipeorum, qui apud Osoniam a fe«lo Petit«c»ct« 
proximo futuru iu unum nensem conT«ni«iil, onliaetur, n-clifi- 
i-i-tur et reformutiir atataa ttgtd noalri hcuihIuid qiiiMl iiK-tiuii 
vidrriiit cipedire ud hooorem Dei et ad fidom luivlrain no itgai 
noftri ul'liutcm. Et iti furtn nlii^ui ctcetoniin ex parte nostra < 
alievntn fucript, lieent illii (pii praetontca fiwrint alio* aobMi- 
tucro l<«o ahnenlium ; et limilitrr fiat ex parte praedtctomm 
proceruiii et Moliuin noalroram. Et qtiicqaid per vigioU (jait- 
liior ulriniqae clfctoa el inper hoc jnraliia, rel majorem paii«m 
eoTum, cirea lioc ordinatiim fuerit inviolabiliter obeembiinuii ; 
rol«nlM et firmiter ex nuuo prgtecipientei qnod ab omuibua 
iiiviolabiUtvr obwrvetur eoruin i>rdiiiatIo- Et •ncuritatem omni- 
raodam <juam ip*i vol major pan «orum ad hujua nn obterra- 
tiwifltn providoriut, rcl pronderit, on sido qnalibet conti&dic- 
tiODe, pWe bciemitf H fiari procarabiiitiis. IVoteetatnur ctbm 
quod Kilwarilas t'lliua itosltr primogeDilua, praettito raerniui-Dtu 
Mrporali, per lilleru auas eoDccaail quud omnia vuprriu* ex- 
pfMM et coooetM qnantnm in ipao est Gdcliter et inviolnlMliter 
nhMnraliit el ptorurabit in perpetnnm alw^n-Rri. ProoiiKerunl 
ntiun coniitn et taroDc* nemonli qnod. rx|ili>ti> neiiotitR nine- 1 
riiia tartia, bona fid* laborabnnt ad tioo qanl anxiliutn iXKiMJ 
cuatttninv pnuKtetiir a commuDitnle reg&i iKMtri. 

In eujiiB etc. Iliia tt^tilnie, u/ mpra. 

Datum ul fti/ira.— (i'Mrfera, I. 371.) 


fffnry III. 



No. m. Petitum o/the Barotu at lA« ParWamwU ^ Oxf<mi. 

Tkw importnnt tchrdnlo of grievances is bu exempUficBtloa of 
tbe wftf in wliicfa tlio prorUioDS of the Great Cbart«r wnv ktpt, 
kDiJ nltio of the progrcM of Um vicvs of men on iiiti-niid rrrumi 
since Ihc date of the Clmrtcr. Few of tlie detolb sro io tbent- 
aelvoa of mntciial importance in rdation to tbe eoDBtitatioa, bat 
tlioy wppljr B cPDiueDtary on tlie Chaiier in its l(e>l uliclct 
which is of iutero&t to Ibe student of (ocisi life and nwaiMR. 
Tbo cooriiluliuiml view* of the period may be »|[udfd u rai- 
bodied in the elective council, ratlier tli«D in ita distiurl aH*. 
In point of fa<4, ftlthoiigli llie name of tW Proririons nf OsfonI 
belonged pro]>(Trly to the lint Brticl«a there promulgnled, oixl 
iiidir«cllf oIm to thcw issued at Wcsltuiaiiler in October, 1 959, 
Um toBdiiig i4l««, pToUhljr, noclantood bj- the nsme wms th« 
maintfiMnoo of th« now form of gorcrnmeui Hvnvf migtii 
bsT« submitted to sny of the detsils, but not M be pennmeutly 
mpsnedod bjr the elcdira oonncil. 

' I. Pttnnl comitvii ct Iwuvmcs dc TOcrraMontlm*^ qnod fliii 
nstns ot prinogniilufl vvl lilia pout iinlrcnt lihnv ingiediftli 
pO K s ets ioiiem patris, it» quod cKpilAitt domioos dchet hfthnni' 
BtrnpUoem seiiinun per unvin cz balltvia euia, ilA quod tiitit) 
cupintur per uniedictuin balUvum de exitthns temte ri'l iixMi- 
tilKm i/qusntlo vero hacres fueiit pleniie Mlatis et prunci^uiua 
JM suum focrit, ad tiiciriidum doiiiuu) suo ([Uod (aem de' 
et ita fiat dc fniire rcl R»n)re ct de avunoulo •oiMlo, si oliio 
sine baere'le, ad uepotcm wum liliiim primogeoili ; ot n rmlcr 
non hsbenlur, ad lilx-no fnttris vrl wirnriM, Ot Bte driiicria,, 
iMtr rattoiiabilc rvlvvium ct bomsgitini ot rolevia domino 
fteieiida ; ita iiuod domiuus feodi medio teoiporB nullum fac 
Tiatun Tcl cxtlium, nnditionan vd alienBti'inrm, d« (Uiniibus 
nl boacis, vivnriiii, piirci* aive hominllma TiUeiuiKiiim teiu-n- 
tilme. Quml ri hoe ftxiTit et imle convictua foerit, mtuimIuh 
quantiuiein delicti puniatur. £t mnnin damoa t|nae ]m(dic 
haeres «» ommmkio habuerit, sino dilitiaoD rertUaoL Kt em 
haoTM feeerit domtito ref^ rationabilo raWiam oiub 
plenntf aetuliii, domius retina inde petit aurom bbob 
antimatlonetn dccinute partis, et lidctor <iiMd nen 
liabnv nivi <l« fine. 

naunv nui «« umo. . .r.i. 


Petit'un of the Saront. 


j!»— if' 


, >. It^m pctunt ntncdiun quod obi bIiiuib infra aetnUia 
-^ niftrm tmct pliiivit Um* de pluribos el div«>ils doming 
; '« nl iilrm tmntt nliijuntn iiniinlilatcin t«TTii« de domiiiQ rrgt in 
(■[■itr t>rr »*i-vilinm miiilam vrl irrjjpintiiun, OCCauoDS Cl^ 
fcrrllii domiiiiu txx hnliK ^u^tl>dialn oninitim UtToraiD ct Im^ 
nienlorum pra«(IicloTBn) hncrcilis, do quocumquo tcnurrit ; ri 
daminuB rex est in exMcitii, licet loocitt ia nuuia cua pliira 
(eodm miliUim de feudis aliurum, sicul pmeilictuii) Mt, niliilo- 
miDu» pvtit lotum ncrvitium « i>ni«dictia dominis fiKxli qui d« 
<« l(>n«-nt in cnpitc, itM eu wit qnicqiutm allocore ex lioc qttod 
ttanl cii*lodiiua pmMlidontm fcMkiruni in manu »ua. _ - 

3. Ilnm pcliiiit ban>iic« buWro ciMtodi«m l«rn>rum ct Unc- (A*' 
mmtoruiii iiuoi\im qui mnt da fradU »oi^ et bacrcdam tuque /a^ajj^j 
■d Ic^'itinMin MUli-tn ipttomm ; ita qtiod dotnttiiiB m luilirat 
nuiriuit^uni rt custodiom cvrporie pence m: «t faoc potunt de 
jsre communl ^ 

4. Item prtunt qnod oMn Tt^ rommittanlur castodienda til* 
''kd Rdcks tuos et dn nfr»<i AiifiliM naloM, ob plum nsui qui >/ 5^a| 
kpntcnint in rcgnii Aiigtiae eveaire rel ocoeigerc. ' ' 

5. Itrm priuiit qiN)d CMti* rcgia qou inat ntpm portas 
tmuis, nbi narigia rrentre poseuDt, wmmillatitur fidclilma homt- 
'nibua Ae rcjjno Angliac natis, j>ropt«r perictita plurimn «videiilia 

quav emergen potwiiit n atiiH comiuiltnvutur. . 

6. Item [ivlitiit de inantii^iii domino n^ pcrtin«ntiba«, quod ^' 
BOO Runtentur nln <tifpnTB.g«iitur, vidcUcvt homiaibiu qui ii«n 
«tu>t de nalioite rr^ti Aniline. ,. 

7. Itm pelunt rvtiii-dium qnod bnoci rt Inrnc infrn m«tas Oi.'irKf' 
fonetM Don mistf^tn), qui per ambuUtionrm probomni l><»ni-^/3}j 
nnn, et p«r qui iidci- imam paHem ontiiiitiD bouorum boBtiDum /g -,i- 
Anjfline domino rcgi datam, deaffiureelari fueruut, pw Y«luDt»- 1*^"*-'_ 
l«Ri uiam rn>fTi)iv«liivit. 

6. Item iwUinl ilc aisnrtt* &cli* inrt* iDeta-i forMtoe do t^'m* 
siiii pro|iriia ct <(.-ocnK-ntornin nigrum <le novo iiivnUtis, undo 
dominua nx Tcntlirat sibi ciutodiiim Iiacrcdam laliun, ot nihilo- 
niiuui vendicat Bcnitium omue inde deliitam. 

9. Iletn petunl iX'medrum quod forestae denfTorestaliM \iet 
FArlant regis et per fid<^ui eidem per communitatcm lulius rtx"! 
bHam, il» quod quiaquu ubi<[U0 potsut libere fiip^iire. duiniitijs r^x 
Af volitiilBtfl Mia |>liinliufl Af\\\ ii« pra(tlic4a liUtrtuli' viantiQas, 
qu*e auiil ad iiocuin«iiluni nmediclae liberlntU eoncrawtc ^ 

10. It'in piiuut rrmcdiiun, qnod religion non Jntrrnt in ^' 
fitiduin r»ni'tiitTi d IwroDum vt alionnn line vuluiitAt« t<mtta,(C'Ji. 
p«r qnod aiitiltuul in pcrpetuutii vuttodis*, ntviugis, releri* 
et (Mluotas. 




Ob t«iM & 
»ol«Mi<iw 4oMiB ngU fn 
4amM np» de aeqaietuidft. 

14. Tkm prkedicti jfudRArii eaphmt fiona i t i^v e m pro pnl- 
efam pUcitwIo 6e qoolibet CDouura, m occuioiKiiliir ; «t oon 
<leli«rt efitere jms, et de aliia ploribai oocmEioiubas de pUcitis 
mrooM. Et m rillstw qiutoor pniptDqiiions ad mortem ho- 
iDinif iuU^teti ttl nilini«m non tcer^meiiai, omnes de «etAte 
xii. ujooruin pneflictAram ir. nU«larani gnviter amercia- 

1$, Itf-m pctnnt quod mJliu poesit finnare caittrDin mpra 
irtrtlnm mariii, tcI Hugm in^lam infr* tDclusam, nisi sit de fi>d- 
Mmm eoncilii totiiu ngui Aogliae : quia plan pericuU pOMeot 
in'Ie ev(;tiire, 

irt, Ili;m (te Tic«eoinitnm firmie et alionim baltivonim liber- 
drum (jiii capiiiitt comitatus et alias balliras ad firmam, qui 
riinin liulMrnt CMmitatus auoi ad tarn altam firmam quud hod 
IHimutit (lictam firmam iridc levare ; Dec amerciant homines 
MMniiidiim quBiititatem delicti, aed ad redemptionem nltn Tires 
nm an^liint. 

. ''ij. liiHii]iiT diriint quixl vicecnmites ad duoi tnrnoB sum per 
Hniiiim dniiiNiiilunt pcnonalem Rdventum coroitam et bai'oiium 
Ifliinntiiiin Imroiiiaa «uaa in diverais locis et comitatibus; et ai 
lion VKtU'rinl il>i iienmn alitor, amerciant ipsos sine consideratione 
nt Jmliitiii ; ot luic quia quiHl>et vicecomes dicit^ quod id dictis 
liiniiii I'lit JiiHlitinriuR ijuiiad diem. 

*^i8. Item ubi aliquiK habet aliqasm partem terrae, scilicet 
duos ocmi terras vcl plua vet miDna, siDe oiansioDe eidem adjk- 


Pefitioa ^ tht Jiatwia. 




MBto, 1^ ntiono illini feme uJ tunioB cuos reDbt, tuue pr^ 
ToliiiiUto «w uneninlriiur. . 

19. Ii«m fl aliqiu Juadtbria manJnta ruerjt «pedalit«r oorun *^ 
alllBo ju»liuiiri<i oMaKoiOo, vA (l« iH>va diadcbana. veX Aa umiVs 
MtUnMOtait, viceimroitn clamAre faciaiil iu in<fvuti», niioil uiiihii* 
niilili'v e< libtre IcdcqUv )inti-iaK VL-ninut luj ccrtnin iticin «t lo- 
«um «Ddiluri rt ^MTtnri pmnrrirfutn regis, ct cum ifai Don todu* 
rilil, em unrmiant pro mliintnip itua- 

to. It«i» )>f4unt mnodium tic bov qnod *) nliquiR comM vol 
Inm, 1-el Ij«lliru8, re) sliquis klitlfl qui liborulmi liaViCAt vcl 
it) civit«(« vd in villsU, oeperft Kliquuin in&lebctomB «t ilium ^^ 
otiltilvrit viivcomilt. vd bud l»ilHvii, lul inciircenuidun vel cas- 
tmliMidiun qnoittque de to 6at jiidii-ium, viceaoinee ncuMt 
•dtnitli-rc {iriiunem ilium, ut&i U <|ui iiisum ceperit fiuem fadnt 
|>rr Kic quii-l i[Niiiin redpMt. "jy^.J y 

»i. itvtn ilu (o qnod muHi bomiticBdo dlTcrM* pwtiliaa regiij ^^, 
propter wmtituti IcBpons rpoivRtM, et per divcrua provinciM ^^^'' 
Uwatttm fndHitM, fanw et iii«<lia moriunlar, ot tunc per lo^cnni ' ^^j" 
tcnM vUora [flcitim est per coronatoras, et quatdor villitlai ■ 
vidmu, et cum pr>edicLi« villutati de )t> morUiiB nihil aciuni iiec >i ^ 
dicuiit, Bui quod <«» pnt«(lioli> moriunlur, «( quia nihil da **'*' 
butheaU Eogtvtelieria autjcnatuTi amerciatur palria cutmoi jna- 
Ittioriia (mtu]iinin d« nnrdnx 

31. Itesi da pritiR domiiii ra^a tn nundinia ot mercatia et 
civiutihua.vidolioet qnod hi qui anignati fucriul ml praeitirLm 
priaaa capiemUa, can ntionabiliur oapiaot, wilii-et quautum 
porttMt ad preadioUM tmis donini reps ; uude canqoeruiiiur, 
qnod didi cniitoreH capiunl In dupio vel iu (ripla \Axii, qnnju 
wdit ad mils doinini r«|ps: capitmt etiun totnm iUad ta|)erfluain 
ad «pu8 silnm, vcl lul «\m* aniteurum tuunun retiueut, e4 pai1«ia 
inde aliquant rrndunt 

13. Item cvnqncmnMr quod dominns r«x d« priaia nallain *^ 
fftv factt pacntiooem, ila quod plurca iDcr<»t<irM da r^pw 
Aii^liao uttni mndnni depAuperentur, «t alii mercatotva axtiunei 
ca oceaaoae anliintliunt ae de reDteado in t«iTBin istain nun 
nis mrreibiit. nn>le tern UMKoam iucuml ja«tur>m. ^ 

34. Ilea petant renvnliain dn aectin de ikjvu lirvuti* in ra^o, '" 
tiun lid f«miuilus rt huiulmla, quam ad curia* Ulicrlatt*, quae ^f*^^ 
uiiii'|<>aai aliquo t«inporv firri eonauonrant. . 

t5. Item petnnt r<im«diuni da hoc, qnod Jndn4-i aliqaando^/MAjfl 
deliita mta et terras ei< inviuliatua Itmdunt) miv^italiUns t4 p(»- y(gf, | 
taiitioribua r«;nii. qui lerraa minomni iugrnliunlur en ivciwioixi: 
at UeM iixi <)ui JrlMiiiin deb«nl, |Muaii idut ad aohrnidiiui |>m6- 
dktwn ODbilnuk cunt uauria, prae^ali magant«a ncgotiun ptxn* 



Utnry JIL 




giuit, ut pmxficbie tcme «L l«Dcin«nU sllqno modo rIIh r«iiMi- 
iHM powint, (licenta quoti liue Ju<la«o cui <lebelintiir ilubiUii: 
nihil pciniint nee aciunt tanrt : et »eraper diffierunt i>i>lui'cinc 
dictiM pccuniiu^ iln qnixl ikcmoim mortia vel alKiiju.i it1t«ri 
CMOfi, aviilcoR prriculuRi Lt nunifeata ptct jramincre cxL. 
(latio bia (luorum ]ti«c(Iidft Uii«in«it» nicruDL 

j6. Item petnnt rwinmliuin He Cltri*ltuu« itturmriia, nt ila 
,,^ ^ Caaniais qui de{{UDt LoDdoDiia, cum CliristiaDU re)igi'>ni coii- 

"'*" fr**'* fdtem « quo noBxni CUriHliaui iitduemot. Bt pnetert* pw 
ll'^i «orum tmnui plures ilcfNiuperaiitur et dcdruuntur ; ct ctiwn 

plnrca moruuKUiM vrnientr* vcmu LondoniBM, Um prr aqtuun 
quam per tnTnm, orcupant ti vmunt, nd mngnum d«Uiinriilan 
nuicatoniin ot omniuni prsfdictao ciritatij, ct ftd tna^nm dim- 
iium daEaini ntpa, quia cum doiuinus rox tuUUl piMdictMai 
cmUt«n). in nuJIo putidjuiil iiec parlicijMtK >oluul mm pr»e- 
dicti* civiUiM in uDn^'iiii ot •liiii dtiminu ivk) fa(?i«ndi*. ^ 

'y g* 97. Item |>ctiii>t rrnDcditiro de mkriUgiin Bliciulii, viilclin^l 

/-_^ in tali cwiii ; n nli^iuii dedorit nlictti nnom canimtam t«mfl 
' in nutritagio cum filia tcI sorore huliradam «t tcnondani «ia sH 
haeredibus do iiraedictjfl fUi» vel aonre ezcunttbud, ita vidoUoet 
quod, ri pnwdicta filiu ve) Mror «lii«rit aine tuwrdle do corpcc 
fuo, ttrni cuia pcrlinvDtii* iDtt^TS rvn-rUlur »d ip«uin qil 
enmtm dndrrit in mnriinmum v^l tu\ banrcdcii fuoa 1 ct cub 
„^ pranlktatn donum non ait mlMioIiitiim acd onilitioiwle^ tua« 
^n)uli«ns poet mutteia Tirorum laoniin in viduitii1« «iut <Ub 
Tel Tendnul {inedkta mariUgift «t iofcoduit pru Ti>tiinut« eim, 
lt(«t hnendcH de corpon euu non liabucfint, Dec bujiifiiio>U 
fai>ramenl« li(icniti|ui.' ulii^iiaimui fuerunt niTocnU. Uuitr iwlnal 
qtiri) » acquitate jom, ratioDO praMlicUe condJtiunis, uve p« 
hrove de ioKnasn, vol aliquo alio modo compctrolt iiroviileBtu 
miHdiiiPi ad ravocaodnm hignnniKli rMCuMOita, ei quod in 
nm pnxcdatiir ad judicium pro ipao petoote. 
>8. lt«iii p<ftuut rcm«>liuiu d« hoc, quod doniinaa rox lergq 
M ^Vr^Mit niiiiiibuB ili; rt^iM> buo ocquieUntiam, no in ajwina poau- 
' a***^ ^ i ' '*"' Ji>i'i^'*>ontia rcl rMOgtiiciouibua, propter qood in pturlbui 
' 'wlx'u comilutibiu pro dortxTtii militum dod ]Ml«rt cnpi alinnt niaf[iM 
^^'f^ NREiMi, d ilo remanent bojunnodi loqualao, ila quou pMoNl^ 

nunqaam joHtitium contequuntcr. 

V-0'M(i> ''' '**'™ '" 1''""^^* comiialibtu ufitatum eat, qnod lialiquii 

J 3 'Ar ''"Cp* Iwe^'C de rtcto dirwrtnm proxiuio cnpilalt ilomino l«odi, 

[r iL "^V^' ut pet«iu protinvrnt ilcrntlsni L'unac ipeiw tapltalia doniitit pto 

oonaattndme rrgiii, rt jxmt nt ad oomiratuin et print qtind ad- 

twMriu mis cumaKiueftttir qaod ail ad proxiiunm otnaiutam. , 




Provulont of Oxford. 


v«n!«t niperior npitaJU dotiiitias fscdi rjuwli-in tt petit bumr 
miriara iiidti ut Hi>l>«)iit: ct, pmlaia dTfitlta cctrikc, vcuiet mUiur 
■Itrr Mijicrior dumtnua fvtHli illtaii v( petit dtnililer cunum sium 
rt hnWliit : ct sic dc tinf^lJA cH)iitaUl>ua tloniiiiui (iuOt<|iii)4 
roerint luiwrinrcK. < >u<id mt •prrtc contm jnntitla m. cam in 
br«Ti cotitinMtiir qiKd npitdU ctominus fpo^ cai l.n-vr diri- 
plur plenum i-^clum tCDrnt quod riraeomcs Cidiit, ct(. — 
{AKHaU ^f liKtUitt, 439-44 j.) ^ 




No. IV. /"rwin'oM of Oxford. 
PfwUh/tfla «p<»d Ottmiam. 

IVoviBinn est qnod de quolibct comitalu rli);iuitur qiutuoT 
discreti et IciJiUva miliivs. qui, qunliM di« ubi t«neuu- ooniil*- 
ttii, eonTeuiiuit od au(licu<liini ointiM querela* de quibiiaciitiqnc 
ImMgrcutunibiut et injuru* quibuicuuqii« pencwj* iltati* ytt 
Ticeooatitcs, balUvM, »cu qunocunque ultcw, vt ftd fitcicnduiii 
tachuDKiit* quae od dictna quenbt pertiDcat naqitc ad primnni 
advcntum capitalis jastitinrii in partes illu. lu qnud euffid- 
eutei c»piaut plegiua « eoiiquercute <le proMquendo, el do eo de 
qoo queritur. venwnilo et jari parendo eoram pnMihto juditinrio 
ia pritDo Mlventu mo. Kt quod pranlicti qofthMr militet in- 
rotabri Ciicuuit omocs piwdidos qiiciclM cvni niia ftttachia- 
Rinitia ordiiisle et iwrie, scilicet de quoliliet hundnMto BPiwiratiai 
et per ie. ltd quod praefatus justitLuiue in printo ndveBtu 
■uo poaiiit audire et t«TmiiMre praebtas qu«reliM (i;;illatiiii <l« 

!|ttnlibet hundrcdo, Et tctrc Taciuit Ticeooiuiti qu'Kl verire 
Bciaot conm pniefato jutititiiirio in proximo Bdrenlu suo tA 
die* et luc* quae cix Kire fa«ict, omnei bundnslarioa «l ballivoa 
nun ; itu quod quilibct huDdt^dariui rcnire fadat Oitiiw* coo- 
qncroatM et defciidcnloi do Wlivn raa, iDCeenirc, mxundun 
uuod pnHatuE jusliliarius dnxerit <le praodido huDdredo pU- 
rituv; «t tot et laka lam milites qunm atioe liberoa et tegalca 
Itemiura de Wlivft mia per quo* rei Veritas nieliua ooaviiMi 
■ U ila qucd oniiieN niinul et t>emel Don rmcntur, aed tot 
;it qaot ]ioM[uiit una die ploeilari ct torminari. 
Idem pnniniin c(t quod nullus miles dc prawlictis comi- 
tatitmi, oeoarioTW aoquktsntiaa quod oon pugidtnr in juraii« 
val aMiMK, prr rartam domini n-gifi defnatur, n«c quictu» hit 
*i]aoad pKiviuouein UUm si^ fadani pro ecmmuni ntilitstu 
•lotliis ngni. 



Ilfury III. 


EUtti «c parte domini RegU. 

Iknwut Ijoiidonicnm cpbcupua, duniinun Wuitooleiiaic 
claotn^ dominuf H. filitu rcgiK AlumuDnine, doniititu J, onmn 
WtreRnao ; dominiu Guido do L^innn, dominu* W, do 
Volentia, dominun J. Cotiim Warewici, dominuR Johiuinpn 
Hanael, fnt«r J. de DorliogtoD, Abbiu \V«Btii]ODs«UTii, do- 
minoa H. d« lleoj^baiu. 

£Ucti tx jvrtt comitvm rf haronmn. 

Dominos W^gomcuBU opiecopue, domiouB Sjmon cotii«g 
LeTOMtrenaiB, domiuus fticardue oomoB QloTMuiae, domious 
Homfridua oonwa Hercfordiiw. dominus Biigvrut Korteoallue, 
domiuus Rog«rua da Murtuu Uari, dumiiiu* J. filiu» Oalfridl, 
datninuB Hu^ l« BiK^t, dciroiiiux RicnrduK de Oruy, domlous 
W. B«riliilf, dominiu 1*. dc Alonteforti, dumiuux Hugo Di»- 

Et n conliogat aliquem istorum D«oef>eitatc btfivSM noD 
|ioi»e, rvliqui idtoram client quom roluerint, ralioet aUuid ne- 
riuin iuco abHcuUs ad iniud ue^lium proaequeodutii. 

L/n/, ^ V 

C<t) jura It commun de Kngl*i«rr« a Ost^nffard. 

ifw. tills «t tels, fraum a saror a tute g^iiHL, ke oua arum jure 
iiur uiuli-a Evaugelci, « Biuniu tenux etiftmlile jwr tel iM.-nuent, 
r proiiiettuus eu bona fei, ke clKtcan d« nus « tux (!a»«in)il« nua 
eiitK cidLTumH, e niia e l«ti iu» cuntre tut« gcnx, dreit fcaaiit, « 
r«ns pirmniit ko nn* tiR pumim tnnz ror* fern, ralve la fm lp rei 
« da la coninr. K prnnirttuii* mi mcirar lo prrnimt, ko nul dn 
nUfl ja r«D nc prcodra de toro ne <le mocble par qu? oest wi-nx'Ut 
purra eftre dcaturbe, u i^n nulc reo i^cpajn. £ ■> nsl Cat 
euooutra ceo, uua le t^'tidruina a cu^mi mortal. 

Cm m^ /< wmtrnt a uint t ytuitre. 

CbtWDD Jni» BUT aeiaUa EvangeleB, ke iJ aJ lioBur de Dou, C 
a Ik fei 1« r«i. e al profit del ivauine, ordenen e tnlen orckm 
lo« aroot dit jurvs xur 1« refunm-'uicnl c lo amandtmetit d«l ottat 
del renumi;. E ke oe li-tr* pur duo, do pur promene, pur amur, 
n» pur bangi), dd pur pour dc nuUi, oc pnr gain, dc pur pcrte, 
he leuim«Dt no face nolum la teour do la lettrev k« 1« i:«i ad n\i 
obb dooA et eua f« etucmcDt. 

<^ jvra U kauie Jtutien A £»iffltUre, 
jore ke ben et leaument a too poer fn ceo ke apent a 


Protmoiu 0/ fXt/ord. 


In JwUcetie dc draitura Uuir, % tate gvns al pnro te rel « dol 
iMtUHW^ foluiD la ptmrunAM fcto et a iern p«r ln« vint ot 
<l<uttni, «t [wr la cuMnl le m a 1m liauz Uumcs Jc I* t«r«^ ki li 
Jarruiit ea oretn cboMO n uiter e * meuitenir. 

Cm jma h Ghatudtr tb En^^trt. 

Kt it ne eDMl«ra nul bref fan bref tk oura taxa la com- 
nunilemeut I0 ral, e d« uin ouaaeil lu lem prcMnt: ds fiOMleiv 
dun d« punt gmnle, &e d« gnat ... ii« de eachaetea, aaiu 
la laaeDUtDeDt del gnat cuiucil u dc la grciaun: ]Kirtie : n« 
ke il pa flnadcni ran ke aeit eocoiitre Ic oidiDcmrti^ k< nt frt 
ct MfTtt a fere par lea viut Bt qntit^ n par U greiaura partie. 
He ka il DO proodn dbI loer aatr«meiil k« il nest itivtM ■■ 
aatnc E lem li baudra on comjiauiuB eu U fonue ke 1« ounieil 

Ceo eat b terntnl ke Ut gardemt de» duuttftfirttu. 

Ko il Im cfaattcla le rd leAumeat « en bon« r«i gardenut nl 
CCS le ret F d« bh heyra. £ ke «iib 1m rcDdrunt ^ rei n a ih» 
Iwyis et a iiul auUt^ « par nu ciin»eil et eu iiule autre majiere ; 
oeo est a saver, pur piodut bomea de U leie nlnx a «ud cuomC 
u par la grnnmie portte. E ocata ftuinc par carrlt dure deidtc 
a dtua naa. B da Uuk«« «i svadI pur cwt cuiAlilemciit «t caat 
•erment ne Mint ootutrcint, ko fnuiclicmcnt no Ics pasMut raodra 
■I r«i a a oe* liair& 

Cm tmnt eeiu k» ttuU jurra M evnaeii U rti, 

Arclii^piscnpoa Canlaaricnaia, cpiaoopua WygomeDsie, conua 
Lejxicatieiuis, cornea 01vv«ni«nsia, cornea MartKallns, P«iru> do 
Sabaadfa, cornea Albenurliike. ouiiMa Wanwik, twaurs Hurvrgrd* 
etiaii, Jobannea Manael, Julwnoi'S filiw OaJfridi, Petni* de 
Sloatedbrti, Riomltu da Gny, Boganu dc Uortuo Ifari, 
JacoliRii do Aldilhi'litgtt. 

Lm dai« do par k r«i unt cdu \ La canle VIm^w le Maraecall, 
dea due* de par le rommun ) Hu^ le BinoL 

E Ik partie Ter le commua ad I Le cuut« de Wurewik, 
eiiln des duse ke Hint de par le rei / Jolwnnea MouselL 

E cea quatre unt peer a ealire le ennacU le rci, et <{uani il unt 
«rili, U tea muilrutit •« vint et quatra; ct b u U grvinurc paitie 
de oea aMcuic, wiii tvnu. 


Heary HI. 


Cet tint let dusa tt tunt ulw jmt Ik$ harvm a tnUr a mit 
parUtMiU fHf an owtit t« tukint l» ni pur liU U miwuimh 
J4 la Un at <«miniM» l>Moine. 

BinMopoK Ijondonwraia, eoiaw Viuttoaivmia, cmms Ilcre- 
fonlouu, Philippus DasaM, JoluiiDee de Batlol, JoIwBDee dt 
Vcrdoa, JolatinM d« Ony, Bogeroa tie Samerf, Uogenu de 
Monte Alto, 1Iu;;o DiHiieoMriua, Tliumu da Qneixiy, A«{pdiui 
de Argeiilvo. 

Cm miu £m vuit M ftuUni jm «un( >iu< ;>er fa eommna a trtttr 
tit aide U rti 

BpbcopBS Wigonrniab, «j>mc»|ius LondofliciMtfv epInopiM 
Sanim ; cotncs Lejcestmisir, eomeu Oloveniciuit, ooinca M>n»- 
cdlus, I'rtnu de Saboudia, comrs Hcrefordenus, oonee Atiba- 
inariiM, conum WintauieDiiis, voiue* Oxunieasii. JohaniMa filltiB 
(ialfridi, Jotiuunv* <le Urny, Julunneii (l« Bailul, Rc^enu de 
Mortuu Hkri, Ro^^vnia <lc Mont« Atto, Roccni* cl« Sumcrjr, 
I'otru* d« Uontcforli, Tlionuo do Grclny, Fuloo de Kcn)i»tan, 
Acgidiiu dp Argeotoo, JohaiiDCB KyricL Philippus BuMt, Aqgi- 
diu!« de Erdiutun. 

K at Bukuu do oei no ■ ptuxM; eitre u ne voU^ a oea k* i 
•emint a|iciit pocr de autn ailirn ua «uu Uu. 

IM Mat d» teint Eylitt. 

A remembrer fet ke Ic «Uat Ic taint Kgtb* aeit amend* par 
lei Tint et quatre ealOE a rcfnrmor to oftat del muBu) d« 
Enuleten, leant 11 venrnnt liu «t teiu, Bolum Ic pocr lu il co 
itnt par la lettre U rot de £>igl<.-1«re. 

/>« la haiU» juitiot, 

PcriclMif ke jurtioa tett mb ua u duui, et quel pocr tl atcn, 
«t k« il DC Hcit run un an. Ifsi ko ■) eliof del an revpoine 
devaiit \i> rei vt inn cunrcil do inn Um ot deviuil cetai ke eemi 
apros luL 

iU Iraartr t ds U ttektdiar, 

Alltel del (rMorar. Ucs ke il nnde arante al elief del an- 
r: bono KeuK «i]im teirat mta al eecJiekvr aulum le DtdnM-mait 
!«• Bvaitl dit viiit ei iiiiiitrc E la ventfcnt loto km baoM <U 
la Uro, et en Dale put ailu». K ceo ke tem vem a ameixtcr 
•eit aiii«iid«. 


Prwimi%4 ^ Oj/vrd. 


Autel del olnaeder. Iwi ke al eb«r(kl an respotne de aoo 
tuns. E ke il tM nnKcIo lion de ran pur U onto voluiite d«l rai i 
niM le Tkc |wr 1« cuawU kc ocm cotur le nL 

Del patr la juitie« « lU baUitit, 

Lm haote Jnitice » poer <Jo Mn«iKl«r tea ton fn de tuUd aulns 
jmUcm, «l <l« lullif*. e de euDl««, et de bnnnw, et <!« Idta< 
Mtra goos, solaiQ ki cl drat da la ten. E Im hntt Micat 
pteda Mlam l«i do la tarv • en Uus dene*. E kc In juitioo tw 
pnage ren n ne wil pneent d« pain «t d« rin ot lic toM dwaca, 
Deo eat a laver, Tiuidea «t beifree, aieum lem ad e»te acuttUBM 
a potter as taUee d« prodee boinea a la joniee; E oette tiMniie 
choae Mit nitcnduu do tux les cuiueUen le rei et de tuz aca 
liftllila. E ko nal tmllir jMr lurlwauii i)i? plal a d« lua oSc« ue 
proaita onl I«cr par m main, lu: pur oulni en nule miui«re. 
K « it cat alcint, ke il M<it rvitil, «t cil ke done antrcH. K h 
eoTeot ke te Ri done a Mt justice et a «a geM ko le acrveiit, ka 
il aa flloit loester ke il reu i>reiigeut de autiuL 

I.ea veacoDtea aeienl ptirreus Una gviu «l prodea iMNaet et 
(en tcnani ; iaai li« en cbeaeiui cuut« *«ic un vavaMir del mute 
iMRiM ve>cunt«. ke Ixn et leoement trtio la gent del enBte et 
drdteitK-nt. E ka il no prtngc Iticr, e kt! il no wci Te»riiiite fore 
uu an oRMiiible. B kc en Ic nn icndr gen acunto al cvhrkcr, i: 
reepoine de sun tens. E kc Ic r«i lui fure d«l socn, aolum suti 
affenuit ooinc&t il pune garder lo cunic dTciU'inast. E ke U 
M pren^e nul loer, im li ne eea baliifi. E ti il acieat ateini, 
■cicDt ranz. 

A rcmrmbTcr fct ke Itnn melte tel aiaeademeitt a la Gjuoria 
H M gardciiu dc la Gyurie, k« lem i nure le avnincDL 

Dt SttAaaturt. 

Bona eadiaetun aeieat at'a. E ko Q ne prengent rata dca 
licna an mon, dc qaclea tena deivcot eatre eu U nuun le iri. 
Mee ko Im nx-ltactun eieot frandie a<Imitii*trapiun <In boQtt, 
deake il armint fi:t lo ^ le rci ri dcttc lui dcivent. E eea 
•oinm b furrac <l< la charlre dc fiim«l>iac. E ko Inn «a<)aer]{« 
dc* U>T» fci ke oachactun iint fet e* co arero, ct f«il aineade da 
t«l et dc tel. Ne milage ne nuira choe« lie prenge, ion li OOTM 
il devcra wlum la cWtre dc fnuidiiae. 

La diartn de {nnolme aeit garde Cmii«inent. 

Henr^ HI. 


DA Ktdutn^ de Lundret. 

A rememlirer fet <lcl eKhaoge d« Luiidrci (unrndrr, ct ilc la 
cit« <]« Luudr«e, el cle totes lee aiitros citrx lo rd, ke » hunUt et 
a de«tnivoiuiiB tiuut alex p«r laltogoft et autret oppreauons. 

De liotpitio rrgit et r^jina*. 
A ramembrer fet del hoBtel lo rd et In roginc Mncndcr. 

Dta parUmeru, juatu rerrunt («m>s per an et eomtnl. 

n fet a remenilirer ki- lo xxtr. unt onlene ke treia fxu-ld-" 
mena *ei«nt par an. Lc prFiDcruiii im utuvoH d« Sutu Mtt:Iic'l : lo 
)ivcuDd l« dcmcin dr lo ClianiLclar : l« ten le prtrmrr jur dc 
June, wo frt n wvir, treif iciDuiiicf dc\*n>it l« Scinl Jolm. 
A CM tnia pftrUmiMiz, vrn>lr»nt lea cun»cillcra lo mi caliut, tot 
at MMOt il pas tnaadei |>ur rcr le catat dot naumc eC pur tiot«r 
l«B cuinniuijs Ixwoingnea dot rmimo ct del rei «DMm«lit. E autre 
Tex onMrni-'tit i|uaiit tneeter sem per le nandMnent lo rei 

Si fet a retiiembra ko In eommun esliae xii. prodea bomea, 
ke veiulniiit an [im-li.>meiix ot autre fex ({iiaiit meeler aerra, qunnt 
l« ro! u niu ouiim-il tc* maiidftnt jiur tnter de bovainKiie* l« rei et 
(lol n-aumet. E kc lc ciimmuti tiMidra [tur catAbte coo k« coa xii. 
fnint, y. coo arm fet pnr cfparnier le catA d*l commun. 

Quinxc wrrunt nomex par cea (iiiatrc, coo cat a anver per la 
cunt le ManKhal], le cuute de Waruwik, Hugo le Bigot, at Jolin 
Hiuuel, ki auut ealui par lea xiiv. pur nomor lea devoat dit 
i|uinKe, lea queus wrruul de cuuseil le rei E eerrunt ounfermea 
par le* arnuc dil kxit. u jhit In ({i>''ni>re purtie tie els, E averunt 
poor del ret coiiaeiter en lioiic fvi del guvtmeiiient del rcaume, 
et <l« tote* elioncis kc al rei u al reikume pertenent. E pur 
ameDdor ct »drr»cer totca lea cliowa ki- il verrunt kc farcnt 
a adreaeer ot am^nder. £ au lo liaiile juKtico, ct nir liilea niilrcH 
f^ni. E ti il lie poeot tus eatrc, ceo ke U {[leiuuii} parlie fra, 
aerra ferm et eetaUe. 

Cto auttl lit num* da* chervlfim eAaileatu le rei, et de awt i4 
lee uni en ^/arde. 

Kubertui de Kerille ; Bamburg. Novum castmm anper Tyne. de Gaul; Scudeliuri;. Willelmaa llanlnlf; Noting- 
bam. Railulfus Paitt it Saiiercol ; Norhanilon. HngoBiffat; 
Turria Londoiiiarum. Kicardua de (Jrnjr ; Durerix Nicolfttu dc 
Mouloa ; Kouoevtria et CantoariaL. — Wintonia. Rogerua dc 
Samford ; Foivwtria. BtepbajinaLaDgeEapeej'CoTfe. Matlieui 


I'fovUiom <if O^ord. 


de Be8i11 ; GloQCMtm. Henricun de Tracy ; Exonia. Bicarduc 
tie iUicli«k ; UaMeshnm. Johnnnen <le Orey ; HvrHbrdia. 
Bobertos Walraat ; Sarum. Hugo DiijicuBurina ; Humtau. 
Petnu de Monteforti ; DnigoTaltcr. C«iim-s Wnrewik ; DiviaM. 
Joliiuuie» liliuei fieruarOi ; Oxouia.— (J >tn. ^urlon, pp. 44^-453-) 



}7iiJ At wmmmui/ij o/ foglauif newt at OrfanL 

W(. Ml xnA ao, mskv known to >11 Inun, tliM w* h^rm Rwom UnoD tLo 
lioly Ooipeli. knd ir« held loi^Qtliar by tucli otlh. knil I'luiuUn in fixid 
lUlb, tlinl cMili one of at Bud we •!] logeth«T will mutuftltf ud («ch nlbn 
bocli i>iir><lt'« Biid thnte belonging to tin, ngunnt ftll t'lop'''. 'loiiii' riglit 
and tukini- notliing thiit we cannot withmit (LnnK mlKhlaf, nrlng fuJtli to 
tlie km:; and ihc cinwn, And wv pmniiM under Iho wma wtli, miuc of 
ua will hsni:ofoTlh Uke land or mo'ralilra hy which tliii okth cui b< dU- 
turbcJ i>r in nnvwAyi impaired. And if %nj one aota ogiuiul tliit, Wu will 
bold him iw * mortal eaeiiiy. 

nil il the Bath to the teentg'four, 

Ei/!h (WDM on Uio boly Goin»l). il>at ho to tlie lienour of Ood, and 
Iti hui (alth til tUo ktii];. luid tu tfia )>rofit ofl})* K'Olin, will onliiin ^nd treat 
willi tliu af'TrMttd iwtini iKTHuno iijifiii the rvfonokti-m and nmrndiuenl uf 
the itato <'i t)i« n-alm And tlint h-.' will Dot tnil Tor ^t. nor (or [irunilH. 
for lote. Dor for hate. Dor for fear of any odc nor fur gmln, nor for Uii«. 
loyaUy lo da ocoordinit to the lanoor of tbe leltsr which llu king oud hii 
•on InTn legcther given fi>r thti. 

nit tht MtfjvtUn tj Englanit nver*. 

Be eweori that lie will well and loyally aocordlna W bli po««r da tliat 

whkli Iwlongi to the juntiaiar Af right ta bold, ta hII permoni, to til* pcoQt 
uf tliu kl'i;{ and the kinL,-dtMD, icuOTiling to llio provulon mivLe and bi be 
iiiiidii by lUc twenty -tour, and by tbe eounwl uf lliu kinu and the i[mt 
1U8II of th* land wbu oboU awau in thwM lb!ti|,-« lo aid and lopiicirt liiin. 

ThSi thr chatKillar of Knglaiiil ticort- 

VhlA ht will fil oa writ, eiaeipting: writ* of coutk, without th* earn* . 
WWrfawnt of tbe king and of bia onuniil who ihall be preamt. Nor iHIl 
Im mI a ^ft of* c^nl nnrdnbip, or of a great I ]*, nor of 

eadioaU, without the KMeTit uf tbe gnat couiioll or of the mrtjor jiart. And 
that ha will leal nothing which may be contrary ta (lie unliiiono* which i> 
mwU and iiliall be nuuU by the twenty- four, or by the mnjur part. And 
that b« *til tok* no ft* othorwiM tbiui what la eiren to tbe oUien. And 
ba ibKll b« iflvan a eonipnnion in tba form wbinh the ooaDcU aboil (■rtnida. 

• A blank ipooc la ibe MS. 


Henry III. 

TKtt ii Hit MlJi ichM fAc ^unnJioM n/ thr tinjj't taula m»J*. 

TbM Ihov will kMp (ho ratllM of Uid Linfi lorkllj' Mid Id goixl faith Pir 
Uw uie d( the kiue ud of kit bpin ; aad that tli<-^ will give tlieiii Uji b> 
tha king or to hia lieiri. mid to none otiier, kn<l by l>li couniel and Id do 
othtr nuurncT. to wit. by hone*t mmi of tho land «r«:<ed u hi> oaunoil, 'ir 
liy tb* mtijar part. And llilii funii by writ l&nt* (ur twclvii jatn Anil 
from tliitt tiino fiirwartl by Ihix Mttl»iii»iit mid tbia osib Ibuy (bkU not b* 
bindervd «u tliat tiny caaiiot fnwly i^vo tbBcii up Vi tbs king nod h>> 

7%<« orv Uo«r vAo arr tirom ^ (^ tiop'i wunaj. 
[TL« nuLM foUow.] 

TIm Walvo «n !)>* kin^'a gido liitv «lMt«d out of lbs lw«1v« on tb*t of 
Um Mmnionftlty ihv Kul ICoger tba ManluU, and Hugh Bi^t. 

And the pftrty of ("inunonnlCr lia'a dectod out of th* twvlre wlio 
wv on the kins's aide tbo Eul of Wnnrlck Mul John MamoL 

And lliMo rour linvo power to olcct tbo council of the king, and vbon 
tliny luii^ altet«d ifaou, thny i>b*ll t)ret»nt tbinn to Ibo Iwonty-four ; >iid 
tlion, ubora(lMp«*Itr juitt oftliriir ii|;rvu. it «b>ll be hsid. 

TliMt a't Iht tinl¥t iMo an fleettd kf the barMi to Irwl a' l^t Ihrft norlfo- 
nifiib Ay ^r vrilh IJicling's eouucil /or off {A« conriionaKji o/lAt wiul 4t^ 

[llie Diuiiir* follow.] 

That art tht Mentj/'/iiiir vAo art appeiitifd hy tht cummmaUy to tnat 
ofaidtOlJu king. 

[Tbc n&inM (alk>w .] 

And ff Ulf on« of Ibno oinnet irt will not Mn«, Uioae who abfttl b« 
tlicN hkve poflar to cUol nDothtr in bin [j^mv. 

0/ Oir ttaU Iff Au'y fit ureL. 

Bfl it r«nirinli«iri<d Ibai tbo ttAl* o( tb> ti'Jy vUurcli l« omi^ndod by lb* 
lir*iily-fnur rlcotsil to irfonn the r-t»l« of tlio nalin of (Int^laiid, vliuii thojr 
■bnll aoo pliiO« >nd time, •widlni; to tha power wbiob tbajr bkVe ropcot- 
lag It b; Ibo letter of the King u( EoglunL 

OJ Ai diiffiuMit*. 

MoreoT«r, thkt > jaaticie be npiwtnted, one or two, nnd wb»l powtr ha 
ihaXi hkve, knd tbnt be be only far k j—t. So tlu( nt the end of tbi: ytnt 
1>e kiuwer oaDoollilng hla time before the Idog and hit oooniiil nod before 
hiu « liu nUall foUoar hlui. 

Tlic lilto of (be treuurcT. Tliat he too ffi*e aooount at the end of tha 
yaar. And ntbor good penuiw nn to be |Xic«d at the exclioquarr aooord- 
ins to ihe dinoliun of tli* afonnld iWRUly-four- And than l«l all llie 
iaaueaot the latkd ocoif. and in no j»n elatwhara. And let tliat whiah 
■ball be Mseii to m]uiTc aniendmont, tw aiiieiuhiL 


Proeitiotu <^ O^tml. 


OS Okt tkamtMnt. 

The BIw of Om obuiMllor. TUt b« M tlin end of the jvr snmr 
ui»)umilii|[ lib dmo. And tlwt Iw vaU ootbiiijc out of cauns bv th« nl* 
vUl nf Iha king. But llut bo do It bj tba council wliluh iLkU bo uound 
tha \xa^ 

0/ lA< powo' ^ U( jiutfu and baiUfft. 

Tbo etiitif j>i*tio« I'M powor to Aiii>^'l th" wroiij^ .lono liy ktl lli* 
other juirtion knd bitili%. and (nrU uid luiraiii. KI><1 all utlxir )H<Opls. 
aecordlDg to ihs Inw Uid juitios of th« land. And Ivt the «ri1« hr plrndid 
■oMffdiDg lo th* ll« of tb* luid. nnd in 6c ulncca. And thjtt the jiiitiw 
t>k* Dotlilnif nnlcM It b» nrt*i-nti of bruxl had ninc^ Kiid luch tiling*, 
lo «{t. rant unil ilriiik, M bato b«i-n iiwd lo b« brouglit to llic tnbica of 
th« cU'T in«i fur tlin day. And lot lldi urn* thinv bo nnduniti'ail nf 
kI) the king'* ocnmrilloni anil M hii UtillRh. Aad tliikt an bftdltT. by nco- 
Am of plea or of hi> offioc, taliT anj (ee in liif own hund, or lliruii|fh Ilir 
•gooey of anoCher in aaj nrnnnar. And if ho ii ouiiviuMd, Ilifct h* b« 
pDnkbcd. and hn who uirem likowiK. And if It bo fitting, thnt tli« king 
£(va to 111* Juiliviar and hli |icu|>l(i whu aervs ldin,>a tLat tboy have no 
oscMlon to tak« aajlhlnj; from vlMwhvra. 


L«c ih'r* b* prnvldad tn nhortOli. loral pfnp^ and unlirtnntial tout, 
anil JaniL Unnnta : ao tbail iii t^-h county Ihi'tv hv a *>i^aKuir ti( th« u^na 
OountT H ih-'iiff, U> troal thu p'-Dfilv of tLi- oounty Ufll. loyally, nnd 
rightnilly. And that he take no fe«. and that he be ihcriff c.nty for a y<<ar 
Ugetber ; and that in the yanr lie gin up hii acoounu at the e(ob'<|u>? 
atid ani*«r fur hi* clma And tliat tli« king grant iiiito Iilm out of hit own, 
Bceordliie Ui hii mntributiun. to tliat he can ciiard tlis cuuuty rightfully. 
And thtit hn lake on tit, nrithvr he nor hit Iniliir. And if they be oan- 
titiLrd. let tlium b« puniiliNt. 

IJo It icmcmlwrnil ihat luah amvodiiiKnt i« to ha epplioil lo tint .Tawry, 
andto the wnrdonaof tbo JevTy.that the oath m t« the auaauajlM kept. 

0/ At acJualor*. 

Lat goed McTiwitm h* appointed; aiui that they t^ka nathinD of the 
aflMtiof IbadMi^of aucli laud* Mouifbt to be in the king'* hand. Aba 
that tha MohBaton bar* frta adiiiliiittiiilian nf tbo good* until they ahall 
ham dan* theki^u'* will, if they uwe him di-hl*. And tlial, aooorauc te 
(ho Untn of the Chatter of liberty. And thai inquiry ha maiio ioto Um 
wrod^ done which the esohcalnn hate dime (here afi>rftimv, asd amend- 
ment ha mndx of niah and lueh. Kor lot tallage en anything elaa bo 
tuken. eieejiting inch U ought t> ha aomrdiog to (ho Charter of llboity. 

Let Um Chartur of llbeltj be kept Onaly, 

0/lA< tationg* if Lemdt*. 

Be it remembered to ainenrt the einhango of London, aod the orly of 
London, and all the other uicie* of the king whleh hiTO gone to *hanw aod 
deatnioCioD by tho l«llagiii and other oppieaalona. 


Rtnrg Ut. 

Of Ike ptnet of rwepdlon </ lAt tiny amJ fium. 
Be it niiMRiUired to amand tlM botulij of tbs king Mid Um qouMi, 

(if the pvliamnU. hov niinjr tJUiU ht \tUI hy yrar, awl In vAoT manxr. 

It i* to b« rvtimnbarvd tlikt tlis twvntj'-ruur hnva ordviiwl thiit thor* b* 
threa pwrti'-iiHnitt » jrwr. The flnt at ilio octave of 8, MiohML Th* 
Moond the nwnvw of Ouidlguuu. Tlie third ths flrrt -lny of Junr. to »ii, 
three whIu bofbra & John- To thnte thrcu [luliamont^ (Jte c1o;t<<i1 ooub' 
oiUoT* of tha king; iliaTl ooma. oven i< thov krc mn acut (or, tu wc tbu •laU 
of Ui« niriliii, Mid to tn-kt of Uu ooiunion vunu of the kingitam. ud of t'lr 
kine l<i likv inKnii«r, Add oUwr timM in like mumor sbco voouion iholl 
ba, Djr the king'a oommuiil 

So It i> to be renuiiiberod tb«t tbo commoiulty cUot tmlTO boiuat nwa, 
who ihUl oamo *t tli« (larlbiiiioiit* and otlier tiuioi iiIioq oecMlou (hall Im. 
when Uio klnic or hi> eoimcil ahiitl HiiJ f^r Ihuiu, (o trnt uf th* want* of 
lb* ktnit and of th« kingdom. Anil IliKt thv roinmoiMtt)' ahaJI bold ■■ 
(■taUivhod tbiit laiiich tlicso twetro Bhnll do. And tlut «l>&tl b* don* to 
•purs tha end of the oommoiiiilM. 

Then) (hnll be filtoRD n/klncd bf tboK fonr, to irrt. by tlie Eori ManAall. 
tli« K^rt uf Warwick, Hugh Di^i^d, ind Johu M-^uh-l, wbo ure elected trJT 
Iho twsntj'-tour to name thi.- afijrouid lift<«n. whi> tliiilt bu tba Idaf*! 
OOlBKdL And thoT (hull bo coiifirnKil liy llio ^t-inmiu-i Iwi'iitj-four, or faj 
tba m^ar pnrt of thim. Anil tlioy iiIliI! liKve |n)wi'r to •yiiiiml tba b>ii|[ \t> 
good nith MDodming ihq {pvurnniimt u( the rralm and alt Ihin^ vliiob 

rirtain to tba king or to the kioploni ; aod to uncad aod redma all 
gt wbiob tba; ■hull hs ivquin to be r«lre«od and amondod. And 
av«r tba (bid iotlloe and over all odicr iivo|ilo. And if tbey auinut all ba 
prexnt, that vblcb tha niajontjr iluU do aiiail bo ttna and calabliiliod. 

neuart t^ tianei eflltt principal ea/tittoftStUttg.and ofthm 
wita hart than I'a krtying. 

[Tbu nuuH fullciw,] 
{Chi^g fr^m Iht TWnalatioa by Mr, Luard. .^Hit. SurUn. pp. 5oi-5&jO 

ttZ/i Ifo, V. J'neUunatiimt ^A» King't AdhetioH (o tht 


I, Jlxttn' ^i]r^Gi>df«fuUatn«kingan KntcI«n«lo«niJ(^ UioaiKTrd 
on Yrioainl', Dok on Norm' on Aquilaia' nn<I eor! oti Aniow 
send iffTotinf^ to alio 1iieo boMo iltprrle oiid ilrawrdc on Hun- 
tmdoii echir'. ^t »it«u }e v«l alle ^t wo willcn mid oiumii 
tet ^kA are ru^eameu nlle o^r ^ moare dnl of h?OB ^ 
Mob icboaen ^tuj u« and ^i^ ^nt loAodea lolk on ur« kanericbii. 
Iiftbbe^ idon vid KbuUsa don in ^ worpnesM of Qode ud on 
nra treov^. fur ^ fnma of ^ luandc. tmi^ ye buiijta of ^ 
toforvnueida redMmcn ; b«c ateJcfint luul ilmAiniM in nll« 
pinge alioten node. And we hoalan alia on tno-n b ^ 


J'txmtifiUA of (Xjford. 




iwrricn to lirjildm nnil to wrrim ^ uetnMses |«t hvun imiikfdr 
aad bvoD tomftliicn |>urj ))bii tofcireniiroide nedeuiteu ubvr {nii^ 
[w moare die) of heom «l»vo bIm hit ia Inforen iwiii. Ami 
|ittt ebc o^ helpe (lAt fur to done Ui )iiin iluho o}ic iijnnr« ntle 
men. n;t fur to dune imd to fo*iiKcn. And nonn nc nimo of 
In&nde ne vf e}t«. wlicr)iur) (lis bnvigtc mujo l<cnn Uet o^r 
iweni6il on onie wiee. And }if on! ojitr onic ciirocfi Iict otijeiiM : 
we willcn ftnd bnatni l.crt nUe urc trcow* lic^im heoldcu AenA- 
lich« ifoon. And for (rset ve willcn |<nt [lis beu &teiIeftiMit nod 
Icetinde; we fonden jow ^ib writ open iMined wl)> ure «i-el. to 
hsldcn k numgee ;ew io^hord. Wiinewous wlucn a-t Lundni*. 
bane Kjtetontie day. on |>e AtontN! ol Octobr' hi )n Two and 
luweHi^^ }eare of tire cmuiiijfc. And ])!« wci idon n^tforen 
urc bworcue redeamra. Boticfac' ArctielMKcliop nn Knnt'liur'. 
W»lt' of Cftntclow. BiKrhop on Wireclirstr. Sim' nf Muotfort 
Korl on I-ciruhniilT*. Ric' of Clnr* Eorl on (jlowclidsti* and ou 
Kiirtford'. Kog. Bigod £orl on Norilifolk' uud Vurercnl on 
KngleiicloBnd'. PerrcB of Snuueye. Will" of Fort Eorl on 
Aubem", Joli' of Plcsacii Eorl on Wmwwik'. Joli" (ipffrcw 
aune. Perres of MuutfoH. Ric* of Gmy. Rog' of Mortemor. 
Jain«8 of Alditlicl and lelfiircii u{ire Jncne. 

Antl id on ^n ilclin woidcn in inmd in to wrilice o|ire sboire 
ounr bI |<irrR kunoriclic on Engli^ndoando and ek in lt\ Ire- 
londo. — (Fofdera, L 378, collated with iLo edition of A. J. Kllia, 
LoDdoD, 1868.) 


K»nT7, by (lis gnuu «t Ood kiatg of KiiulnO'I. loni ot \nliitu1. duke of 
Nonniixly ami Acguluine, ftnd «i)udI of Anjou. to M hii futhhil, cleik 
Uid Iny, in UiinIiiiK<]<iiiahir«, gTwHnC' Know ya kll well thi,t Wo wEU 
Mtd grknt thai thiLt wliirh oar ooaimirnn. nil nr the gteiiCer part of tbwD, 
tlul bo okoMD br tM Bud by tbe ptopla of Ibo bud of our Jilti|[<loRi, hun 
don* and tball do in honour of God end In ]oy«lty lo at, Air ll>« Imic- 
Bt of tho country, by the prortdDD of tho abm^d caunMllon, be iitiMdf»t 
■n<l twitini; in all ibltitt* ■Ithoiit end. And w» ci>iniTiiiii<l »ll our true men 
in llin troth tluil tht>y own mh. tlml they (I«uirti<tly huM and iwtnr lo bulil 
and lo dufvnd tbe alatiilt* U»l hv mud* or lo br hiikIo by tbe liorcMiid 
CoUDBcllon nr by tbo crrAtt-r ]>iirt of thcin ■• in niotwiid; and tlmt nch 
hotp other that Ivi to do by the tamo oalb, a^nat *ll incn. rlybt (or to do 
and to roosiTo : and lot no one take ol land or of gaod% whertby tlu't pro- 
vUion may be Uederad or dMnand <d any wbo. And U any pennn or 
penomieoia* thnv ^aintt, *e wQI and o'lmmand that all our fiaithlul liotd 
Ihmi Bi dnwlly foca. And for that we wiU that thia be iloadfHl and 
iaating, w* trnd you this writ open, loiled with our >aa1, to keen aniont! you .« 
in itoni. Witneai oonclf at London, the tSth of Octohor, In tho forty- k I' 
Mwaiid T<ar nf oat reign. And IhU wm ilono bntora our iworn cmiTMrllon 
— BonUaoc, anlUihop ut Caiitrcliur) j WalUr of Canlflupe, biahop «1 



Henry III. 


WwOMtor; Kman of Montfort, ntrl ef Ij«i(<«*t«r ; Ri^haM nf Clirn. aari 
of OlouoNkr Uid IIcrLfciriJ; Roe*" Big*"^- **<*I o' ^*"^"l'' "O'' i"*'*'^') <■' 
En^uid; PaMTol Skviqr : William da Portibn*. c<krl of Albemarle: J.4in 
of PleHia, carl of Wanridi ; John, wn of OMftc; : Pcirr of MoMfort ; 
Rloharil of Grey : Rcwnr ot MuHlmtr ; Jauaa of Audley i kncl bofinv other 
mnuub. And kII in too <uiina vri>nU in it tiiiit Into efsry otbw ahir* 
all tlia kinplom uf Eagl&nd antl alio into trdnad. 

1. Henri, ur la gnoe de Deu rei <l« Eugletere, duo Ac Nor- 
mnndie, de AqniUinle, et cuulv de Auguu, u tux cct f<iu* ot 
lena nliu^ Pur cue ko uux drsimiwG et volutns kc hftstive 
drntiira fdt r«lo pnr lolc noxtrc renunie aiitreu bon aa poveree 
ram a riches, iiu« volume ot comaudDDe ko tnz l«8 ton ke unt 
fat« fct de nostro t«iu «n voEtro coot*, ki unkea 1« «ven tst, 
aeint miutt^ bs quotre clievalora ke bus arum a coe atunui, ri 
eii KTiuit lie lur «it e8t« mtutrat. E ntu, al j>lu4 WtiTL-inMit k« 
nns pHrmmti, la (rum ameudcr et iu]rBM'<;r. Mr* ri iin« nc par- 
rum* i>i hiistivnmciit ce«t« olione fere cuinc nn>( vndrums, cl cuioe 
iBcstcr ivmit ■ \na* H a nne, dc na« no vous dcvrz pas amer- 
veater ke la clmiw, ku mtt si longwmont malemcnt ale a DOHtn^ 
damage M al vmcn, k« cl«s no poent «i tust eatrv amoMdex. H(^« 
par les premer amendiineiiE ke Kerrunt hi al ouute u nui avr- 
roro noetre Jubtke et de iios auires prodcs liomes, pur ooc ptwK 
axtir certeyu csperance ke auti fm li^m a voui al plus toot ke 
Irtn pumi. Sacliex ke ntiit ovum frt jiir<T chcimin de ooi 
vewuntM icol mrmCDt, ke il nu* vi.-rvim Ivvnnnont, ct lewomeut 
tandta a eon peer e«o k« mt d»ui cacrit ; coo e»t a eaver, ke !1 
fra dieiture communement a tute gent solum Ic ]ioer ke il a ili: 
taa ulBvi-. E ceu tic lerra pur amur, dc pur liapui, tie pur pour 
de nul, nu pur uulc covoytiM.-. k« il Muni lioii et aaiii toft oo face 
haetivt^ drcitum al porcre liomo «iimo al riclio ; dc de nuljr ren 
prendra pnr li, m- piir antri! va nulc niaoere, par art no par 
vnsrn.pnr ochciuii de In bnylin. ivn Kilemeat maogenet beyllrca 
ko iom est arUAliiiii« a pnrirr u tnb1c^ auu cume a line JontC« 
al plus; ne ke il ne avcra fors eyne clievaiu en ]yu an D lier- 
berRe ovcKm autre |i«r B'-litnuu de ta Iwjrllie ; &« ovcke nnl no 
herbergera ke eit meinft de quaraute livere die (ere, ne en nale 
nnuD de religion k« eit metua de vntue de cent ronn chcscun an 
do t«rc» oo du rente* ; no oTokcn It* lyoc ditc* nc licrbiTgcra ko 
nno Hot par an, nu dent al pliia. £ oco no fra foni pnr lur prtere 
et par lor bone vo]unt«. E ke ceo a custume ne trt-rra. K si 
il oorent ke il hori>er)»e, ke pina n« prendra de ]>rMeiii iic <Ie 
autre ohote ke plus vule ke diiu denera. E ko de Hcrgnnt ne 
avera fom laut cum li coTemlr* oouvenablemont teuir |mrgard«r 
n Lay Ilic, c teiu wrgiinc jircndro, dt* qucui il icit »i ecnr ke il 


J^iwMUHU ^ Oxford. 


puMC RVpoiidre de lur fet. E ke l« puis do scit trop ci^tc piir 
lor mMig^ DC pur lur keyfreo. E will taut cumu il RUiit vn 
bBfllic, nnl hi>in{i cicro ii« \vf, baoo oe vileiii, dc mcmiD de 
r«ligiou no dc vikr, nc tlrmnmliTunt ne prctulrunt ft7gii«1, g«rb«, 
ble«, DO loine. nc mil outre tniunrc dc moblc, n« donors ne ke l« 
vkille, ai come plu«un unt acustumfr ca en nr«r«, E co lur fitoe 
jarer le TOKunte k&ot U lea mottra en bAili«. E ke cu&t«x, 
hundredca^ wapetakee, ne nul autre niaperu do l>uilli«ii d« ooctra 
rcnumo deliuudn a fertile a uulli. E nelcut cert«iiut wionntcF, 
et tote RianrrcK do DUtr«* buiUb, ke n nul cut atcint de nule 
niancin dc natr« prue kc xui eat encrit pur nchcRin de tft bullie. 
Ice i) aem rcint ausi ben Ic donor cnmc Ic r«c«vur ; kar nun 
KTUin puirett par Ic ciiiifeil dc nu* bnux botnes ke tat jtini melt 
Mlt bte pleoere et kasttve drcitiiro a tux e&de quIo muneTc flc 
locr. E pur oo nus comautluns el defeudunti a tux vt a tolcfi, 
ke a nul ito ana buUUi reus ne oITieut, nc prumettent, nc doDont, 
sur peine ilw cslrc roiut; kar ^uant le vexcunt VMidia al ebef 
d(d an snr fiin ncuiitc, Irm li livi-rn m oovcDable* deapeuBCB ko 
avera fet, pur m boillie gardrr ct pur Iq luer do Bt« tergane. £ 
pur CO le doiiume nus del Dodre. ko nus ne vulumu ku il cicnl 
nchofuu du rone prendre de lutru. E dub voluus ko nut dc Don 
bailli* kc nun ni«tunia en noetre t«re, viscunte no autre, deinorgi< 
en M baillie plus de nn aa. E pur co le voua fcsumi ft rarer ke 
si dnreecea ou t«rx vcient Tctcw par Ice ovanl ditcs baillir, ke vub 
\BMxa lea dotesi ct plua Murcmcnt lun> tort moBtrein Tett«- 
raoigue memee a WcetEooatrc, l« vintimc Jur de Octolre, le uu de 
noatro regne xliL 


Hcniy. bj tlip ^nr^ntGnS kini; nr EnuUnd. •\nVt of Konnandy, AmU 
Uiuc. »nd count <if AnjOQ, to M )ii< fnil'ifnl >nd lonl irubjoM^ hwltlL 
Fnru-<i>u«h M wf 'ilmni uid wuh tlinc *)>«<]y juitloa be iloii* through the 
wbtito t<rour ri-iliii, m mII to tba poorn* to rioli, w* with uul oommwid 
ihiit M Ih* *>r\>iiu« ublch hafo ba«n iIodb in oi»r tima In jov oouni;, 
whoever ahnll b>i* clona tbain, b« abown to Iha^cur kniglila Hbom ire 
iia*e uiigti«il for Ibit, if thvy barx sot bolbrc bnm ■hovn to them. A ml 
wo. M upmlily na we Fin, will hai'e them ameailod am) rtdnMcd. Hut if 
wo (^atiDot *« ■pucdilj' ilo Ihia ai ve wiib. tmi a> o<«a>iiii> abill b« to ]ton 
and to ua. nnldier wo rmr jou ought in urjudnr thai wlint ha* for an loog 

Eons (41 ill to our \em anil [u juut*, vaiiiiot an quiukly be amrtidEd. Bui 
y tba Rrrt amandmanta tint timW \n done in the aouoty where we ihall 
hnrti Dut jiiiticinr and nur '•thrr iiniTicd mm. hj thli 70D Ckn baTo oortain 
ho]>c that ibua it fhnJl ba liono to you aa looo u poMibla. Know that «■ 
haie made «ioh «iio of our Khcri& awoir tbia Oath, that ba viil Mnve U« 
lojall}'. and loyally will k<^-p itccordinir to hli poww IhU which i« wrtttcai 
hI-iki. to wit, that ho wUl iJo rl|;bt lii cninmon to al] |><<«pJav aocordinc to 
the [lOtttEr whkh he hw tt</tn bui owd '•IHce. Anil that ha mil not fclTtw 


Henry III, 


Inva, not T'T liiit«,aor Gjr foKT <S uijr. iior (or uj pratd, m mil imI m 
•MB t« 4a «{>acily iuatiMi (o [n«r h la ridi ; aad lL»t W «lll m* uk« 
Tram Kiif on« «DyUii»( bjr UiumU nor bjr Miathdr In unj hmadot. )iv ut 
(« by deiia, liy «eai->on of Uw IwlUwick, au«ptn| miIt MMt wJ ilrinh 
whioh ufl Mtailomed la ba brougbl m tha UblMt. wid UmI *• for nna •!*/ 
■I the nuiti not tbat he iluiU Wva «afv thiM hi* «n lotM in the nlnie 
wlicTc h« loilgM witk MMtfaoc by ocoMlan of hia baUlwUk ; an abMl be 
Imltt* *ith uiy <ao ah* bu la* than (orty litirato* of laniL sor b anj 
ralluii>ua linoaa wblch bai* Imi tliau tb« vhIih uf loo nariu oaah ya*r u 
laaM or in rtata ; ii-ir thaU ha Iml^ \» tha aald phuN* nmn IhMi aoM* 
* ]Hmr. or twice at BMat : ami that Itt ihall nnt da aio«Dt at thcor pi*>r*r 
•nil their goad wilt: and Ikwt that ahall not ba itnvn iMaaoattom. And 
It It be i»mttaAeM tar hun lo lodBa. that Im >haU tik« mo More of |iramt« 
nor of othor thtaf* Ihaa li worth twdra panoa. And diat ol Knanl* h« 
•hull bava only to naaiy ■• AatI ba rS|[hl^ul Ar hfan to bara osftMsdafMlr 
to |««t«at Ua ItalSartck, and llMn antaati alall ha taka of whctn ha Mtay 
ba anr* that ba <ma anawor for tb«m- dMtb. And thai tba oeaiiify ha nal 
toonueh proao) fer Actr meal or for their drink. Ami Umj, ao lou •• 
Ihqraraln thab«i&iritk,Bfaallni>(Mknortakofr(iin any nian. elorkaaUy, 
Irta «r Tfllatn, ((«•» iv4igto«i WuM or tomufeip, lanb.ibBal.oBni.nwwool. 
Mr aay other kind of morcahla proper^, net Bcan. nor atat b worth 
M. M nasy bars bam aoTutlooMd atoratinia. AMTtbit th« ahMiS la lo 
mica thani tnKar wb*a ba unta tham ia chai^ Aai that ba ik*U Ml 
dalirrr np oouMita, hsn^aiU, waiicntakaa, nor any e tb tr Uml of Mil- 
oRha of our raalB to farm to any un*. Avl let tbdn ba oerUki, )b«rfnb 
wl all Ua>la«f«di*<nia la MAvlolad of any kind of 
oIlMr priaiffa Ihaa b written aloTa, by aaoaatoD oT bit halliwlok. that ba 
■ball ba puBJalwd, aa wull tha gtnr aa the raotiiar. Fur w« lia*« protUad, 
by thaooanati of our fmt nwn Ifcal tor am aftrr th«n ba dona Aill tad 
apeadjr iniciga to all wiihnat any kinil of faa. And for thia wa omamand 
and fvMlM M •■ aw wmt all vanon. tha U no ona of nor Wli* ahnH 
ihay «ftr, or pcomba^ «r (lt« aoytUss. on fatal of bafaif fwlibaJ i tm 
whan th« ihvnff ahaQ ooma at tha and of Cba yaar ujkoi hi* aceonnl. tlist 
(hall be |iaid to bko hla propar mp ra iaa wMtb ho ahall ka>v* iMda Kt 
fuaid hla balliwidi and to fM hia aarvania. And for that w« s'la hiM «f 
our own, ba»«na ws will not that ha have oocaaiiin la taka aaythia> ftoai 
MMllMr. And wa will that do a«« of oar laiDiCi whom aa put m owr 
Unb. AcriS or other pofM*. nanai* In td« bailiwidc inopg ihM a yaar. 
And Sir that w« imma yon to know, that If barjihini b» wniaga an doaa 
by tha alnaatld ballHEs that you (mt Ihom Itai ami mora anni>y*hi>wtlMir 
wiOK d«ing«. WiUaw ooiaatvta at Wauminatar, tha iMh day ofOotebtf, 
I> the 4Md yaw ef our toip.— Idmb Aulm. pf. ^a. Sot) 

K«. TI. A.D. 1 169. Th$ Pnmidvu ^ On Sarma. 

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