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• <i 

Sequelle I9S2 

Clarion Slate College 

Clarion. Pennsylvania 16214 


ibere are times when 
you just want to fly. Take / 
ia the limit. 



•• «*S 

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• >W^-^' 

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tind a Jien talent within 



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^^^f ^^E ^Y^^^^k. 


*T^W^^j|^^^ <-> ^^0 





Develop it. 


i ii ii iMi itMiUBHmniiaHitBiimii MM wi i ttitgMmimmiBiiii 


I Be your own free spirit. 



|t III ii ^iii iim 



"There is beauty even in the dead season ..." 

One Room Homes 


Most CSC students can chalk up to 
experience at least one semester of dorm 
living. Entering freshmen and transfer 
students typically live in the Manor. This 
dorm's atmosphere and location are 
conducive to making close friends and 
spending a lot of time together. If it is 
privacy you are after. Clarion offers three 
single sex dorms - Becht and Given for 
girls, Ballentine for guys. For those who 
enjoy living in the same building with the 
opposite sex. Ralston. Campbell. Nair and 
Wilkinson are the dorm choices available. 
All dorms sponsor movies, dances, 
ice-cream socials, semi-formals and other 
activities for its residents. If they don't 
suit you, you can always do your laundry 
in the basement or rearrange your beds. 
Most dorm rooms are too small, but for 
those who live in them, it's home. 

mm ••» 








Classes - A Necessary Ingredient 

mK m Mmwmim nammmtmmmamiHi 


Live and Learn 

Whether it's Wendy's or ju elderly couple who 
are your next-door neighbors, living off-campus is 
a popular trend at Clarion. It gives a student the 
chance to deal with landlords, develop credit 
ratings and balance the food budget in the generic 
section of the food supermarket. Although there are 
no R.A. s to content with, tenants must beware of 
Clarion's finest who are always policing the streets 
looking for a few good parties. Some have learned 
the hard way that you can get fined for throwing 
a frisbee in the street or having your speaker out 
the window. However these encounters are not 
nearly as frequent as the good times had in your 
own home. Living off-campus is a chance to live 
by your own rules and learn responsibility. 



,n :,. .-. 


^r '^^^HH! 


HHPHIIIlif .^^y^^iiiti'it*^^ 



tjffirn'ifflnHtwif'f™"'™™— '—"*""""" 



^ring Festival of the Arts 


Clarion Stale College's fiml Spring 
Festival of the Arts was held may 6 through 
9 and featured a wide variety of musical, 
artistic, dramatic and other performances. 
"The festival is a celebration of art. music. 
theatre and craft in all its myriad shapes and 
forms. " said a spokesperson for the arts 
committee. "In the tradition of arts festivals 
and state fairs across the nation. Clarion 
begins a new tradition. " Artists formed a 
major pari of the festival with craftsmen 
working in bronze, glass blowing, ceramics, 
calligraphy, stone carving and graphics- 
Musical groups that performed during the 
festival were Archie Blue. NBC Chorus. 
Fiddle-Arounds. stage band competition and 
various soloists. Principal dancers from the 
Princeton Ballet Company performed and 
operated a special ballet workshop. A 
children's art area was also designated. 
Members of the committee were Al Charley. 
Gayle Truitt-Bean. Judy Bond. Alfred Hartley, 
Stanley F. Michalski and Stan Denski. 

Rienrer Gets a Facelift 

Riemer snack b$r. under new management, took on 
a new look and a new name this year. Center Board 
spopsored a contest for the name and the snack bar is 
now cafted The Eagle's Pen. If the food tastes like 
-Emerson's, it is because that's who took over. the business. 
There are. waiters and waitresses to take your order or. 
if you prefer, you can order yourself. And if you are just 
tooking-^r aJ place to study or socialize, you can have 
a table in the back all to yourself. It's just another way 
Center Board is trying to make your life at Clarion better. 


From Dana Still — 

, to Becker 

Looking for Variety? A Pig Roast 

Tired? That's what the sign advertising the 1st Annual Pig Roast said. Held at the Phi Sig bar. the roast boasted two stuffed 
pigs, thirty chickens and over two dozen kegs of beer. Even the rain couldn't dampen the high spirits of those that were there. 

The Marianville Fur Trader's Auction is held annually at the end of March. It offers a wide variety of entertainment for tho^e 
that brave the weather to go. Bearded fur traders proudly display their skins for show and sale. While you're strolling around 
the stands, you can sample beaver and muscrat and other delicacies from the woods. And if you're bored with all that, you can 
always mud wrestle for the title of "King of the Hill." 

The Marianville Fur Auction 



IKi vJ iJti 



^ ;:" SENI0RS„ ■■ ^ 



^^ . wmm V :^ ^: ■:' -^ ■ ■" ?"^ -= -^^''- ?"' -■ 


School Of Education And Human Services 

Barbara A. Arnett 

Martha Baker 

Theresa Lynn Balena 

Janice Barsotii 

Susan L. BasI 

Marsha Lynn Beaman 

Scott Beggs 

Vicki Benninger 

Beverly Faith Betcher 

Kathleen Beveridge 

Kim Marie Bingaman 

MaryEllen Theresa Borovick 

Keginj C^tLignino 
Judy Slrachan Citka 
Carole A. Clawton 

Amy Chapnick 
Renee Lyn Cherwak 
Donna M. Cinelli 
Kimberly Ann Cummings 

Maria Dalessandro 
Leslie A. Davis 
Janice M. DeFaIco 
Karen Deinert 
Tina M. DeSalvo 

Colleen Ann fix 

Ronald Foster 

Melody A Franklin 

Kellie L. Frost 

Laurie Jan Gaidosh 

Patricia A. Gannon 

Carrie L. Greene 

Rhonda Greco 

Karia Dawn Groscost 

Blaine Hallahan 

Patricia Sue Hamman 
Julie Harmon 

Diane Susan Harvey 
Kathryn L. Henderson 

Beverly Hibbard 
Rosemary Hill 

Julie G. Hoagland 
Karen Holmes 



PI f (OIS 




' ' "'n 





- -• _^^ 

t ^fl^^^i^^^^^lH 

44 ./g 

^ njrh^ra Lynn Holt 

Mjry Hizjheth Houtley 
Oennt Hudson 

^ Oehrj Hunter 
f-- Cjihirhne L Hutted 

Laurj Ann Jjnufik 
Todd Jiy 

Delorei Jean Johnson 
Gladys G. Johnson 
Vicki Ann Johnson 

Martha E. Jonet 

Lori Beth Kahrer 
^ '^'f Donna Keen 

Laura M. Kell 
Megan Keller 

Jamie Kelly 

Bruce Arnold Kemmerer 

Cynthia Ann Kiessling 
Sandra Kiser 
Carol Klacik 

Carin Kuntz 

Christina L. Kutskel 

\ancy A Lane 

Diane Lasch 

Karen Jeanne Lee 

Meghan Mahoney 

Elizabeth Markunas 

Jeanne L. Mazzeo 

Colleen Beth McAllister 

Linda L. McCauley 

Erin McLaughlin 

Brian A. McLaughlin 

Lareen Meinen 

Kevin L. Michael 

Oarlene Miller 
Margjrel A. Mitchell 
Lin Kay Mongiello 

Elizabeth Ann Moody 
Janet H. Morse 
Sandra Moscicki 
Patricia Nalipinski 

Susan Lynn Nam 
Kimberly K. Neely 
Linda Jacqueline Nichols 
Susan North 
David Lee Oertner 

Carolyn Denise Petras 

Diane L. Plaine 

Darlene Poliziani 

Kim Elizabeth Porter 

Brenda L. Rock 

Carolyn S. Roddy 

Kristine A. Rutter 

Sally Schiavo 

Sandra Marie Segal 

Caria D. Singleton 

Timothy G. Sisinni 
Grace Mary Solimando 

Cindy Smith 
Nancy J. Suchacek 

Janet Thompson 
Janice M. Torisky 

Valerie Lee Trivelpeice 
Bruce Turk 


Cttherine Camille Urbanik 
r,i:i Jo Vadella 
V) Lisa Valentine 
I l.iine Verei 
ilieryl A. Walchack 

Carolyn S. Watkins 
Gretchen R. Wiedwald 
leann VCilhour 
Terese Marie Witniewtki 
Mariann Wiszczor 

Cheryl Zahner 
Kelly Ann Ziembicki 


Susan Apfelbaum 
Sella M. Benamati 

Mark f. Benoit 
Michael J. Betti 




Joseph M. Biro, Jr. 
Jujuan Alan Bonner 
Gregory Alan Bowser 

Joanne C. Burgert 
Jane E. Chitester 
James Loyal Sibly 

Mary B. Clark 

Nora Gail Clark 

Timothy E. Collins 

Nancy Lyn Commella 

Cynthia Ann Corbin 

Mary M. D'Innocenzo 

David A. Edmiston 

Laura M. Thayer 

Theresa Lyn Ferguson 

Jerry A. Grotto Jr. 
Brad Harshman 
Kurt Haverftock 

Scoti L. Huff 
Pamela Camille James 
Linda J. Kaufman 
Nancy J Keisler 

Susan Ellen Kljucaric 
John S. Kolch 
Kevin A. Lanlzy 
Cheryl Larson 
Lynne Schwell 

Karen Michele Mackey 

Denny Kocher 

Theresa A. McCoy 

Scott McElravy 

Anthem F. Mediate 

Kathleen MInlch 

Lorle K. Moran 

Carolynn J. \augle 

Jean Marie Selder 

Barbara L. Yancosek 

Ruth Ann Ober 

Donna E. Pearson 

Douglas A. Phillips 

Bridget Ponte 

Kathy Porterfield 

Jayme Powers 

Lawrence f Richert 

loran Sekely 
Cathy Ann Smith 
Roberta Snyder 
Carol L. Steward 

James L. Stillson 
Laura M. Thayer 
James C. Tooles, Jr. 
Vincent Traynor 
Roxanna April Vannatia 

Steven Mitchell Wasserman 
Karen D. Welshons 
Charlene Winters 
Barbara Yager 
Kimberly A. Zorzi 


Keith Ahrjms 

Salah Nasser Al-Mesbah 
Jamal S. Al-Muemen 

Richard J. Anton 
Joseph Antonello 

Janet Attanuci 
Anne Austen 

Constance Culbertson 
Susan Jeanne Baer 
Robert J. Baiter 
Chris Robert Bamford 
Halmon Lloyd "Sonny' 
Banks. Ill 

Jeffrey S. Banks 
Stephanie Bannon 
Scott David Benton 
Valarie McKay 
Lynn Blackston 

Dalia R. Viat-FraJert 

Joan Marie Brink 
Linda Burgaion 

Jane Burgest 
Edward Cass 

Melanie K. Chapel 
Elizabeth Anne Chase 

Joseph Chromiak 

Mary Jo Chutko 

Curtis Clark 

Joanne M. Clark 
Sarah Cleveland 

Susan D. Drane 

Tonya Campbell 

Phyllis Lindenmuth 

Catherine Ann Creaden 

Lorie M. Cvijic 


Scott Dole 

Patricia Ann Donahue 

Cynthia Dreher 

Becky Marie Duchene 

Scott Edwards 

Carol Jean Ellermeyer 

Abuzid Ali Essid 

Joni E. Evans 

Richard P. Franklin Jr. 

lori E Greene 
Kenneth Goble 
Kenee J. Goldberg 



Laura J. Gordon 

Rebecca Kalharina Hamberger 

Debra L. Hanet 

Linda C. Haney 

Michelle Hartnett 
Deborah A. Hensel 
Barbara L. Hess 
Rosemarie Hetesi 
Susan L. Hudson 

Lisa A. Brown 
Kelly M- Barker 


Gretchen Keller 
Virginia M. Kibler 

Katie Kier 
Mary Ann King 

David Kneram 
Marjorie J. Krajovic 

Milton J. Kochenash 
Carol Brush 

Vicki Michelle Landas 
Tammy Larson 
David S. Leathers 
Gordon Francis Lee 
John W. Lee Jr. 

Cathleen Lightbum 
David A. Lijewski 
Robert Lindberg 
Mark Edward Liscinski 
Diann Lockwood 

Suianne Elizabeth LoJer 
David £. Lunherg 

David Manski 
Kerri J. Markert 

Wayne McCool 
Suzanne M. McFetridge 

Valerie J. McKay 
Kevin 6. McKelvey 

Wendy Sue Miller 

Melissa A. Monnie 

Todd A. Moore 

Brian Nickoloft 

Valerie Novak 



^^^L^''' J^^ 


Elaine Oris 

Kathleen M. Pamer 

Mary Beth Quinn 

Artheur E. Rhoads 

Robert P. Robinson 

Diane Rubisch 

Lisa M. Salerno 

Ronald A. Sanford 

Susan A. Scholl 

Lisa Schroll 

Audrey K. Schumann 

Eric Shriver 

John E. Siggelow 

Laurie Elizabeth Snyder 

Susan M. Snyder 

Louis Joseph Sopata 

Michele Snopko 

^ /^^ 

Kimberley P. Sljnley 
Jame$ f. Stjplet Jr. 
Carolyn Sue Slelholsky 

Dave Sterner 
Nancy Slorh 
H Teresa A. Sireich 
Sonna Lynn Tanda 

Joel Michael Thompson 
Marianne Tote 
John Robert Weller 
Sybil M. Williams 
Joan A. Womeldorf 


Hill J 





Rr "*^^**^35^^k^^B 


ife^ ^ 


Denice S. Zauski 
Judith Anne AcosU 

Michael A. Adiey 
Martin Uba Aladi 

Michael C. Alexander 
Don Allen 
Lynne Allen 
Raymond A. Aikins 

Jerome Robert Andres 
David H. Anker 
Larry A. Anthony 
Anthony Amaram 
Corinne Babich 

John D. Beach 
Stephanie Jane Beckwith 

Stacy Beer 

Mary Anne Bella 

Kevin Benckendorf 

Mickey Berardino 

Bob Belts 

John R. Bianco ^V*^^ 

Sharon J. Bikacaan 

Susan C. Bish 

David Alan Black 

Phil Blankenstein 

Eric Brociouf 

Cara J. Brosnahan 

William Brown 

Ella Mae Bruce 

Ross Frank Burnett 

Joy L. Bushman 

Charles J. Callaghan. Ill 

Cindy Callan 

Joyce E. Calvert 

Heidi Marie Cameron 

Michael i. Blass 

Denise E. Bohner 

Gary Bowser 

Ken Bowser 

James T. Boyle 

Linda Brand 

Valarie Goldberg 

Tony Caracciolo 
Mary Ann Care 
Rich Celecki 

Cynthia D. Snyder 
Bonnie Chamberlain 
David Stevenson 
Anthony John Chiprean 

fimolhy D. Chupinsky 
Kimberly Mary Claassen 
Susan A. Claus 
Willis L. Collelt 
Deanna Copeland 

Kevin Currie 

Jon A. Cwalina 

Michael A. Dagar 

Micliael P. Dailey 

John H. Davis. II 

Susan Davis 

Joseph A. DelVecchio 

Tina Deysher 

Richard Dexter 
Kevin L DeZorzi 

Alan R. Dink fell 
George P. Doeringer. Jr. 

Robert J. Donofrio 
Sandi Dreibelbis 

Marianne Eberle 
H. Bruce Ehrman 


._ y^- Z ' ' ""^1- 

Carol Ann Citert 
Julie Ann Hdredge 
David R. Imery. Jr. 
Steven Eizel 
Tim McKinney 

Lori C. fahrenbach 
Diana L. Aiello 
Jean Marie feichlel 
\ Lauren Sue Stoker 
Mark Fleck 

Hank Fortmuller 
Mark Frank 

Patricia Frazier 
Roy Frederickson 

Larry D. French 
David Anthony Friday 

Sara L. Galbo 
Jeanne Gallagher 

/»^Sr 67 

John N. Games 

Deborah Garbacz 

Robert Garcia 

Donna Goidich 

Randall Joseph Gordon 

Roger D. Grahm 

Janet Marie Graybill 

Ralph J. Greb 

Catherine F. Guerra 
John Michael Oundersen 
Peb Haas 

Cynthia Hamilton 
Craig Harkless 
Sandra Harris 
Richard Hartz 

Michael D. Haugh 
Deborah A. Hay 
Douglas S. Heberling 

Lauren M. Hepner 

Karia Horanic 
Gloria Hovanic 

Evalyn Howard 
Erik C. Hunt 

Douglas Inman 
Pamela Jaquith 

Tom Jakelsky 
James R. Janssen, Jr. 

Brenda Louise Jastromb 
Carol Ann Johns 
William J. Johnson 
Jeffery T. Johnston 
Jerry Jurcisin 

Donald G. Kaltenbaugh 
Susan keeler 
Rae Kelly 

Stanford Nils Kemp 
Douglas W. Kenyon 

Pehrj Ann kifer 
Gregory Kijowtki 

James P. kirn 
Robert G. klamul. Jr. 

Diane I. Klebine 
Frances Sandra Kobus 

J. Kevin Koerner 
Virginia Tressa Kuli 

Daniel Cason Krebs 

Donna kreppt 

Joseph Kubala 

Jay Kumar 

Stan Kurpiel 

Kathleen Lamb 

Kevin J. Lanciotti 

Elizabeth W. Lau 

Barbara Lawson 

Stephanie A. Lewis 

David N. Lindahl 

James R. Linton 

Michael Blaine London 

Bill Lonett 

William J. Loughead 

Dianne Lucas 

Laurel L. Lucas 

Ronald Steven Manz 
frank Marcolini 
David R. Marple 

Janice M. Marshall 
Donald f. Martyna 
Patricia J. Malzel 

Dcreen T. Mellina 

Ernest C. Mensurati 

Kristin Rae Mervosh 

Jeffery C. Miller 

Pamela S. Miller 

Wm. Kevin Montgomery 

Debbie Moore 

Edward Moore 

Monica Anne Morgan 

Valarie C. Morrison 

Mark Robert Moser 
Susan M. Mueller 

Susan E. Mullen 
David Murphy 

Diana L. Murphy 
George Nahodil 


Donna M. Nspolitano 
Kenneth E. Salale 
Paryl B. Nelson 
Sandra Neubert 
Robert Niebel 

Homer Dale Nine 
Paul Norcini 
Matt Ochs 
Clament Okomkwo 
James M. Orenchak 

Daniel J. Oiga 
Jacqueline Marie Pace 

Francisco Manrique Palacios 
James Pardini 

Lynn S. Parente 
Valerie A. Patrizi 

Christine M. Paulinellie 
Robert Pearce 

Michael Peduzzi 

Eric Peterson 

Richard B. Pettican II 

P. Thomas Pfingstler 

Susan Pflug 

Charles Michael Pollina 

Paul D. Puleo 

Jamet Brian Robert* 
Wendi kay Robinson 
Ronald J Rogg 

Ronald L. Root 

Lawrence Vincent Roth III 

W. [dward Roth 

M. James Rothlisberger 

Gerald R. Sackett. Jr. 
^■y Teresa A. Salley 

Mark Scanlon 
Ronald James Scanlon 


Richard Schmidt 

Robert Wayne Schmidt. Jr. 

John Schryver 

Frank Scialabba 

Todd Scott 
Marlene M. Selby 

Deborah J. Sellers 
Nancy L. Seller 

Timothy B. Senko 
Barbara Shea 

Mary Theresa Shimps 
Glen D. Shuart 

David J. Sigworth 
Doug Sikora 
Richard A. Smeltz 
Becky Lynn Smith 
Kevin Craig Smith 

Jeffry S. Smith 
Sheila M. Smith 
Stan Smith 
Joseph Spangler 
Kelly S Stair 


William Stead 
Mark A. Slefanski 

David Stevenson 
Paul J. Stevenson 

Paul A. Stock 
Perry E. Stoops 

Glenn ft. Straub 
Diane Dolores Strockbine 

Timothy A. Swackhamer 

Scott Swartzfager 

Jeff Szumigale 

Dave Thomas 

Teresa E. Thomas 

Jim Tredway 

Douglas E. Urey 

Steven Mark Vanpelt 

Mark L. Varljen 

Vance Venesky 

Joyce L. Vogel 
Andrea L. Vozel 
David C. Wagner 
Gregg J- Wagner 

David Webster 

Timothy M- Wertz 

Elizabeth Ann Williams 

Gary Williams 

Amy Wingate 

Patricia E. Wojcik 

Randall Wolfe 

John A. Yankes. Jr 

Dave York 

Joseph A. Young 

Mohammad S. R. Youssef 

Stephen M. Zary 
Shari Ziesche 
Beth A. Ziler 
Mary J. Zisa 

Marlene S. Zuck 

Jerry Zucker 
David L. Zumbrum 

Remember When . , . 

There was more than one fraternity house in Clarion 
There was a party at almost every house on South Street 
They tried to pass 24 hour visitation in the dorms 
We pulled cards the hard way in Harvey 
Founders was the Business building 
New Year's Eve was celebrated in March at the VFW 
Woody put on spotlight performances at Gamma Rammas 
The bars would let you in more often with a fake ID. than 

a real one 
The pendulum actually swung in the lobby of Pierce 
Clarion's Call was the Call Collect 
The yearbook recognized the faculty and showed pictures of 

all of them 
You never thought of blowing off a class 
It was unusual for a Clarion team to lose 
Chip Stella loaded his jeep up with kegs of the Bull and 

Stan got the Manor together for plateau parties 
Third floor Carlson was the place to be at night 
Girls fought for prime scoping spots in Chandler 
WOVE announced White Arts at CSC during the block 

party at College Park 
Lloyd Hall was the Resident Director of the Manor 
Harvey hill got so crowded there wasn't any room to sit 

There wasn't Wendy's. Baskin-Robbins. Burger King. Pizza 

Hut. Long John Silver's 
Dana Still was a vacant lot . . . and the funeral lot wasn't 


You weren't exagerating if you said there were 50 fire drills 

a night at the Manor 
You would walk almost anywhere for a party 
Drugs were free at the Health Center 
We were freshmen and we thought senior year would never 

get here 
You used to get trashed at parties and the bars and then 

you found someone you really cared about and had a 

good time instead 
We all went to the Fur Trader's auction in Marionville 
You tried to stay up all night at least once to open the 

Tavern at l-.OO a.m. 
Riemer was just a cafeteria 
There was a boycott against classes to lower tuition and 

everyone boycotted the boycott 
Friday night was TKE Sneak night 
"Josh is coming" was written on all the blackboards 
Homecoming 19$!??? 1980??? 1979??? 1978??? 
You went to class early, or at least on time 
Davis was the Communication building 
WCUC had it's first broadcast in 1979 
These artists were in Clarion? Dave Mason. Little River 

Band. Kreskin. Pure Prairie League. Molly Hatchet. 

Iron City Houserockers, Dizzy Gillespie. Kelly Montetlh 
Mr. J's was the Bucket 
We had a scream out and ran to the Roast when the 

Pirates won the World Series 
We met and wondered if we'd still be in touch now 

On Sunday, May 23, a capaci- 
ty crowd filled Tippin gymna- 
sium as President Bond con- 
ferred degrees on approximately 
568 baccalaureate candidates, 
34 associate and 31 master's 
degree candidates. President 
Bond spoke to the class about 
the past and future of the world. 
The ceremony lasted about 3 
hours and when the graduates 
left the gym, the sun was shining 
on them. 

Graduation 1982 


Who's ^W^ American Colleges 

'Sharon JeanetteBikaesan 

She is a senior Marketing major from Wadsworfh, OH. 
and has been active onihe$equelle yearbook, ix^omen's Tennis 
Team. Omnicron Delta Epsilon, Phi Beta Alph^. Council for 
Exceptional Children, Marketing Association, and Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes. 

Rebecca Katharina Hamberger 

She is a senior Speech. Communications and Theatre 
major from York, and has been active in Phi Beta Alpha. 
College Players. College Readers, Individual Speaking Events. 
Marching Band. Interhall Council, Hall Council, Student 
Senate, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

James Keith Cole 

He is a junior Economic major from Corry, and has been 
active in Pi Kappa Delta. Accounting Club. German Club. Math 
Club. Debate Team. Student Council Board. Volleyball Club, 
and Chess Club. 

Gloria Ann Hovanic 

She is a senior Marketing/Real Estate Major from Warren, 
and has been active in Omnicron Delta Epsilon, Phi Beta Alpha. 
Marketing Association. Alpha Zi Delta. Young Democrats. 
Student Senate, Conduct Board, Tennis Club, and Intramurals. 

Mary Michele D'Innocenzo 

She is a senior Communication major from Pottstown. and 
has been active in Clarion 's Call newspaper. Sequelle yearbook. 
lABC. Hall Council. Center Board, the Society for Collegiate 
Journalists, and Ski Club. 

Laura Ann Janusik 

She is a senior Professional Studies major from Berea, OH. 
and has been active in Pi Kappa Delta. PSEA. College Players. 
Individual Speaking Events. Interhall Council. Campus Scouts, 
and Intramurals. 

Kiniberly Ann Grelka 

She is 3 senior Marketing ma jot' from Darlington, and has 
^.bi^ icifjfi^ /n: Pft/ Bei'^ii/'i/p/ja!; Omnicron Delta Epsilon. Alpha 

j/ifij'; C)e/^a| iSu5/>Ti?is i^ssbic.. Marketing Association^ Comm0n- 
'li^i/iiA i^iiijc/'ai'/bn ofStudehtk. Student Development iufpr. Ski 

i Patricia Ellen Kelley 

She is a senior Speech. Communications and Theatre 
major from Polk, and has been active in Pi Kappa Delta. Debate 
Team, individual Speaking Events. Student Senate. Clarion 
Organization of Tenants. Conduct Board, and Faculty Senate 
Student Affairs. 


and Universities 

David Nelson Lindahl. 

He is a senior Accounting major from Girard. and has 
been active in the Accounting Club. Commonwealth 
Association of Students. Young Republicans. National 
Association of Accountants. American Accounting Associa- 
tion. Omnicron Delta Eptilon. and Phi Beta Alpha. 

This year, fourteen Clarion Stater College Students were 
selected for the 1982 edition of Who's Who Among Students 
in American Colleges and Universities. The students named 
to the list were selected on the basis of academic achievement, 
service to the community, leadership in extracurricular 
activities and future potential. Clarion State College is one of 
1.333 institutions of higher learning in 50 states entering 
students for the annual directory. 

Diane Marie Lucas 

Kathleen Marie Pamer 

She is a senior. Marketing major from Natrona Heights, 
and has been active in the Marketing Association. Interhall 
Council. Hall Council. Student Senate. Center Board. 
Presidential Student Advisory Board, and Intramurals. 

She is a senior Speech. Communications and Theatre major 
from Beaver Falls, and has been active in Alpha Psi Omega. 
Pi Kappa Delta. Carlions Call newspaper. College Players. 
College Readers, and Individual Speaking Events. 

Sandra Jean Moscicki 

David Kelly MacEwen 

She is a senior Speech, Pathology S Audiology major from 
Batavia, NY, and has been active in Kappa Delta Pi, National 
Students Speech 3 Hearing, Clarion Outing Society, and Center 

He is a graduate Marketing mafor from Girard. and has 
been active on Student Senate. ROTC. Battalion Ojperationg^ 
Campus Parking Committee. Psychology Club. Young 
Republicans. Center Board. WCUC Radio. History Clup. Ski 
Club, and Intramurals. !•.:.'-. 

Kenneth E. Natale 

He is a senior Management major from Pittsburgh, and 
has been active in Student Senate. Presidential Student 
Advisory Board. Affirmative Action Advisory Committee. 
Faculty Senate Committee on Student Affairs, and Commen- 
cement Committee. 

You have to crack some books, or 
put together a slide show, or run some 
programs to get out of herel 



lha phibetaalpha russia n germ a nprela wpsycho 
ng assoc! a fiona m erica nchemica lsocietypershi 
mgriflesfellowshipofchristiana thleteskappak 

Sequel I e Staff 

Your 1982 Sequelle is filled with memories to last 
a lifetime. Students from various majors joined forces 
to take pictures, write copy, and design and edit 
layouts. We dedicated a lot of time and effort and 
occasionally lost some sleep preparing this hook for 
you, but we think it was worth it. We think you will 

Editors - L to H: K. Abrams (Photography Editor). M. Ozidoski (Features 
Editor), S. lunardini (Faculty Editor), K. Fosbenner (Seniors Editor), M. 
D'lnnocenzo (Editor-in-Chief), V. Benz (Sports Editor). K. Buckley (Features 
Editor). T. Dailey (Groups Editor) 

Photographers — Row h L. Washington. T. Folwarczny. J. Bianco. K. 
Abrams. M. Benoit. K. Haverstock Row 2, S. McElrary. L. Allen. C. Stasioski. 
C. Larson. C. Corbin Row 3: B. Hesidence Missing: M. Gross. K. Traynor, 
K. Swales 


We Make Memories 

Layout Staff ■ Row I, C. Smith. I. 
Sedgewick. P. Hirsch. B. Yager Row i-. M. 
Rutsell. M. Benoil. T. Dailey. \. Hall Row 
3, K. Buckley. S. Lunardini. K. Mackey. D. 
Carpenter Row 4, K. Kling. C. Ricke. A. 
Snyder Row 5; M. Ozidoski. M. D'ln- 
nocenzo. M. Sledd. V. Benz, K. Fosbenner 

WCCB Radio 

WCCB IS a commercial carrier current radio station owned 
and operated by the students of Clarion State College. Every 
semester WCCB runs a training program for students interested 
in "on air" positions. There are many "off air" positions such 
as filing, business, public relations and more. WCCB was 
honored by the Loyola National Radio Conference fall semester 
when they were voted the number one Album Oriented Rock 
(AOR) format of all competing college and university radio 
stations in America. WCCB is the campus radio station that 
programs to the students. They stay in touch with the students 
by playing the most preferred music, running student related 
reminders a few times an hour, and covering college sports. 
WCCB holds many activities every semester. Some of these 
include. "WCCB Night At the Roost" held monthly. "Almost 
May Day" on the last day of April, and "Listener Line 
Contests". The most important activity held by the station is 
the annual Children's Hospital fund drive. This year, the 
seventh annual year. WCCB brought the efforts of all staff 
members together to raise a total of $3,700 for Children's 
Hospital through the many fund-raising activities. 

■^^■^: V W-;C'C:B-.: ■ 


"-M'^'W ^^ 

^<xES^' r-~^~4KKi 


Executive Board Standing: D. Bejster (Sports Director). K. Abramt (Program Director). 
R. Partridge (General Manager), k. Haverstock (Chief Engineer) Sitting: K. Welthont 
(Newt Director). C. Alcherette (Butineis Manager). K. Traynor (Public Relations Director) 

Row I, J. Cleland. C. Plate. C. Gasper. M. Konifies. S. Shewell. C. Clewell. D. Sedlak. K. Smith, B. Vokes. C. Jirak. L. Stopp. S. Apfelbaum. 
P. Huts. J. Weyers. K. Traynor M. Mitchel. K. Fullen. L. Whitehead. T. Zorek. L. Brumback Row 2, C. Corbin. J. Sedlak. J. Bodlsch. K. Brown. 
P. Schmeck, E. Gavin. G. Seigworth. D. Bejster. C. Alderette. K. Welshons. R. Partridge. J. Dragonosky. L. Blair. S. (Buzz) Glover. K. Abrams 
Row 3: B. Yager. M. Benoit. C. Creaden. C. Yoder. G. Keller. K. Luther. T. Hetherington, L. Hermmann, S. Hotutjec. J. Dippold. R. Guigliano. 
K. Haverstock 


o ; ; x.^ 

Sealed: B. Griffin. T. Waligs. V. Kelley. T. McCoy. M. Hampton. K. Kaufmann. T. Waida. C. Kreger. S. Saul. S. Byers. E. Clark. L. Hopkins. 
C. Montgomery. M. Manall. C. Rush. B. Yutzler. A. Branton. P. Alcorm Standing, M. Griffin. L. Leshowiu. N. Nestich. B. Loughead, G. 
Spicer. J. Petrutki. D. Dodge. M. Zema. D. Glover. C. Floyd. S. Zinram. F. Young. M. Ferlazzo. J. Beckenbaugh. D. Parker. J. Hickey. 
M. Dixon. E. Finnegan. S. Huff. G. Pickrell. J. Flickinger. M. Valarik. B. Morgan. B. Franks. C. Heywood 

WCUC-FM is known as the alternative sound because 
they offer their listeners something different. Stereo 91.7 
aims to please all music fans, from country, jazz, rock, big 
band and oldies to classical. They also air various 
educational programs of interest to listeners, as well as news 
coverage of local and national affairs. WCUC staffers are 
encouraged to learn all aspects of radio, including on-air 
work, news, public relations, sports and engineering. 
Interested students are trained on an individual basis, and 
upon successfully completing their FCC tests are licensed, 
on-air announcers. WCUC's annual campaign, "Heart 
Week", involves both the staff and the community of Clarion 
in raising funds for the American Heart Association. 

prion's Call 

Row /< / Draganosky. T. Zorek, 
L. Moore, D. Napolitano, C. 
Smith, J. Brubaker, T. McCoy, S. 
Bannon. E. Gavin. M. Popivchak 
Row 2: D. DelBianco, J. Dippold, 
S. Schewell, J. Acosta, L. Cain, M. 
Robinson, S. Apfelbaum, T. Sunst, 
B. Vokes Row 3, R. Partridge, L. 
Vant, A. Corwin, A, Harding, T. 
Reuter. N. Name, B. McConnell, 
A. Casino, B. Young Row 4: C. 
Abernathy, R. Latimer, L. Sedg- 
wick, K. Montgomery, B. Snyder. 
Buzz Glover. N. Keister, K. Smith, 
G. Seigworth, J. Langan, T. 

Officers, S, Glover (Editor-in-Chief), «■ Montgomery (Business Mgr.). N. Keister (News Editor), R. 
Latimer (Advertising Mgr.). R. Snyder (Layout Editor), K. Smith (Sports Editor), L. Sedgewick (Feature 

WCSC Channel 5 

Channel 5 is an organization made up of 
college students with interests in TV production. 
They work together on three weekly shows which 
are broadcast over the local cable network. 
COMMUNITY UPDATE focuses on the local 
community events happening around this area. 
Weekly segments include Faces 8 Places. Backroads. 
and Critic's Corner. Sports covers all area sporting 
events at the college as well as in the Clarion Area 
High School and Junior High School levels. THE 
OUTDOORSMAN focuses on specific outdoor events 
such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and skiing. 

Executive Staff: G. Bowser (Community Update). K. Lantzy (Sports Direction). K. Parker (Advertising). 
S. Smith (Sports Production). C. Laport (Executive Producer). M. Barger (Program Director). L. Moran 

Row I, J. Sabalsky. P. Limley. C. Montgomery. L. Michael. C. Larson. L. Moran. P. Prebolden. M. Costa, k. Greden Row 2, S. Dubransky. B. Pheffer. D. 
McGee Row 3, J. Draganosky. B. Ponte. T. Ferguson. D. Pearson. S. Barth. C. Eidenmiller. K. Lantzy. M. Barger. K. Parker Row 4, S. Smith. D. Finley. 
G. Bowser G. Miller R. Sylvester. D. Adezio. C. Laport. M. Powers Ladder: G. Daniels. J. Newpher N. Name. G. Thomas. C. Lioi. T. Dunst. G. Domaracki. 
J. Stillson. J. Toone. M. Popivchak 

International Association of Business Communicators 

The International Association of Business 
Communicators/Clarion State College is a student 
chapter of the largest worldwide professional 
communication association. Primarily serving 
Clarion's communication majors. I ABC /CSC 
provides experience in public relations, editing, 
layout, and reproduction. Additionally, commun- 
ication professionals from the lABC/ Pittsburgh 
chapter and elsewhere appear at I ABC/ CSC 
colloquims to discuss operations in their 
respective fields of the communication industry. 

Clarion s student chapter of I ABC, composed 
of over 50 members, is made up of an Executive 
Board and five standing committees: Public 
Relations. Publications. Fundraising. Program- 
ming, and Center Board Public Relations. A 
newsletter, the lABC/CSC Speakeasy, is published 

Activities sponsored by I ABC include 
colloquiums, seminars, monthly trips to the 
Pittsburgh chapter dinner, and special events. A 
particular highlight of the 1982 year was lABC's 
visit to the KDKA-TV and radio facilities. Members 
were taken as guests in the studio audience during 
the live show of "Pittsburgh 2-Day," followed by 
a tour of the newsrooms and studios of KDKA. 
The affair was capped by a dinner at the Pittsburgh 
Press Club. I ABC /CSC is open to membership to 
all Clarion State College students, regardless of 
major, who seek to improve their communication 

Seated L to R, S. Joyce (President), L Michel (Vice President). A. Llewelyn (Recording Secretary). K. 
Lantzy (Treasurer). D. Pearson (Corresponding Secretary), Standing, W. Lloyd (Advisor) 


Row I, \. Name, \. Name. K. Mackey. C. Corbin. P. Schmeck. C. Montgomery, B. Yeager Row 2, D. Pearson. L. Michel, K. Parker, S. Barth, 
A. Llewlyn, P. Pedlbon, S. Appelbaum, B. Pheffer. M. DInnocenzo. C. Post. M. Benoit Standing, S. Dombransky, J. Newpher. S. Joyce. T. Dunst, 
G. Daniels, S. Glover, K. Lantzy, C. Stipancic, J. Stillson. L. Yost, D. Conners. M. Salvamoser, T. Worrell, C. Lioi. S. Wasserman. E. Rfack, 
W. Lloyd - Faculty Advisor 

Ski Club 

D. Thomas (President). R. Latimer (Vice 
President). K. Montgomery (Treasurer). S. 
Beer (Secretary) 

The Ski Club is devoted to having a good time. The 
Club is open to all students regardless of ability. Main 
activities include skiing on Tuesday nights, and a trip 
to a major ski resort in Vermont for one week over 
Christmas break. Saturday trips are made to Holiday 
Valley. Blue Knob. Denton Hill, and Wing Hollow. The 
prices are low. and the times are high. Other activities 
are T-shirt sales, beer slaloms, and spring skiing. Come 
to the meetings and join us on the slopes! 

Officers: M. D'Innocenzo (Secretary). C. Creaden (Vice Pres.), K. Claassen 
(President). T. Balena (Financial Coordinator) 

Center Board is an administrative organization 
responsible for developing, scheduling, and promoting 
various recreational, cultural, and social programs which are 
made available to all CSC students. Even more important. 
Center Board is an organization concerned with making your 
college experience a more enjoyable and enriched one. 

Student Senate 

On chain D. Ozga. T. Prokop. Dr J. Smith On table: R. Schlect. T. Johnson. B. Beggs. C. 
Creaden. K. Claassen Standing: D. Tomeo. H. Wassink. S. Denski. T. Balena. B. Rose. C. Brush. 
Dr M. Hardwick 

Row I: K. Natale. R. Gandy Row 2, Dr. Nair. E. Lucas. D. 
Miller. D. Sigworth. 7. Bean Row 3: i. Allen. K. Mechling. 
P. Kelly, D. Holstcn. S. Christy Row 4, D. MacEwen. J. Klein. 
T. Gitlooly 

Council for Exceptional Children 

Officers Row h L. Meinen {Treasurer), C. Brush (President). L. Gazda (Secretary). 
R. Grooms (Membership Chairperson). Row 2: B. Dollinger (Vice Pres.). S. Christi 

Council for Exceptional Children (C.E.C) is an organization, 
both of state and federal level, which promotes the advancement 
and education of exceptional children. The student chapter here 
at Clarion provides a way for students to share in rewarding 
interaction with professionals. Some activities include-. Halloween 
and Christmas parties for school children in the area, monthly 
dances for Frontiers clients, a peace festival in the spring, stale 
conventions and also work with Special Olympics, Adaptive 
Aquatics, and horseback riding for the handicapped. 

Row I: R. Manning. D. Graves. C. 
Connor. H. Evdemon Row 3: J. 
McNicholas. L. Gazda. L. Meinen. T. 
Balena. S. Christi. B. Dollinger. A. 
Cohen. M. Ashley. A/. Name. L. 
Mussetter. N. Name. R. Bullman. N. 
Name. N. Name Row 3, N. Name. N. 
Name. N. Name. N. Name. D. Keen. 
C. Brush. C. Smith. C. Yoder. N. 
Name. N. Name. S. Capehart. R. 
Grooms. N. Name. L. Gurecka 


The Student Pennsylvan- 
ia State Education Associa- 
tion is open to all students 
who are interested in 
children and their educa- 
tion. It is the pre- 
professional level of the 
P.S.E.A. which represents 
the majority of Pennsylvan- 
ia teachers. It is also 
affiliated with the National 
Education Association. It 
has a record of useful 
service programs and other 
activities in which mem- 
bers gain more knowledge 
of the teaching profession. 
Programs center around 
requirements and op- 
portunities in the teaching 
profession. "Reaching out 
in the 80' s" is the theme of 
Student P.S.E.A. 

Row I: B. Hallaman. C. Oakley. C. Zahner. S. Olsen. L. Ordiway. G. Solimando. P. Clayton /?i'u ? 5 Segal. G. Austin. C. Kuntz. S. 
Snyder. D. Row. B. Amen. B. Wood. L. Krumm Row 3: A. Lund. S. McKay (Historian). M. DiMaria ( Treasurer). L. Miller (Secretary). 
D. Teolis (Vice Pres.). B. Moore (President), Dr Kenemuth (Advisor) Row 4-. L Miller. M. McKee. S. Waldschmidt. L. Janusik, C. Urbanik. 
K. Buckley. K. Frost. B. Johnson 

Inter-Hall Council 

Inter-Hail Council is the governing body representing all students living in the 
residence halls. Membership in IHC consists of two members of each hall council, 
usually the IHC representative and the treasurer Inter-Hall Council sponsors Casino 
Might, dorm movies, the Dating Game, and other special activities for the dorms. 
It also attempts to aid students who have grievances about dorm conditions or 

Officers: Y. Brown (Secretary). H. Burt (President). S. Rice 
(Vice Pres.). K. Carr (Treasurer) 

Row I: P. Lomax. R. Gonzalez. L. 
Mitchell. P. Jaquith. B. Cook Row 2, K. 
Cook. S. Rice. K. Carr. H. Burt. Y. 
Brown. R. Snyder. B. Hoffman. D. 

Muslim Students Association 

The association helps 
its members in religious, 
economic, and social 
ways. The group strives 
to practice the principles 
of Islam, to hold Friday 
prayers, to celebrate 
religious events, to ex- 
tend interest-free loans 
to members and io help 
organize social activities 
including picnics. 

Row h M. Al-Amri. A. Al-Kalifah. S. Al-Mesbah Row 2-. M. Yossef. S. Shanneb. M. Marghalani 


Bios Club 

The Bios Club is open to all students regardless of major. It is dedicated 
to promoting scholarship for members interested in the biological sciences. Our 
activities include fundraising projects, monthly guest speakers, the development 
of the Rutherford Ski/Nature Trail, and major and minor field trips. Previous 
trips have been to areas in Massachusetts. Michigan. Virginia. New York, and 
Florida. Sew members are always welcome! 

Officers: 0. Meneely {Vice Pres). B. Wilson [Historian). K. Campbell 
(Secretary). Dr. Oalby (Advisor). M. Johnson ( Treasurer). E. Cass 

Row /. E. Cass. K. Cook. 5. 
Matsko. C. Paukoucek. T. Scholl 
Row 3: L. Ealy. E. Bruggeman. K. 
Campbell. E. Lyons. T. Kozup. P. 
Whaling, J. Ellison. G. Meneely. 
B. Wood. M. Schuellz. J. Cappuc- 
cio Row 3, L. Hawk. B. Capp. M. 
Myers. D. Murray. S. Becker. C. 
Foster. M. Johnson. 8. Bowman. 
B. Hagg. J. Dietz. D. Harmison. D. 
Rickert. J. Staples. J. Garbark. Dr. 
Dalby Row 4. B. Wilson. L. Batz. 
P. Bean. T. Backenstoes. C. Jones, 
B. Lawson. K. Sewtz. D. White. B. 
Stoll. T. McNutt. S. Lembcke. S. 
Lunardini. G. Kibler 

Beta Beta Beta 

Beta Beta Beta Biological Society is an 
honorary society for undergraduate 
students. It seeks to encourage scholarly 
attainment in this field of learning by 
reserving its active membership for those 
who achieve superior academic records and 
who indicate special aptitude for and major 
interest in the life sciences. Active 
membership requires a 3.0 Q.P.A. in 
Biology. 2.0 Q.P.A. overall, as a second 
semester sophomore. 

Row I: N. Coulter. M. Arellano. B. Tregaskes. E. Romanowski. Row 2: B. Robinson. L. Merchbaker. T. McNun. 
N. Mangel. D. White 

Accounting Club 

The Accounting Club W3S the first business-oriented club formed 
at Clarion and is affiliated with the Northwest Keystone Chapter of 
the National Association of Accountants. Our club presents speakers 
from public accounting, corporate accounting, and internal auditing. 
We also participate in Activities Day and Career Day events. In the 
spring of each year, our members provide tax assistance to Clarion 
area residents. The main purposes of our club are to broaden the 
education and interests of accounting students and to expose the 
accounting profession to our fine program here. Our club is open 
to all students interested in accounting. 

hi. VI 

^ I 

Officers: D. Lindahl (President). T. Campbell (Vice Pres.). 6. Wagner (Treasurer) 

Row I: M. Berardino. B. Kohl. C. Pollina. P. 
Popowski. J. Shaffer. 1. Weber. J. Yaracs. M. 
Lacker Row 2-. M. Daily. J. Calvert. H. 
Cameron. R. Leitiinger. T. Lazusky. P. 
Winger. D. Smith. A. Wilcox. S Wrisley. T. 
Campbell Row 3: D. Lindahl. P. Lentz. C. 
Pustelak. T. Davidson. M. Moore. P. Jaquith. 
P. Grey. J. Savko. K. Buckley. J. Hune. G. 
Wagner Row 4i V. Venesky. T. Morgan. L. 
Buchholz. M. Moser. K. Moon. R. Scanlon. 
C. Valle. A. Snyder 

Data Processing Management Association 

Row I: K. Porterfield. D. Wolbert. R. Birch. M. Kronenwetter. M. Meredith. J. Troese. M. Goucher Row 2: Mrs. Ross. S. Sybert. S. Mullen. 
A Smith. L. Schnell. T. Brickner. K. Bateman. C. Johns. B. Wong. B. Lynch Row 3-. K. Confer. E. Brocious. M. Eberle. J. Scon. A. Reid. 
D. Stevenson. L. French. S. Brubaker. B. Griffin Row 4. J. Zisa. A. Wingate. S. Neub en. N. Lembcke. D. Seller. J. Neider. D. Krepps. 
R. Ober 


Alphj Phi Omega 

Row I: P. Cox. B. Wood. C. Smith, k. Meere. D. Marple ^President). M. Vereb (Vice Pres.). £. Roth Row 2-. P. Higgins. L. 
Leshowitz. B. DiBarlolomeo. D. Krebs. D. Brown Row 3-. J. Mulligan (Treasurer). J. Long. H. Snyder. L. Onstott Row 4.- L. 
French. L. Mitchell. M. Janovec. K. Fisanick. A. King. R. Saboski. E. Crowell. M. Daniels. J. Donoughe. M. Adams 

Alpha Phi Omega is not only the 
largest Greek letter organization in 
the nation, but it is also the only 
fraternity specifically devoted to 
service. Some of our regular 
projects include building the 
homecoming court's float, working 
with the bloodmobile. ushering at 
plays and graduation, and collect- 
ing for Children's Hospital in 
Pittsburgh. Our pledge classes have 
done such varied projects as 
performing a Thanksgiving skit for 
special children and running from 
Cook Forest to Clarion to raise 
money for the American Cancer 
Society. A-Phi-O is a coed fraternity 
with a strict no-hazing policy. 
Recently celebrating its fifth an- 
niversary on Clarion's campus. 
Omega Mu chapter has about 30 
active members. Few other groups 
on campus have brought so many 
diverse people together into such a 
strong and cohesive unit. 

Circle K 

Circle K is the world's largest collegiate service 
organization represented by over 700 clubs located on 
campuses throughout America. It is composed of 
students who wish to become actively involved in 
community concerns via service projects and activities. 
As an organization Circle K does not limit itself to one 
or two particular service activities. Through Clarion's 
coed collegiate service club. Circle K members express 
caring by assisting in projects like the Peace Festival, 
Circus Day and Special Olympics. We also sponsor the 
Sexiest Man and Woman Contest to collect money for 
M.S. and visit Grandview Nursing Home. Members 
participate in social events, learn leadership skills, work 
with business and community heads, and form long 
lasting friendships while striving toward common goals. 
This year our International theme is "Together for 
Tomorrow". Becoming a part of a Circle K club in an 
opportunity to commit yourself to enriching the lives of 
many individuals, and at the same time, enhancing your 
own life because you have chosen to care. 

Row I: S. Klein (President). O. Lombardi. \. Lembecke. S. Cowan Row 2: Jane Burgess. L. Wessels. 
R. Grooms. K. Buckley. K. Liebel (Vice Pres.) Row 3: B. Schultice. C. Varney. L Amaram. S. Greenberd 
(Secretary). Dr. W. Ross (Advisor) 

Association for Computing Machinery 

The ACM is a professional organ- 
ization with aspects providing for all 
interests in computer science. Work 
began this fall to bring a student 
chapter to CSC. We are open to any full 
time student at Clarion State College 
with an interest in computer science. 
We hope to bring speakers in on various 
topics of computer science. 

Row I: B. Stall. S. David. C. Naugle. M. ODonoghue. K. Porterfield. N. Lembcke (Vice Pres). J. Wisnoski (Sec. /Treat.). 
R. Ober (President). Row 2-. C. Deau (Advisor). D. Brown (Advisor). K. Reddinger. D. Phillips. R. Stuver. R. Birtch. 
D. Himes. M. Skoczulas. E. Toth. B. Baker. M. Sucks 

Investment Club 

The Investment Club 
was reestablished in the 
fail of 1 9$ I after being 
dormant for a few years. 
The purpose of the club 
was to train its members 
in matters of personal 
finance, to enlighten 
fellow students in poten- 
tial career areas in fin- 
ance, and to give its 
members actual on 
hands experience in in- 
vesting stocks and 
bonds. To be a member 
of the club, one must be 
a student in good stand- 
ing So one shall be 
excluded if they meet 
this qualification. Mem- 
bership in the club 
stands at approximately 
60 members. These 
members created various 
activities during the year 
including: an interview 
workshop, a raffle, and 
bringing in Jum Fulton, a 
stockbroker from Bache, 
as a guest speaker. 

Row /. L Hoeck (Vice Pres.). T. Jakelsky. P. Quay (Secretary). J. Bushman. P. Miller. J. Hulchensin. G. Ski. Row 2, R. Hawk (Advisor). 
L. Lucas. D. Garbacz. S. Davis. J. Zisa. D. Copeland. K. Correll Row 3: M. Star. B. Stead. D. Herberling. K. Shaney. D. Sigworth. M. 
Moore. D. Fridey. B. Hope Row 4, D. Kenyan. T. koziara. E. Lau. K. Claassen. K. Adams (President). K. Horanic. B. Reynolds. P. Newman 

Anthropology Association 

The Anthropology Association is an active 
organization which provides opportunities for 
interested CSC students to expand their 
personal horizons through field trips and 
activities which relate to the professional area. 

Row I: P Clymer. J. Bishel. A. 
K. Howell. T. Jeffries 

Carrico. L. Lewis How 2-. R. Aaron Row i-. T. Byers. J. English. I. Levso, 

History Club 

The History Club is open to any 
students interested in history and 
history-related activities. Members 
have assisted with conferences 
hosted by the History Department 
and with National History Day. In 
the fall, the club took a field trip 
to Harper's Ferry. West Virginia 
and Gettysburg. Pa., and participat- 
ed in Christmas preparations at the 
Clarion County Historical Society, 
where they are pictured here. 

Row I: B. Dunn (Advisor). E. Frey (Co-President). C. Smith. D. Wolfendale Row 2: J. McCauley. S. Sims (Advisor). A. 
Wilcox. J. Andres. G. Davis. E. Crowell (Co-President). M. VanBuskirk 

Phi Beta Alpha 

Phi Beta Alpha is the honorary society of students in 
Business Administration. Among the qualifications are 
high scholastic ability and achievements in the field of 

Row I: D. Wolbert. K. Lsmb. T. Brickner. P Ringel. /?o» 2: V. Rudy. 
S. McCauley. 5. Ward. D. Hay. M. Pellicione. M. Green. K. McDaniels 
Row 3: D. Shoemaker. R. Lucas. N. Name. M. Name, J. Aikman 

Row I: Mrs. Ross. C. McClosky. D. Boner. D. McBride Row 2: R. 
Frederickson, S. Gates. M. Care. G. Hovanic. S. Bicascon. K. Grzelka. B. 
Lawson Row 3= Mr One. J. Andres. D. Lindahl. D. Fleck. D. Kallenbaugh 

Row I: K. Wasiiko, B. Anderson. K. Davidson. L. Lucas Row 2: A. Geahry. 
T. Lazusky. N. Name. D. Parphrey. M. Meredith. A. Chmiel Row 3: J. 
Orenchak. R. Wehan. J. DeFeo. C. Pustelak. N. Name. E. Barker 

Row I: M. Goucher. L. Schnell. B. Agnello. Row 2-. C. Conliffe. J. Calvert. 
S. Multer, N. Name. D. Moore. S. Mullen. J. Shryver Row 3: S. Brubaker. 
H. Bliss. J. Linton. B. Lonette. R. Celecki 

Row I: J. Rothlisberger. R. Wolbert. D. Klebine. D. Lucas, f. Lucas. C. 
Wilson. N. Name 

Russian Club 

The Kusfhn Club has been instrumental this year in sponsoring 
academic lectures and programs, and participating in cultural events for 
the benefit of its members, the campus and the community. With the 
re-establishment of its WCUC radio program, the Russian Club has aired 
short topical discussions on Soviet life and art. A trip to the Erie Russian 
Orthodox Church provided interested students a chance to participate 
in a traditional church service and to learn the significance of Orthodox 
customs. Lectures by Dr. Emmet Graybill. Dr. Ngo Tu. and visiting 
professor Dr. Norman Luxenburg. set authoritative views on the Soviet 
government. Soviet and American political relations, and the Soviet way 
of life. The Russian Club members enjoyed sponsoring these events, and 
are looking forward to presenting new events in the future. 

Officers! J Thomas [President). C. Clark (Vice Pres.). Dr. Dilara Sikoulin 
(Advisor). 8. Williams (Public Relations). 

Row I: E. Potochny. M. Moliterno. T. Thomas. C. Clark. H. Weckerly 
Row J: E. Brakus. B. Williams. Dr. D. Nikoulin. E. Etzel. T. Ladner. 
M. Czap 

German Club 

Members of the German 
Club enjoy many cultural 
aspects of the four German- 
speaking countries. The 
dancing group performs for 
schools and other organiza- 
tions. Other activities include 
singing, shadow plays, pan- 
tomimes, slide shows and 
cooking. We also participate 
in workshops and Kaffeek- 
latsches providing us with a 
practical opportunity to use 
the German language The 
end of the year highlight is 
3 weekend trip to s German 
h'eritage center such ai 
lancasler County. 

Row I: E. Shriver. A. VanHaul. B. Wilson. A. Fisher. S. Brubaker. C. Kieffer (President). D. Kradle. L Miller Row 2, C. Snyder 
(Treasurer). V. Landas (Secretary). Frau Hegewald (Advisor). L. Aharrah. T. Fytikas. G. Holchin. K. Stanley (Vice-Pres.). 

L 101 

Pre- Law Club 

The Pre-Law Club is for those interest- 
ed in a law career and also for those 
interested in gaining a better understanding 
of law. The club brings in speakers and 
organizes field trips to various law schools. 
This year they visited Pitt. West Virginia, 
and Akron. These trips give interested 
students first-hand experience in the law 
school atmosphere. The club also helps 
prepare the intended law student for 
his/her LSAT test. 

Row I: J. Pacifici (Treasurer). C. McCloskey (Secretary), f. Lucas. S. Krxupp (Vice Pres.). G. lannelli Row 2: 
Dr. Bertsch (Advisor). V. Roth (President). D. Shoemaker. M. Hatch. B. Carter (Student-advisor). 

Psychology and Sociology Club 

This pjist year the Psychology and Sociology Club met 
together to combine some of their activities. Some activities 
include speakers, and trips to various institutions, such as 
Abraxas and the Hara Krishna in West Virginia. Most 
members are sociology majors or psychology majors. There 
are no set requirements. 

Row I: K. Kesner. i. David Row l- N. Name. 
B. Amey. W. McCool. ,V Name Row 3: C. 


Library Media and Information Science Society 

Row I: A. Divans. L. Corey. M. Lenart Row 1: M. Mummert, L. Miller. 
Row 3: T. Johnson. K. Fitanick. J. Ferguson. T. Fytikas Row 4- H. Bliss. 
T. kopie 

The purpose of the Library Media and Information 
Science Society is to advance the professional 
knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship, and 
to provide practical experience in librarianship. Some 
activities include members attending conferences, 
holding fund raising activities, and sponsoring 
informative speakers and colloquiums. 

Officers: T. Johnson (Treasurer). K. Fisanick (President). L Miller 
(Secretary). M. Lenart (Vice Pres.) 

Row I, K. Fisanick. A. Fischer, Row 2-. S. Snyder. R. 
Selson. T. Johnson, Row 3: H. Bliss, M. Mummert, B. 
letteri, M. Lenart. A. Divins. L. Aharrah 

Lambda Sigma 

Lambda Sigma is the local 
honorary library science fraternity 
on campus. To be eligible for 
membership, a person must have 
completed nine credits in Library 
Science. We are dedicated to 
community service. Each member is 
required to fulfill five service hours 
each semester. Several of our 
projects include cataloging the 
video tapes for the Communication 
Department on campus, and im- 
plementing an individualized read- 
ing program at a local nursing 
home. Besides our service projects, 
we are committed to furthering the 
professional growth of our 
members by touring libraries and by 
attending library conferences. We 
have hosted an international ,^ight 
to learn about different cultures 
within our department. 

Officers Row I: M. Lenart {Secretary). A. Divins (Treasurer) Row 
2: M. Mummert (President). T. Johnson (Parliamentarian) Row 
3i B. Letteri (Vice Pres.) 

g Center 

The Writing Center offers a variety of resources to help Clarion students improve their writing 
skills. The Center's trained staff, consisting of English faculty and students, provides help for all 
writing tasks, from spelling to essay writing to resume preparation. Student tutors are recommended 
because of their own advanced writing abilities, and their skill in helping other students: they must 
maintain a 3.0 grade point average and successfully complete English 270-. Training for Writing 
Center Tutors. 

Kalhy Osterholm: English Dept.. 
Writing Center Moderator. 

Row I, J. Welter. W. Davis Row 
2i H. Burt. D. Vias-Fradera, K. 
Osterholm, N. Benamati. B. Yager. 
M. O'Donaghue 

Chess Club 

The. CSC Chess Club has 
uirdergone significant changes in 
the pas! year. A computer 
operated rating system has been 
established, so members can 
compare their own progress with 
others. A series of small tour- 
naments and a club champion- 
ship were held as well. Also, a 
number of matches with rival 
colleges are being planned for 
next semester. The club also has 
access to a commercial chess 
computer for those interested. 
The emphasis this year has been 
geared toward the student who 
knows little or nothing about the 
game, but has an interest in it. 
Because of this change in policy, 
our membership has more than 
doubled in the past year. 

Row I, J. Maliclc. C. Stivason (Secretary). K. Reddinger (Treasurer). P. Gambrel Row 2, J. Walter. D. Manski. D. Powell. S. 
Euel (Vice Pres.). Row 3, T. Roth (President). R Miller. K. Eshghy. L. Bussom. B. Martin. N. Lippman 

Marketing Association 

The Clarion chapter of the American Marketing Association is the largest business club on campus. Our 
goal is to orientate students to careers and professionalism, in classroom and social settings. 

Row h J. Schryver D. 
Collinf. K. Montgomery. K. 
Lalimer. B. Brown. M. Bindat 
Row 3: N. Maceoct. K. 
Grzelka F. Kobut. L. 
Slevent. D. Napolitano. C. 
Harltlett. L. Holtz. C. 
McClotlcy. S. Mueller Row 3, 
D. Delbianco. E. Howard. G. 
Hovanic. J. Kne$t. M. Mer- 
rideth. J. Miller. S. Kemp. S. 
Bikactan Row 4. J. Perone. 
A. Chmiel. T. Baker D. 
Ringel. D. Lucas. A. Hacketl. 
A. Fonciello. M. Same. \. 
Name. S. Davit. D. Copeland 
Row 5. / Acofta. S. Harris. 
H. Cameron. N. Name. J. 
Andres. T. Amaram. B. 
Jaslromb. R- Maurer. E. 
Williams. Row 6, J. Shipe. R. 
Grahm. D. Krebs. B. Lonette. 
T. Caraccita. J. Jurcisin 

Business Management Association 

The Business Management Associa- 
tion has been increasing its size the past 
year. We have an enrollment of 45 
members. We had several speakers 
speaking on various topics such as: 
psychology of workers, a European 
business seminar offered in the summer, 
and retailing. We also traveled to the 
Hammermill Paper Company in Erie for an 
interesting tour. 

Officers seated: L. Holtz (Vice Pres.). M. Ruslavage (President). S. Pflug (Secretary) Row /. T. Dailey. A. Chumal. 
I. Vogel. V. Greco. D. Napolitano. J. BIdredge. A. Vozel. M. Hess. H. Bliss Row 2. Mr. Fulmer (Advisor). N. Name. 
I. Orenchak. M. London. J. Schryver R. Stewart. D. Sigworth 

American Chemical Society 

The American Chemical Society is an active organization. 
The student affiliate chapter at Clarion has been cited as 
outstanding for eight consecutive years. Only 40 of the 761 
chapters in the nation are cited as outstanding. Activities of 
the club include trips to industry and college facilities, 
educational speakers, and an annual Chemistry Department 
Open House for high school students. Social activities such 
ss bowling parties and picnics are also provided. ACS keeps 
chemistry majors interested in and informed about new and 
exciting developments in the broad field of chemistry. 

How /■ M. Chutko. S. Becker. 
J. Duket. B. Robinson. C. 
Lisciandro. D. Lundberg, B. 
Fisher Row 2: S. Benton. D. 
Lindsay. C. Cohrs. J. Lieb. K. 
Kline. C. Kennedy. R. Frey, 
K. Shaffer 

Officers' Dr. W. Krugh (Advisor). M. Chutko (President). C. Kennedy (Secretary/Trea- 
surer). D. Lundberg (Vice Pres.) 

Pershing Rifles 

Company Y- 1 of Pershing Rifles is an honorary 
military society devoted to the development of 
leadership. Originally a fraternity for ROTC cadets, 
PR is now open to all men and women on campus. 
There is a four week pledge period, concentrating 
on physical training, patrolling techniques, drill and 
ceremonies, and military history, customs, and 
courtesies. The group is active on campus and in 
community service, through parades. Cancer 
Association, and Veteran's Association. Pershing 
Rifles offers college students an opportunity to 
develop their leadership potential by exposure to 
social and training environments. PRs are recognized 
by the black beret they wear with pride. 

Row I, D. Bish. L. Salerno (2LT). E. Finnegan. D. Riley. D. Sneath, R. Bowman Row 2, K. Dean (2LT). 
C. Campbell. M. Rengers (Pledge Officer. 2L T), J. Rothlisberger (Commander). J. Siggelow. S. Smith, 
J. Yingling (ILT). R. Neyman. D. Lunardini. J. Sedlack 

Fellowship of Christ tan Athletes 

FCA /.< a nationally recognized organization of 
professional and varsity players and coaches. Clarion's 
chapter is open to all those who desire to serve the 
Lord and to have fellowship with others. Our 
evangelism team serves many churches by presenting 
a morning worship service with songs and testimonies. 

A high school ministry reaches local and neighboring 
high schools through retreats and special ' open- 
gym-night " meetings. But to get down to basics, our 
desire is to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ 
and to serve Him and others better. 




Marching & Symphonic B 

Kow I: J. Weller. J. Sedlak Row 2, L. Cherico. J. Cwik. M. Mastay. 
J. Savko. K. Hubbard. S. Same. J. Silva Row 3, B. Beggs. B. Pheffer. 
H. Keegan. B. Cassidy, J. Beach. K. Evans. K. Gardoski. R. Albright. 
K. Kaufman. B. Halter. S. Hutchison. D. Snealh. H. Richards. P. Lemley 
Row 4, D. O'Seil. M. Franklin. B. Rabbit. K. Nellis. M. Garcia. B. Hirst. 
M. Vinson. D. fraser. J. Kasser. A. Vogt. K. Marmarosa, S. Bikacsan. 
K. Stevenson Row 5.- C. Troudeau. G. Noah. M. Conway. P. Rys. N. 
Name, K. Benckendorf. B. Brewer. M. Rochenash. E. Ridge. C. Keegan. 
R. Wingard. M. McFerren. M. Loomis. C. Spengler. S. Crompton. P. 
Mowry. J. Rembold. J. Loaney 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Kappa Kappa Pti is the 
national honorary band 
fraternity dedicated to 
honoring outstanding col- 
lege bandsmen. The Ep- 
silon Phi chapter at Clar- 
ion State actively serves 
the Golden Eagle bands 
through service projects 
and social events. Mem- 
bership is offered to 
bandsmen deemed worthy 
by the brothers who have 
been active for at least 
one semester in marching 
or symphonic hand. The 
chapter strives foi the 
highest in order 'o /i«V 
the CSC BarnU maintain 
their high standards of 
musical excellence. 

S. Wagle 

A. Bixel (President). B. Young (Parliamentarian. Historian). 
(Vice Pres.). R. Meagher (Secretary). R. Wagner (Treasurer) 

Row I, B. Rankin. B. Franks. K. Berry. A. Bixel Row 2, Scott Cressley. 
B. Young. T Chiprean. R. Meagher. S. Nelson Row 3. S. ^'agle. 
L. Neureiter. V. McGinnit. R. Wagner. R. Smith 

\r ii3 


iional Student Speech, Language $ Hearing Association 

NSSLHA is a profes- 
sional organization for 
students who are inter- 
ested in the areas of 
communicative disorders 
and hearing problems. 
Monthly meetings were 
held with guest speakers 
discussing topics of 
interest to all. A field trip 
to the \\/estern PA 
School for the Deaf was 
taken in the fall. There 
was a Christmas party 
held for the clients in 
therapy. The annual 
seminar took place in the 
spring and the year was 
brought to an end at the 
spring banquet. 

Row h K. Cugini. K. Bernardi. L. Jones. D. Brush (Secretary). K. Pottmyer (Treasurer). D. Shontz (Vice Pres.). B. Rabbin (President). 
C. Glaser. D. Hunter. K. Bronowicz Row 2-. C. Peilmyer B. Hefner. B. McCoy. E. Reed. L Hales. P. Felix. D. Pelczar. S. Moscicki. L. 
Onston. F. Vlahos. J. Pivik Row 3, M. Trezeciaki. C. Hazlett. D. Klinger. C. Welsh. C. Ofcharka. D. Collar. M. Franklin. L. Brochette. 
L. Storm, E. Simpson (Advisor) 




Row h K. Stay. K. Marinak. J. Kriebel. C. Phillip Demeter. W. Hughes. K. Lezanic. J. Moore 

Football Cheerleaders 

Row I: D. Selway, V. Cox. S. Lazor Row 2: L. Sansosti. D. Bohner. M. Russell. B. Oris. B. Cornman 


Row I: T. Snedeker (Co-Captainj. L Strang (Co-Captain). S. McCanna Row 2= B. Colonna. B. Rocco. J. Newtz 

Association for Child Education International 

Officers: L. Miller (Program Coordinator), V. 
Melcer (Secretary). Dr Smith (Advisor), K. 
Deinert (President), J. Ealahan (Advisor), G. 
Austin (Program Coordinator), D. Mealy 
(Vice Pres.) 

Row I, N. Angela Row J. Dr. Smith. D. Mealy. K. Deinert. A. Lund. V. Melcer, G. Austin. L. Krumm. L. Miller E. Veres. C. Diffendale, J. Micklasavage, 
J. Mazieo, F. Betcher Row 3-. T. Sissini. R. Shuster. K. Smith, J. Ealahan 


Panhellenic Council 

Kow I. K. 
A. King. K. 

Nurss. 8. Sapp. 
Henderson. K. 

M. DiMaria. J. Miller. S. Oreep Kow 2-. Margie McCall (Advisor). 
Kling (Treasurer). A. Vozel (Secretary). K Dalrymple 

The CSC Panhellenic Council is made up of 
representatives from each sorority on campus. Panhel 
coordinates sorority fundraisers, sets membership rushing 
procedures, and creates guidelines for pledging programs. 
The representatives also keep their individual sororities 
informed of Greek and campus events. 


Zeta Tau Alpha 

Row h K. Krout. J. Wicks. W. Hughes. L. Clabbati. L. Nayman. C. Jubach Row 2: S. Heasley. C. McAllister (President). D. Kirsch (Vice Pres. I). G. McNulty 
(Membership), D. Shonu (Panhel). S. Kovacs (Secretary). M. Gargiulo (Ritual). K. McCall Row 3: S. Smith. C. Stasiowski (Vice Pres. 2). C. Carlo. S. Baker 
A. Davidson. J. Wright. 8. Ludwick (Treasurer). L. Zvaleny Row 4-. J. Granford. C. Hohman. J. KroHck, S. Kupfner. D. Kujan. P. Such Row 5t C. Schmidbauer. 
P. Auchmoody. K. Lees. C. Todorich. C. Anderson. L. Whelan. K. Carr. K. Marinak 

The Delta lota chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Clarion 
State College on April 13. I960. The sorority is proud to have Wilson 
Hall as its home. Along with Greek life, the sisters are active in many 
campus activities including: Miss CSC. majorettes, cheerleaders, 
choir, band, drama, gymnastics, tennis, intramurals. Homecoming 
queen and court, and Greek V/eek. Our service projects this year 
included trick-or-treat for JDF. helping CEC with their annual 
Christmas party, and our national fundraiser, collecting a- 
penny-a-day from each sister for the National Association for 
Retarded Children. In the Spring, we help with the Peace Festival 
and Special Olympics. 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 

B. Dollinger. S. Rippin. J. Powers. V. Boyd. N. Mangel. J. Haberer. D. Sanker 

The sisters of Gamma Omicron chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha have 
been active at Clarion State College for fourteen years. We participate 
in many events such as working with CEC to sponsor Halloween and 
Christmas parties for exceptional children, and the Special Olympics. In 
the fall we celebrated Founders Day on November IS at the Golden 
Spike and traveled to Cook Forest for our Christmas Formal. The spring 
semester brings our spring formal, which last year was held at the Clarion 
Clipper, and Greek Week. Our chapter suite is located on sixth floor 
Wilkinson and we invite everyone to come and visit us. 

Officers: D. Sanker (Rush Chairman. Editor). S. Sybert (Vice 
Pres.). J. Powers (President). T. McNutt (Recording Secretary). 
J. Savko (Treasurer). V. Cook (Membership Director). B. Dollinger 
(Corres. Secretary) 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

Row I, H. White. J. Kriebel. M. Workosky, J. DeFalco. M. Mitchell. L. Barker, J. Aaron. C. Freeman. J. Kennedy. A. Zottola. K. Nurss. C. Stuggan. M. 
Hesf. N. Getty Row 2, L. Storm. C. Johnson. V. Trivelpiece. B. Arnett. S. Myers. E. McShea. M. Gillott. \. Johnson. Mrs. S. P-Jobb (Advisor). K. Moon. 
C. Mosur Row 3, L. Leslie. K. Mervosh. A. Vozel. A. Hackett. H. Bliss. C. Walchak. D. Waterloo. T. Wojcik. L. Odoski. A. OKeefe. H. Pawlowski Row 
4, J. Hartman. K. Ziembicki. S. Ward. C. Polumbo. M. Hoover. J. Kokoski. S. Snyder. K. Dalrymple. B. Hoke 

The Alpha Omicron chapter of Alpha 
Sigma Tau was founded at Clarion State 
College on January 29, 1966. The sisterhood 
believes in attaining high academic standards 
while promoting the ideals of AST. Each 
semester we take part in assisting the Red 
Cross Bloodmobile. Other social service 
projects include the National Cancer Society's 
"Kissing Booth", speaking and hearing 
screening for pre-schoolers and caroling at 
Christmas time for the Ronald McDonald 
House. The Taus enthusiastically participate in 
Miss CSC where we've held the crown for the 
past two years. Homecoming Court and the 
Homecoming float competition. Our float 
which was built with the brothers of Sigma Chi 
placed third. The Taus lead an active social 
life including mixers, date parties and our 
Yellow Rose Formal. The Alpha Sigma Tau 
suite is located in Ralston Hall and all are 
welcome to visit. 

Officers Row I: A. Hackett (Pledge Mistress). J. Kennedy (Rush Chairman). N. Johnson (Vice Pres.) 
Row 2i H. Bliss (Recording Secretary). M. Hess (President). S. Snyder (Treasurer) 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 


>•▲ Xt 

<(^k KAPPA Aljo ' 

^ r* sorority;* > 


Row I: i. Clanet (Vice Pres.). M. Cary. F. Barrett. F. Caple (Recording Secretary). B. Utterback. S. Harris. H. Burt. S. FIlis 
(Treasurer), N. Smith (Corres. Secretary). P. James (President). D. Walker. V. Lewis 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 
is an international 
organization of 80.000 
college women with 
undergraduate and 
graduate chapters at 
leading colleges and 
universities, and in 
cities throughout the 
nation and outside the 
Continental United 
States. The unifying 
objective is improve- 
ment of human life 
through service to 
others. Alpha Kappa 
Alpha was founded on 
January 15. 1908 at 
Howard University. 
Alpha Kappa Alpha's 
colors are salmon pink 
and apple green, the 
mascot is the bunny 
rabbit. The ladies of 
the Kappa Zeta chapter 
celebrated their sixth 
anniversary on Fe- 
bruary 14. 1982. The 
purpose of Alpha 
Kappa Alpha Sorority. 
Incorporated is to cul- 
tivate and encourage 
high scholastic and 
ethical standards, to 
promote unity and 
friendship among col- 
lege women, to study 
and help alleviate 
problems concerning 
girls and women to 
maintain a progressive 
interest in college life, 
and to be of service to 
all mankind. 

Mrs. Payne (Advisor). L. Allen. S. Lewis. F. Bruce 

Alpha Xi Delta 

The Zeta Beta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta 
was founded nationally on April I 7, 1893. 
We received our local charter in March 
1970. Presently there are 50 active sisters, 
which makes us the largest on campus. The 
sisters are very active on campus. We 
participated in College Bowl, intramurals. 
and Greek Week to name a few. This year, 
the Alpha Xis helped raise money by 
rocking for Children's Hospital, and by 
going out and collecting on our own. A 2.0 
grade average is required, and we'd like any 
interested women to come down and visit 
anytime on first floor Nair. 

Row It K. Crzelka. H. Cameron, L. Reynolds. B. Lawson. 6. Hovanic Row 2: M. Care. S. Claus. C. 
Jones. J. NewU. A. Schumann Row 3-. N. DiMaria. J. Paul. P. Schmeck. B. Bliley. L. Cowden. B. 
Sapp, R. Grooms Row 4: M. Scalpello. B. Moore. C. Bullman. O. Lombard!. D. Pelczar. Deb Mails 
Row 5: J. Hedman. J. Quatro. L. Flanker. L. Wessels. D. Peters. D. Sweet. D. Murphy. T. Williams. 
P. Conticello. T. Dyjack, £. Miller, K. Urias 

Officers Row /.• B. Anderson. K. Grzelka, G. Hovanic. M. DiMaria. C. Jones. L. Reynolds, 
8. Lawson Row 2s L. Cowden, D. Pelczar, H. Cameron. P. Schmeck 

Delta Zeta 



'ien.'!:^ ""^'Iffi 

Row /; L. Brickner. K. Francis, M. Harden Row 3: T. Deyther. C. Corbin, B. Gaydot. 
R. Vannatta Row 3: P. Fetzner, S. Dismuke, S. Knupp. M. McCarthy, T. Kanett Row 
4, L. Pedreira. N. Barnhart, T. Wright, K. Smith, P. Szwec. G. lannelli, C. Sams, M. 
Schwaderer. T. Mills Row 5. / Fulton. B. Fry, J. Yoder. C. Hubbell, J. Miller, Michele 
Miele, A. Krantz. M, Quinn, B. Holt, J. Cadek 

We, the sisters of Delta Zeta. are proud to represent the largest 
national sorority. The Epsilon Theta chapter was established at 
Clarion State in 1956. Each year we strive to improve our National 
Philanthropic endeavor of Speech and Hearing by helping the 
children of Polk Institute. Our annual project is Trick or Treating 
for the kids. The Dee Zees, sometimes referred to as "The Delts", 
are active in both campus and social activities. Among these are 
the Rifle team. Channel 5. the Debate team, the Call. WCCB. Ski 
Club, honor groups. AMA. lABC. and theatrics. Socially, we try to 
keep just as involved with our Christmas and Spring forma Is, the 
Valentine's Day Date Party, and our many mixers with all the great 
fraternities on campus. Our performance scholas»i'-ally is very 
commendable. Our house is located at 48 V2 Greenville Avenue. 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

Kow I, K. Meere. K. Long. A. Holbrook. J. Neider Row 2, A. King. P. Carter. K. Henderson. S. Durr. C. Greene 

The Gamma Gamma chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma was 
founded at Clarion State College on May 8. 1961. 5B 
Campbell Hall is the Phi Sigma Sigma's home and we 
welcome everyone to come visit us. The Phi Sigs are very 
active here at Clarion State. Each fall we participate in the 
Autumn Leaf Festival and each spring we take a very active 
part in Greek Week. We also have many fund-raisers here 
on campus. Very often you can find a Phi Sig in a dorm 
lobby selling cookies, donuts. or hoagies. One of our favorite 
activities is roadtrips. We work actively with other chapters. 
Our nationals are very involved with us. They send national 
officers to visit us from time to time. Phi Sigma Sigma's 
National Philanthropic Project is the National Kidney 
Foundation. We are known for our red roses and teddy 

Officers: A. King (Archon). K. Meere (Tribune). C. Greene (Vice Archon) Row 
2, P. Carter (Scribe). K. Henderson (Bursar) 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

.1. -"Till-,' 

Row I: F. Mir, L. Selancy, K. Simon, T. Snedeker (Historian), D. Pienody. A/. Renda, K. Kling (Pantiel Treasurer) Row 2i L. Singerle, M. Scally, D. Collins, 
S. Fairchild (Secretary). K. Malinowski. J. Pivik, P. Beckwith, K. Clark, B. Newman Row 3: K. McGinley. L. Davis, D. Schneeloch. D. Selway, K. Lablor (President) 

The Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded 
at Clarion State College on April 27. 1935. becoming the first 
national sorority on campus. Our enthusiastic sisters take part 
in an array of campus wide activities. These include Homecoming 
Court. Autumn Leaf Festival Parade, intramurals. athletics, 
cheerleading. Miss CSC. theatrical productions and all-over 
participation in Greek Life. They are a social sorority which 
upholds a long standing tradition of high scholastic achievement. 
Their National Philanthropic Project is the Robbie Page 
Memorial, which helps to finance play therapy programs for 
children's hospitals throughout the country. 

Jf. Sv/ 

Alpha Xi Delta 

- .iSr- t 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

Kappa Alpha Psi 

Kappa Alpha Psi frate/nUy 
was founded on January 5. 
1911 at the University of 
Indiana, Bloomington. Indiana. 
If was founded upon the 
principles of "Achievement in 
every field of human endeavor" 
and the motto "Training For 
Leadership". Since then it has 
served to unite college men in 
a bond of patriotism, culture, 
and honor. Functioning on this 
campus since 1974. the Beta 
Epsilon swing chapter now 
holds a distinguished alumni of 
23 brothers. The "Sweetheart 
Club" aids the brothers in 
achieving their aims and goals. 
They often conduct public 
service projects for the good of 
the community, as well as the 

Row /. R. Bruce. M. Robinson (President). B. Huddleslon (Vice Pres.). Y. Brown Row 2-. P. Keyes. B. Gibson. A. 
Craig. F. Johnson. J. Watson 

Phi Sigma 

Officers Row I, R. Latimer (Vice Pres.). K. Montgomery (President). 
C. McFerran (Treasurer) Row 2i J. Scott (Recording Secretary). S. 
Bonavita (Pledgemaster), B. Scarpa (Bar Mgr.). B. Miller (Bar Mgr), 
R. Black (Corres. Secretary) 

Seniors and Executive Board Row h T. Brobst. President Bond. D. 
Donnely Row 2i R. Latimer, C. McFerran. S. Bonavita. P. Perone. 
R. Black. B. Scurpa. J. Scott. F. Hintz. B. Miller. C. Bellavia. B. 
Wideberg, K. Montgomery 

Row I. G. Walp. P. Catoh. 7. Koller. M. Baker. D. 
Songivcngo. J. Canale. M. Anzenberger. J. Costelio. B. 
Smith Row J- C. Beliavia, D. J. Brzoxa, O. Smyers. 
P. Kennedy, ,M. Biker, T. Dorn. H. Sweeny. P. Kelly. G. 
Anderson, T. Seek, J. Sweedith 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Row I: I. Cuijic (LS President). J. English (President). J. Rackin. G. Hedglin. M. Strangis (Treasurer). D. Miller Row 2, M. Betti. D. Latshaw (Inductor). 
J. Geary (Vice Pres.). T. Gulla. B. Cotter. B. Wiker (Secretary). P. frazier. R. Kinard. R. Cassel (LS Secretary/Treasurer). R. Meckel. M. Testa Row 3, 
G. Pickrell. J. Mora. V. Benz (Social). C. Lechner. D. Zimmer. D. Johnston. S. Adier. D. Conner 

The Nu Pentaton chapter of Phi 
Sigma Kappa always does its best to have 
a good time and excel as a member of 
the Greeks here at CSC. We have 
numerous fund-raising activities and 
participate in intramural sports as well as 
in Greek Week. Last year we achieved our 
best placing by being the third place 
overall winners of Greek Week. The 
brothers and little sisters of Phi Sigma 
Kappa are involved in many areas of 
Clarion's charm, such as WCUC-FM. 
Student Senate, rifle team, Sequelle. 
Marketing Club, Debate, and we love to 
mix with CSC's sororities. Our Moonlight 
Girl this year is Traci Mills. 

Theta Chi 

The Epsilon Xi chapter of Theta Chi national fraternity, 
established in Clarion on December 10. I960, is located at 703 
Wood St. The Theta Chi house remains the only fraternity house 
at Clarion State. Theta Chis are quite proud of their house and 
feel that the true meaning of fraternal brotherhood is living 
together on a day-to-day basis. Their sprawling 15 room mansion 
combines historic stature with a completely remodeled interior. 
Its colonial architecture includes a chapter room, billiard room, 
dance floor/party room, as well as penthouse apartments on the 
third floor complete with sundeck balconies. The grounds are 
meticulously maintained and the backyard serves as an ideal 
wiffle ball field. Any young men wishing to make a contribution 
to their college, their community and wishing to pledge an 
established fraternity which owns a house, should feel free to 
stop at the house and talk to the brothers. 

Officers: D. Mihoney (President). 
(Secretary). B. Bigi (Treasurer) 

W. Dillon (Vice Pres.). S. Joyce 

Ron I, .1. Walnoha. H. Blashock. J. Garrighan. /V. Vlasic. 
J. long. J. Botti. B. Bigi. M. Schaefer. J. Chad well. J. 
Grasso. Row J: J. Kenny. B. Duffey. P. Ungerman. W. 
Dillon, a. Joyce. D. Mahoney. E. Layton, J. Pfleuf. S. 
Gustafascn How 3: B. Quinn. M. Shaffer. D. Edminston. 
J. Gioiso. J. Savor 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Officers: D. Kallenbaugh (Vice Pres). J. Engel (Controller). K. Grugel (Counselor). M. Moser (President), 
0>. Lindahl (Secretary). T. McKinney (Recorder) 

The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon 
are an exclusive group of men who are 
dedicated to the promotion of Greek 
life and campus life at Clarion. Our 
fraternity became recognized on cam- 
pus in the fall of 1981. We were 
recently installed as a chapter of our 
national fraternity on January 23. 1 982. 
Since our founding on Clarion campus, 
our 65 men have had outstanding 
accomplishments. Some of our activities 
include.- coordinators of the Special 
Olympics, food drives, and raffles for 
tuition. Our float took first place for 
Clarion Borough during Autumn Leaf 
Festival Week in 1981. We also took 
first place in the Children's Hospital 
Fund contest. Our men are proud of 
founding the largest fraternity ever on 
Clarion campus. 


Row I: K. Grugel. V. Hordies. 6. Malone. D. DelSianco. K. Adams. C. Bell. J. Dellorso. D. Fridey. D. Roe Row J M. Moser. D. Brennan. P. Sl<- : 
Macedonia. D. Sigworth. T. Gillooly. J. Mignanelli. L. Mastrovich Row 3: D. Kaltenbaugh. J. Engel. J. Stillson. J. Frerott. R. Under. T. Rodgers. D. Atkins. 
S. Barbash. 5. Wasserman. G. Laspina. A. Banks Row 4. D. Lindahl. M. Popivchek. S. Lucas. J. Gibbs. J. Weyers. C. Bryant. D. Rickard, B. Saiek Row 5: 
T. McKinney. R. Welsch. M. Moore. J. Boros. M. Greenlee. L. Buchholz. B. Baker. E. Flowers Row 6: B. Buss. S. Carter. D. Fouse. J. Schryver. C. Bamford 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 


Row I: M. Strenko. C. Malloy. R. Partridge. P. Clay. J. Werling. R. Sanford. A. Sethi. R. Costanzo Row 3, D. Buckley. N. Name. L. Barsody 

Tau Kappa Epsilon. founded 1899. is the largest college social 
fraternity in the world with over 300 active chapters. The Lambda 
Epsilon chapter at CSC was founded in 1967 and has of this year 
30 brothers and a fine group of little sisters. TKEs have members 
of every major and from almost every background, forming a tightly 
knit, well-functioning brotherhood. We are proud of our diversity 
along with our contribution on campus. 

Theta Xi 

Row I: E. Mensural! (President). E. Weaver Row J: J. Mensurati. M. Randolph (Treasurer). J. Lawrence. C. Barrett. T. Black. B. Seth. B. Jose. R. Jones 

The Beta Omicron chapter of Theta Xi national fraternity was 
founded on May 9. 1963. The famed Xi house was unjustly taken 
from us last spring, but we have been able to remain active and 
participate in various campus activities. In intramurals we were "the 
taxi squad" and placed in numerous events. Mark "Moby" Downing 
has been a national qualifier for wrestling the past three years. We 
also play an active role in the Polk Peace Festival every spring, and 
this year we sponsored a bowl-a-thon for Unicef. 






















r* m 

5^ -^A. .^/ 





Everybody Is Trying To Get In Shape 


Spikers Ready for Season 

"We're ready to play right now." said the very 
competitive CSC coach Sharon Daniels-Oleksak. The outlook 
for the 1981 team is a "much improved" one. Although a 
lot of veterans were lost to graduation, she believes her team 
is prepared for the season. "We have worked hard on 
consistency, and playing our own style of volleyball. 
Combined with total effort and dedication we should field 
an exciting team this year." commented the Clarion mentor. 

Softballers Open Positive Season 

191} WOMlm iOnSALl tr 


f- HttJ Cotch Ktlhy Mcv 


Mgr D 

Colltr. S 



Will. J 


M Gtytr. 


Hsnei, coMch Mtny Rwynoldt. So» 


M,, a 

Lenger. Mgr 

J Kombach 



A Hancock 

H Hucceulli 


Smith k 

Colllm Ko 

w 3, J krollr 



f Cuda. B 

Sirllka. llnda 1 


I McOlurt. I Otipow 


"We believe we can win 
and at times I think that's at 
least half the battle. " com- 
mented head coach Kathy 
McGirr. "Our hitting, 
defense and pitching is 
improved from last year. If 
there is one thing we will do 
in 1982 it will be to run the 
bases more aggressively, 
especially since our team 
speed has improved. 

"Our infield should be one 
of our strong points this 
season." This team has what 
it takes to win." 


Women Dribblers Have Trying Season 






Gymnasts Swing Into 2nd At PS AC Championships 

'We continue to make great strides in improving our score 
and lifting the program in the right direction." commented the 
head coach Gayle Truitt-Bean. "Although we didn't win the 
championship, we improved our score by 3. 10 points over last 
year's winning team score. I think that shows how much we've 
improved in one year. " stated the happy CSC mentor. Clarion got 
two first place finishes from top gymnast Meg Mindreler. The CSC 
junior copped first in the vaulting competition with 9.10 and won 
the all-around with an overall score of 35.35. She also captured 
a third in the balance beam and floor exercise, then took fourth 
in the uneven bars. Also placing for the Golden Eagles were Leslie 
Davis. Carol Snyder and Tracy Stone. "They performed well and 
deserved to win the meet. The key to the win was better depth 
in the floor and beam scoring. What is exciting is the fact that 
both teams are young and should continue to improve in the next 
few years. " added Truitt-Bean. 


Golden Eagles Finish With Another Winning Season 

With a final season victory over Kutztown. the Golden Eagles 
finished the season on a high note and secured its i 8th 
straight winning season under head coach Al Jacks. It Is also 
the teams 21st non-losing season. In the NCAA Division II 
and III. which includes 309 members those totals lead all 
colleges. Although those totals are impressive, it s the next 
comparison which gives CSC grid fans pride. With 21 straight 
non-losing seasons, the Golden Eagles maintain their 
prominence nationally right behind Penn State. Texas and 
Alabama. Considering there are 495 \CAA member 
institutions, CSC is among the class football programs in the 
United States. Looking back at 1981. CSC head coach Al Jacks 
points to outstanding play of the same seniors and freshmen 
who were steady throughout 1981. "Betts. McCauley. Early. 
Crovak. and Harding had good years as seniors, and freshmen 
like Brown. Alexander. Ivy and Ewing have us already looking 
forward to next season. When our younger personnel were 
pressed into service in the middle of the year, they responded 
giving us four wins in our last five games. " In the player voting 
that closes out the year. Bob Betts. Mark Earley and Loran 
Sekely were chosen MVP's for offense, defense and special 
teams play. 



/«/-« MfVJ SWIM TEAM: I - t. Haw 
I. J gJIrr- M. Jtnak. C LoCuru T 
GlUooh J Bifoher. H «:i>aii/l. ( Gjix^ 
Jt Stndm. ¥ KtUrr ttm i. O Miitdrr 
D. flinchbiufh. C Harkin*. J. Jttrdce. 
M. Oiuil B ElUM. J Smith. V Wllliinu 
U. DlnnocefUo (mgr-l. M Vsn Drte. 
fUni 3. Coach Lett. D- Sriggt. imgr-i. T 
WoftiMUt. 3- Pact. D BittM. / Luffy 
J. Gardntr. k. AfnoU. H. Suns imgr.), 
L SeOfwict (mgr.). CoMch UUIrr. Xnr 4. 
X UcDtrmctI (mfr). C Duth. T 
isx^ge. f. kyUi*d*r. J. Baker D- 
UcfaMtm. H Pc-i.-ai>skl. C. Webrr. B. 
Fnaki. Minbf. V Krbhery. B StrchL 

ieseh I suesCHEn 

400 HI REL SKiKB.iinEB. 
BOO FR HEl S"3' 'tats 

3 32 78 


stciKii. lines 
FesREiu I Temn 


334 3S 
655 9- 









Swimmers Win 12 Straight PS AC Title 

The Clarion State College 
Men's Swim Team captured their 
12th straight PS AC State Cham- 
pionship this year. The Golden 
Eagles, under the direction of 
Coach Bill Miller, totaled 631 
points, more than doubling second 
place Shippensburg's 292 total. 
The Golden Eagles won 12 of 18 
events and qualified swimmers 
and divers in 32 spots at Nation- 
als. Jack Buesher captured the 50. 
100 6 200 freestyle, setting new 
conference records in all three 
events. He was also part of the 400 
free relay which took first place 
and set a new conference record 
(also Fred Kylander. Tim Wojtas- 
zek and Dave McFadden). Jack 
Gardner won the 500 S 1650 
freestyle, setting a new PSAC 
record in the 500. Other two-event 
winners were Rich Dobranski (200 
IM S 200 Breast) and Dirk 
Flinchbaugh (IIM S 3M Diving). 
Single event winners included Ray 
Gandy (400 IM) S Vic Ruberry 
(100 Breast). Excellent perfor- 
mances were also turned in by Tim 
Wojtaszek. Tom Ramage. Ed 
Weber. Fred Kylander. John Riley. 
Kirk Sanders and three divers 
Craig Harkins. Chuch LoCurto and 
Jeff Luffy. All qualified for Nation- 
als. "Our team had its best state 
meet ever. " chimed head coach 
Bill Miller. "We will have more 
individuals at Nationals than we 
had anticipated, hopefully those 
will turn into additional team 
points for us. " added Miller. Those 
Nationals were held at Clarion and 
the CSC Men s Swim Team placed 
fifth. They are also the top Eastern 
representative in the Champion- 
ship. The Golden Eagles wsie led 
by Jack Buesher who placed third 
in the 50 freestyle and third in the 
100 freestyle, on his way to 
becoming a 6-time All-American. 

Mens' Swimming 


CSC Wrestlers Sport Their Winning Ways 

'W-^HP If ^ 

Not unlike before. Clarion State's Wres- 
tling team sent five individuals to the NCAA 
Division I National Championships. Head 
Coach Bob Bubb. whose overall record stands 
at 119-50 (a winning percentage of 79.9%). 
sent Jamey Kasser - 118. Ken Nellis - 142. 
Charlie Heller - / 77. Mark Downing - 190 and 
Curt Olson HWT to the mats in quest of a 
national title or an All-American placing. 
Heller is the lone returning All-American for 
Clarion and CSC's best hope for a National 
Championship ride with Heller. He has racked 
up an impressive 27-2 overall record and has 
claimed the PSAC and EWL titles already in 
1982. The Golden Eagles have managed 
enough team points in the last two years to 
finish 16 at Nationals both in 1980 & 1981. 
Only twice in the last ten years have the 
Golden Eagles finished below 26th in team 

1911191} CSC WmUIng Ttim, From Kow L - K. C. Oltoit, K. Albtit. C. Helltr. S. 6Uu. 
Kow 1. T. JtfMn. J. Katttr. M. Pawning. D. Lewlt. T. Houtel Row 3. C. Funk. B. Ketneck, 
B. Arnold. B. Htrt Kow 4. K Nelllt. 6. Hjltltid. T Canacino. G Ammon. Kow 5. K. 
Hayward. 0. Aletandtr. K. Nellli. M. Santa Lucia Latl Kow. M. Ciaf. D. Sotktr. K. Bulryn. 
K. Schooler. 5. Idwardt. 




CSC Basketball Team Adds Another Winning Season 


iHf't:} Mf\'5 BASXSTSAU TEAM, Kneeiing L K. K. Kozi*n. C. Btfl. D. Btsck. firwt £<w Sitting. J C^tipsri. K. GUn. 
J, Mslh. C ioo^eveU. J. Tooie*. J. Szumtgale. Back Xot*. Ami Ca»cA Sorb B**hn»gei. D. KAathewt. S. Watermun. D. 
Koiei. H Ntpit*. D. VS'hrttn. / Flexmingr. J. Spangier. Head Coach Joe OeCregorio 

Although the Clarion Sl3le College Meni 
Basketball team failed in their hid to win the PC West 

Title or gain an NCAA Division II Playoff berth, the 
Golden Eagles did continue their winning ways with 
a record of 16-11. The 1981-82 edition of the hoop 
team started its year as hot as the proverbial 
firecracker winning its first seven contests The 
highlight came when CSC won the highly touted 
Porreco Cup Tournament. Joe Malis earned 
tournament MVP honors. The first CBS-TV coaches 
poll came out during the tournament and Clarion was 
ranked fourth in Division II. Unfortunately a string 
of losses plagued the Eagles the rest of the season. 

"We played quality basketball throughout the year, 
but just couldn t hit that big shot or get that needed 
momentum in the last two minutes when we really 
needed it." stated Coach "D ". "/ thought we were 
very consistent in the things we did and gave it all 
we had the entire year." Joe Malis won the PS AC 
scoring title averaging 23.0 points per game. Malis 
was also named as a second team All-American by 
the National Association of Basketball Coaches for 
NCAA Division II players for 1981-82. Coming to an 
end this year is the coaching of Joe DeGregorio. He 
ended his career with an overall record of 159-67, 
a 70.4% winning percentage. "I would like to thank 
the players that I have coached in my years here at 
Clarion, which have always given me complete 
support and pleasant memories. My only hope is that 
I have had a positive effect on the basketball 
program, my students and my community, who have 
also been supportive. Coach "D" will be missed by 






_^^a^^ _'— — « ^^^ 


Li d & U a c 



Swimmin Women Win 3rd Straight AIWA Division II 

Clarion State, the dominant force in Division II Swimming, captured 
its third straight AIWA Division II National Championship. The 
"Swimmin Women" of head coach Becky Rutt. have now captured the 
National Championship in as many years as Rutt as been head coach. 
In the past two seasons. Rutt has been named "Coach of the Year" 
after her teams have won nationals. This year's team won the event 
with overall team balance in scoring, while not recording as many firsts 
as a year ago. "We had so much depth in our scoring this year it even 
took me by surprise. " commented Rutt. "I give our women a lot of credit 
for what they accomplished, but it just shows what extremely hard work 
can achieve. " The Golden Eagles were led by Tracy Cooper. Jeanne 
O'Conner and Claudia Suarez. who all claimed first place honors. Other 
outstanding performances were turned in by Rhonda Phillips. Cathy 
Tereshko and Tina Kiser among the divers, plus Teri Peot. Lynne 
McGeachie, Nan Jackson. Beth Waldbaum and Kisa Schoen. "Overall 
I am very happy about repeating." commented Rutt. "It's very hard to 
win the first one. but I really think it is true that staying on top is even 
more difficult: that's what makes winning this championship so 
gratifying. Summing up our overall effort. I'd say it was simply a 
magnificent performance by a group of very dedicated athletes. " 
finalized the veteran coach. 





Clarion Has A Winner For Every Season 

Women's Tennis Serving Optimism 

CSC Women's Tennit Team ■ kneeling I - r< L Teets. C Soult. J 
Cctunza. H. Finnell. S. Bik3c%an. P Milliken. Sunding- AssL Coach 
VickiFousL S. Maigiere. A. Daridson. V. Kuli. D. Tauak. K. Stevenson. 
A. Lund. Head Coach Becky Rutu 


Becky Rutt is beginning the 1981 season with a mixture of veterans and 
youth. The Golden Eagles will be trying to improve on I980's 4-6 dual meet 
record and a 7 th place finish in the PS AC State Tournament. Back in the fold 
for CSC is number one singles ace Karen Stevenons. who has already captured 
two Pennsylvania Conference No. I singles titles in as many years. Also 
returning from I980's squad are Virginia Kule. Sherry Malgieri and Sharon 
Bikacsan. Newcomers that should make their presence felt immediately are 
sophomores Darby Tatsak and Janice Costanzo. Captains will be Malgieri and 
Bikacsan. Rutt eyes this year with mixed emotions. "Our problems are in a 
very tough schedule, coupled with the problem of losing the close matches. 
We have the ability to win and have a very respectable year, but we have 
to win the close matches. I guess you could say I'm cautiously optimistic this 
year. " 

CC ' Running the Distance 

CSC Cro*$ Country Itam knetling I - r- G. Dnjihtl. J. Hoffman. 8. Kemmerer, 8. iindberg. C. C Keller, k. 
Orih*htw. Sundingi B. 8odden. D. Deiler. S. Benton. A. Bustom. C. Nelson. 5. Delaney. J. Anderson. B. 
Bescnson. M. Muriwski. B Welder. D Zwald. 

An experienced squad of harriers form 
the nucleus of the 1981 Men's Cross Country 
Team. Under coach Bill English, the team has 
compiled an outstanding 58-27 dual meet 
record in his nine years at the helm. "We 
have more quality and depth on this team 
than ever before." sounded the confident 
CSC mentor. "This could be a very good year 
for us. " Returning are six veteran lettermen: 
Bob Lindberg. Ken Gribshaw. Bruce Kem- 
merer, Jude Hoffman, George Drushel and 
Chris Keller. Scott Delaney is a promising 

Track Team opens 'Tromising Season'' 



This year head coach Bill English has joined a crew of top notch newcomers with quality veterans that give 
the Eagle mentor reason for optimism. "I think this is our strongest and most balanced team since I've been here 
at Clarion. We have top performers in all events except Pole Vault and Discus, which gives me a positive outlook 
for a promising season." Entering his tenth year at Clarion. English has an overall dual record of 44-25-1 and 
is setting some lofty goals for the '82 campaign. "This team has more talent than I've ever had at Clarion. Without 
injuries, this team could accomplish our team goals and that's what we're striving for." English closed. 


Barry's Boys Swing Hard 


CSC Fans Never Say Die 


Head Coach - Al Jacks 
Overall Record: 6-4 
PA Conference: 3-3 «fe:- 

'$ Cross Country 

Head Coach - Bill English 

Dual Meet Record: 4-0 

CA Invitational: 5th of 30 teams 

NAIA District IS Championships 2nd 

PSCAC State Championships 6th 

Qualified 4 runners for NAIA National Championships 

Women's Cross Country 

Head CgSiek.^=^Bm English 

Dual Meet Record: 0-1 

CA Invitational 5th of 6 teams 

lUP Invitational 11 th of 15 

PS AC State ChampionW^s 1 0th 

Women'f Tennis 

Head Coach - Becky Rutt 
^Z Overall Recorj^O-^9 

Wrestliffg^' r. 

Head Coach - Bob Bubb 
Dual Meet Record: 12-5 
PSAC-2nd place 
EWL-3rd place 
NCAA Division 1-2 1st place 


Head Coach - Kathy McGirr 
Overall Reetfrd: 19-8 

Womeii's Basketba 

Head Coach - Kathy McGirr 
Overall Record: 2- IS 




Head Coach - Gayle Truitt-Bean 

Dual Record: 6-4 

PSAC-.lnd place 

ASAW'^ Division I Regionals-4th place 

CaifFtel i imv itational-3rd place 



Head Coach - Barry McCauliff 
Overall Record. 6-16-1 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach - Joe DeGregorio 
Overall Record.- 16-11 


Head Coach - Sharon Danieh-Ofi 
Overall Records 11-13 


ens' Track 

Head Coach - Bill English 
*^ Dual Meet Record-. 1-2 "^ 

Penn Relays: 1st place, 1600 meter relay 
PS AC State Championships- 7 th place 

Women's Track 

^ - Head Coach - Bill English 

Dual Meet Record: I- 1 
PS AC Championships - 8 th place 


Men's Swimming 

Head Coach Bill Miller 
Dual Meet Record: 1 1 -I 
PS AC Champions for 12th straight year 
« NCAA Division II Championships-Sth place 

Women's Swimming 

Head Coach - Becky Rutt 
Dual Meet Record: 10-2 ^ 
PS AC Champions 

A! AW Division II National Champions 


Head Coach - Frank Lignelli 
Allegheny lnvitational-5th ,_ 
CA Invitational- 1 St ^ 

Slippery Rock lnvitational-4th ^ 
Penn State Invitational- 7th of 19 teams 
PS AC Champions ■ " 

NAIA District 18 Champs '*\^ 

Steelers Tangle With CSC 



































White Arts Week 


Whether you sported the buffalo look, punked out, 
or opted for T-shirts and visors instead of a bathing suit, 
you were in fashion for this year's White Arts events. Kegs 
of beer and skies full of sunshine kept plenty of people 
partying throughout most of the week. And when the 
rains came, we sat under umbrellas around the fire until 
the keg was kicked. The week ended on a plateau where, 
for many, the good times at Clarion, began. 





^ m^T?, -^ 

'jf t% 


Homecoming A Mixture of Good Times 

n$ (. 


darion Rocks With king Cool AND South Side 





^^^^■L^. H 



_-w^ ^^^^^ 



SIG- EPS, winners of WCCB's Childrens Hospital drive. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. the newest and 
largest fraternity on campus is a diverse 
group of young men striving for personal 
growth and educational experience. This 
past year the Sig-Eps were recognized 
both locally and nationally. We have been 
involved in various community activities, 
including two food drives and the Special 
Olympics. The brothers of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon hope to continue their good 
academic standing and strong Greek and 
social participation. 



Center Board 

It's a Sunday night and you're 
bored, you check the calendar to see 
if anything is going on. You might come 
up with a movie. Superman. The 
Elephant Man. or Ordinary People. A 
concert or a coffee house. Donny Iris 
Or South Side Johnny. A ballet. Pavlova 
for instance. 

These and many other events are 
what Centerboard provides to the C.S.C. 
campus, they provide entertainment for 
everyone. Centerboard is funded by 
each students' activity fee, it is because 
of this that they provide such a diverse 
selection of events. 

The Sound Of Music 

Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The 
Sound of Music" was presented March 
2-6 by the Clarion State College Theatre 
in the Marwick-Boyd Little Theatre. 

Directed by Clarion 's Mary Hardwick. 
"The Sound of Music" is the true story 
of the famed Trapp Family Singers, an 
Austrian family who defied the Nazi terror 
on the eve of World War II. 

The original production was the 
fourth longest - running Broadway 
musical on record and the third longest 
- running Rodgers and Hammerstein 

xp. jipi-; 


Arsenic and Old Lace 


Activities Day '82 

CSC students were given a chance to 
find out all about the many organizations 
here at Clarion. Greeks, clubs and other 
organizations such as WCCB participated 
in this years Activities Day. 


Madrigal Dinner 

The fourth annual Clarion State 
College Madrigal Dinner was held 
Friday. December II. at 7:00 p.m. in 
Chandler Dining Hall. 

A highlight of the CSC Christmas 
season for the last three years, the 
Madrigal Dinner is a reproduction of 
the old English Christmas Feast. Each 
phase of the dinner is introduced by the 
herald trumpeters and a song. The 
event also includes the procession of 
the singers, gowned in period costumes, 
the arrival of the Wassail Bowl, the 
advent of the Boar's Head and the 
appearance of the traditional plum 
pudding in flaming splendor. The 
Madrigal Singers presented a Christmas 
concert of Renaissance and modern 
madrigal music after the dinner. 



april IQIH 



Getting Out 

Getting Out. a drama written by 
Marsha Norman and directed by Dr. 
Robert Copeland for the Clarion State 
College Theatre was presented November 
10 thru the 14 in the Marwick Boyd Little 

Getting Out focuses on a woman. 
Arlene. played by Laura Gordon, who has 
just been released from prison after 
serving eight years for murder. Arlene 
constantly battles with her old self Arlie 
portrayed by Kathleen Palmer. Other 
characters include. Bennie. a prison guard 
played by Ron Hartley; Carl. Arlene's 
former pimp, played by Mark Fredo and 
Connie Culbertson portraying the char- 
acter of Ruby. Arlene's neighbor and an 
excon. The cast was also supported by 
seven other Clarion State students. 

'"- CJ^2D 

Getting Out 


Black Arts Week 1982. 

Black Arts Week was designed to emphasize culture and the 
black heritage. Students participated in many activities throughout 
the week. These included the Miss Black Arts Pageant, this year's 
winner was Denise Hutchfrson. Other activities included Greek 
Thrcwdown or Step Show, this gave greek sororities and fraternities 
the opportunity to show their many talents. It also included many 
social clubs such as the Alpha Angels and Kappa Sweethearts. This 
year's concert was What Nuts. 



Greek Week. 

. -T ▼ ^ 












Everything We Missed. 

There are too many Fine Arts and Special 
Features to fit them all in one section. If we 
neglected the hand you play in or play you acted 
in. we apologize. All of us realize the importance 
of all of the students that bring drama and music 
to life. 







"^.- •• 



Just You . . . 

Our most important 
special feature: you. 





Do people go to college to enhance their knowledge, but spend half the time destroying brain 
Are the bathrooms unisex on weekends. 
Do you get higher than a kite in the sewer. 
Does it rain inside the cafeteria. 
f^SFTni^ ^'^ your neighbors call at 7.30 a.m. to find out what they did last night. 
Do you wake up to J.D. and all his drunken admirers! 
Do Rowdies drink the LongHorn dry on Homecoming Saturday. 
Do students go rafting down the Young, in 50 degree weather. 

Do Gamma's shower girls with spotum and rocks instead of kind words, flowers and love. 
Can there be a WCCB night at the Roost when they're not even on the air. 
Can your truck get ticketed while you're sleeping in it. 
Do you need a permit to be loud. 
Can "Happy Hour" turn into a "Happy Night"! 
Do people think buffalo are beefalo. 
Do they spell the fire "exstinguisher" signs incorrectly. 

Can you be picked up by the cops for going through a stop sign on a 10 speed. 
Does it snow in October. 






rii^ <T: 



Can a girl be good for one thing . . . buying beer. 

Does a Prof pay more attention to a cocker spaniel than students. 

Is your romantic (?) love nest no further than your backyard — why junk it? 

Can some girls look like they're doing their wash and end up at the beer distributor. 

Does the Men's Swim Team bring home II straight PA Conference Championships. 

Do some girls fight for the prime scoping seats in the cafeteria. 

Can you cook a gourmet pancake and egg breakfast in your popcorn popper. 

Do you spend a power failure getting Rippered at the Clipper. 

Does a week seem to run Thrusday. Friday, Saturday, Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 

Do you sometimes wonder if your roommate is part of the couch. 

Is there a communication gap among Comm. teachers! 

Do members of CSC/IABC walk into a bar on Liberty A venue in Pittsburgh only to be shocked by the patrons preferences! 
— // could have been worse guys. 

Do editors schedule meetings when they are unavailable. 

Are the "evergreens " in front of Chandler brown. 

Do you alternate from skiing, skating and swimming to class. 

Are office hours held at the Tavern, or the Loomis or . . . 



What does Clarion State Fashion consist 
of? Warm PJ's for the cold Clarion weather. 
ANYTHING that gets you down the hall from 
the shower. T-shirts and hats for the casual 
look. But a trend not soon to go out of style 
is anything and everything that says Clarion 



Peace Festival 



Marching Band 


ik . 

>. , -::■■ 


/*' m 

ARI^H *'llcP 
1 A . aBw ^^F 

't - 



^^^^HRw' ^^^^^^H^''*' 


■ ^H '< 'II^Bk^ 

. < ,^»'. " 



Mary Pat McCarthy; Miss CSC 1982 

A total of 15 CSC women compet- 
ed for the title of Miss CSC on Saturday 
February 20 in the Marwick Boyd 

Each of the contestants were 
judged on a personal interview, evening 
gown, swimsuit appearance and a talent 

When all of these aspects of the 
future Miss CSC were taken into 
account, the winner was Miss Mary Pat 
McCarthy. Mary Pat is a freshman 
majoring in speech pathology. She was 
sponsored by the Delta Zeta 's. For Mary 
Pat's talent portion she sang "I Hate 
Men," by Carolyn Leigh and Cy 

Congratulations Mary Pat and may 
your year as Miss CSC be fantastic. 



^^^^^^^^^^^^m ^^m ^ ^^^^1 







































>|l|i:ir:'-: ^ FACULTY 

' ^^"^^-z 

Clarion State College President 
Dr. Thomas Bond 

*'V\ ""* 




I>^ J 


'v^^^^ v^^ 

H- Lk^^ 

N ^h||^hP^^ 






Senior Directory 

V^i. iTrr'Ir. PA lilOS 

A'tcltunr Jinct I. 
m hard .'.v.. 

^ j- AielU: Diim L 

11'^ South St. 

Af-.4aTft MohammeJ 
PC. Box 171 
Clarion FA 16314 

Al-Methih Stbh M 
Ktnnit fmba$n 
4340 Conn 
*M»m#ron. I>.C iOtXt 

.'J MuefOrn Abduljlh S 
M Nonh $lh -Awitirt* 
Oarwn. PA 16114 

M-Muemtti. Jamst 9. 

34 glh * venue 
Clarion. FA 16314 

Abdl Martin U. 
P.O. Box 10 
Unialla Utala 
IMO Stale Nigeria 

Alexander. Michael C 
HD 4 Box 93A 
BnokYllle. FA ISI3S 

t4ary C. 
ml Dr. 
rgh, PA I533S 

Allen. Donald f. 
Burrell. PA ISOfi 

Lytute M. 
1307 OllranI Sl 
Fnubargh. PA ISXe 

Amaram. Anthony C. 

330 Wllklmon Hall 

Clarion. Pa 16114 

Amorlello, Usa A. . 
Chestnut Ave. 
, force F* IH4I 

Amorieilc. Loh A 
Chetlnul Ave. 
Force PA ISS4I 

Andres. Jerome K. 
K.D. I S<v 364 
Oil City. PA 16301 

Anker. H. David 

P.O. Box 103 

West Hickory. FA 16370 

Anthony. Larry A. 
North Pickering Sf 
Brookvllle. PA tSlli 

Antonello. Joseph M. 
474 Jacques Lane 
Mella. PA 1 9063 

Apfelbaum. Susan^. 
41 Pauline Dr West 
Clearfield. FA 16130 

Armstrong. Scott A. 

Box t41B K.D. I 

Lower Burrell. FA 1506$ 

AmetU Barbara A. 
14S V' Third St. . 
Conneairt Uke. PA'16il6 

Attaouecl. Janet A. 
Xdt CroaHf Ave. 

Barsotti. Janice R. 
414 Beatty Street 
ill wood aty. FA 161 17 

Basl. Susan L. 
lie Kaylor Road 
PItuburgh. PA 15137 

Bateman. Karen R. 
SfO S tth Street 
Sharpsville, PA 16150 

Battin. Jeffrey J. 
103 Brawley Avenue 
Meadville. FA 16335 

Beach. John D. 

K.D. I 

New enterprise. FA 16664 

Beaman. Marsha L. 
US A Silver Lane 
McKeet Rocks. PA HI 36 

Beckwith. Stephanie J. 
44S S. Juniata Street 

Lewlstown. PA 1704^ f • 

Coeaopolis. FA 17044 

Beggt. Scott A. 
314 Liberty Sl. 
Franklin. PA 16)13 

Belster. David B. 
3013 fairway St 
lower Burrell, FA 15061 ^'^. 

Bello. Mary A. \ 

I II Atlantic Ave. 
Lower Bunell. PA IS06S 

BenanaH. Netla M. 
Box t06 K.D. 3 
Homer City, PA 1674$ 

Beitckesdorl. Kevin J, 
100 Crabtree lane 
Coraopolb. PA 1510$ 

Bennlger. Vkki L 

K.D I 

Lewie Run. FA 1673$ 

Benton. Scott D. 


Cmlenton. FA 16373 

Berardino. Michael 
460 Long Koad 
Pittsburgh. PA 15135 

Best Dttane E 
4030 Vllllains Dr. 
New Cattle. P^ I6I0I 

Bettyn Thomas J. 
543 Taylor Dr. 
Canonsburg. FA 15317 

Betti Michael J. 
536 Anderson Ave. 
FilUburgh. PA 15139 

Betu Robert A. 
4446 Gateway Dr. 
ManroevUle. PA 15146 

Beveridge. Kathleen M. 
ISl'^ Reed Sl. 
Erie PA 16504 

Bigi Kobert J. 
Box 317V, K.D. 1 
Jeannette. FA 156*4 

Blkacsan. Sharon J. 

51$ nth Ave. 

New Brighton. PA 1506^ 

Bindas, Mark A. 
105 Big Horn Kd. 
PHttburgh. PA 15139 

Btngaman. Ktm M. 

219 S I Ith Street 
Lewisburg. FA I7S37 

Biro. Jr Joseph M. 
1144 Hall Ave. 
Sharon. PA 16146 

Bish. Susan C. 
Box 170 R.D. I 
Mayport. PA 16140 

Black. David A. 
II Manor Aye- 
New Castle. FA 16105 

Blankensteln. Philip K. 
4 Chip Lane 
Reading. FA 19607 

Blashock. Thomas 
417 Cambria Ave 


Bohner. Denise E. 
114 Artillery Dr 
Gettysburg. PA 17315 

Bojalad. Paul E. g 
710 West Weber Aie. 
Dubois. PA I5$0I 

,-* ■^- 

Borovkk Msry f 
5 Polntt f*rm 
Siigo PA I62$i 


*•»<" "'"IT-'" < 

\tlrcitt Htlghu PA /5lV5 

$ow*ft. it Ktnntth G 

Srookvlllt. PA IS US 

Bt>r*r. Cynlhls O- 
Bom 496 It O 9 
Ctrtlil: PA nCI) 

griJIn Ctsit S 

lie South InJ^lml 

Phlllpiburt. PA Itte* 

BrMnd. UnjM iiltn* 

I6C JtckioMlllt told 

Sorfit Hunllngdon fA IM4J 

BfMuntlfln. Jtfomm A> 
SIC Ippli^ form Koul 
Anntpclli. MO J," ' 

Biotim Wlllism 1 
10$! SuntI Drlvt 
CUrkjn. PA It}l4 

Bftfttuhsn. Can J. 

Bot 16$ 

Si Pntnbutg. PA I60S4 

Brown. Ihm A. 

916 N. KnI Kklft lU. 

HrrmlUgt. PA 16146 

Brown. WHIUm H 
35 Csnil Si. 
Whtilltml. PA I6I6I 

Brvbsker. Sleym E. 

3$ S Curler Ave. 

New H^IUna. PA I7SS7 

Brvrh. Csryl L. 

SOI Perk Ave. 

New CeUle. PA I6I0I 

Burgeron. llnde K. 
114 Cm llglu Si 
oil Cllr. PA 16301 

Burgen. Joanne C 
30 Pine Ate 
Kene PA 1673! 

Burgesr. Jane C. 

14909 Hacking Spring SK 

Koekvllle. MP XHS3 

Buihmin. Joy L. 
Box 99 HP i 

PA I731S 

Bun. Bobert S. 
1403 Sth Siteel 
New Brighton. PA ISOtt 

tyerr, Thomet B. 

}X fniler Or. 

New Cttlle. PA ItlOf 

Clllperl. John V. 
Btl Beerer Grede ltd 

Conopollt. PA ISICS 

CallMghan. Chertet J 
3634 Oek HUI Line SW 
Kosnosk. VA 3401 S 

Cellen. Cynlhli J. 

Kt 3 Box 130 

Conneeul Uke. PA 16116 

Catven. Joyce f. 

WBC f Spngf Sur lit. 

Wtfneibuig. PA If370 

140 Kt 



Campbell Tonfa t 
KP ) Boi 34S 
lehlghlon PA II33S 

Caple. franclne B. 
603 Penn Sireel 
Cheater. PA 19013 

Caracclolo. Anthony X. 

30 Short St 

fallt Creek. PA ISI40 

Care. Mary A. 
10 Parker St 
Warren. PA I636i 

Carr. Linda S 
3 South Sixth SI 
youngwood. PA IS697 

Carroll. Wayne Thomai 
131 fail Bridge Si 
Berea. Ohio 44017 

Carter. Barry H. 
ft P 3 Box 463 
Monongahela. PA 15063 

Cata Edward O 
4676 Old Boiton Kd. 
Piniburgh. PA IS337, 

Celeekl. Richard 

1 131 fllrmont A 

NsOon Heigha. Pa 

Chemberltin Sonrtit Joe 
13$ f SprtttgeTUbury Ave. 
Yor*. PA /7-<iV 

Chapel. Uelanle K. 
471 faal Main Si. 
Youngtvllle. PA 16371 

Chale. llluhelh 4r 
603 Dortet Drive. 
Morritvllle. PA I 

Cherwak. Renee I 
445 Sallnwood D, 
Wett MUHIn. PA 15133 

Chlletler. Jane f. 
931 EatI 36lh $L 
Erie. PA 1650$ 

Chou. Chlh Ping 

31 Jalan Jantbu Batu 

Singapore 315$ 

Chritllanaen. Laura J. 
109 South Patlon Dr. 
CoraopoUa. PA 1510$ 

Chromiak. Joaeph A. 

$15 7th Ave 

ford City PA 16336 

Chuplnaky. Timothy D. 
106 MUdlecreal Dr. 
Glenahaw. PA 151 16 

Chutko. Mary Jo 

113 Dillon St 

Beaver fallt. PA 15010 

Oaanen. Klmberty M. 
305 Nebratka Dr. 
Lower BurreH. PA 1506$ 

Clark. Curth K. 
Boa 179 K.D. I 
Apollo. PA 15613 

Clark. Nora G. 
R.D I Box 119 
Huntingdon. PA 16653 

Clarrett. latrelle A 
30 Sunshine Lane 
Amityvllle NY 1 1701 

Claut. Sutan A. 

410 Little Pine Creek Kd. 

Pliuburgh. PA 15333 

Clawton. Carole A 
1301 Airbrake Ave 
Turile Creek. PA 15145 

Cleveland. Sarah J. 
no South Avenue 
Bradford. PA 16701 

Ctlnelelter. Sheryl k 

B.P 3 

franklin. PA 16333 

Cole. Marc I 
616 Bliaell Ave 
Oil City. PA 16301 

Coleman. Robert A 
530h South Street 
Clarion PA 16314 
Collell. Wlllli I 



PA 16314 

Cotllnt. Dawn M. 

141 Delano Dr 

PItf burgh. PA IS336 

Colllni. Timothy f 
1300 Penntytvania Ave 
Natrona Helghta PA 15065 

Conley. Panlel J 
150$ P HllUlde Apia 
Clarion. PA 16314 

Conlo. Sabrina k. 

Box I 

Bruin. PA 16033 

Copeland. Peanna L- 
330 Idlewood Rd 
Pimburgh. PA IS335 

Corbtn. Cynthia A. 
IS Jack ton Valley Rd 
Wathlnglon. NJ 07653 

Crouch. Stanley A. 

504f Hillside Apia 

395 Sunaef Dr. 
Meadvllli. PA 16335 

CunllHe. Catherine J. 
7 IS New Texai Rd. 
PUtaburgh. PA 15339 

»^\ Davenport- Randy J. 
».D. 4 
THutvlUe. PA /< 

Davla. lealle A. 

Box 446 K.D I 

Belle Vernon. PA 15013 

Davit. Sutan I. 

3350 Nora St. 

Clark. PA 161 1 3 

Dayton. Michael J. 

440 Springh, 

Camp HHL PA 1701 1 

Dean Karen L. 
RD. I Box 130 
Pleaanlyllle. PA 16341 

Defalco. Janice M 
IS$5 Paricvlew Dr. 
Alllton Park. PA 1 5 101 

Defer. Jeanne *. 
3604 Monterey Pr 

Plnahargh. PA IS34I 

P'iMrt ^'3ten A. 
60\^Sim*ioatl Av*. 

urin cat. PA tsm 

Dr/AtAsc-c. June W. 
flOW^Ut Si. 

Oil etfr, FA leioi 

Detvacehio. Joteph A 
:!70 Beech Si. 

Den, Jill A. 

SCO Falrbrooke Wjy 

Shirptyllle, PA 16190 

tV«/v^, ThiA M. 
1$ 'jir.ili Si 
il'^iDmllf PA ISIrO 

P:xlri. aichard J. 
}70 e. Sh^re Tmll 
Spina. MJ 07/71 

Peyther. Tina L. 
JOT Jeffertan Si. 
Hyde Pjrk, PA 1960S 

DIehl. Craig A. 
lOe Anitr Ave 
Buller. PA 16001 

DIehl. KImberly N. 

P.O. 3 

Ctarion, PA 16214 

Dilabio. leeanne M. 

24 Cheyney Dr. 

Wetl Cheiter. PA I93>0 

Dillon. Walter Z. 


Greeniburg, PA ISOOl 

Dinklelt, Alan R 
909 Sharpshill Road 
PItuhurgh. PA IS2IS 

D'Innocenzo, Mary M. 
434 Cherry St. 
Poimown. PA 19464 

Dippold. Michael V 

1 1 7 Olhrell Si 

Si. Marrt. PA ISKl 

Dittman. Brenda S 

S.D I 

tmlenton. PA 16373 

Pcmaracltl. Guy F 
S722 Janel Dr 
Pituburgh. PA 15236 

Donahue. Patricia A. 
I Blizzard St. 
Wanrly. NY I4»92 

Donofrio. Robert J. 
S Glenoak 
Greengburg. PA 15601 

Dorrlon. Sandra L. 
Box 103 School Si. 
Tlona. PA 16352 

"^ Idmltton. David A 
\ 1539 Wettvlew Dr 
\ Franklin. PA 16323 

^^dwardt, Lori Ann 
\D. I Box 96 
Clarion. PA 16214 

Cdwardi. Scott A. 
1265 Wetlhill Drive 
Chargrin fall: OH 44022 

Fhrman, H- Bruce 
4 1 1 Szxonburg Rd. 
Butler. PA 16001 

Etdredge. Julie A. 
3451 Litburn Rd. 
Mechanictburg. PA 17035 

Ellermeyer. Carol J. 
199 Maple Si, 
Kittannlng. PA 16201 

Fmery Jr.. David R. 
127 W. Patterron Aye. 
Butler PA 16001 

Fnglith. Jay M. 
2507 Willowhunl Cir 
New Cattle. PA I6I0I 

Errett. Michael Vaughn 
303 South Street 
Clarion. PA 16214 

ilzel. Steven W. 

RD. I 

Cranberry. PA 16319 

Fvant. JonI £. 
634 Sagle Road 
Erie. PA 1651 1 

Eyricb. Jeffrey 
63 Earl 8lh Ave. 
Clarion. PA 16214 

Fahrenbach. Lori C 
1210 Spruce Street 
Hollidayiburg. PA I664S 

Fairchild. Shah L. 


Avella. PA 15312 

Feichtel, Jean M. 
IS36 Pennrylrania St. 
Alkntawn. PA 1/102 

Fifher. Faith K. 
113 Park Place 
Monroevllle. PA 15146 

Fix. Colleen A 
209 Middle St 
Catatauqua. PA 18032 

Fleck. Marti E 
904 Ormond St 
Tarentum. PA 15084 

Fleeger. Sutan L. 

Box 136 

Chicora. PA 16025 

Frerotte. Jay M. 
740 Cotumhut Ave. 
Ford Cliff. PA 1622$ 

Gaidoth, Laurie J. 
RD. 10 Bex 266 
Meadvllle. PA I633S 

Gallagher. Jeanne 
7141 Santue Dr. 
Bethel Parit. PA IS 102 

Garnet, John N. 
1 1 Healheriand Kd. 
MIddletown, PA 17057 

Gannon. Patricia A. 
Box 113 AA RD. I 
Kane, PA 16735 

Garbacx, Deborah A. 

t Clarion SL 

on City. PA 16301 

Garcia. Robert D. 
143 David Dr 
Butler. PA 16001 

Garred. karin K. 
I6S2 Lynlon Ave 
Brockway, PA 15824 

Gavin. Ethelmarie 
3111 PIney Bluff Dr. 
Ubrary. PA 15129 

Gilliam. Gralan P. 

5360 Elm SL 

Bethel Park, PA ISI02 

Glllooly. Thomai I 
462 Grace ft. 
PItttburgh, PA 15236 

Ging. Kevin J. 
1822 Plainrlew 
Plmbufgh, PA 15226 

Glass, Emory Scon, 

K.D. 5 

Duncantville, PA 16635 

Slat; Kenneth H. 
3969 hilckenon Are. 
Scio, SY 14880 

Glooch. Karen L, 
1470 Clover Kd. 
Camp Hill. PA 17011 

Glover, Scott P. 
130 Anthon Drive 
Plmburgh. PA 19047 

Gnecco, John L. 
26 Woodbride CTN 
Langhome, PA 19047 

Goble, Kenneth B. 
330 Wood St. 
Clarion, PA 16214 

Goidtch. Donna M. 
1912 Sample Road 
Alllton Parti. PA 1 5 101 

Drane, Sutan D. 
1066 8th Ave. 
Srackenrldge. PA 15014 

Drelbelbit. Sandra L. 
306 Meyert Circle 
Clearfield. PA 16830 

Dupree. Holly P 

RD. I 

Knox. PA 16232 

Durr. Sutan M. 
17 Schovl Lane 
Lebanon. PA 17042 

CaHey. Mart: L 
Ml Rl. 10 

Api^ ^ pel 3 

Eaton. Ellen W. 
1307 Murry St 
Forty Fort. PA IS704 

Eberte. Marianne 
S229 Webb St. 
Alk/ulppa PA ISOCI 

Flynn, Zachary M. 
42 Langmald Lane 
Bradford. PA 16701 

Potter. Ronald C. 
Box 84 Chestnut Sf 
Stoneboro. PA 16153 

Franclt. Karen L. 
122 Hoffman Rd. 
Glensham. PA 15116 

Frank. Mark A. 
945 Crescent Ave. 
Sewlckley, PA 15143 

Franklin. Melody A, 
3240 Dayldsburg RlBd 
Dover, PA 1 73 IS I 

Fredericktan, Ray A, 
80 Cooper Rd. 
DenvllU- NJ 07134 

French. Larry O. 
1220 Vermoitl Ave. 
McKeeiport PA ISI3I 

Goldberg, Renee J. 
6 Candlewood Court 
Newtown, PA 1 8940 

Goldberg, Valerie L, 
94 Beech Wood Dr 
Greenthurg, PA 1 560 1 

Gordon, Laura J. 
S; Water Street 
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 

Grthm, Roger P. 
828 Cohatset Dr 
Sharon, PA 16146 

Graver, Robert C, 
5 N, Spruce St, 
Summit Hill. PA 18250 

Graybtll, Janel M, 
1737 Hathaway Lane 
Pituburgh, PA 15241 

Greco, Rhonda 

Box 59 

Shippenvllle PA 16254 


Cn*n. fllubflti A. 
}»l N. SI. Mtryt Si. 
Si Mtyt. PA IStSJ 

Gnrn. Mtrttnnt 
It P. i Owtht Id 

tuiitr. />4 lecei 

GretiM. C^rrit t. 
28 Flottrrr Kd. 
Imperlam. PA IS$i4 

Gntnt. tart (. 
ftlnltw ltd 
kmr,. PA ISHf 

6iwt. Pentlopt A 
4SI grown Att 
tulln. PA l6Cei 

Grlfltm. Robert f 

t.D. I 

jMcktoo CtKUr. PA I fin 

Grvbbf, Pfler f . 

«£>. 4 

Irocktillt. PA tSllS 

Gntlka. klmtlxHy A. 
Gusdrngnlno Sslifjitort P. 
430 Kjlhf Irnn Dt 
Piltttmrgh. PA IS14I 

Gurrrt. CMlhtriit* f 
334i Ccmsnehe ltd. 
Pimbuigh. PA If 141 

Cunden*n John M. 
4411 McKtmU Dr. 
MonrM,lllt. PA I SI 46 

Hmm9, Dehorah Jean 
141 Cherrydrll Or. 
PMtburgh. PA 15110 

Hsckatt. Anntmarie 
n Omkfotd Kd 
Warn*. PA IXH7 

Hallahan. Elaine f 
111 Suellon Aye 
Butler. PA 16001 

Hamberger. ftececca K 
IX Stoney Brook Dr 
Yoli. PA 11401 

Hamilton. Cynthia M 
1441 Nonh 56th St 
Philadelphia. PA I9lil 

Hanet. Debra L 
fit Gatlelger Kd. 
Meadvlllt. PA I6)}5 

Haney. Linda C 
K.D. I Box 13 
Haven Pines 
Mill Hall. FA 15571 

Harkleaa. Craig A. 

K.D. I 

Sllgo PA ISlSf 

Harrh. Sandra M 
700 Center St. 
Sheffield. PA 16347 

Harthman. Brad i. 
4I0£ Francit Aye 
Connelltrflle. PA 15415 

Ham. Uehard I. 
1004 Wolford St 
Pimburgh. PA 15116 

Harvey. Diane H. 

516 W. Wathington Are. 

Duboii. PA IStOI 

Haugh. Michael D. 
Ill David Dr 
Butler. PA 16001 

Haverttock. Kurt M. 

Box 97 

Bradford Wood: PA 15015 

Hay, Deborah A. 
Hedding Coiumbua Rd. 

Columbui. HJ OtOll 

Heath, llnda M 


Imlenloa. PA 1*373 

HeberHng Douglat S. 

lebanon. PA I 7041 

Held trK 1. 

Box 711 Blue Churth Kd 

Coopertburg PA 19036 

Henderson, kathrvn t. 
103 Timothy Place 
Brldgewaler. HJ 0$$07 

Hepner. tauten M. 

7 It [Iwell Are. 

West Mimin. PA IS 1 11 

Hete. Barbara i. 

Bom 167 

Indian Head. PA IS446 

Hetnl. Katmarle I. 
1911 Penna Ate. Can 
Warren. PA 16365 

Hill. Koarmarr I 
Box 363 Star Kl 
Albrlghttyllle. PA IBIIO 

HInti. francit M. 
439 McClellan Dr. 
Pituburgh. PA 15136 

Ho^and. JuUe G 
».D. I 

Wfl Middlesex. PA 16159 

IS9 Nonh School lane 
Lancaster. FA 17603 

Hogan. Edward W 
109 PaHse Kd. 
PHuburgh. PA l^::i 

Hoke. Beth Ann 
KD. 3 Box A-53S 
Dallattown. PA 17313 

Holl. Barbara I. 
10 Cast llbraok Dr 
Allendale. NJ 07401 

HolU. Unda S. 
4039 Tall Timber Dr. 
Allison Park. PA 1 5 101 

Horanic. Karia 

14515 Route 30 

Ho Huntingdon. PA IS641 

Housiey. Mary E. 
351 Pinehaven Dr. 
Bethel Park. PA ISIOl 

Hcvanic. Gloria A- 
19 Quaker Circle 
Warren. PA 16365 

Hudson. Susan L. 

315 Auburn Kd.. Route 7 

Lebanon. PA 17041 

franklin. PA 16313 

Huimmer. Susan D. 

K.D. I 

TUutrWe. PA 16354 

Husted. Catherine L. 
19 West fifth St. 
Emporium. PA 15)34 

Hutchison. Sandra J. 
119 Rexford Dr 
Sharon. PA 16146 

Inman. Douglas W. 

1317 9th Ave. 

Bearer faUs. PA ISOlO 

Jacoby. Mark A. 
RD 4 Box 15 
franklin. PA 16313 


Jakelsky Ihoeaaa 

7 Komner Kd 

Bound Biook. NJ OIICS 

Janssen. James K- 
lot Arborwood Or 
Olbsonia PA 15044 

Janusik. Laura A. 
301 Vyirswoed Dr 
Berea. Ohio 44017 

Jaqullh Pamela J. 

R.D. 1 

Corry. PA 16407 

Jaslromb. Brenda L 
Box 110 K.D. 10 
Meadrille. PA 16335 

Jay. Todd V. 

34 Meadowbfook Dr. 

Hew CaaUe. PA ItlOS 

John*. Carol A. 
Mackeyrille. P 17750 

Johns. Dennis K. 
Box 114 R.D I 
Mahaffey. PA (5757 

Johnson. Delores J. 
RD. 5 Hall Rd 
Mercer PA 16137 

Jones. Carol M. 
KIreredge Dr R.D. I 
Leola. PA 17540 

Jonet. Sherry J. 

K.D. 1 

Wampum. PA 16157 

Joyce. Stephen P 
1663 flat St. 
Pimburgh. PA 15110 

Jurclsln. Jerry J. 
SI60 Oak St. 
lowellrille. OH 44436 

Kahrer. Lori B 
417 falls Ave. 
Hew Caslle PA 16105 

Kahenbaugh. Don G. 


Sandy Uke. PA 16145 

Kaufman. Kathryn M. 
514 W. Itlh St. 
Erie. PA I6S0S 

Keeler. Susan C. 
3314 Seventh Ave 
Beaver falls. PA 15010 

Keen. Donna M. 
101 Patterson Kd. 
Aston. PA 19014 

Keister. Hancy J. 

Route I 

Shippenrille. PA 16154 

Kell. Laura M 

710 Jackson Ave. Ext. 

Warren. PA 16365 

Keller. Cretchen A. 
1403 Homestead Rd 
Verona. PA 15147 

Keller. Megan 
Box 410 R.D 1 
Eighty four. PA 15330 

Kelley. Patricia E. 
R.D. I Box 144 
Polk. PA 16314 

Kelly. Kae M 
If 74 Sanborn St. 
Pituburgh. PA 15104 

Kemmerer. Bruce A. 
415 fairview Ave. 
Slatinglon. PA ItOtO 

Kemp. Stanford H. 
117 Dutch Lane 
Pleasant Hills. PA 15136 

Piri Or. ^f''X 

1,'S Center ii 

Kinch. 0>ra i 
PUXsbuifh r\ IS337 

KlBca. Cirol A 

PUttiurgh. PA ISlll 

Kbmvt Jr Hohtn 6. 

North HunnngJon. PA IS64i 

Utbine. Oiane I. 
IXS Greentt-urg Rd. 
Lower gurrell PA ISCfS 

Kllok. Oebra Sue 
$ Ultttur, St 
Meyendale. PA IS5S2 

Kllucmric Sunn f. 
I94C ILamrr, Hd. 
Monroevillr PA ISI4e 

Koehenaih Miltan J. 
706 Chestnut Lame 
lifUn. PA IS04} 

Kohler. Danitt A. 
9410 SjK-cc* Bhd 
Althcn Park PA I5ICI 

Ketch. Jchr, S 
331 Deior, Dr. 
Jchirtlc^r, F\ IS904 

Krajcvic. •.ta.-iMie 1. 
6T3 Oegregcn Df- 
Greenrt'urf PK I S60I 

Krebl. Canirt C. 
12$e Crtmma Dr. 
PUUburgh PA ISi4l 

Kites Peggt S. 
I}ei Lacuti Of. 
Klltlartd CH 44094 

Kuli. \irg,ma T. 
Goehrmg RJ K.P. I 
Ivaiti Cm- PA 16033 

Kumer. J at P. 
401 lOUt St 
Oikmcnt. PA HI 39 

Kunti. Carm I 
toss Lake St. 
Girard PA I Stl? . ' 

-i : 

Kinp'fl ^IsrMtf D. 
IOCS Adair,- Xre. 
Jeanneit,: P'C/SS* 

Kuitell. Ch. 
Dtibol, PA IfbOl 

^iM s. 

Lamb. Kalble, 
449 S Aiuhafiild. 
Ccrneaut. 0^440 > 

UetrlprJ PA 1613 


PlesunMlle. P- 

teoe. Nancy A. 
319 Maple An. • 
[bentburg. PA 159^1 

Laitgianete. Lite A 
23 ConwUtution Ave 
Bradford. PA 16701 

Lanay. Kevlif A. 
g.D. I 
Bametboro. PA 15714 


6X PrIiKelon Si 
er,^»e city. PA 1613^ 

Lucar. CHamne M- 
SM N. 4lh Jr. 
ApoUo. PA IStl3 

ludwick, Barbara / *''_ 
109 Sandra Dr. 
Delmont. PA 1 5»36^ 

Janlrte M. 
358 RaYmond St 
HilMale. NJ 07643 

Uvermore. Martha f. 

Bo J 130 

Pleaunlrille. PA 16341 

Uewelyn. Anharad E. 
676 Maple Are. 
Haddonfield. NJ Ot033 

l^er. Suzanne C. 
1430 Grandin Are 
Pittsburgh. PA 15316 

London. Michael B. 
1031 Wetl First St. 
Oil City. PA 16301 

Lonett. William M 
3936 Caroline Or 
PItUburgh. PA 15334 

Loughead WW l M J. 
3338 Althenon Dr. 
Bethel Pari PA 1 5 103 

Martyna. Donald I. 
417 Hoffman Are 
OH City. PA 16301 

Maltz. 6ary I 
PO Box 384 

Shippenrkt. PA 16354 

Mail. Held Allen 

109 Herryhlll Drire 

Caitle Shannon. PA 15334 

Maurer gebecca M. 
763 William Dr. 
Trafford. PA 15085 

Maxwell. Carolyn D. 
4O03 falrhill St 
Philadelphia. PA 19140 

McAllliter. Colleen B. 

Box 373 

Jamestown. PA 16134 

McBride Da wm Marie 

KD 5 

Meadrllle. PA 16335 




McCtll Prhri « 

Summtrrlllt P* IflU 

MeCtrthf. Jertt* Ann 
tiO Varthlnflon Or 
Wtimlittler l>A 11974 

\4cClfftkrr Ctlhfrint A. 

lie I AttI Ay 

N. Sniiuwtct. m OltOl 

mcClurt. (oten D. 
Ill Soilh SfCffod St 
Jfuntm. PA lie** 

ktcCod. ««iit*rt ur 


Slftl. PA liUC 

Mcincknt. AnIU ( 

Ircottlllt PA ISI3i 

McCtillMifh John f 
ei) Alda P' 

Pintl'urih FA H^ <' 

\t.Ffmm Jr H. Cnwfotd 

^■./l.^ur,•A PA ISm 

McGhtl*) KMlUrci' S 
i4t7 ntMtMttmt Drirt 
nnptoiy*. PA IS117 

HtcK^r VlUrtt J. 
ID I tat Sit 
Ptiillfvburf PA Ittte 

PmMd. PA IS$4» 

McKloitry- Tlmathf M. 
1009 Monrat Are. 
Port Vue PA ISI33 

McUughliti. irltn A. 
IST7 KtMmtt St 
Plltibmtl). PA IS13S 

McMstrr. DmtiH f. 
CO. / 

LitotOtt. PA isest 

MeNimr- M>/* T. 
HO. } Sot III 
emitnum. PA 16373 

MtchHiv- Kamtlh C 
I30S Koblmwood Or. 
CUrtom. PA Itll4 

Utdltlr. AnUlon 
1994 Grtgory P' 
MonrontUt. PA Iil4t 

H/Mnen. Laurten A. 
»(<7 OiknMt Or. 
V fAwrhwAxi. FA IS«41 

l^rlhni. Oamm T. 
25 Crocui Ave. 
FlonI Park VT HOOI 

MenauntJ. imett C. 
in Alcoma St 
Stiiron. PA 16146 

Menoth. Kriitin K 
14} Cdftard Sirttt' 
Lowrr Burrtll. M ISC6t 

Mllltr. Darleat A. 
616 Cast 6lh St^ , 
Int. FA IfSffr' 

Jt^mKUr. Jeffrey C. 
t.D. I Sot 149-0 
Hooremille. PA 15936 

Mlnkh KtlMeen M 
Sur Route 
KIntotd PA I674S 

Mllehell lulher A 
1634 Ssnu Bsrbtra Or 
Unctiler PA I 7601 

Mitchell Mtrfiret Allele 
4i (jrahem Ate 
Srookrille. PA ISI3S 

Molllor. Dime K 
4IS Wolff Street 
Ktclne Wl S3403 

Monglello Liu K 
R.D. Pine Lane 
Meirer. PA 16137 

Monnle. Melhit A 
30$ S Iberhan Kd 
Butler PA 16001 

Montgomery. William K. 
174$ Qulgt Or 
PItuburgh. PA IS34I 

Moody. [Ilzabrlh A 
333 Shadylane Or 
New Caille. PA 16105 

''Mocre. Deborah A. 
13 Fawn Circle 
Berkeley Hghu. SJ 07933 

Moore. Edward D. 
ill North 5(* ». 
Jtaaaette. PA 15644 

Moore. Todd A. 
its Mohawk Aye. 
Warrtit. PA 16365 

Netihert. Sandra L 
11$ Carol Or 
Satonburg. PA I60i6 

Newton. Oonald L 
no Seeley Ate 
Oil City. PA 16301 

Ntwtl. Kelly C 
447 Ohk) Ate 
Midland. PA IS0S9 

NIcholt Linda J 
119 Tlmberland Or 
PtBaburgh. PA 15339 

mckoloH Brian 

1034 Beechwood Ate 

farrell. PA I6I3I 

NIebel. Koben C 
3103 Clean/lew Dr. 
aienehaw. PA 151 16 

Nine, Homer O 
Sit Oeer Lane 
gocherler PA 15074 

North. Sutan J. 

4 Mader Lane Warren. PA 16365 

Notak. Valerie J. 

KD 7 

Kinannlng. PA 16301 

Ober Ruth A 
104 Sih Atenue 
Clarion. PA 16314 

^mier. Pamela ff 

^flS W Moreland Kd. M 

Wifootter. Ohio 44691 M 

"mier. Randal T. JT 

Sl$ Virginia Art. ^^ 

: jMiT. PA 16001 _^^r 

\ 3901 Hann Hilt W, . 
' Weal Middletet. PA^H 

NalMie, Kenneth E 
lOSI Bwell St 
Pittsburgh PA 15307 

Naugie. Carolynn J 
Box 31$ KO I 
Acme. PA 15610 

Nelaon. Daryl B 
Sot 143 KO 3 
franklin. PA 16333 

Tylenburg. PA 16361 

Oertner. Oatid i- 

|SJ/ W. Wathinglon St 

SlaUngton. PA ISOSO 

SaUt E 
103 Van ElUn Ate. 

Sheffield. PA 16347 

OruMezek. Ktyh^ M 
31$ Gertrtide St 

Ulrobe. PA 1 5650 

Elavd f; 
KD 4 Box I 

Franklin. PA 16333 

Ordhaay. Holly B. 
144 N. 3rd Ave. 
Clarion. PA 16314 

Orenchtk lames M 
366 BaArook Kd. 
Butleri FA I600i, 


Orid ai-.. -, 

10093 Mark Ate. ^, 

V Humbgdon. PA 15643 

Oiga. Daniel J 
1 1 1 Jeal Ate 
McKeet Kocka. PA 15136 

Pace. Jacqueline M. 
3714 Wtttington td. 
Erie. PA 16506 

Fabzd V«»^ 

3336 Benden Or 
Murrrsrille. PA 1 566! 

Pamer. Kathleen M. 

3109 3tlh St 

Bearer Ealls. PA 15010 

Pandolph. Martin E. 
673 Aljo Or 
Pmtburgh. PA 15341 


Parente. Ly 

36 N- Cotlmwood Oriye 

Pittsburgh. PA 15315 

Patrick. Elaine M. 

507 French St 

Oaceclay Mills. PA 16666 

Patten, l£sler <5. 
in 5 California At. 
IHciettfrrt. PA^ 


P. a, Sex^l 

Huntirfdau. PA lees^ 

r,j/rt.-Koberl » 

Stc/petitf^i, PA 16153 

P-ejrsca. Ootiiu f. 
6 Hendtnon Stfett 
Br^aktille. PA ISSIS 

r^um. Ukhiel X. 
113 Cayh Ave 
Irsif^t PA ISOSf 

Pcrrong Mans £. 
e~5 Oa^idfOi} Drive 
ttocbemr. PA IS07-4 

Peak. Jtf*eph o. 
llOi McCain St 
Btockny. PA lf>24 

Pelenori. Brie C 
21$ Center Ave. 
*iil/er. PA 16001 

f-errM. Carclyp D. 
~ tluHer Citum lAae 
Soling Springi. PA 17007 

Pettican. Siehard 6. 
4S Mohawk Or. 
Gremtbvrg. PA 1 560 1 

PUngttlef. Paul T. 
595 Chestnut St 
Si Marys. PA IS$57 

PfJug. Susan L 
ILD. I BoK 3 
Mercer Hoad 
Harmony. PA 16037 

Phillips, Rhonda S. 
ISSS Hollrhill Drive 
Bethel Paik. PA 1 5 103 

Piper II. William C 
1 31 1 Adams Avenue 
Ahoona. PA 16603 

Ptaine. Diane L 

K.D. I 

Mt. Won. PA 17347 

Potiilani. Oarlene M. 
Loretto ltd. KD. 3 
EbenUiurg. PA 15931 

PclUna. Charles «. 
736 Gaucher Strett 
Johnstown. PA IS905 

Ponte. Bridget M. 
S36 Macfarland Or 
Pittsburgh. PA 15335 

Hopewell. PA 16650 

Post. Ann C. 

1 139 Chestnut Hill Dr 

Crie. PA 16509 

Powers. Karen L 

Box 33 

Middlesex. NJ 0)146 

Pusateri. Paul P. 
131 David Dr 
Butler. PA 16001 

Putnam. Wendy E 

103 Woods Kd. 

North Warren. PA 16365 

Quiglev. Michael K. 
Bradiordwoods. P 15015 

Quinn. Mary B. 
310 M. 6th Sl 
Connelsville. PA 15435 

PmsbaifH. PA 15334 

bepaiitl. Peter J. 
737 Provldeitce Dr 
Pntsbmgh. PA 15339 

Katxay. Kabert S. 
435 Alice SI. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15310 

Xea. Ronald J. 
il97 Jackson Rd. 
1 Vest MitUhses. P* 16159 

Redmond VicU L 
Main Street Box 554 
Sandy Lake. PA 16145 

Reigh. Douglas D. 
1115 37th Ave. 
JUloona. PA 16601 

Keissig. Diane M. 
R.D. a3 Box 171 
Valencli. PA 16059 

Rendt. James M. 

I3A Woodland TR CT S. 

Clarion. PA 16314 

Reynolds. Lori L 
1 159 Eisenhower Dr. 
Kussditon. PA 15076 

Rhoads. Arthur E. 
Route I Box 313 
Knox. PA 163)1 

Richards. David K. 

RD. =1 

Brockpon. PA 15236 

SfMiMoa. Michael J 
1 1 10 Sorris Dr. 
Chester. PA 19013 

Robinson. Robert P. 

R.D. S3 

Howard. PA I6UI 

Robinson. Wendi K. 
Box 33 RD. 4 
Carlisle. PA 17013 

Rock. Brenda I. 
149 Euclid Ave. 
Brookvitle. PA I5K5 

Roddy. Carolyn S. 
RD. 3 Box 3493 
Mercer PA 16137 

Romance. Robin R. 

151 West Ave. 

Mt. Carmel. PA I7S5I 

Roth. W. Edward 
4S30 Havana Dr. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15339 

Rothlisberger. Matthew J. 
630 Gibson Ave. 
Kingston. PA IS704 

Rupert. Leland £ 
35 Domenica Circle 
Clarion. PA 16314 

Russell. Mary J 

117 S. Washington St SXI 

Montoursville. PA /775-« 

Rutter. kristine A. 
100 Wester Ave. 
Gilbertstille. PA 19535 

Sabln. Sandra R. 
to ii Clarion Street 
Oil City. PA 16301 

Salerno Lisa M. 
110 While Birch Dr 
Cinnaminson. \J 01077 

Salley. Teresa A. 
1037 Savannah Ave 
Pittsburgh. PA 1531 1 

Ststuu. Plent J. 

K.D. 1 

Weuherly. PA IS3SS 

Scanlon. Mark D. 
I4S9 Graeme Way 
Warminster. PA 11974 

Scanlon. Ronald J. 
3t63 Coldwater Dr 
Allison Park. PA 1 5 101 

Schaefer. Mark 
316 Brookslde Blvd. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15341 

Schmidt Jr. Robert W. 
193 George St 
Rochester. PA 15074 

SchoU. Susan A. 
34 Oak St 
Allegany. NY 14706 

Sehnters. Stephen L 

R.D. I 

tmlentan. PA 16375 

iryver. John J. 
W. Church St 
SommerseL PA 15501 

Schumann. Audrey K. 
R.R. I 1 Oaklane 
Stockholm. NJ 07460 

Sdalabba. Frank J. 


Marose Dr 

Pimburgh P* 15335 

Seen ^anc) A. 
P.O. Box 404 
OarioB. PA 16114 

Scan. Todd K 
1000 Primrose lane 
Omnie OH 44667 

Sedgwick. Leslie A. 
356 Lytton Rd. 
Coraopolis PA iSIOt 

Segal. Sandra M. 
1149 Poitderosa Dr. 
Erie. PA 16509 
Sekefy. Loraa J. 
317 Welsh Are. 
WOmerdiag. PA I5I4S 

Setby. Marlene M. 
1004 Cascade RJ 
Monaca. PA 15061 

SeJzer. Nancy L 
1436 Saxonburg Blvd. 
Saxonburg. PA 15056 

Senko. Timothy B- 
$00 Madison Ave. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15313 

Shaffer. Mitchell R 
1310 Rhode island St 
Ali<iuippa. PA 15001 

Shea. Barbara J. 
333 Valley Rd. 
Havertown. PA 19093 

Shimps. Mary T. 
Box 353 RD. 1 
Blairsville. PA 15717 

Shoemaker. Homer B. 
14 A Greenvltte Ave 
aarion. PA 16314 

Shriver. Eric T, 
133 3rd St Box 36 
Pleasantrille. PA 16341 

Shuart. Glen D. 
6$7 Barclay Lane 
Broomall. PA 19009 

Signorino. Tami S. 

1346 Todd Rd 

Toms River. NJ 06753 

Sigworth. David J. 

RD. I 

Fairmount City. PA 16334 


fnmkUm. PA Itili 

SMunl. llmolht 
S4St OtrJner Pr 
Irit. PA leSOi 

lit Normjl A,,. 
SHpprr, Cadb-iM I0OS7 

Smrlu. KIrltsrd A 
4}i ioulh Wttnf Si 
IrwlMlcwn PA 17044 

n„uMnn. FA IS7f7 
MA. Cslht A. 

Smith. CynthlM 8 

Smith. Kevin C. 

103 High St. 


SmUt. KobtH J 

I $9 Cohnltl VllUgt Or. 

natburgh. PA 15115 

Snopkc. MIchtle M. 
147 aimit Si. 
JduMown. PA IS»Oe 

1650 «auH4 < 

mmucm^pa ^mst 

Snyder. l^urM £ 
•<i7 Bromley id 
Churchill HY I44}t 

Snyder. Mtrt J 
list Simple Kd. 
Alllt on Ptrt. PAI ihU^ 

Snyder. Roberta A. 
«« }3i K.D. 1 
lellenople. PA 16063 

Snyder. Sutsn L 
1303 Kcblnwccd Dr. 
CUrim. PA 16214 

Sotlmsndo. Gsrce M. 
714 CtlKomla Ave. 
Kochetter. PA 15704 

Somers. Gregory K. 
K.D J Sox 66 
Senect. PA 16346 

Sonnhjiher Jill t. 
3411 Yukon Kd 
Slow. OH 44334 

Sopk. PougUt €. 
K.D. I got 139 
Gremplen. PA I6i3$ 

Spsngler. Joreph V. 
1777 Pelhim Pr 
Yort. PA 17403 

Speace. CynlhtM C. 
K.D. I Boi 71 
SlgeL PA 15160 

Stair. KeMy S. 
4613 lolly Pr. 
Monroevllle. PA 15146 

Stamper. Teresa H. 
St 3 

IHarlenrllle. PA 16139 

Stanley KHmberley D 
S4O0 Cumberland H»y. 
Otamberrburg PA 17301 

Suptet. Jr.. Jamea f. 
347 Schuylkill Aye. 
Heading PA 19601 

Statlowtke. Cheryl A 
33 Brtaraood Pr 
lancatler. NY 14016 

Startler Monica M. 
100 Charterwood Pr. 
Pinsburgh PA 15337 

Slead William C 
917 Pintburgh St 
Scondale. PA 15663 
Coraopolli PA 15106 

Stelbotaky. Carolyn S 
330 Meager Ave 
Sutler. PA I6O0I 

Slerba. Becky P 
til Soore Kd 
PItuburgh PA IS309 

Sterner Dayfd C 
PO Bot 339 
Seneca. PA 16346 

Steyenton. Paul J 
3730 Old Orchard Kd 
Lancarler. PA 17601 

Steward. Carol L. 
340 liberty St. 
Clarion. PA 16314 

Stewert. Kunell K 
319 Cllar Pr 
PItuburgh. PA 15335 

Stillron Jr.. Jamet I. 

Box 301 

Kiltannlng. PA 16301 

Stock. Paul A. 
501 Washington St 
St. Maryt. PA 15657 

Stoker. Lauren Sue 

107 Horizon Dr 
PItuburgh. PA 15337 

Stoop*. Perry E- 

903 Fox Meadow Koad 

Chamberrburg. PA 17301 

iSM>. Htucy 5 
^35 Brendan Circle 
Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 

Strattan. Jr. Kenneth L 
ISH South 3rd Are. 
' Clarion. PA 16114 


Straub. Glenn K. 
KP. 3 . 

Sunset Pr :■ 

Beayer falls PA 15010 

Suchacek. Sancy J. 
1943 Ley St 
PItuburgh. PA 15313 

Summers. Bonnie L. 
K.D. I Box 377 
Senaca. PA 16346 

Swackhamer. Timothy A. 
K.P. 3 Box 336A 
Springcreek Kd. 
Corry. PA 16407 

Swalm. Anne J. 
331 North 35th St 
Camp Hill. PA 1701 1 

Swaiafager. Scon C. 

KouU 3 

Franklin. PA 1633) 

Swislock. Christophtr N. 
435 Spring St 
Houadale. PA 16651 

Szumigale. Jeffrey J. 
331 California Pr 
trie. PA I6SOS 

Taladay. Matthew 8. 
711 Pine St 
Punasutawney. PA 1 5767 

Tanda. Donna I. 

K.P 3 

Colrer. PA 15917 



Vadelta. Patti J 
419 Graham St. 
Belle Vernon PA 16101 

Valentine. Mary L 
641 evergreen Kd. 
Si Marys. PA 15657 

Vanatta. Roxanna A. 

K.D. 4 

Sloomsburg. PA 1 711 5 

Vanpelt. Steve M. 
544 Green St 
Berwick. PA 11603 

Varljen. Mark L 
103 Grohman Kd. 
Bullet PA 16001 

Veres. Elaine M. 
307 Jamison Ave. 
Cllwood City. PA 161 17 

Vlat-fradera. Palia K. 

KD. 3 

Knox. PA 16332 

Vogel. Joyce I. 
133 Mahoning Dr. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15135 

Voxel. Andrea I. 
1061 Kebecca U 
n. Huntingdon. PA 15641 

Wagner David C 
493$ Hamilton Pr 
Harrisburg. PA I7I09 

Wagner. Gregg J. 
4311 Middle Kd. 
Allison Part PA ISIOI 

Walchack. Cheryl A. 

Coon Creek Kd. 

West Springfield. PA 16443 

Wieient'.ith Steven M. 
^5S Lotifpaovdt Dr. 
ilrmtltburg. PA l$}Oe 

Waterlco. Dertia I. 
Bom 373 K.D. 3 
Irrchbuif. PA li6Sf> 

Welle/, lohn K. 
J}15 W. ditMter fri 
CfHtvllle. PA 13330 

Welthon: Karen O. 

660 Mercer St 

Turtle Creek, PA 1514; 

Veru. Timothy 
SOO MIckelf Kd, 
Whilehcll, PA 16330 

While Steven M. 
K,D. 4 «<.« 7(M 
franklin, PA 16333 

Wideberg, Bruce 
5975 eien Hill Dr. 
Bethel Park. PA IS 103 

WIeder, William 
33 Perthlng Vay 
TIluMYllle. PA I63S4 

WIedwald, Sretchen K. 
ISS} Bellmome Kd. 
PUUburgh, PA IS337 

Wllhour. Leann M, 

13 lOth Ate 

Shamakin 0am. PA I7S76 

William: [llzabeth A. 
I34S Arrowood Dr. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15343 

Wllllami. Sybil M 

Bot 1 10 K.n. I 

Glen Campbell, PA 15 743 

WInlen, ChaHene K. 
IIP 3 Box 361 A 
franklin. PA 16333 

WIrnlewkl Tereta M. 
648 Wyngold Dr. 
Pliuburgh, PA 15337 

Wiiictor. Marlann 
31 i Dicle St. 
ConnonMburg. PA 15317 

Wo/clk, Patricia f. 
3013 Si Vincent St. 
Norrlitown. PA 19403 

Wolfe, Randall M. 
60S Madhon Ave. 
Warren, PA 16365 

Wright, TonI I. 

Box S790 

Humacao, Puerto Rico 00661 

Vaconh. Richard L. 
R.D. I Box 40 
Ruttelhon. PA 15076 

Yancosek. Barbara L 

Main St. 

Halel Hurtl. PA 1673} 

Young. Joieph A 
453 Deer Lane 
Rochetler. PA 15074 

Youttel. Mohamed $. 
69 Campbell Ave 
Clarion. PA 16314 

Zahner. Cheryl M. 
436 Allen St. 
TItuivllle. PA 16354 

lary. Stephen M. 
517 Margaret St. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15310 

Zauikl, Denlce S. 
3603 Ardenwocd Dr. 
Youngitown. OH 445 1 5 

Zlemblckl, Kelly A. 
3lt Vert Dr. 
Pittsburgh. PA 15330 

Zller. Beth A. 

446 Old Hickory Dr 

Pliuburgh, PA IS33S 

Ilea, Mary J. 

14384 Penn-Dixle Lane 

Greencattle. PA 1733$ 

i ■:„.-9*:' iiuL,>i'!««ai>i*iiB. 

Memories To Last A Lifetime 

Memories are easily accumulated at Clarion. 
Shared with someone special, they will long stand out 
in our minds. Whether the memories evoke a smile, 
laughter or a sigh, we probably learned something 
valuable from the experience. Those of us that are 
leaving will revisit Clarion, if only in our minds. It 
doesn 't matter what coast we are going to. memories 
travel free. 


/ \^^r^