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Srpsko-Engleski i Englesko-Srpski 






Serbian-English and English-Serbian 
Pocket Dictionary 






First Edition, June 1916; 
Second Impression (Revised), October 1916 

Third Impression, January 1918 
Fourth Impression, October 1919 


THE Slavonic languages form one of the groups of the great family of 
Indo-European languages, to which most of the other European languages 
also belong. 

The Slavonic languages fall into three divisions the eastern, western, 
and southern. To the eastern division belongs Russian (Great Russian 
and Little Russian or Ruthenian) ; to the western division, Polish, 
Bohemian, and Lusatian-Wendish (still spoken in parts of Saxony and 
Prussia); and to the southern division, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, and 

Slovene is spoken by about one and a half million people in the Austrian 
provinces of Istria, Carniola, and Carinthia ; Serbo-Croatian is spoken 
throughout the Austrian province of Dalmatia, the Hungarian provinces 
of Croatia and Slavonia, the joint Austro-Hungarian territories of 
Bosnia and Hercegovina, in the southern parts of the kingdom of Hungary 
(known as the Banat and Badka), throughout the kingdoms of Serbia 
and Montenegro and in parts of Macedonia ; altogether by about nine 
million people. Bulgarian is spoken throughout Bulgaria and in parts 
of Macedonia by about five millions. 

Of these three languages which form the southern division of the 
Slavonic languages, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian are very similar both in 
vocabulary and structure ; on the other hand, Serbo-Croatian and Bul- 
garian, though they contain a large number of words common to both 
languages, are very dissimilar in grammar. 

The Slav nations employ two different alphabets, the Latin and that 
known as the Cyrillic, so-called because its author is assumed to have 
been the Greek missionary St. Cyril, a native of Salonika, who, with his 
brother St. Methodius, was sent by the Church at Constantinople, in the 
ninth century, to convert the Slavs who inhabited the basin of the Danube. 

After the division of the Churches the Slav nations fell into two 
sections, those who had been converted from and owed allegiance to 
Constantinople, and those who stood in a similar position to Rome. The 
first section included the Russians and the Bulgarians, the second the 
Poles, Bohemians, and the Slovenes. 

The Serbo-Croatian people was divided between the two, that part of 
it which lay more to the east and nearer Constantinople, i.e. roughly 
speaking the kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro and the eastern parts 
of Bosnia and Hercegovina, became incorporated in the Eastern Orthodox 
Church at Constantinople, while that part of it which lay more to the 
west and nearer Rome, that is, roughly speaking, the western parts of 
Bosnia and Hercegovina, Dalmatia, Croatia, and Slavonia, fell under 
the influence of the Western or Roman Church. It thus happened that 
the Serbo-Croatian people, which was ethnically and linguistically one, 
became, from the point of view ot religion and civilization, divided into 




two halves, which came to be differentiated and known under their old 
tribal names of Serbs or Serbians (Srbi) and Croats or Croatians (Hrvati). 

It thus, further, has come about that their language, now generally 
known as Serbo-Croatian, which is essentially one and the same, is written 
in both alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic, while each of the other of the 
Slavonic languages is only written either in Latin or Cyrillic characters. 

The Serbo-Croatian language, written in Latin characters as taught 
in the schools where Roman Catholics predominate, i.e. in the western 
part cf the Serbo-Croatian territory, is called Croatian written in 
Cyrillio characters as taught in the eastern Orthodox half of the Serbo- 
Croatian territory it is called Serbian. That is to say, the same language 
can be written in either alphabet. 

The Cyrillic alphabet has this advantage over the Latin, that it 
represents each sound in the language by one complete letter, while the 
Latin alphabet has recourse to accents placed over certain consonants 
to represent some sounds, and double consonants to represent others. 

But as the Latin alphabet with these additions accurately and scientifi- 
cally represents the sounds of the language, the language can be learnt 
just as well from a book printed in Latin as in Cyrillic characters ; in 
fact, for many who may not have time to learn the Cyrillic characters 
at once, it is more practical to make a first acquaintance with the language 
in the Latin alphabet. 

But it must be remembered that not only are the characters of the two 
alphabets dissimilar, but also their order is largely different ; that of the 
Latin or Croatian alphabet is of course the same as our own, while that 
of the Cyrillic or Serbian alphabet is, with certain modifications owing 
to the introduction of new letters, the same as that of the Greek alphabet, 
on which, indeed, it is modelled. 

Grammars and dictionaries for use in Croatia use the order of the 
Latin alphabet ; those for use in Serbia and Montenegro use the order 
of the Cyrillic alphabet. The present volume, though for reasons of 
immediate utility printed in the Latin or Croatian alphabet, is intended 
for use primarily in the eastern parts of the Serbo-Croatian territory, 
and therefore follows the order of the Serbian or Cyrillic alphabet, which 
is here given in full with its Latin or Croatian equivalents. 


N.B. In Serbian words of more than one syllable the accent never falls 
on the last syllable, while in .words of two or three syllables it 
almost invariably falls on the first. 


A, A. 

a : conj., but, and 

abonos : m., ebony 

avaj : int., oh ! 

avgust : m., August 

avet : f., -inja, f., ghost, phantom 

avlija : f., court, court-yard 

asja : m., aga 

a^enat : m., agent 

atrent : m., commercial-traveller 

cgencija : f., agency 

ad : m., hell 

ada : f., island, islet 

advokat : m., advocate, barrister 

adidjar : m., jewel 

administrator : m., administrator, 

adminisfracija : f., administration, 

admiral : m., admiral 

adresa : f., address 

adresovati : to address 

adjutant : m., adjutant, aide -de- 

aiija : f., exchange, agio 

azbuka : f., alphabet 

aj : int., oh ! ah ! 

ajvar : m., caviar 

akademija : f., academy; vojena 
, military academy 

ako : conj., if, in case, on condition, 
when ; i , although, in spite of ; 
samo , provided that 

akt : m., act, deed 

akcenat : m., accent 

baba : f., grandmother, old woman 
babica : f., midwife 
babo : m., papa, father 

akcija : f., action 

alat : m., tool, implement 

album : m., album 

ali : conj., but 

alkohol : m., alcohol 

alum inij urn : m., aluminium 

amam : m.,hammam, Turkish bath 

andjeo, andjel : m., angel 

andjelski : adj., angelic 

antikvar : m., antiquary 

apelacija : f., court of appeal 

apetit : m., appetite 

apostol : m., apostle 

apoteka : f., chemist's shop 

apotekar : m., chemist 

april : m., April 

aps : m., gaol, prison, lock-up 

apsandiija : m., gaoler, warder 

apsiti : to arrest, seize, imprison 

arhiva : f., archives 

armija : f., army 

arsenal : m., arsenal 

arsenik : m., arsenic 

arterija : f., artery 

artilerija : f., artillery ; konjidka 

, horse artillery 
artilerist : m., artilleryman 
arhijepiskop : m., archbishop 
arhimandrit : m., archimandrite 
arsin : m., ell 
asfalt : m., asphalt 
atlas : m., atlas 
atmosfera : f., atmosphere 
asov : in., spade, shovel 

B, B. 

baburaSa : f., toad 

baviti se : to stop, stay, dwell 

bagav, -a, -o : adj., crippled, maimed 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as s in measure : j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h BS rh in loch ; c as is in ca/. ; as sh in shout. 


bag] ' 

bagans : f., lamb's skin 

badava : adv., free of charge, gratis, 

in vain 

badnjak : m., Yule log 
badnji dan : m., badnje ve6e, n., 

Christmas Eve 
baza : f., base 
bazar : m., bazaar 
bajalac : m., magician 
bajalica : f., witch 
bajonet : m., bayonet 
bakalin : m., grocer 
bakalnica : f., grocer's shop 
bakar : m., copper 
bakaran, -rna, -rno : adj., copper 
baklja : f., torch 
baksiS : m., gratuity, tip, fee 
bala : f., bale 
balega: f., filth, dirt 
balkon : m., balcony 
banka : f., bank, 10 dinar note 
bankar : m., banker 
banket : m., banquet 
bankrot : m., bankrupt 
bankrotirati : to fail, become bank- 

banja : f., bath (thermal) 
bar : adv., at least 
bar an : m., ram 

barjak : m., standard, flag, ensign 
barjaktar : m., standard-bearer, 


barka : f., barque, sea boat 
baroka : f., wig 
barometar : m., barometer 
barut : m., gunpowder ; bezdimni 

, smokeless powder 
basna : f., fable, tale 
bataljon : m., battalion 
baterija : f., battery 
batina : f., stick, a blow with a 

stick, hit 

batinati : to beat with a stick 
bacati : to throw, throw down, 


bacva : f., tub, vat 
baeVar : m., cooper 
bafi : adv., exactly, just, precisely ; 

i da, i kad, although 


bast a : f., garden 

bastovan : in., gardener 

beba : f., baby 

beg : m., beg 

begati : to flee, to fly, run away 

m., fugitive, refugee 

begunac, -nca : m., fugitive, refucroe 

beda : f., distress, misery, mid- 

bedan, -dna, -dno : adj., miserable, 
unfortunate, poor 

bedno : adv., miserably, poorly 

bezati : to flee, to escape 

bez : prep, (gen.), without 

bezakon, -a, -o : adj., illegal 

bezboinik : m., atheist 

bezbojan, -jna, -jno : adj., colour- 

bezbriian, -zna, -4no : adj., care- 
less, free of trouble, heedless 

bezbrojan, -jna, -jno : ailj., innu- 
merable, countless 

bezvodan, -dna, -dno : adj., water- 
less, arid 

bezgreSan, -na, no : adj., innocent 

bezduan, -na, -no : adj., unfeel- 
ing, heartless 

bezimen, -a, -o : adj., nameless 

bezobrazan, -zna, -zno : adj., impu- 
dent, insolent, impertinent, rude 

bezobraznost : f., impudence, rude- 

bezuman, -mna, -mno : adj., ab- 
surd, senseless 

bezumlje : n., nonsense, absurdity 

bezuspean, -dna, -sno : adj., un- 

belara : f., laundress 

beleznica : f., note-book 

beliti : to whiten 

belo iito : n., corn, cereals 

bengalska vatra : f., Bengal lights 

beo, bela, belo : adj., white 

bepka : f., bep6e, n., doll, bu';y 

berba : f., vintage, harvest 

berberin : m., barber, hairdresser 

berbernica : f., barber's shop 

berza : f., stock exchange 

Pronounce : dj, dt, as _;' in James ; i as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as <xi 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a as ah in shout. 


bes : m., rage, fury hydrophobia 
besan, -sna, -sno : adj.. furious 

beskucnik : m., tramp, vagabond 

-tna, -tno : adj., im- 
-a, -o : adj., senseless, 



absurd, stupid 

besplatan, -tna, -tno : adj., gratui- 
tous, free of charge 

be:--p!a.tno : adv., gratia 

bespoflsn, -a, -o : adj., idle, leisured 

besraman, -mna, -mno : adj., 
shameless, unashamed 

becar : m., bachelor 

becka : f., small barrel, keg, cask 

bescast : f., dishonour, infamy 

besc'ostan, -tna, -tno : dishonour- 
able, infamous 

biber : m., pepper 

biblija : f., Biblo 

bibliotfka : f., library 

bibliotckar : m., librarian 

bivo : m., buffalo 

bik : m., bull 

bilijar : m., billiard-table ; igrati 
bilijara, to play billiards 

bilion : m., billion 

bilo : n., pulse 

biljejra : f., postage stamp 

biraliste : n., polling booth 

biranjo : n., election 

birati : to choose, elect 

birafi : m., elector 

biser : m., pearl 

biskup : m., bishop 

bistar, -tra, -tro : adj., clear, pure 

biti : to be, exist ; kako ste ? How 
i'TDi you 1 

biti (bi] em): to beat, to strike, hit' 

biti se (bijom se): to fight 

bitka : f., battle, combat, conflict 

bi6e : n., boing, existence 

m., whip, riding whip, scourge 

5 [blj 

blagajnica : f., treasury, cash-office 

blagdan : m., festival 

blago : n., treasure, riches 

blago : adv., bla;*o moni, what luck ! 

Blacjovest : f., Blagovestenje, 11., 

The Annunciation, Lady l)ay 
blagodaran, -rna, -rno : adj., 

thankful, grateful 
blagodarenje : n., Te Deum 
blagodariti : to thank 
blagodarnost : f., gratitude, thank- 
blagodusan, -sna, -Sno : adj., kind, 

blagorodan, -dna, -dno : adj., noble, 


blagoslov : m., blessing 
blagosloviti : to bless 
blagost : f., kindness, clemency 
bla-jcostinja : f., charity, goodness 
blazeni, -a, -o : adj., the late (of 

dead people); blazeni kralj, the 

late king 

blatan, -tna, -o : adj., muddy 
blato : n., mud 
bled : adj., pale, pallid 
bledeti : to become pale 
bledost : f., bledo6a : f., paleness, 


blize : adv., nearer 
bliziti se : to approach, draw near 
bliznj, -i, -a, -o : adj., the next, 

blizak, bliska, -sko : adj., near, 

close by, at hand 
bliz, -anak, -anac, -nak : m., twin 


blizanci : f. pi., twins 
blizanica.bliznakinja : f., twin sister 
blizu : adv. and prep, (gen.), near, 

near by ; sa svim blizu, quite near 
blistav, -a, -o : adj., brilliant, 

blitva : f., beetroot 

bicevati ( cujem) : to whip, fla- ! bludnica : f., prostitute 

gellate j bludan, -dim, -dno : adj., debauched, 

blag, -a, -o : amiable, sweet, kind lewd 
blagajnik : m., paymaster, cashier, Muza: f., tunic, blouse 
treasurer bljuvati : to be sick, vomit 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in Jamc* ; i as s in measure : j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in l'>ch ; c as te in cats ; s as sh in khout. 

blj] I 

bljutav, -tva, -tvo : adj., nasty, 


bob : m., bean, berry 
bobica : f., berry, grain 
bobuk : m., bubble, blister 
Bog : m., God ; Boze, vocative 
bogat, -a, -o : adj., rich, opulent 
bogata : m., a rich man 
bogatstvo : n., riches, fortune, 

boginja : f., goddess 
boginje : f. pi., smallpox 
Bogojavljenje : n., Epiphany, 

Twelfth Night 

Bogorodica : f., The Virgin Mary 
bogoslovlje : n., theology 
bogoslovija : f., seminary 
bod : m., prick, spike 
bodljikavo, svinj6e : n. porcupine 
bozanstvo : n., divinity 
Bozi6 : m., Christmas 
boj : m., battle, combat 
boj a : f., colour, complexion 
bojazan, -zna, -zno : adj., timid; 

bojak : m., war 
boj an, -jna, -jno : adj., warlike, 

bojati Re, bojim ae : to fear, be 


bojac : rn., warrior, combatant 
bojadzija : f., dyer 
bojiti : to dye, colour 
bojiSte : n., battle-field 
bojnik : m., warrior, combatant 
bojse : adv., perhaps 
bok : m., side, flank 
bokal : m., jar, goblet 
bokva, bokvica : f., plane-tree 
bol : m., pain, grief, affliction 
bolan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., ill, suffering, 


bolesnik : m., bolesnica, f., ill per- 
son, invalid patient 
bolest : f., illness, malady, con 


bolestan, -tna, -tno : adj., ill, sick 
boleti (bolim) : to hurt, pain, ache; 

glavame boli, my head aches 


>olnica : f., hospital, infirmary 

)olniSar : m., bolniearka, f., hos- 
pital nurse 

jolovati : to get ill, to bo ill, sicken 

x>lje : adv., better ; ili boljo, or 
rather tim bolje, so much the 
better; bolje mu je, he is better 

jolj, -i, -a, -e : adj. (comp. of do'oar). 
better ; najbolji, the best 

Dor : m., pine-tree 

sora : f., fold, pleat 

Doranija : f., French beans 

borba : f., fight, combat, struggle. 

borik : m., pine forest 

aoritise : to fight 

sorov, -a, -o : adj., pine-wood 

>orovica : f., juniper 

DOS, -a, -o : adj., bare-footed 

josiljak : m., sweat basil 

Dostan : m., melon bed 

botelja, boca : f., bottle 

bocati, bockati : to prick 

boditi se : to quarrel 

brav : m., sheep 

brava : f., lock 

bravar : m., locksmith 

brada : f., beard, chin 

bradat, -a, -o : adj., bearded 

bradavica : f., mole, wart, nipple 

bradva : f., axe 

brazda : f., furrow, ray 

brak : m., marriage 

brakolomstvo : n., adultery 

brana : f., harrow 

branik : m., rampart, defence 

branilac : m., branitelj, m., de- 
fender, protector 

braniti : to defend, protect 

braniti se od : to defend oneself 

brat: m., brada, pi., brother, col- 
league ; rodjeni brat, brother 
(same parents) 

brat od strica, ujaka, tetke : m.. 

bratanac: m., nephew 

bratanica: f., niece 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as H in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, c, as ch in church ; u as o 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; & as ah in shout. 



bratski : adj., fraternal, brotherly broj : m., number, numeral 
bratstvo :n., fraterrMty, brotherhood i brojiti : to count, reckon, enumerate 
Brasan6evo : n., Corpus Christ! bronza : f., bronzs 

brasnar : m., flour merchant, corn brus : m., grind-stone 

m., knife-grinder 


brasiio : n., flour 

brvno : n., beam of wood 

brdo : n., mountain ; uz , uphill; 
niz , downhill 

brdski : adj., mountainous 

brdjanin : m., brdjanka, f., moun- 

breg : m., hill 

breza : f., birch tree 

breme : n., burden, load 

breskva : f., peach 

brest : m., elm tree 

brzo : adv., quicker ; bolje, as 
quick as possible 

brz,-a, -o : adj. .quick, rapid, prompt 

brzina : f., rapidity, velocity, quick- 

brzo : adv., quickly, quick 1 soon 

brzovoz : m., express train 

brzojav : m., telegram 

briga : f., trouble, worry, anxiety 

brizan, -zna, -zno : adj., anxious, 

brizljiv, -a, -o : adj., careful, atten- 
tive, fussy 

brizgalica : f., syringe 

brizgati : to inject 

brijati se : to shave oneself 

brija6 : m., razor 

brinuti se (brinem se) : to trouble, 
take pains, worry about 

brisati (brisem) : to efface, rub out, 
wash out 

britva : f., pocket-knife 

brica : f., barber 

brk : m. (brci or brkovi, pi.), mous- 


briljan : m., ivy 

buba : f., insect, vermin, gru' 

svilena buba, f., silkworm 
bubanj : m., drum 
bubnjar : m., drummer 
bubreg (bubrezi, pi. ) : m. kidney 
bubuljica : f., spot, pimple 
buva : f. (buna), flea 
bud : conj., when, although 
budak: m. (trnokop. ) m., pickaxe 
budala : f., fool, idiot, madman 
budalast, -a, -o : adj., foolish, stupid 
budan, -dna, -dno : adj., awake, 


buditi : to wake, awaken 
buditi se : to wake up 
budilnik : m., alarm-clock, alarum 
budu6, -i, -a,-e : adj., future, coming ; 

u budude : adv., in the future 
bududnost : f., future 
budja : f., mouldiness 
budjav : adj., mouldy 
bujad : m., fern 
buka : f., tumult, noise 
bukva : f., beeoh tree 
bukvar : m., alphabet 
buktinja : f., torch 
bula : f., Turkish woman 
bxilka : f. poppy 
buljina: f., owl, screech-owl 
buna : f ., insurrection, revolt, rising 
bunar : m., well 
| bunda : f . , fur-coat 
| buniti : to revolt 
bura : f., storm, tempest, hurricane 
bure : n., barrel, tub, vat 

tache buriti : to piss, make water 

brljav, -a, -o : adj., dirty, stupid burza : f., stock exchange 

brod : m.,ford I bus : m., turf 
brodan, -dna, -dno : adj., fordable j busija : f., ambush 

broditi : to ford, to sail but : m., butina, f., leg (of mutton) 

brod : m., vessel, ship, boat buha : f. (buva, f.), flea 

brodar : m., boatman, mariner budia : f., club (weapon) 

brodolom : m., shipwreck budiet : m., budget 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million nj as m in opinion ; 6, <5, as eh in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as c/t in loch c as te in cats ; as sh in shout. 


V, B. 

vaga : f., scales, balance, weighing- j varoica : f. f small town 
machine | varoki : adj., of a town 

vagnuti : to weigh j vas (sav) sva sve : pron, entire, all, 

vagon : ra., railway 


vaditi : to pull out, take out, ex- 

vadi6ep : m., cork-screw 

vazan, -ina, -zno : adj., important 

vaznost : f., importance, value 

vazal : m., vassal 

vazda : adv., always 

vazdan : adv., the whole day long 

vazdasnj, -i, -a, -e : adj., per- 
petual, permanent 

vazduli : m., air ; zidati kule po 
vazduhu, build castles in the air 

vajar : m., sculptor 

vajarstvo : n., sculpture 

vakup (vakuf ) : m., church pro- 

val : m., wave 

valovit, -a, -o : adj., rough, stormy 

valjan, -a, -o : adj., worthy, solid 

valjati : to roll 

valjati : to be worth, of value 

valjda (valja da) : adv., probably 

vampir : m., vampire 

van : prep., out of, outside, except- 
ing, save 

vanbra6an, -6na, -6no : adj., illegi- 

vanredan, -dna, -dno : adj., extra- 

vanila : f., vanilla 

vanjski : adj., exterior, foreign 

var : f., heat, brasier, warmth 

varalac : m., varalica, f., impostor, 
cheat, deceiver 

varati : to cheat, dupe, deceive 

varati se : to be mistaken 

varvarin : m. barbarian 

varvarski : adj., barbarian 

vardati : to take care, beware 

varenika : f., boiled milk 

variti : to boil, cook 

varos : f., town, city 


Vaskr.s : m., Easter 

vaskrsnuti (-nem) : to raise from the 

vata : f., cotton wool, lint 

vaspitaliSte : n., educational estab- 

vatra : f., fire, feverish heat 

vatren, -a, -o : adj., ardent, fiery 

vatriSte : n., hearth 

vatrogasac : m., fireman 

vatromet : m., fireworks 

va, -a, -e : pron., your 

vas, vaski (pi. ) : m., louse 

vasljiv, -a, -o : adj., lousy 

vasar : m., fair 

veverica : f., squirrel 

vedrica : f., vedro, n., bucket, pail 

vedja : f., eyebrow 

veza : f., cord, string, communica- 
tion, ribbon, connection 

vezati (veiem) : to join, tie, con- 

vejati : to winnow 

vek : m., age, century ; od pamti- 
veka, from time immemorial 

veleizdaja : f., high-treason 

veleizdajnik : m., traitor 

velik, -a, -o : adj., great, large, big 
vast intense, excessive ; alovo, 
capital letter 

veliki post : m., Lent 

velikoduSan, -na, -no : adj., gen- 

velikodunost : f., generosity 

velikolefn, -i, -a, -o : adj., magni- 

veli6anstvo : n., majesty : Njep ovo 
V., His Majest}*- ; Vase V.. Your 
Majesty ; uvreda velica'istva, 

velifiina : f., size, calibre, extent 

veljafia : f., February 

vena : f., vein 

Pronounce : dj, di, as.; in James ; i as s in measure : j as y in y<i ; 
Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; <5, 6, as ch in church ; u as no 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in catt ; s as sh in shout. 


venae : m., garland, wreath 
venuti vetiein : to fade 
vencanje : n., nuptial blessing 
veo (vela) : m., veil, crepe 
veoina : adv., very, much, ex- 

vera : f., faith, belief, religion; 

naveru, on credit 
vcran, -rna, -rno : adj., faithful, 

loyal, devoted ; v. do groba, 

faithful until death 
verenik : m., verenica. f., betrothed, 

fiance, ee 

vcri^-a : f., chain of mountains 
verige : {., pi., chain, irons, fetters 
veridba : f., betrothal, engagement 
veriti se : to be engaged, betrothed 
verno : adv., faithfully, truly 
vernost : f., fidelity, loyalty 
verovanje : n., faith, belief 
verovatan, vatna.-o : adj., probable 
verovati (verujem): to believe, to 

trust in ; u Boga, in God 
verolomstvo : n., perjury 
veseliti : to rejoice, give pleasure, 

veselo : adv., gaily, joyously, 


veselost : f., gaiety, joy, fun 
veseo vesela veselo : adj., 

jolly, cheerful 
veslar : m., oarsman 
veslati : to row 
veslo : n., oar 
vesnik : m., messenger 


" ledge 

vest : m., news, information, know- 
vetar : m., wind, breeze ; duva 

vetar, it is windy 
veteran : m., veteran 
veterinar : m., veterinary surgeon 
vetrenic a, vetruska : f., weather- 


vec : adv., already; conj., but 
vece : f., conference 
vf>('-i, -a, -e : adj. (comp. ), greater 
vecina : f., majority 
vecinom : adv., as a rule, generally 
vefian, -Sna, -6no : adj., eternal, 



vece : n., vecer, m., evening 

vecer a : f., supper 

vecer as : adv., this evening 

vecerati : to dine, sup 

vecernja : f., vespers 

veSerom : adv., in the evening 

veSito : adv., eternally 

ve<5no : adv., always, eternally 

vednost : f., eternity 

vediba : f., exercise, practice, habit 

vedibati se : to practise, exercise 

veala : n., pi., gallows, gibbet 

veati : to hang, hang up 

vesafi : m., hangman, executioner 

veSt, -a, -o : adj., clever, handy, 

vestak : m., artist, expert, master 

veStina : f., art, aptitude 

vestac : m., magician, sorcerer 

veStica : f., witch, sorceress 

vid : m., view, vision 

vidan, -dna, -dno : adj., bright, 

vicleti (vidim) : to see, perceive 

vidljiv, -a, -o : adj., visible 

vidik : m., horizon 

vidra : f., otter 

vidjenje : n., seeing again ; do 
vidjenja, au revoir 

vika : f., cry, shout, call 

vikati : to shout, to call out 

vila : f., fairy 

vila : f., villa, country house 

vildi : m., ivory 

vilica : f., jaw 

viljuSka : f., fork 

vime : n., udder, teat 

vinar : m., wine merchant 

vinarnica : f., wine shop 

vino : n., wine ; belo, v.'hite ; crno 
vino, red wine 

vinograd : m., vineyard 

vinogradar : m., vine dresser 

vinjaga : f., wild vine 

vis : m., height, summit 

visina : f., height, altitude, eleva- 

visiti : to hang, to hang up 

visok, -a, -o : adj., high, eminent 

Pronounce : dj, df, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u a.s oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as U in cats ; as sh in shout. 




visoko : adv., high 

visofianstvo : n., Highness 

vitak, -tka, -tko : adj., flexible, 

vitica : f., curl (of hair) 

vitriol : m., vitriol 

vise : adv., more, rather ; sve vie, 
more and more 

vise: prep., above, higher 

visnj, -i, -a, -e: adj., supreme, all- 

vlada : f., government, reign 

vladalac : m., sovereign, ruler 

vladati : to reign, rule over 

vladika : m., 'bishop 

vlaian, -zna, -zno : adj., damp, 

vlazina : f., dampness, moisture 

vlak : m., train 

vlasi : f., pi., hair 

vlast : f., authority, power, tri- 

vla.stan, vlasna, -sno : adj., power- 
ful, in authority, authorized 

vo (vola) : m., ox, bull 

voda : f., water; niz vodu, down 
stream ; uz vodu, up stream ; 
velike su vode, the waters are 

out ; vru6a v., hot 
mineralna v., mineral 


morska v., sea water ; pija6a v., 
drinking water 
vodena bolest : f., dropsy 
vodenica : f., water-mill 
voditi : to lead, guide, conduct 
vodovod : m., aqueduct, water- 

vodonik : m., hydrogen 
vodopad : m., water- fall 
vodj : m., guide, leader 
vodjice : if., pi., reins 
voz : m., train, convoy, transport 
voziti : to transport, carry, remove 
vojvoda : m., field-marshal, duke, 

vojni6ki: adj., military, soldierly 

vojska : f., army, troops 

voleti (volim) : to love, like ; vise 

voleti, to prefer 
volovski : adj., of oxen 
volja : f., wish, desire ; e drags 

volje, with pleasure 
vosak : m., wax ; pecatni vosak, 

vo6e : n. , fruit 
vocnjak : m., orchard 
vostan, -a, -o, voten, a, -o : adj., 


vostanica : f., wax candle 
vrabac : m., sparrow 

vrag : m. 


vragolan : m., roguish boy, a wag 
vrazj, -i, -a, -e : adj., diabolic, 


vran : m., vrana f., raven 
vran : adj., raven black 
vrat : m., neck 
vrata : f., door ; otvoriti, zatvoriti, 

to open, to shut 

vratar : m., door-keeper, concierge 
vratiti : to return, turn back, put 

back, give back 

vratiti se : to return, home (kuci) 
vra6 : m., magician 
vra6arica : f., fortune-teller 
vradati : to tell fortunes, predict 
vradzbina : f., magic 
vraski : adj., devilish 
vrba : f., willow; zalosna 

weeping willow 
vrbovati : to recruit, enrol 
vrg : m. (krbanj m.) gourd 
vredan, -dna, -dno : adj., indus- 
trious, studious, worthy 
vrediti : to be worth, to cost 
vrednost : f., value, merit, price, 


vredjati : to offend, insult, outrage 
vrelo : n., source (of a river) 


vojvodina : f., duchy 
vojifite : n., theatre of war 
vojni, -a, -o : adj., military 
vojnik : m., soldier 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as n in opinion 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts. in cats ; s as sh in shout. 

vre me : n. (vremena), time, season, 
weather ; imati vremena, to have 
time ; dugo vreme, tediousness, 

vreo, vrela, vrelo : adj., boiling hot 



vr, ;i (vrim) : to boil 

vrz . m., knot 

vrzina : f., fence 

vrskati : to shout out 

vritati : to neigh 

vrlina : f., virtue 

vrlo : adv., very, extremely 

vrskaput : m.. overcoat 

vrsta : f., quality, sort, kind 

vrstati : to line up, arrange 

vrt : m., garden 

vrtez : m., screw 

vrci (vrgnem): to throw, put 

vruc, -a, -e : adj., hot 

vrucina : f., heat 

vrh : m., summit, top, end, crest 

vrh : prep., above 

vrhovni, -a, -o : adj., supreme, 


vriti : to accomplish, execute, fulfil 
vuk : m., wolf 
vulkan : m., volcano 
vuna : f., wool 
vunen, -a, -o : adj., woollen 
vuruna : f., oven 
vurundzija : m., baker 
vuci (vucem) : to draw, dray, tow 

(a boat) 
vuSica : f., she-wolf 

G, r. 

gagrica : f., miser 

gadan, -dna, -dno : adj., disgusting, 


gadjati : to aim at 
gazda : m., host, head of family 
gazdarica : f., hostess, mistress of 


gajde : f., pi., bag-pipes 
galerija : f., gallery 
garda : f., guard (roval) 
gas : m., gas, paraffin 
gasiti : to put out, extinguish 
gace : f., pi., drawers, pants 
gvozdje : n., iron ; kovano g., 

forged iron 

gvozden, -a, -o : adj., iron 
gde (gdje) : adv., where 

adj., prir.cipal, 

giavm, -a, -o 

essential, chief 
glavo-bolja : f., head-ache 
glagol : m., verb 
glad t f., hunger, famine 
gladan, -dna, -dno : adj., hungry 
gladak. -dka, -dko : adj., smooth, 

glas : m., voice, vote, rumour, 

glasan, -sna, -sno : adj., famous, 

glasati : to vote 
glasnik : m., me.isenper 
gledati : to look at, examine 
glecer : m., glacier 
glina : f., clay 

gde gde : here and there ; gde god, j glicerin : m., glycerine 

general : m., general 
genije : m., genius 
geografija : f., geography 
geometrija : f., geometry 
gedza : m., dwarf 
gimnazija : f., gymnasium, college 
gimnastika : f. gymnastics 
ginuti : to perish, to fall, to be killed 

gips : m., plaster of Paris 

glava : f., head 

glavar : m., chieftain, chief 

globa : f., fine 

globiti : to fine 

glumac : m., actor 

glumica : f., actress 

glup, -a, -o : adj., stupid, idiotic 

glupak : m., stupid, fool 

glupost : f., stupidity, ignorance 

gluh, -a, -o : adj., deaf 

gljiva : f., mushroom, fungus 

gnezdo : n., nest 
gnoj : m., pus, matter, manure 
I gnojiti : to suppurate 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; t as s in measure : j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch : c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 


gnus: m., horror 

gnusan, -sna, -sno : adj., horrible, 


gnjurati se : to dive, plunge 
go, gola.golo : adj., naked 
goveda : n., pi., cattle 
govedjina : f., beef 
govor : m., conversation, speech, 


govoriti : to speak 
godina : f., year ; nova g., new 

year ; prostupna g., Leap-year ; 

gost : m., guest 
gostionira : f., hotel 
gostionic'ar : m., hotel-keeper 
gotov, -a, -o : adj., ready, finished 
gotoviti : to prepare ; - tie, get 


gotovo : adv., almost, about 
grablje, grabulje : f., pi., rake 
grabljiv : adj., voracious, ferocious 
grad : m., town, city, fortress 
grad : m., hail ; pada g., it is 


pre godina dana, a year as;o; j graditi : to build, make, establish 
proile godine, last year ; idu6e | gradonafielnik : m., mayor 
godine, next year ; koliko vam gradski : adj., of a town 

godina ? how old are you ? 
godisnje : adv., annually 
golem, -, -o : adj., vast, enormous, 

gradjanin : m., citizen, burgess 
gradjanka : f., citizen 
gradjanski : adj., civil 
gramatika : f., grammar 

gologlav, -a, -o : adj., bare-headed ! grana : f., branch 

golub : m., pigeon granata : f., shell, grenade 

golubica : f., dove 

gomila : f. f heap, mass, pile, group, 

goniti : to chase, drive, follow after 

gora : f., hill, mountain 

gorak, -rka, -rko : adj., bitter, sour 

goranin : m., mountaineer, high- 

gord, -a, -o : adj., haughty, proud 

gordost, f., pride 

gore : adv., above, upstairs, up 

gore : adv., worse ; najgore, adv., 

goreti (gorim) : to burn, to catch 

gor, -i, -a, 

-e : adj., worse ; najgor. 

-i, -a, -e, worst 
gornj, -i,-a, -e : adj., upper, superior 
gorski : adj., of the mountains, hills 
gorusica : f., mustard 
Gospod (Bog) : The Lord 
gospoda : f., gentleman 
gospodar : m., master, sovereign 
gospodin : m., Mister, gentleman 
gospodska bolest : f., syphilis 
gospodja : f., lady, madamo, Mrs. 
gospodjica : f.,, young lady 

granica : f., frontier, border 

grah, graak : m., pea 

grb : m., arms, coat of arms 

grbav, -a, -o : adj., hunch-back 

greben : m., comb 

grejati (grejem) : to warm 

grejati se (grejem se): to warm 

greska : f., mistake, error, fault 

grk, -a, -o : adj., bitter 

grliti : to embrace, hug 

grlo : n., throat, larynx 

grob : m., ditch, grave, tomb 

grobar : m., grave-digger 

groblje : n., cemetery 

grozdje : n., grapes 

groza : f., shiver, tremble, horror 

grozaii, -zna, -zno : adj., awful, 

groziti se : to tremble, shiver 

groznica : ., fever 

grom : m., thunder, thunderbolt 

gromobran, gromovod : m., light- 
ning conductor 

gros : m., piastre, i.e. 20 para 

grub, a, -o : adj., coarse, vulgar 

grudi : f., pi., chest, bosom 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in yo->i ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in orhiion ; c, z, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as fo in cats ; 8 as ah in shout. 



gr6 : m., cramp, spasm, convulsion 

guba, gubica : f., snout, muzzle 
(of an animal) 

guz : m., guzica, f., buttock, back- 

guma : f., elastic 

gunja : f., quince 


da: conj., that, in order that, to, 

yes, if 

dabome ! : of course, certainly 
davati (dajem, davam) : to give, 

present, bestow 
davni, -na, -no : adj., ancient, old, 


davno : adv., a long time ago 
dakle : conj., thus, then, conse- 

dalek, -a, -o : adj., far, distant 
daleko : adv., far, distant 
dnlj, -i, -a, -e : adj., further, farther 
daljina : f., distance, interval, space 
dan : m., day ; rodjen dan, birth- 
danas : adv., to-day ; od danas, 

from to-day 
damuuij, -i, -a, -et : adj., of to-day, 

modern, up-to-date 
dan i no6 : m., pansy 
danica : f., the morning star ; 

danjom, danju : adv., by day, 

during the day 
danju i no6u : adv., by day and by 


dar, darak : m., present, gift 
daska : f., plank, board 
dati (dam) : to give, present, hand 

over, confer, concede 
datum : m., date 
dah : m., breath, respiration 
dahnuti (dahnem) : to breathe 
dva dve dva : two ; sve dva i dva, 

two by two 
dvadeset : num. twenty ; -ina, one 

dvadeseti, -a, -o : the twentieth 

gusenica : f., caterpillar 
guska : f., goose 
gusle : f., pi., Serbian violin 
gust, -a, -o : adj., dense, thick 
gustina : f., density, thickness 
gusa : f., throat 

dvanaest : num. twelve ; -i, -a, -o, 

the twelfth ; -ina, one tvrelftli 
dvaput : twice 
dve.sta : num. two hundred 
dvoboj : m., duel 
dvogled : m., binocular glasses 
dvojo : num. two, a couple 
dvoji, -ja, -jo ; dvojin, -a, -o : adj., 


dvojica : f., couple, two 
dvor : m., palace, court, castle 
dvoranin : m., courtier 
dvorski : adj., of the court 
debeo, debela, debelo : adj., fat, 

stout, thick, corpulent 
debljati : to grow fat 
devedeset : num. ninety 
devet : num. nine ; -i, -a, -o, the 

ninth ; -ina, f., a ninth 
dovetnaest : num. nineteen ; -i, -a, 

-o, the nineteenth 
devica : f., deva, f., a young girl, 


devojaStvo : n., virginity, chastity 
devojka : f., girl, maiden, maid 
devojSe, n., devojc'ica, f., little girl, 


ded, deda : m., grandfather, an- 
dedovina : f., property inherited 

from one's ancestors or grand. 

father, fatherland 
dezurni : adj. (oficir), orderly 

officer (from French de jour) 
dejstvo : n., effect, action 
dekembar : m., December 
deklaracija : f., declaration 
deliti : to divide, distribute, separ* 


Pronounce : dj, clz, as j in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
]j as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as -jtt 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 

del] 14 


delo : n., action, deed, work 

deo : m. (dela), part, portion, 

volume (books) 
depesa : f., telegram 
derati(derem) : to tear, tear out 
deset : num. ten ; -i, -a, -o, the 

tenth ; -ina, a tenth 
desetak (-tka) : in., tithe, tenth 


desn, -i, -a, -o : adj., right 
desno, na desno : adv., to the right 
desni : f., pi., gums 
dete : n., child ; deca, children ; 

vanbradnod, bastard 
detelina : f., clover 
detinjstvo : n., childhood 
dotinjski : adj., childish 
decak, deSko : m., boy, lad 
deCarski, detinski : adj., boyish 
div : m., giant 
divan, -vna, -vno : adj., beautiful, 

charming, delightful 
divan : m., divan, sofa 

dnevni, -na, -no : adj., daily 
dnevnik : m., diary, day-book 
do : prep. (gen. ), to, until, up to, till 
dob : m., doba, f., time, season, 

age, phase 

dobar, -bra, -bro : adj., good, ex- 
cellent ; bolji, najbolji, better, 

dobiti (dobijem): to receive, ob- 
tain, gain, get 
doboS : m., drum ; udariti u doboi, 

to beat the drum 
doboSar : m., drummer 
dobro : adv., all right, well ; bolje, 


dobrovoljac : m., volunteer 
dobrovaljno : adv., voluntarily, 

dobrodusan, -Sna, -no : adj., kind, 


dobrota : f., kindness, favour 
dobrotvor : m., philanthropist 
dove6e : adv., this evening 

divljak : m., savage, wild man, wild | dovoljan, -jna, -jno : adj., sufficient 

boar enough 

divljad, divina : f., game, venison ] dovoljno : adv., enough 
divJji, -ja, -je : adj., wild, savage, dogadjaj : m., event, affair 

divokoza : f., chamois 
dignuti (dignem), dizati (diiem) : 

raise, lift up 
dignuti se(dignemae) : to get up, to 


dijamant : m., diamond 
dim : m., smoke 
dimnicar : m., chimney-sweep 
dimnjak : m., chimney 
dinar : m., Serbian coin 1 franc 


dinastija : f., dynasty 
dinja : f., melon (sweet) 
diplomat : m., diplomatist 
dira : f., hole, tear (in clothes) 
dirati : to touch, to move 
direktor : m., director, head, chief 
direkcija : f., management 
dirkati : to tease, annoy 
tlihati (diSem) : to breathe 
dihanje : n., breath, respiration 

dogadjati : to take place, happen 

dogled : m., telescope 

dogovor : m., convention, accord, 

dozvola : f., permission, permit, 


dozvoliti : to permit, allow 
dojka : f., breast 
dok : adv., while, whilst 
dokaz : m., proof, argument 
dokazivati (-zujem), dokazati 

(-kaiem) : to explain, prove 
dokle, doklen : adv., up to what 

point ? till when ? as long as 
dokolenice : f., pi., gaiters, loggings 
doktor : m., doctor 
dolazak : m., arrival, coming 
dolaziti : to arrive, reach 
dole : adv., below, down below, 


dolina, dola : f., valley 
dom : m., house, public building 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i, as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 8 as sh in shout. 




domacin : m., master of the house, 

doma6iea : f., mistress of the house, 

doraine : f., pi., dominoes 

drvar : m., wood-cutter, timber 


drven, -a, -o : adj., wooden 
drvo (drveta) : n., tree 
drvodelja : m., carpenter 

domovina: f., fatherland, home, drvce : n., bushwood 

country of one's birth | dretva : f., string 

donji, -ja, -je, dolnji, -ja, -je : adj., ; driava : f., State, Power, Govern- 

lower, inferior 


dopadati se : to like, suit, please; ; driavni : adj., of the State, official 
tomi se dopada, that pleases me drzavnik : m., Statesman, politi- 

dopis : m., correspondence 

dopisnica : f., post card 

dopust : m., leave, permission 

clopustiti : to allow, permit 

dorastao, -sla, -slo : adj., adult, 
grown up, pubescent, nubile 

dorasti (-rastem) : to grow, de- 

velop, grow up 
dorudak : m., breakfast, lunch 
dosada : f., worry, upset, bore 
dosadan, -dna, -dno : adj., tedious, 

boring, worrying, troublesome 
dosaditi : to annoy, worry, bore 
doseljavati se : to immigrate 
doseljenik : m., immigrant 
dosledno : adv., conseqently 
dosta : adv., enough, sufficient 
dostati (dostajem) : to suffice, b 

dostojan. -jna, -jno : adj., worthy, 


drzak : m., drfalica, f., handle 
drzati (-5im) : to hold, maintain, 
hold up, support ; red, to keep 
one's word ; govor, make a 

dronjav, -a, -o : adj., ragged 
drug : m., friend, colleague, com- 
panion, pal 

clruga, drugarica : f., friend (f.) 
drugafiije : adv., otherwise 
drugda, drugde : adv., elsewhere 
drug, -i, -a, -o : the second, the 

other, another 

druiba.druibina : f., society, associ- 
drukCije : adv., otherwise, differ- 


drum : m., high road, main road 
drustvo : n., society, company 

dignified club 

dostojanstvo : n., dignity, worth!- j dub : m., oak tree 


dotle : adv., until, till 
doei (dodjem) : to come, arrive 
dohvatiti : to seize, take, reach 
dohod : m., arrival 
dockan, docne : adv., late 
docnije : adv., later 
dodekati : to receive, welcome (of 

people ) 

drag, -a, -o : adj., dear, amiable, 
precious ; dragi kamen, precious 
stone ; drage volje, with pleasure 
m., dragoman, inter- 

dubina, dubljina : f., depth, abyss, 


dubok, -a, -o : adj., deep, profound 
duvan, duhan : m., tobacco 
duvandiija : m., tobacconist 
dug : m., debt 
dug, -a, -o : dugadak, -dka, -cko t 

adj., long, high, tall 
duga : f., rainbow 

dugme : n., button 

dugo : adv., a long time 

dugo vrerne : n., tediousness, bore- 

dragoman : m., dragoman, inter- dom 

pretcr dugovati (dugujem) : to owe 

drama : f., drama dud : m., mulberry tree 

drva : f., firewood dudinja, dudinka : f., mulberry 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; &, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout. 



duzan, -2na, -no : adj., owing, in- 

du2nik : m., debtor 
duznost : f., duty, obligation 
duzina : f., length 
dumen : m., rudder 
dunja : f., quince 
dupe : n., anus, backside 
dupli, -la, -lo : adj., double 
ducan : ra., shop, store 

duh : m., spirit, soul, ghost ; Sveti 
Duh, Holy Ghost 

Duhovi : m., pi., Pentecost, Whit- 

duhovnik : m., ecclesiastic 

duhovni, -na, -no : adj., spiritual, 

duSa : f., soul, spirit 

dusek : m., mattress 

djavo : m., devil, satan 
djavolak : m., little devil 

djavolji, -ja, -je ; djavolov, -a, -o : 

adj., diabolic, devilish 
djak : m., scholar, schoolboy, stu-i 

dent, pupil 
djakon : m., deacon 

Vj, L. 

djaur : m., infidel 
djadki : adj., of students 

djem : m., bit (horse's) 
djeneral : m., general 
djeneral-Stab : m., general-staff 
djon : m., sole (of a boot) 
djubre : n., manure, dung 

E, E. 

e : conj., and; e da, in order that 
evandjelist : m., evangelist 
evnuh : m., eunuch 
evo : adv., here, see here, here is, 

ele : conj. thus 

2aba : f., frog ; krastava 2aba, toad 
ialba : f., grievance, complaint 
ialiti : to condole with, to be in 

mourning for, to be sorry for 
ialiti se : to complain 
ialost : f., sorrow, grief, mourning ; 

u ialosti za, in mourning for ; na 

ialost, unfortunately 
iandarm : m., gendarme 
iao : adv., 2ao mi je : I am sorry 
iarki, -ka, -ko : adj., burning, very 

hot, torrid 

8 vale : f., pi., bit (horse's) 
zdrul : m., crane 
idrebac : m., stallion 
it-dan, -dna, -dno : adj., thirsty 
iedja : f., thirst 

elektricitet : m., electricity 
eljda : f., buckwheat 
episkop : m., bishop 
eskadra : f., squadron 
eto, eno : adv., there, see there 


iezlo : n., sceptre 

ieleti (2elim) : to wish, desire ; 

ielim vam svaku srecu, I wish you 

all happiness 

zeludac : m., stomach, belly 
ielja : f., wish, desire 
zeljezan (zelezan), -zna, -zno : adj., 

zeljeznica (Zeleznica) : f., railway ; 

zeleznicom, by rail ; vagon, kola, 

railway carriage ; kola (vagon) 

za spavanje, sleeping car ; pruga, 

f., railway line 
zelezo : n., iron 
zena : f., woman, wife 
feniti se : to marry (of a man) 
enska : f., low woman, prostitute 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




ienski : adj., feminine 

iestok, -a, -o : adj., fiery, violent, 

zetva : f., harvest 
zetelac : m., harvester 
ziv, -a, -o : adj., alive, lively, quick 
ziva ograda : f., hedge 
4iva : f., mercury, quicksilver 
ziveti (zivim) : to live, to be alive 
ziveo ! zivela ! ziveli ! : long live ! 
zivina : f., poultry 
?ivo adv., quickly, promptly 
iivopis : m., painting, picture 
iivopisac : m., painter 
zivot : m., life 
zivotinja: f., animal, beast 
zivotinjski : adj., brutal, bestial, 


ig : m., stamp, seal, die, brand 

zigica : f., match 

zila : f., vein, artery 

zitelj : m., inhabitant 

iito : n., corn, grain, cereala 

zitar : m., corn chandler 

zitnica : f., barn 

iica : f., wire 

ziska : f., spark 

Smiriti : to wink 

zrtva : f., sacrifice, offering, victim 

2ulj : m., corn (on the foot) 

zuran, -rna, -rno : adj., hurried, 


zuriti se : to hurry, hasten 
2urno : adv., in haste, quickly 
4ut, -a, -o : adj., yellow 
iutica : f., jaundice 

Z, 3. 

za : prep. (ace. inst. gen.), for, by, 
in, during, to, behind, at 

zabava : f., entertainment, amuse- 

zabaviti, zabavljati : to amuse, 

zabadava : adv., gratis 

zabluda : f., mistake, error 

zaboravan, -vna, -vno : adj., for- 

zaboraviti : to forget, omit 

zabrana : f., prohibition 

zabraniti : to forbid, prohibit ; je 
zabranjeno, it is forbidden 

zavera : f., plot, conspiracy 

zaverenik : m., conspirator 

zavesa : f., curtain 

zavet : m., vow., promise, testa- 
ment (bible) 

zavidan (zavidljiv), -dna, -dno : 
adj., jealous, envious 

zavideti : to be jealous, envy 

zavijati : to dress (a wound), bind 

U R 
zavijafi : m., envelope 

zavisan, -sna, -sno : adj., dependent 

zavladati : to conquer 

zavod : m., institute, establishment 

zavoditi : to introduce, establish 


zavoj : m., bandage, dressing 
zavrsiti : to finish, end 
zagasit : adj., dark, brown 
zagrada : f., enclosure, hedge 
zagraditi : to enclose with a hedge 


zagradje : n., suburb 
zagrliti : to embrace, hug 
zagusljiv, -a, -o : adj., suffocating, 

zadatak : m., zadaca, f., task, 

lesson, work 
zadnji, -nja, -nje : adj., behind, 

rear, last 

zadnjica : f., backside 
zadovoljan, -jna, -jno : satisfied, 


zadovoljiti : to satisfy, please 
zadrZati (zadriim), to stop, keep 
zadrzati se (zadrzim) : to stop, stay 
zadruga : f., society, Serbian cus- 
tom of family living together 
zaista, zaisto : adv., in fact 
zajam : m., loan 
zajedno : adv., together 
zajmiti : to lend 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ' nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h. as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as A in shout. 



zakasniti : to be late 
zaklopac (-pica) : m., lid, cover 
zakljucak (-6ka) : m., conclusion, 


zakljucati : to look 
zaklj u6iti : finish, terminate, con- 


zakoti : m., law, rule 
zakonski : adj., legal, legitimate 
Eakopati : to bury 
salazak : m., sunset 
zalepiti : to stick, to gum 
zaliv : m., bay, gulf 
zalivati : to water 
zalud : adv., in vain 
zamak : m., castle, citadel 
zamama : f . , bait 
zamenica : f., pronoun 
zainka : f., knot, trap, snare 
zamrznuti se (zamrznem) : to 

zanat : m., profession, occupation, 


zanimljiv, -a, -o : adj., interesting 
zao, zla, 


zlo : adj., bad, nasty, 

zaova : f., sister-in-law (husband's 

zapad : m., west 

zapadni, -na, -no : adj., %vestern 

zapadno : adv., in the west 

zapaziti : to notice, to like 

zapaliti : to light, to set fire to 

zapaljenje : n., inflammation 

zapaljiv, -a, -o : adj., inflammable 

zapamtiti : to remember (a lesson) 

zapeta : f., comma 

zapeiatit i : to seal 

zapiska : f., a note, short letter 

zapisnica : f., note- book 

zapovest : f., order, mandate, com- 

zapregnuti (zapregnem) : to put to, 
harness (horses) 

zapu5a<5 : m., cork 

zar : adv., for 

zaraza : f., epidemic 

zarazan, -zna, -zno : adj., con- 
tagious, infectious, catching 

zaraziti : to 

infect, to give (a 

zarobiti : to make (or take) 

zarobljenik : m., prisoner 

zaseda : f. , ambush 

zastava : f., flag, banner, standard 

zastavnik : m., standard- bearer 

zastupnik : m., substitute, repre- 

zatvor : m., prison, gaol, consti- 

zatvoriti : to shut, imprison, block 

zatim : adv., then, after 

zato : adv., on account of, becaus* 

zauzet, -a, -o : adj., occupied, busy 

zauzeti (-uzmem) : to occupy, con- 

zahvalan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., grateful, 
thankful, obliged 

zahvaliti : to thank 

zahvalnost : f., gratitude 

zahod : m., sunset ; zahoditi, to 
set (sun) 

zafiin : m., spice ; za&niti, to spice 

zaito : adv., why 

zbog : prep., because of, for 

zbor : m., meeting, assembly, choir 

zvaniSan, -fina, -<5no : adj., official 

zvati (zovem) : to call, name, 

zvezda : f., star 

zvek : m., sound 

zveknuti (zveknem) : to sound, 

zvekir : m., door-knocker 

zver (m) : f., wild beast, beast 

zverinjak : m., zoological garden 

zverski : adj., brutal, bestial, 

zverstvo : n., brutality 

zvizdati (zviidim) : to whistle 

zvizdaljka : f., whistle, fife 

zvono : n., bell 

zvoniti : to ring 

zvuk : m., sound, tone 

zglob : m., joint 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as in measure : j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in lock ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




zgoda : f., opportunity, good mo- 

zgodan, -dna, -dno : adj., oppor- 

zgrada : f., building, edifice 

zgrusati : to curdle, coagulate 

zdanje : n., building, edifice 

zdrav, -a, -o : adj., healthy, well 

zdraviti : to drink a health, toast 

zdravica : f., toast, health 

zdravlje : n., health ; u vase 
zdravlje ! to your health ! 

zejtin : m., oil 

zelen, -a, -o : adj., green, vegetables 

zemlja : f., earth, globe, land, soil, 

zemljak : m., zemljakinja, f., com- 

zemljopis : m., geography 

zemljotres : m., earthquake 

zemljous : m., isthmus 

zepsti (zebem) : to be cold ; noge 
mi zebu : my feet are cold 

zet : m., son-in-law 

zee : m., hare ; pitomi zee, rabbit 

zid : m., wall ; spanski zid, screen j 

zidar : m., mason 

zidati (zidam, zidem) : to build, 

zima : f., winter, cold 

zimi : adv., in the winter 

zimski : adj., of winter 

zimus : adv., last winter 

zlatan, -tna, -tno : adj., golden 

zlatar : goldsmith, jeweller 

zlato : n., gold 

zlo : n., evil, misfortune 

zloban, -bna, -bno : adj., malicious, 

zloglasan, -sna, -sno : adj., ill- 

zlo&n : m., crime, misdeed 

zlodinac : m., criminal, evildoer 

zmija : f., snake, serpent 

znak : m., sign, mark, symbol 

znanje : n., knowledge 

znati (znam ) : to know ; na pamet, 
to know by heart 

zna&ti : to mean, signify 

znoj : m., sweat, perspiration 

znojan, -jna, -jno : adj., sweaty 

znojiti se : to sweat, perspire 

zob : f . , oats 

zolja : f., wasp 

zora : f., dawn 

zreo, zrela, zrelo : adj., ripe, mature 

zrelost : f., maturity 

zreti (zrem) : to ripen, mature 

zrikavac : m., cricket (insect) 

zrno : n., grain, speck 

zub : m., tooth; vestadki zub, false 
tooth ; fietkica za zube, tooth- 

zubni lekar : m., dentist 

zubobolja : f., toothache 

I, H. 

i: conj., and, also 
ivica : f., border, edge 
igda : adv., never 
igde : adv., somewhere 
igla : f., needle 
igo : n., yoke 
igra : f., game, dance 
igrati : to dance, play 
igradka : f., toy 
iguman : m., abbot 
idol : m., idol 

behind, on the other 

iza : prep. 


izaslanik : m., deputy, emissary 
zbirati : to choose, elect 
z bliza : adv., near by 
zbor : m., choice, election 
zbrati : to elect, choose 
zvan : prep, (gen.), outside, out of 
zvesnost : f., certitude, certainty 
zvestan, -tna, -tno : adj., sure 


iduci, -ca, -6e : ad'., future, coming , izvesti : to inform 
iz : prep, (gen.), from, out of, of, izvestaj : m., account, report, in- 
by, with formation 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James -, i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, <5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
jn room ; h as ch in loch : c as te in cats ; & as ah in shout. 

Izv] 1 

izviniti : to excuse, pardon, forgive 

izvoziti : to export 

izvol'te ! : if you please 

izvor : spring, fountain 

izgledati : to look out ; dobro, 
rdjavo, to look well, ill 

izgovoriti : to pronounce, excuse 

izgovor : m., pronunciation, excuse 

izgoniti : to expel, chase out 

izgubiti : to lose 

izdavati (izdajem) : to edit, pub- 
lish, betray 

izdaja: f., izdajstvo, n., treason 

izdajica : f., traitress; izdajnik, 
m., traitor 

izdaleka : adv., from afar 

izdanje : n., edition 

izdatak : m., expense 

izi6i (idjem) : to go out 

izjava : ., declaration, explanation 

izjaviti : to declare, give out 

izlaz, -ak : m., exit, way out 

izlozba : f., exhibition 

izloziti : to exhibit, expose, show 

izmedju : prep, (gen.), among, 

izmeniti : to exchange, change 

izmeSati : to mix 

izmisliti : to invent, imagine, dis- 

iznad : prep, (gen.), above 

iznenada : adv., suddenly 

iznenaditi : to surprise 

iznenadjenje : n., surprise 

iznova : adv., anew, again 

izobrazenje : n., civilization, educa- 

izobrazen, -a, -o : adj., educated 

izuzev (-ii) : adv., excepting 

izuzetak (-tka) : m., exception 

izuzetno : adv., by exception 

ikad : adv., ever 

ikona : f., icon, image 

ikonostas : m., screen with holy 
images in orthodox churches 

ikra : f., roe (of a fish) 

ili : conj., or ; Hi ... ili, either 


ima : there is, are 
imanje : n., property, fortune 
imati(imam): to have, possess 
ime (imena) : n., name, reputa- 
tion ; u ime ... in the name 
of . . . ; po imenu, by name ; 
kako vam je ime ? what is your 
name ? imemije . . . my name is 
imenica : f., substantive 
imenovati : to name 
inace, inako : adv., besides, other- 
wise, if not 

inzonjer : m., engineer 
interes : m., interest ; dati pod 
interes,to put money out at interest 
interesantan, -tna, -tno : adj., in- 

indzinir : m., engineer 
ipak : conj., however, nevertheless 
iseliti se : to emigrate, ehango 

houses, remove 

iskljuciv, -a, -o : adj., exclusive 
iskljufiiti : to exclude, banish 
iskopati : to exhume, dig up 
iskra : f., spark 
iskren, -a, -o : adj., sincere, frank, 


iskrenost : f., sincerity, frankness 

ispit : rn., examination; poloziti 

, to pass an ; pasti na ispitu, 

to fail in an , to be ploughed 

ispitati, ispitivati : to examine, 


isplata : f., pay, payment, re- 

ispljuvati : to spit (out) 
iapod : prep, (gen.), under, under- 


ispred : prep., before, in front of 
isprljati : to dirty 
ispuniti: to fill, accomplish, fulfil 
isti, ta-, -to : pron., the same 
istina : f., the truth 
istinit, -a, -o : adj., true, veritable 
isto tako : adv., also, likewise, in 

the same way 
istok : m., east, orient 
istocan, -6ni, -<5na, -Sno : adj., 
eastern, oriental 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; 8 as sh in shout. 




istorija : f., history 

isusiti : to dry 

ishod : m., exit, way out 

ja: pron., I 
jablan : m., poplar tree 
jabuka : f., apple, apple tree 
jabukovada : f., cider 

javan, -vna, -vno : adj., public, 

clear, manifest, evident 
javiti, javljati : to make public, 

publish, announce, inform 
javiti so : to present (introduce) 


javnost : f., publicity 
jagnje : n., lamb 
jagnjetina : f., lamb (meat) 
jagoda : f., strawberry 
jagorcevina : f., primrose 
jad : m., misfortune, misery, sorrow 
jadan, -dna, -dno : adj., miserable, 


jadrilo : n., mast 
jadro : n., sail 
jajast, -a, -o : adj., oval 
jaje, jajce: n., egg (jaja, eggs), 

testicle ; rovito , boiled egg 

adj., strong, solid, 

iscepati : to tear, wear out, to split 
ici (idem) : to go, walk, leave 
ih : pron., them, of them, any 

J, J. 

jato : n., flight, covey (of birds) 
jauk : m., a cry of pain, lamenta- 
jaukati (-u6em) : to lament, wail 

adj., sterile, un- 

jak, -a, 

jalov, -a, 

jaloviti : to castrate 
jambor, jarbol : m., mast 
januar : m., January 
jaram : m., yoke, or pair of oxen 
jarac : m., he-goat, billy-goat 
jare : n., kid 
jarebica : f., partridge 
jarina : f., lamb's wool 
jarost : f., anger, rage 
jarostan, -tna, -tno : adj., angry 
jaruga : f., ravine, abyss 
jasan, -sna, -sno : adj., clear, plain, 

distinct, evident, pure 
jasnost : f., jasnoca, f., clearness, 

jasen : m., ash-tree 
jastuk : m., pillow, cushion 

jahati, jasiti (jasem): to ride (a 

jahaci konj : saddle (riding) horse 

jevrein : m., Jew 

jevtin, -a, -o : adj., cheap; jevti- 
nije, cheaper 

jevtino : adv., cheap 

jed : m., bile, anger 

jedan, -dna, -dno : num. one 

jedanaest : num. eleven 

jedan-put-krat : once ; od jedan- 
put, adv., all of a sudden 

jedared : adv., once upon a time 

jedva : adv., scarcely, barely, 

jedin-i, -a, -o : adj., only, unique, 

jedinac : m., only son 

jedinica : f., only daughter 

jedinstvo : n., unity 

jedinc'e : n., only child 

jednak, -a, -o : adj., equal, the 
same, like 

jednak: adv., immediately, at once 

jednako: adv., equally, in the 
same way 

Jednakost : f., equality 

jednovremen, -a, -o : adj., simul- 

jednoglasan, -sna, -sno : adj., una- 

jednom : adv., one day, once 

jedrilo : n., mast 

jedriti : to sail 

jedro : n., sail 

je4 : m., hedgehog 

jezero : n., lake 

jezik : m., tongue, language 

jektika : f., phthisis, consumption 

jela : f., pine, firtree 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as _;' in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; B as sh in shout. 




jelovina : f., deal (wood) 

jelek : waistcoat, vest 

jelen : m., stag; jelen6e, n., fawn 

je li ? : is it not so T 

jelo : n., food, dish (of food) 

jelovnik : m., menu, bill of fare 

jer: conj., for, because, as 

jerebica : f., partridge 

jeretik : m., heretic 

jesen : f., autumn 

jesenas : adv., this autumn 

jesenski, jesenji, -ja, -je : adj., 

.jest : adv., yes 
jesti (jedem) : to eat 
jetra : f., liver 
jetrva : f., sister-in-law (husband's 

brother's wife) 
jecam : m., barley 
jok : adv. (Turkish), no 
j organ : m., quilt 
joS : adv., still, more, even 
jug: m., south, mid-day; na jug, 

in the south 

jugovina : f., thaw 

jugozapad : m., south-west 

jugoistok : m., south-east 

juzan, -na, -2no : adj., southern 

juli : m., July 

jun, juni : m., June 

junak : m., hero ; junakinja, f., 


junac : m., young bull 
junaCki, -ka, -ko : adj., heroic 
junaStvo : n., heroism 
jur : adv., already 
juriti : to race, run, chase 
juri : m.., assault, attack 
juris -ati(-sam)iti(-5im) :to assault 

(a fortress) 

jutarnji, -ja,-je : adj., morning 
jutro : n., morning ; dobro jutro ! 

good morning ; u jutru, za jutra, 

during the morning 
jutros : adv., this morning 
ju6e, ju<5er, adv., yesterday 
ju6eranji, -ja, -je, juCerasnji, -ja, 

-je : adj., of yesterday 

K, K. 

k, ka : prep, (dat), to, towards 

kabanica : f., cloak, mantle 

kabasta hartija : f., brown paper 

kablar : m., cooper 

kava, kaf a : f., coffee; tucana , 
ground ; bela (melani ), coffee 
and milk ; crna , black coffee 

kavana, kaf ana : f., cafe, coffee- 

kavaz : m., kavass 

kavez : m., cage 

kavedzija, kafedzija : m., pro- 
prietor of a caf6 

kad, kada : adv., when, how long ; 
od kada, since when ; imati kad, 
to have time ; kad i kad, from 
time to time 

kadagod, kadgod : adv., when, 

kadiva, kadifa; f., velvet 

kadionica : f., censer 

kaziput : m., sign-post 

kazaljka : f., hand (of a clock) 

Pronounce : dj, di,, as _;' in James 

kazan : m., cauldron 
kazandzija: m., coppersmith 
kazati, kazivati (kuzem) : to say, 

kazna : f., punishment, penalty, 

sentence ; nov6ana , fine ; 

smrtna , death sentence 
kazneni, -na, -no : adj., criminal, 


kaznenik : m., convict, prisoner 
kaznionica : f., prison 
kazniti : to punish, sentence, fine 
kaik : m., boat, long-boat 
kai : m., leather belt, strap 
kaja : f., cement 
kajgana : f., scrambled eggs 
kajmak : m., clotted cream 
kajsija : f., apricot 
kakav, kakva, kakvo : pron., what 

what kind 

kako : adv., how, what 
kalaj : m., tin 
kalajdzija : m., tin-smith, tinker 

; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you : 

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cuts ; i as sh in shout. 




kaldrma : f . , paved road 

kalendar : m., calendar, almanack 

kalpak : m., cap 

kaludjer : m., monk 

kaludj erica : f., nun 

kalup : m., form, shape, mould 

kalfiine : f., pi., leggings (of felt) 

kaljade: f., pi., goloshes 

kamen, -a, -o : adj., of stone, rocky 

karnen : m., stone ; dragi kamen, 
precious stone 

kamenar : m., stone-cutter 

kamenica : f., small stone 

kamila : f., camel 

kamfor : m., camphor 

kamdzija : f., crop, whip 

kanal : m., canal 

kanap : m., string 

kanarinka : f., canary 

kanije: f., pi., sheath, scabbard, 

kancelar : m. , chancellor 

kancelarija : f., office, chancery 

kanje : f., pi., eyelids 

kao : conj., as 

kap : f., drop ; kap po kap, drop by 

kapa : f., cap, bonnet 

kapak (-pka) : m., lid, top, cover 

kapati (kapljem) : to drip 

kapela : f., chapel, orchestra 

kapelan : m., chaplain 

kapetan : m., captain 

kapija : f., gate, gate- way 

kapital : m., capital 

kapidzija : m., door-keeper, con- 

kaplar : m., corporal 

kapija : f., drop 

kaput: m., coat, jacket; vrskaput, 

karakter : m., character 

karantin : m., quarantine 

karanfil : m. , carnation 

karta : f., card (playing, visiting), 

karfiol : m., cauliflower 

kas : m., trot ; kasa 6, m., trotter 

kasati : to trot 

kasa : f., cash-box, pay-desk, safe) 

kasapin : m., butcher 

kasniti : to be late, delay, lose timei 

kasno : adv., late 

kastrola : f., saucepan 

katanac (-nca) : m., padlock 

katarka : f., mast 

katkad : adv., sometimes, from] 

time to time 
katihizis : m., catechism 
katolik : m., catholic 
katran : m., tar 
kaulin : m., cauliflower 
kauduk : m., india-rubber, rubber 
kafa : m., coffee 
kaciga, kacida : f., helmet 
kasa : f., gruel 
kasalj : m., cough ; veliki , 

kasika (lazica) : f., spoon 
kasljati (Ijem) : to cough 
kvar : m., damage 
kvariti : to spoil, damage, corrupt,' 


kvasac : m., yeast 
kedar : m., cedar 
kej : m., quay 
kelner : m., waiter (hotel) 
kelj : m., cabbage 
kepec : m., dwarf 
kesa : f., purse, small bag 
kesten : m., chestnut 
kec : m., ace 

kecelja : f., apron, pinafore 
kijavica : f., cold (in the head) 
kijati : to sneeze 
kika : f., tress of hair, pigtail 
kikotati : to roar with laughter 
kila : f., hernia, rupture 
kilogram : m., kilogram 
kilometar: m., kilometer 
kimak(mka): in, bug 
kinuti: to sneeze 
kip : m., statue 
kiporezac : m. , sculptor 
kirija: f., rent, hire, uzeti, pod, 

kiriju, to hire, to rent 
kisela voda : f., mineral water 


Pronounce: dj, dt, as ; in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you; 
}} as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion -, 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in. cats ; a as sh in shout. 




i i rlina : ., acid 

kiseljak : in., sorrel 

kiseo, -sela, -selo : adj., acid, sour 

kiseonik : m., oxygen 

kit : m., whale 

Uita : f., bouquet, fringe 

kiiati (kiem): to sneeze 

kisa : f., rain; pada, it is raining 

kiSobran : in., umbrella 

klavir : m., piano 

kladenac : m., fountain, well 

klanica : f., slaughter-house, 

klanjati se : to bow, drop a curtsy 

klasican, -cna, -6no : adj., classical 

klati (koljem) : to slaughter (ani- 

klevetati : to calumniate 

kleveta: f., calumny, false accusa- 

1:1 eka : f., juniper 

klet, -a, -o : adj., accursed, damned 

kletva : f., curse, oath 

kleti (kuiiem) : to curse, execrate 

kieti se : to swear, to take an oath 

klizav, -a, -o : adj.. slippery 

klizatise : to slip, slide, skate' 

klima : f., climate 

klin : m., ankle 

klinac, : -nca : m.. nail 

klisura, f., defile, gorge 

klobuk : m., hat 

klopka : f., trap, gin 

klupa : f., seat, bench 

kljun : m., beak 

kljud : m., key 

kmet : m. , village mayor 

kneginja : f., princess 

knezevina : f., principality 

knez : m., prince 

knjiga: f., book; voditi knjige. 
to do book-keeping 

knjigovezac: m., book-binder 

knjizar: m., book-seller 

knjizara, knjiiarnica : f., bookshop 

knjizevnik : m., writer, author 

knjizevnost : f., literature 

ko : pron., who ; ko ide ? who goes 
there ? 

Pronounce : dj, d?:, as _;' in Janir 
Ij as li in million ; nj as n in opin 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts i 

; kobasica : f., aau ago 

kobasicarnica : f., pork-butcher's 

kobac (kopca) : m., hawk, falcon 

kobila : f., mare 

kovati(kujem) : to forge (of metal), 
to shoe (of horses), to mint 
( money ) 

kova6 : m., blacksmith 

kovacnica : f., blacksmith's shop, 

kovdeg : m., trunk, case, coffer; 
Xojev kovCeg, Xoah's Ark 

kogod : pron., whoever 

kod : prep, (gen.), at, among, near, 
in ; kod kuce, at home 

ko5a : f., skin, leather 

kozan, -zna, -zno : adj., leathern 

koiar : m., tanner, leather- worker 
i koza : f., goat 
i koji, -ja, -je: pron., who, which 

kokarda : f., cockade 

kokoska : f., hen, fowl 

kola: n., pi., cart, carriage, wagon 

kolar : m., driver, carter, wagoner 
i kolac : m., cake 

kolevka : f., cradle 

koleno : n., knee 

kolera : f., cholera 

koliba : f., hut 

koliki, -ka, -ko : pron., which, what 

koliko : adv., how much, how many 

kolo : n., wheel, circle (of friends) 
Serbian dance 

kolovoz : m., August, rut (in a road) 

kolotur : m., pulley 

komat, komad : m., piece, bit, 
fragment, part 

komarac, komar : m., gnat, mos- 

komedija : f., comedy 

komin, kamin : m., fireplace 

komora : f., train of transport 

komsija: m., komsijnica, f., neigh- 

komsijluk : m., neighbourhood 

konak : m., government building, 

; z as s in measure ; j as y in you : 
inn -. 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
n c'./s ; & as eh in shout. 




konac (-nca) : m., cotton, thread 
konop, konopac (-pea) : m., cord, 

rope, cable 
kontrola : f., control 
konj : m., horse 
konjica : f., cavalry 
konjifiki : adj., cavalry 
konj ski : adj., of horses 
konjusar : in., groom 
konjusnjica : f., stables 
kopati : to dig, excavate 
kopito : n., kopita, f., horse-shoe 
koplje : n., lance, spear 
kora : f., bark (trees), trust 
korablja : f., ship, vessel 
koren : m., root 
korist : f., utility, use, benefit, 

koristan, -tna, -tno : adj., useful, 


koristiti : to be useful, profitable 
korman : m., rudder, tiller 
kormanos : m., pilot 
kornjada : f., tortoise 
korpa : f., basket 
koa : m., blackbird 
kosa : f., hair ; biti plave kose, to 

be fair 

kosa : f., scythe 
kosac , kosa<5 : m., reaper 
kost : f., bone (kosti, f., pi.) 
kostobolja : f., gout 
kostur : m., skeleton 
kotao, (-tla) : m., cauldron 
kotar : m. , district 
kotva : f., anchor 
kocka : f., cube, dice 
kofiijas : m., coachman 
kosnica : f., beehive 
kostan, -a, -o : adj., of bone 
kostanj : m., chestnut 
kosulja : f., shirt, chemise 
krava : f., cow 
kradikesa : m., pickpocket 
kradljvac, -vca : m., thief, robber 
kradja: f., theft, larceny 
kraj., prep., next to, along . 
kraj., m., end, extremity, country, 

border, edge 

krajni, -na, -no : extreme, last, 

kralj : m., king; Njegovo Velican- 

stvo kralj, His Majesty the 

King ; u irne kraljevo, in the 

King's name 

kralj evi6 : m., son of the King 
kralj evina : f., kingdom 
kralj evstvo : m., royalty 
kralj evski: adj., royal 
kralj ica : f., queen 
kralj ust : f., tortoise-shell 
krasan, -sna, -sno : adj., beautiful, 

fine, pretty 
krasiti : to d-ecorate 
krasota : f., beauty 
krastavac : m., cucumber 
krasti (kradem) : to steal, rob 
krat : m., time 

-tka, -tko : adj., short, 
adj., short- 



kra6ati, kraSati : to shorten, abridge 

krv : f., blood 

krvav : adj., bleeding 

krvni, -na, -no : adj., bloody, san- 

krvnik : m., murderer, assassin 

krevet : m., bedstead 

kreda : f., chalk 

kremen : m., flint 

krenuti (-nem), to move, displace 

kret : m., movement 

kretati (krecem) : to move, dis- 

kre6 : m., lime ; negaien kreS, 
quicklime ; gasen kre6, slaked 

krodana : f., lime-kiln 

kre6iti : to whitewash 

kreitalica : f., jay 

kriv, -a, -o : adj., curved, crooked, 
tortuous, guilty ; nisam ja kriv, 
it's not my fault ; uSiniti krivo, 
to do a wrong to any one 

krivaja : f., curve 

krivac (-vca) : m., criminal 

krivda : f., injustice, wrong 

Pronounce : dj, d4, as j in James ; i, as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 



kriviti : to bend, to accuse 

krivica : f., crime, fault 

kriz, kris : m., semolina 

krijumc'ar : m., smuggler 

krijumdariti : to smuggle 

krilo : n., wing 

krin : m., lily 

kristal : m., crystal 

kridati (-<5im) : to cry out, shout 

krletka : f., cage 

krma : f., rudder, tiller, helm 

krmniti : to steer 

krman, krmano, krmar : m., pilot, 

krmilo : n., rudder, tiller, helm 

krov : m., roof 

kroz : prep, (ace.), through, by, in 
(some days) 

kroj : m., cut, mode, fashion 

kroja6 : m., tailor 

krojadica : f., dressmaker 

krompir, krumpir : m., potato 

krpiti : to mend 

krst : m., cross 

krstarica : f., cruiser 

krstaski rat : m., crusade 

krstionica : f., font 

krstitelj : m., baptist 

krstiti : to baptize 

krstiti : to cross oneself 

krtola : f . , potato 

krug : m., circle, round 

krugla : f., sphere, ball 

kruzan, -zna, -zno : adj., circular 

kruna : f., crown 

krunisati (-niem) : to crown 

krunisanje : n., coronation 

krupan, -pna, -pno : adj., large, big 

kruh : m., bread ; krusac, loaf 

kruSka : f., pear 

kr6ma : f., inn, public-house, pub 

krdmar : m., innkeeper 

kr : m., rock ; krsan, -sna, -sno, 
adj., rocky 

krSten, -a, -o : adj., baptized, chris- 


krscanin : m., krscanka, f., Chris- 

kci : f., daughter (kderi, pi.) 
kuvar : m., cook 
kuvati : to boil, cook 
kugla : f., ball, bullet, globe, 


kuglanje : n., skittles 
kud, kuda : adv., where, whither 
kuditi : to blame, reproach 
kujna : f., kitchen 
kukavica : f., cuckoo, coward 
kukati : to lament, bewail 
kuku ! : oh dear ! 

kukuruz : m., maize, Indian corn 
kula : f., tower ; svetlilja kula, 


kuluk : m., enforced labour, corvee 
kum, kumasin : m., god-father 
kuma, kumica : f., god- mother 
kumfie : n., godchild 
kuna : m., rabbit 
kupaliSte : n., bathing-place, batha 
kupaonica : f., bathroom 
kupati se : to bathe, take a bath 
kupatilo : n., bath, bathing-place, 


kupac (-pea) : m., buyer, purchaser 
kupiti : to buy 
kupus : m., cabbage ; kiseo kupus, 

kurac : m., penis 
kurva : f., prostitute 
kurjak : m., wolf 
kurjuk : m., tress of hair, pigtail 
kutija : f., box 
kuca : f., house; kod ku6e, at 


kudni, -na, -ne : adj., domestic 
kudnik : m., ku6nica, f., house 


kuhar, kuhad : m., cook (man) 
kuharica, kuharka : f., cook 


kuhati : to cook, boil 
kuhinja : f., kitchen 
kucka : f., bitch 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as .;' in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; i as ah in shout. 




L, JI. 

labud : m., swan 

lav : m., lion ; lavica, f., lioness 

lavor : m., laurel 

lagan, -a, -o : adj., slow 

lagano : adv., slowly, softly, gently 

ladan, -dna, -dno : adj., cold 

ladja : f., ship, vessel 

Ia2 : f., lie, story 

laza : f., lazljivac, m., liar 

lazan, zna, -zno : adj., false, lying 

lazica : f., spoon 

lak, -a, -o : adj., light, easy 

Inkfit (-kta) : m., elbow 

lakom, -a, -o : adj., greedy 

lampa : f., lamp 

Ian : m., flax 

lanac, -nca : m., chain 

lane : adv., last year 

lanski : adj., of last year 

laskav, -a, -o : adj., flattering 

laskavac (-vca): m., flatterer 

laskavati : to flatter, cajole 

lastavica : f., swallow (bird) 

latin: m., catholic; latinski adj., 


leb, hleb : m., bread 
lebac, hlebac : m., a loaf of bread 
levak : m., funnel 
levati : to pour 
levi, -va, -vo : adj., left 
levo : adv., to the left 
legati (lezem) : to go to bed 
led : m., ice 
leden, -a, -o, ledan, -dna, -dno : adj., 


ledenica : f., ice-house 
ledenik : m., glacier 
ledeti : to freeze 
ledja : f., back 
lezati (lezim) : to lie down, go to 

bed, repose, to rest; ovde l;zi, 

here lies 
lek : m., lekarstvo, n., medicine, 

remedy, drug 
lekar : m., doctor 

lenger : m., anchor 

lep, -a, -o : adj., pretty, beautiful. 

charming, nice ; to nije lepo oil 

vas, that is not nice of you 
lepost, lepota : f., beauty 
lepak (-pka) : gum, glue 
lepiti : to stick, to glue 
lepljiv, -a, -o : adj., sticky, gumrm 
lepeza : f., fan 
leptir, lepir : m., butterfly 
leska : f., lesnjik, m., hazel-nut 
lestve, lestvice : f., pi., ladder, pair 

of steps 

let : m. , flight ; leteti, to fly 
letva : f., lath 
leti : adv., in summer 
letnji, -ja, -je : adj., summer 
leto : n., summer 
letovati (letujem) : to pass the 


letos : adv., this summer 
liturgija : f., liturgy 
leca : f., Ie6e, n., lentils 
leci (legnem) : to go to bed 
leci (lezem) : to hatch, brood, sit 

upon (jaja, eggs) 

leSenje : n., cure, treatment, heal- 
ing, remedy 

Ie6iti : to cure, treat, heal 
leCiti se : to recover, get better 
lecnik : m., doctor, physician 
les : m., lesina, f., corpse, carrion, 

li : conj., Serbian interrogative 

form ; znate li ? do you know 7 


livada : f., meadow 
livati, liti (lijern) : to cast, melt, 


livnica : f., foundry 
lizati (lizem) : to lick 
liljan : m., lily 
lim : m., tin, sheet- iron 
limun : m., lemon 
lipa : f., lime tree 

len, -a, -o, lenj : adj., lazy, indolent lipanj : m., June 
lenjivac : m., a lazy fellow lisac : m., lisica, f., fox 

lenjost : f., laziness liskun : m., mica 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as eh in shout. 



list : m., leaf, sheet (of paper) 
listopad : m., the fall (of leaves), 

litar : m., litre, liter (nearly 1J 

liti (lijem) : to pour, spread, fill, 

lice : n. , face, countenance, air, 


liCan, -cna, -6no : adj., personal 
lifiiti na : to resemble, to look like 
Ii6no : adv., personally 
lifinost : f., person, personality 
lov : m., hunt, chase, shooting 
lovnc : m., huntsman, sportsman 
lovadki : adj., of the hunt, sporting 
loviti : to hunt, chase, shoot, fish 
logor : m., camp ; logoriti, to camp 
loa : f., box (in a theatre) 
loiiti (vatru) : to make a fire, to 

light a stove 
loiica : f., spoon 
loza : f., vine 
loj : m., tallow 
lorn : m., breakage, rupture 
loman, -mna, -mno : adj., brsak 

able, fragile 

lomiti : to break, smash 
lonac (-nca) : m., pot, jar, stock- 
pot, saucepan 
loncar : m. , potter 
lopar : m., lopata, f., shovel 
lopov : m., thief, robber, sneak 

opovluk : m., lopovStina, f., theft. 


opta : f.,ball (tennis, football, etc.) 
ocika : f., lettuce 
o, -a, -o : adj., bad, unfavourable, 


.ubanja : f., skull 
iubenica : f., water-melon 
lud, -a, -o : adj., mad, foolish, 

stupid, insane 

ludak : m., madman, lunatic 
ludeti, luditi : to become mad, in- 

ludilo : n., insanity, madness 
ludnica : f., mad-house, asylum 
ludovati (ludujem) : to play the 


ludost : f., insanity, madness 
luk : m., beli luk, garlic ; crni 

luk, onion 
lukav, -a, -o : adj., crafty, artful, 

sly, cunning 
lukac : m., crafty, cunning person 
lukavost : f., lukavstvo, n., deceit, 

craftiness, dodge, trick 
lula : f., pipe ; pusitilulu, to smoke 

a pipe 
lumpovati : to go out on the spree, 

to rag 

lutka : f., doll, marionette 
lutrija : f., lottery 
lustura : f., tortoiseshell 

Lj, JL. 

Ijiljak : m., lilac 

Ijiljan : m., lily 

ljubav : f., love, affection, charity ; 
iz ljubavi prema . . . out of 
love for ; u6initi kome ljubav, to 
doa favour ; za ljubav, for love of 

ljubavan, -vna, -vno : adj., loving 

ljubavnik : m., lover 

ljubazan, -zna, -zno : adj., amiable, 
agreeable, charming, delightful 

ljubaznica: f., paramour, mistress 

ljubac : m., kiss 

f., favourite, violet 

ljubica : 

ljubitelj : m., amateur 
ljubiti : to kiss, caress, love 
IjubiCica : f., violet (flower) 
ljubomoran, -rna, -rno : adj., jea- 

ljubomornost : f., jealoxisy 
ljubopitan, -tna, -tno : adj., curious, 

ljubopitstvo : n., ljubopitljvost, f., 

curiosity, inquisitiveness 
ljudi : m., pi., men, people 
Ijudozder : rn., cannibal 
Ijudski : adj., human, ordinary 

v , ljuljka: f., cradle 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as c/i in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as f* in cats ; s as sh in shout. 



f., anger, rage, 

*, oii^ii, i/vy* ^wiocojicn annoyance 

ljut, -a, -o : adj., angry, irritated, ljutit : adj., angry, furious 

furious (of food), sharp, peppery, \ ljutiti se : to be angry, to get angry 

1 ljustura : f., tortoiseshell 

ljuljkati : to rock, lull 
ljuska : f., shell, tortoise-shell 

ljutina, ljutnja : 

M, M. 

ma : conj., but, even if 

rnagaza : f., magazin, m., store, 

store-room, depot 
magarac, -rca : m., donkey, ass 
magla : f., mist, fog 
maglen, -a, -o, maglovit : adj., 

misty, foggy 
magnet : m., magnet 
magnetisati : to magnetize 
magnuti (-gnem) : to wink 
madjije : f., pi., magic 
madjionik : rn., magician 
madjionica : f., sorceress, witch 
maz : m., grease, fat 
mazati (maiem) : to grease, oil 
mazga : f., mazgov, m., mule 
mazgar : m., muleteer 
maziti : to caress, stroke, spoil (a 


maj : m., May 
maj a : f., mamma 
maj dan : m., mine (coal-mine, etc.) 
majka : f., mother 
majmun: m., majmunica, f., 


major : m., major 
majstor : m., master (builder, 

plumber, etc.) 
majur : m., farm 
majc'in: -a, -o : adj., maternal, of 

the mother 
mak : m., poppy 
makaze : f., pi., scissors 
makazar : in., knife-grinder 
makaja : f., rake 
makljati : to rake 
malil, -la, -lo : adj., small, little, 

young; mali bozic, the new year ; 

iz malena, from childhood 
malina : f., minority, small number 

of people 

malina : f., raspberry 

malko : adv., a little 

malo (manjecomp.,najmanjesup.): 
a little (less, least) ; za malo, 
soon, in a little time ; malo kada, 
rarely ; malo po malo, little by 
little ; malo pre, a short time 
ago ; u malo sto nisam pao, I all 
but fell 

malovaian, -2na, -2no : adj., un- 

maloletnik : m., minor 

maloletnost: f., malolestvo, n., 
minority (in years) 

mama : f., mamma 

mamac (-mca) : m., bait 

mamiti : to bait 

mamuza : f . , spur 

mamuzati : to spur on 

manastir: m., monastery 

mangal : m., brazier 

mangup : m., rascal, scoundrel, 
waif, lazy fellow 

mandal : m., bolt 

manisati (-isem): to find fault, 

manjak : m., deficit 

manji, -ja, -je : adj., lesser, smaller 

manjina : f., minority 

marama, maramica: f., kerchief, 
scarf, handkerchief 

marva : f., cattle 

mar : m., care, trouble 

mariti: to take interest in ; marim 
ja, it does not matter to me ; ne 
mari nita, it does not matter 

marljiv, -a, -o : adj., attentive, 
studious, careful 

marljivost: f., attention, applica- 

mnrjaS : m., 6 para, a halfpenny 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; 3 as sh in shout. 




marks : f., mark, stamp; postan- 
ska markn, postage-stamp 

mart : m., March 

marSa : f., myrtle 

masak : m., mule 

niaska : f., mask 

maslina : f., olive-tree 

maslo : n., puter, m., butter 

mast : m., lard, fat, grease 

mastan, -sna -sno : adj., fat, greasy 

mastiti : to grease 

mastilo : n., ink 

mastionica : f., ink-pot 

matematika : f., mathematics 

materija : f., matter, material, 

materinski : adj., maternal 

materinstvo : n., maternity 

maceha : f., step-mother 

mahovina : f., moss 

mad : m., sword 

maSevati : to fence 

ina<5ak : m., tom-cat 

mafika : f., cat 

mnSala : f., torch 

masina : f., matches, machine 

maslija : f., cravat, tie 

me, mene : pron., me 

megdan : m., battle-field, single 

med : m., brass 

med : m., honey 

meden, -a, -o : of brass ; adj., brazen 

medeni mesec : m., honeymoon 

medovina : f., mead 

medal j a : f., medal 

medved : m., bear 

medju : prep, (ace., inst.), between, 

medjunarodan, -dna, -dno : adj., in- 

medjutirn : adv., however 

mek, -a, -o : adj., soft, tender 

mekinje : f., pi., bran 

melj : m., hop (plant) 

menjati : to change, exchange 

menjac 1 : m., money-changer 

mera : f., measure, measurement ; 
po meri, to measure, by measure 

merdevine : f., pi., ladder, steps 
(pair of) 

rneriti : to measure, weigh 

mermer : m., marble 

mesar : m., butcher 

mesarnica : f., butcher's shop 

mesec : m., month, moon 

mese6ina : f., moonlight, mensura- 

meseSni, -na, -no : adj., monthly ; 
meseSno, adv. 

meseSnik : m., calendar 

meso : n., meat 

mesoz'der : m., carnivorous animal 

mestan, -sna, -sno : adj., local 

mesto : n., place, position ; na , 
xi , instead of 

mesto : prep, (gen.), instead of, for 

meta : f., target 

metak : m., cartridge, shot (with 
a rifle) 

metal : m., metal 

metar : m., metre (meter) 

metvica : f., mint, peppermint 

metla : f., broom, besom 

metnuti (metnem), metati (me6om): 
to put, to place ; na rafiun, to 
put on the bill 

mehana : f., inn, public -house 

mehadija : m., inn-keeper 

mehur : m., bubble, blister 

mesavina : f., mixture 

mesati : to mix, shuffle 

mesovit, -a, -o : adj., mixed 

meste : prep., instead of, for 

mi : pron., we ; mi Srbi, we Serbs 

mig : m., wink, sign 

migati, mignuti : to wink 

mider : m., corset, stays 

milijun : m., num. million 

milo mi je : I am pleased, glad 

milovati (milujem): to caress, 
stroke, make a fuss of 

milosrdan, -dna, -dno : adj., charit- 

milosrdnik : m., brother of charity 

milosrdnica : f., sister of charity 

milosrdje : n., charity, pity ; iz 
milosrdja, out of charity 

Pronounce : dj, d, as _;' in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Jj as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 3, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as t* in cats ; S as ah in shout. 




milost : f., grace, indulgence, 
favour ; udinite mi tu milost, do 
me this favour 

milostan, -tna, -tno : adj., charm- 
ing, delightful, fascinating, ami- 

milostiv, -a, -o : adj., gracious, in- 
dulgent, charitable 

milostinja : f., alms 

milja : f., mile 

inimo : prep, (ace.), next to, before, 
near, against, in front of 

minder : m., mattress 

mineral : m., mineral 

ministar: m., minister 

ministar-predsednik : m., premier, 
prime- minister 

ministarski : adj., ministerial 

ministarstvo : n., ministry, ad- 
ministration ; spolj nih poslova, 
Foreign Affairs (Foreign Office) ; 
unutraSnjih poslova, of the In- 
terior (Home Office) ; finansija, 
of Finance (Treasury) ; vojno, of 

War (War Office); 
Justice ; prosvete 

pravde, of 

poslova, of Education and Public 
Worship (Board of Education) ; 
gradj evina, 
(Board of 

of Public Works 
Works); privrede, 

of Agriculture and Commerce 
(Board of Agriculture) (Board of 

minut : m., minute 

mio, mila, milo : adj., dear, charm- 

mir : m., peace, repose, calm, 

rniran, -rna, -rno : adj., quiet, 
silent, peaceful 

miraz : m., dowry 

miris : m., perfume, smell, odour 

mirisav, -a, -o, mirisljiv, -a, -o : 
adj., perfumed, aromatic, sweet- 

mirisati (mirisem) : to smell sweet 

miriti : to quieten, appease, calm 

mirno : adv., peacefully, quietly 

mirta : f., myrtle 

misao : f. (misli), thought, idea 
misliti : to think, reason, reflect 
mitropolit : m., metropolitan, arch- 

mis : m., mouse ; slepi mid, bat 
misi6 : m., muscle 
miska : f., armpit 
misljenje : n., reflexion, thought, 

mlad, -a, -o : adj., young, new, 

mlad mesec, mladina : the new 

mladenac, mlad id : m., youth, 

young man, adolescent 
mladost : ., youth, adolescence 
mladunac : m., mladunce, n., the 

young of an animal 
rnlekar : m., milkman, dairyman 
mlekarnica : f., dairy, milk-shop 
mleko : n., milk 

mleti (meljem): to grind (flour, etc.) 
mlecan, -6na, -6no : adj., milky 
mlin : m., mill ; parni mlin, steam 


mlinar : m., miller 
mlinac : m., coffee-mill 
mnogo : adv., much, many, lot; 

ne mnogo, not much ; vrlo 

mnogo, very much 
mnogobrojan, -jna, -jno : adj., 

numerable, many 
mnozina, mnozina : f., quantity, 


mnoziti : to multiply 
mogucan, -6na, -cno : adj., possible. 


moguce : adv., possibly 
mogucnost : f., mogucstvo, n., pos- 
sibility, means 
moda : f . , mode, fashion 
moderan, -rna, -rno : adj., modern 
mozda : adv., perhaps 
mozdina : f., marrow (in bone) 
mozak : m. (mozga), brain 
moj, -ja, -je : pron., my, mine 
rnokar, -kra, -kro : adj., wet, 

soaked ; doknie, to the skin 
mokriti : to wet, soak, to pass water 

Pronounce : dj, di., as j in James ; I as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sA in shout. 




mokrada : f., urine 

molba : f., request, prayer, petition 

moler : m., artist, painter 

molitva : f., prayer (to God) 

moliti : to pray, beg. ask, request 

molim vas : if you please 

moliti se (Bogu) : to pray (to God) 

momak : m. (mom6e, vocative), 
youth, big boy, bachelor, waiter 

momfie, momc'ic : in., little boy 

monah : m., monk 

mora : f., nightmare 

morati : to be necessary, must, 
need, to be obliged ; moram idi, 
I must go 

more: n..Sea: Sredozemno Crveno, 
Belo ili Jegejsko, Crno, Mrtvo, 
Kaspijsko, Jadransko, Mediter- 
ranean, Red, White or .'Egean, 
Black, Dead, Caspian, Adriatic 

moriti se : to get tired 

mornar : m., sailor, seaman 

morski : adj., sea, marine 

most : m., bridge 

motka : f., pole, stick 

mo6 : f., power, force, strength 

mocan, -cna, -cno : adj., strong, 
powerful, mighty 

mo6nost : f., power, strength 

modi (mogu, mozes, moze), to be 
able, may, to know 

mosnje, moSnjice: f., pl. f scrotum 

mrav : m., ant 

mravinjak : m., ant-hill 

mraz : m., frost, intense cold 

inrazan, -zna, -zno : adj., frosty, 
icy, very cold 

mrak : m., darkness, obscurity, 
gloaming ; u mrak, in the twi- 
light ; po mraku, groping 

mramor : m., marble 

mrasa : f., measles 

mracan, -Sna, -5no : adj., dark, ob- 

mradna komora : f., dark-room 

mrac'iti se (mra6i -e) : to get dark 

narva: f., crumb (not crust) of 

mrvica : f., crumb 

mreia : f., network, net ; za ribu, 

mreti (mrem) : to die 

mrinja : f., mrzost, f., hatred, dis- 

mrzak, mrska, mrsko : adj., hate- 
ful, odious, abominable 

mrziti : to hate, detest 

mrznuti se (mrznem se) : to freeze 

mrk : adj., black, dark brown 

mrkva : f., carrot 

mrlja : f., mark, spot 

mrljati : to dirty 

mrsan, -sna, -sno : adj., fat, greasy, 
rich (of food) 

mrtav, -tva, -tvo : adj., dead, in- 

mrtvac : m., corpse, dead body 

mrtvadki sanduk : m. f coflin 

mrcina : f., mrsa, f., carrion 

mriav, -a, -o : adj., thin (of people) 

muva (muha) : f., fly 

mudrac : m., philosopher 

mudrost : f., wisdom, philosophy 

mui : m., husband 

muka : f., suffering, pain, trouble 

i mi k a : f., flour 

mula : f., mule 

munara : f., minaret 

mundir : m., uniform, coat 

munja : f., lightning 

musliman, muslo:nan : m., Mus- 
sulman, Moslem 

musti (muzem) : to milk 

mustra : f., sample 

mutan, -tna, -tno : adj., troubled 
(water), cloudy 

muha : f., fly 

muhamedanac : m., Mahometan 

mu6an, -6na, -5no : adj., painful, 

muCati (muSim) : to be quiet, silent 

mucenik : m., martyr 

muciti : to torment, torture 

mu6no : adv., with great difficulty, 

muski : adj., male, masculine 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as otr 
In room ; h as cA in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shcvt. 




N, H. 

na : prep., to, on, in, on to, by; 
dete je palona zemlju, the child 
fell down ; Siveti na ostrvu, to 
live on an island ; na kolima, by 
carriage ; na istoku, in the east ; 
na primer, for example 

nabavljati : to procure, furnish, 

na blizu : adv., near by 

nabor : m., fold, wrinkle 

na brzo : adv., soon, quickly 

navada : f., habit, custom 

navek : adv., always, for ever 

navika : f., habit, custom, practice 

navikavati, naviknuti (naviknem) : 
to be used to, accustomed to 

naviknuti se : to get accustomed, 

navlaka : f., pillow case, covering 

navrh : prep., on the top of 

naglasak : m., accent 

nagluh, -a, -o, nagluv, -a, -o : adj., 

nagnuti se (nagneni se) : to lean, to 
lean out 

nagovoriti : to persuade 

nagon : m., instinct, impulse 

iiagrada : f., reward, recompense, 
remuneration, prize, wages, salary 

uagraditi, nagradjivati (-djujem) : 
to reward, remunerate, recom- 

nad, nada : prep, (ace., inst.) : on, 
above, over 

nad : m., nada, f., hope 

nada : f., steel 

na daleko : adv., far off 

nadanje : n., hope 

nadati se : to hope, to expect 

nadgroban, -bna, -bno : adj., 

nadgrobno slovo : n., funeral speech 

nadgrobni kamen : m., tombstone 

nadgrobni, natpis : m., epitaph 

nadezda : f., hope 

na desno : adv., to the right 

nadzornik : m., inspector 

nadigrati : to win (at games) 

nado : n., steel 

naduriti se : to solk 

nadjubriti : to manure 

nazad, nazada : adv., back, back- 

nazadan, -dna, -dno : adj., reaction- 

nazdravica : f., toast, health 

nazdraviti : to drink a health, toasl 

na zdravlje ! Your health ! 

naziv : m., name, term 

na izust : adv., by heart 

naj : most (superlative affix) 

najam : m., letting, hiring ; dati 
pod najam, to let 

najbrze : adv., as quick as possible 

najve6i, -ca, -de : adj., the greatest, 

najedno : adv., of a sudden 

najezda : f., invasion 

najzad : adv., at last, finally 

najmanje: adv., the least 

najposle: adv., at last, finally 

najpre : adv., first of all 

nakit : m., jewel 

naknada : f., compensation, in- 

naknaditi : to compensate 

na kraj : prep, (gen.), at the end of 

nalog : m., order 

naloziti : to order 

f., intention, object, pur- 
-rno : adj., inten- 

nameran, - 

nameriti, nameravati : to intend, 

to mean, to propose to 
nameStaj : m., furniture, household 


namesten, -a, -o : adj., furnished 
naniz : m., necklace 
nanovo : adv., anew 
naocari : m., pi., spectacles 
napad : m., attack, charge 
napadati, napasti, napadem : to at- 
tack, charge 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as Zi in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as t* in cats ; 6 as ah in shout. 




na pamet : adv., by heart 
naplata : f., payment, pay 
na polje : adv., iei, to go out 
na polju : adv., outside 
napomena : f., note, observation, 


na posletku : adv., at last, finally 
napred : prep., forward, in front 
nanredovati : to advance 
naprotiv : adv., on the contrary 
naravno : adv., naturally, of course 
na ravno : adv., equally 
naramnici : m., pi., braces 
narandza : f., orange , 

naredba : ., order, rule, prescrip- 

narediti : to order, command, pre- 


narednik : m., sergeant-major 
narod : m., people, nation, crcwd 
narodan, -dna, -dno : adj., national, 


narodiiost : f., nationality 
uarocit, -a, -o : adj., special, parti- 



narurneniti : to blush 
na sarno : adv., alone 
naseliti : to colonize, to people 
naskoro : adv., soon 
nasledak : m., inheritance, succes- 


naslediti : to inherit, succeed 
naslednji, -ja, -jo : adj., hereditary 
naslednik : m. f heir, successor 
naslednica : f., heiress 
nasledstvo, nasledje : n., inherit- 

naslov : m., title, inscription, ad- 


naslonjafia : f., armchair 
nasred : prep., in the middle of 

adv., especially, on pur- 

nau6an, -5na, -Cno : adj.. Je-arned, 


nauciti : to learn, teach 
naucnik : m., scientist 
nadelnik : m., director, chief ; 

okrufcni , prefect ; sreski , 


nafielstvo : n., prefecture 
nadin : in., manner, method, way ; 

na svaki nadin, in any case 
nas, -a, -e : pron., our 
nasto ? why T 
ne : adv., no, not 

nebesa : n., pi., the heavens, skies 
noblagodaran, -rna, -rno : adj., uu- 


neblagodarno3t : f., ingratitude 
nebo : n., sky, heaven 
nebrojen, -a, -o : adj., innumerable 
nebula : f., niece (sister's daughter) 
nevaljalac : m., scapegrace, good- 

for-nothing fellow, waster 
neven : m., marigold 
neverovatan, -tna, -tno : adj., in- 

neverovatnost : f., unlikelihood, 

nevesta : f., fiancee, bride 
nevidljiv, -a, -o : adj., invisible 
nevin, -a, -o : adj., innocent, can- 

did, chaste 

nevinost : f., innocence 
negda : adv., formerly 
negde : adv., somewhere 
nego : coiij., than, but 
nedavno : adv., not long ago 
nedolja : f., Sunday, week : na 

nedelju, by the week ; velika or 

strasna nedelja, Holy Weelx ; 

svetla nedelja, Easter week 
nedeljno : adv., weekly 
nedovoljan, -jna, -jno : adj., in- 


ti, nastavljati : to continue, nedra : n., pi., breast, bosom 

go on with 
naipis : m., inscription, address 
natrag : prap., back, backwards 
naci (nadjem) : to find, discover 
nauka : f., science 

nezavisan, -sna, -sno : adj., inde- 


nezavisnost : f., independence 
nezadovoljan, -jna, -jno : adj., dis- 


Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as on 
in room ; h aa ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as eh in shout. 




nezadovoljnost : f., nezadovoljstvo, 
n., dissatisfaction, displeasure 

nezakonit, -a, -o : adj., illegal 

nezakonitost : f., illegality 

nezahvalan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., un- 

nezahvalnost : f., ingratitude 

nezgoda : f., inconvenience, dis- 

nezgodan, -dna, -dno : adj., in- 
convenient, uncomfortable 

nezdrav, -a, -o : adj., unhealthy 

neznaboiac : m., heathen 

neizvestan, -tna, -tno : adj., un- 

neizleiv : adj., incurable 


adj., insincere, 



nek, neka : conj., that 
nekakav, -kva, -kvo : pron., some, 

neodgovoran, -rna, -rno : adj., irre- 

rieodgovornost : f., irresponsibility 
neodlufian, -cna, -dno : adj., un- 

neodluc'nost : f., indecision 
nepazljiv, -a, -o : adj., inattentive 
iiepazljivost, uepnznja : f., inatten- 

nepismen, -a, -o : adj., illiterate 
neplodan, -dna, -dno : adj., sterile 
nepogoda : f., storm, tempest 
nepoznat, -a, -o : adj., unknown 
nepokretan, -tna, -tno : adj., im- 
neposlusan, -sna, -sno, nepokoran, 

-rna, -rno : adj., disobedient 
neposluSnost, nepokornost : p., dis- 
nepotreban, -bna, -bno : adj., use- 


nekati (neSem) : to deny 
neki, -ka, -ko^ pron., some one or I nepravda : f., injustice 

other neprestano : adv., constantly 

neko, nekoji : pron.. some one, one neprijatan, -tna, -tno : adj., 
nekolika : m., n., pi., iiokolike, f., 

pi., pron., some 
nekoliko : pron., some 
nekretan, -tna, -tno : adj., im- 
movable, fixed 
nem : adj., mute 
nemak : m., nemkinja, f., mute 
nemar : m.,nemarljivost, f., nemar- 

nost, f., negligence, indolence, : nepristojanost : 

laziness rudeness 

nemaran, -rna, -rno, nemarljiv, -a, nepromenljiv, -a, -o : adj., irivari. 

-o : adj., indifferent, negligent able, unchangeable 

nemati (nemam) : not to have ; . nepce (nepceta) : n., nepca (ne- 

neraa nista, there is nothing baca) : n., pi., the palate (of the 

nemilost : m., unkindness mouth) 

nemilostiv, -a, -o : unkind i nerandia : f., orange 

nemoj, nemojmo, nemojte : but no! neraspoloien, -a, -o : adj., ill- 

less, unnecessary 
neprav, -a, -o : adj., unjust, wrong 

neprijatnost : f., unpleasantness 
neprijatelj : m., neprijateljica, f., 


neprijatelj ski : adj., hostile 
neprijateljstvo : n., hostility 
nepristojan, -jna, -jno : adj., rude, 

impertinent, insolent 

f., impertinence, 

don't ! 

tempered, grumpy 

nemotSan, -6na, -6no : adj., weak, nered : m., confusion, disorder, un- 

nenadan, -dna, -dno 


adj., un- I neredovan, -vna, -vno : adj., irre- 
gular, untidy 

neobifian, -6na, -6no : adj., extra- ne samo . . . nego : not only . . . 
ordinary, strange, curious I but also 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; as ah in shout. 




nesvestica, nevestnost : f., faint, 
syncope, loss of consciousness 

nesiguran, -ma, -rno : adj., un- 

nesigurnost : f., uncertainty 

nespokojan, -jna, -jno : adj., anxi- 

nesposoban, -bna, -bno : adj., in- 

nesposobnost : f., incapacity 

nesreda : f., misfortune, disaster, 

nesrecan, -6na, -6no : adj., un- 


unfortunate, unlucky, 

netadan, -6na, -5no : adj., inexact, 


necak : m., nephew (son of sister) 
necakinja : f., niece (daughter of 

neudata : adj . , unmarried ( of a girl ) 

niko : pron., nobody 

nikoji : pron., nobody 

nikoliko : adj., not at all 

nikud : adv., nowhere 

nimalo : adv., not at all 

nisam, nisi, nije, nismo.niste, nisu t 
I am not, thou art not, etc. ... 

nitko : pron., nobody 

niSan : m., target 

nisaniti : to take aim, to point 

nista : pron., nothing 

niStiti : to annihilate, destroy 

no : conj., but 

nov, -a, -o : adj., new, fresh, re- 
cent ; s nova, again, over again 

Nova Godina : f., New Year 

novae : m., money ; sitan novae, 
small change ; imate li novactx 
kod sebe ? have you any money 
on you T 

novembar : m., November 

neumeren, -a, -o : adj., intemperate, j novine : f., pi., newspaper, news 

immoderate I novinar : m., journalist 

neumerenost : f., intemperance novinarstvo : n., journalism 

neumoran, -rna, -rno : adj., inde- 
fatigable, untiring 

neuredaii, -dna, -duo : adj., dis- 
orderly, untidy 

neuspeh : m., failure 

nedist, -a, -o : adj., dirty, impure 

nec'ovec'an, -6na, -6no : adj., in- 

nesto : pron., something, a little 

ni : conj., nor; ni . . . ni, neither 
. . . nor 

nigda : adv., never 

nigde : adv., nowhere 

nize : prep., below, lower 

nizi : adj., lower, inferior 

niz : prep, (ace.), going down ; niz 
vodu, down stream 

nizak, niska, nisko : adj., low 

novorodjen, -a, -o : adj., nev.-ly- 


novost : f., news 

novfinnik : m., novSanica, f., purse 
novdid : m., kreutzer 
noga : f., foot, leg 
noi (noievi) : m., knife 
noii6 : m., pocket-knife 
notice : f., pi., scissors 
nozdrva : f., nostril 
noj., m., ostrich 
nokat (nokti) : m., finger-nail 
norac (-rca) : m., diver 
nos : m. , nose ; ide mi krv na nos, 

my nose is bleeding 
nosafi : m., porter 
nosila : n., pi., stretcher 
nositi : to carry 

nijedan, -dna, -dno : adj., not one, : nosnica : f., nostril 

none, nobody 
nikad, -a : adv., never 
nikakav, -kva, -kvo : pron., none, 

not any 
nikako : adv., not at all, by no 

nosorog : m., rhinoceros 

no6 : f., night 

no6u, no6om : adv., during tht 
night, at night ; laka (dob raj 
noc ! good-night ! 

nodas : adv., to-night 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in yon ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, f , as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 

nodj 37 

nociti : to spend the night 

no6ni, -na, -no : adj., nocturnal, of 

the night 

nocnik : m., chamber 
noSiija : f., nosivo, n., costume, 


nu : conj., but 
uuzda : f., necessity, need 


nuzdan, -dna, -dno : adj., necessary 

nuznik : m., water-closet ; ici u 
nuiiiik, i6i na polje, to go to the 
w.c. ; za gospodje, for ladies ; za 
gospodu, for men 

nula : f., nought, zero 

nurija : f., parish 

nurijaS : m., parishioner 


njakanje : n., bray 
njakati (njafiem) : to bray 
njegov, -a, -o : pron., his 
njezin, -a, -o, njen, -a, -o 

njisak : m., neigh 


njiskati, njiStati (-stim) : to neigh 
njihati (njiiem): to rock, swing 
njihov, -a, -o, njin, -a, -o : pron., 

njuska : f., muzzle, snout 

0, 0. 

o : prep., about, towards, on 
o : interj., oh ! 
oba, obe, oboje : adj., both 
obavezan, -zna, -zno, or obvezan : 
adj., compulsory, binding, obliga- 
obavezati or obvezati (obavezem) : 

to compel, force, oblige 
obavezati se, obvezati se : to under- 
take, promise 

obaveznica, obveza : f., obligation 
obavestiti : to inform 
obaveltenje : n., information 
obadva, -dve, -dva : adj., both 
obadvojica : f., the two, both 
obala : f., bank (river), coast, shore 
obao, obla, oblo : adj., round 
obaska : adv., separately 
obe : f., pi., both 
obe6avanje : n., obe6anje, n., 


obecavati, obedati : to promise 
obesenjak : m., gallows-bird, scoun- 

obzir : m., consideration, regard; 
u obziru, in consideration of 

obilnost : f., obilje, n., abundance 

obim : m., circumference 

obi6i se (obiknem se) : to get accus- 
tomed, to get used 

obidaj : m., custom, fashion, usage, 
habit ; po obi<5aju, as a rule 

obifian, -6na, -dno: adj., usual, 
ordinary, common, custom iry 

obicno : adv., usually, as a rule ; 
kao obidno, as usual 

objava : f., announcement, order, 
advertisement, notice, publica- 

objaviti, objavljivati (-ljujem) : to 
publish, announce, declare 

objasniti : to explain, interpret 

objasnjenje, objasnjavanje : n., ex- 

oblak : m., cloud 

oblast : f . , province, territory, 
country, authority 

oblastan, -tna, -tno : adj., terri- 

oblacan, -6na, -6no : adj., cloudy 

obladiti se : to dress 

obligacija : f., obligation 

obzirati se : to consider, think over ' obliznji, -nja, -nje : adj., near, 
obzirom : adv., in consideration of neighbouring 
obilan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., abundant, oblica : f., pole, stick 
plenty I obloga : f., poultice 

Pronounce : dj, di,, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni, in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as i.-. in cats ; 5 as sh in shout. 


obumna : f., illusion, fraud, decep- 

obmanuti : to deceive, take in 

obnavljati : to renew, remake 

obnoviti : to renew, repair, remake 

obodci : m., pi., ear-rings 

oboje : n., obojica, f., both 

oboleti, obolestiti : to fall ill 

obor : m., enclosure (land) 

obradovati : to please, give pleasure, 

obradovati so : to be pleased, to 

obraz : m., cheek, face 

obrazina : f., mask 

obrazov, -a, -o, obrazovan, -vna, 
-vno : adj., educated, civilized, 

obrazovanje : n., development, cul- 
ture, education 

obrazovati (-zujem): to educate, 

obrva : f., eyebrow 

obrijati (obrijem) : to shave 

obrisafi : in., duster, dish-cloth 

obrok : m., ration, portion 

obru6 : m., hoop, circle 

obuzeti (-uzmem) : to seize, take 

obutise (obujemse), obuvatise : to 
put on (socks, shoes, etc.) 

obu6a : f., covering for the feet 
(boots, shoes, etc.) 

obudar : m., boot-maker, cobbler 

obu6i se (obudem se) : to dress (one- 

ovo, -godisnji, -godnji : adj., of this 

ovoj : m., poultice 

ovratnica : f., cravat, tie 

ovca : f., sheep (ovce, f., pi.) 

ovfiar : m., shepherd 

ovSarica, ovSarka : f., shepherdess 

ovSevina : f., mutton 

ovfiina : f., sheep-skin 

ovdica : f., lamb 

ovcji, -ja, -je : adj., of sheep 

ogledalo : n., mirror, looking-glass 

ogledati se : to look at oneself, to ba 

ognojiti se : to suppurate 

ognjiSte : n., hearth, fire-place 

ograda : f., enclosure, hedge, pal- 
ing, fence 

ograditi, ogradjivati : to enclose, 
hedge, fence 

ogrepsti (ogrebem) : to scratch 

ogrlica : f., necklace 

ogrozd, ogroz : m., gooseberry 

ogroman, -mna, -rnno : adj., enorm- 
ous, gigantic 

od, oda : prep, (gen.), of, from, 
since, than ; od kad, since 

oda : f., ode 

odavde, oda vie : adv., from here, of 

odavno : adv., since a long time, 

odakle : adv., whence, from where 

self) odande : adv., from there 

ovaj, ova, ovo : pron., this, these odatle : adv., from there, here 
ovakav, ovaki : pron., this, these, odbor : m., committee, council, 

like, such commission 

ovako : adv., thus, in this man | odborni, odborski : adj., of a com- 

ner mittee 

ovamo: adv., here, over here ; odi odbornik : m., member of com- 

ovamo ! come here ! 
ovamo onamo : here and there 
ovas : m. (zob, m. ), oats 
ovdaSnji, -ja, -je : adj., of here, of 

this place 
ovde : adv., hero 
ovde onde : here and there 
ovo : pron., this 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
I j as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, C, as ch in church ; u as oe 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 

mitteo, counsellor 

odviSe : adv., too much 

odvratan, -tna, -tno : adj., disgust- 
ing, repulsive 

odvratnost : f., disgust, dislike, 

odvrta6 : m., screw-driver 

odgovor : m., answer reply 



odgovoran, -rna, -rno : adj., re- 
sponsible, liable 
odgovoriti : to answer, reply 
odgovornost : f., responsibility 
odelo : n., clothes, garments 
odeliti : to separate, divide 
odeljak : m., odeljenje, n., section, 

department, quarter 
odeada : adv., from behind 
odjek : m., echo 
odjekivati, odjeknuti (-nem) : to 

echo, resound 

odlaganje : n., postponement 
odlazak (odlaska) : m., departure, 

exit, way out 
odlaziti : to depart, leave 
odliv : m., ebb-tide, low- tide 
odlikovanje : n., distinction, decor- 
odlikovati (-kujem) : to decorate 

(with an order, etc.) 
odlikovati se (-kujem) : to dis- 
tinguish oneself 

odlidan, -cna, -6no : adj., excell?nt, 
eminent, illustrious, distinguished 
odloiiti, odlagati (-laiem) : to post- 
pone, put off 

odmah : adv., immediately 
odmor, odmorak : m., rest, repose, 


odmoran, -rna, -rno : adj., rested 
odmoriti se : to rest, repose 
odobraviti : to approve 
odrastao, -sla, -slo : adj., adult, 

grown up 

odred : m., detachment 
odredba : f., definition 
odrediti : to define, fix, determine 
odredjen, -a, -o :' adj., decided, 

determined, fixed 

odreci (odrec'eni), odricati (odri- 
c'em ) : deny, renounce, to break 
one's word 

odrecan, -6na, -6no : adj., negative 
odseliti so : to emigrate 
od?eci (odsccem) : to carve, slice 
odsecak : m., slice, segment 
od skora : adv., recently 
od* eka : ebb-tide, low-tide 

odstupanje : n., retreat, retirement 

odstup, -ati, -iti : to retreat, retire 

odsutan, -tna, -tno : adj., absent 

odsustvovati : to be absent 

odsustvo : n., absence 

odug, -a, -o : adj., oblong 

oduzati : to lengthen 

oduzeti (oduzmem), oduzimati : to 
subtract, deduct 

oduzimanje : n., subtraction 

oieg : m., poker 

ozeniti se : to marry (of a man) 

ozenjen, -8, -o : adj., married 

ozeci (ofezem) : to burn 

ozujak : m., March 

ozad : adv., from behind 

ozbilja, ozbiljnost : f., seriousneb*, 
severity, gravity 

ozbiljan, -jna, -jno : adj., serious, 

ozbiljno, ozbiljski : adv., seriously, 

ozdraviti : to cure, heal, get better 

ozebao, -bla, -bio : adj., frozen, icy 

ozepsti (ozebem) : to take (catch) 

oznojti se (oznojim se) : to sweat, 

oj : interj., oh ! 

oje : n., carriage-pole 

okean : m., ocean 

okle : adv., whence 

oklevetati : to calumniate 

oklopnica : f., ironclad 

oko : prep. (gen. ), about, towards 

oko : n., eye ; o6i (ociju), f., pi. ; 
slepo oko, n., temple (of head; ; 
imati dobro oko, to have good 
sight ; u detiri oka, tete-a-tete ; 
to pada u ofii, it is obvious 

okolina : f., okolica, f., surround- 
ings, neighbourhood 

okolni, -na, -no : adj., neighbour- 
ing, round about 

okolo : prep, (gen.), about, sur- 
rounding, round about 

okonSati, okondavati : to finish 

okopati : to dig 

okratiti : to shorten 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in t/cm ; 
Ij as it in million ; nj as nt in opinion : 6. C, as c.h in chttrcli : u as 00 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; & as sh in shout.. 



okrenutise (okrenem, etc.): to turn 
okretati (okredem) : to turn, turn 


okre&iti : to white-wash 
okriviti : to accuse 
okrug : m., district 
okrugao, -gla, -glo : adj., round, 

circular, rotund 
okruglina, okruglost : f., roundness, 


okruzni nac'elnik : m., Prefect 
oktobar : m., October 
olaj : m., linseed-oil 
olovan, -vna, -vno, olovski : adj., 


olovka : f., pencil 
olovo : n., lead 
oltar : m., altar 
oluja : f., storm, tempest 
oluk : m., gutter, eaves 
omak : m., omakinja : f., foal 
omraza : f., hatred 
on, ona, ono : pron., he, she, it ; 

oni, one ; ona, they 
onaj, ona, ono : pron., that one, 


onajz : m., aniseed 
.onakav, -kva, -kvo : pron., of this 

kind, sort 

onako : adv., thus, in this way 
onanio : adv., there, over there 
onda : adv., then, and then, aiter 


onde : adv., there, by there 
onolik, -i, -a, -o : pron., of this size 
onoliko : adv., as much as 
onomad : adv., the day before 

op ! : interj., hop ! 
opadanje : n., fall, descent, slope 
opaclati : to fall (of leaves) 
opax.iti : to notice, observe 
opaklija: f., sheepskin 
onanak : m., opanka, m., opanke, 

p!., ncrbian sandals 
npancar : in., sandal maker 
opasan, -sna, -sno : adj., dangerous 

opek : m., opeka, f., brick 
operacija : f., operation 
opet : adv., again 
opetak : m., heel (of a shoe) 
opiljci (Ijaka) : m., pi., filings 
opis : m., description 
opisati, opisivati : to describe 
opisati podrobno : to give details 
oplakati (oplafiem), oplakivati, to 

mourn, lament 
opna : f., membrane 
opomenuti se, opominjati se : to 

remember, to recall oneself 
oprostiti : to forgive, pardon 
oprostiti se : to say good-bye 
opsada : f., siege 
opsaditi, opsadjivati (-djujem) : to 

besiege, invest 
opsadnik : m., besieger 
opsec : m., heel (of a shoe) 
optuzenik : m., accused 
optufcivanje : n., accusation 
optuiivati (-2ujem), optuziti : to 


opustiti : to devastate, sack 
opustoaenje : n., devastation 
opsiran, -rna, -rno : adj. .extensive, 


op&irno : adv., fully, in detail 
opti, -ta, -to : adj., general, com- 
mon, public 
opstina : f., municipality, parish, 


opstinar : m., counsellor 
opstinski : adj., municipal, paro 


optinski sud : m., town-hall 
orao (orla) : m., eagle 
orah : m., walnut 
orahovina : f., walnut wood 
orguljar : m., organist 
orgulje : n., organ 
orden : m., order, decoration 
oriz : m., rice 
orijai : m. )4 giant 
orman : m., cupboard 
orudje : n., tool, instrument 

oruzati : to arm 

oruzje : n., weapon, arms 

opasnost : f., danger, peril, risk 
opasti (opadnem) : to grow thin 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; as a in measure ; j as y in you 
}} as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
iii room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 


os : m., osa, f., wasp 
osam : num. eight 
osama : f., solitude, isolation 
osamdeset : num. eighty 
osamiti : to isolate 
osamnaest : num. eighteen 
osvedofiiti : to bear witness 
osveta : f., vengeance, revenge 
osvetan, -tna, -tno, osvetljiv : re- 

osvetiti : to revenge, avenge 
osvetnik : m., osvetnica, f., avenger 
osvetiti, osvecivati : bless, ordain 
osvetliti : to illuminate, light 
osvetljenje : n., light, illumination 
osvitak : m., day-break, dawn 
osvojiti : to conquer 
oseban, -bna, -bno : isolated 
osedlati : to saddle 
osem, osim: prep. (gen. ), excepting, 

osetan, -tna, -tno : adj., sensitive, 


osetiti, osecati : to feel 
osetljiv, -a, -o : adj., sensitive, 


osetljivost : ., susceptibility, sensi- 

osecaj : m., feeling, sensitiveness 
csigurati : to insure, assure 
osiguranje : n., insurance, assurance 
osinjak : m., wasp's nest 
osica : f., wasp 

oslar : m., donkey-boy, muleteer 
osloboditi : to deliver, set free 
oslobodjenje : n., deliverance 
osmevati se : to smile 
osmejak, osmeh : m., smile 
osmi, -a, -o : adj., the eighth 
osmina : f., an eighth 
osnova : f., base, plan, foundation, 


osnovan, -vna, -vno : adj., elemen- 
osnovna Skola : f., elementary 

osnovati, osnivati : to ground, 

found, create 
osoba : f., person, individual 

41 [otk 

osoban, -bna, -bno : adj., personal, 

osobeni : adj., particular, special 

osobina : f., speciality, quality 

osobit, -a, -o : adj., particular, 
special, distinct, characteristic, 

osobito : adv., separately, particu- 
larly, apart 

osobnost : f., personality, individu- 

osovina : f., axle, axle-tree 

osoliti : to salt 

ospa : f., rash, eruption 

ospice : f., pi., spots 

ostaviti : to leave 

ostavka : f., resignation, abdication 

ostali, -la, -lo : adj., remaining 

ostali : m., pi., the rest, remains ; 
u ostalom, besides 

ostareti (-rim) : to age, get old 

ostatak : m., rest, remains, residue 

ostati (ostanem) : to remain, per- 

ostrvo, ostrovo : n., island, isle 

ostrvce : n., islet 

ostriga, ostrica : f., oyster 

ostrica : f., the edge (of a knife) 

ostroga : f., blackberry 

osuda : f., sentence 

osuditi : to sentence, condemn 
(na smrt, to death) 

osudjenik : m., condemned, pris- 
oner, convict 

osusiti : to dry 

otac (oca) : m., father 

otadzbina : f., otaCastvo, n., father- 

otvor : m., opening 

otvoren, -a, -o : adj., open, frank, 

otvoreno : adv., openly 

otvoriti : to open 

oti6i (otidem) : to go away 

otkada : adv., since when 

otkar : m., refusal, renunciation 

otkazati (otkazem) : to refuse 

otkrivati, otkriti (-ijem) : to dis- 
cover, expose, invent 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; I as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch : c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout. 




otkuda : adv., whence 

otmica : f . , rape 

otmicar : m., ravisher 

otocanin : m., islander 

otpraviti, otpravljati : to send, 

otpravnik : m., sender 

otpravnik, poslova : charge d'- 

otpust : m., leave, furlough 

otpustiti : to send away (of people) 

otputovati: to leave (by carriage, 
horse, etc.) 

otrov : m., poison, venom 

otrovan, -vna, -vno : adj., poison- 
ous, venomous 

otrovati : to poison 

otrok : m., male servant 

ocelaveti, odelaviti : to get bald 

oficir : m., officer 

ohol, -a, -o : adj., proud, superb 

oholost : f., pride, vanity 

ocat : m. (octa), vinegar 

ocena : f., valuation, estimate 

oceniti : to value, estimate 

o6ajavati : to despair 

ofiajan, -jna, -jno : adj., desperate 

ofiajanje : n., ocajiiost, f., despair 

ofiali, ocari : m., pi., spectacles 

o6evidan, -dna, -dno : adj. , obvious, 

oSevina : f., oSinstvo, n., patrimony 

odevski, ofiinski : adj., paternal 

o6ekivanje : n., expectation, wait- 

oSekivati (-kujem) : to expect, 
wait for 

o<$ena : m., Pater noster, tiia 
Lord's prayer 

oSi : f., pi. (oeiju), eyes 

oCin, oSev : ndj., of the father 

oSinci : m., pi., small shot 

oCistiti : to clean, purify, to wash 

oit, -a, -o : adj., evident, clear 

ofini kapak : m., eyelid 

ocuh : m., stepfather 

odzak : m. (dimnjak), chimney; 
Cistiti , to sweep a chimney, 

odzafiar : m. (dimnja<5ar), chimney, 
sweeper, sweep 

osisati : to shear, clip, cut (hair) 

ostar, -tra, -tro : adj., sharp, severe, 

ostro ugao : acute angle 

ostetiti : to damage, spoil 

ostrina : f., edge, sharpness, sour- 
ness, severity, strictness 

ostriti : to sharpen 

ostric : m., ostrica, f., blade, edge, 

ostrljat, ostar : adj., pointed 

ostrouman, -mna, -mno : adj., in- 
genious, subtle 

ostroumnost : f., ingeniousnesa 

p, n. 

pa : conj., and, then 
pavit : m., -ina., f., clematis 
pad : m., fall, slope, bankruptcy 
padavica : f., epilepsy 
padavifiav, -a, -o : adj., epileptic 
padati : to fall, fail, perish 
padati, kisa, sneg : to rain, snow 
padnuti (padnem) : to fall 
paznja : f., attention, regard, 


pazljiv, -a, -o : adj., attentive 
pazar : m., bazaar, market, market- 

pazariti, pazarivati (-rujem) : to 
bargain, haggle, to shop, market 

pazarni, pazarski, pazaran, -rna : 
adj., market 

pazi ! : iriterj., look out ! 

paziti : to take care, be careful, to 
care for, look after 

pazuh : m., pazuha, f., arm-pit 

pajac : m., palliasse, clown 

pak : conj., and, then, but 

pakao (pakla) : m., hell 

paklen, -a, -o, paklenski : adj., in- 
fernal, hellish 

Pronounce : dj, df , as j in James : i as e in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as rh in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout. 



paklina : f.. tar 

pakovati : to pack 

palanka : f., borough, town 

palanadki : adj., provincial 

palata, pala<5a : f., palace 

palac (-lea) : m. ( thumb, toe, inch 
(about 3 cm.) 

palacinka : f., pancake, jam pan- 

palidrvce : n., match 

palikuca : f., incendiary 

palilula : f., suburbs, outskirts of a 

palisad : m., palisade 

paliti : to light, to burn, catch fire 

palica : f., stick, baton, cane 

paliciica : f., small stick, cane 

palma : f., palm-tree 

palc : m., long sword 

palub : m., deck (of a ship) 

papren, -a, -o : adj., peppery, hot 
paprika : f., paprika, red pepper 
paprikas : m., national dish of 

meat and red pepper, etc. 
papriti : to pepper, season 
papula : f., puree of beans 
papuca : f., slipper 
papucar, papudzija : m., slipper. 


par : m., instant, moment 
par : m., pair, couple 
para: f., para, centime (10 para 

1 penny) 
para : f., steam 

parada : f., parade, review 


paradna odeca : 


paralelan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., parallel 
paran, -rna, -rno : adj., pair 
parastos : m., reqiuem 

palja : f., paperje, n., down (on a parni, -na, -no : adj., steam ; pnrni 

boy's face) 

pa:net : m., memory, reason, mind . 
na pamet, by heart ; pade mu na 
pamet, the idea came to him 

pametan, -tna, -tno : adj., reason- 
able, sensible 

pametnik : m., monument 

pamtiti : to remember, recollect 

pamcenje : n., memory 

pamuk : m., cotton, cotton-wocl 

pamuean, -cna, -6no : adj., cotton paroka : f., wig 

mlin, steam-mill ; parno kupatilo, 

vapour bath 
parnica, parba : f., action, case 

(legal) : podi6i parnicu, to bring 

an action 

parnicar : m., plaintiff 
parobrod : m., steamer, steamboat 
parok : m., pastor, priest 
parokija : f., parish 
parokijanin : m., parishioner 

panadjur : m., fair 
pandur : m., 


panica : f., porringer, bowl 
pantalone : f., pi., trousers 
pantljika : f., ribbon 

partija : f., part, game (of billiards, 
watchman, gxiard, ! etc.) 

parcov, pacov : m., rat 

parce: n. (pardeta, f.), piece, bit, 

fragment, scrap ; raditi na parce, 

to do piece-work 

pantljkara, pantljidara: f., tape- pas: m., belt, sash 

pancer, pancir : m., armour 

papa : m., Pope, papa 

papagaj : m., parrot 

papak : m., cloven foot 

paperje : n., down (on face) 

pupin, papski : adj., papal, ponti- 

papir : m., paper 

paprat : m., fern 

pas : m., dog 

pasic : m., little dog, puppy 
paska, pasha : f., Passover 
pasoS : m., passport 
pasti (padnem) : to fall, perish 
pasti (pasem) : graze 
pastir : m., shepherd 
pastirka : f., shepherdess 
, pastirski : adj., pastoral 
I pastirSe : n., shepherd-boy 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; 6 as eh in shout. 



pastorak: m., pastorka, f., step-son, 

pastorde : n., step-child 

pastrm, -a, -va, -ka : ., trout 

pastuv : m., stallion 

pastusast, -a, -o : adj., entire (of 

pasulj : m., haricot beans 

pata : f., duck 

patak : m., drake 

put lidznn : m. (crveni), tomato 
(beli, modri, crni), aubergine, 

patos : m., floor, parquet 

patosati (-tosem) : to floor, to lay a 

patrijarh : m., patriarch 

patrijarski : adj., patriarchal 

patrola : f., patrol 

patron : m., cartridge 

patuljak : m., dwarf, pygmy 

pauk : m., spider 

paun : m., paunica, f., peacock, 

paudina : f., spider's web 

pacov : m., rat 

pa6e : n. (paSeta, f.), duckling 

paa : f., pasha 

pasenog, pasanac : m., sister-in- 
law's husband 

pasteta : f., pasty, pie 

pevanje : n., singing 

pevati : to sing 

pevnc, pevafi : m., singer, choir- 
boy, chorister 

pevaeica : f., cantatrice (female 

pega : f., mark, spot, stain 

pegav, -a, -o : adj., marked, spotty, 

pegavi tifus : m., typhus fever, 

(typhus exanthematicus) 
pegaz : m., piebald horse 
pegla : f., iron (for laundry) 
pedagog : m., pedagogue 
pedeset : num. fifty 
pekar : m., baker 
pekarina : f., baking 
pekar nica : f., bakery 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch; c as Is in cats; f, as th in shout. 

pekmez : m., plum-jam 

pelivan : m., acrobat 

pelcovati : to vaccinate, inoculate 

pensija : f., pension, boarding- 

pensijonar : m., boarder, lodger 

pepelnica, pepeonica : f., ash-tray 

pepeo : n. (pepela), ash, ashes 

pergamenat : m., parchment 

perda : f., veil 

peril] a : f., laundress 

perina : f., feather-bed 

perionica : f., laundry 

perjan, perat : adj., feather, with 

perjanica : f., plume, crest of 

perje : n., plumage 

perla : f., pearl 

pero : n., feather, pen, spring 

persona : f., person 

perSin : m., tress (of hair), pig-tail 

persun : m., parsley 

pesak(-ska): m.,sand; iivi pesak, 

pesma : f.,, song, poem, air 

pesmarica : f., song- book 

pesnik : m., poet 

pesnica : f., fist 

pesnidki : adj., poetical 

pet : num. five 

peta : f., heel 

petak (-tka) : m., Friday ; veliki 
petak, Good Friday 

petao (petla) : in., cock 

peteljka : f., tail 

peti, -ta, -to : the fifth 

petina : f., a fifth 

petnaest : num. fifteen 

petrolej : m., petroleum 

pec : f., stove, oven 

pedati : to bake 

pe6i (pedem) : bake, fry, roast, grill 

pe6ina : f., cave, grotto, cavern 

pednjak : m., oven door 

pecat : m., seal, stamp 

pefiati : to print 

pedatiti : to seal 

peden : adj., roast 




pecenica : f., peSenka, f., pefienje, 
n., roast beef, roast meat 

pecurka : f., mushroom 

pe&idija : f., infantry 

pesak, pesac : m., foot-soldier, in- 
fantry-man, pedestrian 

peaiti : to walk, go on foot 

pea6k, -i, -a, -o : adj., walking, on 

peske : adv., on foot 

peskir : m., towel 

piva : f., pivo, n., beer 

pivar : m., brewer 

pivara : f., brewery, beer-house 

pivnica : f., cellar 

pijavica : f., leech 

pijan, -a, -o : adj., drunk, tipsy; 
pijan kao zemlja, dead drunk 

pijanac : m., pijanica, f., drunkard 

pijanstvo : n., drunkenness 

pijac : m., pijaca, f., market-place 

pijuk : m., pick, pickaxe 

pila : f., file 

pilav : m., pilaf (Turkish dish of 
rice and mutton) 

pilad, pilei : m., poultry / 

pile : n., fowl (chicken) 

pilence : n., chick 

piliti : to file, to saw 

pilidi : m., pi., chicken, fowl 

pilica : f., hen 

pilotina, piljevina : f., sawdust 

pionir : m., pioneer, sapper 

pipati : to feel, to grope 

pipajuci (u mraku) : groping 

pipun : m;, sweet melon 

piramida : f., pyramid 

pirac : m., bat 

pirinaC .- m., rice 

piriti : to blow 

pisalac : m., author, writer 

pisaljka, pisaljica : f., pencil, slate- 

pisanje : n., writing, composition 

pisar : m., secretary, clerk 

pisarnica : f., bureau, counter 

pisr.ti (piiem) : to write, compose; 
dobro, rdjavo, ditko, well, badly, 

pisac : m., author, writer 
pisme (pismena) : n., letter, char- 
acter ; veliko p., capital letter ; 
malo p., small letter 
pismen, -a, -o .- adj., in writing, able 

to write 

pismo : n., letter; sveto pismo, 
the Holy Scriptures ; krSteno 
pismo, certificate of baptism 
pismonosa : m., postman 
pitak, -tka, -tko : adj., drinkable 
pitanje : n., question, problem 
pitati : to ask, question, interrogate 
piti (pijem) : to drink 
pitljiv, -a, -o : adj., curious 
pitljivost : f., curiosity 
pitom, -a, -o : adj., tame, cultivated 
pitomac, -mca : m., scholar (founda- 

pitomiti : to tame 
pica : f., food, forage 
pi6e : n., drink 

pisaca : f., pisanjak, m., urine 
pisati, piskati : to pass water 
pistalica, pistaljka : f., fife, whistle- 

pitol j : m., pistol 
pjenije : n., chant 
plav, -a, -o : adj., blue, blonde, fair 
plaviti, plimati : to flood, inundate 
plavka, plavojka : f., a fair woman 
plavljenje : n., flood, inundation 
plajvaz : m., pencil 
plakati (plaCem) : to weep, cry 
pi am : m., flame 
plamtetirto flame, flare 
plamen : m., flame 
plamen, plamenast, -a, -o, plamenit. 

-a, -o : adj., flaming 
planina : f., mountain range 
planinac : m., mountaineer 
planinka : f., mountaineer, 

planinski : 


j., mountainous 

plast : m., hay-stack, heap 
plastid : m., hay-cock 
plata : f., pay, wages, stipend 
platiti : to pay 

legibly I platno : n., linen, cloth 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; 6 as ih in shout. 



pladanje : n., payment 

placenik : m., mercenary 

pla6 : m., weeping, tears 

jiliu'un -ciia, -6no, placevan, -vna, 

-vno : adj., weeping, lamentable 
plaSkav, -a, -o, pladljiv, -a, -o : adj., 

inclined to weep 
plasiv, -a, -o : adj., afraid, timid, 


plasivac : m., coward, booby 
plaaivost : f., timidity, cowardice, 


jilasit i : to frighten, terrify 
plasiti se : to be afraid, frightened 
plaSljiv, -a, -o : adj., afraid, timid, 

plasljivost : f., fear, cowardice, 


plain j a : f., fear, terror 
plaSt : m., cloak, mantle 
platanica : f., winding sheet of 

Our Saviour 

pleme : n. (plemena) : tribe, race 
plemenit, -a, -o : adj., noble, gentle, 


plemeiiitas : m., noble, gentleman 
plemenito : adv., nobly 
plemenitost : f., nobility, generosity 
plemi6 : m., noble, aristocrat 
plemkinja : f., aristocrat 
plemstvo : n., nobility, aristocracy 
plen : m., plunder, booty, prey 
pleniti : to plunder, pillage, sack 
plenjenje : n., pillage, brigandage 
plesti (pletem) : to knit, plait 
pletad : m., pletacica, f., knitter 
pletenica : f., plait, pig- tail (of hair) 
pletenje : n., knitting 
pletka : f., pletke, f., pi., intrigue, 

pletkar, pletkai : m., intriguer, 


pletkariti : to intrigue, plot 
ple6e : n., pleda, n., pi., shoulders 

pledi : f., pi., shoulders 

pleh : in., tin 

plesiv, -a, -o : adj., bald 

plivali&te : n., swimming-school 

plivanje : n., swimming 

plivati : to swim 

pliva8 : m., swimmer 

plik : m., blister 

plima : f., flood-tide, high-tide 

plitak, tka, -tko : adj., shallow, 
low, superficial 

plitica : f., shallow plate 

plitko : adv., shallow, superficially 

pliSina : f., shallow (water), shal- 

pli : m., plush 

plovan, -vna, -vno : adj., navigable 

plovac (plovca) : in., swimmer, 

plovidba : f., navigation, voyage, 

ploviti : to float, navigate 

plovka : f., duck; divlja plovka, 
wild duck 

plovljenje: n., navigation, swim- 

plovnost : f., navigability 

plovu6ac : m., pumice-stone 

plovCe : n., duckling 

plod : m., fruit, produce, result 

plodan, -dna, -dno : adj. (plodljiv), 
fruitful, productive, fertile, 

ploditi : to produce 

ploditi se : to increase, multiply 

plodnost : f., fertility, abundance 

ploc'a : f., flag-stone, slab 

ploCnik : m., pavement 

plug : m., plough 

plut : m., pluta, f., plutak, m., cork 

plutan, -tna, -tno : adj., cork 

pluda : f., lung, lungs ; zapaljenje 
p., inflammation of the lungs 

pljadka : f., booty, prey 


pljesak (-ska) : m. 


to rob, plunder, sack, 
clapping, ap- 

pljeskati : to clap, applaud 

pljuvanak : m., spittle 
pljuvaonik : m., pljuvaonica, ., 


pljuvati : to spit, expectorate 
pljuvadka : f., saliva 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij aa li in million nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in rom ; h as ch in iuch ; c as ts in cats \ 6 as sh in shout. 



pljusak : m., shower, rain-storm 

pljuskati : to splash, pour 

po : prep., on, to, in, by, of, after, 
according to, at the price of ; 
po kisi, in the rain ; po imenu, by 
name ; po tome, in consequence ; 
poslati po doktora, to send for the 
doctor ; po meni, as to me ; po 
sest dinara, at 6 dinars ; po Sto ? 
how much ? po engleski, in the 

English fashion (way) 
po : adv., half ; po metra, 


metre ; po casa, half hour ; po 
godine, half a year 

pobacaj : m., pobacivanje, n., mis- 

pobaciti : to have a miscarriage, to 

pobeda : f., victory, triumph 

pobedan, -dna, -dno : adj., victori- 
ous, triumphant 

pobedilac, pobeditelj, pobednik : 
m., victor 

pobediti : to vanquish, to win, be 

pobedonosan, -sna, -sno : adj., vic- 

pobeci (-begnem): to run away, 

pobiti (pobijem) : to massacre 

poboleti se : to get ill 

poboSnik : m., adjutant, aide-de- 

pobratim : m., brother by friend- 
ship (an old Serbian custom) 

pobrisati : to rub out, take out, 
wash out 

pobuda : f., motive, instigation 

pobudaliti : to become mad, in- 

pobuna : f., rebellion, rising, revolt 

pobuniti se : to rebel, revolt, rise up 

po vas dan : adv., throughout the 

povez : m., binding, bandage 

povezati, povezivati : to bandage, 
to do up, bind (of books) 

povezaSa : f., head-scarf, kerchief 

povelik : adj., large enough 

poveriti se : to trust anybody 

poverljiv, -a, -o : adj., confident, 

poverovati : to believe 

poveslo : n., bundle, truss 

poveci : adj., larger 

poveSerje : n., vespers 

povika : f., noiso, cry 

poviSe : adv., enough, a little more 

povlaka : f., cream 

povlastiti, povlaSdivati : to author- 
ize, privilege 

povlastica : f., privilege 

povlascen, -a, -o : adj., privileged 

povod : m., subject, motive, reason, 

povodljiv, -a, -o : adj., flexible, 

povodljivost : f., flexibility 

povodnik : m., povodac. m., halter 

povoj : m., povojnica, f., jersey 

povrat : m., turn 

povratak : m , return 

povratan, -tna, -tno : adj., return, 

povratiti, povracati : to return, 
turn, to vomit 

povratiti se : to return, turn round, 
to repeat 

povrce : n., vegetables 

povrh adv., above, on the top 

povrsan, -Sna, -Sno : adj., super- 

povrSno : adv., superficially 

povrsina : f., surface, area 

povrSnost : f., superficiality 

pogan : f., dirt, filth 

pogan, -a, -o : adj., impure, filthy, 

pogaca : f., biscuit, cake 

pogibao (pogibeli), pogibija : f., 

ruin, loss 
poginuti (-nem) : to perish (in 

battle), to be killed 
pogle! : interj., look! 
pogled : in., look, glance, view 
pogledati : to look at, glance at 
pogledom : adv., with regard to, in 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as ; in James ; i as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as tto 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 


pogodan, -dna, -dno : adj., favour- 
able, propitious 
pogoda : f., weather (fine) 
pogclem : adj., fairly large 
pogoreti : to burn 
pogotovo : adv., in any case, about 
pogreb : m., funeral, burial 
pogrebni : adj., funereal 
to bury, inter 
(pogrebem) : to bury, 



-Sna, -sno : adj., faulty, 

pogresiti : to make mistakes, to fail, 

to lose one's way 

pogreska : f., fault, mistake, error 
pogtibiti : to execute (a criminal) 
pogubljenje: n., execution, capital 

pogusiti : to stifle 
pod: prep, (ace., inst. ), under, under- 
neath, below, beneath 
pod : m., floor 
podaleko : adv. , rather far 
j^odanik : m., subject (people) 
podariti : to present, to give a 


podatak (podaci) : m., detail, fact 
podbuniti : to rebel, insurrect, rise 
podvaliti : to cheat, deceive 
podveza, podvezica: f., garter 
podvezati (veiem) : to attach, fix 
podvodan, -dna, -dno : adj., sub- 
marine, under-water 
podvodnik : m., procurer 
podvodnica : f., procuress 
podvorenje : n., audience 
podvorje : n., courtyard 
podgradje : n., suburb 
podela : f., division 
podeliti : to divide 
poderati : to tear, wear out 
podzemaljski, podzemni : adj., sub- 
terranean, underground 
podignuti, podici (podignem) : to 

lift, lift up, hold up, raise 
podignuti se : to rise up (from a 
chair, etc.) (is also used of dust 
and the sea) 

podjednak, -a, -o : adj., the same, 
equivalent, like 

podjednako : adv., the same, 
equally j 

podnarednik : m., sergeant 

podne : n., mid-day, po.sle podne, 

podnevak : m., meridian 

podozrevanje, podozrenje : n., sus- 

podozrevati : to suspect 

podozriv, -a, -o : adj., suspicious 

podocne : adv., too late 

podoficir : m., non-commissioned 

podrazavati : to imitate, copy 

podrepnjak : m., crop 

podrobni : adj., detailed 

podrobnost : f., detail 

podrobno : adv., in detail 

podrum : m., cellar 

podrueJan, -Sna, -5no : adj., sub- 

podstava, postava : f., lining (of 

podstavljati, podstaviti : to lin 

podug : adj., long enough 

poduzi : adj., longer 

poduziti : to lengthen 

poduzece : m., undertaking, enter- 

poduzeti (poduzmem) : to under* 

poialiti se : to complain 

pozar : m., fire (house on fire) 

poiedi (poieiem) : to burn, set fire 

pozuda : f., desire, eagerness, greed 

po Sudan, -dna, -dno : adj., desir- 
ous, greedy 

poiudnost : f., desire, greed, cu- 

pozuriti se : to hurry, hasten 

pozadi : adv., behind 

pozadugo : adv., too long a time 

pozaimanje : n., loan 

pozaimati, pozajmiti : to lend 

pozajmenik : m., lender 

pozajmica : f., loan 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




pozan, -zna, -zno : adj., late, slow 
pozvati (-zovem) : to call, invite 
pozdrav : m., salute, greeting, com 


pozdraviti : to salute, greet 
pozdravljanje : n., greeting, saluta- 
poziv : m., invitation, call, duty, 

pozivati : to invite, convoke, call, 

to call up (soldiers), send for 
pozivnica : f., written invitation 
pozlatiti, pozlacivati : to gild 
pozladen, -a, -o : adj., gilded, gilt 
poznavati (-znajem) : to know (of 
people) ; iz vidjenja, by sight ; po 
imenu, by name ; lino, per- 
sonally ; ne poznavati, to ignore 
poznavati se : to make the ac- 
poznanik : m., poznanica, f., a 


poznanstvo : m., acquaintance 
poznat : adj., famous, celebrated 
poznati : to recognize, to know 
pozno : adv., late 
pozor : m., attention 
pozoran, -rna, -rno : adj., attentive 
pozoriste : n., theatre 
pozorisni, -na, -no : adj., theatri- 

pozornik : m., policeman 
pozornica : f., stage (theatre) 
poj : m., pojanje, n., chant 
pojava : f., apparition 
pojam : m., idea, notion 
pojas : m., girdle, sash, belt 
pojac, poja6 : m., chorister, choir- 
pojedni, -na, -no : adj., alone, sole, 


pojedinac : m., a man alone, in- 

pojedinost : f., detail 
pojedince : adv., separately, indi- 
pokazati (pokazem ), pokazivati 

(pokazujem) : 

to show, prove, 

pokaldrmiti : to pave 
pokasati : to trot 

pokvaren, -a, -o : adj., spoilt, cor- 
rupted, deteriorated, damaged 

pokvaren covek : m., a bad lot 

pokvaren stomak : m., stomach 
out of order 

pokvarenost : f. f corruption, de- 

pokvariti : to spoil, corrupt, de- 
teriorate, damage, pervert, de- 

pokvariti se : to go to the bad (to 
the dogs) 

poklon : m., present, gift 

poklonik : m., pilgrim 

pokloniti : to present, to give a 

pokloniti se : to bow, make a 

poklopac : m., lid 

pokoj : m., calm, eternal rest 

pokojan, -jna, -jno : adj., the 
late . . . 

pokop : m., funeral 

pokraj : prep, (gen.), next to 

pokrajina : f., province, country 

pokratiti : to shorten 

pokret : m., movement, gesture 

pokretan, -tna, -tno : adj., move- 
able, mobile 

pokretati (pokrecem) : to move, to 

pokrivati, pokriti (pokrijem) : to 
cover, to hide 

pokrivafi : m., blanket, rug, covering 

pokrov : m., winding sheet 

pokrovitelj : m., protector, guar- 

pokrovitelj ka : f., protectress 

pokrovitelj stvo : n., protectorate 

pokudan, -dna, -dno : adj., blam- 

sokuditi : to blame, reproach 

sol : m., sex 

sol : adv., half 

sola : f., half 

slowly, gently, 

>olagano : adv., 
little by little 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i, as a in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; d, , as ch in church ; u as ot 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 5 as ah in shout. 




polagati (polazem) : to put down, pomagac' : m., assistant 
place, to render (accounts), to j pomada : f., pomade 
send in (a resignation) pomazimik : m., ointment 

polazak : m., departure, leaving, ; pomazanje : n., anointment 
parting pomazati : to anoint 

polaziti : to leave, depart, go away | pomalo : adv., little by little 

polako : adv., slowly, gently, softly j pomama : f., fury, rage 

poledica : f., glazed frost 

polet : m., flight 

poleteti : to fly away 

politika : f., politics 

politiSar : m., politician 

politifian, -dna, -6no : politidki, 

politic'ni : adj., political 
policija : f., police 
polka : f., polka 
polovina, polovica : f., half 
poloviti : to halve 
polozaj : in., situation, position, 


poloziti : to place, put 
polubrat : m., step-brother 
poluga : f., lever, bar of iron 
polugodiSnji : adj., half-yearly 
poludeti (-dim) : to go mad 
polukrug : m., semicircle 
polumesec : m., half- moon, crescent 
polumrtav : adj., half -dead 
poluno6 : f., midnight 
polunoc'nica : f., midnight mass 
polu, -otok : m., -ostrovo, -ostrvo, 

11., peninsula 
polusestra : f., step-sister 
polutabak : m., half -sheet (of 


polutar : m., equator 
polutina : f., half 
poljak : m., rural constable 
polje : n., plain, field ; na polje, 

out-of-doors, outside 
poljodelstvo : n., agriculture 
poljski : adj., field 
poljska artiljerija : f., field artillery 
poljubac : m., kiss 
poljubiti : to kiss : u usta, on the 

mouth ; u Celo, on the forehead ; 

u obraz, on the cheek 
pomagaj ! pomagajte ! inter j., help ! 
pomagati : to help, aid, succour 

pomaman, -mna, -mno : adj., furi- 
ous, angry 

pomamiti : to enrage, make angry 
pomenak : m., forget-me-not 
pomeSan, -na, -sno : adj., mixed 
pomeSati : to mix 
pomilovan, -a, -o : adj., acquitted, 


pomilovanje : n., acquittal, pardon 
pomilovati : to acquit, pardon 
pomilovati : to caress, fondle 
pomirenje : n., reconcilement 
pomiriti : to reconcile 
j pomiriti se : to make the peace, 

make it up 

pornirJjiv : adj., reconcilable 
poinozi Bog ! : may God help you ! 
pomorski : adj., marine, maritime 
pomo6 : f., help, aid, assistance 
pomo6an, -<5na, -6no : adj., auxi- 
liary, secondary 
' pornoci (pomognem, or pomozem) : 

to help, assist, aid 
pomo6nik : m., assistant, cleric 
pomo6u : adv., by the help of 
pomracenje : n., eclipse 
pomrcan, -cna, -6no : adj., dark, 


pomrCina : f., darkness, obscurity 
pomusti (pomuzem) : to milk (a 

cow, etc.) 

pomuc'no : adv., with trouble 
ponegda, ponekad : adv., some- 
poned, -eljak, -eljnik, -eonik : m., 


ponizavati : to humiliate 
ponizen, -a, -o : adj., humiliated, 


ponizenje : to., humiliate 
ponizan, -zna, -zno : adj., humble 
ponoviti : to renew 

Pronounce : d , dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cuts : as sh in shout. 




ponovo : adv., again, over again 

pono<$, pono6a : f., ponoce, n., mid- 
night ; u pono6, at midnight 

ponuda, ponuka : f., offer, propo- 

ponuditi : to offer, propose 

pooSim : m., step-father 

pop, popa : m., pope, Serbian 

popadija : f., pope's wife 

popak (-pka), popic : m., cricket 

popis : m., census, inventory 

poplava : f., flood 

poplaviti : to flood, inundate 

poplaSen, -a, -o : adj., frightened 

poplaiti se : to be afraid 

popov, -a, -o : adj., of the priest 

popovski : adj., priestly, sacerdotal 

popola, popolak : adv., in half, a 
half each 

poprava : f., popravak, m., repair, 

popraviti, popravljati : to correct, 
to repair 

popraviti ae : to recover, get better 

poprskati : to splash 

pora : f., pore 

porad : adv., because of 

poraz : m., defeat, rout 

poraziti : to defeat, rout 

poramenice : f., pi., braces 

porano : adv., too early 

porast : m., growth 

porasti (porastem) : to grow (up) 

pored : prep, (gen.), by the side of, 
next to, along 

poredak (poretka) : m., order 

poredom : adv., in turn 

poredjenje : n., comparison 

porez : m., poreza, f., tax, con- 

porod : 

m., children, posterity, 

poroditi : to be confined, delivered 

porodica : f., family 

porozan, -zna, -zno : adj., porous 

porok : m., vice, fault 

porota : f., jury 

porotnik : m., juror 

porocan, -fina, -2no : adj., vicioua 

Porta : f., Sublime Porte 

poruka : f., order, commission 

poruclti : to order 

poruc'nik : m., lieutenant 

poruSiti : to destroy, ruin, demolish 

porcija : f., portion 

porculan : m., porcelain, china 

porculanski : adj., porcelain, china 

posada : f . , garrison 

posao (posla) : m., work, business, 
labour ; u poslu, busy, occupied 

posve : adv., entirely 

posveta : f., posvecenje, n., con- 

posvetiti : to consecrate, dedicate, 

poseban, -bna, -bno : adj., separate, 

posebno : adv., separately, apart 

poselica : f., a hamlet 

posestrima : f., sister by friend- 
ship (an old Serbian custom) 

poset : m., peseta, f., visit 

posetiti : to visit, pay a visit 

posetnica : f., visiting card 

posilnik : m. , orderly 

posinak (-nka) : m., adopted son 

posiniti : to adopt 

poslanik : m. (skup5tinski), deputy, 
member of parliament, minister 
(of a foreign power), ambassador, 

poslanica : f., epistle, bull (papal) 

poslanstvo : n., legation, embassy 

poslastica : f., dessert 

poslasticar : m., confectioner, 

poslasticarnica : f., confectioner's 

poslatak : m., envoy 

poslati (posljem, saljem) : to 

poslati natrag : to send back, re- 

posle : prep, (gen.), after, behind 

posle : adv., afterwards, then, later 

posledak (-etka) : m., result, elfect, 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as m in opinion ; c, 3, as cA in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; 6 as ft in shout. 




posledica : f., consequence, conclu- 
sion, end 

poslednji, -nja, -nje : adj., last, ex- 
treme, final 

poslednji put: for the last time 

poslovica : f., proverb, saying 

poslonosa : m., charge d'affaires 

posluga : f., service, employment 

posluiivati : to serve, wait (at 
table, pri stolu) 

posluiitelj : m., servant 

posluiiti : to serve, present, offer 

posluh : m., poslusnost, f., obedi- 

poslusan, -na, -Sno : adj., obedient 

posluiati : to obey 

pospavati : to nap, rest 

posredan, -dna, -dno : adj., in- 

posredno : adv., indirectly 

posrednik : m., mediator 

posredniStvo : n., mediation, inter- 
cession, intervention 

posredovati : to mediate, intervene 

posredstvom : adv., by means of 

post : m., fast ; veliki post, Lent ; 
bofcicni post, Advent fast ; gos- 
podjin post, Assumption fast 

postava : f., lining 

postaviti, postljati : to place, put ; 
sto, lay the table 

postajati (postajem), postati : to 
become, to be, to be born 

postajati (postojim) : to stop, re- 
main, stay 

postan, -tna, -tno : adj. (jelo, food), 
low diet (no meat, "maigre"), 

postanak, -iika : m., origin, com- 
mencement, beginning 

postar : adj., rather old 

postariti : to get (or grow) old 

postelja : f., bed 

postepen, -a, -o : adj., progressive 

postepeno : adv., gradually, by 

postepenost : f., progression 

postiti : to fast 

postnik : m., postnica, f., faster 

Pronounce : dj , di, as j in James 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opini 
injroom ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in 

postojan, -a, -o : adj., constant, 


postupanje : n., treatment 
postupati, postupiti : to act, to use, 


postupan, -na, -no : adj., gradual 
postupice : adv., gradually, by de- 
posudje : n., utensils, dishes, plates 


potajni, -jna, -jno : adj., secret 
potaSa : f., potash 
potega : f., weight 
potiljak : m., nape (of neck) 
potkivati : to shoe (a horse) 
potkivad : m., farrier, blacksmith 
potkovica : f., horse-shoe 
potok : m., stream, rivulet 
potomak : m., descendant 
potomstvo : n., posterity 
potonuti (-nem) : to sink, founder 
potop : m., the flood, deluge 


potoSnica : f., forget-me-not 
potpis : m., signature 
potpisatelj : m., subscriber 
potpisati (-pisem) : to sign, sub- 

potplata : f., lining, sole (of shoe) 
potporuSnik : m., second-lieutenant 
potpukovnik : m., lieutenant-colonel 
potpun, -a, -o : adj., complete, 

entire, whole 
potpuniti : to complete 
potpunice, potpuno : adv., entirely, 

potreba, potrebnost : f., need, 

potreban, -bna, -bno : adj., neces- 

potrebovati : to need, ask for 
potresati : to shake, move 
potroSak (-5ka) : m., expense 
potroSarina : f., tax on consumable 


potro&iti : to spend 
potruditi : to give trouble 
potruditi se : to try, to do one's 

; 4 as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
on ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as GQ 
cats ; a as sh in shout. 




potuiiti se : to complain i posteno : adv., honourably, faith- 

podi (podjem) : to go, go away, fully 

leave postenje : n., honesty, loyalty 

pouka : f., education, instruction posto : conj., as, and then, for 

poucavati : to teach, instruct, edu- posto : what is the price of ? how 

cate much T 

poucan,-cna, -6no : adj., instructive posto valac : m., admirer 

postovanje : m., posta, f., respect, 

admiration, homage 
postovati : to honour, respect, 


prababa : f., great-grandmother 
prav, -a, -o : adj., right, true, inno- 

prav ugao : m., right angle 
pravac (-vca) : m., direction, sense, 

just man 

pravda : f., justice, truth 
the most often, pravdanje : n., defence, excuse, 


m., beginning, j pravdati : to excuse, justify 
commencement, . pravedan, -dna, -dno, pravican, 

-6na, -&no : adj., just 
u pocetku, at the pravi, -a, -o : adj., true, veritable. 


pravila : f., rule, statute 
pravilan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., regular, 
correct, ruled, normal, methodical 

pouditi : to teach, give lessons 
pohapsiti : to imprison 
pohvala : f., compliment, praise 
pohvaliti : to praise 
pohoditi : to visit, frequent 
pocepati : to tear up 
pocrveneti : to blush 
pocast : f., honour, respect 
pocastvovati : to honour 
podastiti : to treat, to stand treat 
pofielo : n., beginning 
poeesto : adv., 

pocetak (-tka) : 

origin, start, 

opening ; s pocetka, from the 

beginning ; 

poCeti (po6nem) : to begin, start 

pocetni, -na, -no : adj., initial 

po6etnik : m., pocetnica, f., be- 

pofiesde : adv., more often, some- 

poSivak (-vka) : m., repose, rest 

pofiivati : to rest ; ovde podiva 
. . . here lies . . . 

posaliti se : to joke 

posalica : f., joke 

poset : m., walk 

posetati : to walk 

posiljati (posiljem) : to send 

posiljaka : f., parcel, packet 

posta : f., post, mail-coach, respect, 

postanski, postarski : adj., postal 

poitar : m. , postman 

postarina : f., postage, cost of 

posien, -a, -o : adj., honourable 

pravilnost : f., regularity, order 
pravilo : n., rule r, maxim 
praviteljstvo : n., government 
praviti : to do, make, prepare, con- 
pravicnost : f., equality, justice, 


pravni pravnifiki : adj., legal 
pravnik : m., law-student, jurist 
pravnistvo : n., jurisprudence, law 
pravo : adv., direct, straight on, in 

a straight line 

pravo : n., law, right ; imati 
pravo, to be right ; nemati 
pravo, to be wrong 
pravo-veran, -rna, -rno, slavan, 
-vna, -vno : adj., orthodox, of the 
orthodox church 
pravoslavlje : n., orthodoxy 
pravougolan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., rect- 

z as s in measure ; j as y in you : 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James 

Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; c, c, as ch in church ; u as <x 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




pravougaonik : m., rectangle 

prag : m., threshold 

praded : m., great-grandfather 

prazan, -zna, -zno : adj., empty, 
vacant, hollow 

prazne reel : empty words 

praziluk : m., leek 

praznik : m., holiday, festival, 

praznina : f., void, interval, empti- 

prazniti : to empty 

praznovanje : n., celebration 

praznovati : to celebrate 

praznoveran, -rna, -rno : adj., 

praktidan, -6na, -Sno : adj., practi- 

pralja, pralica : f., laundress, 

pram, prama : prep., towards, to 

pramajka: f., great-grandmother 

pranje : n., the wash, washing 

praotac : m., great-grandfather 

pras : m., leek 

prasad : m. , prase, n. , sucking pig 

prasence : n., prasetina, f., sucking 


prasicn : f., sow 

praskva : f., peach 

prati (perem) : to wash (clothes) 

pratilac : in., pratilica, f., com- 
panion, escort (person) 

pratiti : to accompany, escort 

pratnja : f., escort, suite, funeral- 
procession, accompaniment 

praSati : to send, send off 

prah : m., powder, dust 

prasak : m., medicinal powder 

praSan, -na, -no : adj., dusty 

praSina : f., dust 

prastanje : n., pardon 

pra&tati ee : to say good-bye, fare- 

prvenac (-nca) : m., first-born, 

prvenstvo : n., superiority, priority : predaleko : adv., too far 

prvi, -va, -vo : adj., first j predanje : n., tradition 

prvo : adv., first, at first I predvideti, predvidjati : to foresee 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as GO 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s at sh in shout. 

prvom : adv., firstly, in the first 


prvosves'tenik : m., high-priest 
prvosedilac : m., aborigines 
prvotan, -tna, -tno : adj., primary 
prdez : m., break-wind 
prdeti, prdnuti (-nem) : to break 


pre: prep, (gen.) and adv., before, 
ago, in front of, better, rather, 
very ; malo pre, net long ago ; 
fito pre to bolje, the earlier, the 
better; pre bin umro, nego . . ., 
I would sooner die than ... 
prebroditi : to ferry 
prevara : f., fraud, deceit, trick 
prevaran, prevarljiv : adj., deceiv- 
ing, fraudulent 

prevariti : to deceive, cheat, dupe 
prevesti (prevedem) : to carry, 

transport over, translate 
proved : adv., extremely, exces- 

prevlaka : f., isthmus 
prevod : m., translation 
prevodilac : m., prevoditelj, m., 


prevoditi : to translate 
prevodjenje: n., translation 
prevoz : m., transport 
prevoziti : to transport 
prevoziti se : to ferry over 
pregled : m., review, inspection 
pregledati : to inspect, review 
pregrada : f., partition, bulkhead 


pregraditi : to partition 
pregristi (grizem) : to bite through 
pred, preda : prep, (ace., inst. ), be- 
fore, in front of 

predavati, predati (predajern) : de- 
liver, give, give up, cede, capitu- 
predaviti se, predati se : to give 

oneself up 
\ predaja : f., capitulation, delivery 






predgradje : n., suburb 
predikaonica : f., pulpit 
predlagati (-Ia2em), predlo2iti 


predlog : m., proposition, offer 
predmet : m., article, thing, object 
prednji, -nja, -njo : adj., anterior, 


predsedavati : to preside 
predsedavanje : n., presidency 
predsednik : m., president 
predsedniCki : adj., presidential 
predsoblje : n., ante-room 
predstava : f., representation, 

image, likeness, description 
predstaviti, predstavljati : to intro- 
duce (a person), represent, 

predstaviti sebi : to imagine, to 

picture to oneself 
predstati se : to appear before . . 

fore- prekomeran, -rna, -rno : adj., ex- 
treme, excessive 

prekomorski : adj., over-seas 

prekono6 : adv., during the night, 

prekoredan, -dna, -dno : adj., ex- 

prekosutra : adv., day after to- 

! prekrasan, -sna, -sno : adj., beau- 
tiful, charming 

prekratiti : to shorten 

preksinoc 1 : adv., the night before 

prekupac : m., retailer 

prekupiti : to retail 

prelazak (-laska) : m., passage 

prelazan, -zna, -zno : adj., pro- 

prelep : adj., most lovely 

prelo : n., vigil, an evening gather- 
ing, attended by Serbian peasant 

preduzeti (-uzmem): to undertake 

preduzece, preduzimanje : n., un- 

predje: adv., formerly 

prezina : f., apron 

prezime : n., surname 

prezimiti : to hibernate, pass the 

preziranje : m., contempt, disdain 

prezirati : to despise, disdain 

prezreo -rela, -relo : adj., over- 

preki sud : court-martial 

prelja : f., spinner 

preljuba : f., preljub, m., adultery 

preljubnik : m., adulterer 

preljubnica : f., adulteress 

prema : prep, (loc.), towards, in 

front of, facing 
premeriti : to measure 
premod : m., superiority 
prenociti : to pass (spend) the night 
Preobraienje : n., Transfiguration 
preosvestenstvo : n., Monsignor, 


prepad : m., surprise attack 
prepadati, prepadnuti : to attack 

by surprise, to fall upon 
prepelica : f., quail 

prekasno : adv., too late 

prekid : m., interruption ; bez pre- 

kida, without stopping, ceaseless , 
prekidati, prekinuti : to interrupt, < prepelifiar : m., spaniel 

to break prepis : m., copy 

prekjufie : adv., the day before ' prepisati (prepisem) : to copy 

yesterday ; prepiska : f., correspondence 

preko : prep. (c p n.) and adv., I preplaviti : to flood 

across, over, by, beyond, above | preporuka : f., recommendation 
preko mere : adv., extremely proporuciti (-cujem) : to register, 

preko puta : opposite, vis-a-vis insure a letter, recommend 

prekobrojan, -jna, -jno : adj., super- prepotopski : adj., antediluvian 

numerary ' prepreka : f., obstacle, difficulty 

Pronounce : dj, df , as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you : 
li as it in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u a oc 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as Is in cats ; s as ah in shout. 




prepreciti : to oppose, block, hinder pribliiiti se : to approach 

prerano : adv., too early 

presan, -sna, -sno : adj., raw. crude particular 

privatan, -tna, -tno : adj., privatei 

presan hleb : m., unleavened bread 
presek : rn., section, division 
preseliti : to move (house) 
presian, -a, -o : adj., too salted, 


presnica : f., unleavened bread 
prestaviti : to represent 
prestanak : m., pause ; bez pres- 
tanka, without ceasing, inces- 

presti (predem) : to spin 
presto (prestola ) : m., Throne 
prestolnica, prestonica : ., capital 
prestup : m., crime 
prestupnik : m., criminal 
presuda : f., judgment, sentence 
presuditi, presudjivati : to judge, 


preteran, -a, -o : adj., exaggerated 
preteranost : f., exaggeration 
preterati : to exaggerate 
pretnja : f., threat, menace 
pretpis : m., prescription 
pretplata : f., subscription (to 

theatres, papers, etc.) 
pretplatiti : to subscribe 
pretplatnik : m., subscriber 
pretposlednji, -ja, -je : adj., penul- 

pretpostaviti : to suppose, presume 
pretpostavka : f., supposition, hy- 

pretres : m., pretresanje, n., dis- 
cussion, debate 
pretresati : to discuss, debate 
prethodnik : m., predecessor 
preci (predjem) : to surmount, get 


preuzvisenost : f., Excellence 
prefarbati : to re-paint 
prefiastan, -sna, -sno : adj., vener- 

priveiac' : m., head-kerchief 

prividjenje : n., apparition, phan- 
tom, vision 

priviti (privijem) : to bandage, 
bind up 

privreda : f., economy, agriculture, 
industry ; ministarstvo privrede, 
Board of Agriculture and Trade 

privrediti : to acquire, gain 

privredni, -na, -no : adj., economic, 

privremen, -a, -o : adj., provisional 

priganica : f., omelet 

prigovor : m., reproach, objection 

prigoda : f., occasion 

prigodan, -dna, -dno : adj., occa- 

prigodno : adv., occasionally 

pridev : m., adjective 

pridevaCka : f., pin 

prizemlje : n., ground-floor 

prizemni sprat: m., ground-floor 

priznavanje, priznanje : n., ac- 
knowledgment, recognition 

priznavati (-najem), priznati : to 
acknowledge, to be grateful 

priznanica : f., receipt 

prijava : f., notice, advertisement 

prijaviti: to warn, announce 

prijam : m., reception 

prijatan, -tna, -tno : adj., pleasant, 
nice, agreeable 

prijateli : m., friend 

prijateljiti se : to make friends 

prijateljica : f., friend 

prijateljski : adj., friendly 

prijateljstvo : n., friendship 

prijatnost : f., pleasure, charm 

prijem : m., reception 

priliv : m., flood-tide 

prilika : f., occasion, thing, resem 

able, reverend 
precnik : m., diameter 
prestampati : to reprint 
prziti : to fry (in butter, fat, etc.) 
pri : prep. (loc. ), near, by etc. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in (.pinion ; 6, &, as ch i church ; u as GO 
m room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; 8 as eh in shout. 

blance ; na priliku, for example ; 
pr.likom, by chance, incidently ; 
zgodnom prilikom, on the occa- 
sion ; prvom prilikom, on the 
next occasion ; od prilike, about 




prilican, -6na, -6no : adj., not bad, 
fairly good 

priliciti : to resemble, to look like 

prilicno : adv., excellent 

prilog : m., supplement, adverb 

priloziti : to add, join, supplement 

priljezan, -zna, -zno : adj., indus- 
trious, attentive 

priljeznost : f., application, atten- 

primalac, primac : m., receiver 

primamiti : to attract, bait 

primanje : n., reception 

primati, primiti : to receive, accept 

primer : m., example, model ; na 
primer, for example 

primeran, -rna, -rno : adj., exem- 
plary, perfect 

primernost : f., perfection 

primirje : n., armistice 

primorje : n., coast, shore 

primorski: adj., littoral, of the 

pripev : m., refrain 

pripovetka : f., pripovest, f., story, 

priprava : f . , preparation 

pripravan, -vna, -vno : adj., prepar- 

pripraviti (-Ijati) : to prepare 

pripravnik : m., candidate 

priroda : f., nature 

prirodan, -dna, -dno : adj.. natural 

priroditi : to naturalize 

prirodno : adv., naturally 

prirodnjak : m., naturalist 

prirodjen, -a, -o : adj., naturalized 

prislon : m., parapet, balustrade 

pristajanje : n., pristanak, m., con- 
sent, permission 

pristajati : to consent to 

pristanite : n., port, harbour 

pristojan, -jna, -jno : adj., polite, 

pristojnost : f., politeness, decency 

pristrastan, -tna, -tno, pristran: 
adj., partial 

pristrastnost, pristranost : f., par- 

pristup : m., approach, entrance, 

pristupan, -pna, -pno : adj., acces- 
sible, approachable 

pristupati (iti) : to approach, ad- 

prisustvo: n., prisutnost, f., pres- 

prisustvovati : to be present 

prisutan, -tna, -tno : adj., present 

pritvoran, -rna, -rno : adj., hypo- 

pritvornost : f., hypocrisy 

prihod : m., income, revenue 

prihoditi : to arrive 

priSa : f., tale, story 

pridati : to relate, tell (a story), 

priSekati : to go to meet, await 

pridest : f., communion 

priSestiti : to give the Sacrament 

prices t it i se : to take the Sacrament, 

prices6e : n., communion, Eucharist 

priCiniti : to talk 

prisapnuti : to whisper 

prkno : n., rectum 

prlja : f., spot, mark 

prljav, -a, -o : adj., dirty, unclean 

prljavost : f., prljavStina, f., dirt, 

prljati : to dirty 

prnja : f., rags 

pro : prep., by, by means of 

proba : f., trial, proof 

probaviti : to remain a little time 

probati : to try, test 

probuditi : to call, awaken 

probuditi se : to wake up 

probuSiti : to pierce, to bore, to 
make a hole 

provala, provalija : f., abyss, gulf 

provaliti : to break open, force, 

provesti (-vedem) : to pass (the 

providan, -dna, -dno : adj., trans- 

providnost : f., transparency 

jroviriti, provirivati : to see through 


Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6 ,6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a as sA in shout. 




provoditi : to lead, conduct, to pass 

proliv : m., diarrhoea 
prolom : m., breach 

(the time) 
proglas : m., proclamation, mani- '. prolomiti : to make a breaoh 

festo j promaja, promaha : f., draught (of 

proglaaiti : to proclaim, give out, i air) 

publish promena : f., change, alteration 

prognanik : m., exile > promeniti : to change, alter 

prognanstvo : n., exile, banishment 1 promenljiv, -a, -o : adj., changeable, 
prognati (prognam ) : to exile, banish I variable 

progoniti : to exile, banish 

progonstvo : n., exile, banishment 

prodavanje : n., sale 

prodavati : to sell 

prodavac, prodavalac, prodavaC : 

m., seller, vendor, salesman 
prodaja : f., sale; na prodaju, for 


prodati : to betray, sell 
proder : m., hernia, rupture 
produziti : to prolong, lengthen 
prodja : f., eale 
proza : f., prose 
prozba : f., request, prayer 
prozor : m., window 

promukao, -kla, -klo : adj., hoarse, 

promuklost : f., hoarseness 

promu6i (-muknem) : to get hoarse 

pronnlazak (-laska) : m., inven- 

pronnlazac : in., inventor 

pronadi (-nadjeni), pronalaziti : to 

propast : f., ruin, fall, abyss, 

propast i (propadnem) : to perish, 
be destroyed, fall to pieces, decay, 
fall, to fail 

propisati (-piiem) : prescribe 

prozradan, -ciia, 6no : adj., trans- proraS6e : n., plants 


prozracnost: f. , transparency 

proizvod : m., produce 

proizvoditi : to produce 

proizvodnik, proizvodjafi : m., pro- 

proizvodnja : f., production 

proja : f., maize- bread 

prokaza : f., dropsy 

proklet, -a, -o : adj., accursed, 

prokleti (prokunem) : to curse, 

prokletstvo : n., curse, imprecation, 
damnation, execration 

prolaz : m., passage, pass 

prolaziti : to cross over, pass, go by 


prorok : m., prophet 

prorokovati : to prophesy 
! proroSanski, prorocki : adj., 

prorofianstvo : n., prophecy, pre- 

prosveta : f., education, culture, 

prosvetiti : to educate, civilize 

prosvetliti : to illuminate, to light 

prosinac : m., December 

prositi : to beg 

prosjak : m., beggar 

prosjakinja : f., beggar-woman 

prosjaCiti, prosjakovati : to beg 

prosja6ki : adj., beggarly, poor 

proskura, prosfora : f., sacrifice, 

proletati (prole6em), -eti (letim) : 

to fly over proslava : f., anniversary, festival, 

proletnji, -ja, -je : adj., spring, I celebration 

vernal proslaviti, proslavljati : to cele- 

proletos : adv., during this spring j brate, to glorify 
prolece : n., spring; nap , in the prost, -a, -o : adj., simple, plain, 

spring common 

Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




prostak : m. .common fellow, boun- protizakonit, -a, -o : adj., illegal 

der, rustic protinica : f., wife of archpriest 

prostadki : adj., common, vulgar, protokol : ., protocol 

low protoe 1 : m., diarrhoaa 

prostirati : to spread out prodi (prodjem) : to pass, cross 

prostirka : f., prostiraC, m., carper procu : prep., opposite, in front of 
prostiti : to forgive, pardon; da j profesor : m., professor 

prostite, by your leave (per- i profesor ka : f., wife of professor 

mission) ; proha : f., prosa, f., millet 

prosto : adv., simply i prohod : m., water-closet 

prostodusan, -sna, -sno : adj., I procediti : to filter 

simple, naive, ingenuous j procena : f., evaluation 

prostoduSje: m., dunost,f., nn'i- '_ proceniti : to evaluate, estimate 

vety, simplicity, ingenuousness j procepiti : to split 
prostor, -a, -o : m., apace j proces : m., lawsuit, action 

prostoran,prostorit,prostran : adj., profiitati : to read through 

spacious, extensive j prosao, ~ 

prostota : f., simplicity, ingenuous- 

prostranost : f., space, stretch 
prostreti, prostrti (-strem) : to 


prosuti (-spem) : to pour, spread 
prosfora : f., host, sacrament 
prota : m., archpriest ; 

prota, military chaplain 

, -sla, -slo : adj., last (year, 
etc.), preceding, previous 
proSlost : f., proslo vreme, n., the 

past, past times 

prosmja : f., mendicity, begging 
prostac : m., paling, fence 
prsa (prsiju): n., pi., chest, breast 
' prsi (prsiju) : f., pi., chest, breast 
vojeni ; prsluk : m., waistcoat 

prst : m., finger, toe 

proterati : to expel, turn out prsten : m., ring 

protest : m., protest j prstid : m., little finger 

protestovati : to protest prt : m., prtiiia, f., track through 

proteci (-teCem), proticati (-ticem) : : the snow 

to pass through, flow through, ! prtljag : m., luggage, baggage 
water j pr6ija : f., dowry 

protiv : prep, (gen.), against, after ; ; pruga : f., line, railway-line, streak 
na protiv, on the contrary ; pro- j prugav, -a, -o, prugast, -a, -o : adj., 
tiv volje, in spite of myself, lined, grooved 

against my will 

protivan, -vna, -vno : adj., con- 
trary, adverse 

protiviti ee : to oppose, resist 

protivljenje : n., protivnost, f., 
resistance, opposition 

protivnik : m., adversary, oppo- 
nent, rival 

protivnic'ki : adj., adverse , F iv. . ***., w- AV .,, ~mj-e,w 

protivorefian, -6na, -6no : adj., con- i prSnjak : m., chest, breast 
tradictory prsun : m., parsley 

protivorec'niti : to contradict i prsut : m., -af., ham, sirloin, (of beef) 

protivore6, -je : n., -nost, f., con- | ps ! : interj., sh ! silence ! 
tradiction ; psalam : m., psalm 

Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in Jamas ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as on 

in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 

prud : m., sand-bank, dune 

prui, -ati, -iti : to lengthen, stretch 

prusluk : m., waistcoat 

prut, prutak .- in., switch, cane 

prutak, -tka, -tko : adj., flexible, 


preati se : to be in season (of goats) 
prc : m., he-goat, billy-goat 




psalmopevac : m., psalmist 

psaltir : m., psalter 

psovanje : n., psovka, f., insult, 
scolding, outrage 

psovati (psujem): to scold, re- 

psovad : m., scolder, grumbler 

ptica : f., bird 

ptidar : m., bird-catcher 

ptidica : f., little bird 

pticji : adj., of birds 

puvati : to blow 

puva6 : m., dormouse 

pudljiv : adj., timid, afraid, shy 

pui : m., snail 

puzati, puziti : to crawl 

pujka : f., turkey (hen) 

puk : m., regiment 

puki, -ka, -ko : adj., real, true ; 

puki otac, the image of his 

father ; puka istina, the honest 

truth ; puki siromah, as poor as 

Job, or anaemia (malokrvnost, f. ) 

pukovnik : m., colonel 

pulak : m., young donkey, ass 

puls : m., pulse 

pun, -a, -o : adj., full, filled, covered 
with, stout, fat, plenty 

puniti : to fill, load 

punica : f. f step-mother 

puno : adv., much, plenty, lot 

punokrvan, -krvna, -krvno : adj., 

punoletan, -tna, -tno : adj., of age 

punoletnik : m., -letnicu, f., a 
person of age 

punoletnostvo : n., majority 

punomod : f., authority, power of 

punomodan, -dna, -6no : adj., pleni- 

punost, punoda : f., plenty, abund- 

pupak (pupka) : m., navel 

pupak (pupka), pupoljak : m., 

pupiti : to bud 

pupcan, -a, -o : adj., umbilical 

pupcano vrvce : n., umbilical eor:l 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as/ in James 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opini> 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in 

pura : f., turkey (hen) 

pura : f., prow, bows 

puran : m., turkey 

pust, pustina : f., felt 

pust, -a, -o : adj., desert, solitary, 

pustara : f., heath 

pustinik, -njak : m., hermit 

pustinja : f., desert 

pustinjski : adj., desert 

pustiti : to let, allow, permit, drop 

pustos : m., plain, heath, waste- 

pustoenje : n., devastation 

pustoSiti : to devastate, ravage, lay 

pustositelj : m., devastator, ravager 

put : m., road, way, journey ; biti 
na puttt, to be on a journey ; 
sredan put ! pleasant j ourney ! 

put : m., time ; jedan put, once ; 
prvi put, the first time ; drugi 
put, another time ; poslednji put, 
the last time ; na jedan put, to- 
gether ; po drugi put, for the 
second time 

put: prep., for, to; Bee u, for 

puter : m., butter 

putilo, puto : n., shackles, fetters 

putir : m., chalice 

putni, -na, -no : adj., travelling; 
list, m., passport ; trosak, m., 
travelling expenses 

out nik : m., traveller, passenger, 

putnina : f., journey- money 

putnidki : adj., travelling 

putno : adv., well, right 

putovanje : n., journey, voyage, 

putovati : to travel, journey ; 
peke, on foot ; postom, by mail- 
coach ; zeleznicom, by train ; 
suvim, by land ; morem, by sea ; 
trgovinom, for business 

putokaz : m., sign-post 

pu topis : m., an account of travel- 

; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
on ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 

.-it : as ah in shout. 




pudi (puknem) : burst, crack ; pu<5i I 
od jeda, to suffocate with anger ; i 
puci od smeha, to die of laughing ; | 
pude glas, they say, the report | 

pueiti se : to pout, sulk 

pucpura : f., quail 

puh : m., dormouse 

puhati (pusem) : to blow, break 

pucaljka : f., loop-hole 

pucanj : m., detonation, bang, shot 

pucati : to shoot ; zora puca, day is 

puce (puceta) : n., button 

pudina : f., high seas 

pusionica : f., smoking-room 

pusiti : to smoke ; na lulu, to 
smoke a pipe ; pufii se, it is 
smoking ; lampa se pusi, the 
lamp is flaring 

puska : f., rifle, gun 

puskar : m., armourer, gun-smith 

puskomet : m., range 

pusnica t f., oven for drying fruit 

pustati : to send away 

puStenica : f., divorced woman 

pflaater : m., plaster 

pcela : f., bee 

pdelanik, pdelinjak : m., apiary 

pdelar : m., bee-keeper 

pdelarstvo : n., apiculture 

pdelac : m., swarm (of bees) 

pSenica : f., wheat 

R, P. 

rabadiija : m., cab-man, driver 

rabin : m., rabbi 

rabota : f., work, labour, business 

rabotan, -tna, -tno : adj., laborious, 
industrious, hard-working 

rabotaS : m., workman 

rabotati : to work, labour 

rabotnik : m., workman, labourer, 

rabotnica : f . , workwoman, worker 

ravan : m., camomile 

ravan, ravnina, ravnica : f., plain, 
plan, plane, plateau 

ravan, -vna, -vno : adj., level, flat, 
smooth, equal, equivalent, same 

ravlje : n., castor-oil 

ravnatelj : m., director, manager 

ravnati : to direct, manage, equal- 
ize, rule 

ravniti : to smooth, equalize 

rad : m., work, business, occupa- 

rad, -a, -o : adj., glad, pleased ; rad 
sam da . . ., 1 should like . . . 
rada : f., mar., road, roadstead 
raden : adj., laborious, industrious 
radenik : m., workman 
radi, rad: prep, (gen.), because of, 
for ; radi Boga ! for the love of 
God ! toga radi, for that reason 
radii ic a pcela : f., working bee 
radin, -a, -o : adj., industrious 
radinost : f. t industry, activity 
radioniea : f., workshop, work- 

raditi : to work (na nadnicu, by 
the day ; na parce, piece-work, 
make, do, operate, manufacture, 
to keep (a shop), carry on (a 
radljiv : adj., active, industrious 

radljivost : f., activity, industry 
radni, -na, -no : adj., workable, 

radnik : m., workman, labourer 

ravnica : f., ravno, n., plain, 

ravnovremen, -a, -o : adj., simul- 

ravnodnevica : f., equinox 

ravnodusan, -sna, -5no : adj., calm, ' radnica : f., work-woman 
indifferent, phlegmatic : radnidki : adj., of workmen 

ravnomeran, -rna, -rno : adj., pro- ' radnja : f., shop, trade, commerce 
portional j rado : adv., with pleasure 

ravnoteia : f., equilibrium I radovati : to enjoy, to be pleased 

Pronounce : dj, di, as .;' in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /i in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6. f, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats & as th in shout. 




radovati se : to be delighted, to 
look forward to 

radost : f., joy, pleasure, gaiety, 

radost an, -tna, -tno : adj., cheerful, 
jolly, jovial 

radostno : adv., cheerfully, joyfully 

radnja;f., work 

rai : f., rye 

raianica : f., rye-bread 

razal, -iti, -ostiti : to be sorry, sad 

rafanj : m., spit, skewer 

razbarusiti (kosu) : to ruffle (the 

razbaruSen, -a, -o : adj., ruffled 
(kosa - hair) 

razbirati : to hear, understand, 

razbiti (-bijem) : to break, smash, 
shatter (vojsku, army), rout 
(novae, money), to change 
(glavu, head), to break a head 

razbiti se : to be ship-wrecked 

razbluda : f., voluptuousness, de- 

razbludan, -dna, -dno : adj., volup- 
tuous, debauched 

razbluditi : to debauch, spoil 

razbludnik : m., debauchee, pro- 

razbludnica : f., prostitute 

razboj : m., loom, battle-field 

razbojiSte : n., battle-field 

razboj nik : m., brigand, bandit 

razboj nitvo : n., brigandage 

razboleti se : to fall ill 

razbor : m., sense, intelligence, dis- 

razboran, -rna, -rno : adj., sensible, 
judicious, intelligent 

razbuditi : to awaken 

razvalina : f., ruin, remains, debris 

razvaliti : to demolish, destroy, 

razvez : m., emancipation 

razvencati se : to divorce 

razvijanje : n., razvoj, m., develop- 

razvijati (-vijem) : to develop 

razvitak : m., development 
razviti (-vijem) : to develop 
razvod : m., divorce 
razvrat : m., debauch, immorality 
razvratiti : to corrupt, debauch, 


razvratnik : m., profligate, de- 
razvratnost : f., immorality, do- 


razglasiti : to announce, publish 
razgovaranje : n., conversation 
razgovarati : to console, encourage, 


razgovarati se : talk, converse 
razgovetan, -tna, -tno: adj., clear, 

distinct, intelligible 
razgovor : m., conversation, talk 
razgovoriti : nee razgovariti 
razgoditi : to divide 
razgoreti se : to catch fire 
razdavati, -dati : to distribute 
razdavafi : m., distributor 
razdvajati, -dvojiti : to separate 
razdeliti, -deljivati : to distribute 
razdeljak : m., parting (of hair) 
razdeljiv : adj., divisible 
razdeo (-dela) : m., section, division 
razderati (-dirati) : to tear up 
razdraien, -a, -o : adj., irritated, 

excited, annoyed 

razdraziti : to irritate, excite, an- 

razdrai Ijiv, -iv : adj., irritable 
razdrmati : to shake 
razdrufciti : to separate 
razi zemlje : on the ground floor 
razjaren, -a, -o : adj., furious, en- 

razjariti : to make angry, enrage 
razlika : f., difference 
razlikovati : to distinguish, differ- 
entiate, differ, vary 
razliSan, -6na, -cno : adj., different 
razlidito, -lidno : adv., different 
razlog : m., reasop., cause, motive 
razlozan, -ina, : adj., sensible 

razloziti : to explain 

Pronounce : dj, di,, as j in James ; 4 as s in mea-yure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 5 as .th in shout. 




razloino : adv., sensibly, reason- 

razlomak : m., fraction ; desetni 
razlomak, decimal fraction 

razlomiti : to break 

razma : prep., excepting 

razmaziti : to spoil (of children) 

razmazenko : m., spoilt child 

razmak : m., interval 

razmahnuti : to brandish 

razmena : f., exchange 

razmeniti, -menjivati : to exchange 

razmer : m., dimension, proportion, 
scale (on maps) 

razmera : f., proportion, dimension 

razmeran, -rna, -rno : adj., pro- 

razmisliti, razmisljati : to reflect, 

razmnoziti : to multiply 

raznezen : adj., effeminate, soft 

razni, -na, -no : adj., different, 

raznobojan, -bojna, -bojno : adj., 

raznovrstan, -tna, -tno : adj., of 
many kinds, heterogeneous 

raznosac' : m., postman 

raznositi : to distribute letters 

razor : m., furrow 

razor : m., destruction, ruin 

razorati : to labour (in the fields) 

razoritelj : m., destroyer 

razoriti : to destroy, ruin 

razoruzati : to disarm 

razred : m., class, division, section 

razrediti : to arrange, classify 

razrezati : to cut 

razresavati, -reSiti : to solve, to 

razreiiv, -a, -o : adj., solvable 

razrok, -a, -o : adj., cross-eyed, 

razruiti : to destroy, demolish 

razuzdan, -a, -o : adj., disorderly 

razum, -evati, -eti (razumem) : to 

understand, hear 
razumljiv : adj., intelligible, clear, 

razumnost : f., intelligence 
raj : m., paradise 
raja : f., raja, Christian subjects In 


rajski : adj., of pnradise 
rak : m., cray-fish ; morski rak, 

lobster (, illness), cancer 
raka : f., tomb, grave 
raketla : f., rocket 
rakija : f., brandy 
rakijas : m., tippler, boozer 

rakisapun : m., scented soap 
rakita : f., osier, willow 
rakidzija : m., distiller 
rakidzij nica : f., distillery 
ral : m., acre 
ralica : f., ralo, n., plough 
ramazan : m., Ramadan 
rame (ramena) : n., shoulder 
ramenice : f., pi., braces 
rana : f., wound 
ranar : m., surgeon, operator 
ranarstvo : n., surgery 
ranac : m., haversack 
rani, -na, -no : adj., early, pre- 

ranilac : m., ranilica, f., early-riser 
raniti : to wound, to rise early 
ranica : f., small wound 
rano : adv., early, soon 
ranoranilac : m., early-riser 
ranjaviti : to wound 
ranjenik : m., wounded man 
raonik : n ploughshare 
rapa : f., pock-mark 
rapav, -a, -o : adj., uneven, rough, 

rasa : f., monk's habit 
rasad : m., -a., f., seed-bed, nursery 


rasaditi : to transplant, plant out 
rasadnik : m., nursery (garden) 

razum : m., intellect, reason, in- 

razuman, -mna, -mno : adj., sen- 
sible, intelligent, reasonable 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout, 

rasvitak, rasvit : m., dawn, day- 
rasvitati se : to dawn 




rasejan, -a, -o : adj., preoccupied 

rasejanost : f., preoccupation 

raseliti se : to emigrate 

raselje : n., emigration 

rasipati : to disperse, scatter, lavish 

rasipniije : n., lavishness 

raskalasan, -sna, -sno : adj., im- 

raskalasnost : f., extravagance 

raskol : m., raskolniStvo, n., heresy 

raskolnik : m., heretic 

rasko : m.,debauch,voluptuousness 

raskosan, -sna, -sno : adj., de- 
bauched, voluptuous 

raskralj : m., ex-king 

raskrsnica : f., raskrs6e, n., cross- 

raspeti (raspnem) : to crucify 

raspede : n., crucifixion 

raspeiatit i : to unseal 

raspis : m., circular, order 

raspisati : to order (by circular) 

raspitati : to find out 

rasploditi : to reproduce, multiply 

raspolaganje : n., disposition 

raspoloviti : to halve 

raspolofen, -a, -o : adj., good- 
humoured, amiable 

raspolo4enje : n., mood, disposi- 
tion, humour 

raspoloviti : to distribute 

raspon : m., arch (of bridge) 

raspop : m., unfrocked priest 

raspopiti : to unfrock 

raspored : m., order, arrangement, 

rasporediti : to arrange, dispose 

raspra : f., quarrel, row, difference 

raspremati, miti : to tidy, clear up 

rasprodaja : f., rasprodavanje, sale, 

rasprodavati, rasprodati ; to sell 
out, liquidate 

rasprostirati : to spread 

raspust : m., holidays, vacation, 

raspustiti : to dismiss, discharge 

raspusten, -a, -o : adj., discharged, 
let out 

rasrditi se : to get angry 

rast : m., size, growth, stature 

rastaviti, -vljati : to separate 

rastanak : m., departure, separa- 
tion, farewell 

rastati se : to say good-bye, leave 
one another 

rasti (rastem) : to grow, develop 

rastovina : f., oak-wood 

rastopiti : to melt 

rastrkan, -a, -o : adj., scattered 

rastrojiti : to disorganize 

rastrostvo : n., disorganization 

rastumaciti : to explain, interpret 

rasudan, -dna, -dno : adj., reason- 

rashod : m., expense 

rat : m., war 

ratar : m., labourer, farm-hand 

ratiste : n., battle-field 

ratni, -na, -no : adj., war, military 

ratnik : m., soldier, warrior 

ratnidki : adj., soldier 

ratoboran, -rna, -rno : adj., warlike 

ratobornost : f., military ardour 

ratovanje : n., war, campaign 

ratovati : to make war 

raf : m., shelf 

ra6un : m., bill, account, calcula- 

radunati : to reckon, calculate, 
count ; na pamet, in one's head 

rafiunica : f., arithmetic 

rafiunovodstvo : n., book-keeping, 

raSunovodja : m., accountant 

rafiundzija : m., calculator 

raslriti : to increase, widen 

rasiti : to unsew 

rasta : adv. , why, because of 

rbanjci : m., pi., rbina, f., potsherd, 
bits, chips 

rdakva : f . , radish 

rdja : f., rust 

rdjav, -a, -o : adj., bad, wicked, 

rdjati se : to rust 

realac : m., a boy at a modern or 
real school 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




realka : f., modern (real) school 

rebro : n., rib 

revan, -vna, -vno : adj., enthusi- 
astic, zealous, keen 

revmatizam : m., rheumatism 

revnost : f., zeal, enthusiasm 

revnostan, -tna, -tno : adj., enthu- 
siastic, keen 

regrut : m., recruit, conscript 

rsgrster : m., slate-pencil 

red : m., order, rank, row, file, 
line ; na mene je red, it is my 
turn ; jed&red, dvared, once, twice 

redem : adj., mentioned 
redenica : f., phrase, expression 
redit : adj., eloquent 
reditost : f., eloquence 
redica : f., small river, stream 
rednik : m., dictionary, vocabulary 
resenje : n., resolution, decision 
reSetati : to sieve, screen, winnow 
reSeto : n., sieve, screen 
reSetka : f., grating, grate 
resiti : to decide, solve, determine 
resiti se : to be decided, make up 
one's mind 

redak, retka, retko : adj., rare, r : m., rye; rzanica, f., rye-bread 

seldom, uncommon j rzanje : n., neigh 

redni, -na, -no: adj., denoting rzati (riem) : to neigh 


redni broj : m., ordinal number 
rednja : f., epidemic 
redov : m., private soldier 
redovan, -vna, -vno : adj., regular, 

orderly, methodical, ruled 
redom, redomice : adv., in order, in 


redusa : f., house-keeper 
redjati : to arrange, line up 
rezanj., m., slice 

rez., m., cut, incision, blade, edge 
rezanac : m., rezanci, m., pi., flat, 

vermicelli, macaroni 
rezati (rezem): to cut 
reka : f., river 
rekla : f., woman's coat 
rektor : m., rector 
remek : m., masterpiece 
remen : m., strap 
ren : m., horse-radish 
renga : f., herring 
rep : m., tail 
repa : f., root ; bela repa, turnip ; 

iuta repa, f., carrot 
repatica : f., comet 
retko : adv., seldom, rarely 
retkost : f., rarity, curiosity 
reci (redem) : to say, tell, speak 
recept : m., prescription, recipe 
red : m., word ; dovek od redi, a 

man of his word ; odriati svoju 

riba : f., fish 

riban, -bna, -bno : adj., with fish, 

ribanac, -nca : m., cut up cabbage 

ribanje : n., fishing 

ribar : m., fisherman 

ribarica : f., fisherman's wife 

ribarka : f., fisherwoman 

ribarski : adj., of fishing 

ribarde : n., fisherboy 

ribati : to fish 

ribati : to rub, hash 

ribizle : f., pi. (red), currantt 

ribica : f., small fish 

ribid : m., muscle 

riblja pijaca : f., fish-market 

ribnjak : m., pond, fish-pond, pool 

ribolov : m., ribolovstvo, n., fish- 

ribolovac : m., fisherman 

ridanje : n., lamentation 

ridj, -a, -o : adj., reddish, russet 

ridjokos, -a, -o : adj., red-haired 

rig : m., rice 

riza : f., coat 

rizik : m., risk ; na svoj rizik, at 
one's own risk 

rizik, -ati, -ovati : to risk, hazard 

ris : m., ream (of paper) 

ris : m., lynx 

risati, risovati : to draw, sketch 

riti (rijem) : to dig up, root up 

red, to keep one's word I ritinar : m., tramp (in rags) 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as / in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as 00 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a? ah in shout. 




rif : m., ell 

rkati (nfiem), rknuti (rknem) : to 


rob : in., slave 

roba : f., goods, luggage, baggage 
robija : f., enforced labour 
robijaS : m., convict 
robinja, robinjica : f., slave-girl 
robiti : to enslave 
robljo : n., slaves 
robotnik : m., workman 
robovanje: n., slavery 
rovit, -a, -o : adj., soft, tender; 

rovito jaje, soft-boiled egg 
rog : m. (rogovi), horn 
rogat, -a, -o : adj., horned ; rogata 

marva, f., homed cattle 
rogoz : m., rush 
rogulje : n., pitch-fork 
rod : m., birth, origin, race, gender, 

sex, sort, kind, related ; mi smo 

rod, we are related ; mi smo 

daleki rod, we are distantly 


roda : f., stock 
rodan, -diia, -dno : adj., fertile, 

rodbina : f., relationship ; moja 

rodbina, my relatives 
rodina : f., abundance, fertility 
roditelj : in., parent, father 
roditeljka : f., parent, mother 
roditelji : m., pi., parents 
roditi : to give birth to, bear 
roditi se : to be born 
rodoljub, rodoljubac : m., patriot 

rodoljuban, -bna, 
adj., patriotic 

-bno, -ljubiv : 

rodoljublje: n., -Ijivost, f., patriot- 

rodom iz. : adv., native of, from 
rodopis : m., rodoslovlje, n., gene- 

rodoskvrnost : f., incest 
rodja : f., rodjo, m., relation 
rodjak : rn., rodjakinja, f., relation, 
cousin ; mi smo rodjaci, we are 

rodjen, -a, -o : adj., born, by birth 

rodjen dan : m., birthday 

rodjeni, -na, -no : adj., by birth, 

rodjeni : brat ; rodjena sestra, 
brother, sister (same parents) 

rodjenici : in., pi., descendants 

rodjenje : n., birth, nativity 

roian, -2na, -no : adj., horn 

roidenstvo : n., the Nativity 

roj : m., swarm of beea 

rojiti se : to swarm 

rok : m., term, fixed time 

rolja : f., roller 

roljati : to roll 

roman : m., novel 

romantic'an, -Sna, -Sno : adj., ro- 

ronac (-nca) : m., diver 

rona<Sko zvono : n., diving-bell 

ropkinja : f., slave-girl 

ropac : m., death-agony 

ropski : adj., slave 

ropstvo : n., slavery 

ropfie : n., slave-boy 

rosa : f., dew, rose 

rosan, -sna, -sno : adj., dewy, dew- 

rositi (rosi) : the dew is falling 

rosulja : f., scotch mist 

rota : f., oath 

rotati : to swear, to take an oath 

rotkvica : f., radish 

rtenica : f., spinal cord 

rub, rubez : m., hem 

rubac : m., handkerchief 

rubin : m., ruby 

rublja : f., rouble 

rublje : n., rubina, f., linen (to wear) 

ruga : f., ruganje, 
jeer, scoff 

n., mocKery, 

rugati se : to mock, laugh at, sco3 
rugad : m., scoffer, mocker 
rugoba, rugota : f., ugliness 
ruda : f., mine, mineral 
ruda : f., pole (of a carriage) 
rudar : m., miner 

rudarstvo : n., mining 
rudina : f., meadow 

distantly connected (related) 
rodjacki : adj., adv., as a relation 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as ii in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




ruclilo : n., curling tonga 

rudiste : n., mine 

rudnik : m., mine 

rudnjak: m., helmsman, steersman 

rudokos : adj., curly-haired 

rua : f . , rose ; divlj a , wild rose 

ruzan, -4na, : adj., ugly, nasty 

ruziti : to abuse, insult 

ruino : adv., bad, badly 

ruzmarin : m., rosemary 

ruj: m.,rujevina,f., sumach 

ruj an, -jna, -jno : reddish, yellowish 

ruj an : m., September 

rujba: f., chilblain 

rujevika : f., myrtle 

ruka : f., hand, arm, handwriting ; 
za rukom podi, to succeed ; 
ciniti kome na ruku, to lend a 
helping hand ; ispod ruke, under- 
hand ; ruku pod ruku, arm-in- 
arm ; rasirenih ruku, with open 
arms ; od svake ruke, of all sorts 

rudav : m., sleeve 

rukavica : f., glove ; navuci, to 
put on ; skinuti rukavice, to take 
off one's gloves 

rukatka : f., handle 

rukovanje: n., manipulation 

rukovati, rukovoditi : to manipulate 

rukovati se : to shake hands 

rukovet : m., handful, bundle 

rukovodja : m., manager 

rukopis : m., handwriting, manu- 

rukotvor : m., manual labour 

rulja : f., crowd 

rum : m., rum 

rumen : m., blush ; obuze ga 
rumen, he coloured up, blushed 

rumen, -a, -o : adj., red, vermilion, 

rumenit : adj., vermilion 

rumenilo : n., red, rouge 

rumeniti se : to blush 

rumetin : m., maize 

runo : n., fleece 

rupa : f., hole 

rus : adj., fair, blonde 

ruho : n., clothes 

ruCavati, ruCati : to dine 

rucak (-6ka) : m., dinner ; mali 
rufiak ; early lunch 

ru6ica : f., little hand, handle 

rudnik : m., compendium, manual 

rusevina : f., ruins 

rusilac, rufiitelj : m., destroyer 

ruSiti : to destroy, ruin, demolish 

s, c. 

, sa : prep. (gen. and inst.), with, 
of, from, by, against, at ; sa 
vecera, at dusk, evening ; sa 
jeseni, at the beginning of autumn 

sabajle : adv., from daybreak 

sabiranje : n., addition 

sabiratelj : m., collector 

sabirati : to assemble, collect, add 

sablaznjiv, -a, 

o : adj., indecent, 

scandalous, shocking 
sablaznj ivost : f., indecency 
sablazan : f., sablazna, f., scandal, 


sablazniti : to scandalize 
sablast : f., phantom, vision 
sablja : f., sword 
sabljicica : f., iria 

sabor : m., assembly, congress 
council, synod 

sabrat : m., colleague, fellow- 

sabrati (-berem) : to assemble, 

sabur : in., aloe 

sav, sva, sve : svi, sve, sva : pron., 
all, total 

savat : m., enamel 

savatiti : to enamel 

savez : m., alliance, federation, 
league, coalition, association 

savezati : to unite, attach, join 

saveznik : m., ally, confeder- 

savezniclu : adj., of allies 
| savest : f., conscience 

Pronounce : dj, dt, as j in James ; 4 as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




savestan, -tna, -tno : adj., consci- 
entious, scrupulous 

savestnost : f., honesty, conscien- 

savet : m., council, advice, con- 
sultation ; dr avni savet, cabinet 
council ; pitati za savet, to ask 

savetnik : m., counsellor 

savetovanje : n., consultation 
counsel, advice 

savetovati : to advise, counsel 

savetovati se : to deliberate, 


savetodavac : m., consultant 

savetski : adj., of a council 

savijati, saviti : to bend, curve, 
lean, to fold 

savijutak (-tka) : m., curve, bend 

savladati, savladjivati : to master, 
vanquish, conquer, to get over (a 

savremen, -a, -o : adj., contem- 

savremenik : m., contemporary 

savrh : prep., from the top of 

savrSen, -a, -o : adj., finished, ac- 
complished, perfect 

savrSenost : f., savrSenstvo, n., per- 

savrSiti : to finish, terminate 

sag : m., carpet 

sagibati : to bend, curve 

saglasan, -sna, -sno : adj., agreed, 
harmonious, consenting 

saglasiti se : to agree, consent 

saglasno : adv., in accordance, suit- 

saglasnost : f., agreement, accord- 

sagledati : to look, notice 

sagnuti : to bend, curve 

sagnuti se : to stoop, lean 

sagoreti : to be burnt 

sagraditi : to build 

sagreSiti : to sin 

sad : m., plantation 

sad, sada : adv., now, actually, at 
present ; ba sad, exactly now ; 

do sada, up to now ; od sada, from 

now onwards ; za sada, for tha 

sadanji, -nja, -nje, sadasnji, -nja, 

-nje : adj., present, modern j os t : f., present time 
saditi : to sow, plant 
sadrzaj : m., sadrzina, f., contents, 

sadrzavati (-zajem), -zati (-im): 

to contain, hold 
sadrug : m., companion 
sadruziti se : to mix with, associate 

sazaliti se : to pity, condole with, 

be sorry for 

sazaljevati : to regret, pity 
sazaljevanje, sazaijenje: n. 
compassion, regret 


sazeti (saimem) : to shrug (rame- 
nima, one's shoulders) 

sazecl (sai.oi.em) : to burn 

sazvati (sazovem) : to convoke 

sazdatelj : m., creator 

sazdati : to create 

sazreti (-rim) : to ripen 

sajam : m., fair 

sajdzija : m., watch-maker, clock- 

sakloniti : to take care of ; Bo2e 
me sakloni ! May God help me ! 

sakriti (sakrijem) : to hide 

sakriti se : to hide oneself 

sakruSenje : n., contrition 

saksija : f., flower-pot 

saktijan : m., Morocco leather 

sakupiti, sakupljati : to collect, 

salamura : f., brine, pickle 

salata : f., salad 

salas : m., farm 

salevati.saliti, -lijem : to cast metal 

salep : m., a hot drink with honey 

salitra : f., saltpetre 

salo : n., f., at 

salfeta : f., napkin, serviette 

sam, -a, -o : pron., alone 

samar : m., pack-saddle 

samarusa : f., packing-needle 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James : i as g in measure ; j as y in IJOM j 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, <5, as ch in church ; u a-> oo 
io room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




samard2ija: m., pack-saddle maker san, sanan, -a, -o : adj., sleepy 

Bamati, -ta, -to : adj., the same i sandala : f., sandal 

samac (-mca) : m., bachelor, single sanduk : m., case, packing-case, 

man chest, trunk ; mrtvacki sanduk, 

samiti : to isolate m., coftiri 

samleti (sameljem) : to grind sanducic : in., box 

sanio : adv., only, alone sanice, sanke (-naka) : f., pi., sleigh, 

eamo da : conj., if only, provided sanljiv, sanjiv : adj., sleepy 

that ... j santa : f., icicle, block of ice 

same, na samo : tete-a-tete ! san6im : adv., almost, quasi 

samovar : m., samovar (Russian | sanjalac, sanjalo : m., dreamer 

water boiler) i sanja : f., sanje, n., dream 

Barnovla.stan, -tna, -tno : adj., ' sanjati : to dream 

arbitrary \ sanjarija : f., reverie 

Bamovlastnost : f., arbitrariness ' sanjavac : m., night-cap 
samovolja : f., obstinacy i sanjivost : f., somnolence 

eamovoljan, -ljua, -Ijno : adj., sanjkanje : n., sleigh-drive 

obstinate sanje'ice: f.. tobogan 

samoglasnik : m.. vowel saone, saoiiice, saoni : ., pi., 

samodrzac : m., autocrat sleigh 

samozivac, samoljubac : m., egoist saonik : m., sleigh road 
tsamozivnost : f., s>amoljublje, n., saopstiti : to communicate, to tell, 

egoism inform 

samoljuban, -bna, -bno, samolju- sape, sapi : f., pi., crupper 

biv : adj., egotistic sapirati: to clean, wr.ah 

eamostalan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., inde- sapun : m., soap ; rnirisljavi , 

pendent, autonomoxis scented soap 

sarnostalnost : f., independence, sapunati, -iti : to soap 


eapundSija : m., soap-boiler 

eamotan, -tna, -tno : adj., lonely, sapuiidzij nica : f., soap-works 
solitary sapunjav, -a, -o : adj., soapy 

samotinja, samotnost : f., solitude, saputnik : m., saputnica, f., tra- 

samoca : f., solitude 
samodovati : to live alone 
samoubistvo : h., suicide 
samoubica : m. and f., suicide 
samouprava : f., autonomy 

saraga : f., herring 
saradnik : m., collabor8,tor 
saradniStvo : n., collaboration 
earazmeran, -rna, -rno : adj., pro- 

samrt : f., death; biti na samrti, sarazmernost : f., proportion 

to be on one's death-bed 
f-amrtnost : f., mortality 
samsov : m., mastiff 
samur : m., sable 
eamurovina : f., sable-fur 
samcat, samcit : adj., quite alone 

saraj : m., seraglio, harem 

sarad : in., saddler 

sardina : f . , sardine 

aaruk : m., turban 

sasa : f., anemone 

sa svim : adv., entirely, all 

san (sna), sanak (sanka) : m.. sleep, j sasma : adv., absolutely 

dream ; u snu, in my sleep ; , sasred : adv., from the middle 

trgnuti se iz sna, to wake up sud- 

sastav : m., composition, con- 


Pronounce : dj, di, asj in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 



sastaviti, -Ijati : to unite, join to- 
gether, to compose 

sastanak (-nka) : m., meeting, re- 

sastojati se : to be composed of, 
consist of 

sastrag : adv., from behind 

sasud: m., vase 

sat : m., hour (dzepni), watch ; 
(zidni), clock ; (ufienja), lesson ; 
(puta), 3 miles ; naviti sat, to 
wind up ; stao mi sat, my watch 
has stopped ; moj sat ide 
napred, my watch is fast, gains ; 
moj sat zaostaja, my watch is 
slow, loses ; koliko je sati ? 
what is the time ? 

sat (meda) : m., honey-comb 

sati (sem) : to suck 

satrti (-trem) : to pulverize 

sa6ura : f., bread-basket 

saucestnik : m., accomplice 

sau6e6e : n., participation 

sahan : v., san 

sahat : v., sat 

sahraniti : to bury, inter 

sahranj ivan j e : n., burial, funeral 

sa6ma : f., shot 

safiuvati : to keep, preserve ; Boze 
saSuvaj ! God forbid ! 

sadzak : m., tripod 

sadzija : m., watch-maker, clock- 

sva : v., sav 

svagda : adv., always 

svagde : adv., everywhere 

svadba : f., wedding ; srebrna 
zlatna, svadba, silver, golden 

svadbeni, -a, -o : adj., nuptial 

avadja, svadnja : f., quarrel 

svaja : f., sister-in-law (sister 

svak : m., brother-inJaw (wife's 

svak, -a, -o : pron., every, every 

one, everybody 
svakacl : adv., always 
vakako : adv., in any case 

svaki, -a, -o : pron., every, every 

one, everybody 
svakovrstan, -tna, -tno : adj., of 

all sorts 

svakoji, -ja, -je : pron., each 
svakuda : adv., everywhere 
svanutak : m., svanuce, n., dawn 
svanuti (-nem), svanjivati : to 

svast, svastika : f., sister-in-law 

wife's sister) 
svat : m., wedding- guest 
svatovi : m., pi., wedding 
svatovati : to be at a wedding 
svaca : f., sister-in-law (sister ol 

brother's wife) 
sva&ji, -ja, -je : pron., of each 
svaSta : adv., of all sorts 
svedok : m., witness 
svedoSanstvo : n., svedodzba, f., 
testimony, attestation, certificate, 
svedo6enje : n., testimony 
svedofiiti : to testify, bear witness, 

give evidence 
svez, -a, -e : adj., fresh, cool, recent 
svezina, sveinost : f., freshness 
sveza : f., conjunction 
svezak (sveska) : m., copy-book, 

svejedno : adv., it does not matter, 

it's all the same 

svekar : m., father-in-law (hus- 
band's father) 

svekoliko : adv., all together 
svekrva : f., mother-in-law (hus- 
band's mother) 

svemogu6i, -6a, -ce : adj., all- 

svemo6an, -6na, 6110 : all -powerful 
sveopSti, -ta, -to : adj., universal. 

sverep, -a, -o, svirep : adj., cruol, 


sverepost : f., cruelty, barbarity 
sveska : f., copy-book 
svesrdno : adv., cordially 
svest : f., conscience ; mr6i rni 
svest, my head is going round 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u an oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; 5 as ah in shout. 




svestan, -stna, -stno, -sna, -sno : 
adj., conscientious, prudent 

svesti (svedem) : to lead down ; 
svesti o6i, to shut one's eyes 

Bvestran, -a, -o : adj., universal 

svet : m., council 

svet : m., world, universe, people, 
crowd, public, daylight 

vet, -a, -o : adj., saintly, holy, 

Bvetao,-tla,-tlo : adj.,brilliant,bright 

svetac (sveca) : m., saint 

sveti : m., festival of patron-saint 
of a family 

svetilnik : m., lighthouse 

svetilo : n., light 

svetina : f., crowd, people 

svetinja : f., holy thing 

Bvetinjak : m., saint, holy-man 

Bvetinjica : f., reliquary 

svetiti : to bless 

svetiti se : to take vengeance 

svetkovanje: n., celebration 

svetkovati : to celebrate 

svetkovina : f., festival 

svetliti : to shine 

svetlost : f., light, Highness 

svetnjak : m., candlestick, chande- 

svetovan, -vna, -vno : adj., lay 

svetovati : to advise 

svetovnjak : m., layman 

svetost : f . , holiness 

svetski : adj., worldly, universal 

sve6a : f., candle 

svecenik : m., priest 

svecenje : n., benediction, blessing 

svednjak : m., candlestick 

sveuciliste : n., university 

svecani, -na, -no: adj., solemn, 

eveCanik, sveCani dan : festival, 
saints' day 

svecanost : f., solemnity, festival 

sveSten, -a, -o : adj., holy, blessed 

sveStenik : m., priest, pope 

BveStenic'ki : adj., ecclesiastical 

svestenodejstvovati : to celebrate 

sveStenski : adj., sacerdotal 
; sveStenstvo : n., priesthood 

svibanj : m., May 

svijati : to fold 

svila : f., silk 

svilana : f., spinning silk 

svilar : m., silk-spinner, silk-mer- 

svilara : f., silk-mill 

svilen, -a, -o : adj., silken silk 

svinja : f., pig, sow ; divlja svinja, 
wild boar 

svinjar : m., pig-herd 

svinjarija : f., beastliness, filthiness 

svinjarstvo : n., pig, breeding 

svinjac : m., pig-sty 

svinjetina : f., pork 

svinjeci, svinjski : adj., of pigs 

svinjc'e : n., hog, swine 

svioni, -na, -no : adj., silken 

svirajka, sviraljka : f., flute, whistla 

svirati : to play (the piano, violin, 

8vira6 : m., musician 

svirka : f., music, whistle 

svod : m., vault, arch 

svodan, -dna, -dno : adj., vaulted 

svoj, -a, -e, svoji, -e, -a : pron., my, 
thine, his, hers, ours, yours, 
their ; ja imam svoj, ti imas svoj, 
on ima svoj SeSir itd . . ., I 
have my hat, you have your hat, 
he has his hat, etc. . . . 

svojina : f., property 

svota : f., total amount 

svrab : m., itching 

svraka : f., magpie 

svratiti : to stay (at an inn, etc.), 
put up 

svrafiak : m., ortolan 

svrbeti (-bim) : to itch 

svrdao (svrdla) : n., drill, gimlet 

svraen, -a, -o : adj., finished, accom- 

svrSetak : m., achievement 

svriti : to finish, achieve, accom- 

svud, svuda, svukud : adv., every- 

Pronounce : dj, dt, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in ro'im ; h as cA in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 



svu6i se (svudem.) : to undress, take j seljanka, seljakusa : f., peasant 


seljadki : adj., 
rustic, rural 

peasant, village, 


se : pron., self 

sebe : pron., self, myself, himself, 

sebi : pron. (dative), to myself, etc. 

sever : m., north 

severni, -na, -no : adj., northern 

severno : adv., in the north 

severnjae'a : the pole-star 

sed, -a, -o : adj., grey 

sedalo : n., perch 

sedam : num. seven 

sedamdeset : num. seventy 

sedamnaest : num. seventeen 

sedati : to sit, to take a chair, seat, 
to perch (o suncu, of the sun), to 

sedeti (sedim) : to live, lodge, to be 

sediti (sedim) : to turn grey 

sedef : m., mothor-of -pearl 

sedefast: adj., mother-of-pearl 

sedilac : m., inhabitant 

sedite : n., seat 

sedlar : m., saddler 

sedlati : to saddle 

sedlo : n., saddle 

sedrni, -ma, -mo : the seventh 

sedmina : f., seventh 

sedmica : f., seven, week 

sedmic'ni : adj., weekly 

sednica : f . , session, sitting 

sednuti : to sit down 

sedobrad, -a, -o : adj., grey-bearded 

seiz : m., groom, orderly 

seja, seka : f., sister 

sejalica : f., a drill (for sowing corn) 

sejati (sejem) : to sow, to sieve 

sejaS : m., a sower 

sekira : f., axe, hatchet 

sekirati se : to worry oneself 

sekretar : m., secretary 

selidba : f., removal 

seliti : to populate 

seliti se : to remove (change resi- 

selo : n., village 

aeljak, seljakanin : m., peasant 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 8 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c aa ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 

sem : prep. , besides, save, excepting 

seme (semena) : n., seed, grain 

semenje : n., seeds, grain 

sen : m., scna, f., shadow, shade 

senat : m., senate 

senator : in., senator 

senica : f., arbour, summer-house 

senka : f., v. sen 

seno : n., hay 

senpkos : m., -ko5a : f., mowing 

senjak : m., hay-loft (or barn) 

seoba : f., emigration, removal 

seoski : adj., rustic, rural, village 

septembar : m., September 

sesti (sednem) : to sit down 

sestra : f., sister 

sestrin : adj., of a sister 

sestrinski : adj., sisterly 

sestrid : m., nephew (son of sister) 

sestriSina : f., niece (daughter of 


seta : f., melancholy, sadness 
set an. -tna, -tno : adj., melancholic, 


setiti se, sedati se : to remember 
setovati : to become melancholic 
se6anje : n., remembrance, sou- 


se6ati : to recall 
se6i (sefiem), secati : to cut 
secavac : m., cut-up cabbage 
seckati : to chop up 
sedanj : m., January 
se6ivo : n., blade, cutting instru- 


siv, -a, -o: adj., grey 
siguran, -rna, -rno : 

sigurnost : f., safety, security, sure- 


sidrati : to anchor 
sidro : n., anchor 
sila : f., strength, power, vio- 

silaianje : n., silazak, m., desc?nt, 

adj., sure, 



going down ; a prestola, abdi- 

silaziti : to come, go, walk, climb 
down, descend 

eilan, -Ina, -Ino, sileni : adj., power- 
fid, strong 

eilimice : adv., by force 

eiliti : to force 

silovanje: n., violation, rape 

eilovati : to violate, rape 

silom, silomice : adv., by force 

simbol : m., symbol 

simit : m., white bread 

sims : m., cornice 

eimsija : f., pipe (to smoke) 

Bin : m., son 

sinak, sincic : m., little son, little 

fiiniti : to adopt 

Binovac (-vca) : m., nephew (bro- 
ther's son) 

einovica : f., niece (brother's 

sinski : adj., filial 

einor : m., limit 

sinoriti : to limit 

eino6 : adv., last night 

sindzir : m., chain 

einjav, sinjast, sinji : adj., greyish 

sipa : f., cuttle-fish 

sipljiv, -a, -o : adj., asthmatic 

eipnja : f., asthma 

sir : m., cheese 

sirak (-rka) : m., orphan 

siriti : to make cheese 

siriti se : to curdle 

sirnica : f., cheese-dairy 

eirov, -a, -o : adj., raw, crude 

sirovina : f., raw produce 

siromah : m., siromasak, m., poor 

siromasan, -na, -sno : adj., poor, 

siromasica : f., poor woman 

eiromaski : adj., poor 

siromasnost : f., siromastina, f., 
siromaStvo, poverty, indigence 

irotan : m., sirotfe, n., orphan boy, 

sirotan, -tna, -tno : adj., orphaned, 


sirotinja : f., poverty, poor people 
sirotica : f., orphan girl 
sirocad : f ., orphans 
sirde : n. (ocat, octa, m.) vinegar 
sisa : f., breast, nipple 
sisak : m., mouth-piece 
sisaljka: f., sucking-bottle (for 


sisanje : n., sucking 
sisati (sisam, sisem ) : to suck 
sit, -a, -o : adj., satiated, satisfied, 

sita : f., reed 
sitan, -tna, -tno : adj., small, tiny, 

sitan novae : m., small change, 


sititi : to satiate, have enough 
sitnica : f., trifle, bagatelle 
sitnicar : m., dealer in old curiosi- 

sito : n., sieve 
sitost : f., satiety, repletion 
sidan, -6na, -6no : adj., v., sit 
sidi (sidjem) : to get down, alight 
sican : m., arsenic 
sjajan, -jna, -jno : adj., brilliant, 


sjajati se (sjajim se) : to shine 
sjanost : f., brilliance, splendour, 


sjahati (sjaem) : to dismount 
sjediniti : to unite, join together 
sjedinjenje: n., union, reunion 
ekazaljka : f., hand (of a watch, etc.) 
skakavac : m., grasshopper 
skakavica : f., stock-lock 
skakati (skacem): to jump, bound 
skakutati : to hop, jump 
skameniti se : to petrify 
skaska : f., tale, story 
skela : f., ferry, ferry-boat 
skelarina : f., freight, freighting 
skele : f., pi., scaffold, scaffolding 
skelet : m., skeleton 
skeledzija : m., ferry-man 

orphan skcrletan, -tna, -tno: adj., scarlet 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as _;' in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; d, 6, as ch in church ; u as 00 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout. 




skidati, skinuti (-iicm) : to take off, 
undress, to take down ; skiuuli 
kapu, to take off one's cap 

skiptar : m., sceptre 

skitalac, skitalica, skitalo : m , 

skitnica, f., 

tramp, vagabond, 

skitanje : n., skitnja, f., vagrancy, 

skitati se : to tramp, ramble, rove 

skica : f., sketch 

skicirati : to sketch, draw 

sklad : m., agreement, harmony 

skladiste : n., warehouse, store 

sklata : f., fool, dupe 

sklenica : f., tumbler, glass 

Bklenifar : m., glazier 

sklib : m., grimace 

sklibiti : to make grimaces (faces) 

sklizak, skliska, -sko : adj., slippery, 

sldizaljka : f., slide, ice-run 

sklizati, -znuti : to slip, slide 

skloniti : to take care of 

sklopiti : to compose, join ; 
ruke, to fold one's hands ; ne 
sklopiti oCi cele noci, not to close 
one's eyes the whole night 

skob : m., shock 

skobiti : to meet 

skovati : to forge, rivet 

skok : m., jump 

nkoncati : to end, finish 

skorasnji, -ja, -je: adj., recent 

ekorim : adv., shortly 

skoriti : to hurry, hasten 

skoro : adv., soon, shortly 

skorpija : f., scorpion 

skorup : m., cream 

skot : m., cattle 

skotski: adj., brutal 

skoclti : to jump, leap 

skratiti, skracivati : to shorten 

skrinja : f., cupboard 

skriti, skrivati : to hide 

skrnaviti : to profane 

skrob : m., starch 

skrobiti : to starch 

skrobut : m., clematis 

skrov : m. f skroviste, n., shelter, 

skroman, -mna, -mno : adj. t 
modest, discreet 

skromnost : f., modesty, discretion 

skruSen, -a, -o : adj., penitent, con- 

skruenost :f., contrition, penitence 

skuba : f., house-keeper 

skup : m., meeting, assembly 

skup, -a, -o : adj., dear, expensive 

skupo : adv., dear, expensive 

skupa : adv., together 

skupiti, skupljati : to meet together, 

skupost, skupoca : f., dearness, 

skupocen, -a, -o : adj., precious, 

skupstina : f., parliament, assembly 

skupstinar : m., deputy, member 
of parliament 

skupstinski : adj., parliamentary 

skut : m., skirt (of a coat) 

slab, -a, -o, slabafiak, -Ska, -6ko : 
adj., weak, delicate, infirm, fragile 

slabiti : to weaken, reduce 

slabo : adv., weakly, little, rarely 

slabodusan, -sna, -siio : adj., faint- 

slabodusnost : f., pusillanimity 

slabo krvan, -vna, -vno : adj., anae- 

slabomocan, -cna, -6no : adj., weak, 

elabost : f., weakness 

slabouraan, -mna, -mno : adj., im- 
becile, idiotic, weak-minded 

slaboumlje : n., slaboumnost, f., 
imbecility, idiocy 

slava : f., glory, renown, fame, 
patron saint's day of Serbian 

slavan, -vna, -vno : adj., famous, 
glorious, illustrious, renowned 

slavina : f., tap 

slaviti : to celebrate, glorify, praise 

slavi6 : m., slavja, f., slavuj, m., 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 



slavoluk : m., triumphal arch 
slavoljuban, -bna, -bno, slavolju- 

biv : adj., ambitious 
slavoljubivost : f., slavoljublje, n., 

slagati (slaiem) : to compose, put 


elagati (slaZem) : to lie, deceive 
slagac : m., compositor (print- 

slad : m., malt 

sladak, -dka, -dko : adj., sweet 
sladiti : to sweeten 
sladoled : m., ice (cream) 
sladost : f., sweetness 
slama : f., straw 
slamen, slaman, -mna, -mno : adj., 


alamka, slacica : f., tube, pipe 
slamnica, slamnjaSa : f., straw- 
mattress, palliasse 

slan, -a, -o : adj., salted 
slana : f., white-frost, hoar-frost 
slanik : m., slanica, f., salt-cellar, 

slanina : f., bacon 

slankamen : m., rock-salt 

slap : in., water-fall 

slast : f., sweetness, delight 

slati (saljem) : to send, send off 

slati po : to send for 

slatina : f., salt-spring 

slatkis : m., dessert, tit-bits 

slatko : n., jam, preserves 

slacica : f., mustard 

slegati (sleiem) ramenima, to slmig 
one's shoulders 

sled : m., track 

slediti : to follow, imitate, to result 

filediti se : to freeze 

sledovati : to follow, to result 

sledstven : adj., consequent, result- 

ledstveno : adv., consequently 

eledstvenost : f., consequence, re- 


slepaCki : adj. and adv., blindly. 


slepeti (-pirn) : to become blind 
slepilo : n., slepota, f., slepost, f., 

slepo6a, f., blindness 
slepiti : to blind 
slepiea : f., blind woman 
sliv : m., basin (of a river) 
sliva : f., plum, prune 
slivati se : to flow into 
slika : f., portrait, picture, photo- 

slikanje : n., painting, photography 
slikati : to paint, draw, photograph 
slina : f., snot, phlegm, saliva 
slinav, -a, -o : adj., snotty 
aliniti : to dribble, weep 
slican, -5na, -cno : adj., alike, 


slifinost : f., similarity, resem- 

sloboda : f., freedom, liberty 
Slobodan, -dna, -dno : adj., free, 

exempt, permitted, allowed, 


sloboditi : to encourage 
slobodica : f., freedom, liberty 
slobodno : adv., freely, come in ! 
slobodournnost : f., slobodoumlje, 

n., liberalism 

slovar, slovnik : m., dictionary 
slovo : n., letter, character ; veliko 

slovo, capital letter ; malo slovo, 

small letter 
slog : m., syllable 
sloga : f., unity, accord 
slozan, -zna, -zno : adj., united 
slozen, -a, -o : adj., complicated, 

sloziti : to unite, put together, 

sloziti se : to agree with, to unite 

with : adv., unitedly 
sloinost : f., v., sloga 

suit j slom : m., break, breakage 

lep, -a, -o : adj., blind ; slepi mi, ! slomiti : to break, smash 

m., bat ; slepo oko, n., temple 
slepac (-pea) : m., blind man 

slon : m., elephant 
slonova kost : f., ivory 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 4 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u a-s oc 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cate : as sh in shout. 



slota : f., sleet 
sluga : m., servant, lackey 
sluzavka : f., servant-girl, maid 
eluzavnik : m., tray, waiter 
sluzba : f., service, employment 
sluzben, -a, -o : adj., official 
eluzben, -ik : m., -ica, f., servant 
sluzbenost : f., obligingness 
sluzitelj : m., servant 
eluZiti : to serve, to v.-ork for, to be 
useful for ; sluzbu, to cele- 
brate mass 

sluziti se : to help oneself 
sluz : f., mucus, white of egg 
sluzokoiica : f., mucous membrane 
lutiti : to foresee, have a presenti- 

elutnja : f., presentiment 
eluh : m., hearing 
sluSaj : m., chance, event 
sluSajni, -na, -no : adj., accidental, 

casual, occasional 
Bludajno : adv., accidentally, by 

chance, by accident 
elufiajnost : f., event, chance 
slu6iti se : to happen 
slusatelj : m., hearer, listener 
sluiati : to listen, hear, obey 
sluice (-Seta) : n., boy-servant, 


emak (m.) sveta : end of the world 
ematrati : to estimate, notice, ob- 

emac : m., appetite 
smej : v., smeh, m., laugh 
smejanje : n., laughter, laugh 
Bmejati se (-Jem se) : to laugh; 
glasno. to roar with laughter ; 
u brk kome, to laugh in any 
one's face ; u sebi, to oneself, 
in one's sleeve 

emelost : f., boldness, audacity 
smena : f., change (the guard) 
emenjivati : to change (relieve) the 

emeo, smela, smelo : adj., bold, 

erneran. -rna, 

rno : adj., modest, 

smernost : f., humility, modesty 
smesta : adv., immediately, on th 


smesti (smetem) : to hinder, em- 
smetati (smetam) : to hinder, stop, 

smeten, -a, -o : adj., confused, lost. 

strayed, muddled 
ameti (smem): to dare, to be 

allowed, to have permission 

(right) ; ne smeti, not to bo 

allowed, not to dare 
smetnja : f., obstacle, hindrance, 

difficulty, trouble 
smeh : m., laugh, laughter ; urn- 

reti od smeha, to die of laughter 
smean, -na, -sno : adj. .mixed 
smeSan, -sna, -sno : adj., laughable, 

ridiculous, amusing 
smesati : to mix 
emesenje : n., smile 
smesiti se : to smile 
smeSljiv : adj., laughing, jolly 
smilovati (-lujem): to be sorry for 
smiren, -a, -o : adj., modest, humble 
smirnost : f., modesty 
smiriti : to calm, soothe, pacify 
smirna : f., myrrh 
smisao (sinisla) : signification, sense, 


smisliti.smisljati : to imagine, invent 
smisljaj : m., invention, discovery 
smok : m., anything eaten with 

bread, butter, cheese, etc. 
smokva : f., fig 
smola : f., pitch, resin 
smolav, -a, -o, smolast : adj., pitch, 


smotka : f., cigarette 
smotra : f., review 
smotrenost : f., prudence, caution 
smrad : m., bad smell, stink 
smradan, -dna, -dno : adj., stinking 
smrdeti (-dim) : to stink, smell 


smrde6, smrdljiv : adj., stinking 
smrdljivac : m., smrdljivica, f., a 

stinking person 

Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




smreka : f., juniper 

smrz, -avati se, -nuti se (-nem se) : 
to freeze 

smrt : f., death 

smrtan, -tna, -tno : adj., mortal 

smuk : m., serpent 

smuta : f., snow weather, snow- 

smntnja : f., trouble 

snaga : f., strength, vigour, waist 

Bnazan, ina, -zno : adj., strong, 

snaziti : to strengthen, fortify 

spavanje : n., sleep, repose 
spavati : to sleep 
spava, -6i, -ca, -ce : adj., sleeping 
spavada kola : f., sleeping-car 
spavad : m., spavaciea, f., sleeper 
spaljivanje : n., combustion; 

(mrtvaca), cremation 
spanac : m., spinach 
sparivanje : n., match, pair, couple 
sparivati, spariti: to match, ooii^e, 


spas : m., salvation, eternal happi- 

snaha : f., daughter-in-law, sister- i spasavanje, spasenje : n., salvation, 

in-law (brother's wife) 

sneg : m., snow 

enegovit, -a, -o : adj., snow-clad 

sneian, -ina, -ino : adj., snowy 

sneienje : n., snow-fall 

snez iti : to snow 

sneinik, sneznjak : m., snow- 

snizak, -zka, -zko : adj., low 

snova i adv., afresh, again 

snova : f., snutak, m., chain 

snop : m., sheaf, bundle 

BO (soli) : f., salt ; morska, kamena. 
kuhinska ; sea, rock, kitchen 

soba : f., room 

sobar : m., valet 

sobarica : f., chamber-maid 

sova : ., owl 

sovra : f., dinner-table 

soda : f., soda 

sojka : f., jay 

sok : m., juice, syrup 

sokak : m., street 

soko (sokola) : m., falcon 

solar : m., salt merchant 

soldat : m., soldier 

soliti : to salt 

soljana : f., salt making 

somun : m., loaf 

sorta : f., sort, kind 

* >tona : f., Satan, devil 

sofa : f., sofa 

sofra : f., dinner-table 

Bocan, -Sna, -6no : adj., juicy 

soiivo : n., lentil 

i spasavati : to save, rescue, deliver 

spasavati se : to escape 

spasitelj : m., the Saviour 

Spasovdan : m.,Spasovo, n., Ascen- 
sion Day 

spasonosan, -ana, -sno : adj., salu- 

spasti (spadnem) : to fall, decline 

spasti (spasem) : save, deliver 

spati (spim) : to sleep 

speno : adv., quickly 

spisak : m., list, catalogue, table, 
register, inventory 

spisatelj : m., author 

spisati (spiSem) : to compose, write 

spica : f., spoke 

splav : m., raft 

spletka : f., intrigue 

spletkar, spletkas : m., spletkaMea, 
f., intriguer, schemer 

spletkariti : to intrigue, scheme 

spol : m., sex 

spolni : adj., sexual 

spol j a : adv., outside 

spoljas, -nji, -nja, -nje : external 

spoljaSnjost : f., exterior 

spomen : remembrance, memory 

spomenik : m., monument 

spomenica : f., memoir, album 

spomenuti (-nem) : to mention 

spor : m., law-suit 

spor, -a, -o : adj., slow 

sporazum : m., understanding, 

Pronounce : dj, di. as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as o* 
in room , h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 5 as sh in shout. 




sporazumeti se : to agree with 

spored : prep., by the side of, next 

sporedan, -dna, -dno : adj., acces- 
sory, secondary 

sporo : adv., slowly 

sposoban, -bna, -bno: adj., capable, 

sposobnost : f., aptitude, capability, 

spraviti, spravljati : to prepare 

sprat : m., floor (first floor, etc.) 

spraSiti : to dust 

sprva : adv., firstly 

sprema : f., preparation 

spreman, -inna, -mno : adj., ready, 

spremati, spremiti : to prepare 

sprovod : m., escort, convoy, 
funeral procession 

sprovoditi : to accompany, escort 

sprud : m., sand-bank 

spufcva : f., sponge 

erazmera, srazmernost : f., propor- 


gram : m. 

modesty ; 


rna, -rno : adj., pro- 
shame, disgrace, 
biti sram, to be 
to blush ; izgubiti 

svaki srain, to lose all sense of 

sraman, -mna, -mno : adj., shame- 

ful, disgraceful, shy, infamous 
sraniez : m., v., sram 
sramezljiv : adj., shy, bashful 
Bramezljivost : f., chastity, modesty, 

srarniti se : to be ashamed, blush 

; not a 

f., shame, infamy, dis- 

eramotan, -tna, -tno : adj., shame- 

srditi (-dim) : to make angry, 

annoy, irritate 
srditi se : to get angry 
srditost : f., anger 
srdobolja : f., dysentery 
srdjela : f., sardine 
srebriti : to silver 
srebrn : adj., silver 
srebro, -a : n., silver 
srebroljubac (-ljupca): m., miser 
sred : prep., in the middle of ; po , 

through ; u sred, in the centre of 
sreda : f., Wednesday, middle ; 

cista sreda, Ash-Wednesday 
sredina : f., middle, centre, crumb 

(of bread), medium 
srediSte : n., centre 
srediStnji, -ja, -je : adj., central 
srednjak : m., sredja, f., middle 

srednji, -ja, -je : adj., average, 

mean, middle 

sredozemni : adj., Mediterranean 
sredstvo : n., means, resource 
sredstvom : adv., by means of 
srez : m., district 
sreski : adj., district 
sreski nadelnik : m., sub-prefect 
sresti (sretnem) : to meet 
sretan : adj., v., sredan 
sretanje : n., meeting 
sretati : v., sresti 
Sretenije : n., Visitation 
sreda : f., happiness, luck, good 

luck, good fortune 
sre6an, -dna, -dno : adj., happy, 

successful, contented 
sre6i (sreknem, sredem) : to spell 
sre6ka : f., lottery ticket 
sredno : adv., luckily, happily, all 

srz : f., src, m., marrow 

ful, disgraceful, infamous 
srati (serem) : to rear (to have a 

erdadan, -6na, -cno : adj., hearty, 

cordial, sincere, affectionate 
srdadnost : f., cordiality, affection 
ardit, -a, -o : adj., angry 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y oin you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as eh in loch ; c as ts in cuts ; 6 aa ah in shout. 

sricati (sriem) : to spell 

srk : m., sip 

srkati (srdem) : to sip 

srna : f., roe, doe, roebuck 

sriidak, srndad : m., roebuck 

srnde : n., fawn 

srnetina : f., venison 




srodan, -dna, -dno : adj., related 

srodnik : m., srodnica, f., relation 

srodstvo : n., srodnost, f., relation- 

srp : m., sickle, reaping-hook 

srpanj : m., July 

sruSiti : to destroy, demolish 

srce : n., heart; preko srca, un- 
willingly ; tvrda area, hard- 

src : in., oak 

srfian, -6na, -6no : adj., brave, 

srSanost : f., courage, bravery 

stablo : n., trunk, stalk 

stabljika : f., stalk 

staviti, stavljati : to put, place 

stado : n., flock (of sheep) 

staza, stazica : f., path 

staja : f., room, shed 

stajati (-Jem) : to stand, step on 

stajati (stojim) : to stand 

staklar : m., glazier 

staklara : f., glasa-works 

staklen, -a, -o : adj., glass, glazed 

staklenica : f., glass bottle, de- 

staklo : n., glass 

Btaklo-rezac : m., glass-cutter 

atalan, -Ina, -Ino : adj., constant, 
permanent, steady, continual 

stalez : m., class, order 

etalnost : f., permanency, con- 

Stan : m., house, lodging, dwelling 

Btanica : f., station 

Btanovati (stanujem) : to live, stay, 
dwell, remain 

stanoviste : n., standpoint 

stanovnik : m., inhabitant 

stanovnistvo : n., population 

stanje : n., state, condition, posi- 

Btap : m., stick 

star, -a, -o : adj., old, aged, antique 

staratelj : m., guardian 

starateljstvo : n., guardianship, care 

starati se, stareti : to grow old, to 
take care of, look after 

starac (-rca) : m., old man, father- 
in-law (wife's father) 
staresina : m., chief, head, director 
stariji : adj., comp., older 
starina : f., antiquity, age 
starinar : m., antiquary 
starinski : adj., ancient, antique 
starica : f., old woman 
starosedilac : m., aborigine, native 
starost : f., age, old age 
stas : m., stature, build, height 
stati (stanem) : to put, step on, 


stvar : f., thing, object, business 
stvaran, -rna, -rno : adj., real, true, 


stvarati, stvoriti : to make, create 
stvarnost : f., reality 
stvor : m., stvorenje, n., being, 


stvoritelj : m., creator 
steg : m., banner, standard 
stegnuti(stegnem) : squeeze, pinch, 

lace up 

steznik : m., corset 
stena : f., stenjak, m., rock 
stenica : f., bug 
stenj, stenjak : m., wick 
stepen : m., step, degree 
stepenica : f., staircase, stairs 
stignuti : to reach, arrive 
stid : m., bashfulness, modesty, 

stidan, -dna, -dno : adj., bashful, 


stideti se : to be ashamed, blush 
| stidljiv : adj., shy, bashful, 


stidljivost : f., shyness, shame 
8ti6i (stignem) : to reach 
8tih : m., verse 
sto : num. hundred ; oko sto, about 

a hundred 
sto (stola) : table 
stovariSte : n., warehouse, store 
stog : m., haystack 
stozer : m., pole 
stojati (stojim) : to stand up, to 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




stoka : f., herd 

stolar : m., carpenter 

stolac : m., seat 

stolede : n., century 

stolica : f., chair, stool 

stomak : m., stomach 

stopa : f., foot 

stopalo : n., sole of foot 

stotinas : m., captain 

sto<5ar : m., cattle-breeder 

Btocarstvo : n., cattle breeding 

stradalac (stradaoca) : m., sufferer 

Btrada'ii : to suffer 

Btraza : f., guard 

Btrazar : m., sentry, guard 

strnzara : f., sentry-box 

smizariti: to patrol, guard 

stran, -a, -o : adj., foreign 

strana : f., side, page, face 

atranac (-nca) : m., foreigner 

etranka : f., party (parliamentary) 

strast : f., passion, anger, rage 

strastan: tna, -tno : adj., passionate 

strah : m., fear, terror 
strahovati : to fear, be afraid 
strahovit : adj., awful, horrible 
strahota : f., terror 
strahotan, -tna, -tno : adj., awful, 

stra^an, -3na, -5no : adj., frightful, 


StraSan sud : m., the Last Judg- 

straSljiv: adj., afraid, timid 
strasljivost : f ., fear, cowardice 
straSilo : n., scarecrow 
strasiti : to frighten, terrify 
sirela : f., arrow 

strelac : m., sharp-shooter, hunter 
streliste : n., butts, shooting-gallery 
streljati: to shoot 
stremen, strmen : m., stirrup 
strike : m., uncle 
strina : f., aunt (wife of father's 


etric : m., uncle (father's brother) 
stri6ak : m., thistle 
Btrm, strmen, -it : adj., steep, 

Pronounce : dj, di, as^' in James 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opin\ 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as fc in 

strmen : m., strmenica, f., steep 

strog, -a, -o : adj., strict, severe 

strogost : f., severity 

strop : m., ceiling 

strpeti se (-pirn se) : to be patient 

strpljiv, -a, -o : adj., patient 

strpljivost : f., patience 

strugar : m., sawyer, turner 

strugati (struzem) : to saw, plans 

strugafi : m., scraper 

strugafia : f., plane 

strugotina : f., shavings 

st.ruznica : f., saw-mill 

struja : f., current (electric, sea) 

struna : f., cord, horse-hair 

strcalica, strcaljka : f., syringe, 

stub : m., column, pillar 

stuba : f., stube, f., pi., steps 

stud, studen : f., cold 

studau, -dna, -dno, studen, -a, -o t 
adj., cold 

studenac (-nca) : m., well 

studeni : m., November 

studenica : f., well-water, cold 

studeti (-di) : to be cold (weather) 

stupa : f., mortar 

stupanj : m., step 

stupati : to walk, step 

su : prep., with, by 

subota : f., Saturday 

suv, -a, -o : adj., dry 

suvad : m., shavings 

suvisak (-ska) : m., surplus 

suvisan, -na, -Sno : adj., super- 

suvie : adv., too much 

suvisnost : f., superfluity 

suvremen, -a, -o : adj., contem- 

sud : m., court of justice, tribunal, 
vase, utensil, vessel 

sudac, sudija : m., judge 

sudba, sudbina : f., destiny, fat* 

sudijski, sudski : adj., judicial 

sudionica : f., court 

suditi : to judge 

sudnica : f., court of law, tribunal 

; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
on : 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 




sudjen, -a, -o : adj., fatal 

suza : f., tear ; suze roniti, to shed 
tears ; okupan u suzama, bathed 
in tears ; sa suznim o6ima, with 
tears in the eyes 

suziti : to shed tears 

sujeverje : n., superstition 

sujeveran, -rna, -rno : adj., super- 

sujeta, sujetnost : f., vanity 

sujetan, -tna, -tno : adj., vain 

suknar : m., draper 

suknen, -a, -o : adj., material, cloth 

sukno : n., stuff, cloth, material 

suknja : f., skirt, petticoat 

sukrivac (-vca) : m., accomplice 

sultan : m., sultan 

sultana, sultanija : f., sultana 

sulundar : m., stove-pipe 

suma : f., sum, total 

sumnja : f., doubt, suspicion 

sumnjati : to suspect, doubt 

Bumnjiv, -a, -o : adj., suspicious, 

sumnjivost : f., doubt, indecision 

umoran, -rna, -rno : adj., sombre, 

sumpor : in., sulphur 

sumrak : m., gloaming, twilight 

sunet : m., circumcision 

sunetiti : to circumcise 

sundjer : m., sponge 

sunce : n., sun 

sunco, -gled, -kret : m., sun-flower 

sundanik : m., sundial 

sunSanica : f., sunstroke 

suuc'ev, -a, -o : adj., solar 

suparnik : m., adversary 

supotpis : m., subscription 

suprotnost : f., opposition 

suprug : m., husband 

supruga : f., wife 

surudzija : m., postillion 

sused : m., suseda, f., neighbour 

susedan, -dna, -dno : adj., neigh- 

susedstvo : n., neighbourhood 

susetka : f., neighbour 

susnezica : f., sleet 
suteska : f., defile, narrow pass 
Isutlija: f., sutlija*, m., rice and 

sutra : adv., to-morrow ; rano 
to-morrow morning ; u vete, 
to-morrow evening 
! sutradan : adv., the next day 

sutrasnji, -a, -e : adj., of to-morrow 

sutuk : in., antidote 

suh, -a, -o : adj., dry, thin ; suho 
zlato, pure gold ; suha bolest, 
phthisis, consumption ; suho 
vode, dried fruit 

suhonjav, -a, -o : adj., dry, thin 

suhota, suhoda : f., dryness, drought 

sudzuk : m., jelly 

susa : f., dryness, drought 

susan, -dna, -sno : adj., dry 

susiti : to dry, smoke (meat, etc.) 

susiea : f., phthisis, consumption 

suSti, -a, -o : adj., true, real, the 

suStina : f., existence, reality 

ta : couj., then 

ta : pi., te, pron., this, these 

tabak : m., sheet of paper 

tabakera : f., snuff-box 

taban : m., sole of the foot 

tabla : f., blackboard 

tablica : f., tablet, slate 

tabor : m., camp 

tavan : m., ceiling, loft, attic 

tavan, -vna, -vno : adj., dark 

tavnik : m., mine 

T, T 

tad, -a, -ar : adv., then 

tazbina : f., step-parents, step- 
father's house 

taze : adv., fresh 

tain : m., ration of bread 

taj, ta, to: pi., ti, te, ta, pron., 
this, these 

tajan, -jna, -jno : adj., secret 

tajanstvo : n., secret, mystery 
tajanstven : adj., mysterious 

Pronounce : dj, d4, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as ah in shout. 




tajanstvenost : f., mystery tantuz : m., counter (playing) 

tajko : rn., papa I tancati : to dance 

tajna, tajnost : f., secret, mystery ! tanj ir : m., plate 

tajni : adj., v., taj an 

tajnik : m., secretary 

taj no : adv., secretly 

tak : m., billiard-cue 

tak, -av, -va, -vo : pron., such, like j taraba : f., plank 

takmac : m., rival tas : m., cup 

takmica : f.,takmi6enje,n., rivalry, | tast : m., father-in-law 
competition father) 

takmiti se : to rival 

tako : adv., so, if, then, thus 

takodje, takodjer : conj., also 

taksa : f., tax 

talambas : m., timbal, kettle- 

tu las : m., wave 

taonda : adv., day after to-morrow 
taostvo : n., hostage 
tapetar : m., upholsterer 
tara : f., tare 


tata : m., tatica, f., papa 
tatarin : m., messenger, courier 
taclija : f., cuff 
taSan, -Sna, -6no : adj., exact, 

punctual, precise, correct 
tafino : adv., exactly, punctually, 

just so 

talasati se : to roll (of waves), be tafinost : f., exactitude, precision, 

talac : m., hostage 
talir : m., thaler, crown 
talog : m., sediment 
talpa : f., plank 
taljige : f., pi., cart 
tama : f., obscurity, darkness 
taman, -mna, -miio : adj., dark, 


taman : adv., exactly, just 
tamaniti : to lay waste, devastate 

ta6ka : m., scarlet runner 
tasta : f., mother-in-law (wife's 


tvoj, -ja, -je ; -ji, -je, -ja : pron., thy 
tvor, tvorac (-rca) : pole-cat 
tvorac (-rca) : m., creature 
tvoriti : to make, create 
tvornica : f., manufactory 
tvornidar : m., manufacturer 
tvrd, -a, -o : adj., hard, mean 

tambura : f., tambourine tvrdina : f., hardness 

tamburas : m., tambourine player tvrdinja : f., fortress 

tamjan : m., incense 

tamneti (-nim) : to get dark 

tamnik : m., tunnel 

tamnina : f., tamnilo, n., darkness 

tamnica : f., prison 

tamnic'ar : m., gaoler 

tamno : adv., obscurely, darkly 

tamnovati : to be in prison 

tamo : adv., there ; tamo amo, 

here and there 
tamosnji, -ja, -je : adj., of the 

country, local 
tanak, -nka, -nko, tanan, -a, -o : 

adj., thin, fine, slight, slender 
tanac : m., dance 
tandrk : m., noise 
tane (taneta) : n., bullet 

tvrditi : to affirm, maintain, fortify 
tvrdica : f., mean person 
tvrdoglav, -a, -o : adj., obstinate 
tvrdoglavost : f., tvrdoglavstvo, n., 


tvrdost, tvrdoda : f., hardness 
tvrd Java : f., fortress 
te : conj., and 

tebe, te, tebi : pron., thee, to thee 
teg : m., weight 
tegoba : f., burden, load 

teia : f., gravitation, weight 
teZak, teska, tesko : adj., heavy, 


teiina : f., weight 
tezga : f., desk 
tek : m., stream 

Pronounce : dj , di,, as .;' in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout. 




tek, tekar : adv., hardly 

tekuda voda : f., flowing (running) 

telad : ., teoci, m., pi., calves 

telac : m., tele, n. (teleta), calf 

teletina : f., veal 

telo : n., body 

tepav, -a, -o: adj., stammering 

tepati : to stammer, stutter 

ter : conj., and 

terazije: ., pi., scales, weighing- 

terati : to lead, drive (an animal) 

teret : m., load 

teretan, -tna, -tno : adj., laden, 
heavy ; teretni voz, luggage- 

teretiti : to load, accuse 

termometar : m., thermometer 

tesan, -sna, -sno : adj., tight, 

tesar : m., carpenter 

tesla : f., hatchet 

tesnac : m., narrow passage, gorge, 

testamenat : m., will, testament 

testera : f., saw 

testerati, -risati (-risem) : to saw 

testera : m., sawyer 

testija : f., water- jug 

testo : n., pudding, sweet 

tetak : m., uncle (aunt's husband) 

tetka : f., aunt 

tetreb : m., tetrebica, f., grouse 

tedi (fedem) : to flow 

tef ter : m., account-book 

tedaj : m., course, stream 

tedan, -dna, -dno : adj., liquid, fluent 

tedid : m., cousin (aunt's son) 

tedno : adv., fluently 

tednost : f., liquid, fluency 

teko : adv., hardly, with difficulty 

teskoda : f., difficulty 
tiganj : m., frying-pan 
tiganjica : f., omelet 
tigar : m., tiger 

tikati se : to say thee and thou 
tikva : f., 

tim : adv., thus, so much, so ; tim 
bolje, so much the better ; tim 
vise, so much the more ; tim 
gore, so much the worse ; tim 
manje, so much the less 

tipsa : f., alum 

t Irani j a : f., tyranny 

tiranin : m., tyrant 

tiranski : adj., tyrannical 

tisa : m., yew-tree 

tisak (-ska) : m., print, impression 

tisar : m., printer 

tisarnica : f., printing-press 

tiskati : to print 

t isuca : f., thousand 

titrica : f., camomile 

titula : f., title 

tiftik : m., lint 

tih : adj., calm, peaceful, slow 

tihost, tisina : f., calm, silence 

tica : f., bird 

ticati (tidem) : to touch 

ticati se (tidem se) : to concern, 

tide : n., tidica, f., little bird 

tkalac, tkad : m., weaver 

tkati (tkdem) : to weave 

to : pron., that 

toboznji, -nja, -nje : adj., sham, 
pretended, self-styled, fictitious, 

tobdiija : m., gunner, artillery 

tovar : m., burden, load, pack 

tovariti : to load, burden 

tovar konj : m., pack-horse 

tovarni : adj., of a burden 

tok : m., course, current 

toliki, -ka, -ko : pron., such 

toliko : adv., as much, as many 

tolkovati : v., tumaditi, to interpret 

tolmad : v., tumad, m., interpreter 
adv., and then, after- 

torn, po- 

tombola : f., loto (a game) 
tonuti (-nem) : to sink 
top : m., cannon, gun 

vegetable - marrow, j topal, -pla, -plo : adj., warm, hot 
1 topiti se : to melt, gutter 

Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in James ; i as a in measure ; j as y in you ' 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as 09 
in room ; h as cA in loch ; c as to in cats s as ah in shout. 




toplik : m., toplica, f., hot baths 

toplina : f., heat, warmth 

topliti : to heat, warm 

toplo : adv., hot 

toplokrvan, -vna, -vno : adj., hot- 

toplota : f., heat, warmth 

topola : f., poplar 

tor : m., park, enclosure 

toranj, toronj : in., tower 

torba : f., bag, valise, haversack 

torbiSar, tor bar : m., pedlar 

torbica : f., small bag, saddle-bag 

tocilo : n. t tocilj, m., grindstone 

tofiak : m., wheel, bicycle 

toSir : m., todilo, n., funnel 

toditi : to pour 

trava : ., grass 

travan, -vna, -vno : adj. .grassy 

travanj : m., April 

travica, travka : f., blade of grass 

trag : m., track, footstep, vestige 

tragati : to seek, look for, track 

traiiti : to seek, ask for, look for, 

trajan, -jna, -jno : adj., durable, 

trajanje : n., duration 

trajati (-Jem) : to last 

trajaSnost, trajnost : f., durability, 
stability, solidarity 

trampiti : to exchange, barter 

trata : f., fisherman's net 

trbobolja : f., stomach-ache 

trbuh : m., abdomen, stomach, 

trbuSat : adj., big-bellied 

trg : m., market-place 

trgovanje : n., commerce, traffic 

trgovati (trgujem) : to bargain, 
keep a shop, do business 

trgovac (-vca) : m., merchant, 
dealer, shop-keeper 

trgovafiki : adj., commercial, mer- 

trgovina : f., business, commerce, 
business-house, shop 

trgovka, trgovkinja : 
keeper (woman) 

f., shop- 

trgoviSte : n., market, market- 

trebati : to have need, need, must, 
want ; trebam novaca, need 
money ; treba da idem, I must 

trebovanje : n., requisition 

trebovati (-bujem) : to want, nee/l 

trezven, -a, -o : adj., sober 

trezvenost : f., sobriety 

trenutak (-tka), trenut : m., mo- 
ment, second, instant 

trenutan, -tna, -tno : adj., instan- 

trepavica : f., eyelash 

tresak (-ska) : m., thunder-clap 

tresti (tresem) : to shake 

tre<5e : adv., thirdly 

tre6i, -6a, -de: adj., third 

tre6ina : f., third 

tresnja : f., cherry, shudder 

treSnjovina : f., cherry- brandy 

tresten pijan, -a, -o : adj., dead- 

tre6e : n., shavings 

trzavica : f., convulsion 

tri : num. three 

trideset : num. thirty 

trinaest : num. thirteen 

trinaesti, -a, -e : adj., the thir. 

triput : adv., thrice, three times 

trista : num. three hundred 

trk : m., trka, f., race, gallop 

trkaliSte : n., race-course 

trkati (trSem) : to race 

trkafi : m., race-horse 

trmka : f., beehive 

trn : m., thorn 

trnokop : m., pickaxe 

trnjina : f., sloe 

trobojan, -jna, -jno : adj., tri- 

trobojka : f., the Serbian flag, red, 
blue and white 

trovanje : n., poisoning 

trovati (trujem): to poison 
trogodiSnji : adj., triennial 
trogub, -a, -o : adj., triple 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /' in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as GO 
in room ; h as ch in loch : c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 




trojak, -a, -o : adj., of three sorts 

trojan, -jna, -jno : adj.. triple 

trojno pravilo : n., rule of three 

troje : three 

trojiti : to triple 

trojica : f., three people, etc. ; 

Sveta Trojica, f., Holy Trinity 
Trojice : f., pi., Pentecost, Whit- 

trojci(trojaka) : m., pi., triplets 
trokut. trougao : m., triangle 
tromesefian, -na, -6no : adj., 


tronoiac : m., tripod 
trostran, -a, -o : adj., trilateral 
troha : f. crumb 
trosak (trnska) : m., expense 
trosan, -s:a, -6no : adj., fragile 
trosarina f., town-dues 
trosadiija : m., spend-thrift, 

trositi : to spend, disburse 

truo, trula, trulo : adj., rotten, 

putrefied, bad, decayed 
trup : m., trunk (of tree! 
truskanje : n., jolt, bump 
trcanje : n., running, race 
trcati (-elm) : to run 
tu : adv., there, here 
tuga : f., grief, sorrow 
tugovati se : to be sad, lament 
tuda : adv., by there 
tudj., -a, -o : adj., foreign, strange, 

tudj in, tudjinac : m., foreigner, 

stranger, alien 
tudjinka : f., foreign woman 
tudjiti se : to avoid 
tuzan, -2na, -zno : adj., sad, miser* 


tuzba : f., complaint, accusation 
| tuzenik : m., accursed 
: tuiiti (za kim) : to mourn 
! tuzlti (koga) : accuse 

trpez> m., trpeljivost, f., patience tuziti se (-zim) : to complain of 
trpeznjak : m., table-cloth j tuzemac : m., native, inhabitant 

! tuka.: f., tukac, m., turkey 
j tuluz*: m., tuluzina, f., maize straw 

trpeza : f., table 

trpezarija : f., dining-room 

trpeljiv, trpljiv : adj., patient, re- 

trpeti (trpim) : to suffer, tolerate 

trpimost : f., tolerance 

trpni : adj . , passive 

trs : m., trska, f., reed 

trskavac (-vca) : m., bamboo 

truba : f., trumpet 

truba6 : m., trumpeter 

trubiti : to play the trumpet 

trud : m., trouble, fatigue, diffi- 

trud : m., tinder 

trudan, -dna, -dno : adj., difficult, turpijati : to file 

tumac : m., interpreter 
tumaditi : to interpret 
tumbak : m., brass 
tumbas : m., pontoon 
tuna : adv., here, there 
tunja : f., quince 

tup, -a, -o : adj., blunt, dull, stupid 
tupara : f., blunt axe (knife) 
tupiti : to blunt, dull 
tupoglav, -a, -o : adj., stupid, dull 
turoban, -bna, -bno : adj., melan- 
choly, sad 
turpija : f., file 


trudna : f., adj., pregnant 
truditi : to trouble, pain 
truditi se : to take trouble, try, 

tutkalo : n., glue 

tutkaliti : to glue 

tutor: m., tutorka, f., guardian 

tutorstvo : n., guardianship 


trudnoca : f., pregnancy 
truliti : to rot, putrefy, go bad, 

trulost : f., decay, rottenness 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 

tutun : m., tobacco 

tu6i (tudem): to beat, hit 

(svinje, pigs), to stick (cattle), 

tuci se : to fight a duel 


tucati : to pound, crush up, pulver- 

tuce : n., dozen 
tu6 : m., brass 


caba : f., moslom holy town, Mecca 

6alov : m., v., oaha 

caja : f., substitute 

capiti : to snap 

car : m., profit, gain 

6ariti : to profit by 

6arlijati : to blow softly, waft 

data, (Sato : m., scribe, public writer 

debap : m., meat cooked of skewer 

debe : n., blanket, horse-rug 

dezap : m., nitric-acid 

dela : f., bald head 

delav, -a, -o : adj., bald 

delaviti : to grow bald 

delav ost : f., baldness 

deli j a : f., cell 

demane : f., pi., violin 

demer : m., money-belt 

der, dera : f., v., kdi, daughter 

deramida : f., tile 

deretati : to murmur, chatter 

derka : f., daughter 

dercivo : n., window-frame 

desa : f., purse 

cesar : m., emperor 

cesarica : f., empress 

6eten : m., flax 

diler : m., larder 

dilibar : m., amber 

I [ubo 

tufia : f., hail 

tufiak (-6ka) : m., pestle, mallet 

tus : m., douche 

dilim : m., carpet 

cirilica : f., Cyrillic alphabet 

ditap : m., koran 

difta : m., shop-keeper 

dopav, -a, -o : adj., lame 

dorav, -a, -o : adj., one-eyed 

dorbudiak, dorsokak: m., blind- 

dosav, -a, -o : adj., beardless 

duba : f., tuft, crest 

dud : f., def, m., wish, whim, fancy 

dumur : m., charcoal 

dumurdiija : f., charcoal-burner 

dup : m., jar, pot 

duprija : f., bridge 

durak, curan : m., dure, n., 

dur6e : n., short fur coat 

durdija : m., furrier 

dustek : m., fetters, shackles 

dutanje : n., silence 

dutati : to be silent, quiet 

dutke : adv., in silence, silently 

dutljiv, -a, -o : adj., silent, quiet, 

dut-jivost : f., taciturnity 

dusati, dusiti : to slap, cuff 

cuska : f., box on the ears, cuff, 

u, y. 

u : prep., in (loc. ), to (ace. ), on (gen. ) 
uapsit i : to imprison, arrest 
ubav, -a, -o : adj., pretty 
ubaciti : to throw in 
ubediti : to convince, persuade 
ubedjenje : n., persuasion, convic- 

ubijati : to kill 

ubilac (-lea): m., murderer, assassin 
ubistvo : n., murder, assassination 

ubitacan, -Sna, -6no : pernicious, 

ubiti (ubijem): to kill, massacre, 


ubiti se : to commit suicide 
ubica : m., murderer, assassin 
ublizu : adv., near 
ubogi, -a, -o : adj., poor, needy, 

ubojac : in., battle 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; d, d, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sk in shout. 




ubojit, -a, -o : adj., warlike j ugovariti : to concert, devise, con- 

ubostvo : n., poverty fer with 

ubrzati : to hurry ugovor : m., convention, contract, 

ubrisati (ubrisem) : to wipe, blow I treaty, pact 

one's nose ugovoriti : to arrange, to agree, to 
ubrus, ubrusac : m., towel 

uvazavati : to respect, esteem 
uvaienje : n., respect, esteem, con- 

uvek : adv., always, constantly 
uvelicati : to enlarge, increase 
uveravati : to assure, declare ' 
uverenje : n., certificate, convic- 

uvesti (uvedem) : to introduce 
uvet : m., condition, terms 
uvece : adv., in the evening 
uvideti uvidjati : to recognize 
uvlaka : f., penholder 
uvod : m., introduction, preface 
uvoditi : to introduce, establish, 


uvoz : m., import 
uvoziti : to import 
uvoznik : m., importer 
uvostiti : to wax 

uvreda : f., insult, offence, outrage 
uvrediti : to offend, wound, insult 
uvredljiv, -a, -o : adj., insulting, 


uvrh : prep., at the top of 
ugadjati: to please 
ugalj : m., coal 

ugao (ugla) : m., corner, angle 
ugasit, -a, -o : adj., dark, brown, 


ugasiti : to quench, put out, ex- 
tinguish, stanch ; vatrogasac, m., 

uglast, -a, -o : adj., angular 
ugladiti, uglacati : to polish 
ugled : m., bearing, air, distinction 
ugledan, -dna, -dno : ad., distin- 
guished, imposing, esteemed 
ugledati : to notice, remark, dis- 

uglomer : m., set-square 
ugljar : m., charcoal-burner 
ugljenik : m., carbon 

confer with 

ugovorni : adj., conditional 

ugodan, -dna, -dno : adj., suit- 
able, comfortable, convenient 

ugodnost : f., comfort, convenience 

ugor : m., eel 

ugostiti : to treat, regale 

ugristi (ugrizem) : to bite 

ugusiti : to stifle, suffocate, strangle 

udavati se (udajem) : to marry (of 
a girl) 

udaviti : to strangle, drown 

udavljenik : m., udavljenica, f., 
drowned person 

udaljenje : 11., distance 

udalji, -vati, -ti : to remove, send 

udar, udarac (-rca) : m., blow, hit, 

udarati : to hit, blow, attack 

udariti : to hit, kick, push, attack 

udati : to give in marriage 

udvojiti : to double 

udvorica : f., flatterer, courtier 

udelati : to make, do 

udeo, udelak : m., part 

udeonidar : m., shareholder 

udeonifitvo : n., participation 

udesiti : to adapt 

udica : f., fish-hook 

udo : n., member 

udoban, -bna, -bno : adj., com- 
fortable, convenient, easy 

udobnost : f., comfort, convenience 

udov : m., widower 

udov, -a, -o : adj., widowed 

udovac (-vca) : m., udovica, f.. 
widower, widow ; kraljica udo 
vica, dowager, queen 

udruzenje : n., society, union, com 

udruiiti se : to join with, go into 
partnership, associate 

Pronounce : dj, dz. as j in James 4 as in measure ; j as y in yov . 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, c, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as h in cats ; s M sh in shout. 




nzar : m., rope-maker 

uas : m., horror 

uznsan. -sna, -sno : adj., horrible, 

awful, ghastly 

uiasnuti se : to fear, be terrified 
uie (uzeta) : n., cord, rope, cable 
uiezen, -a, -o : adj., rancid, rank 
uzeci (uze2em) : to light, go rancid 
uzivanje: n., pleasure, delight 
uiivati : to enjoy 

uzetost : f., paralysis 

uzidati : to wall in 

uzimalac : m., taker, lessee 

uzica : f., string, cord 

uznemiren, -a, -o : adj., anxious* 


uznemirenost : f., anxiety, alarm 
uznemiriti : to alarm, disturb, 

uzrast : m., growth, figure, stature 

uz, uza . prep, (ace.), at the side of, | uzrok : m., cause, subject, reason 
up ; uz bnicj up-hill ; uz vodu, | uzrujan, -a, -o : adj., noisy, excited 


uz : m., strait 
uzajaman, -mna, -mno 

mutual, reciprocal 

uja : -m., uncle (mother's 


uzajamnost : f., reciprocity, mutu- 

uzajmiti : to borrow, lend 

uzak, uska, usko : adj., narrow, 

uzalud : adv., in vain 

uzaludan, -dna, -dno : adj., useless 

uzan, -a, -o : adj., narrow, tight 

ujaloviti : to castrate 
ujed : m., bite, sting 
ujedati, ujesti (ujedem) : to bite, 


ujediniti : to unite 
ujedno : adv., together 
ujko : m., v., ujak 
ujna : f., aunt (wife of mother's 

ujutru : adv., in the morning 

uzbrdice : adv., going up, ascending ukaz : m., decree, order 

uzbudjenost: f., emotion 
uzbuna : f., alarm, revolt 
uzburkan, -a, -o : adj., stormy 
uzvik : m., interjection, shout 
uzviknuti (-nem) : to shout out 
uzvisen, -a, -o : adj., high, elevated 

uzvisenost : f., 


excellency, eleva- 

uzglavak : m., uzglavlje, n., uzgla- 
vnica, f., cushion, pillow 

uzda : f., bridle 

uzdati : to bridle 

uzdah, uzdisaj : m., sigh 

uzdahnuti (-nem), uzdisati : to sigh 

uzdica : f., bridle, reins 

uzdriljiv, -a, -o : adj., sober, tem- 

uzdui, -a, -o : adj., longwise 

uzduzan. -zna, -ino : adj., longi- ] ul : m., beehive 


uzendjija: f., stirrup 
uzet, -a, -o : adj., paralyzed 
uzeti (uzmem) : to take, seize, take 

away, remove, hire 

ukidati, ukinuti : to abolish 

ukleti : to curse 

ukop : m., funeral, burial 

ukopati : to bury 

ukosak : m., ukosnica, f., hairpin 

ukraj : prep. , next to 

ukras : m., decoration, adornment 

ukrsiti : to decorate 

ukrasti (ukradem) : to steal, rob 

ukratiti : to shorten, diminish 

ukrepiti : to fortify 

ukrotiti : to tame 

ukrstiti : to cross 

ukrcati : to embark 

ukus : m., taste, flavour 

ukusan, -sna, -sno : adj . , testy, 

ukusnost : f., nice flavour, taste 

ulazak (ulaska) : m., entrance, way 


ul.i/.iti : to enter 
ulaznica : f., entrance ticket 
ulepsati : to embellish 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; I as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in rooms ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cits ; s as sh in shout. 

ule] 89 

uledi (ulegnem) : to enter 

ulivati se : to flow into 

ulica : f., street; na ulici, in the 

umoran, -ma, -rno 

fatigued, weary 
umofiiti : to dip 


adj., tired, 

street | umrtviti : to kill 

ulifiica : f., lane unazad : adv., backwards 

ulog : m., stake (in games), deposit j unapred : adv., forwards 

uloga : f., part, character, role 

ulogoriti : to camp, bivouac 

ulufiiti (priliku) : to seize the oppor- 

ulje : n., oil 

uljika : f., olive-tree 

uljiti : to oil 

urn : m., mind, reason, intellect, 
intelligence ; pasti na , to 
think of 

umazati (umazem) : to grease, tar 

urnaka : f., sauce 

umaliti : to lessen, diminish 

uman, umna, umno : adj., clever, 
reasonable, sensible 

umah : adv., suddenly 

umeren, -a, -o : adj., moderate, 

sober., mediocre 
umerenost : f., temperance, moder 

umeriti : to regulate, 


u-mesto : adv., instead of 
umestiti : to place 
umetak (-tka) : m., parenthesis 
umeti : to know, be able (can) 
umetnik : m., artist 
umetnost : f., art 
umesati : to mix 

unaprediti : to promote, advance 

unapredjenje : n., promotion, ad- 

unatoc : adv., contrarily 

unistiti : to ' abolish, annihilate, 

unkas : m., pommel 

unuk : m., grandson 

unuka : f., granddaughter 

unutarnji, -nja, -nje : adj., interior, 

unutra : adv., inside 

unutrasnji, -nja, -nje: adj., in- 
terior, internal 

unutrasnjost : f., interior, inside 

unutSad : n., grandchildren 

unu6e (unufieta) : n., grandchild 

uobidajiti : to accustom 

uobrazen, -a, -o : adj., imaginary 

uodl : adv., on the eve 
restrain, upad : m., irruption, invasion 
i upadati : v., upasti 
I upaljaca : f., wick 

upaljen, -a, -o : adj., alight 

upaljiv, -a, -o : adj., inflammable 

upamtiti : to remember 

uparaditi : to arrange 

upasti (upadnem): to invade, in- 
terrupt, fall upon 

umivaonik : m., -nica, f., wash- 
hand basin 

umivati : to wash 

umilnost : f., sweetness, charm 

umirati (-rem), umreti (-rem) : to 

umiriti : to calm, pacify 

umiti (-Jem) : to wash 

umiti (umim) : to reflect, think over 

umni, -na, -no : adj., intellectual, 

umnozsrvati : to multiply, increase 

umokac : m., sauce 

umor : m., fatigue, weariness 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in rocx\ ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; $ as ah in shout. 

upis : m., registration 

upisati (upiem) : to register 

upisnik : m., subscriber 

upliv : m., influence 

upoznati : to make the acquaint 

ance of 

u pola : adv., half 
uporan, -rna, -rno : adj., obstinate 
uporediti : to compare 
upornost : f.,uporstvo, n., obstinacy 
upotreba : f., use 
upotreban, -bna, -bno : adj., upo- 

trebiv, upotrebljiv, adj., useful, 





uprav : adv., exactly, precisely 

uprava : f., administration, man- 

upravan, -vna, -vno: adj., ad- 

upravitelj : m., manager, adminis- 

upravitelj ka : f., manageress 

upravitelj stvo : n., administration 

upraviti, upravljati : to adminis- 
trate, manage, to conduct 

upravnik, upravlja6 : m., v., 

upravo : adv., exactly 

uprepascenost : f., consternation 

upropastiti : to ruin 

uprostiti : to simplify 

uproscenje : n., simplification 

uputnica: f., post-office order, 

ura : f., hour 

uravnati, uravniti : to level 

uredan, -dna, -dno : adj., orderly, 

uredba : f., rule, regulation 

urediti, uredjivati : to arrange, put 
in order 

urednik : m., editor, manager 

urednistvo : n., editing 

uredjenje : n., organization 

ures : m., ornament 

urma : f., date 

usaditi : to plant 

usamiti : to isolate 

usamljenost : f., solitude, isolation 

usev : m., seed for sowing 

usidriti : to anchor 

usiniti : to adopt 

Uskrs : m., Uskrsenje, n., Easter 

uskrsnuti (-nem) : to resuscitate 

uskrsnuce : n., resurrection 

uskrsavati : to resuscitate 

uskrsnji, -nja, -nje : adj., Easter, 



utvara : f., phantom 
utvrditi : to fix, fortify 
utvrdjenje : n., fortification, fort 

Pronounce : dj , d. as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; s as s/i in shout. 


usladiti : to sweeten 

usled : adv., in consequence, con- 

uslisati, uslisiti : to grant 

uslov : m., condition 

uslovan, -vna, -vno : adj., condi- 

usluga : f., obligation, service 

usluzan, -2na, -2no : adj., obliging 

usluznost: f., obligingness, kind- 

usna : f., lip 

usniti : to dream 

uspavati : to fall asleep 

uspevati, uspeti (usperh) : to suc- 

uspeh : m., success 

uspesan, -sna, -sno : adj., successful 

uspo koj iti : to calm 

uspomena : f., souvenir, remem- 

usprerniti : to arrange, prepare 

usput : adv., in passing 

usrdan, -dna, -diio : adj., agreeable 

usred : prep, (gen.), in the middle 
of ; usred lota, zime, in mid- 
summer, in mid-winter 

usta : f., mouth 

ustav : m., constitution 

ustavan, -vna, -vno : adj., consti- 

ustajati (ustajem): to get up 

ustanak(-nka) : m., rebellion, rising, 

ustanova : f., institution 

ustanoviti : to establish, institute 

ustati se (ustanem) : to rise, revolt 

ustaS : m., rebel, insurgent 

us men : adj., oral 

ustrojiti : to organize, establish 

ustrojstvo : n., organization 

ustuk : m., antidote 

ustup, ustupak : m., cession, resig- 

ustup, -ati, -iti : to resign, retire, 

usud : m., destiny, fate 

utaboriti : to camp 

f., competition, rivalry 
adv., one against the 



uteha : f., consolation, hope 

utecaj : m., influence 

utesitelj : m., consoler 

utesiti : to console 

utija : f., iron (for linen) 

utina : f., owl 

utirati : to wipe, to clean 

utirac : m., duster 

utisak : m., impression, imprint 

uticaj : m., v., utecaj, influence 

uticati : to flow into, influence 

utok : m., mouth (of rivers, etc.), 

utoka : f., tributary (stream) 

utonuti (-nem) : to sink, founder 

utopiti se : to drown 

utopljenik : m., drowned man 

utorak, utornik : m., Tuesday 

utocica : f., v., utoka 

utociste : n., asylum, refuge, re- 
treat, shelter 

utrvenik : m., main-road 

utrkivanje : n., utrka, f., race, 
horse race 

utrkivati : to race, run 

utroba : f., entrails, intestine, 

utrobica : f., liver 

utrojiti : to triple 

utrti (utrem) : to rub, wipe 

utuk : m., antidote 

udi (udjem) : to enter, go in 

ufati se : to hope 

uh ! : interj., oh ! 

uhvatiti : to take, seize 

uho : n., ear 

uhobolja : f., earache 

uhod : m., entrance 

uhoda : f., spy, police-spy 

uhoditi : to spy, enter 

uhraniti : to fatten 

ucena : f., ransom 

uceniti, ucenjivati: to ransom 

u6a : m., village schoolmaster 

u6evan, -vna, -vno ; u<5en, -a, -o : 
adj., learned 

u6enik : m., pupil, scholar, school- 
boy, student, disciple 

ucenost : f., erudition, knowledge 

ufienje : n., study, teaching, learn- 
ing, practice 

u6estvovati : to participate, take 
part in 

udestvovanje : n., participation, 

uSesnik : m., participant 

u6es6e : n., participation, condo- 
lence, regrets 

udetvoriti : to quadruple 

ucilite : n., school, college 

u6in : m., fact 

ucinak (-nka) : m., result, effect 

uciniti : to make, do, render, con- 

ufiionica : f., school-room, class- 

ucitelj : m., school-master, teacher 

uciteljica : f., school -mistress 

licit el jka : f., wife of school -master, 

uciti : to teach, learn, instruct, 
study ; u6iti na pamet, to learn 
by heart ; uditiiz knjiga, to learn 
with books ; uciti rado, to like 
one's work 

uSmati se : to fade, wither 

uc'tiv, -a, -o : adj., polite, amiable, 

uCtivost : f., politeness, courtesy, 

us : m., louse 

usanditi : to intrench, fortify 

uai (usiju) : f., pi., ears 

usiljiti : to sharpen 

uskopiti : to castrate 

uskopljenik : m., eunuch 

usljiv, -a, -o : adj., lousy 

usnjak : m., little finger 

usobolja : f., earache 

uStaviti : to tan 

u.stap : m., full moon 

usteda: f., saving, economy, sav- 

ustedeti, ustedjivati : to save, 

ustinuti (-nem) : to pinch 

ustirkati : to starch 

nfenica : f., school -girl 

Pronounce : dj, d, as.;' in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y In you 
Ij as II in million : nj as tii in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as ah in shout. 




uStrojiti : to castrate 
uede : n., mouth 

ulunjati se : to insinuate oneself, 
ingratiate oneself 

F, O. 

fabrika : f., manufactory 

fabrikanat : m., mamifacturer 

fabrikovati : to manufacture, make 

fazan : m., pheasant 

faklja : f., torch 

faktor : m., overseer 

fakultet : m., faculty 

fala : v., hvala, thanks 

faliti : to fail, miss, to be wanting, 

to be deficient 
falican, -cna, -6no : adj., defective, 

falsifikovati : to falsify, forge, 


falsifikator : m., forger, adulterator 
familija : f., family 
familijaz : in., beadle 
fara : f., stern, behind-part 
farba : f., paint, colour 
farbar : m., painter, dyer 
farbati : to paint, dye 
fasina : f., bundle, faggot 
februar : m., February 
feder : m., spring (watch, carriage, 


fela : f., kind, sort, species 
fenjer : m., lantern 
f eredia : f., yashmak, Turkish 

woman's veil 
fes : m., fez 

fizika : f., physic, medicine 
fijaker : m., cab, carriage 
fijoka : f., drawer 
fijukat i : to whistle 

filareta : f., rail, baluster, banister 

fildis : m., ivory 

filosofija : f., philosophy 

fildan : m., coffee-cup, cup 

fin, -a, -o : adj., fine, delicious, 

finansije : f.. pi., finances 

finoca : f., fineness 

firma : f., firm, sign-board (of a 

fiskati : to crack a whip 

fitilj : m., wick 

fisek : m., cartridge 

fiseklija : f., cartridge-case, box 

fistati : to neigh 

flaner : m., flannel 

flaster : m., plaster 

flauta : f., flute 

flota : f., fleet, navy 

fond : m., fund, capital 

forela : f., trout 
Iforinta : f., florin 
'formula : f., formula 

fosfor : m., phosphorus 

fotografija : f., photograph 

frisak, -ska, -sko : adj., fresh, re- 
cent, quick 

friskp : adv., quick 

frtalj : m., quarter 

frula : f., flute 

furuna : f. (sobna, room), stove 

furuna : f. (pekarska, baker's) oven 

furundzija : m., baker 

futrola : f., case, sheath 

H, X. 

habati : to wear out (clothes) 
haber : m., news 

hazna : f., counting-house, treasury 
hajde ! : interj., get on ! go on ! gee 

up ! run off ! 
hajduk : m., brigand, highwayman 

hnjducki : adj., of brigands 

hajdustvo : n., brigandage 

hajka : f., round up 

hak : m., salary, pay, wages 

hala : f., filth, dragon 

halav, -a, -o : adj., dirty, filthy 

hajdukovati se : to become alhalaliti: to bless 

brigand, to rob, plunder i halka : f., iron ring, door-knocker 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o M M in cats ; 8 as ah in shout. 




haluga : f., abyss, gorge 
haljine : f., pi., clothes 
haraal, hamalin : m., porter 
hamara : m., Turkish bath 
hamamdzija : rn., bath-mail 
hainbar : in., barn 
han : m., inn, public-house 
handzija : in., inn-keeper 
handcar : m., short sword 
haps : m., prison, arrest 
hapsenik : HI., prisoner 
hapsiti : to arrest, imprison 
liaraiubtisa : m., brigand chief 
harainija : f., robber, thief 
harati : to rob, pillage 
harafi : in., poll-tax 
harem : m., harem 
haringa : f., herring 

hit, hitac : m., shot, charge ; na 

jedan hitac, all of a sudden 
hi tan, -tna, -tno : adj., urgent, 


hitno : adv., express, urgent 
hitar, -a, -o : adj., hurried, quick, 

hitati : to throw, shoot, hurl, dart, 


hiteti se : to hurry, hasten 
hit it i, hitmiti : v., hitati 
hitlen, -a, -o : adj., hurried 
hitnja : f., haste, hurry; u hitnji, 

in haste 
hitren, -a, -o : adj., quick, alert, 

hitrina, hitrost : f., haste, quick. 


harmonika : f., harmonica, accor- hitro : adv., quick, in haste 

hlad, hladak : m., shade, freshness 
hladan, -dna, -dno : adj., cold* 

fresh, cool 

hladenac : m., fountain, source 
hladetina : f., brine, pickle 
hladiti : to cool, refresh 
hladneti se : to catch cold 


hartija : f., paper 
hasna : f., profit, gain 
Imsniti : to be useful, serve 
hadiija : in., pilgrim 
hadiiluk : in., pilgrimage 
haSati : to deny 
hvala : f., praise, thanks; hvala ! I hladnik : m., hut, tent 

thanks ! hvala Hogu ! thank God ! ! hladnokrvan, -vna, -vno : adj., 

hvala lepo ! many thanks ! cold-blooded, cool, phlegmatic 

hvalilac, hvalisa : m., boaster, | hladnokrvnost : f., coolness, 

braggart phlegm, stolidity 

hvalisati se : to boast, swagger hladnoca : f.. cold 

hvaliti : to praise hladovina : f., freshness 

hvastavac : rn., boaster, braggart hlad j an, -jna, -jno : adj., fresh, 
hvastati se : v., hvalisati se 
hvat : m., fathom 
hvatati : to seize, take 
hemija : f., chemistry 
hemicar : m., chemist 


herceg : in., duke 
hercegovina : f., duchy 

haaapiti : to count, reckon 
he6im : rn., surgeon 
hijena : f., hyena 
hiljada : f.. thousand 
hiljati: to squint 
hirnna : f., hymn 
hintov : m., carriage 


' hlamina : f., slipper 
hln<5a : f., stocking 
hla6e : f., pi., trousert 
(analy- hleb : m., bread 

hlebar : m., baker 

hlebarnica : f., bakery 

hlebac (hlepca) : m., loaf (of bread) 

; hmelj : m., hop 
; hod : m., walk, pace 
i hodati : to stroll 
| hoditi : to walk 

hodnik : m., corridor, 

hoi, -a, -o : adj., proud 


Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church : u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as f# in cats ; 5 as ah in ahout. 



horizonat : m., horizon 

hor : m., choir 

horo : n., Macedonian dance 

hoteti (ho6u, ho6e) : to wish, like, 

to intend to 
hotimice, hotimce, hotice : adv., 

on purpose, purposely 
ho6ak, -6ka, -cko : adj., willing, 


hodza : m., Moslem priest 
hrabar, -bra, -bro, hrabren : adj., 

brave, courageous, valiant 
hrabriti : to encourage 
hrabrcfit : f., bravery, valour 
hram : m., temple 
hramati : to limp 
hrana : f., victuals, food 
hranilac, hranitelj : m., benefactor, 

hraniti : to feed, nourish, maintain, 



cagrije : f., pi., sheath 

sakati : to spur 

sanjav, -a, -o : adj., unbearable, 

canjati : to be a nuisance, to be in 

the way 

capun : m., hoe, pick 
ear : m., emperor, Czar 
carev, -a, -o : adj., imperial, of the 


carevina : f., empire 
carina : f., custom duties 
carinar, carinik : m., custom-house 


carinarnica : f., custom-house 
carica : f., czaritza, empress 
carovati : to reign, be Czar 
carski : adj., imperial 
carstvo : n., empire 
cvekla : f., beetroot 
cvet : m., flower ; vinski cvet, 

bouquet of wine ; zenski cvet, 


ovetak, cvetid : m., little flower 
cvetar : m., florist 

hrvati se : to wrestle 
hrvad : m., wrestler 
hreb : m., block of wood 
hriScanin : m., hriscanka, f., Chris-. 


hriicanski : adj., Christian 
hri6anstvo : n., Christianity 
hrka : f., snore 
hrkati : to snore 
hrkati se : to quarrel 
hrom, -a, -o : adj., lame 
hrt : m., greyhound 
hteti (ho6u, ho6e) : to wish, want, 

hud, -a, -o : adj., bad, naughty 


huka : f., sigh 
hukati : to sigh 
hulja : f., rascal, scoundrel 
hum : m., huinka, f., hill 
humovit, -a, -o : adj., hilly 

cvetati, cvasti (cvatem), cvatiti : to 

flower, bloom 

Cveti : f., pi., Palm Sunday 
cvetna nedelja : f., Holy Week 
cve6ar : m., gardener, florist 
cve6e : n., flowers 
cvilik : m., ticking, duck, drill 
cvokotati : to shiver 
cvrfiak : m., cricket 
cev : f., pipe, tube ; pu5ana cev, 


cevka : f., bobbin, reel 
cedilo : n., filter, strainer 
cediti : to filter, strain 
cedulja : f., note, ticket 
cedj : m., washing (clothes) 
celer : m., celery 
celiv : m., kiss (sacred) 
celivati : to kiss (sacred) 
celina : f., all, total, whole 
celovati : to kiss 
celcat : adj., v., ceo 
celj : m., object, end, aim, purpose 
cena : f., price, cost, value 
cone: adv., cheap 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




cenik : m., price-list 

ceniti : to value, estimate, appraise 

cenkati se : to bargain, haggle 

cenovnik : m., price-list 

centa : ., quintal (100-112 Ibs.) 

ceo, cela, celo : adj., whole, entire, 

all ; za celo, surely, certainly ; 

iz cela, in one piece 
cep : m., flail, scourge 
cepati : to burst, split, tear 
cepiti : v., inoculate 
cepka : f., shavings 
ceptiti : to tremble 
cer : m., oak 

ceremonija : f., ceremony, fuss 
ceriti se : to chuckle, giggle 
cesar : m., emperor (of Austria) 
ced : prep., because of, for 
ciganci<5i : m., pi., April showers ; 

padaju , it is sleeting 
ciganin : m., ciganka, f., gypsy 
ciganski : adj., gypsy, Bohemian 
ciganCiti se : to quarrel, squabble 
cigara : f., cigarette 
cigla : f., brick, tile 
ciglana : f., brick-field, tile-works 
ciglar : m., brick-maker 
ciknuti : to shout out 
cilj : m., target, aim, object, end 
ciljati : to aim, to try for 
ciinbal : m., dulcimer 
cinak : m., zinc 
cipela : f., shoe, boot ; drvena , 

wooden shoe : lakovane , 

patent-leather boots 
cipelar : m., bootmaker 
cirkus : m., circus 
cifra : f., cipher, numeral, figure 
cicija : f., mean, stingy person 
cida : f., intense cold 
ciklo : n., glass 
cokule : f., pi., shoes, boots 
crv : m., worm 

crvak, crvid : m., little worm, larva 

crvati se : to get worm-eaten 

erven, -a, -o : adj., red 

erven : f., crvenilo, n., rednesa 

crvendac : m., robin 

crveniti : to blush, to dye red 

crvenkast, -a, -o : adj., ruddy, 


crvljiv, -a, -o : adj., wormy, worm- 
crevlja : f., shoe ; drvena , 

wooden shoe 
crevo : n., gut, bowel ; creva, 

entrails, intestine ; guzno crevo, 

crep : m., tile 
crkva : f., church ; saborna crkva, 

crkven, -a, -o : adj., ecclesiastical, 

of the church 
crkvenjak : m., sacristan 
crn, -a, -o : adj., black 
crnilo : n., black 
crnina : f., mourning clothes 
crniti : to blacken, calumniate 
crnkast, -a, -o : adj., blackish, dark 
crnokos, -a, -o : adj., black-haired 
crnomanjast, -a, -o : adj., brown, 

dark (of people) 

crnook, -a, -o : adj., black-eyed 
crpaljka : f., mrk, m., pump 
crpati, crpiti, crpsti (crpem ) : to 

pump, to empty 
crta : f., line, stroke (of the pen) 
crtalo : n., plough-share 
crtati : to draw, sketch 
crtaC : m., draughtsman 
crtei : m., design, drawing 
cr6i, crknuti : to perish, die 
cubaljka culjajka : f., swing 
cura : f., girl, sweetheart 
cuca : f., sucking-bottle 

dabar : m., bucket, pail, tub 
cabrica : f., small tub, bucket 
<5avao : m., nail 
cavrljuga : f., lark 

cavde : n., cavka, f., jackdaw 
dadina : f., soot 
Saditi : to make sooty 
fiador : m., tent 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oc 
in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in rats ; 5 as ah in shout. 




i'-adorijo : n., tents I Castan, -tna, -tno : adj., honour 

6adj, cadja : f., soot able, honest 

Cadjav, -a, -o : adj., sooty ' Castiti : to treat, entertain 

Cazba, gazbina : f., meal, banquet, atma : f., mud wall 

feast akalica : f., tooth-pick 

Sazben, -a, -o : adj., hospitable 
Sair : park 
caj : m., tea 

fajati (dajem) : to wait for, expect 

Cak : adv., even 

akaljati : to chat, chatter 

fiakanao : m., hammer 

akire : f., pi., trousers 

c'alabrc'ak : m., lunch 

f alma : f., turban 

5am : m., fir-tree 

Cam : m., wooden boat 

dama : f., boredom 

Camac : m., boat 

caSkati : to pick one's teeth 
asa : f., glass 
SaSica : f., small glass 

6vor : m., knot 

6vrst, -a, -o : adj., tight, compact, 


cVrstina : f., solidity, compactness 
c'egrtaljka : f., rattle 
dedaii, -dna, -dno : adj., modest 
fiednost : f., modesty 
6edo : n., child 
Ceznuti : to desire, wish for 
fekaonica : f., waiting-room 
6ekati : to await, wait for, expoot 

6amati, damiti : to tire, weary, bore Cekinja : f., pig's bristle 

dampara : f., curb 

amdiija : m., water-man, boat- 

anak : m., pan, bowl 

caplja : f., heron 

aponjak : m.,claw, talon, cloven- 

arapa : f., stocking ; kratka 
fiarapa, f., sock 

Carat an : m., charlatan 

dardak : m., block-house, balcbny, 

Carka f., skirmish 

darni : -a, -o : adj., black 

6aroban, -bna, -bno : adj., magic 

Carob nost : f., magic, charm 

iarolije : f., pi., darobija, f., magic, 

darSav : m., table-cloth, sheet 

carsija : f., market-place 

6as : m., hour, lesson, league, in- 
stant ; u dobri as, at the right 

casak : m., moment, second 

6askom : adv., instantly 

Sasno : adv., honestly 

casnost : f., honesty, loyalty 

dasovnik : m., clock, watch 

Cast : f., honour, feast 

6eki6 : m., hammer 

(Sekmedze : n., drawer 

fiekrk : in., pulley, winding-appar- 

6ela : f., bee 

Celar : m., bee-keeper 

Celac : m., drone 

elik : m., steel 

fielidan, -Sna, -Cno : adj., steel 

deliditi : to temper (steel 

5elo : n., forehead, half-day, cable 

Selovodja : m., chief, leader 

5eljad : m., all the members of a 

6eljade : n., member of family 

celjust : f., jaw 

Semadan : m., trunk, valise 

6emer : m., bitterness 

Semeran, -rna, -rno : adj., bitter 

fiemerika : f., hellebore 

6enak : m., 6eno,n., Cesan, m., bulb 

Seonik : m., chief of a tribe 

6ep : m., cork, stopper 

ceprkati : to scratch 

Sereg, 6erek : m., quarter of mutton 

desma : f., fountain, spring 

6est, -a, -o : adj., frequent, thick 

fiest : f., part, honour 

destit, -a, -o : adj., honest 

z as a in measure 

j as y m you 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James , 

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout. 



Cestitanje : n., congratulation, com- 

Sestitati : to congratulate, compli- 

estitka : f., letter of congratulation 

6esto : adv., often, frequently 

6eta : f., band, company, troop 

fietvorica : f., four people 

detvorka : f., the four (in cards), 

ietvorni, -na, -no : adj., quadruple 

detvrt : f., quarter 

Setvrtak : m., Thursday ; veliki 
fietvrtak, Maundy Thursday 

Cetvrtast, -a, -o : adj., square, 

fietvrti, -a, -o : adj., fourth 

Cetvrtina : f., quarter 

detiri : num. four ; u fietiri oka, 

ietka : f., brush ; za zube, tooth- 
brush ; za kosii, hair-brush ; za 
haljine, clothes-brush ; za cipele, 
boot-brush ; za nokte, nail-brush 

Cetkati : to brush 

ietnik : m., comitadji, boy-scout 

Setrdeset : num. forty 

Cetrnaest : num. fourteen 

Sesagija : f., curry-comb 

c'esalj : m., comb 

iesati : to scrape, scratch 

ce&ljati : to comb ; -vunu, to card 

deiljuga : f., goldfinch 

iesnjak : m., garlic 

fiibuk : m., pipe 

cTviluk : m., trunk 

divit : m., indigo 

6iga : f., sturgeon 

fiigra: f., top, tumbler (pigeon), 

Siz : m., canary 

izma : f., top-boot 

Sizmar : m., bootmaker, cobbler 

izmica : f., boot 

iji, -ja, -je : pron., whose 

tfikati : to defy, provoke 

m., uncle (father's 

dim : conj., as soon as, scarcely, 


dimavica : f., ciinak, m., bug 
fin : m., act, deed, action, rank 
diniti : to make, do 
cinit i kozu : to tan leather 
diniti zito : to winnow corn 
diniti dobro : to do good 
initi se : to pretend, seem, appear 
Sinovnik : m., functionary, civil- 

inovnitvo : m., civil service 
Ciiieibir : m., ginger 
Ho, 6ila, 5ilo : adj., energetic 
dioda : f., pin 

6iodica : f., truck, dray, van 
dipka : f., lace 

dir : m., abscess, ulcer, carbuncle 
<5islo : n., number, rose-garland 
Cist, -a, -o : adj., clean, pure, clear 
(istiti : to clean, dust, sweep 
istoca, distota : f., cleanliness 
ditav, -a, -o : adj., entire, whole, all 
6itak, -tka, -tko : adj., legible 
citalac (d-itaoca) : in., reader 
citanka : f., reading-book 
6itaonica : f., reading-room 
itati : to read 

citi, -a, -o : adj., entire, whole 
ia : m., uncle (father's brother), 

old man 

Si6enje : n., cleansing, purification 
kalj : m., thistle 
clan : m., member, article (news- 
clanak (-nka) : m., knuckle, ankle, 


6mavanje : n., somnolence, sleepi- 

mar : m., anus 
Sobanin : m., shepherd 
dobanfiica : f., hawthorn 
6ovek : m., man, husband 
covekoljubac : m., philanthropist 
iovekoljublje : n., humanity, phil- 
Sovecan, -6na, -5no : adj., human, 

fiovecanski : adj., humane 

diko, dika : 

iilas : m., roan-horse 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; t as # in measure ; j as y in you 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as 00 
in room ; h as ch in loch c as t in cats ; 8 as eh in shout. 




Cove&je : adj., human 

Sovefianstvo : n., human nature, 

SoveSnost : f . , humanity 

floja, 6oha : f., cloth 

"Sokolada : f . , chocolate 

lopor : m., flock, herd 

6orba : f., soup 

dorbalok : m., soup-tureen 

<3oha : f., cloth 

dohan, -a, -o, osan, -na, -ino : 
adj., cloth 

8pag : m., pocket 

Suvar : m., guard, guardian 

6uvaran, -rna, -rno : adj., economi- 
cal, sparing 

6uvati : to keep, preserve, take care 
tfiuven, -a, -o : adj., famous, cele- 

Suvida : f., maak 

dudan, -dna, -dno : adj., marvellout 

6udila : f., wonder, marvel, prodigy 

fiuditi se : to be astonished, wonder 

dudnovat, -a, -o : adj., curious, 
original, queer, strange 

cudo : n., miracle, wonder 

dudotvoran, -rna, -rno : adj., mir- 

dudotvorac (-rca) : m., miracle, 

6ulo : n., sense 

6uma : f., plague 

Sun : m., boat 

tSunak : m., water-pipe 

6upav, -a, -o : adj., disordered, 

Sustvo : n., sense, feeling, liking 

duti (Sujem) : to hear, feel 

fiuturica : f., water-bottle 

dzaba : f., gift, free of charge 
(pop.) ; dzabati, to, I give it to 

diabaisati (-iem) : to give, thank 

dZagor, iagor : m., noise 

dzada : f., high-road 

dzak : m., bag ; pundSak, a bag-full 

diakati : to make a noise 

dzamadan : m., waistcoat 

diambas : m., horse-breaker 

diamija : f., mosque 

di.a,s : m., terror, fright 

diasnuti se (-nem sej : to be afraid 

dzban : m., jug, can 

diebana : j., ammunition 

dzezva : f., Turkish coffee-pot 

delat : m., executioner 

dielep : m., herd 

d2ep : m., pocket 

d2epa, dieparac : m., pocket. 


dfcepni, -na, -no: adj., pocket 
dzigerica : f., lung (bela di-), liver 

(crna d4-) 

diimrija : f., mean, stingy person 
dzin : m., giant 

dzinovski : adj., gigantic, enormous 
dfcube : n., fur coat 

S. m. 

Savac (vca) : m., tailor 

savran : m., saffron 

sajak (-jka) : m., cloth 

sajka : f., a sort of boat 

Sajkas: m., boatman 

Sajkada : f., soldier's cap 

Sajtov : m., tap 

iaka : f., palm (hand), fist 

Sal : m., shawl 

sala : f., joke, jest, fun 

Salvare : f., pi., Turkish trousers 

Sale : adv., in fun, joking 

daliti se : to joke, jest, rot (pop.) 

salitra : f., saltpetre 

saljiv, -a, -o : adj., gay, jolly, funny, 

Saljivac (-vca), Saljivdina : m., 

joker, buffoon, rotter (pop.) 
samar : m., slap, box-on-tho-ears 
samariti : to slap 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j i n James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




Samlica : f., stool 
sanac (-nca) : m., trench 
Sandarati : to chat, chatter, gossip 
santav, -a, -o : adj., lame 
Santati : to walk lame, limp 
Saptac, Saptalo : m., prompter 
Saputati : to whisper 
Sar : m., sphere, globe 
Sarabatati : to scribble 
ftaran, -rna, -rno : adj., many- 

Sarac (-rca) : m., piebald horse 
larga repa : f., carrot 
iarlah : m., scarlet-fever 
Sator : m., tent 
sat ra : f . , booth, hut 
fiafran : m., saffron 
Sab. : m., chess 
fiasa : f., maize-straw 
6vab : m., pop. , Austrian ; SVabski, 

adj., Austrian 

fieboj, sebenik : m., wallflower 
Sevar : m., Sevarika, f., rush, reed 
fievtelija : f., peach 
fiedrvan : m., fountain 
Sezdeset : num. sixty 
Semesljika : f., cornflower 
lenak, senac : m., louse 
ienica : f., wheat 
iepa : f., cap 
Sepati : to limp 
Seprtlja : f., weather-cock 
Sorbet : m., sherbet 
Seset : num. sixty 
sesnaest : num. sixteen 
Sest : num. six 
iestar : m., compass 
iestina : f., sixth 
Seta : f., walk 

Setaliste : n., setnica.f., park 
getati se : to walk, to go for a walk 
Setnja : f., walk 
6e6er : m., sugar ; istucani Seder, 

castor sugar 
Be6eriti : to sweeten 
fie6ernica : f., sugar-basin 
iesarica : f., gall 
Seiir : m., hat, lamp-shade 
6eirdzija : m., hatter 

Sib :'m., bush 

sibati : to cane, beat 

ija : f., neck (of poultry) 

silbok : m., sentry 

simsir : m., box (tree) 

-ina : f., rail 

sip : m., pile 

sipak (sipka) : m., wild-rose, pome- 

liparac : m., young boy 

Sirimice, sirom : adv., wide open 

sirina : f., width, breadth, extent 

sirine : f., pi., plain, plateau 

siriti : to spread, enlarge, broaden 

sirok, -a, -o : adj., broad, ample, 
large, wide, extensive 

siti (sijem) : to sew 

sisati : to shave (the head) 

sisati se : to have one's hair cat 

siska : f., gall, gall-stone 

lismis : m., bat 

skak : m., chess 

$kanj, ikanjac (-njca) : m., vulture 

ska tula : f., box 

skaf : m., sheepskin 

skvadra : f., set-square 

skoda : f., injury, damage 

ikoditi : to spoil, damage, harm 

skodan, -dna, -dno, skodljiv, -a, -o : 
adj., harmful, injurious, hurtful 

ikola : f., school ; velika skola, 
high-school, university ; srednja 
skola, secondary school ; zan- 
atlijska ikola, industrial school ; 
trgovadka Skola, coramercia^ 
school ; osnovna Skola, primary 
(elementary) school 

Skolski, -a, -o : adj., school, scho- 
lastic ; klupa, form, desk ; 
ispit, examination ; raspust, 

skopac (-pea) : m., eunuch 

skrinja : f., case, box, cupboard 

skrljevi : m., pi., syphilis 

fikrob : m., starch 

ilem : m., helmet 

sljapa : f., paw, claw 

sljiva : f., plum, prune 

Sljivovica : f., plum-brandy 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as j in James ; t as s in measure ; j as y in ym> . 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u aa <x, 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; S aa ah in shout. 




filjuka : {., woodcock 

4mrk : m., pump, pinch of snuff 

fimrkati : to sniff, take snuff 

fiogor : m., brother-in-law 

fiogorica : f., sister-in-law 

Solja : f., cup, saucer, coffee-cup 

ipag : m., pocket 

Spada : f., sword 

Spanac, spanac : m., spinach 

Sparga : f., asparagus 

Spartalj : m., ruler 

ftpartati : to line, rule 

fipijun : m., spy 

Spijuniti : to spy 

spirilica : f., funnel 

spitalj : m., hospital 

Sta : pron., what, that 

itaka : f., crutch 

fitala : f., stable 

stampa : f., press, edition, print 

stampar : m., printer 

stamparija : f., printing-press 

fitampati : to print 

fitap : m., stick, walking-stick 

Stedeti : to save, economize 

stedionica : f., savings-bank 

stedljiv, -a, -o : adj., saving, care- 
ful, economical 

Stedljivost, Stednja : f., economy 

Stednica : f., money-box 

Steta : f., damage, loss, pity 

fitetan, -tna, -tno : adj., spoilt, 

stetiti : to spoil, damage, harm, 
corrupt, deprave 

Stikla : f., heel 

fitipati : to pinch, nip, squeeze 

Stirak (-rka) : m., Stirka, f., starch 

Stirkati : to starch 

Stititi : to shelter, protect 

sti6enik : m., charge, prot(5g6 

Stica : f., alphabet 

fito : pron., which, what; poSto T 
how much t Sto pro, as soon as 

Stogod : a little, something 

strajh : m., strike 

itrk : m., stork 

fitrcati : to squirt, syringe 

stuka : f., pike (fish) 

Stuknuti : to disappear 

stuknuti pamecu : to become mad 

stula : f., crutch, wooden leg 

stucanje : m., hiccough 

Subara : f., fur cap 

suvak : m., left-handed person 

suvaka : f., the left hand 

suga : f., mange, scab 

sum : m., murmur, rustle 

suma : f., forest, wood 

Suman, -mna, -mno : adj., noisy 

sumar : m., forester 

Sumarak : m., copse, coppice 

sumarstvo : n., forestry 

Sumeti (-mim) : to murmur, low 

sumica : f., little wood 

Sumovit, -a, -o : adj., wooded 

sunk u : f., ham 

upa : f., shed, coach-house 

supljika : f. f pore 

supljikast, -a, -o : adj., porous 

Surak : m., brother-in-law (wife's 

Surnaja : f., sister-in-law (brother- 
in-law's wife) 

Suteti (-tim) : to be quiet 



Alekaandar : m., Alexander 
Aleksije : m., Alexis 
Andrija : m., Andrew 
Anka : f., Ann 
Blagoje : m., Benedict 
Blaienka : f., Beatrice 

Bogdan : m., Theodore 
Bogomir : m., Godfrey 
Borevoj, Bora : m., Boris 
Vaso : m., Basil 
Vladislav : m., Ladi.slas 
Gavril : m., Gabriel 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i, as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; i as sh in shout. 




Davorin : m., Martin 

Danilo : m., Daniel 

Darinka : f., Dorothy 

Dimitrije : m., Demetrius 

Draga : f., Caroline 

Dragutin : m., Charles 

Djordje, Djuro, Djoko : m., George 

Djurdjija : f., Georgina 

2ivko : m., Vitalis 

Zlatka : f., Aurelia 

Zora : f., Aurora 

Ilija : m., Eiias 

Jaksa, Jasko : m., Jacob 

Jacim : m., Joachim 

Jelena, Jelka : f., Helen 

Jelisava: f., Elizabeth 

Jovan, Jovo, Ivan : m., John 

Jovanka : f., Joan, Johannah 

Josip, Joko : m., Joseph 

Julka : f., Julia 

Kata, Katica, Katinka : f., Cath- 

Konstantin, Kosta, Kojo : m., Con- 

Krsto : m.. Christian 

Lav : m., Leo 

Lovro : m., Lawrence 

Luka : m., Luke 

Ljubica : f., Amelia 

Ljudevit, Luo: m., Louis 

Mavro : m., Maurice 

Maksim : m., Maximilian 

Manojlo : m., Em ami el, Manuel 

Mara, Marija, Marica : f., Mary 

Marko : m., Mark 

Matija : m., Matthew 

Milan : m., Emile 

Milica, Milka : f., Emily 

Mirko : m., Emmerich 

Miroslav : m., Frederick 

Miroslava : f., Frederica 

Mitar : m., Demetrius 

Mihailo, Mile : m., Michael 

Mojo : m., Moses 

Nedeljko : m., Dominic 

Nikola : m., Nicholas 

Pavao, Pavle : m., Paul 

Pavlija: f., Pauline 

Petar, Pero : m., Peter 

Radovan : m., Hilary 

Risto : m., Christian 

Ruia : f., Rose 

Simo, Simeun : m., Simeon 

Slavoljub : m., Edward 

Spiro : m., Spiridion 

Srecko : m., Felix 

Stanislav : m., Stanislaus 

Stevan, Stefan, Stevo : m., Stephen 

Todor, Too : m., Theodore 

Toma : m., Thomas 

Ciro : m., Cyril 

Cvetko : m., Florian 

Saia : m., Alexander 


Avlona : f., Valona 
Azija : f., Asia 
Albanija : f., Albanian 

Arnaut : m., an Albanian 

arbanaski : adj., Albanian 
Amerika : f., America 

Severna : adj., North 

Juina : adj., South 
Arapska : f., Arabia 
Atina : f., Athens 
Atlansko more: n., Atlantic Ocean 
Austrija : f., Austria 

Austrijanac (pop., Svab): m., 
an Austrian 

austrijski (pop., svabski) : adj., 


Bavarska : f., Bavaria 
Bar : m., Antivari 
Belgija : f., Belgium 
Belo (Jegejsko) more : n. ^gean 


Beograd, Biograd : m., Belgrade 
Berlin : m., Berlin 
Be6 : m., Vienna 
Bitolj : m., Monastir 
Boka Kotorska : f., Bocche di 

Bosna : f., Bosnia 

Pronounce : dj, di., as ,;' in James ; f as a in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u aa oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




Bra6 : m., Brazza 
Bugarska : f., Bulgaria 

Bugarin (pi., Bugari) : m., a 

bugarski : adj., Bulgarian 
Budva : f., Budua 
Budimpeita : f., Buda Pest 
Bukurest : m., Bucarest 
Varsava : f., Warsaw 
Veles : m., Koprulu 
Velika Britanijn : f., Great Britain 
Vidam : m., Udine 
Vis : m., Lissa 
Visla : f., Vistula 
Vlaka : f., Wallachia 
Vratislava : f., Breslau 
Gorica : f., Gorizia 
Gradac : m., Gratz 
Gruz : m., Gravosa 
Dalmacija : f., Dalrnatia 
Danska : f., Denmark 

Danac : m., a Dane 

danski : adj., Danish 
Drazdjani : m., Dresden 
Dra6 : m., Durazzo 
Dubrovnik : m., Ragusa 
Dunav : m., Danube 
Djakovo : m., Diakova 
Evropa : f., Europe 
Egipat : m., Egypt 
Engleska : f., England 

Englez : m., an Englishman 

engleski : adj., English 
Ercegnovi : m., Castelnuovo 
Zagreb : m., Agram 
Zadar : m., Zara 
Zemun : m., Semlin 
Irska : f., Ireland 

Irac : m., an Irishman 

irski : adj., Irish 
Italija : f., Italy 

Italijanac : in., an Italian 

italijanski : adj., Italian 
Jadransko more : n., Adriatic Sea 

ECopar : m., Capo d'Istria 

Koruka : f., Carinthia 

[Co tor : m., Cattaro 

Kranjska : f., Carniola 

Krf : m., Corfu 

Lavov : m., Lemberg 

Lipsko : f., Leipzig 

London : m., London 

Losinj : m., Lussin 

Luzi6ki Srbin : m., a Wend 

Ljubljana : f., Laibach 

Madjarska : f., Hungary 
Mad jar : m., a Hungarian 
madjarski : adj., Hungarian 

Macedonia, Makedonija : ., Mace- 

Misir : m., Egypt 

Mletci (-taka) : m., pi., Venice 

Monakov : m., Munich 

Moskva : ., Moscow 

Nema6ka : f., Germany 
Nemac : in., a German 
nemaSki : adj., German 

Neretva : f., Narenta 

Novi Pazar : m., Novi Bazar 

Novi Sad : m., Neusatz 

Ohrid : m., Okhrida 

Pariz : m., Paris 

Petrograd : m., Petrograd 

Fed : m., Ipek 

Plovdiv : m., Philippopolis 

Pol j ska : f., Poland 
Poljak : m., a Pole 
poljski: adj., Polish 

Pruska : f., Prussia 

Pulj : m., Pula, f., Pola 

Rajna : f., Rhine 

Reka, Rijeka : f., Fiume 

Rim : m., Rome 

Rodan : m., Rhone 

Rumunija : f., Rumania 
Rumun : m., a Rumanian 
rumunski : adj., Rumanian 

Rusija : f., Russia 

Jakin : m., Ancona 
Jedrene : n., Adrianople 
Jermenska : f., Armenia 
Kitaj : m. f China 
Kodanj : m., Copenhagen 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as a in measure ; j r as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as flO 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; e as sh in ehout. 

Rus : m., a Russian 
ruski : adj., Russian 
Saska : f., Saxony 
Sveta Gora : f., Mt. Athoa 
Skadar : m., Scutari 




Skoplje : n., Uskub 

Skotska : f., Scotland 

Smederevo : n., Semendria 

Solun : m., Salonika 

Sofia : f., Isonzo 

Sofija : f., Sofia 

Spanjolska: f., Spain 

Spljet : m., Spalato 

Srbija : f., Serbia 

Srbin (pi., Srbi) : m., & Serb 
Srpkinja : f., a Serbian woman 
srpski : adj., Serbian 

Sredozemno more : n., Mediter- 
ranean Sea 

Srem : m., Syrmia 

Trnovo : n., Tirnovo 

Trst : m., Triest 

Turska : f., Turkey 

Turdin : m. (pi., Turci), a Turk 
turski : adj., Turkish 

Ulcinj : m., Dulcigno 

Francuaka : f., France 

Francuz : m., a Frenchman 

francuski : adj., French 

Hvar : m., Lesimi 

Hercegovina : f., Herzegovina 

Holandija : f., Holland 

Holandez : m., a Dutchman 
holandski : adj., Dutch 

Hrvatska : f., Croatia 
Hrvat : m., a Croatian 
hrvatski : adj., Croatian 

Carigrad : m., Constantinople 

Celovac : m., Klagenfurt 

Cetinje : n., Cetinje 

Crna Gora : f., Montenegro 
Crnogorac : m., a Montenegrin 
crnogorski: adj., Montenegrin 

Ceska : f., Bohemia 
Ceh : m., a Bohemian 
5eki : adj., Bohemian 

Sabac : m., Shabatz 

Svajcarska : f., Switzerland 

Sibenik : m., Sebenico 

Stajerska : f., Styria 

Stip : m., Ishtib 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as j in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 


a: art., there is no indefinite article 

in Serbian ; one, num., jedan, 

-dna, -dno 

aback : adv., natrag 
abandon : v., ostaviti, napustiti 
abandonment : n., napustanje, 

odricanje, n. 
abash : v., zbuniti 
abate : v., smanjiti, umanjiti 
abbey : n., opatija, f. 
abbot : n., iguman, opat, m. 
abbreviate : v., skratiti 
abbreviation : n., skradenje, n. 
abdicate : n., odreci se prestola 
abdication : n., silazak s prestola, 

abdikacija, f. 

abdomen : n., mali trbuh, m. 
abduction : n., cdvodjenje, n. ; 

otinica, f. 

abed : adv., u postelji 
abhor : v., mrziti 
abide : v., ostati (-stanem), stano- 


ability : n., mo6, sposobnost, f. 
ablative : n., Sesti, padei, m. 
ablaze : adj., zapaljen 
able : adj., sposoban, -bna, -bno 


able, to be : v., mo6i (mogu) 
able-bodied: adj., jak, snazan, 

ina, -4no 
ablution : n., umivanje, n. 

adj., nepravilan, -Ina, 



abnormity : n., nepravilnost, f. 
aboard : adv., na brodu 
abolish : v., ukinuti (-nem) 

abolishment: n., abolition, n., 

ukinuce, n. 
abominable : adj., grozan, -zna, 

-zno, gnusan 

abominate : v., gnusati se 
abomination : n., gnusoba, groza, f . 
aborigines : n., starosedioci, m. 

pi. ; urodjenici, m., pi. 
abortion : n., pobacaj, m. 
abortive : adj., nedonesen 
abound : v., obilovati 
about: prep., oko, okolo (gen.), o 

(loc.) ; my father, o mojem 


about : adv., oko, nekako 
above: prep., nad (ace. and inst. ), 

iznad (gen.) ; my head, iznad 

moje glave 

above : adv., gore, vi5e 
abreast : adv., pored o 
abridge : v., skratiti, kracati 
abroad : adv., u tudjini 
abrupt : adj., strm, strmenit ; 

(sudden) iznenadan ; (rude) 

abruptness : n., naprasitost, osor- 

Ijivost, f. 

abscess : n., 6ir, m. 
absence : n., odsustvo, n. 
absent : adj., odsutan, -tna, -tno 
absent, to be : v., odsustvovati 
absinthe : n., pelenjaca, f. 
absolute: adj., apsolutan, -tna, -tno 

absolutely : adv., apsolutno, 
svim, neminovno 

absolution : n., oprostenje (gre- 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; I as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; i aa sh in shout- 





absolutism : n., apsolutizam, m. ; 

samovlast, f. 

absorb : v., upiti (-pijem), usisati 
absorption : n., upijanje, n. 
abstain : v., uzdrzati se 
abstemious : adj., umeren, koji ne 

pije vino i.t.d. 

abstemiousness : n., umerenost, f. 
abstinence : n., uzdrzavanje, n. 
abstraction : n., apstrakcija, f. 
absurd: adj., apsurdan, -dna, -dno, 

absurdity : n., bezumlje, n. ; lu- 

dost, f . 
abundance : n., izobilje, n. ; puno6a, 

abundant: adj., izobilan, obilan, 

Ina, -Ino 
abuse : v., (by word) uvrediti, 

(deed) zloupotrebiti 
abuse: n., (words) uvreda, f . ; 

ruganje, n. ; (deed) zloupotreba, 

prevara, zabluda 

abyss : n., bezdan, m. ; provala, f. 
acacia : n., bagren, m. 
academy : n., akademija, f. 
accelerate : v., ubrzati 
acceleration : n., ubrzanje, n. 
accent: n., aksan, akcenat, glasou- 

dar, m. 
accentuate : v., akcentovati, nag- 


accept : v., primiti 
acceptable : adj., prijatan, -tna, 


acceptance : n., prijam, m. 
access : n., pristup, ulaz nastup, m. 
accessible : adj., pristupafian, -6na 
accessory: adj., sporedan, -dna, 

-dno, pomo6an, -cna 
accident : n., (misfortune) nesreca, 

f. ; slu6aj, dogadjaj, m. 
accidental : adj., iznenadan, -dna, 

-dno, sluCajni 
accidentally : adv., slufajno 
acclaim : v., klicati 
acclamation : n., klicanje, n. 
accommodate : v., zgotoviti, po- 


accommodation : n., poravnanje, n. 
accompaniment : n., pratnja, f. 
accompanist : n., pratilac, m . 
accompany : v., pratiti, ici uz 
accomplice : n., sukrivac (-vca), m. 
accomplish : v., svrsiti, ispuniti se 
accomplished : adj., (finished) sur- 

Sen, (clever) naucen 
accomplishment : n., ispunjenje, 

a. ; (clever) veStina, f. 
accord : v., pomiriti, dopustiti 
accord : n., saglasnost, f. ; sloga, f. 
accordance : in with, po, prema 
according to : prep., po, prema 

accordingly : adv., sledstveno, 

dakle, prema tome 
accordion : n., harmonika, f. 
account : n., (bill) ra6un ; (de- 
scription) izvestaj, m ; on of 

prep., zbog (gen.) 
accountant: n., ra6unovodja, m.; 

raSunar, m. 

account book : n., tefter, m. 
accounts : n., raSunovodstvo, n. 
accumulate : v., nagomilati 
accuracy : n., taSnost, f. 
accurate: adj., tacan, -6na, -6no; 

adv., to6no 

accursed : adj., proklet 
accusation : n., optuzivanje, n. 
accuse : v., optuziti 
accuser: n.,tuzitelj,m. ; tuziteljka, 

accustom : v. 

nau&ti na ; 

naviknuti (-nem), 
(oneself) naviknuti 

accustomed : adj., naviknut 

ace : n., kec, m. 

ache : n., bol, m. 

ache : v., boleti (boli) ; my head 

aches, boli me glava 
achieve : v., dovrsiti 

achievement : n., dovrSenje, n. 
acid : n., kiselina, f. 
acid : adj., kiseo, -sola, -selo 
acknowledge : v., priznati, priz- 

acknowledgment : n., priznanje, n. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as * in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; ni as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; i as sh in shout. 




acme : n., vrh, m. 
acolyte : n., pomagaS (decak), m. 
acorn : n., Hie, zelud, m. 
acquaintance : n., poznanstvo, n. ; 

(person) poznanik, m., poznanica 
acquaintance : to make the : v., 

acquire : v., stedi (-6em), zadobiti, 

acquisition : n., pecalba, f. ; ku- 

povanje, n. 
acquit : v., pomilovati, osloboditi ; 

(debts, etc.) naplatiti, ispuniti 
acquittal : n., pomilovanje, n. 
acre : n., jutro zemlje, n. 
acrid : adj., opor 
acrobat : n., pelivan, m. 
across: prep., preko (gen.) ; the 

road, preko puta 
act : n., (work) delo, n. ; radnja, 

f. ; (on paper, etc.) akat, cin ; 

(law) zakon, m. ; (theatre) deo 

(dela), m. ; acts of the apostles, 

apostolska dela 
act : v., (do) Ciniti, raditi, delati ; 

(theatre) igrati 
action : n., radnja, f. ; 6in, m. ; 

dejstvo, n. ; (fight) borba, f. ; 

(law) parnica, f. 

active : adj., radni, marljiv, radljiv 
activity : n., dejatvo, n. ; delatel- 

nost, f. 

actor : n., glumac, m. 
actress : n., glumica, f. 
actual : adj., (present time) sada- 

snji ; (real) atvarni, pravi 
actuality : n., (present) sadainjost, 

f . ; (reality) istinitost, f. 
acute : adj., oStar, siljat, jak 
acuteness : n., ostrina, f. 
adage : n., poslovica, f. 
adapt : v., podesiti, prilagoditi 
add : v., (up) sabrati, sabirati; (to) 

neplodan, -dna ; (egg) n. 

mu6ak, m. 
addle : v., pokvariti 
address : n., adresa, f. ; naslov, 

natpis, m. 

address : v., adresovati, upraviti 
adept : adj., vest 
adequate: adj., dovoljan, -jna, 


adhere : v., prionuti 
adherent: adj., prionut 
adieu : adv., s Bogom 
adjective : n., pridev, m. 
adjutant : n., praporcik, adjutant, 

administer : v., upravljati ; (give) 

administerial : adj., drzavni, slui- 

admkiistration : n., administracija, 

f . ; uprava, f. 
administrator : n., administrator, 

up_ravnik, m. 
admirable: adj., divan, -vna, -vno 

krasan, -sna, -sno 
admiral : n., admiral, m. 
admiralty : n., admiralstvo, n. 
admiration : n., divljenje, n. 
admire : v., diviti se 
admirer : n., potovalac, m. 
admission : n., pristup, m. ; pri- 

manje, n. ; (confession) priznanje, 

admit : v., primiti, dopustiti ; 

(own) priznati 
admittance : n., pristup, m. ; pri- 

pust, f. 

adolescence : n., mladidstvo, n. 
adolescent : n., mladi6, mladunac, 

adopt : v., (child) usiniti ; (take) 

adoptive father, son : n., poocim. 


adder : n., guja, f. ; zmija, f. 
addition: n., (sum), sabiranje, n. 

(to) dodatak, m. 
additional : adj., dodan 
addled : adj., prazan, -znn, -zno, 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 

posinak, m. 
adorable: adj., zaobazavanje 
adore : v., obozavati 
adorn : v., ukrasiti 
adulation : n., laskanje. n. 
adult: adj., odrastao, -sla, -slo 



adulterate : v., kvariti 
adulterer: n., preljubnik, m. 
adulteress : n., preljubnica, f. 
adultery : n., preljuba, f. 
advance : v., poma6i unapred, 

istupiti, ici napred, napredovati ; 

(lend) uzajrniti 
advance : n., napredak, m. ; una- 

predjenje, n. ; (loan) zajam, m. 
advantage : n., korist, f. ; (pre- 
ponderance) preteznost, f. 
advantageous : adj., koristan, -sna, 

-sno, zgodan, -dna, -dno 
Advent: n., bozi6ni post, m. ; 

(arrival) dolazak (-ska) 
adventure: n., avantura, f . ; 

dogadjaj, m. 

adventure : v., rizikovati 
adventurer : n., (rascal) probisvet, 

adventuresome: adj., ameo, smela, 


adverb : n., prilog, m. 
adversary : n., protivnik, m. 
adverse : adj., protivan, -vna, -vno 
adversity : n., beda, f. ; nevolja, f. 

advertise : 

advertisement : 

objava, f. 
advice : n., savet, m. 


javiti, objaviti, 
oglaa, m. ; 


advisable : adj., shodan, -dna, -dno 

advise : v., savetovati 

adviser: n.,savetodavac, m. 

advocate : n., advokat, m. 

aerial : adj., vazdusni 

aeronaut : n., vazduhoplovac, m. 

aerostat: n., vazdusnalopta, f. 

afar : adv., daleko 

affability : n., prijatnost, f. 

affair: n., posao (-sla), m. ; radnja, 

f. ; dogodjaj, in. 
affect : v., teziti za, dirnuti 
affectation : n., usiljavanje, n. 
affected: adj., usiljen, ve.stacki 
affection : n., naklonost, f. : ljubav,f. 
affectionate: adj., srdacan, -cna, 

<5no, ljubazan, -zna, -zno 

affiliation : n., primanje, n. 
affinity : n., srodstvo, n. 
affirm : v., tvrditi, uveravati 
affirmative: adj., potvrdan, -dna, 


affliction : n., tuga, f. ; bol, in. 
afford: v., (provide) dati ; (money) 

mo6i kupiti 
afoot : adv., peske 
afore : adv., pro, pred 
afraid : adj., plasljiv 
afraid, to be : v., bojati se (-Jim) 
afresh : adv., po novo, iznova 
after: prep., posle (gen.), za (ace. 

and inst. ) ; death, posle 

smrti ; father, za ocom 
afternoon : n., posle, podne 
afterwards, after : adv., posle, po 

torn, za tim, posle toga 
again : adv., opet, ponovo, snova, 

jos jednom 

again and again : adv., 6eato 
against: prep., protiv (gen.), na 

suprot (dat.), uz (ace.); the 

stream, uz vodu 
age : n., vek, m. ; doba, f. ; (people 

and things) starost, starina ; 

(period) epoha, perioda, f. ; 

Middle Ages, srednji vek, m. ; 

... of , adj., punoletan, -tna, 

-tno; under , adj., maloletan, 

-tna, -tno 
aged : adj., star 

agency : n., agencija, agentura, f. 
agent : fn. agenat, uzrok, m. 
aggravate : v., otezati, pogorSati 
aggressive : adj., napadni, -na, -no 
agile : adj., lak, hi tar 
agility : n., lakost, hitrina, f. 
agitate : v., pokrenuti, potresiti ; 

(disturb) buniti 
ago : adv., proslo ; many years , 

pre mnogo godina ; long , 

davno, odavna 
agony : n., ropac, m. ; smrtna 

muka, f . 

agree : v., saglasiti se, slo/.it i se 
agreeable : adj., prijatan, -tna, -tno 
agreed : adj., saglasan, -sna, -sno 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as Li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u us oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as eh in shout. 



agreement : n., saglasnost, sloga, f. 
agriculture: n., ratarstvo, T*. 
aground (to run) : v. F nasaditi 


ague : f., groznica, f. 
ahead : adv., napred 
aid : n., pomoc, f. 
aide de camp, A.D.C. : n., adjutant, 


aim : v., niSaniti, ciljati, gadjati 
aim : n., celj, m. ; (object) namera, 

aimless : adj., bez celj a 

air : n., vazduh zrak, m. ; (music) 

arija, f. ; (look) izgled, m. 
air : v. f suSiti ; (ventilate) prove- 


airing : n., vetrenje, suSenje, n. 
airy : adj., vazdusan, -sna, -sno 
aisle : n., krilo, n. 
alabaster : n., alabastar, m. 
alarm : n., uz"buna, uznemirenost, 

f. ; strah, m. 

alarm : v., uzbuniti, uznemiriti 
alarum clock : n., budilnik, m. 
album : n., album, m. 
albumen : n., albumin, m. ; belan- 

Sevina, f. 

alchemy : n., alhemija, f. 
alcohol : n., alkohol, m. 
alcove : n., loznica, f. 
alder : n., joha, f. 
alderman : n., opitinski savetnik, 


ale : n., pivo, n. 
alert : adj., okretan, -tna, -tno, iiv 

algebra : n., algebra, f. 
alias : adv., drukdije, inae 
alibi : adv., drugde 
alien : adj., tudj, stran 
alien : n., stranac, tudjinac, m. 
alienate : v., otudjiti 
alight : v., sidi (sidjem) 
alight : adj., upaljen, -a, -o 
alike : adj., slican, -dna, -6no 
alike : adv., isto tako, jednako 
alive: adj., ziv ; v., to be 

ziveti (iivim) 
alkali : n., alkalija, f. 


all : adj., sav (vas), sva, sve (sing.) ; 
svi, sve, sva (plu.); ceo, -cela, 
-celo, Citav, (every) svaki 

all : adv., potpuno, sa svim ; not 
at , nikako ; the same, 
ipak ; of a sudden, na (od) 
jedanput ; once for , jednom 
za uvek ; over the place, 
svnda ; the better, tim bolje ; 
right, dobro 

all : n., celina, f. ; celo, n. 

allegiance : n., posluSnost, poker- 
nost , f . 

allegory : n., alegorija, f. 

alley : n., ulicica, f. ; hodnik, 
prolaz, m. 

alliance : n., savez, m. 

allied : adj., savezan, -zna, -zno 

allow : v., dopustiti ; (give) dati ; 
(permit) dozvoliti 

allowable: adj., dopuSten, Slobo- 
dan, -dna, -dno 

allowance : n., dopuStenje, n. ; 
dopust, m. ; dozvola, f. ; (money) 

allowed, to be : v., smeti (smem) 

all-powerful: adj., svemocan, -cna, 

All Saints' Day : n., Svi Sveti, m. 

allusion : n., ciljanje, n. 

ally : v., medati, sjediniti 

ally : n., saveznik, m. 

almanac : n., kalendar, godisnjak, 

almighty : adj., svemodan, -dn, 


almightiness : n., svemodnost, f. 
almond : n., badem, m. 
almost : adv., gotovo, skoro, bez 


alms : n., milostinja, f. 
aloe : n., aloje, n. 
aloft : adv., gore 
alone: adj., sam, jedini 
alone : adv., samo, jedino, naaaino 
along : adv. and prep., dui, kraj 
alongside: prep., pokraj (geii.); 

the ship, pokraj broda 

dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 

Ij as li in million nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




aloud : adv., glasno, na glaa 

alp : n., planina, f. 

alphabet : n., azbuka, f. ; bukvar, 


alphabetic : adj., azbuSni 
already : adv., ve6, jur 
also : adv., takodje, i, isto tako 
altar : n., oltar, m. 
alter : v., izmeniti 
alterable : adj., promenljiv 
alteration : n., promena, f. 
alternate: adj., naizmenidni 
alternative : n., naizmenifinost, f. 
although : conj., premda, i ako, ma 


altitude : n., visina, f. 
altogether: adv., zajedno 
alum : n., stipsa, f. ; kocelj, m. 
aluminium : n., aluminijum, m. 
always : adv., uvek, svagda, vefino, 

navek, vazda 
am : v., jesam 
amalgamate : v., smesati 
amass : v., gomilati 
amateur : n., ljubitelj, m. 
amaze : v., zaduditi, zadiviti 
amazed : adj., zacudjen, zadivljen 
amazement: n., Cudjenje, dudo, n. 
amazing: adj., cudnovit 
ambassador : n., poslanik, m. 
ambassadress : n., poslanikovica, f. 
amber : n., 6ilibar, m. ; ainbra, f. 
ambiguous : adj., dvosmislen 
ambition : n., slavoljublje, n. ; 

sujeta, f. 
ambitious : adj., slavoljubiv, suje- 

tan, -tna 

ambulance : n., vojna bolnica 
ambush : n., zaseda, busija, f. 
ameliorate : v., poboljsati 
amiability: n., ljubaznost, f. 
amiable : adj., ljubazan, -zna, -zno, 

blag, -a, -o, prijatan, -tna 
amicable : adj., prijateljski 
amid: prep., sred (gen.), medju 

(ace. and loc.) 

amidships : adv., usred brodo 
ammonia : n., amonijak, m. 
ammunition : n., dzbana, municija.f . 

amnesty : n., amnestija, f. 

among : prep., medju (ace. and 
loc.), sred (gen.) ; I go people, 
idem medju ljude ; his bro- 
thers, medju svojom bracom ; 
from , izmedjn 

amorous : adj., zaljubljen 

amount : n., zbir, m. 

ample : adj., Sirok 

amply : adv., opsirno 

amputate : v., odseci (-5em) 

amuse : v., zanimati, zabavljati 

amusement : n. , zanimanje, n. 

amusing: adj., zanimljiv, smesan 

an : art., there ia no indefinite 
article in Serbian ; one, jedan, 
-dna, -dno 

anaemia : n., malokrvnost, f. 

anaemic : adj., slabokrvan, -vna 

analogous : adj., slican, -fina, -dno 

analogy : n., analogija, sliSnost, f. 

analysis : n., analiza, f. 

analytic: adj., analitiSan, -cna, 

anarchist : n., bezvladnik, m. 

anarchy :-n., nered, m. ; bezglavlje, 
n. ; bezvladnost, f. 

anatomy : n., anatomija, f. 

ancestors : n., pretci, dedovi, m., pi. 

anchor : n., sidro, n. ; kotva, f. ; 
to drop , baciti sidro ; to weigh 
, izvu6i sidro 

anchor : v., usidriti, sidrati 

ancient : adj ., stari, davni, starinski 

and : conj., i, pa, te 

anecdote: n., anegdota, pricica, f. 

anemone : n., sasa, f. 

anew : adv., s^nova, opet, iz nova 

angel : n., andjeo (-djela), m. 

angelic: adj., andjeoski, andjelski 

anger: n., srditost, f . ; ljutina, f. ; 
jarost, pomama, f. 

angle : n., ugao (-gla), m. 

angle : v., loviti ribu 

angler : n., ribar, m. 

angrily : adv., ljutito, srdito 

angry : adj., srdit, ljutit 

angry, to make : v., ljutiti, rasriiti 

angry, to get : ljutiti so, rasrditi se 

Pronounce : dj , di, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ', 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as t* in cats ; 5 as sh in shout. 




mrzost, odvrat- 
, antikvar, m. ; 

anguish : n., prituza, mnka samr- 

tna, f. 

angular : adj., uglast 
animal : n., zivotinja, f. 
animal : adj., zivotinjski 
animated : adj., ziv, vatren 
animation : n., oduSevljenje, n. ; 

zivost, f. 

animati : v., oduSeviti, ohrabriti 
animosity: n., srdba, mrzost, f. 
aniseed : n., onajs, anason, m. 
ankie : n., klin, m. ; divija, f. 
anneal : v., kovrciti 
annex : v., prisjediniti 
annexation : n., prisajedinjenje, n. 
annihilate : v., unistiti 
annihilation : n., unistivanje, n. 
anniversary : n., godisnjica, f. 
announce : v., objaviti, oglasiti 
announcement : n., objava, f. ; 

oglas, m. 

annoy : v., dosadjivati, dirkati 
annoying: adj.,dosadan, -dna, -dno 
annual : adj., godisnji, -ja, -je 
Annunciation : Blagovest, f. ; Bla- 

goveStenje, n. 

anoint : v., mazati, pomazati 
anointment: n., pomazanje, n. 
anonymous: adj., bezimeni 
another : adj., drugi ; one , jedau 

drugoga ; one after , jedanza 


answer : n., odgovor, m. 
answer : v., odgovoriti 
answerable : adj., odgovoran, -rna, 


ant : n., mrav, m. 
antagonist : n., protivnik 
antarctic : adj., juzni 
antechamber: n., predsoblje, n. 
antediluvian : adj., pretpotopni 
anteroom : n., predsoblje, n. 
anthrax : n., prostrel, m. 
anthropology : n., nauka o dov- 

anticipate: v., Siniti, uzeti pre 


antidote : n., protivotrov, m. 
antimony : n., antimon, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 5 as sh in shout. 

antipathy : 

nost, f. 
antiquarian : 

starinar, m. 

antique : adj., star, starinski, davni 
antiquity : n., starina, f. ; starost, 

anus : n., dupe, n. ; guzica, f. 

anvil : n., nakovanj, m. 

anxiety : n., strah, m. ; briga, f. ; 

uznemirenost, f . 
anxious : adj., buzan, -zna,, 

any : adj., neki, kogod, nekoliko ; 

adv., neSto, malo ; there is not 

, nema; is there ? ima li ? 

anything, nesto ; anywhere, 

svuda ; anyhow, ipak ; anybody, 

neko, jedan 

apart: adv., obaSka, posebno 
apartment : n., (room) sob a, f. | 

(rooms) stan, m. 
ape : n., majmun, m. 
apex : n., vrh, m. ; vrSak, m. 
apologize : v., pravdati se, izgova- 

rati se, izvinjavati se 
apology : n., pravdanje, izvinjenje, 


apoplexy : n., kaplja, f. 
apostle : n., apostol, m. 
apparatus : n., aparat, m. ; orudje, 

n ; sprava, f . 

apparel : n., odelo, n. ; haljina, f. 
apparent : adj ., ofievidan, -dna, -dno 
appeal : v., nazvati, pozvati 
appeal : n., poziv, proziv, m. 
appear : v., javiti se, pojaviti se 
appearance : n., spoljnost, f. ; 

(look) izgled, m. 
appendix : n., dodatak (-tka), m. ; 

dopuna, f. 

appetite : n., apetit, m. 
applaud : v., pljeskati 
apple : n., jabuka, f. 
application : n., (attentive) mar- 

Ijivost, f. ; (use) upotreba, f. ; 

(request) molba, f. 
apply : v., upraviti se ; ( one's 

mind) marljivo uciti 




appointment : n., nalog, m ; (ser- 
vice) sluzba, f. ; (pay) plata, f. 
appraise : v., ceniti 
apprehension : n., strah, m. ; 

(understanding) pojam, m. 
apprentice : n., uSenik, m. 
approach : v., pribliziti, pribliziti 

se, pristupati 
approach : n., pristup, m. ; pri- 

blifivanje, n. 
approval : n., odobravanje, n. ; 

pohvala, f. 

approve: v., odobriti, pohvaliti 
apricot : n., Kajsija, f. 
April : n., april, travanj, m. 
apron : n., pregaCa, kecelja, f. 
aptitude : n., sposobnost, veStina, f. 
aqueduct : n., vodovod, m. 
arable : adj., za oranje 
arbitrary: adj., samovoljan, -jna, 

-jno, samovlastan, -tna, -tno 
arbitrate : v., suditi kao izborni 


arbitration : n., arbitral, m. 
arc : n., luk, m. 
arch : n., svod, m. 
archaeology : n., arheologija, f. 
archangel : n., arhandjeo (-jela).m. 
archbishop : n., arhijepiskop, mitro- 

polit, m. 

archduchess : n., vojvotkinja, f. 
archduke: n., erchercog,vojvoda,m. 
architect : n., arhitekt, m. 
archives : n., arhiva, f. 
archway : n., svod, m. 
Arctic : adj., severni 
ardent : adj., raspaljen, zarak, -rka, 


ardour: n., iestina, zarkost, f. 
area : n., povrsina, f. 
arena : n. , arena, f . ; boriste, n. 
argue : v., dokazivati 
argument : n., dokaz, zaklju6ak, 

razlog, m. 
arid : adj., bezvodan, -dna, -dno, 


aright : adv., dobro, ravno, pravo 
aristocracy : n., plemstvo, n. ; 

aristokracija, f. 

arithmetic : n., radunica, f. 

ark : n., kovc'eg, m. 

arm : n., ruka, misica, f. ; (of the 

sea) rukavac, m. 
arm : v., oruzati 
armchair : n., naslonja6a, f. 
armed : adj., oruzan, -zna, -ino 
armful : n., naruCe, n. 
armistice : n., primirje, n. 
armour : n., oklop, m. ; oprema, f, 
armourer : n., puskar, m. 
armpit : n., pazuho, n. ; miska, f. 
arms : n., oruzje, n. ; coat of . 

grb, m. 

army : n., vojska, armija, f. 
around : prep, and adv., oko, okolo 

(gen.); the house, oko kude 
arouse: v., probuditi, (excitej 


arrange : v., urediti, uparaditi 
arrangement : n., uredjenje, pora- 

vnanje, n. 
arrest : v., uhapsiti, zatvoriti, 

(stop) zaustaviti 

arrest : n., zatvaranje, hapsenje, n. 
arrival : n., dolazak (-ska) 
arrive : v., stidi (stignem), dodi 

(dodjem), dolaziti 
arrogance : n., gordost, nadutost, f. 
arrow : n., strela, f. 
arsenal : n., arsenal, m. 
arsenic : n., sidan, arsenik, m. 
arson : n., palez, m. 
art : n., vestina, umetnost, f. 
artery : n., arterija, f. 
artesian well : n., arteski bunar, m. 
artful : adj., lukav, -a, -o 
artfulness : n., lukavstvo, n. 
artichoke : n., artidok, artisok, m. 
article : n., (newspaper) lanak, 

flan, m. ; (thing) predmet, m. 
articulation: n.,zglob, m. ; (speak- 

ing) izgovor, m. 
artificial : adj., veStadki 
artificiality : n., vestina, f., isku- 

stvo, n. 

artillery : n., artilerija, f. 
artilleryman : n., tobdiija, artiler- 

ist, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in. million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 8, aa ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats fi as sh in shout. 




artisan : n., zanatlija, tvorac, m. 

artist : n., vestak, umetnik, m. 

artistic : adj., veStaSki 

as: conj., kao, kao sto ; as long , 
dokle, doklen ; much (many), 
toliko ; as soon , dim ; same 

assistance : n., pomo6, f. 
assistant : n., pomocnik, pomagaf , 

assizes : n., sud, m. ; sednica, suda, 

associate : v., udruiiti se 

, isto tako ; yet, do sada ; ! associate : n., zadrugar, ortak, m. 

not yet, do sada ; if, kao da association : n., udruienje, r 
asbestos : n., azbest druiba, f. 

ascend : v., i<5i uz (idem), izidi, ' assort : v., sortirati, sloziti 

uzici, peti se (penjem) assortment : n.,slaganje, odbiranje, 

Ascension Day : n., Spasovo, n. ; 

Spasov Dan, m. 
ascension : n., penjanje, n. 
ash: n., (tree) jasen, m. 

ash : n., pepeo (-pela), m. 
ashore : adv., na kraju (obali) ; to 

run , v., nasaditi ladja 
ash-tray : n., pepeonica, f. 
Ash Wednesday : n., ista sreda, f. 
aside : adv., sa at rant- ; to put , 
na stranu ; prep., uz, 

assume: v., primiti na se (uzeti) 
Assumption : Uspenje Bogorodice, 


ask : v., (question) pitati ; (ask for) 

traiiti, moliti za 
asleep : adv., uspavan, usnu ; to 

fall , v., zaspati, uspavati 
asparagus : n., sparga, f. 
aspect : n., izgled, m. ; lice, n. 
asphalt : n., asfalt, m. 
ass : n., magarac, m. 
assail : v., napasti (-padnem) 
assassin : n., ubica, krvnik, m. 
assassinate : v., inuc'ki ubiti 
assassination : n., ubistvo, n. ; 

a ten tat, m. 

assault : n., juris, napad, m. 
assemble : v., skupiti, sazvati 
assembly : n., skupstina, f. 
assent : v., pristati (-stanem) 
assent : n., pristanak, m. 
assert : v., tvrditi 
assertion : n., potvrdjivanje, n. ; 

iskaz, m. 

assign : v., zakazati, odrediti 
assignation : n., poziv, m. ; uput- 

nica, f. 
assist : v., pomoci (-mozem), poma- 


assurance : n., uverenje, jemstvo, 
n. ; (fire, etc.) osiguranje, n. 

assure : v., obezbediti, utvrditi, 
(fire, etc.) osigurati 

asterisk : n., zvezdica, f. ; znak, m. 

astern : adv., nazad, natrag, na 

asthma : n., sipnja, f. ; zaptivanje, 

asthmatic : adj., sipljiv. 

astonish : v., za6uditi, zadiviti 

astonished : adj., zacudjen, zadi- 

astonishing : adj., Cud no vat, cudan 

astonishment : p., cudjenje, n. ; 
6udo, n. ; divljenje, n. 

astride : adv. (horse), na konju, 

astrology : n., astronomija, f. 

astronomer : n., astronom, m. 

asunder : adv., obaska, razdeljeno 

asylum : n., utociste, n. ; zastita, 
f. ; lunatic , ludnica, f. ; 
orphan , sirotiste, n. 

at : prep., kod (gen.), u, pri (loc.) ; 
home, kod kuce ; dinner, 
pri rufiki ; the boy is school, 
defiak je u skoli ; peace, u 
mini ; night, no6u ; six 
o'clock, u est sati ; liberty, 
Slobodan ; once, odmah ; 
the end of : prep., nakraj (gen.) 

atheism : n., bezboinistvo, n. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as,;' in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, &, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; as ah in shout. 




atheist : n., bezboinik, m. 

athlete : m., borac, m. 

athletic : adj., boraSki 

atlas : n., atlas 

atmosphere : n., atmosfera, f. 

atrocious : adj., sviren, iestok, 


atrocity: n., strahota, gnusoba, f- 
attach : v., vezati, zavezati (-veiem) 
attached : adj., (fond of) privrfen, 

attachment : n., veza, f. ; (affec- 

tion) odanost, privrzenost, f. 
attack : n., napad, udar, jurii, m 

napasti (-padnem), 

attack : v.. 
udariti na 
attain : v.,dopreti, dostidi (-tignem) 
attempt : v., probati, pokuSati 
attempt : n., pokuiaj, m. ; proba, 

attendance : n., (service) posluga, 

usluga, f. 

attendant : n., pratilac, sluga, m. 
attention : n., paznja, f. ; pozor, 

m. ; marljivost, f. ; (services) 

usluznost, f., pota, f. 
attentive : adj., pazljiv, marljiv 
attest : v., posvedociti 
attestation : n., svedodanstvo, n. 
attic : n., tavan, m. 
attire : v., obudi 
attorney : n., zastupnik, puno- 

modnik, m. 

attract : v., privudi (-6em), navudi 
attraction : n., privladenje, n 
attractive : 


attribute : v., pridavati, pripisivati 
auction : n., ponuda, f. ; nad- 

metanje, n. 
audacious : adj., smeo, smela, -lo, 


audacity : n., smelost, drskost, f. 
audible : adj., dujan, -jna, -jno 
audience : n., audiencija, f. ; 

(people) slu&aoci, m., pi. 
audit : v., istraiivati radun 
augment : v., povedati, umno2iti 
augmentation : n., umnoiavanje, n. 

adj., privlacan, -5na, 

August : n., avgust, kolovoz, m. 

august : adj., uzviSen 

aunt : n., tetka, f. ; strina, f. (wife 

of father's brother) ; ujna, f. (wife 

of mother's brother) 
auscultate : v., oskultovati, pregle- 

dati, prsa 
austere : adj., strog, ofitar, -tra, 


austerity : n., strogost, f. 
Austrian : n., Svab (pop.) 
Austrian : adj., Svaski 
authentic : adj., istinit 
authenticity : n., istinitost, f. 
author : n., (writer) pisac, m. ; 

(creator) tvorac, m. 
authoritative: adj., strog, modan, 


authority : n., vlast, f. ; ugled, m. 
authorization : n., dopust, m. ; 

ovlaSdenje, n. 

authorize : v.,dopustiti, ovlastiti 
autocracy : n., samovlada, f. 
autocrat : n., samodriac, m. 
autograph : n., svojeruSno napisan 
automatic : adj., samogiban, -bna, 

autonomous : adj., samoupravan, 

-vna, -vno 

autonomy : n., samouprava, f. 
autopsy : n., autopsija, f. 
autumn: n.,jesen, f. ; this autumn, 

adv., jesenas 

autumnal: adj., jesenski, jesenji 
auxiliary: adj., pomodni, -cna, -dno 
avalanche : n., lavina, f. ; usov, m. 
avarice : n., tvrdoda 
avenge : v., osvetiti 
avenger : n., osvetnik, m. ; osvet- 

nica, f. 
avenue : n., prolaz, hodnik, m. ; 

aleja, f. 

average : adj., srednji, -ja, -je 
aversion : n., gnuSanje, n. ; odvra- 

tnost, f. 
avoid : v., izbedi, izbegavati 

kloniti se 

avoidance : n., izbegavanje, n. 
avow : v., priznati 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; d, c, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; 5 as sh in shout. 




await : v., Cekati 

awake : v., buditi, probuditi 

awake: adj., bud an, -dna, -dno 

award : v., dosuditi 

aware, to be : v., znati, paziti 

away : adv., daleko, na daleko, 
udaljeno ; from home, od 
kuce ; to go , otici ; send , 

awe : n., strah, m. 

awful : adj., strasan, -Sna, grozan, 

-ziia, gnusan, -sna 
awkward: adj., nevest, nespretan, 

nezgrapan, -pna, -pno 
awl : n., Silo, n. 
awning : n., sat or. m. 
axe: n., sekira, bradva, f. 
axis : n., osa, osovina, f. 
axle : n., osovina od kola, f. 
azure : adj., plavetni, azurni 


babble : v., brbljati 
baboon : n., majmun,m. 
baby : n., beba, f. ; bepce, n. 
baccalaureate : n., ispit zrelosti, m. 
bachelor : n., becar, neienjen, m. ; 

samac, momak, m. 
back : n., ledja, f. ; poledjina, f. ; 

zadnja strana, f. ; chair-back, 

naslon, m. ; backside, n., dupe, 

n. ; guzica, f. 

back: adj., strainji, zadnji 
back : adv., natrag, nazad, unazad 
back : v., ici nazad (idem) 
backgammon : n., trik-trak, m. 
backwards : adv., natrak, nazad 
bacon : n., slanina, f. 
bad : adj., rdjav, nevaljao, -ala, 

-alo, zao, zla, zlo, los, zloban, 

zuzan, -zna 
badge : n., znak, m. 
badness: n., nevaljalost, zloba, f. 
baffle : v., osujetiti, obmanuti 
bag : n., torba, torbica, f. ; diak, 

m. ; kesa, f . ; full, pundzak, 


baggage : n., prtljag, m. ; roba, f. 
bagpi pes : n., gajde, f., pi. 
bail : n., jamac, m. ; jamstvo, n. 
bail : v., jamditi ; (water) vodu 

isprazniti iz Samca 
bait : n., mainac, m., zarnama 
bait : v., metnuti mamac na . . . 

bake : v., pe<Si (-com) 

bake-house : 
rina, f. 

n., pekarnica, peka- 

baker : n., pekar, hlebar, furund 

zija, m. 
bakery : n., pekamica, hlebarnica, 

balance : n., ravnoteza, f . ; (scales) 

terazije, f., pi. ; vaga, f. 
balance : v., drzati u ravnotezi 
balcony : n., balkon, m. 
bald : adj., celav, ple.siv 
bald, to become : v., ocelaviti 
bald head : n., eel a, f. 
baldness : n., lelavost, f. 
bale : n., bala, f. 
ball : n., lopta, f. ; (bullet) kugla, 

f. ; (dance) igranka, f. ; bal, m. 
ballad : n., balada, f. 
ballast : n., pretega, f. ; balast, 

m. ; (gravel) sljunak, m. 
balloon : n., balon, m. ; vazdusna 

lopta, f. 

ballot : m., izbor, m. ; glasanje, n. 
ballot : v., birati 
ballot place : n., biralilte, n. 
baluster : n., naslon, m. ; fi la ret a, 


bamboo : n., bambus, in. 
ban : n., (notice) oglas, m. 

(marriage) bracni oglas, m. 

saziv, m. ; (forbid) odbrana, f. 

progonstvo, n. 
ban : v., prokleti 
band: n., (people) eta, f. ; (music) 

glazbeni zbor, m. ; (leather) 

remen bez kraja, m. 
bandage : n., zavoj, m. 
bandage : v., previti (ranu) 

Pronounce : dj , di, as j in James ; i as * in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as {*' in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as cA in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




bandit : m., razbojnik, m. 
bang : v., tu6i, udarati 
bang : n., udar, xidarac, m. 
banish : v., prognati, izgnati 
banishment : n., progonstvo, n. 
bank : n., (for money) banka, f. ; 

(river) obala, f . ; (dyke) nasip, m. 
bank : v., ograditi nasipom ; 

(money) uloiiti novae u banku 
banker : n., bankar 
banknote : n., novfianica, f. ; Ser- 
bian 10-dinar note, banka, f. 
bankrupt : n., bankrot, in. 
bankruptcy: n., bankrotstvo, n. 
banner : n., barjak, m. ; zastava, f. 
banquet : n., banket, m. ; gozba, 

f. ; cazbal, f. 
baptism : n., krStenje, n. 
baptismal : adj., krsni ; font, n. f 

krstionica, f. 
baptize : v., krstiti 
bar : n., (beam) motka, f. ; 

ipka, f. ; (inn) krCmarski stol, 

m. ; (legal) advokati 
barbarian : n., varvarin, divljak, 


barbarian : adj., varvarski 
barbarity : n., varvarstvo, n. ; 

surovost, f . 

barber : n., berberin, m. 
barber's shop : n., berbernica, f. 
bare : adj., go, gola, golo, nag 
bare : v., ogoliti, otkriti 
bare-footed : adj., bos 
hare-headed : adj., gologlav 
baroly : adv., golo, tek, jedva, Cim 
bareness : n., golo6a, f. 
bargain : n., kupovanje, n. ; pazar, 


bargain : v., pazariti, trgovati 
barge : n., korablje, n. ; 6amac, m. 
bark : n., (tree) kora, f. ; (dog) 

lajanje, n. 
bark : v., (dog) lajati (-Jem) ; 

(strip) derati (-rem), oguliti 
barley : n., jedam, m. 
bain : n., zitnica, f. ; spagalj, m. ; 

supa, f. 
barometer : n., barometar, m. 

barracks : n., kasarna, f. 

barrel : n., bure, n., ba6va ; (of a 

rifle) cev, m. ; maker, bacVar, 


barren : adj., neplodan, -dna, -dno 
barricade : n., barikada, zagrada, f. 
barrister : n., advokat, m. 
barrow, wheel- : n., kolica, f. ; 

(hand) nosila, f. 
barter : v., trgovati, pazariti 
base : n., osnovica, osnova, baza, f. 
base : adj., nizak, -ska, -sko, prost, 

prostacki, los, neprav 
bashful : adj., stidljiv, plaSIjiv 


basil, sweet : n., bosiljak, m. 
basin : n., umivaonik, m. ; umiva- 

onica, f. ; (river) sliv, m. ; basen, 


basis : n., oanovica, osnova, f. 
basket : n., kotarica, korpa, f. 
bastard : n., vanbraCno dete, n. 
bat : n., slepimis, siSmis, m. 
bath : n., kupatilo, n. ; (thermal) 

banja, f. ; to take a , okxipati 

se ; Turkish , n., hamam, m. ; 

man, n., hamamdzija, m. 
bathe : v., kupati se 
bathing-place : n., kupaliste, kupa 

tilo, n. 

bath-room : n., kupaonica, f. 

battalion : n., bataljon, m. 

batter : v., biti, tu6i (-<5em) 

battery : n., baterija, f. ; boj, m. 

battle : n., boj, m. ; bitka, f. 

battle-field : n., bojiste, n. ; meg- 
dan, m. 

bay : n., zaliv ; (tree) lavor, m. 
lavorika, f. 

bay : v., lajati 

bayonet: n., bajonet noi, m. 

bazaar : n., bazar, pazar, trg, m. 

be : v., biti (aam); let it ! pusti ! 
ne diraj ! it so, neka biide ; to 

too late, zakasniti ; how are 
you ? kato ste T 

beach : n., morska obala, f. 
beacon : n., kula svetilja, f. ; oganj, 

Pronounce : dj, d4, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as It In million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as ah in shout. 




beadle : m., crkvenjak, m. 

beak : n., kljun, m. 

beam; n., (wood) greda, f. ; (light) 

zrak, m. 
beam : v., sijati 
bean : n., bob, m. ; (French) 

boranija, f. 
bear : n., medved, m. ; the Greater 

and Lesser Bear, veliki i mail 

bear : v., (carry) nositi, drSati u 

ruci doneti, preneti ; (suffer), 

trpeti, patiti, podnositi, stradati ; 

(child) roditi 
beard : n., brada, f. 
bearded : adj., bradat, -a, -o 
beardless : adj., dosav, -a, -o 
beast : n., zivotiiija, f. ; (wild) 

zver, m. f. ; divljac, m. 
beastliness : n., svinjarija, f. 
beastly : adj., zivotinski 
beat : v., biti, tudi, udariti, mlatiti, 

beating : n., udarac, udar, m. ; 

lupanje, kucanje, n. 
beatitude : n., blaienstvo 
beautiful : adj., lep, hubav, krasan, 

-sna, -sno 

beautify : v., ulepsati, ukrasiti 
beauty : n., lepota, lepotica, kra- 

sota, f. 

beaver : n., dabar, m. 
because : conj., jer, zato to, to 
because of : prep., radi, zbog 

(gen. ) ; my health, radi 

moga zdravlja 
become : v., postati, biti, postajati 

bed : n., postelja, f. ; krevet, m. ; 

(river) korito, n. ; (garden) 

uzana leja, f. ; to go to , legati 

(lezem), ledi (legnem), i6i (idem), 

spavati ; linen, n., posteljno 

.rublje, n. ; ridden, adj., bo- 

lestan, -sna, -sno 
beo : n., pdela, f. ; keeper, n., 

pfielar, m. ; keeping, n., 

pdelarstvo, a. 
beech : n., bukva, f. 

beef : n., govedjina, f. 

beehive : n., trmka, kosnica, f. 

beer : n., pivo, n. 

beetle : n., buba, f. ; jelenak, m. 

beetroot : n., cvekla, blitva i. 

before: prep., pre (gen. ), napred, 

pred (ace. and loc. ) ; supper, 

pre vedere ; (motion) the 

house . . . pred kudu ; (still) 

God, pred Bogom 
beforehand : adv., pre, pre toga, 


befriend : v., pomagati 
beg : v., prositi, posjaciti, (ask) 

beggar : n., prosjak, m. ; pros- 

jakinja, f. 

beggarly: adj., prosjaCki 
begging : n., prosnja, f. 
begin: v., po6eti (-cnem) zapodeti 
beginner : n., podetnik, m. 
beginning : n., pocetak (-tka) 
begrudge : v., zaviditi 
behave : v., vladati se 
behaviour : n., vladanje, n. 
behead : v., osedi glavu 
behind : prep., iza (gen.), za (ace. 

and inst. ) ; the village, iza 

sola ; (motion) the house, za 

behind : adv., pozadi, ostrag, 

(from ) sastrag, ozad 
behind : adj., zadnji, -ja, -je 
behindhand : adj., kasan, -sna, 


behold : v., gledati 
being: n., bide, stvorenje, n 
belfry : n., zvonik, m. ; zvonara, 

f. ; (for fires) strazara, f. 
belief : n., vera, f.; verovanje, n. 
believable: adj., verovatan, -tua, 


believe : v., verovati (verujem) 
believing : adj., pravoverni 
bell : n., zvono, n. ; to ring the , 


bellicose : adj., bojan, -jna, -jnc 
belligerent : adj., koj ratuje 
bellow : v., rikati, mucati 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as U in catt ; s as sA in shout. 



bellows : n., mehovi, m., pi. 

belly : n., trbuh, m. 

belong: v., pripadati 

below : prep., ispod (gen.) 

below : adv., dole 

belt : n., kais, pas, pojas, m. 

bemoan : v., zaliti 

bench : n., klupa, f. 

bend : v., saviti, iskriviti, kriviti 

bend : n., krivina, f. ; savitak 

(-tka), m. 

bendable : adj., gibnk, gipka, -pko 
beneath: prep., pod, ispod (gen.) 
beneath : adv., dole 
benediction : n., blagoslov, m. 
benefactor : n., dobrotvor, m. 
benefice : n., dobit, m. ; korist, f. 
beneficent : adj., dobro6in 
benefit : n., dobrofrnstvo, n. 
benefit : v., obdariti, koristiti 
benevolence : n., dobrota, f. 
benevolent: adj., dobrovoljan, 

-jna, -jno 

Bengal light : bengalska vatra, f. 
benumb : v., uko8iti, obamreti 
bequeath : v., ostaviti, zavestati 
bequest : n., zavestanje, n. ; legat, 

bereavement : n., pogibao (-beli), 

f. ; gubitak, m. 
berry : n., bobica, f. ; bob, m. 
berth : n., (ship) mesto broda na 

sidritu ; (in a ship) krevetac, 

m. ; (place) mesto, n. ; sluzba, f. 
beseech : v., moliti, prositi 
beside : prep., spored, pored, pokraj 

(gen.), uz (ace.) 
besides: prep, osim (gen.) 
besides: adv., osim toga, jote 
besiege: v., opsesti (-sednem), 


besieger : n., opsadnik, m. 
besom : n., metla, f. 
best : adj. (sup. of good), najbolji, 

-ja, -je 
best : adv., najbolje ; to do one's 

, udiniti sto se moe 
bestial : adj., iivotinjski 
bet : n., opklada, obloga, f. 

bet : v., kladiti se (-dim) 
betray : v., izdati, iznoveriti 
betrayal : n., izdaja, f.; izdajstvo, 

n., izdajnik, nevernik, 

n., veridba, f. 
n., verenik, m.; vere- 

betrayer : 


betrothal : 
betrothed : 

nica, f. 

betrothed, to be : v., veriti se 
better: adj. (comp. of good), 

bolji, -ja, -je 
better ; adv., bolje, vise ; so much 

the , tim bolje ; he is , bolje 

mu je 

better, to get : v., popraviti se 
between: prep., medju, izmedju 

(gen.); ourselves, medju narni, 

na samo 

beverage : n., pice, n. 
bewail : v., zaliti 
beware : v., cuvati se, vardati 
bewilder : v., zavesti (-vedem), 

bewitch : v., omadjijati, ure6i 

bey : n., beg, m. 
beyond : prep., s one strane, preko, 

ispreko (gen.), mimo (ace.) 
beyond : adv., preko, vise 
beyond belief : neverovatan, -tna, 

beyond measure : prekomeran, 

-rna, -rno 
bias : n., kos, m. 
bias : v., i6i u stranu, uticati 
Bible : n., Sveto Pismo, Biblija 
biblical : adj., biblijski 
bicycle : n., tocak, biciklet, m. 
bid : v., (order) zapovedati, nare- 

diti ; (at a sale) nuditi, ponuditi 
biennial : adj., dvogodisnji 
bier : n., mrtvadka nosila, f. 
bifurcate : v., granati se 
bifurcation: n., grananje, n. 
big : adj., velik, (tall) visok ; (with 

child) trudan, -dna, -dno 
bigamy : n., dvofcenstvo, n. 
bigoted : adj., poboSan, -zna, -2n 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c us ts in cats ; as eh in shout. 



bigotry : n., bogornoljstvo, n. 

bile : n., i.u6, m. ; (anger) jed, m. ; 

ljutina, f. 

bilge : n., dno broda, srediste, n. 
bilious : adj., zucan, -cna, -fino 
bill : n., (accovmt) radun ; (of fare) 

jelovnik, m. ; (bird's) kljun, m. ; 

(notice) oglas, m. ; reklama, f. ; 

listak, m. 

billet : n., (mil.) stan, m. 
billiards cue : n., tak, m. ; (ball) 

kugls, f. 

billiards : n., bilijar, m. 
billiards, to play : v., igrati bilijara 
billiard table : n., bilijar, m. 
billion : num., bilion 
bin : n., sanduk, m. ; (bread) 

na6ve (-6ava), f., pi. ; (corn) 

zitnjak, m. ; (wine) pivnica, f. 
bind : v., vezati (-em), svezati, 

binder : n., vezad, m. ; (book ) 

knjigovezac, m. 
binding : n., povez, m. ; povezi- 

vanje, n. 

binding : adj., obavezan, -a, -o 
binocular glasses : n., dvogled, m. 
biography : n., zivotopis, m. 
biology : n., zivotoslovje, n. 
birch : n., breza, f. 
bird : n., ptica, tica, f.; tifie, n. 
bird-cage :n., krletka, f. ; kavez, m. 
bird's nest : n., gnezdo, n. 
birth : n., rodjenje, n. ; rod, m. ; 

(beginning) po6etak (-tka), m. 
birth : adj., (by birth) rodjen, -a, -o 
birth, to give : v., poroditi 
birthday : n., rodjen dan, m. 
biscuit : n., dvopek, peksimit, m. 
bisect : v., raspoloviti 
bishop: n., vladika, episkop, bis- 

kup, m. 
bit : n., parde, n. ; komad, komat, 

m. ; (horse's) zvale, f., pi. ; djem, 


hitch: n., kudka, f. 
bite : v., tijesti (ujedem), ujedati, 

zagristi (-grizem), gristi ; to 

the dust, v., umreti 

bite : n., ujedanje, n. ; ujed, m. 
bitter : adj., grk, gorak, -rka, -rko, 

ljut ; bitterly cold, vrlo ladno, 

bitterness : n., grSina, gorkost, 

ljutina, f. 

bivouac : n., bivak, m. 
bivouac : v., noditi na polju, 

black : adj., cm, -a, -o, vran, -a, 

-o ; (dark) taman, -mna, -mno, 

mrcan, -na, -6no ; (misery) 

tuzan, -zna, 
blackberry : n., kupina, f. 
blackbird : n., kos, m. 
blackboard : n., tabla, f. 
blackeock : n., tetreb, m. 
black-currant : n., crna ribizla, f. 
blacken : v., crniti 
black-eged : adj., crnook 
blackguard : n., mangup, nitkov, 


black-haired : adj., crnokos 
black-headed : adj., crnoglav 
blacking : n., (boot) mazanje, 

votenje, n. 

blacklead : n., grafit, m. 
black-leg : n., mangup, nevaljalac, 

n., ucena, f. ; iznud- 


javanje, n. 
blackness : n., crno6a 
blacksmith : n., kovac 
blacksmith's shop : n., kovacnica, 


bladder : n., beika, f. ; mehur, m. 
blade : n., (grass) travica, travka 

f. ; (knife) rez, m. ; secivo, n. ; 

(bone) pleika. lopatica, f. 
blamable : adj., pokudan, -dna, 


blame : v., kudjenje, n.; pokuda, f. 
blame : v., kuditi, pokuditi, koriti 
blameless: adj., nevin, bezazlen 
blank : adj., beo, bela, -lo, cist, 

prazan ; cartridge, metak 

bez kugle 

blank : n., prazno, 6isto mesto 
blanket : n., cebe, n.; pokrivac, m 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as j in James ; z as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




blaspheme : v., huliti 
blasphemous : adj., bogohulni 
blasphemy : n., hula, f. 
blast : n., vetar, vazduh. in. 
blast : v., razvaliti, nistit 
blaze : n. f plamen, 4ar, m. 
blaze : v., plamtiti 
bleach : v., beliti 
bleed : v., pustiti krv 
blench : v., pobledeti (-dim) 
blend : v., mesati, smeiati (-am) 
bless : v., blagosloviti, osvetiti 
blessed : adj., svet, osveden, 

blessing: n., blagoslov, m., milost, 

f.; sre6a, f. 
blind : adj., slep 

blind, to become : v., slepeti (-pirn) 
blind-alley : n., <5orsokak, 6or- 

budzak, m. 
blindly : adv., slepo 
blind man, woman : n., alepac, m. ; 

slepica, f. 

blindness : n., slepo6a, f. ; slepilo, n. 
blink : v., zmiriti 
blinker : n., naocnjak, m. 
bliss : n., blazenstvo, n. 
blister : n., plik, mehur, m. 
bloater: n., suha, renga, f. 
block : n., panj, trupac, m.; klada, 

f. ; gramada, f. 

blockade : n., opsada, v., opsaditi 
blockhead : n., glupak, m. 
blockhouse : n., tvrdjavica, f. ; 

ardak, m. 

block up : v., zatvoriti, zaSepiti 
blonde : adj., plav, -a, -o 
blood : n., krv, f. ; (man) mladi6, 

m. ; cold-bloodedness, n. ; hlad- 

nokrvnost, f. 

bloodhound : n., vizle, n. ;kerm 
bloodless : adj.. bezkrvan, -vna, 


blood-red : adj., erven kao krv 
bloodshed : n., krvoprolide, n. 
blood-thirsty : adj., krvo -zedan, 


bloody : adj., krvav, -a, -o, krvni 
bloom : n., cvet, m. 

blossom : n., cvet, m. 
blot : n., prlja, mrlja, pega, f. 
blot : v., prljati, (out) izbrisati 
blotting-paper : n., buga&ca, f. 
blouse : n., bluza, zenska kosulja 

blow : n., udar, udarac, m. 

blow : v., duvati, piriti ; (musical 

instrument) svirati ; ( up) 

raspuknuti (-nem) ; (hit) udariti 
bludgeon : n., tojaga, batina, f. 
blue : adj., plav, plavidast, modar 
blue-stocking : n., u6ena zena, f. 
blunder : n., pogreska, omaska, 

zabluda, f. 

blunder : v., pomesti (-metem) 
blunt : adj., tup 
blunt : v., tupiti 
blush : v., narumeniti, nacrveniti 
blush : n., crvenilo, rurnenilo, n. 
boar : n., divlja, svinja, f.; vepar, m, 
board : n., (plank) daska, f. ; 

(table) sto (atola), m. ; (meeting) 

administracija, f. ; savet, m. ; 

on (ship), na brodu 
board : v., (ship) ici na brod ; (live) 


boarder : n., pensijonar, m. 
boarding-house : n., pensija, f. ; 

mirovina, f. 
boast : v., hvaliti se 
boast : n., hvalisanje, n. 
boaster : n., hvalilac, m. 
boastful : adj., hvalisav, -a, -o, 

boat : n., (ship) brod, m. ; ladja, 

f.; (small) 6amac, kajik, <5un, m. ; 

ferry , n., skela, f. 
boat-man : n., brodar, Samdzija, 

sajkaS, m. 

bobbin : n., cevka, f. 
bodice : n., steznik, korsai, m. 
bodily: adv., sa sviru, potpuno 
bodkin : n., silo, n.; velika igla, f. 
body : n., telo, n. ; trup, m. ; main 

, glavni deo, m. ; (dead) 

mrtvac, m. ; ( of people) 
drustvo, n. ; guard, n. ; 
straza, f . ; anybody, neki 

Pronounce : dj, dt, as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as ah in shout. 




bog : n., bara, barustina, f. 

bogey : n., strasilo, n. 

boil : n., cir, m. 

boil : v., vreti (vrim), kuvati, 

kuhati, variti, kljucati 
boiler : n., kotao (-tla), parni kazan, 


boiling-heat : n., vrelost, f. 
bojiing-hot : adj., vreo, -rela, -relo 
boisterous : adj., buran, -ma, -rno 
bold : adj., smeo, smela, -lo, hrabar 
boldness : n., smelost, hrabrost, f. 
bolster: n.,jaatuk; m., uzglavnica, 

bolt : n., (door) zavornica, rigla, 
f. ; zavor, mandal, m. ; (arrow) 
strela, f. ; (mech. ) klinac, m. 

bolt : v., (run away) begati ; (a 
door) zamandaliti, zatvoriti 

bomb : n., bomba, f. 

bombard : v., bombardovati 

bombardment : n., bombardo- 
vanje, n. 

bond : n., veza, sveza, f. ; (agree- 
ment) obaveza, f. ; obvezivanje, 

bondage : n., ropstvo, n. 
bone : n., kost, f. (kosti) 
adj., bez kosti 

n.,radosna vatra, f. 

n., kapa, f.; zenski sesir, 

boneless : 




bonus : n., nagrada, f. 
book : n., knjiga, f. 
book: v., tipasati u knjigu 
book-binder : n., knjigovezac, m. 
book-keeper: n., knjigovodja, m. 
book-keeping, to do : v., voditi 


n., knjizar, m. 

n., knjizara, knjizar- 

bookseller : 
bookshop : 

nica, f . 
boot : n., 

cipela, f. ; obu6a ; f. ; 
(top ) Sizma, f. ; (patent- 
leather) lakovane cipele, f., pi. 

bootmaker : n., obucar, cipelar, 
Sizrnar, m. 

boots, to put on : v., obuti se 

booty : n., pljaCka, f. 
borax : n., boraks, m. 
border : n., kraj, okrajak, m. ; 

(river) obala, f. ; (frontier) 

granica, f. 
bore : v., provrtati (-vr6em), pro\ r- 

teti (-tim), probusiti, (of people) 

bore : n., (hole) rupa, f. ; (person) 

dosadan dovek, n:. ; (gun) pre6- 

nik, kalibar, m. 
boredom : n., dugo vreme, n. 
boring : adj., dosadan, -dna, -dno 
born: adj., rodjen ; first-born, 


borough: n., varosica, palanka, f. 
borrow : v., uzajmiti 
bosh : n., bezumlje, n. ; glupost, f. 
bosom : n., nedra, n., pi. ; grudi, 

f., pi. 

boss : v., gospodariti, vladati 
both : prn., adj., oba, obe, oba, 

obadva, -dve, -dva 

both and... i i 

both : n., obadvojica, f. ; obe, f., pi. 

bother : v., smetati, (bore) dosadji- 

bother : n., dosadjivanje, n. 

bottle : n., boca, fiasa, botulja, f. 

bottom : n., dno, n. ; dubina, f. ; 
osnova, f. ; (end) kraj, m. ; 
(chair) sedalo, n. 

bottom : adv., (from the) iz osnova ; 
from top to , od dna do vrha 

bough : n., grana, f. 

bound: v., (limit) ograuieiti; 
(jump) skofiiti 

bound : adj., where are you 
for ? kuda putujeti ? he is to 
succeed, on 6e sigurno uspeti ; 
it is our bounden duty, to je 
riasa sveta duznost 

boundary, bound : n., medjai 
granica, krajina, f. ; stone, 
medjas, m. 

boundless : adj., bez medja, neo- 

bountiful : adj., milostiv 

bouquet : m., kita, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you j 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




bow : n., luk, m. ; (curtsy) pok- 

lon, m. ; klanjanje, n. ; (knot) 

zavezak, m. 

rainbow : n., luk, m. 
bow : v. pokloniti se, klanj ati se 
bowel : n., crevo, n. ; utroba, f . 
bowl : n., danak, m. ; panica, f. 
bowls : n., kugla, f. 
box : n., kutija, Ska tula, f. ; san- 

duk, sandutfic, m. ; (theatre) 

loza, f . ; (letter ) kovdeiid, m. ; 

sanduce za pisma, n. 
box (to box theeara) : v. Samariti 
box on the ears : n., Samar, m. 
box-seat : n., bak, m.; sedalo, n. 
box : v., pesni6ati se 
boxing : n., pesnicanje, n. 
boy: n., dedko, n. ; de<5ak (-5ka), 

m. ; mom6i6, rr.omak (voc. 

mom6e) ;' (street ) deran, m. 
boyhood : n., detinjstvo 
boyish : adj., decarski, detinjski 
boyishness : n., detinjarija, f. 
boy-scout : n., <5etnik, ra. 
brace : n., par, m. ; dvojka, f. 
brace : v., vezati (-zem), ja6iti 
braces : n., poramenice, uprte, f., pi. 
bracelet : n., grivna, f. 
braid : n., erit, m. ; pletenica, f. 
brain : n., mozak (mozga), razum, 

m. ; glava, f. 
brain : v., razbiti komu glavu, 

brainless : adj., bezuman, -mna, 

brake (fern) : n., paprat ; (on carts, 

etc.) kodnjaea, bremza, f . ; 

(carriage) velika kola, f.; (harness) 

zvale, f., pi. 
bramble : n., kupina, f. 
bran : n., mekinje, f., pi. 
branch : n., grana, f. ; (vine) loza, 

f. ; (river) rukav, m. (bank, 

etc.) ; odeljenje, n. ; filijal, m. ; 

(railway) ogranak 
branch : v., razgranavati se, deliti 

brand : n., (mark) zig, m. ; (torch) 

buktinja, f. 

brand : v., iigosati, 2igom, obeleziti 
brand new : adj., nov novcat 
brandy : n., rakija, f. ; konjak, m. 
brass : n., mesing, tumbak, tucmed, 

brass : adj., meden, tuCan, -6na, 

brave : adj., hrabar, -bra, -bro, 

srfian, -<5na, -fino 
bravery: n., hrabrost, srdanost, f.; 

junaStvo, n. 
brawl : v., drati se 
bray : n., njakanje, n. 
bray : v., njakati (nja6em) 
brazen : n., meden, tucan, -6na, 

brazier : n., mangal, m. ; (man) 

kotlar, m. 

bread : n., leb, hleb, kruh, m. 
breadth : n., sirina, f. 
break : v., slomiti, razbiti (-bijem), 

krhati, lomiti, razvaliti, prekidati 
break : n., (of day) n., svaiiude, 

svitanje, n. 

break : n., (wind) prdez, m. 
break away : v., istrgnuti 
break down : v., rusiti 
break in (animal) : v., ukrotiti 


break open : v., zakucati 
break up . v., rastvoriti, raspustiti 
break through : v., utrti 
break wind : v., prdeti (-dim) 
breakage : n., lorn, slom, m. 
breakfast : n., kava, f. ; doruSak 

(-6ka), m. 
breast : n., grudi, f., pi. ; prsa 

(prsiju), n., pi.; prsi (prsiju), f ., pi.; 

nedra, n., pi. 

breast- work : n., branik. m. 
breath : n., dah, m. ; dihanje, n. ; 

disanje, n. ; out of , bez daha ; 

to lose one's , zadivhati se ; 

under one's , tiho ; breathless, 

zaduvan, umoran 
breathe : v., dihati (diem), odah- 

nuti (odahnem), disati 
breathing : n., disanje, dihanje, n. 
breathing-space : n., odmor, m. 

Pronounce : dj d2, as j in James ; 2 as # in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cat* ; s as sh in shout. 




breeches : n., SakAire, f., pi. 
breed : n., pleme, n.; loza, f.; rod, 

m. ; rasa, f. ; soj. m. 
breed : v., roditi, gajiti, podici 


breeder : n., stocar, m. 
breeding : n., gajenje, n. 
breeze : n., vetrid, m. 
breezy : adj., vetrovit 
brethren : n., brada, m., pi. 
breviary : n., trebnik, casoslov, 


brevity : n., kratkoda, f. 
brew : v., kuvati, variti (pivo), 


brewer : n., pivar, m. 
brewery: n., pivara, pivnica, f. 
brewing : n., varenje, n., var, m. 
bribe : n., podmita, f. ; mito, n. ; 

dar, m. 

bribe : v., potkupiti, podmititi 
bribery : n., podmidivanje, n. 
brick : n.; cigla, f., opeka, f.; opek, 


brick-kiln : n., ciglana, f. 
brick-maker : n., ciglar, m. 
brick up : v., zidati, obzidati 
bridal : adj., svadbeni 
bride : n., nevesta, f. 
bridegroom : n., zarucnik, verenik, 

bridesmaid: n., dever, f. ; (best 

man) dever, m. 

bridge : n., fiuprija, f. ; most, f. 
bridle : n., uzda, uzdica, f. 
bridle : v., uzdati 
brief: adj., kratak, -tka, -tko 
brief: n., (legal) parnica, f. 
brigade : n., brigada, f. 
brigadier : n., brigadir, kaplar, m. 
brigand : n., razbojnik, hajduk, m. 
brigandage : n., razbojniitvo, haj- 

duitvo, n. 
bright : adj., svetao, -tla, -tlo, 

jasan, -sna, -sno, vidan, -dna, -dno 

brighten : v., razbistriti, rasvetliti 
brilliant : adj., sjajan, -jna, -jno, 

jasan, -sna, -sno, slavan, -vna 
brim : n., kraj, m. ; (hat) obod, m. 

biimstone : n., sumpor, m. 

brine : n., salamura, f.; (sea) more, 

bring : v., doneti, dovesti (-vezem), 
uvesti, navesti, voditi ; (com- 
plaint) predati, tuzbu ; ( back) 
dovesti natrag ; ( forth) iz- 
vesti, roditi ; ( forward) terati 
napred ; ( on) dovesti, 
navudi ; ( out) izvoditi, 
izdati ; ( together), skupiti ; 
( up) podidi, uzneti ; (child) 
othraniti, vaspitati 

brink :n., kraj, m. 

briny: adj., slan, -a, -o, morski 

brisk : adj., brz, ziv, veseo, -sola, 

bristle : n., cekinja, f. 

brittle: adj., krt, loman, -mna, 

broach : n., razan, m. ; igla, f. 

broad : adj., sirok, prostran, povr- 
san, velik 

broaden : v., prosiriti, rasiriti 

broadness : n., sirina, f. 

broken : adj., slomljen, skrsen, 

broker : n., posrednik, m.; starudar, 

bronchitis : n., zapaljenje bronhija, 

bronze : n., bronza, f. 

brooch : n., bros, m. ; igla, f. 

brood: n., leglo, n. ; gnezdo jajam 

brood : v., leci, izledi (-leiem), 
sediti na jajima 

brook : n., potok, m. 

broom : n., metla, f. 

broth : n., mesna 6orba, juha, f. 

brothel : n., bludionica, f. 

brother : n., brat (pi., brada), m. 

brother (same parents) : rodjen 
brat, m. 

brotherhood : n., bratsvo, n. 

brother-in-law : n., (wife's brother) 

urak, svak, m.; sura, m. 
brother-in-law (husband's brother) : 

gor, m. ; dever, m. ; zet, m. 
brotherly : adj., bratski 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




brow: n., obrva, f . ; (forehead) 

6elo, n. 
brown : adj., smedj (of people) 

crnomanjast, zagasit, mrk 
browse: v., brstiti/paati (-sem) 
bruise: n., naboj, uboj, m.; 

modrica, f. 

bruise : v., nagnje&ti 
brush : n., detka, f. ; (booJ) za 

cipele ; (clothes) za haljne ; 

(hair) za kosu ; (nail) za nokte ; 

(tooth) za zube 
brush : v., detkati 
brush-maker : n., 6etkar, m. 
brushwood : n., drva, n., pi.; drvce, 

brutal : adj., iivotinjski, surov, 
brutalan, -Ina, -Ino, skotski 

brutality : n., surovost, f .; zverstvo, 

brute : n., skot, m. ; iivotinja, f. 

bubble: n., mehur, m. ; bula, f; 
bobuk, m. 

bubble: v., vreti (vrim), kljm-uti, 

buck : n., (stag) dama, f. ; jelen, 
m. ; (goat) jarac, m. ; buck- 
wheat, n.; helj da, f. : eljda, f. 

bucket : n., vedro, n. ; vedrica, f. ; 
6abar, m. 

buckle : n., predjica, kopSa, f. 

buckram : n. ; kruto, platno, n. 

bucolic : adj., pastirski 

bud : n., pupak, (-pka), pupoljak,m. 

bud : v., pupiti 

budget: n., budget, m. 

buffalo : n., bivo (-vola), m. 

buffer : n., tampon, m. 

buffet : n., bifet, m. 

buffoon : n., saljivac, m. 

bug : n., stenica, f. ; dimak, kimak, 
m. ; dimavica, f. 

bugle : n., rog, m., v., svirati u 

bugle boy, bugler : n., trubac', m. 

build : v., graditi, zidati (-dam, 

building : n., gradjovina, zgrada, 
f. ; public , dom, konak, in. 

bulb : n., 8enak, m.; lukovica, f. 

bulge : v., ispuptiti 

bulgy : adj.. ispupden 

bulk : n.,debljina,veli6ina,mnozina 

masa, zapremina, f. 
bulky : adj., velik, debeo, -bela, 

-belo, krupan, -pna, -pno 
bull : n., bik, junac, vo (vola), m. 
bullet : n., kugla, f., kursurn, m. 
bulletin: n.,izvestaj,m. ; ceduljica, 

bullock : n., junac, m. 
bull's-eye : n., srediSte u nianu, n. 
bully : n., hvaliSa, hvastavac, m. 
bully : v., hvalisati so, zlostavljati 
bulrush : n., sita, f. ; rogoz, m. 
bulwark : n., bedem, zid, m. ; 

krepost, odbrana, f. 
bump : n., kvrga, 6voruga, f. ; 

(hit) udar, m. 

bun : n., engleski kolaS, m. 
bunch : n., snop, m. ; kvrga, f. 
bunch : v.,vezati u snope 
bundle ; n., snop, m. ; breme, n. ; 

paket, m. ; fasina, f . ; poveslo, n. 
bung : n., 6ep., m. 
bunion : n., iulj, m. 
bunting : n., platno za zastave, n. 
buoy : n., plutaSa, bova, sidratfa, f. 
buoyant: adj.,koji plovi, plivajuci 
burden : n., teret, tovar, m. ; 

breme, n. ; beast of , tovarna 

marva, f. ; (horse) tovarkonj, m. 
bureau : n., (room) kancelarija, f. ; 

(table) sto (stola), m. ; kasa, f. 
burgess : n., gradjanin, m. ; grad- 

janka, f. 

burglar : n., no6ni razbojnik, m. 
burglary : n., no6na kradja, f. 
burial : n., pogreb, ukop, m. ; 

ukopavanje, n. 
burial-ground : n., groblje, n. 
burn : v., spaliti, sasteci (-iezem), 

goreti (-rim),po2eci,paliti,uzariti 
burn : n., opekotina, zegotina 
burning : adj., vreo, -rela, -lo, 

zarki, goruc, uSaren 
burrow : n., jazbina, jama, f. 
burrow : v., kopati, iskopati 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as e in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; g as sh in shout. 




bursar : n., blagajnik, in. 
burst : v., pu6i (puknem), ras- 
pu6i se, rascepiti se, provaliti : 

with laughing, puci od ameha 
burst : n., prasak, tresak, pucanj, 

m.; eksplozija, f. 
bury : v., ukopati, pogrepsti 

f-ebem), zakopati, sahraniti 
bus, omnibus : n., omnibus, m. 
bush : n., bokor iibljak, grm., m. 
bushel : n., engleska mera, f. 

(okolo 36 lit.) 

bushy: adj.,grmovit, diubonovit 
business: n., posao(-sla)zanat, m. ; 

radnja, f. ; trgovina, f. 
bust: n.,poprsje, n.; bista, f . 
bustle : v., poiuriti, pohitati 
bustle : n., premestanje, n. ; dar- 

mar, nored, m. 
busy : adj., zauzet, u poslu 
but : prep., osim (gen.), bez (gen.); 

nobody me, niko osim mene 
but : conj., ali, nu, nego, samo ; all 

, gotovo, skoro ; nothing , 

samo ; all one, svi osim jed- 

noga ; for . . ., da ne bi bilo ; 

that, da ne, kad ne, ako ne 
butcher : n., mesar. kasapin, m. 
butcher : v., (slaughter) klati 

(koljem); slaughter-house, n., 
klanica, f. 
butcher's shop : n., mesarnica, f. 

butler : n., trpeznik, pivnifiar, ni, 

butt : n., (butts) shooting, cilj, m. ; 
niSan, rn. ; streliste, n. ; (butt- 
end) debeo kraj, m. 

butter: n., puter, m.; maslo, n. 

butterfly : n., leptir, metulj, m. 

buttock : n., guz, m. ; guzica, f. 

button : n., puce (-ceta), dugme, n. 

buttress : n., podupirad, potpor, m. 

buy : v., kupiti 

buyer : n., kupac (-pea), m. 

buzz : n., zujanje, n. 

buzz : v., zujati, mumlati 

buzzard : n., misar, m. 

by : prep., mimo, za, (ace.) od, kod 
(gen.) ; side side, jedno do 
drugoga ; day day, dan za 
danom ; one one, jedan po 
jedan (za drugom) ; little 

little, malo po malo ; he 
passed the house, proSao je 
mimo ku6u ; to perish sword, 
madem poginuti ; steamer, 
parabrodom ; rail, zeleznicom, 
vozom ; force, silom ; 
your wish, po vaSoj 2elji ; 
dark, po mraku ; birth, po 
rodu ; night, po noci, no6u ; 

no means, nikako ; mis- 
take, pogreSno ; BO much 
more, tim vise ; close , saavim 
blizu ; day, danju, danjom 

cab : n., fijaker, m. ; kola, f. ; 

pejton, m. ; driver, n., fija- 

kerist, ko6ija, rabedzija, m. 
cabal : n., kabala, spletka, klika, f. 
cabbage : n., kupus, m. ; kelj, m. 
cabin : n., (hut) koliba, f. ; (ship) 

soba, sobica na brodu, f. 
cabinet : n., kabinet, m. ; soba, f. ; 

(cupboard), orman, m. ; skrinja, 


cabinet-maker : n.. stolar, m. 
cable : n., uze, n. ; konop, rn. 

(snbmar.) podmorski telegraf 
cackle : v., kvocati 
cadaverous : adj., mrtvaSki 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /' in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 

caddy : n., kutija za 6aj, f. 

cadet : adj., mladji 

cadet : n., kadet, m. ; mladji brat, 


cadger: n., prosjak, m. 
cafe : n., kavana, kafana, f. ; 

cafe-proprietor, n.,kafedzija, m. 
cage: n., krletka.f. ; kavez, m. 
cage : v., zatvoriti 
cake : n., kola<5, m. ; pogaSa, f. 
calamity : n., beda, nesre<5a, f. 
calcium : n., kalcijum, m. 
calculate : v., raCunati 
calculation : n., radun, obraCun, rn. 
calendar : n., kalendar.meseSnik.m. 




calf : n., tele (teleta), n. ; calves, 

n., pi., telad, f. ; teoci, m., pi. 
calibre : n., preCnik, kali bar, m. 
calico : pamudno platno, n. 
caligraphy : n., lepopis, m. 
calk : v., zapusiti 
call : v., zvati (zovem), pozvati ; 

(wake) probuditi, klid-ati ; 

aside, pozvati na stranu ; out, 

vikati, derati se ; I shall 

again, opet du do6i ; to (visit), 

call : n., vika, dreka, f. ; poziv, 

glas, m. ; (visit) poseta 
calling : n., (profession) zanimanje, 

n. ; poziv, m. ; sklonost, f. ; 

zvanje, n. 

calm : adj., tih, rairan, -rna, -rno 
calm, calmness : n., tisina, tihost, 

f. ; mir, m. 
calm : v., umiriti, ublaziti, uspo- 


calumniate : v., klevetati 
calumniator : n., klevetnik, m. 
calumny : n., kleveta, f. 
camel : n., kamila, f. 
camera (photo) : n., aparat, m. 
camomile : 11., titrica, f. ; ravan, 


camp : n., logor, tabor, m. 
camp : v., ulogoriti, utaboriti 
campaign : n., vojna, f. 
campanula : n., zvonce, n. 
camphor : n., kamfor, m. 
can : n., dzban, m. ; kanta, f. ; 

ibrik, m. 

can : n., modi (mogu, mozes) 
canal : n., kanal, prokop, m. 
canary : n., kanarinka, f. 
cancel: v., unistiti, izbrisati 
cancellation : n., brisanje, n. 
cancer : n., rak, m. 
candid: adj., iskren, bezazlen 
candidate : n., kandidat, m. 
candle : n., sveda 
candlestick : n., svetnjak, sved- 

njak, m. 

candour : n., iskrenost, f. 
candy : n., slatkis, m. 

cane : n., trska, f. ; (walking) 
stap, m. ; ( sugar )ederna trska, f. 

cane : v., batinati, biti 

canine : adj., pasji 

canker : n., ziva i gnojava rana 

cannibal : n., ljudoider, m. 

cannon : n., top (topova), m. 

cannonade: n.,pucnjava iz topova 

canoe : n., mali damac, m. 

canon : n., kanon, m. 

canonical : adj., kanonski 

canonize : v., posvetiti 

canopy : n., baldahin, m. 

cantatrice : n., pevafiica, f. 

canteen : n., baraka, krdmica, f. 

canter : n., kratak galop, m. 

canton : n., srez, kotar, m. 

cantonal: adj., okruini, kotarski 

canvas : n., retko, platno, n. 

canvass for : v., traziti, podstak- 
nuti, (-nem), moliti za 

cap : n., kapa, f. ; kalpak, m. ; 
kadketa, f. ; (percussion) fitilj, 
m. ; kapsla, f. ; knee-cap, n. ; 
Saiica, f. 

capability : n., sposobnost, f. 

capable : adj., sposoban, -bna, -bno, 
vet, mogudan, -dna, -6no 

capacity : n., sadrzina, zapremina, 

cape: n., (geog. ) rt, greben, m. ; 

(cloak) japundze, n. 
capital : adj., glavni ; punish- 

ment, smrtna kazna, f. 
capital : n., kapital, fond, m. ; 

(town) prestolnica, prestonica, 

f. ; (letter) veliko slovo, n. ; 

(pisme) n. 

capitalist : n., kapitalist, m. 
capitalize : v., kapitalizirati 
capitulate : v., kapitulirati, predati 
capitulation : n., predaja, f. 
capon : n., kopun, m. 
caprice : n., dud, def, m. 
capricious : adj., dudljiv 
capsize : v., preturiti se, prevrnuti 

capstan : n., dekrk, m. 
capsule : n., mehuna, kapsla, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; d, c, as ch in church ; u as ex? 
\i\ room ; h as eft in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 

cap] 127 


captain : n., kapetan, m. 
captive : n., zarobljenik, rob, m. 
captive: adj., zarobljen 
captivity : n., ropstvo, n. 
capture : v., zarobiti, uhvatiti 
capture : n., pljadka, f. ; hvatanje, 


Capuchin : n., kapucin, m. 
car : n., (railway) kola, f. ; vagon, 

m. ; (motor) automobil, m. ; 

(tram) tramvaj, m. 
caravan : n., karavan, m. ; (cart) 

velika kola, f. 
carbon : n., ugljenik, m. 
carbonic acid : n., ugljena kiselina, 

carbuncle : n., Sir, m. 

carcass : n., kosti, f., pi. ; kostur, 
m. ; kobilica, f. 

card : n., karta, f. ; postcard, n., 
dopisnica, dopisna karta, f. 

card : v., (wool) 6eljati vuiiu 

care : n., briga, nega, f. ; mar, 
skrb, m. ; nespokojstvo, n. ; 
paznja, marljivost, f . ; of Mr. 
. . ., na adresu gospodina . . . ; 
take ! pazi ! 

care : v., (take care of) Cuvati, 
braniti, paziti ; (take ) starati 
se, skrbiti se ; ( about) mariti, 
brigati ; what do I ! sto me 
briga, marim ja ! it doesn't mat- 
ter, ne mari nita ; I don't , 
meni je sve jedno 

career : n., trkaliste, n. ; (life, 
occupation) put, zivot, zanat, m. 

career : v., trcati, juriti 

careful : adj., briiljiv, marljiv 

careless : adj., bezbrizan, -inn, 
-no, nemaran, -rna, -rno, bez 

carelessness : n., bezbriinost, ne- 
marnost, f. 

caress : n., milovanje, n. 

caress : v., milovati, maziti 

cargo : n., tovar u ladji 

caricature : n., karikatura, f. 

carmine : n., karmin, m. 

carnage : n., pokolj, m. ; seCa, f. 

carnal : adj., telesni, puten, bludan, 

-dna, -dno 

carnation : n., karanfil, m. 
carnival : n., mesojedje, poklade, n. 
carnivorous : adj., mesozder 
carp : n., aran, m. 
carpenter : n., drvodelja, m. 
carpentry : n., drvodeljnica, f. 
carpet : n., 6ilim, m. ; prostirka, 

f . ; zastirac, sag, m. 
carriage : n., kola, n., pi. ; fijaker, 

m. ; intov, m. ; karuca, f. ; 

(railway ) kola, n., pi. ; vagon, 

carriage-pole : n., oje, n. 

n., mrcina, f. ; le leina,f. 
n., mrkva, f. ; zuta, repa, 


carrot : 

carry : v., nositi, voziti, doneti 
(-nesem) ; (hold) driati u ruci, 
(-2im) ; on one, imati pri 
sebe ; (away) odneti, odvesti 
(-vedem) ; (out) izvesti 

cart : n., kola, n., pi. ; (two- 
wheeled) dvokolica, f. ; (van) 
ciodica, f., taljige, f., pi. 

carter : n., vozar, rabadzija, m 

cartilage: n., hrskavica, f . 

cartridge : n., metak, fisek, m. 

cartridge-box : n., fiSeklija, f. 

carve : v., isedi (-secern), odse6i, 

cascade : n., vodopad, m. 

case : n., (box) kovdeg, sanduk, m. | 
kutija, f. ; (gramm.) pade2, m. ; 
{ legal ) parnica, f. ; ( event )slu6aj, 
dogadjaj, m. ; prilika, f. ; in the 

of ... Sto se tice ; in any 
, na svakom slucaju, svakojako 

cash : n., novae (-vca), m. ; ready 
, gotov novae, m. ; gotovina, 
f. ; for , za gotov novae ; out 
of , bez no vca ; account, 
blagajnidki rafiun, m. ; book, 
blagajnidka knjiga, f. ; box, 
kasa, f. ; kovCeg za novae ; 
business, trgovina za gotovinu : 

office, n. ; blagajnica, f. ; 
price, cena za gotovinu, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di., as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




cashier: n., blagajnik, m. 

cask : m., bure, n. ; ba6va, f. 

casket : n., kasica, f. 

cast: v., (throw) baciti, bacati, 

hitnuti ; ( anchor) spustiti 

cast : v., (metals) livati, liti (lijem), 

saliti (-lijem) 
castigate : v., kazniti 
castle : n.,zamak, dvorac, dvor, m. ; 

grad, m. 

castor-oil : n., ricinus, m. 
castrate: v.,uskopiti, ujaloviti 
casual : adj., slufiajni, nepredvidjen 
casualness : n., slufiajnost, f. 
casualty : n., srnrt, f. ; nesreda, f. ; 

gubitak, m. 

cat: n., maka, f. ; ma6ak, m. 
catacomb : n., podzemna, pedina, f. 
catalepsy : n., mrtvilo, n. ; kata- 

lepsija, f. 

catalogue : n., spisak, katalog, m. 
cataract : n., vodopad, m. 
catarrh : n., katar, m. ; kasnlj, m. 
catastrophe : n., katastrofa, f. ; 

prevrat, HI. 
catch : v., uhvatiti, uloviti, pre- 

variti, zgrabiti, oteti (otmeni) ; 

to (illness), oboleti od . . . ; 

cold, dobiti kijavicu ; fire, 

upaliti se 
catching: adj., (illness) zarazan, 

-zna, -zno 

catechise : v., uciti veri, ubedjivati 
catechism : n.,katihizis, m. 
category : n., red, m. ; kategorjja, 


cater : v., dobavljati 
caterer : n., dobavljac, m. 
caterpillar : n., gusenica, f. 
cathedral : n., saborna crkva, f. 
Catholic : n., katolik, latin, m. 
Catholic : adj., katolidki, latinski 
Catholicism : n., katolifika vera, f. 
cattle : n., stoka, f. ; marva, f. 
cauldron : n., kota(-tla), kazan, m. 
cattle-breeder : n., stoSar, m. 
cattle-breeding : n., stocarstvo, n. 
cauliflower : n., karfiol, kaulin, m. 

cause : n., uzrok, povod, posao 

(-sla), m. ; (legal) parnica, f. 
cause : v., prouzrokovati, priSiniti 
causeless : adj., bez uzroka 
caustic : adj., zajedljiv, koji, na- 

causticity : n., nagrizanje, zajed- 

njivost, f. 
caution : n., jemstvo, n. ; kaucija, 

f. ; jemac, m. 
caution : v., jamSiti 
cautious : adj., mudar, -dra, -dro, 

pametan, obazriv 
cavalcade : n., kavalkada, f. ; kita, 

cavalier : n., konjik, jahad, kaval- 

jer, m. 

cavalry : n., konjica, f. 
cavalry: adj., konjidki 
cave : n., pedina, f. 
caviare : n., ajvar, m. 
cavity : n., supljina, f. 
cease : v., prestati (-stanem) 
cedar : n., kedar, m. 
cede : v., ustupiti 
ceiling : n., tavan, strop, m. 
celebrate : v., slaviti, svetkovati, 

velidati, praznovati 
celebrate Mass: v., svestenodej- 

celebrated : adj., slavan, -vna, 

-vno, glasan, -sna, -sno, 6uven 
celebration: n., (church) sluzonje, 

praznovanje, n. 

celebrity: n., slava, f. ; glas, m. 
celerity : n., brzina, f. 
celery : n., celer, m. 
celestial : adj., nebeski 
celibacy : n., monaitvo, n. 
celibate : adj., ne^enjen 
cell : n., delija, sobica, f. 
cellar : n., podrum, m. 
cement : n., cement, m. ; kaja, f. 
cemetery : n., groblje, m. 
censer : n., kadionik, in. 
censor : n., censor, m. 
censure : v., kritikovati, osuditi 
census : n., popis, census, m. 
cent, per : po sto 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 8, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cuts ; as ah in shout. 




centenarian : adj., stogodiSnji 
centipede : n., stonoga, f. 
central: adj., centralni, srediSni 
centralize : v., centralisati 
centre : n., srediste, n. ; centar, m. 
century : n., vek, m. ; stolece, n. 
cereals : n., iito, n. 
cerebral : adj., mozdani 
eeremony : n., ceremonija, f. 
ceremonious : adj., pun ceremonije 
certain : adj., izvestan, -tna, -tno, 

istinit, siguran, -rns, -rno 
certainly: adv., jamadno, sigurno, 

izvesno ; of course ! dabome ! 
certainty : n., sigurnost, izvesnost, 

certificate: n., uveisnje, svedo- 

Sanstvo, n. 
certificate of baptism : n., krSteno 

pismo, n. 
certify : v., overiti, posvedoclti, 


cessation : n., prastanak (-nka), m. 
chafe : v., derati, ogrepsti 
chafE : n., pleva, sefika, f. 
chain : n., lanac (-nca), m. ; 

(chains) verige, f., pi. ; sindzir, 

m. ; (chain of mountains) veriga, 

chair : n., stolica, f. 

chairman : n., predsednik, m. 

chalice : n., dasa, f. ; putir, m. 

chalk : n., kreda, f. 

chalky : adj., kredovit 

challenge : n., izazivanje, zaciki- 

vanje, n. 

challenge : v.. izazivati, 6ikati 
challenger : n., izazivalac, m. 
chamber: n., (room) soba, staja, 

komora, f. ; (utensil) nocnik, m. 

chamberlain : n., komornik, m. 
chambermaid : n., sobarica, f. 
chamber of commerce : n., trgo- 

vaSka komora, f. 
chamois : n., divokoza, f. 
champagne : n., sampanj, m. 
champion : n., borac, brani<5, 

prvak u borbi, m. 
chance: n., sludaj, m. ; mogu6nost, 

prilika, sluCajnost, f. ; (luck) 
sreca, f. ; by , adv., slucajno, 

chance : adj., slucajan, -jna, -jno 

chance : v., dogodititse, sluditi se 

chancellor : n., kancelar, m. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer : n.. 
minister finansija, m. (u Engl.) 

chancery : n., kancelarija, f. 

chandelier : n., svetnjak, m. 

chandler : n., svecar, trgovac, m. 

change : n., promena, razmena, 
izmcna, f. ; (place) premes'taj, 
m. ; money-changer's, menjaC- 
nica, f . ; money-changer, saraf, 
menjad, m. ; small money, n. ; 
sitan novae, m. 

change : v., menjati, promeniti, 
izmeniti ; (place, clothes) men- 
jati ; (guard) v., smenjivati 

changeable : adj., promenljiv, ne- 
postojan, -jna, -jno 

changer (money) : n., menjaf , 
saraf, m. 

channel : n., kanal 

chant : n., crkveno pojanje, n. 

chant v., pojati (-Jem) 

chaos : n., haos, nered, m. 

chap : v., ispucati, pucati 

chap : n., (hands, etc.) pukotina, 
ispucana koza, f . 

chapel : n., kapela, f. ; paraklis, m. 

chaperon : v., pratiti 

chaplain : n., kapelan, m. ; (mili- 
tary) vojeni prota, m. 

chapter : n., glava (u knjizi), f. 

character : n., karakter, m. ; oso- 
bina, f. ; (letter) slovo, n. ; 
pisme (-mena), n. 

characteristic: adj., karakteristi- 

6an, -Cna, -5no 

characteristic: n.. karakteristika, f. 

charcoal : n., 6umur, ugljen, m. 

charcoal-burner : n., 6umurdzija, 
m. ; ugljar, m. 

charge : n., (mil.) napad, juris, m. ; 
(powder) metak, m. ; punjenje, 
n. ; hit, hitac, m. ; (price) troak 
(-ska), cena, f. ; (guardianship) 

d j , di, as j in James ; as in measure ; j as y in you ; 


Ij as U in million ; nj as r,t in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as 00 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; fi as ah in shout. 




zaStita, f. ; free of , badava, 

dzabe, besplatno ; 
optuzivanje, n. 


charge : v., (mil.) jurisiti, napasti ; 

(gun) zapeti (-pnem), puniti ; 

(cost) traiiti ; (accuse) optuiiti 
charge d'affaires : n.,otpravnikpos- 

lova, m. ; poslonoSa, m. 
charger: n., (horse) konj(vojeni),m. 
charitable : adj., milosrdan, -dna, 

-dno, milostiv 
charity : n., milosrdje, n. ; milo- 

stinja, f. ; ljubav, f. ; brother of 

milosrdnik, m. 
milosrdnica, f. 

sister of 

charlatan : n., surlutan, sitnifiar, m. 
charm : n., 6ar, m. ; darolija, f. ; 

dra2, m. ; milina, f. ; (beauty) 

lepota, f. 

charm : v., oSarati, zadiviti 
charmer : n., madjionik, bajan, m. 
charming : adj., krasan, -sna, -sno, 

bajan, mio, mila -lo, divan, -vna, 


eharnel : adj., telesni, 6ulni 
charnel house : n., mesarnica, 

kosturnica, f. 

chart : n., morska karta, f. 
charter : n. , ugovor, ustav, m. 
chase : n., lov, m. 
chase : v., goniti, terati, (hunt) 

loviti, izgoniti 

chasm : n., bezdan, m. ; provala, f. 
chaste : adj., 6ist, neporofian, -6na, 

-6no, nevin 
chastise : v., kazniti 
chastisement : n., kazna, f. ; kaz- 

njavanje, n. 

chastity : n., nevinost, 6isto6a, f. 
chasuble : n., stihar, m. 
chat : v., brbljati 
cheap : adj., jevtin, jeftin, adv., 

jevtino ; cheaper, jevtinije 
cheapness: n., jevtinoda, f. 
cheat : v., varati, prevariti, (cards) 

check : n., obustava, zapreka, f. 
check : v., obustaviti, zaustaviti, 

(an account) pregledati (raun, 
checkmate : n., ak, m. 
cheek : n., obraz, m. 
cheeky: adj., bezobrazan, -zna, 

cheer : v., (acclaim) pljeskati, 

odobriti ; up, ohradriti, 

cheerful : adj., veseo, -sela, -selo, 

ziv, radostan, -tna, -tno 
cheerless : adj., tuzan, -zna, -ino, 

zalostan, -tna. -tno 
cheese : n., sir, m. 
cheese-dairy : n., sirnica, f. 
cheese, to make : v., siriti 
chemical : adj., hemijski 
chemicals : n., hemijske tvorine. 

f., pi. 

chemise : n., zenska koiulja, f. 
chemist : n., hemicar, m. 
chemist (pharmacist) : n., apotekar, 


chemist's shop : n., apoteka, f. 
chemistry : n., hemija, f. 
cheque : n., fiek, m. 
cherish : v., ljubiti, voleti, (-lim)' 
cherry: n., tresnja, f. ; wild , n., 

viSnja, f. 

cherry- brandy : n., tresnjovina, f. 
cherub : n., herubim, andjeo, 

(-jela), m. 

chess : n., ah, skak, m. 
chest : n., (box) kovfieg, sanduk ; 

(of drawers) Skrinja, f. ; orman, 

m. ; (body) grudi, prsi (-siju), f., 

pi. ; prsa (-siju), n., pi. 
chestnut : n., kesten, m. ; kosian, 

m. ; (coloured) adj., kestenjast 
chew : v., zVatati 
chicken : n., pile, n. ; kokoSka, f. ; 

pilidi, m., pi. 
chicory : n., cigura, f. 
chief : adj., glavni, vrhovni 

krasti (kradem) 

cheat : n., varalica, kradljivac, m. 
cheating : adj., prevaran, -rna, -rno, 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as on 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; s as eh in shout. 

chief : n., glavar, nadelnik, uprav-i 
nik, m. ; glava, f. ; gospodar,' 
m. ; direktor, m. ; (in ) glavni, 

chi] 131 


chieftain : n., g'.avar, vodja, m. 

chilblain : n., rujba, f. 

child : n., dete, n., (pi.) deca ; boy, 

n., cedo, n. ; xaomcic, m. ; 

deCko, n. ; girl, n., djevojCe, n. ; 

devojcica, f. 

childhood : n., detinjstvo, n. 
childish : adj., detinjski, dedinski 
childless : adj., bez deteta 
child, to have : v., roditi 
chill : n., hladnoca, studenost, f. ; 

(illness) kijavica, f. 
chill : adj., ladan, -dna, -dno, 


chill : v., ohladiti 

chime : n., zvona, f. ; zvonjenje, n. 
chime : v., zvoniti u sva zvona 
chimney : n., dimnjak, odzak, m. 
chimney-sweep : n., odzacar, dim- 

njidar, m. 
chin : n., brada, f. 
china : n., porculan, m. 
china : adj., porculanski 
chisel : n., dleto, n. 
chloroform : n., hloroform, m. 
chocolate : n., (okolada, f. 
choice : n., izbor, m. 
choir : n., hor, m. 
choir-boy : n., pevcik, pevac, pojac 1 , 


choke : v., uguSiti se, gusiti, udaviti 
cholera : n., kolera, f. 
choose : v., birati, izabrati, oda- 


chop : v., seckati, isedi (-ecem) 
chopper : n., sekirica, f. 
choral : adj., pevacki 
chord : n., struna, zica, f. 
chorister : n., pevac, pojafi, pevdid, 


chorus : n., hor, m. 
chosen : adj., odabran 
Christ : n., Hristos, m. 
christen : v., krstiti 
Christendom : n., hrifidanstvo, n. 
christening : n., krstenje, n. 
Christian : n., hriscanin, m. ; hris- 

canka, f. 
Christian : adj., hriSdanski 

Christianity : n., hriSdanstvo, n. 
Christmas : n., Boiic, m. 
Christmas Eve : n., badnji dan,- 

m. ; badnjevede, n. 
chronic : adj., kronican, -6na, -<5no' 
chronicle : n., letopis, m. ; kronikn, 


chronological : adj., hronoloski 
chuckle : v. f kikotati, smejati se 


chum : n., drug, prijatelj, m. 
church : n., crkva, f. ; property, 

vakup, vakuf, m. ; service, 

sluzba, f. 

church : adj., crkven 
churchyard : n., groblje, n. 
churn : v., budkati, praviti maslo 
churn : n., bu6ka, f. 
cider : n., jabukovaca 
cigar: n., cigara, f. ; smotka, f. 
cigarette : n., cigareta, cigara, f. 
cinder : n., pepeo (pepela), m. 
cinnamon : n., cimet, m. 
cipher : n., cifra, sifra, f. ; broj, m. 
circle : n., krug, m. ; kruzina linija, 

f . ; (of friends) kolo, n. ; klub, 

m. ; (district) okrug, m. 
circuit : n., krug, okrug, m. ; 

kruzenje, n. f 

circular: adj., okruini, okrugao, 

-gla, -glo 

circular letter : n., raspis, m. 
circularity : n., kruinost, f. 
circulate : v., teci (-6em), cirkuli- 


circulation : n., tok, te^aj, m. 
circumcise : v., obrezati, sunetiti 
circumcised : adj., obrezan 
circumcision : n., obrezanje, n. ; 

sunet, m. 
circumference : n., obim, m. ; peri- 

ferija, f. 

circumflex : n., naglasak, m. 
circumscribe : v., ogranifiiti 
circumstance : n., okolnost, f. ; 

slucaj, m. 
circumstantial : adj., opsiran, -rna, 

circus : n., cirkus, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oc 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats : as sh in shout. 




cistern : n., cisterna, f. ; kladenac, 

citadel : n., gradi6, m. ; tvrdjava, 

cite : v., pozvati na sud 

citizen : n., gradjanin, varoianin, 


citizeness : n., gradjanka 
city : n., velika varos, f. ; grad, m. 
city, civic : adj., gradjanski, gradski 
civil : adj., gradjanski, (polite) 

uc'tiv, vaspitan, -tna, -tno 
civility : n., udtivost, pristojnost, f. 
civilization : n., civilizacija, f. ; 

izobrazenje, n. 
civilize, v., obrazovati, prosvetiti, 

civil service : n., (englesko) 6inov- 

niitvo, n. 
civil servant: n., (engleski) Sino- 

vnik, m. 
claim : v., traziti, imati pravo, 

claim : n., iskanje, zahtevanje, tra- 

zenje, pravo, n. 
claimant : n., traiilac, koji polaie 

pravo na . . . 
clammy: adj., malo vlazan, -zna, 


clan : n., pleme, n. ; porodica, f. 
clandestine : adj., tajni, ispod ruke 
clap: v., (hands) pljeskati, pucati 
clap : n., (hands) pi jesak (-ska), m. ; 

(thunder) grom, m. 
clapper : n., pljeska6, m. 
claret : n., crveno, bprdo, -vino, n. 
clarify : v., izbistriti, procediti 
clash : n., okrsaj, m. ; vika, larma, 

clasp: v., stegnuti (-nem), stezati, 

uhvatiti se 

clasp : n., kopSa, brava, f. 
class: n., klasa, f. ; (school) 

razred, m. ; stalei, red, m. 
classical : adj., klasifiki, klasidan, 

-6na, -6no 
classification : n., podela, f. ; raz- 

class-room : n., u5ionica, f. 
clause : n., uslov, 61an, m. ; taSka, 

claw : n., sapa, f. ; nokti, m., pi. ; 

Saponjak, m. ; kandza, f. ; stlnu- 

Ijka, f. 

claw : v., ogrepsti (-obem) 
clay : n., glina, f. ; pipe, n. 

zemljana, lula, f. 

clean : adj., 6ist, bistar, -tra, -tro 
clean : v., istiti, ofiistiti 
cleanliness : n., 6istota, <5isto6a, f. 
clear : adj., (light) sjajan, -jna, -jno, 

svetao, -tla, -tlo, bistar, -tra, -tto ; 

(plain) jasan, -sna, -sno, vidan, 

-dna, -dno ; (water) 6ist, jasan ; 

(free) Slobodan, -dna, -dno 
clear : v., (free) osloboditi ; (make 

) objasniti ; (keep of) iz- 

beci ; (clarify) izbistriti ; ( 

away) otkloniti ; ( out) ispraz- 

niti ; ( away from table) dici 

jela sa stola ; ( up a doubt) 

razbiti sumnju 

clearance : n., SiScenje, bistre nje, n. 
clearly : adv., jasno, bistro 
clearness : n., jasnost, jasnoSa, 

bistrina, f . 
cleave : v., cepati 
clef : n., kljufi, m. 
cleft : n., pukotina, f. 
clematis : n., pavitina, f. 
clemency: n., milost, f. ; blagost, f. 
clement : adj., milostiv, blag 
clergy : n., svedenstvo, n. ; duhov- 

nici, m., pi. 
clergyman: n., sveStenik; pop., 

pastor, m. 
clerical : adj., popovski, svester.iiki, 

duhovni ; (clerk) pisarski 
clerk : n., pisar, pomocnik 
clever : adj., vet, iskusan, -sna, 

-sno ; umean, umetan, -tna, -tno 
cleverness : n., vestina, f. ; iskus- 

tvo, n. ; okretnost, f. 
client : n., Sticenvk, m. ; muSterija,f. 
clientele : n., muSterije, f., pi. 

cliff : n., bad, 'm. ; greben, m. ; 
stene, n. 

redba, f. ; vrstanje, n. 
classify : v., razrediti 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; S as ah in shout. 




climate: n., klima, f. ; podneblje, ' clothes: n., odelc, n. ; haljine, f.. 

pi. ; bed. , n., poeteljina, f. : 
adj., klimatican, -6na, ' 

climatic : 

climax : 

vrhunac, m. 

stupnjevanje, n. 

climb : v., uspuzati se, uspeti se 

(-penjem), penjati 

(pen Jem) 

clincher: n., pijavica, skoba, f. 
cling : v., uhvatiti se, stegnuti se 
clinical : adj., klinicki 

basket, n., kotarica za rublje 
clothier : n., 6ohar, m. 
cloud : n., oblak, m. 
cloudless : adj., bez oblaka 
cloudy: adj., oblacan, -na, -6no ; 

elinker : n., zgura, f. ; opiljci, m., 

se, peti se (water) mutan, -tna, -tno 
clove : n., gvozdika, f. 
cloven : adj., procepljen 
clover : n., detelina, f. 
clown: n., klovn, pajac, m. 

clip : n., kleste, f., pi. 

clip : v., seci (se6em), obrezati 

clippers : n., nozice, f., pi. 

cloak : n., kabanica, f. ; plait, 
ogrtad:, m. 

clock : n., casovnik, zidni sat, m. ; 
sahat, m. ; what o'clock is it? 
koliko je sati ? 2 o'clock, dva ] cluster 
sata ; 10 o'clock, deset sati ; : coach : 
5.30, pola sest; 5.15, pet sati i 
cetvrt ; 5.50, deset minuta do 

cloister : n., manastir 

club : n., klub, m. ; drustvo, n. ; 

(wooden) buzdovan, bat, m. ; 

(cards) tref, m. ; footed, 

copav, -a, -o 
clumsiness : n., neumeSnost, neve- 

stina, f. 
clumsy : adj., neveit, neumesan, 

close : v., zatvoriti, zakljuciti ; 
(wound) zaleCiti ; (account) zavr- 
siti ; (get near) pribliziti se 


cluster : n., grozd, cvast, m. 
v., skupiti se 

n., karuce, ko&je, f., pi. ; 
mail. , n., postanska kola, n., 

pi. ; house, n., upa, f. ; 

zaklon, m. ; man, n., ko6ija, 
rabadzija, m. 

coach: v., (prepare for exam.) 

pripravljati za ispite 
coadjutor: n., pomocnik, pomaga5, 

close : n., konac (-nca), kraj, m. ; m. 

of the year, konac godine ; i coagulate : v., zgruSati 

(court) dvoriste, n. ; ograda, f. | coal : n., ugljen, kameni ugalj, m. 

close : adj., (near) blizak, -ska, 
-sko ; (shut up) ogradjen, zat- 

voren ; (mean) tvrd ; (near 

together) priteSnjen, gust ; 

(secret) tajni ; (stuffy) zagusljiv 
close : adv., (near) blizu, blisko ; 

quite , sa svim blizu 
closet : n., sobica, f. ; water-closet, j 

w.c., nuznik, zahod, m. 
clot : n., gruda, f. (krvi, mleka) ; 

clotted cream, n., kajmak, m. 
cloth : n., coha, svita, f. ; sukno, 

n. ; platno, n. 

cloth : adj., suknen, Sohan, -a, -o 
clothe : v., obuci, odonuti, odesti 

(odenem), odevati, oblaciti 

coalition : n., savez, m. 

coarse : adj., prost, grub, krupan, 

-pna, -pno 
coarseness : n., grubost, prostota, 

(rudeness) neobrazovanost, f. 
coast : n., primorje, n. ; obala, f. ; 

breg, m. ; the is clear, nema 

coast-guard : n., primorski straiar, 

coat : n., kaput, m. ; riza, f. ; 

(dress) frak, m. ; (great ) 

vrskaput, m. 
coat of arms : n., grb, m. 
coax : v., umiljavati se, laskati, 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m" in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as c/t in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




cobalt : n., kobalt, m. 

cobbler : n., krpo, krpa6, obudar, 


cobweb : n., paucina, f. 
cock : n., petao (petla), m. 
cock : v., (a rifle), napeti, puSku 
cockade : n., kokarda, f. 
Cockney : n., londonski 6ovek, 

rodjen u Londonu 
cocktail: n.,amerikanskopi6e, n. 
cocoa : n., kakao, n. 
socoon: n., Cahura, f. ; mehurak.m. 
cod : n., bakalar, in. 
code : n., zakonik, zbornik, m. 
codicil : n., dodatak testamentu, m. 
coerce: v., prinuditi, prisiliti 
coercion : n., prinudjavanje, n. 
coffee : n., kava, kat'a, f. ; black , 

crna kava, f. ; house, kavana, 

kafana, f. 
kava, f. 

ground , tucana 
and milk, bela 

colic : n., srdobolja, f. 

collapse : v., srusiti se pasti (pad- 

collapse : n. f pad, m. ; stropoS- 

tavanje, n. ; propast, f. 
collar : n., jaka, f. ; okovratnik, 

in. ; kragna, f. 
collateral : adj., pobofini 
colleague : n., drug, drugar, m. 
collaboration : n., saradnistvo, n. 
collaborator : n., saradnik, m. 
collect : v., skupiti, sabrati, zbirati 
collection : n., zbirka, f . ; sabiranje, 

collector : n., poreznik, skupljad, 

sabirafi, m. 
college : n., gimnazija, f., ; uciliste, 

n. ; school-boy, n. ; gimnazist 


collide : v., sudariti se 
collie dog : n., ovfiarev pas, m. 
collier: n., ugljar, m. ; (ship) 

ladja ugljarica, f. 
colliery : n., majdan kamenog 


collision : n., sudar, m. 
colloquial : adj., familijarni 
colon : n., dve take, f., pi. 
colonel : n., pukovnik, m. ; 

tenant , n. f potpukovnik, in. 
colonial : adj., kolonijalni, naseo- 


colonization : n., naseljavanje, n. 
colonize : v., naseliti, naseljavati 
colonist : n., naseljenik, kolonist, m. 
colonnade : n., red stubovi 


kava, f. ; melanz, m. ; mill, 

n. ; mlinac, m. ; pot (Turkish), 

n., dzezva, f. 

coffer: n., sanduk, kovCeg, m. 
coffin : n., mrtvaSki sanduk, m. 
cogwheel : n., zupSasti tofiak, m. 
cohabit : v., zajedno stanovati 
cohesion : n., kohezija, f. 
cohort : n., deta, f. 
coil : n., prevoj, m. ; zavojica, f. ; 

svitak, m. 

coin : n., novae, in. ; moneta, f. 
coinage : n., kovanje novca, n. 
coiner : n., koji kuje novce 
coke : n., koks, m. 
cold : adj., hladan, ladan, -dna, 

-dno, mrazan, -zna, studen ; it is 

, ladno je ; I am , zimn mi je 
cold : n., hladno6a, f. ; studen, f. ; 

mraz, m. ; stud, f ; ( in the 

head) kijavica, f. 
cold : v., to catch , dobiti kija- 

vicu, hladneti se ; (weather) 

studeti (-di) ; (to be) zepsti 

(zebem) ; my hands are , ruke 

mi zebu 
cold-blooded : adj., hladnokrvan, 

-vna, -vno 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as It in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u aa <w 
in room ; h as ch in Lock ; c as is in <-.iits ; s as sh in shout. 

colony : n., naseobina, kolonija, f. 
colossal : adj., ogroman, -mna, 


colossus : n., dzin, ispolin, m. 
colour : n., boja, f. ; national 

colours, narodne boje, f., p\. ; 

zastava, f. ; coloured man, n., 

mulat, m. 
colour : v., obojiti, farbati ; (blush) 


coloured : adj., (black man) crn 
colouring : n., bojenje, n. ; fari 

banje, n. 




colourless : adj., bezbojan, -jna, 


colourlessness : n., bezbojnost, f. 
colt : n., zdrebe, n. 
column : n., stub, stubac, m. ; 

kolona, f . 

colza : n., repica, f. 
coma : n., mrtvi san, m. ; letargija, 

comatose : adj., u mrtvom snu 
comb: n., cesalj.greben, m. 
comb: v.,cesljati, grebenati 
combat : n., borba, bitka, f. 
combatant : n., borac, ratnik, m. 
combination : n., sklop, sastav, m. ; 

kombinacija, f. 
combine : v., sloziti, sjediniti, 


combust : v., sagoreti 
combustible : adj., sagorljiv 
combustion : n., sagorevanje, n. ; 

pozar, m. 

come : v., dodi (dodjem) ; in ! 
slobodno ! (arrive) dolaziti ; 
( near) pribliziti se ; true, 
zbiti se (zbijem) ; loose, 
razvezati se (-zem) ; times to , 
buduca vremena ; on ! brzo ! 
napred ! back, vratiti se ; 
away, otidi(idem) ; down, sidi 
(sidjem), silaziti : from, dolaz- 
iti ; home.doci kuci(djdjem) ; 

into, do6i (dodjem ) : what will 

of him ? sto ce biti od njega ? 
when will the marriage off ? 
kad ce biti svadba ? - out, 
(zadjem), izlaziti ; out (fall 
out) padati (-dam) ; to, doci 
ksebi ; to an end, svrsiti se ; 

to a head, ugnojiti se ; to 
nothing, propasti (-padnem) , 
to pass dogoditi ; up with, 
dostici. dostignuti (-nem) 

comedian : n., glumac, m. 
comedy : n., komedija, f. 
comely : adj., lep, prijatan, -tna, 

comfort : n., udobnost, ugodnost, f. 
comfortable: adj., udoban, -bna, 

-bno, ugodan, -dna, -dno ; J am 

quite here, ovde meni jo sa 

svirn dobro 

comforter : n., utesitelj, m. 
comfortless : adj., nezgodan, -dna, 

comic : adj., komican, -6na, -6no, 

smesan, -sna, -no 
coming : adj., buduci, idudi, -ca, -6e 
comitadji : n., cetnik, komit, m. 
comma : n., zapeta, f. 
command : v., prirediti, urediti, 

zapovediti, narediti 
command : n., red, poredak (-dka), 

raspored, m. ; uredjenje, n. ; 

naredba, f. ; zapovest, f . 
commandant : n., komandant, m. 
commander : n., zapovednik, vodja, 

commandment : n., zapovest, f. 


commemorative : 

commence : v., 


n., blagodarenje, 
adj., za uspo- 
poSeti (-Snem), 

commencement : n., poSetak (-tka) 
commend : v., preporuciti 
commendation : n., preporuka, f. 
commensurate : v., izmeriti 

comment : 
comment : 
vanje, n. 

v., tumaciti 
n., tumacenje, n. 
: n., trgovina, f. ; 


commercial : adj., trgovafiki 
commercial traveller : n., agent 
commercial treaty : n., trgovadki, 

ugovor, m. 
commissariat : n., komisarijat, m. ; 

mtendantura, f. 
commission : n., nalog, m. ; poruka, 

f. ; (committee) komisija, f. ; 

odbor, m. ; (service) sluzba, f. 
commission : v., dati nalog 

commissioner : n., komesar, povere- 

nik, m. ; upravnik, m. 
commit: v., (do)uciniti ; (entrust) 


comet : n., kometa, repatica, f. 
comfort : v., tesiti, uteiiti 

Pnuiounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in churth ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; 8 as sh in shout. 




poveriti ; to writing, napisati ; j compactness : n., gustofia, cvrstina, 

to memory, upamtiti ; (to 

prison) zatvoriti ; oneself 

(promise), obeSati ; (give oneself 

away) predati se 
committal : n., (to prison) hap- 

Senje, zatavrenje, n. 
committee : n., odbor, m. ; komi- 

sija, f. 

committee : adj., odborni, odborski 
committee member : odbornik, m . 
commode : n., orman, m. ; (night 

) nodni iiuzni!;, m. 
commodious: adj., udoban, -bna, 

-bno, zgodan, -dna, -dno 
commodity : n., udobnost, zgoda, 

f. ; (thing) stvar, roba, f. 
common : adj., (ordinary) prost, 

obican, -6na, -6no, svagdaSnji ; 

(together) zajednigki ; (public) 

opSti, javan, -vna, -vno 
common : n., pustara, . ; opti- 

nska zemlja, f. 
commonly : adv., obiSno, Sesto ; 

(together) zajedno 
Commons, House of : n., doljina 

ku6a, f. 
commonwealth : n., republika, 

drzava, f . 

commotion : n., potres, m. 
communal: adj., opstinski 
commune : n., op&tina, f. 
communicable : adj., koji se mo2e 


communicant : n., pri6estnik, m. 
communicate : v., saopStiti, pre- 
dati ; (joining) biti u vezi sa, 

graniciti se ; (Holy Communion; 

communication : n., veza, f. 

saobracaj, m. ; glas, m. ; saop- 

Stcnje, n. 

Communion, Holy : n., pridest, f. 
commutation : n., promena, f. 
commute : v.. protneiiiti ; (sen- 
tence) ublaziti, pomilovati (kaz- 


compact : adj., gust, jedar, dvrst 
compact : n., ugovor, m. 

companion : n., drug, drupar, sa. 

drug, pratilac, m. ; pratilica, f. 
company: n., druStvo, n. ; (mil.) 

<5eta, f. ; udruzenje, n. ; druzba, 

omparative : adj., uporedni, raz- 

mer, -an, -rna 
compare : v., uporediti, aravniti, 


;omparison : n., uporedjenje, n. 
compartment: n., pregrada, f. t 
presek, m. ; kupe, n. ; odeljenje, 

compass: n., (instrument) busola 
compasses : n., i&estar, m. 
compassion : n., sau6e6e, sa2al- 

jenje, n. 
compassionate : adj., milosrdan, 

-dna, -dno 

compatibility : n., saglasnost, f. 
compatriot: n., zemljak, m. ; 

zemljakinja, f. 
compel : v., prisiliti, namorati 

obavezati (-ve2em) 
compensate: v., naknaditi, pla'iti 

tetu, nagraditi, izravnati 
compensation : n., izravnanje, n. ; 

(damages) osteta, f. ; naknada, f. 
compete : v., sudelovati, takmiditi 
competent: adj.,pozvan,sposoban, 

-bna, -bno 
competition : n., takmiSenje, n. 
competitor : n., takmac, m. 
compiler : n., kompilator, m. 
complain : v., zaliti se, tuziti se ; 

( of) podneti tuZbu.potuziti se 
complainant : n., tuzitelj 
complaint : n., tu2ba, f. ; zaljenje, 

n. ; tuSenje, n. ; zalba, f. ; (ill- 
ness) bolest, f. 

complete : adj., pun, potpun 
complete : v., dopuniti, svrsiti 
completion: n., dopunjavanje, n.| 

savrSetak (-tka), m. 
complex : adj., slozen 
complexion : n., priroda, f. ; sas- 

tav.m. ; (colour) boja, boja lica.f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in lock ; c as ts in cats : as sh in shout. 




compliance: n., usluznost, Ijubaz- 

nost, f. 

complicate : 


v., zaplesti (-tern), 

complicated : adj., slozen, zapleten 
complication : n., zaplet, m. 
compliment : n., testitanje, n. ; 

pozdrav, m. 

compliment : v., cestitati 
comply (with) : v., stupiti, pristati, 

odobriti, ispuuiti ielju 
compose : v., (print) sloziti, slagati 

(slafem); (music, etc.) pisati 

(pisem), sastaviti 
composer : n., (music, etc.) kom- 

pozitor, pisac, m. 
composition : n., kompozicija, f. ; 

elaganje, n. 

compositor : n., slagad, m. 
compote : n., ukuvano voce, n. 
compound : v., sloziti, sastaviti ; 

(mix) mesati 

comprehensible : adj., razumljiv 
comprehension : n., shvatanje, n. 
compress : v., stisnuti, stegnati 


compression: n., pritisak (-ska), m. 
compromise : v., sramotiti, brukati 
compromise : n., ugovor, m. ; dogo- 

vor, m. ; saglasnost, f. 
compromising : adj., koji sramoti, 

compulsion : n., prinudjavanje, n. ; 

obaveznica, f. ; nzdrzavanje, n. ; 

compulsory : adj., obavezan, -zna, 

-zno, prisiljen, izncdjen 
comrade : n., drug, ra. ; drugarica, 

comrade : n., drug, m. ; drugarica, 

concave : adj., izdubljen 
conceal : v., tajiti, kriti, sakriti 
concealment: n., tajna, tajnost, f. 
concede : v., ustupiti 
conceit : n., sujeta, f. ; obolost, f. ; 

concentrate: v., zbirati, kupiti 
n., kupljenje, zbi- 

ranje, n. 

samoljublje, n. 
conceited : adj., ohol, sujetan, -tna, 

concern : v., ticati se (ticem se) ; 

(oneself) brinuti se 
concern : n., (thing) posao (-sla), 

m. ; (trouble) briga, f. ; it con- 
cerns me, to se mene tide 
concert : n., koncerat, n. ; (unity) 

saglasnost, sloga, f. 
concession : n., ustupak, m. f 

povlastica, f. 

conciliate : v., pomiriti, izmiriti 
conclude : v., zakljuciti, svrsiti 
conclusion: n., zakljucak (-dka) 
conclusive : adj., zakljucan, -6na, 


concoction : n., varenje, kuvanje, n 
concord : n., sloga, f. 
concrete : n., beton, m. 
concrete : adj., stvaran, -ma,-ra 

concupiscent : adj., razbludaa 

-dna, -dno 
concussion : n., globljenje, Lznu- 

djavanje, n. 

condemn : v., osucliti, kazniti 
condemnation : n., osuda, kazna, . 
condemned (man) : n., osudjenik, m. 
condensation : n., guscenje, n. 
condense : v., zgusnuti, zbiti 
condescend : v., popustiti, uciniti 

po volji 
condition : n., stalei, m. ; stanje, 

n. ; (terms) uslov, uvet, m. ; out 

of , ne zdra v 
conditional : adj., pogodbeni, uslo- 

van, -vna, -vno 

condole : v., saialjevati, zaliti 
condolence : n., saialjenje, n. ; 

zalost, f . 

conduct : n., vodjenje, vladanje, n. 
conduct : v., voditi, terati, prat hi 
conductor : n., vodj, pratilac, m. 
conduit (water) : n., vodovod, m. 

confectioner : n., poslasticar, m. 
confectioner's shop : n., poslasti- 
camica, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /i" in million ; nj as n in opinion ; 6, 6, as eh in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cat* ; 4 aa eh in shout. 




confectionery : n. f slatkiS, m. ; 

bonbone, f., pi. 
confederate : n., saveznik, m. 
confederation : n., savez, m. 
confer (with) : v., ugovariti, dogo- 


conference : n., dogovor, m. 
confess : v., priznati, odobriti, 

(church) ispovediti 
Confession : n., priznanje, n. ; 

(church ) ispovest, f. 
Confessional : n., ispovedaonica, f. 
confessor : n., ispovednik, m. 
confide : v., poveriti 
confidence : n., poverenje, n. ; 

(secret) ispovest, f. 
confident : adj., pouzdan, -a, -o, 

siguran, -ma, -rno 
confidential: adj., poverljiv 
confine : v., zatvoriti 
confined, to be : v., poroditi 
confinement : n., zatvor, m. ; 

(woman's) porodjaj, m. 
confirm: v., potvrditi, posvetiti 
confiscate: v., zapleniti 
confiscation : n., konfiskovanje, n. 
conflict : n., borba, bitka, f. 
confluence : n., uSce, n. ; sastavak, 

confuse : v., pomeSati, pobrkati, 

zbuniti ; (make ashamed) posra- 

adj., smeten, zamrsen, 

confused : 

zbunjen; (ashamed) po sramlj en 
confusion : n., zamrsenost, zabuna, 

f. ; smetnja, f. 
congenital : adj., urodjen, od 

congestion : n., hrpa, gomila, f. : 

(of blood) navala krvi, f. 
congratulate : v., fiestitati 
tongratulation : n., Cestitanje, n. ; 

<5estitka, f. 

fingregate : v., skupiti, skupiti se 
congregation : n., skupstina, f. ; 

crkveni zbor, m. 

n., sabor, m. ; skup- 

conjugate : v., sprezati, menjati 
conjunction : n., sveza, f. 
conjurer : n., opsenar, m. ; varalica, 

f. ; Sarobnik, m. 

connect : v.,vezati,spojiti, sastaviti 
connection : n., veza, sveza, guzba, 

connoisseur : n., poznavalac, m. 
conquer : v., osvojiti, savladiti, 

pobediti, zavladati, zauzeti (-uz- 

conqueror : n., pobedilac, osvajaS, 

conquest : n., osvojenje, n. ; po- 

beda, f. 

conscience : n., svest.savest, dua,f. 
conscientious : adj., savestan, -tna, 

-tno, svestan, -tna, -tno 
conscious : adj., svestan, -tna, -tno 
consciousness : n., svest, f. 
conscript : n., regrut, novajlija, m. 
conscription: n., regrutacija, . ; 

popis, m. 

consecrate : v., posvetiti 
consecration : n., posveta, f. ; 

posvecenje, n. 

consecutive : adj., uzastopan, -pna 
consent : v., saglasiti se, pristati 
consent : n., saglasnost, f. ; pris- 

tanak, m. 
consenting: adj., saglasan, -sna, 

consequence : n. t posledica, f. ; 

zakljucak, m. ; (importance) vaz- 

nost, f. 
consequent: adj., dosledan, -dna, 

consequently : adv., sledstveno, 

dakle, usled, dosledno 
conservative: n., konservativac, 

6uvar, m. 
consider : v., (look) posmatrati, 

gledati ; (think) obzirati se, 

considerable : adj., znatan, -tna, 

-tno, velik, odli&in, -6na, -Sno 
consideration: n., posmatrunje, n. 

glediste, n. ; obzir, m. ; paznja, 
f. ; in of, zbog, s obzirom 

congress : 
stma, f. 
conjugal : adj., brafini 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as,;' in James ; 2 as a in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




consist : v., sastojati se 
consolable : adj., utesan, -ina, -no 
consolation : n., tesenje, n. ; uteha, 


console : v., teSiti, uteSiti 
consolidate : v., ucVrstiti, utvrditi 
consonant : n., suglasnik, m. 
consort : n., muz, m. ; zena, f. ; 

(friend) drug, m. 
conspicuous : adj., ocevidan, -dna, 


conspiracy : n., zavera, . 
conspirator : n., zaverenik, m. 
constable : n., policajac, m. 
constancy : n., stalnost, f., posto- 

janost, f. 
constant : adj., stalan, -Ina, -Ino, 

postojan, -jna, -jno 
constantly : adv., stalno, postojano, 

consternation : n., prepast, ., 

poraz, m. 

constipation : n., zatvor, m. 
constitution : n., ustav, m. 
constitutional: adj., ustavan, -vna, 


construct : v., graditi, sagraditi, 

podizati, sastaviti 
construction : n., gradjenje, podi- 

zanje, n. ; zidanje, n. ; gradje- 

vina, f. 

consul : n., konsul, m. 
consular : adj., konsulski 
consulate : n., konsulat, m. ; 

konsulstvo, n. 
consult : v., pitati za savet 
consultant : n., savetodavac, m. 
consultation : n., savetovanje, n. 
consume : v., troSiti, izgoreti 
consumption : n., troSenje, n. ; 

prodaja, f. ; (phthisis) suha 

bolest, f. ; jektika, f. ; suSenje, n. 
consumptive : adj., jekticav, -a, -o 
contagion : n., zaraza, f. 
contagious : adj., zarazan, -zna, 

contain : v., sadrzavati (-zim), 

zadrzavati (-zim) 
contemplate: v., posmatrati 

contemporary : adj., suvremen 
contemporary : n. , suvremenik, m. 
contempt : n., preziranje, n. 
content : ad j . , zado volj an, - j na, -j no 
contentment : n., zadovoljstvo, n. 
contents : n., sadrzina, f. ; sadrzaj 


contest : v., sporiti, odricati 
continence : n., celomudrenost, f. ; 

umerenost, f. 

continent : adj., celomudren 
continent : n., kopno, n. ; old 

world, stari svet ; new world, 

novi svet 

continental : adj., suvozemni 
continual : adj., neprekidan, -dna, 

-dno, neprestani 

continuance : n., neprestanost, f. 
continuation : n., produzenje, n. 
continue : v., nastaviti, produziti 
continuity: n.,neprekidnost, f. 
contortion, n., grcenje, uvijanje, 


contour : n., opseg, krug, m. 
contraband: f., krijumcarenje, n. 

ntract : n., ugov 

adv., po ugovoru 
contract : v., uSiniti, ugovoriti ; 

(illness) dobiti ; (make smaller) 

stegnuti ; (shrug) sazeti (-imem) 
contraction : n., kupljenje, grfienje, 


contractor : n., ugovora6, m. 
contradict : v., sporiti, proti- 

contradiction : n., protivrecnost, f. ; 

prigovor, m. 

contradictory : adj., protivre6ni 
contrary : adj., protivan, -vna, 

-vno ; suprotan, -tna, -tno ; on 

the , adv., naprotiv 
contrast : n., protivnost, f. 
contribute : v., pripomoci (-mozem), 

pomodi, doprineti (-nesem) 
contribution : n., danak, prinos, 

m. ; (tax) porez, m. 
contrition : n., skrusenost, f. 
control : n., kontrola, f. ; pregled, 

m. ; nadzor, m. 

l J r<>iK>;mre : dj, dz, as_; in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, c, as ch in church ; u as ofl 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as rh in s'lout. 




control: v., kontrolisati, pregledati. copper : adj., bakarni 

nadziravati coppersmith : n., kazandzija, m. 

controller : n., kontrolor, m. 

controversy : n., spor, 
mika, f. ; raspra, f. 


convalescence : n., oporavljanje, n. 
convalescent : adj., koji se opo- 

ravlja od bolesti 
convenience : n., ugodnost, udob- 

nost, f. 
convenient : adj., udoban, -bna, 

-bno, ugodan, -dua, -dno 
convent : 11., manastir, m. 
convention : n., ugovor, m. ; (na- 
tional) konvenat, narodna skup- 

Stina, f. 

conversation : n., razgovor, m. 
converse : v., razgovarati se 
converse : adj., protivan, -vna, -vno 
conversion : n., promena, pravda, 

f. ; (faith) menjanje vere, n. 
convert : v., promeniti u, za ; 

(faith) pokrstiti, promeniti 


convertible : adj., promenljiv 
convex : adj., ispupc'en 
convey : v., nositi, odneti (-nesem), 

convict : n., robijaS, osudjenik, 

kaznenik, m. 

convict : v., osuditi, kazniti 
conviction : n., (criminal) osuda, 

kazna, f. ; (personal) ubedjenje, n. 
convince : v., ubediti, uveriti 
convoy : v,, pratiti, (Suvati 
convoy : n., voz, m. ; pratnja, f. 
convulsion: n.,grc, m. ; trzanje, n. 
cook : n., kuhar, m. ; kuharica ; f. 

kuvar, m. ; kuvarica, f. 
cook : v., kuhati 
cool : v., hladiti 
cool: adj., svei, -a, -e, hladan, 

-dna, -dno ; (people) hladnokr- 

van, -vna, -vno 
coolness : n., sveiina, svezinost ; 

(people) hladnokronost, f. 
cooper: n., bacVar, kablar, in. 
co-operate : v.,sudelovati,pomagati 
copper : n., bakar, med, m. 

copse : n., sumarak, m. 

copy : n., kopija, f. ; prepis, m. 

copy : v., kopirati, prepisati 

copy-book : n., svezak (sveska), m. 

coral : n., koral, m. 

cord : n., ue (uieta), n. ; konopac 

(-pea), m. ; vrpca, f. ; uzica, f. 
cord : v., svezati (uzetom) 
cordial : adj., srdaSan, -cna, -6110, 

cordiality : n., srdafinost, iskrenost, 

n., srce, n. 

j czgra, 


koren, m. 
cork : n., (for bottle) 5ep, zapusa8 ; 

(ordinary) plut, m. ; pluta, f. ; 

pluto, in. 

cork : adj., plutan, -tna, -tno 
corkscrew : n., vadicep, otpusac, 

corn : n 1 ., belo, 2ito, n. ; (Indian) 

kukuruz, m. ; (on the foot) zulj, 

corn-chandler : n., branar, zitar, 

corner : n., xigao (-gla), m. ; kut, 


cornet : n., rozic, m. 
coronation : n., krunisanje, n. 
coronet : n., mala kruna, f. 
corporal : n., kaplar, m. 
corporation : n., optinski sud, m. 
corps : n., korpus, m. ; kor, m. ; 

diplomatic , diplomatsko telo, 


corpse: n.,leSina, mra, f. ; mrc, in. 
corpulence : n., krupno6a, snaznost, 

corpulent : adj., krupan, -pna, -pno, 

snazan,, -zno 
Corpus Christi : n., Brasanfevo, n. 
correct : adj., ta6an, -Una, -Sno, 

ispravan, -vna 

correct : v., popraviti, ispraviti 
correction : n., popravljanje, n. ; 

popravka, f. ; (punishment) 

kazna, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j iri James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; & as ah in shout. 




correspond : v., (write) dopisivati > counterpane: n., pokrivad, m. 

countless : adj., bezbrojan, -jna, 

country : n., zemlja, oblast, strana, 
f. ; (not town) selo, n. ; home , 
otadzbina, domovina, f. 

country : adj., seoski 

country-man : n., seljak, m. 

country- town : p., varosica, f. 

couple : n., dvoje, n. ; dvojica, f. ; 
par, m. ; dvojka, f. 

coupon : n., kupon, m. 

courage : n., hrabrost, f. ; jun- 
aitvo, n. 

courageous : adj., hrabar, -bra, 
-bro, srcan, -6na, -Sno 

course : n., tok, hod, teCaj ; (dish) 
jela, f. ; in the of a month, za 
mesec dana 

court : n., (royal) dvor, m. ; (law) 

sudnica, f. ; sud, m. ; martial, 

vojni (preki) sud, m. ; of ap- 
peal, apelacija, f. ; yard, n., 
dvor, m. ; avila, f. ; podvorje, n. 

court : adj., dvorski 

court : v., udvarati se 

courteous : adj., ugladjen 

courtesan : n., bludnica, f. 

courtesy : n., ugladjenost, uCtivost, 

cousin : n., brat od strica, ujaka, 
tetke, m. ; rodjak, in. ; (girl) 
rodjakinja, f. ; sestriCiia, f. ; 
cousins, pi., rodjaci 

cover : v., pokriti, zastrti, kriti 

cover : n., (blanket) pokrivaS, m. ; 
(lid) zaklopac (-pea), poklopac 
(-pea), m. ; (protection ) zastita, f. 

covet : v., zavideti, ieleti, (-lim) 

covey : n., jato, n. 

cow: n., krava, f. ; cow-herd, boy, 
kravar, m. 

coward : n., kukavica, f. ; plaiivac, 

cowardice : n., plaSljivost, f. 

cowardly : adj., plaaljiv 

crab : n., morski rak, m. 
countermand : v., opozvati, oporedi ' crack : v., pucati (-cam), Skripiti 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i, as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as .'.s in cats ; $ as ah in shout. 

(like) slagati se (slaZem) 
correspondence : n., prepiska, f. ; 

korespondencija, f. 
correspondent : n., dopisnik, m. 
corridor : n., hodnik, m. 
corrosion : n., nagrizanje, n. 
corrosive : adj., koji nagriza 
corrupt : v., kvariti, pokvariti 
corrupt : adj., pokvaren 
corrupter : n., razvratnik, m. 
corruption : n., pokvarenost, f. ; 

kvarenje, n. ; razvrat, kvarei, m. 
corset : n., korset, steznik, mider, 


cosiness : n.,ugodnost, prijatnost, f. 
cosmopolitan : n., kosmopolit, m. 
cost : n., cena, vrednost, f. 
cost : v., kostati, stati (stanem), 


costly : adj., skup, skupocen 
costume : n., nosnja, f. ; odelo, n. 
cot : n., postelja, f. 
cottage : n., koliba, f. ; kudica, f. 
cotton : n., pamuk, m. ; (thread) 

konac (-nca) 

cotton: adj., pamucan, -6na, -<5no 
cotton-wool : n., pamuk, m. 
cough : n., kasalj, m. 
cough : v., kasljati (-Ijem) 
council : n., odbor, savet m. ; 

cabinet , drf avni savet ; muni- 
cipal , opStinski odbor 
councillor : n., savetnik, m. 
counsel : n., savet 
counsel : v.. savetovati 
counsellor : n., savetodavac, m. 
count : n., brojiti, raSunati 
countenance : n., lice, n. ; obraz, 

counter : n., (shop) tezga, f. ; (for 

games) tantuz, m. ; marka, f. 
counteract : v., protiviti 
counterfeit : v., falsifikovati 
counterfeit : adj., lazan, -zna, -ino, \ 

kradom preradjen 
counterfeiter : n., falsifikator, m. ; 

podsmevad, m. 




crack : n., pucanje, n. ; praska, f. 
cracked : adj., raspucan 
cradle: n., kolevka, ljuljka, f. 
craft : n., veStina, urnetnost, f. 
craftiness : n., lukavost, f. 
crafty : ndj., Inkav, -a, -o 
cramp : n., gr6, m. 
crane : n., zdral, m. 
crank : n., rudica, drska, f. 
crape : n., krep, flor, m. 
crater : n., krater, m. 

cripple: v. , osakatiti, nagrditi 
crippled : adj., hrom, sakat, bagav, 

-a, -o 

crisis : n., kriza, f. ; Skripac, m. 
critic : n., kriti6ar, m. 
critical : adj., kriti<5an, -<5na, -6no ; 

(illness) opasan, -sna, -sao 
criticism : n., kritika, f. 
criticize : v., kritikovati 
crochet : n., kukica, kuka, . 
crock : n., (pot) lonac, m. 

cravat : n., maslija, f. ; ovratnica, f. crockery : n., loncarska roba, f. 

crawl : v., puziti, mileti 

crawl : n., puzenje, n. 

cray-fish : n., rak, m. 

cream : n., pavlaka, f. ; skorup, 

m. ; clotted , kajmak, m. 
crease : n., bora, f. 
create : v., stvoriti, tvoriti 
creation : n., postanje, stvaranje, 

creator : n., tvorac (-rca), m. ; 

stvoritelj, m. 

creature : n., tvar, kreatura, f. 
credibility: n. , verovatnost , . 

adj., verovatan, -tna, 

credible : 

credit : n., kredit, m. ; veresija, 

vera f. ; on , adv., na veresiju 
credit : v.,datina veresiju, verovati 
creditor : n., kreditor, m. 
creed : n., verovanje, n. ; vera, f. 
creek : n., mali zaliv, m. 
creep : v., puciti 
cremate : v., spaliti, sagoreti 
cremation : n., spaljivanje, n. 
crescent : n., polumesec, m. 
cress : n., ukrop, grbn5, m. ; 

gronica, f. 
crest : n., (summit) vrh, m. ; 

(bird's) kresta, f. ; greben, m. ; 

(arms) grb, m. 
ricket : n., zrikavac (-vca), popid, 


crime : n., zlodin, m. ; krivica, f. 
criminal : n., krivac (-vca), zlofiinac 
criminal : adj., kriviSni, zlocinafiki 
crimson : n., karmin, m. ; crvenilo, 

crocodile : n., krokodil, m. 

crocus : n., Safran, m. 

crooked: adj., kriv, -a, -o, neprav 

crookedness : n., krivina, f. 

crop : n., (whip) knmdzija, f. ; 

(produce), zetva, berba, f. ; (bird) 

gua, f. 
cross : n., krst, m. ; roads, n., 

raskrsnica, f. 

cross : v., (over) prolaziti ; (one- 
self) prekrstiti se 
cross : adj., srdit, nezadovoljan, 

-Ijna, -Ijno 

crossing : n., prelazak (-ska), m. 
crow : n., vrana, f. 
crowd : n., mnostvo, n. ; gomila, 

f. ; navala, f. ; narod, m. ; svet, 


crowd : v., skupljati u gomile 
crown : n., kruna, f. ; venae, m. 
crown : v., krunisati (-nisem) 
crowning : n., krunisanje, n. 
crucifix : n., raspede, n. ;, in. 
crucifixion : n., raspede, n. 
crucify: v., raspeti (raspnem) 
crude : adj., sirov, -a, -o, nekuvan, 

cruel : adj., svirep, surov, neSove- 

6an, -6na, -6no 
cruelty : n., svirepstvo, n. ; divlja- 

Stvo, n. 

cruise : v., ukrstiti 
cruise : n., krstarenje, n. 
cruiser : n., krstarica, f. 
crumb : n., mrva, mrvica, f. 
crumble : v., mrviti 

crusade : n., krstaski, rat, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




crush : v., gnjeSiti, gaziti, uniititi 

crust : n., kora. f. 

crutch : n., staka, stula, f. 

cry : v., (tears) plakati (placem), 

derati se ; (out) vikati ; (wail) 

jaukati, kupati ; (for mercy) 

moliti, milost 

cry : n., vika, f. ; dreka, f. 
crying (tears): plac, in. 
crypt : n., grobnica, pecina, f. 
crystal : n., kristal, biljur, m. 
crystallize : v., kristalisati 
cube : n., kocka, f. 
cubic : adj., kubni 
cubit : n., lakat, in. 
cuckoo : n., kukavica, f. 
cucumber : n., krastavac, m. 
cuddle : v., grliti, milovati 
cudgel : n., buzdovan, m. 
cue (billiard): n., bilijarski stap, m. 
cuff : n., (to wear) narukavlje, n. ; 

taclija, f. ; (hit) samar, m. 
cuirass : n., oklop 
culpable : adj., kriv 
culprit : n., krivac, m. 
cult (of God) : n., poStovanje Boga, 


cultivate : v., obradjivati, uraditi 
cultivation : n., obradjivanje, n. 
cultivator : n., ratar, zemljoradnik, 

culture : n., obradjivanje, gajenje, 

izobraiavanje, n. 
cultured : adj., izobraien, -a, -o 
cunning : adj., lukav, -a, -o 
cunningness : n., lukavstvo, n. 
cup : n., solja, f. ; tas, m. ; (Turk- 
ish) fildzan, m. 
cupboard : n., orman, m. ; skrinja, 


Cupid : n., bog ljubavi, m. 
cupidity : n., lakomstvo, n. 
curable : adj., koji se moie izlefiti 
curate : n., engleski pastor, m. 
curator : n., staratelj, m. 
curb : n., (horse) zvale, f., pL ; 

campara, f . 

curdle : v., zgrusati, siriti se 
cure : v., lee-id, ozdraviti 

cure : n., lecenje, n. 

curiosity : n., ljubopitstvo, n. ; 

(antique) retkost, f. ; cudilo. n. 
curious : adj., radoznao, -iiala, 

nalo, ljubopitan, -tna, -tno ; 

(peculiar) osobit, redak, -dka, 


j curl : n., vitica, f. ; kovrca, f. 
curly : adj., kovr6ast 
currant : n., ribizle, f., pi. 
currency : n., (money) vrednost, 

valjnnost, f. 
current : n., matica, f. ; brzak, m. ; 

tok, m., struja, f. 
current : adj., telcuci ; year, ova 

godina, f . ; price, iduca cena, f. 
curry-comb : n., cesagija, f. 
curse : v., kleti (kunem), prokleti, 

curse : n., prokletstvo, n. ; kletva. 

f. ; prokletinja, f. 
cursed : adj., proklet, -a, -o 
curt : adj., kratak, -tka, -tko 
curtain : n., zavesa, f. ; zastor, m. 
curtsy: n., poklon, m. ; klanjanje, 

curve : n., krivaja, f. ; savijutak 


curve : v., saviti, iskriviti 
curved : adj., kriv 
cushion : n., jastuk, m. ; blazina, f. ; 

uzglavak, m. ; uzglavnica, f. 
custodian : n., duvar, m. 
custody : n., straza, f. 
custom : n., obicaj, m. ; navika, f. 
customary : adj., obi fan, -2na, 

cno ; as a rule, po obicaj u, obifinc 
custom duties : n., carina, f. 

customer : n., kupac, m. 
custom house : n., carin arnica, f. 
custom house officer : n., carinar, 

carinik, m. 
cut : v., se6i (secern), isedi ; (hair) 

osisati ; (clothes) krojiti, rezati 

(reiem) ; ( corn) feti (ianjem) ; 

(away) odreiati 
cut : n., zarez, rez, kroj, m. ; 

(canal) prokop, jarak, m. ; (short 

) prolaz, pre6ac, m. 

Pronounce : dj, Al, as j in James ; I as in measure ; ; as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 8, as eh in church ; u as <x> 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




cutlass : n., kratka sablja, f. 
cutler : n., nozar, m. 
cutlet : n., kotlet, m. ; rebarce, n. 
cutter : n., rezaS ; (tailor) krojaC, 


cuttle-fish : n., sipa, f. 
cycle : n., krug, period, m. ; kolo, 

n. ; (bicycle), to6ak, m. 
cygnet : n., mali labud, m. 

cylinder : n., valjak, m. 
cylindrical: adj., valjkast 
cymbal : n., cimbal 
cynic : n., cinik 
cypress : n., kiparis, m. 
Cyrillic alphabet : n., dirilica, f. 
Czar : n., car, m. 
Czarica : n., Carica, f. 
Czarevich : n., carevid, m. 


daily : adj., dnevni, -na, -no 
damage : n., Steta, f. ; kvar, m. 
damage : v., ostetiti, pokvariti 
damaged : adj., stetan, -tna, -too, 

pokvaren, -a, -o 
damned : adj., klet, -a, -o 
damp : adj., vlazan, -zna, -Zno 
dampness : n., vlazina, f. ; vlaz- 

nost, f . 

dance : n., igra, f. ; igranka, f. 
dance : v., igrati 
dancer : n., igra5, m. 
dare : v., smeti (smem) 
daring : adj., smeo, smela, smelo 
dark : adj., (of people) crnoman- 

jast, -a, -o 
dark: adj., taman, -mna, -iniio, 

sumoran, -ma, -rno, mracan, 

-6na, -6no 
dark (to get) : v., mrafiiti se, tarn- 

neti (-mm) 
dark-coloured : adj., zagasit, -a, -o ; 

ugasit, -a, -o 
darkness : n., mrak, m. ; tama, 

f ; tamnina, f. 

dark-room : n., mraena komora, f. 
date : n., datum, m. 
date (fruit) : n., urma, f. 
daughter : n., kdi (k6eri), f. ; dera, 

cerka, f . 

daughter-in-law : n., snaha, f. 
dawn : n., zora, f. ; svanutak, m. ; 

svanu6e, n. 

dawn : v., svanuti (-nem) 
day : n., dan. ; by , adv., dan- 

jom ; during the , adv., danju 

day-after-to-morrow : 

n., preko- 


day-before-yesterday : n., 

daylight : n., dan, m. ; svet, m. 

vid, m. 

deacon : n., djakon, m. 
dead : adj., mrtav, -tva, -tvo 
dead man : n., mrtvac, m. ; samr- 

tnik, m. 
deaf : adj., gluh, -a, -o, nagluv, 

-a, -o 

deaf (man) : n., gluhah, m. 
deafness : n., gluhota, f. 
deal, deal board : n., jelovina, f. ; 

daska, f. 

deal : v., trgovati, deliti, dati 
dealer : n., trgovac, -vca 
dear : adj., drag, -a, -o, mio, mila, 


dear (expensive) : adj., skup, -a, -o 
dear me ! interj., Boze ! Boze moj ! 
dearness : f., skupoca, f. ; skupo- 

cenost, f. 

death : n., smrt, f. 
deathly : adj., smrtan, -tna, -tno 
debar : v., iskljuditi 
debate : n., pretres, m. ; prepirka, 

debauch : n., raskosnost, f. 
debauched : adj., bludan, -dna, 

-dno, raskosan, -ana, -sno 
debauchee : n., raskosnik, bludnik, 


debility : n., slabost, . 
debt : n., dug, m. 
debtor : n., duznik, m. 
decadence: n., opadanje, n. 

decay : n., trulpst, f. 
decay : v., truliti 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; b as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




decayed : adj., truo, trula, trulo 
deceased : adj., umro, -rla, -rlo, 

rartav, pokojni 
deceit : n., lukavost, f. ; lukavstvo, 

deceitful : adj., lukav, -a, -o, 

lazan, -zna, -zno 
deceive : v., varati, obmanuti 
deceiver : n., varalac, m. ; vara- 

lica, f. 
December : n., dekembar, m. ; 

prosinac, m. 

deception : n.,prevara, f. ; obmana.f . 
decide : v., resiti, odrediti 
decided : adj., resen, -a, -o, odlu- 

6an, -Una,, -6no 
decimal : adj., decimalan, -Ina, 


decision : n., resenje, n. ; odluka, f. 
deck : n., paluba, f. 
declaration : n., izjava, f. ; deklar- 

acija, f. ; objava, f. ; proglas, m. 
declare : v., izjaviti, tvrditi, pro- 


decompose : v., rastaviti 
decomposed : adj., rastvoren, -a, -o 
decorate : v., ukrasiti ; (medal, 

etc.), odlikovati 
decoration : n., ukras, m. ; (medal) 

odliSje, n. ; orden, m. 
decorum: n.,pristojnost, f. ; dosto- 

jnost, f. 

decoy : v., mamiti, vabiti 
decrease : v., umanjati, umaliti 
decree : n., ukaz, m. ; naredba, f. 
decree : v., postaviti ukazom 
dedicate : v., osvetiti, posvetiti 
dedication : n., osve<5enje, n. ; 

zavetina, f. 
deed : n., posao, -sla, n. ; akt, akat, 

m. ; delo, n. ; <5in, m. 
deep : adj., dubok, -a, -o 
deepen : v., dupsti (dubem), izdubiti 
deer : ra., jelen 

defeat : n., poraz, m. ; unitenje, n. 
defeat : v., poraziti, unistiti 
defecate (bowels) : v., srati (serem) 
defective: adj., pokvaren, -a, -o, 

ote6en, -a, -o 

defence : n., odbrana, zaltita, f. 
defend : v., braniti, fitititi 
defender: n., branitelj, branilac 
defiance : n., izaziv, prkos, m. 
deficiency : n., manjak, nedostatok, 


deficient : adj., falican, -cna, -6no 
deficient (to be) : v., faliti, nemati. 


deficit : n., manjak, deficit, m. 
defile : n., klisura, f. ; klanac, m. 
define : v., odrediti 
definite : adj., odredjen. -a, -o 
definition : n., odredba, f. 
defy : v., cikati, izazivati 
degrade : v., poniziti 
degree : n., atupanje, n. ; stepen, 

m. ; red, m. 
degrees, by : adv., postupno, malo 

po malo 

deity : n., boianstvo, n. ; Bog, m. 
delay : v., kasniti, zadrfati (-zim) 
delay : n., zakanenje, n. 
delegate : n., poslanik 
delicate : adj., nezan, -zna, -zno, 

tanak, -nka, -nko, slab, -a, -o, 

fin, -a, -o 
delicious : adj., fin, -a, -o, slastan, 

tna, -tno 
deliciousness : n., slast, f. ; ukus- 

nost, f. 
delight : n., veselje, n. ; uaslada, 

delightful : adj., ugodan, -dna, 

-dno, prekrasan, -sna, -sno 
delirious : adj., u bunilu, manit. 

a, -o 

delirium : n., bunilo, ludilo 
deliver: v., osloboditi, izbaviti 
deliverance : n., oslobodjenje, n. 
delivered (to be of a child) : roditi 
deliverer : n., osloboditelj, m. 
deluge (bib.) : n., potop, m. 
delusion : n., prevara, obmana, f. 
demand : n., trebovanje, trazenje, 

n. ; molba, f . 

demand : v., traiiti, trebovati 
democracy : n., demokracija, f. 
demolish : v., porufiiti 

Pronounce : dj , d2, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, c, as c/i in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; aa ah in shout. 




demolition : n., porusenje, n. ; 

razor, m. - 

demon : n., djavo, vrag, zao duh, m. 
demonstrate : v., dokaziti 
den : n., skroviSte, n. 
denial : n., poricanje, odricanje, n. 
denounce : v., optuziti 
dense : adj., gust, -a, -o 
density : n. , gustina, gus toca, f . 
dent : n., rez, zarez, m. 
dental : adj., zubni 
dentist : n., zubni lekar, zubar, 

deny : v., poredi (-re6em),nehteti 

depart : v.,otputovati,oti6i (-idem), 


department : n., kotar, okrug, m. 
departure : n., odlazak (-ska), 

polazak (-ska) 

dependence : n., zavisnost, f. 
dependent : adj., zavisan, -siia, -sno 
deplorable : adj., bedan, -dna, -dno, 

zalostan, -tna, -tno, jadan, -dna, 

deposit : n., ostava, f. ; predaja, f. ; 

ulog, m. 

deprive : v., lisiti 
depth : n., dubina, dubljina, f. ; 

bezdan, m. 
deputation : n., odbor, m. ; depu- 

tacija, f. 

deputy : n., poslanik, izaslanik, m. 
derrick : n., paranak, m. 
descend : v., sici (sidjem), silaziti 
descendant : n., potomak, m. 
descent : n., silazak (-ska) pad, m. 
describe : v., opisati (opiem) , 
description : n., opis, m. ; opisi- 

vanje, n. 
desert : n., pustinja, f. ; adj., pust, 

-a, -o 

desert : v., ostaviti, utedi (-eSem) 
deserter: n., vojni begunac, m. 
design : n., crteZ, nacrt, plan, m. 
design : v., crtati 
desire : v., ieleti (-lim), hteti 

desire : n., ielja, poiuda, f. 

desirable : 

adj., zeljen, -a, -o, za 

desk : n., tezga, f. 

despair : v., 
janje, n. 

ofiajavati, n. ; oca- 

despatch : v., otpraviti 

v., prezirati 
dessert : n., slatkis, m. ; zaslada, . 
destiny : n., usud, m. ; sudbina, f. ; 

sudba, f. 
destroy : v., unistiti, razrusiti, 

destruction : n., razorenje, uiii- 

tenje, n. 
detail : n., pojedinost, podrobnost, 

f. ; in , adv., podrobno, na sitno 
detective : n., tajni policaj, m. 
detest : v., mrziti, gaditi se 
detestable: adj., gadan, -dna, -dno, 

mrzak, mrska, 
sna, -sno 

mrsko, gnusan, 

deuce : n., (cards) kec, vrag, djavo, 


devastate : v., pustositi, tamaniti 
devastation : n., pustosenje, n. 
develop : v., razviti, izloziti 
devil : n., djavo, vrag, m. 
devilish : adj., djavolji, -ja, -je ; 

djavolov, -a, -o, vraki, vraiji 
devoted: adj., odan, -a, -o, predan, 

-a, -o 
devotion : n., odanost, f. ; poirt- 

vovanje, n. 

diagonal : adj., poprecni, -na, -no 
diameter : n., pre&iik, m. 
diamond : n., dijamant, m. 
diarrhoea : n., proliv, m. 
diary : n., dnevnik, m. 
dice : n., (pi. of die) kocke, f., pi. 
dictionary : n., reCnik, m. 
die : v., umreti, mreti, ugasiti se 
diet : n., dieta, f. ; sabor 
differ: v., razlikovati se, odstupati 
difference : n., razlika, razlifinost, f. 
different : adj., razlican, -6na, -Cno, 

razan, -zna, -zno 

differently : adv., drukeije, razlifino 
difficult: adj., tezak, teska, tesko, 

mucan, -6na, trudan, -dna 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as _;' in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ck in church ; u as (fa 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as ah in shout. 




difficulty : n., teskoca, tegoba, 

muka, f. 

dig : v., kopati, iskopati 
digest : v., variti, digestion, n. ; 

varenje, n. 
digger : n., kopaS 
dignified : adj., dostojan, -jna, -jno 
dignity : n., dostojanstvo, n. 
diligence : n., brzina, briiljivost, f. 
dim ; adj., taman, -mna, -mno, 

mraean, -6na 

dimension : n., dimensija, mera, f. 
dine : v., vecSerati, rucati 
dining-car : n., obedna kola, f. 
dining-room : n., trpezarija, f. 
dinner : n., rucak (-Ska), m. ; 

veSera, f . 

dinner-table : n., sovra, sofra, f. 
dip : v., umoSiti, zagnjuriti 
diphtheria : n., difterija, f. 
diphthong: n.,dvoglasnik, m. 
diplomacy : n., diplomacy a, f. 
diplomatic : adj., diplomatski 
diplomatist : n., diplomat, in. 
direct : adj., prav, -a, -o, ravan, 

direct : v., upravljati, rukovati ; 

(a letter) adresovati 
director : n., direktor, upravnik 
dirt: n., necistota, f . ; blato, n. ; 

gad, m. 
dirty : adj., prljav, -a, -o, neSist, 

gadan, -dna 

dirty : v., isprljati, umrljati 
disadvantage : n., nepogodnost, f. ; 

steta, f. 
disadvantageous : adj., stetan, 

-tna, -tno, ubitacan, -dna, -dno 
disagreeable: adj.,neprijatan, -tna, 

-tno, nemio, nemila, -lo 
disappear : v., nestati (-stanem), 

isfieznuti (-nem) 

disappearance : n., iSdezavanje, n. 
disaster : n., poraz, m. ; nedaca, f. 
disastrous : adj., uzasan, -sna, -sno, 

nesrecan, -cna, -cno 
disbark : v., iskrzati, istovariti 
disbelieve : v., neverovati 

discipline : n., disciplina, f. 
discomfort : n., neugodnost, nez- 

godnost, f . 

discord : n., nesloga, f. 
discordant : adj., neslozan, -ina, 

discover : v., otkriti, izloiiti, 

discovery : n., otkrice, n. ; prona- 

lazak, -ska 
discretion : n., uzdriljivost, smotre- 

nost, f . 

discuss : v., pretresati, is pit i vat i 
discussion : n., pretresanje, n. 
disdain : v., prezirati 
disdain : n., preziranje, prizrenje, 


disease : n., bolest, f. 
disembark : v., iskrcati 
disengaged : adj., Slobodan, -dna, 


disfame : n., sramota, f. 
disfavour : n., nemilost, f. 
disgrace : n., nemilost, sramota, f. 
disgraceful : adj., sramotan, -tna, 


disguise : v., prerusiti, preobuci 
disguise: n.,prerusenost, preobuka, 

disgust : n., gadjenje, gnusanje, n. 
disgust : v., ogaditi, gaditi 
disgusting : adj., gadan, -dna, -dno, 

odvratan. -tna, -tno 
dish : n., plitica, zdela, f. ; (food) 

jelo, n. 
dishonest : adj., neprilican, -dna, 

-cno, nepristojan, -jna, -jno 
dishonesty : n., nepristojnost, f. 
dishonour : n., sramota, f. ; nepo- 

stenje, n. 
dishonourable : adj., sramotan, 

-tna, -tno, sramni, necastau, 

-tna, -tno 

disinfection : n., dezinfekcija, (. 
dislike : v., ne voleti, ne ljubiti 
dislike : n., gnusanje, n. ; odvrat- 

nost, f 
dismal : adj., ialostan, -tna, -tno, 


disciple : n., udenik, djak, m. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; c, c, as ch in cliurch ; u as o 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as U in cats ; s as eh in shout. 




dismay : n., bojailjvost, f. ; strah, 


dismiss : v., otpustiti, pustiti 
dismissal : n., otpust, m. ; otkaz, 


dismount : v., sjahati 
disobedience : n., neposluSnost 
disobedient: adj.,neposlusan, -sna, 


disorder : n., nered, m. ; rasulo, n. 
disordered : adj., neuredan, -dna, 

-dno, razuzdan, -a, -o 
dispense : v., deliti, razdavati 
disperse : v., razbaciti, rasuti 
dispersion : n., rasturanje, n. 
displease : v., ne dopasti se (-pad- 


displeasure : n., nezadovoljnost, f. 
dispose : v., rasporediti 
disposition : n., raspored, m. ; 

uredba, f . 

disproportion : n., nesrazmernost, f. 
dispute : v., prepirati se 
dispute : n., spor, m. ; prepirka, f. 
disreputable : adj., sramotan, -tna, 

dissension : n., razdor, m. ; ne- 

sloga, f. 
dissolution : n., rastvaranje, ras- 

puStanje, n. 

dissolve : v., rastvoriti, rastopiti 
distance : n., daljina, f. ; rasto- 

janje, n. 
distant : adj., dalek, -a, -o, udaljen, 

-a, -o 
distasteful : adj., gadan, -dna, 


distend : v., rastegnuti (-nem) 
distil : v., distilovati, kapati 
distillery: n., rakidzijnica, f. 
distinct : adj., jasan, -sna, -sno, 

osobit, razliSan, odvojen 
distinction : n., razlikovanje, n. ; 

razlika, f. 
distinctly : adv., jasno, razgovetno 
distinctness : n., jasnost, jasnoda 
distinguish : v., razlikovati 
distinguished : adj., odlican, -6na, 

distress : n., beda, nevolja, muka, 

f. ; opasnost, f. 

distribute : v., razdati, razdeliti 
distribution: n., deljenje, razda- 

vanje, n. 

district : n., srez, okrug, kotar, m. 
district: adj., sreski, kotarski 
distrust : v., sumnjati, neverovati 
distrust : n., sumnja, f. ; nepove- 

renje, n. 

distrustful: adj., nepoverljiv, -a, -o 
disturb : v., uznemiriti 
ditch : n., jarak, opkop, m. 
ditto : adv., isto tako, takodjer 
dive : v., gnjurati se, roniti 
diver : n., gnjurac, ronac 
divert : v., zatajiti, zabavljati 
divide : v., deliti, podeliti, razdeliti 
divided : adj., razdaljen, -a, -o, 

nesloian, -zna 
divine : adj., bozanski, bozji 
divinity : n., boianstvo, n. ; Bog, 

division : n., deljenje, n. ; deoba, 

f. ; deo (dela), m. 
divorce : v., razvesti se (-vedem), 

rastaviti se 

divorce : n., razvod braka, m. 

do : v., raditi, diniti, udiniti ; to 

business, imati posla ; to good, 

Ciniti dobro ; to harm, po6initi 

zlo ; is it done ? jeli gotovo ? he 

is done for, propao je ; how do 

you T kako ste vi 1 that will , 

dovoljno je ; you go ? ides' li T 

dock : n., dok, m. ; ostava, f. 

doctor : n., doktor, lekar, lefinik, 

vra6, m. 
document : n., dokumenat, dokaz, 


doe : n., srna, f. 
doff : v., skinuti (-nem) 
dog : n., pas (psa) ; bitch, n. kufika, 

doing : n., rad, posao (-sla), m. ; 

delo, n. 

doll : n., lutka, f. 
domestic : adj., doma6i, -6a, -ce, 


Pronounce : dj, df , as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, C, as ch in church ; u us oa 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 3 as sh in shout. 




domestic (servant), n. ; sluga, m. ; j draper : n.,suknar, m. 

sluskinja, f. | draught : n., (drink) napitak, m. ; 

(air) promaha, f. ; (game) dame, 
f., pl- 

draughtsman : n., crta(5, risar, m. 
draw (pull) : v., vuci (vucem), 

tegliti, uzvndi, vaditi 
draw (sketch, etc.): 

Dominican : n., dominikanac, m. 

dominion : n., vlast, vlada, f. 

domino : n., maska, f. ; domino, 
m. ; domine, f., pl. 

donkey : n., magarac (-rca) 

donor : n., darodavac, m. 

doom : n., sudbina, f. ; doom's 
day, sudnji dan, m. ; final , 
straSni sud 

door : n., vrata, f. ; ulazak (-ska), 
m. ; out of doors, na ulici ; in- 
doors, kod kuce ; next , prep., 
uz (ace.) 

door-keeper : n., vratar, m. 

door-step : n., prag, m. 

dormitory : n., loznica.spavaonica, 

dormouse : n., puh, m. 

dose : n., doza, f. 

dot : n., tocka, f. 

double: adj., dvojni, -na, -no, 

dupli, -la, -lo 

double : v . , udvojiti, udvostruciti 
doubt : n., sumnja, f. ; sumnja- 

vanje, n. ; without , bez 

sumnje, j amacno 
doubt : v., sumnjati, biti nesi- 

guran, -rna 
doubtful : adj., sumnjiv, neizves- 

tan, -tna 

douche : n., dus, tus, m. 
dough : n., testo, n. 
dove : n., golub, m. ; golubica, f. 
dowager : n., udovica, f. ; the 

queen, kraljica udovica 
down : prep., niz (ace.) ; stream, 

niz vodu ; hill, niz brdo 
down : adv., dole (downstairs) 
down : n., paperje, n. 
dowry : n., miraz, n>. 
dozen : n., tuce, n., dvanaest 
drag : v., tegliti, vuci (vu6em), 


dragoman : n., turnaC, m. 
dragon : n., zmaj, m. 
drain : v., procediti, oiusiti, odvesti 

vodu (odvezem) 


nacrtati, risati, slikati 
drawer : n., fijoka, f. ; cekmedie, 
skrabica, f. 

drawers : n., gace, f., pl. 

crte2, m. ; 

drawing : n., vucenje, 

izvlafienje, n. 
drawing (sketch) : 

risanje, n. 

dray : n., ciodica, f. ; taljigas, m. 
dread : v., bojati se 
dreadful : adj., strasan, -sna, -sno, 

grozan, -zna 
dream : n., san, m. ; sanja, f. ; 

sanjanje, n. 

dream: v.,sanjati, snivati 
drench : v., kvasiti, zaraoeiti 
dress : v., odenuti (-nem) obudi 

(-cem), odevati; (wound) priviti, 


dress : n., odelo, n. ; haljinje, f., pl. 
dressing (med.) : n., zavoj, m. 
dribble : v., sliniti, kapati (-pljem) 
drUl : n., veibanje, n. ; , v., 

drink : v., piti (pijem), upiti ; a 

health, zdraviti 
drink : n., pide, n. 
drip : n., kap, m. ; kaplja, f. ; v., 

kapati (-pljem) 
drive : v., terati, goniti, izgoniti ; 

(horse, etc. ) voditi, voziti 
driver : n., vozar, kolar, rabadzija, 


drop : v., drip 
drop : v., pustiti, baciti, pasti 


dropsy : n., vodena bolest, f. 
drought : n., suhota, suhoca, f. 
drove : n., stado, n. 
drown : v., udaviti, utopiti, poto- 


Pronounce : dj, dz, an j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as fit in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; S as sA in shout. 



frowned person : n., utopljenik, 

udavljenik, m. 

drug: n., lek, m., lekarstvo, n. 
drum : n., dobo, bubanj, m. ; v., 

udariti u 

drummer: n., dobosar, bubnjar, m. 
drunk: adj., pijan, -a, -o, opijeno 
drunk (to get) : v., opiti se, pijan- 

drunkard : n., pijanac, m. ;, pianics 

dry : v., suliti, osuSiti, isuSiti 

dry : adj., suh, suv, suan, -sna, 


dryness : n., suhota, suho6a, susa, f. 
duchy : n., hercegovina,vojvodina. 

duck : n., patka, f. ; patak, m. 

due : adj., duzan, -zna, 

duel : n., dvoboj, m. 

duke: n., vojvoda, m. ; duchess, 

vojvotkinja, f. 
dulcimer : n., cimbal, m. 
dull : adj., tup, mutan, -tna, 


dull (to make) : v., tupiti, zatupiti 
dumb : adj ., nem, mutav, -a, -o 
dunce : n., glupak, m. 

dung: n., djubre, n. ; gnoj, m. ; 

balega, f. 

dungeon : n., tamnica, f. 
dupe : v., varati 

duplicate : n., duplikat, prepis, m 
durability : n., trajasnost, trajnost, 


durable: adj., trajan, -jna, -jno 
duration : n., trajanje, n. 
during : prep., za (gen.), uz (ace.); 

the king's reign, za vlade kralj a 
dust : n., prasina, f. ; prah, m. 
dusty : adj., prasljiv 
duster : n., utirafi, otira6, m. 
duty : n., duznost ; (customs) 

carina, f. 

dwarf : n., kepec, patuljak, m. 
dwelling: n.,stan, m. ; stanovanje, 

dye : v., farbati, bojiti, n. ; farba, 

boja, f. 

dyer: n., farbar, m. ; bojadzija, f. 
dying: adj., umiru6i, smrtan. 

-tna, -tno 

dynamite : n., dinamit, m. 
dynasty : n., dinastija 
dysentery : n., srdobolja, f. 


each : pron., svaki, -ka, -ko 
eagle : n., orao (orla), m. 
ear : n., uho, n. ; usi (uSiju), f., pi. 
earache: n.,uhobolja, f. ; usobolja, 

early : adj., rani, -na, -no 
earn : v., zaraditi, zasluziti 
earnest : adj., ozbiljan, -Ijna, -Ijno, 

iskren, vazan, -zna 
earth: n., zemlja, f. ; svet, m. 
earthen : adj., zemljan, -jna, -jno 
earthly : adj., zemalski, svetovni 
earthquake : n., zemljotres, m. 
ease : n., lakoda, lakost, zgoda, f. 
east : n., istok, m. ; in the , na 

Easter : n., Vaskrs, Uskrs, Veligdan, 

eastern : adj., istocan, -6na, -6no 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in Janus ; z as in measure ; j as y in you | 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ' U as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch j c as ta in cute ; e as ah in shout. 

easy : adj., lak, (comfortable) udo- 

ban, -bna 

eat : v., jesti (jedem), izjest 
eatable : adj., Sto se moze jesti 
eatables : n., jelo, n. ; hrana, f. 
ebb : n., oseka, f. ; osek, m. 
ebony : n., abonos, m. 
ecclesiastical : adj., duhovni, crk- 


echo : n., odjek, odziv, m. 
eclipse : n., pomrac'enje, n. 
economy : n., ekonojnija, privreda, 

Stednja, usteda, f. 
economical : adj., Stedljiv, eko- 


Eden : n., zemaljski raj 
edge (sharp) : n., rez, ostric, oStrilj, 

edge : n., ivica, kraj obala 




edifice : n., zgrada, f. ; zdanje, n. 

edit : v., izdati, izdavati (-dajem) 

edition : n., izdanje, n. 

editor : n., urednik, izdavaS, m. 

educate : v., vaspitati 

education : n., vaspitanje, vaspi- 

tavanje, n. 
educational establishment : n., vas- 

pitaliste, n. 

eel : n., ugor, m. ; jegulja, f. 
efface : v., brisati (brisem), izbrisati 
effect : n., dejstvo, n. ; utisak, 

upeSatak, m. 

effort : n., napor, trud, m. 
egg: n., jaje, jajce (jaja), n. ; 

boiled , rovito jaje ; scram- 
bled , kajgana, f. 
eight : num. osam 
eighteen : num. osamnaest 
eighth : n., osmina ; adj., osmi, 

-ma, -mo 

eighty : num. osamdeset 
either : pron., jedan, -dna, -dno, od 


either . . . or : ill . . . ill 
elastic : n., guma, f. ; kaucuk, m. 
elastic : adj., elastic'an, -6na, -6no, 


elbow : n., lakat (-kta) 
elder, eldest: adj., stariji, -ja, -je, 


elect : v., birati, izbirati 
election : n., biranje, n. ; izbor, m. 
elector : n., bira<5, m. ; izbornik, m. 
electric : adj., elektriSan, -cna, 


electrician : n., elektricar, m. 
electricity : n., elektrika, f. ; elek- 

tricitet, m. 

electrify : v., elektrizovati 
elegance : n., elegantnost, lepota, f. 
elegant : adj., elegantan, -tna, -tno, 

element : n., elemenat, m. ; stihija, 

elementary : adj., osnovni, elemen- 


elephant : n., slon, m. 
elevated : adj., visok, uzvisen 

elevation : n., dizanje, n. ; uzvise 

nost, f. 

eleven : num. jedanaest 
ell : n., arsin, m. 
ellipse : n., elipsa, f. 
elm : n., brest, m. 
else : adv., inako, ina6e, drugadije 
elsewhere : adv., drugda, drugdje 
emancipate : v., osloboditi 
embalm : v., balsamirati 
embark : v., ukrcati 
embarkation : n., ukrcavanje, n. 
embarrass : v., zakrciti, smetati 
embassy : n., poslanstvo, n. 
embellish : v., ulepsati 
<&blem : n., znak, simbol, m., 

mznamen, -je, n. 
embrace: v., zagrliti, poljubiti 
embrace : n., grljenje, n., poljubac, 


embroider : v., vesti (vezem) 
emerald : n., smaragd, m. 
emerge : v., izici (izidjem) 
emery : n., smirgel, m. 
emetic : n., lek za bljuvanje 
emigrant : n., iseljenik 
emigrate : v., iseliti se, seliti se 

eminence (title) : 
stvo, n. 

n., preosvesten- 

emissary : n., izaslanik, poslanik, m. 
emotion : n., uzbudjenje, n. 
emperor : n., car, cesar, cesar ; 
(Austrian ) adj., carev, -a, -o 
emphasis : n., emfaza, f. ; isticanje, 

emphatic : 

adj., emfatican, -Sna, 

empire : n., carstvo, n. ; carevina.f. 
employ : v., upotrebiti, primeniti 
employment : n., upotreba, f. ; 

zanimanje, n. ; sluzba, f. 
empress : n., carica, cesarica, . 
emptiness : n., praznina, f. ; ta- 

tina, f. 
empty : adj., prazan, -zna, -zno, 


empty : v., izprazniti, odistiti 
enamel : n., gledj, m. ; caklina, f. ; 

savat, m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as ; in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c aa U in cats : i as sh in shout. 




adj., beskonadan, -dna, 

v., izdrzati, trpeti 

n., neprijatelj, protivnik, 

enamel : v., ocakliti 

enceinte: adj., trudan, -dna, -dno 

enclose (land) : v., zagraditi, 

enclosure : n., ograda, f. ; (plot) n. 

zagrada, f. ; (in a letter, etc.) 

prilog, m. ; v., priloiiti 
encore ! interj., ponovo ! joS jed- 

nom ! 

encourage: v., ohrabriti, podstaci 
encouragement : n., hrabrenje, 

podsticanje, n. 

end: n., kraj, svrsetak ; celj, m. 
end : v., svrsiti, izraditi 
endeavour : v., truditi se, starati se 
endeavour : n. , trud, napor, m. ; 

usiljavanje, n. 
endemic : adj., endemidan, -dna, 

-fao, odomacen 

endure : 
enemy : 

energetic: adj., energidan, -dna, 


engage: v., zaloziti, datiu zalogu 
engaged (occupied) : zauzet 
.engaged (to be married) : v., ispro- 

siti se, veriti se 
engagement (marriage) : veridba, 

f. ; (battle) bitka, f. ; boj, m. ; 

(business) zalaganje, n. ; obaveza, 

f . ; zaloga, f. 

engine : n., masina, parna masina, . 
engine-driver : n., masinista, m. 
engineer : n., iniinjer, m. 
enjoy : v., uiivati 
enjoyment : n., uzivanje, n. 
enlarge : v., uvecati, siriti 
enlist : v., zapisati se, ici u vojsku 
enormous : adj., ogroman, -mna, 

-mno, velik 

enough : adv., dosta, dovoljno 
enough: adj., dovoljan, -jna, -jno 
enough (to be) : v., dostati (dos- 
ta j em) 
enrol : v., upisati u vojsku, u 


ensign : n., barjak, m. ; zastava, f. 
ensign-bearer : n., barjaktar, m. ; 


ensure : v., osigurati 
entangle : v., zamrsiti, zaplesti 

enter : v., udi (udjem), stupiti, 

ulaziti, uledi (ulegnem) 
enteric fever : trbudni tif us 
enteritis : n., zapaljenje creva 
enterprise : n., preduzede 
entertain : v., zabaviti, zabavljati, 

gostiti, dodekati 
entertaining : adj., zabavan 
entertainment : n., zabava, f. ; 

dodekivanje, n. 

enthusiasm : n., oduievljenje, n. 
entire : adj., ceo, cela, celo, potpun, 


entirely : adv., sa svim, potpuno 
entrails : n., utroba, f. ; creva, 

n., pi. 

entrance : n., ulaz, ulazak (-ska), m. 
entrance ticket : n., ulaznica, f. 
entreat : v., moliti ; y, n., molba, 

enumerate : v., nabrajati, pre- 

envelope : n., zavoj, zavijad, m. ; 

kuverta, f. 
envious : adj., zavidan, -dna, -dno, 


envy : n., zavist, zavidljivost, f. 
envy : v., zavideti 
epidemic : n., zaraza, rednja, f. 
epidemic : adj., zarazan, -zna, -zno 
epilepsy : n., padavica, f. 
Epiphany : n., Bogojavljenje, n. 
epitaph : n., nagrobni napis, m. 
epoch : n., epoha.doba, f. ; vreme, 

equal : adj., jednak, -a, -o, ravan, 

-vna, -vno 

equality : n., jednakost, f. 
equalize : v., izjednaciti 
equally : adv., isto tako 
equator : n., polutar, m. ; ekvator, 


equilibrium : n., ravnoteia, f. 
Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in^ James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
1] as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




equinox : n., rav, poduevica. f. 

equip : v., snabdeti, odenuti (-nem) 

equity : n., pravi(!nost, f. 

era : n., doba, era, f. 

erase : v., izbrisati (brisem) 

errand : n., poruka, f. ; glas, m. 

error : n., zabluda, pogreska, 

obmana, . 
eruption : n., provala, f . ; (on the 

skin) ospe, bubuljice, f., pi. 
escape : v., uma6i (-maknem), ute6i 

(-6em), pobe6i, izbeci 
escape : n., bezanje, n. 
escort: n., pratnja, f. ; v.,pratiti 
escutcheon : n., grb, m. 
especial : adj., oseban, -bna, -bno, 

oseben, narofiit, specialan, -hia, 


especially : adv., narodito, osobito 
espionage : n., spijunisanje, n. 
Esq., Esquire : n., gospodin, m. 
essential : adj., glavni, -na, -no, 

establish : v., postaviti, zavesti 

(-vedem), urediti, ustanoviti, uvo- 

establishment : n., zavod, m. ; 

ustanova, f. ; uvodjenje, n. 
estate : 
esteem : n., uvazenje, n. ; pota, 

f. ; postovanje, n. 
estimate : v., ceniti 
estimate : n., procena, f. ; pro 

cenivanje, n. 

et cetera : adv., i.t.d. itako dalje 
eternal : adj., vedan, -cna, -cno, 


eternity: n., vecnost, f. 
ether : n., etar, m. 
Eucharist : n., priCest, f. 
eunuch : n., evnuh, Skopljenik, 

evacuate : v., napustiti, isprazniti 

izi6i (-idem) 

Evangelic : adj., jevandjelski 
eve : n., vede, n. ; veSer, m. ; on 

the , adv., u 061 ; Christmas 

n., imanje, n. ; imetak, m. 
v., poStovati, uvazavati 

even : adj., ravan, -vna, -vno, prav, 

gladak, -tka, -tko ; adv., ba, 

evening : n., vec'e, n. ; veCer, m. ; 

this ,adv.,ve6eras, dove6e ; in 

the , adv., vefierom, uve6e 
event: n., dogadjaj, slucaj, kraj, 

ever : adv., ikad, uvek ; scarcely 

, gotovo uikad ; for , za 


everlasting: adj., ve8an, -Cna, -cno 
every : adj., svaki, -ka, -ko 
everybody : ceo svet, svi ; day, 

svaki dan 
everything : sve, celo 
everywhere : svuda, svugde 
evident: adj., jasan, -sna, -sno, 

ocevidan, -dna, -dno 
evil : adj., zao, zla, zlo, los, 


evil-doer : n., zloSinac (-nca) 
evolution : n., kretanje, razvijanje, 

exact : adj., tacan, -6na, -6no, 

exactitude : n., ta6nost, pravilnost, 


exactly : adv., taSno 
exaggerate : v., preterivati 
examination : n., ispit m. ; ispiti- 

vanje, n. 

examine : v., ispitivati, ispitati 
example : n., primer, ugled, uzor, m. 
excavate : v., iskopati 
excavation : n., kopanje, n. 
excellence : n., odlifinost, f. 
Excellency : n., prevashodstvo, n. ; 

ekselencija, f. 

excellent : adj., odlidan, -6na, -no 
except, excepting : prep., osim 

(gen.); me, osim mene 
except : v., izuzeti, izkljufiiti 
exception : n., izuzetak (-tka), m. ; 

izuzimanje, n. 
excess : n., prekomerriost, pre- 

teranost, f. 

excessive: adj., prekomeran, -ma, 

Eve, badnje veSe, n. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; I as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, &, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats : s as ah in shout. 




exchange : v., razmeniti, promeniti 
exchange : n., proraena, razmena, 

azija, f. 

excite : v., draziti, pobuditi 
excitement : n., nadrazenje, dra- 

ienje, n. 

exclude : v., iskljuciti 
exclusion : n., iskljufiivanje, n. 
exclusive : adj., isklju6iv, isklju6en 
excrement : n., izmet, pogan 
excuse : n., pravdanje, izvinjenje, 

n. ; izgovor, m. ; izgo varan je, n. 
excuse: v.,. izviniti, pravdati, 

excuse oneself : v., pravdati se, 

izgovarati se 
execute : v., izvrSiti, ispuniti ; 

( a man) pogubiti, streljati 
execution : n., izvrenje, n. ; izrada, 

f. ; (of a man) streljanje, pogu- 

bljenje, n. 

executioner : n., dzelat, vea8, m. 
exercise: n., veibanje, n. ; zadatak, 


exercise : v., veibati, obucavati 
exhibit : v., izioziti, izlagati 
exhibition : n., izlozba, f. ; poka- 

zivanje, n. 

exhume : v., iskopati 
exile : n., progonstvo, izgnanje, n. 
exile : v., prognati, izgnati 
exit : n., izlaz, izlazak 
expect : v., cekati, nadati se 
expense : n., trosak (-ska), izdatak 


expert: adj., vet, vifian 
explanation : n.,objanjenje, tuma- 

6enje, n. 

explain : v., objasniti, protumaciti 
explosion : n., prasak, tresak, 


export: v., izvoziti, izvesti(-vedem) 
express : adv., hitno ; train, 

brzo-voz, brzo-vlak, m. 
extension : n., raatezanje, pruzanjo, 


extent : n., veliclna, sirina, f. 
exterior, external: adj., spoljni,; 

spolja&iji, -ja, -je, van j ski 
extinguish : v., ugasiti 
extract : v., vaditi, izvaditi, izvudi 

extract : n., izvod 
extradition : n., izdavanje krivaca 
extraordinary : adj., izvanredan, 

-dna, -dno, vanredan, -dna, -dnOj 
extravagant : adj., preteran, ra- 


extreme: adj., krajnji, najvii, pre- 
extremely : adv., odve6, mnogo, 

extremity : n., kraj, m. ; krajnja, 

. ; krajnost, f. 
eye : n., oko (ocl), m. 
eyebrow : n., vedja, f. ; obrva, f. 
eyelash : n., trepavica, f. 
eyelids : n., kanje, ., pi. ; kapak, 



fable : n., basna, f. ; prica, f. 
facade: n.,lice, n. ; prednjastrana, 
face : n., lice, n. ; obraz, m. 
facilitate : v., olaksati 
facility : n., lakoca, lakost, f. 
facing: prep., prema (loc.); 

me, prema meni 
fact : n., fakat, dogadjaj, m. 
factory : n., fabrika, tvornica, 

radionica, f. 

faculty : n., fakultet, m. 
fade : v., uvenuti (-venem) 

faggot : n., faina, f. 

fail : v., faliti, pogreslti, prevariti 

se ; (bankrupt) bankrotirati ; 

(in exam.) pasti, padnem na 

faint : adj., slab, nesvestan, -tna, 


faint : n.,nesvest, f. ; nesvestnost,f.' 
faint : v., pasti (padnem) u nesvest 
fair: adj., lep, dobar, -bra, -bro, 

blag ; (blonde) plav, -a, -o, rus, 

-a, -o 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; d, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; a as ah in shout. 




fair : n., panadjur, vasar, sajam, m. 

fairly : adv., prilidno 

fairy : n., vila, f. 

faith : n., vera, f. ; verovanje, n. 

faithful: adj., veran, -rna, -rno, 


faithfulness : n., vernost, tacnost, f. 
falcon : n., soko (sokola), m. ; 

sokolic, m. 
fall : v., pasti (padnem), padati, 

opasti ; (in battle) ginuti (-nem) 
fall (of the leaves) : n., listopad, m. 
false : adj., lazan, -zna, -zno, nei- 

stinit, netadan, -6na, -6no, po- 

false accusation : n., kleveta, v., 


falsehood : n., Ia2, m. ; prevara, f. 
false-tooth : n., vesta6ki zub, m. 
falsification: n., falsifikovan'e, n. 
falsify : v., falsifikovati, kvariti 
fame : n., glas, m. ; slava, f. 
familiar: adj., domaci, familijarni, 

obi6an, -6na, prost 
familiarity : n., familijarnost, f. 
family : n., porodica, familija, f. 
famous: adj., slavan, -vna, -vno, 


fan : n., lepeza, mahalica, f. 
fanatic : n., fanatik, m. 
fancy : n., fantazija, masta, volja ; 

it takes my , meni se dopada 
fantastic : adj., fantastidki, uobra- 

far : adj., udaljen, dalek, daljni, 

-na, -no; adv., daleko, na daleko 
fare : n., (food) hrana, f. ; (price 

of journey) vozarina, f. 
farm : n., majur, m. ; poljsko 

imanje, n. ; Ciflik, m. 
farmer : n., ciflikdzija, m. 
farrier : n., potkivafi 
farther: adv., dalji, dalje 
farthest : adv., naj dalji, naj dalje 
fashion : n., moda, f. ; nadin, m. 
fashionable : adj., elegantan, -tna, 

-tno, fin, po modi 
fast: adj., brz, hitar, -tra, -tro ; 
(firm) jak, tvrd, stalan, -Ina, -liio 

fasten : v., vezati, zavezati (-vezem) 
fat : adj., mastan, -tna, -tno ; 

(stout) debeo, -bela, -belo ; 

(fertile) plodan, -dna 
fat : n., mast, m. ; salo, n. 
fatal : adj., koban, -bna, -bno, 

neizbeZan, -zna, nesredan, -dna, 

smrtan, -tna 

fatality: n., nesreda, zla kob, f. 
fate : n., sudbina, kob, sudba, f. 
father : n., otac (oca), tata, papa, 

father-in-law : n., (husband's 

father) svekar (-kra) ; (wife's 

father) tast, m. 
fatherland : n., domovina, dedo- 

vina, f. 

fatherly: adj., oSinski 
fathom : n., hvat, m. 
fatigue: n.,umor, trudan posao, m. 
fatigued : adj., umoran, -rna, -rno 
fault : n., greska, pogreSka, krivica, 

faulty: adj., pogreSan, -sna, -sno, 

favour : n., milost, dobrota, korist, 

f. ; do me the , udinite mi tu 

favourable : adj., zgodan, -dna, 

-dno, podesan 
fawn : n., jelenSe, srn6e, n. 
fear : n., strah, m. ; strahota, 

planja, f. 

fear : v., bojati se (bojim),straiti se 
fearful : adj., strahovit, strasan, 

-sna, -no ; (afraid) plasljiv 
feast: n., slava, svedanost, f. ; 

(banquet) gozba, dast, f. 
feather : n., pero, perje 
February: n.,februar,m. ; veljada, 


federal : adj., savezni 
federation : n., savez, m. 
fee : n., (doctor's, etc.) nagrada, f. ; 

(tip) baksiS, m. 
feeble : adj., slab, n. ; slabost, f. 

feed : v., hraniti, jesti (jedem) 
feel : v., osedati se. osetiti se 
feeling : n., osedanje, duvstvo, n. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; aB sh in shout. 




feet (pi. od foot) : n., noge, f., pi. 
fellow : n., Covek, m. ; (other) 

drug, -a, -o ; (member of a 

society, etc.) 81an, m. ; 

worker, saradnik 
fellowship : n., druStvo, n. ; za- 

druga, f. 

felony : n., zloSin, m. 
felt : n., pust, pus tin a, f. 
fmale : adj., zenski 
female : n., zena, f. 
feminine : adj., zenski, zenski rod 
fence : n., ograda, resetka, vrzina, f. 
fence : v., maSevati, boriti se 
fence in : v., zagraditi 
ferment : v., vreti (vrim), kisinuti 
fermentation : n., vrenje, kisnjenje, 


fern : n., paprat, m. 
ferocious: adj., krvoiedan, -dna, 

-dno, zverski 

ferret : n., vretna, lasica, f. 
ferry : n., skela, m. ; ferry-man, 

n., brodar, m. 
fertile: adj., plodan, -dna, -dno, 

rodan, -dna 

fertility : n., plodnost, rodnost, f. 
fester : v., gnojiti se 
festival : n., svetkovina, f. ; praznik, 

m. ; imendan, blagdan, m. 
festivity : n., svecanost, svetkovina, 

fetch : v., doneti (-nesem), ici za 

(idem za), donositi 
fetter : n., drozak, m. ; drozga, f. 
fever : n., groznica, f. ; vatra, f. 


feverish : adj., grozniSav, -a, -o 
few : adv., malo, ne mnogo, malko, 


fez : n., fes, m. 

fianc6 : n., zaruCnik, verenik, m. 
fiancee : n., zarufinica, veronica, f. 
fiction : n. f fikcija, f. ; izmisljeno, 

fiddle : n., violina, f. ; demane, 

gusle, n. 

fidelity : n., vernost, f. 
fidget : v., biti nemiran, -ma, -rno 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; z as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch : c as te in cats ; s as sh in shout* 

field : n., polje, n. ; njiva, f. 
field-marshal, n. ; vojvoda, maral, 


fiend : n., djavo, vrag, in. 
fierce : adj., zverski, sviren 
fiery : adj., vatren, -a. -o. zestok 
fife : n., pistaljka, f. 
fifteen : num. petnaest 
fifty : num. pedeset 
fig : n., smokva, f. 
fight : v., boriti se, tu6i se (-cem) 
fight : n., boj, m. ; bitka, borba, f. 
figure : n., figura, f. ; lik, oblik, 

m. ; slika, f. ; simbol, m. ; 

(number) cifra, f. ; broj, m. 
file (tool) : n., turpija, lima, f. 
file : v., piliti, gladiti 
fill : v., napuniti, ispuniti 
film: n., opna, kozica, membrana 
filter : n., cedilo, n. ; filtar, m. 
filter : v., cediti, procediti 
filth : n., gad, m. ; nefiistota, f. ; 

balega, f. 
filthy : adj., gadan, -dna, -dno, 


fin : n., pero u ribe 
final : adj., krajnji, poslednji, -ja, 


finally : adv., najposle, na posletku 
finances : n., finansije, f., pi. ; 

ministry of finance, Ministarstvo 


find : v., nadi (nadjem), nalaziti 
fine: n., novSana kazna, globa, f. 
fine : adj., fin, tanak, -nka, -nko, 

sitan, -tna, -tno ; (weather) lep 
fineness : n., finoda, sitnoda, tan- 

ko6a, f. 
finger : n., prst, m. ; finger-stall, 

n., naprstak, m. 
finish : v., svrSiti, izraditi 
finish: n., kraj, svrSetak, m. 
finished : adj., evrSen, dovrSen, 


fir : n., jela, f. 
fire : n., vatra, f. ; (conflagration) 

pozar, m. 
fire : v., (shoot) streljati, pucati ; 

(burn) zapaliti, paliti 




fireman : n., vatrogasac, m. 
fireplace : n., kamin, m. ; ognjiste, 


fireproof: adj., siguran od pozara 
firewood : n., drva 
fireworks : n., vatromet, m. 
firearm : n., vatreno oruzje, n. 
firm : adj., dvrst, tvrd, jak 
firm (business) : n., firma, f. 
first : adj., prvi, -va, -vo 
first : adv., prvo, pre, pre svega, 

najpre, sprva 
fish : n., riba, f. 
fish : v., loviti (riba), pecati 
fisherman (boy) : m., ribar, m. 
fishery (fishing) : n., ribanje, n. 
fish-hook : n., udica, f. 
fishing-boat : n., ribarski 6amac, m. 
fishing-net : n., mreza, f. 
fish-market : n., riblji trg, m. 
fist : n., Saka, pesnica, f. 
fit : n., (illness) nastup ; by fits and 

starts, kad i kad 
fit : adj., zgodan, dobar, primeran ; 

(healthy) zdrav 
fit : v., urediti, udesiti ; (clothes) 

stajati (stojim) 
five : num. pet 
fix : v., utvrditi, prikovati 
fixed : v., firm 
flag : n., zastava, f. ; barjak, m. ; 

(stone) ploda, f. 

flagellate : v., bieevati (-cujem) 
flail : n., cep, m. ; mlatilo, n. 
flame : n., plamen, m. 
flaming : adj., plamenit, sjajni 
flank : n., bok, m. ; strana, f. 
flannel : n., flanel, flaner, m. 
flare : v., (of a lamp) pusiti se, 

flash : n., sevanje, n. ; iskra, f. ; 

plamicak, m. ; (of lighting) 

munja, f. 

flask : n., flakon, m. ; 6uturica, f. 
flat : n., (house) stan, m. ; (plain) 

ravnica, f. 
flat : adj., ravan, -vna, -vno, 

flatly : adv., sasvim 

flatter : v., laskati 

flatterer : n., laskavac (-vca), m. ; 

laskac, m. 

flattering: adj., laskav, laskaS 
flatulent: adj., vetrovit (u trbuhu) 
flavour: n., ukus, miris, m. 
flax : m., Ian, ceten, m. 
flaxen : adj., lanen, -a, -o 
flea : n., buna, buva, f. 
flee : v., bezati (-zim), pobe6i (-beg- 


fleet : n., flota, f. ; marina, f. 
flesh : n., meso 
flexible : adj., gibak, gipka, -ko, 

vitak, -tka 
flight : n., (escape) beianje, n. ; 

beg, m. ; (bird's, etc.) letenje, n. ; 

let, m 

fling : v., baciti 
flint : n., kremen, m. 
float : v., ploviti 


n. (raft) splav, m. 
n., stado, n. 

flog : v., bifievati, batinati 

flood : n., poplava, f. ; plavljenje, 


flood : v., plaviti, poplaviti 
floor : n., patos, pod, m. 
floor : n., ground , prizemni 

sprat, m. ; first , prvi sprat, m 
florin : n., forinta, f. 
florist : n., cvetar, cvedar, m. 
flour : n., brano, n. 
flow : v., te6i (tec'em), proticati ; 

into, slivati se, ulivati se 
flower : n., cvet, cvetic 
flower : v. f cvetati, cvasti (cvatem) 
flowing: adj., tecan, -6na, -cno, 


flue : n., dimnjak, m. 
fluent : adj., (easy) lak 
fluid : adj., v., flowing 
fluidity : n., tednost 
flute : n., flauta, frula, f . 
fly : v., (in the air) leteti ; (go fast), 

trcati brzo ; (run away) bezati 


fly : n., muha, muva, f. 
foal : n., zdrebe, n. 

Pronounce : dj, di. as i in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in yot* ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 5, as cA in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in /or,*; ; c as Is in ecrte ; as ah in shout. 




foam : n., pena, f. 

fodder : n., hrana, f. ; fura2, m. 

foe : n., neprijatelj 

fog : n., magla, f. 

foggy: adj., maglovit, maglen 

fold : v., saviti, savijati, sloziti 

fold : n., bora, f. ; nabor, m. 

folk : n., narod, m. ; ljudi, m., pi. 

folk-song : n., narodna, pesma, f. 

follow : v., idi za (idem), slediti ; 

(obey) slusati ; 


folly : n., ludost, f. ; budalatina, f. 

fond (to be of) : voleti (volim) 

font : n., krstionica, f. 

food : n., hrana, f. ; jelo, n. 

fool : n.,budala, f. ; luda, f. 

fool : v., ludovati 

foolery : n., ludost, Sala, f. 

foolish: adj., budalast, smesan, 

foot : n., noga, f. ; stopalo n. 

foot, on : adv., peke, peslce 

footman : n., sluga, m. 

foot-pad : n., razbojnik, m. 

footpath : n., staza, f. 

foot-soldier : n., peak, m. 

footstep : n., trag, m. 

foot-way : n., plodnik, m. 

for: prep., za (ace.); because of, 
zbog (gen.); instead of, mesto 
(gen.); as me, Sto se mene 
tice ; ever, za uvek ; what T 
6emu ? zasto ? 

for : conj., jer, zato gto 

forage : v., fodder 

forbid : v., zabraniti ; it is for- 
bidden, jf> zabranjono 

force : n., sfla, mo6, snaga, jadina, f. 

force: v., (compel) primorati, 


(open, etc.) razbiti 

forcible : adj., silan, jak, mo6an, 

ford : n., brod, m. ; fordable, adj., 

brodan, -dna, -dno 
ford : v., prebroditi, pregaziti 
fore : adv., pre, prednji ; at the , 

u prvom redu ; to the , napred 

forecast : v., predvideti, predvi- 


forecast : n., predvidjenje, n. 
forecastle : n., pregibak, m. ; pre- 
dnji deo ladje, m. 
forefather : n., praotac, m. 
forefinger ; n., kaziprst, m. 
forefoot : n., prednja noga, f. 
foreground : n., prednja stana, f. 
forehead : n., 6elo, n. 
foreign : adj., tudj, stran, -a, -o, 

Foreign Office : n., Ministarstvo 

Inostranih Dela 
foreigner : n., stranac (-nca), tud- 

jinac (-nca), m. 
foreland : n., rt., greben, m. 
foremost: adj., najprvi -va, -vo, 

adv., najpre 
forenoon : n., prepodne 
foresail : n., prveno, gidro, n. 
foresee : v., predvideti 
foreshore : n., obala, f. 
forest : n., Suma, f. 
forester : n., Sumar, m. 
foretell : v., predskazati, proredi 


for over : adv., za uvek, vazda 
forefeit : n., zalog, m. ; globa, f. 
forge : n., kovafinica, kovnica, f. 
forge : v., (iron) kovati, skovati 
forge : v., (counterfeit) falsifiko- 


forged (iron) : adj., kovan, -a, -o 
forger : n., falsifikator, m. 
forgery : n., falsifikovanje, n. 
forgery : n., falsifikovanje, n. 
forget : v., zaboraviti, zanemariti 
forgetful: adj., zaboravan, -vna, 


forgive : v., oprostiti 
forgiveness : n., oproStaj, m. ; 

oprotenje, n. 
fork : n., viljuska, f. 
fork : v., racVati se, deliti se 
form : n., (class) razred, m. ; 

(bench) klupa, f. ; (mould) kalup, 

m. ; (kind) forma, f. ; nacin, 

oblik, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in sho\t. 




form : v., stvoriti, obrazovati, sas- 


formal : adj., formalan, -Ina, -Ino 
formation : n., obrazovanje, n. 
former : adj., predjasnji, -ja -je 
formerly: adv., predje, negda, 

formidable : adj., strasan, -sna, 

-3no, kolosalan 
formula: n., obrazac, m. ; formula, 

f. ; recept, m. 
fornication : n., blud, m. ; blud- 

nost, f. 

forsake : v., ostaviti 
fort : n., tvrdjava, f. ; grad, m. ; 

krepost, f. 

fortieth : adj., cetrdeseti 
fortification : n., utvrdjivanje, n. ; 

utvrdjenje, n. 

fortify : v., utvrditi, ukrepiti 
fortnight: n., fietrnaest dana 
fortress : v., fort 

fortunate: adj., sredan, -6na, -6no 
fortune : n., (good luck) sre6a, f. ; 

(fate) slucaj, m. ; sudba, f. ; 

(money) imanje, n. ; bogatstvo, 


forty : num. Cetrdeset 
forward : adj., prednji, -ja, -je 
forward : v., poslati (saljem) 
forwards : adv., napred 
foul : adj., prljav, -a, -o, neSist, 

ruzan, -zna 
found : v., (melt) livati, liti (lijem), 

topiti ; (establish) osnovati, 

podici (-dignem) 
founder : (metal) livac, topilac, m. ; 

(establisher) osnovatelj, m. 
foundry: n., livenje, n. ; topionica, 

fountain : n., izvor, kladenac, m. ; 

vrelo, n ; (artificial ) vodoskok, 

four : num. 6etiri ; (people) 6et- 

vorica, (cards) detvorka 
four-cornered : adj., cetvoro uglast 
four-footed : adj., Setvoronog 
fourteen : num. Setrnaest 
fourth: adj., Cetvrti, -ta, -to 

fourth : n., Cetvrtina, f. 

fowl : n., (chicken) pile, n. ; koko- 

Ska, f . 

fox : n., lisica, f. ; lisac, m. 
fraction : n., lomljenje, n. ; raz 

lomak, m. 

fracture : v. , slomiti . 
fragile : adj., Ionian, -mna, -mno, 

krt, troian 

fragment : n., odlomak, komad, m. 
fragrance : n., miris, m. 
frail : v., fragile 
frame : n., okvir, ram, m. 
franc : n., franak, dinar (Serbian) 


Franciscan : n., francikanac, m. 
frank : adj., otvoren, Slobodan. 

dna, -dno, iskren 
frankness : n., otvorenost, iskrenost, 


fraternal : adj., bratski 
fraternize : v., iiveti bratski 
fraud : n., prevara, izrnama, zlou 

potreba, f. 
fraudulent : adj., lazan, -zna, -zno, 

prevaran, -rna, obmanljiv 
fray : n., boj, m. ; bitka, f. 
free: adj., Slobodan, -dna, -dno, 

nepristojan ; (of charge) bespla- 

tan, -tna, -tno ; (open) otvoren 
free : v., osloboditi 
freedom : n., sloboda, f. 
freeze : v., zamrznuti (-nem), 

zalediti, smrznuti se, slediti se 
freight : n., tovar (u ladji), teret, m. 
frenzy : n., bee, m. ; manitost, f. 
frequent: adj., 6est, -a, -o; adv., 

fresh : adj., svez, ladan, -dna, 

-dno, skoraSnji, novi, frisak, -ska, 


friar : m., brat monah, kaludjer, m. 
friction : n., trljanje, n. 
Friday : n., petak (-tka), m. 
friend : n., prijatelj, m. ; prijate- 

Ijica, f. ; drug, m. 
friendless : a., bez prijatelja 
friendliness : n., prijateljstvo, n. 
friendly : adj., prijateljski 

Pronounce : d j , dt, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as 09 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as ah in shout. 



fright : n., strah, uzas, rn. 

frighten : v., uzasnuti, uplasiti 

frightened : adj., strasljiv, plasljiv 

frightened, to be: v., bojati se, 
poplasiti se 

fringe : n., kita, f. ; rose, n. 

fritter : n., ustipak, m. 

frivolity : n., lakouranost, f. 

frivolous : adj., lakouman, -mna, 

fro, to and : adv., tamo amo 

frock : n., haljina (dedja i zenska) 

frock-coat : n., kaput, redengot, m. 

frog : n., zaba, f. 

from : prep., od, iz, s, sa (gen.) ; 
above, od ozgor ; afar, iz 
daljine ; behind, od ozad ; 
below, od ozdo ; between, 
izmedju ; under, ispod (gen.) ; 
within, iznutra ; without, 
izvana ; whence, odakle 

front : n., prednja strana, f. ; lice, 
6elo, n. ; (mil.) front, m. 

frontier : n., granica 

frontispiece: n.,naslovni list, m. 

frost : n., mraz, m. 

frostiness : n., studen, m. ; zima, 

frosty : adj., mrazovit, studen 

froth : n., pena, f. 

frown : v., namrstiti 

frozen : adj., leden, smrznut 

fruit: n., (of a tree) vo6e, n. ; (pro- 
duce) plod, m. 

fruitful : adj., plodan, -dna, -dno, 

frustrate : v., obmanuti, lisiti, 

fry : v., prziti, isprziti 

frying-pan : n., tiganj, m. 

fuel : n., ogrev, m. ; grejanje, n. ; 
(fire- wood) drva, n., pi. 

fugitive : n., begunac, m. 

fulfil : v., ispuniti, svrsiti 

full : adj., pun, potpun ; (fat) 

debeo, debela, dobelo 
fully : adv., sasvim, puno 
fulness : n., punoca 
fume : n., dim, m. ; paral, f. 
fun : n., sala, f. 
functionary : n., Sinovnik, m. 
fund : n., fond, m. ; zaklada, glav- 

nica, f. 
funeral : n., pogreb, ukop, m. ; 

ukopavanje, n. ; (procession) 

pratnja, f. 
funnel : n., levak, m. ; (steamer) 

dimnjak, m. 

fur : n., koza, f. ; krzno, n. 
fur cap : n., Subara, f. 
fur coat : n., bunda, f. ; dzube, n. 
furious: adj., jarostan, -tna, -tno, 

besan, -sna, ljut 
furlough : n., dopust, m. 
furnace : n., ped, f. 
furnish : v., (house) namestiti ; 

(supply) snabdevati 
furnished : adj., nameiten, -a, -o 
furniture : n., namestaj, m. 
furrier : n., durdija, koiuhar, m. 
furrow : n., brazda, f. 
further : adj., dalji, -ja, -je 
further : adj., dalje, jos, osim toga 
furthest : adj., ngjdalji, -ja, -je 
fury : n., besomucnost, pomama, f. ; 

bea, m. 

fuse : n., fiek, m. ; raketa, f. 
fuse : v., topiti se 
fusilier : n., puskar, m. 
fusillade : n., plotun, m. ; strel- 

janje, n. 
fussy: adj., brizljiv, nemiran, kao 

u velikom poslu 

futile : adj., nistavan, -vna, -vno 
futility : n., sidusnost, niitavost, f. 
future : n., bududnost, f. ; in the 

, u budude 
future : adj., bududi, -da, -de 


gain : v., dobiti, zaraditi, zasluziti ; 
(a victory) pobediti ; (clock, o 
satu) idi napred 

gable : n., zabat, kalkan, m. 
gaiety : n., veselost, radost, f. 
gaily : adv., veselo, radosno 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you'; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 



gainsay: v., neli let i (necu) 

gait : n., hod, m. 

gaiters : n., dokolenice, f., pi. ; 

gamaSa, f. 

gale : n., vetar, m. ; bura, oluja, f. 
gall : n., zu6, jed, m. 
gallant : adj., (brave) hrabar, -bra, 

-bro ; (polite) galantan, -tna, 

-tno, fini 
gallantry : n., ( bra very )hrabrost,f. ; 

(politeness jgalanterij a, usluznost, 

gallery : n., galerija 

gallon : n., galona (mera za teCnost, 

4.54 litra), f. 
gallop : n., galop, trk, m. ; brza 

polka, f. 

gallop : v., trSati (-<5im), galopirati 
gallows : n., veSala, f. 
galoche : n., kaljaca, coklja, f. 
galvanic : adj . , galvanski 
gamble : v., igrati za velike novce 
game : n., (play) igra, f. ; igranje, 

n. ; sala, f. 

game (animal) : n., divljafi, lov, m. 
gammon : n., sunka, f. 
gang : n., 6eta, f. 
gangrene : n., vuCac, m. ; gang- 

rena, f. 
gaol (jail): n., zatvor, haps, m., 

tamnica, f . 
gaoler : n., hapsandzija, tamnidar, 


gap : n., razmak, otvor, m. ; rupa.f. 
gape : v., zevati, n. ; zevanje, n. 
garb : n., haljina, f. 
garden : n., baSta, f. ; vrt, m. 
gardener : n., batovan, vrtar 
gardening : n., gradinarstvo, n. 
gargle : v., ispirati grlo 
garland : n., venae, m. 
garlic : n., beli luk, 6enjak, m. 
garment : n., odelo, n. ; halinje, f. 
garret : n., tavan, m. ; tavanica, f. 
garrison : n., posada, f. 
garter : n., podvezica, podveza, f. 
gas : n., gas, m. 
gash : n., otvorena rana, f. ; oziljak, 


gasp : v., teSko dihati 
gate : n., kapija, vrata, f. 
gather: v., brati (berem), skupiti ; 

(wound) zagnojiti 
gathering : n., zbor, m. ; skupstina, 

f. ; sabiranje, n. ; (wound) 

gnojnica, f. 

gauge : n., bazdarina, mera, f. 
adj., mrsav, -a, -o 
n., tanko platno, n. ; gaz, 



gay : adj.. veseo, -sela, -selo, 

radostan, -tna, -tno, ziv 
gaze : v., gledati otro, pogledati 
gazette : n., novine, f., pi. ; sluz- 

beni list, m. 
gear : n., (outfit) odelo, n. ; (arms) 

oruzje, n. ; (tools, etc.) orudje, n. 
gem : n., dragi kamen, m. 
gendarme : n., zandarm, m. 
gender : n., rod, m. 
genealogy : n., rodoslovlje, n. 
general: n., djenerao (-rala), general, 

general : adj., opsti, obican, -dna, 


generally : adv., u opte, obiSno 
general-staff : n., djeneral-tab, m. 
generation : n., proizvodjenje, n. ; 

vek, m. 
generosity : n., plemenitost, veli- 

kodusnost, f. 
generous : adj., plemenit, veliko- 

dusan, -Sna, izdasan, -5na 
Genesis : n., prva kniga Mojsijeva 

postanak (-nka), m. 
genial: adj., srdacan, -<5na; -6no, 

veseo, -sela 

geniality : n., veselost, radost, f. 
genital : adj., spolni 
genitive : n., drugi padez, m. 
genius : n., (clever) vrlo umeSan ; 

(aptitude) sposobnost, f. ; (spirit) 

duh, m. ; djenije, n. 
Gentile : n., neznabozac, m. 
gentle : adj., nezan, -zna, -zoo, 

blag, prijatan, -tna, -tno. miran; 

adv., lagano, polako 

gentleman : n., gospodin, m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, , as ch in chu rch ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout. 



gentleness : n., neznost, blagost 

plemenitost, f. 
genuine : adj., istinit, prav 
genuineness : n., istinitost, f. 
geography : n., geografija, . ; 

zemljopis, m. 
geology : n., geologija, f. 
geometry : n., geometrija, f. 
geranium: n.,zdravac, n. 
germ : n., klica, f. ; zadetak, m, 
germane : adj., rodjeni 
germinate : v., klijati, nicati 

gesticulate : v., praviti pokrete 

rukama u govoru 
gesticulation : n., pokreti, m., pi. 
gesture : n., pokret, znak, m. 
get: v., dobiti (-bijem), izraditi, 

postidi (-stignem) 
get better : v., opopraviti se, 

ozdraviti se 

get a cold : v., dobiti kijavicu 
get over : v., predi (predem) 
get ready : v/, spremiti se 
get up : v., ustati (-stanem), didi se 


ghastliness : n., strahovitost, f. 
ghastly : adj., uzasan, -sna, -sno, 

strahovit, grozan, -zna 
ghost : n., dub., m. ; utvara, sablast, 

ghostly: adj., duhovan, -vna, 

sablastan, -tna 

giant : n., div, ispolin, dzin, m. 
gibbet : n., veSala, f. 
gibe : v., rugati se 
giddiness : n., vrtoglavica, nesve- 

stica, f . 

giddy : adj., vrtoglav 
gift : n., poklon, dar 
gigantic : adj., gorostasan, -sna, 

-sno, dzinovski 
giggle : v., kikotati 
gild : v., pozlatiti 

gilt : n., pozladen, zlatan, -tna, -tno 
gimlet : n., svrdlid, m. 
gin : n., (trap) zamka, klopka, f. ; 

(spirit) borovidka, f. 
ginger : n., 6in6ibir, m. 

gingerly : a'clv., pazljivo, polako 

girdle : n., pojas, pas, m. 

girl : n., devojka, devica, f. ; (little 

) devojce, n. ; devojdica, f. 
girlhood : n., devojastvo, n. 
girlish: adj., devojafiki 
girth : n., (horse's) kolan, poprug, 

kajis, m. ; uprta, f. ; remen, m. 
give : v., dati (dam), davati (dajom, 

davam), pokloniti, zadati 
give back : v., vratiti 
give birth to : v., poroditi 
give credit : v., verovati 
give ground, way : v., ustupiti 
give in marriage : v., udati 
give out : v., izjaviti 
give up : v., napustiti, ostaviti 
give up (oneself) : v., predati se 
gizzard : n., zeludac, bubac, m. 

(u tica) 

glacier : n., gle6er, ledenik, m. 
glad : adj., rad, zadovoljan, -Ijna. 

Ijno ; I am , milo (drago) mi je 
gladden : v., veseliti 
gladly : adv., drage volje 
gladness : n., radost, veselost, f. 
glance : n., (look) pogled, m. 
gland : n., zlezda, f. 
glanders : n., sakagija, f. 
glass : n., staklo, n. ; (drinking) 

6aa, f. ; (looking-glass) ogledalo, 


glass : adj., staklen, od stakla 
glassful : n., puna rasa, f. 
glass-works : n., staklarstvo, n. 
glassy : adj., kao staklo, staklovit 

v., metnuti okna, stakla 
zier : n., staklar, m. 
: n., vakup, m. 
v., gladness 
glen : n., dolina, f. 
glide : v., klizati, kliziti 
glimpse : n., brzi pogled, m. 
glisten: v.,svetliti, blistati 
gloaming : n., sumrak, suton, m. 
globe : n., kugla, zemlja, f. ; ar, m. 
globular: adj., kuglast 
gloom : n., mrak, m. ; tmina, f. ; 

tama, sumornost, f . 

Pronounce : dj, df, as j in James ; i. as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in lock ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 


gloomy ; adj., taman, -mna, -mno, ' golden : adj., zlatan, -tna, -tno 

sumoran, -rna, -rno i goldfinch : n., desljugar, m. 

glorification : n., slavljenje 

glorify : v., slaviti, proslaviti 
glorious : adj., slavan, -vna, -vno, 

dican, -6na, -6no 
glory : n., slava, <5ast, f. 
glossary : n., recnik, m. 
glossy : adj., sjajan, -jna, -jno, 

svetao, -tla, -tlo 
glove : n., rukavica, f. 
glow : v., iariti se, svetliti 
glue : n., tutkalo, n. ; lepak (-pka), 


glum : adj., zalostan, -tna, -tno 
glutton : n., prozdrljivac, m. 
glycerine : n., glicerin, m. 
gnat : n., komarac (-rca), m. 
gnaw : v., glodati (-djem), gristi 

gnome : n., zemaljski duh, m. 

| goldfish : n., zlatna riba, f. 
! goldsmith : n., zlatar, m. 

good : adj., dobar, -bra, -bro ; a 
good deal, mnogo ; gracious ! 
I3o2e moj ! luck, sreca, f. ; a 
many, prilicno mnogo ; 
night, laka noc, f. ; fox 
nothing, nevaljalac ; in time, 
u dobri das ; a while, dosta 
vremena ; what is it for ? 
6emu to T 

good : adv., dobro 

good-bye : a Bogom 

good-bye, to say : prastati se 

good-nature : n., dobroduSnost, f. 

good-natured : adj., dobro duSan, 
-na, -no 

goodness : n., dobrota, blagost, 
milost, f. 

go : v., i6i (idem) ; (walk) hoditi ; goods : n., stvari, m., pi. ; roba, f. 
away, v., otidi (-idem), ! goose : n., guska, f. 
otputovati ; back, v., vratiti ; gooseberry : n., ogroz, m. 
se ; bad, v., pokvariti se ; ' gore : n., krv, f. 
forward, v., napredovati ; gorgeous : adj., prekrasan, -sna, 
mad, v., luditi ; off, v., otici, I -sno 
odlaziti ; out, v., izi6i (idjern) ; i gory : adj., krvav, ,-a, -o, krvni 

(fire) ugasiti so ; 

to bed, v., 

le<5i (legnem), leiati (leiim) ; 

under, v., propasti (-padnem) ; 

without, v., ne imati . . . 
goad : v., goniti 
goal : n., celj, m. 
goat : n., koza, f. ; jarac, m. 
goblet : n., pehar, m. ; d-asa, f. 
God : n., Bog, m. ; (voc. oh God 1) 

gospel : n., jevandjelje, n. 

gossip : n., (talk) torokanje, 

brbljanje, n. 

gourd : n., tikva, f. ; vrg, m. 
gout : n., kostobolja, f. 
govern : v., upravljati, vladati 
governess: n., vaspitateljka, f. 
government : n., uprava, vlada, f. ; 

driava, f . 

Boie ; if is willing (D.V.), | government : adj., driavni, sluibeni 
ako Bog da ; knows, Bog ] government building : n., konak, 
zna ; speed, s Bogom m. 

godchild, godson, goddaughter : n., ' governor : n., upravitelj, namesnik, 

kumc'e, n. 

goddess : n., boginja, f. 
godfather: n., kum, kumaSin, m. 
godless : adj., bezbozan,, 
godly : adj., poboian, -2na, -ino 

guverner, m. 
grace : n., milost, ljupkost, f. ; 

(before meals) molitva pre 

rufika ; (title) Your Grace ; 

milostivi gospodine 
graceful : adj., lep, graciozan, -zna 
gracious : adj., milostiv 
grade: n.,(rank) 6in, m. ; stepen.m. 

godmother : n., kuma, kumica, f. 
goitre : n., gua, f. 
gold : n., zlato, n. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as _;' in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in cliurch ; u as o* 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




gradual : adj., postupni, postupen 
gradually : adv., postupno, malo 

po malo 
graduate : v., podeliti na stupnje ; 

(university) dati universitetski 

grain : n., zrno, zrnce, bobica, f. ; 

aeme, n. ; (corn)iito, n. ; (weight) 

gran ; (wood) rast, m. 
grammar : n., gramatika, f. 
grammatical : adj., gramatiCki 
granary : n., zitniea, f. 
grand : adj., (large) velik ; (splendid) 

odlican, -cna, -6no, slavan, -vna ; 

child, n., unude, n. ; 

daughter, n., unuka, f. ; 

Duchess, n., velika kneginja, f. ; 

Duke, n., veliki knez, m. ; 

father, n., ded ; mother, 

n., baba, f. ; son, n., unuk, m. 
grandeur : n., veliSina, preuz- 

viSenost, f . 

granite : n., granit, m. 
granny : n., baba, f. 
grant : v., ustupiti ; (allow) dopus- 

titi ; (give) dati 
grant : n., (gift) dar, ustupak, m. ; 

(permission) dozvola, f. ; dopus- 

tenje, n. 

grapes : n., grozdje, n. 
graphite : n., grant, m. 
grapnel : n., malo sidro, n. 
grasp : v., zgrabiti 
grass : n., trava, f. 
grasshopper : n., skakavac (-vca), 


grassy: adj., travan, -vna, -vno 
grate (grating) : n., reSetka, f. 
grate: v., grepsti (grebem), stru- 


grateful: adj., zahvalan, -Ina, -Ino 
grater : n., trenica, f. 
gratification : n., zadovoljenje, n. ; 

(tip) nagrada, f. ; poklon, in. 
gratify : v., zadovoljiti, ispuniti 
gratis : adv., badava, besplatno, 

dzabe (pop.) 

gratitude : n., zahvalnost, f. 
gratuitous : adj., v., gratis 

gratuity : n., nagrada, f. ; bakSiS, 

grave : n., grob, m. ; grobnica, f. 

grave : adj., tezak, -zka, -zko, oz- 
biljan, -jna, -jno, opasan 

grave-digger: n., grobar, m. 

graveyard : n., groblje, n. 

gravitation : n., gravitacija, f. 

gravity: n., (weight) tezinn, f. ; 
(seriousness) ozbiljnost, vaznost, 
opasnost, f. 

graze : v., pasti (pasem) 

grease : n., mast, f. ; salo, n. 

grease : v., mazati, izmastiti 

greasy : adj.,mastan, masna,masno 

great : adj., (big) velik ; (cele- 
brated) slavan, plemenit ; (with 
names) velik, Aleksandar Veliki ; 
a deal, mnogo ; a way, 

daleko ; grandson, praunak, 

m. ; grandmother, prababa, 
f. ; coat, vrsknput, m. 

greater : adj., vedi, -6a, -ce; greatest, 

greatly : adv., jako, veoma, mnogo 

greatness : n., velicina, f. ; (im- 
portance) znamenitost, vaznost, f. 

greediness: n., iudnja, lakomost, f. 

greedy: adj., zudan, -dna, -dno, 

green : adj., zelen ; (fresh, new) 
svei, nov 

greens (vegetables): n., povrce, n. 

greet : v. f pozdraviti 

greeting : n., pozdrav, m. 

grenade : n., granata, f. 

grey : adj., siv, sur 

greyhound : n., hrt, m. 

grief: n., tuga, ialost, f. 

grievance : n., zalba, tuzba, f. 

grieve: v., ojaditi, ozalostiti 

grim : adj., ljut, grozan, -ziia, -zno 

grimace : n., grimasa, f. ; krevo- 
Ijenje, n. 

grind : v., mleti (meljem), samlcti 

grind-stone : n., brus, m. ; tocilo, 

groan : n., jecanje, n. 

groan : v.. jecati, jecati, (-cam) 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in 1o<-h ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shfntt. 


grocer : n., bakalin, m. 
grocer's shop : n., bakalnica, f. 
groom : n., sluga, konjusar, m. 
groove : n., zleb, prorez, m. 
grope : v., pipati (u mraku) 
gross : adj., debeo, -bela, -belo, 


gross : n., dvanaest tuceta 
grotesque : adj., neprirodan, -dna, 

-dno, preteran, smesan, -sna 
grotto : n., pe6ina, pestera, f. 
ground : n., zemlja, f. ; zem- 

Ijiste, n. ; grounds (property) 

imanje n. ; (dregs) talog, m. ; 

above ground, na zemlji ; under- 
ground (found), adj., podzemni 
ground : v., osnovati (ship), nasesti 

ground-floor : n., prizemlje, n. ; 

prizemni sprat, m. 
group : n., groupa, gomila, f. 
grouse: n., tetreb, m. ; tetrebica, f . 
grow: v., rasti (-tern), narasti, 


grow fat : v., debljati 
grown-up : adj., dorastao, -sla, -slo 
grow up : v., dorasti (-rastem) 
growth : n., rastenje, n. ; proizvod, 


grub : n., crvic, m. ; gusenica, f. 
grudge : v., ne dati rado 
gruel : n., kasa, f. 
gruesome: adj., uZafin, -sna, -sno 
gruff : adj., osoran, -rna, -rno 
gruff ness : n., osornost, f. 
grumble : v., gundjati, mrmljati 
grunt : v., groktati 
grunt : n., groktanje, n. 
guarantee: n., jemstvo, n. ; gar- 

antija, f. 

guarantee : v., jarnciti za, jemSiti 
guard : n., duvanje, n. ; paznja, 

straza, garda, f. ; nadzor, m. ; 

(person) Cuvar, (mil.) strazar, 

gardist, m. ; garda, f. 
guard : v., duvati, braniti, paziti, 

guard-house : n., strazara, f. 
guardian : n., (child's) tutor, m. ; 

tutorka, f. ; Cuvar, braniS, m. 
guardianship : n., tutorstvo, n. 
guardsman : n., gardist, m. 
guess : v., pogoditi, predskazati, 


guess : n., nagadjanje, n. 
guest: n.,gost, m. ; gosca, f. 
guidance : n., vodjenje, n. 
guide : n., (man) vodj, m. 
guide : v., voditi, upravljati 

guide (book) : 
knjiga, f. 

n., vodj a, rudna 

guide post : n., kaziput, m. 
guild : n., drustvo, n. ; esnaf, m. 
guilder : n., holandska forinta, f. 
guilt, guiltiness : n., krivica 
guiltless: adj., nevin, bezazlen 
guilty : adj., kriv 
guilty man : n., krivac (-vca), m. 
guinea : n., gvinea, f . ; (20 din. 

50 para) 

gulf : n., zaliv, m. 
gull : n., (bird, ptica) galeb, m. 
gull : v., varati 
gum : n., (resin) smola, f. ; (glue) 

lepak, m. ; (mouth) desni, f., pi. 
gum-boil : n., 6ir na desnima, m. 
gun : n., (cannon) top, m. ; (rifle) 

puska, f . 

gun-barrel : n., pusfiana cev, f. 
gun-boat : n., topnajda, f. 
gunner : n., tobdzija, topcija, m. 
gunpowder : n., barat, prah, m. ; 

smokeless , bezdimni barat, 


gut : n., crevo, n. 
gutta-percha : n., gutaperka 
gutter : n., oluk zljeb; m; 
guttural : adj., grleni 
gymnasium : n., (gymnastics) 

mesto za veibanje, n. 
gymnasium (school) : n., gimnazija, 

gymnastics : n., gimnastika, f. 

(mil.) straiariti 

guard (fire): n., Stit, m. ; resetka 
pred vatrom 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as O9 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in re;/-. ; i as ..A in shout. 

gypsum : n., gips, m. 

gypsy : n., ciganin, m. ; ciganka. f. 

gypsy : adj., ciganski 





haberdasher : n., sitnicar, m. 
haberdashery : n., sitnicarija, f. 
habit: n., (custom) obiSaj, m. ; 

navika, f. ; (dress) odelo, n. 
habitable : adj., gde se mo2e iiveti 
habitation : n., stanovanje, n. ; stan, 


habitual: adj., obi6an, -i5na, -6no 
habituate : v., nauciti, naviknuti 

(-nem), m. 
hack : n., (horse) konj, m. ; (cut) 

zarez, urez, m. 

hack : v., seckati, secati (-cam) 
haddock : n. , ( riba ) bakalar, m. 
hag : n., vestica, f. 
haggard : adj., divlji, mrsav, -a, -o 
haggle : v., pazariti, cenkati 
hail : n., grad, m. ; tu6a, f. 
hail : v., padati grad 
hair : n., kosa, vlas, f. 
hair, to cut : v., sisati se 
hairdresser : n., berberin, vlasuljar, 


hairless : adj., bez vlasi 
hair-pin : n., ukosak, m. ; ukos- 

nica, f. 

hairy : adj., kosmat, rutav 
hale : adj., zdrav 
half : n., polovina, pola, f. ; adv., 

pola, polu, po ; in , popola, 

napola, popolak ; an hour, 

pola sata, po <5asa ; past two, 

pola tri, dva i po sata 
half -moon: n., polumesec, m. 
half-way : adv. na polu puta 
half-witted: adj., budalast 
hall : n., trem, m. ; predsoblje, n. 
hallow : v., blagosloviti 
hallucination : n., halucinacija, 

obmana, f. 
halt : n., odmor, m. ; postaja, 

stanica, f. 
halt : v.,stati (stanem) ; halt ! stani ! 

stoj ! 

halve : v., poloviti, raspoloviti 
ham : n., sunka, f. ; prSut, m. 
hammer : n., ekic, m. 

hammer : v., kovati, udarati 

hammock : n., postelja od mreie 

hamper : n., korpa, kotarica, f. 

hand : n., ruka, f. ; (palm) sakn, 
f. ; (clock) kazaljka, f. ; (writ- 
ing) rukopis, m. ; on the left , 
right , na levo, na desno ; 
hands (workmen), mom Sad, f. ; 
radnici, m., pi. ; to have one's 
hands full, imati puno posla ; to 
shake hands, rukovati se. hand, 
adv., at , blizu ; first , nov ; 
second , star ; beforehand, u 

napred ; by , licno ; in ; 

zajedno, sloino, suglasno ; on 
the other , suprot, suprotiv : 
underhand, adv., potajno ; all 
hands, svi 

hand : v., dati, predati 

handcuff : n., rucica, f. 

handful : n., rukovet, m. 

handiness : n., okretnost, f. 


handkerchief : n., maramica, 

ubrus, rubac, m. 

handle : n., rudica, f. ; drzalje, n. 
handsome : adj., lep 
handsomeness : n., lepota, f. 
handwriting : n., rukopis, m. 
handy : adj., veSt, brz 
hang : v., vesati, obesiti 
hanging : n., veSanje, n. 
hangman : n., vea<5, n. 
happen : v., dogadjati (dogadam), 

dogoditi, sluditi se ; they to 

be here, slufiajno su oni ovde ; 

do you to have . . ,?imateli 

mozda . . .? 
happily : adv., sre6no, srecom, za 

happiness: n.,sre6a, f. ; blazenstvo 

happy : adj., sre6an, -6na, -6no, 

harbour : n., pristanite, n. ; luka, 

hard : adj., tvrd, -a, -o ; (difficult) 
tezak, teska, -ko ; (bad) zao, 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as / in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 3, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




-zla, -zlo ; (strict) strog ; 

winter, ljuta zima ; to drink , 

mnogo piti 
harden : v., tvrditi, utvrditi, etvr- 

hardhearted : adj., strog, tvrda, 

hardihood : n., smelost, odvainost, 

hardly : adv., tek, jedva, 6im, 

malo ; (with difficulty) tesko, 

mucno ; (strictly) strogo 
hardness : n., tvrdoda, f. ; (un- 

kindness) surovost, f. 
hardware : n., gvozdjarska roba, f. 
hardy : adj., jak, tvrd 
hare : n., zee, m. 
harem : n., harom, m. 
haricot : n., pasulj, m. 
harlot :' n., bludnica, f. 
harm : v.. skoditi, uvrediti 
harm : n., zlo, n., nepravda ; 

(damage) Steta, f. 
harmful : adj., skodljiv, stetan, 

-tna, -tno 
harmony : n., harmonija, saglas- 

nost, f . 
harness : n., konjska oprerna, f. ; 

pusat, m. 

harness : v., zapregnuti (-nem) 
harrow : n., brana, drljaca, f. 
harsh : adj . , hrapav, opor, oStar 
hart : n., jelen, m. 
harvest : n., zetva, berba, . 
harvest : v., fceti (ianjem) 
harvester : n., 2etelac, m. 
hash: v.,seckati, secati(-cam) 
haste : n., zurba, naglost, brzina, f. ; 

hitnost, f. ; in haste, hitno 
hastiness : v., haste 
hasty : adj., brz, hitar, -tra, -tro, 

fcuran, -rna 

hat : n., Sesir, klobuk, m. 
hatch : v., (eggs) leci (lezem) ; 

( a plot) spremati, krojiti tajne 


hatchet : n., sekira, bradva, f. 
hatchment : n., grb, m. 
hate : v., mrzeti (-zirn), nenavideti 

hateful : adj., mrzak, mrska, -ko, 

hatred : n., mrznja, omraza, 
nenavist, f. 

hatter : n., sesirdzija, klobucar, m. 

haughtiness : n., gordost, ponosi- 
tost, f. 

haughty : adj., ponosit, gord 

haul : v., vu6i (-6em) 

haulage : n., vucenje, n. 

haunch : n.,kuk, bok, m. ; bedro, n. 

haunt : v., pohoditi.Jposecavati 

have : v., imati (imam) ; what will 
you have T to ielite ? to it 
by heart, znati na pamet ; you 
had lunch ? jeste li rufiali ? you 
had better go, bolje bi bilo da 
ides' ; I to go, moram i6i ; to 
a case, paziti, 6uvati se 

haversack : n., torba, f. ; ranac, m. 

hawk : n., soko (-kola), kraguj, m. 

hawker : n., (bird) sokolar, 
(dealer) torbar, m. 

hawser : n., debelo uie, n. 

hawthorn : n., glog, m. ; coban- 
6ica, f. 

hay : n., seno, n. ; (to make ) v., 

haymaker : n., kosac, kosad, m. 

haymaking : n., kosidba, f. 

haystack : n., stog, m. ; kupa, f. 

hazard : n., slucajnost, f. ; slucaj, 
m. ; (luck) slepa sreca ; (danger) 
rizik, m. ; opasnost, f. 

hazard : v., rizikovati, izlozlti, 

hazardous : adj . , opasan, -sna, 
-sno, rizican, -Cna, -6no 

haze : n., tanka magla.f. 

hazel : n., leska, f. 

hazelnut : n., lesnik, m. 

hazy : adj., maglovit 

head : n., glava, f. ; (man) glavar, 
vodja, m. ; (place) vrh, m. ; 
prvo mesto, n. ; (brain) razum, 
pamet, m. ; at the of, na 
delu ; oft one's , bezuman, bez 
glave ; to come to a (wound, 
etc.), gnojiti se 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; i as eh in shout. 




headache : n., glavobolja, f. 
heading : n., natpis, naslov, m. 
headland : n., rt., m. 
headman : n., glavar, m. 
head-money : n., porez, m. 
headquarters: n., (mil.) vrhovna 

komanda, f. ; glavni stan, m. 
headstone : n., glavni kainen, m. 
heal : v., Ie6iti, izle&ti 
healer : n., leSnik, m. 
healing : n., lec'enje, n. ; ozdrav- 

Ijenje, n. 
health : n., zdravlje, n. ; your ! 

u vase zdravlje ! (toast) zdravica, 

f. ; (to toast) nazdraviti 
healthy : adj., zdrav, -a, -o 
heap : n., gomila, hrpa, f. ; (lot) 

mnozina, f. 
heap : v., nagomilati, pribrati 


heaps : adv., mnogo, puno 
hear : v., 6uti (Cujem), alusati 


hearer: n., slusac, slulatelj, m. 
hearing : n., sluh, m. ; slusanje, 


hearse : n., mrtvaCka kola, f. 
heart : n., srce, n. ; (inside) jezgra, 

f. ; sredina, f. ; (courage) hra- 

heath : n., (plant) vres, m. ; 
(ground) pustara, f. ; pustos, m. 

heathen : n., neznabo2ac, m. 

heathen : adj., neznaboiaSki 

heathenism : n., neznabostvo, n. 

heave : v., dignuti (-nem), podig- 

heaven : n., nebo (pi., nebesa), n. 

heavenly : adj., nebeski 

heavily : adv., tesko 

heaviness : n., teiina, teza, f. 

heavy : adj., tezak, teska, -ko, 
trom ; (labour) mu6an, -6na ; 
sea, uzburkano more, n. ; 
expenses, veliki troskovi 

hebdomadal : adj., nedeljni, sed- 

Hebrew : n., jevrejin, adj., jevrejski 
hedge : n., iiva ograda, zagrada, 


hedge : v., (enclose) zagraditi 
hedgehog : n., jei, m. 
heed : v., paziti, gledati na ito 
heed : n., painja, briga, f. 
heedful : adj., pailjiv 
needfulness : n., pailjivost, f. 
heedless : adj., bezbrifan, -2na,, nemaran, -rna 
heedlessness : n., bezbriznost, f. ; 

nemar, m. 
heel : n., peta, f. ; (shoe) stickla, 


heifer : n., junica, f. 
height : n., visina, f. ; vrh, m. 

povisiti, izdidi 
naslednik, m. ; 

brost, f. ; hardhearted, tvrda 

srca ; sweet , n., ljubavnica, 

draga, f. ; by , na pamet, na 

heartbroken: adj., tuzan, -zna, 

-zno, jadan, -dna 
hearten : v., ohrabriti 
heartfelt: adj., iskren, srdacnn, 

-6na, -cno 

hearth : n., ognjiste, vatriste, n. 
heartiness : n., srdafinost, f. 
heartless: adj., bezdusan, -ina, 

heartlessness : n., bezdusnost, f. ; 

malodusnost, f. 
hearty : adj., srdacan, -6na, -5no, 

heat : n., toplota, vru6ina, f. ; 4ar, 

heat : v., grejati (-Jem), topliti 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
l\ 93 U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as /i in shout. 

heighten : 

heir, heiress : 

nasledniea, f . 
heir-apparent : 

nik, m. 

hell: n., pakao (-kla), ad., m. 
Hellenic : adj., grCki 
hellish : adj., pakleni 
helm : n., krma, f. ; krmilo, n. ; 

dumen, m. 

helmet : n., slem, m. ; kacida, f. 
helmsman : n., krmar, krman, m. 
help : n., pomoc, m. ; pomaganje, 
n. ; (person) pomocnik, m. 




help : v., pomodi (-mozem, -mog- 

iiem), pomagati (-mazem) ; ( 

oneself) sluziti se, koristiti 
helper : n., pomocnik, m. ; pomoc- 

nica, f. 
helpful: adj., koristan, -tna, -tno, 

usluzan, pomo6an 
helpless : adj., bez pomodi, nemo- 
can, -cna 
hemisphere : n., hemisfera, polu- 

kugla, f. 

hemorrhage : n., izliv krvi 
hemp : n., konoplja, f. 
hen : n., kokoska, f. 
hence : adv., odavde ; a year , 

za godinu dana 
henceforth : adv., od sada 
heptagon : n., sedmougaonik, m. 
herald : n., glasnik, m. 
heraldic : adj., heraldifiki 
heraldry : n., nauka o grbovima 
herb : n., bilka, f. ; bilje, n.; trava, f. 
herd : n., stado 

herdsman : n., pastir, cobanin, m. 
here : adv., ovde, tu ; and 

there, gde gde ; over , ovamo ; 

herewith, s ovim ; here is ! . . . ., 


hereditary: adj., nasledni 
heredity : n., pravo nasledja, nas- 

ledje, n. 

heresy : n., jeres, raskol, m. 
heretic : n., jeretik, raskolnik, m. 
heritage : n., nasledje, n. 
hermetically : adv., hermetic'no, 


hermit : n., pustinik, pustinjak, m. 
hernia : n., presega, kila, f. ; proder, 


hero : n., junak, m. 
heroic : adj., junafiki, -ka, -ko 
heroine : n., junakinja, f. 
heroism : n., junastvo, n. 
heron : n., Saplja, f. 
herring : n., haringa, f. ; sljed, m. 
herself : pron., ona sama, f. 
hesitate : v., kolebati se, ustezati se 
hesitation : n., kolebanje, usteznnje, 

heterodox : adj., inoverni, krivo- 

heterogeneous : adj., raznorodan, 


hew : v., seci (secern) 
hexagon : n., Sestougaonik, m. 
hibernate : v., zimovati 
hiccough : n., Stucanje, n. 
hiccough : v., stucati 
hidden : adj., sakriven 
hide : v., sakriti (-krijem), tajiti 
hide : n., koza, f. 

hideous : adj., vrlo ruian, -zna, -zno 
hiding-place : n., skrivaliste, n. 
hierarchy : n., jerarhija, f. 
hieroglyphic : adj., jeroglifski 
high : adj., visok, velik, gornji ; 

(noble) plemenit ; (on high) gore, 


high altar : n., glavni oltar, m. 
high-born : adj., visoko-rodjen, 


high-day : n., blagdan, m. 
higher, highest : adv., vise, naj vise, 

gore, naj gore 
high-handed : adj., samovoljan, 


highland : n., gora, f. 
highlander : n., goranin, m. 
highly : adv., visoko, vrlo, mnogo 
Highness : n., velifianstvo, n. 
high-priest : n., prvosveStenik, m. 
high-road : n., veliki drum, m. 
high treason : n., veleizdaja, f. 
highway : n., veliki drum, m. 
highwayman : n., razbojnik, haj- 

duk, m. 
highway-robbery : n., razbojnistvo, 


hilarious: adj., veseo, -sela, -selo 
hill : n., breg, brezuljak, m. ; up- 

, adv., uz brdo ; down- , 

adv., niz brdo ; top, n., vrh, 


hilly : adj., brezuljast, brdovit 
hilt : n., drska (od maca), f. 
him : pron., njega, njernu 
hind : adj., zadnji 
hind : n., kosuta, f. 

Pronounce : dj , d2, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
iii room ; h as ch in loch ; c as tf in cats ; s aa sh in shout. 




hinder : v., smetati(sinetam),smesti 


hinderance : n., smetnja, f. 
hinge : n., arka, f. ; sip, m. 
hint : n., tilagivanje, n. 
hippopotamus : n., nilski konj, rn. 
hire : v., uzeti pod kiriju (uzmem) ; 

( out) dati pod kiriju 
hire : n., kirija, f. ; najam, m. 
his: pron., njegov 
hiss : v., itati, n. ; isistanje, n. 
historian : n., istorik, m. 
historic : adj., istorijski 
history : n., istorija, f. 
hit : v., biti (bijem), tucl (tuSem), 

udariti , 

hit : n., udar, udarac, m. 
hither : adv., amo, ovamo 
hive : n., kosnica, trnika, f. 
hoard: v.,gomilati,nagomilati 
hoard : n., hrpa, gomila, f. 
hoarse: adj., promukao, -kla, -klo 
hoarse, to get : v., promuci (-muk- 


hoarseness : n., promuklost, f. 
hoax : n., obmanjivanje, n. ; ala, 

hobble: v., hramati ; (horse, etc.) 

sapeti (-pnem) 

hock : n., ukalj (rajnsko vino) 
hoe : n., niotika, f. 
hog : n., svinja,"f. ; prasac, m. 
hold : v., driati (-zim), 6uvati, 

sadrzavati ; to one's tongue, 

6utati, mufiati 
hold : n., (ship's) podloga, f. ; dno 

(ladje), n. ; (grip) drzanje, hva- 

tanje, n. 

hole : n., rupa, jama, f. ; otvor, m. 
holiday : n., praznik, blagdan, m. ; 

(school, etc.) raspust, odmor, m. ; 

ferije, f., pi. 

holiness : n., s vetost, f. 
hollow : adj.,supalj,dubok, prazan, 

Holy Ghost : n., Sveti Duh, m. 
Holy Week : cvetna nedelja, f. 
homage: n., vernost, f . ; poSto- 

vanje, n. 
home : n., ku6a, f. ; stan, m. ; 

domovina, f. ; at , kod ku6e 
home-country : n., domovina, f. 
homeless : adj., bez domovine 

Home Office : n., Ministarstvo 

unutranjih poslova, n. 
home-rule : n., samouprava, f. 
homeward bound : na putu ku6i 
homicidal : adj., ubilafiki 
homicide : n., ubica, f. ; ubistvo, n. 
hominy : n., kukuruzna kasa, f. 
honest : adj., 6estit, posten, dastan, 


honesty : n.,postenje,n. ; cestitost.f. 
honey : n., mod 

honeymoon : n., medeni mesec, m. 
honorary : adj., podasni 
honour : n., Cast, po<5ast, posta, f. ; 

postovanje, n. ; slava, f. 
honour : v., postovati, ceniti, 

uvazavati, slaviti 
honourable: adj., postovani, 6as- 

tan, -tna, posten, dostojan casti 
hood : n., kapuljaca, kukuljada, f. 
hoof : n., kopito, n. ; kopita, f. 
hook : n., kukica, kuka, kopca, f. ; 

(fish ) udica, f. 
hook : v., zakopSati 
hoop : n., obrud, m. 
hop: n., (plant) hmelj, m. ; (jump) 

skakanje, n. 

hop : v., skofiiti, skakati, skakutati 
hope : v., nadati se, ufati se 
hope : 11., nada, f. ; uzdanje, n. 
hopeful : adj., pun nado 
hopeless: adj., bez nade, ocajni 
horde : n., horda, rulja, 6eta, f. 
horizon : n., vidik, horizon, m. 
horizontal : adj.,horizontalan, -Ina, 

-zna, -zuo 

hollow : n., supljina, praznins, f. 
holly : n., drad, m. 
holy: adj., svet, osve6en, pobozan 
Holy Communion : n., priSest, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i, as s in meanure, ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; as sh in shout. 

-Ino, vodoravan, -vna, -yno 
horn : n., rog (rogovi), in. 
horned : adj., rozast, rozan, -zna 
horned cattle : n., rogata rnarva, f. 
hornet: n., strSelj, in. 




horrible : adj., uzasan, -sna, -sno, 
grozan, -zna, -zno, strahovit 

horribleness : n., uzasnost, f. 

horrid : adj., neprijatan, -tna, -tno, 

horrify : v., uzasnuti, najeziti 

horror : n., uias, strah, m. ; groza, 
f. ; gnus, m. 

horse : n., konj, m. ; to ride on 

hot-blooded: adj.,toplokrvan,-vna 

hotel : n., gostionica, f. ; hotel, m. 

hound : n., pas, m. 

hour : n., cas, sahat, sat, m. ; ura, f. 

hourly : adv., svaki sat 

house: n., kuca,f.,dom.m. ; Stan, 
m. ; of Lords, gornja kuca ; 
of Commons, doljna kuca 

household : n., gazdinstvo, n. ; 

back, v., jahati (jasem) celjad, m. 

horse: adj., konj ski j houseless : adj., bez kuce 

horse-artillery: n., konjicka arti- j [housemaid : n., sluskinja, f. 

lerija, f. house-sparrow : n., vrabac, m. 

horse-breaker : n., dzambas, m. 
horse-cloth : n., 6ebe, 

rivac, m. 

horse-dung : n., konjsko djubre, n. 
horse-hair : n., struna, dlaka, f. 
horse-man : n., konjik, jahae, m. 

house-swallow: n.,lastavica, f. 
pok- hovel : n., koliba, f. 
hover : v., obletati 

horse-power : 
sila, f. 

H.P., n., konj ska 

horse-racing : n., trka, f. ; trk, m. 

how : adv., kako 

koliko T 
koliko ? 

posto ? 

much T 
many ? 

however: adv. and conj., medju- 

tim, pak, ipak 
howl ; 

v., urlikati, jaukati 

horse-radish : n., ren, m. i howl : n., urlanje, n. ; jauk, m. 

horse-shoe : n., potkovica, f. hug : v., zagrliti 

horse-woman : n., jahacica, f. hug : n., grljenje, n. 

horticulture : n., gradinarstvo, huge : adj., ogroman, -mna, >mno, 

vrtarstvo, n. velik 

hose : n., (water) cev, m. ; (stock- j hum : v., zujati, mumlati 

ings) carape, f., pi. ; (drawers) j human : adj., covecij, Covecanski, 

gace, f., pi. 

hosier : n., carapar, m. 
hospitable : adj., gostoljubiv 
hospital : n., bolnica, f. 
hospital nurse : n., bolnicar, m. ; 

bolnicarka, f., sestra.f. 
hospi tality : n. , gostoprimst vo, n. 
Host : n., zrtva, prosfora, f. 
host : n., domacin, gazda, m. 
host : n., (people) vojska, deta, f. 

hostage : n., talac, m. 
hostelry : n., gostionica, f. ; 

han, m. 

hostess : n., domacica. gazdarica, f. 
hostile: adj., neprijateljski 
hostility: n., neprijateljstvo, n. ; 

napad, m. 
hot : adj., topal, -pla, -plo, vru6, 

humane : adj., cbvecan, -cna, 6no, 

ljubezan, -zna, -zno 
humanist : n., humanist, n. 
humanity : n., covecja priroda, f. ; 

fiovecanstvo, n. 
humble : adj., ponizan, -zna, -zno, 

nizak, -ska, -sko 

humbug : n., obmana, prevara, f. 
humiliate : v., ponizavati, poniziti 
humility : n., poniznost, f. 
humorous : adj., humorist ican, -cna, 

humour : n., (wit) sala, zelja, f. ; to 

be in a good , n., biti raspolo- 

ien, biti dobre volje ; to be in a 

bad , ne biti raspoloien ; bad 
-, zla volja 

-a, -e, \ atren ; I am , meni je . hunch-back : n., grba, kvrga, f. 
vruce 'hunch-backed: adj., grbav, -a, -o 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, c, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; fi as sh in shout. 



hundred : num. Bto, n. ; stotina, f. 

hundredth : adj., stoti 

hundredth : n., stota, f. ; stoti deo, 


hunger : n., glad, f. 
hungry : adj., gladan, -dna, -dno 
hunt : v., loviti, goniti 
hunt (hunting) : n., lov, m. ; lov- 

Ijenje, n. 

hunting: adj., lovski 
huntsman : n., lovac, m. ; strelac, 


hurl : v. baciti, hitati 
hurrah ! ziveo, zivela, iivelo 
hurricane : n., bura, f. 
hurried : adj., hitan, -tna, -tno, brz 
hurry : v., iuriti se, hitati, brzati 
hurt: v., (wound) raniti, boleti ; 

(damage) Skoditi, ostetiti, pok- 

variti ; (feelings) uvrediti 
hurt: adj., ranjen, pokvaren, 


hurt : n., rana, uvreda, f. 
hurtful : adj., Skodljiv, Skoduu 
hurtfulness : n., kodljivost, f. 
husband : n., mui, suprug, fiovek, 


husbandry : n., ratarstvo, n. 
husk : n., mahuna, ljuska, f. 
husky : adj., mahunast ; (voice) 

promukao, -kla, -klo 
hussar : n., husar, m. 
hut : n., koliba, f. ; baraka, f. 
hyacinth : n., zumbul, m. 
hyaena : n., hijena, f. 
hybrid : adj., meleski, od dva 

razlicria roda 

hydraulic : adj., hidraulifini 
hydrogen : n., vodenik, m. 
hydrophobia : n., besiiilo, n. ; 

plasenje, n. 

hygiene : n., higijena, f. 
hymen : n., brak, m. ; svadba, f. 
hymn : n., himna, f. 
hypocrisy : n., pretvorstvo, n. 
hypocrite : n., licemer, m. ; pre- 

tvorica, f. 
hypocritical : adj., pritvoran, -ma, 

hypothesis : n., pretpostavka, 

hipoteza, f. 

hysteria : n., histeria, f. 
hysterical : adj., histerican, -6na, 



I : pron., ja ; it is T, ja sam 

ice : n., led, m. ; blocks of , 


ice (cream) : n., sladoled, m. 
ice-house : n., ledenica, f. 
icicle : n., santa, f. 
iciness : n., ledenost, . 
icy : adj., leden, -a, -o 
idea : n., ideja, f. ; misao (-sli), f. 
ideal : adj., idealan, -Ina, -Ino 
identical: adj., istovetan, -tna, 


identify : v., identifikovati 
identity : n., identic'nost, f. ; 

istovetnost, f. 
idiocy : n., slaboumnost, blesavost, 


idiom : n., narecje, n. ; govor, m. 
idiosyncrasy : n., duSevna osobina, 

idiot : n., idiot, glupac, m. 

idiotic : adj., slabouman, -mna, 

-mno ; (stupid) glup 
idle: adj., besposlen, -a, -o, len, 

nemaran, -ma, -rno, dokolan 
idleness : n., lenost, lenivost, 

dokolica, f. 

idler : n., besposlicar, m. 
idol : n., idol, kumir, m. 
idolater : n., idolopoklonik, m. 
idolatrous : adj., idolopoklonic'ki 
idolatry : n., idolopoklonstvo, n. 
if : conj., ako ; as , kao da 
ignite : v., upaliti 
ignoble : adj., prostacki, nizak, 

-ska, -sko 
ignominious : adj., sraman, -mna, 

ignominy : n., sramota, poruga, f. 

f. ignorance: n.,neznanje,neumenje,n. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as c/t in church ; u aa 00 
in roo.'/i : h is ch iu loch : c as to in cato ; s as h in shout. 



ignorant person : n., neznalica, 
neznajsa, m. 

ignore : n., ne znati, ne poznati 

ikon : n., ikona, f. 

ill : n., zlo, rdjavo, m. j (illness) 
bol, m. ; bolest, f. 

ill : adj., bolestan, -tna, -tno, slab, 
bolan, bolna, -Ino ; humour, 
n., zlovolja, f. ; luck, n., 

nesre6a, f. ; famed, adj., 

zloglasan, -sna, -sno ; health, 
n., bolesljivost, f. 

ill : adv., zlo, tesko 

ill, to fall : v., razboleti se (-lim), 
oboleti, obolestiti ; person, 
n., bolesnik, m. ; bolesnica, f. 

illegal : adj., nezakonit, bezakon, 
-a, -o, protizakonit 

illegality : n., nezakonitost, f. 

illegitimate : adj., vanbradan, -6na, 

illicit : v., illegal 

illiterate : adj., nepismen 

illness : n., bolest, f. ; bol, m. 

illogical : adj., nelogi6an, -6na, -6no 

illuminate : 

v., (light) osvetliti, 

illumination : u., osvetljenje, n. ; 

uh'vanje, n. 

illusion : n., obmana, iluzija, f. 
illustrate : v., ukrasiti slikama 
illustration : n., slika, f. 
illustrious : adj., znamenit, slavan, 

-vna, -vno, 6uven 
image : n., slika, f. ; lik, m. 
imaginary : adj., uobrazen, -a, -o 
imagination : n., uobrazenje, n. ; 

masta, f . 

imagine : v., uobraziti, zamisliti 
imbecile : n., glupak, m. 
imbecile : adj., glup, slabouman, 

mna, -mno 
imbecility : n., glupavost, slaboum- 

nost, f. 

imitable : adj., uzoran, -rna, -rno 
imitate : v., podrazavati 
imitation : n., podrazavanje, n. 
immaculate: adj., dist, neokaljan, 

-jna, -jno 

immaterial : adj., duhovni, nema- 

terijalan, -Ina, -Ino 
immature : adj., nezreo, -rela, -relo 
immaturity : n., nezrelost, f. 
immeasurable: adj., neizmeran, 

-rna, -mo 
immediate : adj., neposredan, -dna, 

immediately : adv., odmah, nepo- 


immemorial : adj., prastari, -ra,-ro 
immense : adj., ogroman, -mna, 

immensity : n., neizmernost, bes- 

krajnost, f. 

immerse : v., zagnjuriti 
immersion : n., zagnjurivanje, n 
immigrant : n., doseljenik, m. 
immigrate : v., doseljavati se 
imminent : adj., neizbezan, -zna, 

immobile: adj., nepokretan, -tna, 

Immobility : n., nepomiSnost, 

nepokretnost, f. 
immoderate : adj., neumeren, pre- 

teran, -rna 
immodest : adj., neskroman, -mna, 


immodesty : n., neskromnost, f. 
immolate : v., zrtvovati 
immolation : n., zrtvovanje, n. 
immoral: adj., nemoralan, -Ina, 


immorality : n., nemoralnost, f. 
immortal : adj., besmrtan, -tna, 


immortality : n., besmrtnost, f. 
immortalize : v., obesmrtiti, oveko- 


immovable : v., immobile 
immunity : n., povlastica, f. ; oslo- 

bodjenje od poreza i.t.d. 
impart : v., dati 
impartial: adj., nepristrasan, -sna, 


impartiality : n., nepristrasnost, f. 
impassable : adj., neprohodan, 

-dna, -dno 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




impassive: adj., neosetljiv, ravno- 

dusan, -siia, -sno 
impatience : n., nestrpljenje, n. ; 

nestrpljivost, f. 
impatient: adj., nestrpljiv 
impeach : v., optuziti 
impecunious : adj., bez novca 
impede : v., smesti (smetem), spre- 


impediment : n., smetnja, f. 
impenetrable: adj., neprobojan, 

-jna, -jno, neprohodan, -dna, 

impenitent: adj., nepokajan, -jna, 

imperceptible : adj., nevidljiv, 

neosetan, -tna, -tno 
imperfect: adj., nepotpun, nedo- 

imperfect: n., predjanje, nesvr- 

seno vreme, n. 

imperfection : n., nesavrenstvo, n. 
imperial r adj., carski, carevinski 
imperialism: n., imperijalizam, m. 
imperil : v., dovesti u opasnost 
imperious : adj., strog, prek, ohol 

impermeable : 
-6na, -cno 

adj., nepromocan, 

impersonal : adj., bezlican, -dna, 


impersonate: v., poosobiti 
impertinence : n., neuljudnost, f. ; 

neufitivost, f. 
impertinent: adj., 


-zna, -zno, neuljudan, -dna, -dno 
impervious : v., impermeable 
impetuous: adj., goropadan, -dna, 

-dno, zestok 

impetus : n., pokretna sila, f. 
impious: adj., bezboian, -zna, -zno 
implement : n., alat, m. ; orudje, 

import : n., uvoz, m. ; uvozenje, 

importance : n., vrednost, vaznost, 

important : adj., vazan, -zna, 

-zno, znaSajaii, znamonit 
importer : n., uvoznik, m. 
importune : v., dosaditi 
impose : v., nametnuti (-nem), 

zapovedati, poloziti na ; ( on), 

imposer : n., varalica, f. ; varalac, 


impossibility : n., nemogudnost, f. 
impossible : n., nemoguc, -a, -e 
impostor: v., imposer 
impotence : n., nemoc, f. 
impracticable: adj., nepractic'an 
imprecation : n., proklinjanje, n. ; 

kletva, f. 
impregnable : adj., koji se ne mo2e 


impregnate : v., natopiti, nakvasiti 
impress : v., utisnuti (-nem) 
impression: n., utisak (-ska), m. ; 

upecatak (-tka), m. 
imprison : v., zatvoriti, uhapsiti 
imprisonment : n., hapsenje, n. ; 

zatvor, m. 

improbable : 

-tna, -tno 

adj., never ovatan, 

implicate : v., uplesti (-letem), za- 


implication : n., upletanje, n. 
imply : v., znaSiti 
impolite: adj., neu<5tiv, nepristo- 

jan, -jna, -jno 
import : v., uvoziti (-zim) 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as * in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; b as ch in loch ; c as ts in cds ; & as sh in shout. 

improbability : n., neverovatnost, 

impromptu: adj., nenadan, -dna, 

improper: adj., nepristojan, -jna, 


improve: v., poboljsati, popraviti 
improvement : n., poboljsanje, n. 
improvident : adj.,neoprezan, -zna, 


imprudence : n., nesmotrenost, f. 
imprudent : adj., nesmotren, -a, -o 
impudence : n., bezocnost, bestid- 

nost, f. 
impudent : n., bezobrazan, -zna, 

-zno, bezoCan, -cna, -cno 
impure: adj., neSist ; (people) 





impurity : n., necist, f. ; (people) 

bludnost, f. 
in : prep., za (acc.).na, u (loc. and 

ace.) ; 

a year s time, za 

godinu dana ; I am the field, 
jesam u polju ; I am going into 
the field, idem u polje ; the 
water, u vodi ; the middle of, 
usred, sred (gen.); spite of, 
profiv (gen.) volje ; spite of 
me, protiv moje volje ; the 
market, na trgu ; 5 the 100, 

incessantly : adv., bez prestanka 
incest : n., rodoskvrnost, f. 
incestuous : adj., rodoskvrn 
inch: n., palac (-lea), m. (i^engl. 

s tope) 

incident : n., slucaj, dogadjaj, m. 
incidental: adj., slucaj an, -jna, 


incinerate : v., sagoreti, spaliti 
incite : v. f navesti (-vedem), 

incivility : n., neudtivost, f. 

pet po sto ; the afternoon, po < inclement : adj., nemilostiv, surov 
podne ; turn, adv., izmenice [ inclination : n., nagib, pad, m. 

incline : v., sagnuti, pognuti ; to 

be inclined, imati volje 
inclose : v., ograditi ; (in a letter, 
etc.), umetnuti, skrivati 

inability : n., nesposobnost, f. 
inaccessible: adj., nepristupan, 

-pna, -pno 
inaccuracy : n., notacnost, f. 

inaccurate : adj., net a can, -cna, 


inaction : n., nerad, m. 
inactive : adj., neradan, -dna, -dno 
inadequate : adj., nedovoljan, -jna, 

adj., prazan, -zna, -zno, 

inane : 


inattention : n., nepaznja, f. 
inattentive : adj., nepazljiv 
inaugurate : v., otkriti, osvetiti 
in-board : adj. and adv., unutra u 


incalculable : adj., nebrojeni 
incandescent : adj. zazaren, usijan 
incapable: adj., nesposoban, -bna, 


incapacity : n., nesposobnost, f. 
incarcerate : v., zatvoriti, uhapsiti 

incendiary : 

adj., neoprezan, -zna, 

n., palikuda, f. ; 

buntovnik, m. 
incendiarism : n., palez, m. ; bun- 

jenje, n. 
incense : n., tamjan, m. ; kadivo, 

incertitude : n., neizvesnost, nesi- 

gurnost, f. 
incessant : adj., neprekidni, nepre- 


include : v., umetnuti (-nem), 

zatvoriti, sadrzavati 
inclusive : adj., prltoien, umetnut 
incoherent : adj., bez veze, smeten 
income : n., prihod, dohodak (-dka), 

incomparable : adj., koine nenia 


incompetent : adj., nepozvan, ne- 
sposoban, -bna, -bno 
incomplete : adj., nepotpun 
incomprehensible : adj., nerazum- 

inconsistent : 
-jna, -jno 
inconsolable : 

: adj., nesmotren, 
adj., nepostojan, 
adj., neutesan, -sna, 

inconspicuous : adj., neopazljiv, 

neznatan, -tna, -tno 
inconstant : adj., nestalan, -Ina, 


incontinence : n., iieuzdrzljivost, f. 
incontinent : adj., neumeren, 

inconvenience : n., nezgoda, tego- 

ba, f. 
inconvenient : adj . , nezgodan, -dna, 

incorporation : n., sjedinjavanje, n. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as _;' in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as n$ in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as t-s in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




incorrect j adj., netaCan, -6na, 

-6no, nepravilan, -Ina, -Ino 
incorrigible: adj., nepopravljiv 
increase : v., pove6ati, umnoziti ; 
(have fruit) ploditi se, uveli<5ati, 

umnozavanje, n. 

increase : n., 

rastenje, n. 
incredible : adj., neverovatan, -tna, 

incredulous : adj., neveran, -rna, 


incubation: n., lezenje jaga, n. 
incubus : n., zao duh, in. 
incurable : adj., neizleCiv 
indebted : adj.,duzan, -zna, -2no 
indecency : n., nepristojnost, f. 
indecent : adj., nepristojan, -jna, 


indecision : n., neodlufinost, f. 
indeed : adv., zaista, zbilja 
indefatigable : adj., neumoran, 

rna, -rno 

indefinite : adj., neodredjen 
indelible: adj . , neizbrisiv 
indemnity : n., osteta, naknada, f. 
independence : n., samostalnost, 

nezavisnost, f . 
independent: adj., samostalan, 

-Ina, -Ino, nezavisan, -sna, -sno 
index : n., (to a book) sadrzaj, m. ; 

(pointer, ) kaziprst, m. ; kazput, m. 
Indian corn : n., kukuruz, m. 
Indian ink : n., tuS, m. 
India-rubber : n., guma, f. ; kau- 

fiuk, m. 

indicate : v., pokazati, oznaSiti 
indicative: adj., pokazni 
indicator : n., pokaziva6, m. 
indictment : n., tuiba, f. 
indifference: n., ravnoduinost, f. 
indifferent: adj.,ravnoduSan, -Sna, 


indigence : n., sirotinja, f. 
indigenous : adj., domaci, zcma- 

indigent: adj., siromasan, -na, 

imdigestion : n.,pokvaren stomak,m. 

n., osoba, jedinka, f. ; 
lice, n. ; lidnost, f. ; 

indignant : adj., srdit 

indignity : n., sramota, f. 

indigo : n., Sivit, m. 

indirect : adj.. posredan, -dna, -dno 

indiscreet : adj., nesmotren 

indiscretion : n., nesmotrenost, f. 

indispensable : adj., neophodan, 

-dna, -dno 
indisposed : adj., neraspolozen ; 

(ill) slab 

indistinct : adj., nejasan, -sna, -sno 
individual : 


6pvek, m. 
individual : adj., osoban, -bna, 

-bno, individualni, lidni 
indivisible : adj., nedeljiv, soli- 

daran, -rna, -rno 
indolent : adj., nemaran, -rna, -rno, 

len, -a, -o 
indoors : adv., u ku6i, kod kude, u 

induce : v., navesti (-vedem), 

nagovoriti, zakljuditi 
indulgence : n., milost, f. ; obzir, 


indulgent: adj., milostiv, blag 
industrial : adj., industrijski 
industrious i adj., radljiv, marljiv, 

vredan, -dna, -dno 
industry : n., industrija, f. ; zanati, 

in., pi. ; (work) radinost, . ; 

marljivost, . 

inequality : n., nejednakost, f. 
inert : adj., trom, mlitav 
inevitable : adj., neminovan, -vna, 


inexact : adj., netadan, -Sna, -6no 
inexcusable : adj., neoprostiv 
inexpensive : adj., jeftin 
in fact : adv., zaisto, zaista 
infallible : adj., izvestan, -tna, 

-tno, nepogreSan, -Sna, -Sno 
infamous : adj., sraman, -mna, 


infamy : n., sramota, f . ; be6ast, f . 
infant : n., beba, f. ; detence, n. 
infantry : n., peSadija, f. 
infantry-man : n., peSak, peSac, m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; S as ah in shout. 




infect '. v., zaraziti, okuziti 
infection : n., zaraza, f. ; okuza- 

vanje, n. 
infectious : adj., zarazan, -zna 

inferior: adj., (lower) donji, -ja, 

-je, dolnji ; (quality) potcinjen, 

inferiority: n., potcinjenost, f. ; 

manja vrednost, f. ; nizlstupanj 


infernal : adj., paklen, -a, -o 
infidel : n., nevernik, djaur, m. 
_ infinite : adj., beskrajni 
infinitive: n.,neodredjeninacm,m. 
infirm : adj., slab, bolestan, -tna, 


infirmary : n., bolnica, f. 
inflammable : adj., zapaljiv 
inflammation : n., zapaljenje, n. 
inflation, n., naduvanje, n. 
inflict : v., dosuditi, odrediti 
infliction : n., dosuda, osuda, f. 
influence : n., uticaj, upliv, m. 
influence : v., uticati, uplivisati 
influenza : n., influence, f. 
inform : v., izvestiti, javiti 
information : n., izvestnj, m. ; 

izvece, n. 

infuriate : v., pomamiti 
ingenious : adj., ostrouman, -mna, 

-mno, veitaCki 

ingenuity : n., oStroumnost, f. 
ingenuous : adj., prostodusan, 

sna, -sno 
ingot : n., slitak, m. ; metalna 

sipka, f . 
ingratitude: n.,neblagodarnost, f. ; 

nezahvalnost, f . 
ingredient : n., sastavak, prinesak, 


ingress : n., ulaz, ulazak, m. 
inhabit : v., stanovati, iiveti, n. 
inhabitant : n., stanovnik, iitelj, m. 
inhale : v., udisati 
inhalation : n., udisanje, n. 
inherit : v., naslediti 
inheritance : n., nasledje, n. ; 
nasledak, m. 

inheritor : n., naslednik, m. ; 

naslednica, f. 

inhospitable : adj., negostoljubiv 
inhuman : adj., ne6ovecan, -6na, 


inhumanity : n., necovecnost, f. 
iniquitous: adj., nepravedan, -dna, 


initial : adj., pocetni, -na, -no 
initial (letter) : n., podetno pisme, 


inject : v., uStrcati 
injection : n., utrcavanje, n. 
injure : v., skoditi, raniti, pokvariti 
injurious : adj., uvredljiv., Skodljiv 
injury : n., uvreda, teta, Skoda, f. 
injustice : n., nepravda, f. 
ink : n., mastilo, n. ; tinta, f. ; 

Indian , n., tu3, m. ; pot, 

n., mastionica, f. ; divit, m. 
inland : adj., unutrasnji 
inland : n., unutraSnjost, f. 
inn : n., ban, krdma, f. ; keeper, 

n., handzija, krcinar, m. 
inner : adj., unutrasnji 
innocence : n., nevinost, f. 
innocent: adj., nevin, bezazlen 
innumerable : adj., bezbrojan, -jna, 


inoculate : v., pelcovati, kalamiti 
inoculation : n., kalamljenje, n. 
inoffensive: adj., bezazlen 
inopportune : adj., nezgodan, -dna, 


inorganic : adj., neorganski 
inquest : n., ispitivanje, n. 
inquisitive : adj., ljubopitan, -tna 


insane : adj., lud 
insane, to become : v., ludeti, 


insanity : n., ludilo, n. ; ludost, f. 
inscription : n., upis, m. ; natpis, 

m. ; upisivanje, n. 
insect : n., insekat, m. ; buba, f. 
insecure : adj., nesiguran, -rna, 


nsensible : adj., neosetljiv, nepri- 
metan, -tna, -tno 

Pronounce : dj , dl, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cits ; as sh in shout. 





inseparable: adj., neraz dvojan, 

-jna, -jno 

inside : n. and adj., v., interior 
inside : adv., unutra 
insignificance : n., neznatnost, f. 
insincerity : n., neiskrenost, f. 
insinuate: v.,uvu6i (-6em), uvlaCiti, 

polako uliti 
insipid : adj., blutav, -a, -o, 

neukusan, -sna, -sno 
insist : v., iskati, traziti 
insolence : n., drskost, bezobraz- 

nost, f . 
insolent : adj., bezobrazan, -zna, 


insoluble : adj., nerastvorljiv 
insomnia : n., nesan, m. ; nespa- 

vanje, n. 

inspect : v., pregledati, izvideti 
inspection : n., pregled, m. ; 

smotra, f. ; inspekcija, f. 
inspector : n., nadzornik, inspektor, 

inspiration : n., nadahnuce, sveto- 

vanje, n. 

inspirit : v., oziviti 
instability : n., nestalnost, f. 
instal :., v., postaviti, namestiti 
instant: n., trenutak (-tka), m. ; 

momenat (-nta), m. ; mig, m. 
instantaneous : adj., trenutan, 

-tna, -tno, u magnovenju 
instantly : adv., na mah, zadac, 

instead of : prep., mesto (gen.), 

u mesto, na mesto 
instep : n., grana, f. (u noge) 
instinct : n., nagon, instinkt, m. 
institute : n., institut, m. ; aka- 

demija, f. ; zavod, m. 
institute : v., ustanoviti, osnovati 
institution : n., osnivanje, zavod - 

jenje, n. ; zavod, institut, m. ; 

ustanova. f . 
instruct : v., uditi, nauCiti, pros- 

vetiti, vaspitati 
instruction : n., nastava, f. ; pros- 

veta, . ; vaspitanje, n. ; obra- 

zovanje, n. ; pouka, f. 

Pronounce : dj,,dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; as sh in shout. 

instructor : n., nastavnik, ucitelj, 

instrument : n., nlat, m. ; orudje. 

n. ; sprava, naprava, f. ; instru- 

menat, m. 
insubordinate: adj., nepokoran, 

-rna, -rno 
insufficient : adj., nedovoljan, -jna, 


insular: adj., ostryski 
insulate : v., osamiti, izolirati 
insult : v., uvrediti, vredjati 
insult : n., uvreda, f. 
insulting : adj., uvredljiv 
insurance : n., osiguranje, n. 
insure : v., osigurati 
insurrection : n., buna, f. ; ustanak, 


intact : adj., nedirnut, ceo, cela, -lo 
intellect : n., razum, um, m. 
intellectual : adj., umni, -na, -no 
intelligence : n., um, razum ; 

(news) veStina, dosetljivost, f. 
intelligent : adj., uman, -mna, 

-mno, razuman, pametan, -tna, 


intemperance : n., neumerenost,' f . 
intemperate : adj., neumeren, -a, -o 
intend : v., nameriti 
intense : adj., silan, -Ina, -Ino, jak 
intention : n., namera, f. ; namisao 

(-sli), f. 
intentional: adj., nameran, -rna, 

intercede : v., zauzeti se, moliti za 

interest : n., interes, m. ; korist, 

f. ; pain j a, f. ; to take an in, 

zanimati se za ; to put money 

out at , dati pod interes (na 

Interest : v., zainteresovati, uvu6i, 

ticati se, zanimati ; that does 

not me, to me se ne ttfe 
interesting : adj., interesantan, 

-tna, -tno, zanimljiv 
interfere : v., meSati se, posredo- 

interior : n., unutrasnjost, f. 




interior : adj., unutraSnji, -ja, -je i invasion : n., navala, najezda, f. ; 

interjection : n., uzvik, m. 
interminable: adj., beskrajan, 

-jna, -jno 
intermission : n.,prekid, prestanak, 


internal : v., interior 
international : adj., medjunarodni 
interpret : v., tumac'iti, prevoditi 
interpreter : n., tuma6, m. 
interrogate : v., ispitati, pitati 
interrupt : v., prekinuti, upasti u 

re6 (upadnem) 
interruption : n., prekidanje, n. ; 

prekid, m. 

intersection : 
presek, m. 

n., ukrStanje, n. ; 

interval : n., razmak, m. ; rasto- 

janje, n. ; daljina, f. 
intervention : n., mesanje, n. ; 

posredovanje, n. 
interview : n., intervju, m. 
interview : v., intervjuisati 
intestines : n., creva, n., pL 
intimate : adj., cluboki, tajni, 

into : prep., u (ace.) ; I am going 

the field, idem u polje 
intolerable: adj., nesnosan, -sna, 

-sno, dosadan, -dna, -dno 
intrench : v., uSanditi 
intrigue : n., spletka, f. ; pletke, f., 


intrigue : v., pletkariti, spletkariti 
intriguer : n., spletkaS, m. 
introduce : v., uvoditi, uvesti 

(-vedem), uvudi ; (person) pred- 

introduction : n., uvod, poSetak 

(-tka), m. ; (personal) predstav- 

Ijanje, n. 

intrusion : n., ulazenje, n. 
invade : v.. osvojiti, zauzeti, upasti 

in vain : adv., uzalud, zalud 

upad, m. 
invent : v., izumeti, izmisliti, 

pronadi (-nadjem) 
invention : n., izumevanje, iznala- 

ienje, n. 

inventor : n., pronalazac', m. 
inventory : n., spisak (-ska), inven- 
tor, m. 
invest : v., podariti, postaviti, 

names t it i ; (money) dati novae 

pod interes, ulagati (ulaiem) 
investment : n., (money) ulaganje, 

n. ; (town) opsada, f. 
invincible: adj., nepobedljiv 
invisible : adj., nevidljiv 
invitation : n., poziv, m. ; pokana, f. 
invite : v., pozvati (-zovem), 


invoice : n., rafiun, m. ; faktura, f. 
inward : adj., unutraSnji 
iodine : n., jod, m. 
irate : adj., srdit 
iris : n., (eye) sarenica, f. ; (flower 

perunika, f. ; sabljidica, f. 
irksome : adj., dosadan, -dna, -dno 
iron : n., gvozdje, zelezo, n. ; 

(laundry) pegla, f. ; utija, f. ; 

forged , kovano gvozdje, n. 
iron : adj., gvozden, -a, -o, zeljezan, 

ielezan, -zna, -zno 
iron : v., (linen) peglati 
ironclad : n., oklopnica, f. 
ironical : adj., ironican, -cna, -6no 
irons : n., verige, f., pi. ; lanci, m., 

irony : n., ironija, f. 

irrational : adj., bezuman, -mna, 

irregular: adj., nepravilan, -Ina, 

-Ino, neredovan, -vna, -vno, 


irregularity : n., nepravilnost, f. 
irreligious : 


adj., bezbozan, -zna, 

irreparable: adj., nepopravljiv 

invalid : n., bolesnik, m. ; boles- 

nica, f. irresistible : adj., neodoljiv 

invaluable: adj., bezcen 'irresponsible: adj., neodgovoran, 

invariable: adj., stalan, -Ina, -Ino' -rna, -rno 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as H in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




irreverent: adj., bezoSan, -o6na, 


irrigate : v., zalivati 
irritable: adj., razdrazljiv 
irritate : v., razgneviti, rasrditi 
irruption : n., upad, izliv, n. 
isinglass : n., morunji mehur, m. 
Islam : n., islam, m. 
island : n., ostrvo, ostrovo, n. ; 

ada, f. 

isle, islet : n., otok, m. ; ada, f. 
isolate : v., usamiti, odvojiti, 

isolated : adj., usamljen, jedin, 

oseban, -bna 
isolation : n., izolovanje, odva- 

janje, n. ; usamljenost 
Israelite : adj., izrailjski 

issue: n., izlaz, izlazak (-laska), 
m., ishod ; (family) porod, rn. ; 
(result) rezultat, m. ; poslodica, 

isthmus : n., prevlaka, f. ; zeiu- 

Ijouz, m. 
it : pron., ono 
italics : n., kursiv, m. 
itch : v., svrbeti (-bim) 
itching : n., svrab, m. 
item : adv., isto tako, takodjer 
itinerary : n., put, pravac, m. 
its : pron., njegov 
itself : pron., ono samo 
ivory : n., slonova kost, f. ; fildis, 

ivy : n., brsljan, m. 


jack : n., 

Cekrk, m. ; boots, 

boot- , n., 

izuva6 ; Jack-Tar, n., mornar, 


jackal : n., Cagalj, m. 
jacket : n., kaput, m. 
jackdaw : n., SavCe, n. ; Savka, f. 
jagged : adj., ztipc'ast, urezan, 

-zna, -zno 

jaguar : n., jaguar, m. 
jam : n., slatko, n. ; plum , 

pekmez, m. 

January : n., januar, seSanj, m. 
jar : n., (pot) boca, f. ; bokal, m. ; 

lonac (-nca), m. ; krag, m. 
jargon : n., pokvaren govor, m. 

(djaSki, Iova6ki, vojnid'ki, i.t.d.) 
jasmine : n., Semin, jasmin, m. 
jaundice : n., zutica, f. 
jaunty : adj., veseo, -sela, -selo, 


jaw : n., vilica, f . ; Seljust, f. 
jay : n., sojka, kreStalica, f. 
jealous : adj., Eavidan, -dna, -dno, 

zavidljiv, ljubomoran, -rna, -rno 

jealousy : n., zavist, nenavist, f. 
jeer : v., podsmevati se, rugati se 
jelly : n., sudzuk, m. 

jersey : n., vunena pelena, f. 

jest : n., sala, f. 

jest : v., ialiti se 

jestingly : adv., Sale 

Jesuit : n., jezuit, m. 

Jesus : n., Isus, m. 

jet : n., hitac, mah, m. ; bacanje, 

n. ; (water) roj, m. ; (stone) 

smolast ugljen, m. 
jetty : n., bedem, m. ; mola, f. 
Jew : n., jevrejin, zidov, kajiSar, 

divutin (vul.), m. 
jewel : n., dragocenost, f. ; nakit, 

m. ; adidjar, m. 
jeweller : n., zlatar, juvelir, m. 
Jewess : n., jevrejika, zidovka, 

Civutkinja (vul.), f. 
Jewish: adj.,jevrejski, zidovski 
jilt : v., ljubiti pa ostaviti 
Jingo : n., Sovinista, m. 
Jingoism : n., Sovinizam, m. 
job : n., posao (-sla), m. ; sluzba, f. 
jockey: n., koCijas, trka6, jaha<5, 

jocular : adj., saljiv 

join: v., vezati (veiem) ; (of 
people) sti6i (stignem) ; sasta- 
viti, sklopiti, sjediniti 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nf in opinion ; 6, &, as ch in churcli ; u as uo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




joiner : n., stolar, m. 

joint : n., zglob, zglavak, sastavak, 

m. ; (meat, mesa) butina, f. ; 

stegno, n. 

jointly : adv., zajedno 
joist : n., greda, f. 
joke : n., sala, f. ; posalica, f. 
joke : v., saliti, posaliti se 
joker : n., saljivac (-vca), m. 
joking : adv., Sale 
jolly : adj., radostan, -tna, -tno, 

saljiv, veseo, -sola, -selo, smeSljiv 
jolt : n., truskanje, n. ; udarac, 

journal : n., novine, f., pi. ; dnev- 

nik, in. 

journalism : n., novinarstvo, n. 
journalist n., novinar, m. 
Journey : n., put, m. ; putovanje, 

journey : v., putovati ; to be on a 

, biti na put ; pleasant 

srecan put ! 
jovial : v., jolly 
joy : n., radost, veselost, f. ; 

veselje, n. 
joyful : adj., radostan, -tne, -tno, 


jubilation : n., radovanje, n. 
jubilee: n., jubilej.m. ; proslava, f . 
judge : n., sudija, sudac, m. 
judge : v., suditi, osuditi 
judgment : n., sudjenje, n. ; aud, 

judicial : adj., sudski 

judicious: adj., pametan, -tna, 

tno, razlozan, -zna, -ino 
jug : n., testija, f. ; krdag,diban, 

juggler: n., opsenar, komendijai, 


juice : n., sok 

juicy: adj., socan, -<5na, -Sno 
jujube : n., sirka, f. 
July : n., juli, srpanj, m. 
jump : n., skok, m. ; skakanje, n. 
jump: v., skoditi, skakati (skadem) 
junction: n., sastavljanje, spa- 

janje, n. 

June : n., jun, juni, lipanj, m. 
junior : adj., mladji 
juniper : n., borovica, kleka, f. 
jurisprudence : n., pravo, n. 
jurist : n., pravnik, m. 
juror : n., porotnik, m. 
jury : n., porota, f. ; komisija, f. 
just: adj., prav, pravedan, -dna, 

-dno, pravidan ; (exact) tadan, 

-dna, -dno * 

just : adv., upHvo, has, tacno 
justice : n., pravda, pravica, 

pravicnost, f . ; Lord Chief , n. t 

vrhovni sudac, m. 
justification: n., pravdanje, n. j 

dokaz, m. 

justify : v., opravdati, dokazati 
justness : n., pravednost, f. 
jut (of land) : n., rt, m. 
jute : n., juta, f. 
juvenile: adj., mladicki, momacki 


kangaroo : n., kengur, m. 

keel : n., osnovica, f. ; hrbat, m. 

keen : adj., ostar, -tra, -tro, zestok 

keenness : n., ostrina, f. 

keep : v., duvati, odrzati (-drisim), 
sacuvati ; God forbid ! Boze 
aaduvaj ! one's bed, leiati ; 
accounts, voditi radune ; 
house, gazdovati ; in mind, 
eecati se ; one's word, odrzati 
re6 ; silence, dutati ; on 

talking, neprestano govoriti ; 

off ! natrag ! hajde ! up 
with, idi usporedo. 
keeper : n., nadzornik, <5uvar ; 
(illness) bolnidar ; (prison) tam- 
nifiar ; (forests) Sumar ; (game) 
6uvar luva 

n., uspomena, f. 

keg : n., badvica becka f. 
kennel : n., pseda, kudica, f. 
kerchief : n., marama, f. 

kernel: n., jezgra, f. ; zrno, n. 
ketch : n., ruali jaki brod, in. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in churth ; u as 13 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




kettle : n., kotao -tla), kazan, m. 
kettle-drum : n., talambas, m. 
key : n., klju6, m. ; hole, n., 

kljucana rupa, f. 
kick : v., udarati nogom 
kick : n., udar, udarac (-rca), 

kid : n., jare, n. ; kozlic, m. ; (boy) 

mom6i6, m. ; de6ko, n. 
kidnap : v., decu krasti (kradom) 
kidney : n., bubreg (bubrezi), m. 
kill : v., ubiti (ubijem), pobiti ; 

(slaughter) zaklati (koljem) 
killed, to be : v., poginuti (-nem), 


kilogram : n., kilogram, m. 
kilometer : n., kilometar, m. 
kind : adj., blag, dobroduan, 

sna, -sno, blagodusan, dobar, 

-bra, -bro 

kind : n., vrsta, sorta, fela, f. 
kind, of this : onakav, -kva, -kvo 
kind-hearted : adi, dobroduSaii, 

-sna, -sin) 

kindness : n., dobrota, blagost, 

dobroduSnost, f. 

kindred : n., srodstvo, n. ; rod, m. 
kindred : adj., srodan, -dna, -dno 
kine : n., pi., krave, f., pi. 
king : n., kralj, m. ; in the King's 

name, u ime kralj evo 
kingdom : n., kralj evina, f. 
kingly : adj., kralj evski 
king's son : n., kraljevic, m. 
kinship : v., kindred 
kiss : v., polj ubiti, (sacred) celivati 
kiss : n., poljubac, (sacred) eeliv, m. 
kitchen : n., kujna, kuhinja, f. 
kitchener : n., furuna, f. 
kite: n., (bird) jastreb, m. ; (boy's) 

zinaj, in. 
kitten : n., madica, f. 

knapsack : n., torba, torbica, f. ; 

ranac, m. 
knave : n., lopov, (cards) zandar, 


knead : v., mesiti, grijefiiti, umesiti 
knee : n., koleno, n. ; deep, 

do kolena 

knell : n., samrtno zvono, n. 
knickerbockers : n., kratke panta- 

lone, f., pi.; cakSire, hlatfe, f.,pl. 
knife : n., no2 (pi. nozevi), nozic, m. 
knife-grinder : n., brusar, makazar, 

knight : n., vitez, m. ; konji6 (u 


knightly : adj., viteski 
knit : v., plesti (pletem) 
knitter : n., pletad, m. ; pletaSica, 

knitting : n., pletenje, n. 

knob : n., puce, dugme, n. ; 

glavica, kita, f. 
knock : v., kucati (-cam), lupati, 

udariti, tudi 

knock : n., udarac, m. ; kucanje, n. 
knocker : n., alka, f. ; zvekir, m. 
knot : n., zavezak, 6vor, m. ; 

zamka, f. 
know : v., znati (znam) ; (people) 

poznati, poznavati (-znajem) ; 

( how to) umeti (umem); 

by heart, na pamet ; by name, 

po imenu ; by sight, iz vid- 

jenja ; personally, lifino 
knowledge : n., znanje, n. ; ufienost, 

f. ; vest, in. ; nauka, f. 
knuckle : n., zglob, sastavak, 

61anak, m. 

Koran : n., Koran, ditap, m. 
kreutzer : n., nov&c, m. 
kyrie : n., gospode ! Eleisou, 

Gospode, pomiluj 

label: n., natpis, m. ; belega, f. ; 

labour: n., rad, posao (-sla), m. ; 

(land) oranje, n. 
labour : v., raditi, truditi se, (land) 

cedulja, f. 

laboratory : n., laboratorija, f. 
laborious : adj., radljiv 

Pronwmce : dj, d2, as j in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
\\ as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




labourer : n., rstar, zemljoradnik, 


labyrinth : n., lavirint, m. 
lace : n., 6ipka, f. 
lack : v., nemati, trebati 
lackey : n., sluga, m. 
lacquer : n., lak, m. 
lactic : adj., mlec'an, -6na, -6no 
lad : n., defiak (-6ka), m. ; de6ko, 

n. ; momcid momak (voc. 

mom6e), m. ; v., boy 
ladder : n., stube, lestvice, merde- 

vine, f., pi. 

laden : adj., teretan, -tna, -tno 
lady : n., gospodja, dama, f. ; 

(young ) gospodjica, f. ; Our 

, n., Bogorodica, f. 
lady-bird : n., boza ov6ica, f. 
Lady Day : n., Blagovest, f. ; 

Blagovestenje, n. 
lagoon : n., laguna, f. 
lake : n., jezero, n. 
lamb : n., jagnje, n. ; ovfiica, f. 
lamb's meat : n., jagnjetina, f. 
lamb's skin : n., bagana, f. 
lamb's wool : n., jarina, f. 
lame: adj., hrom, copav, Santav, 

-a, -o 

lame, to walk : v., hramati 
lament : v., kukati, tugovati, 

jaukati (-ufiem) 
lamentation : n., jauk, plad, m. ; 

oplakivanje, n. 
lamp : n., lampa, f. 
lamp-black : n., adja, f. 
lance : n., koplje, n. 
lancer : n., kopljanik, m. 
lancet : n., nozic, m. 
land : n., zemlja, f. ; kraj., m. ; 

kopno, n. 
landing : n., pristajanje, n. ; 

(house) trem, m. 
landlady : n., gazdarica, f. 
landlord : n., gazda, gostionidar, 

landscape : n., predeo (-dela), m. ; 

sliku, f. 

lane : n., tesan put, m. 
language : n., jezik, govor, m. 

lantern : n., fenjer, m. ; magic . 

carobna kornora, f. 
lap : n., krilo, n. ; narucje, n. 
larboard (port) : n., leva strana u 


larceny : n., kradja, f. 
larch : n., aris, tis, in. 
lard : n., svinjska mast, f. 
larder : n., dolap, 6iler, m. 
large: adj., velik, golem, krupnn 

-pna, -pno ; at , adv., slobodiio 
largen : v., uvelicati, Siriti 
largeness : n., veliSina, krupnoca, 

sirina, f. 

larger : adj., povecl 
lark : n., devrljuga, f. ; (joke) sal a, 

larynx : n., grlo, n. 

lascivious: adj., bludan, -dna, -dno 

lash : n., bid, m. 

lass : n., devojka, f. 

last: adj.,poslednji ; (past)prosao, 

-sla, -lo, zadnji, -ja, -je, krajni 
last : v., trajati (-jem), drzati se 
lasting : adj., trajan, -jna, -jno 
Last Judgment : n., strasan sud, 


last night : adv., sino6 
last time, the : n., poslednji put, m. 
last year : prosle godine ; adv., 


last year's : adj., lanski 
latch : n., kvaka, f. 
late: adj.,- kasni, -na, -no, pozni, 

-na, -no 

late, to be : v., kasniti, zakasniti 
late : adv., dockan, docne 
late, the (of the dead) : pokojan, 

-jna, -jno, blazeni ; the King, 

blazeni kralj 
lately : adv., nedavno, skoro, malo 


later: adv., docnije ; adj., kasniji 
lath : n., letva, f. 
Latin : adj., latinski 
latitude : n., sirina, f. ; geografska 

Sirina, f . 

latrine : n., nuinik, zahod, m. 
lattice : n., resetka, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as _;' in James ; z as in m&ieurc ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as it in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, c, as ch in church ; u tut oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




laudanum : n., prec'isc'en opijurn, 


laugh : n., smejanje, n. ; sraeh, m. 
laugh : v., smejati se (-Jem) ; 

in one's sleeve, smejati se u sebi ; 

to die of laughing, umreti od 

smeha ; to roar with laughing, 

smejati se glasno 

laughable : adj., smesan, -na, -sno 
launch : n., ladja, f. 
laundress : n., pralja, pralica, 

peril] a, f. 

laundry : n., perionica, f. 
laundry (linen) : rublje, n. 
laurel : n., lavor, m. 
lava : n., crvak, crvid, m. 
lavatory : n., nuznik, zahod gde 

ima umivaonik 
lavender : n., despik, m. 
lavish : v., rasipati 
law : n., zakon, m. ; pravilo, pravo, 


lawful: adj., zakonit 
lawless: adj.,bezakon, nezakonit 
lawn : n., ledina, rudina, f. 
lawsuit : n., proces, spor, m. ; 

parnica, f. 

lawyer : n., pravnik, m. 
lay : v., metnuti (-nem), staviti, 

poloziti ; eggs, nositi jaja ; 

hold of, uhvatiti ; siege to, 

opsedati ; the table, postaviti 


lay : adj., svetovan, -vna, -vno 
layman : n., svetovnjak, m. 
laziness : n., lenost, lenivost, f. 
lazy : adj., len, trom 
lazy fellow : n., lenivac, m. 
lead : v., voditi, dovesti (-vedem) ; 

(an animal) terati ; (astray) 

lead : n., olovo, n. ; pencil, 

olovka, f. ; black-lead, n., grafit 

vodj, vodja, vojvoda, 

league : n., (3 miles) fias, sat, m. ; 

(alliance) savez, m. 
leak : v., tedi (-6em), curiti 

n., curenje, napuknuce, n. 

lean : v., saviti, sagnuti, nagnuti 

se (nagnem se) 
lean f adj., mrav, suh 
leap : v., sko&ti, skakati (skac'em) 
leap : n., skok, m. ; skakanje, n. 
Leap Year : n., prestupna godina, f. 
learn : v., u6iti, n&,u6iti 
learned: adj., u6evan, -vna, -vno, 

ufien, naudan 
learner : n., uSenik, m. 
learning : n., udenje, n. 
leash : n., remen, m. 
least : adv., najmanje ; adj., 


leather : n., koza, f. 
leathern : adj., kozan, -zna, -zno 
leather- worker : n., kozar, m. 
leave : v., ostaviti ; (alone) pus- 

titi ; ( off) prestati ; ( out) 

ispustiti, zaboraviti ; (go away) 

oti6i (-idem), otputovati, polaziti 
leave : n., (permission) dozvola, f. ; 

dopustenje, n. ; (holiday) dopust, 

raspust, m. ; to give , dozvo- 


leaven : n., kvasac, kvas, m. 
lecherous: adj., bludan, -dna, -dno 
lecture : n., predavanje, n. 
leech : n., pijavica, f. 
leek : n., praziluk, in. ; pras, m. 
left : adj., levi, -va, -vo 
left : adv., levo, na levo 
left hand: n., levica, levaka, f. 
left-handed person : n., levak, m. ; 

levaka, f. 
leg : n., noga, f . ; of mutton, 

butina, f . 

legacy : n., zavestanje, n. ; legat, m. 
legal : adj., zakonit, zakonski 
legalize : v., potvrditi 

leaden: adj., olovan, -vna, -vno, 

leader : n 


leaf : n., list, m. 
leaflet : n., listil, in. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as of 
ia room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 

legate : n., papin poslanik, in. 
legation : n., poslanstvo, n. 
legend : n., legenda, prifia, f. 

n., dokolenice,n>anin.sne, 




legible : adj., 6itak, -tka, -tko 
legion : n., legion, puk, m. 
legitimate: adj., zakonski, prave- 

leisure : n., dokolica, f. ; slobodno 

vrerae, n. 
leisured : adj., besposlen, dokolan, 

-Ina, -Ino 

lemon : n., limun, m. 
lend : v., pozajmiti, dati na zajam 
lender : n., zajmodavac, m. 
length : n., duzina, f. ; trajenje, n. 
lengthen : v., produiiti, uduzati 
lengthways : adv., uz dui 
lengthy : adj., dug 
lens : ru, objektiv, predmetnik, m. 
Lent : n., veliki post, m. 
lentil : n., socivo, n. ; leca, f. 
leopard : n., leopard, m. 
leprosy : n., guba, prokaza, f. 
leprous : adj., gubav, -a, -o 
lese-majest^ : n., uvreda veli6an- 

stva, f . 

less : adv., manje 
lessee : n., uzimalac 
lessen : v., umaliti 
lesser : adj., manji, -ja, -je 
lesson : n., lekcija, f. ; zadatak 

(-tka), m. ; 6as, m. 
let : v., pustiti ; (hire) dati pod 

najam ; (leave) ostaviti ; (allow) 

dopustiti ; him speak, neka 

govori ; us go, hajdemo ; 

blood, pustiti krv 
lethal : adj., smrtan, -tna, -tno 
letter : n., pismo, slovo, n. ; 

(character) pisme (pismena), n. ; 

capital , veliko pisme ; small 

, malo pisme, n. 
lettuce : n., locika, f. 
Levant : n., istok, m. 
level : adj., ravan, -vna, -vno 
level : v., uravniti 
lever : n., poluga, f. ; osib, m. 
leveret : n., ze6i6, m. 
lewd: adj., raskalasan, -ins, -sno, 


lexicon : n., re5nik, m. 
liability : n., odgovornost, f. 

liar : n., laza, f. ; lazljivac, m. 

libel : n., paskvila, f. 

liberal : adj., Slobodan, -dna, -duo, 

liberalan, -Ina, -Ino 
liberalism : n., liberalizam, m. ; 

slobodoumnost, f. 
liberate : v., osloboditi 
liberty : n., sloboda, f. 
librarian : n., bibliotekar, knjii 

nicar, m. 

library : n., biblioteka, knjiznica, f. 
license : n., dozvola, f. ; dopustonje, 


lick : v., lizati (lisem) 
lid : n., zaklopac (pea), kalpak 

(-pka), poklopac, m. 
lie : v., lagati (lazem) 
lie : n., laz, m. 
lie : v., leiati (leiim) ; " here lies," 

ovde lezi 

lieu, in of : adv., mesto 
lieutenant : n., porudnik, m. 
lieutenant-colonel, n. : potpukov- 

nik, m. 
life : zivot, m. ; for , za iivota, 

do smrti ; like, kao iiv ; 

time, vek, m. 

lifeless : aclaj., bez zivota, mrtav 
lift : n., dizanje, n. ; ma&ina za 

lift : v., dignuti (dignem), dizati 

(diZem), podignuti, podi6i (-dig- 
light : n., svetlost, f. ; videlo, n. ; 

dan, m. ; svetlo, n. ; osvetljenje, 

light : adj., (weight) lak, -a, -o ; 

(bright) svetao, svetla, -lo, 

sjajan, -jna, -jno, jasan, vidan 
light : v., paliti, zapaliti, uze 

(-eiem), osvetliti ; (stove) loziti 
lighten : v., laksati, istovariti 
light-house : n., kula svetila, f. 
lightning : n., inunja, f. 
lightning conductor : n., gromo- 

bran, gromovod, m. 
like : adj., jednak, slican, -dna, 

-6no, isti, puki ; his father, 

puki otac 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /*' in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




like: v., voleti (-lim), dopadati se . litany : n., litanija, f. ; molepstvije, 
likely : adj., verovatan, -tna, -tno 
likeness : n., jednakost, slika, f. 
likewise : adv., isto tako 
lilac: n., Ijiljak, jorgovan, m. 

lily : n., liljan, krin, m. 

lily-of -the- valley : n., djurdjevak, 


limb : n., ud, Clan, deo (dela), m. 
limber : n., topovska kola, f. 
lime : n., (tree) lipa, f. 
lime : n., kre6, m. ; slaked , 

gai5en ; quicklime, n., nega- 


lime-kiln : n., kredana, f. 
lime- wash : v., kreSiti 
limit : n., granica, f. ; sinor, m. ; 

medja, f. 

limit : v., ograni6iti, sinoriti 
limp : v., hramati 
limp : adj., slab, gibak, gipka, -ko 
line : n., crta, linija, f. ; red, m. ; 

(railway) pruga, f. ; (equator) 

ekvator, m. ; (string) konac, m. 
line : v., crtati, risati 
linen : n., platno, n. ; (clothes) 

rublje, n. 

linen draper : n., platnar, m. 
liner : n., redoviti parobrod, m. 
linguist : n., lingvist, m. 
lining : n., postava, oplata, f. 
link : n., beoc'ug, Clan, zglob, m. 
linseed : n., seme od lana 
linseed-oil : n., olaj, m. ; laneno 

ulje, n. 

lint : n., vata, f. ; tiftik, m. 
lion, lioness : n., lav, m. ; lavica, f. 
lip : n., usna, f. 
liqueur: n., liker, m. ; rakija, f. 

liquid : adj., 

liquidity : n., 

nost , f. 
liquorice : n., 

sliui io, in. 

tefian, -6na, -6no, 
tednost, f. ; vode- 
slatko drvce, n. ; 

list : n., spisak (-ska), m. ; popis, 


listen : v., slusati 
listener : n., sluSatelj 

literal : adj., doslovan, -vna, -vno 
literary: adj., knjizevni 
literate : adj., pismen 
literature : n., knjizevnost, f. 

lithograph : n., litograf, m. 

litigation: n., spor, m. ; parnica,f. 

litre : n., litar, m. 

litter : n., nosila, f. 

little: adj., mali, -la, -lo, malon, 

sitan, -tna, -tno ; one, boy, 

etc., mali, m. ; dete, n. 
little : adv., malo, malko 
little : n., malo, n. ; malenkost, f. ; 

by , adv., pomalo, malo po 

liturgy : n., liturgija, sluzba, f. 
live: v., iiveti (zivim) ; (dwell) 
sedeti (-dim), stanovati (-nujern) ; 

through, proziveti ; long ! 
fciveo, -vela, -velo ! 

livelihood : n., iivot, zitak, m. 

liveliness : n., zivost, f. 

lively : adj., iiv 

liver : n., jetra, crna dzigerica, f. 

live stock : n., ziva stoka, f. 

living : adj., 4iv, odvazan, -2na, 


living : n., iivot, zitak, m. 
lizard : n., guster, m. 
load :n., teret, tovar, m. ;breme, n. 
load : v., tovariti, teretiti, puniti ; 

(rifle) nabiti 

loaf : n.,lebac, hlebac (-lepca),m. 
loam : n., glina, f. 
loan : n., zajam, m. ; pozajmanje, 


loan : v., pozajmiti 
loathe : v., gnusati se, gaditi se 
loathsome: adj., gadan, -dna, -dno 
lobby : n., predvorje, n. 
lobster : n., morski rak, m. 
local : adj., mestan, mesna, -sno, 

tamoSnji, -ja, -je 
loch : n., jezero, n. 
lock : n., brava, f. ; padlock, n. f 

katanac, m. ; (river ) ustavn, 

brana, f. ; (hair) uvojka, vitica, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; as ah io shout. 



lock: v., zakljucati, zatvoriti lond : adj., glasan, -sna, -sno 

locksmith: n., bravar, m. louse : n., (pi. lice) vaS(vaski), us, in. 

lock-up: n., aps lousy: adj., uSljiv, vasljiv 

locomotive : n., lokomotiva, mas- lovable : adj., Ijubezan, -zna, -zno 

love : n., ljubav, f. ; for , za 

ljubav ; in , zaljubljen 
! love : v., ljubiti, voleti (volim) 
' lovely : adj., prekrasan, -sna, -sno 
lover : n., ljubavnik, m. 
loving : adj., ljubavan, -vna, -vno 
f . ; (ship's) I low : adj., nizak, niska, -sko; 
(poor) siromaian, -sna, -sno : 
(vulgar) prost, sramotan, -tna, 
-tno ; priced, adj., jevtin : 
spirited.adj ., f zalostan,-tna,-tno 

ina, f. 

locust : n., skakavac, m. 
lodger : n., stanar, m. 
lodging : n., Stan, m. 
loft : n., tavan, m. ; senara, f. 
lofty : adj., visok 
log : n., cepanica 

dnevnik broda 

logic : n., logika, f. 

logical : adj., logiSan, -Sna, -Sno 

loneliness : n., samoSa,osamljenost,f . 

lonely : adj., sam, osamljen 

long: adj., dug, dugacak, -Ska,! dolnji 

-Sko ; ago, adv., davno ; lowest : adj., najnizi, najdonji 

time, adv., dugo 
longer : adj., poduzi 

lower: adj., nizi, donji, -ja, -je, 

, lowly : adj., nizak, -niska, -sko, 


longitude: n., geograf ska, duzina, f. ' loyal : adj., Sastan, veran, -ma, 
longitudinal: adj., uzduini -rno, poSten 

look : v., gledati, pogledati ; loyalty : n., vernost, Sasnost, f. 
(people) izgledati ; (for) trazi ti, lubricate : v., namazati 
posmatrati ; out ! pazi ! j luck : n., sreca, f. ; what ! 
well, ill, izgledati dobro, rdjavo blago meni ! 

look : n., pogled, m. i luckless : adj., nesrecan, -Sna, -Sno 

lucky: adj., srecan, -Sna, -Sno 
luggage : n., prtljag, m. ; roba, f. 

looking-glass: n., ogledalo, n. 
loom : n., razboj, Stan, m. 

loose: adj., Slobodan, -dna, -dno, ; luggage train: 
odresen ; money, sitni novci vlak, m. 

loosen : v., odvezati, odresiti 

loot : n., pljacka, f. 

loot : v., pljaSkati 

Lord, the : n., Gospod, Bog, m. 

lord, n., gospodar, m. 
lordly : adj., gospodski 
Lord's prayer : n., oSenas, m. 
lorry : n., teretna kola, f. 
lose : v., izgubiti, gubiti 

n., teretni voz, 
reumatizam a 



n., gubitak (-tka), m. ; steta, 

puno ; 

(killed) pogibao (-bli), f. 
adj., izgubljen 
adv., mnogo 
gomila, f. 

lot : n., sudbina, f. 
loto : n., tombola, f. 
lottery : n., lutrija, f. ; 
sreSno, n. 

, lumbago : n., 

krstama, m. 
i lump : n., komad, m. 

lunacy : n., ludost, f. ; ludilo, n. 

lunatic : n., ludak, in. 

lunatic asylum : n., ludnica, f. 

lunch : n., doruSak (-Ska), Sala- 
brSak, m. 

lung : n., pluSa, bela dzigerica, f. 

lust : n., Jelja, pozuda, f. 

Lutheran: adj., luteranski 
luxurious : adj., raskosan, -sna, 

-sno, luksuzan, -zna, -zno 
luxury : n., raskos, luksuz, m. 
lying :adj., lazan, -zna, -zno, lazljiv 
lymph : n., limfa, f. 
(ticket) lynch : v., linSovati 
i lynx : n., ris, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li inmillion ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, S, aa ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




makaroni, rezanci, 

macaroni : 

m., pi. 
machine : n., maiina, f. ; mehani- 

zam, m. 
machinery : n., masina, f. ; orudje, 

mackerel : n., skumrija, f. ; lo- 

karda, f. 
mad : adj., lud 

mad, to become : v., ludeti, luditi 
Madam : n., gospodja, f. 
mad-house : n., ludnica, f. 
madman: n.,ludak, m. ; budala, f . 
madness : n., ludilo, n. ; ludost, f. 
magazine : n., magazin, hambar, 

m. ; stovarite, n. ; powder , 

n., barutana, f. 
magic : adj., madjiski, vradarski, 

Saroban, -bna, -bno 
magician : n., madjioniSar, vra8, 

bajalac, vetac, m. 
magistrate : n., sudac, m. 
magnet : n., magnet, m. 
magnetic : adj., magnetski 
magnetize : v., magnetisati 
magnificent: adj., velikolepni, 

sjajan, -jna, -jno 
magnify : v., veliSati 
magpie : n., svraka, f. 
Mahomedan : n.,Muhamedanac, m. 
Mahomedan : adj., muhamedanski 
maid, maiden : n., devica, deva, 

nevina, devojka, f. ; little girl, 

devojCe, n. ; devoj&ca, f. 
maid (servant) : n., sluSkinja, f. 
maidenhood (head) : n.,devojastvo, 

n. ; cistota, f. 
mail : n., pota, f. ; (armour) 

oklop, m. ; coach, n., pos- 

tanska kola, n., pi. 
maimed : adj., bagav, -a, -o 
maintain : v., driati, odriati 

(-zim); (feed) hraniti 
maize : n., kukuruz, m. 
majestic : adj., velicanstven 
Majesty: n., Veliflanstvo, veli- 

Canstvenost, f. ; His, Your, 

Njegovo, Vase, Velicanstvo, n. 


major : n., major, m. 

majority: n., vecina, f. ; (of age) 
punoletstvo, n. 

make : v., ciiiiti, raditi, praviti, 
stvoriti, graditi, u&niti ; 
angry, rasrditi ; appointment, 
ro6iti se ; arrangements, 
urediti ; a good dinner, dobro 
rudati ; one's escape, pobeci ; 

fire, loziti ; friends, 
sprijateljiti se ; haste, zuriti 
se ; hay, kositi seno ; 
journey, putovati ; ready, 
spremiti ; room, dati mesta ; 

sail, odjedriti ; a speech, 
drzati govor ; war, ratovati ; 

water, vodu pustati ; out, 
razumeti ; over, predati ; 

away with, ubiti, ukloniti 
maker : n., stvoritelj, m. 
malady : n., bolest, f. 
malaria : n., groznica, f. 
male : adj., muki 

malice : n., zloba, pakost, f. 
malicious : adj., zloban, -bna, -bno, 

malinger : v., pretvarati ae bole- 


mallet : n., tudak (-cka),malj,m. 
malt : n., slad, m. 
mamma : n., mama, maja, majka, 

mammal : n., sisavac, m. 

man: n., 6ovek ; men, pi., ljudi, 
m. ; muz, muskarac, m. ; 
servant, n., sluga, m. ; of 
war, n., ratni brod, m. ; mer- 
chantman, n., trgovacki brod, 
m. ; men of a ship, n., momc'ad, 
f. ; manslaughter, n., ubijstvo, n. 

manage : v., upraviti, rukovati 

management : n., uprava, f. ; 
vlada, f. ; upravljanje, n. ; 
vodjenje, n. 

manager : n., upravnik, upravitelj, 
rukovodja, m. ; administrator 

mandate : n., punomocije, n. ; 
mandat, m. ; zapovest, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as e in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij a li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 

man] 189 


mange : n., 5uga, f. 

manger : n., korito, n. 

manhood : n., muzevnost, f. 

mania : n., ludilo, n. 

manifest: adj., ocit. javan, -vna, 

-vno, oCevidan 

manifestation : n., izjava, objava, f. 
manifesto : n., manifest, proglas, 


manipulate: v., rukovati 
mankind : n., 6oveSanstvo, n. 
manner : n., nadin, postupak, m. ; 

in like , isto, isto tako 
manners : n., ponasanje, drzanje, 

n. ; maniri, m., pi. 
manoeuvre : v., upravljati, kretati, 

manoeuvres : n., manevar, m. ; 

veibanje, n. 

mansion : n., dom, m. ; ku6a, f. 
mantle : n., kabanica, f. 
manual : adj., ru8ni 
manufactory : n., fabrika, tvornica, 

manufacture : v., frabrikovati 
manufacturer : n., frabrikant, 

tvornidar, m. 

manure : n., djubre, n. ; gnoj, ra. 
manure : v., nacljubriti, gnojiti 
manuscript : n., rukopis, m. 
many : adv., mnogo ; a great , 

vrlo mnogo ; as as, toliko, 

koliko ; too , suvise ; how 

? koliko ? twice as , dva 

puta toliko 
many-coloured : adj., Saren, razno- 

bojan, -jna, -jno 
map : n., karta, mapa, f. 
marble : n., mermer, mramor, m. ; 

(boy's) kugla, f. 
March : n., mart, oiujak, m. 
march : n., mar, hod, put, m. 
march : v., marsirati, hoditi, idi 


mare : n., kobila, f. 
margin : n., kraj, m. ; ivica, f. 
marigold : n., neven, m. ; kaljuz- 

nica, f. 

mariner : n., brodar, mornar, m. 
mark : n., znak, m. ; belega, 

marka, pega, f. 
mark : v., obeleziti, oznaclfci, 2igo- 

marked : adj., obeleien, zakazan, 

market : n., pazar, m. ; trziSte, 

n. ; trg, m. ; <5ar5ija, pijaca, f. 
market : v., pazariti, kupiti, kupo- 


market-place : v., market 
market-town : n., trgoviste, n. 
marmalade : n., pekmez, m. ; 

slatko, n. (narance) 
marriage : n., brak, m. ; vencanje, 

n. ; zenidba, udadba, f. 
married : adj., ozenjen 
marrow : n., mozdina, f. ; srf, m. ; 

jezgra, f. 

marrow (vegetable) : n. , tikva, f. 
marry : v., (of a girl) udavati se 

(udajem) ; (of a man) oieniti se 
marsh : n., barustina, f. ; blato, n. 
marshal : n., vojvoda, marSal, m. 
marshy : adj., barovit 
martyr : n., mudenik, m. 
marvel : n., fiudo, n. ; cudila, f. 
marvel : v., duditi se 
marvellous: adj., Sudan, -dna, 

-dno, dudnovat 
masculine: adj., muski 
mask : n., maska, obrazina, f. 
mason : n., zidar, m. ; free-mason, 

Slobodan zidar, m. 
mass : n., masa, gomila, mnozina, f. 
Mass : n., sluzba Bozja, f. 
massacre : n., pokolj, m. ; sea, f. ; 

poklade, n. 

massacre : v., poklati (koljem) 
mast : n., katarka, f. : j arbor, m. 
master : n., gospodar, gazda, 

vlasnik, m. ; (of house) doma- 

din ; (school ) uSitelj, m. ; (trade) 

majstor, m. 
masterly : adj., majstorski, goa- 


masterpiece : n., remek, m. 
mastiS : n., samsov, m. 

marine : adj., pomorski, morski 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as _;' in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, S, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in rtom ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & aa sh in shout. 




mat : n., rogozina, asura, f. 
match : n., (light) masina, zigica, 

f. ; palidrvce, n. ; sibica, f. 
match : n., (pair) par, jednak, in. 
mate : n., drug, prijatelj, m. 
material : n., (cloth) tof, m. ; 

materija, f. ; (a thing) gradja, 

f. ; materija!, m. 
material : adj., materijalni, telesni, 


maternal : adj., materinski, majcin 
maternity : n., materinstvo, n. 
mathematics : n., matematika, f. 
matrimony : n., brak, m. 
matron : n., starica, babica, f. ; 

(hospital) staresina, najstarija 

sestra, f. 
matter : n., materija, f. ; sus- 

tastvo, n. ; (wound) gnoj, m. 
matter : v., mariti, znaCiti ; it does 

not , ne mari nista, svejedno ; 

it does not to me, marim ja ! 
mattress : n., dusek, minder, m. 
mature : v., zreti (zrem) 
mature : adj., zreo, zrela, -lo 
maturity : n., zrelost, f. 
Maundy Thursday : n., Veliki 

Cetvrtak, m. 

May : n., maj, svibanj, m. 
may : v., mo6i (mogu), smeti 


may : n., (tree) glog, m. 
mayor : n., gradonadelnik ; (vil- 
lage) kmet, m. 
me : pron., mene, meni 
meadow : n., livada, f. 
meal : n., ru6ak, m. ; veSera, f. j 

(flour) brasno, n. 
mean: adj., (middle) srednji ; 

(common) prost, prostacki, loS, 

rdjav ; (stingy) tvrd, skup ; 

(person) n., cicija, dzimrija, f. 
moan : v., (meaning) znafiiti ; 

(intend) mniti (mnim), hteti 

(ho<5u), nameriti 
meaning : n., znaCenje, n. ; mnenje, 

means : n., sredstvo, n. ; mogn6- 

nost, f. ; by of, adv., pos- 

redstvom, pomo6u, kroz, sa 
measles : n., mrasa, f. 
measure : v., meriti, izmeriti 
measure : n., mera, f. ; merilo, n. ; 

razmer, m. ; to , adv., po meri 
meat : n., meso, n. 
Mecca : n.,Meka, caba, f. ; 6alov,m. 
mechanic : n., mehanicar, rnasi- 

nista, m. 

mechanical : adj., mehanicki 
medal : n., medalja, f. ; kolajna, f. 
meddle : v., mesati se 
mediate : v., posredovati 
mediation : n., posrednistvo, n. 
mediator : n., posrednik, m. 
medical : adj., medecinski, lekarski 
medicine : n., lekarstvo, n. ; lek, 

m. ; fizika, f. ; medecina, f. 
meditate : v., smisljati 
meditation : n., razmisljanje, n. 
medlar : n., musmula, f. 
meet : v., sresti (sretnem), sretati ; 

(together) skupiti, skupljati 
meeting : n., skup, sabor, miting, 

zbor, m. ; (together) sretanje, 

n. ; sastanak (-nka), m. 
melancholic : adj., setan, -tna, -tno 
melancholic, to become : v., seto- 


melancholy : n., seta, f. 
melon: n., (sweet)dinja, f. ; pipun, 

m. ; ( water )lubenica, f. ; bed, 

n., bostan, m. 
melt : v., topiti se 
member : n., (body) udo, n. ; (club) 

clan, m. ; (family) celjade, n. ; 

(parliament) Skupstinsiu posla- 

nik, m. 
membrane : n., opna, opnica, 

kozica, f. 

memorial : n., spomenik, m. 
memory : n., pamet, spomen, m. ; 

pamcenje, n. ; by , na pamet 
menace : v., pretiti, groziti 
mend : v., popraviti, krpiti 
menstruation : n., mese&na, f. ; 

ienski cvet, m. 

meanness : n., prostota ; (stingy) 
skupost, f. ; tvrdoca, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as 3 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as of 
in room ; h as ch in loc.h ; c a3 ts in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




mental : adj., misleni, umni, 

mention : v., pomenuti, spomenuti 


menu : n., jolovnik, m. 
mercenary : n., placenik, m. 
mercer : n., sitnicar, m. 
merchandise : n., trgovina, roba, f. 
merchant : n., trgovac, m. 
merciful: adj., milosrdan, -dna, 


mercury : n., iiva, f. 
mercy : n., milosrdje, n. 
meridian : n., podnevak, m. 
merit : n., zasluga, vrednost, f. 
merry : adj., veseo, -sela, -selo, 

radostan, -tna 
mesh : n., oko (u mre2e), n. ; 

mreza, f. 
mess : n., (dirt) neCistota, f. ; 

(officers') menai, m. 
message : n., poruka, f. ; glas, m. 
messenger : n., glasnik, vesnik, 

tatarin, m. 

metal : n., metal, m. ; adj., metalni 
meteor : n., meteor, vazdu.sni 

pojav, m. 

method : n., metoda, f. ; nacin, m. 
metre : n., metar, m. 
metric : adj., metric'ki 
mica : n., tinjac, m. 
Michaelmas : n., Mihailov dan, m. 
midday : n., podne 
middle : n., sredina, f. 
middle: adj., srednji, -ja, -je ; 

ages, srednji vek, m. ; in the 

of, nasred ; from the , sasred 
midnight : n., ponoc ; at , u ponoc 
midshipman : n., mladi morski 

oficir, m. 

midships : adv., usred broda (ladje) 
midsummer : n., sredina leta, f. 
midway : adv., na polaputa 
midwife : n., babica, f. 
might : n., moc, mocnost, f. ; sila, f. 
mighty: adj., mocan, -cna, -dno, 

mild : adj., blag, lak 

mile : n., milja, f. 

military: adj., vojni, vojnic'ki, 

milk : n., mleko, n. ; (boiled) n., 

varenika, f. ; (sour ), kiselo 


milk : v., musti (muzem), pomusti 
milkman (boy) : n., mlekar, m. 
milk-shop : n., mlekarnica, f. 
milky: adj., mlecan, -Sna, -<5no 
mill : n., mlin, m. ; (steam) parni 
miller : n., mlinar, m. 
millet : n., proha, prosa, f. 
milliner : n., modist, kitnic'ar, m. 
million : n., milijun, m. 
minaret : n., minare, n. 
mince : v., seckati 
mind : n., duh, um, pamet, razum, 

m. ; to go out of one's , ludeti 
mind : v., paziti na.mariti.brinuti se 
mine : pron., moj 
mine : n., rudnik, majdan, m. ; 

rnina, f. 

miner : n., rudar, m. 
mineral : n., mineral, m. 
mineral : adj., mineralni 
mineral water : n., kisela (mineral- 

na), voda, f. 

minimum: n., najmanje, n. 
mining : n., rudarstvo, n. 
minister: n., (church) sveStenik, 

m. ; (lay) poslanik, ministar, m. 
ministerial : adj., ministarsky 
ministry : n., ministarstvo, n. ; 

of Agriculture and Commerce, 

privrede ; of Education 
and Public Worship, prosveti i 
crkvenih poslova ; of Finance, 

finansija ; of Foreign 
Affairs, spoljnih poslova ; 
of the Interior, unutrasnjih 
poslova ; of Justice, - 
pravde ; of Public Works, 
gradjevina ; of War, vojno 

n., maloletnik, m. 

silan, -Ina minor : adj., manji, malen 

mignonette : n., rezeda, f. ; ljubi- minority : n., malina. manjina, f. ; 
mac, m. (boy and girl) malolotnost, f. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as _;' in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; S as ah in shout. 




mint (flower) : n., motvica, f. 
mint : v., kovati (kujem) 
minus : adv., maiije, bez 
minute : n., minut, trenutak (-tka), 


miracle : n., 6udo, n. 
miraculous: adj., fiudnovat, 6udan, 

miracle- worker : n., CudotYorac 

(-rca), m. 

mirror : n., ogledalo, n. 
misbehave : v., zlo se vladati 
miscarriage: n., pobacaj, m. ; po- 

bacivanje, n. 
miscarry : v., pobaciti 
miscellaneous : adj., ineovit 
mischief : n., nepravda, f. ; 

zloSin, m. ; rdjavo, n. 


miser : n., Skrtac, m. ; tvrdica, f. ; 

srebroljubac (-ljupca) 
miserable : adj., jadan, -dna, -dno, 

bedan, -dna, -dno, tu2an, -4na, 

misery : n., beda, f. ; jad, m. ; 

in uka, f . 
misfortune, mishap : n., nesreca, 

nevolja, f. 

misogynist : n., 2enomrzac, in. 
Miss : n., gospodjica, f. 
miss : v., faliti, nemati 
missing: adj., falifian, -6na, -6no, 

mission : n., misija, f. ; poslanstvo, 

n. ; nalog, m. 
mist : n., magla, f. 
mistake : n., grelka, pogreka, 

zabluda, f. ; by , adj., pogregno 
mistaken, to be : v., pogreSiti, 

varati se 

mistaken : adj., pogresan, -Sna, -5no 
mister, Mr. : n., gospodin, m. 
mistletoe : n., imela, f. 
mistress : n., ljubaznica ; (of a 

house) domadica, f. ; (school) 

u&teljica, f. 

misty: adj., maglen, maglovit 
misunderstand : v., zlo razumeti 
mitigate : v., ublaziti, oslabiti 
mix : v., meiati, umeiati, pomeati 

mixed : adj., pomeSan, -na, -5no, 


mixture : n., meSavina 
moan : v., je<5ati, jecati 
moan : n., jeSanje, stenjanjo, n. 
mobilization : n., mobilizacija, f. 
mobilize : v., mobilizovati 
model : n., model, primer, obrazac, 


moderate : v., umeriti 
moderate : adj., umeren 
moderation : n., umerenost, f. 
modern : adj., moderan, -rna, -rno, 

modest : adj., skroman, -mna, 

-mno, smeran, -rna, -rno 
modesty : n., skromnost, sinernost, 

moist : adj., vlaSan, -2na, -ino 

moisture : n., vlazina, f. 

mole: n., (animal) krtica, f . ; (on 

skin) bradavica, f. 
moment : n., c"asak, trenutak(-tka), 

m. ; at the right , u dobri 

momentary: adj., trenutan, -tna, 


monarch : u., monarh, vladalac, m. 
monarchy : n., monarhija, f. 
monastery : n., manastir, m. 
Monday : n., ponedeljak, ponede- 

onik, m. 
money : n., novae, m. ; small 

change, n., sitan novae, m. ; 

belt, n., <5erner, m. ; box, n., 

fitednica, f. ; changer, n., 

menjad, saraf, m. ; order, n., 

uputnica, f. 

monk : n., kaludjer, monah, m. 
monkey : n., majmun, m. ; maj- 

munica, f. 

monopoly : n., monopol, m. 
monotonous : adj., dosadan, -dna, 


monster: n.,nakaza, nagrda, f. 
monstrous : adj., grdan, -dna, -dno 
month : n., mesec dana, m. 
monthly : adj., meseCni, -na, -no 
monument : n., spomenik, m. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 2 as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




moon : n., mesec, m. ; full , uStap' 


moonlight : n., meseCina, f. 
moor: n., pustara, f. ; (man)moro, 

crnac, m. 

moor : v., vezati (brod) 
moorage : n., sidriSte, n. 
moral : adj., moralan, -Ina, -Ino 
moral : n., moral, m. 
morality : n., moralnost, f. 
more : adv., vise, jo ; I have no 

money, nemam vise novaca ; 

and , sve vise 
morning : n., jutro, n. ; good , 

dobro jutro ; during the , u 

jutru, za jutra ; this , adv., 


morning: adj., jutrnji, -ja, -je 
morning star : n., danica, f. 
Morocco leather : n., saktijan, m. 
mortal : adj., smrtan, -tna, -tno 
mortal : n., samrtnik, Covek, m. 
mortality : n., amrtnost, f. 
mortar : n., stupa, f. ; havan, m. 
mortar: n., (building ) mort, malter, 

maz, m. 

mortgage : n., hipoteka, f. 
mortuary : n., mrtvaSnica, f. 
Moslem : n., musliman, m. 
Moslem priest : n., hodza, m. 
mosque: n., diamija, f. ; moseja, f. 
mosquito: n., komar, komarac 


moss : n., mahovina, f. 
adv., najviSe 

n., nodni lepir, m. 




mother : n., majka, mama 
motherhood : n., materinstvo, n. 
mother-in-law : n., (husband's 

mother) svekrva, f. ; (wife's 

mother) tata, f. 
mother-of-pearl : n., sedef, m. 
motion : n., kretanje, n. 
motive : n., pobuda, f. : povod, m. ; 

uzrok, motiv, razlog, m. 
motor : n., motor, m. ; pokreta5 ; 

m. ; pokretna sila, f. 

mould : n., (shape) kalup, m. ; 

(earth) crnica, f. 

mouldiness : n., budj plesan, m. 
mouldy : adj., budjav, plesniv 
Mount Athos : n., Sveta Gora, f. 
mount : v., (horse) posesti (-sedem) 
mountain : breg (bregovi), m.; brdo, 

n. ; gora, f. ; ( range) planina, f. 
mountain : adj., gorski, planinski 
mountaineer : n., planinac, m. ; 

planinka, f. 

mountainous : adj., brdovit 
mourn : v., zaliti, tuziti, oplakati 

mourning : n., zalost, f. ; (clothes) 

crnina, f . 
mouse : n., mis 
moustache : n., brk, m. (brci or 


mouth : n., usta, f. ; (river) utok.m. 
movable : adj., pokretan, -tna, -tno 
move : v., kretati ((kre6em), micati 

(midem), pokrenuti (-nem) 
movement : n., kretanje, micanje, 

n. ; tok, m. ; pokret, m. 
mow : v., kositi 
mower : n., kosac, kosad, m. 
mowing : n., senokos, m. 
Mrs. : n., (mistress) gospodja, f. 
much : adv., mnogo, veoma ; as 

, toliko, tako ; too , suviSe ; 

not , ne mnogo 
mucous membrane : n., sluzo- 

kozica, f . 

mucus : n., sluz, f. 
n., ve6ina, f. ; najvedi deo, mud : n., blato, n. 

I muddy : adj., blatan, -tna, -tno 

mufti : n., civilno odelo, n. 
mulberry : n., dud, m. ; dudinka, f. 
mule : n., mazga, f. ; mazgov, m. ; 

mula, f . 

mule boy : n., mazgar, m. 
multiplication : n., mnozenje, n. 
multiply : v., mnoziti, pomnoziti 
multitude : n., mnozina, f. ; mno- 

stvo, n. 
mumps : n., zapaljenje usne zlezde, 

zausnica, f. 
municipal : adj., opstinski 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as _;' in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you 
Ij as li in million ; nj as n in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shot ; 





municipality : n., opstina, f. 
munition : n., diebana, municija, f. 
murder : n., ubistvo, n. 
murder : v., ubiti (ubijem) 
murderer: n., ubilac (-lea), ubica, 

krvnik, m. 

murmur : n., iubor, Sum, m. 
murmur : v., fcuboriti, mumlati 
muscle : n., misi6, m. 
mushroom: n., pe6urka, gljiva, f. 
music : n., muzika, svirka, f. 
musical: adj., muzikalni, muziSki 
musician : n., muzidar, svirad, m. 
musket : n., musket, m. 
muslin : n., muslin, m. 
Mussulman : n., musliman, mus- 

lonian, m. 
must : v., morati, trebnti ; I not, 

ne smem ; I work, treba da 

radim ; I go, moram i6i 

mustard : n., sla&ca, sinapa, f. 
mute : n., nemak, m. ; nemkinja, f. 
mutilate : v., sakatiti, onakaziti 
mutilation: n.,saka<Senje, n. 
mutiny : n., metei; m. ; buna, f. 
mutton : n., ovnetina, ovdevina, f. 
mutual : adj., uzajaman, -rnna, 


mutuality : n., uzajamnost, f. 
muzzle : n., (animal's) gubica, f. ; 

(gun) u6e, m. ; grlo, n. 
my : pron., moj, -ja, -je 
myrrh : n., smirna, mira, f. 
myrtle : n., mirta, mrSa, f. 
myself: pron., jasam 
mysterious : adj., tajanstven, tajan 

-jna, -jno 

mystery : n., tajna, f. 
mystify : v., obmanuti, ismejati 
mythology : n., mitologija, f. 


nail : n., (finger) nokat (nokti), m. ; native country : 

(metal) jekser, klinac, Cavao, m. domovina, . 
naked : adj., go, gola, -lo 
nakedness : n., golota, f. 

n., otadfbina 

name : n., ime (imena), n. ; naziv, 
m. ; (surname) prezime, n. ; in 

Nativity : n., roZdenstvo, n. 
natural : adj., prirodan, -dna, -dno 

naturalist: n.,prirodnjak,n. 
naturalize : v., odoma6iti 

the of ... u ime . . . ; by , po \ naturally : adv., naravno, prirodno 
imenu ; what is your ? kako nature : n., priroda, f. 
vam je ime ? my is .. .,imemi j naughty : adj., zao, zla, zlo, zlo- 

ban, rdjav 

v. t zvati (zovem), imeno 

je. .. 
name : 

vati, nazvati 
nameless : adj., bezimen, -a, -o 
napkin : n., ubrus, m. ; salveta, f. 
narrow : adj., uzak, uska, -ko, 

tesan, -sna, -sno 
narrowly : adv., jedva 
narrowness : n., uzina, tesno6a, f. 
nasal : adj., nosni 
nasty: adj., gnusan, -sna, -sno, 

gadan, -dna, -dno 
nation : n., narod, m. 
national : adj., narodni, -dna, -dno 
nationality : n., narodnost, f. 
native of: adj., rodom iz, rodni, 


nauseous : adj., bljutav, -tva, 


navel : n., pupak (-pka), m. 
navigable : adj., plovan, -vna, -vno 
navigate : v., ploviti 
navigation : n., plovidba, f. ; plo- 

vljenje, n. 

navigator : n., plovac (plovca), m. 
navy : n., flota, f. 
near : adj., bliz, blizak, bliska, -ko ; 

adv., blizu, blisko ; quite , sa 

svim blizu 
near: prep., uz, uza (ace.), pored 

pokraj (gen.), mimo (ace.) 
necessary : adj., potreban, -bna, 

-bno, nuzdan, -dna, -dno 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as t* in cats ; 8 as ah in shout. 

nee] 105 [nob 

new year : n., nova godina, f. ; 

Mali Bozid, m. 
newly : adv., skoro, nedavno 
newly-born: adj., novorodjen, -a, 

news : n., novost, f. ; vest, m. ; 

novine, f., pi. ; glas, in. 
newspaper : n., novine, f., pi. 
next : adj., bliSnji, -ja, -jo, idudi ; 
day, sutrodan ; year, udude 

next : prep., pored (gen.), pokraj, 
uz (ace.); one to the other, 
jedan pored drugoga 
nib : n., pisade pero, n. 
nice : adj., prijatan, -tna, -tno, fin, 


nickel : n., nikel, m. 
nickname : n., nadimak, m. 
niece: n., (daughter of sister) sestri- 
clna, f. ; (daughter of brother) 
sinovica, f . 
nigger : n., crnac, m. 
night : n., nod, f. ; at , nodu, 

nodom ; good , laka nod 
night : adj., nodni, -na, -no 
night, to spend the : v., noditi 
nightingale : n., slavid, slavuj, m. ; 

slavja, f. 

nightly : adj., nodni, svaku nod 
nightmare : n., mora, f. 
nine : num. devet 
nineteen : num. devetnaest 
nineteenth : devetnaesti 
ninetieth : devedescti 
ninety : num. devedeset 
ninth : deveti, n. ; devetina, f. 
nipple : n., bradavica, f. 
nitrate : n., nitrat 
nitre : n., Salitra, f. 
nitrogen : n., dusik, m. 
no : adv., ne, jok 

neutrality : n., neutralnost, f. Noah's Ark : n., Nojev Kovceg, m. 

never : adv., nikid, nikada, nigda pnobility : n., plemenitost, f. ; 
nevertheless : adv., ipak plemstvo, n. 

new : adj., nov noble : adj., plemenit, -a, -o 

new moon : n., mlad mesec, m. ; noble : n., plemenitaS, plemid 

mladina, f. nobody: pron.,niko, nitko,nijedan, 

New Testament : n.,NoviZavet, m. I -dna, -dno 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j i James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as ew 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as ah in shout. 

necessity : n., potreba, potrebnost, 

f. ; nuzda, f. 
neck : n., vrat, m. ; (animal's) sija, 


necklace : n., ogrlica, f. ; niz, m. 
need : n., potreba, nuzda, f. 
need : v., trebati, trebovati (-bujem), 

morati ; I money, trebam 


needful : adj., potreban, -bna, -bno 
neediness : n., oskudnost, f. 
needle : n., igla, f. 
needy: adj., siromaSan, -sna, -no 
negative : adj., odredni, negativan, 

-vna, -vno 

negative : n., odricanje, n. 
neglect : v., zanemariti 
negligence : n., nemar, m. ; nemar- 

iiost , f . 
negligent: adj., nemaran, -ma, 

-rno, nemarljiv 

neigh: v., njiStati, rzati (riem) 
neigh : n., njistanje, rzanje, n. 
neighbour : n. sused, komsija, m. 
neighbourhood : n., susedstvo, n. ; 

blizina, f. ; okolina, f. 
neighbouring: adj., okolni, -na, 

-no, susedni 

neither nor : conj., ni ni 

neither : pron., nijedan 

nephew : n., (son of brother) sino- 

vac (-vca), m. ; (son of sister) 

nedak, sestrid, m. 
nerve : n., nerv, zivac, m. 
nervous : adj., nervni, zivdani 
nest : n., gnezdo, n. 
net : n., mreza, f. ; (fishing) -za 


nettle : n., kopriva, f. 
neuter: adj., srednji, srednjeg roda 
neuter : n., srednji rod, m. 
neutral : adj., neutralan, -Ina, -Ino 




nocturnal : adj., nocni, -na, -no 
noise : n., graja, huka, lamia, f. 
noise, to make : v., larmati 
noisy : adj., buran, -riia, -rno, 


nominate : v., imenovati 
nomination : n., imonovanje, n. 
nominative : n., prvi padoz, m. 
non-commissioned officer : n., podo- 

ficir, m. 

nonchalance : n., ravnodusnost, f. 
none : pron. and adv., nijedan, -dna, 

-dno, nikakav, -kva, -kvo, nitko, 


nonsense: n., bezumlje, n. 
noon : n., podne 
nor : conj., ni 

normal : adj., normalan, -Ina, -Ino 
north : n., sever, m. ; in the , 

adv., severno 

north-east : n., severoistok, m. 
northern : adj., severni, -na, -no 
North Pole : n., severni pol, m. 
north-west: n., severozapad, m. 
nose : n., nos, m. ; my is bleed- 
ing, ide mi krv na nos 
nostril : n., nozdrva, nosnica, f. 
not : adv., ne ; at all, adv 

nikako,nikoliko ; only. . . bu^, 

ne samo . . . nego ; yet, jo% 

notable: adj., znamenit, znatan, 

-tna, -tno 
note : n., beleSka, f. ; nota, f. ; 

(bill) rafium, m. ; (letter) pismo, 

n. ; zapiska, f. ; (slip of paper) 

cedulja, f. ; (reminder) napo- 

mona, f. 
note-book : n., bele2nica, f. ; zapis- 

nica, f . 
nothing : n. and adv., niSta ; he 

does but sleep, on samo spava 
notice : n., objava, beleSka, f. ; 

opis, m. ; oglas, in. 
notice, to take : v., opaziti, paziti 
notice, to bring to : v., razglasiti 
notice, to give : v., javiti, objaviti ; 

(leave) otkazati 
notify : v., javiti, oglasiti 

notoriety: n., poznatost, f. ; jav- 

nost, f. 

nought : n., nula, nista, f. 
noun : n., imenica, f. 
nourish : v., hraniti 
nourishment : n., hrana, f. 
novel : adj., nov, neobican, -na, 


novel : n., roman, in. 
novelty: n., novost, f . ; neobiSnost.f . 
November :n.,novembar,studeni,m. 
now : adv., sad, sada ; exactly , 

ba sad ; for the present, za 

sada ; from , od sada ; till , 

do sada 

nowhere : adv., nigde, nikud 
noxious : adj., Skodljiv 
nubile : adj., dorastao, -sla, -slo ; 

za udaju 

nude : adj., go^gola, -lo 
nudity : n., golota, f. 
nuisance: n.,dosadnoat, f. 
nuisance, to be a : v., canjati 
numb : adj., uko6en, beScutan, 

-tna, -tno 
number: n., broj, m. ; 6islo, n. ; 

even, odd , tak, lih broj, m. 
number : v., brojiti 
numberless: adj., bezbrojan, -jna, 

numerable: adj., mnogobrojan, 

-jna, -jno 

numeral : n., broj, m. 
numerous : adj., mnogobrojan, 

-jna, -jno 

nun : n., kaludje rica, duvna, f. 
nuptial : adj., svadbeni, brani ; 

blessing, n. ; venfianje, n. 
nurse : n., hospital , bolniearka, 

sestra, f. ; bolnifiar, m. ; wet , 

dojkinja, dadilja, f. 
nurse : v., starati se, negovati, 


^nursery : n., soba za decu, f. 
nursery-garden : n., rasadnik, m. 
nut : n., (hazel) leSnik, m. ; (wal- 
nut) orah (pi. orasi), m. 
nutrition : n., hrana, f. 
nymph : m., vila, f . 

Pronounce : dj, dZ, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, c, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c aa ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




oak : n., dub, rast, sr, m. 

oar : n., veslo, n. 

oarsman : n., veslar, m. 

oath : n., kletva, rota, f. ; to take 

an , v., rotati, kleti se (kunem 


oats : n., zob, f., ovas, m. 
obedience : n., posluh, m. ; pos- 

lusnost, f. 
obedient : adj., poslusan, -5na, 

-sno, pokoran 
obey : v., poslusati (-sam) 
obituary notice : n., prijava smrti, 

object: n., predmet, stvar, m. ; 

(aim) celj, m. 

object : v., primetiti, progovoriti 
objection : n., primedba, f. ; pri- 

govor, m. 
obligation : n., obveza, usluga, 

obligacija, f. ; duinost, f. 
obligatory : adj., obavezan, -zna, 

obstinate : adj., uporan, -rna, -rno, 

samovoljan, -jna, tvrdoglav 
obstruct : v., zatvoriti, zakrciti 
obstruction : n., zakrcenje, n. ; 

smetnja, f. 

obtain : v., dobiti (-bijem), izraditi 
obvious : adj., ocit, ocevidan. -dna, 

-dno ; it is , to pada u oCi 
occasion : n.,prilika,f. ; sluSaj.m. ; 

prigoda, f. ; zgoda, f. 
occasional : adj., prigodan, -dna, 

-dno, slu6ajan, -jna, -jno 
occupant : n., koji drzi, ima 
occupation : n., rad, m. ; zani- 

raanje, n. 
occupy : v., zavladiti, zauzeti, 

osvojiti, drzati ; (house) stano- 


occur : v., dogoditi se, sluciti se 
occurrence: n.,dogadjaj,slucaj, m. 
ocean: n., okean, m. ; more, n. 
o'clock : adv., sati 

oblige : v., (compel) 

octave : n., oktava, osmina, f. 
obvezati October : n., oktobar, listopad, m. 

(-vezem).prinuditi ; (doaservice) 

uciniti uslugu, zaduziti 
obliging : adj., ljubazan, -zna, -zno, 

usluzan, -zna, -zno 
obligingness: n., usluinost, prijat- 

nost, f. 

obliterate : v., izbrisati 
oblivion : n., zaboravljenje, n. 
oblong : adj., duguljast 
obscene : adj., sramotan, -tna, -tno 
obscure : adj., tainan, -mna, -mno, 

inracan, -6na, -cno 
ob icure : v., pomraSiti, potamneti 
obscurity: n., tmina, f. ; mrak, m. ; 

tarn a, f. 
observance: n.,paznja, f. ; vrSenje, 

ob :orve : v., opazati, opaziti, 


observer : n., posmatraS, opazac, m. 
obstacle: n., smetnja, f. ; prepreka, 

obstinacy: n., upornost, tvrdo- 

glavnost, f. ; samovolja, f. and , amo tamo ; he went 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in. Jamss ; 4 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, &, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch, in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 

oculist : n., o6ni lekar, m. 

odd : adj., neravan, -vna, -vno ; 

(number) lib. ; (peculiar) osobit, 

6udan, -dna, -dno 
oddity : n., (Sudnovatost, f. ; neo- 

bidnost, f. 
odious : adj., gnusan, -sna, -sno, 

mrzak, mrska, -sko 
odorous : adj., mirisav 
odour : n., (good) miris, m. ; (bad) 

smrad, m. 
of: prep., od, iz, kod (gen.) ; King 

England, kralj engleski, m. ; 
man courage, hrabar covek, 
m. ; a friend mine, jedan moj 
prijatelj, m. ; course, naravno, 
dabome ! a sudden, iznenada ; 

necessity, nuzno ; to be five 
years age, imati pet godina ; 

age, adj., punoletan, -tna, 
-tno ; my own free will, od 
svoje volje 

oft : adv., od, odatle, daleko ; on 
I ' ' 



on je otisao ; far , vrlo daleko ; 
well , bogat, -a, -o ; badly , 

siromasan, -sna, -Sno ; (dis- 
tant), udaljen ; he fell his 

horse, on je pao a konja ; hands 

off ! sebi ruke ! with your 

hat ! skini Sesir ! 
offence : n., uvreda, f. ; fgreh, m. 
offend: v., uvrediti.vredjati 
offensive: adj., uvredljiv 
offensive : n., napad, m. ; to take 

the , napasti (-padnem) 
offer : v., ponuditi, nuditi 
offering : n., ponuda, f. ; (sacrifice) 

Srtva, f. 
office: n., kancelarija, pisarnica, 

f. ; (ministry) ministarstvo, n. ; 

post , n., poata, f. ; to be in 

, biti u sluzbi 
officer : n., oficir, m. 
official: adj., sluzbeni, drzavni, 

zvani6an, -fina, -6no 
official : n., cmovnik, m. 
officiate (church) : v., sluziti sluzbu 

u crkvi 

offing : n., Siroko, more, n. 
often : adv., 6esto, viSe puta 
oil : n., ulje, n. ; zejtin, in. ; lamp 

, n., gas, m. ; cloth, n., 

voStano platno, n. ; colour, n., 

ul j ana boja, f. 

oil : v., mazati (maiem), uljiti 
oily : adj., uljast, uljan 
ointment: n., pomazanik, m. 
old : adj., star, drevan, -vna, -vno, 

davni ; (antique) starinski ; a 

year , od jedne godine ; age, 

starost, f. ; man, 6ia, starac, 

m. ; woman, baba, starica, f ; 

of , od starine 
old, to grow : v., starati se ; how 

are you T koliko vam je godina 7 
older : adj., stariji 
oldness : n., starost, f. 
olive : n., maslinka, f. ; (tree) 

maslina, uljika, f. 
omelet : n., omlet, in. ; kajgana, 

tiganjica, f. 
omen : n., znamenje, n. ; slutnja, f. 

omission : n., zaborav, m. ; pro- 
pust, f. 

omit : v., zaboraviti, izostaviti 

omnibus : n., omnibus, m. 

on : prep., u (gen.), na (loc. ) ; to, 
na (ace.), kod (gen.) ; the day 
before Easter, u 061 Uskresa ; 
the journey, na putu ; to the 
roof, na krov ; foot, adv., 
peke ; horseback, adv., na 
konju ; all sides, sa svih 
strana ; shore, na kraju ; - 
fire, goriti ; her arrival, kad 
ona je dola ; the 1st of June, 
prvoga juna ; Friday, u 
petak ; purpose, naroclto, 

once : adv., jedanput, jedankrat ; 
( upon a time) jednom, jedan- 
red ; again, jo jednom ; all 
at , ujedanput ; at , odmah ; 

in a way, kad i kad 

one: num., jedan, -dna, -dno ; a 
little , n., dete (pi. deca), n. ; 
give me some good ones, dajte mi 
dobrih ; day, jednog drum ; 
last but , predzadnji, adj. ; 

by , jedan po jedan ; such 
a , takav, -kva, -kvo ; any , 
netko, neki ; no , nitko ; it's all 

to me, to mi je sve jedno ; 
I for , to se mene tiSe ; 
another, jedan drugoga 

oneself: pron., sam sebe, se, sebe 

onion : n., crni luk, rn. 

only : adj., jedini 

only : adv., samo ; if , samo da ; 

not . . . but, nesamo . . . ve6 
only child : n., jedinCe, n. 
only daughter : n., jedinica, f. 
only son : n., jedinac, m. 
onward : adv., napred 
opaque : adj., neprozraSan, -na, 

open : adj., otvoren, -a, -o ; (free) 

Slobodan, -dna; (public) javari, 

-vna, -vno ; (sincere) iskren ; 

(generous) darezljiv 
open : v., otvoriti, izloziti, otkriti 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, &, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout. 




opening : n., otvor, ulaz, prolaz, m. 
openly : adj., otvoreno, iskreno 
openness: n., otvorenost, iskrenost, 

operate : v., (rned. ) operisati 
operation : n., operacija, f. 
operator : n., operator, ranar, in. 
opinion : n., miSljenje, mnjenje, n. 
opium : n., opijum, m. 
opponent : n., protivnik, m. 
opportune : adj., zgodan, -dna, -dno 
opportunity : n., zgoda, prilika, f. 
oppose : v., protiviti, staviti prema 
opposer : n., protivnik, m. 
opposite : prep., prema (loc.) ; adv., 

preko putu 
opposite : adj., pro ti van, -vna, 

-vno, suprotan, -tna, -tno 
opposition : n., suprotnost, opozi- 

cija, f. 
oppress : v., ugnjetavati, pritiski- 


optician : n., optidar, m. 
option : n., izboz, m. 
opulence : n., izobilnost, f. ; bogat- 

stvo, n. 

opulent : adj., bogat, obilan 
or : conj., ili; either . . . or, . . . ili 

. . . ili 

oral : adj., usni, usmeni 
orange : n., naranca, pomorandza, f . 
orator : n., besednik, govornik.m. 
orchard : n., vocnjak, m. 
orchestra : n., orkestar, m. ; kapela, 

glazba, f . 
order: n., (command) zapovest, 

naredba, f. ; nalog, ukaz, m. ; 

(in ) red, m. ; stalez, poredak, 

raspored, m. ; uredjenje, n. ; 

(medal, etc.) orden, m. 
order : v., narediti, zapovedati, 

komandovati ; (tidy) urediti, 

rasporediti ; in that, da ; in 

, u redu ; out of , bez reda, 

neuredan, bolestan 
orderliness : n., urednost, pravil- 

nost, f. ; red, m. 
orderly : adj., uredan, -dna, -dno, 


orderly: n., ordonans, m. ; ias- 

posilni, m. ; (hospital) bolnicar, 

m. ; officer, dezurni oficir, m. 

(Fr. de jour) 

ordinal : n., (number) redni broj, m. 
ordinary : adj., obican, -6na, -dno, 

svagdainji, prost 
ore : n., ruda, f. ; metal, m. 
organ : n., (musical) orgulje, n. : 

(voice) glas, m. ; (body) organ, 

m. ; (means) orudje, n. ; sred- 

stvo, n. 

organic : adj., organski 
organization : n., organizacija, f . ; 

uredjenje, n. 

organize : v., organize vat i, urediti 
organist : n., orguljar, m. 
orient : n., istok, orijent, m. 
oriental : adj., istocan, -dna, -cno 
origin : n., postanak, (-nka), m. 
original : adj., originalan, -Ina, 

-bio, osobit, fiudnovat 
ornament : n., ukras, nakit, m. ; 

sara, f . 

ornament : v., nakititi, ukrasiti 
orphan : n., siroce, n. ; orphans, 

pi., sirocad, f. 

orphan : adj., sirotan, -tna, -tno 
orphan boy : n., sirotan, m. ; siroce, 


orphan girl : n., sirotica, f. 
Orthodox : adj., pravoslavan, -vna, 

-vno, pravoveran, -rna, -rno 
Orthodoxy : n., pravoslavlje, n. 
ortolan : n., svradak, m. 
osier : n., vrba, f. ; rakita, f. ; iva, 


ostler : n., konju&ar, m. 
ostrich : n., noj, m. 
other: adj., drugi, drugadiji ; 

another, jos jedan ; give me some 

book or , daj mi koju god 

knjigu ; every day, svaki 

drugi dan 
other : n., drugi 
otherwise : adv., drugfiije, iriace, 


otter : n., vidra, f. 
our : pron., nafi, -a, -e ; a friend of 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as ah in shout. 




ours, jedan od nasih prijatelja ; 

ourselves, mi sami 
out : adv., van, na polju, na polje ; 

he is , on je otisao ; my book 

is , moja knjiga je izasla ; 

there, onde vani 
out : prep., ( of, fromjiz (gen.), 

izvan, od, bez (gen.) ; of the 

water, iz vode ; of fear, od 

straha ; of money, bez novca 
out and out : adv., sasvim 
outbreak : n., provala, buna, f. 
outdoor : adj., izvan ku6e, na polju 
outdoors: adj., na polje, na polju 
outfit : n., oprema, f. 
outlaw : n., prognanik, m. 
outlay : 11., trosak, m. 
outlet : n., izlaz. m. 
outline : n., obris, crtei, m. 
outlook : n., izgled, m. ; pogled, m, 
outrage : v., silovati, vredjati, 

outrage : n., nasilje, n. ; zlodin, 

m. : sramota, f. 
outside : n., spoljni deo (dela), m. ; 

ppoljalnost, f. ; at the , adv., 


outside : prep., izvan (gen. ) 
outside : adv., na polje, vani, 

outskirts : n., okolina, f. ; pred- 

gradje, n. 
oval : adj., ovalan, -Ina, -Ino, 

oven : n., pe6, f. ; (baker's) furuna, 

over: prep., preko, iznad (gen.),! 

nad (ace. and loc.) ; my head, j 

iznad moje glave ; land and ' 


pace : n., korak, kora6aj, hod, m ; 

to go a great , ici brzim kora- 

pacific : adj., rnirnn, -rna, -rno ; 

Ocean, tilii okean, m. 
pacify : v., umiriti, pomiriti 

pack : 

v., spremiti, pakovati, 

sea, preko zemlje i mora ; to 

lean the water, nagnuti so 

nad vodu ; the roof is the 

house, nad kucom je krov ; 

again, jo jednom 
overboard : adv., s broda, u more 
overcoat : n., vrskaput, m. 
overcome : v., pobediti 
overflow : v., poplaviti 
overhead : adv., nad glavom, gore 
overhear : v., prisluskivati 
overland : adv., suhim putem 
overlook : v., pregledati, neopaziti 
overnight : adj., preko no6, sinoc 
overripe : adj., prezreo, -rela, -relo 
overseas : adj., prekomorski 
overseer : n., faktor, nadziratelj, 


overtake : v. dost ici (-stignem) 
overthrow : v., pobediti, srusiti 
overtime: n.,prekoduzno vreme, n. 
owe: v., dugovati (dugujem), biti 

duzan, -zna, -zno 
owing : adj., duian, -ina, -ino 
owing to : adv., radi, zbog 
owl : n., sova, buljina, f. 
own : v., imati (imam), drzati 

(-iim) ; ( up) priznati, odo- 

own : adj., my self, ja sam , 

of one's accord, od svoje volje ; 

my country, moja otadibina 
owner : n., vlasnik, imalac, m. 
ox : n., vo (vola), m. ; govedo, n. 
oxen : adj., volovski 
oxygea : n., kisepnik, m. 
oyster : n., ostrica, ostriga, f. 
ozone : n., ozon, m. 

pack : n., paket, tovar, m. ; bala, 
f. ; horse, tovar-konj, m. 

package : n., paket, m. ; bosca, 
f. ; denjak, m. ; zavitak, in. 

packing-case : n., sanduk, m. 

pack-saddle : n., samar, m. 

pack-saddle maker : n., samard- 

zija, m. 

Pronounce : dj , di, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 3, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in luch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




pact : n., ugovor, m. 
padlock: n.,katanac (-nca), m. 
pagan : n., neznabozac, poganin, 


page : n., strana, f. ; list, m. 
page-boy: n., pa2, m. ; slusfie 

(-ceta), n. 
pail : n., vedro, n. ; Sabar, m. ; 

kabao, m. 
pain : n., bol, m. ; bolja, muka, f. ; 

(trouble) briga, zalost, f. ; under 

of death, pod smrtnom kaznoni 
pain : v., to give, boleti (bolim), 

painful : adj., bolan, -Ina, -Ino, 

muCan, -<5na, -Sno 
pains, to take : v., truditi se, 

brinuti se, mu&ti se 
painstaking : adj., radljiv, neu- 

moran, -rna 
paint : v., (pictures) slikati ; 

(house, etc. ) f arbati 
paint : n., farba, boja, f. 
painter: n., (artist) slikar, zivo- 

pisac, m. ; (house) farbar, m. ; 

(of boat) konopac camca, m. 
painting: n., slikanje, n. ; slika, f. 
pair : n., par, m. ; dvoje, n. 
pal : n., drug, m. ; drugara, f. 
palace : n., palata, palaca, f. ; 

dvor, m. ; picture , kinemato- 

graf, m. 
palate : n., nepce (nepceta), n. ; 

(taste) ukus, m. 
pale : adj., bled, -a, -o 
pale : v., to become, blediti 
paleness : n., bledost, blcdoca, f. 
paling : n., ograda, f. ; plot, m. 
pall : n., mrtva6ki, m. 
pallid : v., pale 
palm : n., palma, f. ; (hand) dlan, 

m. ; saka, f . 

Palm Sunday : n., Cveti, f., pi. 
palpitation : n., kucanje, lupanje, 

paltry : 

adj., jadan, bedan, -dna, 

pamphlet : n., pamflet, m. ; bro- 
Sura, f. 

pan : n., tava, 
prosulja, f. 

f. ; tiganj, m. ; 

pancake : n., palaSinka, f. 
pane : n., okno, staklo, n. 
panic : n., strah i trepet, m. ; 

strava, f. 

pansy : n., dan i noc, m. 
pant : v., tesko disati 
pants : n., gace, f., pi. 
papa : n., papa, tata, m. 
Papacy : n., papinstvo, n. 
papal : adj., papski, papin 
paper : n., hartija, f. ; papir, m. ; 

karta, f. ; writing , pisaca 

hartija, f. 

paprika : n., paprika, f. 
parade : n., parada, f. ; smotra, f. 
parade : adj., paradan, -dna, -dno 
parade : v., paradirati 
paradise : n., raj, m. 
paradisiac: adj.,rajski 
paraffin : n., gas, m. ; parafin, m. 
parallel : adj., paralelan, -Ina, -Ino, 

uporedan, -dna, -dno 
paralysis : n., uzetost, nemo6, 

paraliza, f. 
paralyze : v., oslabiti, osakatiti, 


paralyzed : adj., uzet 
parapet : n., prsobran, parapet, m. 
parasite : n., parasit, m. 
parcel : n., paket, m. ; posiljaka, f. 
parcel-post : n., posta za pakete, f. 
parchment : n., pergamenat, m. 
pardon : v., oprostiti, izviniti ; 

(criminal) pomilovati 
pardon : n., oprost, f. ; pomilo- 

vanje, n. ; oprostenje, n. ; beg 

your T molim, stq, izvol'te 
parent: n.,roditelj,m. ; roditeljka, 

parents : n., roditelji, m., pi. 
parenthesis : n., umetak (-tka), m. 
parish : n., parokija, nurija, zupa.f. 

parishioner : 
rijaS, m. 

n., parokijanin, nu- 

park : n., park, 6air, m. 
parliament : n., parlamenat, m. ; 

sknpsl inn, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church, ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; as ah in shout. 




parlour : n., soba, f. 

parochial : adj . , opStinski 

parrot : n., papagaj 

parsley : n., prsun, perun, m. 

parsnip : n., pastrnjak, m. 

parson : n., sves'tenik, pop., m. 

part : n., deo (dela), m. ; komad, 

m. ; udeo, udelak, m. ; (theatre) 

uloga, f. 

part : v., deliti, odeliti 
partial : adj., pristrasan, -sna, -sno, 


participant : n., u^esnik, m. 
participate : v., uSestvovati 
participation : n., ufiestvovanje, n. 
particular: adj., osobni, posebni, 

osobit, privatan, -tna, -tno, 


particularity : n., osobenost, f. 
particularly : adv., naroclto, oso- 

partition : n., delenje, n. ; deoba, 

f. ; pregrada, f. 
partner: n., zadrugar, ortak, drug, 

partnership : n., udrustenje, dru- 

tvo, n. ; v., to go into , 

udruziti se 

partridge : n., jerebica, f. 
party: n., (parl.) stranka, f . ; 

(people) zabava, f. ; druStvo, 

n. ; (person) osoba, f. ; drug, m. 
Paschal: adj., uskrsni 
pasha : n., paa, m. 
pass : v., pro6i (prodjem), prola- 

ziti ; (the time) provesti (vedem), 

provoditi (-vodim) ; ( an 

exam. ) poloziti ispit ; to come to 

, dogoditi se, slufiiti se ; 

away, umroti ; sentence, 

izreci presudu ; an act, izdati 

ispravu ; water, mokriti 
pass : n., prolaz, provoz, m. ; 

(permission) propustnica, f. ; 

pases', rn. ; (railway) besplatna 

karta, f. 

passable: adj., prilidan, -Sna, -6no 
passage : n., prelazak (-laska), m. ; 

ulaz, m. ; (in house) hodnik, m. ; 

prolaz, prelaz, m. ; (on sea) put, 

passenger : n., putnik, m. ; 

train, putni<5ki voz, m. 
Passion : n., Isusove muke, f., pi. 
Passion Week : n., strasna (velika), 

nedelja, f. 

passion : n., strast, f. 
passionate : adj., strastan, -tna, 

-tno, zostok 

Passover : n., paska, pasha, f. 
passport : n., paso, m. 
past : adj., proSao, -Sla, -lo 
past : prep., mimo (ace.), bez (gen.); 

hope, bez nade ; I went 

the house, proSao sam mimo 

kudu ; ten minutes ten, deset 

minuta posle deset sati 
past : n., proslost, f. 
pastor : n., pastor, m. ; sveltenik, 

pop., m. 

pastoral: adj., pastirski, seoski 
pastry : n., pateta, f. ; poslastice, 


pasture : n., paSnjak, m. ; pa5a, f. 
patent : adj., odevidan, -dna, -dno, 


patent : n., diploma, f. ; patent, m. 
patent leather : n., lakirana koia, 

paternal : adj., ofievski, ocinski 
paternity : n., oSinstvo, n. 
Paternoster : n., o5ena, m. 
path : n., staza, stazica, f. ; put, m. 
patience : n., strpljenje, n. ; strp- 

Ijivost, f. 

patient : adj., strpljiv, trpeljiv 
patient : n., bolesnik, m. ; boles- 

nica, f. 

patriarch : n., patrijarh, m. 
patriarchal: adj., patrijarski 
patrimony : n., ofievina, f. 
patriot : n., rodoljubac, m. 
patriotic : adj., rodoljuban, -bna, 


patriotism: n., rodoljublje, n. 
pattern : n., muStra, f. ; obrazac, 

paunch : n., trbuh, m. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
}] as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; <5, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 

pau] 203 


pauperism : n., siromas'tvo, n. 
pause : n., prestanak, odmor, m. ; 

pauza, f. 

pave: v., pokaldrmiti, plocati 
paved-road : n., kaldrma, f. 
pavement : n., plocnik, m. ; tro- 

toar, m. 
pavilion : n., 6ador, car dak, m. ; 

satra, f. ; letnikovac, m. 
pawn : v., zaloziti 
pawnbroker's shop : n., zalagao- 

nica, f. 

pawn (chess): n., pesak, peon, m. 
pay : v., platiti, pladati, isplatiti 
pay-desk : n., kasa, f. 
paymaster : n., blagajnik, m. 
payment: n., plata, placa, nadnica, 

naplata, isplata, f . 
pea : n., grasak, grab, m. 
peace : n., mir, m. ; at , u mini 
peaceful : adj., miran, -rna, -rno 
peach : n., breskva, praskva, 

sevtelija, f. 
peacock : n., (hen) paun, m. ; 

pauiiica, f. 

peak : n., vrh, m. ; (cap) Stit, m. 
pear : n., kruSka, f. 
pearl : n., biser, m. ; perla, f. 
peasant : n., seljak, ratar, m. 
peasant : adj., seljacki, seoski 
peasant woman : n., seljanka, f. 
peat : n., treset, m. ; to cut , 


pebble : n., kamiSak, m. 
peculiar: adj., osobit, 6udan, -dna, 


peculiarity : n., osobitost, f. 
pedal : n., podnoznik, m. 
pedestal : n., podnozje, n. 
pedestrian: n., peSac, peSak, m. 
pedlar : n., torbi6ar, m. ; kudar, m. 
peel : n., kozmurica, ljuska, kora, f. 
peg : n., klin, koldid, klinac, m. 
pen : n., pero, n. 

penknife : n., nozid, m. perorez, m. 
penal : adj., kazneni, -na, -no, 

kriviSni ; servitude, n., zat- 

pencil : n., plajvaz, m. ; olovka. 

pisaljka, f. 

penetrate : v., prodirati, probiti, udi 
penetration : n., prodiranje, n. 
penholder : n., uvlaka, f . ; drzalo, n. 
peninsula : n., poluostrvo, n. ; 

poluotok, m. 
penis : n., kurac, m. 
penitence : n., kajanje, n. 
penitent : adj., pokajnicki 
penny: n., desetpara(dinarskih) 
pension : n., pensija, f. ; pansion, 

m. ; (retiring ) mirovnina, 

penzija, f. 
Pentecost : n., Trojice, f., pi. ; 

Duhovi, m., pi. 
penultimate : adj., pretposlednji, 

-ja, -je 

peony : n., bozur, m. 
people : n., narod, svet, m. ; ljudi, 

m., pi. 

pepper : n., biber, m. ; (red) pa- 
prika, f . 

pepper : v., papriti 
peppermint : n., mitvica, f. 
peppery : adj., papren, ljut 
per : prep., kroz, og (gen.), po, na, 

prema ; account, po radunu ; 

annum, na godinu, za jednu 

godinu ; cent., postotak ; 

5 cent., pet po sto 
perceive : v., prirnati upecatak, 

perch : n., lipka, f. ; motka, f. ; 

(fish) grgeC, m. 

perfect: adj., savrsen, potpun 
perfect : v., svrSiti, upotpuniti 
perfectly : adv., savrseno, potpuno 
perfidious : adj., veroloman, -mna, 

-mno, neveran 
perform : v., ueiniti, svrsiti 

(theatre) igrati 
perfume : n., miris, m. 
perfumed : adj., mirisav, -a, -o 
perhaps : adv., niozda, moze biti 
peril : n., opasnost, f. 
perilous : adj., opasan, -sna, -sno 

period : n., perioda, f. ; obilazak, 
rn. ; period, in. 

vor u kaznionici 
penalty : n., kazna, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James : z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nf in opinion ; 6 f, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




periodical: adj., periodicni, povre- 

perish: v., propasti (-padnem), 

poginuti (-nem), umreti 
periwinkle : n., zimzelen, m. 
perjury : n., verolomstvo, n. ; 

kriva prisega, f. 
permanency : n,, stalnost, f. 
permanent : adj., vedni, stalan, 

permission : n., dopustenje, n. ; 

dozvola, f . 

permit : v., dopustiti, dozvoliti 
pernicious : adj., ubitac'an, -6na, 

-Cno, Skodljiv 
perpendicular : adj., upravan, -vna, 

vno, vertikalan, -Ina, -Ino, oko- 

perpetual : adj., veSan, -Sna, -6no, 

veSit, vekoveSan, -6na, -5no 
perplexity : n., zbunjenost, nedou- 

mica, f. 
persecution : n., gonjenje, muSenje, 


persevere : v., istrajati, izdurati 
person : n., lice, n. ; osoba, f. ; 

liiSnost, f. ; dusa, f. ; 6ovek, m. ; 

zena. f. 

personal : adj., liSni, osobni 
personality : n., oaobnost, lifinost, 

perspective : n., perspektiva, f. 
perspiration : n., znoj, m. 
perspire : v., oznojiti se, znojiti se 
persuade : v., ubediti, uveriti, 


persuasion : n., ubedjenje, n. 
pervert : v., kvariti 
pessimist : n., pesimista, m. 
pest (plague) : n., <5uma, f. 
pester : v., dosadjivati 
pestilence : n., kuga, zaraza, f. 
pestle : n., tu<5ak, m. ; tucalo, n. . 
petition : n., inolba, f. ; molbenica, 


petition : v., podneti molbu 
petrify : v., skameniti se 
petroleum : n., petrolej, gas, m. 
petticoat, n., suknja, f. 

petty : adj., mali, sitan, -tna, -tno ; 

officer, n., (naval) morski 

pod-oficir, m. 
pewter : n., kalaj, cin, m. 
phseton : n., pejton, m. 
phantom : n., utvara, f. ; avet, m. 

Pharisee : 


n., farizej, m. ; farisej, 

n., apoteka, f. 

phase : n., mena, faza, f. ; dob, m. 
pheasant : n., fazan, m. 
philanthropist: m.,Sovekoljubac,m. 
philanthropy : n., Covekoljublje, n. 
philology : n., filoloeija, f. 
philosopher : n., filoso f., mudrac, 

philosophy : n., filosofija, ravno- 

duSnost, f. 

phlegm : n., slina, ravnoduSnost, i. 
adj., ravnodusan, 

: n.. fonograf, m. 
n., fosfor, m. 
n.,slika, fotografija, f. 
v., slikati, fotogra- 

slikar, fotograf. 
, slikanje, n. ; 

phlegmatic : 

-sna, -sno 
phosphorus : 
photograph : 
photograph : 

photographer : 

photography : 

fotografija, f. 
phrase : n., reCenica, f. ; fraza, f. 
phthisis : n., jektika, suha bolest, 

f. ; susenje, n. 
phylloxera : n., filoksera, f. 
physic : n., fizika, f. ; lekarstvo, n. 
physical : adj., fizic'ki 
physician : n., doktor, lekar, 

fizidar, m. 

piano : n., klavir, m. ; pijano, n. 
piaster : n., (20 para, Serbian) gro, 

pick: V., (flowers) brati (borem) ; 

( out) birati (-ram) ; (poke) 

bosti, ubosti (-bodem); (a lock) 

otvoriti bravu kalauzom ; (teeth) 

pick : n., trnokop, pijuk, m. ; 

tooth , n., CaSkalica, f. 

picket : n., straza, mala <5eta, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i. as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




pickle : n., salamura, hladetina, f. 
pickled cucumbers : n., kiseli kra- 

stavci, m., pi. 

pickpocket : n., kradikesa, m. 
picture : n., slika, f. ; zivopis, m. 
picturesque : adj., slikovit, krasan, 

-sna, -sno 
pie : n., paste ta, f. 
piebald horse: n., sarac (-rca), 

pegaz, m. 
piece : n., komad, m. ; parSe, n. ; 

pareta, f. ; (theatre) pozoriSni 

komad, m. ; deo (dela), m. ; 

odlomak, m. ; to do work, 

raditi na parde 
pied : adj., saren, pegav 
pierce: v., probusiti, probosti 
piety : n., poboinost, f. 
pig : n., svinja, f. ; prase, n. 
pig: adj., svinjski, svinjeei 
pigeon : n., golub, m. ; golnbid, 

m. ; golubica, f. 
pig-breeding : n., svinjarstvo, n. 
pig-herd : n., svinjar, m. 
pig-sty : n., svinjac, m. 
pigtail : n., (hair) pletenica, f. ; 

percin, m. ; kurjuk, m. ; kika, f. 
pike : n., (fish) stuka, f. 
pile: n., (heap) gomila, hrpa, f. ; 

(wooden) kolac, stup, m. 
piles : n., (illness) suljevi, m., pi. 
pilgrim : n., hadzija, poklonik, m. 
pilgrimage : n., hadiiluk, m. 
pill : n., pilula, f. 
pillage : v., pljackati 
pillow : n., jastuk, uzglavak, m. ; 

uzglavnica, f. 

pillow-case : n., navlaka, f. 
pilot : n., krmanos, krmar, m. 
pilot : v., krmniti, provoditi 
pimple : n., bubuljica, f. 
pin : n., ioda, f. ; (hair ) igla 

TA koSTl, f. . 

pinafore : n., kecelja, pregadica, f. 

pincers : n., masice, klestice, f., pi. 

pinch : v., stipati, ustinuti (-nem) 

pine : n., bor, borik, m. ; jela, f. ; 
wood, borovina, f. ; adj., 
borov ; forest, borik, m. 

pine : v., jadovati, zalostiti se 

pineapple : n., ananas, m. 

pink : n., (flower) karanfil, m. 

pink : adj., rumen, ruzicast 

pint : n., pinta, f. (mera od 0.47 

pioneer : n., pionir, m. 

pious : adj., pobozan, -zna, -zno 

pip : n., semka, f. ; seme, n. ; 
zrno, n. 

pipe : n., (smoke) lula, f. ; 6ibuk, 
m. ; (whistle) svirala, sviralica, 
f. ; bagpipes, n., gajde, f., pi. ; 
wind , n., dusnik, m. ; (water, 
gas, etc. ) cev, f . 

piper : n., sviraS, svirac, m. 

piracy : n., gttsarenje, n. 

pirate : n., gusar, m. 

piss : piSati, mokriti, pustiti vodu 

piss : n., mokrada 

pistol : n., piStolj, m. 

piston : n., klip, ep, m. 

pit : n., jama, rupa u zemlji, f. ; 
ma j dan, m. 

pitch : n., smola ; adj., smolav ; 
-black, cm kao ugljen ; 
dark, vrlo taman 

pitchfork : n., rogulje, f., pi. 

pith : n., srd, srz, m. 

pitiful : adj., zalostan, -tna, -tno, 

pitiless : adj., nemilosrdan, -dna, 

pity : n., sazaljenje, n. ; milosrdje, 
n. ; what a ! koja Steta ! 

place : n., inesto, n. ; poloiaj, m. ; 
(service) sluzba, f. ; in the first 
, prvo, najpre ; in , naine- 

place : v., metnuti (-nem), name- 
stiti, staviti. poloiiti 

plague : n., uma, f. 

plaice : n., list, m. (riba) 

plain : adj., (level) ravan, -vna, 
-vno, prav, gladak, -dka ; (clear) 
jasan, -sna, -sno, o6it ; (ugly) 
nelep, ruzan, -ina, -ino ; (sin- 
cere) iskren, otvoren ; (ordinary) 
obican, -na, -5no 

Pronounce : dj, di, as / in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij aa l\ in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, aa ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; S as sh in shout. 



f. ; polje, n. ; 

n., sadilac, rasadnik, m. 
n., (of Paris) gips, m. ; 

plain : n., ravnica, 
ravnina, f . 

plainness : n., obi 61109 1, ruinost, f. 

plaintiff: n., pamifiar, tuzitelj, m. 

plait : v., plesti (pletem), v., pig- 

plan : n., plan, m. ; osnova, f. ; 
ravan, ra. : nacrt, m. 

plane: n., (field ) ravnina, f. ; polje, 
n. ; (tool) strugaSa, f. ; (tree) 
platan, javor, m. 

plane : v., strugati (struiem) 

planet : n., planeta, f . 

plank : n., daska, ploca, taraba, f. 

plant : n., biljka, trava, f. ; (plants) 
proras<5e, n. 

plant : v., saditi, posaditi, sejati 

plantation : n., sadjenje, n. ; sad, 

planter : 

plaster : 

pflaster, m. ; tuk, m. 

plaster : v., olepiti gipsom, djubriti 

plate : n., tanjir, m. ; plitica, f. ; 
(plaque) plodica, tablica, f. 

plate : v., obloziti, olepiti 

plateau : n., ravan, m. ; ravnica, f. 

platform : n., platforma, f. ; (sta- 
tion) peron, m. 

flat 0011 : n., eeta, f. 

play : v., igrati se, Saliti se ; (music ) 
svirati ; (the fool) ludovati 
(ludujem) ; (theatre) igrati, glu- 
miti ; (at cards) igrati karte 

play : n., igra, sala, f. ; (theatre) 
predstavljanje, n. 

player : n., (theatre) glumac, m. ; 
igrad, m. 

playing : n., igranje, n. ; igra, f. 

pleasant : adj., prijatan, -tna, -tno, 

please : v., dopadati se, obradovati 
(-dujem), radovati ; if you , 
molim vas, izvol'te ; God ! 
ako Bog da 

pleased: adj., zadovoljan, -jna, 
-jno, rad, radostan, -tna, -tno 

pleasure : n., zadovoljstvo, uzi- 
vanje, n. ; radost, zabava, f. j 



iolja, volja, f. ; with 

pledge : n., zaloga, f. ; garancija. 

f. ; ulog, m. ; jamstvo, n. 
plenipotentiary: adj., punomocan, 

-cna, -6no 
plentiful: adj., pun, plodan, -dna, 

plenty : n., punost, punoda, mno- 

zina, f. 

plenty : adv., puno 
pleurisy : n., zapaljenje pludne 

pliable : adj., vitak, -tka, -tko, 

plot : n., (ground) komad zemlje, 

m. ; (criminal) zavera, f. ; (books) 

pletka, f . 

plot : v., plesti (pletem), zavera 
plotter : n., zaverenik, pletkaS, m. 
plough : n., plug, m. ; ralo, n. 
plough : v., orati, pluiiti 
plough-boy : n., ratar, ora6, m. 
plough-share : n., crtalo, n. ; 

raonik, m. 
plucky : adj., hrabar, -bra, -bro, 

sr5an, -6na 
plum : n., Sljiva, sliva, f. ; 

-brandy, n., ljivovica, f. ; 

-jam, n., pekmez, m. 
plumage : n., perje, n. 
plumber : n., olovar, m. 
plume : n., pero, n. ; perjanica, f. 
plunder : v., pljaekati, pleniti, 


plunder : n., plja6ka, f. ; plen, m. 
plunderer: n., razbojnik, m. 
plunge : v., gnjurati se 
plural : adj., mnogi 
plush : n., pli, m. 
pneumatic : adj., vazduSni 
poach : v., kradom loviti divljafi 
pocket: n., dzep.JSprag, m. ; kesa, f. 
pocket: adj., dzepni, -na, -no; 
- book, n., beleznik, m. ; - 

handkerchief, n., maramica, f. ; 

knife, n., noiid, m. ; 

money, n., diepaS, m. ; pick- 

pocket, n., kesaro, m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
*j as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; as ah in shout. 




pcck-mark : n., rapa ; adj., rapav, 

a, -o 

poem : n., pesma, f. 
poet : n., pesnik, m. 
poetical: adj., pesnidki 
poetry : n., poezija, f. 
point : n., vrh, siljak, m. ; bodlja, 

f. ; oStric, m. 
point (at) : v., pokazati prstom ; 

(rifle) ciljati; (sharpen) oStriti, 

pointed : adj., siljast, ostar, -tra, 


poison : n., otrov, m. 
poison : v., otrovati 
poisoner : n., otrovnik, m. ; otro- 

vnica, f. 
poisonous: adj., otrovan, -vna, 


poker : n., of eg, farad, m. 
polar : adj., polarni 
pole : n., pol, m. ; (north, south) 

severni, juzni ; Pole star, n., 

severnjada, f. ; (rod) motka, 

f. ; (carriage) ruda, f. 
pole-cat : n., tvor, m. 
police : n., policija, f. ; man, n., 

strazar, pozornik, redar, m. ; 

zandarm, m. 

polish : v., gladiti, izobraziti 
polite : adj., udtiv, pristojan, -jna, 

politeness : n., pristojnost, ufiti- 

vost, f. 

political: adj., politidki 
politician : n., politidar, driavnik, 


politics : n., politika, f. 
poll : n., izbor, m. ; biranje, n. ; 

polling-booth, n., biraliste, n. ; 

-tax, n., harad, m. 
pollute : v., oskvrniti, ispoganiti 
polygamy : n., mnogozenstvo, n. 
polypus : n., polip, m. 
polytechnic: adj., politehnidki 
pomegranate: n., mogranj, Sipak, 


pommel : n. , unka, m. 
pond : n., ribnjak, m. ; bara, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as.;' in James 

pontoon : n., ponton, tumbas, m. 

pony : n., rnali konj, m. 

poodle : n., pudel, m. 

pool : n., bara, f. ; ribnjak, m. 

poop : n., knna, f. 

poor: adj., siromaski, siromasan, 

-Sna, -Sno, bedan, -dna, -dno, 

poorly : adj., (ill) slab, bolestan, 

-tna, -tno 

Pope : n., papa, m. 
poplar : n., topola, f. ; jablan, rn. 
poppy : n., mak, m. ; bulka, f. 
popular : adj., narodni, na glasu, 

popularan, -rna, -mo ; (prices) 


popularity : n., popularnost, f. 
population : n., stanovniStvo, n. ; 

iiteljstvo, n. 
porcelain : n., porculan, m. ; adj., 

porcupine : n., bodljikavo svinjde, 


pore : n., pora, Supljika, f. 
pork : n., svinjetina, f. 
pork-butcher's shop : n., kobasi- 

darnica, f . 
porous : adj., Supljikast, porozan, 

-zna, -zno 

porridge : n., kasa, f. 
port : n., pristaniste, n. ; luka, f. 
porter : n., hamal, nosad, m. 
porterage : n., noSenje, n. ; (cost) 

noievina, f . 
portion : n., deo (dela), obrok, m. ; 

dest, f. ; porcija, f. 
portmanteau : n., diviluk, m. ; 

putna torba, f. ; baulo, n. ; 

sanduk, m. 
portrait : n., slika, f. 
position : n., polozaj, m. ; mesto, 

n. ; Stanje, n. 
possess : v., imati, driati 
possession : n., drzanje, n. ; svo- 

jina, f. ; (country) drzava, f. 
possibility : n., mogudnost, f. 
possible : n., mogucan, -6na, -dno 
possibly : adv., mogude, mozda 
post: n., podta, f . ; (wood, etc.) 

; z as * in measure ; j as y in you ; 

Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; d, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as ah in shout. 



[pre 1 

direk, stub kolac, m. ; (place) 
mesto, n., slu /.ha 

post : v., predati na poStu, posta- 
viti ; by , postom ; post 
haste, hitno ; boy, n., pos- 
tanski sluga, momak, m. ; - 
card, n., dopisnica, dopisna 
karta, f. ; mail coach, n., 
postanska kola 

postage : n., postarina 

postage stamp : n., marka, biljega.f. 

postal : adj., postanski 

postal order : n., poStauska naput- 
nica, f . 

poster : n., oglas, m. ; reklama, f. ; 
oglasa, f. 

posterity : n., potomstvo, n. ; 
potomci, m. f pi. 

postillion : n., surudzija, kocijai, 

postman : n., pismonoia, m. 

postpone : v., odloiiti, odlagati 

postponement : n., odlaganje, n. 

pot : n., lonac (-nca), dup, vrd, m. ; 

tendiera, f. ; flower , n., 

saksija, f. ; house, n., ban, 

m. ; krdma, f. ; boy, n., 

pivonosa, m. 

potato : n., krompir, krumpir, m. ; 
krtola, f. 

potter : n., lonSar, m. 

pouch : n., torba, torbica, f. 

poultice : n., obloga, f. 

zivina, f. ; pilez, m. 

n., funta Sterlinga, 

poultry : n. 

pound, : 
londra, f. 

pound, Ib. : n., funta, pola kilo- 
grama, f. 

pound up : v., tucati (-cam) 

pour : v., liti (lijem), sipati ; (out) 
izliti ; it is pouring, kisa pada 

pout : v., puditi se (-dim) 

poverty : n., siromastvo, uboitvo, 

power : n., mod, modnost, sila, 

vlast, f. ; (country) drfava, sila, f. 
powerful : adj., modan, -dna, -duo, 

silan, -Ina, -Ino, snazaii, jak 
pox, smallpox : n., boginje, mrase, 

f., pi. 
practical : adj., praktiSan, -dna, 

practice : n., vediba, f. ; izvrienje, 

n. ; navika, f. 
practise : v., vezbati, vrJiti, 

otpravljati, uciti, vezbati se, 


practised : adj., vet, izvefcban 
praise : n., hvala, slava, f. ; hva- 

Ijenje, n. 

praise : v., hvaliti, slaviti 
pray : v., to God, moliti se, molitt 
prayer : n., molitva, f, ; (request) 

molba, f. 
prayer-book : n., molitvenik, m. ;| 

the Lord's Prayer, n., odenaS, m.l 
preach : v., propovedati, pou-l 


n., opreznost, smotres 

adj., prosao, -Jla, -Slo,, 
adj., dragocen, drag, 1 

powder: n.,prah, m. ; praiina, f. ; 
(gun) barut, prah, m. ; (smoke- 
less) bezdimni ; (med.) prasak 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as ,;' in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
jj as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; d, 5, as ch in church ; u as <M 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as h in shout. 


nost, f. 
preceding : 

precious : 


precious stone : n., dragi kamen, m.| 
precipice : n., propast, f. ; strmen^ 

precise : adj., tocan, -dna, -dnoj 


preclude : v., uskljuditi 
predecessor : n., prethodnik, m. 
predict : v., predskazati, proricati 
preface : n., uvod, predgovor, m. 
prefect : n., okruini nacelnik, m. ; 

sub , sreski nadelnik, m. 
prefecture : n., nacelstvo, n. 
prefer : v., viSe voleti (volim) 
pregnancy : n., trudnoda, f. j 

pregnant : adj., trudan, -dna, -dno' 
preliminary : adj., prethodni 
premier : n., prvi ministar, m. 
premium : n., nagrada, f. ; dar, 

m. ; pristojba, f. 


preoccupation : 

briga, f. 

Ijenje, n. 

prepare : 



n., zabrmutost, 

adj., zauzet, zabrinut 
n., spremanje, prav- 

adj., pripravni, pre- 

spremiti, pripraviti, 

zgotoviti, spremati se 
prescribe : v., propisati (-pisem) 
prescription : n., pretpis, recept, 

m. ; zapovest, f. 
presence : n., prisutnost, f. ; pri- 

sustvo, n. ; of mind, n., 

prisebnost, f. 
present : adj., prisutan, -tna, -tno ; 

( time) sadaSnji 
present : v., (to be) prisustvovati 
present : v., (give) nuditi, dati ; 

(show) predstaviti, pokazati ; 

(oneself) predstaviti se, javiti se 
present : n., dar, poklon, m. 
present time : n., sadasnjost, f. 
presentation : n., predstavljanje, n. 
presentiment : n., slutnja, f. ; to 

have a , v., slutiti 
preserve : v., safiuvati, Stititi 

(in salt, etc.) usoliti, ukiseliti; 


preside : v., predsedavati 
presidency : n., predsedavanje, n. 
president : n., predsednik, m. 
presidential': adj., predsedniSki 
press : v., stegnuti (-nem), stisnuti, 

tiskati ; I am pressed for time, 

nemam vremena ; to be pressed 

for money, nemati, trebati 

novaca . 
press : 

to on, zuriti se 
tisak, m. ; presa, 


stampa. f. ; (printing) stam- 

parska masina, f. ; liberty of the 

, slobodna Stampa 
pressing : adj., hitan, -tna, -tno 
pretence : n., izgovor, razlog, m. ; 

under of, pod izgovorom da ; 

under false pretences, laznim 

pretend : v., iskati, iz govarati se, 


prettiness : n., lepota, dragost 
pretty: adj., lep, ubav, -a, -o, 

krasan, -sna, -sno 
pretty : adv., (rather) prilifino 
prevent : v., smesti (-tern), spreSiti, 

ne dati 
previous : adj., predjasnji, prosao, 

-Ia, -slo, prethodni 
price : n., cena, vrednost, f. ; 

fixed prices, stalna cena, f. ; 

what T sto traziti T posto t 

list, n., cenik, cenovnik, m. 
prick : v., bosti (bodem), bocati, 

prick : n., ubod, bod, m. ; (thorn) 

trn, m. 

pride : n., oholost, gordost, f. 
priest : n., svestenik, pop., m. ; 

duhovnik, m. 

priesthood : n., sveStenstvo, n. 
priestly : adj., svestenski 
primary : adj., prvi 
prime : adj., prvi, glavni ; 

minister, n., ministar-predse- 

dnik, m. ; of life, n., cvet 

4ivota, m. 
primitive: adj., primitivan, -vna, 


primrose : n., jagorfievina, f. 
prince : n., knez, m. 
princess : n., kneginja, f. ; prin- 

cesa, f. 

principal : adj., glavni, najvafniji 
principal : n., prvak, m. ; glavar, 

m. ; predsednik, upravitelj, m. 
principality : n., kneievina, f. 
principle : n., nadelo, n. ; pravilo, 


print : v., stampati, tiskati 
print : n., Stampa, f. ; tisak (-ska), 


printer : n., Stampar, tisar, m. 
printing : n., stampanje, tiskanje, 

printing-office: n., Stamparija, tis- 

kara, f. 
prison: n., zatvor, haps, m. ; 

kaznionica, tamnica, f. 
prisoner : n., hapsenik, zatvorenik, 

Pronounce : dj, d, as ;' in James ; I as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 8, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o M it in cats ; 5 as ah in shout. 




robijaS, m. ; (war) zarobljenik, 


prison, to be in : v., tamnovati 
private : adj., privatan, -tna, -tno, 

poseban, -bna, -bno, oseban ; 

(personal) H6an, -Sna, -Sno ; 

(clothes) civilno odelo, n. ; 

privates, n., pl.,tajni udovi, m.,pl. 
private : n., (soldier) redov, m. 
privilege : n., povlastica, f. 
privilege : v., povlastiti, povla- 


privileged : adj., povla6en 
privy : adj., tajni, privatan, -tna, 

-tno, n. ; nuznik, zahod, m. 
prize: n., (school, etc.) nagrada, 

. ; (enemy ship, etc.) plen, m. ; 

court, n., sud o plenu, m. 
prize : v., ceniti, poitovati 
probability : n., verovatnost, f. 
probable : adj., verovatan, -tna, 


problem : n. f zadatak (-tka), m. 
proceed : v., i6i napred, postupit 
procession : n., svita, f. ; pratnja, 

f. ; procesija, f. 

proclaim : v., proglasiti, objaviti 
proclamation : n., proglas, oglas, 

m. ; objava, f. ; izjava, f. 
procure : v., nabaviti, snabdeti 
procurer : n., posrednik, podvo- 

dnik, m. 

prodigy : n., 6udo, 6udovite, n. 
produce : v., proizvoditi, donositi 
produce : n., proizvod, plod, m. ; 

proizvodjenje, n. 
producer : n., proizvodnik, m. ; 

proizvodjaS, m. 

production : n., proizvodjenje, n. 
productive : adj., plodan, -dna, 

-dno, plodljiv 
profession : n., zanimanje, n. ; 

zanat, m. ; by , po zanimanju 
professional : adj., zanatski, zanat- 

professor : n., profesor, u&telj, 

m. ; profesorka, u&teljica, f. 
profit : n., dobit, m. ; korist, f. ; 

dar, m. ; hasna, f. 

profit : v., koristiti se, nspovnti 
profitable: adj., koristan, -tna, 

-tno, hasnovit 
profound : adj., dubok 
programme : n., program, raspored, 


progress : n., napredak, uspeh, m. 
progress : v., napredovati, uspevati 
progression : n., napredovanje, n. : 

postepenost, f. 
progressive: adj., napredan, -dna, 

dno, postupan, -pna, -pno 
prohibit : v., zabraniti 
prohibition : n., zabrana, f. ; 

zabranjivanje, n. 
prolong : v. , produziti 
promise : v., obe6ati, obavezati 

(-vezem) obe6avati 
promise : n., obedanje, obe<5avanje, 

n. ; (solemn) zavet, m. 
promote : v.,unapreditiavansovati 
promotion: n., unapredjenje, 

avansovanje, n. 
prompt: adj., hitar, brz 
prompter : n., Saptac 1 , Saptalo, m. 
pronoun : n., zamenica, f. 
pronounce : v., izgovoriti 
pronunciation : n., izgovor, m. 
proof : n. , dokaz, znak, m. ; proba, 

f. ; svedoSanstvo, n. 
propaganda : n., propaganda, f. 
propeller : n., vitao, vijak, m. ; 

zavojica, f. 
proper : adj., (own) osobit, poseban, 

-bna, -bno ; (correct) naravan, 

-yna, -vno, pravi, pristojan, -jna, 

property : n., svojina, sopstvenost, 

f. ; imanje, n. ; osobina, f. ; 

(church-lands), vakup, vakuf, 


prophecy : n., proroSanstvo, n. 
prophesy : v., prorokovati 
prophet : n., prorok, m. 
prophetic : adj., prorofiki 
proportion : n., razmer, m. ; raz- 

mera, f. ; srazmera, f. 
proportional : adj., srazmeran, 

-rna, -rno 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 4 as sh in shout. 




proposal : n. f predlaganje, n. ; 

predlog, m. 
propose : v., predloziti, predlagati 

proprietor : n., vlasnik sopstvenik, 

m. ; (hotel) gazda, m. 
prose : n., proza, f. 
prosperity : n., napredovanje, uspe- 

vanje, n. 
prostitute : n., bludnica, kurva, 

zenska, f. 
protect : v., ftititi, zastiti, duvati, 


protection : n., zaStita, odbrana, . 
protector : n., zaStitnik, krovitelj, 

protest : v., protestovati, protiviti 


protest : n., protest, m. 
Protestant : n., protestant, m. 
proud : adj., gord, ohol, ponosit 
prove: v., dokazati (-kazem), 

dokazivati, (-zujem) oavedoditi, 


proverb : n., poslovica, f. 
provide : v., nabaviti, postaviti, 

province : n., oblast, pokrajina, 

provincija, f. ; palanka, f. 
provincial: adj., oblasni, palanaki 
provisional : adj., privremeni, pro- 


provisiona : n., hrana, f. ; iivei, m. 
provoke : v., izazivati, draziti 
prudence : n., mudrost.obaz rivost.f. 
prudent: adj., mudar, -dra, -dro, 

pametan, -tna, -tno 
prurient: adj., pozudan, -dna, -dno 
psalm : n., psalam, m. 
psalmist : n., psalmopevac, m. 
pseudonym : n., lazno ime, n. 
psychic : adj., duSevni 
psychological : adj., psiholoSki 
pub : n., (skradeno, public) krSma, 

f. ; han, m. 
puberty : n., doraslost, sposobnost 

za zenidbu, f. 
pubescent: adj., dorastao, -sla, 


public : adj., opsti, javni, narodni , 

debt, n., drfavni dug, m. ; 

good, opSte dobro ; house, 

n., krCma, f. ; mehana, f. 

public : n., ljudi, m., pi. ; narod, 

m. ; svet, m. 
publican : n., kr6mar, mehandzija, 

m. ; (biblical) carinar, m. 
publication : n., izdanje, izdavanje, 


publicity : n., javnost, f. 
publish : v., javiti, oglasiti (book, 

etc.), izdavati (-dajem) 
publisher : m., izdava6, izdatelj 
pudding : n., testo, n. ; melspajs, 


puerile : adj., detinjski, detinjast 
puerperal fever : n., porodiljina 

groznica, f. 
pull : v., vudi (vn6em), tegliti, 

povu6i, izvaditi, izvu6i, voziti ; 

apart, raskinuti ; away, 
odvuci ; back, povu6i natrak ; 

down, sruiiti ; off, skinuti ; 

on (boots), navxidi ; out, 
izvudi* izvaditi ; for (row), 

pullet : n., kokosica, f. ; pile, n. 
pulley : n., dekrk, m. ; kolotura, f. 
pulmonary : adj., pludni 
pulpit : n., predikaonica, f. 
pulse : n., bilo, n. ; puls, m. 
pumice-stone : n.,plovu6ac, plavac, 

m. ; pemza, f. 

pump : n., crpaljka, f. ; Smrk, m. 
pump : v., crpati, crpiti, crpsti 

pumpkin : n., tikva, f. ; bundeva, 

punctual : adj., ta6an, -Una., -cno 
punctuality : n., tadnost, f. 
puncture : v., bosti, probosti 

punish : v., kazniti 

punishment : n., kazna, f. ; kaz- 
njavanje, n. ; capital , n., 
smrtna kazna, f. 

pupil : n., (eye) zenica, f. 

pupil: n., (boy) djak, ucenik, 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j m James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as OQ 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sA in shout. 




pitomac (-mca), m. ; (girl) 

ufienica, f. 

puppet : n., lutka, f. 
puppy : n., mladi pas, m. 
purchase : v., (buy) kupiti 
purchase : n., kupovina, kupnja, f. 
purchaser : n., kupac (-pea), m. 
pure: adj., 6ist, jasan, -sna, -sno ; 

(person) nevin, bez pogreSke ; 

wine, celo vino, n. 
purge : v., ofiistiti, 6istiti se 
purge : n., lek za 6i6enje 
purification : n., 6i86enje, n. 
Purification : n., Sretenje, n. 
purify : v., odistiti 
purity: n., cisto6a, f . ; (people) 

nevinost, f. 

purple : adj., purpuran, -rna, -rno 
purpose : n., namera, f. ; namisao 

(-sla), m. ; cilj, m. ; nakana, f. ; 

on , adv., namerno, hotimice ; 

for what ? 6emu, zasto T on 

to . . ., s namerom da . . . ; to 

no , uzalud 
purpose : v., nameriti 
purse : n., novdanik, m. ; kesa, 

6esa, f. 

purser : 'n., blagajnik, m. ; komisnr 
(na brodu), m. 

pursue : v., i6i za, slediti, progoni- 

pus : n-, gnoj, m. 

push : v., gurati, torati, cu.skati, 

pussy : n., mafiica, f. 

put : v., metnuti (metnem), metati 
(me6em), postaviti, ostaviti, polo- 
4iti ; on socks, shoes, etc., 
obuti se (obujem) ; out (fire, 
etc.), gasiti ; about (ship), 
okrenuti brod ; away, oterati ; 

down, poloiiti ; (write) napi- 
sati ; in practice, izvrsiti ; 

in repair, popraviti ; off, 

putrefy : v., ukvariti, truliti 
putrid: adj., truo, trula, -lo, pok- 

varen, smrdljiv 
putty : n., staklarski lepak, m. ; 

kit, in. ; lucum, m. 
puzzle : v., zakrditi, smetati, 

zbuniti, zararsiti 
pyrotechnics : n. , vatromet, m. 


quack : n., iarlatan, m. 
quadrangle : n., 6etverokut, m. ; 

6etverougle dvoriste usred zgrada 
quadrangular: adj., cetvorougli 
quadrant : n., kvadrant, m. 
quadruple : adj., Setvorostruk, 

6etvoran, -rna, -rno 
quadruple : v., uCetvoriti 
quagmire : n., blato, n. ; bara, f. 
quail : n., prepelica, pudpura, f. 
quaint : adj., neobidan, -6na, -Cno 

quaker : n., kveker, 

test ant ska sekta) 
qualification: n., odredjivanje 

kakvode, n. 

qualify : v., odrediti, opredeliti 
quality : n., kakvo6a, osobina, f. ; 

(kind) vrsta, f. 
quandary : n., neprilika, smetnja, 

quantity : n., koliCina, mnozina, f. ; 

mnotvo, n. ; kvantitet, m. 
quarantine : n., karantin, m. 
quarrel : v., svadjati se, prepirati 

se, pravdati se, grditi, karati 
quarrel : n., svadja, kavga, raspra, 

f . ; prepirka, f . 
quarreller : n., svadljivac, kav- 

gadzija, m. 

quarrelsome : adj., svadljiv 
quarry (stone): n., kamenik, m. ; 

kamenica, f. 

quarter : n., 6etvrtina, f. ; detvrt, 
m. ; of an hour, n., Cetvrt 
6asa, m. ; frtalj, m. ; quarters, 
n., (rooms) stan, m. ; (mercy), 
n., milost, f. ; to cry for , 
moliti za zivot, za milost ; to givo 
, pokloniti zivot ; to be 
quartered upon, biti na stanu 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




kod ; master, n., intendant, 

quarterly: adj., tromesecan, -6na, 


quarto : n., detvrtina, f. 
quurtz : n., kvarc, belutak, m. 
quash : v., unistiti, ugusiti 
quasi : conj., kao, kaoda, malo tie, 

quay : n. f kej, m. ; ozidana obala, 

queen : n., kraljica, f. ; bee, 

matica, f. ; dowager, n., 

kraljica udovica, f. 
queer : adj., dudnovat, 6udan, -dna, 


quench : v., ugasiti 
query : n., pitanje, n. 
quest : n., trazenje, n. 
question: n., pitanje, n. ; ispiti 

vanje, n. ; what is the ? ( 

6emu se radi ? 

question : v., pitati, ispiti vati 
questioner : n., pitilac, m. 
quick : adj., brz, hitar, -tra, -tro, 

ziv ; quickly, adv., hitno, zivo, 
brzo, zurno ; quicker, 

brie ; as as possible, brze 


quick : n., zivo meso, n. ; ziavc, m. 
quicklime : n., negasen kre6, m. 
quicksands : n., zivi pesak, m. 
quicksilver : n., ziva, f. ; zivo 

srebro, n. 
quiet : adj., miran, -rna, -rno, tih ; 

(not speaking) dutljiv 
quiet : v., miriti, umiriti ; to be , 

dutiti, mirovati, muCati 
quiet : n., mir, m. ; tisina, f. ; 

niiro vanje, n. 
quill-pen : n., pero, n. 
quilt : n., j organ, m. 
quilt-maker : n., jorgandzija, m. 
quince : n., dunja, f. ; tunja, 

gunja, . 

quinine : n., kinin, m. 
quintal (100-112 Ibs.) : n., centa, f. 
quire : n., svezanj (od 24 tabaka), 


quite : adv., sasvim, posve 
quiver : v., drhtati, tresti se (-sera) 
quoit : n., kolut, m. 
quotation : n., navodjenje, n. 
quote : v., navesti (-vedem) 


rabbit : n., kunac, kunid, pitomi 

zee, 111. 

rabies : n., bes, m. ; besnoda, f. 
race : n., rod, m. ; human , 

ljudski rod, m. ; pleme (-mena), 

race : v., trkati (tr6em), trcati 

(-dim), juriti, utrkivati 
race: n., trk, m. ; trdanje, n. ; 

trka, f. ; course, n., trkaliste, 

n. ; horse, n., trkad, m. 
racial: adj., plemenski 
radiant: adj., sjajan, -jna, -jno, 

radical : adj., (political) radikalan, 

-Ina, -Ino 

radish : n., rotkvica, f. 
radius : n., polumer, m. ; zraka, f. 

raft : n., splav, m. 

rafter : n., greda, f. ; roznik 

rag : n., rita, f. ; dronjak, m. ; 

prnja, f. ; krpa, f. 
rag (slang) : v., lumpovati 
ragamuflSn : n., dronjavac, man 

gup, m. 
rage : n., bes, m. ; besnilo, n. 

besnoca, f. ; jarost, f. ; pomam 

nost, f . ; to be quite the , biti 

sasvim u modi ; to be in a , biti 

ragged : adj., dronjav, -a, -o 


ragout : n., paprikas, m. 
raid : n., napad, m. 
raider : n., napadac, Setnik, m. 
rail : v., (off, in) ograditi 
rail, by : adv., zeleznieom 
railing : n., resetka, ograda 

railway : n., zeleznica, zeljeznica, 
f. ; accident, n., nesreda na 
Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, c, as ch in church ; u us oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as tt in cut* ; as ah in shout. 




ieleznici, f. ; bridge, n., 
ieleznicki most, m. ; carriage, 
car, n., kola, n., pi. ; vagoii, m. ; 

engine, n., maSina, lokomo- 
tiva, f. ; line, n., pruga, f. ; 

station, n., stanica, f. 

rain : n., kisa, f. ; daid, m. ; it is 

raining, kia pada 
rainbow : n., duga, f. 
rainy : adj., kiSljiv, kiSovit 
raise : v., dignuti (dignom), dizati 

(dizem), podignuti (-dignem) ; 

oneself up, izdici se (-dignem) ; 

from the dead, vaskrsnuti 
(-snem) ; a siege, v., odus- 
taviti opsadu 

rasin : n., suho groidje, n 

rake : n., grablje, grabulje, ., pi. 

rake : v., grabljati, grabiti 

ram : n., baran, m. ; (battering) 

malj, m. 

ramify : v., pustiti grane 
rampart : n., bedem, branik, zid, 

m. ; odbrana, f. 
ramrod : n., sipka (od puike), f. 
rancid : adj., uieien, bajat 
rancid : v., to go, ue6i (uzezem) 
range : n., (line) red, m. ; (moun- 
tains) planina, f. ; gorski lanac, 
m. ; (shooting) puskomet, m. ; 
(stove) furuna, f. ; within , na 
pulkomet ; to find the , na6i 
daljinu ; to 
daleko nositi 
rank : n., red 

(position) 6in, stepen, m. ; to 
join the ranks, stupiti u vojsku ; 
to take with, biti u istom 
6inu ; civil , gradjanski stalez 

have a long , 
(pi. redovi), m. ; 

rare: adj., redak retka, -tko, 


rarely : adj., retko, malo kada 
rarity : n., retkost, f. 
rascal : n., mangup, lopov, m. ; 

hulja, f. 

rash : n., ospa, f. ; osip, m. 
rash : adj., neamotren, nepro- 

misljon, nagao, -gla, -glo 
rasher : n., kriska slanine, f. 
rashness : n., naglost, nesmotre- 

nost, f. 

raspberry : n., malina, f. 
rat : n., pacov, m. 
rate: n., (price) cena, f . ; (taxes) 
takse, f., pi. ; danak, m. ; of 
living, nadin zivota ; at a great 
, vrlo brzo ; at a tremendous 
, straSnom brzinom ; (speed) 
brzina, f. ; at the of 10 dinars 
a metre, po deset dinara metar 
rather : adv., pre, dosta, priliSno ; 
I had not, fala ; far, 
dosta daleko ; I would . . ., 
ja bin radije . . . 
ratio : n., razrner, m. 
ration : n., tain, m., sledovnnjp, m. 
rational: adj., pametan, razuman 
rattle : n., degrtaljka, f. 
ravage : v., opustositi 
raven : n., vran, m. ; vrana, f. 
ravenous : adj., gladan i ao vuk 
ravisher : n., otmifiar, m. 
raw : adj., sirov, -a, -o, prosan, 
-sna, -sno ; (produce) sirovina, f. 
ray : m., zraka, f. ; zrak, m. 
razor: n., brijafi, m. ; brijacica, f. ; 

britva, f. 
reach : v., stignuti (-gnem), stici 

rank : adj., jak, bujan, -jna, -jno ; 
(bad) pokvaren, smrdljiv, gadan 
ransack : v., pleniti 
ransom : n., ucena, f. ; otkup, m. 
ransom : v., uceniti, ucenjivati 
rape : n., eilovanje, n. ; otmica, 

rape: v., silovati, oteti (tmem) 
rapid : adj., brz, hi tan, -tna, -tno 
rapidity : n., brzina, hitrina, f. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
1] as U in million ; nj as ni iu opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as la in cats ; & as ah in shout. 

(stignem) ; (arrive) dolaziti, 

dodi (dodjem) ; (out) pruiati ; 

(down) dohvatiti dole ; out of 

, adj., nedostifan, -zna, -ino ; 

within , adj., dostizan, -ina, 

reactionary: adj., nazadan, -dna, 

read : v., 6itati ; (through) pro- 





reader : n., ditalac, m. ; 

sity) lektor, m. 
readiness : n., gotovnost, f. ; pri- 

pravnost, f. ; in , gotov, 


reading : n., fcitanje, n. 
reading-room : n., ditaonica, f. 
ready: adj., gotov, -a, -o, spreman, 

(univer- receiver : n., primalac, primac, m. 
recent : adj., skorasnji, nov, 

frisak, -ska 
recently .- adj., nedavno, skoro, od 

reception : n., prijem, docek, m. ; 

primanje, n. 
recipe : n., recept, m. 

-mna, -mno ; money, goto- j reciprocal : adj., uzajamni, obo- 
vina, f. ; to get , spremiti, | stran 

pripraviti, zgotoviti ; to get one- | reciprocity : n., uzajamnost, . 

recite : v., citati glasno 

self , spremiti se 
real : adj., stvarni, istinski, pravi ; 

really, adv., ozbiljno, zbilja, 

realize : v., ostvariti, izvrSiti, 


reality : n., stvarnost, realnost, f. 
realm : n., kraljevina, driava, f. 
reap : v., ieti (zanjem) 
reaper : h., zetelac, kosad, m. 
reaping : n., zetva, f. 
reaping-hook : n., srp, m. ; kosa, f. 
rear : adj., zadnji, -ja, -je, straznji 
rear : n., straznja, strana, f. ; 

zadak, m. ; zadnji red, m. 
rearmost : adj., naj zadnji 
reason : n., (mind) razum, um, 

pamet, m. ; (cause) razlog, po- 

vod, uzrok, m. 
reason : v., suditi, rasudjivati, 

umovati, dokazivati 
reasonable: adj., razuman, -mna, 

-mno, pametan, -tna, -tno, 

pravifian, uman, rasudan, raz- 

rebel : v., pobuniti se, ustati se 

rebel : n., buntovnik, m. ; ustas, 

rebellion : n., buna, f. ; ustanak 

(-nka), m. 

rebellious: adj., buntovniSki 
recall : v., pozvati natrak ; (re- 
member) secati se, setiti se (-tim) 
receipt : n., priznanica, f. kvita, f. 
receive : v., primati, primiti, 

dobiti (-bijem) ; (of people) 


reckon : v., ra8uniti, brojiti, hesa- 

reckoning : n., racunanje, n. ; 

brojenje, n. ; ra6un, m. 
recognition : n., poznavanje, n. 
recognize : v., poznati, uvideti, 


recollect : v., setiti se, sedati se 
recollection : n., secanje, n. ; uspo- 

mena, f . 
recommend : v., preporuSiti (-du- 


recommendation : n., preporuka, f. 
recompense : n., nagrada, f. 
reconcile : v., pomiriti 
reconciliation : n., pomirenje, n. 
reconnaissance : n., poznavanje, 

ispitivanje, izvidjanje, n. 
record : n., zapisnik, popis ; regis- 

tar, m. 

record : v., upisati 
records : n., arhiva, f. 
recover : v., (from illness) ozdra- 

viti, popraviti se, le<5iti se ; (get 

back) dobiti natrag, opet zado- 

recovery : n., oporavljanje, ordra- 

vljenje, m. 

recruit : n., regrut, m. 
recruit : v, vrbovati 
rectangle : n., pravougaonik, m. 
rectangular : adj., pravougolan, 

-Ina, -Ino 

rectum : n., guzno crevo, n. 
recurrent: adj., povratni 
red : adj., erven, -a, -o, rumen : 

cross, n., crveni krst, m. ; 

Pronounce : dj , di, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij ad li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, f , as ch in cAurc/t ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; as ah in shout. 




Redskin, n., erven kozac, rn. ; 

Indijanac, m. ; tape, n., 

birokratizam, m. ; haired, 

adj., ridjokos 

redden : v., crveniti, rumeniti 
reddish : adj., rujan, -jna, -jno, 

rud, ridj 

redoubt : n. , sanac, m. ; utvrda, f . 
reduce : v., smanjiti, umanjiti ; 

to order, urediti ; to no- 
thing, unistiti ; a fracture, 

namestiti, opraviti 
reduction : n., smanjivanje, svo- 

djenje, n. 

reed : n., trska, f. ; trs, sevar, m. 
reef : n., (bank) greben, m. ; 

(sail) podveza, f. 
reef : v., podvezati 
reel : n., kalem, m. ; cevka, f. ; 

vitao, m. 
refer : v., uporediti, pripisati 

reference : n., preporuka, f. ; 

obzir, m. ; izveStaj, m. ; upuci- 

vanje, n. ; in to, pogledom na 
reflect : v., (think) promisliti ; 

(light, etc.) odbiti, odbijati 
reflection : 

anje, n. ; 

etc.) odbijanje, n. ; odblesak, m. 
reform : v., nanovo obrazovati, 


refrain : n., pripev, m. 
refresh : v.,rashladiti, rasveziti 
refreshments : n., jelo, n. ; pi6e, n. 

n., (thought) razmisl- 
misao (-sli), f. ; (light, 

refreshment-room : 
blagovaonica, f. 

n., bifet, m. ; 

refuge : n., uto&ste, n. ; prebiva- 

liste, n. 
refuge, to take : 

v., pobedi (beg- 

nem), skloniti se 
refugee : n., begunac (-nca), m. 
refusal : n., odricanje, n. ; otkaz, 

refuse : v., odbiti (-bijem), ne dati, 

odreci, otkazati (-kaZem), za- 


regal : adj., kraljevski 
regale : v., gostiti, uustiti 

regard : n., pogled, m. ; paznja, f. 
regardless : adj., nomaran, -rna, 

-rno, nepazljiv 
regent : n., namesnik, regent, via- 

dar, m. 

regicide : n., ubistvo kralja, n. 
regicide : n., ubica kralja, m. 
regiment : n., puk, m. 
regimental: adj., pukovski 
region : n., oblast, f. ; kraj, m. 
register : n., registar, spisak, m. 
register : v., upisati, protokolirati ; 

(a letter) preporuSiti (-Sujem) 
registration : n., upisivanje, n. ; 

(letter) preporuSivanje, n. 
regret : v., zaliti, sazaliti, kajati se 
regret : n., zaljenje, n. ; ialost, f. ; 

sazaljavanje, n. 
regrets : n., u6eS6e, n. 
regular: adj., pravilan, -Ina, -Ino, 

redovan, -vna, -vno, uredan 
regularity: n., pravilnost, isprav- 

nost, f. 

regulate : v., urediti, narediti 
regulation : n., uredba, f. ; ured- 

jenje, n. 
reign : v., kraljevati, vladati, caro- 

reign : n., vlada, f. ; carovanje, 

kraljevanje, n. 
reins : n., vodjica, f. ; uzdica, f. ; 

uzda, f. ; vodjice, f., pi. 
rejoice : v., veseliti, obradovati, 

zabavljati se 
relapse (illness) : n., povratak 

bolesti, m. 

relate : v., pri6ati, izvestiti 
related : adj., srodan, -dna, -dno, 

rod ; we are , mi smo rod 
relation : n., rodjak, m. ; rodja- 

kinja, f. ; srodnik, m. ; srodnica, 

f. ; rod, m. ; (thing) izvestaj, 

sveza, f . ; in to . . ., ito se 

relationship : n., srodstvo, n. ; 

rodbina, f. 
relative : adj., relativan, -vna, 

-vno, odnosan, dotiSni 
release : v., otpustiti, osloboditi 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i, as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as sh in shout. 

rel] 217 


relic : n., ostatak, m. 
relief : n., pomoc, f. ; olaksanje, n. 
relieve : v., olaksati, pomagati 
religion : n., vera, f. ; veroispoved, 

religious : adj., verski, pobozan, 

-zna, -zno 
remain : v., ostati (-anem), posta- 

jati, ostanuti, probaviti 
remaining : adj., ostao, -tala, -lo 
remains : n., ostali, m., pi. 
remainder : n., ostatak (-tka), m. 
remark : v., opaziti, primetiti 
remark : n., primedba, beleska, f. ; 

napomena, f. 
remarkable : adj., znatan, -tna, 

-tno, izvanredan, -dna, -dno 
remedy : n., lek, m. ; lezenje, n. ; 

sredstvo, n. 
remember : v., se6ati se (-6am), 

opomenuti se, upamtiti, pamtiti, 

setiti se 
remembrance : n., uspomena, f. ; 

spomen, m. ; pamdenje, n. 
remind : v., opomenuti 
remnant : n., ostatak, m. 
remorse : n., griza savesti, . ; 

kajanje, n. 
remote : adj., dalek 
removal : n., selidba, seoba, f. ; 

seljenje, n. 
remove : v., udaljiti, oduzeti, 

skinuti ; (house) iseliti se 
remunerate : v., nagraditi 
remuneration: n., nagrada, isplata, 

render: v., vratiti, povratiti ; 

(do) uciniti ; (account) poloziti ; 

(oneself) predati se 
rendezvous: n.,ugovorensastanak, 


renew: v., ponoviti, obnoviti 
rennet : n., siriSte, n. 
renounce : v., odreci se (-recem) 
renouncement : n., odricanje, n. 
renown : n., glas, in. ; slava, f. 
rent : n., kirija, f. 
rent : v., uzeti pod kiriju 
repair : v., popraviti, obnoviti 

repair: n., popravak, m. ; poprava, 

f. ; opravljanje, n. 
repeat : v., ponoviti, kazati opet 
repent : v., kajati se, pokajati se 
repentance : n., kajanje, n. 
replete : adj., sit, pun 
repletion : n., sitost, f. ; punoca, f. 
reply : n., odgovor, m. 
report : n., vest, glas, izveStaj, m. 
report : v., javiti se, izvestiti, javiti 
reporter : n., izvestaS, izvestilac, m. 
represent : v., predstaviti 
representation : n., predstava, f. 
representative : n., predstavnik, 

zastupnik, m. 
reproduction : n., rasplodjavanje, 

n. ; (print) otisak, in. ; ostam- 

pavanje, n. 

republic : n., republika, f. 
repulsive: adj., gadan, -dna, -dno, 

reputation : n., ime (imena), n. ; 

glas, m. ; slava, f. ; uvazenje, n. 
request : n., molba, prozba, f. ; 

trazenje, n. 

request : v., moliti, traiiti, iskati 
requiem : n., parastos, m. 
require : v., traziti, trebati 
requisition : n., trebovanje, n. ; 

rekvizicija, f. 

rescue : v., spasavati, spasiti 
rescue : n., spasenje, spasavanje, 

n. ; to come to the , doci u 


resemblance : n., sliSnost, f. 
resemble : v., nalifiti 
reserve : v., zadrzati, sa6uvati 
reserve : n. f zadrzavanje, n. ; 

rezerva, f. 

reservoir : n.,rezervoar, m. ;ubao, m. 
resident : n., rezident, m. ; stanov- 

nik, m. 

residue : n., ostatak (-tka), m. 
resign : v., ustupati, ostaviti, 

odreci se 
resignation : n., ustup, ustupak, 

m. ; odstupanje, n. ; ostavka, f. 
resign (oneself to the will of God) : 

v. , predati se 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j ag y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch -, c as ts in cats ; 3 aa ah in shout. 




resin : n., smola, f. 

resinous : adj., smolav 

resist : v., opirati se, protiviti se 

resistance : n., otpor, m. ; odupi- 

ranje, n. 
resolution: n.,resenje, n. ; namera, 

f. ; rastvaranje, n. 
resolve : v., rastvoriti, razlufiiti ; 

(make up one's mind) resiti se, 

luSiti se 

resound : v., zveknuti (zveknem) 
resource : n., sredstvo, n. ; nacin, 

raspect : n., posta, f. ; postovanje, 

n. ; uvazenje, n. ; obzir, m. 
respect : v., postovati, uvazavati 
respectable : adj., dostojan posto- 


respiration : n., dihanje, n. 
responsibility : n., odgovornost, f. 
responsible : adj., odgovoran, -rna, 


rest: n.,odmor, m. ; pokoj.m. 
rest : v., odmarati se, odrnoriti ; 

(remain) ostati ; (of the dead) 

po&vati ; here lies, ovde po6iva ; 

rested, adj., odmoran, -rna, -rno 
restaurant : n., restoran, m. ; 

gostionica, f. 
result : n., rezultat, m. ; posledica, 

f. ; posledak (-sletka), m. 
result : v., izlaziti, sledovati 
resurrection : n., uskrsnu6e, n. 
resuscitate : v., uskrsavati, 

uskrsnuti (-nem) 
retail : v., prekupiti, trgovati na 


retch : v., gu&iti se 
retina : n., mreznica, f. 
retire : v., povu6i se (-Sera), 

uvratiti se, ustupati se ; (from 

work) ostaviti slu2bu 
retreat : v., odstupati se 
retreat : n., odstupanje, n. 
return : v., (give back) vratiti, 

poslati natrag ; (go back) vratiti 

e, povratiti 
zahvaliti ; 


se ; ( thanks 
home, vratiti se 

return : n., povratak (-tka), in. ? 

by of post, povratkom poste ; 

in , naprotiv, za hvalu ; ia 

for, kao naknada za ; 

ticket, karta za natrag 
reveal : v., otkriti 
reveille : n., budjenje, n. 
revelation : n., otkrivanje, otkri6o, 

revenge : n., osveta, f. ; osvetlji- 

vost, f. 

revenge : v., osvetiti 
revengeful : adj., osvetan, -tna, 

-tno, osvetljiv 
revenger : n., osvetnik, in. 
revenue : n., prihod, m. 
reverence : n., postovanje, n. ; 

(bow) poklon, m. 
reverend : adj., pre5astan, -sna, 


reverie : n., sanjarija, f. 
review : n., (army) smotra, f. ; 

parada, f. ; pregled, m. ; (book) 

kritika, f. 
review : v., pregledati, drzati 


revive: v.,oziviti, obnoviti 
revoke : v., zbaciti, smeniti ; 

(cards) ne priznati boju 
revolt : n., buna, f. ; ustanak 

(-nka), m. ; pobuna, f. 
revolt : v., pobuniti, buniti, ustati 

revolution : n., (wheel) okretanje, 

n. ; obrtanje, n. ; (change) 

promena, f. ; v., revolt 
revolutionist : n., revolucionar, 

buntovnik, m. 

revolver : n., revolver, levor, m. 
reward : n., nagrada, f. 
reward : v., nagraditi 
rheumatic : adj., revmatidan, -6na, 


rheumatism : n., revmatizam, m. 
rhinoceros : n., nosorog, m. 
rhubarb : n., raved, reven, m. 
rhythm : n., ritam, m. 
rib : n., rebro, n. 

I ribbon : n., pantljika, vrpca, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as ah in shout. 




rice : n., pirinac, oriz, m. ; riza, f. ; | ripeness : n., zrelost, f. ; zrelina, f. 

and milk (pudding), n., sut- rise : v., ustati, podignuti se (-dig- 

lija, m. nem), di6i se (dignem.^; (revolt) 

rich: adj., bogat, -a, -o ; (land) ' ustati; the sun rises, sunce se 

plodan, -dna, -dno ; (food) i izlazi 

mrean, -sna, -sno, hraniv ; (colour) ' rise : n., ustajanje, dizanje, n. ; 

tiv ; man, bogatas, m. ishod, m. ; (prices )skakanje,n. 

riches : n., bogatstvo, n. ; blago, n. ! rising : n., (revolt) buna, f. ; pen- 
rick : n., plast, stog, m. janje, n. 
ride : v., (horse) jahati, jasiti risk : n., opasnost, f. 

(jasem) ; (bicycle) voziti ae na ' ritual : n., trebnik, m. ; ritual, m. 

rider : n., jaha<5, vozilac, m. 

rival : n., takruac, suparnik, m. 
rival : v., takmiciti se, nadmetati se 

ridiculous: adj., smesan, -sna, -Sno | rivalry : EL, utakmica, f . ; supar- 
riding : n., jahanje, n. ; jaha, f. ; I nistvo, n. 

voznja, f. ; horse, n., jahaci river : n., reka, f. ; bank, n., 

konj, m. ; school, n., jasionica, 
rifle : n., puska, f. ; range, n. ; 

obala, f. ; basin, n., sliv, m. 
rivet : n., klinac, cavao, m. 
rivet : v., zakovati, ukovati 

streliste, n. j rivulet : n., potok, m. 

right : adj., prav, desni, dobar ; to : roach : n., bodorka, f. 

the , desno, na desno ; to be road : n., put, drum, m. ; by , 

, imati pravo ; to be wrong, j adv., kolima, peske 

nemati pravo ; isyourwateh T j roadstead : n., rada, f . ; sidriste, 

ide li vas sat dobro ? to set , v., ' n. 

urediti ; the way, pravi put, roan : adj., horse, Silas, m. 

m. ; my hand, moja desna ! roast : v., peci (-cem) ; adj., 

ruka, f . ; angle, n., pravi ugao, ! pecen ; meat, n., pecenje, n., 

m. ; all , dobro ; ahead, na , pedenka, f. 

pravo ; off, odmah j rob : v., krasti (kradem), pljackati, 

right : n., pravo, desno, n. ; pra- ukrasti, grabiti 

vica, f. ; to have a to, imati robber : n., razbojnik, lupei, lopov, 

pravo na ; to be in the , ' m. 

imati pravo; on the , na robbery: n., kradja, f. ; razbojstvo, 
hand side, desna n. ; pi en, m. 

robe : n., haljina, f. 

desno ; 

strana, f . 

rigid : adj., krut, cvrst 
rigour : n., groznica, f. 
rind : n., kora, f. 
ring : n., prsten, m. ; halka, 

grivna, f. 

ring : v., zvoniti, zvecati 
ringing : m., zvonjenje, n. 
ringworm : n., lisaj, m. (bolest 

na kozi) 

riot : n., pobuna, buna, f. 
ripe : adj., zreo, zrela, -lo, sazreo 
ripen : v., zreti (zrem), sazreti 


robin : n., crvendad, m. 

robust : n., jak, zdrav, krupan, 

rock : n., stena, f. ; kamen, m. ; 

krs, m. ; kamenjak, stenjak, m. ; 

salt, n. ; kamena so, f . 
rock : v., njihati (njiSem), Ijaljkati 
rocket : n., raketa, f. 
rocky : adj., kamenit, krsevit 
roe : n., (fish) ikra, f. ; (animal) 

srna, f. ; roebuck, n., srndak, 

srndac, m. 
rogue : n., lopov, mangup, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dt, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, fi, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; i as ah in shout. 




roll : v., valjati, kotrljati, otkotr- 

Ijati ; up, namotati 
roll : n., valjanje, n. ; svitak, m. ; 

kotrljanje, n. ; (bread), mali 

hlebac, m. ; call, n., apel, m. ; 

prozivanje, n. ; of ship, n., 

ljuljanje, n. 

Roman : adj., rimski, latinski 
romance : n., roman, m, 
romantic : adj., romanti6an, -6na, 


roof : n., krov, m. 
rook: n.,vrana, f. ; (chess) kula, f. 
room : n., soba, f. ; staja, komora, 

f. ; sala, f. ; dining , n., 

trepezarija, f. ; waiting , n., 

cekaonica, f. 
root : n., koren, m. ; zlla, f. ; po6e- 

tak, m. ; square , n., kvadratni 

kubin, m. ; to take , v., pustati 

rope : n., konop, konopac (-pea), m. ; 

uZe (ufceta), n. 

rope-maker : n., u2ar, konopar, m. 
rosary : n., brojanice, f., pi. 
rose : n., ru2a, f. ; wild , divlja 


rosemary : n., ruzmarin, m. 
rot : n., trulost, f. ; (nonsense) 

glupost, f . 

rot : v., truliti, gnjiliti 
rotten: adj., truo, trula, -lo, 

gnjio, -ila, -ilo, pokvaren 
rottenness : n., gnjilost, trulost, f. 
rouble : n., rublja, f. 
rough: adj., hrapav, grub, surov ; 

(sea), uzburkan, zatalasan 
roughness : n., hrapavost, grubo<5a, 

surovost, burnost, f. 
round : adj., okrugao, -gla, -glo, 

oblast, obao, -bla, -bio, krug ; 

dance, n., kolo, n. 
round : adv., okolo, naokolo ; all 

the country , cola okolina, f. ; 

all the year , citavom godinom ; 
about, naokolo, uokalo ; to 
look , ogledati se ; a up, n., 
hajka, f. ; to turn , okrenuti 

round: prep., oko, okolo (gen.); 

the corner, iza ugla ; he rims 

the house, trci oko kuce 
round : n., krug, okrug, m. ; okru- 

glost, f. ; kolo, n. 
rout : n., zabuna, f. ; nered, m. ; 

svadja, f. 

row : n., red, m. ; (noise) larma, . 
row : v., (boat) veslati 
rowan : n., jarebika, f. 
rower : n., veslac, m. 
rowing : n., veslanje, n. 
royal : adj., kraljevski 
royalty : n., kraljevstvo, n. 
rub : v., utrti (utrem), trljati, 

ribati ; out, brisati (brisern), 

rubber : n., kauduk, m. ; guma, f. ; 

(ca ds) igra, f. 
ruby : n., rubin, rh. 
rudder : n., krma, f. ; krmilo, n. ; 

korman, m. 

ruddy : adj., rumen, crvenkast 
rude: adj., bezpbrazan, -zna, -zno, 

nepristojan, -jna, -jno ; v., rough 
rudeness : n., bezobraznost, nepri- 

stojanost, f. 

ruffle : v., razbarusiti, nabirati 
rug : n., pokriva6, m. 
ruin: n., razvalina, pro past, f. ; 

razorenje, n. 
ruin : v., razoriti, razruslti, upro- 


ruinous : adj., trosan, -Ina, -no 
rule : n., (law) zakon, m. ; naredba, 

f . ; pravilo, n. ; red, m. ; as a , 

u opste, obiSno 
rule : v., vladati, urediti, upravljati ; 

(line) Spartati 
ruler : n., (man) vladalac, m. ; 

vladar, m. ; (wooden, etc.) spar- 

talj, m. 

rum : n., rum, m. 
rumour : n., glas, n. ; it is rumoured, 

govon se 

run : v., trcati, juriti, trkati, hiteti, 
beiati, begati ; aground, v., 
nasukati ee ; away ! hajde ! 
away, v., begati, begnuti 

Pronounce : dj, cl?.. as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; ni us ni in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch ia l<~.!i ; c as ts in cats ; s as ah in shout. 



I sal 

(-nem) ; away with, odvesti 
(-vezem) ; dry, v., osusiti se ; 
off, v., oti6i ; a risk, biti 
u opasnosti 
run : n., trcanje, trkanje, n. ; trka, 

runaway : n., begunac (-nca), m. 
runner : n., trcalac, trkad, m. 
running : adj., tekudi ; water, 

tekuca voda, f. ; six days , 

Best dana zasobice 
running : n., v., run ; fire, brza 

vatra, f . 
rupture : n., prelom, prekid, m. ; 

provala, f. ; (hernia) presega, 

kila, f. ; proder, m. 

rural : adj., seoski seljadki 

rural constable : n., poljak, pandur, 

rush : n., trska, sita, f. ; rogoz, 

sevar, rn. 

rush : v., sko6iti, zaleteti 8e, juriti 
rust : n., rdja, hrdja, f. 
rust : v., rdjati 
rustic : adj., seoski, seljafki 
rustle : v., iumeti (-mim), suSkati 
rustle : n., Sum, m. ; sustanje, n. 
rusty : adj., rdjav 
rut : n., kolovoz, m. ; kolomija, 


rye : n., rai, rf, m. 
rye-bread : n., rzanica, f. 


sable : n., samur, m. 

sable fur : n., samurovina, f. 

sabre : n., sablja, f. 

saccharine : adj., se6erni 

sack : n., dzak, m. ; torba, f. ; 

(town) plenjenje, n. ; plen., m. 
Sacrament : n., pridest, f. ; to give 

the , prifiestiti ; to take the , 

priSestiti se 

sacred : adj., sveti, osveden, 
sacredness : n., svetost, f. 
sacrifice : n., zrtva, f. 
sacrifice : v., zrtvovati, napustiti 
sacrilege : n., obesvecenje, n. 
sad : adj., tuzan, -zna, -zno, zalo- 

stan, -sna, -sno 
sad, to be : v., tugovati 
sadden : v., ialostiti 
saddle : n., sedlo, n. ; pack , n., 

samar, m. ; bag, n., torbica, 

f. : horse, n. ; j abaci konj, m. 

saddle : v., osedlati, sedlati 
saddler: n., sedlar, m. ; saraS, m. 
sadness : n., zalost, tuga, seta, f. 
safe : adj., siguran, -rna, -rno, 

pouzdan, bezopasan, -sna, -sno 
safe : n., kasa, f. 
safety : n., sigurnost, bezopasnost, 

saffron : n., safran, m. 

sail : n., jedro, jedrilo, n. ; main- 

, n., veliko jedro, n. ; to set , 

v., dignuti jedro ; to lower , 

spustiti jedra 
sail : v., jedriti, odjedriti, broditi, 

sailing : n., jedrenje, brodjenje, n. ; 

plovidba, f. 

sailor : n., mornar, brodar, m. 
saint : n., svetac (sveca), svetinjak, 


saint : adj., svet 
saintliness : n., svetost, f. 
saint's day : n., svecanik, svecani 

dan, m. 
sake : n., for the of, radi ; for 

God's , radi Boga 
salad : n., salata, f. 
salary : n., piaca, plata, nagrada, f. 
sale : n., prodaja, f., prodavanje, 

n. ; for sale, na prodaju 
saline : adj., slan 
saliva : n., pljuvadka, slina, f. 
salmon : n., losos, m. 
saloon-car : n., salonska kola, n., pi. 
salt : n., so (soli), f. ; kitchen , 

kuhinska so, f. ; rock , kamena 

so, f. ; sea , morska so, f. 
salt: v., posoliti, usoliti, soliti 
salt-cellar : n., slanik,m. ; slanica, f. 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, &, as ch in church ; u as 09 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




salted : adj., posoljen, slan, usoljen 
salting : n., soljenje, n. 
saltpetre : n., salitra, salitra, f. 
salute : v., pozdraviti 
salute : n., pozdrav, in. 
salvation : n., spas, m. ; spasenje, 
n ; army, n., vojska spasenja, 

same : adj., isti, ista, isto, jednak, 
-a, -o ; in the way, jednako, 
isto tako ; it is all the , to je 
ave jedno 

sample : n., raustra proba, f. ; 
primerak, m. 

sample : v., uzeti mustru, probati 

sanatorium : n., bolnica, f. 

sand : n., pesak (-ska), m. ; quick- 
sands, n., iivi pesak, m. ; 

bank, n., prud, m. 

sandal : n., sandala, f. ; (Serbian) 
opanka, f . 

sandal maker : .n., opan6ar, m. 

sanitary : adj., sanitetski 

sapper : n., kopaS, pionir, m. 

sapphire : n., safir, m. 

sardine : n., sardina, f. 

sash : n., (window) okvir, (cloth) 
pojas, pa^, m. 

sat an : n., sotona, djavo, m. 

satanic : adj., djavolski 

satiate : v., sititi 

satiated : adj., sit, -a, -o 

satiety : n., si tost, f. 

satisfaction : n., zadovoljstvo, n. 

satisfied : adj., zadovoljan, -jna, 

satisfy : v., zadovoljiti 

Saturday : n., subota, f. 

sauce : n., umokac, sos, m. 

saucepan : n., kastrola, f. ; fier- 
penja, f. 

saucer : n., Solja, f. 

uurrkraut : n., kiseo kupus, m. 

sausage : n., kobasica, f. 

savage : adj., divlji, -ja, -je, zverski 

savage : n., divljak, m. 

save : v., spasavati, spasti (spasem); 
(money) Stediti, saduvati ; to 
time, ne gubiti vremena 

save : prep., van, izvan, do, osira 


saving : adj., Stedljiv, Stedni 
savings : n., usteda, f. 
savings-bank : n., Stedionica, f. 
Saviour : n., Spasitelj, m. 
saw : n., testera, pila, f. ; dust, 

n.,pilotina, f. ; mill, n. ; pilana, 

struznica, f. 
sawyer : n., testeraS, strugar, pilar, 

say : v., kazati (kaiem), redi 

(reSem), kazivati, govoriti ; I ! 

cuj ! they , govori se ; I have 

no in the matter, nemam redi 

u tome 
saying : n., govor, m. ; recenica, f. ; 

poslovica, f. 
scab : n., suga, f. 
scabbard : n., korice, f., pi. 
scaffolding : n., skele, f., pi. 
scales: n., vaga, f. ; terazije, f., pi. 
scandal : n., sramota, f. ; sablazan, 

m. ; bruka, f. 

scandalize : v., sablazniti, uvrediti 
scandalous : adj., sablazljiv, sra- 

man, -mna, -mno 
scapegrace : n., nevaljalac, m. 
scar : n., maznica, f. ; oziljak, m. 
scarce : adj., redak, -dka, -dko, 


scarcely : adj., jedva, teSko 
scarcity : n., retkost, f. 
scarecrow : n., strasilo, n. 
scarf : n., mararna, f. 
scarlet : adj., skerletan, -tna, -tno 
scarlet-fever : n., Sarlah, m. 
scarlet-runner : n., tackaS, m. 
scene : n., scena, f. ; pozornica, f. ; 

make a , nekoga napasti 
scenery : n., pogled, m. ; dekora- 

cija, f. ; scenerija, f. 
scent : n., miris, m. ; vonj, iijuh, 

m. ; (dog's ) nos, m. 
scented : adj., mirisav 
sceptre : n., iezlo, n. ; skiptar, 

scheme : n., skema, f. ; nacrt, m. ; 

sustav, m. ; plan, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in Iwh ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 




scholar : n., djak, u5enik, m. ; 
foundation , pitomac (-mca), m. 
scholastic : adj., skolski, uc'enic'ki 
school : n., skola, f. ; uCilisie, n. ; 
commercial , trgova6ka skola, 
f. ; elementary , osnovna 
Skola, f. ; industrial , zanat- 
Ijiska skola, f. ; secondary , 

srednja skola, 

boy, n., 

uCenik, djak, m. ; girl, n., 
uSenica, f. ; master, n., 
ufiitelj, m. ; mistress, n., 
uclteljica, f. ; room, n., u6io- 
nica, f. ; modern (real), n., 
realka, f. ; modern boy, n., 
realac, m. 

science : n., nauka, f. 

scientific: adj., nau6an, -Sna, -Sno 

scientist : n., naufinik, m. 

scissors : n., makaze, nozice, f., pi. 

scoff : v., rugati se, ruiti 

scoffer : n., ruga8, m. 

scoffing : n., ruga, f. ; ruganje, n. 

cold: v.,psovati(psujem) 

scolder : n., psovafi, m. 

scolding : n., psovanje, n. 

scorn : n., prezir, m, 

scorn : v., prezirati 

scornful: adj., preziran, -rna, -rno 

scorpion : n., skorpija, f. 

Bcotch mist : n., rosulja, f. 

scoundrel : n., lopov, mangup, 
hulja, obesenjak, m. 

scourge : n.,bifi, m. ; sibak, m. 

scout : n., izvidnik, m. ; boy , n., 
6etnik, m. 

scowl : v., mrko gledati 

scrambled eggs : n., kajgana, f. 

scratch : v., grepsti, ogrepsti 
(ogrebem), 6eati, deprkati 

scratch : n., ogrebotina, ranica, f. 

scream : v., vikati 

screen : n., zaitita, f. ; spanski zid, 

screw : n., raf, vijak, vrtak, m. ; 
(steamer's) svrdlo, n. ; thread, 
n., zavoj, m. ; nut, n., matica 
od Srafa, f. ; jack, n., 6ekrk, 
m. ; driver, n., odvrtad, 

odvijaS, m. ; cork- , n.,vadi6ep, 

screw : v., zasrafiti, prifivrstiti 

scribble : v., Crfikati, sarabatati 

Scriptures : n., sveto pismo, n. 

scrofula : n., Skrofula, f. 

scrotum : n., mosnje, mosnjice, f., 

sculptor : n., vajar, kipar, m. 

sculpture : n., vajarstvo, n. ; akul- 
tura, f . 

scurvy : n., skorbut, m. ; cigota, f. 

scythe : n., kosa, f. 

sea : n., more, n. ; adj., morski ; 
at , adv., po moru, na mom; 
by , adv., po moru, moru ; open 
, n., otvoreno more, n. ; to go 
to , idi po moru; chart, n., 
morska karta, f. ; gull, n., 
galeb, m. ; level, n., morska 
razina, f. ; shore, n. ; morska 
obala, f. ; sickness, n., morska 
bolest, f. 

seaman : n., mornar, m. 

seal : n., (animal) tuljan, m. 

seal : n., peat, m. ; (stamp) zig, m. 

seal : v., zapecatiti, peeatiti 

sealing-wax : n., pe6atni vosak, m. 

seam : n., sav, m. ; sivenje, n. 

search : v., traiiti, iskati, istraiiti ; 
(person) pretresti, vizitirati 

season : n., dob, m. ; doba, f. ; 
vreme (vremena), n. ; in , 
zreo, -zrela, -lo ; ticket, n., 
pretplata, f. ; godisnja karta, f. 

seasonable : adj., u pravo vreme, 
u zgodno vreme, zgodan, -dna, 

seat : n., sediste, n. ; stolica, klupa, 
f. ; stolac, m. ; take a , sednite 

second : adj., drugi ; time, 
drugi put ; captain (Serbian), 
kapitan druge klase ; lieu- 
tenant, potporufinik, m. ; 
cousin, rodjak, m. 

second : n., sekunda, f. ; 6asak, m. 

trenu6e, n. ; trenutak, m. ; 
secondly, adv., na drugdm mestu ; 

Pronounce : dj, di., as ,;' in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
In room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as h in shout 




class, druga klasa, f . ; hand 

(clock), n., kazaljka za sekunde ; 

adj., star 
secrecy : n., tajnost, f. ; tajaii- 

stvenost, f. 

secret : n., tajna, tajnost, f. 
secret : adj., tajni, -na, -no, potajni, 

service, n., tajna 
a , adv., tajno, 

sekretar, tajnik, 

skrovit ; 
policija, f. ; ; 

secretary : n., 
pisar, m. 

section : n., razdeo (-dela), m. ; 
odeljak, m. ; odeljenje, n. 

secure : adj., siguran, -rna, -rno 

security : n., sigurnost, f. 

sediment : n., talog, m. 

seduce : v., zavesti, zavoditi 

see : v., videti (vidim), ugledati, 
gledati ; (understand) razuraeti ; 
(visit) posetiti ; to home, 
pratiti ku6i 

seed : n., seme (semena), n. ; se- 
menje, n. 

seek : v., traziti, iskati, istraiiti 

seem : v., diniti se ; it seems to me 
. . ., 6ini mi se . . . ; I to know, 
mislim da znam 

seize : v., uhvatiti, zgrabiti, uzeti 
(-zmem), dohvatiti, obuzeti 
(-uzmem) ; the opportunity, 
ulu&ti priliku 

seldom : adv., retko 

select : v., birati, izabrati 

selection : n., izbor, m. ; odabi- 
ranje, n. 

self : pron. and adj., sam isti, onaj 
isti ; hia own , on sam ; 
abuse, n., samoblud, m. ; con- 
trol, vladanje samim sobom ; 
government, samouprava, f. ; 
sacrifice, pozrtvovanje samoga 

selfish : adj., sebic'an, -fina, -Sno 

selfishness : n., sebidnost, f. 

sell : v., prodati, prodavati 

seller : n., prodavac, prodavaC, m. 

selling : n., prodavanje, n. 

semi : polu 

semicircle : n., polukrug, m. 
semicircular: adj., polukruzan, 

-zna, -zno 

seminal : adj., setneni 
seminary : n., bogoslovija, f. 
semolina : n., kriz, kris, gris, m. 
send : v., slati (Saljem), poslati 

(posljem, gal jem) ; away, v., 

otpraviti, poslati ; back, v., 

poslati natrag ; oft, v., odaslati, 

otpraviti ; for, v., poslati po 
sender : v., otpravnik, poSiljac', m. 
sensation : n., ose6anje, n. ; oset, 

m. ; upeSatak, m. ; utisak, m. 
sense : n., 6ulo, Cuvstvo, n. ; svest, 

f. ; razum, urn, m. ; good , 

zdrav razum, m. ; common , 

obidna pamet, f. 
senseless: adj., neavestan, -tna, 

-tno ; (foolish) bezuman, -mna, 

sensible : adj., pametan, -tna, -tno, 

osetljiv, razuman, -mna, -mno 
sensitive : adj., osetljiv, osetan, 

-tna, -tno, 6utljiv 
sensitiveness : n., osetljivost, 

Cuvstvenost, f. 
sensual : adj., odan telesnom, <5ulni, 

telesni, scnsualan, -Ina, -Ino 
sentence : n., osuda, presuda, f. ; 

kazna, f. ; death , sinrtna 

kazna ; (phrase) slog, m. ; 

izreka, f. ; refienica, f. 
sentence : v., kazniti, osuditi, 


sentry : n., straSar, stra2a, m. 
sentry-box : n., straiara, f. 
separate : adj., razdvojen, odvojen, 

separate : v., razdvojiti, rastaviti, 



enje, n. 


sepulchre : n., grob, m. 
sequel : n., sledovanje, n 

adv., obaSka, posebno, 
n., razdvajanje, delj- 
n., septembar, rujan, 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as 9 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




sergeant : n., podnarednik, rn. 
sergeant-major : n., narednik, m. 
serious : adj., ozbiljan, -jna, -jno 
seriously : adv., ozbiljno 
seriousness : n., ozbilja, ozbiljnost, 

sermon : n., govor, m. ; predika, f. 
serpent : n., zraija, f. ; guja, f. 
serum : n., serum, m. ; sukrvica, f. 
servant : n., (man) sluga, sluzitelj, 

momak, m. ; boy, n., slu6e, n. ; 

maid, n., sluskinja, sobarica, sluz- 

benica, f. ; civil , n., driavni 

dinovnik, m. 
serve : v., sluiiti, posluziti, dvoriti ; 

oneself, posluziti se ; it serves 
him right, pravo mu je ; a 
sentence, odsediti kaznu 

service : n., sluzba, f. ; divine , 
sluz'ha bozja, f. ; military , 
vojnic'ka sluzba, f. ; to do a , 
udiniti uslugu, ljubav ; civil , 
driavna sluiba, f . 

erviceable : adj., koristan, -tna, 
-too, upotreban, -bna, -bno, 

servile : adj., ropski 

servitude : n., ropstvo, n. ; penal 
, robija, f. 

session : n., sodnica, f. 

Bet : v., metnuti, postaviti ; (hen) 
nasaditi ; aside, metnuti na 
stranu ; at ease umiriti ; 
on fire, zapaliti, upaliti ; (sun) 
zahoditi, sedati ; out to sea, 
idi po moru ; out, otputovati ; 

up house, nastaniti se ; in 
business, otvoriti trgovinu 

set : n., slaganje, odbiranje, n. ; 

neki broj stvari, skupa, f. 
set-square : n., Skvadra, f. ; uglo- 

mer, m. 
settle : v., utvrditi, prikovati, 

postaviti ; an account, ispla- 

titi ra6un 
settled : adj., odredjen, uredjen, 

seven : num. sedam 
seventeen : num. sedamnaest 

seventh : n., sedmina, f. 
seventh : adj., sedmi 
seventy : num. sedamdeset 
several : adj., posebni, razlidan, 

razan ; adv., vise, nekoliko ; 

times, viSe puta 
severe : adj., strog, ostar, -tra, -tro ; 

wound, teska rana, f . ; cold, 
ljuta zima, f. 

severity : n., strogost, ostrina, 

zestina, f. ; ljutost, ozbiljnost, f. 
sew : v., fiiti (iijem) 
sewerage: n., kanalizacija, f. 
sewing : n., Sijenje, n. ; machine, 

Sijaca masina, f. 

n., spol, pol, rod, in. 

adj., bespolni 
sexual : adj., spolni 
sexuality : n., spolnost, f. 
shackles : n., puto, putilo, n. 
shade : n., hi ad, hladak, m. ; 

hladovina, f. 
shadow : n., sen, m. ; sena, senka, 

f. ; hlad, m. 

shady : adj., hladovit, senovit 
shake : v., tresti (tresem),potreaati, 

drmati ; hands, rukovati se ; 

head, mahati glavom 
shaky: adj., nesiguran, -rna, -rno, 

shallow : adj., plitak, -tka, -tko; 

shallows, n., plidina, f. 
sham : adj., nepravi, lazan, toboi- 

nji, -ja, -je 

shambles : n., klanica, f. 
shame : n., sramota, f. ; sram, stid, 

shameful : adj., sramotan, 

tno, sraman, -mna, -mno 
shameless : adj., besraman, bezo- 

shape : n., oblik, izraz, nacin, m. ; 

(mould) kalup, m. 
share : n., deo (dela), m. ; divi- 

denda, f. ; deonica, f. 
shareholder : n., udeom'Sar, m. 

shark : n., ajkula, f. ; morski pas, 


sharp : adj., ostar, ostra, -tro, 
Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; 5 as sh in shout. 




bridak, ostrljat, iiljast ; (quick) 

biz ; (food) gorak, ljut 
sharp : adv., otro, to6no, odmah, 

brzo ; look ! pazi, Suvaj se, 

zuri se 

sharpen : v., oitriti, usiljiti 
sharpness : n., otrina, ostroca, f. 
shatter : v., razbiti, polomiti 
shave : v., (person) brijati se (Jem), 

obrijati ; (wood, etc.) strugati, 


shaver : n., brijaS, in. 
shaving : n., brijanje, n. 
shavings : n., strugotina, f. ; ostru- 

zine, f., pi. 
shawl : n., Sal, m. 
she : pron., ona ; who, ona 

koja ; ass, n., magarica, f. ; 

goat, n., koza, f. 
shear : v., oSisati 

sheath: n.,futrola, f. ; kanije, f., pi. 
shed : v., odbaciti ; (blood) proliti 
shed : n., smpu, susa, staja, f. 
sheep : n., ovca, f. (pi. ovce) ; brav, 


sheepskin : n., ovdina, f. 
sheet : n., (linen) doha, f. ; 6arav, 

m. ; (paper) tabak list, m. 
sheet-iron : n., lini, m. 
shelf : n., polica, daska, f. ; raf, m. 
shell : n., (mil.) granata, f. ; bom- 

ba, f. ; ljuska, IjuSka, f. 
shelter : n., zaStita, obrana, f. 
shelter : v., Stititi, obraniti 
shepherd : n., dobanin, ov6ar, pas- 

tir, m. 
shepherd-boy : n., SobanSe, pas- 

tirfie, n. 
shepherdess : n., Sobanica, pastirka, 

shield : n., Stit, m. ; odbrana, f. ; 

zastita, f . 

shin : n., golen, m. ; golenica, f. 
shine : v., sijati, sijajati ee (-Jim), 

shining : adj., sjajan, -jna, -jno, 

ship : n., ladja, f. ; brod, m. ; 

korablja, f. ; 

ladja. f. ; ratni brod, m. ; ship's 

boy, n., mornafie, n. ; mali, m. 
shipwreck : n., brodolom, m. 
shipwreck : v., razbiti se (-bijera) 
shipwrecked : adj., brodoloman, 

-nrna, -mno 
shirt : n., koSulja, f. 
shiver : v., groziti se, cvokotati, 

tresti se 
shock : n., udar, skob, udarac, 

sudar, in. 
shocking: adj., uvredljiv, sablaz- 

njiv, odvratan, -tna, -tno, gadan 
shod : adj., potkovan, obuveii 
shoe: n., cipela, f . ; horse , n., 

potkovica, f . ; plo6a, f. ; (wooden) 

drvena cipela, f. ; black (boy), 

cistilac obude, m. ; lace, n., 

vrvca, f . ; uzica, f. 
shoe (horse): v., kovati (kujem), 


shoemaker : n., cipelar, obucar, m. 
shoes : n., obuie, f., pi. ; colcule, f., 

shoes, to put on : v., obudi (obu- 

fiem), obu6i se 
shoot : v., pucati, paliti, streljati ; 

(game) loviti 
shooter : n.. strelac, n. 
shooting-gallery : n., streliSte, n. 
shooting (game) : n., lov., m. ; 

pucanje, n. 
shop : n., dudan, m. ; radnja, 

trgovina, f. 
shop-keeper : n., trgovac, -vca, 

m. ; 6ifta, m. 
shop, to keep : v., raditi 
shore : n., obala, f. ; primorje, n. ; 

kraj, m. 
short : v., kratak, -tka, -tko ; in a 

time, do malo, na skoro ; 

sight, n. ; kratkovidost, f. ; - 

time ago, malo pre ; to be of 

. . . nemati, trebati 
short : adv., kratko, iznenada 
shorten : v., kratiti, pokratiti, 

ukratiti, prekratiti 
shortly : adv., skoro, skorim, do 


war ; ratna 

Pronounce : dj, dz, asj in James ; 4 as in measure ; j as y in you 
Ij as li in million ; ni as ni in opinion ; 4. 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; f as A in nhout. 




shortness : n., kratoca, f. ; nedo- 
statak, m. 

shot : n., hit, hitac, pucanj, m. ; 
(large) zrno, n. ; tane (taneta), 
n. ; (small) sac-ma, f. ; ocinci, m., 

shoulder : 

n., rame (ramena), n. ; 

piece, n. ; ple6a, n., pi. ; pledi, f., 

hout : v., vikati, krifiati (-elm), 

uviknuti (-nem), vrskati 
shout : n., vika, f. ; uzvik, m. 
shouting : n., vikanje, n. 
shovel : n., lopata, f. ; lopar.aSov, 

show : v., pokazati (-iem), pokazi- 

vati (-zujem); (exhibit) izloziti, 

show : n., (exhibition) izlozba, f. ; 

izlaganje, n. ; pokazivanje, n. ; 

on , moze se videti 
shower: n., pljusak, m. ; plaha 

kia, f. 

shrapnel : n., grapnel, m. 
shrimp : n., raci6, m. 
shrink : v., zgrditi, stisnuti se 
shroud : n., mrtvac'ki plant, m. 
Shrove Tuesday : n., poklade, f., pi. 
shrug (one's shoulders) : v., slegati 

(slezem) ramenima 
shut : v., zatvoriti ; (oft) isldjuSiti 
shutter : n., kapak, zatvor, m. 
shy : adj., stidan, -dna, -dno, 

plaSljiv ; to be , stideti se 
shyness : n., stidljivost, plasljivost, 

sick : adj., bolestan. -tna, -tno, 

slab, bolan, -Ina, -Ino 
sick, to be : v., (vomit) hljuvati ; 

(ill) bolovati, oboljeti 
sickle : n., srp, m. 
sickly : adj., slab, nezdrav 
sickness : n., bolest, f. ; sea , 

moraka bolest, f . 
side : n., strana, f. ; bok, m. 

obala, f. ; stranka, f. ; near 

n., leva strana, f. ; oft , n. 

desna strana, f . ; by 

jedan uz drugoga ; by the of 

prep., uz, pored ; by my , nv 

inene ; on both sides, s obe 

strane ; change sides, preci u 

drugu strauku 
side : v., with, pristajati uz 

koga ; against, biti protiv ! 

sideways : adv., na stranu, na 

siege : n., opsada, f. ; to lay to, 

v., opsesti (-sednem) 
sieve : n., si to, reseto, n. 
sieve (sift): v., resetati, sejati 

sigh : n., uzdah, uzdisaj, m. ; huka, 

sigh : v., uzdahnuti (-nem) uzdisati 
sight : n., vid, vidik, pogled, m. ; 

short , n., kratkovidnost, f. ; 

long. , n., dugovidnost, f. ; at 

, adv., odmah na vid ; (gun), 

n., ni3an, m. (u puske) ; in , 

na vidiku 

sight : v., opaziti, videti 
sign : n., znak, m. ; belega, f. ; 

mig, m. ; znainen, m. ; in , 

za znak 
sign: v. potpisati (-piiem); (to a 

person) dati znak, namignuti ; 

post : n. ; kaziput, m. 
signal : n., znak, povod, uzrok, m. ; 

of distress, znak opasnosti 
signal : v., javiti pokaziti 
signature : n., potpis, m. 
signify : v., znafiiti. pokaziti 
sign-post : n., kaziput, putokaz, 

silence : n., 6utanje, rnucanje, n. ; 

mir, m. ; tisina, f. ; (interj. ) mir ! 

in , adv., 6utke, muCke 
silent : adj., cutljiv, tih, miran, 

-rna, -rno 

silent, to be : v., 6utati, mudati 
silex : n. kremen, m. 
silk : n., svila, f. 
silk-merchant : n., svilar, m. 
silk-mill : n., svilara, f. 
silk-worm : n. svilena buba, f. 
silky, silken : adj., svilen, svioni 

Pronounce : dj, dz, &aj in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, S, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in luck ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




silver : n., srebro, n. ; (money) 

srebrn novae, m. 
dilver : adj., srebrn, -a, -o ; gilt, 

n. ; pozla6eno srebro, n. 
silver : v., srebriti 
similar: adj., slican, -Sna, -Sno, 


similarity : n., sliSnost, f. 
simple: adj., prost, jednostavan, 

-vna, -vno, obiSan, -6na, -fino, 

naravan, -vna 
simple-minded : adj., prostoduSan, 

-na, -no 
simplicity : n., prostota, prosto- 

dusnost, f. ; naravnost, f. 
simplify : v., olakSati, uprostiti 
simply : adv., prosto, naravno, 

jasno, jednoatavno 
simultaneous: adj., ravnovremen, 

sin : n., greh, n. 
sin : v., sagresiti, greSiti 
since : adv., odonda, od tada ; 

long, davno, odavno ; some 

months , pre nekoliko meseci : 

how long , od kada, otkada ; a 

short time , malo pre ; the 

world began, od poCetka sveta 
sincere: adj., iskren, srdadan, 

-6na, -5no, istinit 
sincerity : n., iskrenost, istinitost, 


sinful : adj., greian, -na, -5no 
sing : v., pevati, pojati 
singer : n., pevad, pevac, m. 

pevaCica, f. 

singing : n., pevanje, n. 
single : adj., sain, jedini, posebni ; 

combat, n., dvoboj, m. ; 

man, n., samac (-mca), m. 
singleness : n., jedinost, pojedinost, 

posebnost, f. 
singular: adj., osobit, neobifian, 

-6na, -6no, 6udan, -dna, -dno 
sink : v., tonuti (tonem), potonuti, 

utoniti ; (down) pasti (padnem) 

sink : n., kanal za oticanje neSisti, 

sinner : n., grenik, m. ; greSnica 

f. ; zlocinac, m. 
sip : v., srkati (sr6em) 
<up : n., srk, m. ; srkutanje, n. 
siphon : n., sifon, m. ; teglica, f. 
sir : n,, gospodine ! dear , poi- 

tovani gospodine ! 
sister : n., sestra, seja, seka, f. ; 
of Charity, sestra milosrdja, f. 
sister-in-law : n., (wife's sister), 
avast, svastika, f. ; (husband'8 
sister) zaova, f. ; (brother's 
wife's sister) svada, f. ; (brother's 
wife) snaha, f. ; (brother-in- 
law's wife), Surnaja, f. ; (hus- 
band's brother's wife) jetrva, f. 
sisterly : adj., sestrinski 
sit: v., sesti (sednem) ; (down) 
sedati ; (be seated) sedeti(sedim); 
(on eggs) leci (leiem) jaja ; at 
table, sediti za stolom ; in 
judgment, suditi ; on a 
committee, biti Clan odbora 

site: n., polozaj, m. ; mesto, n. 

sitting : n., sednica, f. ; sedenje, n. 

situation : n., polozaj, m. ; mesto, 
n. ; stanje, n. ; (work) sluzba, f. 

six : num. Sest 

sixteen : num. sesnaest 

sixteenth : adj., Sesnaesti, n. ; 
sesnaestina, f. 

sixth : adj., fiesti, n. ; Sestina, f. 

sixty : num. esdeset, Sezdeset 

size : n.,veli6ina, mera, f. ; (shape) 
format, oblik, m. ; (breadth) 
Sirina, f. 

skate : n., (fish)radja. glatka, f. 

skate : v., klizati se 

skater : n., sklizaljke, f., pi. 

skeleton : n., kostur, skelet, m. 

sketch : n., skica, f. ; nacrt, m. 

sketch : v., skicirati, risati, risovati 

skill : n., veStina, iskusnost, f. 

skin : n., koza, kora, kozica, f. 

skin : adj., kozan, -zna, -zno 

skin, lamb's : n., bagana 

skin : v., derati (-rem), oguliti 

skipper : n., brodar, kapetan ladje, 

jarak, oluk, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as / in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




skirmish : n., carka, f. ; darkanje, 


skirt : n., suknja, f. ; krilo, n. 
skittles : n., kuglanje, n. 
skull : n., lubanja, f. 
sky : n., nebo (pi. nebesa), n. ; 

nebeski svod, m. ; blue, plav 

kao nebo 

slack : adj., labav, -a, -o, slab, mek 
slackness : n., labavost, militavost, 

f. ; slabost, nemarnost, f. 
slake : v., gasiti 
slander : v., klevetati 
slap : n., samar, m. ; cuska, f. 
slap : v., Samariti, cuSati 
elate : n., skriljac, m. ; (child's) 

tablica, f. 

slaughter : v., klati (koljem), ubiti 
slaughter-house : n., klanica, f. 
slave : rob, m. ; slaves, roblje, n. ; 

boy, n., ropfie, n. ; girl, n. ; 

robinja, ropkinja, f. 
slave : adj., ropski 
slavery : n., ropstvo, robovanje, n. 
slay : v., ubiti, klati (koljem) 
sledge : n., saonice, f., pi. ; saoni, 

f., pi. 
sleep : n., spavanje, n. ; san (sna), 

m. ; sanak (sanka), m. ; in my 

, u snu 

sleep : v., spavati, spati (spim) 
sleeper : n., spa vac, m. ; spavaSica, 

f. ; (railway) precaga, f. 
sleeping : adj., spavaci, -da, -de ; 

partner, n., tihi drug, m. ; 

car, n., spavaca kola, n., pi. 
sleepless : adj., besanan, nesanan 
sleepy : adj., sanljiv, sanjiv, sanan, 

-a, -o 

sleet : n., slota, susnezica, f. 
sleeve : n., rukav, m. 
sleigh : n., eaone, saoni, sanice, 

sanke, f., pi. 

sleigh-drive : n., sanjkanje, n. 
Blender: adj., tanak, -nka, -nko, 

slide : v., klizati se, sklizati 

sling : v., baciti, hititi 

slip : v., puziti, kliziti 

slipper : n., papufia, pac'maga, f. 

slippery : adj., klizak, kliska, -sko, 

klizav, popuzljiv 
sloe : n., trnjina, f. 
slope : n., kosina, f. ; pad, m. ; 

opadanje, n. ; strmen, m. 
slow : adj., spor tih, lagan, -a, -o ; 

your watch is five minutes , 

sat ti zaostaje za pet minuta 
slowly: adj., polako, lagano, tiho 
slowness : n., sporost, tromost, f. 
slug : n.,puz, golad, m. 
sluggard : n., lenivac, m. 
sluice : n., ustava, . ; brana, f. 
slumber : n., drem, san, m. 
slush : n., blato, n. 
sly : adj., lukav, -a, -o, zloban, -bna, 


slyness : n., lukavstvo, n. 
small : adj., mali, malen, sitan, 

-inn, -tno, neznatan, -tna, -tno, 

tanak, -nka, -nko ; change, 

n., sitan novae, m. ; on a scale, 

u maloj meri 
small : adv., malo, slabo ; arms, 

n., si tno oruzje, n. 
smallness : n., rnalina, sitnost, 

slabost, f. 

smallpox : n., boginje, f., pi. 
smash : v., razbiti (-bijem), lomiti 

smell : v., (sweet) mirisati (-risem) 

(nasty) smrdeti 
smell : n., (sweet) miris, m. ; 

(nasty) smrad, m. 
smelling: adj., (sweet) jnirisav, -a, 

o ; (nasty) smrdljiv 
smelt : v., topiti 

smile : v., smesiti se, smeskati se 
smile : n., smesenje, n. 
smith : n., kova6, m. 
smithy : n., kovaCnica, f. 

tanan, -a, -o 

slice : n., rezanj, odsecnk, m. 
slice : v., odseci (odsecem), rezati 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as ,;' in James ; i as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; S as ah in shout. 

smoke : n., dim, m. 

smoke : v., (chimney) dimiti, 

dimitise; (man) pusiti ; smoker, 

n., pusa6, m. 



smokeless : adj., bezdimni 

smoking : n., puenje, n. ; 
compartment, n., odel za pusace ; 
room, n., puSionica, f. 

smoky : n., dimljiv 

smooth : adj., gladak, -tka, -tko, 
ravan, -vna, -vno 

smooth : v., izgladiti, poravniti 

smoothly : adv., glatko, ravno 

smoothness : n., glatkost, glacina, f. 

smother : v., uguiti, ugasiti 

smuggle : v., knjumteriti 

smuggler : n., krijumc'ar, m. 

smuggling: n., krijumcarenje, n. 

snaffle : n., uzdica, f. 

snail : n., pui, m. 

snake : n., zmija. f. 

snap : v., hlapiti. capiti, hvatati 

snatch : v., zgrabiti, scapiti 

sneak : n., tuzilac, lopov, puiavac, 

Kiieeze : v., kijati, kihati (kiSem), 
kihnuti (kihnem) 

sneeze : n., kihanje, n. 

sniff : v., gmrkati, njuiiti 

snore : v., hrkati, rkati (rCem) 

snore : n., hrka, f. ; hrkanje, n. 

snot : n., slina, f. 

snotty : adj., slinav, -a, -o, n. ; 
morski kadet, m. 

snout: n.,njuska, gubica, guba, f. 

snow : n., sneg. m. 

snow : v., sneziti ; it snows, sneg 
pada ; snowy, adj., sneian, -zna, 
-2no ; clad, adj., snegovit; 
fall, n., snezenje, n. ; padanje 

snega ; line, n., sneina medja, 

f. ; mountain, n., sneinik, 

sneinjak, m. ; plough, n. f 

ralica, f. ; white, adj., beo kao 

snuff : n., burmut, m. 

so : adv., tako, ovako, onako ; so 
, kako tako : and on, i tako 
dalje ; much the better, tim 
bolje ; much the less, tim 
manje ; much the more, tim 
vise ; much the worse, tim 
gore ; why ? kako to ? zasto ? 

let it be , iieka, neka bude ; 

that, tako da : you don't say 

? zaista ? jeli moguce ? - 
called, tako zvani ; early as 
Monday, ve6 u ponedeljak ; be 

kind, budite tako dobri; 
soon as, Sim 

so : conj., tako, dakle, i tako, pa 

onda ; help me God, tako mi 

Bog pomogao 
soak : v., mokriti, kvasiti. zamo- 

6iti ; through and through, kroz 

i kroz ; to the skin, do koze 
soap : n., sapun, m. ; a cake of , 

komad , m. 

soap : v., sapunati, sapuniti 
soap-boiler : n., sapunar, sapund- 

iija, m. 
soap-works : n., sapundiijnica, 

sapunarija, f. 
soapy : adj., sapunjav, -a, -o, 

sober : adj., trezven, umeren, 

sobriety : n., trezvenost, umernost, 

sociability : n., druzevnost, drust- 

venost, f. 

social: adj., drustven, druievan 
socialism : n., socijalizam, m. 
socialist : n., socijalista, m. 
society : n., drustvo, n. ; druiba, 

f. ; udruzenje, n. ; (Serbian 

family ) zadruga, f. 
sock : n., kratka carapa, f. 
soda : n., soda, f. 
sofa : n., divan, m. 
soft : adj., mek, mekan, -a, -o ; 

(weather) vlaian, -2na,, 

slab ; hearted, adj., milosr- 

dan, -dna, -dno 
soften : v., umeksati 
softness : n., mekota, mekost, 

blagost, f. 
soil : n., zemlja, f. ; our native , 

nasa domovina, f. 
solar : adj., suncev, suncani ; 

eclipse, n. ; pomrafienje, n. 
solder : v., spojiti 

Pronounce : dj, di, as _;' in James ; i. as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, , as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats : s as ah in shout. 




solder : n., spoj, pripoj, m. 

soldier : n., vojnik(pl., vojnici), m. ; 

ratnik, m. ; bojnik, m. ; private 

, redar, m. 

sole : adj., sam, jedini, osamljen 
sole : n., (shoe) djon, potplata, f. ; 

(foot) stopalo, n. ; stopa, f. ; 

taban, m. ; (fish) platusa, f. 
solemn : adj., svecani, -na, -no 
solemnity : n., svecanost, f. 
solicitor : n., advokat, odvetnik, m. 
solid : adj., cvrst, tvrd, jak 
solidarity : n., solidarnost, odgo- 

vornost, f. 
solidity : n., tvrdoca, jacina, traj- 

nost, f. 
solidly : adv., tvrdo, Svrstvo, 

solitary : adj., sam, usamljen, 

samotan, -tna 
solitude : n., usamljenost, samoca, 

soluble : adj., rastvorljiv 

solvable : adj., razreiiv 

solve : v., razresiti 

sombre : adj., taman, -mna, -mno, 
mracan, -6na, -6no 

some: adj. and pron., neki, neka- 
kav, -kva, -kvo, nekoliko ; 
bread, leba ; in way or other, 
nekako ; few, nekoliko ; 
one, netko ; there are people, 
ima ljudi ; such, ovakav, 
kakav ; more, jos neSto 

somebody : n., netko, neko 

something : pron. and n., nesto, 
Stogod, malo ; else, Sto 
drugo ; new, neto novo ; 
of importance, nesto vaino 

sometimes : adv., kad kad, kad 
god, kad i kad 

somewhere : adv., negde, igde 

son : n., sin, m. ; (little) sinak, 
sin6ic, m. 

song : n., pesma, f. 

son-in-law : n., zet, m. 

soon : adv., skoro, naskoro, brzo, 
za malo ; as as, Him kako ; as 
as possible, Sto pre ; I would 

sooner, ja bib, radije ; the sooner 
the better, sto pre, tim bolje 

soot : n., cadj, cadja, dadina, f. 

sooty : adj., 6adjav, -a, -o 

sooty, to make : caditi 

sorcerer : n., vestac, carobnik, m. 

sorceress : n., vestioa, carobnica 

sorcery : n., carobija, f. 

sordid : adj., necist, prljav, gnusan 

sordid ness : n., prljavost, gnusoba, 

sore : n., rana, f. ; cir, in. ; prist. 

bol, m. 

sorrel : n., kiseljak, m. 
sorrow : n., zalost, f. ; jad, m. ; 

tuga, f. 
sorrowful : adj., ialostan, -tna, -tno, 

sorry : adj., ialostan, tuzan ; I am 

for it, zao mi je ; I am for 

you, zao mi je za vas, zalirn vas 
sorry : v., to be, ialiti ; sorry ! (beg 

your pardon) izvinite 
sort : n., vrsta, sort a ; what of 

man is he ? kakav jo on Covek ? 

of all sorts, adv., svasta ; adj., 

svakovrstan, -tna, -tno ; out of 

sorts, slab, bolestan 
sort : v., razrediti, raevrstati, 


soul : n., duh, m. ; dusa, f. 
sound : n., glas, zvuk, zvek, m. 
sound : adj., zdrav, citav, nepok- 

sound : v., zveknuU (-knem), zvu- 

6iti ; (trumpet) trubiti ; (depth) 

meriti dubinu 

soup : n., Corba, f. ; juha, f. 
soup-tureen : n., Corbalok, m. 
sour : adj., kiseo, -sela, -solo, ostar, 

ljut ; cabbage, kiseo kupua, 


source: n.,izvor, m. ; hladenac, m. 
sourness : n., kiselina, f. ; gorkost, 

south : n., jug, m. ; adj., juzan, 

-zna, -ino ; east, jugo-istok, 

m. ; west, jugozapad, m. ; 

from the , od juga, juino 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij aa li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, aa ch in churdt ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ta in cats ; s as /t in shout. 




souvenir : n., uspomena, f. 
aovereign : n., vladalac, gospodar, 

m. ; funta Sterlinga, f. 
sow : n., prasica, krmaCa, f. 
sow : v., sejati (sejem), saditi 
sower : n., sejafi 
sowing : n., sejanje, n. 
space : n., prostor, m. ; prostranost, 

spacious: adj., prostoran, -a, -o, 

sirok, prostran 
spade : n., lopata, motika, f. ; 

asov, m. ; (cards) pik, m. 
spaniel : n., prepelicar, m. 
pare : v. f (save) stedeti ; (leave) 

sparing: adj., Stedljiv, oskudan, 


spark : n., iskra, ziSka, f. 
spark : v., iskriti se 
sparrow : n., vrbac, m. 
spasm : n., grc, m. 
spats : n., kratke gamaSe, f. f pi. 
spawn : n., mrest, ikra, f. 
speak: v., govoriti ; (to, with, 

k on i n. 8 kim) izgovoriti, izreci, 

iskazati (-kafem) ; nothing to 

of, nita vazno 
speaker : n., govornik, m. 
Speaker : n., predsednik, m. 

(engleskog parlamenta) 
speaking: n., govor, m. ; govorenje, 


spear : n., koplje, n. 
special : adj., poseban, -bna, -bno, 

osobit, odlidan, -6na, -cno, 


specialist : n., specijalist, m. 
speciality : n., osobina, f. ; poseb- 

nost, f. 

specially : adv., osobito, narodito 
species : n., vrsta, sorta, f. ; rod, 

m. ; human , n., ljudski rod, m. 
specimen : n., primerak, obrazac, 

m. ; mustra, proba, f. 
speck : n., pega, tocka, f. 
speckled : adj., pegav, -a, -o, fiaren 
spectacle : n., prizor, pogled, m. 
spectacles : n., o6ali, naodari, m., pi. 

spectator: n., gledalac, m. 

speech : n., govor, rec, razgovor, 

m. ; to make a , drzut i govor ; 

part of , cest govora 
speechless : adj., bez govora, nem 
speed : v., zuriti se, hiteti se, brzati 
speed : n., brzina, hitrina, hitnja, 

hitrost, f. 

speedy : adj., brz, hitren 
spell : v., sricati (-idem), sreci 
spelling : n., sricanje, n. 
spend : v., trositi, potrositi ; (time) 

provesti (-vedem) 
spendthrift : n., trosadiija, m. 
sphere : n., kugla, f. ; sar, m. ; 

krugla, f . 
spherical : adj., kruzni, okrugao, 

-gla, -glo 

spice : n,, zaf in. m. 
spice : v., zadiniti 
spider : n., pauk, m. 
spider's web : n., pauCina, f. 
spike : n., klin, bod, klinac, cavao] 

in. ; Siljak, m. 
spill : v., proliti, rasipati 
spin : v., presti (predem) 
spinach : n., spanad, spinat, spana<5, 

spinal cord : n., rtenica, f. ; rten- 

jaca, f. 

spine : n., hrptenica, kiSmn, f. 
spinner : n., prelac, m. ; prelja, f. 
spinning : n., predenje, n. ; predja, 

spinster : n., neudats zena, f. ; 
devojka, f. 

spirit : n., duh, m. ; dusa, f. ; 
(liquid) rakija, f. ; good, evil 
dobar, zao duh ; Holy , n., 
Sveti Duh, m. ; in good spirits, 
veseo, -sela, -selo ; in low spirits, 
ialostan, -tna, -tno ; methylated 
, n., Spiritus, m. 

spiritual: adj., duSevan, -viia, 
-Vno, duhovni 

spit: v., pljuvati ; (out) ispljuvati, 
izbaciti ; the very - - of hia 
father, puki otac 

spit : n., (skewer) ra2anj, m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
i.ich ; o as ts in cats ; i as ah in shout. 




spitting : n., pljuvanje, n. 
spittle : n., pljuvucka, f. 
spittoon : n., pljuvaonik, m. 
splash : v., prskati, poprskati, 


spleen : n., slezena, f. 
splendid : adj., sjajan, -jna, -jno, 

divan, -vna, -vno, prekrasan, 

-sna, -sno 
splendour : n., sjaj, m. ; sjajnost, 

krasota, f. 

splice : v., splesti (-tern) 
splint : n., treska, dascica, f. 
split : v., cepati, rascepiti, iscepiti, 

spoil : v., pokvariti, ostetiti, sko- 

diti ; (child} maziti, razmaziti 
spoilt : adj., pokvaren, -a, -o ; 

(child) razmafcen 
spoke : n., spica, zbica, f. 
sponge : n., sundjer, m. ; spuzva, f. 
sponsor : n., kuni, m. ; (law) 

jamac, m. 

epoon : n., kasika, lazica, lozica, f. 
sport : n., (shooting, etc.) lov, m ; 

(fun) Sala, f. ; igra, . 
sporting : adj.. lovaSki, igra8ki 
sportsman : n., lovac, m. 
spot : n. t mrlja, prlja, to6ka bub- 

Ijica, f. ; pega, f. ; on the , 

smesta, na mestu ; spots, n., 

ospice, bubuljice, f., pi. ; sun , 

suncana pega, f . 

epotty : adj., macav, pegav, saren 
spread : v., siriti, rasiriti ; (table) 

postaviti, prostrti stol ; (net) 

namestiti ; (sails) otvoriti 
spring : n., (season) protece, n. ; in 

the , na prole6e ; during this 

, proletos ; adj., proletnji, -ja, 

spring : v., (to jump) skakati, 

skociti, n. ; skok, m. ; skakanje, 

spring : n., (cart, watch, etc.) pero, 

n. ; feder, m. 
spring : n., (water) izvor, m. ; 

Sesma, f . 
sprinkle : v., pokropiti, poprskati 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; 2 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; s as sh in shout. 

spur : n., raarauza, f. ; ostruga, f. 
spur : v., mamuzati 
spy : n., spijun, m. ; uhoda, f. 
spy : v., uhoditi, spijunisati 
squabble : v., svadjati se, ciganditi 


squadron : n., eskadra, f. 
square : n., kvadrat, detvorou- 

gaonik, m. ; detvorina, f. ; all , 

sve u redu 
square : adj., Setvrtast, kvadratni ; 

root, kvadratni koren, m. 
squeeze : v., stegnuti (stegnem), 

stezati, stisnuti 
squint : adj., razrok, Skiljav 
squirrel : n., veverica, f. 
squirt : v., strcati 
squirt : n., strcaljka, f. 
stab : v., busiti, probosti ma6em 
stables : n., stala, konjusnjica, 

stala, f. ' 
stack : n., (hay, etc.) plast, m. ; 

gomila, f. ; (chimney) dimnjak, 


stack : v., plastiti 
staff : n., (mil.) djeneralstab ; 

(stick) stap, m. ; palica, f. 
stag : n., jelen, m. 
stage : n., (theatre) pozornica, f. ; 

pozoiiste, n. ; to be on the , 

glumiti, biti gluraac ; coach, 

n., postanska kola, n., pi. 
stagnant : adj., koji ne otico, koji 


stain : n., mrlja, pega, muzga, f. 
stain : v., okaljati, uprljati 
starn : n., (colour) farba, boja, f. ; 

v., farbati, bojati 
staircase : n., stepenice, f., pi. ; 

stube, f., pi. ; basamaci, m., pi. 
stake : n., (games) ulog, m. ; 

ulozak, m. ; (wooden, etc. ) kolac, 

stale: ad j., star, suh; (bread )baj at, 


stalk : n., stablo, n. ; stabljika, f. 
stallion : n., zdrebac, pastuh, m. 
stammer : v., tepati (-pam), n. ; 

tepanje, n. 



stammerer : n., tepavac, m. 
Btammering : adj., tepav, -a, -o 
stamp : n., (rubber, etc.) iig, m. ; 

Eostage ; poi&tanska marka, f. ; 
iljeg, m. ; album, album za 

marke, m. ; collection, zbirka 

maraka, f. 

stanch : v., ugasiti, zaustaviti 
stand : n., stanoviste, mesto, 

stajanje, stajalisto, n. ; postaja, f. 
stand : v., stati (stanem), staja'i 

(stojim), stojati (stojim), drzati 

se ; stand ! (halt), stani ! still, 

mirovati ; firm, biti stalan ; 

aside, stati na stranu ; at 

attention, pozor ! at ease, 

odmor ! by, biti kod, prisutan ; 

for, (mean) znaditi ; for 

nothing, to nezna6i nista ; 

treat, gostiti, dastiti 
standard : n., (Sag) zastava, f. ; 

barjak, m. ; (type) uzor, primer, 

standard : adj., norm a I an, -Ina, 

-Ino, uzoran, pravilan 
standard-bearer : n., barjaktar, 

zastavnik, m. 
standing : n., stajanje, trajanje, n. ; 

polozaj, m. 

standstill : n., prestanak, m. 
staple : n., klanfa, skoba, f. 
star : n., zvezda, f. ; zvezdica, f. ; 

starlight, n. ; zvezdana svetlost, 

starboard : n., desna strana ladje 
starch : n., skrob, skrob, in. ; 

stirka, f. 
atarch : v., skrobiti, ustirkati, 


starched : adj., oskrobljen, stirkan 
start : v., (begin) podeti (podnem) ; 

(jump) skociti 
start : n.,(beginning)poc'etak(-tka), 


startle : v., poplasiti 
startling: adj., strasan, -sna, -no, 

starve : v., umirati od gladi, od zime, 

state : n., (condition) polozaj, m. ; 
stanje, n. ; stalez, m. ; (country) 
driava, f. ; (pomp) sjaj, m. ; sjaj- 
nost, f . ; parada, f. ; of affairs, 
stanje stvari, n. ; of siege, 
opsadno stanje, n. 

state : adj., drzavni ; statesman, 
n., drzavnik, m. 

state : v., iskazati, odrediti, izjaviti 

statement : n.,izvetaj,m. ; izvestSe, 
n. ; opis, m. 

station : n., mesto, n. ; poloiaj, 
m. ; stanoviste, n. ; (rank) red, 
m. ; 6in, m. ; (railway) stanica, f. 

stationer : n., knjiiar, m. 

stationer's shop : m., knjizara. 
knjiSarnica, f. 

statue : n., kip, m. 

stature : n., etas, m. ; uzrast, 
velitiina, f . 

statute : n., zakon, statut, m. ; 
pravila, n., pi. ; pravilo, n. 

stay: v., ostati, ostajati (-tojim), 
' zaostati ; (live) stanovati (-nu- 
jem); (stop) zadrzati (-Jim), 
baviti se 

stays : n., korset, steznik, raider, m. 

stead, instead of : prep., mesto 
(gen.), n. ; mesto, n. ; korist, f . 

steal : v., krasti (kradem), u krasti 

stealing : n., kradja, f. 

steam : n., para, f. ; - - power, 

I i;iri];i sila, f. ; heating, n., 

grijanje parom ; let off , ispu- 
stiti paru ; boiler, parni kotao 
(kotla), m. ; ferry, parna skein, 
f. ; navigation, parobrod- 
arstvo, n. ; packet, postanski 
parobrod ; plough, parni plug, 
m. ; ship, parobrod, m. 

steamer : n., parobrod, m. 

steel : n.,6elik, m. ; nada, f . ; nado, 

steel : adj., c'elic'an, -6na, -Sno, 

iznenadan ocalan, -Ina 

starvation : n., gladovanje, n. ; steel : v., 6eli6iti, naditi, kaliti 
beda, f. steep: adj., strm, strmenit ; - 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj aa ni in opinion ; d, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; & as sh in shout. 


slope, n., strmen, m. ; strmenica, 

steeple : n., zvonara, f. ; zvonik, m. 
steer : v., krmiti, krmaniti, voditi 
steerage : n., krmljenje, n. ; 

way, n., puzina broda, f. 
stem : n., stable, deblo, pleme, n. ; 

(ship) pramac, nos, m. ; prova, f. 
step : n., hod, stupanj, stupaj, 

korak, m. ; trag, m. ; stopa, f. ; 

door , n., prag, m. ; flight of 

steps, stube, f., pi. 
step : v., kora6ati, stupati, i6i 
step-brother : n., polubrat, m. 
step-child : n., pastoree, n. 
step-daughter : n., pastorka, f. 
step-father : n., o6uh, poo<5im, m. 
step-mother : n., maceha, f. ; punica, 

step-parents : n., tazbina, f. 
step-sister : n., polusestra, f. 
step-son : n., pastorak, m. 
sterile : adj., neplodan, -dna, -dno, 


sterility : n., neplodnost, f. 
stern : adj., strog 
stern : n., krma, f. ; krmeno, n. ; 

krmilo, n. ; fara, f. 
sternness : n., strogost, f. 
stevedore : n., hainal, m. ; nosac, 


stew : n., paprikas', m. 
stick : n., palica, batina, f. ; Stap, 

m. ; motka, f. ; sipka, f. 
stick : v., (poke), bosti, probosti, 

(-bodem) ; (glue) zalepiti, lepiti 
stickiness : n., lepljivost, f. 
sticking : n., oklevanje, n. 
sticky : adj., lepljiv 
stiff, : adj., krut, tvrd, okocen 
stiffen : v., krutiti ; (starch) 

Skrobiti, Stirkati 

stiffness : n., krutost, ukoSenost, f. 
stifle : v., ugusiti, ugasiti 
still : adj., miran, -rna, -mo, tih 
still : n., rakidzinica, f. 
still : adv., vazda, uvek, jo, do 

sad a ; more, jo vie 
stillness : n., mir, in. ; tisina, f. 



sting : v., ujedati, ujesti (-jedem), 
probosti (-bodem) 

sting : n., ubod, ujed, m. 

stingy : adj., skup, tvrd 

stink : v., smrdeti (-dim) 

stink : n., smrad, m. 

stinking : adj., smrdljiv, smrdan, 
-dna, -dno 

stir: v., pokrenuti (-nem), inicati, 

stirrup : n.,uzendjija,f. ; stre^nen.m. 

stock : n., (trunk) deblo, stablo, n. ; 
(flower) Ijubifiina, f. ; (money) 
fond, kapital, m. ; (public) 
drzavni papiri, m., pi. ; ex- 
change, n., berza, burza, f. ; in 
, u skladistu ; cattle, n., 
stoka, f . ; fish, n.. bakalar, m. 

stocking : n., 6arapa, f. 

stoker : n., grija6, m. 

stolid : adj., bes6utan, -tna, -tno, 
hladnokrvan, -vna, -vno 

stomach : n., trbuh, stomak, 
zeludac, m. 

stomach-ache : n., trbobolja, f. 

stone : n., kamen, m. ; precious , 
dragi kamen, m. ; (small) 
kamenica, f. 

stone : adj., kamen, -a, -o, od 
kamena ; blind, posve slep ; 

broke, sasvim propao, bez 

novca ; cutter, n., kamenar, 
m. ; dead, mrtav, -tva, -tvo ; 
quarry, n.,kameni majdan,tn 

stool : n., klupica, f. ; klupa, f. 
foot- , n., klupica za noge, f. 
to pass a , srati (serem) 

stop : v., (shut off) zatvoriti 
(keep back) zadrzati (-zim) 
(block up) zacepiti, zatvorili 
(machine) zaustaviti ; (s'ay 
behind) baviti se, ostati ; (tooth) 

stopper : n., 6ep, m. ; zapusa6, m. 

store : n., (quantity) mnozina, f. ; 
(shop) ducan, m. ; (room) 

magazin, m. ; ( place) skla- 

diste, n. ; stores, iivez, in. 
hrana, f. 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as ah in shout. 




store : v., kupiti, spremati, met- 

nuti u skladiste 
stork : n., roda, f. ; strk, m. 
Btorm : n., (elements) bura, oluja, 

nepogoda, f. ; (people) 2estina, 

f. ; izbuna, larma, f. 
stormy: adj., buran, -rna, -rno, 

uzburkan, -a, -o ; v., to be at 

sea, talasati se 
story : n., pri8a, pripovest, povest, 

f. ; false , Ia2, m. ; the goes, 

govori se ; that's another , to 

je ito drugo ; (floor) sprat, m. ; 

kat, m. ; first floor, n., prvi sprat 
Stout : adj., pun, debeo, -bela, 

-belo, snazan, -inn, -zno 
Btove : n., pe6, f. ; foruna, f. 
tove pipe : n., sulundar, m. ; 

pe6na cev, f. 
stow : v., slagati, sloiiti 
straight: adj., prav, ravan, -vna, 

-vno ; (honourable) poSten, isk- 

ren ; adv., ravno, pravo ; on, 


straighten : v., ispraviti, uravniti 
strain : v., cediti, (over exert) 

zapeti, nategnuti, stegnuti -(nem) 
strain : n., zategnutost, napetost, 

f. ; naprezanje, n. 
strainer : n., cedilo, n. 
strait : adj., tesan, -sna, -sno, uzak 
strait : n., tesno, n. ; uz, m. 
strange : adj.,stran, tudj, nepoznat, 

neobiSan, -8na, -6no 
stranger : n., stranac, tudjinac, m. 
strangle : v., zagusiti, ugusiti 
strap : n., remen, kai, m. 
strategy : n., strategija, f. ; ratna 

vetina, f . 
otraw : n.,slama, f. ; (maize) tuluz, 

m. ; adj., slamen, slaman, -mna, 

mno ; mattress, n., slamnica, 

slamnjada, f. ; thatched, pok- 

riven slamom 
strawberry : n., jagoda, f. 
stream : n., tok, tek, m. ; struja, 

f. ; (river) potok, m. ; potoCi6, 

m. ; down , nizvodu ; up , 


street : n., ulica, f. ; sokak, m. ; in 

the , na ulici ; boy, n., 

deran, 6apkun, mangup, m. 
street : adj., ulicni 
strength : n., jakost, snaga, sila. 

mo6, f. 
strengthen : v., krepiti, utvrditi, 

stretch : v., pruziti, rasiriti, razviti, 


stretcher : n., nosila, n., pi. 
strict : adj., strog, 6vrst 
strictness : n., strogost, oStrina, f. 
strife : n., borba, svadja, f. 
strike : v., (hit) biti (bijem), udarati, 

tu6i ; (money) kovati ; (work) 

otkazati posao, prestati, raditi ; 

bargain, v., pazariti ; 

camp, v., dignuti tabor ; 

match, v., zapaliti masinu ; 

dead, v., ubiti 
strike : n., strajk, in. ; radnicka 

buna, f. 

striker : n., radnik koji se buni 
string : n., kanap, m. ; vrpca, f. ; 

veza, f. ; dretva, f. ; uzica, f. 
strip : v., skinuti, oguliti ; 

naked, svu6i do gole koze 
stripe : n., pruga, striza, f. 
stripling : n., momak, mladid, m. 
stroke : n., (hit) udar, udarac ; 

(pen) crta, f. ; (rowing) prvi 

veslac 1 , m. ; sun , n., sunfiarica, 

sunfianica, f . 

stroke : v., milovati (milujem) 
stroll : v., i6i, hodati 
stroll : n., Setnja, f. ; etanje, n. 
strong: adj., jak, snazan, -zna, 

-zno, silan, -Ina, -Ino, mocan, 

-6na, -6no ; (colour) jasan, ziv ; 

(food) teiak ; box, n., kovceg 

za novce, kasa 
stronghold : n., tvrdjava, f. 
strop: v., navudi (-vu6em), [britvu 
struggle : v., truditi se, boriti se 
struggle : n., borenje, n. ; borba, 

f. ; napor, m. 
stubborn: adj., tvrdoglav, tvrd, 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 5 as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; S as ah in shout. 

stu] 237 


stucco : n., tuk, m. 

stud : n., (collar) puce od koSulje, n. 

(koje se vadi) 
student : n., djak, uCenik, m. ; 

medical , medicinar, m. ; law 

, pravnik, m. 
studious : adj., marljiv, briiljiv 

studiousness : 
Ijivost, f. 

n., marljivost, pai- 

Btudy : n., ucenje, n. ;'izucavanje, n. 

study : v., u6iti, ispitivati 
stuff : n., (cloth) materija, 


stof, m. ; tkanina, f. ; (thing) 

predmet, m. ; posudje, n. ; ( 

goods) vunena roba, f. 
Btuif : v., (fill) napuniti, nabiti ; 

(eat) v., suvie jesti 
stuffy: adj., zagusljiv 
stun : v., zaglusiti, zbuniti 
stupid : adj., glup, budalast, tupo- 

glav, tup 
stupidity : n., glupost, tupoglavost, 

sturdy : adj., jak, snazan 
sturgeon : n., ciga, f. ; jesetra, f. 
stutter : v., mucati (-cam) 
stutter : n., mucanje, n. 
sty (pig): n.,svinjac, kotac, m. 
sub *- : pod 
subcutaneous : adj., podkozni 
subdue : v., pobediti, podjarmiti, 

subject : n., (person) podanik, m. ; 

(thing) predmet, sadrzaj , xazlog, 

uzrok, m. 
subject : adj., potdinjen, podvrg- 

nut, zavisan, -ana, -sno, obvezan 
sub-lieutenant (naval) : n., pot- 

porudnik, m. 
submarine : adj., podvodan, -dna, 

-dno, podmorski 
submarine : n., (boat) podmorska, 

podvodna ladja, f. 
submission : n., pokorenje, i 

posluSnost, f. ; ponuda, f. 
submissive: adj., pokoran, -rna, 

-rno, potcinjen 
submit : v., (oneself) pokoritise, 

potfiiniti se 

sub-prefect : n., sreski naCelnik, tn. 
subscribe: v., potpisati (-pisem); 

(to a library, etc. ) pretplatiti 
subscriber: n., potpisatelj, pret- 

platnik, m. ; upisnik, m. 
subscription : n., potpisivanje, n. ; 

pretplata, f. ; potpis, m. 
subsequent : adj., sledecl, kasniji 
subsidence : n., padanje, sleganje.n. 
subsidize : v., pomagati novcem 
substance : n., materija, f. ; suS- 

tastvo, n. ; stvar, f. 
substantial : adj., bitan, -tna, -tno, 

suStastven, vazan, -zna, -ino 
substantive : n., imenica, f. 
substitute : n., zamenjenik, zas- 

tupnik, m. 
substitute : v., postaviti, metnuti 

na mesto necega, zameniti 
subterranean : adj., podzenmi 
subtract : v., oduzeti (-zmem), 

subtraction : n., oduzimanje, n. 
suburb : n., predgradje, podgradje, 

zagradje, n. ; palilula, f. 
suburban : adj., podgradni, pred- 

subway : n., podzemni put, hodnik, 

v., uspeti ; ( to) nasle- 


success : n., uspeh, m. ; sre6a, f. ; 

with , uspesno 
successful : adj., uspesan, -na, 

succession : n., nasledak, m, ; 

nasledje, n. ; nasledstvo, n. ; 

and so in , i tako redom 
successively : adv., redom, jedno 

za drugim, uzastopce 
successor : n., naslednik 
succour : n., pomod, f. 
such : adj. and pron., takav, -kva, 

-kvo, taki, ovakov, onakov, 

suck : v., sisati (sisam, siem), 

sati (sem) 
sucking-bottle (babies') : n., sisa- 

Ijka, cuca, f. 

Pronounce : dj, df , as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in yot. j 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch : c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




sucking-child (baby) : n.,napriSe 
Bucking- pig : n., prasad, m. ; prase, 

n. ; prasetina, f. 
Buctiou :-n., sisanje, upijanje, n. 
sudden, suddenly : adv., iznenada, 

na jedan hitac, najedno, od 

jedanput, ujedanput ; adj., iz- 

nenadan, nenadan 
suddenness : n., nenadanost, f. 
suet : n., loj, m. ; mast, f. 
suffer: v., trpeti (-pirn), patiti, 

stradati ; (allow) pustiti 
sufferer : n., stradalac, patnik, m. 
suffering: adj., (ill) bolestan, -tna, 

-tno, bolan 
Buffering : n., stradanje, n. ; patnja, 

f. ; trpljenje, n. ; muka, f. 
suffice: v., dostati (dostajem), 

sufficiency : n., dovoljnost, dostat- 

nost, f. 

sufficient : adj.,dovoljan,-jna,-j no 
BJifocate : v., uguSiti, gusiti 
suffocating : adj., zaguSljiv 
suffocation : n., guSenje, n. 
suffrage : n., glas, m. ; glasanje, n. ; 

izbor, m. 

suffragette : n., izbornica, f. 
suffragist : n., izbornik, m. 
sugar : n., 8e6er, slador, cukar, m. 
sugar : v., zasladiti, zaSeoeriti 
sugar refinery : n., se6erna fabiika, 

suggest : v., nadahnuti (-nem) 
suggestion : n., nadahnude, nago- 

varanje, n. ; sugestija, f. 
suicide : n., samoubistvo, n. 
suicide (person) : n., samoubica, 

m. and f. 
suicide : v., to commit, ubiti se 

suit : n., (cards) boja, . ; (clothes) 

odelo, n. ; haljine, f., pi. ; (set) 

red, skup, m. ; (law) parnica, f. ; 

follow (cards), dati boju 
euit : v., (adapt) podesiti ; (please) 

dopadati se ; (suitable) priznati, 

suitable: adj., zgodan, -dna, -drio, 

suite : n., pratnja, f. ; furniture, 
namestaj, m. 

sulk:v., puciti se(-6im),naduti so 

sulky : adj., zlovoljan, -Ijna, -Ijno 

sulphur : n., sumpor, m. 

sulphuric acid : n., sumporna 
kiselina, f . 

sultan : n., sultan, padisa, m. 

sultana : f., sultana, sultanija, f. 

sum : n., suma, f. ; zbir, m. ; 
svota, f. ; skup, m. ; round , 
n., okrugla svota, f. ; total, n., 
ukupna svota, f. ; to do a , 
v., rafiunati 

sumach : n., ruj, m. ; rujevina, f. 

summer : n., leto, n. ; in the , 
adv., leti ; this , adv., letos ; 
, adj., letnji, -ja, -je ; to pass 
the , v., letovati (letujem) ; 
house, n., senica, f. 

summit : n., vrh, vrSak, m. 

summon : v., zvati (zovem), pozi- 

summons : n., poziv, m. 

sun : n., sunce, n. ; the rises, 
sunce izlazi ; sets, sunce 
zalazi ; blind, n., kapak na 

prozoru ; burnt, adj., opaljen 

od sunca ; dial, n., sunfianik, 
m. ; flower, n., suncokret, 
suncogled, m. ; spot, n., pega 
na suncu, f. ; stroke, n., sun- 
6anica, sunSarica, f. 

sunbeam : n., sundana zraka, f. 

Sunday: n.,nedelja, f. ; adj., node- 

sunlight : n., sunCana svetlost, f. 

sunny : adj., sunan, -a, -o 

sunrise : n., ishod, sunca, m. ; 
zora, f. 

sunset : n., zahod (zalazak), sunca, 

sunshade : n., suncobran, a. 

sup : v., vefierati 

superb : adj., divan, ohol, ponosit 

superficial : adj., povrsan, -sna, 

-no, plitak, -tka, -tko 

prili&ti ; (look well) dobro 
stajati (stojim) 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni m opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats : as sh in shout. 




euperfieiality : n., povrsnost, plit- 

kost, f . 

superfluity : n., suvifinost, . 
superfluous : adj., suviSan, -sna, 

superintendent : n., nadzomik, 

upravitelj, m. 
superior : adj., gornji, -ja, -je, vifii, 

bolji ; quality, bolja vrst, f. ; 

officer, visi oficir, m. 
superior : n., stareSina, f. ; igu- 

man, nastojatelj, m. 
superiority : n., prvenstvo, n. ; 

prevlast, f . 

supernatural: adj.,nadprirodni 
supernumerary : adj., prekobrojan, 

-jna, -jno 
superscription : n., natpis, m. ; 

adresa, f . 
superstition : n., sujeverje, prazno- 

verje, n. 
superstitious : adj., sujeveran, 

-rna, -rno, praznoveran, -rna, 

supper : n., vedera, f. ; the Lord's 

Sugper, n., priSest, f. 
supple : adj., vitak, gibak 
supplement: n., dodatak (-tka), 

prilog, doplatak (-tka), m. ; 

doplata, f . 
supplementary : adj., naknadni, 


supplement : v., dopuniti, priloiiti 
supplies : n., hrana, f. ; namirnice, 

f., pi. ; iivei, m. 
supply : v., snabdevati, dopuniti, 

support : v., drzati, nositi ; (a 

family) hraniti 
supporter (of famUy) : n., hranilac, 

hranitelj, m. ; (help) pomagaC, 

zastitnik, m. 

suppose: v.,pretpostaviti, uzeti 
supposition : n., pretpostavka, f. 
suppurate : v., gnojiti se, ognojiti 

suppuration : n., gnojenje, n. ; 

gnoj, m. 
supreme : adj., vrhovni, viinji, 

-ja, -je ; court, n., vrhovni 

sud, m. ; command, n., 

vrhovna komanda, f. 
sure : adj., siguran, -rna, -rno, 

pouzdan, bezopasan, izvestan, 

-tna, -tno ; to be of, biti 

surely : adv., sigurno, jamadno, 

zaista, bez sumnje 
surety : n., sigurnost, bezopasnost, 

izvesnost, f . 
surface : n., povrslna, spoljasnost, 

surgeon : n., hirurg, ranar, in. 
surgery : n., hirurgija, f. ; ranar- 

stvo, n. ; (room) primaonica 

lekara, doktora, f. 
surgical : adj., hirurgidki, ranarski 
surly : adj., zlovoljan, -jna, -jno 
surname : n., prezime, n. 
surplus : n., suvisak, ostatak, m. 
surprise : n., iznenadjenje, n. 
surprise : v., iznenaditi 
surprised : adj., iznenadan, -dna, 


surrender : v., predati se 
surrender : n., predaja, f. 
surround : v., okruziti, opkoliti 
surrounding : adj., okolni, -na, -no ; 

country, n., okolina, okolica, f. 
survey : v., pregledati, razvideti ; 

(measure) meriti, premeriti 
survive : v., nadziveti, preiiveti 
survivor : n., koji nadiivi 
susceptible : adj., osetljiv 
susceptibility : n., osetljivost, f. 
suspect : v., sumnjati, podozrevati 
suspected : adj., sumnjiv 
suspense : n., nesigurnost, suninja, 

f. ; nespokojstvo, n. 
suspicion : n., suninja, surnnjivost, 

f. ; podozrenje, n. 
suspicious : adj., sumnjiv 
swallow : n., lastavica, f. 
swallow : v., progutati, gutati 
swamp : n., bara, barustina, f. 
swan : n., labud, m. 
swap : v., razmeniti 
swarm : n., (bees) roj, pcelac, m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h aa ch in loch : c as ts in cats : as ah in shout. 




swarm : v., rojiti se 

sway : v., nagibati se, kolebati se 

wear: v., kleti se (kunem) ; (take 

an oath) kleti se, priseci ; (at) 

kleti (kunem) 

sweat : n., znoj, m. ; znojenje, n. 
sweat : v., znojiti se, oznojiti se 
sweaty : adj., znojan, -jna, -jno, 

sweep : v., pomesti, brisati ; a 

chimney, distiti odiak ; on, v., 

juriti napred 
sweeper (chimney-sweeper) : n., 

odzaCar, dimnjitfar, m. 
sweet : adj., sladak, -dka, -dko, 

slastan, -tna, -tno ; (person) 

drag, blag, mio, mila, milo 

to smell , v., mirisati ; sweets 

n., bonboni, in., pi. ; slatkiS, m. 

sweetbread, n., prinjak, m. (u 

teleta); briar, n., slpak, m. 

divlja rna, f. ; pea, n. 

sastrica, f. ; grahorica, f. ; . 

wilh'am, n., divlji klincic, m. 
sweeten : v., sladiti, zasladiti 
sweetheart : n., ljubovnica, f. ; Iju- 

bovnik, m. ; draga, f. ; dragi, m. 
sweetness : n., sladost, slast, slat- 

koca, f . ; (personal) uinilnost, 

dragost, f . 
sweet-smelling : adj., mirisav, 

swell : v., naduvati, napeti, napu- 

swelling : n., otok, m. ; nadutost, 

f. ; nadimanje, n. 
Bwira : v., plivati, pi at at i, ploviti 
swimmer : n., pliva6, plovac (-vca), 

wimming : n., plivanje, plov- 

Ijenje, n. ; school, n., pliva- 

liste, n. 

swindle : v., varati, prevariti 

swindler : n., varalica, m. 

swine : n., svinja, f. ; prasac, m. 

swine-like : adj., svinjski 

swing : v., njihati (njisem), ljuljati 

se ; bridge, n., okretni most, 

m. ; gate, n., okretna vrata, f. 
swollen : adj., naduven, ote6en 
swoon : v., onesvestiti se, pasti u 

nesvest (padnem) 
sword : n., ma5, m. ; sablja, f. ; 

palos, m. ; handzar, m. ; spada, 


syce : n., seiz, konjusar, m. 
syllable : n., slog, m. 
symbol : n., znak, simbol, m. 
symbolical : adj., simbolican, -2na, 

sympathetic : adj., simpatican, 

-6na, -6no, prijatan, -tna, -tno 
sympathize : v., saialovati, slagati 

sympathy : n., sazaljenje, n. } 

simpatija, f. 
symptom : n., znak, preznak (bo- 

lesti), m. 
synagogue : n., sinagoga, f . ; havra, 

syncope : n., nesvest, f. ; sinkopa, 

syndicate : n., sindikat, m. 

synod : m., sinod, m. 

synonyme : n., sinonim, m. 

synopsis : n., pregled, m. 

syntax : n., sintaksa, f. 

syphilis : n., sifilis, m. ; sramna 

(gospodska)bolest, f. 
syringe : n., Strcalica, brizgalica, f. 
syringe : v., strcati 
syrup : n., sok, sirup, Surup, m. 
system : n., sis torn, plan, m. 
systematic : adj., sistematski 


table : n., sto (stola), m. ; (dining) 
trpeza, f. ; (index) sadrzaj, 
spisak, m. ; of rates, n., cenik, 
m. ; tarifa, f. ; at , za stolom ; 

cloth, n., stolnjak, 6arsav, 

trpeznjak, m. 

tablet : n., plofia, tablica, f. 
taboo : adj., zabranjen 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
1] as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in chit ch ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




taciturn : adj., <5utljiv, muSljaiv 

taciturnity : n., 6utljivost, mudljai- 
vost, f. 

tackle : n., oprema ladje, f. ; kolo- 
tur, m. 

tact : n., takt, m. 

tactics : n., taktika, f. 

tactician : n., takticar, m. 

tactless : adj., bestaktan, -tna, -tno 

tail : n., rep, m. ; drska, peteljka, 
f. ; (end) kraj, konac, m. 

tailor : n., krojaS, ra. ; krojacica, 
f . ; v., krojaSiti, krojiti 

take : v., uzeti (uzmem), uzimati, 
preuziti ; (illness) dobiti ; 
advantage, upctrebiti ; aim, 
ciljati ; breath, disati ; 
care, truditi se, brinuti se ; 
the chair, predsedovati ; 
one's fancy, se dopadati ; 
farewell, oprostiti se ; fire, 
upaliti se ; heed, uvati se ; 

hold of, hvatati, zgrabiti ; 
house, najmiti kucu ; interest 
in, zanimati se ; mercy, smilo- 
vati se ; note, paziti, opaziti ; 

offence, uvrediti se ; pain, 
truditi se, brinuti se ; part in, 
ufiestvovati ; pleasure in, 
dopadati se ; revenge, osvetiti 
se ; root, pustiti koren ; 
seat, sesti se ; time ! polako ! 
polagano ! a train, i6i vozom ; 

a walk, setati se ; away, 
od uzeti, odvesti ; by surprise, 
iznenaditi ; down, skinuti ; 

for, driati za ; from, primi- 
tiod, oteti ; in, prevariti ; 

off, skinuti, oduzeti ; to 
pieces, rastaviti u komade ; 

up time, zauzeti 

talc : n., talk, m. ; milovka, f. 

tale : n., prifia, basna, skaska, f. 

talisman : n., harnajlija, f. 

talk : v., govoriti, razgovarati, 
kazati (kazem) ; to Serbian, 
govoriti srpski ; common 
sense, govoriti pametno 

talk : n., govor, razgovor, glas, m. 

tall : adj., visok, velik, golem 

tall ness : n., visina, f. 

tallow : n., loj, rnaz, m. 

talon : n., capon jak, capak, m. 

tambourine : n., tarn bur a, f. ; 

player, n., tamburas, m. 
tame : adj., pi torn 
tame : v., pitomiti, ukrotiti 
tameness : n., pitomost, f. 
tan : v., 6initi koiu 
tank : n., cisterns, f. ; kladenac, m. 
tanner : n., kozar, in. 
tannery : n., kozarnica, f. 
tap : n., slavina, f. ; fiajtov. m. 
tape : n., vrpca pantljika, f. ; 

measure, n., krojacka inera, 

f. ; worm, n., pantljicara, f. 
tar : n., katran, m. ; paklina, f. 
tare : n., tara, f. 
target : n., cilj, nisan, m. 
tart : n., torta, pasteta od vo6a, f. 
tartar : n., sres, m. 
tartaric : adj., sresni 
task : n., zadatak (-tka), 

zadada, f. ; posao (-sla), 

teret, m. 
tassel : n., kita, f. 
taste : v., okusiti, probati, kusati 
taste : n., ukus, m. ; ukusnost, f. ; 

kns, m. ; miris, m. 
tasteful : adj., ukusan, -sna, -sno, 


tasteless : adj., neukusan, -sna, -sno 
tasty : adj., ukusan, -sna, -sno 
tavern : n., ban, m. ; krdma, f. 
tax : n., porez, m. ; taksa, cena, f. ; 

odredbina, f . 
tax : v., taksirati, udariti porez, 

taxation : n., taksiranje, n. ; 

udaranje poreza, n. 
tea : n., 6aj, m. ; teapot, n. ; 6aj- 

nik, m. 

teach : v., uditi, nauciti, pouSiti 
teacher : n., u&telj, m. ; uditeljica, 

teaching : n., uCenje, n. 




suza, f. ; to shed tears, 
roniti suze ; bathed in 

Pronounce : dj, d2, as j in James ; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as on 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; 6 as ah in shout. 




tears, okupan u suzama ; with 

tears in the eyes, sa suznira 

tear : v., cepati, derati (derem), 

razdirati, procepati 
tear : n., dera, rupa, f. ; cepanje, 

n. ; proder, m. 

tearful : adj., suzan, -zna, -zno 
tease : v., zadirkivati, dirkati 
teat : n., bradavica, sisa, f. 
technic : n., tehnika, f. ; veStina, f. 
technical : adj., tehnidki 
Te Deum : n., blagodarenje, n. 
tedious : adj., dosadan, -dna, -dno 
tediousness : n., dosada, f. ; dugo 

vreme, n. 
telegram : n., telegram, m. ; 

depeia, f. ; brzojav, m. 
telegraph : n., telegraf, m. ; adj., 

telegrafski ; v., telegrafirati ; 

boy, n., postanski de<5ak, m. 
telegraphy : n., telegrafija, f. 
telephone : n., telefon, m. 
telescope : n., teleskop, dogled, m. 
tell : v., kazati (kazera), redi 

(re6em), javiti, govoriti 
temper : n., karakter, m. ; osobina, 

f . ; in a good , dobre volje ; 

in a bad , zlovoljan, -jna, -jno ; 

to lose one's , srditi se ; to be 

in a , bid srdit ; of steel, 

tvrdo6a, f. 

temper : v., (steel) oSeliditi 
temperance : n., umerenost, uzdri- 

Ijivost, f. 

temperate: adj., umeren, uzdriljiv 
temperature : n., temperatura, f. 
tempest : n., bura, f. 
temple : n., (church) hram, m. ; 

(head) slepo oko, n. 
temporary : adj., privremen, pro- 

lazan, -zna, -zno 

tempt : v., zavoditi, primamljivati 
temptation : n., napast, f. ; isku- 

ienje, n. 
tempter : n., napasnik, zavodnik, 

ten : num. deset ; times, deset 


tender : adj., mek, nean, osetljiv 

tense : n., vreme, n. 

tent : n., sator, 6ador, m. ; pole, 

n., motka od satora, f. ; pin, 
n., klin, m. 

tenth: n., desetina ; adj., deseti, 
ta, -to ; part, desetak -(tka), 

term : n., (time) rok, m. ; vreme, 
n. ; (expression) red, govor, 
izraz, m. ; for a certain , za 
neko vreme ; in plain terms, 
prosto, otvoreno ; terms of part- 
nership, drustveni ugovor, m. ; 
on friendly terms, u prijateljstvu 

terminate : v., svrsiti, zakljudati 

termination : n., kraj, konac, 
svrfetak, m. 

terra-cotta : n., pefiena glina, f. 

terrace : n., terasa, f. ; iardak, m. 

terrible : adj., strahovit, uzasan, 
-sna, -sno, grozan, -zna, -zno 

terrify : v., uzasnuti, prestrasiti 

territorial : adj., oblasni 

territory : n., oblast, f. ; zemljiste, 

terror : n., uias, strah, m. 

test : n., probanje, n., proba, f. 

test : v., probati 

Testament : n., New, Old, Novi 
zavet, m. ; Stari zavet, m. ; (will) 
testament, m. ; poslednja volja, 

testator: n., koji ostavlja testa- 

testicle : n., mudo, n. ; jaje, n. ; 

jaja, n., pi. 
testify : v., svedoCiti 
testimony : n., svedoSanstvo, n. 

tete-a-tete : 

n., u detiri oka, na 

Teutonic : adj., tevtonski 

text : n., tekst, predmet, m. 

than : conj., nego, od 

thank : v., zahvaliti, blagodariti ; 

God ! fala Bogu ! many 

thanks, fala lepo 
thankful : adj., zahvalan, -Ina, -Ino, 

blagodaran, -rna, -rno 

Pronounce : dj, df , as j in James ; 4 as in measure ; j as y in you 
Ij as U in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oa 
in room : h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; 6 as ah in n/tout. 




thankfulness : n., zahvalnost, bla- 

godarnost, f. 

thanksgiving : n., blagodarenje, n. 
that : dera. pron., onaj, ona, ono ; 

is, to jest ; what is to me ? 
Sto se to mene tie ? at time, 
u ono vreme ; rel. pron., koji, 
koja, koje; conj., da, Sto, jer 

thatch : n., slamka, slamara, f. 
thaw: v., otapati, otopiti ; it ia 

thawing, kopni, jugovina je 
thaw : n., otapanje, n. ; jugovina, 

f. ; silver , n., poledica, f. 
the : def. art. There is no definite 

article in Serbian 
theatre : n., pozoriSte, kazaliste, 

n. ; of war, n., ratiste, 

vojiSte, n. 

theatrical : adj., pozoriSni 
thee : pron., tebe, tebi ; to say 

and thou, v., tikati se 
theft : n., kradja, lopovluk, m. 
their : pron., njihov, -a, -o 

them : pron., njima, njih ; all of 

, svi oni 
themselves : pron., se, sebe, sami 

sebe, oni saini 
then : adv., onda, tada, zatim ; 

now and , katkad, kad i kad ; 

since , od onda ; till , do 

thence : adv., odatle, odande, 


theology : n., bogoslovlje, n. 
theory : n., teorija, nacela, f. 
therapeutics : n., nauka o lecenju, f. 
there : adv., onde, onamo, tu, 

tamo ; I shall go , idem onamo ; 

and back, onamo i natrag ; 

is, are, je, irna ; in , utome, 
unutra ; out , onde vani 

therefore : adv. and conj., zato, 

radi toga, dakle, tako 
thermal : adj., topal, -pla, -plo ; 

baths, n., toplice, f., pi. 
thermometer : n., termometar, m. 
these : pron., ovi, ove, ova 

they : oni, one, ona 

who, oni 

koji ; say, govore, govori se 

thick : adj., debeo, -bela, -belo, 

gust ; skinned, adj., debele 

koze ; skull, n., tupoglavac, 

thicken : v., zagustiti, u&niti da 
bude deblje, debljati 

thickness : n., debljina, gustina, f. 

n., lopov, kradljivac, -vca, 


thieve : v., krasti (kradem) 
thievish : adj., kradljiv, lopovski 
thigh : n., bedro, n. 
thimble : n., naprstak, m. ; kocka 

thin : adj., mrsav, -a, -o, suv, tanak. 
-nka, -nko 

thine: pron., tvoj, tvoja, tvoje 

thing : n., stvar, f. ; predmet, m. ; 
things, n., stvari, poslovi, roba, 
f. ; (clothes) haljine, f., pi. ; that 
is quite another , to je sasvim 
nesto drugo 

think : v., misliti, umiti, razmis- 
Ijati ; of, pasti na um (pad- 
nem) ; nothing of, ne mariti, 
prezirati ; (impers); it seems to 
me, cini mi se 

third : n., tre6ina, f. ; adj., treci, 
-6a, -6e ; time, tre6i put, m. 

class, trede klaae, f. 
thirdly : adv., trece 
thirst : n., zedja, f. 

thirsty : adj., zedan, -dna, -dno 

thirteen : num. trinaest 

thirty : num. trideset 

this : pron., ovaj, ovo, taj, ta, to ; 

or that, ovo ili ono ; like , 
ovako ; day, danas ; adj., 
danaSnji ; evening, veceras ; 

year's, adj., ovogodisnji 
thistle : n., fikalj, stridak, m. 
thither : adv., ovamo, tamo ; 

hither and , tamo amo 
thorn : n., trn, m. ; bodljika, f. 
thorough : adj., potpun ; thor- 
oughly, adv., sasvim, posve, pot- 

thoroughbred : adj., cistokrvan, 
-vna, -vno 

Pronounce : dj, At, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /j in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u ad oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; s as h in ehout. 


thoroughfare : n., veliki drum, m. 
those : pron., oni, one, ona 
thou : pron., ti ; v., tikati se 
though: conj., ako i, i ako, ma; 

as , kao da 
thought : n., misao (misli), . ; 

miSljenje, n. 
thoughtful : adj., smotren, paZljiv, 

thoughtless : adj., bezmislen, bez- 

brizan, -zna, -zno 
thousand : num. hiljada, tisuda 
thread : n., konac (-nca), m. ; zica, 

. ; (screw) zavoj, m. 
threat : n., pretnja, f. 
threaten: v., pretiti, zapretiti 
three : num. tri ; troje, n. ; tro- 

jica, f. ; by threes, po tri ; 

coloured, adj., trobojan, -jna, 

-jno ; cornered, adj., trouglast ; 

tripod, n., tronog, m. 
three hundred : num. trista 
threshold : n., prag, m. 
thrice : adv., triput 
thrift : n., Stedljivost, . 
thrifty : adj., Stedljiv 
throat : n., grlo, n. ; gula, f. ; I 

have a sore , boli me grlo 
throne : n., presto (-stola), m. ; 

ascend the , stupiti na presto 
through: prep., kroz (ace.), od, iz 

(gen.) ; I have been the town, 

proSao' sam kroz varo ; fear, 

od straha ; malice, iz zlobe ; 

adv., skroz, sasvim, do kraja ; 

train, izravni voz, m. 
throughout : prep., kroz (ace.) 
throw : v., bacati, baciti, hitati ; 

away, baciti ; down 
(destroy) porusiti ; into, 
ubaciti ; off, odbaciti, skinuti ; 

open, otvoriti ; out, izba- 
citi, pustati ; " over, ostaviti 

thrush : n., drozak, m. 
thumb : n., palac (-lea), m. 
thunder : n., grom, tresak (-ska), 

m. ; v., grmeti 
Thursday : n., Setvrtak, m. ; 

Maundy , n.,Velik Cetvrtak, m. 

244 [dm 

thus : adv., tako, ovako ; much, 
toliko ; it is, tako je 

thy : pron., tvoj, tvoja, tvoje 

tibia : n., cevanica, golenica, f. 

ticket: n., cedula, f. ; (railway, 
etc.) karta, f. ; single , prosta 
karta, f. ; return , karta za 
povratak, f. ; office, n., kasa, 
f. ; prozorSe, n. 

ticking : n., cvilik, trojnik, m. 

tickle : v., golicati 

tide : n., plima i oseka, f. ; rising 
(high) , plima, f. ; falling (low) 
, oseka, f. ; the ebbs, more 
opada ; the flows, more buja 

tidiness : n., distoda, pristalost, f. 

tidy : v., urediti, raspremiti 

tidy : adj., uredan, -dna, -dno, 
pristao, -tala, -talo 

tie : v., vezati (veiem), svezati, 
privezati, spojiti, sastaviti 

tie : n., veza, sveza, f. ; (necktie) 
malija, f. ; ovratnik, m. 

tiger : n., tigar, m. 

tight: adj., priteSnjen, stisnut, 
stegnut, tesan, -sna, -sno, uzan, 
-zna, -zno, uzak uska, -ko ; 
(drunk) pijan ; coat, tesan 
kaput, m. 

tighten : v., stegnuti (-nem), 
stezati (-2em), stesniti 

tightness : n., tesnoda, uskoda, 
(Svrstoda, f. 

tile : n., cigla, opeka, deramida, f. ; 

maker, n., ciglar, m. ; - 

works, n. ; ciglana, f. 

till: prep., do (gen.); from morn- 
ing night, od jutra do nodi ; 
now, do sada ; conj., dok ; adv., 
dotle, dokle 

till : v., orati (-rem), kopati, raditi 

till : n., kasa, f. ; novdana, 
fijoka, . 

tiller: n., (ship) korman, m. ; 
krma, f. 

timber : n., drvo, n. ; mer- 
chant, n., drvar, m. ; trade, 
n. ; drvarstvo, n. 

time : n., vreine, n. ; doba, n. ; 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cat* ; 6 as sh in shout. 




rok, 6as, m. ; put, red, m. 
present , n., sadasiije vreme, 
n. ; (music), mera, f. ; korak, 
m. ; (past, present, future) 
proslost, sadainjost, bududnost, 
f. ; in the day , danju ; at 
that of day, u ono doba ; at 
my of life, u moje doba ; in 
due , u pravo vreme ; in good 
, za vremena ; all in good , 
sve u svoje vreme ; hard times, 
zla vremena ; in the mean , 
medjutim, u torn ; a long 
since, odavno, izdavna ; what 
is it ? koliko je sati ? every , 
evaki put ; many times, vise 
puta ; at all times, u svako 
vreme, uvek ; at no , nikad ; 
at that , u ono vreme, onda ; 
at this , u ovo vreme, sada ; 
for a , neko vreme ; once upon 
a , jednom nekad ; to lose , 
gubiti vreme ; I have no , 
nemam vremena ; to have , 
imati kad (vremena) ; from 
to , kad i kad ; first , prvi 
put ; another , drugi put ; last 
, poslednji put ; once, twice, 
jedred, dva red 
time-table : n., (railway) red voznje, 

m. ; konduktor, 
razredba sati, f . 

m. ; (school) 

timid : adj., plaSljiv, bojazan, -zna, 


timidity : n., plaSljivost, f. 
tin : n., kalaj, lira, pleh, cin, m. ; 

v., kalajisati, ciniti ; foil, n. ; 

Btaniol, m. ; smith, n., kala- 

jdzija, limar, m. ; ware shop, 

n., limarska radnja, f. 
tinder : n., trud, m. 
tinker: n., kalajdiija, limar, m. 
tinned fruit, meat, etc. : n., kon- 

serva, f. ; konserve u kutijama, 

f., pl- 
tip: n., vrh, rt, kraj, m. ; (gratuity) 

n., baksis, m. 
tippler : n., pijanac, m. 
tipsiness : n., pijanost, f. 

tipsy : adj., pijan, -a, -o, opijen 
tiptop : adj., najvedi, najbolji 
tire : v., umoriti se, utruditi se 
tired : adj., umoran, -rna, -rno, 

trudan, -dna, -dno 
tiredness : n., umor, m. ; dosada, f. 
tiresome: adj., dosadan, -dna, -dno 
tithe : n., desetak (-tka), m. ; 

desetina, f. 
title : n., naslov, m. ; natpis, m. ; 

(books) glava, f. ; isprava, titula, 

f. ; to have a to, imati pravo 

na ; page, naslovni list, m. 
to: prep., k (dat.), u (ace.), do 

(gen.), prema (loc.) ; the children 

go school, deca idu u skolu ; 

from day day, izdana u dan ; 

up his house, do njegove kuce ; 

come me ! dodji k meni ! he 

is good me, on je dobar prema 

meni ; the skin, do koze ; to 

tie something, vezati za nesto ; 

a quarter six, detvrt do iest ; 

day, danas ; sentenced 

death, osudjen na smrt ; our 

grief, na zalost ; be sure, 

toad : n., baburaca, f. ; krastava 

zaba, f. 

toadstool : n., otrovna peSurka, f. 
toast : n., prien leb ; (health) 

zdravica, nazdravica, f . 
toast : v., prziti ; (health) nazdra- 

viti, napiti zdravicu 
tobacco : n., duvan, duhan, tutun, 

m. ; pipe, n., lula 
tobacconist : n, duvandzija, m. 
toboggan : n., san&ce, f., pl. 
to-day : adv., danas ; from , od 


to-day's: adj.,danasnji, -ja, -je 
toe : n., nozni prst, m. 
together : adv., zajedno, ujedno, 

u jedanrput ; three days , tri 

dana uzasopce 
toil : v., raditi, truditi se 
toilet: n., (room) nuznik gde ima 

umivaonik ; to make one's , 

obladiti se 

Pronounce : dj , dz, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 5, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout. 




tolerance : n., trpimost, f. ; trp- 

Ijenje, n. 

tolerate : v., trpeti (-pim) 
toll : n., carina, f. 
toll : v., zvoniti, zvonom oglasiti 

heavy, teii gore nego li dolje ; 

sail, n., kosno jedro, n. ; 
side, n., gornja strana, f. 

toper : n., pijanac, m. 

torch : n., baklja, faklja, masala, f. 

tolling-bell : n., mrtva6ko zvono, n. torpedo : n., torpedo, n. ; trnjaSa, 

tomato : n., crveni patlidzan, m. ; I f. 

paradajs, m. 

tomb : n., grob, m. ; grobnica, f. 

tomboy : n., raspuitena devojka, 
f. ; (kaodeSko) 

tombstone : n., nadgrobni kamen, 

to-morrow : adv., sutra ; even- 
ing, sutra u ve6e ; morning, 
sutra rano, u jutru ; n., sutradan, 
m. ; adj., sutrasnji, -ja, -je 

tone : n., zvuk, glas, naglasak, ton. 

tongs : n., masice, f., pi. ; klestice, 
f., pi. 

tongue : n., jezik, m. ; govor, m. ; 
hold your ! jezik za zube ! 
mu6i ! to hold one's , cutati, 

to-night : adv., nocas, ve6er as ; n., 
ova vefcer, f. 

tonsil: n., zlezda, f. ; zabica, f. 

too : adv., odvise, preve6, pre ; 
(also) takodjer, isto tako ; 
little, premalen ; much, 
odvise, suvise 

tool : n., orudje, n. ; alat, m. 

tooth : n., zub, m. ; brush, n., 
detkica zazube, f. ; ache, n., 
zubobolja,f. ; false , n., vestadki 
zub, m. ; pick, n., 6a6kalica, f. 

top : n., vrh, vrfiak, vis, m. ; 
glavica, f. ; (lid), kapak (-pka), 
m. ; (boy's) cigra, f. ; ivrk, m. ; 
at the of the table, u 6elo 
stola ; at speed, s najve6om 
brzinom ; from to bottom, 
8 vrha do dna ; at the of, uvrh 
top : adj., gornji, najgornji, naj- 
visi, glavni, prvi ; boot, n., 
cizma, f. ; boy, n., prvi u 

razredu, m. ; coat, n., vrska- 

put, m. ; hat, n., cilindar, m. ; 

torpedo-boat : n., torpedska ladja, 

torrent : n., bujica, f. ; potok, m. 
tortoise : n., kornja5a, zeljka, f . 
tortoiseshell : n., kraljust, ljustura, 

lustura, f. 
torture : v., muciti 
torture : n., mu6enje, n. ; muka, f. 
toss : v., baciti, hititi 
total : n., zbir, m. ; celina, f. ; 

suma, f. 
total : adj., ceo, cela, -lo, potpun, 

sav, sva, sve 
touch : v., dirnuti, dirati, pipnuti, 

ticati (tic'em ), doticati, dodirnuti ; 

one's hat, pozdraviti ; up, 

popraviti, obnoviti 
touch : n., dodirivanje, doticanje, 

n. ; pipak, m. ; ticanje, n. ; opip, 

m. ; a of . . ., neSto malo 
tough : adj., tvrd, krut, cvrst 
tour : n., put, m. : putovanje, n. 
tourist : n., putnik, m. 
tow : v., vudi (vucem), tegliti ; tup. 

n., remorker, m. ; ladja za vucu, 

tow : n., kuoino, f., pi. 

towards : prep., prema (loc.), k, ka, 
(dat.), oko (gen.) ; me, prema 
meni ; the south, k jugu ; 
midday, oko podne ; the left, 
na levo 

towel : n., peskir, obrus, obrusac, 

tower : n., kula, f. ; toranj, m. 

town : n., varos, f. ; grad, m. ; 
(small Jvnroaica.palanka, f. ; adj., 

varoski, gradski ; council, n., 

opstinski sud, m. ; councillor, 

n., opstinar, m. ; dues, n., 

trosarina, f. ; hall, n., opstina, 

f. ; opstinski sud, beladija, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as / in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you; 
Ij as it in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as 09 
in room ; b as ch in loch : o as to in cats ; 6 as ah in shout. 




toxicology : n., nauk o otrovima, 

toy : n., igracka, f. 

track : n., trag, sled, ra. ; stopa, f . ; 
(path), put, m. 

track : v., slediti, tragati 

traction-engine : n., ulicna loko- 
motiva, f. 

trade : n., trgovina, f. ; zanat, m. ; 
radnja, f., v., trgovati (trgujem) ; 
Board of , miniatarstvo trgo- 
vine, n. ; chamber of commerce, 

trgovafika komora, f. ; list, 

n., cenik, m. ; mark, n., 

fabricni zig, m. ; price, n., 

trgovafika cena, f . ; tradespeople, 
n., trgovci, m., pi. ; trades union, 
n., radnicki savez, m. 

trader : n., trgovac, m. 

trading : adj., trgovadki 

tradition: n., predanje, n. ; pre- 
daja, f. 

traditional : adj., osnovan na pro- 

tragedy : n., tragedija, f. ; falostan 
dogadjaj, m. 

train : n., (railway) voz, vlak, m. ; 
(people) pratnja, f. ; pratioci, m., 
pi. ; (dress) dugi skut, rep, m. ; 
(transport carts) komora, f. ; fast 
, n., brzi voz, m. ; slow , 

obiciii voz, m. ; goods , n., 

teretni voz, m. ; Red Cross ^, 
n., sanitetski voz, m. ; by , 
adv., ieljeznicom 

train : v., vezbati se, trenirati se 

traitor : n., izdajnik, nevernik, m. 

traitress :n., izdajnica.nevernica, f. 

tram : n., tramvaj, m. 

tramp : n., beskudnik, skitalac, 
skitalo, m. ; skitnica, f. 

tramp: v., skitati se; (down) gaziti 

tramping : n., skitanje, n. 

tramway : n., tramvaj, m. 

tranquillity : n., mir, m. ; tisina, f. 

transcribe : v., prepisati (-pisem) 

transcription : n., prepisivanje, n. 

transfer : v., premestiti, preneti, 
(-nesem), uatupiti 

Transfiguration : n., Preobrazenje, 

transform : v., pretvoriti, preo- 

transformation : n., preobrazaj, 

m. ; promena, f. 
transgression : n., prestup, m. 
transit : n., provoz, prolaz, m. ; 

permit of , dozvola provoza, f . 
transition : n., prelaz, m. 
transitional : adj., prelazan, -zna, 

-zno, privremen 
transitive : adj., prelazan 
translate : v. t prevoditi, prevesti 


prevod, m. ; pre- 

n., prevodilac, prevo- 
n., prenosenje, n. ; 
, predati, preneti 


translator : 

ditelj, m. 

prenos, m. 
transmit : A 

transoceanic : adj., prekomorski 
transparency : n., providnost, proz- 

racnost, f . 
transparent : adj., providan, -dna, 

-dno, prozradan, -dna, -cno 
transplant : v., rasaditi, presaditi 
transport : v., preniti, prenositi, 

prevesti, prevoziti 
transport : n., voz, prevoz, m. ; 

prenosenje, n. 
transport wagons : n., komora, f. ; 

vozari, m., pi. 
transversal : 'adj., popredni 
trap (snare) : n., zamka, klopka, f. ; 

zaseda, f . 
trap : v., loviti u zamke, uhvatiti, 

uloviti ; (deceive) prevariti 
travel : v., putovati, voziti se 
travel : n., putovanje, n. ; put, m. ; 

(machine), hod, m. ; kretanje, n. 
traveller : n., putnik, m. ; putnica, 

f. ; commercial , agent, trgo- 

va&ki agent, m. 
travelling : adj., putni, -na, -no, 

putnidki ; for business, trgo- 

vinom ; by carriage, kolima ; 

Pronounce : dj, di,, as j in James ; t as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as U in cats ; & as ah in shout. 




on foot, peSke ; on horseback, 

na konjima ; by land, suvim ; 

by the pest, poStom ; by sea, 

morern ; by train, zeleznicom 
trawl; v., loviti vlakom 
tray : n., posluzavnik, m. 
treacherous : adj., izdajnidki, 

neveran, -rna, -rno 
treachery : n., izdaja, nevera, f. 
tread : v., hoditi, stupiti 
treason : n., izdaja, f. ; high , 

n., veleizdaja, f. 
treasonable : adj., izdajnicki, iz- 

treasure : n., blago, n. ; blagajnica, 

f . ; kasa, f . 

treasurer : n., blagajnik, m. 
treasury : n., blagajnica, f. ; (engle- 

sko) Ministarstvo finansija ; 

note, n. ; naputnica na drzavnu 

blagajnu, f. 
treat : v., (drink) ugostiti, Sastiti ; 

(illness) leciti 
treat : n., veselje, n. 
treatment : n., postupanje, Ie5enje, 


treaty : n., ugovor, m. ; of com- 
merce, n., trgovafiki ugovor, m. 
treble: adj., trostruki ; (boy's 

voice) visok, gornji glas 
tree : n., drvo (drveta), n. ; saddle 

, luk od sedla, m. 
tremble : v., drhtati, tresti se 

(sem), groziti se 

tremble : n., drhtanje, tresenje, n. 
tremendous : adj., straSan, -na, 

-no, golem 
trench : n., Sanac (-nca), m. ; jarak, 

m. ; prokop, prosek, m. 
trench : v., kopati, iskopati 
trespass : v., prestupiti, pogaziti 
tress : n., pletenica, vitica, f. ; 

kurjuk, m. 
trial : n., proba, f. ; pokuSaj, m. ; 

pokus, m. ; (law) parnica, f. ; by 

way of , probe radi ; to make a 

of, pokuati to 
triangle : n., trougao (-gla), trokut, 

triangular : adj., trouglast, troku- 

tan, -tna, -tno 
tribal : adj., plemenski 
tribe : n., pleme (-mena), n. 
tribunal : n., sud, m. 
tributary : n., utoka, pritoka, f. 
tribute : n., danak, porez, m. ; 

carina, f. 
trick : n., majstorija, vetina, 

obmana, f. 
tricoloured : adj., trobojan, -jna, 

-jno ; flag, Serbian, Trobojka.f. 
tricycle : n., velociped satri to6ka, 


triennial : adj., trogodinji 
trifle : n., sitnica, malenkost, f. 
trigger : n., obarada, f. ; otponac, 


Trinity, Holy : n., Sveta Trojica, f. 
Trinity Sunday : n., Trojice, f., pi. 

(prva nedelja iza Duhova) 
triple : adj., trostruki, trojan, -jna, 


triple : v., utrostruSiti, utrojiti 
triple alliance : n., trojni savez, m. 
triplets : n., trbjci, m., pi. 
tripod : n., tronoiac, tronog, m. 
triumph : n., triumf, m. ; pobeda, 

f. ; triumphal arch, n., slavoluk, 

triumphant : adj., pobedni, slavan, 

-vna, -vno 

trivial : adj., prost, prosta6ki 
trolley : n., uska kolica, rudarska 

kolica, f. 
troop : n., 6eta, f. ; troops, n., 

vojska, f. 
trooper : n., konjanik, konjik, m. ; 

prosti vojnik, m. 
tropical: adj., tropski 
trot : v., kasati, i<5i kasom, n. ; 

kas, m. ; at full , velikim 

kasom ; easy , mali kas, m. 
trotter : n., kasa6, m. 
trotting : n., kasanje, n. 
trouble : n., nemir, m., pobuna 

nesloga, f. ; trud, m. ; smetnj a ' 

f. ; briga, f. ; muka, f. ; nep f j] 

lika, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; i, as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
lj as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oa 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




trouble : v., to be in , biti u nepri- 

lici ; to give , dosadjivati ; 

to take , truditi se, brinuti se 

(brinem) ; to , mutiti, zamu- 

titi, uznemirati, zbuniti ; (water) 

mutiti ; don't about it, 

nemojte se truditi oko toga 
troublesome : adj., (difficult) tru- 

dan, -dna, -dno ; (boring) dosa- 

dan, -dna, -dno ; (giving trouble) 

nezgodan, -dna, -dno 
trousers : n., pantalone, 6aksire 

hlace, f., pi. ; (Turkish) salvare, 

f., pi. 
trout : n., pastrmka, forela, past- 

rma, f. 

truce : n., primirje, n. 
truck : n., otvorena tovarna kola, 

n., pi. ; Siodica, f. 
true : adj., istinit, istinski, pravi, 

iskren, puki,veran, -rna, -rno ; 

friend, iskren prijatelj ; it is , 


truffle : n., gomoljika, f. 
truly : adv., zaista, doista, verno, 

iskreno istinito 
trump : n., adut, m. ; v., uzeti 


trumpet : n., truba, . 
trumpet : v., to play, trubiti 
trumpeter : n., trubad, m. 
trunk : n., (box) kufer, putniSki 

kovceg, m. ; sanduk, comadan, 

diviluk, m. ; (tree) stablo, n. ; 

trup, m. 
trust : v., verovati (verujem), pouz- 

dati se, poveriti se ; in God, 

uzdam ae u Boga 
trust : n., poverenje, n. ; vera, 

nada, f. ; vernost, f. 
trusting: adj., poverljiv 
trustworthy: adj., pouzdan, -a, -o 
trusty: adj., posten, pouzdan, 

siguran, -ma, -rno 
truth : n., istina, istinitost, iskre- 

nost, f. ; vernost, f. ; to speak 

the , govoriti istinu 
truthful : adj., istinit, istinski 
truthfulness : n., istinitost, f. 

try : v., probati, kusati, pokusati ; 

to do something, potruditi se, 
muciti ; (law) suditi, osuditi ; 
for, ciljati 

try : n., pokus, pokusaj, m. 

Tsar : n., car, m. 

Tsarevich : n., carevid, m. 

Tsaritsa : n., carica, f. 

tub : n., 6abar, m. ; ba6eva, f. ; 
bure, n. ; (bath) kada, f. ; ba6va, 
f . ; to take a , kupati se u kadi 

tube : n., cev, f. ; slamka 

Tuesday : n., utorak, utornik, m. 

tug : n., (boat) remorker, m. 

tug : v., vu6i (-cem), tegliti 

tulip : n., tulipan, m. ; lala, f. 

tumbler : n., (glass) 6asa, f. ; (man) 
pelivan, m. 

tumult : n., buka, pobuna, f. 

tunic : n., vojnicka bluza, f. 

tunnel : n., tunel, tamnik, m. 

turban : n., calma, f. ; turban, 
saruk, m. 

turf : n., busen, m. ; busenica, 
trava, f . 

turkey : n., 6uran, m. ; curka, f. j 
6ur6e, n. 

Turkish bath : n., amam, m. 

Turkish woman : bula, f. 

turn : v., okretati, obrtati, okrenuti 
(-nem), vrteti, pretvoriti : 
your eyes to me, okrenite o6i k 
meni ; to round, okrenuti se 
(-nem); the brain, zaluditi ; 

aside, okrenuti na stranu ; 
away, odvratiti, otpustiti ; 
back, vratiti, pripovrnuti ; 
out, izvrnuti napolje, izbaciti ; 

over, okrenuti 

turn : v., i., red, zarumeniti ; 
pale, poblediti ; grey, osediti ; 

about, okrenuti se ; again, 
vratiti se ; aside, odvratiti 
se ; back, vratiti se ; out, 
izi6i, doci na polje ; over, 
prevrnuti se 

turn : n., okret, m. ; okretanje, n. ; 
(change) promena, f . ; (in ) 
red, m. ; in , adv., redom, 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj aa m in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room : h as ch in loch ; o as is in cats ; aa ah in shout. 




redomice ; it is my , na mene 

je red ; at every , svakom 

prilikom ; a good , ualuga, f. ; 

ljubav, m. 

turner : n., strugar, m. 
turnip : n., repa, bela repa, f. 
turpentine : n., terpentin, m. 
turtle : n., morska kornjaa, f. 
tusk : n., dugi zubi slona i.t.d. 
tutor : n., ucitelj, m. 
twelfth : n., dvanaestina, f. ; adj., 

dvanaesti, -ta, -to 
Twelfth Night : n., Bogojavljenje, 


twelve : num. dvanaest 
twentieth : n., dvadesetina, . ; 

adj., dvadeseti, -ta, -to 
twenty : num. dvadeset 
twice : adv., dvaput ; as much, 

dvaput toliko 
twig : n., gran&ca, iba, f. 
twilight : n., sumrak, mrak, m. ; 

by , u sumradku 

twin : n., brother, blizanak/blizanac, 
m. ; sister, bliznukinja, f. ; twins, 
blizanci, m., pi. 

two : num. dva, dve, dva ; by 
and , dva po dva ; in a day or 
, za nekoliko dana ; in , na 

two : n., dva, dvojica dvoje ; 

sided, adj., dvostran 

two hundred : num. dvesfca 

type : n., uzor, primer, m. ; (print- 
ing) fitamparsko slovo, n. ; 

writer, n., maslna za pisanje, 
f. ; pisa6a maina, f. 

typhoid fever : n., trbusni tifin, 

typhus fever : n., pegavi tifus, m. 

typical : adj., uzorit, znaajan, 
tipican, -Sna, -6no 

tyranical : adj., tiranski 

tyranny : n., tiranija, f. 

tyrant : n., tiranin, m. 

tyre : n., sin a, f. 


ubiquitous : adj., posvudan, -dna, 


udder : n., vime, n. 
ugly : adj., ruzan, -zna, -zno, 

gadan, -dna, -duo 
ulcer : n., Sir, m. ; zagnojena rana, 

ulcerate : v., gnojiti se 
ulceration : n., gnojenje, n. 
ulcerous : adj., gnojav, -a, -o 
ultimate : adj., poslednji 
ultimatum : n., ultimatum, m. ; 

poslednji zahtev, m. 
ultra : adj., preteran, -a, -o, pro- 

komeran, -ma, -rno 
ultramarine : adj., prekomorski ; 

(colour) modra boja, f. 
ultramontane: adj., zaalpijski, 

umbilical : adj., pupSan, -a, -o ; 

cord, n., pupSano vrvce, n. 
umbrella : n., kisobran, m. ; Stit, 


unable : adj., nesposoban, -bna, 

-bno ; to be , v., ne moci 

unaccustomed : adj., nenaviknut, 

neobiSan, -dna, -Sno 
unacquainted : adj., nepoznat 
unadulterated : adj., nepokva- 


unalterable: adj., nepomenjiv 
unanimity : n., jednoglasnost, 

jednoduSnost, f. 
unanimous : adj., jednoglasan, 

-sna, -sno 
unarmed : adj., neoboruzan, -zna, 

unashamed : adj., besraman, -mna, 


unaware : adj., nepazljiv 
unawares : adv., iznenada 
unbearable : adj., canjav, -a, -o, 

nesnosan, -sna, -sno 
unbecoming : adj., nepristojan, 
-jna, -jno 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij a.s li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as to in cats ; & as alt in shout. 




unbeknown to me : bez mojega 


unbelief : n., 
verenje, n. 

neverovanje, nepo- 

unbelieving : adj., bezveran, -rna, 

unbroken: adj.,nerazbijen,neslom- 


unbutton : v., otkopSati 
uncertain : adj., neizvestan, -tna, 

-tno, nesiguran, -rna, -rno 
uncertainty : n., nesigurnost, f. 
unchangeable : adj., nepromenljiv 
unchangeableness : n., nepromen- 

Ijivost, f. 

unchanged : adj., nepromenjen 
uncharitable : adj., nemilosrdan, 

-dna, -dno 

uncivilized : adj., neizobraien 
uncle : n., (father's brother), 6iko, 

6ika, cica, m. ; stric, strike, m. ; 

(mother's brother) ujak, uja, ujko, 

m. ; (aunt's husband ) ttak, m. 
unclean : adj., necist, prljav, -a, -o 
uncleanliness : n., necistoca, prlja- 

vost, f. 
uncoloured : adj., nefarban, neo- 

bojen, bezbojan, -jna, -jno 
uncomfortable: adj., nezgodan, 

dna, -dno, neprijatan, neudoban 
uncommon : adj., neobi&m, -5na, 

-6no, redak, retka, -ko 
unconcern : n., ravnoduSnost, f. 
unconcerned : adj., ravnodusan, 

-Sna, -sno. bezbrizan, -zna, -zno 
unconquerable : adj., nepobedan, 

-dna, -dno 
unconscious : adj., nesvestan, -tna, 

-tno, bez svesti 

unconsciously : adj., neznajuci 
unconsciousness : n., nesvestica, 

nesvest, nevestnost, f. 
unconstitutional: adj., neustavan, 

-vna, -vno 

uncork : v., odfiepiti 
uncorrected : adj., nepopravljen 
uncountable : adj., nebrojeni 
uncover : v., otkriti ; one's 
head, skinuti iesir 

unction : n., pomazanje, n. 

uncut : adj., nerezan, nesecen 

undamaged : adj., nestecen, ne- 

undecided : adj., neodlucan, -Una., 

under: prep., pod (ace. and loc.), 
ispod (gen.) ; the boy is the 
tree, decak je pod drvetom ; 
throw it the bench, baci to 
pod klupu ; God, pod 
Bogom ; fire, u vatri : 

pain of death, pod kaznom 
smrti ; arms, pod oruzjem ; 
to be necessity, morati ; 

the name, pod imenom ; 
children four years, deca 
mladja od 6etiri godine ; age, 
maloletan, -tna, -tno ; one's 
breath, sasvim tiho 

under : adv., dolje, ispod, manje 
underage: adj., maloletan, -tna, 


underbred: adj.,neizobrazen 
underclothes : n., done,e haljine, 

f., pi. ; rublje, n. 
underdone : adj., premalo peCen 
underestimate : v., premalo ceniti 
underfoot : adv., pod nogama, pod 


underground : adj., podzemni 
undergrowth : n., Siblje, n. 
underhand : adv., ispod ruke, tajno, 

underneath : adv., dole, ozdo ; 

prep., pod (ace. and loc.), ispod 


underpay : v., slabo platiti 
understand : v., razumeti, razu- 

mevati ; that's understood, to se 

razume samo 
understanding : n., um, razum, 

m. ; (with anybody) sporazum, 

m. ; sloga, f. 
undertake: v.,preduzeti(-uzmem), 

uzeti na se (uzmem) 
'undertaker : n., preduzimac' po- 

greba, m. 
undertaking : n., preduzimanje, n. 

Pronounce : dj dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as nt in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; s as sh in shout. 




underwear : n., rublje, n. 
undeveloped : adj., nerazven 
undigested: adj., neprobavljen 
undignified : adj., bez dostojanstva 
undo : v., razvezati, odreiiti, 

undress : v., svudi se (svudem), 

skinuti se (-nem) 
undressed: adj., neobuden 
uneasy : adj., nemiran, -rna, -rno 
uneducated : adj., neizobrazen 
unemployed : adj., besposlen 
unequal : adj., nejednak, neravno- 

meran, -rna, -rno 

uneven : adj., neravan, -vna, -vno 
unexpected : adj., nenadan, -dna, 

-dno, neodekivan, -vna 
unfaithful: adj., nevaran, -rna, 

unfamiliar: adj., nepoznat, neo- 

bidan, -dna, -dno 
unfashionable: adj., Sto nije u 

unfasten : v., odvezati 

unfavourable : 
-dna, -dno 

adj., nezgodan, 

unfeeling : adj., bezdusan, -Sna.-sno 
unfit : adj., nesposoban, -bna, -bno 
unfold : v., razviti, rasiriti 
unfortunate : adj., nesredan, -dna, 

-6no, bedan, -dna, -dno 
unfriendly: adj., neprijatan, -tna, 

unfruitful : adj., neplodan, -dna, 


unfurnished: adj.,nenamesten 
ungodly : adj., bezbozan, -2na, 
ungrammatical : adj., negrama- 

tidan, -dna, -dno 
ungrateful : adj., neblagodaran, 

-rna, -rno, nezahvalan, -Ina, -Ino 
unhallowed : adj., neposveden 
unhappiness : n., nesreda, f. 
unhappy: adj., nesrecan, -dna, -dno 
unharmed: adj., ncostefcen 
unhealthiness : n., nezdravlje, n. ;. 

bolesljivost, f. 
unhealthy : adj., nezdrav, -a, -o, 

unholy : adj., bezbozan, -zna, -zno 
unhopeful : adj., bez nade 
unicorn : n., jednorog, m. 
uniform : n., uniforma, f. ; mundir, 

uniform : adj., jednolik, jednoli- 

dan, -dna, -dno 

uniformity : n., jednolikost, f. 
unify : v., ujediniti, sjediniti 
unimportance : n., nevaznost, f. 
unimportant : adj., nevazan, -ina, 

-zno, neznatan, -tna, -tno 
uninteresting: adj., nezanimljiv 
uninterrupted : adj., neprekidan 
union : n., ujedinjenje, n. ; sjedin 

jenje, n. ; sastav, savez, m. ; 

trades , n.,radnidko drustvo.n.; 

Union Jack, n., engleska narodna 

zastava, f. 
unique: adj.,jedin 
unison : n., saglasnost, f. 
unite : v., sjediniti, spojiti, sas- 

taviti, ujediniti, sloziti se, save- 

united : adj., ujediiijen, sjedinjen, 

slozan, -zna, -2no 
unitedly : adv., slozno, zajedno 
unity : n., sloga, jedinica, f. ; 

jedinstvo, n. ; sloznost, if. ; 

sjedinjenje, n. 
universal : adj., sveopsti, svestran, 

-a, -o, opdi 
universe : n., vasiona, f. ; svet, m. ; 

zemlja, f. 

university : n., sveudiliste, n. 
unjust : adj., neprav, nepravedan 
unkind : adj., nemilostiv, nedobar, 

-bra, -bro, neljubezni 
unkindness : n., neljubeznost, ne- 

milost, f. 

unknown : adj., nepoznat 
unlawful : adj., nezakonit 
unleavened bread : n., presan lob, 

m. ; presnica, f. 
unless : conj., ako ne, samo da ne, 

osim, osim da 

unlikelihood: n., neveroatnos', f. 
unlikely: adj., neveroatan, -tna, 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; iij as ni in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch iu loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 



unload : v., istovariti ; (rifle) 


unlock : v., otkljudati 
unlucky : adj., nesredan, -cna, -dno 
unmarried : adj., (girl) neudata ; 

(man) neoienjen 
unmerciful : adj., nemilostiv 
unmistakable : adj., odevidan, -dna, 

unmixed : adj., nepomesan, -na, 

unnatural : adj., neprirodan, -dna, 

unnecessary : adj., nepotreban, 

-bna, -bno 

unobservant : adj., nepazljiv 
unoccupied : adj., nezauzet, Slobo- 

unofficial : adj., nesluzben 
unopened : adj., neotvoren 
unpack : v., povaditi, razvezati 
unpaid : adj., nepladen, besplatan, 

-tna, -tno 
unparliamentary: adj., neparla- 

mentaran, -ma, -rno 
unpleasant: adj., neprijatan, -tna, 

-tno, neugodan, -dna, -dno 
unpopular : adj., nepopularan, 

-rna, -rno 
unprofitable: adj., nekoristan, -sna, 

unpropitious : adj., nepogodan, 

-dna, -dno 
unpunctual : adj., netodan, -Cna, 

unready : adj., nespreman, -rana, 

unreasonable : adj., bezuman, -mna, 


unrest : n., nemir, m. 
unsaddle : v., odsedlati 
unsafe : adj., nesiguran, -rna, -rno, 

opasan, -sna, -sno 
unsatisfactory : adj., nedostatan, 

-tna, -tno 
unsatisfied : adj., nezadovoljan, 

-jna, -jno 
unseemly : adj., nepristojan, -jna, 


unseen : adj., nevidjen 

unselfish : adj., nesebidan, -6na, 

unshaved : adj., neobrijan, -jna, 

unskilled : adj., nevest 

unslaked : adj., neugaSen 

unsound : adj., nezdrav, pokvaren 

unsteady: adj., nestalan, -baa, -Ino 

unsuccessful : adj., bezuspesan, 
-sna, -Sno 

untidiness : n., neurednost, f. 

untidy : adj., neuredan, -dna, -dno 

until : prep., do (gen.) ; conj., dok, 

untrue : adj., neiatinit, lazan, -ina, 

untruth : n., neistina, f. ; lai, m. 

unused : adj., neupotrebljen 

unusual : adj., neobidan, -dna, -dno 

unveij : v., otkriti 

unwell : adj., bolesljiv, slab 

unwholesome: adj., nezdrav, skod- 

unwilling : adj., nerad, protivan, 
-vna, -vno, preko srca 

unworthy: adj., nedostojan, -jna, 

unwounded : adj., neranjen 

up : prep., do (gen.), uz (ace.), na 
(ace. and loc.) ; stream, uz 
voduj hill, uz brdo ; till 
now, do sada ; the street, gore 
ulicom ; country, unutra u 
zemlju ; the tree, na drvo ; 
to London, u London 

up : adv., gore, u vis, visoko ; to 
get , ustati ; look , gledati 
gore ; there, onde gore ; he is 
not , on nije ustao ; the sun ia 
, sunce je izaslo ; from my 
youth , od moje mladosti ; 
to the chin, do brade ; hands ! 
ruke u vis ! 

uphill : adv., uzbrdo, uzgori 

upholsterer : n., tapetar, m. 

upon: pron., na (ace. and loc.) ; 

the table, na stolu ; the right 
hand, na desno ; put it on the 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as /' in million ; nj as m' in opinion ; 6, d, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as eh in shout. 




table, metni na stol ; that 

day, onoga dana ; once a time, 

jednom ; just fifty, skoro 

upper : adj., gornji, -ja, -je, visi ; 

deck, gornja paluba, f. 
uppermost : adj., najgornji, najvisi 
uproar : n., buna, f. 
upset : v., obrnuti, okrenuti, pre- 

vrnuti, preturiti 
upset: n.,prevrat, m. ; uzbudjenje, 

n. ; dosada, f . 
upsidedown : adv., dar mar, nao- 

pako, tumbe 
upstairs : adv., gore 
\ipstream : adv., uzvodu 
up-to-date : adj., moderan, -ma, 

-rno, danasnji, -ja, -je 
upwards : adv., gore, u vis, uzgora 
urban : adj., gradski, varoski 
urchin : n., deran, in. ; mom6i6, 

m. ; sea , n., morski je2, m. 
urge : v., goniti, terati 
urgency : n., hitnja, hitnost, pres- 

nost, f. 

urgent : adj., hi tan, -tna, -tno 
urgently : adv., hitno 
uric acid : n., mokra6na kiselina, f. 
urinal : n., pisoar, m. 
urinate : v., mokriti, puStati vodu, 


urine : n., rnokrada, f. 
urn : n., urna, f. ; pepeonik, m. ; 

sud za vodu 
us : pron., nas ; to , nama ; all 

of , mi avi 

usage : n., obicaj, m. ; upotreba, f. 
use : n., upotreba, f. ; upotreblja- 

vanje, n. ; korist, f. ; I have no 

for it, toga ne trebam ; of , 

koristan, -sna, -sno 
use : v., upotrebiti, sluiiti se ; 

up, potrositi 
used to : adj., navikao, -kla, -klo, 

proviknut ; to get to, privik- 

nuti se, naufiiti se ; - up, 

useful : adj., koristan, -sna, -sno, 

hasnovit, potreban 
useful, to be : v., koristiti, hasniti 
usefulness : n., korist, f. 
useless : adj., nekoristan, -tna, -tno 
usual : adj., obican, -cna, -6no 
usurer : n., zelenaS, kaisar, m. 
usurp : v., oteti (-tmem), nasilno 

usurpation : n., otimanje, n. ; 

nasilno prisvajanje, n. 
usurper : n., nasilnik, otimac, m. 
usury : n., veliki interes, m. 
utensil : n., sud, in. ; posudje, n. 
uterus : n., maternica, f. 
utility : n., korist, f. ; korisnost, f. 
utilize : v., upotrebiti korisno, 

koristiti se 
utmost : adj., najvedi, najvisi ; to 

do one's , 6initi to se god 

utter: adj., p'otpun, skrajnji 
utter : v., izjaviti, izre6i (-recem) 
utterly : adv., potpuno, posve, 



vacancy : n., praznina, praznoda, 

supljina, f. 
vacant : adj., prazan, -zna, -zno, 

supalj, nezauzet 
vacation : n., odmor, raspust, m. ; 

ferije, f., pi. 
vaccinate : v., pelcovati, kalamiti 

vacuous : adj., prazan, -zna, -zno 
vacuum : n., Supljina, praznina, . 
vagabond : n., skitnica, f. ; pro- 

bisvet, m. ; beskucnik, m. 
vagina : n., prohod materice, m. ; 

pi6ka, f. 
vagrancy : n., skitanje, n. 

vaccination : n., pelcovanje, kalam- 

Ijenje, n. 
vaccine : n., boginje, n. j 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
ju room ; li as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 

vain : adj., (conceited) ohol, gord ; 
(in ) uzaludan, -dna, -dno, 
prazan, -zna, -zno ; in , adv., 
uzalud, zabadava . 




valet : n., sluga, m. 

valiant: adj., hrabar, -bra, -bro, 

srSan, -a, -o 
valid : adj., valjan, -a, -o, debar, 

-bra, -bro, vredan, -dna, -dno 
validity : n., vrednost, jakost, 

zakonitost, f. 

valise : n., putnidka torba, f. 
valley : n., dolina, f. ; lily of the 

, n., djurdjevak, m. 
valour : n., hrabrost, srSanost, f. 
valuable : adj., dragocen, skupocen, 

skup, drag 

valuation : n., ocena, f. 
value . n., vrednost, cena, vainost, 

f. ; of no , bez vrednoati 
value : v., ceniti, oceniti, postovati 
valueless : adj., bez vrednosti 
valve : n., zaklopac, ventil, 6ep, m. 
vampire : n., vampir, m. 
van : n., diodiea, f. ; velika teretna 

kola, n., pi. 

vandal : n., vandal, m. 
vane : n., vetrenica, vetrokafca, f. 
vanguard : n., prednja vojska, f. 
vanish : tr., nestati (nestanem) 
vanity : n., gordost, oholost, f. ; 

(emptiness) tastina, niStavost, f. 
vanquish : v., pobediti 
vapour : n., para, magla, f. ; 

bath, n., parno kupatilo, n. 
vaporization : n., isparavanje, n. 
variable : adj., promenljiv, nes- 

talan, -Ina, -Ino 
varicose: adj., kvrgav ; vein,! 

n., oteCena krvnica, f. 
varied : adj., raznolik, raznovr- ! 

stan, -tna, -tno 
variety : n., raznovrsnost, 

razlifoiost, f. 

various : adj. ; v., varied 
varnish : v., lakirati, pokostiti 
varnish : n., lak, m. 
vary : v., menjati, promeniti 
varying : adj., promenljiv 
vase : n., sud, m. ; vaza, f. 
vast : adj., prostran, -a, -o, ogro- 

man, -mna, -mno, golem 
vat : n., kaca, f. ; kada, f. 

vault : n., vod, m. 

vaulted : adj., svodan, -dna, -dno, 


vaunt : v., hvaliti se, slaviti 
vaunter: n., hvalisa, hvalilac, m. 
veal : n., teletina, f. 
veer : v., okretati se, okrenuti se 
vegetable: adj., biljni, biljski ; 

kingdom, n., biljno carstvo, n. ; 

earth, n., crnica, f. 
vegetables : n., zelje, povrde, n. ; 

zelen, m. 
vegetation : n., rastenje, n. ; raz- 

vijanje, n. 

vehemence : n., iestina, f. 
vehement : adj., zestok, -a, -o, 


vehicle : n., kola, n., pi. 
vehicular: adj., kolni, kolski 
veil : n., veo (vela), m. ; pokrivalo, 

veil : v., pokriti, skriti ; to take 

the , zakaludjeriti 
vein: n., iila, vena, f. ; (stone )2ica, 

zila, f . 

veined : adj., zilav, -a, -o 
vellum : n., fina teleda koia, f. ; 

pergamenat, m. 
velocipede : n., velociped, m. 
velocity : n., brzina, f. ; initial , 

poSetna ; mean , srednja 

; final , konaCna 
velvet : n., kadifa, f . ; barSun, m. 
venal : adj., koji se prodaje, pro- 

dajan, -jna, -jno 
venality : n., prodajnost, f. 
vendor : n., prodavac, m. 
venemous : adj., otrovan, -vna, 

venerable: adj., Saeti, preSastan, 

-sna, -sno 

venerate : v., poStovati 
venereal : adj., veneridan, -Cnn, 

-Cno, sifilistican, -6na, -Cno 
vengeance : n., osveta, f. ; to 

take , v. osvetiti se 
venial : adj., oprostiv 
venison : n., meso od divljaCi, n. ; 

srnetina, f. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 4 as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as te in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 



venom : n., otrov, m. 

venomous : adj., otrovan, -vna, 

vent : n., otvor, m. ; rupa, f. ; 

rupa na buretu, f. 
ventilate : v., provetriti 
ventilation : n., ventilacija, . ; 

provetravanje, n. 
ventilator : n., ventilator, m. 
ventriloquist : n., koji govori iz 


venture : v., izloziti, opasnosti, 
poslati na sredu 
Venus : n., danica, f. 
veracity : n., istmitost, f. 
veranda : n., doksat, m. ; veranda, 


verb : n., glagol, m. 
verbal : adj., usmeni, doslovan, 

-vna, -vno, glagolski 
verbatim : adv., doslovno, od re6i 

do redi 
verdict : n., porotska izreka, f. ; 

pravorek, m. ; presuda, f. 
verdigris : n., bakrena rdja, f. 
verification : n., overavanje, ispiti- 

vanje, n. 
verify : v., ispitivati, pregledati, 


veritable: adj., istinit, pravi 
vermicelli : n., rezanci, m., pi. 
vermilion : adj., erven kao skerlet 
vermin : n., gad, m. (u5i, buhe 


veronica : n., Sestoslavica, f. 
verse : n., stih, m. 
version : n., prevod, m. ; proved- 

jenje, n.; tumaficnje, n. 
vertebral : adj., ki&neni, hrtenic'ni ; 

column, n., hrtenica, ki6ma, f. 
vertical: adj., upra van, -vna, -vno, 

vertikalan, -Ina, -Ino, okoinit 
vertigo : n., vrtoglavica, f. 
very : adv., vrlo, veoma ; best, 

adj., najbolji ; in the act, na 

samom 6inu 

vespers : n., ve6ernje, f., pi. 
vessel : n., sud, m. ; posuda, f. ; 

(ship) ladja, f. ; brod, m. 

Pronounce : dj, d4, as ,;' in James 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opin 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as 

vest : n., potkoSulja, f. 

vestibule : n., trem, m. ; predsoblje, 

veteran : n., veteran, stari ratnik, 

veterinary surgeon : n., veterinar, 


veto : n., zabrana, f. 
vex : v., rasrditi, ljutiti 
viaduct : n., most na svodove 
vibrate : v., treperiti, nihati se 
vibration : n., treperenje, n. 
vice : n., mana, f. ; pogreSka, f. ; 

porok, na. 

vice (tool) : mengele, n. ; tesak, m. 
vice-admiral : n., podadmiral, m. 
vice-chairman : n., podpredsednik, 

vice-chancellor : n., potkancelar, 

vice-consul : n., potkonsul, vice- 

konsul, na. 

vice-consulate: n.,vicekonsulat, m. 
viceroy : n., vicekralj, m. 
vice-versa : adv., obratno, obrnuto 
vicious : adj., porodan, -cna, -<5no 

razvratan, -tna, -tno, zao, zla, 


victim : n. , zrtva, f . 
victor : n., pobeditelj, pobedilac, m. 
victorious: adj., pobedan, -dna, 

-dno, pobedonosan, -sna, -sno 
victory : n., pobeda, f. 
victuals : n., hrana, f. ; ive2, m. 
view : n., vid, pogled, izgled, m., 

vidjenje, n. ; point of , n., 

glediite, n. ; in , na vidiku ; in 

of, s obzirom na ; on , mo2e 

se videti 

view : v., gledati, ogledati 
vigil : n., naveSe, nave6erje, prelo, 

vigilance : n., pa21jivost, neumor- 

nost, f. 
vigilant : adj., pazljiv, neumoran, 

-rna, -rno, budan, -dna, -dno 
vigorous: adj., snaian, -zna, -Zno, 

jak, silan, -Ina, -Ino 
vigour : n., snaga, jakost, sila, f. 

; 4 as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
\ion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in cats ; & as sh in shout. 




vile : adj., mrzak, mrska, -sko, 

rdjav, loS 

vileness : n., niskost, podlost, f. 
vilify : v., poniziti, oboriti, ruziti 
villa : n., vila, f. ; kuca na polj- 

skoni dobru 
village : n., selo, n. 
village : adj., seljafiki, seoski 
villager : n., seljak, seljanin, m. 
villain : n., zloeinac, lopov, m. 
rillainous : adj., nizak, -ska, -sko, 

zuzan. -zna, -zno 
vindication : n., branjenje, n. ; 

odbrana, f. 
vindictive man : n., zlopamtilo ; 

adj., osvetoljubiv 
vine : n., loza, f. 
vine-dresser : n., vinogradar, m. 
vinegar : n., ocat (osta), m. ; 

sirce, n. 

vineyard : n., vinograd, m. 
vintage : n., berba, f. 
violate : v., narusiti, pogaziti ; 

(rape) silovati 
violation: n., povreda, f. ; prestup, 

m. ; narusavanje, n. 
violence : n., sila, snaga, iestina, f. 
violent : adj., silan, -Ina, -Ino, zes- 

tok, jak 

violet : n., ljubi<5ica, ljubica, f. 
violet : adj., ljubidast 
violin : n., cemane, f., pi. ; Ser- 
bian , gusle, f., pi. ; gule 

player, n., guslar, m. 
viper : n., guja, f. 
virago : n., muskobana, f. ; mu- 

karaca, f. 

virgin : n., deva, nevina devojka, f. 
Virgin Mary : n., Bogorodica, f. 
virginal : adj., devojadki, Cist, 


virginity : n., devojastvo, fiistota, f. 
virile : adj., muSki, srdan, -a, -o 
virility : n., muska snaga, f. ; 

doraslost, f . 

virtue : n., vrlina, nevinost, f. 
virtuous : adj., vrli, posten, cist 
virulence : n., zloba, pakost, zestina, 


virulent : adj., otrovan, -vna, -vno, 

iestok, ljutit 

virus : n., otrovna klica, f. 
visa : n., sluzbena potvrda, f. 
vis-a-vis : adv., preko puta, jedan 

prema drugom 
viscera : n., utroba, f. 
visibility : n., vidljivost, f. 
visible: adj., vidljiv, jasan, -sna, 

vision: n., (sight) vidjenje, poa- 

matranje, n. ; (ghost) utvara, 

f. ; pri vidjenje, n. 
visit : n., poseta, f. ; vizita, f. 
visit : v., posetiti, pohoditi 
Visitation : n., Sretenije, n. ; Poho- 

djenje blazene device Marije, n. 
visiting : n., posecivanje, n. ; 

card, n., posetnica, f. 
visitor : n., posetilac, m. 
visual : adj., vidni 
vital : adj., iivotni ; (important) 

vitality : n., iivotna snaga, zila- 

vost, f. 

vitally : adv., iivotno, smrtno 
vitriol : n., vitriol, m. ; galica, f. 

ziv, dugove&m, 


vivacious : adj., 

-cna, -6no 
vivacity : n., zestina, 

vatrenost , f . 
viva voce : adv., usmeno 
vivid : adj., ziv, jasan, -sna, -sno 
vivisection : n., paranje iivih 


vixen : n., lisica, f. 
vocabulary : n., reCnik, m. 
vocal ; n., glasni, glasovan, -vna, 

vocation : 


vocative : n., peti padez, m. 
vogue : n., moda, slava, f. 
voice : n., glas, m. 
void: adj.,prazan, -zna, -zno 
void : n., praznina, f. 
volatile : adj., koji leti, koji lako 

volcano : n., vulkan, m. 

n., poziv, m. ; sklonost, 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in J/OM ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




volley : n., paljba, f. ; pucanje, n. 
volume : n., (book) deo (dela), m. ; 

(size) sveska masa, veliCina, f. 
voluntary : adj., dobrovoljan, -jna, 

jno, svojevoljan 
volunteer : n., dobrovoljac, m. 
voluptuary : n., razbludnik, ras- 

kosni Covek 
voluptuous : adj., sladostrasan, 

-sna, -sno, raskosau, -.-,na, -Sao, 

voluptuousness : n., slast, pohot- 

Ijivost, f. ; rasko, ni. ; raz- 

bluda, f. 
vomit : v., bljuvati, povra6ati, 

vomit : n., bljuvanje, povradanje, n. 

vote : n., glsanje, n. ; glas, m. 
vote : v., glasati, izglasati, glasovati 
voter : n., izbornik, glasovalac, m. 
vow : v., posvetiti, svefiano obe6ati 
vow : n., zavet, m. ; zakletva, f. 
vowel : n., samoglasnik, hi. 
voyage : n., putovanje morem, n. ; 

plovidba, f. 

voyager : n., putnik, m. 
vulcanize : v., vulkanizovati 
vulgar : adj., prostaCki, obifian, 

-cna, -cno, nizak, niska, -sko 
vulgarity : n., prostota, f. ; pros- 

tatvo, n. 
vulnerable : adj., koji se moze 

vulture : n., jastreb, skanj, in. 


wad : n., ep, m. 

wadding : n., vata, f. ; pamuk, m. 
wade : v., gacati, (-earn), gaziti 
waders : n., visoke ribarske cizme, 

f., pi. 

wafer : n., kockasti kola6, m. 
wag : n., vragolan, m. 
wage : n., zalog, m. ; wages, n., 

plata, f. ; placa, f. ; nagrada, f. 
wager : n., opklada, obloga, f. 
wager : v., kladiti se, opkladiti se 
wagon : n., kola, h., pi. ; teretna 

kola, n., pi. ; vagon, m. 
wagoner : n., kolar, m. 
wail : v., kukati, jaukati (jauSem), 


waist : n., stas, struk, m. 
waist-band : n., pojas, m. 
waistcoat : n., prsluk, jelek, dzam- 

adan, in. 
wait : v., Sekati, cajati (6ajem) ; 

at table, dvoriti kod stola ; on, 

dvoriti, posluzivati 
waiter : n., kelner, momak, m. ; 

momde, n. 
waiting : n., c'ekanje, n. ; (service) 

posluga, f. ; gentleman-in , 

komornik, m. ; room, n., 

6ekaonica, f. 

wake : v., probuditi se, probuditi 
wakeful : adj., budan, -dna, -dno, 

walk : v., i6i (idem) hoditi, peSaditi, 

fietati ; back, vracati se ; 

by, prolaziti mimo ; down, 
silaziti ; in, ulaziti ; off, 

walk : n., hod, m. ; Setanje, n. ; 

Setnja, f. 
walker : n., pesac, peak, Setalac, 


walking : n., Setanje, hodjenje, n. 
walking: adj., pea6ki 
walking : adv., peSke, pese 
walking-stick : n., palica, f. ; tap, 

wall : n., zid, duvar, bodem, m. ; 

v., to in, uzidati, ograditi zi- 

dom ; up, zazidati 
wallet : n., torbica, torba, f. 
wallflower : n., seboj, sebenik, 

walnut : n., orah, rn. ; (wood) 

orahovina, f. 
wander : v., lutati, skitati, puto- 

wanderer : n., putiiik, m., skitnica, 


Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, c, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




want : v., trebovati (-bujem), tre- 

bati, hoteti, hteti (hocu), ne 

imati ; I help, trebam pomo6i ; 

what do you T Ito zelite ? 

( advertisements ) ' ' wanted, ' ' 

trazi se . . . 
war : n., rat, m. ; ratovanje, n. ; 

vojna, f. ; seat of , ratiste, n. ; 

man-of- , n. ; ratna ladja, f. 
war : v., to be at with, ratovati 

sa ; to make , ratovati 
war : adj., ratni ; Office, n. ; 

ministarstvo vojno, n. 
ward : n., (child) rnaloletnik, 

sti6enik, m. ; (hospital) soba, f. ; 

(in a town) gradski kotar, m. 
ward : v., Stititi, zastiti, Suvati ; 

off, odbraniti, saduvati ; keep 

over, straziti 

warder : n., strazar, apsandiija, m. 
wardrobe : n., orraan, m. ; skrinja, 


wares : n., stvari, f., pi. ; roba, f. 
warehouse : n., skladiste, stovariste, 


warlike : adj., ratniiki, ratoborni 
warm : adj., topal, -pla, -plo, vruc ; 

I am , toplo mi je ; recep. 

tion, prijateljski dodek, m. 
warm : v., grejati (grejem), toph'ti ; 

oneself, grejati se 
warmhearted : adj., srdacan, -cna, 


warmheartedness : n., srdad-nost, f. 
warmness : n., 

vrucina, f. 
warn : v., javiti, izvestiti, opome- 

warning: n.,izvesce, n- ; opomena, 

f. ; objava, f. 
warrant : n., dopust, f. ; ovlaS- 

cenje, n. ; punovlast, f. 
warrior : n., vojnik, bojnik, m. 
wart : n., bradavica, f. 
wash : v., (clothes) prati (perem) ; 

(oneself), umiti se (umijem) 

umivati ; (clean) odistiti ; (paint) 

obojiti ; out, v., brisati 


toplina, toplota, 

wash : n., (washing) pranje, n. ; 
basin, n., umivaonica, f. ; 
house, n., perionica, f. ; -stand, 

n., umivaonik, m. ; tub, n., 


washerwoman : n.,pralja, pralica.f. 

wasp : n., osica, zolja, f. 

wastage : n., rasipanje, prosipanje, 

waste : v., rasipati, rasuti, troiiti, 
potroSiti ; time, gubiti vreme ; 
away, opadati, istrositi se 

waste : adj., pust, zapusten, bez 
vrednosti ; to lay , opustiti 

waste : n., rasipanje, n. ; gubitak, 

m. ; cotton , n., otpaci od 


wasteful : adj., rasipan, -pna, -pno, 
stetan, -tna, -tno 

wastefulness : n., rasipnost, f. 

watch : n., (pocket), dzepni sat, m. ; 
my has stopped, stao mijesat 
my is fast, moj sat ide napred ; 
my is slow, moj sat zaostaje 

watch : n., (look out) straza, stra- 
iara, f . ; to keep n, paziti na 
Sto ; be upon the , biti na 
strazi ; relieve the , promeniti 
strazu ; for, ocekivati ; 

over, uvati, straziti ; house, 

n., straiara, f. ; tower n., 

strazarska kula, karaula, f. 

watchful : adj., pazljiv oprezan, 
-zna, -zno 

watchmaker : n., dasovnicar, saj- 
diija, ra. 

watchman : n., strazar, pandur, m. 

water : n., voda, f. ; drinking , 
pijaca voda, f. ; hot , vruda 
voda, f . ; medicinal , kisela 
voda, f. ; mineral , mineralna 
voda, f. ; running , tekuca 
voda, f . ; salt , slana voda, f . ; 
sea , morska voda, f . ; stag- 
nant , leieca voda, f. 

water : v., zalivati ; the waters are 
out, velike su vode 

water, to pass : v., mokriti, buriti, 

Pronounce : dj , di, as j in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h a ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as sh in shout. 




water-bottle : n., Suturica, f. 
water-closet : n., nuznik, zahod, in. ; 

to go to the w.o., i6i na polje; 

for ladies, za gospodje ; for men 

za gospodu 

watered : adj., zaliven, natoplen 
waterfall : n., vodopad, m. 
wateriness : n., vodenost, f. 
watering : n., zalivanje 
watering-place : n., kupaliSte, n. ; 

banja, f. 

water-jug : n., testija, f. 
waterless : adj., bezvodan, -dna, 


waterman : n., ladjar, vodar, m. 
watermark : n., vodeni znak, m. 
water melon : n., lubenica, f. 
water pipe : n., Sunak, m. 
water mill : n., vodenica, . 
waterproof : adj., nepromoSan, 

-cna, -6110, n. ; makin, in. ; 

makintos, m. 

watershed : n., razvodnica, f. 
waterwheel : n., vodeno kolo, n. 
waterworks : n., vodovod, in. 
watery : adj., vodeni 
wave : n., talas, val, m. 
wave : v., pokrenuti, potresiti 
wax : n., vosak, m. ; sealing- , 

n., pecatni vosak, m. ; candle, 

n., voStanica, f. ; adj., vostan, 

-a, -o, voSten ; to , v., uvostiti 
wax : v., (grow) rasti (-stem) ; 

greater, povecati se ; old, 

stareti ; pale, pobledeti 

way : n., (road) put, drum, m. ; 

(means) sredstvo, n. ; (forward 

movement) napredovanje, n. ; 

on the , na putu, u putu ; over 

the , preko puta, naprema ; 

all the , celim putem ; half , 

na pola puta ; a little , malo ; 

in, ulaz, ulazak (-ska), m. ; 

out, izlaz, izlazak(-ska), odlazak, 

m. ; to get under , v., otploviti; 

ship's , n., put, m., plovljenje ; 

this , ovuda ; that , onuda ; 

all ways, svuda, posvud ; an- 

other , drugdje, druguda ; 
the best will be, najbolje 
6e biti ; in this , na ovaj 
naCin ; which ? kako ? na 
koji nacin ? no , nikako ; by 
of example, na (kao) primer; 
to be in the , smetati, biti na 

wayfarer : n., putnik, m. 

we : pron., mi 

weak : adj., slab, nemo6an, -<5na, 
-ono ; minded, slabouman 
-mna, -mno 

weaken : v., slabiti, oslabiti 

weakling : n., slabi6, m. 

weakly : adv., slabo 

weakness : n., slabost, slaboda, 
nemoc, f. 

wealth : n., bogatsvo, n. 

wealthy : adj., bogat, -a, -o 

wean : v., odbiti (-bijem) dete 

weapon : n., oruzje, n. 

wear : (clothes), v., nositi, imati 
na sebi ; away, istrositi ; 
out (clothes), habati, uhabati 

weariness : n., umor, m. ; umor- 
nost, f. 

weary : adj., umoran, -rna, -rno, 
dosadan, -dna, -dno 

weary : v., umoriti, dosaditi ; 
(oneself) umoriti se 

weasel : n., lasica, f. 

weather : n., vreme (vremena), n. ; 
fair , n., lepo vreme, n. ; 
pogoda, f. ; stormy , n., oluja, 
nepogoda. f. 

weave : v., tkati .(tk6em), plasti 

weaver : n., tkalac, tka6, m. 

weaving : n., tkanje, n. 

wed : v., (man) ieniti se ; (girl) 
udati se 

wedding : n., svadba, ienidba, f. ; 
svatovi, m., pi. ; silver , sre- 
brna svadba, f. ; golden , 
zlatna svadba, f. ; feast, n., 
svadbena gozba, f. ; tour, n., 
svadbeni put, m. ; io be at a , 
v., svatovati ; guest, n.,svat,m. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as j in James ; Z as s in im.ixure : j as / in yon : 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 8, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in oats ; as sh in shout. 




wedding : adj., svadbeni, -na, -no i well-armed : adj., dobro oboruian, 

wedge : n., klin, m. -zna, -zno 

Wednesday : n., sreda, f. ; Ash j well-born : adj., blagorodan, -dna, 

, n., cist a sreda, f. -dno 

weed : n., korov, in. well-bred : adj., pristojan, -jna, 

week : n., nedelja, f. ; sedmica, f. ; -jno 

this day , danas osarn dana, | well-contented : adj., zadovoljan, 

za nedelju dana ; yesterday , | -jna, -jno 

jucer je proslo osam dana ; j well head : n., vrelo, n. ; izvor, m. 

day, n., radni dan, m. ; Easter ' well-known : adj., dobro poznat, 

, n., svetla nedelja, f. ; Holy | -a, -o 

, n., velika (strasna), nedelja, 
f. ; weekly, adv., nedelju, 
nedeljno ; weekly, adj., nedeljni, 

weep : v., plakati (placem) ; 
for, zaliti za, tugovati ; for joy, 

well-nigh : adv., gotovo, skoro, 

malo ne 
west : n., zapad, na. ; in the , 

adv., zapadno, na zapadu 
western : adj., zapadni, -na, -no 
wet : adj., raokar, -kra, -kro, vlazan, 

plakati od veselja ; inclined ! -zna, -zno ; through, mokar 

to , adj., plaSkav, placljiv krozi kroz 

weeping: adj., pla&evan, -vna, wet : n., vlaga, vlaznost, f . ; 

-vno, zalosni (weather) kiSovito vreme, n. 

weeping : n., placl, m. i whale : n., kit, m. 

weeping-willow : n., zalosnavrba, f. wharf : n., kej, m. ; brodarnica, f. ; 
weigh : v., meriti, izmeriti, vagnuti pristaniSto. n. 

(vagnem) ; anchor, v., dignuti i what : pron., ato ? kako ? koliko ? 

weighing-machine : n., terazije, f., ] 

pi. : vaga, f. 
weight : n., tezina, f. ; teza, . ; 

mera, f. ; (heavy) teret, m. 
weightiness : n., tezina, vaznost, f. 
weighty : adj., tezak, -ska, -sko ; 

(important) vazan, -zna, -ino 
welcome : adj., dobrodosao, -sla, 

welcome : v., docekati, pozdraviti 

koga dobrodoslicom 
welcome : n., dobrodoslica, f. ; 

srdacan docek, m. 
well : n., studenac, bunar. kladenac, 

m. ; water, n., studenica 
well : adj., zdrav, dobar, -bra, 

-bro ; he is , zdrav je, dobro 

mu je ; to get , v., ozdraveti, 

oporaviti se ; all will be , sve 

koji ? koja ? koje ? kakav, -kva, 
-kvo ? sto, neSto ; are you ? 
Sto ste vi ? are you thinking 
of ? na Sto mislite ? is it ? 
to je to T is that called ? kako 
se to zove ? a fool ! kakva 
budala ! 

wheat : n., p.senica, f. ; flour, 

n., pseniCno brasno, m. 

wheel: n., tocak (-Ska), ra. ; kolo, 
n. ; potter's , n., loncarsko 
kolo, n. ; barrow, n., kolica, 
f. ; wright, n., kolar, m. 

wheeze : v., tesko disati 

when : adv., kad, kada ; since , 
od kada, otkad ; young, u 
svojoj mladosti 

whence : adv., odakle, okle, otkuda 

whenever : adv., kadgod, yaki put 


ce biti dobro ; he is off, dobro j where : adv., gde ; to, kad, 'tut) 
mu je ; as as, tako dobro kao i where from : odakle 
well : adv., dobro ; then ! hajde, wherein : adv., u cemu 
dobro ! to do , dobro raditi ' wherever : adv., svuda gde 

Pronounce : dj, d, as j in James ; i as 8 in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as U in million ; nj as m in opinion ; c, c, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as to in cats ; as ah in shout. 




whether: conj., da li 
whey : n., surutka, f. 
which : pron., koji, koja, koje ; 

way ? kojim putem ? 
whichever : pron., kogod, to god 
while : n., vreme, n. ; a after, 

posle malo vremena ; a great , 

vrlo dugo ; a little ago, malo 

pre ; in the mean , medjutim ; 

for a , neko vreme 
while: conj., dok, dokbe 
while: v., away (time), provo- 

diti vreme 
whilst : conj., dok 
whip : n., bi6, m. ; kamd/.ija, f. 
whip : v., biti, sibati, istuci, bi<$e- 

vati (-Sujem) ; (eggs) budkati, 


whisper: v., aptati, aputati 
whisper : n., saptanje, n. ; sapat, m. 
whisperer : n., 5apta6, m. 
whistle : n., zvizdaljka, pistaljka, 

f. ; sviraljka, f. 

whistle : v., zvizdati, fijukati 
whistler : n., zvizdac, svira6, m. 
white : adj., beo, bela, belo, bled ; 

of egg, n., belance, n. 
whiten : v., beliti 

whiteness : n., beloca, belina, f. ( 
whitewash : v., krediti, obelld, 

Whitsunday : n., Duhovi, m., pi. ; 

Sveta Trojica, f. ; Trojice, f., pi. 
who : pron., ko, koji, -ja, -je ; 

goes there ? ko ide ? 
whoever : pron., kogod, kojigod 
whole : adj., ceo, cela, -lo, Citav, -a, 

-o, vas (sav), sva, sve 
whole : n., ceo, n. ; celina, f. ; 

celost, f. 
wholesale : n., trgovina na veliko, 

na mnogo 
wholesome : adj., zdrav, koristan, 

-tna, -tno 

wholly : adv., sasvim, potpuno 
whom : pron., koga, komu 
whoop : n., vika, huka, f. 
whooping-cough : n., veliki kasalj, 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opin 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as ts 

whore : n., bludnica, kurva, f. 

whortleberry : n., borovnica, f. 

whose : pron., <5iji, -ja, -je 

why : adv., zato, 6emu ; not, 
zaSto ne 

wick : n., stenjak, fitilj, m. 

wicked : adj., zao, zla, zlo, zlobaii, 
rdjav, -a, -o 

wickedness : n., zloba, bezboznost, 

wicker : adj., pleten od vrbova 

wide : adj., Sirok, -a, -o ; far and 
, adv., nadaleko ; adv., daleko, 
Sirom ; open, sirom otvoren ; 
apart, daleko jedno od dru- 
goga ; awake, sasvim budan 

widen : v., iiriti, raSiritt 

widow : n., udovica, f. 

widowed : adj., udov, -a, -o 

widower : n., udovac (-vca), m. 

width : n., sirina, daljina, f. 

wife : n., zena, supruga, f. 

wifely : adj., 2enski, kao zena 

wig : n., vlasulja, baroka, paroka, f. 

wild : adj., divlji, divljaCan, -6na, 
-fino ; (country) pust ; beast, 
n., divlja zver, f. ; man, n., 
divljak, m. ; boar, n., divlja 
svinja, f. ; duck, n., divlja 
patka, . 

wilderness : n., pustos, m. ; pus- 
tin j a, f. 

wilful : adj., hotimiSan, -6na, -8no 

wilfulness : n., hotimicnost, f. 

will : n., volja, voljnost, ?.elja, f. ; 
(last) testainenat, in. ; poslednja 
volja, f. ; it is my , ja hocu ; 
by God's , po volji Bozjoj ; free 
, slobodna volja, f. 

will : v., hteti (ho6u, hodes), zeleti 

willing: adj., voljan, -jna, -jnn, 
hodak, -6ka, -6ko, dobrovoljan, 
-jna, -jno 

willow : n., Trba, f. ; weeping , 
zalosna vrba, f . 

wily : adj., lukav, -a, -o 

win: v., (victory) pobediti ; (game) 
nadigrati; (receive), dobiti 

; z as * in measure : j as y in you ; 
ion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in cats ; 8 as sh in shout. 




winch : n., vitao, 6ekrk, m. 

wind : n., vetar, m. ; high , jak 

vetar, m. ; shifting winds, pro- 

menljivi vetrovi, m., pi. ; fair , 

zgodan votar, m. 
wind : v., viti (vijem), sukati 

(su6em), okrenuti ; ( upjnaviti; 

( a company) zakljuciti 
wind : n., zavoj, okret, m. ; up, 

n., svrsetak, zakljucak, bankrot, 

window : n., prozor, pendier, m. ; 

frame, n., cer&vo, n. ; oplata, 
f. ; pane, n., okno, staklo, n. ; 

shutter : n., kapak, m. ; 
sill, n., prozorni prag, m. 

windward : adv., prema vetru 
windy : adj., vetrovit, vetrni 
wine : n., vino, n. ; bottle, n., 

boca za vino, f. ; cask, n., 

vinsko bure, n. ; merchant, 

n., vinar, m. ; shop, n., vin- 

arnica, f. ; white, red , belo, 

wing : n., krilo, n. ; strana, f. ; to 

take , v., leteti, poletiti 
wink : v., zmiriti, magnuti (mag- 

nem), migati 
wink : n., mig, m. ; miganje, n. ; 

zmirenje, n. 

winner : n., he is the , on je dobio 
winnow : v., vejati, vijati 
winnowing : n., vijanje, n. 
winter: n.,zima,f. ; in the , adv., 

zimi, zimus ; adj., zimski ; in the 

depth of , usred zime 
winter : v., prezimiti, zimovati 
winter quarters : n., zimoviste, n. 
wipe : v.,brisati,nbrisati(ubrisem) 
wire : n., zica, f. ; fence, n., 

plot odzice, m. ; rope, n., 

uze od zice, n. 
wisdom : n., mudrost, f. ; pamet, 


wise : adj., mudar, -dra, 
pametan, -tna, -tno, vest 

wise, in no : adv., nikako, niposto ; 
in any , svakako ; n., nacin, in. 

wish : v., zeliti, hoteti, hteti (hocu) 

wish : n., zelja, volja, f. ; pozdrav 

m. ; with best wishes, sa srdad- 

nim pozdravom 
wishing : adj., zeljan, -jna, -jno, 

pozudan, -dna, -dno 
wit : n,, oStroumlje, n. ; razuin, 

um, m. ; dosetka, f. 
witch : n., vestica, madjionica, f. 
witchcraft : n., vradanje, n. ; vra- 

carija, f. 
with: prep.,s,sa(inst.), kod (gen.); 

all my heart, sa svim srcem ; 

the father, sa ocem ; a boy 

beautiful eyes, decak lepih 
ociju ; his own hand, svojom 
rukom ; to write a pen, pisati 
perom , angry , srdit na ; 
to weep joy, plakati ogveselja ; 
what's the matter you ? to 
vam je ? Sta imas ? 

withdraw : v., povuci natrag, poz- 
vati natrag, odvratiti od 

wither : v., osusiti se, uvenuti 

withers : n., greben, m. ; sija, f. 

withhold: v., zadrzati (-zim) 

within : prep., u, za ; adv., unutra ; 

reach, pri ruci ; from , 

without: prep., bez (gen.), van, 
izvan (gen. ) ; doors, izvan 
ku<5e ; a father, bez oca ; 
ceasing, adj.. neprestan, -a, -o ; 

regard to, bez obzira na 
svithout : adv., van, na polju, 

izvana ; conj., osim ako 
witness : n., svedocanstvo, n. ; 

svedodzba, f. ; (person) svedok, 

m. ; to bear , v., svedociti, 


witticism : n., dosetka, f. 
wittingly: adv., hotice, hotimice 
woe : n., jad, bol, m. ; tuga, f. 
woful : adj., zalostan, -tna, -tno 
wolf : n., kurjak, vuk, m. ; vucica, 


woman : n., iena ; old , baba, f. 
womanly : adj., zenski 
womb : n., mat erica, utroba, f. 

Pronounce : dj, di, as / in James ; z as in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as is in cats ; 6 as sh in shout. 


264 [wri 

wonder : v., cuditi se 

wonder : n., 6udo, 6udjenje, div- 
Ijenje, n. ; for a , dudnovato 

wonderful : adj., 6udnovat, -a, -o, 
Sudan, -dna, -dno 

wood : n., drvo, n. ; drva, n., pi. ; 
(forest) uma, f. ; adj., of the 

woods, Sumski ; carving, n., 

drvorezba, f. ; -cock, n., 

sljuka, f. ; cutter, n., drvar, 

m. ; merchant, n., trgovac 
drvima, m. 

wooded : adj., Sumovit 

wooden : adj., drven, -a, -o, 

wool : n., vuna, f. ; vunica, f. 

woollen : adj., vunen, od vune ; 

goods, vunena roba, f. 
word : n., rec, f. ; (promise) obe6- 

anje, n. ; in a , jodnom recju ; 

for , rec po rec ; of 
honour, potena rec ; a man of 
his , 6ovek od reSi ; to keep 
one's , odrzati svoju re<5 ; to 
send , obavestiti, javiti 

work: n., posao (-sla), rad, m.; 
radja, f. ; rabota, f. ; radnja, f. ; 
(book) delo, n. ; works, n., fa- 
brika, tvornica, f. ; good works, 
dobra dela, n., pi. ; to be out of 
, biti bez posla 

work : v., raditi, truditi se, muciti 
se, delati; (wine) vreti (vrim) ; 

by the day, na nadnicu ; piece- 
, na parfie 

worker : n., radnik, poslenik, m. 
working : adj., radni, tezatni 
workman : n., radnik, rabotnik, 

rabotas, m. 

workshop : n., radionica 
workwoman : n., radnica, f. 
world : n., svet. m. ; (people) ljudi, 

m., pi. ; narod, m. 
worldly : adj., svetski, svetovni, 

worm : n., crv, m. ; crvi6, m. ; 

eaten, adj., crvljiv, crvotocan, 

worry : v., (bore) dosadjivati, 
dosaditi ; ( over) brinuti se 
(-mm); ( oneself) sekirati 
se ; (ill-treat.) mufiiti 

n., briga, muka, f. ; trud, 

worry : 

worse : 

gore ; 

gore : 

adj., gori, -ra, -re ; adv., 
and , sve gore i 
all the , tim gore ; he is 
, gore mu je ; from bad to 
, od zla na gore 

worship: n., postovanje, obozavanje, 
n. ; of God, potovanje Boga, 
n. ; Your , vaa prefasnot, 
f. ; religious , sluzba Bozja, f. 

worshipper: n., potovatelj, m. 

worst: adj., najgori; adv., najgore 

worth : adj., vredan, -dna, -dno, 
dostojan, -jna, -jno ; it is 
while, vredno je potruditi se 

worth : n., vrednost, cena, val- 
janost, f. 

worth, to be : v., valjati 

worthiness : n., dostojanstvo, n. 

worthless : bez vrednosti, nevaljan, 
-a, -o 

worthy : adj., dostojan, -jna, -jno, 
Sasti, vredan, -dna, -dno 

wound : n., ran a, ranica, f. ; (in- 
sult) uvreda, f. 

wound : v., raniti ; (insult) uvre- 

wounded : adj., ran j en 

wrap up : v., zaviti, uviti, umotati 

wrath : n., ljutina, jarost, f. 

wrathful : adj., srdit, ljut 

wreak : v., osvetiti 

wreath : n., venae, m. 

wreck : n., brodolom, m. ; razbijen 
brod, m. ; v., razbiti, upropastiti 

wrestle : v., hrvati se, boriti se 

wrestler : n., hrvac, borac, in. 

wretch : n., jadnik, nesrecnik, m. 

wretched : adj., bedan, -dna, -dno, 

wretchedness : n., beda, nesreca, f. 

wrinkle : n., bora, f. ; nabog, m. 

6no wrinkle : v., nabrati, narozati 

wormwood : n., pelin, m. wrist : n., rucni zglob, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; i as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in /oc/t ; c as is in cat* ; as /i in shout. 




wristband : n., manseta, f. ; naru- 

kavljc, n. 

writ : n., poziv, sudbeni nalog, m. 
write : v., pisati (pisem), napisati, 


writer : n., pisac, pisalac, pisar, ra. 
writing : n., pisanje, n. ; pismo, 

n. ; adj., pisaci, -ca, -ce 
written : adj., pisraen, -a, -o 
wrong : adj., kriv, neprav, pogre- 

san ; -Sna, -sno, lazan, -zna, 

-ino ; to be , v. f ne iraati 
pravo ; to do , v., uciniti 
krivo, nepravdu, Stetu ; to go , 
v., pogresiti 
wrong : n., nepravda, f. ; nepravo. 

n. ; osteta, f. ; doing, n., 

zloein, m. ; zlo delo, n. ; doer, 

n., zlocinac, m. 

wrongly : adv., krivo, nepravo 
wrongful : adj., neprav edan, -dna, 


X-rays : n., rontgenove zrake, f., pU 


yacht : n., jahta, f. 

yard : n., dvor, m. ; dvoriste, n. ; 

avlija, f. ; engleska niera, f. ; '91 


yawn : v., zevati, zjapiti 
yawn : n., zevanje, n. 
ye : pron., vi, vas 
year : n., godina, f. ; godiste, leto, 

n. ; every , svake godine ; 

every other , svake druge 

godine ; once a , jednom u 

godini ; all the round, celn 

godinu ; new , n., nova godina, f. 
yearly : adj. and adv., godi&nji, 

svake godine 
yearn : v., fudeti, zeleti 
yeast : n., kvasac, kva, m. 
yell : v., urlati, jaukati, vristati 
yell : n., urlanje, n. ; krika, f. 
yellow : adj., zut 
yellowness : n., zutina, zutost, f. 
yes : adv., jest, da 
yesterday : adv., jue, juSer, ; the 

day before , prekojucer ; adj., 

jucerasnji, -ja, -je 
yet : adv., jos, joste, sada jos, 

do sada ; not , jos ne 

yew : n., tis, ra. ; tisa, f. 

yield : v., (produce) proizvoditi, 

davati, nositi ; (give way), 

ustupiti, popustiti 
yoke : n., jaram, m. ; igo, n. ; v., 


yokel : n., seljak, m. 
yolk : n., zumance, n. 
yonder : adv., onde, preko 
you : pron., ti, vi, tebe vas 
young : adj., mlad, mladicski ; 

lady, n., gospodjica, f. ; man, 

n., mladic, mladenac. ra. ; n., 

of animal, mladunac, m. ; 

mladunce, n. 
youngster : n., morncic, decak, 

your : pron., vaS, -a, -e, vaSi 

tvoj, -a, -e, tvoji 

yourself : pron., ti sam, vi sarai 
youth : n., mladost, f. ; (boy) 

mladid, momak (voc. momce), m. ; 

in the prime of , u cvetu mla- 


youthful : adj., mlad 
Yule : n., Boii6, m. 
Yule log : n., badnjak, m. 


zeal : n., marljivost, revnost, f. 
zealous : adj., marljiv, revnostan, 

zenith : n., zenit, m. ; vrhunac, m. 
zephyr : n., zapadni vetar, m. 
zero : n., nula, f., niSta 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James : z as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as It in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u aa 00 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c a* ts in cats ; as eh in shout. 



zigzag : n., cikcak, in. 
zinc : n., cink, cinak, m. ; tutija, f. 
zone : n., zona, f. ; pojas, m. ; 
pruga, f. 

zoological: adj., zooloski 
zoological garden : n., zooloska 

basta, f. ; zverinjak, m. 
zoology : n., zoologija, f. 


Alexander : Aleksandar, Aleksa, m. 
Andrew : Andrija, m. 
Anna : Ana, Anka, f. 
Barbara : Varvara, f. 
Basil : Vasilije, Vaso, m. 
Charles : Dragutin 
Christian : Krsto, Risto, m. 
Constantino : Konstantin.Kosto, m. 
Cyril : Cirilo m. 
Daniel : Danilo, m. 
Demetrius : Mitar, Mito, m. 
Dominic : Nedeljko, m. 
Elijah : Ilija, m. 
Elizabeth : Jelisava, f. 
Emile : Milan, Milko, m. 
Emily : Milica, Milka, f. 
Eugene : Evdjenije, Djeno, m. 
Felix : Sreto, Srecko, m. 
FJorian : Cvetko, m. 
; Franjo, m. 
Gavrilo, Gavro, m. 
Djordje, Djoko, m. 
Bogorair, m. 

Gabriel : 
George : 

Gregory : Grgur, Grigorije, m. 
Helen : Jelena, f. 
Jacob : Jakov, Jao, m. 
John : Jovan, Janko, m. 
Julia : Julka, Jula, f. 
Katherine : Kata, Katica, f. 
Ladislas : Vladislav, ra. 
Leo : Lav, m. 
Louis : Ljudevit, m. 
Luke : Luka, m. 
Mark : Marko, m. 
Mary : Mara, Marica, f. 
Michael : Mihailo, Mile, m. 
Natalie : Natalija, f. 
Nicholas : Nikola, Niko 
Paul : Pavle, Pajo, ru. 
Pauline : Pavlija, f. 
Peter : Petar, Pero, m. 
Rose : Ruza, Ruzlca, f. 
Stanislaus : Stanislav, in. 
Stephan : Stefan, Stevo, m. 
Thomas : Toma, Tomo, m. 


Adrianople : Jedrene, n. 

Adriatic Sea : Jadransko more, n. 

^Egean Sea : Belo (Jegejsko) more, 


Agram : Zagreb, m. 
Albania : Albanija, f. 
Albanian : n., Arnaut, m. 
Albanian : adj., arbanaski 
America, North : severna Amerika, 

f . ; South , juzna Amerika, f. 
American : n., Arnerkanac, in. 
American : adj., amerikanski 
Ancona : Jakin, m. 
Antivari : Bar, m. 
Arabia : Arapaka, f. 
Armenia : Jermenska, f. 

Athens : Atina, f. 

Athos, Mt. : SvetaGora.f. 

Atlantic Ocean : Atlansko more, n. 

Australia : Australia, f. 

Austria : Austrija 

Austrian : n., Austrijanac, (pop. 

Svab), m. 
Austrian : adj., austrijski (pop. 


Bavaria : Bavarska, f. 
Belgian : n., Belgijanac, m. 
Belgian : adj., belgijski 
Belgium : Belgia, f . 
Belgrade : Beograd, m. 
Berlin, Berlin 
Bocche di Cattaro: Boka Kotorska.f . 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; c, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 




Bohemia : Ceska, f. 
Bohemian : n., Ceh, m. 
Bohemian: adj., ceski 
Bosnia : Bosna, f. 
Bosniak : n., Bosnjak, m. 
Bosnian : bosanski 
Brazza : Brad, m. 
Brussels : Bruselj, m. 
Bucarest : Bukurest, m. 
Buda-Pest : Budimpesta, f. 
Buclua : Budva, f. 
Bulgaria : Bugarska, f. 
Bulgarian: n., Bugarin, m. 
Bulgarian : adj., bugarski 
Carinthia : Koruska, f. 
Carniola : Kranjska, f. 
Castelnuovo : Ercegnovi, Novigrad, 


CAttaro : Kotor, m. 
Cetinje: Cetinje, n. 
China: Kitaj, m. 
Constantinople : Carigrad, rn. 
Copenhagen : Kodaiij, m. 
Corfu : Krf, m. 
Croat : n., Hrvat, m. 
Croatia : Hrvatska, f . 
Croatian : adj., hrvatsla 
Cyprus : Cipar, ni. 
Dane : n., Danae, m. 
Danish : adj., danski 
Danube : Dunav, m. 
Denmark : Danska, f. 
Dibra : Debar, m. 
Djakova : Djakovo, n. 
Dulcigno : Ulcinj, m. 
Durazzo : 'Dra<5, m. 
Dutch : adj., holandski 
Dutchman : n., Holandez, m. 
Et : Misir, Egipat, m. 

gypt : 

England : Engleska, f. ; Ingleska, f. 
English : adj., engleski, ingleski 
Englishman ; n., Englez, m. ; Ing- 

lez. m. 

Englishwoman: n.,Engleskinja, f. 
Europe : Evropa, f. 
Fiume : Rijeka, Reka, f. 
France : Francuska, f . 
French : adj., francuski 
Frenchman : n., Francus, m. 

Geneva : Zeneva, f. 

German : n., Nemac, in. 

German : adj., nemacki 

Germany : Nemadka, f. 

Gorizia : Gorica, f. 

Gratz : Gradac, m. 

Gravosa : Gruz, m. 

Great Britain : Velika Britanija, f. 

Greece ; Gr6ka, f. 

Greek : n., Grk, m. 

Greek : adj., grdki 

Herzegovina : Hercegovina, f. 

Holland : Holandija, f. 

Hungarian : n., Madjar, m. 

Hungarian : adj., madjarski 

Hungary : Madjarska, f. 

Ipek : Pe6, m. 

Ireland : Irska, f. 

Irish : adj., irski 

Irishman : n., Irac, m. 

Ishtib : Stip, m. 

Isonzo : Soca, f. 

Italian : n., Italijanac, in. 

Italian: adj., italijanski 

Italy : Italija, f. 

Keupruln : Veles, m. 

Lai bach : Ljubljana, f. 

Leipzig: Lipsko, n. 

Lemberg : Lavov, m. 

Lesina : Hvar, m. 

Lassa : Vis, m. 

London : London, m. 

Lussin : Lo-jinj, m. 

Macedonia : Madedonija, f. 

Mediterranean Sea : Sredozemno 

more, n. 

Moldavia : Moldavska, f. 
Monastir : Bitolj, m. 
Montenegrin . n., Crnogorac, m. 
Montenegrin : adj., crnogorski 
Montenegro : Crna Cora f. 
Moscow : Moskva, f. 
Munich : Monakov, in. 
Narenta : Neretva, f. 
Neusatz : Novi Sad, m. 
Novi Bazar : Novi Pazar, m. 
Okhrida : Ohrid, m. 
Paris : Pariz, m. 
Petrograd : Petrograd, m. 

Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James i as a in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as cff in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; as ah in shout. 


I'hilippopolis, : Plovdin, ra. 
Pola: Pulj, m. ; Pula, f. 
Poland : Poljska, f. 
Pole : Poljak : m. 
Polish : polski 
Portugal : Portugalska, f. 
Prizrend : Prizren, m. 
Prussia : Pruska, f. 
Ragusa : Dubrovnik, m. 
Ragusa Vecchia : Cavtat, m. 
Rhine : Rajna, f. 
Rhone : Rodan, m. 
Roman : adj., rimski 
Rome : n., Rim, m. 
Rumania : Rumunija, f. 
Rumanian : n., Rumun, m. 
Rumanian : a.'.j., rumunski 
Russia : Rusija, f. 
Russian : n., Rus, m. 
Russian : adj., ruski 
Salonika : Solun, m. 
Save : Sava, f. 
Saxony : Saska, f. 
Scotland : Skotska, f. 
Scutari : Skadar, m. 
Sebenico : Sibenik, m. 
Semendria : Smederevo, n. 
Semlin : Zemun, m. 
Serb : n., Srbin, m. 
Serbia : n., Srbija, f. 



Serbian : adj., srpski 

Serbian woman : n., Srpkinja, f. 

Serres : Serez, m. 

Shabatz : Sabac, m. 

Sofia : Sofija, f. 

Spain : Spanija, f. 

Spalato : Spljet, m. 

Spaniard : n., Spanjolac, ra. 

Spanish : adj., spanjoldki 

Styria : Stajerska, f. 

Swiss : n., Svajcarac, m. 

Swiss : adj., svajcarski 

Switzerland : Svajcarska, f. 

Syrmia : Srem, m. 

Tirnovo : Trnovo, n. 

Transylvania: Erdelj, m. 

Trieste : Trst 

Turk : n., Turcin (Turci), m. 

Turkey : Turska, f . 

Turkish : adj., turski 

Udine : Vidam, ra. 

Uscub : Skoplje, n. 

Valona : Avlona. f. 

Venice : Mleci (Mletaka), m., pi. 

Vienna : Bee 1 , m. 

Vistula : Visla, f. 

Wallachia: Vlaska, f. 

Warsaw : VarSava, f . 

Wend : n., LuziSki Srbin, m. 

Zara : Zadar, m. 


ace. : accusative, Setvrti padez 
adj. : adjective, pridev 
adv. : adverb, prilog 
comp. : comparative, komparativ 
conj. : conjunction, sveza 
dat. : dative, treci padez 
f. : feminine, zenskog roda 
gen. : genitive, drugi padez 
inst. : instrumental, Sesti padez 
int. : interjection, uzvik 
loc. : locative, sedmi padez 
masculine, muskeg roda 

n. : neuter, srednjeg roda 

nom. : nominative, prvi padei 

num. : numeral, broj 

pi. : plural, mnozina 

pop. : popular, popular -'i 

prep. : preposition, predlog 

pron. : pronoun, zamenica 

sup. : superlative, superlativ 

v. : verb, glagol 

v. : vide, vidi 

voc. : vocative, peti pado2 


Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; z as s in measure ; j as y in you ; 
Ij as li in million ; nj as ni in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo 
in room ; h as ch in loch ; c as ts in cats ; & as sh in shout. 

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