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Already issued: 

1. Edward S. Hold en. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems: a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 





By Justin Winsor, Librarian of the University. 

*m* Uu hat Seem madtf with eerreetiens and addiiicn*^ 0/ 
the noUs primted by mt^ as SnpermUndna 0/ the PtMic 
Library of Bestan^ in the monthly reports 0/ that institution^ 
Mtsrck-Jun*^ 1876; atado/ a transcript 0/ the cataloenie 0/ 
the British Museum under this head, made for me by WiUiam 
F. Fomde of London, mhoap^nds elaborate descriptions of the 
copies in that library. I have also derived benefit from an 
inspection ofmant o/the copies, madeduringa visit to Englasid 
in the autumn o/\ 877 ; audi ewe thanhs for such privileges to 
Lord Spencer of A Itkorpe House ; Sir Charles tsham ofLamf 
port Hall, Northamptonshire ; Mr. Charles Edmonds of 
London ; Mr. George BuUen, Keeper of the Printed Boohs, 
British Museum ; Mr. H^, Aldis Upright of Trinity College, 
Cambridge; Rev. H. O- Coxe, Bodies librarian, Oxford; 
the Rev. iV. H. Milman of Sion College^ London ; and to the 
authorities of the Shakespeare Library at Stratford, the 
Shakespeare Memorial Library at Birmingham^ and the Uni- 
versity Library at Edinburgh. I have likewise beenfxvored 
with descriptions of their co/ies from Mr. James Lenox and 
Mr. Almon W. Griswold of New York; Mr. Horace HoW' 
ard Furness of Philadelphia ; Mr. E. G. A say of Chicago ; 
and Mr. C. Fiske Harris of Providence, I hnve examined 
the copies in the Barton Collsction in the Boston Public Library. 
I am also indebted to the Isham refrint of the Venus and 
Adonis of 1599 in which Mr. Edmonds gives useful in- 
formation regarding thirteen early editions of that poem. 
I can te^ify to the substeuUial reproduction in this reprint of 
the unique original t.t Lamport Hall, which is so carefully pre- 
served in its rare and curious old library, whose promised 
catalogue will yields I doubt not, some new surmises to bibliog' 
raphers, when it comes from Mr, Edmonds s hands. I am 
also under obligations to y. O. HalUweU-PhiUipps, Esq., of 
Brighton, England, 

Venus and Adonis. 

1593. Venvs and Adonis. Vilia miretar vul- 
gus : mihi flauus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena 
ministret aqua. [A device of an anchor.] London 
Imprinted by Richard Field, and are to oe sold at 
the signe of the white Greyhound in Paules Church- 
yard. 1593. 

Description. Twenty-seven leaves in quarto. 
It is disting^uishable from the 1 594 edition by having 
no period after London. Entered in the Stationers* 
Registers, April 13, IC03. 

The Text. Furnivall says, " The first edition is 
very well printed and was perhaps seen through the 
press hy Shakespeare himself." The editors of the 
Cambridge edition attest its "remarkable ac- 
curacy," and think it was printed, " doubtless from 
the author's own manuscript." Grant White says 
it is printed " with almost absolute purity." 

One Copy Known, In the Bodleian with the Ma- 
lone collection ; size, 7f X 5 i inches ; has written 
in it, " Bought of Mr. William Ford, bookseller, in 
Manchester, in August, 1805, ^^ ^^^ enormous price 
o^ ;f 25, nor is any other copy known to exist." 
Thomas Rodd, the bookseller, says in a MS. note 
to Halliwell's Shakespeariana, 1841, "No copy 
has ever been sold by public sale . . . would most 
probably sell for ;f 1 50, were one to occur." A very 

considerable increase of this estimate would have 
to be made at this day. 

ReprinU. In 1866 it appeared in the Ashbee-Halliwel] aeries 
of traced litho|piu>hic fac-nmiles, and a fao«mile of the title is 

8'ven in HalliwdPs folio edition of Shakespeare, zvi. p. 278. 
t>Uier and other editors have followed this edition. 

1594. Venvs and Adonis. Vilia miretur vulgus : 
mihi flauus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena ministret 
aqua. [A device of an anchor.] London. Im- 
printed oy Richard Field, and are to to be sold at 
the signe of the white Greyhound in Paules Church- 
yard. 1594* 

Description. Title and dedication, two leaves ; 
text, B to G in fours, and HI ; twenty-seven leaves. 
Fi has no si^ature mark. Halliwell says, a close 
examination is necessary to distinguish this edition 
from the preceding. 

The Text, Collier says it ** is a distinct reim- 
pression : affords some various readings, and not a 
few important confirmations of the correctness of the 
older text, corrupted more or less in all subsequent 
editions." Charles Edmonds says that its new 
readings are " always improvements, which seem to 
show that this impression had the benefit of the 
author's revision." 

T%ree Copies Known, i. In the Grenville Collec- 
tion, no. 1 1 180, British Museum; size, 6^f X4^( 
inches ; bound bv Clarke in olive morocco, elabo- 
rately tooled, witn the Grenville arms on the sides ; 
sound in condition, but with here and there through- 
out small imperfections mended, and tears pieced 
out in fac-simile. This copy bears the following 
note in Grenville's hand, — " Shakespeare, Venus £ 
Adonis, i^. Field, 1 594. This poem was first printed 
in ^ 1593, and is of tne greatest rarity. This second 
edition is I believe of no less rarity. The only copy 
that I have ascertained, is that which was be- 
queathed by Mr. Caldecott to the Bodleian library, 
and that copy sold h^ Pickering in 1843, which 
I sold again to buy this preferable copy." Gren- 
ville gave £\i(i for it at Jolley's sale, in 1844, that 
collector having bought it in Lancashire "for a mere 

2. In the Bodleian ; size 6f X 4f inches ; be- 
queathed by Thomas Caldecott in 1833. See An- 
nals of the Bodleian Library. 

3. In Henry Huth*s collection ; size, i\ X 4^ 
inches, called " the finest known " ; bought at 
George Daniel's sale, in 1864, for ;f 240. At the 
same sale Halliwell bought a single leaf of this edi-* 
tion for £z u. 

Reprint, ^ In the Ashbee-Halliwell 
graphic fafi>tiflulaa. 

saiies of tnoad Uthop 


1596. Venvs and Adonis. Vilia miretur vul- 
gus : mihi flauus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena 
ministret aqua. [A device of an anchor] Im- 
printed at London by R.[ichard] F.[icld] for lohn 
Harison. 1 596. 

Description. Without pagination. Twenty-seven 
leaves: sig. A to Diij, in eights. The dedication, 
"To the Right Honorable Henry Wriotheslie, 
Earle of Southampton, and Baron of Litchfeld," 
is subscribed *' Your Honors in all dutie, William 

The Text. It has some changes from previous 
editions, both errors and improvements, all " doubt- 
less due to the printer." 

Two Copies Jinoivn. i. In the British Museum ; 
press mark, C. 21. a; size, 4^|^ X 2^f inches; in 
splendid condition, with a few stains at the end, 
and no imperfections ; bound in half-olive morocco, 
red cloth sides, in russia case. 

The following MS. notes are in the book : -^ 
"This most precious volume is from the Libraries of y* late 
W. [Sir William] Bolland and B. H. Fright, Esqn. At Mr. 
Holland's sale [in 1840] (at y* rooms of Messrs £vans) it was 
bought by Mr. Bright for ;C9i- At Mr. Brighi's sale [no. 5067] 
(at y* rooms of Messrs Sotheby & Co.) on 7 : April, 1845, 1 be- 
came the Purchaser for y* sum of ;^9x ; 10 : o. 

"Gborgb Danibl 
" Canoniury Square.** 

" There are three marzes wanting the Venus, one will I fear 
piish hard at her. I do not think there is any liklihood of your 
getting her under ;Cioi. I know that it will not go under 
£<)x. io« cA. T.[homas] R.[odd.] 

On the reverse of this last is written : — *' Thb was written 
to me in the Sale Room by Mr. Thomas Rodd, on the morning 
of the sale. My competitor was the Houb. Thos. Grenvilie. 

"Gbokgb Danibl." 

At the Daniel sale in 1864, it cost the British Museum £ii(>. 

2. In the Bodleian ; size, 4i X 3 inches. The 
Daniel Catalogue says it is ** cut into the headline, 
and is inferior " to the one in the Daniel Collection, 
no. I, above. 

It originally formed part of a volume of old poetical varieties, 
sold at Dr. Bernard's sale in 169S for i*. 3d. ; and Thomas 
Warton bought it forbd. in 1760 out of some rubbish in a broker's 
shop. His Drother, Joseph Warton, gave it to Malone, who 
said of the volume in 1791, *' It could now at auction undoubtc^]- 
ly be sold for three or four guineas." Malone took it apart, 
and placed the Venus and Adonis " ^th my other very early 
editions of Shakespeare's pieces." See Prior's Malone, p. 179. 
With his collection, it passed into the Bodleian. 

1599. Venvs and Adonis. Vilia miretur vulgus : 
mihi ilauus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena ministret 
aqua. Imprinted at London for William Leake, 
dwelling in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the 
Greyhound. 1599. 

Description. Twenty-seven leaves. 

T/ie Text. Mr. Edmonds says, ** A few correc- 
tions are introduced ; but they bear no proportion 
to the misprints." 

One Copy Known. In September, 1867, Mr. 
Charles Edmonds (of the then house of Willis and 
Sotheran, booksellers in London) went to Lamport 
Hall in Northamptonshire, the seat of Sir Charles 
Isham, Bart., to make a professional inspection of 
the library in that house, and having accomplished 
his purpose, and while waiting for the departure of 
a train, was shown a lot of old books in a lumber 
room, long undisturbed, and there discovered a 
volume, " wonderfully clean and fresh, bound in the 
wrapping vellum of the period, with strings, and 
with no outward indication of its contents. The 
volume measured 4f X 3i- inches, and proved to 
contain under one cover, this 1599 edition of the 
Venus, the Passionate Pilgrim of the same year and 
other tracts. The book is now at Lamport ; and 

was exhibited in 1877 at the Caxton celebration in 
London, Class D, 1492. 

See Edmonds's letter to the London Times ; the G«ntleman*8 
Magazine, 1867, pp. 608, 785 ; The Bookseller^ December, 1867, 
p. 1254 and January, 1869, p. 5 ; Allibone's Dictionary, p. 2008, 

Reprint, In 1870, a fac-simile reprint of the above volume 
was issued under the editorial care of Mr. Edmonds, who fur- 
nished an introduction. The edition was limited to 131 copies, 
of which 25 were on large paper, and six on vellum. The \Mx%t^ 
paper cofues are now worth from £1 to /i\. 

? 1600. Venus and Adonis. . . . Printed by I. H. 
for lohn Harison. 1600. 

Description, The above title is from a MS. title 
to the copy named below. Twenty-seven leaves in 
small octavo. Halliwell and Edmonds claim the 
date is an error, because Harison had sold the copy- 
right to Leake, four years before. 

The Text. The editors of the Cambridge edition 
think it is printed from the 1596 edition. Mr. Ed- 
monds says, the 1599 edition intervened. W. C. 
Hazlitt says it is neither the 1599 nor the 1602 edi- 
tion. The Cambridge editors say it has many 
" erroneous readings, due, it would seem, partly to 
carelessness and partly to wilful alteration, which 
were repeated in later copies." 

One Copy Known, In the Bodleian : with MS. title ; 
size, 4X X 2^ inches ; bound with the Lucrece 
of 1600 and other tracts ; formerly Malone*s, and 
given to him by Farmer. 

1602^. Venvs and Adonis. Vilia miretur vul- 
gus, mihi flauus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena mi- 
nistret ac^ua. [A printer's device, — A square frame, 
surroundmg a globe, with a skull and wings above 
it, and above this an hour-glass, with an open 
book behind the hour-glass, on which is inscribed, 
I live to dy — I dy to live.] Imprinted at London 
for William Leake^ dwelling at the Signe of the 
Holy Ghost, in Paules Churchyard, 1602. 

Description. Without pagination; twenty-seven 
leaves ; sig. A to D3 in eights. The dedication 
"To the Right Honorable Henry Wriotheslie, 
Earle of Southampton, and Baron of Lichfield " is 
subscribed, " Your Honours in all duety William 

The Text. It is thought to have been printed 
from the previous edition. The editors of the Cam- 
bridge edition say it is superior to the other edition 
of this year in the Bodleian, in typography and in 

One Copy Known, In the British Museum ; press- 
mark, C. 21. a: size, 5A X 3A inches ; bound in 
yellow morocco ; condition, firm, on thick paper, 

but rather dirty and mended in a few places ; 
** G. Steevens " stamped on reverse of title. 


This book bears the following notes : — 

Gteorge] S.[teevens.]" 

"Bought at Mr. Steevens*s sale. May 21, 1800 for i. xi. 6, 
no. 1361. J. B.lindley]" At Bindley's sale, no. iii4i in 1819, 
it brought A42. 

" Bought at Mr. Strcttle*s [Strettell's] sale, 13 May, 1841, at 
Evans's, lot 350, for £^0 : 8 : 6. At Mr. Bindle/s sale this coot 
was sold for more than ;^40. Gborgb Daniel. Cancnbmry. 
It is said to have been bid in at Strettell's sale for £ik 5/., and 
subsequently sold to Daniel for £^, 

" No other copy of this excessively rare edition is known. 
Mr. Evans was wrong in stating that a copy was in the Malone 
collection in the Bodleian Library. No copy is mentioned in 
the catalogue, nor is there one to be found there. 

"Gborgb Dantbi^** 

On Sig. Bl is the folk>wing MS. note : — " To bid the wind a 
ce. Base or Bace,— a sport used anwng country poopk 


called Prison Base, in which some persue [sic] to take others 
Prisoners — and therefore To bid the wind a Base, is by using 
the Language of y^ sport To take the wind Prisoner." 

1602'. Vcnvs and Adonis. Vilia miretur val- 
gus : mihi flavus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena 
ministret aqua. [A similar printer's device to i6o2^] 
Imprinted at London for IViiiiam Leake^ dwelling 
at the signe of the Holy Ghost, in Paules Church- 
yard. 1602. 

Description. Beside the slight variation in the 
typography of the title from the other editions of 
1602, there are said to be differences in the text. 

One Copy ICnown. At Shirbum Castle, Oxford- 
shire, the seat of the Earl of Macclesfield. 

1602^. Venvs and Adonis. Vilia miretur vul- 
gus, mihi flauus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena mi- 
nistret aqua. [A printer's device, — a hand out of a 
cloud grasping an anchor, with the motto Amhora 
Sp€i.\ Imprinted at London for William Leake, 
dwelling at the Signe of the Holy Ghost, in Paules 
Church-yard. 1602. 

Description. In small octavo ; twenty-seven 

One Copy ICnown. In the Bodleian : size, 5<V X 3| : 
has autograph of R. Burton, author of the Anatomy 
of Melancholy. Macray, Annals of the Bodleian, 
p. 67, would seem to imply that it came by bequest 
direct from Burton. 

1616. An edition of this date is mentioned by 
Dyce ; but I find no trace of it. 

1617. A copy of an edition of this date is, ac- 
cording to Bohn, in the Bodlfeian, " Printed for 
W. B." /. e. William Barrett ; and the Annals of the 
Bodleian, p. 247, says it was received in 1833 from 
Thomas Caldecott. 

1620. An edition, " Printed for I. P." 1. e. John 
Parker ; in eighteen-mo, twenty-seven leaves. 

Copies, The editors of the Cambridge edition 
say, " a copy [size ^\ X 3i inches] exists in the 
Capell Collection. Dr. Bandinel also purchased 
one for the Bodleian, but it cannot be found." 

1627. Venus and Adonis. Uilia miretur vulgus, 
mihi flavus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena ministret 
aqua. Edinbvrgh, printed by lohn Wreittoun, and 
are to bee sold in his Shop a litle beneath the Salt 
Trone. 1627. 

Description. In small octavo, twenty-two leaves. 
Title and pages 5-46, the latter misprinted 47. The 
pagination of p. 13 is printed above the first word 
of the page on the left. 

TheText. The editors of the Cambridge edition 
think it was printed from a MS. copy of the edition 
of 1602, into which several emendations had been 
introduced agreeing with the earlier editions. Halli- 
well says, " It is the only early impression of any of 
Shakespeare's works ever printed out of England." 

Two Copies Known, i . In the British Museum ; 
press-mark, C 21. a. ; size 5-j^ X 3^ inches ; bound 
in calf ; in poor and soiled condition ; title cropped 
and inlaid, and several leaves repaired ; has lx>ok 
plate of George Chalmers. 

It is dated by error 1607, in the Chalmers Catalogue in 
j84a, Part II., no. ^58^ when it sold for ^37 los. ; and b]r error 
again at Bright*s sale, in 1845, no. 5068, it was called ** unique," 
and brought ^i^ when it passed into the British Museum. 
See Life of Archibald Constable, I. p. 108. 

2. In the library of Almon W. Griswold, New 
York City. Edmonds says, *' It had been found by 

a country bookseller in a lot of worthless books at 
a sale," and was no. 61 in a sale at Sotheby's, March, 
1864, and brought £11^. It is described as "the 
only perfect copy known, uncut, has leaf Ai, which 
is not in the Chalmers copy." 

Reprint. Halliwell in his Handlist, 1859, mentions a aniqott 
fac-simile in his possession. 

1630^ Venus and Adonis. . . . Printed by J. 
H., and are to be sold by Francis Coules. 1630. 

Description. In small octavo, twenty-seven leaves. 

One Copy Known, In the Bodleian ; size, 4|- X 
3^ inches ; found among Anthony k Wood's books 
and removed from the Ashmolean Museum to the 

Rtprini. In Lintot's edition of the Poems, 1709, this poem 
purports to follow an edition of 1630, though in some of the copies 
the date is given 1609. 

1630'. A copy in small octavo, twenty-seven 
leaves; size 4^^ X 2^ inches; with a MS. title 

?;iving this date is in the Bodleian. The text differs 
rom the preceding edition ; and the editors of the 
Cambridge edition say it is earlier than the 1636 

1636. Venus and Adonis. Vilia miretur vul- 
gus, mihi flavus Apollo | Pocula Castalia plena 
ministret aqua. [Woodcut of a Cupid.) Printed by 
I. H.[arrison], and are to be sold by Francis Coules 
in the Old Bailey, without Newgate. 1636. 

Description. Sig. A to C m eights ; D three 
leaves ; twenty-seven leaves in all. 

Copies, I. In the British Museum ; press-mark 
C. 21. a. ; size, 4^ X 3^^ inches ; bound in calf; 
badly stained and soiled, and a few leaves mended. 
This copy was sold at Hibbert's sale, in 1S29, for 
£\ 14J. 

2. A copy sold at Sotheby's, 1856, no. 163, for 
;£'49 lor., to Henry Stevens, who rebound it and 
sold it again, August, 1857, no. 556, at Sotheby's, 
for ;f 56. 

1675. Halliwell speaks of an edition of this year 
as a Chapbook, " a quaint looking, diminutive volume 
of extreme rarity." 

Copies, Bohn says there was one in the Nassau 
sale, 1824, which brought £z y. 

One is named in the Bodleian catalogue, but the 
editors of the Cambridge edition say it cannot be 
found. «_^^ 

There was not after this date any edition of the 
Venus and Adonis, until it made part of the 
collective edition of the poems of Shakespeare, 
published by B. Lintott of London in 170c) or 17 10. 
In this, of which there were two issues, with varia- 
tions of main and subordinate titles, the dates of 
1609 and 1630 are given as the separate titles of 
this poem, as if editions of these dates were fol- 
lowed, but probably without warrant 


1594. Lvcrece. London. Printed by Richard 
Field, for lohn Harrison, and are to be sold at the 
signe of the white Greyhound in Paules Church- 
yard. 1594. 

Description. In quarto, fortv-seven leaves, with- 
out pagination. It was enterea upon the Stationers' 
Register, May 9, i ^94. 

The Text, Collier, in his Reasons for a New 
Edition, 1842, says he has collated the Malone, 


Devonshire, Caldecott, and two other copies, and 
found variations in all. Furnivall says, **Each 
quarto is taken from the one before it." 

Copies. I. In the British Museum, Grenville Col- 
lection, press-mark, 11178 Grenv.; size (i\\ X 5 
inches ; bound in morocco, finely tooled ; in very 
good condition. The Grenville Catalogue says : 
** The last leaf, containing the two last stanzas, has 
been reprinted from Malone's copy." Other copies 
have come to light since Mr. Grenville wrote in this 
copy, "only two other copies have been ascertained, 
one at the Bodleian, having been Malone's, and a 
second purchased by Mr. Daniel of Islington.*' 
Grenville's arms are stamped on the sides, and it 
was bought by him at the Combes sale in 1837. 

2. In the British Museum ; press-mark, C. 21. c ; 
size, 7 X 4JI inches ; bound by Hayday in maroon 
morocco ; of firm condition, several leaves repaired ; 
was no. 5069 in the Bright sale in 1845, bringing 

The Mtiseum Catalogue has this note : " On the recto of Aa 
is the dedication to the Earl of Southampton, and on verso of 
the same is the argument. Some changes were made in this 
poem bv the author, or at his instance, whilst the sheets were 
going through the press. As, for example, in some copies the 
following couplet occurs : 

Androtry one to rest him self betakes 

Saue thieves, and careSy and ironbled minds thai wakes, — 

corrected in this copy thus: 

A nd Ever it one to rest them ulues betake 

Saue theeveSf and cares, and troatbled minds thai wake" 

Furnivall savs, " The 6rst edition was probably seen through 
the press by Shakespeare himseli" 

3, 4. In the Bodleian, — one Malone*s ; the other 
Thomas Caldecott's, received in 1833. See Annals 
of the Bodleian, p. 247. 

5, 6. etc. In the Devonshire Collection. In Sion 
College, London Wall. The Daniel copy in 1864 
brought £iS7 los. The Tite copy, founcl in a vol- 
ume of law tracts in the country, brought jf no in 
1874. Bohn reports George Holford as having paid 
;£'ioo for a copy. In 1840 Thomas Rodd reported 
the Baron Bolland copy, otherwise the Lincoln 
Chapter copy, as a most beautiful copy, likely to 
sell for £ioo'f and Rodd the same year, in advertis- 
ing a copy in his catalogue, no. 310S, said, *' no per- 
fect copy had ever occurred at public sale, and only 
three perfect copies were known," and in May, 1841, 
this copy was sold for ;f 105. 

CapelPs copy is missing from the collection in 
Trinity College. 

Reprint. One of the Ashbee-Halliwell series of traced litho- 
graphic fac-similes. HalHwell gives a fac-simile of the title in 
his folio edition of Shakespeare^ xvi. p. 378. 

1596. An edition of this year is mentioned only 
by Malone. 

159& The Rape of Lucrece. . . . Printed by 
P. S. for lohn Harrison. 1598. 

Description. In i8mo. Title, dedication, argu- 
ment ; text A iiii to £ ii, and two pages, — in all 
thirty-six leaves. 

One Copy Known, In the Capell Collection, Trin- 
ity College, Cambridge. 

1600. The Rape of Lucrece. . . . Printed by 
I. H. for lohn Harrison. 1600. 

Description. In 24mo, thirty-six leaves. 

Copies. In the Bodleian, Malone Collection ; 
given to Malone by Farmer. 

1602. An edition of this year is mentioned only 
by Malone. 

1607. The Rape of Lucrece. . . . Printed by 
N. O. for lohn Harison. 1607. 

Description. In small octavo, thirty-two leaves. 

Copies. Bohn says there are copies in the Capell 
and Bridgcwater Collections. 

? 1610. Halliwell has or had a copy, without 
title, which he puts about this date, and certainly 
before the 161 6 edition. Hazlitt in his Elarl^ Eng- 
lish Literature says it has not yet been described. 

1616. The Rape of Lucrece. By Mr. William 
Shakespeare. Newly reuised. London : Printed 
by T. S. for Roger lackson, and are to be solde at 
his shop neere the Conduit in Fleet-street. 1616. 

Description, In eights, A to D. A4 is wrongly 
marked B4. Thirty-two leaves. 

The Text. Malone says, " It is the most inaccu- 
rate and corrupt of the ancient copies." 

Copies. I. In the Lenox Library, New York; cut 
close at top and bottom. 

2. In the British Museum ; press-mark, C. 34. d. 
44 ; size 5^ X 3 A inches ; bound by Bedford in red 
morocco; condition firm, but dirty, many leaves 
pieced, last five made perfect by fac-simile; ac- 
quired, 5 April, i8c8. Perhaps the copy sold at 
Sotheby's, May, 1856, five leaves imperfect, ;f 23 lox. 

3. In the Bodleian ; received from Thomas Calde- 
cott in 1833. 

Rodd held a copy in 1837 at ^^ 4X., with the print cut into. 

1624. The Rape of Lucrece. By Mr. William 
Shakespeare. Newly reuised. London, Printed by 
I. B. for Roger lackson, and are to be sold at his 
shop neere the Conduit in Fleet-street. 1624. 

Description. A to D in eights. Big. A4 is 
wrongly marked B4. It is believed by Halliwell to 
be the 1616 edition with a new title. 

Copies. I. In the British Museum, Grenville Col- 
lection ; press-mark, 11 179 Grenv. ; size, 5^ X 3^ 
inches ; bound in green morocco ; in good condition 
except title and last leaf, and few head-lines cut 
into ; Grenville's arms stamped on the sides. 

2. In P. H. Frere's Collection ; fine and clean ; 
formerly belonged to Sir John Fenn, being the same 
sold in London a few years since from which the 
woodcut and imprint had been cut out, which frag- 
ment after a century was found by W. Aldis Wright 
among Sir John Fenn's cuttings, and replaced. 
Used by the editors of the Cambridge edition of 

There were copies in the Jadis sale, i8a8, ^3 3^ . ; Jolley sale ; 
Bindley sale, ^£9; Lloyd sale, /^t^.bd.\ auction. May, 1856, /^^ 

1632. The Rape of Lucrece. . . . 1632. 

Two Copies Known, i. In the Library of Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford. 

2. In the library of Mr. Christie Miller of Brit- 
well ; was sold at Steevens sale, 1800, no. 1046 to 
Heber, i jf., and marked in Hcber's Catalogue, viii. 
873 (originally iv. 722, but missing when that part 
was sold).' Statement from Mr. IV. Aldis Wright, 

Reprint. The Collection of Poems, printed for B. Lintot, 
purports in some copies to reprint (his edition ; and in others 
the spedal title gives 1609 as the date of the edition followed. 
Both kinds are in the Barton Collection, Boston Public Library. 

1648. Fragmenta A urea. A collection of all 
the Incomparable Pee ces written By Sir John Suck- 
ling And published by a Friend to perpetuate his mem* 
ory^ Printed by his owne Copies. London, Printed 

tfic] for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at 
is Shop at the Signe of the Princes Arms in S. Pauls 
Church-yard. 1648. 


Description. In octavo. Title and " To the 
Reader/^ 3 leaves ; " Poems, &c.," title and text, 

Sp. 49; p. (50) blank. "Letters," title (reverse 
lank), pp. (51 & 52) ; text. pp. 53-119 ; reverse of 
Z19 blank. Thus far, though with independent 
titles, the signatures and pagination are continuous. 
Then come three plays, each, with title, signatures 
and pagination, independent: Aelaura .... Lon- 
don^ .... 1648. Title, etc., (o) pages, text 82 
pp. The Goblins .... London^ .... 1648. Title 
and text, 64 pages. Brennoralt .... London^ 
MDCXLVIII. Title, &c., (4) pa^cs. Text 52 pp. 
Facing the general title is a portrait by Marshall. 

On page 39 of ** Poems, ftc," will be found " a SmppUment «/* 
ojs imptr/tct €0^ »/ VerMtt &/ Mr. WiL Shakespean, Bjf Uu 
A utkor. These verses correspond in good part with the stanza 
• in Lucreoe, beginning '* Her lily hand her rosy cheek lies under," 
and the next loUowing. at the end of which in the maiigin, 
" Thus for Shakespear," then two more stanzas by Suckling. 

See Malone's Shakespeare, 182 1, v»l. ao, PoemtiP. 125 ; also 
the 1766 edition of SucUing, p. aS. 

CofUs, In Harvard College Library ; in that of 
C. Piske Harris of Providence, R. I., etc. See 
Bohn's Lowndes, p. 2543, for sales of this and subse- 
quent editions. 

1655. The Rape of Lucrece, Committed by Tar- 
quin the Sixt ; and the remarkable judgments that 
befel him for it. By the incomparable Master of our 
English Poetry, Will : Shakespeare Gent. Where- 
unto is annexed, the Banishment of Tarquin : Or, 
the Reward of Lust. By J. Quarles. London, 
Printed by J. G., for John Stafford, in George-yard, 
neer Fleet-bridge, and Will. Gilbertson, at the Bible 
in Giltspur-street, 1665. 

Description. In i6mo. The frontispiece has a 
medallion of Shakespeare in the centre. Title Sig. 
A2. Dedication to N. Massey, one leaf. The 
argument, one leaf. The text B to G4, in eights. 
The second title is on Sig. F5. The frontispiece 
is rare and only a few copies have it. 

Copies. I. In the Boston Public Library, Barton 
Collection ; cut close ; bound in green morocco by 
Mackenzie : and has the portrait. In binding pp. 
5-8 are misplaced. Rodd describes it, Oct. c, 1835, 
^ The title-page torn and laid down. The frontis- 
piece inlaia. Several leaves cut into the side 
margin and dirty. The back margins sewed in. 
Notwithstanding all these drawbacks, I would ad- 
vise your taking it, as you may never meet with 
another, especially as it has the frontispiece. This 
copy and one other, Mr. Field's, if it be not the same, the only ones that have occurred for sale." 

2. In the collection of E. G. Asay of Chicago ; 
bought at the Daniel sale in 1864, ;^40 19 s. 

3. In the British Museum, Grenville Collection ; 
press-mark, 11 432 Grenv. ; size SjV X 3A inches; 
bound in olive morocco ; condition, soft and stained ; 
frontispiece wanting ; leaves mended throughout ; 
Grenville's arms on the sides. 

4. In the British Museum, King's pamphlet Col- 
lections; press- mark, E^-^U ; size 5|^ X 3 A inches ; 
bound in calf ; good condition ; frontispiece want- 
ing ; has written above the imprint " Aug : 31 ; " 
and this day is given in the Catalogue as the particu- 
lar day of publication. 

5. In the British Museum ; acquired 3 April, 1865 > 
press-mark, C. 34. a. 45 : size 5^1X3^ inches ; bound 
in red morocco ; stained and closely trimmed ; very 
brilliant impression of frontispiece. 

This copy has the following note in it by Halliwell : This is 
one of the commonest editions of Shakeqieare without the vrig' 
imal frontispiece, and one of the rarest with. I cannot have 
seen less than thirty copies, and the only one of them with 
frontispiece was the one sold at Sotheb/s (now Mr. Tile's) a 

few years ago for I think £26 51.^ certainly thereabouts, and the 
verses at the bottom of the frontispiece were also cut into as in 
this copy. This impression is a most brilliant one. The me- 
dallion portrait of Snakespeare in this frontispiece is beyond all 
question the rarest of all tne engraved portraits of Sliakespeare. 
There are two copies of the book in the British Museum, neither 
having this crirtual frontispiece. 

A coDv, perhaps this on& "with the portrait" brought at 
Hadliwelrs May, 1856 sale, j&a5 lof. 

6. In the Bodleian, received from Caldecott in 

7, etc. In Hibbert's sale, no. 7388, £2 6s. ; in 
Field's sale, no. 442, £^ i^. ; in Utterson's sale, no 
frontispiece, and bottom hoe of title cut off, £4. 4r. 

The Passionate Pilgrim. 

1599. The Passionate Pilgrime. By fV. Shakes* 
peare. At London printed for W. laggard, and are 
to be sold by W. Leake at the Greyhound in Paules 
Churchyard. 1^99. 

Description, In i6mo, thirty leaves, printed only 
on one side of the leaf, excepting the last three 
leaves. On the i8th is Sonnets to Sundry Notes 


The Text. Dyce savs that it appears to have been 
given to the press witnout Shakcspeare*s consent or 
even knowledge, and how much of it proceeded from 
his pen cannot be distinctly ascertained. Halliwell 
calls it " clearly an unauthorized and surreptitious 
collection.'* Halliwell and £dmonds have examined 
each piece in the collection to assign its author, and 
out of the twenty-one pieces, five only have incontest- 
ably been traced to Shakespeare; eleven have no 
claim whatever, and five are allowed to otherauthors. 
Three of the poems, " As it fell upon a Day" " 1/ 
Music and sweet poetry agree^'' and " Whilst as fickle 
fortune smiled"^ first appeared in Richard Barn- 
field's "Encomium of Lady Pecunia," IC9S, and 
were assigned to him, though Collier contended they 
were Shakespeare's. See London Athenaeum, May 
17, 1856; Notes and Queries, July 5, 18 j6. Mr. 
Edmonds, in his preface to his reprmt, agam urges 
the claims of Barnfield as regards two of the pieces 
against the objections of Collier. 

Tkifo Copies Known, i. Capell's showing marks 
of use, and the date to Sonnets cut off, bound up 
with the Venus and Adonis of 1620, has a note whicn 
shows it cost a former owner, about the middle of 
the last century, three half-pence. Halliwell, in his 
" Shakespeare Stud^ Books," 1876, p. ^o, speaks of 
"a fac-simile tracing from the original copy in 
Trinity College Library," as being in his possession. 

2. Sir Charles Isham's, a fine copy, measuring 
4 5'^ X 3 i*^ inches, discovered in 1867 at Lam- 
port Hall. 

Reprintt. B. Lintot's '^ Collection of Poems, bein^ all 
the Miscellanies of Mr. W. Shakespeare," 1^09, gives this edi« 
tion as the one reprinted in some copies^ while the date on the 
reprinted title in others is 1609. Colher reprinted from this 
edition compared with the i6ia edition. 

The Ishara reprint, edited b/ Charles Edmonds, was iiaaed 
in 1870. See the Venus and Adonis of 1599. 

IGOi. A second edition is presumed from the 
edition of 161 2 being called "third edition," and 
Collier gives this as a possible date, but no copy 
has ever been discoverea. 

1612. The Passionate Pilgrime. Or Certaine 
Amorous Sonnets, between Venvs and Adonis, 
newly corrected and augmented. By W. Shake- 
spere. The third edition. Whereunto is newly 
added two Loue-Epistles, the first from Paris to 
Hellen, and Hellens answere backe againe to Paris. 
Printed by W. laggard. 



The book contains Thomas HeywoocTs version of Ovid in 
the ** Loue-Epistles," and it is said that on Heywood's remon- 
strance the printer cancelled this title-page, and substituted 
another, omitting the words " By W. Sh&espeare," and for 
this reason part of the edition is without author's name, while 
the copy in the Bodleian, which was Malone*S| has both titlesi 
and is the only one known with the two titles. 

Description. In i6mo. Sixty-two leaves. 


1609. Shake-speares Sonnets. Neuer before 
Imprinted. At London By G. Eld for T, T., and 
are to be solde by lohn Wright, dwelling at Christ 
Churchgate. 1609. 

The copies more commonly have the name of ''William 
Aspley " in place of that of John Wright in the imprint. 

Description. Sig. A, two leaves ; text B to K in 
fours ; L, two leaves ; forty leaves in all. The 
book contains 154 sonnets ending on the recto of 
Ki, and on the verso begins "A louers Complaint. 
By William Shakespeare." 

Copies, I. In the collection of Almon W. Gris- 
wold of New York City. This copy sold at Steev- 
ens's sale in iSoo for >^3 19;. ; resold Roxburghe, 
in 1812, ;f 21 ; again in the Daniel sale, in 1864, 
/'225 ly. when it was described as "large, sound, 
beautiful and perfect, and one of only two perfect 
copies known, with the imprint " of lohn Wright. 

2. In the British Museum ; press-mark, C. 21. c ; 
size 7^ X 5-^ inches ; bound in yellow morocco ; 
in very fine condition except that title and last leaf 
are extremely dirty; has several mends. Wright 

Collier speaks of this copy being acquired by the Museum in 
1845, — the year of Bright^s sale, and it is probably the copy in 
that sale, described as tiue soiled, large and sound, which brought 

3. In British Museum, Grenville Collection ; press- 
mark, XI 181 Grenv. ; size,6^f X 4^{ inches; bound 
in red morocco ; condition extremely fine, few stains ; 
Grenville's arms on sides. Aspley imprint. 

4. In the Bodleian ; date cut off ; received in 
1833 from Thomas Coldecott. Wright imprint. 

5. In the Bodleian, M alone Collection. Aspley 

o. In the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, — 
Capeirs Collection ; very imperfect. Aspley imprint. 

7. In Earl Spencer's Collection at Althorpe 
House. Bought in 1798 at Dr. Farmer's sale, ^8. 
It has written in it, *'To my very kind friend," and 
this has been claimed to be in Shakespeare's hand. 
It was exhibited at the Caxton Celebration in Lon- 
don, 1877. Aspley imprint. 

8. In the Earl of Ellesmere's Collection at Bridge- 
water House, London. It was sold, erroneously 
supposed to be duplicate, from this library in 1800, 
and bought back at Chalmers' sale, 1842, no. 935, 
for ;f 105, — Rodd speaking of it at that time to Mr. 
Barton, as " a most beautiful copy." AspUy imprint. 

9. In the collection of Henry Huth, Kensington ; 
bought at Halliwell's sale, 1858, no. 321, /'154 Ts. 
It was discovered the previous yeai by Professor 
Mommsen "in the dispersed Bentinck Library at 
Varel," near Oldenburg. See Westminster Review, 
July, 1857. Probably the copy described by Halli- 
well in 1857, as " quite perfect, firm and genuine 
throughout," which ne had taken "out of a volume 
of tracts collected in 1728, which was discovered in 
a library on the Continent," and Collier speaks of 
this '^ Swiss copy" as "peculiarly valuable, since 
there is but one copy in England, with this imprint, 
and from that the aate has unfortunately been cut 
away." Wright imprint. 

10. Brought at Tite's sale, 1874, ;fi5 \os.\ at 
Halliwell's, 1856, /'41 ; at Uttcrson's, 1852, £yi 51.; 
at J ol ley's, 1844, £y^, Aspley imprint. 

Dibdin in his Bibliomania, ii. 600, without going into par- 
ticulars, says, " The history of the acquisition of the Joiley copy 
is one of smgular interest ; almost sufficient to add another day 
to a Bibliographical Decameron. The copy is in pristine con- 
dition, and looks as if snatched from the press." The title and 
dedication are represented, however, as in Harris's fac-simile. 

II, etc. Bohn g^ves the sales additionally of other 
copies, which are not identified with either of those 
enumerated above. Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, 
/'30; White Knights (Duke of Marlborough) in 18 19, 
£n\ Boswell in 1825, £1% \^s.\ Inglis, ;f40 19J. 

Re^ints. Lintot's type reprint in 1709, in '* A Collection of 
Poems," etc In vol. iv of Steevens's *' Twenty Plays," 1766. 
Collier and others have reprinted from this edition. 

A lithographic fac-simile of the Wright Copy, discovered by 
Mommsen, was made in 1857. In 1862, Lovell Reeve issued, 
under Staunton's direction, a fac-simile by photozincc^Taphy of 
the Ellesmere (Aspley) copy. 

In t.S7o John Russell Smith issued an Aspley reprint "in the 
orthograi>hy and punctuation of the original.'* 

There is a fac-simile of the title in Halliwell's folio edidoo of 
Shakespeare, xvL p. 368. 


1640. Poems : Written by Wil. Shake-speare. 
Gent. Printed at London by Tho. Cotes^ and are to 
be sold by John Benson^ dwelling in St. Dunstofi^s 
Church-yard. 1640. 

Description. Opposite the title is a portrait of 
Shakespeare. '* W. M[arshall1 sculpsit." 

Title, one leaf ; To the Reaaer, signed I. B., two 
pages ; Poems by L. Digges, three pages ; Poem by 
John Warren, one page ; a second title, omitting 
only the date; sig. Ai ; text A2 to M4. At sig. 
L2 is " an Addition of some Excellent Poems." 

Dr. Bliss had a leaf of this edition,^ with^ a contemporary 
manuscript note, showing that it was pnnted in 1639, and was 
sold bound for fifteen pence. 

Tlte Text. — It consists principally of translations, 
which are not Shakespeare's. 

Contgnts. To the reader, by I. B. ; Verses, by Leon Digges 
and John Warren ; Poems by Will. Shakesi)eare Gent. ; An ad- 
dition of some excellent poems, to those precedent, of renowned 
Shakespeare, by other gentlemen : His mistrisse drawne, by B. 
I. ; Herminde, by B. I. ; To Ben Johnson, by F. B. ; Hismistris 
shade ; Lavinia walking in a frosty morning ; A sigh sent to his 
mistresse ; An allegorical allusion of melancholv thoughts to 
bees, by I. G. ; The primrose ; A sigh ; A blush ; Orpheus lute ; 
Am I dispised? Vpon a gentlewoman walking on the grasse; 
On his love going to sea ; Aske roe no more. 

Of the composition of the volume, the forthcom- 
ing Catalogue of the Barton Collection, in the 
Boston Public Library, says : 

The poems ascribed to Shakespeare are the Sonnets, with the 
exception of Nos. 18, 19, 43f S^*, 75» 7**96, 126, rearranged under 
various titles- Interspersed witn them are the I.over's Com- 
plaint and the Passionate Pilgrim, together with the verses from 
As You Like It, commencing " Why should this desart be." 
In addition to these are the following translations from Ovid: 
Cephalus and Procris, Menelaus was cause of his owne wrongs, 
Vulcan was lupiters smith, The.Mynotaure, Achilles his con- 
cealement of his sex, The epistles of Paris to Hellen, and Hellen 
to Paris. The last two were included in Jaggard's edition of 
The P^assionate Pilgrim published in i6i2,^ut Thos. Heyw 
wood, in his A|>ology for Actors, published in the^ same year, 
claims them u his owti, and they are to be found in his Troja 
Brittannica, printed in 1609. Lowndes says Some of these 
poems are copied from Thomas Hevwood's General History of 
Wumen. Following these are Milton's Epitaph, On the 
death of Shakespeare, by W. B., and An elegie on the death 
of that fiimous writer and actor, M. William Shakspeare. 

In the e<litions of Shakespeare's works published in 1710^ 
171^ 172^, 1807, 1810 (the last two in Boston) and of his Poema- 
published in \^^\y i775« <8<Hf th« poems ascribed to him in this 
edition are reprinted with the same arrangement and under tbd 
same titles, and also in other editions. 



Copies, I. In the Boston Public Library, Barton 
Collection ; has the portrait, two titles, and prelim- 
inary leaves ; is bound in dark blue morocco. Rodd, 
in sending it, wrote Dec. 13, 1839, that " the price 
will appear high, especially as compared with the 
prices in Lowndes, but I can readily dispose of it 
tor the price, £% i8x. 6f/., charged." Barton marked 
it, Feb., 1840, "Collated, perfect." 

2. In the Collection of Horace Howard Fumess of 
Philadelphia. It was Heber's, bringing at his sale 
in 1834, £,z 3r., and cost the present owner £(> 6s. 
" It has the portrait (but perhaps from another copy, 
being cut less at the top and bottom), and the 
first title-page. It lacks the two pages To the 
Reader, signed I. B. ; the poems by L. Digges, three 
pages ; and the Poem by John Warren, one page. 
The second title-page is in facsimile^ far away (says 
the owner) the best fac-simiU I have ever seen. 
All the rest is perfect, very clean, and with measur- 
ably good margins : but the last four lines on the 
last page are added in MS., and at the foot of the 
page a note reads as follows : — "The MS. stanza 
at bottom of last page not in any printed copy — 

Aske me no more whither doth run 
When day is done the poostinj;^ sun ; 
For in your bright and sparklin^i eyes 
[His fires remain in love s disguise]. 

Last line conjectured. — J. H." 

3. In the Collection of Almon W. Griswold of 
New York City. 

4. In the Collection of C. Fiske Harris of Provi- 
dence, R. I. ; size 5i X 3^ inches ; has portrait, 
is clean, fresh, and perfect, and was bought at 
the Hosmer sale, in Boston, in 1861, for I67, when 
it was bid ofif to S. S. Ryder, bookseller of Provi- 

5. In the Lenox Library, New York City; has 
the portrait, and both titles. 

6. In the British Museum, Grenville Collection ; 
press-mark 1 1 183, Grenv. ; size 5^ X 3 A inches ; 
bound in red morocco ; very fine condition ; very 
brilliant impression of portrait; Grenville's arms 
inside each cover. 

7. In British Museum ; press-mark, C. 39. a ; size, 
5^ X 3^ inches ; bound in yellow morocco ; dirty 
ana stained condition ; portrait lacking. 

8. In the Bodleian, Malone Collection. 

9. In the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
Capell Collection. 

10. In the Shakespeare Library, Stratford. 

11. In the Shakespeare Memorial Library, Public 
Library, Birmingham. 

The following other copies and sales are recorded : — 

1798- Fanner, with portrait, ^\ 6s. — 1819. Bindley, III, 
I1 ii5f j^5 15' — 1824. Nassau, II- i,444i £li ^S*- 6</. — 1824. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, £7. — 1828. Tadis, 26, £^ 15J. bd — 1829. Hib- 
hert, 7,38;, £6, 6s. — 1834. Heber, IV. without dated title, £2 3x. 
— 1837. if horpe held one at ^2 2s. — 1842. Rodd, very larj^e, both 
titles, Dreliminary leaves, with portrait ; a copy held at £6 bs. — 
1844. Jolley, in original binding, ;£xo lor. — 1845. Rodd, large, 
with both titles and portrait held ac ;£ la 12s. — 1845. Bright 
5,073, large, with portrait, ^15. — 1848. Field, 444, £» 5*. — 
1849 Stowe^ with portrait, £j los. — 1854. Gardner, ;£ii. — 
1858. Jos. Lilly, large, both titles, portrait, held at ;^2i. — 1858. 
Halliwell, £s js. bd. — 1859. Halliwell, imperfect, £2 18*. — 
i860. Singer, dated title only. ;^2o. — i860. Crowninsmeld, with 
preliminary verses- — i860. Mitford, 3,14^ portrait, ^14 i^f..— ' 
1862. Halliwell describes a copy in his " Shakespeatriana," with 
portrait, which cost him ;^i2, from Ellis. — 1864. Daniel, £4^. — 
1864. Turner. — 1864. Mar. .Sothebvi^ with portrait- — 1866. 
Willis and Soiheran, £2 tos. — 1874 Tite, £ 25 lor. ; since held 
by Quaritch at £1^. — 1875 Benzon, with portrait, measuring 

** Shakespeare-Study Books," p. 5 if describes a copy in his 
possession as " with some curious very early MS. notes." — 1878. 
Dew-Smith, £62, 

Rs^int — Volume xiii. of Swing's edition of the Plays of 
Shakespeare, Dublin, 1771. 

Chester's Love's Martyr. 

1601. Robert Chester's Love's Martyr, or Rosa- 
lin's Complaint. 

This is said to be the only work b^ another to 
which Shakespeare contributed under his own name ; 
the poem in this case being " Threnos." 

Two Copies Known. I. Daniel's, sold in 1864 for 
;f 138 to Tite, and brought at Tite's sale in 1874, /68. 

This copy bears the following note : 

" This volume is of the greatest rarity. A copy was sold many 

;ears ago, and was purchased, I think, by Mr. Miller^ for £fA. 
*he present is a very fine and perfect one. The date is not cut 
off, the title never naving had one. The date, 1601, will ba 
found at p. 165. At p. 171 is a poem, Threnos^ by Shakespeare. 
Bound in his best style by C. Lewis. Gborcb Danxbl, CanUr* 
bury^ 1838." 

2. Mentioned in Daniel's note. 

Re^ini. There is an Ashbee-Halliwell /ae^imHe of tha 
poem, with descriptive text ; 10 copies made in 1865. 

1611. This edition has the title, " The Annals of 

Great Brittaine excently figured out in a 

worthy Poem. . . . London : printed for Mathew 
Lownes. 161 1." 

In quarto. 

Lyte's copy, July 1849, sold for £^0 10/. 

Ltbtat;; of l^arbavD anitetgit;. 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



isro. -i. 




MAkCH, 1S79. 




Already issued: 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems: a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel 

Angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 




By Justin Winsor, Librarian of the University, 

In 1760, while HoTyoke was President of Harvard 
College, George the Second died, and George the 
Third succeeded to the throne. A few months later, 
at the instigation of Francis Bernard, the newly ar- 
rived royal Governor of the Province of Massachu- 
setts Bay, who was desirous of having its principal 
institution of learning follow the example of the Eng- 
lish Universities, the succeeding notice was posted in 
the College Chapel, Saturday, March 14, 1761 : — 



for a celebration of the Death of the late King, and 
the accession of his present Majesty, by members 
of Harvard College : — 

** Six guineas are eiven for a prize, of a guinea 
each, to the author ot the best composition of the 
following several kinds : — 

" I. A Latin Oration. 

2. A Latin poem in hexameters. 

3. A Latin Elegy in hexameters and pentameters. 
"4. A Latin ode. 

" 5. An English poem in long verse. 
"6. - 

An English ode. 


Other Compositions, beside those that obtain 
the prizes, that are most deserving, will be taken 
particular notice of. 

"The Candidates are to be all gentlemen, who 
are now members of said College, or have taken a 
degree within seven years. 

" Any Candidate may deliver two or more Com- 
positions of different kmds ; but not more than one 
of the same kind. 

'* That gentlemen may be more encouraged to try 
their talents upon this occasion, it is proposed that 
the names of the Candidates shall be kept secret, 
except those who shall be adjudged to deserve the 
prizes, or to have particular notice taken of their 
Compositions, and even these shall be kept secret if 

'* For this purpose, such Candidate is desired to 
send his Composition to the President, on, or be- 
fore, the first day of July next, subscribed at the 
bottom with a feigned name or motto, and, in a dis- 
tinct paper, to write his own name and seal it up, 
writing the feigpned name or motto on the outside. 
None of the sealed papers containing the real names 
will be opened except those that are adjudged to 
obtain the prizes or to deserve particular notice; 
the rest will be burned sealed." 

It does not appear how far all the conditions of 
this call were met ; but from the offerings was 

gleaned at least a part of the contributions to a 
volume which was m typography the handsomest 
specimen of the art as yet produced in the Colo- 
nies. It was in quarto, 116 pages, and the title 
read : — 

PiSTAS ET Gratulatio Collegii Cantabrigien- 
szs apud Novanglos. Bostoni-Massachu- 



The date of publication seems to have been put 
back a year, since it was published under a vote 
of the Corporation, Jan. 5, 1762, which directed 
" that the Collection m Prose and Verse in several 
Languages composed by some of the Members of 
the College, at the Motion of his Excy, our Governi", 
Francis Bernard, Esae, On Occasion of the Death 
of his late Majesty, a the accession of his present 
Majesty, King George the Third, be printed ; and 
that his Excy be desired to send, if he shall judge it 
proper, a copy of the same to Gr. Britain, to be 
presented to his Majesty, in the Name of the Cor- 

Bernard, as Governor, had a seat at the board of 
Overseers, and it is uncertain whether he or Lieu- 
tenant-Governor Hutchinson composed the dedi- 
cation to the King, which, notwithstanding the 
terms of the vote above quoted, is the only prose 
contribution in the volume. President Quincy, 
speaking of this address, says : '* Its style and turn 
of thought indicate the politician rather than the 
student, and savor of the senate chamber more than 
of the Academy." In May, 1763. Jasper Mauduit, 
the Agent of the Province in London, mentions 
** the presentation to his Majesty of the book of 
verses from the College ; " but nothing is known of 
any expression of acknowledgment on the part of 
the King. A copy, for which the claim was made 
that it was the one sent to the King, was No. 926 in 
the Odell Sale Catalogue, New York, 1878, Part I.; 
it had G. Rex surmounted with a crown, stamped 
on the back in six places. An ornament of some 
kind had been cut out on both sides of the cover. 
There were no marks of authorship attached to any 
of the pieces. A copy mentioned, No. 1767, in The 
Catalogue of the American Library of the late Mr. 
George Brinley^ First Part, 1879, ^^ described as 
bound in "old red morocco, sides with broad gilt 
borders, and the royal arms in the centre " Mr. 
Brinley had written in it : "This is one of the very 
few copies on thick paper, intended for presentation 
to the Royal Family." Another copy with a similar 
claim is marked N in the following list. 


It is said that copies on thicker paper were sent 
to England for the members of the Royal Family, 
and very likely entrusted to the care of Thomas 
HoUis, to be suitably bound, since the copy now in 
the " King's Collection '* in the British Museum — 
the library of George III., transferred by George 
IV. to that repository — bears in the ornament re- 
presenting Britannia, an impression from a die 
which Mollis seems to have had cut for his own 
use, and a number of books presented by Hollis to 
the College Library bear this same device on their 
covers. Of this copy, Mr. G. W. Porter, the Assist- 
ant Keeper of the Printed Books in the Museum 
library, writes to me as follows, — mentioning other 
copies at the same time : " We have three copies of 
the book in the Museum, — one in George the Third's 
library ; one presented in 1763 by Thomas Hollis, 
Esq. ; and one purchased in a collection of tracts. 
None of them, however, have any inscription or any 
mark whatever. The King's copy is a nne, tall one, 
handsomely bound in red morocco, having the royal 
arms on the sides, and the figure of Britannia, sur- 
mounted by a star, in each of the panels at the 
back. The arms and ornaments diner from those 
usuallv employed in the King's library, and in all 
probaoility the book was presented bound. It may 
very likely have been the one voted by the Corpora- 
tion of the College." 

President Holyoke also sent a copy to this same 
Thomas Hollis, m London, the well-known friend 
and benefactor of the College, and his letter 
and Hollis's reply are preserved in the Memoirs 
of Hollis, p. loi, under date Sept. 25, 1762. Holy- 
oke calls it "an attempt of several young gen- 
tlemen here with us, and educated in this College, 
to show their pious sorrow on account of the death 
of our late glorious King, their attachment to his 
royal house, the joy they have in the accession of 
his present majesty to the British throne, and in the 
prospect they nave of the happiness of Britain from 
the Royal Progeny which they hope for from his 
alliance with the illustrious house of Mechlenburg." 

The Greek type used in Nos. 15, 16, and 18, was, 
according to Thomas, History of Printing, 1874, 
vol. i., p. 63, the gift of Hollis tP the College about 
1 7 18. This was the only time it was used, and the 
font was destroyed on January 24th, 1764, when Har- 
vard Hall and the Library were burned. 

The Monthly Review for July, 1763. p. 22, in an 
extended and considerate notice of the book, says 
that the collection had not been advertised for 
sale in London, but that the Review had been fa- 
vored* with a copy of it ; and closes its article as ' 
follows: "It must be acknowledged, after all, that 
this New England Collection, like other public of- 
ferings of the same kind, contains many indifferent 
performances ; but these, though they cannot so well 
De excused when they come from ancient and estab- 
lished seats of learning, may, at least, be connived 
at here ; and what we could not endure from an il- 
lustrious University, we can easily pardon in an 
infant Seminary." 

The Critical Review^ for October, 1763, p. 289, 
speaks of the contributions as "not distmguished 
by the writers' names, like the verses from our own 
Universities." Referring to the prophecy of Amer- 
ica's future rank in letters, embodied in Governor 
Bernard's Epilogus, the reviewer closes : *' We wish 
this prophecy may, and have great reason to expect 
that it will, be fulfilled in due time, as the verses 
from Harvard College seem already to bid fair for 
a rivalship with the productions of Cam and Isis." 

The closing contribution of Governor Bernard 


deserves remembrance for its merits as well as for 
the prophecy : — 

Isis et Camus placide fluentes, 
Qua novera fastot celebrant sorores 
Delerunt Vatum pretioaa Rbgi 

Dona BRiTANMa 

Audit haec Flumen, prope Boetonenaes 
Quod NuvAMGLORUM studiis dicatas 
Abluit sedes, eademque sperat 

Munera feire. 

Obstat hnic Phoebo& choraa omnis obetat 
Virig;inuni ; f nistra omcioea pensum 
Tentat insuetum indocilis ferire 

Plectra juYentus. 

Attamen, si ontd studium placendi. 
Si valent quiaquam Pietas Fideaque 
Civica, omnino rudis haud peribit 


uin erit tempus, cupidi augurantur 

ana ni Vates, sua cum Novangus 

Grandius quoddam meliusque carmen 

Chwda sonabit : 

Dum r^t mundum occiduum Brit annus, 
Et suas artes, sua jura terris 
Dat novis, nullis cohibenda metis 

Regna capessens ; 

Dum Dbus, pendens agitationes 
Gentium, fluxo moderatur orbi, 
Passus humanum genus hie perire. 

Hie renovari. 

In some of the copies, a slip of paper, inserted at 
the end, mentions three verbal or literal errors on 
pp. 10, 24, and 45, and adds : " The last stanza of 
p. 72 [No. xxi.], in some copies, to be corrected 
thus: — 

" Luddos curms per aperta coeli 
Phoebus impellens, nee Avo videbat 
Clariorem ; nee, nisi per Nepotem, 

Viderit unquam." 

In all three of the College library copies this 
stanza reads in this corrected way ; but in the Bel- 
knap copy (Boston Public Library), it reads : — 

" Lucidos cumis per aperta coeli 
Phoebus impellens^ videt haud Georgo 
Clariorem ; nee, nisi per Nepotes, 

Viderit unquam." 

In the following list of the contributions to the 
volume, the names of the supposed authors are 
given, and after them certain letters, which indicate 
the authorities, according to this key : — 

A^ Monthly Anthology, Boston, June 1809, P- 
422. An article written oy Alexander H. Everett, 
who says the names "are mostly taken" from the 
Sewall copy, "and as he [Sewall] was, at the time 
when they were written, a member of College, and 
wrote several of them himself, are probably correct." 

A? Monthly Anthology, July, 1809, p. 67. In 
which the Rev. Dr. Samuel Deane of Portland, the 
only contributor then surviving, amends the list in 
the June number. 

A? This same number, p. 67, also contains an 
anonymous note, dated July 13, 1809, ^^ ^^ ^v^ 
ject with a partial list. 

B. Dr. Jeremy Belknap's copy, bearing his auto- 
graph and the date 1762, given in 1859 by his daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth Belknap, to the Boston Public Library, 
where it now is. It has marginal notes by Belknap, 
and names appended to most of the pieces. 

E. A copy formerly owned by Prof. McKean, 
bought at the sale of his library by the Rev. Mr. 
Greenwood, and after his death purchased by the 
late George Ticknor, and given by him to Mr. 
Dowse (according to a memorandum, made by Prof. 


C. E. Norton, from Mr. Ticknor's information, about 
1844); but such a copy is not now in the Dowse Col- 
lection of the Mass. Historical Society. The assign- 
ment of names is made on the authority of the Rev. 
Dr. John Eliot, as appears from a note by Prof. 
McKean, in the copy : *' The writers, as I have been 
informed by one well conversant with our civil and 
literary history, and as a scholar ranking first in 
the very first class (Dr. Eliot), were as follows : " 
A copy in Harvard College library, bound with 
others, given in 1853 by Epes S. Dizwell, Esq., 
seemingly once the prop>erty of Dr. Eliot, for it has 
his autograph on the fly-leaf, has no annotations 

B? A copy in a volume of Tracts, given to the 
Harvard College Library by Samuel A. Eliot in 
1845, this particular copy bearing the name on the 
title, "Samuel Eliot, 1762." The names at the 
end of the several pieces, and other notes seem 
to be in the same hand, and the names correspond 
in such way to those pven in the Belknap copy 
that it is evident the mformation came from the 
same source. One of the notes, common to both 
copies, is curious. In No. xi., p. 35, is this coup- 

** Here he reetnin'd the Indiai^s thint of gore, 
And bid the murd'rons tomaz drink no more." 

Against tomax is written, " Compounded of toma- 
hawk and ax." 

The connection of the Belknap and Eliot fam- 
ilies was near. Belknap a few years later (1767) 
married Ruth, the sister of this Samuel Eliot, who 
was the founder of the Eliot professorship, and who 
became a prominent merchant in Boston. He was 
cousin of the Rev. John Eliot, named under E. 
Samuel Eliot was the grandfather of President Eliot. 

H. A copy in Harvard College Library, which 
seems to have been specially bound as a memorial. 
In it has been inserted by the late Librarian, T. W. 
Harris, 1836^ a transcript of the ** Proposal," and an 
" Index " of the writers, made out by the Rev. Dr. T. 
M. Harris, '' as I was told," says Prof. Norton's memo- 
randum, "by his son. Dr. T. W. Harris." In a few 
instances, the writine is in pencil, perhsms later, and 
these are indicated by an asterisk, u*. Harris 
owned the Sewall copy. 

Ii. A copy in the possession of the Rev. Robert 
Lowell of Schenectady, grandson of the writer of no. 
vii., who says the assignments of authorship in it are 
" apparently in the handwriting of my great-grand- 
father. Rev. John Lowell, of Newbury, Class of 
1721." This graduate died in 1767, and was the 
father of the contributor of no. vii. 

M. The Massachusetts Historical Society's copy, 
with names in pencil in a late hand, apparently fol- 
lowing some earlier authority, and corresponding in 
some respects with the copy H. The early pro- 
ceedings of the Society show that this copy was 
given to it by Dr. Belknap in 1791. 

N. A copy in the New York Historical Society, 
which being bound in morocco, gilt leaves, with the 
Royal arms stamped on the cover, and the book- 
plate of Carlton House Library within, is held to 
De the one presented to the King. It contains only 
two assignments of authorship, nos. xi. and xvi. 

S. A copv marked by Prof. Stephen Sewall, one 
of the contributors, and given by him to the late Dr. 
T. M. Harris, who, in a letter to Mr. Ticknor, calls 
Sewall "the most accomplished Classical Scholar 
of the day, which our College or Country could 

P. A copy bearing on the fly-leaf, in President 
Holyoke's hand. " Edvardi Holyoke Liber ; " be- 

neath which a further inscription points out the 
present owner, — *' Illius, Universitatis Harvardi- 
anae Praesidis clarissimi, nepos, Fredericus Henricus 
Hedge, Amico suo, antiquitatum Nov-Angliae cul- 
tori perdocto, Georgio fi. Ellis, S.T.D." The au- 
thors' names are given in the President's hand at 
the end of some of the pieces. 

W. A copy which belonged to Prof. John Win- 
throp, and was subseouently owned by the late 
George Ticknor ; but those marked W». are writ- 
ten, in that copy, in another hand than Winthrop's. 

%* If a point of interrogation (?) follows a letter, it rignifiea 
thait the authority thus given expresses a doubt on the point. 

List of Pieces. 

To THE King. LUut.-Gov. Hutchimon^ 8. W. 
Gov. Francis Bernard^ E. H*. la. It is said, erro- 
neously in Af that the Sewall copy gives it to Ber- 
nard. Eliot, in his Biog. Dictionary, gives it to 
Hutchinson, who had graduated at Harvard in 1727, 
and was now about mty years old. Bernard, who 
took his degree at Oxford in 17^6, had arrived in 
the Province in Aueust, 1760, andf was about three 
years the junior of the lieutenant-governor. 

I. Adhortatio PRjfESlDis. Guv. Francis Bernard^ 
B.W. President Edward Hoiyoki,lL\ A.^S.m 
H«?. L. M?. 8. The Monthly Review ascribes it 
to " The President." A. H. Everett adds, " Presi- 
dent Holyoke was then very old, and his Adhor- 
tatio is said to have been corrected by master 

Holyoke was now seventy-two years old, and died 
in office seven years later. He had graduated in 

TUM. Master John Lavell, Jl\ A> E. H. M ?. 8. 
W. y. Taylor, B. B? L. The Monthly Review 
says it "seems to have been written" by Holyoke. 

Lovell was at this time the head-master of the 
Latin School in Boston, and was now flfty-one years 
old, having graduated in 1728. The other claimant 
was probably the Joseph Taylor of the Class of 
1765 (died 1816) ; in which case he was a freshman 
at the time, aged fifteen years. The Lowell copy 
gives the name in full, " Mr. Jos. Taylor." 

III. Cum roseis quondam Dea, etc. Stephen Serth 
all, Af A? B. H. L. M. P. 8. W. 

Sewall had just graduated at the a^ of thirty, 
having fitted himself for college at the joiner's bench. 
He became tutor in Hebrew in 1762. 

IV. Are Monarchs then such unimportant 
THINGS, etc. Dr, Benjamin Church, H. M. 

Church had graduated in 1754 at the age of twenty, 
and was now acquiring reputation in Boston as a 

V. Of Cypress deign. Celestial Muse, to sing. 
Stephen Sewall, A} A? B. B. B? H. L. M. P. W. 

VI. Cum Britonum Regem, etc. Gov. Francis Ber- 
nardy B. H. M. W. 

VII. While thro' the British world, etc. 
John Lmvell of Newbury, A} A? B. B. B« H. M. 
P. S. W. A. H. Everett adds, ** afterwards LL.D. 
and A.A.S., member of Congress, and judge suc- 
cessively of the Court of Appeals, District Court, 
and Circuit Court of the United States." The 
Monthly Review held that these verses, " though 
said to be written by a youthful son of Harvard, 
are allowed to be nervous, and we cannot but 
congratulate the College on so promising a pupil." 


Lowell had graduated in 1760. He was the grand- 
father of Prof. James Russell Lowell, and of the 
Rev. Robert Lowell. The late Rev. Dr. Charles 
Lowell added to the Lowell copy, against his ances- 
tor's name in the list, " Mt. 17. ' 

VI IT. Cum Rex sciret Avum, etc. yanus Bow- 
doin^ A? E. H. W. Francis Bernard, B. (giving 
it " F. B. esq."). 

Bowdoin was at this time sixteen years out of col- 
lege, and had graduated at eighteen in 1745. His 
prominence as an opponent of ministerial measures, 
subsequently incurred the displeasure of Bernard, 
who a few years after they were thus associated to- 
gether, negatived him as a Councillor, in 1769^ 

IX. Proximus a primo, etc. Jtmus Bowdoin^ E. 
H. W. Francis Bernard, B. (giving it " F. B., 

X. Hark I — to what melancholy sound. Rev. 
Samuel Deane, Portland, A^ A> B. E. B? H. L. 
M. P. S. W. Cf. Willis's Portland, p. 655. 

XL Where thick-embow'ring shades. Dr. Ben- 
jamin Church, Af A> B. E. BS H. L. m. N. S. 
Peier Oliver, esq., "W. The Critical Review calls 
this much the best of the English poems. 

Judge Oliver, at this time on the Supreme Bench, 
had graduated in 1730, and was now forty-eight 
years old. 

XII. Quid sibi vult, etc. Steph^ SewcUl, Af E. 
H. L. M. P. S. W. 

Rev. Samuel Cooper, A^ E. H. Bl. S. W. Peter 
Oliver, B. E? A. H. Everett adds, "a species of 
measure generally unsuccessful in English poetry, 
lyric verse without rhyme." 

Cooper was at this time thirty-six years old, and 
had graduated eighteen years before (1743). He was 
now settled over the Brattle Street Church in Bos- 
ton, and got his doctorate, which gave him the title 
he is usually known by, in 1767, from the University 
of Edinburgh. 

XIV. Debili tentura viam volata. Stephen 
Sewall, A.\ E. H. M. B. W«. 

XV. 'EAEFEION. Stephen Sewall, A^ B. E. B? H. 
L. M. P. 8. ^W. 

XVI. 'OAH. Stephen Sewall. A} B. E. B? H. Ii. 

M. nTp. B. W. 

XVII. Hail kindred spirit \ James Bowdoin, A«. 
A? says ** J. B., esq." B. R B? H. L. M. P. 
says •* Tho't to be Mr. Bowdoin." B. 'W. 

XVIII. •EniTX*ION. Gov. Bernard, A^ B. E.B? 
H. L. M. P. B. W. 

XIX. Epitaphium. Gov, Bernard, A} A? B. B. E>. 
H. L. M. P. 8. ^W. 

XX. Epitaph. Gov, Bernard, Af ? B. B. E> H. M. 
8. W. 

XXI. In Regis Inaugurationem. H*. M. Each 
with a pencil note, which reads, "By Dr. Deane 
of Portland, then Buller in College, on authority 
of Dr. Weed, class of 1800 and Rev. Dr. Nichols." 
The Odell Catalogue assigns it to Gov. Francis 
Bernard, Cf. Historical Magaxine, ii. 281 ; and 
Willis's Memoir of Samuel Deane, prefixed to his 

X Diary, p. 290. See also no. x. 

Deane had graduated in 1760 at eighteen, and was 
at this time the Librarian of the College. 

XXII. DuM variab gratis, etc. This is not assigned 
in any of the lists. 

XXIII. QUEM viRUM MAVULT, etc Stephen Sewall, 
A^ A! B. B. BS H. K BC P. 8. ^W. 

XXIV. Epithalamium. This is not assigned in any 
of the lists, 

XXV. George gave the word. Master J. Lmell, 
Pl\ E. H. M. 8. W*. 

XXVI. DuM SERVAT STELLAS. Master John Lovell, 
A? A? B. ES L. W. Prof John Wittthrop, K\ 
E. H. M. 8. A. H. Everett adds ** It has more 
to recommend it, than mere elegance and purity 
of expression, — the usual acme of modern Latin 
poetry ; the thoughts are ingenious and happy." 

Winthrop was the Hollis professor of mathemat- 
ics and natural philosophy in the College. He was 
born in 17 14, and had graduated nearly thirty years 
before this. 

XXVII. While Halley views the heavens. 
Master John Lovell, A? A? B. B? L. VT. Prof, 
John Winthrop, A} R H. M. 8. A. H. Everett 
says ** The English translation," of No. xxvi., " is 
not much inferior to the Latin." 

XXVIII. Some Seraph touch the sacred lyre ! 
Rev. Samuel Cooper, E. H. M. W». A. H. Ever- 
ett gives it to Dr. C. from " internal evidence." 

XXIX. Tho' from thy happy shores. Stephen 
Sewall, A? B. ES L. P. "W. Peter Oliver, B. H. 
M?.(In the H. record Peter is in pencil.) Thomas 
Oliver, A^ M ?. 8. 

Thomas, of a different family from Peter Oliver, 
was born 1734, graduated 1753, and became subse- 
quently the last of the line of royal lieutenant gov- 

XXX. Tho' wealth and power. James Bowdoin, 
A? says " J. B., esq." B. B« H*. L. M. 

XXXI. Epilogus. Giro, Francis Bernard, A^ B. 
H. M. 8. ^W. 

Ltbrarr of l^arftarD anibcrstt?. / ^ 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



3sro. 5. 









Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star prefixed indicates they are not yet ready. 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems : a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel 

Angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 


5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Boors and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard College 

Library, by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

♦7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic Geometry. 

♦8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

*io. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 






Harvard UinyRRsmTy 
Cambkldqk, Mass., Jan. 30, 1879. 

Dear Sir, — The cost of the upparatus required 
for exact qaantitative determinations in the Tarioos 
branches of Physics has always been a serious ob- 
stacle to tlie prosecution of inrestigations in 
which a high degree of precision is necessary. 
We ask your faTorable consideration of a plan by 
which this difficulty may, to a great extent, be 
remedied. Almost every university or large college 
in our countiy possesses one or more pieces of 
apparatus suitable for research. We propose to 
publish in the Library Bulletin of Harvard Univer- 
sity, a list of such apparatus as complete as it is 
possible to obtain, and to enlarge and correct this 
list front time to time as occasion may require. 
Will you aid the cause of science by furnishing t» 
with ji concise list of such apparatus as you possess 
or which mnyhe under your control, and which 
you are vrilling to place, with such restrictions as 
you may deem necessary, at the disposal of any 
properly qualified person for the purposes of inves- 
tigation ? In mentioning any particular instrument, 
be so good as to give the name of the maker and 
his place of residence, and to characterize the ap- 
paratus in such a manner that its precise availability 
and adaptation to a special research may be clearly 
seen. Thus the apertures and focal lengths of the 
telescope and collimator of a spectroscope should 
be given, together with the magnifying powers, the 
number, sices, and character of the prisms, and any 
special arrangements and accessories which increase 
the range of the instrument. In the case of a 
spectrometer, in addition to the above, the limit of 
precision in angular reading should be stated and 
whether the readings are by verniers or by microm- 
eters. We propose to embrace in our list only ap* 
paratus relating to the subjects of Heat, Light, 
Electricity, Magnetism, and Sound. We do not ask 
for any statement of the restrictions you may be 
obliged to place upon the use of die apparatus under 
your control. That is a matter which may be settled 
between applicants aod yourself or the authori- 
ties in charge of your institution. Asking the 
favor of an early answer, — which may be addressed 
to either of the undersigned, — we are, with sincere 
respect and regard, very truly yours, 


Edward C. Pickrrivo. 



The use of thU apparatus may he had at the offire^ under 
appropriate regulations. Applications must be made 
to Capt. C. P, Patterson, Supt. U, S. Coast Survey, 

1. Comparators of Length, ^ 

a. Saxton's Pyrometer, or mirror comparator, for 
end measures. 

6. Repsold's Contact-level comparator, for end 

c. Saxton's Tracing and Comparing machine, for 
line measures. 

d. Hilgard's Comparator, for line and end meas* 
sures for any length between three and forty inches. 

e. Rutheifhrd's Micrometer, with two screws at 
right angles and circle of position for measuring 

' stellar and solar photographs. 

2. Standards oj Length. 

a. Standard Iron meter of original committee for 
establishing metric system (end measure). 

6. Standard British yard |line measure). 
» „ „ (end measure). 

Eighty-four inch scale, divided to tenths of inches, 
made by Troughton and compared throughout by 

e. Decimeter divided into centimeters and millim- 
eters, compared with the original standard meter. 

d. Copy of Toise, accurately compared. 

8. Apparatus for Weighing. Balances of preci- 
sion for maximum charges of 100, 10, and 1 kilo- 
grams, and 100 and 1 grams. 

4. Stamdard Weights. Standard Troy and Avoir- 
dupois pounds ; kilogram in platinum and in brass 
accurately compared. 


Applications for use must he made to Professor Joseph 
Loverin^. Chairman of the Rumford Committee, 
Cambrtage, Mass. 

1. Meyerstein's spectrometer. Aperture of collimator 
and telescope, 8.8 centimeters ; magnifying power 
of telescope 18 times ; graduated circle reads by 
means of two micrometers to two seconds. Instru- 
ment intended to be used with a diagonal eye-piece 
for obtaining reflection at right-ang&s to the reflect- 
ing surface. It is not well adapted for measuring 


indices of reflraction, except by the special method 
for which the instrument was designed. 

2. Large hollow prism of glass with moveable f^lass 
faces held in their places by springs. Angle 60^. 

8. Prof. ./. Trowbridge's EUctro-dynamometer. In- 
strument for measuring the strength of powerful 
electric currents such as are produced by dynamo- 
electric machines. Mean radius of fixed coils 153.3 
millimeters. Instrument described in Proceedings 
of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Oct. 9, 

4. Thomson's Galvanometer, resistance 6 ohms. 

RuMFOBD Cabinet. 

In Charge of Professor Wolcott Gibbs, 

1. A spectronuter by B runner Fr^res, of Paris. 
The instrument has a single graduated circle 10 cen- 
timeters radius, reading by two verniers to 6 seconds 
of arc, and by a micrometer eye-piece to about 
2 seconds. The telescope and collimator have 
83 centimeters focal length, and 3.4 centimeters 
aperture. The micrometer is provided with cross 
and also witli parallel spider lines and with a sepa- 
rate collimating eye-piece. The spectrometer stands 
upon a plate of metal which can be made to re- 
volve, so that measurements by repetition are 
practicable. The instrument is in perfect adjust- 
ment, and has every thing necessary for the de- 
termination of wave lengths and of indices of 
refraction. In connection with it the Rumford Cab- 
inet possesses ; 

2. Two gratings, Nos. 1 and 2, ruled on speculum- 
metal by D. C. Chapman with Mr. Rutherfurd's 
engine. One of these, No. 1, has 8648 lines to the 
inch and a ruled surface (4.3 cm. X 5.2 cm.). The 
other has 17296 lines to the inch and the same ruled 
surface as No. 1. They may be adjusted to the 
spectrometer above described by plate-holders con- 
structed by William Grunow of New York, with all 
necessary requirements for the measurement of 
^ave lengths. 

3. A collimator, 0.1600 meters focal length and 
6.5 centimeters aperture, mounted upon a stand and 
specially adapted to the study of the extreme visible 
red and violet ends of the spectrum. Object-glass 
by A Ivan Clark and Sons. A quartz lens of the 
same focal length is to be added to this instrument 
from the workshop of Steeg and Reuter, in Horn- 
burg vor der Hohe, as well as a telescope with 
quartz objective and eye-piece for observing the 
ultra-violet spectrum. 

4. A portfAumilre by Duboscq. A Foucault's 
heliostat has been ordered, and may be expected 
in the course of the summer. 

5. VurordVs apparatus for measuring the intensity 
of light corresponding to any part of the risible 
spectrum. Telescope and collimator 25 centimeters 
focal length. Apertures, 2.8 centimeters and 2.1 
centimeters. The instrument was made by Schmidt 
and Haensch, of Berlin, and is complete with prism 
and colored glasses. 

6. A direct-vision spectroscope with 2 sets of 9 

Erisms each. Set 1 contains 4 prisms of car- 
onic disulphide and 5 of crown glass. Set 2 
consists of 4 prisms of flint and 5 of crown. 
The length of the instrument is 00 centimeters. It 
is provided with a scale telescope, and the observing 

telescope has the usual angular motion. This in- 
strument is also by Schmidt and Haensch. 

7. An inductorium by Apps, of London, giving a 
4-inch spark. 

8. Three thermometers by Baudin, of Paris, reading 
to .01 degree Centigrade. 

No. 1. Reading from 0^.6 to 12^ Centigrade. 

No. 2. „ „ 12° to 28°. 

No. 8. „ „ 28® to 860. 

In these instruments the weights of the bulbs, stems, 
and contained mercury are given. 

9. Edison*s tasimeSer^ made by Patrick and Carter 
of Philadelphia, and adjusted by Mr. Edison. See 
American Journal of Arts and Sciences, 3d series, 
vol. XVII., p. 52. A galvanometer suited to this in- 
strument will be found in the cabinet in charge 
of Prof. Trowbridge, together with the requisite 
batteries and Wheatstone s bridge. 

In connection with these instruments, the follow- 
ing belonging to the Rumford Professor are also 

1. A large spectroscope with telescope and collima- 
tor of 4.75 centimeters aperture and 5.6 centimeters 
focal length. Magnifying power from 8 to 60 times. 
Object-glasses by Fitz of New York. Six hollow 
prisms of carbonic disulphide — glass faces 6X8 
centimeters — arranged on Mr. Kutherfurd's plan, 
so that all the prisms are constantly in the position 
of minimum deviation. The stand, observing tele- 
scope, and prisms of this instrument may be used 
in connection with the long collimator belonging to 
the Rumford Cabinet. 

2. A larae hollow prism, with angle of 80^ — glass 
figures X 8.5 centimeters — for Prof. Gibbs's solution 
of phosphorus and sulphur in carbonic disulphi le. 
See American Journal of Science and Arts, vol 4, 
p. 6, 2d series. 

3. Two flint glass prisms — faces 8.5 X 5 centim- 
eters — which may be used singly or together. 
Angles of 60^. 

4. Prof. Gibbs^s double or compensating prism tor the 
study of absorption spectra. See American Jour- 
nal of Art and Sciences, vol. 4, p. 8. 

5. Fitje gratings ruled with Mr. Rutherford's 
engine : — 

No. 1. Ruled on speculum metal, 6480 lines to 
the inch. Ruled surface 2.1X2.8 centimeters., 
Metal a little tarnished. 

No. 2. Ruled on glass and silvered ; 8640 lines to 
the inch ; 7021 lines upon a ruled surface 2 X 2.7 
centimeters. Covering plate of glass cemented 
with Canada balsam. 

No. 8. Ruled on glass for spectra by transmission. 
6480 lines to the inch. Ruled surface 1.7 X 2.7 

No. 4. Ruled on glass for transmission of light. 
12960 lines to the inch. Ruled sur&ce 1.8 X 2.7 

No. 5. Ruled on glass and silvered. 13321 lines 
on a space 19 X 24 centimeters, with covering glass 
cemented by Canada balsam. • 

Kirchhofrs, Angstrom's and Mascart's maps of the 

Mr. Rutherfurd's original photpgraphs, together 
with the German lithographic reproduction of the 

Mr. Rutherfurd's recent photographs taken with 
the diffraction spectrum. Thalen's map of the ab- 
sorptive bands of iodine vapor. 

The thermometers by Fastr^, of Paris, carefully 
compared with an air thermometer reading from 
0® to 100° C. 




In charge 9f Professor John Trowlrridge. 

1. Eddmann's instrament for measuring horizontal 
an<} Tertical intensity of earth '» mflgnetistn. 

The peculiarity of this instrament consists in its 
allowance of a long suspension, and in its torsion 

2. A standard ohm, and two boxes of resistance 
coils running from one to five thousand ohms. 

3. An mda<iion coil made in the horseshoe form 
and provided with iron plates for armatures. The 
two induction coils comprise a resistance of 12,000 

4. Galwvnomrier for abtniute measure. Maker : Edel- 
mann, Munich. A short coil minor instrument, 
adapted for absolute measure by certain methods. 
Resistance, six ohms. 

6. Thomson's Rpflecling Galvanometers, One of 
6,880 ohms* resistance, — a differential instrument. 

One of six ohms' resistance adapted for heat 

6. Thompson's Quadrant Electrometer, Made by 
White of Glasgow. 

7. Cathetometer. Maker : I^erreaux, Paris. Reads 
by vernier to ^-J^ of millimeter, or by micrometer 
to Y^ ^^ * millimeter. Focal length of objective, 
18 centimeters ; magnifying power of telescope, 80 

8. Dividing Engine. Maker: Perreaux, Paris. 
Screw, 61 centimeters long. Fitch of screw, one-half 
of a millimeter. Micrometer head reads to one 
four-hundredth of a millimeter. Instrument adapted 
only fur graduating tubes and scales, or for com- 
parison of graduations. 

9. Large Spectroscope. Designed by Prof. J. P. 
Cooke, of Harvard University. Two trains of prisms. 
One of nine bisulphide of carbon prisms of 45°. 
One of nine flint-glass prisms of 45°. Graduated 
circle reading to 10 seconds, also a micrometer eye- 
piece. Magnifying power of telescope, 10 times; 
focal length of objective, 46 centimeters ; aperture, 
6.5 centimeters. 

10. Reading telescope and tcale. On brass levelling 
stand. Telescope provided with two objectives : one 
for short, the other for long, distances. 

Magnifying power for long distances, 22 times. 

„ „ „ short „ 30 „ 

Focal length of the objective for long dlst. 80 cm. 

„ short „ 23 
Aperture of objectives, four centimeters. 




In charge of Professor E, C, Picturing. 

List of instruments not in constant use, and available for 


1. East Transit Circle^ by Troughton and Simms, 
of London. Aperture of telescope, 4^ inches ; focal 
length, 5 feet. Described in vol. i., pt. 1, of th^ 
Annals of the Observatory, p. 46. 

2. West Equatorial, by Alvan Clark and Sons, of 
Cambridge. Aperture of telescope, 6^ inches ; 
focal length, 7^ feet. Described in vol. viii. of the 
Annals of the Observatory, p. 31. 

8. Portable Transit Instrument, by Herbst, of Pul- 
kowa. Aperture of telescope, 2f inches; focal 

length, 83 inches. Eye-piece at end of axis. De- 
scribed in vol. VIII. of the Annals of the Observa- 
tory, p. 28. » 

4. Uowditch Comet-seeker. Aperture, 4 inches ; 
focal length, 33 inclies. Described in vol. viii. of ihe 
Annals of the Observatory, p. 32. 

6. Telesco^ie, by Lerebours. Aperture, 3 inches ; 
focal length, 60 inches. 

6. Telescope, by Aivan Clark and Sons. Aperture, 
3^ inches ; focal length, 39 inches. Object-glass 
slightly damaged. 

7. Variation transit, by Troughton and Simms, 
of London. Aperture of telescope, 1} inches ; focal 
length, 18 inches. 

8. Traveller's transit theodolite, No. 8627, by L. P. 

\i. iSsxtant, by Spencer, Browning, and Rust. 

10. Spectroscofje, by Troughton and Simms, of 
London, with two prisms, and Professor Winlock's 
apparatus for recording observations, as described 
in vul. VIII. of the Annals of the Observatory, p. 33. 

11. Spectroscofte, by J. Drowning, of London, 
with one prism, and Professor Winlock's apparatus 
for recording observations. 

12. Spectroscope, by Alvan Clark and Sons, of 
Cambridge, with five prisms and reflecting prism to 
send the light a second time througii them. Dis- 
persive power exceeding that of 22 oniinary prisms. 
Prisms not movable. Described in vol. viii. of tlie 
Annals of the Observatory, p. 35. 

18. Lens of plate-glass. Focal length, about 40 
feet ; aperture, 4 inches. 

14. Lens corrected for chemical rays. Focal length, 
32 feet 6 inches ; aperture, 4 inches. 

15. Photometer, by Ausfeld, of Gotha, on plan of 
Professor Zollner. 

10. Occultutor (for computation of occultations) 
on plan of Rev. Thomas Hill. 

17. Position circle, read by verniers to minutes of 

18. Thermometric chronometer, by C Frod»ham, of 
London, No. 3424, constructed so as to increase its 
daily rate by 6^M1 on a reduction of one degree 

19. Clock, by W. Bond and Son, of Boston, 
No. 312. 

20. Small chronograph, by Herbst, of Pulkowa. 

21. Portions of the magnetic apparatus described in 
vol. I., pt. 1, of the Annals of the Observatory. 

Property of Professor William A, Rogers, 

1. Small line and circle graduating engine. This 
machine is designed for all kinds of graduations, 
in which the length of the line to be ruled does 
not exceed 2 inches. The errors of the screw for 
one thousandth of an inch have been carefully in- 
vestigated. It is not automatic in its action, 
and hence is not adapted to ruling difl'raction 
gratings. The circular graduations are only 

2. Machine for original graduation of circles from 
1 inch to 15 inch disc. 

8. Machine for shaping and polishing diamonds 
for marking on glass and on all kinds of metals. 
4 Microscope comparator for short lengths. 

5. Comparator for long standards of length. 

6. In process of construction at the Waltham 
Watch Factory : A universal line graduation engine. 
This machine is designed, — 

(1.) To rule Nobert's bands. 
(2.) To graduate both short and long standards 
of length. 


is.) To rale diflTraction gratings in which,—- 
a) Any required relation between the relative 
width of the lines and the spaces may be secured. 

(6) Errors of any required magnitude may be 
introduced, whether individual or systematic, with- 
out interference with the remaining graduations. 

Professor Rogers is prepared, — 

(a) To make centimeters and inches which are 
aliquot parts of the coast-survey standard meter 
and yard marked, Y. ^ M. No. 2. 

(6) To compare meters and yards, or any aliquot 
parts of the same, with standaz^ds. 

(c) To determine the distance between the end 
lines of diffraction gratings in terms of the coast- 
survey yard or meter, Y, ^ M. No. 2. 

id' To compare end measures with line measures. 

(«) To make transfer copies of the yard and 
meter adopted as a standard. 

{J) To determine the coefficients of expansion of 
metal bars of any length not exceeding 44 inches. 


Medical School, Physiological Laboratory. 
In charge of Proftnor II. P. Bowditch. 

1. ThotMon*s Galvanometer, No. 26, Elliott Brotli- 
ers. Resistance at 65° F. = 6995 B. A. units. 

2. Wiedemann's Galvanometer, with mirror and 
two pairs of coils of 4000 and 98 turns respectively. 

8. British Association Unit of Resistancef No. 74, 
right at 16.60 C. 

4. Pendulum Myograph, described by Dr. J. J. 
Putnam at the American Academy, March, 1879. 

5. Cylinder Chronograph, Baltzar, Karolinen 
Strasse, 14, Leipzig. 

6. Chronograph, with long roll of paper. Baltzar. 

7. Clqck for making or breaking an electrical cir- 
cuit once in 1, 2, 8, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 80, or 60 seconds, 
the duration of the make or break variable from 
to 4 seconds. 



For the use of this apparatus application may be made 
to Professor A. M. Mayer. 

1 . Apparatus for the determination of coefficients of 
4'xpansion, Consists of the tube (invented by Pro- 
cessor Mayer) to hold the rod under measurement. 
This tube is so constructed that the rod up to its 
terminal planes is kept permanently at the tempera- 
ture of melting ice, or at the boiling-point, or at any 
intermediate temperature by passing a current of 
water or hot oil through the tube ; at the same time 
the terminal planes of the rod are exposed for abut- 
ment against micrometer screws, &c. The rod 
is supported in the tube at quarters of its length 
from its ends, and the weight of tube and enclosed 
rod is taken off the V's of the apparatus by straps 
and spring balances. 

The measuring part of the apparatus is entirely distinct, 
and at a distance from the tube. The tube is only 
placed in contact with the measuring apparatus at 
the moment of making the measurement 

The measures are made by Saxton's reflecting 
comparator, or by micrometer screws brought up to 
the ends of the rod, and contact determine by the 
closing of a voltaic circuit. 

Successive contacts, made by successively placing 
the rod (cooled to melting ice), give a range of meas- 
ures on a rod one meter long, equal to about viriinr^^ 
of an inch. Micrometer screws, pitch -^th and 
Y^th inch. 

2. Vertical Comparator, with contact level, microm- 
eter screw, pitch » ^^ inch. Well made, heavy 
cast-iron frame of T section, mounted on a cast-iron 
tripod base. 

8. Apparatus for the comparison of yard and meter 
(yard or line measures), by Airy's method. Massive 
casMron plate with guides, two micrometer micro- 
scopes, with apparatus for handling measures. 

4. Spectrometer. Circle divided by Brunner of Paris, 
reading by vernier to 6". Telescopes : one set, one 
inch aperture, 10 inch focus. Another set : collimator, 
5 feet long and observing telescope, 18 inches 
focus. {Property of Prof. 'Mayer.) 

6. Interferential nefractometeir of Arago. Tube of one 
meter for holding gas whose index of refraction is 
to be measured. Collimator six inches ; observing 
telescope, three-quarters of a meter focus. 

6. Two of Hipp*s Chronoeeopes. 

7. Electric Clock, to be used in connection with 
inductorium and rotating cylinder, to determine the 
number of vibrations of tuning-forks and other 
solid bodies. 

8. Spherometer, by Brunner, of Paris, furnished 
with a contact lever. Pitch of screw, 0.5 millim- 

9. FuU sets of resistance coils, condensers, and high 
and low resistance Thompson galvanometers. 


Department of Phtbics. 
In charge of Professor Charles R. Cross, 

1. Cathetometer, by Staudinger. Scale graduated 
to millimeters ; length, 1020 millimeters. Vernier 
reads directly to X millimeter. Focal length of 
telescope is 280 miUimeters. One division of level 
corresponds to 6'^ 

2. Dividing Engine, by BufC and Berger. The 
microscope is carried by two screws moving at right 
angles to each other, so as to give two co-ordinates. 
The pitch is J^ inch, and the length of the screws, 
16 inches ana 4.5 inches, respectively. Circles are 
divided into 100 parts, read by estimation to tenths. 
The instrument is arranged especially for measure- 
ment rather than for graduation. 

3. Spectrometer, by Clark. Furnished with five 
60^ and one 80° prisms, the latter silvered on its 
rear surface. A greater or less number of prisms 
can be used at will. Face of prisms 6.7 centimeters 
X 7.8 centimeters. Focal length of telescope 70 
centimeters ; diameter of object-glass, 6.2 centim- 
eters. Diameter of cirele 48.6 centimeters, reading 
to lO'' by verniers. Smaller angles are measured 
by spider-line micrometer. The same telescope 
serves as collimator and observing telescope, the 
method of reflection from the silvered surface of 
the glass being used. 

4. Diffraction Grating, ruled by Chapman on Mr. 
Rutherfurd's engine. 17,266 lines to an inch; 


30,600 spaces. Area of ruling, 4.5 oentimeters 

6w T¥)o jmsnu of quartz, W^, faces 6.6 centimeters 
X 4.0 centimeters. Also Tarious prisms of flint glass 
and heavy glass. 

Eaton's Direet-vUion Prism of glass and carbon 
disulphide. Small direct-vision prisms of glass. 

6. Poiarimder of Professor Pickering, for Sky- 
Polarization. See Proc. Am. Acad., toL ix. 

7. Wheatsione's Bridge, by Elliot, measuring from 
.001 to 1,000.000 ohms. 

8. Thomson's Long-toil Galvanometer. Resistance 
8.000 ohms. Thomson's short-coil gaWanometer 
for thermo-electrical work ; resistance, ^ ohm. 

0. B. A. Divided Meter Bridge. 

10. Tangent Galvanometer, 86 coils, 26 centimeters 
radius. Gaugaln Tangent and Sine GalTanometer. 
Cosine Galvanometer. 

11. Induction Coil, by Ritchie, giving 6 inch 


In charge of Professor 0, N, Rood, 

1. Newman's Standard Barometer; diameter of 
tube, 0.6 inch ; reads to ^J-jj- inch. 

2. Grunow's Spectrometer, Focal length of lenses, 
14 inches ; diameter of circle, inches ; aperture, 
1.8 inches ; reads to 10 seconds. 

8. Cathetometer, Length, 800 mm. ; focal length 
of telescope, 10 inches ; aperture 1.1 inches. Pro- 
vided with extra object-glass for reading at short 

4. Wild's Photometer, simple construction, dia- 
meter of circle, 6 inches. 

5. Apparatus for measuring the velocity of sound 
in rods of wood, by means of longttudinid vibra- 
tion. Described in American Jouraal of Science, 
vol. xviL 

6. Magneto-electric Machine, by Wallace (no 

7. Ruhmkorjf's Diamagnetic Apparatus. 

8. Tangent Compass. Diameter of circle 18.5 

9. Original Siemens Unit. 

10. lulmholtz Apparatus for Vowel Sounds. 

11. Koeni^s P/umautograph. 

12. Koemg*s Cylinder, for determining the vibra- 
tions of tuning-forks. 

13. Nachet's Large Inverted Microscope. 

14. Koenig's Monochord. 
16. Lissajou's Comparateur. 

10. Comparateur for the standard yard. 


Physical Labosatobt. 

In charge of Professor Rowland. 
Ths list does not indude tqtparatusfor demonstration. 


All the ordinary apparatus by Koenig of Paris, 
including Helmholtz's double siren, Lissajou's vi- 
brating microioope, Hastings' pendulum compara- 
tor, &ۥ 


\, Meyerstem Spectrometer — large model. The 
circle is of 16 centimeters radius, divided on silver 
to 6' and reading by two microscopes to 2". The 
probable and periodic errors of graduation have 
been investigated, and are given in the American 
Journal of Science, voL xv. p. 270. Having a 
common axis with the large circle is a table rotating 
independently, 6.5 centimeters radius, graduated on 
silver limb and by two verniers to single minutes. 
The massive stand has a jtoint by which the circle 
may be brought into a vertical plane. Aperture of 
telescope and collimator 4.0 centimeters, focal length 
34 centimeters, powers from 13 upward. A smaller 
telescope 2.0 centimeters aperture, 18.0 centimeters 
focal length, power 7 may be placed on a third 
support rigidly connected with the microscope 
bearers. The accessories of this instrument are : — 

(a). Two telescopes with Nicol prisms before ob- 
jectives : longer diagonals of prisms, 2.0 centimeters ; 
length of telescopes, 20.0 centimeters; power, 3; 
position angles of prisms read by circles of 8.5 centi- 
meters radius to minutes of arc. 

{h). Babinet's compensator with wedge of 3 cen- 
timeters available length. 

(c). High power collimating ocular. 

(d). Low power collimating ocular. 

{e). Three micrometer eye pieces. 

2. Spectrometer, by Schmidt and Haensch. The 
circle has a silver limb 16 centimeters radius, 
divided to 6^ and read by microscopes to 2'^ Table 
in centre has a graduation 6.0 centimeters radius, 
reading by verniers to 1'. Aperture of objectives 
of telescope and collimator, 3.9 centimeters ; focal 
length, 85.0 centimeters; power, 13. The angle 
between lines of collimation of telescope and 
collimator may be read by small circle to single 

3. Steinheif*s Spectroscope. The clear aperture of 
train, including two 60° prisms, is 4.0 centimeters. 
Focal length of collimator and telescope ^.5 centim- 
eters, |>owers, 8, 12, etc. Photographic scale. 

4. Silbermann's Heliostat, etc. This instrument, by 
Duboscq, has two mirrors 18.0 centimeters by 9.0 
centimeters, one silver under glass and the other 
si 1 ver . A 1 so, porte-lumihre, 

5. Jamin's Interferential Refractometer, with tubes 
100 centimeters long, for the study of refraction in 
gases and a glass trough 20 centimeters long for 
liquids, by Duboscq. 

6. Complete apparatus for the study of phenom'< 
ena of interference, by Duboscq. 

7. Photographic Apparatus. Objective 6.1 centim- 
eters aperture, and about 40 centimeters focal 
length for plates ; 10 X 12 inches, by Steinheil. 
Dark room, collection of chemicals and every thing 
necessary for experiments on the subject. 

8. BecquereVs Photphoroscope, by Duboscq. 

9. Polarizing Apparatus, from Steeg; also from 

10. Apparatus for producins monochromatic light 
of any color. Designed by Hastings and made by 

11. Prisms, gratings, etc. 

a. Hollow prism from Meyersteln; aperture, 
6.1 X 5.2 centimeters. 

b. Hollow prism from Steinheil; aperture, 2.2 

c. Thallium glass prism from Steinheil ; aperture, 
4.8 centimeters. 

d. Two flint glass prisms from Steinheil; aper- 
ture, 4.7 centimeters. 



e. Crown glass priBnu from Steinheil ; aperture, 
4.8 centimeters. 

/. Two qaartz prisms from Steeg; faces, 8.4 X 
3.0 centimeters. 

g, Iceland spar prism ; &oes, 2.6 X 2.2 centim- 
eters, by Steeg. 

k. Two rock salt prisms ; faces 6.0 X 4.0 centim- 
eters, by Steeg. Also rock-salt lens. 

t. Large Nicol's prism, largest diagonal 6.6 centim- 
eters. Also a number of smaller ones. 

j. Gratings on speculum metal 4.8 X 3.9 centim- 
eters with 8648 lines to the inch and 4.4. X 44 cen- 
timeters with 17896 line#to the inch, and a smaller 
glass grating with 8648 lines to the inch, all by 
Chapman with Rutherfurd's engine. 

Kirchoff's, Angstrom's, and Rutherfurd's maps 
of the solar spectrum. 

k. Old telescope by I>oIlond. Objective about 
4 in. diameter and 6 ft. focal length. 

Electricity and Magnetism, 

Tlie distinguishing feature of the apparatus for 
these subjects is its accuracy and the determination 
of the constants in absolute measure. The collection 
is unique in this reiipect 

12. Rowiand'a Absolute Electrometer for potentials 
represented by sparks of about 0.1 to 1 inch. De- 
signed on Sir Wm. Thomson's guard-ring prin- 
ciple and constructed by Edelniann of Munich. 
Guard-ring 83.6 centimeters diameter, and can be 
separated about 7 centimeters, the distance being 
read by vernier to 0.01 centimeter. Movable disc 
10 centimeters diameter, trndjirmlg attached to arm 
of a balance sensitive to 1 mgr. Balance moves 
only .01 centimeter, and means of two distances 
of the discs are taken, the one to move it to upper 
and the other to lower stop. Weights of from 1 to 
6 grammes ordinarily used. Discs ground and 
polished to mirror surface after nickel-plating. 

13. Rowland's Electrostatic Standard Condenser. 
Constructed by Granow of New York One sphere 
within the other nickel-plated and ground to mirror 
surface^ with extra ball for interior. Balls, 7 and 
8 inches diameter. Hollow sphere, 10 inches diam- 
eter. Apparatus for centering. Radii determined 
bv loss of weight in water. Can be charged and 
discharged any number of times at rate of three 
per second, by means of fine wires which pass in 
momentarily from outside and so do not change the 
capacity much. Any condenser can be compared 
with it by means of an electrometer. 

14. Thomson's Quadrant Electrometer, by White of 
Glasgow, with Thomson's key. 

16. Condenser ^ microfarad by Elliott. 

16. Commutator's for high (say 1 inch spark) as 
well as low tension. 

17. Rowland* s Galvanometer for the absolute meas- 
urement of discharges of high tension. Constructed 
by Rowland and Schneider. Coils wound with 
paper between, and boiled in parafflne in vacuo at 
100^ C. to be thoroughly dry. Needle shielded from 
electrostatic action, and deflection read by mirror 
and scale. Number of coils about 11000. Constant 
on the cm. gr. second system 19091. = G of Maxwell 
as determined by comparison with galvanometer 
described in American Journal of Science, vol. xv., 
p. 834. See no. 17 below. 

18. Rowland's abtolutt Galvanometer for the measure 
of quite weak currents. Constant 1838.2. See Amer- 
ican Journal of Science, vol. xv., p. 834. Constant 
very accurately known. 1790 turns. Can be used as 
sine galvanometer or with mirror and scale. Hori- 
zontal circle reads to V, but is readily estimated to 

80^'. Telescope and bar for determining horizontal 
intensity in exact position of instrument. 

19. Rowland* s Tangent GaJcanometer, brass circle 
60 centimeters diameter. Circle graduated to 16^ 
and 20 centimeter diameter. From 1 to 24*3 turns 
can be used, the constant of each set being known 
with great accuracy. Made by Meyerstein, but al- 
tered and wound and coils measured by Rowland. 

20. Two Tliomson's Galvanometers of high and low 
resistance, the first differential with coils around 
both needles and set of shunts. Made by Elliott of 

21. Two Nobili Astatic Galvanometers by Elliott, 
and one by Salleron. 

22. Wiedemann Galvanometer with two sets of coils 
and two kinds of needles. Reading by mirror and 

23. Galvanometer with large wire for experiments 
on the damping effect of the coils on the needle, and 
for determining resistances in absolute measure. 
Designed by Rowland and made by Schneider in- 
strumen^maker at the University. 

24. Tangent Galvanomctery wooden circle, with rari- 
ety of coils of known constant. 

26. Mirror Galvanometer. 

26. Rowland* s wooden circle^ 84 centimeters diame^ 
ter, carefully laid up out of mnple wood, and con- 
taining several grooves on the edge to contain single 
wires. It is used to surround a galvanometer when, 
by aid of the electrodynamometer, the horizonal 
intensity can be measured at any instant. Ex- 
tremely useful. 

27. Electrodynamometer of form given in Maxwell's 
Electricity, vol. ii. p. 830. Outer circles about 27.6 
centimeters diameter with 240 windings on each 
side. Constant, G, of outer coils 78.871 on cm. qm. 
second system. Inner coils about 6.6 centimeters 
diameter, with 63 coils in each. Moment of in- 
ertia of suspended coil accurately known. Con- 
stant calculated and also determined by comparison 
with a tangent galvanometer made of the circle de- 
scribed above. Made (partly) by Gurley of IVoy, 
and circles wound and measured by Rowland. 

28. Electrodynamometer, Quincke's form for weak 
currents. Made by Edelmann of Munich. 

29. Standards of Resistance mounted so that they 
can be placed in water. 1 and 10 ohms by Elliott ; 
10, 100, and 1,000 ohms by Warden, Muirhead, and 
Clark of London ; also mounted in another style 
1, 10, and 100 Siemens' units, by Siemens and Hal- 
ske of Berlin. Also three copies of coil whose abso- 
lute resistance was determined by Rowland as 
84.719 earthquad.-r-sec. 

30. Resistance coils in boxes 1 to 10,000 and 
10,000 to 100,000 ohms by Elliott, and 1 to 10,000 
Siemens' units by Edelmann. 

81. Rowland's Resistance Comparator. Ten coils of 
10 ohms each, arranged so that they can be joined 
in series or abreast thus making 1, 10, and 100 
ohms besides intermediate ones. Made by Schneider 
and adjusted by Rowland. 

82. Tvoo bridges of Jenkins' form for the accurate 
comparison of equal resistances, and also a Wheat- 
stone bridge, having wire of platinum-iridium alloy 
one meter long, by Elliott. 

38. Magneto-electric Machine for 1,200 candles, by 
Siemens Brothers, London, with engine to drive it, 
and both Siemens' and Foucault's lamps. Also bat- 
tery of 60 large bichromate cells. 

84. Ruhmkorff coil, spark 16 or 20 centimeters, by 
Ruhmkorffof Paris. 

86. Roijoland's Earth inductor with brass circle. 80 
centimeters diameter, wound and measured by Row- 
land. Made by Meyerstein of Gottingen. 


86. Ruhmkorff*8 ApvarcUus for diamagnetism. 
Made bv Ruhmkorff oi Paris. 

87. Electric Clocks beating seconds from regulator. 

88. Rowland's Standard of tledtromagn/fAxc Indue- 
tion. Three coils on brass cylinders which can be 
placed accurately on top of each other. See Amer- 
ican Journal of Science. Mutual potential of coils 
with unit current 3775500., 2561974., 2051820, etc., 
on the cm. grm. second system. 

89. Telescopes^ Scales, and Mirrors. Silvered brass 
millimeter scale by Brown and Sharp. Mounted 
telescope by Steinheil, objective 4.0 centimeters dia- 
meter, with three oculars, giving powers of 20, 40, 
and 80. Unmounted telescope by Steinheil, object- 
ive 2.7 centimeters diameter, and 8 oculars. 

Mounted telescope and paper scale by Meyer- 
•tein : objective, 2.7 centimeters diameter. 

40 Thin mirrors and plain parallel glasses by 
Steinheil. The mirrors give a perfect image with the 
highest magnifying power. 

Thomson's lieplenisher on large scale for use with 
electrometer, tloltz and friction machines, Leyden 
^ar batteries, Geissler tubes, &c. 


41. Rou^and's Instrument for comparing the mercitrial 
with the air Thermometer between and 100^ C. Con- 
structed by Schneider instrumen^maker at the Uni- 
versity. Readings seldom differ more than 002° or 
0.030 Q^ gt any one point, especially up to 40° C., 
and a change is contemplated which will much 
improve it. 

42. Rowland's Instrument for comparing Thermome- 
ters from 0° to about 300° C. Constructed by 
Schneider. Accurate to about 0.1° C. 

48. Reqnaxdt's Air Thermometer, Golaz, Paris. 

44. Jolly's Air Thermomettr, by Berberich, Prae- 
parator, Phys. Inst. Univ. of Munich. 

45. RegnaulVs Apparatus for Expansion of Gases 
both at constant pressure and constant volume, also 
Regnault's form of Rudberg's apparatus, Golaz, 

46. Regnauh's Apparatus for Tension of Vapors, 
including: a. Theooiler; b. The reservoir for com- 
pressed air; c. A rotary pump for compressing 

fases ; d. Mercurial manometer. Maker, Golaz, 

47. Regnauh's Apparatus for specific Heat of solids, 
Golaz, Paris. 

48. liegncudt's Hygrometer with Aspiralor, GoUiZ, 

49. Thermometers, about 80 or 40, principally by 
Baudin, Paris, and Geissler, of Bonn. Many of 
these liave been compared with the air thermometer 
as well as with standards by Fastr^, Casella, or from 
Kew. The thermometers up to 40° C. undoubtedly 
represent the air thermometer more accurately 
than any so far constructed, and are supposed to 
agree with it to about 0.01° C. They have been 
compared with it eight times during about one 
year or more. The error in calorimetric investiga- 
tions from using uncompared thermometers may 
amount to two per cent. 

60. Rowland's Apparatus for determining Change of 
specific Heat of Liquids with temperature. Con- 
structed by Schneider. 

51. Dulong*s Apparatus for the Heat of Combustion, 
Salleron, Paris. 

52. MeUoni's Apparatus for radiant energy, Sal- 
leron, Paris. 

68. Two Instruments for the Calibration of mer- 
cviriml thermometers, one by Golaz and the other by 

54. Rowland's Apparatus for determining the mechan- 
ical Equivalent of lieat, or for investigating the spe- 
cific heat of liquids and their change with rise of 

This instrument was constructed by the aid of 
funds contributed by the Rumford committee of 
the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, but 
the instrument will remain for the present at Balti- 
more. It was constructed by Schneider. It is run 
by a petroleum engine, no. 66 below. 

*<>* To be constructed soon : — 

Apparatus for compressing gases to 1000 atmo- 

Apparatus for accurately determining tlie form of 
the adiabatic curve of gases and vapors at any tem- 
perature up to about 100° C 


55. Comparator, by Meyerstein, for bars 1 meter 
long. Microscopes cannot be set nearer than 10 
centimeters. One division of head of micrometer 
screws is about j^ millimeter. 

56. Microscope Comparator, designed by Rowland 
after Rogers' plan, and made by Grunow. 

57. Dividing Engine, by Perreaux. Free motion 
about 55 centimeters. Screw, i millimeter thread. 
Head divided into 250 parts. 501 divisions of head 
gives 1 millimeter almost exactly. Subsidiary screw 
at right-angles to other one. 

58. Air Pumps. Rotary and common, by Ritchie, 
of Boston : mercury, on Jolly's plan, by Berberich, 
of Munich. 

59. Rotary Pump for compressing gases to 15 at- 
mospheres, Golaz, Paris. 

60. Three Mercury Gauges ; one about 25 meters 
high, and measuring pressures up to about 88 atmo- 
spheres ; one movable and measuring pressure from 
1 to 4 atmospheres ; and one measuring from to 1 

61. Barometer, by James Green of New York, 
with very large tube. 

62. Two Cathetometers, one by Meyerstein, and the 
other by Salleron. 

68. Standard Meters, compared at Washington. 

64. Balances and Weights. One balance weighing 
to 5 kilo, and accurate to about 1 mg. with weights 
from 5 kilo, to 1 mg. One weighing to 200 grms. 
accurate to about 0.1 mg. with weights from 100 gr. 
to 1 mg. These are by Schickert of Dresden. One 
heavy balance weighing to about 25 kilo, and ac- 
curate ta about 0.1 grm. by Schneider. 

Standard glass kilogramme on Jolly's plan, and 
compared with Berlin standard. From Berberich 
in Munich. 

The first balance mentioned is mounted on top of 
a case, so that globes for weighing gases can be 
suspended beneath it. 

05. Clockwork with Foucault's regulator for run- 
ning small apparatus at a regular velocity. 

66. Petroleum Engine of three-horse power. It is 
capable of giving a large amount of compressed air 
at more than 100 pounds to the square inch pressure, 
and might be used for repeating Thomson's and 
Joule's experiments, or any others on the flow of 

67. Two Spherometers, large by Meyerstein, and 
small by Salleron. 

68. Several extra micrometer eye-pieces. 

69. Apparatus for Researches on the Flow of Liquids 
Greatest ayailable head about 1.4 meters. 

%* Nos. 18, 24, 26, and 27 and the silvered scale of no. 
89 belong to Professor Rowland, but are used In the labora- 



Biological Laboratobt. 

In charge of Professor H, N. Martin, 
Apparatus for excuA Aft-asurements, 

1. Pendulum myographion, modified from Fisk's: 
available for the measurement and analysis of 
rapid morements. The instrument consists essen- 
tially of a pendulum carrying a glass plate at the 
bottom, swinging on friction rollers, and corrected 
for the latitude of Baltimore, so as to swing in one 
second. Behind the pendulum is a divided arc, 
and the amplitude of the swing can be varie<l from 
a few inches to four feet. In use, an electro-magnet 
is moved along the divided circle, and then — the 
current being closed through it — the pendulum on 
being raised is held by it. On the other side is a 
catch, also movable along the arc. By turning a 
key at the side, the current in the electro-magnet is 
broken, and tlie pendulum swings across, and is held 
by the catch on the other side. During its transit, 
the movement to be analyzed is inscribed on the 
glass plate, which is previously smoked. Designed 
by A. 6. Dewsmith, Esq., Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, England. Made by Elliott, London. 

2. A set of three pairs of Konig^s recording tun- 
ing-forks for measuring small periods of time : giv- 
ing respectively 60, 10^, and 200 double vibrations 
per second. 

3. Bernstein's differential rheotom, with Helm- 
holtz's electrometer to drive it. Zimmermann, 

4. Two Sir Wm. Thompson's reflecting gal- 
vanometers ; one large and the other small resist- 
ance. Elliot. London. 

5. Ludxoig*8 kymographion : to give uniform hori- 
zontal movement to an endless sheet of paper, on 
which vertical movements can be recorded and sub- 
sequently measured and analyzed. The instrument 
is provided with an electro-magnetic chronograph. 
Made by Fulcher, Cambridge, England. 

6. Kymographion. Modification of the above. 
Made by Warden, Muirahead, k Black, London. 

7. " Signal " of Deprez. Electro-magnetic chron- 
ograph, recording up to 250 double vibrationa per 

8. Chronograph of Masey. Similar to above, 
recording to TiiTt}*B o^ ^ second. 

9. SpeOroacope^ one prism, by Browning, London. 

10. iTiU's PWans<ro6omefer. Schmidt and Haenach, 

11. Compietelg fiUsd Microscope by Zeiss, Jena. 
With microspectroscope and polarizing apparatus. 

12. Seconds Clock with electric Attachment, Elliott, 


5. Micrometer-level, constructed by Alvan Clark 
& Sons. Telescope 45 centimeters focal length and 
4 centimeters aperture, in Y's moved by vertical 
micrometer screw reading to O^'.S by estimation of 
tenths. Intended also for use with eye-piece mi- 
crometer. One division of level tube (0.15 cms) =» 
8.''7. Transverse level and slow motion for rotat- 
ing telescope in Y's. Horizontal finding circle 
graduated to degrees. 

6. Light Micromtier-level, Telescope 21 centim- 
eters focal length and 2.5 centimeters aperture, in 
Y's moved by vertical micrometer screw, reading 
to l'^4 by estimation of tenths. One division of 
level tube (0.25 centimeters) = 1''.8. Horizontal 
finding circle graduated to degrees. 

7. Microscope4ube and accessories, specially de- 
signed for measuring spectrum photographs. Also 
a standard plate of 24tlis of an inch : rulings on glass 
by Prof. William A. Rogers. 

8. A large douUe Induction CoH of the form devised 
by Prof. John Trowbridge. 

9. Apparatus for the determination of the mcckaniccd 
equivalent of II eat. Devised by Prof. Henry A. Row- 
land of Johns Hopkins University and now in his 


Libcar; of l^arbatb aniftewitt. / 

^ . H ■ 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



]sro. 6. 










Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star prefixed indicates they are not yet ready. 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems: a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel 

Angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 


5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Books and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard College 

Library, by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

♦7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic Geometry. 

♦8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

♦10. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 


%* The following list comprises such of the books and manuscripts in the library of Charles Sumnsx, 
bequeathed to Harvard College Library, as have bibliographical or other curious interest. 

Aobflloi Tathts. Deir amore di Levcippe et 
di Clitophonte, nvovamente tradotto dalla lingva 
greca [by F. A. Coccio]. Venetia, Loremini, 1560. 
sm. 8^. ff. (7), 113 [iiij. Vign, i vol., vellum. 

The dtle-pai^ is Uluslrated. A few MS. notee are on the 
mmn^ins and loaide of the front cover. 

Addison, Joseph. Cato. A tragedy. As it is 
acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her 
Majesty's servants. London. 1713. 8°. ff. (4), pp. 
62 '^. Large paper, i vol., red mor., gilt. 

This IB the original edition, mounted on fine drawing l>aper, 
and with the following illustrations added bv Mr. John Dilfon : 

— I. l*be playbill ot wnat was probably the last performance of 
Cato» in London, Jan. 9, 181 a. — s. Two portraits of Kemble 
as Catn» with interesting autograph memoranda by Mr. Dillon. 

— 3. Portrait of Addison by Houoraken. — 4. Autograph letter 
of Addison to Ambrose Phillips, dated Dec 31, 170H. — 5. Por- 
trait of Addison. — 6. Extract from ** Iconographie instructive," 
containing a bioeraphical sketch of Addison. -> 7. Three por- 
traiu of Alexander Pope —8. Portrait of Robert Wilks.— 
a A curious original document siened by^ Barton Booth, Robert 
Wilks and Colley Gibber (three oT the original players of Cato). 

— 10. Two portraits of Barton Booth.— 11. Two portraits m 
Colley Ci^pber.— la. Portrait ol Garth. 

Claudius. iEliani Variae historiae 
libri XI 1 1 1. Rerumpublicarum descriptiones ex 
Heraclide. Cum latina interpretatione. Editio 
postrema, multo quim antehac emendatior. [Trans- 
lated and edited bv Justus Vultejus. Coloniae 
Allobrogutn], apvd loan, Tomassivm* x6io. 32^. 

The name of the place in the imprint is written in ink. — On 
both udes of the cover is stamped in nit the coat-oi-arms of 
some bishop and count of France. The library has also a copy 
of the 1605 edition. 

AUaooi (Zo/. Allatins), Leonb. De libris 
ecdesiasticis Graecorvm, dissertationes dvae: qua- 
rum vni, diuinorum officiorum potiores & vsita- 
tiores libri percensentur : alteri, triodium, pen- 
tecostarium, ol paradetice examinantur. Parisiis. 
1645. ^' ^^' 

** Louis XI Vth's copr, in rich old red morocco, gilt edges, the 
sides and back covered with the crowned L auia fleur-de-lys, 
intermingled in gold, and haying the royal arms within a wreath 
as centres." — See printed slip pasted on fly-leaf. 

A MS. note on fly-leaf, signed '* Carolus de Mcrvimille studio- 
rom praelectus,'* certifies that on Aug. 3, 1673, this book was 
given by the king to Christopher FromonL On the title-page is 
written, ** Ex libris Christopnori fromont 1677.*' 

(Zo/. Ananias), Giovanni Lorenzo. 
De Natvra Daemonvm, Libri Quatuor. Cum Indice 
Rerum memorabilium. Vtntiiis, apud A/dum. IJ89. 
sm. S^'. ff. (6), pp. 211. l^igM, I vol., br. crushed 
levant, gilt, with inside borders prettily tooled. 
Bound by F. Bedford. 

Pasted on the first front fly-leaf is a printed notice of the 

Antoninna, Marcus (Annius Verus) Aurx- 
UUS, J^oman Emp. PensMS ou Le9ons de vertu que 
ce prince philosophe se faisoit i lui-m£me. Nouvelle 
traauction du greCi distribu^ en chapitres, suivant 

les matiires, avec des notes & des variantes. Par 
M. deJoW. Paris. 1770. 8°. Port, of the dauphin 
and of Marcus Aurelms, i vol., pig-slun, gilt, hned 
with figured gilt paper. 

This book is dedicated to the dauphin, afterwards Louis XVL, 
and has his coat-of-arms. stamped in gilt, on both sides of the 
cover. Pasted on the back of the first front fly-leaf is a printed 
notice of the book. — On the title-page b written, ** H' de Co- 

(Apianua (Germ, Bienewlta, ^ Bennewits), 
Petrus]. Cosmo | graphise Introdvctio | cum qui- 
busdam Geometriae ac Astro J nomiae principijs ad 
eam | rem necessarijs [Colopnon : — ] Venetijs per 
lo. Antonium de Nicohnis de Sabio, | sumptu & re- 
quisitione D. Melchioris | Sessae. Anno Domini. I 
MDXXXV. Mensis lanuarij. sm. 8®. ff. 31, (i). 
VigH,f diagrs, and maps. 

See Harris*^ 9 " Biblioth. Amer. Vetust," p. 333, no. 20a. 
The passages relating to America are marked on the margin with 
nencu, ana a MS translation into English is inserted between 
S. as and a}, lite library has another copy with 153a in thi* 

Aretino, Pietro. La vita di Maria vergine. 
Nuouamente corretta e ristampata. [Venetia. dr, 
1540.] sm. 8^. ff. (148). /. L, zportrs. 

See Brumtt ** Manuel du libraire," L 416. On the first 
front fly-leaf is written, " Cuesto Libro e di Eustado de la Salle 


di Reins. 1594. 

ArloatOk Lodovico. Orlando fvrioso, tvtto 
ricorretto, et di nvove figvre adornato. Con le 
Annotationi, gli Auuertimenti, & le Dichiarationi 
di Girolamo Ruscelli, la Vita deir Autore descritta 
dal Signor Giouambattista Pigna, Gli Scontri de' 
luoghi mutati dall' Autore doppo la sua prima im- 
pressione, La Dichiaratione di tutte le Istorie, & 
Fauole, toccate nel presente libro, fatta da M. 
NicoI6 Eugenico. Di nvovo aggivntovi Li cinque 
Canti, del medesimo Autore. Et vna Tauola de' 
principij di tutte le stanze, & altre cose vtili & 
necessarie [by G. B. Rota]. Venetia, Vincenzo Vol' 
grist. 1566. 8°. ff. (16), pp. 682 [678]. Vign. and 
51 plates. 

The "Cinqve canti" has a apedal title-page, with the date 
1565 in the impint. 

This copy oelonged to Louis XIV., king of France, and his 
arms are atamped in gilt on both aides of the cover. — Se« 
printed notice pasted on the first front fly-leaL 

Axiatotelea. Probl^mes d'Aristote et avtres 
philosophes et M^decins selon la composition du 
corps humain. Auec ceux de Marc Antoine Zimara. 
Item, Les solutions d'Alexandre Aphrodisee, sus 

Slusieurs questions Physicales. Lion. 1570. 8^. 
• (4)1 Pp* 252, f. fz). Vign, I vol., gr. crushed 
levant, gilt. Bound by Cap^. 

This translation has been attributed to George de La Bouthi- 
^re. — See Am^Mtt** " Diet, desouvrages anon.," IIL 1048; 
Brunefs ** Manuel du libraire," L 475. The volume is from 
the library of the marquis de Morante, and hu book-plate, 
stamped in gilt on brown morocco, is pasted on the inside of the 
front cover. — See MoratU^s " Catalogue," r/c. I. 64, no. 331, 
irtiere the tranalatiom is ascribed to Jean Castriot. 


[AagulB, Pierre Ren6]. Les revelations indis- 
cretes du XVIII* si^cU ; par le cardinal de Bernis, 
Bossuet, Cabanis, C^rutti, Champcenetz, la mar- 
auise du Chitelet, Ch^nier, Diderot, Duclos, Frank- 
lin, M. Garat, Mme. Geoffrin, H^rault de S^chelles, 
le r. p. Lachaise, Laharpe, M. Mercier, J. J. Rous- 
seau, Saint-Martin, Thomas, Voltaire,. Washington, 
etc. ; le tout pr^c^de des confessions, lettre apolo- 
g^tique sur I'^tat present de la litterature. Paris. 
1814. 12°. 

Imperfect : pp. i77'«8o are wanting^ 

AnguiellifGiovANNC Aurklio. loannis Arrelii 

Avgvrelli [poemata]. — In fine: — Venetiis in sedi- 

bus Aldi mensc Aprili. M. D. V. 120. ff. (128). 

/. Z. 

The ist folio contains only the name of the author; the ad 
and i37tK are blank ; the 128th contains the anchor. Stamped 
in gilt on die sides axe the arms of Louis Joseph de EiourlMm^ 
prince of Cond^. 

Aagnstmvs, Aurblius, Saints Bp. of Hippo. 

Libri XIII confessionum ad 3. MSS. exemp. emen- 

dati. Opera et studio H. Sommalii. Lugduni, apud 

DanUlem Elzevirium, 1675. ^°^' '^^- 

The title-page is engiai««d. On the inside of the second front 
fly-leaf is written, " Ex Libris Desjardin A. L. D " and on the 
third fly-leaf in another hand are written five lines, beginning 
"qui dit," etc. signed '^A. L- D" as before; on one of the 
fly-leaves at the end of the book is written, '* Renouf iS59(?) " 

Antograplis. [Album amicorum Christian! 
Gravii. MS. containing the autographs of John, 
Christian, and Maurice, Dukes of Saxony, 1639, 
Hermann, Landgrave of Hesse, 1632, Cnristian 
and Ernest, Landgraves of Hesse, 1633, William and 
Philip, Landgraves of Hesse, 1638, Louis, John, 
George, and John Casimir of Anhalt, 1641, P. G. 
Count of Hohenloe, G. Cruciger, J. Matthaeus, J. 
G. Dorscheus, J. Macrinus, J. Schmidt, J. R. Salz- 
mann, J. Valentinns, Caleb Hasselt Voltager, C. C. 
Cruciger, and of numerous learned professors, &c , 
with drawings of a cavalier playing on the lute, and 
of coats-of-arms. 1632-45. j obi. 32°. £f. (212). 

125 only of these leaves are written on ; there are besides 
three vellum leaves inserted, on one of which the "cavalier" is 
drawn. — The title is taken from tlie printed notice pasted on the 
inside of the front cover. 

Autographs. [Autograph album, which for- 
merly belonged to Camillus Cardoyn, a Neapolitan 
nobleman, who resided in Geneva from 1608 to 
164a] sm. 4^. pp. 283. ^2 painted escutcheons. 

ConUnis; — Sara Sarrasin, Geroldus Edlebachius, Joh. 
Henricus Svicerus, H- Sales, Friderich Jeune Marquis de Baden, 
C. Gryhanus princeps Anhaltinus, P. M. C. de Hairax^ean 
Rodolphe Steiner, A. Van der Graeft. Gulj. Vander Graef t, Theo- 
dorus a Leubben, William Vueclale, Ihomas Bilson, Henry 
Winwood, Ludouicus Comes Wit^ensteinensis, Henry Clifforde, 
W. Cranbome, Rose (?), Thomas Whartonus, Bernardvis Raro 
de Virtna, Emanuel de la Nagrelle (?) Seigneur de la Riche- 
quittard (?), Henr^ Fitz waiters, Henry de Chinray Segneur de 
la Barre (?), Georgius Baro Berkeley, lodocur Janssonius (?), Spe. 
Compton, Jean Frideric Peyer de Haslach de Scbaffouae, Sly- 
regeige de Brite (?), Will. Pagett, Fra: Stane (?), Gullianme 
S^nser, Andr : Knyveton Baronet, Richard Holt, Gaif. Nightin- 
gale, Gugliel. Ducy, Jacques de Croft, J. Touche, Edward Bon- 
sara, G- rrumbull, will Gresley, Cesar Erard (?), Hieronymus 
Rans, Jeronimo CoHmans, Henry de Willhem, Matthias Bodius, 
Ludoutcus Eberhardus, Philippus Heinricna Comes ab Hohcnloif 
et Dominus in Lungeb., Jean Baron de Zerotin, Bartolomaus 
Baro a Zerotin. Fridericus L. Baro i Kauniz, Balthasar Baro i 
2!erotin, Charles Cristof Baron de Zerotin, Gallus L. Baro in 
RJiggnitz et Peraegge, Joannes Fridericus i Wolffstein, Baro in 
Superiori Saltzbuvgo et DAs in Pyrbaum, Berohardus Werdmyl- 
lerus, Joannes Corrance, Edward Ayscoighe, Mauritius L. Baro 
in RMggnitz et Pemegg^ Sigismundus L. B. de Burchhaus et 
SCoiz, Joachimus Gerstorn, Jean Christophe de Maxen, Johannes 
Dormer, Caspar Ueinrich von Bamadorituai, Edmundus Batty, 
-— — Christophus Witzreden (?), Cornelius ik Beresteyn, 
THOMAS WENTWORTH, [Earl of StrafiFord], Joannes 
Camber, Henricus Gailielmus i Starhembei^ Gundaccarus i 
Starhemberg, Georgias iunior Baro a.Stubenberg, Wolffgangus 
Baro fl Stubenberg, Ptdlipptis Fridericus Breixker . JL Bjuo, 

Jacques Vanden Damme, Gothofredus Breiner L. Baro, Sittich 
de Berlebsch, Joannes La^er, Daniel Sinapius, Otto Mordian 
de Malzpurgh, Jolian Mainolff von der Malzpurgh, Richardus 
Griffith, Moritz von Haddien, Rickletius ab Haddien, Adrianus 
Zieglenis, Johannes Parkinson, Wiliiam Dunche, J. Tracy, 
Ulncus Wencelaus L. Baro 4 Biberstein, Joli. Henricus Meis- 
terus, Will : Marshall, Moritz von Falkner, Josas Caril Schuch 
(?), Ludowig von Weriorsssa^s (?), F. B. Flodroff Kause (?), 
Gilbert Pykeringe, Waller Strickhnd, Jehan Reidessel (?), 
C«sar Cafandriu& Joh. Gosuyn Bosman, Bartholonie Reael, 
loh. Andreas k Corput, Daniel A. Hysbaga, Christo£F von 
Kriichswitz, Sigismund von Krtlchswiu, Millet von Hang- 
witz (?), Franz von Nessitz(?), Corn. Gothofredo Fintch, Chris- 
tophe Ernst de Ueberiz, Warkneart Urzeik von Urzeik (?), 
Ulrich Prate, Tho: Whitaker, Ganaes Gartmann (?), Caiiis 
Danhoer, Lufar Mesapoiibo(?) Alfaaidt von Braadsin, Loys de 
Bils, David Weznikde Weznik, JOANNES MILTONIUS, 
Dan. Bougetou, Thomas I'irrell, R. Baker, Jacobus Hamiltonus, 
Rich. D'Ewes, Forso de Veils (?), Joh. k Drist, Joan. Steinberg, 
Imannus de Zuylands, Jacques de Herloge, Em^t Friderich von 
Normc, C Croockf Gulielmus ERschop, Augustus ]>raK:hsCedi, 
Heinrich voa Einsiedell, Caspar voa Stein, t rana Philip Ma«>* 
shall von Orhcim, Tobias ab Hamberg (?) Marcas Mauritius 
Normanus, S. Klybescus (?), Johannes Regnardus, Henry de 
Schweintz, Adam de Schwemtz, Johannes k Sdiweinichen, 
Jacobus Bnmd, Jacobus Bvoaie], Odetiode Manua, Justus Zin- 
gerling, Philipp Streuff, Joachimus Von Bock, Joachimus 
Wemerus, Johan Georg von Salzledt, Franz von Wethen, 
Swigs. Dan. Wags., ^ohan de Mario k Gaauaanoiem, 
Petr. von Scholtxdorfl^ Joan Jacob Vinther, [Sr.j, Joa* 
lacob Vinther, Jr., Christophorus Finck, Henricus Wordea- 
hofif, Albertus Finck^ Chnstian Roslings von Scfaeirbergh, 
Renard Hori (?), Fridericus Rosa, Christianus Rosa, Don» 
nicus & Syxma, Caspar voa Dorlarz, Joannes Ludouicus 
Wol£F, Robertus Hatley, J- Hampden, Roger Knight, Jfacob 
Heinrich Harte von Bertabach, Hieronymus Ha^elshaimer, 
Joannes Wismairaus, Christ<^horus Agncola, Grittiaus Mad- 
docks, Michilel Bartschius, Thomas Gurreius, Hugo May, Otto 
von Halchweit, Guili: Wii^^feldus, Gui.i: Armynus. Henrycus 
Poulettus, Nicolaus Eggebrecht, Riccardo Norton (r), Clemens 
Colinerus Abrahamus Plato, Geoiig. Preussen, Humiredus 
Tufton, Wm. Crayford, Caroius Fridericus ab Inhausen ec 
Kniphaosen, Caspar von Wohwolds, Gerlach Ernst von Bop- 
kim (?), Jean Morrien, Hieronyinus Ettich, Jean de Beveren, 
Caspar Meninffis, Bemhardus Forchenbeck, Johannes Uietb 
Diethmarsus, Jos. Georgius Zieglerua, A. Crastauader (?^ Caspar 
Endelft, Petrus ab UfiFell, Paulus Borenbeig Junior, Theodorus 
Colbiua, Laevinus k Frybergen (?), Taoobus a Vrybereen, Johan 
Christoph. Schwallenbeig, Andre Koch, Carl Raodo.!, Leopoldt 
Kennert, Teodor von Bannkaufc (?), Adam Wall von Knecht- 
witz (?X Siegfridt von Flader, Hugo Rosxus, Johannes Francus, 
Ernestus Scbefe Von Zell, Martmus Daleunus Schenaz, Hob- 
bius ab Aylua, Joannes Rous, Francois Lodreniaa de MiUy, 
Fridericus Lingelshemius, Julius (?) Guils. Zincgreiius (?}, Joham 
Burcard Wetel, Matthias k Viersseu, Otto Hobbema, Johannes 
Vuevsselig, John Smythe, Erich von Lanthe (?), Basset Cole, 
De Laforge, Job. Henf- Balber^, Hermannus ab Hundschausen, 

{o. Junius, Henrico Kivtt, Hieronimus Pretor(?), — Henricus 
indner, Joannes vom Berg, Leonhardus Widmannus, Nicolaus 
ansooius^ Joachimus Kraz, Andreas Onol, Georeius Christoph. 
Ortol, Anthony Weldon, Paulus Stoll, PhiUppus Seagel, 
Bemhardus Rosing, Guglielmo Vander Burch, Joh. Celianus 
Horib, Nicolaus Kitterousius, Joh. Christophorus Stol&is, 
Edwardus Wrayus, Hermannus Vultetus, Casparus Haller von 
Hallerstein, Burchliadus Ewick(?), Simon Ertman, 'Vho. Le 
Gros, Henry Butler, Wolffganeus Adamus Pacho>be. Ed. fron- 
sfde, John Cooke, Fred, de Wries, Adv. Vander Houck, Joh. 
Daniel Herp£Fer, Fridericus Praun Korib, Michel in Cuna de 
Nuremberg, Georgius Fick, Eberhardt Reinstfeldt Georg von 

Rottnitz, Fridericus S Caniiz, Joachim Enedre, Retmar 

Fridrich V. Vrietespelt (?). Casparus k Siofel, Leonhardt von 
Vestitz, Georcius i Rollwitt, Johan Burchard, Giovanni Am- 
monio, Jean de Wolff de Spauheim, Wilhelm Beuner, Ste|>haiius 
Dobbin, And. Conradt Giistrov, Valentin Ebertus, 
Hungeiford, Jean George de Zedlitz, Johann S.4ndeih von 
Lanms, Edmund Gybbon, Joh. Henricus Hoizhalbius, Cbris- 
.tiaen Walens, Hans Christoff von Rothenbitz, Heinrich Frie- 
drich Springsfel(L Jacobus Prior Delph, Justus Heaningus 
Storrer, Petrus Beigius, Jesovus Vexulum (?), Jean Moule, 
Theodoras Oelent. Georgius Frideriais Fomn, Otto Hartmaa 
von Shiatzgus, Jdlian von der Kock, Frederidi von d Kock^ 
Johaanes Friedenberg. Fridrich Sack, Pub. Wimberley (?), F. 
Elzevier, Henry Bludder, Julius Bludder, Robertus Hanard, 
Samuel Browne, Henry Drahmeicr, Hermannus Barekhesen, 
Toachtmus Godersen, David Pensnora, Johannes Sutton, Nko- 
laus Wind, Augustus Vindelius, Georg Bartholimy, David 
Ejrhart, Josu^ Kixton, Sam. Tomson, Georg. Thomaison, Jean 
Heidock, Conradus Schiniketus, Zacharias Ldbbehe, Octauian 
Pullen, George Courtbop, A. Heiliigrew (?), Nicolaus Woll^ 
Eangus, Christianus Scheel, Otiho RuattS., Georgius Ftaem, 
Achilles Kk^, Christian Stougard, Wittm- Bagot, James 
Hodgson, Victor George, Heinrich Langenberic, Johannes 
Jtirgens Hychoa, Joachim Edwarmeostei^ Mniel HerriagSDatv 
ohannes Rodolphtis Heislerus, Theodore de Jteik, Johaanai 



Ludtmcus de Laogenback, Dc Ceuff| Jacobus Bardelius, Jacobus 
de Boch, Nicolaus d« Bye. 

Between pp. 109 and no is a cutting from the *' London 
daily iie%n" ot Oct. j, j86i, about the autographs of Mihon; 
alsoy a scrap from the " Boston evening transcript *' of Jan. o, 
t9bo, ia reference to this album. On the first page is Cardoyn s 
own name and ooat-of-anna. On the third page is a list of the 
pages where important names occur. 

A tracing of the auttigr^h above noted of J. Hampden was 
submitted to Mr. Bond, keeper of manuscripts m the British Mu- 
seum, who unhesitatingly says it is not that of the English patriot. 

{Autograph album, which form- 
ohn Esaias Sommer, probably 
a native of Gotha, containing pen-and-ink and pen- 
cil sketches and complimentary inscriptions by 
many of his friends, which are dated at different 
places. The dedicatory leaf reads : — " Sufiicit. £lx- 
cellentes Praeclarosq. Viros vidisse atq. eos adijsse. 
Johannes Esaias Sommer Gothan. Anno 1680. d : 12 
Sept : " — Preceding this is a portrait of Sommer, 
around which is the legend, " Spes mea Christus."] 
ff. (132). obi. 24^. 

Ninety-seven leaves are blank ; some of the sketches are un- 
finished, and many liave no name appended. On the outside of 
the front cover is stamped in gilt " .1. £. S. -1.6.80 " A printed 
notice of the album is pasted on the inside of the front cover. 

AntograplM. [Franks of commoners. 1800*1840.] 
6 vol. 80. 

Vol. I. has the book-plate of Qe(»ige Grole pasted on die in- 
side of the front cover. 

Aatographs. [Franks of peers. 1799-1845] 
6 vol. tf <'. 

AntographB. [Manuscript letters, documents, 
etc. written or signed by George Monk, duke of 
Albemarle ; William Prynne ; duke of Alva ; Sir 
Francis Bacon ■ Louis Blanc ; Charles V., Roman 
emperor aqd king of Spain; Christian Ernest, Er- 
nest Frederick I., Francis Josiah, dukes of Saxe-Co- 
burg-Saalfeld ; Louis de Crillon ; Oliver Cromwell ; 
Cardinal Guillaume Dubois ; John William, duke of 
Saxe- Eisenach ; Elizabeth, of Bohemia ; Francis L, 
of France ; Frederick L, Frederick IL, P'rederick 
III., Ernest II., dukes of Saxe-Gotha ; Hugo Grotius 
{Du/cA De Groof ) ; Hans Hartmann von Erffa; 
Henry III., of France; Henry VIII., of England; 
Charles de Latouche ; Frederick II., of Prussia; 
Maximilian L, Roman emperor; Bernard, Ernest 
Louis I., Frederick William, Anthony Ulrich, 
George Frederick Charles, dukes of Saxe-Metn- 
ingen ; Louise Eleonore, duchess df Meiningen ; 
Philipp Melanchthon ; James Monroe ; Alexander 
Murray ; Philip II., of Spain ; Timothy Pickering ; 
Ren^ I., duke of Anjou, count of Provence, etc.] 
Cardinal Richelieu ; Henry, duke of Saxe-Romhild ; 
Sir Samuel Romilly ; Jean Jacques Rousseau ; John 
Ernest, duke of Saxe-Saalfeld ; Wallenstein ; Wil- 
liam Ernest, duke of Saxe -Weimar ; Capt. Edward 
West.] 4<'. dportrs, and engr, 

Aiitograpbs. [Manuscript letters, documents, 
etc. written or signed by George Villiers, 1st duke of 
Buckingham ; Charles IX., of France ; Elizabeth, 
of England ; George II., of England ; Henry IV., of 
France; Henry Vll., of England; Thomas Jeffer- 
son; James Madison; Leibnitz; Louis XL, of 
France ; Louis XIII., of France ; Louis XIV., of 
France ; Cardinal Mazarin ; Catherine de' Medici ; 
William Mitford ; Cardinal Richelieu.] fo. 

AatographA. [Manuscript letters, poems, essays, 
memoranda, etc. \n distinguished men and women 
of Europe and America. Collected by Charles 
Sumner.] 3 vol. 4°. 

I. Autographs of J. Q. Adams ; J. L. Adolphtis : Sir E. H. 
Alderam ; Washington AOston ; Anne, of Austria ; Lady Aime 

Margaret Anson ; Benedict Arnold ; SaraUi Taylor Austin ; 
Chanes Babbage; Joanna Baillie; George BaucroA; S - ■ 
Bannister; Joshua Bates:—— Bauer; Dr. Osmond de Beai> 
voir ; Jeremy Benthaoi ; Richard Bentley ; Nicholas Vansittart, 
Lord Bexley; Peregrine Bingham i Countess of B'esaington; 
Robert Bium; Luden Bonaparte: Mme. Maria Laetiiia Ramo- 
lino Bonaparte : C. G. G. Botta ; Jdin Bowring ; John Brad- 
shaw : Sir David Brewster ; Charles ds Com^, aiunt de Brissac; 
Lord Brougham; Robert Browning; W. C. Bryant; Wiiliam 
Buckland ; Buckle ; Bulwer Lvtton ; William Bui^e : Lord 
Byron ; Sir John Campbell ; Thomas Campbell ; Georgiana 
Dorothy Cavendish, Lady Carlisle ; George Howard, 6th earl 
of Carlisle ; Thomas Carlyle ; William Chambers ; W. £. Clian- 
ning; Sir Francis Chantry ; Charles II., of England; Chateau- 
briand; Joseph Chitt^; H. F. Chorley; Gen. William Clark; 
Henry Clay ; A. B. Cochrane ; C- R. Cockerell ; Sir Edward 
Coke ; Coleridge ; Sir Thonaas Coltman ; George Combe ; 
James Fenimoce Cooper ; Philip Courtenay ; Lord Cranworth ; 
Cresswell Cresswell ; Andrew Cross; R. B. Crowder; R. H. 
Dana ; Lorenzo Da Ponte ; Thomas, ist Lord Denman ; Charles 
Dickens; Thomas D'Oylv; Alexandre Dumas ; Dumont ; J- G. 
Lambton, ist earl of Durham ; Alexander Dvce ; George Dyer ; 
William Eaton ; Eckermann ; T. (?) B. (.') Edgeworth; Mount- 
Stuart Elphinstone; R. W. Emerson; Sir WiUbm Erie; Lord 
Erskine ; Thomas Erskine, Esq. ; Calvin Fairbank ; Faraday ; 
Theodore Sedgwick Fay ; F^neion ; Ferdinand V., of Aragon : 
Isabella, of Castile ano Leon ; C. W. Wentworth, 5th earl of 
FiuwUrnm ; J. F. FlaM ; J. B. Floyd ; J. J. G. Foelu ; Sir W. 
W. FoIleU ; John Forster ; Elizabeth Gumey Fry ; J. C. Fuller; 
Mai^ret Fuller ; T — — (?) Gamier ; Pascual de Gayangos ; 
De Gerando ; OtUvio Gigli ; W. S. Gilly ; Goethe ; Wiiriam 
Goodell *, Robart Gourlsy ; Jakob, count de GrSberg yom Hem- 
so ; Horatio Greenough ; John Grq;son ; Mrs. Grote ; Sir John 

II. Autographs of Adolf Haakh ; Sir Henry Halford ; Hallam ; 
Sir W. Uamiiton ; Sir W R. Hamilton : John Hancock ; J. C. 
F. Haug ; Hawthome ; Abraham Hayward ; Heeren ; Sir John 

Herschel ; J. A. Uillhouse ; Proi (?) Hoerdt ; Hope & Co.. 

bankers; Henry Hope; Hottinguer & Co., bankers; Samud 
Gridlev Howe; Mary Howiti; Alexander von Humboldt; Jo> 
seph Hume: David Humphreys; Leigh Hunt; Robert Ing« 
ham; Sir R. U. Inglis; Robert Innes (?); Edward Irving ; 
Washington Irving : Andrew Jackson ; Francis Jackson ; G. P. 
R. James ; Mrs. Jameson ; David Jardine ; Thomas Je£Ferson ; 
Lord Jeffrey ; A- J. Johnes ; N. H. Julius ; Charles Kemble ; 
John Kenyon : H — — BcUenden Ker; A. J Kemer; Rufua 
King; K. T. Koeraer ; Lafayette ; Lamartine ; Charles Lamb ; 
W. b. Landor; Lord Langdale; Lord Lansdowne; J— — 
Temple Leader; Thomas Lefroy; Thomas William Coke, earl 
of L^iicester of Holkham ; Joseph Liard; Sir John Littledale; 
Lockhart ; Longfellow ; Lyeil ; Lord Lyndhurst ; Henry Mack- 
enzie; W. C. Macready; Mme. de Maintenon; J. H. Harris, 
3d earl of Malmsbury; Edward Maltby, bishop of Durham; 
Homce Mann ; Mrs. Maroet ; Armand Marrast ; John Mar- 
shall ; W Marshall; Harriet Martineau ; T.J. Mathtas; 

Cardinal Mazarin ; Lorenzo de' Medici ; Marie de* Medici ; 
M. H. £. Meier ; d. F. Mercer; Herman Merivale ; J. S. Mill ; 
Geo. William Miller; R. M. Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton; 
Mirabeau ; Mary Russell Mitford : Sir W. Molesworth ; Basil 

Montagu; Mrs. Anne D— — B Montagu; Christopher 

Moore ; Thomas Moore ; Lady Sydney Morgan ; Raphael Mor- 
ghen ; James Morier ; Lady Momington ; G. W. F. Howard, 
viscount Morpeth, 7th earl of Carlisle ; Robert Morris; Lucre- 

tia Mott ; John Athol, ad Lord Murray ; Lady M Murray; 

J W Mvlne. 

III. Autographs of Macvey Napier; C. G. Nees von Eisen- 
beck ; H. A. Niemeyer; C. H. Phipps. ist marquis of Nor- 

manbyj Hon. Caroline Norton ; Daniel 0*Connell ; W 

Ord ; Ferdinand Philiupe Louis Charles Henri. Duke d' Orleans; 
PhUippe^ Duke d*l>rleans, regent of France ; Pacanini ; lliomas 
Park ; Sir James Parke ; Isaac Parker ; Joseph Parkes ; Samuel 
Parr ; Sir Ruben Peel ; Cario Pepoli ; S. C. Phdlips ; WiUard 
Phillii>s ; Lord Plunket : Jane Porter ; W. H. Prescoit : Mrs. (?) 
A. B. Procter; B. W. Procter ; William Pultenev, Esq.; 
Josiah Qutncy ; Henry Reeve ; Tsupping Reeve ; H. G. L. Keich- 
enbach ; J F. Reiff ; H Rich ; Cliarles, 5th duke of Rich- 
mond; S P. Rinud; Emma Roberts; Sir John Robison ; 
J. A. Roebuck ; Edward Romilly ; Sir George Rose ; Edward 
Kushton ; Lord John Russell ; CxtX von Savigny ; Leopold 
Schmid; H. A. Schott; G. Schwab; T. H. Scott; Sir Walter 
Scott ; Adam Sedgwick ; Catherine M. Sedgwick : , N. W. 
Senior ; W. H. Seward : Mary WollstonecraU (jodwin Shel- 
ley ; Lady Mary Shepherd ; Rev. William Shepherd ; Benjamin 
Silliman; Sir John Sinclair; James Smith; Tames McCune 
Smith ; Sydney Smith : Mrs. C. A Smith ; William Smyth ; 
Mary Somervitle ; Robert Southey ; John Charles, 3d earl of 
Spencer; Horatio Sprague; John Thomas, ist Lord Stanley; 
Tnomas Siarkte; John Sterling; J. C. F. Steudel; James 
Stewart, Jr. ; Joseph Story ; D. F. Strauss ; C. R. Sumner, 
bishop of Llandaff and Winchester ; Charles Symmons ; T. N. 
Ta'fourd; Bayard Tavlor; Henry Taylor; Zachary Taylor; 
Thackeray ; William 1*heobald ; Alexis de TocqueviUe : John 
Home Tooke; Toussaint Louverture; Uhland; Sir Charles 
Richard Vaughan ; Sir John Vaughan ; Petty Vaughan r Victor, 


prince of Isenburg ; Voltaire ; Washington ; Mrs. Martha Custis 
Washington ; David Baillie Warden ; Samuel Warren ; Daniel 
Webster ; J. W. Webster ;, Bemhard, duke of Saxe- Weimar ; 
M. C Patterson, marchioness of Wellesley; Richard Colley, 
marquis of Wellesley; Duke of Wellington; J. S. Wortley, 2d 
lord Wharncliffe; Henry Wheaton; William W he well ; vvil. 
liam Wilberforce ; John Wilkes ; George H. Wilkinson ; J. J. 
Wilkinson; N. P. Willis; William Wills; Hiram Wilson; 
K. A. F. Witzleben; Oliver Wolcott; Wordsworth; R. R. 
Wormeley ; Kev. Francis Wrangham ; Klizur Wright ; Sir Wat- 
kin Williams Wynn. 

[Badla y Leblich tfr Castillo, Dom i ngo] . Voy- 
ages d*Ali Bey el Abbassi en Afrique et en Asxe 
pendant les ann^es 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 et 1807. 
[Edited by Jean Baptiste Bonaventure de Roque- 
fort.] 3 torn. Paris. 1814. 8®. /Vr/. 

The atlas is wanting. 

On a fly-'.eaf is written, ** A Son Altesse S^r^nissime Moo- 
seigneur Le Prince de Talleyrand — Le General Badia." Pasted 
on tlie half-title-page is a sheet bearing the following inscription : 

— ** Le General Badia, Espagnol, Envoy^ par S. M. C. Le Roy 
Charles IV. en Afrique et en Asie sous le noro d'A/i B^t 
demeure i Paris rue St Honor^ nixnfi. 29a." Underneath this 
is written, "Autograph of the Author General Badia.** 

[Beccaxla, C esare Bonesana, Marquis Di ] . Dei 
delitti e delle pene Ed. 6^ di nuovo corretta ed ac- 
cresciuta. [To which is appended, '* Risposta ad uno 
scritto che s* intitola Note ed osservazioni sul libro 
Dei delitti, e delle pene."] Harlem, also Paris. 
1766. sm. 8®. Front, and zfign* 

This volume was presented to Mr. Sumner by Rev. Sydney 
Smith, and has his autograph. On one of the fly-leaves is a 
quotation in Mr- Sumners handwriting from the Edinbuigh 
review, i8at, relating to the book. 

— ;- An essay on crimes and punishments. With 

a commentary attributed to Monsieur de Voltaire. 

[And '' Remarks on the opinions of some of the 

most celebrated writers on crown law, respectina^ 

the due distinction between manslaughter and 

murder.*' By Granville Sharp ; and ** Oi)inion on 

duelling," by J. J. Rousseau.] Philadelphia. 1778. 


On the title-page is the autograph of " S. Adams.** 

Be'wick, Thomas. Wood engravings of land 
and water birds. Never before published. New- 
castle. [182- ? ] 4<*. Port, and 49 wdcts. 

"Only sixty copies printed.'* 

Bible. Lot. (Vulg.) [Biblia latina. i Sam. 
xxxi. 5 — 2 Sam. v. 11, "esset saul : irruit," etc. 

— " nucios ad dauid." Moguntfi, Fttst 6* Schoiffher, 
1462.] f**. 2 leaves^ fragment. 

One illuminated capital is added by hand. 

On this famous edition, the first which bears the name of a 
printer, and the place and year of its execution, see DibditC* 
*' Bibliotheca spenceriana,'* I. 11-18. 

Eng. (C. V.) [The Holy -Bible, contain- 
ing the Old Testament, Apocrypha and New Testa- 
ment. Cambridge. 1637.] 4®. pp. 918. G. L. 
I vol., old cf., rebacked, with brass corners, centre- 
pieces and bands down the back. 

This Bible formerly belonged to John Bunvan, and has his 
autograph on the title-page ol the New Testament. A portrait 
of Bunyan is also inserted, together with a woodcut, represent- 
inc the cottage in which he wrote the second part ot "The 
PiTgrim*s Progress.** — The volume contains the book-plate of 
Richard Blofeld. 

Imperfect: — the title-page and preliminary pages to the 
Old Testament, and pp. 17-20, 25, 26, 29-32, 67, 68 are wanting ; 
and the corners and margins of several pages are worn ofiE. 

N. T. Novvm Testamentvm graece, 

cum vulgata interpretatione latina, graeci contextus 
lineis inserta. Quae quidem interpretatio, ciim k 
Graecarum dictionum proprietate discedit, sensuro, 
videlicet, magis qukm verba exprimens, in margine 
libri est collocata: atque alia Ben. Arise Montani 
hispalensis oper& h. verbo reddita, ac diuerso cha- 
racterum genere distincta, in eius est substituta 
locum. [Antuerpiae], ex officina plantiniana Raphe- 

lengii. 1 61 3. S^. pp. 681-I-, ff. (3). Vipt. i vol., 
shp., gilt, richly covered with fleurs-de-lis. 

On both sides of the cover is stamped in gilt the coat-of-amit 
of some member of the rojral family of France (?). 

Bible -—A^. T. 'H Kcuyj^ dtam^in}. Novum Testamen- 
tum, ex regiis aliisque optimis editionibus cum curi 
expressum. Amstelodami, ex officind elzeviriand. 
1656. sm. 8*^. ff. (6), pp. 703. yign. 

Racine's autoeraph is on the title-page and on the last lea£ 
l*his title, and tne one following, represent the ftmrtk and 
sixth of the seven genuine Elxevtr editions of the Greek New 
Testament. The seventh ( 1678) is in the library of the Divinity 
School ; the others belonging to the series, 1624, 1633, 1641, 
1663, and also the edition of Curcellxus ( 1658). which was from 
the Elsevir press, are accessible in a private library in Cambridge. 
Of these, the first and second are especially rare ; the first bein^ 
generally regarded by the critical editors as the proper repe- 
seniative of the so-called *'Textus Receptns** or Received 
Text, a phrase borrowed from the preface ot the second edition 
(1633) — *'Textum ergo habes nunc ab omnibus receptum.** 
There are small differences in the text of the different editions. 
See Reuss, Bibliotheca Navi Testatnenii Gr«;:< (1872), p. 10^ 
ff., whose sutements, however, require some qualification- 

■. A. 

'H jccur^ ZioBiiKyi. Novum Testamen- 

tum, ex regiis aliisque optimis editionibus cum cur& 
expressum. Amstelodami, ex officinA elzeviriand. 
1670. sm. 8®. ff. (8), pp. 703. yign. 

On the title-page are written, " Bibliothece mnry S? Vidasti,'* 

— — Gospels. (Selections.) Les ^vangiles 
des dimanches et fdtes de I'ann^e suivis de prieres 
k la Sainte Vierge et aux saints Texte revu par M. 
I'ablx^ Delaunay D^slgn^ par Monseigneur Tarche- 
vdque de Paris [With an appendix. Edited by L. 
Curmer.] 3 pt. raris. 1864. ^. loi chromo-lith. 
plates f 51 ulum. texts^ vign.^ 80 photogrs.^ 141 wdcts^ 
etc. 2 pt. in f vol., red crushed levant, stamped 
with arabesques in gilt and black ; gilt on marble 
edges, lined with green watered.5ilk, in red cloth case. 
— I vol., I red crushed levant, stamped with gilt 
and black on back, gilt edges, in red board case. 

The title is taken from the appendix. 

Each page of the ist vol- is printed and ruled in colors and 
is surrounded by an illuminated chromo-Kthographic border. 
The plates and texts are chromo-llthographed by Lemerder 
& Co-, from miniatures and MSS. of the 8th to the i8th centuries, 
representing the work of Albert Diirer, Hans Memling, Jean 

" Les fr^res Wi^rix — La vie de la Sainte vierge — l.a divine 
enfance — La passion de ndtre Seigneur J^sus Christ — Les 
saints et les^saintes Paris.'* The "Description de I'omemen- 
tation des Evangiles** in the appendix is in 2 pt., each having 
an illustrated titJe-page. In each the pages are ornamented on 
one side with a ianciful border. In the 2d ^X. these borders 
contain 131 of the woodcuts, copied chiefly from designs by Martin 
Schdnrauer, by Otto Voenius, in " Embl&mes de I'amour hu- 
main,'* by Jost Ammon, illustrating the work of Hartmann 
Schopperus, entitled: — ** De omnibus illibera.ibus sive mecha- 
nids artibus,'* etc-, and by lollat, Beham, and Holbein illustrat- 
ing the *' Grande danse macabre.** 

Binet, £tienne. Meditations affectvevses svr la 
vie de la tr^ssainte Vjerge m^re de Diev. Anvers. 
1632. sm. 8°. 3 J engrs. i vol., blue crushed levant, 
gilt on marble edges. Bound by Trautz-Bauzonnet. 

The tide-page is engraved. — The engravings are by Charles 
de Mallety, after Th. Galle. 

Boooaccio, Giovanni. II Decameron 2 pt. 
(paged continuously). Firenze. 1820. sm.120.ff. 
(2), pp. xvii., 910 -+-. Front, and port. 1 vol., cf^ 
gilt ; covers lined with cf ., gilt, richly tooled, first 
and last fly-leaves lined with green watered silk. 

Also with an engraved dtle-page. 

^ Notizie sulla vita e ^ scrttti di Gio. Boocaodo^** pp. izK- 


Borrhatift, Martin. In cosmographiae elementa 
Commentatio. Astronomica. Geographica. Basileae, 
p€r loannem Oporinum, I155S.) sm. S<>. ff.(7), pp. 
132 I131]. Diagrs, 

Booso, 4fr BomI {Lot. Bossub), Matteo. [Fol. 
IS tit. : — ] Matthaei Bossi veronensis ca | nonici 
regvlaris in lesv Chri | sti salvatoris passionS fle | 
bilis ct devotissimvs scrmo. | [CohpAon : — ] ^ Im- 
pressum Bononiae per Platonem | de Benedictis de 
Bononia | Anno salutis Milesimo I quadringete- 
simo I et nonages! | moqnto | tertio Idas noaem | 
bris I sm. 4^. fi. (12). 

The initial D at the begimiing is supplied in red ink. 
For a faU and accurate description see /foM, I. i. 506, na 
3678; Onmamet ''Diet, tjrpog.," I. 137. 

In fine: — Matthaei | Bossi Veronensis | 

canonici regvlaris | vera | et I salvtaria animi | gav- 
dia I finivnt | \C9l0ph0n : — J .Imprcssit | Floren- 
tiae I Ser Franciscus Bonaccur | sius. Anno Salu- 
tis I M.CCCC. I .LXXXXI. I Sexto Idus | Febrv- 
arii. sm. 40. ff. (S9). 

For a fall and accurate description see Hmtn^ I. 1. «a6, no. 
3671 ; Pmmter, I. 417, no. laj ; Otmontt " Diet, tjrpog." I. ia6. 

A MS. title-pa^ has been supplie<!^ which is beautifully 
ornameifted in India ink ; the omitted initials are also supplied 
bjr hand and filled in with little India ink drawings. On the 
back ol the first front fly-leaf are MS. notes about the book. 
The reference there to Osmont is not, however, correct ; he does 
mai mention a copv bound with the " Sermo in passion^ Christi." 

On the in^e 01 the front cover is pasted the coat-of-arms of 
Ginudot de Tr^foot, from whose library this volume came. 

I, N- Nouveaux voyages dans TAm^rique 
Septentrionale, contenant une collection de lettres 
Writes sur les lieux i M. Douin. Amsterdam. 
1777. 8". Front, and '^plates. 

On the title-page is written, "ila Bibltoth^ue etc. d* Amiens. 
180a. B.** 

Brioe, or Brie {Lot. Brizitui), Germain. Anti- 
morirs. Conrat. Resch Vcnundatur sub Scuto Basi- 
liensi. [Lutetie ex officina Petri Vidoue.] 1519. 
sm. 4^. ff. (36). I vol., red crushed levant, gilt, 
richly tooled. Bound by Cape. 

ConUmU : — Salmonii Macrini Ad GermanQ Brixium Chrii^^ 
tianiss. Recine a Sccretis Hendecasyllabi. — Germani Brixii 
Hendecasylubi ad Salmonium Macrinum- ~Germanus Bnxius 
Lectori. — Germani Brixii Antissiodorenstsi Thom3 Mwrum 
Anf^ura Chordigere Calumniatorem Aniimorus, vylua. ~- Thome 
Mvri lapaus inexcus^lea in 'syDabarum quantiiate. — Erasmvs 
Rotoodamvs Germano Brizio. — Germanvs Brixivs Desiderio 

The title-Mge is engraved, and each page is surrounded by a 
red-line boroer. 

For a description of the book see Brutui, III. 1894, under 
the head of Mors, Sir Thomas; Gra^ss*^ I- 545 i t'aMMtr, 
VIII. 57, no. 1108 i ir0Ml*s " Athenae ozon.," I. 891 90^ 

[•RrnmghttTWj Henry, Boron Brougkam and 
Faux]. Albert Lunel ; or, The chfiteau of Langue- 
doc. 3 vol. London. 1844. I2<'. 

" Lord Brougham's suppressed novel. Lowndes sa]r> that 
only five copies escaped destruction." See fly.4eaf. 

Bryan, Michael. A biographical and critical 
dictionary of painters and engravers, from the 
revival of the art under Cimabue, and the alledged 
[sic] discovery of engraving by Finiguerra, to the 
present time : with the ciphers, monograms, and 
marks, used by each en^aver ; and an ample list of 
their principal works. Together with two indexes, 
alphaoeticai and chronological. To which is pre- 
fixed, an introduction, containing a brief account 
of the painters of antiquity. 2 vol. in 4 pt. (the 
2 pt. of each vol. being paged continuously). Lon- 
don. 1816. 4®. Port, if Sryan 2nd 41 ^p/aUs{m2ny 
of which are portrs.). 

This copy is unique. 

[Burke, Edmund]. An appeal from the new to 
the old whigs, in consequence of some late discus- 
sions in parliament, relative to the reflections on the 
French revolution. London. 1791. 8°. 

On the first front fly-leaf is a MS. account by I- T. Brown, 
of this book and its purchase " at the sale of the library and 
other effects of Lord Southampton, by Richard Dayrell Esq." — 
*' This volume was bound and interleaved as it now appears, by 
the order of Lord Southampton tot the use of his library." — 
The half-title-page bears the inscription, ** Lord Southampton 
From the Author." — On the front of the second fly-leaf is a 
MS. copy of the author's letter to Lord Southampton, dated 
Margate July ji** 1791. 

The volume also contains various MS. notes, printed slips, ttc. 

Bumey, Richard. King Charles the Second, 
his most sacred majestie ; presented to the right hon- 
ourable houses of parliament in their next session, 
as the strength, honour and peace of the nations, 
in the iewells of his crown, and iustice of his peo- 
nle. Delivered in eight distinct sermons, in St. 
Mildreds Canterbury. London. {1660.I sm. 4^ 
Porf. of Charles II, i vol., mor., gilt, witn the arms 
of Charles IL, stamped in gilt on the covers. 

The title-pace is printed in red and black. 

Buanot, Dominique. The history of the reign 
of Muley Ismael, the present king of Morocco, Fez, 
Tafilet, Sous, &c. Of the revolt and tragical end 
of several of his sons, and of his wives. Of the 
horrid executions of many of his officers and sub- 
jects. Of his genius, policy, and arbitrary govern- 
ment. Of the cruel persecution of the Christian 
slaves in his dominions : with an account of three 
voyages to Miquenez and Ceuta, in order to ransom 
them. Translated from the original French now, 
first printed at Roan, this present year, 17 14. Lon- 
don. 1715. 12^. 

Pasted on the first fly-leaf u the autograph of "T. Gray," 
probably the poet. 

r, Caius Julius. Commentarii tradotti di 
latino in volgar lingua : per Agostino Ortica. Con 
ta tauola di nomi antiqui et moderni de la Gallia, 
Britannia, Germania, Italia, Grecia, Egytto, Asia, 
Africa, et Hispagna Vltimamente con sonima dili- 
gj!tia reuisto, i corretto. Venetiis, 1539. sm. 8°. 
a. (5), 242 [232]. Port.y map^xid wdcts, i vol., old 
cf., gilt '' it la antique:* 

On the front cover is sUm|>ed in gih letters, "A Evrials R"; 
on the back cover, " A Desilve | stris R " 
The library has also a copy of the 1517 edition. 

Cantius, Saint. Delia vita, e morte de' santi 
' martiri Cantio, Cantiano, e Cantianilla nobili Ro- 
mani. Scritta da vn loro divoto. Roma. 1702. 
sm. 4^. ff. (6), pp. 89. Vign. 

On the covers are stamped in gilt the arms of the Medici 
family. On the third front fly4eaf is written, " Di Antoniito 

Caro, Ann IB ALE. De le lettere familiari. [Ed- 
ited by Giovanni Battista Caro.] Vol. L Venetia, 
Aleb Mbnutio, 1574. sm. 4^. Vign, i vol., brown 
shp., tied with brown silk strings. 

This book formerly belong^ed to Robert, earl of Essex, and 
bean his name and two lines m his autograph on the title-page. 

Caatro, JuAN de (?). Poems by a slave in the 
island of Cuba, recently liberated ; translated from 
the Spanish, by R. R. Madden. With the history 
of the early life of the negro poet, written by him- 
self ; to which are prefixed two pieces descriptive of 
Cuban slavery and the slave- trafiic, by R. R. M. 
London. 1840. 8<^. 

"Life," pp. 53-9*. 

With the autograph of J. G. Wbittier. 



[Catholic Church]. L'office de la quinzaine de 
pasque, latin -fran^ois, k Tusace de.Rome et de Paris, 
pour la maison de Mgr. le due d'OrI<^ans, premier 
prince du sang. Paris. 1748. 12^. f. (i), pp. 
599. K/^. 

Also with an engraved title-page, reading : — ** Semaine 
sainte pour la maiaon d* Orleans." 

Stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover are the arms of 
Louis, duke of Orleans, bom 1703, died 1752. 

L'office de la semaine sainte et de Toctave 

de pique, en latin & en fran9ois, k Tusa^e de Rome et 
de Paris avec Texplication des ceremonies de T^glise. 
Nouvelle^d. Paris. 1703. I2<». jFtohC, vi^. znd 

3 f^^^' 

On the second front fly-leaf is written, " Ce Hvre a appar- 
tenu k Mademoiselle d' Orleans"; royal arms are stamped in 
Kilt on both sides of the cover, and in each comer and on the 
back are the initials PP, surmounted by a crown. 

L'office de la semaine sainte, en latin et en 

fran9ois, k I'usage de Rome et de Paris, imprim^ 
par ordre de Madame Marie -Adelaide de France. 
Paris. 1752. 8°. ff. (2), pp. xxxiv., f. (i), pp. 631. 
I vol., russia, gilt, edges gilt on marble ; both si<ies 
of cover, and front and back fly-leaves lined with 
blue watered silk. 

Stami)ed in gilt on both sides of the cover are the arms of the 
family of Marie Adelaide of France (?). 

[Officium Beats Mariae Virginis et quaedam 

alia. — Hore deipare virginis Maris secundum vsum 
Romanum plerisq. figuris atq. chorea lethi cir- 
cummanete nouisq. effigiebus adornate vt in septem 
psal mis penitentialibus. — In fine : — Exarate quidem 
Parisiis arte industrii bihliographi Thielmani Kerver 
anno domini Afil. ccccc. xx. xxiiij mensis Ntmembrts.l 
»m. 8°. IVdcts. I vol , shp., rebacked ; worm-eaten, 
and with clasps gone. 

Contents : — Kalendarium. — Praparatio ad officium. — Offi- 
cium Beatx Mariae Virginis. — Praeparatione misse et oratio post 
earn dicenda. — Septem Psalmi poenitentiales cum litaniis suis. 
«— Officium defunctorum. — Officium de sancta cruce. — Offidum 
de Spifitu Sancto. — Officium de conceptione Beatae Mariae 
Virnnis [be^nning only]. 

The title is taken from Bruneft " Manuel du libraire," tom. 
v., col. 1632, no. 195. in this copy several leaves, including the 
title-page, are lost at thtf beginning and a great many at the end 
of the book. Of the 47 very quaint wood enf^ravings, four are 
lost. The book is printed in red and black mk. and all the 
pages have elaborate arabesque borders. The prefixed almanac 
extends from 15 19 to 1538. 

[Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis et quaedam 

alia. The book of hours of Queen Anne of Brit- 
tany, chromo-lithographed by Lcmercier from the 
original in the *'Mus^e des souverains." Edited by 
L. Curmer. With an appendix.] 2 vol. [Paris. 
1861.] 4®. 52 chromo'lith. plates and w^w. i vol., 
red crushed levant, gilt, lined with cherry-colored 
watered silk, laid in red cloth case, lined with chamois 
skin. Bound by Deweerdt. — i vol., i red mor., gilt, 
laid in case like above. 

On tinted paper, with a reproduction of the gothic characters 
of the original MS. in black, gilt and colors, and also its richly 
illuminated borders. Stamped on boih sides of the cover of the 
text are the royal arms of France, impaling those of Brittany, 
and in the comers are the crowned initials L and A (L, standing 
for Louis XII. of France, Anne's second husband). The ap- 
I>endix is a translation of the text into French ; it is printed on 
tinted paper in black and red, and raled in red ; it has the title : 
— ** Le livre d'heures de la reine Anne de Bretagne traduit du 
latin et accompagn^ de notices in^dites par M. TabM Delaunay." 
Appended is a ^' Catalogue des plantes representees dans les 
encadrements du Livre d'heures d'Anne de Bretagne," by 
Joseph Decaisne. 

[Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis et quaedam 

alia.] ckuvre de Jehan Foucquet Heures de 
Maistre Elstienne Chevalier Texte restitu^ par M. 
Pabbe Delaunay. [Reproduction of the 40 minia- 
tures of Jean Foucquet, belondng to M. Louis 
Brentano at Frankfort, and of other works of Fouc- 

quet, with a text composed of the Office of the Holy 
Virgin, the Office of the Passion, prayers to the 
saints, and meditations. Edited by L. Curmer.] 
Paris. 1866. 4°. Port, of Ftus IX. and 60 ckromo- 
lith, plates, i vol., brown crushed levant, inlaid with 
red and gilt, rich tooling on sides, gilt on marble 
edges, lined with cherry -colored watered silk, laid 
in brown cloth case. 

The text is printed^ and raled in colors, and each page is sui^ 
rounded by an illuminated chromo-jiih. border. The chromo 
lithography is done by Lemercier & Co. 

The same. Appendice [Edited by L. 

Curmer.] Paris. 1867. 4®. Port, of Curmer' s 
wife (?), and of Foutptety 42 wdcts. and 7 chromo-lith. 
plates. I vol., brown crushed levant, inlaid with red 
and gilt, rich tooling on sides, gilt on marble edges, 
lined with cherry-colored watered silk, laid in brown 
cloth case. 

*' Bio^aphie," pi>. 13-26. 

The title-page is illustrated, and nearly all of the pagea are 
ornamented on one side with a fanciful border. — llie portrait 
of Foucquet is chromo-Iiihographed by M. Daumont from the 
original enamel. — The 42 woodcuts are copied from designs by 
Jost Ammon, illustrating the work of Hartroann Schopperus, en- 
titled : — *' De omnibus illiberalibus sive mechanicis artibus,** 
etc. Inserted between pp. 102 and 103 is ** Lit de justice tenu 
i Vendome en 14^8 pour le jugement de Jean due d'Alen^on 
Chromolithographie de M. PraJon,'* which is paged separately 
and printed on timed paper, each page being surrounded by an 
illuminated border. 

Catolliis. CatvIIvs TibvUvs Propertivs cum 
C. Galli fragmentis ouae extant. Amsterodami, 
loann. lanssonium, 1 040. 32*^. 

The title-page is engraved ; it has the autograph of " Lonis- 
Armand SauUay, Avocat ik Tours." 

There is also a copy of this work in the general library. 

Opera, ex recensione Isaac! Vossii cum 

ejusdem notis ac observationibus. Ed. 2*. Cum 
indicibus necessariis. Lugduni Batavorum. 1691. 
sm. 4<>. 

This copy formerly belonged to John Wilkes, of " Wilkes and 
liberty " ume, and nas his autograph on the fly-leaf opposite 
the title-page, and his MS. notes on pp. 123, 125. 

Chambure, Augusts (Lepelletier) de. Na- 
poleon et ses contemporains. Suite de gravures 
repr^entant des traits d'h^roisme, de cl^mence, de 
generosity, de popularite, avec texte. Paris. 1824. 
4°. Large paper. Port, of Napolion^ vign. and 45 
engrs. (India proofs). 

*' With an autograph marginal annotation of the emperor 
upon a ' Rapport du ministire de la guerre,' " Feb. 180S, in- 
serted opposite the portrait ; — also, pieces of wall-paper taken 
from Nai>oleon's bea-chamber at St. Helena. 

[ChaBtellua:, Francois Jean, Marquis de]. 
Voyage de Newport k Philadephie [j/V], Albany, 
&c. Newport, de Vimprimerie royale de Pescadre. 
[1780.] sm. 4®. Vign. 

At the top of tlie title-page is written, " A M' Sumner sou- 
venir de Paris Ed. Laboulaye " } under the title is another 
MS. note, reading: — " Cette relation qui n'a iii tirie qu'i 24 
exemplaires, dont 10 ou 12 seulement sont parvenus en Europe, 
et qui flit imprim^e k bord de I'Escadre de Rhode Island est de 
M' le Marquis de Chastellux, et a ^t^ reimprinuS dans ses 
Voyages dans I'Am^rique Septentrionale Paris 1788 . 2 vol. 
in 8* . (a"** £d^). Cest uue raret^ bibliographique. Ed- la- 

This is the ist edition of the author's work, entitled ** Voyage 
dans I'Am^rique Septentrionale." See Qn^rartf* *' La France 
litt.," II. 147; and the *' Avertissement de Pimprimeur" in the 
subsequently published edition of the book, Paris, 1786 ; also 
translated in the London edition, 1787. 

Chevillard, Jacques. Dictionnaire hdraldique 
contenant les armes et blazons des princes, prelats, 
grands ofificiers de la couronne et de la maison du 
roy des officiers de T^p^, de la robe, et des finSces. 
Avec celles de plusieurs maisons et families du 
royaume existantes. Paris. 1723. sm. T2^. Em' 
graved. Plates. 



Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Opera q^uae supcr- 
sunt omnia. Ad fidem optimarum editionum dili- 
genter expressa. 20 vol. Glasguae. I749» '48-49. 
sni. I2*». 

The text of this edition is taken from Olivet 

Camttnts: — I-"'?.!* Rhetoriconiin vol. i.-iii. — IV.-X- 
Oraiionum vol. i.-vii. — XI.-XV. ^ Philosophicoram vol. i.- 
V. — XVI. -XX. Epistoiaruin vol. i.-v. 

This copy formerly belonged to Henry Thomas Buckle, and 
each volume contains his book-plate. 

Epistolarvm ad Atticvm, ad Brvtvm, ad 

Qvintvm fratrem, libri XX. nvper cxacta recogniti 
cvra. M.D.XXI. Latina interprctatio eorum, 
quae in ijs ipsis epistolis graece scripta sunt, ubi 
muha* & mutata, & addita sunt. [Cohphon: — ) 
Venetiis in aedibvs Aldt, et Andreae soceri. Mense 
lanvario. M.D.XXI. sm. 8<>. if. (16), 331+' 

See Pmmaer, VIII. 465, no. 1061 ; Bntmtif II. 47; Gnusu, 
I. 169. 

- Lettres ^ Atticus. Avcc dcs remarques. 
[Books III. and IV. Translated by the abbe N. H. 
Mongault.] Lot. and Fr, Paris. 1701. I2^. Vi^. 

This seems to be the first edition of Mon^ult's translation, 
which afterwards formed torn. III. of tite edition of 1709 (torn. 
I., 1 1, being St. Realms translation), and was still later republished 
as torn II. of his own full translation of the whole sixteen books. 

This copv was owned by Mme. de Pompadour and her arms 
aie stanipea in gilt on both sides of the cover. A memorandum 
to this effect is written in pencil on the second and third front 
fly-leaves. " De Beauchamp " is written in ink on the title-page. 

Offices, in three books. Turned out of 

Latin into English. By Sr. Ro. L'Estrange. 5th 
ed. corrected. To which is added a table. London. 
1699. sm. 8®. Front. 

On the front cover is a MS. acoonnt of the purchase of this 
book by Mr. GeoL Sumner at a second-hand book stall m St 

dandianus, Claudius. CI : Clavdianvs ex op- 
timorum codicum fide. Amstelodarai. 1639. sm. 


The title-page is engraved. On the first fly leaf are the 
initials "T: G:", being the autograph of Thoman Gray, the 
poet, to whom the book iurmerly belonged. — See MS. note on 
the same page, signed '* J B.*' 

CI. Clavdiani qvae exstant. Nic. Heinsivs 

recensait ac notas addidit. Accedunt quaedam hac 
tenus non edita. [Edited by J. F. Gronovius.] 
Lvgdvni Batavorvm, ex officina elzeviriana. 1650. 
sm. 12^. 

The title-pege is engraved and is partially colored by hand ; 
each pve throughout the book is surrounded Sy a red-line border. 
The " Notae" have a special title-page and are paged separately. 

- Quae exstant varietate lectionis et perpetua 
adnotatione ilhistrata a lo. Matthia Gesnero Ac- 
cedit index uberrimus 2 torn, (paged continuously). 
Lipsiae. 1759. 8">. flf. (6), pp. xlviii., 720-f-. 

This copy was "bought at the sale of W. H. Pre^nit*s books 
Oct 24, 1871," and presented to Mr. Sumner by Geo. .S. Hil- 
lardi Oct. 30, 1871. Attached to a fly-leaf is a MS. extract from 
Dibdim^ I. 471, referring lo this book. 

There is also a copy of this work in the general library. 

Cleroq, or Clerck, Nikolaas de. Princelyck 
cabinet. Verthoonende 't leven afcomste ende 
afbeeldingen, der voornaemste vorste, princen, 
graven en heeren van Europa jegenwooraigregie- 
rende. Mitsgaders beschrijvinge van den staet, 
landen rijckdommen ende mcomsten der selver. 
Delf. 1625. f®. uportrs. 

The titleNpage is engraved. 

Clnver {Lot. ClnveiiiiB), Philipp. Introdvc- 
tionis in universam geographiam, tarn veterem quam 
novam Hbri VI. Accessit P. Bertij Breviarium 

orbis terrarum. kmsit[oAzxa\fapudEltevirios. 1677. 
sm. 8<». Plate and table. 

The title-page is engraved. The library has also a copy of the 
1661 edition. 

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. The friend : a 
series of essays, to aid in the formation of fixed 
principles in politics, morals, and religion, with 
literary amusements interspersed. A new ed. 
3 vol. London. 1818. S*. 

The half^itle-page of vol. I. bears the following inscription : 
— "To Hyman'Hurwitz from S. T. Coleridge, with that regard 
and respect, which men who reverence themselves pay to thosi: 
whom they know worthy to be revered. Highgate 27 April 
1821." This copy has also a few MS. corrections. 

Congnet, (Louis) Henri. Marie honoree dans 
les classes, on Mois de Marie, grec- latin, extrait des 

f»^res de I'eglise grecque et des saintes ^critures. 
3d ed.] Paris. 1837. i(fi. Large paper, ^fronts. 
and 7 engrs. 

Pasted on one of the fly-leaves is a photograph of some 
member of the catholic clerRyv perhaps the author. — Between 
the second and third frontispieces is an aut<»raph letter of the 
author addressed to M. Darcoli (?)^ and dated Soissons le lojuin 
1837, presenting him with the book. — On p. i is pasted a small 
photograph of one of Raphael's Madonnas, ^^ La belU jar' 
dinikre. — Between pp. 182 and 183 is inserted a proot^eet of 
I^ 183 and 185 with MS. corrections. 

[ConstantiniiB Cephalas\. ^KifBoKoyia Scvr/fM. 
N. P. N. D. sm. i6p. pp. 46. 


This was the school Greek exercise book of the poet John 
Dryden, used by him when a pupil at Westminster school. Hit 
name is scribbled several times on the first fly-leaf, and the hook 
is interlined throughout with Latin translations of the Greek 
sentences. Pasted on the inside of the front cover is a portrait 
of Dryden- On the last fly-leaf at the end ot the book is a note 
by Mr. Thos. Rodd, datea March 2, i8j8k relating to the pur- 
chase of the book. 

Conti, Arm AND de Bourbon, Frince de. Les 
devoirs des grands. Avec son testament. Paris. 
1667. sm. 8**. y/gn. I vol., cf., gilt, stamped in 

f;othic compartments, with "fleurs-de-lis,*' and the 
ctters " C. X.'' ; laid in a purple roan case. Bound 
by Thouvenin. 

On one side of the case are stamped the Bourbon crown, the 
letters **C. X.,'* and the sentence, ** Philosophic de la Maisoo 
Royalede France"; on the other, the crown, letters, and thf 
sentence, " Oeuvre Posthume du frere du grand Coade." 

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, yt Earl of Sha/tet- 
bury. Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, 
times. 5th ed., corrected. With the addition of a 
letter concerning design. 3 vol. [London.] 1732^ 
8®. Front. t vigns., etc. 

Pasted on the first fly-leaf of vol. I. is a MS. letter firom the 
7th earl of Shaftesbury, presenting these volumes to Mr. Sumner. 

Coombert, <;r Koomhert, Dirk Volkertszoon, 
called also VoLKERT {Lat. Volchardus). Recht 
ghebruyck ende misbruyck | van tijdlicke have. 
Amstelredam. 1610. sm. 4**. ff. (i), 25, (6). Fort. 
and 25 etched plates.^ 

Pasted on the first fly-leaf is a printed notice of the book. 

Daneau {Lot. DanaBiu), Lamjbert. Ad libellvm 
ab anonymo qvodam libertino recens editvm, hoc 
titulo, De externa sev visibili Dei Ecclesia, vbi ilia 
reperiri possit, & quaenam vera sit, &c. seu potius, 
Aduersus extern! & visibilem ecclesiam : Vtilis ac 
necessaria ad omnium ver^ piorum ac fidelium con- 
solationem, fideique confirmationem Responsio : in 
qua ex Dei verbo apert^ & perspicui docetur, cui 
Ecclesiae sese, singuU ver^ filij Dei adiungere 
debeant. [Genevae,] Evstathivm Vignon. 1582. 
sm. 8<>. ff. (8), pp. 95. Vign. 

— Ad novas Gvlielmi Genebrardi Doctoris 
Parisiensis caluranias, quibus tum orthodoxam 



Euangelicorum omnium de S. Trinitate doctrinam 
traducit : tum etiam horrendum Valentini Gentilis 
errorem tuetur, ac renouat. Responsio. Addita 
est Tabula vniuersas pen^ in hoc argumento haereses 
complectens. Genevae, Evstathivm Vigtum, 1578. 
sm. 8». ff. (4), pp. 131. VigH, 

This book is from the library of the historian^ Jacques Au- 

Kste De Thou, and has his monogram stamped in gilt on the 
ck| and his coatFof-onns, in gilti on both covers. 

[De Foe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe, trans- 
lated into Arabic. Melita. 1835.] i6». FrofU., 
vign.y $/ull'fiage wdcts., etc. 

On a fly-leaf are notes in pencil by Mr. George Snmner. 

DeseasartB, Jean Charles. Trait^ de T^uca- 
tion corporelle des enfans en bas-^e, ou Reflexions- 
pratiques sur les moyens de procurer une meilleure 
constitution aux citoyens. 2* <§d., augment^e d'un 
Avertissement et d'un Supplement Paris. [i799-l 

With the book-plate of Sir Robert Al» Cbermside. The 
arms of Napoleon I. are stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover. 

Dodoens {Lot, DodonaauB), ResAbert. De 
sphaera, sine de astronomiae et geographiae prin- 
cipiis Cosmographica Isagoge. Antverpiae. 1584. 
sm. 8®. pp. 109-+-. Table, chart and diagrs* 

I>nCeroeau, Jean Antoine. Conjuration de 
Nicolas Gabrini dit de Rienzi, tyran de Rome en 
MCCCXLVIL Ouvrage posthume. [Finished by 
Pierrc.Brumoy, and edited by J. F. de Courbeville.J 
Avec quelques nouvelles poesies du m€me auteur. 
Amsterdam. 1734. 12^ 

*' &oge dn r. p. Antoine Du Ceroeaoi tiri dn Mercore de 
France, sent. 1730. pag. 1963.*' 

The vofume has the book-plate of Jean Joseph Thiery. 

[Dn Moulin (Lot, MolinsDUB), Pierre, 1568- 
1658] ? Tragicum theatrum actorum, & casuum 
tragicorum Londini publice celebratorum, quibus 
Hiberniae proregi, episcopo cantuariensi, ac tandem 
regi ipsi, aliisque vita adempta, & ad anglicanam 
metamorphosin via est aperta. Amstelodami. 1649. 
sm. 8*. Fijpw., 7 portrs. and plate. 

For the authorship see Graesxt^ VI. p. 185. 
On a fly-leaf is a MS. note about the book. 

Brasmtis, Desiderius. Antibar | barorvm, Liber 
unus, que iuue j nis quidem adhuc lusit : caeteni J 
diu desideratum, demum re j pertum non luuenis 
reco I gnouit, & uehit postlimi | nio studiosis re- 
stituit. I Ex quo Reliquorum, | qui Dijs propicijs 
propediem ac f cedent, Lector coniecturam Fa j 
cias licebit. Basileae. 1520. sm. 4<>. 

The title-page, first page of preface, and first page of the work, 
have fanciful borders enf^raved bv Holbein. Tnere are also two 
initial letters and a tail-piece by him. 

This book was presented to Mr. Sumner by Dr. Thies, Nov. 

In E I vangelivm j Lucae Paraphrasis nunc 

pri I mum & nata | & aedita. [At end of " Praefa- 
tio '* : — Basileae, decimo Cas | len. SeptSbris Anno 
M. I D.XXIIL] sm. 8**. pp. 543- i vol., brown 
levant, gilt, richly tooled and inlaid ; edges gilt on 
marble ; sides lined with maroon levant, gilt, richly 
tooled ; laid in a maroon morocco case lined witn 
chamois skin. 

See Panatr, VI. 337, no. 478 \ I^ Long^t " Bibl. sacra," 
IV. p. 615; the date, however, in these references does not 
entirely correspond to the above. 

The title-page is engraved. On the margins are a? original 
pen-and-ink designs by Holbein, a MS- list of which is pasted 
on a fly-leaf. — The book formerly belonged to Dr. Ant. Da- 
nymu, and his book-plate is pasted on the first fly-leaf. — Pasted 
on another fly-leaf is a letter from the book-publisher, D. 
Jooaost, to M. George Danyau, certifying the genuineness of the 
designs ; it is dated " BfUe, a6 aoQt 1S69,*' and is countersigned 

** Falkeisen conservateur du Mus^." When the book was re- 
bound, the margins were trimmed so close that in some cases the 
designs and notes are mutilated. 

Xhtieiiiie (Lot. StephanuB), Henri. Fragmenta 
poetarum veterum Latinorum, quorum opera non 
extant: Ennii, Accii, Lvcilii, Laberii, Pacvvii, 
Afranii, Naevii, Caecilii, aliorumque multorum : 
vndique, k Rob. Stephano summa diligentia olim 
congesta x nunc autem ab Henrico Stephano digesta, 
& priscaru quae in illis sunt uocum expositione illus- 
trata : additis etia alicubi uersibus Graecis quos 
interpretatur. [Geneva.] 1564. «m. S**. pp. 4^3 
[432]. Vign, I vol., red mor., gilt. Bound by 
Roger Payne. 

The title-paee is ruled in red. There are several MS. notes in 
pencil scattored throuch the book, on the mannns, and on the 
last fly-leaf. It has the book-plate of Charles Henry Parry. 

Euolides. Elementorvm libri XV. Accessit 
XVI. de solidorum regularium comparatione. Om- 
nes perspicvis delhonstrationibus, accuratisq ; 
scholijs illustrati. Avctore Christophoro, Clavio. 
2 vol. Romae. 1574- 8®. 2 vol., mor., sides 
stamped with gilt, edges gilt "^ la antique *' ; with 
clasps, only one perfect oife remaining on each. 

Tkt second volume has the title : — ** Posteriores libri sex a 
X. ad XV.,»' etc. ^ 

The title>paee in each vohmie is surrounded by an ornamental 
border. On tne back of the first one a a MS. note in Italian. 
On the first fly>leaf in the second volume is written, " Bardi". 
On both sides of the covers of both volumes is stamped in g^t 
the coat-of-arms of some cardinal. 

Faerno, or Faema, Gabriele. Fabulae centum. 
Ex anti^uis auctoribus delectae, carminibus explica- 
tae, novisque acre incisis iconibus adornatae Quid 
accesserit praeterea patet ex indice editoris londinen- 
sis praefationi subjecto. Ed. nova. La/, and Fr. 
Londini. 1743. 4**. Large paper. Front, and 100. 
en^s. I vol., '' richlv boimd in old blue mor., in- 
laid with red and yellow mor., and tooled to a rich 
pattern, the inside of the covers * double * with calf, 
and richly tooled gilt edges." 

"This was the finest specimen of old English Unding in the 
library of the late Marquis of Hastings." — See printed dip on 

Also with the title: — "Cent fiibles choiMes des anciens 
auteurs, mises en vers latins par Gabriel Faeme, et traduites pax 
Mr. Perrault," etc. 

Federallat (The) : a collection of essays, ^rrit- 
ten in favour of the new constitution, as agreed upou 
l^ the federal convention, September 17, 1787. 
2 vol. New-York. 1788. 12®. 

This was John Adams's copy, and contains his autopraph. 
His initials are stamped in gilt on the covers. He presented it 
to Thomas Brand Hollis. from whom it passed, successively, to 
Dr. Disney, Henry Steel, John Atkinson, Joseph Parke?, and 
Charles Sumner. — See the fly-leaves of both volumes On the 
title-page of vol. II. Mr Adams has written "By M' Hamilton." 

[Flchet, Alexandre]. Chorvs poetarvm clas- 
sicorvm dvplex ; sacrorvm et profanorvm Lustratus 
illustratus adjectis poetis octodecim cum sacris tum 
prophanis, Manilio, Columella, Boetio, Sereno Sam- 
monico, Rhemmio, Mario Victore, S. Paulino, Se- 
dulin, Aratore, Prospero Aquitanico, Ennodio, 
Idylliis, Cypriani, Lactantij, Hilarij, Dracontij frag- 
mentisoue Senecae & Petronij. Auctus Musaeo rhe- 
torico Sc politico in omnes poetas kalendario item 
pontificio & rustico Romanorum cum notis, in Fastos 
Ouid. Et membranulis aliquot. Accessit postremimi 
index ritualis, moralis phflologicus ; ad omnes dis- 
ciplinas aptissimus. 2 pt. Lvgdvni. i6i6j'x5. 8^. 

Pt. II. is imperfect : — col. 129-136, 153-160 are wanting^ 139 
is torn. 

The back and both sides of the bode are covered with fleur- 
de-lis stamped in gilt, and in the centre of each cover are royal 



[FlorBSr Juan dej. Historia di Avrelio et Isa- 
bella, nellaquale si disputa : chi piu dia occasione di 
peccare, ho rhuomo alia donna, ho la donna a 
I'haomo, di lingva Spagnvola in Italiana tradotta da 
M. Leiio Alcnphilo. Venetia, appresso Ferrarij. 
1^3. sm. 8<». ff. ^-f-. Vign^ I vol., c£., gilt, 
richly tooled in Grolier style. 

With the autognph o£ T. Hepburn on the title-page. 

[ZYamoe]. iStat des troupes, et des ^tats^majors 
des places. Ann^i76i. [Paris? 1761.] sm. 12®. 

Thk is a dedicadoo oopr to Mme. de Pompadour, and her 
amis are stamped in g;ilt on both side* ol the cover. An onsinal 
eolored desien by Charles Eiaen serves for a title-page, lliere 
are several MS. additions ; and a printed notice is pasted on the 
first fly-leaL 

Fuller, Thomas. Good thoughts in bad times 
and other papers. Boston. 1863. 16°. Large paper, 

" ThirtT copies orinted." Presented to Mr. Sumner by 
Wm. F. rowle, of Boston, "as a specimen ol Mathews^ 
binding." Attached to the seeood fly-leaf is a letter from 
Mr. Fowle. 

Oaleotti, Martio. [Liber de homine. — Fol. i* : 
stolal— Fol. 2* tit.: GALEOTTl. MARTII. 
PRIMVS. I — Fol. 37^, line 31 : sine aliquo uela- 
meto scribe ut i supioribus fecimus | (e) Xteriore 
hoiem libro supiore. ^ R. P. satis sup | q3 descrip- 
simus secudu ani nri ppoitu nuc id | — Fol. oS*, 
line 5: memus exordium. | (s) Alua cdtinet cerebru 
quod in tres ptes distin | guit', elc, — In fint: Fol. 
&*, line 30: & pignus Amoris. I GALEOTTl. 
VLTImus de Homie Liber Explicit] n.p. n.d. £<>. 
£[.(68). yt lines. R. L. 

There are no signature-marks or catch-words. The spaces 
Cor Greek citations are left blank, to be filled in bv hand, and so 
are many of the initial letters. The date must be about 1470. 
See BrumH and Grodsuy whose descriptions are not entirely 
accurate, hain does not mention this edition. It is probably 
one of the crudest specimens of early typography, litis copy 
has many MS. marginal glosses. 

Gkwtaldo^ or C?a«talcU, jACOPa La vniversale 
descrittione del mondo. VtXitXxd,^ per MtUthio Paga- 
nc^ in Ereztaria. 1062 [1562]. sm. 8^. ff.(i2). 
Vign,^ diagr^ etc. 

Oellliia, AULUS. {Beginning : --] Avli Gellii 
Noctivm Atticarvm liori vndeviginti. [Edited by 
Joannes BaptistaEgnatius. Vcnetns],A/dvs, [1515.] 
go. ff.(3i).289,(5i). Vign, 

This IS the/Sr$i edition of 15 15. See RhtcttanTs " Annales 
de I'imprimene des Aide," eic. 1. 17a, na la The library has 
also a copy ol the second edition of 1C15. 

llkis copy belonged to Phiiipp Melanchthon, and contains his 
autograph notes. The inside of the fiont cover and the three 
front fly-leaves are also filled with his handwriting. A printed 
Botice IS pasted on the inside ol the front cover. The cover is 
stamped with the date " 153S." 

OenunaFUfliiu {DuieA de Fries), Reinerus. Les 
principes d'astronomie & Cosmographie : auec 
rvsage du Globe. Le tout copos^ en Latin, & mis 
en langage Francois par M. Claude de Boissiere. 
Plus, est adioaste Tvsage de Tanneau Astronomic, 
par ledict Gemma Frizon: Et Texposition de la 
Mappemonde, compos^e par ledict de Boissiere. 
Paris, Cautllat, 1557. sm. 8^. ff. 128. Vign.^ diagrs, 
and wdcts, 

Oeoner, Konrad. Historia plantarvm et vires 
ex Dioscoride, Pavlo iEgineta, Tneophrasto, Plinio, 
& reoetioribus Graecis, iaxta elementorS ordinS. 

Adiecta ad margine nomenclatura, qua singulas 
herbas officinae, herbarij, & vulgus Gallicum efferre 
Solent. Parisiis. 1541. sm. S*'. ff.(8), pp. 261. 

On the tide-page is written, " Iv. T.," and on each side of the 
cover » stampM m gilt, a dragon (?) 

GHaeser, August. Das Lincoln-monument. — 
Eine rede des senator Charles Sumner. Nebst 
einer lebensskizze Sumner's und der in seiner rede 
erwahnten kiinstler. Zugleich ein beitrag zur kunst- 
geschichte Amenka*s. Frankfurt a/M. 1868. 8®. 
pp. 77. I vol., red mor. ; the front cover being 
inlaid with white and blue mor. panels, and having 
a gilt eagle surmounted by 13 gilt stars in the centre. 

** Lebensskizze Sumner's," pp. 60-70. 

Pasted between ihe second fly-leaf and the title-page is an 
autograph letter of the author, presenting the book to Mr. 

QlareanuB, Henricus (Loritus, Germ, Loritz), 
called. De Geographia Liber unus ab ipso authore 
iam tertio recognitus. Venetiis. [1549.] sm. 8<>. 
ff. 39b Vign. and diagrs. 

On the inside of the front cover are written the names of two 
successive owners of the book : and atuched is a note cenoem- 
ing the nanae of the author. On the title-p^e is written, " Bi- 
bliotheca Carmelitum Bononiae." On the inside of the t>ac|B- 
cover are two more MS. notes. 

Ooedaart, Johannes. Metamorphosis naturalis, 
ofte Historische beschr3rvinghe van den oirspronk, 
aerd, eygenschappen ende vreemde verandennghen 
der wormen, rupsen, etc. 2 dele. Middelburgh. 
[1662-67?] sm. 8<'. Port, and 105 col. tlates, 2 
dele in i vol., red mor., gilt, richW tooled, and in- 
laid ; edges gilt " ^ la antique," fifgures colored by 

Each pt. has abo an engraved title-pa^ with an ornamental 
border colored by hand ? 

Oontl^, Gonthiar, Ghithier, or Ghitlii^rea 

{Lot, Quthcoiiu), Jacques. De ivremanivm, sev 

de ritv, more, et legibvs prisci fvneris, libri iii. [To 

which is appended his Choartivs maior, etc,\ 

Parisiis. 16x5. 4"*- ff (?)» PP- 546, ff.(i2), pp. 39. 

Vign. and wdcts. 

This copy formerly belonged to Rubens, and at the bottom of 
the title-page, in his autograph, is written, "Ex Libris Pet. 
Pavli Rvbenii " ; opposite the title-p^ge is pasted his portrait. 

OrifoU [Lot, Gxiffloliia» or QrifoluB), Jacopo. 
M. Tvllii Ciceronis defensiones contra Celii Cal- 
cagnini disquisitiones in eius Officia. Lutetiae 
Parisiorum, Nicolaum Diuitem, [1548.] sm. 8<^. 
ff.72. Vign, 1 vol., green crushed levant,, gilt. Bd. 
by Cape. 

On the title-page is written, " Gremond *'(?)— On both sides 
of the cover is stamped, in gilt, the printer's mark of the Aldi.— 
This volume b from the libnury of ttie marquis de Morante, and 
his book-plate, stamped in gilt on green morocco, is pasted on 
the inside of the front cover. See Morants, J. G. DS uw C, 
MttrguU db. Catalogue, etc. I. 47. no. 334. 

Ghudtems de CasUllione {Fr, Oantier de Ch&til- 
lon, or de Lille), Philippus. Alexandreidos, libri 
decern. [Editea bv Oswald von £ck; with notes 
by Sebastian LincK. Ingolstadii, cxcvdebat Alexan- 
der Weissenhorn.\ 1541. sm.8®. ff.(8), cxvi., (3). 
Vign. and wdct. 

« Vita," ff. (5, 6). 

See Brumft ** Manuel dn libraire," II. 1470. 

On the first fly-leaf is nested a printed notice of a Venetian 
copy, 1521. The second fly-leaf bean the autograph of " I. Mit- 
ford. 1805," and is covered with his MS. notes. On the third 
fly-leaf are pasted tracings of the title-page and three lines from 
f. xlti. of a copv of this work in the library of Lord Spencer at 
Ahhorp — At the bottom of the title-page is written, " Ex libris 
M. Z. Boxhomi].*' Throughout the book there are many MS. 
maxginal notes. 



Qvaxlni, (Giovanni) Battista.. II pastor fido. 
Tragicomedia pastorale. Aggiuntoui di nouo 1« 
Rime dello stesso autore. Venetia. i6oS. am. 24°. 
I vol., red crushed levant, gilt. 

The tide-page is engraved ; the " Rime " has a spedal tkle- 
page. — On the first fly-leaf is a printed notice of the book ; on 
the third fly-leaf is the autograph oi W. Congreve. 

TA^ same, Parigi. 1766. 12®. 6 engrav. 

I vol., red crushed levant, gilt. Bound by Derome. 

The title-page is engraved. —This edition does not contain 
the •* Rirae,'*^ 

On the first flyleaf is written, "Latest par Mad* Daillyi 
Mad* de Chalaudny. ( ?) 9> 1787." 

Quevara, Antonio de, Bp. of Guadix and Mon- 
donedo. L*orloge des Princes, oevvre de tresexcel- 
lente & admirable doctrine, pour les graues sentences, 
& rares hystoires, qui y sont contenues, compost 
en Espaignol. Traduict en Francoys [by Reni^ 
Berthault, Sieur de la Grise]. Paris, Amoul 
d Angela, 1550. sm. 8<>. if. (i2),42r Vign, i vol., 
cf., gilt, elaborately tooled and inlaid. 

On the front cover is stamped ** R B isSSi" on the back cover 
''R B." simply. 

This volume is from the library of the Marquis de Morante 
and his book-plate, stamiied in gilt on brown moroooo, is pasted 
on the first fly-leaf. — See Morants, J. G. ds la C, Afar^mu 
DK. Catalogue, ^c. I. 59. no. soi» where this translation ia 
incorrectly ascribed to Nicolas de Herbeny. 

Hall, T. The queen's royal cookery : or, Ez< 
pert and ready way for the dressing of all sorts of 
iflesh. And making all sorts of pickles. Also mak- 
ing variety of. pies, &c. With the art of preserving 
and candying of fruits and flowers. 3d ed. Lon- 
don. 1 7 19. sm. 12®. Front, 

On the inside of both the front and back covers are written two 
other recipes ; on the fly-leaf at the end is written, "Curtis Titf 
her book 1749." 

[Heinwiim, Daniel]. Lavs asini tertia parte 
auctior : cum alijs festivis opusculis. Lvgd. Bata- 
vorvm, ex officina elteviriana. 1629. 24^*. Wdet, 

The title-page is engraved. 
' See Brunett III S4. 

CoMlemis: — Lavs asini. — Cras crado, bodie nihaL — An, et 
qvalis viro literato sit dvoenda vxor. -.- Lavs pedicvlL — De 
poetarvm ineptiis, et saecvli vitio. —^ Argvmentvm batrachomyo- 
machiae. — Epistola, de oommendatione graeculorum quorundam : 
cum aliis aliquot 

Herodotus. [Historiarum libri IX. interprete 
Laurentio Valla. Fol. i* tit.: — Herodoti Hali- 
carnasei Historiarum Liber Primus. | (h)£RODOTI 
Halicarnasei expli | catio haec est : ut nea3 ea ouae 
gesta siit, ex \ etc, — Fol. 255^: — Herodoti Hali- 
camassei patris historise traductio e ^xco in I latinG 
habita p vir^ eruditissimii Laureliu Valese sigu- 
larem | nostris teporibus ciuS roanu sub Nicolao. 
V. sQmo pdtifice. | Venetiis Ipressu e hoc opus p 
lacobu Rubeu natione Galli J cu. Anno dni. 
M.cccdxxiiii. Nicolao Marcello duce Ven. | — 
Fol. 256»: — Integerrimo Atq^^ Optimo Patricio 
Nicolao Donato Bene | dictus JBrognolus Salutem 
Plurimam dicit. — Fol. 259, line i^ : — id ita | facies 
interdum ut Benedicti tui memmisse non dedig- 
neris. | Vale.] sm. f''. ff. (i), 259. 35 lines, R. 2. 

See Haiitt no. 8469. — Many initial lettere and capitals are 
ornamented bv hand with red ink. The folios are numbered at 
die top in rea ink, but owing to ^3^^ omission of no, the sul^ 
sequent numbering is wrong, and the book appears to have a6o 
fil A preliminary leaf, not noticed by Hain and perha^ peculiar 
to this copy* contains a MS. table of contents of the nme books. 
There are freouent marginal fi^oases in red ink ; and all this MS. 
appean to be by the same hand. 

HeyUn, or Heylyn, Peter. The historv of the 
Sabbath. Intwobookes. 2d ed., revised. London. 
1636. sm. 4«. Vtgn. 

Eadi book has a ^Mcial title.p«fe and is paged aaimately. •^ 
On the first fly-k«f ia written, "^I Hamilton Tate ; " on th« 

back of the same leaf b written, '*To the richt b"i^and his very 

food Lord Thomas Viscount Wentworth L« Dcputie of his m^— 
Lealme of Ireland: the Author* Pet Heylyn present's himselfe, 
and his per f ormance in chb Argument.*' — At the top of the citi^ 
{Mge is written, " Francis Butler." — Stamped in |;ilt on both 
aioe^ of the cover are the royal arms of Great Briuin. 

[Hobbes, Thomas]. Vita. [Vitae Hobbianae 
auctarium. — Vita carmine expressa. Authore 
seipso.] Carolopoli [London]. 1G81. sm, S**. Port. 

This volume once belonged to Dr. Samuel Parr ; two Unas in 
Latin and Greek in his autograph are written on the first HyAezi'. 
and a printed labd bearing ms name is pasted on the iaside 01 
the front cover. At the top of this cover is written, **Tho: 
Martin," and in another hand, *' Exchanged w*^ Mr. Rob* Maiw 
tvn Esq*, for HowelPs Letters ; " opposite, on the first Ily4eaf in 
the same hand : " I have an edition of this book in is"* w^ I 
think was printed abroad." The book has many MS. pencil 
notes in still another hand. 

Holbein, Hans, the younger, Le triomphe de la 
mort grav^ d*apr^ les dessins originaux de Holbein 
par Chretien de Mechel. [Paris.] 1780. sm. sq. 16^. 
ff. (50). 47 plates, f vol., red crushed levant, gilt. 
Bound by Cap^. 

The title-page is printed n red and black ink. 

Etoma m a. [Opera omnia, cum vita ejus ex 
Herodoto, Dione, et Plutarcho. Tomus II.] 
'OSiwtf'eML BvrpaxoiutoiiMxioL. tfum, Xfi, [Venetiis 
in aedibus Aldi II. CaL Novr. 1504.) 8m.8<^. ff. (250). 

See Grmesut III. 336. — The date of this edition is found at 
tiie end of the preface to the Odyssey.^ A second and third 
editiwi, doaely resembling this, were pnplished by Aldus in 1S17 
and 1594. Some previous owner c^ this copy, ausled by the 
dose resembunce, has written "Venetiis Aldus 1524" on the 
last folio, and the binder has aocordiocly stamped *' Aldus 
MDXXi V " on the back. Hie edition of 1534 is in evety way 
inlerior to this. 

On the title-page is stamped in red ink ** Sum Michaefis Eo- 
oelhuberi," ana below this is written " Collegii Societ. Jesu In- 
salis 1757." At the bottom is added **dunum P. Petri De- 
deroq.'* 7*here are aiany marginal notes and fragments of aa 
interiinear MS. Latin translation in red ink. 

— r Half-title : — ^1 Homer! Ilias et Odjrssea. 
2 torn. [Londini, Pickering. 1831.] 32^. Port, 
and z vign, 2 vol., red mor., gilt tops. Bound by 
Belz Niedree. 

Each tom. haa also a qiedal full title-page. 

— Ilias graece et latine, juxta editionem novis- 
simam atque accuratissimam Samuelis Clarke ex- 
pressa, in usum studiosee juventutis. Amstelaedami. 
1734. sm. I2<>. ff. (2), pp. 619-f-. Pront, Mid vign. 

On the second fly-leaf is written, ** T. B. Adams — Bo' at Che 
Hague 1795 — Chas. Sumner bot at auction 9j^ August. i8aa." 

— The Iliad ; translated from the Greek, by 
Alexander Pope. 2 vol. Baltimore. 1819. 24^ 

Vol. II. has also an engraved title-page. 
' ** Price awarded to Charles Sumner for a translation from 
Sallust & from Ovid at the pub. Lat school.' See MS. note 
on the first fly-leaf of each vol., signed *' B. A. Gould, master," 
and dated 1824. 

On the second fly-leaf of vol. I. are MS- notes by Geor^ 
Sumner, and attached is a spris taken by him from the fdain 
between the Simois and Scamander, July 19, 1839; tkc back fl]r- 
leaves are filled with additional notes wntten on the plains of 
Troy ; more notes are on the front iy-leaves oi voL II., and on 
p. Z4i, to which latter is attached g flower fntwa the moumi of 

— — Hymns ; the Batrachomyomachia ; and 
two original poetical h3fmns. By Qsorge Chapman. 
With an introductory preface. By S. W. Singer. 
Chiswick. 18 18. 129, Port, cf Ckapmum, i vol., 
cf. Bound by C. Lewis. 

The name "J Mitford. 1814*' is written on a firont fly-lea^ 
with other MS. notes, more of which in the same handwriting 
are added on the first fly-leaf at the end of the book. — A printed 
notice of two wofka by Chapmin is pasted on die fiat fraot 



[Hooke, Jacob). BibKotheca bernardiana : or, 
A catalogue of the library of the late Charles 
Bernard. Containing a curioiu collection of the 
best authors in physick, history, philology, antiqai- 
ties, &c. With several MSS. ancient and modern 
which will begin to be sold by auction the asd of 
March, 1710-11. [London. 171 1.] sm. 12^. 

Interlea-ved and priced. 

Thia copy bdonged to the poet John Gay, and hat his anto> 
paph on the title-pagfi' — A printed notioe is pasted on the 
maide of the front cover. 

^^ • 

Horapollo. De sacris iEg^yptiorvm notis, Mgyp- 
tiac^ expressis libri dvo, iconiovs illustrati, & aucti. 
Nunc primiim in Latinum ac Gallicum sermonem 
conuersi. Parisiis. 1574* sm. 8°. S. (8), 107. 
Wdcts. I vol., purple mor., gilt on marble edges. 
Bound by H. Duru. 

The tide-page b illnatrated. 

Thia volume is from the Hbrarv of the nnrquis de Morante 
and his book-plate, stamped in gilt on green paper, is pasted on 
die innde of the first i7-leai «- See Mokantb, J. G. ob la C, 
Catalogue^ *U. I. 347, no. 1905. 

Horatias Flaooiis, Quintus. Qvintvs Horativs 
Flaccvs. Accedunt nunc Danielis Heinsii. De 
satyra horatiana libri duo, in quibus totum poetae 
institutum & genius expenditur. Cum ejusdem in 
omnia poetae animaduersionibus, longe auctioribus. 
3 pt. Lvgd. Batav., ex officina d%einriana» 162^ 

*Vita e v e tv sti s si nio codioe descripta," ff. (11*13). 
See BrwMett III. 3t7< 

The title-page is e ngia ve d ; each part has a special title-page^ 
the fifvt having the dbte 1638 ip the imprint. 
Imperfect: —> parts of pp. ta6-ts9 are ill^ble. 

Opera. 2 vol. Londini, lohannes Pine* 

'73J~37- **• 2yr««/lf. and engrs, 

*'The entire text of this edition is engraved throughout, and 
has both the lists of subaaibers." — See printed slip on il]r4eaiL 

Quintus Horatius Flaccus ad lectiones pro- 

batiores dili^nter emendatus, et interpunctione 
nova saepius illustratus. Glasguae. 1744. sm. 8^. 

Sec DOdhes "Greek ft Latin claasica,'' II. 108. 

TUs ▼otane fomerly beloaged to Gov. Grore, after whose 
death it was presented by his widow to Judge Story ; after Judge 
Story's death it was presented by his widow to Mr. Samncr. — 
See MS. notes by Mr. Sumner and Judge Story on the first and 
second fly46Kves. 

Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Londini, Puk- 

ering. 1824. 48*^. Front. I vol., green crushed 
levant, gilt, covers lined with red mor., gilt, richlv 
tooled and first and last fly-leaves lined with rea, 
watered silk. 

AIm> with an eBgraved title-page, bearing the date i8a6 in the 

This volume is from the bljcaiy of the marquis de Morante, 
and has his monogram sumwanted by a coronet stamped in gik 
in the centre dL each side of the cover. — See Morantk, J. G. 
DB LA C, J£Kr#Mir DB- Caulogue, ttc I. 148, no. 807; — see 
also DibduiB '^Grcek & Latin daaucs," XL laa. 

Howiord, GtoRGE William Frederick, ^th 
Earl (ff CariislCt Viscoimt Morfetk. Lines on 
Yorkshire. Written in 1832. [London. 1865.] 
f*. ff. (7). Port, and 9 engrs. 

*' Printed for private dreuTation.'' 

One side only of each leal is printed, on diidt paper, in old 
Eadiah text, bmek and red letlen^ with nit border, and a fand- 
fnl uluniinated letter at the beginnmg. On one of the front fly» 
Isavcs is the pveseniation-Aatograph o€ Caroline G. Lasoellcs. 
Ob aoodicr ay Inaf Mr. Sumner has pasted a copy cmE two 
atanxas of poetry written by Lord Moipeth, in 1841. 

Henry, £arl of Surrev. Poems. 

Printed from a correct copy. With the poems of 
Sir Thomas Wial, and others his famous contem> 
poraries. To whick are added some memoirs of his 

life and writings. [Edited by George Jewell.] Lon- 
don. 17 17. 8®. 

** Memoirs," pp. vii.-rvt. 

Pasted on the mside of the front cover is the book-platte of 
Horatio Walpoie. — On the third fly-leaf is a MS. oopy of aa 
epitaph in Lambeth cfaureh written by the earl of Surrey ** on 




[Huttloh, Johann]. Nows orbis regkmvm ac 
insvlarvm veteribvs incognitarvm unit cum tabula 
cosmographica, & aliquot alijs consimilis argument! 
libellis, quorum omnium catalog^s sequenti patebit 
pagina. His accessit coptosus rerum memorabilium 
• index. [With a preface by Simon Grynaeus.] 
Adiecta est hvic postremae editioni Nauieatio Caroli 
Cxsaris auspicio in comi I tijs Augustanis instituta. 
Basileae. 1537. f». ff. (24), pp. 602. IVdcts. 

With the autograph of Thomas Gray, the poet, and many 
MS. notes in hia handwritini^ 

Jaoqaiaot, Dominique. L'vsage de Tastrolabe, 
avec vn petit traict^ de la Sphere. Plus est adioust^ 
vne Amplification de Tvsage de TAstrolabe, par 
lacques Bassentin. 2« ^. Paris, Cauellat. 1558. 
sm. 8^. £f. (8), loi [99]. Vign., Magrs. and wdcts. 

The vignette has been colored by hand. — " Antonius da 
Rachinoy/* ** Ex librts Lagrene " and a Latin motto are written 
on the title-page. 

Xalendarivm gregorianvm perpetvvm. Romae. 
1582. sm. 8«. ff. (36). Vign. 

Printed in red aad Mack ink. 

Xatholiflclies betbuch, von einem Bohmen. 3* 
aufl. Prag und Wien. 1782. sm. i8». Vign. 
I vol., silver fret-work, with tortoise-shell side 
panels and syver clasps. 

[laaoroiz, £meric de. Le nouveau cyn^ : ou 
Discours des occasions et moyens d*etablir une paiz 

f^n^rale et la liberty du commerce par tout le monde. 
*aris. 1623.] sm. 8<'. 

Imperfect: — the titloi^ge is wanting; the title ia si»plied 
from Barhitr*s ** Diet, des anon.," II. ^^ no. 11459, and from 
** Nouvelle biographie." 

Several MS. notes relating to the book are written on the 
inside of the txoxki covtr and on the bade flyleaves. 

lAorabL, Paul. Les arts an moyen ige et ^ 
r^poqne de la renaissance. Ouvrage illustr^ par 
F. Kellerhoven. 2* 6d., revue. Paris. 18691 1. 8«. 
Chromo-Uth. front., 18 chromo-litk. plates, 32 full" 
page wdcts., faC'Sims., etc. 

— — Moeurs, usages et costumes au moyen Age 
et k IVpoque de la renaissance. Ouvrage illustr^ 

Sar F. Kellerhoven. 3« W. Paris. 1873. *• **• 
. (2), pp. iv., 60^. Chromo-lilh. fronts 14 ehromo^ 
lith. plates, ^^ full-page wdcts., etc. 

— Vie militaire et religieuse au moyen dge et 
^ r^poGue de la renaissance. Ouvrage illustr^ 
par F. Kellerhoven, R^gamey et L. Allard. Paris. 
1873. 1. 8®. Chromo-litk. front., 13 ehromo-Utk, 
plates, yi full-page wdcts., zfac-sims., etc. 

Z«otaiitiiuh Lucius C(elius (or CiCCiLius) Fir- 
MiANUS. |Fol. I*: — lohannis Andree Episcopi 
Aleriefi ad Paulum II. Venetum Pont. Max. 
Epistola. Desinit: Rome anno natalis dominici. 
Bi.CCCCLXX. Pontificatus tui floridissimi Anno 
sexto. — Fol. 13* tit. : — Lactantii Firmiani institu- 
tionfi divinaB adversQ gentes Libri primi prefatio. 
ad Imperatorem Constantinum. — In fine Fol. 223* : 
— Aspicis illnstris lector, etc. Cdradus suueynheim : 
Amoldus panartzq3 magistri | Rome impresserunt 
talia multa simul. | Petrus cum fratre Francisco 
Maximus ambo | Huie operi aptatam contribuere 
domum. | M.CCCC.LXX.] f<». £E. (223), 38 Ums. 



G L. I vol., vellum, the back strengthened with 
calf straps ornamented with kid. 

See HeuHy no. 980S. 

Thb is the third impression of the " Editio princeps," of 
Lactantius. — The front of the title-leaf (fol. 13, according to 
Hain) is magnificently illuminated. — There are many MS. mar- 
ginal notes in red ink. 

Lafont, Joseph db. Th^&tre. Nouvelle ^., 
revAe & corrig^. Amsterdam. 1746. I2<>. 

CenUnUz — Dana^ on Jupiter Crispin. -~ Le naufra||e on La 
pompe fun^bre de Crispin. — L'amoor veng^. — Les trois frires 

Stamped in gilt on both covers are the arms of Louis XVIII. 
of France. 

[Lallemanty or Lalemant, Pierre]. Panegy- 
riqve fvnebre de Messire Pompone de Belli^vre, 

{)remier president av parlement. Prononc^ k 
'hostel-Dieu de Paris le 17. auril 1657, au seruice 
solennel fait par I'ordre de Messieurs les adminis- 
trateurs. Par vn chanoine regulier de la congprega- 
tion de France. Paris, Cramoisy, 1657. Z^. ff.(4), 
pp 294-. Vign. 

With raaiginal pendllings. 

Pasted on the second fly-leaf is a leaf bearing a quotation in 
Mr. Sumner's autograph from Charles Perrault^s *' Hommes 
i!lustres," torn. II. p. 54, concerning the work of Pomponne de 

[La Rochefonoanld, Francois, 6tA Duke de, 
Prince de MarsUlac\ Reflexions ou Sentences et 
maximes morales. 3* ^d., reveoe, corrig^e & aug- 
mentee. Psu'is. 167 1. xof*, i vol., red crushed 
levant, gilt. Bound by Trautz-Bauzonnet. 

[laa Roche-Gkdihem, Mile, de]. loumal 

amoureux d*£spagne. 4 pt. (paged continuously). 
Paris. 1675. ^™' '^' ^ v^^'f ^^"^ crushed levant, 
gilt on marble edges. Bound by Cap^. 

Stamped in eilt in each comer of both sides of the cover and 
on the back is tne monogram LVP (?) surmounted by the coronet 
of a viscount of France. 

Laspeireres, L. L'acad^mie des philosophes 
svr I'amovr. [I* pt.] Paris. 1642. 8®. Vign, 
With the autograph of Montesquieu on the title-page. 

Lavinheta, Bernhard.^ De incarnatoe xvbi | 
\ Heatissimo patri dfio nro Leoni diuina^ puiden- 
tia I pape decimo Bernard^ Lauinheta natioe Vasco 
pa- I tria Bearnensis. post^peda oscula beato4 o ois 
sancte | obedientie deditonem. S. D. Coloniae. 
1 516. sm. 4^ ff. 51. G. L. Wdct, 

[Le Blano, Jean Bernard, the Abbi\, ^Mgies 
de Mr. L* B* C. Avec un discours sur ce genre 
de poesie, et quelques autres pieces du mesme 
auteur. Paris. 1731. sm. S**. 

This is the dedication copv to Louis de Bourbon-Cond^, 
Count de Qerroont, and on both covers are stamped in g^lt the 
royal arms. 

[Lefort de la Morlni^ret Adrien Claude] 
Choix de poesies morales et chr^tiennes, depuis 
Nfalherbe, jusqu'aux poetes de nos jours. D^di^ ^ 
Monseigneur le due d'Orl^ans, premier prince du 
sang. Tom. I. Paris. 1739. 8®. Vign. i vol., 
red mor., gilt on marble edges, covers lined with 
figured gilt paper. 

This volume formerly belonged to Jean Baptiste Colbert, 
Marquis de Torcy, and his arms are stamped in gilt on both 
sides of the cover. 

Le Maire, Jean. Les Jllustrations | de Gaule 
et singularitez de Troye. | Auec les deux epistres 
de Lamant Vert. | Le second liure des | Jllustra- 
tions de Gaule et des sin^laritez | de Tro^e. | Le 
tiers liure des il | lustratios de Gaule : intitule de 
Frace orie | talle et occidentalle. | Le traicte de la 
diffe I rence des Scismes et des Concilles de le^li | 
se. £t de la preeminence et vtilite des con | cilles 

de la saicte eglise Gallicane. Auec la | vraye his- 
toire et non fabuleuse du prince | Syach ysmail dit 
Sophy. Et le saufcon | duyt que le Soufdan bailie 
aux Francoys | pour frequenter en la terre saincte. | 
Lepistre du roy a Hector de Troye et au | cunes 
aultres oeuures dignes de veoir. [Auec le blason 
des armes de venities.] 4 pt. [Paris, Francoys 
RegnauU, 1528.) 4<>. ff. (6), 65, 46, (6), 41, (30). 
G. L. Wdcis, 

Each part (except the first) has a special, engraved title-page. 
The general title-mge is engraved ana printed m black and i«d 
letters. — The dateis found at the end of the first and third parts 
and on the title-pa|;e of the fourth part — This copy differs from 
the edition of Pans, 1538, noticed by Brunei and Graessgy bv 
bein|( in 4 pt. only, wanting the "epistre du roy a Hector^ 
mentioned on the title-page. 

Leone, Giovanni, Africans. Africae descriptio 
IX. lib. absoluta. 2 pt. (paged continuously). Lugd. 
'B^i2iV,, apud Elsevir. 1632. 24®. pp.8oo-f-. Vigns, 

The title-page of the first part is engraved. 

[Lett, Gregorio]. Le nepotisme de Rome. Ou 
Relation des raisons qui portent les papes k aggran- 
dir leurs neueus. Du bien & du mal qu'ils ont 
caus^ k r^glise depuis Sixte IV. iusqu*ii maintenant. 
Traduction de Titalien. 2 pt. n. p. 1669. I2<>. 
I vol., red crushed levant, gilt, on marble edges. 
Bound by Duru in 1859. 

Pasted on the inside of the front cover is the book-plate, 
stamped in gilt on red morocco, of P. Desq. 

Mr. Sumner presented an Italian edition of this book, Amster- 
dam. 1667, to the public library of Boston [shelf-mark 5469».a^], 
in wnich was inserted a letter, dated March 11, 1871, urging Mr. 
Sumner to use citations fnnn it in support of an attack upon 
President Grant for nepotism. See Bulletin, Boston puSlic 
library, January, 1874, p. 208. 

[ ] ? Le pvtanisme de Rome, ou Le conclaue 

g^n^ral des pvtains de cette cour, pour 1 'Election 
d'vn nouuean [He] pontife. Traduction libre de 
ritalien. Cologne. N. D. sm. I2^ ff. (4), pp. 
132. Vizn. I vol., blue crushed levant, gilt on 
marble edges. Bound by H. Duru. 

Elzevir ed. — See MS. note on the front fly-Iea£ 
See Bru$utt IV. 987. 

Ztonsos Sopkista, Les amours pastorales de 
Daphnis et Chlo^. [Translated by Jacques Amyot ; 
with notes by Antoine Lancelot. Paris.] 1745. 
sm. 8<*. Large paper. Vign. and 29 engrs. i vol., red 
crushed levant, gilt. Bound by Derome ? 

The tide-page is printed in black and red ink. Also with an 
engraved title-page, bearing the date 1718 

For a full account of this edition see Brmntt, III. 1158. 

Luoaniu, Marcus ANNiGUS. Lvcanvs [Civilis 
belli libri decem. Colophon : — Venetiis in aedibvs 
Aldi, I et Andreae socen Men | se Ivlio. M.D.XV.] 
sm. 80. ff. (137), (3)- 

See Rtnouard's Annales de I'imprimerie, tic. I. 171, no. 7; 
Brunei^ III. 1109. 

This copy is froin M. LibrTs collection ; on both «des of the 
cover are stamped in gilt the crest and cypher of an abbot. — 
A printed notice b pasted on the inside of tne first fly-leaf. 

Lucretltui CaroB, Titus. De rervm natvra libri 
sex. D. Lambini, & Adr. Turnebi opera k multis 
mendis vindicati, recof^iti, & perpurgati. Cum 
variis lectionibus & mdice rerum insigniorum. 
Lvgdvni. 161 3. sm. 16^. Vign. 

'* Vita ex Lilio Gregorio Gjrraldo^*' pp. 3, 4. 

Imperfect: — pp. 5-8, 55, 56, 133, 124 are cut; pp. 159-163 
are wanting. 

On the title>page is the autograph of John Evelyn, and above 
it the words, " Durate &c. Virg. ^n." — On the fly>leaf oppo* 
site is a pencil note about Evelyn. 

The same. £x editione Gilberti Wakefield. 

Londini. 182 1. 24^ Vign, 

On the second fly-leaf is a quotation in Mr. Sumner's hand, 
writing from Wakeneld-s correspondence with Fox. 



Lnther, Martin. Parvvs catechismvs pro pueris 
in schola nuper auctus. Lipsiae, excvdebat Latvren- 
Uvs Faber. 1556. sm. 8®. ff. (30). Vign. 

Printed in Gothic and Ronum cfaaractera; the title-page is 
printed in red and black ink. 

— Prophetiae aliqvot vere : et sententiae 
insig^es : de calamitatibus, defectione, & tenebris, 
Germanae obuenturis, eo in Domino mortuo, & per- 
petuo viuente. Collectae per lohannem Amster- 
damum ecclesiae Dei ministrum. Access! t & altera 
pars, consolatoriarum sententiarum. [Magdeburgae, 
per MichagUm Lottherum, 1552.] sm. 8^ ff. (51)- 

Lyoophron. *AAc{^8^ Eti vanh rovro 'l(aK(ov 
rov Ti4r(ov i^iiyfifim. Alexandra. Cum eruditissimts 
isacii Tzetzis commentariis, ex fide manuscript! 
emendatioribus factis. Adiuncta est interpretatio 
versuum latina, ad verbum, per Gvlielmvm Can- 
tervm. Additae sunt & eiusdem G. Canteri annota- 
tinnes, nee non epitome Cassandrae graecolatina, 
carmine anacreontic. [Genevae], Pavlvs Stephanvs, 
1601. sm. 4®. ff. (8)» pp. 211, 59. Vign, 

On the second front fly-leaf is written, " M' John Forster 
purchased from Lord Chartemom's library a copy of this edition 
of Ljroophron containing Milton's signature & autographic 
notes, in the Pindar with Milton's notes are several references 
to Lycophron (see MS. index at end of Pindar) all of which reier 
to the pages in this edition the one possessed by Milton." 

[M., G.]. A relation of three embassies from 
Charles II to the great duke of Muscovie, the king 
of Sweden, and the king of Denmark. Performed 
by the earle of Carlisle in the years 1663 & 1664. 
Written by an attendant on the embassies. Lon- 
don. 1669. 8°. 2 porirs. of tht earl of Carlisle and 
2 of the duke of Musccvie. 

Two of the portraits are duplicate impresuons of the other 
two. The portraits uf Carlisle are by Faithome* 
On the second fly-leaf are four MS. notes. 

Bflaophexmon, James. The poems of Ossian. 
Translated by James Macpherson. New ed. Con- 
taining Dr. Blair*s three celebrated critical disser- 
tations ; and a preliminary discourse, or Review of 
the recent controversy relative to the authenticity 
of the poems. 2 vol. London. 1806. sm. 8®. 

This copy formerly belonf^ to Lord Byron, and has exten- 
sive original annotations in his autograph, and his signature on 
the fly-leaf of each volame. At the eixi of the first volume is an 
original unpublished poem in his autograph, being a rendering 
into verse of Ossian's address to the sun, consisting of forty-two 
lines. — See printed notice, pasted on the inside of the front cover 
of the first vdume. 

Only one of the *' Dissertations" mentioned on the title-page 
is by Dr. JBlair. 


••* The following list indndes all the mantiscripts in the ool- 
lectioo. The arrangement b alphabetical by languages. 


Fol. (i)* tit. : — Dit is profectus religioso4 I Dat 
Bpieghel der monicken | Sinte bernarts epistel toe 
horende den broeden | van der derder orden si 
franciscj der stat | maestrecht wonende in die 
witmeks straet. — Fol. (200)* : — Hier eyndet 
dat ander boeck van profectus. | In den iaer 
m.cccc.lxvi. ff. (222). cir. 4i X cir. 6 in. 29 1. 
G. L. I vol., bound in wooden boards, the back 
and back cover in royal purple velvet much worn, 
and in one place torn and sewed up. The front 
side is covered with brass, ornamented in raised 
fretwork of arabesque pattern, studded with 46 car- 
buncles set in brass, and at each of the four cor- 
ners a sardonyx, figured in intaglio ; inlaid in the 
centre is a bone panel, with three full length figures 
(of saints ?) in alto relievo. 

Written on vellum, with initials and many other letters rubri- 


Adams, John Quincy. [Lines addressed to the 
statue, representing the muse of history, which 
rests above the centre door of the hall of repre- 
sentatives, at Washington. Copied by Mr. Adams 
about two weeks before his last illness, in February, 
1848, for Mr. C. H. Brainard, and signed by him; 
while sitting at his desk in the hall, on the day that 
he was struck with paralysis. On the same sheet is 
pasted a newspaper cutting relating to it. — Also, a 
letter addressed to Mr. William Cranch, of Cam- 
bridge, and dated Haverhill, Nov. i, 178V Accom- 
panying both is a letter from Mr. C.*H. Brainard, 
dated Custom House, Boston, May 8, 186 1, present- 
ing them to Mr. Sumner.] 8^ ff. (6). 

The front cover is lettered in gilt, " The last paper subscribed 
by John Quincy Adams, February ai, 1848'* ; the back cover 
has, also in gilt, ** This is the last of earth." On the inside of 
the front eover is stampsd *' C. H. Brainard." 

Ali Zade. [Copy of] the letter of Imaum Ali 
Zade, a Turkish cadi. [To which is prefixed an 
''Extract from the di^overies in Nineveh and 
Babvlon. By Austin H. Layard."] Philadelphia. 
1858. f. (i), pp. 5. cir. 2^ X cir. 4 in. 

On the inside of the front cover is pasted a label bearing the 
inscription, '* Edward Penington, Jr, Philadelphia." 

BuRKE, Edmund. Observations on the conduct 
of the Minority ; particularly in the last session of 
Parliament : addressed to the duke of Portland and 
Lord Fitzwilliam. A manuscript, revised in the 
hand- writing of the author ; to which are added 
some of his original letters, f*. f. (i), pp 40-|-. 
4 portrs. 

With the book-plate of Fillinham. — The added matter con- 
sists of four holcwraph letters, to each of which there is a frank 
attached ; also a uc-simile of MS. no. s. 

Burns, Robert. Letter to the Earl of Buchan 
Tan. XII. 1794 with Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace 
Died. 4<>. pp. (4). 

Pasted on a fly-leaf is a newspaper scrap containing a letter 
from Mr. John G. Whittier, read at the Bums festival, in Wash- 
ington, 1869. 

Great Britain — Court of King's Bench, [Short 
notes of the proceedings of the court of king's 
bench, in 1772, in the case of Somerset, a negro ; 
with arguments of Sergeant Davy, Sergeant Glyn, 
Mr. Mansfield, Mr. Hargrave, Mr. Alleyne, Mr. 
Wallace, Mr. Dunning, Sergeant Davy's reply and 
the conversation of Lord Mansfield and the other 
judges.] sm. 4*'. pp. 10,94, 111. 

From the library of Granville Sharp. 

-^ Order of the Garter. [Copy of the statutes 

of the order, which belonged to Edward Seymour, 
earl of Hertford, afterwards duke of Somerset and 
Lord Protector, beheaded in IJ52. A beautiful 
MS. of 26 leaves vellum, with illuminated initials. 
On each side of the first leaf are painted the arms 
of the Lord Protector.] ff. (26). cir. 4^ X Si in. 
23 1. Quatern. G.L. 

On the inside of the front cover is the autograph of *' W. H. 
Black, Mill Yard, Goodman's Fields, London," and pasted on 
the adjoining fly-leaf is a MS. note by the same Black, giving an 
account of the history of the book. There are several pendl- 
notea on cover and fly-leaves. 

London, Eng, [Address of the working-men of 
London to the president, government, and people of 
the United States, expressing their sympathy for 
the death of Abraham Lincoln, and their congratu- 
lations for the suppression of the rebellion. Signed 
by Thomas Bayley Potter, chairman, and many 
others. London. 1865.] f« On parchment. 



Scott, Sir Walter, Bart, Modern drama, f®. 

£E. (26). 

Six of the leave* are writtea on both lidee ; three are only 
half leaves. 

ViLLiERS, George, ij^ £>ukt of Buckingham, [The 
answer and plea of George, duke of Buckingham, 
to the impeachment made against him by the house 
of commons.] pp. 23. 

This is not in the autograph of the dnks of Buddni^iaiii, and 
is witboat atgnatuse. 


DoTRiNE (La) aux simples gens. [To which is 
appended, *' Speculu BT Bernardi,*' in Latiir.] — Fol. 

(i8)b: — Anno Dfti Mxcccix. ff. (2), xc., (18). 
cir. 2Xcir. 24^ in. 16 1. Quatern. G. L.- 

Written at Paris, on Tellnra, with mlincated headinfi and 
caintals and manv illuminated initials. — The last leaf has been 
cut to one-third tne size of the others, oontainiog onlj^ve lines. 

[France]. Etats appr^i^ de la D^pense de la 
Construction, armement et Equipement d'un Vais- 
seau de 100. canons, d'un de 80., d'un de 74^ et 
d*an de 64. pour une campagne de 6. mois. [Brest. 
1768.] sm. 8^. f. (i), pp. 281. 

There is some pencilling on the fly-leares, which does not, 
however, explain the history of the book. 

Gessner, Salomon. [Extracts from his Idyls, 
translated by Turgot.] £E. ( 13). cir. 4f X cir. 6( in. 
cir. 26 1. 

On the fint front fly-leaf is written ; — " Manincrit de la main 
de Tnigot ministra de Louis XVI. Ce^ manuscrit qui est a lui 
des Idyiles de Geasner que Tuigot publia sous le pseudon^e de 
Huber a ^t^ Wrifitf sur d'autres manuscrits de Turi^ existant k. 
la biblioth^ue Mazarine " Beneath this is written in Mr. 
Sumner's huML " Tufgot was one of the best & greatest minis- 
ters with which a country was ever blest. Charles Sumner. 
Sent. '71." 

On the hst flyleaf at the end ol the book is another MS. 
note, reading ; -;- " la traduction des Idylles de Gessner est de la 
main de TuigoC, ce sont ses premiers etudes qu'il publia sous le 
nom d* Huber, mais jMgnore completeraent que peut etre Pao- 
teur de la traduction complete d jointe des metamorphoses 
d'ovide la traduction d'ovide est de 1780." 

OviDius Naso, Publius. Extrait des metamor- 
phoses. 1780. pp.146, cir. 5 X cir. 74^ in. cir. 27 1. 

Appended is a fragment of four leaves by the same hand, en- 
titlea ** Le Jugement de Paris." 

[Vers satyriques. Chansons galantes. Manu- 
scrit ayant appartenu ^ Louis XIV.] obi. 8®. 
pp. (95). lUustr, I vol., cf., gilt, in half maroon 
mor. case. 

With the coat-of-arms of Louis XIV. stamped in gilt on the 
The title is taken from the bade of the case 

VoYAGi de Rome par Auxerre, Diion, Lyon Mar- 
seille, Livome et Civitavecche. Avec le Retonr 
par Loretc. Bologne Venise, Milan, Turin, Lyon, 
etc. Commance le i^ aoust 1664 achev^ le 28 juin 
1665. ff. (2), pp. 328. cir. 24^Xcir. '^\ in. cir. 20 L 

On one of the fly-leaves at the end of the book is written, 
**Exlibris Ant Claventin 1667 HOe. eOS"; his coat^jf-arms 
is stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover, and in eadi comer 
is his monogram. 


WeitenaUj Sebastian Widtmaiser von. HDi- 
ploma ennobling Sebastian Widtmaiser for his cnar- 
acter and services as " Kayserlicher Universal-Ban- 
calitet-Cameral-Liquidations-Buchhalter." Signed 
by Charles VI., Roman emperor. Dated Wienn 28"'» 
junii 1731] pp. (23). cir. 6iX7 in. 17 1. G, L, 
Ilium, cocU'of'Ormi, 

Written on the finest parchment, the first page omamented 
with scroll-work. 


nOB Jo min "^lO* [Order of the Passover ; a 
singularly beautiful Hebrew manuscript of the 
seventeenth' century, with illuminated titk-paee and 
illustrations representing the escape of the Israel- 
ites from Egypt. 20 leaves of very rich vellum, 
with gilt marginal lines.] 4} X 7I in. 26 1. i vol., 
red vellum, gilt, covers lined with green and gilt 
oriental paper. Sold for 300 francs. 


[BoTTA, Carlo (Giuseppe Guglielmo)]. Storia 
naturale e medica deir isola di Corfu, f^*. pp. (84). 


Argvmenta singvlorvm capitvm Geneseos per 
tetrasticha. Manv Estherae Ingl*f Londini. 1008. 
obi. 640. ff. (62). 

The title'page and dedication are snmmnded by an illuminated 
border ; this is a spedmea of exquisite wridng, each page differ- 
ing from the others. 

Bartha, Hales ? Introductio in Historiam Ec- 
clesiae Unitarxae [in Transylvania}. 4**. pp. (174). 

Attadied to the last fly-leaf at the end of^ the book is an en- 
velope superscribed, ** Bishop of Transylvania,** containing two 
MSS., vis. : — A list of ^riooicals and books relating to Hungary, 
and a copy of the official confirmation of Nicolaos S«6kdy as 
superintendent of the unitarian churches in Transylvania^ in 
place of Johannes RSrmotsi, 1838. 

Baselius Ccesariensis^ Saint, [Oratio ad adole- 
scentes de legendis antiquorum sen gentilium libris. 
Translated, with a preface, by Leonardo Bruni 
Aretino.] ff. (37). cir. 2i X cir. 3iin. 13 1. Quintern. 
I vol., brown crushed levant, gilt ; edges gilt on 
marble. Bound by Lortic. 

Written on vellum, with two tHuminated initials. 
On the second front fly-leaf the subject of the book is written 
in French. The above title is taken urom Hain. 

Bible. Lot, (Vcrlg.) [Biblia sacra latina, cum 
prologis.] ff. (425). cir. 3 X cir. 44 in. 2 col. 43 1. 

Beautifully written in minute characters on very thin vellnm, 
omamented with many initial letters in gold and^ colors, in the 
centre of the greater part of which are little miniatures finely 
painted. See MS. notice pasted on the first fly-leai Sxc. xiiL 

In binding, the tops of some of the pages were cut too dose. 
Stamped on the back cover are the arms of some cardinal ; the 
stamp on the front cover is indistinct. An iron ring is atuched 
to the top of the back cover. 

The same, ff. (628). cir. 3 X cir. 4J in. 2 col. 

45 1. (7. Z. I vol., brown mor., covered with blind 
tooling in the old style. Sold for ;f 12. 

Beautifully written on fine vellnm, with illuminated capital let- 
ters, and a large initial to the book of Genesis, occupying the 
lenrth of the page, and containing eight separate minUiures, 
the lowest one a crucifixion. There are many MS marginal an- 
notations and the bade fly-leaves are covered with writing. On 
the first back fly-Jeaf is the presentation-inscription, in Latin, 
dated 1476, of Marcus de Bononia to Jacobus de Bononia : to this 
leaf is attached a modern transcription of the same. But *' not- 
withstandiiu; the earliness of the Italian ownership, the MS. is 
evidently ofFrench execution." See printed notice posted on the 
first front fly-leaf. The initial letter F to Maccabees ii. 1 is 
wanting. Sasc. xiii. 

This MS. is from the library of the duke of Sussex. 

M. T, Lai. (Vulg.) [Novum Testamen- 

tnm.] ff. (95). cir. 3 X cir. a\ in. 2 col. 51 1. G, Z. 
I vol., red crushed levant, gilt, richly tooled in 
Grolier style. Bound by Bedford. 

** Beautifully written in minute characters on vellum of moat 
beautiful texture, with rubricated and ornamental letters." Sea 
printed notice puted on the first fly-leaf. 

On the back it is lenered " Saec XIII.*' The Catbolk 
Epistles and the Apocalypse precede the Ei>istles of Paul. The 
famous passage i John v. 7, 8 has been rewritten bv a later hand. 
Many other passages have been similarly altered. It has tha 
book-plaue of Willett Lawrence Adye. 



[Catholic church. Kalendarium, psalteriuin, 
cantica et prcces.] ff. (1x3). cir. 2 X cir. 3 in. 21 1. 
G.L. I vol., brown crushed levant, covers lined with 
vellam. Bound by Belz Niedree. 

Written in the thirteenth century on veHum, now yellow and 
fUined, with rubricated capitals and figures. On the first pa£je 
is written, ** ex Itbris Biard,** reiorring, probably, to the Jesuit 

[ Officium Beats M arise Virginis et quaedam 

alia.] ff. (77). cir. 2^X3} in. 20 1. Quatern. G,L. 
I vol., red mor., richly tooled in fine arabesque, 
with gilt edges. 

C^mitnit : — lUJendaiiutn. — Pnraauatio ad dfidiun. — OfB- 
ctum Beata? Manx Virginis. •—Officium de sancta cruce. — 
Septem Psalmi poenitentiales cum litaniia suis. — Orationes 
diversaecum PsaJmis. 

Written upon vellum and richly iUtiminated j there are ten fuU- 
pMe illustrations, and each page has an illummated mando. 

Imperfect : — a leaf is wanting between ff. (45) and (46). 

1 Tkgiatm.] ff. (98). cir. 2fX4 in- 15 1. 

C.L, I vol., cf ., in the early Grolier style, illuminated 
in gold tooling, painted in compartments, with per- 
forated metal clasps, edges gilt k la ** antique." 

CMitoa^ : — Kalendarium. — Praeparatio ad offidum. — Offi- 
diun Beatx Marine Virginis. — Seplem Pialmi poenitentiales cun 
Uuniis sttis. — Officium de sancta cnioe. — OiScium de Spiritu 
Sancto. — Officium * defunctorum >*- (ad vesperas, in prioio doc- 
tunio, ad laudes). 

Written in the sixteenth century tqx>n vellum and richly 
illuminatod : there are fourteen full-page illuminations, and each 
page has an elKant border on om side ; the " Kaiendarium " is 
also illustrated by twenty-four miniatures. This MS. is from the 
library of the famous constable of France, Anne de Mont* 
Biorency, whose arms, stamped in gilt, f urm the centre ornaments 
of the bmdiag : the four letters of the name Anne are also stamped 
ia gilt on the four sides of both coven. . 

[ Tk^saim.] ff. (i3o).3jX4^in. i6l. CL. 

X vol., flior., gilt edges, with silver clasps. 

C»nUiU» : — Kalendarium. — Praeparatio ad officium. — Miasa 
Totiva de Sanaa Maria. — Officium de aanotisaimo Eucharistiae 
•acramento. — Officium Beatae Mariae Virginia. — OiRcium de 
sancta cruce. — Officium de Spiritu Sancto. — Septem Psalmi 
pcenitentiales cum litaniis suis. — Officium defunctomra: — (ad 
vesperas, in primo noctum^ ad laudes). 

This is the mnel richly illuminated MS. in Mr. Sumner's col- 
lection ; it is beautifully written upon vellum and is ornamented 
with ten full-page illuminations and twelve miniatures ; each page 
is also ornamented with an elaborately illuminated border, which 
in a few cases surrounds the entire pilge. The frontispieoe con- 
tains a repfesentation of the Madonna and child, with St. Bei^ 
nard and the lady for whom th^ MS. was expressly prepared, 
beneath which is the lady^s coat-of-arms. Her family genealogi- 
cal tree is finely illuminated on the last pace. 

On the first front fly-leaf is pasted a MS. quotation by Mr. 
Sumner from Dibdin's ** Bibliographical Decameron ; " on the 
■econd front fly-leaf are critical notices by Dr. Thies of some ol 
the fuU-page illumioationa. 

[ Tk^same.] ff. (142). 2|X3|in. 15I. GX, 

^ CtiUtUa : — Kalendarium- — Pneparatio ad officium. — Offi- 
duin Beatae Mari« Virginis. — Officium de sancta cruce.— 
Officium de Spiritu Sancto. — Septem Psalmi poenitentiales cum 
litaniit Buis. — Officium defunctorum. — SuiEragia soUta. 

Written upon vellum and richly illuminated ; there are thir- 
teen {uU-pajire illuminations, and each page has an elegant bor- 
i»\ the ** Kalendarium" is also illustrated by twenty-four 
curioas miniatures. Pasted on the first fly-leaf Is a notice of this 
Us by Dr. Thiea, author of the Gray catalogue of engravings. 

[ Tin same\ 

Quatem. G. L. 

C»nUnis : — Kalendarium- — Praraaratio ad officium. — Missa 
^vade Sancta Maria. --' Passto Domini nostri Jesu Christi 
Mcandum Johannem. — Officium Beatae Marias^ Yirginb extra 
A^entiui — Officium Beatae Mariae Vir^nis in Adventu. — 
Officium de sancta cmoe. — Officium de Spintu Sancto. — Septem 
P^mi poenitentiales cum litaniis suis. — Officium defunctorum. 
'"'OiatioDes et suffrapa solita. 

Written upon vellum and richly illumiiuited ; there are thirteen 
^■ul^ge illnmtikations and twenty-eiz miniaturea; each page 
■^ ui elegant border. 

.Inperfeet!— the ''Kslendarium" bcks the months <tf 
ecptenber and October. 

ff. (144). 2^X4^ in. 20 1. 

I The same,] ff. ^147). 2^X3^ in. 15 1. 

Quatem. G, L, \ vol., velLtim, tied with thongs 
of chamois skin. 

C^nttnU : — Kalendarium. — Praeparatio ad officium. — Offi- 


cium Beatae Marine Virginia. 

oum de sancta cnice. — 

Offidum de Spiritu Sancto. -^ Septem Psalmi poenitentiales cum 
litaniis suis. — Officium defunctorum. — Orationes diversiae. 
(lu French and Latin.) 

Written in the fifteenth century upon vellum, with gilt, rubri- 
cated, and onuimental letters ; there are three miniatures, and 
fifteen of the leaves have exquisitely illuminated boarders. 

A printed notice is pasted on the inside of the front cover. 
Both sides of the cover have been twice covered with writing in 
French, now nearly iderible. On the first Ay-leaf is the name 
" Ach Genty "^ and a few pencilled lines in French ; on the 
second fly-1^ is written, " nous sommes Depouilly," which name 
ia repeated on S. (39) and (37). 

Imperfect : -> a leaf is gone between ff. (60) and (61), (63) and 
(64X (S9) and (90X (lit) and (laa), and (137) and (138). 

I 7%/ same,] ff. (174). i J X cir. i| in. 14 1. 

(7.Z, I vol., red velvet, much worn, eages gilt 

C^nUni* : — Kaleiadarium. — Praeparatio ad officium. — Offi* 
dum de sancta cruce. — Offidum de Spiritu Sancto. — Missa de 
Sancu Maria Virgine. — Officiwii Beatae Mariae Viiwiais. — 
Septem Psalani poenitentiades pira litwtts aula. — Officium 

Written on vellum, with gilt, rubricated, and ornamental letters, 
and ten full-Mge illustrations, exquisitely designed and coiored. 
On the inside of the front cover, and on the first fly-leaf, are 
rude pen-and-ink sketches. 

Imperiiect : — a leaf is gone between ff. (a8) and (39), (7a) and 
<7S>i (77)>ad (78), (94) and (95V (103) and (104)1 and (>38) and 

*«* In ascertaining the character of the contents of these 
Oflke-books, we have been very greatly assisted by Mr. Richard 
Bliss, Jr., formerly assistant in the Museum ol comparative 

[Chained monastic MS., containing Tractatus de 
Confcssionibus audiendis, Peregrinus de Sanctis, 
Tractatus de Sacramento Altaris, and Constitu- 
tiones Clementis V. Papae. A fine MS. of 194 
leaves, paper, written about 1390.] cir. 4iXcir. 6^ 
in. Sen. i vol., in the ancient oaken covers, with 
pigskin back, and the original iron chain wherewith 
It was formerly secured. Sold for £2/^. 

The insides of the covers are covered with MS. See printed 
slip on fly-leal. 

Chrysostomus, Joannes, Sain/, De. Patientia. 

et. Eleemosyna. per. Hilarionem. Monachvm. 

Veronevm. tradvctvs. ff. (96). cir. i^Xcir. 4^ in. 
18 1. Quintern. 

Written on fine vellum, io the pontificate of Sixtus IV. 
Only Uie Cit]e*page, the first pa^^e of the prologue, and the 
begmning of each book, are illuminated. 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. [De Officiis Libri iii.] 
pp. (258). cir. 3f X6^ in. 23 1. Quatern. 

" Italian MS. of the XVthcenturv, beautifully written on fine 
vellum. The first page surrounded by an interlaced border «ith 
Amoretti and birds, of exq^uisite design ; there are also four 
large richly illuminated capitals and numerous smaller ones.'* 
See pasted cuttinc on the inside of the front cover. 

Imperfect : —Illuminated capital belonging on p. 140 cut ou^ 
making the precedipg page also imperfect. 

Grotius (DuUA de Groot), Hugo. Notae m 
Senecae atque aliorum tragoedias. pp. (^7). cir. 
4Xcir. 6} in. 2 pcrtrs, I vol., cf. Bound by G. 

This beautiful MS. was presented by the author to Peter 
Scriverius, the historic- ^ and by him returned to Grotius with a 
complimentary letter dated i6ac, which is on the fly-leaf precede 
ing the portraits. On the inside of the front cover is i>asted a 
printed notice of the book. ^ On the second fly-leaf is written, in 
pendl, ^* From the collection of the late Reverend M' John 
Mitford.'* On the fifth fly-leaf is pasted a description of 
the book in the autograph ot W. H. Foes (?). On the two pages 
nesEt to this, written >y another hand, aie extracts from letters 
by Grotius to Scriverius referring to this book. 



[HoRATius Flaccus, Quintus. Odes, in manu- 
script of the fifteenth century, made for Leonardo 
Aretino, from whose hands it passed into those of 
the inquisitor Torquemada, according to a MS. note 
in Spanish on the back of the front fly-leaf.] ff. (84). 
cir. 2^Xcir. c^ in. 25 1. Quintern. i vol., vellum, 
lined with silver paper. Sold for 150 francs. 

The initial M of the first ode is illuminated, and on the back 
of the last leaf is the autograph, '* Al eximio Sr« Marques de 
Morante su obligado amico, Felipe de Soto." 

LucANUS, Marcus Annaeus. Pharsalia. £[.(114). 
4|^Xcir. 2^ in. 30 1. 

This is an Italian MS. of the i^th century, beautifully written 
on fine white vellum with several illuminated capitals, llie title 
and first lines of the poem are written in gilr capitals on the 
** recto" ol the 6th leaf, and this page is surrounded bjr an 
ele|;antly interlaced border. l*he first five leaves contain a 
notice upon the life and works of Lucan, and a sketch of the war 
which has fumtslied the subject^ of the ^em.^ The first five 
books are accompanied by a multitude of mteriinear and mar- 
ginal notes. 

A printed notice of the book is pasted on the inside of the 
front cover. 

Nicholas V. [Tommaseo Parentucelli], Pope, 

[A papal bull, issued by Nicholas V., granting to 

Caspar Musotus de Malviciis of Bologna permission 

to build a mill near Castelguelfo, and exempting 

the same from all taxes. Dated Rome, 1447, 12 kl 

marcij (Feb. 18).] 

Beautifully written on a large sheet of vellum, through the 
bottom of which are drawn the threads of red and yellow silk 
by which the seal was attached. Pasted in one corner is a 
printed notice. 

Padua, Italy — University. [Diploma conferring 

the degree of Ph. D. upon Giacomo Pasquali, Dec. 

18, 1656.] 8°. pp. (9). Port, and coat-ojf-arms. 

I vol., rea velvet. A cord is attached bearing the 

remains of a seal. 

Beautifully written on vellum, in roman characters, most of 
the initials and many other letters in gilt The borders are 
richly illuminated. 

[Thomas Aquinas^ Saint. Secunda Pars se- 
cundi Libri Summae theologicae.J ff. 8-263, 7. 
cir. 6|Xcir. f^ in. 54 1. G. L. 

MS. of the fifteenth century, beautifully written in black, 
red and blue, on fine vellum. On three sides of the first page 
is a richly illuminated border. 

Imperfect : — ending with Quest, dxxl Art iv. 3d para^ph, 
" cognoMnt omnia prophetabilia.*' Portions of the margws of 
£E. I, 3 and 7 are cut off. 


Bellini, Vincenzo. [First and last pieces of 
Bellini. In his autograph.) obi. 4®. pp. (3), (3). 

With Bellinrs autograph on the first page of the first piece. 
On the last page of each piece is a certificate fronn the British 
vice-consul at Catanii, dated Oct. i, 1840, certifyine that Car- 
melo Bellini appeared before him personally and declared these 
MSS- to be the original comi>ositions and in the handwriting of 
his brother, Vinceiizo Bellini ; made at the request of George 
Sumner. Each piece has Carmelo Bellini's autograph. In a 
MS. pencil note in Charles Sumner's handwriting, at the end 
of the first piece, it is written, " that this piece was Bellini's 
earliest production " In a similar note at the end of the last 
piece it is written, " that it was found on his desk at his death." 
Pasted in the front part of the book is a programme of a per- 
formance of Bellini's " Les puritains," at the Th^itre royal 
italien at Paris, Jan. 34t i835* 

Haydn, (Franz) Joseph. Part of the Opera of 
Armida, by Haydn. The First Score, in the 
Author's own Hand-writing, obi. 4^ pp. (48). 

With Haydn's autograph at the top of the first page ; under- 
neath the title is written in pencil, ** AttesUtion in the autograph 
of W. Ayrton, Esq. F.R.S." 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. Solfiges k deux voix 
^gales. f<». pp. 26. 

This is in the autograph of Roa88eal^ and on the last page 
are his initials. 


Saadi, or Sadi. [The Gulistan, in Persian 
illuminated MS., exquisitely written on paper 
sprinkled with gold, containing nineteen richly 
illuminated miniatures, nine of which are portraits 
of the Mogul emperors, from Timur to Muhamad 
Shah, the rest being illustrations of the text. A. H. 
1135 {or A. D. 1727).] ff. (165). 2^\X4^| in. 12 1. 
I vol., in the.original native morocco binciing, richly 
gilt, enclosed in a European case of olive morocco. 
Sold for ;f 21. 

See printed slip on back of front fly-leaf. 

llfaps — Algeria. Carte du gouvernement 
d*Alger comprenant I'empire de Maroc, la regence 
de Tunis et une partie du grand desert. Par A. K. 
Fr^min. Paris. I18 . . ] 22|Xi3jin. 

The map u surrounded by an illustrated border. 

^— — World. Vni-versalior cogniti Orbis 
Tabvla. | Ex recen-ti-bvsconfectaObservationi-bvs. 
[By Johann Ruysch. Rome. 1508] 21^X16 in. 

This is the earliest engraved map, showing discoveries in the 
New World, and it is thought to have followed the map made 
by Columbus in 1498, and now lost. North America, including 
Greenland, are represented as part of Asia. The West Indian 
archipelago is not fuUv delineated, but a passage through to the 
west is supposed. There are accounts of this map (which ap- 
peared in the editions of Claudius Ptolemy, Geograpkim^ etc , 
published at Rome, in 1508), in Harrisse's Bibliothfca Ameri. 
cana yttttsiissima, p. 108 ; in the CtUalog^te af the John Carter^ 
Brovm Library^ I. p. 39 ; in Henry Stevens BMiotketa 
Geograpkicoky no. 3058 ; and reproductions are given in Hum- 
bolot's Examen critique^ V. ; in his essay on the earliest maps 
appended to Ghillany's Getchichte dee Martin. Btkaim ; in 
Stevens' Historical and Geographical Notes^ pi. 2 (cf. His' 
torical Magazine, August, 1869, p. 107) ; in Santarem's Atlas 
com^osi de mappemondes depuis U y*jusqu''aM xvii* sHcies ; in 
Lelewel's MayenAge; and a section is given in Kohl's Z>i!»- 
covery 0/ Maine ^ {>. 156. 

Marcellino, Valerio. ifdiamerone. Ove con 
vive ragioni si mostra, la morte non esser quel 
male, che'l senso si persuade. Con vna dotta, e 
givdiciosa lettera, ouer discorso intorno alia lingua 
uolgare. Vinegia. 1565. sm. 4®. Vign. 

"A beautiful specimen of the library of Marco Foscarini, 
Doge of Venice, with his large arms in gold on sides " See 
printed notice pasted on the bade of the nrst fly-leaf. On the 
second fly-leaz is a MS. notice of the book, in Italian, signed 
" GiuUo Bernardino Tomitano." 

Mare balticum id est Historica deductio utri 
regum Daniae ne an Poloniae praedictum mare & 
multis jam annorum centenariis, asserente non 
fallaci hominum censura, sed ips& nunquam fallibili 
natura, se desponsatum fateatur & agnoscat, Poloni 
cujusdam nuper typis excuso tractatui qui discursus 
necessarius inscnbitur opposita. N. P. 1638. 
sm. 4<>. ff. (18). 

Marquette, Jacques. Voyage et d^couverte de 
quelques pays et nations de TAm^rique Septen- 
trionale par le p. Marquette et Sr. Joliet. [Paris. 
1845.] i^' ff' (2)1 pp. 43. Map, 

Only ISC copies printed. No. 33. 

On the leaf opposite the title-page is written, ** Geo. Stunner 
Esq. from his Friend &c O. Rich?* 

This is a fac-simile reprint, including the map made in Paris, 
in 1845. for Mr. Obadiah Rich of I^ndon, 6i one of the sec- 
tions of a collection issued in Paris in 1681, entitled RecueH 
de^ Voyages de Mr. Thevenaty of which there is a copy in 
this library. The text is an imperfect publication ot the 
oriirinal journal, one copy <A whicK is now preserved in the 
College Sainte Marie at Montreal, and has been printed as 
prepared by Father Dablon, witn a translation, tn Shea's 
Miisiui^pi I'alleyj and again printed at New York, for Mr. 
Lenox, in 1855, as Ric^ des Voyages du Ph'e Marquette^ etc., 
a gap of two leaves being supypUed from Thevenot's text. This 
New York text, abridjied and mutilated, was reproduced in 
Douniol's Mission du Canada — relations isUdites, as prepared 



daima of 

Note* sur la 

scYeral manu- 

by Fathen Martiii and De Montezan. 
Nt unt i U Frmmetf p. 140^ compares tibe 
acrtpts ai. this journal. 

GV Thevcoot*a text a defcctire translation vas published in 
Loodon in 1698, as a supplement to an English version of Henne- 
p;n. Later ud better renderings are in the Hutarical Maf^a' 
ziite, August. 1861, and in IHirt II. of French's HisitrutU 
L0ilecti^ms 0/ Lcuitituia. 

The map which Thevenoc civet, and which Rich reproduces, 
is not after Marquette's sketch, but follows with some variations, 
accofdiof to Pau'kroan, Gret^t H^esi, pw 65, ^oS, an old MS. 
map enttt'ed, CarU dt la N^uvtU* Franc* Dieomftrtt an* Its 
/Vtm JismiUt ^ml/ait tn Vamait 167a, tt c^mtitmh par it P^t 
yacamei Mar^mttU^ etc, which, according to Harrisse, Notts 
sur la NcmveUe Framct^, ho. 20a, was formerly in the BMia- 
tkk^ti€ mUianaU^ but cannot now be found. Mr. Parkman has 
4 tracing oi ii, and he calls it *' so cnide and careless, and 
b-u>ed on information so inexact, that it is of little interest." 
i}T*at IVtst^ p. 408. Ano^er tracing is named in the Catalogut 
0/ tkt Library of Parliament^ Toronto, 1858, p. i6i«, no. i6w 
dhea, Mississippi ValUy^'a, Ixxv, was in errbr as to the origin 
of this map. Sparks, CaiaUgut 0/ tkt S^ks CoUeci^n^ 
p. 175, caiis it "the first ever published ot the Mississippi 

^ Tlae lEcnaine map of Marquette was reproduced for the first 
time by Shea in his Mississippi Vallty^ and later in his edition 
of the RetaHen of xiyjyrT^ The engraving of it given in 
HcvaaxX % Minion da Canaaa^a* a smul sketch of an Indian 
cabin on it, which does not appear in Shea's iac-simile. CL 
Harrisse' s Notts sur la NottutUs Fr€uut, p. 14a ; Shea's cd. 
of Charlevoix's Nrw Franct^ III. i8o. 

[Maapertuis, Pierre Louis Moreau de]. Ve- 
nus physique, contenant deux dissertations, Tune, 
sur Torigine des hommes et des animaux : et Tautre, 
sur Torigine des noirs. La Haye. 1746. 16^. 

With the book-plate of Joseph Tasker. 

Mulanchthon, Philipp. Historia de vita et 
actis Mart. Lutheri, bona fide conscripta. Adiec- 
ta svnt a loanne Pollicario Carmina quaedam de 
beneficijs quae Deus per Lutherum oroi terrarum 
contulit. Item disticha aliqvotdc actis Lvtheri, 
qu2 simul annorum numerum comprehendunt 
Denuo correcta. IThvringiac Hieraefordiam excudebai 
Geruasius Sthurmfrus,\ 1548. sm. 8<>. £[.(40). 

Oratio in fvnere reverendi viri D. Martini 

Lutheri, rccitata. VVitebergae. 1549. sm. S^'. 
ff. (8). 

lilltoii, John. A mask. Presented at Ludlow- 

castle, 1634. Before the earl of Bridgewater then 

president of Wales. N. P. 1645. ^^* "• (^) PP* 5^- 

Beknr the words *' A mask " on ike title-page was printed 
"Of the same author;" over the words "Of the same" has 
been pasted a printed btbel, " Mr. John Mihon." The V*^%^ 
abo^ nas beeai altered in ink, and a line added on page 3- This 
volume really consists of pp. 67-1 so extracted from the 1645 
edition of the minor poems ot Milton, of which there are copies 
of the complete book in this library, in the Boston public 
Kbrary, and in the private coUection of the late George 

Paradise lost. A Poem in Ten Books. 

The Author J. M. Licensed and entred \sic\ ac- 
cording to Order. London. 1668. sm. ^. 

The first edition of this poem consisted of thirteen hundred 
cf^es, which were issued by instalments at eight (says Bohn) 
nr nine (says Maaaon) times, with different titles and preliminary 
matter, duting t66;r, 1668, and 1669. The text of copies varies 
I'ftener than the titles and preliminary matter, as corrections 
were apparently made as the work progressed through the presx. 
and, in binding^up these instalments, corrected and uncorrectea 
sheets were indiscriminately mixed. The present copy does not 
corre^iond to either variety as described by the bibliographers. 
It has what is called in Bohn's Lowndes, the third title-page, 
following which should come, according to that authority, tne 
text, but intervening between the title-leaf and text, are seven 
leaves containing the Printer's Address to the Reader (five lines, 
— some issues have it in three linesX the Argument, the Verse, 
and the Errata. These seven leaves correspond ra matter to 
what Bohn gives as the proper accompaniment of the sixth title- 
page, and they are like tne copies of that title which an- owned 
by the Public Librarv of Boston and Mr. Charles Deaoe. The 
Sumner copy has " Jane Goddard " written on the title, and the 
bindinfr, though oki, b seemingly not the original one, and unless 
this 00^ y maraa another variety, either the title or the prelimi- 
aary matter haa been added in binding to the text ab fin»t put 

MUton, John. Paradise lost. A poem, in 
twelve books. From the text of Thomas Newton. 
Birmingham, John BaskervilU for Tonson, London. 
1758. 8«. 

On the fly-leaf, preceding the title-page, is a quotation from 
Dibdin's Library companion, p. 70S, nott, in Mr. Sumner's 
handwriting, relating to this edition. 

—^ The same. In ten books. The text exactly 
reproduced from the first edition of 1667. With an 
appendix containing the additions made in later 
issues and a monograph on the original publication 
of the poem. (Edited by R. H. S.] London, B, Af, 
Pickering. 1873. *"*• 4®- ^^S^' 

Also with a fao-simile of the original title-page. 
The " Mono^ph" is signed R. H. S. A later fac-simlle of 
this edition was issued in London 1877, edited by David Masson. 


-^— Paradise reeain*d, A poem, in four books. 
To which is added Samson Agonistes : and Poems 
upon several occasions. From the text o£ Thomas 
hfewton. Birmingham, John Baskerville for Tonson, 
London. 1758. S^. 

_ — ^ Pro popvlo anglicano defensio, contra Clav- 
dii Anonymi, ali^ Ssumasii, defensionem regiam. 
Londini. 1651. sm. it*, Vign. 

With the autograph of Edward Rushton on the title-page. 
The library has also the edition of 1650. 

Montaigne, Michel (Eyquem) de. L*esprit 
des Essais de Montaigne. Paris. 1677. I2<*. yign. 

Also with an engraved title-page. 

With the book-plate of the marquis (?) J. M. H. Michau de 
Montaran. On the title-page is written. " anno 1804. £x libris 
Williot " (?) — Stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover is 
the coat-of-arms ot* some member of the Vireau des Espoisses 
or de VUleflix iamUiea (?) — See CktviUard's *' Diet, h^ral- 
dique," tU, p. 166. 

Monilao, or Monlno, Blaise de Lasseran- 
Massencome, Seigneur de. Commentaires. Oil 
sont descris les combats, etc. esquels ce grand & 
renomm^ Guerrier 8*est trouu^ durant cinquante 
ou soixante ans, qu*il a port^ les armesji 521-1572] : 
ensemble diuerses instructions, qui ne doyuent estre 
ignorees de ceux, qui veulent paruenir par les amies 
k quelque honneur, & sagement conduire tous ex- 
ploits de guerre. 2 torn, (paged continuously). 
Paris. 1594. 8«. ff. (4), 627, (13). Vign, i vol., 
green crushed levant, gilt. Bound by W. Pratt for 
H. Stevens. 1872. 

On the title-page ia the autograph of Edmund Waller. 

MoBOO^ Russia — > Police, Kratkii tolovoi otch- 
ety moskovskago oyery-polits meistera za 1838 
gody. Moskva. 1839. 8®. pp. 78 -f , (3). Table. 
1 vol., green satin, gilt border. 

With manjr MS. notes, in English and Russian. On the first 
Iront fly-leaf is a MS. note in unidiomatic English by Gen. Leo 
Tsinsky, ** Police-Master-General of Moscow," presenting the 
book to George Sumner. Pasted between the first and second 
front fly-leaves are two scraps with autograph verses uf Pudbkin. 

Napoleoii L 
and Josephine 

Lettres de Napo 

Bonaparte], Efnf>, of the French^ 
TasCHKr], vife 7f Napoleon I, 
l^on \, Jos^phme, pendant la pre- 
miere campagne d'ltalie, le consulat et Tempire ; et 
lettres de Josephine k Napoleon et i sa fille. 2 torn. 
Paris. 1833. 8«. 2 portrs. and 7 fac-sims, 

"Notice sur Josephine, tir^ de la Biographie untversello 
dee oontemporains," I. >7-40. 

Pasted on the back of the first front fly-leaf in vol. 1. is a 
printed notice of the book. Between the portrait of Bonaparte 
and the title-pa^e, in the same volume, is pasted the original 
official receipt, ^iven by the first consul to the minister of finance, 
for his stipend, in 1801. 

Nausea, Friedrich. Frederici Navseae Blanci | 
campiani, eximii LL. | doctoris, inclytae ecctesiae 
Moguntinx ^ | sacris Concionibus emincntiss. • 



Libri Mirabilium | Septem. Coloniae. 1532. sm. 
4°. ff. (6), 66. PVdcts. 

Very rare and carious. See Joecher's A Ug*meines gelekrUn^ 
UxicoHy in. 8361 and Ergzgsbd. V. 415-418. 

ITichols, John Gough. Autographs of royal, noble, 
learned, and remarkable personages conspicuous 
in English history, from the reign of Richard the 
Second to that of Charles the Second ; with some 
illustrious foreigners ; containing many passages 
from important letters. Engraved unaer the di- 
rection of Charles John Smith. Accompanied by 
concise biographical memoirs, and interesting ex- 
tracts from the original documents. London. 
1829. f°. pp. xiv., ff. (63), pp. iv. x^^ plates offac- 

ITobilta et'eccellenza delle donne (della), nvova- 
mente dalla lingva francese nella italiana tradotto. 
[By F. A. Coccio.] Vinegia, appresso Ferrarij, 
1544. sm. 8®. ff. 29. Vign. i vol., cf., gilt, richly 
tooled in Grolier style. 

On the title-page is the autograph of Ben Jonson, thus writ- 
ten, *'Sum Ben: Jontonij"; it has also the autograph of T. 
Hepburn, the Scottish poet. — A printed notice is pasted on the 
first front fly-leaf. 

ITotitia vtraqve cvm Orientis tvm Occidentis vltra 
Arcadii Honoriiqve Caesarvm Tempora, illustre 
Uetustatis Monumentum, im6 Thesaurus prorsum 
incomparabilis. Praecedit aute D. Andreae Alciati 
Libellus, De magistratib. ciuilibusq ; ac Milita- 
ribus Officijs, partim ex hac ipsa Notitia, partim 
aliunde desumptus. Cvi succedit Descriptio Urbis 
Romx, quae sub Titulo Pub. Victoris circumfer- 
tur : & altera Urbis Constantinopolitanae incerto 
Autore, nunqua antehac Typis excusa, imperia- 
Hum uidelicet ac primariaru Sedium utriusq ; Rei- 
pub. Svb iungitur Notitijs uetustus Liber De 
Rebvs bellicis ad Theodosium Au^. & Filios eius 
Arcadium atq ; Honorium, ut uidetur, scriptus, 
incerto Autore. Item, ne quid de antic^uo Exem- 
plar! omitteretur, Disputatio Adriani Aug. & 
Epicteti Philosophi. [Edited by Sigismund Ghe- 
len.] Basileae, ^r^^«. 1552. f*. Colored vign.^ 
106 colored wdcts,t etc. 

Some of the woodcuts have been retouched with paint. 
The library has also a copy of the 1593 edition. 

ITowB orbis regionvm. . . . Basileae. 1 537. fo. ff. 
(24), pp. 602. IVdcts, 

The title of this work is given at length under Huttich, bat 
it is. more frequently quotra as Grynaeus^ Novus orhis after 
the author of the preface. The printer's note at the end. 
reads : " Basileae per lo. Hervagivm mense novembri. anno 

The present copy, bound by Qark and Bedford in full mo- 
rocco, lacks the map properly belonging to it, according to Har- 
risse and the Carter-Brown catalogue, and bears the autcMnraphs 
of previous owners, " Henri Cooke," "Tho. Smith," and "Ino: 
Gray," — the latter the English poet, who writes at the end, 
•'cojjt me, o~ I — 9," and on the title, **This Collection waa 
originally published by Montalboddo Fracanzano of Vicenza (in 
the Italian tongue) under the title of Mondo Nucvo, 8°, 1507, 
addressed to Gianmaria Angioletto, his countryman. They were 
tum'd into T^tin by Arcangeto Madrignano, a monk of Cara- 
valle in the Milanese, &pubIishM at Milan in 150S, reprinted at 
Paris in 1532 by Simon Grynaeus, in Folio; and now repeated at 
Basil in 1537." The marginal references of Gray are chiefly the 
English equivalents of Latin terms of geography and natu- 
ral history ; but at the section on Columbus he writes : ** The 
voyages of Columbus were written by a Spanish gentleman, who 
went embassadour from Strain to the Sultan of Egypt: they 
were translated out of Spanish into Italian by Angelo Trivigiano, 
who had a personal friendship with Columbus V Again, against 
the narrative of Marco Polo, he adds: "The original of these 
curious Travels was in Latin, written by a Genoese nobleman 
(from the mouth of y* traveller himself) in the year 1398. As 
copies of this work were very scarce Fra Pipino, a Bolognese, 
tum'd the Italian translation of it (w«^ was then common) into 
Latin, w* is the same here printed. Besides the barbarity of the 
style it is very erroneous & defective so that Ramusio thought 
proper to publish it in Italian (from an old MSS.) in the 2** vol- 
ume of his valuable Collection ; and in 1671 And : MuUer printed 

in I^atin {>erhap8 the original found in the Elector of Brandeo* 
bourg's Library." Gray seems to have read this section with 
care, and to have collated (apparently by the color of the inks at 
different times) the geographical names with what he calb 
•* MSS." Mason, IVorks of Thomas Gray, London, 1827, p. 
273, says that Gray, evly in life, had an intention of publishing 
an edition of Strabo, and that ne left a great number of geo- 
graphical disquisitions and copious^ notes with respect to Persia 
and India, and concerning the ancient and modem names and 
divisions. The C^ollege Library has another copy [1354.27] dL 
this edition, likewise lacking the map, — the pft of Saifiuel A. 
Eliotf in 1823, with the Warden Library. ^ 

This 1537 edition is described in Harrisse, Bibi. Amer VgL 
no. 223 (who is in error in making the unnumbered iireliminary 
leaves 24) ; Carter-Brown Catalogue, no. 123 ; Weigel's 1877 
Catalogue; Muller's 1877 Catalogue, no. 1306; and there are 
other copies in the Cornell (Sparks Collection)^ Lenox, Carter- 
Brown, S. L. M. Barlow, and J. C. Brevoort Libraries 

It contains, pp. 585-600 (should be $87-602), in addition to the - 
earlier editions ot 1532, a letter of Maximilian of Transylvania on 
Magellan's Voyage, 15 19-1522, referred to in the title as having 
been undertaken under the auspices of the Emperor Charles. 

The first edition of this collection was issued at Basle in 1532, 
and is described in Harrisse, no. 171 ; Carter-Brown Catalogue, 
no. 101 ; and there are copies in Harvard College (lacking seven 
leaves of the preliminary matter — 1354.28), Boston Public, Len- 
ox, Astor, Carter- Urown, and Barlow Libraries 

The Harvard College co}w of this 1532 edition has no map, 
and there seems to be some (k>ubt, notwithstanding the mention 
in the title, if there was one. Upon this point see Harrisse, p. 
293, and the Carter- Brown Catalogue, p. loS where the map is 
described as bearing the name of Orontius Fixueus, with the date, 
July. 153 1. 

There was a Paris edition of this same year, 1532, of which 
there are copies in the Lenox, Barlow, and Carter-Brown Libra- 
ries. See Harrisse, no. 172, and the Carter- Brown Catalogue, 
no. 102. The Lenox Library has a second variety of this edition, 
which is ipven in Harrisse, no. 173, with a description of the 
map. This Paris edition does not vary in text from the Basle 
edition. Cf- Sabin's Dictionary, ix. p. 28. 

In 155^, there was another edition printed at Basle with addi- 
tions beside those taken from the 1537 edition, namely, the sec- 
ond and third of the Cortes narrations, letters on the propagation 
of the Gospel amon^ the Indians, etc; making this the most 
complete eoition. It is described in the Carter- Brown Catalogue, 
no. 202 ; and a copy is in the Eberling Collection in Harvard 
College Library [1354.29]. In the map, North America, sepa- 
rated Iw water from South America, takes the place of Cuba, is 
called Terra de Cuba, and runs north and south from about lo** 
N. to near 50*^ N-, and about 10° wide, except where a depres* 
sion on the eastern side indicates the Gulf of Mexico. The 
region of Newfoundland and I^brador is represented as an 
island. Terra Cortesia, in mid ocean. The map is said to be the 
same as that in the 1537 edition, but it really represents the state 
of geographical knowledge of an earlier date. There are also 
copies of this 1555 edition in the Boston Public Library, in the 
Boston Athenaeum, in the Astor Library, etc. 

A reprint of the portion relating to America was issued at 
Rotterdam in 1616, with a dissertation ** Super Ophyra regione " 
[Peru] by Varrerius (Cvaspar Barreiros) appended, and Harvard 
College Library has a copy. Cf. Carter-Brown Catalogug, 
Part n. no. no; Graesse, iv. 699; Bruntt^ iv. 132. 

There were also German and Dutch translations issued in 
1534 and 1563 respectively. Cf. Sabin's Dictionary , ix. p. 31. 
The German one is in Harvard College Library [ x 354*3 >>]• The 
version was made by Michael Herr, and Sabin, ix. p. 30, says it 
is rarer than the original Latin. It has no map, omits sdso 
MUnster's Jniroductio to the map; and enlarges the selection 
from Peter Martyr, over the other editions, and substitutes a 
preface bv Herr for that by Gryiixus. There are also copies 
m the Library of Congress and in the Carter- Brown C'OlIection. 
Cf. Harrisse, Bib. Amer. Vgt. na 188, and references there. 

Ostenrald, Jean Frederic D*. Select views in Sici- 
ly ; accompanied by an historical and descrip- 
tive account. Translated from the original, pub- 
lished at Paris. The drawings of this work, 
chosen from the portfolios of artists of different 
nations, who have lately visited that country. 
London. 1825. f®. ff. (29). 32 plates. 
Imperfect: three plates are wanting. 

Oultreman, or Outreman, Philippe d'. Le peda- 
gogve chrestien, ov La mani^re de viure chres- 
tiennement. Tiree de la Saincte E^critvre & des 
saincts pires, confirmee, & esclaircie par raisons, 
similitudes & histoires. Derniire ^d. beaucoup 
plus ample, & correcte que toutes les. prec<^dentes, 
enrich^e de nouueau dVne table en forme de 
cat^chisme, & d'vne autre table pour les pr^dica- 



teurs, auec celle des mati^res, & aagment<^e de 
cottatious [sic] en marge par I'autheur. 2 pt. 
(paged continuotislv). Paris. 1637. 8®. ff. (12), 
PP- 757+' * vol., Drown mor., gilt, richly tooled. 
With a MS. note in front of the title-page. 

Ovidius Naso, Publius. De arte aman | di volgare | 
Historiato & nuoua | mente corretio'& | con som- 
madili | gentiastam | pato. [Co/ppAim:] Venegia, 
JBindonis. 1542. sm. S<*. £[.(48). ^wdcts. 

The title-page is illustrated. 

With the autograph of T. Hepburn. 

Metamorphosewn, libri XV. Cum notis Th. 

Famabii. Amstelaedami. 166S. sm. I2<*. Vign. 
I vol., brown mor., gilt, richly stamped with fleurs- 

Pasted on the inside of the front ooTer is a printed notice of 
the book. — On the title-psige is written, ** Coll. Paris. Soc 

Palmer {Lot, Palmenums), Thomas, called 
Thomas HibemicuSy Hyhernicus^ or de Iltbernia. 
Flores doctorvm pene omnivm, tarn grxcorvra 
qvain latinorvm, qvi tvm in theologia, tvm in phi- 
losophia hactenus claruerunt. Postrema editio 
prioribus emendatior. Coloniae. 1606. sm. 12®. 
ff. (12), pp. 934. I vol., vellum, delicately 
stamped, with brass clasps. 

Paris guide par les principaux ^crivains et artistes 
de la France. 2 pt. (paged continuously). Paris, 
etc. 1867. iS®. pp. xiv., xliv., 2139+. Fronts.^ 
fac-sims., wdcts.^ plans ^ maps, etc. 

IPascal, Blaise]. Les provinciales, ou Lettres 
ecrites par Louis de Montalte k un provincial de 
scs amis, et aux Jesuites sur la morale & la 
politique de ces pires. Avec les notes de Guil- 
laume Wendrock [Pierre Nicole], traduites en 
fran^ois |by F- M. de Joncoux]. Nouvelle ^d., 
revue, corng^e & augmcnt^e. 2 torn. (Cologne ?] 
1700 I2<*. 2 portrs. 2 vol., brown crushed levant, 
gilt on marble edges. 

Pasted on the inside of the front cover of torn. L is the coat- 
of-amis of some member of the royal family of France (?) stamped 
in gilt on vellum. 

Paaqnali (/>. Paschal), Carlo. Legatvs. Acces- 
sit Grxcarum dictionum interpretatio, et index. 
Rothomagi. 1598. 8°. ff- (12), pp. 539+, ff. (5). 

On the title-page and the last page of the index is the auto* 

?aph of Jacques Auguste de Thou, written thus : *' Jac Avg. 

The title-page is ruled in red, and each page is surrounded 
by a red^ine border. — At the bottom of the back of the cover is 
stamped ** fhr. Radziwil,** perhaps a former owner of the book. 

Patriszl {Lot. Patrloios), Francesco, Bp. ofGaita. 
De discorsi sopra alle cose appartenenti ad una 
citti libera, e famiglia nobile ; tradotti in lingua 
toscana da Giouanni Fabrini libri noue. Vine- 
gia, Aldus. 1545. sm. 8^ ff. 278, (3). 

Paulas Burgensis, or de Sancta Maria, formerly R. 
Salomon, Levita. (Fol. i* tit.: — Cll Incipit 
dialogus qui vocatur scrutiniu scripturarum. | 
Composit' p Reuerendti patre3 dominu PaulQ de 
sancta | maria magistru in theologia. Epm Bur- 
gefi. archic&cella | riQ serenissimi pncipis dfii regis 
castelle et legionis que co | posuit post additiones 
positas ad postillam Nicolai de lyra | Anno domi. 
M.cccc.xxxiiii. etatis sue. anno. Ixxxj. — Fol. 2^, 
line 10 : — Presens aut tractat' diuidit' p distinc- 
coes. distinc | tiones vero p cap'ta modo infra 
scripto. — In fine Fol. 215'*: — Cui ho | nor et 
gloria in secula 8eculo4 amen. Deo gracias. — 
Argentorad. cir. 1462?] f^ ff. (216). 39 lines. 

G, Z. Initials done by hand in colors, i vol., cal^ 
ornamented in plain tooling, with yellow edges 
and brass clasps. 

See PoHztr, I. p. 71, no. 399. Not mentioned by If aim or 

On the front fly-leaf, in pencil MS., is the note, " Imprim^ 
avec les caract^res de J Mcnielin de Strasbourg — vers 1462 — 
relitf par Schavye de Bruxeles." Secured to the same fly-leaf is 
the bill of lao francs for this copy, dated Oct. 21, 1873, and 
signed in receipt by F. J Olivier, of Brussels. There are MS. 
marginal notes, in red and black ink. 

Pauquet, P., and H. Modes et costumes histo- 
riques dessin^s et grav^ par Pauquet freres 
d'apr^ les meilleurs mattres de chaque ^poque et 
les documents les plus authentiques. Paris. 
[ 1 864 .] 4®. 96 colored plates. 

Pexrault, Charles. Histoires ou Contes du tems 
pass^, avec des moralitez. Nouvelle ^d. aug- 
ment^e d*une nouvelle, ^ la fin. [L'adroite prin- 
cesse.] Amsterdam. 1721. 24®. Front, and 
engrs. i vol., green crushed levant, gilt on mar- 
ble ed^es. Bound by Trautz-Bauzonnet. 

The " Epttre *' is signed *' P. Darmancour," the name under 
which the author first published this work. 

Petraroa, Francesco. II Petrarca. Lione, Giavan 
di Tovrnes. 154^. sm. 16°. pp. 400, ff. (8). Port. 
I vol., cf., gilt, sides richly tooled in Grolier style. 
See Bnttuty IV. 550. 


noscere glegregii fatti de passati : | — In fine Fol. 
ioi»»: — FINISCONO. Le uite de Pontefici & 
imperadori Roma | ni Da Messere Franciesco Pe- 
trarca in fino a suoi tempi com | poste. Dipoi 
con Diligenzia & breuita seghuitate infino nel | 
M.CCCC.LXX.VIII.] sm. f«. ff. (2+101). 31- 
34 lines. R. L. I vol., red mor., gilt edges. Sold 
for £iQ loj. 

The two leaves prefixed contain an alphabetical index of the 
names of popes and emperors. These leaves are not mentioned 
by HsuHj no. 12809. 

This u a unique copy of the " editio princeps," with *' numer- 
ous MS. notes m the autograph of the celebrated Lorenzo de* 
Medici, and his signature on the last leaf." See printed slip on 
the back of the front fly-leaf. 

Phaednia. Fabvlarvm xsopiarvm libri v. Nova 
editio. Festi Avieni fabvlarvm liber. [Edited by 
Nicolas Rigault, with notes.] Parisiis, Cramoisy. 
1630. sm. itP. Vign. i vol., red crushed levant, 
gilt on marble edges. Bound by Trautz-Bau- 

These fables are often wronglv attributed to Rufus Festus 
Avienus, but their real author is Fiavius Avianus or Avienus- 

This volume is from the library of the marguis de Morante, 
and has his arms stamped in gilt in the centre of each side of the 
cover ; in each comer is his monG«ram surmounted by a coronet. 
See MoRANTS, J. G. db la C, Marquis ob. Catalogue, etc. I. 
155, no. 848. 

Picard, Jean. La grande confession general le. 
Labsoute generalle | q Ion dit comunemet le iour 
de PasquesJ aux eglises parrochialles. Paris, 
Laurens de Vauuersis. N. D. sm. %^. ff. (8). B. 
L. I vol., brown crushed levant, edges gilt on 
marble ; with inside borders tooled. Bound by 
Trau tz-Bauzonnet. 

Pignorla {Lot. Pignorins), Lorenzo. De seryis, 
et eorvm apvd veteres ministerijs, commentarius. 
In quo familia, turn urbana, turn rustica, ordine 



producitur & itlustratur. £d. 2* indice gemino 
focupletaU. Patavii. 1656. sm. 40. Vign., 
port, and wdcts. 

On the title-page is written, ** Ft, Wrangham 1813.*' 

PindaroA. Carmina cvm lectionis varietate cvra- 
vit Christian. Gottlob Hcyne. Gottingae. 1773. 
8®. y//^' I vol., green mor., gilt. Bound by 
Roger Payne. 

A printed notice of the book is pasted on the inside of the 
first fly-leaf. On the inside of the front cover is pasted the in- 
signia of (?) stamped in gilt on green morocco This book is of 
interest as offering a good specimen of the work of the famous 
English binder, Roger Payne, and there is pasted in it his bill 
forl>inding it* made oat in his usual and characteristic way : — 

A good deal of Lettering done in the most 
Correct Manner in Workmanship & finished 
in the most correct manner St neatist Taste 
with small Tools inside and outside, lliis 
Book was very difficult to Beat & required great care & a great 
deal of Beating several times. Catt as uirge as possible and 
Bound in y* tery Best manner. The Back lined with Russia 
Leather. It was one of the most difficult Books to bind well I 
have ever found. 1:3:0 





Additamenta ad Lectionis varietatem in Pin- 

dari Carminvmeditione Gottingensi cIdIdccLXXIII. 
notatam. Ab ftditore Chr. G. Heyne. Gottingae. 
1791. 8®. 

Carmina ex interpretatione latina emenda- 

tiorc. Cvravit Christian. Gottlob Heyne. Got- 
tingae et Gothae. 1774. Sp, 

' Carminam pindaricorum fragmenta. Curavit 
J. Gottlob Scbneider. Argentorati. 1776. S^. 

Olympia, Pythia, Kemea, Isthmia. lohannes 

Henedictvs, ad metri rationem, variorvm exem- 
plarivm fidem, scholiastae ad verisimiles coniec- 
turas directionem, totum authorem innumeris 
mendis repargauit. Metaphrasi recognita latina 
paraphrasi addita, poeticis & obscuris phrasibus 
graeca prosa declaratis ; denique adiectis rerum 
& verborum breuibus & sufficientibus commenta- 
rijs, arduum eiusdem sensum explanauit. Editio 
pvrissima, cvm indice locupletissimo. Salmvrii. 
1620. 40. ff. (8), pp. 756, ff. (28). Vign, 

This book formerly belonged to the poet Milton ; the margins 
throughout bear his MS- notes in Latm and Greek, and at the 
end he haa added an alphabetical index, occupying two closely 
written page^ of all the authors cited (except Homer and Pin- 
darX wiih references to the different places where they are men- 
tioned in the annotations. See printed notice pasted on the 
inside of the front cover. There is ^so inserted the following : 

"This book (Pindar) I purchased at Messrs. Sotheby's, Aoe. 

{;, 1S71, my opponent being Mr. Addington, the well-known el- 
ector of autographs. Mr. Waller, the dealer in autographs, 
told me after the sale, that he had no doubt about the notes be- 
ing Milton's writing. After its purchase I had an opportunity 
afrorded me of comparing this volume with the Lycophron 
bought for Mr. Forster at Lord Charlemont's sale. The writing 
compared very satisfactorilv therewith, when the nature of the 
paper on which the Lycophron is printed is taken into consider^ 
ation, it being nearly like blotting paper and very difficult to 
write upon. And in another way this Lycophron afforded a 
strong piece of drcumstantial evidence, as in this Pindar certain 
passages 0^ Lycophron occurring at certain pages^ are referred 
t«i ; and aH these passages are to be found exactly at the pages 
as referred to in the MS. notes in this book. 

** The date given as the time occupied in the pemsal (see end 
of book, before Errata), viz. : Tun. 17, i6jo to Sept. aS, 16)0, 
was part of a forced interval of leisure, which Milton was com- 
pelled to uke during his University career, owing to the Mas- 
ters, Fellows, and students, all having fled from Cambridge dur^ 
ing the ravaees of a fearful epidemic From Apr- to the end of 

Nov. tty>t Cambridge was completely deserted. (See Masson's 
fe of Milton, Vol. Ip aoo*) 
'* I gave at the sale ^41 for the volume, Mr. Addington, the 


underbidder, having bid ;^40. 

"London, 196, Piccadilly, 
Nov, II, 187a." 

See note under Lycophron in this list. 

"B.M. Pickering. 

At the top of the title is written in the same hand with the 
notes: ^"^ Nomemb. 15®. 1639. fret: — 9* — o." it was no. 
1588 in Sotheby's (^taao|^ue, and bears on a fly-leaf, '* Ex Ubris 
C. Benson," and the initial B is attached to some Latin notes in 
a later hand. See p. 2, etc 

Cf. Sotheby's Rambtingt in the ElucidatieH »/ tkg Amt^ 
JP'^/h 0/ Milion^ for much on Milton's practice of annotating his 

Plautus, Titus Maccius. M. Accivs Plavtvs ex 
Fide, at^ve Avctoritate complvrivm Librorvm 
Manvscnptorvm Opera Dionys. Lambini Mon- 
stroliensis emendatus: ab eoa^mque commenta- 
riis explicatus. Adiecta sunt Plautina loca ex 
antiquis grammaticis coUecta : & ex commentario 
antiquarum lectionum lost! Upsii multoram 
Plauti locorum illustrationes & emendationes. 
Cum gemino Indice. Lugduni. 1578. f^. ff. 

(4). PP- 792+- ^^• 

This book was once owned by Dr. Johnson, whose autecniph, 
I* .Sam : Johnson /'* is written on the title ; as also the follow- 
ing inscription, showin^^ it also to have belonged to the &mous 
Isaac Casaubon and his son : " Merico Casaubono Filio dedit 
Is. Casaubonus." The margins have numerous annotations in 
ink, partly cut off in trimming, which seem to be rather in the 
hanos of the earlier owners than of Johnson. 

Mark Pattison in his Life 0/ Isaac Casattbam mentions two 
books in the British Museum bearing Casaubon's marginal ann<v 
tations, p. 117, a copy of Calvin's "Epistolae," and p. 499. one 
of Bodin's *' Theatrum ; '* and ix 482, he says of Casaubon's 
books, " The printed books whicn belonged to him were scored 
under and marked anyhow to catch the eye in turning over the 
leaves. The blank pages, the title-page, or anv page, served to 
hold a reference. Hence, while the scholar holds among his 
choicest treasures a Greek volume with marginal corrections in 
Scalieer's hand, a volume which has belon^d to Casaubon is 
merely defaced by the owner's marlu and memoranda." llie 
library has also a copjr of the 1577 edition. 

Mr. Pattison adds in a letter, after tracings of the annotations 
had been submitted to him : " In my * Isaac Casaubon,' p. 11 t, 
you will see that Plautus' (^oteivei is named as one of the sub- 
lects on which I. C. lecturea at Montpellier in January, 1S98. 
In his Ephemerides, L p. 64, he enters what is^ like an apoI<«r 
to ** Deus immortalis' tor occupying himself with a book, whiob 
he thought not adapted for edification, and slates that he took it 
* at the request of the students.' I should not be surprised to 
ftnd that your volume is the very volume read and marked by 
him at Montpellier, on occasion of this lecture. ... It has an 
interest for me in the fact that I. C, who in ij(oS had thought 
Plautus an undesirable book for a class-book, did not at a later 
time think it an improper book to put into the hands of his young 
"^ Meric was only 15 at the time of his father's death." 


This copy is particularly marked all through the pages of the 
" Capteivei." 

Plinlus Secundus, Caius. Sommaire des Singu- 

laritez de Pline. Extrait des seize premiers livres 

de sa Naturelle histoire, par P. de Changy. (4* 

id.) Paris. 1550. sm. 8®. ff. 50. Vign, i vol., 

cf., gilt. Bound by H. Duru. 

Printed in cursive characters. 

Plutarohno. [Table tresample des noms et choses 

notables, contenues en tous les Opuscules de Plu- 

tarque. Paris. 1574?] 8<>. 

The Index volume to the French translation of Plutarch's 
Morals by Jaaiues Amyot ; probably belonging to the edition 
printed at Faris in 1574. With the autograph of Robt. CeciU, 
son of Lord Burieigh. 

FolBSonnier-Deflperri^refl, A. M. G. Vie poli- 
tique et militaire du g^n^ral A. M. G. Poissonnier- 
Desperri^res, ^crite par lui-m6me. Paris. 1824. 
8®. Fort, of Louis Charles^ dauphin of France^ 
coiled Louis XVIL 

Pasted on the inside of the front cover is a portrait of Louis 
XVII (?) when verv voung ; on the 2d front fly-^eaf is pasted an 
aut(»raph letter of tne author, dated " le 20 brumaire I'an 9 de 
la repuDlique frauigaise," and addressed "au dtoyen Neveu. 
commissaire du gouvemement charg^ de la partie des r 
Stamped in gilt on Doth sides of the cover are the arms of ? 

Poiflsonnier-Desperridorafl, Antoine. Trait^ des 
maladies des gens de mer. Paris. 1767. 8^ 

Staunped in gilt on both aides of the cover are the anna of 
Maopeou, Chancellor of France. 



Polixlaxio {Lot, PolitiaiiiiB), Angelo. IMiscella- 
ncsu — Fol. i» tit. : — ANGELI POLITl ANI 
FATIO. — Fol. 9i» : — FINIS. — Fol. 91^ : — 
Impressit ex archetypo Antonius Miscomtnu.s. 
Familiares | quidam Politiani recognouere. Poli- 
tianus Ipse | nee Horto£praphian se ait, nee om- 
nino I alienam prestare culpam. | Florentiae Anno 
Salutis. M.CCCC.LXXX1X. Decimotertio | 

kalendas octobris. Insign. typogr, — Fol. 92*: — 
NES.] 4<>. ff. (94). 32 lines, R, L. I vol.» 8hp.» 
marbled and ornamented in diamond blocks. 

See Naitit no. 13321. In this copy, the leaines dedgnated by 
Ham as 93 and 94 are prefixed to fuf. i. This is a presentation 
copy from the author to his friend Alessandro SartL Fol. 01^ 
has, in Poliziano*s autograph "Angelas PolitiaDus Alesunaro 
Sartio Bonon. suo dono dat monumentum et pignus amoris 
M.CCCCLXXXXI. die Maii Bononiae. Ego Angelus Politi- 
anuSf quamvis Archetypus tuor nusas." On fol. 92* this is 
copied in another hand, with an English translation and attemfH 
at explanation. The volume was bought by John Dillon at a 
sale of autographs in Paris, Nor. 1863, and has his autograph 
o:) the second front fly-lea^ with a MS. bibliographical note. 
Opposite this leaf u pasted a portrait of Polisiano, engraved on 
steel. The initial letters, throughout the^ book, are done by 
band in green ink. There are several marginal glosses aud cor- 
reaions in Poliziano^s hand-writing. 

Pompignaii, Jean Georges Le Franc de, abf. of 
Vienna. La divozione nconciliata collo spirito. 
Dal franzese trasportata per la prima fiata neir 
italiana favella. Torino. 1758. sm. \7f*, Vign. 

'* From the books of the princess Victoire*' of France, daugh- 
ter of Lduis XV., the covers stamped with her arms. 

Pontano (Lot, Pontanus), Giovanni Gioviano. 
Opera. Vrania, siue de Stellis libri quinq; Me- 
teororum liber anus. De Hortis hesperidum 
libri duo. Lepidina siue postorales \sic\ pompae 
septem. Item Meliseus. Maeon Aeon. Hendeca- 
syllaborum libri duo. Tumulorum liber unus. 
Neniae duodecim. Epigrammata duodecim. [Ed. 
2*. Venetiis, in aed&vs Aldi^ et Andreae Arvlani 
soceri. 1513 | sm. 8°. ff. 255. Vign, i vol., cf., 
gilt, - i /tf Grolierr 

This Tolunie is from the library of the marquis de Morante, 
and has his book-plate. See Morantb, J. G. db la C, marquis 
DB. Catalogue, ttc, I. 358, no. 1443. 

— 77te same. [Ed. 3*. Venetijs, in etdibus 
heeredum Aldi Manutijy <Sr» Andrea soceri. 1533 | 
sm. 8®. ff. (8), pp. 247. Vign. i vol., cf., gilt, in 
the original Grolier binding; sold for £^i. 

The printer's mark on the title-^iage and at the end of the 
book are illuminated by hand- The seventeen large capitals and 
several smaller ones, which are wanting in the other copies, are 
supplied in gilt, by hand, in this. On the front cover is stamped, 
" lo. Grolierii et amicorvm;" on the back, " Portio mea Do | 
mine sit in | terra vi | venti | vm." Pasted on the fly-leaf before 
the title-page are two letters concerning the " pedigree " ol the 

[Pope, Alexander]. An essay on man. Ad- 
dress'd to a friend. Pt. i. London. [1733-] f®. 
pp. 19. 

*'With Mr. Pope's own MS. corrections found among the 
papers of Mr. Wortley by R. P." — See MS. note on title-page. 

There were, according to Elwin, three sixes of the first edition, 
published anonymously and without date or\ title, in February, 
1733. This is the foho site, the others being quarto and oc- 
tava This edition contains the address "10 the Reader," 
omitted subsequently. For an account of Pope*s corrected 
cmies, see Etwin's Introduction to his IVorks 0/ Fo^, vol- i. 

The corrections noted in this copy, wh<ch are largely trans- 
positions, with some verbal chango,^ seem to be those for the 
most part embodied in the 173^ edition. Many of the varia- 
tions are noted in Elwin' s edition ; but a few of these MS. 
changes have no record there; they are not, however, of im- 
portance, except as symptoms of the poct*s process of transforin- 

The aucogiaph of John Dillon on the fly>leaf shows that the 
book at one time belonged to lum. 

Things about Pope. Collected by H. 

Walpole. 4°. 

The above title is taken from the back 6L a quarto volume, 
which has the book-plate of Horace Wa]po!e, pasted on the inside 
of the cover, and above this plate a list of the contents of the 
volume in Walpo!e*s hand. On the opposite fly-leaf are the 
following MS. notes : — 

*' This volume I bought at Strawberry HilL It contains some 
curious portraits, and caricatures of Pope. (Tlie plan of Pope's 

garden and grotto is extremely rare.) Also, views of Pope's 
ouse, etc. and a curious portrait of Mrs Katkaritu Pkilii/s, 
(See The Creoktd Six^nce.) Gborgb Daniel, 

" Cancnbur^^ 184a." 
" In this volnme will be found the very rart caricatttre 0/ 
Po^t to which he refers in his noble epistle to Dr. Arbuihnct : 

*The libtWd person and iht^kiur'dMka^} 

*' John Searle, or Serle, his old and faithful servant, whom he 
has remembered under that character in his will ; of who've fidelity, 
Dodsley, from his own observation^ used to mention many 
pleasing instances. His wife was living at Eccleshall, 1783, 
ninety years old, and knew many anecdotes of Pope. 

' Shut, shut the door, good John ; fatigu'd I said, 
Tye up the knocker, say I'm sick, I'm dead.' 

"Gborgb DANni..*' 

The volume, which is not, however, wholly devoted to Pope, 
contains : — 

I. A portrait in mezxotint, '* M'. Pope. Sold by .S. Symp 
son in Maiden Lane, Cuv^ Garden. G. Kneller, pinx." 

3. A larger mezzotint, ** Alexander Pope, ^ Poeta Anglus, 
Ob. A*. 1744, MXM : 57. Hanc imaginem ex ipso Archetypo a 
Vanlo picto 174a expressam viro Honorabiu GULI EL- 
MO MURRAY SoL'aTATORi Gsnbkali apud quem De- 
ponitur Humillime D D D." 

3. A i>lan of Mr. Pope's garden, as it was left at his 
death : with a plan and perspective view of the grotto. All 
taken by J. Serle, his gardener. With an account of all the 

Sems, minerals, spars, and ores of which it is oonipoeed, and 
'om whom and wnence they were sent.^ To which is added, A 
character of all his writings. [By William Thompson.] Lon- 
don, tinted /or R. Dodsley. 1745. [Price is (>d \ Oppo- 
site tlM title is a folded plan ot the garden ; a plan of the grotto 
faces page 5, and a perspective view, page 10 The " Account 
of tm materials" is followed by Pope's "Verses upon the 

Sotto at Twickenham," with two Latin versions, and one in 
reek; a Latin Sapphic ode; R. Dodsley's "Cave of Pope; 
closing a prophecy,^' lliompson's ** Character of Mr. Pope's 

Seane's pamphlet is reprinted in the appendix to Carruther's 
Li/e of Pop*- 
Inserted are the four following numbers : — ^ 

4. The caricature of Pope, representins him as a monkey 
with a triple rrowiu and marked '* His Holiness and his Prime 
Minister, ' with Nosce is ipsum above the plate. 

5- A mezzotint profile portrait. " Mr. Pope. G. Kneller 
Bart. PinxS 17x1. I. Faber fecit i738>" 

6. Engraving. " Pope's House- I. Fariiigton, R. A. 
Del*. F. C. Stadler sculpt." 

7. Engraved sheet of music. "An epitaph by Mr. Pop& 
For 3 voices, set by Dr. Green, in 1739 " 

8 The pantheon : a vision. London. 1747. 

On the half-title is written, ^parently by Walpole, " By Mr. 

9b [Mason, William]. Musaeus: a monody to the memory 
of Mr. Pope, in imitation of Milton's Lycidas. London. 
1747. Marked bv Walpole, "By Mr. Mason." ^ There are 
other copies of these verses in Mason's Poems, in Dodsley's 
Collection^ in Chalm^s's English poeis^ etc. 

10. Pope's villa [an engraving]} engraved by John Pye, 
figures by Charles Heath, from a picture oy J. M. W. Turner. 

II. Pops, Alexander. Verses on the grotto at Twickenham. 
Attempted in Latin and Greek. To which is added Hord 
Popiani: ode sapphica. Also The cave of Pope. A proph- 
ecy. [By Robert Dodsley. J London. 1743. 

See no. 3 : the same are m Dodsley's Cowctum% 1765, iii. c. 

12. Brown. John, D.D. An es^ay on satire: occasion'dby 
the death of Mr. Pope. London. 1745. 

Also in Dodsley's Collection^ 1765, iii. 359. 

13 FiftNBix>N, Francois db Salignac db i.a Mothb, Ahp. 0/ 
Ceimbred. The adventures of Telemachua, son d Ulysuses. 
The first book. Translated from the original French prose into 
English verse. London. 1738. 

14. Thb Tubiladb. An ode in paraphrastic imitation of the 
5th ode of Horace, book iv., «-ith additiuos- Humbly addressed 
to His Majesty, on his absence abroad, and the glorious su c c es s 
<^ his arms. London. 1743. 

15. Brown, John, D.D. Honour. A poem. London. 

Walpole had marked it, " By Mr. Nugent." It u reprinted 
in Dotuley's CoUocUen^ 1763, iii. 3a6. 



i6w [Philips, Mr*. Katherine (Fowlbk)]. The crooked six- 
pence. With a learned preface found among some papers bear* 
ing date the same year in which Parodist lost was puUtshed 
by the late Dr. Bentley. The oricinal mamisciipt wul be de- 
posited in the Cotton-library. London. 1743. 

Contains also " The splendid shilling, by Mr. John Phillins**; 
and inserted i« a portrait-bust, engraved, and inscribed, " Mrs- 
Catherine PhiFips '> 

17. Ttw DKViLiAD. An heroic poem. London. 1744. 

18. An BPiSTUB to Curio. London. 1744. 
Walpole has added uainst Curio, " L< Rath '« 

19. Ak odb, to Mr. Handel. London. 1745* 
ao. Wit, a poem. London. i745* 

31. Jo VI Kleutherio: or, an onering to liberty. London. 

Keprinted io podsle/s ColUctioit^ iii. 53. 

22 MoDKKN virtue. A saiire London. 1746. 

23 Plaim Umth : a satire. London. 1747. 

Porter, Francis. Syntagma variarvm ecclesne 
definition vm, in materia fidei, & morum, k saeculo 

2uarto, ad praesens vsque tempus editarum. Cum 
uplici indice. Romae. 16S1. sm. 8<*. Vipt. 
I vol., red mor., richly tooled, gilt, "<i /ex antique. 

Dedication copy to Cardinal Altieri (afterwards Pope Clement 
X.), with his arms stamped on both sides of the cover. — See 
MS note on first front fly-leaf. 

Postel, GuiLLAUME. De Foenicvm li | teris, 
sev de prisco | Latine & Gr^c^ lingu^ | charactere, 
eiusQ ; an j tiquissima origi | ne & vsu. Parisiis, 
apud Martinum luuenem, 1552. sm. 8<*. ff. (ci). 
I vol., red crushed levant, gilt, richly tooled. 
Bound by Cap^. 

See Bntugty iv. 840 ; Gratssty v. 424. 

This copy does not contain the two folded tables mentioned 
by the above authorities ; it is from the library of the marquis 
de Morante, and his book-plate stamped in gut on green paper 
is pasted on the inside of tlie first front fly-leaiT — See jMojiantb, 
J. G. DB uk C, margui* db. Catalogue, gic. i. 109, no. 583. 

Posnyakol^ Th. Karmannyi potchtovyl pute- 
voditel'. Sanktpeterburge. 1831. sq. 24<>. fi. {2), 
pp. v., 806, 15. 2 tobies and 2 mafs. i vol., cf. ; 
and 2 maps mounted on cloth & lolded ; all in a 
board case covered with marble paper. 

On the back of the front fly-leaf is the autograph of R. W. 
Odoevsky, presenting this volume to '* Monsieur de Sunmers." 

Present (A) for a papist : or The life and death 
of Pope Joan, plainly proving out of the printed 
copies, and manuscripts of popish writers and 
others, that a woman called Joan, was really Pope 
of Rome, and was there delivered of a bastard son 
in the open street, as she went in solemn procession. 
Ky a lover of truth, denying human infallibility. 
I^ndon. 1675. *"*• ^**- Pront, 

[Pvckle, James]. The club. In a dialogue be- 
tween father and son. 3d ed. London. 171 3. 
120. pp. 70-(-. Port, 

On the title-page are the autographs of "A Pope" and 
" I Swifu" 

Rabelais, FRANgois. Oeuvres, publi^e sous le 
titre de Faits et dits du ge'ant Gargantua et de son 
tils Pantagruel ; oil Ton ajout^ le frontispiece ; le 
vrai portrait de Fran9ois Kabelats ; les particulari- 
tes de sa vie et ses mceurs ; la carte du Chinonnois ; 
le dessm de la cave peinte ; les diff^rentes vues de 
la devini^re, m^tairie de i'auteur ; la dive bouteille ; 
la clef du Rabelais, &S Copies par A. Caron, 
d*amien8, 1822, sur T^dition d' Amsterdam d'Henri 
Bordesias. MDCCXI. 2 torn, (paged continuous- 
ly). N. p. [1626.] sm. 8^ 

Both Tolumes sre very imperfect The title-pajge, first eii^t 
leaves, leaf inserted between pp. 336 and 237, the title-pa^e of the 
"3*livre" and pp. 361, 36a in the first volume, the third front 
fly-leaf, the pages between pp. 766 and 783, the leaf between the 
titlS'page of the " 5* livre ' ' and p. 939, tne pages between pp. 992 
and 995, and between 1066 and 1069, amd the last eleven leaves 
of the seco n d volume an in MS. 

See Bmmett iv. 1058. 

[Rapin, Ren^]. Les artifices des h^retiques. 
Paris, Cramoisy, 1681. I2<>. Vi^. 

This is a free translation of the book of Gilles Estriz, en- 
titled : — ** De fraudibus haereticorum aostri saeculi ad ortho- 
doxos. Per Pranciscum de Simonis. 1677. ,8*.'* — See Barbiei's 
Diet. desaMon.^ i^ 97, no. 13 17 ; Backers Ecrivams tU la c^mr- 
pagni* dejfitusy i. 606. 

The."£pitre" is signed •••, below which the authoi's 
name is written in ink; his name is also written on the title, 
page ; possibly these are autographs. Both sides of the cover 
are stamped with the coat-of-arms of HarUiy de Chanvalloo, 
Abp. of Paris. See MS note on the first front fly-leaf. 

Beligion (La) ancienne et moderne des Mosco- 
vites. Cologne. 1698. 16^. Front, and 6 wdcts. 

Stamped in gilt on the outside of the front cover is a coat-of- 
arms surmounted by a baronial coronet. 

Rhegins ( Germ. K5iiig), Urbanus. Catechesis, 
illvstrissimo principi Francisco Othoni, Bruosui- 
censium, Luneburgensiumq^ duel, puero generosissi- 
mo, & toti schol^ ducali dicata. VVittebergae, ex 
officina Thowue King. 1554. sm. 8<>. if. (127). 

With MS. marginal notes. 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. [A collection of 
MSS., engravings, fac-similes, etc. relating to the 
life and works of Rousseau.] f^'. pp. 12. 

It contains some pages from the visitor^ book kept at Rous- 
seau's residence, Ermenonville^ dated iSio, 1885-7, in which 
the signatures are mostly by initials ; fac-similes of poems axid 
musicDy Rousseau, etc. 

Saint-Amaat, Marc Antoine Gerard, sieur 
DK. La Rome ridicvle. Caprice. Paris. 1661. 
sm. 12°. pp. 37. I vol., red crushed levant, gilt. 
Bound by Trautz-Bauzonnet. 

This volume u fi-om the library of the marquis de Morante, 
and has his arms stamped in gilt in the centre of eadi side of the 
cover ; in each comer is his monogram surmoanted by a coronet. 
See MoRANTB, J. G. ob la C , marguU db. Catalogue, Uc. 
L 333, no. 1297. 

Balemi, Giovanni Battista. Specimen orien- 
talis ecclesise ab origine ad concilium nicenum pri- 
mum. Ab alumnis coUegii grascorum exhibitum : in 
quo ad usum ejusdem coUegii, paucis exponitur^ 
quae fuerit orientalis ecclesia primis tribus 4 Christo 
saeculis, & quid senserit de primatu Petri, & romani 
episcopi. Adjecta brevi paraenesi, qua Photiani 
orientales ad catholicam unionem sub Clemente XI. 
graecae nationis amantissimo revocantur. Romae. 
1702. 8«. 

Dedication copy to Pope Clement XI. Stansped in gilt on 
both sides of the cover are the anns of this (?) pqjw. 

Sannazzaro, Jacopo. Sonetti e canzoni, nova- 
mente corretti, e ristampati. Venetia, appresso 
Ferrariu 1C43. sm.8». ff. 48, (3). Vign. i vol., 
cf ., gilt, richly tooled in Grolier style. 

With the antoigraph of T. Hepburn on the title-page. 

[Bannudse {LeU, fikdmasitis), Clauds de]. 

Defensio regia pro Carolo I. ad serenissimum 

Magnae Britanniae regem Carolum II. £d. nova ab 

auctore aucta & recognita. N. P., Sumptibus regiis, 

1652. sm. I2*>. 

This book formerly belonged to WilHam Roecoe, and on the 
front cover the contents are written, probably by him. On the 
first fly-leaf are two Butcfpraphs of W. Stainforth, and a MS. 
note by Edward Ruriiton presenting the book to Mr. Sumner ; 
on the inside of the back cover is another autograph of Rush- 
ton. The library has also two different editions of the date 

Bofadnbom, BARTHOLOMiCUS. Oratio de stvdiis 
astronomicis, recitataadecano collegij Philosophic!, 
cimi tribueretur testimonium doctrmae quinqua- 
ginta tribus honestis ac doctis uiris, in Academia 
Vuitebergensi, die Matthiae Apostoli, Anno 1564. 
Addita est Qvaestio svmta ex dicto Pauli, Rom. 8. 
ubi dicitur : Creaturam congemiscere & quasi 



partvrire, expectantem liberationem filtorum Dei, 
cum declarattone eiusdem dicti Paulini. Vitebergafr. 
1564- «n. 80. a. (48). 

(Scrap-book (A), containing specimens of 
paper-money, fac-similes, historical documents, 
woodcuts, portraits, and cariosities of various kinds, 
collected by Mr. Charles Sumner.} 4**. ff. 81. 

Amone the contents are the followra;: — 

French japer money, 1720, 1791, 179a, 1793, 1795. 

Hun^anan paper money, 1848. 

Cootinental UMmcy, 1776^ 1778, 1779. 

Confederate States money, 1864. 

Confederate bond, 1864 

Ballot for Cavaignac as president of the French republic. 

AdmiasioB ticket to Westminster abbey, at tfaa queen's 
coronation, 1838. 

Decree of the AsKmbl^e oationa'.e, Dec. 2, 1851, deposing 
Loma Napoleon 

Richmond eveamg whig, April 4, 1865, — the day after the 
entry of U. S. troops. 

Russian play-bi>l, — King Lear. 

Boston gazette, March 12, 1770, with black fiaea for the 

I^ of subscribers for a monument to Washington Allston. 

Receipts for slaves sold. Richmond, i860. 

Draft of an address to the people of Massachusetts, for a 
convention opposed to Taylor as a candidate for the presi- 
dency, — by George and Charles Sumner. 

Charieaton mercury, extra, Dec zo, i860. "Onfinance to 
dissolve tiie Union.*' 

Engraved portraits, — Hugh Blair, countess of Bleasington, 
Robert Bloomfteld, Anne Boleyn, Bonapare, Bums^ 
Caesar, Carlisle, Cook, Eden, Queen Elisabeth, Gall, 
Geotve IV., Grattan, earl of Hardwick, Warren Hast- 
ings, llc^artb, William and Mary Howiit, Dr Johnson, 
Lalande, Lamb, Lavater, Miss Mitford, Lady Morgan, 
Nelson, Granville Sharp, Shelley, Sir Sydney Smith* 
Gilbert Stuart, Wordsworth. 

Pieces of bones of St. Dominic and of garment of St. Fran- 
cis Assisi, in locket, with certificate frum Cardioal Patrizi, 
etc. 1848. 

Seidell, John. Mare clavsTm, sev De dominio 
maris libri duo. Primo, mare, ex iure naturae, sea 
gentram, omnium bominum non esse commune, sed 
dominii privati, seu proprietatis capax, pariter ac 
teUurem, esse demonstratur. Secnndo, serenissimum 
Magnae Britanniae regem maris circumflui, ut in- 
divMoae atqne perpetuae Imperii Britannici appen- 
dicis, dominum esse, asseritur. Lvgdvni Batavorvm. 
1636. sm. 4*^. Vign.f plates, map, tic. 

Pasted 00 the inside of the front cover and on the inside of 
the first front fly-leaf is a book-plate bearing the inscription, 
** Ex cata* bibliothecae Cavmartin"-" Stamped in gik on both 
sides of the cover ia the raat-of-anns of ? 

— • Table-talk : being the discourses of John 
Selden, Esq.; or his sence of various matters of 
weight and nigh consequence relating especially to 
religion and state, [ist ed. Published bv Richard 
Milward.] London. 1689L sm. 4®. ff. (2),pp. 6a 

Seneca, Lucius Ann^vus. L. Annaei Senecse 
opera omnia ; ex ult. I. Lipsii emendatione : et 
M. Annaei Senecae quae exstant ; ex And. Schotti 
kecens. 4 vol. Lugd. Batav., apud Rlzevirios, 
164O) *39-5& sm. I2<>. Port., pkUe and 3 vi^, 
4 vol., mor., gilt, richly tooled, and inlaid ; edges 

Silt on marble ; inside of each cover lined with 
gnred gilt paper. 

The title-page of vol L it engraved ; the other vols, have only 
spedal title-pages; v<d. iv. has the title: — '*Joh. Fred. Gr»- 
Dovii ad L. & M. Annaeos Senecas notae." 

The library has adso the editions of i6a8 and 1634. 

Sidn^, Algernon. Works. A new ed. [Edited 
by Joseph Robertson.! London. 1772. 4^^. ff. (4}, 
I>P- 45* 6, S40-+-. 22. 56, 57, 65, 32, 33. Port. 

Consists of the "Discourses concerning government," to 
which is prefixed a memoir ol the author. Appended Sire his 
letters, an aconunt of his trial, bis apolof^ in the day of his 
death, and a tract entitled *' A general view of government in | 

Ettrope, first printed in X744f and attrSsated (but in the editor's 
opinion erroneotisly) to Sidlney. All these are separately paj^ed. 
This copy was presented to^ Mr. Sumner by George Liver- 
more, of Cambridge, and has his autograph on the first fly-leaf, 
with an extract from the will of Josiah Quincy, jr. I'bere are 
also MS. notes on the fly-leavesu 

Bimi {Lot. Simiis), Niccol6. Introdvctorivn^ 
ac svmmarivm Totius Geographiae, luxta Ordinem 
Geographorum. [Bononiae.] 1563. sm. 8^. if. (27). 

Smith, Jeremiah. The magistrate and the 
Christian, or The virtues of public and private 
life : exemplified in Che character of Sir Thomas 
Abney who died 6. Feb. 172^. Introduced in a 
funeral sermon, preach 'd on that occasion, and 
attended with an elegiac poem, by Isaac. Watts. 
London. 1722. 8°. 

This is a presentation copy from Dr. Watts to Mrs. Mary 
Abney, the wife of his friend, Sir Thomas Abney. On the first 
front ny-leaf he has written her name aikd his own initials; 
Pasted on the inside of the firtmt ouver is a portrait af Dr. 
Watts and a printed advertisement of the volume. Another 
portrait and two newspaper scraps are attached to the back di 
the first fty-leaf. On tne second ny-ieaf is wriiteu a descriptioB 
of the book, and attached to the back are three more scraps. 

[StmlBlai I. (Leszczynski), AT. of Poland]. La 
voix libre du citoyen, ou Ot^ervations sur le eou- 
vernement de Pologne. 2 pt. N. p. 1749. i&. 

Pasted on the inside of the front cover is a coat-of-arms aoi^ 
BKNinted by a crown. (The arms of Stanislaa L ^) 

Statioe, Publius Papinius. Sylvarvm libri 
qvinqve Thebaidos libri dvodecim Achilleidos dvo. 
[To which is prefixed," Orthographia et flexvsdi | c- 
tionvm graecarvm o | mnivm apvd Stativm | cvm 
accentib. et ge | nerib. ex variis | vtrivsqye lin J 

fvae av I torib." Colophon: — IVenetiis m aedi- 
vs I Aldi. mense Av | gvsto. M.DH. sm. 8<^. ff. 
(296). I vol., maroon mor., gilt ; sides tooled in 
Grolier style, by Murton. 

See Bmnity v. 512 ; Graeue^ vi. 480. A printed notice is 
pasted on the inaids of the first front fly-leaf. 

Strabo. Geograiia di Greco tradotta in volgare 
Italiano da Alfonso Bvonaccivoli, con dve copiosis- 
sime tavole 1' una de* nomi Antichi & Moderni, 
r altra di tutti i nomi, & cose notabili, che in questo 
libro si contengono. 2 pt. Venetia, ^/r. 1562-65. 
sm. 4®. Vigns. I vol., red crushed levant. ** Bound 
^D^| W. Pratt for H. Stevens 1872." 

" On the title-nage of the first part is inscribed * M3tai|rne^ 
supposed to be tne orinnal signature of the famous essayist. 
See printed notice pasted on the inside of the first front fly-leaf. 

Supputatlo annorum mundi. N. P. N. D. sm. 8*. 
ff. (118). 

The title-page is surrounded by an illustrated border, partially 
rubricated; at the bottom u written, ** 155a G W G Ch Hof- 

Taoitoe, Caius Cornelius. Opera qvae ex- 
stant. Ivstvs Lipsivs postremum recensuit. Additi 
Commentarii meliores plenioresque, cum cvris 
secvndis. Accessit seorsim C. Velleivs Patercvlvs 
cum eiusdem Lipsi auctioribus notis. Antverpiae. 
1600. 1. %^. I vol., cf., gilt, richly tooled, having 
some nobleman *s coat-of-arms, in the centre of each 
cover, bearing the motto : — ** Henricvs. Francisci. 
F. Caroli. Lothar. et. Bar. Doc. N. D. D. 1602." 

The coinmentaries and notes of Lipsius have separata titl»i 
pages and are paged separately. The text of Paterculus with 
the notes of Lipsius are wanting in this o^y. On the title-page 
ia the autograpn of Andry Du Faud (?) 

[Talfourd, 5/r Thomas NoonJ. Ion ; a tragedy, 
in five acts. To which are added a few sonnets. 
2d ed. London. [1836.] 8<>. 

" For private circulation. Not published.* With th« 
author's autograph inscription to Charles Sumner. 



Ttuoo, ToRQUATO. Di Gervsalemme conqvistata. 
Libri XXIIIL Parigi, appreuo Abel P Angelieri, 
M.D.LCXV [1595]. I2«. ff. (10), 361 [465], (I). 

See Bruntty ▼. 669. 

With the autograph of William Drummond, of Hawtborndeni 
on the title-page and the last fly-leaf ; in the same hand on the 
fourth front %-leaf is written, "ama thi t* ama," and on the 
dtle-page, " 6 cipresso, 6 palma/' and '* in Londra — 1610." 

Thevenot, Jean de. Voyages en Europe, Asie 
& Afrique. 3* ^d. Tom. i.-iv. 4 torn. {torn. ii. 
paged continuously with torn, i., and iv. with iii.) 
Amsterdam. 1727. I2«. /Vt., 2 fronts, and 34 

Cvnienit I — Voyage du Levant. 

On the front cover of each volume is staunped, in gQt, the 
ooat-of-arms of '* Henry. Comte. de. Borcke.** 

Thierry, AmAd^e (Simon Dominique). Rap- 
poit sur les m^moires envoy^ pour concourir au 
prix d'histoire sur les ^tats gen^raux fait au nom de 
fa section d'histoire. Paris. 1847. 4^ pp. 67. 

With the author's autograph. 

Thomas Aquinas^ Saint [Summa de Articulis 
Fidei et Ecclesise Sacramentis. — Fol. I* : Postulat 
a me uestra dileccio. ut de ar | ticulis fidei et ecclesie 
sacramentis, etc. In fine: — Explicit summa de 
articulis fidei et ec | clesiae sacramentis. edita a 
fratre tho | ma de aquino. ordinis fratrum predi | 
catorum. Deo. Gracias. — Moguntiae. 1460 ?] sm. 
4*». ff. 13. 34 lines, G. L, I vol., green crushed 
levant, lined with red morocco, richly gilt. Bound 
by Schaefer. Sold for 500 francs. 

Probably printed by Gutenberg ; see printed slip on the back 
of first front fly-leaf, lliis vomme is from the library of the 
marquis de Morante and has his arms stamped in gilt in the 
centre of each side of the cover; his book-plate, stamped in 

(;ilt on ereen morocco, is pasted on the inside of the front fly- 
eaf. — See Morants, J. G. db la C, marquis db. Catalogue, 
ttc. i. 8, no. 36. 

[ThomaB (Hamerken, or Hammerlein, Lot, 
MalleolUB) h ICempis\. L*imitation J^us-Christ. 
[Edited by L. Curmer.] Paris. I1856.] 4'>. 

AU0 with a fae-simiU tf the •ripsud tUU-page : — " IV. 
livres de Vimitation de lesvs-Christ qu*aucuns attribuent k 
lessen d*autres k Gerson, & d'autrn k Thomas k Kempi^, 
fidellement traduits. Nouuellement mis en Fran^ob par M. R. 
G. A. £t reueu par le mesme autheur en ceste demiere ^tion, 
Paris. 1626." 

Each book has a special title-page. The illuminations, in 
chramo'ithoeraphy by Lemercier, are taken from various MS. 
edUtions of the work. 

— ^ Appendice k I'lmitation de J^sus-Christ. 
Notice de M. Jules Janin sur Tlmitation de Jesus- 
Christ. Auteurs pr^sum^ de I'Imitation par M. 
Tabb^ Delaunay. Histoire de Tornementation des 
manuscrits par M. Ferdinand Denis. Catalogue 
bibliographic! ue indiquant les manuscrits reproduits 
dans rimitation et les imprimis cit^s dans Thistoire 
de Tornementation des manuscrits. Index des manu- 
scrits avec rindication des noms des dessinateurs 
et des chromographes. [Accompagn^ des figures 
de lollat de Hans Sebald Beham et de Hans Hol- 
bein.) Grande danse macabre. [Edited by L. 
Curmer.] Paris. 1858. 4®. 4 porlrs., wdcis^ etc. 

The *' Nodoe de M. Jules Janin" is wanting. 

Le jardin des roses de la vall^ des larmes, 

traduitdu latin par J. Chenu. Paris. 1850. sm. X2<>. 
f. (i), pp. jv., 66-f-. ^*j?^» ' vol'» red levant, 
gilt, sides nchl^ tooled and inlaid ; the inside of the 
cover lined with red morocco, tooled, and white 
watered silk. 

Also with an illustrated title-page. 

'* II a ^ tir^ 5 exemplaires sur pa^er v^lin vert.*' This 
volome is from the library of the marquis de Morante and has 
his anns t^^'nr*^ i& xih in the oentn at each side of the cover. 

[Thomson, James]. Spring. [London. 1728.] 
sm. 8*. pp. 50. 

On the flv-leaf preceding the title-page are the following liata 
in the poer s hana. 

"To Miss Young. 

'* Accept, lov>d Young! this Tribute due 
[To] tender Friendship, Love, and you ; 
[Bu]t with it take what breath'd the wfaol* 
[O t]ake to thine the Poet*s soul I 

" If Fancy here her Power displays, 
[ Alnd if an Heart exalts these Lays ; 
[Tno]u fairest in that Fancy shine, 
[A]nd all that Heart b foncUy thine. 

" JamiS Thomson." 

Mr. Sumner has also written a fiew lines in pencil on the first 
fLyAtaL and made a quotation from a letter by the author to 
Miss Young on the second* 

Tommai, ^Thomai, Tommaso. Ragionamento 
sopra le comete. [Bologna. 1560.] sm. 8^ ff. (8). 

ToxBollino {Lot, TaxBeUinus), Orazio. De 
V historia lavretana libn cinque dal signore Barto- 
lomeo Zvcchi da Monza fatti in lingua toscana. 
Milano. 1600. 8*>. Vign, I vol., \ red crushed 
levant, gilt top. 

The title-page is printed in black and red ink. 

Tritheim, or Trlttenheiin {Lot, Trithemliui, 
properly VON Heidenberg), Johann. Liber octo 
quaestionum ad Maximilianum Caesarem. i. De 
nde & intellectu. 2. De fide necessaria ad salutem. 
3. De Miraculis infidelium. 4. De scnptura .sacra. 
5. De reprobis atq ; maleficis. 6. De potestate 
maleficarum. 7. De permissione diuina. 8. De 
prouidentia dei. [Francoforti, per Cyriacvm laco- 
bvm.\ 1550. 8m.8°. ff. 66+. 

Uberti, Fazio, or Bonifacio degli. Opera di 
Faccio Degliu | berti Fiorentino Chia | mato Ditta 
Mundi. I Vuol^re. | Cum Priuilesio. | \Colophon ;— ] 
Impresso I Venetia per Christotaro di Pensa | da 
m&delo Adi, iiii. setebrio. M.CCCCC.I. | 80. ff. (267). 

On the inside of the &nt fly-leaf is pasted a printed notice ol 
the book. 

See Bmmt^ ii. 1199; Graesu, ii. 559* P^uuur, nil 3391 
no. 31. 

Vegio, Maffeo. [Fol. i* tit. : Mafei Vegii dia- 

logus inter Alithiam | et Philaliten Incipit feliciter. 

Prologus. — In fine. Fol. 14*: Explicu it feliciter 

Mafei Vegei di | alogus int Alithia & Philaliten.— 

Coloniae. 1478.) 80. ff. (14)- 27 lines. G. L. 

On the inside of the front cover is the book-plate of " Georgins 
Klotz, M.D. Francofuni ad Moenum."— See //«/«, no. 15928. 

Vida, Marco Girolamo, ^/. of Alba, Opera. 
Lvgdvni. 1559. sm. 8®. pp. 575* Vign. 

Imperfect : — pp. ai5» »»6 are wanting. 

On the covers are sUmped in gih the letters " R H," and the 
crest of Queen Elizabeth of England, who inherited this book 
from her mother, Anne Bolcyn. — See MS. note on the first fly- 
leaf. On the second fly-leaf is written, " Josephus Glanyilliua 
hunc libru tenet ex dono Reverendissimi viri Dctoris Cousins" ; 
on the title-page the same, abbreviated, is written ; on the third 
fly-leaf is the autngrauh of S. Knight, with the following aclded 
in pencil: "archd. of Berks? d. 1746. author of lives of Colet 
and Erasmus?" On a back fly-leaf "Fleetwood" and two 
illegible words are written. There are several underliniugs m 
ink and pencil through the book. 

Vie'wv — Rome, Num. cento vedute di Roma 
e sue vicinanze. Roma. [x8 . .] obi. \(P. 

Thames rtver^ Eng, Views on the 

Thames; engraved by W. B. Cooke and George 
Cooke. London. 1822. £». ff. (4). 77 plates. 

Tours, Blots and OrlJans, France. Keep- 
sake illustr^ de la Touraine, da Bl^ois & de TOr- 



leanais. Collection des beaux sites et des princi- 
pales richesses arch^ologiques de ces trois contr^es 
dessin^ d'apr^ nature par Deroy, A. Deroy et 
Tirpenne et lithographies par Deroy, Tirpenne et 
Bachelier. Blois, eiCt N. D. obi. 8<>. f.(i). 23 
liiks» and map. 

Virgiliiis Maro, Publius. Opera : Nic. Hein- 
s[ius] e membranis compluribus iisque antiquis- 
simis recensuit. Amstelodami, ex officina elxtviriana. 
1676. 120. Map, 

The tit1e-pfltt;e is eneraved. 

"Tib. Clau^i Donati de Vizplii Maronb rita," ff. (4-ia). 

— '— Carmina omnia perpetuo commentario ad 
modum Joannis Bond explicuit Fr. Dubner. 
Parisiis, Didot. 1858. sm. io<*. Vign. andpAatotrs. 
I vol., red crushed levant, gilt, edges gilt on marble. 
Bound by Lor tic. 

^ The tide^paee is engraved ; each page is sorroanded by a red- 
line border ; the photographs are from designs by J. F. Barrias. 

[Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de]. His- 
toria de Carlos Xll. rey de Suecia, traducida del 
idioma f ranees al espaflol por Leonardo de Uria y 
Orueta. Corregida, y afiadida, con las reflexiones 
historicas, y criticas da M. de La Motraye, en esta 
segunda impression. 2 vol. Madrid. 1740-41. 

Sereral passages in both volames have been erased with a pen, 
and a certificate of expurgation is written on the back of each 
title-page by Fr. Agustin de Dos Bairioa, Calificador." 

Imperfect : — the last two leaves in the second volume are 
badly torn. 

Mahomet; trag^die. Representee sur le 

the&tre de la com^die francoise. Le 9. aodt 1742. 
Bruxelles. 1742. sm. 8°. t. (i), pp. 7H-. 

With the author*s MS. corrections, corresponding to the text 
as now printed. 

Voraglne, Giacomo da Varaggio, ca/led Jaco- 
bus DE, Adp. of Genoa. [Sermones de tempore. — 
Fol. I* : Incipit tabula Sermonii Jacob! I voragis 
gis de tpe snri ordine alphabet!. I — Fol. 10°, col. 2, 
line 25: Zizama nascit ex trib' dffica v. p* | ephie. 
ser. ^. I deo gracias. — Fol. 11, 12 vacant. — Fol. 
13* tit. : Prolog*. | Sermones aurei et pulcher- 
rimi | satis (?) 8cptura4 doctrinis referti de | 
tempore p toto3 annii editi a solem | nissimo theo- 
logie doctore magistro | Jacobo de vora^ine ordis 
pdicato4 I ouonda episcopo Tanuensi feliciter | in- 
cipiunt. I Incipit prologus m sermones | de tem- 
pore Jacobi de voragine. | Humane labilis vita 
etc, — Fol. 13% col. 2, line 4 : puenire concedat. 
Explicit prologus. | Incipit sermo primus de 
aduentu | dominica prima. | Preparare in occur J 
sum dei tui israhel. | Amos. iii|. Quado | etc. — In 
fine Fol. 224^, col. 2, line 32 : beatu finem pducat 
nos ille qui est | principiu et finis, qui sine fine 
viuit I et regnat p infinita scia SCI04 Ame | Finis 
Sermonii de tempore J maf istri Jacobi de vora- 
gine. | ] N. p. N. D. r*. n. (224). 2 col. ^6 lines. 
G. L. I vol., shp., rebacked, sides covered with 
fleurs-de-lis in plain tooling. 

This edition is not mentioned by Bninet, Graesse, Hain, or 
Panxer. Its date may have been somewhere about 1480. In 
this copy, the initials are finished by hand in red and blue ink. 
and on the tide folio are finely ornamented. On the inside of 
the front cover is the seal of " C van Baviere, Facult Juris 
Acad. Bruxell.'' 

Wal, Gabinus de. Disputatio philosophico- 
juridica de' conjunctione populorum ad pacem per- 
petuam. Groningae. 180S. 80. 

Appended to the Disputatio are forty theses, followed by five 
wort poems in Dutch addressed to G. de Wal by H. de Wal, 
H. Heppener, Th. van Swindereo, B. H. Lulofs, and B. H. 
Steriiiga Knijper. The volume is concluded with a short Latin 

ode " Ad Frisiam," by P. Bosscha. On the third fly-leaf b 
written. " Homreage au Congres de la Paix, et a T honorable 
M. Elihn Burnt, de^ la part de M. Johan de Wal, Prc^esseur 
en Droit a T university de Leide en Hollande. Paris » Aout. 
1849. M. Sttringar." Beneath, in Mr. Sumner*s handwriting, 
is " Charles Sumner firom Elihu Burritt.** 

['WaldBee-MtUler (Lat. Hylacomylns), Mar- 
tin]. Cosmographiae | introdvctio | cvm qvibvs J 
dam geome | triae | ac | astrono | miae principiis 
ad I eam rem necessariis | . In fine : — Vrbs Deo- 
date. Finitu. iiij. kl.' Septe | bris Anno supra ses | 
quimillesimu. vij. 1507.] sm. 4,^. pp. (23). Diagrs. 
I vol., red crushed levant. 

^ Imperfect : — sig. A (including the tiile-page) f. Bij (with the 
diapam of the sodiac), Bv^ the folded *' mappemonde, * and all 
of me second part (contaming the " Vespuaj Nauigstiones*') 
are wanting. ^ The title and imprint are supplied from Bartlett's 
BM, anur.^ L ag ; Harrisse^s BiH. amer. vet.., no. 46, and from 
the Catalogue 0/ tJu reserved amd matt valataiU j^tien ej 
the Libri coUeetiaM. no. 15. 

On the fly-leaf, Mr. Sumner has written a portion of the title, 
and beside the date of his acquiring it, November, 1873, he 
refers to a copy of this little book being in the show-cases of 
the^ British museum, and gives extracts from the descriptions 
of it in Bruneiy ii. 317, and in the Catalogue 0/ the reserveH 
portion ef the Lihri eoUectum, 186a, p. 8. 

This fragment contains the passages which give the book its 
peculiar interest, wherein the prqposidon is first made to name 
the new continent after Amengo Vespucd, e.g.^ stg. C i, recto : 
" Quam quia Americas inuenit Amerigen | quasi Americi 
terrS | sine Americam nuncupare licet." Sig. C 3. verso : 
" Nunc vero & hec partes sunt latius lustratx | & alia quarta 
pars per America Vesputium (ut in sequentibus audietur) in- 
nenta est ; quS non video cur ^uis iure vetet ab Americo inuen- 
tore sagacis ingenij viro Amen^en quasi Americi terram | siue 
Americaun dicendam ; cum St Europa & Asia a midieribus sua 
surtita sint nomina.*' 

The naune, which soon appeared in books and maps attached 
to South America, was not extended to North America till 
Ortelius applied it in his great atlas, 1570. 

There is some variation about the eariiest issues of this book 
among the Inbliographers. The Carter-Brown catalo^e, p. ^St 

fives H. C. Murphy's results of collation, taking issue witn 
>avezac in his Martin Hylaceu^lus. Harrisse, Bib. amer. 
vet.y no. 44, gives an edition^ represented in the Eyries copy in 

Erivate hands in Lyons, and m a fragment in the Mazarin library, 
ut he "failed to secure a collation/* AU agree there were two 
editions in 1507, differing in arrangement and showing by their 
colophons that they were issued respectively in May and Sep- 
tember of that year. 

The May issue is Harrisse, no. 45 : Carter-Brown^ no. 28 ; 
Bninet, ii. 317; Ternauz, no. 10; and there are copies in the 
Lenox, H. C. Murphy, and Carter-Brown libraries. The fold- 
ine map of the skeleton globe in this edition has on the reverse 
a description in twelve lines of roman tjrpe. 

The September issue has this description on the map in 
fifteen lines. It u Harrisse, no 46 ; Carter-Brown, no. 39, and 
there are copies in the Lenox and Carter-Brown libraries, in 
that of Charles Deane, and the present fragment in Harvard 
college library, which has a few MS. notes in an ancient hand, 
llie Carter- Brown copy was Ternaux's- 

The Lenox library toa also an edition with the same date, but 
varying slightly otherwise, which is described in Harrisse, no. 
47, who, however, considers it as made up of two editions, his 
nos. 44 and 46. 

In 1509, another edition in black-letter was issued at Strasburg 
by the printer John Griini^er, as stated in the colophon, and 
this is Harrisse, no. 60 ; Carter-Brown, no. 40 ; Ternaux, no. 

a; Brunet, ii. 319; and there are copies in the Lenox, S. L. 
. Barlow, Carter- Brown, Coxisres^ (Force collection) and 
Harvard college libraries. The latter copy was received from 
Obaduih Rich m 1830, and has the inscription on the back of the 
map in black-letter, fourteen lines. Harrisse says, some copies 
have it in fifteen. The text of this edition was followed by 
Navarrete, in his Coleccion de los viages^ iii. 183, 190, with 
Spanish translation and notes. 

The Lenox and Barlow libraries have also an edition, printed 
at Lyons, 1510, which is Harrisse, no. 63. 

Tne^ author of the Introduciio was professor in the college at 
St. Di^, but the account following that portion was Vespucci's 
own narrative of his several voyages, written Sept. 4, 1504, after 
his return from his last one and rendered into Latin. See 
accounts of Waldseemiiller in Lelewel^s Meyen Age^ p. 14a ; and 
Davetac's Martin Hylacomylus. 

This Latin version of Vespucci's narrative was repeated in the 
Nevus orhis of Gryncus, Basle, 1533 ; in De Bry, in an abridged 
form, and in other of the genenU collections of voyages of that 
century. The story, in Italian, was published in Italy not long 
after (1516?) as Lettera di Amerigo Vespucci^ and this has 
been reprinted in Bandini's Vita e Wteretti Amerigo Vespucci^ 
Florence, 174s (in Harvard college library, — also a German 



translatJonf 1748), and in Canovai's Viaggi d* Amtricc Vet- 

<ucci, 1817.^ Raniusio only gives the third and fourth voyages, 
^amhagen in his work on Vespucci, Lima, 18651 would seem to 
have followed) perhaps, the original Italian as given out by 
Vespucci himself. In this narrative, we have as tar as known 
the only accounts of th0 first and fourth voyages- The texts of 
these various publications vary somewhat, and Harrisse, Bi6. 
atfur. vtt.^ p. 56, collates them on certain points. Of the 
second and third voyages we have earlier accounts ; — of the 
second( 14^1-1 500) that m Bandini, from a MS- in the Riccardiana 
library which is supfxised to have been written by Vespucci him- 
self in July, 1500, and of the third (1501) the narrative published 
by Bartolozzi, in 1789, in his Ricercfu istorico-crUick* {jitk 
Harvard college library) which is thought to be the communica- 
tion Vespucci made about it to Lorenzo de M edict In 1^04, the 
navigator himself published an extended narrative of this third 
voyage, addressed to the same patron, which is now usually known 
as the Mundus novus^ and is of interest, as from it he gained the 
credit of having been the first to discover the mam land of 
America, though Pinzon and Cabral had been before him on 
this same coast of Brazil. There were various issues of this 
Mundus HOVMS in Latin (one of which, Harrisse* s, no. 29, is in 
Harvard college library), Dutch and Cicnnan within the next 
four or five years, and Harrisse, the Carter-Brown catalogue, 
and Muller*s catalogues, show them. Of the third voyage, there 
was still another account by Vespucci, varying a little, and it is 
given in Ramusio and in other places, enumerated in Harrisse, 

E. 63, and see p. 64, note loa, for other references. Baldelli in 
is // mi/uftu di Marco PUo^ 1877, published still another 
letter addressed to Lorenzo de MedicL 

[Walpole, Horatio or Horace, 4/* earl of Or- 
ford]. The castle of Otranto, a Gothic story. 
Translated by William Marshal, from the original 
Italian of Onuphrio Muralto. 6th ed. Parma, 
printed by Bodoni.for J. Edwards^ London. 1791. 
8*>. Front, Large paper. 

500 copies printed. 

A copy of this edition has been sold iac ^-ax^^s. 

Watts, William. The seats of the nobility and 
gentry, in England and Scotland, being a collec- 
tion of the most interesting and picturesque views, 
engraved by W. Watts, from drawings by the most 
eminent artists, with descriptions of each view. 
London. [1779-^6.] 4**. Front, amd S^ engrs, 

WeiB, J. M. Representation des f^tes donnas 
par la ville de Strasbourg pour la convalescence 
du roi [Louis XV. 1 ; ji Tarriv^e et pendant le 
s^jour de Sa Majeste en cette ville. [To which is 
appended "Description des f^tes," etc.] Paris. 
[1745 f] i^, t. ( I ), \z plates and pp. 20. 

The title-page is engraved. 

rWellesley, Richard Colley, Marquis Welles- 
ley\. Primiti<e et reliquiae. [Poems in Greek, 
I^tin, and English, composed 1776-1S40.] Londini, 
Gulielmi NicoL 1840. 8«>. fif. (3), pp. 58, f. (i), 
pp. 19. 

See Allibone's Crit. dict.^ iii. 2638. 

Pasted on the ^ eighth fly4eaf is a sheet of paper cut to the 
same Kize, on which is written. "To the Lord Viscount Mor- 
peth &c &c with the respects ot his faithful servant Wellesley ; *' 
and below this is written, " Extorted from me bv my feeling of 
friendship for Charles Sumner. Morpeth. April 1840." 

Welwood, James. Memoirs of the most 
material transactions in England, for the last hun- 
dred years, preceding the revolution in 1688. 6th 
ed. corrected. [With an appendix.] London. 
17 18. 12®. 

At the top of the title-page is the autograph of W. Words- 
worth ; the name Sam'l Tordkeld is written twice on the title- 

'Wilkes, John. [A collection of engravings, 
woodcuts, portraits, caricatures, autograph letters, 
book-plates, fac-similes, colored prints, facetiae, 
newspaper-cuttings, scraps, etc. relating to John 
Wilkes and his political career. ^. ff. (i), 5a 

Fol. X has the autograph *' John Dillon, 1865." 
The most important of the contents appear on the following 
paiges: — 

X. A lai^ mezzotint engraving, representing Wilkes. Ser- 

feant Glyn, and Home [Tookej sitting at a table, by 
Lichard Houston, London, 1769. 
a. Portrait of Wilkes from Lady* magazing. His aut<ignph 
and arms. 

3. Engraved view of his cottage in the Isle of Wi|;ht. 

4. An autograph letter, addressed *' Dear Dele," Feb. 25^ 1758. 

'* I could not force my conscience so far as to vote lor an- 
nual parliaments ; so we shall all be in a black list perhaps, 
and sung down in a merry ballad." 

5. Portrait, eneraved by Caroline Watson, after Pine, 1763. 
Autograph letter, May i, 1784, to Mr. Paice, conveving his, 

Wilkes's, will to him, to be cared fur while his, Wilkes's, 
daughter is on a visit to Paris. 

6. A contemporary manuscript referring to Wilkes's iamous 

** no. 45,*| endorsed in the following way : ** It is a 
curious coincidence that Wilkes's name and the offices he 
was successively elected to fill was composed of 45 letters, 
as will be seen m the following lines. 

The Right Honourable John Wilkes, lord mayor of 
John Wilkes, esquire, sheriff for London and Middle- 


John Wilkes^ esquire, knight of the shire for Middle- 

Jfohn Wilkes, esquire, alderman for Farringdon 

John Wilkes, esquire, chamberlain of the dty of 

8. Verses in Wilkes's hand, certified by Dawson Tcuner, as 
" one of those seized in Mr. Wilkes's house, by virtue of a 
general warrant" : indorsed with the autographs of those 
serving the warrant. 
" JU* crucem sceleris pretium tulit, hie diadema." 

*' Ayliffe and Fox^ wfun calUd^ m days of old 

Alike their toils : ah, why unlike their fate ? 

One villain hangs, the other robs the state. 

With ermin'd pride his father's livery lines 

Power sprung from lust with boundless wealth oom^ 

And like to BuU in all a first-rate patriot shines. 

" The grand conductor of Corruption shines. 
And vat his brother Bute, another hadter twines." 

10. Britannb's intercession for the deliverance of John 
Wilkes, esquire. London. [176S.] 

14, etc. Speeches of Wtlkea, cut from magazines and printed 

on broadsides. 

15. Mezzotint portrait of Wilkes. 

x6. Caricature drawing of Wilkes, with etching of the same. 
17. Charles Mathews's personation of Wilkes as chambeiw 

lain of London, with autograph of Wilkes as such. 
i8,f/r. Newspaper clippings relative to Wilkes's politkai 

37. Large mezzotint portrait of Benjamin Hopkins, c hamb er- 

lain of London, 1776, — Wilkes's opponent. 
41. Engraved caricatures of the contest. 
43, etc- Contemporary broadsides, burlesques of Wilkes and 

his contest. 

50. Engraved likeness of Charles Townshend. 

51. Autograph letter of Charles Townshend (?) 

53. Autograph letter of Miss Wilkes to Josenh Paice. 

53. Engraved portrait of Charies Churchill, with autograph 
letter by him, addressed to *' Mr Kearsly in Ludgate 
Street." and endorsed by Dawson Turner, as ** seized in 
Mr. Wilkes's house at the time of the prosecution against 
him. The signature, *■ J. Watson.' is that of the officer 
who seized it." The letter reads thus : — 

Sir, — Mr. Wilkes and I are now together, and concerning the 
N. B. are come to this determination. We have provided a 

Erinter, who is to send us the papers in such time that you may 
ave them on Friday at a o'clock, and we should be glad to kno« 
for a certainty whether jrou will chuse to continue as the Pub- 
lisher, which will be entirely agreeable to us, if it is to you. 

I should be glad you would let us know how many jou 
usually print off, and what is the expense of Paper and Printing, 
so that we may be better Judges in what manner to fix the tc rms 
with the Printer. An answer to this left at Mr. Wilkes's any 
time tonight will oblige 

Your very humble serv* 

Charlbs Churchill. 
Saturday Noon. 

We must hear tonight 

'Winckler, Nicolaus. Tractatvs de astrologiae, 
et omnivm artivm principiis, et differentiis divina- 
tionvm, contra Anonymos quosdam, qui nullas in 
Astris causas esse contendunt. Francoforti ad 
Mcenum. 1580. sm. 8<^. £[.(30). Vign, 

Itbrai:; of letters amiberiiice. 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



3sro. 7. 




Rbfubuihed pkom thb Bulletin of Hakvard Ukivxesttv. 




Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star prefixed indicates they are not yet ready. 

I. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 

a. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems : a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton, Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel- 

angelo, with Notefe. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio, An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 


5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Books^ and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard College 

Library, by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

7. William C. Lane. The Dante Collections in the Harvard College and Boston Public 


8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

10. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 


11. Samuel H. Scudder. The Entomological Libraries of the United States. 

12. A List of the Publications of Harvard University and its Officers, i87o-i88a 

13. Samuel- H. Scudder. A Bibliography of Fossil Insects. 

14. William H. Tilunghast. Notes on the Historical Hydrography of the Handkerchief 

Shoal in the Bahamas. 
V 15. J. D. Whitney. List of American Authors in Geology and Palaeontology. 

16. Richard Bliss. Classified Index to the Maps in Petermann's Geographische Mit- 

theilungen. 1855-1881. 

17. Richard Bliss. Classified Index to the Maps in the Royal Geographical Society's 

Publications. 1830-1883. 

18. Justin Winsor. The Bibliography of Ptolem3r's Geography. 
♦19. Justin Winsor. The Kohl Collection of Early Maps. 


nr THE 



.Catalogue Department, Harvard OolUgt lAhra/ry. 


BFL. (fijllowed by a shelf-mark) stands for Boston PobUo Llbnuy. AddUional titles are giren from the prirate 
collectioiia of Prafeesor Charles Eliot Xorton, and the late Professor George Ticknor, whidi are indicated respectirely by 
N. and T. All other maxks designate books In the College Library, of which those beginidng K^th Dn. indicate the books 
of a special Dante coUection. 

Care has been taken to gire ftill Inibrmation in regard to the contents and distlngnishing ohsracteristiCB of each edition of 
Dante, and to describe the Tarions portraits of Dante as ftilly as possible. The number of pages is given only for the older 
books, and for modem books when less than a hondred. 



Divina Commedia. 

(Including^ editions of separate parts of the 
poem, and complete editions of Dante's 


z. — [L'infemo e 11 purgatorio di Dante, end- 
ing with canto xxi. t. S^ of the Purgatorio. 
Manuscript on paper of the 15th century.] 
f» ff. 108. Dn. X.I 

This manuscript was formerly in the possession of Baron 
SeymooT Kirknp and is described by Colomb de Badnes 
(ii. 104). It was bonght at the sale of his library in 1871 by 
Shia A White for £w, and was pnrchased for tiiis librsiy 
by the Dante society for £25. It has Ijatin annotations in the 
margin which Colomb de Batines considers to be in the same 
hand aa those in the codex laorenziana, Plut. xl. no. ii. 
From an inscriptf on in the end it appears to have belonged to 
the Grimaldi fomify of Genoa. 

9. — [L* inferno e 11 paradiso di Dante, col co- 
mento detto 11 Falao Boccaccio. At en<2:] 
Scriptu per me hartolomeum filium andee ma9- 

?onis delnce. — Sub annis dfii Mille cccc<>l. tij. 
1457]. Deo Gratias Aroe. f. ff. 158. (N.) 

A beantiftil ms. on paper written in laige Gothic letters, 
wfth mmii^inal notes to the first fourteen cantos of each cantica 
tn smaller character taken flrom the comment known as the 
■* False Boccaodo.*' Each canto besrtns with a title and 
argument in red and an ornamental initial. A large and elabo- 
rate initial begins the Inferno. On the Terso of tiie last leaf 

stand the two epitaphs on Dante befrinning *' Inclita foma ^ 
and *' Jura monarchiae." This MS. belongea to Baron Kirkup 
and is described by Colomb de Batines, ii. 103. 

Laid in this volume is a single sheet of veUiun containing 
lines 64-135 of canto acxiv. of the Inferno, " che certo h della 

grima metk del sec ziv., e scritta in carattere tondo tanto 
ello e nitido da far quasi credere che sia un fac-eimile. Se 
questo codice tuttavia esiste, io lo direl uno de' piil anttchi, 
e de' piik notabili quanto alia calligrafia." — ii. 104. 

3. — El inflemo del D&nte. Canto quinto, 
s^ptimo. [£n verso casteliano.] fl pp. 8. 

(BPL. No. 7 in ♦•D. 3) 

Editions of the Italian Tbxt.* 
(Arranged chronologically.) 

4. -^ [La divina commedia col commento di 
Bbntenuto da Imola e colla vita di qnesto 
poeta scritta da Giovanni Boccaccio. Venezia, 
Vtndtlin da Spvra. 1477.] T. AT. (878). 

Dn. 14.77 

There is no title page. The outer column on each Hide of 
the first leaf, and tne whole of the last page are filled in in 
— "Ex 

vs. The first page bears the stamp 
Card. Imperialis." 

Bibl. Jos. lien 

* Complete works, nos. 20, 65. 

Divina commedia and Lyric poems, no &3. 

Inferno, nos. 40, 50, 71, 77, 88, 02, 111, 113; the same, with 
translation, 188, 130, 148, 186, 188, 103, 105, 234; the same, in 
part, 104, 107. 

Purgatorio, with translation, nos. 137, 146, 180. 

Paradiso, with trsujilation, no. 131. 

Belections, nos 122-127. 


The work ends with "Capltoli*' in vene by Biuone da 
Gbbbio and by Jacopo Alighieri, the Credo of Dante, and a 
colophon in Terse givhif tne name of commentator, editor, 
and pubhsher, with the aate. ^ 

The first fifteen leaves cootaininf^ the Life bj Bocoaccio are 
often wantinff. The coromentHry lias been also ancribed to. 
Jacopo dcUa Ltana. If by Ben venuto, it must be a trauslatiou, 
as the original, stiil nnpnblished, is in Latin. 

"Edizione accuratissima per 1* eeecuzione tipografica. 
Assai ran. " ~ Colomb de Bannes, i. 23. See also llain, Bep. 
bibliog, no. 6942. 

5. -^ Comento di Christophoro Landtko 
florentino Bopra la Comedia di Danthe Ali- 
ghieri poeta florentino. [Colophon:'] Impresso 
in Firenze per Nicholo & Lorenzo della Magna 
a (fi .xxz. dagosto .m.cccc.lxzxi. [1481]. r. 
ff. (372). 2 engrav. (N. T.) 

Tlie first Florentine edition. The first fourteen leaves (of 
which the first and last are blank) contain various introductory 
matters, which will be found also in the editions of 1481, 1403, 
1497, 1507, 1529, 1564, 1578 [noa. 6, 7, 8. xa, 15, 19, aa], as 
well as in other editions not included in this catalogue. 

The two engravings (by Baccio Baldini ft-om designs by 
Botticelli) are at the oeginning of the first two cantos of tlie 
Inferno. Space is left for an illustration at the beginning of 
each canto and some copies of this edition have as many aa 
nineteen, twenty, or twen^-one inserted, but none have more 
than this. The first cantos of the Inferno and Purfi^orio 
of Professor Norton's copy have each an elaborate illuminated 
initial : that of tbe Inferno contains a portrait of Dante, and 
In the ornament on the margin is the golden shield oif the 
Medici bearing the seven b^ls of Piero de' Medici. As he 
died in 1400 the copy probably belonged to one of his chil- 
dren, previous to the cliange made by Lorenzo de* Medici in 
the number of the balls. Colomb do Batinea gives a careAil 
bibliographical description (i. MhLA) and mentions all the 
copies of note Icnown to him. 

Prof. Norton's copy is bound In three 'Volumee, that in Mr. 
TIcknor's library is oofind in one volume. 

6. — [La divina commedia; col Comento di 
Cristoforo Landing. At end:"] Flnita e 
lopa deliclyto & diuo dathe alleghieri poeta 
fioretino reaista & emedata diligetemete p el 
reueredo maestro Piero da Agio: & ha posto 
molte cose i diuersi luoghi che ha trooato ma- 
care i tutti edati liqli sono stati stapadi excepto 
qsti Impress! i uenesia p Bernardino benali 
& Matthio da parma del. mccgclicxxxi. adi. 
ill. marzo [1491]. f. ff. cclxxzzi. Wdcts. 

Dn. 14.91 

Ttn unnumbered leaves of introductoiy matter at the be- 
frlnninff and one leaf at end are wanting. Difiers slightly 
from tne descriptions of this edition given in Colomb de 
Batines, i. 52, and in Hain, Rep. biblioa. no. 5040. 

The Credo, Pater nostra, and Ave Maria of Dante follow 
the oolopfaon. 

The edition contains three fhll-page wood-cuts and many 
curious smaller ones, found also in the editions of 1408, 1507 
and 1520 Tnoa. 7, xa, 15]. In the edition of 1407 (and prob. 
ablv in others) the same designs appear, but on a lararcr scale 
and engraved with finer execution. Thev are reproduced in 
the 3 vol. edition published in Milan in 1804-66 [no. xox]. 

7. — Danthe alegleri florentino. [With the 
comment of Christophoro Landing. At 
end:! Flnita e lopa dellinclyto & diuo Datlie 
alleghieri poeta fioretino reuista & emedata 
diligetemete p el reueredo maestro Piero da 
Figino & ha posto molte cose i diuersi 
luoghi che ha trouato macare si i lo texto coe 
nella giosa. Impressa in Venetia per Matiieo di 
chodecha da parma. Del. xcccclxxxxiii. Adi. 
xzix. de Kouembre [1493]. ff. (10), cczcix. 
[300], (l)=8n. fl Wdct$, (N.) 

Imp^r/tct ; £ 1 with its fhll-page wood-cut is wanting, the 
larger part of f. 2 and a portion of the last leaf are also miss- 
ing, aim several other leaves are imperfect. The whole num- 
ber of pages should be 811, not 810 as stated )xf Colomb de 
Badnes, and as would seem to be the case flnom the paging. 
It should be noted thM sig. x has but 7 leaves. At the 
beginning of each of the three parts is a fhll-jpage wood<«ut, 
and smaller ones at the head of each canto, like those in the 
edition of 1401. 

The first ten leaves contain the introductory matter com- 
mon to several editions of this period, and the Credo, Pater 
nostro and Ave Maria of Dante follow at the end of the 

8. — Danthe alighieri fiorentino. \^Atend:'\ 
Fine del comento di Christoforo Landing 
Fiorentino sopra la Comedia di Dathe reuista 

6 emendata diligetamete per el reueredo maestro 
Piero da Figino & ha posto molte cose in di- 
uersi luoghi che ha trouato macare si i lo texto 
come nella giosa. Impressa in Venetia per 
Pietro de zuanne di quarengii da palazago ber- 
gamesco. Del m-gccclxxxxyii. A di. xi. 
octubrio [1497]. f». ff. (10), ccxcvn, (1). 
Wdcts. (N.) 

At the beginning of the Inferno is a ftall-page wood-cut, and 
smaller ones stand at the head of each canto. Thej are the 
same in design as those of the editions of 1491, 1403, etc. but 
on a larger scale and engraved with finer execution. The 
first ten leaves contain prolegomena like the earlier editions. 
At the end of the Paradiso are given the Credo, the Pater 
nostro and the Ave Maria of Dante. 

g. — Le terze rime di Dante. [Colophon:^ 
Yenetiis in aedib. Aldi. accvratissime. Men. 
avg. MDii. [1502]. «m. 8« ff. (244). (N.) 

The first edition of Dante of small size. All the editions 
of the fifteenth century had been folios. Tliis contains neither 
prefikce nor notes. On the verso of the last leaf is the famiWar 
emblem of the anchor and dolphin used here and in aa edition 
of Sedulius published in the same 3rear, for tiie first time. 
Some copies of this edition have no anchor, from which Be- 
nouard concludes that Aldus did not have the block at hand 
when he began to print the volume. See Colomb de Batines, 
i. 60. Kenouard, AnnaU9 dea Aides, i. 61, 81 ; Pirmin-Didot, 
Aide Manuce, p. 210. 

10. — Commedia, insieme con yno dialogo circa 
el sito forma et misrre dello inferno [di An- 
tonio Manetti]. [^Colophon:'] Impresso in Fi- 
renze per opera & spesa di Philippo di Giunta 
Florentino gli anni della salutifera incamatione 
.M.DYi. a di .XX. dAgosto [1506]. sm. 8^. 

7 wdcts, Dn. 25.6 

Preceded by ''Cantico di Hleronymo Beninienl cittadino 
fioretino in laudc dello cxcellentissimo Poeta Dante Ali- 
ghieri, ct della sequente commedia da lui diuinamente OMn- 
posta," in terza rima. 

"Edizione accrcditatlssima e rarissima. II testo lb dal 
signor V iviani (Ediz. di Udine) gindicato ecceUente e pieuo 
di molto belle Iczioni d c si trovano concordare col codice 
bartoHniano.'*— Colomb u^ Batines, i. 64. 

This copj has the book-]j|late of " le oomte D. Bontonrlin ** 
and the autogn^h of " Seymour Stocker Kirkup." 

XX. -^ Dante col sito, et forma dell* inferno. 
[Toscolano. circa*. 1506?] sm. S^. Wdct. and 

8 dtagrs, Dn. 25.6.3 

On the last page is the fol towing : — " P. Alex. Pagfanhmsl. 
Benacenscs. .Y. Bena. .V*. .V.^' The last part is thought 
to mean " Fecerunt Benai^enses, viva, viva," and to record 
the establishment of their oflice in Toscolano. " Leggiadra 
edizione e poco comune.'* -^Colomb de Batines, i. 69. 

xa. — Danthe alighieri Fiorentino historlado. 
Cum gratia & priuilegio. \At end .-J Fine del 
cometo di CHBisraFORO Lading Fioretino re- 
uista & emedata dili}?etemete p el reueredo maes- 
tro Piero da Figiio & ha posto molte cose 
i diuersi luoghi che ha trouato macare si e lo 
texto coe nella giosa. Impressa in Venetia per 
Bartholomeo de Zanni da Portese. Del. 
M.D.Yii. A di. xvii. de Zugno [1507]. fl 
fip. (10), ccxcviii. Wdcts, (N.) 

The wood-cuts are a AiU-page cut at the beginning of the 
Inferno, and small ones at the head of each canto. The first 
ten unnumbered leaves and the recto of £ 1 contain the pro- 
legomena of the edition of 1481. At the end of the Paradiso 
foUow the Credo, ^wter nontro and Ave Maria as in the other 
e(Utions mentioned above, but in this case the col<9hon stands 

DIVINA COMMEDIA, Italian, 1481-1595. 

after these, instead of between them and the poem as in 
earlier editions. 

'^Qnesta edizione, ch' h ristampa di qneUa del 1407, ha 
({nesto di singolare, che essa contiene il teste dell* Aldina con 
note le opaH non ri corrisp<Kidono. £l piuUosto nuna. — Co- 
lomb de Satines, L es. 

23. — Dante col sito, et forma dell* inferno 
tratta dalla istessa descrittione del poeta. 
rCoiophon : ] Impresto in Vinegia nelle case 
a' Aldo & d' Andrea di Aaola suo snocero nell' 
anno m.d.xy. Del meae di Agosto [1515]. 
am. 8*. ff. (2), 244, (4). 8 dtagrs. (N.) 

Beprint, pace hy page, of the Aldlne edition of 1602 and of 
the undated Ftfaaino edition of IMS. 

The ilrtt tiro leares contain a dedication. *' AHa ralorosa 
madomia Vittoria Colonna Marchesana di Pescara," and the 
Aidine anchor is foond on the first and third ieaves, and on 
the recto of the last lea£ 

14. — Oper'e del dirino poeta Danthe con stoI 
comenti : recorrecti et con ogne diligentia nova- 
mente in littera crrsiva impresse. In Biblio- 
theca S. Bemardini. lAt end:'} Fine del 
comento di Chbistofobo Lakdiko Fioretino 
•opra la comedia di Danthe, reuista & emendata 
diligetemente per el reaerendo maestro Pietro 
da Figino & ha posto molte cose in dinersi 
Inogtd che ha traouato mancare si in lo texto 
come nella giosa etiam noniter per altri excel- 
lenti huomini. Impressa in Yenetia per Miser 
Bernardino stagnino da Trino de monferra. 
Del. xcGCCC.xx. A di xxtiii. Marzo [15301. 
4* ff. (12), 441 [440]. Wdcts. (NO 

Tbe wood-cots are a ftiU-paire cut at the beglmting of the 
Inferno, small ones at the nead of eadi canto (all different 
Drom the cats In the earlier editions mentioned aboTcy, a 
rignette of St. Bernard and a wood-cnt of Adam and Eve 
on the title-page, the latter being repeated on the first page 
of the Inferno. 

** Edizione rara e molto stlmata."— Colomb de Batines, 

15. -^ Comedia: co 1* espositione di Chbisto- 
PHORO LADiKo: nuooamete impressa: e con 
somma diligetia reuista & emedata. mdxxix. 
TColqphtm :] Stapato in Yenetia per lacob del 
BnrgofHUso. Nellanno del nostro signer 
.M.D.xxix. A di .XXIII. di Oenaro [1529]. 

^ f*. ir. (12),ccxcT. Fort, toid iffdets. Dn. 15.29 

The title is Inclosed In an illustnted border. The text is a 
reprodaction, with bat few yariations, of the Aidine edition 
011902. The eleyen leares following the title-page contain 
the introdoctorsr matters of the edition of 1481 and following 
editions, and the Credo, Pater nostro, and Ave Maria fellow 
tile Paradiso. The wood-cnts are a portrait on the rsTene of 
the titia^page, large cuts at the beginning of each cantica 
(that at the Deginmng of the Inferno haTing an ornamental 
border) and smaller ones at the head of each canto. Thej 
are the same as in the edition of 1401 and others. 

*«£diziaiie difficile a troTanl."— Colomb de Batines, L 79. 

x6. — > Comedia del diTino poeta Danthe Ali- 
gfaieri, con la dotta & leggiadra spositione di 
Christophoso Lakdino : con somma diligentia 
& accuratissimo studio nnooamente corretta, & 
emendata : . . . . Aggivntayi di nvovo Tna co- 
piosLssima Tauola. In Yinegia, [per if. Ber- 
nardino Stagnino]. 1536. 4**. V\gn. of Dante, 
and wdct9. Dn. a5.36 (BPL. ♦4792^1) 

" With the etception of the Titie and the ' Tarola,' this is a 
page for page reprint of the editions of 1612 and 1620. The 
iUnstrstlons are the same (except that the yignette and en- 
grared ornamental frame work of the first page of the Inferno 
am omitted). The differences in the text, such as there 
sre, or, at least, snch as I have noted, are only of orthogra- 
phy."— C.E.N. 

17* — La comedia di Dante Aligieri con la nora 
espositione di Alessakdbo Yellttbixo. [ Colo* 
phon:] Impressa in Yinegia per Francesco 

Marcolini ad instantia di Alessandro YeUutello 
del mese di Gagno lanno XDXLini [1544]. 4**. 
Wdcts, (INT. T.) 

The first 26 leares contain the dedication to Pope Panl m., 

an address to the reader, " Vita e oostmii del poeta," ana 

** Descrittione de lo inferno '* with ten cats. 
This is the first edition witii Vellutello's commenL 
The wood-cuts are three ftiU-pago cats at the beginning of 

each part of the poem, and smaller cuts, one for each canto. 

Ther arc entirely different from those published in earlier 

editions with Landino's comment. 

x8. — n Dante, Con argomenti, & dechiara- 

tione de molti luoghi, nonamente reoisto, *& 

stampato. In Lione, per Oiovatt di Tovrnes. 

1547. 16*1 Vign, of Dante, Dn. 25.47 

" Dee il suo principale ed unico pregio alia picciolezza de' 

caratteri od aUa leggiadria della stampa." — Gamba, Seris dUi 

testi, p. 126. 

19. — Dante, con lespositione di Christofobo 
LANDnro, et di Alessandro Ybllvtello. Con 
tanole, argomenti, & allegoric, & rifonnato, 
riaednto, & ridotto alia sua nera lettura, per 
Francesco Sansovino. Yenetia, appresso Cfio- 
iumtbattistaf Marchib SesMa^ j* fratelli, 1564. 
f. Fiort, and wdcts. (N.) 

The colophon reads, " Appresso Domenico NicoUno. Per 
Giouambattista, etc,^ 

Contains all of the usual introductory matter of tiie editions 
of Landino and YeUutello, with the wood-cuto of Vellntello's 
edition of 1644 [no. 17]. The text follows the Aidine edition 
of 1602 with a more modem orthography. 

Portrait : — On the titie-page, enclosed in a highly orna- 
mented border ; the same as that in the edition of 1678 [no. aa] . 

ao. — Dante con 1' espositione di M. Ber- 

KARDiiro Daviello da Lycca, Sopra la sna 

Comedia dell* Inferno, del Purgatorio, & del 

Paradiso; nnouamente stampato, & posto in 

lace. Yenetia, appresso Pietro da Fino, 1568. 

4*1 Z plaies^ Kdd vigns. Dn. 35.68 

The only edition of Daniello's Comment published, and 
Talued on that account. Fourteen Tersef are by mistake 
omitted in the sixth canto of the Purgatorio. The comment 
has been attributed to OabrUUo Tr{fone, bnt without good 

ai. — La divina comedia, di nvovo alia STa uera 

lettione ridotta con lo aiuto di molti antichissimi 

esemplari. Con argomenti, & allegoric per das- 

can canto, & apostHle nel margine. £t indice 

copiosissimo di vocaboli pia important!, con la 

sposition loro. [Edited by Lodovico Dolce.] 

Yinegia, appresso Domenico Farri. 1569. 

24<l Dn. a5.69 

" Vita discritta da M. Lodorlco Dolce." pp. Til.-ix. 
"Edizione esegulta sopra quella del GioUto, 1666, e ool 
medesimo nnmero di (kcce." >- Colomb de Batines, L 94. 

aa. — Dante con 1* espositioni di Chrxstoforo 
Landing, et d' Alessandro Ybllvtexxo. Con 
taaole, argomenti, «^., per Francesco Sanso- 
vino. Yenetia, appresso OiouambaUista, Mar- 
ckib Sessa, j- fraUUi. 1578. T. Port, and 
vfdcU. (N.) 

The colophon reads *' Appresso gli Heredi di Francesco 
Bampazetto. Ad instantia ai Giouambattista, ete." 

This is a reprint, almost in fiic-simile, of the edition of 1664. 
The dedication is different and the headings of the introdnc- 
toiy matter Taiy, but otherwise the correspondence is very 

33. — La dirina commedla ridotta a miglior le- 
zione dagli Accademici della Cbusca. Con 
privilegio. In Firenze, per Domenico Manxani. 
1595. 16*1 Vigns. aokd ornamental initials, (N.) 

*< Edizione reputatissima, doruta alle cure di vari acca- 
demici [della Cmsca], i quali si attennero all' Aldina del 
1602, consultando nel tempo istesso pid di 100 oodlcLdi grando 
reputazione, di cui 62 se ne citano nell* Arriso al lettore .... 
Caduta dlsjgprazlatamente in mano di stampatore negligentiso 
simo, riuso zeppa d' errori. . . .'*— Colomo de Batmes, i. 09. 


24. — La divina commedia ridotta a miglior le- 

zione dagli Accadbhici della. Crusca, seconda 

impressione accresciuta degli argomenti, alle- 

gorie, e spiega de' yocaboU oscuri. Dedlcata 

al dottor Tommaao Farioa [by Cellenio Zac- 

clori, i. e. Lorenzo Ciccarelli]. 1 vol. in 2. 

Napoli, Francesco Laino. 1716. 16* Dn. 27,16 

<'Comunemente gindicata piii corretta di quella del 1605. 
Gli an?ome.ntl e I« aUegorie sono copiati dau' edizione del 
Giolito, 1655." — Colomb de Batmes, i. 103. 

25, — La divina commedia, gia ridotta a miglior 
lezione dagli Accademici della Crusca ; ed ora 
accresciuta di un doppio rimario [da Carlo 
Noci], e di tre indici per opere del sig. G. A. 
VoLPi. 3 vol. Padova, Giuseppe Comino. 
Yt21, '26-27. sm, 8**. Port, and plate. 

(T. BPL. 4790.48) 

Oontenti : — Vol. i. containa (besides the text of the Dirina 
commedia) the foUowing : — 

Le yite di Dante e del Fetrarca, da Lionaido Aretino. — 
Frincipio d* un capitolo del abate A. M. Salyini al sig. F. Bedi. 
— Catalogo di molte delle principali edizioni che sono state 
fiUte della I>iy. com. — Sonetto del conte 6. N. A. Montanari 
al Yolpi, e Sonetto del Yolpi in risposta.— [Lettera di B. de' 
Bossi a L. Torrigiani.] — Opinione intomo al tempo del 
Tiaggio di Dante. — Autoritk de' testi. 

u. Rimario di tutte le desincnze de' vers! della Diyina 
commedia, operasik'pnbblicata in 1602 dA C. Noci, ed ora 
migliorata [da VolpiJ. — Indice delle sole desinenze de' 
versi della Divina commedia. 

ill. Argomenti e le allegorie sopra ogni canto del poena di 
Dante, e tre indici compostl dal Yolpi. 

This edition, at the time of its. pablication, was generally 
thought to excel aU previous eioidons, and has been fre- 

aaently republished. It follows the 1595 edition [no. 23], 
tie text of which it reproduces in a corrected form. See 
Colomb de Batines, i. 104. 

iV>r<ra</;—*' DLsefimato da M. A. Comali e inclso dall* 
Hejlbrouck, copia dlquello di Bernardo India, celebre pittor 
Teromese, che sl^consenrava nel museo di Bernardino Lisca.'> 

^ — . See no. 233. Della commedia traspor- 
tata in verso latino da Carlo d' Aquino. Ital- 
fmd Lai. 1728. 

a6. — Dante con una breve e sufficiente dichi- 

arazione del senso letterale diversa in piu luoghi 

da quella degli antichi comentatori. 'JBy Pom- 

PBO Venturi. Edited by G. B. Placidi.] 8 vol. 

Lucca, per S, />. Cappuri, a spese della societh 

[di Oesii]. 1732. 8*1 Dn. 27.3a 

"Fnma edizione col comcnto del padre Yenturi. ^ di- 
Tenuta assai rara." — Colomb de Batines, L 106. 
YoL ii. and iU. have only a half-title. 

97. -^ La divina commedia, con gli argomenti, 
allegorie e dichiarazioni di Looovico Dolce. 
Aggiuntovi la vita del poeta, il Rimario e due 
indici utilissimi. Bergamo, Pietro Lancellotti. 
1762. 12**. (T.) 

Edited by the abate, F. A. SerassL The text follows that 
of the editions of 1506 and 1727 [no. 93 and 25], revised from 
a M8. in the possession of Mgr. Albani of Bergamo. 

28. — * La divina comedia dell' inferno, poe- 
metto morale, e filosofico; colle annotazioni 
distinte, ch* esplicano chiaramente il testo. Da 
NiGOLO CiANGULO. Lipsia, apresso Giovanni 
Samuel ffeinsioheredi, 1755. sm. 8**. Dn. 27.55 

" ^ la prima edizione stampata In Germania." — 8cartas> 
zini, Dante in OermaiUa, iL 184. 

29. — La divina commedia con varie annota- 
zioni, e copiosi rami adomata. Dedlcata alia 
sagra imperial maesta di Elisabetta Petrowna, 
da3 conte Cristoforo Zapata di Cisneros. 
Tom. i.-iii. ; — Prose, e rime liriche, con copiose 
ed erudite aggiunte. Tom. iv. in 2 pt 4 tom. 
in 5. Yenezia, Antonio ZaMa. 1757-58. 4^. 
112 plates. Dn. 17.57 (T. BPL. 4801.50) 

"£} questa edizione &tta con lusiso, ma con poco buon 
gusto nella scelta degli omamenti, vignette, firegi e figure. 
In fine d' ogni canto porta le Amiotazioni del Venturi e del 
Fo/pt" — Gamba, Serie dei tetti di lingua, p. 128. 

'* Memorie per servire alia vita di Dante. ''^ iv. (2), 1-140. 

" Lettera df Gius. Yaleriano cav. Yaunetti intonio ad al 
cune drcostanze della vitA di Dante, ed all' aver egh di- 
morato nella Yal Lagarina, e quici composta una sua caa- 
zone." iv. f2), 141-W8. 

The text is, with few exocptioos, that of the editioii of 
Fadova, 1727. 

Portrait : — *' Tratto da nn antico ori^nale, che trovaai 
nella Toscana.'* Name of engraver not given. Faur tiiinks 
It to be possibly the foundation of Morghen's fiimous portrait 
so often reproduced. Another plate gives a number of medals 
bearing Dante's profile. 

-T See no. 188. La divine com6die, Tenfer. 
Par MouTovNET de Clairfons. ItcU. and 
French. 1776. 

30. — [La divina commedia, pubblicata da An- 
drea RuBBi.] 8 vol. Yenezia, presso Antonio 
Zatta e figli. 1784. 16^. Port, and vigns. 
(Pamaso itaUano, iii.-v.) (BPL.*2769.2) 

Yolpi's Indici from the edition of 1726-27 are printed at 
the end of each volume. In vol. iiL are " Notizie storiche e 
critiche,*' and " Faragone di Dante col Buonarroti,*' pp. 21fr- 

At the head of each canto Is a vignette engraved bj C. del- 
I'Acqua and others. 

Portrait ; — A vignette on the title-page of each volume. 

— See no. 193. L*enf er [par Antoine Riva- 
ROLi, dit coMTE DE RrvAROL]. Itol. and French. 


31. — Inferno, poema. Parigi, 0. A. J. Jacob. 
1787. 24*1 Dn. 27.87 

32. -^ Purgatorio, poema. Parigi, C. A. J. 
Jacob. 1787. 24''. Dn. 27.87.2 

33. — Paradiflo, poema. Parigi, C. A. J. Jacob. 
1787. 24*». Dn. 27.87.3 

34. — La divina conmiedia novamente corretta 

spiegata e dif esa da F. B. L. M. C. [Fr. Bal- 

DAS8ARE LoMBARDi mlnor conventualc/] 3 vol. 

Roma, presso Antonio Fvlgoni. 17^1. 4*1 

3 plaies^ and vigns. Dn. 17.91 

•« Yita scritta dall' abate F. A. Serassi." 1. xviL-uiiL 
"Dello sUle di Dante. Elogio di F. B. Horando." 1. 


Delia cagione per cui abbia Dante voluto a questo suo 
poema dare il titolo di Commedia.** F. &. Morando. 1. 

Lombardi spent many years of his life in preparing this 
edition of the Divina commedia. He consulted all the best 
editions and many valuable manuscripts unknown to the 
AccademiA della CS-usca whose edition was published in lfi06. 
The latter had been generally accepted as of the greatest 
accuracy, but Lombardi introduced man^ new readings and 
his text has been adopted as the basis of most modem 

This copv belonged to Lombardi himself and contains nu- 
merous ana important additions in xs. as he meditated a new 
edition. They were but partially used in the edition printed 
at Borne by De Romams In 1815-16 [no. 4a]. A compli- 
mentarv letter from Cardinal Borgia to Lombard! is placed 
in the nrst volume. 

35. — La divina commedia. [With an intro- 
duction and **aggiunta critica" at the end of 
each vol. by G. J. de* M. Diokisi.] 3 tom. 
Parma, nel regal palazzo eo* tipi bodoniani. 
1796. f*. Port. Dn. 7.95 

See Colomb de Batines, L 121 ; also Fosec^'s IHacorso wl 
teato (p. 426), in regard to Dionisi's new readings. 

PortraU : -^ ** BtxfKDo TofitnelU delineo; Bafikello Mor- 
ghen incise in Firenze." 

36. — La divina commedia. 8 vol. Penig, a 
spese di F. Dienevumn e comp. 1804. 4**. (N.) 

** Bella edizione gindicata correttissfma, pubblicata per cnra 
del professors Femmo. V editore ha segiOto la lesiooe degli 

WVINA COMMEDIA, Italian, 1716-1822. 

Aocademicl rail* edizioae datane daUo Zatta nel 1757, confe- 
rendoU oon queUa del LoiubardL**~Colomb de Batiues, i. 

Scartazsini sajs that Fernow bad no part in the work. The 
muold copies of thU edition paAsed turoiiffh yarious hands 
and appealed at several later dates. Sucd a case the edi- 
tion catalogued beyond with the imprint **Bres]aTia, 1843" 
[no. 78] seems to be. 

Some bibliographies mention a 4th Tolame, but it is doubt- 
ftil if more tluui the three were ever published. Thirty-nine 
folio plates by Ilummel from FLazman's designs, illustrating 
the ^ilienio, were published with the work, but are wanting 
Indus copy. 

37. — La dirina commedia. Ilhistrata di note 
da Luioi FoRTiRBLLi. 8 Tol. MUano, ddUa 
socUtd iipog. d^ dassici ikUicmi. 1804-05. 
8<*. Pdri.nndS plates. Dn.a8u|(BPL.*48oz.x) 

•*Vtt»"brG. Tlraboschi. 1. xxrH-lxvli. The notes are 
drawn mostly ftt>m Lombard! and Jacopo deQa Lana. — See 
Colomb de Batines, i. 125. 

fi9r1raU:^**Q. Benaf^ dis. ed inc." Wanting in the 

38. — La dirina commedia. Con illnstrazioni 
\hy GiOTAinri Rosini]. 4 tom. in 2. Pisa, 
aalla iipog. aella society Utteraria. 1804-09. 
f. iporiTB. and SpUUes. 

Dn. 8.4.a (BPL. **Q, 10.50) 

3S0 copies. The BFL. copy is one of 20 on yellum pttoet. 

YoL ir. contains "Vita di Dante e gP Indici del Volpi, 
xistretti c rifi>rmatL*' flee Colomb de Batines, i. 126. 

i%>r«raite;— Dante. "StefsnoToflmelli deline5; Raflhello 
Horghen incise In Fxrenze"; — Card. Despulg (to whom 
the work Is dedicated) , ** TolhneUi deL ; Fetr. Bettelini sculp. 

JPIa£e§ : — Two by Bettelini, one by Lapi, *' Baff. Moivhen 
diresse." These are not found in all copies and did not 
orig±aally belong to the HCL. copy. They were presented to 
theiibivy by Baron Ferd. botta. 

— The same. Vol. i.-iii. 1804. f». 2 
portrs. Dn. 8.4 

39. — La divina commedia copiata dalla edi- 

zione romana del P. Lombabdi. S' aggiungono 

le vane lezioni, le dicMarazioni necessarie, e la 

vita dell' antore nuovamente compendiata da 

C. L. Fbrkow. 8 tom. Jena, presso Fed, 

Frommann. 1807. 12^. (Raccolta di antori 

claaaici itaUani. Poeti, 1-8.) Dn. 38.7 

Considered the best of the earlier German editions. See 
Colomb de Batines, i. lao. 

40. — La divina commedia, giil ridotta a miglior 
iezione dagli Accademici della Cru«ca, ed ora 
accnratamente emendata, ed accresciuta di ra- 
rie lezioni, tratte da nn anticliissimo codice. 
nCdited by Gaetaho Poooiali.] 4 tom. in 2. 
liTomo, presso Taw%maso Mast e comp* eo* iipi 
hodowiawi. 1807-18. 8<l Port, taid plate. 

Dn. 28.7.2 (BPL. *28oo.2o) 

CkmienU: — I., 11. Dirina oommedla. — iii., ir. Vita dl 
Dvite scritta da Leonardo Aretino. Annotaxioni. 

J^ffimU : — '• Stefimo Tofknelli delin. — BaffiwUo Hor- 
ghen inc." 

41. — La divina commedia. 8 toI. Milano, 
Mussi. 1808-09. 32?. (T.) 

42. — La dirina commedia, edizione formata 
sopra qnella di Comino del 1727, con indici 
liccliiMimi compOBti da G. A. Yolpi. 2 vol. 
Yenezia, VUtarOU. 1811. 161 (CoUezione 
d' alconi classici italiani.) (T.) 

VoL L contains the text, rol. ii. the Indices. 

43* — La dirina commedia, col comento del 
P. PoxpEO Yenturi, edizione conforme al 
testo cominiano del 1727. 3 rol. Firenze, 
IfUeold Carli. 1818. 12* (T.) 

VoL L contains Ventori's prefiu:e to the first edition which 
eontiined his romnifint, Lncca, 1792, and Aretino'i Lile of 

— La divina commedia corretta, spiegata e 
dlfesa dal P. Bald ass arre Lombardi nel 1791. 
Riscontrata ora eopra preziosi codici, nucfva- 
mente emendata di molte altre vaghe alhnota- 
zioni [by Fxlippo de Romanis]. ^ Tom. i.-lii. ; 
— Le principal! cose appartenenti alia Divina 
commedia, cioe il Rimario, la Yisione di Al- 
berico, la vita del poeta, etc. [iv.] 4 tom. 
Roma, nella stamperia de Eomanis. 1815-17. 
4''. Fort, and 3 pUUei. 

Dn. X8.15 (T. BPL.*28oz.x) 

For the sources which De Bomanis consulted and the con- 
tents of vol. ir., see Ck)lomb de Batines, L 137. 

J^ntraU .'—"BAf. Sanzio dip. L. Durantini dis. Ang. 
. Testa inc.'* ** D ritratto h copla fedele di quello che si 8m> 
mira nello stnpendo afresco del Yaticano conosciuto sotto il 
nome di Disputa del Sacramento." 


45. — La divina commedia con tavole in rame. 
[Edited by A. Renzi, G. Marini, and G. 
Mczzi.l 4 tom. Firenze, ndla iipog. aW tti- 
segna ddC Ancora. 1817-19. fl Portrs. and 
125 plates. Dn. 8.17 

Yol. ir. contains:— Ytta di Dante AUsfaieri ncrltta da 
Lionardo Aretino. — Brere trattato sopra la forma, posizione. 
e misura delP inferno. [Gk del Bosso.j[^-^ Discorso mtonw al 
canto ir. dell' Inferno di Dante. G. F. G. Napione (U Coc- 
conato. — AUegoria della Dirina commedia [del Marchetti]. 
— Annotaziom [drawn from many anciei&t coounentaton]. 

Portrait : — MedalUod rignette on the title-pages of tom. 

PtaU9 : —Those of the Inferno (44) and of the Purgatorio 
t40) were designed by Luigi Adomollo, those of the Fkradiso 
(41) by Nend. ' See Artand de Montor, ffUtoire de JkuUe, 
p. 509, note, for a discussion of their merit. 

46. — La divina commedia col comento di 
G. BiAoiou. 8 tom. Parigi, Dondey-Vupri. 
1818-19. 81 Dn. 28.18 

** Bella e nitida e corrcttissima edizione." Has been often 
reprinted. Colomb de Birfines (L 143) mentions a portrait of 
Dante, but none appears. 

47. — La divina commedia, col comento di 
G. BiAGiOLi. 8 vol. Milano, Silaestri. 1819. 
8». (T.) 

A reprint of the edition with Biagioli's comment of the 
preceding year. 

— See no. 284. L' inferno tradotto in versi 
eroici latini dal dottore Aktonxo Catellacci. 
Itai. and Lat. 1819. 

48. — La divina commedia di mano del Boc- 
caccio. [Published by Luioi Fantoici.] Ro- 
veta, negli Occhi Santi di Bice. 1820. 1. 81 
Front. stXiA fae-sim. Dn. 28.20 (BPL. 2803.1) 

" £< copia del codice della Yadcana, no. S199." 
Portrait : — " II ritratto fti inciso sopr* nn disegno originals 
ed inedito di Gius. Bossi, che si oonserra dal marchese Tri- 
rulzio." — Colomb do Batines, i. 148. The frontispiece has 
also portraits of Boccaccio and Petrarch. 

49. — Another copy of the same edition, In- 
ferno only, printed hi yellow ink on dark pur- 
ple paper. Dn. 28.20.2 

50. — La divina commedia. Nuova ed. 8 vol. 
Parigi, G. P. Aillaud. 1822. 82«'. Port. 

Dn. 28.22 

FiDTtraU : — " C. Knight sculpt" 

5Z. — La divina commedia col comento del 
P. BALDA88ABRB LoHBABDi, ora nuovamcnte 
arricchito di molte illustrazioni edite ed in- 
edite. Vol. i.-iii. ; — II riraario della Divina 
commedia, V indice delle voci, e qnello de' 
nomi proprj e delle cose notabili. Yol. iv. ; — 
La biografla di Dante. Yarie illastrasioni della 
Divina commedia, ed U catalogo delle edi£ioni« 



Vol. V. [Edited by G. Campi, F. Federici 
and G. Maffei.] 5 vol. Padova, dcdla tipog. 
delta Minerva, 1822. 8"*. Port, and 8 plates. 

Dn. a8.2a«2 (BPL. *48oo.5) 

** Bdizione con note di Tari, la migliora di tutto le modeme 
ediziool della Diyina conunedia." — Colomb de Batincs, L 

Portrait (in vol. r.) : — No indication given of engn*aTcr or 
designer. It is apparently foanded on the death-mask, and is 
reproduced in Foscoio's edition, 1842-43, where it is siirned 
** II. Robinson,*' also Romewhat smaller in BorgJii's edition, 
18M. The lithograph in Martini's edition of 1840 is eyidently 
founded on it, as well as tlic head in Buttnra's Quattro poeti 
italianU 1845, and the portrait in Kok's Dutch translation, 
1803-64, which is much re<luecd, of inferior execution, and 
signed *' D. J. Sluyter." Paur says of it **Das ganze bietet 
raehr den anblick eines mnntercn, etwas weibischcn mOncbes, 
als des strengen weltverilcbters Dante." 

52. — La divina conimedia. 
presso C, Corrail^ a sjpese 
1823, '22. 48*. Port, 

2 vol. Londra, 

di O, Pickering. 


Minute edition in microscopic type. 
Portrait ; — " B. Morghen dt. B. Grave so." 

53. — Opere poetiche con note di diversi per 
diligenza e studio di Antonio Buttura. 2 torn. 
Parigi, presso Lefivre. 1823. 8*. Port. (I 
quattro poeti italiani.) (N. T. BPL.*42o8.6) 

i. Poesie lirlchd. — Inferno, li. Purgratorio. — Faradlso. 
" Vita, scritta dal cav. (i. TiraboechL" i. 1-^7. 
PortraU ; — " H. C. MttUcr sc" 

54. — La divina commedia, giusta la lezione 
del codlce bartoliniano. [Edited by the abate 
QuiRico ViviANi.] 3 vol. in 4. Udine,^«/ra- 
telli Maitiuzzi. 1823-28. 8*'. Plate and foe- 
sim, (N. BPL. 2802.13) 

Oontent9 (partial) : — i. Tavola de' testi consnltati per la 
presente edizioue. Dell' inferno. — ii. Del purgatorio. Del 

faradiso. — iii. 1. Bagionamento eopra Dante, di F. Torti. 
1 secolo di Dante : coraeuto storico, di F. Arrivabene. — 
iil. 2. IMzionario etimologico della Divina commedia. In- 
dici. Suplimento alia tavola nel i. vol. 

7Ya<«; — " Dante alia grotta di Tohnino. G. Derif dis. 
Aliprandl inc. Miliara dircsse." 

— See no. 195. L*enf er, par J. C. Tarter. 
Ital, and French, 1824. 

55. -* Bellezze della Commedia di Dante Ali- 
ghieii. Dialoghi d*ANTONio Cesari [including 
the complete text]. 3 vol. Verona, tip, di 
Paolo Lihanti. 1824-2G. 8<'. 

See CdMfi, A. Bellezze, etc 38.X37 (BPL. a<oz.8) 

56. — La commedia illustrata da Uoo Foscolo. 
Tom. i. Londra. Ougl, Pickering. 1825. 8**. 

Dn. Z30.1 

Cbnfenif .'^Discorso sol testo e sn le oplnioni diverse 
prevalcnti intomo alia storia e alia emendazione critica della 
Uommcdia dl Dante. 

No more published. Foscolo died in 1827, and the work 
was taken up again some years later by Mazztni, and com> 
pleted. See his edition of 1842-43 [no. 76] . 

57. -^ La divina commedia. 8 toI. Milano, 
per Nicolb Bettoni, 1825. 8^. Fronts, Dn. 28.25 

" Le note In pi& di pagina son compendiate dai piCi celebri 
comcnti, meno alcune incdite del Monti, del conte Pertioari 
e della contcMa rooglie di lui." — Colomb de Batines, 1. 161. 

The portrait of Dante by Bosai is wanting. 

58. — La dlTina commedia, con breyi e chiare 
note [by Paolo Costa. With illustrations by 
6. G. Machiavelli.] 3 vol. Bologna, Oam- 
herini e Parmeggiani. 1826. 4**. (T.) 

Oontentt : — Vol. i. contains (beside the text of ^e Inferno 
and notes by Costa and others) "Vita di Dante di Paolo 
Coffta ; DiscorM) del conte Gio. Marchettl intomo alia prima 
e principalp allecoria del pooma di Dante; Drscrizione del 
Infenio." Vol. iL contains the Purgatorio and notes preceded 

by a ** Dcscrizione del Puiigatorio,'* and followed by a " Dis- 
corso di Paolo Costa nel quale si dichiarano due laoghicootro- 
versi della Div. com." Vol. iii. oontains the Paradiao aAd 
notes, and a '* Descrizione del paradiso." 

(tozzi's Aigomenti are printed at tlic head of e»ch canto. 

MochiaveUi^s illustrations were designed in Itome in 1806 
and 1807, and first published in the Bologna edition of 181^21, 
of which the present edition is a reprint with some few 

59. — La divina commedia con comento ana- 
litico di Gabrielb Rossetti. Vol. i., ii. Lon- 
drtLy John Murray, 1826-27. 8®. Diagrs. (N.) 

Content* : — i., ii. L' inferno. No more was pnblished. 

«*Vitadi Dante." i. xix-xl. 

" Dlsamlna del sistcma allegorico della Divina ccMumedia." 
i. 831-405, ii. 849-556. 

"Nozioni storiche intomo all' imperadore Arrigo di Lns- 
semborgo." ii. zvii-xlvii. 

60. — La divina commedia con nuovi argomenti 
e note [del canonico Bokghi]. 8 toI. Firenze, 
P, Borghi e comp, 1827. ST, Port, (Col- 
lezione portatile di classici italiani, xix.-xxi.) 

Dn. 28.27 

Portrait: — " E. Cateni dis. Laslnio flgUo inc." Is evi- 
dently founded on Morghen's portrait^ very mnch reduced, 
and inferior. 

6z. — L' ottimo commento della Dirina com- 
media; testo inedlto d* un contemporaneo di 
Dante citato dagli Accademici della Cnuca. 
[Edited with the text by Alessandso Torri.] 
8tom. Visa,, Nic. Capurro. 1827-89. 8*. Port. 
and plates, Dn. 28.27.2 (T. BPL. 2802.21) 

Portrait : —'* Stefano Tofknelli delhu Rafikello Morglien 
Inc." Reduced from the large plate in the editions of 1705 
and 1804. Also an outline engraving of the Florentine flnesco 
wrongly attributed to Orgagna, representing Dante standing. 

62. — La divina commedia: publicata da A. 
BuTTURA. 8 torn. Parigi, presso Aimi-Andrl, 
1829. 82^. Port, and 8 plates, (Biblioteca 
poeticaitaliana, i.-iii.) 

Dn. 26.29 (BPL. 6779a. 15) 

" Bistampa dell' edizione parigina del 1820." » Colomb de 
Batines, L 171. 

Por^a<l : — " Pamela Dautel sc." A copy of -Morghen's 
engraving reversed. 

63. — La diyina commedia, postillata da ToR- 
QUATo Tasso. 8 toui. Pisa, \Capurro'] eo* car 
ratteridiF.ZHdot. 1880. 4''. Portrs, Dn. 28.30 

*' Postille cavate dai maroini dl tre edizioni, per onra del- 
I'ab. Bezzi, e pnbblicate coU' Intero testo dl Dante dal prov. 
Gio. Rosini." — Lord Vernon, Serie cronologica^ no. 236. 

PortraU : — (Dante) A very close copy of tlie TofiwelU- 
Morghen portrait as It appeared in the coitions of 1705 and 

64. — La diyina commedia con note di Paolo 
Costa, da lui per questa edizione nuoramente 
riviste ed emendate. Firenze, tipog, air in- 
segna di Dante, 1830. 24°. Front, and vign, 

Dn. 28.30.2 

With an engraved title-page. *' Con questa edizione, fiitta 
Intieramente su quella Intrapresa nel 1827 in Milano da A. 
Bonfanti si pubblicarono nuove note dql Costa, del Blonde e 
del Betti." — Colomb de Batines, i. 173. . 

65. — La dirina commedia col comento del P. 
Baldassarre Lombardi. Vol. i.-iil. ; — Prose, 
rimario, indice. Vol. iv. ; — Rime di Dante, 
precedute dalla sua biografla. Vol. v. ; — Le 
cgloghe latine, i trattati del Volgar eloquio e 
della Monarchia e le epistole. Vol. tI. 6 Tol. 
Firenze, Leonardo CHardetti, 1880-41. 8*. 
Port, and 8 plates, 

(i.-lii.) Dn. 28.30.3; (iv.-tI.) Dn. 28.30.4 
(T. BPL. ♦280X.6; ♦4196.6) 

DIVINA COMMEDIA, Italian, 1822-1842. 

— The same. Vol. vi. Pirenze. 1841. 
8**. Dn. 28.30.5 

Tol. ir.-Ti. have also the half-HUe "Opere minori di 
Dante, etc." This edition w *<> aI^o published with 112 illus- 
tratioiis fh>m designs by f laxmaa. 

'* H testo h copiato dall* eULZione padovana del *22 [no.^z]. 
Si araiuoaero per altro alcune vanante tratto dall' edizioue 
d* UdSiie, 1823 [no. 54]." — Colomb de Batines, i. 175. 

PortrxtU: — with no indication of engrarer; a poor copy 
of Margben's portrait, rerersed. 

66. — La diyina commedla, con note dl Paolo 
Costa. 8 vol. Napoli, deUa tipog. del Petrarca. 
1836, '35. 241 Dn. 28.36 

•«Vita." i. vii.-xxxTliL 

67. — La dirina commedia, con note di Paolo 
Costa, edizione esegoitn sail' ultima fiorentina, 
dal commentatore medesimo rivista ed emen- 
data. [With an appendix.] Monza, tipog. 
Corbetia. 1837. 1.81 Fori, 38.46 

" Vita di Bante Alighieri." pp. t.-xtI. 

68. — La divina coramedia ridotta a miglior 
lezione coir aiuto di van testi a penna da 
6. B. NiccoLiNi, GiNO Capponi, G. Borohi, e 
Frdttuoso Becohi. 2 vol. Firenze, Felice 
Le Monnier e comp, 1837. 1. 81 Fort, 

(N. T. BPL. 2801.3) 

Vol. ii. Frefiudone e awertlmenti di Fmttuoso Beochi. — 
ATTCTtimenti sol testo della Divioa oommedia. 
JHnir€Ut : — '* Del Bene dia. P. Vlviani inc." 

69. — La commedia col comento di N. Tom- 

MASEO. [PabblicatadaG. Bernardini.] 8 vol. 

Venezia, co* iipi del gondoliere. 1837. 81 

Vign. (BPL. 2800.1) 

** Xitadissima edizicme. Ha rlcchczza di citazioni che mw- 
trano i fonti a* qaali ebbe ricorso il poeta, e che sono spezial- 
mente li^ Blbbia, Aristotile, Virgilio, S. Tomduwo." — Gamba, 
SerU dei teati di lingua, p. 133. 

70. — La divina commedia col comento del 
P.^BoxA VENTURA [Baldassare] Lombardi, con 
le illastrazioni aggiuntevi dag(i editori di Pa- 
dova nel 1822 e con un' appendice novella- 
mente compilata per qnesta ristampa. [With 
**Le rime di Francesco. Petrarca," etc. 1839. 
pp. 741-927.] Firenze, 2>afrui Pawt^/t. 1838. 
1. 81 « 4 plates. Dn. 28.38 

Also with an engraved title-page to each division— Dante» 
and Petrarch. 

71. — Lo inferno della commedia col comento 

dl Guiniforto dblli Baroigi tratto da due 

manoscritti inediti del secolo decimo quinto 

con introduzione e note deir avvo. o. Zache- 

roni. Marsilia, etc.. Mossy. 1838. 1. 81 

Front, i plates^ and vign. (N.) 

But few copies were printed. This copy does not contain 
the Dedication and Introduction spoken of in Colomb de 
Batines, 1. 187. 

7a. — La divina commedia col comento del P. 
PoMPEO Veitturi ; nuova ed. a. miglior lezione 
ridotta ed arricchita d* inedite postille del dottor 
GiovANKi Lami e di P. J. Fraticelli. 3 torn. 
Firenze, O. Molini. 1839. 241 Fort, and 
plates. Dn. 28.39 

" Delia prima e prinripale allegoria del poema. Discorso 
dl P. FraticeUl." 1. x.-xl. 

" Preikzione del P. P. Ventnri all' edizione di Lucca del 
1732." i.1-6. 

" Vita di Dante scritta da L. Aretino." i. 7-24. 

This edition is not mentioned by Colomb de Batines or by 
Lord Vernon. It is a reprint, with nliglit changes, of that 
published by Formigli iii 1837. It reproduces Venturi's 
y>mment, first published in 1732, treed from the many inac- 
curacies which l|ad disfigured It in earlier editions. Sec 
Colomb de Batines, i. 181. 

Portrait : — The engraver's name and the source of the 
engraving arc not given, but it is an unmistakable copy of the 
profile on a modal dv Ant. Fabris produced in 1829, and en> 
graved in Missirini's I>elle memorie di Dantt in Firtnue 
[Dn. 535.3]. 

73. — La divina commedia dichiarata secondo 1 

principii della filosofla per Lorenzo Martini. 

3 vol. in 1. Torino, Giacinto Marietii. 1840. 

81 FoH, Dn. 28.40, 

Portrait : — A lithograph, apparently copied from the 
anonymous portrait in the Paduan edition of 1822. 

74. — La divina commedia con le note di Paolo 
Costa, e gli argomenti deir ab. G. Borghi ; ed 
una vita appositamente scritta dal prof. Mel- 
chior Missirini. 1* ed. originale italiana ese- 
guita sotto la direzione dei si^. G. B. Nicco- 
LINI [Nicolini] e G. Bezzuoli. [Riveduto e 
ricorretto da P. J. Fraticelli.] 3 vol. Firenze, 
Fabris. 1840-42. 1. 81 Fort, and 600 vigns. 

(BPL. 2801.5) 

Contents : — i. Della prima e prindpale allegoria del poema 
di Dante, discorso di P. Fraticelli. jL* inferno. —ii. 11 pur- 
gatorio. — ill. II paradiso. Cronologia di awenimenti con- 
nessi alia vita aDa commedia di Dante, etc., scritta da Ugo 

The life \fy Missirini, regarded by Colomb de Batines 
(1. 190) as vol. i. was published separately without volume 
number (BPL. ateazx). 

The text follows Lombardi's edition of 1791. The illustra- 
tions, which were partly copied from the works of Flaxman, 
PiueUi, Ademollo, etc., were designed and engrav^ by 
Fabris, Balestrieri, Eiisa Mariani and others. 

75. — La divina commedia, col comento del 
P. PoMPEo Vbntdri, con postille d* altri e la 
vita deir autore scritta da L. Aretino. Edizione 
arricchita per opera di A. Ronna. Parigi, 
Truchy. 184L 121 (T.) 

— See no. 215. Die gottliche komodle. 
Von August Kopisch. ItcU. and Germ. 1842. 

76. — La commedia illustrata da Ugo Fosgolo. 
[Edited by " Un Italiano,*' i. e. Giuseppe Maz- 
zini.] 4 tom. JxiXidrsLy Pietro Rolandi. 1842- 
43. 81 3 portrs, , 6 plates, and fae^sim. 

Dn. 28.42 

Content*: — i. Discorso sul testo e su le opinionl direrse 
prevalenti intomo alia storia e alia emendazione critica dell* 
Commedia. 1842. 

ii. lufcrno. 1842. 

iii. Purgatorio. Paradiso. 1843. 

It. Cronolo^a di awenimenti connessi alia vita, e all* 
Comme<iia di Dante. Notizie e parcri dirersi intomo a forse 
duecento codici e alia serie dclle edizioni della Commedia. 
Indice dc' Tocaboli, nomi, awenimend storici e allusioni 
riferiti con dichiarazionl a* versi del testo. 

Vol. i. was published in 182.5 by Pickering in London, but 
the edition was not continued, and Foscolo died in 1827. 
This is published according to his intentions and from mate- 
rial collected by him. 

/^r<rai7«;— Dante. "Ritratto all etJi di 25 annl, di- 
pinto da Giotto verso il 1290 nella oappeUa del Podestk a Fi- 
renze, scoperto il 21 luglio 1840. Seymour Khrkup dissegn6.** 
— Dants. " U. Robinson." " In etk ormai avanzata, copi- 
ato su que' chd si riguarduio come fc^plii autentici, ed inciso 
in acciaio." It seems to be a copy of the anonymous portrait 
in the Paduan edition of 1822. — Foscolo. **H. Robinson 

See Colomb de Batines, i. 162, ld3. 

— Another copy. Dn. 28^(2.2 
Mar^s narrower and plates wanting. 

77. — L' inferno secondo il testo del P. Bal- 
dassarre Lombardi disposto in ordine grammati- 
cal e e corredato di brevi dichiarazionl per 
uso degli stranieri da Lord Vernon. [Cant, 
i.-vii.] Firenze, Piatti. 1842. 81 Fort., 
diagr., and ^enea/. ta^le. Dn. 28.42.3 

"Opinione del Balbo rispetto ai lavori sopra Dante.*' 
x.-xiu.~*' Vit* di Dante estratto dal Boccaccio." xxviL- 



Ixxn. — "Ongine dei gfuelfi e ghibellini in Flrenzfe dal lib. 
ii. UcUe •torie del Machiavelli." Ixvii.-lxxxl. — •• Origfne 
dpild fazioni bianca e nem in Toscana." Izxxii.-xci. — '* A)- 
bero della januglia di Dante." 2 sheets. — " Cronologia 
della vita di Dante." xciil.-xcvi. — " Arvenimenti precedent! 

c contemporanei." xcvii.-civ "Imperatori re di Ger- 

mania e re de* romani." cv.-cvii. — «* Papl." cviU.-cix.— 
** Descrizione dell* Inferno sccondo Dante, cayata dall' edi- 
zione del Zotti." oxi.-cxx. — " Misura dell' inferno se- 
condo Alessandro Vellutello." cxxi. 
PortraU : — Ritratto dipinto da Giotto, scoperto il 21. lugUo 
Kirkup disegn6. Cav. Paolo Lasinio inc." 

1840. Soymonr 

78. •— Ia dirina commedia. Breslayia, a spese 
di 8. Sckletter. 1843. B^ Dn. 28.43 

Each cantira has a separate pafinnation. Cant. ii. has a 
title-page with the imprint "Penig, 1^04." The whole is 
probaI)]y identical with the 8* edition of 1804, with a simple 
change of Utle-page. 

79. — La dlvina commedia con nuovi argo- 
menti e note di 6. Borghi. Farigi, Baudry, 
1844. 12°. Port. 2jid. plcUe. Dn. 28.44 

" Vit*, scritta dair abate P. A. Berassi." pp. i.-iv. 
PortraU : — A «op7 of the anonymous portrut in the 
Poduan edition of 1822. 

80. — La diy ina commedia col comento di Pa.olo 
Costa notabilmente accresciuto. Premeasovi 
alcuni cenni intomo alia vita e alle opere del 
poeta tratti dalla Storia letteraria del prof. Giu- 
leppe Mafiei. [Edited by B. Bianchi.] Fi- 
renze, Felice Le Monnier, 1844. 12°. FrorU* 

Dn. 28.44.2 

8z. — I qnattro poeti italiani con prefazioni e 
eommenti da Paolo Emiliavi-Giudici. Ei- 
tetize, Bocieta ediirice fiorentina, 1845. 8°. 

(BPL. 279Z.ZZ) 
** La divina commedia." pp. 71-305. 

82. — I quattro poeti italiani, Dante, Petrarca, 
Ariosto, Tasso. Edizione fatta 8U quella di 
A. Buttura [pubblicata da Antonio Ronna]. 
Parigj, Baudry, 1846. 12*. Portrs, (Par- 
naao italiano.) (BPL. 4779.64) 

** La dirina commedia." pp. 1-188. 

Portraits : — A* group of the four poets. Dantc'8 head 
se^nns to be taken from the anonymous portrait in the Paduan 
edition of 1822. 

83. — Inferno in Tersi e in prosa. [Edited, with 
Gozzi*8 Argomenti, by Carpanetti.] Firenze, 
Felice Le Monnier. 1847. 12''. Dn. 28.47 

The prose is given at the foot of the page. 

— See no. 138. Divine comedy : the In- 
ferno. By J. A. Casltle. ItcU, and Eng. 

84. — La divina commedia. Venezia, (?. TVimo. 
1862. 241 (BPL. 6i09a.57) 

85. — La commedia novamente riveduta nel 

testo, e dichiarata da Brunone Bianchi. 4* ed. ,- 

corredata del Kimario. Ed. stereotipa. Fi- 

renze, Felice Le Monnier. 1854. sm. 8®. 

Dn. 28.54 
" Vita di Dante " by L. Bruni Aretino. 

86. — Commedia con ragionamenti e note di 
KiccoiiD ToMMA8£o. Milano, per Giuseppe 
Rejna. 1854. 1.8°. (N.) 

Biographical and historical introductory essajs, pp. 13-60. 

— See no. 187. La divine com6die. Par 
J. A. Mesnard. Ital. and French. 1854-57. 

87. — La divina commedia col comento di 
G. BiAGiOLi. 4* ed. con rami e coU' indice de' | 


noml e delle cose notabili per cura dei sac. 

B. G. 8 vol. Napoli, A. Festa, etc. 1855. 

12» 26 plaiei. (BPL. 2809.8) 

The 1st ed. was published in 1818. 

The plates are taken from Flaxman's designs. 

— See no. 185. La. divine com^die. Par 
II. F. R. DB LAMENNAia. ItoX. and French, 

88. — Commento latino [of BEirvBiruTO da 
Imola, translated into Italian, with the text of 
the Divina commedia]. Imola, tipog. OaleeUi, 
1865-56. 8**. 

See Rambaldi, da Imola, B. Commento latino, etc. 

(N. BPL. 3803.14) 

89. — La commedia, interpretata da Fraxcssoo 
Greoorbtti. Venezia, Fietro NareUovick. 
1856. 8m. 8". (BPL. 4800.20) 

— See nos. 190-192. pLa divine com6die.] 
Par Louis Ratisbonke. licU. and French, 

90. — La divina commedia, lUustrata dal conte 
Francesco Trissino col testo originale a ris- 
contro ad utiliti e comodo degli studiosi della 
sublime poesia. 3 vol. Viccnza, tipog^ Pa- 
roni. 1857-58. 8*. Dn. 28.57 

« Esegaita prccisamente sopra qnella florcntina di David 
Fftsiiigli deli' anno 1838." 

The text is {dven on the left and a running paraphrase and 
comment on the right. 

*' fc il roifrUor lavoro di questo gcnere, condotto con chla- 

?zz» e >-aglie2za di lingua/* — Carpelliui, p. 6. 

"Idea del pocma di Dante." iii. 635-640. "Idea possi. 
bilmcnte precisa del Inogo nel quale in ciascuna delle tre 
eanticho s' iucomincia e 9\ compie partitainente tutta 
1' azione*' [from Galileo and Lombard!] iii. 641-6.U. 

*< Indice di tutti i luoghi visitati da Teodoro Hell nel suo 
viagipio." iii. 656-657. 

'* Indice dei nomi proprj e delle cose notabili contenate 
nelle tre canticlie." iii. d58-<»9. 

gx« — liC prime quattro edizioni della Divina 

commedia letteralmente ristampate per cura di 

G. G. Warren, Lord Vernon. Londra, Tom- 

maso e Guglielmo Boone. 1858. f*. Fac 

sims. (N. BPL. ♦2800.4) 

The four edition^) are those of Foligno, 1472, Jesi, 1472. 
Mantua, 1472, and Naples, 1474. The four texts are printed 
in the four quartern of each paffe. The worlc was edited, 
with a preikcc, by Sir Anthony Panizzi. 

ga. — L* inferno disposto in ordine g^ammati- 
cale e corredato di brevi dichiarazioni da G. G. 
Warren, Lord Vernon. 3 vol. Londra, Tom- 
maso e Guglielmo Boone. 1858-65. f. Maps^ 
plates, fac-sim. J wdcts.., etc. Dn. 8.58 

Vol. i. " contains the text of the * Inferno * with a gram- 
matical orefo, brief explanations of words, per»onii, and 
places, and a series of extremely useful analytical tables of 
the alleffory as expounded by commentators ancient and 
modem." Also, a "serie crouologica delle edizioni della 
Div. com. flno al 1850." 

Vol. ii. Doi*umenti. 1862. " In the second volume will 
be found brought together not a few wririnjgv, documents, 
and tracts, which illustrate the biography ancT circumstances 
of the Poet, the liistory of hif time, and of the personages 
mentioned in the cantica. The neater part of these writings 
are the productions of rariouft Italian lettcrati, who, from 
the friendship they profess for me, and at my request, have 
kindly fUmished me with these works for the embellishment 
of ray own." 

Vol. iii. Album. 1865. 112 plates. Engravinn repre- 
sentinf? " portraits, paintinf^, plans, and above all, nistoncal 
inonumont« ; they illastrate the history of the 14th cent., the 
biography of Dante, and the particulars of his poem." 

BortraiU : — Frontispiece, (photog.) *• Drawn from the 
original (by Giotto) by Seymour Kirkup, the first promoter 
of the discovery, and traced on the fresco in the palace of 
the Podestk in Florence before the painting was retouched." 
— Plate ii. The same, engraved by Laainio. — Plate iii. 

DIVINA COMMEDIA, Italiax, 1843-1865. 


The 8Mn«, bead only. ^- Plate vi. ** Maschera dl Dante,*' 
front and profile, drawn by Klrkup, cnarrared bj I-Asinio. — 
Plate ix. " Ba«9o riliero aul sepolcro m Dante a Rarenna.'* 
Drawn by Kirkup, engraved by Laninio. 
See Barlow*s (M th€ Vernon Dante. 

93- — . Commento di Francesco da Buti [with 
the text of the l>ivina conunedial. Pisa, /ra- 
telli Kistri, 1858-62. 8» 

See Boil, F. de B. da. CcMnmento, etc, 

Dn. 28.58 (BPL. *4795.x) 

94. — La divina commedia su* comenti di Bru- 
voirs BiANCHi nnoYamente itlustrata ed esposta 
e renduta in facile prosa per Giovanni Castro- 
GIOVANNI. Palermo, ojicio tipog. lo Bianco, 
1858 [1861]. 1. %"*, Dn. 28.58.2 


Cenni intorao aHa vita ed alle opere di Danto Alighieri 
eetratti dal MaflTei e da altri Rorittori.*' pp. vii.-x. 
*< L' edlzione h poco corretta." — Carpellini» p. 8. 

95. — La divina commedia col comento di 
PiETRO Fraticelli. Nuova ed. con giunte e 
correzioni, arricchita de' cenni storici (ntomo al 
poeta, del rimario [e] d' ua indice. 1 vol. in 3. 
Firenze, G. Barhh-a, 1860. 8^1 Port, and 
^plates. (Raccolta dantesca. 1.) (N.) 

" Cenni storici intomoia rite di Dante Alighieri." iz.- 

" Delia prima e principale allegoria del poema di Dante.'* 

*' Rimario della Dirina commedia." pp. 112. 

Portraii : — *' Ritratto dall' amico euo Giotto nella cap- 
peUa del Fotestk in Firenze, discoperto 1* anno 1841." 

— See DOS. 176-180. [La divine com6- 
die] avec les dessins de Gustave Dor^. Tra- 
duction de P. A. FiORENTiNO. ItaL and French, 

— See no. 189. Le purgatoire. Par A. F. 
OzANAM. Hal, and French, 1862. 

96. — La divina commedia ricorretta sopra 
qnattro del piu autorevoli tcsti a penna da 
Carlo Wittb. Berlino, Ridolfo Decker. 1862. 
4''. Photograph, Dn. 28.62 (BPL. *4790.39) 

Hie variotu readings of the mantuioriptA and editions oon< 
miHed are printed on tbe margine of each page. The In- 
troditPtion is a thorough critical essay of the text of the D. C ; 
its history, the anthority ot jibs, and printed texts &c. &c. 
Witle's wide and exact scholarship, and his excellent taste 
and judgment are apparent throughout. Ills woric cannot be 
sonerseoed. — C. £. K. 

rated on the first flyleaf ts a photograph of a bust of 
Dante taken from the death-mask. 

97. — 1a divina commedia. Edizione minore 
fatta sul testo dell' edizione critica di Carlo 
Wittb. Berlino, Ridolfo Decker, 1862. 8*. 

Pn. 28.62.2 

98. — La divina commedia, all' intelligenza di 
tiitti. Studio d' un solitario [P. I. Lambri 
di LoNoiANo]. 2«ed. 2 vol. (paged contin.) 
Firenze, tipog, Fiorctti, 1862. sm. 8**. Port, 

Dn. 28.62.3 

." Ha ima stampa in legno inrisa dal Goszinl. £ il ritratto 
di Dante preso da qaello che il Bronzino [Alessandro Allori] 
dipinse nella Capjoella dei Montauto alia 68. Nunziata, 
ricavato da esso daUa maschera di Diuite." — CarpoUini, p. 0. 

With introductory discourses, and a ** Repertorio al&betico 
d)e somministra le cognizioni d* ofnii maniera opportune 
■U' intelligenza della D. C," pp. 731-890. 

99. — La divina commedia esposta in prosa dal 
conte Francesco Trissino col testo a riscon- 
tro. 2* ed. dalP espositore riveduta e corre- 
data di note sue e d* altri. 8 vol. Milanoi 
Gaeiano Schiepatii. 1864. 8*". Port. 

(BPL. 2S00.5} 

Vol. I. has slso a chromo-lithographed title-page. 

Vol. i. contains " Vita di Daute scritta da Paolo Costa," 
and " Idea del poema di Dante." 

Portrait (colored) :^ Full-length, seated; a wretched pro- 

100. — Commento su la Divina commedia pel 
prof. A. G. Dfc Marzo [with the text] . Firenze, 
Grazzinit Giannini e c. 1864-82. 4°. 

See Mano, A. G. de. Commento, etc. Dn. 18.64 


loz. — La divina commedia secondo la lezione 
di Carlo Witte. Prima ed. italiana adorna di 
cento incisioni antiche. 3 vol. in 1. Milano, 
G.Daelliec. 1864-66, '64. 16*. Fronts, and 
vfdcts. (BiBLioTECA rara, xli.-xliii.) 
Dn. 28.64 (BPL. 2799.53; vol. 41-43 of 

The title-page of each vol. is illustrated, and the woodcuts 
are copied nx>m the edition of 1401 [no. 6j. 

102. — La divina comedia col commento cat- 
tolico di Luioi Bennassuti. 3 vol. Verona, 
stabilimenio Civelli, 1864-68. 8*, and atlas 
of 26 plates, (BPL. 4792.1) 

nCL. has Vol. i. Inferno. Dn. 38.64.3 

The text was edited by Bsrtolommeo 8orio. The plates in 

the BPL. copy have been collated and found to agree with 

the list given m Ferrazzi's JIfanuaU dantsscOi vol. 4, pp. 164. 

155; see also voL 2, pp. 490-192, 763. 

103. — II codice cassinese della Divina com- 
media, per la prima volta letteralmente roesso 
a stampa per cura dei monaci benedettini della 
badia di Monte Cassino. Monte Cassino. 
1865. fl 6 plates of fae-sims. and port. 

(N. BPL. ♦4800.14) 

Prolegomeno on the history of the manuscript, its palaeog- 
raphy, and the manner in which it has been edited, pp. iii.-lv. 
The various readings of nineteen other editions or manu- 
scripts are given at the foot of each page. 

Tlie manuHcript here published irdescribed by Colomb do 
Batines (ii. '221) ; sec alxo a letter from the abate Costanao, 
originally published in 1801, and reprinted in the editions of 
tlie Divina coramodia publiiihod in Rome, 1815 (iv. 17-107) 
and Padova, 1822 (v. 157-268). 

Portrait : — A photosraph of -« painting by Scipione Pnl* 
zone da Gaeta preserved at Monte Cassino. 

— See no. 146. The divine comedy. By 
John Dayman. Ital. and Eng. 1865. 

— See no. 148. The Inferno. By James 
Ford. ItcU, and Eng, 1865. 

104. — La divina commedia, ridotta a miglior 
lezione dagli Accademici della Crusca con le 
chiose di Vincenzo Gioberti. [Ed. da Bruto 
Fabricatore. Inferno c. i.-iv. 102.] Napoli, 
dallastamperiadelVaglio. 1865. 8°. pp. (4), 
24+- Dn. 28.65.2 

Z05. — Comedia di Dante degli Allagherii col 
commento di Jacopo di Giovanni dalla 
Lana, bologuese. In onore della citt4 di 
Bologna dopo studii e raffronti su codlci molti 
nel DC anno dalla nascita del divino poeta 
Luciano Scarabelli. Milano, Carlo Moretti. 
[1865.] r. (N.) 

Pte&ce on Jaropo dalla Lana and his comment, and on the 
proper form of Lana's name, and Dante's name, pp. v.-xlvi. 
— " Intomo al di.«pgno della Comedia ; lettera controversa di 
Dante a Cane dellii Scala," pp. xlv.-xlviii. — '* Al roimuento 
fatto da Jacopo de Zone di Fra Filippo dalla Lana alia Divina 
comedia; proemio dal codice laurenziano PI. xc. 115," pp. 
zlix.-l. Indexes to Lana's comment, pp. 505-516. 

The text is printed in blue ink down the middle of the page, 
with the comment on either side, above and below, in smaller 



zo6. — Commedia con ragionamenti e note di 
Niccol6 Tohxas£o. 3 vol. Milano, Fran- 
cesco Pagnoni, 1865. r*. Port, 2^<dLb^plaU8. 

Dn. 8.65 

The engravings are by Qurlo Barbieri, Felice de Maurizio, 
and Federico Faniffini. 

Portrait: — "Eseguito sopra Giotto, NpUo Florentine, e 
Pietro Lombardo dal diiitinto pittore Farufiini Federico." 

Z07. — La divina commedia, chiarita con note 
ad U80 della gioventa italiana ed illustrata da 
cento tavole di composiziono di Giovanni Flax- 
man. Vol. 1, fosc. i. ii. 2 fasc. Milano, an- 
tica ditta Pietro e Giuseppe VaUardi, 18G5. 
n Front, and 4 plates, Dn. 98.65 

OonterUs : — Inferno. Cantos i.-iv. 

Z08. — Oommento alia Divina Commedia d* ano- 
nimo fiorentino del secolo xiv. ora per la prima 
volta stampato a cnra di Pietro Fanfaki. 
[With the text.] 3 tom. Bologna, G, Ro- 
magnoli, 1866-74. 8°. (CoUezione di opere 
inedite o rare dei primi tre secoli della lingua, 
etc.) Dn. 28.66 (BPL. 47628.11) 

Z09. — Comedia col commento di Jacopo della 
Lana. NuovLssima ed. [da] Luciano Scara- 
BKLLi. 3 vol. Bologna, G, RomctgjioU, 1866. 
8^. (CoUezione di opere inedite o rare dei 
primi tre secoli della lingua, etc.) Dn. 28.66.2 

— See no. 139. Divine comedy : the In- 
ferno. By J. A. Casltle. 2d ed. licU. and 
£ng. 1867. 

zzo. — La divina commedia. Testo comune 
colle variazione dei codici publicati da Carlo 
WiTTB. 1* ed. americana. Boston, De Vries^ 
Ibarra ee. 1867. 8*». Port* (BPL. 48008.24) 

Portrait : — By Gustave Dor^. 

zzz. — Commedia con note di Greoorio di 
Siena. Inferno. Napoli, stabil. tipogr. Per- 
rotti, 1867-70. 8*. Diagrs. Dn. 28.67 

z 12. — Codice framraentario della Divina come- 
dia, di pertinenza della biblioteca dell* univer- 
sita di Bologna, edito secondo la sua ortografia 
per opera e cura di Luciano Scarabelli. Bo- 
logna, tipogr, regia Merlani. 1869. sm. t°, 
Fac-sim. Dn. 28.69 

«< Edizionc non venale di 300 csemplarL*' 

1x3. — La divina commedia. Arricchita con 
annotazioni e spiegata da Carlo di Reinhardt- 
STCETTNER. 2 fasc. in 1 vol. Lipsia, F, Flei- 
scher. 1869-70. 16**. (CoUezione di scrittori 
Italian!, i., ii.) Dn. 28.69.2 

Contents: — L* inferno. 
No more published. 

ZZ4. — Esemplare della Divina comedia donato 
da papa (Benedetto XIV.) Lambertini alio 
studio di Bologna, edito secondo la sua orto- 
grafia, illustrato dai confronti di altri xix. co- 
dici danteschi inediti, e f omito di note critiche 
da Luciano Scarabelli. 3 vol. Bologna, G, 
RomagnoU, 1870-73. 8*. (CoUezione di 
* opere inedite o rare dei primi tre secoli della 
lingua, etc.) Dn. 28.70 (BPL. 47628.21) 

X25. — La divine, commedia col comcnto di Rap- 
faelb Andreoli. Ed. stereotipa. Eirenze, 
G. Barhh-a. 1870. 8". (N.) 

zz6. — La divina commedia. Riveduta nel 
testo e commentata da G. A. Scaetazzini. 
3 vol. Leipzig, F, A. Brockhatis. 1874-82. 
sm. 8^. Dn. 28.74 

1x7. — La divina commedia. Milano, U. Hoepli. 
1878. 128<». Port, (BPL. ♦♦27998.50) 

This book is 6^ cm. high, 3| cm. wide, and 2 cm. thick, and 
is said to be the smallest pnntod book in the world. 1000 
copies printed. 

— See no, 186. L' enfer mis en vieux Ian- 
gage fran9ai8 par E. LiTTRi. hal, and Old 
French, 1879. 

1x8. — La divina commedia, illustrata da Gus- 
tavo Dor6 e dichiarata con note tratte dai mi- 
gliori comment! per cura dl Eugenio Came- 
RiNi. Ed. economica. Milano, Edoardo Son- 
zogno. 1880. f. Port, and iSoplaies. Dn.8.8o 

Portrait : — By Uustavc Dor6. It does not seem to be 
. drawn from any one preceding portrait. 

— See no. 137. The purgatory, by A. J. 
Butler. Ital. and Fng. 1880. 

X19. — La divina commedia. Con note dei piu 
celebri commentatori raccolte dal prof. 6. B. 
Francesia. 5* ed. 3 vol. Torino, iipog, e 
lihreria saZesiana, 1880-81. le"". 

Dn. 28.80 (BPL. 477oa.79) 

X20. ^ — Commedia, preceduta dalla vita e da 
studi preparatori illustrativi, esposta e com- 
mentata da Antonio Lubin. Padova, L. Pe- 
nada, 1881. 1.8^. Port, and ^ plates, 

Dn. 28.8Z 

•• Vita e oncre di Dante Allighieri." up, 7-140. — «• Stndl 
preparatori mnstxstivi." pp. 141-496. ^- " Tavole sinottiche.*' 
pp. 497-520. 

Z2X. — La divina commedia [edited by Gdido 
BiAOi]. Firenze, G. C. Sansoni. 1883. 64*. 
(Piccola biblioteca italiana.) Dn. 28.83 

— See no. 146. Divine comedy : thePur- 
gatorio. By W. S. Dugdale. Itai. and Eng. 


— See no. 131. De goddelijke komedie 
door Joan Bohl. Itod, and Dutch. [1884.] 


— See 285. Polyanthea [including ex- 
tracts from Dante in Italian and Latin]. 
1517. r. 

X22. — . [Quotations from the Divina commedia 
and translations from the version of H. Boyd 
to accompany Flaxman^s compositions.] Lon- 
don, Longman^ ffurst, Rees, and Orme, 1807. 
See Flaxman, John. Compoaitions, etc. (BPL. *48oo.3) 

X23. — [Parallel passages-from the Divina com- 
media in Italian, German, English, and French, 
accompanying FIaxman*s illustrations.] 3 vol. 
in 1. Carlsruhe, Creuzbauer. [1833-35.] 
ohl. S**. 
See Flaxman, John. Composizloni, «<c. (BPL. * 

X24. — l^Itudes sur la langue italicnne par HiP- 
polyte Topin. [With text, and translation in 
Alexandrine verse, of Purg. i., x., xii. ; Parad. 
i. , ii. , vi. , xxxiii. ] Florence, typog, gcUileienne 
de M, Cellini et Cy etc. 1855. 8°. 
See Topin, U. i^tndcs, etc. Dn. y^.* 

DIYINA COMMEDU. Itauam, 18G6-I884. Catalak — EmuaB. 


125. — Liriche e parte del Paradiso come sono 
nel codice palatino clzxx. antografo di Fsan- 
CE8C0 Petrabca. [Pabblicati con uno dis- 
corso da Francesco Palenno.] {In Paubbmo, 
Francesco, editor, I manoscrittl palatini dl 
Firenze. Firenze, 1860, ii., 697-880.) Fort,, 
fao'Sim,, 2pkUe8, and diagra, 

(BPL. *aA00.z3.a) 

The portions of the Partdlflo grren an canto x. t. 81 to 
end, canto xi.-xxx., xxxi. the first 16 Tencs, xxxil. from 
T. 91 to end, xxxiii. 

J^triraU : — '* Bitratto marari^ioso, a penna e acqnarello 
eseffuito nel aecolo xit., e cbe si ritrora nel codice 812 della 
BibUotcca Palatina**; snppoeed to be the work of Giotto, 
reprewndni^ the poet at a more adTanced age than in the 
painting of the PodestiL 

126. — Selections from the Inferno with intro- 
duction and notes by H. B. Cottbsill. Ox' 
ford. Clarendon press, 1874. 16**. Dn. 34.1 

(hntenU : — Table of dates. ~ Historical sketch. ~ Dante's 
life. — Origins of the Italian language. — Rise of Italian 
poetry. — Metre and rersification. — Tlie poem: its sources 
and meaning. — Dates of the canticlie. — Dell' Inferno. — 
Notee. — Topograph J of the Inferno. — The dajs and hours 
of the descent. ^- u nosnal forms of eertidn rerbs. — Index. 

Z27. — Pensieri, massime, e gindizi estratd 
dalla Divina commedia e ordinati per comodo 
degli stndiosi da Lobenzo Babtolucci. Citta 
di Castello, J3, Lapi. 1884. 16*". Dn. 34.2 


(Alphabetically by language and translator.) 


z^. — Fragments in^dits de la traduction [cata- 
lane] de la Divine com6die d' Andbeu Febbeb. 
[1429.] (In Cambouliu, F. R. Essai sur 
Thistoire de la litt^rature catalane. Paris, 
1858, 8*, pp. 181-187.) (BPL. 3093.16) 

C&nterUs ; — Enibr. ch. i. [1. 1.-80] ; Episode d* UgoUn. 

Z29. — La comedia, traslatada de rims rulgars 
toscans en rims rulgars cathalans per N' An- 
DBku Febbeb. (Siglo xr.) Dala a luz, acom- 
pafiada de ilustraciones critico-literarias, D. 
Cayetano Vidal y Valenciano. Tom. i. Bar- 
celona, Alva/ro Verdaguer, 1878. 16". 

Dn. Z20.Z (BPL. ^*D. 242.2Z) 
(hntetUa ; — i. £1 poema. 


Z30. — Guddommelige komedie, orersat af 
C. K. F. Molbech. 2^*b udgave. 4 deel. in 2 
Tol. KjebenhaTn, ThieUs bogtrykkeri. 1865- 
66. 12®. Fort. Dn. zzo.i 

i. Inledning. 1805. — ii. Helrede. 1886. — iU. SksrsU. 
den. 1888. — ir. Paradiset. 1888. 

i\yr/rai/; — **£fter en maske tagen orer hans Ug 1 Ba- 
renna, 1321. Phot, af J- WuUT." lids is apparentlr a copy 
of the medallion formerly in the poseession of the Marqnui 
Torrigiani, and rapposed to hare been copied diivctly mm 
the mask. 

* The following editions contain also the Italian text:~ 
nos. 131, 137, 188, 18B, 146, 148, 148, 176-180, 186, 188, 187, 188, 
189. 190-192, 193, 196, Z16, 283, 284. 

The following editions contain parts only of the Divina 
eommedU: — /^(Prno, English, 186, 138, iftO, 144, 147, 148, 
165, 168. 182, 183, 184, 186. 168; French, 184, 188, 188, 193, 196; 
German, 199, 201, 203, 207, 208, 222; Italian dialecU, 228, 280; 
Latin, 234. 

Ptfrp'atorio, English, 137, 148; French, 180; German, 200. 

Fanuiito, Dutch, 131; Italian dialects. 231. 

Smaller portions and SelncUont, Catalan, 128; English, 
185, 168. 164, 168. 167, 169; French, 196, 107, 198; German, 
204, 218, 226; Its^ dialects, 232; La^ 286, 287, 238. 



— De goddelgke komedie in nederlandsche 
terzinen vertaald met verklaringen en geschied- 
kundige aanteekeningen nopens den dichter 
door Joan Boml. Dutch and Ital, S^ lied. 
Amsterdam, JSrinkman ^ Van der Meulen. 
[1884.] 8*. Front. Dn. ziz.z 

OmUnU: — Het parad^. 

Z32. — Divina commedia. Metrische rertaling, 
Toorzlenvan ophelderingen en afbeeldingen. 
Door A. 8. EoK. 3 deel. in 2. Haarlem, 
A. C. Kruseman. 1863-64. 12^. Fort, and 
plans. Dn. zzz.2 

i. DeheL 1888. — Ii. De lonteringsberv. 1884. — iii. Het 
paradfjs. —Dante Alighieri. s\jn tUden zijn werken. 1864. 

Portrait : — " D. J. Slujter sculps." Apparently founded 
on the anonymous portrait of the F^nan eaition of 1822, with 
which it corre s p o nds in the somewhat peculiar character of 
the expression. 

Z53. — De goddel^e comedie. Metschetsyan 
den inhoud, verklaring en aanteekeningen, 
door U. W. Thodek t. Yelzeb. Naar het 
origineel bewerkt. 3 vol. Leeuwarden, A. 
Jongbloed. 1874. 12''. Dn.-zzz.3 


Z34. — The Dirina commedia. Translated into 
English verse, with preliminarj essays, notes, 
and illustrations, by Key. Hexbt Botd. 8 vol. 
London, C€uMl and Davies, 1802. 8^. 
Fort. Dn. 36.Z (BPL. ♦♦G. Z6.59) 

Sutayt : — A comparatlTe riew of the Inferno with some 
other poems. -.> Historical essay on the state of aflkirs In the 
18th and 14th centuries. ^- Life of Dante flrom Leonanlo Bmni. 
» Preliminary essay on the Purgatorio. — Preliminary essay 
on the Paradiso. 

FortraU ; ~ '! T. Stothard, B. A. del. B. H. Cromek to.*' 

Z35. — [Quotations from the version of Hekbt 
Botd to accompany Flazman's compositions.] 
London, Longman, Hurai, Rees and Orme. 
1807. obi. S^. 

Bee Flaxman, John. Compositions, etc (BPL. *48oo.a) 

Z36. — Divine comedy. The first part, Hell, 
translated in the metre of the origin^, with 
notes, by Thomas Bbooksbabk. London, 
J. W. Farker. 1854. 16<>. Dn. 36^ 

Z37. — The Purgatory; edited with [prose] 
translation and notes by A. J. Butleb. Ital. 
and Ung. London, Macmillan and co. 1880. 
B^ (N. BPL. 2798.55) 

** It is at the production of a * crib ' pure and simple that X 
have aimed."— Preface, 

'* Appendix A. (Note to canto xxvil.) The dreams of 
cantos iz., xix., and zxvii." pp. 422-428. 

"App.B. On the allegoiy of cantos xziz.-xxziii.'* pp.427* 

"Gloesaiy.** pp. 488^458. 

Z38. — Divine comedy : the Inferno. A literal 
prose translation, with the text of the original 
collated from the best editions, and explana- 
tory notes. By J. A. Cabltle. London, 
Chapman and Ball. 1849. 12''. Jbr^. 

(N. BPL. 2800.2Z ; 6098.5Z) 

Z39. — The same, 
and Ball. 1867. 

2ded. London, Chapman 
8*. Fbrt. Dn. 37. z 

'* Manuscripts and editions. — Comments and translations," 
pp. xiii.-xxxvii!. 

Portrait : — " Bngraved by R. Young.'* A delicately en- 
graved, reduced copy of Moighen's portrait. 



Z40. — The rision; or, Hell, Purgatory, and 
Paradise. Translated by H. F. Cart. 2d ed. 
corrected. With the life of Dante, additional 
notes and an index. 8 roL London, Taylor 
and ffes»ey. 1819. 8^. Dn. 37.2 

I4Z. — The same. 8d ed. 8 yoI. London, 
John Taylor, 1831. !&". Dn. 37.2.2 

In this 8d edition the note^ are collected at the end of each 
Tolume instead of heing placed at the foot of each page as in 
earlier editions. 

142. — The same, Ulus. with 12 engrarings, 

from designs by John Flaxman. From the 

laat corrected London ed. New York, AppU' 

ton, 1846. 16*". Fort, and plates. 

(BPL. 6099.59) 
F^trtraU : —By Giotto. 

Z43. -— Dirine comedy. Translated in the 
original ternary rhyme by C. B. Catlet. 
4 vol. London, Ztongman, Brown, Green, and 
Longmatis, 1851^5. 16°. 

Dn. 37.3 (BPL. 4800.23) 

I. Tlie ylBion of heU. 1851. — ii. The purgatoxy. 1853. 
— iil. The paradise. 1854.— iv. Notes. 1855. 

144. — The Inferno, translated in the terza 
rlma of the original, with notes and appendix, 
by John Dayman. London, W, JS, Painter, 
1848. 12^ Dn. 38.Z 

Z45« — The divine comedy. Translated in terza 
rlma by J6un Dayman. Ital, and £ng, Lon- 
don, Longmans. 1865. 8°. (BPL. 4790.38) 

Z46. — Dirine comedy: the Purgatorio. A 
prose translation by the late W. S. Duodalb, 
with the text as edited by Bronone Bianchi, 
and with explanatory notes. London, George 
Bell ^ sons, 1888. sm. 81 (Bohn's collegiate 
series.) Dn. 38.2 (BPL. 2798.59) 

'* Undertaken in the hope that it miriit eerre as a compan- 
ion volume to the translation of the infemo ^ Dr. John 

X47. — The Infemo. Translated into English 
Terse, with notes, by E. R. Ellaby. Cantos 
i.-z. London, Bidders and son, 1874. 8*1 
pp. (4), viii., 75. Dn. 39.x 

X48. — The Infemo translated in the metre of 
the original by James Fobd. licU, and JEng, 
London, Smith, Elder and co, 1865. sm. 8®. 
Fort. Dn. 40.x (BPL. 4790.57; 2798.50) 

Portrait : — " An exact lac-simOe of tlie engravinfc pre- 
fixed to the rare and beantiful Giolito edition of tlie Corn- 
media (Venice, 1565). The resemblance it bears to Giotto's 
flunous fresco is rery striking." — Prefoctt p. xri. 

X49. — The divine comedy. Translated by 
H. W. Longfellow. [With notes and illus- 
trations.] 3 vol. Boston, Tieknor and Fields, 
1867. 4* Dn. 46.x ; 38.3a (BPL. ♦4790.3) 

Illustrations, being extracts firom the writings of Voltaire, 
Birarol, A. de Lamartine, Edgar Qolnet, Ozanam, Lamen- 
nais, Labitte, Stehelin. Ui. 88^434. 

X50. — The same. 3 vol. London, G. Rout- 
ledge. 1867, 8*i (BPL. 4800.X5) 

X5X. — The sam,e, Boston, J. R. Osgood j- eo, 
1871. 8<*. Dn.46.x.3 (BPL. 4796.3; 4794.3) 

*** Also a paraphrase of part of canto xxi. of the Paradlso, 
signed L., from the Bonton daily adwrtiaer: and a transla- 
tion of cantoe xxui. , zxiy., and xzt. from the AUaniic monthly 
of Jan. , 1864. Dn. 46.Z4 

X52. — The divine comedy; translated verse 
for verse from the original into terza rima, by 
J. I. MiiTCHiN. [ With introduction and notes.J 
London, Longmans, Green, and eo, 188^ 
8*1 Dn. 47.1 (BPL. 2798.60) 

«< The obligations of Dante to VhgiL** pp. lviL-4xxvl. 

X53. — The drst ten cantos of the Inferno. 

Newly translated into English verse [by T. 

W. Parbokb]. Boston, William J), Ttcknor. 

1843. 8« Port, pp. 83. 

38.49; 38.xa8; Dn. 50.X.3 (BPL. a8o2.X7) 

Portrait : ^ Profile in outline of a bast. " D. C. John^ 
son sc." 

154. — Seventeen cantos of the Infemo. [Trans- 
lated by T. W, Parson^.] Boston, John 
Wilson and son. 1865. 4'*. 

Dn. 50.x. 6 (BPL. 4795.X8) 

X55, — The first canticle, Infemo, of the Di- 
vine comedy. Translated by T. W. Farsohs. 
Boston, De Vries, Ibarra, and eo. 1867. 4^. 
Fort, and 75 plates, 
38u^8; Dn.5o.x.a (BPL. *4790.49 ; 4790.50) 

The portrait and iUostrations are reduced copies of Dor£*s 
designs. Tliej are wanting in one copy [38.48 J. 

156. — The antepurgatorio [cantos i.-ix.]. 
Translated by T. W. Parsons. London, 
Baiehards, 1876. 4''. Dn. 50.X.7 

\* Also, parts of canto xxvi. of the InfSamo, giving the 
stonr of Ulysses, from the Oalaxy of Aug., 1866, with cor- 
rections in the translator's hand [Dn. 50.1.0] ; canto xxi. of 
the Purgatorio, from the Catholic worUL of Dec, 1881 
rpn. 50.x. 8] ; and proof-sheets of cantos xx. and xxx. of the 
Purgatorio, accompanied by autograph letteia of the trans- 
lator [Do. 50.1.8 J. 

X57. — Hell. Cantos i. to x. A literal metri- 
cal translation; with notes. By J. C. Pea- 
BODT. Boston, Tieknor and FiMs. 1857. 
12^. pp. xci. [87]. Dn. 504 

A hne-fbr-line, literal tnmslatiou In blank verse. 

X58. — The divine comedy. Inferno. Trans- 
lated [in " terzBrrima "] by Wabburton PiKia. 
London, C, Kegan Paul I* eo, 1881. 8^« 

Dn. 5o.a (BPL% 2798.56) 

X59. — The Divina commedia. Samples of a 
new translation by £. H. Plumptrb. Lon- 
don, etc., CasseU, Fetter, Galpin ^ co. 1888. 
12"*. pp. 24. Dn. 50.3 

Canto i.-iv.; v. (Francesca di Bimini) ; xxxlii. (Ugolhio). 

x6o. — The divine comedy; or, The Infemo, 
Purgatory, and Paradise. Benderedinto Eng- 
lish by Predebick Pollook. London, Chap^ 
man and Hall, 1854. 8^. Front,, vign. 9kXA 
todcts. (N.) 

*' Notice of Dante from Giovanni VUlani, Fl(Mrentine chroni- 
cles, book ix. chap. 136," pp. xL-xiv. 

x6x. — Divina commedia. Translated into 
Bnglish, in the metre and triple rhyme of the 
original. With notes. By Mrs. [C.H.J Bah- 
sat. 8 vol. London, Tintley brothers. 1862- 
63. 16*1 Dn. 52.x 

x6a. — The comedy. Parti. The HeU. Trans- 
lated into blank verse by W. M. Bossetti, 
with introductions and notes. London, etc., 
Macmdllan and co. 1865. 16**. 

Dn. 5a.a (BPL. 4790.55) 

** The aim of this translation may be snmmcd up in eoo 
word^Uterality.*' ^-^Pr^aee. 

DIVINA COMMEDIA. EirousH — Fberch. 


163. — The divine comedy. A translation by 
J. R.' SiBBAJLD. [Vol. i. The Inferno.] 
Edinburgh, David Douglas, 1884. 8*1 Port, 

Dn. 53.1 (BPL. 2793.54) 

With a special title-pae«. 

'* Florence and Daute.^' pp. zrlL-ciz. " 6iotto*8 portrait 
of Dante." pp. cx.-cxix. 

Portrait : — Giotto's p<Htrait| from the photograph of Sey- 
mour Kirkup's sketch given m the third yolume of Lord 
Venion*8 edition of the InfenifO. 

X64. — The trilogy, or Dante*8 three visions. — 
Inferno, or The vision of hell : translated into 
English, in the metre and triple rhyme of the 
original; with notes and illustrations. By 
J. W. Thomas. London, H, G. Bohn, 1859. 
8^. Front, and vign, Dn. 54.x 

" A sketch of tlie life and times of Dante." pp. xxiv.-zl. 
" On the reli^ous opinions of Dante.'* pp. xJi.-alYli. 

PP- "'"' 

** The time 01 Dante's vision." 


X65. — A free translation, in verse, of the " In- 
ferno," with a preliminary discourse and notes. 
By Bbccb Whtte. London, Wright and cc^ 
etc. 1859. S^l Dn. 57.x 

x66. — Divina commedia. The Inferno, trans- 
lated [in blank verse] by W. P. Wilkis. Ed- 
inburgh, Edmonston and Douglas, 1862. 
le^l Dn. 57.a (BPL. 4800.2a; 

X67. — Dante, translated into English verse by 
J. C. Wbight. 8ded. London, ^o/tn. 1865. 
sm. 8^. Port, and 34 engrs, 

(BPL. •♦G. ao6.9) 

x68. — ' Tht same. 4th ed. London, Bohn. 

1861. sm. 8"*. Port, and 34 engrs. 

(BPL. a8oo.a2) 

The engravings are after designs by Flaxman. Each voL 
has also an engraved title-page bearing the date, 1851. 
PortraU ; — A copy of Morghen's, reduced. 


X69. — La com^die de Dante, traduite en vers 
selon la lettre, et comment^ selon Tesprit, 
suivie de la Clef du langage symbolique des 
fiddles d'amour par £. Aaoux. 2 torn, (paged 
contin.}. Paris, heritiers Jules Renouard. 
1856. 8<*. Dn. 60.x 

"L'h^r^ie de Dante d^montr^e par Franceses de Bimlni. 
Preores snppMmcntaires." ii. 1259-iaOO. 
*' Anndtd de compte avec la critique.'' li. 1801-1827. 
*<Appeodice." li. 1329-]3fl. 
" Clef de la Com^e do Dante." pp. 38. 

170. — La divine com^die, traduite en f ranpais 
par Abtaud db Montor. 8* 6d. Paris, 
F, Didotfrhres. 1849. \T, Dn. 6o.a 

A prose translation, first published in 1811-13. 

17X, — (Euvres. — La divine com6die, traduc- 
tion de A. Bbizeux. — La vie nouvelle, tra- 
duction de E. J. Del^clctze; nouvelles Edi- 
tions revues, corrig^es et annot^es par les 
traducteurs. Accompagn6es de notes et eom- 
mentaires et d*une £tude sur la Divine com6- 
die par C. Labitte. "PsLtia, Charpentier, 1853. 
12^. Dn. 61. 1 (BPL. 3809.50) 

Prose trsnslaticins. 

173. — OBuvres. La divine com^die — Tenfer, 
le purgatoire, leparadis — traduction nouvelle, 
pr^Ed6e d*uno introduction con tenant la vie 
de Dante et une clef gEn6rale du poeme par 
8£ba8tiek Rh£al [Gayet de Cesena]. Avec 

des notes d'apr^s les meilleurs comtnentaires 
par Louis Barr& Illustrations de Antoine 
fitex. FariB, J. Bry ainS. 1854. 1.8'*. Dn.6a.x 
*' Dante, sa vie, son ^poque et ses ouvrages," pp. 5-19. 

X73. -— La divine com^die, contenant la de- 
scription de Tenfer, du purgatoire et du para- 
dis. [Translated into prose by Colbert 
comte d'Estooteville.] 3 torn, in 1. Paris, 
chez SaUior, suceesseur de Didot jeune. 1796. 
8*». Dn. 64.x 

** £ tenote hiesatissima." — Colomb de Batines, i. 258. 

174. — La divine com6die, traduction nouvelle 
[prose] accorapag^6e de notes par P. A. Fio- 
bentimo. 6« ed. Paris, L. Hachette et cie. 
1858. 18*. Dn. 65.x 

X75. — L'enfer; avec les dessins de Gustave 
Dor6. Traduction f ran^aise de Pier-Angelo 
FioREirriNO, accompagn^ du texte italien. 
[With notes.] Paris, Hachette et eie. 1861. 
h Port, and 7b plates. (BPL. ♦aSoo.a) 

X76. — The same. Paris, Hachette et cie. 1862. 

fl Port, and 75 plates. 38 Case 

PortraU .' — "G.Dori^lBGO. Pannemakersc.*' 12x94 in. 

X77. — Le purgatoire ; avec les dessins de Gus- 
tave Dor^. Traduction fran9ai8e de Pier- 
Anoelo FioREiTTiNo, accompagn^c du texte 
italien. [With notes.] Paris, Hachette et eie. 
1868. ft i2 plates. (BPL. V4790.I5) 

X78. ' — The same. Paris, Hachette et cie. 1872. 
n 42 plates. 38 Case 

X79. — Le paradls ; arec les dessins de Gustave 
Dore. Traduction fyan9aise de Pier-Anoelo 
FioRENTiNO, accompagn^e du texte italien. 
[With notes.] Paris, Hachette et cie. 1868. 
h 1% plates. (BPL. %*4790.X5) 

x8o. — The same. Paris, Hachette et cie. 1872. 
n 18 plates. 38 Case 

x8x. — Dante traduit en rers, par stances cor- 
respondantes aux tercets teztuels, sur un texte 
nouveau quant au ehoix des variantes et au 
mode de ponctuation ; dedi6 au roi par J. A. 
DE GouRBiLLOK. L^cufcr. Paris, Auguste 
Auffray. 1831. 8*. Dn. 66.a 

No more was published. 

x8a. — La com6die de Dante, de Tenfer, du 
purgatoire & paradis, mise en r3rme fran^oise 
et commetee par M. B. Graxgier. 3 tom. 
A Paris, pour L. Drohet. 1596. 24* Port, 
of Henry IV. Dn. 66.1 

X83. — The same. [Tom. i.] A Paris, chez 
Jehan Oesselin. 1597. 24''. Dn. 66.x. a 

ContenU: — L'enfer, ov premier cantiqve de la Com^die 
de Dante. 

"Prima tradazione francese a stampa, dedicata si re 
Enrico IV., poco stimata, ma ricercata moltissimo." — Co- 
lomb do Batines, i. 250. 

The titlC'paffo is engraved by Thomas de Len and contains 
a medsJlion of Dante, 

Identical, except as to the imprint of the title-page, with the 
last. Colomb de Batines describes this edition only and 
doubts the existence of the other. The portrait of Henry IV. 
is wanting. 

184. — L'enfer. Traduit en vers fran^ais [par] 
Am£dee Jubert. Paris, Berger-Levrault ^ 
cie. 1874. 16°. Dn. 69.x 



Z85. — La divine com^die. [A prose transU* 
tion.] Pr6c6d^e d'une Introduction aur la vie, 
les doctrines et les oeuvres da Dante. licU. 
and Fr, 3 vol. Port» and 3 plates. (In 
Lamennais, (H.) F. (R. de), PabU. CEuvres 
posthumes. Paris, Paulin et LeChevalter, 
1856. 8°) Dn.71.1 (BPL. 2676.3) 

P^trait : — A woodcnt, artist's name not given, but copied 
iW>m Morgben's engraving. 

z86. — L' CQfer mis en vieux langi^e fran9oi8 
et en vers, accompagn^ du texte italien et 
contenant Jies notes et un glossaire par £. 
LiTTRE. Paris, Hachette et cie, 1879. 16*1 

(BPL. 3798.52) 

Z87. — La divine com6die. Traduction nou- 
velle [prose] par [J. A.] Mesnard. Ital, and 
Fr, 8 vol. Paris, ^myo^. 1864-57. 8*. 

Dn. 72.2 

Italian text on the left, French prose translation on the 
tight. With notes by Ltonce Mesnard. 

z88. — La divine com^die, Tenfer; traduction 
firan^oise [prose], accompagn^e du texte, de 
notes historiques, critiques, & de la vie du 
poSte. Par Moutonnbt de Clairfons. 
'Florence, etc,, LeClerCtLeJSaucher. 1776. 8°. 

Dn. 72.Z 

zSg. — Le pnrgatoire: traduction [prose] et 
commentaire, avec texte en regard par A. F. 
OzANAM. (In OzANAM, A. F. GSuvres com- 
pletes, 2«M., 1862, 8^, ix.) X0562.Z1; D11.74.Z 

zgo. — L'enfer, traduit en vers, texte en regard, 
par Louis Ratisbonnb. 2*6d. 2tom. Paris, 
Michel Levy frhres. 1859. 18*». Dn. 77.1 

zgz. — Le purgatoire, traduit en vers par L. 
Ratisboxne. Ital, and Fr. 2 tom. Paris, 
Michel lAvyfrh-es, 1856. 18^. Dn. 77. z. 2 

Z92. — Le paradis, traduit en vers par L. Ra- 
TXSBOKNB. Ital. and Fr. 2 tom. Paris, 
Michel L&oy frlrei, 1860. 18*. Dn. 77.Z.3 

Z93. — L'enfer, traduction nouvelle [par An- 


Ital, and Fr, 2 pt. Londres, etc., P, Fr. 
Didot le jeuncy etc. 1786. 8^. Dn. 77.2 

A prose translation. 

Z94. — La divine com6die. Traduction nou- 
velle [prose] accompagn^e de notes et pr6- 
c6d6e d'un rlsum^ historique et litt^raire sur 
Ics temps ant^rieurs au poSme et d'une notice 
sur Dante et sur ses ecrits par Victor be 
Saiivt-Mauris. 2 tom. Paris, Amyoi. 1853. 
8**. Dn. 78. z 

i. B^um^ historique et lltt^raire. Dante et ses Merits. 
L'enibr. — ii. Le purgatoire. Le paradis. 

Z95. — L'enfer, traduit en fran9ais [prose], 
accompagn^ de notes explicatives, raisonn^es, 
et historiques, suivies de remarques g6n6rales 
sur la vie de Dante, et sur les factions des 
Guelfes et des Gibelins. Par J. C. Tarver. 
Ital. and Fr. 2 tom. Londres, C, Knight, 
etc. 1824. sm. 8®. Dn. 79. z 

i. Text and translation, 
ik Notes, etc. 

Z96. — £tudes sur la langue italienne par Hip- 
POLTTB TopiK. [With text, and translation in 

Alexandrine verse, of Purg. i., x. , xU. ; l?%TmA 
1. , ii. , vi. , xxxiii.] Florence, typog. galHeientt^ 
de M. Cellini et c, etc. 1865. 8"*. 
fiee Topia, H. ficudes, etc. Do. 79.3 

Z97. — La divine cora^die. i^ chant de TEn- 
fer ; 8«, 10«, 24>26*du Paradis, traduits en vers 
fhin9ai8 avec notes par Hippolytb Tofeit. 
Catane, typog. de Phospice royal de hienfoLx- 
sance. 1857. 8^. pp. 86. Dn. 79.2 

Z98. — La divine com^e. 11«, 12^, 23* chants 
du Paradis, traduits en vers fran9ais, fauant 
suite aux chants pr6c6demment public par 
HiPPOLTTB Topnr. Florence, typog. gal%- 
tHenne de M. Cellini et c, etc. 1857. 9^ 
pp. 28. Dn. 79.2.3 


igg. — Von der holle : aus dem italianlschen 
fibersetzt und mit anmerkungen begleitet von 
L. Bachbnschwanz. 2* auH. Leipzig, a»f 
kostendes ttebereetzers, 1767. 8^. Port. 

Dn. 86.x 

200. — Yon dem fegfeuer. Aus dem italiani- 
schen Ubersetzt und mit anmerkungen beglei- 
tet von L. Bachenschwaitz. Leipzig, ai#f 
hasten des uebersetzers. 1768. 8*1 Dn. 86.1 

" Prima traduzione tedesca di tutta intiera la Divina corn- 
media. La tradnzioQe 6 in prosa, poco fedele e aenza gosto.** 
^Scartazsini, Dante in Oermaniaf ii. 194. 

Portrait: ^-"^x pinaoodieca comltis Danielis Lisca, pa- 
tricii reronensis, pictus quondam a Bernardino India cetebri 
pictore. J. M. Stock feat." 

20Z. — Gottliche comodie; i« abth. Nen me> 
trisch iibertragen mit erlauterungen von R. 
Baron. Oppeln, A. Reisewitz. 1870. ' 8^. 

Dn. 86.S 
Contents : — Die hSUe. No more published. 

202. — Die g5ttliche komodie. UebersetEt und 
erlautert von L. G. Blanc. Halle, budah. d* 
waisenhauses. 1864. 8*1 Port. Dn. 86.3 

In blank iambic verse. 

Portrait : — *< Julius Thaeter sculp." This shows a 5trik* 
\rM resemblsnce to his engraving of the portrait attributed to 
Masaccio, published in the Jaarbuch d. Dante geselladiaft, 

203. — Die gottliche komddie. Ftirdasdeutsche 
volk bearbeitet von Julius Braun. i*' bd. 
Berlin, Th. Chr. Fr. JSnslin (Adolph Endin). 
1863. 8''. Dn. 864 

Contents : — Der dicfater und seine zeit — Die hSlle. 
A metrical rhymed translation. No more published. 

204. — Aus Dante. Probe einer neuen ueber- 
setznng von Adolf Doerr. [Inferno. vL 
100-130 ; xzziil. 1-88. Leipzig. 1865.] 1.8». 
pp. (3). Dn. 88.Z 

Deutsches museum, 25. mai, 1806, pp. 747-748. 

205. — Gottliche komodie. In iamben iiber- 
tragen von Karl Eitker. 8 theile in 1 vol. 
Hildburghausen, verlag des bibliogr, insiiiuts. 
1865. sm. 8^. (Bibliothekauslandischerklassi- 
ker, 8-10.) Dn. 89.Z 

" Dante's leben und werice." pp. v.-xzziL 

206. — Gottliche komodie. In deutsche prosa 
iibertragen, mit inhaltsangabe und erlaute- 
rungen versehen, von K. von En«. 2* ver- 
besserte aufl. 8 thelL in 1 vol. Wien, Wil- 
helm Braun^Uller. 1877. 16^. Dn. 89.2 

DIVINA COMMEDIA, Fbexch — Germah. 



907. — Dante Alighieri*8 Holle. Geiiaa nach 
dem yeramasse des originals in deutsche reime 
ubertragen und mit anmerkungen rersehen 
Ton Jduus Frakcke. Leipzig, Breitkopf u, 
HdrteL 1833. 8^. Diagrs. Dn. 90.x 

soS. — Gottliche komodie in's deutsche iiber- 

~ tragen und historisch, asthetisch und Yor- 

nehmlich theologlsch eriautert yon Kakl 

Gkaul. i** theil. Die holle. Leipzig, (7. F. 

D&rffiing. 1843. 8<*. Dn. 91.1 

No more pabliahecl. 

909. — Die gottliche komddie oder Wallfahrt 
durch die drei geister-reiche, holle, fegfeuer 
und paradies, frei iibersetzt und mit anmer* 
kungen venehen yon J. F. Heioelik. 3 theile. 
Blaubenren, /*. if. ifan^o^d, etc. 1886-87. 8^. 
Port, and 6 plates, Dn. 92.1 

Th« plates are copies of Flaznuui's ontlioes. 
Bi>riraU : — " Nach dem leben gemuahlt yon Bernardino 
India. ▲. Zsdiokke fcolpa." 

tio. — Gottliche comddie. Zor jubelfeier des 
dichters metrisch iibersetzt yon Jo8[epha] 
YON HoFFiKOEB. Bd. 1., if. 2 bdc. Wien, 
W. BraumMer. 1865. sm. 8*1 Dn. 92.2 

L Die liSUe. — ii. Dai pnrgatorinm. 

IX z. — Goettliche comcedie. Metrisch fiber- 
tragen und mit kritischen und historischen 
erlanterungen yersehen yon Philalethes 
[JoHH, KiHG OF Saxont]. 8 Yol. Dresden, 
etc.,Amoid, 1849. 4*'. Fronts,^ maps^ plates 
and plans. (N.) 

Each yol. baa a 

laa a separate, enfrrayed title-pMe. 

iL are '' 2* vermMirte auflage. 2* aoagabe." 

axa. — Th9 same. Keue, durchgesehene und 
berichtigte ausgabe. 3 yol. I^ipzig, B. O. 
Teubner. 1865-66. 8^. JPdrt.^ maps mad plans, 

(BPL. 4790.26) 

2x3. — The same, 2* unyeranderter abdmck 
der berichtigten ansg. yon 1866-66. 3 yol. 
Leipziffv B. O, Teubner, 1871. 8^. P&rt,, 
maps and plans. Dn. 94.x 

Hfrtraii : ^ ** Gemalt yon Qiotto. Gest. y. Weger, Leip. 

214. — Die gottliche kom5^e; fibertetzt und 
erklart yon K. L. Kanneoibsser. 4** sehr 
yeranderte aufi. 8 tlieile in 1 yol. Leipzig, 
F. A. Br&ckhaus. 1843. 12^ P&rt,, map 
and 3 diagrs, (Bibliothek der classiker des 
aoslands, 28-86.) Dn. 95.x 

hi ternary rhyme. 

pQirlraU : — A profile from the mask. ** Gee yon Biegert, 
gnt. yon EoamSaler.** 

US. — Die gottliche komodie. Metrische 
uebersetzung nebst beigedrucktem original- 
texte, mit erlauterimgen, abhandlungen und 
register. Yon August Kopisch. Berlin, 
Enslin'sche huehh. 1842 [1887-42], 1. 9^. 
Port, and 2 plans. Dn. 95.2 

"I>flBte's leben.*' pp.41(M(lT. 
'"Ueber die G6taiche komddie.** pp. 407-408. 
P^rffoU: ^ A copper-plate engrarinar copied from Raflkel 
Uorghea'a portrait. 

2X0. — . Die gottliche komodie. Metrische 
ubersetzung mit erlauterungen, abhandlungen | 

und register. Von August Kopisch. 2*« 
yerbesserte ansg. Berlin, J. Guttentag. 1862. 
8^. Piyrt. and plans. Dn. 95.2.2 

" Dante's leben." pp. 480-567. 

" Ueber die G<$ttlicho komOdie.** pp. 587- 

FortraU : —The same plate as in the last. 

2x7. — Gottliche komodie. Uebersetzung, kom- 
mentar und abhandlungen iiber zeitalter, leben 
und schrif ten Dante's. Yon August Kopisch. 
3« aufl., durchans revidlrt, berichtigt und er- 
ganzt yon Theodor Paur. Berlin, etc., verlag 
von J. Quttewtag (Z>. CoUin), 1882. 8«. 
Portrs. Dn. 95.2.3 

«<Blbliograph]sche einleitnng.*' pp. 557-561. 

"Ueber die GdfitUche 


komddie .'* 

leben." pp. 
pp. 652-713. 

PortraUn: — Hello^jrpe of the bronze bast in the mnseo 
borbonico in Naples — ueliotvpe of Giotto's fresoo, and of a 
bronxe medal or the latter half of the 15th century. 

2x8. — Die zwei ersten gesiinge yon Dante's 
Holle. Uebersetzt und Iwsprochen yon Frie- 
DRiCH Notteb. Stuttgart, etc., August Seka- 
her. 1869. 8^. Dn. 98.x 

2x9. — Gottliche komddie. Uebersetzt und 
eriautert yon Karl Strbckfuss. 3* ausg. 
letzter hand. 8" anfi. Braunschweig, C. A, 
Schwetschke und sohn, 1853. 1.8°. Dn. X03.X 

In triple rhyme. 

220. — The same. Mit berichtigter uebertra^ 
gnng und yollig nmgearbeiteter erklarungneu 
heransg. yon Dr. Rudolf Ffleiderer. Leipzig, 
P. Reclam jun. [1876.] 16°. (Uniyersal- 
bibliothek. 796^00.) 

(BPL. no. 4 in 4907.50.84} 

22X, — The same. Neu bearbeltet und mit 
einer historisch-biographischen einleitung yer- 
sehen yon Otto Roquette. 2 yol. Stattgart, 
J. G. Cotta. [1882.] 16* Portr, 

(BPL. 2798.58) 

Portrait: — "Nach dem ft«akobUde im palazzo del Bar> 
gello in Florenz.'' 


222. — Die komddie. Uebersetzt und mit be- 

gleitendem commentar herausgegeben yon 

Albxavder Tanner, i*, 2* lief. Miinchen, 

B. A. Fleisdtmann's hudth, 1865. sm. 8®. 

Dn. X04.X 
Contenit ; — L, ii. Die h911e. 
Translated in triplets. 

223. — CMttliche komodie ; uebersetzt yon Karl 
Wittk. Berlin, B. L. von Decker. 1865. 
1.8". Port. (N. BPL. 4790.25) 

224. — The sttme. Berlin, B. L. von Decker. 
1865. 32«. P^rt, (BPL. 4800.34) 

In blank yerse, with notea, and an introduction of 33 pages. 
Pwrtraii : "^ A, photomph from a yeiy carefully made 
drawing ** nach BaphaeL" 

225. — Der f ilnf te gesang der Holle in 22 ueber- 
setzungen seit 1763 bis 1865. Zusammen- 
gestellt yon Bbinhold KOhlbr. Weimar, 
Hermann BbUau, 1865. 8« (Dante*s Gotl^ 
liche komddie und ihre deutschen ueberse- 
tznngen.) Dn. X09.X (BPL. 4^00.33) 




226. — Inferno, translated into Greek rerse 
[with notes] by Musurus Pasha. London, 
etc., WtUiams and Norgate, 18&2. 8^1 

Dn. iia.i (BPL. 2792.51) 
Also with a title-page in Greek. 

227. — Purgatorio, translated into Greek rerse 
[with notes] by Musurus < Pasha. London, 
etc., William* CMd NorgtUe. 1884. 8*1 

Dn. XX2.X.2 
Also with a title-page in Ghreek. 

licHian Dialects. 

22S. — L* inferno esposto In dialetto mil^nese 
da F. Candiani. MiUno, Crisi, Candiani. 
1860. B^. Dn. 1x3.2 

229. — Saggio di tradozione in dialetto yeronese 
della Diyina commedia. [Inf. i. — Purg. i. — 
Parod. i. By Antonio Gaspari.] Verona, 
Anionio Bossi, 1865. ^. pp.68. Dn. X13.3 

230. — II Dante popolare, o La divina comme- 
dia in dialetto napolitano per Domenico Jact 
CARING. [Vol. i. 'Nflerno.l Napoli, tipogror- 
fiadeWunione, 1870 [ 1871]. 8». Dn. 113.4 

Appendice:— Giudizi, esaml critici, polemiche suUa tr»- 
dozTone del Dante per Dom. Jaccarino. 

23X. — II paradise; rernone in dialetto cala^ 
brese e comento per Francesco Livarzi, 1* 
ed. Castellammare, iipog. Stabiana. 1874. 
1. 8°. Front. Dn. 1x3.x 

23ft. ^ II primo canto dell' Inferno tradotto in 
lingna pavana. Dolo, tipog. Longo. 1882. 8"^ 
pp. 10. Dn. X4g.7 


233. — Della commedia trasportata in verso 
latino eroico da Carlo d' Aquino della com- 
pagnia di GesiJl. Coir agginnta del testo 
italiano e di breve annotazioni. Lot. and Ital. 
8 vol. Napoli, Felice Mosca. 1728. 8^'. 

Dn. XX4.2 

" L' opera era stata imprMsa in Roma e lo stampatore si 
ehiamava Pletro Bemabo, ma poich^ fti ffinocofurza eon. 
tentarsi d' una permi«sione extra urbem (1. 15), si dovette 
porre sul firontispizio la falsa indicazione di NdpolL 

Questa tradazione 6 in grande stima, como molto fedele 
ch* ella h ed anche elegante h plena dl belliasimi versi.*' — 
Colomb de Batlnes* i. 2M. 

234. — L* inferno o sia La prima cantica della 
Divina commedia tradotto e schiarito a senso 
precise di frase in versi eroici latini corri- 
spondenti dal dottore Antonio Catbllacgx. 
Lai. and liaL Pisa, presso Ranieri Proeperi. 
1819. 8'». Dn. 1x4.3 (BPL. ♦♦£. 227.2) 

235. — Polyanthea. Opus suanissimis floribus 

exomatum compositu per Dovinicum Nanum 

MiRABELLiuv. Addita nunc priraum est latina 

interpretatio versunm Dantis & Petrarchae qnos 

ipsi Italico idiomate coscripserunt. In Libera 

Argentina, apvd Matthiam Schurerinm. 

[1617.] n ff. ccxxiii. (BPL. V4930.5i) 

In thia topical collection of quotations from a Tarietj of 
authors brought together by Domenico Nani, are included 
many extracts from Dante in Italian followed by a Latin 

236. — ' Divina comoedia bexametria latinis red- 
dita ab abbate Dalla Piazza. Praefatns est 
et vitam Piazzae adiecit C. Witte. Lipsiae, 
loan. Ambros, Barth. 1848. 8®. Dn« 1x4.1 

237. — La morte del conte Ugolino. [Inf. 

zxxiii.] Versione latina inedita di Matteo 

Bonto veneziano, monaco olWetano del secolo 

XV. [Edited by E. A. Cicogna.] Venezia, 

tipog. Oaspari. 1865. t\ pp. 8. Dn. XZ4.4 

An account of Ronto and of the manusci^itB of his work 
is given In Colomb de Batines, i. 237-241^ 

238. — Ugolini comitis mors. (Inf. xxxiii.) — 
Frandsca Ariminensis. (Inf. v.) — Matelda. 
(Purg. xxviii.) [Translated into Latin by] 
L. DELLA Vecchia. (/ft OuAQQiO a Dante. 
1865, 8^', pp. 517-527.) DA. 56x4 


239. — Boska komedpa, przeklad ,A. Stanis- 
lawskiboo. Poznan. etc., J. K. Zupanskiego. 
1870. 81 Dn. XX5.X 


240. — La divina comedia con notas de Paolo 

Costa, adicionadas, tradocidas al castellano 

por Manuel Aranda y Sanjdan. Barcelona, 

empresa editorial La ilustraeion. 1871. 81 

Fort, and plaies. (Ouellana, F. J. Los 

grandes poemas. 1.) Dn. xx8.x 

A prose translation. 

Portrait : — Woodcut cof)y of Giotto's. 

24X. — La tradncio del dante | de leng^i^ tos- 
cana en verso caste (llano : por el reneredo 
don po I FERNADEZ DE viLLEOAS arccdiano I 
de burgos : y por el comentado | allende d' los 
otros glosadores. | [^Appended: — iBrene tra- 
tado ... I intitnlajdo. Auersion del | mudo 
y conerlsion a dios. — Qnerella dela fe come* 
9ada por | diego de burghs y acabada anediedo 
entre sus verjsos lo que conuenia y prosigoiedo 
la adelante por | do pero f emadez de villegas. 
— Satira dezena del junenal. • • • | Tradnzida 
por do ge|ronimo de villegas. | Colophon : — ] 
Burgos por Fadri^ | aleman de Basilea . • . 
I del ano . . . de mill y | quinientos y qoinza 
anos. [1515.] fl (8) ff. 332. Plate. 

(BPL. ♦♦D. 24ob^6) 

Ends with the Inferno. The last leaf is supplied in xs. 

** As fifir as I have examined tliis commentaiyi it is taken 
from Landino*8, first printed 14S1. Juana de Aragon, to 
whom it le dedicated at the beginning, was dead before the 
printing was finished, 2 April, 1516. See opening of canto 
xjccIt. Nayarrete, therefore, is wrong, following Uiannone, 
in exhibiting her among the personages at the bnlliant court 
of Charles v., at Naples, in the wmter of 1536-d. Docu- 
mentos incditos de 8alT& y Baranda, torn, xri., 18&0, p. 00.** 
— '* I hare never seen it marked less than £20. Sometimes 
I hare seen it £25." — xs. notes bj Mr. Ticknor, to whom 
the book belonged. *' A rwy rare book, and one of consld* 
erable meriL" Ticknor. Biatorjf qf Spanith literature. 

The Aversion del mundo, etc., is found in a few copies 


242. — Gadomliga komedi. Ofversatt af Nilb 
Lov£n. 8 del. Lnnd, C. W. K. Oleervp. 
1856^7. 12®. Dn. 1x9.x 

i. Helretet. 1856. ^U. Skiirselden. 1857. — UL Paimdi- 
set. 1857. 

A prose translation* with introductions of some length and 


Bibliographical Contributions. 



nsro. 8. 



Reprinted from the Harvard University Bulletin. 




Already issued or in preparation : 

A Stsur prefixed indicates they are not yet ready. 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems: a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eltot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel- 

angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 


5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Books and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard College 

Librar)', by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

*7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic Geometry, 

8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library, 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

10. Justin Winsor.. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 


11. Samuel H. Scudder. The Entomological Libraries of the United States. 

12. A List of the Publications of Harvard University and its Officers, 1870-1880. 

13. Samuel H. Scudder. A Bibliography of Fossil Insects. 

14. William H. Tillinghast. Notes on the Historical Hydrography of the Handkerchief 

Shoal in the Bahamas. 

15. J. D. Whitney. List of American Authors in Geology and Palaeontology. 

*i6. Richard Bliss, Jr. Classified Index to the Maps in Petermann's Geographische 

Mittheilungen. 1855-1881. 
•17. Justin Winsor. A List of the most useful Reference Books. 
•18. Justin Winsor. The Bibliography of Ptolemy's Geography. 

%* The present list has been mainly prepared by Miss K. V. Smith, formerly of the Library Staff. 




^«* The papers were given, July 24, 1827, to this Library by Richasd Henry Lee, author of the lives of 
Richard Henry Lee and Arthur Lee, and are bound in eight volumes. The numbers repre- 
sent the pages of the volumes. 

VOL. I. 

I. Gooch, Sir William, [Gov, of Va,), yum 17, 
1744. Letter to [Thomas Lee]. The Indian 
council at Lancaster, Penn. £E. (2). 

t. Copy of orders. April 23, 1760. Court-martial 
upon Lord George Sackville for disobedience 
of the orders of Prince Ferdinand of Bruns- 
wick at the battle of Minden. f. (x). 

Lee, Arthur. Nov. 5, 1763. Letter to his brother 
[Philip Ludwell Lee ?J The political situation 
of England and the produce of Virginia. £E. (2). 

3,4. Massaohusetts Bay — House of Represent- 
atives. Nov. 28, 1764- Copy of letter sent to 
• Tasi>er Mauduit and afterwards to Richard 
Jackson, agents in London for the province. 
Reasons why Great Britain would gain nothing 
by the tax on molasses, etc, ff. (3). 

5. ICasBaohusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Providence 
Plantations, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Govern- 
ments of New Castle, Kent and Sussex upon 
Delaware, and Maryland. Oct, 25, 1765. Copy 
of memorial to parliament against the stamp 
act. £f. (2). 

LChnsettB Bay — House of Representatives, 
Nov. 7 , 1765. Letter to Dennis De Berdt. His 
appoimtment as special agent in London for the 
provin ce. Signed, " Saml White Spkr." £E. (2). 

Printed, tn th a few verbal changes, in Maasachuaetts Papers, 
p. 4, i>ttblishe<<l in 2856 by the Seventy-«x Society, Philadelphia. 

from three letters on the situation of 
affairs in America. Indorsed " 1766." f*(i)* 

The first is from WilHam Donaldson of New York, and writ- 
ten' on a slip aattached to the sheet on which the others are. The 
lut two are addressed, " My Lord," and are in a different 

8. l|ew JeiBcy — House of Assembly, June 14, 
X766. Order for thanks to be given to Dennis 
De Berdt " for his Assiduity and Attention to 
the Affairs of the Colonys Durine the Applica- 
tion for a Repeal of the Stamp Act." Signed, 
"Jona. Dearc Clk." f. (i). 
For the letter of thanks, see xi. 

MaflflachusettB Bay — House of Representatives, 
June 20, 1766. Resolution for letter of thanks 
to be sent to William Pitt for his efforts toward 
the repeal of the stamp act. Signed, "Sam^ 
Adams Clcr." f. (x). 

Printed, BnuUbnFs MasaachosaCts State Papers, p. 99. Fot 
letter of thaiiks, see xo. 

9. Maasaohosetti Bay — House of Representatives, 
June 21, 1766. Note to Charles, Lord Camden, 
transmitting vote of thanks for his patronage 
of the colonies. Signed, Thomas Cushing 
Speaker, f. (i). 

June 21, 1766. Note^to George, 

Lord Pomfret, for the same purpose. Same 
signature, f. (1). 

For the accompanying vote of thanks, see xj. 

10. June 21. 1766. Letter of thanks 

to William Pitt, referred to under 8. Same 
signature. €f. (2). 

n. New Jersey — House of Assembly, June 22, 
1766. Letter of thanks to Dennis De Berdt, 
referred to under 8. Signed, Cortland Skinner 
Speaker, ff. (2). 

1 2. Massachusetts Bay — House of Representatives, 

June 2S, 1766. Letter of thanks and instruc- 
tions to Dennis De Berdt. Signed, Thomas 
Cushing Spkr. ff. (2). 

Printed, with a few orthographical changes and one additional 
sentence, in Massachusetts Papers, p. X4, publiahed in 1856 by 
the Seventy-six Society, Philadelphia. 

13. *■ June 30, 1766. Vote of thanks 

to George, Lord Pomfret, referred to under 9. 
Signed, "Sam» Adams Clcr." f. (i). 

14. Boston — Committee of t/ie Town. Oct. 26,1766. 
Draft of part of a letter to Dennis De Berdt. 
Search of Daniel Malcom's house by the 
custom-house officers in October, 1766. f. (i). 

Composed by Samuel Adams. See Well^ Ufe of Samuel 
Adams, I. 13a For the full letter, see 25. 

15-19. Copy of a copy of depositions, Sept. 24-Or/. 
I, 1766, sworn before Gov. Bernard's council, in 
the case of Daniel Malcom's resistance to the 
search of his house by the deputy-collector 
William Sheafe, under the " writs of assistance." 
Depositions by William Sheafe, Benjamin 
Hallowell, John Ruddock, John Tudor, William 
Nickels, William Wimble, Nathaniel Barber, 
John Baker and Stephen Greenleaf, attested by 
tohn Cotton, deputy-secretary. Copy certified 
Dy William Cotton, town clerk, pp. 18. (Pp. 
5-18 are imperfect — torn.) 

After a copy of the depositions was at last received from the 
governor's council, the present copy was probably made by ordef 
of the town, to be sent to its agent in England. See Wells' Life 
of Samuel Adams, I. 130; Drake's History of Boston, p. 737.— 
For the evidence before the town, see 32. 

20. Downe, Samuel. Sept, 26, 1766. Letter to 
Dennis De Berdt. Private business, fif. (2). 
( Imperfect — torn. ) 


21. Ashley, Joseph and Jonathan, and Wood- 
bridge, Timothy. Oct. o, 1766. Letter to 
Dennis De Berdt, asking his help in establish- 
ing an academy at Hatfield, Mass. ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — torn.) 

22. Copy of depositions, Oct. 16-20, 1766, by Nathan- 
iel Barber and William Nickels, sworn before 
Edmund Quincy. Ringing of the north bell 
and conduct of the people at the time of the 
Malcom disturbance mentioned above. — Dep- 
osition bv William Wimble, Oct. 17, 1766, 
sworn before Joshua Winslow. Copy attested 
by William Cooper, town clerk, ff. (4). 

For other and contradictory evidence, taken in the governor's 
interest, see 15-19. 

23. Copy of deposition, Oct. 21, 1766, by Capt. 

Daniel Malcom, sworn before Edmund Qumcy. 
Same affair, ff. (2). (Imperfect — first part 
gone, only last four pages left.) 

24. Boston. Oct, 8-22, 1766. Two copies of votes 
of town meeting in reference to the depositions 
given in the governor's council on the Malcom 
affair. Attested by William Cooper, town 
clerk, ff. (2). 

25. Boston. — Committee of the Town. Oct. 26, 

1766. letter to Dennis De Berdt stating the 
people's version of the Malcom affair and trans- 
mitting the depositions given above. Signed, 
"James Otis pr Order of ye committee." ff. (4.) 

Conposed by Samuel Adams. See Wells' Life of Samuel 
Adams, I. 130. — For draft of a part of this letter, written in 
another hand, see 14. 

26. Depoeitlon, Dec. i, 1766, by John Pike, John 

Lombard, Jr. and Lewis Lombard, Jr., sworn 
before Barnabas Paine, at Truro, Barnstable 
Co., Mass. Prevention of fishing in the Straits 
of Belle Isle by a British man-of-war. f. (i). 

27. 28. MassaohnsettB Bay — House of Represent- 

cUwes. Dec. 6^ 1766. Letter to [Dennis De 
Berdtl, inclosing depositions. Prevention of 
American fishing and whaling in Newfoundland 
waters by order of Com. Palliser, gov. of New- 
foundland ; custom-house officers and regula- 
tions. Signed, Thomas Cushing Speaker. 

ff. (4). 
For the depositions, see 39-31. 

29-31. Depoeitlon, Dec. 9, 1766, by Robert Barker, 
sworn before Richard Dana. Fishery trouble. 
— Deposition, Dec. 13, 17G6, by Moses Wiley, 
Cyprian Hinkley and Henry Young, sworn be- 
fore Belcher Noyes. — Deposition, Dec. 26, 

1766, by Thomas Harding, sworn before John 
Avery, ff. (3). 

These were inclosed in the letter above, 27, aS. 

32. Ne'W York — Presbyterian Church. Feb. 17, 

1767. Petition of the ministers, elders, etc.^ to 
Sir Henry Moore, captain-general and governor 
of New York, for leave to prove facts in a 
former petition for a charter. Signed, John 
Rogers, Joseph Treat on behalf of the peti- 
tioners, ff. (2). 

33-35. BiassachnsettB Bay — House of Represent- 
atri'es. March 16, 1767 Letter to Dennis De 
Berdt. Claim of Lieut.-Gov. Hutchinson to a 
seat in the council. Signed, Thomas Cushing 
Spkr. pp. II. 

Composed by Samuel Adams. See Wells' Life of Samuel 
AduDi* I. 135 et uq., where much of th« letter is quoted. 

36,37. MaesachusettB Bay — House of Represent* 
aiives. June 24, 1767. Letter to the same. 
The fishery trouble in Newfoundland waters ; 
troops in America ; the bill for pardon ^ of 
rioters and compensation of sufferers during 
disturbances in Boston ; paper money ; Con- 
necticut and Massachusetts boundary. Signed, 
Thomas Cushing Spkr. ff. (4). 

38. Sheafe, Edward. July i, 1767. Letter from 
Charlestown to the same. Relations of the 
colonies with Great Britain; bill for pardon, 
compensation, etc. (as above, 36, 37). ff. (4). 
( Imperfect — torn.) 

39. Gushing, Thomas. Oct. 15, 1767. Private 
letter to Dennis De Berdt. tmposition of taxes 
on the colonies ; the governor's salary, pp. 8. 

40. Copy of examination of Robert Hallowell, con- 
troller of the port of Boston, at the treasury 
board in Lonaon. Jtdy 21, 176S. Seizure of 
John Hancock's sloop " Liberty." Copy signed, 
•' Jno. Speed." ff. (5). 

41. [Livius (?), Peter], of New Hampshire. Oct 
18, 1768. Copy of a letter to his brother in 
I^ndon. Quartering troops in America, ff. (4). 
(Imperfect — torn. J 

This letter has no signature, and the name of the writer, g^Ten 
in the indorsement, is torn, so that only "evius" or " evins " is 

42. Boeton — Selectmen. Feb. 16-18, 1769. Re- 

questing Gov. Bernard to communicate facts 
which may have been sent to Great Britain 
militating against the colonies; with the gov- 
ernor's reply, ff. (2). 

Without attestation. Printed, with two names of membei* 
diiferent, and with a few verbal changes, in Massachusetts Papen, 
p. 115, published in 1856 by the Seventy-six Sodety, Philadel- 

Feb, 23, 24, 1769. Second request 

for the same purpose, and second reply, ff. (2). 

Without attestation. Printed, with a few verbal changes and 
one additional line, in Massachusetts Papers, p. lao, published 
by the Seventy-six Society, Philadelphia. 

43-45. Feb. 25, 1769. Letter to Dennis 

De Berdt reviewing this correspondence. 
Signed, Joshua Henshaw, Joseph Jackson, 
Tonn Rudduck, John Hancock, Samuel Pem- 
berton, Henderson Inches, ff. (6). 

46. Leo, Arthur, March 23, 1769. Letter from 

London to his brother [Richard Henry Lee] in 
Virginia. English and American politics, ff. (2). 

47. Dickinson, John, ^/ri/ 20, 1760. Letter from 

Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. The disaffection 
in America and the unworthiness of many of 
the colonial representatives in London, ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, IL 293. 

48. June 26, 1769. Letter to the same^ on 

the same subjects, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 396. 

MasBachnsettB 'BblJ— House of Representatives. 
July 22, 1769. Notice to Col. Dalrymple of the 
time for taking depositions relative to the rescue 
of John Ryley. ff. (2). 

49-56, Depositions, July 24, 1769, by Jeremiah 
Belknap, Peter Barbour, Samuel Downe, Joseph 
Edwards, Thomas Waite Foster, Stephen 
Greenleaf, Edward Jackson, Edmund Quincy 
and John Loring, sworn before Richard Dana 
and Belcher Noyes. Rescue of John Ryley. 


57. Nelson, William. Sept 2, 1769. Letter from 

Virginia to Arthur Lee in London. Importing 
taxed goods, and the line between Virginia and 
the Cherokees. £E. (2). 

58. Dickinson, John. WiTz^. 25, 1769. Letter from 

Philadelphia to Arthur Lee in London. Im- 
porting taxed goods, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, IL 297. 

Shelbume, W. Petty, Earl of. Letter to Arthur 
Lee at Bath, England, inviting him to Bowood 
Park. No date. ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 353, where it is dated 

59. De Berdt, Dennis. 1770. A draft of memorial 
to the king's council, by the a^ent of Massa- 
chusetts Bay. Reasons for dechning to attend 
the council to support the charges of the prov- 
ince against Gov. Bernard. Interlined, cor- 
rected, and not signed. Indorsed, '* For Mr. 
Lcvns." ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

60. Dickinson, John. March, 31, 1770. Letter 
from Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Importing 
taxed goods ; Boston massacre, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 2^9 . 

6x. ZfOrd Chatham's motion, petitioning the king 
to dissolve Parliament and call a new one. A 
copy. May 14, 1770. f. (i). 

62. Massachnsetts Bay. — House 0/ Representatives, 

l7u/yF, 177 1 ]. Portion of letter of instructions 
to Benjamin Franklin, agent at London. Gov. 
Hutchinson's complaint about the preservation 
of the " king's timber ** in the territory of Saga- 
dahoc ; request to have the king confirm the 
Sants of townships therein, and of the town of 
achias. Signed, Thomas Gushing Speaker, 
pp. 3-5. (Imperfect — first part gone.) 

63. Lee, William, ydn, 20, 1772. Gopy of letter 
from London to his brother, Francis Lightfoot 
Lee, on private affairs (dispute with Gapt. 
Walker), ff. (2). 

With autograph postscript. 

64-75. March ^-Nov, 18, 1772. Eleven letters 

to the same, mamly on private affairs, ff. (26). 

76-79. Memoire sur les avantages qu'offre le port 
de Dunkerque au commerce des treize collonies 
nnies de TAmerique Septentriohale. N^ dated 
or signed, ff. (4). 


1. Ziee, William. Jan, 30, 1773. Letter from 

London to his brother, Francis Lightfoot Lee. 
Private commercial affairs, ff. (4). 

2. [Xiee, Arthur.] Feb. 14, 1773. Letter from Lon- 

don to his brother, [Richard Henry Lee.] 
American politics, etc. ff. (2). (Imperfect — 
last part wanting.) 

3. Lee, William. Feb. 23, 1773. Letter from Lon- 

don to F. L. Lee. Private commercial affairs, 
ff. (2). 

4* -»^ March 4, 1773. Letter to the same, with a 
copy of the above (3). Same subject, ff. (4). 
(Imperfect — slightly torn.) 



5, 6. Massachusetts Bay. — House of Representa- 
tives. March 6, 1773. Letter to Lord Dart- 
mouth. The source of the governor's pay and 
other grievances of America. Signed, Thomas 
Gushing Speaker, ff. (4). 

The second paragraph of this is printed in " A true state of the 
proceedings in the parliament of Great Britain/' gtc. [1774.] 

7. ^— March 6, 1773. Petition to the king 

for restoring governor and judges to dependence 
upon the people. Signed, Thomas Gushing 
Speaker, ff. (2). 

8. Lee, William. March 20, 1773. Note to his 

brothers, R. H. Lee and F. L. Lee, inclosing 
copy of his letter to R. G. Nicholas. Accounts 
of Lee estate, ff. (4). 

9. July 31, 1773. Letter to F. L. Lee. Pri- 
vate conmiercial affairs, ff. (2). 

Sept. 18, 1773. Letter to the same, with a 

copy of another, dated Sept. 11, 1773. Same 
subject, ff. (2). 

— Gopy of the above (10). (Imperfect — 
superscription torn.) 

12, 13. Oct. 4, Dec. 2, 1 77 J. Two letters to the 

same. Same subject; election of mayor of 
London, ff. (4). 

14. Massachusetts Bay. — House of Representatives. 
Dec. 21, 1773. Letter from committee to Ben- 
jamin Franklin, the colony's agent in London. 
Destruction of the tea in Boston harbor ; tem- 
per of the people. Signed, Thomas Gushing, 
Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Wm. Phillips, 
ff. (2). 

Printed, Massachusetts Historical Society, Collections^ 4th 
ser. IV. 377. 

15, 16. Soollay, John. Dec. 23, 177J. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur X^e. . Same subject, pp. 12. 

Printed, Massachusetts Historical Society, Collections, 4th 
ser. IV. 379. 

17. Lee, William. Jan. 4, 10, 29, 1774. Three let- 
ters from London to F. L. Lee. Private com- 
mercial affairs, ff. (6). (The last is imperfect 

— a part torn off.) 

18. March 19, 1774. Letter to the same, with 

a copy of another, dated March 16, 1773. Same 
subject, ff. (2). (Imperfect— slightly torn.) 

19. [Lee, Arthur]. April 2, 1774. Letter to the 
same. Political situation of America. Not 
signed, ff. (4). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 37. 

20. ILee.WilUam]. April 2, 177 a- Letter to [F. L. 
Lee ?] Non-exportation to Great Britain. Not 
signed or superscribed, f. (i)- 

21. Apnl 21, June 5, 1774- Two letters to 

F. L. Lee. Private commercial affairs, with a 
slight reference to politics, ff. (4)* 

22. July 14, 1774. Letter to the same ; with a 

copy of another of June 30, 1774. Private com- 
mercial affairs, ff. (2). 

— July 16, 1774. Letter to the same. Non- 
exportation to Great Britain, ff. (2). 

23. Gopy of the above of July i6> with auto- 
graph signature and postscript. 

7**^ 30» 1774- Letter to the same, with 

another copy of the above of July 16. Private 
commercial affairs, ff. (2). 


24. [Diokinson, John]. Aug, 20, 1774. Letter to 
[Arthur Lee J. General congress of the colo- 
nies. Not signed or superscribed, ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee*8 Life of Arthor Lee, IL 305. 

35. Leo, William. Sept. 5, 1774. Letter to F. L. 
Lee. Private commercial affairs, ff. (2). 

26. rpiokiDAOXiiJohn]. OcUtj^itja,. Letter from 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Political aspect 
of America. Not signed, ff. (2}. 

le, William. Dec, 5, 1774. Letter to F. L. Lee. 
Private commercial afEairs; political situation 
of America, ff. (2). 

27. Lee, Arthur. Dec. 13, 1774. Letter from Lon- 
don to his brother, [F. L. Lee ?] Non-expor- 
tation to Great Britain ; plans of parliament 
against America. Not superscribed. £[.(2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 209. 

liOe, William. Dec. 24, 1774. Letter to F. L. 
Lee. Edward Brown^s partnership in the firm, 
ff. (2). 

28. Dec. 24, 1774. Another letter to the same. 

Private commercial affairs, ft. (3). 

29. —-^ Copy of the above (28). pp. 5. (Imper- 
fect — p. 5 torn.) 

3a [lace, Arthur]. Dec. 26^ 1774. Letter from 
London to the same. General congress of the 
colonies ; effect upon the ministry. Not signed, 
ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee*8 Life of Arthur Lee, I. 313. 

Bnchan, David Stewart Erskine, wtk earl of, 
Jan. 5, 1775. Letter to Arthur Lee. Fairfax 
lands m Virginia, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, IL 346. 

31. Ziee, William. Jan. 13, 14, 1775. Letter to F. 

L. Lee. Private commercial affairs ; petition 
of London merchants and traders to parliament 
for relief to American commerce, ff. (4). (Im- 
perfect — torn.) 

Cushing, Thomas. Feb. 1775. Private letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. State of feeling in 
America, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life oi Arthur Lee, I. 375. 

32. Ziee, William. Feb. 10, 1775. Letter from Lon- 
don to F. L. Lee. Public and private commer- 
cial affairs, ff. (4). 

Warren, Joseph. Feb. 20, 1775. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. Prospect of war ; spirit 
of New England, ff. (4). 

Printed, Frothingham's Life of Joseph Wajren, p. 418 ; Lee's 
life of Arthur Lee, IL 264. 

33. [Ziee, William]. Feb. 25, 1775. Letter from 
London to [F. L. Lee]. Politics in England 
and America ; sympathy with the ministry 
among American merchants in London. Not 
signed or addressed, ff. (2). 

Feb. 25, 1775. Another letter to F. L. Lee. 

Private commercial affairs, ff. (2). 

34. March i, 1775. Letter to the same. Bill 

regulating fisheries ; war preparations, ff (2.). 

March ii, 1775. Letter to the same. Pri- 
vate commercial affairs; commercial restric- 
tions on America, ff. (2). 

35. March 13, 1775. Letter to the same. 

Private commercial affairs, f. (i). 

Franklin, Benjamin. March 19, 1775. Letter 
from London to Arthur Lee. Departure from 
Lx>ndon ; Massachusetts papers, etc. ff. (2). 
Printed, Sparks* Life of Franklin, p. 391. 

36. Lee, William. March 21, 1775. Letter to F. 
L. Lee. Private commercial affairs, ff. (2). 

37-44, 46-48. DepoaitionB, April 23-25, 177c 
Fight at Lexington and Concord. Indorsed, 
No. 2, 4-12, 14-18. All certified to by Nathan- 
iel Gorham, Noty. pubk., at Charlestown, Mass., 
April 26, 177 j. ff. (18). 
Lexington. 2. Thomas Rice Willard, sworn be- 
fore Wm. Reed, Jona. Hastings, Duncan In- 
graham, Middlesex, April 23; — 4. C apt. John 
Farker, before Wm. Reed, Josiah Johnson, 
Wm. Stickney, April 25 ; — 5. John Robbins, 
before Wm. Reed, Tosiah J[ohnson, April 24 ; 

— 6. Benjamin Tidcf of Lexington, Joseph Ab- 
bot of Lincoln, before Wm. Reed, Josiah John- 
son, Wm. Stickney, April 25 ; — 7. Nathl. 
Mulliken, Philip Russell, Moses Harrington, 
Junr., Thomas Harrington, Daniel Harring- 
ton, William Grimes, William Tidd, Isaac 
Hastings, Jonas Stone, Junr., James Wyman, 
Thaddeus Harrington, John Chandler, Joshua 
Reed Junr., Joseph Simonds, Phinehas Smith, 
John Chandler Junr., Reuben Lock, Joel 
Niles, Nathan Reed, Samuel Tidd, Benja- 
min Lock, Thomas Winship, Simeon Snow, 
John Smith, Moses Harrington y* 3d, Joshua 
Reed, Ebenezer Parker, John Harrington, 
Enoch Wellington, John Hosmer, Isaac Green, 
Phinehas Stearns, Isaac Durant, Thomas Head- 
ley [Hadley?], Junr., all of Lexington, before 
the same, April 25 ; — 8. Nathaniel Parkhurst, 
Jonas Parker, John Monro Junr., John Winship, 
Solomon Peirce, John Muzzy, Abner Mead, 
John Bridge Junr., Ebenezer Bowman, William 
Monro 3d, Mikah Hagar, Samuel Sanderson, 
Saml. Hastings, James Brown, all of Lexington, 
before the same, April 25 ; — 9. Timothy Smith, 
of Lexington, before the same, April 25; — 10. 
Levi Harrington, Levi Mead, both of Lexington, 
before the same, April 25; — 11. William 
Draper, of Colrain, before the same, April 25 ; 

— 12. Thos. Fessenden, before the same, 
April 23. 

Concord. 14. John Hoar, John Whithead, Abram 
Gearfield, Benja. Munroe, Isaac Parks, Wm. 
Hosmer, John Adams, Gregory Stone, of Lin- 
coln, before Wm. Reed, John Cuming, Jona. 
Hastings, Duncan Ingraham, April 23; — 15. 
Nathan Barrett, Jonathan Farrar, Joseph But- 
ler, Francis Wheeler, John Barrett, John Brown, 
Silas Walker, Ephraim Melven, Nathan But- 
trick, Stephen Hosmer Junr., Samuel Barrett, 
Thomas Jones, Joseph Chandler, Peter Wheeler, 
Nathan reirce, Edward Richardson, of Concord, 
before Jona. Hastings, John Cuming, Duncan 
Ingraham, April 23 ; — 16. Timothy Mmot Junr., 
of Concord, oefore Wm. Reed, Jona. Hastings, 
John Cuming, Duncan Ingraham, April 2j ; — 
17. Col. James Barrett, of Concord, before Wm. 
Reed, Jona. Hastings, Duncan Ingraham, April 
23 ; — 18. Bradbery Robinson, Samuel Spnng, 
Thaddeus Bancroft, of Concord, James Adams, 
of Lincoln, before Wm. Reed, Wm. Stickney, 
Jona. Hastings, April 23. 

The entire series (20 in number) is printed in Force's Ameri- 
can archives, 4th sen II. 490, et sea. ; Shattuck's History of 
Concord, pp. 34a, tt seq. ; Journal of ad continental coi»resa, 

gp. 79, *t seq. ; and portions of it are given in Frothingham's 
i^e of Boston, pp. 367, tt stq. ; Remembrancer, 1775, I. 35^ 
ei stq. ; London chronicle, June t, 1775 ; also in various BosUw 
newspapers of the time. 



45. Deposition. Duplicate of **no. 14" above 
(p. 44). f. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Lee, William. April 27, 1775. Letter from 
London to Edward Browne, with postscript to 
F. L. Lee. Tobacco commerce, n. (2). 

CO. "Wairen, Joseph. April 27, 177 c. Letter from 
Cambridge to [Arthur Lee]. Josiah Quincy's 
death ; necessity of conciliatory measures from 
England. £[. (2). (Imperfect — signature and 
address cut out.) 

Printed, Frothingham's Life of Joseph Warren, p. 471 ; and 
incorrectly in Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 267. 

51. [Dickinson, John]. April2^\^^^. Letter to 
[Arthur Lee]. Fight at Lexington and Con- 
cord. Not superscribed. Signed, J. D. ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Li£e of Arthur Lee, II. 307. 

52. Warren, Joseph. May 16, 1775. Letter from 
Cambridge to [Arthur Lee]. Situation of af- 
fairs in America. Not superscribed, ff. (2). 

Printed, Frothingham's Life of Joseph Warren, p. 488 ; and 
incorrectly in Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 268. 

53. Lee, Richard Henry. May 21, 1775. Letter 
from Philadelphia to [F. L. Lee ?] Action of 
the provincial assemblies; conduct of British 
troops. Not superscribed. £E. (2). 

54. Iioe, William. May 24, 1775. Letter from 
London to F. L. Lee. Appointment as alder- 
man of London ; private commercial affairs ; 
necessity of firmness in America, ff. (2). 

5^ 56. Continental Congress, Second. Philadel- 
phiay May, 1775. Form of address to the people 
of Great Britain. Injuries and attitude of 
America. Indorsed " 1776." ff. (3). 
C/, Journals of congress, I. 134, et uq. ; 143, et *eq. 

57, 58. Copies of letters, 177 5-1 778, from Dr. Ben- 
jamin Rush, to John Sawbridge and to Mrs. 
Macaulay, John Sawbridge to Samuel Witham 
Stockton, William Baker to S. W. Stockton, 
Saml. Wharton to Benjamin Franklin, Granville 
Sharp to Benjamin Franklin. Recommenda- 
tion of S. W. Stockton. 3d copy. Attested by 
S. W. Stockton, pp. 6. 

Dickinson, John. July 7, 1775. ^^^^ ixom 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Introduction of 
Dr. Hutchinson ; fighting near Boston. Signa- 
ture and address crossed out with ink. f. (i). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 3 is. 

59. Continental Congress, Second, July 8, 1775. 
Letter to Richard Penn, William Bollan, Arthur 

Lee, Edmund Burke and Garth. Inclosure 

of a petition to the kin^, a second address to 
the people of Great Britain, and a letter of 
thanks to the lord mayor of London. Signed, 
John Hancock President. — With note added, 
SepL 4, 1775, by Arthur Lee and Richard Penn. 
Reception of petition, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, L 47 ; snd, without the 
postscript of the agents, in Journals of the ad continental con- 
p. 149. 

60. Dickinson, John. July r775- Letter from 
Nairhill to Arthur liee. Petition to the king 
proposing plan of accommodation ; engage- 
ments near Boston. Signature and address 
crossed out. f. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 31a. 

61. Dartmontfa, William Legge, 2d earl of. Aug, 31, 

1775. Note to Richard Penn and Arthur X^e, 
appointing a meeting, p. (i). 

Lee, Arthur. Note to Mr. Penn. Same subject 
p. (i). 

Penn, Richard, a^Lee, Arthur. Sept. 2, 1775. 
Draft of letter from London to the continental 
congress. Presentation of the petition men- 
tioned in the preceding notes, f . ( i ). (Torn.) 

62. Im, Arthur. Sept, 4, 1775. Letter to [John 
Dickinson ?] Violence of tne ministry of Great 
Britain against the colonies, ff. (2). 

6j. Virginia Delegates to Second Continental 
Congress. Oct, 5, 1775. Draft of letter to 
committee of safety at Williamsburg. Patrols, 
military lookouts, etc. — With copy of another, 
dated Oct. 23, 1775. *• (^)' 

64. Jaokson, Bayard and Co. Jan. 18, 1776. 

Letter from Philadelphia to Montandouin & 
Fr&re at Nantes. Order for merchandise, 
f. (I). 

65. Vergennes, Charles Gravier, Comte de, Tune 
a 1776. Letter from Versailles, in French, to 
[Arthur Lee]. Ammunition for Virginia. With 
a translation, f. (x). 

66» (fj- BCazyland ~ x Uh Battalion of Militia, June 
20, 1776. Copy of a letter to the representa- 
tives of Prince George's countv in the provin- 
cial convention. Support to tne union of the 
colonies. Signed, Thomas Sim Lee, George 
Lee, Luke Marberry, John Addison, Wm. 
Barnes Jr., Thomas Trueman, Trueman Skin- 
ner, David Crawford, Fulder Bowie, Stephen 
West. ff. (3). 

68. [IiOveU, James]. 1776. Account of his im- 
prisonment in Boston by the British ; unsuccess- 
ful efforts for release. (The latter part probably 
in his autograph.) ff. (2). (Perhaps incom- 

69. June 25, 1776. Letter from Halifax, to 

Arthur Lee. Imprisonment at Halifax, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, I- 48' 

70. Certificate, dated London, Aug, 3, 1776, from 
Geo. Ross, James Hodge, Richd. Rouse (Brit- 
ish) as to their good treatment by Capt. Henry 
Johnson (American) while prisoners on his 
sloop, (f.) I. 

71,72. Continental Congress, Second. Sept, 26, 
1776. Instructions to Benjamin Franklin, Silas 
Deane and Thomas Jefferson, commissioners. 
Proposed treatv with France. Signed, John 
Hancock Presidt. ff. (4). 

Printed, Secret journals of congress, II. tj ; Lee's Life of 
Arthur Lee, I. 280. 

73. Sept, 30, 1776. The original appointment 

of Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane and Thomas 
Jefferson as commissioners to make a treaty 
with France. With seal. Signed, John Han- 
cock Presidt. f. (i) folded. 

Printed (with blanks for names), Secret journals of congress, 
IL jj. 

74. Fed. 3, 1777. Copy of the same with Ar- 
thur Lee's name substituted for Thomas Jeffer- 
son's. Attested on the outside by Benjamin 
Franklin, Silas Deane and Arthur Lee. 

75. 76. Franklin, Benjamin, and Morris, Robert, 

Oct. I, 1776. Letter from Philadelphia to Silas 
Deane. Aid expected from France ; battle of 
Long Island, etc, ff. (4). 



77. Agreement in French, Oct 15, 1776, between 

De Montieu, *' Rodrique HortaJez & Cie " and 
Silas Deane. Secret aid to America, ff. (2). 
Translation printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. 51. 

78. Oontinental CongreBS, Second, Oct 22, 1776. 
Extract from the minutes. Appointment of 
Arthur Lee as commissioner to France in place 
of Thomas Jefferson, Signed, Chas. Thom- 
son Secy. f. (x). 

79. 8a Oct. 22, 1776. Instructions, similar to 

those above (71, 72). Indorsed, No. 2. With 
Arthur Lee*s name in place of Thomas Jeffer- 
son's, ff. (4). 

81^^ Copy of the same. With extracts from 

the minutes, dated, Sept. 26, 28, 1776, and addi- 
tional instructions, dated, Oct. t6, 22, 1776. 
Indorsed, Feb. 5, 1777, by Franklin, Deane and 
Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 280. 

8^-^, _ Plan of treaty with France, sent with 
the above instructions. Signed, John Hancock 
Presidt. Indorsed, No. 3. ff. (10). 
Printed, Secret journals of congress, II. 7, et stq. 

89. Iietter, dated Berlin, Nov. 25, 1776. Super- 
scribed, "Edward Palmer Middle Temple 
London." Not signed. Political events of the 
times, ff. (2). 

Many proper names are altered or erased. 

90. Memoir, Dec, 1776, concerning the state of 
America. Drafted at Paris, ff. (2). 

91. Ziee, Arthur. Copies of political anecdotes of 
Sir Wm. Howe, Franklin, Gerard and Beau- 
marchais. ff. (3). 

92-98. MoniB, Robert. Dec. 20, 1776. Letter 
from Philadelphia to Silas Deane in Paris. 
Detail of American misfortunes. With post- 
script dated, Jan. 8, 1777. ff. (13). 

Printed (except the o^ninc sentence and the entire postscript), 
but with differences, in Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, 
I. 225, et seq.t where it is dated Dec. 21, 1776, and addressed 
throughout as to the commissioners. This MS- bears pencil 
marks corresponding to the changes in the printed copy. 

99. Continental Congrem, Second. Dec. 23, 1776. 
Extract from the minutes. Resolution to the 
commissioners concerning the conduct of Portu- 
gal and action to be taken thereon, f. (i). 
Printed, Secret journals of congress, II. 35. 

loa Franklin, Benjamin, Deane, Silas, and Lee, 
Arthur. Dec. 28, 1776. Form of letter to 
Count d'Aranda, ambassador from Spain to 
France, asking permission to call upon him. 
£. (I). 

101. Iiee, Arthur. Dec. 23, 1776. Copy of letter to 
committee of secret correspondence, accepting 
his nomination as commissioner. — Copy of let- 
ter, Dec. 31, 1776, to Lord Shelburne. Depar- 
ture for Paris, f. ( i ). (Imperfect — latter part 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 60^ 6a. 


t. Continental Congrem, Second. Jan. 2, 1777. 
Appointment of Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane 
ana Arthur Lee, as commissioners to make a 
treaty with France. With seal. Signed, John 

jKancock; attest. Chas. Thomson Secy. f.(i), 
doubled. (Imperfect — cut.) 

This differs from the commission on p. 74 of vol. II. by one 
additional clause : — " and also to enter into and agree upon a 
treaty with his Most Christian Majesty or such person or persons 
as shall be by him authorized for that purpose for assistance in 
carrying on the present war between Great Britain and these 
United States." See letter from Dr. Franklin on p. 27 of this 

2. [Lee, Arthur], yan. 4, 1777. Letter from Paris 

to his brother, Richard Henry Lee. Defence 
of the lakes ; probable British force, ft. (2). 

3. CommiBsionera to France. Jan. 5, 1777. 

Copy of memorial td France. Request for 
ships, etc. Indorsed by Lee, " Signed by the 
Commissioners & presented to Count Ver- 
gennes, thro M^ Gerard.*' Not signed, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. ax ; Lee's 
Life of Arthur Lee, I. 63. 

4. Gerard, Conrad Alexandre, Secretary to Ver* 

gennes. Jan, 5, 1777. Note to the commission* 
ers. Interview, ff. (2). 

5. [CommisBlonera to France]. Jan. 14, 1777. 

Copy of letter to C. A. Gerard. Thanks for 
message from the king of France, Louis XVI. 
In Lee*s handwriting, not signed. Indorsed, 
No. ID. £. (i). 

The messaj^ was probably a rerbal one delivered in the in- 
terview appomted by Gerard (see p. ^. See also Sparks* Diplo- 
matic correspondence, II. 23, not*. Printed, Sparks* Diplomatic 
correspondence, II. aj ; Lee's Life of Arthur Lee. I. 66. 

6. Continental Congress, Second — Secret Com- 

mi f tee. Jan. 14, 1777. Copy of letter to the 
commissioners. Purchase of ammunition from 
France. Signed, " Rob* Morris Chairman of 
the Secret Committee of Congress." Indorsed, 
3d copy. ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 395. 

7. Oerard, C. A. Jan. 30, 1777. Note to Arthur 

Lee. Interview, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

8. Commissioners to France. Feb. i, 1777. Copy 

of memorial to Vergennes. France and Eng- 
land ; Gen. Burgoyne. Indorsed by Lee, 
** Presented by M' Lee alone at Versailles." 
Not signed, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks* Diplomatic conrespondence, II. S4 ; Lee*t 
Life of Arthur Lee, I. 67. 

9b [Continental Congress, Second-- Committee of 
Secret Correspondence]. Feb. 2, 1 777. Draft of 
letter from Baltimore to the commissioners. 
Blockade by the British ; loan of ships of war 
from France; Gen. Washington; Sir -William 
Howe ; Gen. Heath. Indorsed, " Copy of 
Letter to Commissioners." In R. H. Lee's 
handwriting, but not signed, f. (i). 

Printed, in Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. SS7, trith 
differences and signatures : B. Harrison, R. H. Lee, W. 
Hooper; in Lee*s life of Arthur Lee, I. 290, with verbal 
chanses and signatures : Benj. Harrison, Richard Heniy Lee, 
Jna witherspoon. 

xo, II. [Commissioners to France]. Feb. 6^ 
1777. Copy of letter to "The Secret Com- 
mittee of Congress." Hodge; Farmers -general ; 
American packets ; Burgoyne ; envoys to 
Spain and Holland ; Nicholas Davis. Not 
signed. Copy examined by W. T. Franklin, 
ff. (4). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 310; Sparks? Dipio* 
made correspondence, I. 260, where it is addressed, *'To the 
committee of secret correspondence." For the difference be- 
tween the committees see Sparks' Diplomatic ooireqKmdenco, 
I. s, noU. 


12. Gruel, J. Feb. 8, 1777. Etat dc differcntcs 
sommes Payes ^ Nantes Par ordre ct Pour 
compte de Monsieur le Docteur franklin, 
ff. (2). 

13. [Contmental Congreas, Second — Secret Com- 
mittee]. Feb. 17, 1777. Draft of letter from 
Baltimore to the commissioners. Orders for 
clothing, etc. Signed, Richard Henry Lee ; 
and in his handwriting. Indorsed, " Copy of 
letter from Secret Committee." f. (i). 

14. Cleveland, Stephen, Copt. Feb. 19, 1777. 
Letter to Arthur Lee. John Philip Mirckle. 
ff. (2). 

15. [liee, Arthur]. Feb. 20, 1777. Letter from 
"Bourdeau," addressed, "Dear Brother." 
Thomas Morris ; J. P. Mirckle. Not signed, 
ff. (2). 

16. Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons, merchants at BUboa. 
March 3, 1777. Letter from Bilboa to Arthur 
Lee. Commerce between the firm and America ; 
news of Trenton battle, ff. (2). 

17. Xiee, Arthur. March 5, 1777. Copy of memo- 
rial from Burgos to Marquis de Gnmaldi. Rea- 
sons for desiring reception at Madrid. Signed, 
"Arthur Lee Commissioner plenipotentiary 
from the Congress of the United States of 
America." Indorsed, N^. 13. ff. (2). 

The title here astumed by Lee was not strictly descriptive of 
imposition, and was probably appended only for form, as in his 
other communications to the court of Spain ; see Sparks' Diplo- 
matic correspondence, II- 47, nott. Printed, Sparks' Diplo- 
ttatic conrespondeoce, !!■ 38 ; Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 79. 

18. Lee, Arthur. March 5, 1777. Memoria sobra 

\sic\ la contienda en la America. Dated at 
Burgos. Signed as the last on p. 17. Indorsed, 
N^. 14. Interlined with English translation, 
ff. (2). 

English translation printed, in Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 
8t; and with differences in Sparks' Diplomatic corre- 
spondence, II. 4s» where it is stated that the memorial was not 
presented to the court of Spain, but put into the hands of 
Marquis de Grimaldi at Buigos, who returned a verbal answer 
without consulting the court. 

19. 20. {Sarsfield, ComU de] ? 1777 ? M^- 

moire. Arrangement of troops in America. 
Not signed. Indorsed, "Count [Sarsfield's ? ] 
plan for troops." pp. 8. 

21-24. [Iiee, Arthur]. March, 1777. Plan of a 
treaty with Spain. Not signed, ff. (7}. 
See Lee*t Life of Arthur Lee, I. 84. 

25. [ }. March 6, 1777. Letter from Burgos. 

Character of commercial agents of Con- 
gress in Europe. Addressed, " Dear Sir " ; 
closing, "Adieu/' but not signed, ff. (2). 

16. [ \. March 19, 1777. Letter from Vitoria 

to R. H. Lee. Loans to America ; additional 
troops, ff. (2). 

I><n^mer, Eliphalet. March 20,1777. Receipt, 
dated Pool, to William Lee for five guineas. 
Indorsed, *• Ent. P. C. fol. 65." f. (i). 

27. Franklin, Benjamin. March 21, 1777. Letter 
from Passy to Arthur Lee. News of Trenton 
battle ; Lord Cornwall is ; Washington ; Howe ; 
fresh commission (see p. i of this volume) ; 
Lee's mission to Spain, ff. (2). 

Printed, SparW Diplomatic correspondence, II. 54; Lee*s 
tile of Arthur Loet !• 75* 

28. Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons. March 22, 1777 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. News from 
America ; preparation of ships, ff. (2). 

29. Gardoqui, James. March 23, 1777. Letter 
•from Vitoria to Arthur Lee. Washington's 

advantage over British, ff. (2). 

30. FarmerB-General of France. March 2/^ 1777, 

Copy of contract with Franklin and Deane for 
tobacco. In French. Signed, B. Franklin, 
S. Deane, Paulze. ff. (2). (Imperfect — edges 

Translation printed. Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, I. 

31. [ConuniBsionem to France]. March 28, 
1777. Copy of propositions to Vergennes. 
Supply of cannon, etc. to America, f. (i). 

32. Cleveland, Stephen, Capt. March 28, 1777. 
Letter from Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. J. P. 
Mirckle. ff. (2). 

33. [Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons]. April 9, 1777. 
Letter from Bilboa to Benjamin Franklin. Sup- 
plies for America. Not signed, ff. (2). 

34. Suffolk, Henry Howard, 12th Earl of. April 

10, 1777. Copie d'une lettre au comte de 
Welderen Ministre d'hollande ^ Londres. 
Governor of St. Eustatius. Indorsed, "Taken 
by Conyngham.'* ff. (2). 

35. [Lee, Arthur] ? April 12, 1777. Copy of let- 
ter from Paris to Dr. Richard Price. Conduct 
of British soldiery in America. Not signed. 

ff. (3)- 

36. [Commissionen to France]. April 19, 
1777. Draft of letter to Baron Schulenburg. 
Friendly relations between America and Prus- 
sia. Signatures in pencil. Copy on next page, 
ff. (2j. 

Printed, Sparks* Diplonuitic oorrespondenoe, II. 58; Lee's 
Life of Arthur Lee, II. 5. 

]. Copy of the same. Signed. Indorsed, 
o I. ff. (2). 

38. Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons. April 19, 1777. 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America. With memoranda, ff. (2). 

39. Gardoqui, James. April 24, 1777. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Loan of 81,000 
livres. ff. (2). 

40. [CommiBBlonerB to France]. AprU 28, 
1777. Copy of letter from Paris to secret com- 
mittee of congress. Supplies sent by France ; 
Lee's mission to Prussia. Not signed. Note 
added by W. T. Franklin. 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 314* 

— May I, 1777. Copy of letter to Jonathan 
Williams. Directions about packets. Indorsed, 
N« I. f. (I). 
Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. 285. 

41. [Gardoqui, Joseph & Sonsl. May 5, 1777. 
Letter from Madrid to [Arthur Lee?]. Sup- 
plies for America. Superscribed, "M' John 
Thompson.'* Not signed. Indorsed in pencil, 
Gardoqui. ff. (2). 

42. [CommiBBlonerB to France]. May 7, 1777. 
JDraft of memorial to Vergennes. Violations 
of French neutrality by British vessels ; case 
of the CuUoden. Indorsed, " drawn up by A. 
Lee." ff. (2). 





43. [— ]. Copy of the same. i. (i). 

Grand, Ferdinand, banker at Paris. May lo, 
1777. Acknowledgment of receipt of a bill for 
106,500 livres, indorsed by Gardoqui, in favor 
of Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

See Gardoqui's letter in Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, 

44. rCommlMionen to France]. May 11, 1777. 
Letter to Count de BemstorfP, minister to 
Copenhagen, sendine him a letter captured 
from a British vessel by an American privateer, 
ff. (2). 

Schulenburg-Kehnert, Friednch Wilhelm, 
Baron de. May 20, 1777. Letter from Berlin 
to Arthur Lee. Lee's journey to Berlin. In 
French, with translation by Lee. Indorsed, 
No 2. ft. (2). 

Translation printed. Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 
63 ; Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, \l, 6. 

45. Gardoqui, James. May 2a 1777. Letter from 
Madrid to Arthur Lee. Supplies to America 
from the firm in Bilboa ; receipt of tobacco in 
return. Not signed. fiE. (2). 

Schnlenborg-Kehnert, F. W., Baron de, 
June 9, 1777. Letter from Berlin to Arthur 
Lee. Lee's journey to Berlin. In French, 
with translation by Lee. ff. (2). 

Translation printed. Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 
68 ; Lee^s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 90W 

46. Grand, Ferdinand. June 10, 1777. Account 
with the commissioners, f. (i). 

47. SoUier, J., banker at Nantes, June 13, 1777. 
Account with the commissioners, ff. (2). 

Maltrebiou {?% - 
from Calais to M. 

— . June 17, 1777. Letter 
Deloder at Paris. His cap- 
ture and treatment by the British. In French, 
ff. (2). 

48. Ross, John. June 17, 1777. Letter from 
Nantes to Silas Deane. Gruel's account 
against congress, ff. (2). 

Sohulenburg-Kehnert, F. W., Baron de. 
June 18, 1777. Letter from Berlin to Arthur 
Lee. Commerce between Prussia and America. 
In French, with translation by Lee. Indorsed, 
No 3. ff. (2). 

Translation printed. Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 
75 ; Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 8. 

49. — June 26, 1777. Letter to the same. 
American privateers in Prussian ports. In 
French, with translation by Lee. ff. {2)'. 

Translation printed, in Papers in relation to the case of Silas 
Deane, p. 187, published in 1855 by the Seventy'six society, 
Philadelphia; Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 78; 
Lm*s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 97. 

(Xiee, Arthur]. June 28, 1777. Letter from 
Berlin to his colleagues at Paris. Cannon from 
Prussia ; robbery of his papers. Indorsed, 
N? 4. ff.(2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 79; Lee*s 
Life of Arthur Lee, II. 9. 

50. 'Williams, Jonathan, commercial agent at 
Nantes, June 28, 1777. Copy of letter from 
Nantes to the firm of De Begray, Beaugeard 
fils & cie. at St. Malo. Disposal of prizes. 
With copy of circular letter to prize-masters. 

Frederick IL, of PrutsicL July 2, 1777. 
Letter from Potsdam to Arthur Lee. Robbery 
of Lee's papers. In French, with translation 
by Lee. ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 96: and tranilatioq 
printed, Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, II. 86. - 

51. Deane, Silas. July 4, 1777. Copy of letter 
from Paris to Jonathan Williams. Disposal of 
prizes at Nantes. Indorsed, '* N® 2 Copy of 
Extract." f. (i). 

After the signature is this note added in the same band : *' The 
forgoing being written in the plural Number is supposed to be 
from the Commissioners altho*^ acddentaly signed only by M^ 
Deane, The Letter to Cap* Weeks (see next paper) being to the 
same efiect & being signed by Doct^ Franklin & sS* Deane prove 
this, and the Letter from Doct'. Franklin of Dec* aa^ 1777 (see 
reverse of next paper) ratifying all M'. Deans orders renders it 
perfectly authentic" Printed, except the note, in Papers in 
relation to the case of Silas Deane, p. aox, pubUshed by the 
Serenty-^ix society, Philadelphia. 

Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. J^y 
4, 1777. Copy of letter from Paris to Capt. 
Lambert Weeks. Prizes ; Mr. Williams. In- 
dorsed, " No. 3 Copy." — Franklin, Benjamin. 
Dec. 22, 1777. Copy of letter from Passy to 
Jonathan Williams. Same subjects ; ratifica- 
tion of Mr. Deane's orders. On reverse of 
preceding paper. Indorsed, " N® 4 Copy of Ex- 
tract." f. (i). 

Printed, in Papers in relation to the case of Silas Deane, 
p. 300, published hy the Seventy-six society, Philaddidiia. The 
note by Franklin, of Dec 22, 1777, on the reverse, is printed in 
the same, p. 193. 

52. Lee, Arthur. July 6, 1777. Letter from Berlin 

to his colleagues in Paris. Robbery of his 
papers; probable consequences, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 86; Le^s 
Life of Arthur Lee, II. 10. 

'Willlama, Jonathan. Jul^ 8, 1777. Letter 
from Nantes to the commissioners. Disposal 
of prizes ; fitting out of privateers, ff. (4). 




July 9, 10, 1777. Copy of two letters 

from Nantes to Thomas Morris. Disposal of 
prizes, ff. (2). 

- July 10, 1777. Letter from Nantes to the 
commissioners. Same subject; purchase of 
clothing ; discount credit, n. (4). 

July 12, 1777. Letter to the same. 

Thomas Morris ; prizes ; purchase of clothing, 
ff. (2). 

56. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, July 16, 1777. 
Copy of letter from Versailles to Franklin and 
Deane. American privateers in French ports. 
In French, ff. (2). 

Translation printed, Sparks^ Diplomatic correspondence, 
I. 3ZI. 

57. Copy of the same. — [Au^. 21, 1777.] 

Copy of letter to Grand (see original on p. 66). 
Privateers ; prizes ; Chaumont ; Hodge. — 
March 4, 1778. Extract of letter from Capt. 
Cunningham to Arthur Lee. Disposal of 
prizes. — Note by Arthur Lee. Deane. ff. (2). 

Translation of Vergennes' letter to Grand, SparW Diplomatic 
correspondence, II. 95. 

58. Schweighaoser, J. D. July 16, 1777 (?) Let- 
ter to the commissioners Disposal of Ameri- 
can goods and prizes. "July 16" added in 
Lee's(?) handwriting ; the year is not given. 
Indorsed in later hand in pencil, "i777(?)* 
ff. (2). 




59. Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. July 

17» ^777* Copy of letter to Vcrgcnnes. An- 
swer to his complaint of violation of neutrality 
by American privateers (see pp. 56, 57). ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic conrespondence, I. 314. 

60. "Weedon, George, G^n. July 18, 1777. Letter 
from "Clove(?) Camp m New Jersies" to 

R. H. Lee?]. Capture of Gen. Fresco tt. 

61. Pincqs dlSlMnstadt, Baruch. July 20, 1777. 

Letter from Vienna to Arthur Lee. Price of 
wool and cloth, ff. (2). 

Bollier, J. Aug. i, 1777. Account with the 
commissioners. In French. £E. (2). 

62. Penet, P. & cie. Aug, 2, 1777. Letter from 

Nantes to Arthur Lee. Financial transactions 
of the commissioners; complaints. £E. (2). 

Gerard, C. A. Aug. 4, 1777. Reply to Arthur 
Lee. £[. (2). 


, William. Aug. 9, 1777. Letter from Nantes 
to [F. L. Lee ?]. Difficulties as commercial 
agent at Nantes. Indorsed, ** F L L." ff. (2). 

— — . Aug. II, lyyj. Note to Arthur 
Lee. Appointment for breaikfast. News from 
America, ff. (2). 

64. laee, William. Aug. 12, 1777. Cop^ of letter 
from Nantes to R. li. Lee. Difficulties as com- 
mercial agent at Nantes, ff. (2). 

65. CommiasionerB to France. Aug. 12, 1777. 
Copy of letter to Vergennes. Hodge. In- 
dorsed, "Sent to Count Vergennes by M' 
Franklin jun^" ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspoodenca, I. 317. 

Franklin, Benjamin, ami Deane, Silas. May 
^Aug. I J, 1777. Copy of contracts with the 
firm of Holker fils, Sabatier fils & Desprez for 
furnishing cloth. In French. Copy certified 
by H. Ford, Sec'y. ff. (2). 

Translation of that of Aug. 15 printed, in Sparks* Diplomatic 
coCTc sp ondence, I. 3x8. 

66. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. Au^. 21, 1777. 
Letter to Grand. Privateers ; prizes ; Chau* 
mont ; Hodge. In French, ff. (2). (Imperfect 
— hole worn.) 

See copy on pw 57. Translatioa printed, Spark^ Dipkmiatic 
oorrespondence, 11. 9S< 

[Bridgen, Edward]. Aug. 29, 1777. Letter 
from London to [Arthur Lee]. American 

tolitics ; character of American agents. Signed, 
» B. Superscribed, '* Monsieur Johnstone." 
ff. (2). 
Printed, LeePs Life of Arthur Lee, II, 86. 

67. Jenningpi^ Edmund]. Sept, i, 1777. Letter to 

[Arthur Lee]. American affairs. Signed, 
"Robert Williams." f. (i). 
Printed, Lee's Life ol Arthur Lee, II. 99. 

[ ]. Letter to [Arthur Lee]. Trouble be- 
tween Franlelin and Lee ; Carmichael. Not 
dated. Signed, ** G. Harrison." Superscribed, 
" Monsieur Dupr^." ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's life of Arthur Lee, II. zoo. 

68. Wanson, , maitre tailleur, Sept. 2, 1777. 

Note in French. Lee's letters; Carmichael. 

[Gkurdoqui. James]. Sept. 4, 1777. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Proffers of per- 
sonal friendship; disposition of Spain toward 
America, ff. (2). 

69. [Commiaaionen to France]. Sept. 8, 1777. 
Copy of letter to "The Secret Committee.** 
Disposition of European powers toward Amer* 
ica ; financial situation of the commissioners ; 
English trade. Not signed. Attested by W. 
T. Franklin, ff. (4). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 315 ; Sparks' Diplo- 
matic correspondence, I. 319. where it is addressed, ** To the 
committee of foreign a^airs" (formerly the committee of secret 
correspondence, see Journals of congress, III. 142). 

70. [Oardoqoi, Joseph & Sons]. Sept. 13, 1777. 
Letter from Bilboa to Benjamin Franklin. Prof- 
fers of friendship ; consignment of tobacco ; 
Logoanere & Co.; Cuningham. ff. (2). (Im* 
perfect — torn.) 


71. Dtimaa, Karl Wilhclm Friedrich. Sept. 23, 1777. 
Letter to Arthur Lee. Lee*s journey to Berlia; 
John Adams; Samuel Adams; Cusning; New- 
man ; Franklin ; Deane ; Carmichael. Inclos- 
ing extracts from two other letters of his of 
same date. ff. (3). 

72. [Jennings, Edmund]. 5"^/. 24 (.?), 1777. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee]. Trouble between Franklin 
and Lee. Signed, ** George Harrison." Super- 
scribed, "Monsieur Letsom"(?) ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, 11. 90, where the date it 
given St^. vjtk. The date is apparently 33 changed to 34. 

Carmichael, William. Sept. 26, 1777. Note 
to Arthur Lee. Request for an interview. 
Answer, on same page, from Lee, appointing 
one. f. (i). 

73. 74. Thompson, Thomas, Ca^. Sept. 28, 1777. 

Copy of letter to the commissioners. Account 
of the Raleigh's voyage and encounter with a 
British fleet off the Bermudas, ff. (4). 

75. Oct. 5, 1777. Copy of the journal of the 

Raleigh. Indorsed, " Sent to Congress." ff. (2). 

76. Deane, Simeon. Oct. 7, 1777. Letter from 

Passy to " Capt. Joseph Hynson or Capt. John 
Folger." Packets to America. ■ With two 
other communications to Folger, Oct. 7, 19^ 
1777, on the reverse, the second signed by 
Franklin and Deane. f. (x). 

77. 78. Commiaaionera to France. Oct. 7, 1777. 

Copy of letter from Passy to "The Secret 
Committee." Money loans from Europe ; fail- 
ure of remittances ; commercial agents ; Ross ; 
Hodge ; Ceronio ; Gardoqui ; William Lee ; 
Izard. Attested, W. T. Franklin, ff. (4). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 319; Sparks* IMplo- 
matic correspondence, I. aWi where it is addressed "To the 
committee of foreign afiairs.*' This is probably correct, as the 
" Secret committee" was dissolved July 5. i777» and the " Com- 
mittee of secret c<»reqpondence,'* April Z7» X777« 

79. Roaignan, Sigard, Marquis de, Sardinian envoy 
to Berlin. Oct. 7, 1777. Letter from Berlin to 
Arthur Lee. Ticonderoga; Burgoyne ; electro- 
phons; Sayre. In French, ff. (2). 

Translation printed, Lee*s Life of Arthiur Lee, II. 363. 

[Gkurdoqui, James]. Oct. 16, 1777. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Supplies to 
America. Signed, J. G. ff. (2). 

80. [ ^J. Oct. 27, 1777. Letter to the same. 

Conduct of American privateers toward 
French and Spanish property ; American army 



at Saratoga; supplies for America. Not 
signed, n. (2). 

Sayre, Stephen. Oct. 27, 1777. Letter from 
Berlin to Franklin. Appeal for support, ff. (2). 

81. [JenningB, Edmund]. Oct. 1777. Letter to 
[Arthur Lee]. Carmichael. Signed, '*Tohn 
Harris." Superscribed, ** John Waters." rf. (^). 

Printed, Lee^s Li£e of Arthur Lee, II. 97. 

f ]. Nov, 4, 1777. Letter to the same. 

Same subject. Signed, "John Bourgcnville.*' 

f. (1). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 91. 

82. Lee, William. Ntn;, ii, 1777. Letter from 

Paris to his brother, [F. L. Lee ?J. Commer- 
cial agency at Naptes ; mission to Prussia ; 
Carmichael ; Capts. Babson and Kendrick ; 
Hodge ; Cuningham ; complaints against 
commissioners at Paris, pp. 8. 

83. Nov. 24, 1777. Letter from Paris to R. 

H. Lee. Commercial agency at Nantes ; ac- 
ceptance of appointment to Prussia ; com- 
plaints against Williams, Deane ; Thomas 
Morris ; Lloyd ; Montandouin ; Limozin ; use 
of public money, ff. (4). 

84. [Gardoqul, James]. Nov. 24, 1777. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Orders of con- 
gress; Ross's cargo of £our at Corunna (see 
p. 86) ; Burgoyne. ff. (2). 

[JenningB, Edmund]. Nov. 25, 1777. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee]. Disposition of England; 
hiring Swiss troops. Signed, "John Towns- 
end." ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 92. 

85. [CommiBBionexB to Franoe]. Nov. 25, 1777. 
Letter from Paris to Capt. Thomson. In- 
structions about prizes. Not signed, ff. (2). 

86. Robs, John. Nov. 25, 1777. Letter from Nantes 

to Arthur Lee. Gardoqui's letter ; cargo of 
flour at Corunna (see p. 04). ff. (2). 

87. [Gkurdoqvd, Joseph & Sons]. Nov. 26, 1777. 
letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Remittances 
to America, ff. (2). 

88. Grand, Ferdinand. Nov. 27, 1777. Memoran- 
dum of money remittances, f. (i). 

89. Dlgges, Thomas, of Maryland, Dec. i, 1777. 

Note to W. Thornton. List of American 
prisoners in Fortton prison near Portsmouth, 
Eng. ; their treatment, ff. (2). 

90. Boss, John. Dec. 2, 1777. Note from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Acknowledgment of letter. 


Rosignan, Sigard, Marquis de. Dec. 2, 1777. 
Letter from Berlin to [Arthur Lee]. Fordycc 
Bang ; Sayre ; Elliot ; electrophons. In 
French. Indorsed, N° 2. ff. (2). 
Tnmslation printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 365. 

91. Ross, Jo)in. Dec.z.iyjj. Letter from Nantes 
to the commissioners. Insurance of public 
property, ff. (2). 

-[Jennings, Edmund]. Dec. 2, 1777. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee]. News from America; Wash- 
in^on ; Howe ; Donop ; Burgoyne. Signed, 
"John Townsend." Superscribed, "Mon- 
sieur Waters." ff. (2). 

P<iated, LcePs Life of Arthor Lee^ II. 95. 

92. [Gardoqul, Joseph & Sons]. Dee. 3, 1777. 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America. Signed, J. G. ff. (2). 

93. Continental Congress, Second. Dec. 3, 1777. 
Resolutions on the issue of paper money ; di- 
rections to the commissioners; borrowing 
money from France. Signed, Henry Laurens, 
President ; -attest. Chas. Thomson Secy. In- 
dorsed, Duplicate, f. (i). 

The first two paragraphs were public, and printed in Jounub 
of confess, III. 55a ; the rest of the paper it. pnnted in 
Secret journals of congress, II. 55. 

94. [Jennings, Edmund]. Dec. 5, 1777. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee]. Howe; Burgoyne; Washing* 
ton. Signed, " C. (?) Townsend." Super- 
scribed, " Monsieur Dupre." ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee^ IL 94i where the ngnac 
tore is given as J. Townsend. 

Lee, Arthur. Dec. 10, 1777. Copy of letter 
from Paris to the earl of Shelburne. Treat- 
ment of prisoners; cruelty of Gen. Clinton. 
Indorsed, Lett. Book. i. p. 144. Copy com- 
pared by John Adams, f. (i). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 104 ; Sisarks' Diplo* 
matic correspondence, II. 119, where it is dated Dec- 14. 

95. [Gko'doqui, Tames]. Dec. 10, 1777. Lettet 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America ; Capt. Babson ; Capt. Hibbert. Not 
signed, ff. (2). 

Franklin, Benjamin. Z^^r. 11, 1777. Copy of 
letter from Paris to Sir Grey Cooper. Con- 
dition of American prisoners in England ; 
Major Thornton. With copv of instructions 
from the commissioners to Major Thornton. 
Attested, W. T. Franklin, ff. (2). 

96. Mollett, Thomas. Dec. T4, 1777. Letter from 
Bristol to ?, introducing William Steven- 
son, ff. (2). 

Ross, John. Dec. 16, 1777. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. American vessels; 
British cruisers ; Hodge, ff. (2). 

97. [Gardoqul, Joseph & Sons]. Dec. 17, 1777. 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America, ff. (2). 

98. Morxls, Robert. Dec. 17, 1777. Copv of 
letter from Manheim to William Smith of the 
commercial committee at York, Eng. Conduct 
of Thomas Morris, ff. (2). 

[Gko'doqui, James]. Dec. 18, 1777. Letter 

from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Washington; 

Howe ; supplies for America. Not signed, 
ff. (2); 

99. 100. [Commissioners to Franoe]. Dec. 18, 

1777. Copy of letter from Paris to the com- 
mittee for foreign affairs (formerly committee 
of secret correspondence). Burgoyne's sur- 
render ; treaty of amitv and commerce with 
France ; remittances ot money ; favors from 
France ; Lord Stormont ; treatment of prison- 
ers. Directed to Robert Morris, ff. (4). 
Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. 355. 

1 01. Schulenburg-Kehnert, F. W., Baron de. 
Dec. 18, 1777. Letter from Berlin to Arthur 
Lee. Burgoyne's surrender. In French, with 
translation by Lee. ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 130 ; Lee's 
Life of Arthur Lm, I. 98. 



[JeQningB, Edmund]. Dec. 22, 1777. Letter 
to [Arthar Lee]. London news ; Stevenson. 
Signed, " C. Townsend." f . ( i ). 

102. Qrand, Ferdinand. Dec, 23, 1777. Receipt to 
Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

Letter from 
Shipments to 

., I777' Letter 
from Paris to [the commissioners ? j. Request 
for commission in American navy. In French, 
ff. (2). 

John. Dec, 24, 1777. 
Nantes to the commissioners. 
America, flf. (2). 

loj. BoQZ, , Capt, Dec. 24, 

), Stephen. Dec. 25, 1777. Letter from 
Copenhagen to the commissioners. His plans 
about gomg to America ; disposition of Den- 
mark toward America, ff. (2). 

104-107. Monls, Robert. Dec. 26, 1777. Copy of 
letter from Manheim to Henry Laurens. Con- 
duct of Thomas Morris, ff. (4). 

108. Ross, John. Dec. 27, 1777. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Fitting out cruisers, 
ff. (2). 

109. [Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons]. Dee. 27, 1777. 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America ; Capt. Hibbert ; Burgoyne ; Howe. 
Signed,J. G. &Co. ff. (2). 

110. 'Waller, John. Dec. 28, 1777 (?). Letter from 
Plymouth, Eng., to David Hartley. Condition 
of American prisoners ; Condry, the agent ; 

. Burgoyne. ff. (3). (Date partly illegible from 

111. Carmlohael. William. Dec. 30, 1777. Let- 
ter from Nantes to the commissioners. Ships 
to America; Williams, ff. (2). 

MoniB, Thomas. Dec. 30 ^r 31, 1777. Copy 
of letter from Nantes to Jonathan Williams. 
Appointment of Williams as assistant in the 
commercial agency at Nantes. Indorsed, N<> 5. 
f. (i). (Imperfect — part of date torn off.) 

112. Moylan, James. Dec. 31, 1777. Letter from 
L*Orient to Arthur Lee. British proposition to 
raise Catholic regiments in Ireland ; Macintosh, 
a Scotch spy. With copy of letter from the 
commissioners to him promising him the con- 
trol of the public business at L'Orient. In- 
dorsed, No. 5. ff. (3). 

113. [Berkenhont, — , Dr. 1777.1 Letter 
to Arthur Lee. Capture of the Fox ; Washing- 

. ton ; Philadelphia ; paper money. Not signed, 
dated, or addressed, ff. (2). 

82". Iienone, . Nau. 11, 1777. Letter from 

P^s, in French, to Arthur lie. Colombo and 
Lauty. Indorsed, " Letters relative to the rob- 
bery of our Despatches by Folger." ff. (2). 

This Daper was inadvertently omitted {ram ita proper chrono- 
logical place. 


I. Sterezuioii, William. Jan. i, 1778. Claim for 
/'500 on the French governor-general at Gua- 
dalupe. With note in pencil by Arthur Lee. 
ff. (2). 

2. Carmiohael, William. \About Jan. 3, 1778.] 
Note to Arthur Lee. Departure for America. 
Dated, " Saturday 6 oclock." ff. (2). 

For the circumstances of this and the three following papen. 

see Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, 1. 373, 374 ; and Papers in relation 

I. p. 54* published " 
enty-six society, Philadelptiia. 

to the case of Silas Deane. p. 54, published Id 1855 by the Sev^ 

3. Btevenson, William. \yan. 4, 1778.] Letter to 

the commissioners. Despatches for America, 
ff. (2). 

4. Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. Jan. 

4, 1778. Answer to Stevenson's note (p. 3) 
Despatches for America, f. (i). 

5. Stevenson, William. Jan. 4, 1778. Reply to 

the letter of Franklin and Deane. Explanation 
of his position, ff. (2). 

William. Jan. 4, 1778. Letter to F. L. 
Lee. Stevenson ; Carmichael ; Hodge ; Deane ; 
Burgoyne's surrender; British plans for new 
campaign; prospect of European war. ff. (2). 

6. Letter, dated " Alnewick,*' to [Arthur Lee]. Jan* 
4, 1778. Burgoyne's expedition ; Harcourt ; 
sympathy with America. P. S. dated, Jan. 13. 
Not si^ed, perhaps imperfect; addressed, 
" Dear Friend " ; indorsed, N® 4. f. (i). 


John. Jan. 5, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Stevenson, ff. (2). 

[Lovell, James]. Jan. 5, 1778. Portion of let- 
ter to R. H. Lee. Ticondero^a ; attorney-gen- 
eral Sergeant of Pennsylvania ; Patterson of 
New Jersey. Date and name indorsed on back. 

i. (1). 

Jan. c, 1778. Letter from York [Pennsyl- 
vania] to [K. H. Lee .^]. Loss of public papers, 
sent by the commissioners through Capt. Fol- 
ger; Gen. Howe ; Burgoyne. With an explan- 
atory indorsement and names filled out in an- 
other hand. ff. (2). 

>, Arthur. Jan. 5, 1778. Draft of letter from 
Paris to [the committee of foreign affairs]. Re- 
sult of his missions to Spain and Prussia ; effect 
of Burgoyne's surrender ; friendly attitude of 
Prussia. With a copy of a note in French from 
Schulenburg, dated, Dec. 23, 1777. Indorsed, 
" Committee " and " No 7." ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, IL 16; and with verbal 
differences in Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, IL 123, on p. 
laa of which is a translation of Schulenburg's note. 

9. Jan. 5, 1778. Letter from Paris to [R. H. 

Lee]. Treaty of commerce with Portugal ; Brit- 
ish defence of Canada, ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, IL ia6. 

10,11. [Thornton, John (?), iWiylpr. Behveen Jan, 
5 and Jan. 8, 1778.] Memorandum to the com- 
missioners. Prisoners confined by the British 
at Forton prison near Portsmouth, Eng. With 
list of those in prison Dec. 29, 1777. ff. (6). 
(Imperfect — each page worn.) 

Probably not the whole, as it is not signed or dated. Name 
indorsed on outside. 

12. — Copy of one sentence in the same. Dr. 
Bancroft " stock -jobbing " in London for com- 
missioners. Copy attested by H. Ford, scc*y. 


, Arthur. Jan. 10, 1778. Extract from a 
letter to Franklin and Deane. Williams's ac- 
counts. Indorsed in Lee's handwriting, '* taken 
from 49th page Letterbook, Vol 2^ " ; also in 




John Adams's, '* Copy from a Letter Book of 
the Hon. A. Lee compared by John Adams.'' 
£. (I). 

13. [Gardoqtii, Joseph & Sons], ydn, 10, 1778. Let- 
ter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Capt. CuninK- 
ham's prize ; supplies for America. Signed, J. 
G. & Co. ff. (2). 

M» 15- CrOpy of examination/ yiin, 12, 1778, of 
Capt. Folger. Opening of despatches to con- 
gress, (see p. 8). Signed, James Lovell. ff. (4). 

id Dumas, Karl Wilhelm Friedrich. ^an, 13, 
1778. Letter from the Hague, in French, to 
Arthur Lee. News from America ; effect of 
good news on money-lenders in Holland ; Van 
Berkel ; commissions in American army ; pub- 
lication of a new encyclopaedia. Signed, D. 
ff. (2). 

[Oardoqni, Joseph & Sons], y'an. 14, 1778. 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur lie. Shipment 
of supplies for America.- Signed, J. G. 8c Co. 
ff. (2). 

17. [CommiasionerB to France], yan. 16, 1778. 
Copy of orders to Capt. John Paul Tones of the 
Ranger. Disposal of prizes ; conduct toward 
neutral powers ; mention of Moylan, Gourlade 
[Goulard], Sam. Delap, T. H. Delap, Gardoqui, 
Leoganere. Signed by Franklin and Deane. — 
Note added, ^an. 17, 1778, by Lee. Disap- 
proval of part of these orders. — Note added, 
^an. 17, 1778, by Franklin and Deane. Con- 
irmation of orders and reasons therefor, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. 361, where 
the name Leoganere is spelled Leagonere. 

[Dmnaji, K. W. F.]. j^an, 16, 1778. Letter 
from the Hague, in French, to Arthur Lee. News 
from Hamburg, Lcyden, Magdeburg; William 
Lee ; Franklin, Mansfield. Signed, D. ff. (2). 

18. Schulenburg-Kehnert, Friedrich Wilhelm, 
Baron de. Jan. 16, 1778. Letter from Berlin, 
in French, to Arthur Lee. Expressions of 
friendship ; arrangement about letters ; Gen. 
Howe ; promise of Prussia's acknowledgment, 
after France ; permission for the purchase of 
guns and ammunition in Prussia. Indorsed, 
No. 8. ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Translation printed. Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, II. 
125, -which differs from the one on p. 19. 

19. Translation of the same by Arthur Lee. 

(Imperfect — edges much worn.) 

Printed, from thb imperfect copy, in Lee's Life of Arthur 
I«e, H. 18. 

[Lovell, Tames]. Jan, 17, 1778. Copy of 
letter to [Arthur Lee ?] in Paris. Robbery of 
the despatches to congress, sent through Capt. 
Folger. ff. (2). 

This seems to be to one of the commissioners, yet not to 
Franklin or Deane ; but the doubt about its being to Lee comes 
toward the close, where Lowell asks his corresjpondent to *' en- 

auire of R. H. Lee*s worthy brothers" concerning the nature of 
le inclosure sent to R. H. Lee. 

ao. Extraots, Jan. 20-28, 1778, from news at Lon- 
don and Brest of American events. In French. 
Superscribed, Monsieur Franklin. In the same 
handwriting as the notes from Malesherbes on 
p. 23. ff. (2). 

Stevensoxi, William. Jan. 2T, 1778. Letter 
from Nantes to Arthur Lee. Capt. Nicholson ; 
Carmichaers opinion of Deane and Izard, ff. (2). 

1778. Letter 
Return from 

ff. (2). 

1778. Letter 

21. Uoyd, John. Jan> 22, 1778. Letter from 

Nantes to Arthur Lee. Carmichaers opinion 
of Deane and Izard, ff. {2). 

22. (Qflurdoqni, James]. Jan. 22, 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. 
Madrid to Bilboa. Not signed. 

Bancroft, Edward. J<tn. 22, 

from Passy to Arthur Lee. Resentment at Lee's 

suspicion of him. ff. (2). 

23. [Dumas, K. W. F.L Jan, 23, 1778. Letter 
from the Hague in French to the commission- 
ers. Prussia's refusal of passage to British mer- 
cenaries ; assurances of friendship, ff. (2). 

laamolgnon de Malesherbea^ Chretien Guil- 
laume cU^ Minister of State. Jan. 24, 1778. 
Note of invitation in French to Arthur Lee. 
William Lee; Sarsfield. f. (i). 

Note to Arthur Lee. Sarsfield. Not 

dated, f. (i). 

24. Lee, Arthur. yfl«. 27, 1778. Copy of letter to 

Carmichael. Demand for the despatches sent 
through him to Congress ; with copy of Car- 
michael's reply refusing them. Indorsed, ** In- 
closed in Mr. Carmichael's information delivered 
in ^lay 3. 1779." ff. (2). 
For original of Carmichael's, tee p. 3a 

Cuahixig, Thomas, 7r, Jan. 27, 1778. Letter 
from Nantes to Arthur Lee. Capt. Nicholson ; 
departure for America; charge of letters, ff. (2). 

25. [6ardoqui,Joseph&Sons]. y<i«. 28, T778. Let- 
ter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America. Signed, J. G. Sc Co. ff. (2). 

26. Rosa, John. Jan. 29, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to the commissioners. Thomas Morris's condi- 
tion of health ; care of public papers, ff. (2). 

Arthur. Jan. 30, 1778. Copy of letter 
to iPranklin and Deane. Dangerous conse- 

?[uences of the 12th article of the treaty of 
amity and] commerce with France. With copy 
of reply. Fed. x, 1778, agreeing to its omission, 
ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. ia6 ; Sparks' Diplo- 
matic correspondence, II. \zj, 

Tj. Lee, Thomas, nephew of Arthur Lee. Jan. 31, 
1778. Letter to Arthur Lee. Carmichael's 
refusal to deliver the despatches asked for Jan. 
27th, (see p. 24). ff. (2). 

38. {Berkenhout, , Dr. Feb. 1778.] Letter to 

[Arthur Lee]. Howe ; Washington ; Com- 
wallis ; English political parties ; America's in- 
dependence ; publication of a pamphlet against 
Franklin ; Israel Mauduit ; manufactories ; 
Edmund TuUy. Not dated, signed, or super- 
scribed ; addressed, *' Amico charissimo." ff. (2). 

Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. Feb. 
I, 1778. Original of the reply to Lee, (see p. 
26). 12th article of the treaty, f. (i). 

Printed, I^ee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. xa8 ; Sparks^ Dipb* 
matic correspondence, IL 129. 

29. Stevenaon, William. Feb. i, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Carmichael's position 
toward Franklin, Deane, and I^e. ff. (2). 

Copiea of portions of letters about Carmichael 
and Deane. Jan. 22, 1778. John Lloyd from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee, (see p. 21). — Jan, 24, 
1778. The same to the same. — Jan. 21, 1778. 
William Stevenson to Arthur Lee, (see p. 20*. 



'-'Fei, I, 1778. The same to the same, (see p. 
29, above). (Imperfect — unfinished.) 

30. ZVanklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. Feb, i, 

1778. Copy of letter to Gerard. Omission of 
the nth and 12th articles from the treaty. At- 
tested by W. T. Franklin. With copy of Lee's 
letter on the same subject (see p. 26). ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthor Lee, L is8; Sparks' Diplo- 
anatic correspondence, II. 130. 

Cazmiohael, William. Feb. i, 1778. Original 
of the reply to Lee's letter to him, (see p. 24). 
Delivery of despatches, fif. (2). 

31. -^— Another copy of the same. Attested by 
Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

32. AffidaTit, Feb. 2, 1778, by Thomas Lee, Wm. 

Stevenson, and J. Thornton. Interview with 
Carmichael, (see pp. 24, 27, 30, 31, 32 below). 
In Thornton's handwriting, tt. (2). 

XfOe, Thomas. Feb. 5, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Interview of Ross with Car- 
michael ; despatches for congress. fiE. (2). 
(Partly illegible from a stain.) 

33-39. nrance and United States of America. 
Feb. 6, 1778. Copy in French of the treaty of 
amity and commerce. Not signed, dated, or 
fillea out completely and with the two disputed 
articles, ff. (14). 

Printed, Martens' Recuetl de tratt^s, tic. s* ^d. II. 587^-602 ; 
sad traaslation in Treaties, etc. between the U. S. and ot^r 
powers, Washington, 1871, p. 244, ttc 

40U Feb. 6, 1778. Copy in French and English 

of the " Act separate and secret " of the treaty. 
Compared with the original by Arthur Lee. f . 


English transbtion printed, Treaties, gie. between the U. S. 
and other powers, p. 254. 

41. Commiflelonen to France. [Sept. i, 1778.] 
D^laration. Draft in French of the act rescind- 
ing the nth and X2th articles of the treaty. £. 


Printed, Martens* Recueil de trait^s, etc. 2* iA. II. 602 ; and 
English transUtioa in Treaties, etc. between the U. S. and other 
powers, p. 247. 

42. Lee, Arthur. Feb. a 1778. Letter to F. L. 

Lee. Treaty with France ; conduct of Car- 
michael and Deane. Addressed, " D^ Loudon." 
ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's LiCe of Arthur Lee, II. 132. 

Copies of portions of letters about Carmichael 
and Deane. The same as those on p. 29. With 
the addition of one dated Feb. 10, 1778, from 
Lloyd to Lee. ff. (2). (Imperfect — unfinished.) 

43. Gknilard, J. C. F. & fils, Merchants at VOrienf. 
Feb. 10, 1778. Letter in French from Frankfort 
to Arthur Lee. Receipt of letter; American 
news [Burgoyne's surrender]; proffers of friend- 
ship, ff. (2). 

[Wharton, Joseph]. F^. 11, 1778. Letter to 
(Major John ?] Thornton. Complaint about 
letters. Signed, " Tudyuscung " ; indorsed, 
N** 4. Certified to be Wharton's handwriting 
by M. Livingston, July 13, 1778, and by Mat- 
thew Mease, July 29, 1778. ff. (2). 

44. Sarafield. ^1 Comte de. Feb 14, {1778]. Note 

in French to Arthur Lee. Invitation to dinner 
with Malesherbes and Franklin. With seal, 
ff. (a). 

45. Lee, Arthur. {Feb, 15, 1778.] Draft of letter 
to the committee of foreign correspondence 
Beauraarchais ; Lauregais; Wilkes; Deane. 

f. (I). 

This is marked P. S. and is without date. Printed, with ver- 
bal differences, in Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 134, 
where it stands not as a P. S. but bears the date Feb. 15, 1778! 
and is addressed, " Gentlemen " ; ii also has there an additional 
sentence and the testinK>nial of Lauregais. 

46. Pasteur, William. \Feb. 16, 1778.] Letter from 

Williamsburg, Va., to William Lee. Request 
for goods for the Williamsburg manufactory; 
John King ; John GreenKow ; Saml. Gist. With 
mvoice. ff. (3). 

47. Pringle, John Julius. Feb. 17, 1778. Extrait 
d'un discours fait par Mons'. C. Fox & public 
dans le courier de I'Eurtfpe 24. Fev 1778.** 
Franklin's intelligence that the treaty wait 
signed, f. (i). 

With a note added by Sparks, *' Dr. Franklin's name b not 
mentioned by Mr. Fox. — See ' Parliamentary Register ' of the 
above date " [Feb. 17, 1778]. 

48* Isee^ Ludwell, nephew of Arthur Lee, The same 
extract copied from the Courier. With note, 
*^Feb. 18, 1779 Copy compared by John Ad- 
ams." f. (i). 
With a note by Sparks similar to that on the last paper. 

[Lee, William]. Feb. 17, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to F. L. Lee. Thomas Morris ; John 
Ross ; Robert Morris ; Schweighauser ; John 
Bondfield ; treaty ; German embassy ; military 
situation of England ; Washington ; Samuel 
Adams ; Dr. Shippen. Not signed ; addressed, 
" My Dear Loudoun." ff. (2). 

49. [Hartley. David, M. P\. Feb. 18, 1778. Let- 
ter from London to John Thornton. Lord 
North; conciliation; treaty. Signed, "D H". 

IJoyd, John. Feb. 18, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to [Arthur Lee]. Carmichael ; Deane ; Frank- 
lin ; Williams. Addressed, " Dear Sir " ; not 
superscribed, ff. (2). 

5a [Gardoqni, Joseph & Sons]. Feb. 18, 1778. 
Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Shipment 
of supplies for America. Signed, J. G. & Co. 
ff. (2). 

Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. Feb. 
22, 1778. Copy of letter to [C. A. Gerard]. 
Rumor of treaty between Howe and Washing- 
ton ; Hartley's letter of Feb. 18, (see p. 51 ). 
ff. (2). 

See SpaHcs* Franklin, VIIT. 333, natty where a portion is 
printed as addressed to Vergennes with date Ftb. f . Franklin 
himself saysj in a letter to Lee on p. 341 of the same volume, that 
he wrote this to Gerard. As the communications to Vergennes 
were usually through Gerard, this is probably the explanation of 
Veqtennes' name in Sparks' note. 

51. Copies of letters between Franklin, Deane, and 

Lee. Return of despatches by Simeon Deane ; 
acknowledgment of the commissioners by the 
French court. Feb, 26, 1778. Lee to Franklin 
and Deane. — Feb. 27, 1778. Franklin and 
Deane to Lee. — Feb. 27, 1778. Lee to Frank- 
lin and Deane. — Feb. 28, 1778. Franklin and 
Deane to Lee, (see p. 52). ff. (2). 

The first two are printed in Sparks' Diplomatic oorrespon* 
dence, II. 136, 137. 

52. Rom, John. Feb. 26, 1778. Letter from Nantes 

to Arthur Lee. Thomas Morris ; Robert Mor* 
ris : complaint about William Lee's interfer- 
ence, ff. (2). 



I^nkHn, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. Feb, 
28, 1778. Letter to Arthur Lee. Copying of 
the treaties ; sailing of a convoy, f . )• 
This is the original of the last copy on p. 51. 

55, 54. [CommiSBionerB to France]. Feb. 28, 
1778. Copy of letter to the committee for for- 
eign affairs. Return of despatches ; conclu- 
sion of the treaty of amity and commerce ; Lord 
North's conciliatory bills ; future prospects of 
America ; friendship of France ; Babson and 
Hendricks ; William Lee and Thomas Morris ; 
Bermudas ; Newfoundland. Attested by W. 
T. Franklin, ff. (4). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondenGe, I. 369; Lee*8 
Life of Arthur Lee, I. 330. 

55. Izard, Ralph. Feb. 28, 1778. Letter to Arthur 

Lee. Acknowledgment of the commissioners 
at the French court, f. (i). 

"Williams, Jonathan. Feb. 28, 1778. Letter 
from Nantes to the commissioners. Sailing of 
fleet from Quiberon ; detention of the Duchesse 
de Grammont ; credit with Grand ; cost of fit- 
ting the Ranger; agreement with Thomas Mor- 
ris ; escape of Capt. Johnson of the Lexington, 
ff. (2). 

56. Chatimonti Le Ray ^^. March i, 1778. Letter, 
in French, from rassy to Arthur Lee. De- 
spatches, f. (i). 

57. Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. March 

I, 1778. Note to Arthur Lee. Despatches ; 
change of appointment. — Note added by W. 
T. Franklin. Lee's engagement to dinner with 
Messrs. Chalut. f. (i). 

Ghaumont, Le Ray de. March i, 1778. Let- 
ter, in French, from Passv to M. De Kater at 
Bordeaux. Lee's despatches, ff. (2). 


58. [Thornton, John, fnajor\ (?). March 3, 1778. 
Note from London to [the commissioners ?]. 
Troops to Canada, Newfoundland ; Lord George 
Germain ; Portsmouth ; rumor that France will 
declare the independency of America. Not 
signed or addressed. Indorsed, Thornton, ff. (2). 

Franklin, William Temple. March i, 1778. 
Note to Arthur Lee. Copying letter to con- 
gress. With seal. ff. (2). 

59. EsBay in French, March i, 1778. Concilia- 
tory propositions of Great pritain ; treaty with 
France. Not signed or addressed, ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — worn.) 

60. Franklin, Benjamin, and Deane, Silas. March 
, 1778. Note to Arthur Lee. Appointment ; 
espatches by Austin, ff. (2). 

Commiasionera to France. March 4, 1778. 
Copy of note to C. A. Gerard. Appointment, 
f. (I). 

Gerard, Conrad Alexander. March 4, 1778. 
Answer to the commissioners, f. (i). 

61. Uano, y Marquis de^ Ambassador from Spain 

to Sweden. March 5, 1778. Note in French to 
Arthur Lee. Acceptance of an invitation to 
meet Franklin, f. (i). 

nranklin, Benjamin. March 5, 1778. Note to 
Arthur Lee. Acceptance of invitation, ff. (2). 

62. I^ranklin, Benjamin. March 6, 1778. Copy of 
letter to William Lee. Appointment of com- 
mercial agents ; Williams ; Thomas Morris's 
papers. — il/4zrir>& 12, 1778. Copy of William 


Lee's reply. Indorsed, "39 f." Aftested by 
William Lee. ff. (2). 

Part of the former printed, Spark^ Diplomatic oorre^Mn* 
dence, II. 164, nott. 

Thornton, Tohn(.'), major, March 7, 1778. 
Receipt to Henry Grand for £21 (twenty-one 
pounds), f. (i). 

63. Rosa, John. March 12, 1778. Letter from 

Nantes to the commissioners. Thomas Mor- 
ris's papers ; William Lee ; departure of ves- 
sels from Nantes ; Arthur Lee ; the Revenge ; 
Hodge ; disputes about the commercial busi- 
ness. Indorsed by Arthur Lee, June 26, 1778, 
^This Letter was not shewn to me." ff. (2}. 

64. [Oardoqui, Joseph & Sons]. March 14 (?), 
1778. Letter from Bilboa to Arthur Lee. Sup- 
plies for America, ff. (2). 

The day of the month is illeigible from having been altered. 

65. Franklin, Benjamin. March it, 1778. Letter 
to Arthur Lee. Departure of Beaumarin's pack- 
ets from Bordeaux ; presentation of bills drawn 
by Hancock and Lawrence ; request for an in- 
terview. With note added by Lee appointing 
an interview, ff. (2). 

Franklin's letter printed. Sparks* Franklin, VIII. 248. • 

Gerard, C. A. March 17, 1778. Note in French 
to the commissioners. Appointment for their 
presentation at court, ff. (2). 

Translation printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. 

66. Memorandum, March 17, 1778. Shipment of 

Izard's effects by " Benjamin et Calverley Ber- 
wicke " in the ship Nile, Capt. Goldsmith, for 
A. M. Mantinelli, Leghorn, to send to Abbe 
Niccoli. In French, ff. (2). 

This ship was taken by a French privateen and her goods, 
including Izard's, confi$cated to the.captms. Several letters cm 
the subject passed between the commissioners, Vergennes, Izard, 
and Sartine, in September and October, 177S. See Sparks' Dip- 
lomatic correspondence, I. 459-461, 467, 470-475, 478, 479. 

[Bridgen, Edward]. March x8, 1778. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee]. Introduction of Gamier; re- 
spects to Franklin ; William Lee ; Sayre. In- 
dorsed, *'M. Garnier never came near me." ff. 
(2). (Imperfect — signature torn out.) 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 87. 

67. [— ]• March 18, 1778. Letter to the same. 
Sendmg of newspapers ; Gerard ; Garnier ; di- 
rection of letters. Not signed; superscribed, 
*' Mons. Alexander Johnstone." ff. (2). 

With a request, in the closing paragraph, d)at his signature 
to the preceding letter be cut out or theletter burned. 

Ghaumont, Le Ray de. March 23, 1778. Note 
in French to Arthur Lee. Packages from Gar- 
nier. ff. (2). 

68. Rosa, John, ^arr^ 23, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Thomas Morris's papers ; Wil- 
liam Lee ; Deane ; recriminations, ff. (4). 

69. Franklin, Benjamin. March 24, 1778. Copy 

of note to William Lee. Treaty to be kept se- 
cret, f. (i), 

Uoyd, John. March 24, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to [Arthur Lee]. Presentation of com- 
missioners ; Ross. ff. (2). 

70. [Lee, Arthur. Behveen March 24 and April I, 

1778.] Letter to F. L. Lee. Recommendation 
of Mr. Archer ; Ross and Williams ; Robert 
Morris; Deane. Not signed, ff. (2). 



71. Lacolaqaeta, Josef de, March 24, 1778. Let- 

ter from Cadiz, in Spanish, to Benjamin Frank- 
lin. Capture of the Fortuna, Capt. Bertrand 
Renguen ;' rights of neutrals, ff. (2). 

72. Robs, John. March 28, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Credit of Willing, 
Morris & Co. ; Schweighauser ; Gardoqui ; 
William Lee. ff. (2). 

73. Gardoqni, Tames. March 30, 1778. Letter 
from Madricf to Arthur Lee. Fleet at Havana ; 
Lord Grantham's brother, ff. (2). 

Mortimer, Charles. March 31, 1778. Letter 
from London to Arthur Lee. Misfortunes; 
desire to return to Virginia ; request for pro- 
tection ; William Lee. ff. (2). 

74. Franklin, Benjamin. March 31, 1778. Copy 
of letter to Henry Laurens, as president of 
congress. Testimony to Deane*s character and 
services, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Franklin, VIII. S55; Sparks' Diplomatic 
correspondence, I. tao. 

75. Gkxard, C. A. April i, 1778. Copy of note, 
in French, to Arthur Lee. Departure for 
America. With copy of answer, f. (i). 

T>aosIaticm and answer printed, Sparks* Diplomatic corre- 
■poodence, 11. 144. 

76. Sanfield, , Comte de, April 3, 1778. Let- 
ter, in French, to [Arthur Lee]. Invitation to 
dine with Duchess d'Enville ; maps of Spain, 
ff. (2). 


\ John. April 4, 1778. Letter from 
Bilbao to Benjamin Franklin. Trouble about 
prizes : — Capt. Babson, Capt. Hibbert of the 
Hawke, Wood of the Britannia, Capt. John 
Allen ; firm of Lynch, KillikeUy & Maroney ; 
Capt. Hodge; Burgoyne. ff. (2). 

78. Statement, [April, 1778], in Spanish. The 
same affair of Capts. Hibbert, Wood, and 
Allen ; John Emery ; Manuel Gomez ; Patrick 
MacMahon. No date or signature, ff. (2). 

79. Roee, John. April 6, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Willing, Morris & Co.; re- 
criminations, ff. (2). 

Gomba & Archdeacon. A^il 6fipS. Let- 
ter, in French, from Dunkirk to [Benjamin 
Franklin ?]. Clearance of bottles of rum. Not 
superscribed, f. (i). 

80. Lenoue, — — . April 7, 1778. Note from 

Paris to Arthur Lee. Passport for Letellier. 
Indorsed, N. 4. ff. (2). 

[Jennin^B, Edmund. April 7 (?), 1778.] Let- 
ter to [Arthur Lee]. " Rescript " of French 
ambassador; effect on England; Sardinian 
embassy; peace with America; Gov. John- 
stone ; Chatham ; Gen. Conway ; [Sir William 
Meredith] ; Lord North ; Burke ; pamphlet on 
the conciliatory bills. Not dated ; signed, 
Duncan Donaldson; superscribed. Monsieur 
Johnstone, ff. (2). (Imperfect: — torn.) 

81. Blake, William. April 8, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to [Arthur Lee?]. Departure for 
America ; oner to take letters for Izard and 
Arthur Lee; desire for convoy. Not super- 
scribed, f. (!)• 

Dumas, K. W. F. April 10, 1778. Letter, in 
French, from the Hague to the commissioners. 
Relation between Holland and England ; Van 
Berckel ; Ostend, Dort, Haarlem, Amsterdam, 
Zealand ; Deane ; Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 

82. Enumeration, April 10, 1778, of French fleet. 

In French, dated Brest. D'Estaing; Keppel ; 
Howe. ff. (4). (Partly illegible from stains.) 

83. Franklin, W. T. [April 10, 1778.] Note in 
behalf of Dr. Franklin to Arthur Lee. Pres- 
entation of John Adams ; Fran9ois, Garnier, 
Vergennes, Maurepas. Not dated, ff. (2). 

84. Vergennes, C. G., Comle de. April ii, 1778. 
Letter from Versailles to Franklin and Lee. 
Arrival of John Adams, ff. (2). 

Livingston, M., Capt. April 11, 1778. At- 
testation. Bancroft ; Wharton ; treaty with 
France known in England. Witness, Geo. 
Digges. Indorsed, N°. 6. f. (i). 
See Papers in relation to the case of Silas Deane, p. 159, tte, 

85. BondfieId,John, April 14, lyyS. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Departure of vessels ; 
supply of clothes for soldiers, ff. (2). 

Digges, George. April 14, 1778. Statement, 
dated Paris. Capt. Bamet ; Euge ; Capt. Mac- 
Farlin [MacFarland] ; Chaumont; Capt. Tuck- 
er. Indorsed, "Digges v. Chaumont,'' and 
"Thornton." f. (i). 

86. [Mauduit, Israel]. April 16, 1778. Copy of 
paper on British prospects in America ; peace, 
and acknowledgment of independence ; war 
with France. Copied by Arthur Lee at this 
date and indorsed, ** Written by Mr. Mauduit 
by the direction of Ld. North & circulated 
under the Orders of Administration." ff. (2). 

Printed. Remembrancer, VI. nc, where it is stated that it was 
written about March i^, 1778, and "circulated at the doors of 
the two Houses of Parliament." 

Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, April 17, 1778. 
Copy of letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Thanks for news. Copy certified by H. Ford, 
sec'y. f. (i). 

87. 'Williams, Jonathan. April 18, 1778. Letter 
from Nantes to [Benjamin Franklin ?]. Con- 
flict of commercial powers ; Arthur Lee ; 
William Lee; Schweighauser. ff. (2). 

88. Ziimosin, Andrew. April 18, 1778. Letter 
from Havre de Grace to Arthur Lee. Capt. 
Hynson ; Deane ; Carmichael ; Folger ; Robert 
Morris ; William Lee ; *John Adams, ff. (4). 

89. Dufouroq, April 18, 1778. M^moire, 

from Bayonne. Claims upon the ship Sally 
from Salem ; Capt. Thomas ; Payez ; Gardoqui ; 
Bassecourt ; Boussignac ; Ossun ; Boyetet ; 
Florida Blanca ; Hoz^ ; Birmingham ; ^bing- 
ton; Lamy. In French, ff. (2). 

90. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. April 19, 1778. 
Copy of letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Thanks for English paper. Copy certified by 
H. Ford, sec'y. f. (i). 


[MoxriB, Robert] ? April 22, 1778. Copy of 
letter from Manheim to John Langdon. Settle* 
ment of secret committee's accounts. Copy 
compared by Wm. Duer, sec'y. Signature 
worn or torn off. f. (x). (Imperfect —bottom 
worn off.) 



91. Iiee, Arthur. April 24, 1778. Copy of letter 
to Count Vergennes. David Hartley. " Du- 
plicate copy from the Letter Book," certified 
Dy H. Ford, sec'y. f. (i). 

Printed, Spaxics* Diplomatic correspondence, II. 156; Le^a 
Ufa of Arthur Lee, I. 143. 

I, C. G., Comte de. April 24, 1778. 
Copy of answer, in French, to the last paper. 
Same subject. Certified by H. Ford, sec'y. 

f. (I). 

Translation printed, Spark^ Diplomatic correspondence, II. 
Z57 ; Lee's Life of Axthur Lee, I. 144. 

92. — . April 24, 1778. Original of the last 
paper, with translation by Lee. ff. (2). 

Bondfield, John. April 25, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Barnet; MacFar- 
land; affairs in Virginia ; King. £E. (2). 

9J. [JenningB, Edmund]. April 26, 1778. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee]. Condition of England; 
books ; Gov. Johnstone ; Ferguson ; ** Common 
Sense.'' Signed, Donald McGregor; super- 
scribed, John Pringle. if. (2). 

Printedi Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 91. 

94. Bartine, Antoine Raymond Jean Gualbert 
Gabriel de^ Minister of Marines. April 26, 
1778. Letter, in French, from Versailles to the 
commissioners. Protection of American com- 
merce and ships of war. fiE. (2). 

95. [Gkurdoqul, James]. April 27, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Acknowledgment 
of commissioners ; John Adams ; Silas Deane ; 
prizes; Spanish flotta. Not signed. £E. (2). 

. Note without date, address, or signa- 
ture. Manufactures ; Cunningham ; privateers. 
Marked, '* Found enclosed in Letter to Arthur 
Lee of 27th April, 1778." f. (i). 

96. Bondfield,John. ^/rf/ 28, 1778. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Sailing of packets ; 
MacFarland ; Barnet ; Chaumont ; Livingston ; 
Izard. fiE. (2). 


Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, April 2% 1778. 
Letter from Versailles, in French, to the com- 
missioners. Protection of American commerce 
at Nantes and Bordeaux ; convoy ; reply of 
Sartine. f. (i). 

. AprU 29, 1778. Letter, in French, to 

Arthur Lee. Robbery of papers ; Cavillon. 
Indorsed, "On Folger's robbery." ff. (2). 

99. Gannan, Bartholomew. April 29, 1778. Let- 
ter from Dunkirk to [Arthur Lee]. Acquaint- 
ance with William Lee ; request for appoint- 
ment of his son, James Gannan, as agent at 
Dunkirk. £f. (2). 

[Bildgen, Edward]. April 29, 1778. Letter 
to Arthur Lee. Books from Dr. Price . to 
Franklin ; Gov. Johnstone ; Israel Mauduit's 
pamphlet ; Cartwright's letter to Lord Abing- 
don ; Gamier ; George III. Not signed, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 89. 

Thornton, [John, Major\, April 30, 1778. 
Receipt for thirty Louis d'or from Arthur Lee. 

f. (1). 

Written' on a portion of a copy of letter from the committee 
of Congresa of which only the name Charlea Thomson remains. 

100. Iiovell, James. Mav 3, 1778. Letter from 
York, [Penn.] to Arthur Lee. Imprisonment 
at Boston and Halifax ; William Powell ; Gage ; 
Howe; feeling toward Great Britain, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee*8 Life of Arthur Lee, II. 093. 

lox-iio. Continental Congress, Second. May 4, 
1778. Ratification of the treaty of amity and 
commerce with France. With copy of the 
treaty and a form of passports and letters for 
ships, in English and French. Signed, Henrv 
Laurens ; attest : Chas. Thomson, sec'y. With 
seal. ff. (20). 

This was one of the six oflidsLi copies sent by Congress to its 
commissioners in Europe ; see Journals of congress, IV 259, 260. 

111. . May 4, 1778. Copy of resolution of 

thanks to France for the treaties. Signed, 
Chas. Thomson, sec'y. ff. (2). 

See Journals of congress, IV. 257. 

112. [Gkurdoqui, James]. May 4, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America. Not signed, ff. (3). 

Continental Congress, Second. May 5; 1778. 
Copy of resolution desiring the abolition of 
the nth and 12th articles of the treaty of 
amity and commerce. Signed, Chas. Thomson, 
sec'y. ff. (2). (Stained.) 
See Journals of congress, IV. 358. 

113. Adams, John. May 5, 1778. Note to Arthur 
Lee. Invitation from Vergennes to the com- 
missioners, ff. (2). 

[Dnmas, K. W. FJ. May 5, 1778. Letter 
from the Hague, in French, to the commission- 
ers. Inclosure of French translations of Ger- 
man letters received by him, dated Hamburgh 
May I, 1778, and Berlin, April 26, 1778 (the 
latter on p. 114). Preparations of Prussia for 
war with Austria. Signed, D. ff. (4). 

114. Dohiman, Arn?® Enrico. May ^ 1778. Copy 
of news, in French, sent to K. W. F. Dumas. 
French and English prizes in Portuguese ports ; 
Deane frigate ; the Dauphin, Capt. Israel 
Turner ; the Alarm, Capt. Robert Mann ; the 
Cuningham. Copied by Dumas, ff. (2). 

115. [Dumas, K. W. F.|. May 7-15, 1778. Let- 
ter from the Hague, m French, to the commis- 
sioners. Interviews with Van Berckel and 
others ; endeavors to obtain the friendship of 
Holland. Not signed, ff. (4). (Imperfect — 

116. Continental Congress, Second. May 7-^ 
1778. Copy of resolutions. Expenses of the 
commissioners ; captains in the navy. Signed, 
Chas. Thomson, sec'y. f. (i)> 

See Journals of congress, IV. 266, 276. 

117. -^— . Another copy of the resolves of May 
7, above (p. 116). 

Bondfield, John. May 8, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to the commissioners. Arrival of 
ships from Savannah and Charleston ; disposal 
at Cadiz of Cuningham's prizes ; MacFarland, 
Barnet. ff. (2). 

118. Continental Congress, Second. Another 
copy of the resolves of May 9, above (p. 116). 

X19. Chaumont, Le Ray de. May 11, 1778. let- 
ter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Receipt of 
letter from Monthieu. f. (i)- 



t2a O-ardoqni, James. May ii, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Bills on Paris 
banks, ff. (2). 

Copies, May X2, 1778, of letters to and from 
Arthur Lee. i . Lee to Chaumont, in French. 
Answer to that on p. 119; Monthieu's letter. 

— 2. Lee to Lord . Assurance of esteem ; 

Abb^ Raynal ; Barr^ ; Dunning ; Priestley ; 
Price. (Imperfect — first part torn ofif.) — 3. 
Chaumont to Lee. Copy of the above (p. 119}. 
Indorsed, " True copies from the Letter Boole, 
(duplicates) H. Ford, sec'y." Also in Adams's 
handwriting, "Compared by John Adams." 

121. [Jennings, Edmund]. May 12, 177?. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee|. Chatham's death ; Barr^ ; 
Rigby ; Dunning ; Pultney ;^ Townsend ; poli- 
cies ; insurance ; trade ; Howe ; Clinton ; the 
Ranger. Signed, Malcolm Derimple ; ad- 
dressed, Mons' Johnstone, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 104. 

Bondfield, John. May 12, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Mr. Hewes of 
Edenton, Va. ; Barnet ; Chaumont ; Capt. 
Barry ; Thomas Morris ; Robert Morris ; 
'Willing & Morris; privateering, ff. (2). 

122. Gardoqul, Joseph & Sons. May 13, 1778. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America, ff. (2). 

123. Continental Congress, Second — Committee 
for Foreign Affairs, May 14, 1778. Copy of 
letter to Arthur Lee. Receipt of letters ; de- 
spatches through Deane and Capt. Young; 
Prussia; " Rodrique Hortalez & Co."; com- 
merce of America ; Gardoqui ; treaties with 
France ; finance, depreciation of paper money. 
Signed, Rich<^. Henry Lee, James Lovell, Rob'. 
Morris, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 159^ 

124. . May 14, 1778. Letter to the commis- 
sioners. Disposition of America ; concilia- 
tory bills ; Howe ; Washington ; despatches 
through Deane; treaties with France; zith 
and 1 2th articles of treaty of amity and com- 
merce ; misconduct of American armed vessels. 
Signed, Richard Henry Lee, James Lovell. 
Indorsed, " Duplicate *^ and " N^ 7." ff. (2). 
Printed, SparW Diplomatic correspondence, I. 388. 

125. — . May 1$, 1778. Extract from letter to 
the commissioners, nth and 12th articles 
of the treaty. — With extract from the letter 
of May 14, (p. 124). Same subject. In R. H. 
Lee's nand writing, f. (x). 

126. — -. May 15, 1778. Another extract from 
the same letter of this date. Payment of 
tobacco according to contract. With sum- 
mary of resolutions passed on May 16. *' Hor- 
talez & Co." In R. H. Lee's handwriting. 

i- (I). 
For the full letter of May 15, 1778, 8e« Sparks^ Diplomatic 
Ounespondence, I. 393. 

127. [Thornton, John, Major]. May 16, 1778. 
Letter from London to [Arthur Lee ?]. Ports- 
mouth ; English fieet ; arrival of Burgoyne ; 
Washington; [Bancroft, Wharton], Franklin, 
Deane ; Chatham, Camden ; privateers ; Jer- 
sey and Guernsey. Not signed or addressed ; 
indorsed, " Thornton about going to Jersey 
N»4." ff. (2). (Imperfect— torn.) 

128. [Jennings, Edmund]. May 19, 1778. Let- 
ter to [Arthur Lee J. Advice; "stock-job- 
bing " ; Townsend ; " MacGregor " ; D'Estaing's 
squadron at Toulon ; Walpole ; Burgoyne ; 
Capt. Jones ; Franklin ; the Alfred and Ra- 
leigh; [Thornton]. Signed, Donald MacDon- 
ald; not superscribed ; addressed, " My Dear 
Nephew,'' and worded throughout as if advice 
to a young man just starting in business, ff . (2). 

Printed, Lee^s Life of Arthar Lee, II. 102. 

Franklin, Benjamin. May 19. 1778. Note of 
invitation to Arthur Lee. Bertin; Chalut. 
ff. (2). 

On the reverse is a copy of a note from Arthur Lee, yutu 7, 
177^ to Count d'Aranda, transmitting memorial. There are 
besides parts of lines of another letter and the separate in- 
dorsements, " Invitations," ** Spanish Papers,** ** Papers used 
in the No 3' of Appendix to the Memoir of A. L.'' The note 
from Lee to Count d'Aranda is printed in this appendix, Lee's 
Life of Arthur Lee, I. 377. 

129. Thornton, John, Major. March 10, May 7, 
16, 21, 1778. Copies of letters and intelligence 
to Arthur Lee, numbered 1-5. i. Account of 
forces in Great Britain, i^arr^ 18, 1778. — 2. 
March lo. Letter in French. British com- 
missioners to America; prisoners at [Ports- 
mouth or Plymouth] ; expenses ; Lord Carlisle, 
Eaton, Jackson, Pal User, Wharton, Grand. — 
3. May 7. Letter from London. Information 
about American secret negotiations "from 
R — 's lady." — 4. May 16. Copy of the letter 

■ on p. 127. — 5. May 21. Letter from Ports- 
mouth. Strength of British fleet, ff. (4). 

— . May 21, 1778. Letter to 
Carmichael's servant, ff. (2). 

130. Iienone, 

Arthur Lee. 

This is probably in reference to the investi^tions concerning 
the robbe^ of the despatches sent through Capt. Folger. 



May 22, 1778. Letter to 

[Arthur Lee?j. Warnings about treachery; 
Virginia goods ; Burgoyne ; Capt. Solomon 
Townsend ; the Randolph and Yarmouth. Not 
signed or superscribed ; indorsed, Ridley, ff. 

131. Cafiyn, Fran». May 23, 1778. Letter from 
Paris to the [commissioners]. Inclosure of 
copy of a memoir made in 1777 at request of 
Carmichael on the advantages of the port of 
Dunkirk to the American trade. Not super- 
scribed, ff. (2). 

132-135. . M^moire, referred to in the last 

paper (p. 131). In French, Not signed or 
dated, pp.8. (Imperfect — edges worn.) 

1361 Bondfield, John. ^0^26,1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Fulfilment of com- 
missions ; D*£staing ; fleet at Cadiz. Indorsed, 
''Advertisement abt. Byrons fleet. N®. 2." 
ff. (2). 

Lloyd, John. May 28, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Departure for America ; 
despatches and credentials; William Lee. 
ff. (2). 

137. [Dumas, K. W. F.]. May 29, 1778. Letter 
from the Hague, in French, to the commis- 
sioners. Presentation of letter from the com« 
missioners to the grand pensionarv announcing 
the treaty with France ; [Van Bercxel] ; ambas- 
sadors from France, Spain, and England; 
friendly disposition of the states general ; Wei- 
deren ; Howe ; death of Chatham ; arrival of 
Burgoyne in England. With French transla- 



tion of a German letter to Dumas from Berlin, 
May 26, 1778. Preparations for war. Signed, 
D. ff. (3). 

138. TTVilllaxns, Jonathan. May 29, 1778. Copy 
of account at Nantes with the commissioners. 
Certified by H. Ford, sec'y. With copy of 
charges, Nov. 15, 1777, of S. & I. (?) H. Delap of 
Bordeaux and Jean Sabaticr & fils of Mont- 
pelier on the same goods. Certified by H. 
Ford, sec'y; witness, William Lee. ff. (2). 

[Thornton, John, Major\, May 30, 1778. 
Letter to [Arthur Lee]. Admiral IByron's 
fleet; Admiral Keppel *, additional information 
in England about the secret negotiations of the 
commissioners in France ; repetition of par- 
ticulars given in letter of May 7 (see p. 129). 
Not signed or superscribed ; indorsed, *' Thorn- 
ton." if. (2). 

139. [Wharton, Samuel]. June i, 1778. Letter 
to [Dr. Edward Bancroft). Thornton's ex- 
posure of secrets of the commissioners. 
Not addressed ; signed, " P — a C — o " ; in- 
dorsed, N<>. I. Evidently in a disguised hand. 
— Another letter from the same to the same. 
Same subject. Not signed or dated ; super- 
scription crossed out ; indorsed, ** No 2/' 
ff. (2). 

[Chaumont, Le Ray de\. Note about letters ; 
Cavillon. Not signed, dated, or superscribed ; 
indorsed, "M. de Chaumont*s note." and in 
pencil by a later hand, "June (?) 1778." f. (i). 

Part of the investieatioo concerning the robbery of the de- 
spatches sent by Folger ; see Vergennes' letter to Arthur Lee 
ox April 39 (p. 98). 

14a [Ridley, J. Jutu 2, 1778. Letter to 

Arthur Lee. Introduction of Rev. Hezekiah 
Ford (afterwards Lee's secretary) ; news from 
America; reception of the conciliatory bills; 
the Virginia, Nicholson ; parliament and minis- 
try; Keppel; Howe, Clinton; Ireland; em- 
bargo ; press. Not signed ; indorsed, Ridley, 
ff. (2). 

[Gkurdoqui, James]. June ^, 1778. Letter 
from Aranjuez to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America ; Cuningham. Signature probably 
cut out. ff. (2). 

141. [Ridley, 1. June 5, 1778. Letter to 

Arthur Lee. [Hartley's] motion in the house 
of commons for recognizing the independence 
of America ; fleet at Toulon ; exchange of 
prisoners. Not signed; indorsed, Ridley, 
ff. (2). 

Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, June 5, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Aid I for 
Virginia] from Prince de Montbarey. With 
translation. Indorsed, N<*. i. ff. (2). 
Translation printedf Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 413. 

142. Montbarey, Alexandre Marie L^onor DE 
Saint Mauris, Comie and Prince de. Minister 
of War. June 5, 1778. Copy of letter, in 
French, to Vergennes. Supplies for Virginia. 

f. (I). 

143. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. June q, 1778. 
Copy of letter on p. 141. Certified by H. Ford, 
sec'y. f. (i.). 

[Thornton, John, Major\ JuneS, 1778. Let- 
ter to (?). Change of ministry, North, 

Gower, Jenkinson, Stormont, Suffolk; fear of 

French invasion, preparations ; Capt. Jones ; 
Keppel ; De Chartres ; Scotch and Irish ; 
British affairs in America ; Sir Wm. Howe. 
Not signed or superscribed ; indorsed, Thorn- 
ton, ff. (2): 

144. (Ridley, ]. June 9, 1778. Letter to 

Arthur Lee. Introduction of O^den ; Percival ; 
Franklin ; Capt. CoUis. Not signed ; indorsed, 
Ridley, ff. (2). 

Vergennes, C. G., Comie de. June 10, 1778. 
Copy of letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Thanks for news from London. Certified by 
H. Ford, sec'y. f. (i). 

. Jones, William, Capt. June 10, 1778. Two 
receipts to Arthur Lee for 453 livres. f. (i). 
( Imperfect — torn. ) 

145. Emery, John.' June 10 or 11, 1778. Letter 
from Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Capt. John 
Allen ; Dr. Smith of the Revenge ; Cunning- 
ham, ff. (2). 

See also pp. 77, 78, on AUen^s affair. 

[Gkurdoqui, Tames]. June 11, 1778. Letter 
from Madricf to Arthur Lee. Remittances. 
Not signed, ff. (2). 

146. Sartine, A. R. J. G. G. de. June 12, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Detention 
of prisoners by Americans in French ports, 
ff. (2). 

147. Montbarey, A. M. L. de S. M., Comte and 
Prince de. %/w 13, 1778. Letter, in French, 
to Arthur Lee. Supplies for Virginia. In- 
dorsed, "N<>. 4," and afterwards, "No 2." 
With translation, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Translation printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 413. 

[Gkurdoqui, Tames]. June 15, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Remittances. 
Signed, J. G. ff. (2). 

148. Lee, Arthur. {June 14, 1778.] Copy of let- 
ter to Vergennes. 12th article of the treaty.— 
With translation of Vergennes' reply, jum 
IS, 1778. f. (I). 

Both printed, with verbal difEerences, in Sparks^ Diplonatie 
correspondence, II. i7i-i73« 

149. [Dumas, K. W. Fl. Jufte 15, 1778. Ex- 
tracts, in French, from French and Dutch 
papers and from despatches of ministers. 
Reception of William Lee at Vienna ; disposi- 
tion of the Dutch government. With a printed 
slip from newspaper containing what is quoted 
on the first sheet. One signed, D, and directed 
to the commissioners; the others unsigned, 
ff. (4), and slip. 

150. [Ridley, ]. Tune 16, 1778. Letter to 

Arthur Lee. Introduction of William Moore ; 
Keppel. Not signed, ff. (2). 

[Gardoqui, Tames]. June 18, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Remittances ; 
supplies for America. Not signed, ff. (2). 

.151. Sartine, A. R. J. G. G. de. June 20, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to Benjamin Franklin. 
Schweighauser ; prizes, ff. (2). 

152. Continental Congreaa, Second — Committee 

for Foreign Affairs. June 21, 1778. Copy o£ 

letter from York, Penn., to the commissioners. 

Arrival of commissioners for peace ; Clinton's 

evacuation of Philadelphia ; Washington ; 



Holker. Signed, Richard Henry Lee, Thos. 
Heyward, Tun'., tames Lovell. Copy attested 
by Arthur Lee. Indorsed, No. i. if. (2). 
printed, Sparks' Diplomatic conrespondeuce, I. 402. 

155. [Gardoqtii, James]. June 22, 1778. Letter 
uom Madrid to Arthur Lee. Remittances. 
Signed, J. G. ff. (2). 

[Thornton, John, Major], Jutu 24, 1778. 
Letter to [Arthur Lee ?J. Fears of French in- 
vasion; Keppel; Washington; Clinton; Howe. 

Superscribed, "Alez^ Jonnston"; not signed. 

£E. (2). 

This is supposed to be to Arthur Lee from the superscription 
being the same which is used as a cover by Bridgen and Jen- 
nings to conceal their communications. The tone of the letter, 
however, as well as of that of June 8 (on p. 143), is of a sym- 
pathizer with Great Britain. If this were lor purposes of con- 
cealment, probably the letter of June 8 was to Lee also. But it 
would seem that Lee and Thornton had no communication with 
each other at ibat time ; as appears by Papers In relation to the 
case of Silas Deane, p. 163, and Ridley's letter of June 3 (see 
p. 140 of this volume). 

154. CommiBsioneni to IVanoe. June 25, 1778. 
Letter to the legislature of South Carolina. 
Absence of Miss Stevens from Carolina. In 
Arthur Lee's handwriting, f. (z). (Imperfect 
— much torn.) 

[Gardoqui, Tames]. Jum 25, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Remittances. 
Signed, J. G. ff. (2). 

155. 8art±ae, A. R. J. G. G. de. June 26, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to the commissioners. Capt. 
William Castle, ff. (2). 

156. [Dtimaa, K. W. F.]. June 19, 23, 26, 1778. 
Letter from the Hague, in French, to the com- 
missioners. Reception of William Lee at 
Vienna; disposition of Holland. Signed, D. 
ff. (2). 

[Oardoqnl, Joseph & Co.]. Jutu 27, 1778. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Departure 
of Capt. Hodge and Capt. West; supplies for 
America; Capt Cuningham. Signed, J. G. & 
Co. ff. (2). 

VOL. V. 

1. [Bridgen. Edward]. July a (?), 1778. Letter 

to Arthur Lee. Thornton, Bancroft, Wharton ; 
ambassador from Spain ; Washington. Date 
nearly illegible; not signed; indorsed, ''Brid- 
gen about Thornton." ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 84, where the date is 
given X777. 

2. Jones John Paul, Capt July ^, 1778. Cojjr of 

paper presented to the commissioners. Com- 
munication from the minister of marine (Sar- 
tine). Copied by Arthur Lee. f. ( i ). 

Bondfield, John. July 4, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Admiral Byron ; 
Keppel; treachery; supplies for America, 
ff. (2). 

3. Ghaiimont, I^ Ray de. July 5, 1778. Letter, 

in French, to Benjamin I^anklin. Inclosure of 
letter (see next paper). Indorsed, N*'. i. f. (i). 

Zietter, in French, directed to Franklin. Sue- 

fas.<te; accusation against Dobr^e. Signed 
{})\ indorsed, N®. 2 ; not dated. Marked 
In pencil, •* 5 July '78?'* 

ennes to the commis- 
ng this singular paper, 
rics' Diplomatic correspondence, ill- 45; Sparks Franklin, 


4. Copy of same. With indorsement by H. Ford, 

sec*y, 5>//. 24, 1778. f. (i). 

5. Bartine, A. R. J. G. G. de, July $, 1778. Let- 

ter, in French, to the commissioners. John 
Paul Jones, ff. (2). 

Order of confiscation. Julj^ 6, 1778. In French. 
Capt. Allen's affair; prize Britannia; Capt. 
Wood, f . ( I ) . ( Imperfect — worn. ) 

See also IV. pp. 77, 78, 145. 

6. Btatement, y«/^ 7, 1778. ["Charles de Weis- 

senstein "] ; Vergennes ; Jennings. Indorsed, 
" Copie pour M. f. . . ." ; also by Mr. Sparks, 
"The above is doubtless a fabrication." i. (i). 

This seems on its face to be the report of the detective to the 
superintendent of police, sent by Ve 

ers. For particulars concen 
Sparics' Diplomatic correspondenc 
VIII. 278: Adams' Life and works of John Adams, III. 178. 

7. Gkurdoqui, Joseph & Co. 7uly 8, 1778. Letter 

from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Remittances; 
supplies for America, ff. (2). 

8. [Lee, Arthur]. July 12, 1778. Copy of letter, 

in French, to Chaumont. Schweighauser ; 
Dobr^e. Certified by Lee. Indorsed, N? 3. 

g, Ghaumont, Le Ray de. July 13, 1778. Letter, 
in French, to Arthur Lee. Answer to the pre- 
ceding. Indorsed, N®.4. f. (i). 

See also the papers on p. 3. 

fWharton, Samuel]. Note to John Thornton. 
Loan of twenty guineas. Not dated or signed ; 
indorsed, N**. 3. Certified to be Wharton's 
handwriting by M. Livingston. July 13, I778.f.( i ). 

See also IV. p. 139. 

10. Puchelberg & Co. 7uly 13, 1778. Letter 
from L'Orient, in Frencn, to Arthur Lee. Capt. 
Samuel Tucker ; Schweighauser. ff. (2). 

XI. Lloyd, John. July 14, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to [Arthur Lee]l Receipt of letters; 
departure for America ; Blake, f. ( i ). 

Bmery, John. July 14, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Confiscation of 
prize ; appeal from sentence, f. (i ). 

See also IV. pp. 77, 78, 145, and V. 5. 

12. Banfield, ^Comftede. July 14, lyyS. Let- 

ter from Rennes, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Receipt of news; Washington; Keppel; 
SheVburne. ff. (2). 

13. IdvingBton, M., Capt. July 15, 1778. Letter 

to Arthur Lee. Thornton ; Joseph Wharton ; 
Samuel Wharton; Bancroft; Blake. Indorsed, 
No. 5. ff. (2). 
See also IV. p. i39> ^^ ^' 9* 

Puohelberg & Co. July 15, 1778. Letter 
from L'Orient, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Prizes, ff. (2). 

14. Franoe. July 16, 1778. Ratification of the 
treaty of amity and commerce. Copy, in 
French, signed ** Louis. Par le Roi Gravier de 
Vergennes." f. (i). 

Printed, Marten's Recueil de trait^s, 4tc. a* ^d. II. 603. 

15. Adams, John. July, 1778. Note to Arthur 

Lee. Ratifications of the treaty. Letters 
from Arthur Lee, W^illiam Lee, and Izard. 

f. (I). 



x6. Emery, John. July 22, 1778. Letter from 
San Sebastian to Arthur Lee. Confiscation of 
prize ; Capt. Allen ; Capt. Wood. ff. (2). 
See also IV. pp. 77, 78, 145, and V. 5, xi. 

[Lee, Arthur], July 22, 1778. Draft of letter, 
in French, to Chaumont. [Schweighauser ; 
Dobr^e ; William Lee J. Not signed; indorsed, 
NO. 5. ff. (2). 
See also pp. 3, 9. 

17-19. Franklin, Benjamin. 7^/^22, 1778. Letter 
to James Lo veil. Deane; Capt. Young; Beau- 
marchais ; Francy, duties on exports ; objec- 
tions to nth and Z2th articles of treaty; [Ar- 
thur Lee, William Lee, Izard] ; expenses of 
commissioners ; Stormont ; Spain ; relations 
between England and France ; war in Germany ; 
drafts of congress ; Bingham ; Dumas. In- 
dorsed, Copy. ff. 6. 

Printed, with verbal differences. Sparks* Franklin, VIII. 288 ; 
Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence. III. 5a. 

20. Gardoqul, James. July 23, 1778. Letter 
from Madrid to Arthur Lee. Remittances. 

ff. (2). 

franklin, Benjamin, and Adams, John . July 
23, 1778. Copy of letter to Henry Laurens. 
Ambassadors from England for peace; Ver- 

gennes. ff. (2). 
Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, I. 41a. 
-^— . Note to Lee. With an indorsement by Lee, 

July 24, 1778. 
Probably in reference to the preceding paper. 

21, 22. Montbarey, A. M. L. de S. M., Comte 

and Prince de. July 26, 1778. Copy of letter, 
in French, to Vergennes. Supplies for Vir- 
ginia. With list of artillery to be furnished. 

23. Chaumont, Le Ray de, July 27, 1778. Let- 
ter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Suspicions of 
William Lee. Indorsed, N. 6. f. (i). 

See also pp. 3, 9, 16. 

Grand, Ferdinand. July 28, 1778. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Questions concerning accounts, 
ff. (2). 

24. Statement, in Spanish, July 28, 1778, dated 
San Sebastian. Cuningham ; Allen ; refusal 
of appeal from the judgment of the court (?). 
Signed, ** De Basecourt ; lizdo Arontegui." f. 
(i). (Imperfect — worn.) 

See also, IV. pp. 77, 78, 145, and V. 5, 11, 16. 

25. Dumas, K. W. F. July 28, 1778. . Letter 
from the Hague, in French, to the commis- 
sioners. Extracts from despatches from 
Vienna and Ratisbon, Julv 11, 16^ 27^\ news 
from Germany; nth and 12th articles of 
treaty ; English ambassadors for peace ; Almo- 
dovar ; Van Berckel. ff. (2). 

26. Sartine, A. R. J. G. G. de, July 29, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to the commissioners. Pro- 
visions for the islands of St. Pierre and Mi- 
quelon ; privateers ; prizes, ff. (2). 

Translation printed, Spaiics* Diplomatic correspondence, 

27. Emery, John. July 29, 1778. Letter from 
Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Capt. Allen ; request 
for commission. With note, added by Lee, to 
Franklin and Adams, Aug. 9, 1778. n. (2). 

Bargum, F. Jul^ 30, 1778. Receipt, to 
Arthur Lee, for 48 livres. f. (i). 

28, 29. Duntegny, Garralde. July 31, 1778. Let- 
ter from San Sebastian, in French, to Arthur 
Lee. Cuningham; Gardoqui; Emery, Allen; 
Count d*Aranda ; Deane ; privateers, ff. 4< 

3a Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, Aug. 3, 1778. 
Note, in French, to Arthur Lee. Thanks for 
letters and papers. With translation by Lee. 

f. (0. 

— . Copy of the above, certified by H. Fotd, 
sec'y. f. (i). 

31. Dumas, K. W. F. Aug. 4, 1778. Letter from 
the Hague, in French, to the commissioners. 
Inclosure of letter from Van Berckel ; treaty 
with France ; favorable disposition of Holland ; 
Orvilliers, Keppel. With extracts from de- 
spatches, and postscript. Declaration of em- 
peror of Morocco ; Welderen ; reception of 
conciliatory bills in Pennsylvania, ff. (3). 

32. Lee, William. Aug. 5, 1778. Two letters to 

Arthur Lee. Thomas Morris ; Ross ; Robert 
Morris ; Lewis ; Simeon Deane ; supplies for 
Virginia ; Lemaire ; British commissioners for 
peace ; Johnstone, Eden, Ferguson ; Byron, 
Keppel ; war in Germany ; Franklin, ff. (2). 

33. Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Aug. c, 1778. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America, ff. (2). 

34. Bargum, F. Aug. 8, 1778. Receipt, to Ar- 
thur Lee, for 48 livres. f. (i). 

Sartine, A. R. J. G. G. <^. Aug, 10, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Suit of 
Scott and Delon against Papillon and Lartois. 
ff. (2). 

35. Sohweighauser, Jean Daniel. Aug, 11, 1778. 

Letter from Nantes to Arthur Lee. Accusa- 
tions against Dobree ; Franklin ; Granville ; 
Chaumont. ff. (2). 

36. Dobr^, Peter Frederick. Aug. xr, 1778. 
Letter from Nantes to the commissioners. 
Accusations ; Schweighauser ; Lee ; Chau- 
mont. ff. (3). 

37. G-ardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Aug. 12, 1778. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Vessels to 
America, ff. (2). 

38. Grubb, J. i4ar^. 13, 1778. Letter from Nantes, 
to Arthur Lee. Bergon ; Capt. Taylor; Ford; 
Ross ; desire for employment, ff. (2}. 

39. Sartine, A. R. J. G. G. de. Aug. 16, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to the commissioners. 
Prizes, ff. (2). 

Translation printed. Sparks' Diplomatic correspoodenoe, 
I. 418. 

40. Ross, John. Aug, 18, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to the commissioners. Ceronio; 
Thomas Morris ; William Lee. ff. (2). 

Uoyd, John. Aug, x8, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Departure for America ; 
care of despatches. Williams ; Schweighauser. 
ff. (2). 

41. Dobr^, P. F. Aug. 20, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Chaumont's accusation ; 
inclosure of letter to the commissioners, ff. (2). 

— . Copy of the same, f . ( i ). 

42. . Aug. 20, 1778. Copy of letter from 

Nantes to the commissioners (referred to in 



the preceding letter). Chaumont's accusation ; 
request for investigation. Copy certified by 
H. Ford, sec'y. £. (i). 

45* Fnchelberg & Co. Aug. 26, 1778. Letter 
from L'Orient, in French, to Arthur Lee. Ar- 
rival of vessels ; Capt. Daniel MacNeil ; Moy- 
Ian ; prizes, ff. (2). 

Bmery, John. Aug, 26, 1778. Letter from 
Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Capt. Allen's commission 
as privateer ; Gardoqui ; departure and arrival 
of vessels, ff. (2). 

44. laloyd, John. Aug, 29, 1778^ Letter from 

Nantes to [Arthur Lee ?]. Assurances of 
friendship ; departure for America ; Steven- 
son. Not superscribed. fiE. (2.) 

Bondfield, John. Aug, 29, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Shipments to 
America ; Izard's goods ; Duke de Mouchi ; 
Marchioness de Lafayette. £E. (2). 

45. Gardoqui, Joseph & Co. Aug, 29, 1778. Let- 
ter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Shipments to 
America ; Capt. Barzilla Smith of North Caro- 
lina; Howe, f. (I). (Imperfect -^ worn.) 

rjenmnga, Edmund. Aug. or Sept, (7) 1778.] 
Letter to Arthur Lee. Recommendation of 
nephew ; probable meeting of [French and 
English] fleets; Eden. Not dated or signed; 
superscription cut off ; marked in pencil, " about 
Sept. 26, '78 .? " ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, II. 106. 

46. Bondfield, John. Sept. i, 1778. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Shipments to 
America ; duties, ff. (2). 

Dner, William. Sept, 2, 1778. Copy of bill 
of exchange for £^1 sterling on Chaumont in 
favor of Nicholas La Farque. With memo- 
randum of payments by Chaumont appended, 
ff. (2). 

47. Ghamnont, Le Ray de. Sept. 5, 1778. Letter, 
in French, to Arthur Lee. Inclosure of note 
from Lessart(?); accusation against Dobr^e. 
With answer from Lee, in French. Indorsed, 
No. 8. ff. (2). 

48. Boiflbertrand, Gaiault de, Sept. 7, 1778. 

" Memoire," in French, to the commissioners. 
Inducements to ^o to America ; Dubourg ; 
Penet ; Deane ; imprisonment ; misfortunes ; 
petition for relief, ff. (2). (Imperfect — 
stained and worn.) 

49. Cottnlflses, . Sept, 7, 1778. Note from 

Paris, in French. Money loans. Not super- 
scribed, ff. (2). 

Gilbank, John, and Gale, John. Sept. 8, 1778. 
Letter from Paris. Cannon or Kennan, a spy ; 
Dobr^e; Mallett. Not superscribed, ff. (2). 

50. Bmery, John. Sept. 9, 1778. Letter from 

Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Privateers ; Capt. 
Allen; Capt. Tuck ; D'Estaing. ff. (2). 

[Dumas, K. W. F.l Sept, 9, 1778. Letter 
from the Hague, in French, to the commission- 
ers. Proceedings of the states-general ; Van 
2^aberg; Boschart. Not signed, ff. (2). 

$1. Continental Congress, Second. Sept, 11, 14, 
1778. Copy of resolutions appointing Franklin 
minister plenipotentiary to France. Signed, 
Cha*. Thomson sec. ; copy attested by W. T. 
Franklin, f. (i). 

53. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, Sept. 13, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to the commissioners. 
Stevenson; Sartine. ff. (2). 

53. Bancroft, Edward. Sept. 14, 1778. Letter to 

Benjamin Franklin. Request from Ellison and 
Samuel Wharton, ff. (2). 

Camyn, , Assistant Mayor of Calais, Sept. 

I5» 1778. Letter, in French, to Arthur Lcc. 
liongchamp; Madame Necker; proffers of 
service, ff. (2). 

54. Gilbank, John. Sept. 17, 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Delay about departure 
for America ; request for money, ff. (2). 

Ford, Hezekiah, Rev.^ Secretary to Arthur Lee. 
Sept. 17, 1778. Review of the contracts entered 
into by Franklin and Deane with Montieu, 
Holker, and Williams, compared with that en- 
tered into by Arthur Lee with Bondfield of 
Bordeaux, ff. (2). 

55. Lloyd, John. Sept. 19^ 1778. Letter from 
Nantes to William Lee. Thanks for intro- 
duction to F. L. Lee; accusation against 
Dobr^e and Schweighauser. ff. (2). 

Uoyd, John, and Blake, Daniel. Sept, 19, 
1778. Letter from Nantes. Testimony to 
Schweighauser*s character. Not super- 
scribed, ff. (2). 

56. Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Sept, 19, 1778. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America ; Capt. Smith ; Capt. Ives ; D'Es- 
taing; Gen. Charles Lee. ff. (2). 

Lloyd, John. Copy of the letters from Lloyd 
on p. 55. Certified by H. Ford, sec'y. ff. (2). 

57. Roslgnan, Sigard, Marquis de, Sept. 20, 1778. 

Letter from Turin, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Acknowledgment of letter ; travel, ff. (2). 

Bondfield, John. Sept. 22, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Capt. Ayres ; ship- 
ments to America; commission, ff. (2). 

58. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. Sett, 2j, 1778. 

Letter, in French, to [Arthur Leej. Iiolker ; 
duties; Franklin; Adams, ff. (2). 

59. Zaee, Arthur. Sept, 25, 27, 1778. Observations 

on Montieu's accounts. Williams ; Deane ; 
Holker. ff. (2). 

Bondfield, John. Sept. 26, 1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Remittances ; Joseph 
Wharton, ff. (2). 

60-64. Franoe. Sept. 27, 1778. Draft of regula- 
tion concerning prizes in the ports of the 
United States and of France, pp. (12). 

Translation printed. Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, I. 
419, etc where the sd ana 14th articles are given in a different 
xorm; this MS. is probably the draft sent by Sartine to the com- 
missioners, Aug. 16, 1778 (see p. 39)7 and differs considerably 
in wording from that finally adopted, which is printed in Martenr 
Recueil de trait^ etc. III. 123, etc, 

65. Grand, H7. Sept, 27, 1778. Letter to [Arthur 

Lee]. Accounts, f. (i). 

66. Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Sept. 30, 1778. 

Letter from Bilbao to Arthur I-ee. Supplies 
for America, ff. (2). 

67. [Norton. George F.]. Oct. 2, 1778. Letter 
from Dover to William I^e. Intelligence of 
British vessels. Signed, G. F. N. ff. (2). 



68. [Mason, George]. Oct. 2, 1778. Copy(?) of 
letter from Gunston Hall, Virginia, to [Col. 
George Mercer], in England. Digges; family 
affairs ; declaration of rights ; independence, 
pp. 4. ( Imperfect — last part gone.) 

Printed, except the poriion on family aflEurs, Virginia historical 
register, II. i, p. 38. 

Vergexmes, C. G., Ctrntf de, Oct, 5, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. News from 
America; D'Estaing. With translation, ff. (2). 

69. Continental Congreas, Second, Oct, 6, 1778. 
Copy of resolution inviting Dr. Price to 
America. Signed, Cha*. Thomson, sec'y. !• (i). 

Printed, Secret journals di congress, II. lOi. 

Oardoqni, Joseph & Sons. Oct. 7, 1778. Let- 
ter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America ; Emery's privateers, ff. (2). 

70. . Oct, 7. 1778. Letter from Bilbao to 

Arthur Lee. Supplies for America ; D'Estaing ; 
Byron, ff. {2). 

71. Saztine, A. R. J. G. G. de, Oct. 7, 1778. Letter, 
in French, to the commissioners. Izard's effects ; 
Martinelli; Niccoli. ff. (2). (Imperfect — 
edges worn.) 

See IV. 66; printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, 
I. 467. 

72. Mason, George. Oct. 8, 1778. Copv of letter 
from Gunston Hall, Virginia, to William Lee. 
Investment of money in Europe ; remonstrance. 
With copy of another letter on same subject, 
March^ 4, 1779, and copy of answer from Lee, 
Sept. 25, 1779. Defense and explanation, 
ff. (2). 

73. Oardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Oct, 10, 1778. 

Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Arrival of 
vessels; news from America; D'Estaing; 
Sullivan ; Howe. ff. (2). 

74. Cathalarok, Estienne. Oct. 12, 1778. Letter 
from Marseilles to Arthur Lee. Supplies of 
medicine for America ; Schweighauser ; Izard's 
effects, ff. (2). 

Comyn, M. Oct. 14, 1778. Letter from Mar- 
seilles to Arthur Lee. Desire for appointment 
as commercial agent, ff. (2). (Imperfect — 

75. (Ziee, William]. Oct, ic, 1778. Letter from 
Frankfort a/M. to R. H. Lee. Treaty with 
Holland ; estate in Virginia ; private commer- 
cial arrangements; appointment of consuls in 
France ; Edward Browne ; change of com- 
missioners ; [Carmichael, Deane] ; Johnstone ; 
D'Estaing. Signed, W. L. pp. 7. 

76. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. Oct. 17, 1778. 

Copy of letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Spain. Copy attested by H. Ford, sec'y. f . ( i). 
Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondencet II. 195. 

— Oct. 19, 1778. Copy of letter, in French, 
to Arthur Lee. Thanks for American news ; 
D*Estaing. Copy attested by H. Ford, sec'y. 

77. Continental Congress, Second, Oct. 22, 1778. 

Copy of resolution recommending harmony 
between commissioners. Signed, Cha^. Thom- 
son, sec*y ; copy attested by W. T. Franklin. 

f. (I)- 
Printed, Secret journals of congress, I. taj. 

Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. Oct, 24, 1778. 
Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. D'Estaing's 
movements; Byron; Parker; Howe. With 
translation, ff. (2). 
Translation printed, Spark^ Diplomatic oorrespondence, 
II. 199* 

78. t^TMiXjftrAskXfi'^ Merchants, Oct.24ti7yS, Ad- 
dress, in French, to the Prince of Orange. 
British insults to Dutch commerce. TransTa* 
lated from the Dutch by Dumas, with a note 
added, ff. (2). 

Barsfield, , Comte de. Oct. 24, 1778. Note, 

in French, to Arthur Lee. Apology ; Franklin, 
ff. (2). 

79. Gterard, Mad, Deverlv, wt/e of C. A. Gerard, 

Oct. 26, 1778. Copy ot letter, in French, to the 
commissioners. Request for favor. With copy 
of letter, Nov. i, 1778, from commissioners to 
Schweighauser concerning the same. Indorsed, 
NO 4- t.(i). 

8a Gkurdoqni Joseph & Sons. Oct. 28, 1778. Let- 
ter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
America, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Lloyd, John. Oct. 20, 1778. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Blake; accusation against 
Schweighauser; "La Belle Poule." ff. (2). 

81. Barsfield, , Comte de, Nov, i, 1778. Let- 
ter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Mrs. Gibbes; 
Prince de Condi's "pavilion." ff. (2). 

. \Nov, 4, 1778.] Letter, in French, to the 

same. Same subject, ff. (2). 

[Rolls, George. Nov.^ 1778]. Letter addressed, 
"My Lords. Condition and treatment of Amer- 
ican prisoners in [Mill Prison, Plymouth]. Not 
signed, dated, or superscribed, ff. (2). 

82. . {Nov. 8 (?), 1778.] Letter to Arthur Lee. 

Treatment of prisoners, ff. (2). 

Kirk, Arthur. Nov. 7, 1778. Testimony con- 
firming Rulls' statements ; treatment while pris- 
oner in Mill Prison, f. (i). 

83. Statement, \Nov.^ 1778?]. Capture of Elipha- 
let Downer, William Burt, and Seth Clarke, 
f. (I). 

Zaee, Arthur. Nov, 12, 1778. Draft of letter to 
K. W. F. Dumas. Loan from Holland, ff. (2). 

84. [Barsfield, ^ Comte de], Nov. 15, [1778). 

Letter, in French, to [Arthur Lee]. Mrs. 
Gibbes ; Franklin ; Bergasson. Not signed or 
superscribed, ff. (2). 

[ ]. Alov. 15, [1778]. Letter, in French, to 

the same. Same subjects. Not signed, ff. 


85. Dumas, K. W. F. A^ov. 24, 1778. Letter from 
the Hague, in French, to Arthur Lee. Receipt 
of Lee's letter of the 12th; probable result, ff. 


86. Adams, John. Nov. 28, 1778. Letter to Ar- 
thur Lee. Recommendation of Lieut. Brown of 
the Boston, f. (i). 

. Nov. 29, 1778. Letter to Arthur Lee. 

Recommendation of a Lieut. Adams, ff. (2). 

87. Barsfield, 

Com/e de. [Nov.] 28, I1778I. 

Note, in French, to Arthur Lee.^ Invitation to 
dinner; illness of Mrs. Izard; prince de Cond^. 
With seal. ff. (2). 
This is dated only, Samedj 28, and the month and year are 
suppositions from its connection with S.'8 note on next page. 

88. Craig, , and Readhead, . Note to 

Arthur Lee. Thanks for passes ; Digees. Not 
dated ; marked, in pencil, " about aoNov. 7S.'* 
ff. (2), 



Banfield, ^ CcmU de, Nov. 29, [1778I. 

Note, in French, to Arthur Lee. Prince de 
Cond^. ff. (2). 

8^ JohBBOii, ^ and Hobflon, , Note of 

thanks to Arthur Lee. Not dated ; indorsed, 
in pencil, ''about 29 Nov. '78." f. (i). 

Oardoqni, James. N<n). 30, 1778. Letter from 
Madrid to Arthur Lee. Illness ; change of resi- 
dence, ff. (2). 

9a Noitoii, George F. Dec. 3, 1778. Letter from 
London to Arthur Lee. Recommendation of 
Henry Farley, ff. (2). (Imperfect— torn.) 

91. Gibbes, Mrs,^ and Stevens, Miss, Note to 
Arthur Lee. Acceptance of invitation. Not 
dated ; marked in pencil, '* about 3 Dec. 78 ? " 

rSarafield, ^ ComU de, Dec. j (?), 1778.] 

Note, in French, to Arthur Lee. Mrs. Gibbes ; 
Prince de Condi's ** pavilion"; Mrs. Izard, 
ff. (2). 

92. Extract from letter, Dec, 7, 1778. Adams; 

Lee ; Dobr^e ; Schweighauser ; Franklin. In 
French, with English indorsements, to the 
effect that Carmicluiel believed it was written 
by Holker and quoted by G[ouvemcur ?] Mor- 
ns, May 3, 1779, m a letter to congress. Signed, 
J. L. [James Lovell.^]. f. (f ). 

93. Barsfield, ^ Camte de, Dec. 7, 1778. Note, 

in English and French, to Arthur Lee. Ac- 
ceptance of invitation, ff. (2). 

— . Dec, 13, 1778. Note, in French, to Arthur 
I«ee. La Rochefoucauld, ff. (2). 

94. FLee, William]. Dec, 13, 1778. Letter to [his 
Drother ?] in Virginia. Congress manifesto ; ex- 
pedition to Charleston ; Clinton; Washin^on; 
D'Estaing; Penet; supplies for Virginia, f. (i). 
(Imperfect — torn. ) 

95. laOnlB 2LVJ.., KitifT of France, Dec, 19, 1778. 
Copy of announcement to congress of the birth 
of a princess, f. (i). 

961, Bondfield, John. Dec, 19,1778. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Arrival of vessels 
from America ; Gridley ; Nairac ; Bvron ; 
D'Estaing; Montieu, Beaumarchais, [Wil- 
liams], ff. (2). 

Vergexmee, C. G., Comte de, Dec, 23, 1778. 
Note, in French, to Arthur Lee. Thanks for 
pamphlet, f. (i). 

97. Oardoqtil, James. Dec, 23, 1778. Letter from 

Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Health; news from 
.America; privateers, ff. (2). 

98. Oardoqtil, Joseph & Sons. Dec. 23, 1778. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
for America ; privateers, ff. (2). (Imperfect — 

99. [Deane, Silas. Dec. 1778.] Copy of charges 
against Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 

100. Sanifield, ^ Comte de, Dec, 24, 1778. Note, 

in French, to Arthur Lee. Ossun ; Mrs. Izard, 
ff. (2). 

loi. [Berkenhout, , Dr\, Dec, 25, 1778. Letter 

to [Arthur Lee]. Proposal for peace negotia- 
tions, in form of a dream. Signed, Semper 
Eodem ; superscribed, " Mons*". Johnstone"; 
indorsed, "Berkenhout," also, ''Received at 
Chaillot the 2dday Jannr 1779. Attest H. Ford, 

secV' ff-(2). 
tai.Diiiiias, K. W. F. Dee, 18-28, 1778. Letter 
from the Hague, in French, to the commission- 
ers. Action of the statee-general on English 

complaints and French memoir; Amsterdam; 
Count Welderen. With copy of letter to 
Dumas signed, Oldcnbarnevelt, dated, Dec, 4, 
1778, and copy of reply ; capture of Dutch ves- 
sel by American privateers, ff. (2). (Imper- 
fect — torn and stamed.) 

103. SazBfleld, ^ Comte de, Dec. 29, 1778. Let- 
ter to Arthur Lee. Ossun. ff. (2). 

IVanklin, Benjamin. Suggestion concerning 
prizes. Indorsed, in pencil, " B. Franklin's hand 
writing." ff. (2). 

104. laa Rochelle, France — Merchants, Copy of 
a letter, in French, to Sartine. Convoys for 
merchant ships. Marked in pencil, " Dec '78 ? " 
ff. (2). 

105. Benolt, ^ Mile, Love letter, in French, to 

Arthur Lee. With translation. Not dated, 
ff. (2). 

Adaneon, , Mad. Note, in French, to 

Arthur Lee. Verses. With translation. Not 
dated ; marked in pencil, Dec. '78. ff. (2). 

56. [SaxBfield, , Comte de\, March I, [1778]. 

rfote in £n|[lish to Arthur Lee. Appointment 

of an interview with Ossun. ff. (2). 

This paper belongs on n. 56 of Vol. IV. , and was inadvertently 
omitted from its proper place in the Calendar. 

Vol. VI. 

1. Bondfield. John. Jan. i, 1779. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Want of news; re- 
imbursement for money advanced to navy offi- 
cers, ff. (2;. 

2. [Franklin, Benjamin. Jan. 2, 1779.] Note to 
(the other commissioners]. Montieu's accounts. 
With Arthur Lee's reply dated Jan. 2. Mon- 
tieu, Williams, f. (i). 

3. Grand, Ferdinand, the banker, Jan, 2, 1779. 
Receipt to Arthur Lee for 22725 livres. f. (1). 

Vergennea, Charles Gravier, Comte de. Jan, 
4, 1779. Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Berkenhout ; acknowledgment of independence 
a necessary preliminary to treating, f. (i). 

Translation printed. Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, II. 

[Sarafiald, , Comte de\ Jan. 6, 177^. Let- 
ter, in French, to [Arthur Lee|. Pnnce de 
Tingry (?) ; ceremonial visits ; Ossun. ff. (2). 

4. Henry, Patrick. Jan. 9, 1779. Fxtract from 
a letter to the delegates of Virginia in congress. 
Hezekiah Ford. f. (i). 

5. Mannberger, , sword-cutler. Jan, 10, 1779. 

Letter from Strasburg, in French, to [Arthur 
Lee]. Supplies to Virginia, ff. (2)./ 

d Chaumont, Le Ray de. Jan. 12, 1779. Copy 
of two promissory notes, m French, to Frank- 
lin, for 50,000 livres, each dated Jan. i. With 
note added by H. Ford, sec'y. Reasons for 
copying the notes; Williams' accounts ff. (2}. 

Bondfield, John. Jan. 12, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Ships from Nantes ; 
discord in America; Washington; vessels from 
Philadelphia; Deane. ff. (2). 

7. Oardoqni, Joseph & Sons. Jan. 16, 1779. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Departure 
of brig North Star, Capt. Francis Fawson; 
drafts on commissioners, ff. (2). 



8. Chaumont, Le Ray de. Jan, iS, 1779. Note, 
in French, to M. Siot (?) at Passy. Letter of 
exchange from Mad. La Fargue(?}; Baueroff. 
ff. (2). 

RO80, John. Jaiu 19, 1770. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Thomas Morris's papers ; Wil- 
liam Lee. ff. (2). 

9. Uoyd, John. Jan. 19, 1779. Letter from 

Nantes to Arthur Lee. Duties in French 
ports, ff. (2). 

BchweighatiBer, Jean Daniel. Jan. la 1779. 
Letter . from Nantes, in French, to (Arthur 
Lee.^]. Capt. Meredith; Capt. Niles; Goffing- 
ham; Da Costa and co. fiE. (2). 

la Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. Jan. 21, 1779. 
Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Thanks for 
information. With translation by Arthur Lee, 
and copy of note from Lee to Vergennes, Jan. 
20, 1779. Departure of provision fleet and 
escorts for British army in America, ff. (2). 

Uoyd, John. Jan. 23, Y779. Letter from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Reply to letters. Da Costa, 
ff. (2). 

11. Franklin, Benjamin. Jan. 24, 1779. Letter 

to Arthur Lee. Monthieu's accounts; Grand; 
Deane. With copy of Lee's reply, ff. (2). 

Grand, Ferdinand. Jan. 29, 1779. Receipt, in 
French, to Arthur Lee for 80800 livres. fit. (2). 

12. Gardoqui, James. Jan. 30, 1779. Letter from 
BUbao to Arthur Lee. Draft on Grand for 
Ross ; remittances ; re-xmbursements ; D'Es- 
taing's fleet ; fleets at Cadiz and Ferrol. ff. (2). 

Ross, John. Feb. 2, 1779. Note from Nantes 
to Arthur Lee. Request to have a letter for- 
warded to William Lee. ff. (2). 

13. [Sarsfield, , Comte de]. Feb. 4, 1779, Note, 

in French, to Arthur Lee. Compliments; note 
to Franklin, ff. (2). 

Oilbank, John. Feb. 7, 1779. Letter from 
Nantes to [Arthur Lee ?]. Request for loan of 
1000 livres. £[. (2). 

14. Adams, John. Feb. 7, 1770. Letter to Arthur 

Lee. Request for a copy of the commissioners' 
letter to Vergennes. With an indorsement by 
Ford, Afarch 20, 1779, stating that it was deliv- 
ered to him by W. T. Franklin in the presence 
of Henry Grand, ff. (2). 

Bancroft, Edward. Feb. 9, 1779. Letter from 
Chaillot to Arthur Lee. Lee's personal en- 
mity; release of American prisoners, ff. (2). 

15. Commissioners to France. Feb. 10, 1779. 
Copy of letter to J. D. Schweighauser. Capt. 
Jones ; countess of Selkirk's plate. fi[. (2). 
(Margins torn.) 

Printed, but without Lee's signature, Sparks' Diploroattc 
correspondence, I. 513. 

16. Adams, John. Feb. 11, 1779. Letter to Count 

Vergennes. Deane's address ; vindication of 

Arthur Lee's character ; F. L. Lee, R. H. Lee. 

ff. (2). 

Printed Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 224; Adams' 
Works, VII. 79; and with verbal differences in Lee's Life of 
Arthur Lee, I. 157. 

17. Lee, Richard Henry. Feb. 11, 1779. Letter 
from Freestonepoint, Va. to [Arthur Lee]. 
Deane's address ; letter by Lafayette ; Berken- 
hout ; William Lee; F. L. Lee; Paine's de- 
fense of the Lees; D'Estain^; Byron, ff. (2). 
(Margrins worn.) 

Many of the names and exprtsmMis are in cipher. 

18. Bondfield, John. Feb. 16. 1779. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Commercial intelli- 

fence; Robert Morris ; Samuel Ingles ; Ross; 
lolker and to.; Deane; D'Estaing. ff. (2.) 
( Imperfect — torn. ) • 

SaxBfield, , Comte de. Feb. 16, [1779]. Note, 

in French, to Arthur Lee. ** Defense of Com- 
mon Sense"; Izard; Rochefoucauld. With 
seal. ff. (2). 

19. — . Feb, 17, [1770]. Letter to [Ralph Izard?]. 

"Common Sense"; Rochefoucauld; [Arthur] 
Lee. ff. (2). 

Vergemies, C. G., Comte de. Feb. 16, 1779. 
Copy of letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. In- 
closure of letter from Montbarey ; payment for 
supplies to Virginia. With copy of Prince de 
Montbarey's letter. Indorsed, " True copy " by 
A. Gillon. With translation of each by Lee. 
ff. (2). 
Translation of both printed, Lee^s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 4jcx 

20. Franklin, Benjamin. Feb. 18, 1779. ^^^^ to 
Arthur Lee. Request for public papers. In- 
dorsed by Lee as delivered to him by W. T. 
Franklin in the presence of John Adams, ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, II. ajo. 

. Feb. 18, 1779. Note to Arthur Lee. 

Resolutions of congress of Sept. ii, Sept. 14, 
and Oct. 22, 1778. ff. (2). 
Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 219. 

21. Sanfield, , Ctmite de. List of the Spanish 

ministry, addressed to Arthur Lee. Count 
Florida Blanca; Count de Bida; Miguel de 
Muzguiz; Castijon; Joseph Galvez; Manuel 
de Roda y Arrieta. Marked in pencil, *'20 
Feb. 79?" ff. (2). 

22. . />^. 20, 1779. Note, in French, to Arthur 

Lee. Invitation to Duchess d'Enville'S. f. (i). 

IiiTingBton, M., Capt. Feb. 20, 1779. Copy of 
certificate, dated April 11, 1778, to Arthur Lee 
and Ralph Izard. Knowledge of the treaty in 
England ; Bancroft ; Wharton ; stock-jobbmg. 
With indorsements by Livingston, Feb. 20, 
1779. — Duplicate of the same. ff. (2). 

23. Oardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Feb. 20, 1779. Let- 
ter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies to 
America; Capts. Allen, Babson, Trash, f. (i). 

24. Lloyd, John. Feb. 23, 1779. Letter from 

Nantes to Arthur Lee. Departure with Blake ; 
Schweighauser. ff. (2). 

Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons. Feb. 24, 1779. 
Letter from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Supplies 
to America ; Capts. Babson, Trash, Emery, 
ff. (2). 

25. Barafield, ^ Comte de. [/>*.24,i779?] Note, 

in French, to Arthur Lee. Request for news. 
Dated, "Jeudi 24 fev." ff. (2). 

Thursday was the a4th of February during this enoch only ia 
X774 and 1780. The days of the week in Sarsiiel(rs notes are 
evidently erroneous, but the vears are probably 1778 or 1779; 
it is impossible to determine which without further data. Many 
of them, as this, are indorsed in a recent hand in pencil, 

26. 27. [Lee, William]. Feb. 25, 1779. Copy of 

letter from Frankfort on the Main to R. H. 
Lee. Deane's charges ; Schweighauser ; Do- 
br^e ; Baron Breteuil ; agent at St. Petersburg, 
Copenhagen, Stockholm ; Prussian mission. 
With part of another letter to the same« 
dated Paris, March 25, 1779. Samuel Adams : 
Deane's charges ; Williams ; Tbo9. Morris \ 



Limozin, Schweighauser ; Bondfield ; Frank- 
lin; Lioyd; Ross. pp. 8. (Imperfect — last 
part gone.) 

aft. Bondfield, John. Feb, 26^ 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Attack on S. Lude ; 
difficulties of merchant ships, ff. (2). 

29. [Berkenhout, ^ Dr. Feb. 28, 1779.! Let- 
ter addressed to *' Mons'. Lotson." Author of 
"Montcalm's Letters." British irresolution, 
ff. (2). 

This was probably written to Arthor Lee. The anutions to 
political CYcntB are so guarded that the meaning i» not at ail 

30. w />^. 28, 1779. Letter addressed to "Mons*". 

Johnstone" [Arthur Lee]. Franklin; negocia- 
tion for peace. With copy of answer and in- 
dorsement by Lee of same date. Jennings ; 
Bancroft. With indorsement by Ford. ff. (2). 

Ronignan, Sigard, Marq, de. Feb. 28, 1779. 
Letter from Casal, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Loss of letters; desire for news. Indorsed, 
"NO 3." ff. (2). 

Tramslation printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, XL 366. 

31. Bondfield, John. March 6, i779< Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Deane's charges; 
commissioners; Franklin; Lafayette; Wash- 
ington, ff. (2). 

OruTe (?), . March 6, 1779. Note, in 

French, to Arthur Lee. News from fleets; 
D'Estaing; Byron; De Grasse. f. (i). 

32. [Jones, John Paul] ? March 10, 1779. Copy 
of letter apparently in reference to the subjects 
mentioned m Livingston's letter on p. ^3. Pub- 
lication of news. Not addressed ; mdorsed as 
true copy by T. Smith, f. (i). 

Bondfield, John. March 12, 1779. Letter 
from Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
Virginia ; D'Acosta ; Haywood ; Montieu ; 
Beaumarchais ; Gillon. ff. (2). 

33. Livingston, M., Capt. March 13, 1779. ^opy 

of letter from Nantes to John Paul Tones. 
Bancroft; Wharton. — Copy of Capt. Jones* 
reply. Each is indorsed l^ Livingston as a 
true copy. f. (i). 
1b the same hand as the first paper on p. 3s. 

Franklin, Benjamin. March 13, 1779. Letter 
to Arthur Lee. Williams' accounts ; Schweig- 
hauser. ff. (2). 

34. Uviuffiton, M., Capt. March 15, 1779. Let- 
ter from Nantes to Arthur Lee. Bancroft, 
ff. (2). 

35. Ziee, Arthur. March 17, 1779. Note in French, 
on Grand, the banker, for 25000 livres in favor 
of Joseph Gardoqui & Sons. f. (i). 

BMdfield, John. March \%^ l^^<^ Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Commercial busi- 
ness ; Wm. Lee ; Deane's charges, ff . (2). 

3S. Grand, Ferdinand. March 20, 1779. Note, in ' 
French, to Arthur Lee. Acceptance of his 
note for 25000 livres (see above, p. 35). f. (i). 

Vergennes, C. G., Camte de. Marchy 20^ 1779. 
Copy of letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Pay- 
ment by- Virginia for supplies ; inclosure uf 
letter from Prince de Montbarey. With copy 
of Prince de Montbarey's letter dated Marcn 
16^ relating thereto, and a translation of each 
by Arthur Lee. Indorsed as ** True copy " by 
A. Gillon. ff. (2). 

See also before, p. 19- — Translation of both printed, Le«'s 
Lifoof Arthur Lee, I. 430, 421. 

37. Iietter, March 21, 1779, in cipher, from Phila- 

delphia. Indorsed, "Keceived from the mar* 
chioness of Fayette July 8, 1779." ff. (2). 

Xiee, Arthur. March 22, 1779. Copy of letter 
to Count Vergennes. Recall of munitions 
promised to Virginia ; remonstrance- In- 
dorsed, •'Letter Book N. 6. p. 4* True copy 
compar'd A. Gillon." ff. (2). 

See also pp. i9» 36^ — Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, L 

38. Barsfield, , Comte de. March 25, [1779?]. 

Note to Arthur Lee. Invitation to dinner, 
ff. (2). 

Montbarey, Alexandre Marie L^onor DE 
Saint-Mauris, Prince and Comte de^ Minister 
of War. March 26, 1779. Copy of note, in 
French, to Count Vergennes. Supplies for 
Virginia; Arthur Lee. With translation. In- 
dorsed, " No. 5." ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

See also pp. 19, 36, 37. — Translation printed, Lee's Life of 
Arthur Lee, I. 423, where the date is given as May. 

39. Lee, William. March 26, 1779. Letter from 

Paris to F. L. Lee. Private pecuniary troubles; 
importance of unanimity in America; British 
plans; Franklin; Silas Deane, Carmichael; 
Lord Bute ; " Hortalez & co." pp. 4. 

Bchweif^auser, J. D. March 27, 1779. Let- 
ter from Nantes, m French, to [Arthur Lee?]. 
Shipment of goods for America ; Williams* ac- 
counts; Franklin, ff. (2). 

40. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de. March 27, 1779. 

Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Supplies for 
Virginia ; Montbarey's letter. With transla- 
tion. Indorsed, " No 4." ff. (2). 

See also pp. 19. 36-38. — Translation printed, Lee's Life of 
Arthur Lee, I. 423, where the date is given May si. 

. Copy of this and of that on p. 37, with 

the dates, " mai." Also with translation. Cer- 
tified by A. Gillon. ff. (2), 

41. Gerard, Conrad Alexandre. March xi^ 1779. 

Copy of letter from Philadelphia to Congress. 
Departure to France; power of ministers. 
Translated by Gouverneur Morris. Indorsed, 
"Original upon the files of congress." f. (l). 
(Imperfect — torn.) 
Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, X- 375. 

42. Uvlngston, M., Capt. April i, 1779. Letter 
from Nantes to Arthur Lee. Bancroft ; Ross 
ff. (2). 

Lloyd, John. ApHl 3, 1779. Copy of letter 
from " On board the Belle Poule, Brest Road," 
to Livingston. Certificate from Champion ; 
Izard ; arrival of ships ; convoy under La 
Motte-Picquet. Indorsed as true copy by Liv- 
ingston; also, N. 2. f. (i). 

Note, in cipher, April 4» I779- ^- (')• 

43. Ross, John. April 6, 1779. Note to Arthur 

I^c. Inquiry for a letter sent to William Lee. 
ff. (2). 

— . Note to Arthur Lee. Declination of 
invitation to dinner. Marked, " About 6 April 
79"; dated, Sunday Evening, ff. (2). 

44. Penn, John, Hill, Whitmell, and Burke, 

Thomas. April 8, 1779. Copy of letter from 
Philadelphia, to Henry Laurens. Remon- 
strance ; votes of South Carolina delegates on 
the fishery claim. Indorsed by Henry Lau- 
rens, ** Not examined but I believe there is no 


ff. (2). 



45. Ne^vman, Henry. April ^^ 1779. Letter from 

Philadelphia to William Carmichael. Carmi- 
chael's opinion of Deane and Lee ; Lloyd, 
Stevenson, Thornton. Indorsed, " Inclosed in 
Mr. Carmichaers information delivered May 3, 

I779-" ff. (2). 

Sarsfield, , Comte de. [April] 11, [1779]. 

Note to Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 

This is dated oniy^ " Sunday stth*' and il written this year, 
as is probable from its being m English, might have been in 
April or July. 

Lloyd, John. April 15, 1779. Letter, dated 
"On board the Belle Poule, Brest Road," to 

'Arthur Lee. Care of letters ; Deane, Ban- 
croft ; Izard. £f. (2). 

46. Necker, Jacques. April i^, 1779. Copy of 
letter, in French, from Pans, to Arthur Lee. 
Supplies for Virginia ; refusal to exempt from 
duties. With translation by Lee. ff. (2). 

Translation printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 423. 

47. laee, Arthur. April 15, 1770. Copy of letter 
to M. Necker. Exemption from duty of sup- 
plies to Virginia ; necessity for the request. 
Wiih copy of. Necker *s reply in French, dated 
April 16, Request granted. Indorsed as true 
copy by A. Gillon, al.<»o, No. 4. With translation 
by Lee. ff. (2). 

Lee's and translation of Necker's printed, Lee's Life of 
Arthur Lee, I. 434, 425. 

48. [Lee, Francis Lightfoot]. April 22, 1779. Let- 
ter from Annapolis to [Arthur Lee]. Deane ; 
William Lee. f. (i). 

laetter, April 22, 1779. ^fom London, to Heze- 
kiah Ford. Slander of a mutual friend; family 
plans. Unsigned, ff. (2). 

49. MouBtier, Eleonore Fran9ois £lie, Comte and 
Marquis de. April 23, 1779. Letter from Co- 
blentz to [Arthur Lee .^]. Ministers plenipoten- 
tiary ; Franklin ; [Deane, Adams] ; sympathy 
and encouragement for America ; D'Estaing ; 
future of American states ; Greece; Cromwell ; 
character of rulers, ff. (4). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, IL 37a. 

Ford, Hezekiah. April 23, 1779. Receipt to 
Arthur Lee for 606 livres, 6 sols, tournois. With 
another receipt (or 1200 livres. f. (i). (Imper- 
fect — torn.) 

50. Franklin, Benjamin. April 24, 1779* Two 
copies of letters to Capt. Landais. Exchange 
of prisoners ; cruise of the Alliance ; orders 
for sailing; Schweighauser ; Adams, ff. (2). 
(One copy imperfect — torn.) 

51. MouBtier, £. F. £., Comte and Marquis de. 

[April?] 25, [1779?]. Note, in French, to 
Arthur Lee. Visit of American ladies to the 
royal houses ; offer of service. Marked in pen- 
cil in later hand, '* 25 April, '79 " : dated only, 
"25." ff. (2). 

52. Lee, Richard Henry. April 26, 1779. Letter 
from Philadelphia to F. L. Lee. Death of Col. 
Taylor ; success of fleet from Boston ; recall 
of Dr. Franklin; foreign policy; treatment of 
Arthur Lee ; Virginia ; British movements, 
ff. (2). 

53. Franklin, Benjamin. April 28, Julv 28, Oct. 15, 

1779. Copy of notes to Capt. Landais. Orders 
for cruise under Capt. Jones ; Chaumont ; 
charges of disobedience ; orders to report at 
. Paris; prizes. With copy of Capt. Landais's 
answer. Necessary delay ; illness of Capt. 

Cottineau ; need of money. With copy also of 
Dr. Franklin's orders to Capt. Jones, June 30, 
1779. All certified by Ludwell Lee. ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — torn. ) 

54. [Lovell, James]? April 29, 1779. Copy of 
letter from Philadelphia to Benjamin Frank- 
lin. Deane ; Lee ; deliberations of congress. 
Signed, J. L. f. (i). 

55. Paca, William, and Drayton, William Henry. 
April 30, 1779. Copy of memorial to Congress. 
Arthur Lee's unpopularity and unfitness for 
position of minister at Madrid, ff. (2). 

56. Lamoignon de Malesherbes, Chretien 

Guillauroe <i^, April yy, 1779. Note, in French 
to Arthur Lee. Invitation to dinner, f. (i). 

Nioholaon, Samuel, Capt. May 2, 1779. Copy 
of letter from Philadelphia to William Car- 
michael. Opinion of Lee, Deane, Franklin; 
Stevenson ; Capt. Hill ; Thornton ; Lloyd ; 
Ross. Indorsed, ** Inclosed in Mr. Carmichael's 
information delivered in May 3, 1779." ff. (2). 

57. . Copy of the same. Indorsed, N®. 4, 


58, 59. Lee, Arthur. May 2, 1779. Copy of letter 
to Benjamin Franklin. Request for convoy to 
protect Virginia supplies. Copy of answer, 
dated May 3, giving reason for refusal, and 
copy of Lee's reply, dated May 6. Repetition 
of request; Adams; La Motte-Pic<}uet; Sar- 
tine ; Izard. Indorsed as true copies by A. 
Gillon. With note added by Ludwell Lee. 

ff. (3)- 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, L 4>6, 427. 

60, 61. Carmicliael, William. May 3, 1779. Copy 
of letter to congress. Charges against Arthur 
Lee ; Grand brothers ; Gamier ; Shelbume ; 
D'Estaing ; Col. Nicholas Rogers ; Lauregais ; 
Vergcnnes ; Gerard ; Lafayette ; D'Aranda; 
Bancroft ; Sayce ; Lord Camden ; Franklin ; 
Izard, Berkenhout; Ridley; Chaumont; Beau- 
marchais; Holker ; Moylan ; Ross; Williams; 
Jones; Nicholson; Thornton, ff. (4). 

62. . Another copy of a portion of the same. 

ff. (2). 

63. Bondfield, John. May 8, 1779. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Arrival of the 
Mercer, Capt. Robinson ; R. H. Lee ; La 
Motte-Picquet : news from the fleet with Vir- 
ginia supplies ; capture of the LeR^re with 
supplies of clothing for America ; duel between 
Henry Laurens and John Penn ; Deane ; Izard 
ff. (2). 

64. Barafield, , Comte de. May 8, [1779]. 

Note, in English and French, to Arthur Lee. 
Appointment with Malesherbes. ff. (2). 

. May 15, [1779]. Note to Arthur Lee. 

Abb^ Nolin; treaty at Teschen. ff. (2). 

I«ee, William. May 20, 1779. Letter from 
Frankfort, Germany, to [F. L. Lee]. Intended 
resignation of R. H. Lee; personal sacrifices; 
plans of Holland, Russia, Germany, ff. (2). 

65. Bondfield, John. May 22, 1779. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Arrival of sloop 
from Maryland ; Capt. Robinson ; Virginia's 
indebtedness ; Beaumarchais ; WMlliam Lee. 
ff. (2). 

[laee, Arthur]. May 22, 1779. Portion of let- 
ter from Paris to Carter Braxton. Aspersions 
on the Lees; letter to Ross. ff. (2). (Imperfect 
—latter part gone.) 




66. (I«ee, Richard Henry]. May 23, 1779. Letter 
in cipher to [Arthur Lee ?]. Deane's attack on 
the Lees. ff. (2). 

^. Banfield, ^ Camte de, \May\ 24, [1779]. 

Note to Arthar Lee. Spain's declaration. 

ff. (2). 

. Note in English to Arthar Lee. " Spain 
ready to declare ; visit to the gun^nakers. 
Dated, "friday morning." ff. (2). 

— . Ma^ 25, [1779]. Note to Arthur Lee. 
Abb^ Nolm ; appointment at Luzerne's ; Ossun. 
ff. (2). 

68. Franklin, Benjamin. May 26» 31, Oct. 4, 17, 28, 
March 4, 1779. Extracts from letters to Con- 

fress. Jones's command ; the Alliance ; Necker ; 
orrowme monev in Holland ; assertion by the 
Howes, Comwallis, Grey, Col. Montresor, and 
Capt. Hammond that conquest of America is 
impracticable ; Deane and Lee ; NeufviUe 
and CO. ; Arthur Lee's application for money ; 
Montieu ; Beaumarchais ; supplies ; quarrel of 
Jones and Landais. Indorsed, No. 2. ff. (2). 

The letters of May 36, Oct* 4 and 17, are printed in full in 
Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, III. and that of May a6, 
■laoin Sparks' Franklin, VIII. 

Gillon, , Commodore, Note to [Arthur] Lee. 

Appointment ; Capts. Joiner, Robeson, Kal- 
teirer, Spencer. Dated, "Sunday Evening." 
ff. (2). 

69. Jennlngi, Edmund. May 28, 1779. Receipt to 
Arthur Lee for ;f6 6j., fortEdward Bridgen. 

Bani fi eld, , Comte de. May 30^ 1770. Note 

to Arthur Lee. Spain's declaration. fL (2). 

70. GUlon, A. Letter to Arthur Lee. Thanks for 
attention ; Capt. Joiner, Luzerne. Dated "Wens- 
day 10 o'clock." ff. (2). 

Lee, Arthur, yune 6, 1779. Copy of letter to 
Count Florida Blanca. Inclosure of memorial 
to Spain. With copy of note in French to Count 
D'Aranda, dated June 7, 1779, ^J^d copy of the 
memorial, dated June 27, 1779. ff- (2). (Im- 
perfect — latter part gone.) 
See also IV. xa8. — Printed, with translation of note to D'A- 

Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 277. 

7t. Adamo, John. June 9, 1779. Copy of letter 
from L'Orient to Arthur Lee. Receipt of 
letters ; Luzerne ; Ford ; Paine ; declaration of 
northern powers against England; accusations 
against Lee; correspondence with Vergennes; 
I^ayette; situation in America, f. (i). 
Printed Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 159. 

Austin, Jonathan Loring. June 10, 177^ Letter 
from Boston to Arthur Lee. Arrival m Amer- 
ica; introduction to Lee's brother at Philadel- 
phia ; papers sent by Capt. Thompson to Adams ; 
offer of service. — 5^«/jf *2, 1779. Another letter 
to the same. Gen. Moultrie's repulse of British 
at Charleston, S. C. ff. (2). 

72. |lK>vell, James], ^une 13, 1779. Letter from 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Deane's charges 
as^ainst Lee ; Burke, Laurens, Gerry, S. Adams, 
Holton, Ellery, Wm. Lee, Izard, R. H. Lee ; 
change in committee of foreign affairs; J. 
Adams. Signed, J. L. ; indorsed " copy " though 
apparently in Lovell's handwriting; also m- 
dorsed on outside, " Received thus from M' 
Adams the 11^ Feb^. 1780, Le. with the wax 
fingered not open'd. M^ Adams had it from 
Dr. Franklin." ff. (2). 

73. Bondfield, John. June 22, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. News of ships ; union 
of Spanish and French fleets ; Ford ; financial 
arrangements, ff. (2). 

74. [Lee, Arthur]. 7une 2$, lygg. Copy of note to 
Count Florida Blanca, with the memorial to 
Spain given on p. 70. Need of additional naval 
force to aid America. With copy of another 
letter dated Dec. i6» 1779. D'Estaing. On the 
back is a copy of another letter to some lord, 
f. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

See also p. 70. — Printed, with additional sentence, in Sparks' 
Diplomatic correspondence, II. 251 ; the letter of Dec. 16 in 
Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 37S. 

75. Bondfield, John, yune 26, 1779. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. News throuc;h Capt. 
John Green, of Philadelphia ; Carmichael ; K. 
H. Lee ; R. Morris ; position of British and 
American armies ; Gerard, Chaumont, Holker. 
ff. (2). 

Ventades, ^. [yune, 1779 ?)• Note to 

Count Sarsfield. Spanish declaration; Almo- 
dovar. Not dated, ff. (2). 

The date is surmised from the date of the declaration, which 
was June s6, 1779. 

76. FxBnce — King^s Council, yune 29, 1779. En- 
forcement of order of Sept. 23, 1778, about 
prizes; Izard, ff. (2). 

77. Vaushan, . yuly 3, 177^. Extract from a 

letter to Arthur Lee. Inquiries concerning pro- 
perty of a minor, ff. (2). 

Franklin, Benjamin, jfuly 5, 1779. Copy of 
letter to Com. Gillon. Aid for Carolina; 
squadron under Joyner ; " Alliance " ; loans. 
Certified as true copy by John Joyner, f. (x). 

78. Pzingle, John Julius, yuly 7, 1779. Letter 
from Amsterdam to Arthur Lee. Inclosure from 
Temple ; Grand ; J. Adams ; Vergennes, Wm. 
Stockton; Izard, f. (i). 

[Gardoqul, James], yuly 7, 1779. Letter 
from Bilbao to Arthur Lee. Spain's declara- 
tion; Digges; Spanish seamen. Signed J. G. 
ff. (2). 

79. Prlng^e, J. J. yuly 12, 1779. Letter from Am- 
sterdam to Arthur Lee. Views on the public 
situation; public virtue; La Motte-Picquet ; J. 
Adams; Temple; Beaumarchais; Stockton; Iz- 
ard, ff. 3. (Imperfect — slightly torn.) 

Other people are referred to by numbers. 

80. Rosignan, Sigard, Marquis de. July 15, 1779. 
Letter, in French, from St. Maurice to Arthur 
Lee. Illness ; views on public affairs, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 367. 

81. Continental Congress, Second — Committee of 
Foreign Affairs, yttly 16, 1779. Letter from 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. News of British 
plans; Gen. Washington; Gov. Trumbull; de- 
struction of Fairfield ; want of news from Spain ; 
Gerard; Congress; Deane and Lee. Signed, 
"James Lovell, for the com^?"; indorsed, 
"No I." ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks Diplomatic correspondence, II. 353. 

82. — ^. Another copy of the same. ff. (2). 

83. . The same. Indorsed, " 3 plicate." f. (i). 

84. Virginia Oasette. yuly ly^ 1779. Extract of 
a letter from Philadelphia, dated June 24, 1779. 
"Junto" in congress; Deane's narrative; for- 
eign loan ; Arthur Lee ; France and Spain ; 
terms of peace ; New England delegates ; com- 
missioners at Paris; [Thornton; Ford]; Gov. 
Johnstone ; Lee's recall. Not signed, ff. (2.) 



S5. Bondfield, John. July 17, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. News from America ; 
Green ; Henry I^urens ; Deane ; Gen. Arnold ; 
Gouverneur Morris ; [Carmichael] ; desire to 
be of service in Spain. £E. (2). 

Conttnental Congress, Second — Committee of 
Foreign Affairs, July 17, 1779. Letter from 
Philadelphia to \Villiam Lee. Recall of com- 
mission to Vienna and Berlin ; reference to 
l^apers in hands of Arthur Lee and Dr. Frank- 
lin. Signed, "James Lovell for the com^"; 
indorsed, " 3 plicate." ff. (2). 
Printed, Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence, 11. 350. 

86^ Z7. [Iiovell, James]. July 17, 1779. Letter 
from Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Failure in 
sending letters; Bingham; Franklin; John 
Adams ; journals of congress ; recall of William 
Lee and Lcard ; R. H. Lee's resignation from 
congress ; attempts to injure Arthur Lee*s repu- 
tation ; Deane ; Laurens ; S. Adams ; Wbitlock ; 
uselessness of the committee ; F. L. Lee ; Lee*s 
letters to Shelburne, Jennings; Boux. Signed, 
J. L. pp. (6). 

88. Continental Congress, Second — Committee of 
Foreign Affairs. Another copy of the letter on 
p. 85. Indorsed, " 3 plicate," with P. S. added. 

f. (I). 

This P. S. is not printed in Sparks* Diplomatic correspond- 

89. Monstier, E. F. £., Comte and Marquis de. 
tuly 19, X779. Letter from Coblentz to [Arthur 

:e]. Spanish declaration ; Deane's attack on 
Lee. ff. (2). 

Printed with date July 39, and verbal differences in Lee^s Life 
of Arthur Lee, IL 375. 

90. Franklin, Benjamin. July 2T, 1779. Note to 
Arthur Lee. Inclosure of letter, ff. (2). 

Pringle, J. J. yufyiiy 1779. Letter from Am- 
sterdam to Arthur Lee. Temple ; Sayre ; change 
in commissions ; Franklin ; news ot victory m 
Carolina ; Stockton, ff. (2). 


91. Harris, John. Juiy 23, 1779. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthiu* Lee. Distress of Fortton 
prisoners arrived at France in the cartel, ff. (2). 

92. B., J. July 24, 1779. Letter from Bordeaux to 

Arthur Lee. Debt; the Alliance; Capt. J. P. 
Jones; Chaumont; Gourlade; Moylan. ff. (2). 

93. Champion, Richard July 25, 1779. Copy of 
letter to Moses Livingstone. Wharton ; Digges ; 
Izard; Lloyd, f. (i). 

Isard, Ralph, yuly 26, 1779. Letter from St. 
Amand to Arthur Lee. Decision of court on 
restoring Izard's property; Maurepas; Prevost. 
ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life o£ Arthur Lee, II. 78. 

94« [LoTell, JamesJ. Aug, 6, I779> Letter from 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Receipt of com- 
munications ; '* Henry, Francis and S. Adams"; 
Laurens; Whitelock ; condition of committee 
for foreign affairs ; Deane ; Franklin ; commis- 
sioners in Europe ; Izard ; William Lee ; Wayne ; 
D'Estaing. Indorsed, " copy (private) ", also, 
No. 3 ; signed, J. L. ff. (2). 

[ ]. Another copy of the last sentences. 

Wayne; D*£staing; Deane. f. (i). 

95. [ '\, Au^. 6, 1779. Letter from Philadelphia 

to Benjamm Franklin. Receipt of letters; 
Dumas ; Deane ; Lee. Signed, J. L. ; indorsed, 
** (copy) private." L (i). 

96. Contin0ntal Congress, Second, Aug. 6b 1779. 
Extracts from minutes. Directions to com- 
missioners and commercial agents about ac* 
counts ; appointment of Joshua Johnson as 
examiner. Signed, Chas. Thomson sec'y. f. (i)* 
See Journals of congress, IL 308, 373. 

97. . The same, with additional resolutions. 

Salaries of commissioners ; accounts. Signed, 
James LoveU. f. (i). 

Fonnd indoeed in the letter of Oct 14, from Lovell to A. Lee. 
(p. 133). — See Journals of congress, II. 308. 

98. — — . Copy of the same. f. (1). 

99. — . Another copy of the same. f. (i). 

100. Blanoa, Florida, C^twff/. i4i(f.6, 1779. Letter, 
in Spanish, to Arthur Lee. Acknowledgment 
of letters; relations of Spain and England. 
With translation, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn). 

Translation printed^ Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, II. 
»S4f and without date in Le^s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 379. 

loi. [LoveU, James]. Aug, 6^ 1779. Original of 
the letter on p. 94. Indorsed, private ; signed, 
J. L. ff. (2). 

Isard, Ralph, Aug. 8, 177^. Letter from St 
Amand to [Arthur Leel. Ford ; Prevost's de- 
feat ; Charlestown ; [William Lee], ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, IL 78. 

102. Franklin, Benjamin. Aug, 8, 1779. Copy of 
certificate to committee of congress. Ross s ac- 
counts ; Wharton, Bancroft, i. (i). 

Z03. Fringle, J. J. Aug, 16, 1779. Letter from 
Amsterdam to [Arthur Lee?). William Tem- 
ple ; Franklin ; St. Eustatia ; Charleston ; 
Gen. Williamson; William Craig; Davidson; 
Pulaski; Stockton; Pollard; [William Lee]; 
Petrie ; Deane ; Neufville ; Sayre ; Dumas, 
ff. (2). 

Barafield, , Comte de. Aug. lo, 1779. Note, 

in French and English, to Arthur Lee. In- 

Suiries about lodging; barony of Quintin. 
. (2). 

104. Pringle, J. J. Aug. 19, 1779. Letter from 
Amsterdam to Arthur Lee. Virginia politics ; 
Hall; Braxton; Jefferson; Nelson; Page; [F. 
L. Lee ; R. H. Lee] ; Henry ; Deane. ff. (2). 
[Lee, Arthur]. Aug. 21, 1779. Letter to R. H. 
Lee. Fleet tor invading England ; Lafayette ; 
British fleets ; uncertainty about recall ; Izard ; 
William Lee ; Ford ; action of northern powers ; 
paper money ; Carolina. Not signed, if. (2). 

105. [JenningBi Edmund]. Aug, 22, 1779. Letter 
to Arthur Lee. [William Lee] ; Bridgen; Lee*s 
recall ; Izard ; Grand. Signed, J. Clement, 
ff. (2). 

Bondfield, John. Aug, 24, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Financial trou- 
bles ; La Motte-Picquet ; Charleston ; Prevost ; 
Ross; Gillon; Carmichael; Franklin; Chau- 
mont; Jones, ff. (2). 

106. [I«ard, Ralph]. Sept. i, 1779. Letter from 
St. Amand to [Arthur LeeJ. Naval movements; 
Braxton; Pringle; Bondneld; Deane; health. 
Not signed, n. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 79. 

[Jennings, Edmund]. Sept, 8, 1779. Letter 
from Boulogne to Arthur Lee. Naval move- 
ments ; disposition of congress ; Izard. Signed, 
J. Clement, ff. (2). 

Z07. Grand, Ferdinand. Sept. 11, 1779. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Accounts- Signed, "for Mr. 
Grand, Hx. Grand.** ff. (2). 




nnakUii, Benjamin. Se^. 12, 1779. Kote to 
Arthur Lee. Journals. £E. (2). 

108. [Izard, Ralph]. Sept. 12, 1779. Letter from 
St Amand to Arthur Lee. D'Estaing ; Byron ; 
Granada ; return to Paris. Signed, K. L n. (2). 

listed, Lee'a Life of Arthur Lee, II. St. 

Jenings, Edmund. Sept ic, 1779. Letter 
from Boulogne to Arthur Lee. Tour into 
Flanders ; payment of pension, ft. (2). 

109. "WBxrexi, James. Sepi. 17, 177^ Letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. Opening of a letter; 
Lovell ; expressions of esteem. £ (2). 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, II. aji. 

lie. III. IiCnreU, James. Sept. 17, 1779. Letter 
from Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Letters to 
and from France ; R. H. Lee ; F. L. Lee ; Lau- 
rens; Whipple; John Adams; Vergennes: Ser- 
feant ; Ingersoll ; Warren ; Schweighauser ; 
.uzeme; S. Adams; Ford; Spain; Vii^inia 
supplies; Dumas; Franklin; Harrison; Jay; 
Reed; cypher; William Lee; Izard, ff. (4). 

ZI2. SamfielcL , Comte de. Sept, 19, 1779. Let- 

ter» in French, to Arthur Lee. The Sensible ; 
army ; Izard. With seal. ff. (2). 

113. nCiorell, James]. Sept, 21, 1779. Letter from 
Philadelphia to [Arthur Lee.^j. Gerard; new 
appointment of commissioners ; changes in con- 
eress ; Jenings ; Ingersoll ; Serjeant ; S. Adams, 
John Adams; Ellery; constitutional convention. 
Signed, J. L. f. (i). 

114. f— — ]• Sept, 22, 1779. Letter to Arthur Lee. 
Despatches to Dr. Franklin ; seizure of bearer 
of letters; decision on Spanish affairs; Luzerne; 
Vergennes' opinion of Lee and John Adams. 
Indorsed, private, f. (z). 

115. Jenings, Edmund. Sept. 25, 1779. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Tour to Flanders; negociation; 
suspension of arms ; Lloyd ff. (2). 

[laOTall, James. Sept. 27 (?), 177c).] Note to 
[Arthur Lee]. Appointment of mmister pleni- 
potentiary ; Jay ; Carmichael ; Deane. Signed, 
" A Friend to your Merits " ; not directed ; 
marked in pencil, " 1779, 27 SepL" f. (i). 

Ii6w'8arsfield, —— , Comte de. [Oct. or Sept, 2, 
1779?]. Note, in English, to [Arthur Lee?]. 
Return of papers; visit to Paris. Not super- 
scribed. &. (2). 

The dftte it not very legible, t^ and 8bcr being written over 
adi other, and the vear bcins apparently 1775 ; the paper is 
Burked in a later hana, in penal, 3 Oct. 7S. If to Arthur Lee 
the year is probab>y 1779* and the fact of its being in English 
woold seem to place it thus late, as only the count's later letters 
were in English. 

117. [Jeningm Edmund]. Oct. 3, 1779. Letter 
from Brussels to Arthur Lee. Retirement of 
members of congress; Carrol; commissioners. 
Signed, J. Clement, ft. (2). (Imperfect — torn; 
memorandum on back.) 

Jones, John Paul. Oct. 3, 1779. Extract of a 
letter from Texel to Goulard & Moylan. Engage- 
ment with the enemy; Alliance; Bon Homme 
Richard. — Cottineau. Oct. 4, 1779. Extract of 
a letter from Texel in French. Account of the 
same engagement; list of prizes, ff. (2). 

iiS. Harris, John. Oct. 4, 1779. Letter from 
L'Orient to Arthur Lee. Thanks of recom- 
mendation ; Gillon. ff. (2). 
Ftanklin, Benjamin. Oct, 4, 1779. Extract 
from letter to congress. Bills of^ exchange; 
louis. — March 4, 1780. Disposition of French 
; supplies for America; Ross; Johnson; 

Deane ; Lee. — Mc^ 26^ 1779. Commissions to 
strangers, f. (i). 

The full letter Iroax which these extracts are taUcen is printed 
in Sparks* Diplomatic correspondence. III. 

119. Jenings, Edmund. Oct. 6, 1779. Note from 
Brussels to Arthur Lee. Complaints against 
nephew, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Heredia, de^ Secretary of the Spanish Em* 

bossy, [Oct. 6, 1779?]. Letter, in French, to 
Arthur Lee. Rodney; English and Spanish 
vessels. Not dated ; marked in pencil in a later 
hand, " 6 Oct. '79 ? ". ff. (2). 

120. . Oct. II, 1779. Note, in French, to Ar- 
thur Lee. Appointment, f. (i). 

pCxard, Ralph. Oct. 12, 1779?] Note to [Ar- 
thur Lee?r. Departure of Gerard; letter. 
Signed, R. I. ; not superscribed ; dated, Wednes- 
day morning ; marked in pencil in a later hand, 
"II Oct. '79?"; indorsed, "Gerard's going." 
£. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

If this was written about Oct. 1 x, '79 Wednesday fell on the 
lath ; there is nothing in the letter to guide a surmise. 

121. [Lea, R. H.?]. Oct, 12, 1779. Letter from 
Virginia to Arthur Lee. Controversy with 
Deane ; Whipple ; S. Adams ; J. Adams ; 
Mercer; Fitzhugh; Flemming; Griff en; Wil- 
liam Lee; Izard. Signed and mostly written 
in cipher ; only the P. S. appears to be in R. H. 
Lee*s hand; indorsed, No. 4. ff. (2). 

122. Ckintlnental Congress, Second. Oct. 13, 1779. 
Extract from the minutes. Lee's recall ; ap- 
pointment of Jay. Signed, James Lovell. f. ( i ). 

See Journals of congress, Y. 3S3. 

123. [Lovell, James]. Oct. 14, 1779. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Bondfield ; letters ; Spanish 
commission; Jay; Deane's charges; Mercer; 
Gerard, Schweighauser; Shippen. Indorsed, 
" private " ; signed, J. L. ff. (2). 

124. [ \ Oct. 14, 1779- Letter to Arthur Lee. 

Spain; Jay; Bondfield; Deane; Mercer; Ge- 
rard; Schweighauser. Indorsed, "private. Du- 
plicate." ff. (2). 

In wording different, in substance duplicate of the preceding 
letter (p. 123). 

125. [Bondfield, John]. Oct. 16, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthiu- Lee. Chaumont; Frank- 
lin ; detention of goods and despatches for 
America. Not signed, ff. (2). 

[Jenings, Edmund]. Oct, 17, 1779. Letter 
to Arthur Lee. [Nephew John]; Mercer; Mrs. 
Izard, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

i26.[Benoit, Mlle\ Letter, in French, to Arthur 
Lee. Expressions of love. Not signed ; dated 
only Monday. With translation. Marked in 
pencil in a later hand, *' 17 Oct. 79.^ ". ff. (4). 

127. [— ]. Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Dated 
only Friday; not signed. With translation. In- 
dorsed, " Mile. Benoit." ff. (2). 

[ ]. Another letter to Arthur Lee. With 

translation, ff. (2). 

128. rSarsfield, — , Comte de]. Oct. 22, 1779. 
Letter from Rennes, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Departure of Americans ; D'Estaing ; return to 
Paris, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

I ]. Oct. 24, 1779. Letter from Chambi^re 

near Rennes, in French, to Arthur Lee. I^e*s 
reputation ; departure ; Mrs. Izard, ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — torn.) 

129. [ ]. Two letters from Chambi^re, in French, 

to Arthur Lee. Advice; obscure references: 



D'Estaing. ff. (4). (Imperfect — torn; date 

X30.JeiiiiigB, Edmund. Oct. 25, 1779. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Nephew; Genet; re-publication 
of article from Remembrancer ; Deane ; fall of 
English stocks, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

lliee, Arthur]. Nov. 7, 1779. Letter to F. L. 
Lee. Resignation from congress ; settlement 
for Virginia supplies ; events of the campaign ; 
D*Estamg ; Spanish mission ; recall. Not 
signed, ff. (2). 

131. RoBif^aan, Sigard, Marquis de. Nov. 14, 1779. 

Letter from Turin, in French, to [Arthur Lee ?]. 
Fleets ; D'Estaing ; character of certain men. 
Not superscribed; indorsed, " N© 7." ff. (2). 

Bondfield, John. Nov, 20, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Detention of packet ; 
Chaumont; Franklin; Virginia; South Caro- 
lina ; Holland ; Landais ; Jones ; Jamaica ; 
D'Estaing ; Spain ; plan for packets ; Izard, 
ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

132. Gillon, Alexander, Commodore. Dec. 8, 1779. 
Letter from Frankfort to Arthur Lee. Report 
of attempt to buy ships and military stores, 
ff. (2). 

Many references in cipher. 

Bondfield, John. Z?^^. 11, 1779. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Changes among com- 
missioners ; Jay, William Lee, Livingston, 
Izard, Carmichael,Penet; Ross; Delap; Deane; 
Gillon; R.Morris; Holker. ff. (2). 

133. . Dec. 13. 1779. Letter from Bordeaux to 

Arthur Lee. News from Georgia; Americans 
jealous of France; Washington; Rhode Island; 
Sullivan; D*£stalng; Savannah ; John Adams ; 
Franklin ; Spain and Portugal ; Jones ; Amster- 
dam, ff. (2). 

134. Braxton, Carter. Dec. 16, 1779. Copy of 
letter from Williamsburg, Va. to Capt. Cun- 
ningham. Directions for a privateerine cruise ; 
Phripp; Willing & Morris. Indorsed as true 
copy, " Attt. Ezek». Price." ff. (2). 

[Jenings, Edmund]. Dec. 22, 1779. Letter 
to Arthur Lee. Sentiments of British cabinet; 
independence of America ; Lord Chatham ; Jay; 
John Adams ; Lawrence. Signed, J. Clareville. 
ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

135. Izard, Ralph. Dec. 23, 1779. Letter from Am- 
sterdam to [Arthur Lee ?]. Savannah news ; 

' D'Estaing ; Prevost ; loan of money ; plans in 
America, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 81. 

136. Schweighauser, J. D. . Dec. 30, 1779. Letter 
from Nantes to Arthur Lee. Disbursements 
for Virginia ; delivery of plate to Capt. Tones. 
Franklin ; Cortentine. f. (i). (Imperfect — 
stained and torn.) 

Vol. VII. 

I. Isard, Ralph. Jan, 3, 1780. Letter from Am- 
sterdam to [Arthur Lee]. Lee's resignation; 
Digges; Courier de I'Europe ; John Adams; 
Franklin ; the Confederacy, Alliance, Serapis, 
Countess of Scarborough; Beaumarchais ; D'Es- 
taing ; Clinton ; Prevost ; Charleston ; Capt 
Gillon, Capt. Joyner, ff. (2). (Imperfect — 

printed. Lee's Life of Arthur Le«, II. 8a. 

2. Vergennes, Charles Gravier, Comte de* Jan, 
9, 1780. Letter, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Leave of the French court. With English 
translation, ff. (2). 

3. Ziee, William. Jan. 20, 1780. Letter from 

Brussels to Arthur Lee. Extract from letter 
of Arthur Lee, May i, 1777, to William Lee; 
character of commissioners ; Deane ; Franklin ; 
Williams. Extract, certified as true copy by 
Edmund Jenings. ff. (2). 

4. Bondfield, John. jfan. 22, 1780. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Samuel Wharton; 
Chaumont ; Franklin ; John Adams ; Izard 
ff. (2). 

[JeningB, Edmund]. Jan, 24, 1780. Letter 
to [Arthur Lee?]. Change of commissioners; 
John Adams ; Holland ; Great Britain's in- 
fringement of rights of neutrals on the sea; 
quotation in French from Baron de Bielfield. 
Signed, Mac Gregor ; not superscribed, ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — torn.) 

5. [ ]. Jan. 27, 1780. Letter from Brussels. 

Acceptance of the Order of St. Louis. Si^ed, 
Mac Gregor; not superscribed; enigmatically 
expressed, ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

6. Bondfield, John. Jan. 29, 1780. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. John Adams ; Chau- 
mont ; Izard ; Haller ; debt due from Virginia, 
ff. (2). 

7. [GKllon, Alexander, Commodore]. Feb. 14, 1780. 
Letter from Amsterdam to Arthur Lee. At- 
tempts to purchase vessels. Not signed; in- 
dorsed, ** Commodore Gillon " and " Outside 
cover dh-ected by A. G." ff. (3). 

8. Bondfield, John. Feb. 19, 1780. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Arrival of the Gov. 
Livingston and Mary Phearson ; Virginia debts ; 
D'Acosta ; Haywood ; report of English invad- 
u^g Virginia, ff. (2). 

[JeningB, Edmund]. Feb. 22, 1780. Letter 
from Brussels to Arthur Lee. Expedition from 
Ireland for the West Indies ; Walsingham's 
ships; Russia; John Adams. Signed, Donald 
Mac Donald, ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee^a Life of Arthur Lee, II. 107. 

9. . Feb. 28, 1780. Copy of letter to Charles 

Carroll. AbW Mably's views ; introduction of 
Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 

Bartine, Antoine Raymond Jean Gualbert Ga- 
briel det Alinister of Marines. March i, 1780. 
Note of farewell, m French, to Arthur Lee. 
ff. (2). 

10. lie Roy, Herman. March 2, 1780. Letter from 
Amsterdam to Arthur Lee. Thanks for Mr. 
Pringle's introduction to Lee; Chabanel; Ad- 
miral By land. ff. (2). 

Bondfield, John. March 3, 1780. Letter from 
Nantes to [Arthur Lee ?]. Arriyal of ship from 
Plymouth, Mass. ; Bancroft; Lawrence; R H. 
Lee. Not superscribed, f. (i). 

11. BretetUl, Louis Auguste deTonnelier, Baron 
de. March 4, 1780. Letter of farewell to Arthur 
Lee. Luzerne, f. (i). 

Franklin, Benjamin. March 4, May 31, 1780. 
Copy of memorandum to Congress concerning 
supplies, f. (i). 

See Sparks' Diplomatic oorrespondence, III. zao, 143; Sparks' 
Franklin, VIII. 459. 

12. nCiee, William]. March 21, 178a Letter from 
Brussels to F. L. Lee. Failure to reoeiTe let- 



ten ; Arthur Lee ; family matters. Not signed, 
ff. (2). 

[Isard, Ralph]. March 21, 1780. Letter from 
Paris to Arthur Lee. Garnier ; Grand ; arrival 
of the Tonant ; Gillon. Signed, R. L ff. (2). 

13. Stone, William, Smith, Thomas, ani/Baxmer, 
George, Pilots from South Carolina, March 
22, 1780. Memorial from Brest to Arthur Lee. 
Governor of South Carolina; D'Estaine; the 
Languedoc ; misfortwies. f. (i). (Impenect — 
stained and torn.) 

14. ^axBfield, , Comie de\, March 22, 1780. 

rortion of letter, in French, to [Arthur Lee?]. 
D'Aranda, D'Heredia ; Carmichael. ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — stained, and the lower part 
torn off.) 

Smith, Michael, and others. March 28, 1780. 
Memorial, dated L'Orient, to Arthur Lee. 
Trouble as exchanged prisoners; Milford car- 
tel ; Capt. Cottineau ; non-payment of wages. 
Signed, Michael Smith, Thomas Cave, Patrick 
Reed, James MuUin, Moses Bigger, John Ray- 
worth, W«- Green, f. (i). 

15. Orimiell, William, and 'Wilson, Joseph. 
March 2g, 1 780. Letter from L'Onent to 
Arthur Lee. Sickness ; officers of the Alli- 
ance under J. P. Jones; expenses, ff. (2). 

16. Grand, [Ferdinand], banker. April 8, 1780. 
Letter from Paris, m French, to Arthur Lee. 
Opinion of Lee at French court ; Count 
d'Aranda. ff. (2). (Partly illegible from stain.) 

Bondfield, John. Apri/ 1$, 17S0. Letter from 
Nantes to Arthur Lee. Chaumont; delay of 
ships; Izard; Franklfti ; Wilhams; Jay; Car- 
michael ; Ross ; Bancroft ; flef.t from Brest des- 
tined for Quebec ; clothing lor Washington's 
army ; intimacy of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Wil- 
liams; Peltier; Beaumarchais ; De Montieu; 
Zacestas ( ?); Virginia trade ; Samuel Wharton; 
illness of Franklin, ff. (2). 

17. Wara, , Baron de. April 19, 1780. Letter 

from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. Lee's 
departure ; Paradez ; declaration concerning 
neutral vessels by the empress of Russia, 
ff. (2). 

[Lee, Francis Lightfoot?]. April z^^ 1780. Part 
of letter to [Arthur Lee], Introduction of 
George Mason, Jr.; Deane; advice to visit 
Gen. Whipple, Samuel Warren, Ellery, Mer- 
chant, Trumbull ; George Wythe ; Ludwell 
Lee. Addressed in cipher; no place of date; 
last part gone. f. (1). (Imperfect.) 

The haodwriting resembles R. H. Lee's, but is more exact; 
the writer also refers to Ludwell Lee as **your nephew." 

18. WiUlams, Jonathan, ^/rv/ 24, 1780. Copy of 
letter from Nantes to Lieut. Dirges. Answer 
of letter; Alliance; Hills; Nicholson; Parkes's 
prize money. Indorsed, "about the sale of 
Wicke's prizes.'' Memorandum on back, of 
** Snow Friendship," sloop Betsev, sloop Jason, 
brig Mattey, brig Jenney. On tne same sheet 
as the following. 

Franklin, Benjamin. April 26, 1780. Copy 
of letter to Samuel Ross. Prize money of Capt. 
Wickes of the Reprisal ; Thomas Morris, Mor- 
ris & Lee; Bancroft, ff. (2). 

19. Laurens, Henry, [?r.?]. May 4, 1780. Note 
from Wilmington, N. C, to R. H. Lee. Death 
of CoL Parker; danger of Charlestown [ton]. 

Itee, William. May I7, 1780. Letter from 
Brussels to [Arthur Leej. Inclosure of copies 
of certificates concerning Thomas Morris's pa- 
pers ; Robert Morris ; Ross ; Alliance ; Capts. 

Wickes, Johnson, Nicholson; prizes; Frank- 
lin ; Williams ; Gourlade & Co. ; Jones ; Green. 
The first copied certificate is signed, William 
Blake, John Lloyd ; the second, Ra. Izard, wit- 
ness J. J. Pringle; the last, B. Franklin, "in 
our presence S. Deane — Arthur Lee " ; all cer- 
tified to by £dm. Jenings. ff. (2). 

20. ■Wai:a, ^ Baron de. May 29, 1780. Letter 

from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. Confed- 
eration of the north ; letter of Clinton to Lord 
Germaine ; fleets of Toulonand Brest ; Paradez 
ff. (2). 

21, 22. Olllon, Alexander, Commodore. June^ X780. 

Letter from Paris to John J. Cripps & Mev, of 
Charleston, S. C. Opinion upon Franklin, 
Deane, Bancroft, Robert Morris; commenda- 
tion of John Adams, Arthur Lee, William Lee, 
Izard; Chaumont; difiiculty of p;etting supplies 
for states ; improvement of public service ; Hol- 
land; Prussia, ff. (4). 

23. Shelbume, William Petty, Earl of. June 2, 

17S0. Note of personal friendship to Arthur 
Lee. Dunning; Barr^. ff. (2). 

24. Sartine, A. R. J. G. G. de. June 3, 1780. Let- 
ter, in French, to Arthur Lee. Arrangementji 
for Lee's passage to America ; governor of Mar- 
tinique ; Alliance ; Paul Jones ; Franklin, ff. (2). 

25. Franklin, Benjamin. June 7, 1780. Copy of 

letter to Capt. Peter Landais. Orders not to 
meddle with the Alliance. Certified on Aug. 26^ 
1780, by Ja's Warren and Fitch Pool as true copy 
of a copy sent from Capt. Jones to Capt. Parke. 
Indorsed, N*. i. f. (i). 

a6. . June 16, 1780. Copy of letter to Capt. 

Landais. Repetition of order. — Copy of letter 
to the officers and seamen of the Alliance to 
obey Capt. Jones. Indorsed N**. 2, N**. 3. C«-f- 
tified as the above (p. 25). f. (i). 

27. . June 12, 1780. Extract of letter to Capt. 

Jones. Mutiny of 115 men of the Alliance^ 
Capt. Landais; prize money; Ariel. Indorsed, 
N<*. 4. Certified as the above (pp. 25, 26). 

f. (I). 
Printed in part, Life of John Paul Jones, PhiL, Lippimceit^ 
1858, p. i6a. 

28. Brovirn, Joseph. June 18, 1780. Letter from 

L'Orient to Arthur Lee. Petition for the prize 
ship Serapis; Franklin; Bancroft; Wharton; 
Jones, ff. (2). (Imperfect — bottom torn off.) 
[Lee, Arthur], ^une 25, 1780. Draft of letter 
to Capt. Landais. Advice to him to sail with 
the Alliance, ff. (2). 

29. Jones, John Paul. June 27, 1780. Letter from 

L'Orient to Robert Morris. Orders to return 
with the Alliance to Philadelphia ; sale of the 
Serapis ; honors from the French court ; Lu- 
zerne ; Landais ; Ariel ; prevention of blood- 
shed; sailors of the Bon Homme Richard; 
conduct of Arthur Lee ; Deane ; Franklin ; 
zeal for America, ff. (2). 

30. . June 27, 1780. Letter from L'Orient to the 

presidfent and board of admiralty at Philadel- 
phia. Pleasure at the appointment of the board 
by Congress ; mutiny, Lee, Landais ; Robert 
Morris ; Capts. Bell, Montgomery, Smith ; 
Franklin; action of Flamborough Head. f. (i). 

Vergennes, Charles Gravier, Comte de. June 
30, 1780. Copy of letter, in French, to John 
Adams. Resolution of congress of March 18, 
1780; desires of French court; Luzerne. In- 
dorsed, No. T. ff. (2). 
Translation printed, Adams' Works, VII. a 13. 

31. . June [30, 1780]. Translation of letter 

to Benj. Franklin. Adams' representations. 



Luzerne ; payments of paper money to the 
French. Incorrectly indorsed, July 30. ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — stained and torn.^ 

Printed, Sparks' Diploautic oomspondeBcei III. zu; Sparks' 
Franklin, VIII. 477- 

32. Adams, John. July i, 1780. Copy of letter 
from Paris to Count Vergennes. Luzerne ; res- 
olutions of Congress ; loan office certificates. 
Indorsed, N<*. 2. f. (i). 

Printed Adama^ Works, VIL a 13; Sparks^ Dipkmatic corr»- 
spondence, V. 233. 

Page, John. Tuiy^ 1780. Letter from Rosewell, 
Va., to R. H. L^. Association for weaken- 
ing tory influence ; Arthur Lee ; William Lee. 
ff. (2). 

33. Vergennes, C. G., ComU de. July 20^ 1780. 
Cop^r of letter, in French, to John Adams. 
Destination of Temay and Rochambeau; as- 
surances of the friendship of the French court 
Indorsed, No. 4. f. (i). 

Translation printed, Adams' Works, VIL 23s ; Spaiit^ Diplo- 
matic correspondence, V. 278. 

I, John. July 21, 1780. Copy of letter 
to Count Vergennes. Ternay; Rochambeau; 
appreciation of the friendship of the French. 
Indorsed, N**. 5. f. (i). 

Printed, Adams* Works, VII. 233 ; Sparks' Diplomatic cor- 
respondence, V. 279. 

34. Vergennes, C. G., ComU de, July 25, 1780. 
Copy of letter, in French, to John Adams. Ob- 
jections to U. S. commissioners treating with 
Lord Germaine ; treaty of commerce : desire to 
communicate first with congress. With copy 
on the margin of portions of Adams' letter of 
July 17. Indorsed, N°. 6 & 7. ff. (4). 

Translation printed, Adama^ Works, VII. 235, ^/c.; Sparks' 
Diplomatic correspondence, V. 28^, etc- Adams' letter printed, 
Adams' Works, Yll. 228, ttC' \ Sparks' Diplomatic correspon- 
dence, V. 266. 

35, 36. Adams, John. July 26, 1780. Copy of 

letter to Count Vergennes. Same subject ; auke 
of Richmond ; Hartley ; Lord North ; senti- 
ments of the people of England ; America ; ad- 
vantage to Europe. Indorsed, N". 8. pp. (8). 

Printed, Sparks Diplomatic correspondence, V. 294. 

37. . July 27, 1780. Letter to Count Ver- 

fennes. Needs of Americans ; assistance of 
ranee; admiral Graves, Temay, Rochambeau; 
Guichen; reinforcements in the West Indies. 
Indorsed, N**. 9. ff. (2). 

Printed, Adams' Works, VII. 241 ; Sparks' Diplomatic corre- 
spondence, V. 301. 

38. Vergennes, C. G., Comte de, \July\ 31, 1780. 
Translation of letter to [Benjamin Franklin]. 
Disagreement with John Adams ; list of letters 
between Vergennes and Adams during June and 
July. ff. (2). (Very imperfect — torn.) 

Printed, Sparks^ Diplomatic correspondence, V. 305. 

39. Lee, Arthur, and others. Aug. 5, 1780. Copy 
of letter to Capt. Landais. Petition to sail; 
danger of loitering. Signed, Arthur Lee, Pon- 
tigibaud. La Colombl, Poirey, Ludwell Lee, 
Thomas Lee, John Middleton, E. Brush, J'oseph 
Wilkinson, Joseph Brown Junr, John G. Frazer, 
Henry Ash, M. Comyn, M. Livingston, f. (i). 
( Imperfect — worn.) 

Buckley, John, rtW^Mrrj. ^kc^. 10, 1780. Copy 
of petition from the officers of the Alliance to 
Capt. Landais to enter port as soon as possible. 
Signed, John Buckley, James Lynd, M. Park, 
John Lauhar, James Warren, Thomas Ellwood, 

' Benjamin Pierce, John Darling, James Bragg, 
Isaac Carr, N. Blodget, Thomas Hinsdale, 
George Thayer, Samuel Guild, Joseph Willson, 
George Raymond. — Copy of statement of offi- 
cers. Capt. Landais's refusal of the petition ; 
offer of command to tst Lieut. James Diggs. 
Signed as aboye, with the additional names, 
Fitch Pool, John Siayin. ff. (2). (Imperfect — 
one comer torn.) 

40. Gordon, WUliam. Sept. ic 1780. Letter from 
Jamaica Plain to Ezra Stiles. Introduction of 
Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

— . Sept. 15, 1780. Letter from Jamaica Plain 
to Benjamin Lord, Norwich, Conn. Introduo* 
tion of Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

41. [Lee, Arthur]. Sept. 19, 1780. Draft of letter 
from Boston to Baron Bretieul. Distress in 
America ; depreciation of money ; want of 
funds ; need of loan of thirty or forty million 
Ityres ; advantages of British in north and south. 
Not signed, ff. (2). (Partly illegible from 

42. Cooper, Samuel. Sept. 19, 1780. Letter from 
Boston to Ezra Stiles, introduction of Arthur 
Lee. ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. z66. 

— — . Sept. 19, 1780. Letter from Boston to 
Enoch Huntington, Middletown, Conn. Intro- 
duction of Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, I. 166. 

43. . Sept. 19, 1780. Letter from Boston to 

, Andrew Eliot, Fairfax, Conn. Introduction of 

Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, I. 165. 

44. Hontlngton, Samuel. Oct. 26, 1780. Letter 
from Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Inclosure 
of act of congress; desire for information on 
affairs in Europe, ff. (2). 

45. Jjee, Arthur. Oct. 27, 1780. Note to Messrs. 
Madison, Bee & Clark. Directions about furni- 
ture, ff. (2). 

46. Bondfield, John. Nov. i, 1780. Letter from 

Bordeaux to Arthur Lee at Philadelphia. Re- 
ceipt of letter through Mr. Brush ; Sartine ; 
Chaumont ; arrival of the Fier Rodrique ; 
Deane ; Franklin ; refusal of Bondfield's ships; 
claims against Virginia ; Williams. Indorsed 
as forwarded by W? Vernon, ff. (2). 

47. — . Duplicate of the last. 

48. Sarsfield, , ComU de. Nov. 5, 1780. Letter 

from Valenciennes, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Armed neutrality ; Gillon ; John Adams ; Izard, 
defeat of Gen. Gates [at Camden] ; paper money 
of America ; Bunker Hill ; Gen. Warren, ff. (2). 
(Imperfect — torn.) 

49. Carmichael, William. Dec. 6, 1780. Letter 
from Brandywine, Penn., to Arthur Lee. Lee's 
defence; Deane, Williams, Franklin; exhorta- 
tions to perseyerance. ff. (2). (Partly illegible 
from stains.) 

5a BxtraotB from the trial of Capt. Landais. Dee, 
20^ Z780? Linn ; conduct of Lee on passage to 
America; Stephen Waters; Blodget; Winship; 
reasons for taking command of the Alliance; 
Gillon ; Franklin ; Montbarrey ; Ross ; Lafay- 
ette ; Diggs ; Jones. Not complete, ff. (2). 

The date is taken from the indoraement in pendl added by a 
later hand. 

51. U. S. — Treasury office. Dec. 28, 1780. Extracts 
from the minutes. Deposition of public prop* 
er^ by Arthur Lee. Signed, Comehos Comesyti 
Clk. f. (i). (Imperfect — worn.) 



[Sarafield, ,C<mU dA. Oct. 1 3, [ 1 780 ^w 'S i ] . 

Letter from Rennes, in French. References to 
letters and books received. No address or sig- 
nature, f. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

52. Copy of questions to be asked in court. Will 
of William Bird ; Thomas Newman ; petition 
for writ of subpoena. Attest. Robert Graham. 
Marked in pencil "1780?" (f.) i. (Imper- 
feet — first part gone.) 

53. U. S. — Auditor General, yan. r, 1781. Copy 
of report on John Ross*s accounts. With re- 
port from the commissioners of the chamber 
of accounts, dated Jan. 5. The commissioners' 
report signed, William Govett, John D. Mer- 
cier ; the auditor-general's, James Milligan. 
Copy compared by W? Duer, Scy. ff. (2). 

54. Wanren, James. Jan, 10, 1781. Letter from 

Uoston to Arthur Lee. Information ; Blod^et ; 
finances; publication of letters by British; 
Cooper, it. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 973. 

[Saisfield, , Comte de]. Jan. 11, 178 1. Let- 
ter from Valenciennes, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Death of sister ; Luzerne ; declaration of war by 
England against Holland ; D'Estaing ; Izard ; 
success of Gates against Ferguson. Not signed, 
ff. (2). 

55. Blodget, Nathan, Purser of the Alliance, Jan, 

25, 1781. Deposition, dated Boston. Arthur 
Tree's goods; Landais. ff. (2). 
Parke, M., Capt. of Marines, Jan, 29, 1 78 1. 
Copy of deposition, dated Boston Harbor. 
Blooget's ^oods. — Similar deposition, Jan. 
31, 1781, signed James Diggs, Lieut., Chipman 
Bangs, ship's Steward. Blach certified as true 
copy by N. Blodget. ff. (2). 

56. (Bondneld, John]. Feb. 24, 1781. Letter from 
bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Rupture between 
England and Holland; Russia's offer of media- 
tion; Dutch navy; Spanish fleet; fleet from 
Brest for America ; John Laurens ; interception 
of mails ; Deane, Bancroft, Chaumont ; Vir- 
ginians debts ; D'Acosta, Beaamarchais. — — 
March 20, 1781. Postscript. Mediation of Rus- 
sia and Austria ; Joseph V orke ; Choiseul ; ar- 
rival of John Laurens. Signed, -J. B. ff. (4). 

57. fSarafleld, , Comte de\. March 8, 13, 178T. 

Letter from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Departure of Letompe; mediation of Russia; 
armed neutrality ; John Adams ; Searle ; Dana ; 
son of John Laurens ; Bondfield ; Joseph Vorke ; 
Lord North. Not signed, ff. (2). (Imperfect — 

58. [Brown, John, Secretary pf the Admiralty], 
March 10, 1781. Copy of letter to Samuel Whar- 
ton. Inquiry concerning purchase of stores for 
America ; Jones ; Lafayette ; Chaumont ; Wil- 
liams. Indorsed, " True Copy from the Original 
A. Lee." f. (i). 

59- Jonea, J. P. March 13, 1781. Extracts from 
answers to the board of admiraltv. Schweig- 
hauser ; William Lee ; Franklin ; 6on Homme 
Richard; Sartine; Landais; Ariel, Alliance; 
Ross ; Chaumont ; Serapis ; Gourlade & Moy- 
Ian ; Wharton ; Arthur Lee ; Livingston. Ad- 
dressed to Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

^ Wharton, Samuel. March 23, 178 1. Letter 
from Philadelphia to* John Brown. Purchase 
of stores for America ; Chaumont ; Williams ; 
Gourlade & Moylan; Jones. Indorsed, "True 
Copy from the Original A. Lee." f. (i). 
See p. 58 for the letter of questions. 

61. [Bondfield, John] . A/ril i, lySi. Letter from 
Dordeauz to Arthur Lee. Reduction of St 


Eustatia ; fleets of France, Spain, England, 
Holland; Lawrence; De Castre ; Col. Palfrey; 
De Grasse, -D'Estaing, De Touche. Signed, 
J. B. ff. (2). (Slightly imperfect.) 
warren, James. A/>ril 29, 1781. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. Secretary for foreign 
affairs ; Franklin ; want of news ; elections ; 
Ward; Lovell; Adams; [Blodget] ; navy board. 

f. (I). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 274. 

62. "Wara, , Baron de. May 4, 178 1. Letter 

from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. Laurent 

[ohn Laurens] ; mediation ; Virginia ; Palfrey. 


Ralph. May 12, 178 1. Letter from 

Philadelphia to R. H. Lee. Arrival of vessel 
from L'Orient ; news of fleet having sailed from 
Brest with French troops for America ; loss of 
• the Luzerne with maU ; Virginia ; movements 
of French troops ; Rutledge ; Laurens ; Jeffer- 
son, ff. (2). 

63. [Lee, Arthur]. After June 15, 1781. Draft of 
resolutions to be presented to congress. Revo- 
cation of appointment of Franklin, Jay, Henry 
Laurens, and Jefferson as ministers plenipoten- 
tiary jointly with John Adams to treat for peace ; 
similar powers to John Adams alone. Indorsed 
with memoranda on other subjects. Incorrectly 
indorsed, " I March, 1781." f. (i). 

This appears from the Journals of congress, both public and 
secret, never to have been presented. 

64. [Bondfield, John]. yi/«^, 25, 1781. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Chaumont; paper 
money ; John Adams ; Spain ; insurrection in 
Peru; Russia; armed neutrality; Holland; res- 
ignation of Necker ; Jolly ; England's loss in 
the East Indies ; French and Spanish fleets ; 
journey of French emperor ; German troops to 
aid British in America ; fate of the ship Marquis 
de Lafayettef ; plan of sending supplies. Signed, 
T. B. ff. (2). 

[Warren, Tames]. July^ 1781. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. Receipt of letter ; atten- 
tion to Lee's grant of land ; Blodget ; political 
state of affairs ; Virginia. Signed, J. \V. ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 375. 

65. Jackson, William. July 5. 1781. Copy of 
letter from Amsterdam to Benjamin Franklin. 
Necessity for a ship sailing with supplies ; re- 
peal of orders to Messrs. Fiseaux ; Laurens ; 
Gillon ; Necker ; delay, an increased expense. 

ff. (2). 
The letters of July 2, referred to in this letter, and Franklin's 
answers thereto, are printed in Sparks* Diplomatic correspon- 
dence, III. 221-226; also in Sparks' Franklin, I3C. 49-54: but 
tills letter is not printed. 

66. [Lee, Arthur.] Aug, 13, 1781. Copy of letter 
to the president of congress. Reports of the 
board of admiralty ; Alliance ; Landais ; Frank- 
lin; denial of charges; Lafayette; Williams; 
Tones ; Ross ; Bondfield ; Ternav ; Bland ; Gil- 
Ion; Diggs. Not signed, ff. (4)- 

67. Continental Congress, Second. Aug. 14^x781, 
Copy of report on motion of Virginia delegates. 
Resolutions to grant passports to governors of 
Virginia and Maryland; importation of 50,000 
bushels of salt. f. (i). (Imperfect — slightly 

Printed, Secret journals of congress, L 225, 226. 

68. Breteiiil, L. A. de T., Baron de. Oct. 2, 1781. 

Letter from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Thanks for copy of American constitutions. 



[SazBfield, , Comte de\. 1 781 . Letter from 

Rennes, in French. American legislation, Guil- 
ford Court House; Palfrey; Malesherbes; Mrs. 
Izard. Not signed or addressed, ft. (2). (Im- 
perfect — stained and torn.) 
Bowdoin, James. Jan. 31, 1782. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur l!ee. Election as fellow of 
the American academy of arts and sciences ; de- 
gree of LL.D. from Harvard university; defeat 
of Cornwallis. f. (i). 
Printedi Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, L 177. 

69. [Lee, William]. Feb, 12, 1782. Letter from 

Bruxelles to F. L. Lee. No receipt of letters 
for five years ; private business ; estate in Vir- 
ginia ; rhilip Ludwell Lee ; family matters. 
Signed, W. L. ff. (2). 

70. Gordon, William. March 2^ ii^z. Letter from 
Jamaica Plain to Arthur Lee. Election to Con- 
gress ; Deane ; Arnold ; Samuel Adams ; free- 
dom of the press in Boston ; Lovell ; Gates ; 
reduction of Canada ; Burgoyne ; Gen. Greene. 


71. Franklin, Benjamin. March 4, 1782. Extract 

from a letter to the secretary for foreign affairs. 
Deane; Arnold; Johnson; Searle. ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence! HL 312; Sparks' 
Franklin, I A. 176. 

72. [Lee, Arthur]. April 12-ynne 2% iy^2. Notes 
on letters from Franklin and Jay. Carleton; 
capture by Spaniards of Sl Joseph on the Illi- 
nois ; Diggs ; treaty. No signature ; hastily 
written on back of letter, f. (i). 

75. [Jay» John?]. April 28, 1782. Substance of 
letters. Complaint of Spanish minister against 
Gil Ion ; prizes; Searle; Carmichael; Franklin; 
DelCampo; Holland; Spain; France, ff. (2). 
Madison, James. AAzy, 1782. Letter from. Phil- 
adelphia. Parliamentary discussions ; concilia- 
tory overtures; military coercion; Jay; Car- 
michael ; Spanish successes; western claims. 
Not superscribed, f. (i). 

74. Morris, Robert. May 10, 1782. Copy of letter 

from the office of finance to the president of 
congress. Inclosure of state of the American 
commerce, ff. (2). 

See pp. 75» 76. Printed, Sparks' Diploniatic correspondence, 
XII. 150. 

Blodget, Nathan. May 10. 1782. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. Franklin; Chaumont; 
John Brown ; David Scars, ff. (2). 

75. Superintendent of Finance. [J/<7j to, 1782.] 

State of American commerce, referred to above 
(p. 74). pp. 7. 

76. . [1782?] Estimates upon state of the to- 
bacco trade, ff. (2). 

These two were probably drawn up at about the same time, as 
they are by the same hand as the indorsement on Morris*s letter 
(?• 74)- 

77. 78. Continental Congress, Second. May 24, 

1782. Extracts from the minutes. Account 
and application of money borrowed in France ; 
Frankim; Vergennes; Beaumarchais ; Laurens; 
Virginia; Morris; Coutleux; Grand; Holland; 
Ross ; Bingham; William Lee. Signed, Geo. 
Bond, Depy. Secy. ; indorsed, M^ A. Lee. ff. (3). 
Printed, Secret journals of congress, I. 231, etc, 

79. Allen, William, yutte 23, 1782. Copy of depo- 
sition. Capt. Camue of the Cornwallis ; ammu- 
nition taken from Frazer*s Ferry. Sworn to 
before Carter Braxton, f. (i). 
Madison, James, yunc 25, 1782. Letter from 
Philadelphia. Dutch resolutions in favor of 

America ; Friesland, Holland ; Utrecht, Zee- 
land, Overyssel ; American trade ; St. Eustatia. 
Not superscribed, ff. {2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

80. Franklin, Benjamin, jun^ 25-29, 1782. Ex- 

tracts, in Arthur Lee's handwriting, from a let- 
ter to the superintendent of finance and to the 
secretary for foreign affairs. Suspicion of Eng- 
lish intentions; enabling act; independence; 
treaty of Paris ; Grenville ; journal of events, 
ff. (2). 

81. Barclay, Thomas. June 29, 1782. Extracts 

from letter No. 3, dated Amsterdam. Deane*s 
accounts ; Carmichael ; Chaumont ; money ad- 
vanced to prisoners and officers; journey to 
Toulon ; Beaumarchais ; desire for instructions, 
ff. (2). 

82. Lee, Arthur, and others. July 15, 1782. Copy 
of report of committee on Capt. Barry's infor- 
mation. Loss of the Lafayette ; Moylan ; Wil- 
liams; Laurens; Capt. Robinson; Chaumont; 
Franklin ; contents of ship ; resolution request- 
ing comparison with the log-book of the Alli- 
ance. Attested as true copy by R. Alden. 
Indorsed as report made by Mr. Lee, Mr. Ram- 
say, Mr. Lowell, ff. (2). 

See Journals of congress, VII. 411. 

83. Schweighauser & Dobr^. July 17, 1782. 

Letter from Nantes to Arthur Lee at Phila- 
delphia. Examination of accounts ; Johnson ; 
Franklin ; Pcnet ; Laurens ; Fitzherbert ; East 
India ; Alliance. Indorsed, Quadruplicate, 
ff. (2). 

84. Gordon, William. July 26, 1782. Letter from 
Jamaica Plain to Arthur Lee. Fishery question 
m making peace ; John Adams ; naval plan of 
English ; Dutch successes ; Rodney ; Knox ; 
Lincoln; Deane; Sears, f. (i). (Imperfect — 

85. Jenings, Edmund. July 29, 1782. Letter from 

Brussels to Arthur Lee. Acts of British par- 
liament ; Shelburne ; Sir George Saville ; Fox ; 
English affairs in India ; Irish ; negotiations for 
peace ; Dutch ; Spain ; Laurens ; Dana ; Iz^ard. 
ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 
Bondfield,. John. Aug. i, 1782. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Order for claret; 
Jay; Madrid court; "William Lee. ff. (2). 

86. Barry, John. Aug. 2, 1782. Copy of deposition 

before the committee of congress. SuDstance 
the same as that of the paper on p. 82. Sworn 
before Joshua Coit, Justice of Peace. Attested 
as true copy by R. Alden, Depy. Secx. ff. (2). 

87. Sarsfield, , Comte de. Aug. 4, 1782. Letter 

from Haerlem, in French, to Arthur Lee. Care 
of Lee's effects ; John Adams ; Lee's election to 
Virginia assembly ; Izard's election to congress ; 
prevalence of innuenza ; Palfrey, ff. (2). (Im- 
perfect — torn.) 

Jay, John. Sept. 16, 1782. Extracts from letter 
to the secretary for foreign affairs. Inclosure of 
letter from Marbois to Vergennes ; French de- 
lays about the negotiation for peace ; Franklin ; 
fishery claims ; Samuel Adams ; extract from 
letter from lohn Adams ; alliances with Spain 
and Holland; extract from letter from Frank- 
lin ; Deane ; adventurers. In Arthur Lee's 
handwriting, f. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

See Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, VIII. 135, where the 
letter is dated Sept. 18. 

88. Oreivea, George. Sept. 23, 1782. Letter irom 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Security for a bill ; 
Shippen. ff. (2). 

Lucerne, Caesar Anne eU la. [About Sept. 34, 



1782.] Notes in Arthur Lee's handwriting of 
proposal to congress. United States not con- 
tent with independence ; continuation of war 
until allies are satisfied, 'f. (i). 
See Sparks' Diplomatic cormpondeDce, XI. 115. 

89. Qordon, William. Oct, 2, 1782. Letter from 

{amaica Plain to Arthur Lee. Mail-robbing; 
ohn Temple ; Price ; James Sullivan ; John 
Adams ; Franklin ; accusation upon suspicion. 

Printed. Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, IL 388. 

90. Adams, John. Oct, 10, 1782. Letter from the 

Hague to Arthur Lee. Minister from Holland 
to congress ; Van der Capellan de Pol ; Van 
Berckel; independence of action; Jay; Dana; 
Laurens ; ability of ministers ; secret commis- 
sions ;. Franklin. Indorsed, " 3 plicate." ff. (2}. 
(Almost illegible from stains and pale ink.) 

91. . Another copy. 

Both this and the last (p. 90) have antograph signatures. 

92. [Dana, Francis]. Oct. 25, 1782. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Correspondence ; tories ; [John 
Adams] ; Holland ; obscure references to per- 
sons and views mentioned in Lee's letter. Not 
signed ; marked in pencil, " Francis Dana " ; 
indorsed, No. 2. £f. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 384. 

Jay, John. Nov. 17, 1782. Copy of note. Re- 
lations with France ; Geneva ; Corsica. In 
Arthur Lee's handwriting. With memorandum 
on back about clothing, f. (i). 

93. Commn nicatlons from foreign ministers about 
the negotiations for peace. Dana. Oct. 21. 
Commerce with Russia; Nov. 7. Treaty with 
Russia. Jay. Dec. \2. Vergennes ; Franklin; 
treaty ; Snelburne ; Carleton ; D'Aranda ; west- 
ern claims ; Oswald, Bainvall, Vaughan. Adams. 
Treaty with Great Britain and with Spain ; navi- 

fation of Mississippi ; evacuation of New York; 
>'£staing ; tories. 7<^y' Nov. 17. Same as 
above (p. 02). Lee. Cfoncurrence in Jay's view. 
Proposed boundary to the United States, f. (i). 

Tliese are items extracted from different letters at different 
times by Arthur Lee. 

94. Adams, John. Nov, x8, 1782. Copy of letter 

from Pans to Robert R. Livingston, secretary 
for foreign affairs. Remonstrance against the 
ministers being subject to the advice of the 
French court Certified as true copy by A. 
Lee. ff. (2). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic corre s pondence, VI. 459 ; Ad- 
ams* Works, VIII. IX. 

95. [Sanfield, .Comtede], Dec. 11, lySz. Let- 
ter from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. Fail- 
ure in receiving letters ; Mrs. Izard ; Lee*s 
effects ; Tohn Adams ; Laurens ; Gibraltar ; 
Biville; Androens. ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

Campbell, Arthur, Co/. Dec. 27, 1782. Letter 
from Richmond to Arthur Lee. Reservation of 
western lands; introduction of European set- 
tlers; negotiations for peace; opponents; pur- 
chase of books, ff. (2). 

96. Bondfield, John. March 6, 178J. Letter from 
Bordeaux to [Arthur Lee?). Spain; Carmi- 
diael; Jay; Franklin; Laurens; Adams; liqui- 
dation of debts ; Lafayette ; western boundaries ; 
Mississippi river, f. (i). 

Warren* James. March 14, 1783. Letter from 
Milton, Mass., to Arthur Lee. Attested copy 
of paper desired ; Lee's lands ; peace ; arrival of I 

packet for congress ; John Adams* resignation ; 
fishery claims ; Gen. Lincoln, ff. {2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, H. 278. 

97. Morris, Robert. March 17, 1783. Copy of let- 
ter to the president of Congress. Explanation 
of resignation as financier; loss of credit in 
Europe ; impost law. Extract from a letter by 
Luzerne, March 15; Vergennes. f. (i). 

Printed, Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, XII. 341. 

98. Qordon, William. April 2, 178^. Letter from 
Jamaica Plain to Arthur Lee. Congratulations 
on peace ; extract from London Courant of Jan. 
10; Laurens; Deane; Franklin; boundaries of 
Nova Scotia ; John Adams ; Shirley, Pownal, 
Bernard, Hutchinson, Sir William Alexander; 
fishery claims; British creditors and refugees; 
Jay; Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York; im- 
portance of the confederation ; state rights ; 
[Massachusetts], Rhode Island; satisfaction to 
military; choice of governor, f. (i). (Imper- 
fect — torn J. 

Printed, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, II. 289. 

99. Adams, John. April 12, 1783. Copy of letter 
from Paris to Arthur Lse. Peace; negotia- 
tions ; Hartley ; Fox ; Shelburne ; Laurens ; 
tories ; dissatisfaction in England ; treaty of 
commerce ; Marbois ; French politics ; distinct 
interests of America, f . ( i ). 

Printed. Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 248; also in Adam^ 

Life of John Adams, IX. 517, with an additional opening para' 
graph referring to the difficult situation of the commiasionen 
and to Franklin's part in the history of the treaty. 

100, Id. OfflcexB of the Virginia Line. May 
12-16, 1783. Memorial to the senate and house 
of delegates of Virginia. Assignment of lands ; 
Muhlenberg, Weedon, Scott, Morgan ; Wood, 
Heth, Temple, Hopkins, Towles, Clark, Bur- 
well, Carrington. Signed, I. Muhlenberg, Pres- 
ident of the Board. Attested, John Beckley. 

ff. (4). 

102. Z«aurens, Henry. June 17, 18, 1783. Extracts 
from letters. Negotiations for peace ; Hartley ; 
trifline; Fox; evacuation of New York; un- 
manufactured produce, ff. (2). 

See Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, X. 173. 

[Sanfield, , Comte de\. June 19, 1783. 

Lee's effects ; Mrs. Izard ; Mad. L'Eucreuil (?) ; 
Barclay ; American debts ; French soldiers ; fu- 
ture commerce ; Russia, Turkey ; Shelburne. 
No signature, ff. (2). 

103. Bondfield, John. June 20, 1783. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Lee's effects ; Mrs. 
Izard; Richard Yates ; William Lee; Barclay; 
Deane ; Williams ; Jay ; Laurens ; Adams ; 
Spain ; Carmichael ; Russia, Turkey, England, 
France; public debts in America, ft. (2.). 

104-107. Adama, John. June 23, Jttl;^ 14, 18, 1783. 
Extracts from letters to R. R. Livingston. New 
situation of Ireland, Canada, Nova Scotia; un- 
certainty of course of Great Britain ; free trade; 
West Indies ; treaty of commerce with England ; 

J'ealousy of American trade in France and Eng- 
and ; proclamation ; belief of England in want 
of unity in America ; necessity for a minister at 
London; Shelburne; Benjamni Vaughan ; Pitt; 
negotiations necessary with the Dutch, Danes, 
Portuguese; management of foreign affairs ; pub- 
lic credit, pp. 8. 

Printed, Adams* Life of John Adams, VIII. 74, 97, 107. 

108. Bondfield, John. July i, 1783. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Shipping of Lee's 
effects, ff. (3). 



CommisaionerB for Peace, yuly i8, 1783. 
Extract from letter of John Adams, Franklin, 
Jay. Disposition of France. U (i). 

See Sparks' Diplomatic correspondence, X. 191. 

109. . April 14, June 23, 24, 27, July 7, 8, 18, 

22, 27, 1783. Extracts from letters of different 
dates. Negotiation for peace ; concealment of 
secret article ; Spain ; France ; definitive treaty ; 
payment of debts to British ; negroes ; Hartley ; 
commercial regulations; Shelbume party pref- 
erable to the new ministry ; disposition of 
French, ff. (2). 

For the letters of these dates, see Spazks^ Biplonutic oorre- 
qiondeoce, X. 

110. Franklin, Benjamin. 7^(^22,1783. Extract 
from letter. British commercial proclamation ; 
remedies, f. (i). 

m. . July 22, 1783. Extract from letter to 

Congress. [John Adams*] suspicions of French 
court. Attested as true copy, A. Lee. f. (i). 

Both these will be found printed, Sparks' Diplomatic corre- 
spondence, IV. 136, etc, 

112. Milligan, James, Controller of the Treasury, 
July 25, 1783. Copy of letter to the board of 
treasury. Jonn Swanwick's accounts ; receivers 
of taxes. Compared with the original by Wn> 
Duer, Secy. ff. (2). 

[Continental Congress, Second\ Aug, 14^ 
1783. Copy of letter to Gov. Harrison, dated 
Princeton. Accounts with Virginia; adjourn- 
ment to Philadelphia. Not signed, ff. (2). 

113. Soott, '-^ohn. Aug, 20, 1793. Letter from 
Dumfries, Va., to Arthur Lee. Political senti- 
ments in Virginia ; Lee's prospects ; Col. Gray- 
son ; Col. Blackburn ; Richard Graham ; Col. 
Alexander; removal of Congress from Phila- 
delphia ; Georgia speculation ; Col. Martial, 
ff. (2). 

114. Rendorez(?), Francisco. Aug. 27, 1783. Let- 
ter from Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Breach 
of laws of nations against Spain ; request for 
investigation ; Church, Haydon ; Col. Bland 

ff. (2). 

115. Bondfield, John. Sept, 20, 1783. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Con^atulation on 
Virginia's condition in regard to aebts ; Price & 
Hayward ; obligations received ; re-imbursement 
from Virginia notes, etc. \ John Dickinson j Mon- 
tet & Henry, ff. (2). 

Lloyd, John. Oct, 14, 1783. Letter from 
Charleston to [Arthur Lee]. Removal of con- 
gress from Philadelphia ; danger of political 
corruption in America ; judgment against Deane ; 
delegate to congress, ff. (2). 

116. Bondfield, John. Oct. 20, 1783. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Price & Hayward; 
Nelson, Heron & Co. ; Carter Braxton's estate ; 
Schweighauser & Dobr^e ; R. H. Lee ; Digges ; 
Waterman ; American commerce ; domestic 
improvements ; Carmichael ; American debts, 
ff. (2). 

[Continental Congress, Second. Nov. 25, 
1783 ?] Drafts of letters to a foreign minister. 
Effects carried off by French officer ; arrival of 
definitive treaty ; evacuation of New York city ; 
[Washington's] character. No signature, ad- 
dress, or date. Marked in pencil, ** 25 Nov. 
1781?" f. (I). 

117. OlUon, Alexander, Conmodore. Nov. 29, 1783. 
Letter from Charleston to Arthur Lee. Re- 
moval of congress ; Robert Morris ; Lloyd, 
ff. (2). 

118. Higginson, Stephen. Nov. 1783. Letter from 
Boston to Arthur Lee. Removal of congress ; 
impost duties ; public credit ; treasury depart- 
ment ; marine department ; Morris ; Russell. 

'' Parker; Hawkins, ff. (2). 

119. Virginia — House 0/ Delegates. Dec. 22, 1783. 
Copy of resolution. British trade ; impost du- 
ties ; claim to country north-west of the river 
Ohio. Signed, Tohn Beckley, Clk. Agreement 
by senate signed, W. Drew. f. (i). 

fSaxBfield, , Comte de}. Jan, 29, 1784. 

Letter from Paris, in French, to [Arthur Lcej. 
Lee's effects ; Mrs. Izard ; Izard ; Princeton ; 
Adams; Malesherbes; Luzerne; Marbois; Lon- 
don; Holland. Not signed, ff. (2). (Imper- 
fect — torn.) 

120. Dana, Francis. Feb. 3, 1784. Letter from 
Cambridge to Arthur Lee. Minister to St. Pe- 
tersburg ; congress, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 387. 

121. Ztfiiayette, Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gil- 
bert DE MOTIER, Marquis de. 1784. Extract 
from an essay, in French, on the commerce of 
France with the United States, ff. (2). 

122. [Saxsfield, , Comte de], April 23, 1784. 

Letter from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Col. Harrison ; Lee's effects ; English parlia- 
ment ; Fox ; North ; Izard. Not signed, ff . (2). 

123. Continental Congress, Second, April 26, 
1784. Appointment of G. R. Clarke, Oliver 
Wolcott, Richard Butler, Philip Schuyler, Ben- 
jamin Lincoln, and Arthur Lee as commission- 
ers to treat with Indians ; Six Nations ; Chero-. 
kees; Nathaniel Greene, Stephen Higginson. 
With seal. Signed, Tho* Miflin, ChafThom- 
son, Secy. f. (i), doubled. 

124. Harrison (?), Matts. Aug. 16, 1784. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. News from Maryland, f. ( i). 
laafayette, M. J. P. R. Y. G. de M., Afarquis 
de. Sept. 30, 1784. Letter from Fort Schuyler 
to the commissioners with the Indians. Ar- 
rangements about meeting, and about summon- 
ing the chiefs; Courtland ; Oneidas. — Oct, i. 
Draft of answer. Kirkland ; Oneidas ; Wol- 
cott ; Marbois ; accommodations, ff. (2). 

Printed, without answer, Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, II. 36s. 

125. Fonda, Jelles, and others^ Juelges of the Inferior 
Court of Afontgomery County ^ New York, Oct. 
15, 1784." LettCT from Johnstown, N. Y., to the 
commissioners with the Indians. Sale of liquor 
to the Indians ; jurisdiction of the court. Si^ed, 
Jelles Fonda, Zephaniah BatcheUer, Christian 
Nelles, Peter Lambert, George H. Bell ; super- 
scribed, Oliver Wolcott, Richard Butler, Artlxur 
Lee. ff. (2). 

126. Xbttract from a letter, March 14, 1785, from 
Paris, in French. Prospects of war ; cession of 
Bavaria to Austria; empress of Russia; king 
of Prussia. Not signed or addressed, ff. (2). 

127. Continental Congress, 5>£^(m</. June i^iyi^. 
Proclamation forbidding intrusion upon the un- 
appropriated lands north-west of the Ohio. 
Pnnted; signed, Richard Henry Lee, P., Charles 
Thomson, Sec'ry. New-York : printed by F. 
Child s. Broadside. 

See Journals of congress, X. 212. 

128. . June 15, 1785. Copy of resolutions. 

Directions to the commissioners with the Indi- 
ans ; cession of lands ; Kaskaskia ; St. Vin- 
cent's ; oath of allegiance ; prohibition of intru- 
sion, etc. ; proclamation as above ; directions to 
the board of treasury ; appropriations ; purchase 



of goods, provisions, etc. Signed, Chas. Thom- 
son, Secy. £. (i). 
Printed, Jonmala of oongreM, X. 3x1-2x3. 

129. Bntler, Richard. July 5, 1785. Letter from 
Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Arrangements 
about treaty ; Campbell ; Clark ; Wolcott ; 
Montgomery, if. (2). 

13a Continental Congress, Second. July 9, 1785. 
Resolutions about the treaty with the Indians. 
Place of treaty; troop8.i f. (i). ^ 

131. Iietter, Sept. 4, 1785, from the HagueT Open- 
ing of the Scheld ; internal politics of Holland ; 
parties of patriots and Orangemen; Van Berckel ; 
pensionary of Dort ; affection for America ;^ De 
Verac, Sir James Harris ; position of American 
minister ; " Germanique Ligue " between Prus- 
sia, Saxony, and Brunswick, ff. (2). (Imper- 
fect — last part gone.) 

Virginia — Council, Oct, 15, 1785. Copy of 
advice to the governor. Payment ot interest on 
loan-office certificates ; extract from act of con- 
gress relative thereto, April 28, 1784. Signed, 
A. Blair, C. C. f. (i). (Imperfect — torn.) 

132. Henry, Patrick. Oct. 20, 1785. Copy of letter 
from the cotmcil-board. Loan-office certificates ; 
copy of resolution of the assembly, Dec 8, 
1785; directions to the treasurer of Virginia. 
Not superscribed, ff . ■ ( 2 ) . 

Virginia — i^xx^m^//. i?^r. 8, 1785. Copy of 
the above resolution. With memorandum l^ J. 
Hopkins, C. L. officer, ff. (2). 

133. Copy of letter, Dec. 29, 1785, from New York 
to Patrick Henry. Loan-office certificates ; debts 
of Virginia. Not signed, ff. (2). 

134. Iiee, Arthur. Jan. 26^ 1786. Copv of letter 
to the marquis of Lansdown. Emplojrment of 
Indians by civilized nations ; Thomas Lee Ship- 
pen, ff. (2). (Imperfect — first part gone.) 

135. Jefferson, Thomas. April 22, 1780. Letter 
from London to R. H. Lee. Lamps ; Thomson ; 
commercial treaty with JEngland ; Lansdown ; 
Price ; Arthur Lee ; the kin^s obstinacy ; Gen. 
Clark, ff. (2). 

Printed, Jefierson's Works, IT. x. 

Continental Congress, Second, Tune 2, 1786. 
Copy of resolution. Settlement oy boara of 
treasury of accounts of secret committee of 
congress and commercial committee. Signed, 
Ch2u-les Thomson, Secretary, f. (i ). 
Printed, Jounali of congress, XI. 1x5. 

136. "Wormley, Ralph. /?«-. 25, 1786. Letter from 
Rosegill, Va., to [Arthur Lee ?]. Marriage ; 
** the magidan " ; Corbin ; chief magistrate of 
the United States ; disturbances in the east- 
em states ; impeachment of Warren Hastings ; 
George Hardinge ; Fox ; Pitt. Not superscrit^d. 
ff. (2). 

137. 158. Gkurdoqni, Joseph. 1786^1787. Repre- 
sentations touching the claim of Spain to the 
navigation of the Mississippi, ff. (4). 

139-141. Shelbnme, Wm. Petty, £art of^ Marquis 
of Lansdown, Feb. 4, 1787. Letter from London 

to Arthur Lee. T. L. Shippen ; parties in Eng- 
land ; Lord Rockingham ; future friendship with 
America ; Indians ; Mad. Pohgrave ( ? ) ; Lord 
Wycombe, ff. (6). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 357. 

142* Wormley, Ralph. Feb. 8, 1787. Letter from 
Rosegill, Va., to [R. H. Lee >\. Death of Mrs. 
Tayloe, and of Mrs. Page ; disturbances in the 
eastern states; Lord Dorchester; Randolph; 
regulations of commerce ; federal government ; 
Burke; subscriptions to loan; "the magician." 
Not superscribed, ff. (2). 

143. Hopkins, John. May 20, 1787. Letter from 
Richmond to Arthur Lee. Interest on military 
debt of Virginia; Lee's land; Ambler; Hays, 
ff. (2). 

Corbin, Francis. Aug, 8, 1787. Letter to 
Arthur Lee. Destruction of court-houses ; 
governor of Virginia ; petitions for paper money, 
etc, ; R. H. Lee ; money transaction, C. Lee, 
Morris, Hunter, ff. (2). 

144. Turberville, George Lee. Oct. 26, 1787. Let- 
ter from Richmond to Arthur Lee Submission 
of federal plan of government to people ; Madi- 
son ; Carrington ; Lee ; Brown ; Cyrus Griffin ; 
Randolph, ff. (2). 

145. . Oct. 28, 1787. Letter from Richmond to 

Arthur Lee. Plan of government ; Wilson ; 
character of newspapers ; Gen. Clark and Creek 
Indians in Georgia, ff. (2). 

146. Otto, , chargi d'affaires de France. Nov, 

16, 1787. Letter from New York, in French, to 
Arthur Lee. Presentation of portrait of king of 
France. With translation and copy of answer. 
ff. (2). 

147. Virginia — House of Delegates. Dec, 16, 1787. 
Copy of resolutions. Inquiry about continental 
state money issued from the continental loan 
office. Signed Wm. Harwood, CI. H. D. ff. (2). 

148. [Sarsfield, , Comte de], Jan. 12, 1788. 

Letter from Paris, in French, to [Arthur Lee]. 
Thanks for news ; visit to England ; Borwood ; 
Wycombe; Waller; " non-catholics " in France. 
Not signed, ff. (2). 

149. LiviE^ton, Ann H. Oct, 5, 1788. Letter 
from Philadelphia to her uncle, Arthur Lee. 
Journey of brother; Holland; Strasburg; Switz- 
erland ; family matters, ff. (2). 

150. Bsrsfield, , Comte de, April 24, 1789. 

Letter from Paris, in French, to Arthur Lee. 
Jefferson ; desire to hear from Lee ; danger of 
revolution in France, ff. (2). 

151. [Iiee, Arthur]. Aug. 29, 1789. Letter to [F. 
L. Lee]. Taylor ; abolition of board of treasury ; 
visit to Virginia; R. H. Lee; William Lee; 
judiciary bill ; seat of federal government ; 
crickets ; Campbell ; prospective war in Eu- 
rope ; France ; Turkev ; Russia • impost bill in 
congress. Not signea or superscribed, ff. (2). 

152. Bondfield, John. Oct. 8, 1790. Letter from 
Bordeaux to Arthur Lee. Business trouble with 
Thomas Shore of Petersburg, Virginia ; price 
of grain; H. L. Shore ; Fenwick, Mason & Co. 
ff. (2j. 




4^"% Tk* papers inclnded in ike eighth volume were not 
arrnnged ty Mr. James IVinihrop Harris^ when he prepared 
volumes one to six for binding in 1869. Vol. vii. was arranged 
but not bound till 1877. Since Mr. Harris's death these addi- 
tional manuscripts fuvoe been found in a parcel marked ** Lee 
Papers ^^ but without any indication of the reasons for not 
including them in the series as arranged. Many of them are 
fragmentary, and without dates, and such arroMgement has 
been made 0/ them as seemed practicable. 

Vol. VIII. 

1. Fennsylvaiiia — Assembly. Oct. 21, ly 41. Ex- 

tracts from votes granting money to the Crown, 
ff. (2). 

2. Value of exports from 5 yan. 1769 to Dec. 177a 

Statement by Colonies, f. (r). 

3. Sundry advertisements about rolling wagons. 

Mar. 15, 1773. A printed paper, 3 pp. MS. 
memoranda on reverse. 

4. Continental Congress, First. Copy of address 

to the people of Great Britain. £f. (5). 

This was draAed by R. H. Lee. Of. Lee's Life of R. H. 
Lee, i. 11^; Pitkin's United States, L app. 17; Jay's Life of 
John Jay, 1. app. 

5. [Lee, Arthur]. Memoranda relating to the pre- 

sentation of the petition of Congress to the 
King, including Arthur Lee's letter, Dec. 22, 
Z774, to R. H. Lee ; with an addition, Dec. 24, 
covering a copy of Lord Chatham's note ; and 
another, Dec. 26. Copy of the letter, signed 
Henry Middleton, President, transmitting the 
petition to the colonial agents in London, n. (4). 

6. [Lee, Arthur]. Memorandum about interview 

with Lord Dartmouth regarding the petition to 
the King, with copy of letter, signed by Richard 
Penn and Arthur Lee, and dated London, Sept. 
2, 1775, and addressed to the President of Con- 
gress, f. (i). 
See Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, i. 45. 

7. \Libe^ kx\>K\iT y and other s\ Memoranda. Willing, 

Morris & Co. Financial matters in 1776. Profit 
and loss account. Drafts. Extract from a re- 
port to the Board of Treasury, signed James 
Millegan, dated, Aug. 14, 178a Dissection of 
receipts and payments, 1781. Public goods from 
Europe, 1781-83. Morris's contract for supply- 
ing rations, 1782, etc. S. (10). 

8. Langdon, John. Unfinished copy of letter, Apr. 

4,1776. f. (I). 

9. Deane, Silas. Copy of extracts of letter, dated 

Paris, Dec. 3, 1776. Financial matters. Certi- 
fication to the correctness of the copy, lodged 
in the Treasury of the United States, signed 
Samuel Osgoocl, and dated, J^ufy 5, 1788. ff. (4). 

10. Carmichael, Wm., in acc't with The Honor- 
able Silas Deane, Esq., 1776 and 1777. A copy, 
ff. (2). 

11. Statement of war material shipped by the gov- 
ernment of France to the United States, Aug. 
1776 to ilAzr. 1777. f* (')• 

12. Comptes des sommes que J. Sollier de Paris a 
recues et pay^ k Messieurs Franklin, Deane, et 
Lee. 1777. f. (i). 

13. Soldiers' clothes furnished by French houses, 

1777. t (I)* 

14. Invoice of sundry merchandise shipped on ship 

Theresa from Nantes to St. Domingo, Apr. 20, 
1777. Attested copy. With memorandum of 
tos. Pennell, 1782. f. (3). 

15. Deane, Silas, in account with Wm. Hodge, 1777. 

;f 113,720. 12/. yd. ff. (2), 

16. Account of sales of four hogsheads of peltry. 

1777. ff. (2). ^ ,. e. 

17. Lee, Arthur. Drafts of letters : a. Berlin, June 

28, 1777, to commissioners at Paris, about army 
clothing, b. Berlin, July 7, 1777. To same. 
Robbed of his papers. Doings of English envoy. 

c. Paris, July 29, 1777. To chairman of secret 
committee. Mission to Berlin. Robbery of 
papers. Sale of German troops to England. 

d. Paris, Sept. 9, 1777. To the chairman of the 
secret committee. Opening of German ports, 
ff. (6). 

18. Morris, Robert, and others. Jan. 14, 1777. 
Extracts from letter from Philadelphia to Leon- 
ard Jarvis. Marine and mercantile affairs. Ex- 
tract of affidavit by Morris, Aug. 2, 1785, con- 
cerning agreement with Blair McClenahan in 
Dec. 1776, for charter of ship. Extract of afli- 
davit by McClenahan, Apr. 19, 1786, regarding 
the same. Affidavit (copy) of Richard <^ame, 
Feb. 14, 1778, concerning the capture of the ship ; 
and extract from Registry of Admiralty at Nantes 
on the same point, ff. (3). 

19. Lee, Arthur, and others. Drafts of letters, 

1777-78, concerning the Messrs. Delap's cus- 
tom of addressing their letters to only two of 
the commissioners, ff. (2). 
2a Lee, Arthur, in account with the United States, 
^777-79' 376, 5CX) livres, ff. (2). 

21. Compte courant des fitats Unis par Messieurs 

Franklin, Lee, and Adams, chez F. Grand. Paris, 
Nov. 22, 1778. ff. (4). 

22. Aug. 8, 1778. ff. (2). 

23. Morris, Feu Monsieur Thomas, de Nantes pfcte 
des fitats Unis. 1777-78. f. (i). 

24. Compte courant des £tats Unis par Messieurs 
Franklin, Lee, and Adams chez F. Grand. 

7une 30, 1778. ff. (2). 

25. [Fragment of accounts, in French. 1777-78.] 

f. (I). 

26. Nikal, Jno. M. Note without date to Mr. Hines, 

attorney, Gosport. ff. (2). 

27. Messienrs Franklin, Deane, and Lee, etc. cou- 
rant chez Ferdinand Grand de Paris. Tan. 24, 
1778, with copies of notes, signed by tne com- 
missioners, 1777-78. ff. (6). 

28. Lee, Arthur. Paris, y««^5, 1778. Memorandum 

of doings and talks. 

29. Note in French, without signature, " Dimanche, 

28," [1778?] to Arthur Lee, " i hdtel d'Espagne." 
ff. (2). 

30. De Bretenil, Baron. Paris, ce 26 Fev. Note 
of invitation to Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 

31. De Chalut. Note in French to Arthur Lee. f. (i). 

32. Livingston, M. Affidavits, Apr. 11, 1778, and 

20 Feb. 1779, regarding alleged stock jobbing of 
Lee and Izard, f. (i). 

33. Morris, Robert. Fed. 17, 1778. Copy of letter 
to commercial committee, ff. (2). (Imperfect.) 



34. Harrison, Benjamin. ^11.9, 1778. Extract from 

letter at Williamsburg to Robert Morris. Pro- 
curing of boats and wagons. £f. (2). 

35. Copy of address to the powers and people of 

Europe on the inhuman conduct of the war on 
the part of Great Britain, covering resolutions of 
Congress, Jfan. 2, 1776 and Oc/. 30, 1778. ff. (8). 
36^ The United States of America, ace. with John 
Ross, yu/y I, 1779; duplicate copy. Audited by 
Samuel Wharton and Edward Bancroft, Jufy 10, 
1779 ; under authority of Franklin. Attested by 
Wm. Duer. £f. (2). 

37. piiee, Arthur]. Copies of letters addressed by him 
to committee of correspondence, A^av. 20, 1778; 
to le Comte Florida Blanca, Dec. 17, 1778, re- 
specting cruelty in the conduct of the war on 
the part of the British ; to le Comte d'Aranda, 
J?^c. 18, 1778, in French, forwarding a letter; to 
Comte Florida Blanca, £>fc. 27, 1778, concerning 
the manifesto of Congress on the British bar- 
barities ; to le Comte d'Aranda, in French, for- 
warding a letter. Copies, attested at TOrient, 
May, 1780, by N. Blodget of Boston, and A. 
Windship of Boston, ff. (6). 

38. Compte des £tats Unis par Messieurs Franklin, 
Lee, and Adams, chez F. Grand. J^e6. 11, 1779. 
ff. (4). 

39. Idst of bills received from Coten the banker, 

1779. ff. (i). 
4a Iiee, Arthur. Paris, Apr. 27, 1779. Observa- 
tions on the contract made with the farmer- 
general for the delivery of 5000 hogsheads of 
tobacco by the Hon. B. Franklin and Silas 
Deane ; followed by memorandum on Mr. 
Deane's letter of accusation, etc. ff. (8). 

41. [Lee, Arthur]. Memoranda, Afay 19, 20, ^m 4. 
A French omcer. Beaumarchais. Deane's ad- 
dress to the citizens of America, ff. (2). 

42. Return of military and ordnance stores, cloth- 

ing, ttCy received and delivered by John Lang- 
don, Esq., Portsmouth, A/ar. 8, 1779. ff- (2). 

43. Jones, John Paul, am/ others. ** Extrait d'une 

lettre de John Paul Jones ^ Benjamin Franklin, 
datee au bord du Serapis dans le Texel, le 3 
Oct. 1779," respecting the fight with the Bon 
Homme Richard. Extract of a letter from Capt. 
Pearson, of his majesty's ship Serapis, to Mr. 
Stevenson, dated Texel, Oct. o, 1779, concerning 
the same fight. Extract of a letter from Capt. 
Jones, dated Texel, Oct. j, 1779, regarding the 
conduct of the Alliance frigate. Extrait a*une 
lettre du Capt. Cotteneau, of the Pallas, dated 
Texel, Oct. 4, 1779, concerning the same fight, 
ff. (6). 

44. Franklin, Benjamin. Passy, Aug. 9, 1780. To 

S. Huntinffton, President of Congress. Copy 
of a part c» letter regarding John Adams's con- 
duct in France, f. (i). 

45. [Lee, Arthur]. Notes about the active alliance 
of France with the United States, dated Jan. 
25, 1780 and Jan. 28, 178a ff. (2). 

46. Continental Congress, ^r^^Tffi/. 1780. Report 
of a committee to receive a communication from 
the minister plenipotentiary of France, relative 
to terms of the French alliance and the Spanish 
demands. Copy or draft, ff. (2). 

47. Acooant of moneys paid to M. Chaumont by 

F. Grand, Mar. i, 1780 to Jan. 22, 1782; to 
Jonathan Williams, Mar. i, 1780 to Jan. 28, 
1782 ; to Messrs. Gourlarde and Moylan, Mar. 
I, 1780 to Jan. 28, 1782. ff. (4). 

48. Thomson, Charles, Sec. of Congress^ to Robt. 

Morris, Supt. of Finance, June 20, 1781. Copy 
of a private letter. Continental finance, ff. (4). 

49. Vergennes, Charles Gravier, comte de. Ver- 
sailles, May 16, 1 78 1. Statement about a loan 
to the United States from the King. In French, 
with an English translation, ff. (4). 

5a Morris, Robert. Letters to M. Grand, Dec. % 

1 78 1, on his services and accounts; and to B. 
Franklin, Dec. 4, 1781. Copies. Other memo- 
randa. Comments of Arthur Lee. ff. (3). 

51. "Articles pour servir de base ^ la negociation 
du r^tablissement de la paix." ff. (2). 

Adams's letter referring to this is dated July 13, 1781. See 
Sparks' s Diplomatic Correspondence, vi. loa. 

52. Morris, Robert. June 8, 1781. Letter to Benj. 

Franklin. Copy. Money granted by the Frencn 
king. f. (i). 

53. Morris, Robert. July 14, 1781. Extract from 

letter to Dr. Franklin about a Bank. Extract 
from letter to Jay. Comments by Arthur Lee. 
Morris to Robert Smith, July it ^ 1781, (extract). 

54. Franklin, Benjamin. July' id, 1781. Extracts 

from letter to Robert Morris. Financial mat- 
ters, f. (i). 

55. Franklin, Benjamin. Nov. 5, 1781, and Jan. 28, 

1782. Extracts from letters to Robert Morris. 
Money for the ensuing campaign, f. ( i ). 

56. Morris, Robert. Extract from a letter, proba- 
bly to Franklin, 1781, about the finances and the 
French grant. Extract from a letter to Frank- 
lin, Nov. 27, 1 78 1. Relations of France and the 
United States to the war. Other briefer ex- 
tracts from Morris's letters, ff. (4). 

57. Morris, Robert. July 28, 1783. Extract from 

letter, declining to incur new monetary engage- 
ments, ff. (2). 

58. Morris, Robert. Oct. 15, 1783. Copy of letter 

to Thomas Tillotson, receiver for the State of 
New York. "Clamors against poor Tories." 
f. (i). 

59. Morris, Robert. Jan. 13, 1784. Copy of let- 

ter to President of Congress. Petition of John 
Cooper. Adjustment of accounts of the secret 
committee of Congress, f. (i). 

6a Morris, Robert. Feb. 12, 1784. Copy of letter 
to Benj. Franklin. Readiness to meet financial 
engagements. Funding of the debt. ff. (2). 

61, 62, 63. Morris, Robert. Feb. . Copy of 

letter to Benj. Franklin, with A. Lee*s state; 
ment of its being correctly copied. Finances*. 
Statements which could not be made in a pre- 
vious letter, because copies of that were sent to 
Holland. Urges Franklin to activity, ff. (6). 
(Slightly torn.) 

64. Extracts from letter of Robert Morris to F. 

Grand, Feb. 12, 1784; to Thomas Barclay, con- 
sul-general, June 16, 1784, and Sept. 10, 1784; 
• from Thomas Barclay to Robert Morris, Dec. 
19, 1784. Finances, f. (i). 

65. Luseme, Caesar Anne de la. Extracts from his 

communication to Congress on General Carle- 
ton's having communicated the determination 
of his court to suspend hostilities in America. 

f. (1). 

66. Zbttracts from letters of Paul Jones , dated 

Paris, Alar. ; of B. Franklin and J. Adams, 

Feb. 10, 17 — , " which Mr. A. Lee refused to sign," 
addressed to Jones ; of same to same. Mar. 26, 
1784, about prisoners taken to Holland ; of 
Franklin to Jones. Mar. 25, 1784; and copy of 
order for distributing prize money under the 

French laws ; of Jones, Paris, 18, 1784, to 

minister of marine, about his exploits and re- 
verses; of Jones, Aug. 13, 1786, to the com- 
missioners of the board of treasury, ff. (6). 
(Defective at the edges.) 



(fl, MoniB, Robert, Mar. 17, 1784. Copy of letter 
to the President of Congress. The state of his 
department. Comments by A. Lee. Loans and 
subsidies. Condition of tne finances when Mr. 
Morris took office. Copies of letters to — 
Olney, receiver for Rhode Island, March 24, 
1784; to Daniel Jenifer, intendant of Maryland, 
March 25, 1784, on bad state of finances; to 
Benj. Huntington, March 25, 1784. " Credit on 
the verge of dissolution." fJF. (7). 

68. Barclay, Thomas. July 5, 1785. Copy of let- 
ter to Robert Moms. Franklin's and Lee's 
accounts, ff. (2). 

69. The lowest contract for clothing the troops in 

1785. f. (I). 

70. Estimate for governmental expenses for 1786. 

Memorandum, f. (i). 

71. Revenue and expenditure of Great Britain for 

the year 1785. Memorandum, f. (i). 

72. Memorandum of figures, f. (i). 

73. Prices of divers [military] articles to be deliv- 
. ered at Hamburg, f . ( i ). 

74. Franklin, Benjamin.. Aug, i, 1787. Copy of 

letter from Philadelphia, to Samuel Osgood 
and Arthur Lee. Accounts of Mr. Ross, agent 
of the United States, f. (i). 

75. View of the payments and debts of the several 

States of the United States, 1782-^. f. (i). 

76. 77. Return by John Bradford of merchandise 

delivered to him, and memoranda regarding 
supplies from France, if. (8). 

78. United States. Board of Trfasury, May 17, 
1787. Printed advertisement about settling ac- 
counts of secret and commercial committees of 
Congress, f. (i). 

79 to 1 1 1 . Continental Congress, Secmd, Copy of 
proceedings from Sept. 18, 1775, to Sept. 10, 1777, 
with the subsequent action of the committee, 
Oct. 5, 1778, to arrange for the settlement of 
their accounts. Some comments by A. Lee are 
interspersed, ff. (71). 

112. Abstract of moneys advanced to sundry per- 
sons by the secret committee on special con- 
tracts, f. (i). 

113, 114. Continental Congress, Second. The se- 
cret committee. Account with the Treasury of 
the United States, f. (i) 

115. Statement of the liquidated and loan office 
debt of the United States to Dec. 31, 1787. 

116. Loan office debt of the United States, with 
notes on land given to the soldiers, and State 
debts, ff. (2). 

117. 118. Extracts from Swan's Political Arithme- 
tic, ff. (2). 

119. Virginia — House of Delegates. Jan. 17, 1788. 
Statement of revenues and ordinary expendi- 
tures, with remarks by J. Hopkins, law officer 
for Virginia, 1789, and vy Arthur Lee, who adds, 
" This report, I understand, was drawn up by 
Mr. Ronald." ff. (2). 

120. Franklin, Benjamin. Jan. i, 1788. Copy of 
letter from Philadelphia to the commissioners 
of the Board of Treasury. Vouchers of Mr. 
Ross's accounts, f. (i). 

121. Morris, Robert. Aug. 2, 1788. Copy of let- 
ter from Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. Ross's 
accounts and vouchers, f. ( i ). 

122. United States. Treasury. Register's office. 
Apr. I, 1789. Fra^ent of accounts, signed 
Joseph Nourse, register, f. (i). 

123. State of the accounts of the secret and com- 
mercial committees, with an account of the 
progress made in the adjustment of them. 

Signed, " Office of Audr., May 27, 1789. Ben 
Walker," ff. (12). 

124 to 140. Lee, Arthur. A paper in Mr. Lee's 
hand, some sheets missing, others defective, and 
as arranged according to the numeration upon 
them, differing from the arrangement of the same 
as printed in Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, i. 243, 
where it is called the "Commencement oi a 
Memoir of the American Revolution, which Mr. 
Arthur Lee did not live to complete. Much of 
what he did write has been lost, and but a muti- 
lated scrap can be presented." Cf. also same 
Life, i. 33. ff. (36). 

141-163. Bngham, William. Copy of accounts with 
the United States, and list of " papers lodged 
with his accounts," dated between 1776 and 
1787, with A. Lee's marginal comments, ff. (43). 

164-187. Morris, Robert, and Ross, J. List of 
papers on their accounts, 1776- , with copies 
of letters, and orders of Congress, and marginal 
comments by Arthur Lee, and remarks by " Mr. 
Osgood." ff. (47). 

188. Morris, Robert. Copy of note without date 
to President of Congress, f. (i). 

189. Morris, Robert. Copy of note to Jesse Browne, 
without date. f. (i). 

19a Morris, Robert. Copy of note, without date, 
to the receiver of Maryland. Copy of letter, 
April 29, 1784, to the President ot Congress, 
ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

191. Morris, Robert. Copies of notes to John Fitz- 
gerald, Charles Thomson, and George Olney, 
receiver of Rhode Island, the last dated j^ne 2, 
1784. ff. (a). (Imperfect — torn.) 

192. Morris, Robert. Copies of notes to [torn] 
and Tames Lovell, the last dated July 19, 1784. 
ff. (2). (Imperfect — torn.) 

193. Morris, Robert. Copy of letter to the gov- 
ernor of R[hode Island?] ff. (2). (Imperfect — 

194. Morris, Robert. Copy of letter to James Lovell, 
with comment by Arthur Lee. ff. (2). (Imper- 
fect — torn.) 

195. Morris, Robert. Copy of memorandum of 
accounts, f. (i). 

196. 197. Morris, Robert. Copy of letter to com- 
mercial committee. Intentions of Mr. Francis, 
regarding his ship at Portsmouth. No date. 

ff. (4). 

198, 199. Morris, Robert. Copy of letter to [torn], 
without date, with comments by Arthur Lee. 
ff. (4). (Imperfect — torn.) 

200. Copies of papers regarding western lands. 
Statement of Governor of Virginia, 1754. 
Treaty of Lancaster, 1744. Governor of Penn- 
sylvania's speech, 17^3. Instructions of the Kine 
to Governor of Virgmia, March^ 1748-49. Land 
bounties to the army, 1776. Validity of charters 
acknowledged by various treaties, etc. Prooff 
of the title of Virginia. List of maps. Extracts 
from Mr. Wharton's copy of the Journal of the 
Congress at Johnson Hall, April 29, 1765, with 
speeches of Sir William Johnson, the commis- 
sioner of Virginia, the sachems, etc. Extract 
from the King's proclamation, Oct. 7, 1763. 
Evidences of the rights of New York to the 
western country. President Nelson's letter to 
Lord Hillsborough, Oct. 18, 1770. Resolve of 
Pennsylvania Assembly, April 5, 1779. List of 
the proprietors in the Indiana Company deliv- 
ered to Congress by S. Wharton. List of Van- 
dalia proprietors, and notes regarding the Van- 
dalia Company. Present members of the Ulinois 



and Ouabache Company. Letter of John Blair, 
commander-in-chief of Virginia, June 17, 1768, 
to Thomas Walker. Treaty with the Six Na- 
tions in 1764. Tile case of Penn and Baltimore, 
ff. (10). 
201. 'Wiisoii, , Heads of his speech in sup- 
porting Mr. Morris, when the acceptance of his 
resignation was moved, f. (i). 

Arthur. Fragment of a letter, without 
date, addressed to "Edward Rutlege, Esq., 
Charlestown, S. Carolina.** ff. (2). 
Lee, Arthur. Fragment of a letter, without 
address or date. f. ( i ). 
Lee, Arthur. Copy of letter, without date or 
address, f. (3). (Imperfect.) 
Lee, Arthur. Imperfect draft of letter in his 
hand, without date or address, f. (2). 
CommunicatioiiB of the French minister re- 
lating to the negotiations. Brief notes of their 
contents, ff. (2). 

Mason, George. Imperfect copy of letter to 
Col. Mercer, without date. " The Rubicon is 
passed — reconciliation with Great Britain im- 
possible." ff. (2). 

.Arthur. Memoranda in his hand, relat- 
ing to affairs in Paris, during his abode there. 

ff. (2). 

Copy of a bill concerning .a writ of entry, 

dower cuiin vied, and alienation by tenant by the 

courtesy, f. (i). 

Lee, Arthur. Criticism on Mr. G. Cl3rmer's 

public integrity, ff. (2). 

ExtraotB from M. Neckar*s views on finances 

with Arthur Lee's comments, and a statement 

of taxes in France, ff. (2). 

Thoughts on republics, and kindred topics. A 

paper without title and date. ff. (2). 

214. BxtraotB from various historical works. 

ff. (2). 

Memoranda on terms of treaty, 1783. f. (i). 

MembeiB of the Bill of Rights to the lord 

ms^or of London. A paper of thanks, ff. (2). 

215. Statement about Joseph Wharton's mon- 
etary speculations on the chances of war, and 
Mr. Thornton's complicity. Without name or 
date. ff. (3). 

Bxtracts from books, f. (1). 
Direotiona for seeing Rome in eight days, ad- 
dressed to Arthur Lee. ff. (2). 
Address, beginning "My dear countryman," 
and signed " Monitor." Agreement of non- 
importation. No date. ff. (2). 
Iiist of debts due Francis Lightfoot Lee. 
Reasons against making Treasury notes a legal 
tender, ff. (2). 
"Bill declaring that wrongful disseisin is no 

descent in law." f. (i). 
A Bill concerning process in felony, f. (i). 
Lee, Thomas, President of V irginia. Sept, 29, 
1750. Extract of letter to the lords commis- 
sioners of trade, f. (i). 

points of the enemy's barbarity and per- 
fidy. A paper, not signed, dated or entitled, but 
referring to events in the early part of the Revo- 
lutionary War. f. (i). 

202. Lee, 



208. Lee 




21 c 







226. Six 






227. Carter v. Carter. Case stated, ff. (2). 

228. Proposals to the farmer-general. In French, 
with English comment and paraphrase, ff. (2). 

229. R^ponse au ministres du Congres. Versailles, 
without date. ff. (2). 

"Btat de la marine d'£spagne. Vaisseaux de 
ligne." A tabular statement of, about the year 
1776. ff. (2). 

Exports of Marseilles, proper for the North 
American markets. Addressed to Ettienne 
Cathalan. f. (i). 

List of F. Grand's accounts, ff. (2). 
"Prix courant de Dragueries a Marseille." 
printed; filled out in manuscript, f. (i). 
234 to 237. Abstract of sums due to the Register 
of the United State.<«. A copy, " Sigd, Joseph 
Nourse, Register, F. Hardy, Acc^" Comments 
bv Arthur Lee. ff. (8). 

Lee, Arthur. Fragment of a paper on John 
Wilkes and the Bill of Rights, f. (i). (Im- 
perfect. ) 

Questions from the French court. How to 
engage the American commissioners not to listen 
to proposals from England, ff. (2). 

See Lee*s Life of Arthur Lee, i. 376. 


242. Lee, Arthur. Notes of negotiations in Hol- 
land, ff (4). (Imperfect.) 

243. Memorandum about Wm. Smith's land. f. ( i ). 

244. List of negroes who have died at the sugar 
lands. Ftb. i, 1782. 

245. Memorandum on the powers of State and 
Congress, and the grantmg of northwestern 
lands. Comments by Arthur I^e. ff. (2). (Im- 

246. Paper concerning the Vandalia Company and 
their petition to Congress, ff. (2). (Imperfect.) 

247. Memorandum of titles, f. (i). 

248. Letter to President of Congress. A fragment, 
ff. (2). • 

249. Heads of arguments against the quota of Vir- 
ginia, f. (i). 

250. Motes on the barbarity of the enemy, and on 
the hopes of assistance from D'Estaing's fleet, 
ff. (2). 

251. Notes on the conduct of wars. f. (i). 

252. Notes in French on rights of neutrals, etc. 

f. (I). 

253. Junius Americanus. Fragment of a letter. 

f. (I). 

254. Address, to "my lord." A fragment. "The 

f)eople will not dishonor their venerated Eng- 
ish ancestry." f. (i). 

255. Political relations of United States and Great 
Britain, 1783. A paper without title, partly 
illegible, ff. (2). 

256. Lee, Arthur. Statement regarding his rela- 
tions with Franklin, Deane, and others in Eu- 
rope, ff. (2). (Imperfect.) 

257. 258. Lee, Arthur, and Dlgges, . Printed 

copies of letters, paged 65-72, on the case of 

Williams and Peltiers ; and letter from 

Diggcs, Aug. 30, 1778, to Arthur Lee, on 
Thornton, Wharton, and Izard, ff. (4). (Im- 

-2 '/ y f .* 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



3sro. 9. 








Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star prefixed indticates tfaey are not yet ready. 

1. Edward S. HoLden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems: a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel 

Angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulado* An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 


5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Books and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard CoU^e 

Library, by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

*7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic Geometry. 

*8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

*io. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 


By G. L. GrOODALE, Professor of Botany. 

The following list comprises the titles of the more important general and special Floras in the Uni- 
Tersitj Library. Of course it is impracticable to present in such a catalogue as this the names of the 
numerous memoirs upon Systematic Botany, published in the proceeding^ of Societies and in the Journals. 
This is simply an attempt to answer questions frequently asked respecting the systematic treatises upon 
the vegetation of different countries. The order is that employed in the second edition of Pritzel's 
Thesaurus Literaturct Botaniaz. The yolumes in Gore Hall are marked L. : those at the Herbarium are 
marked H. in the list 


A. South Africa. 

"LvxvMTm, Flora Capensii, Upsal, 1759. 8yo. 
19 p. H« A thesis (by Wannman) containing a 
brief and very general account of the peculiarities 
of the South African Flora, and a list of pUnts 
from the Cape of Good Hope. 

TuuNBBHO. 1. Prodromus plantarum Caperuium. 
Upsal, 1794. 8vo. 191 p. L. 

2. Flora Capemis. Copenhagen, 1818-20. 8vo. 
2 volumes, 678 and 852 p. H. This edition ex- 
tends through the Linnsean class Hexandria. 

2a. Flora Capenah. Stuttgart, 1828. 8vo. 808 p. 
H. The Herbarium copy is imperfect; the intro- 
duction by Schultes, and all the classes before Do- 
decandria, are wanting. 

ScHLECHTENDAL. Adumbrotiones plantarum, (Fil- 
ices Capenses.) 1825. 4to. 66 p., 80 plates. H. 
This copy contains only the first twenty -three pages. 

Harvet.' 1. The Genera of South African Planti, 
arranged according to the Natural System, Cape 
Town. 1838. 429 p. H. This edition contains 
the flowering plants, together with the Filices, 
Mosses, and Algse. 

The second edition, revised by Dr. Hooker in 
1868, is also in the Herbarium. This edition does 
not contain either the Mosses or the Alg». 

2. Flora Capensis, *' being a systematic description 
«f the plan to of the Cape Colony, Cafraria, and Port 
Natal/' By Harvey and Sender. — Vol. i. Ranun- 
culacese to Connaracese. 1859. 8vo. 646 p. — Vol. 
ii. Leguminosse to Loranthacess. 1861. 8vo. 621 
p. — Vol. iii. Rubiaceae to CampanulaoesB. 1864. 
8vo. 688 p. H. 

3. Theaawrus Capensie, or Illustrations of the South 
African Flora, being Figures and Brief Descriptione of 
South African PlanU. — Vol. i. 1869. 8vo. 68 p. 
100 plates. — Vol. ii. 1863. 8vo. 68 p., 100 plates. 

B. WUT Africa. 

Wbbb awd Bbrthmm)T. Histoire Natureile des 
lOm Canaries, T. iii. Phytographia Cahariensis. 
1836-50. 4to. 220-496,479, 208 p. with 288 plates. 

Hooker, Sir W. J. Niger Flora, or an Enumera- 
tion of the Plants of Western Tropical Africa. Col- 
lectedbjf Dr. Vogel in 1841 ; including Spidlegia Gor- 

gonea, by Webb, and Flora Nigritiana, by Dr. J, D. 
Hooker and George Bentham, 1849. 8vo. 687 p., 62 
plates. This work comprises descriptive catalogues 
of the plants of the Cape de Verd Islands, of the 
River Niger, the island of Fernando Po, and the 
adjacent parts of Tropical Africa. H. 

Lowe. A Manual Flora of Madeira and the 
Adjacent Islands of Porto Santo and the Desertas, 
Vol. i., containing the DichlamydesB. 1868. 8vo. 
618 p. H. 

Welwitsoh. Sertum Angolense. 1869. 4to. 
From the Transactions of the Linnasan Society. 

C. North Africa. 

Alpinus. De Plantis Aegypti Liber. 1692. L« 

Montague. Sur la Ph^nomhne de la Coloration 
des Eaux de la Mer Rouge. 1844. 8vo. H* 

Webb. Fragmenta Florulae Aethiopico-Aegypticae. 
1864. 8vo. 72 p. H. 

Cossoir. 1. Sertutum Tunetanum. 1867. 8vo. 
66 p. H. 

2. Consid&ations g^n&ales sur PAlg€rie, itudiA 
surtout au point de vue de VAcdimatcUion. 1868. H. 

KoTSCHT. Plantoe Tinneance; a Description of 
PlanU Collected near the River Bahr-el-Ghasal. 1867. 

Oliver. Flora of Tropical Africa, — Vol. i. Ra- 
nunculacesB to Connaraceae, 1868. 8vo. 479 p. 
— Vol. ii. Leguminosse to Ficoides. 1871. 618 p. 
H. — Vol. iii. Umbe^ifene to EbenacesB. 1877. 
644 p. H. 

Bossier. Flora Orientalis. A Description of the 
Plants of Greece, Egypt^ and the East; as far as India. 
8vo. — Vol. i. 1017 p. — ii. U69 p. — Ui. 1083.— 
The first fascicle of vol. iv. (280 pages). H. 

D. East Africa. 

Do Petit Thouars. Histoire des V^etaux re- 
cueiUis dans les Isles Australes d*Afriqus, 1806. 4to. 
72 p. 24 plates. H. 

BojER. Hortus Mauritianus, ou £num€ration des 
Plantes exotiques et indigknes qui croissent k Vile Mau- 
rice. 1837. 8vo. 466 p. H. 

Baker. Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles, a 

Description of the r lowering Plants and the Ferns of 

those Islands. 1877. 8vo. 667 p. To this Flora 

are added general remarks on the physical geogra- 

I phy and botany of the islands, and the outlines of. 


botany, taken from Mr. Bentlmm's British and 
Colonial Floras, xl. p. H. 

Oliybr. The Botany of the Sneke and Grant Ex- 
pedition ^ an Enumeration of (he Plants Collected during 
the Journey of the late Capt. J. H. Speke and Lieut.- 
Col. J. A. Grant from Zanzibar to Egypt. 1876. 4to. 
190 p., 186 plates. From Tk-ans. LlnASBan Society, 
London. H. 

%*In the Colleee Library, fhe department of Travel 
contalnM maiiT w,)rks npon Africa, lilce those of Le Vall- 
lant, Burcheli, and othcn, in which the plants met with are 
briefly described. 


A. South akd Central. 

MoNARDBS. Simplicium medicanMntorom ex 
BOYo orbe d<;latorum, quormm in niedjcxna luus est, 

The second Lntin translation by Clusius from the 
Spanisii. Antwerp. 1679. I'imo. 87 pp., with 
woodcuts. H. 

Pluxier. Description des plantes de TAroerique 
aYec leurs figures. Paris. 1608. fol. 94 p. 108 
plates. H. L. 

Nova plantarum Amer. genera. Paris. 1708. 
4to. 62 p. (containing also Catalogus plant Amer. 
p. 21.) H.L. 

Plantarum Amer. fasciculus l(-x}. Amst. 1756- 
60. fol. 262 p. 262 plates. L. 

Sloans. A Yoyage to the Islands of Madera, Bar- 
badoes, Nieves, St. Christophers and Jamaica, with 
the Natural History of the herbs and trees, four- 
footed beasts, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles, &c., of 
the last of those islands. London. 1726. fol. 
2 vols. Introduction diY., 264 and 499, with many 

Jacquin, N. J. Enumeratio systematica plantar 
rum. Nuremburg. 1762. A short list of plants 
found in islands of the Caribsean Sea, and tropical 
America H» 

Selectarum stirpium Amer. historia. Vienna. 
1780. Urge folio. 187 p. 264 ptat>ra. A descrip- 
tion of the rarer plants growing in Martinique, 
Jamaica, and Domingo. L. The earlier edition is 
in the Herbarium Library. 

AuBLET. Histoire des plantes de la Guiane fran- 
caise. Paris. 1775. 4to. 4 vols. 892 plates. 
This work contains many papers of general in- 
terest, respecting the cultivation of plants in French 
Guiana. H» 

Houston, W. Reliquiae Houstonianae ; Nurenv 
berg. 1794. 8yo. 24 p. 16 plates. An account 
of the plants collected by Houston in Tropical 
America. H. L. 

SwARTz, Olof. NoYa Genera et Species planta- 
rum. Upsal. 1788. 8vo. A description of the 
West Indian plants collected by Swartz in 1788-7. 
Syo. 162 p. H. 

Observationes botanicse. Erlangen. 1791. 8yo. 
424 p. H. 

Icones plantarum incognitanim. Erlangen. 1794. 
fol., fasc. 1. 18 plates. H. 

Flora IndisB occidentalis. Erlangen. 1797-1806. 
8 Yols. H. The three works last mentioned are 
deYoted to the flora of the West Indies. 

Adnotationes botanicss quas reliquit Olaf Swartz. 
Norstedt 1829. 188 p. 4 plates. H. 

This poethumoas work, edit^ by Wikstrom, con- 
taini biogmpbles of Swarti by Sprengel, and by 

Ruiz and Payon. Florae peruYianae et cbilensis 
Prodromus. Madrid. 1794. foUo. 163 p. 37 
plates. L. 

Quinologia. Madrid. 1792. 4to. 108 p. H. 

A description in Spanish of the species which 
yield PeruYian bark. The library at Gore Hall con- 
tains several other Spanish treatbet by Ruiz, upon 
certain medicinal plants. 

Vahl. Eclogse americanss. Copenhagen. 1796- 
1807. Folio in three parts. Plants of tropical 

Icones illustrationi plant, amer. 80 plates to 
illustrate the former work. Copenhagen, folio. 
1796-9. Both of these are in the Herbarium 

Humboldt and Bonpland. Esaai sur la geo- 
graphie des plantes. Paris. 4to. 1806. 16i5 p. 
Relating chiefly to plants of tropical countries. L. 

PlantsB equinoctiales. Paris. 1806-1818. Folio, 
about 200 plates. The plants of Mexico, Central 
America, and the northern part of South America. 

Humboldt^ Bonpland, and Eunth. Nova ge- 
nera et species plantarum. Paris. Folio. 7 yoIs. 
1816-1826. L. 

Saint-Hilairb. Plantes usuelles des Brasiliens, 
Paris, 1824, 4to 298 p. 70 plates. Of this work, 
the Herbarium has only the flrst 6 plates and the 
accompanying text. 

PoEPPio AND Endlicher. NoYa genera et species 
plantarum in regno Chilensi, Peruviano, et in terra 
Amazonica lectanim. Leipsic, 183&-46, fol. 8 vols. 
The last volume by Poppig alone. H. 

Marti us yon, and Zuccarini. NoYa genera et 
species plantarum quas in itinere per Braailiam 
annis 1817-20 susoepto coUegit et descripsit. Munich, 
1824-32, fol. 

The Herbarium copy of the 800 uncolored plates 
is not accompanied by the text. 

2. Herbarium Floras Brasiliensis, Munich, 1837. 
8vo. 862 p. H. 

3. Flora Brasiliensis, sive Enumeratio plantarum 
in Brasilia hactenus delectarum, quas suis aliorumque 
botanicorum studiis descriptas et methodo naturali 
dlgestas ediderunt C. F. Philippus de Martins eoque 
defuncto successor Attgustus Guilelmns Eichler. Opus 
cura Musei C. R. Pal. Vindobonensis auctore Ste- 
phano Endlicher, snccessore E duttrdo Fenxl conditum. 
Leipsic. 1840. fol. max., continued at the present 
time. This magnificent Flora is in great part sup- 
ported by the patronage of the Emperor of Austria, 
the King of Havaria, and the Kmperor of Brazil. 
The fascicles formerly appeared at longer and more 
irregular intervals than at present. The last fascicles 
are between the numbers 70 and 80. H. and L» 

Bateman. The Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guate- 
mala. London. 1887-43. fol. eleph. 40 colored 

Bkntham. PlantsB HartwegiansB imprimis Mexi- 
cansB. London. 1889-46. 8vo. A descriptive cat- 
alogue of plants collected chiefly in Mexico, by 
Hartweg, together with a list of plants collected by 
Graham. H. 

MiBRs. Illustrations of South American plants. 
London. 184&-47. 4to. H. 
2. Contributions to Botany. London. 1861-71. 8yo. 

Sbbmann. Botany of the voyage of the Herald. 
London. 1862-67. 4to. (Gives a sketch of the 
flora of Panama, and of North West Mexico.) H. 

Grisbbach. 1. SjTstematische Bemerkungen uber 
die beiden ersten Pflanzensammlungen Philippis and 
Sechler'f im siidlichen Chili und an der Maghellans- 


8tms«e. Gottingen. 1854. SO pp., with a note by 
Hof meister upoa the ' structure of the fruit of 
Lepidoceras, H> 

^ 2. Sy-stematischeUntersachunf^enuberdie Vegeta- 
tion der Karaiben, insbesondcre der losel Guada- 
loupe. Gottingen, 1857. p. 138. H. 

8. Erlauterungen ausgewahlter Pflanzen des tro- 
piachen Amerikaa. Gottingen, 1860. p. 58. H. 

4. Flora of the British West India Islands. Lon- 
don. 1864. 8vo. 

H. In the Herbarinm there are also Grisebach's 
notes on Wright's Cuban Plants, and his memoir on 
the geographical distribution of West Indian Plants. 

5. PlantsB LorentciansB. Gottingen, 1874. 4to. 
p. 231. 

Proleasor Grisebach's account of plants collected 
IB the Argentine Republic hy Professor Lorentz of 
Cordova. H« 

Grisebach. Die geographische Verbreitung der 
Pflanzen Westindiens. Gottingen. 1855. 4to. 
80 p. H. 

Catalogus plantarum Cnbensium. Leipsic. 1866. 
8vo. 301 p. H. 

Jameson, William. Synopsis plantamm ^qua- 
toriensium. Quito. 1865. 12mo. This work con- 
tains descriptions in Latin of the West Coast plants 
in the orders from Ranunculacem to LaUatce in- 

Pickering, C. Distribution of animals and 
plants. Containing lists of South American plants. 
Saiein. 1870. 4to. H. 

In the Lowell Library at the Herbarium are the 
following works not enumerated in the previous 

Browne, Patrick. The Civil and Natural His- 
tory of Jamaica. London. 1789. fol. 603 p. 
60 plates. 

Desoourtilz. Flore pittoresque m^dicale des 
Antilles. Paris. 1821. 8 vols. 8vo. 

Macfadten. The Flora of Jamaica. London. 
18^7. 8vo. Vol 1. 351 p. Eanunculaeea to 

Ruiz and Paton. Flora Pemviana etX!hilensis. 
Madrid. 1798. VoL 1-8. 

Florae Peruvians et Chilensis prodromus. Madrid. 
1794. (Also at Gore Hall). 

Saikt-Hilairb. Flora Brasiliee Meridionalis. 
Paria. 1825. 4to. Through i/yrtacea. 

B. North America. 

The arctic floras will be given separately : some 
references to Mexican floras have been made in the 
preceding section. 

Mon-ardes. See previous section. 

CoRNUTi. Canadensium plantarum aliarumque 
nondum editarum historia. Paris. 1635. 4to. 
288 p. H. L. 

JossELTN. New England's Karities discovered 
in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents and Plants of 
that country. London. 1672. The reprint, edited 
by Professor Edward Tuckerman, contains an 
interesting account of some of the eariy American 
herbalists. In the notes, Professor Tuckerman has 
embodied many of the earlier descriptions of the 
native New England plants. H. L. 

Cutler. An account of some of the vegetable 
productions, naturally growing in this part of 
America, botanically arranged. From Mem. Am. 
Academy, 1 396-493. 1785. 4to. H. 

Gronovigs. Flora Virginica. Leydea. 1739- 
43. H. 
A second edition, 1762, is also in H« 

Catbsby. Hortns EuropsB americanus, or a col- 
lection of 85 curious Trees and Shrubs, the produce 
of North America. London. 1767. fol. 41 p. 
and 7 plates containing 63 figures. H. 

FoRSTER. Flora Ameriose Septentrionalis, or a 
catalogue of the plants of North America. London. 
1771. 8vo. 51 p. L. 

Marshall, Humphry. Arbustum Americanum, 
the American Grove, or an alphabetical catalogue 
of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the American 
United Stotes. Philadelphia. 1785. 8vo. 174 p. 
L. H. 

The French translation, edited by Lesermes, is in 
the Herbarium Library. 

Walter. Flora Caroliniana. London. 1788. 
8vo. 263 p. 1 plate. 

Bartram. Travels through North and South 
Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, etc., 
containing an account of the soil and natural pro- 
ductions of those regions. Philadelphia. 1791. 
8vo. 520 p. 8 plates. 

MicHAUx, Andr^. Histoire des chines de TAm^- 
rique. Paris. 18U1. foL 

Flora boreali-americana. Paris. 1803. 8vo. 
H. L.. In Pritzel's Thesaurus this work is credited 
to L. C. Richard, who described the species detected 
by Michaux. 

MiCHAUX, Francois Andrd. Histoire des arbres 
forestiers de I'Ani^rique Septentrionale. Paris. 
1810. 8 vol. H. L. 

An English translation by Hillhouse was published 
in Philadelphia, in 1817. Of this work, entitled 
The North American Sylva, the Herbarium hss a 
very incomplete copy. An edition published in 
Philadelphia in 1842, was supplemented by three 
volumes by Thomas Nuttall, and is generally known 
as Michaux and Nuttall's North American Sylva. 

BioBLOW. Florula Bostoniensis. A collection 
of plants of Boston and its vicinity, with their 
generic and specific characters, princiital synonyms, 
descriptions, places of growth and time of flowering, 
and occasional remarks. Boston. 1814. 8vo. 
268. H. L. The second edition is in L., the third 
in L. H. 

American Medical Botany, being a collection of 
the native medical plants of tl:^ United States. 
Boston. 1819^1821. 

PuRSH. Flora AmericsB Septentrionalis, or a 
systematic arrangement and description of the plants 
of North America. London. 1814. 8vo. L. H. 

Rapinesque. The Herbarium has the following 
systematic works of this eccentric author : — 

Florula Ludoviciana, or a Flora of the State of 
Louisiana. This is an annotated translation of the 
Flore Louisianne by Robin published in the third 
volume of his Voyages. New York. 1817. 8to. 
178 p. 

Medical Flora ; or. Manual of the Medical Botany 
of the United States of North America. 2 vols. 
Philadelphia. 1828-30. 8vo. 268-278 p. 100 

Flora Telluriana. Pars secunda. Philadelphia. 

Sylva Telluriana. Mantissa Synoptica. Phila^ 
delphia. 18;38. 

New Flora of North America. Philadelphia. 
1836. Parts First, Tliird, and Fourth. 


Autikon Botanikon. Part First. Philadelphia. 

MnsHLBNBERO. Descriptio nberior graminum et 
Calamariarium America Septentrionalis. Philadel- 
phia. 1817. 8yo. H. 

Eaton, Amos. Manual of Botany for North 
America, containing generic and specific descrip- 
tions of the indigenous plants and common culti- 
Tated exotics, growing north of the Gulf of Mexico. 
Albany. There are several editions in the Herba- 
rium, and at Gore Hall. 

NuTTALL. The Genera of North American Plants 
and a catalogue of the species to the year 1817. 
Philadelphia. 1818. 2 vols. H. 

Barton. A Flora of North America. Philadel- 
phia. 1820-8. 4to. 8 vols. 106 plates. L. 

Elliot. A Sketch of the Botany of South Caro- 
lina and Georgia. Charleston. 1821-4. 2 vols. 
606 p. 743 p. H. 

ToaRET. Flora of the Northern and Middle 
Sections of the United States. New York. 1824. 
8vo. 613 p. Only one volume was published, com- 
prising the Linnsean classes I.-XII. H* 

And Asa Grat. A Flora of North America, 
containing abridged descriptions of all the known 
indigenous and naturalized plants growing north of 
Mexico. New York. 1888-43. {RanunctUacecB-Com' 

ToRRET. A Flora of the State of New York, 
comprising full descriptions of all the indigenous 
and naturalized plants hitherto discovered in the 
State, with remarks on their economical and me- 
dicinal properties. New York. 1848. In two vol- 
umes, being part second of The Natural History of 
New York. L. H. 

Dr. Torrey's numerous works upon the planta of 
the West are to be found both at the Herbarium 
and at Gore Hall. 

Darlington. Florula Cestrica. West Chester. 
1826. 162 p. 

The second edition called Flora Cestrica (1887), 
and the third (1868), are in the Herbarium. 

Agricultural Botany. Philadelphia. 1847. 

Hooker, W. J. Flora boreali-americana, or the 
Botany of the Northern parts of British America. 
London. 183.3-40. 2 vol. 4to. H. L. 

Gray. Nearly all of Professor Gray's mono- 
graphs and general treatises are both at the Herbar 
rium, and at Gore Hall. His systematic work last 

Sublished is the Synoptical Flora of North America, 
ew York. 1878. Vol. 2. Pt. 1. " This volume 
commences where the Flora of North America by 
Torrey and Gray stopped, thirty-five years ago, 
namely at the close of the great order of Compositce ; 
and the present part comprises the remaining 
Gamopetata." H« L« 

The first edition of Gray's Manual of the Botany 
of the Northern United States was published in 
1848 ; the fifth in 1867. 

Darbt. Botany of the Southern States. New 
York. 8vo. 1866. H. 

Chapman. Flora of the Southern United States, 
containing abridged descriptions of the fiowering 
plants and ferns of Tennessee, North and South 
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and 
Florida. New York. 1860 (second edition 1866). 
L. H. 

Wood, A. A Class Book of Botany. The seo- 
ond part contains The Natural Orders : illustrated 

by a Flora of the Northern, Middle, and Western 
States. Several editions have been published. 
The Botanist and Florist. New York, small 8vo. 

Watson, S. Botany of the Fortieth ParalleL 
Washington. 1871. 4to. 626 p. This, the fifth 
volume of Reports of the Geological Exploration of 
the Fortieth Parallel, contains descriptions of the 
plants of Northern Nevada and Utah, in which the 
chief work of the Survey was conducted. It also 
deals with the plants of the arid western plains be- 
yond the limits above mentioned. L« H« 

Brewer, Watson, Grat. The Botany of Cali- 
fornia. Cambridge. 1876. 4to. 628 p. Vol. 1. 
Tills volume, uniform with the publications of the 
Geological Survey of the State of California, com- 
prises the Poly})€tal(B by Brewer and Watson, and 
the Gamopelaks by Asa Gray. L. H. 


Order. Flora Danica. Icones plantarum sponte 
nascentium in regnis Danise et Norvegiie. , Vol. 
I.-XVI. with supplement, fol. 1766-1871. LoweU 
Library, at the Herbarium. 

Brown, Robert Chloris Melvilliana. A list of 
plants collected in Melville Island (lat. 74<'-76o N. 
long. 110o-U2<' W.) in the year 1820 by the officers 
of the Voyage of Discovery under the orders of 
Capt. Parry. Republished in Brown's Miscellane- 
ous Botanical works. H« 

Ross. A Voyage of Discovery made under the 
orders of the Admiralty, in his Majesty's ships Isa- 
bella and Alexander, for the purpose of exploring 
Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the probability of a 
Northwest passage. London. 1819. 4to. p. 262. 
Contains in the appendix, Brown's list of the plants 

Richardson. Botanical Appendix to Captain 
Franklin's narrative of a Journey to the Shores of 
the Polar Sea. London. 1828. 4to. 40 p. 

Hooker, W. J. & Walker- Amott The Botany 
of Captain Beechey's Voyage, comprising an ac- 
count of the plants collected by Messrs. Lay and 
Collie, and other officers of the Expedition during 
the voyage to the Pacific, and Behring's Strait, in 
his Majesty's ship Blossom, 1826-28. 4to. 486 p. 
94 plates. L. H. 

Seemann. The Botany of the Voyage of H. M. 
S. Herald, under the command of Capt. Henry 
Kellett, during the years 1846-61. London. 4to. 
483 p. 100 plates. 

The first part is devoted to the Flora of Western 

Hooker, W. J. Flora boreali-Americana, in fore- 
going list. 

Hooker, J. D. Flora Antarctica. 1844-47. 674 p. 
198 plates. 

VoN Trautvetter, £. R. Reise in den iusser- 
sten Norden und Osten Sibiriens. von Midden- 
dorf. Vol. 1. 2d part Sect 1. Phsenogame 
Pflanzen aus dem Hochnorden. Petersburg. 1847. 
4to. 190 p. 

VoN Trautyetter and Meter. Florula Ocho- 
tensis phanogama. 188 p. 

VoN Trautyetter. Conspectus Floras insularum 

NowajarSemla. 8vo. 46 p. 

RoTHROCK. Flora of Alaska. Report of Smith- 
sonian Institution for 1867. 



1. SouTHEBK Asia. 

Ykk Rhebdb tot DRAAKEirsTExir. Hortus indi- 
CQ8 malabaricus. Amsterdam, fol. 12 vol. Of 
these the Herbariam library has one complete copy, 
and an imperfect one. 

BuBMAK (Johannes). Thesaarus Zeylanicus. 
Amsterdam. 1737. 4to. 286 p. 110 plates. L.H. 

RuMPF. Herbarium Amboinense. Amsterdam. 
1741-5& fol. 6 vol. H. L. 

Roxburgh. Flora indica. Serampore. 1832. 
8yo. 8 vols. H. 

Bluxb and Fischeb. Flora Javas necnon insu- 
larom adjacentium. Brussels. 1828. fol. 

Bluxb. Rumphia. Ley den. 1885-46. fol. 
4 vols., containing accounts of the more important 
plants, of economic value, growing in the islands of 
tlie Indian Archipelago. 

Bennett, J. J. Plants javanicsD rariores de- 
scriptie iconibus illustratse, quas in insula Java annis 
1802-18, legit et investigavit Thomas Horsfield. 
London. 1888. 4to. In this are notes upon struc- 
ture and aflELnities added by Robert Brown. 

Wight. Icones plantarum Indiie orientalis. 
Madras. 1838-^1. 4to. 6 vols., with supplement- 
ary vol. 

Gbibfith. Many of the memoirs, and the post- 
humous papers. n« 

RoTLB. 1. Essay on the productive resources of 
India. London. 1840. 8vo. L. 

2. Illustrations of the Botany of the Himalayan 
mountains. foL 2 vols. H. 

HooKEB, J. D. Himalayan Journals, or Notes 
of a Naturalist in Bengal, tbe Sikkim and Nepal 
Himalayas, the Khasia mountains. London. 1854. 
8vo. 2 vols., with maps and illustrations, pp. 408 
and 487. H. 

Mi QUEL. Flora Indisff Batavss. Amsterdam. 
1855-59. 8vo. 8 vols., of Latin descriptions of 
genera and species of Phanerogamia of the Dutch 
East Indias. 

MiQUEL. First supplement to the foregoing 
work. Flora of Sumatra, with notes in the Dutch 
language, chiefly upon the plants of economic inter- 
est. H. 

HooKBB, J. D. and Thomson. Flora Indica. 
London. 1855. 8vo. Vol. L Ranuneulaceoe to 
Fumaricuxa. With an introductory essay. Not 
finished; subsequently merged in next. H. 

HooKBB, J. D. The Flora of British India. 
London. 1875-78. 8vo. Parts I.-V. Ranunctda- 
oeoB-MiprtacetB. This flora comprises descriptions of 
the flowering plants found in British India, Kashmir 
and Western Tibet. 

The Outlines of Botany from Mr. Bentham's 
British and Colonial Floras, and an index to the 
terms therein contained are given in Part I. H« 

\* In the remainder of the list all titles which are 
not otherwise devignated, are of works in the Herbariam 

Library. Botanical notes in records of travel (see Reup- 
PKL, KiEDUHR, BoTTA), and many general works like 
those of KiTTo are not farther spoken of in the following 

2. Westebn Asia (Asia Minob). 

KuBZ. Forest Flora of British Burma. 1877. 

FoBSKAL. Flora aegyptiaco-arabica, sive de- 
scriptiones plantarum quas per Aegyptum inferiorem 
et Arabiam felicem detexit. Post mortem auctoris 
edidit Carsten Niebuhr. Copenhagen. 1775. 219 p. 

Choizt. I. Convolvulaceae orientates, nempe in- 
dicae, napaulenses, birmanicse, chinenses, japonicn, 
necnon et qusedam australasicss, etc. Geneva. 
1834. 4to. 120 p., with plates. 

11. De convolvulaceis dissertatio secunda. Ge- 
neva. 1838. 

Jaubebt and Spach. Blustrationes plantarum 
orientalium ou choix de plantes nouvelles ou peu 
connues de TAsie occidentale. Paris. 1842-57. 
Copy in H. is incomplete. 

Fevzl. I. Pugillus plantarum noyamm Syrisa 
et Tauri occidentalis primus. Vienna. 1842. 8vo. 
18 p. 

II. Illustrationes et descriptiones plantarum nova- 
rum Syriae et Tauri occidentalis. Stuttgart. 1848. 
8vo. 84 p. H. Also anotli^r copy with this title : 
Abbildungen und Beschreibungen neuer und selten- 
er Thiere und Pflanzen in Syrlen und in westlichen 
Taurus gesammelt von Theodor Kotschy. Heraus- 
gegcben von Fenzl, Heckel, und Redtenbacher. 
Stuttgart 184.S-49. 8vo. 

BoissiEB. Flora Orientalis, sive Knumeratio 
plantarum in Oriente a Graecia et ^gypto ad Indias 
fines hucusque observatarum auctore Edmond Bois- 
sier. Basel and Geneva. 1807. 8vo. Vol. 1, 
Thalamiflorae; Vol. 2, Calyciflone Polyi>etal8e ; 
Vol. 8, Caly ciflorae Gamopetalas ; Vol. 4, part 1, 
Earlier orders of Corollifloras. 

Paine. Catalogue of plants collected in Eastern 
Palestine. 1873. 8vo. 

8. NoBTHEBN Asia. 

Gmbliit. Flora Sibirica. St^ Petersburg. 1747- 
09. 4to. 4 vols. 

Ledbboub and Meteb and Bunob. Flora Alta- 
ica. Berlin. 1829-88. 8vo. 4 vols. WithLinnaean 

BuKOE. Supplement to this. H. 

TuBCZANiNOw. Flora balcalensi-dahurica, seu 
descriptio plantarum in regionibus cis- et transbai- 
calensibus, atque in Dahuria sponte nascentium. 
Moscow. 8vo. 1842-1850. 

Tbautvetteb. Phaenogame pflanzen aus dem 
Hochnorden. Being part 2 of Vol. 1 of Midden- 
i>obff'8 Sibirische Reise. St. Petersburg. 1847. 
4to. In the appendix are explanations and observa- 
tions concerning the plants of the Taimyr region. 

Tbautvetteb and Meteb. Florula ochotensia 
phaenogama. St. Petersburg. 1850. 4to. 133 p. 

Reoel. I. Tentamen flone ussuriensis, oder Ver> 
such einer Flora des Ussuri-gebietes. St. Peters- 
burg. 1801. 4to. 228 p. 12 plates. 



II. Flora der Grebiete des Rassiechen reichs 
oestlich Tom Altai bis nach Kamtschatka nnd dem 
Russischen Nord-Amerika. Moskow. 1861-1862. 
The Monopetal8B published in 1864-78 by Herdeb ; 
all based upon Radde's exploration under the au- 
spices of the Imperial Geographical Society of 

III. and Herder. Enomeratio plantamm in 
regionibus cis- et transiliensibus a ci. Semenoyio 
anno 1867 collectarum. Moskow. 1864-69. 8yo. 

RupRSCHT. Flora Caucasi. Pars prima. Peters- 
burg. 1869. 4to. IV. 802 p. 6 pUtea. Ror 
uunadacea- Vitacea. 

4. Eabtbrv Asia. 

Kabxppbr. Amoenitatam exoticamm politico- 
physico-mediearum fasciculi ▼. 

The fifth fasciculus is deyoted to descriptioDS of 
plants of Japan. 

Trunbbro. Flora Japonica. Leipzig. 8vo. 
1784. 419 p. With an appendix containing identi- 
fications of the plants described by Kaempfer in his 
filth book. H. L. 

LouRBiRO. Flora cochinchinensis, sistens plantas 
in regno Cochinchina nascentes, quibus accedunt 
alisB observatn in Sinensi imperio, etc. Ulyssipoue. 
1790. 4to. 2yols. 744 p. The Herbarium has 
also the edition published in 1798. 

SiEBOLD and Zuccarxni. Flora Japonica, siye 
Plantae quas in imperio japonico collegit, descripsit, 
ex parte in ipsis locis pingendas curayit Leyden. 
1835. fol. 44 p. 

Bbakco. Flora de Filipinas. Segun el sistema 
sexual de Linneo. Manila. 1837. 8yo. 887 p. 
Also edition II. 619 p. 

Sebxak. Botany of the yoyage of the Herald. 
London. 1852-7. 4to. Pages 847-432 contain 
the Flora of the Island of Hongkong. 

Gray, Asa. I. Account of the botanical species 
collected in the Expedition of the American squad- 
ron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in the 
years 1852-54, under the command of Commodore 
M. C. Perry. Washington. 1856. 4to. Vol. 2. 
pp. 302-882. 

II. Botany of the United States Expedition dur- 
ing the yjears 1838-42, under the command of 
Charles Wilkes, U. S. N. Phanerogamia. Philar 
delphia. 1854. 4to 777 p. 100 plates in folio. 

Bentham. Flora Hongkongensis : a description 
of the flowering plants and ferns of the Island of 
Hongkong. With a map of 'the island. London. 
1861. 8vo. To this is prefixed Mr. Bentham's 
"Outlines of Botany^" with special reference to 
local floras. 

MiQUBL. Prolosio Florae JaponicsB. Amsterdam. 
1865-67. fol. 

The Herbarium Library has also Miquel's memoir 
upon the character and origin of the Japan Flora. 

MAzxMoyfiCB. Synopsis plantamm noTarum 
JaponisB et Mandschnrts. St. Petersburg. 1866- 
78. 8vo. 

Franchbt and Satatxbr. Enumeratio planta- 
mm in Japonia sponte cresoentlum. RanvncuhoecB' 
FiUces, Paris. 1875-77. 8yo. 

Satatibr. a French translation of Kwa-wi. 
Japanese botany. Paris. 1873. 8yo. 


Brown, R. L Prodromns Floras NoysB Hollandia 
et insulsB Van Diemen. Vol. 1. London. 1810. 
8yo. 592 p. 

The Herbarium has also the wretchedly printed 
edition of 1821. 

II. General remarks geographical and systemati- 
cal on tlie Botany of Terra Australis. London. 
1814. 4to. 81 p. 

In the Herbarium Library are also the minor 
papers on the Flora of Australia, e.g., Botanical 
Appendix to Capt. Charles Sturt's Narratlye of an 
Expedition to Central Australia. 

SwBBT. Flora Australasica, or a selection of 
handsome or curious plants, natiyes of New Hoi 
land, and the South Sea Islands. One Tolome. 
London. 1827-28. 8yo. 

Endlicher. I. Prodromus Flora Norfolkicss, a 
catalogue of the plants collected in Norfolk Island 
in 1804-05, and figured by Bauer. Vienna. 188S. 

II. StiriHum austraiasicaram decades trea. Ylen 
na. 1838. 4to. 

LiNDLBT. Vegetation of Swan Riyer Colony. 
Appendix of the index yolume of Edward's Botani- 
cal Register. London. 1840. 8yo. 

Hooker, J. D. The Botany of the Antarctic 
yoyage of H. M. discoyery ships Erebus and Terror, 
in the prears 1889-1843, under the command of 
Capt. Sir James Clark Ross. Comprising, 

I. Flora Antarctica. Pt. 1. Botany of Lord 
Auckland's group, and Campbell's Island. Pt. 2. 
Botany of Fuegia, ttie Falklands, Kerguelen'a 
Land, etc. London. 1847. 4to. 

IL Flora Noysa ZelandisB. Pt. 1. Flowering 
plants. Pt. 2. Flowerless plants. London. 1853- 
56. 4to. 

m. Flora TasmaniflB. Vol. i. Dicotyledones. 
Vol. il. Monocotyledones et Cryptogamla. Lou- 
don. 1853-60. 4to. 

These six yolumes contain about 8,000 species in 
all ; and 530 plates, illustrating 1,095 species. 

The introductory essays deal with the important 
questions of variation in the yegetable kingdom, 
and of distribution of plants in area and in time. 
The relations of the Austrafian flora to that of the 
nearest continent are discussed in Vol. I. of Pt. iii. 

Mueller. Fragmenta Pbytographiss Australis. 
Melbourne. 1858-77. 8yo. 10 yols. 

II. Descriptiye notes on Papuan plants. Pt L 
Melbourne. 1875. 8yo. ll9 p. 

III. The Vegetation of the Chatham Islands 
Melbourne. 1874. 8yo. 86 p. 7 plates. 

IV. Plants indigenous to the Colony of Victoria. 
Melbourne. 1860-68. 

Bentham and MtTBLLER. Flora Austral iensis. 
A description of the plants of the Australian ter> 
ritory. London. 1863-78. 7 yols. RanuneulaeeiB- 
FiliceB. To this work is prefixed Mr. Bentham's 
Outlines of Botany, identical with the notes accom- 
panying Ids other colonial floras. 

Seem ANN. Flora Vitiensis. A description of the 
plants of the Viti or Fiji Islands, with an account 
of their history, uses, and properties. London. 
1865-78. 4to. 453 p. 100 plates. With a life of 
the author. H« 



HooKBx. Handbook of the New ZeiUand Flora. 
A tjsteroatic description of the nattre plants of 
Kew Zealand, and the Chatham's, Kermadec's, Lord 
Auckland's, Campbeirs, and Macquairte's Islands. 
London. 1864. 8yo. 392 p. RanunaUaeea-LifcO' 


The two following works deal with the pUnta 
of Europo in general. 

PoiRBT. Histoire philosophique, Ut^raire, ^ono- 
mique des plantes de rEurope. Paris. 1825-29. 
8vo. 8 vols. 

Ntmait. L SyUoge flons Europe. Oerebro. 1864- 
66. 8vo. . 

n. Conspectus Florae EuropsesB. BanunadacetB — 
Pomacea. Oerebro. 1878. ovo. 

The special floras of Europe are grouped below in 
the order arranged by Jeesen in Pritzel's Thesaurus. 


LoBFLiwo. Reise nach den Spanischen Lftndem 
in Europa und America in den Jahren 1761 bis 1766. 
Berlin. 1766. Svo. Containing a dasoiption of 
many Spanish plants. 

La-Oasca. Genera et species plantamm, qu» aut 
HOTS sunt, ant nondum rede cognoscuntnr. Ma- 
drid. 1816. 4to. 

Webb. I. Iter Hispaniense, or a Synopsis of 
plants collected in the southern provinces of Spain 
and in Portugal, with geographical remarks, and 
observations on rare and nndescribed species. Paris. 

1888. 8vo. 80 p. 

IL Otia hispanica, sen Delectus plant^rum rario- 
rum per Hispanias sponte nascentium. London. 

1889. foL 

BoiSBXER. Elenchus plantarum novarum minus- 
quo cognitarum, quas in itinere hispanico legit. 
Geneva. 1888. 8vo. 94 p. Descriptions of some 
plants of Southern Spain. 

Lanob. Pugillus plantarum imprimis hispani- 
carum, quas in itinere 1861-^2 legit Job. Lange. 
i-iv. Copenhagen. 1860-66. 8vo. 899 p., with 

2. Italy. 

Cesatt. Stirpes italicse rariores vel novse, de- 
scriptionibus iconibusque illustratSB. Milan. 1840. 
fbl. 8 fascielea. 

Bertoliiti. Flora italica, sistens plantas in Italia 
ft insults circumstantibus sponte nascentes. Bolo- 
gna. 1838-64. The Herbarium has the first nine 
of the ten volumes, comprising all the Linnseao 
elasses except Monoecia Polygamia. 

GcmsoNE. Floras Siculss synopsis. Naples. 1842- 
46. 8 vols. 8vo. AAer the Linnean system. 

Parlatorb. Flora italiana, ossia Descrizione 
della piante che crescono spontanee e vegetano 
come tali in Italia e nolle isole ad essa aggiacenti 
disposta secondo 11 roetodo naturale. Florence. 
1860. 4 vols. 1 part published in 1876. 

Carubl. Prodrome della Flora Toscana. Flor- 
ence. 1860. 8vo. 767 p. Itantatculacea-Graminece, 
With Supplements I.-II. 

FloraU di MontecristD. Milan. 1864. A cato- 
lofoe of 38 pages. 

Statlstiea Botanie* della Toscana, ossia saggio 
di studi iBlk distribniione geografica. delle piante 
Toecane. Florence. 1871. 872 p. 


SiBTHORP. I. FIorsB gnecs prodromus, sive 
plantarum omnium ennmeratio quas in provinciis 
aut insulis GnecisB invenit Job. Sibthorp. Charac- 
teres et Synonyma omnium cum adnotationibus 
elaboravit Jac. Ed. Smith. London. 1806-1818. 
2 vols. 8vo. L. H. 

IL Flora gneca, sive plantamm rariorum histeria, 
quas in provinciis aut insulis Graeeise legit, investi- 
gavit et depingi curavit Johannes Sibihorp. Hie 
Ulic etiam insertae sunt pauculae species quas vir 
idem darissimus, Graeciam versus navigans, in 
itinere praesertim apud Italiam et SiciHam, in- 
venerit. Characteres omnium, descriptiones et 
synonyma elaboravit Jac. Ed. Smith. London. 
1806-40. L. H. 

This work was a posthumous one, executed under 
the provisions of the author's will. Thirty copies 
of the first seven volumes were printed under the 
editing of James Edward Smith, that being the num- 
ber of the original subscribers ; but death or other 
causes had diminished the number, so that .of the 
last three volumes, issued under John Lindley's 
direction, the edition was only twenty-one copies. 
It would otherwise seem that the long term over 
which its publication extended, had occasioned 
some fragments of the entire work to be printed 
without corresponding completions, and in 1846 
enough was re-issued under Henry J. Bohn's care, 
to render an additionally small number of copies 
available (perhaps not exceeding forty in all), which 
were now sold at sixty guineas, the original price 
having been £264. These later copies are exactly 
like the earlier in text and imprint, though perliaps 
inferior in the coloration of the plates. The reis- 
sued portions are distinguishable by the dates in 
the water-mark of the paper. The engraving of 
the 966 plates was all done by the noted Bauer. In 
both issues, the number of copies was restricted 
to absolute subscribers, such having been the pro- 
visions of Sibthorp's will. 

The copy in the College library was bought with 
the money bequeathed by the late James Brown, Esq., 
that in the Herbarium library was the gift of John 
Amory Lowell, Esq. A third copy in the library of 
the Boston Society of Natural History was the gift 
of BenJ. D. Green, Esq. The Massachusetts Hor- 
ticultural Society, Boston, has likewise a copy. 
There are also copies in the Astor library and 
library of Congress. 

For a full account of the subject see Pritzel's 
notice in Leipziger Repertorium (Gersdorf ). 1847. 
V. 88. p. 268-261. 

VisiAifi. Stirpium dalmaticarum specimoL 
Padua. 1826. 4to. 67 p. 8 plates. 


1. France. 

Maonol. Botanicum Monspeliense. Sive plan- 
tarum circa Monspelium nascentium index. Mont- 
pelier. 1686. l2mo. 809 p. 

TouRNEFORT. Hlstoirc des plantes, qui naissent 
aux environs de Paris. Paris. 1698. l2mo. 

GouAv. 1. Hortus regius Monspeliensis, sistens 
plantas turn indigenas turn exoticas Nr. 2200, dc, 
Leyden. 1768. 8vo. 648 p. 

IL Flora Monspeliaca. Leyden. 1766. 8vo. 
348 p. 8 plates. 

Db Lamarck and Db Candollb. La Flore f ran* 
yaise on description snccincte de toutes lea plantes, 




qui croissent naturellemen ten France. Paris. 1806. 
8d edition. 4 vols. The Herbarium baa two copies. 

Jaumb ISt.-Hilairb. Piantes de la France d^- 
crites et peintes d'apr^s nature. Paris. 1806. 8to. 
4 vols. 

De Lamarck and Ds Candollb. Synopsis plan- 
tarum in Flora galiica descriptarum. Paris. 1806. 

LoiSBLBUR Deslonochaxps. Flora galiica, seu 
enumeratio plantarum in Gallia sponte nascentium 
secundum Linnaeanum systema digestarum, addita 
familiarum naturalium synopsi. Liige. 1806. 8yo» 

2 TOlS. 

GoDRON. Flore de Lorraine (Meurtbe, Mosellei 
Meuse, Vosges). Nancy. 1843. 8 toIs. 

CossoN and Germain. 1. Flore descriptive et 
analytique des environs de Paris, ou description des 
piantes qui croissent spontandment dans cette re- 
gion, et de celles qui y sont g^n^ralement cultiv^es. 
Paris. 1845; also second edition, 1861. 

II. Atlas de la Flore des environs de Paris. Paris* 
1845. 8vo. Containing plates of the more difficult 
genera of the Paris Flora. 

Grenier afid Godron. Flore de France, ou de- 
scription des piantes qui croissent naturellement ell 
France et en Corse. Paris. 1847-48, but given at 
the title-page 1848. 8vo. 8 vols. 

2. Holland and Beloium. 

LoBBLius. 1. Plantarum seu stlrpium histofia. 
Antwerp. 1576. 4to. 

II. Icones stirpium seu plantarum tarn ezoticafum 
quam indigenarum. Antwerp. 1591. 

Molkbnboer and Herbert. Flora Leidensis, 
sive Elenchus plantarum spontanearum phanero- 
gam icarum quae hucusque prope Lugd. Batavorum 
refiertae sunt, secundum ordines naturales digestus. 
Leyden. 1840. 

CRtpiN. Guide du Botaniste en Belgique (piantes 
▼ivantes et foasUes). Brussels and Paris. 1878. 
12mo. 495 p. 

8. Gbrmant. 

The libraries at the Herbarium and at Gore Hall 
contain many of the more rare ante-Li ndffian works 
on descriptive botany. The copies in. most cases 
are in excellent preservation, and complete. The 
following are placed by Jessen in the first section of 
the German Flora (veteres), but, curiously enough, 
no second section is made, or rather no line is drawn 
between the old and the new. 

Brunfels. Herbarum vivae eicones ad naturae 
imitationem sumnia cum diligentia et arteficio 
effigiatae, etc., per 0th. Brunfels recens editie 1530. 

Bock. (Tragus). Erautterbuch weilandt des 
Weitberhiimten undt hocherfhamen Herren Hie- 
ronymi Tragi genant Bock. 

Edition under the care of Sebizius. 1630. 

FucHB. De historia stirpium commentarii insig- 
nes maximis impensis et vigiliis elaborati, adjectis 
earundem vivis plusquam quingentis imaginibus. 
nunquam antea ad naturae imitationem artenciosius 
effictis et expressis. (Basel.) 1442L fol. 896 p. 
512 plates. 

2. New Ereuterbuch, in welchem nit allein die 
gantz histori das ist, namen, gestalt, statt und zeit 
der wachsnng, natur, kraft und wiirckung des 
nievsten they Is der kreuter so in teuschen und 
andem landen wacbsen, mit dem besten vleiss be- 
achriben, sender' auch aller derselben wurtzel, 

Stengel, bletter, blumen, lamen, friicht, und in 
summa die gantze gestalt allso artlicb und kunst- 
lich abgebildet und kontrafiiyt ist, das dessgleichen 
vormals nie gesehen noch an tag kommen. Basel. 
1543. fol. 

Nothing can give a clearer notion of the compre- 
hensive nature of the older botanical treatises than 
the above title, taken literally from one of the repre- 
sentative works. 

LoESBLiua. Flora Prussica, sive plantae in regno 
Prussiae sponte nascentes. (Konigsberg.) 1708. 
4to. Edited by Gottsched. 

Post'LituujBon tporks. 

ScHOLLER. Flora Barbiensis. In usum eeminatii 
fratrum. Leipsic. 1775. 8vo. 810 p. 

ScBKUHR. Botanisches Handbuch der mehrsten 
theils in Deutschland wildwachsenden theils aus- 
landischen in Deutschland unter freiem Himmel 
ausdauemden GewiLchse. Leipzig. 1808. 4 ^ols. 

MoBNCR. Methodus plantas horti botanici et 
agri Marburgensis a. staminum situ deacribendi. 
Marburg. 1794. &>. 

RoEHLiNO. Deutschlands Flora, zum bequeroen 
Gebrauche beim Botanisiren. Ed. 3. Frankfort. 
1828-<39. 8vo. 

Sturm. Deutschland's Flora in Abbildungen 
nach der natur mit Beschreibungen. Niimberg. 

In the Herbarium library the copy is very incom- 

Gmblin. Flora Badensis alsatica. 

Schradbr. Flora germanica. Vol L OoUingen. 

Sprbnoel. Flora Halensis tentamen novuift* 
Halse Sax. 1806. 8vo. 

Wahlbnbero. Flora carpatorum principalium. 
Gottingen. 1814. H. L. 

Reichenbach. Flora germanica excursoria. 
Leipsic. 1830-33. 

Nee8 v. Esenbeck Jun. Genera plantarum. 
Florae Germanicae iconibus et descriptionibus illus- 
trata. Bonn. 1833-60. 8vo. 622 p. 

A work to which, after the death of the author, 
Spenner, Putterlich, Schuizlein, Caspary, and 
Brandis have contributed. 

lilETER, G. F. W. Chloris Hanoverana. Gottin- 
^gen. 1886. 4to. 

Reichenbach, H. G. L. (and G. H.). Icones 
Florae germanicae et helveticae simul pedemontae, 
istriacae, dalmaticae, hungaricae, transylvanicae, 
bornssicae, holsaticae, belgicae, hollandicae, ergo 
mediae Europeae, exhibens nuperrime detectis 
novitiis additis, collectionem compendiosam imagi- 
num characteristicarum omnium generum et specie- 
rum, quas in sua Flora germanica excursoria recen- 
suit auctor. Vol. 1-22. Leipsic. 1834-70: 4to. 
2,800 plates. H. L. 

Zenker and Schenck. Flora yon Thiiringen. 
Jena. 1836-48. 

After Zenker's death, the text waa fumiabed 
partly by von SchlechtendaL 

EocH. Synopsis Florae germanicae et helveticae, 
exhibens stirpes phanerogamas rite cognitaa, quae 
in Germania, Helvetia, Borusaia, et Istria aponte 
crescunt atque in hominum usum oopioaius colontur 
Frankfort. 1887. 



The Herbarium library has also the 2d and 8d edi- 

GooBOK. Flore de Lorraine. Nancy. 1843-45. 

4. Switzerland. 

(See the following in the list of German Floras : 
Koch, Synopsis, and Kxichbnbacv, Flora, and the 

Hallbr. I. Ennroeratio methodica stirpium 
Helvetiae. Gottingen. 1742. fol. 

II. Historia stirpium indigenarnm Helvetiae in- 
choaU. Berne. 1768. fol. 

Gafdin. AgTostologia Helyetica. Paris. 1811. 

Wahubhbbbo. De Tegetatlone et dimate in 
Helvetia aeptentrionale. T. 18 IS. 8vo. 

Gaudih. Flora Uelvetica sive historia stirpium 
hacusque cognitarum in Helvetia et in tractibus 
eon^rminis aut sponte nascentium aut in hominis 
antmaliuraque usus vulgo cultarum oontinuata. 

GoDBT. Flore du Jura, ou Description des 

J)lanteB vasculaires qui croissent spontan^ment dans 
e Jura Suisse et francals, plus spef:ialement dans le 
Jura nenchfttelois. Meuchatel. 1868. 8yo. 872 p. 

6. AnsTBiA AHD HusoABT. (See also Gbbmaht.). 

Scopoi.1. Flora Carniolica, exhibens plantas 
Camioliae indigenas et distributas in classes, genera, 
species varietates, ordine Linneano. Vienna. 1760. 
8vo. 607 p. H. L. 

Jaqquin. Florae Austriacae sive plantarum 
ielectarum in Austriae Archiducatu sponte cres* 
centium icones ad yivum coloratae et oescriptioni- 
bus ac synonymis Ulustratae. Vienna. 1773-78. 
5 fol. vols. 

Host. Synopsis pUntarum in Austria provin- 
ciisque adjacentibns sponte crescentium. Vienna. 
1707. 8vo. 666 p. 

Flora Anstriaca. Vienna. 1827-31. 8to. 2 vols. 


1. Gbbat Bbxtaiv. 

[The older works in this section, and which for 
want of space are not here enumerated, are for the 
most part in the library at Gore Hall.] 

Gbbabdb. The Herball, or general! historie of 
plantes. London. 1597. fol. 1392 p. L. 

Rat. (1660-90.) The works of this author are 
at the Herbarium. 

HuDBON. Flora Anglica. London. 1762. 8to. 

WiTHERiwo. Arrangement of all the vegetables 
naturally growing in Great Britain. Birmingham. 
1776. 8yo. 

Curtis. Flora Londinensis. London. 1777-87. 
fol., plates. H. L« 

SowBRBT (and Smith). English Botany, or 
coloured figures of British plants with their essen- 
tial characters, synonyms, and places of growth, 
to which will be added occasional remarks bv James 
Edward Smith and James Sowerby. 36 vols. 
London. 1790-1814. 2592plates. H. L. 

The new edition by J. T. B. Syme and Mrs. Lan- 
kaster is also at the Herbarium. 

Smith, (James Edward). The English Flora. 
London. 1824-36. 5 vols. 

2. A Compendium of the English Flora. Lon- 

HoOKEB, W. J. The British Flora. 

Mackat. Flora Hibemica. Dublin. 1886. 8yo. 

Lrightow. a Flora of Shropshire. London. 
1841. Svo. 

Babington. Manual of British Botany. Lon- 
don. 1848. 8vo. 
Tliree editions at the Herbarium. 

IjOudoic. An Encyclopedia of plants, comprising 
tlie description of the specific character, culture, 
history, application in the arts and every otlier de- 
sirable particular respecting all the plants indige- 
nous to, cultivated in or introduced into Britain ; 
with figures of nearly 1000 species; the specific 
characters by Professor Lindley ; the drawings by 
J. D. C. Sowerby ; the engravings by R. Brauston, 

Bbomfibld. Flora Vectensis. London. 1856. 
The plants of the Isle of Wight. 

Bbntham's Outlines introductory to local Floras 
can be found prefixed to his colonial Floras, and to 
The Handbook of the British Flora, a description 
of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to or 
naturalized in the British Isles. For the use of 
beginners and amateurs. London. 1868. 8vo. 

HooKKB, J. D. The student's Flora of the British 
IsUnds. London. 1870. Edition 1st and 2d. H. 

2. Scakdihavja. 

Limri. Flora Lapponica. Amsterdam. 1737 
Flora Suecica. Stockholm. 1746. 

Oedeb. (Flora Danica). Icones plantarum 
sponte nascentium in regnis Daniae et xforvegiae, 
in ducatibus Slesvici et Holsaticae, et in comitatlbus 
Oldenburgi et Delmenhorstiae,adillustrandum opus 
de iisdem plantis regio jussu exarandum. Florae 
danicae nomine inscriptum. Vol. i.-xvi. Copen- 
hagen. 1761-1871. fol. Containing 2,880 colored 

Wahlbbbbbo. I. Flora Lapponica. Berlin. 
1812. 8vo. 

II. Flora Upsaliensis. Upsala. 1820. 8vo: 

III. Flora Suecica. Upsala. 1824-6. 8vo. 

Fbibs. I. Flora Hollandica. Lund. 1817. 8vo. 
II. Novitiae Florae Suecicae. Lund. 1828. H. L. 
UI. Flora Scanica. Upsala. 1836. 8vo. 

WiKSTBdM. Stookholm's Flora. L Stockholm. 

Labob. Haandbog i den Danske Flora. Copen- 
hagen. 1867. 8vo., and edition 8d. 

Blttt. Norges Flora. Christiania. 1861. 8to. 

Schubbelbb. I. Die Kulturpflanzen Norwegens. 
Christiania. 1862. 4to. 

2. Synopsis of the vegetable products of Norway. 
Christuuua. 1862. 4to. 

8. Russia. (See also Wbstbbh Asia.) 

Pallas. Flora Rosslca. 

Lbdbboub. I. Icones plantarum noTarum. 
II. Flora Rossica. H. L. 







The following short list coropriBee useful works 
for the determiDation of the flowering plants of the 
regions specified below. For Local Floras, and for 
more eztensiye works, consult the lists alreadj 



Manual of the Botany of the Northern United 
States, including the district east of the Mississippi 
and north of North Carolina and Tennessee, ai^ 
ranged according to the natural system. By Asa 
Gray, Fisher Professor of Natural History in Hai^ 
vara Uniyersity. New York. 8yo. 

n. SOUTH. 

Flora of the Southern United States : containing 
abridged descriptions of the flowering plants and 
ferns of Tennessee, North and South Carolina, 
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, ar- 
ranged according to the natural system. By A. W. 
Chapman, M.D. The Ferns by Daniel C. Eaton. 
New York. 8yo. 

The two following works contain descriptions of 
the plants growing east of the barren western 

Slains, both North and South. In the second, the 
escriptions are much abridged : — 

Class Book of Botany. By Alphonso Wood. 
New York. 8yo> 

American Botanist and Florist. By Alphonso 
Wood. New York, small 8yo. 

m. WEST. 


Synopsis of the Flora of Colorado. By Thos. 
C. Porter and John M. Coutler. Washington. 8yo. 
(Miscellaneous Publications, no. 4, of Professor 
Hayden's Geological and Geographical Suryeys of 
the Territories.) 

Utah and Nevada. 

United States Geological Exploration of the 
Fortieth Parallel. Clarence King, Geologist in 
charge. Botany by Serene Watson, aided by 
Professor D. C. Eaton and others. Washington. 

— '•-:► California, 

Botany. Vol. L PolypeUbe by W. H. Brewer 
and Serene Watson. Gramopetalse, by Asa Graj. 
Cambridge. 4ta (Uniform with the publications 
of the Geological Suryey of California.) 


1. Manual of British Botany. By Charles C. 
Babbington, F. L. S. London, small 8yo. 

2. Handbook of the British Flora ; a description 
of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or 
naturalized in, the British Isles. For the use of 
beginners and amateurs. By Greorge Bentham, 
F.L.S. London. 8yo. 

8. The Student's Flora of the British Islands. 
By Sir J. D. Hooker, Director of the Royal Gar- 
dens, Kew. London, small 8yo. 


Flore des Enyirons de Paris. By Coeson and 
Germain de Saint-Pierre. Paris. 8vo. 


Flore analytique de la Suisse. Vademecum da 
botaniste. By P. Morthier. Paris and Neuch&tel. 


Synopsis florae germanicae et heWeticae, exht- 
bens stirpes phanerogamas et yasculares, crypt<^ 
gamas rite cognitas, quae in Germania, Helyetia, 
Borussia et Istria sponte crescunt atque in hominum 
usum copiosius coluntur : (auctore D. Gnii. Dan. 
Jos. Kooh). Leipzig. 8yo. 

Also pablished in the German language. 


Prodrome della flora Toscana, di Teodoro CameL 
Florence. 8yo. 


Flora orientalis siye Enuraeratio plantarnm in 
oriente a Graecia et Aegypto ad Indiae fines 
hucusque obseryatarum auctore Edmund Boissier. 
Basle. 8yo. The parts already published ex- 
tend through the order B&rraqinacem, 

Libtatf at l^atbatD ainttiemtt. 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



O^O. lO. 






, . 1 


Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star pretixed indicates they are not yet ready. 

Er^vVAkD S. IIoLDEN. Indcx-Catalojnie of Bookb and Memoirs on the Transit:? of 

Justin Winsor. Shakespeare^s Poems: a Biblioi;raphy of the Earlii r Editions. 

Jharles Eliot Norton. Pxincipal books relating to the L"fe and Works of Michel- 
angelo, with Notes, 

USTTN Winsor. Pietas e* Gratulatio. An Inquiry 'nto the authorsl^^^-of the sev'eral 

6T OF Apparatus i^- iMuerent LaboratOiies <>[ the United States, available for 
Scientific Resenuhcs ''nvolving Accurate Measurements. 

*HE CoixKCTiON OF H^^oKs A.NH A'j'i' Ki lAPHS. bcqurit'iod to Harvard Collefire 
Library, by the iionorcble Charles SamiiL-r. 

j \>MvS M. Peirc::?:. K'jfcrcnees in Analytic G jo metiy. 

Cali ndar of the Arihur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard Collef^e Library. 

9. Cri RCt'. LINCOLN Goor- vLL. Thc FlofPS of diiTereT^ cou.Urit's. 

lo. Jr.sriN Winsor. H;iUi\vc(li;na : a Bibliography oT the Publications of James Orchard 
Halliw* ll-I''iii]'pps. 

If. Saj^'EL H. .S( VDoLk. The Futomolo^ leal Li Diaries of the Tnited .States. 

12. A Li^^i ov TiiE PfBLiCAJioNs of Hiryard I'niversity ami its Officers, 1870-1880. 

*I3 SA>riM:L H. Sc.unrrR. A ]5i'jrograp]iy ot Fu-:>sil Insects. 








Librarian of ike Universiiy. 

*«* The arrangement is chronological, except that second and later editions appear immediately after 
the entry of the first. An essential part of the work has been done by Miss Annie E. Hutchins, of the 
Library staff. The letters following the titles indicate that copies are in the following libraries : 

HOa Harvard College Library. 

Boston Athenaeum. 

BPL. Boston Public Library. 


y I. [Halli'well-Fhilllpps, J. O.]. A brief account 
of the life, writings, and inventions of Sir 
Samuel Morland, master of mechanics to 
Charles the Second. [With an appendix.] 
Cambridge, eU. 1838. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

Inserted after p. 18 is ** A treatise on the numeration of 
a^orisni, from a MS. of the i4tb century," which afterwards 
fomied no. 3 in HalUwell's Rara maikemaiica. 1841. 


y I. 'Warkworth, John. A chronicle of the first 
thirteen years of the reign of King Edward 
the Fourth. Edited, from the MS. now in the 
library of St. Peter's college [with notes], by 
J. O. Halliwen[-Phillipps]. London. 1839. 
4«. (Camden society. [Publications,] 10.) 


The introduction enters into an examination of the authori- 
ties on the death of Henry VI. 

• 2. Hamwell-Phillipps, J. O. A few hints to 

novices in manuscript literature. London. 

1839. 80, BPL. 

Gives list of catalogues of MSS. with notes on their scope 
and construction ; also notices of abbremtioos. 

y. 3. BflandevUle, Sir John de. The voiage and 
travaile of Sir John Maundevile, kt., which 
treateth of the way to Hierusalem ; and of 
marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and 
countryes. Reprinted from the edition of 1725. 
With an introduction, additional notes, and 
glossary, by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. Lon- 
don. 1839. 8°. HC. BA. BPL. 

Cf. Hazlitt's Hatulf^9Qky 368, and the references in the 
note to the entry of the 1725 edition in Bulietin no. 11. of 
Harvard ooUcge library,' p. 379. 

^ Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. Two essays, i. 
An inquiry into the nature of the numerical 
contractions, found in a passage on the abacus, 
in some manuscripts of the geometry of 
Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boetius. 
ii. Notes on early calendars. 2d ed. London, 
etc, 1839. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

These essays afterwards formed the appendix to Halliwell's 

Rara nuttkenuUfta^ 1841. 

Two editions were issued the same year, the advertisements 

.^dated respectively, Feb.^t2, and March 16, 1832 The second 

of the essays had been onKThally printed in 1Cni^*s Companion 

to tho British almanac for 1839. 


. 1. Halliwell-Pliillipps, J. O. The connexion of 
Wales with the early science of England. Lon- 
don. 1840. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

4^ 2. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. Catalogue of the 
miscellaneous manuscripts in the library of the 
royal society. London. 1840. 8<*. BPL. 

A first attempt at a description of these MSS. 

3. Halliwell-Phimpps, J. O. The early history 
of freemasonry in England. London. 1840. 
120. HC. BPL. 

Inserted, p|). 10-^8, is "A poem on the constitutions ot 
masonry. — Hie inctpiunt constituciones artis Gemetrie secun- 
dum Euclydem." This poem is printed from a MS , written in 
the latter part of the i4tn century, probably by a priest. Mr. 
Halliwell oelieves it to be " the earliest document yet brought 
to li^ht connected with the progress of freemasonry in Great 





2d ed. London. 1844. 


K5. Riahanger, Willelmus de. The chronicle of 
the barons' wars. The miracles of Simon de 
Montfort. Edited from manuscripts in the 
Cottonian library [with notes], by J. O. Halli- 



well[-Phillipps]. London. 1840. 40. (Cam- 
den SOCIETY. [Publications,] I5.)HC.BA.BPL. 

The editor enumerates in his introduction the various MSS. 
of Rishanger known to exist, among which, no. 6 is, *' De bellis 
Lewes et Evesham," the chronide printed in this volume. 
Rishangar also touches upon the history of this period in his 
continuation of Matthew Paris's Chronicle. Cf. also the Ris- 
hanger Chronicle iu the master of the rolls series ; that of 
Robert of Gloucester ; Sir Thomas Duffus Hardy's CaialogH* 
of original material^ vol. 3, and his Syltahus of Rymer^s 

Halliwell refers to the memoir of Montfort by the Rev. Sam- 
brook Nicholas Russell, in Nichols's History of Leicestershire^ 
and adds "a critical history of Montfort' s eventful life is a desid- 
eratum in our literature." Since 1840, much has been done to 
correct the impressions derived from lory historians like Hume ; 
and the hi&her view of him given in tne Pictorial history of 
En^land^ book IV, ch. i., now more generally obtains. Dr. 
.Shirley, m the London quarterly review^ Jan., 1866, gave 
an appreciative estimate of him, which likewise characterizes the 
recent lives by Pauli, the German historian, of which there is 
an English translation, 1876, and by Pothero, who is fuller than 
Pauli, and has ptarticular reference to the parliamentary history 
of Montfort's time. See also Stubb's ConstiiutiontU history 
of England, and his edition of Select charters^ which has a 
valuable introduction. Blaaw's Baroni wars particularly 
elucidates the military as[>ects of the time ; the English transla- 
tion of Pauli gives, p. 150, a note on the authorities of the 
battle of Lewes ; and Pothero gives plans of both Lewes and 

6. HazTO'wiiig of hell. A miracle play written in 
the reign of Edward the Second. Now first 
published from the original manuscript in the 
British museum, with an introduction, transla- 
tion and notes, by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. 
London. 1840. S°. BA. BPL. 


' The earliest existing dramatic composition in the English 
lanipiage." The MS. is in the British museum, Harleian col- 
lection, no. 3253. Collier in 1836 printed a private edition of 
twenty-five copies. Laing printed the same number of copies 
from a more modem transcript in the Auchinleck MSS. at 
Edinburgh, which Halliwell has used in collation. 

^ 7. Lydgate, or Lidgate, John. A selection from 

ihisj minor poems. Edited [with notes] by 
. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1840. 
8°. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
^/r. ii. [i.j) HC. BA. BPL. 

For an account of Lydgate see AUibone's Crit. diei.^ ix4Si 
1x46, and references there cited ; Ritson's BMiog, poet.^ 66-90; 
Warton's Hist, of English poetry, Hazlitt's ed. 

. 8. Halliwell-Phillipps, T. O. A catalogue of the 
contents of the Codfex holbrookianus. Lon- 
don. 184a 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

'* 100 copies only printed. Not published " 

This is a MS. of John Holbrook, master of St Peter's 
college, Cambridge, 1418-1431 : and consists chiefly of astro- 
nomical and astrological matters. 

9. Halli'V^ell-Phillipps, J. O. Catalogue of manu- 
scripts in the libraries of the university of 
Cambridge. Cambridge. 1840. 8<*. BA. 

^^ 10. Merry tales of the wise men of Gotham. Ed- 
ited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 
1840. sm. 12°. BPL. 

The introduction determine* the text to be not more modern 
than the first half of the i6th century. 


U' 1 . Halliwell-Pliillipps, J. O. The manuscript 
rarities of the university of Cambridge. Lon- 
don. 1841. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

Mr. Halliwell calls them " mere rough notes of a few of the 
inestimable treasures in the department of manuscripts." Part 
i., which covers pp. 1-170, gives those of the " Public librarv," 
or as it is now usually called, " The university library'." 
P.irt ii., pp. 171-175, refers to sources of information regardmg 
MSS. in several of the collie libraries. See no. 9 under 1840. 

«/2. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor, 1 he early 
naval ballads of England. London. 1841. 
8°. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
^/^. ii. [2.J) HC. BA. BPL. 

,X3' Boke of curtasye (The), an English poem of 
the fourteenth century. Edited oy J. O. Halli- 
well [-Phillipps]. London. 1841. 8°. (Percy 
SOCIETY. Early English poetry, etc. iv. [2.]) 


Halliwell in his preface says that this poem is very similar in 
style to the poem printed by him in his Early history offree^ 
masonry in England^ and ne is inclined to think that the two 
poems may be the work of the same writer. It illustrates the 
domestic manners of the isth century. — See Bohn's Lovmdes, 
appendix, 60. It is also reprinted in the publications of the 
Early English text socuty^ no. 32. 

^4. Meeting (The) of gallants at an ordinaire : or. 
The walkes in Powles. From an unique black- 
letter copy in the Bodleian library. Edited 
[with notesl by T. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. 
London. 1841. S**. (Percy society. Early 
English poetry, etc. v. [3.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

With a reproduction of the original title-page, 1604. — This 
tract, besides affording illustrations to the works of Shake»- 
peare and contemporary writers, is of interest u giving a Dicture 
of the plague of Lonaon in 1603, and an insignt into tne do- 
mestic life of the inhabitants of the city during its continuanoe. 
See preface ; see also Hazlitt's Hamd-^ookf 318 ; and the 
CeUalogue of the Malon* collection, 15. 

/^. ArchaaologiBt (The), and journal of antiqua- 
rian science. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. Vol. i. ; ii. no. 7-10. Sept. 1841- 
June, 1842. m. London. [i84i]-42. S^'. 


No more published. Nos. 1-6 make vol. i. 
Some of the articles were written by Halliwell. 

y^. Halliwell-PhillippB, J. O., editor. A collec- 
tion of letters illustrative of the progress o£ 
science in England from the reign of Queen 
Elizabeth to that of Charles the Secoi\d. 
[With an appendix.] London. 1841. 8<*. 
(Ix>NDON, Eng. — Historical society 0/ science. 
[Publications,] i.) HC. BA. BPL. 

These letters are mostly drawn from the collections of the 
British museum, Sion college, Lambeth Palace, and Oxford. 
The editor refers to De Morgan's paper on early English mathe- 
matical and astronomical writers in the Companion to the British 
almanac for 1837, ^°d three articles of his own in the Maga- 
zine of popular science as all the eariier published contribu- 
tions to the subject. The appendix contains Nathaniel Torpor- 
ley's Corrector anaiyticns, or Strictures on the artis anai^ 
ticte Praxis of Thomas Harriot, after the original MS. in 
Sion college: the Autobiography of Sir Satnmel Morland. 
after a MS. in Lambeth Palace library (see no. i under 1838); and 
A magnet ical prohUm by Thomas Lydyat, after a MS. m the 

^7. HalU'V^ell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Rara math- 
ematica ; or, A collection of treatises on the 
mathematics and subjects connected with them, 
from ancient inedited manuscripts. 2d ed. 
London. 1841. 8°. HC. BPL. 

Contents : — i. Sacko Bu.sto. or Bosco {Eng. Holywood), 
Joannes db. Tractatus de arte numerandi. — a. A mkthod 
used in England in the 15th century for taking the altitude of a 
steeple or inaccessible object. — 3. A trbatisb on the numera- 
tion of algorism, from a MS. of the 14th century. — 4. Bouknb, 
William. A treatise on the properties and qualities of glasses 
for optical purposes, according to the making, polishing, and 
grinding of them. — 5. Robins, or Robvns, John. De cometis 
commentaria. — 6. Two tables; one shewing the time of high 
wnter at London bridge, and the other the duration of moon 
light. — 7. A TKBATisB on the mensuration of heights -and dis- 
tances. — 8. An ACCOUNT table for the use of merchants. — 9. 
Ai.BXANDRV de Villedieu {Lot. Albxandf.k de yH/a Dei). 
Carmen de algorismo. — 10 Morlbv, Mbklby, or Morii.b> 
r.ius. Daniel. Prefatio ad librum de naturis supcriorum et ii^ 
feriorum. — 11. Proposals for some inventions 111 the mec^ni* 
cal arts. — 12. The pkrpacb to a calendar or almanac for the 
I year 1430. — 13. Norfolk, Joannes. In artem progrc^Moitiy 



snininala. — 14. Appendix .containing i. A few observations on 

t]:e r-unerical contractions found in some manuscripts of the 

treatise on geometry by Boetius. — ii. Notes on eariy almanacs.] 

The editor calls this " a new impression, rather than a new 

^ edition." The BPL« copy is dated 1839. 

8. The same. 2d ed. London. 1845. 8**. BA. 

^ 9. HalUweU-Phillipps, J. O. The management 
of Covent Garden theatre vindicated from the 
attacks of an anonymous critic in a letter to 
the editor of the Cambridge Advertiser. Lon- 
don. 1841. 80. BPL. 

Reprinted with aherationa and additions. This "attack" 
was occasioned by some criticisms of Halliwell on theatrical 

v^ 10. LudoB Coventris. A collection of mysteries, 
formerly represented at Coventry on the feast 
of Corpus Christi. Edited by J. O. Halliwell 
[-Phillipps]. London. 1841. 8°. (Lonixjn, 
Eng. — Shakespeare society. [Publications,] 4.) 


The MS. from which this volume is printed was written in 
14681 and U now preserved in the Cottonian collection of MSS. 
in the British museum. For an analysis and notices of these 
■ny^steries, see Collier's Hist, of Eng. dram, poetry^ vol. iL 
IialliweU adds an introduction and notes to the present work. 

•^ II. Halliwell-Phillippe, J. O. An introduction 
to Shakespeare's Midsummer night's dream. 
London. 1841. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

On p. a8, beg;in8 " The Merry Puck, or Robin Goodfellow," 
loUowmg Collier's reprint of a unique black-letter ballad, which 
probably antedates the play. On p. 45 begins an account of the 
play's vicissitudes on the stage. On p 88, an essay on the 
spelling of Shakespeare's name. The appendix covers a re- 
pnnt of *' The mianight watch,** a curious tract on Robin 
Goodfellow, preserved in the British museum. 

^ 12. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. On the character 
of Sir John Falstaff, as originally exhibited by 
Shakespeare in the two parts of King Henrv 
IV. London. 1841. 160. HC. BA. BPL'. 

This essay aims to show that Shakespeare took the outline of 
FalstafPs character from an earlier play, and that the name was 
oriffinally " Oldcastle." 

Appended is a review from tkg Times on Mr. Halliwdl's 
Jniroduction to Skakespear^s Midsummer night* s dream. 

«• 13. Halliwell-Pliillipps, J. O. Shakesperiana. — 
- A catalogue of the early editions of Shake- 
speare's plays, and of the commentaries and 
other publications illustrative of his works. 
London. 1841. S®. HC. BA. BPL. 

f^2. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. 0.,edUor. The nursery 
rhymes of England, collected principally from 
oral tradition. (With notes.] London. 1842. 
80. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
etc. iv. [4. J HC. BA. BPL. 



One of the copies in the BPL. is the only one on vellum ; 
another has MS. notes by W. £. Burton. 

This volume takes its place chronologicallv in a series of 
Shakespeare bibliographic following John Wilson's Skakt' 
t^^iaHOy X827 ; and in turn is followed by the article by Bohn in 
ms edition of Lowndes's Bibliographrr' s manual^ 1863 ; by 
Thimm*s Shakespeetriana^ 1864; by Dr. AUibone's article in 
his Crit. dict.f 1869-721 which is confined, however, to those in the 
English language. 'lo these may be added the parts of the 
Catatagug so rar as published before the destruction of the 
Shakespeare Memorial Library at Birmingham ; and the Shake- 
spearian part of the Catnlogiie of the Barton coliecti4fn, now 
pnbUsUng by the public library of Boston. 


I. Dee, John. Private diary, and the catalogue of 
his library of manuscripts, from the original 
manuscripts in the Ashmoleanr museum at Ox- 
ford, and Trinity college library, Cambridge. 
Edited [with notes] by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lippsl. London, 1842. 4°. (Camden society. 
[Publications,] 19.) HC. BA. BPL. 

The diary is written upon the margins of old almanacs, which 
were dncovered .in the Ashmolean Museum. The catalogue is 
in the library of Trinity college. The collection of MSS- was 
long since dispersed, and the catalogue offers the only record we 
have of some treatises of the middle ages, no longer extant. 
The editor calls Disraeli's account of Dee in .the Amenities 0/ 
i^erature, correct and abl«. 

The same. 2d ed., with alterations and 

additions. London. 1843. i^^* H^" 

The same. 3ded. London. 1844. I2<*. BPL. 

The same. 4th ed. London. 1846. 18°. BA« 

- The same. 5th ed. London. 1853. 80. 

- The same. 6th ed. London, [i860 .?] 

sm. 8°. 


1842. 80. 


(A. BPL. 

•8. Shakespeare, William. The first sketch of 
Merry wives of Windsor [as printed in 1602]. 
Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps. With 
notes and an appendix.] London. 
( London, Eng. — Shakespeare society. 
tions,] 9.) HC. Bi 

With a reproduction of the original title-page, 
llie appendix contains tales which furnished .Shakespeare 
with some of the incidents of the *' Merry wives of Windsor." 

— I. From Straparola's Le tredeci piacevoli notti^ 1^69, i. 47; 

— a. F'rom // pecorone di Str Giovanni Piorenttno^ 1640, 
with a translation ; — 3. From Tke/ortuftate^ the deceived, and 
the Hn/ortunaie lovers^ 1633, being an abridged translation of 
the preceding; — 4 From Straparola's Le tredeci piacevoii 
notiiy 1569, i. 129 ; — From Tarlton's Newes out 0/ Purgatories 
1590, which is taken from the preceding novel of Straparola; 

— 6. From IVestward/or smeltSy i6ao. 
There are other reprints of this play in Halliwell's folio ed. of 

Shakespeare, ii, 219, and in the Cambridge ed., voL i. It is 
facsimiled in the series noted under 1862-71. 

Halliwell printed from the Bodleian copy. Four copies are 
known, — in the duke of Devonshire's collection, in the Bodleian, 
in the library of Trinity college, Cambridge, and that which 
brought £z^(y los at the Daniel sale in 1864, and is now in the 
British museum. Halliwell has latterly entertained the view 
that this play does not represent a first sketch, but "an unfair 
and frafrmentary copy of the perfect drama." There is a diversity 
of opinion upon this point. See Winsor's Bibliography of 
Shakespeare^ p. 48. 

^ 9. Torrent of Portugal. Torrent of Portugal. An 
English metrical romance. Now first pub- 
lished from an unique manuscript of the 15th 
century, preserved in the Chetham library at 
Manchester. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps. With an appendix.] London. 1842. 
120. HC. BPL. 

According to Halliwell, this is probably a modernized version 
of an older English romance, which was itself translated from 
the French, ft contains an allusion to Veland, one of the 
heroes of northern mythology, who is only mentioned in one 
other English poem (the romance of Horn). The Berkshire 
local tradition of Wayland Smith, which Sir Walter Scott in- 
troduces in his novel of Keniltvorthy is derived from the Scandi- 
navian legend of Veland. Halliwell gives the Scandinavian 
legend in full in his preface. See Hazlitt's Hajut^book^ 6ia; 
Warton's Hist, of English poetry t Hazlitt's ed., ii. 191, n<rie. 


I. Forman, Simon. A selection from [his] papers. 
Printed for the first time from the original 
manuscripts in the Ashmolean museum. Ed- 
ited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps. London]. 
1843. sm. 4^^. HC. 

A MS. title-page has been supplied by the editor ; in a note 
he writes, " Printed by the Camden Society as far as p. 40, but 
then suppressed, and only fifteen copies distributed exclusively 
to members of the Council." On the fly-leaf he has also 
written, " This has been reprinted, but with many omissions " 
The firstpage of text is marked in MS., ** Proof for considera- 
tion." liiere are various marks of erasure and corrections of 
the press throughout See no. 7 under 18/9. 

^. [JohziBOn, Richard, compiler]. The pleasant 
conceits of old Hobson, the merry Londoner. 
A. D. 1607. Edited [with notes] by J. O. 


Halliwellt-Phillipps]. London. 1843. 8«. 
(Percy society. Early English poetry, etc, 
ix. [3.]) HC. BA. bPL. 

With a reproduction of the original title-i>age. ^ This Hobson, 
who was a haberdasher of London, has sometimes been con- 
foanded with a Hobson who lived somewhat later, and^ who was 
a carrier and Hveiy-stable keeper at Cambridge, and with whom 
originated the saving, *' Hobson's choice, this or none '* Hazlitt, 
in his Hand-book^ 304, says, " This trashy pamphlet is a series 
of thefts from the C Mery Talys and other sources, and has 
next to nothing to identify it with Hobson." See also Collier's 
Bibliog, ttcct. 0/ early Eng, liU^ 211. 

vx3. fShatespeare, William]. The first sketches 
of the second and third parts of King Henry 
the Sixth [as printed in 1594 and 1595]. Edited 
[with an introduction and notes] by J. O. 
Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 184^ S«. 
(London, Eng, — Shakespeare society, [Publi- 
cations,] 15.) HC. BA. BPL. 

With reproductions of the original title-pages. 

Containing Tkt first part 0/ tht contention Mtvixt ike two 
famous houses of Yorke and Lancastir^ with the death of the 
goad duke Humphrey^ etc- 1^94; and The true tragedie of 
Richard duke of Yorke^ and the deaih of good King Henrie 
the sixty etc. 1595. These are printed from uniaue copies, 
withovit name of author, in the Bodleian library. Ct. Winsor's 
Bibliography of Shakespeare, pp. 35, 36. The authorship is 
not asoertainecC but Halliwell s theory is that these two plays 
(of 1594 and 1595) were founded on an older drama, and Robert 
Greene probably had a share in the work, which Shakespeare 
re-touched as early as 159a. Steevens had already reprinted these 
two plap in his Twenty piays^ 1766, but not upon the " rigid 
system pursued bv the present editor. They have since 
bieen repnnted^ in Knight's edition of Shakespeare, in Halii- 
well's folio edition, xi. pp. 81 and 122, in Delinks edition^ and in 
the Cambridge edition, vol. v. — the latter of the two m Haz- 
litt*s Shakespeare's library^ 1S75, vol. v , where Halliwell's 
introduction is reprinted. In 1619, the two plays were published, 
together with Shakespeare's name under the title. The whole 
contention between* the two famous houses^ Lancaster and 
Yorkey copies of which are in the Boston public library, and in 
other American collections. See Winsor's Bibliography of 
Shakespeare, p. 35. In 1623, the amended play as Shakespeare s 
Henry VI. nrst appeared in three parts, the second part of 
which is founded on the " First part ot the contention," and the 
third part on the "True tragedie." See Introduction- Later 
references to the discussions of the authorship will be found in 
Winsor's Bibliography^ p. 37. 

^ 4. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. An account of the 
only known manuscript of Shakespeare's plays, 
comprising some important variations and 
corrections in the Merry wives of Windsor, 
obtained from a play-house copy of that play 
recently discovered. London. 1043. 8<>. BPL. 

The BPL. has the only (a) copies on India paper, the only 
one on thick paper, the only one on vellum, beside two other 

This MS. was purchased by Halliwell of Thomas Rodd, the 
bookseller, as a transcript of the Merry wives of iVindser^ from 
one of the folio editions of Shakespeare ; but an examination 
showed it to be *' a perfectly independent text, — no doubt a copy 
of one of the long-lost playhouse versions." Collier having 

Eublicly called it a mere transcript from the folio, Halliwell in 
is New boke about Skakespeare, 1850, gave in pt. x. a com- 
plete scene, " Actus tertius, Scaena prima." Cf. also Halliwell's 
Some account of the antiquities^ etc 1852, pp. 72-92. 
A year later, 1844, another contemporary MS. of a Shake»- 

f»rian play was discovered. Cf. "Play of King Henry the 
ourth,'' under 1845. 


x/ I. HalliweU-PhilUpps, J. O., editor. The Thorn- 
ton romances. — The early English metrical 
romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, 
and Degrevant. Selected from manuscripts 
at Lincoln and Cambridge. [With notes.] 
London. 1844. 4*** (Camden society. [Pub- 
lications,] 30.) HC. BA. BPL. 

»•' a. Octavian. The romance of the emperor Oc- 
tavian; now first published, from MSS. at 
Lincoln and Cambridge. Edited [with notes] 

by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1844. 
80. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
etc. xiv. [3.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

This version of the romance is different from that printed in 
Weber's Metrical romances^ iii. 1^5-239. For an account ol 
the two MSS. from which this is printed see Halliwell's intro- 
duction to the Thornton romances^ xxvii., xlii. ; see also 
Bohn's LowndeSt 1717 ; Warton's Hut. of Eng, Poet.^ Haz- 
litt's ed., iL 31, 32, 19a, 193 ; iii. itS. 

^3. Audelay, or Aii^dlay, John. Poems. A 
specimen of the Shropshire dialect in the icth 
century. Edited [with notesl by T. O. Halli- 
well [-Phillipps]. London. 1844. 8®. (Percy 
society. Early English poetry, etc. xiv. [i.]) 


For an account of the contents of the MS. from which these 
poems are printed, see the CateUogue of Donee's books and 
MSS. in the Bodleian library, appendix, 50-52. 

•4. [Terilo, William, pseudon,]. Friar Bakon*s 
prophesie : a satire on the degeneracy of the 
times, A. D. 1604. Edited [with notes] by 
J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1844. 
80. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
etc. XV. [i.|) HC. BA. BPL. 

With a reproduction of the original title-page. 

This tract is reprinted from the onlv known copy, which 
formerly belonged to Robert Burton, and is now preserved in the 
Bodleian library at Oxford. According; to Halliwell and Haz- 
litt, the author's name is probably fictitious. Both of these au- 
thorities agree in thinking that the tale entitled ** The famous 
history of Iriar Bacon " was resorted to by the author for little 
else than his text ** Time was, time is." It is also reprinted in 
Hazlitt's Remains of the early popular Poetry of Englasidi 
iv. 263-289. 

•5. Halliwell-Philllpps, J. O., editor. Nugae poe- 
tics. Select pieces of old English popular 
poetry, illustrating the manners and arts of the 
fifteenth century. London. 1844. I2<*. HC.BPL. 

Contents: — t- Colyn Blowbol's testament^ — a. Debate of 
the carpenter's tools. — 3. The merchant and his son. — 4. llie 
misogynic nightingale. — 5* A poem on death. — 6. The maid 
and the magpie. — 7. Elegy on I<obe, Heniv VII I.'s fool. — 
8. A ballad on money. — 9 Robert of Sicily. — 10. Spiritual 
remedies. — 11. A love song. — la. Notes. 

" Only 100 copies prirted." 

This selection was made from MSS. preserved in the British 
museum, the Bodleian library, the Ashmolean museum, the 
library of the university of Cambridge, and the library ol 
Lincoln cathedral. 

^6. Tarlton, Richard. Jests, and News out of 
purgatory : with notes, and some account of 
the life of Tarlton, by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps. With an appendix.] London. 1844. 
8®. (London, Eng. — Shakespeare society. 
[Publications,] 20.) HC. BA. BPL. 

The "Jests" is a reprint of the edition of 161 1, which, 
although It is not the first, is the earliest now known to exist; 
the original is a 4<>, in black lettsr, with a woodcut portrait of 
Tarlton, with his drum and tabor; the present edition has a 
reproduction of the title and portrait ; the author is unknown. 
The reprint has some omissions on account of the grossness of 
two articles in the original edition. In the introduction is ii>- 
serted "Tarlton's Jigge of a horse loade of Fooles." The 
appendix contains the ballad entitled, ** A very lamenuble and 
wofull discours of the fierce fluds whiche lately flowed in Bed- 
fordshire, in Lincolnshire, and in manv other places, with the 
great losses of sheep and other cattel, the 5. of October, 1570." 
this ballad, according to H.-ilUwelI, " affords the earliest notice 
of Tarlton yet discovered ; " his name is affixed, and according 
wo Colliei merely for the purpose of increasing its sale. The 
author of the ''News out of-purgatory" is also unknown, and 
Tarlton's name was connected witn it (savs Halliwell in th* in- 
troductior.) " as an additional attraction for the purcliaser." In 
1^90, an answer to it appeared under the title, '* The Lobler of 
' Caunterborie." which in 1630 was republished with the title, 
"The Tinker of Turvey." etc. See Baker's Biog. dramat.^ 
i. 700-702 : Collier's Bibliog. acct. of early Eng. lit., 129-131 ; 
Collier's Mem. of the princip. actors in the plays of Shake^ 
s^are, 100, loi, 191 ; Hazlitt's Hand-book^ 591 ; Bohn's 
Lowndes, 2573, 2574 ; Warton's Hist, of English poetry, Has- 
litt's ed. iv. 395. 



1 ^' <-' 






v^. "Wii^t, Thomas, and Halliwell-PhillippB, 
J. O., editors. Reliquix antiqux. Scraps from 
ancient manuscripts, illustratmg chiefly early 
English literature and the English language. 
2 vol. London. 1845. ^^- H^* BPL. 

^ 2. D'Bwes, Sir Simonds, Bctrt. Autobiography 
and correspondence, during the reigns of 
James I. and Charles I. Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell [-Phillippsl. 2 vol. London. 1845. 
8». HC. BA. BPL. 

w 3. Bamfield, Bamefield, or Barnefielde. Rich- 
ard. The affectionate shepherd. A. D. 1594. 
Edited [with notes] by J. O. Halliwell [.Phil- 
]ipps]. Ix>ndon. 1845. 8*». (Percy society. 
Early English poetry, ^/r.xx.[i.])HC.BA.BPL. 

With a reprodudion of the orieinal title-page. 

This was the author's first pubfication; it is reprinted from a 
copy preserved in the Sion college library ; there is only one 
other copy known, which was formerly in the library of Richard 
Heber. Bibliotkeea ktSerianm, iv. 15. The reprint contains 
the fnllowinc items: '* i. The teares of an affectionate 8hei>> 
heard sicke for love, or The comolaint of Daphnis for the love 
of Ganimede. — a. llie second cuye!i lamentation of the afTec- 
tionate shepheard. — 3. The shepheaids content^ cr The 
happtnes of a harroles life. Written upon occasion of the 
former aubiect. [Followed by a sonneL] — 4. The complaint of 
cfaastiiie, oriefely touching tne cause of the death of Matilda 
Fitzwalters, an English ladje, sometime loved of King John, 
after povsoned. The storie is at large written by Michael Drey- 
ton." In addition to the above, the oridnal copies contain some 
veracs entitled ** Hellen's Rape : or a ught Lanthome for light 
Ladies. Written in Enf;lish hexameters." Mr. Halliwell has 
omittni these in the repnnt, on account of their inferiority to the 
other cart of the work, as well as for other obvious reasons. 
See Allibone's CriL dict,% ivj \Bibluiktca k*bfiaf$a, iv. 15 ; 
Brydgeai* Cemaurm lUeraria, iv. 490-492; Collier's Biblior. 

Hist. 0/ Bng. ^tfr/., Haalitt's ed., iv. 390, 436-440: Wood's 
AtM^n. «xMk, i. 683^685. 

•^4. HalliweU-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Poetical 
miscellanies from a manuscript collection of 
the time of James I. [With notes.] London. 
1845. 8®. (Percy society. Earlv Enelish 
poetry, etc. xv. [2.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

The MS was at this time in the possession of Andrews, a 
bookselkr at Bristol 

y 5. Balliwell-Phillipp6,J.O.,4f^//^. Illustrations 
of the fairy mythology of A midsummer night's 
dream. [With notes. I London. 1845. ^^* 
(London, En^. — Shakespeare society. fPubli- 
cations,] 26) HC. BA. BPL. 

C»mt«nts : ^ t. Romance of Launfal. — a. Romance of King 
Oifeo- — 3. Thomas and the fairy queen- — 4. The adventures 
of Sir Gawen. — - j. Huon of Dourdeaux. — 6. Life of Robin 
Goodfellow. — 7. ballad of Robin Goodfellow. — 8 The pranks 
of Puck. — 9. Rowlands on goblins. — 10. The shepherd's 
dream. — 11. An episode of fairies. — la. The cozenages of the 
Wests. — 13. Drayton's Nymphidia. — 14. A fairy wedding. — 
15. The land of faerie. — 16. Sports of the fairies. — 17. Conju- 
rations for fairies. — 18. Fairy songs. — 19. The Wiltshire 
fairies- — 20. Randolph's Amyntas. — ai* Herrick's Fairy 
poetry. — aa. The holly bush. — >2^. King Oberon's apparel. — 
24. A fairy guide. — 35. Queen Mab's mvitation. — a6. Hey- 
wraod's Hierarchie. — 27. The midnight's watch. — 38 The 
fairieai' farewell- — 39. Bovet on fairies. — 30. Puck's pranks on 
Twdhh day. —31. Fairy tales. —33. Fairy fragments- — ^v 
The white powder. — 34. Th6 Irish fairies. — 35. The Cornish 
fairies. — 30. Pamell's Fairy tkle. — 3jn The luck of Eden 
hall.^ — 38. Isle of Man ^nes. — 39. The porridge-pot. — 40. 
Additional notes. 

• 6. Shakespeare, William. Play of King Henry 
the Fourth, printed from a contemporary manu- 
script. Edited bv J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps). 
London. 18^5. »<». (London, Eng.^'Shake- 
tpeari society \Pya^Xv:»X\oriA^ 27.) HC.BA.BPL. 

A MS. copy of The mtrry wives of IVituUor^ made during 
the time of the Commonwealth, had been supposed to be the 
earliest manuscript of a Shakespearian play known till the dis- 
covery of the one, followed in this book, which was made by the 
Rev. Lambert B. Larking sunong some old papers in the Muni- 
ment-room of the seat of Sir Ekiward Derin^r, Bart., of Surren- 
den, Oct. 23, 1844. The MS. has corrections in the hand of 
Sir Edward Dering, who died in 1644, and was consequently 
made e.irlier than that date. It shows the two parts of the 
printed play '* condensed into one, and as we may presume for 
the purpose of representation," nearly the whole of the first 
part and a small portion of the second being given- Craik says 
that this MS. clearly follows the printed edition of 161 3 of pt 
L, of which the only copv, so far as known, in America is in 
the Lenox library, which had previously beloneed to Sieevens, 
Dent, and Dyce. It was reprinted, however, oy Steevens in 
his Twenty plays^ 1766, and has been fac-«imiled in the series of 
the Shakespeare quartos made by Ashbee under Halliwell's 
direction, enumerated under 1862-187 1. 


^x. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. A dictionary of 
archaic and provincial words, obsolete phrases, , 
proverbs, and ancient customs, from the four- 
teenth century. 2 vol. in i. London. 1846. 
80. HC. BA. BPL. 

^2. The same.. 2 vol. London. 1847. 8°. HC*^/ 

^3. The same. 2 vol. London. 1850. 8*». BPL. 

Halliwell embodied various previously published and inde- 
pendent glossaries. ^ About 50,000 words are noted. Examples 
are often cited from inedited MSS. and rare books. The several 
editions are simply new issues from the same plates, without the 
author's supervision. 

4. Parker, Martin. Harry White, his humor so 
neare as may be set forth. By M. P. [Oxford : 
printed by J. O. Halliwell, 1846.] 12®. BPL. 

Mr. Halliwell printed this with his own hand, following the 
unique original, London, 163-? Subsequently it was inserted in 
his lUustraiion* 0/ the literature 0/ the XVI, and XVII. 
ceniuriest 1851. 

^•5. Tryamoure, Sir. The romance of Syr Try- 
amoure, from a manuscript preserved in the 
university library, Cambridge. Edited [with 
notes] by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]; Lon- 
don. 1846. 8<>. (Percy SOCIETY. Early Eng- 
lish poetry, etc. xvi. [2.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

This romance is printed from the earliest known MS. of it of 
the time of Henry VI. Another MS. is in the Bodleian library, 
and a third, much later, in the Percy Folio. It is reprinted in 
Perqr's Folia manuscripty ed. by J. W. Hales and F. J. Furni- 
vall, ii. 78-135 ; and also after an early edition printed by Cop> 
land, in Utterson's Select pieces of early jM. poet,^ 1. 1-73. 
For an abstract of the romance see Ellis's Specimens of early 
Eng. metrical romances, 491-505 ; see also Hazlitt*s Han^ 
6ooh, 616 ; Laneham's Captain Coxt his ba ll a d s and boohs^ 
xxix. ; Bohn's Lowndes^ 2716. 

'<>. Marriage (The) of Wit and Wisdom. An an- 
cient interlude. To which are added Illustra- 
tions of Shakespeare and the early English 
drama. Edited (with notes] by J. O. Halliwell 
[-Phillipps]. London. 1846. V*. (London, 
Eng, — Shakespeare society, [Publications, 
31.) HC. BA. BPL. 

Printed from the original manuscript, found in the collection 
of Sir Edward Dering by Rev. L. B. Larking, with a repro- 
duction of the original title. This interlude is referred to in an 
anonymous play entitled " Sir Thomas More," which has been 
published by the Shakespeare society, edited by Dyce. Halli- 
well in the introduction says, " An enthusiastic inquirer might 
see in this the germ of a character introduced in the * Merry 
wives of Windsor.' " 

The ** Illustrations of Shakespeare and the early English 
drama" consist of the following articles: — i. Shakespeare's 
Tempest- — 2. Curious dramatic manuscript. — 3. The marriage 
of tne arts. — 4. Basse's epitaph on Shakespeare. — 5. Sup- 
posed poems by Shakespeare. — 6. Trinculo's strange fish- — 
7. Prologue and epilogue to Richard III. — 8. Ballad on Troilus 
and Cressida. — 9. Lenton stuff, by Elderton. — 10 Adew, my 
pretty puasv.— n. Forraan on Shakespeare's plays. — 1 a. 
Shakespeare ■ birth-place. — 13. Epitaph on Combe. — 14* 




Epitaph on Shakespeare. — ic. Thomas and John Shakespeare. 
— i6. I'be young gallant's whirligig. — 17. The diners of War- 
wickshire. — 18. Seal of Sir Thomas Lucy. — 19. The property 
of the Shakespeares. — ao. These knights will hack. 

See Colliers Hist, of En£. dramat. poet.^ i. 94, ii. 273, 
iii. 436 ; Halliweli's Diet, of old Eng. playsy 164 ; Hazlitt's 
Hatul-Sookj 466. 


/- X. Arthur, A7;f^. Morte Arthure. — The allitera- 
tive romance of the death of King Arthur. 
Now first printed from a manuscript in Lincoln 
cathedral. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. Brixton Hill. 1847. 40. HC.BPL. 

** Limited to 75 copies, for private circulation only, viz. 25 on 
thick paper, and 50 on thin paper." Certified to by C. & J. 
Adlard, printers. ^ 

The editor in his prefiice says, **The MS- which contains the 
romance was transcribed about 1440 by Robert 'fhomton, and 
although he adds at the end * writene by Robert of Thorntone/ 
he cannot by this note be assigned as the author with any 
degree of certainty, but must rather be merely considered the 
copyist." For a lull description of this MS. see Halliweli's 
TnorMtim romances^ pp. xxv.-xxxvi. 

The Roxburghe dub publication, no. 25, is another version 
of this romance. 

2. Haliiw^-Phillipps, J. O. An historical 
sketch of the provincial dialects of England, 
illustrated by numerous examples. London. 
1847. 80. BPL. 

This is extracted from the Dictionary of archaic and pro- 
vincial words. 1846. 

w- 3. Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VIL, King of 
England. The most pleasant song of Lady 
Bessy ; and how she married King Henry the 
Seventh, of the house of Lancaster. Edited 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1847. 
8°. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
^/^.xx. [4.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

This poem was privatdy printed by Thomas Heywood, esq., 
in jtSao, following a MS. Belonging to Mr. Bateman of You!- 
^ve, Derbyshire. ^ Halliwell gives this version, with new colla- 
tions as well as one in the Harl. MS. 367. From some passa|;es in 
the poem where the writer changes abruptly from tne third to 
the nrst person it has been conjectured that the author was Hum- 
phrey Brereton. It is also printed in the editor's Palaiine' 
anthology^ 1850, pp. i-io^ ; Percy's Folio mtinuscript^ edited 
by Hales and Furnirall, in. 319-363; the copy from which this 
latter one was printed differs slightly from the Harl. MS. — 
See Halliweli's preface ; Strickland's Livts of the queens of 
England, iv. 24 n. ; Martin's Bibliog. cai. 0/ privately 
pruOed boohs, 377, 378. 


1. Halli^'ell-PhillippB, J. O. Some account of 

the Vernon manuscript, a volume of early 
English poetry preserved in the Bodleian 
library. London. 1848. 8<>. HC. 

" Only 50 copies printed." 

*' The manuscript is written on vellum, and must be ascribed 
to the earlier part of the fourteenth century. It was presented 
to the Bodleian, soon after the termination of the civil wars, by 
Edward Vernon, esq., of Trinity college, Oxford." 

2. Halliwell-PhillippB, J. O., editor. Letters of 

the kings of England now first collected from 
royal archives, and other authentic sources, 
private as well as public, with an historical 
mtroduction and notes. 2 vol. London. 1848. 
80. BA. BPL. 

The introduction ^ves the editor's views on the neglect of the 
study of English history in England; and on the modemizinff 
the spelling of ancient documents. It begins with Richard 
Coeur de Lion, and comes down to Charies I- On p. xxxiii. he 
enumerates twenty-seven repositories, from which he has drawn 
his material. 

,^3. HalUweU-PhiUipps, T. O. The life of William 
Shakespeare. Including many particulars re- 
specting the poet and his family never before 
published. London, etc, 1S48. 8<>. HC. BPL. 

This life contains a picture of the Stratford bust, fac-simile of 
autograph, views in Stratford, etc- and is the basis of the 
memoir contained in the first volume of halliweli's folio edition 
of Shakespeare, where the material is very much extended, and 
the languaee mostly recast Cf. Halliweli's Curiosities of 
modern Shahsperian criticism^ p. 7. Reviewed in GotUlo' 
matfs magazine. May, 1848. 

^4. Zillis, George. Specimens of early English 
metrical romances, to which is prefixed an 
historical introduction, on the rise and progress 
of romantic composition in France and Eng- 
land. A new ed., revised by J. O. Halliwell 
[-Phillipps]. London. 1848. sm. 8®. (Bohn's 
antiquarian library.) HC. BA. BPL. 

The romances chosen relate to Arthur. Merlin, the Morte 
Arthur, Guy of Warwick, Sir Bevis, Richard Coeur de Lion, 
Charlemagne, Roland and Ferragus, Sir Otucl, etc 

•5. [Bedford, John]. The moral play of Wit and 
Science, and early poetical miscellanies. From 
an unpublished manuscript. Edited [with 
notes] by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 
1848. 8°. (London, iff«^. — Shakespeare society, 
[Publications,] 37.) HC. BA. BPL. 

The MS. from which these^ i>ieces are printed formerly be- 
longed to Mr. B. H. Bright ; it is now preserved in the British 

Contents : — i. The play of Wit and Science, by John Red- 
ford. — 2. Fragment of an interlude, by John Reoford. — 3. 
A poem on the grace of God. — 4. Son|; of ever or never. -^ 
5. The maiden's lamentation. — 6. In praise of virtue. — 7. The 
sufficiency of grace, by John Heywood. — 8. Lamentation of 
boys learning prick-song, by John Kedford. — 9. A moral ver- 
sion of the Hunt is up, by John Thorne. — 10. Nolo mortem 
peccaioris, by John Redford. — ^^ii. Fragment of an interlude. 

— 12. Fair words make fools fain. — 13. Sleep compared with 
death. — 14. Invocation to good actions, by John Heywood.— 
15. Song a^inst idleness, by John Hevwood. — 16. Long have 
I been a sin^png man, bv John Redford. — 17. Give place to 
honest recreation. — 18. The song of exceeding measure. — 19. 
Song of Welcome mine own. — 20. Will and power, by John , 
Retuord. — ai. Song of a green willow, bv^ohn Heywood. — 
22. The lamentation of Dido, by Thomas Pndioxe- — 23. Arise, 
arise, I say. — 24. The pleasure of godliness, by John Redford. 

— 25. The goodness of all God's gnts. by John Redford. — 26. 
The sinfulness of man, by John Redford. — 27. In praise of 
learning and virtue, by John Thome. — 28. Be merrv. friends, 
by John Heywood. — 29. My constancy in love, by John Hey- 
wood. — 30. O hear me. Lord, and grant mercy, by Myles 
Hu^garde- — 31. On lawful liberty. —32. This world is but a 
vanity, by John Thorne. — 33- In praise of a good welcome, by 
John Hevwood. — 34. Agaiust slander and slanderers, by John 
Heywood. — 35. Against malice and revenge, by John Hey- 
wood. — 36. Keep sure a faithful heart, by Master Knyght. 

See Collier's //ist. of Eng. dramat. poet., ii. 342 ; Halli- 
weli's Z^ftt:/. 0/ old Eng. plays, ^^^,^^\\)A.^3X\\\^%HaHd^hooh, 

^6. Pour elements (The interlude of the) : an early 
moral play. Edited [with notes] by J. O. 
Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1848. S<». 
(Percy society. Early English poetry, etc. 
xxii. [2.]) HC. BA. bPL. 

With a reproduction of the original title- A reprint of the 
only known copy, which is in the Garrick collection of plays, 
in the British museum, and is imperfect. It is one of the 
earliest moral plays in the English language and an attempt 
by the author to make the suge a vehicle of sdeniific 
instruction ; the only piece of this kind extant. It contains, 
pp. 28, 31, an allusion to the discovery of America in the follow- 
ing lines : — 

" Within this xx. yere 
Westwarde be founde new landes. 
That we never harde tell of before this 
By wrytynge nor other raeanys. 

" This eest parte is callvd Ynde ; 
B.ut this newe landes tounde lately 
Ben callyd America, because only 
Americus dyd furst them fynde.'' 


The earliest known application of the name America to the 
New World is in Waldsee-Miiller^s CottmograpkUe introdmctio, 
15074 the earliest manuscript map having it is the sketch \y 
Leonardo da Vinci in the queen's collection at Windsor, which is 
given in fac-umile in the A rckaolsg^iaf vol. 40 ; and the earliest 
engraved map showing the name ap^ieared in Camel's edition of 
SoTinus^s Polyhist0rt 1530. 

From theM allaatons, Dr. Dibdin and others have fixed the 
date of the original publication about 151O) but Collieri Halli- 
weil, and others consider about 1517 m more probable. Some 
authorities attribute the authorship to John Rastell, others con^ 
sider him only as the printer. See HaHiwell*s pre&ce ; also 
Beloe^s A need. 0/ lit. tutd temrc* b^oksy i. 337-3^ < * Collier's 
Hist. 0/ Eng, dramat. ^oet., ti. 319-333 ; Dibdin' s Ty^^g. 
mntiq.^ iii. 105; Has]itt*s Hamd-hock, 46^; Bohn's Lcwtidt*^ 
8a6 ; "^vftxtsf^ Hist, o/Em^. fc«L^ Haxht^s ed. iii. 390,291, 
and references there cited. It is also reprinted in Dodsley's 
SHect cpUscti0n 0/ 0ld Eng, piays.^ Hazliit's ed., i. 1-50L 

^ 7. Ingelaiid, Thomas. The interlade o£ the dis- 
obedient child. Edited by J. O. Halliwell 
[-PhillippsL London. x&(8. 8^ (Percy 
SOCIETY. £arly English poetry, etc. xxii. U.] ) 

llC* BAa BPIa* 

The original of this interlude is a 4* in blaudc letter without 
date, printed by llionias Cohvell ; Halliwell conjectures the 
date, however, to be about i«6o This reprint omtains a re- 
production of the original title-page. It is the author's only 
prodociion, as ^r as is known. Halliwell collated two copies, 
oiffering in slight particulars* in making up the text. The first 
eight lines ot the prologue are also found in the interlude intnv 
duced into the play oif Sir Themuu More^ printed bjr the 
Shakespeare society, p^ 60. The whole interlude is reprinted 
from the Bridgewater copy of the original, which diords 
numerous corrections of tne 

^ Eng drtuMoL ^ott.^ ii 360-363 (where an analysis of the 
mterlude is given); Collier's Extracts from the regisUrt 0/ 
ike statisMgrif fMw/., 95; Cooper's Atkttite catUaf.^ i. 340; 
H2Bxm^V% Diet, 0/0id Eng. ^y*, 75; Hazlitt's Hand-bgok, 
391; Bohn's .^^tvM^^, 1160. 

• 8. [Kit of Kingston^. Westward for smelts an 
early collection of stories. Edited [with notes] 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 
1848. 8®. (Percy socirrv. Earlv English 
poetry, etc. xxii. [5.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

This is a collection of six stories related by different fish- 
women ; viz I. "The fishwife's tale of Brainfora. — 3. The fish- 
wife's tale of Stand on the Greene. — 3. The fishwife's tale of 
Richmond. — a. The fishwife's ule of Twitnam. — s> The fish- 
irifi^stale of Kingstooe. — 6. The fishwife's tale of Hampton." 
It is reprinted from a copy (1630), supposed to be unique, ore- 
served m the Ubraiy of trinity colu^e, Cambridge, witn a 
reproduction nf the title-page. The first tale of the fishwife of 
Brainford is thought by Malone to have '* probably led Shake- 
speare to lay the scene of Falstaff's love adventures at Windsor," 
but Halliwell says ** there seem to be no real grounds for such a 
conjecture." This tale is reprinted in HalHwell's appendix to 
his edition of Tkejirstsketek 0/ ShaketpearJ' a Merry wives 0/ 
IVmds^r^ published by the Shakespeare society, 1843, ppb 135- 
141. The talc of the fishwife of Stand on the Greene, says 
H^liwell in a note, ** is borrowed from Boccaccio, whose novel 
is employed by Shakespeare in Cymbeline.*'* See Arber's 
Transer^ 0/ the rejgisters of the eem^ 0/ stsUieners 0/ Lon- 
dm^ iii. 309 : Hazlitt's Han£i00k^ 649 ; Bohn's Lowndes^ 3883. 

^ 9. Halliwell-PbilUpps, J. O. Descriptive notices 
of popular English histories. London. 1848. 
8<>. (Percy society. Early English poetry, 
etc. xxiii. (3.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

Most of the pieces here described were printed chiefly be- 
tween 1730 and 1780. As far as no. 115, this woric is the same 
as the author's Catalegne ^ckap-books^ garlands^ andpe^ular 
kisteriest 1849. 


I. Bamwell-X*lii]li|»|», J. O. Notices of the 
history and antiouities of Islip, OxfordsMfre, 
the birthplace of Edward the Confessor. Lon- 
don. 1849. 8^ HC. 

** Only 50 copies printed.** 

''This paper coiuiasa of a few notes ; a connected history has 
MM htsea attempted." 

/2. HaUiweU.Phillipps, J. O., editor. Popular 
rhymes and nursery tales : a sequel to the 
nursery rhymes of England. London. 1849. 
120. HC. BPL. 

The editor says he has followed the plan of Robert Chambers 
in his Popmletr rhymes 0/ Sestlandy and that the two books 
will eventually contain nearly all that is worth preserving of 
what may be called the natural literature of Great Britain. A 
cop^ with MS. notes and collections for a new edition was ad- 
vertised in HalliwelPs 1857 sale, and withdrawn. 

/3. Halliwell-Pliillipps, J. O. Some account of cL^ \^^' 
the popular tracts formerly in the library of ^^^^^^ ^ 
Captain Cox, A. D. 1575. London. 1849.^ : \^H 

80. HC. \^J^^'^v 

Captain Cox was of Coventry, and figures in Scott's KenH- 
9rA as the director of the pageant of Hoch Tide. Halliwell 
adds notices of the several pieces, and gives the enumeration of 
the tracts in Coi^s library trom an account bv Laneham, clerk 
of the council-chamber door, who introduces tne list in his d^ 
scription of Queen Elisabeth's entertainment at Kenilworth. 

/4. Halliwall-Pliillipps, J. O. A catalogue of 
chap-books, garlands, and popular histories, in 
the possession of J. O. Halliwell. London. 
1849. sm. 80. HC. BA. 

" For private circulation." 

The frontispiece is a jiicture of a Horn-book, of about 1570. 
"I regret to say/' wntes the author, "that this black-letter 
hornbook, after passing muster for years amongst experienced 
judges, turned out to be a remarkably clever forgery." " The 
collection here described consists almost exclusively of copies 
which appeared during the last century, many of them having 
the same woodcuts which were used for the original black- 
letter editions." It furnishes '*a distinct idea of what was, till 
within the last half century, the household literature of the / 
illiterate." See no. 9 under 18^. ^/ 

^ 5. HaUiwell-PhiUlpps, T. O. Notices of fugitive 
tracts, and chap-books printed at Aldermary 
churchyard, Bow churchyard, etc. London. 
1849. 8<>. (Percy society. Early Enelish 
poetry,//^, xxix. [i.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

This is a description of tracts selected from a larse collection 
of such pieces in tlie possession of the compiler, ft is an exact 
reprint of a portion of the preceding work (pp. 95-190), A 
eatal0gne 0/ eha^Soohs, garismdst and^Jmlar mistories. 

y 6. Groueteate, or Grosthead (LcU, Capito), Ro- 
bert, Bp. of Lincoln. The castle ot love. A 
poem. Now first printed from inedited manu- 
scripts of the fourteenth century. Edited by 
J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. Brixton Hill. 
1849. 4**- HC. BPL. 

" Strictly limited to 100 copies, printed for private circulation 
only, viz. to copies on thick paper^ and 90 copies on thin paper." 
Certified to by C & J. Adiard, pnnters. 

See Haxlitt's Hand^teeh, S45 ; Warton's Hist of English 
poetry, Haxlitt's ed., ii. 89-93 

'T. Forman, Dr. Simon, the celebrated astrologer. 
Autobiography and personal diary. 15^2-1602. 
From the unpublished manuscripts in the Ash- 
molean museum, Oxford. Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell I -Phillipps]. London. 1849. a.^. 


" Only one hundred and five copies printed, five on thick and 
the remainder on ordinary paper.*' 

" For private circulation only." 

Cf W. H. Black's Cataiorue of the Ashmolean mamtseri/ts^ 
col. 169. See no. i under 1843 and no. a under 1853. 

^8. [HalliweU-Phmipipa, J. O., editor]. Contribu- 
tions to early English literature derived chiefly 
from rare books and ancient inedited manu- 
scripts, from the fifteenth to the seventeenth 
century. London. 1849. 4®. HC. 

The title-page is partially illuminated. 

**The impression has been strictly limited to jk copies, 
printed for private arculation, vis-, 25 copies on thick paper, 
and 50 on ordinary paper." defied to by Thomas Ricnards, 
• the printer. 



This ooUectioa contains the foUowing numben, taxh having a 
lepaxate title : — 

«/ I. Taylor, Tohn. The suddaine turne of 

fortune's wheele, a poem. 1848. HC« 

With a reproduction of the^ original title-page, 163 1. For 
anthontiea &voring Taylor's claim to the authorship of this poem, 
see Allibone's Crit. dict^ 2355; Griffith's BtU. anglo-^L^ 
349 ; Bohn*s Lowndes^ 359s ; Watt's BM. brit-, iL 897*. For 
authority disclaiming his authorship* see Hazlitl's Hand-hpok, 
604, where he says ** it was the work of some author whose 
name has not transpired, and was merely completed by Taylor ; " 
he then quotes the ** Advertisement to the reader " prtnxed to 
the poem. 

y/ II. Kathekwe of Alexandria, Saint. Life of 
St. Katherine. — knyght (The) and his wyfe. 
— An account of the magical manuscript of 
Dr. Caius. 1848. HC. 

The Life of St. Katherine is printed from a MS. of the 15th 
century preserved in the university library, Cambridi^e. For a 
description of the MS. see Halliweli's AfS. rarittt* of tht 
ttniv. 0/ Cam^idftt 1481 149 « his Introduction to the Tkom^ 
ton romamegs, published by the Camden society, 1844 ; CatO' 
/^fiwr 0/" the MS. in the^ tmiv. 0/ Cambridge^ 404-^08. The 
lale of the knight and his wife is for the first time pnnt«:d from 
a MS. collection, of the same period, known as the Porkington 
MS. ; it was afterwards reprinted in Haslitt's Remain* o/tk* 
tarfy ^p. Aott. of Bng.^ ii. i6-ao. In the account of the 
MS. ot Dr. Caius (who was the founder of Caius college), HalU- 
well has added some observatbns on the character of that name 
introduced into the Mgrry wiv** 0/ )Vtnds9r. 

Yia the Porkington MS. see no. a under 1855. 

V III. Smyth (The) and his dame. — Books 
(The) of Robin Conscience. 1848. HC. 

Both of these are reprinted from the unique black-letter tract 
in (he Bodleian library, with reproductions of the original title- 
pages- "The tale of the Smyth and his dame" is also re- 
pnuted in Uazlitt^s Rf mains o/tht tarly pop. poet. 0/ England^ 
lii. 3oo-23o» where^ in the preface, the et^tor says this tale "is a 
remarkable specimen of the manner in which the miraculous 
attributes of our Lord were adapted by the framers of mediaeval 
tales to current superstitions^ ; see also Brydge^ Btit. biblw£.y 
i. 63. ** The booke of Robin Conscience " is a poetical dialogue 
in two parts of Robin Conscience a^nst his lather Covetous- 
nesse, his mother Newnae and his sister Proud Beautie " ; the 
original copy of which ttiis is a reprint was printed by Edward 
Alide without date \ it is imperfect at the beginning and has two 
blank leaves after sig. A iiL rocto. It was auerwards reprinted in 
Uazlitt's Rtmains of th* earfy Pop. poet. 0/ Eng., ill. 221-4^7 ; 
in this reprint the editor has given all the marginal notes, which 
were omitted in Halliwell's reprint, and has collated the Bod- 
leian copv used b]^ Ualliwell with a more ancient edition, dr. 
i5So» in the collection of the duke of Devonshire ; this edition 
unknown to Halliwell at the time of his reprint and, al- 

though it also is froperfect at the beginning, yet it supplies four 
-out f» the five stanzas missing in the Bodleian copy. In 1635, 
Martin Parker published a work with a similar title to the above, 
but it has no connection with this poem. See Baker's Bio^. 
drama/., iii. 214 ; Brydges' Brit, hibliog., i. 65, ii. 547 ; Colliers 
Hut. 0/ Eng. dramai. po«t, it 402-407; lialliweirs Diet, of 
old Etup. plays, 213; Uazlitt's Hand-book, 119; Bohn^i 
Lowndes, 2107. 

^ IV. Hugh, Sir, of Lincoln. Ballads and poems 

respecting Hugh of Lincoln, a boy alleged to 
have been murdered by the Tews in the year 
MCCLV. 1849. NC. 

Wartcm in his HiU. of Eng. Poet, Hazlitt's ed., iii. 102, says 

** Everyihing known relative to St Hugh has been collected 

. . . oy M. Frandsque Michel-" See this author's Hugnes 

de Lincoln, iSsf ; see also Child's Eng. and Scottish ballads, 

iii. 136-146. It IS also the story of Chaucer's Priores^ tale. 

V. Band, Ruffe, and Cuffe, a costume shew. 
— Herbert, Thomas. Newes out of ^Isling- 
ton. — Derbyshire mummer's play (A)! 1849. 


With reproductions of the original title-pages. 

The first piece *^ Band, Kufie, and Cuffe '"is aq illustration of 
the history of costume, and is a satire on the enormous ruf& 
wo'n at the commencement of the seventeenth century ; it is 
reprinted from the second edition of the original, printed in 
1615, >»-ith the following title: *' Exchanee ware at the second 
hand, viz. Band, Ruffe, and Cuffis, lai^y out, and now nervly 
deamed vp. Or, A dialogve, acted in a shew in the famous 
Vniuersitie of Cambridge, llie second Edition." The first 
edition >f this piece, printed in the same year, was entitled, ** A 

Merry Dialoeae between Band, Cuffe, and Ruffe : done by an ca» 
cellent Wit," ric. This editicm does not contain the two pre- 
liminary verses. It is reprinted in Tke Harleian miocellemy, 
X. 204-209, with the addition of the prologue *' from a MS. oopy, 
said to have been acted at Oxford, Feb. 24, 1646 " The rea» 

tstor. Ofamai., 11. 20a; onnitii's /fi&. 
anglo-poet., 08; Halliwell's />/<:^. ^ old Eng. plays, 26; Uaz- 
litt's Hand-book, 124; Bohn's Lowndes, 7^. 'i'he ** Newes 
out of Islington " is reprinted from a copjr of the original edi- 
tion, 1641, which is very rare and is coobidered unique. See 
BiH. keberiana, viii. 57; Haslitt's Hand-book, 265; Bohn*8 
Lowndes, 1049. The third piece is, according to Halliwell's 
pre^ice, *' a copy of a Christmas play perfonned by the miu»> 
mers of Derbyshire, obtained upom oral tradition in that 

V VI. Interlude (The) of 3routh; from the 
rare black-letter edition printed by Waley 
about 1554. 1849. HOm 

Halliwell says this ** is probably the most interesting early- 
printed moral play that has descended to our times ; it is veiy 
rare, only two or three copies of any edition being known to 
exist." It is also reprinted in Dodsley's Select collection 0/ olo- 
Eng. Piays. ed. by Hazlitt, ii. 1-40. See Baker's Biog. dramat., 
ii. 328 : oActt*^ Anecd. 0/ lii. and scarce books, i- 349; Cat. ef 
Donee s books and MSS. in the Bodleian lib., 144; Cohiers 
Extracts from tke regist. of tke stationer^ conip., i, 2, 32 ; 
Collier's Hist, of Eng. drtsmat. poet., \i. 3i2-3i<; HaldweU's 
Diet. 0/ old Eng. plays, ^9o\ HaaXxlx^s Hand-book, 4,^4', Lane- 
ham's Capt. Cox, kis ballads and books, edited by Fumxvall lor 
the Ballad soc., cxviiL, cxix. ; Bohn's Lowndes, 3023. 

«9. Man in the moone (The) ; or. The English 
fortune teller. From the unique copy, printed 
in 1609, preserved in the Bodleian library. 
Edited [with notes] by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. London. 1849. 8<>. (Percy society. 
Early English poetry, etc, xxix. [2.]) 


With a reproduction of the original title-page. The dedica- 
tion to M- lliomas Smith, of Clarkenvrell, and the advertise- 
ment to the reader, are subscribed with the initials " W. If." 
See Arber's TranKript of tke registers qftke con^- o/s t a ti am 
ers of London, iii. 190^ ; Brydges' Brit, bibliog., iu Sd-gu 


\xi. Simrook, Karl (Joseph). Remarks on tl}e 
plots of Shakespeare's plays. With notes and 
additions by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. Lon- 
don. 1850. 8o. (London, Eng. — SkaJte- 
speare society. [Publications,] 43.)HC.BA*BPL« 

The translation from the German '* was made by a competent 
person under the direction of the council of the Shakespeare 

The editor speaks of this work as forming an appropriata 
supplement to the collection of the original tales used by Shake- 
speare mostly tramlations, which was issued bv J- P. Collier in 
1842, as Skaikespear/s library^ since re-edited by W. C Haalitt. 
The Germans had issued a similar collection, at Berlin, in 1831, 
for which Echtcrmeyer, Henschel. and Simrock had made the 
translations, and it is from that book fHat these essays of Sim- 
rock are taken. 

^2. HaUiwell-PhiUipps, J. O., editor^ A new 
boke about Shakespeare and Stratford-on- 
Avon. London. 1850. 4^ HC. BPL. 

The BPL* has copies on ordinary, oo thin, and on thick 

" The impression is strictly limited to 75 copies, printed for 
private circulation; namely, 50 c^ies^ on ordinary paper, and 
25 copies on very thick paper." Certified to by 'Thomas Ridi- 
ards, printer. 

ConiefUs: — 1. Fragment of the eariy En^ish poem of 
Appollonius of Tyre (lilttstratin^ Pericles) from an early manu- 
script. <~ 2. Documents respecting the Ardens of Wibneoote, 
Shakespeare's maternal ancestors. — 3. The ballad of The 
northern lord, illustrating the Merchant of Venice and Cymbe- 
line. — 4. List of the attendances of Shakespeare's &th«r at the 
meetings of the Stratford corporation. — 5. The royal courtly 
carlan^ illustrating the Winter's tale. — 6. The documents at 
Dulwich college w^ich notice Shakespeare, with fac-eimiles. — ' 
7. An inedited document mentioning Shakespeare as the pur- 
chaser of a book. — 8. Documents relating to Shakiwprarr'B 
three aunts. — 9. Washington Irving's paper oo Stiatiu i d -op- 



Aron reprinted with notes and Ulastiations- — lo. Extract from 
•n early manuscript of the Merry wives 61 Windsor. Cf. note 
nnder jf m accMaU »/ the ttiv kn^wn MS , etc 1843. — 1 1. Old 
wooden bridge near Anne Hathaway's cottage, with a woodcut. 
— 13. Shakespearian relics, with woodcuts. — 13. Shakespear^s 
will. Cf. Th€ PrabaU co^ 0/ Shake$p«are' » wiil^ 187a. 
With a £ic-«imile of Shakespeare's marriage bond. 

^ 3. HamweU-PhiUippB, J. O , edUor, Palatine 
anthology ; a collection of ancient poems and 
ballads, relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 
London. 1850. 4<>. HC. BPL. 

" The impression has been strictly limited to 1 10 copies printed 
far private circulation only." Certified to by C & J. Adhurd, 

Containing among others the "Song of Lady Bessy,'* ttc. 
about which see the note under Euzabbth ^ Yerkt 1847. 

' 4. [HamweU-PhilllppB, J[. O., editoA, Palatine 
garland : being a selection of ballads and frag- 
ments, supplementary to the Palatine anthology. 
London. 1850. 4<^. HC. BPL. 

This is appended to the PaUUi$u antkology^ with separate 
pogcnatioo, naving been originally intended for a separate work. 

^ 5. IMal of treasure (The interlude of the), re- 
printed from the black-letter edition by Thomas 
Purfoote, 1567. Edited by J. O. Halliwell 
|-Phillipps]. London. 1850. 8«. (Percy 
SOCIETY. Early English poetry, etc, xxviii. U.] ) 

nC« BA« BPLa 

With a refyrodoction of the ori^nal title-page. There is a 
oopy of this interlude in the British museum which contains 
several variations and superior readings to the one from which 
this is printed, and which once belonged to Steevens. The 
** various readings and corrections" are appended in this re- 
print. See preface, where it is thought that there were two im- 
pressions <^ the book the same year It is also reprinted in 
Dodsley's StUct CflUctian 0/ pld Eng. plays, Haslitt's ed., 
iii. 357-301 where the variaiiatu have all been adopted. See 
CeUief's Ni$t, 0/ Bmg. drammi. AvA, iL 33o-33a '« HalUwelPs 
DkL ^ 0id Eng. pUty*^ 351 j Bonnes L0wmd*t, 2710^ 

^6. [Walker, Gilbert]. A manifest detection of 
the most vyle and detestable use of dice play. 
Edited [with notes] by J. O. Halliwell [Phil- 
lipps]. London. 1850. 8<». ( Percy society. 
Early English poetry, etc, xxix ^[3.] ) 

MCa BA* BPIaa 

In the preface, HalHwell says "this tract contains a remarks 
ably vivid deac ri ption of the tricks in vogue amongst the 
giiaesf ra oi the sixteenth century, and the accounts en false 
dice 9xt peculiarly valuable, as comprising fuller explanations of 
tenns need by Shakeiyeare. and other da draunatists, than are 
to be found in the notes of the coromentatorsL The mysteries 
cf gourds and fullams, high men and low men. stumbling-blocks 
to many intelligent readen of the works of the Stratford poet* 
are here satisfactorily explained." The authority for Gilbert 
Walker's authorship b a MS. note on Heber's copy (one of 
two known) which lormeriy belonged to Topham Beauclerk, 
from which the present is a reprint ; the repnnt was, however, 
not made from the oopy itselA but from a transcript in which 
the orthography is mooemised. It contains a reproduction of 
the tide-pace of the original edition, which was printed by 
Abraham Vele. without date. See Ames's TyPcg. atUiq.', 
s. 778; Haxlitt*8/^aiu/-^0«^, 639; Bohn's iL<mnM£r/, aSii. 

v/ 7. Loyal garland (The) : a collection of songs of 
. the seventeenth century, reprinted from a 
blackletter copy supposea to be unique. Ed- 
ited by T.O. Halliwell [-PhUlippsj. London. 
1850. ip, (Percy society. Earlv English 
poetry, etc, xxix. [4.]) HC. BA. BPL. 

With a reproduction of the orijpnal title-page. Beside Halli- 
welFs own copy used in this repnnt, the editor knew of but one 
other, and that imperfect, in the Douce collection at Oxford- 
The original from whic^ thts is reprinted contains eighty-three 
songs and ballads; in the reprint eleven have been omitted 
Mwa fudoris. See Bekie^s Atitcd, 0/ lit- and aearc«b0okv, 
vi. 90-98; Fry's BWiog. mem.^ 73 ; Griffith's BA. angl^^poet., 
107; Halliwell's CtU, 0/ chap-hooks^ gariaads, etc 106-108; 
Hazlitt's Jiamd-h00k, 119; Bohn's LowadeSf 864* 

^ 8. Shakespeare, William. The complete works, 
revised from the original editions, with histor- 

ical ii)troductions, and notes explanatory and 
critical ; a life of the poet, and an introductory 
^essav on his phraseology and metre. By J. O. 
Halliwell and other eminent commentators. 
4 vol. London, y, Tallis and co, [1850-53.] 
80. BPL. 

Called by the publishers, Tallies Library tditum. Henry 
Tyrrell furnished the life and some of the introductions, and 
ewted the doubtful plav^ which make the fourth volume. 

^ Halliwell speaks of it as a " pirattd cheap edition,** and 
disclaimed all responsibilitv for it CL London Times^ October, 
185a ^ It was published in parts^ beginning November, 1850^ 
following an American edition, which was discontinued, because 
of this piracy. See the edition of the Comudus^ given under 


^\, HaUiweU-FhiUippa, J. O., editor. The York- 
shire anthology, a collection of ancient and 
modern ballads, poems and songs, relating to 
the county of Yorkshire. London. 1851. 
4«. HC. BPL. 

*' Strictly limited to no copies, printed for private circulation 
only." Certified to by C. and J- Adlard, printers. 

This volume includes among other reprints, Tko praiso of 
Yorkshire a/o, York. 1697 ; A Vorkshiro diaioguo in its puro 
nminral dsaUet^ York, 169^, followed by a collection of proverbs, 
and ** an alphabetical davis unfolding the meaning of tne York- 
shire words" ; The hutory 0/ Mother Shipton, etc. 

^2. HaUiwell-Phillippa, T. O., editor. Shake- 
speare's will, copied uom the original in the 
Prerogative court, preserving the interlinea- 
tions, and facsimiles of the three autographs of 
the poet. With a few preliminary observations. 
London. 1851. 4^ *" BPL. 

This was made originally by Thomas Rodd, the bookseller, 
and in type as the " authorities of the Prerogative court stead- 
fastly refused to allow a facsimile to be made." Discovering 
some errors in it, Rodd suppressed the worlc Halliwell, having 
secured the sheets, issued them in this form, in a hundred copies, 
pointing out the errors in a prefatory note. See no. 1 under 

^, Halliwell-PhilUppa, J. O., editor. The litera- 
ture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, 
illustrated by reprints of very rare tracts. 
I^ndon. 1851. 4^ BPL. 

** 75 copies printed." 

Gives reproductions of title^paf^es, but has one pagination 
throi^hout. It contains the foUowmgTeprints : — 

J I. Harry White, his humour, set forth by 

M. P. 

One copy known, in the Bodleian. Previpusly printed by 
Halliwell at Oxford. See no. 4 under 1846. 

IL Comedy of the Two Italian gentlemen. 

Printed late in 1584 or early in 1585. Cf. Collier's Exireutt, 
193, and his Hist. 'o^ Eng. dramat. poet, iii. 341. Only two 
copies known. Coiner attributes it to Anthony Munday, on the 
strength of "A. M." signed to the dedication in one of the 

^ III. Taylor's Travels from London to the 

isle of Wight. 1648. 

By the water-poet, containing valuable notices of Charles L, 
and perhaps suppressed for political reasons. The copjr used 
was Dyce's afterwards, and is probably now in the Kenungton 

* IV. Will Buck, his Testament. 

Original in the Bodleian, — reprinted also in a small edition 
by Haslewood. 

V. The Book of merrie riddles. 1629. 

" There can be scarcely a doubt that it is a later impression of 
the book lent by Master Slender to AKce Shortcake." Fac- 
similes of the titles of 1629 and 1631 are given. 

VI.. Comedy of All for money. 1578. 
Dewaibed by CoUier in his HiU, ^ Sng. dramat, poet^ iL 



VII. Wine, beer, ale, and tobacco. 1630. • 

The editor had not been able to find a modern reprint, of 
nrhich he had heard. 

VIII. Johnson, Thomas. Johnson's new 
book of new conceits. 1630. 

The editor knows of only oot copy. 

^ IX. Love's garland. 1626. 

The editor thinks the original is unique. An imperfect copy 
of a later edition, 1674. pained from Hebev's collection into 
Utterson's. CI Si^, ktitriana, iv. X743i for a list of such 


• I. Halliwell-PhUUpps, J. O., editor. The Nor- 
folk anthology. «- A collection of poems, bal- 
lads, and rare tracts relating to the county of 
Norfolk. Brixton Hill. 1852. 40. HC. BPL. 


v^ 2. Halliwall-Phillipps, T. O. A few remarks on 
the emendation ** Who smothers her with , 
painting*' in the play of Cymbeline. Dis- 
covered by Mr. Collier, in a corrected copy of 
the second edition of Shakespeare. London. 
1852. 80. BPL. 

Mr. Collier replied to this in the addenda to his NoUm and 

x^ 3. Halliw'ell-Phillippi, J. O. Some account of 
the antiquities, corns, manuscripts, rare books, 
ancient documents, and other reliques, illus- 
trative of the life and works of Shakespeare, 
in [his] possession. Brixton Hill. i8c2. 
40. BPL. 

" Printed for private diculation only.*' " Limited to 80 
copies." Certified to by Thomas Richards, the printer. 

" The formation of the collection has occupied my earnest 
attention for several jrears^ and I believe acaroeiv any article of 
real importance to the senes, which has occurred in the market, 
has escaped my notice.*' 

Contains an account of the only MS. of any of Shakespeare's 
writings written in the 16th century; also of the early transcript 
ci the Mtrrv wivtt 0/ WituUor^ and a i^y-house copy of 

y 4. Halliw^U-Phillipps, J. O., compiler. Some 
^ account of a collection of several thousand 

bills, accounts, and inventories, illustrating the 
history of prices between x6jo and 1750. — 
Presented to the Smithsonian institution, 
Washington. Brixton Hill. 1852. 40. HC. BA. 

** Strictly limited to 80 copies, printed for private drculation 
only.*' Certified to by C and J. Adlard, printers. 

This collection was formed in aid of a project^ work 00 the 
history of p||rices, and the design being abandoned, the collector 
presented it in Oct., 1833, to the Smithsonian institution, 
believing that the people of the United Sutes were "most 
likely to produce a writer on the history of commerce." It 
includes about 7»<'>oo documents, bound m 54 volumes, and it 
contains what could not be yielded by the treasures of any library 
in the world, with the exception of those in the British 
museum." This gift is mentioned in the Srotnth amttmal 
rtf^t of the Smithsonian institution, pp. 3^ 9c. 

The catalogue of the 1857 sale of HalliweU shows a laige 
collection of nousehold and privy purse accounts, 1601-1619, 
i^ich brought ^% 9t. 


y^ I. HaUiwall-Phillipps, J. O., editor. The poetry 
of witchcraft illustrated by copies of the plays 
on the Lancashire witches by Heywood, 
[Broome] and Shadwell. Brixton Hill. i8s3* 
4^ HC. BPL. 

** Strictly limited to 80 copies, printed for private circulation 

Cffttienlt: — t. Shadwsll. Thomas. The Lancashire witches 
and Tegue o Diveliy the Irish priest 'A comedy acted at the 
Duke's theater. 1683. — 3. HBVWOOti, Thomas, mm/ Bkoomi, 
Richard. 'Vht late Lancashire witdtes. A well-received oonr 
ed]r, lately acted at the Globe, on the Samkside, by the kin^s 
majesties actors. 1634. 

With reproductions of the original title-pages- See AlUbone's 
Crit. tUct.., 840, 9004, aoo; and references there cited ; Halli* 
well's Diet. »f old Bng, pUy9^ x^s>, 

2. HalUwell-PhiUipps, J[. O., editor. A bri«| de- 
^ scription of the ancient and modern manu- 
scripts preserved in the public library. Ply- 
mouth : to which are added. Some fragments 
of early literature hitherto unpublished. Lon- 
don. 1853. 4^ HC. BPL. 

" Strictly limited to 80 copies, printed for private drculation 
only." Certified to by C. & J. Aidlard, printers. 

The MSS. here described were presented by Mr. Halliwell to 
. the library named. 

Praptunia of tmrly liUraturt : — Forman, Simon. Ex- 
tracts Dom his metrical autobiography. C£ no. 7 under 1849. — 
Shirucy, Tames? The generall: a tragi-comedy. Attributed 
to James Shiriey^. — Brbton. Nicholas. An unpublished poem. 
— MoTHBR Shipton's prophecy. Cf. YorksJkire mnim o l ^y^ 
under 1851. — Lovb*8 victorie, an unpublished drama c£ the 
seventeenth century, extracts from. 

^1. Shakespeare society's papers. London. 
1853. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

HalliweU contributed to this volume the foUowiog short 
papers: — 

Similarity of a passage in Mariowe*s Edward II. and one ia 
the First fart ^tk* cMtentiom. 

Observations on the correct method of panctoating "Too 
too," in HamUt. 
On the word ** Ducdame*' in Am you liko it. 
Note on the recently discovered manuscript of Homry tkf 

>^ Early notice of Shakespeare's Henry the EighOu 
I' Some notes on passages in Shakespeare. 
<^ A poem, containing notice of Jonson, Shakespeare, He, 
^ Popular tracts in the library of Captain Cox, 1575- See no. 
^ un^r 1849 . and also ** Captain Cux, his ballads and books** 
m the Bai^ui society $ re/rifUs- 
^ Extract from a manuscript of Oxford, regarding Dethick, the 

herald who made the pant of arms to John ShaUcespeare. 
w Observations on Midsummer nigrkfs drestm, 
^ Dispute between the earl of Worcester's players and the cor- 
poration of Leicester, 1586. 

< ^4. Shakespeare, William. Works, the text formed 
from a new collation of the early editions : to 
which are added all the original novels and 
tales on which the plays are founded ; copious 
archaeological annotations on each play ; an 
essav on the formation of the text ; and a life 
of the poet. By J. O. Halliwell. The illus- 
trations and wood-engravings by Frederick 
William Fairholt. 16 vol. London. 1853- 
65. fo. BWl. 

HalliweU had the prerious year issued a Prospoetua 0/ a now 
edition of Shakespeare^ in twenty /olio volumes, corre sp ond 
img in size with the convenient jfrst eolleetrve edition of 1623, 
to suit numerous facsimiles to oe made from that work (HC. 
BPL*^, accompanied bv a list of subscribers up to that time. 
Other lists were inserted in each volume as issued. 

Each of the firet nine volumes contains a certificate from 
AUard, the printer, tliat the edition was strictly limited to 1^ 
copies, with an additional one for the editor. In the subsequent 
volumes a printed statement to the same effect without auto- 
graph signature is substituted. 

The work contains 133 plates, frc-similes of manuscripts, 
titles, and other pa^es of the quartos, ete.^ and numerous cuts. 

The editCH- in his List 0/ worhs printed eU the expense <q^ 
J. O. 'Halliwell^ 1867, offers copies in which the plates are on 
plain paper at ;Cio5f and those on India , paper, of which there 
were twenty-five printed, at j^ 150. Copies that he had repur- 
chased from original sutwcribers be offered respectivdy iae £1^ 
and j^ioa He gives at that time (Jan. 4i .1867) the names 01 
las owners of copies as far as known to htm, and of these ss 
were in the United States. He then had a8 copies in his pos- 

Quaritch advertises a copy with India paper plates, the present 
year, for ;C9S* Catalogue, 322, na 13508. 

The copies in public libraries in the United States so fat 
as known, are in the Boston public library ; Lenox library, New 
York \ Astor library. New York. 




The 6nt volmne, beside the feneial preface, containi the Life 
■ad the Eany oo the text Of this life, at a later period, 
when Halliweli was devoting hinuelf exclusively to further illus- 
txations of the subject, he said : ** When in 18531 1 had printed 
the life of Shakespeare, I was Kooae enough to £Micy that I 
had then exhausted the subject *^ 

The following reprints of the early quartos and other original 
sources are oooiaioed in the several vcms. : — 

II. Mgrry wives 0/ IVindMort i6oa. QL note under 186a- 

II. Straparola's TrttUci fimeev^i meiti. HalliwelFs copies 
ol his editions of 1569 and 1578 were sold at his 1856 sale. 

ill. Geoi^ge Whetstone's Promos atid Cassandra, Also 
given in Nichols's Six old pU^s, with some important fault/ 
variations, and in Haslitt's Skaktspoards iihrairy^ vi. Cx. 
Collier's Dram, poetry^ iii. 64, and his Skaktspearw's Uhrary 
for the isSajpruse Frawsos a$td Cassandra, 

III. W. W[amer*s] MomiocAmi, 01U of Flasttms, wriiUn m 
Sngiisk. Also reprinted in Nichols's Six old piays, and 
Haxlitl's Skaku/eare's library^ v. 

VI. Thomas Lodge's Rosafymde, EtMsiet golden loracie. 

VI. Tamsimg' 0/ a skrtw, 1594. This earliest edition was 
aho printed by the Shakespeare society, edited by Thomas 
Am/ol, in 1844* collated with the editions of 1596 and 1607 ; 
again in HaiHu's Shaluspoaris library. It also forms one of 
the volumes c£ Ashbec^s Drataaiic fac-simiUs. I'he only 
known copy of the original » in the duke of l>evonshire*s cot- 
lection. Winsor's Skakospearo biblior.^ p. 67. The 1607 edi- 
tion was followed in Nichols's Six old flays. 

VIII. Robert Green's Dorastus and Favmia, HalUwelPs 
OQpy of the 1644 edition was sold in his 1857 sale for j^i 6ir. 
Ci. note under no. 7, of 1859^ 

VI U. The troniUsomo raigm 0/ John, Kissg 0/ EngUmd, 
i6t I. Capeir s copy, in Trinity college lilmy, Cambridge, is the 
only oop/ Known of the eailier edition of 1591, which is reprinted 
in Haslitt's Skakospeards library^ v. Other reprints of the 
161 1 edition are in MisctUaneous pieeos of nntttnt Engiisk 
poesio, 1764; in Steevens's Twonfy plays, 1766; in Nichols's 
Six oldpU^s, tjT^ A copy of the 161 1 original, once belong- 
ing to UaUiwell, is now in the Boston public lionuy. Steevens^s 
copy of the same became George the Third's, and b now in the 
British museum, as are also Garridc's and Grenvillc's. A copy 
of a later edition, 1622, is also in the Boston public library. 
Ualliwell's copy of this last edition was sold in 1857 ior £17 los- 
to Sir William Tite, brought £7 tor. in 1874 at the Tite sale, 
and is now held by Quarudi at £to. It has Steevens's auto. 

XI. r/koJgrsl part of Uu Contention 0/ tko two fammu 
houses 0/ rorke and Lancaster, Cf. the note to Halliwell's 
separate reprint under 1843, and to his sale caUlogue, 185A, etc. 

XL Tlu tme tragedie 0/ Rtehard dmke 0/ Yorke. Cf. note 
to HalliwelPs separate reprint under 1843, and to his sale catah> 
le, 1856) etc. 
1 1 1. Brooke's Romens and JtUtet, i (6a. Other reprints in 

CdUiei's SAmkespeards lUrary^ ii., follbwing Malonc's cony 
BOW in the Bodleian ; also in Malonc's Supplement to Skake^ 
^eards works, x., *• with glaring and imporUnt errors," says 
Collier; in BoswelFs ed. of Malone's Skakespeare, vi.; in 
Johnson's and Steevens's edition of Skakespeare, supplement : 
m Isaac Reecfs 1785 edition, x ; his 1803 ed., xx. : the Ameri- 
can reprint, 18091 xii. ; his 1813 ed- ; and in Haslitt's Skake- 
spear^s lihreury, l P. A. Daniel edited it for the New Shak- 
apere society in 1875. 

XI I I. Rkomeo and Julietla, An English prose version of 
Boisteau's French rendering printed in the 1567 ed. of Paynter's 
Palace 0/ pleatitretxi. — a second edition of which appeared 
probably i57S-^o> Other reprints of Paynter's version were 
made by J. Haslewood in 1813 ; who in turn was followed by 
ColKer in his Sketkespeard s likrtury^ and again as above, by 
Halliweli. The New bhakspere society reprinted it in 1875, 
CoOowing the second, no date, edition,, collated with the first. 

XIV. Hystarie 0/ HambUt translated /rem tke French of 
F, de Beliefyresty 1608. Cf. Fumess's Hatmlet. ii. ReprinU in 
Collier's Skakespeards library, i., and Haslitt's ed. of the 

See Colbum's AVsir mmUkfyt April, 1873, for an artide by 
Halliweli on Shakespeare's loiirces of HamleL 

Halliweli priou Titus Andronicus and Henry VI, in small 
type as indicating his doubt ol Shakespeare's authorship. 

«^ 5. HaUiweUrPhlUipps, \. O. Curiosities of mod- 
ern Shaksperian criticism. London. 1853. 
8». HC. BPL. 

This is a reply to an attack on HalltwelPs folio edition of 
Shakespeare, made by the AtkeMteum^ July 2, 1853. In it, p. 
ao^ he examines the Bridftewater MSS., as presented by Collier, 
and reaches the coodnsion, after an inspection omT the papers, 
that they are *' modem forgeries." 

^ 6b BalUweU-PbilUpiNi, J. O. Observations on the 
Shakespearian forgeries at Bridgewater House ; 

illustrative of a fac-simile of the spurious 
letter of H. S. London. 1853. 4^ BPL. 

" For private drcnlation only. Twenty-five copies printed." 
Halliweli expresses his *' firm conviction that all the Shakei* 

spearian manuscripts at Bridgewater House are modem 

This BPL. copy has inserted in it a oopy of the fac-simile 

without heading, and printed on old paper. 

^7. HalliweU-Philllpps, J. O. Observations on 
some of the manuscript emendations of the 
text of Shakespeare, and are they copyris^it ? 
London. 1853. 8«. HC. BPL. 

This is upon the emendations — rejecting them — brought 
forward by Mr. Collier, as found in his annotated folio of 1633. 
Ci an antagonistic notice in Atkeneeum^ London, July, 1853, 
p. 916. 


^. HamweU-FMUipps, J. O. A garland of Shake- 
speariana, recently added to his library and 
museum, at Avenue Lodge. Brixton HiU. 
1854. 40. BPL. 

" fbr private drcnladon only. Twenty-five copies printed." 
Inchsdes sixteen items of Shakespearian curiosities, examples 
of the Ireland foigery, etc. 

2, HalUwell-Pliillipps, J. O. A brief notice of 
the Mirrour of government, both ecclesiastical 
and civiL Printed at London in the year 1658, 
for the use and benefit of Thomas Giobs, Gent. 
London. 1854. S^, 

.^ HaUiweU-Phillipps, J. O. Brief account of 
the theological manuscripts in [his] library. 
London. 1854. 4^, BPL« 

" Twenty-five copies printed." 

^4. Bftlliwell-PlilllipiM, J. O. Brief account of an 
unique edition of Sydney's Arcadia. London. 
1854. 40. 

** Twentv-five copies printed." Other copies of the original 
have since been discovered. Quaiitch held two copies, 1879^ at 
£6 lor. and £ 14 reflectively. 

/S- HalliweU-Fhillipps, T. O. Descriptive notices 
of works in a small collection of Sydneian 
literature in [his] library. London. 1854. 4**. 

** Twenty-five copies printed." 

{f6. HAlUweU-PhiUippa, J- O., editor. Ancient in- 
ventories of furniture, pictures, tapestry, plate, 
&c., illustrative of the domestic manners of the 
English in the sixteenth and seventeenth cen- 
turies, selected from inedited manuscripts. 
London. 1854. 4^ 

" Twenty-five copies printed." 

Includes an inventory of the plate, household stuff, pictures. 
&c, in Kenilworth castle, taken after the death of Robot, ean 
of Leycester, 1588. 

7. HalUweU-PhUlipps, J. O. Brief observations 
on some ancient systems of notation. London. 
1854. 4'. 
** Ten copies printed." 

'8. B|iak6ppoare, William. Comedies. Edited, 
with introduction and notes, critical and ex« 
planatory, by T. O. Halliweli [-Phillippsl. Re- 


printed from tne American ed. London. 1854. 


" Printed for private ctrcnladoa only." 
The editor in a pre&tory note says that the publication of this 
work was begnn in numbers in New York ; and the first number 
also piiDlished in October, iSjoi by Vickers in London, thi 



latter unauthorued, as seen by a correspondence in the Timtt 
of that datee Aher the comedies and a few of the histories 
were printed, the English reprint was discontinued. Halliwell 
obtained twenty copies of the comedies, and put the present 
title and preface to tliem. See note to Tallts^s edition, 1850. 


^1. HaUiwell-FhiUipps, J. O. Brief notices of 
bibliographical rarities, in [his] library. Lon- 
don. 1855. 40. HC. 

** Limited to twenty-five copies." Certified to by J. O. 
Halliwell. ** Printed for private circulation only.*' , 

** Notices of books entirely in English or relating to Enslish 
literature of such great rarity, that the majority of Uiem wiu be 
unknown, amd neariy all inaccessible to the most experienced 
bibliographers. Of the 45 enumerated, upwards of ao are be- 
lieved to De absolutely unique.*' 

v/^ 2. BftUiwaU-Pblllipps, J. O., editor. Early Eng- 
lish miscellanies, in prose and verse, selected 
from an inedited manuscript of the fifteenth 
century. London. 1855. sm. 8^ (Warton 
CLUB. [Publications], 2.) HC. BPL. 

Containing ten selections from the '* Porkington manuscript," 
vtti. — ** A treatise on planting and {;rafting ; " ** The crafte of 
lymnynge of bokys " ; "Vision of Philibert regarding the body 
and the soul " ; ^*The friar and the boy,*' tU. 

From this same MS. Sir Frederic Madden printed, in 1830, 
the story of Syre Gawene and the carle of Carelyie in his col- 
lection of the romance poems of Sjrr Gawayne. Some of the 
riiorter {neces, not here printed, had appeared in the Rtliquim 
aniiqum and in other places. Another version of *' llie friar 
and the boy*' was printed by Wright in 1836, following the MS. 
Cantab. Ee. iv. 35. See second title of no. 8 under 1849. 


1. BftlliweU-Fhimpps, J. O. A lyttle boke giv- 

inge a true and brief accounte of some re- 
liques and curiosities added of late to Mr. Halli- 
weirs Shakespeare collection. London. i8c6. 
40. BPL. 

" Limited to twenty^ve copies," attested by J. £. Allard, 

Has &&«imi]e of title and one page of "Booke of merrie 
riddles," 1617. 

Gives an account of the betrothal ring called Shakespeare's, 
asserting the absence of proof of its genuineness as a relic of 
the poet ; and another account of the vidsaitudes of fragments 
of tne Shakespeare mulberry tree. 

2. HalUweU-PbilUpps, J. O. Catalogue of a 

unique collection of ancient English broadside 
ballads, with notes of the times and tlie im- 
prints. London. 1856. 8<^. BPL. 

Also issued with J. R. Smith's naune as compiler. 

5. Botheby, S. Leigh and 'WiUdnflon, John. A 
catalogue of a very valuable and important col- 
lection of Shaksperian and dramatic literature. 
Day of sale, May 23, 1856. BPL. 

This catalcKue is described as "chieflv consistinc of the books 
used for the first five volumes of Mr. Halliwell's w&a edition of 

Shakespeare.*' The BFL. copy of this catalogue is priced, 
and those purchased by Mr. Barton (now in that libranr) are 
ma ri ced. Some of the rarer Shakespeariaaa brought the xollow- 
ing prices : — 

Lucrtcty 1655, ;Ca5 sof. See Winsor's BiHitg. ^ SkaJU' 
tpear£ $ pinnUi p. 7. 

Vcrkikire trmfttfyt >6x9, £9 9»» Sold again at the Tite sale, 
>874t £S 7*- ^*d. 

Sir yeAM OldeastUy 1600, ;Cs> This copy had brought at the 
Crawford sale £x\\ and passed from Halliwell to Tite, at whose 
sale, 1874, it brought £ 17. There is a copy in BFL. See 1857, 
no. a, and 1859, no. 1. 

PuriitUMgy 1607, ;^i8 151. Anin sold in the Tite sale» 1874, 
ior;C9iS'> There isacopy inHiPr 

Tw0 imMt kmsmtnt 1634, £4 6r. 

P^rieUSf 1^5, £46*. 

PtrkUtf 1630, 
B. a ; x8$9, no. 3 

eobald's collatiom, £4 14X. See. iSsy^ 

Lovi* labour lest, t6^i, £<^ This copy passed to Sir William 
Tite and brought at his sale, 1874, £i 151^ and is now, 1679^ 
held by Quaritoi at £q 9f. 

Otkelle, 1630, ;C5 5«. "The readings certainly differ ood- 
aderably from those of the edition of 16*2 " 

Hamlttt 1637, £2 iitf. There is a copy in BPL. 

NtMfy y , 1608, CapelPs copy, £% iSr. bd, A copy with 
Capeil's annotations is owned by H. H. Fumese, Esq.; oi Phila- 
delphia. There are several other copies of this eduwn in this 
country, and there is to be added to the list in Winsor's Bibite^. 
tf Skaitesptart^ p. 33, the copy bought at the Cranford sale m 
London, 1876^ at;£i4 isr. for £. G. Asay, £aq., of Chi 

Rome» and Jiditti 1637, £b x^. There is a copy in 
Sec 1857, na 2 ; 1850, na 3. 

Merry wives of frmdsery 1610, £ 16. This copy subsequently 
brought at the Tite sale. 1874, J^n i^. 

Richard 1 1 1. ^ \%<^£\% $f. Sevoal pages in fac-eimile by 
Harris. Halliwell bad previously sold a copy at £z^ 

Midsummer nights dream, Roberts^ 1600, ;^i7 sr. Qua* 
ritch ho.ds a oop^, 1879, with Sieevens's autograpn, at A 60. 
Tliere are five copies in this country. See Winsoi's BMicg, ef 
Shakespeare y p 51. 

Henry /K, 163a (title mended]^ ;^5 5<: Thia copy came from 
Utterson's lilnary ; was sold again m the Tite sale, £t 6r., and 
is now. 1879, held by Qnaritch at £if> i6«., who adds that it |* is 
the orly copy which has turned up for many years." There is a 
copv in BFL. 

Treublesomt reUgue 9/ King ^akn, 1692, £7 tog. There ia 
a copv in BFL. 

Ivhole cenien/ioM^ eta [1619], £6 js. 6d. This copy, which 
has Pericles^ bqrinning sig. R., had brought jfii ^s. at Loa> 
combers sale in 1854, and passed from Halliwell to Tite, at whose 
sale in 1874, it brought a 21, and is now in the Lenox Ubiary, 

in New York. See 1857, no. a ; 1859, no. 3. 

Lear, 1608, " Pide Mi*" edition, £n lor. Hallisrell had 
bought this copy of Thorpe for j£i2 12*. 

MerckasU of Venice, Heyest 1600, ;C37« The present copy 
cost Mr. HalUwell ^^44 5«. ^ 

Sotuiets, 16091 title and dedication in fiw-nmile. ;C4>* .Cost 
;^3o 5«. at Utterson's sale. This copy was afterwaroa sold in the 
Tite sale, 1874, for £tb lor. See Winaci's Bitti^, •/ Skmkf 
speare" s poems, p. 8. 

Folio 0/ 1623, with early MS. anaotationa, but verses, letto^ 
press of title, and last three leaves reprinted, ;^39. A fao> 
simile of one of the leaves with notes is given in HalliwelPs 
folio edition. It bad belonged to the eari ot^Inchiqnin. 

Folio ff (633, title inlaid, verses from the 3d ed., £1 7*. 6dL 


I. Shakespeare, William. The tnu^edie of King 
Richard the Second. As it hath been publikely 
acted by the right honorable the lord chamber- 
laine his seruantes. By William Shake-speare. 
London, printed by w. W., for Mathew Law, 
and are to be sold at his shop in Paules Church- 
yard, at the signe of the Foxe. 160S. BPL. 

This title is from what Halliwell believes to be *' the first 
complete photograph of an old book ever executed." The copy 
in the Boston public libraiv is inscribed by Halliwell : ** Soiheby, 
June i^ 1858, no. 22a A complete photographic ccq>y of this 
rare edidon, the ori^nal of which sold in May, 1857, for 
£10 lof. The oe^tives are destroyed, and only ten perfect 
copies of this fao-smiile have been preserved. J- O. HaJliwellt 
Feb., 1858." A considerable portion of this copy is now nearly 
illegible. See under vol. xndiL of the series of lao-aimiles, 

^2. Sotheby, S. Leigh and 'Wilkinson, John. A 
catalogue of a singularly curious and im- 
portant collection of ShaKespearian, dramatic 
and philological literature. [J. O. Halliweirs.] 
Days of sale. May 21, 22, 23, 18 v* 
London. HC. BPL. 

The collection is described as " having been collected during 
the last fifteen years, and used for liteiary purposes bv a well- 
known author.*' The BPL> copy is priced, and Mr. barton's 
purch ases marked. The following are the most important Shake- 
spearian lots : — 

Sir John Oldcastle, title in fao.simi]e, 1600, £4-^. This ia 
the edition of this year without Shake^>eare*s name on the title, 
and HalHwell says it is rarer and differs |;reatly from the other 
edition, having superior readings and additional lines. See 1819^ 
no. 3 

Romeo and Juliet, 1637. £5 x^» Halliwell says of this and 
the copy in his 1856 sale, that they are believed to be the only 
uncut copies known. There ia a copy in BFL. See 18591 
no. 3. 



Hetuy ly.f 163a, £^ i8f. There b a copy in 

L^ar^ 160S, £20 lor. This is the oooimoDet oC the t6o8 edi- 

tioQs, with 44 leaves while the other has ^i leaves. This ct^y. 
onginaliy Stecvens's, bringine at his sale id 1800, £% 2s., passed 
successively throuf^ the loUowin^ sales: Duke of Grafton, 
£6 6s. ; Roxburghe, £6 isi. ; Haltiwell, 1857 ; Tite, 1874, ;£ 11. 
It is perhaps, the copv hdd by Quaritch, 1875-791 ''^th 
Stceveas^s iAutograph," £ 16. 

Riekarit^ dmkf 0/ Y^rk^ 1600, £ti. lliis is the highest 
price yet bttoocht for a eopv* and it passed to Mr. Barton, and 
M now IB B^L. Halliweil has written in it> ** The present is 
the seoood (edition] sod is of the greatest rarity in an absolutely 
perfect state*" 

Mmh mdo mh0ui mtikingt 1600, £h^ Steevens's capj » in 

Htnry IV.y i6aa, £<^ This copy is now in BPL« 

OduU^ 165s, £y lliere is a copy in BPL* See 1859, na 3. 

OiAelUf 1630, £^ i4#. 6tf. Halliweil described it as a peci»- 

liariy fine copy ol a play alinoat always found in a cropped state. 

It broogfat Z6 at Tile's sale. 

Henry IV.^ xdpmrt^ 1600^ ;Cio& The catalogue has the hX" 
lowing notes : ** The present is the rarest of any m Shakespeare's 
genuine piavs that have oc cu r r ed for sale during the last twenty 
years." ** Kothing would induce me to part with it« had I not 
a copy hugely made up with excellent fa(>«imUes which, though 
of slight comparative pecuniary value, is as useful to me for 
purposes of collation." 

liiis is the edition of 1600 having 43 leaves, the other having 
41 leaves. (X note under voL so. of the scries given under 

Lmr^ i65Sr /i >• ** The rarest of the farter quartos." '* With 
die exception of a copy sold, 1856, £ 10 tor., we do not trace 
another for many years." It had been Jolley's copy; and 
passed from Halliweil to Barton, and is now in BPL. 

Taminr •/ iJU shrrw^ 1631, £1 5*. There is a copy in 
•PL. See 1859, no. 3. 

Henry I y*^ 1599, few leaves inlaid, £ji. It was describ^ 
as " probably the finest copy known of one of the most intrinsi- 
cally valuable of all the early quartos." Mr. Halliweil adds in 
a note, **The difficulty of obtaining [the early ouartos] even 
with the exteostve searches instituted by me during nearly 
dghteen years" prove their " undeniable rarity. Among many 
otner localiiies that have been tried| recollecting the occupation 
of Flushing by the English in the time of Shakespeare, — early 
•ditions might have been carried thither, espedaily as English 
plays were performed there, — 1 was at tae expepse of sending 
•n intelligent agent through Zealand, unfortunately without any 
weful results. In fact, bearing in mind the expenses of searches 
of this kind and the necessity of bu]ring duplicates for the sake 
of securing others, I may safely say no Shakespeare quarto ever 
came into my hands at a reasooable rate." Cf. Wtnsor's 
Bihiior, 0/ Siaktspeart^ p^ 14. 

Rickmrd //., 1608, £yi lor. It was bought by Tite, and sold 
•t his sale io 1874, foT£t(t $$. This is the edition of this year, 
which does not mention the "additions" on the title. 


PtricUSf 1630. Z$. This copy had the " kmg imprint," and 
ii now in the vPL* See i8<9, no. 3. 
L09^$ lahonr last, 1631, £y — now in BPL. 
TAr wMk eenUniicnj etc. [1619], £^ 4$, See 1859, no. 3. 

3. Hamwtil-FhilUpps, J. 

O. Early editions of 


This tract, without title-page, of 14 page^ is dated Tune aa, 
1857, and enumerates various copies, described as " absolutely 
genuine and not perfected from any other copies." Early 
quartos beginning whh the Hamlet of 1603, are described. 

u^ 4. Balliwell-PlilUipps, J. O., edi/ifr. Books of 
characters, illustrating the habits and manners 
of Englishmen from the reign of James I. to 
the restoration, selected by J. O. Halliweil. 
London. 1857. 4^ 

Twen^^ve copies printed on thidc vellum paper. 


^ t. Botheby, S. Leigh, and 'WUkinflOii, John. 
Catalogue of rare and curious books illu.stra- 
tive of the English drama and early English 
literature, the property of the well-known 
Shakespearian commentator fj. O. Halliweil.] 
Date ox sale, June 14, 1858. London. HC.BPL. 

The BPL« copy is prieed, with Barton's purchases marked, 
and is endorsed, ''^It possesses much interest to Shakespearian 
bibliographers on account of the enormous prices paid for some 
of the lots." The chief Shakespearian numbers are as 
fioUowa: — 

Hamlei, no daU, £24 lor. " Probably the finest^ copy 
known," and is presumably the one described in Halliweil s 
" Hand-list," 1859, as " one of the few of so early date " in aa 
uncut condition. 

HamUty 161 f , ;^i8. There is a copy in BPL. 

MtrckatU ff Vtuictt Robtrt:^ 1600, Z14 is*. There is a 
copy in BPL. See no. 3 under 1859. 

Mtrry wnen •/ Windsor ^ 1619, X t3 'S'* There is a copy in 

Stmntts, 1609, £^^7*' This copy had the Wright imprint, 
and was bought oy Henry Huth. Sec Winsor's Bibliog. 0/ 
Shaktsptart* s potmsy p. 8. Halliweil made the following note 
in a copy of tne 1609 Romso^ now in the British museum: 
*' Shakespeare 4tos rise in value in geometrical progression- In 
Brand's sale 1807 the Sonnets, MS. title, fetched ten shillings 
& sixpence. At Utterson's sale, 1853, 1 gave upwards of £10 
with title & one leaf MS I" 

TratMesonu raigue 0/ y^kn, kittr of Eugtandt 161 1, ;Cio> 

Ronuo and JuUtt^ 1609, £'ib, ** The first perfect copy that 
has appeared for sale for many veais." It was bought by Tite, 
and brought at his sale, 1874, ^^43 tor. 

Richard II.9 1615, £ti» lliere is a copy in BPL. See 
no. 3, under 1859. 

Henry K, 1608, £7 17s. 6d. See na 3. under 1859. 

Fosms, 1640, £s ns. bd. See no. i, under 1859. 

Mortgage €teedoi a house in Blackfriars, March 11, i6i»-i^ 
ngned by* Shakespeare. 300 guineas. Bonght by the British 


2. Famous victories (The) of Henry the Fifth. 
Containing the Honourable Battel! of A^n- 
court. As it was acted by the Kinges Maies- 
ties seruants. London. Imprinted by Barnard 
Alsop, and are to be sold by Tymothie Barlow, 
at his shop in Paules churcn-yard, at the Signe 
of the Bull-head. 1617. Fac'SimiU. 

Halliweil caused ten photographic fac-similes of this quarto to 
be made (ShakespeariaHO^ 1862, na 777)1 before he disposed of 
the original to the British ifhiseum. The original \»fsu% this 
note by Halliweil: "'l*his beautiful copy of the Famous Vic- 
tories of Henry the Fifth, though corresponding in text with 
the known editions of 161 7, and one without date printed about 
the same time, is in itself, as fiir as I know, umqne. The other 
copies of 161 7 are stated to be * Imprinted by Barnard Alsop^ 
dwelling in Garter Place in Barbican. 161 7.' Even that edition 
is very rare. No copy has, I think, been sold since Heber's, 

part a.^no. 4636." 
Halliweil deacri 

ibed this copy in 1857, as " ed^ entirely un- 

logue," 1876, shows a copy. In his folio edition of Shakespeare 
he gives a fao-simile of the title. 


^i. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. An introduction to 
the evidences of Christianity. 2d ed. Lon- 
don. 1859. i6<». HC. BPL. 

''2. Nares, Robert. A glossary; or, Collection 
of words, phrases, names, and allusions to 
customs,, proverbs, etc., which have been 
thouffht to require illustration, in the works of 
English authors, particularly Shakespeare and 
his contemporaries. A new ed. with consider- 
able additions, by J. O. Halliweil [-Phillipps], 
and Thomas Wright. 2 vol. London. 1859. 
80. HC. BPL. 

The editon^ additions are distinguished by a t prefixed, and 
(he examples thus added amount to between five and six. thou- 

3. Bofheby, S. Leigh, and 'W^ilkiiuioii, John. 
Catalogue of rare and curious books illustra- 
tive of the English drama and early English 

literature [J. O. Halliweirs]. !>»? J^^^sjJ*! 
Juife 13, 1859. London. ' ^ **' 




The BMm copy ii priced, with Mr. Barton's ptirdiases 
liiarked. The moat important Shakeqiearian lota are as 
follows: — 

Shakeiptar^t jtfU. No title. Circa 1770^ ;£i ly. " It is 
difficult to account <br the extreme rarity of thas quaint bat very 
gross oollecaon, in tidndi a mumber oi anecdotes are fathered 
iqion Shakespeare. Only two copies beside the present have 
eccurred to our notice." 

Facsimile 0/ iitU of first folio of Shakespeare, mduding the 
Droeshout print, by Harris, £t s*' 

HamUt^ 1603, without title. A diminutive photographic re- 
production, some pages indistinct from the discoloration of the 
paper, /^t^. See no. i, under 1857. 

Merry devil ^ EdmmUim^ 2d ed., 161 7, £t %e 6d. 

The heroicall advenimnes 0/ the km^ht »/ the sem, black 
letter, 1600, ^^29. The only other copy Known brought £2$ at 
the Roxburghe sale. 

Greenes Ghost haunting amie catcker$y 1602, £\\ lor. 

Defence 0/ ceney catching^ 1592, £\\ \is. Sec 1859, no. 8« 

Greene* s ucond pari 0/ cont^ catchiuft £17. 

Greene's Quip for an upstart ceurtier^ i6ao, £$ xjg. bd. 

Greeners Notable ditceverj 0/ cesenage^ 1591, ^13. See 
1859, no. o. 

Greeners Netees both/rens Heemen and Hell., 1593, £\s lor. 

PericleSy 1630, £$ i2r. bd* Now in the BPC* See 1856, 
DO. 3 ; 1857, no. x 

Taming 0/ the shrew^ i6ti, £i tjs. 6d. See 1857, no. 2. 

The ckr0nicie history ^ Henry the J^th^ 1608, £b. See 
no. 1 under i858« 

Sir John Oldcastle^ 1600, £1 ly. See 1856, na 3 ; 1857, 
no. 2. 

The whole contention^ etc, [1619], £^ See 1856, no. 3; 
1857, no. 2. 

Richard the neondy 161 5, ^^32 lor. See no. t, under 1858. 

Merchant 0/ Venice^ Robeirs ed., 1600, £21. See no. i, 
mnder 1858. 

ShahespearPs Poems, 1640. 'The frontispiece a reprint. 
£2 i8r. See no. i under 1858. 

Othelloy i6ss» £} (c* See 1857, no. a. 

Romeo ana Juliet^ 1637, ^^4, See 1853, no. 3 ; 1857, no. 2. 

w^4. HalliwaUPhimpps, J. O., editor. The Whim- 
zies ; or a new cast of characters : from the 
original edition, published in 1631. London. 
1859. 40. a BPL. 

" Limited to twenty-six cojues," attested by Thomas Richards, 
theprinier. The original^ title>page is reproduced. 

The piece has been attributet! to Richard Brathwait. 

This was the earliest of a series of "reprints of Curious early 
English literature^ which Halliwell by a circular (in BFIm. 
3S52. 1 j) proposed to issue in editions of 25 copies, with one for 
the British museum, and occaMonally one other for some private 
contributor of rare texts, dividing the cost into 25 parts, which in 
the case of this book came to £1 3s. lod, each pait. 

^ 5. Deloney, or Delone, Thomas. The history of 
John Winchcomb, usually called Tack of l/ew- 
bury, the famous clothier. Written, A.D. 
1597. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. 
London. 1859. sm. 4<>. HC. BPL. 

"Twenty-six copies printed." Certified to by Thomas Rich- 
ards, the printer. 

This story was licensed in 1596, and the earliest edition which 
the editor could find was the ninth, 1631, which he has followed, 
reproducing the dtle. *' The romance though highly illustrative 
of old manners and customs, is of small literary merit.** — See 
Collier's BUI og. acct, of early Eng, lit^ i. 266 ; Ritson^s 
Ancient songs and bedlaaSf ii. 70-75. 

6. Tinker (The) of Turvey, or, Canterbury tales: 
an early collection of £nglish novels. Edited 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1859. 
sm. 40. HC. BPL. 

*' Twenty-six copies printed.'* Certified to by Thomas Rich- 
ards, the printer. 

This ccSlection of old stories was first published in 1590 with 
the title. The cobler of Caunterturie, and was an answer to 
Tariton's Newes out of Purgatorie ; another edition with the 
same title appeared in 1608, and in 1630 it appeared again under 
the title, 7%e Tinier of Turvey, his merry Pastime in hie 
fassingfrom BiUinsgate to Graves-End ; the present edition 
is reprinted from thislast edition and contains a reproduction of 
the original title^iMge. It has been erroneously ascribed to the 
celebrated Robert Greene ; but in a work entitled, Greene's 
Vision^ Greene's authorship is denied. The stories consist of 
9x tales told by different characters, namely:—^*!. The 
Tinker's Tale; a. The Cobler's Tale ; t. The Smith's Tale : 4. 
The Gontleman'a Tale; 5. The Scholier's Tale ,"6. The Sea- 
man's 1 lie." 

7. [B., S.]. Fortune's tennis ball : an early Eng- 
lish metrical version of the foundation story of 
Shakespeare's Winter's tale. Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell l-Phillippsl. London. 1859. sm. 4^ 


"Twenty-six copies printed." Certified to by Thomas Ri^ 
ards, the printer. 

^ Reprinted from the 167s edition with a reproduction of the 
title-page, reading: Fortune's Tenni^Bnll; or. The mod 
excellent History of Dorastus and Faiwnia* Rendered in 
delightful English verse. And worthy the Perusal of all 
Sorts of People. By S- S., Gent. No earlier ecfition is known, 
though the book was entered in the Stationer's rttisters in 1656. 
Halliwdl, in his preface to this reprint, says, *Mhe copy from 
which it is taken is, as far as is known, unique.'* It is a metri* 
cal version of Robert Greene's Pandosto, the triumph of time, 
1558. afterwards called Dorattus and Fetwmwa. lliere is 
another reprint in Halliwell's folio editicm of Shakespeare, 
vol. 8. — See Haslitt's Bibliog. of old Eng. lit., 16a. For 
another version, see Francis Sabie's Fithermas^s tale, 1867. 

/8. [Cunny-oatoher, CMthhtxt, pseudm,]. The de- 
fence of coneycatching, A.D. 1592, being a 
reply to works oy R. Greene on the same sub- 
ject. Edited by ]. O. Halliwell I-Phillippsj. 

London. 1859. 16^. 


Reprinted (26 copies) from the ori|^nal edition of i59>« with a 
fao-simile of the woodcut on the title-page. The If O. ci^iy 
has the autograph of Sir William Tite. See 1859, no. i. 

^ Greene, Robert. The notable discovery of 
coney-catchers' cozenage ; as well as the cozen- 
age of colliers. First printed in IS91. Edited 
by J. O. Halliwell [-PhillippsT. London. 
1859. x6c. HC. BPL. 

Reprinted (26 copies) from the original edition of 1591. A 
'* picture of low life ot the time of Shakespeare." The NO. 
copy has Sir William Tite's autografrii. See 1859, no. i. 

^10. Hornby, William. The scourge of drunken* 
ness. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. 
London. 1859. 4<>. BPL. 

*' Limited to twenty-six copies." Attested by Thomas Ridi- 
ards. the i>rinter. 

Ine original title-page is reproduced. 

A modem transcript assigns 1614 as the date of this poem. 
The eariiest impression reen by the editor is 1619. The Hebor 
catalogue has one dated 1618, which may have been the original 
issue of which 1619 is a new impression. 

II. Taylor, John, the water poet, A short relation 
of a lon^ journey made round an ovall by en- 
compassme the principalitie of Wales, from 
London, through and by the counties of Mid- 
dlesex, etc, 1652. In prose and verse. [Ed- 
ited by J. O. Halliwell- Phillipps]. London. 
1859. 4«. BPL. 


" Limited to twenty-six copies, all on tinted paper: 
a. Haslitt's Hand-hook; AUibone^s CrS7dicL, iii., and 
further references there. 

^2. Lodge, Thomas. The Margarite of America. 
Edited by J. O. Halliwelll-Phillipps.]. Lon- 
don. 1859. 40. BPL. 

" Limited to twenty-six copies." Attested by Thomas Ridi 
ards, the i>rinter. • 

The original title-page, 1596, is rraroduced. 

Accounts of Lodge are in the Shakespeare soeiefy puhHeationo^ 
vol. 17, b^ David Laing ; bjr Collier, in his Dratn. Poetry^ Hi. 
213, and Gentlema$is magaaine, 1850; in Wood's Athen. oxon. 
ed Bliss, ii. 382 ; Hakluyt's Collection, ed. 1599. iii. pu 803 ; 
Drake's Shakespeare and his times, n. 249; Allibone'tf Crit. 
diet, and references, etc. 

vfj. Shakeepeare, William. Shaksperian drolls, 
from a rare book, printed about 1608, entitled 
the Theatre of ingenuity. Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. i8<o. sq. 24*'. 

" Ltmited to thirty copies," 

In the preface ^ Halliwell says^ " The only copy I have met 
with has a mutilated title-page, so that the exact date is n 
matter of conjecture. . • • Tne drolls are taken, without 



l«dniiait, iron Shakespeare-s plajrs of th« Taming of 
ew [Ads II. and V], and the nret part of Henry the 
Fourth. . . . The poem, entitled the Lady • advice, is taken 
frum the former pay." — See Bohn's L^ntmdetj 2338 The 
fim droB is called T/U madw^ing', the second u tailed Tkg 

14. HalUwell-Pbillipps, J. O., editor. An an- 
cient survey of Pen Maen Mawr, North Wales, 
from the original manuscript of the time of 
Charles the First. London. 1859. 8°. 
" Limited to thiity copies." 

1^15. HaUiweU^Phillipps, J. O. A brief hand-list 
of books, manuscripts, etc,^ illustrative of the 
life and writings of Shakespeare. Collected 
between the years 1842 and 1859. London. 
1859. 8<». BPL. 

'* Strictly limited to thirty copies.** 

Printed with open spaces for memoranda. 

Eoiunerates the Dering MS. of Heni^ IV. ; twenty of the 
early Shakespeare qoartos, andvarioos otner articles, *'most of 
which haiw been used in one way or other, ia the oompilation of 
HaiUwelTs folio edition.** 


•" I. HamwaU-PhiUipps, J. O. A skeleton hand- 
list of the early quarto editions of the plays of 
Shakespeare; with notices of the old impres- 
sions 01 the poems. London, i860. 80. 


*' Thirty copies printed for private circulation.** 
Printed on Uue writinc paper oolv at the top of the veno of 
each leal, in order *' to aBord room lor MS. notes 00 the biblio- 
graphical peculiarities of each play.** 

The titles and imprints of the early quartos are given at length 
fiar the first time in this list. 

2. HaUiweU-Phillipps, J. O. A brief hand-list of 
the early c|uarto editions of the plays of Shake- 
speare ; with notices of the old impressions of 
the poems. London. i86a 80. BPL. 



Twenty-five copies printed for private circulation.* 
This is the previous work printed compactly, with no blank 

3. Conoelta, clinches, flashes, and whimzies; a 
jest-book of the seventeenth century, hitherto 
unknown to bibliographers, reprinted from the 
tt|ii<^e copy of 1639. Edited by J. O. Halliwell 
[-PhiUipps]. London. i86a sm. 40. HC« BPL. 

" Twenty-six copies privted.** Certified to by Thomas Rich- 
ards the pnnter. • 
With a reproduction of the original titlcHOMre- 
On p. 30 IS a curious jest relating to SnaKespeare, showing 

that '* a popular impression prevailed that the repuution of the 
great dramatist depended more upon his pbys thain on the good 
deeds of his life*'^ Halliwell in his preface sayx. ** This Jest 
appears here, as fiu* as u known, for the first time.'* In his 014^ 
took rariiits, n. $j, he acain says, " Unknown to all bibliosn- 
pbers.'* Inglray in has Shakes^tmrt* 9 cttthtru •/ fraym does 
not notice it* 

^^4. [Bhakaspeare, William]. Facsimile copies from 
the edition of Hamlet dated 1605, macie for the 
purpose of showing that it is the same impres- 
sion as that of 1604, the date only being altered. 
Edited by J. O. Halliwell [PhiUipps]. The 
fife-similes by Messrs. Ashbee and Dangerfield. 
London, i860. 40. HC. BPL. 

** Twenty-six copies printed for private circulation.** 
The fiiCHMmiles of pases given are the title, the firtt of the 
text, and four others, maudiog the last That of the final page 
n Uken from the Capell copy, the only perfect one known ; the 
others are from the British museum copy, which lacks the last 
leaf. See Winsor's Bibliography 9/ SkakctfHtrt^ p. a6. 

5. BaUiwell-Plilllipps, J. O., editor. Fac-similes 
of the plats of three old English plays, viz., the 
Battle of Alcazar, Frederic and Basilia, and the 
Dead man's fortune,' beinff the original direc- 
tions for the actors, suspended near the prompt- 
ei^s station on the walls of the Fortune play- 
house, temp. Elizabeth. London, i860. 1. fo. BPL. 
* limited to twenty-six copies.** 

6. HaUiweU-PhiUipiM, J. O., editor, A brief re- 
lation of some of the grievances of the inhabi- 
tants of the isle of Anglesea, a curious account 
of the state of that island in the seventeenth 
centtiry, now first edited from the original manu* 
script. London, i860. 
" Limited to twenty-six copies, all on thick paper." 

^, Breton, Nicholas. The will of ¥irit, otherwise 
^ called wit'« will, or will's wit. Now first re- 
printed from the rare edition of 1599. Edited 
by J. O. HalliweU [-PhiUipps]. London, i860. 
40. BPL. 

** Limited to twenty-six copies," attested by Thomas Richards, 
the printer. 

The title-page is reproduced. Halliwell had never seen the 
edition of 1597 mentioned by bibliographers ; but the records uf 
the Sutiooonr company make it probable there was an earlier 
edition in is&x. 

' k^. W., K. Conftised characters of conceited cox- 
combs, or, A dish of traitorous tyrants ; reprinted 
from the original edition of l66x. Edited by 
J. O. HalUwell [-PhiUipps]. London, i860. 
40. BPL. 

" Limited to twenty-^ copies,** attested by Thomas Richards 
the printer. 

Halliwell supposes the author to belong to the university of 
Cambridge. The name of Verax Philobasileus is on the utle, 
which is reproduced in this reprint. 

^^ R., S. Greene's ghost-hatmtine conycatchers, 
wherein is set down the art of numouring, &c, 
with the merry conceits of Doctor Pinchback. 
A tract by S. R., 1626. Edited by T. O. Halli- 
well [-PhiUipps]. London, i860. 160. HC. BPL. 

Reprinted (26 copies) for private circulation from the edition 
of i6a6. Lowndes says thie initials mean " probably Samuel 
Rowlands or Samuel Rid.'* The editor says, "attributed, ap- 
parently on uncertain grounds, to Samuel Rowlands-" 

v^o. Fits, Sir John. Narrative of the bloudy mur- 
ders committed by F., and his suicide in August, 
1605; added^ two murders done in Lincolnshire 
revealed in June, 1604. Edited by J. O. Halli- 
well [PhiUipps]. London. 186a 80. BA. 
**TWenty'«x copies on thick paper." 

II. HaUiweU-Phillipps, T. O., editor, A pretie 
new enterlude, both pithie and pleasaunt of the 
story of Kyng Daryus ; now first reprinted from 
the original edition issued in 1505. London. 
i860. 40. BPL. 

'* Limited to tweuty.«ix copies," attested by Thomas Richards, 

Tim title-page is reproduced. 

Halliwell says only three perfect copies are known, and that 
it is one of the earliest English religious plays in which the 
character of Vice is introduced. 

xi2* HaUiwaU-PbiUipps, J. O., editor. The doc- 
tors of Dull-head college. Being a droll formed 
out of the lost play of the Father's own son. 
London, i860, sm. 40. BPL. 

" Limited to thirty copies.** 

The play is earliest mentioned in 1639; and Pepvs. Sept. aS, 
1661. records teeing it The droll is here reprinted from Kirk* 
man*s WUt, 167a. 

\j\y HaUiweU-PhiUipps, J. O., editor, A new and 
merrie prognostication, bein^ a metrical satire 
supposititiously assigned to will Summers the 
jester, and three others, now first reprinted from 
the very rare edition of 1623. London, i860. 
80. BPL. 

" Thirty copies only.*' 

^^4. Debate and stryfe (The) betwene somer and 
wynter; a poetical dialogue, from the unique 
copy printpa by Laurence Andrew early in the 
sixteenth century. Edited by J O. Halliwell 
[-PhiUipps]. London. i86a sq. 240. HC. BPL. 



" Limited to thirty copies." 

The original copy is a 4* of four leaves, in black letter. A 
copy is in the British museum. In the preface, Halliwell says, 
** I cannot help thinking that tome dialogue, such as the present 
one, Bu^ested to Shakespeare the conduaion of his drama of 
*Love*s labour's lost.'*' It b also reprinted in Hazlitt's J?/- 
maifu 9/ the early popular ^oetrj 0/ RnglaiuL, iii. vf-^Xr, with 
a fac-simile of the original nalf-title and woodcut; in the aist 
stjmza both HaJliwall and Hazlitt have altered the spelling of 
the word ^owre to Mowr*. See also Bohn's Lownde*^ 2546 ; 
Uaslitt's Bihiiog. o/eUEng. lU., 583. . 

\^ 15. Halliwell-PliillippB, J. O., edittfr, A treatyse 
of a galaunt, with the maryage of the favre 
Pusell the bosse of Byllyngesgate unto London 
Stone; two poems, from the unique edition, 
printed by Wynkyn de "Worde. London. i86a 
sq. 120. BPL. 

*' Limited to thirty copies." 

16. Deloney, or Delone, Thomas. Three old bal- 
ads on the overthrow of the Spanish armada, 
written a.d. 1588; now first reprinted from 
black-letter copies, supposed to be unique. 
Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-PhiUipps]. London. 
i860, sq. 240. HC. BPL. 

'* Limited to thirty copies." 

These ballads are believed to be amongst the eaiiiest ballad 
productions of this prolific writer. — See Pre/ace, 

yr 17. [Sbakespeare, William]. The merry con- 
ceited humours of Bottom the weaver, a droll 
composed out of the comic scenes of the Mid- 
summer night's dream [by Robert Cox]. About 
1646. Edited by J. O. Halliwell r-Phillipps]. 
London, i860, sq. 240. HC. BPL. 

" Limited to thirty copies." 

This droll was first printed separatelv in 1661, the publishers 
being Francis Kirkman and Henry Marsh ; it was afterwards 
included in the first part, according^ to Halliwell; or in the 
second part, according to Baker ( in his Biegrapkia dramaiwa) 
of Kirkman's Witrt or Sport upon *Port. 1670-73, from whidi 
this edition is a copy. The authorsnip has^ been ascribed to 
Robert Cox —See Baker's Biog. dmmat.y i. 154, 155, iii. 414, 
415; Collier's Bibliog. accU of early Eng. Iii., ii. 311; HallH 
well's Diet. 0/ old Eng. plays, 36; Hazlitt's Bibliog, 0/ old 
Eng. lit., 319. 

^^ 18. Bhakespecure, William. The droll of the 
bouncing knight, or The robbers robbed ; to 
which is added the Droll of the gravemakers, 
both constructed out of Shakespeare's plays 
about A.D. 1647, and acted at Bartholomew and 
other fairs. Edited by J. O. Halliwell f-Phil- 
lipps]. London, i860, sq. 240. HC. BPL. 

" Limited to thirty copies." 

These drolls are reprinted from The wHsy or sport upon 
sport, colUctod by Frtuteis Kirkman, London, 1673, which 
contains twenty-five others, besides the two named in the above 
title. Kirkman states that The bouncif^ knight is taken " out 
\A Edw. IV.," when it is reallv drawn from Henry IV. part 1. 
The other is from Hamlet. The editor says only five^ of these 
droVs appear to be originals, the rest .are from favorite plays, 
and in one instance from a drama now otherwise unknown. 

^ 19. [Coz, Robert]. The conceited humours of Sim- 
pleton the smith, a theatrical droll, composed 
about 1647. Edited by J. O. Halliwell f-PhU- 
lipps]. London. i86a sq. 240. HC. BPL. 

** Limited to thirty copies." 

This droll is taken from the author's Aetmon and Diana^ and 
was reprinted in Kirkroan^s **IVits, or Sport itpon sport^b^^!^ 
See Baker's Biog. dramat., i i5<i, 155; Halliwell's Diet., of 
old Eng. plays, 328, where he assigned K to Kirkman. 

^^ ,20. 'W3r8C chyldc (The) and the Emperor Ad^'ian; 
a dialogife resembling tliat of Salomon and Sat- 
urn ; from the unique edition primed by Wyn- 
kyn de Worde. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. London, i860, sq. 240. , HC. BA. 

•* Limited to thirty copies." 

The original of this tract is a 4* of six leaves in black letter ; 
it is preserved in the British museum. According to Halliwell 
it is unknown to all the writers on the dialogues of Salomon and 
Sttiirn. — See Bohn's Lowndes, 3708. 

cf. John M. Kemble's edidon of Salomon amd Sahmsmtt 
printed for the /EXLnc society, 1848. 

u^i. CroQOli, Humphrey. The Welch traveller; or» 
The unfortunate Welchman, 167 1. Edited hy 
J. O. Halliwell [-PhiUipps]. London. 186a. 
160. BA. BPL. 

" Limited to thirty copies." 

22. Tbnmb, Tom. The metrical history of Tom 
Thumb the Little, as issued evlv in the eigh- 
teenth century, in three parts. £idited by J. O. 
Halliwell [-PhiUipps]. London, i860, sq. 
240. HC. BA. 

'* Limited to thirty copies." 

The editor's preface enumerates the earlier references to the 
story, and the earlier editions and versions. A partial list of 
Tom llittmb literature is given in Bohn's Lowndes, p 3681. 

/23. [Widow of Watling street.] The ancient bal- 
lad of the fair widow of Watling street and her 
three daughters, from the earliest known edition 
printed by Thomas Pavier about 1600. Edited 
Dy J. O. Halliwell [-PhiUipps]. London, i860 
sq. 240. HC. BPL. 

** Limited to thirty copies." ^ 

This ballad was rmstered with the Statioaers* compotiy, Aug 
15, 1597 ; but no earner et&km than I^vier's is known. Malone 
haul comectured from the title that the nsendo-Shakespeariaa 
play, Too puriiaime was founded on tins ballad ; but HaUiwell 
says the story is essentially different 

24. Decker, Thomas. Decker's dream, in which, 
being rapt with a poetical enthusiasm, the great 
volumes of heaven and hell were opened to him, 
in which he read many wonderful things. Re- 
printed from the rare edition of 162a Edited 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London, i860. 
40. BPL. 

'* Limited to twenty-six copies." attested by Thomas Richards, 
the printer. The original title-page b reproduced, containing a. 
woodcut, representing a man, perhaM Dicker, lying in bed. 
For curious particulars of Decker, see Lollier's Frtmcipal actors 
in tke plays of Skakespeare, 1846^ 

* •^25. Day, John. Humour out of breath ; a comedy. 
Now first reprinted from the original edition of 
1608. Edited by J. O. HalliweU [-PhiUipps]. 
Isondon. Printed for the Percy library. ' J060. 
120. BPL. 

Marked in MS. : — *' FifVy copies only p res er v e d. J. O. H.'* 
Tlie title-page is reproduMd. llie editor's notes, pp. 77-79, 
are at the end. 

Halliwell aays, " This was the first publication of the intended 
Percy library. The project has been aband(»ed for want of snp- 
port; the present being the only one printed.* The impression 
(»iginally consisted of 500 copies, 50 have been preserved, and 
the T«st destroyed." * 

^6. HaUiweU-PhillippB, J. O. Hand-list of the 
early English literature in the Douce collection 
in the Bodleian library. London. i86o.*8o. ftPL. 
** For private circulation only. Fifty-one copies printed.'* 

y^7. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. A hand-list of earlv 
English literature preserved in the Malone col- 
lection in the Bodleian library; selected from 
the printed catalogue of that collection. London. 
i860. 80. • BPL. 

** Strictly limited to fifty-one . copies, fdr private circulation 

''^The Malon^ collection indudes some of the most important 
earIy*En^lish rarities of the Bodleian library, and with the nu- 
merous miportant additions in the same direction, render that 
library one of the most interesting in the world to English stu- 

llie Malone collection is kept in a separate room in the Bod- 
leian, along with another special collection. Macka/s Anmals 
of ike Bodleian, contains accqunts of the Malone collection, 1821, 
1833, 1834 ; of the gifts of Shakespeariana by Thomas Calde- 
cx>tt, 1833 ; 0^ 'he purchases from the Heber sale, 1834* and 
from the Chalmers sale, 1841, respectively under the years 



v/^aS. HalUweU-PliimpiMr T. O. Notes of family 
excursions in North Wales taken chiefly from 
Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, and Bangor. Lon- 
don. i860, sm. 40. BPL. 

w 29U HaUiweU-PhillippB, J. O. A dictionary of old 
English plays, existing either in print or in 
manuscript, from the earliest times to the close 
€i the seventeenth century; including also no- 
tices of Latin plays written by English authors 
during the same period. London. i86a 80. 


One of the BPL. amies is on thick paper (25 printed); and 
in it are inaerted two MS- letters of Halliwell to the publisher 
relating to the book, in which he says, " I went carefully through 
the London catalogues from 1680 to 1730.*' 

This work is "grounded on the list of plays given in the last 
and best edition of the Bu^ra^kia dramaiica^ 181 a, but with 
numerous corrections, additions, and alterations.*' I1ie com- 
pilers of the Biog. dram, had lan^ely depended on Gerard 
Laugbaine's Aecouni of tht SnglUk dramatick poets ^ Oxford, 
1691. The arrangement is alphabetical by the titles of the plays. 
The Tolume doses with a list of " The collected works of dra- 
matic authors," p. aSa: lists of "Collections of old English 
plavs,^ p. a86, and of "Collections of miracle pbys," pu 290; 
ana an index of authors. 

Collier in his BibUorvafkical and critical account 0/ tlU 
rrnnti iooks in tJU Bn^itk loMgnag*^ 1865, " purposely avoided 
old English dramas and plays/* and oonsequently the present 
volume conveniently supi^ements that work. W. C Hazlitt*s 
Handi»ook to tkt pepuiar^ fottical^ and dramatic Uterainrt of 
Gr^ai Brttain/rom tko tnoottiion 0/ printing^ to the restora- 
tion, 1867, is more comprehensive than either : and in his pref- 
ace, Mr. Hazlltt enumerates the bibliographies of his predeces- 
sors in this field. 


I. HalliweU-Phimppfl, J. O. A few words in de- 
fence of the memory of Edward Capell, occa- 
sioned by a criticism in the Times newspaper, 
Dec. 26tn, i860. London. 1861. sq. \(P. HC. 

*' Printed only foir presentation.'* 
' Halliwell thinks that Knight is the " Single critic who speaks 
ef [Cuiell] with due respect." He dedicates his great folio edi- 
tion of Shakespeare to the merobry of Capell. Of the Capell 
oollection now in Trinitjr college, Cambridge, he says that, ''in 
a Uterary point of view, it is one of the most important Shake- 
Kierian collections in the world, only in fact to be equalled by the 
^ke.of Devonshire's. Capell's is probably superiori'*-on the 
whole, in the important matter of the genuineness of copies." 
To the eye of a oibliomaniac the Shakespeare quartos m the 
Capell oollection aprpear ungainly in their cropped condition, 
and because of the irregular manner in which tney are grouped 
and bound, several in a volume. 

Capell drew up a list of his rarities for Gsrrick, and from this 
MS., after. CapeU*s death, Steevens printed a small edition of 
thirtv copies, one' of which is in the Boston public Kbnry. It 
has Deen reprinted in Hartshome's Booh rarities in the nni- 
versify of Cambridge. 

2. HalliweU-PhilUppB, J. O., editor. The sack full 

of newes, an old jest-book, originally printed 

*in tKe x6th century, now first reprinted since 

1673, from a copy supposed to be unique. 

. London. 1861. sq. X2<>. BPL. 

" Limited .to forty copies." 

There Is another reprint in Haxlitt's Oid BngUsh jest-books^ 

3. [Halllwell-Fhilllppft, J. O.]. Catalogue of re- 

prints and fac-similes, illustrative of early Eng- 
lish and Shakesperian literature, th« impressions 
of which are' mostly limited to twenty-six or 
thirty copies. Will be sold by auction on Sat- 
urday, Feb. 2d, 1S61. BPL. 

The notice says the entire impressions will be sold, except 
that one copy had been sent to the British museum, and another 
in some cases reserved by the editor; ^The sale was an experi- 
ment to see if such biblio^phical curiosities can thus be made 
to meet their expenses without the trouble attendant on sub- 
•cription lisu. It contains books issued by Halliwell in 1859-60. 
The BPL. copy is mUrked with prioes. The 700 lots brought 

p 4. [Shirley, James]. Jenkin of Wales his love- 
course and perambulation; an early droll per- 
formed at tne Red Bull theatre about 1647. 
Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 
1861. sq. 240. HC. BPL. 

" Strictly limited to thirty copies.*' 

This droll is taken from the author's School of compliments ; 
it was Inserted by Kirkman in the Wits^ or Sport upon sport 
1679. from which it is, now reprinted. In this form it has some 
variations from the original which Halliwell says **are worth 
preserving, although they are of no critical value ; and as a 
contribution to the less valuable but quaint collection of jocular 
Welsh tracts of the seventeenth century, it may be interesting to 
many.** — See Baker's Biog. dramat.., iil 415. 

5. Peurl, John. A viewe of some part of such pub- 
like wants and disorders as are in the service 
of Ood, within her majesties countrie of Wales, 
together with an humble petition, unto this high 
court of parliament for their speedy redresse. 
Anno 1580. From the original edition. Edited 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1861. 
4<>* BPL. 

** Limited to thirty copies,*' attested by Thomas Richards, the 
The date is on the half-tide. 

& HaUiwell-PhimppB, J. O., editor. The humble 
remonstrance of Rice ap Meredith, ap Morgan, 
shentilman of Wales, with fery brave new oal- 
lacks or songs, from the original edition of 1652, 
a curious satirical tract, in prose and verse. 
London. 1861. sq. 120. BPL. 

" limited to thirty copies." 

« /y. Halliwell-PhilUppa, J. O., editor. An old poem 
on the mineral wells of Islington, near London, 
describing the company who resorted to them 
(1691.) London. 1S61. sq. 120. 
*• Only thirty printed." 

k/6. HaUiwell-PhiUipps, J. O. A first appeal to the 
public for the preservation of the gardens of 
Shakespeare. XiOndon: Oct. 15,1861. sm. 80. 



^ HalUwell-Phillipps, J. O. The national Shake 
^ sperian fund. Nov. 4, 1861. fo. pp. 4. BPL. , 

la HalliweU-Phillipps,J.O. The national Shake 
sperian fund. [Circular, dated Nov. 20th, 1861. 
With the laws of the fund and a list of the 
subscriptions up to that time promised. West 
Brompton, near London. 1861.J 40. HC. BPL. 

There is a considerable collection of circulars, broadsides, 
newspaper scraps, etc, relating to the creation of the ShakOi. 
speare fund, and the purchase pf the Henley street house in 
Stratford, and of the Shakespeare gardens, most of which, n<|t 
here enumerated, are preserved in the BPL. 


^i. HaUiwell-Pliillippfl, J. O. A brief list of some 
of the rarer and most curious old-book rarities 
in the library of J. O. Halliwell, illustrative 
chiefly of early English popular literature. 
West Brompton. 1862. sm. 40. HC. BA. 

" For private circulation only." 

The prefiice says : " It indudes more unique books tham 
are to be found in the Capell collection, or in many a college 

^2. [HalUwell-Phlllippfl, J. O., edilfir\, A brief 
hand-lis|frOf the records belonging to the borough 
of Stratford-on-Avon. Showing their general 
character; with notes of a few of the Shake- 
spearian documents in the same collection. 
[London.] 1862. sq. 160. HC. BPL. 

"Only fifty copies printed." 

'* An inventory of the general account of the contents of the 
documents as arranged in parcels. . . . Nothing in the way 



ol a calendar is htxe atteiqpted." Mr. HalliweU hat written 
** Calendared" ^^st many of the entries in the NO« coi^. 

v/ 3- HaUiwell-PliUlipps, J. O. A hand-list of up- 
wards of a thousand volumes of Shakespeariana 
added to the three previous collections of a 
similar kind, and of which lists have been pre- 
viously printed. London. 1862. So. BPL. 

*' Only twenty-five copies printed." 

The collection consists of articles costing from one shilling to 
£6y The editor says: *' In lists of Shakes{>eariana in book- 
seller's catalogues rarely occurs a single tract 01 any scarcity." 

In a private note, Mr. Halliwell-I^illipps cives some account 
of his experience as a collector of biUiograpnical rarities, from 
which, with his consent, a few paragraphs here follow : — 

"About the year 1836, when I first began hunting for old 
books, at the various stalls in our famous LoodoB city, black-let- 
ter ones and rare prints were * plenty as blackberries, and I have 
oiten found sudi things in unlikely places and amidst a mass of 
commonplace rubbish, exposed for sale in boxes labelled, TlAriv 
Aoaks a$td pampkletty 6d. or is. tack, outside an old bookseller's 
window, where another notice informed the nasser-by that Lihrtt' 
rus were pttrckased cr hooks bought ; ana thus plainly showed 
how such now indeed rarities came into the possession of an igno- 
rant bibliopole I It was not, however, till about 1840, that 1 turned 
my attention to the more special woric of oolleciing Shakeroeare 
quartos, in which I may say I have been very successful. It 
was at one of George Chalmers's sales I first bought one or two. 
atid after that I hunted for them in all parts of the country ana 
met with considerable success, ^ often buving duplicates and 
even triplicates of the same edition and play. At one time I 
ixwsesaed no less than three copies of the very rare quarto edi- 
tion of Romeo and JulieU 1609, and sometimes even had four 
conies of more than one of the other auartos. Not so very long 
before this period, old Jolley, the wdl-known collector, picked 
up a Caxton at Reading^ Berkshire ; and a yenus and Adonis 
oE 1594, at Manchester, m a volume' of old tracts, for the ignoble 
sum of one shilling and three pence. Jolley was a wealthy 
orange merchant of Farrington street, London, and entertained 
me often with manv stories of similar fortunate Jltids of rare 
books, which served to whet my a|)petite only the more But I 
was soon stopped in my book-hunting career, by the appearance 
all at once on the scene of a number of buyers with much longer 
purses than my own, and thus I was driven from a market, I had 
derived so. much pleasure from, with very great regret. Some- 
time afterwards circumstances rendered it desirable that I should 
part with a large number of my book treasures by auction and 
to the British museum : but even then I retained enough to be 
instrumental in foundins the first Shakespearian library m Scot- 
land, by presenting to the university of Edinburgh, among other 
rarities, nearly fifty copies of original quartos of Shakespeare's 
plays, printed before the Restoration, and to keep sufficient my- 
self of the rarest and most valuable examples, which I am proud 
to feel makes my present collection of such books the largest in 
this county of Sussex. In fact more eariy quarto Shakespeares 
have been \n my own possession^ than it is now possible can ever 
fail to the lot of any other individual." 

s/- 4. [Halliwell-PhillippB, J. O., editor]. Indenture 
respecting Shakespeare's property in the Black- 
friars. 161 2-13. obi. 40. HC. 

Marked in mantiscript : — " Eleven copies only. J. 0< H." 
^ Without title, but fettered on the back, as above. ' It is a 
lithographic &c-simile of six oblong pages. 




%* It b deemed best to keep the following titles together, and 
not to scatter them through the years, covered by their dates of 

The general preface to the series says, " Every single letter 
has been lifaced from the originals by hand, and for all really 
practical uses^ this series is as valuable as a collection of the 
early quartos themselves. But to assert that in delicate and 
minute points, references to the originals are rendered unneces- 
sary, would be manifestly an exaggeration. Ther^ is no known 
process which could preclude the advisability of an occasional 
recourse, on special questions, to the early editions." What 
was true in 1871, it is feared remains so still, notwithstanding 
the advances in the utilizafimi of sun-work in the processes <3 
printing, lliis tradng for the liihoeraphic stone was done by 
Edmund WiUiam Ashbee, Mr. Halliwell exercising a general 
supervision of the work, ** I being the director, not the worker " 
lie says, m the account of the series given in ifiis Skako' 
speartana^ 1867, p. 40. One side of the leaf only was printed 
on, and each copy is marked: **Far private circalation only. 

Only fif^ copies printed, nineteen of which were sabseqnenthr 
destroyed, thus reducing the number preserved to thirty-ooe- 
The number of each copy then follows, and then the signatures 
of Ashbee, Tuckett (the binder^ and Halliwell. The latter 
says in a private letter, "Owing to the late fire at the Pan- 
technicon," Feb. 13, 1874, when all the sets unsubscribed for 
were destroyed, " and the way in which seu have been broken 
up. 1 do not fancy that there are above fifteen sets in exisunce." 
It is not known that there is a complete set in Boston or hs 
vicinity. The set which belonged to Mr. W. G. Med^icott of 
Longmeadow, Mass., was taken to England. CI Medlieott 
Catalogite^ p. 330. The Lenox library in New York has a 
complete set ; and others are in the private collections of Mr. 
C« W. Frederickson of New York, and of Mr. Horace Howard 
Fumess of Philadelphia. There are jMuts of sets in the Shake- 
speare society's library in Phikuielphia and in the Boston pub- 
he library. ^ 
The original subscription was five guineas per volume. 

Bbakespeare, William. A collection of litho- 
graphic fac-similes of the early auarto editions 
of Shakespeare, including everv known edition 
of all the pla]^ issued during nis lifetime. By 
Edmund WiUiam Ashbee. 48 vol. London. 
1862-7 X. 40. 

In the following enumeration of contents the titles will not 
be given in full, but they can be found in Ualliweli's SkeUian 
hand-iist 0/ the earl/ gmarto edUions^ i860 ; and fac-droHes of 
them are given in Wtnsor's Bibliography 0/ tho original ^mar 
tos and folios 0/ Shakespeare. 

Vol I. Contains the general title, preface, list of 
contents, and three fac-similes, variations of ti- 
tles, namely: Richard the Second, 160S; Troiliis 
and Cressida, 1609 ; and the Romeo and Juliet 
without date. 

Vol. n. Venus and Adonis, 1593. 

Follows the onlv copy known, in the Bodleian. Halliwell 
gives the title in tac-simile in his folio edition of Shakespeare, 
xvi. 378. CI Winsor's Shakespeare* s poems^ no. a of the 
BMiag. contribmtions 0/ Harvard college library. 

Vol. m. Lucrece, 1 594. 

Halliwell gives the title in facsimile in hb folio edition off 
Shakespeare, xvL 278. Cf. Winsor's Shakespeares pmmt, 
p. 5, for enumeration of copies of the original known. 

Vol. rV. Venus and Adonis, 1 594. 

There are three copies known, — in the British museum, 
Bodleian, and Huth colleaions. Cf- Winsor's Shakespemr^s 
poems, p. 3. 

VoL V. Romeo and Juliet, 1597. 

This follows Garrick's copy in the British mnseom, several 
leaves of which are slightly mutilated. CL Winsor's BabUog. 
o/Shakespeare%^, 65, for enumeration of other copies, and his 
Boston public library Montkly reports, Aug. 1877, for a colla- 
tion of the Museum copy. Fumess, in. his Romeo and ynliet^ 
gives a reprint of this edition, and says that on collation the text 
of this fac-«imile and the other three editions in this series, with 
the text of the Cambridge edition he found about twenty discx«|^ 
ancies, and as on verification of the museum cc^es, Ashbee was 
found correct, there were probably variations in the copies used 
by the editors of the Cambridge edition. Other reprints are 
given m Steevens's Twenty ptays, iv. ; in Tycho Mommsen*s 
^hakespearis Romeo and Jtdiet, 1859 ; in the Cambridge edi- 
tion of Shakesbeare ; in P. A. Daniers Romeo and Jnliet, pub- 
lished by the New Shak^iere society, and in his Paredlel Uxts^ 

Vol. VX Richard the Second, 1597. BPL. 

The two copies known are those in Trinity coUege libnuy, 
Cambridge, and in the Huth collection. 

Vol. Vn. Richard the Third, 1597. BPL. 

The Huth copy was bought at the Daniel sale in iSf^ for 
the largest sum ever paid at auction for a Shakespeare quartOb 
A35I iS'-f and it is the only copy ever publicly sold. There are 
perfect copies in the Bodleian and in thel>evooshiTe collections, 
and a fragment only in the British museum. Cf. Winsoc's 
Sknkespeare hihliog., p. 60, and his Boston publie libraro 
Monthly reports, July, 1877. . ^ 

Vol. VnL Love's labor lost, 1598. 

Halliwell gives a facsimile of tide in his Skukespeare, iv. 
J"*» *?4.*1'* Skakespsare slndy-books, p^ 31, shows a copy. 
•I* ,., ?""**** museum copy had beeii Daniel's and Hebei's. 
Cf. Winsor's Shakesp. bihUog., p. 45, and his Boston pmblic 
Mrary Monthly reports, March. 1877. HalliweU mentjoos a 
n^Mimile reprint, made privately by Malooe. 



Vol. IZ. Richard the Second, 1598. 

Copies of the oriciiMl are in the Boston puUic library, the 
British muaeum, Bodleian, etc. 

VoL Z. Henry the Fourth, 1598. 

Three c^JP^m <^ ^^ original are known, — British^ museum, 
impertect; Triuit3r college* Cambridge ; the Devonshire collec-> 
tion. Halliwell gives a lao«inuIe of the title in his folio ed. of 
Shakespeare^ x. 343* 

This has been supposed to be the ediih princepSy but Halli- 
well in a communication in the London A/Aetuemmtjskn. 1875, 
annonnced that he had found a fragment of an earlier edition, 
■ad in his Shakespeare study-^k^kft 1876^ p. 18, he names ** a 
unique fragment of the eariiest and hitherto unknown edition of 
die First part of Henry the Fourth, the head-line being The 
Hysiorie if Henry the Femrihj'' 4*. 

VoL XL Richard the Third, 1598. 

Halfiwell gives the title in fan-simile in his folio ed. ot Shake- 

nr, xi. 381. Originals are in the Capell collection. Trinity 
cbJkfie, Cambridge : and in the Bodleian (Heber's) ; Garrick's 
eopv m the BritiMi mnseum has the last two leaves m fac*simile. 
Halliwell says the title-page of this Garrick copy, |;>ut with an 
nncut copy of bis own, described in 1857, as having title in 
facNsimile, would make the finest copy known ; and this Halli- 
well copy is perhaps the British museum copy, acquired 9 Nov. 

1S5S. and now numbered C. 34i k. 46. 

' ' '^M Be 

Winsor's Shake- 
speare kikliag^ p. 6i« and his Besica puklic library MotUhly 
r^p^**% July, 1877. 

VoL Xn. Henry the Fourth, 1599. BPL. 

Garrick*s copy of the original, and George the Hiird's, which 
bad been Steevens's, are in the British museum ; while another 
Steevens copy is in the marouis of Bute's collection. Malone's 
is in the Bodleian. Daniers copy came to A. W. GriswokFs 
library, New York, at the cost of j£ii5 lof. 

V6L Xm. Romeo and Juliet, 1 599. 

HalKwell gives fao«mile of title in his folio ed. of Shake 
^kearey xitL tao. Copies in the BeJieiemj British mnseum, etc. 
Reprints are in Mommsen*s Skakes^earrs Remee mmU Julia, 
1859, and in P.^ A. Daniel's New Shakspere society's edition. 
1874* with revision, 187s, and in his Parallel texts of Uu first 
Hm que/lrtosy 1874. 

VoL XIV. Much ado about nothing, 1600. 

George the Third's and Garrick' s copies of the original are in 
the British museum. Steeveni^s copy is in the Boston public li- 
bnunr. There is, or wa.«. ft.comr in the collection of A. W. Gris- 
woid. New York city. HaUiweU sold a copy in 1857 ^ iC^s ; and 
Ida If^arekeusr catala/^ite names another. The Ellesmere copy 
waa reproduced bv photolithography in 1864, edited bv Howard 
Staunton, and Halliweirs copy of this last, collated in the maigin 
with the Chariemont copy, was given by him to Mr. Horace How- 
ard FumesB of Philadelphia. Halliwell gives a fac-simile of the 

hkrary Manikly reparU^ April, 1877. 

VoL XV. Titu.s Andronicus, 1600. 

There are two copies known, — in the Ellesmere ooUectioo, 
Bridcewater House, and in the library of the university 01 

VoL XVL Midsummer night's dream. " Printed 
by James Roberts,*' 160a 

- Copies are in the Boston public library, Lenox Iibraiy, and in 
other American collections according to Winsor's Skakespeare 
kSUi^.^ p. 51. Garrick's and George the Thirds copies are in 
the Bfitish muaeunL Winsor's Bosiaa ptMic library Mentklv 
T^9ri*<, April, 1877. There is a type-reprini in Steevens s 

Twetely ptaysyu 

VoL XVH. Midsummer night's dream. " Tm- 
printed for Thomas Fisher,^ 1600. BPL. 

The Boston poblic library's copy of the original was Heber's 
no. aois of part ii. of his catalc^e. lliere are copies in the 
Britidi museum, Bodleian, etc. 

Vol. XVHL Merchant of Venice. " Printed by 
L R. for Thomas Heyes," 1600. 

Thert are originals in the Boston public library (formerly 
Heber't) L^nox (also Heber'sl^ and Griswold collections. The 
British inuseum has Garrick's copy, and two which belonged to 
Georxe the Third, — one of them formerly the Roxburghe copy. 
Cf. Winsor's Boston public library Monthly reports, March, 
1877: and his Skakeifeare bibliof., p. 46, for other copisa. 
Halliwellgives a fac-«imile of the title in his folio Sheihespearex 
▼. 27^ Tbere are variations of texu in different originals. Cf. 
HaUiweir a Sktskespeare study-books, p. JSt and Collier's Reasons 
fir d mtm odUion ^ Skak^ptaref p. ia« 

VoL XIX. Merchant of Venice. ** Printed by 

J. Roberts.** i6co. 

There are originals in the Boston public library, Lenox library 
and in other American coUections, according to Winsor's Skake- 
speare bibliog^t p> 47* Mr. Furness has a copy with Capell' s col- 
lations and notes, xhe British museum has Garrick's and George 
the Third^s copies, — the latter marked as ** used by S- J.," proba- 
bly Dr. Johnson. Cf. Winsor's Boston ^Hic library Monthly 
rebortst March, 1877. It was reprinted in Sieeven^s Twenty 
pUysy i. 

k/^VoL XX. Henry the Fourth, part ii. (sig. £ has 
four leaves, making 41 leaves in all). 1600. 

The British muaeum has an original of this earlier unper- 
fected edition, placed there by Halliwell, who has written in it, 
"Second Part of Henrie the Fourth. i6oa — There is only 
one early edition of this play, but some copies have an enlarged 
sheet E, with an additional scene, consisting of six leaves. The 
fact deariy is that, as originally published, sheet £ contained 
only four leaves. The error was found out, and in copies issued 
afterwards, the sheet was altered. There are two copies in tin 
Museum, but both have the enlarged sheeL The present penu- 
.ine copy of the original sheet is taken from a duplicate in my 
collection." Steevens reprinted it in his Twenty plays, ii., 
from na 5460*, part ii. Heber catalogue. 

VoL XXI. Henry the Fourth, part ii. (sis. £ 

has six leaves, making 43 leaves in all). 160a 

Garrick's copv, and George the Third's (formerly Steeven^s), 
are in the Briiisn museum. Cf. Winsor's Boston public librarv 
Monthly reports, Dec 1876. Halliwell gives a fac-simile of title 
and first page in hu folio ed. of Shakespeare * x. 30, where he 
mentions a copv in his po s s es s i on having numerous stage dire<> 
tions in a nearly contemporaneous hand ; and he has notes in 
his own 1857 sale catalcwue (when the copv sold brought £i<m 
and went to Henry Huth) and in the Sir Wm. Tite cats^ogue, 
p. 197. There are other copies in the Bodleian and in the 
l)evonBhire collection. 

VoL XXTT. Henry the Fifth. 1600. 

The king's copy in the British museum was bought at Dr. 
Wright's sale, 1787. Winsor's ^/m public library Montkly 

pnnted in the Cambridce edition, iv. ; and bv the New Shab- 
spere society, edited by Dr. B. Nicholson with introduction by 
P. A. Daniel, the text following this Ashbee facxkimile, com- 
pared with the Oipell and Huth copies. 

VoLXXm. Merry Wives of Windsor. 1602. 

Halliwell gives a fac-simile of title in his folio edition of 
Skakesfeare, ii. a 10, and calls it of "excessive rarity, only four 
copies being'known to exist, and it is carefully printed in larve 
type, evidently being produced hastily for the pwirpose of sale?* 
bee the note to Halliwell's Shakespeare society reprint under 

VoL XXIV. Henry the Fifth. 1602. 

The originals in Trinity college library, and in the Devonshire 
collection aure the only ones known. 

V<^ 2CXV. Richard the Third. 1602. 

Halliwell gives a facsimile of title in hia folio Shakespeare^ 
i 4^ (3arrick's copy is in the British museum, Capell's is at 


Trinity college, (Cambridge. 

v^ VoL XXVX Hamlet. 1603. 

There are two copies of this edition known, beside the imper- 
fect copy mentioned in Halliwell's iVarekouse catalogue, 1876. 
Tht/irst of these two lacks the last leaf, and made a part of a 
volume containing twelve old plays, which as Sir Henry Bun* 
bury says, *' was probably picked up by my grandfather, Sir 
William Bunbury," who was a nephew ot Sir Tnomas Hanmer. 
Sir Henry says, " I exchanged the volume with Messrs Payne 
and Foss for books to the value of ;£ tSo, and they sold it for 
j^a9o to the duke of Devonshire." Siee Correspondence of Sir 
Thomxs Hanmer, p. 8d; AthenteMm, London; 18 Oct i8j<^t 
H. H. Fumess's ed. of Hamlet: Winsor's Shakespeare fib- 
liog"., p. 25 

The second copy lacks the title, and was discovered among 
the books of a student of Trinity college, Dublin, in i85<s. who 
haul brought it from Nottinghamshire, and who sold it fur one 
Miilling to M. W Kounev uf Dublin, who printed a narrative 
of its (Uscovery, with a fac-simile ot the l«>8t leaf— now first 
known — at Dublin, 1856. Cf. Fumess's Hamlety p. 397. ""J 
Winsor's. Shahespeare biHiog,, p. a6. It is stitched in pnper 
covers, interieaved and has MS. notes and printed extracts f lom 
subsequent editions. Wii^^s Boston public library MoMkt^ 
reports^ Nov. 1876. Boone, the Lon4on bookseller, bought it 



of Rooney for ;£ 70^ and sold it to HalHwell, who wrote in it, 
"This is the rare & most precious edition of the Hamlet of 
z6o3, of which the only other known copy is in the collection of 
the Duke of Devonshire. I purchased this volume of Messrs. 
Boone in Sept, 1856, for;Ciso. — J. O. Halliwbll." Halli- 
well dispocea of it to the British museum, where it now ia, 
marked C. 34. k. i. 

A lithographic fac-«imile of the Devonshire copv, lacking last 
leaf^ was made (40 copies) in 1858, under Collier^s superinten- 
dence, and of this there are two copies^ in the Boston public 
library, and one in Mr. Fumess's collection. A oopy is named 
in the Medlicott catalof^e. A fac-cimile by a photographic 
procesfi, with an introduction by F. J. Fumivall| has been issued, 
1879, as the first of a new series of the quarto tac-eimiles. 

It has been reprinted in type at London for Payne and Foss 
in 1835 ; at Leipsic ; at Birmingham, published in London, 
i860, edited by Samuel Timmins ; in the Cambridge ShAht^ 
tp«ar«^ viii. ; in Fumess's HamUU ii'i where there is a bibliog- 
raphy, as also in Timmins's preface (as above) and in NffUt amid 
querieSf ad sen ix. 378, 459. 

VoL XXVn. Hamlet. 1604. 

There are three originals known, — the Devonshire, Lord 
Howe's, and Huth's. Ci Winsor's ShaJUs^arw hibliog.y p. 
36. Collier superintended a lithographic fac-»iroile of the Dev- 
onshire copy (40 copies), and there are copies in the BPLap in 
Fumess's collection, and in the Medlicott catalogue. It was 
also reprinted by Timmins in connection with the 1603 reprint 

A copy in y W. Reed's sale, ijfqo^ brought /i\^ ts. 6iaf., the 
catalogue calhng it unique, but against this statement in a copy 
of this catalogue there is written, *' Of this play there are three 
copies known. G. S>" [? George SteevensJ. Where is the Reed 
copy now ? 

VoLZZVUL Henry the Fourth. Parti. 1604. 
There is a perfect original in the Bodleian, and an imperfect 
one in Capell s collection, Trinity collie, Cambridge. 

xy VoL XXTX. Hamlet. 1605. 

Two originals known, one in the British museum, lacking the 
last leaf, and the other in Capell's collection. Trinity college, 
Cambric^e. See under i860, Halliwell*s tac-stmile ot some of 
the pages, for the purpose of showing it to be the same with the 
1604 ^ition. and printed from the same forms. Fumess, how- 
ever, Hamltt ii., p. 33, gives a number of instances where the 
text varies See also mnsor's Bcston pmbUc Ubrmry Mcnikfy 
re^orUt Nov. 1876. 

Vol. 3CX3C. Richard the Third. 1605. BPL. 

- Halliwell has written in the BPk« copy, " The incorrect ar- 
rangement of a few of the pages is followed from the extremely 
rare original in the British museum, from which it was not 
thought right to deviate in the slijghtest degree.*' Halliwell 
wrote in the museum oopy the following notes: '* Cost me £^.^* 
** Richard Uu Third,, 1605, a perfect genuine copy of this most 
rare edition, which is not even noticed in any bibliographical 
list, was unknown to all the other commentators, and first men- 
tioned in Collier's recent edition. The only other known copy is 
in the Bodleian," which bought it of Halliwell in 1840 for ^ai. 
The Tite catalogue, 1874, nowever, disclosed another copy, 
which was sold for ^xh 155- Halliwell gives a fao-simile of 
title in his folio ed. of Shakttptar*^ xi. 479. 

VoL XXXT. Lear. First, or *' Fide Bull " edi- 
tion, 41 leaves, 1608. 

Halliwell gives a fac-simile of the title in his fdio ed- of Shake- 
tpeartt xiv. 439, and p. ^6; he gives fac-similes of two corre- 
sponding pages from different copies to show hoW>they vary, 
though worked from the same forms. On thia point see Halii- 
well's Shak$sp«are study^books^ p. 36 : Winsors Shaketptare 
bibliog,^ p. 42. Both of the copies in the British museum have 
paMed through Halliwell's hands, and have notes fay him in 
them. In one, which the Museum acquired in Nov. i8«8, there 
is pasted to a fly-leaf a printed cutting which has the fol.owing 
note : — 

" FiKST EDITION, a perfect and genuine copy. Only three 
perfect copies of this first edition luive, to my Knowledge, been 
soid by auction during the last thirty years, — two in Ueber's 
collection and the present one- Both ot Heber's copies.are now 
in America, one in the collection of Mr. Lenox, the other im^ 
that 0/ Mr. Barton, It is almost the only first edition not in 
the Daniel collection'* (by Mr. Halliwell). 

Mr. Halliwell, in the above note, is in error. The copies of 
this *' Fide Bull" edition in this country, are one in the Lenox . 
library, and the other, now or latelv in the Griswoid collection, 
it is not in the Barton collection ot the Boston public library. 

Mr. Halliwell in his Shaktspeare study boohs^ p. a6, says he 
has ''a large fragment of the original with singularly curious 
variations ;" and he adds, '* I believe I was the first to point out 
that there were only two editions of King Lear issued in^ the 
year 1608, but for many years I was at a loss to account for the 
variations between different copies of the Pide Bull edition. 
This difficulty has unquestionably been eolved by Mr. Ald^s 

Lear. Second edition. 44 leares. 

Wright, by supposing that the correctiona were made befaie tlM 
aheets were all worked off, and that the corrected and uncor- 
rected sheets were bound up indiscriminatelv." 

The other museum copy is thus inscribed by Hallinvell : *' Pur- 
chased of Garrett of Newcastle for £iOj J. 0. H." Also, on a 
alip ^ted in, *' This copy of the first edition of Lear, wanting 
the title, should be preserved with my perfect copy, on aocooat 
of its containing an extraordinary number of curious textual 
variations, although both copies are evidently printed from the 
same forms. Compare, for example, the reverse of G, a, tha 
reverse of H, 3, the first page of H, 4, and various other plat 



Halliwell gives a fi^-aimile (rf the title in his folio ed. of Shakm 
s^eargf xiv. 429, and says *' all copies exactly correspond." There 
are oripnals in the Boston public, Lenox, and other American 
collections, according to Winsor*s Shahetpeant Hbiimg^t p^ 43. 
Garrick's, the king's, and a third imperfect oopy in the Britiah 
museum are described in Winsor's Boston fmbtie UhraryMmnihiw 
reporU^ Feb. and March, x877. it ia reprinted in Steevenani 
Twenty play*^ iL 

VoL X^tXrn Richard the Second. 1608. 

This title does not mention the addition of the ** Parliameat 
iceane : " but some copies have a tide which does meniioii tt^ 
and this last title is^^ven in fac-simile in the introductory volume 
of this series ; and in Winsor's Shakespeare bibliog.^ p 58, and 
pi. 41. There is a photographic fac-sinule mentioned under 1857. 

VoL XZXIV. Henry the Fourth. Part. i. 160S. 

This follows a copy, now in the Britiah museum, in which ia 
this note by Halliwell': ''This is one of onh twofter/ect copiea 
known. It is not in the Capell or in any other collection except 
the Bodleian, which has the single copy that passed through the 
various sales to Heber's time. So extremely rare is it that 1 
gladly gave Garrett of Newcastle ;C>5 f^M* eus imper/eet copj. 
The present is in a perfect genuine state, not made up in 
any way.*' Cf. Halliwell's Early editions 0/ Shakespeare^ 
1857; oibL Heber,^ ii. 298; Winsor's Shakespeare kihtiog, 
p. 99. 

V6L XXXV. Henry the Fifth. 160S. 

Garrick's and the kinsfs copies are in the British muaeum; 
and Malone's in the BocUeian. Winaor^s Shakespeare bibli^^ 
p. 33, names copies in the Boston public^ the Lenox, and other 
American collections. £. G. Asay, of Chicago, bought the copy 
in the Ckaufurd sale, London, 1876, for £1^ 15X. Mr Fumeaa 
has a copv annotated by CapelL Steevena reprinted it ia his 
Twenty ptays^ iii. 

VoL 70SXTL Romeo and Juliet. 1609. 

The Bodleian copy is imperfect The British muaetim copy 
has notes in it, by HalliwelL as follows: ** For this naost rare 
edition 'most rare in a perfect state) I gave Mr. Daniel in ex- 
change The History of Tom Thumb, i6si, bought by me at 
Utterson's sale for £t. a. 6, and a volume of curiuua Penny 
Romances, No. 1516, at Utterson's sale, which cost me (witn 
commission) ;C33> 10. The present volume cost me altogether, 
therefore; ;^39. 12. 6."— " Hebei's copy, now in the Bodleian 
Librarv, is imperfect, the last leaf being made up with MS." — 
" Anotner perfect copy of this edition has since been discovered^ 
& sold at Messrs. Sotheby's for {fifiJ* It was reprinted by Stee 
vens in his Twenty plays^ iv. 

VoL XyXVn. TroUus and Cressida. 1609. 


A bc^imile of title and first page of the preface is given in 
Halliwell's folio ed. of Shakespeare^ xii. 218. This title reada 
. '* Famous Historic ; " but some copies omit the word ** fiunous" 
in the title, and are without the preface. Facsimiles of thta 
shorter title are in the introduct(»ry volume of this series, and 
in Winsor's Shakespeare bi6liMr.t p. 71 and pi. 57. 'llie British 
museum has a copy of the ** Famous " title which had beeo 
Halliwell's, with a note by him in it, as follows: ** This beauti> 
fully clean perfect copy of the first edition of Troilus and Cres- 
sida with the preface has never been in anv sale, and is perfectly 
genuine throughout, having been cut out Dy mvself trom a vof* 
ume of tracts collected and bound at the period. This first edi- 
tion is very rare in any state^ but is most particalariy so when 
quite complete with the prose preface^ which is omitted in all 
•copies of the second edition of the same year, and is only foand 
in some copies of the first. Not more than three oomplele 
copies aw known to exist. The present copy has the reading 
thrice-impMredf considered *by Mr. Collier to be peculiar to the 
duke of Devonshire's." The British museum haa also the other 
variety. Steevens reprinted .it in his Twenty piays^ iii. The 
preface, above named, indicates that these quartos were sold for 
a " testeme," or six pence. 

Vol. XXXVin. Pericles. First edition. 1609. 




Gvrick't copy is in the British museum, and Malone's in 
tiie Bodleian. Steevens's is now in the Boston public library. 
Winsor's Skakes^are b:bliog.^ p. 56, ^xA Boston fmUic library 
Mfmtkfy reports^ May, 1877. 

VoL XXXTX Pericles. Second edition. 1609. 

Critics differ as to this being a new impression with variations 
of text from the same forms as the previous, or an absolutely 
distinct edition. ^ Cf. Winsor's SkaJ^s/earg bMiof , p. 57. 
The king's copy in the British museum is of thU variety. 

VoL ZIi. Titus Andronicus. 161 1. 

The kioifs copy in the British museum is perfect, but thje 
Gorrick copy lacks the genuine title, as does the Barton copy in 
the Boston pubUc library, a fac-simile by Harris being supplied. 
It was reprinted by Steevens in his Twenty plays<, iiL 

VoLZU. Pericles. 161 1. 

Halliwell gives a fao-^mile of the title in his folio ed. of SJkake- 
tj^are, xvi. 7a. He secured the only copy known, probably 
lacking two leaves^ which had been lost sight of since 1804, but 
is«now in the British museum. Halliwelrs note in this copy is 
as follows: ** Although the present volume wants two leaves in 
sheet D (unless, indeed, the omission is to be ascribed to the 
printer, the catchwords being right), it is of great literanr curios- 
ity and importance, being not onlv unique, out unused by and 
mknown to all the editors of Shakespeare. Mr. Collier is the 
only one who even names it, at first with doubt as to its exist- 
caoe* and afterwards only on mv information. I1ie present is 
no dkMibt Edwarde's copy, which sold in 1804 for what was in 
those days the large price of ;f 14, since which time it seems to 
have disappeared until purchased privately by me." 

w^ Vol. ZZalX Hamlet. 1611. 

Heber's copv is now in the Boston public librair. The 
Daniel oop^, afterward Tite's, is now the property of Mr. Fur- 
neas, who in his Hamlet, ii. 34, points out vanations in two 
oo^es of this edition- E. G. Asay of Chicago has a copy. The 
&itisli museum copy was ISarrick's. Steevens reprinted it in 
his Twenty play*^ iv. 

VoL yTiTTT Richard the Third. 1612. 

The copy in the British mosrom is in the klng^s libnur. A 
copy once owned by Dycc^ and another formerly belonging to 
Steevens, are in the Lenox library. Mr. Fumeas has a copy. 
Reprinted in Steevens* s Twenty play s^ iii. 

The next edition, i6a2, is not given in this series ; but Halliwell 
has inscribed the following note in a^ copy of it in the British 
museum : " llie only curiosity of this imperfect copy of the i6aa 
edition of Rkhard the Third arises from the circumstance of the 
title-page being perfect, the imprint being almost invariably cut 
off. Indeed, so rare is it to meet with a copv with the date of 
1633, Mr. Collier, in his ed. of Shakespeare,' declares that *the 
existence of a copy of that date is more than doubtful.' There 
are, I beKeye, two copies in the British museum, the imprints of 
both of which are imperfect." 

VoL JOJ^V. Henry the Fourth. 1613. 

Steevens's oop^ with his MS. notes is in the Lenox library, 
and he reprinted it in Ins Twenty ^ayt, ii. Another copy, once 
owned by Steeven^ is in the British museum, where is also an- 
other copy with this note by Halliwell: "This copy wanting 
tiie last led should be preserved' with my t»ther copy, whi<:h is 
perfect, on account of the curious variations in sheet H which, 
m this one, was evidently corrected after the other was struck 
off Thus at sig. H. x, Ime j, from bottom, the arrangement of 
the Ihie, * Were it good,' is corrected, and at sig. U. 4, verso, 
line 4, where every other copv of this edition reads, ' He came 
but to tAe duke of Lancaster.' " See note under 1845, no. 6. 

Vcl. XLV. Richard the Second. 161 5. 

There ate originals in the Boston public and Lenox libraries. 
Reprinted in Steevens's Twenty ^ySf u. 

V6L XLVX Romeo and Juliet. ^0 date^ and 
without Skakespeart^s name. 

Some copies have Shakespeare's name on the title, as given in 
the fac-sifflile in the introductory volume of this series, and in 
Winsor's Shakespeare bihU^.^ p. 67 and pi. 52. 

VoL XLVH. Merry wives of Windsor. 1619. 

The British museum copies are Garrick's and the king's. 
The Boston public libraiy, the Lenox, and other American 
libraries have originals. Winsor's. Shakespeare biblieg., p. 49. 
Reprinted in Steevens's Twenty pUtys^ L 

VoL XIiVHL Othello. 1622. BPL. 

HalliweD gives a fec>«imile of the title and prefece in his folio 
SJkahespeare, xv. ia6. There are copies in the Boston public 
and Lenox libraries. In the British museum, Garrick's copy is 
imperfect, and another copy is slightly so. Reprinted by Steevens 
in liiB Tkiem^ Jii^h iv. 


^i. Halliwell-PhillippB, J. O. The last days of 
William Shakespeare. [London. 1863.] sq. 
240. HC. BPL. 

^ A reprint from the St. James's ma^zine for June, 1861. Be- 
lieved to be ** the first paper in which the gardens of Shake- 
speare were brought before the notice of the public" 

2. [HaUiweU-PldlUpps, J. O.]. A brief guide to 
the gardens of Shakespeare and a prospectus 
of the Shakespeare fund. Chiswick press. 
1863. So. BPL. 

^ 5. [HalUweU-PhUUpps, J. O.]. A brief hand-list 
of the collections respecting the life and works 
of Shakespeare, and the history and antiquities of 
Stratford-upon-Avon, formed by the late Robert 
Bell Wheler, the historian of Stratford, and pre- 
sented by his sister, Miss Wheler, to that town, 
to be preserved forever in the Shake.speare 
library and museum. London. 1863. 80. dPL* 
** One hundred copies printed." 

4. The rose, the shamrock, and the thistle. No. 
i-io, Feb. to Nov. 1863. BPL. 

Hallrwell'began in the Fdnitary number a series of " Round- 
about letters from Stratfordpon-Avon." 

y 5. HalliweU-Phllllpps, J. O. A descriptive cal- 
endar of the ancient manuscripts and records in 
the possession of the corporation of Stratford- 
upon-Avon, including notices of Shakespeare 
and his family, and of several persons con-' 
nected with the poet. London. 1863. f <*. BPL. 

" Limited to seventy-five copies." Supplement to Halliwell's 
folio edition of Shakespeare. It covers records from the thir- 
teenth century to 1750, now preserved in the Henlev street house. 

%/^6. Bhakeapearian facsimiles ; a collection of cu- 
rious and interesting documents, plans, signa- 
tures, etc., illustrative of the biosraphy t>f Shake- 
speare and the history of his utmilv; from the. 
originals chiefly preserved at Stratford-on- 
Avon. Facsimiled by £. W. Ashbee. Selected 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. London. 1863. 
fo. BPL. 

*' Only thirty copies of this work printed. J. O. Halliwell, 
November, 1863." 
The text desoiptive of the 16 plates is briei 

«^7. Wheler, Robert B. An historical account of 
the birthplace of Shakespeare. Reprinted from 
the edition of 1824, with a few prefatory remarks 
by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps], Esq., Stratford- 
on-Av.on. Sold at the poet's birthplace. 1863. 
80. BPL. 

^8. HalUweU-Pliibipps, J. O. An historical sketch 
of the provincial dialects of England, illustrated 
by numerous examples. Albany. 1863. 8^. BPL. 
This is a reprint of the London edition of 1847. 

v<^ Halliwell-PhllllppB, J. O. Roundabout notes, 
chiefly upon the ancient circles of stones in the 
Isle of Man, from rough pencillings dotted down 
in the summer of 1862. London. 1863. 
One hundred copies printed. 


I. Halliwelt-Philllpps, J. O. Some account of a 
singular and unique collection of ^strly penny 
merriments and histories, printed at Glasgow^ 
1695-8. In the possession of J. O. Halliwell. 
[London.] 1864. sq. 240. HC. 

*' Twenty-five copies printed." The introductory note sajrs 
of the pieces enumerated, " 'lliey are all* I believe, so far as is 
known, unique," 



^ 2. HaUiWell-Phllllpps, J. O., editor, Stratford- 
upon-Avon in the times of the Shakespeares, 
illustrated by extracts from the council books 
of the corporation, selected especially with refer- 
ence to the history of the poet*s father. Illus- 
trated with facsimiles of the entries respecting 
John Shakespeare, executed by E. W. Ashbee, 
engraved on wood by J. H. Rimbault. London. 
1864. fo. BPL. 

Marked in MS.: "Thirty copies. J. O. H." 

y J. HalliweU-Phlllipps, J. O. An historical ac- 
count of the New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, 
the last residence of Shakespeare. London. 
1864. f^. HC. BPL. 

Presentation copy to W. G. Medlicott. 

A printed slip, pasted in the book, says it was printed at the 
author's expense, and is forwarded to all who subscribed five 
pounds and upwards to the Shakespeare fund, in the hope that 
It will be considered to prove decisively the authenticity of the 
estates purchased by their subscriptions. 

ry 4. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Extracts 
frr;m ancient subsidy rolls, showing the values 
of goods and lands upon which assessments 
were made in respect to the inhabitants of Strat- 
ford-upon-Avon. London. 1864. sm. 40. 

Ten copies only printed. 

Halliwell says 01 his plan of issuing ten copies only: "The 
limitation to ten copies may seem very ejipclustve, but it must be 
recollected that I shall have to collate, register, and certify every 
coj>y, and my time is so much occupied f could hardly undertake 
this were the number more extensive." — Halliwell's SkoAf 
speariatia^ 1867, p. 30. 

1^ 5. [HaUiwell-Phmipps, J. O]. A hand table of 
regnal years : for the use of enouirers into the 
history of the Shakespeares. London. 1864. 

Marked in MS. : " Onl^ fifteen copies printed ; only ten 
copies preserved ; five having been destroyed by me, 5 Dec 
1864. J. O. H." 

6. Malone, Edmund. Original letters to John 
Jordan, the poet, now first printed from the 
autograph manuscripts preserved at Stratford- 
upon-Avon. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. London. 1864. 40. 

Marked in MS. : " Ten copies only. J. Q. H.** 

7. Malone, Edmund. Correspondence with the 

Rev. James Davenport, D. D., Vicar of Strat- 
ford-on-Avon. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. London. 1864. 40. 
Marked in MS. : " Ten copies only. J. O. H." 

8. [Bald^Tln, William]. Beware the cat, 1570. 
An exceedingly rare and curious rhapsody, con- 
taining matters illustrative of the history of the 
stage, and of the writings of Shakespeare. [Ed- 
ited by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.] 3 pt. [London.] 
1864. sm. 40. HC. 

Marked in MS.: " Ten copies only. Number three. J. O. H.'* 
Ihe dedication is signed ^*G. B.,'* the initials of Gulielmus 
Baldwin. Of the three editions of this book no copy of the first 
(printed in 1551; according to Halliwell, 1561 aooordinjs to Ritson 
and Collier) exisu, while of the other two printed m 1570 and 
1584 no perfect copy is known. The editor says he has followed 
in printing '* a modem transcript, in which, it is to be feared, 
there are some misreadings." The chief interest ot' the work is 
the allusions in it to witches, which are illustrative of the play of 
Macbeth. — See Collier's Bibliog. acci. c/ eoHv Eng. lit.^ i. 
54-58 ; Art)er*s Tranacript <*/ tkt registers 0/ tlu comptmy 0/ 
statioturs 0/ London^ i. 179. 

9. HalliweU-PhUlipps, T. O., editor. Extracts of 
entries respecting Shakespeare, his family and 
connexions, carefully taken from the original 

Earish registers preserved in the church of the 
oly Trinity, at Stratford-upon-Avon. London. 
1864. sm. 40. HC. 

Marked in MS. : ** Ten copies ooly. J. O. H.'* 

10. HaUiweU-PhiUipps, J. O. Was Nicholas 
ap Roberts that butcher's son of Stratford-on- 
Avon, who is recorded by Aubrey as having 
been an acquaintance of Shakespeare in the 
early days ot that great poet ? London. 1864. 
sq. 120. 
Marked in MS. : " Ten copies only. J. O. H.* 

■^i. Jordan, John, the Stratford poet. Original col- 
lections on Shakespeare and Stratford-on-Avon. 
Selected from the original manuscripts written 
about the year 1780, by J. O. Halliwell [-Phil- 
lipps]. London. 1864. 40. 
** Ten copies printed." 

12. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Cotempo- 
rary depositions respecting an affray at Norwich 
in the year 1583, in which Queen Elizabeth's 
company of players, then acting at the Red Lion 
Inn, were involved. London. 1864. sq. 120. 

Twentv-five copies were printed. '* Ten selected copies onlr 
preserved. The rest destroyed by me, 11 Jan. 1865. J. O. H. 

^3. Bbakespeare memoriaL S. O. Beeton, London, 
fo. BPL. 

" The documents quoted and the dates given are almost in 
every instance taken from Mr. HalliwelFs works." This was 
issued in two styles, one at a shilling with a chromoiand ^gain 
with four chromos. It was con^iilea by Mary Elisa Rogers, ao- 
carding to Mr. Timmins, 


1. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. Some account of 
Tofte's Alba, 1590. An extremely rare poem, 
containing the earliest extrinsic notice of Shake- 
speare's comedy of Love's labour's lost. London. 
1865. sq. 240. HC. 

" Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS. : 
" Fifteen Copies destroyed 14 Fd>. 1866. Ten only preserved. 
J. O. H." 

The editor knows of but two copies ol the original, one soM at 
Caldecott*s and again at Bright* s sale, and the other at Charle- 
moat House, Dublin. The part containing the allusion to the 
Shakespearian play is quoted at length, p. xa. 

2. Weat, Eliza M., compiler. Shaksperian paral- 
lelisms, chiefly illustrative of The tempest and 
A midsummer night's dream, collected from 
Sir Philip Sydneps Arcadia. [Edited by J. 
O. Halliwell-Phillipps. London.] 1865. sq. 
240. HC. 

" Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS : 
" Fifteen Copies destroyed, 14 Feb. 1866. Ten Copies Only 
Preserved. J. O. H." 

These dutions follow the 1598 ed. of the " Arcadia." 

3. Field, Nathan. The remonstrance of Nathan- 

[iel] Field, one of Shakespeare's company of 
actors, addressed to a preacher in Southwark 
[Mr. Sutton], who had been arraigning against 
the players at the Globe theatre in 161 6. Now 
first eciited from the original manuscript [by J. 
O. Halliwell-Phillipps. London.] 1065. sq. 
240. HC. 

"Strictly limited to twentv^ve copies." Marked in MS. : 
"Ten Copies only preservc<L The rest destroyed, 1865. J. 
O. H." 

There is an account of Field in Collier's Mitmsirs 0/ tkt 
princi^l actor* in tkt ftays 0/ Skakesptart^ Lon<lon, 1846^ 
pp. 106-323. 

4. Clopton, Sir Hugh. The will of Sir Hugh 
Clopton, of New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, 
and citizen, mercer, and alderman of London, 
1496. Now first printed from the original 
record. [Edited by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps. 
London.] 1865. sq. 240. HC. 

" Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MSu : 
" Five Copies destroyed by me, 18 Nov. i86s. Ten Copies bunit 



at the fire at the British Museum in July, 1865. Ten Copies only 

5. [Herbert, Sir Gcrrard]. A copy of a letter of 
news written to Sir Dudley Carleton, at the 
Hague, in May, 1619, containing a curious ac- 
count of the performance of the drama of Peri- 
cles at the English court. [Edked by J. O. Hal- 
liwell-Phillipps. London.] 1865. sq. 240. HC. 

" Strictly limited to twenty-five copin." Marked in MS. : 
*' fifteen Copies destroyed by me 5 April, 1865. Ten only pre- 
served. J. O. H »» 

The editor savs in a note : " I suspect that no complete copy 
of Pericles has been preserved, otherwise it is difficult to account 
for the popularity 01 a drama, which though artistically con- 
structed, and certainly by Shakespeare, is in its present muti- 
lated form, one of his worst pieces." 

^6. Halliwell-Phillippe, J. O. Some -account of 
Robert Chester's Loves martyr, or Rosalins 
complaint, a very rare volume published in 1601, 
including a remarkable poem by Shakespeare. 
The facsimiles by £. W. Ashbee. London. 1865. 
sm. 40. HC. 

"Limited to twenty-five copies" Marked in MS.: *'Ten 
Copies only preserved. J. O. H." 

Tlie fac-ftimiles give pp. 170-172 of the original, which contain 
the '* Let the bird of lowdest lav," ending with ** Threnos," and 
s^ned ** William Shake-speare, and also the subordinate title, 
introducing the commendatory verses. Cf. no. a of the BihUo" 
j^ru/kicai comtrs^titiptu of the library, p. 9. 

r 7. [HaUiweU-PbiUippe, J. O., editor]. Two in- 
dentures respecting the Cage, a house in High 
street, Stratford-on-Avon, innabited by Thomas 
Quincy, son-in-law to Shakespeare, 1616-1633. 
Now first printed from the original manuscripts. 
[London.] 1865. ^' ^4^* H^C* 

"Strictl]r limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS.: 
"Ten Copies only preserved. J. O. H." 

8. [Bodenham, John, compiler]. Those songs and 
poems from the excessively rare first edition of 
Knelands Helicon,' 1600, which are connected 
with the works of Shakespeare. Edited by J. 
O. Halliwell [-PhillippsJ. London. 1865. sm. 
40 HC. 

"Limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS. : "Ten 
Copies only preserved. The rest destroyed, 1865. T. O- H." 

Bodenham was the compiler of the ori{;inal cofiection from 
which these songs were extraaed, one of which, " The passionate 
aheepheards song'* signed " W. Shakespeare" is given in fac- 
simiie. The editor says that but three copies of the 1600 edition 
atfe known, one in the Bodleian, a second sold at auction in i8i$6, 
and one the property of W. C. Hazlitt. The present selection 
gives a list of the names of the authors of the pieces in the 
original collection, following a MS. in the British museum, MS. 
H^ 380. f n this, " On a day alack the day," being the song 
above referred to, is^ assigned to Shakespeare ; but "My flocks 
feed not " is left without name, though Taggard had assigned 
it — incorrectly Halliwell thinks— to Shakespeare in 1599. The 
volume closes with an index to authors' names, and to first lines, 
referring for pages to Bryd^es' reprint of the original, 1812, 
which Kiilowed the 1614 edition. 

See Bohn's Lowndesy 226 ; Collier s Bihliog. accU 0/ early 
Emg. lii^ i. 90-93 ; Haalitt*s BiHiog, 0/oidEng. lit., 43. 

9. [HalUweU-PllllUppe, J. O., editor^ The ab- 
stract of title to the house in Henley street, 
Stratford-upon-Avon, in which Shakespeare was 
bom, drawn up by the vendor's solicitors when 
the premises were about to be sold in 1847 ; the 
first document recited being the poet's will of 
161 6. London. 1865. sm. 40. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Ten Copies Only. J. O. H.*' 
The editor says, *' The object was to prove the history of the 
descent of the estate from the great poet. ' 

la [Rich, R.]. Ncwes from Virginia. (1610.) A 
poetical tract, describing the adventures sup- 
posed to be referred to m Shakespeare's Tem- 
pest. Reprinted from a copy believed to be 
unique. Edited by J. O. 'Halliwell I- PhillippsJ. 
London. 1865. sq. 240. HC. 

"Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS>: 
" I destroyed fifteen Copies, 18 Nov. 1865. J. O. H. Ten se- 
lected Copies only preserved." 

With a reproduction of the original title-page, as follows : — 

** Nevves from Virginia. The lost flocke triumpliani. With 
the happy Arriual of that fiamous and worthy Knight S' Tkattuu 
GeUes : and the well reputed and valiant Captaine M'. Christo- 
pher Newixirte, and others, into England With the maner of 
their distresse in the Hand of Deuils (otherwise called Bermoo- 
(Aaws) where they remayned 42. weekes. and builded two JPv- 
naces, in which they returned into yirg^iuia. By R. Ricli, 
Gent., one of the Voyage. London Printed hy Eaw: Alldf, 
and are to be solde by lohn IVri^kt^ at Christ-Church dure. 
1610 " 

This little poem was entered in the Stationer's ReRisiers, Oct. 
I, 16 lo (cf. Arber's Transcripts, p. 200, b.), and Ha.liwell fol- 
lows a copy, he found in 1864 in the Earl of Charlemont's 
library at I)ubliu, bound up with others "in a thick pot quarto 
volume." This volume escaped the fire, June 29, 1865, which 
destroyed the greater part of the Charlemont library in the auc- 
tion rooms in T.ondon, and made part of the sale, Aug. 11, 1865, 
of those saved, bringing £b\. Allibone's Dictiouary, ii. 1788. 

Bermudas. In July. 1610, Strachey, who was with Crates, wrote 
at Jamestown his Tmf repository 0/ the wrack and redemp- 
tion 0/ Sir Thomas Gates, etc, which is printed in Purchas's 
Pilgrims^ iv. Jt gives an account of the wreck of Somers and 
his companions in the " Sea Vulture " at Bermuda, July. 1609, 
and of tlie arrival in Virginia. Cf Tyl&^h American literature^ 
i. 4a. 

II. Halliwell-Pbllllpps, J. O. A nominal index 
to [his] Descriptive calendar of the ancient 
recor*ds of Stratford-on-Avon. London. 186^. 

" Ten copies only." 

/1 2. HaUiwell-PhiUlpps, J. O. A levy made in 
July, 1697, for the relief of the poor at Stratford- 
on-Avon ; the earliest one yet discovered. Now 
first printed from the original MS. London. 
1865. 40. 
" Ten copies only." 

13. HaUiweU-PhilUppB, J. O., editor. A selec- 
tion from an unpublished glossary of provincial 
words in use in Warwickshire in the early part 
of the present century. London. 1865. sq. 

*'Ten copies only. I destroyed 15, 8 Nov. 1865." 

y\\, HalliweU-Phlllipps, J. O., editor. Extracts 
taken from the vestry book of the church of the 
holy Trinity at Stratford-on-Avon, containing 
entries illustrative of the history of that church, 
with several notices of the Shakespeare family. 
London. ' 1865. sm. 4®. 
** Ten copies only." 

15. Jordan, John, of Stratford-on-Avon. Original 
memoirs and historical accounts of the families 
of Shakespeare and Hart, deduced from an 
early period, and continued down to the present 
year, 1790. London. 1865. 4^* 

*' Ten copies only." 

16. Halliwell-PhlUlpps, J. O., compiler. Collec- 
tanea respecting the birth-place of Shakespeare 
at Stratford-on-Avon, copied from the manu- 
script collections of R. B. Wheler. 1862. 
With a few additions by J. O. Halliwell [Phil- 
lipps]. London. 1865. sm. 40. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Ten Copies Only. J. O. H.»* 


y I. Halliwell-PhlllippB, J. O. A handbook index 
to the works of Shakespeare, including refer- 
ences to the phrases, manners, customs, prov- 
erbs, songs, particles, &c., which are used or 



alluded to by the great dramatist. London. 
1866. 80. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Fifty copies only. J. O. H." 
This supplements the verbal indexes of Twiss and of Clarke to 
the plays, as it includes references to the poems and to ** numer- 
ous iroportant allusions ^* necessarily left unnoticed by the others. 
It is " simply a copy of a manuscript compiled for private use." 

2. HalliiveU-Phillipps, J. O. Some account of 
the popular belief in animated horse-hairs, al- 
luded to by Shakespeare in the play of Antony 
and Cleopatra. [London.] 1866. sq. 240. HC. 

"Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS.: 
" Fifteen copies destroyed, 9 April, 1S66. Ten only pre- 
served. J. O. H." 

3. HalliweU-PhiUipps, J. O. A discovery that 

Shakespeare wrote one or more ballads or 
poems on the Spanish armada. [London.J 1866. 
sm. 40. HC« 

" Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Then in MS. : ** Fit 
teen copies destroyed, 9 April, 1866. Ten only preserved. J. 
O H. 

The evidence for the "discovery" is drawn from Henry 
Chettle's EnglaniUt mattmmg garmani. London. 1603. 

4. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Abstracts 
and copies of indentures respecting estates in 
Henley street, Stratford-on-Avon, which illus- 
trate the topography and history of the birth- 
place of Shakespeare. London. 1866. sm. 
40. • HC. 

Marked in MS. : ** Ten Copies Only. J. O. H." 
The papers here noticed ** were discovered among the sweep> 
ings of a solicitor's office at Birmineham in i86a, — of value m 
an iuvestigaiion of the hbtory of the oirthplace [01 Shakespeare], 
one, 2oih uf September. 1575, referring to a house next 'to the 
tenement of John Shakesper yeoman^ ; another, 20th of Jufy, 
1609, in which the Birth-place is referred to as * the tenemente 
laU of William Shakespere,' " and as Shakespeare did not die 
till 1616, Mr. Halliwell adds he " has not satisfied himself of its 
correct interpretation." 

5. [Fettle, (George]. The tale of Tereus and 
Progne, referred to several times by Shake- 
speare. Edited by J. O. Halliwell [-Phillipps]. 
London. 1866. sq. 240. HC. 

Marked in MS. : "Ten Copies only. J. O- H." 
This tale is the second of a collection of twelve with the title, 
A Petite Paliace 0/ Petite His Pleasure^ first printed in 1576 ; 
Halliwell in his preface says, "it has long been my convic- 
tion that he [Shalkespeare] was well acquainted with the * Petite 
Palace/ etc,y and that the tale of Tereus and Progne, as given 
in that curious work, was the version in his recollection when he 
referred to the stonr. in the second act of Cymbeline." — See 
Brydges* Brit, bibtiog'.^ ii- 392-^96 ; Collier's BMittg. acc't 0/ 
early Etig, lU.y iiL 107 h; Hazhtt's Bibliog, e/aldSng- iii, 
455 ; Warton's Jffist, o/BKg. /<w/., iw 336, 337. 

6. Booke (The) of merry riddles, together with 
proper questions, and witty proverbs, to make 
pleasant pastime. Now first reprinted from 
the unique edition printed at London in 1660. 
[Edited by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.] London. 
1866. sq. 240. HC. 

*' Strictly limited to twenty-five copies." Marked in MS. : 
" Fifteen copies destroyed, 9 April, 1866. Ten only preserved. 

J- O H." 

With a reproduction of the original title-page Halliwell in 
his Old-hook rariiiot says of the original edition ** Uuique. 
The few early editions of this work are only preserved in single 
copies. It is mentioned by Shakespeare as popular in his day" 
It is mentioned as early as 1575. Apparently "the Book of 
Kiddles" mentioned by Slender, one of the characters in " The 
merry wives of Windsor." The "proper questions and witty 
proverbs" mentioned on the title-page are wanting, but the 
Dook is nevertheless obviously complete as it has the word 
Finis. — See Collier's Bibliog. ac<^t of early Eng. lii.^ iL aaS, 
iii. 322-326 ; Hazlitt's Bibliog. o/old Eng. lit.t 508, 509 ; Bohn's 
Lowndes, 2093. 

^y 7. Nioholaon, S. Acolastus his afterwritte, a 
poem, 1600, containing singular plagiarisms 
from Shakespeare. London. 1866. 40. 
*Ten copies ooly." 

8. HalUweU^hiUipps, J. O., editor. Extracts 
from the accounts of the chamberlains of the 
borough of Stratford-on-Avon, from the year 
1585 to 160S. Selected and edited from the 
original manuscripts. London. 1866. sm. 40. 

" Ten copies only." 

^9. Halliwell-JPhillipps,/. 0.,^^Var. The accounts 
of the chamberlain of the borough of Stratford- 
on-Avon, from the year 1 590 to the year i ^97 ; 
now first edited from the original manuscripts. 
London. 1866. sm. 40. 
"Ten copies only." 

10. Halliwell-Phillipps, T. O., editor. Papers re- 

specting disputes which arose from incidents at 
the death-bed of Richard Tarleton the actor in 
the year 1588. London. 1866. sq. 120. 
" Ten copies only." 

11. Halliwell-Phillippe, J. O., editor. The last 
will and testantent of John Davenant, vintper, 
of the Crown tavern, Oxford, the house at which 
Shakespeare lodged in some of his journeys be- 
tween Stratford-on-Avon and London. iL.ondon 

1866. sq. 120. 
" Ten copies only." 


^ I. Halliwell-PhiUippe, J. O. A list of works 
illustrative of the life and writings of Shake- 
speare, the history of Stratford-on-Avon, and 
the rise and progress of the early English 
drama, printed for very limited and private cir- 
culation at [his] expense. 1850-1860. London. 

1867. sm. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

Presentation copy to Sir William Tite. The preface contains 
Halliweirs defence of his policy of issuing books in very small 
editions. — the only practicable plan, " in the hands of one at 
least, wtio is not a millionaire/' to preserve a ** vast quantity of 
Shakespearian material, too diffuse or too technical for the gen- 
eral public." 

2. Hunter, Joseph. An extract from [his] unpub- 
lished diary, containing an account of a visit 
made to Stratford-on-Avon in 1824. [Edited by 
J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.] London. 1867. sq. 

240. HCa 

Marked in MS. : " Ten Copies only. J. O. H." 
The editor contributes a supplemental note to the effect that 
Shakespeare was buried in the chancel of the diurch because 
he was part-owner of the tithes of the parish. 

There have been various other accounts of Stratford and its 
localities associated with Shakespeare, — by J. C M. Bellew, 
F. W. Fairholt, C. V. Grinfield, R. E. Hunter, W. Irving (in 
his SketcA book). J. M. Jephson, G. May, J. Waiter, R. B. 
Wheler, J. R. Wise, etc. 

3. HalUwell-Pbillippe, J. O. An attempt to 

discover which version of the Bible was that 

ordinarily used by Shakespeare. London. 1867. 

sq. 24°. HC- 

Marked in MS.: "Ten copies only. T. O. H." 

The conclusion reached is that it la-as the Genevan veraon. 

4. Juan Manuel 0/ Castile. The Moorish mar- 
riage, bearing some similarity to the story of 
Shakespeare's Taming of the shrew. Being one 
of the enxemplos from £1 libro de Patronio 6 
El conde Lucanor. Written in 1332. Trans- 
lated from the Spanish bv F. W. Cosens. [Ed- 
ited by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.] Eng. and 
Span, London. 1867. sq. 240. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Ten Copies Only. J. O. H." 

v'S. Halliwell-Phillippe, J. O., compiler. A lineal 
concordance to the poems of Shakespeare ; the 
paginal references adapted to the variorum 



edition of Malone, published in 182 1. London. 
1867. 80. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Ten copies only. J. O. H.'* 

Since this book was printed there has been a concordance 

to Stiakespeare|s poems published, compiled by Mrs. H. H. 

Fumess of Philadelphia. A MS. concordance by Mnt. O. W. 

Wheeler is in the Barton collection, Boston public library. 
The present concordance italicizes an important word in each 

fine, and then alphabetizes the lines by such iulictzed word, 

ipvine the page of Malone's l^arufrmm of 1821, at the end of 

each Tine. 

^ 6. Babie, Francis. The fisherman's tale, of the 
famous actes, life, and love of Cassender, a 
Grecian knight. Founded on the story used by 
Shakespeare in the Winters tale. By Francis 
Sabie, 1 595. Printed from an early manuscript 
copy preserved in the Bodleian librarv, Oxford. 
[Edited by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.] 2 pt. 
London. 1867. sm. 40. HC* 

Marked in MS. : *<Ten Copies Only. J. O. H." 

7>r second part has the tUU ; — (** Floras fortune," or] " The 
second part and finishing of The fisher-mans tale. Containing 
The straunge aocidenis which chaunced to Flora and her sup- 
posed father l*hirsis : also the happie meetinge with her desiered 
Cassander. 15^6." 

At the end of the first part is the signature ** lohn Ramsey,'* 
of the second ** I. R." ; probably the copyist. 

This is Robert Greene's Pandoito^ the trhtmtk of time, 
afterwards called Darastus and Fawniay tumeo into blank 
verse. — See Brydges' BrU. bibliog.^ i. 43^-503 : Collier's Bib. 
acet ef early Eng. lit., iv. i ; Hazlitt's BiUiog. 0/ old Eng. 
lit.^ 530. For another version see S. S.'s Fortunds tennis ball, 

7. Hamwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Notices of 
players acting at Ludlow, selected from the 
original manuscripts belonging to the corpora- 
tion of that town. London. 1&7. sq. 240. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Ten Copies Only. J. O. H." 
^ The entries begin 1554 and end 1637, mostly recording gratui- 
ties to different bands of pUyerv. 

8. [HaiUweU-PhlUlpps, J. O.]. A hand list of a 
curious and interesting collection of early edi- 
tions of the works of Shakespeare, mostly 
printed before the appearance of the first folio 
edition of 1623. West Brompton. 1867. ^*'- 

" For private circulation only." 

9. Stratford-upon-ATOn, Eng, — Court of record. 
Selected extracts from the ancient registry of 
the causes tried in the court in the time of Shake- 
speare ; including many entries respecting the 
poet's family. [Edited by J. O. Halliwell-Phil- 
lipps.] London. 1867. ^o. HC. 

Marked in MS. : «* Ten Copies Only. J. O. H." 

la Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. Extracts 
from the accounts of the chamberlains of the 
borough of Stratford-on-Avon, from the year 
1609 to 1616. Selected and edited from the 
original manuscripts. London. 1867. sm. 40. 
*'Ten coi>ies only." This is reported to one by Mr. Timmios 

ien copies 
of Bimuogham. 


I. HalUweU-PhillimM, J. O. A catalogue of a 
small portion of the engravings and drawings 
illustrative of the life of Shakespeare, preserved 
in the collection formed by J. O. Hall i well. 
[London.] 186S. sm. 40. HC. BA. BPL. 

"Printed for private reference," and "for presents only." 
Th^was a presentation copy to W. G MedlicotL 

The preface says the catalogue shows " a very ftnall portion 
« the largest collection of enfcravings and dravrings, illustrative 
« the life ol Shakespeare, which has ever been formed." The 
Secialities are : Anne Hathaway's Cottage ; Shakespeare's 
Birth.pIaoe ; Charlecote ; New Place ; Engraved Portraits ; 
«mlord.on-Avon ; The Church ; The Crab-tr«e ; Slyake- 

speare's Joumevs ; Tlie neighborhood of Stratford ; London ; 
Warwick»hire ; Windsor ; miscellaneous ; monument ; maps and 
plans; actors and theatres ; chapel of the Guild. 

The catalogue names a proof impression of the Droeshout 
print of Shakespeare which is described in Scribner's Month/y^ 
Sept. 1875. 

%^ 2. Halliwell-Phlllippa, J. O. Selected notes upon 
Shakespeare's comedy of The tempest. London. 
1868. sm. 40. HC. BPL. 

" Fifty copies printed." 

One of a contemplated series of critical and philological mate- 
rial on the several plays of Shakespeare, gathered subsequent to 
the printing of Mr. HaUiwell's folio edition of Shakespeare. 

h/3. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. Selected notes 
upon Shakespeare's tragedy of Antonv and 
Cleopatra. London. 1868. sm.40. HC. fePL. 

** Fifty copies printed.'* 

See note under No. 2 of this year. 

^4. Halliwell-PhiUipps, J. O. A catalogue of the 
books, nuinuscripts, works of art, antiquities, 
and relics, illustrative of the life and works of 
Shakespeare, and of the history of Stratford- 
upon-Avon, which are preserved in the Shak» 
speare library and museum in Henley street 
London : prmted for the Shakespeare fund. 
1868. 80. BPL. 

This indudes the *' Wheler collection." 


No publications discovered. 


I. [Halliwell-PhlUipps, J. O., cotHpiler.] A col- 
lection of aiu:ient documents respecting the 
office of master of the revels, and other papers 
relating to the early English theatre, from the 
original manuscripts formerly in the Haslewood 
collection. London. 1870. 80. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Eleven Copies Only. J. O. H.* 
The running title is '* Dramatic Records." 


2. Tragedy (A) of King Richard the Second, con- 
cluding with the murder of the duke of Glouces- 
tre at Calais. A composition anterior to Shake- 
speare's tragedy on the same reign, now first 
printed from a contemporary^ manuscript. [Ed- 
ited by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.J London. 
1870. 80. HC. 

Marked in MS : *' Eleven Copies Only. J. O. H." 

. 3. Gkeene, Robert. Groats-worth of wit, bought 
with a million of repentaunce. Reprinted from 
an original copy of the extremely rare edition 
of 1^90, preserved in the library of^ Henry Huth. 
[Edited by T. O. Halliwell-Phillipps.] London. 
1870. sm. 80. HC. 

Marked in MS : " Eleven Copies Only. J. O. H." With a 
reproduction of the original title-page. On p. 55 is the earliest 
relerence to Shakespeare. Mr. H.-P. writes (i£^i) that he dis- 
covered last year a copv of the original edition in the library of 
Peterborougn Cathedral, the third one yet found. 

4. [Halliwell-Phillippa, J. O.] A list of the 
contents of the drawers in my study, and in two 
other rooms. Index to objects of research. A 
list of regnal years, 1558 to 1649. London. 1870. 
80. HC. 

Tliis pamphlet is without title, and is dated oth April, 1870; 
was " printed for my own personal convenience," out it may **lead 
any one to try the experiment of what may be called the arawer- 
system.** Speaks ot his having " abandoned the critical study 
of the text of Shakespeare." 




No publications discovered. 


1. Shakespeare, William. The probate copy of 

[his] will, now first printed from a manuscript 
copy of it made by the Rev. Joseph Greene, of 
Stratford-on-Avon, in 1747. [Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell-Phillipps.] London. 1872. sm. 
80. HC. 

Marked in MS. : " Fifteen Copies Only Printed." " For pri- 
vate circulation." 

Presentation copy to W. G. Medlicott, with autograph letter. 

There was a photographic fac-simile of the will, edited by J. 
Hain Friswell, published in London, 1864. The document is also 

S'ven in Howard Staunton's Memorials 0/ Shakespeare^ and in 
TAV.t's''Shakes^are and his times f II. Appendix; in Knight's 
Biography 0/ Shakespeare, and in other of tlic lives. Halhwell 
appends to his New Boke about Shakespeare^ 1S50, a copy of 
the will, printed for Thomas Rodd, so as to show corrections 
and interlineations, to which fac-4imiles of the autographs were 
attached ; the same was also issued by HaliiweU separately. See 
No. a under 1851. 


No publications discovered, 


^ I. [HalliweU-Phmipps, J. O.] Illustrations of 
the life of Shakespeare in a discursive series 
of essays on a variety of subjects connected 
with the personal ana literary history of the 
great dramatist. Pt. i. London. 1874. fo. 


Among the various woodcuts in the volume are fac-sirailes of 
dd cuts showing London in the time of Shakespeare. The text 
contains much about the theatres of that day ; p. 45, notes on 
The tivo gentlemen 0/ Verona ; p. 47, on The Old English 
Religious Drama; p. 61, Unconnected Shakespeares ; p. 65, 
Shakespeare^ s mulberry • tree ; p. 70, Mew Place; p. 79, Shake' 
speare's manuscripts; p. 81, Appendix oi original documents, 
and reprints of earljr publications. Halliwell's purposes in this 
work are explained in his Shakespeariana, 1867, p- 55. 

2. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. A fragment of Mr. 
J. O. Halliwell's " Illustrations of the Life of 
Shakespeare." For presents only. London. 
1874. fol. BPL. 

Marked in MS. : " Fifty copies only." 

Documents, found in the Lord Chamberlain^s office, illustrat- 
ing Shakespeare^s connection with the Globe and Blackiriars' 
theatres, London. 


^ I. HalliweU-PhUlippe, J. O., and others. Fairy 
tales, legends and romances illustrating Shake- 
speare and other ear! v English writers. To which 
are prefixed two preliminary dissertations, i . On 
pigmies. 2. On fairies. By Joseph Ritson. 
London. 1875. ^- **C* BPL. 

" The present republication forms a union of " Ritson*8 
"Fairytales" and Halliwell's "Illustrations of the fairy my- 
thology of a Midsummer-niehi's dream/* " with certain addi- 
tions and connections." Preface by W. C. Hazlitt. 


I. Halliwell-Phimpps, J. O. A brief hand-list 
of the selected parcels in the Shakespearian 
and dramatic collections of J. O. Halliwell- 
Phillipps. London. 1876. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

** Privately printed." Presentation copy to W. G. Medlicott^ 
llie lists exhibit " the kind of ramiiications involved by an in- 
quiry into the personal history of Shakespeare, when viewed in 
connection with the contemporary stage and the circumstances 
of the times in which he lived." 

%/ 2. Halliwell-Phillippe, J. O. A catalogue of the 
Shakespeare-study books in [hisi immediate li- 
brary. London. 1876. 80. HC. BA. BPL. 

" Privately printed." Presentation copy to W. G. Medlicott. 

Besides the several plays of Shakespeare, the ^)ecial headinf^ 
are Bibliography, Forgeries, Glossaries, History of the Stage, 
Law, Life of Shakespeare, Loudon and Southwark, Miscellane- 
ous, Old plays, originals and reprints. Poems, Records, Spurious 
plays, Stratford'upon-Avon, and Warwickshire. 

v^ 3. HaUiweU-PhiUippB, T. O. 
warehouse library of J. O. 
London. 1876. 80. 

A catalogue of the 



" Privately printed" 

The books named show for specialities, the foUowins heads : 
Enclosures, England, Jest books, London. Plays and Tlieatres, 
Records, Anonymous bhakesperiana. Editions of Shakespeare, 
Stage. The ''note" says the books "are deposited at the 

^4. Shakespeare, William. The first edition of 
Shakespeare. The works of William Shake- 
speare in reduced fac-simile from the famous 
first folio edition of 1623. With an introduc- 
tion by J. O. Halliwefl-Phillipps. London. 
1876. BPU. 

Halliwell says in his introduction : " A few of the dramas in 
the first folio were possibly edited from Shakespeare's original 
manuscripts. It is certain in several instances Heminpe and 
Condell used printed copies of the old quarto editions." He 
enumerates the plays in order, and indicates the relative value 
of the authorities for the text. 

The present average value of a perfect copy of the first folio is 


"*' It is not of course pretended that any fac-simile of any old 
book will in all cases of minute research entirely supersede 1 he 
necessity of a reference to copies of the ancient impressions.** 

This IS the second reproduction of the first foiio by some pho- 
tographic proces^s. The first ^as made by Preston, by photo- 
lithography, in i866, was superintended by Howard Staunton, 
and published in sixteen pans by Day and Son, London. It was 
of the size of the original, and was delivered bound to subscribers 
for £%^. It has smce fallen somewhat in price. It has been 
complained that in minute particulars it is not always faithful, 
as in omitting the bar of an e, thus making it a r, etc. It is said 
that the present reduced fac-simile is from this earlier one, and 
not from an original. 

The earliest type fac-simile was made in 1807, with " Printed 
by E. and J. Wright, St. John's Square," on the reverse o£ 
title, and *♦ Shakespeare, i8o«),'- as a water mark in the paper. 
It was said to be edited by Francis Douce. Upcott pointed out 
368 errors in it, of which about forty arc important. Notes and 
queries^ vii. 47; 3d ser. vii. 139. Mr. Fumess has Upcott*« 
copy, with his collations, made in 183a. American biHiopoli^ 
June, 1875. ^'he BPL. has Britton's illustrated copy in four 

The next printed reproduction was begun in 1861 by Lionel 
Booth, copying the general style of the original, but using a 
small type, and changing the page to a quarter shape. It was 
completed, having been issued in three parts, — comedies, his- 
tories, traeedies, late in 1864* I'he Cambridge editors call it 
probably the most correct reprint ever made. Charles Wright 
was the editor of it. Some copies have Pericles, copied from 
the 1664 follow at the end. 


No publications discovered, 


No publications discovered. 


/ 1. HalllWell-PhillippB, J. O. Which shall it be ? 

New lamps or old ? Shaxpere or Shakespeare ? 

Brighton. 1879. ^^- ^^" BPL. 

Siened and dated on p. 8 : ** J. O. HALUWBLL-PHXLurPS, 
Homogbury Copse, Brignton, 4 November, 1879." 



•^ 2. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. Memoranda on 
All's well that ends well, The two gentlemen of 
Verona, Much ado about nothing, and on Titus 
Andronicus. Brighton. 1879. 

Eighty pa^es. Mentioned in Cohn*s Shakespeare' Bibliogra^ 
^kie, as are the following numbers, 3, 4 and 5. 

• 3. HaUiwell-Phillipps, J. O. Memoranda on the 
tragedy of Hamlet. London. 1879. 

»^4. Halliwell-Phillipps, T. O. Memoranda on 
Love's Labour's Lost, King John, Othello, and 
* on Romeo and Juliet. London. 1879. 

\y 5. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. Memoranda on the 
Midsummer night's dream, A.D. 1879 ^^'^ ^''^^ 
1855. Brighton. 1S79. 


I. Halliwell-PhillippB, J. O. New lamps or old ? 
A few additional words respecting the e and 
the a in the name of our national dramatist. 
Brighton. 1880. 80. HC. BPL. 

Signed at end and dated thus (p. 23): "J. O. Haz,liwbll- 
PMiLLiPPiS, Hollingbury Copse, Brighton, January, 1880.^' 

Contains (p. 15) a fac-simile reprint of "Thrcnos,'* a poem 
which Shakespeare contributed to Chester's Lev*^* Martyr^ 
'^ 1601, which is signed " William Shakb-spkarb.'* 
There waa,.asg£ond edition the same year. 

^ 2. Halliwell-Phiilippa, J. O. Rough list of 
Shakespearean rarities and manuscript col- 
lections at Hollingbury Copse, Brighton. April, 
1880. Brighton. 1880. 
Fifty copies only. Privately printed. 

3. HalliweU-Phlllipps, J. O. To the Trustees of 
Shakespeare's birth-place. 1879. 

Fifty copies only. Privately printed. This is a letter on the 
Shakesoeare library at Stratfora-on-Avon. 
y Mr. HaJUwell-Pnillipps printed in 18S0 sundry communica- 
tions in periodicals : A tkeiuntm^ April 10, on " The life of 
Shakespeare." Notes and Queries^ Dec 18, 1S80 on '* Shake- 
sperian misprints** ; Jan. 17, on an "Old Ballad quoted in King 
Lear*'; Ian. 31 and Aug. 21 on "King Lear, — Lypsbury = 
Lydbary?" ; Oct 30, "Allusion to Pencles" ; Dec. as, "Cur- 
8ory note on Twelfth night." 


1. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. [Correspondence 
with Robt. Browning, president of New Shak- 
spere society, relative to language used by 
Mr. Furnivall in speaking of Mr. Halliwell- 
Phillippa. Dated Jan.-Feb. 1881.] 8 pp. 
fol. HC. BPL. 

This was answered by Mr. Furnivall, and two editions, the 
later one, enlarged, were printed of this answer. 

2. HalliweU-Phlllippg, J. O. Outlines of the 

Life of Shakespeare. London. 
Privately printed. 



5. Reliquise antiqaas : scraps from ancient man- 
uscripts, illustrative of early English literature 
and the English language. Edited by Thomas 
Wright. Esq. and J. O. Halliwell. BPL. 

V d HalUweU-PhiUippa, J. O. A letter to Lord 
Francis Egerton, President of the Camden So- 
ciety, on the propriety of confining the efforts 

of that bod^to the illustration of a strictly early 
period of history and literature. London. 1839. 
80. HC. 

Dated, Bodleian Library, Aug. 10, 1839, with Postscript, 
Aug. II. 


Vii. [HaUiwell-Phmippe, J. O., tditor]. Historia 
coUegii jesu oyitabrigiensis. A. J. Shermanno, 
olim Prxs. Ejusdem collegii. Edidit et notis 
instruxit J. O. Halliwell, Soc. Reg. Lond., ftc. 
Londini : Veneunt apud Thomam Rodd : Can- 
tabrigix. T.Stevenson. MDCCCXL. pp. vi. 43. 

There is a Latin dedication to " Josepbo Hunter, S. A. S.," 
and a Latin " Prefatio." 

12. Cambridge Antiquarian Society. For the 

encouragement of the study of the history and 
antiquities of the university town and county of 

A prospectus, three printed p^es, xv. Laws, eic^ signed J. 
O. Halliwbli., Esq., F. R. S., F. S. A., Secretary, 

13. Halliwell-Phillippe, J. O. A catalogue of 
scientific manuscripts in the possession of J. O. 
Halliwell, Esq. 

A pamphlet, without wrapper, containing a description of 130 
books, several of which are volumes of cunous old tracts. 


II. See London Times, June 12, 1841. 

14. [Halliwell -Phillippa, J. O.]. A cancelled^ 
sheet (pp. xxi.-xxviii.) of Rishanger*s ChrotticU' 
with notes, 21 March, 1841, to W. H. Black. 


^"^10. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. An account of 
the European manuscripts in the Chetham Li- 
brary of Manchester. By James Orchard Hal- 
liwell, F. R. S., etc, Manchester and London. 
Describes Instruments, astronomical, etc.^ as well as MSS. 

II. Halliwell-PhiUippa, J. O. Shakespearian lit- 
erature. 80. BPL. 

A separate issue of an article from The Arckteologist., Janu- 
ary, 1842. 

•12. [Halliwell-PhillippB J. O., editor\. The jokes 
of the Cambridge coffee-houses in the seven- 
teenth century. Cambridge. 1842. 120. 

Selected from various jest bnoks of that time, — " fair speci- 
mens of bo6ks that served in the place which our periodical lit- 
erature has since supplied." 


5. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. The foun- 
dation documents of Merton college, Oxford, 
collected by James Hey wood, F. R. S. Edited 
by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq., F. R. S., and 
honorary member of the Royal Irish Academy. 
London. 1843. 

It contains lithograph portrait of Walter of Merton and wood- 
cut of college arms. 

6. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., editor. A collec- 
tion of pieces in the dialect of Zummezet. 
Edited by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq. Lon- 
don. 1843. 

Only fifty copies printed. Sixteen pages, prose and poelry, 
from MSS. Asnmolean, MSS. Lansdowne, Thf British gar- 
land^ Collins' s MtKeilaniest etc. 





4. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O^ editor, A catajoj^ue 
of the books bequeathed to Corpus Christ! Col- 
lege, Cambridge, (a. d. 1439) by Thomas Mar- 
kaunt, with their prices. Transcribed from a 
contemporary register on velhim in the library 
of that college, with explanatory and historical 

This was No XIV. Miscellaneous communications, part i. 
pp. 15-20, in the Publications of the Cambridge antiquarian 
society, 1847, 4** 


9. Halliwell-Phillippa, J. O. On the means 
adopted to insure the rarity of the privately 

printed works of James O. Halliwell, Esq., 
F. R. S., etc. London. For private circulation 
only. 1854. 


5. Bhakeapeare, William. The famovs victories 
of Henry the fifth. Containing the Honourable 
Rattell of Agin-Covrt. As it was Acted by the 
Kinges Maiesties Seruants. London. Imprinted 
by Barnard Alsop, dwelling in Garter place in 
Barbican. 161 7. 

A similar photographic reproduction to No. i of this year. 
Mr. Timmins reixirts a copy as in his po£session, with ** some 
pages scarcely legible " ; and adds, on Mr. Halliwell*s authority, 
that this, with No. i, were "among the first attempts to photo- 
graph old books, before photolithography and photozincography 
were used." 

«% Since the previous additions were made, Mr. Samuel Timminsi of Birmingham, has famished the following : — 


I • II. Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. A few Notes on the History of the Discovery of the Composition o«£ 
Water. By J. O. Halliwell, Esq., F. R.-S., etc.^ London : Printed and publisned by Richard and John 
E. Taylor, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street. 1840. 8«. 8 pp. 


Ubtatt of ^arbarti anfbergttt. 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



3sro. 11. 







Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star prefixed indicates they are not yet ready. 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems : a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel- 

angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 


5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Books and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard College 

Library, by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

♦7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic Geometry. 

*8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

•10. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 

II. Samuel H. Scudder. The Entomological Libraries of the United States. 




By Samuel H. Scudder. 

The addition to the resources of the University 
of the entomological library formed by Dr. Hagen 
during the past fifty years, has prompted an exami- 
nation of the literature of this department in the 
principal scientific libraries throughout the country, 
partly by personal study, partly by correspondence ; 
and, as the result of the exammation may prove in- 
teresting to others, it is herewith publishecl. 

The addition of Dr. Hagen*s library to the Mu- 
seum of Comparative Zoology makes its entomo- 
logical department by far the most valuable in the 
country. The card catalogue has 4,279 entries, of 
which 3,457 represent Dr. Hagen's books, 822 the 
others, which are almost entirely the gift to the Mu- 
seum of Professors L. aifti A. Agassiz. The entire 
library is judged by Dr. Hagen to contain about 
2,000 volumes and 3,000 pamphlets. 

About one third of the total space which the li- 
brary occupies is filled by journals and society pub- 
lications, among which may be especially noted 
complete sets of the older magazines, rarely seen in 
this country. The library is rich in works and pa- 
pers on Neuroptera and'Pseudoneuroptera, groups 
of insects which have been Dr. Hagen's special 
study. It contains also a very valuable series of 
anatomical, physiological, and biological papers; the 
literature of fossil insects is well represented ; and a 
neglected field — the bit liography of entomology — 
is unusually perfect from the material collected by 
Dr. Hagen for his catalogue of 1863. It contains, 
too, nearly all the works and even minor papers of 
certain entomologists, such as Linne, Fabricius, La- 
treille, Thunberg, Fallen, Sahlberg, Panzer, Germar, 
and many others still living. Since Dr. Hagen en- 
tered the Museum, he has formed a special library 
for l\'orth American publications, separately 
kept and already tolerably complete. 

Many rare works, and a large number of exceed- 
ingly scarce tracts, obtained as opportunity offered 
during the past fifty years, make the library one of 
exceptional value. Many of these are the only copies 
Dr. Hagen has ever seen, and his familiarity with 
the bibhography of entdmology is unrivalled. Fifty 
years ago, he says, when he purchased his first 
books, the standards of the day, the cost of ento- 
mological works was scarcely one fourth the price 
now demanded for the same volumes, so that with 
less than $10,000, it would then have been possible 
to form a tolerably complete library. There were 
then very few students and no competition, and be- 
ing before the time of cheap and rapid transport, it 
was possible to buy French books in Germany, and 
German or English books in France, at very low 
rates ; with the, easier facilities of the present day, 
the formation of a library is a simpler, but from the 
greater demand- and exhausted supply a far more 

expensive, matter. A memorandum of some of the 
rarer works in the library is appended. 

The College Library is tolerably well represented 
in entomology for a general library, there being 
about 450 volumes and 50 or more catalogued pam- 
phlets. These were in large measure selected while 
Dr. Harris was connected with the library, and 
mostly represent standard works. There are also in 
the Horary many costly voyages in which entomology 
is represented, but which are not included in this 

Dr. Harris's private library, rarely duplicating 
works in the College Library, has come into the pos- 
session of the Boston Society of Natural History, 
and forms about one third of its present entomologi- 
cal department, wh*ich consists of about 900 volumes 
and nearly 550 pamphlets. The collection is a mis- 
cellaneous one ; but contains some rare and valuable 
works cited in the appendix, and besides these may 
be mentioned an entire series of the tracts of l*eck. 
Say, and Harris in their original forms. Periodical 
literature is also fairly represented. But the choicest 
part of the collection consists of its manuscript mate- 
rial, in which the library is exceptionally rich for 
North American entomology. It contains three sets 
of colored illustrations of Georgian insects and their 
transformations by Abbot (one, a small volume, and 
probably a copy) coming from the Harris library ; 
another, a thick folio volume, and containing 174 
sheets, from Dr. Asa Gray, originally from London ; 
and a third, also in folio, consisting of 193 sheets 
painted by Abbot for Oemler of Georgia. Next, two 
small volumes, containing 239 sheets, the original 
drawings by Hentz for the illustration of his papers 
on the Spiders of the United States, which, though 
published by the Society in black, were drawn in 
color. Besides these, there are all the manuscripts 
left by Dt. Harris, collected into twenty-four vol- 
umes, mostly folios, a full account of which may be 
found in the Society's Proceedings (vol. xiii., pp. 
167, 168). 

The next largest public collection of entomologi- 
cal books in this vicinity is that of the Public Li- 
brary of Boston, which contains about 650 volumes 
and 75 pamphlets. Periodical literature is very 
poorly represented ; the greater part of the books be- 
ing standard works, well selected and containing 
many rare and costly volumes, some not elsewhere 
found in this vicinity. 

The Boston Athenaeum has a small and miscella- 
neous collection of a little more than 1 50 volumes 
and pamphlets, with one or two rare works ; and the 
Cambridge Entomological Club one of nearly 200 
volumes and about 500 pamphlets. 

It may be well to include in the account of the 
entomological collections of this vicinity, the private 
of libraries Mr. Burgess and myself. Mr. Burgess's 
library, recently formed, contains about 150 volumes 


and 300 pamphlets. The' anatomv of insects,- and 
systematic works on Diptera, are fairly represented, 
nearly one half of the Horary being devoted to these 

The entomological portion of my own library con- 
sists of 765 volumes and very nearly 2,000 pamphlets. 
There are only a few serials, the bulk of the library 
being made up of the less costly general works on 
each order, and of special collections of papers on 
Orthoptera, Butterflies, Fossil insects, and the anato- 
my, morphology, and embryology of insects. In 
Orthoptera ana fossil insects, it contains nearly 
every thing now procurable, and some very scarce 
works. In the former, it also contains a separate 
collection of some thousand illustrations, separately 
mounted, and systematically arranged, while in 
anatomy, etc., it is second, m this country, only to 
the library of the Zoological Museum. Among 
others will be found complete, or very nearly com- 
plete, series of the papers of Herold, Newport, Du- 
four, Grabcr, Plateau, Brauer, Weismann, Laboul- 
b^ne, Thunberg, Selys, Saussure, Stal, Brunner, 
Wood-Mason, Serville, Murray, A. and H. Dohrn, 
Girard, Hentz, Harris, Packard, Heer, Oustalet, 
Brodie, Hcyden, Weyenbergh, and Goldenberg; and 
the Phylloxera papers of the French Academy. 

The libraries of Salem are not rich enough in 
entomological works to require mention. In Provi- 
dence, Dr. A. S. Packard has a collection of 470 vol- 
umes and 550 pamphlets on insects. It is fuller in 
systematic works on I^epidoptera, Hymenoptera, and 
Coleoptera than on other orders, but its special value 
lies in its collection of embryological and morpho- 
logical papers, comprising very full series of the 
works of the writers on these topics mentioned in 
the last paragraph, as well as of Clapar^de, Metsch- 
nikoff, Melnikow, Ganin, Kowalewsky, etc. 1 

The library of Yale College, New Haven, con- 
tains about 200 entomological woAcs. 

In New York, the Astor Library has about 500 
volumes, of which one fourth consists of serials ; it 
contains some costly, but few, if any, very rare works. 
The New York Academy of Scfence has a small 
library in this department, but I have been unable to 
obtain any figures 

The Society of Natural Science at Buffalo pos- 
sesses somewhat over 500 volumes and nearly as 
many pamphlets on entomology. It is particularly 
well supplied with works and papers, both old and 
recent, on Nocturnal Lepidoptera, which have 
formed the special study of Mr. Grote, the principal 
officer of the society. 

The entomological library at* Cornell University 
has about i jo volumes and 50 pamphlets. 

In Philadelphia, we find another entomological 
centre. The largest library is perhaps that of the 
American Entomological Society ; it is said to con- 
sist of 1,728 volumes and 336 pamphlets; but these 
figures include a considerable number of periodical 
and other works on general natural history, pre- 
served for the sake of the entomological matter they 
contain, and may not fairly be compared with the 
others. Serial entomological publications (at least 
existing ones) are very completely represented, and 
there are many costly works. 

This library is now in the hall of the Academy of 
Natural Sciences, which itself possesses 956 volumes 
on strictly entomological subjects, and 554 pam- 
phlets ; all the departments are about equally well 
represented, but many works are necessarily dupli- 
cated in the collection last mentioned, and both owe 
much of their value to the generosity of the late Dr. 
T. B. Wilson. The library' contairs'a number of let- 
ters written by Say to Melsheimer, from 1813 to 1825. 

Dr. J. L. LeConte, of Philadelphia, estimates his 
private library to consist of about 700 volumes and 
000 pamphlets, and it is undoubtedly the most com- 
plete library for Coleoptera in the country, 'very few 
papers on American beetles being wanted. It is full 
m this otder only, but contains nearly every thing in 
the shape of monographs, besides many formal works 
and series of transactions. There are many rare old 
works, which are of no special use for reference, but 
valuable as bibliographical curiosities, being scarcely 
ever met with on sale. It also contains the working 
copy of the elder Melsheimer*s catalogue of U. S. 
Coleoptera, full of marginal notes, and other inter* 
esting relics; and also an immense collection of 
original drawings, — several thousand in number, of 
insects of all orders found in the Atlantic States, 
made principally by Major John LeConte (Dr. 
LeConte*s father) and partly by Abbot, whom he 
employed as a collector and draughtsman. 

In Baltimore, the library of the Peabody Institute 
has over 800 volumes and about 200 separate pam- 
phlets on entomology. It contains complete series 
of many entomological journals, and otherwise con- 
sists mainly of standard works, well selected, as 
would be expected with Messrs. Morris and Uhler*s 
supervision. There are few rare books in it, but the 
more costly and expensive works are well repre- 
sented. Mr. P. R. Uhler's private library in the 
same city consists of over 300 volumes and about 
500 pamphlets on insects, selected with special refer- 
ence to Mr. Uhler*s specialty, the Hemiptera, but 
not inconsiderable in other directions, and particu- 
larly in Coleoptera and ^europtera ; it is mostly 
confined to systematic works. 

I have been unable to obtain any figures concern- 
ing the Congressional Library in Washington, which 
must be of considerable value, particularly as it in- 
cludes that of the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Ri 
ley has, however, kindly supplied some notes about it. 
Ill serial publications it is, of course, rich ; and in 
miscellaneous works it has a complete collection of 
entomological books published in America. In for- 
eign works, however (excepting in serials), it is com- 
paratively poor. 

The liorary of the entomological division of the 
department of Agriculture contains about 300 vol- 
umes, mostly selected on account of their absence 
from the Congressional Library, and consisting of 
standard works. It contains the only complete col- 
ored copy of Mr. Glover's plates of American insects ; 
and the general library of agricultural works includes 
many works embracing papers on applied entomolo- 
gy. Special mention may be made of a complete set 
of the Gardiner's Chronicle of London, in wnich are 
many articles by Westwood. 

Tne private library of Mr. C V. Riley, of Wash- 
ington, contains about 700 volumes of purely ento- 
mological books and about 3,000 pamphlets, nearly 
all of which are directly entomological. It is espe- 
cially rich in biological papers and such as illustrate 
the economic bearings of the science. Several of 
the late Mr. Walsh's books are found here with his 
marginal notes. Mr. Riley has paid particular atten- 
tion to the fugitive literature of entomology, and 
has 22 scrap-books filled with nearly every thing that 
has appeared on insects during the last twelve years 
in agricultural and other papers, — articles mostly of 
an economic character, and generally overlooked in 

This review clearly shows the great advantages to 
an entomologist of a residence in this vicinity, where 
the bibliographical aids to study equal, if they do 
not surpass, those of the rest of the country com- 





Boston Athenaeum* 
Harvard College Library. 

I*Z« = Museum of Comparative Zoology. 
.H> «s Boston Society or Natural History. 

•.H.S. =» S 

Boston Public Library. 

= *^ H. Scudder'n Library. 

1. Abbot and Smith. History of the rarer le- 
pidopterous insects of Georgia. London. 1797. 
2 vol. f» . . H.C. N.H. P.L. 

Copies also exist in the Congressional library and the libra- 
ries of Hufiolo and Baltimore. 

2. Albin. Natural history of English insects. 
London. 1749- 49. N.H. 

There is also a copy in the Congressional library, and one of 
text only in MaZ* 

3. Billberg. Enumeratio insectorum. Holmiae. 
1820. 40. NI.Z. 8.H.8. 

A very rare work, found, according to Dr. Hagen, in no library 
of Europe outside of Sweden. 

4. Blankaart. Schauplatz der raupen, wiirmer, 
maden und iliegende thiergen. Leipzig. 1690. 80. 


The Dutch ortjsinal was published in 1688. A second pxart re* 
mains in MS. in the library at the Hague; Snellen ha» published 
a li<^t of its contents, and a copy of this is appended to the work 
in Dr. Hagen's library. 

5. Boisduval, Rambur, et Graalin. Chenilles 
d'Europe. Paris. 1832-43. 80. P.L. S.H.8. 

6. Borelli. De motu animalium. Romae. 16S0- 
8i- 2 vol. 40. NI.Z. 

The 2d ed- Leyden, 1685, is in H«0* 

7. Charletbu. Onomastikon zoikon. Londini. 
1761. 4<>. NI.Z. 

8. Clutius. Opuscula duo singularia. Amstero- 
dami. 1634. 40, t NI.Z. 

A very rare work. 

9. Coquebert. Illustratio inconographica insect- 
orum. Parisiis. 1 799-- 1804. 40 NI.Z. N.H. P.L. 

There is alM> a copy in the Peabody institute, Baltimore. 
The greater part of the edition was destroyed by (ire, and the 
work has therebv become rare 

10. Cornalia. Monografia del bombyce del gelso. 
Milano. 1856. 4^. 8.H.8. 

11. CrelL Disputatio de - locustis, non sine pro- 
digio in Germania nuper conspectis. Lipsiae. 1693. 
40. 28 pp. unpaged S.H.8. 

12. Cuxtis. British entomology. London 1S23- 
40. 16 V. 80. NI.Z. P.L. 

There are also copies in the Peabody institute and the Astnr 
library. That of the Museum is one of the ear'y cnpifs, now 
scarce} and the coloring of whic h is s upeiior lo that of latrr copies 

13. Doubleday and Westwood. Genera of 
diurnal lepidoptera. London. 1846-52. 2 v. fo. 

B.A. N.H. P.L. 

Copies are also in the Congressional library and the Peabody 
itntitute. Mr. B. P. Mann ha^ an imperfect copv. Dr. Har- 
ris's copy is in the possession of his son, Mr. Edward Doubleday 

14. I!riist et Engramelle. Papillons d'Europe. 

Paris. 1779-93. ^ V' 4°- NI.Z. 

I'h^re is also a copv in the library of the American academy 
of arts and sciences, noston. 

15. Bsper. Die auslandischen schmetterlin^e. 

Erlangen. 1785-91 (1801) 40. P.L. 
The Society at Bunalo also |-»osscsscs a copv. 

16. XSvans. British lil^cllulinae, or dragon flies. 
London. 1845. 80. NI.Z. 

Privatelv printed. 

17. FicQtelberger. Heu ! schreckcn ! von heu- 
schrecken. St. Annabcrg. 1693. 4°* 3^ PPm un- 
paged. S.H.S. 

18. De Oeer Memoires pour servir ^ t'histoire 
des insectes. Stockholm. 17 52- 58. 7 v. 40. 

B.A. P.L. 

Copies may also be found at the Astor library and Peabody 

19. Gladbaoh. Beschreibungneuercurop'aischen 

schinetterlingen. Frankfurt. 1777. 4°. NI.Z. 

According to Dr. Hapten, onlv three copies are known. 

20. Gray. Notices ot insects that are known to 
form the bases of fungoid parasites. London. 1858. 
40. NI.Z. S.H.8. 

Onlv a small edition was printed and privately distributed by 
the author, whose name appears only by the initials G- K- G> 

21. Hartmann. Succini prussici physica et civi- 
lis historia. Francofurti. 1677. 80. NI.Z. 8.H.S« 

Very rare. 

22. Hebenstreit. De locustis immenso agmine 
aerem nostrvni implcntibvs. Jenae. 1693. 4°* 

Prance is not mentioned as author in either copy. Cf. Hap 
gen's Bibl., I. 351. 

23. Hoefuagel. Archetypa studiaque patris. 
P'rancofurti. 1592. Oblong 40. NI.Z. 

This copy is a very great rarity, printed on thin, ra'e .pinl« 
paper, with a water-mark of Mercury^s staff and snakes, differ* 
ing from the ordinary copies. It is the only copy known to 
Dr. Hagen certainly colored at the time of original issue ; a 
colored copy in Von Heyden's library was apparently painted at 
a later date. A third copy is quoted by Brunet, but has not 
been seen by Dr. Hacren (See Hagen'* Bibl., I. 371). This is 
the first illustrated colored work on entomology ever printed. 
Dr. Hagen's copy is. however, defective in lacking eighteen of the 
fifty-two plate^. i'he originals of Hoefnagel's plates, painted on 

f)archment. still exin in the museum at Oxford, — fe»rmerly in the 
ibrary of Disraeli, the father of Earl of Beaconsfield. 

24. HoefnageL Diversae insectarum volatilittm 

icones. (Amsterdam.) 1630. Oblong 40. NI.Z. 

This work, also from Dr. Hagen*s library, is even much rarer 
ihin the plai.j copies of the preceding. ^ From 1840 to 18^7 rn'.y 
a single copy was quoted tor sale ; since then, according to 
Dr. Hagen, two have appeared on antiquarian catalogueSf but 
one of them falsified by the introduction of some plates from the 
preceding work, the insects figured in the two being the same. 

25. HUbner. l^eitrage ztir geschichte der 
schraettcrlinge. Augsburg. 1786-89. 2 v. 80. 

26. HClbner. Sammlung europaischer schmet- 
tcrlinge. Augsburg. 1805-24. 3 v. 40. P.L. 

27. HUbner. Geschichte europaischer schmct> 
terlinge. Augsburg. 1806-18. 40. P.L. 

28. HUbner. Sammlung exotischer schmetter- 
linge. Augsburg. 1806-24. 3 V. 40. H.C. S.H.S. 

There is also a cn^y at BuflTa'o. My copy of this and the 
followinz works of Hiil)ner came from the library of Brebisson, 
and appear to have been those of an <>riginal subscriber. 

29. HUbner. Tentamen determinationis... lep*- 
dopteroruin [Augsburg, 1806.'] S.H.S* 

Thr* only copy knov^-^n to exist, from which my reprint of 187 1 
was takf-n. 

30. HUbner. Zutrage zur sammlung exotischer 
schmetterlinge. Augsburg. 1818-37. 40. 

H.C S.H.G. 

There is nhn in my Ibrary a pamphlet without title (4 pp. 4" ), 
rivinc nanus 10 a i<art of the insects in the first century vf the 
ZutrSsc, (iftt-n diflF.'iine from those of ihc ZuirSie, and evidently 
prec«-fliij; it in date: perhaps it formed part of a prospectus ««f 
that work. 

31. HUbner. Index exoticorum lepidopterorum. 
August le V'indclicorum. 1821. 4»*. S.H.S. 

32. HUbner. Systematisch-alphal>etischvcrzcich- 
nis.s. Augsburg. 1822 80. P.L. S.H.S. 

33. Linn^. Dissertationes. A complete set f)f 


the i86 dissertations afterwards published in the 
Amoenitates acadeinicae. 8 v. 40. M«Z. 

Dr. Ha°en says the original copies are of great rarity, a com- 
plete set existing elsewhere, so far as he knows, only in Stock- 
holm and Upsala. Dr. Hagen's copy was collected by Afzelius, 
a pupil of Linn^'s, and several of them bear Linni's autograph. 
A high price has been offered for this copy, which contains all 
the original plates, some of which — that, for instance, of the 
Pandora insecturum — being far rarer tnau the dissertations 
which contain them. 

34. Macleay. Horae entomologicae. London. 
1819-21. 2 V. 8°. 8.H.S. 

Extremely rare, as nearly the whole edition was burned. It 
contains the fullest exposition of the author's " quinary system of 
nature " 

35. Majolus. Simonis Nfajoli Ostensis episcopi 
vuituariensis dierum canicularium, torn, vii., etc. 
Francofurti. 1642. fo. NI.Z. 

Very rare ; originjilly published in 1600, in 4". 

36. Malpighl. Dissertatio epistolica de bom- 
bycc. Londini. 40. H.C. M.Z. P.L. 

37. Melsheimer. Catalogue of the insects of 
Pennsylvania. Hannover. 1806. 120. M.Z* 

Extremely rare; also in Dr. Leconte's library. 

38. Metaza (Liugi) e RoUi. Osservazioni 
naturali intorno alle cavallette nocive della campagna 
romana. Roma. 1825. 40. S.H.S* 

Tlie principal author's name is wrongly given as Telemaco by 
Hagen, who had not seen the work. 

39. Moller. Meditatio de insectis quibusdam 
Hungaricis. Francofurti. 1673. '^o. M.Z. 

Very rare. 

40. Motifet. Insectorum sive minimorum ani- 
malium theatrum. Londini. 1634. Sm. fo. 

H.C. M.Z. N.H. 

Also in the Congressional library. 

41. New England Farmer. The volumes or 
numbers containing the papers of Dr. Harris are in 
H.C M.Z. N.H. S.H.S. 

42. New^port. Collections of his anatomical and 
physiological papers, nearly complete, will be found 
m my library, and in that of Dr. Packard, in Provi- 

43. Olearius. Gottorfiische kunstkammer. Schles- 
wig. 1674. 40. M.Z. 

44. Olivier. Entomologie : col^opt^res. Paris. 
1789-1808. 8 v. 40. HC. M.Z. N.H. P.L. 

There is also a copy at the Peabody institute. 

45 Palisot de Beauvois. Insectes recueillis 
en Afrique et en Am^rique. Paris. 1805-21. fo. 


An imperfect copy. There is a!so a copy at Baltimore. 

46, Panzer. Fauna insectorum Germanicae initia. 
Niirnbcrg. 1793-1844. 190 fasc, oblong 80. M.Z. 

Complete, with all the additions and catalogues- It is prob- 
ably the only copy in ihe country. 

47. Peters. Xaturwissenschaftliche reise nach 
Mozambique. Insecten und myriopoden. Berlin. 
1862. 4^. M.Z. 

Presi'.med to be the on!y copy in the country. 

48 Poey. Centurie de lepidopt^res de l*ilc de 
Cuba. I'aris. 1833. 80. 8.H.S. 

Very »carce. 

49 Quinonea. Tratado de las langostas Ma- 
drid. 1S20. 40. B.A. M.Z. S.H.S. 

Vtry rare. 

50. Ray. Historia insectorum. Londini. 17 10. 
40. M.Z. 

Dr. Hagen considers this the only copy in the country. 

51. Rambur. Faune entomologique de I'Anda- 
lusie. T'aris. 1842. 2 v. 80. S.H.S. 

I posv'N-s onlv the second and rarer volume, conVtin<np all ex- 
cepting the coleoptcr.i. Mnst of the copies placed on sale were 
withdrawn by the author, and only a few found in his po>«cAS2on 
at his dca'h. Accorf'irn; to Staudinger, vol. ii. pp. 305-36 (in my 
copy) weie never published by Rambur. 

52. Rambur. Catalogue syst^matique des lepi- 
doptcres de I'Andalusie. Paris. 1858-66 2 livr., 
forming partie I. S.H.S. 

The second livraison does not appear to have been issued 
before 1870, and contains four plates of a third part, never pub- 

53. Roberg. De libella insecto lacustri et alato. 
Upsaliae. 1732. 40. M.Z* 

Very rare. 

54. Roeael. Monatliche insecten-belustigung. 

Niirnberg. 1746-61. 4 V. 40. M.Z. H.C. P.L. 

I have also an imperfect copy, and copies are in Brown uni* 
versitv. the Peabody institute, and Mr. C V. Riley's library. 
The t)utch translation is also in the Public library of Boston. 
Dr.* Hagen's copv is one in which the earlier parts were colnred 
by Roesel himself before he was ennobled, 'lliese are now rather 

5 J. Rondelet. Libri de piscibus marinis. Ltis- 

duni. 1554-55. 2 V. fo. M.2;« 

Rare, especially the second volume. 

j6. Savigny. Description de P^gypte (50 plates 
of msects). Paris. 1809-13. Elephant fo. 

H.C S.H.8- 

Also in Dr. Packard's library and that of the Peabody Insti- 
tute ; doubtless in others. 

57. Say. American entomolog>% Philadelphia 
1817. 80. M.Z. 

This preliminary part, issued many years before the first vol- 
ume bearing the same title, is exceedingly rare, — " never properly 
published." says Say himself. Only one 01 her copy is known in 
this country, —■ in the library of Dr. Le Come. 

58. Say. Descriptions of new species of North 
American insects, and observations on some of the 
species already described. New Harmony. 1829-33 
[1830-34]. 80'. N.H. S.H.S. 

One of the rarest of Say*s New H.nrmony pamphlets, since 
tvidce republished : typographically, one of the most irregular 
pamphlets ever issued. 

59. SchiflfermilUer. Systematisch verzeichniss 
der schmetterlinge der wiener gegend. Wien. 
1776. 40. M.Z. S.H.S* 

Probably the only copies of the author's edition in the country. 
I have aUo the edition of 1775, which is given as a separate work 
by Hagen, but which differs from the later only in the date on 
the two title-pages, a different frontispiece, and a preliminary 
title-page : Ankundigung eines systematischen werkes vou den 
schmelterlingen der wiener gegend. 1775. (Cf. Hagen, Bibl- 
II. 12a.) 

6a Sepp. Surinaamische vlinders. Amsterdam. 

1848-55. 3 v. 40. N.H. 

61. Stroem. Physik och oeconomisk beskrivelse 
over fogdcriet Sondmor. Sorae. 1762. 40. M.Z. 

62. ThiinbQrg. Dissertationes. Upsaliae. 1781- 

A very nearly complete set of his entomological papers, some 
of them very scarce, will be found in M*Z> S«H«S* 

63. Uddman. Novae insectorum species. Aboae. 
17C3. 40. M.Z. 

Very rare. 

64. Villiers et Guen^e. Tableaux synoptiques 
des l^pidopteres d'Europe. Paris. 1835. 4°. 

Rarelv obtainable ; and not elsewhere in this country, unlesK 
in Phila t^elp hia. 

65. Walker. Diptera britannica. London. 1851- 
56. 3 V. 80. S.H.S. 

Scarce. Also in Mr. E. Burgess's 1 ibrary. * 

66. Wigand. Vera historia de succino borassico. 
Jenae. 1590. 80. M.Z. 

AccorrMtig to an inscription made in this copy a century ago, 
this was ( voii then " liber perraru.s." 

67. "Wotton. De diiferentiis animalium libri 
decern. I.utetiae Parisiorum. 1552. fo. M.Z. 

Hare, a d thr only copy known to exist in the country 

68 Zanghi (Paolo). Delle cavallette e del 
modo di distruggerle, opera in circonstanza della in- 
vasione avvenuta nella provincia di Caltanisetta nel 
1832. Palermo. 1835 16°. pp. (6), 171. S.H.S. 

Not mentioned in Hagen's Tibliogr 

69. Zinnani. Delle uova e dei nidi degli uccelli 
libro primo; osservazioni giornali sopra la cavallette. 
Venezia. 1737- 4°- M.Z. S.H.S. 

Verv rare. 


Hibrar; at ^adiarti Qnt&eirettt. 

Bibliographical Contributions. 



3Sro. 12. 


or Tiu 

ITS OFFICERS, i87o-i88a 



Already issued or in preparation : 

A Star prefixed indicates they are. not yet ready. 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memoirs on the Transits of 


2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems: a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal books relating to the Life and Works of Michel- 

angelo, with Notes. 

4. Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several 

. pieces. 

5. List of Apparatus in different Laboratories of the United States, available for 

Scientific Researches involving Accurate Measurements. 

d The Collection of Books and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard Collie 
Library, by the Honorable Charles Sumner. 

*7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic CJeometry. 

*8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. George Lincoln Goodale. The Floras of different countries. 

10. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard 


11. Samuel H. Scudder. The Entomological Libraries of the United States. 

12. List of the Publications of Harvard University and its Officers, 1870-1880. 
♦13. Samuel H. Scudder. A Bibliography of Fossil Insects. 

%* The present list has been prepared from the responses to the following circular : — 

Cambridge, Gore Hall, Jan. 24, 1881. 
Dear Sir,— 

It is proposed to print a list of the publications of the officers of instruction and government 
in the University (including librarians, curators, demonstrators, and assistants, together with instructors 
annually appointed), for the Academic years 1870-71 to 1879-80, both inclusive; that is, from Sept. 29, 1870, 
to Sept. 30, 1880. 

I am directed by the President to request your co-operation in making this list accurate and complete 
by furnishing me with the titles of the publications made by you during the term of your service, so far as it 
falls within the period named, and the titles of such other of your publications, if any, as may be said to have 
grown out of your work in the University, though published after your connection with it ceased. 

The classes of works intended are these : — 

1. Independent works as author or editor. 

2. Joint works as author or editor. 

3. Contributions, bearing the author's name, to serial, periodical, or occasional publications, includ- 

ing transactions of learned societies. 

4. Lectures delivered within or without the University, which have been subsequently printed. 

As it is intended to give a separate list of the contents of the Annals of the Observatory, the Memoirs 

and Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Reports of the Peabody Museum, the Library 

Bulletin, and the Bulletin of the Bussey Institution, contributions to these publications of the University need 

not be enumerated. 

Very truly yours, 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian of the Umversity. 


%* These titles are those of publications issued by the different departments of the University, during the period 1870- 
1880, with the addition of sudi volumes of the publications of the Astronomical Observatory and Museum of Com- 
parative 2^1ogy as were printed before 187a Thb departtve from the strict limits of the period has been made 
because the volumes dated before 1870 are few in number, and there is manifest convenience in making such a list 
complete. Contributions by officers of the University in these official publications are not included in the lists given 
on later pages under their respective names. 


Report of the Director of the Arnold Arboretum to the President and Fellows of Harvard 
University. By C. S. Sargent 8°. Salem. 1874. pp. 16. 

Dated Dec 1874. Also printed in the Bulletin of the Buaaey Institution. 

Annual Report of the Director of the Arnold Arboretum to the President and Fellows of Har- 
vard College for 1879-80. By C. S. Sargent 8®. Cambridge. 1881. pp. 2, 7, map. 

The body of this report (pp. 1-3) it appended to the annual reports of the President and Treasurer of Harvard College. 

\* These are the only reports which have been separately printed ; but since 1875 they have appeared in the annual re- 
ports of the President, etc, sometimes in connection with the report on the Botanic Garden ; and that wr 18751 with the addition 
of appendioes* in the Bulletin of the Bussey Institution. 


Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Vol. 1-12. 1 852-1 880. 4^. 
I Cambridge and Leipzig. 1855-80. 

Conienis, — L Part i., 1856. pp. (6), 191. — (i.) History and description of the Observatory, pp. 1-55, figs.— (2.) 
Appendix, containing reports of the committee appointed by the overseers of the University at Cambridge to examine the 
Observatory, for the academic years 1845-55, including reports of the Director, W. C. Bond : 1845-46, pp. 67-112, fig. ; 
1846-47, pp. 113-122; 1847-48, pp. 122-132; 1848-49, pp. 132-140; 1849-50, pp. 140-150; 1850-51, pp. 151-160; 
1851-52, pp. 160-167; 1852-53, pp. 168-174; 1853-54, pp. i74-'82; 1854-55, pp. 183-191. — Part 2, 1855. tp., pp. 
97» 31 7» fig' Results of Astronomical observations made under the direction of W. C. Bond; G. P. Bond, C. W. Tuttle, 
assistants. Zone catalogue of 5,500 stars situated between the equator and 0^20' north declination, observed during the 
years 1852-53. 

iL Part i, 1857. pp. 6, 136, pL (31). Observations on the planet Saturn, made with the twenty-three-foot equatorial 
at the Observatory of Harvard College, 1847-57. By W. C. Bond. — Part 2, 1867. pp. 6, 257. Results of astronomical 
(Enervations made under the direction of W. C. Bond ; G. P. Bond, assistant Zone catalogue of 4,484 stars situated 
between 0^20' and 0^40' north declination, observed during the years 1854-55. 

ill 1862. pp. 20, 372, pL 49, figs. Account of the great comet of 1858. By G. P. Bond. 

iv. Part 1, 1863. pp. (6), 32. A catalogue of standard pohu* and clock stars, for the reduction of observations in 
right ascension. By T. H. Saiford. — Part 2, 1878. pp. 19, 143. Right ascensions of 505 stars determined with the east 
transit circle, 1862-65. By T. H. Safford. 

V. 1867. pp. 26, 189, pL (3). Observations upon the great nebula of Orion. By G. P. Bond ; edited by T. H. 

vi. 1872. pp. (6) 303. Results of astronomical observations made under the direction of W. C. Bond ; G. P. Bond, 
assistant Zone catalogue of 6,100 stars situated between 0^40' and i^o' north declination, observed during the years 

vil 1871. pp. 22, portr., pL 112. Observations of solar spots, 1847^9. By W. C. Bond. 

viii. Results of observations made or directed by W. C. Bond, G. P. Bond, and J. Winlock. Part i, 1876. pp. 8, 65, 
pl. 10,6. Historical account of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College from October, 1855, to October, 1876 
(inducfing a paper on the Structure of the surface of the moon, by N. S. Shaler. pp. 50-53.) — Part 2, 1876. t. p., pp. 8, 
7) pl- 35< — ( I ) Astronomical engravings of the moon, planets, etc, prepared under the direction of J. Winlock. pp. 8, 
pi. 23. — (2) Astronomical engravings illustrating solar phenomena, prepared under the direction c^ J. Winlock. pp. 
7, pl 12. 


ix. Leipzig. 1878. pp. 6, 181, pi. (3). Observations made under the direction of J. Winlock. Photometric re- 
searches, made in the years 1872-75. By C. S. Pdrce. 

X. 1877. pp. 89, 239, pi. 6. — I. Observations made with the meridian drde dming the years 187 1 and 1872, under 
the direction of J. Winlock. By W. A. Rogers, pp. 9-89, 1-227. — 2. Catalogue III. Catalogue of stars in right ascension 
observed during the years 1867 and 1868, with the transit circle. [By £. P. Austin], pp. 229-239. 

xi. 1879. pp. 8, 318. Photometric observations made principally with the equatorial telescope of fifteen inches 
aperture during the years 1877-79. By E. C. Pickering, aided by A. Searle and W. Upton. 

xii. 1880. pp. 92, 271. Observations made with the meridian drde during the years 1874 ^'^^ ^^7St ^^'^ prepared 
for publication under the direction of J. Winlock and £. C. Pickering. By W. A. Rogers. 

Report of the Committee of the Overseers of Harvard College appointed to visit the Observa- 
tory in the years 1859-64, together with the Report of the Director. 6 nos. 8°. Boston. 1860-65. 

1859, 24 pp. ; i860, 23 pp. ; 1861, 36 pp. ; 1862, 37 pp. ; 1863, 27 pp.,— all by G. P. Bond; 1864, 28 pp., — by T. H. 
Safiford. Earlier reports were published in the first volume of the Annuals. 

Annual Report of the Director of Harvard College Observatory, presented to the Visiting 
Committee, 1877-80. By E. C. Pickering. 4 nos. 8°. Cambridge. 1877-81. 
1877, 36 pp. ; 1878, 14 pp. ; 18791 14 pp. ; «88o, 17 pp. 
Standard Public Time [by L. Waldo]. 12 pp. 8°. Cambridge, 1877. 


Bulletin of the Bussey Institution, Jamaica Plain, Boston. Vols. 1-2. 8°. Cambridge. 1874-78. 

Contents, i. pp. 4, 470, pL 6. Part i, 1874, PP. i~8o ; part 2, 1874, pp. 81-184 ; part 3, 1874, pp. 185*284 ; 
part 4, 1875, pp. 285-372 ; part 5, 1876, pp. 373-470, pi. 1-6. — History and description of the Bussey Institution, 
1-7. — I. Report of results of examination of commercial fertilizers. By F. H. Storer. pp. 8-24. — 2. Record of 
results obtained on analyzing American shorts and middlings, with remarks on the composition of bran. By F. H. 
Storer. pp. 25-39. — 3. The humane destruction of animals. By D. D. Slade. pp. 40-49, figs. — 4. Agricultural 
value of the ashes of anthracite. By F. H. Storer. pp. 50-79. — 5. Record of trials of fertilizers upon the plain- 
field of the Bussey Institution; first report, results obtained in 1871. By F. H. Storer. pp. 80-102. — 6. The same; 
second report, results obtained in 1872. By F. H. Storer. pp. 103-X15. — 7* The same; third report, results ob- 
tained in 1873, ^^ ^ review of the three years' course of experiments. By F. H. Storer. pp. 116-1701 — 
8. Analyses of several foreign superphosphates of lime, with remarks on the cost of importing superphosphates 
from Europe. By F. H. Storer. pp. 170-184. — 9. On the valuation of soluble phosphoric add in superphosphate 
of lime. By F. H. Storer. pp. i85-i9a — la Average amounts of potash and phosphoric add in wood ashes 
from house-fires. By F. H. Storer. pp. 191-25 1. — 11. On the importance as plant-^ood of the nitrogen in vegetable 
mould. By F. H. Storer. pp. 252-285. — 12. Applied zoology; the importance of its study to the practical agricultu- 
rist By D. D. Slade. pp. 286-292. — 13. Report of the Director of the Arnold Arboretum, presented to the President 
and Fellows of Harvard University. By C. S. Sargent pp. 293-299. — 14. Record of trials of fertilizers upon the plain- 
field of the Bussey Institution ; fourth report, results obtained in 1874. ^y ^- H. Storer. pp. 300-318. — 15. The potato- 
rot By W. G. Farlow. pp. 319-338, figs. — 16. Report on analyses of salt-marsh hay and bog hay. By F. H. Storer. 
pp. 339-361. — 17. On the fodder-value of apples. By F. H. Storer. pp. 362-372. — 18. Composition of date-stones and 
of the stones of peaches and prunes. By. F. H. Storer. pp. 373-377. — 19. Analyses of potassic fertilizers. By F. H. 
Storer. pp. 378-397. — 20. On the occurrence of ammonia in anthradte. By F. H. Storer. pp. 398-403. — 21. Disease 
of olive and orange trees, occurring in California m 1875. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 404-414. — 22. American grape-vine 
mildew. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 415-429. 23. List of fungi found in the vicinity of Boston. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 
430-439. — 24. The b^c^t Jraot. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 440-454, pi. 1-6. — 25. Report of the Director of the Arnold 
Arboretum, presented to the President and Fellows of Harvard University. By C. S. Sargent pp. 455-458. 

ii. pp. 252, pi. I. Part i, 1877, PP. i-^ ; part 2, 1877, pp. 81-160, pi.; part 3, 1878, pp. 161-252.— 1. The art of 
the farrier. By D. D. Slade. pp. 1-6. — 2. On the amounts of potash and of phosphoric add in sevenl kinds of 
rocks. By F. H. Storer. pp. 7-25. — 3. On the agricultural value of spent dye-woods and tan. By F. H. Storer. 
pp. 26-50. — 4. On the composition of buckwheat straw. By F. H. Storer. pp. 51-57. — 5. On the fertillzmg 
power of roasted leather. By F. H. Storer. pp. 58-71.— 6. Notes of experiments in which buckwheat plants 
were watered with solutions of peat in alkalies. By F. H. Storer. pp. 72-74. — 7. Remarks on some algse found in the 
water supplies of the dty of Boston. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 75-80. — 8. On the composition of certain pumpkins and 
squashes. By F. H. Storer. pp. 81-93. — 9. A record of results obtained on analyzing the seeds of faroom-com. By 
F. H. Storer. pp. 94-105. 10. Notes on some common diseases caused by fungi. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 106-114. pi. 
— II. A record of analyses of several weeds that are occasionally used as human food. By F. H. Storer. pp. 115-129. 
— 12. On the chemical composition of blue joint-grass (calamagrostls canadensis), as contrasted with that of reed canary 
grass (phalaris arundinacea). By F. H. Storer. pp. 130-136. — 13. Remarks on American fodder rations, with hints for 


the improyement of some of them. By F. H. Storer. pp. 137-158. — 14. Results obtained on growing buckwheat in 
eqoa] weights of pit-sand and of coal ashes. By F. H. Storer. pp. 159-160. — 15. The hybridization of lilies. By 
F. Parkman. pp. 161-165. — 16. On the chemical composition of the conmion field horse-tail or scouring-rush (equisetum 
anrense). By F. H. Storer. pp. 166-175. — '7* ^.csults of a chemical examination of the shells of crabs and lobsters, 
and of those of oysters, clams, mussels, and other shell-fish. By F. H. Storer. pp. 176-194. — 18. On the prominence of 
carbonate of lime as a constituent of solutions obtained by percolating dry cultivable soils with water. By F. H. Storer. 
pp. 195-221. — 19. Supplementary note to an article on the composition of pumpkins. By F. H. Storer. pp. 221-223. 
— 20. List of fungi found in the vicinity of Boston ; part 2. By W. G. Farlow. pp. 224-252. 


Bulletin of more importaDt accessions, with Bibliographical Contributions : — 

VoL i. includes Nos. i to 13, 1875-79, pp. iv. 378. 8**. Nos. i to 5 consist of lists of accessions to the collie library 
only. Those added to the departmental libraries are included in later numbers, which also contain bibliographical papers, of 
which the most extended are as follows : — 

H. C. Lodge on *' American History," in Nos. 6 and 7. 

Justin VVinsor on " Puritans and Separatists," in no. 7 ; on the ^ Pilgrims at Plymouth " and ^ Thomas k Becket " in 
no. 8 ; on " The Great Council for New England and Massachusetts Bay," in nos. 9 and 10 ; on " Early Globes " 
in no. 10 ; on " The Cosmographical labors of Sebastian Mixnster " and " The Antinomian Controversy in New England '' 
in no. II ; on '^ Edmund Spenser and Early Editions of his Poems," in no. 12. 

Charles F. Dunbar on '* Gold and Silver," in no. 7. 

Ezra Abbot on " Theological Books," in no. 7. 

Ephraim Emerton on ** The History of the Empire and the Papacy, 1056-1122," in na 7. 

Wolcott Gibbs on " Thermodynamics," in no. 9. 

VoLiL begins with no. 14, 1880, and with no. 18 the publication became " The Harvard University Bulletin." The 
first four numbers contain, beside the lists of accessories, etc, the following bibliographical papers : — 

Justin Winsor on ** The Character of the Gracchi," in no. 14 ; on the " Character of Seneca," in no. 15. 

Ivan Panin on " Russian Nihilism," in nos. 16 and 18. 

Wolcott Gibbs and John Trowbridge on " Suggestions of Students' Work in Physics," in no. 17. 

\* The Bulletin has also contained various pai>ers, which, issued separately, constitute the series ntxx named. 

Bibliographical Contributions, edited by Justin Winsor, Librarian. 

%* These papers, after appearing in sections in the Bulletin of the Library, have been printed separately; but those 
marked with a star, not being yet completed in the Bulletin, have not appeared separately. They are: — 

1. Edward S. Holden. Index-Catalogue of Books and Memobs on the Transits of Mercury. 

2. Justin Winsor. Shakespeare's Poems : a Bibliography of the Earlier Editions. 

3. Charles Eliot Norton. Principal Books relating to the Life and Works of Michelangelo, with Notes. 
4- Justin Winsor. Pietas et Gratulatio. An Inquiry into the authorship of the several Pieces. 

5. List of Apparatus in diflfercnt Laboratories of the United States, available for Scientific Researches involving 

Accurate Measurements. 

6. The Collection of Books and Autographs, bequeathed to Harvard Coll^^e Library by the HonoraUe 

Charles Sumner. 

*7. James M. Peirce. References in Analytic Geometry. 

•8. Calendar of the Arthur Lee Manuscripts in Harvard College Library. 

9. GeoRGB Lincoln Good alb. The Floras of different countries. 

10. Justin Winsor. Halliwelliana : a Bibliography of the Publications of James Orchard Halliwdl-Phillipps. 

If. Samuel H. Scudder. The Entomological Libraries of the United States. 

12. A List of the Pubucations of Harvard University and its Officers. 1870-1880. (Separate only.) 

*i3. Samuel H. Scudder. A Bibliography of Fossil Insects. 

Special Publications. I. Catalogue of Scientific Serials of all Countries, including the trans- 
actions of learned societies in the natural, physical and mathematical sciences, 1 633-1 876. By 
Samuel H. Scudder. 1879. 8®. pp. xii. 358. 

%* The annual reports of Mr. Sibley as Librarian are preserved in manuscript, but his twenty-second and final Annual Report 
(Jaly 6, 1S77) was printed. The present Librarian has m£dt three annual reports, which have been appended to the Reports 
of the President, and have also been issued separately. 


Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zo6logy at Harvard College. Vols. 1-7. 4°. Cam- 
bridge. 1865-80. 

Fnrst published under the title of ^ Illustrated Catalogue/' each paper separately paged. Nos. x, 2 of the Cata- 
logue form vol. I of Memoirs ; Nos. 3, 4» 5, 6 of Catalogue and No. 9 of Memoirs form vol. 2 ; No. 7 of Catalogue forms 
vol. 3 ; and No. 8 of Catalogue and No. 10 of Memoirs form vol. 4. After this, the continuous numbering of separate 
papers is discontinued. 


CoMtifUs. — i. 1865. pp. 460, pi. 2y cuts in text — i. Ophitiridae and astrophytidae. By T. Lyman, pp. 8,200, 
pL 2, cuts. — 2v Noith American acalephae. By A. Agassiz. pp. 14, 234, cuts. 

ii. 1870-76. pp. 28b, pL ad» 1. 1S70U Monograph of the North American Astaddae. By H. A. Hagen. pp. 8, in, 
pi. II. — 2. 1871. Deep^ea corals. By I. F. de Panrtal^ PP* (4)? 93^ °^P> P^ S* — 3' '^7^* ^^^ immature state 
of the odonata; part i, subfamily gomphina. By L. Cabot, ppu (4), 19, pi. 3. — 4. 1871. Supplement to the Ophioridse 
and astrophytidx. By T. Lyman, pp. 18, pi. 2. — 5. 1876. On aoBM insect deformities. By H. A. Hagen. 
pp. 23, pi. I. 

iiL 1872-74. pp. 796, pL 94. Revision of the echinL By A. Agassiz. — i. 1872. IttteoAKtion, bibliography, 
nomenclature, chronological list, synonymy, geographical distribution, pp. 12, 244, pL 7. — 2. 1872. Edttai o£ the east- 
ern coast of the United States, together with a report on the deep^ea echini collected in the straits of Florida, fagp £. F. 
de Pourtal^, in the years 1867-69. pp. 245-378, pi. 42. — 3. 1873. Description of the spedes of recent ediinL ppi (2), 
379-628, (2), pi. 28. — 4. 1874. Structure and embryology of the echinL pp. (2), 629-762, pi. 17, cuts. 

*•* The text and plates were iMued separately ; the latter with title-pages and index making ftp. (6), 4, and one or more pages 
of text corresponding to each plate. 

iv. 1874-76. pp. 348, pi. 28. — I. 1874. Zoological results of the Hassler expedition. L Echini, crinoids, and corah. 
By A. Agassiz and L. F. de Pourtal^ pp 4, 54, pL 10. — 2. 1875. Tilr same, IL Ophiuridae and astrophytidae, in- 
cluding those dredged by the late Dr. W. Stimpson. By T. Lyman, pp. 34, pi. 5, cuts. — 3. 187O. The American 
bisons, living and extinct By J. A. Alien. T. p., pp. 10, 246, map, pL 12. 

V. 1877. pp. 215, pi. 54. — I. North American starfishes. By A. Agassiz. pp. 6, 137, pi. 20. — 2. Report on the 
hydroida collected during the exploration of the Gulf Stream by L. F. de Pourtal^ By G. J. AUman. pp. 2, 66, pL 34. 

vL 1878-80. pp. 637, pL 33, maps 4. — i. i879-8a The auriferous gravels of the Sierra Nevada of California. 
By J. D. Whitney, pp. 5-569, pL 23, maps 4. — 2. 1878. Report on the fossil plants of the auriferous gravel deposits of 
the Sierra Nevada. By L. Lesquereux. pp. 6, 62, pi. 10. 

vii. 1880. pp. 4, 61, pL 23 (incomplete). — i. Report on the Florida reefs. By L. Agassiz, accompanied by illustra- 
tions of Florida corals, from drawings by Sonrd, Burkhardt, Agassiz, and Roetter, with an explanation of the plates by 
L. F. de Pourtal^. 

%* Two other parts, one already published, complete the volume. 

Illustrated Catalogue. See Memoirs. 

Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College, in Cambridge. Vols. 
1-7. 8°. Cambridge. 1863-80. 

Contents. — i. 1 863-1 869. pp. 4, 386. i. List of the fishes sent by the Museum to different institutions, in exchange 
for other specimens, with annotations. By F. W. Putnam, pp. 1-16. — 2. List of the echinoderms sent by the Museum 
to different institutions, in exchange for other specimens, with annotations. By A. Agassiz. pp. 17-28. — 3. List of the 
polyps and corals sent by the Museum to different institutions, in exchange for other spedmens, with annotations. By 
A. £. VerrilL pp. 29-60. — 4. List of the brachiopods from the island of Anticosti, sent by the Museum to different insti- 
tutions, in exchange for other specimens, with annotations. By N. S. Shaler. pp. 61-70. — 5. The fossil cq^halopods 
of the Museum of Comparative Zoology. By A. Hyatt pp. 71-102. — 6. Contributions to the fauna of the Gulf Stream 
at great depths. By L. F. de Pourtal^. pp. 103-120. — 7. Contributions to the fauna of the Gulf Stream at great 
depths ; second series. By L. F. de Pourtalte. pp. 1 21-142. — 8. Catalogue of the mammals of Massachusetts, with a 
critical revision of the species. By J. A. Allen, pp. 143-252. — 9. Preliminary report on the echini and starfishes, dredged 
in deep water between Cuba and the Florida rwf, by L. F. de Pourtal^ Prepared by A. Agassiz. pp. 253-308. 
— 10. Preliminary report on the ophiuridae and astrophytidae dredged in deep water between Cuba and the Florida reef, 
by L. F. de Pourtal^. Prepared by T. Lyman, pp. 309-354. — 11. List of the crinoids, obtained on the coasts of Flor- 
ida and Cuba by the U. S. coast-survey Gulf-stream expeditions in 1867, 1868, 1869. By L. F. Fourtalte. pp. 355-358. 
— 12. List of holothuridx from the deep-sea dredgings of the U.S. coast survey. By L. F. Pourtal^. pp. 359-361.— 
13. Report upon the deep-sea dredgings in the Gulf Stream during the third cruise of the U. S. steamer ^ Bibb," ad- 
dressed to Professor Benjamm Peirce, superintendent U. S. coast survey. By L. Agassiz. pp. 363-386. 

ii. 1870-71. pp. 4, 457; pL 8. — I. On the eared seals (otariadae), with detailed descriptions of the North Pacific 
species. By J. A. Allen. Together with an account of the habits of the northern fur seal (callorhinus ursinus). By 
C. Bryant pp. 1-108 ; pi. 1-3. — 2. Preliminary report on the austacea, dredged in the Gulf Stream in the Straits of 
Florida, by L. F. de Pourtal^ ; part I. Brachyura. Prepared by W. Stimpson. pp. 109-160. — 3. On the mammals and 
winter Inrds of East Florida, with an examination of certain assumed specific characters in birds, and a sketch of the bird 
faunae of eastern North America. By J. A. Allen, pp. 161-450 ; pL 4-8. — 4. Directions for dredging. Drawn up by 
L. F. de Pourtal^. pp. 451-454. — 5. Appendix to the Preliminary report (Bulletin, no. 9, vol. i) on the echini col- 
lected by L. F. de Pourtal^ By A. Agassiz. pp. 455-457. 

ilL 1871-76. pp. 4, 375 ; pi. 18. — I. Report on the brachiopoda, obtained by the U. S. coast-survey expedition in 
charge of L. F. de Pourtal^, with a revision of the craniidae