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Joliet Junior College 

Route 3, Houbolt Drive 

Joliet, Illinois 60436 






^ -^^t^u- 





t a vmiAm-Mi^kkeaA. 




r^ ^ 

of Contents 

Introduction . 
Faculty . . 
Student Life 
Academics . 
Sports . . . 
Classes . . . 

. .6 


Sophomore Directory .212 
Index 218 

.— -*■ , 

r IS Kemp 

Named Shield 
Queen For 


Joliet Junior College is not today what 
it was yesterday nor what it will be tomor- 
row. It is, rather a center for the free-flow 
and exchange of ideas; a pursuit conducted 
in the classroom, as well as in the arena of 
extra-curricular activities. Joliet Junior 
College strives to broaden its students' out- 
looks and in so doing, remains of necessity, 
in a state of constant and enlightening flux. 

This year's SHIELD is concerned with 
what Joliet Junior College IS. 

_n «'« 


with a hope 
for victory; 
a steadfast 
cause with 
firm convictions 
















■^ J^m 











•'kS^ " 

/^; ;^* 


^' *-^_^^^5 

ii M 





achieved by a 
faculty with an 
aim for the 
transfer of 
knowledge . . . 



striving for a goal, 
a gain, 

''every man for 
Perhaps ... 





experiencing fun, 
love . . . 
life itself. . . 
together ... 

, », 

^^-■w*^^ l|r 


I -J. 



jp^"" '■^' jra '^^ ^w 

ft**- <w-r ^ 

1^ " Kr.^Bll^^...^#1fiflS^..... .-.,... 


i'^ .Hi 


•n _^^ ^^._^,,_^. 


r T ---K-fi««isSia!!is&***l— i^— 

ffF^^^^-gs^ft^ll^-y" „^.. 


- tar ^k. 


^l^lll^^iflli^BiP'l.'''''^ 1 ^ 

i:,'*5C.-^>" ^^ 



i l„i 






of tomorrow . . . 
realization of self . 



"««&>* :^rLif^..iM' 



realization of 

the situation 

today . . . 

^yS^^fS^-^y^'" «!sV™f^'W^' ■ 


a guiding force 


academic development, 

a proponent of 

individual attainment 



Douglas Graham Acts As President 


Board of 

The Joliet Junior College Board of Trustees at 
the November 15 Ground breaking: Daniel Ken- 
nedy, Robert Kiep, Cecil Ingmire, H. Allen Hol- 
ler, A. A. "Fizz" Wills, Victor Scott, William 
Glasscock, and President Douglas Graham. 




Administration Faced 

Witli Multitude Of Problems 

1. Walter Zaida, 
Dean of Student 
Personnel Services 

2. Maynard Boudreau, 
E>ean of Evening and 
Summer College 

3. Joseph Borgen, 
Dean of Occupational 
and Technical Studies 

4. Everett Van De Voort, 
Dean of College Parallel 
and General Studies 

5. Salim Abdul-Haqq, 
Coordinator of 
Corrections program 

6. Everett Nelsen, 
Director of 
Financial Aids 

7. Helen Tea, 
Director of Nursing 

8. Louis Korilko, 
Chief Security Officer 

9. James Hines, 
Director of Business 



1. Jayne Grant, 

Assistant Director of 

Student Affairs 
. Henry Pillard. 

Director of 

Student Affairs 
. Robert Eich. 

Superintendent of 

Buildings and Grounds 
. Paul Goldman, 

Director of In 

Instructional Media 
. Vera Smith, 

Director of 

Admissions and Records 
. Dwight Davis. 

Curriculum Coordinator 

7. Tarry S lusher. 
Placement Coordinator 

8. Claude Kern, 
Director of culinary 
Arts and Services 

. Robert Glenn, 
Assistant Director of 
Business Affairs 
10. Ronald Bleed, 
Director of Data 




Secretaries Serve All 



Faculty Boost Activity Period 

7. Patrick Asher, 
English, Philosophy 

8. GUbertBell, 
Physical Education, 






1. WUliam Chase. 
Education- Psychology, 

2. Margaret Cw;kbiU. 

3. Duane Converse, 
Physical Sciences 

4. John Corradetti, 
Department Chairman 
of Business Education 

5. Robert Cottingham, 

6. Beverly Crouch, 
English, Journalism 

7. WiUiam Curry. 
Social Sciences 

8. Hal Dellinger, 
I>epartment Chairman 
of Music 



MrMiiiiuMiiiuut i;UUiUniuiltltui!m;!»rltl»KI(itiMli 


Many Boast Hours Of Service 



Department Heads 
Offer Courses 




Teachers Guide Students 



Path To Success 




" "T!"*^*^* " * ^" " ' **'!'* . '' " ''' ^**W 

Busy Teachers Direct Student Activity 

1. Natalie Miller, 

2. Wilbur Minor, 
Physical Sciences 

3. John Murphy, 
Biological Sciences 

4. Peter Neff, 

5. GUbertNicoll, 
Mathematics, Adviser 

6. Louis Nilles, 

7. Frederick Norlin, 

8. Kenneth Parker, 
Departman Chairman 
of Men's Physical 


Guest Speakers 
Enliven Classes 

1. Arthur Phillip, 
Automotive. Adviser 

2. Jacob Pottgen, 

3. Lu Puddicombe, 

4. Edmund Puddicombe, 
Biological Sciences 

5. Jack Richardson, 
Social Sciences 

6. Manuel Rodas, 
Foreign Language 

7. Alfred Racchini. 

8. Louis Sakal, 
Biological Science, 









Faculty Hits 125 Mark 

1. Mary Taylor, 

Department Chairman 

of English 
2- Ted Thompson, 


3. Lloyd Tinkle, 
Business Education. 

4. Robert Truitt, 
Physical Sciences 

5. Martha Vanko, 

6. Dean Van Tassel, 

7. Arthur Walters, 
Foreign Language 




Student Life^ 

an important asset 


development of the 


for a place 


JuCo Relives 
Dog Patch, U.S.A. 

Students Agricultural Association sponsored 
the annual Sadie Hawkins Week in the spring. The 
week's events consisted of Dogpatch's favorite 
past-times such as: the egg throw, aimed at the 
faculty: the greased pig chase: the Miss Dogpatch 
Bikini pageant and the Sadie Hawkins shindig held 
in the school gym. 

Debbie Gilbert was the proud winner of the Miss 
Bikini title with Maureen Kennedy and Kathy 
Remus as runner-ups. 

All proceeds from the week's events activities 
were donated to the March of Dimes. 

Miss Su Schiek, one of the judges, (right) chats with con- 
testants before the announcement of Miss Bikini. Finalists 
(below) Sandy Adams. Cheryl Foster, Debbie Gilbert, Jane 
Hritz. Maureen Kennedy. Cherie Long. Joanne Masek and 
Kathy Remus give the judges a last look before the winner 
is announced. 


Debbie Gilbert (left) was selected as Miss Bikini and the pageant 
wrapped up the fun of Dogpatch; the greased pig race (right) had 
become a tradition at Dogpatch through the course of time; Mr. 
Bob Mallary (below right) was one of the main targets at the egg- 
throw, one of the festivities of Sadie Hawkins Week. 

S POT ■" 



■ tvk^is-. 

» ??X</ rO,--.^'. .<?••.' -.?.'.. fl'.{r,f3,. 












"Rhapsody In Blue" Highlights Spring 

300 couples attended the Joliet Junior 
College's Spring Formal "Rhapsody in 
Blue" which was held May 9 at the Saber 
Room in Hickory Hills. 

Dancing was held in two different rooms. 
One room had a combo and the other, an 
orchestra. The decoration theme of two 
shades of blue was stressed in both rooms, 
as well as on tickets and bids. 

Kent Heatherwick and Joyce Barfield 
were co-chairmen for the 1970 formal. 

Don Caron's Orchestra (above) provided the enter- 
tainment at the formal; Don Prola and Peggy 
White (left) share a joke between dances; Jill 
Baber (right) waits as Kent Heatherwick adds his 
finishing touches. 



Trotter, King, Selected 

Joliet Junior College held it's annual 
commencement exercises on June 1, 
1970, at In wood Recreation Center. 
While it was the 54th graduation, it was 
the first graduating class from the new 

Out of 325 graduates, Deborah 
Trotter, and Jeffrey King were selected 
as student speakers. King spoke on the 
accomplishments of the class and Miss 
Trotter on the hopes and ideals of the 

Following the ceremony, a poolside 
reception was held for graduates, rela- 
tives, and friends. 

Jeffrey King (right), a student speaker, relates 
the accomplishments of his class to an attentive 
audience; Lines of students (below) anxiously 
await to enter Inwood Recreation Center where 
they were awarded diplomas. 

/ fsh . 




As Graduate Speakers 

Deborah Trotter (left) choose the theme "Crumbling Walls" 
for her commencement speech; Faculty and Board members 
(below) listen as the Concert Choir performs the alma 
mater; Maureen Kennedy (bottom) gets some assistance 
from Patsy Stevenson preceding the ceremony. 


Spring, Summer 
Affect Campus Life 

Whether they were trying to get ahead, to catch up, 
or avoid the draft, 1,590 students continued at Juco for 
the college's once a year "vacation semester" sale of 
grade points and hours to the ambitious, lazy, and 
degree plan conscious students. 

Those who continued after spring semester were joined 
by freshmen who wanted a glimpse of college life before 
fully committing themselves for the fall. 

Most students spent the summer working full or part 
time at jobs such as clerking, construction, life guarding, 
camp counseling, and secretarial. 

Sylvia Mejia (right) finds work to be a useful pastime of her sum- 
mer, During the summer, students (below) get together for a picnic 
and recall the past year. 


One of the joys of students (left) is receiving yearbooks to remember 
over the past year; Several speakers visited the campus in the spring. 
One such speaker was Dr. Julianne Densen-Gerber (bottom) who 
incurred the wrath of the student body with her obnoxious behavior; 
coeds (below) enjoy the warm weather, while studying for summer 
school classes. 


Orientation Fun Week 
Starts School Year 

Orientation and Freshman Fun Week was the result 
of the planning by the sophomores from the Summer 
Task Force. 

Orientation not only became a time to plan your 
schedule, but, also, the time to be confronted by sopho- 
mores who demanded, very nicely, for you to put on 
your freshman beanie and name card. 

Fun Week became a hassle to those freshmen who 
could not remember their schedule, while being asked 
who was president of JJC in 1934. By the way Kangaroo 
Court was packed it seemed that quite a few freshmen 
did not know the answers. 

The tug-of-war and school picnic completed fun week and all were 
willing to forget all grudges from the past week. Melody Joy Hart 
(right) was the end result of the freshman- sophomore tug-of-war; 
Mr. PaulJohnson (below) helped an incoming freshman construct 
her school schedule. 


Sophomores (left) go along with 
the spirit of freshman Fun 


Spirited Bonfire 
Tops Activities 

A trilogy of spirit, support, and success prevailed 
throughout the 1970 Homecoming week of 
"C.O.D. — Collect On Delivery from College of 

Vicious attempts at a car smash, hell bent 
drivers of the tricycle races, riotous pep assemblies, 
and pig hungry hog roasters were activities incor- 
porated into the week. 

Highlighting the festivities was the coronation of 
the Royalty and Court. Before a blazing fire and 
amid 500 howling Wolves, Debbie Zumbahlen and 
Earl Crisp were announced as Queen and King for 

Joining the reigning couple as court were 
Charlyn Palmer, Gary Bittner, Roseanne Petrun- 
garo, Mike O'Connell, Debbie Corn, and Kevin 

Earl Crisp and Debbie Zumbahlen (top) express their thanks 
on being chosen King and Queen ofJJC's Homecoming; Mr. 
Douglas Graham and Mr. Walt Zaida (right) braved the 
rainy weather to watch students trounce faculty members 
in the soccer game. 



Barefoot and raring to go. Melody Joy Hart (left) was 
one of the drivers competing in the tricycle races; Lines 
formed (below) when Neil Trotter began serving roasted 
hog at the pre-bonfire cookout; At the bonfire (bottom) 
everyone united under a common cause — a victory over 



Crisp, Zumbahlen Reign Over Week 

Throughout "C.O.D. Week", in addition 
to the planned activities for each day, 
there was a frenzied flurry of secretive 
activity that each club responded to. For 
at halftime ceremonies, votes were to be 
tallied and results announced as to the 
winner of the float competition . . . The 
caravan that circled the Joliet loop and 
the stadium track was the product of 
clever imagination and many hours of hard 
work; hours that finally paid off in the 
transformation from a car to a mobile 
fantasy. The float most deserving of 
first place was awarded to SAA. 

The final success was the marked vic- 
tory over the College of DuPage 31-0. A 
post game celebration took place as the 
Homecoming Dance was held. 


Keen strategy and brute 

strength (upper right) were 

vital factors in the Aggies ' 

success over P.E. majors 

during the halftime pushball 

contest; feelings of happiness 

and victory settled upon the 

faces of Queen Debbie 

Zumbahlen and King Earl 

Crisp, (right). 

Paula Ehresman (left) reflected a confidence 
of victory as she led the Wolves into a rallying 
cheer against DuPage; fast action (bottom 
left) was readily available in the game. Four 
J JC players back the opposition to prevent a 
touchdown; Concert Choir candidates (bottom 
right) Bill Polyak and Birdie Stimac wore big 
happy smiles as half time results favored 
JuCo 24-0; Bonnie Sue Jones and Tim Jackson 
(below) exchanged jokes while at the Homecomir" 


JJC'ers Involved in Myriad of Conferences 

Fifty three members of College Congress 
attended a Leadership Conference at 
George Williams College near Lake 
Geneva, Wisconsin, October 30-31. Under 
the direction of Stan Dale, WLS-FM disc 
jockey, the students participated in ses- 
sions dealing with human relations and 

On October 2-3, a Student Involvement 
Conference was held, also at George Wil- 
liams. Seven schools from the midwestern 
area, including JJC, tried to discover the 
art of communication. 

Publications Conferences were held 
nationally, and JJC participated in them. 
Students participated in a conference held 
at Vincennes LIniversity October 22-23. 
Editors also attended the National Press 
Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
November 1-6. Here they heard speakers 
and took part in workshops and rap 

William A. "Bill" Lavery, a politically 
active student, attended the White House 
Conference on Children held at the White 
House in December. 

Mr. Ken Warmen (top) Lee Carmichael, Wayne 
Burk, Pam Garrison, Lisa White, and Kris 
Kemp were a few ofJJC's leaders who attended 
the Leadership Conference; Patricia Long 
(above) and John Shields contemplate the day's 
events; Sue Jones (right) and Pat Horrigan, 
publications editors, attended the National 
Press Convention at Minneapolis. 


iwuwiiiiiMMaiahifl M M B Ba a aBaaBmii^ 


Charles Betts (left). Bob Miller, Gretchen Walters, and 
Glenda Malone contemplate thoughts as Mike Smith 
stresses a point regarding student rights; Bonnie Jones 
(below, right) and Mr. Bob Mallary participated in splinter 
group discussions at the Political Involvement Conference; 
William A. "Bill" Lavery (bottom) spoke with Senator 
Charles Percy while attending a Presidential Conference. 



Bill Bixby Highlights Fall Dinner Dance 

Pheasant Run's New Orleans Room 
provided the setting for the autumn 
dinner dance held November 21. 

The theme of "A Fall Fantasy" was 
carried out by the usage of seasonal 
table and lobby arrangements contrast- 
ing with twinkling lights. 

10:00 marked the highlight of the sea- 
son. After weeks of campaigns and 
judging, Bill Bixby, of television's "The 
Courtship of Eddie's Father," and 
appearing at the Pheasant Run Play- 
house, crowned Kris Kemp as the 1971 
Miss Shield. 

A new tradition was started with the 
'71 pageant. The six finalists voted 
among themselves for the girl they felt 
most deserving the Shield title; Paula 
Ehresman was chosen the premier Miss 

Pat Horrigan served as chairman 
of the Miss Shield pageant and Sue 
Jones headed the dinner dance commit- 

Bill Bixby (left) was met at O'Hare Field by a 
delegation of students including Pat Horrigan, 
Sue Jones, and Kevin Sparenberg; Mary Hermann 
and Bette Trenary (below) enjoy a pleasant dinner 
with their escorts. 


:a ih; 


V -« 


Miss Shield finalists anxiously await the announcement of 
the ideal coed. Finalists (top) are Gloria Dahlke, Sandy 
Davis, Paula Ehresman, Lori Fassino, Kris Kemp, and 
Donna Paul; Bill Bixby (above) presents Miss Congeniality 
Paula Ehresman with an engraved beer mug. His comment 
was appropriate: "Enjoy." Kris Kemp's face says it all as 
Bill Bixby quipped " With this crown, I thee queen." 


Kris Kemp, Paula Ehresman Named 

Winners in 1970-1971 Pageant 

Kevin Balog (upper left) and Terrie LoCascio sit this dance 
out; Brian Daub (upper right) enjoys the first dance with 
Kris Kemp following her coronation; Karin Holmsten 
(above) and Pat Horrigan look at the dance program; the 
end of a wonderful evening for Diana Inlaw (left) and Jim 


Bond, Spurrlows Spotlight Fall 1970 

College Congress scheduled fall 
activities to help bring area citizens 
into campus life. 

Paul Shyre's dramatic production, 
"A Whitman Portrait", presented by 
a professional Broadway company, 
was held November 14 at the Persh- 
ing School Auditorium. The Spurr- 
lows, a nationally acclaimed singing 
group, also played at Pershing. A 
member of this talented group is 
Debbie Sharpe, a 1970 graduate of 
Joliet East High School. 

Julian Bond, a Georgia legislator 
and one of the top political figures 
in the country, spoke to a packed 
house November 11. 

A turning point concerning the 
future of JJC took place November 
15 as the ground breaking ceremony 
for the permanent campus was held. 

The weekend of December 4-5-6 
was highlighted by Gore Vidal's "The 
Best Man" presented by the JC 
Players. A cast of 15 played to capac- 
ity crowds all three nights. 

John Shields (above) and 
Dave Koehler resolved a 
crisis in a highpoint from 
"The Best Man"; Julian 
Bond (right) stimulated 
controversial debate fol- 
lowing his speech on equal 


.W "J '^<' 

iVi - 

Walt Whitman (upper left) was portrayed in his later years by the 
leading member of the troupe who presented "A Whitman Por- 
trait;" Debbie Sharpe (upper right) is a member of the Spurrlows 
who provided professional entertainment for students; Dr. S. Rob- 
ert Dames (left) Victor Scott, Miss Susan H. Wood, and President 
Douglas Graham turned over the future at the ground breaking 
ceremonies; cheerleaders (above) Diana Frank, Sally Ursitti, 
Laurie Goodson, and Lynda Steinbach were honored along with 
the athletic teams at the fall sports banquet. 


Wisconsin Slopes Proved Challenging 

The slopes at Wisconsin's Skyline and 
Telemark provided the challenges 
necessary to both experienced and in- 
experienced skiiers on the annual be- 
tween semesters ski trips. JJC ski 
enthusiasts were housed at the Cliff 
House Resort at Skyline and in the 
Youth Hostel at Telemark, both of 
which provided skiiers with the atmos- 
phere required to round out the busy 

Fireplaces, guitars and folk-singing 
ended evening activities at early hours 
as skiiers anticipated another day 

Looking every bit the part of experts (top) 
skiiers at Telemark paused for the photog- 
rapher before taking to the slopes; Pete Neff, 
(right) exhibited flawless techniques as he 
capitalized on the instructions received prev- 
ious to the day's skiing; Steve Jehle (below) 
challenged Skyline's toughest and came out 
"on top"; OOOOOOOOPSm (far right). 









4 v5'>;^ 


a vital component 
in the 
search for 
fostering new ideas, 

>,?.;>:«' It-''. 



ege I^^alleJ 

7.:^ A^ "^'^^ =<^^>^ 


Debbie Zumbahlen (left) demonstrates her persuasive powers during 
a speech 101 class; "Meet the Candidates" (above) was sponsored by 
the Social Sciences Department and gave area citizens an opportunity 
with Joliet mayor and city council candidates; Carl Daubach (upper 
right) agrees with a fellow student on a point concerning an analysis 
in American literature; One of the performers (right) from the Per- 
forming Arts Center at Southern Illinois University, this group 
participated in a dance program during Black History Week; Joliet 
mayoral candidate William G. "Bill" Barr spoke on local and state 
government to political science students. 

College Parallel Curriculum 
Replaces Liberal Arts and Sciences 



Agriculture Students' Classroom Knowledge 
Supports Summer Experience 

Dave Matteson, (right), on job placement with 
Funk Bros. Seed Co. Research Farm in Rochelle, 
Illinois; Jim Beavers, (right bottom), training at 
the North Eastern Illinois Agronomy Research 
Center at Elwood, Illinois. Jim is working on a 
research project to determine the water pollution 
effects of sludge fertilizer. 

Ken Benson, (left), Jonathan Tweedt, and Jerry Bandura listen atten- 
tively during Ag. communications lecture; Ag. Supply, Production, 
and Transfer students, (left bottom), on field trip at "the Heat of 
America Farm Progress Show", the world's foremost Agricultural 
Exposition in North Eastern Indiana; Steve Rilley, (right bottom), 
poses with a Holstein cow which he is preparing for show. 



Jackie Waters (above) dis- 
plays an abstract used while 
discussing home furnishings 
in Home Economics; Elec- 
tronics students (upper left) 
check the J W series for a 
class project; Mr. Art Phil- 
lip (below, middle) explains 
the mechanisms in the 
engine in the auto tech- 
nology class. 


Vocational Arts 
Utilizes On The 
Spot Training 

Rain or shine (right) Mr. Pryce Keagle and his 
students survey the campus land; Culinary arts 
students (below) are informed of the day 's menu 
and what their duties will involve. 


Fine Arts 


Pottery — 3 Dimensional Art — Introduced 

by Art Department and Proves Popular 

Mary Perilongo, (far left), and Mary Pat 
Johnston freehand sketching campus surround- 
ings; Music student, (left), practices trombone 
during Band; Ken Benco, (bottom), "throw- 
ing" on new potters wheel that the Art Depart- 
ment has acquired; Concert Choir, (bottom), 
handled the MESSIAH very well. Helmut 
Sienknecht directed and Birdie Stimac and a 
quest pianist dueted. 



'71 Brings First Graduate Class to JJC 
Nursing Program at St. Joe's, Silver Cross 


Mrs. Doris Johnson, (far upper left), Mrs. Mary 
Roney, Mrs. Elaine DiGuisto, and Mrs. Gene 
Rodgehero taking care of JJC student-patient 
Alvin Schlieske; Nursing students, (left), Cathy 
demons and Mrs. Patrice Reiter positioning a 
patient with a casted leg; Mrs. Mabel Robinson, 
(far lower left), Virginia Thorn, Mrs. Lou Martin, 
Cathy demons, Mrs. Florence Baldwin, Mrs. 
Loretta Louis, and Karen Fisher, during a confer- 
ence before caring for patients; Mrs. Mary Roney, 
(below), and Barbara Olson, checking physician's 
medical orders. 

'^ r^"] ^"^''"7^ 

ur ^eypunc* 
-eofiUp Aflef loi 

J*^,!.*© v^'^lfj 

Business Department 
Offers In Class and 
Out of Class Learning 

Terri Hayes, (far left), taking dictation during 
Miss Allen's advanced Shorthand class; Gloria 
Dahlke, (upper left), and Dom Cap feeding 
program cards into computer reader for Com- 
puter Sciences; Mike Murphy, (left), earns 
extra money as work/study student while earn- 
ing out-of-the-classroom experience; Marci 
Jonish, (below left), receiving dictation from 
newly installed listening laboratory for short- 
hand students. 


*"-*v;4^,,A%4l^''-v^*'« Science 

Larger Number of 


Mr. Maurice Cameron, (far upper left). Professor of 
Geological Sciences with Gerri Robbins checking soil 
samples near site of permanent campus; Jim McTague, 
(far middle left), and Kamal (Ray) Narine, Exchange 
Student from British Guinea, experimenting psycholog- 
ically with sound effects on hamsters. While cooperating 
with the Biological and Physical Science Departments, 
Jim and Ray determined the corelation between sound 
and social behavior of hamsters; Sue Klint, (far below 
left), and Linda Miller dissect a rat while preparing a 
study for Zoology class; Human Anatomy and Physiology 
students (left), listen during weekly lecture by Edmund 
C. Puddicombe, instructor and author of textbook used 
for HAP; Greg Tuntland, (above), uses scales during 

Faculty Added to Sciences 


Physical Education 


PEW Major, (above), practices a drive with an iron 
during golfing class; Novice skiers, (above right), 
prepare footgear for their beginning skiing course; 
Dan Wilson, (far above right). Rich Kramerich, Rich 
Chlehanowski, Richard Anderson, and Leonard 
Knorr, play a game of volleyball during the winter 
season; Debbie Zumbahlen, (bottom right), finishes 
her Women's P.E. class jogging around Rend Lake; 
Students from both P.E. Departments share a special 
session of yoga from visiting instructor. 

Co-ed Bowling, Fencing, 

Ice Skating and Archery added: 

Physical Education Dept. 



Develops Skiing Course 

Psychology Education 

Psych-Ed Department Head Grace Brewer 
Named to Who's Who in American Education 

Mr. Ken Warman (right) lectures in his ab- 
normal psych seminar; Students in the Edu- 
cation 200 block (below) discuss new con- 
cepts in teaching methods; Vicki Wells 
(middle) watches Cory and Laura Jane 
Man express themselves in a child develop- 
ment class; Concentration (far upper left), 
observation, and understanding play key 
roles in all ed-psych classes; Wayne Means 
(far middle right) challenges Mrs. Grace 
Brewer during a heated argument concern- 
ing progressive education. 

i /n 



Night School 


Night School Rockets to 2215 Students 

Night classes (upper left) bring out students 
who work during the day and study at night; 
Brandy Lorenz (above) utilizes the com- 
munications lab in preparation for a re- 
search assignment; Student Center activity 
(upper right) is still flourishing in the 
evening agree Manuel Palacios, Betsy 
Zalar, Ray Placencia, and Janet Pasteris; 
a pre-class pick-me-up (left) can be a great 
help to those who come to class immediately 
after working all day. 




key factors 
encouraging growth 
of capable student 

College Congress Initiates Activity Period 

College Congress, the governing board of 
JJC, started an activity period, held twice a 
week. During this Tuesday-Thursday 11-12 
period, no classes were held so as to give time 
for activities such as club and faculty meet- 

Besides writing a new constitution. Con- 
gress organized several new standing com- 
mittees; education and culture, publicity, 
school furnishings, and a presidential selec- 
tion committee. 

The Student Achievement Recognition 
Awards selection was organized by Congress. 
After a written application and a series of 
interviews, two students were chosen on the 
basis of their advancement towards a goal. 
John Shields and Kris Kemp were selected 
as the recipients of this award. 

Congress also spearheaded some of the 
special activities such as the fall and spring 
picnics, a fun night, the spring concert, to 
feature "Trilogy" and the spring formal. 

Swinging the president's gavel was Mickey 
Bowlan. Other officers were vice president 
Don Waldvogel, Kris Kemp, secretary, and 
treasurer Kevin Sparenberg. 

Mr. Henry Pillard and Miss Jayne Grant 
advised this group. 

! i 

College Congress officers (upper left) Kevin Sparenberg, Mickey Bowlan, Don Waldvogel, 
and Kris Kemp show mixed feelings concerning the idea of a swing set on campus; Kris 
Kemp (above) and John Shields were the recipients of the 1971 Student Achievement Recog- 
nition Awards; Jo Ella Hoffman (right) displays one of the end products of Summer Task 
Force Orientation Week activities — name cards and beanies. 





College Congress reps (above) listen as a move 
is made to close discussion on the floor; Jim 
Jerzycke (left) and Mike Smith change the 
events on one of the new calendars; Ray Pla- 
cencia (below) asks election official Nancy 
Chadwick about the method used in tallying 


Madrigals (above) began the 
Homecoming halftime cere- 
monies with their rendition of 
the JCC Alma Mater; Helmut 
Sienknecht (upper left) directs 
the Concert Choir in the MES- 
SIAH; the Art Club meeting 
(right) featured a slide presen- 
tation of student works; Diane 
Krawchuck (far left) goes over 
the committee list for the fall 
play set design; Lori Fassino 
does her stuff for the photog- 



Art, Music Clubs 
Participate in 
Spring Festival 

Concert Choir, a group of hard working 
vocalists, under the direction of Helmut 
Sienknecht, staged several concerts for both 
the campus and the community. 

Several soloists were featured in the Christ- 
mas concert of Handel's MESSIAH. Choir 
members also performed in the Veterans Day 
Program and the memorial service for Wayne 
Coleman and Ed Delaney. 

Madrigals, the finest voices of the choir, 
were selected following tryouts at the begin- 
ning of the year. This select group met twice a 
week in order to achieve perfection as a unit 
from the near or total perfection of their 

Under the direction of president Diane 
Krawchuck, Art Club members designed sets 
for the fall production of THE BEST MAN. 

Field trips were taken to the Art Institute 
as well as to the art departments of Northern 
Illinois University and the University of Illi- 
nois, as well as holding several art exhibits. 

Both Concert Choir and Art Club partici- 
pate in the Spring Fine Arts Festival held in 


Soccer club members (above) played intra- 
mural matches that invariably led to jousts of 
sorts through the mud; Intramural volleyball 
(above middle) was played and the spirit was 
willing and able, but the liberated woman was 
present and the females came out on top; Let- 
termen (far upper right) admire trophies pre- 
sented at the Fall Sports Banquet; WRA girls 
(right) go through a pyramid routine, queen of 
the mountain or something like that; Patsy 
Stevenson (far right, middle) demonstrates in a 
practice routine. 

Athletic Organizations 
Promote Sportsmanship 

The first undertaking of the new Soccer Club was 
the acquisition of their own field which members 
salvaged from a corn field. It took a lot of time and 
effort but was worthwhile for both the club and the 
PE department. 

The team challenged faculty members to a special 
Homecoming Week match and defeated them 2-0. 
Members organized an intramural volleyball team 
and helped run the bookstore. 

Under the Patsy Stevenson's presidency, Women's 
Recreation Association sponsored a tour of the P.E. 
department for interested high school students. 
Members also sponsored an all school ice skating 
party, also archery and bowling tournaments. WRA 
presented plaques to the girls most outstanding in 
sports such as field hockey, volleyball, archery, bowl- 
ing, baseball, basketball, and others. 

Serving the student body and building school spirit 
represent two of the goals as a member of the Letter- 
men's Club. Lettermen were responsible for awarding 
letter jackets to varsity athletes and distributing 
plaques to the most valuable players in each sport. 
The club planned a splash party, a talent show, and a 
gym night. 


Mr. Charles Kennedy (above) gives the welcome at the choral 
presentation held during Black Heritage Week; the SIV Per- 
forming Arts Troupe (top) traced Black History through a 
series of dances: BSU members (right) inspect the food col- 
lected in the Thanksgiving needy family can drive. 

BSU, Press Club, 
Promote Ideals 

Press Club, primarily involved in promoting 
journalism, also participated heavily in other school 
activities. The Autumn Dinner Dance and the Miss 
Shield Pageant, sponsored by Press Club, were the 
most successful in years. Members built up the club 
treasury by selling school pens and stationery as well 
as student ID pictures. 

The club was also responsible for organizing the 
Press Day held on May 12. This attracted approxi- 
mately 300 students. 

Black Student Union, one of the biggest and 
strongest organizations on campus, sponsored Black 
Heritage Week in February. This tribute featured an 
art exhibit, the SIU Performing Arts Troupe, a choral 
group, and a Sweetheart Ball. A very handsome 
program tracing Black History, national, local, and 
campus was printed and sold. Besides this major 
project, members supported a free clothing center as 
well as holding a can drive for needy families. 

Press Club officers (left) Pat Horrigan, Maggie Vaughan, and 
Mary Ninos plan committees for the Press Day held in May; 
Charlyn Palmer (below left), a member of both BSU and Press 
Club, chats with political figure Julian Bond who spoke to 
students in the fall; Maggie Vaughan (below) Press Club pres- 
ident conducts an officers meeting with the greatest of ease. 


SPI Sponsors 
Drug Symposium 

Students for Political Involvement 
sponsored a Drug Symposium. Chief guest 
was Allen Cohen, a former associate of 
Timothy Leary. 

This organization was responsible for 
organizing the Cornell University award 
for essays on the topic "What should be the 
limits upon the president's authority to 
commit American combat forces to war 
without explicit congressional authoriza- 
tions?" Essays were reviewed by English 
teachers to check in grammar and compo- 
sition but not involving correction of 

Members also campaigned for Adlai 
Stevenson in his Senate race, and helped 
publicize Julian Bond. They participated 
in the JJC Board of Trustees elections 
business and watched incumbent Daniel 
Kennedy reelected and Mrs. Judith Baskin 
seated as the first woman on the Board. 

Maggie O'Meara (right) lists plans 
for the drug symposium held in 
March; Discussion leaders (below) 
discuss pros and cons at drug rescue 
center during a SPI rap session. 



^^^^K '^"i i^^l 

^.^' . ' 






( M 





ks^-^- \ 

1 ■ • 

■-m M 


Four Aggies Receive 
National JC Award 

With the development of character and leader- 
ship for agriculture as the Student Agricultural 
Association's primary goal, the men got the year 
off to a colorful start by capturing first place 
honors with their homecoming float entry and by 
successfully electing their candidate, Debbie Zum- 
bahlen, to the position of Homecoming Queen. 

An Open House for high school students inter- 
ested in agriculture was held in November and was 
attended by over 125 students. 

At the annual Christmas luncheon, Paul Duzan 
was awarded the $500 John Richards agriculture 
scholarship. Horticulture students John Stevenson 
and Jerry Riable received $300 awards from the 
Golf Course Superintendents Association of Ameri- 
ca. SAA president Lee McPherson also received 
recognition by his selection to "Who's Who in 
American Junior Colleges." Other Aggies receiving 
this honor were Kevin Sparenberg, Neil Trotter, 
and Don Waldvogel. 

In the spring, SAA sponsored Sadie Hawkins 
Week and donated all proceeds to the Tri-County 
March of Dimes. 

Mr. Jurgens (top) welcomes the visiting high school stu- 
dents to the SAA Open House; How do you say it, SAA 
Sweethearts? (middle) Mary Ellen Anzelc, Karen Kimble, 
Mary Lu Glade, Nancy Chadwick, Linda Kettelson, and 
Debbie Zumbahlen; Gene Pool (left) and Glenn Von Bergen 
help themselves to the feed at the Aggies ' picnic. 


Nancy Cissne (below) traveled to Michigan as CCC delegate to 
the Student Filmmakers Convention; JC Players officers 
(right) Barb Vondrasek and Patricia Long announce auditions 
for spring plays; Mr. Tarry Slusher (bottom center) plans 
strategy with Chess Club members during an inter-club tourna- 


Fine Arts Serves 
As Subject for Clubs 

Cultural Cinema Club surveyed campus attitudes 
towards films in an attempt to select the type of films 
which would have mass appeal. The results of this 
poll resulted in the scheduling of a dozen films for 
campus showing. Among these were IN THE HEAT 

Veteran filmmaker Nancy Cissne was a CCC dele- 
gate to the national student film festival held in 

Chess Club activities were directed towards in- 
structing beginning chess players and holding 
tournaments between experienced players. There was 
a rumor circulating that the club would take on Troy 
Community Grade School, the junior high chess 
champions, but Mr. Tarry Slusher, sponsor, dis- 
missed the rumor as muckraking. 

JC Players displayed acting talents of its thespians 
in the fall production of Gore Vidal's THE BEST 
MAN. Members provided an entertainment unit at 
St. Joseph Hospital during the Christmas season, and 
presented a mini-musical for the grade school PTA in 
February. Besides several theatre trips, the Players 
presented a series of play cuts during the Fine Arts 

THE BEST MAN (upper left) featured the best ofJJC's thes- 
pians; ALICES RESTAURANT (left) featured Arlo Guthrie 
and was one of the top grossers of the CCC presentations. 



Roger Kadoiv (left) SSS president, outlines club activities 
and projects for the year; SSS members (above) prepare to 
leave for a field trip to the Oriental Institute; Law Enforce- 
ment Club members (upper right) discuss plans for their 
tour through the Diagnostic Depot. 


SSS, Law Enforcement 
Clubs Prepare Member 
for Future Careers 

The newly established Law Enforcement 
Club is dedicated to further the professional 
standards of Law Enforcement, to provide 
assistance to local law enforcement agencies 
and to promote greater understanding of the 
problems and objectives of those agencies 
devoted to the administration of criminal 
justice. Members toured both the Cook 
County Jail and the Illinois Reception and 
Diagnostic Depot. 

The main purpose of the Students of Social 
Science is to acquaint students majoring in 
the social sciences with the craft of their field. 
The club held informal sessions with people 
knowledgeable in areas such as counseling, 
teaching, and social work. 

Members visited the Oriental Institute 
among other places of social science interest. 



Teachers Club Sponsor 
Receives National Honor; 
Nancy Cissne Assumes 
1970-71 SHE Presidency 

Teacher's Club recruits members planning a career 
in the field of education — teaching, administration, 
secretarial, counseling. Social and education oriented 
activities provided members with professional infor- 
mation and experience and enthusiasm for teaching. 

Members participated in the ground breaking, 
tutored at the Boy's Club and gave a Christmas at 
Sunny Hill Nursing Home. Eighteen high school 
Future Teachers of America clubs toured JJC under 
the direction of president Brenda Gunier. Mrs. Grace 
Brewer, sponsor, was honored when she was chosen 
as one of the outstanding figures in American educa- 

SHE is not a branch chapter of the Women's Lib- 
eration Movement. Far from it. Students of Home 
Economics, under Nancy Cissne's presidency, pre- 
pared for their futures by learning about prospective 
or possible careers. Members heard speakers talk on 
subjects from proper diets to child raising to birth 
control to cake decorating to home furnishings. 

Sally Varland (opposite page) gets some assis- 
tance from SHE president Nancy Cissne 
regarding the decision between mini, midi, and 
maxi; Brenda Gunier (below, middle) an- 
nounces the tentative schedule for Teacher's 
Club grade school visitation. 




Nearly, Clearly, and 
Over 25 Club Has 
Strong First Year 

The Nearly, Clearly, and Over 25 Club was started 
first semester to help older students adjust to campus 
life. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Carolyn Engers, 
the club had several guest speakers as well as Hallo- 
ween and Christmas parties. Members participated 
in Transfer Evening and Bring a Friend to School 
Week. Since one of the purposes of the club was to en- 
courage older people from the community to further 
their education, members worked on a poll survey 
and slide series of JJC older students which were 
presented at Open House functions and various 
community meetings. 

NCO-25 presented a slide series (upper right) on the aspects 
of JJC to the older student; Discussion proves lively as mem- 
bers (right) plan "Bring a Friend to School Week. " 


Veteran's Club 
Presents Memorial 
«^ Plaque to School 

Members of the Veterans' Club aided each other in 
their readjustment to the demands of education after 
serving in the military. 

Each year the Vets' Club honor those who have 
given their lives in service to the United States 
through a program on Veterans' Day. This year the 
club presented to a college a plaque in remembrance 
of those honored dead. 

Dan Morris (top) presents the memorial plaque to Mr. Douglas Graham 
on behalf of both the Vets and the student body; Vets (above) show sup- 
port and enthusiasm as they watch Homecom,ing parade. 



JC Flyers, Motor 
Sports, Stress Safety 

JC Flyers held meetings on Sunday afternoons 
either at Joliet Airport or Lewis College Airport. 
When the weather was nice, hundreds of miles 
of flying over the Joliet area was done. 

The Omega Sport Parachute branch of JCF 
was active under Frank Julian and several stu- 
dents became regular sky divers. 

The Flyers were hosted by the FA A at Midway 
Tower and Radar Room and also had a visit to 
the Experimental Aircraft Association world 
headquarters and museum at Milwaukee. 

The Motor Sports Club presented numerous 
road rallies; the purpose being to learn the 
mechanics of handling a car with maximum 
safety, to experience correctly the reading of 
road signs and maps, and to add social life to 
those students who share a common interest in 

JC Flyers Denny Wruk (opposite page) and Toni Gover- 
nale are ready for a take off; Mr. Pat Asher (right) pre- 
pares to show a film of one of the Motor Sports Club rally; 
Before a road rally (below) safety points on the cars are 
checked out. 


1^ 'l.Jt't If,* J 




SMS Traditional, 
Yet Innovated 

Students of Medical Science celebrated their 
23rd year as the oldest extra-curricular organi- 
zation on campus and the oldest of its kind in 
the United States. 

As it is illegal to take a group to the local hos- 
pital to view an autopsy, JJC student John 
Trusty, a lab employee at St. Joseph Hospital, 
took a complete slide series of an autopsy and 
presented them at a regular meeting. 

SMS has had over 300 speakers meetings and 
over this number of field trips. At the end of 
December, the Will-Grundy Medical Society 
gave a post-Christmas banquet at the Holiday 
Inn for JJC medical students. 

Besides sponsoring many speakers and clini- 
cal films, the club held "Reptile Night." Stu- 
dents handled pythons, boas, and other reptiles 
and snakes to conquer their fears. 

Mr. Edmund Puddicombe is the guiding 
force behind this organization which has come 
to be recognized as a landmark at JJC. 

Bill Balzhiser (far left) was one of many who handled the 
snakes at "Reptile Night"; Denise Kuchmek puts her 
medical knowledge to practical use while working in the 
pharmacy at Brown's Drug Store in downtown Joliet; 
Donna Paul (below), John Maloney, and Brian Daub 
listen as Mr. Puddicombe explains a clinical film. 


1^ ,^-:. 

iMW 'jUi ^- ^ "^ ^' ■ < ». 

<*■*'/ '11.. ..': 


Engineers, Computer, 
and Epicurean Clubs 
Benefit Both Members 
and Campus Students 

The Epicurean Club came about through the efforts of 
the students of Culinary Arts. It was formed to create an 
interest in the pleasure and enjoyment of discriminating 
food and drink. 

The club attended the National Restaurant Association 
aimual convention and featured an exhibit which was 
placed in competition with other students. They also 
entered their special sandwich creations in the National 
Sandwich Idea Contest. 

The Engineers Club started early in the year as they took 
a field trip to IIT and Northwestern's Technological Insti- 
tute Engineering Open House. 

A combined dinner meeting was held with the Joliet 
Chapter of the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers 
during National Engineers Week. At this event, Dan 
Morris was announced as the outstanding engineering 
student of the year. 

The new Computer Club was brimming over with en- 
thusiasm as members spearheaded bus transportation to 
the Region FV basketball tourney in Bloomington. Mem- 
bers sponsored a Christmas vacation workshop for high 
school students interested in data processing. They also 
ran a mock election for US senators, and distributed 
computerized calendars. 

The Epicurean Club (opposite page) constructed culinary master- 
pieces such as this cake for the "Meet the Candidates" program; Mr. 
Pryce Keagle (upper left) congratulates Dan Morris on being selected 
as "Outstanding Engineering Student of the Year"; "Christmas with 
the Computer" (left) attracted over 100 high school students inter- 
ested in data processing. 


Staffs Strive for Greater 
Improvements in Publications 

The BLAZER, the bi-weekly newspaper, covered school, local, and 
national news. Some outstanding features included photo essays on the 
Homecoming scene, the road conditions, a sports round up, and a year end 
review. Sue Jones served as 1st semester editor and Kim Morris and Jim 
Thompson, 2nd semester co-editors. 

The campus news bulletin, COLLEGE CASUALS, came out MWF 
under Maggie Vaughan's editorship. 

Under the direction of Pat Horrigan, editor in chief, the SHIELD, the 
yearbook, featured expanded color coverage and special effects. 

Mrs. Beverly Crouch acted as advisor to all three publications. 

CONTEMPORARY, the literary magazine, was sponsored by Mr. Ted 
Thompson and edited by Carl Daubach and Natalie Williams. It stressed 
the best original work of students in poetry, drawing, photography, and 
creative writing. 

BLAZER editors (above) Kim 
Morris and Jim Thompson plan 
page layouts; Sue Jones (mid- 
dle right) interviewed a PE 
Dept. speaker who hailed from 
the Netherlands; Pat Horrigan 
(right) SHIELD editor eyes 
the deadline; Publications ad- 
visor Bev Crouch (middle right) 
shares a joke with staffers Ken 
Kegley, John Shields, and Alan 

Maggie Vaughan (top left) and Joyce Nielsen run off COLLEGE CASUALS on the 
mimeograph; Mr. Ted Thompson (top) checks over proposed entries with CON- 
TEMPORARY editors Carl Daubach and Natalie Williams; SHIELD staff 
members (above left) Tim Jackson and Bonnie Jones confer on an approaching 
deadline; SHIELD sports editors (above) Ed Denovellis and Frank Isabelli review 
athletic scene before doing final layout. 


■> ' 5 


an integral part 
of the college 
fitness program^ 
requiring mental 





Lake County 









Lewis J. V. 






Sauk Valley 









Illinois Valley 









Rock Valley 






Prairie State 



Lewis J.V. 









Rock Valley 



Wolves Tie for Conference Title 

The joint efforts of Gil Bell's 
coaching, Bob Oberlin's 384 
batting average, and the consis- 
tent good work of most valuable 
players John Toth and Shawn 
James, gave the Wolves a fine 

JJC's conference record of 
6-3 put them into a three way 
tie for the conference champion- 
ship. Although it was a close 
ballgame, the team fell in de- 
feat to Rock Valley 4-3. 

Chuck Fratini (top) scores a needed run in an 
important game; Dan Spreitzer (lower right) 
hits a single to open the game against the Lewis 
jayvees; Injuries (upper left) are a factor that 
every team must face; Jeff Rodgers (left) puts 
the tag on a Lewis opponent. 











Sauk Valley 




52' 2 


104' 2 


. . .48 

111 Vallev . . . . 

. . .27 


. . .16 

Rich Coop and Bob Jaeger (above right) 
display endurance as Coop finished a 
strong first; Mike O'Connel (middle) 
demonstrates his winning form; Duane 
Schoop (above) prepares to overcome 
opponents in a powerful ending; Earl 
Crisp and Luther Thompson (far right) 
battled for first spot in the low hurdles 
division; Earl Crisp (right) lets loose 
with another fine jump in the Sauk Val- 
ley-Thorton triangular. 

^DiA \;i»»KiM(R^ - 

jii, ... .,._2^-£.. 


Cindermen Stride to 6-2 Season 

As a result of total dedication and a desire to 
win, the 1970 Cindermen experienced one of its 
finest seasons in JuCo's history. 

The team displayed their strong endurance and 
resistance in defeating six opponents while losing 
to only two. By beating out scoring teams such as 
Sauk Valley and Morton Jr. College, the Wolves 
found themselves in 5th place in the NIJC meet. 

High scoring runners Earl Crisp and Carlton 
Quarrels earned the respect of many by placing 
high in each one's event. Mike O'Connell repre- 
sented JJC at the National Junior College Track 
Meet and was recognized as the 6th best pole vault- 
er in the nation. 



> k- t^«*** 

^V«" x^l- >, W'' 


>\ ^.;/>^ 

Under the guidance of Peter Neff, and 
led by the smooth playing of Bruce Liker and 
the powerful strokes of Gary Stanfield, the 
tennis team achieved an overall 6-5 record 
while holding a 3-4 conference slate. 
Highlighting the season was the duo of 
Liker and Stanfield, with no previous exper- 
ience in playing doubles together, winning 
the Illinois Junior College Tennis Meet, and 
going to Ocala, Florida where they tied for 
18th place in the National Junior College 

Coach Neff, very pleased with the seasons, 
is looking forward to an even better season 

this spring. 


Netters Sparked by Underclassmen 
During Spring '70 Season 

Coach Neff (left) plans some strategy with Gary Stanfield for his 
singles match; (lower left) Bruce Liker puts spin on one of his serves. 
in order to confuse his opponent; (below) Sm,ashing an overhead lob 
is one of Gary Stanfield's advantages. 


Tom Glenn 




Don Klein 








Bruce Liker 




Gary Stanfield 











Prairie State 







Rock Valley 














Illinois Valley 



Prairie State 





111. Valley 


Lake City 










Rock Valley 















Prairie St. 













Fred Riecher, (above left) getting on the green in good shape. 
Coach Gil Bell (above right); showing the team how it's done. 
Gary Owen (left), stroking his way out of the trap. Bob Hat- 
field, (above) concentrating on his next putt. Bob Miller (right) 
approaching the green with this shot. 

Golfers Drive to 
13-3 Season 

Another tremendous season was turn- 
ed in by Gil Bell's golfers. With many 
new members and satisfactory weather 
throughout most of the season, the team 
proved themselves to be second to none 
as they placed first in the conference. 

Lead by the powerful strokes of Gary 
Owens and the accurate putting of Bob 
Hatfield, who placed second in the con- 
ference tournament, the golf team 
managed to overcome 111. Valley 319-321 
in their opening match. This led the way 
to earn an 4-1 conference record of 13 
and 3. 

Coach Bell is looking forward to an 
even better season next year with the 
return of many lettermen. 


It was a hot, humid August day, as the 
1970 JJC football team assembled on the 
field for their first practice. Before the open- 
ing calisthenics, coach Jerry Yost stood in 
front of his new team and simply told them 
what he expected of them and he knew what 
they expected of him. This was the beginning 
of a 5-2-1 season in which the Wolves tied 
for the conference championship. 

Although the team was young and there 
were many vacancies to be filled. A strong re- 
lationship seemed to form among the players 
and coaches alike, which resulted in absolute 
confidence in themselves and in each other. 

Quarterback Barry Dean displayed this 
confidence as he led his team downfield 
many times for a touchdown. While offen- 
sive tackle Bob Pearson provided a number of 
key blocks for runningbacks like Earl Crisp, 
the team's Most Valuable Player and the 5th 
rusher in the nation with 1179 yards. Along 
with Crisp were six other players who were 
First Team All-Conference choices, and Mike 
Serena and Tom McKeon obtained this rank- 
ing for their 2nd time. 

The biggest and most rewarding game came 
at the end of the season when the Wolves 
beat previously undefeated Thorton. Thor- 
ton, which was also a possible bowl bid; had 
only once been scored upon on the ground 
until they played JJC. With many players 
returning, coach Yost feels that the Wolves 
wUl have an even better season next year. 

Barry Dean, (right), setting up for another TD pass, 
against Elmhurst. Earl Crisp, (below), displays what 
made him J.J. C. 's M. V.P. for this year. 

Teamwork Key To Grids 5-2-1 Season 




20 111. Valley 

53 Elmhurst 


14 Triton 


7 Rock Valley 


31 DuPage 

2 Wright 


35 Thornton 


33 Morton 


Bill Wilson and Willie Nichols (left), show how 
the defense helped J.J.C. to a 3-2-1 season. 
Angela Tores (below), expresses his determina- 
tion in his first down effort. 


Stu Bisping, (above), with another key block 

T -r 

Bob Pierson, (below), ups to block the pass. 


Crisp Rushes for 1179 Yards 

mat' ♦ 

Mike Serena and Bill Wilson, (left), stop- 
ping Elmhurst just shy of a first down. The 
J.J.C. defense (below), ready to recover an 
offensive fumble. 





Harriers End With 
An 1 1-2 Record 

The J.J.C. Harriers, as a result of a 
one hundred percent team effort, ex- 
perienced one of their finest seasons in 
the school's history. With many hours of 
hard work under their belts, and guided 
by the coaching of Bill Benner, the run- 
ners compiled an over-all record of 11-2. 

One unforgettable day was October 24 
when the team placed second in >the 
DuPage Invitational and the following 
week on a cold, wet, Saturday, the team 
earned 4th place honors in the Region 
4th Meet. Coach Banner is very pleased 
with this year's performance and is 
awaiting next year's season to start. 

Bob Jaeger, (above left) shows the endurance of 
a distance runner; Ted Clarke, (above right) 
expresses the agony and loneliness of a Har- 
riers' runner. The beginning of another excit- 
ing win for the Juco runners. 


(«rt«W#RS'*-v- ''■-'■ >--^***^**^-^A'S**«*Mt»'«»i«^^ 




26 111. Valley 




34 Lakeland 




Lincoln Land 


15 Sauk Valley 


26 Thornton 






68 DuPage 


68 Wright 


27 Lincoln Land 


18 Thornton 


Blackhawk Inv. third place with 


Danville Inv. second place 



DuPage Inv. second place 



Region 4 Meet fourth place 



Duane Schopp, (above) increases his lead over his 
opponents from DuPage; Dennis Surges (left) over 
takes a DuPage runner, in another victory for 


Cheerleaders Bolster Enthusiasm 

JJC's cheerleaders worked to improve enthusiasm by 
leading the victory chants at athletic events. 

The team was captained by a quartet of sophomores; 
Paula Ehresman, Diana Frank, Laurie Goodson, and 
Charlyn Palmer. Frosh Lynda Steinbach and Barbara 
Vondrasek made up the remainder of the first squad 
while Kathy Bourg and Sally Ursitti served as alter- 
nates. Lee Carmichael was the Wolf mascot. 

The girls provided a victory hoop for football season 
and purchased a new lighter weight uniform for basket- 
ball games. 

Miss Lottie Skidmore served as faculty sponsor for 
this bouncing group of purple and white spirit raisers. 

The faces of cheerleading; defeat, victory, anticipation (below, clock- 
wise) Diana Frank, Sally Ursitti, Lynda Steinbach, and Barbara 

Laurie Goodson (Left) asks the crowd for another loud 
chant; the cheerleaders go through a routine in prepara- 
tion for the Homecoming game; (bottom, left to right) 
Paula Ehresman, Charlyn Palmer, and Kathy Bourg. 

Eugene Simms, (right), added another two points to widen the 
lead; Dave Papesh, (above), put a take on a confused opponent; 
(below). Brad Klett, 25, and teammate John Carli, 31, applied 
pressure to a Rock Valley forward. 


I , 

Cagers End Conference 
Play With 7-3 Record 

Coached by Tom Kennedy in his first year as a JJC 
coach, and assisted by Larry Larson, the Wolves' cagers 
established a 7-3 conference record which gave them third 
place in the conference and an overall 19-11 slate. 

The 1970-71 basketball team was one of the tallest in 
the college's history and also one of the quickest. Much of 
this quickness and poise was displayed by sophomore 
guard Dave Papesh who always seemed to be in the right 
place at the right time. Sophomore Sylvester Cottrell, the 
team's 6'6" center, led the team in rebounds through the 
regular season with 22.8 per game and also averaged just as 
many points. Other board strength was given by 6'7" fresh- 
man Mark Wiater, followed by Gene Sims and Willie 
Stegall, both 6'4" and in their first year at JJC. 

Coach Kennedy said the highlight of the season was 
their 35 point victory over Rock Valley because it was a 
total team effort. With the return of 5 freshmen this fall, 
Kennedy feels next year's team will have a good chance for 
a conference title. 

Dave Matteson, 41, (left), put in an important basket during the final 
minutes; Grabbing one of his many rebounds was Sylvester Cottrell, 
52, (bottom). 



Brad Klett, 20, goes after a loose ball as his teammates are anticipating the right move. 

Randy Alexander and Sylvester Catrell battle for the rebound against Rock Valley. 

Coach Tom Kennedy and Coach Larry Larson 
waiting patiently for the outcome of another 


Sims, Stegall, are JJC Strength on Boards 





St. Clair 






111. Valley 







Robt. Morris 
Prairie State 
Rock Valley 











Lewis JV 



Rock Valley 



Lincoln Land 



Sauk Valley 









ni. Valley 









111. State Fresh. 















Rock Valley 






Lake County 














Mark Wiater, 50, and Willie Dequall, 22, (above left) stop another Rock Valley Drive; Brad Klett and John Toth (above) work for a good 



Three JJC Matmen Take First Place 






Prairie State 






Lewis Varsity 






At N.C.C.C. Conference Wrestling Meet 

With a conference record of 4-0 and a number of individ- 
ual tournament championships throughout the season, 
Juco's wrestling squad had much to be proud of. At the 
North Central Community College Conference Wrestling 
Meet, three wrestlers; Manuel Pallcious, Tom Calhoun, 
and Bruce Bugajski took first place honors. 

One of the most exciting matches of the season came in 
a dual meet against Waubonsee in which five Joliet 
wrestlers pinned their opponents, and the team scored 35 
points to their opponent's 13. 

Although the squad had a number of graduating sopho- 
mores, coach Henry Pillard is confident of another fine 
season this winter and possibly a conference title. 

Coach Henry Pillard, Charlyn Palmer, and Paula 
Wunder (far upper left) give encouragement to Earl 
Crisp after his match; Dan Holland, the team's heavy- 
weight (far left bottom) added 3 important points to 
the scoreboard; Strength and agility (upper left) was 
a key factor to Travis Crudup's successful season; 
Bruce Bugajski (lower left) positioned his opponent 
before he scored a takedown. 



Intramural Participation 
and Facilities Increases. 

"As the facilities have increased, so has participation. The students have re- 
sponded very well." This is what Intramural activities of this past year. There were 
many sports offered and an equal amount in future plans. Some of the main events 
were flag football, volleyball, table tennis, wrestling, and basketball. 

In autumn, flag football was the big attraction with eight teams playing in the 
tournament-style program. At the end of the season "The Aggies" and "The 
Beavers" tied for first place with identical records of 5-1-1. Then as the winter 
weather fell upon the campus. Rend Lake was filled with excitement as many stu- 
dents played volleyball. First place honors for this intramural activity went to "The 
Bouncers" who compiled a 7-0 slate followed by "The Soccer Club". 

Student, faculty, (above far left) was a big event in intramural soccer this year. Girls participate in 
this year's soccer club activities. Coach Lance views his intramurals football team in a great effort. 
(Below left). Much enthusiasm is needed to play Hockey. (Below), The flag football team makes 
another stop. 





a composite 
of eager minds 
for answers, 
building lasting 


N . 











HP '3 ^«i^H 


^^^^^^^^E^>' . ' ' .- ' 

^L^^t^* .^H 

^^^R' ' 

^^^k * ^H 

^^^^r* ^^1 

w^A ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^b^^l 

^^r ^ 

^^^r----'"- " • 

— -i^B 




The Opposite Sex 
Look around, 
what attracts you to 
the person you love . . . 
a mind? 
a body? 

a personality trait? 
a face? 

All of these? 
If so, you score W0% 
None of these? 
But if you're happy. 



By the way, 

in case you haven't noticed, 

variety is the spice of life 

^"friiV^'-HT^iraim"? W 


Was it a 

part of your 


Surely there was 

enough grass 

and drugs on campus 

that you 

couldn't ignore 



1. Ryan O'Neal and All MacGraw 
"Love Story" 

2. Qarbra Streisand 

"The Owl and the Pussycat" 

3. Jack Nicholson 
"Five Easy Pieces" 

4. Dustin Hoffman 
"Little Big Man" 

"M*A*S*H is the best American war comedy since sound came in ' 

—Pauline Kael, The New Yorker 

Fred VViiiiambon i bpea 

st^aahuuker , Sally Ke-ler.ran ( Hot Lips") E .n Gcu d Trapper ) Oona^ Sutherland ("Hawkeye") Jo Ann Pflug ("Lt. D sh i 

Tom S 

*^ »*•*-- 


mmmmy^ .,- 


How about going to a movie? 

Sure, what 'II we see? 

How about a skin flick? 

I don't think so 

Hey, I've got it! A "youth" fUm 

"Love Story" or 



"Five Easy Pieces" or 

a Dustin Hoffman film or 

a Barbra Streisand 


Seeing is believing 


■jr- %i 



1. The cast from 

2. Glenda Jackson 
"Women in Love" 

3. Elliot Gould and 
Candice Bergen, 
"Getting Straight' 

4. Barbra Streisand, 
"On a clear day, 
you can see 

The student at JJC 
makes an attempt ... 

. . . Attaining a goal, 
striving for perfection, 
carving a niche that will be 
remembered as an example to follow 



?^j^HP^ ^ 








1971 Graduating Class 
Addressed by John 
Shields, Patricia Quigley 

Patricia Quigley 
John Shields 












■*; ...J- 

/.' --- 






JJC Lists 10 
in Who's Who 
in American 
Junior Colleges 

1. Joyce Barfield 

2. Michael Bowlan 

3. Kristin Kemp 

4. Leroy McPherson 

5. Mary Pellizzari 

6. John Shields 

7. Kevin Sparenberg 

8. Neil Trotter 

9. Donald Waldvogel 
Delores Welsh 
(not pictured) 





Constance Akin 
Karen Amberly 
Virginia Ardolino 
Karen Babbe 
Roseann Babjak 

David Bacon 
Fredrick Baldego 
Kevin Balog 
Warren Bane 
Mary Ann Baran 

Joyce Barfield 
Bonnie Barnhardt 
Richard Ban- 
Robert Baxa 
Judith Bartels 



Sophs Find Union A Casino 

Euchre, poker, gin, whatever the game, one can always find a game in the Union. 

Sheryl Becker 
Maggie Benham 
Nels Benson 
Thomas Benson 
Ken Bergstrom 

Charles Betts 
Gary Bittner 
Patti Black 
Jane Blackwell 
Carla Boex 

Domenic Bolognani 
Bernard Bols 
Michael Bols 
David Borden 
Nichola Bostjancic 

Gayle Bovee 
Michael Bowlan 
John Boyle 
Roger Braley 
Saul Brass 

Beverly Bravato 
Steven Bredesen 
Raymond Briick 
Steve Brockman 
Don Bromberek 



Thomas Bromberek 
James Brossman 

Nancy Browman 
Mary Brown 

Wayne Burk 
Robert Burnett 

Steve Butts 
David Butz 

Sadie Cage 
Diana Camacho 

Daniel Campbell 
John Carli 


Friendships Bloom By Twos 

John Wheatley (far upper left) and Debbie Duchene at the Autumn Dinner 
Dance; Helen Hays (far middle left) and Lee Carmichael share a joke; Sylvia 
Mejia (left) and Larry Walker are bundled up for the cold!; Jim Heavens 
(lower left) and Cherie Long relax for a coke. 

Bernard Games 
William Caruso 
Richard Casiano 

Don Challenger 
Gregory Chaplin 
John Chesnut 

Richard Chlebanowski 
JoAnn Chopp 
Alan Christiansen 

Michael Cichy 
Nancy Cissne 
Nick Clavijo 

Bruce Clawson 
Judi Clennon 
Kenneth Cohil 



Fifteen Vie For Miss Shield Title 

Robert Coleman 
Gerald Colombo 
Bruce Conners 
GU Costell 

Sharon Cotter 
Sylvester Cottrell 
Earl Crisp 
James Czajkoski 

Gloria Dahlke 
Debra Daily 
James Dalian 
Diane Darin 

Robert Darin 
Brian Daub 
Harry Davis 
John Davis 

Sandra Davis 
Barry Dean 
Mary DeChecko 
Deborah Deems 


Rita Delmastro 
Linda Delost 
Claire DeMik 
David Dermott 

Rosalie Deskin 
Maria Diaz 
Diane Dibble 
Connie DiPietro 

Miss Shield finalists (above) Kris Kemp, Lori Fassino, Paula 
Ehresman, Gloria Dahlke, Donna Paul, and Sandy Davis await 
the final judging to choose the ideal JJC coed. Semi-finalists in- 

cluded Fran Ragusa, Penny Schlueter, Diane Wawronowicz, 
Charlyn Palmer, Patsy Stevenson, Nancy Cissne, Glenda Malone, 
Joyce Barfield, and Diane Dibble. 




Joseph Dulny 
Mary Dunn 
Maureen Ebben 
Dianne Ebert 

Susan Egizio 
Paula Ehresman 
Juergen Eichholz 
Diane Eisenbrandt 

William Ely 
Mary Farnham 
Lori Fassino 
Paul Feit 

Walter Ferguson 
Terrie Fick 
John Flanigan 
John Flint 

Debra Fox 
Diana Frank 
Thomas Friedrich 
Penny Frunzar 

Barbara Fuchs 
Mary Gasparich 
Mary Gaydos 
William Gerard 


Class Roster Hits 673 
During Fall Semester 

William Gerl 
Richard Gerstemeier 
Paula Gleason 
Joyce Glenn 

Margaret Glenney 
Joseph Gombash 
Laurie Goodson 
Susan Gorman 

Kathleen Goron 
Becky Grazis 
Jay Gregory 
Sylvia Griffin 

Karen Groff 
Jill Gruben 
Brenda Gunier 
Walter Gutzmer 

Marlene Hackerson 
April Hagerman 
Richard Ham 
Paul Hamilton 



Robert Hamman 
Margaret Harney 
Beth Harris 
David Hart 
Mary Ann Bartnett 

Mary Hassert 
Nancy Hausmann 
James Heavens 
Barbara Henkel 
John Hennessy 

John Henshel 
George Henze 
Mary Hermann 
Marie Hicks 
Susan Hill 

Journalists Publicize Events 

BLAZER editor Sue Jones and 
SHIELD editor Pat Horrigan 
check copy on the page proofs. 

Jane Hintze 
Curtis Hobson 
Dennis Hocker 
Dennis Holbrook 
Karen Honiotes 

Dorothy Hooper 
Sharon Hoppler 
Patrick Horrigan 
Janet Hucek 
Linda Huose 

Diana Inlow 
Jeanette Issa 
Dana Ivec 
Walter Jakielski 
Linda James 

Linda Jaskoviak 
Cathie Jaso 
James Jerzycke 
Ralph John 
Brian Johnson 

Edward Johnson 
Gladys Johnson 
Wendel Johnson 
Susan Jones 
Marcianne Jonish 

Leo Jung 
James Jurkovich 
Frank Jurmann 
Sharon Kabat 
Lane Kamhi 





Richard Kapinus 
John Kappas 
Brian Karneboge 
Kenneth Kegley 
Kristin Kemp 

Karen Kiedaisch 
Patrick Kinsella 
Alana Kirk 
Susan Klimek 
Richard Kluth 

Roxann Knakmuhs 
Leonard Knorr 
David Koehler 
David Kopack 
Thomas Krause 


Good Study Habits Bring Results 

Paula Wagner (left) uses the library as a quiet study area. 

Diane Krawchuck 
David Krnac 
William Kruger 
Robert Kuebler 
Susan Lacey 

Glenn Larson 
Nancy Larson 
Nancy Lenci 
Andrew Lenz 
Judith Leve 

Gary Lewis 
Joseph Lewis 
Carol Ligos 
Tom Lind 
Cherie Long 

Patricia Long 
Theresa Lopez 
Wendy Lutz 
Willie Love 
Mary Ludwig 

Mickey Luth 
Glenda Malone 
John Maloney 
Kathleen Manheim 
Ema Manns 



Michael Markwell 
Laurel Martis 

Joann Marvic 
Barbara Matteson 

David Matteson 
Garry McCarthy 

Kenneth McDonald 
Thomas McElvain 

Pamela McGilvray 
Leroy McPherson 

Alan Meaux 
Sylvia Mejia 






25' eoch cOiumn i;ne 
Pcyn^en' o» cd is repuired in advance 

W' ^ <WWiyw'.'i^« » BWJ'-! ^ «mi>Jwy»~« 


Officers Plan Activities 

Sophomore Class Officers Ray Placencia, president; Lisa White, vice-pres- 
ident; and secretary Joyce Barfield line up for an upcoming class project. 

Dennis Meyer 
Regina Miksa 
Don Miller 

Douglas Mitchell 
Robert Mondek 
Lloyd Mooney 

Dan Morris 
Edward Mundt 
Carolyn Murray 

Linda Myers 
Joan Nicholson 
Joyce Nielsen 

Joel Nix 
Connie Nutt 
Michael O'Connell 




Student Jobs Vary From Clerk To Hardhat 

Donna O'Leary 
Dana Olsen 
Joann Ospalik 
Joann Owen 

Charlyn Palmer 
Janet Pasteris 
Donna Paul 
Mary Anne Petges 

Mary Petrosko 
Roseanne Petrungaro 
Sandra Pinkerton 
Kenneth Phelps 

Gregg Phillips 
Richard Pinneo 
Susan Pirc 
Raymond Placencia 

Diane Planing 
Robert Plott 
JoAnn Podolski 
Robert Pogliano 



William Polyak 
Gene Pool 
Laura Powell 
Carlton Quarells 

Patricia Quigley 
Fran Ragusa 
Diane Rausch 
Kurt Redmann 

Patricia Revels 
James Ridings 
Gregory Rieves 
Orlin Riegel 

Bonnie Rothman (above) spends some of her free time working at Shady Oaks Camp for Cerebral 
Palsy in Lockport. 



Bruce Roberts 
Cheryl Robertson 
Don Robinson 
Jerry Robinson 

Jeffrey Rodeghero 
Dennis Rodgers 
Gladine Rodgers 
Rita Rodriguez 

James Rousonelos 
Dan Rozak 
Michael Ruedin 
Patricia Sacco 

Sharon Sailly 
William Sandrik 
Ralph Sangmeister 
Kathleen Sarcletti 

James Satorius 
Joseph Scarelli 
Douglas Schear 
George Scheuber 

Alvin Schlieske 
Penny Schlueter 
Nancy Schuler 
Francis Schmitt 



Two Years Of Yesterdays, 
Molded Into One Today 
Never To Share Another Day 

Catherine Scaropoulos 
Duane Schopp 
Edward Schutter 
Stephen Schmid 

Carl Schwab 
Theodore Scitar 
Edward Seikus 
Patricia Seybold 

Michael Shanholtzer 
Beth Shankland 
Kara Sheek 
Mary Sheffield 

Gerald Shepherd 
John Shields 
Daryl Sieger 
Alma Simpson 

James Sippel 
Paul Slimko 
Rose Smajd 
Gayle Smith 




John Smith 
Michael Smith 
Kevin Sparenberg 
Steve Spencer 
Joseph Spiezio 

Gayle Spitzmesser 
David Stahl 
Susan Stariha 
Ronald Stefanich 
Michele Steffes 

Carl Stegner 
John Stephenson 
Patsy Stevenson 
Robert Stewart 
Roxanne Steyer 

Sophs Elected To Courts 

Mike O'Connell (above) good naturedly takes the 
razzing of his teammates after the announcement 
of his election to the Homecoming Court; Roseanne 
Petrungaro and Charlyn Palmer (right) enjoy the 
enthusiasm in the air as they ride in the parade. 





Joann St. Germain 
Roberta Stimac 
Lyla Strong 
Neil Sundal 
Daniel Sweeney 

Gerald Szafranski 
Wayne Szepelak 
William Tatro 
William Terpstra 
Lyle Tewes 

Carol Thom 
Debbie Thompson 
Gary Thompson 
Steven Thompson 
Rita Timko 

Thomas Toth 
Neil Trotter 
John Trusty 
Geoffrey Tryon 
Ann Tullett 

Karen Tyree 
Jennette Tys 
Greg Ukovich 
Susan Urbanik 
John Vacca 

Jerry Vancina 
Sally Varland 
Magdalena Vaughan 
Daniel Veronda 
Mary Ann Videll 



Glenn Von Bergen 
Donald Waldvogel 
James Walsh 
Virgil Walton 
Jacqueline Waters 

Diane Wawronowicz 
Charles Weber 
Phyllis Weber 
Gerald Weiske 
Victoria Wells 

Wendy Wells 
Dan Wilson 
Patrick Winfrey 
Linda Winke 
Betsy Whitlock 

Lisa White 
Peg White 
John Wimberly 
Ed Wojciechowski 
Loretta Wojtak 

Warren Wonders 
Deborah Wright 
Joette Wright 
Dennis Wruk 
Paula Wunder 

Gale York 
George Young 
JoAnn Zagar 
Betsy Zalar 
John Zigrossi 


Class Mourns Six Sophomores 

Mr. Ken Parker was one of the speakers at the Wayne Coleman-Ed Delaney memorial ceremony. 

Sherry Armbrust 


Wayne Coleman 


Ed Delaney 


Gary Vacca 


Leonard Vilt 


Mary Ann Williams 




Chris Abbott 

Estella Abbot 

Edith A chuff 

Connie Adams 

Richard Adkins 

Dennis Adkisson 

Mario Aguilera 

Connie Akin 

Pam Aldridge 

Randy Alexander 

Francine Allen 

Joe Almanza 

Donna Aloiso 

Albert Ambrose 

Bill Ambrosini 

Jack Amipet 

Scott Anderle 

David Anderson 

Karen Anderson 

Martha Anderson 

Richard Anderson 

Class Boasts 1610 Students 

Jeffry Andresen 

Cheryl Angus 

Susan Ansell 

Mary Ellen Anzelc 

Richard Anzelc 

David Apato 

John Archambeault 

Daniel Ardaugh 

Walter Arnhold 

Jeffrey Ashley 

Tim Athans 

Cyril Austin 

Robert Avers 

Cheryl Baber 

Pat Bader 

Joellyn Badger 

Leslie Bagby 

George Baitinger 

Karen Bajt 

Thomas Ballun 

Barbara Baloy 

William Balzhiser 

David Bandosz 

Jerome Bandura 

Kathleen Bankroff 

Virginia Baran 

Patricia Baranak 

Janis Barcus 

Janice Bardowski 
Garry Barnes 
James Barnes 
Janet Barnes 
Terry Barnes 
Charles Barnett 
Michael Barr 


Freshmen became part 
of the Juco community 
on that hectic day back 
in September — regis- 

Robert Barr 
Gary Barrett 
John Barrett 
James Bartelt 
David Barten 
Raymond Barz 
Joyce Baskerville 

Larry Bean 
Anthony BebeJ 
Margaret Beck 
Mary Bedford 
Doug Bedinger 
Martin Bee 
Patricia Bellah 

Kenneth Benco 
Patty Benignetti 
Kenneth Benson 
Paula Benson 
Joseph Bepitone 
Richard Berger 
Larry Bernhard 

Kenneth Bersano 

Mary Bersano 

John Bertsch 

John Bess 

Dorothy Bettenhausen 

Larry Bettenhausen 

Christine Bever 

Mitchell Bever 
Robert Bianchetta 
Karen Bickel 
Barbara Bielby 
Peter Bingham 
Terry Birkett 
William Biros 



Stewart Bisping 


Barry Bivens 

Wayne Bivens 

John Bizzatti 

Janice Blackburn 

James Blaesing 

Steve Blankenship 

James Blaser 

Jodine Blazekovich 

Marcia Bleuer 

Debbie Bloch 

William Bloch 

William Bohn 

Marguerite Boleneck 

Robert Boley 

Charles Book 

Bill Booras 

Gary Bond 

Robert Borms 

Linda Boroni 

Richard Bosi 

Nancy Bostjancic 

Ted Bostrem 

James Boucher 

Gary Bounds 

Kathleen Bourg 

Alan Boyd 

Frosh Feted at Picnic 

Carol Boza 

Nancy Boza 

Nancy Braver 

Nancy Breen 

Stephen Bresnman 

Allen Brethorst 

Linda Brewick 

Mark Briddick 

Mary Bridenhagen 

Bruce Broad 

William Bromberek 

Jeff Brooks 

Neal Brooks 

Lawrence Brossman 

David Brown 

Napolean Brown 

Wendy Brown 

William Brown 

James Bruno 

John Brust 

Mark Bucciarelli 

Bill Bucciferro 

Demarie Buckler 

Bruce Bugalski 

Charles Bullard 

John Bulno 

Donald Bunting 

Lvnn Burkett 


Deb Bumetti 
Deborah Burns 
Keith Burns 
Timothy Burroughs 
Deborah Busch 
Cheryl Bush 
Mark Bradley 

Gregory Brandon 
Karry Brass 
Cheryl Byers 
Robert Cacia 
Smith Cady 
Thomas Calhoun 
Arturo Campos 

Laura Campos 
James Cann 
Dominic Cap 
Lynne Capra 
Aaron Carey 
Bruce Carey 
David Carey 

Ted Carlson 
Patricia Carnahan 
Charlene Carpenter 
James Carpenter 
Juanita Carr 
Patricia Carson 
Drew Carsten 

This group of freshman 
girls enjoyed watching 
the pie eating contest 
held at the Freshman 
Fun Week picnic. 



Gertrude Castagnoli 
Celia Castillo 
David Castillo 
William Gary 
Paul Ceci 
Polly Cecil 
John Cernauskas 

Dawn Cesar 
Nancy Chadwick 
Donald Challenger 
Kenneth Chamberlin 
Rita Chamberlin 
Joan Chaplin 
William Chase 

Evelyn Chester 
Carter Christensen 
Michael Christofore 
Patrick Clancy 
Daniel Clark 
David Clark 
Floyd Clark 

Spring Enrollment Up 162 Students 

Natlean Holloway ques- 
tions Ed Delaney as to 
the whereabouts of her 
counselors office. 

Theodore Clarke 
Nick Clavijo 
Clay Clement 
Kathy Cleveland 
Leo Cleveland 
Richard Close 
Robert Coan 

John Collins 
Beverly Columbus 
Michael Colvin 
Lawrence Colwell 
Margaret Compton 
David Conner 
Yvonne Conner 



Donald Coop 

Kathleen Cooper 

Larry Cooper 

Bruce Corbett 

Gary Corlew 

Debbie Corn 

Lawrence Coveny 

John Coyle 

Rita Craddock 

David Craig 

Kenneth Cramer 

Mary Ann Cremeens 

Wilma Crisp 

Holly Cromer 

Thomas Cronholm 

Joseph Crowley 

Karen Crowley 

Jerry Crudup 

Lannie Crudup 

William Crudup 

Jim Cruz 

Diane Cryder 

Vance Cryder 


Lori Cunniff 

Robert Cunnings 

Robert Curtis 

Marie Damaska 

Gerald Dames 

Connie Daum 

Kenneth Daniels 

Maris Davidson 

Daniel Davis 

Mary Dawson 

Mary Dearburff 

Walter Dearie 

Harold Defoe 

John Defrejtas 

Edward Deininger 

Pamela Delaney 

Raymond Delmastro 

Victor Delmastro 

John Delrose 

Victoria Delrose 

Philip Dempsey 

Theodore Demick 

William Denewellis 

Edward Denovellis 

Louis DePhillips 

Barbara Dernulc 

Michael Derrgi 

Kim DeSalvo 

Frederick DeWald 

Barbara Dietterle 

Rosemary Dietz 

Elaine DiGusto 

Kenneth Dillon 

Raymond Dillon 

Emilie Dinger 

Lee Ann Dimmick 

Clarice Dipietrantonio 

Donnella Doctor 



Barbara Dodge 

Karen Donnelly 

Mary Ellen Doolin 

Daniel Dorsey 

Sharon Dosher 

Ray D'Ottavio 

Alan Downey 

Ronald Drake 

Gene Drechsel 

Robert Drew 

Thomas Duffin 

Gary Duncan 

Joanne Dunn 

Chris Dutton 

David Dvorak 
Joseph Dziuban 
Denise Easter 
Susan Eberhart 
Elizabeth Eckman 
Nancy Edwards 
Richard Ehrsam 

The Mudslide Reaches JJC 


Nancy Eichelberger 

Donna Ekkert 

Donald Elder 

Steve Elder 

James Elfter 

Gerald Elkerton 

Joan Ellis 

Jon Ellis 

Larry Ellis 

Michael Ellison 

Cheryl Ely 

Deborah Enger 

Mark Enger 

Gerald Engmiann 

Marcia Engleman 

Steven Engledow 

Wayne Ermey 

Roger Essman 

Frank Evans 

Jeff Evans 

David Ewing 
William Farmer 
Jeffrey Farnsworth 
Stephen Farrell 
David Fassiotto 
David Ferguson 
Lynn Ferguson 

Paul Ferguson 

Steven Ferguson 

David Filak 

David Finger 

Karen Fischer 

Larry Fisher 

Sharon Fisk 


The tug of war started 
out fairly tame, then pro- 
gressed to this level, then 
became wilder and mud- 
dier and funnier. 

Mark Fittro 
Susan Fittro 
Elizabeth Fitzmaurice 
James Fleming 
Calvin Flint 
Gail Flatness 
Donald Flaynik 

Maria Flores 
Murray Flowers 
Frank Folisi 
Rosalie Folisi 
Jean Foran 
Randall Forrestor 
Patrick Forsythe 

Reginald Foster 
Paul Fournier 
Danny Foust 
Nancy Fowler 
Robert Fox 
Raymond Fox 
Tom Fox 

Roger Frankford 
Marsha Frantz 
Betty Frederick 
Don Frederick 
Les Freeman 
Cathy Frescura 
Mark Friel 

Michael Friel 
James Fritz 
Joseph Fronek 
Nancy Fultz 
Joyce Funick 
Michael Funk 
Patricia Gabrvs 



Louise Gallo 

Elmer Gallovitch 

Lucinda Gann 

Anthony Garbin 

Robert Garman 

Deb Garrison 

Pam Garrison 

Rafael Garza 

Janice Gatons 

Dorothy Gavin 

Eileen Gavin 

John Gavin 

Patsy Gavin 

Judy Gawenda 

Jerald Gebhardt 

James Genz 

Charles Gerrish 

Jon Gieseking 

Rosalyne Gillespie 

Suzanne Gilbert 

Mary Lu Glade 

Gail Glass 

Margaret Glasscock 

Paul Glenney 

Michael Glester 

Homer Gletten 

John Glover 

Robert Goben 

Classroom Confusion Continues 

Bruce Goodard 

Joan Goldfuss 

Michael Golimowski 

Robert Gomer 

James Gonnan 

Terry Goodlander 

Dennis Gornik 

Jane Gornowich 
Patricia Goss 

Toni Governale 

David Gow 

Nancy Graffis 

John Graham 

Paul Graham 

Margaret Grahek 

Donald Grahovac 

Harry Gramse 

James Green 

Donna Gregorash 

Patrick Gremillion 

Kerry Grimm 

Charlotte Grissom 

Richard Grizzle 

Douglas Gruben 

Carolyn Gudegon 

Ronnie Guerra 

Elizabeth Gumienny 

Jerrv Guthrie 


Nancy Guthrie 
Walter Gutzmer 
Kenneth Haaq 
Joseph Haake 
Sharon Hager 
Leslie Hagerstrom 
Gary Ha ire 

Debra Hall 
Jeffrey Haller 
James Hallary 
John Hallihan 
Richard Ham 
John Haniotes 
Michael Hanko 

Nancy Hann 
Donna Hannan 
Gregory Hansen 
Mary Hansen 
Thomas Hare 
Brooke Harlan 
Thea Harms 

Tim Harms 
Joyce Harney 
Greg Harper 
Richard Harrigan 
Charlene Harris 
Donald Harris 
Ed Harris 

Jayne Hart 
Melody Joy Hart 
Irene Hartman 
Thomas Harvey 
Robert Hatfield 
Brent Hassert 
John Hauser 

Mr. Allen attempts to 
show mineral compounds 
to a totally baffled Paula 




Terri Hayes 
Delmar Hayward 
Douglas Heath 
Cathy Heavens 
Wesley Henne 
Kent Heiland 
Donna Heisner 

Sandra Heisner 
Walter Helix 
Byron Henbest 
Deborah Hennessy 
John Hennessy 
Sharon Herbst 
Bradley Hermansen 

Keith Hermansen 
David Herrod 
Robert Hess 
Lawrence Hill 
Delores Hill 
Jo Hoffman 
Daniel Holland 

Journalism Staff Blazes 

Blazer staffers Kim. 
Morris and Gretchen 
Walters make final re- 
visions before their dead- 

Hollis Hollenberg 
Bonita Holloway 
Natlean Holloway 
Cynthia Holm 
Ginny Holm 
Peter Honiotes 
James Hooper 

Daniel Hopkins 
Laurel Hopper 
Luanne Hooper 
Bruce Hootman 
David Hopkins 
Kathleen Horvat 
Robert Howey 

Carol Hudek 

Gary Hudek 

Deborah Hudgins 

Kenneth Hulet 

Eugene Huml 

Russel Hunt 

David Huston 

Michael Hutchins 

Sherry Hutchinson 

Fred Iglesia 

Kathryn Imfeld 

Linda Ingmire 

Frank Isabelli 

Jeanette Issa 

Ella Jackson 

Timothy Jackson 

Joe Jacques 

Gary Jagus 

Charles Jahneke 

Walter Janosz 

Lynda Janovyak 

Thomas Jasinski 

Virginia Jast 

John Jendo 

Sandra Jensen 

Wayne Jensen 

John Jeretina 

Mary Ellen Jeriha 

Victoria Joerger 

Jeanne Jolly 

Bonnie Jones 

Deborah Jones 

Margaret Jones 

John Jordan 

Willie Jordan 

Gary Jostes 

Daniel Jovanovich 

Thomas Joyce 

Arnold Johnson 

Charles Johnson 

Darryl Johnson 

Edwin Johnson 

Jane Johnson 

Karen Johnson 

Linda Johnson 

Sandra Johnson 

Robert Johnson 

Vivian Johnson 

Mary Pat Johnston 

Robert Juarez 

Joyce Judge 

Yolanda Juhant 

Cynthia Jurgens 

Terrence Juricic 

Pamela Jurmann 

Sharon Kabat 

Irene Kaitschuk 

Barbara Kapinus 

Robert Kapsch 

John Kapusniak 

William Karr 

Patricia Karr 

Kris Karstens 




Denise Karulcik 

Harvey Kasky 

Nancy Kegerreis 

Jean Khlenbach 

Daniel Kelly 

David Kelly 

Therese Kelly 

Claudia Kelsey 

Robert Kenney 

Ken Kennedy 

Timothy Kerr 

Linda Kettelson 

Gerald Kewley 

Ronald Key 

David Kezerle 

Joseph Killacky 

Karen Kimble 

Richard Kinder 

Barbara King 

Eola King 

Jay King 

Joel King 

Karen King 

Gregory Kipphut 

Connie Kirincich 

Katy Klawitter 

John Kleinfekdt 

Richard Kleper 

Bradford Klett 

Patricia Klimek 

Randy Klimek 

Susan Klint 

Sandra Klaich 

Patrick Kluck 

John Kochalka 

Meg Kochielko 

John Koehl 

Edward Koenig 

Glen Koerner 

Harry Koerner 

David Kohl 

Joyce Kolenc 

Diane Kolmodin 

Alice Kondritz 

Donald Konjerich 

Donald Kooyenga 

Albert Kostelec 

Martin Kostelec 

Thomas Kotowicz 

Kerry Kraker 

Janet Krall 

Ruth Kramer 

William Kramer 

Richard Kramreich 

Nancy Krause 

Barry Kren 




Al Downey and Nancy 
Kerregis share a joke 
during their lunch period. 

Cafeteria Chuckles Add Flavor 

Michael Krippel 
John Krohn 
WilHam Krohn 
Dolores Krupinski 
Dorothy Krupinski 
Gerald Kubinski 
Carol Kucer 

Geraldine Kucer 
Raymond Kucer 
Denise Kuchmek 
Ilene Kujath 
Robert Kunke 
Robert Kupina 
Thomas Kutsie 

David Kuzminski 
Wayne Kwirant 
Karen LaBerry 
Lyn Lacey 
Jay LaFontaine 
Catherine Lajore 
Donald Laken 

David Lamasters 
Gary Lambert 
Joyce Lambeth 
James Lang 
Ronald Lang 
John Langland 

Thomas Lanham 
Mark Laraway 
David Larimer 
Cheryl Larson 
Noralie Larson 
Robin Larson 
Connie Lasater 



George Latsis 

Jill Leahy 

Jeff Lee 

Roy Lee 

Russel Leksell 

Constance Leonard 

Lawrence Lepacik 

Mariellen Lesnik 

Paula Lester 

Gary Lestina 

Mary Lewandowski 

Wayne Lewandowski 

David Lewin 

Caroline Lewis 

Oscar Lewis 

Bruce Liker 

George Liker 

Debbie Lim 

Rita Lindauer 

Ronnie Lindenbaum 

Chuck Lindstrom 

June Lockhart 

Bobbie Long 

James Long 

Roger Long 

Albert Longman 

James Longman 

James Looper 

Loretta Louis 

Queen Grips Homecoming by the Horn 

Judith Lowry 

William Lowry 

Denise Luckey 

Alicia Luckhart 

Linda Ludrovec 

Sharon Lyons 

John Mackay 

Darrvl Magolan 

Phifip Mahalik 

Lorraine Major 

Judith Maland 

Lynn Male 

James Malnar 

Althea Maniates 

Connie Manion 

Phyllis Mangun 

Richard Mangun 

Robert Mankowski 

Eileen Manley 

Barbara Mannell 

Helen Mannell 

Catherine Manno 

Lester Marchiniak 

James Marconi 

Richard Marietta 

Lesley Marr 

Roberta Marr 

Phyllis Marsh 



Susan Marshall 
Frank Marshall 
Martha Marshall 
John Martin 
Loretta Martin 
Ellen Martis 
David Marvanovich 

Marilyn Masching 
Linda Mascuch 
Charles Matei 
William Mathews 
George Matchak 
William Matthies 
Richard Maurer 

Donna Maxey 
Judy May 
Victor Mazon 
Patricia Mazur 
David McAllister 
Debbie McCann 
Jerry McCarthy 

Roger McCaw 
William McCoUum 
Henry McDonald 
James McDowell 
James McEvilly 
Robert McFeders 
Kenneth McGee 

James McGrath 
Michele McKinney 
Terrance McLaughlin 
Susan McMananon 
John McNiff 
Brian McPartlin 
James McTague 

Debbie Zumbahlen, 1970 
Homecoming Queen, ex- 
presses her thanks as 
court member Debbie 
Corn, also a freshman, 
stands by. 





Wayne Means 
Sharon Mechling 
John Meehan 
Max Mejia 
Sharon Melcher 
Deborah Mellendorf 
Terry Melvin 

Cathy Metzger 
Bonnie Meurer 
Dan Meurer 
John Meyer 
Lawrence Meyer 
Mary Jo Meyerhoff 
Dennis Michalak 

Linda Miller 
Oren Miller 
Robert Miller 
Alice Mirelez 
Jean Mitchell 
Mary Ann Mitchell 
Thomas Mitchell 

New Rules Bury Freshmen 

Melody Joy Hart and 
Tom Morrisey check 
through Wolf Trails to 
see if there is a rule about 
not sitting on the grass. 

) ^ ^ 

Charles Miyami 
Paula Moler 
Martin Monahan 
Allen Monalto 
Nyla Moncress 
Judi Monshau 
Glenna Monson 

Willis Mooney 
Jan Moore 
John Moore 
Patricia Moore 
Richard Moravec 
Lawrence Mores 
James Moretti 


Debra Morgan 

Kim Morris 

William Morris 

Thomas Morrisey 

Henry Mossel 

Thomas Mount 

Robert Mowry 

Patricia Mrozek 

Raymond Mueller 

George Mullis 

William Munchafen 

Robert Munday 

James Murphy 

Nancy Murphy 

Patricia Murphy 

Patricia Murphy 

Thomas Murphy 

Joann Mushro 

Ronald Nagra 

Michael Nakashima 

Nicholas Narducci 

Kamal Narine 

Terry Nedelsky 

'homas Needham 

Nora Needy 

Bert Neiil 

Robert Nelson 

Terrence Nelson 

Dante Neyra 

Michael Nichol 

Willie Nichols 

Mary Ninos 

Norma Noble 

Claire Nolan 

Mike Noonan 

Linda Norton 

David Novak 

Gerald Nowicki 

Connie Nutt 

Scott Nyi 

Cathy Oberlin 

Debra O'Connor 

Daniel Offerman 

Lawrence Offerman 

Robert O'Harra 

William O'Harra 

Kathie O'Keefe 

Richard Olin 

Barbara Olsen 

Dana Olsen 

Michael Onderisin 

Thomas Onofrey 

Michael O'Rourke 

Carol Orvis 

Richard Overall 

Gary Owen 

Joann Owen 

James Owens 

Arnold Ozbolt 

Rana Padden 

Albert Pagnusat 

David Pagnusat 

Sandra Palmer 



Barbara Pappas 

Chris Paputsas 

Alan Parker 

Howard Parks 

Stauroula Paros 

Janice Parrish 

Andrew Partak 

Peter Pastore 

Diane Patmore 

Dale Patterson 

John Paunovich 

Tony Pavnica 

Leigh Peacock 

Roger Pearson 

Robert Pedersen 

Raymond Peel 

Fred Pehlke 

Mark Pellegrini 

Mary Pellizzari 

Anthony Pericone 

Mary Carroll Perilongo 


Larry Person 

Peter Resche 

Ronald Resche 

David Peterson 

Deborah Peterson 

Ronald Peterson 

John Petriekis 

Kevin Phelan 

Ruth Phelan 

Gary Phillips 

Thomas Phillips 

Patricia Piazza 

Chris Picco 

Perry Picco 

Rodney Pilz 

Valerie Pinneo 

Ronald Pisha 

Denise Pisut 

Scott Planeta 

Mary Polentas 

Lynne Poison 

William Pommerening 

David Pope 

John Powers 

Christopher Preble 

Thomas Price 

Dennis Prieboy 

Michael Prindiville 

Steven Provane 

William Przybylski 

Glen Pubentz 

John Pucel 

Frank Pulieri 

Jean Pullman 


Mary Singletary personi- 
fies the liberated woman 
by carrying Twirp Week 
to a year around activity. 

Freshman Volunteers As Samaritan 

Jeffrey Puro 
Stephen Pytel 
Carl Racchini 
Keith Rademaher 
Jane Radke 
Bernadette Ragusa 
Michael Rees 

William Reeves 
Patricia Reid 
Winifred Reid 
John Reigh 
Janet Reinke 
Peggy Reiter 
Ralph Reiter 

Gary Rejsek 
Thomas Relyea 
Larry Reno 
Joseph Reposh 
Edward Reschke 
David Reynolds 
Richard Rice 

Michael Richards 
Richard Richards 
Fredric Riechers 
Bernard Riegel 
Henry Riegel 
Reid Ringham 
Doug Rink 

Barbara Roberts 
Gerri Robbins 
Charles Rockwell 
Dennis Rodeghero 
Jean Rodeghero 
Maria Rodriguez 
Steve Rodriguez 



David Rodgers 

Marion Rogge 

Stephen Rollins 

Mary Roney 

Jeanne Rose 

David Rothlisberger 

Richard Rothlisberger 

Chris Rouskey 

Nathaniel Rowell 

David Rowley 

Allen Royster 

Marianne Rubinic 

Sharon Ruffatti 

Ralph Rush 

Lois Russ 

Patty Russell 

Thomas Ryan 

Therese Ryder 

Sharon Sailly 

Yvonne Sanchez 

Phyllis Saragosa 

Janet Sargent 

Robert Sasso 

James Sayers 

Jane Schaible 

John Schantzen 

Todd Scheel 

James Schiable 

Freshmen Support Activities 

Karl Schildgen 

Debbie Schmidt 

Richard Schneider 

Carol Schnelle 

Terry Schorp 

Nancy Schramm 

Robert Schreiber 

Mary Ann Schreiner 

Martha Schultz 

David Schull 

Mark Schultz 

Richard Schutten 

Anne Scott 

Gary Seabert 

Kathleen Sealy 

Mark Secor 

Thomas Seehafer 

William Seeley 

George Sefcik 

Rodger Selby 

Charles Sellers 

Mary Beth Sengewald 

William Sengewald 

Heidi Sewing 

Patricia Seybold 

Elizabeth Shankland 

Carol Shaw 

Donna Shea 


Daniel Shearin 
Robert Shelley 
Curtis Shepherd 
Gregory Shipman 
Donald Siegel 
Gertrude Sienko 
Vicki Siguaw 

Susan Silk 
David Silverman 
Michael Simotes 
Eugene Sims 
Marv Singletarv 
Edward Skedef 
Benjamin Skeldon 

Robert Skerjan 
Richard Skorupa 
LouAnn Sleyko 
Sandra Slouf 
William Sluiter 
Clara Smith 
Laurence Smith 

Robert Smith 
Robert Smith 
Romy Smith 
Roxanne Smith 
Sharon Smith 
William Smith 
Raymond Smolich 

Steven Smolkovich 
Gary Sobotka 
Gary Soria 
Fred Spandet 
Darlene Spangler 
Arlene Spencer 
Gerry Speva 

Cathy Cookas and her 
date groove to the beat 
of theStoneflower at a 
weekend dance. 



David Spiers 

Jerry Spiess 

Greg Spinks 

Sharon Stafford 

Raymond Staeheey 

Stephen Stahl 

Edward Stapinski 

Joseph Stash 

Alan Staszcuk 

Kirk Stauffer 

Willie Steball 

Clay Steely 

Elaine Stefanski 

Ronald Stefanski 

Lynda Steinbach 

Maryanne Steindel 

Belva Stelk 

John Stellet 

Deborah Sterle 

Randall Stevens 

Jerrv Stewart 

Spring Fever Hits Juco 

The coming of the warm 
finds the lure to nature. 

Gayle Stidley 

Marilynn Stiglich 

Robert Stilwell 

Raymond Stimac 

Linda Stokes 

Leota Stoltz 

Patricia Strino 

Richard Stroh 

Gerald Strohman 

Carl Suligoy 

John Sullivan 

Neil Sundal 

Dennis Surges 

Robert Surinak 

Elizabeth Sutcliff 

John Svitoras 

Dale Swinford 

Jerry Swinford 

Alan Synold 

Charles Szopinski 

Joseph Szabo 

Raymond Tapper 

Richard Tapella 

Marty Tate 

Oscar Taylor 

James Tezak 

Virginia Thorn 

Wes Thomas 

Ben Thompson 

James Thompson 

Susan Thompson 

William Thorson 

Linda Thornburg 

Etta Tiernan 

Robert Timm 

Michael Tinges 

John Titre 

Myra Tolf 

Clayton Tomany 

Maria Tovar 

Bette Trenary 

Maryanne Trizna 

Mark Trotter 

John Tsokatos 

Cheryl Tucker 

Carol Tunell 

Cathy Tun tland 

Robert Turley 

Jonathan Tweedt 

Mark Udell 

Elizabeth Urtubees 

Sally Ursitti 

Brian Valade 

Mark Valade 

Jerry Vancina 

Joyce VanDuyne 

Ronald VanTassel 

James Varan 

Joseph Verdone 

Edward Vickrey 

Christopher Volz 

Patrick Volling 

Barbara Vondrasek 

Janet Wagner 

Rosemary Waitkus 

Marianne Walsh 

Nicholas Walsh 

Gretchen Walters 

Scott Walters 

Gerald Wason 

James Wason 

Kathy Watson 

Donna Watters 

Joan Watters 

Judith Watters 

Linda Watters 

Gaynor Ann Watts 




Brian Weaver 

Daryl Weber 

Janet Weber 

Roger Weber 

David Webster 

Lowell Wedder 

Charla Weibel 

Gary Weidner 

James Welch 

Michael Welch 

Donald Wells 

Victoria Wells 

Elwvnne Welsh 

Thomas Welsh 

Nancy West 

Ronald Westbrooks 

Judy Whalen 

Vince Whalen 

Deborah Wheeler 

John White 

Joseph White 

Thomas Whiteside 

Richard Whitfield 

Jerry Wickham 

Zachary Widup 

Mark Wieclaw 

Kathleen Wiles 

Dennis Wilhelmi 

Officers Lead Class Of 72 

Richard Wilhelmi 

James Will 

Diane Williams 

Natalie Williams 

Phyllis Williams 

Constance Williamson 

Thomas Wills 

Scott Wilson 

Mary Wirth 

William Wirth 

John Wise 

Willard Wittenkeller 

Jeffery Wix 

Edwin Woodcock 

John Woodard 

Milton Woods 

James Woolbright 

Sherman Workman 

Walter Wortmann 

John Wright 

Robert Wrobel 

Claudia Wrona 

Robert Wunderkich 

David Young 

Robert Yurkovich 

Stephen Zaborsky 

Marcos Zamora 


1'^ fe' 


Rick Zelko 
Eugene Zeman 
Theodore Ziegler 
Raymond Ziegner 
Ron Zielinski 
Gerald Zilske 

Sherrye Zimmerman 
Gregory Zivec 
Mike Zobel 
Bill Zook 
Mark Zubic 
Debbie Zumbahlen 

The College Congress freshman block of class officers and reps relax following a weekly meeUng. Larry Beavers (ro^one) 
Charla Weibel, Paula Lester, Lynne Capra; Jim Elfter, class president (row two) Marcux Engleman, Lynda Janovyak. Dave 
Spiers, class vice president; (back row) Bob Miller. Not pictured is class secretary Sue Klmt. 


Midyear Entrants 


Charles Anderson 

Bill Balzhiser 

Mike Bauer 

Kathleen Baxter 

Rick Bishop 

Gerald Brenc 

Keith Brown 

Richard Busbey 

Mike Carey 

Tony Casarez 

Jan Cheville 

Rita Craddock 

Steven Cushman 

Jeanne Drackley 

William Farmer 

Peggy Farnsworth 

Mike Fazio 

Tom Fee 

John Fronek 

Kevin Haywood 

Michael Haywood 

Jerry Hearns 

Sylvia Hill 

Dennis Irving 

Sue Jaggers 

Jeanne Jerzycki 

Diane Kanyuh 

Dana Kunar 

New Officers Elected at Semesters 

Donna Lakotich 

Brenda Land 

Charles Lewickas 

Peggy Macko 

Jack Madden 

Kimball Mancke 

Mike Maxwell 

Lowell McClellan 

William McNair 

Mari Minarich 

Marc Meyer 

Roy Mutsch 

Bill Nasca 

Barbara Nordstrom 

Donald Olesen 

Maggie O'Meara 

Michael Penrod 

Peggy Perrine 

John Rauworth 

Michael Reilly 

Dale Riley 

Paul Roeder 

Jane Rude 

Dennis Schoeling 

Mark Schultz 

Carlos Serrato 

William Shepherd 

Bill Slimack 

Willie Standfield 
Mike Sterr 
Marietta Stein 
Stephen Stitt 
Ruth Swanson 
Lester Tadej 
David Thompson 

Margaret Trimby 
Greg Tuntland 
Joseph Weeditz 
James Welch 
Kedra Welsch 
John Wild 
Stanley White 

Yvonne Conner (above) and Tim Jackson were elected as the new fresh- 
man class vice-president and president at the beginning of the second 
semester; BLAZER editor Jim Thompson interviewed the 1971 Miss 
America, Phyllis George (right), while she visited Joliet on a promotional 
tour. The SHIELD salutes pretty girls. Miss America and Miss Peggy 
Perrine, (lower right) grab an eyeful, guys. 


What Joliet Junior College Is 
Has Been Gone Over and 
Presented. '^^m- 
Now, What Exactly Has It 
Been For You As An 


. . . Maybe College Woke You Up To Life 

. . . Perhaps You Realized 
That College Wasn V 
All That it Was Shaped 
Up To Be . . . 




'^M^M^' •"t^SiiiA=4J£ 



. • M.'il****"' 



)ti i ^ i w <fjB wm» ^;ii M)Kki^^. i .^ t !'*' 






... Or Maybe It Was 
and More . . . 

\ V- 



did you realize 
that college is 
what YOU as an 
individual make it? . . . 







■ V 


**^[^ ' '^ 

.' >j 

mA '^^■HB 







^S -Xr^- 

. Things come and go, 
Days, classes, good times 
fly by. Gone, not 
forgotten. But thought 
back on, and remembered. 

Sophomore Directory 


Akin, Constance, Joliet, L.A.S. 
Alberico, David A., Cresthill, 

AUcut, Jeffrey D., Joliet, Science 
Amberly, Karen Ann, Joliet, 

Anderson, David Dennis, Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wisconsin, Psychiatry, 
Veterans Club 

Archambeault, Mary Katherine, 
Joliet, L.A.S. 

Ardolino, Virginia Elizabeth, 
Joliet, Pre-Education, ISU, Wom- 
ens Recreation Association 
Aultz, Robert A., Joliet, Auto 
Service, SIU 

Babbe, Karen Ann, Joliet, Edu- 
cation, Lewis-CSF 
Babjak, Roseann Marie, Lock- 
port, Special Education, ISU, 
Teachers Club 

Bachmann, Keith L., Mokena, 
Aviation, SFLI 
Bacon, David 
Baldego, Fredrick 
Balog, Kevin J., Joliet, Biology, 
Ball State, J.C. Flyers, College 

Bals, Michael GUI, Mazon, Illi- 
nois. Agriculture, Student Agricul- 
ture Association 

Bane, Warren James, Arrow- 
smith, Agriculture, Student Agri- 
culture Association 
Baran, Mary Ann, Joliet, Liberal 
Arts, U of I, Blazer staff. Press 
Club, SPI, Summer Task Force, 
Teachers Club 
Bardowski, Joyce, Joliet 
Barfield, Joyce Elaine, Joliet, 
Nursing, College Congress, Concert 
Choir, Students of Social Science, 
Summer Task Force, Sophomore 
Class Secretary, Miss Shield Semi- 
finalist, Madrigals 
Barnes, James Warren, Joliet, 
General, Football 

Earnhardt, Bonnie Rae, Joliet, 

Barr, Richard Rulien, Joliet, 
L.A.S.,SIU, Art Club, SPI 
Bartels, Judith E., Elwood, Stu- 
dents of Medical Science, Womens 
Recreation Association 
Bartolomei, Ceasar S., Joliet, 

Bartolotta, William J., Joliet, 
Lettermans Club, Football, Wrest- 

Bauer, Michael Joseph. Joliet 
Baxa, Robert 

Becker, Sheryl Eugenia, Joliet, 
Art, EIU, Womens Recreation 
Association, Art Club 
Beebe, Thomas Harold, Mokena, 
Law Enforcement, Veterans Club 
Benham, Maggie 
Benson, Keith William, Morris, 
Chemistry, Uof I 

Benson, Nels G., Elwood, Elec- 

Bergstrom, Ken 

Berjer, Richard G., Joliet, Music 
Berszoner, John Z., Bolingbrook, 
Photography, USC, Cultural Cine- 

Bertrand, John Scott, Joliet, Po- 
litical Science, WTU 
Belts, Charles Wesley, Joliet, 
Interior Design, BSU 
Bisping, Stewart D., Joliet, Phys- 
ical Education for Men, U of Neva- 
da, Lettermans Club, Baseball, 
Football, Track, Wrestling 
Bittner, Gary Wayne, Fairbury, 
Agriculture, Student Agricultural 
Association, Homecoming Court 
Black, Patti Sue, Crouse, N. C, 
Education, NIU, Blazer staff. Press 
Club, Womens Recreation Associa- 

Blackburn, James Joseph, Joliet, 
Business, Basketball 
Blackwell, Jane Marie, Joliet, 
Nursing, Students of Medical Sci- 

Blaesing, John F., Joliet 
Blaha, John Joseph, Naperville, 
Business, Lewis-CSF 
Blink, Clifford Gerrit, Frankfort, 
Agricultural Supply, Student 
Agricultural Association 
Blomquist, Conald Allen, Mo- 
kena, Electrical engineering, un- 
Boex, Carla 

Bogart, Dennis Lee, Minooka, 
Business, SIL' 

Bolognani, Domenic A., Joliet, 
Forestry of Wildlife, L' of Idaho, 
Student Agricultural Association 
Bols, Bernard K., Morris, Agri- 
culture, Student Agricultural As- 

Borden, David Glenn, Manhat- 
tan, Historv. EIU 

Borella, Ronald Frank, Channa- 
hon. Accounting, ISU, Baseball 
Bostjancic, Nichola Mary, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Blazer staff. Concert 
Choir, Honor Guard at Graduation 
Bostrom, Ted E., Joliet, Law 

Bottino, Charles C, Joliet 
Bovee, Gayle 

Bowlan, Michael Edward, Lock- 
port, Education, George Williams 
College, BSU, College Congress, 
President, Soccer and Rugby, 
Summer Task Force 
Boyle, John David, Morris, Mu- 
sic, ISU 

Braley, Roger Alan, New Lenox, 
Agricultural Business, Plateville, 
Wisconsin, Student Agricultural 

Brass, Saul Stewart, Joliet, Data 
Processing, BSU, Cultural Cinema 
• Bravato, Beverly Kay, Joliet, 
Nursing, St. Francis Nursing 
School, Peoria, Illinois, Students 
of Medical Science, Womens Re- 
creation Association, Nurses Club 
Bredesen, Steven James, Joliet, 
Music, College Congress, Concert 
Choir, Summer Task Force, Mad- 
rigals, Summer Congress 
Briick, Raymond Carl 
Brockmann, Norbert George, 
Frankfort, Agricultural Supply, 
Student Agricultural Association 
Bromberek, Donald J., Joliet, 
Business Administration, NIU, 
Veterans Club 

Bromberek, Thomas J., Joliet, 

Brockman, Stevan A., Joliet, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Brossman, James 
Browman, Nancy Eleanore, 
Joliet Medical Technology, NIU 
Brown, Mary Evelyn, Coal City, 

Brown, Merle Harold, Blu€ 
Mound. Agriculture, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Bruce, Gordon A., Mokena, Phys- 
ical Education for Men, Baseball, 

Brunner, Michael Thomas, Lock- 
port, L.A.S., U of I 
Bucaric, Thomas J., Lockport, 
Data Processing, Summer Task 
Force, College Congress 
BucciarcUi, Mark Ales, Joliet, 

Bucciarelli, Samuel, Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts 

Buckler, James A., Oakland, 
Business Management 
Burgess, Mary Patricia, Coal 

City, Physical Therapy, NIU 
Burk, Truman Wayne, Carbon- 
dale, Computer Science, Governor 
State Blazer staff. Summer Task 
Force, Computer Club 
Burnett, Robert 

Buske, Michael David, Mokena, 
Physical Education for Men, EIU 

Butts, Steven W., Joliet, Auto 

Butz, David Glen, Morris, Chem- 

Cage, Sadie 

Camacho, Diana, Joliet, L.A.S., 

Campbell, Daniel 
Camsron, Gordon Lee, New 
Lenox, Mechanical Design 
Carey, David Lee, Lockport, 
Chemistry, LI of I, Veterans Club 
Carli, John Richard, Lockport, 
Drafting, Motor Sports 
Games, Bernard Charles, Plain- 
field, Mid Management Market- 
ing, Lettermans Club, Football, 

Carter, Charles William, New 
Lenox, Drafting 

Caruso, William A., Joliet, Horti- 
culture, Hockey 

Casiano, Richard Anthony, Lock- 
port, Physical Education for Men, 

Caudhill, Eileen L., Joliet, Nurs- 

Challenger, Donald 
Chaplin, Gregory John, Joliet, 

Charnichy, Richard James, 
Lockport, Electronics 
Chester, Evelyn J., Joliet, Busi- 
ness, Lewis-CSF 

Chestnut, John Lincoln, Mokena, 
Agriculture, Student Agricultural 

Chlebanowski, Richard 
Chopp, JoAnn Marie, Joliet, 
Education, WIU, Womens Re- 
creation Association 
Christiansen, Alan Lee, Poetone, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Cichy, Michael J., Lockport, Mu- 
sic, SIU, Art Club, J.C. Players, 
Intramurals, SPI 

Cissne, Nancy, Joliet, pre-med. 
Cultural Cinema, SHE president, 
Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Clavijo, Nick 
Clennon, Judi 
Cohil, Kenneth 

Coldwater, Lawrence L., Elwood, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Coleman, Robert Steven, Plain- 
field, Business, SPI 
Coleman, Stanley Milton, Joliet, 
Medicine, Uof I, BSU 
Colombo, Gerald J., Joliet, Me- 
chanical Engineering, U of I, Illi- 
nois State Scholarship 
Colombo, Richard Robert, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, Bas- 

Condon, James R., Joliet, Phys- 
ical Education for Men, Arkansas, 
Blazer staff, Basketball, Football 
Conners, Bruce L., Lockport, 
Business Mangement, Business 

Conroy, Susan 

Corcoran, Philip Michael, Joliet, 
Finance, SIU 

Costello, Gilbert Patrick, Joliet, 
Business Management, Veterans 

Cotter, David C, Joliet, Business, 

Cotter, Sharon Ann, Morris, 

Cottrell, Sylvester, Joliet, Physi- 
cal Education for Men, Lewis-CSF, 
BSU, Basketball, Intramurals 
Crisp, Earl, Joliet, Physical Edu- 
cation for Men, BSU, Football, 
Track, Wrestling, Homecoming 

Crowley, Joseph George, Ever- 
green Park, Corrections, ISU 
Crudup, Lannie, Joliet, Account- 

Cullew, Mark A., Lockport, Gen- 
eral, SIU 

Czajkoski, James F., Joliet, Data 

Daffron, William Roy, Lockport, 
Psychology, ISU 

Dahlke, Gloria Irene, Mokena, 
Data Processing, Governor's State, 
Computer Club, Miss Shield Court 
Daily, Debra 

Damaska, Marie Antoinette, 
Lemont, Florida State 
-Darin, Diane M., Morris, Busi- 
ness, ISU 

Darin, Robert Thomas, Joliet, 
Millright, Motor Sports 
Daub, Brian J., Lockport, Dentis- 
try, U of I, Students of Medical 

Dauback, Daniel Carl, Boston, 
Mass., English, U of I, Veterans 

Davis, Harry, Joliet, Accounting, 
Lewis-CSF, BSU, Veterans Club 
Davis, John Robert, Morris, Busi- 
ness, U of I 

Davis, Sandra Jo, Joliet, Liberal 
Arts, Casuals staff, Miss Shield 

DeChecko, Mary Frances, Joliet, 
Nursing, Womens Recreation As- 
- sociation 

Deems, Deborah A., Mokena, Art, 
American Academy of Art, Art 

Delmastro, Rita Clare 
Delost, Linda Louise, Joliet, 
Special Education, SIU 
E^mik, Claire Marie, Joliet, 
Health, East Tennessee State 
LIniversity, Teachers Club 
Dempsey, John Michael, Joliet, 

Dermott, David Lee, Wilming- 
ton, Accounting, Lewis-CSF 
Deskin, Rosalie Marie, Lockport, 
Business, Lewis-CSF 
Dezan, Paul Lowell, Lexington, 
Agriculture, Football, Student 
Agricultural Association, John M. 
Richard's Scholarship 
Diaz, Maria Lurdez, Coal City, 
Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF 
Dibble, Diane Ruth, Joliet, Edu- 
cation, ISU, College Congress, 
Concert Choir, Summer Task 
Force, Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Dieuiea, Daniel George, Joliet 
Dillon, Robert A., Joliet, Busi- 
ness, Lewis-CSF 

Dipietro, Concetta, Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education, NIU 
Disera, John M., Joliet, Educa- 
tion, NIU 

Disera, WUliam Michael, Joliet, 
Business Management, NIU 
DiVecchio, Jacqueline Dianne, 
Joliet, English, Uof I 
Dobczyk, JoAnn Marie, Crest 
Hill, Medical Technician, Stu- 
dents of Medical Science 
Dobson, James LaFayette, Joliet, 
Business, Governor's State, Vet- 
erans Club 

Doertlen, William L., Morris, 
Industrial Arts, ISU 
Dokorny Jr., Richard Frances, 
New Lenox, Psychology, Wisconsin 




Future Plans 

Lori Fassino, a prospective student at the U. of 
I., is welcomed by her weekend hostess Kathy 
Murphy, a sophomore at the "Big V. " 

Dorris, Charlotte A., Joliet, 
Business, EIU, BSU, Summer 
Task Force 

Downey, Steven Alan, Joliet, 

Dowse, Robert E., Lockport, 
Marketing, Football 
Doyle, Lester Patrick, Lockport, 
Physical Education for Men, ISU, 
Soccer and Rugby 
Dulian, James E., Joliet, Busi- 

Dulny, Joseph John, Lockport, 
Chemistry, Lewis-CSF 
Dunk, William R., Lemont, Edu- 

Dunn, Mary Denise, Joliet, Secre- 
tarial, Blazer staff, Gregg Short- 
hand Award 

Ebben, Maureen Mary, Joliet, 
Secondary Education, EIU 
Ebert, Dianne L., Frankfort, Edu- 
cation, ISU, Teachers Club, Con- 
cert Band 

Edmonds, Jay G., Lemont, Ac- 
counting, NIU 

Edwards, Alvin, Joliet, Indus- 
trial Engineering, BSU 
Egdorf, Charles M., Joliet, Horti- 
culture, Student Agricultural As- 

Egizio, Susan Annette, Joliet 
Ehresman, Paula Susan, Lock- 
port, Physical Education for Wom- 
en, U. of Colorado, Cheerleaders 
Captain, Womens Recreation 
Association, Miss Shield Court 
Member, College Congress, Wolf 

Eichholz, Juergen, Joliet, Auto- 
motive Service, Stout, Motor 

Eisenbrandt, Diane Sue, Plain- 
field, English, Lewis-CSF, Concert 
Choir, Cultural Cinema, "Spoon 
River Anthology", "Come Blow 
Your Horn", Womens Recreation 

Elder, Daniel Deon, Eldorado, 
Medicine, WIU, Veterans Club, 
Illinois Veterans Scholarship 
Elfter, Michael John, Joliet, 
Medicine, U of I Circle Campus, 
Students of Medical Science 
Ellison, Michael, Jashson, Ten- 
nessee, Technical Drafting, BSU 
Ely, William Alan, Lockport, 
Electronics, University of Arizona, 
Motor Sports 

Enger, Mark Allen, Coal City, 

Englert, Phillip Lee, New Lenox, 
Liberal Arts 

Evenson, David Carl, Joliet, 
Engineering, University of North 
Dakota, Engineers 
Farnham, Mary 

Fassino, Lori Jean, Joliet, Art, 
U of I, Art Club, College Congress, 
Miss Shield Court Member, Con- 
cert Choir 

Feil, Gary John, Morris, Culinary 

Feit, Paul Vincent, Chenof, Hor- 
ticulture, ISU, Intramurals, Stu- 
dent Agricultural Association 
Ferguson, Walter Ross, Joliet, 
Law Enforcement 
Fey, Fredric Francis, Joliet, 
Pharmacy, Uof I 

Fick, Theresa Jane, Joliet, Nurs- 
ing, NIU, Students of Medical 
Science, Nurses Club 
FUak, David F., Joliet, Psy- 
chology, ISU 

Flanigan, John V., Streator, 
Agriculture Supply, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Fleck, Paul J., Frankfort, Agri- 
culture, Football, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Flint, John Paul, Plainfield, Hor- 
ticulture, Pennsylvania State, 
Hockey, Student Agricultural 

Florey, Sidney R., Joliet, Phys- 
ical Education for Men, SIU, Foot- 
ball, Wrestling 

Flywn, Patrick J., Frankfort, 
Liberal Arts, Yale 

Fox, Debra Jean, Joliet, Elemen- 
tary Education, NIU 
Fox, Ronald Wayne, New Lenox, 
Engineering, Iowa State 
Frank, Diana Jean, Lockport, 
Physical Education for Women, 
Cheerleader, Womens Recreation 
Association, Wolf Pack 
Freeman, Dale H., Lockport, 

Freis, Terrence Lee, Joliet, Busi- 

Friedrich, Thomas L., Joliet, 
Business, NIU 

Frigo, Bernard Alvin, Lockport, 
Accounting, U of I 
Fris, Randall M., Lockport, Auto 
Technology, SIU 

Frunzar, Penny Lee, Lockport, 
Psychology, SIU, J.C. Flyers, Stu- 
dents of Home Economics 
Fuchs, Barbara Elaine, Joliet, 
Nursing, Shield staff 
Funk, Michael John, Coal City, 
Accounting, EIU 

Gardner, Michelle Nancy, Joliet, 

Garrett, Linda Jo, Joliet, Elemen- 
tary Education, NIU 
Garvey, James P., Lemont, Busi- 
ness Administration 
Gasparich, Mary Ellen, Joliet, 
Elementary Education, U of I, 
Teachers Club 

Gaydos, Mary 


Gerard, William Edward, Joliet, 
Marketing, NIU 

Gerl, William John, Joliet, Engi- 
neering, Purdue 

Gerstemeier, Richard, Joliet, 
Electronics Technology, Memphis 
State, Veterans Club 
Glasgow, Robert Eugene, Quin- 
cy. Horticulture, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Gleason, Paula Rae, Jackson- 
ville, N. C, Legal Secretary, Con- 
cert Choir 

Glenn, Joyce Arlene, Joliet, Nurs- 
ing, Students of Medical Science 
Glenney, Margaret Theresa, 
Wilmington, Nursing, Student 
Nurses Association 
Golden, Robert G., Channahon, 
Business Administration, NIU 
Golimowski, Michael E., Morris 
Gombash, Joseph Lee, Lockport, 
Geography, Golf 

Gomer, Robert Lee, Lockport, 
English, ISU 

Goodson, Laurie Ann, Joliet, 
Bijsmess, Cheerleader 
Gorman, Susan Marie, Joliet, 
Education, NIU 

Goron, Kathleen Marie, Joliet, 
Data Processing 

Grahovac, Don Allen, Joliet, Data 
Processing, NIU 

Grahovac, James A., Joliet, Mu- 
sic, SIU, Concert Choir 
Gramse, Harry Charles, Frank- 
fort, Business, U of I 
Gray, Douglas Lavem, Elkhorn, 
Wisconsin, Engineering, Bradley, 

Grazis, Rebecca Suzanne, Joliet, 
Psychology, Culver-Stockton Col- 
lege, Concert Choir 
Green, James Clifford, Wilming- 
ton, Mechanics, Lewis-CSF 
Greene, William Elmer, Mokena, 
Elementary Education, Governor's 
State, J.C. Flyers, Teachers Club 
Gregorash, Gloria J., Joliet, Busi- 
ness, Lewis-CSF 
Gregory, Jay 

Grenter, Gary Lee, Ottawa, Agri 
culture. Football, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Griffin, Sylvia Irene, Joliet, Edu- 
cation, SIU, Math Tutor 
Griglione, Steven P., Coal City, 
Education, NIU 

Grimes, Daniel M., Lexington, 
Agriculture, ISU, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Groff, Karen Sue, Coal City, Edu- 
cation, ISU, Teachers Club 
Gruben, Jill Ann, Joliet, Liberal 
Arts, ISU, J.C. Fivers, Teachers 

Agnes, Joliet, Club, Womens Recreation Associa- 


Gruben, Ralph, Joliet, Physical 
Education for Men, University of 
Arizona, Lettermans Club, Motor 
Sports, Football 

Gunier, Brenda Lee, Joliet, Spe- 
cial Education, University of Ha- 
waii, Teachers Club 
Gunning, Richard T., Wilming- 
ton, Dentistry, U of I 
Gutzmer, Walter Lee, Plainfield, 

Hackerson, Marlene Kay, New- 
ark, Elementary Education, ISU 
Hagerman, April Jane, Plain- 
field, Elementary Education, NIU, 
Teachers Club 

Hahn, Barbara Ann, Lockport, 

Haldorson, William P., Elwood, 
Physics, I.S.U., Band 
Haley, Joseph Martin, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts 

Haller, Jeffrey Keith, Lockport, 

Ham, Richard 

Hamilton, Paul William, Joliet, 
Auto Service 
Hamman, Robert 
Hanson, Linda Kristin, Lockport, 
English, Lewis-CSF, J.C. Flyers 
Harney, Margaret Patricia, 
Joliet, General, Students of Medi- 
cal Science 

Harper, Gregory E., Morris, Gen- 
eral, ISU 
Harris, Beth 

Harris, John Francis, Joliet, 
Industrial Psychology, U of I, 
Veterans Club 

Harrison, Marcia Faye, Joliet, 

Hart, David Keith, Joliet, Earth 
Science, Anderson College 
Hartnett, Mary Anne, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF, Students 
of Medical Science. NCO-25 
Hassert, Mary Elizabeth, Lock- 
port, Art, Sm. Art Club, Stu- 
dents of Political Involvement 
Hausmann, Nancy Jo, Joliet, 
Education, Aurora College 
Haynes, Charles Wilson, Chica- 
go, Medicine, Intramurals 
Heavens, James Alan, Coal City, 
Veterinarian Medicine, U of I, 
College Congress, Students of 
.Medical Science 

Hedge, Jeffrey Thomas, Plain- 
field, Architecture, Chicago Tech- 
nology, Art Club, Engineers 
Heenan, Joseph James, Joliet. 
Accounting, U of I 
Helix, Walter Clarence, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, NIU 


Sophomore Directory 

Henkel, Barbara Jean, Streator, 
Physical Education for Women, 
ISU, Womens Recreation Associa- 

Hennessy, John M., Joliet, Busi- 

Henschel, John Thomas, Joliet, 
Business Management, University 
of Arkansas, Intramurals 
Hcnze, George Allen, Joliet, Com- 
puter Programming, SIU 
Hermann, Mary Margaret, Jo- 
liet, Medicine, Students of Medi- 
cal Science 

Herrod, Lawrence, Lockport, 
Culinary Arts, SIU, Black Stu- 
dents Union 

Hicks, Marie E., Morris, Nursing 
Hill, Delores Ann, Harvey, Nurs- 

HUl, Delores Jean, Gardner, Edu- 
cation, ISU 

HUl, Richard Edward, Boling 
brook. General 

Hill, Robert Gordon, Gardner, 
Agriculture, Student Agricultural 

Hill, Susan, Bolingbrook. Data 
Processing, NIU 

Hintze, Jane L., Coal City, His- 
tory, U of I 

Hobbs, Donald W., Manhattan, 
Speech, Northwest Missouri State 

Hobson, Curtis L., Business, 
University of Denver, SPI 
Hochevar, Robert E., Joliet, Law 
Hoclter, Dennis 

Hodel, Ralph Stephen, Lemont, 
Culinary Arts 

Holland, Sally Rae, Lockport, 
Art, Motor Sports 
HoUoway, Bonita F., Joliet, Edu- 

Honiotes, Karen Z., Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education, NIU, Teach- 
ers Club 

Hooper, Dorothy Darlene, Joliet, 
Nursing, NIU, Students of Medical 
Science, Student Nursing Associa- 
tion, Holly Club Scholarship 
Hoppler, Sharon Louise, Channa- 
hon. Nursing, Students of Medical 

Horrigan, Patrick D., Joliet, 
Journalism. U of I, Press Club 
vice-president, 1971 Shield editor 
in chief. Summer Task Force, 
College Congress, Miss Shield 
Pageant Chairman, Delegate to 
National Press Association Con- 
vention Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
delegate to Vincennes LIniversity 
Press Convention 

Horvat, Edward John, Joliet, 
Education, ISU 

Hougas, Lawrence M., Morris, 
Business, Western Michigan 
House, Linda Louise, Joliet, Edu- 

House, W. Donald, Joliet. Gen- 
eral, WTU 

Houser, Frank Joseph, Lockport, 
Accounting, Lewis-CSF 
Hritz, Richard M., Joliet, Auto- 
motive Service 

Huber, Lawrence Duane, Joliet, 
Veterinarian Medicine, U of I 
Hucek, Janet 

Hughes, David L., Joliet, Phys- 
ical Education for Men, Football 
Iglesia, Fredrick, Hampton Park, 

Inlow, Diana Lynn, Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts, Universitv of Kentucky, 
Press Club, Shield Staff, Teachers 

Issa, Jeanette Denise, Joliet, Art, 
Ivec, Dana M., Joliet, English, 


Jackson, Daniel L., Joliet, Nurs- 
ing, UofI 

Jackson, Richard A., Joliet, Ac- 

Jaeger, Robert E., Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts, Lewis-CSF, Lettermans 
Club, Cross Country, Track 
Jakielski, Walter Stanley, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, LIniversity of Wis- 

James, Linda, Braidwood. Ele- 
mentarv Ed., ISU, Concert, Jazz 

James, Shawn Timothy, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, St. 
Leo, Baseball, Intramurals 
Janard, Corrine, Frankfort, Phys- 
ical Education for Women, EIU 
Jaros, Daniel H., Lockport, Busi- 
ness, St. Leo 

Jaslnski, Thomas, Mokena, Elec- 
tronics, Vets Club 
Jaskoviak, Linda J., Lockport, 
Music, ISU, College Congress, 
Concert Choir 

Jaso, Catherine J., Joliet, Gen- 
eral, U of I, Teachers Club 
Jast, Virginia M., New Lenox, 
Education, Lewis-CSF 
Jennette, Tys Alexander, Wil- 
nington. Mathematics, Lakeland, 
Engineers, Football, Intramurals 
Jeretina, John Josep, Joliet, 
Drafting, Lettermans Club, Foot- 

Jereting, Michael Benjamin, 
Joliet, Business, NIU 
Jerzycke, James, Joliet, Elec- 
tronics Engineering, NIU, Blazer 
staff. College Congress, Motor 
Sports. Summer Task Force 
Jerzycki, David Wallace, Joliet, 
Biochemistry, Michigan State 
John, Ralph Norman, Elwood, 
Electronics Technology, NIU 
Johnson, Brian Paul, Biology, U 
of I 

Johnson, Charles Wayne, Joliet. 
Accounting, NIU 

Johnson, Douglas Leroy, Joliet, 
Business, NIU 

Johnson, Edward Frank, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, NIU 

Johnson, Gladys, Joliet, Busi- 
ness, Black Students Union 
Johnson, Patricia Ada, Lemont, 
Medical Technology, NIU 
Johnson, Phyllis Jean, Joliet, 
Education, DePaul, Students of 
Medical Science, Teachers Club 
Johnson, Wendell Alan, Morris, 
Mechanical Engineering 
Jones, Susan Ann, Gardner, Ele- 
mentary Education, SIU. Blazer 
Staff, Summer Task Force, Press 
Club, College Congress, Conven- 
tions Delegate 

Jonish, Marcianne Marie, Joliet, 

Juarez, Robert, Lockport, Art. 

Juhant, Keith J., Joliet, Den- 
tistry, U of I, Students of Medical 

Jung, Leo Robert, Lemont, Art. 

Jurkovich, James, Joliet. Speech, 
Soccer and Rugby, Summer Task 

Jurmann, Frank J., Joliet, Law, 
NIU, Summer Task Force 
Kabat, Sharon Kay, Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts, EIU, Students of Home 

Kadow, Roger L., Mokena, Gen- 
eral, Veterans Club 
Kaitschnck, Irene Catherine, 
Wilmington, Nursing 
Kamhi, Lane 
Kapinus, Richard 

Kappas, John A., Joliet, Law, 


Kameboge, Brian 
Keca, Robert John, Joliet, Busi- 
ness, Intramurals 

Kegley, Kenneth W., Joliet, Bot- 
any, SIU, College Congress, J.C. 
Players, "Spoon River Ajithology", 
Shield staff. Press Club, Soccer 
and Rugby 

Kemp, Kristin Ann, Joliet, Pre- 
Med, U. of I., College Congress 
secretary. Students of Medical 
Science, Miss Shield 1971, Student 
Achievement Award 1971, Summer 
Task Force 

Kenney, James Philip, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, U of I 
Kertes, Stephen John, Joliet, 
Data Processing, WIU 
Kiedaisch, Karen Joan, Plain- 
field, Art, Art Club 
Killiaw, Richard L., Lockport, 
Culinary Arts, Missiciaw State 
King, Jay Fredric, Joliet, Busi- 

Kinsella, Patrick Earl, Lexing- 
ton, Agriculture, ISLI, Lettermans 
Club. Baseball, Basketball, Stu- 
dent Agricultural Association 
Kipphut, Gregory Carl, Lockport. 

Kirk, Alana L., Joliet, L.A.S., 
SILl, Teachers Club 
Kitlica, Donna J., Lockport, 
L.A.S., Lewis-CSF 
Klann, Dale Alan, Tinley Park, 

Klimek, Susan Marie, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF 
Kluth, Richard Allen, Frankfort, 
Engineering, SIU, Engineers 
Kocjan, Anthony Marvin, El- 
wood, Electrical Engineering, Tri- 
State College 

Koehler, David Michael, Joliet, 
Speech Arts, ISU, College Con- 
gress, J.C. Players, Summer Task 

Koepke, Kim Alan, Joliet, Earth 
Science, UofI 

Kohlbacher, George Richard, 
Frankfort, Business, SIU 
Kopack, David Michael, Agri- 
culture, U of I, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Knakmuhs, Roxann, Mokena, 
English, ISU 

Knorr, Leonard James, Cresthill, 
Education, Engineers. Soccer and 

Krause, Thomas 

Krause, Vicki Lynn, Joliet, Oc- 
cupational Therapy, University of 

Krawchuck, Diane Marie, Joliet, 
Art, Roosevelt, Art Club 
Kmac, David Joseph, Joliet, 
Electronics, NIU 

Kruger Jr., William Thomas, 
Ransom, Agriculture, Lettermans 
Club, Baseball, Intramurals, Stu- 
dent Agricultural Association 
Kubinski, Gerald E., Plainfield, 
Math, ISU, Baseball 
Kus, Mary (MandevUle), Joliet, 
LAS, Lewis-CSF, Blazers Staff, 
Press Club, Cultural Cinema 
Kutches, Susan Ellen, Morris, 
Education, ISU, Teachers Club 
Lacey II, James Richard, Joliet, 

Lacey, Susan (Dempsey), Joliet, 

Lamb, Ava Lynn, Joliet, Liberal 

Lambert, James Alan, Joliet, 
Accounting, Blazer Staff, Press 

Lambert, Patricia Marie, Joliet, 
Secretarial, SIU 

Larson, Glenn Kenneth, Joliet, 
History, U of I, Intramurals 
Larson, Michael James, Mokena, 
Business, ISU 

Larson, Nancy Lynn, Joliet, 
Medicine, SIU, Students of Med- 
ical Science, Summer Task Force 
Latsis, George, Evergreen Park, 
Corrections, NIU 

Lavery, William A., Joliet, 
George Williams, Blazer, Press 
Club, Summer Task Force, SSS 
Lawless, Lawrence Lyle, Wil- 
mington, Drafting 
Leclerc, Susan Anne, Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education, Gorham State 
Lenci, Nancy Julia, Joliet, Art 
Leobold, Sandra Lynn, Wilming- 
ton, General, ISU 

Leve, Judith Ann, Coal City, Ele- 
mentary Education, ISU, Golf, 
Grant Scholarship 
Lewis, Gary R., Joliet, Physical 
Education for Men, Teachers Club 
Lewis, Joseph Edward, Joliet, 

Lewis, Oscar, Lockport, Law En- 
forcement, BSLI 

Ligos, Carol Maree, Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education, ISU, Summer 
Task Force, Teachers Club 
Liker, Bruce J., Joliet, Medical 
Technology, NIU, Lettermans 
Club, Tennis 

Lind, Thomas J., Frankfort, Me- 
chanical Design, Hockey 
Linder, Gregory Dean, Joliet, 

Liptak, NeU Robert, Joliet, En- 
gineering, University of Texas, En- 

Lockwood, Ronald A., Joliet, Law 
Long, Cherie Deborah, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Atlantic Airline 
School, Blazer Staff, College Con- 
gress, Press Club 

Long, Patricia Eileen, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF, J.C. 
Players, "Spoon River Anthology" 
"Come Blow Your Horn" 
Long, Roger Alan, Channahon, 
Accounting, Aurora College 
Loose, Rocky Alan, Joliet, Busi- 
ness Mangement, NIU 
Lopez, Theresa D., Joliet, Ac- 
counting, Lewis-CSF 
Lorenz, Barbara Anne, New Le- 
nox, Education 
Love, WiUie 

Ludwig, Mary Evelyn, Lockport, 
Music, Bradley, Concert Choir, 

Luth, Mickey James, Harvard, 
Agriculture, ISU, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Lutz, Wendy Susan, Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education, ISU 
Lyons, Sharon Faye, Waggoner, 
Medical Technology, Lewis-CSF 
Mabry, Jerry William, Joliet, 
Auto Repair 

MacKay, John Robert, Lockport, 

Mahalick, James R., Joliet, Busi- 
ness Management, Golf 
Majerszky, George J., Joliet, 
Business Management 
Major, Robert Eugene, Joliet, 
Medicine, Football 
Malone, Glenda Faye, Lockport, 
Business Management, ISU, BSU, 
Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Maloney, John Robert, Joliet, 
Dentistry, Hillsdale College, Stu- 
dents of Medical Science 
Mangel, Virginia Mae, Joliet, 

Manheun, Kathleen A., New Le- 
nox, L.A.S., ISU 

Manns, Ema L., Wilmington, 
Liberal Arts, EIU 



Alumnus Visit 
New Campus 

Marich, Scott, Chicago, Account- 
ing, University of Arizona 
Markwell, Michael 
Marma, John Raymond, Brace- 
ville. Physical Education for Men, 
EIU, Summer Task Force 
Martis, Laurel Lea, Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education, Teachers Club 
Marvic, JoAnn, Joliet, Elemen- 
tary Education, ISU, College Con- 
gress, Students of Social Science, 
Summer Task Force 
Matteson, Barhara Alice, Man- 
hattan, Microbiology, U of I, Stu- 
dents of Medical Science 
Matteson, David William, Mor- 
ris, Agriculture, Basketball, Stu- 
dent Agricultural Association 
McCarthy, Garry George, Joliet, 
Art, Art Club 

McCarthy, Laurence Earl, Crest- 
hiU, Data Processing 
McCoy, David S., Lockport, 

McDonald, Kenneth Allan, Jo- 
liet, Music, Illinois Wesleyan, Jazz 
Band, Concert Band 
McDonough, Donald Earl, Joliet, 
Business, WIU 

McElvain, Thomas Allan, Mor- 
ris, Medicine, Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Blazer Staff, Summer 
Task Force 

McGann, Gerald, Minooka, Me- 
chanical Engineering, NIU 
McGilvray, Pamela Ann, Joliet, 
Sociology, WIU 

McKay, James Robert, Wilming- 
ton, Business, ISU, Veterans Club 
McKeon, Thomas J., Joliet, Phys- 
ical Education for Men, Arizona 
University, Football, All confer- 
ence in Football 

McLaughlin, Thomas M., Joliet, 
Economics, WIU 

McPherson, Leroy Edward, Fair- 
bury, Agriculture Supply, Wis- 
consin State University, Student 
Agricultural Association 
Meaux, Alan, Joliet, Electricity, 
Blazer staff. Press Club, Shield 
staff. Soccer & Rugby 
Mejia, Maria 

Mejia, Sylvia, Joliet, Sociology, 
University of the Americas, Cul- 
tural Cinema, SPI 
Mertz, Kay Marie, Joliet, Nurs- 
ing, Students of Medical Science, 
Student Nursing Association 
Meyer, Dennis H., Joliet, Elec- 
tronic Technology, Devry Tech- 
nical College 

Midlock, Benedict Stephen, Jo- 
liet, Drafting 

Miksa, Regina Mary, Joliet, 
Nursing, NIU, Band 
Miller, Donald Charles, Joliet, 
Civil Engineering, U of I, Engi- 
neers, Illinois State Scholfirship 
Mitchell, Douglas Edward, Jo- 

liet, Business, WIU 
Mitchell, Mary Ann, Joliet, Nurs- 

Molaschi, David Lee, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Arkansas State Uni- 
versity, J.C. Flyers 
Mondek, Robert 

Monferdini, Donald E., Joliet, 
Music, Concert Choir, J.C. Players 
Moniferdini, John Paul, Dwight, 
History, ISU, Concert Choir, Let- 
termans Club, Football, Tennis 
Mooney, Lloyd Edward, Joliet, 
Agriculture, U of I 
Morris, Wilford Danny, Crest- 
hill, Engineering, U of I, Veterans 

Mundt, Edward Lee, Manhattan, 
Agriculture, SIU, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 
Murer, Monica Eileen 
Murphy, Michael William, New 
Lenox, Business 

Murray, Carolyn, Joliet, Data 
Processing, BSU 

Myers, Linda Sue, Joliet, English, 

Nagel, Garrett Lee, Lockport, 
Physical Education for Men 
Nagra, Linda Lee, Morris, Art 
Nagel, Ronald Louis, Joliet, En- 

Narducci, Barbara Ann, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, EIU, Womens Re- 
creation Association 
Neal, Ardith Suzan, Joliet, Edu- 
cation, SIU, BSU, Teachers Club, 
Womens Recreation Association 
Nelson, Terrence Lee, New 
Lenox, General 

Nemcevic, Joyce Julienne, Joliet, 
Nursing, College Congress, Stu- 
dents of Medical Science, Student 
Nursing Association 
Nicholson, Joan Marie, Lockport, 
Mathematics, Uof I 
Nicholson, Linda D., Joliet, 

Nielsen, Jeanne Marie, Lockport, 
Nursing, College Congress, Stu- 
dents of Medical Science 
Nielsen, Joyce Diane, Joliet, 
Secretarial, Blazer Staff, Womens 
Recreation Association 
Nix, Joel Bradley, Joliet, Liberal 
Arts, NIU 

Noble, Norma Teresa, Mokena, 

Norton, Linda Louise, San Berna- 
dino, California, Nursing 
Nowicki, Jerry Lee, Evergreen 

Nutt, Connie Jean, Wilmington, 
Liberal Arts, ISU 

Oberlin, Robert John, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF, Letter- 
mans Club, Baseball 
O'Connell, Michael David, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, Blaz- 
er staff, Lettermans Club, Basket- 

The switch from Joliet Central to the 
cornfields is quite a change agree 
Maria Mejia and Betsy Schmucker, 
both x'69, who visited the new cam- 

ball. Football, Track, Homecoming 

O'Leary, Donna Fay, Joliet, 
Drafting, Veterans Club 
Olivo, Gary Anthony, Lockport, 

Olsen, Dana Huggo, Morris, Me 
chanical Drawing 

Olson, John Charles, Morris, 
Business, ISU 

O'Rourke, Michael Daniel, Mi- 
nooka, Business 

Ospalik, JoAnn Marie, Joliet, 
Sociology, NIU, Women's First 
Place in Veterans Golf Tourna- 

Owen, Joann 

Palacios, Manuel R., Joliet, Busi- 
ness Administration, Cross Coun- 
try, Track, Wrestling 
Palmer, Charlyn Michelle, Joliet, 
English, ISU, BSU, Cheerleader, 
Press Club, Homecoming Court, 
Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Papesh, David Martin, Joliet, 
Physical Therapy, St. Louis Col- 
lege, Soccer and Rugby, Baseball, 
Basketball, Track 
Parini, Raymond Louis, Joliet, 
Data Processing 

Parker, Charles R., Plainfield, 
Law Enforcement, WIU 
Parker, Daniel Lee, Ellsworth, 
Agriculture, Student Agricultural 

Parker, David James, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, SIU, Blazer staff. 
Casuals Staff 
Pasteris, Janet 

Pasteris, Thomas M., Joliet, 
Automotive Service 
Pasternail, Ronald W., Joliet, 

Pastore Jr., Peter R., Joliet, 
Business Management 
Paul, Donna Louise, Joliet, Span- 
ish, NIU, Casuals Staff, Students 
of Medical Science, Miss Shield 
Court Member 

Pederson, Robert Lee, Joliet, Law 
Enforcement, Motor Sports 
Pellizzari, Mary Terese, Plain- 
field. Nursing, NIU, NCO-25 
Pershey, George Allen, Joliet, 
Engineering, WIU, Engineers 
Peters, Loren E., Clifton, Agri- 
culture, ISU, Soccer & Rugby, 
Wrestling, Student Agricultural 
Petges, Mary Anne 
Petrosko, Mary Elizabeth, Joliet, 
Secretarial, Summer Task Force 
Petrungaro, Roseanne Marie, 
Lockport, General, Homecoming 

Phelps, Kenneth Lee, Plainfield. 

Phillips, Gregory A., Lockport, 
Industrial Arts, WIU 
Picco, David A., Joliet, General. 

Louisiana State University 
Pierce, Gary Ray, Joliet. Busi- 
ness, Lettermans Club, Football, 
Track, Veterans Club 
Pierce, Mark Verret, Joliet, Busi- 
ness, ISU 

Pierson, Robert Alan, Joliet, 
General, Football 

Pinkerton, Sandra Lee, Las 
Vegas, Nevada, English, NIU 
Pinneo, Richard L., Joliet, Geol- 
ogy, U of I, Intramurals 
Pirc, Susan Marie, Joliet, Edu- 
cation, NIU, Teachers Club 
Pius, Marylynn, Joliet, Nursing, 
Students of Medical Science 
Placencia, Raymond Ronald, 
Joliet, Industrial Education, SIU, 
College Congress, Sophomore 
Class President 

Planing, Dianne Therese, Joliet, 
Music, Lewis-CSF, Concert Choir 
Plott Jr., E. Robert, Mazon, Busi- 
ness, EIU 

Podolski, JoAnn Frances, Lock- 
port, Elementary Education, WIU, 
Teachers Club 

Pogliano, Robert Raymond, 
Coal City, Agriculture, Wis- 
consin State, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Polyak, WUliam David, Joliet, 
Music, ISU, Concert Choir, J.C. 

Pool, Eugene B., Prairie City, 
Agriculture. ISU. Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Porter, Frank Allen, Shorewood, 
Data Processing, NIU 
Powell, Laura Lee, Lockport, 
Psychology, WIU 

Pribish, Frederick, Joliet. Busi- 
ness Management, SIU 
Prihode, Richard G., Joliet, En- 
gineering, Engineers 
PrindivUle, Michael Edward, 
Morris, Mathematics 
Pritchett, James Edward, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, SIU, 
Cross Countrv. Track 
Przybylski, Robert E., Joliet. 
Data Processing, Lewis-CSF 
Pucel, Edward Joseph, Joliet, 
Pharmacy, Illinois Medical School 
Puhl, Wesley Edward, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, SIU, Veterans Club 
Quarells, Carlton 
Quigley, Brian Patrick, Joliet, 
Business Management 
Quigley, Patricia Marie, Man- 
hattan, Mechanical Technologj'. 
Students of Home Economics 
Paible, Jerry Lee, Fort Madison. 
Iowa. Horticulture, University of 
Iowa, Student Agricultural As- 

Ragusa, Frances, Joliet, L.A.S. 
J.C. Flyers, Miss Shield semi- 


Sophomore Directory 


Grad Index Lists Major, Activities, Future Plans 


' Not Transferable 


Studerfif's Signature in Ink 

To be presented by tlie above student in 
claiming any admission or privileges to 
which Joliet Junior College students may be 
entitled. It also serves as a hall pass. 

, " Administrative Officer 

Ramseyer, Carmen Jean, Hersch- 
er. Nursing, NIU, Students of 
Medical Science 

Rausch, Diane A., New York 
City, N.Y., Art 
Redmann, Kurt 

Reed, Sandra K., Joliet, Special 
Education, NIU, Teachers Club 
Rees, Steven D., Joliet, Business, 

Reeves, Gregory Wilfred, Wil- 
mington, Science, Drake Univer- 
sity, Track 

Reid, Winifred M., Troy, Home 

Retemann, Kurt G., Maple Park, 
Agriculture, Student Agricultural 

Revels, Patricia Ann, Wilming- 
ton, Liberal Arts and Sciences, U 
of I 

Ridings, James, Joliet, Journa- 
lism, NIU, Blazer staff. Cultural 
Cinema, Press Club, SPI, Summer 
Task Force, Subterranean Side 

Riegel, Orlin Mark, Monee, Agri- 
culture, Student Agricultural As- 
Rieves, Gregory 

Riley, Steven Alan, Morris, Agri- 
culture, U of I, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Rink, Raymond Joseph, Mazon, 
Agriculture, Student Agricultural 

Roberts, Bruce Eugene, Joliet, 
Biology, SIU 

Roberts, Kenneth Owen, Joliet, 
Electronics, NIU 

Robertson, Cheryl Lynn, Wil- 
mington, Liberal Arts 
Robinson, Donald Wood, Joliet, 
Engineermg, U of I 
Robinson, Jerry Bruce, Minooka, 
Accounting, NILI 

Robinson, Randy B., Joliet, Elec- 

Rodeghero, Jeffcry Alan, Lock- 
port, Radio Broadcasting, Blazer 
staff, Lettermans Club, Baseball, 

Rodeghero, Ronald James, Crest- 
hill, Mathematics and Computer 
Science, Governor's State Univer- 

Rodgers, Dennis Wayne, Joliet, 
Machine Design, U of I, Motor 

Rodgers, Gladine 
Rodriguez, Maria Victoria, Jo- 
liet, Elementary Education, Lewis- 

Rodriguez, Rita 

Roth, Bernard Jay, Morris, Phys- 
ical Education for Men 
Rousonelos, James Peter, Mi- 
nooka, Agriculture, Blazer staff. 
Student Agricultural Association 
Rozak, Daniel Joseph, Braid- 
wood, Mathematics, U of I 
Ruedin, Michael Eugene, Joliet, 
Computer programming. Baseball 
Ruppe, Jean Ann, Joliet, Secre- 
tarial, Womens Recreation As- 

Ryan, Michael Patrick, Oak 
Lawn, Physical Therapy 
Sacco, Patricia Ann, Joliet, Busi- 
ness Management, WTU, Students 
of Medical Science, Womens Re- 
creation Association 

Saginus, Marie E., Lockport, 
Special Education, U of I 
Sailly, Sharon 

Sanders, Michael Dennis, Mor- 
ris, History, SIU, Baseball, Bas- 

Sandrik, William John, Lockport, 
Liberal Arts & Sciences, Lewis- 

Sangmeister, Ralph, Peotone, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Sarcletti, Kathleen Marie, El- 
wood, L.A.S., ISU 
Satorius, James Edward, Minoo- 
ka, Electronics, NILI 
Satorius, Walter H., Minooka, 
Electronics, NIU 

Scarcelli, Joseph, Joliet, Horti- 
culture, Student Agricultural As- 

Scaropoulos, Catherine, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts 

Scasny, Peter Bernard, Braid- 
wood, Mathematics, ISU 
Scheel, Todd Ronald, Evergreen 
Park, Corrections, SIU 
Schehr, Douglas Robert, Lock- 
port, Data Processing 
Scherer, Catherine Eileen, 
Frankfort, Agriculture. U of I 
Scheuber, Lawrence Edward, 
Joliet, Aviation Mechanics, Lewis- 
CSF, Illinois State Scholarship 
Schlieske, Alvin, Joliet, Gen- 

Schlueter, Penny, Joliet, Educa- 
tion, Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Schmid, Stephen Paul, Joliet, 
Mechanical Engineering, U of I 
Schmitt, Francis A., Morris, Law 
Enforcement, WIU, Law Enforce- 
ment Club 

Schmitt, Thomas Donald, Joliet, 
Business Mangement, Lewis-CSF, 
Business Club, Motor Sports, Soc- 
cer & Rugby, Intramurals 
Schultz, Clarice Ann, Plainfield, 
Nursing, Students of Medical 

Schumacher, Patrick Bert, Jo- 
liet, Corrections 

Schoob, Betty Ann, Joliet, SIU 
Schopp, Duane Francis, Gardner, 
Physical Education for Men, ISU, 
Cross Country, Track, Cross 
Country MVP 

Seikas, Edward G., Lockport, 
Engineering, LI of I, Engineers 
Selvas, Mary Christine, Joliet, 
L.A.S., Art Club, Concert Choir, 
Literary Magazine, "Jimmy 


Serena, Michael J., Ottawa, 
Psychology, Chess Club, Letter- 
mans Club, Soccer & Rugby, Base- 
ball, Basketball, Football 
Seybold, Patricia 
Shanholtzer, Michael A., Joliet, 
Science, EIU 

Shankland, Elizabeth Catherine, 
Joliet, Education, Concert Choir 
Sheek, Kara Beth, Joliet, Music 
Education, ISU, Concert Choir 
Sheffield, Mary Lou, Lockport, 
Physical Education for Women, 
Governors State College 
Shepherd, Gerald Lee, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts 

Shepley, Donald R., Zanesville, 
Ohio, Marketing, Concert Choir 
Shields, John, Morris, Speech, 


ISU, Cultural Cinema, J.C. Play- 
ers, "Spoon River Anthology", 
Adam Award, College Congress, 
Student Achievement 1971, Blazer 

Shutack, Larry John, Joliet, 
General, SIU, Football, Hockey 
Sieger, Daryl Lynn, Chicago, 
English, Blackburn, Teachers 

Sienko, Gertrude M., Joliet, 
Nursing, Students of Medical 

Simpson, Alma J., Webster, 
Texas, Nursing, Students of Medi- 
cal Science 

Singletary, Susan Elizabeth, 
Joliet, LAS, College Congress 
Sippel, James Edward, Lockport, 
Secondary Education, ISU 
Sklare, John Henry, Joliet, Psy- 
chology, Uof I 

Slimko, Paul Raymond, Hamp- 
ton Park, Machine Design 
Smajd, Rose, Joliet, Education, 
Teachers Club, NCO-25 
Smith, Daniel R., Joliet, Archi- 
tecture, U of I 

Smith, Gary Lee, Joliet, Business 
Management, Lewis-CSF 
Smith, Gayle Stephanie, Morris, 
Liberal Arts, Illinois State Scholar- 

Smith, John W., Frankfort, His- 
tory, Central Missouri State 
Smith, Michael, Joliet, Speech, 
NIU, Press Club, College Congress 
Smith, Susan Margaret, Joliet, 
Concert Choir 

Sparenberg, Kevin C, Danforth, 
Agricultural Economics and Farm 
Management, U of I, College Con- 
gress, Student Agricultural As- 
sociation, Summer Task Force 
Spencer, Steven Lee, Joliet, Busi- 

Spiezio, Joseph Ray, Braceville, 
Physical Education for Men, ISU, 
Cross Country, Track 
Spitzmesser, Gayle Ann, New 
Lenox, Liberal Arts, Anderson 

Stahl, David, Joliet, Business 
Stanfield, Gary Earl, Joliet, Busi- 
ness Management, ISU, Intra- 
murals. Tennis 

Stariha, Susan Jane, Joliet, 
Education, DePaul, Cultural Cine- 
ma, Teachers Club 
Stefanich, Ronald John, Joliet, 
Electrical Engineering, U of I, 

Steffes, Michele Sue, Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts, Lewis-CSF, Teachers 

Stegall Jr., WUlie E., Joliet 
Stegner, Carl J., New Lenox, 
Business, NIU 

Stephenson, John A., Quincy, 
Horticulture, Student Agricultural 

Stevenson, Patsy Jill, Yorkville, 
Physical Education for Women, 
ISU, Womens Recreation Associa- 
tion, Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Stewart, Robert Francis, Wil- 
mington, Engineering, U of I, En- 

Stcyer, Roxanne E., Coal City, 
Elementary Education, Womens 
Recreation Association 
St. Germain, JoAnne, Joliet, 
Nursing, J.C. Flyers, Students 
of Medical Science, Womens Re- 
creation Association 
Stidley, Gerald B., Morris, 

Mathematics, ISU, Blazer staft. 
Summer Task Force 
SHmac, Roberta Mary, Joliet, 
Music, Catholic University of 
America, Cheerleader, Concert 
Choir, Cultural Cinema, J.C. 
Players, Madrigals 
Strong, Lyla Dee, Wilmington, 
Physical Education for Women, 
ISU, Womens Recreation Associa- 

Strysik, Richard A., Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts 

Sullivan, John D., Joliet, Lib- 
eral Arts, WIU, Lettermans Club, 
Soccer and Rugby, Baseball, Intra- 
murals. Students of Social Sci- 
ence, Teachers Club, Wolf Pack 
Sullivan, John R., Oak Forest, 
Automotive Service, Motor Sports 
Summers Jr., Kermit Jewell, 
Plainfield, Accounting 
Sundal, NeU Eldon, Morris, Elec- 

Sutton, Douglas Lyle, Verona, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Sutton, George Alan, Verona, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Swanson, Nancy Lee, Joliet, Ele- 
mentary Education 
Swanson, Ruth Evelyn, Braid- 
wood, Cultural Cinema, SPI, Sub- 
terranean Side Show, J.C. Players 
Sweeney, Daniel Robert, Joliet, 
Business, Lewis-CSF 
Szafranski, Thomas Francis, 
Joliet, Data Processing 
Szepelak, Wayne Alan, Joliet, 
Agriculture, U of I, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Tatro, William Richard, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, WIU, 

Terpstra, William John, Joliet, 
Business, NIU, J.C. Flyers, Motor 
Sports, Intramurals 
Tewes, Lyle E., Frankfort, Agri- 
culture, ISU, Student Agricul- 
tural Association 

Thomas, Nathaniel, Joliet, Po- 
litical Science, SIU, Wrestling 
Thom, Carol 

Thompson, Ben Jeffrey, Joliet, 
General, EIU 
Thompson, Debbie 
Thompson, Gary Timothy, Mor- 
ris, Meterology 

Thompson, Laura Lee, Long- 
ment, Colorado, Nursing 
lliompson, Steven G., Morris, 
Agriculture, ISU, Basketball, Stu- 
dent Agricultural Association 
Timko, Rita (Heenan), Joliet, 
Toth, Thomas 

Totter, Bradley John, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, NIU, J.C. Flyers 
Tripple, Roy S., Joliet, Geology, 

Trotter, Neil L., Coal City, Agri- 
cuhure, U of I, College Congress, 
J.C. Players, "Spoon Rive An- 
thology", Football, Student Agri- 
cultural Association, Summer 
Task Force, Freshmen Class Presi- 

Trusty, John Mason, Chicago 
Heights, Medical Technology, 
Lewis-CSF, Students of Medical 

Tryon, Geoffrey Paul, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, ISU 
TuUet, Ann Linette, Joliet, Edu- 
cation, NIU 

Tustland, Gregory Alan, Joliet, 
Math, NIU, Chess Club, Press 
Club, Teachers Club 
Tweedle, Michael P., Joliet, Den- 
tistry, NIU 

Tyree, Karen E., New Lenox, 

Ukovich, Gregory Martin, Joliet, 
Technical Drafting, ISU 
Urbanik, Susan Claire, Joliet, 
English, William & Mary, Blazer 
staff. Miss Shield runner-up for 
1969, Press Club, Students of So- 
cial Science, Teachers Club, Col- 
lege Congress 

Vacca, John James, Coal City, 
Liberal Arts & Sciences, SIU 
Vancina, Jerry Joseph, Joliet, 
Business Management 
Varland, Sally Marie 
Vaughan, Magdalena, Joliet, 
Education, College Congress, Con- 
cert Choir. Press Club, Casuals, 
Blazer and Shield Staffs, J.C. 

Ventura, Michael Robert, Joliet, 
Sociology, ISU 

Vercellotti, Gerald A., Lockport, 
Dentistry, U of I 

Veronda, Daniel Eugene, Coal 
City, Law Enforcement, Lewis- 

Videll, Mary Ann 
Vitali, Linda Jean, Joliet, Gen- 

Von Bergen, Glenn Norman 
Vondrasek, Kathleen Mary, Mo- 
kena. Nursing 

Waite, Peggy Jean, Joliet, Busi- 

Waldvogel, Donald Lee, Frank- 
fort, Agricultural Education, ISU, 
College Congress, Student Agricul- 
tural Association, Summer Task 
Force, Student Achievement 
Award— 1969-1970 
Walker, Thomas Allan, Mazon, 
Law Enforcement, WIU 
Wall, Jerome Lancy, Manhattan, 
Law Enforcement, George Wash- 
ington University 

Walsh, James E., New Lenox, 
Psychology, NIU, Veterans Club 
Walsh, Patrick Dennis, Joliet, 
Mid-management Marketing 
Walton, Virgil Melvin, Joliet, 
Medicine, Northwestern Univer- 
sity, BSU 

Waters, Jacqueline Mary, Joliet, 
Home Economics, Students of 
Home Economics president 
Watts, Lavell, Joliet, Law Busi- 
ness, Central State College of Iowa 
Wawronowicz, Diane, Lockport, 
Education. Summer Task Force, 
Miss Shield semi-finalist 
Weber, Charles Robert, Lock- 
port, Agriculture, Student Agri- 
cultural Association 
Weber, Phyllis Ann, Lockport, 
Secretarial, College Congress, 
Concert Choir, Students of Social 
Science, Summer Task Force 
Weiske, (Jerald Alan, Joliet, 

Welch, Sheila Ann, Joliet, Secre- 

Wells, Victoria Regina, Spring- 
field, Tennessee, Home Economics 
Wells, Wendy Lorraine, Joliet, 
General, Blazer staff 
Westhoff, David V., Plainfield, 
Accounting, Golf 

Wheatley, John Earl, Joliet, 
Physical Education for Men, ISU, 

Wheeler, James Edward, Joliet, 

Wheeler, Jay Donald, Joliet, 
Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF, Base- 

White, Lisa Suzanne, Morris, 
Special Education, NIU, College 
Congress, Freshman Class Secre- 
tary, Summer Task Force, Sopho- 
more Class Vice-President 
White, Margaret Ann, Joliet, 
Chemistry, Western Kentucky 
University, Blazer staff. Press 
Club, Shield staff. Teachers Club, 
Wolf Pack, Womens Recreation 

Whitfield, Richard Wayne, New 
ark, Industrial Arts, Stout State 
Whitlock, Betsy 

Wiles, Kathleen Marie, Joliet, 
Education, Lewis-CSF 
Wilhelmi, Michael C, Lockport, 
Music, SIU, Concert Choir, Cul- 
tural Cinema, Subterranean Side 

WUliams, WUlie James, Joliet, 
Willis, Zandra V., Joliet, Edu- 
cation, ISU, BSU, Teachers Club, 
Womens Recreation Association 
WUson, Daniel Lee, Braidwood, 
Data Processing 

Winfrey, Patrick A., Joliet, Psy- 
chology, U of L BSU 
Wojcoechowski, Edward Thom- 
as, Lemont, Law Enforcement, 

Wojtak, Loretta Catherine, Jo- 
liet, Liberal Arts, Lewis-CSF 
Wonders, Warren Wayne, Man- 
hattan, Economics, ISU 
Wood, Stephen William, Joliet, 
Marketing, U of I 

Woods, Fred Brooks, Joliet, En- 
gineering, BSU, Veterans Club 
Wright, Deborah Eileen, Joliet, 
Elementary Education, NIU, 
Teachers Club 

Wright, Joette Amber, Joliet, 
English, NIU 

Wruk, Dennis Daniel, Joliet, 
Aviation, ISU, J.C. Flyers, Motor 

Wuerstle, Michael John, Joliet, 
Medical Technology 
Wunder, Paula Carol, Joliet, 
Sociology, Lewis-CSF, Womens 
Recreation Association 
Wyss, Roger K., Joliet, General, 
ISU, Intramurals 

York, Gale (Seiler), Joliet, Soci- 
ology, George Williams College 
Young, George Richards, Joliet, 
Auto Service 

Zagar, JoAnn Marie, Joliet, Gen- 

Zalar, Elizabeth R., Joliet, 

Zambrano, Victor, Joliet, Biol- 
ogy, U of I 

Zamora, Marcos, Joliet, History, 

Zdunich, Cecile Dianne, Joliet, 
Social Science, George Williams 

Zdunich, David L., Joliet, Edu- 
cation, SIU 

Zeller, James Dale, Kempton, 
Business Administration, ISU 
Zigrossi, John P., Joliet, Busi- 
ness, "Come Blow Your Horn", 
"The Best Man" 

Zschau, John William, Dwight, 
Physical Education for Men, ISU. 
Soccer and Rugby, Baseball, Bas- 
ketball, Hockey 



Abbot, Christine 178 
Abbot, Estella 178 
Achuff, Edith 178 
Adams, Comiie 178 
Adams, Sandra 44 
Adkins, Richard 178 
Adkisson, Dennis 178 
Administration 24-25 
Ag. Dept. 72-73 
Aguilera, Mario 178 
Akin, Connie 178, 156 
Alberico, Frank 28 
Alberico, Georgia 28 
Aldridge, Pamela 178 
Alexander, Randy 178, 138 
Alkire, Sally 28 
Allen, Francine 178 
Allen, Virginia 28 
AUen, William 28, 187 
Almanza, Joseph 178 
Aloiso, Donna 178 
Amberly, Karen 156 
Ambrose, Albert 178 
Ambrosini, BiU 178 
Amipet, Jack 178 
Anderle, Scott 178 
Anderson, Charles 
Anderson, Connie 
Anderson, David 178 
Anderson, Gilbert 28 
Anderson, Karen 178 
Anderson, Martha 178 
Anderson, Richard 178 
Andresen, Jeffry 178 
Angus, Cheryl 178 
AnseU, Susan 178 
Anzelc, Mary EUen 178, 100 
Anzelc, Richard 178 
Apato, David 178 
Archambeault, John 178 
Ardaugh, Daniel 178 
ArdoUno, Virginia 156 
Armbrust, Sherry 177 
Arnhold, Walter 178 
Art Club 94-95 
Art Dept. 76-77 
Asher, Patrick 28 
Ashley, Jeffrey 178 
Athans, Tim 178 
Austin, Cyril 178 
Autumn Dinner Dance 

Ayers, Robert 178 

Babbe, Karen 156 
Baber, Cheryl 178 
Baber, Jil 

Babjak, Roseann 156 
Bacon, David 156 
Bader, Pat 178 
Badger, JoeUyn 178 
Bagby, LesUe 178 
Baitinger, George 178 
Bajt, Karen 178 
Baldego, Fredrick 156 
Ballun, Thomas 178 
Balog, Kevin 156, 62 
Baloy, Barbara 178 
Balzhiser, William 178 
Bandosz, David 178 
Bandura, Jerome 73, 178 
Bane, Warren 156 
Bankroft, Kathleen 178 
Baran, Mary Ann 156 
Baran, Virginia 178 
Baranak, Patricia 178 

Barcus, Janis 178 
Bardowski, Janice 178 
Barfield, Joyce 155, 

156, 169 
Barnes, Garry 178 
Barnes, James 178 
Barnes, Kathy 26 
Barnes, Janet 178 
Barnes, Terry 178 
Harnett, Charles 178 
Earnhardt, Bonnie Rae 

Barr, Bill 70 
Barr, Michael 178 
Barr, Richard 156 
Barr, Robert 179 
Barrett, Gary 179 
Barrett, John 179 
Bartels, Judith 156 
Bartelt, James 179 
Barten, David 179 
Barz, Raymond 179 
Baseball 120-121 
Baskervilie, Joyce 179 
BasketbaU 136-139 
Baxa, Robert 156 
Bean, Larry 179 
Beavers, Jim 7 2 
Bebej, Anthony 179 
Beck, Margaret 179 
Becker, Sheryl 157 
Bedford, Mary 179 
Bedinger, Doug 179 
Bee, Martin 179 
BeU, Gilbert 28 
Bellah, Patricia 179 
BeUah, Patricia 179 
Beltzhover, Edward 29 
Benco, Kenneth 77, 179 
Benham, Maggie 157 
Benignetti, Patty 179 
Benson, Kenneth 73, 179 
Benson, Nels 157 
Benson, Paula 179 
Benson, Thomas 157 
Bepitone, Joseph 179 
Berger, Richard 179 
Bergstrom, Ken 157 
Bernhard, Larry 179 
Bersano, Kenneth 179 
Bersano, Mary 179 
Bertsch, John 179 
Bess, John 179 
Bettenhausen, Dorothy 

Bettenhausen, Larry 179 
Betts, Charles 59, 157 
Bever, Christine 179 
Bmnchetta, Robert 179 
Bickel, Karen 179 
Bielby, Barbara 179 
Bingham, Peter 179 
Bixkett, Terry 179 
Biros, WiUiam 179 
Bisbing, Stewart 180 
Bishop, Rick 204 
Bittner, Gary 157 
Bittner, Jane 180 
Bivens, Barry 180 
Bixby, BiU 60-62 
Bizzatti, John 180 
Black, PattiSue 157 
Blackburn, Janice 180 
Blackwell, Jane 157 
Blaesing, James 180 
Blankership, Steve 180 
Blaser, James 180 
Blazekovick, Jodine 180 
Bleed, Ronald 25 
Bleuer, Marcia 180 
Bloch, Debbie 180 

Bloch, WiUiam 180 

Board of Trustees 23 

Boex, Carla 157 

Bohn, WiUiam 180 

Boleneck, Margeurite 180 

Boley, Robert 180 

Bolognani, Domenic 157 

Bols, Bernard 157 

Bols, Michael 157 

Bonar, Doris 29 

Bond, Julian 1,64 

Book, Charles 180 

Booras, BiU 180 

Bond, Gary 180 

Borden, David 157 

Borgen, Joseph 24 

Borms, Robert 180 

Boroni, Linda 180 

Bosi, Richard 180 

Bostiancic, Nancy 180 

Bostjancic, Nichola 157 

Bostrem, Ted 180 

Boucher, James 180 

Boudreau, Maynard 24 

Bounds, Gary 180 

Bourg, Kathleen 135, 180 

Bovee, Gayle 157 

Boyd, Alan 180 

Boyle, John 157 

Bowlan, Michael 61 
92, 155, 157 

Boza, Carol 180 

Boza, Nancy 180 

Bradley, Mark 181 

Braley, Roger 157 

Brandom, Gregory 181 

Brass, Karry 181 

Brass, Saul 157 

Brauer, Nancy 180 

Bravato, Beverly Kay 157 

Bredesen, Steven 157 

Breen, Nancy 180 

Brenc, Gerald 

Bresnman, Stephen 180 

Brethorst, AUen 180 

Brewfick, Linda 180 

Brewer, Grace 29 

Briddick, Mark 180 
Bridenhager, Mary 180 
Briick, Raymond 157 
Brinkman, WUliam 29 
Broad, Bruce 180 
Brockman, Stephen 157 
Bromberek, Don 157 
Bromberek, Thomas 158 
Bromberek, WiUiam 180 
Brooks, Jeff 180 
Brooks, Neal 180 
Brossman, James 158 
Brossman, Lawrence 180 
Browman, Nancy 158 
Brown, David 180 
Brown, Keith 
Brown, Mary 158 
Brown, Napolean 180 
Brown, Wendy 180 
Brown, WiUiam 180 
Bruno, James 180 
Brust, John 180 
BucciareUi, Mark 180 
Bucciferro, BiU 180 
Buckler, Demarie 180 
Bugalski, Bruce 141, 180 
BuUock, Esther 29 
BuUard, Charles 180 
Bulno, John 180 
Bunting, Donald 180 
Burk, Wayne 58, 158 
Burkett, Lynn 180 
Burnett, Robert 158 
Burnetti, Deb 181 

Burns, Deborah 181 
Burns, Keith 181 
Burns, WUliam 29 
Burroughs, Timothy 181 
Busbey, Richard 
Busch, Deborah 181 
Bush, Cheryl 181 
Butts, Steve 
Butz, David 158 
Byers, Cheryl 181 

Cacia, Robert 181 
Cady, Smith 181 
Cage, Sadie 158 
Calhoun, Thomas 181 
Camacho, Diana 158 
Cameron, Maurice 29, 83 
CampbeU, Daniel 158 
Campos, Arturo 181 
Campos, Laura Rose 181 
Cann, James 181 
Cap, Dominic 181 
Capra, Lynne F. 181, 203 
Carey, Aaron 181 
Carey, Bruce 181 
Carey, David 181 
Carli, John 136, 158 
Carlson, Ted 181 
Carmichael, Leroy 58, 61 
Carnahan, Patricia 181 
Carnes, Bernard 159 
Carpenter, Charlene 181 
Carpenter, James 181 
Carr, Juanita 181 
Carson, Patricia 181 
Carsten, Drew 181 
Carter, Brian 181 
Carter, Charles 181 
Carter, Paul 29 
Caruse, WiUiam 159 
Casiano, Richard 159 
Cassidy, Roberta 181 
Castar, Vicky 181 
Castagnoli, Gertrude 182 
CastiUo, CeUa 182 
CastUlo, David 182 
Gary, WUliam 182 
Ceci, Paul 182 
CecU, PoUy 182 
Cernauskas, John 182 
Cesar, Dawn 182 
Chadwick, Nancy 93, 

100, 182 
ChaUenger, Donald 182 
Chamberlin, Kenneth 182 
Chamberlin, Rita 182 
Chaphn, Gregory 159 
ChapUn, Joan 182 
Chase, WUliam 30 
Chase, WUliam 182 
Cheerleaders 134-135 
Chesnut, John 159 
Chester, Evelyn 182 
ChevUle, Jan Rene 204 
Chlebanowski, Richard 159 
Chopp, Jo Ann 159 
Christiansen, Alan 159 
Christensen, Carter 182 
Christofore, Michael 182 
Cichy, Michael 159 
Cissne, Nancy 102, 

114, 159 
Clancy, Patrick 182 
Clark, Daniel 182 
Clark, David 182 
Clark, Floyd 182 
Clark, Thedore 182 

Clavijo, Nick 182 
Clawson, Bruce 159 
Clement, Clay 182 
Clennon, Judi 159 
Cleveland, Kathy 182 
Cleveland, Leo 182 
Close, Richard 182 
Closing 206-211 
Coan, Robert 182 
CockbUl, Margaret 30 
CoUins, John 182 
CohU, Kenneth 
Coleman, Robert 160 
Coleman, Wayne 177 
CoUege, Congress 92-93 
Colombo, Gerald 160 
Columbus, Beverly 182 
Colvin, Michael 182 
ColweU, Lawrence 182 
Compton, Margaret 182 
Concert Choir 94-95 
Conner, David 182 
Conner, Yvonne 182, 205 
Conners, Bruce 160 
Contos, Nick 183 
Converse, Duane 30 
Cookas, Cathy 199 
Coop, Donald 183 
Cooper, Kathleen 183 
Cooper, Larry 183 
Corbett, Bruce 183 
Corlew, Gary 183 
Corn, Debra 183, 193 
Corradetti, John 30 
CosteUo, Gilbert 160 
Cotter, Sharon 160 
Cottingham, Robert 30 
CottreU, Sylvester 137, 

138, 160 
Coveny, Lawrence 183 
Coyle, John 183 
Craddock, Rita 183 
Craig, David 183 
Cramer, Kenneth 183 
Cremeens, Mary Ann 183 
Crisp, Earl 54, 56, 
128, 141, 160 
Crisp, WUma 183 
Cromer, HoUy 183 
Cronholm, Thomas 183 
Crouch, Beverly 30, 116, 

Crowley, Joseph 183 
Crowley, Karen 183 
Crudup, Jerry 183 
Crudup, Lannie 183 
Crudup, Travis 141 
Crudup, WiUiam 183 
Cruz, Jim 183 
Cryder, Diane 183 
Cryder, Vance 183 
CuUen, Mark 183 
Cunniff, Lori 183 
Cunnings, Robert 183 
Curry, WiUiam 30 
Curtis, Robert 183 
Cushman, Steven 
Czajkoski, James 160 


Dahlke, Gloria Irene 62, 

81, 160, 161 
Daily, Debra 160 
Dalian, James 160 
Damaska, Marie 183 
Dames, Gerald 183 
Darin, Diane 160 
Darin, Robert 160 
Daub, Brian 160 


Daubach, Carl 70, 117 
Daum, Connie 183 
Davis, Dwight 25 
Davis, Harry 160 
Davis, John 160 
Davis, Sandra Jo 62, 

160, 161, 222 
Daniels, Kenneth 183 
Davidson, Maris 183 
Davis, Daniel 183 
Davifson, Mary 183 
Dean, Barry 160 
Dearburft, Molly 183 
Dearie, Walter 183 
DeChecko, Mary Frances 

Deems, Deborah 160 
Defoe, Harold 183 
Defreitas, John 183 
Deininger, Ed 183 
DeJovanich, Michelle 61 
Delaney, Ed 177, 182 
Delaney, Pamela 183 
Dellinger, Hal 30 
Delmastro, Raymond 183 
Delmastro, Rita 161 
Delmastro, Victor 183 
Delost, Linda 161 
Delrose, John 183 
Delrose, Victoria 183 
DeMike, Claire 161 
Dempsey, Philip 183 
Demick, Theodore 183 
Denewellis, William 183 
Denovellis, Edward 183 
Denton, Samuel 
DePhUlips, Louis 183 
Dermott, David 161 
Dernulc, Barbara 183 
Derrgi, Michael 183 
DeSalvo, Kim 183 
Deskin, Rosalie 161 
DeWald, Frederick 183 
Diaz, Maria 161 
Dibble, Diane 161 
Dietterle, Barbara 183 
Dietz, Rosemary 183 
DiGusto, Elaine 183 
Dillon, Kenneth 183 
Dillon, Mary Ann 26 
Dillon, Raymond 183 
Dimmick, Lee Ann 183 
Dinger, Emilie 183 
Dipietrantonio, Clarice 183 
DiPietro, Connie 161 
Disera, William 161 
Doctor, Donnella 183 
Dodge, Barbara 184 
Donnelly, Karen 184 
DooUn, Mary Ellen 184 
Dorris, Charlotte 161 
Dorsey, Daniel 184 
Dosher, Sharon 184 
D'Ottavio, Raymond 184 
Downey, Alan 184, 191 
Downey, Stephen 161 
Dowse, Robert 161 
Drake, Donald 184 
Drechsel, Gen 184 
Drew, Robert 184 
Drugs 150-151 
Duchene, Debbie 159 
Duffun, Thomas 184 
Dugdale, James 31 
Dulny, Joseph 162 
Duncan, Gary 184 
Dunn, Joanne 184 
Dunn, Mary 162 
Dutton, Chris 184 
Dvorak, David 184 
Dziuban, Joseph 184 

Easter, Denise 184 
Ebben, Maureen 162 
Eberhart, Susan 184 
Ebert, Dianne 162 
Eckman, Elizabeth 184 
Edwards, Nancy 184 
Egizio, Susan 162 
Egly, James 31 
Ehresman, Paula Susan 1, 
57, 62, 135, 161, 162 
Ehrsam, Richard 184 
Eib, Dan 184 
Eich, Robert 25 
Eichelberger, Nancy 184 
Eicholz, Juergen 162 
Eisenbrandt, Diane Lee 162 
Ekkert, Donna 184 
Elder, Donald 184 
Elder, Steve 184 
Elfter, James 184, 203 
Elkerton, Gerald 184 
EUingson, SUas 31 
EUis, Joan 184 
ElUs, Jon 184 
ElUs, Larry 184 
EUison, Michael 184 
Ely, Cheryl 184 
Ely, WiUiam 162 
Enger, Deborah 184 
Enger, Mark 184 
Engers, Carolyn 31 
Engimann, Gerald 184 
Engleman, Marcia 184, 203 
Engledow, Steven 184 
Ermey, Wayne 184 
Essman, Roger 184 
Esworthy, Donald 31 
Evans, Frank 184 
Evans, Jeff 184 
Ewing, David 184 

Faculty 20-41 
Farmer, William 184 
Farnham, Mary 162 
Farnsworth, Jeffrey 184 
Farnsworth, Peggy 
Farrell, Stephen 184 
Fassino, Lori Jean 3, 

62, 93, 161, 162, 213 
Fassiotto, David 184 
Fee, Tom 67 
Feit, Paul 162 
Ferguson, David 184 
Ferguson, Lynn 184 
Ferguson, Paul 184 
Ferguson, Steven 184 
Ferguson, Walter 162 

Fick, Terrie 162 

FUak, David 184 

Films 152-153 

Finger, David 184 

Fischer, Karen 184 

Fisher, Larry 184 

Fisk, Sharon 184 

Fittro, Mark 185 

Fittro, Susan 185 

Fitzmaurice, Betty 185 

Flanigan, John 162 

Fleming, James 185 

Flatness, Gail 185 

Flaynik, Donald 185 

Flint, Calvin 185 

Flint, Jack 162 

Flint, Sondra 26 

Flores, Maria 185 
Flowers, Murray 185 
Fohsi, Frank 185 
Foran, Jean 185 
Ford, Helen 27 
Forrestor, Randall 185 
Forsythe, Patrick 185 
Foster, Cheryl 44 
Fournier, Paul 185 
Foust, Danny 185 
Fowler, Nancy 185 
Fox, Debra 162 
Fox, Robert 185 
Fox, Raymond 185 
Fox, Thomas 185 
Frank, Diana 65, 
134, 135, 162 
Franktord, Roger 185 
Frantz, Marsha 185 
Fratini, Chuck 121 
Frederick, Betty 185 
Frederick, Don 185 
Freeman, Les 185 
Frescura, Cathy 185 
Freshmen 178-203 
Friedrich, Thomas 162 
Friel, Mark 185 
Friel, Michael 185 
Fritz, James 185 
Fronek, John 
Fronek, Joseph 185 
Frunzar, Penny Lee 162 
Fuchs, Barbara 162 
Fultz, Nancy 185 
Furnick, Joyce 185 
Funk, Michael 185 

Glenney, Paul 186 
Glester, Michael 186 
Glover, John 186 
Goben, Robert 186 
Goodard, Bruce 186 
Goldman, Paul 25 
Goldfuss, Joan 186 
Golimowski, Michael 186 
Gombash, Joseph 163 
Gomer, Robert 186 
Gonnan, James 186 
Goodlander, Terry 186 
Goodson, Laurie 65, 

136, 163 
Gordon, Roger 32 
Gorman, Susan 163 
Gornik, Dennis 186 
Gornowich, Jane 186 
Goron, Kathleen 163 
Goss, Patricia 186 
Gould, Lee 32 
Governale, Toni 111, 186 
Gow, David 186 
Graduation 48-49 
Graffis, Nancy 186 
Graham, Douglas 22, 

23, 54 
Graham, John 186 
Graham, Paul 186 
Grahek, Margaret 186 
Grahovac, Donald 186 
Graly, Ginny 32 
Gramse, Harry 186 
Grant, Jayne Beth 25, 61 
Grazis, Rebecca 163 
Green, James 186 
Gregorash, Donna 186 
Gregory, Jay 163 

Gabrys, Patricia 195 
Gallo, Louise 186 
GaUowitch, Elmer 186 
Gann, Lucinda 186 
Ganseal, James 31 
Garbin, Anthony 186 
Garman, Robert 186 
Garrison, Deborah 186 
Garrison, Pamela 53, 

58, 186 
Garza, Rafael 186 
Gasparich, Mary Ellen 162 
Gatons, Janice 186 
Gavin, Dorothy 186 
Gavin, Eileen 186 
Gavin, John 186 
Gavin, Patricia 186 
Gawenda, Judith 186 
Gaydos, Mary 162 
Gebhardt, Jerald 186 
Genz, James 186 
George, Phyllis 205 
Gerard, William 162 
Gerl, William 163 
Gerrish, Charles 186 
Gerstemeier, Richard 163 
Gibbs, Forrest 31 
Gieseking, Jon 186 
Gilbert, Debbie 44, 45 
Gillespie, Rosalyne 186 
Gilbert, Suzanne 186 
Gillespie, Terry 31 
Glade, Mary Lu 100, 186 
Glass, GaU 186 
Glasscock, Margaret 186 
Glasscock, William 23 
Gleason, Paula 163 
Glenn, Joyce 163 
Glenn, Robert 25 
Glenney, Margaret 163 

GremilUon, Patrick 186 
Griffin, Sylvia 163 
Grimm, Kerry 186 
Grissom, Charlotte 186 
Grizzle, Richard 186 
Groff, Karen 163 
Gruben, Douglas 186 
Gruben, Jill Ann 163 
Gruben, Ralph 
Gudegon, Carolyn 186 
Guerra, Bonnie 186 
Gumienny, Elizabeth 186 
Gunier, Brenda 163 
Guthrie, Jerry 186 
Guthrie, Nancy 187 
Gutzmer, Walter 163, 187 


Haaq, Kenneth 187 

Haake, Joseph 187 

Hackerson, Marlena 163 

Hager, Sharon 187 

Hagerman, April Jane 163 

Hagerstrom, LesUe 187 

Haire, Gary 187 

Hall, Debra 187 
HaUer, Jeffrey 187 
Hallary, James 187 
HaUUian, John 187 
Ham, Richard 187 
Haniotes, John 187 
Hanko, Michael 187 
Hahn, Nancy 187 
Hamilton, Paul 163 
Hamman, Robert 164 
Hannan, Donna 187 

Vi^i-F - 


/ / 




Hansen, Gregory 187 
Hansen, Mary 187 
Haqq, Salim Abdul 24 
Hare, Thomas 187 
Harder, Richard 32 
Harlan, Brooke Ann 187 
Harms, Thea 187 
Harms, Tim 187 
Harney, Joyce 187 
Harney, Margaret 164 
Harper, Greg 187 
Haxrigan, Richard 187 
Harris, Beth 164 
Harris, Charlene 187 
Harris, Donald 187 
Harris, Ed 187 
Hart, David 164 
Hart, Jayne 187 
Hart, Melody Joy 52, 

55, 187, 194 
Hartman, Irene 187 
Hartman, Roy 32 
Hartnett, Mary Ann 164 
Harvey, Thomas 187 
Hassert, Brent 187 
Hassert, Mary 164 
Hassler, Edwin 32 
Hatfield, Robert 187 
Hauser, John 187 
Hausmann, Nancy 164 
Hayes, Teresa 81, 188 
Hays, Helen 159 
Hayward, Delmar 188 
Haywood, Kevin 204 
Haywood, Michael 204 
Hearns, Jerry 204 
Heath, Douglas 188 
Heavens, Cathy 188 
Heavens, James 164 
HeUand, Kent 188 
Heilbrunn, Gerry 27 
Heisner, Donna 188 
Heisner, Sandra 188 
Hehx, Walter 188 
Henbest, Byron 188 
Henift. Marilyn 32 
Henkel, Barbara 164 
Henne, Wesley 188 
Hennessy, John 164 
Hennessy, Deborah 188 
Hennessy, John 188 
Henschel, John 164 
Henslee, Earl 32 
Henze, George 164 
Herbst, Sharon 188 
Hermann, Mary 60, 164 
Hermansen, Bradley 188 
Hermansen, Keith 188 
Herrod, David 188 
Hess, Robert 188 
Hicks, Marie 164 
Hill, Susan 164 
Hill. Lawrence 188 
HiU, Delores 188 
Hines, James 24 
Hintze, Jane 44, 165 
Hirmer, John 33 
Hobson, Curtis 165 
Hocker, Dennis 165 
Hodgman, Leonard 33 
Hoffer, Beulah 33 
Hoffman, JoElla 92, 188 
Holbrook, Dennis 165 
Holland, Daniel 141, 188 
HoUenberg, HoUis 188 
HoUer, H. Allen 23 
Holloway, Bonita 188 
HoUoway, Natlean 182, 188 
Holm, Cynthia 188 
Holm, Virginia 188 
Hohnsten, Karin 7, 63 

Homecoming 1970 

Honiotes, Karen 165 
Honiotes, Peter 61, 188 
Hooper, Dorothy 165 
Hooper, James 188 
Hoopler, Sharon 165 
Hopkins, Daniel 188 
Hopper, Laurel 188 
Hooper, Luanne 188 
Hootman, Bruce 188 
Hopkins, David 188 
Horrigan, Patrick Dailey 9, 

58, 60, 61, 99, 117, 164, 

165, 206, 224 
Horvat, Kathleen 188 
House, Linda 165 
Howey, Robert 188 
Hucek, Janet 165 
Hudek, Carol Ann 189 
Hudek, Gary 189 
Hudgins. Deborah 189 
Hulet, Kenneth 189 
Huml, Eugene 189 
Hunt, Russel 189 
Hunter, Sue 26 
Hurst, James 33 
Huston, David 189 
Hutchins, Michael 189 
Hutchinson, Sherry 189 

Iglesia, Fred 189 
Imfeld, Kathryn 189 
Ingmire, Cecil 23 
Ingmire, Linda 189 
Inlow, Diana 14, 

18, 63, 165 
Intramurals 142-143 
Introduction 6-19 
Isabelli, Frank 189 
Issa, Jeanette 165, 189 
Ivec, Dana Mary 165 

Jackson, AUce 26 
Jackson, Ella 189 
Jackson, Timothy 57, 

117, 189, 205 
Jacques, Joe 189 
Jagus, Gary 189 
Jahneke, Charles 189 
Jakielski, Walter 165 
James, Linda 165 
Janosz, Walter 189 
Janovyak, Lynda L. 189, 203 
Jasinski, Thomas 189 
Jaskoviak, Linda 165 
Jaso, Cathie 165 
Jast, Virginia 189 
Jendro, John 189 
Jensen, Sandra 189 
Jensen, Wayne 189 
Jeretina, John 189 
Jeriha, Mary EUen 189 
Jerzycke, James 165 
Jerzycki, Jean Marie 204 
Joerger, Victoria 189 
John, Ralph 165 
Johnson, Arnold 189 
Johnson, Brian 165 
Johnson, Charles 189 
Johnson, Darryl 189 
Johnson, Doris 33 
Johnson, Edward 165 

Johnson, Edwin 189 
Johnson, Georgina 33 
Johnson, Gladys 165 
Johnson, Jane 189 
Johnson, Karen 189 
Johnson, Linda 189 
Johnson, Paul 33, 53 
Johnson, Robert 189 
Johnson, Sandra 189 
Johnson, Vivian 189 
Johnson, Wendell 165 
Johnson, William 33 
Johnston, Mary Pat 77, 189 
JoUy, Jeanne 189 
Jones, Bonnie Sue 57, 59, 

117, 189 
Jones, Deborah 189 
Jones. Margaret 189 
Jones, Susan 58, 60. 

61, 164, 165 
Jonish, Marcianne 81, 165 
Jordan, John 189 
Jordan, Willie 189 
Jostes, Gary 189 
Jovanovich, Dan 189 
Joyce, Thomas 189 
Juarez, Robert 189 
Judge, Joyce 189 
Juhant, Yolanda 189 
Jung. Leo 165 
Jurgens, Cynthia 189 
Jurgens. Robert 34 
Juricic. Terrence 189 
Jurkovich. James 165 
Jurmann. Frank 165 
Jurmann. Pamela 189 


Kabat. Sharon 165. 189 
Kahle. William 34 
Kaitschuk. Irene 189 
Kamhi, Lane 165 
Kanyuh. Diane 
Kapinus, Barbara 189 
Kapinus, Richard 166 
Kappas, John 166 
Kapsch, Robert 189 
Kapisniak, John 189 
Karneboge, Brian 166 
Kassiday, Sharlene 34 
Karr, William 189 
Karr, Patricia 189 
Karstens, Kris 189 
Karulcak, Denise 190 
Kasky, Harvey 190 
Keagle, Pryee 34, 70 
Kegerreis, Nancy 190, 191 
Kegley, Kenneth 166 
Kelly, Daniel 190 

KeUy, David 190 
Kelly, Therese 190 
Kelsey, Claudia 190 
Kemp, Kristin Ann 4, 
5, 7, 42, 58, 62, 63, 
155, 161, 166, 206 
Kemp, Mary Lou 26 
Kennedy, Charles 34 
Kennedy, Daniel 23 
Kenney, Robert 190 
Kennedy, Ken 190 
Kennedy, Maureen 44, 49 
Kennedy, Tom 138 
Kennick, Joanne 27 
Kern, Claude 25 
Kerr, Timothy 190 
Kettelson, Linda 100. 190 
Kewley. Gerald 190 
Key. Ronald 190 
Kezerle. David 190 
Khlenbach. Jean 190 
Kiedaisch. Karen 166 
Kiep. Robert 23 
Killacky. Joseph 190 
Kimble, Karen 100, 190 
King, Barbara 190 
King, Eola 190 
King, Jeff 48 
King, Joy 190 
King, Joel 190 
King, Karen Ann 190 
KinseUa, Patrick 166 
Kipphut, Gregory 190 
Kirincich, Connie 190 
Kirk, Alana 166 
Klautter, Kathy 190 
Kleinfeldt, John 190 
Kleper, Richard 190 
Klett, Bradford 136, 

Klimek, Patricia 190 
Klimek, Randy 190 
Klimek, Susan 83, 166 
Khnt, Susan 190 
Klaich, Sandra 190 
Kluck. Patrick 190 
Klutch. Richard 166 
Krakmuks. Roxann 166 
Knorr. Leonard 166 
Koachilko. John 190 
Kochielko. Meg 190 
Koehl. John 190 
Koehler. David 64, 166 
Koenig, Edward 190 
Koerner, Glen 190 
Koerner, Harry 190 
Kohl, David 190 
Kolenc, Joyce 190 
Kolmodin, Diane 190 
Kondritz, Alice 190 
Konjerich, Donald 190 

Kooyenoa, Don 190 
Kopack, David 166 
Korilko, Louis 24 
Kosiba, Stanley 34 
Kostelec, Albert 190 
Kotowicz, Thomas 190 
Kraker, Kerry 190 
KraU, Janet 190 
Kramer, Ruth 190 
Kramer, William 
Kramerich, Richard 190 
Krause, Nancy 190 
Krause, Thomas 166 
Krause, William 34 
Krawchuck, Diane 94, 167 
Kren, Barry 190 
Krippel, Michael 191 
Krnac, David 167 
Krohn, John 191 
Krohn, 191 
Kruger, William 167 
Krupinski, Dolores 191 
Krupinski, Dorthy 191 
Kubinski, Gerald 191 
Kucer, Carol 191 
Kucer, Geraldine 191 
Kucer, Raymond 
Kuchmek, Denise 191 
Kuebler, Robert 167 
Kugath, Ilene 191 
Kunke, Robert 191 
Kupina, Robert 191 
Kurtz, Earl 34 
Kus, Mary 216 
Kutsie, Thomas 191 
Kuzminski, David 191 
Kwirant, Wayne 191 

La Berry, Karen 191 
Lacey, Lyrmette 191 
Lacey. Susan L. 167 
La Fontaine, Joy 191 
Lajoie. Catherine 191 
Laken. Donald 191 
Lakotich, Donna 204 
Lamasters. David 191 
Lamb. Ava 191 
Lambert. Gary 191 
Lambeth, Joyce 191 
Lance. Neil 35 
Land, Brenda 204 
Lang, James 191 
Lang, Donald 191 
Langland, John 191 
Lanham, Thomas 191 
Laraway, Mark 191 
Larimer, David 191 


Larson, Cheryl 191 

Larson, Glenn 167 

Larson, Larry 138 

Larson, Melvin 35 

Larson, Nancy 167 

Larson, Noralie 191 

Larson, Robin 191 

Lasater, Connie 191 

Latsis, George 192 

Leahy, Jill 192 

Lee, Jeff 192 

Lee, Roy 192 

Leibko, Kenneth 35 

Leksell, Russel 192 

Lenci, Nancy 167 

Lenich, Steve 35 

Lenz, Andrew 167 

Leonard, Constance 192 

Lepacik, Lawrence 192 

Lesnik, Mary EUen 192 

Lester, Paul 35 

Lester, Paula 187, 
192, 203 

Lestina, Gary 192 

Leve, Judith 167 

Lewandowski, Mary 192 

Lewandowski, Wayne 192 

Lewickas, Charles 

Lewin, David 192 

Lewis, Caroline 192 

Lewis, Gary 167 

Lewis, Joseph 167 

Lewis, Natalie 35 

Lewis, Oscar 192 

Ligos, Carol 167 

Liker, Bruce 192 

Liker, George 192 

Lim, Debbie 192 

Lind, Thomas 167 

Lindauer, Rita 192 
Linden, Myra 35 
Lindenbaum, Ronnie 192 
Lindstrom, Chuck 192 
Lloyd, May 36 
LoCascio, Terrie 62 
Lockhart, June 192 
Long, Bobbie 192 
Long, Cherie 44, 167 
Long, James 192 
Long, "Patricia" 58, 167 
Long, Roger 192 
Longman, Albert 192 
Longman, Louise 36 
Looper, James 192 
Lopez, Theresa 167 
Lorenz, Brandy 89, 167 
Louis, Loretta 
Love, WiUie 167 
Lowry, Judith 192 
Lowry, WiUiam 192 
Luckey, Denise 192 
Luckhart, Alicia 192 
Ludrovec, Linda 192 
Ludwlg, Mary Evelyn 167 
Luth, Mickey 167 
Lyons, Sharon 192 


Mackay, John 192 
Macko, Peggy Lee 204 
Madden, Jack 
Madrigals 94-95 
Magolan, Darryl 192 
MahaUk, PhUip 192 
Major, Lorraine 192 
Maland, Judith 192 
Male, Lynn 192 
Maleski, Marie 27 

Mallary, Diane 36 
MaUary, Robert 36, 45, 59 
Malnar, James 192 
Malone, Glenda 59, 167 
Maloney, John 167 
Manheim, Kathleen 167 
Maniates, Althea 192 
Manion, Connie 192 
Mangum, Phyllis 192 
Mangum, Richard 
Mankowski, Robert 192 
Manley, EUeen 192 
Mann, Cory 86 
Mann, Laura Jane 86 
Mannell, Barbara 192 
Mannell, Helen 192 
Manno, Catherine 192 
Manns, Erna 167 
Marchiniak, Lester 192 
Marconi, James 192 
Marietta, Richard 192 
Markwell, Michael 168 
Marr, Lesley 192 
Marr, Roberta 192 
Marsh, PhyUis 192 
Marshall, Susan 193 
Marshall, Frank 193 
Marshall, Martha 193 
Martin, John 193 
Martin, Loretta 193 
Martis, Laurel Lea 168 
Martis, Ellen 193 
Marvis, Joann 168 
Maryanovich, David 193 
Masching, Marilyn 193 
Mascuch, Linda 193 
Masek, Joanne 44 
Matei, Charles 193 
Mathews, WiUiam 193 
Matohak, George 193 
Matteson, Barbara 168 
Matteson, David 72, 

137, 168 
Matthies, William 193 
Maue, Owen 36 
Maurer, Richard 193 
Maxey, Donna 193 
May, Judy 193 
Mazon, Victor 193 
Mazur, Patricia 193 
McAUister, David 193 
McCaim, Debbie 193 
McCarthy, Garry 168 
McCarthy, Jerry 193 
McCaw, Roger 193 
McClellan, Lowell 
McCoUum, WiUiam 193 
McDonald, Henry 193 
McDonald, Kenneth 168 
McDoweU, Bobby 36 
McDoweU, James 193 
McElvain, Thomas 168 
McEvilly, James 193 
McFeders, Robert 193 
McGee, Ken 193 
McGUvray, Pamela 168 
■ McGrath, James 193 
McKinney, Michele 193 
McLaughlin, Derrango 193 
McMananon, Susan 193 
McNiff, John 193 
McPartlin, Brian 193 
McPherson, Leroy 155, 168 
McTague, James 83, 193 

Means, Wayne 194 
Meaux, Alan 168 
Mecay, Leory 36 
Mechling, Sharon 194 
Meehan, John 194 
Meinert, Nancy 27 
Mejia, Maria 215 
Mejia, Max 194 
Mejia, Sylvia 50, 

159, 168 
Melcher, Sharon 194 
MeUendorf, Deborah 194 
Melvin, Terry 194 
Metzger, Cathy 194 
Meurer, Bonnie 194 
Meurer, Dan 194 
Meyer, Dennis 169 
Meyer, John 194 
Meyers, Richard 36 
Meyerhotf, Mary Jo 194 
Mechalak, Dennis 194 
Miksa, Regina 169 
Miller, Don 169 
MiUer, Linda Susan 83, 

MUler, NataUe 37 
MUler, Oren 194 
MUler, Robert 59, 194 
Minarich, Mari 
Miner, WUbur 37 
Mirelez, Alice 194 
MitcheU, Douglas 169 
MitcheU, Jean 194 
MitcheU, Mary Ann 194 
MitcheU, Thomas 
Miss SheUd 4-5 
Miyami, Charles 194 
Moler, Paula 194 
Monahan, Martin 194 
Monalto, AUen 194 
Moncress, Nyla 194 
Mondek, Robert 169 
Monshau, Judi 194 
Monson, Glenna 194 
Mooney, Lloyd 169 
Mooney, WiUis 194 
Moore, Jan 194 
Moore, John 194 
Moore, Opal 26 
Moore, Patricia 194 
Moravec, Richard 194 
Mores, Lawrence 194 
Moretti, James 194 
Morgan, Debra 195 
Morris, Dan 169 
Morris, Kim Adele 116, 

188, 195 
Morris, WiUiam 195 
Morrissey, Tom 194,195 
Mossel, Henry 195 
Mount, Thomas 195 
Mowry, Robert 195 
Mrozek, Patricia 195 
MueUer, Raymond 195 
MuUis, George 195 
Munchaten, WiUiam 195 
Munday, Robert 195 
Mundt, Edward 169 
Murphy, James 195 
Murphy, John 37 
Murphy, Kathleen 213 
Murphy, Nancy Ellen 195 
Murphy, Patricia A. 195 

Murphy, Patricia 195 
Murphy, Thomas 195 
Murray, Carolyn 169 
Mushro, Mary Joann 195 
Mutsch, Roy 
Myers, Linda 169 

Owen, Joann 170, 195 
Owens, James 195 
Ozbolt, Arnold 195 

Nagra, Ronald 195 
Nakashima, Michael 195 
Narducci, Nicholas 195 
Narine, Kamal 83, 195 
Nasca, WiUiam 204 
Nedelsky, Terry 195 
Needham, Thomas 195 
Needy, Nora 195 
Neff, Peter 37 
NeUl, Bert 195 
Nelsen, Everett 24 
Nelson, Robert 195 
Nelson, Terry 195 
Newkirk, Donna 27 
Neyra, Dante 195 
Nichol, Michael 195 
NicoU, Gilbert 37 
Nichols, WUlie 195 
Nicholson, Joan 169 
Nielsen, Joyce 169 
Nielsen, Kay 26 
NiUes, Louis 37 
Ninos, Mary 195 
Nix, Joel 169 
Noble, Norma 195 
Nolan, Claire 195 
Noonan, Mike 195 
NorUn, Fred 37 
Norton, Linda 195 
Novak, David 195 
Nowicki, Gerald 195 
Nursing Dept. 78-79 
Nutt, Connie 169, 195 
Nyi, Scott 195 

Oberlin, Cathy 195 
O'ConneU, Michael 122, 

169, 174 
O'ConneU, WiUiam 
O'Connor, Debra 195 
OJferman, Daniel 195 
Offerman, Lawrence 195 
O'Harra, Robert 195 
O'Harra, WUliam 195 
O'Keefe, Kathie 195 
O'Leary, Donna 170 
Olesen, Donald 204 
Olin, Richard 195 
Olsen, Barbara 195 
Olsen, Dana 170, 195 
O'Meara, Maggie 204 
Onderisin, Michael 195 
Onolrey, Thomas 195 
O'Rourke, Michael 195 
Orvis, Carol 195 
OspaUk, Joann 170 
OveraU, Richard 195 
Owen, Gary 195 

Padden, Rana 195 
Pagnusat, Albert 195 
Pagnusat, David 195 
Palacios, Manuel 89 
Palmer, Charlyn 7, 135, 

141, 170, 174 
Palmer, Sandra 195 
Papesh, David 136 
Pappas, Barbara 196 
Paputsas, Christina 196 
Parker, Alan 196 
Parker, Ken 37, 177 
Parks, Howard 196 
Paros, Stauroula 196 
Parrish, Janice 196 
Partak, Andrew 196 
Pasteris, Janet 89, 170 
Pastore, Peter 196 
Patmore, Diane 196 
Patterson, Dale 196 
Paul, Donna L. 62, 

113, 161, 170 
Pavnovich, John 196 
Pavnica, Tony 196 
Peacock, Leigh 196 
Pearson, Roger 196 
Pederson, Robert 196 
Peci, Raymond 196 
Pehlke, Fred 196 
PeUegrini, Mark 196 
Pellizzari, Mary 155, 196 
Penrod, Michael 
Pericone, Anthony 196 
PerUongo, Mary Carroll 

77, 196 
Periv, Odvardo 196 
Perrine, Peggy Jean 204, 205 
Person, Larry 196 
Pesche, Peter 196 
Pesche, Donald 196 
Peterson, David 196 
Peterson, Deborah 196 
Peterson, Donald 196 
Petges, Mary Anne 170 
Petriekis, John 196 
Petrosko, Mary 170 
Petrungaro, Roseanne 

170, 174 
Phelan, Kevin 196 
Phelan, Ruth 196 
Phelps, Kenneth 170 
PhiUips, Arthur 38 
PhUlips, Gary 196 
PhUlips, Gregg 170 
PhUlips, Thomas 196 
P. E. Dept. 84-85 
Piazza, Patricia 196 
Picco, Christine 196 
Picco, Perry 196 
PUlard, Henry 25, 141 
PiLz, Rodney 196 
Pinkerton, Sandra 170 
Pinneo, Richard 170 
Pinneo, Valerie 196 
Pirc, Susan 170 



Pisha, Ronald 196 
Pisut, Denise 196 
Placeucia, Raymond 89, 

93, 169, 170 
Planeta, Scott 196 
Planning, Diane 170 
Piatt, Robert 170 
Podolski, JoAnn 170 
Podornik, Kathleen 
Pogliano, Robert 170 
Polentas, Mary 196 
Poison, Lynne 196 
Polyak, WiUiam 57, 171 
Pommerening, WiUiam 196 
Pool, Gene 171 
Poole, Claire 26 
Pope, David 196 
Pottgen, Jacob 38 
PoweU, Laura Lee 171, 216 
Powers, John 196 

Preble, Christopher 196 
Price, Thomas 196 
Prieboy, Dennis 196 
Prindivile, Michael 196 
Prola, Don 46 
Provance, Steven 196 
Przybylski, William 196 
Pubentz, Glen 196 
Pucel, John 196 
Puddicombe, Ed 38, 113 
Puddicombe, Lula 38 
PuUeri, Frank 196 
Pullman, Jean 196 
Puro, Jeffrey 197 
Putel, Stephen 197 

Quarells, Carlton 171 
Quigley, Patricia 171 

Racchini, Alfred 38 
Racchini, Carl 197 
Rademacher, Keith 197 
Radke, Jane 197 
Ragusa, Bernadette 197 
Ragusa, Frances 171 
Rausch, Diane 171 
Redmann, Kurt 171 
Rees, Michael 197 
Reeves, William 197 
Reid, Patricia 197 

Reid, Winifred 197 

Reigh, John 197 

Reilly, Michael 204 

Reinke, Janet 197 

Reiter, Peggy 197 

Reiter, Ralph 197 

Rejsek, Gary 197 

Reives, Thomas 197 

Remus, Kathy 44 

Reno, Larry 197 

Reposh, Joseph 197 

Reschke, Edward 197 

Revels, Patricia 171 

Reynolds, David 197 

Rice, Richard 197 

Richards, Michael 197 

Richards, Richard 197 

Richardson, Jack 38 

Ridings, James 171 

Riegel, Bernard 197 

Riegel, Henry 197 

Rieves, Gregory 171 

Riegel, OrUn 171 

Riley, Dale 

Riley, Steve 7 3 

Ringham, Reid 197 

Rink, Doug 197 

Robbins, Gerry 83, 197 

Roberts, Barbara 197 

Roberts, Bruce 172 
Robertson, Cheryl 172 

Robinson, Don 172 
Robinson, Jerry 172 
RockweU, Charles 197 
Rodas, Manuel 38 
Rodeghero. Dermis 197 
Rodeghero, Jean 197 
Rodeghero, Jeffrey 172 
Rodgers, Dennis 172 
Rodgers, Gladine 172 
Rodriguez, Maria 197 
Rodriguez, Rita 172 
Rodriguez, Steve 197 
Rodgers, David 198 
Roeder, Paul 
Rogge, Marion 198 
Rollins, Steve 198 
Roney, Mary 198 
Rose, Jeanne 198 
Rothlisberger, David 198 
Rothlisberger, Richard 198 
Rothman, Bonnie Jan 171 
Rouskey, Chris 198 
Rousonelos, James 172 
Rowell, Nathaniel 198 
Rowley, David 198 
Royster, Allen 198 
Rozak, Daniel 172 
Rubinic, Marianne 198 
Rude, Jane 205 
Ruedln, Michael 172 
Ruffatti, Sharon 198 
Rush, Ralph 198 
Russ, Lois 198 
RusseU, Patty 198 
Ryan, Tom 198 
Ryder, Therese 198 

Sacco, Patricia 172 

Sadie Hawkins 44-45 
Sailly, Sharon 172, 198 
Sakal, Louis 38 
Sanchez, Ramona 26 
Sanchez, Yvonne 198 
Sandrik, William 172 
Sangmeister, Ralph 172 
Saragosa, Phyllis 198 
Sarcletti, Kathleen 172 
Sargent, Janet 198 
Sasso, Robert 198 
Satorius, James 172 
Sayers, James 198 
Scarelli, Joseph 172 
Schaible, Jane 198 
Schantzen, John 198 
Schear, Douglas 172 
Scheel, Todd 198 
Scheuber, George 172 
Schiable, James 198 
Schiek, Mae 39 
Schick, Su 44 
Schildgen, Earl 198 
Schlieske, Alvin 172 
Schlueter, Penelope 172 
Schmid, Stephen 173 
Schmidt, Debbie 198 
Schmitt, Francis 172 
Schmucker, Betsy 215 
Schneider, Richard 198 
Schnelle, Carol 198 
Schoeling, Dennis 
Schoop, Duane 173 

Schorn, Terry 198 
Schramn, Nancy 198 
Schreiber, Robert 198 
Schreiner, Mary Ann 198 
Schuler, Nancy 172 
Schull, David 198 
Schultz, Mark 198 
Schultz, Mark 
Schultz, Martha 198 
Schutten, Richard 198 
Schutter, Edward 173 
Schwab, Carl 173 
Scitar, Theodore 173 
Scott, Anne 198 
Scott, Victor 23 
Seabert, Gary 198 
Sealy, Kathleen 198 
Secor, Mark 198 
Secretaries 26-27 
Seehafer, Thomas 198 
Seeley, WiUiam 198 
SefcUt, George 198 
Seiger, Bernice 27 
Seikus, Edward 173 
Selby, Rodger 198 

SeUers, Charles 198 
Sengewald, Mary Beth 198 
Sengewald, WiUiam 198 
Setina, Vicki 27 
Sewing, Heidi 198 
Seybold, Patricia 173, 

Shanholtzer, Michael 173 
Shankland, Beth 173, 

Sharpe, Deborah 65 
Shaw, Carol 198 
Shea, Donna 198 
Shearin, Daniel 199 
Sheek, Kara 173 
Sheffield, Mary 173 
Shelley, Robert 199 
Shepherd, Curtis 199 
Shepherd, Gerald 173 
Shepherd, WiUiam 
Shields, John 58, 64, 

116, 155, 173 
Shipman, Gregory 199 

Siegel, Donald 199 
Sienko, Gertrude 199 
Sieger, Daryl 173 
Sienknecht, Hehnut 39, 94 
Siguaw, Vicki 199 
SiUt, Susan 199 
SUverman, David 199 
Simotes, Michael 199 
Simpson, Alma 173 
Sims, Eugene 136, 199 
Singh, Pritnam 39 
Singletary, Mary 85, 197, 199 
Sippel, James 173 
Skedel, Edward 199 
Skeldon, Benjamin 199 
Skerjan, Robert 199 
Skidmore, Lottie 39 
Skorupa, Richard 199 
Sleyko, Lou Ann 199 
Slimack, Biu 
SUmko, Paul 173 
Slouf, Sandra 199 
Sluiter, WiUiam 199 
Slusher, Tarry 25 
Smajd, Rose 173 
Smith, Clara 199 
Smith, Gayle 173 
Smith, John 174 
Smith, Lawrence 199 
Smith, Michael 59, 93, 174 
Smith, Robert 199 

Smith, Robert 199 

Smith, Romy 199 

Smith, Roxanne 199 

Smith, Sharon 199 

Smith, Vera 25 

Smith, WiUiam 199 

Smolich, Raymond 199 

Smolkovich, Steven 199 

SMS 112-113 

Snyder, Robert 39 

Sobotka, Gary 199 

Sophomores 156-177 

Soria, Gary 199 

Spandet, Fred 199 

Spangler, Darlene 199 

Sparenberg, Kevin 60, 
92, 155, 174 

Speckman, Marie 27 

Spencer, Arlene 199 

Spencer, Steven 174 
Speva, Gerry 199 
Spiers, David 200 
Spiess, Jerry 200 
Spiezio, Joseph 174 
Spinks, Greg 200 
Spitzmesser, Gayle 174 
Spreitzer, Dan 121 
Spreitzer, Dan 121 
Spring Formal 46-47 
Stafford, Sharon 200 
Stahl, David 174 
Stahl, Steve 200 
Standfield, WiUie 
Stapinski, Ed 200 
Stariha, Susan 174 
Staszcuk, Alan 200 

Stauffer, Kirk 200 
StebaU, WiUie 200 
Steely, Clay 200 
Stefanich, Ronald 174 
Stefanski, Elaine 200 
Stefanski, Ron 200 
Steffes, Michele Sue 174 
Stegner, Carl 174 
Stein, Marietta 
Steinbach, Lynda Julie 

65, 134, 135, 200 
Steindel, Maryanne 200 
Stelk, Belva 
SteUet, John 200 
Stephenson, John 174 
Sterle, Deborah 200 
Sterling, Bob 39 
Stevens, Randy 200 
Stevenson, Patsy 49, 97, 

Stewart, Edith 26 
Stewart, Jerry 200 
Stewart, Robert 174 
Steyer, Roxanne 174 
St. Germain, JoAnn 61, 

Stidley, Gayle 200 
Stiglich, Marilynn 200 
StUwell, Robert 200 
Stimac, Raymond 200 
Stimac, Roberta 57, 175 
Stitt, Stephen 
Stobart, John 39 
Stokes, Linda 200 
Stoltz, Leota 200 
Stone, Rosaline 39 
Strino, Patricia 200 
Stroh, Richard 200 
Strohman, Gerald 200 
Strong, Lyla 175 
Student Life 42-67 


Suligoy, Carl 200 
Sullivan, John 200 
Sundal, Neil 175 
Surges, Dennis 200 
Surinak, Robert 200 
Sutclift, Elizabeth 201 
Svitoras, John 201 
Swanberg, Kathy 27 
Swanson, Ruth 205 
Sweeney, Daniel 175 
Swinford, Dale 201 
Swinford, Jerry 201 
Synold, Alan 201 
Szapinski, Charles 201 
Szabo, Joseph 201 
Szafranski, Gerald 175 
Szepelak, Wayne 175 

Table of Contents 2-3 
Tadej, Lester 
Taner, Elaine 27 
Tapper, Ray 201 
TapeUa, Richard 201 
Tapio, Bertha 26 
Tate, Marty 201 
Tatro, WiUiam 175 
Taylor, Oscar 201 
Taylor, Mary 40 
Tea, Helen 24 
Terpstra, William 175 
Tewes, Lyle 175 
Tezak, James 201 
Thom, Carol 175 

Thom, Virginia 201 

Thomas, Wes 201 

Thompson, Ben 201 

Thompson, David 

Thompson, Deborah 17 5 

Thompson, Gary 175 

Thompson, James 14, 63, 201 

Thompson, Steven 175 

Thompson, Susan 201 

Thompson, Ted 40 

Thorsen, William 201 

Thornburg, Linda 201 

Tibbott, Debra Z. 

(See Zumbahlen) 

Tiernan, Etta 201 
Timko, Rita Heenan 175 
Timm, Robert 201 
Tinges, Michael 201 
Tinkle, Lloyd 40 
Tinley, Vivien 28 

Titre, John 201 

Tolf, Myra Jane 201 

Tomany, Clayton 201 

Toth, Thomas 175 

Tovar, Maria 201 

Track 122-123 

Trenary, Bette 60, 201 

Trimby, Margaret 

Trizna, Mary Anne 201 

Trotter, Debbie 49 

Trotter, Mark 201 

Trotter, Neil 55, 67, 155, 175 

Truitt, Robert 40 

Trusty, John 175 

Tryon, Geoffrey 175 

Tucker, Cheryl 201 

Tullett, Ann Linette 175 

TuneU, Carol 201 
Tuntland, Cathy 201 
Tuntland, Greg 205 
Turley, Robert 201 
Tweedt, Jonathan 73, 201 
Tyree, Karen 175 
Tys, Jennette 175 

Udell, Mark 201 
Ukovich, Gregory 175 
Urbanik, Susan 175 
Ursitti, SaUy 6, 

65, 134, 201 
Urtubees, Elizabeth 201 

Vacca, Gary 177 
Vacca, John 175 
Valade, Brian 201 
Valade, Mark 201 
Vancina, Jerry 175, 201 
Van de Voort, Everett 

Van Duyne, Joyce 201 
Vanko, Marty 40 
Van Tassel, Dean 40 
Van Tassel, Don 201 
Varan, James 201 
Varland, SaUy Marie 114, 175 
Vaughn, Maggie 175 
Verdone, Joe 201 
Veronda, Daniel 175 
Videll, Mary Ann 175 

Von Bergen, Glenn 176 
Vondrasek, Barbara 94, 

134, 135, 201 
Vreuls, Kay 27 


Wagner, Janet 201 
Wagner, Paula 167 
Waitkus, Rosemary 201 
Waldvogel, Donald 61, 92, 155, 

Walsh, James 176 
Walsh, Marianne 201 
Walsh, Nicholas 201 
Walters, Arthur 40 
Walters, Gretchen 188, 201 
Walters, Scott 201 
Walton, Virgil 176 
Warman, Ken 41, 58, 

Warthen, Charles 41 
Wason, Gerald 201 
Wason, James 201 
Waters, Jacqueline 74, 176 
Watson, Kathy 201 
Watters, Donna 201 
Watters, Joan 201 
Watters, Judith 201 
Watters, Linda 201 
Watts, Gaynor Ann 201 
Wawronowicz, Diane 176 
Weaver, Brian 202 
Weber, Charles 176 
Weber, Daryl 202 
Weber, Janet 202 
Weber, PhyUss Ann 176 
Weber, Roger 202 
Webster, David 202 
Webster, Margaret 27 
Wedder, LoweU 202 
Weeditz, Joseph 
Weibel, Charla 202 
Weidner, Gary 202 
Weiske, Gerald 176 
Welch, James 202 
Welch, Michael 202 
WeUs, Donald 202 
WeUs, Victoria 202 
Wells, Victoria Regina 86, 

WeUs, Wendy 176 
Welsch, Kedra 
Welsh, Elwynne 202 
Welsh, Thomas 202 
West, Nancy 202 

Westbrooks, Ronald 202 

Whalen, Judy 202 

Whalen, Vince 202 

Wheatley, John 159 

Wheeler, Deborah 202 

White, John 202 

White, Joseph 202 

White, Lisa 58, 
169, 176 

White, Margaret Ann 46, 

White, Stanley 
Whiteside, Thomas 202 
Whitfield, Richard 202 
Whitley, Georgia 41 
Wickham, Jerry 202 
Widup, Zachary 202 
Wieclaw, Mark 202 
Wilds, John 
Wiles, Kathleen 202 
Wilhelmi, Dennis 202 
Wilhelmi, Richard 
Wm, James 202 
Williams, Diane 202 
Williams, Natalie Esther 

Williams, Phyllis 202 
Williamson, Constance 202 
Wills, Fizz 23 
WUls, Thomas 202 
Wilson, Daniel 85, 176 
Wilson, Scott 202 
Winfrey, Patrick 176 
Winke, Linda Louise 176 

Wright, Joette 176 
Wright, John 202 
Wrobel, Robert 202 
Wrona, Claudia 202 
Wruk, Dennis 111, 176 
Wunder, Paula 141, 

Wunderlich, Bob 202 

Yentz, Bette 26 
York, Gale 176 
Yost, Gerald 41 
Young, David 202 
Young, George 176 
Yurkovich, Robert 202 

Zaborsky, Stephen 202 
Zagar, Jo Ann 176 
Zalar, Betsy 89, 176 
Zabrocki, Emily 41 
Zalda, Walter 24, 54 
Zamora, Marcos 202 
Zelko, Rich 203 
Zeman, Eugene 203 
Ziegler, Theodore 203 
Ziegner, Raymond 203 
Zielinski, Ron 203 
Zigrossi, John 176 
Zilske, Gerald 203 
Zimmerman, Sherrye 

Zivec, Gregory 203 
Zobel, Mike 203 
Zook, BUI 203 
Zulke, Mark 203 
Zumbahlen, Debra Jeanne 

15, 54, 56, 70. 100, 

193, 203, 223 

Winslow, Sandy 41 
Wirth, Mary 202 
Wirth, WiUiam 202 
Wise, John 202 
WittenkeUer, WiUard 202 
Wix, Jeffrey 202 
Whitlock, Betsy 176 
White, Lisa Suzanne 176 
White, Margaret Ann 176 
Wimberly, John 176 
Wojeiechowski, Edward 

Wojtak, Loretta 176 
Wolz, Bob 41 
Wonders, Warren 176 
Woodcock, Edwin 
Woodard, John 202 
Woods, Milton 202 
Woolbright, James 202 
Workman, Sherman 202 
Wortmann, Walter 202 
WrestUng 140-141 
Wright, Deborah 176 



It's really hard to sit back and say that it's all 
over, that the work is finally complete. 

It hasn't been an easy year for myself or my 
staff. In planning the format of the book there 
was always the question in my mind of whether 
or not someone would object to certain ideas or 
comments. Once a theme had been chosen as 
"What JJC IS," intangible copy was chosen for 
the opening section, division pages, and closing 
section. This type of writing was used because 
it is impossible to relate what exactly a school 
is with descriptive copy. A freer form of writing 
was decided upon so as to allow each individual 
to form his own opinion of JJC. 

Before I close I would like to thank my staff 
for their tremendous help, for without them I 
would still be laboring over a typewriter or 
hassling the Walinger Photographers about 
why our pictures were always late. I thank 
Joe Feehan of the Delmar Printing Company 
for his help and advice and patience with 
missed deadlines. Finally, a special thanks to 
advisor Bev Crouch for believing in me and this 

Pat Horrigan 
Editor in Chief 
SHIELD 1971 



/,- X, 



^ j!.*-^' 

Cheryl Angus 
Ed Denovellis 
Gmny Holm 
Diana Inlaw 
Frank Isabelli 
Ella Jackson 
Tim Jackson 
Lynda Janovyak 
Bonnie Jones 

WUliamA. "Bai"Lavery 
Alan Meaux 
Kim Morris 
Mary (Greek) Ninos 
Charlyn Palmar 





!(*'"■■' '-.■<r^.:;