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Full text of "A short genealogical account of a few of the families of the early settlers in Eliot : and of a branch of the Moody family from the time they emigrated to this country to the year 1850"

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'■ Nl-W i->^^ 









A Branch of llic Moody Family i 

fiio:m the time they e^iigrated to this 





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U c 

7 8 8 5 18 9 

f^r, ■^, :''* ty 



'J'he Arabic miiubors runuin;^ tliroii;;h the whole geuealofjjy 
\n-c to shoAV tlic uuinbor of each individual ; and by tlie aid of 
them the connection of every person ia scon at a glance. A 
number set at tlie end of a person's name, if lower than his reg- 
ular number, shows that that person is lir.-,t named at that regu- 
lar number in the series, but if higher than his regular nundjer, 
hhows that immediately after tliat number in the series he is 
named again, and some further account of him or his descend- 
ants is there given. The Koman numerals are oidy employed to 
slujw the number of children belonging to the same particnhjr 
family. ]5y means of these numljcrs the account of all those 
individuals and families which are broken off and rocommenccd 
at some liigher number (as the greater part necessarily must be) 
can be traced backward or forward with ease and facility, and by 
the use of these numbers any corrections or additions of individ- 
uals or families may be made at the end, and appear plain and 
intelhgible. b is generally put for born, m for married, d for 
died, and a for aged. 


The name of FofiG appears to bo of ^rcat antiquity in Eno--- 
land, and Wales. !Some by that naino were from the ctjunty 
of Lancashire, near the borders of Nortii Wales, and settled 
in the county of Kent, in the reign of llenry 1, or about tlid 
year 1112 or '15, or about fifty years after the Norman con- 
quest ; some of whom settled in the toAv^n of Ashford in that 
county (Avliich is about 54 miles from London) in the reio'n of 
Henry IV, or about 1400. There was a Sir John Foj^it avIio 
founded a College in Ashford, and died there in 1490; his soir 
Sir John Fog'g' resided there ; his will is dated November 4, 
15IJI}, by which he a])points Edward Lee, Archbishop of York, 
overseer of his estate. There was also a 8ir Francis Foo-rr at 
Ashford, who accpiired the manor Repton, by his marriafi;e 
Avith a co-hoiress of the Valoigns ; those families were of hinh 
standing and of much consequence for many ages, but they 
arc now entirely extinct in Ashford, and perhaps in the county. 
Calamy gives an account of a Rev. Robert Fogg, an ejected 
miinster in UM')'^, in North Wales, who from s(uiie traits in hia 
disposition we might reasonably suppose was nearly related to 
some (by that name) who early settled in this country. 


(1) Rut the common progenitor of most, and perhaps all by^ 
that name in this coiuUry was Saimvjel Fogg, of Hampton, N. 
H. According to tradition, three brothers by the name of 
Fogg emigrated from ^Vales to this country prior to the mid- 
dle of the 17th century; two of them, ►Samuel and Robert or 
Ralph are said to have settled in Hampton, and the other iu 
Rhode Island. Of the one settled in Rhode Island (if thero 
was one) we have no knowledge. Robert or Ralph is suppos- 


ed to liave lived and died unmarried. But Mr. Felt speaks of 
a Ralpli Foii-o- iu Sulcia amoiiLi,' the fust settlers of that town, 
but says tliat lie returned to l-lnoland. 

At what prtioise time Samuel Fo^x^^ emii^'rated to this coun- 
try is unknown, but he Avas evidently amon<^- the very <'ar]y, if 
not the tirst settlors of Jlamjjlon, iu Ki-'^"^. He married tirst 
Anne Shaw, of Hampton, the ]2lh day 10 month, l(i.")*2. She 
died about J()(il ; he mari'ied his second wife, Mary Pa^o, of 
that phice, about i()()*2. He dii'd at Hamjiton April 1(), Ki/'-i. 
His widow, Mary, died Marcii .^ Ki!*!), a^^'d r)(i years. He 
was a farmer, owned a farm in Ham]>ton, on whicli ht; lived 
and died. He was early a member of tJie cun^-ren-ational 
church in that place, ajid jirobably Ainie his Hrst wife ; his sec- 
ond wife joined it May '2D, lO'Jri. His children were 


Samuel (29) b about l()5l}, m Hannah Marston, lO^i day 
lOlh month, J(J7(), settled in Hamj)ton, and died there in 
17()0, a 107, and lias many descendants. 
Joseph, b about l()o5, died youngv 
John, b about U>o(), died young-. 
Mary, b about Iti.lrf. 
Daniel, (2'J) b Kith day 4th month, lOo'O, died 1755, a 
1>5. By his second Avife, 
Seth, b about l(i(i5, {[))i\iv.d 1754, a 8i>. 
(HJ Vn. James, b about KKJH, (2'J) died in l/tiO, a 92. 
(9) Yin. Hannah, b about ](J7U. 

Seth Fogg (7) son of Samuel (J) settled in Hampton, was 
admitted into the church there Jajmary 17, 1()97. His wife's 
name was Hannah Shaw, slio died Ai)ril 10, 1755, a 88, he 
died in 1754, a 89. Their children were 


Benoni, baptised March 17, 1697, settled in Scarbo- 
rough, Maine. ^y In^''-''- ■ '> 
Hannah, baptised March, 1G97, m an Elkins, and has 

Seth, baptised Marcli 1(397, m Meribah Smith, June 
18,1714. Lived at Ha.mjiton, and died there, May 
1745, leaving a numerous family of children. 

Sarah, baptised IMay, 1(,)97, 

Esther, baptised May, 1097, m first a Dearbouru and' 
second a Wadley. 


(3) TI. 
(5) IV. 
(0) V. 

(7) VI. 

(10) I. 

(ai) 11. 

(-12) III. 

(43) IV. 

{m V. 

V ' 


05) VI. Samuel, baptised March 7, 1700, m Abitrail Fowl, 
Novetnbcr !<it), 174-1. bjettled in Ilauiptuii, and haa 

(1(>) VII. Simon, buptised December 1-3, 1702, settled at 
Hampton and died there 17 lU. 

(17) VIII. Abner, baJ)ti!^ed February 19, 17()r), m Berthe 

Robie, December 10, 17-"{0, tsettlcd at Hampton, and 
died there, Aun'ust "27, ]7e8, a h'<J. 

(18) IX. Abicrail, bai)tLsed September 17, 1707, died young-. 
{][)) X. Daniel, baptised March 1!), 1710, rn Fsther Fdkins, 

December 5, 1784, lived at Rye, and died tliere, Au- 
gust 7, I7.")7. He Avas the father of Rev. Daniel Fo«]-g', 
Fpiscopal minister of BrookHn, Conn't. 

(20) XI. Jeremiah, b IVIay 24, 1712, ora(hiated at Harvard 

Colleij^e in J7i}0, m Elizabeth, daug-htcr of Rev. Jo- 
sejih Parsons, of Salsbury, Mass., .luly 17, 17-i'.>, w;is 
settled as the lirst minister of Kensinrcton, N. II., 
Nov. 80, 1 7:37, died th<!re Dec. 1, l/dlJ, a77. Hi.^ 
Avidow died in 180(7. Tiieir children were 


(21) I. Elizabeth, baptised iAIay 1, 1740, m Hon, William 

Parker of Fxeter, N. H., and died Nov. 7, 1810, leav- 

iiifT children. 

Sarah, bajitiscd June 24, 1742, died Doc. 2!), 171)9. 

Mary, baptised JAn. 17, 1744, died Nov. 28, 1828. 

An infant son, AuL;-ust8, 1740, died same day, 
Jeremiiih, baptised Oct. 22, 17 t:>, died IMay 2!'), 1808. 

Joseph, ba])tised April 22, 1758, died Apr. 17, 1822. 
William, baptised May'4, 1755, died Anir. 17, 1817. 

(28) VIH. Daniel, b Apr. 0, 1759, was a Ph3'sician in Braintree, 

Mass., died there A])r. 28, 1880, 

(29) IX. John, baptised Feb. 2(1, 17(>4, died March 5, 18](). 
Oftiiese lamilies,.chihlren and desceinhints of Sanmel Vo^J:;^ 

(2), Soth Fog;!" (ji^ ), and James Foii'y (^1, we have no further 
delinite accouni, but tliey seem to have spread themselves over 
a considerable portion of New Enijland and some other parts 
of the country. .^ 

Daniel Foff^r (fj), son Samuel (1), Avas ahoul 12 years of age, 
at the time of l!t ; death of his father in Hampton, subsequent- 
ly he learned thj trade of a Rhick'sniith, and soon after settled 
at Black Point, in Scarborough, M-^., Avherc it is supposed 
he married Hannah Libby about 1(J81, and Avhcire he received 













i (tG(i FA.^ULY, 

.several f};Tuiit.s of land of the town. He lotl Scarborouiili at 
tiie breakiiii^ up of tiiat-tiettloiricnt by iJic Indians, ;ibout li')\^0. 
Ho then returned and soltloil in I'ortsinoutli, N. II., as tradi- 
tion aay^, on an Island belon^^ing- to that town, in Piscataqua 
lliver, wliere ho remained until about .1700, when he removed, 
and settled in Kittery, (no\\^ Eliot), on a farm by him then 
])urc]iasod adjoining- the lliver, between Fnmk's and Watt's 
Forts, ^vhicll is still in possession of his descondants. Here he 
resided until the thne of his death, in l/.");"), ao-cd [)') years. — 
He was one of the seven original members of the Congrega- 
tional Church in Eliot, at its organization, June 2'2, 1721. His 
M'ife died between 1730 and 1733. His children were 


(30) I. Hannah, b (sujjposed) in Scarborough, about llIB;), m 
John Rogers of Eliot, May 21, 1704, and has nrany 
,/ descendants. 

^ (31) II. Daniel, b (supposed) in Scarborough, ;ibout 1088, m 
Anne Hanscom of Eliot, July 30, 1715, had four 
children in Eliot, viz. Samuel, b June 1, 1710, Anne, 
b Feb. 10, 1718, Hannah, b Nov. Ti, 17r.>, and Reu- 
ben, b June r, \722, and then removed with his 
family and settled in Scarbort)ugh, Me. 
(32)111. Mary, b as is supposed in Portsmouth, about 1090, 
m William IJrooks of Eliot, Aug. 1 1, 1701), died prior 
to 1747, and has many descendants. 

(33) IV. Rebecca, b in Portsmouth, abcHit 1092, m Joseph 

Pilsbury in 172(), died at her brother James' house 
about 1780, left children. 

(34) y. Sarah, b in Portsmouth about 1094, m Thomas Hans- 

com of Eliot, Jan. I, 1715, and Iris many descendants. 

(35) VI. John, b in Portsmouth about I(i9(i, m Mary Hans- 

com Sept. 30, 1725, settled in Scarborough, Me., and 
lell descendants. 
i'3(j) VII. Joseph, b as is supposed in Portsmouth about lt)98, 
' ' m S.u-ah Hill January 13, 1725, he settled hi Scarbo- 

rough, Me., leil no children. 

(37) VIII. Seth, b hi Eliot Dec. 1701, m Mary Pickernale 

Nov. 28, 1727, settled in Scarborough, Me., has de- 

(38) IX. James, b March 17, 1704, m Elizabeth Fernald, 

eldest daughter of Dea. James and JNIary Fernald of 

FOGU FAlMll.Y, 7 

Kittery, October 2-i, l?-28. She was born Sep. 8, 
.170(j. They lived in Kittery, (now Eliot,) on his t'u- • 
ther's farm, in a house built by Ins l)rother Daniel, and 
died there Dec. 24, 1787, a 8lJ. His wife died about 
17(j(). She is spoken of as liavinof been of a remarka- 
bly mild and benevolent disjjosition. His cliildriMi 


(30) T. James, b June 23, J731, (8!).) 

(-10) II. Mary, b Feb. 21, 1734, m James l^mery of Eliot, Ju- 
ly 4, 1752. She died about 1759, leaving three chil- 

(41)111. Elizabeth, b Sept. 2, 1737, m Nathaniel Libbey of 
Berwick, in 17(53, and has descendants there. 

(42) rV. Anne, b March 2, 173'J, m John Tobey of Eliot, in 
17()7, she died 178i.l, a 48, leaving two daughters. 

.(43) V. Hannah, b July 24, 1741, was not married, lived with 
lier brother John, and died there, of an apoplectic 
tit, Dec. 10, 1819, a 78. 

(44) VI. Eunice, b Nov. 12, 1743, m dipt. Josiah Stajdes, 

settled in Berwick, died there, and left descendants. 

(45) VII. Joseph, b Feb. 12, 1745, (71.) 

(4()) VI 11. Abigail, b about 1747, died at about two or three 
years of ago. 

(47) IX. John, b Sejjt. 17, 1750, (48.) 

(48) X. Daniel, b Sept. 24, 1752, died young. 

John Fogg, (47), son of James (38,) married Abigail 
Leighton, daughter of Dea. William Leighton, Oc^t. 
17, J77(). She was born Friday, April 8, 1757. lie 
lived at his father's house and farm in Eliot, and died 
there April 8, 1827, a nearly 77, his widow died of 
dysentery Sept. 27, 1840, a 83. Their children were 


(49) I. Abi'i-ail, b Dec. 22, 1777, was not married, died of 

dropsy, March 22, 1825, a 48. 

(50) II. Elizabeth, b Feb. 27, 1780, m Nathaniel Ilanunond, 

Nov. 28, 1799. He wash Jan. 17, 1775, and died 
Sept. (), 1842, she has 5 children, James, Abigail, 
Elizabeth, John, and Susan. 

(51) III. John, b Feb. 8, 1783, (57.) 


(52) IV. Mary, b Aujt. 23, 1785, m Sanuiol Kennanl,of Eliot, 

March 17, J8I4. Ho was b Sept. KJ, 178(), they s;4- 
tlcd in Litchticld, IN. 11., and have live rfunsj uud [Wo 
dauohtor.s. j , 

(53) V. .lames, b July 21, I78H, died ofdyseiitery Oct. 25, 

171)8, a 10. 

(54) VI. William, b Nov. 3, 17!)0, ((id.) 

(55) VII. Josej^li, b March 3, 1793, lives on his lather's t'anii 

in liliot, is not married. 
(5(j) VIll. Nancy, b March 21), 17!»5, is not married, lives 
with lier brotlier .lose|)h in. Eliot. 

(57) IX. Blariam, b Oct. 5, ]7!>7, in Nathaniel Kennard, Doc. 

2«), 1825. He was born May 3, 17!)8, and died of 
dysentery Sept. 10, 1848, a 50. SJie lias t\v<; sons 
and one daughter. 
JohnFoo-g- (51,) s(m of John (47,) married Mary Staples 
March 28, 1805, she was born July 30,1780. He 
resided oft a part of liis father's farm where he died 
Aug. i), 1835. His children are 


(58) I. Nathaniel, b Dec. 19, 1805, died of a fever in Cam- 

bridge, Sept. 21), 1830, unmarried. 
(5i)) II. Elizabeth, b April 28, 1808, is not married. 
((10) HI. Mary, b April 22, 1810, m Jay W. Upham, of Rye, 

N. H., Sept. 2i), 1832. has one son and one daugiiter. 
((il) IV. Abigail,'b Aug. 10, '1814. 

(02) V. Ann Maria, b March 3, 1817, m Hammond Libby, in 

1838, has one son and one daughter. 

(03) VI. James, b Jan. 3, 1820, died of consumption, May 

1847, not married. 

(()4) VII. Caroline, b Sej)t. 17, 1822, died of consumption, 
Aug. 1, 1842, not married. 

(05) VIII. Paulma, b May 1820, m Doct. Lindley M. Willis, 
July 15, 184J). 

(00) IX. Augusta, b Dec. 7, 1828, died of consumption Nov. 
10, 1841), not married. 
William Fogg (54.) son of John (47,) married 1st Betsey 
Deed Hill (17,) only child of Sanmel and llebok- 
ah Hill, June 10, 1821. Slie was bom Aug. 1), 171)0, 
and died of consumption Jan. 24, 18l(>. He married 
for liis second wife M(.'hitable Plummer Moody, 
daughter of Ikadstreet Moody, Esq. of Sanbornton, 



N. II., Anfr. ;50, I84(). She was bom April 59, 17!?8. 
IJe resides on a part of his father's furiii in Eliot, his 
cliildreii, all by his lirst wife, were 


(07) 1. One son b and died May l(i, 1822. 

((i8) II. Ann Rebekah, b Jan. 12, 1824, died of consnmption 

cansed by scrofula, An<r, 10, LSI:}, unmarried. 
((i!l) III. John Sanmel Hill, b May 21, 182(i, u-raduated at 

Bowdoin Colle<re, in 184(1, and at the Boston Medical 

Colleiie in 1850, ni Sarah Gordon, of Soutli Her\vicl< 

July fl, 1850. 

(70) IV. Joseph William, b Feb. IS, 1821), died IMarcli 2, 

182!», a l>i days. 

(71) V. William Ansyl, b May 31, 18:^2. 

Josei)h Foog- (45.) son of James (38,) married Mary Lit- 
tlclield of Wells, in 1771, they settled in Jierwick, 
he died there suddenly, Hept. 30, 1807, a (12, his wid- 
ow died subsequently. His children were 


(72) I. Joseph, b Feb. 0, 1772,(70.) 

(73) II. Daniel, b Au"-. 20, 1778, m Peggy Ilodgdon, July 4, 

171)9. lie settled in Berwick, and died there, A])ril 
22, 1823, left several children, as Eliza, Joseijh, 
Mary, Abigail, and Ebenezer. 

Jane, b May 10, 1770, in David Ilodgdon of Ber- 
wick, Feb. 10, 1804, died April 10, 1847, and lell 
several children. 

•James, b Aug. 10,' 1781, m Olive Ilodgdon Nov. 20, 
180(), lived at his father's house in lierwick, \\here he 
died April 18, 1817, leaving one daughter, Betsey. 
Isaac, b Nov. 13, 1783, in Susannah Hayes of Ber- 
wick, Sept. 17, 1807. They settled in Limerick, Me.- 
and died there, leaving several cldldren, viz : Josei)li 
who died young, Isaac, Edinond, Hiram, Eliza, and 
Joeeph Fogg (72,) son of Josejjh (45,) married Phebe 
lIayes°of Berwick, Dec. 1, 1791, and settled in Ber- 
wick near his father's house. He was a farmer and 
house carpenter, he died there March 4, 1827. — 
Their children were 

(74) III. 

(75) IV. 
^70) V. 



(77) I. Samli, b Feb. 28, 179.5, ni Peletiah Slioroy, F<;b. 21, 

1HJ8, and settled in Industry, Mc, letl several chil- 

(78) II. Phebe, b May 11, 1708, m Moses M. Twainbly, 

March 20, 1817, and settled in Berwick, has several ,* 

(79) III. Rebecca, b May 31, 1800, m Joshua Conant, of Al- 

fred, I\L\, and has children. 

(80) IV. John, b Sept. 2."), 1802, died of consumption while a 

student of medicine, April 15, 1821), unmarried. 

(81) V. Jane, b March 24, 1805, died of cunsumptioji, Oct. 

8, 1825, unmarried. 

(82) VI. INlercy, b June IG, 1807, died of consumption, June 19, 

1824, uiunarried. 

(83) VII. Joseph, b Dec. 10, 1809, (8().) 

(84) VIII. lliram, b 1812, resides in China, unmarried. 

(85) IX. James, b Oct. 28, 1814, graduated at Bowdoin Col- 

lege, in 1840, is an attorney at law, resides in Bos- 
ton, in Mary Fales. 
(SC)) X. William, b 1817, m Elizabeth Perkins, is a merchant 
in Boston. 
Joseph Fogg (83,) son of Joseph (72,) m Sarah Rogers^ 
daughter of Dea. George Rogers, of Alfred, Me. 
Jan. 2, 1838, they reside in Berwick. Their chil- 
dren are 
(87) I. Catharine Rogers, b Sept. 1, 1839. 
ISS) II. George Hiram, b Aug. 1, 1843. 
(89) III. Sarah Jane, b Nov. 24, 1848, died May 5, 1850. 

James Fogg (39,) son of James (38,) married Anne Reniick,- 
in 175(5. The incidents, which it is said led to their ac([ua]nt- 
ance were somewhat romantic. She resided on what is called 
Eliot Neck, near the margin of the river. As he was passing iir* 
a Boat up the Piscataqua one mouii-light summer evening, his 
attention Avas arrested by the sound of the voices of a group 
of young females near Die banks of the river, who were ser- 
enading the people as they passed on the river; the charms 
of the voice of one in particular forcibly impressed his atten- 
tion, who on subsequent enquiry appeared to be IVIiss Remick; 
at which thne a more intimate acquaintance commenced, which 
ultimately led to their marriage. She is said to have been re- 
markable in her youth for her personal attractions, and in later 


rcniti I'.vMii.Y. 


vcars for tliscrclitin, (corioiiiy, and b('rl(J^ (jIc rirc, fnid all tin? 
Various duties of a w'lU: and a nutllnT. 'I'lify joined llit; 
church in Horwick, where llioy had settUd, in I78J. k^.hc died 
ihcic Ai)ii!, 17^^'}. lie married ior his second wife uidou Mary 
Tuandjlv, ahout ISl'O. lie died in \\'uirsburon<ih, N. 11., 
while on a vi;;il to his daughler, in IHCo. a 7o. Hi.-.- chiUlrm, 
all bv his lint w il'e, ueic 

, rii'iii i;j:M:KA'n(>.v. 

(1)0) I. Marl.-, b in I'diot, .lid\ IT). 1757, ni 1st llmiico 1'\t- 
nald. March 'Jo, I7br). and '^'dMajy Keay, he setleld 
in \\dll"-'b(jron<;Ji, IN', n. lie had by his first wife 
three children, Aiine, Jolni, and, and li\e chil- 
dren by his second. 

(91) II. Ainie,"b Jan. 'IS. 17<ii. \n Stephen Randcll, of Ber- 
wick, Dec. i;t, 17^1, died June I, J?.'.', left three 

(OQ) III. James, b Se|)t. Jt*, l7(;-">, m Sarah Keay, and settled 
in Lebanon, Me,, died there Jan. !>, 17;)!i, a ^^^Ij, leiu- 
iii'i' three children, Hariy,,J*eler, ami .lajues. 

(r<3) TV. Klizabcth, b A])ril 2<i, I7(i5, died in 1 77(^, unmarried. 

ilU) V. Jo.^eph, b Fob. 8, J7(i7, m Jst Maiy llaiiHiiond of 
.Eliot, March 10, 17!J1, and :lM L) dia Keav, of iicr- 
wick, he settled lirst in VV^jlfsborou^i-h, N. II., and 
then in tin; (^astern ])art of Maine. He had seven 
children, two by his iirst wife, Sarah, (who is the w ile 
of William Weymouth, i'^sci. of NcjrUi lierwick,) and 
Mary, anil live by his second. 

(95) VI. John, b March, 7, I7(i9, was drowned in (Jnicjn Riv- 
er, Me., in 1781. 

(9G) VII. Susannah, b April '29, 1771, m Aaron Chick, oi 
Berwick, July 25, 179;}, had two children and died 
Dec. 28, 1797, a 2(J. 

(97) VIII. Mary, b Oct. I'i, 1773, m Love Keay, of Berwick, 
and settled in Wcdtsborouoh, N. II., and died there 
Sept. 11, 1811, a 38, leavino- live children. 

(98) IX. Snnon, b Feb. 8, 1777, m Lydia Felch, and sottloc) 
in Lnnerick, Me. has ten children. 

(99) X. I'^li/.abeth, b May 27, 1779, m James Brackett, ami 
had two sons and three daunhters. 

(100) XI. Levi, b March 2, 1783, m Mary Perkins, and set- 
tled in Brunswick, ]\Ic. and has live chihh-en. 




TnKRK were several persons by the name of Ifii.r, in Kliot 
prior to 1700, one of whom was Samuki. IIili,. It is su|)])OS- 
od that he was a native of the place, and that he was a son of 

(I) Joseph Hill, who is snpposed to have come into the town 

as early as 1()70 or '80. From Avhut place he caine 
is not known; it is snpposed that all by that name in 
town descended from him. 
{*2) 8anmel is snpposed to have been born abont 1(!S0, and 
died abont 1745; liis witc's name was Mary. lie 
A\as one of the original members of tlie Con^Ti^n-ation- 
ul Chnrch in Eliot, in 17'^!. His children were 


{]]) 1. Elizabeth, b Nov. 14, 1717, m Downing Woodman, 

Oct. '^, 17;}(). 

(4) II. Sanniel,.b Dec. 12,1719. 
(5)111. Benjamin, b March 2:i 1721. 
(()) IV. Nelson, b Dec. 31, 1724. 

(7) V. Joseph, b Jnne 30, 1727 (12) 

(8) VT. Geor^re, b May 15, 1730, d Oct. 23, 173(), a G. 
(!)) VII. Catharine, b March (), 1732. 

(10) VIII. Temperance, b Dec. 28, 1735, d Oct. 25, 173(;, a K 

(II) IX. Mary, b abont 1738, m Francis Smith of Dover, 

Feb. 12, 17(;i. 
(12) X. .lohn,b about 1740. 

Joseph Hill, (7) son of Samuel (2), m Catharine Staj)le.s, 
A])ril 25, 1750, and died in 1 7(1.3. His widow died 
several years subse<piently. His clnldren ncrc 











KOL'L rn t;L.\i:K ATio \. 

I. N'.;lsnn, b April '215, 11/^)7), w .is s-v\>;-;il j-aar.s a s,)l,li(^r 

in llii} ]-.''V(jUihoM iry Army, m a Mi-i Abhi^l, iiinl set- 
tled in SanturJ, Mo., wlierc lio (IumI, uii'l lol't .sivcral 

II. I'jleiior, b May 4, ]/.')7, lii .loliii (Jowell, {■aiA >^'itled 
in Minot, jMc. 

lil. .faille,^, b ?Nuv. K;. I7t;0, 1.1 Sally, .binabtt;- of C'bris- 
tojdif'r lIciniriKind. I'^'b. II, I7fv. He li\- -d ;;nd died 
ill llliot, wbcrc widow Mary l'\)'j"<j llo^v lj\es, lei\ in^r 
one son, J Jill', 5, V. bo sfiijed in IbTv.ieh. llis\\ldo\v 
snbso(]nr-nlly, l'V:b. '27, i7:>'2, ui W^ilh.iin olaples ot" 

IV. Saimiol, b Snpt. '2'2, 1 7*1:5, sr^rv.^d on-j yoar (iVorii .In- 
ly, 1771), to Sept. I7(rx),) in tlr; rovubitioniry invy, on 
board ibo sbip yiV/,Ji^'t7*, nntil ^ captined. Ib^ 
111 Ivobckab, dano-bter of Hcnjaniin Keiiiiric. ( )i-t. 10. 
]7o!). Sill! ^\as born A[i<j;. 7, I7iil, and died of 
(diolic, Jan. 27, IH-IH, u 87. 1 le dn.-d of u fever .hine' 
4, IH'24, a ()l. Ifo lived in I^lliot, ulrro Jubn Slnp- 
lei'/li now lives. He lot"t on<: din^liti :-, 

1. Hetsey Deed Hill, mIio was b Ann-. <», J7;»{j. in Wil- 
liam "l^in^- (51), .lime 1(1, I.S21. 

Benjamin Hill, wbo is snpposed to Inve been a brotlp'r of 
Simiud l.fill ("2), in Mary, dann-bter of iVndrew S<^,J, 
Jan. 1"2, i7-2»;. Tbeir cbildren were 


I. Jobn, b Doc. 1-2, 17-27 (;{0). 

II. Enniee, b Nov. (i, 17;iO. 

III. Mary, b Jnly '2U, I7:ri 

IV. .lames, b Dee. 20, 17;H, m S trab CoHin, 17ii0. 

V. Carliarine, b Nov. (>, 17.'}."). 

VI. I'Mi/.abetb, b M iv 1.5, 17:58. 
Vn. J5enianiin, b Dec. -24, 17:51). 

VIII. Abi<>-ail,b Mtrcb '2(), 1741, d yonn;2. 
rX. Andrew, b Dec. 1 I, 17 I '2, d six inonlbs old. 
X. Andi-eiv, b April :], 174 1. 

XL Abin-;iil, b Sept. L>-2, 174."), m E/.ra Moody of New- 
bury, I7(Irt. 

XII. Daniel, b April 2, 1748, d Nov. C, 1749. 

XIII. Anne, b Nov. 1-2, 1750. 



.luliii Ilill (IS), fr'Oii of i»:Mii:uiiiii, HI fir.-it, Tlli/.abr-tli, ('liicst 
(1 ni'jhtcr ot' S r.micl i-'cr^Urioii, in IT^ti'r. rlu) d Fi'U. 
' '2, I/.")!!, ][(' 111 lor liis secoiul \'.il"i', M;iil)i;i, daiinli- 

t or lit' K('\ . .lulm lvo;2,'Oi"ri. Ill ITlir) ; t^lK' was b .liim^ 
I !, !/;):{, iin:l d Ni.\-. !», 17>-'8. ifc was <! Uunicr. aiid 
Jux'd wJiore J)v.'a. John Jlill now li\os. lli.i cliildrL'ii 

roi iiTii ci;m.i:atio.\. 

[:]]) 1. l>oisJ) :day 'Jit, 1757,111 .lanirs narllcfl, :Jay ;50, 

I7i^'i; has nriiiv (h'^sccndaiils. 
{•.Vl) n. ];ii7.ahulli, h Jan. 15, 1751), d \ov. 15, 175I>. 

IjV his second wife, 
(.•lo) Hi. .lolMi,"ha|)lisud Juno, I7(i7 (;].^^. 
(:{|) IV. Kli/.ahetli, l)a})li.s;.-d Feb. lit, 17(1:). 
(;{5) \'. (' illiariiif, baplised .lul\- 15, 1770, ui Si('])hcn Fiir- 
iiish of l'l]i(jt, April 'io. 171*7. Slic v,as tlu,' niolhcr 
of JoM'|(h {''urbish iind (jllu'r ciiildren. 
{'.]i\) VI. Mary, baptised A iiir. 2:i. 1 77-.>. 

(;57) Vll. Si rail, May H, 1771, in Docf,. Win. D. 
Moodv of York, Jan, [), Ic^oO, si'Ulcd in tin; statu of 
i\ow Vork. 

(as) vm. 

John ITill (3;^.) son of John (18), m Eunice, dauchlor of 
Kcnben Libby, March 17, I71M; she was b Aie.r. 2."{, 
I77U, and d J'V'b. J I, IH50, a HO. J lis childn i/ure 

I'irTM (.i:.\i;i;A'n(».\. 

',][)) 1. John Row, b May "S-i, .1707, in Oner Jleniick, and re- 
sides in ]lliot. 
-10) II. William, 1) Voh. 8, 170!), m and resides in North 

l)er\vi(d<, and has children. 
■11) III. I)ani(l, b iMarch 7, 1801, in Hli/.abeth, daun-hier of 

(lideoii Libbey, lives in Eliot, on the North roail, and 

has tdiildren. 
12) IV. Oliver, b Auy. 18, 18!):}. m and lives in Berwick, is 

a tanner. 
4;{) V. iOliza Jane, h Feb. 1(5, 1800, ni Alexander Shaplcigh, 

Nov. 11, 18:UJ, and Ins children. 
44) VI. Asi Alvin, b Feb. Tt, 1808, m Olivo !>. l^eeman of 

^'ork, m 1810. 
'15) Vil. Mutha, b Juno 11, 1813, d about ISM, unmarried. 



(1) Mu. William Moody, the i)riiicij)iil proireiiitor of the 

iiiuiie in New Eiio-land, cuiue, accordiiin; to tlie bodt 
nccounts that can be obtained, from Wales, in 1()33. 
He wintered in Ipswich, in 1(!34, and removed to 
Newbury witli the tirst settlers of the jdice, in the 
sprinn- of UKJ'). Tradition asserts that they hmded 
on the north bank of the river, about one hundred 
rods below the spot where tlie bridi2;e now stands. 
Here Mr. Moody was admitted a freeman, and re- 
ceived a fvrant of ninety-two acres of land. He, as 
well as his three sons, was of considerable note, both 
in the ecclesiastical and civil atfairs of the town. 
The names of William, hjanuiel, and Caleb IMoody, 
often occur in the various committee's of the church, 
from which Ave may inier that they were not ordy 
])ious men, but also possessed nuich practical wisdom 
and i^cneral intellin-cnce. There is a tradition that 
William Moody was a Blicksmitli, and that he was 
the first ])erson in New Eiinlund who adopted the 
})ractice of shoeing oxen to enable them to walk on 
ice.* His wife's name Avas Sarah. His children were 


(2) I. Samuel, b about 1030, (4). 

(3) H. Joshua, b in \a\% (M). 

(4) HI. Caleb, b in 1G37, (14). And probably some female 

Samuel Moody (2), son of William (1), m Mary Cuttin^r, 
Nov. I), 11157, he died in Newbury April 4, 11175, and 
his widow subsequently married Daniel Lunt. His 
children Avere 

'^'Mood»' Family, 




(5) I. Mary, b Nov. 16, 1(J58, d youiij)-. 
(G) n. William, b July :ti, ICtil. 

(7) III. S;ira, b June 20, lliUa, m Cupt. Hugh March, March 


(8) IV. Mary, b Feb. 18, 1G(]5, in Henry Sonierby, June 20,1 

({>) V. Lydia, b Aug. 5, 1GG7. 

(10) VI. Haiuiah, b Jan. 4, 1G70. 

(11) VII. Samuel, b Dee. lG7i. He was orandtatlier of Rev. 

.lohn Moody, lirst minister of Newmarket, N. H., and 
great grandfather of Rev. Amos Moody, minister of 
Pelliam, N. H., and grandfather of Rev. Joshua 
Moody of Star Island. 

(12) VIIT. Cutting, b April U, 1G74. 

(13) IX. William, 

Joshua Moody (3), son of AVilliam (1), graduated at Har- 
vard College, in 1G53, and was orduined as the hrst 
congregational minister of Portsmouth, N. H., in 1G71, 
where ho had {)reviously been some years j)reaching, 
and was subsecjuently minister of the lirst clmrcli in 
Boston, from May 23, 1G84, till 1G!»2, and died in 
Boston, July 4, IG97, in the Gr)th year of his age. He 
Avas greatly opj)osed to the lanaticism, which in his 
time prevailed relating to W^itchcratt. He ranked 
- high among the puritan ministers of those times. He 
married, it is said, first a Collins, and second widow 
Ann Jacobs, of I|)swich, A\ho survived him. One of 
his dauglitcrs named JNIartha, married Rev. Jonathan 
Russell, of Barnstable. Another, Sarah, married 
Rev. John Pike, of Dover, N. 11. His son Sanmel 
Moody, graduated at Harvard College, in 1G8!>, and 
was settled as minister of NeMcastle, N. H., and was 
subsequently a military officer at Falmouth, Me. He 
was grandfather of Joshua JNIoody, Fscp, and Doctor 
Samuel Motjdy of Portland, Me. 

Caleb Mootiy (4), son of William (1), married Sarah Peirce, 
Aug. 24, 1G5'J, w4io died Aug. 25, ItJG."). He married 
for his second wife Judith BnHlbury, Nov. i), 1GG5, 
who died Jan. 24, 1700. He died in Newbury, Aug. 
25, 1698, a Gl. His children nerc 


ftrOUDY lA.MILr. 




15) I. Daniel, b April '1, 1()()2, in Elizabeth Soiiierby, Marclj 

^IG) 11. Sara, b July 2^i, l(>(il, m Sylvanus Pluiuiner, Jan. 
18, l{i&>. 

III. (^alob, b Sept. 9, IGOii, ('21.) 

IV. TlionuKS, b Oct. W, l(i(J8, m Judith Halo, and liaJ 
several children. 

V. Judith, 1) Sei)t. 23, IGfii), d at Salsbiuy, Jan. '27, IGTO, 

VI. Joslnia, b Nov. M, KiTI, in Mary CJreenleal' in IGDlJ, 
had several chihiren. 

William, b Dec. 15, 1G73 








VIII. Samuel, b Jan. 4, l()7G, n-raduuted at Harvard Col- 
leg-e in 1G!>7, was ordained the ininiister ot" tlie tirst 
Parisii in York, Me., De<;. 17(10. He married Han- 
nah, only daugliter of John Sewall, of Newbury, who 
died at Verk, Jan. 2!>, 1728, a 51. He died there, 
Nov. 13, 1747. He was celebrated f(^r bis talents, 
piety, and excentricities. He was tlie father of Uev. 
Josepli Moody of the second Parish in Y'ork. .y/} /. 

IX. Mary, b Oct. 23, 1G78, m Joseph^^^S^m 1700. ^ a^-^ 

X. Judith, b Feb. 12, ]G83. 

Caleb Moody (17,) son of Caleb (4,) married Ruth Morse, 
Dec. !), IGDO. He lived and died in Newbury. His 
children were 




T. Judith,bSep. IG, 1G!)1. ^ /^^/' ^Z ^*'"'' ''^'''^' ^^ ""^ 

II. Cahd), b about ^es^ /;^/ ^^ ^ 

III. Benjamin, b aWt JTH, (27,) and probably several '}^/ 1 / 

other children whuse names could not be obtained, k^^' idijHlc<yJ. 

Benjamin Moody (27,) son of Caleb (17,) married Anno / // 

IJradstreet, dauo-jiter of Doct. Hamplicry Ijradstreet, 
of Newbury, about ^^ He was an Elder in the 
church in Newbury, and died there Feb. 23, 1802, a 
1)1, siie died about 1775, a G5. Their children were 






FIFTH ge.m;rati().v. 

MoiH', b about 1733, m a^.lohnson, and hul children. 
Jacob, b about 1735, il of a fever, a young man un- 

III. Humphrey, b about 173^, (31.) 




(:^1) IV. Bcnja:nin, b about 1740, d of coii-sumjition, a young 

[;V2) V. S.irah, b about }7-[2, m a: Iliiso of Newbury, had 

{'V.^) VI. llurh, b about 1744, m a Introrsol of Ilavcrill, loft 

(lU) VII. Moses, b about 174(), m an Eliot of Newbury, IjaJ 
no childrfui. 
Humphrey Alooily (80,) son of Conjarnin (27,) early ro- 
nioved from Newbury to Iliverill, Miss., and marricnl 
Abiodil I'easley, diuuhtor of Col. N;illi:iniel Peasley, 
of ll;iverill, about l/f)!*, she was born May 2, 1711}. 
lie died at llaverill, about 17!);^, 
(jueutly married Doi^t. James Brick(?tt, of llaverill, 
and died about 1825, a 82. Their c.lnhlren were 


(35) I. Nathaniel P(uisley, b Sept. 13, 17()0, m and settled in 

(o()) II. Ik'ujamiu, b March 5, 17G2, m Abigail Georf^o, and 

settled in Landalf, N. 11. 

(37) III. Abiab, b AuLf. 13, I7()3, m .Tohn Coifswell, and set- 

tled in Landalf, N. 11., died about 1613, left four chiU 

(38) IV, ]\IosGs, b Jan. 22, 17G5, m Elizabeth Buckrninster. 

He was a ship mister, lived in 11 iverill, and died 
there in 1831, ids widow died in Franklin, N.ll., in 
June 1848, iiavinir had 11 cbildreu. 
(30) V. Martha, b Oct. 15, 17(jt), m Cileb Richards of Atkin- 
son, N. IT. She died about 1845, a 7!>, liavin(>- had 
five children. 

(40) VI. Jacob, b Sept. 15, 17()8, m Mary Lougeo. lie set- 

tled iirst at Landalf, N. II., and then removed to 
Hearsmont, Me. 

(41) VII. Uridstreet, b July 25, 1770, (43.) 

(42) VIII. Willium, b July 25, 1772, graduated at Dartmouth 

Col leo-o, in 171)8, married Harriet Brooks. He fol- 
lowed tbo business of teaching. Ho settled first in 
Portland, Me., and thence removed to BiUimore, Md. 
where he died of cholera, in 1833, having had a fam- 
ily of ten or eleven children. 

(43) IX. Abigail, b Juno PJ, 1774, m Dea. Dearbourn San- 






bourn, of Franklin, N. II., and (lied thero Auf^ust 17, 
18-U), Icavbi'^r lu) children, lie died Dec. 2% 184.'^. 
Jradstreet Moody (4i;) son of lluiiipiiray (150,) served an 
ai)prenticeshij) at the blacksmith basint;.ss in New- 
bury Port, atlcr which he early removed to Said)onrn- 
tonj N. 11. , where he commenced bui^iness. lie mar- 
ried Kdnar Gale, eldent daui^hter of Stephen (Jale, 
Esq., of that place, April X>-1, IT'J'i. She was born 
Sept. 5, 177'^. lie died at Sanbornton, .Ian. II, 
IH-T), a C>t), his widow died at lirookfiehl, N. 11., .lunc 
15, Iri'M, a(!l. He carried on the i)usiness of iron 
foundry in Sanbornton, lioc and scythe; ma kino;, and 
oil m ikino-, very extensively, and was also mucJi em- 
ployed inluisness for the town and county, and was 
seven years a niend)er of the New Ilampslm-e Legis- 
Their children (all born at Sanbornton) wore 


(41) L Stephen, b Sopt. 1, 17iJ;i He jrruduated at Dart- 
mouth (Jidlco-e, in 1810, read law whli, and taught 
a fimily school for Judge Laumias of Fredericksburg, 
Virginia, where he was athaitted to the barand j)rac- 
ticeTl law a short time, thvn to improve his feeble 
healtii, he comuienced a voy.ige to South Aiuerica, 
but died of consumption on his pissige thither in .Ian.. 
1823, and was buried on the Island of St. Thouias. 
lie was not nuirricHl. 

(45)11. Saraii, b Feb. '2, I7!)5, mlirst Sanmel IJellows, Jan. 
18, 4813, removed to Plainheld, N. II., llience to 
Clarcniont, N. 11., where ho died, she then returned 
to Sanbornton, where she married isuic Kimball, 
about 1832, and settled in Lowell, M iss., she had 
four children by her first husband, Tracia, George, 
Charles, and Mary Ann, and one Sarah, by her sec- 
ond husband. 

(40) III. Al)igail Teasloy, b Sept. 28, 17iHJ. She was several 
yeai-s an eminent instructress, and died of consump- 
tion in Sinliorufon, March <), 1818, a ti2, unuiu-ried. 

(47) IV. Mehitable Plu.umer, b AprU '2\), 171)8. She was^an 
Histructress, taught most of the lime from 1817 to 
184tj, principally in Newhunpshire, some in Maine, 



and five years at Bustloton and Bristol, in Pennsyl- 
vania. She married W^illiam Fo^^-g (•'j^;) <jt Kliut 
Aii<T. 80, 1H1(), liiis no children. 

(48) V. Phehe, b Dec. '25, J/!)'), ni first Nathaniel Hayes, of 
Milton, N. IL, (a cousin,) July 18.'il, and settled in 
Brooktield, N. H., -where he died of consumption in 
iSir^. IShe married for her second husband in IKW, 
William Milton, of Rochester, N. II., and settled in 
Brewerton, N. V. Sho has in) cliildren. 

{40) VI. Brudstreet, b Sept. .'JO, IHOI. He was a Physician and 
settled in Fredericksburg-, Virginia, and died there of 
consimiption, Aug. 24, \f^27, a 2(i, immarried. 

(50) VII. William, b March JO, 1810, d suddenly March 2G, 


(51) Vlll. Eliza EdnnTyb March V2, 18P2, not married. 



,ll ■ I If x'Cf" 

■ /• i^P"' 







! J, A'w • V '' 







'TC '■ ;fcm'oi i\jt I'amilm 






*- tJ ' 

* K ^ ' 


^ ■■ 





]>IOOPY^^ J^^ 

frfOTOM Tins TIME ^^0^^ 

P^i^i v; > COTJNTBY TO THE YEAH 1850. 






Olnmmnmiipaltlj (Fitlp ©ntat (Unrnpang 






cFartima. Baaljin^tntt, 

anealogical line of Uiss GLORIA FOGG. 

• ^^-^^^ ^ogg, married Anne Shaw. 

• ?,, i^^' 1^0 gg, married Hannah Libbey. 

• TAu'^^Q ^^^i^'g.^arriod i^li^.aLeth Pornald. 
^QT^nM J,^Sg,raarried Anne Remick. 
jpJXMOJ Fogg, married Lydia Feloh, 
J SUOIJ Fogg;narried Hannrai V/ithereil Keniaton 
-K^?K^2^^^^^^^ ^ogg.married Delia iowa SJ^de!: 
■ ir^^^ yogg,married Alva Belle Kneeland. 
. OLO.aA Pogg.born March 8, 1912, Tacoma, V/aehington. 

ita supplied by l^'ranklin Fogg,Taooma, Wash.Dec. . 1913. 

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