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Full text of "A shorthand dictionary, comprising a complete alphabetical arrangement of all English words, written without vowels, adapted to all systems of shorthand writing .."

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^gslems of jSborfbanb 









THE design of this book is to assist inexperienced writers to 
read \vbat they have written, and to make the introduction of 
vowels less necessary by proficient reporters. To every one, 
however, who writes shorthand no matter what system it 
will be found useful. In plain words, it is a Dictionary ; and 

ift, as its compilation has taken more than six years of close 
3 application, and the writer throughout has had a great desire 

> for making it complete, and worthy of universal approval, he 

1 feels sure that, no matter how thoroughly practical and 

2 experienced a writer may be, it will not be undeserving of a 
place on his desk. 

ro The introduction of participles, adverbs, affixes, and other 

derivatives greatly enhances the value of the book to even the 

- most proficient shorthand writer ; some of them, however, 

~* may appear unnecessary ; but I wish to state, that in such 

instances they are given to show that the arranged characters 

ui can represent no other word. Thus, after PEL it might appear 

J3 unnecessary to give PELS for perils ; but PRLS also represents 


i- peerless, and other words ; if, therefore, LMTS is given after LMT 
(limit), it shows that I/MTS can only be limits. 

With, a view of making the work still more complete, it 
will be seen that it is adapted to those systems which do not 
ignore C ; nevertheless, all words beginning with C will also 



be found under S when soft, and K when hard. In addition 
to this, when C ia not an initial letter it will, in order to adapt 
the work to systems without C, be found classified according 
to its sound. Thus KCD (recede) will also be found along with 
RSD. In point of fact, I have nob been deterred by difficulties, 
intricate and Inextricable as many of them appeared, from 
making the work really acceptable. A common dictionary 
could not be made the basis of compilation, because, whilst the 
omission of vowels rendered the classification entirely distinct, 
the changing of C into S or K, to accommodate all systems, 
also made such distinction all the more unique. The following 
examples will illustrate the transference of C into K or S : 

CLR KLR colour. 

LCTR LKTR lecture. 

PLCD PLSD placid. 

PLNC PLNS opulence. 

It will therefore be seen that the changing of C into S or K 
alters the classification of a word, not merely when C is the 
initial letter, but also when it is the second, third, or last. I 
have, however, not thought it necessary to change C, if, not- 
withstanding such change, the word occupied a contiguous 
position ; for example, I have not written RPRDS (reproduce) in 
addition to RPRDC, there being no more words following with 
RPRD, and a duplicate contiguous spelling would be superfluous. 
(See introduction to letter C.) 

With respect to the want of a shorthand dictionary, some 
of the troubles and difficulties of a junior or occasional reporter 
are given in a work entitled " The Young Reporter." It is 
said that a young man, who was sent to take a report of a 
meeting, fouud himself so unable to afterwards read what he 
had written, that he flung his book into the river, and told his 
principal ho had unfortunately left it in a cab. Another 


gentleman, who, in the pressure of business, was sent on a 
similar errand, was no more heard of, till it was reported that 
he was doing well in America. But a third gentleman was so 
deeply impressed with a sense of his incompetency for reading 
his notes, that, rather than face the editor, he went out and 
hanged himself. I well remember my own troubles when I 
began to report for the press, and many weary hours of the 
night have I spent in transcribing notes for the want of a book 
like this, which to me would then have been worth its weight 
in gold. In fact, it requires time and practice to familiarize 
the mind with words divested of such important sounding 
letters as vowels ; for instance, I well remember the anxiety of 
mind I experienced because I could not make out what word 
an eminent M.P. had used in an after-dinner speech, which, in 
my note-book, was represented by PLGS. I had to leave it to a 
later contemporary to inform the hon. member's constituents 
that he did not think it necessary to apologize in reference to a 
certain vote in the House. I did not lose my situation, but I 
dare not say what the consequence was. How many tales of 
this kind can an elderly member of the "Fourth Estate" 

Doubtless much of a junior's perplexity arises from indis- 
tinct writing; but it must be admitted, that even when 
characters are properly formed, they are not always easily read, 
and for this reason thousands of business men who have 
acquired the ability for writing a little shorthand have had to 
" give it up." Yet shorthand must be of great value to pro- 
fessional and commercial men. It requires, for instance, 
twenty-one distinct strokes of the pen to write such a word as 
streams, and no less than seven for every Jt that is written. 

It is, however, now admitted, that shorthand is indispen- 
sable in every large business establishment, and this has given 
rise to the oft-repeated question, " Which is the best system ?" 

viii PREFACE. 

My answer to this question is alwaj r s, " That which is most 
easy to acquire." Proficiency does not depend so much on the 
system used as the ability for using it. dell's, or Taylor's 
Improved, which are substantially the same, are, I believe, 
most used by newspaper reporters. This is probably owing to 
their being so easy to write and so ready to acquire. Great 
efforts have recently been made to bring Mr. Pitman's system 
of phonography into more general use, and, when acquired, it 
is probably an excellent system. Mr. Melville Bell, however, 
has introduced a new system of phonetic shorthand as an 
improvement on Pitman's. There may yet be others, but care 
must be taken that, in aiming at making a system short, it is 
not made long. I must confess that some of the " improved 
phonetics" have a very wriggled appearance, and the multitude 
of details with which they are burthened must greatly militate 
against their general adoption for public use. The fact is, 
Pitman's system of phonography, like OdelFs stenography, 
will be a sort of central basis for many others, round which 
they will revolve like so many satellites, the writers of a 
phonetic style preferring sound as their guide, and those who 
follow Odell, complacently relying on the readiness of a simple 
and uniform plan. 




THIS being the first consonant in the English alphabet, it the first letter in all systems of shorthand. As the 
initial letter of words, it is only superseded in point of numbers 
by C, S, P, and D (the latter about 350); but it is almost 
entirely initiative, for there is no other letter in the shorthand 
alphabet which so seldom forms a subsequent letter. In 
addition to this, there are only 136 instances in which it takes 
the initiative by dropping the preceding vowel, viz., a 70 times, 
f 3 times, i never, o 61 times, and u twice. In rapid speaking 
it is not murdered like the semi-vowels, as it cannot be sounded 
at all without prt . ing the whole length of the -lips together. 
As a rule, therefore, B gives less trouble to the reporter than 
any other letter, pi*oviding he be careful of the prefixes. 

PREFIXES. B forms the following prefixes: 62', bi-weekly ; 
/', bespoke. Ab and ob are most common in the instances 
referred to above. 


B, be, bi (bi-weekly), by, buy, 
beuu, bee, baa, bay, boy, buoy, 
ab- (abdicate) 

BB, babe, bib, bob, abbe, bub, 
baubee, ebb 

BBCS, bibaeious (this -word will 
also be found as BBS, but it 13 
highly necessary to use a sign 
for words ending with OK*) 

BBHD, babyhood 

BBL, bible, bubble, bubble, Babel 

BBLCL, biblical 

BBI.KL, biblical 

BBLB, babbler 

BBLS, bibulous, bubbles, bible?, 

babeless, ebbless, bibless 
BBX, baboon, bobbin 
BBXG, ebbing, bobbing 
BBRVT, abbreviate 
BBKVTD, abbreviated 
BBB.VTNG, abbreviating 
BBS, abbess, babes, ebbs, bubs, 

bibs, bobs, bibacious 
BBSH, babyish 
BBT, abbot 

BBTL, abbatical, abbatial 
Bar, baby, booby 
Bcii, beach, beech (wood) 




BCHLB, bac-helor 

BCHNLN, bacchanalian 

BCKD, backed 

*BciM, becalm 

BCM, become, became 

BCMNG, becoming 

BCN, beacon, bacon 

BCKB, buccaneer 

Bcs, because, Bacchus, abacus 

BD, bad, bid, bed, bud, bead, 
bade, bide, bode, bude, abide, 
abode, buoyed, body, ebbed, 

BDB, bedaub 
BDBNG, bedaubing 
BDBS, bedaubs 
BDBL, bedabble 

BDC, bodice, abduce 
BDCNT, abrlicant 
BDCT, abdicate, abduct 
BDCTN, abduction, abdication 
BDFLW, bedfellow 

BDG, badge, budge 

BDGB, badger 

BDGT, budget 

BDK, bedeck 

BDKN, bodkin 

BDKNT, abdicant 

BDKT, abdicate, abduct 

BDL, beadle 

BDLM, bedlam 

BDLMT, bedlamite 

BDLS, beadles, bodiless, bedless, 

bidless, budless, beadless 
BDLT, bodily, badly 
BDMN, abdomen, bedman 
BDMNT, bodemeut 
BDN, bidden, beaden 
BD> T G, bedding, bidding, bid ing, 

abiding, budding, aborting, 

BDNT, obedient 
BDNTL, bidental 
BDB, bidder 
BDUCY, obduracy 
BDED, bedrid 

BPBT, obdurate 

EDS, bodice, beds, bids, bodes, 

bides, abduce, bodies, abodes, 

abides, beads, buds 

BF, beef 
BFD, bifid 

BFL, befool, baffle, befall, befoul, 


BFLRS, biflorous 
BFN, buffoon 
BFNHY, buffoonery 
BFB, before, bufTer 
BFBHND, beforehand 
BFEND, befriend 
BFKS, biferous, bifarious, buffers 
BFT, befit, buffet, abaft 
BFTNG, befitting, buffeting 

BG, bag, beg, big, bag, bug, bogie 
BGBR, bugbear 

BGCT, abject, object 

BGCTB, objector 

BGCTT, objective 

BGD, begged, bagged 

BGDG, begrudge 

BGDGNG, begrudging 

BGG, baggage 

BGGB, beggar, bigger 

BGH, bough 

BGHT, bought 

BGKT, object, abject 

BGKTB, objector 

BGL, bugle, beguile, boggle, beagle 

BGLD, beguiled, boggled 

BGLH, bugler, burglar, boggier 

BGLBY, burglary 

BGLS, beagles, beguiles, bugles, 


BGMT, bigamy 

BGN, began, begin, begore, begun 
BGNG, bagging, begging 
BGNNG, beginning 
BGP, bagpipe 

BOB, abjure, beggar, bigger 
BGBD, beggared, begird 
BGKFK, biogra[>her 
BGEFY, biography 

* The c will be found written 3 K in the proper place. 




BGTZLY, beggarly 

BGBM, begrime 

BGKTX, abjuration 

BGS, begs, bags, bogs, bugs 

BGT, begat, begot, beget, bigot 

BGTL, bagatelle 

BGTN, begotten 

BGTET, bigotry 

BHD, behead 

BDF, behoof, behoove, behalf 

BHLD, behold, beheld 

BHLF, behalf 

BHJITH, behemoth 

BUND, behind 

BHH, abhor 

BHEKC, abhorrence 

BHENT, abhorrent 

BHST, behest 

BHV, behave, behove, beehive 

BK, bake, book, beak, back, beck, 


BEBNDB, bookbinder 
BKBT, backbite 
BKD, booked, baked, beaked, 


BKGMN, backgammon 
BKL, buckle 
BKLM, becalm 
BKM, became, become 
BEX, beckon, bacon, beacon 
BKNG, baking, booking, backing, 


BKNLX, bacchanah'an 
BKXB, buccaneer 
BKR, bicker, backer, baker, booker 
BKS, box, Bacchus, because, books, 

bakes, beaks, backs, bucks 
BKSLDR, backslider 
BKSLB, bookseller 
BKSM, buxom 
BKSNG, boxing 
BKSB, boxer 
BESTS, backstays 
BKT, bucket 
BK\VED, backward 
BEWEM, bookworm 
BKWST, bequest 
BKWT, ubiquity 

BK\VTH, bequeath 
BL, ball, bell, belle, bail, bull, 
blue, beal, bile, boil, Baal, bill, 
bool, able, belay, belie 
BtB, bulb, blab, blob, bleb 
BLBL, bailable 
BLBNG, blabbing, blobbing 
BLBR, belabour, blubber 
BLBKD, belaboured, blubbered 
BLBRNG, blubbering, belabouring 
BLBRS, bilberries, belabours, blub- 
BLBS, bulbous, blebs, blobs, bulbs, 


BLC, bullace 
BLCH, bleach, belch. 
BICHD, bleached, belched 
BLCHNG, belching, bleachmg 
Bicns, belches, bleaches 
BLCLE, bilocular 
BLCNT, balcony 

BLD, ballad, build, bald, bailed, 
blood, bled, blade, boiled, 
booled, bold, behold, bullied, 
bleed, belied, bleered 
BLDQN, bludgeon 
BLD HUD, bloodhound 
BLDLY, boldly, bloodily 
BLDN, bolden, beholden 
BLDKG, building, beholding, 


BLDXS, boldness, baldness 
BLDB, bladder, builder 
BLDRDSH, balderdash 

BLDSHD, bloodshed 

BLDSHT, bloodshot 

BLDY, bloody 

BLP, bailiff, belief, bluff, behalf 

BLFL, baleful 

BLFNCH, bullfinch 

BLFRY, belfry 

BLG, bilge, bulge, oblige 

BLGD, obliged, bulged 

BLGHT, blight 

BLGNG, bulging, obliging 

BLGR, beleaguer 

BLGBNT, belligerent 

BLGS, obliges, bulges 




BLOTN, obligation 

BLGTEY, obligatory 

BLHD, bullhead 

BLK, bullock, belike, block, black, 
bleak, bulk, balk, bilk, baulk, 

BLKBBD, blackbird 

BLKD, blocked, bulked, blacked, 
baulked, blockade 

BLKGBD, blackguard 

BLKHD, blockhead, bulkhead 

BLKLR, bilooular 

BLKMR, blackamoor 

BLKN, blacken, bleaken 

BLKND, blackened, belikened 

BI.KKG, blacking, blocking, baulk- 
ing, bulking 

ELKNS, blackens, blackness, bulki- 

BLKNY, balcony 

BLKS, -block?, black?, bulks, 

BIKSMTIT, blacksmith 

BLKWY, obloquy 

BLKY, bulky 

BLM, balm, blame, bloom 

BLMBL, blamable 

BLMD, bloomed, blamed 

BLMLS, blameless, bloomless 

BIMN, bellman 

BIMNG, blooming, blaming 

BLMB, bloomer 

BLMS, blames, blooms, balms 

BLMSU, blemish 

BLMY, balmy, bloomy 

BLN, bullion, balloon, blain 

BLNC, balance 

BLNCH, blanch 

BLND, bland, blind, blend, blond 

BLIIDFLD, blindfold 

BLNDKG, blinding, blending 

BLNDKS, blindness, blandness 

BINDS, blunder, blinder, blender 

BLNDEUS, blunderbuss 

BLNDS, blinds, blends 

BLNDSH, blandish 

BUJDSHMNT, blandishment 

belong, belonging, oblong, 

bailing, bluing, boiling, booling, 


BLNK, blink, blank 
BLNKED, blinkard 
BLNKT, blanket 
BINS, blueness, blains, balloons, 

BLNT, blunt 
BINTKS, bluntness 
BL, blear, blur, boiler, blare, 


BLRD, blared, bleared 
BLRDS, billiards 
BLRNO, blearing, blaring 
BLES, boilers, blears, blares 
BLBSH, bulrush 
BLET, blurt 
BLS, bless, bliss, bilious, bla/o. 

bolus, balls, bells, bails, bulls, 

blues, boils, bale?, bills, bools, 

bullnce, belles 
BLSD, blessed, blazed 
BLSFL, blissful 
BLSFM, blaspheme 
BLSFMD, blasphemed 
BLSFMNG, blaspheming 
BLSFMS, blasphemous, blasphemes 
BLSH, blush, blosb, abolish, blash, 


BLSHD, abolished, blushed 
BLSHNO, blushing, abolishing 
BLSHS, blushes, abolishes 
BLSK, obelisk 
BLSM, balsam, blossom 
BLSMC, balsamic 
BLSMD, blossomed 
BLSMNG, blossoming 
BLSMS, blossoms 
BLSN, blazon 
BLSNG, blessing, blazing 
BLSPHM, blaspheme 
BIST, blast, blest, ballast 
BLSTD, blasted 
BLSTNG, blasting 
BLSTE, blister, blaster, bolster, 

balister, bluster, blusterer 
BLSTED, balustrade, blistered, 

bolstered, blustered 




BLSTRNG, blistering, blustering, 

BI.STRS, bolsters, blisters, blusters, 
blusterous, balisters 

BLS-LTRS, belles-lettres 

ELT, ballot, ballet, bloat, belt, 
built, bolt, blot, blight, billet, 
blear, bullet, ability, oblate 

BLTCH, blotch 

BLTD, belted, bolted, bloated, 
blotted, bleated, blighted, be- 
lated, billeted 

BLT-D, billet-doux 

BLTH, blithe 

BLTN, bulletin, bullition, abolition, 
ebullition, oblation, ablution 

ELTXG, balloting, bloating, bolt- 
ing, blotting, bleating, blighting, 
billeting, belting 

BLTE, bolter, blotter, balloter, 
bloater, bleater 

BLTRT, obliterate 

BLTS, bolts, belts, blot?, bleats, 
bullets, abilities, billets 

13 LTV, oblative 

BLTT, ability 

BLV, believe, belove 

BLTD, believed, beloved 

BLTN, oblivion 

BLVNG, believing 

BLTB, believer 

BLTS, beloves, believes 

BLTV, bellow, blow, blew, below, 
billow t>v-law 

BLWCK, bailiwick 

BLWRK bulwark 

BLWS, bellows, billows 

BIAVSY, blowsy 

BLT, belly, bully, Bailey, ably 

Bsi, beam, boom, bum, bomb 

BMB, bomb 

BMBUD, bombard 

BMBEDIINT, bombardment 

BMBRDNG, bombarding 

BMBRDR, bombardier 

BMBRT, obumbrate 

BMBST, bombast 

BMBSIC, bombastic 

BMD, boomed, beamed 

BMN, bemoan 

BMNBL, abominable 

BMJTG, booming, beaming, be- 

BMNT, abominate 

BMNTN, abomination 

BMNTNG, abominating 

BMP, bump 

BMPI, bumped 

BMPKN, bumpkin 

BIIPNG, bumping 

BMPB, bumper 

BMR, bemire 

BMRD, bemired 

BMS, beams, booms, bombs 

Bx, bean, ban, bin, bone, bun, 
bane, boon, been 

BNC, bounce, buoyance, abeyance 

BNCD, bounced 

BNCH, bench, bunch 

BXCHH, bencher 

BNCHS, benches, bunches 

BNCL, binnacle 

BNCLE, binocular 

BNCXG, bouncing 

BNCS, bounces 

BSD, band, bend, bond, bound, 
abound, bind, bandied 

BNDBL, beudable, bindable, bond- 

BXDBKS, bandbox 

BNDCTN, benediction, benedictine 

BNDG, bondage, bandage 

BXDL, bundle 

BNDLS, bundles, boundless 

BNDJIN, bondmen 

BNDN, abandon 

BNDNC, abundance 

BNDND, abandoned 

BNDNG, abandoning, binding, 
bonding, bandying, bounding, 
banding, bending 

BNDNS, abuudnnce, abandons 

BNDNT, abundant 

BNDKT, boundary 

ENDS, bounds, abounds, bands, 
beiids, binds, bonds, bandies 




BNDSTX, boundstone 

BNDT, banditti, bandit 

BNDY, bandy 

BNFC, benefice 

BNFCD, beneficed 

BNFCL, beneficial 

BNFC^T, beneficent 

BNFCUY, beneficiary 

BNFCTN, benefaction 

BNFCTE, benefactor 

BNFCTBS, benefactress, benefactors 

BUFL, baneful 

BNFNC, beneficence 

BNFB, bonfire 

BNFS, benefice 

BNFSL, beneficial 

BNFSNT, beneficent 

BKFT, benefit 

BNG, being, bang, bung, ebbing, 


BNGL, Bengal, bungle 
BNGLD, bungled 
BNGLNG, bungling 
BNGLB, bungler 
BNGMN, Benjamin 
BNGN, benign 
BNGNT, benignant 
BNGT, abnegate 
BNGTN, abnegation 
BNGTT, benignity 
BNK, bank 
BNKD, banked 
BNKIB, binocular 
BNKXG, banking 
^NKB, banker 
BNKEPT, bankrupt 
BKKEPTC, bankruptcy 
BNKS, obnoxiou?, banks 
BNKWT, banquet 
BNL, biennial 
Burs, biennials, boneless, baneles?, 


BNM, bonum, benumb 
BNMB, benumb 
BNNLT, bonnily 
BNNB, banner 
BNNBT, banneret, 

, abnormal 


BNBT, binary 

BMS, bans, bone?, bun?, beans, 

bins, bounce, boons 
BNSD, bounced 
BNSH, banish 
BNSHD, banished 
BNSN, benison 
BNSK&, bouncing 
BNSTE, banister 
BNT, bonnet, bent, bayonet, 

buoyant, bounty 
BNTH, beneath 
BNTLNG, bantling 
BNTNG, banting, bunting 
BNTE, banter 
BNTED, bantered 
BNTENG, bantering 
BNTHS, banters 

BNTS, bounteou?,bayonets,bonnet3 
BNTSI.T, bounteously 
BNTY, bounty 
BNTLNC, benevolenco 
BNTLNT, benevolent 
BNY, bony, bonny 
BPD, biped 
BPDL, bipedal 
BPES, biparous 
BPET, bipartite 
BPBTN, bipartition 
BPTH, by-path 
BPTLS, bipetalous 
BPTS, baptize, baptists 
BPTSD, baptized 
BPTSML, baptismal 
BPTSSG, baptizing 
BPTST, baptist 
BPTSTBY, baptistry 
BE, bear, bar, bore, beer, boar, 

bier, boor, barrier, bearer, borer, 

brier, burr, bureau, bare 
BBS. barb, bribe 
BEBD, bribed, barbed 
BEBL, brabble, bearable 
BEBNG, bribing 
BEBB, barber, briber 
BBBBC, barbaric 
BEBKN, barbarian 
BBBES, barbarous, barbers, bribers 




BBBBSM, barbarism 

BRBET, barbarity 

BRBBY, bribery 

BBSS, bribes 

BRET, burbot 

BBC, brace 

BRCD, braced 

BBCH, birch (wood), broach, 
breach, brooch 

BBCHD, broached, breeched 

BECHNG, broaching, breeching 

BBCHB, broacher 

BBCHS, breeches, broaches 

BBCLTS, bracelets 

BRCNG, bracing 

BECB, bracer 

BBCS, braces 

BED, bard, beard, bird, bored, 
bride, board, bread, bred, braid, 
bared, broad, brood, barred, 
abroad, breed, bearded, boarded, 
braided, brooded, buried 

BBDG, bridge, abridge 

BBDGD, abridged, bridged 

BBDGMJJT, abridgment 

BBDGXG, abridging, bridging 

BEDGBM, bridegroom 

BBDK, bridecake 

BRDL, bridle, bridal 

BEDLIT, birdlime 

BBDLS, beardless, brideles?, bard- 
ies', breaclless, bro ulless 

BBDLY, broadly, bridely, boardly, 

BEDIID, brideruaid 

BEDX, burden 

BBDNG, boarding, breeding, beard- 
ing, braiding, brooding 

BBDSS, burdens 

BRDXSSI, burdensome 

BBUE, boarder, border, borderer 

BBDBY, broidery 

BEDS, bards, beards, bird?, brides, 
boards, breeds, braids, broods 

BBDSD, broadside 

BRDTH, breadth 

BEDWGS, board-wages 

BBF, brief, bruff 

BBFC, bareface 
BBFLY, briefly, bruffly 
BKFNS, briefness 
BRFS, bareface, briefs 
BEFSD, barefaced 
BEG, barge, brag, brogue, bridge, 
abridge, burgage 

BEGD, brigade, brigaded 
BBGDB, brigadier 
BIIGH, borough, burgh 
BBGHB, burgher 
BEGHT, bright, broxight 
BRGHTN, brighten 
BBGHTNS, brightness, brightens 
BRGHTB, brighter 

BEGLB, burglar 
BEGLRT, burglary 
BEGJINT, abridgment 
BRGMT, bergamot 
BRGN, bargain 
BEGND, bargained, brigand 
BRGNTX, brigantine 

BEGE, bragger, burgher 
BBGRDN, bear-garden 
BP.GN, aborigine 
BEGNL, aboriginal 
BEGET, braggart 

BEGS, burgess, burgesses, bour- 
geoise, brags, barges 

BEGT, abrogate 

BEHMX, Brahmin 

BEK, break, brake, broke, brack, 
barrack, brick, brook, bark, 

BEKBT, brickbat 

BEKD, barked, barricade, brocade, 
bricked, brooked, burked 

BEKFST, breakfast 

BRKG, breakage, brokage 

BBKLN, brick-kiln 

BEKL, broccoli 

BEKLE, bricklayer 

BRKN, broken 

BEKXG-, breaking, barking, brook- 
ing, bricking, burking 

BEKB, barker, breaker, broker, 

BEKEG, brokerage 





BHES, barks, brooks, breaks,brakes, 

barracks, bricks, burks, borax 
BEKSH, brackish 
BRKT, bracket 
BRET, braky 

BHL, barrel, broil, burial, boreal 

BBLD, broiled 
BRLN, Berlin 

BELNC, brilliance 

BRLNT, brilliant 

BHLS, barlies, broils, burials, bar- 
rels, bearless 

BELSE, burlesque 

BRIT, burletta 

BRLY, barley, barely, burly 

BRM, barm, broom, brim, Abra- 

BRMBL, bramble 

BRMBLNG, brambling 

BRMR, brimmer 

BHMS, barms, brooms, brims 

BRMSTN, brimstone 

BRMTE, barometer 

BEN, barn, born, burn, borne, 
baron, barren, brain, bourn, 
bran, brine, brown 

BENS, barrenness, baroness, ba- 
rons, brains, burns, barns 

BRNSH, burnish 

BRNSHD, burnished 

BENSHE, burnisher 

BENT, burnt, baronet, brunt, bru- 

BENT, barony, briny 

BRPT, abrupt 

BRPTN, abruption 

BBS, bears, bars, bores, boars, 
boors, barriers, bearers, borers, 
briers, t- ares, brass, braze, breeze, 
boreas, bruise, brothers, bowers, 
burse, buries, brace, buyers 

BRSD, bruised, braced 

BRSH, brush, bearish, boorish 

BRSE, orisk, brusque 

BHSEN% briskness 

BHSET, brisket 

BRSLT, bracelet 

BRSN, brazen, abrasion 

BRSNFC, brazenface 

BRSSG, bruising, bracing 

BUSE, brazier, bursar, bracer 

BRST.breast, burst, abreast, bearcst 

BBSTD, breasted 

BBSTL, bristle 

BRSTNG, bursting, breasting 

BRSTE, barrister 

BRSTWEK, breastwork 

BRSY, breezy, brassy 

BET, brat, brute, baronet, ebricty, 

bruit, bright 
BETD, bruited 

BETH, birth, breath, breathe, broth 
BRTHLS, birthless, breathless 

BBTHN, burthen 

BRTHNO, breathing 

BETHR, brother 

BTHED, bothered 

BRTHRN, brethren 

BRTL, brittle, brutal 

BRTLNS, brittleness 

BRTLS, brutalize 

BRTLT, brutality 

BRTLY, brutally 

BBTN, Briton, aberration, abor- 
tion, brighten, baritone 

BETE, barter, beater 

BETED, bartered 

BRTRNG, bartering 

BRTBS, barters 

BRTRT, birthright 

BRTS, brutes, brats, baronets 

BRTSH, brutish, British 

BRTV, abortive 

BRTY, uberty 

BRV, brave, bereave, bravo, breve 

BRVD, bereaved, braved, bravado 

BRVLY, bravely 

BETH, braver, brevier 

BRVEY, bravery, breviary 

BRVT, brevity, abbreviate 

BRVTD, abbreviated 

BRW, borrow, brew, barrow, brow, 

BRWBT, browbeat 

BEWD, brewed, borrowed, bur- 




"BRWL, brawl 

BEWLD, brawled 

BawLXG, brawling 

ERWLS, brawls, browlcss 

BRWN, brawn, brown 

BRWJJD, browned 

BRWXG, browning 

BRWSS, browns, browness 

BRWXSH, brownish. 

BRWNY, browny 

BRWR, brewer, borrower 

BRWS, brews, browse (bruise) 

BHWSD, browsed 

BRWoNO, browsing, bruising 

BRY, beery, bray, bury, berry, 

BRYL, beryl 

BRYK, braver, brier 

Bs, base, 'bass, bus, basis, bias, 
boss, boose, bouse, buzz, abase, 
abuse, abyss, obese, bees, buys, 
bays, buoys, boys, babes, bibs, 
bubs, elbs, baize, obeys, abscess 

BSCH, beseech 

lisci s, bisculous 

ISsc.ND, abscond, abscind, ab- 

BSCNDNG, absconding 

BSCR, obscure 

BSOKD, obscured 

BSCKXG, obscuring 

I;<CRTN, obscuration 

H-i/s, abscess 

BSCT, biscuit, bisect 

Bsi\ beside, busied, biased, based, 
abased, abused, buzzed 

r.jFi*, busify 

BSG, besiege 

BSGD, besieged 

BSGNG, besieging 

BSGS, besieges 

BSH, bash, bush, abash, bosh, 

1'ftiiFL, bashful 

BSHL. bushel 

BSHP, bishop 

BSHPRK, bishopric 

BsiifiW, beshrew 

BSHY, bushy 

BSK, bask, busk 

BSKLS, bisculous 

BSKN, buskin 

BSKND, abscond 

BSKNDNG, absconding 

BSKR, obscure 

BSKHD, obscured 

BSKUNG, obscuring 

BSKRTN, obscuration 

BSKSTL, bissextile 

BSKT, basket, biscuit, bisect 

BSKWS, obsequies, obsequious 

BSL, basil, bezel, basal 

BSLC, basilica 

BSLCN, basilicon 

BSLSK, basilisk 

BSLT, absolute, obsolete 

BSLTN, absolution 

BSLY, absolve 

BSLVNG, absolving 

BSLY, busily, basely 

BSM, bosom, besom, beseem 

BSMR, besmear 

BSMUD, besmeared 

BSMRS, bcsmeara 

BSMT, besmut 

BSMTH, bismuth 

BSN, basin, bison, obscene, bas- 

BSNC, obeisance 

BSJJD, abscind 

BSNG, buzzing, abusing, abasing, 
busying, basing, biasing 

BSNS, baseness, business, obeisance 

BSNT, absent, obscenity 

BSPK, bespeak, bespoke 

BSPXGL, bespangle 

BSPKNKL, besprinkle 

BSPT, bespot 

BSPTR, bespatter 

BSR, bazaar, baser, abuser, busier 

BSRB, absorb 

BSRBNG, absorbing 

BSRBS, absorbs 

BSKD, absurd 

BSRLF, bas-rehef 

BSEPTN, absorption 



BSBV, observe 

BSBVSC, observance 

BSRVNT, observant 

BSRVTRY, observatory 

BST, best, baste, beast, bust, boast, 
beset, besot, basset 

BSTCL, obstacle 

BSTD, boasted, basted, besot- 

BSTFL, boastful 

BSTKL, obstacle 

BSTL, ba*tile, bestial, bustle 

BSTLB, bustler 

BSTLT, beastly 

BSTSIS, abstemious 

BSTN, abstain, bastion 

BSTXC, abstinence 

BSTND, abstained 

BSTXDB, bystander 

BSTXG, basting, besetting, boasting, 

BSTNK, abstainer 

BSTXS, abstinence 

BSTXT, abstinent, obstinate 

BSTE, bestir, boaster, buster, 

BSTRCT, abstract, obstruct 

BSTECTD, obstructed, abstracted 

BSTBCTS, obstructs, abstracts 

BSTECTV, obstructive 

BSTED, bastard, bestride, bestirred, 

BSTEDNG, bestriding 

BSTRKT, abstract, obstruct 

BSTHKTSG, obstructing, abstract- 

BSTRKTS, obstruct?, abstracts 

BSTEPBS, obstreperous 

BSTBS, boisterous, abstruse, be- 
st ira 

BSTRW, bestrew 

BSTRWS, bestrews 

BSTS, beasts, bastes, busts, boasts, 

BSTW, bestow 

BSTWS, bestows 

BSTT, obesity 

Bsv, abusive 

BST, busy, boosy, Bessy 

BT, bait, boat, but, bit, bout, bite, 
bate, beet, boot, bet, bat, beat, 
butt, abate, abet, about, abut, 

BTBL, abatable 

BTCH, batch, botch, bitch 

BTCUXG, botching 

BTCHE, butcher 

BTCHUD, butchered 

BTCHBSG, butchering 

BTCHRS, butchers 

BTD, betide, beatitude, baited, 
boated, butted, bated, abutted, 

BTFC, beatific 

BTFCTN, beatification 

BTFI, beautiful, boatful, boot- 

BTFT, beautify 

BTGK, bootjack 

BTH, both, "bath, bathe, booth 

BTHD, bathed 

BTHGHT, bethought 

BTHSG, bathing 

BTHNK, bethink 

BTK, betake, buttock 

BTL, bottle, battle, beetle 

BTLD, battled, bottled 

BTLMNT, battlement 

BTLX, battalion 

BTL^G, battling, bottling 

BTLE, butler, battler 

BTLS, beetles, bottle--, battlr 
less, bootless, baitless, bo. 
buttless, beat loss 

BTM, bottom, betime 

BTJTD, betimed, bottomed 

BTIILS, bottomless 

Biiiy, boatman, bitumen, bat- 

BTMNT, abatement, butment 

BTMEY, bottomry 

BTN, obtain, batoon, batten, but- 
ton, bitten 

BTNC, botanic 

BTKD, obtained, obtund, obtend, 




BTNG, obtaining, beating, boating, 
biting, betting, abating, abet- 
ting, abutting, baiting, boating, 
butting, batting, boutiug, but- 

BTNK, botanic 

BTNMXT, obtainment 

BTNS, buttons, obtains, batten?, 

BTJTSX, obtension 

BTNST, botanist 

BTNY, botany 

BTB, better, batter, bitter, butter, 

BTED, obtrude, bettered, buttered, 
battered, betrayed 

BTBDNG, obtruding 

BTEDS, obtrudes 

BTEFLT, bu'terfly 

BTBNG, betraying, buttering 

BTBNS, bitterness 

BTES, buttress, betters, butter?, 
batters, betrays 

BTESV, obtrusive 

BTBTH, betroth 

BTBTHD, betrothed 

BTETHNG, betrothing 

BTETHS, betroths 

BTBT, battery, betray, obituary 

Bis, beauteous, beauties, bats, 
bits, boats, bites, beats, boots, 
baits, butts, bouts, bets, abates, 
abets, abuts, obtuse 

BTST, obtest, beatest, bitest 

BTSTNG, obtesting 

BTSTS, obtests 

BTSWN, boatswain 

BTWN, between 

BTY, beauty, Betty 

Bv, above, behove 

Bvc, bivouac 

BTCD, bivouacked 

BVK, bivouac 

BVL, bevel 

Bviv, bivalve 

BVN, bevin 

BVB, beaver 

BVUG, beverage 

BVBS, obverse 

BVBT, obvert 

Bvs, obvious, beeves 

BVSNS, obviousness 

BVT, obviate 

BVTD, obviated 

BVTNG, obviating 

BVTS, obviates 

BVY, bevy 

Bw, bow, bough 

BWD, bowed 

BWL, bowl, bawl, bewail, bowel 

BWLD, bewailed, bowled, bawled 

BWLDB, bewilder 

BWLGD, bow-legged 

BWLNGEN, bowiing-green 

BWLB, bowler 

BWMN, bowman 

BWNG, bowing 

BWB, beware, bower 

BWHD, byword 

BWES, bewares, bowers 

BWBY, bewray 

Bws, bows 

BWSPBT, bowsprit 

BWSTBITG, bowstring 

BWTCH, bewitcli 

BWTCHD, bewitched 

BWTCHNG, bewitching 

BWTCHS, bewitches 

BY, buy, bay, by, obey, boy, buoy, 

baby, Bey 

BYD, buoyed, obeyed 
BTNC, buoyance 
BYND, beyond 
BYNG, buoying, buying 
BYNS, buoyance 
BYNT, buoyant 
BYR, buyer 
BYS, boys, buoys, bays, obeys, 

BY3XK, Abyssinian 




THERE are more words beginning with this letter than any 
other in the English language. This is owing to its having 
two sounds, for example, k, as in can; and s, as in cessation; 
and when the numerous words are added to the list, in conse- 
quence of dropping the preceding vowel, such as accoi-Jin>j, 
occur, eclipse, economy, etc., we see the wisdom of retaining it 
in any system of shorthand. It is no use writing what cannot 
be read, afterwards, and in these days of expeditious publishing 
it is essential that what is written should be such as can be 
readily transcribed. For these reasons experience has always 
convinced me that a consonant which so frequently occurs, not 
only in forming the initiative letter, but also the subsequent 
parts of words, cannot be dispensed with without inconve- 
nience. However, with a view to adapt this dictionary to all 
systems, I have carefully placed under K and S, according to 
their sound, all words beginning with C, in addition to their 
proper appearance under this letter. It may also be here 
remarked, that, as a rule, the plain and distinct commence- 
ment of a word is the most essential portion of it, and for that 
reason the use of signs, where a vowel takes a large share in 
the first syllable, is to be much commended: for example, ar. 
(a perpendicular hyphen), ex (a hyphen), con or com (a dot), ad 
(an oblique hyphen joined to d), and at (the same joined to t). 
Of course, in all these examples the signs are detached from 
the following consonant, except in the two latter instances, 
where the vowel a is an oblique hyphen, and therefore so 
easily joined to d or t in writing addition or attention. But 
then there are words which the sign ac can have nothing to 
do with; and in addition to this, as already intimated, C is a 
powerful letter in the middle of words. I find, indeed, that in 
two-thirds, or almost three-fourths, of the instances where c 
does not commence a word, that it is soft in sound, and there- 
fore, in systems where no c is used, it greatly tends to over- 
burthen the letter S, which ranks next to C in point of numbers 
in the commencement of words, and for its frequent occurrence 
in the formation of syllables, is the most common sound in the 


English language. If the schoolmaster sees the propriety of 
cautioning his pupil to " mind his p's and q's," let the short- 
hand writer, -who has a far more difficult and important task 
to perform, mind his c's and s's. I make these remarks not 
with a view to induce any gentleman to alter his system, with 
which he is familiar, if he have no c in his alphabet, but for 
the guidance of the learner. There are only a few systems in 
which c is excluded, and to the novice in shorthand I say, 
without attempting a pun, "You will often find yourself at sea 
if you do not stick to C." It is also very useful in showing 
plurals, e.g., brcs, braces, which without C could only be written 
though it were brace. I know several gentlemen who 
write Odell's system of shorthand, but have adopted a C, and 
thus made the most extensively -used, and perhaps the best, 
system more perfect. 

C becomes the first letter in words 114 times by omitting 
the vowels, as follows : a 76 times, e 15 times, i 3 time:?, 
o 20 times, and u never. 

PREFIXES. C forms ac, as in accident; oc, as in occur; co, 
as in co-action, co-operation, etc. 

TEKMIXATIOXS. It is also used for the terminations cy and 
sy, as in pleurisy and fallacy. The y's in both these cases are 
superfluous. Of course, like a prefix, it is better written sepa- 
rate from the next letter. 

C, cue, ice, coo, Co. 
CB, cab, cube, cub, cob 

CBC, cubic 

CBD, cubbed 
CBG, cabbage 

CBL, cable, cobble, cabal 

CBLD, cobbled 

CBLNG, cobbling, caballing 

CBLE, cobbler 

CBLS, cables, cobbles 

CBLSTCL, cabalistical 

CBN, cabin 

CBNG, cubbing, cabbing 

CBXS, cabins 

CENT, cabinet 

CBS, cabs, cubes, cobs, cubs 


CBT, cubit 
CBTL, cubital 
CBTE, cubature 
CBTRY, cubatorj 
CBWB, cobweb 
Cc, cocoa, cuckoo 
*CcD, accede, acceded 
CCDNG, acceding 
CCDNT, accident 
CCDS, accedes 
CCLM, acclaim 
CCLMTN, acclamation 
CCLBT, accelerate 
CCLHTD, accelerated 
CCLRTS, accelerates 
CCLT, occult 

* It will be readily observed that the first C is written ac-; thus, ac-cd for 
accede, and so on with all double c's. All the double letter.", however, will also be 
found under the single letters ; thus, accede will be found under Cd as well as under 
Ccd, as above. 





Cci/nr, occupation 
CCMDT, accommodate 
CCIIDTD, accommodated 
CCMDTN, accommodation 
CCMDIS, accommodates 
CCMLT, accumulate 
CCMLTS, accumulates 
CCSIPLC, accomplice 
CCMPLSH, accomplish 
CCNT, accent, accentuate 
CCPT, accept 
CCPTNC, acceptance 
CCPTN, accept ion 
CCPTNG, accepting 
CCPTS, accepts 
CCR, accrue, occur 

CCEC, accuracy 

CCED, accrued, occurred, accord 
CCRDSG, according 

CCEDT, accredit 
CCEDTS, accredits 
CCENG, accruing, occurring 
CCES, occurs, accrues 
CCBSD, accursed 
Ccs, access, accuse, accuses 
CCSBL, accessible, accusable 
CCSD, accused 
Ccsx, accession 
CCSSG, accusing 
CCSE, accuser 
CCSEY, accessory 
CCSES, accessories, accusers 
CCST, accost 
CCSTD, accosted 
CCSTM, accustom 
CCSTMD, accustomed 
CCSTSIS, accustoms 
CCSTXG, accosting 
CCTK, accoutre 
CCTED, accoutred 
CCTBNG, accoutring 
CCTKS, accoutres 

CD, cade, cede, cod, code, cud, 
acid, accede, acceded 

CDCI, codicil 

CD FT, acidify 

CDGL, cudgel 

CDGLD, cudgelled 

CDGLXG, cudgelling 

CDGLS, cudgels 

CDGE, cadger 

CDGTNT, coadjutant 

CJDGTE, coadjutor 

CDL, cuddle 

CDLD, cuddled 

CDLKG, curldling, cocllirg 

CDLS, cuddles, codeless 

CDI/T, acidulate 

CDMC, academic 

CDMCN, academician 

CDMY, academy 

CDNC, cadence 

CDNG, ceding, acceding 

CDNT, accident, Occident 

CDNTL, accidental 

CDE, cedar, cider 

CDS, cedes, codes, accedes, acids 

CDT, cadet 

CDY, caddy, cuddy 

CF, cuff, ci ffee, *cough, calf 

CFD, coughed 

CFX, coffin, coughing 

CTXG, coughing, cuffing 

CFR, coffer, cipher 

CFED, ciphered 

CFKNG, ciphering 

CFES, ciphers, coffers 

CFS, cuffs, coughs, coffees, calves 

Ce, cage, cog 

CGH, cough 

CGED, coughed 

CGHNG, cougliing 

CGL, cajole, cudgel 

CGLE, cajoler 

CGLT, coagulate 

CGLTNG, coagulating 

CGNCY, cogency 

CGNG, caging 

* Where words are seen classed according to their sounding consonants, they 
will also be found under their proper letters ; thus, cough will be found under Cgh 
as well as under Cf, as above. 




CGNSBL, cognizable 

CGNSNC, cognizance 

CGNT, cogent, cognate 

CGNTN, cognation, cognition 

Cos, cages, cogs 

CGTD, cogitated 

CGTK, cogitation 

CGTNG, cogitating 

CGTS, cogitates 

CH, coach, couch, ache, echo, 

each, church, chapel 
CHB, chub 
CIIBT, cohabit 
CHBTD, cohabited 
CHBTNG, cohabiting 
CHBTNT, cohabitant 
Cnc, choice 

CHCK, check, chuck, chick 
CHCKD, checked, chucked 
CHCKL, chuckle 
CHCKLT, chocolate 
CHCKN, chicken 
CHCKNG, checking, chucking 
CHCLT, choicely 
CIICN, chicuiio 
CHCNEY, chicanery 
Cncxs, choiceness 
CUD, chide, coached, couched, 

echoed, ached, churched 
CHDNG, chiding 
CHF, chafe, chaff, chief 
CIIFD, chafed, chaffed 
CHFLS, chieflees 
CD.FLY, chiefly 
CJIFXCH, chaffinch 
CHFKG, chafing, chaffing 
CHFS, chiefs, chafes, chaffs 
CHFTN, chief lain 
CHGRN, chagrin 
CJIGEND, chagrined 
CUK, choke, cheque, cheek, check, 

chick, chalk 
CHKD, checked, choked, chalked, 


CHKLT, chocolate 
CHKN, chicken 
CHENG, checking, chalking, 


CHKE, checker, choker 

CHKS, checks, cheeks, chokes, 

chalks, cheques 
CHL, chill, chyle 
CHLBLN, chilblain 
CHIC, chalice 
CHLD, child, chilled 
CHLDBENG, childbearing 
CHLDHD, childhood 
CHLDLS, childle*s 
CHLDBN, children 
CHLDSH, childish 
CHLK, chalk 

CHLNG, challenge, chilling 
CHLNGS, challenges 
CHINS, chilliness 
CDLK, choler, chiller, cholera 
CHLEC, choleric 
CHLT, chilly, chyly 
CHM, chime, chum 
CHMBE, chamber 
CHMBELN, chamberlain 
CHMBEMD, chambermaid 
CHMD, chimed 
CHMLN, chamelion 
CHMNG, chiming 
CUMNS, chimneys 
CHMNT, accouchement 
CHMNY, chimney 
CHMPN, champion, champaign, 


CHJIK, chiiner, chimera 
CHMECL, chimerical 
CHMS, chimes, chums, chemise 
CHMST, chemist 
CHMSTEY, chemistry 
CHN, chain, chin, chine, China 
CHNC, chance 
CHNCD, chanced 
CHNCL, chancel 
CHNCI.E, cliancellor 
CHNCNG, chancing 
CHNCS, chances 
CHNDLE, chandler, chandelier 
CHNG, change, aching, coaching, 

echoing, chaining 
CHNGBL, changeable 
CENK, chink 





CH>~L, channel, cochineal 

CHSS, chains, chins. Chinese 

CHNT. chant, couchaut 

CHXTCLB, chanticleer 

CHXTSG, chanting 

CHNTB, chunter, chanter 

CHSTRS, chantress, ckunters 

CHXTEY, chantry 

CHNTS, chants, chintz, chants 

CHP, chap, chop, cheap, chip, 

CHPD, chapped, chopped, chipped 

CHPL, chapel 

CHPLX, chaplain 

CHPLBY, cbapelry 

CHPLT, chaplet 

CHP MX. chapman 

CHPX, cheapen 

CHPXG, cheapening, chapping, 
chipping, chopping 

CHPXS, cheapens 

CHPS, chips, chops, chaps 

CHE, chair, cheer, char, choir, co- 
heir, cohere, ochre 

CHBB, cherub 

CHBBC. cheruhic 

CHECH, church 

CHBCL, charcoal 

CHBCTB, character 

CHBD, cheered, charred, chord, 

CHBFL, cheerful 

CHBG, charge 

CHBGBL, chargeable 

CHBGCL, chirurgical 

CHBOD, charged 

CHBGB, charger 

CHKGRPT, chirography 

CHBGS, charges 

CHBL, choral, churl 

CHBXS, cheerless, churls, Charles, 

CHBLSH, churUsh 

CHEM, charm, chrome 

CHB\DT, chairman 

CESMNG, charming 

CHKMB, charmer 

CHEMTC, chromatic, achromatic 

CHBS. churn 

CHBXC, chronic, coherence 

CUBXCL, chronicle 

CHBSG, chairing, cheering, char- 
ring, cohering 

CHBXLG, chronology 

CHBXLGCL, chronological 

CHBXT, coherent 

CHBP, cherup, chirp 

CHBPDST, chiropodist 

CHEPSG, chirping 

CHBS, chorus, cherrie?, cheer?, 
chairs, choirs, coheres, co- 
heiress, ochres, chars 

CHBSH, cherish 

CJIRSLS, chrysalis 

CIIBST, eucharist, Christ 

CHBSTMS, Christmas 

CHESTX, Christian, christen 

CHBSTSDM, Christendom 

CHBSTSG, christenicg 

CHBSTXS, christianize, christens 

CHBSTST, Christianity 

CHBSTB, chorister 

CHBT, chart, charity, chariot 

CHBTBL, charitable" 

CHBTK, charioteer, charter 

CHBTBD, chartered 

CHBTES, charters, charioteers 

CHBTS, charts, chariots 

CHBWKX, chairwoman, char- 

CHBT, chary, cherry 

CHS, chaise, chaos, chase, cheese, 
chess, choice, choose, coaches, 
couches, aches, echoes, churches 

CHSD, chased, choosed 

CHSL, chisel 

CHSLT, choicely 

CHSIT, chasm, schism 

CHSMXGR, cheesemonger 

Cusy, chosen, cohesioa 

CHSXG, chasing, choosing, co- 

CHSNS, choiceness 
:, chesnut 

CHST, chaste, chastity, chest 
:-, chasten 




CHSTS, chastise 

Cnsv, cohesive 

CUT, cheat, chat, chit 

CHTC, chaotic 

Curt, chattel 

CHTNO, chatting, cheating 

CHTR, chatter, charter, character 

CIITHNG, chartiTiiig 

CHTS, cheats, chats 

Cnv, achieve 

CIIVD, achieved 

CnvLR, chevalier 

CHVLRY, chivalry 

CHVNG, achieving 

CHVS, achieves 

CHW, chew 

CK, cake, coke, cook, cock, cuckoo 

CED, cockade, cooked, cocked 

CKL, cockle, icicle 

CKIFT, cockloft 

CKLPD, cyclopaedia 

CKMBB, cucumber 

CKNG, cooking, cocking 

CKNLG, acknowledge 

CKNY, cockney 

CKS, coax, cakes, cooks, cocks, 


CKSCMB, cockscomb 
CKSD, coaxed 
CKSNG, coaxing 
CKSH, cocksure 
CKST, co-exist 
CKSTNT, co-existent 
CKT, coquet, coquette 
CKTNG, coquetting 
CKTKC, cockatrice 
CKTBY, coquetry 
CKWL, co-equal 
CKWLS, co-equals 
CKWNT, acquaint 
CKWNTD, acquainted 
CKWNTNC, acquaintance 
CKWNTKG, acquainting 
CKWK, acquire 
CKWKD, acquired 
CKWKNG, acquiring 
CKW?, acquiesce 
CKWSCNT, acquiescent 

CKWSNG, acquiescing 

CKWSTN, acquisition 

CKWT, acquit 

CKWTD, acquitted 

CL, coal, call, coil cool, cell, clay 

cycle, cull 
CLB, cluh, Caleb 
CIBC, celibacy 
CLBB, calibre 

CLBKS, ci-lebrious, calibres 
CLBET, celebrate, celebrity 
CLBRTD, celebrated 
CIBBTN, celebration 
CI.BKTNG, celebrating 
CLBK i s, celebrates 
Ci.c, colic 

CI.CK, cluck clock, clack 
CLCLT, caU-ulnte 
CLCLTN, calculation 
CICLTNG, calculating 
CLCLTH, caluulator 
CLCN, calcine 
Ci CND, calcined 
CLCNTN, calcination 
CLCBS, calcareous 
CLCT, collect 
CLCTD, collected 
CLCTN, collection 
CLOTNG, collecting 
Ci C rs, collector 
CLCTV, collec ive 
CLD, claH, cold, could, c'oud, oc- 
clude.clod, coiled, cooled, cloud- 
ed, celled, called, claved, ceiled 
CLDLS, cloudless, clodlesa, cladless 
CLDLY, coldly 
CLDN, Caledonian 
CI.DNG-, clouding, clading 
CLDNS, coldness 
CLDKN, caldron 
CLDS, clad.-, colds, clouds, clod?, 


CLDSH, coldish, clodish, cloudish 
CLD r, calidity 
CLDY, cloudy 

CLF, caliph, ca'f, calefy, clef, cliff 
CIFLH, cauliflower 
CLFT, cleft, clif 





CLG, clog, colleague, college 

CLGD, closed 

CLGN, collegian 

CLGXG, clotrging, colleaguing 

CLGRFY, caligraphy 

CLGS, clog?, college?, colleagues 

CLGT, collegiate 

CLK, calk, c ock, dick, cloak, cluck 

CLKD, cloiiked, clicked, calked 

CLKHG, clicking, calking, cloaking 

CLKK, calker 

CLKT, collocate, collect 

CIKS, calix, calx, cloaks, clicks, 


CLKWL, colloquial 
CLKWT, colliquate 
CLKWY, colloquy 
CLM, calm, chiim, clam, climb, 

column, declaim 
CLMB, climb 
CLMBD, climbed 
CLMBL, claimable 
CLMBNG, climbing 
CLMBR, climber, clamber 
CLMBS, climbs 
CLMD, claimed, clammed, calmed, 

CIMKS, climax 
CIML, culomel 
CIMN, calmine, column 
CLMNC, clemency 
CIMNG, calming, claiming, clam- 
ming, climbing, acclaiming 
CLMKR, columnar 
CLMNS, calmness, columns 
CIMNT, calumniate, cloyment, 

claimant, culminate, clement 
CLMNTD, culminated, calumniated 
CLMME, calumniator 
CLMNTS, claimants, calumniates, 

CIMNY, calumny 
CLMP, clump, clamp 
CLMK, clamour, climber, calmer 
CL:M!, calms, columns, claims, 

climbs, clcims 

CLMT, cal. unity, climate, acclimate 
, cclimuted 

CLMTS, calamities, acclimatize 

CLMY, clammy 

CLX, c'an, clean 

CLKCH, clench, cluncb, clinch 

CLXCHD, clenched, clinched, 

CLNCHNO, clenching, clinching, 

CLNCHE, clencher, clincher, 

CLNCHS, clenches, ~ clinches, 


CLND, colonnade, cleaned 
CINDE, calendar, calender, cullen- 
der, cylinder 
CLNDSTN, clandestine 
CLNG, calling, ceiling, cleaning, 

clang, coiling, cooling, coaling 

cling, clung, claying, culling 
CLNGS, ceilings, clings, callings 
CLNK, clank, clink 
CLNKNG, clinking, clanking 
CLNKR, clinker 
CLXL, colonel, colonial 
CLNLNS, cleanliness 
CLNLY, cleanly 
CLXB, cleaner 
CLNKY, culiiiary 
CLNS, cleanse, colonize, coolness, 

cleans, clans 
CLNT, client 
CLNY, colony 
CLP, clap, clip 
CLPBL, culpable 
CLPD, clapped, clipped 
CLPNG, clipping, clapping 
ClPB, clapper, clipper 
CLPKT, culprit 

CLPS, collapse, claps, eclipse, clips 
CIPSD, collapsed, eclipsed 
CLHSXG, eclipsing, collapsing 
CLPTC, ecliptic 
CLPTR, c >lporteur 
CLK, cellar, caller, cooler, colour, 

cellular, clear, clearer, collar, 

collier, ocular 
CLRBL, colourable 
CLRCL, clerical 




CLHD, cleared, collared, coloured 

CLHFC, calorific, colorific 

CLKFCTN, chu-ilication 

CLKFY, clurify 

CLRG, clergy, clenrage 

CLHGMN, clergyman 

CLRK, clerk 

CLRLS, colourless, clearless, cellar- 

CLBLY, clearly, ocularly 

CLKN, clarion 

CLUNC, clearance 

CLRNG, colouring, clearing, col- 

CLRNS, clearness 

CLRNT, clarionet 

CLHS, colours, collars, clears, col- 
liers, cellars 

CLHST, colourist, clearest 

CLBT, claret, clarity, celerity, 
colorate, accelerate 

CIETS, clarets, accelerates 

CLBY, celery, colliery 

CLS, callous, culls, close, clause, 
cells, culls, class, coalesce, cloy- 
less, cluvs, coils, cools, clauses 

CLSC, classic 

CLSCL, classical 

CLSD, classed, coalesced, closed 

CLSU clash 

CLSL, colossal 

CLSLV, closely, callously 

CLSN, collision, collusion,coalesion 

CLSNC, coalescence 

CLSNG, classing, coalescing, closing 

CLSXS, closeness, collisions, collu- 

CLSP, clasp 

CfSPK, clasper 

CLSR, closer 

CLSTC, ecclesiastic 

CLSTCL, ecclesiastical 

CLSTL, celestial 

CL>TR, cloister, cluster, clyster 

CLSTED, cioirtered, clustered 

CrSTKNG, clustering 

CLSTRS, cloisters, clusters, clysters 

CLSV, collusive 

CLT, collet, clot, colt, clout, collate, 
eclat, ocfult 

CLTC, eccciic, Celtic 

CLTCIC, clutch 

Ci-TD, clouted, collated, callated, 

CLTH, cloth, clothe 

CLTHD, cluthed 

CLTHNG, cinthing 

CITHR, clothier 

CLTHS, clotiis. clothes 

CLTN, ci illation, coali'ion 

CL'ING, clolhing, clouting, col- 
lating, collating, occulting 

CI/TK, clatter, collator, culture 

CLTRD, cultured, ckttered 

CLTUL, collateral 

CLTS, colts, clots, clouts, collates, 

CLTVT, cultivate 

CLTVTD, cultivated 

CLTVTN, cultivation 

CLIVTS, cultivates 

CLT, calve, cleave, clove 

CLVD, cleaved, calved 

CLVN, cloven, Calvin 

CLVNG, cleaving, calving 

CLTNSM, Calvinism 

CLVNST, Calvinist 

CLVR, cleaver, clever, clover 

CLTKNS, cleierness 

CLVES, clovers, cleavers 

CLVS, calves, cleaves, cloves 

CLTT, acclivity 

CLVTD, clavated 

CLW, claw, clew, eclat 

CLWD, clawed 

CLWN, clown 

CLWNG, clawing 

CLWNSH, clownish 

CLWS, claws 

CLY, clay, cloy, coolly 

CM, come, comma, came, coom, 
comb, acme 

CMB, comb 

CMBL, cymbal 

CMBN, combine 

CMBNG, combining, combing 




CMBNS, combines 

CMBNT, comhinate 

CMBNTN, combination 

CMBR, cucumber, cumber, cum- 

CUBES, cumbrous, cumbers 

CMBRSM, cumbersome 

CMBSTBL, combustible 

CSIBSTN, combustion 

CMBT, combat 

CMBFD, combated 

CIIBTNT, combatant 

CMBTS, combats 

CMC, comic 

CMCL, comical 

CMD, commode, combed, comedy 

CMDN, comedian 

CJIDE, commodore 

CMDS, commodious 

CMDSNS, commodiousness 

CMDT, accommodate, commo- 

CSIDTX, accommodation 

CMDT, comedy 

CMFE, camphor 

CMFRT, comfort 

CMFUTLS, comfortless 

CMFBTS, comforts 

CMFT, comfit 

CMKS, commix 

CML, camel, camomile 

CMLNS, comeliness 

CMLT, cumulate 

CMLTK, cumulation 

CMLT, comely 

CMMD, commode 

CMMDR, commodore 

CMMDS, commodious 

CMMDT, accommodate 

CMMNCT, communicate 

CMMNCTN, communication 

CMMJTD, command, commend 

CMMNDBL, commendable 

CMMNDE, commander 

CMMNDTN, commendation 

CMMNDTRT, commendatory 

CMMNO, communing 

CMMNGI, commingle 

CMMKLT, commonly 

CMMNPLC, common-place 

C.M.MNK, commoner 

CMMXS, commons, commonnesa 

C.MMNSUBL, commensurable 

CMMNSICT, commensurate 

CM>I>*T, comment, community 

CMMNTN, comminution 

CMMNTB, commentator 

CMMNTKT, commentary 

CMMKWLTH, commonwealth 

CiiN, common, commune, acumen, 

CMNC, commence 

CMNCD, commencea 

CMNCNT, communicant 

CMXCS, commences 

CMND, command 

CHKG, coming, combing, commun- 

CMNGL, commingle 

CMNPLC, common-place 

CMXR, commoner 

CIINS, commons, commonness 

CMNSRBL, commensurable 

CMNET, commensurate 

CMNT, comment, cement, com- 
minute, community 

CMNTNjCommunica'ion, commoni- 
tion, comminutioa 

CMNTR, commentator 

CMNTET, commentary 

CMNWLTH, comtnonwealtii 

CMP, camp 

CMPCT, compact 

CMPGN, campaign 

CMPL, compel, compile, comply 

CMPLC, acconiplice 

CMPLCNC, complacency 

CMPLCNT, complacent 

CMPLCT, complic-ate 

CMPLCJN, complication 

CMPLD, compelled, compiled 

CMPLKS, complex 

CMPLKSN, complexion 

CMPLMNT, compliment, comple- 

CMPLK, complain 




CMPLNC, compliance 

CMPI.NG, compelling, compiling 

CMPLNT, complaint, compliant, 

CMPLK, compiler 

CMPLSH, at-complish 

CMPI.SN, compulsion 

CMPLSXC, complai-ance 

CMPLSNT, complaisant 

CMPLSTRT, compulsatory 

CMPLSV, compulsive 

CM PIT, complete, complot 

CMPLTN, completion, compilation 

CMPLT, comply 

CMPMNT, accompaniment 

CMPN, campaign, companion 

CMPXCTX, compunction 

CMPND, compound, accompanied 

CMPNDR, compounder 

CMPNDM, compendium 

CMPXDS, compendious, com- 

CMPNG, camping, campaigning 

CMPNST, compensate 

CMI'XSTX, compensation 

CMPXT, component 

CMPNY, company, accompany 

CMPB, compare, compeer 

CMPKBL, comparable 

CMPRHXD, comprehend 

CMPRHXSX, comprehension 

CMPKHNSV, comprehensive 

CMPRMS, compromise 

CMPKS, compeers, compares, com- 
prise, compress 

CMPHSBL, compressible 

CMPHSD, compressed, comprised 

CMPKSN, compression, comparison 

CsrrR-R, compressure 

CMPKT, compart, comport 

CMPKTV, co'nparative 

CMPS, compass, compose, camps 

CMP.SN, compassion 

C.MPSXG, composing, compassing 

CMPSNT, compassionate 

CMPSR, composure, composer 

CMPST, composite, compost 

CMPSTN, composition 

CMPSTR, compositor 

CMPT, compete, compute 

CMPTBL, computable, compatible, 

CIIPTBLT, compatibility 

CMPTD, computed, competed 

CMPTX, competition, computation 

CMPTXC, competence 

CMPTSG, computing, competing 

CMPTNT, competent 

CMPTR, competitor 

CMPTRT, compatriot 

CMR, camera, comer 

CM KG, commerce 

CMRCL, commercial 

CMKD, comrade 

CMRS, comers, cameras 

CMKT, commemorate 

CMRTD, commemorated 

CMUTX, commemoration 

CMRTKG, commemorating 

CMRTS, commemorates 

CMS, comes, combs, commas, 

CMSN, commission 

CMSND, commissioned 

CMSXR, commissioner 

CMSNS, commissions 

CMSRBL, commiserable 

CMSRT, commiserate, commissa- 

CMSKTX, commiseration 

CMSRTXG, commiserating 

CMSRY, commissary 

CMT : commit, committee, comet, 

CMTBL, commutable, commitable 

CMTD, committed, commuted 

CMTX, commotion, commutation 

CMTNG, committing, commuting 

CMTR, cimeter 

CMTUY, cemetery 

GN, can, coin, cane, canoe, con, 
cion, cannon, canon, canine, 
cone, ocean 

CXBL. cannibal. connubial, coinable 

CXBLT, connubiality 

Cxc, conic, cynic 





V, concubine 

CNCD, coincide, concede, con- 

CNCDNC, coincidence 

CNCDNG, coinciding, conceding 

CNCDNT, coincident 

CNCL, cancel, counsel, conceal, 
conical, council 

CNCLBL, com-ca'able 

CNCLD, concealed, conclude, can- 
celled, concluded 

CNCLMM, concealment 

CNCLNO, concealing, cancelling, 

CNCLR, concealer, councillor, 

CNCLT, conciliate 

CNCLTD, conciliated 

CNCLTN, conciliation 

CNCLTNG, conciliating 

CNCLTE, conciliator 

C.N'CMTNT, concomitant 

CNCNTB ; concentre 

CNCXTKC, concentric 

CNCNTBT, concentrate 

CNCPSNC, concupiscence 

CNCPSNT, concupiscent 

CNCPTBL, coneeu'ibie 

^'CPTN, conception 

CNCE, concur, c mcer 

CNCKD, concord, cancerccl 

CKCRDNC, concordnnec 

CNCBDNT, concurdant 

CKCKN, concern 

CKCBNC, concurrence 

CNCBND, concerned 

CNCBNG, concerning 

C.NCKNS, concerns 

CNCKNT, concurrent 

CNCKS, concourse, concur?, cancers 

CNCET, concert, contort, concreie 

CNCK'IN, conccrtion, concertina, 

Cues, concise 

CNCSN, concussion, concision, 

CNCSNS, conciseness 

CKCT, conceit, connect, concoct 

CNCTD, concerted, connected, con- 

CNCTNO, connecting, concerting, 

CNCTS, connects, conceits, con- 

CKCV, conceive, concare 

CNCVBL, conceivable 

CKCVD, conceived, concaved 

CNCTNO, conceiving 

CNCTS, conceives 

CNCVT, concavity 

CND, candid, coined, caned, can- 
nonade, conned 

CNDC, conduce 

CNDCBL, conduciblc 

CNDCT, conduct 

CNDCTNG, conducting 

CNDCTS, conducts 

CNDGN, condign 

CSDI, candle, condole 

CNDLP, condoled 

CNDLMS, Candlemas 

CNDLNC, condolence 

CNDLNO, condoling* 

CNDLS, candles, condoles 

CNDLSTK, candlestick 

CNDM, condemn 

CNDMD, condemned 

CNDMNG, cond<mning 

C'NDMNTEY, condemnatory 

CNDN, condone 

CNDND, condoned 

CNDNG, condoning 

CNDNS, condones, condense, con- 

CNDNSNG, conrlen?ing 
CNDXSE, condenser 

CNDNST condeusute, condensity 

C'^DNSTN, condensation 

CNDNTN, condona'ian 

CNDB, cind.-r, c mdour, condor 

CNDSN, condescension 

CNDSND, condescend 

CNDT, candidate, couuite, conduit 

C'NDTN, condition 

CNDTNL, conditional 

CNDTNJUY, couditiouary 




CNDTNS, conditions 

CNDTS, candidates, conduits 

CNDT, canHy 

C:-'FB, confab 

CNFBLT, confabulate 

CNFCTN, confection 

CNFCTNB, confectioner 

CNFD, confide 

CNFDXC, confidence 

CNPDNT, confidant, confident 

CNFDBC, confederacy 

CNFDRT, confederate 

CNFDKTN, confederation 

CNFGR, configure 

CNFK*, confix 

CNFLCT, conflict 

CNFLCTN, confliction 

CNFLGRTN, conflagration 

CNFLKS, conflux 

CNFLNC, confluence 

CNFLXT, confluent 

CNFLNTN, conflation 

CNFN, confine 

CNFND, confined, confound 

CNFXS, confines 

CNFE, confer 

CNFBD, conferred 

CNFKM, confirm, conform 

CKFKMBL, conformable, confirm- 

CNFEMD, conformed, confirmed 

CXFKMKO, confirming, conform- 

CNFEMST, conformist 

C>TKMT>-, conformation, confirma- 

CNFBMTT, conformity 

CNFRNC, conference 

CXFKNT, confront 

CXFS, confess, confuse 

CxF?cr, confiscate 

CNFSD, confused 

confusion, confession 
.. confessor 

CNF.-T, confest 

CXFT, confute 

CXFTBL, confutable 

CKFTD, confuted 

CNFTX, confutation 

CNFTS, confutes 

C>'O, coinage, congou, caning, 
cunning, cannoning, cooing, 

CNGCTH, conjecture, conjector 

CNGCTEt, conjectural 

CNGL, congea', conjugal 

CNGLBL, congealable 

CNGLD, congealed 

CKGLMRT, conglomerate 

CNGLY, cunningly 

CNGN, conjoin 

CNGNCT, conjunct 

CNGXCTN', conjunction 

C.VGNCTR, conjunc'ure 

CNGXCTV, conjunctive 

CNGND, conjoined 

CNGNL, congenial 

CNUXTLY, conjointly 

CNGR, conjure, congen, conjurer, 

CNGRT>, conjured 

CNGENC, congruence 

CXGKNT, congruent 

CNGES, congress, congeries, con- 

CNGBSV, congressive 

CNGET, congregate, congreet 

CNGRTLNT, congratulant 

CNGETLT, con grutu late 

CSGRTN, conjuration 

CNGST, congest 

CNGSTX, congestion 

CNGT, cor-jugate 

CXGTN, conjugation 

CNK, cinque 

CNKL, canonical 

CNKR, canker 

CSKS connex 

C.vKSN", connexion 

CNKT, connect 

CNKTD, connected 

CKKTS, connects 

CNKWB, conquer, conqueror 

CNKWEBL, conqueiable 

CNKWST, conquest 

CJSL, canal, canel 





I, economical 

CNMN, cinnamon 

CNMS, economise 

CNMSD, economised 

CNMSNG, economising 

CNMY, economy 

CNN, cannon 

CNNCL, canonical 

CNND, cannonade 

Cyyo, cunning, conning, coining, 

CNNKS, connex 

CNNKSN, connexion 

CNNKTD, connected 

CNPY, canopy 

CNR, coiner, corner 

CNHD, cornered, cannard 

CNBNO, cornering 

CNHS, corners 

CNET, canary 

CNS, census, cans, conies, cones, 
oceans, cannons, cions, coins, 
canes, canons 

CNSBSTNT, consubstantiate 

CNSBSTNTN, consubstantiation 

CNSCNTS, conscientious 

CNSCEPT, conscript 

CNSCKT, consecrate 

CNSCKTNG, consecrating 

CNSCS, conscious 

CNSCSNS, c )n*ciousnes3 

DNSCT. consociate, 

CNSCTV, consecutive 

CNSDB, consi ler 

CNSDEBL, considerable 

CNSDET, considerate 

CNSDEIN, cousideration 

CNSGMNT, cot siunment 

CNSGN, consign, consignee 

CNSGNB, consigner 

CNSK\VNC, consequence 

CNSKWXT, consequent 

CKSL, console, counsel, council, 
consul, cancel 

CNSLBL, consolable 

CNSLD, consoled, cancelled, coun- 

CNSLDT, consolidate 

CNSLNG, consoling, counselling, 

CNSLR, consoler, consular 

CNSLT, consult, consulate 

CKSLTN, consolation, consultation 

CNSLTRY, consolatory 

CNSM, consume 

CNSMBL, consumable 

CNSMD, consumed 

CNSMPTN, consumption 

CNSMPTV, consumptive 

CNSMK, consumer 

CNSMT, consummate 

CNSMTN, consummation 

CNSNBL, conscionable 

CNSNC, conscience, consonance 

CNSNGNT, consanguinity 

CNS.XGS, consanguineous 

CNSNT, consent, consonant, con- 

CNSKTNS, consentaneous 

CNSPCS, conspicuous 

CNSPCSNS, eonspicuousness 

CNSPCT, conspicuity 

CNBPE, conspire 

CNSPEC, conspiracy 

CNSPRD, conspired 

CNSPRS, conspires 

CNSPKTN, conspiration 

CNSPETE, conspirator 

CNSE, censer, censor, censure, 

CNSEBL, censurable 

CNSRD, censured 

CNSRN, censorian 

CNSRNG, censuring 

CNSRS, censorious, censors, cen- 
sures, connoisseurs 

CNSRT, consort, concert 

CNSBTN, consertion 

CNSRV, conserve 

C>SRVNC, conservancy 

CNSEVE, conserver 

CNSRVS. conserves 

CNSKVTN, conservation 

CNSKVTHY, conservatory 

CNSKVTV, conservative 

CNST, consist, constitute, canst 




CNSTBI, constable 

CNSTBLHY, constabulary 

CNSTD, consisted, constituted 

CNSTLTN, constellation 

CNSTN, constitution, canonization 

CNSTNC, consistency, consistence, 

CNSTNL, constitutional 

CNSTNT, consistent, constant, con- 

CNSTPT, constipate 

CNSTPTN, constipation 

CNSTR, construe, canister 

CNSTECT, construct 

CNSTECTN, construction, constric- 


CNSTRL, consistotial 

CNSTRN, constrain 

CNSTRND, constrained 

CNSTRNT, constraint 

CNSTRNTN, consternation 

CNSTRY, consistory 

CNSTV, constitutive 

CNT, cannot, cant, count, county, 
account, cent, accent, connate 

CNTBL, accountable 

CNTBLT, accountability, contabu- 

CNTCL, canticle 

CNTCT, contact 

CNTGN, contagion 

CNTGS, contagious, contiguous 

CNTGT, contiguity 

CNTKS, contex 

CNTKST, context 

CNTKSTE, contexture 

CNTLS, countless 

CNTM, contume, contemn 

CNTMCS, contumacious 

CNTMCSNS, contutnaciousness 

CNTMI.S, contumelious 

C.XTMLY, contumely 

CNTMNT, contaminate 

CNTAINTD, contaminated 

CNTMNTN, contamination 

CNTMPLT, contemplate 

CNTMPLTN, contemplation 

CNTMPLTB, contemplator 

CNT MPLTS, contemplates 

CNTMPLTV, contemplative 

CNTMPRMNT, contemperament 

CN'i'MPKS, contemporise, contem- 

CNTMPUY, contemjiorary 

CNTMPT, contempt 

CNTMPTBL, contemptible, con- 

CNTMPTS, contemptuous 

CNTN, contain, cant ation, canteen, 
canton, continue 

CNTNBL, containable 

CNTNC, countenance, continence, 

CNTND, com end, continued 

CNTNDNG, contending 

CNTND R, contender 

CNTNDS, contends 

CNTNG, counting, canting, ac- 
counting, containing, con- 

CNTNGNT, contingent 

CNTNL, continual, centennial 

CNTNLY, continually 

CNTNBY, centenary 

CKTNS, contains, continues, coun- 

CNTNT, content, continent, con- 
tinuity, accountant 

CNTNTD, contented 

CNTNTLS, content less 

CNTNTN, contention, continuation 

CNTNTS, contentious, contents 

CNTPD, centipede 

CNTR, canter, counter, centre, 
contra, centaur 

CNTRBLNC, counterbalance 

CNTUBND, contraband 

CNTEBT, contribute 

CNTHBTN, contribution 

CNTUBTNG, contributing 

CNTECHNG, countercliange 

CNTHCT, contract, counteract 

CNTRC IBL, contractible 

CNTUCTN, contraction 

CNTRCTB, contractor 





CNTBDCT, contradict 

CNTKDCTN, contradiction 

CNTBDSTNCTN, contradistinction 

CNTBFL, counterfoil 

CNTBFT, counterfeit 

C-M-RI,, control, central, con- 

CNTELE, controller 

CMEIIN, countermine, country- 

CNTRMXD, countermand 

CNTBMHCH, countermarch 

CNTRMTN, counter-motion 

CNTBN, centurion 

CNTBPL, counterplea 

CNTEPLD, counterplead 

CNTKPLT, counterplot 

CNTEPN, counterpane 

CxxiiPXT, counterpoint 

CNTBPKT, counterpart 

CNTBS, co: ' t <*, centres, canters 

CuTlfSON, r "' tersign 

CNTEST, coiitra^t 
CNTBSTNG, contrasting 
CNTKT, contrite, contort 
CNTKTN, contortion, contrition 
CNTUY, contrive 
CNTETL, countervail 
CNTRVN, contravene 
CNTBV>'C, contrivance 
CNTEvyo, contravened 
CNTEVNG, contriving 
CNTEV>"TX, contraveutiou 
CNTBVE, contriver 
CXTUVKSET, controversary 
CNTEVET, controvert 
CNTKVS, contrives 
CNIEVW, countervio\v 
CNTKWS, contrariwise 
CNTKT, century, country 
CUTS, contu-e, cents, countess, 

counts, accounts, counties 
CNTSD, contused 
CNISN, contusion 
CNTST, contest 
CUTSTBL, contestible 
CNTSTNO, contesting 
CHTY, county 

CNV, convive, connive 

CNVCT, convict, convocate 

CNVCTV, conviction, convocation 

CXTCTV, convictive 

CNVD, connived 

CNVK, convoke 

CNVKS, convokes, convex 

CNVKST, convexity 

CNTL, convivial 

CNVLS, convulse 

CNVLSD, convulsed 

CNTLSN, convulsion 

CXVLSNT, convalescent 

CNTLSV, convulsive 

CNVLTD, convoluted 

CNVLTN, convolution, convulsion 

CXVLV, convolve 

CNTN, convene 

CWXBL, convenable 

Cxvxc, convince, convenience, 

conveyance, connivance 
CNVXCBL, convincible 
CXVXCD, convinced 
CXVNCR, convincer, conveyancer 
CXVXG, convening, conniving, 


CXVXT, convenient, convent 
CXVNTCL, conventicle 
CXVXTX, convention 
CXVXTXL conventional 
CXVXTXET. conventionary 
CNTE, conveyor 
CXVBG-, converge 
CXVEGNO, converging 
CUVBGXT, convergent 
CXVRGS, converges 
CNVRS. converse 
CXVUSD, conversed 
CXVKSX, conversion 
CNVRSXG, conversing 
CXVRSXT, conversant 
CXVBT, convert 
CXVKTBL, convertible 
C.NVUTR, converter 
CXVBTS, converts 
Cxvs, canvass, conveys, convoys 
C.NVV, convey, convoy 
CXY, coney 




CP, cap, cape, cup, cop, cope, 
coop, copy 

CPBK, copybook 

CPBL, capable 

CPBLT, capability 

CPBR, cupbearer 

CPBRD, cupboard 

CPC, coppice, copse 

CPCS, capai-ious 

CPCSNS, capaciousness 

CPCT, capacity, capacitate 

CPD, cupid, capped, cupped, copied 

CPDT, cupidity 

CPHLD, copyhold 

CPHR, cipher 

CPL, copal, cupola, couple 

CPLD, c >upled 

CPLRT, capillary 

CPLT, copulate, couplet 

CPLTN, copulation 

CPLTT, copulative 

CPNC, occupancy 

CPNCT, occupancy 

CPNG, coping, copying, capping, 
cupping, occupying 

CPNT, occupant 

CPR, caper, copper, cooper, cap- 
per, copier, occupier 

CPHC, caprice 

CPECS, capricious 

CPHGHT, copyright 

CPHNG, capering, coopering 

CPRPLT, copperplate 

CPBS, coppers, copperas, cypress, 
Cyprus, occupiers, caprice 

CPRSN, caparison 

CPKT, co-operate, corporate, copy- 

CPHTN, co-operation 

CPKTNB, co-partner 

CPRTV, co-operative 

CPS, capacious, copious, copies, 
caps, cues, capes,, cop- 
pice, capsize 

CPSL, capsule 

CPSLY, copiously 

CPSNS, capiousness, copiousness 

CPSTN, capstan 

CPT, accept, capt, kept 

CPTBL, acceptable 

CPTD, accepted 

CPTL, capital, capitol 

CPTLT, capitulate 

CPTN, captain, capitation, occu- 
pation, co-aptation, acceptation 

CPTNC, acceptance 

CPTNG, accepting 

CPTR, captor, capture 

CPTS, captious, accepts 

CPTV, captive 

CPTVT, captivity, captivate 

CPY, copy, occupy 

CR, car, care, cure, core, occur, 
career, carrier, accrue, currier, 
carry, corps, acre, courier, crier, 
cur, curry 

CRB, corb, curb, crab, crib 

CRBD, crabbed, curbed 

CRBG, cribbage 

CBBL, curable 

CRBN, carbine, carbon, corban 

CRBNCL, carbuncle 

CKBNG, cribbing, curbing 

CRBHNT, corroborant 

CRBRT, corroborate 

CRBRTN, corroboration 

CHBS, cribs, crabs, curbs 

CRBT, acrobat 

CRC, coerce, curacy, accuracy 

CRCBL, coercible, crucible 

CRCFKS, crucifix 

CRCFKSN, crucifixion 

CRCFY, crucify 

CRCH, crouch 

CHCL, circle, curricle 

CRCLR, circular 

CBCLT, circulate, circlet 

CHCLTN, circulation 

CRCMBLT, circumdinbulate 

CRCMCS, circunicise 

CRCMCSN, circumcision 

CRCMFLS, circumfluous 

CRCMFKNC, oixoumfertaafl 

CRCMLCTN, circumlocution 

CRCMNVGT, circumnavigate 

CHCMSCBB, circumscribe 




CRCMSPCT, circumspect 

CBCMSPCTV, circumspective 

CKCITSTNC, circumstance 

CRCMSTNT, circumstantiate 

CBCMSTNTL, circumstantial 

CKCMVNTN, circumvention 

CKCKG, coercing 

CHCS, caress, creases, circus, cori- 
aceous, crocus, coerces 

CRCT, circuit, correct, cruciate 

CBCTD, corrected 

CBCTN, correction 

CBCTNS, correctness 

CRCTE, caricature, character, cor- 

CECTS, circuitous, corrects, circuits 

CKCTV, corrective 

CRCV, coercive 

CBCY, accuracy, curacy 

CED, card, cord, cr;ed, accrued, 
curd, careered, cured, crude, 
acrid, occurred, cared, corrode, 
accord, curried, carried, cried 

CBDBL, corrortable, credible 

CBDG, cordage 

CEDL, cordial, cradle, crudle 

CRDLS, credulous, cordials, cradles 

CRDLT, cordiality, credulity 

CEDLY, cordially, crudely 

CBDNC, credence 

CBDND, eredenda 

CBDNG-,creeding. carding, cording, 
corroding, according 

CBDNX, cardinal 

CBDNS, crudeness, credence 

CBDNT, credent, co-ordinate 

CKDNTL, credential 

CKDT, credit, cordate, accredit 

CKDTBL, creditable 

CHDTNO, crediting 

CBDTE, creditor 

CIIDTS, credits 

CKDWN, cord wain 

CHDWNB, cordwainer 

CRFL, careful 

CEFLNS, carefulness 

CKFT, craft, crafty, croft 

CEFTLY, craftily 

CRFTNS, craftiness 

CHFW, curfew 

CRG, cargo, courage, carriage 


CHGBL, corrigible 
CKGD, cragged 
CHGDNS, crnggedness 
CRGS, crags, courageous, cargoes, 


CRGSLY, courageously 
CRGT, corrugate 
CKK, cork, crack, crook, creak, 

creek, croak 
CRKBRND, crackbrained 
CEKD, crooked, cracked, corked, 

creaked, croaked 
CRKDL, crocodile 
CRKL, crackle 

CUKNG, cracking, corking, creak- 
ing, croaking 

CRKB, cracker, corker, croaker 
CKKRY, crockery 
CUES, corks, cracks, crooks, creaks, 

creeks, croaks 
CRKSKRW, corkscrew 
CKKT, cricket 
CEKTNG, cricketing 
CEL, curl, carol, coral, cruel, cereal 
CRLD, curled, carolled 
CRLN, coralline 
CRLNG, curling, carolling 
CRLEY, corollary, carolry 
CELS, careless, curls, cureless, 

carols, cereals 
CELT, cruelty 
CRLTV, correlative 
CBM, cram, crumb, cream, 


CEMB, crumb 
CKMBL, crumble 
CRMBLNG, crumbling 
CRMP, crammed, creamed 
CKMLS, crimeless, creauiless 
CUMN, carmine, carman 
CHMNG, creaming, cramming 
CRMNL, ceremonial, criminal 
CHMNS, criminous, acrimonious 
CBMNTN, crimination 




CBMNTRY, criminatory 

CBMNY, ceremony, acrimony 

CKMP, cramp, crump, crimp 

CBMPD, cramped, crimped, crum- 

CRMPL, crimple, crumple 

CBMPLXG, crumpling 

CRMPNG, crumping, cramping, 

CBMPS, cramps, crimps, crumps 

CKM^, crams, crumbs, creams 

CBMS.V, crimson 

CKMY, crummy, creamy 

CBN, corn, carrion, crayon, acorn, 

CBNC, cornice, currency, occurrence 

CBNCHXDLB, cornchandler 

CBNCP, cornucopia 

CKNCS, cornices, currencies, occur- 

CBNG, carnage, cringe, crying, ca- 
reering, carrying, caring, curing, 
crowing, crowning, accruing, 

CBNK, crank 

CRNL, carnal, coronal 

CBNLN, cornelian 

CBNLY, carnally 

CKNM, cranium 

CKNR, corner, coroner 

CBN ED, cornered 

CKNKS, corners, coroners 

CBNS, corns, crayons, acorns, 

CBNSH, craunch 

CENT, coronet, courant, currant, 

CBNTD, coronated 

CRXTLY, currently 

CKNTK, coronation, carnation 

CENTS, coronets, currents, cur- 

CRNVRS, carnivorous 

CRNY, cranny, crony 

Cap, carp, crape, creep, crop, croup 

CBPD, craped, creeped, cropped, 

CBPL, cripple 

CRPLNC, corpulence, crapulence 

CRPLNT, corpulent 

CHPLS, crapulous, cripples 

CKPNG, carping, creeping, crop- 
ping, craping 

CKPNTK, carpenter 

CKPR, creeper, cropper, carper 

CRPKL, corporal, corporeal 

CHPEI.T, corporality 

CKPELY, corporally 

CRPS, corps, corpse, crops, creeps, 

CBPT, carpet, crypt, corrupt, crept 

CHPTBL, corruptible 

CRPTC, cryptic 

CEPTD, corrupted, carpeted 

CRPTN, corruption 

CBPTXG, corrupting, carpeting 

CKPTNS, corruptness 

CRPTR, corrupter 

CBPTS, carpets, corrupts 

CKPTV, corruptive 

CKU, carrier, career, crier 

CBS, course, curse, corse, crease, 
cruise, across, caress, cares, cress, 
craze, crisis, cross, accurse, 
cures, cries, curious, corps, 
carouse, coarse, carriers, accrues, 
occur*, careers 

CRSBL, corrosible, crucible 

CitscNT, crescent, coruscant 

CR.-CTN, coruscation 

CRSD, cursed, coursed, crusade, 
creased, crossed, caressed, 
crazeH, accursed, caroused 

CUSGUN, crossgrain 

CBSH, crash. cru*h 

CKSHD, crushed, crashed 

CKSHNG, crushing, crashing 

CKSHS, crashes, crushes 

CBSL, carousal 

CKSLY, coarsely, cursorily 

Citsx, corrosion 

CBSNG, courrins;, cursing, creasing, 
cruising, crazing, crossing, ca- 
ressing, carousing, corrosiug 

CBSNS, coarseness, crossness, crazi- 





CRST>, crisp 

CKSPND. correspond 

CitsrNDNT, correspondent 

CRSPNS, crspness 

CBSR, cor?ir, courser, curser, 

cruiser, coarser 
CRSRLY, cursorily 
CBSRXS, cursoriness 
CHSEY, cursorarv, cursory 
CEST, crest, crust, curiosity, crusty 
CKSTC, acrostic 
CKSTCS, crustaceous, acrostics 
CESTD, created, crusted 
CRSTFLN, crestfallen 
CBSTL, crystd 
CHSTLX, crystalline 
CESTLS, crei-tless, crystallize 
CRSTLST.V, crystallization 
CRSTY, crusty, creaty 
CBSV, corrosive 
CEST, crazy, creasy 
CBT, court, cart, carrot, curt, 
carat, caret, crate, correct, ac- 
curate, create, cruet, curate,carte 
CBTC, critic 

CRTCH, crutch, cart ouch, crotch 
CRTCHT, crotchet 
CETCL, critical 
CKTCS, criticise 
CRTD, created, courted, carted 
CKTFCT, certificate 
CETFD, certified 
CETFS, certifies 
CETFT, certify 
CBTG, cortege^ cartago 
CRTK, critique 
CRTL, curtail 
CBTLG, cartibie 
CBTLNS, courtliness 
CBTLT. courtleet 
CBTLY, courtly, accurately 
CRTN, cartoon, creation, certain, 

CETXG, courting, carting, crating, 

creating, correcting 
CBTNT, c rtainty 

CETR, Creator, creature, carter, 
crater, courtier, criteria 

CETRDG, cartriflge 

CETRN, criterion 

CJCTKS, craters, conrtirrs, crea- 
tures, cre.-itcrs, carters 

CIUKT, cart \vright 

Cit'is, cruets, carrots, crate?, 
creates, courts, curates, cortes, 
carts, courteous, criticise 

Cuisu, criticised 

CRI^HP, courtship 

CETSN, courtesan 

CUTSNS, courteousness 

CE'isr, courtesy 

CRIV, creative 

GET, carre, curve, crave 

C'EVC, crevice 

CKVD, curved, carved, craved 

CEVN*, craven, caravan 

C'RVJVG, carving, curving, craving 

CHVS, curves, cruvos, carves 

CEVT, curvet, cra7at 

CK\TN, curvation 
CEVTE, curvature 
CEW, crew, crow 
CRWD, crowd, crowed 
CBWL, craxNl 
CKWLNG, crawling 
CRWN, crown 
CKV\ XD, crowned 
CRWNG, crowning 
CRWS, crews, crows 
CRWY, caraway 
CEY, carry, cry 

Cs, case, cause, cease, access, 
accuse, cases, causes, ceases, 
CSBL, accessible, causable, ac- 

CSCD, cascade 

CSD, caused, ceased, cased, ac- 

CSH, cash, coyish 
CSUN, cushion 
CSHND, cushioned 

CsHNG, C-ishllig 

CSHE, cashier 
CSHBDN, ca-eharden 
CSK, cask, Cossack 




CSKT, casket 

CoL, casuul, causal 

CSLS, ceaseles, causeless 

CSLT, casualty, casuality 

CSLTS, casualties 

CSMCL, cosmical 

CSMGKFE, cosmographer 

CSMNT, casement 

Csuic, cosmetic 

Csx, cou.-in, cozen, accession, 

occasion, cession 
CSNG, ceasing, causing, casing, 

accusing, cozenage, cozening 
CSXH, cozener 
CSNTL, co-essential 
CSP, cusp 
CSPDT, cuspidate 
CSPTD, cuspated 
Csu, Csosur, czar 
CSHY accessory 
CST, cast, cost, coast, cosset, 

causist, casuist, accost 
Csxc, caustic, accoustic, ecstatic, 

CSTD, coasted, custody, cosseted, 

CSTGT, castigate 
CSTGTN, castigation 
CSTL, castle, costal 
Csu.xs, costliness 
C.s i IT, custom, accustom 
CSTMII, customer 
CSTMUY, customary 
CSIN, cessation 
CfrTXG, casting, costing, coasting, 

accosting, cosseting 
CSTR, castor 
CsTRD, custard 
CSTKN, cistern 
CSTKT, castrate 
CSTRTN, castration 
CSTUY, caui^try 
CSTS, costs, casts, coasts, accosts, 


OTSY, ecstacy 
C.VTV. costive 
CSTW, castaway 
Csw, causeway 

Cl, rat, coat, cot, cut, acute, city, 
caught, cite, act, co-act, actuate 

CTBL, citable 

CTBH, October 

CTC, acetic 

CTCH, catch 

CTCHMN, catechumen 

CTCHNO, catching 

CTCHS, catecliise 

CTCHSM, catechism 

CrCHiCL, catechetical 

CTCL, cuticle 

CTCLK, cuticular 

CTCMB, catacomb 

CTCST, catechist 

CTD, cited, actuated, coated, 

CTDL, citadel 

CTG, cottage 

CTGN, octagon 

CTGB, cotta-ier 

CTGRCL, categorical 

CTGEY, category 

CTGS, cottages 

CTGT, catgut 

CTIIDRL, cathedral 

CTHLC, catholic 

CTHLCT, catholicity 

CTKS, catechise 

CTKTCL, catechetical 

CTL, cattle, cital, cuttle, actual 

CTLG, catalogue 

CTLN, cotiLion 

CTLB, cutler 

CTLHY, cutlery 

CTLS, cutlass, citals, actless, coatless 

CTMPRY, co temporary 

CTN, caution, coction, coition, 
citation, cotton, action, auction 

CTNBL, actionable, cautionable 

CTND, cautioned 

CTNG, cutting, acting, cautioning, 
citing, coating, cotting, actu- 

CTNL, octennial 

CTNK, auctioneer 

CINRN, octenarian 

CTNRV, octenarv, cautionary 




CTNS, cautions, cutaneous, coc- 
tions, actions, cottons, ructions 

CTE, cater, actor, catarrh, coterie, 
cutter, accoutre, actuator 

CTECT, cataract 

CTEN, citron 

CTBNG-, catering, accoutring 

CTENL, co-eternal 

CTBPLB, caterpillar 

CTBS, caters, eatress, cauterize 

CTET, actuary 

CTS, cautious, cats, cuts, coats, 
cots, acts, actuates, cites 

CTSLT, cautiously 

CTSN, citizen 

CTSNS, cautiousness 

CTSTEF, catastrophe 

Grv, active, octave, octavo 

CTVLT, actively 

CTS, city 

Cv, cave, cove 

Cvc, civic 

Cvt, cavil, civil, coeval 

CVLCD, cavalcade 

CVLD, cavilled 

CVLN, civilian 

CVLB, cavalier, caviller 

CVLS, civilize, cavils 

CVI.SD, civilized 

CVLT, civility 

CVNT, covenant 

CVR, cover 

CVKD, covered 

CVKLT, coverlet 

OVEN, cavern 

CVUNG. covering 

CVKS, covers 

CVKT, covert 

Cvs, caves, coves, calves, cieves 

CVT. covet, civet, cavity 

CVTBL, covetable 

Cvxs, covetous, cavets, cavities 

CVY, covey 

Cw, caw, cow 

CWHUD, cowherd 

CWL, cowl 

CWNG cowing, cawing 

CWK, cower 

CVVRD, coward 

CWHDC, cowardice 

CWHDLY, cowardly 

CWKNG-, cowering 

C'wriLp, cowslip 

Cv, coy, icy 

D is a second-class letter in point of numbers, being only 
superseded by C, S, and P. Unlike B (which it exceeds 350 
times), it frequently occurs in the middle of words, and is also 
an affix when used as ed; for example, tum-cd. Besides this, 
it is often separated by double vowels and diphthongs from 
another D, as deed, dead, died, or similarly separated from other 
consonants ; so that, perhaps, with the exception of G, no other 
letter gives so much 1 rouble to the reporter, or requires so 
much care in transcribing. These difficulties, however, are 
fortunately not increased by the use of D when it properly 
forms the initiative letter of words ; because there is no other 
pure consonant that, on such occasions, is so seldom followed 
by another. It is remarkable also that, owing to D not being 
a semi-vowel, it is 95 times in every 100 followed by a vowel, 


and that chiefly by e, which is quite superfluous, owing to the 
impossibility of sounding D without this vowel being implied. 
By dropping the preceding vowel, D also becomes initiative 84 
times, viz., a 53 times, e 17 times, i 4 times, o 9 times, and u 

PUEFIX. Ad, as in addendum. Dis, as in disbelieve, is a 
common syllable; indeed, s follows d more than any other 

AFFIX. Ed, as in dread-cd. 


D, day, did, do, deed, aid, ado, 
ode, die, do. (ditto), doe, due, 
odd, idea, add, < ead 

DB, dab, daub, dub 

DBCH, debauch, debauchee 

DBCHRY, debauchery 

DBK, daybook 

DEL, dabble, audible, dibble, edi- 
ble, double 

DBT.CL, diabolical 

DBLDLR, double-dealer 

DBLKL, diabolical 

DBLMND, double-minded 

DBLK, doubler, dabbler, dibbler 

DELS, doubles, dabbles, edibles, 

PBI.T. debility, debilitate, doublet 

DBLTNGD, double-tongued 

DBLT, doubly 

DBXG, daubing, dabbing, dubbing 

PBNTR, debenture 

DBR, debar, dauber 

PBRK, debark, daybreak 

DBRNG, debarring 

PBS, debase, dubious, dabs, daubs 

DBSII. debauch, debauchee 

DBSMNT, debasement 

DBT. debit, doubt, debt, debate, 

DBTD, doubted, debited, debated 

DBTFL, doubtful 

DBTB, debtor, debater, doubter 

DBIS. debts, diabetes, doubts, 

*Dc, adduce, educe, deduce, deuce, 

dice, diocese 
DCBL, deducible, docible, educible, 

DCD, decide, decade, adduced, 

educed, decayed, decoyed 
DCDNC, decadence 
DCDE, decider 
PCDS, decides, deciduous 
DCFR, decipher 
DCHS, duchess 
DCHY, duchy 

DCKD, dur-ked, decked, docked 
DCL, ducal, docile 
DCLD, dociled 
DCLO, decalogue 
DCLM, declaim 
DCLMBL, declaimable 
DCLMNO, declaiming 
DCLMR, declaimer 
PCLN, decline 
DCLNSN, declension 
1 'CLNTN, declination 
DCLR, declare 
DCLRBL, declarable 
DCLUD, declared 
DCIETN, declaration 
DCLRTV, declarative 
PCLT, docility 
DCLVT, declivity 
DCMBR, December 
DCML, decimal 

DCMXT, document, deducement 
DCMNTL, documental 

* The fol owing v^otds, contai"ing c solt, arc also written as if spelt with aa 
instead ol c, and \\ hi n ihe c is hard as if spell with a fc. 

3 33 




DCMP, decamp 

DCMPS, decompose, decamps 

DCN, deacon 

Dcuc, decency 


DCNL, decennial 

DCNRT, deaconry 

DCNSN, descension 

DCNT, decant, decent 

DCNTB, decanter 

DCPT, decapitate 

DCPTBL, deceptible 

DCPTN, deception 

DCPTV, deceptive 

DCB, decree, decker, douceur 

DCBD, decried, decreed 

DCBJI, decorum 

DCBNG, decreeing, decrying 

DCBPT, decrepit 

DCRPTD, decrepitude 

DOES, decries, decorous, decker?, 

DCKSNT, decrescent 

DCRT, decorate 

DCBTD, r'ccorated 

DCRTNG, decorating 

DCETS, decorates 

DCET, decry 

DCS, decease, audacious, adduces, 
deduces, diocese 

DCSD, deceased 

Dcsx, decision, diocesan 

Dcsv, decisive 

DCT, edict, educate, ducat, duet, 
edacity, addict, deduct, dictate, 
decoct, dedicate, deceit, au- 

Dcxc, didactic 

DCTD, edicted, educated, addicted, 
deducted, dictated, dedicated, 

DCTFL, deceitful 

DCTL, ductile, didactical 

DCTN, deduction, decoction,dedica- 
tion, diction, education, dictation 

DCTNG-, dictating, edicting, edu- 
cating, addicting, deducting, 

DCTXRY, dictionary 
DCTR, dictator, doctor 
PCTKL, dictatorial 
DCTRN, doctrine 
DCTESL, doctrinnl 
DOTES, doctors, dictators 
DCTRSHP, dictatorship, doctorship 
DOTS, dictates, edicts, educates, 

addicts, deducts 
DCTT, adductive 
DCTT, audacity, edacity 
Dcv, deceive 
DCVD, deceived 
DCVNG, deceiving 
DCVR, deceiver 
Dcvs, deceives 
DCT, decay, decoy 
DF, deaf, doll' 

DFC, deface, edifice 
DFCLT, difficult, ciiiriculty 
DFCMXT, defacement 
DFCT, defect 

DFCTBI, defectible 
DFCTN, defection, deification, edi- 

DFD, deified, edified, doffed, de- 

DFDNC, diffidence 

DFDNT, diffident 

DFL, defile 

DFLCT, defalcate, defieot 

DFLCTN, defalcation, deilection 

DFLD, defiled 

DFLSINT, defilement 

DFLB, defiler, deflour 

DFL?, defiles, deatless 

DFLT, default 

DFLTR, defaulter 

DFM, defame 

DFITD, defamed 

DFMTN, defamation 

DFMTKT, defamatory 

DFN, define, deafen, dauphin 

DFNBL, definable 

DFNC, defence, defiance, dcfi 


DFNCT, defunct 
DFNCY, deficiency 




DFND, defend, defined 

DFX UNO, defending 

DFSDNT, defendant 

DFNG, edifying, deifying, defying 

J)FSS, deafness, defence, defiance 

DFXSBL, defensible 

DFXSLS, defenceless 

DFXSV. defensive 

DFXT, definite, defiant 

DFXTX, definition 

DFXTX s. definiteness, definitions 

DFXTV, definitive 

DFK, defer, differ, duffer, deafer 

DFBD, defraud, differed, deferred, 

DFRDBL, defraudable 

DFKDR, defrauder 

DFHM, deform 

DFRSID, deformed 

DFEMT, deformity 

DFKXG, differing, deferring, de- 

DFB.NS, difference, deference 

DFRNT, different, deferent 

DFRS, differs, defers, defrays 

DFIIY, defray 

DFS, diffuse, deface, edifice, dif- 
fuses, defie?, deifies, edifies 

DFSD, diH'u-ied 

DFSXO, diffusing, defacing 

DFSXT, deficient 

DFSV, diii'usive 

DFT, dalt, defeat 

DFTI;L, doi'eatable 

DFTD, defeated 

DFTS, defeats 

DFY, deify, edify, defy 

Do, dog, dig, dodge, dug, adage, 

DGCXT, adjacent 

DGD, dogged, digged, edged, 

DGDCT, adjudicate 

DGDCTNG, adjudicating 

DGDCTS, ailjudicatcs 

DGDG, adjudge 

DGPGD, adjudged 

DGDGXG, adjudging 

Don. dough 

DGHT, doughty 

DGLS, edgelesa 

DGM, dogma 

DGMTCL, dogmatical 

DGMTSM, dr.gmatism 

DON, adjoin, deign, dudgeon 

DGXCT, adjunct 

DGND, adjoined, deigned 

DGNFD, dignified 

DcNtT, dignify 

DGSG, deigning, adjoining, edging, 
digging, dodging 

Do. NET, adjunct 

DGNKC, degeneracy 

DGNES, degenerous 

DGSHT, degenerate 

DGXRTX, degeneration 

DGNT, dignity 

DGNTEY, dignitary 

DGR, adjure, dagger, degree, dig- 
ger, dodger 

DGRD, degrade, adjured 

DGRDBL, degradable 

DGRM, diagram 

DGRN, adjourn 

DGRNMXT, adjournment 

DOES, digress, adjures 

DGRSN, digression 

DGS, dogs, digs, edges, dodges, 

DGSXT, adjacent 

DGST, adjust, digest 

DGSTN, digestion 

DGT, deject, adjugate, digit 

DGTL, edgetool 

DGTN, dejection 

DGTXT, adjutant 

DGTB, dejecture, daughter, adjutor 

DGTVS, edgewise 

DHE, adhere 

DHEXT, adherent 

DHRT, dehort 

DHETN, dehortation 

DHSX, adhesion 

DHSV, adhesive 

DK, deck, dike, dock, duck, duke, 





DED, decade, de/xed, ducked, 
docked, decayed, decoyed 

DKDSI, dukedom 

DKDSS, decadence 

DEL, ducal 

DELG, decalogue 

DELM, declaim 

DELJID, declaimed 

DELMR, declaimer 

DELMTN, declamation 

DELN, decline 

DELNBL, declinable 

DELNG, duckling 

DELNSN, declension 

DEINTN, declination 

DELE, declare 

DKLHBL, declarable 

DELED, declared 

DELRTN, declaration 

DELETV, declarative 

DELVT, declivity 

DEMNT, document 

DEMNTL, documental 

DEMP, decamp 

DEMPS, decompose, decamps 

DEN, deacon 

DENG, ducking, decking, docking, 
decaying, decoying 

DENET, deaconry 

DENT, decant 

DENTB, decanter 

DEPT, decapitate 

DEB, decree, decker 

DEED, decreed 

DERM, decorum 

DEENG, decreeing 

DEEPT, decrepit 

DEEPTD, decrepitude 

DEES, decries, decorous, deckers, 

DEESNT, decrescent 

DEBT, decorate 

DEBTN, decoration 

DEBT, decry 

DESLG, doxology 

DESTRS, dexterous 

DESTET, dexterity 

DEI, edict, educate, ducat, duct, 

addict, deduct, dictate, decoct, 

DETD, dedicated, dictated, edu- 
cated, addicted 

DETE, didactic 

DKTL, ductile, didactial 

DETJS-, decoction, dedication, de- 
duction, diction, education 

DETNEY, dictionary 

DKTE, doctor, dictator 

DETBL, dictatorial 

])ETBNL, doctrinal 

DETESHP, dictatorship, doctor- 

DETS, dictates, educates 

DETV, deductive, adductive, dedi- 

DEWT, adequate 

DEY, decay, decoy 

DL, dull, ideal, idle, idol, dale, 
deal, addle, dell, dial, dole, doll, 
dual, duel 

DLBRT, deliberate 

DLCD, delucid 

DLCDT, delucidate 

DLCMK, dulcimer 

DLCET, delacerate 

DLCS, delicious 

DLCT, dialect, delicate, dulcet 

DLCTNS, delicateness 

Dicr, delicacy 

DLD, delude, doled, dealed, idled, 
addled, dulled, delayed, dallied 

DLF, delf, delph 

DLFL, doleful 

DLFN, dolphin 

DLG, deluge, dialogue 

DLGNS, diligence 

DLGNT, diligent 

DLGT, delegate, delight 

DLGTFL, delightful 

DLGTN, delegation 

DLGTSM, delightsome 

DLESY, delicacy 

DLET, delicate, dialect 

DLETBL, delectable 

DLETN, delectation, delectation 

DLETNS, delicateness 



, dilemma 

DLNG, dealing, duelling:, dallying, 
doling, dulling, idling, delay- 

DLNKWXST, delinquency 

DLNKWNT, delinquent 

DLNS, dulness, idleness 

DLNT, delineate 

DLNTX, delineation 

DLPDT, delapiiiate 

DLPDT.V, delapidation 

DLPSD, delapsed 

DLB, dealer, idler, dolour, idolater, 
dollar, duller 

DLBFC, dolorific 

DLEM, delirium 

DLHS, delirious, dealers, dolorous 

DLS, deals, dials, doles, dolls, 
dulls, dallies, idles, idols, dales, 
dells, delays, idolize, duels, 
deedless, addles, deadless, de- 

DLSCNC, adolescence 

DLSD, delucid, idolized 

DLSDT, delucidate 

DLSM, dolesome 

DLSMK, dulcimer 

DLSN, delusion 

DLSNO, idolizing 

DLSRT, delacerate 

DLST, duellist, dullest, idealist, 
idlist, dulcet 

Dtsv, delusive 

DI.T, dealt, adult, dolt, delate, 
dilate, daylight, delight, delete, 

DLTBL, dilatable 

DLTD, dilated, diluted 

DLTFL, delightful 

DLTX, delation, dilution, dilation, 

DLTNG, dilating, diluting, delight- 

DLTK, dilator, adulterer 

DLTBNS, diiatoriness 

DITES, deleterious, idolatrous, 

DLTBT, adulterate 

DLTEY, adultery, dilatory, idolatry 

DLTSM, delightsome 

DLV, delve 

DLVN, diluvian 

DLTB, deliver, delver, deliverer 

DLTENC, deliverance 

DLTEY, delivery 

DLY, daily, dally, delay, deadly, 
doily, duly, oddly 

DM, dim, dome, doom, dumb, 
odium, dam, dame, damn, idiom, 
deem, demi, diadem, Adam 

DMCL, domicile 

DMCBCY, democracy 

DMCETC, democratic 

DMD, doomed, deemed, damned, 
domed, dimmed 

DMG, damage, demagogue 

DMGBL, damageable 

DMGNG, damaging 

DMKESY, democracy 

DSIKET, democrat 

DMKS, admix 

DMKSTR, admixture 

DSII.SH, demolish 

DMLTN, demolition 

DMN, demon, domain, damn, de- 
mesne, domino, demean, domi- 

DMNBL, damnable 

DMNC, demoniac 

DMND, demand, damned, diamond 

D.MKDB, demander 

DMXFY, damnify 

DMNG-, dooming, deeming, dam- 
ning, dimming 

DUNK, demoniac 

DMXR, demeanour, domineer 

DMNS, dimness, dumbness 

DMXSH, diminish, admonish 

DMNSN, dimension 

DMNSTB, administer 

DMNSTETN, demonstration 

DMNSTETR, administrator 

DMNSTBTV, demonstrative 

DMXT, dominate, adamant 

DMNTN, domination, damnation, 






DMNTV, acimonitive, diminutive 

DMP, damp, dump 

DJIPD, damped 

DMPL, dimple 

DMPLXG-, dumpling 

DMPS, dumps, damps 

DUE, demure, admire, demur, de- 

DMRBL, admirable 

DMHD, admired 

DMRG, demurrage 

DMRL, admiral 

DMRLSTN, demoralization 

DMRLT, admiralty 

DMULY, demurely 

DMUXG, admiring, demurring 

DMRS, admires, demurs 

DMKT, demerit 

Diis, demise, deem?, dims, domes, 
dooms, dams, dames, odiums, 

DMSD, doomsday, demised 

DMSK, damask 

DMSL, damsel, domicile 

DMSN, damson, demesne, admis- 
sion, demission 

DMSTC, domestic 

DMSTCT, domesticate 

DMT, demit, dimity, admit 

DMTD, admitted 

DMTNG, admitting 

DMTK, diameter 

DMTRCL, dia'netrical 

DMTS, admits 

DMTY, dimity 

DN, dean, done, deign,den, deaden, 
din, dine, don, dun 

DNBL, deniable 

DNC, dance, denounce, audience, 

DxcyG, dancing, denouncing 

DNCK, dancer, denouncer . 

Dscs, dances, dunces, denounces, 

DNCTN, di-nunciation 

DND,deigned dinned, 'lined, denied, 
donned, deadened, addenda 

D.NDL, dandle 

X, dandelion 

DNDM, addendum 

DNG, ding, doing, dung, deign- 
ing, djing, denying, dining, 

DNGD, dunged, dinged 

DXGL, dangle, dingle 

DNGX, dungeon 

DXGNG, dunging, dinging 

DNGR, danger 

DNGRLS, dangerless 

DNGRS, dangerous 

PNGS, doings, dings, dungs 

DXGT, dingy 

DNK, dank 

DNL, denial 

DNLS, denials 

DXMXT, denominate 

DNMNTN, denomination 

DNIISTV, denominative 

DNR,denier, dinner, donor, dunner 

DNRT, deanery 

DNS, dense, deadness, deigns, de-. 
nounce, dance, oddnes?, audi- 
ence, duns, deans, dunce, denies, 
dines, denounces, deadens 

DNSB, dancer, denouncer, denser 

DXST, density, dynasty, deignest 

DNSTN, denunciation 

DNSTY, density 

DNT, daunt, denote, don't, dent, 
dint, dainty, identity 

DNTC, identic 

DNTCL, identical 

DNTD, daunted, denoted, dented 

DNTFHC, dentifrice 

DNTFY, identify 

DNTL, dental 

DNTL?, dauntless 

DNTLY, daintily 

D.NTN, donation 

DNTNG, denoting, daunting 

DNTNS, daintiness 

DNTS, d.-notes, daunts, identities 

DSTST, dentist 

DNTT, donative 

DXTY, dainty, identity 

DSY, deny 




DP, deep, clip, dupe 

DPCT, depict 

DPCTD, depicted 

DPCTS, depicts 

DPD, dipped, duped 

DPL, dapple, duple 

DPLCT, duplicate, duplicity 

DPLM, diploma 

DPLMD, deplumed 

DPLE, deplore 

DPLRBL, deplorable 

DPLST, duplicity 

DPLT, depopulate 

DPLTN, depletion, depopulation 

DPLY, deeply 

DPN, derpeii 

DPND, deepened, depend, depen- 

DPNDNC, dependence 

DPNDNT, dependent, dependant 

DPNG, duping, dipping 

DPNT, deponent 

DPPRT, depauperate 

DPR, damper, diaper, deeper, duper, 

DPRDT, depredate 

DPHDTR, depredator 

DPRKT, deprecate 

DPRKTN, deprecation 

DPRPTN, deprepation 

DPRS, depress, dippers 

DPHSN, depression 

DPKSR, depressor 

DPHST, depreciate, deprest 

DPBT, depart, deport 

DPRTD, departed 


DPRTN, depuration 

DPRTNG, departing 

DPRT, deprive, deprave 

DPRVD, deprived, depraved 

DPRVTN, deprivation 

DPRVTY, depravity 

DPS, depose, dupes, deeps, dips 

DPSD, deposed 

DPSN, diapnson 

DPSNG, deposing 

DPST, deposit, deepest 

DPSTV, deposition 

Di'STJiY, depository 

DPSTS, deposits 

DPT, depute, deputy, adapt, adopt, 

depot, adept 
DPTIH.T, adaptability 
DPTD, adopted, deputed, adapted 
DPTH, depth 
DPTHNG, diphthong 
DPTHR, diphtheria 
DPTN, deputation 
DPTS, adopts, deputies, adapts, 

DR, dear, dare, deer, dier, dire, 

door, udder, drear, drier, 

dure, adder, adore, odour 
DRB, drab, drib, drub 
DUEL, dribble, durable, adorable 
DKBLT, driblet, durability 
DRBNG, drubbing 
DRC, Doric 
DKCT, direct 
DRCTR, director 
DKCTUY, directory 
DKD, deride, dared, dread, Druid, 

dried, adored 
DEDCL, druidical 
DRDFL, dreadful 
DRDG, dredge, drudge 
DKDGNG, dredging, drudging 
DRDGNLY, drudgingly 
DKDGHY, drudgery 
DRDLS, dread less 
DKD>G, dreading, deriding 
DRDS, Druids, derides, dreads 
DRDSM, druidism 
DKF, (traff 
DKFL, direful 
DRFRS, odoriferous 
DRFT, draft, drift, adrift, draught 
DKFTD, drafted, drifted 
DHFTNG, drafting, drifting 
DKF is, draughts, drifts, drafts 
DRG, dirye, drug, drag 
DRGD, dredged, drugged, dragged 
DUGIIT, drouglit, droughty 
Di>GL, dragyle 
DKGLD, draggled 





N, dragoon, dragon 
DUGS, dregs, drags, drugs 
DBGST, druggist 
DEGT, drugget, derogate 
DBGTD, derogated 
DBGTN, derogation 
DEGTS, derogates 
DEGTV, derogative 
DBGY, dreggy 
DitH, diarrhoea 

DBK, dark, Doric, drake, dirk 
DBKN, darken 
DBKNS, darkness 
DBKSXI, darksome 
DEKT, direct 
DBKTN, direction 
DBKTR, director 
DRL, drill, droll 
DBLCTN, dereliction 
DELD, drilled 
DBLKTN, dereliction 
DELNG, darling, drilling 
DBLEY, drollery 
DULS, drills 
DBLY, dearly, drily 
DEM, dram, drachm, drama, 

dream, drum 

DBMD, dreamed, drummed 
DBMDRY, dromedary 
DBMLS, dreamless, drumless 
DBMNG, dreaming, drumming 
DBMNT, dormant 
DEMK, drummer, dreamer 
DEMS, dreams, dormouse, drams, 

drums, dramas 
DRMTC, dramatic 
DBMTBY, dormitory 
DEMTST, dramatist 
DEN, darn, druin, drone, adorn 
DKNC, durance 
DBNCH, drench 
DENCHNG, drenching 
DENG, daring, during, drying, 

derange, adorning 
DHNGD, deranged 
DENGNG, deranging 
DENGS, deranjjes 

, drink, arank, drunk 

DRNKNS, drunkenness 

DENL, diurnal, darnel 

DENLT, diurnally 

DUNK, dernier 

DKNS, direness, drains, dryne?s, 
durance, dreariness, darns, 
drones, adorns 

DHNSH, dronish 

DUP, drip, droop, drop, drape 

DEPD, drooped, dropped, draped 

DUPL, dripple 

DKPLT, droplet 

DiiPXG, dropping, dripping, drap- 
ing, drooping 

DEPH, dropper, draper, diaper 

DEPEY, drapery 

DEPS, droops, drapes, drips, 
drops, dropsies 

DUPSCL, dropsical 

DUPSY, dropsy 

DUPTN, direption 

DES, dress, dros?, address, odours, 
dares, dears, adores, adders, 
driers, dresses, addresses, odor- 

DESD, dressed, addressed 

DKSL, drizzle 

DESLY, dnzzly 

J)ESN, derision 

DUSNG, dresfing, addressing 

DKSE, dresser 

DEST, durst, dearest, dreariest, 

DESV, derisive 

DESY, drossy, dressy 

DET, dart, dirt, dirty, drought, 
adroit, dritty 

DETD, dirted, darted 

DETH, dearth 

DE'IN, duration, adoration 

DETNGLY, dartingly 

DKTNS, dirtiness 

DETS, darts, dirts, droughts 

DETY, dirty, dritty 

Duv, deiive, drive, drove 

DEVBL, derivable 

DKVD, derived 

DETL, drivel 




DRVN, driven 

DHVNG, driving, deriving 

PRVR, driver, drover 

DRVS, drives, derives, droves 

DKVTN, derivation 

DRVTV, derivative 

DRW, draw, drew 

DRWBK, drawback 

DRWBUDG drawbridge 

DKWL, drawl 

DRWN, drown 

DRW.VG, drowning, drawing 

DHWR, drawer 

DUWSLT, drowsily 

DRWSNS drowsiness 

DRWSY, drowsy 

DRY, dry, dairy, diary, dray, 


Ds, does, adduce, adze, educe, 
odds, dues, eddies, doze, auda- 
cious, disuse, disease, dose, 
douse, decease, deduce, deuce, 
dice, diocese, odious, doses, odes 
DSBD, disobeyed 
DSBDNC, disobedience 
DSBDNT, disobedient 

DSBL, deducible, disable, docible 

DSBLD, disabled 

DSBLF, disbelief 

DSBLG, disoblige 

DSBLNG, disabling 

])SBT,T, disability 

DSBLV, disbelieve 

DsiiLVR, disbeliever 

DSBND, disband 

DSBNG, disobeying 

DSBHDN, disburden 

DSBUK, disbark 

DSBHNCH, disbranch. 

DSBHS, disburse 

DSBS, disabuse, disabuses, dis 

D.*BSD, disabused 

DSBSNG, disabusing 
: DSBY, disobey 

Dsc, disc 

DSCHUG, discharge 
DBCLM, disclaim 

)SCLMS, disclaims 

JSCLK, discolour 

i)sci,s, disclose 

DSCLSR, disclosure 

DSCMBR, discumber 

DSC.MD, discommode 

DSCMDS, discommodes, discom- 

DSCMFRT, discomfort 
DSCMFT, discomfit 
DSCMFTR, discomStnre 
DSCMND, discommend 
DSCMPS, discompose 
DSCNCRT, disconcert 
DSCND, descend 
DfCNDNT, descendant 
DSCNFKMT, disconformity 
DSCNGRT, discongruity 
DSCNSLT, disconsolate 
DSCNT, descant, discount 
DSCNTN, discontinue 
DSCNTND, discontinued 
DSCNTNS, discontinues, discounte- 

DSCNTNT, discontent 
DSCPL, disciple 
DSCRB, describe 
DSCRD, discord, discard, descried 

DSCRDNC, discordance 

DSCRDNT, discordant 

DSCRDT, discredit 

DSCKG, discourtige 

DSCHJINS, discriminous 

DSCRMNT, discriminate 

Dsc EN, discern 

DSCKNG, discerning, descrying 

DSCHPNC, discrepance 

DscitPTX, description 

DSCKPTV, descriptive 

DSCRS, discourse, descries 

3 >SCRSN, discursion 

DSCRSRY, discursory 

DSCKSV, discursive 

DSCUT, desecrate, discreet 

DSCRTN, discretion, desecration 

DSCHTS, discourteous, desecrates 
Dscs, discous, discuss, discusses 
DSCSN, discussion 





DSCT, desiccate, dissect 

DSCTX, direction 

DSCVE, discover 

DSCVBY, di?covery 

DSD, dai-:ed, deceased, decrle, 
decided, diseased, dissuade, 
dosed, adduced, educed 

DSDN, disdain 

BSDNFL, disdainful 

DSDNG, disdaining, deciding, dis- 

DSDB, decider 

DSDRT, desiderate 

DSDRTM, desideratum 

DSDBTN, desideration 

DSDS, deciduous, decides 

DSDVXTG, disadvantage 

DSD VNTGs,disadvauiu^eouSj disad- 

DSFCT, disaffect 

DSFCTN, disaffection 

DSFGE, disfigure 

DSFB, de< : 

DSFEM, disaffirm 

DSFENCHS, di-franchic3 

DSFVB, disfavour 

DSGDCTN, disjiuliea'ion 

DSGN, de?itrn, (iisjoin 

DSGNCT, disjunct 

DsGNCTN, disjunction 

DsGNG, designing, disj lining 

DSGNT, disjoint, designate 

DSGNTN, designation 

DSGE, dis;i^ree 

DSGEBL, di>agreeable 

DsGBC, disgrace 

DSGKCD, disgraced 

DSGRO'G, disgracing 

DSGBD, disMgreed 

DSGBG, disgorge 

DSGEGS, di^atiree?. di-t{race 

DsORMNT, disagreement 

DSGS, disguice, di-guises 

DsGSD, disguised 

DSGST, disgust 

DSH, dash, dish 

DSHBL, dishnbille 

DSH.BT, dishabit 

D?HNR, dishonour 

DSHNST, dishonest, dishonesty 

DSHET, disherit 

DSHRTN, dishearten 

DSHVL, dishevel 

I>SK, de:-k, disk, dusk 

DSKLM, disclaim 

DSKLB, di>colour 

DSKLS, disclose, diskless 

KSKLSR, disclosure 

DSKMBR, discumber 

LoKMD, discommode 

DsKMDS, discommodious, discom- 

DSKMFET, discomfort 

DSKMFT, discomfit 

DSKMFTK, discomfiture 

DSEMSD, discommend 

DSK.MPS, discompose 

DSKNCRT, disconcert 

DSKNFRMT, diiconformity 

DSKNGRT, dUconjjruity 

DSKNSLT, disconsolate 

DSKNT, descant, discount 

I'SKNTN, disconiinue 

DSKNTNS, discontinues, discon- 
tinuance, discountenance 

DsKPNS, discrepance 

DSEKB, describe 

IISKKD, discard, discord 

DSKKDNT, discordant 

DSKBDT, discredit 

D.-KHG, discourage 

DSKKMNS, discriminous 

DSKEMNT, discriminate 

L^KUPTN, description 

D^KHS, discourse 

DSKRSN, discursion 

D^KRSHT, discursory 

DSKRSV, discursive 

I>SKUT, discreet, desecrate 

DSKRTN, desecration, discretion 

D.-KUTS, discourteous, desecrates 

DSKS, discuss, discous, desks, disks 

DSKSH, duskish 

D-KSX, discussion 

DSKT, desiccate, dissect 

DSKXN, dissection 




DSKVR. discover 

DSKTRXG, discovering 

DSKWLFD, disqualified 

DSKWI.FKTX, disqualification 

DSKWSTX, disquisition 

DSKWT. di -quiet 

DSL, dazzle, docile, disloyal 

DsLBt, dissoluble, dissyllable 

DSLCT, dislocate 

DSLD, dociled 

DSI.DG, dislodge 

DSLK, dislike 

DSLKX, di>liken 

DSLKS, dislikes 

DSLKT, di-U>fiite 

DSLL, disloyal 

DSLM, dislimb 

DSLT, de-olite, disloyalty, do- 
cility, dis-olute 

DSLTN, desolation, dissolution 

DSLTRLT, desultorily 

DSLTRY, desultory 

DSLV, dissolve 

DSLTBL, dissolvable 

DSLVNT, dissolvent 

DSLTS, dissolves 

DSLW, disallow 

DSLWBL, di*allo\vablc 

DSL\VS, disallows 

Dsxr, deism, dismay, duodecimo 

DSMBD, disembody, disembodied 

DS.MBL, dissemble 

DSMBLSC, dissemblance 

DSMBLR, dissembler 

DSMBR, dismember, December 

DSMBRK, disembark 

DSMD, disnm\t.J 

DSML, dismal, decimal 

DdMLR. dissimilar 

DSMLKT, dissimilarity 

DS.MLTN, dissiuiulttion 

DSMXG, dismaying 

DSMNT, deducement, disseminate, 
dismount, disanimate 

DsJtitTG, dismortfj'ige 

DSMS, dismiss, dismays 

DSMSD, dismi-sed 
, dismask 

DSMST, dismast 

DS.MY, dismay 

Ds.v, dozen, deci'ion, design, 

diocesan, dissuasion, disuuion, 


DsNCi.y, disincline 
DSXC.MBR, disencumber 
D.-XCUPHT, disincorporate 
DSXD, descend, designed, dis- 


DSNPNT, descendant, descrndent 
DaN&, disengage, disowning, de- 

signing, dosing 
DSNGD, disengaged 
DSXGNS, disingenuous 
DSXG-NT, disingenuity 
DS.VHRT, disinherit 
DSNKLN, disincline 
DSNKMBR, disencumber 
DSXKPRT, disincorporate 
DSXL, disannul, decennial 
DsNit, designer 
DoNS, dissonance, dizziness, dozi- 

ness, audaciousness 
DSXSN, dissension, descension 
DSXSY, decency 
DSKT, dissonant, descent, decent, 

dissent, disunite, disunity 
DSNTHHL, disenthral 
DSXTHHN, disenthrone 
DSXTNGL, disentangle 
DSNTR, disinter, dissenter 
DSNTRD, disinterred 
DSNTRSTD, disinterested 
DSNTRY, dysentery 
DSNTS, dissenti >us 
DSPKBL, despicable 
DSPL, dispel, despoil, disciple, 

dispeople, display 
DSPLC, displace 
JM'LCNC, dispLicency 
D^PLD, di^piode, displayed, de- 

spoiled, dispelled 
DSPLN, discipline 
DSPLNG, displaying 

DSPLS, displease, displace, dis- 
ciples, dispels 





DSPLSNSY, displacency 
DSPLSB, displeasure 
DSPLTN, despoliation 
DSPLY, display 
DSPND, despond, dispand 
DsPNDNC, despondency 
DSPXDNT., despondent 
DSPNS, dispense 
DSPNSTN, dispensation 
DSPNT, disappoint 
DSPS, despair, disappear 
DSPBBTN, disapprobation 
DSPKD, dispread, desperado, de- 
spaired, disappeared 
DSPHF, disproof 
DSPEG, disparage, disperge 
DSPBPKTN, disproportion 
DSPKPKTNT, disproportionate 
DSPBS, disperse, dispraise, de- 
spairs, disappears 
DSPBSN, dispersion 
DSPKT, desperate, disparity, dis- 
part, dispirit, disport 

DSPKTD, dispirited 

DSPBTN, desperation 

DSPBV, disprove, disapprove 

DSPBVNG, disapproving, dis- 

DSPS, despise, dispose, dispossess 

DSPSBL, despisable, disposable 

DSPSD, despised, dispossessed, 

DSPSL, disposal 

DSPSN, dispassion, disposition 

DSFSNT, dispassionate 

DSPSE, disposer, disposure 

DSPSTN, disposition 

DSPT, despite, despot, dissipate, 

DSPTBL, disputable, deceptible 

DSPTC, despotic 

DSPTCH, despatch 

DSPIFL, despiteful 

DSPTK, despotic 

DSPTLS, disputeless 

DSPTN, dissipation, disputation, 

DSPTNT, disputant 

DSPTS, disputes, disputatious 
DSPTSM, despotism 
DSPTT, deceptive 
DSE, desire, douceur 
DSEB, disrobe 
DSEBL, desirable 
DSBD, desired, disarrayed 
DSEDNT, disordinate 
DSEDE, disorder 
DSEGNS, disorganize 
DSRGBD, disregard 
DSEGEDFL, disregaHful 
DSBGEDNG, disregarding 
DSRLSH, disrelish 
DSBM, disarm 
DBEN, discern 
DSENG, discerning 
DSBPTBL, disreputable 
DSBPTN, disruption, disreputa- 

DSES, desirous, desires 

DSBSPKT, disrespect 

DSET, desert, dessert 

DSBTD, deserted 

DSBTLS, desertless 

DSETN, desertion, dissertation 

DSRTE, deserter 

DSRV, deserve, disserve 

PSEVCBL, disserviceable 

DSKVD, deserved 

DSEVNO, deserving 

DSBVS, disservice, deserves 

DSET, disarray, dysury 

DST, dost, dust, didst, deceit, 
deist, desist, destitute, dissoci- 
ate, audacity 

DSTBL, desistible 

DSTCH, distich 

DSTD, desisted, desuetude, dusted 

DSTF, distaff 

DSTFL, deceitful 

DSTKL, deistical 

DSTL, distil 

DSTLD, distilled 

DSTLE. distiller 

DSTLTN, distillation 

DSTM, disesteem 

DSTMPE, distemper 




DSTMPBD, distempered 

DSTN, destine, destitution, dis- 

DSTXC, distance 

DSTXCT, distinct 

DSTXCTN, distinction 

DSTXCTV, distinctive 

DSTND, distend 

DSTXG, desisting, dusting, disso- 

DSTXGSH, distinguish 

DSTNS, distance 

DSTNSX, distension 

DSTNTX, destination 

DSTR, dis-tster, duster, destroyer 

DSTRB, disturb 

DSTKBNC, disturbance 

DSTRBS, disturbs 

DSTRBT, distribute 

DSTUBTX, distribution 

DSTHCT, distract, district 

DSTKCTBL, destructible 

DSTBCTD, distracted 

DSTBCTX, destruction, distraction 

DSTRCTS, districts, distracts 

DSTECTV, destructive 

DSTBD, dastard, destroyed 

DSTRDLY, dastardly 

DSTBX, distrain 

DSTHXT, distraint 

DSTRS, distress, disastrous, disas- 
ters, dusters 

DSTKST, distrust 

DSTET, distort 

DSTBTN, distortion 

DSTSFCTN, dissatisfaction 

DSTS, dusts, deists, desists, disso- 

DSTSFD, dissatisfied 

DSTST, distaste 

DSTSTFL, distasteful 

DtTT, desistive 

DSTT, dusty, edacity, audacity 

Dsv, dissuasive, decisive, deceive 

DSTCH, disvouch 

Dsvp, deceived 

DSVL, disvalue 

DsriTN, disvaluation 

DSVR, dissever, disaver, deceiver 

Dsvw, disavow 

DSVWD, disavowed 

DSVWL, disavowal 

DSWD, dissuade 

DSWN, disown 

DSWXD, disowned 

DSWNS, disowns 

Dswsx, dissuasion 

DST, dizzy, daisy, dozy 

DT, dot, i'diot, deity, debt, oddity, 
duet, date, audit, data, duty, 
diet, ditto, ditty, edit, dote 

DTC, idiotic 

DTCH, ditch 

DTCHMNT, detachment 

DTCT, detect 

DTCTN, detection 

DTD, doted, debted, dated, dotted, 
audited, edited 

DTH, death, doth 

DTHLK, deathlike 

DTHLS. deathless 

DTHBN, dethrone 

DTL, detail 

DTLD, detailed 

DTLS, details, dateless, dietless 

DTK, edition, detain, addition 

DTXD, detained 

DTXG, editing, auditing, dotting, 

DTNB, detainer 

DTNTN, detention, detonation 

DTB, deter, editor, auditor, debtor, 

DTBCT, detract 

DTBD, dotard, deterred, detrude 

DTBG, deterge 

DTRMX, determine 

DTRMND, determined 

DTRMXT, detriment, determinate 

DTRMNTL, detrimental 

DIET, dietary, auditory 

Dxs, dots, duets, diets, idiot?, 
dates, deities, audits, debts, dit- 
ties, edits, duteous, dotes, 
duties, oddities 

DTST, detest 




DTSTEL, detestable 

DTV, dative 

DTY. deity, ditty, duty, oddity 

Dv, dive, dove 

Dvc, device, advocacy, advice 

DVCT, dovecot, advocate 

DVCTS, advocates 

DVD, divide, devoid, dived, di- 
vided, David 

DVDBL, devoidable, dividable 

DYDL, individual 

DVDND, dividend 

DVD:NG, dividing 

DVDXT, divident 

DVDR, divider 

DVDS, divides 

DVKSY, advocacy 

DVKT, advocate, dovecot 

DVKTD, advocated 

DVKTNG, advocating 

DVKTS, advocates 

DVL, devil 

DVLG, divulge 

DVLGNG, divulging 

DVLK, dovelike 

DVLP, develop 

DVLPS, develops 

DVLSH, devilish 

DVLT, devolve 

Dvxvs, devolves 

DVN, divine, divan 

DVNC, advance 

DVJSD, divined 

DVNG, diving, divining 

DVJSTH, diviner 

DVNS, divines, advance 

DVKT, advent, divinity 

DVNTG, advantage 

DVXTGS, advantages, advanta- 

DVXTN, divination 

DVNTR, adventure 

DVXTES, adventurous 

DVNTS, advents, adventitious 

DVK, devour, diver 

DVKB, adverb 

DVEC, divorce 

DVECT, devaricate 

DVEG, diverge 

DVRS, divers, adverse, diverse, di- 
vorce, devours 

DVESUL, diveffsible 

DVKSFCTN, diversification 

DVKSFY, diversify 

DVESX, diversion 

DVESRY, adversary 

DVRST, diversity, adversity 

DVET, divert, a'lveit 

DVETD, diverted, adverted 

DVKTNILT, a.lvertently 

DVBTS, advertise, divcrti?e,advcrts 

DVETSMNT, adverti-enieat, diver- 

Dvs, devious, device, dove?, dives, 
advise, devise, aHv-ice 

DVSBL, advisable, devisable 

DVSD, devised, advised 

Dvsy, division 

DTSE, divisor 

DVST, divest, devastate 

DVSTD, devastated, divested 

DVSTN, devastation 

DVSTE, devastator, divesture 

DVSTS, divests, devastates 

DVT, deviate, devote, devotee, de- 

DVTD, devoted, deviated 

DVTL, dovetail 

DVTN, devotion, deviation 

DVTNG, devoting, deviating 

DVTXS, devotions, deviations 

Dvxs, devotes, deviates 

Dvwsx, advowson 

Dw, daw, dew, adieu, due 

DWDEP, dewdrop 

DWDT, dowdy 

DWGE, dowager 

DWL, dwell 

DWLD, dwelled 

DWLS, dwells 

DWN, dawn, down 

DWKCST, downcusc 

DWNDL, dwindle 

DWNFL, downfall 

DWXRT, downright 

Dwss, downs 


DWNWKD, downward 
DWNY, dowiiy 
DWR, dower 
DWEF, dwarf 
DWBFSH, dwarfish 

, do\verlc33 
DWKY, dowry 
Pw.-, dew?, deuce, dues 
PWY, dewy 
Dr, day, eddy 


F is the first semi-vowel in the alphabet, and is only a small 
letter. In Dr. Johnson's Dictionary there are less than one 
thousand words beginning with F. In sound it approximates 
to Y, and for this reason, in perhaps all systems of shorthand, 
the same character represents both letters. It has the same 
sound as pli, derived from the Greek <>, though it is rightly 
supposed that this has not always been the case. It is quite 
unnecessary, therefore, to write pli in shorthand, but rather, 
for the sake of expedition, use F. However, to make this 
Dictionary complete, I have in this instance, as well as in 
those of a similar nature throughout the work, placed words 
beginning with pli under P as well as F, and observed a, 
similar rule when these letters occur elsewhere. It is well, 
however, to recognize some distinction between. F and Y, either 
by writing the latter thicker than the former, or placing it 
under the line, which, practically, is the best plan of the two. 
For instance, if a rule of this sort is not observed, if and of 
read the same as have and heave, and vice versa. Again, even 
or heaven (on) read fain or fun, etc., etc. However, to meet all 
possible perplexities, I have grafted in all words beginning 
with Y when they are of the same formation as those in F. 
They are printed in italics. 

F becomes an initial letter of words 82 times by dropping 
the preceding vowel, viz. : a 34 times, e 27 times, i once, o 20 
times, and u never. 

PREFIXES. Af~ and ef-. 


F, if, of, off, fee, foe, fie, fief, fife, 

feoff, vie, ria, have* 
FB, fob, fib, Feb. 
FBL. fable, feeble, foible, affable, 


FBLD, fabled, feebled 
FBLNS, feebleness, nffableness 
FBLS, fables, fabulous, foibles 
FBLST, feeblest, fabuliat 
FELT, affability 

* The words in italics belong to the V series. 




FBLY, feebly, affably 

FUR, fibre, fibber 

FBRC, fabric 

FBBCT, fabricate 

FBES, fibrous, fibres, fibbers 

FBRY, February 

Fc,*.face, efface, office, vice, voice, 

FCD, faced, effaced 
FCKL, fickle (see also FK) 
Fci, official, facile, vocal 
FCLNT, feculent 

FCLT, facility, faculty, facilitate, 

officiality, vacillate 
FCLTS, facilitates, vacillates 
FCNC, efficiency, efiicience, vacancy 
FCND, fecund 
FCNDT, fecundity 
FCNG, effacing, faring 
FONT, efficient, fascinate 

FCE, officer, forcer, effaccr, near 
FCRD, officered 

FCHS, officers, forcers, effacers 

FC3, focua, efficacious, offi'-ious, 
effaces, faces, offices, vicious, 
vices, vivacious, voices 

FCSD, focused 

FCSY, efficacy 

FCT, affect, effect, fact, officiate, 
vacate, vivacity, evacuate, evict, 
vacuity, victory, Victoria 

FCTD, effected, affected, vacated 

FCTL, effectual, victual 

FCTN, fiction, affection, affectation, 
faction, vacation, vacuation, vo- 
cation, avocation, evacuation, 

FCTNG, affecting, effecting, evacu- 
ating, vacating 

FCTNT, affectionate 

FCTR, factor, victor, vacator 

FCTRS, factors, victorious, victors, 

FCTBY, factory 

FCTS, facts, effects, affects, 
officiates, fictitious, factious, 
fictious, facetious 

FCTV, effective 

For, efficacy 

FD, fade, fed, feed, feud, food, 

ephod, faded, vied, vide, vivid, 

void, ivied, evade, aroid 
FDG-, fudge, fadge, fidge 
FDGT, fidget 

FDL, fiddle, feudal, faddle, feodal 
FOLD, fiddled, faddlerl, fuddled 
FDLNG, fiddling, faddliug, fuddling 
FDLT, fidelity 
FDNG, fading, feeding, evading, 


FDR, fodder, feeder 
FDRL, federal 
FDTKY, feudatory 
FDVT, affidavit 
FFC, office, efface, vivljic 
FFR, offer, feoffer, fifer 
FG, fig, fag, fog, effigy, vague, 

vogue, voyage 

FGD, fogged, voyaged 

FGHT, tight, fought (see also FT) 

FGHTR, fighter 

FGMNT, figment 

FGN, feign (see also FK) 

FGND, feigned, fag-end 

FGNG, fagging, feigning, fogging, 

FGNS, fogginess, feigns 

FGE, figure, fagger, vigour, 

FGEBL, figurable 

FGRD, figured 

FGRS, figures, vigorous 

FGRTV, figurative 

Fos, fogs, figs, effigies, fags, 


FGT, fagot, fidget, fidgety, vegetatt, 
For, efligy, foggy 
FKL, fickle, vocal 
FKLNS, fickleness 
FKLNT, feculent 
FKLT, faculty 
FKND, fecund 
FKNI>T, fecundity 


* All Fc will also be found under FK or Fs. 




FKNDTN, fecundation 

FKS, fix, fox, focus, affix, effica- 
cious, folks, vef, evokes 

FKSBL, fixable, aflixable 

FKSD, fixed, focused, affixed, cexed 

FKSNG, fixing, foxing, focusing, 

FKSY, efficacy 

FKT, fact, affect, effect, vacate, 
Victoria, evacuate, evict, vacuity 

FKTD, affected, effected 

FKTN, affection, faction, fiction, 
affectation, evacuation, vocation, 
avocation, eviction 

FKTNG, effecting, affecting, vacat- 
ing, evacuating 

FKTNT, affectionate 

FKTB, factor, victor 

FKTRS, factors, victorious, victors, 

FKTRY, factory 

FKTV, affective, effective 

Fi, fail, fall, feel, fill, flea, foal, 
fool, phial, fuel, full, foil, fell, 
file, filial, flue, folio, foul, fowl, 
flail, offal, vale, value, vial, vile, 
villa, viol, ttvala, oval, evil, 
avail, veil, veal, vail 

FLBL, fallible, available, valuable, 
violable, voluble 

FLBLT, fallibility 

FLBIAVN, full-blown 

FLBRT, filbert 

FLBTMD, full-bottomeii 

FLBTMY, phlebotomy 

FLBY. flabby 

FLC, fleece, fallacy 

FLCH, filch 

FLCNG, fleecing 

FLCRSI, fulcrum 

FLCS, fallacies, fleeces 

FLCT, fluctuate, afflict, velocity 

FLCTD, afflicted, fluctuated 

FLCTX, aflliction, fluctuation 

FLCTRY, phylactery 

FLCTV, afflictive 

FLCY, fallacy 

FLD, field, flood, fluid, fold, filed, 

fouled, failed, filled, foaled, 

fooled, foiled, felled, folioed, 

fled, valid, veiled, valued, 


FLDFR, fieldfare 
FLDO, fledge 
FLDGT, floodgate 
FLDPS, fieldpieco 
FLDT, fluidity, validity 
FLFD, full-fed 
FLFL, fulfil 
FLFLS, fullils 
Fro, flag, flog, foliage, philology, 


FLGD, flagged, flogged 
FIGHT, flight 
FLGLT, flageolet 
FLGLTN, flagellation 
FLGM, phlegm 
FLGN, flagoa 
FLG.NC, effulgence 
FLGNG, flagging, flogging 
FLGNT, fulgent, effulgent 
FLGHNT, flagrant 
FLGS, flags, flogs 
FLGT, flaget, vu/aate 
FLGTS, flagitious 
FLHEDNS, fool-hardiness 
FLHRDY, fool-hardy 
FIK, flake, fleck, fleak, flock, 

fluke, folk 

FLKD, flocked, flaked 
FLKN, falcon 
FLKNO, flocking, flaking 
FLKNB, falconer 
FLKR, flicker 
FLKRM, fulcrum 
FLKRNG, flickering 
FLKS, flocks, flakes, fleats, flur, 

flax, afflux, efflux, flexuous 
FLKSBL, flexible 
FLKSN, flexion, fluxion 
FLKSE, flexure 
FIKT, fluctuate 
FLKTN, fluctuation, affliction 
FLKY, flaky 
FLM, film, flam, flame, fleam, 

volume, vellum 





FLMB, flambeau 

FLMBLT, flamm ability 

FLML, pinlomel 

FLM>(>U, fell monger 

FLMNT, filament,, ful- 

FLMNTN, fulmination 

FLMUT, flummery 

FLMS, films, flames 

FLMSY, flinty 

FIN, feline, felon, fallen, villain, 

FLNC, fluency, affluence, flounce 1 , 
violence, vallance. 

FLJJCII, flinch 

FLNDB, flounder 

FLNG, failing, fal'msr, feeling, Cl- 
ing, fling, tilling, 11 nsr, foiling, 
felling, foolin;*, fouling, fowling, 
valuing, veiling, availing 

FLNK, flank 

FI/N'KS, phalanx 

FLNL, flam. el 

FINS, felonious, foulness, flonncp, 
fluence, fluency, afflut IH.-I-, ((.Ion?, 
villainous, artless, violins, vil- 

FLNSY, fluency 

FiNT, flaunt, flint, fluent, affluent, 
effluent, valiant, riolent 

FLNTHFY, philanthropy 

FLNY, i'elony, villainy 

FLP, fillip, flap, (lip, flop 

FLPD, flapped, filliped 

FLPNT, flippant 

FLPS, flaps, flops 

FLU, failure, flare, fleer, flier, 
floor, fl.)ur,fuller, lloxver, fowler, 
ftller, valour, valuer 

FLBD, 11 .nd, flared, floored, 
floured, flowered. 

FLRDNS, floridiK^s 

FLRFKS, fli.rifurous 

FLBL, lloral 

FLKN, florin 

FLBNO, flooring, flaring, flouring 

FIRSH, flourish 

FLBS>~C, florescence, efflorescence 

FI/PST, florist 

FLET, flirt, floret, floweret 

FLUY, flurry, flowery 

FLS, fallacious, fiillacies, false, 
fleece, fools, falls, fails, feels, 
fill-, fleas, foals, foils, fell?, 
files, flues, folios, offals, reils, 
vales, values, vials, villas, 
volleys, ovals, avails, valieys, 

FLSFK, philosopher 

FLS.FY, falsify, philosophy 

FLBH, flash, flesh, foolish, filch, 

FI.SHD, flushed, ili'shcd, falsehood 

FLS HE, filcher 

FLSIIY, flashy, fleshy 

FLSK, flask 

Fr-SKT.s, flosculous 

FJ.SKT, flasket 

FLSM, fulsome 

FLSNO, fleecing 

FLST, falsity, felicitate, velocity 

FLSTB, fluster 

FI.STS, felicitous 

1-LSY, fallacy 

FLT, fault, ftlt, fl.nit, float, flat, 
fleet, flet, flute, flit, fillet, faulty, 
fealty, fli^lit, io.iale, ,'illiliate, 
afloat, vulet, vault, violate, vio- 
let, volt 

FLTCH, flitch 

FLTD, floated, fluted, flitted, foli- 
ated, violated, vaidled 

FLTR, filth 

FLTLKT, flatulent 

FLTLS, faultless, floatless, feltless 

FLTLY, flaijy 

FLTN, flatten, affiliation, afflation, 
I'olilion, viola/ion, valuation 

FITNO, fiutiiii.', il'aiing, flouting, 
vault! ay, violating 

FLTH, falier, faulter. filter, flntter, 
flitter, flutter, vulture, volter 

Fj/rus, flatters, fillers, flutters, 

Ffis, faults, fillets, flats, fleets-, 
flute?, flits, foliates, affiliates, 




floats, flouts, violets, violates, 
vaults, vlets 

FLTSU. ilatish 

FLTY. flighty, faulty, fealty 

FLV, effluvia, voice 

FLVJI, effluvium 

FI.VK, flivour 

FLW, (low, flew, flaw, fallow, fel- 
low, follow 

FLWD, flowed, flawed, followed 

FLWN, flown 

FI.WXG. following, flowing 

FL\VK, flower, follower 

FJAYI;S, flowers, followers 

FHYUT, floweret, flows, fellows, follows, flaws 

Fnvsiir, fellowship 

FLX, alllns, flax, flux 

FLY, flily, flay, fly, folly, fully, 
vilely, volley, valley 

Fir, fame, foain, fume 

FMUL, fumble 

FMD, fumed, foamed, famed 

FMGT, fumigate 

FMGTN, fumigatiou 

F.ML, frraale 

FMI.R, i'amiliar 

F.MI.K-V familiarize 

F.MLS, females, famelcss 

FMLY, family 

FUN", famine, feminine 

FMXC, cilVminacy 

F.MN'O, f laminir, fuming 

F.MXI-, foment, efieminate 

FM.NTD, fomented, cflFeminated 

FMNTN. fomentation, efieiuiuation 

Fxiit, ephemera 

F.MY, foamy 

F>", fain, fan, fane, fine, fun, faun, 
feign, fen, fin, vain, vane, vei.i, 
heaven, ecen, oven, van, avenue, 

FNBL, finable, veniable 

FKC, offi-nce, finance, fence, affi- 
ance, fancy, evince 

F.NCD, fenced, affianced, fancied, 

F.SCLS, olfenceless, fenceless 

xG, fencing, fancying, afCanc- 

FNCK, financier, fancier 

FNCS, finances, offences 

FNCTX, function 

FNCY. fancy 

F>'D, find, found, feigned, feind, 
fend, fond, fawned, fanned, 
fund, offVnd, affined, veined, 
vend, Vfndfd, viand 

FNDLNG, foundling 

FNDUNT, fundament 

F.VDM.VTL, fundamental 

FNDNG, finding, fending, found- 
ing, offending, funding, vending 

FNPB, fender, founder, finder, 
offender, fonder, vendor 

FNDKY, foundry 

FNDS, funds, fends, .finds, vends, 

FNDTN, foundation 

FUG, fang, "fling, feigning, fining, 
filing, feeing, fawning, avenge, 
vying, evening 

FNGD, fanged 

FNGL, fangle 

F.NTGI.S, ftingles, rvangelize 

FNOE, finger, vinegar, avenger 

FXGS, fangs, fungous, evenings, 

F.VKL, finical 

FNKS, phoenix 

FNKT.V, function 

FXKTNS, functions 

FXL, final, funnel, finale, venal, 

FXLS,, funnels, finals, fen- 
less, frignle-s 

FNLT, finality, venality 

FKLY, finely, finally, vainly, hea- 
venly, evenly 

FX.MN, phenomenon, phenomena 

FNXG, feigning, fanning, fining, 

FNB, finer, veneer, evener, vainer 

FNEL, funeral, funereal, venereal 

FNUY, finery 

Fxs, fens, unis, fence, offence, 



feigns, fans, finance, affiance, 
finesse, offences, vines, veins, 
evens, ovens, vans, vinous, ave- 

FNSBI/, fencible, offcnsiblc 

FNSD, fancied 

FNSFL, fanciful 

FNSH, finish, vanish 

FNSHNG, finishing 

FNSLS, fenceless, offenceless 

FNSNG, fencing, fancying, affianc- 

FNSB, financier, fancier 

FNST, finest 

FHSV, offensive 

F8Y, fancy 

FNT, faint, feint, finite, font, 
fount, ailmity, vanity, vaunt^ 
vent, event 

FNTC, fanatic 

F.NTCSM, fanaticism 

FNTHBTD, faint-hearted 

FSTK, fanatic 

FNTLY, faintly 

FNTM, phantom 

FNTXG, fainting, vaunting, venting 

FKTNS, faintness 

FNTS, faints, founts, vaunts, events 

FNTSU, faint ish 

FNTSM, phantasm 

FNTSTK, fantastic 

Ffli'sr, fantasy 

FNY, fenny, iunny, finny, Fanny, 

FP, top 

FPS, fops 

FB, fair, far, fare, friar, furrier, 
afar, offer, farrier, fear, for, fir, 
fro, affair, afore, fire, fore, fray, 
free, fur, veer, aver, ever, over 

FUBD, forbid, forebode, overbid 

FKBDNG, forbidding, foreboding 

FBBL, fi-iable, fribble, offerable, 

FRBR, forbear 

FKBHN, forborne, free-born 

FKBUND, firebrand 

FEBBNG, forbearing 

FRBT, ferry-boat 

FKBTB, freebooter 

Fuc, force, farce, fierce, avarice 

FKCBL, forcible 

FBCD, forced, officered 

FRCH, fore-reach 

FUCK, frock, i'reck 

FHCKL, freckle 

FECKLD, freckled 

FECKLS, freckles, frockless 

FBCLS, foreclose 

FBCNG, forcing 

FECPS, forceps 

FBCS, forces, ferocious, fcracious, 
avaricious, voracious 

FRCST, forecast, overcast 

FKCSTL, forecastle 

FHCSTNG, forecastin?, overcasting 

FKCT, fract, ferocity, veracity, 

FRCTD, forecited, overacted 

FECTFY, fructify 

FECTN, fraction, friction 

FECTNS, fractions 

FHCTK, fracture 

FUCTS, fractious, fructuous 

FED, ford, feared, fared, forded, 
foredo, fraud, fired, frayed, 
freed, Friday, afraid, afford, 
offered, Fred, furred, fried, 
averred, overdid, overdo, veered, 

FRDCK, foredeck 

FRDLNC, fraudulence 

FEDM, freedom, fore-doom 

FBDN, fore-ordain 

FEDNG, fording 

FEDS, fords, frauds, afford?, Fri- 

FBDY, Friday, Freddy 
FRFL, fearful 
FEFLD, fourfold 
FEFND, forefend 
FEFRNT, forefront 
FBFT, forfeit, forefoot 
FBFTD, forfeited, four-footed 
FHFTHR, forefather 
FiiFTS, forfeits 




FRG, forage, forego, forge, frog, 
verge, virago, average 

FBGD, frigid, forged, fornged, 
averaged, overjoyed, verged 

FRGDG, forejudge 

FBGHT, fraught, fright, freight 

FRGHTN, freighten 

FEGL, frugal, fragile 

FRGLT, frugality 

FEGMXT, fragment 

FEGN, foreign, virgin 

FBGNG, forging, foraging, averag- 
ing, verging 

FKGNR, foreigner 

FRGK, forger, forager, verger 

FRGHFC, frigorific 

FRGRNC, fragrance 

FRGRND, foreground 

FEGRNT, fragrant 

FEGET, forgery 

FEGT, forget, freight, frigate, for- 
got, fright, atl'nght, variegate 

FRGTFL, forgetful 

FEGV, forgive 

FRHD, forehead 

FEULP, freehold 

FRHND, forehand, aforehand 

FRK, fork, freak, frock, freck 

FKKD, forked 

FHKL, freckle 

FBKLS, foreclose, freckles, frock- 

FRKN-, firkin 

FKKNG, forking 

FEKNW, foreknow 

FEKNWLDG, foreknowledge 

FKKS, forks, freak.', frocks 

FKKSH, freakish 

FUKSL, forecastle 

FRKTFKS, fructiferous 

FRKTFT, fructify 

FBKTN, fraction, friction 

FEKTR, fracture 

FRKTS, fructuous, fractious 

FRKWNC, frequency 

FEKWNT, frequent 

FEL, frail, frill, furl, forelay, over- 

FELC, f rdic 

FKLCSM frolicsome 

FRLGH, furlough 

FBLK, firelock, forelock, frolic, 

FELND, foreland 

FELNG, furlong 

FULKN, forlorn 

FHLKNS, forlornness 

FELS, fearless, furls, frails, 

FRLW, furlough 

FELY, freely, forelay, fairly 

FEM, firm, form, farm, forum, 
frame, from, affirm 

FEMBL, affirmable 

FEMC, pharmacy 

FEMCTCL, pharmaceutical 

FBMD, formed, framed, farmed, 

FEM DEL, formidable 

FKMDBLT, formidably 

FEML, formal, formula 

FRMLET, formulary 

FEMLS, formless, farmlcss, frame- 
less, firmless 

FKMLST, formalist 

FEMLT, formality 

FRMLY, formally, firmly 

Fioiy, freeman, firman, fireman, 
ferryman, foreman, vermin 

FEMND, freeminded 

FEMSG, forming, framing, farm- 
ing, affirming 

FBMNT, ferment, firmament, fru- 
menty, furmenty, varmint, aver- 

FRMNTCS, frumentaccous 

FEMNTN, fermentation, affirma- 

FRMSTND, forementioned 

FEMB, farmer, former, firmer, 
framer, evermore 

FEMULY, formerly 

FRMS, farms, forms, firms, frame?, 

FRMST, foremost, firmest 

FEMTT, formative, affirmative 




Fntf, fern, forenoon, forerun, 

FENC, furnace, variance 

FRNCII, French 

FUNCHS, franchise 

FRNCT, fornicate 

FRNCTN, fornication 

FENCTR, fornicator 

FEND, friend, fore-end 

FENDLNS, friendliness 

FENDSHP, friendship 

FENG, fairing, firing, fearing, free- 
ing, framing, faring, frying, 
ofivring, fringe 

FRNGBL, fr^ngiole 

FENK, frank, forerank 

FENKD, franked 

FRNKNS, frankness, frankincense 

FENKT, fornicate 

FKNKTN, fornication 

FRNKTUS, fornicatress 

FENMD, fo renamed 

FE^B, forerunner, foreigner 

FENS, fairness, furuace, freeness, 
ferns, farinaceous 

FKNSC, forensic 

FKNSH, furni-ih 

FRNSHS, franchise 

FKNSY, frenzy 

FENT, front, ffront 

FENTD, fronted, affronted 

FRNTK, frantic 

FENTLS, frontiers 

FKNTLT, frontlet 

FENTNO, fruting, affronting 

FRNTR, furniture, frontier 

FBNTS, fronts, affronts 

FRNTSPC, frontupieoa 

FENIT, affronti?e 

FRPN, firepan 

FEPKT, forepart 

FRPKY, frippery 

FKE, furr, furrier 

FKEN, forerun 

FRUNK, forerank 

FERNU, forerunner 

FES, fares, farce, firs, ferocious, 
ferocious, fierce, force, foresay, 

fears, foresee, friars, fires, furi- 
ous, furze, freeze, frieze (cloth), 
phrase, affairs, various, verse, 
averse, virus, ovarious, veers, 
avers, oversee, aviaries, ovaries, 

FESBL, forcible 

FRSC, fresco 

FKSCD, frt-scoed 

FESCL, pharisuical 

FUSCE, fourscore 

FESD, aforesaid, forced, versed, 

FESH, fresh, fiirish 

FKSIIDW, foreshadow 

FiiSKN, freshen. 

FRSIINS, freshness 

FRSK, forsake, frisk, fresco, for- 

FRSKD, frescoed 

FHSKE, fourscore, friskcr 

FKSL, frizzle 

FRSLG-, phraseology 

FUSM, aphorism 

Fuss, frozen, foreseen, variation 

FESXG, forcing, freezing, foresee- 
ing, orersein(j 

FESPKN, freespoken 

FESPS, forceps 

FEST, feracity, first, ferocity, fore- 
sight, forest, frost, frosty, fair- 
est, fiercest 

FRSTBTN, frostbitten 

FUSTD, foresigl-.ted, forecitcd 

FKSTII, forsooth 

FitSTL, forestal, versatile 

FESTLKG, firstling 

FHSTLE, forestaller 

FRSTR, forester 

FKSIET, frustrate 

FKSTY, frosty 

FUSWE, forswear 

FKSY, foresay 

FET, fort, ferret, forte, fraught, 
fright, freight, fret, frit, iVuit, 
effort, forty, affMght, overrate, 
avert, virtue, verity, variety 

FETBEMG, fruit- bearing 




FBTD. fretted, fortitude, forted, 
frighted, fritted, fern-ted, 
affrighted, averted, overrated 

FHTFCT.V, fortification 

FBIFD, fortified, ferreted, frighted, 
freighted, fritted 

FRTFL, fruitful, fretful 

FKTFY, fortify 

FEIG, fruitage 

FKTH, forth, froth, frith, fortieth 

FBTHCM>G, forthcoming 

FKTHNO, farthing, frothing 

FRTJINK, foret ink, forethank 

FBTHSKXG, freethinkiug, fore- 

FRTIINKB, freethinker 

FBTHB, farther, further 

FRTHKMR, furthermore 

FETHBIIST, furthermost 

FRTHST, farthest 

FBTHT, forethought 

FBTHWTH, forthwith 

FBTHT, frothy 

FBTKN, foretoken 

FBTL, foretell, fertile, virtual 

FETI.S, fertilize, fruitless, fortless, 

FRTN, fortune, fruition 

FBTNG. ferreting, fretting,frittincr, 
fortifying, overtoiling, averting 

FETSGHT, fortnight 

FBTNT, fortunate, fortnight 

FBTMLY, fortunately, fortuightlv 

FBTP, foretop, overtop 

FETB, fritter, fruiterer, overture 

FBTBCD, fratricide 

FBTBD, frittered 

FBTKNG, fritterinn 

FBTKXL, fraternal 

FBTENS, fraternize 

FKTBKT, fraternity 

FETES, fritters, fortress fruiterers, 
rot \iries, votaress, overtures 

FBTBSD, fortressed, fratricide 

FBTEY, offertory 

FKTS, ellbrt?, fortuitous, forts, 
ferrets, frets, frits, frights, 
affrights, averts, tirtites, virtuous 

FRTST, foretaste 

FKTV, Iruitive 

FB'IWKK, fr> twork 

FKTY, forty 

Fit VD, fervid 

FKVLS, frivolous, overvalues 

FiiVNT, fervent 

FUVR, fervour 

F..VS.NC, effervescence 

FHVSNT. efP rve-cent 

FEW, furrow, furrow 

FKWL, farewell 

Fuw.v, fro*n 

FBWXG, frowning 

FBWRD, forward, froward 

FKVVBDNS, forwardness, froward- 


FKWRK, firework 
FHWUN, forewarn 
FEWS, furrows 
Fu\vsn, fore ish, furrotvish 
FRY, fry, fniy, furry, fury, fairy, 

fiery, affray, re>-y, every, ivory, 

ovary, vary, uvi try 
Fs, face, fos.-e, fuse, fusee, fuss, 

fuz/, office, uff use, eflace, effuse, 

phase, pliiz, phasjs, v*ice, vice, 

riz., vies 

FSB i,, feasible, fusible, visible 
FSBLT, feasibility, fusibility 
Fso, faced, effi-ed, fused, fussed 
FsFH:5, phoaphorua 
FSGNMY, phisiognoiny 
Fsn, fish 
FSHD, fished 
FSHK, fishhook 
FSHXINGR, fishmonger 
FSIIN, fa>hion 
P'SHNBL, fashionable 
FSHNG, fi?hing, f'asliioning 
FSK, physio 
FSKL, physical, fiscal 
FSL, fossil, f tuife, official, vessel, 

vassal, visual 

FSLG, pliysiulogv, vassalage 
FSLR, fusilier 
FSLT, fossilate, facilitate, facility, 






FSN, fusion, fascine, fashion, effu- 
sion, physician, evasion, vision 

FSFG, fusinsr, facing, fussing, 
effacing, effusing 

FSNES, facinorous 

FSNS, efficience, physicians 

FSKSY, efficiency 

FSNT, fascinate, efficient, phea- 

FSPRNG, offspring 

FSR, fissure, officer, forcer, visor, 

FSED, officered 

FSKS, officers, fissures 

FST, fast, feast, fist, foist, fest, 
offset, officiate, fusty, vast, 
vivacity, avast, vista, visit, vest 

FSTD, feusted, fasted, officiated 

FSTDS, fastidious 

FSTL, festal, fistula, vestal 

FSTLS, fistulous 

FSTJJ, fasten, festoon, fustian, 

FSTND, festooned, fastened 

FSTNS, fastness, fustiness, festoons 

FSTE, foster, fester, vesture, visitor 

FSTEO, fosterage 

FSTBNG, fostering, festering 

FSTS, fusts, facetious, feasts, fists, 

FSTSNS, facetiousness 

FSTV, festive 

FSTVL, festival 

FSTT, foisty, fusty 

Fsv, effusive, evasive 

FST, fussy 

FT, fit, oft, aft, fat, fate, feat, feet, 
fiat, fight, fought, foot, afoot, 
vat, vote, vivat, veto 

FTBL, football, featablo 

FTBT, footboy 

FTCH, fetch, fitch 

FTCUD, fetched 

FTCHNG, fetching 

FTCHS, fetches 

FTD, fated, fetid, footed, fitted, 
fattrd, feated, voted 

FTFL, fnful 

FTG, fatigue, footage 

FTGBL, fatiguable 

FTGD, fatigued 

FTGXG, fatiguing 

FTH, faith 

FTHFL, faithful 

FTHLS, faithless 

FTHM, fathom 

FTHE, father, feather 

FTHHLS, fatherless, featherless 

FTL, fatal, futile, fettle, vita?, 

FTLK, fetlock 

FTLNG, fatling 

FTLS, footless, fitless, fettles, 
vitals, victuals 

FTLST, fatalist 

FTLT, fatality, futility 

FTLT, fatally, fitly 

FTMN, footman 

FTN*, fatten fifteen, phaeton, ova- 
tion, vitiation 

FTNG, footing, feating, fitting, 
fighting, looting 

FTNS, fatness, fitness 

FTPD, footpad 

FTPTH, footpath 

FTE, feature, fetter, after, future, 
fitter, fighter, fatter, voter 

FTEN, afternoon, veteran 

FTES, fetters, fighters, fit- 

FTBTHT, afterthought 

FTEWJIDS, afterwards 

FTS, fetus, fates, feats, fights, fits, 

FTST, fittest, fattest 

FTSTL, footstool 

F'i STP, footstep 

FTF, fifty, fatty 

FVR, favour, fever 

FVIIBL, favourable 

FVED, favoured, fevered 

FVUSH, feverish 

FTET, favourite 

FVETSM, favouritism 

Fvs, fives 

Fw, few, view, row 



FWL, fowl, fael, foul, rowel, 


FWLNG, fowling 
FWLK, fowler 
FWN, fuwu 

FWND, fawned 

FWNG-, fawning, viewing, vow- 

FW.NS, fewnes., fawns 
FT, atfy, 6?, i,y 


THERE is no letter which puzzles a learner of shorthand so 
much as G. It is not a letter of frequent occurrence, but it 
turns up at times so oddly, that, if it is not plainly written 
when it is required, no small perplexity will arise. It has 
drawn many a sigh from a reporter's heart. Sometimes it is 
silent, as in gnaw, gnarl, gnostic; if followed by h it takes 
the sound of/, as in laugh, enough; or of w, as in plough. 
But if t be added to gh, then we have eight, fight, light, sight, 
tight, right, etc.; and, what is still worse, if G is preceded by 
the vowel n, which reporters never write, then we have ought, 
f'Ui,jht, Boughi, tm'ght, etc., etc. It is common as an affix in 
ing, as doing; but then it is almost, if not entirely, silent. It 
is also somewhat similar in sound to J, and for that reason has 
to do duty for that consonant. It is not easy to the eye when 
written in many words, as eulogy, plague, and others of that 
class. It was once said by an experienced reporter, that if 
there was a word he could not read, there was when ho 
puzzled it out sure to be a G in it. 

G becomes the initial letter by the disuse of vowels in the 
following numbers : a 6'9 times, e 19, i 22, and o and u once 

PREFIX. Tg, which is always negative, as in ignoble. 

AFFIXES. Gy, as in ology (geology, theology, etc.), and ing. 


G, go, age, ago, ague, egg 
GB, gab, gibe, job, Job, gob 
GBL, gable, gabble, gobble, jubi- 
lee, goable 
GBLV, goblin 
GBLNT, jubilant 
GBLT, goblet, giblet 
GBLTX, jubilation 


GBLTS, giblets, goblets 
GBN, gabion 
GBNO, jobbing, jibbing 
j GBB, jabber, jobber, jabberer 
GBEL, Gabriel 
GBKSG, jabbering 
GBKSH, gibberish 
GBS, gibes, jobs, gibbous 




GET, gibbet, gobbet 

Gc, juice 

GCLE, jocular 

GCL-<, juiceless 

GCLT, ejaculate 

GCLTN, ejaculation 

GCLTHY, ejaculatory 

GCND, jocund 

GCNDT, jocundity 

GCNS, juiciness 

GCNT, jacent, jacinfli 

GCRT, go-cart 

Gcs, juices 

GOT, eject 

GCTMNT, ejectment 

GCT, juicy 

GD, gad, gaud, goad, God, good, 

guide, aged, jade, guided, 

gauged, joyed _ 
GDCL, Judaical, judicial 
GDCS, judicious 
GDCTEY, judicatory 
GDG, guidage, judge 
GDGMNT, judgmeut 
GDHD, godhead 
GOEL, Judaical 
GDLNS, godliness, goodliness 
GDLS, godless, goadless, guideless 
GDLT, gaudily, godly, goodly 
GDSC, guidance 
GDNG, gadding, goading, guiding, 


GDNS, giddiness, guidance 
GI>RY, gaudery 
GDS, goddess, goods, goads, gods, 

guidi s, jades 
GDSM, Judaism 
GDSN, godson 
GDST, gaudiest, giddiest 
GDT, gaudy, giddy, goody 
GFL, joyful, eggful 
GFK, gnffor 
GFT, gift 
GFID, gifted 
Go, gg, gage, gauge, gig, gouge, 

j*i-' jig, jog, jug, egg, Gog 
GGD, gaged, gagged, jagged, 

j= r ged 

GGL, goggle, joggle, guggle 

GOLD, giggled, goggled 

GGLMRT, agglomerate 

GGLNG, goggling, giggling 

GGLK, juggler, jugular 

GGNTC, or GGUIK, gigantic 

GGU, gauger 

GGEGT, aggregate 

GGES, aggress 

GGRSV, aggressive 

GGUV, aggrieve 

GGRVT, aggravate 

GGS, eggs, gigs, gages, jogs 

GGY, gaggy 

GUST, ghost, aghast 

GHSTINS, ghastlinesa 

GHT, ought, eight 

GHTH, Jeliovah 

GK, jack, joke 

GKB, Jacob 

GEBN, Jacobin 

GKBT, Jacobite 

GKCT, jocosity 

GKDW, jackdaw 

GKL, jackal 

GKLK, jocular 

GKLET, jocularity 

GKLT, ejaculare 

GKLTN, jaculafion, ejaculation 

GKLTHY, ejaculatory 

GEND, jocund 

GK>DT. jocundity 

GKNO, joking 

GENPS, jackanapes 

GKR, joker 

GES, jocose, jokes 

GESPSN, juxtaposition 

GKST, jocosity 

GET, jacket, eject 

GETMNT, rjoctment 

GKY, jockc , jokey 

GL, glee, gliu j , goggle, gu'le, g '11, 
agile, eagle, g;'J, gala, giile, y .11, 
gaol, goal, gill, gnllon, oglo 

GLB, glebe, globe, glib 

GLBD, globed 

GLBL, globule 

GLIJLH, globular 




GLBLS, globulous 

GLBLY, glibly 

GLBNS, tilibness 

GI.BS, gl< bes, globes 

GLBST, glib 

GLBTK, goldbeater 

GLCL, glacial 

GLD, t;lide, galled, guilcd, glued, 

geld, guild, gelid, gild, gold, 

glad, glade 
GIDF.VCH, goldfinch 
GLD.V, gol<len, gladden 
GLDNG, gelding, gilding, gliding 
GLDR, gilder 
GLDS, glides, guilds, gilds 
GLDSM, iil 
GLDTK, n! 
GLF, gulf, gnl ph. 
GLFL, gl. etui, guileful 
GLFY, gulfy 
GLKS, galaxies 
GLKSY, galaxy 

GLM, gleam, gloom, glim, glum 
GLMD, gleamed 
GJ.MNG, gleaming 
GLMPS, glimpse 
GLMH, glimmer, gloomier 
GLMRD, glimmered 
GLMKNO, glimmering 
GI.MIIT, glomerate, Hgglomerate 
GLMS, gleams, glimpse 
GI.MSXG, rliiii]>sing 
GLMST, gloomiest 
GLMY, gloomy 
GLN, gallon, glean, glen 
GLNC, gliiice 
GLNCXO, glancing 
GLND. gland, gleaned 
GLNDS. gland*, glandulous 
GLXO, gleaning, galling, goggling, 

gluing, gaoling, guiliiig, gulling 
GLSR, g'eaner 

GLXS, glance, ugliness, gallons 
GLNSNG, glancing 
GLUT, gallant 
GLP, gallop, gulp, jalap 
GLPJI, gulph 

GLR, gaoler, glair, glare, gloar, 


GLUD, gloried, glared 
GLUFY, glorify 

GLHS, glorious, gaoleress, gaolers, 


GLUT, gallery, glory 
GLS, glues, gales, glees, jealous, 

glass, glaze, gl >ss, guileless, 

gulls, gaols, joyless, goggles, 


GLSD, glazed, glossed 
GLSL, g'acial 
GLSNG, glazing, glossing 
GLSR, glazier 
GLSKT, glossary 
GLST, ugliest 
GLSTN, glisten 
GLSTY, gulosity 
GLSY, glossy, jelousy 
GLT, gilt, galiot, eaglet, pillet, 

jilt, jolt, guilt, gleet, glout, gloat, 


GLTD, giltrd, glutted, jilted, jolted 
GLTLS, guiltless 
GLTLY, guiltily 

GLTN, gelatine, glutton, guillotine 
GLTNG, jilting, gilting, jolting, 

glutting, gloating 
GLTXS, gluttonous, gelatinous, 

glutinous, gloiling 
GLTST, ag-jhuinate 
GLTXY, gluttony 
GLTB, glitter 
GLTKD, gliitered 
GLTENG, glittering 
GLTS, glonts, gluts, eaglets, jolts, 


GLTY, guilty, jollity 
GLV, glove 
GLVO, gloved 
GLVXC, galvanic 
GLVNSD, galvanized 
Gi.VNSii galvanism 
GLV it, glover 
CJLVV, glow, glue 
GL\VI>, glowed, glued 





GLWNG, plowing, gluing 

GLWS, gallows, glows, glues 

GLWT, galloway, gluey, glowy 

GLY, July, galley, jelly, jolly, 
ugly* gaily, gluey 

GM, game, gem, gum, gome, jam 

GMB, jamb 

GMBG, gamboge 

GMBL, gambol, jumble, gumboil 

GMBLD, gambled, gumbled, gam- 

GMBLE, gambler 

GMBLS, gambles, jumbles, gum- 

GMBS, jambs 

GMD, gemmed, gummed, jammed 

GMLT, gimlet 

GMN, gammon, gemini 

GMXG, gumbing, gaming, jam- 

GMXS, geminous 

GMNSTK, gymnastic 

GMXT, augment 

GMNTD, augmented 

GMXTXG, augmenting 

GMXTS, augments 

GMP, gimp, jump 

GMPD, jumped, gimped 

GMPNG, gitnping, jumping 

GMPS, jumps 

GMPTM, gumplion 

GMR, gummer 

GMS, game?, gems, jams, gums 

Gsisir, gamesome 

GMSTR, gamester 

GMT, gamut 

GMTEY, geometry, atigmentary 

GMT, gummy 

GN, gain, gone, gun, genuine, gin, 
guinea, join, June, again 

GNBL, ignoble 

GNCTN, junction 

GXCY, agency 

GND, joined, gained 

GNDC, jaundice 

GNDR, gander, gender, joinder 

GNDS, jaundice 

GNFL, gninful 

GNG, gang, going, gaining, join- 
ing, ageing, joying 

GNGL, jangle, jingle, jungle 

GXGH, ginger, ganger 

GNGRN, gangrene 

GNGWY, gangway 

GNK, junk, gink 

GNKD, ginked 

GXKNG, ginking 

G> T KS, ginks, junks 

GNKTN, junction 

GNL, genial, general, gunnel 

GNLG, genealogy 

GNI.GCL, or KL, gcnealcgical 

GMGST, genealogist 

GNMXCS, gnomonios 

GXMNS. ignominious 

GNMT, ignominy 

GNN, genuine 

G.NNG, gaining, joining 

GXNS, genuineness 

GNPR, juniper 

GNPWDB, ^.uipowder 

GXK, gainer, gunner, gnar, joiner, 

GNRL, general, guarl 

GNRID, gnarled 

GXRLNG, gnarling 

GNRLSM, generalissimo 

GNRLT, generality 

GNHMS, ignoramus 

GKRNC, ignorance 

GNKNT, ignorant 

GNRS, generous, gunners 

GNRST, generosity 

GXRT, generate 

GXRTX, generation 

GNRTV, generative 

GNRT. gunnery, January 

Gxs, gain?, genius, guns, gninsnr, 
Genesis, genus, agonize, igneous, 
guinea?, joins 

GXSD, agonized, gainsayed 

GNSFTS, ignis-fatuua 

GXSH, gnash 

GXSIIKG, gnashing 

GNSHT, gunshot 

GXSM, gainsome 



GXSMTII, gunsmith 

GNSNO, agonizing 

GNST, against 

GXSTK, gunstock 

GNSY, gainsay, agency 

GNT, gent, gaunt, giant, gnat (?ee 

NAT) jaunt, joint, agent, ignite 
GNTBL, ignitible 
GNTD, jointed, ignited, jaunted 
GNTL, genital, gentiie, genteel, 


GNTLMN, gentleman 
GNTLT, gantlet, gauntlet, gentility 
GNTLY, gently, giantly, jointly 
GNTN, ignition 
GNTNG, jaunting, igniting 
GNTE, jointure, ignitor 
GNTRY, gentry 
GUTS, giants, joints, ignites, agents, 

jaunts, gnats 
GNTV, genitive 
GNTY, jaunty 
GNW, gnaw 
GNWL, gunwale 
Gxwxo, gnawing 
GNY, agony 

Gp > g a P> g a P e 
Grr>, gaped 
GPN, Japan 

GPNG, gaping, japanning 
GPRD, jeopard 
GPKDS, jeopardize 
GPHDY, jeopardy 
GPS, gaps, gapes 
GPSY, gipsy 

GE, gear, jeer, gore, jar, agree, 
augur, anger, eager, juror, gayer 
GRB, garb, grub, grab 
GEBD, garbed, grubbed, grabbed 
GEBG, garbage 
GRBL, agreeable, garble 
GKBLD, garbled 
GKBLS, garbles 
GRBNG, grubbing, grabbing 
GEBRD, graybeard 
GRBS, grubs, garbs, grabs 
GRC, grace, Greece 
GRCD, graced 

GRCFL, graceful 

GRCFLY, gracefully 

GECLS, graceless 

GRCLTR, agriculture 

GRCLTRL, agricultural 

GECN, Grecian 

GRCSO-, gracing 

GRCE, grocer 

GHCUY, grocery 

GRCS, grjcious, graces 

GBCSNS, graciousness 

GRD, gird, gourd, jarred, jeered, 
grade, augured, greed, agreed 

GEDCL, juridical 

GEDG, grudge 

GHDGNG, grudging 

GBDL, girdle, gradual 

GKDLS, guardless 

GBDLY, gradually, greedily 

GRDN, garden, guardian, Jordan 

GHDNG, gardening, girding, guard- 

GKDXKT, Gordian-tnot 

GRDNB, gardener 

GEUNS, greediness 

GRDNSHP, guardianship 

GRDNT, gradient 

GRDE, girder, greedier 

GBDEN, gridiron 

GBDS, girds, guards, grades 

GEDT, graduate 

GBDTN, gradation, graduation 

GRDTBY, gradatory 

GRDY, gourdy, greedy 

GBF, graff, grief, gruif, girafle 

GUFK, graphic 

GRFKL, graphical 

GKFN, grilliu 

GRFS, griefs 

GUFT, graft 

GBFT.NG, grafting 

GRFY, geography 

GRG, George, gorge, grog, gurgc 

GRGL, gargle, gurgle 

GRGV, gorgon, jargon 

GRGBN, gregarian 

GBGBS, gregarious 

GBGS, gorgeous, egregious, gorges 




GEGSLT, gorgeously, egregiously 

GEHND, grejhouud 

GHK, jerk 

GBKLTR, agriculture 

GKKLTBL, agricultural 

GBKN, gherkin, jerkin 

GEL, girl, gruel 

GEIC, garlic 

GBLND, garland 

GELS, garrulous, girls 

GELSII, girlish 

GEM, germ, grim, grime, groom 

GRMBL, grumble 

GEMBLNG, grumbling 

GEMC, grimace 

GEMD, grimed, groomed 

GBMLKN, grimalkin 

GRMLT, grimly 

GEMN, German, germain 

GEMNDS, gormandize 

GEMNT, garment, germinate, 

GBMNTES, graminivorous 

GRMR. grammar 

GBMBN, grammarian 

GEM3, grimace, grirns, grooms, 
germs, grimes 

GBMTKL, grammatical 

GEN, grain, greeu, grin, groan, 
groin, agrarian 

GBND, gruiued, grand, grind, 
journeyed, gerund, ground, 
groaned, grinned, aground 

GBNDLS, gr 'Uniiless 

GBNDNG, grinding 

GENDB, grandeur, grander, grena- 
dier, grinder 

GENDS, grounds, aggrandize, 

GESDSI, groundsel 

GRMDSTN, grind-tone 

GBNFXCH, greenfinch 

GBNO, journeying, grange, grain- 
ing, grinuiug, groaning, au- 

GRNGG-, greengage 

GEJS T L, granule, journal 

GESIKT, granulary 

GBNLS, granulous 

GENI.ST, journalist 

GHNXT, geranium 

GE\MJT, journeyman 

GEN , garner, greener 

GENBY, granary 

GENS, grains, greenness, eager- 
ness, groans, grins, greens 

GsNsir, garni>h, greenish 

GHNSSVKD, greensward 

GHNT, garnet, grant, grunt, gra- 
nite, grantee, guaranty, gua- 

GRNTE, grunter 

GKNVES, granivorous 

GKNY, journey 

GKP, grape, gripe, grope, grip, 

GKPD, groped, griped, grouped 

GKPHC, yrapliic 

GHPUCL, graphical 

GRPL, grapple 

GRPNG, griping, groping 

GKPNL, grapnel 

GifPR, griper 

GBPS, gropes, gripes, grapes, 
grips, groups 

GES, uorsp, jeers, grace, gracious, 
grass, grouse, gross, graze, grease, 
ausjurs, egress, jurors, agrees 

GBSD, Brazed, grossed, greased, 

GKSDCTN, or GE?DKTN, jurisdic- 

GBSFL, graceful 

GBSHPB, grasshopper 

GBSL, grizzle 

GESI.S, graceless, grassless 

GKSLY, grisly, grizzly, grossly 

GESX, garrison, egression, aggres- 

GKSNG, greasing, grazing, grass- 
ing, gracing 

GRSP, grasp 

( usi'RDXC, jurisprudence 

GRSK, grazier, greaser, grocer, 

GBSEY, grocery 




GUST, grist, jurist, grossest, 

GUSTL, grille 

GESTLV, gristly 

GRSV, aggressive 

GKSY, grassy, greasy, Jersey 

GRT, garret, girr, grate, greet, 
great, grit, groat, grot, garotte 

GETD, gratitude, gurolted, girted, 
greeted, grated 

GIUFD, gratiti.'d 

GKIFJ., grateful 

GUTFY, giatify 

GKTH, girth 

GRTLY, greatly 

GUTN, gyration 

GKTNG, gin ing, grating, greeting, 

GKTXS, greatness 

GRTU, garter, girter, greater, 
greeter, grater, garotter 

GKTS, gratis, grate?, garrets, gra- 
tuitous, Creels, girt3 

GKTSK, grohsque 

GitxsT, greatest 

GKTY, gratuity, gritty 

GRV, grave, grieve, grove, groove 

GKVII, grieved, grooved 

GiiVL, gravel, grovel 

GUVLNG, grovelling, gravelling 

GiiVLR, groveller 

GRVLY, gravely 

GKTNO, grieving, groving, graving 

Giivxs, grievance 

GHVB graver, griever 

GitA's, grievous, graves, groves, 
i.'., grooves, asgrieves 

OKvsr. gravest 

GKTSTS, giavestone 

GETT, gravitate, gravity 

( < n\iy. gravitation 

GKVY, gravy 

GKW, grow, grew 

GWL, growl 

GuWLNG, growling 

GRWLS, growls 

GKWNG, growing 

GEWTH, growth 

GEY, gory, gray, jury, augury 
Gs, gas, gauze, gaze, gee*e, goose, 

guess, guise, Jesus, joyous, juice, 

ages, eggs, goes, gags, gaseous, 

jovs, gigs 

GSBL, guessable, guisable 
GSBUY, gooseberry 
GSD, guessed, gauzed, gazed 
GSH, gash, gush, gnyish 
GSHD, gashed, gushed 
GSHNG, gashing, gushing 
GSHS, gashes, gu-hes 
GSL, guzzle, gazelle 
GSLD, guzzled 
GSLNO, gosling 
GSLK, guzzler 

GSLS, juiceless, guzzles, gazelles 
GSMN, je-amine 
GSMR, gossamer 

GSNG, gazing, guessing, gauzing 
GSNS, juiciness, joyousness 
GSP, gasp, gossip 
GSPD, gasped, gossiped 
GSPL, gospel 

GSPNG, gasping, gossiping 
GSPB, jasper 
GSKD, gizzard 
Gss, Jesus, gaseous, gosses 
GST, gazette, ghost, guest, gust, 

just, gusset, gusto, jest, joist, 

Jesuit, august 
Gsrc, justice 
GSTCLT, gesticulate 
GSTCRY, justiciary 
GSTD, jested, gazetted 
GSTFBL, justiKable 
GSTFBLNS, jiK-tiliableness 
GSTFKTN, justification 
GSTFL, gustiul, gestful 
GSTFR, justifier 
GSTL, j"stle, justle 
Gs i LNG, jostling 
GSTLNS, ghastliness 
GSTLY, ghastly, ghostly, justly 
GSTK, gestation 
CJSTNG, getting, gusting, jesting, 

Jesiiiting, gazetting, joisting 
GSTNS, justness 





GSTB, gazetteer, gesture, jester, 

GSTS, justice, gusts, jests, guests, 

ghosts, joists 
GSTSHP, justiceship] 
Gsxy, gusty 
Gsr, juicy 
GT, gait, get, gate, goat, gout, 

gut, jet, jot, jut, agate, agitate, 

gaiety, jute 

GTD, gutted, jotted, agitated 
GTHC, or GTUK, gothic 
GTHR, gather 
GTHRD, gathered 
GTHRNG, gathering 
GTHBS, gathers 
GTL, guttle 
GTLE, guttler 
GTN<J, getting, jotting, agitating, 

gutting, jetting 
GTNGS, jottings 

GTB, gaiter, guitar, agitator, gar- 

GTBL, guttural 
GTBS, gaiters, garters, gutters, 

guitars, agitators 
GTS, gates, gets, goats, jots, guts, 

jets, agates, agitates 
GTSH, goatish, gaitiah 
GTSM, egotism 

GTST, egotist 

GTY, gaiety, jetty 

Gv, give, gave, gove, gyve 

GVD, gyved 

GVL, jovial 

GVLN, javelin 

GVNG, giving, gyving 

GVNL, juvenile 

GVNLT, juvenility 

GVNR, governor 

GVRN, govern 

GVRNBL, governable 

GVRNMNT, government 

GVBNS, governs, governess 

Gvs, gives, gyves 

Gw, jaw, Jew 

GWD, Jewed 

Gwow, gewgaw 

GWK, gawk 

GWL, jewel, jowl 

GWLD, jewelled, jowled 

GWLE, jeweller, jowler 

GWLRY, jewellery 

GWN, gown 

GWNG, jawing 

GWNSMN, gownsman 

Gws, Jews, jaws 

GWSH, Jewish 

GY, gay, joy, guy, jay 

GYLS, joyless 


MUCH is said about " poor letter H." It is, indeed, so often 
silent, that many persons ignore it altogether in speaking. It 
is never sounded after r, and is chiefly heard at the beginning 
of words. It is, however, common in all languages, and in 
shorthand writing it is well to retain it for the sake of the 
spelling. Unlike all other consonants, it is never preceded by 
a vowel, except such words as all ! alia ! ahead, oh ! It only 
rarely appears in the middle of words, and then it is prin- 
cipally as ch. 




H, he, ha, liie, hue, hoe, oh! ah ! 

HBB, hubbub 

HBGBLN, hobgoblin 

HBL, hobble 

HBLMNT, habiliment 

HBLT, liability 

IIBKDSHK, haberdasher 

HBENL, hibernal 

HBKSM, Hebraism 

HBBW, Ilebrew 

HBS, habeas (corpus) 

HBT, hubit 

HBTBL, habitable 

HBTD, habitude 

HBTN, Imbibition 

HBTNT, habitant 

HBY, hobby 

HCNTIT, hyacinth 

HCTC, hectic 

HCTMB, hecatomb 

HCTR, hector 

lie, had, head, hood, heed, headed, 
hid, hoed, hod, ahead, hide, 

HDCH, headache 

EDD, headed, heeded 

HDFL, heedful, headful, 

HDG, hedge 

HDGIIG, hedgehog 

HDGXG, hedging 

HDGPDG, hodgepodge 

HDK, haddock, headache 

HDL, huddle 

HDLND, headland 

HDLXG-, headlong, huddling 

HDLS, heedless, headless, hood- 
less, huddles 

HDMST, headmost 

HDNG, heeding, heading, hiding, 

HDXS, headiness 

HDPC, or HDPS, headpiece 
HDE, hydra, hider 

HDBFB, hydrophobia 
HDKGN", hydrogen 
HDEGBFY, hydrography 
HDBLCS, hydraulics 

EDBNT, hydrant 

HDKS, head-dress 

HDESTKS, hydrostatics 

HDS, Hades, heads, hoods, hideoufl, 

hyads, heeds, hides 
HDSTX, headstone 
HDSTENG, headstrong 
HDY, heady 
HF, hoof, huff, half 
HFN, hyphen 
HTE, heifer 
HFS, hoofs 
HFSH, huffish 
HFT, haft, heft 
Ha, hag, hog, hug, huge 
HGH, high, heigh 
HGHLT, highly 
HGIIUS, highness 
HGHR, higher 
HGHST, highest 
HGIIT, height, haughty 
HGUTLY, naughtily 
HGHTN, heighten 
HGHTNS, liaughtiness 
HGHTT, haughty 

HGHWMN, higuwayman 

HGHWT, highway 

Hot, haggle, higgle 

HGLD-PGLD, higgledy-piggledy 

HOLE, haggler, higgler 

HGNG, hugging 

HGNS, hugeness 

HOB, huger 

HGED, haggard 

HG>H, haggish, hoggisli 

HGSIID, hogshead 

HOST, hugest 

HGSTT, hogsty 

HE, hack, hock, hook 

HKD, hacked, hooked 

HKL, hackle 

HKNG, hooking, hacking 

HKST, hackuey 

HKP, hiccup 

UKS, hoax, hooks, hacks 

HKSGN, hexagon 

HKSGNL, hexagonal 

HKSMTE, hexameter 





HKSNG, hoaxing 

HKSPKS, hocuspocus 

HK~TH, huckster 

BKTK, hectic 

BKTMB, hecatomb 

BKTE, hector 

HL, hail, hell, hole, hull, heal, 

hill, heel, hale, hall, halloo, halo, 


ULBBD, halberd 
HLCK, hillock 
HLCN, halcyon 
Hi CXTN, hallucination 
HID, held, hold, healed, holiday, 

hailed, haled, heeltd, hauled, 


HLDFST, holdfast 
HIDJID, hell-doomed 
HLD.N-, holden 
HLDNG, holding 
HLDE, holder 
HI.DY, holiday 
HLF, half 
HLGH, hallelujah 
HLHK, hollyhock 
HLHND, hell-hound 
HLK, hulk, hillock 
HLKS, bulks 
HLM, helm 
HLMT, helmet 
HI.N, Hellen 
HLNG, hailing, healing, hauling 

hallooing, heeling 
HLNS, holiness 
HLP, help 
H LPFL, helpful 
HLPLS, helpless 
HLP>"O, helping 
HLK, healer, holier 
HLKT, hilarity 
HLRT, hilary 
HLS, holes, hailc, heals, heels, 

hulls, halls, hollies, hills, holies, 

hales, hauls 
HLSH, hellish 
BL*N, halcyon 
BLSSTN, hallucination 
BIST, holiest 

HIT, halt, hilt 

HLTH, health 

HLTHFL, healthful 

HLTHNS, healthiness 

HLTHK, healthier 

HLTHST, healthiest 

HLTHY, healthy 

HLTK, halter 

HLV, halve 

HLVD, halved 

HLVNG, halving 

HLTS, halves 

HLW, hallow 

HLWD, hallowed 

HLT, holj% holly, hilly 

HM, ham, him, home, hum, hymn, 
hem, haum 

HMBL, humble 

HMBBD, home-bred, home-brewed 

HMCD, homicide 

HMD, home-made, hummed, 
humid, hymned, hemmed 

HMDT, humidity 

HUG, homage 

HMGNS, homogeneous 

HMK, hammock 

HML, hyemal 

HMLK, hemlock 

HMLT, hamlet, humility 

HMLT, homily, homely 

HMN, human, humane 

HSING, humming, hymning, hem- 

HMNL, hymeneal 

HMNS, humanize 

HMP, hemp, hump 

HMPBK, humpback 

HMPX, hempen 

HMPB, hamper 

HMB, hammer, humour, Homer 

HMBHO-, hemorrhase 

Ililit;!, humorous, humours 

HMKST, humorist 

HMS, homes, hams, hems, hymns, 

HMSD, homicide 

HMSFB, or HMSPHB, hemisphere 

H.\isr>', homespuu 




, hamstring 

HSIWRD, homeward 

HN, hen, hyeua, hou. (honourable) 

Hxc, hence 

HNCFRTH, henceforth 

HNCH, hunch, haunch 

HXCMB, honeycomb 

HSD, hand, hind, hound, handed, 

HXDCEFT, handicraft 

HXL>FL, liandful 

HXDKKCIIF, handkerchief 

HSDKKFT, handicraft 

31 SDL, handle 

HNDLS, handles, haudless 

HXDLY, handily 

HXDJID, handmaid 

HNDML, handmill 

HXUMST, hindmost 

3IsDxs, handiness 

H>DR, hinder, handier 

HSDRD. hindered 

HKDENC, hinderunce 

HNDSM, handsome 

HXDST, handiest 

EXDWHK, handiwork 

IIXDY, handy 

HXG, lianjr, hunj:, hinge, hoeing 

HSGMX, hangman 

HXGXG, hanging, hinging 

lIxGE, hanger, liunger 

HXGRY, hungry 

IIxK, hank 

HSKMB, honeycomb 

HXMX, honeymoon 

IIxpKD, henpecked 

HNB, honour 

IIxHBL, honourable 

HNHST, hen-roost 

HNEY, honorary, Henry 

Hxs, heinous, hens, hence 

HNSKL, honeysuckle 

HXST, honest, honesty 

HXT, hnunt, hunt, hint 

HXTD, haunted, hinted, hunted 

HNTSG, hinting, hunting, haunt- 

HUTU, hunter 

TT>-T3, hr.nnts, hunts, hints 

HNTSMX, huntsman 

HNY, honey 

HP, hap, hope, heap, hop, hoop, 


HPCRSY, hypocrisy 

HPCRT, or HPKKT, hypocrite 

HPCRTKL, hypocritical 

HPD, hoped, heaped, hopped, 

HPFL, hopeful 

UPGE, hop-grower 

HPGEXD, hop-ground 

HPLS, hapless, hopeless 

HPLY, haply, happily 

HPN, happen 

HPNG, hoping, heaping, hooping, 

HPR, hopper, happier 

HPEBL, hyperbole 

HPEBLKL, hyperbolical 

HPS, hopes, hops, heaps, hips 

HPSBD, haphazard 

HPST, happiest 

HPTGX, heptagon 

HPTIIS, hypothesis 

HPTHTKL, hypothetical 

HPTMS, hippopotamus 

HPTECHY, heptarchy 

HPY, happy 

HE, hare, liere, heir, hear, hair, 
hire, harrier, hearer, her, hero, 
hour, horror, hoar, higher 

HEB, herb 

HEBCS, herbaceous 

HBBG, herbage 

HBBL, herbal, horrible 

HBBXGB, harbinger 

HEBR, harbour 

HEBRG, harbouratre 

HEBY, herby, hereby 

HBC, heroic 

HBCH, hierarch 

HECHY, hierarchy 

HiiCLS, herculean 

HECN, hurricane 





HED, hard, heard, herd, hoard, 

horde, horrid, hurried 
HRDL, hurdle 
HRDLT, hardly 
HRDN, harden 
HRDNG, herding, hardening, 


HRDNS, hardiness, hardness 
HRDR, harder, hardier 
HEDS, herds, hordes 
HRDSIIP, hardship 
HEDSMN, herdsman 
HKDST, hardest, hardiest 
HEUTBL, hereditablc 
HUDTKY, hereditary 
HEDWE, hardware 
IlEDY, hardy 
HUFD, horrified 
HRFHST, hoar-frost 
HRFS, horrifies 
HRFTR, hereafter 
HRGLFKL, hieroglyphic'il 
HROLFKS, hieroglyphics 
HiiO-LS, hour-glass 
HEHND, horehound 
HEK, hark, heroic 
HHKLN, herculean 
HEKN, hearken, hurricane 
HRL, hurl, horal 
HRLBELY, hurly-burly 
HELD, herald, hurled 
HRLDBY, heraldry 
HBLKWN, harlequin 
HELM, heirloom 
HRLNG, hurling, hireling 
HRLS, hairless, heirlesa 
HELT, harlot 
HELTEY, harlotry 
HRLY, hourly 
HEM, harm, harem 
HRMFBDT, hermaphrodite 
HRMLS, harmless 
HEMNK, harmonic 
HEMNS, harmonious, harmonize 
HEMNY, harmony 
HEMT, hermit 
HEMTC, hermetic 
HRJITG, hermitage 

HEN, herein, heron, heroine, horn 

HKND, horned 

HHNG, hearing, hiring, harangue, 

HRNP, hornpipe 

HUNS, hairiness, harness, heroines, 

HRNT, hornet 

HENY, horny 

HEP, harp 

HRPN, harpoon 

HKPNE, harpooner 

HKPE, harper 

HKPSKRD, harpsichord 

HRPST, harpist 

HKR, horror, hearer, harrier 

Hus, hares, hearse, hears, heir.', 
hairs, hires hoarse, hours, 
horrors, harriers, harass, hear- 
ers, hearsay, heiress, heroes, 

HUSBK, horseback 

HRSBUKB, horsebrealcer 

HKSD, horsed, harassed 

Ilusn, harsh 

Hus HP, heirship 

HESLF, herself 

HRSMX, horseman 

HESMNSHP, horsemanship 

HESN, horizon 

HESNS, hoarseness 

HESNTLY, horizontally 

HESR, hoarser 

HRSY, hearsay, heresy 

HET, hart, hurt, heart 

HUTBEN, heartburn 

HETC, heretic 

HETCII, heartache 

HRTCLTR, horticulture 

HETFL, hurtful 

HRTFLT, heartfelt 

HRTFE, heretofore 

HHTG, heritage 

HETH, hearth 

HRTE, heartache, heretic 

HRTLS, heartless, hurtless 

URTX, hearten, hortatioa 

HKT.NG, hurting 



HRTKS, heartiness 

HBTE, heartier 

HHTS, hearts, hurt?, harts 

HRTSHRX, hartshorn 

HETSK, heart-sick 

HBTST. heartiest 

HETT, hortative 

HBTY, hearty 

HEVST, harvest 

HEW, harrow 

HET, hairy, hurry, hoary, Harry 

Hs, haze, hiss, his, hues, house, 

hoes, has, hose, huzza 
HSBXD, husband 
HSBXDMX, husbandman 
HSBSDBY, husbandry 
HSBBKXG, housebreaking 
HSBBKB. housebreaker 
HSH, hash, hush 
HSK, hassock, husk 
HSKPB, housekeeper 
HSKY, husky 
HSL, hazel 
HSLD, household 
HSLDB, householder 
HSLS, houseless 
HSXJD, housemaid 
Hsx, hosanna 
HSSG, housing, hissing 
II s sic. hosannah 
Hsxs. haziness, hosannas 
HsMii, hyacinth 
HSP, hasp, hyssop 
HSPTBL, hospitable 
HSPTL, hospital 
HSPTLT, hospitality 
HSR, hosier, hussar 
HSRD, hazard 
HSBDS, hazardous, hazards 
HSHS, hussars, hosiers 
HSKY, hosiery 
Hsx, haste, hoist, hesitate, host, 


HSTD, hasted, hesitated 
HSTG, hostage 
HSTL, hostile, hustle 
HSTLT, hostility 
HsiLY, hastily 

Hsxx, hasten 

HSTNG, hastening, hesitating 

HSTNGS, hustings 

HSTNS, hastiness 

HSTBK, hysteric 

HSTEKL, historical, hysterical 

HSTBKS, hysterics 

HSTEN, historian 

HSTRSC, histrionic 

HSTBY, history 

HSTS, hosts, hostess, hesitates 

HSTY, hasty 

Hs\vr, housewife 

HSY, hazy, hussy 

HT, hat, hit, hot, hut, heat, hate, 

height, hoot 
HTBD, hotbed 
HTCH, hutch, hitch, hatch 
HTCHT, hatchet 
HTD, heated, hated, hooted 
HTFL, hateful, hatful 
HTH, heath, hath 
HTHD, hot-headed 
HTHN, heathen 
HTHNSH, heathenish 
HTHR, hither 
HTHBMST, hithermost 
HTHET, hitherto 
HTHS, hothouse, heaths 
HTL, hotel 
HT.NG, heating, hating, hitting, 

hutting, hooting 
HTNS, haughtiness 
HTE, heater, hatter, hotter, hater 
HTED, hatred 
HTUDKS, heterodox 
HTRONL, heterogeneal 
HTEGXS, heterogeneous 
Hrs, hats, hoots, hates, heats, 

hits, huts 
HTSPE, hotspur 
HTY, haughty 
Hv, have, heave, hove, hive 
Hvc, havoc 
HVD, heaved, hived 
HVK, havoc 
Hvi, hovel 
HVLY, heavily 





, heaven, haven 
HVNG, heaving, having, hiving 
HVNS, heaviness, heavens, havens 
HVNWUD, heavenward 
HVE, heavier, hover 
HVRNG, hovering 
II vs, hive*, heaves 
HVY, heavy 
Hw, how, haw, hew 
HWBT, howbeit 
HWD, hewed 
HWK, ha.vk 
HWKD, hawked 

, hawking 
HWKR, hawker 
HWL, howl 
HWNG, hewing 
HWR, hewer 
II ws, hews 
H\YSR, hawser 
HWSVK, howsoever 
HWTHRN, hawthorn 
HWTSK, howitzer 
HWVR, however 
II Y, hay, hey 

, hydrant 


ALL words beginning with a hard C are classified with K, in 
addition to their appearance under C. 


K, cue, co- (co-operate), oc 
(occur), ac (accede), cake, coke, 
eke, oak, ache, quay, key 

KB, cab, cube, cub, cob 

KBG, cabbage 

KBK, cubic 

KBL, cabal, cobble 

KBLNG, cobbling, caballing 

KBLE, cobbler 

KBLS, cobbles, eubeless 

KBLSTCL, cabalistical 

KBN, cabin 

EBNG, cubbing, cabing 

KENT, cabinet 

KBT, cubit 

KBVTB, cobweb 

KD, kid, cade, cod, code, cud 

KDQD, cadged 

KDGL, cudgel 

KDGR, cadger 

KDGTNT, coadjutant 

KDGTU, coadjutor 

KDL, cuddle, codal, coddle 

KDMK, academic 


, academician 
KDMY, academy 
Kuxp, kidnap 
KDNS, cadence, kidneys 
KD.NY, kidney 
KUSL, codicil 
KDT, cadet 

KF, cuff, cough, coffee, calf 
KFN, coffin 
KFNG, coughing 
KFR, coffer, Kaffre 
KG, cage, cog, keg 
Kcir, cough 
KG i,, cajole 
KGLR, cajoler 
KGLT, coagulate 
KGLTN, coagulation 
KGNO, caging 
KGNSBL, cognizable 
KGNSNS, cognizance 
KGNSY, cogency 
KGNT, cogent, cognate 
KGNIN, cognation, cognition 
KGT, cogitate 




KOTN, cognition 

KK, cook, cock, cuckoo, kick, 

KED, cockade, cooked, cocked, 

KKL, cockle 
KKLFT, cockloft 
KKLM, acclaim 
KKLSTK, ecclesiastic 
KKLSTKT,, ecclesiastical 
KKLVT, acclivity 
KKMEK, cuciunber 
KKMDT, accommodate 
KKMLT, accumulate 
KKMPLS, accomplice 
KKMPLSH, accomplish 
KEMPND, accompanied 
KKMPSJIST, accompaniment 
KKMPMY, accompany 
KKNG, kicking, cooking, cocking, 


KKXLG, acknowledge 
KKXT, account 
KK.NY, cockney 
KKPY, occupy 
KKIJ, accrue, occur 
KKUD, accord, accrued 
KKHDNG, according 
KKKDT, accredit 
KKKNG, accruing, occurring 
KKKNS, occurrence 
KKES, accurse, accrues 
KKi.SD, accursed 
KKKST, accuracy 
KKKT, accurate 
KKS, cakes, coax, accuse, access, 

cooks, kicks 
KKSKMB, cockscomb 
KKSN, occasion 
KKS.NG, coaxing, accusing 
KKSPTBL, acceptable 
KKSPTNG, accepting 
KKSK, cocksure, accuser 
KKST, co-exist, accost 
KKSTK, acoustic 
KKSTM, accustom 
KKSTMD, accustomed 
EKSTN, accusation 

, accosting 
KKSTNT, co-esistent 
KKT, coquet, coquette, co-act 
KKTE, accoutre 
KKTUD, accoutred 
KKTUNG, accoutring 
KKTES, cockatrice 
KKTUT, coquetry 
KKWL, co-equal 
KKWXT, acquaint 
KK \VXTXS, acquaintance 
KK\VB, acquire 
KKWS, acquiesce 
KKWSNG, acquiescing 
KKWSXT, acquiescent 
IvKvrsTN, acquisition 
KKWSTV, acquisitire 
KKWT, acquit 
KL, kill, kail, kali, keel, coal, call, 

coil, cool, clay 
EXB, club, Caleb 
KLBD, clubbed 
Kujxa, clubbing 
KLB, calibre 
KLD, clad, cold, could, cloud, 

cloJ, coiled, cooled 
KLDLS, cloudless 
KLDLT, coldly 
E.LDN, Caledonian 
ELDNG, clouding, clading 
KLDXS, coldness 
KLDK, colder, cloudier 
KLDHN, caldron 

KLUSK, coldish, cloudish, clodish 
JLI.DT, culidity 
KLDY, cloudy 

KLF, caK, ea>iph, calefy, clef, cliff 
KLFLE, caulidower 
KLFT, cleft, clift 
KLG, clog, colleague, college 
KLGD, clogged 
Ki-GN, collegian 
IVLGKFYT, caligraphy 
KLGT, collegiate 
KXK, clock, cluck, cloak, calk, 


KLKD, cloaked, calked, clicked 
K.LKLT, calculate 





ELKLTX, calculation 

ELKLTR, calculator 

ELKXG, calking, clicking, cloaking 

KLKB, calker 

ELKS, calx, calix, calks, cloaks, 
clicks, clocks 

ELKT, collect, collocate 

ELKTX, collection 

KJ.KTR, collector 

ELKTV, collective 

KLKWL, colloquial 

ELKWY, colloquy 

ELM, calm, claim, clam, climb, 
column, acclaim 

ELMB, climb 

ELMER, climber 

ELMD, claimed, clammed, climbed, 

EIVKS, climax 

ELML, calomel 

ELMNG, calming, claiming, climb- 
ing, clamming, acclaiming 

ELMXR, columnar 

ELMNS, calmness 

ELMNST, clemency 

ELMXT, calumniate, cloyment, 
culminate, claimant, clement 

ELMXTR, calumniator 

ELMNY, calumny 

ELMP, clump, clamp 

ELMR, clamour, climber, calmer 

EI.MKS, clamorous, clamours 

ELMS, calms, claims, acclaims, 
column?, climbs, clams 

ELMT, calamity, climate, accli- 

ELMTS, calamitous, acclimatize 

ELMY, clammy 

ELN, clan, clean, kiln 

ELXCH, clench, clunch, clinch 

ET.ND, colonnade, cleaned 

ELNDR, calendar, calender, cul- 

Er.xo, clinpr, clung, coaling, call- 
ing, coiling, claying, cleaning, 

ELUK, c ink, clank 

ELSKR, clinker 

ELNL, colonel, colonial 

ELNLS, cleanliness 

ELXLY, cleanly 

ELXR, cleaner 

KLMIY, culinary 

KI.NS, cleanse, colonize, coolness, 
kilns, clans, cleans 

ELNSNG, cleansing, colonizing 

ELNT, client 

ELXY, colony 

ELP, clap, clip 

ELPBL, culpable 

ELPXG, clipping, clapping 

ELPR, clapper, clipper 

ELPRT, culprit 

ELPS, collapse, eclipse, claps, clips 

ELPTE, ecliptic 

ELPTK, colporteur 

ELR, caller, cooler, colour, clear, 
clearer, collar, collier, ocular, 

ELRBL, colourable 

ELRFK, calorific 

Er.KFTX, clarification 

ELRFY, clarify 

ELRG, clergy 

ELUGMX, clergyman 

ELRK, clerk 

ELKKL, clerical 

EI.RKSHP, clerkship 

ELHLY, clearly 

KLUXG, colouring, clearing 

ELRNS, clearance, clearness 

ELRNT, clarionet 

ELRS, colour?, clears, killers 

ELRSGTD, or ELKST:D, clear- 

ELRST, colourist, clearest 

ELRT, claret, colorate 

ELS, callou?, calls, close, clause, 
cl-iss, coalesce, cloylcss, kills, 

EI.SH, clash, coolish 

Kr.suxG, clashing 

ELSK, classic 

ELSKL, classical 

ELSLY, closely 

ELSX, coilision, collusion, calcine 



EXSND, calcined 

KLSNG, closing, classing, coales- 
cing, calcining 

KLSNS, closeness, coalescence, 

KLSNT, coalescent 

KLSNTN, calcination 

KLSP, clasp 

KISPNG, clasping 

KLSPR, clasper 

KLSU, closer, closure 

KLSRS, calcareous, closures 

KLST, closet, closest, coolest 

KLSTK, ecclesiastic 

JVLSTKL, ecclesiastical 

KLSTR, cloister, cluster, clyster 

KLSV, collusive 

KLT, clot, callat, clout, collate, 
eclat, occult, colt 

KLTCII, clutch 

KLTD, clouted, clotted, collated, 

KLTII, cloth, clothe 

KLTHNG, clothing 

KLTHR, clothier 

KLTN, collation, coalition 

KLTNG, clotting, clouting, col- 
lating, callating, occulting 

KLTR, clatter, collator, culture 

KLTRL, collateral 

KLTS, colts, clots, clouts, collates, 

KLTV, cultivate, collative 

KLTVTN, cultivation 

KLV, calve, clove, cleave 

KLVN, cloven, Calvin 

KLVNG, cleaving, calving 

KLVNSM, Calvinism 

KLVNST, Calvinist 

KLVB, cleaver, clever, clover 

KLTENS, cleverness 

KLVKS, cleavers, clovers 

KLVS, calves, cleaves, cloves 

KLVT, acclivity 

KLW, claw, clew, eclat 

KLWN, clown 

KLWNS, clowns 

KLWKSU, clownish 

ELY, clay, cloy, coolly 

KM, come, came, comb, coom, 
acme, oakum 

KMB, comb 

KMBN, combine 

KMBND, combined 

KMBXG, combining 

K.MBNS, combines 

KMBNT, combinate 

KMBNTN, combination 

KMBH, cucumber, cumber 

KMBES, cumbrous, cucumbers 

KMBRSM, cumbersome 

KMBSTBL, combustible 

KMBSTN, combustion 

KMBT, combat 

KMBTNT, combatant 

KMD, commode, combed 

KMDX, comedian, Cuinden 

KMDS, commodious 

KMFU, camphor 

KMFRT, comfort 

KMFRTBL. comfortable 

KMFUTXO, comforting 

KMFRTS, comforts 

KMFT, comfit 

KME, comic 

KMKL, comical 

KMKS, commix 

KML, camel, camomile 

KMLNS, comeliness 

KMLT, cumulate 

KMLTN, cumulation 

KMLY, comely 

KMMD, commode 

KMMDH, commodore 

KMMDS, commodious 

IvMMDT,accommodate, commodily 

KMMN, common, commune, com- 

KMMXD, command, communed 

K.MMNDR, commander 

KMMNDTN, comuiendation 

KMMXO, communing 

KM MX at, commingle 

KMM.VKT, communicate 

K M M :< KTV, communicative 

KMMXR, cominoner 



S, commons, commence 

KMMNSEBL, commensurable 

KMMNSBT, commensurate 

KMMNT, community 

KMMNTB, commentator 

KKMET, commemor;ite 

KMMBTN, commemoration 

KJIMRTXG, commemorating 

KMMSN, commission 

IVMMSXR. commissioner 

KMMSEEL, eoatmuentble 

KMMSET, commiserate, commis- 

KMMSBTN, commiseration 

EMMSET. commi?s:iry 

KMMT, commute, committee, 

KMMTBL. commutable, commit- 

KMMTD, committed, commuted 

KMMTX, commotion, commutation 

KMMTNG. commuting, commit- 
N, acumen, common 

Tiii-iLr, coiuuiuning 

KMNLY, commonly 

KMNT, comment 

KMP, camp 

KMPGN, campnign 

KMPKT, compact 

KMPL, c'"nMel, compile, comply 

KMPLKS, complex 

KMPLKSN, complexion 

KMPLKT, com|'lx;ate 

KMTLETX. complic-ition 

KMPLMXT, corupliuitiit, comple- 

EMPLN, complain 

KMPLNG, complxing 

KMPLXS, compliance 

KMPLXT, compliant, complaint, 

EMPLE, compil-r, compiler 

KMPLSN, con.pul-oon 

EMPI.SXS, complievnce 

KMPI.SNST, complacency 

KMPLSNT, com(i]acent 

K.MPISV, compulsive 

KMPLT, complete 

KMPLT.V, completion 

KMPLTS, completes 

KMPLT, comply 

KMPN, campaign, companion 

KMPXD, compound, accompanied 

KMPXDM, compendium 

KMPNDE, com pounder 

KMPXDS, compendious 

KMPNG, camping, campaigning 

KMPNKTN, compunction 

KMPNST, compensate 

KMPNSTN, compensation 

KMPNT, component 

KJIPNY, company, accompany 

KMPE, compare, compeer 

KMPEBL, comparable 

KMPEHND, comprebend 

KMPBHNSX, comprehension 

KMPKMS, C"m promise 

KMPES, compress, comprise, com- 

KMPRSN, comparison 

KMPRT, comport 

KMPRTMNT, comportment 

KMPRTV, comparative 

KMPS, compass, compose 

KMPSV, compassion 

KMPSXG, composing, compassing 

KMPSNT, compassionate 

KMPSR, composer, composure 

KMPST, composite, compost 

KMPSTN, composition 

KMPSTR, compositor 

KMPT, compute, compete 

K.MPTBL, compatible, computable, 

IVMPTD. computed, competed 

KMPTX. competition, computation 

KMPTNG, computing, competiug 

K^IPTNS, competence 

KMPTNT, competent 

KXIPTE, competitor 

KMPTET, cot- patriot 

Kiln, cameni, coiner 

KMIID, comrade 

K MR-*, coinmcrce, eomers, cameras 
, commercial 




Klir, comet-, committee, com- 
mute, commit 

KN, ken, ukin, oaken, quoin, can, 
coin, cane, canoe, con, cannon, 
canon, canine, cone, kin, kine, 
keen, knee 

KNB, knab, knob 

KNBD, knobbed 

KNBL, cannibal, connubial 

KNELT, connubiality 

KND, kiud, candid, knead, kenned, 
coined, kneed, cannonade, 

KNDGN, condign 

KNDKT, conduct 

KNDKTB, conductor 

KNDL, kindle, candle, condola 

KNDLMS, Candlemas 

KNDLNG, kindling, condoling 

KNDLNS, condolence 

KNDLSTE, candlestic-k 

KNDLY, kindly, candidly 

KNDM, condemn 

KNDMNT, condiment 

KNDMNTN, condemnation 

KNDMNTRY, condemnatory 

KNDN, condone, condign 

KNDND, condoned 

KNDNG, kneading, condoning 

KNDNS, condense, kindness, con- 

KNDXSR, condenser 

KNDXST, condensato 

KNDNSTN, condensation 

KNDNTU, condonation 

KNDB, candour, condor, kinder 

KNDHD, kindred 

KNDS, conduce, kinds, kneads 

KNDSBI/, oonducible 

KNDSND, condescend 

KNDSNDNG, condescending 

KNDSNSN, condescension 

KNDST, kindest 

KNDSV, conducive 

KNDT, candidate, condite, conduit 

KNDTN, condition 

KNDTNL, conditional 

, conditionary 

KNDT, candy 

KNF, knife 

KNFBLT, confabulate 

KNFD, confide 

KNFDXS, confidence 

KNFDNT, confident, comldant 

KNFDKST, confederacy 

KXFDIIT, confederate 

KNFDETN, confederation 

KNFGR, configure 

KNFKS, confix 

KNFKTN, confection 

KNFKTNE, confectioner 

KNFL, canful 

KNFLGENT, conflagrant 

KNFLGRTV, conllagriition 

KNFLKS, conflux 

KNFLKT, conflict 

K.NFLXS, confluence 

KNFLNT, confluent 

KNFLTN, conflation 

KNFN, confine 

KNF.VD, confound, confined 

KxF.viiNT, confinement 

KNFE, confer, conferee 

KNFUD, conferred 

KNFUM, confirm, conform 

KNFUMBL, conformable, conGrni- 

KNFRIIST, conformist 

KNFKMT, conformity 

KNFRJITN, confirmation, conform- 

KNFENS, conference 

KNFRNT, confront 

KNFS, confuse, confess 

KNFSD, confused, confessed 

KNFSKT, confiscate 

KNFSKTN, confiscation 

KNFSN, confusion, confession 

KNFSR, confessor 

KXFST, conf'est 

KNFT, confute 

KNFrnL, confutable 

K^FTN, confutation 

KSG, king, coining, coinnge, knajr, 
congou, cunning, cooing 





XNGHT, knijht 
KXGHTHD, knighthood 
KNGKTBL, conjectural 
KNGL, congeal, conjugal 
KNGLHI., cmigealable 
KNGLMNT, congealment 
KNGLMET, conglomerate 
KNGLY, cunningly, kingly 
KNGN, conjoin 
KNGND, conjoined 
KXGXKTN, conjunction 
KNGNKTR, conjuncture 
KXGXKTT, conjunctive 
KNGNL, congenial 
KNGX-T, conjoint 
KXGNTLY, conjointly 
KNOB, conjure, conjurer, conger, 

congrue, kangaroo 
KNGRD, conjured 
KNGKMXT, congruement 
KNGENS, congruence 
KXGENT, congruent 
KXGKS, congress, congruous, 


KXGKSV, congre?sive 
KNGET, congregate 
KNGKTLNT, congratulant 
KNGETLT, congratulate 
KNGRTLTEY, congratulatory 
KNGKTN, conjuration 
KXGST, conge>t 
KNGSTN, congestion 
KNGT, conjugate 
KXGTN, conjugation 
KNOTS, conjecture 
KNK, conic, cinque, knack, knock 
KNKBN, concubine 
KNKL, canonical, knuckle 
KNKLD, conclude, knuckled 
KXKLDNG, concluding 
K>KLT, conclave 
XNKMTXS, concomitance 
KXKMTNT, concomitant 
KKKNG, knocking 
KNKPSNS, concupiscence 
IvNKPoNT, concujiiscent 
KNKB, concur, canker, knocker, 

knacker, conquer 

KNKED, concurred, concord, con- 


KNKEDNS, concordance 
K.NKEDNT, concordant 
KNKRNG, concurring, conquering, 

KXKRXT, concurrent 
KNKET, concrete 
KXKETX, concretion 
KNKS, knocks 
KXKSN, concussion 
KNKT, concoct, connect 
KNKTD, concocted, connected 
KNKTN, concoction, connection 
KNKV, concave 
KXKVT, concavity 
KNKWE, conquer 
IVNKWRBL, conquerable 
KNKWST, conquest 
KXL, canal, canel, knell, kneel, 

kennel, knoll 

IVNLNG, kneeling, knolling 
KXLS, kneels, knolls 
KNMKL, economical 
KXMS, economise 
KXMSXG, economising 
KXJIST, economist 

, economy 
KXXD, cannonade 
KNNDBM, conundrum 
KNNG, cunning, coining, con- 


KNXGLY, cunningly 

KNXKL, canonical 

KXNKSX, connexion 

KNNKTD, connected 

KXKL, kennel 

KNNN, cannon 

KNNVXS, connivance 

XNPD, canopied 

KNPS, canopies 

KNPSK, knapsack 

KNPY, canopy 

KNE, coiner, keener 

KNKY, canary 

KNS, cans, conies, conscious, ca- 
nonize, canes, coins, kens, con- 
cise, keenness, cannons, canoes 




KNSBSTNT, consubstantiate 

KNSBSTXTX, consubstantiation 

KNSD, coincide, concede 

KNSDNS, coincidence 

KNSD NT, coincident 

KKSDR, consider 

KNSDBXG, considering 

KNSFLK, kinsfolk 

KNSGN, consign, consignee 

KNSKRPT, conscript 

KNSKRT, consecrate 

JNSKRTN, consecration 

KXSKTV, consecutive 

KNSKWNS, consequence 

B.NSKWXT, consequent 

.K.NSL, counsel, console, consul, 
conceal, cancel, council 

KNSLBL, consolable, concealable 

KNSLDT, consolidate 

KNSLMNT, concealment 

KXSLNG, counselling, concealing, 
cancelling, consoling 

KNSLR, consoler, consular, coun- 
cillor, counsellor 

KNSLT, consult, consulate, con- 

KNSLTN, conciliation, consolation 

KXSLTR, conciliator, consultor 

KXSLTET, consolatory, concilia- 

KNSLT, concisely 

KNSII, consume 

KNSMD, consumed 

Kxsiix, kinsman 

KXSXIPTN, consumption 

KXSMI-TV, consumptive 

KXSMH, consumer 

KKBMT, consummate 

Ivxsx, concession 

KlTSKQHa, consarguineous 

KNSNGNT, consanguinity 

KXSNS, conscience, consonance, 

KNSKT, consent, consonant, con- 

KKSSTEK, concentric 

KXSSTET, concentrate 

KNSNTS, conscientious 

KVKPEKS, conspicuousness 

KXSPKS, conspicuous 

KNSPKT, conspicuity 

KNSPB, conspire 

IVNSPRSY, conspiracy 

KNSPRTH, conspirator 

KNSPTBL, conceptible 

KXSPTN, conception 

KNSR, connoisseur, cancer 

KNSRX, concern 

KNSRNG, concerning 

KNSET, concert, consort 

KNSEV, conserve 

KXSUVJTSY, conservancy 

KXSETB, conserver 

K.N8BYTN, conservation 

KXSRTTET, conservatory 

KNSRVXV, conservative 

Kxss, conscious, consciousncs?, 

KXST, consist, constitute, conceit-, 
canst, keenest 

KNSTBL, constable, conceitable 

E.NSTD, consisted, conceited, con- 

KNSTLTN, constellation 

KXSTN, constitution, canonization 

KNSTNG, consisting, constituting 

KNSTXL, constitutional 

KNSTXS, consistence 

KNSTXST, consistency 

KNSTXT, consistent, constant, con- 

KNSTPT, constipate 

KNSTPTN, constipation 

K>"bTB, canister, construe 

KXSTRKT, construct, constrict 

KNSTRKTX, construction, constric- 

KXSTEKTR, constructor, constric- 
tor (boa) 

KXSTRKTV, constructive 

KXSTRN, constrain 

KXSTES, construe?, canisters 

KNSTET, consistory 

KlNSV, conceive, conci=ive 

KXSVBL, conceivable 

KNT, count, can't, cannot, cant, 




county, account, accent, knit, 
knot, knight 

KXTBLT, confabulate 

KNIGHT, contagion 

KNIGS, contagious, contiguous 

KXTGT, contiguity 

KNTKL, canticle 

KNTKST, context 

KMKSTE, contexture 

SVNTLS, countless, knotless 

KXTM, contemn, contume 

KXTMLS, contumelious 

KNTMLT, contumely 

KNTMNT, contaminate 

KNTMNTN, contamination. 

KXTMPLT, contemplate 

KNTMPLTB, contemplator 

KNTMPLTV contemplative 

KXTMPBMKT, contenipi-mment 

KXTMPRS, contemporize, contem- 

KXTMPBY, contemporary 

KXTMPT, contempt 

KNTMPTBL, contemptible 

KNTSIPTS, contemptuous 

KNTMS, contumacious 

IvNTMSNS, contumaciousness 

KKTN, contain, cantatiou, canteen, 

KNTNBL, containable 

KNTND, contend, contained, con- 

KXTXDXG, contending 

KNTNDE, contender 

KNTNG, canting, counting, account- 
ing, knitting, containing, con- 

KXTXGNI, contingent 

KNTXL, continual 

KXTNLT, continually 

KNTNS, countenance, continuance, 
continence, continuous 

KNTXT, content, continent, ac- 
countant, continuity 

KXTXTD, contented 

KNTXTLS, contentless 

KNTNTMNT, contentment 

KXTXTX, contention, continuation 

KNTNTS, contentious, contents, 
continents, accountants 

IvXTH, canter, counter, contra, 
contour, knitter 

KNTEBLXS, counterbalance 

KNTKBXD, contraband 

KXTEBT, contribute 

KXTKBTX, contribution 

KXTRBTE, contributor 

KXTKBTKY, contributory 

KXTIJCHNG, counterchunge 

KNTECHUM:, countercbann 

KNTED, cantered 

KXTKDKT, contradict 

KNTBDETK, contradiction 

K NTRDSTNKTX, con t radis t i notion 

KNTKFT, counterfeit 

KXTKKT, contract 

KXTKKTX, contraction 

KNTRL, control 

KNTELE, controller 

KNTEMX, countermine, country- 

KNTKMXD, countermand 

KXTEXIRCH, count crMuircli 

KXTRMTX, counter-motion 

KXTRPL, counterplea 

KNTRPLD, counterplead 

KXTRPLT, counterplot 

KXTRPX, counterpane 

IvXTRPXT, counterpoint 

KNTBPET, counterpart 

KXTES, counters, canters, knitters 

UNTESGN, countersign 

KXTRST, contrast 

KNTRSTD, contrasted 

KNTET, contrite, contort 

KNTRTX, contrition, contortion 

KNTRV, contrive 

KXTRVD, contrived 

KNTRVL, countervail 

KNTKTN, contravene 

KNTRVNS, contrivance, contrarenes 

ICxxRVXxx, cot.travention 

KXTRVR, contriver 

KNTBVHST, controversy 

KNTBVRT, controvert 

KXTETVV, counterview 



S, contuse, countess, counts, 

knits, accounts, knights, cants, 


KNTSN, contusion 
XNTST, contest 
KNTSTBL, contestable 
KNTY, county, knotty 
KNV, connive, convive, knave, 


KNVD, conveyed, connived 
KNVK, convoke 
KNYKS, convex 
KNVKST, convexity 
KNVKT, convict, convocr,to 
IvNVKTN, convocation. 
KNVKTV, convictive 
KNVL, convivial 
KNVLS, convulse 
KNVLSN, convulsion 
KNVLSNT, convalescent 
KNVLSV, convulsive 
KNVLTD, convoluted 
KNVLTN, convolution, convulsion 
KNVLV, convolve 
Kxvx, convene, connive 
KNVNC, convince, convenience, 

conveyance, connivance 
KNVXCBL, convincible 
KNVNG, convening, conniving 
KNTNS, connivance, conveyance, 

convince, convenience 
KNVNT, convenient, convent, con- 


KNVXTKL, conventicle 
KXTNTX, convention 
KNVNTNL, conventional 
KNVNTXEY, conventionary 
KNVR, conveyer 
KNVEG, converge 
KNVEGKT, convergent 
KNVHS, converse 
KNVESX, conversion 
KNVESNT, conversant 
KXVRSTV, conversative 
KNTRT, convert 
KNVRY, knavery 
KNVS, canvass, conveys, connives, 

knaves, knives 

KNVSH, knavish 

KNVY, convry, convoy 

Kuw, know, knew 

KNWLDG, knowledge 

KNWNG, knowing 

KNY, coney 

KP, cap, cope, cape, cup, cop, 
keep, copy, coop 

KPBK, copybook 

KPBL, capable 

KPBLT, capability 

KPBE, cupbearer 

KPBRD, cupboard 

KPD, cupid, capped, cooped, 
copied, cupped 

KPDT, cupidity 

KPHLD, copyhold 

KPL, copal, couple 

KPLD, coupled 

KPLRY, capillary 

KPLT, copulate, couplet 

KPLTN, copulation 

KPLTV, copu'ativo 

KPNC, or KPNCY, occupancy 

KPNG, coping, copying, capping, 
keeping, cupping, occupying 

KPNT, occupant 

KPR, caper, keeper, copper, cooper, 
copier, occupier 

KPRD, capered, coppered, coop- 

KPRGHT, copyright 

KPRNG, capering, coopering, cop- 

KPRPLT, copper-plate 

KPRS, caprice, capricious, co])- 
peras, coppers, Cyprus, cypress, 
coopers, keepers 

KPHSN, caparison 

KPRT, co-operate, corporate, copy- 

KPRTN, co-operation 

KPETNE, co- partner 

KPETV, co-operative 

KPS, capacious, copious, coppice, 
copse, corps, corpse, caps, cups, 
capes, keeps, copes, copies 

KPSLY, copiously 





KrsNS, capaciousness, copious- 

KPST, capacity, capacitate 

KPSTN, capstan 

KPT, kept 

KPTL, capital, capitol 

KPTLT, capitulate 

KPTN, captain, capitation, occu- 
pation, co-aptation 

KPTR, captor, capture 

KPTS, captious 

KPTV, captive 

KPTVT, captivity, captivate 

KPT, copy, occupy 

KB, car, care, cure, core, occur, 
career, carrier, currier, carry, 
corps, acre, courier, crier, cur, 
curry, oker (oclire) 

KRB, corb, curb, kerb, crab, crib 

KRBL, curable 

KRBD, crabbed, curbed, cribbed 

KRBG, cribbage 

KHUN, carbine, carbon, corban 

KUBXG-, cribbing, curbing 

KRBNKI,, carbuncle 

KBBRT, corroborate 

KUBETN, corroboration 

KIIBT, acrobat 

KHCII, crouch 

KRD, corrode, accord, crude, 
cured, occurred, careered, card, 
cared, cord, creed 

KKDBL, corrodible, credible 

KHDG, cordage 

KRDL, cordial, cradle, curdle 

KRDLS, credulous, cordials 

KRDLT, cordiality, credulity 

KRDLY, cordially 

IVRUND, crcdenda 

KKDNG, carding, crecdin<j, cord- 
ing, corroding, according 

KiiDxt, cardinal 

KUDNS, crudeness, credence, ac- 

KEDNT, co-ordinate, credent, ac- 

KRDNTI, credential 

KKDE, cruder 

KRDS, cords, creeds, cards, curds, 
corrodes, accords 

KRDST, crudest 

KRDT, cordate, credit, accredit 

KHDTBL, creditable 

KKDTR, creditor 

KRDWX, cordwain 

KRDWNR, cordwainer 

KHFL, careful 

KRFLXS, carefulness 

KRFT, craft, crofr, crafty 

KHFTLY, craftily 

KRPTNS, craftiness 

KUFW, curfew 

KRG, cargo, courage, carriage, 

KUGBL, corrigible 

KRGD, cragged 

KRGDNS, crajrgedness 

IVRGS, courageous 

KUGSLY, courageously 

KRGT, corrugate 

KRK, cork, crack, crook, creak, 
creek, croak, kirk 

KEKBRND, crack-brained 

KRKD, crooked, corked, cracked, 
creaked, croaked 

KRKDL, crocodile 

KHEL, crackle, curricle 

KRKNG, cracking, corking, crook- 
ing, creaking, croaking 

KRKR, cracker, croaker 

KRKRY, crockery 

KKKS, cracks, corks, crooks, 
creaks, creeks, croaks 

KRKSERW, corkscrew 

KRKT, cricket, correct 

KRKTKG, cricketing 

KHKTR, caricature, corrector, cha- 

KRKTV, corrective 

KRL, curl, carol, coral, cruel 

KRLD, curled, carolled, corolled 

KRLN, coralline, Caroline 

KELNG, curling^carolling 

KHLRY, corollary^ 

KRIS, curls, careless, cureless 

KULT, cruelty 




KELTS, cruelties 

KRLTV, correlative 

KiiM, cream, crumb, cram, crime 

KRMB, crumb 

KEMBL, crumble 

IVRJID, creamed, crammed 

IYRMLS, critneless, creamless 

KUMX, carmine, carman 

KUJING, creaming, cramming 

KBMNL, criminal 

KKMNS, criminous, acrimonious 

KEJIXTET, criminatory 

KBMXY, acrimony 

KIIMP, cramp, crump, crimp 

.KnMPD, crimped, cramped, 


KUMPL, crimple, crumple 
KBMPXG, crumping, crimping, 

KRMSX, crimson 
KUMY, creamy, crummy 
Kay, corn, carrion, crayon, acorn, 


KUNCHNDLR, cornchandlcr 
KENG, carnage, cringe, crying, 
careering, carrying, caring, cur- 
ing, occurring, crowing, crown- 
KBNK, crank 

KBXKP, cornucopia 

KBNL, carnal, coronal, kernel 

KBNLy, cornelian 

KBNLY, carnally 

KRNJI, cranium 

KENE, corner, coroner 

KENS, cornice, occurrence, corns, 
acorns, cranes 

KENSH, Cornish 

KEXST, currency 

KENT, coronet, courant, current, 

KBNTN, coronation, caruatiou 

KENTBS, carnivorous 

KENT, cranny, crony 

KBP, crape, creep, crop, carp 

KBPL, cripple 

KBPLKS, corpulence, crapulence 

KBPLNT, corpulent 

KEPLS, cripples, crapulous 

KBPNG, cropping, creeping, 
craping, carping 

KBPNTE, carpenter 

KKPR, creeper, cropper 

KBPBL, corporal 

KBPELT, corporalty 

KEPBLY, corporally 

E.BPS, crops, corpse, carps, creeps 

KEPT, carpet, corrupt, orypt 

.K.BPTBL, corruptible 

KBPIK, cryptic 

XRPTKL, cryptical 

KBPT.S, corruption 

K.BPTNS, corruptness 

E.BPTS, carpets, corrupts 

K.BE, carrier, career, currier 

KBS, course, ^urse, corse, crease, 
cruise, across, caress, cares, 
cress, craze, crisis, cross, accurse, 
cures, cries, curioue, corps, 
carouse, coarse, coerce 

KBSBL, corrosible, coercible, cru- 

KBSD, cursed, coursed, crusade, 
creased, cruised, caressed, 
crazed, crossed, caroused 

KBSDS, crusades 

KKSFKS, crucifix 

KESFI, crucify 

KBSGEKD, crossgrained 

KESH, crush, crash 

KESKTN, coruscation 

KBSL, carousal 

KBSN, corrosion, coercion ' 

KBSXG, coursing, cursing, creas- 
ing, cruising, crazing, crossing, 
caressing, carousing, corrosing, 
KESXS, coarseness, crossness, 

KBSST, crescent 
KESP, crisp 
KESPND, correspond 
KESPNDST, correspondent 
KBSPNS, crispness 
KHSB, coarser, corsair, cursor, 





KESBLY, cursorily 

KESENS, cursoriueas 

EESEY, cursory 

KEST, crest, crust, curiosity, 

carest, coarsest 
KBSTD, crested, crusted 
KBSTFLN, crestfallen 
KBSTK, acrostic 
KBSTL, crystal 
KBSTLN, crystalline 
KBSTLS, crestless, crystallize 
KESTLSTN, crystallization 
KBSTS, crustaceous 
KBSTY, crusty 
KESV, corrosive, coercive 
KBSY, crazy, curacy, accuracy 
KET, court, correct, cart, carte, 

carrot, curt, carat, caret, crate, 

create, accurate, cruet, curate 
KETCH, crutch, crotch, cartouch 
KETCIIT, crotchet 
KBTD, created, carted, courted 
KETK, critic, critique 
KBTKL, critical 
KBTL, curtail 
KBTLG, cartilage 
KBTLNS, courtliness 
KBTLT, courtleet 
KBTN, cartoon, creation, curtain 
KBTNG, courting, carting, crating, 

creating, correcting 
KBTB, Creator, creature, carter, 

crater, courtier, criteria 
KETEDG, cartridge 
KBTEN, criterion 
KETET, cartwright 
KETS, carts, cortes, courteous, 

curates, creates, carrots, cruets, 


KETSHP, courtship 
KETSM, criticism 
KETSN, courtei s an 
KRTSNS, courteousncs3 
KRTSY, courtesy 
KETV, creative 
KETTVEGHT, cartwright 
KET, carve, curve, crave 
, caravan, craven 

KETNG, carving, curving, craving 
KEYS, crevice, craves, carves, 


KEVT, cravat, curvet 
KEVTN, curvatioii 
KEVTE, curvature 
KEW, crew, crow 
KEWD, crowd, crowed 
KEWDNG, crowding 
KEWL, crawl 
Kuwx, crown 
KEWNG, crowning 
KEWY, caraway 
KEY, carry, cry 
KETN, crayon 
Ks, case, cause, acccs?, kiss, 

ukase, ox 

KSBI, accessible, causable 
KSD, kissed, accede 
KSDNG, acceding 
KSDNT, accident 
KSH, cash, coyish 
KsnN, cushion 
KSHND, cushioned 
KSHE, cashier 
KSHBDN, caseharden 
KSK, cask, cossack 
KSKD, cascade 
KSKT, casket 
KSL, casual, causal, axle 
KSLET, accelerate 
KSLEY, auxiliary 
KSLS, causeless, axles, casuals 
KSIT, casualty 
KSMGEFE, cosmographer 
KSMKL, cosmical 
KSMNT, casement 
KSMTIC, cosmetic 
KSN, cousin, cozen, occasion, 

accession, oxen 
KSNG, accusing, causing, casing, 


KSNT, accent, accentuate 
KSNTL, co-essential 
KSNTEK, eccentric 
KSNTEST, eccentricity 
KSP, cusp 
KSPT, accept 



KSPTD, cuspated, accepted 

KSPTNG, accepting 

KSPTNS, acceptance 

KSE, accuser 

KSBT, accessory 

KST, cast, cost, coast, casuist, 


KSTC, ecstasy, ecstatic 
KSTD, or KSTDT, custody 
KSTGT, castigate 
KSTGTN, castigation 
KSTK, caustic, acoustic, ecstatic 
KSTL, castle, costal 
KSTLXS, costliness 
KSTLY, costly 
KSTM, custom, accustom 
KSTMB, customer 
KSTMKLT, customarily 
KSTMRY, customary 
KSTN, keystone 
KSTXG, casting, costing, coasting, 

KSTB, castor 
KSTED, custard 
KSTET, castrate 
KsxExy, castration 
KSTBY, casuistry 
KSTSY, ecstasy 
KSTV, costive 
KSTWY, castaway 
Ks\v, causeway 
KT, cat, coat, cot, cut, acute, 

caught, act, actuate, kit. kite, 


KTBB, October 
KTCH, catch 
KxcHitif, catechumen 
KTCHX, kitchen 
KTCHXG, catohmg 
KTCHS, catechise 
KTCHTKL, catechetical 
KTD, actuated, acted, coated 
KTQ, cottage 
KTGN, octugon 
KTGB, cottager 
KTGEKL, categorical 
KTGBT, category 

KTHDBL, cathedral 
KTHLK, catholic 
KTKL, cuticle 
KTKLE, cuticular 
KTKS, catechise 
KTKSST, catechism 
KTKST, catechist 
KTKTKI, catechetical 
KTL, cattle, kettle, cuttle, actual 
KTLG, catalogue 
KTLN, cotillion 
j KTLB, cutler 
KTLBY, cutlery 
KTLS, cutlass, kettles, coatless 
KTMPBT, contemporary 
KTN, caution, coction, contain, 

coition, cotton, action, auction, 

NG, cutting, acting, cautioning, 

coating, cotting, actuating 

KTNB, auctioneer 
KTNBY, cautionary 
KTNS, cutaneous, actions, kittens, 

cautions, contains 
KTB, actor, cater, cutter, catarrh, 

coterie, accoutre 
KTBKT, cataract 
KTBSG, catering, accoutring 
KTEKI, co-eternal 
KTBPLB, caterpilhir 
KTBS, actress, cauterize, actors, 

cutters, accoutres 
KTEY, actuary 
KTS, cautious, cats, coats, cots, 

cuts, acts, actuates 
KTSLY, cautiously 
KTSNS, cautiousness 
KTSTBP, or KTSTBPH, catas- 
KTT, actuate 
KTTD, actuated 
KTTNG, actuating 
KTTS, actuates 
KTV, active, octave, octavo 
KTVLY, actively 
Kv, cave, cove 
Kvt, cavil, coeval 




KVLKD, cavalcade 
EVLK, cavalier, caviller 
KVLEi', cavalry 
EVNT, covenant, covenanted 
EVH, cover 
EVBD, covered 
EVBLT, coverlet 
EVEN, cavern 
EviiNG, covering 
EVBT, covert 
EVT, covet, cavity 
EVTBL, covetable 
EVTS, covetous, cavities, covets 
Evr, covey 
Ew, caw, cow, kaw 
KWB, quib 
EWBL, quibble 
EWBLB, quibbler 
EWBLT, equability 
EWD, cowed 
EWDCT, aqueduct 
EWDBL, quadrille 
KWBBLTI, quadrilateral 
EWDBNGL, quadrangle 
KWDENL, quadrennial 
KWDBNT, quadrant 
EWDBPD, quadruped 
KWDBPL, quadruple 
EWDBT, quadrate 
KWDSTNT, equidistant 
EWF, quaff 
KWFD, quaffed 
EWFXG, quaffing 
EWOMB, quagmire 
KwnBD, cowherd 
EWK, quack, quake, quick 
KWKD, quaked 
EWKLM, quicklime 
EWKN, quicken 
EWKNG, quickening, quaking 
EWKXS, quickens, quickness 
KWKBT, quackery 
KWKS, quakes, quacks 
EWKSLVB, quicksilver 
EWKSND, quicksand 
EWKST, quickset 

EWL, quail, quill, equal, cowl, 


, equilibrium 
KWLFCTX, qualification 
KWLFS, qualifies 
KWLFY, qualify 
JvWLii, qualm 
KWLMSH, qualmish 
KWLN, aquiline 
ICwLNG, quelling, equalling 
Kwis, equals, quills, quails, quells 

KWLT, equality 
KWN, queen, queau 
Kw>*c, quince 
KWXCH, quench 
KWXCHD, quenched 
KWNCHNG, quenching 
KWNCHS, quenches 
KWXDM, quondam 
KWXG cawing, cowing 
KWNKS, equinox 
KWNKTL, equinoctial 
EWNSY, quinsy 
KWNT, quaint 
KWNTL, equintal 
KwNTir, quantum 
KWNTNS, quaintness 
KWNTPL, quintuple 
KWNTE, quaintei 
Kwxxsxc, quintessence 
KWNTST, quaintest 
EWNTY, quantity 
Kwp, equip, coup 
EWPD, equipped 
KWPG, equipage 
KWPMNT, equipment 
KWPS, equips 

EWK, queer, quire, cower, choir 
EWBD, coward 
EWKDC, cowardice 
EWBE, quirk 
EWBL, quarrel 
EWELD, quarrelled 
EWBLNG, quarrelling 
EWBLS, quarrels, querulous 
EWBLSM, quarrelsome 
EWELSNS, querulousness 
KWEM, quorum, aquarium 
EWBNTN, quarantine 



KWBST, querist 

KWKT, quart, quarto 

KWBTBDK, quarter-deck 

KWBTRG, quarterage 

KWRTRN, quartern 

KWBTS, quarts, quartz, quartos 

KWRY, query, equery, quarry 

Kws, aqueous 

KWSCNC, quiescence 

KWSCXT. quiescent 

KWSH, quash 

Kwsx, quest 

KWSTN, question 

KWSTNLS, questionless 

KWSTB, questor 

KWSTRN, equestrian 

KWT, quit, quoit, quiet, quite 

quote, quota 
KWTBL, equitable 
KWTC, aquatic 
KWTD, quoted, quietude, quitted, 

Kwrn, quoth 

KWTN, quotation, equation, quie- 

KWTXC, quittance 

KWTXG, quoting 

Kfrrxs, quietness, quietus 

KWTNT, quotient 

KWTE, quieter, equator, quarter 

KWTEL, equatorial 

KWTBN, quaternion 

KWTRNEY, quaternary 

KWTRNT, quit-rent 

Kwxs, quits, quarts, quiets, quotes, 

KWTST, quietist 

KWTT, equity 

KWTKL, equivocal 

KWTKT, equivocate 

KWTLNT, equivalent 

KWTB, quaver, quiver 

KWT, quay 

KT, coy, key, quay 

KTNS, coyness 

KTSH, coyish 


L becomes initial in words by dropping a 225 times, e 165, 
i 60 (always II), o 35, and u 20, in whole 505 times, equal to 
one-third the number of words properly beginning with L ; but 
being a semi-vowel, words beginning with this letter in short- 
hand are not generally rendered more difficult to read by this 
large number. 

L, all, lie, loll, loo, lee, lull, lieu, 
lo ! ale, oil, loyal, aloe, eel, ill, 
alloy, ell, il- (illogical) 

LB, lobe, alibi, lob 

LED, lobed 

LBDNH, labdanum 

LBDXS, libidinous 

LBFET>-, labefaction 


LBI, label, libel, liable 

LBLD, labelled 

LBLSG, labelling, libelling 

LBLE, libeller 

LBLS, libellous, labels, lobeless, 


LBLT, liability 
LBZTS, liabilities 





LBM, album 

LBMN, albumen 

LBMS, albums 

LENT, labent 

LBE, labour, labourer, libra, 

LBBD, laboured 

LBBKT, lubricate 

LBEL, liberal 

LBELS, liberalize, liberals 

LBRLT, liberality 

LBBN, librarian 

LBRXG, labouring 

LBENTH, lab\ rinth 

LBRS, labours, laborious, lubbers 

LBRT, liberty, laboratory, liberate, 
librate, elaborate 

LBRTD, liberated, elaborated 

LBRTN, liberation, libration, liber- 

LBHTNSM, libertinism 

LBRTBT, laboratory 

LBS, lobes, lobbies 

LBSTE, lobster 

LBTN, libation 

LET, lobby 

Lc, lace, lice 

LCD, lucid, laced 

LCDT, elucidate 

LCDTN, elucidation 

LCFR. lucifer 

LCH, leech, loch 

LCHL, alcohol 

LCHIC, alcoholic 

LCHLS, alcoholise 

LCHMST, alchemist 

LCHEYMTBY, lachrymatory 

LCK, lack, lick, luck, lock 

LCKD, lacked, locked, licked 

LCKDT, lackaday 

LCKNG, lacking, licking, locking 

LCKE, lacker, locker 

LCKBSH, lickerish 

LCKET, alacrity 

LCKS, lacks, licks, locks 

LCKT, locket 

LCKY, lucky, lackey 

LCL, local, alcohol 

LCLSD, locilized 

LCLT, locality 

LCLY, locally 

LCMN, laceman 

LCMTN, locomotion 

LCMTV, locomotive 

Lcxc, laconic 

LCKCLY, laconically 

LCNSM, laconicisrn 

LCNT, lucent 

LCR, lucre, ulcer 

LCEC, licorice 

LCED, ulcered 

LCES, ulcers 

LCRT, ulcerate, lacerate 

LCETD, lacerated, ulcerated 

LCRTN, ulceration, laceration 

LCBTNG, lacerating 

LCRTS, lacerates, ulcerates 

Lcs, laces, luscious 

LCST, locust 

LCT, elect, elicit, locate, illicit 

LCTD, located, elicited, elected 

LCTL, lacteal 

LCTN, election, elicitation, elocu- 

LCTNO, electing, eliciting 

LCTNEY, elocutionary 

LCTR, lecture, elector, lecturer 

LCTRC, electric 

LCTKCL, electrical 

LCTECT, electricity 

LCTEFD, electrified 

LCTEFY, electrify 

LCTEL, electoral 

LCTRT, electorate 

LD, lad, laid, lade, lead, led, lid, 
load, loud, laud, lied, old, iliad, 
eluded, oiled, elude, allayed, 
allude, allied, lauded, alluded, 
alloyed, lulled 

LDBL, laudable, elu^iMj 

LDFKTN, laudificati >u 

LDG, ledge, lodge 

LDGMNT, lodgment 

LDGNG, lodging 

LDGE, ledger, lodger 

LDKES, ludicrous 




LDKRSLY, ludicrously 

LDL, ladle 

LDLY, loudly 

LDX. leaden 

LDNG, leading, loading, lauding, 

alluding, eluding 
LDNM, laudanum 
LDNS, loudness 
LDE, ladder, leader, alder (tree), 

elder, louder 
LDBMX, alderman 
LDS, lands, lids, lads, loads, 

alludes, leads (metal roofing), 

leads (to be led), eludes 
LDST, eldest, loudest 
LDSTN, loadstone 
LDTET, laudatory 
LDT, lady 
LF, leaf, "lief, life, loaf, love, luff, 

Alf., elf, aloof, laugh 
LFBT, alphabet 
LFBTCL, alphabetical 
LFCTEY, olfactory 
LFGKD, lifeguard 
LFLS, leafless, lifeless 
LFXT, elephant 
LFRD, Alfred 
LFSH, lavish 
LFT, left, lift, lofr, aloft 
LFTD, lifted 
LFTHND, left-handed 
LFTLT, loftily 
LFTM, lifetime 
LFTXCY, lieutenancy 
LFTXG, lifting 
LFTNS, loftiness 
LFTNT, lieutenant 
LFTXTSHP, lieutenanfsliip 
LFTE, laughter, lifter 
LFTS, lifts, lofts 
LFTY, lofty 
Lo, allegp. elegy, leg, league, lag, 

lu;j, log, liege 
LGBK, logbook 
LGBL, legible, eligible 
LGBK, alg.-bra 
LGC, logic 
LGCL, logical 

LGCLY, logically 

LGCX, logician 

LGCY, legacy 

LGD, alleged, lagged, legged, lug- 
ged, leagued 

LGG, luggage 

LGH, laugh 

LGHBL, laughable 

LGHT, light 

LGHTX, lighten 

LGHTXG, lightning 

LGHTE, lighter 

LGK, logic 

LGKL, logical 

LGL, legal 

LGLS, legalize 

LGLTY, legality 

LGLY, legally 

LGM, legume 

LGMCY, logomachy 

LGMNS, leguminous 

LGMNT, ligament 

LGX, legion 

LGNC, elegance 

LGND, legend 

LGNDBY, legendary 

LONG, alleging, legging, leaguing, 
lagging, lugging 

LGNS, ligneous, allegiance 

LGKTLY, elegantly 

LGB, lugger, licger 

LGKC, allegoric 

LGBCHY, oligarchy 

LGBCL, allegorical 

LGED, laggard 

LGEDSIX, legerdemain 

LGEUD, loggerhead 

LGKS, allegorize 

LGBST, allegorist 

LGKTHMS, logarithms 

LGBTY, legerity 

LGEY, allegory 

Los, alleges, legs, leagues, elegies, 
laps, lugs, logs, lieges, eulogiza 

LGSLT, legislate 

LGSLTN, legislation 

LGSLTK, legislator, legislature 

LGSLTT, legislative 




LGSN, logician 
LOST, eulogist 
LGSTC, logistic, eulogistic 
LGSY, legacy 
LGT, legate, legatee 
LGTFXGRD, light-lingered 
LGTFTD, light-footed 
LGTJICY, legitimacy 
LGTMT, legitimate 
LGTN, legatine, legation, allega- 

LGTR, legator, ligature, alligator 
LGTEMN, lighterman 
LGWD, logwood 
LGY, eulogy, elegy 
LK, lac, lack, leek, lick, like, loch, 

lock, look, luck, Luke, lake, 

leak, alike, alkali, alk 
LKBRX, lackbrain 
LKBBT, lucubrate 
LKBRTN, lucubration 
LKBRTUY, Iucubratory 
LKD, looked, liked, licked, lacked, 


LEG, leakage 
LEL, local, alcohol 
LELIT, alkaline 
JL.ELR, likelier 
LKLS, luckless, lackless 
LKLSD, localized 
LKLST, luckiest 
LKLT, locality 
LKLY, locally, luckily 
LKMTN, locomotion 
LEJITV, locomotive 
LKNG, liking, looking, lacking, 

licking, locking, leaking 
LKKE, laconic 
LKNKLY, laconically 
LER, lacker, locker, looker, licker, 


LERS, liquorice, lookers 
LKRT, alacrity 
LES, licks, lacks, locks, lakes, 

likes, looks, lax, leaks 
LKSEN, lexicon 
LKSNDR, Alexander 
S, laxness 

LKSR, elixir 

I/ESUXC, luxuriance 

LKSIISXS, Iuxuriousnc33 

LKSRY, luxury 

LKST, laxity, locust 

LKSTV, laxative 

LKT, locket, elect, locare 

LKTD, located, elected 

LKTL, lacteal 

LKTN, election, elocution 

LKTNG, electing 

LKTNIIY, elocutionary 

LKTR, lecture, elector, lecturer 

LKTRFD, electrified 

LKTRFY, electrify 

LKTRK, electric 

LKTRKL, electrical 

LKTRL, electoral 

LKTRST, electricity 

LKTKT, electorate 

LKWCS, loquacious 

LKWCT, loquacity 

LKWD, liquid 

.LKWFY, liquefy 

LKWNC, eloquence 

LKWNT, eloquent 

LKWR, liquor 

IJKY, lucky, leaky, lackey 

JJL, lull, loll, ill, all, loyal, ell 

LLBRL, illiberal 

I/LCT, illicit 

LLD, illude, allude, lolled, alluded, 


JLLDBL, illaudable 
LIGBL, illegible 
LT.GCL, illogical 
LLGL, illegal 
LLGLS, illegalise 
LLGLT, illegality 
LLGTMC, illegitimacy 
LLGTMT, illegitimate 
LLM, illume 
LL^INTN, illumination 
LLMTBL, illimitable 
LLNG, lulling 
LLNS, illness, loneliness 
LLS, lulls, lolls, ills 
LLS>", illusioii 



LLST, loyalist 

LLSTRS, illustrious 

LLSTET, illustrate 

LLSV, illusive 

LLT, loyalty 

LLTET, illiterate 

LIT, loyally, lily, allay, ally 

L:xr, lime, lame, loam, loom, 
lama, elm, illume 

LJIB, lamb, limb, limbo 

LMBD, limbed, lambed 

LMBG, lumbago 

LMBKN, lambkin 

LMBLK, lamblike 

LMBXT, lambent 

LMBE, limber, lumber 

LMD, lamed, limed, loomed, il- 

LMGT, Almighty 

LMKLX, limekiln 

LHLY, lamely 

LMN, layman, lamina, leman, 
lemon, limn 

LMND, illumined, lemonade, 

LMNG, laming, looming, liming 

LMKK, almanack 

LMNE, limner, almoner 

LMXKY, luminary, almonry 

I/MNS, lameness, luminous 

LMNT, lament, aliment, element, 
illuminate, eliminate 

LMKTBL, lamentable 

LMXTELY, lamentably 

LMNTD, lamented, laminated 

LMNTL, elemental 

LMNTX, lamentation, alimentation 

LMXTE, lamenter 

LJINTEY, alimentary, elementary 

LMP, lamp, limp, lump, lymph 

LMPBLK, lampblack 

LMPD, limpid 

LMPDXS, limpidness 

LMPN, lampoon 

LMPNG, lumping, limping 

LMPNE, lampooner 

LMPSH, lumpish 

LMPT, limpet 

LMPY, lumpy 

LMS, Lammas, lames, h'mes, looms, 
alms, illumes, elms 

LMSNEY, eleemosynary 

LMST, almost, lamest 

LMT, limit, Almighty 

LMTX, limitation 

LMTEY, limitary 

LMTS, limits 

LMTY, Almighty 

LMY, loamy, limy 

LN, lane, lean, line, loin, lone, lain, 
linen, leonine, lion, loon, loan, 
alien, alone 

LNBLT, alienability 

LNC, lance, alliance 

LNCD, lanced 

LNCH, launch, lunch, lynch 

LNCHN, luncheon 

LNCHPN, linch-pin 

LNCS, alliances 

LNCT, lancet 

LNCY, lunacy 

LND, land, lend, landau, landed, 
lined, loaned 

LNDFL, landfall 

LNJDHLDB, landholder 

LNDLDY, landlady 

LNDLED, landlord 

LNDMBK, landmark 

LNDN, linden, London 

LNDNG, landing, lending 

LNDE, lender 

LNDEPE, linendraper 

LNDES, laundress 

LNDEY, laundry 

LNDSKP, landscape 

LNDTKS, land-tax 

LNDWTE, land-waiter 

LNFBS, laniferous 

LNFY, lenify 

LKG, loaning, lining, oiling, long- 
ing, along, ling, lingo, long, 
lung, lounge, longe, leaning, 
language, lineage, lying, al- 
laying, alloying, allying, lull- 

LNGBT, long-boat 





LKTGCS, linguaceous 

LNGD, languid, lounged 

LXGDNS, languidnesa 

LNGFS, longevous 

LNGFTY, longevity 

LNGLY, longingly 

LNGMNS, longimanus 

LNGMTBY, longimetry 

LNGNMTY, longanimity 

LNGB, languor, lounger, linger 

LNGES, lanigerous 

LNGS, lungs, longs, linings, long- 
ings, languages, lounges 

LNGSFBNG, longsuffering 

LNGSH, languish 

LNGSHMNT, languishment 

L>~GSM, longsorne 

LNGSPN, longspun 

LNGST, linguist, longest 

LNGT, elongate 

LNGTD, longitude, elongated 

LNGTDNL, longitudinal 

LNGTH, length 

LNGTHST, lengthen 

LNGTS, elongates 

LNGVS, longevous 

LNGWTS, longways 

LNK, lank, link 

LNKBT, linkboy 

LNKMN, link man 

LNENS, lankness 

LNL, lineal 

LNLNS, loneliness 

LNLT, lineally, lonely 

LNMNT, lineament, liniment 

LNE, linear, lunar, liner, loaner, 

LNES, lanarious 

LNS, leanness, lioness, lens, 
illness, lance, lines, loans, 

LNSB, linseed, lanced 

LNST, lancet, leanest 

LKST, lunacy, linsey 

LNT, lenient, lent, linnet, lint 

LNTC, lunatic 

LKTCLE, lenticular 

LNTD, alienated 

L>TTK, lunatic 

LNTELE, lenticular 

LNTL, lentil, lintel 

LNTN, lineation, lunation, lentcn 

LNTE, lentor 

LNTEN, lantern 

LNTS, lentous, alienates, linnets 

LNTV, lenitive 

LNTY, lenity 

LP, lap, lip, lop, leap, loop, elopo 

LPD, eloped, leaped, looped, 

lopped, helped 
LPDG, lapdog 
LPDBY, lapidary 
LPDS, lapideous 
LPDSNC, lapidescence 
LPDST, lapidist 
LPDT, lapidate 
LPDTN, lapidation 
LPFL, lapi'ul 
LPFEG, leapfrog 
LPH, alpha 
LPHL, loophole 
LPK, alpaca 
LPMNT, elopement 
LPN, lupin, alpine 
LPNG, eloping, lapping, leaping, 


LPE, leaper, lapper, leper 
LPED, leopard 
LPEX, leporine 
LPES, leprous, leapers, lepers 
LPBSY, leprosy 
LPS, elapse, lapse, ellipse, lips, 

elopes, laps, leaps, loops, illapsi; 
LPT, lappet 
LPTC, elliptic 
LPTCL, elliptical 
LPTD, lapitude 
LPTHC, allopathic 
LPTHY, allopathy 
LPTK, elliptic 
LPTKL, elliptical 
LPWNG, lapwing 
LPYE, leap-year 
LE, leer, liar, lore, lure, lair, 

allure, lyre, layer 
LBBKD, larboard 




LECH, lurch 

LECHB, lurcher 

LBCL, lyrical 

LBCNF, larceny 

LBCT, loricate 

LRD. lord, lurid, lard, laird, liard, 

lured, allured 
LRDLNS, lordliness 
LBDLT, lordly 
LBDNG, lording 
LRDB, larder 
LRDSHP, lordship 
LBDT, already 
LRG, large 
LBOLT, largely 
LRGXS, largeness 
LBGB, larger 
LEGS, largess 
LBK, lurk, lark 
LKKD, lurked, larked 
LBEL, lyrical 
LRKNG, lurking, larking 
LBKNGPLC, lurking-place 
LBER, lurker 
LBKS, lurks, larks 
LRKSPR, larkspur 
LBJCT, loricate 
LRKTN, lorication 
LBL, laurel 
LBLD, laurelled 
LBLS, laurels 
LBM, alarum, alarm 
LBMD, alarmed 
LEUNG, alarming 
LRMS, alarms 
LRN, lorn, learn 
LEND, learned 

LBNG, learning, alluring, luring 
LRNR, learner 
LRNS, learns 
LES, liars, lyres, leers, lures, 

layers, allures 
LESNY, larceny 
LEST, lyrist 
LET, laureate, alert 
Ls, lass, '.less, lessee, lose, loose, 

loss, louse, lease, lees, lilies, 

alas, alias, allies, alleys, allays, 

oils, else, also, aloes, alloys, 
laces, lice, lace, eels 

LSCK, lascar 

Lscs, luscious 

LSCTS, lascivious 

LSCVSLT, lasciviously 

LSCVSNS. lasciviousness 

LSD, loosed, leased, lucid, laced 

LSDNS, lucidness 

LSDT, elucidate 

LSDTN, elucidation 

LSFE, lucifer 

Lsn, lash, leash, lush 

LSHD, lashed 

LSHNG, lashing, lushing 

LSHB, lee- shore 

LSHS, lashes, lushes 

LSLT, loosely, lousily, lazily 

LSM, elysium 

LSMN, laceman 

LSN, lessen, lesson, loosen, allu- 
sion, elusion, elysian 

LSNG, leasing, lozenge, losing 

LSNS, looseness, lousiucss, lazi- 
ness, allusions 

LSNT, lucent 

LSP, lisp 

LSH, lesser, lessor, loser, leaser, 
leisure, ulcer 

LSBBL, leisurable 

LSHD, lizard, ulcered 

LSELT, leisurely 

LSES, ulcers, leasers, losers 

LSBT, ulcerate, lacerate 

LSBTN, laceration, ulceration 

LSETNG, lacerating 

LSBTS, ulcerates, lacerates 

Lss, luscious, leases, losses, laces, 
lasses, lascivious 

LST, last, last, list, lost, lust, least, 
loyalist, elicit, loosest 

LSTC, elastic 

LSTCT, elasticity 

LSTD, listed, elicited 

LSTFL, lustful 

LSTLS, listless 

LSTLSLT, listlessly 

LSTLSNS, listlessness 





LSTLY, lastly, lustily 

LSTN, listen, elieitation 

LSTNG, lasting, listing, lusting, 

LSTNB, listener 

LSTNS, lustiness 

LSTE, lustre 

LSTENG, lustring 

LSTES, lustrous, illustrious, lus- 

LSTET, lustrate, illustrate 

LSTETN, lustration 

LSTS, lusts, lasts, lists, elicits 

LSTT, lusty 

LST, allusive, elusive 

Lsvs, lascivious 

LSVSNS, lasciviousness 

LSWHE, elsewhere 

LSY, lousy, leasy, lazy 

LT, late, leet, let, lit, lot, lote, 
lute, loyalty, lout, ult., elate, 
alto, allot, laity 

Lie, lattice, lettuce 

LTCH, latch 

LTCHT, latchet 

LTD, lotted, elated, latitude, alti- 
tude, allotted 

LTDNBN, latitudinarian 

LTGH, although 

LTGNT, litigant 

LTGS, litigious 

LTGSSS, litigiousness 

LTGT, litigate 

LTGTHE, altogether 

LTG^N, litigation 

LTH, lath, lathe, lithe, loathe 

LTHD, loathed 

LTH?L, loathful 

LTHGEFY, lithography 

LTHL, lethal 

LTHMNCY, h'thomancy 

LTHNG, loathing 

LTHE, Luther, leather, lather 

LTHEG, letharage 

LTHBGC, lethargic 

LTHEGY, lethargy 

LTHEN, leathern 

LTHBSLR, leatherseller 

LTHSM, lithesome, loathsome 

LTHTMST, lithotomist 

LTL, little 

LTLY, lately 

LTM, ultimo 

LTMNT, allotment 

LTMT, ultimate 

LTJITLY, ultimately 

LTMTM, ultimatum 

LTN, Latin, latten, lotion, elation, 


LTNCY, latency 
LTNG, elating, letting, lotting, 

louting, lightening, lightning 
LTNS, lateness, Latinize 
LTNSM, Latinism 
LTNT, latent 
LTNY, litany 
LTE, alter, altar, ulterior, latter, 

letter, litter, loiter, loiterer, later, 


LTRBL, alterable 
LTBCT, altercate 
LTKCTN, altercation 
LTED, lettered, loitered, littered, 


LTEO, liturgy 
LTEL, lateral 
LTELY, laterally 
LTEMRN, ultramarine 
LTEN, lateran 

LTKNG, altering, lettering, litter- 
ing, loitering 
LTENT, latrant, alternate 
LTENTLY, alternately 
LTRNTV, alternative 
LTRTE, literature 
LTRY, literary, lottery 
LTSH, loutish, latish 
LTST, latest, lightest 
LTY, laity 
Lv, lava, lave, leave, levee, lira, 

love, olive, elve, alive 
LVBL, leviable 
LVD, livid, loved, levied 
LVDTY, lividity 
LVGT, levigate 
LVL, level, alluvial 




LVLHD, livelihood 

LVLNG, livelong 

LVLNS, liveliness, loveliness, level- 

LYLE, leveller, livelier, lovelier 

LVLST, liveliest, loveliest 

LVLTE, love-letter 

LYLY, lovelily, lovely, lively 

Lvsr, alluvium 

Lvx, leaven, eleven, liven 

LTNDE, lavender 

LVXG, living, loving, leaving 

LVNGS, leavings 

LVNT, Levant 

LVE, laver, liver, lover, livre, 
lever, leaver 

LVEG, leverage 

LTET, leveret 

LVEY, livery 

Lvs, leaves, loaves, olives, levies 

LVSH, lavish 

LVSIILY, lavishly 

LVT, levet, alleviate, levity, ele- 

LVTD, elevated, alleviated 

LYTHN, leviathan 

LYTN, lavation, elevation 

LVTSG, alleviating, elevating 

LYTEY, lavatory 
LVTY, levity 

LYTS, elevates, alleviates 
LVY, levy 

LYV, law, low, allow, hollow 
LWBL, allowable 
LWD, lewd 
LWDNS, lewdness 
LWFL, lawful, lawfully 
LWFLNS, lawfulness 
LWLNS, lowliness 
LWLE, lowlier 
LWLS, lawless 
LWLY, lowly 
LWN, lawn 
LWNC, allowance 
LWNG, lowing 
LYVNS, lowness, allowance 
LWK, lower, lawyer 
LWED, leeward, lowered 
LWEMST, lowermost 
LWENG, lowering 
LWENGLY, loweringly 
Lws, laws, always, allows 
LWSPETD, low-spirited 
LWST, lawsuit 

LY, alloy, alley, oily, ally, allay, 
lay, ley, lily, loyally 


M is never silent, and in long-hand writing there is no 
letter which takes so long to write. It requires seven strokes 
of the pen to form it. It is often preceded by a vowel, viz., 
a about 100 times, e 240, i 420, o 45, and u 15, in whole about 
820 times. 


M, me, aim, am, my 
MB, mob, imbibe, imbue 
MBCL, imbecile 
MBCLT, imbecility 
MBD, imbibed, mobbed, imbued 
MBDY, embody 
MBGS, ambiguous 


MBGTY, ambiguity 

MBL, mumble, amiable, amble 

MBLDN, embolden 

MBLM, embalm, emblem 

MBLMNG, embalming 

MBLMTCL, emblematical 

MBLXC, ambulance 





MBIA-S, amiableness, ambulance 

MBLNT, ambulant 

MBLE, murnblex 

MBLS, emblaze 

MBLSH, embellish 

MBLSHMNT, embellishment 

MBLSN, emblazon 

MBLT, ambulate, amiability, mo- 

MBXG, mobbing, imbibing, im- 

MBNT, ambent 

MBB, member, amber, embryo, 
imbrue, umber 

MBEC, embrace 

MBECT, embrocate 

MBECTN, embrocation 

MBBDB, embroider 

MBBG, embargo, umbrage 

MBBK, embark 

MBBL, embroil, umbrella 

MBBy, membrane 

MBBS, imburse, members, em- 
barrass, embers, embrace 

MBBSL, ambrosial 

MBBSNG, embarrassing, embrac- 

MBBSB, embrasure 

MBS, emboss, mobs, embase, im- 
bues, imbibes 

MBSDB, ambassador 

MBSG, embassage 

MBSJI, ambush 

MBSKD, ambuscade 

-\IBSL, embezzle, imbecile 

MBSLMNT, embezzlement 

MBSLT, imbecility 

MBSM, embosom 

MBSMNT, embossment 

MBSNG, embossing 

MBTL, embattle 

MBTN, ambition 

MBTB, embitter 

MBTEB, embittered 

MBTS, ambitious 

MBWL, embowel 

MBWB, embower 

Me, mace, mice, mimio 

MCBI, amicable 

MCBIT, amicably 

MCD, mucid 

Men, much 

MCHLMS, Michaelmas 

Mcnx, machine 

MCHNC, mechanic 

MCHXG, machining 

MCHXBT, machinery 

MCHXS, mechanics 

MCHNST, machinist 

MCUXT, machinate 

MCHNTN, machination 

MCKBL, mockable 

MCEEL, mackerel 

MCLG, mucilage 

MCLGXS, mucilaginous 

MCLT, immaculate 

MCLTX, immaculation 

MCEX, macaroon 

MCESCP, microscope 

MCET, macerate 

MCKTN, maceration 

MCRY, mimicry 

MCT, emaciate 

MCTD, emaciated 

IMcxxG, emaciating 

Mcxs, emaciates 

MD, mood, amid, maimed, made, 
mad, mud, mid, mode, mead, 
meed, Mede, maid 

MDCL, medical 

MDCM, modicum 

MDCMNT, raedicament 

MDCJ. T , medicine 

MDCNL, medicinal 

MDCBTT, mediocrity 

MDFBL, modifiable 

MDFD, modified 

MDJFSG, modifying 

MDFS, modifies 

MDFT, modify 

MDG, midge 

MDL, model, middle, medal, mud- 
dle, meddle, module 

MDLX, maudlin, medallion 

MDLNG, middling 
i MDLSM, meddleaome 




MDLST, medallist 

MDLT, modulate 

MDLY, madly, medley 

MDM, madam, medium 

MDMX, madman 

MDMS, mediums 

MDMST, midmost 

MDX, maiden, madden 

MDXGHT, midnight 

MDXS, madness, maidens 

MDHGL, madrigal 

MDKN, modern 

MDBNS, modernize 

MDUT, moderate 

MDETB, moderator 

MDS, meeds, Medes, modep, ?o- 

dus, maids 

MDSHPMX, midshipman 
\IDSMR, midsummer 
MDSX, medicine 
MDSNL, medicinal 
HOST, midst, modest, modesty, 

MDT, mediate, meditate, imme- 


MDTD, meditated 
MDTLY, immediately 
MDTK, mediator 
MDTKKS, mediatrix 
MDTEN, mediterranean 
MDTESHP, mediatorship 
HDTV, meditative 
Mow, meadow 
MDWY, midway 
MDT, moodv, muddy 
MF, muff 
MFBS, amphibious 
MFL, muiDe 

MFLR, mayflower, muffler 
MFN, muffin 

on: ^a^zng 
MFSS, emphasis 
MFTC, emphatic 
Mo, mug, magi, image 
Moc, magic 
MGCN, magician 
MGHT, might, mighty 
MGK, magic 

MGL, Mogul 

MGN, imagine 

MGNBL, imaginable 

MGKFCNS, magnificenco 

MGNFCNT, magnificent 

MGNFR, magnifier 

MGNFY, magnify 

MGNMS, magnanimous 

MGNEY, imaginary 

MGNS, magnesia 

MGXT, magnet 

MGNTC, magnetic 

MGNTD, magnitude 

MGNTN, imagination 

MGNTSM, magnetism 

MGP, magpie 

MGE, major, meagre 

MGENT, emigrant 

MGET, majority, migrate, emigrate 

MGETN, migration, emigration 

MGEY, imagery 

MGS, images, mugs 

MGSN, magazine, magician 

MGSTC, majestic 

MGSTECY, magistracy 

MGSTEL, magisterial 

MGSTET, magistrate 

MGSTY, majesty 

MGT, maggot 

MHNY, mahogany 

MHE, mohair 

ME, make, meek, mock, muck, 

MKBL, amicable, mockable 

ilKBLY, amicably 

MKD, mocked 

MKHL, muckhill 

MKLT, maculate, immaculate 

MKLTN, maculation 

MKNG, making, mocking, mimick- 

MKNK, mechanic 

MKNKS, mechanics 

MKNS, meekness, muckiness 

MKKT, machinate 

MKNTN, machination 

MKE, maker, mocker, mimicker 

MKEL, mackerel 





MKEN, macaroon 

MKESKP, microscope 

MEET, mimicry 

MKS, mix, makes, mocks, mimics, 
mucous, mucus 

MKSD, mixed 

MKSM, maxim 

MKSNG, mixing 

MKSTE, mixture 

MKY, mucky 

ML, meal, mile, mill, moil, mole, 
mule, mull, male, mall, mail, 
mal- (malcontent), maul 

MLBL, malleable 

MIBLT, malleability 

MLBET, mulberry 

MLC, malice 

MLCH, milch 

MLCNTNT, malcontent 

MLCS, malicious 

MLCSNS, maliciousness 

MLCT, mulct 

MLD, mild, mould, mailed 

MLDCTD, maledicted 

MLDCTN, malediction 

MLDMNSTETN, maladministration 

MLDNG, moulding 

MLDNS, mildness, mouldiness 

MLDE, milder, moulder 

MLDS, melodious, moulds 

MLDW, mildew 

MLDY, malady, melody 

MLFBL, mollifiable 

MLFCTN, malefaction 

MLFCTB, malefactor 

MLFLNC, mellifluence 

MLFES, melliferous 

MLFY, mollify 

MLGMT, amalgamate 

MLGMTNG, amalgamating 

MLGN, malign 

MLGNCY, malignancy 

MLGNT, malignant 

MLGNTY, malignity 

MLHL, molehill 

MLK, milk 

MLKMD, milkmaid 

MLKMN, milkman 


MLKN, malldn, milken 

MLKNS, milkiness 

MLKNTJJT, malcontent 

MLKU, milker 

MLKWY, milky-way 

MLKY, milky 

MIMNT, emolument 

MLN, malign, melon, million 

MLNCHLC, melancholic 

MLNCHLY, melancholy 

MIND, maligned 

MLNG, maligning, milling, mall- 
ing, mealing 

MLNM, millennium 

MLNE, milliner, millionairj 

MLNEN, millenarian 

MLNEY, millenary 

MLNT, mollient, emollient 

MIPDS, millepedes 

MLPET, malapert 

MLE, miller, rnuller, mauler, 

MLED, mallard 

MLET, meliorate, ameliorate 

MLETN, amelioration 

MLETKG, ameliorating 

MLEY, mammillary, miliary 

MLS, malicious, malice, mills, 
miles, moles, mules, males, mails, 
meals, molasses, aimless, emu- 
lous, mauls 

MLSNS, maliciousness 

MLSS, molasses 

MLST, molest, mulct 

MLSTN, milestone, millstone, mo- 

MLSTNG, molesting 

MLSTE, maltster 

MLT, malt, melt, mallet, militate, 
militia, immolate, malleate, 
millet, emulate, amulet, mu- 
latto, moult, rnilt 

MLTD, multitude, immolated, 
emulated, moulted, melted, 

MLTDNS, multitudinous 

MLTFEM, multiform 

MLTFES, multifarious 




MLTX, molten, emollition, emu- 

MLTNG, malting, melting, molting, 
moulting, immolating, emu- 
lating, militating 

MLTNT, militant 

MLTPL, multiple 

MLTPLCTN, multiplication 

MLTPLE, multiplier 

MLTPLT, multiply 

MLTB, melter, milter, emulator 

MLTET, maltreat 

MLTET, military 

MLTS, melts, immolates, emulates, 
amulets, mullatos, moults, mal- 
lets, militates 

If LTV, emulative 

MLVXNC, malevolence 

MLTLNT, malevolent 

MLTESTX, malversation 

MLW, mellow, mallow 

MLT, mealy, Emily 

Mir, maim, mum, ma'am, mem- 

MMBL, mumble 

MMBE, member 

MMBBN, membrane 

MMBUXS, membranous 

MMC, mimic 

MMCLT, immaculate 

MMCKY, mimicry 

MMD, maimed 

MiiDET, immoderate 

MMDST, immodest 

MMK, mimic 

MMKKT, mimicry 

MMLEY, mamniillary 

MULT, immolate 

MMN, mammon 

MMNT, memento, moment, immi- 
nent, immunity 

MMXTS, momentous, moments 

MMP, mump 

MME, memoir, immure 

MMRBL, memorable 

MMBL, memorial, immoral 

MMELT, immorality 

MMBNDM, memorandum 

MMRTL, immortal, immartial 


MMBTLS, immortalize 
MMEY, memory 
MMS, maims, mems. 
MMSEBL, immeasurable 
MMTBL, immutable 
MMTHDCL, immethodical 
MMTE, immature 
MMTBL, immovable 
MMY, mummy 
MN, man, mean, men, moon, 

main, mane, moan, minion, 

mine, mien, omen, amen, 

MNBL, amenable 
MNBM, moonbeam 
MNC, menace, minca, imminence, 

eminence, maniac 
MNCH, munch 
MNCHL, monachal 
MKCHNG-, munching 
MNCHSM, monachism 
MNCL, manacle, maniacal 
MKCLE, monocular 
MNCLS, manacles 
MNCNG, menacing, mincing 
MNCPL, municipal 
MSCPT, emancipate 
MNCPTN, emancipation 
MND, amend, mind, Monday, 

minded, mound, monad, mend, 

mended, manned 
MXDBL, mendable, mandible 
MNDCNT, mendicant 
MNDCT, mendacity, manducate 
MNDFL, mindful 
MNDENT, mendicant 
MNDLS, mindless, mendless, 


MNDMNT, amendment 
MNDMS, mandamus 
MNDN, mundane 
MNDNO, mending, minding, 

mounding, amending 
MNDE, meander, mender, minder 
MNDEJT, mandarin 
MNDENG, meandering 





MKDS, mends, minds, mounds, 

MNDST, mendacity 

MNDT, mandate 

MNDTN, mundation 

MNDTBY, mandatory 

MNFC, omnific 

MNFCNT, magnificent 

MNFCTE, manufacturor, manufac- 

MNFL, manful 

MNFST, manifest 

MNG, among, manage, meaning, 
moaning, mange, manning, 
mining, mango, maiming 

MNGBL, manageable 

MNG-I, mingle, mangle 

MNGI/D, mingled, mangled 

MNGMNT, management 

MNQMY, monogamy 

MNGKQ-, managing 

MNGE, manger, manager, me- 

MNGBL, mongrel 

MNGEM, monogram 

MNGBY, menagerie 

MNHD, manhood 

MNK, monk 

MNKL, monachal 

MNKLK, monocular 

MNKLS, manacles, monkless 

MNKN, minikin 

MNEND, mankind 

MNKS, monks, minx 

MNKSH, monkish 

MNKY, monkey 

MNL, manual, menial 

MNLG, menology, monologue 

MNLGHT, moonlight 

MNLK, manlike 

MNLND, mainland 

MNLNS, manliness 

MNIS, moneyless, meanless, man- 
less, moonless, maneless 

MNLT, manly, mainly, meanly 

MNM, minim, minimum 

MNSINKS, mnemonics 

MNMNT, monument 

MNMS, minimus 

MNMSN, manumission 

MNMST, mainmast 

MNN, manna, minion 

MNNG, moaning 

MNNES, manners 

MNNS, meanness 

MNNSS, amanuensis 

MNKT, eminent 

MNPLS, monopolize 

MNPLST, monopolist 

MNPLY, monopoly 

MNPES, mainprize 

MKPESKC, omnipresence 

MNPRSKT, omnipresent 

MXPTNC, omnipotence 

MKPTNT, omnipotent 

MNR, manner, manor, manure, 
miner, minor, meaner, moaner 

MNECH, monarch 

MNBCHL, monarchal 

MNECHY, monarchy 

MNEL, mineral 

MNELG, mineralogy 

MNRLGST, mineralogist 

MNELST, mineralist 

MNES, manners, minors 

MNET, minority 

Mus, means, moans, mains, moon?, 
manse, manuscript, meanness, 
menace, mince, minions, mines, 
moneys, immense, ominous, emi- 
nence, omniscience 

MNSCNC, omniscience 

MNSCNT, omniscient 

MNSCEPT, manuscript 

MNSH, monish, moneyiah, munch 

MNSKEPT, manuscript 

M>SL, mainsail 

MKSLBL, monosyllable 

MXSLTH, manslaughter 

MXSLY, immensely 

MNSEBL, mensurable 

MNSEBLT, inensurability 

MNSRT, mensurate 

MXSETN, mensuration 

MNSTBI, menstrual 

M.NSTEM, menstruum 






, manson, monsoon 

MNSNG, menacing, mincing 

MXSPL, municipal 

MNSPT, mancipate, emancipate 

MXSPTX, emancipation 

MNST, amnesty, immensity, mean- 

Hxsxc, monastic 

MNSTKLY, monastically 

MNSTB, minister, minster, monster 

MNSTED, ministered 

MNSTBL, minstrel 

MXSTEXG, ministering 

MXSTHTX, ministration 

MXSTKY, ministry, monastery 

MXSTY, amnesty 

MNT, meant, mint, minute, mount, 
memento, moment, amount, 
imminent, eminent, emanate 

MNTBXK, mountebank 

MXTH, month 

MXTL, mantel, mantle, mental 

MXTLY, minutely, eminently 

MXTX, mention, manation, moun- 
tain, maintain, ammunition, 
monition, munition 

MXTNC, maintenance 

MXTXK, mountaineer 

MNTXS, mountainous, mountains, 

MXTNY, monotony 

MNTP, maintop, maintap 

MXTB, miniature, monitor, moun- 

MNTBT, minatory, momentary, 

MXTS, momentous, minutes 

MXTY, amenity 

MXVE, manoeuvre 

MXVES, omnivorous 

MNY, many, money 

MP, map, mop, mope, imp 

MPCBL, impeccable 

MPCH, impeach 

MPCHMXT, impeachment 

MPD, impede, mapped, moped, 

MPDMNT, impediment 

MPDXC, impudence 

MPD NT, impudent 

MPGX, impugn 

MPHBS, amphibious 

MPHS, emphasis 

MPHSXG, emphasizing 

MPHTC, emphatic 

MPHTHB, or MPHTE, ampiii- 

MPKBL, impeccable 

MPL, maypole, ample, empalo, 
impel, employ, employe, maple 

MPLCBL, implacable 

MPLCT, implicate, implicit 

MPLCTLY, implicitly 

MPLCTX, implication 

MPLD, implead, implied, em- 

MPLFCTX, amplification 

MPLFY, amplify 

MPLMXT, employment, implement 

MPLXT, implant, impellent 

MPLPBL, impalpable 

MPLE, employer, implore, ampler 

MPLS, impulse, impels, employes, 
employs, implies 

MPLSBL, implausible 

MPLSV, impulsive 

MPLT, impolite 

MPLTC, impolitic 

MPLTX, impletion 

MPLY, employ 

MPXD, impend, impound 

MPXDXG, impending 

MPNDES, imponderous 

MPXG, mapping, moping, mop- 

]\!PXL, empannel 

MPXTXC, impenitence 

MPXTXT, impenitent 

MPNTBBI, impenetrable 

MPXTY, impunity 

MPB, impun-, emperor, empire, 
umpire, impair, mumper, em- 

MPBBL, improbable 

MPBBLT, improbability 
j MPBCPTBL. imperceptible 



MPHCT, imprecate 
MPECTBL, impracticable 
MPBCTEY, imprecatory 
MPBDNC, imprudence 
MPEDNT, imprudent 
MPEFCT, imperfect 
MPEFET, imperforate 
MPBGNBL, impregnable 
MPEQNT, impregnate 
MPRGNTN, impregnation 
MPEL, imperial 
MPBLST, imperialist 
MPBIT, emporium 
MPBNT, imprint 
MPEPE, improper 
MPEPBT, impropriate 
MPEPETX, iuipropriation 
MPES, empress, imperious, im- 
porous, impress, empires, um- 

MPBSBI, impersuasible 
MPESHBL, imperishable 
MPRSN, impression, imprison 
MPESXS, imperiousness 
MPBSPCS, imperspicuous 

MPBSV, impressive 

MPBT, impart, import, impurity 

MPETL, impartial 

MPBTLT, impartiality 

MPBTN, importation, importune 

MPETNC, impertinence, import- 

MPBTNT, impertinent, impor- 
tunate, important 

MPBTNTY, importunity 

MPETV, imperatiye 

MPBT, improve 

MPBVDXC, improvidence 

MPEVMNT, improvement 

MPBYS, impervious 

MPS, maps, mops, mopes, impose, 
impious, imposes 

MPSBL, impossible, impassable 

MPSBLT, impossibility 

MPSUD, impassioned 

MPST, impost 

MPSTN, imposition 

MPSTB, impostor 

MPT, moppet, amputate, empty, 

MPTBL, imputable 

MPTBLT, imputability 

MPTN, amputation, imputation 

MPTNC, impatience, impotence 

MPTNS, emptiness, impatience, 

MPTNT, impatient, impotent 

MPTS, impetuous, .impetus 

MPTST, impetuosity 

MPTV, imputative 

MPTT, empty, impiety 

MPVESH, impoverish 

MPWK, empower 

MB, mere, more, Mar?, mare, mire, 
moor, mayor, Mr., memoir, 
mirror, myrrh, amour, immure, 

MBBD, morbid 

MBBFC, morbific 

MBBL, marble, memorable 

MBBS, morbose 

Muc, America 

MECD, marcid 

MBCFL, merciful 

MRCH, march 

MBCHNDS, merchandize 

MBcnya, marching 

MBCHNS, marchioness 

MKCHXT, merchant 

MBCHS, marches 

MECL, miracle 

MECLS, merciless, miracles, mi- 

MBCN, American 

MBCNEY, mercenary 

MKCJTTL, mercantile 

MECK, mercer 

MECBL, mercurial 

MECET, mercery, mercury 

MRCSXT, marcescent 

MECT, mercy 

MED, myriad 
MUDCS, mordacious 
MEDif, meridian 
MRDKa, marauding 
MBDSL, meridianal 




MEDB, marauder, murder, mur- 

MEDENG, murdering 

MBDBS, murderous, murders 

MEDS, myriads 

MEG, marriage, emerge, iinmerge 

MEGLD, marigold 

MEGN, margin 

MEGNL, marginal 

MBGNT, emergent 

MEGEM, marjoram 

MEGET, Margaret 

MEH, myrrh 

MEHN, moor-hen 

MBK, mark, marque, marquee, 

MBKLS, miracles, miraculous 

MEKN, American 

MEKNTL, mercantile 

MEEBL, mercurial 

MEKET, mercury 

MEES, marquis, marks, marquees 

MEKSMN, marksman 

MEET, market 

MBKWS, marquis 

MBKWST, marquisate 

MHL, marl, memorial, moral, 
mural, immoral 

MELD, emerald 

MBLND, moorland 

HELS, morals, memorials, mo- 

MELST, moralist 

MRLT, mayoralty, morality 

MELT, merely, morally 

MBMD, mermaid 

MEMLD, marmalade 

MBMNT, merriment 

MEME, murmur 

MEN, marine, morn, mourn, mur- 

MRNDM, memorandum 

MENFL, mournful 

MENG, mooring, morning, mourn- 

MENE, mariner, mourner 

MENS, mourns, marines 

MSB, mirror 

MBS, mayoress, Mrs., morass, mo- 
rose, amorous, amours 

MKSD, marcid 

MRSFL, merciful 

MRSII, marsh 

MESIIL, marsha 

MESHS, marshes 

MESHY, marshy 

MESL, morsel 

MESLS, merciless, morsels 

MESN, mersion, immersion, emer- 

MBSNET, mercenary 

MBSR, mercer 

MRSRY, mercery 

MRST, amorist 

MBSY, mercy 

MET, mart, merit, inert 

METC, muriatic 

METFCTN, mortification 

MBTFY, mortify 

METG, mortgage, mortgagee 

MKTGNG, mortgaging 

MRTGE, mortgager 

METGS, mortgagees 

METH, mirth 

MRTHFL, mirthful 

MRTHSJI, mirthsome 

METE, muriatic 

MRTL, martial, mortal, myrtle, 

METLT, mortality 

MRTM, maritime 

METN, martin, marten 

METNG, meriting 

METNMS, Martinmas 

METE, martyr, mortar 

METROS, meretricious 

MRTEDM, martyrdom 

METELGY, martyrology, meteor- 

METRS, meritorious 

METS, mortise, marts, merits 

MEVL, marrel 

MBTLS, marvellous, marvels 

MEVE, moreover 

MEW, marrow, morrow 

MEWFT, marrowfat 





MRWLS, marrowless 

MET, marry, Mary, memory, 
merry, miry, emery 

Ms, mace, maize, mass, mess, 
moss, mis?, maze, mice, mis- 
(misadventure), misuse, mouse, 
muse, muses, amass, amaze, 
amiss, amuse, amuses, maims 

MSBCM, misbecome, misbecame 

ilsBHT, misbehave 

MSBL, amusable 

MSBLF, misbelief 

MSBSEV, misobserve 

Msc, music, mosaic 

MSCDX, muscadine 

MSCHF, mischief 

MSCHNC, mischance 

Msciivs, mischievous 

MSCL, muscle, musical, mo?. 

MSCLCLT, miscalculate 

MSCLSI, mifclaim 

MSCLN, masculine 

MSCLXS, miscellaneous 

MSCLNY, miscellany 

MSCLE, muscular 

Mscx, musician 

MSCNCPTN, misconception 

MSCNDCT, misconduct 

MSCKSTE, misconstrue 

MSCNSTRCTX, misconstruction 

MSCNT, miscount 

MsCE, massacre 

MSCEG, miscarriage 

MSCEXT, miscreant 

MSCKT, miscreate 

MSCEY, miscarry 

MSCTN, miscitation 

MSB, amused, amassed, amazed, 
missed, misdeed, inisdo, mucid, 
massed, mazed, misused, mused 

MSDBT, misdoubt 

MSDM, misdeem 

MSDMN, misdemean 

MSDMXH, misdemeanour 

MSDECT, misdirect 

MSDVNTE, misidventure 

MSDVS, misadyise 

MsFEii, misform 

MSFRTX, misfortune 

MSFSHN, misfasliion 

Mso, message, misusage 

MSGD, misguide, misjudge 

MSGX, misjoin 

MsGNY, misogyny 

MSGT, misgive 

MSGVEN, misgovern 

MSH, mash, mesh, Messiah 

MSHN, machine 

MSHSD, machined 

MSHXEY, machinery 

MSIINST, machinist 

MSIIP, mishap, misshape 

MSHEM, mushroom 

MSK, mask, musk, mosaic, music, 

MSKL, miscall 
MSKLKLT, miscalculate 
MSKLX, masculine 
MSKLE, muscular 
MSKNDKT, misconduct 
IsIsicx?pTX, misconception 
MSKNSTB, misconstrue 
M^KXSTUETX, misconstruction 
MSKNT, miscount 
MSKB, massacre 
MSEKD, masquerade 
MSKEG, misciirriage 
MSKKXT, miscreant 
MSKET, miscreate 
MSKEY, miscarry 
MSKS, mosques, masks 
MSKT, musket 
MSKTE, musketeer 
MSKWT, misquote 
MSKY, musky 
M;L, mislay, misle, missile 

muscle, muzzle, missal 
MSLD, mislead 
MSLF, myself 
MSLG, mucilapo 
MSLGNS, mucilaginous 
MSLJC, misiike 
MSI.M, mausoleum 
MSLMN, Mussulman 
MtfLN, muslin 
MSLNS, miscellaneous, muslins 




MSLNY, miscellany 

MSLS, measles, missals 

MSLY, mislay, misly 

MSM, miasm, museum 

MSMD, misaimed 

MSMNG, mismanage 

MSMPLY, misemploy, ruisimply 

MSMT, messmate 

MSMTCH, mismatch 

MSN, mission, inason, mizzen,ama- 
zon, emission, omission, musi- 
cian, immission 

MSNDUSTND, misunderstand 

MSNDBSTNDNG, misunderstanding 

MSNFB, misinfer 

MSNFBM, misinform 

MSNG, musing, missing', massing, 
amassing, amazing, amusing 

MSNGLY, amusingly, amazingly 

MSNGE, messenger 

MSNM, misname 

MSNMB, misnomer 

MSNBY, masonry, missionary 

MSNTHEP, misanthrope 

MSNTJIEPY, misanthropy 

MSNTEPBT, misinterpret 

MSNTEY, mesentery 

MSPK, misspeak 

MSPL, misspell 

MSPLC, or MSPLS, misplace 

MSPLY, misapply 

MSPND, misspend 

MSPEHND, misapprehend 

jVIspitPKTN, misproportion 

MSB, measure, measurer, miser, 

MSEBL, measurable, miserable 

MSECT, misrecite 

MSEKN, misreckon 

MSEL, misrule 

MSELS, measureless 

MSBLT, misrelate 

MSELY, miserly 

MSBMNT, measurement 

MSKPRSNT, misrepresent 

MSBPKT, misreport 

MSKS, measures 

MSBST, misrecite 

MSBT, macerate 

MSEY, misery, emissary 

Mss, misuse 

MSSHP, misshape 

MSSIIPN, misshapen 

MSSN missign, misassign, mizzen, 

MSSNBY, missionary 

MSSPK, misspeak 

MSBPL, misspell 

MSSPND, misspend 

MSST, misstate 

MST, mast, mi*, most, must, mis- 
state, moist, emaciate, misty, 
musty, amesty 

MSTC, mystic 

MSTCH, misteach 

MSTCHS, mustachios 

MSTCI, mystical 

MSTCTN, mastication 

MSTCTEY, masticatory 

MSTD, emaciated, masted, mis- 

MSTF, mastiff 

MSTK, mistake, mystic 

MSTKN, mistaken 

MSTKTN, mastication 

MSTKTKY, masticatory 

MSTLS, mastless, moistless 

MSTLT, mistletoe 

Msxir, mistime 

MST.UD, mistimed 

MSTN, moisten 

MSTNG, emaciating 

MsT^ 7 s, mistiness, moistens 

MSIR, master, moisture, muster, 

MSTED, mustard 

MSTELS, masterless 

MSTEM, misterm 

MSTEP, mouse-trap 

MSTBPC, masterpiece 

MSTES, mistress, mysterious 

MsiBsnp, mastership 

MSTKST, mistrust 

MSTRSTHK, masterstroke 

MSTBY, mastery, mystery 

MSTS, emaciates, masts, mists 




MSTT, musty, misty, amesty 

Msv, massive, missive 

MSVNS, massiveness 

MST, mazy, mossy, massy 

MT, moot, meet, mat, met, mute, 
meat, mate, mete, mite, moat, 
mote, motto, amity, emit, imi- 
tate, omit 

MTBL, mutable, imitable, im- 

Mxc, emetic 

MTCH, match 

MTCHBL, matchable 

MTCHLS, matchless 

MTCHMKR, matchmaker 

MTD,mooted, meted, matted, ma- 
ted, emitted, imitated, omitted 

MTFH, metaphor 

MTFES, metaphrase 

MTFSCL, metaphysical 

MTFSKS, metaphysics 

MTG, metage 

MTGT, mitigate 

MTGTN, mitigation 

Mm, moth, mouth, myth 

MTHD, method 

Mines, methodize 

MTHDSM, methodism 

MTHDST, methodist 

MTHFL, mouthful 

MTHLGCL, mythological 

MTHLGST, mythologist 

MTHLGY, mythology 

MTHLS, mouthless 

MTHMTCN, mathematician 

MTHMTK, mat-hematic 

MTHNKS, methinks 

MTHB, mother 

MTHBLS, motherless, 

MTHS, moths, mouths, myths 

MTHST, amethyst 

MTK, emetic 

MTL, metal, mettle, mutual 

MTLC, metallic 

MTLD, mettled 

MTLBGY, metallurgy 

MTLSM, mettlesome 

MTLST, metallist 

MTLT, mutilate 

MTLTN, mutilation 

MTLY, meetly, motley 

MTMBFS, or MTMRPHS, meta- 

MTN, emotion, imitation, mitten, 
matin, motion,mutation, mutton 

MTNP, motioned, meetened 

MTNG, meeting, mooting, mat- 
ting, meting, mating, imitating, 
emitting, omitting 

MTNLS, motionless 

MTNE, mutineer 

MTNS, matins, motions, meetuess, 
mittens, mutinous 

MTNT, mutinate, mittent 

MTNY, mutiny 

MTPHB, metaphor 

MTPHSCL, metaphysical 

MTPHSKS, metaphysics 

MTE, matter, mutter, mature, 
meteor, meter, imitator, ama- 
teur, mitre, metre 

MTEC, matrice 

MTECD, matricide 

MTED, mattered, muttered, ma- 
tured, mitred 

MTEKLT, matriculate 

MTEKS, matrix 

MTEL, material 

MTELG, meteorology 

MTEIS, materials 

MTELSM, materialism 

MTELST, materialist 

MTELT, materiality 

MTEMNL, matrimonial 

MTEMNY, matrimony 

MTEN, matron 

MTENL, maternal 

MTEPLS, metropolis 

MTEPLTN, metropolitan 

MTES, mattress, matters, mutters, 
matures, mitres, meters, meteors 

MTET, maturity 

MTEY, amatory 

MTS, mites, mats, mutes, meats, 
mates, moats, emits, imitates, 


MTT, motto 

MTV, motive, imitative, amative 

Mxvs, motives 

MTY, moiety, amity 

Mv, move 

MVBL, movable 

MVLS, moveless 

MVMNT, movement 

MVXG, moving 

Mvs, moves, mavis 
Mw, mew, mow, maw 
MWD, mowed, mewed 
MWKSH, mawkish 
MWNG, mewing, mowing 
MWE, mower 
Mws, mews, mows 
MY, may, my, mummy 
MYK, mayor 


THERE is no letter in the shorthand alphabet which is so often 
preceded by a vowel as IS". This is owing to the negative 
prefixes in- and un-, which play such an important part in the 
English language. The omission of the vowel u makes N the 
first letter in words no less than 1800 times, and the observance 
of the same rule with respect to i, increases the number 
1600 ; so that the use of these negative prefixes increases the 
initial power of N no less than 3400 times ; and when to this 
are added 260 in the case of a, 400 in e, and 35 in o, we have a 
total of 4095. In the case of the negative prefixes, it is highly 
necessary that they should be written separately, thus n-rsd 
for unraised. It is an awful mistake to write or read a positive 
for a negative, and therefore negatives must be clearly written. 
In addition to this, by writing negative words in this form 
they are so well distinguished from others. For instance, 
n-rsd would not be read for nursed, for which these letters are 
also written. The negative prefix, though detached, should 
be placed sufficiently near the other part of the word to show 
that it forms a part of it, and it is all the better to place it 
half way up. Some stenographers do not adopt this plan, 
and there is all the more necessity for a dictionary of all words 
which can begin with N. The task of so arranging them has 
involved immense and complicated labour, but their com- 
pletion is all the more useful and satisfactory, not only for 
showing what can be formed by a set of consonants, but also 
that such letters represent nothing else. 


X, in, an, on, inn, no, one, nay, j NBCIING, unbecoming 

un-, in-, prefixes ! IHBD, unobeyed, nibbed, nabbed, 

KB, nab, nib, nob, neb knobbed, unbodied, nobody 





, unbefitting 

NBGT, unbought 

NBGTN, unbegotten 

NBKI, unbuckle 

NBKJING, unbecoming 

NBL, unable, noble, enable, en- 
noble, nibble, nebula, nubile 

TVBLD, ennobled, unbailed 

NBLF, unbelief 

NBLMBL, unblamable 

NBLMX, nobleman 

NBLMSH, unblemish 

NBLNG, ennobling 

NBLNS, nobleness 

NBLB, nobler, nebular 

NBLS, nebulous, unbless, nubilous, 
nobles, noblesse 

NBLST, unblest, noblest 

NBLT, inability, unbolt, unbuilt, 

NBLVB, unbeliever 

NBIAVN, unblown 

NBND, unbend, unbound, unbind, 

NsyFCD, unbeneficed 

NBNG, inbeing 

JfBNGN, unbenign 

NBNKS, unobnoxious 

NBNT, unbent 

KBNTLNT, unbenevolent 

NBPTST, Anabapiist 

NBR, unbar, unbare, neighbour 

NBEC, unbrace 

NEED, unbared, unbred, unburied, 
inbred, unbarred 

NBEDLD, unbridled 

NBEKN, unbroken 

NBBN, unborn 

NBBND, unburned 

NBET, inebriate 

NBETHN, unburthen 

NBETHELY, unbrotherly 

NBRWD, unborrowed 

NBS, nabs, nibs, nobs, unbias 

NBSD, unbiassed, unabased 

NBSHD, unabashed 

NBSM, unbosotii 

NBSEVNT, unobservant 

NBSTECTD, unobstructed 

NBTK, unbeaten, unbutton 

NBTRD, unbattered, unbuttered 

NBTST, Anabaptist 

NBWLD, unbewailed 

!Nc, once, ounce, nice, niece, 


NCBS, incubus 
NCBT, incubate 
TSCBTN, incubation 
NCDNC, incidence 
KCDNT, incident 
NCDT, anecdote 
NCDTL, anecdotal 
IS'CDTS, anecdotes 
NCFBS, nuciferous 

ncog., encage, uncage 
NCGHT, uncaught 
Jv*CG>"T, incognito 
iS'CGTNCY, incogitancy 
NCGTV, incogitative 
NCH, inch, eunuch, niche 
KCHN, enchain, unchain 

, unchanged 
NT, enchant 

, enchanting 
NCHNTB, enchanter 
KCHE, anchor 
NCHEG, anchorage 
NCHBNC, incoherence 

, anachronism 
NT, incoherent 
NCHETBL, uncharitable 
NCHS, enchase 
NCHST, unchaste, unchastity 
KCHWD, unchewed 
KCK, neck, nick 
NCKLC, necklace 
Js"cKXM, nickname 
NCE.WNTD, unacquainted 

, inaccurate 
, uncle, uncoil 

, inculcate 
NCLCTD, uncollected, inculcated 
IS T CLCTN, inculcation 

uncloud, unclouded, un- 
coiled, uncalled, include, in- 




, unclog 
, unclaimed, uncalmed 

UCI.MXC, inclemency 

NCLMNT, inclement 

NCLX, incline, unclean 

NCI/NBL, inclinable, unclean- 

JSCLNCII, unclinch 

NCLSD, inclined, uncleaned 

iXcLXTX, inclination 

Is CLPBL, inculpable 

NCLPD, encyclopaedia 

NCLB, unclear 

NCLBD, uncleared 

NCLBFD, unclarified 

NCLBY, ancillary 

Ncis, nucleus, uncles, uncoils, in- 
close, unclass 

NCLSC, unclassic 

IS'CLSD, unclosed, inclosed, un- 

NCLSXO, inclosing 

NCLSV, inclusive 

NCLTH, unclothe 

NCLTN, inoculation 

IfCLTTT, uncultivate 

NCLTVTD, uncultivated 

I^CM, income, encomium 

]S T CiiB, uncomb 

NCMBXC, incumbency 

]S T CMBNT, incumbent 

KCMBE, encumber 

NCMBED, encumbered 

TSCMBSTBL, incombustible 

!XcMD, incommode 

XCMDS, incommodes 

NCMFKTBL, uncomfortable 

!XcMLNS, uncomeliuess 

NCMM, encomium 

!Xciry, uncommon 

JS'CMXCTD, uncommunicated 

ISCMXSEBL, incommensurable 

NCMP, encamp 

!XcMPCT, incompact 

^v'CMPtD, uncompellcd 

NCMPLXC, incompliance 

NCMPISHD, unaccomplished 

NCJIPIT, incomplete 

NCMPXD, uncompound, unaccom- 

NCMPEBL, incomparable 

NCJIPBSBL, incompressible 

NCMPRSD, uncomprised, incom- 

NCMPS, uncompose, encompass 

NCMPSBL, uncomposable 

NCMPTBL, incompatible 

NCMPTNC, incompetence 

KCMPTNT, incompetent 

NCNCKN, unconcern 

NCNCVBL, inconceivable 

NCNCTD, inconceived 

NCNDEY, incendiary 

NCNFBM, unconform 

NCNFBMT, inconformity 

NCNOENC, incongruence 

NCNNCL, uncanonical 

NCNS, incense, unsense, uncon- 

NCNSDBB, unconsidered 

NCNSDET, inconsiderate 

NCNSLBL, inconsolable 

NCNSMBL, inconsumable 

NCNSNC, inconsonancy 

NCXSPCS, inconspicuous 

NCNSTNC, inconsistency 

NCNSV, inconceive 

NCNT, ancient 

NCNTGS, incontiguous 

NCNTN, uncontain, incantation 

NCNTNC, incontinence 

NCNTNT, incontinent 

NCUTEVT, uncontrovert 

NCXTV, incentive 

NCNTNC, inconvenience 

NCPBL, incapable 

NCPCS, incapacious 

NCPCT, incapacitate, incapacity 

NCPD, unoccupied 

NCPL, uncouple 

NCPT, unaccept 

NCPTL, ancipital 

NCB, incur, nicer, encore 

NCEB, uncurb 

NCEBL, incurable 

NCBCH, encroach 





NCECL, encircle 

NCRCMSPCT, incircu inspect 

NCECMSN, uncircurncision 

NCUCTN, incarceration 

NCRDBL, incredible 

NCRDLS, incredulous 

NCKG, encourage 

NCRGBL, incorrigible 

NCRL, uncurl 

NCRMNC, necromancy 

NCRMNT, incriminate 

NCBN, unicorn 

NCRNT, incarnate 

NCRPT, incorrupt 

NCRS, increase, incurs 

NCRSBL, increasable 

NCBSD, uncursed, increased 

NCRSN, incursion 

NCET, uncreate 

NCBTD, uncreated, incertitude 

NCETFD, uncertified 

NCRTN, uncertain 

NCETS, uncourteous 

NCEWD, uncrowded 

NCEWN, uncrown 

Ncs, incase, ounces, nieces 

NCSN, incision 

NCSNT, incessant 

NCSES, necessaries 

NCSET, necessary 

IS T C3T, incest, necessitate, necessity 

NCSTD, necessitated 

NcsiTiiD, unaccustomed 

NCSTE, ancestor 

NCSTBL, ancestral 

NCSTET, ancestry 

NCSTS, incestuous, incests, neces- 

NCSTY, necessity 

NOT, uncut, enact, nicety 

NCTH, uncouth 

NCTN, inaction, unction, incita- 

NOTE, nectar 

NCTRN, nectarine, nocturn 

NCTENL, nocturnal 

NCTRS, nectarous 

s, incautious, unctuous 

NCTV, inactive 

JS T CTVT, inactivity 

KCTT, nicety 

Ncvij, uncivil 

NCVLT, incivility 

NCVTD, incavated 

No, indeed, and, end, endue, un- 
aided, undo, undid, ended, need, 
node, nod 

NDBCHD, undebauched 

NDBL, inaudible 

NDBS, indubious 

NDBTBIT, indubitably 

NDBTD, indebted, undoubted, un- 

NDC, induce 

NDCD, induced 

NDCDS, indeciduous 

NDCL, indocile 

NDCLISBL, indeclinable 

NDCLT, indocility 

KDCMNT, inducement 

NDCNC, indecency, indecence 

NDCXT, indecent 

NDCES, indecorous 

KDCS.V, indecision 

NDCSV, indecisive 

NDCT, indict, induct, indicate 

NDCTD, indicted, indicated, in- 

NDCTMNT, indictment 

NDCTS, inducts, indicts, indi- 

NDCV, undeceive 

KDD, unaided, undid, needed, 
indeed, ended, nodded 

NDFLD, undefiled 

NDFNBL, indefinable 

NDFND, undefend, undefined 

NDFXG, unedifying 

NDFNT, indefinite 

NDFENC, indifierence 

NDFRNT, indifierent 

NDFSBL, indefeasible 

NDFTGBL, indefatigable 

NDO, indigo 

NDGNC, indigence 




NDOXT, indigent, indignant, in- 

NDGXTN, indignation 
NDGSTD, indigested 
NDGSTN, indigestion 
NDK, undeck 
NDKS, index 
XDKSTBT, in dexterity 
NDKWT, inadequate 
?SDL, needle, noddle, noodle 
XDLBL, indelible 
NDLBBT, undeliberate 
^DLBETD, undeliberated 
KDLG, indulge 
NDLGXC, indulgence 
XDLGXT, indulgent 
NDLGTD, undelegated 
NDLKT, indelicate 
C, indolence 
ST, indolent 

S, endless, needless, needles, 
noodles, noddles 
NDLT, undulate 
XDLTJT, undulation 
XDLWKK, needlework 
NDM, undam 
UDMC, endemic 
NDMXFCTN, indemnification 
, indemnify 
, undiminished 

, undemonstrable 
XT, indemnity 
NDMBD, un admired 
!N*DN*, undone 
NDNBL, undeniable 
NDNG, ending, needing, enduing, 
undoing, nodding 

, endanger 
KT, indent, andante 

, indented, undaunted 
KDPD, undipped 
NDPLBD, undeplored 
XDPNDXC, independence 
2?DFXD2?T, independent 
NDE, under, nadir, endear, endure 
SDRBD, underbid 
KDBCT, indirect 

NDBD, unadored, underdo, en- 
deared, endured 
KDEDX, underdone 
NDEG, undergo 
KDEGEND, underground 
NDEHKD, underhand 
KDEL, underlay 
NDELV, underline 
NDBLNG, underling 
NDEIIX, undermine 
KDBMST, undermost 
NDBKC, endurance 
NDEPKT, underpart 
KDES, indorse, undress, inodor- 
ous, endures, endears 
KDB9D, undressed, indorsed 
NDBSL, undersell 
NDBSXG, undressing, indorsing 
NDBSTND, understand 
NDBT, underrate, indart, indurate 
NDBTK, undertake 
KDETL, undervalue 
NDS, needs, ends, endues, nods, 

NDSCPLND, undisciplined 

NDSCEMXT, indiscriminate 

KDSCBXBL, indiscernible 

NDSCEPT, nondescript 

NDSCEPTBL, indiscerptible 

NDSCBT, indiscreet 

NDSGS, undisguise 

NDSLBL, indissoluble 

KDSPNSBL, indispensable 

UDSPS, indispose 

KDSPTBL, indisputable 

KDSTXCT, indistinct 

NDSTBS, industrious 

NDSTBY, industry 

NDT, nudity, indict 

IsDTt), undated 

NDTMNT, indictment 

NDVDL, individual 

K"DTB, endeavour 

NDTED, endeavoured, undevoured 

NDTETNC, inadvertence 

NDTETNT, inadvertent 

NDVSBL, indivisible, unadvisable 
, unadvised, undevised 




NDYTD, undevoted 

NDVTN, indevotion 

New, endue, endow 

NDWD, endowed 

NDY, needy 

NF, enough 

NFBL, ineffable, unaffable, en- 

NFBLD, enfeebled 

NFCNDTY, infecundity 

NFCS, inefBcacious 

NFCTD, unaffected 

NFCTL, ineffectual 

NFCTS, infectious 

NFCTV, ineffective, infective 

NFCY, ineflicacy, inefficiency 

NFD, unfed, unfaded, unfade 

IS T FDL, infidel 

NFDLT, infidelity 

NFGHT, unfought 

NFGND, unfeigned 

NFKS, unfix 

NFKT, infect 

NFKTN, infection 

NFL, unfilial 

NFLBL, infallible 

NFLBLT, infallibility 

NFLCT, infelicity, inflict 

NFLCTN, infliction 

NFLD, unfold, unfilled, unfiled 

NFLGD, unfledged 

NFLKS, influx 

NFLNC, influence 

NFLNG, unfeeling, unfailing 

NFLNS, influenza, influence 

NFLT, unfelt, inflate, infoliate 

NFLTL, influential 

NFLTN, inflation 

NFLM, inflame 

NFLMBL, inflammable 

NFLSFCL, unphilosopbical 

NFMS, infamous 

NFNC, infancy 

NFND, unfound, unfunded, un- 

NFNSHD, unfinished 

NFNSV, inoffensive 

NFNT, infant, infinite, infinity 

NFNTCD, infanticide 

NFNTET, infantry 

NFNTV, infantive, infinitive 

NFE, inferior, infer, unfair 

NFEBDN, unforbidden 

KFEBDNG, unforeboding, unfor- 

NFEC, enforce 
NFECTN, infraction 
NFED, inferred, unfeared, un- 

freed, unfired 
NFEFTD, unforfeited 
NFEGTN, unforgiven 
NFEKWNT, infrequent 
NFEI, unfurl 
NFELNG, unfurling 
NFEM, infirm, inform, unform, 


NFEMD, informed, unframed 
NFEMDBI, unformidable 
NFEML, informal 
NFEMLT, informality 
NFEMNDN, inframundane 
NFEMNT, informant 
NFEME, informer 
NFRMEY, infirmary 
NFEMT, infirmity, uniformity 
NFENC, inference 
NFENCHS, enfranchise 
NFENCHSD, enfranchised 
NFEND, unfriended 
NFENG, infringe 
NFENGBL, infrangible 
NFENGMST, infringement 
NFENI, infernal 
NFRNSH, unfurnish 
NFKS, inferiors, nefarious 
NFESKN, unforsaken 
NFESN, unforeseen, unfrozen 
NFET, infuriate, inferiority 
NFETD, infuriated 
NFRTFL, unfruitful 
NFBTI, infertile 
NFS, infuse 

NFSBL, infeasible, infusible 
NFSD, infused 
NFSHNBL, unfashionable 
NFSN, infusion, unfashion 




NFSNG, infusing 
NFST, infest 

NFSTD, infested, unfeasted 
NFSTN, unfasten 
NFSTS, infests 
NFSV, infusive 

NFT, unfit, infatuate, unfought 
NFTG, unfatigue 
NFTGNG, unfatiguing 
NFTHFL, unfaitJiful 
NFTHM, unfathom 
NFTHB, unfeather 
NFTN, infatuation 
NFVRD, unfavoured 
No, engage, nag, enjoy 
NGBL, enjoyable 
NGCT, inject 

NGD, engaged, enjoyed, unguided 
NGDCL, injudicial 
NGDCS, injudicious 
NGDGD, unjudged 
NGDLY, ungodly 
NOG, engage 
NGGD, engaged 
NGH, neigh, nigh, enougli 
NGHBE, neighbour 
XGHD, neighed 
KGHT, night 
NGKT, inject 
KGL, angel, angle 
NGLC, angelic 
NGLCN, Anglican 
NGLCT, neglect 
JfGLD, ungild, ungilded 
NGLF, engulf 
NGLFRD, unglorified 
NGLGNT, negligent 
NGLK, angelic 
NGLKN, Anglican 
NGLKT, neglect 
KGLNG, angling 
NGLRS, inglorious 
NGLSH, English 
NGLSKSN, Anglo-Saxon 
NGM, enigma 
NGUTECL, ungeometrical 
NGN, engine, ungain, enjoin, 

NGNCTX, injunction 

NGND, enjoined, ungained 

NGNDR, engender 

NGNL, ungenial 

NONE, engineer 

NGNES, ungenerous, engineers 

NGNET, ingenerate 

NGNS, engines, enjoins, ingenious 

NGNT, ingenuity 

NGNTL, ungenteel, ungentle 

NGE, injure, negro, anger, Niger 

NGECFL, ungraceful 

NGECS, ungraciou 

NGED, niggard, unguarded, un- 
gird, injured 

NGEFT, ingraft 

NGEG, engorge 

NGEGD, engorged 

NGELT, angrily 

NGEM, anagram 

NGEN, ingrain 

NGEND, ungrained, ungrounded 

NGENG, injuring 

NGENSHD, ungarnished 

NGES, ingress, injures, engross, 
negroes, negress, injurious 

NGESFL, ungraceful 

NGET, ingratiate, inaugurate, un- 

NGETD, inaugurated, ingratitude 

NGETFL, ungrateful 

NGRTN, inauguration 

NGETNG, ingratiating, inaugu- 

NGETED, ungartered 

NGEV, engrave 

NGEY, angry, injury 

NGS, nags, negus, enjoys, engages 

NGSD, unguessed 

NGSH, anguish 

NGST, unjust 

NGSTC, injustice 

NGSTFBL, unjustifiable 

NOT, ingot, negotiate 

NGTBL, negotiable 

NGTD, negotiated 

NGTHBD, ingathered 

NGTN, negation, negotiation 



NGTNG, negotiating 

NGTV, negative 

NGTVD, negatived 

NGY, enjoy 

NHBT, inhabit, inhibit 

NHBTBL, inhabitable 

NHBTK, inhibition 

NHBTNT, inhabitant 

NHD, unheeded, unheaded, un- 

hoed, unhid 
NHDN, unhidden 
NnL, inhale, nihil 
NHLD, inhaled, unhealed, un- 


NBXDB, innholder 
NHLNS, unholiness 
NHLT, annihilate, nihility 
NHLTHFI,, unhealthful 
NIILY, unholy, unhilly 
NHMBLD, unhumbled 
NHMN, inhuman 
NHMNT, inhumanity 
NHNC, enhance 
NHNDSM, unhandsome 
NHNG, unhinge, unhung 
NHNGD, unhanged, unhinged 
NHNED, unhonoured 
NHP, unhoop 

NHPD, unhoped, unhooped 
NHPFI, unhopeful 
NHPY, unhappy 
NHED, unheard 
NHRMNS, unharmonious 
NHENC, inherence 
NHENS, unharness 
NHENT, inherent 
NHBS, unhorse 
NHESD, unhorsed 
NHBT, inherit, unhurt 
NHETBL, inheritable 
NHETNC, inheritance 
NHETE, inheritor 
NHETKS, inheritress, inheritors 
NHS, unhouse 
NHSPTBL, inhospitable 
NHSPTLT, inhospitality 
NHTCHD, unhatched 
NHWN, unhewn 

XK, ink, unique, neck, nook, nick, 

knack, knock 
NEBS, incubus 
NKD, naked, nicked 
XKDT, anecdote 
NKG, incog., encage, uncage 
NKGXT, incognito 
NKGTV, iacogitive 
NKL, inkle, ankle, uncle, uncoil 
NKLD, incloud, uncoiled, uncalleJ, 

include, unclouded 
NKLG, unclog 
NKLGNG, unclogging 
NKLKTD, inculcated, uncollectcd 
NKLKTS, inculcates 
NKLMD, unclaimed, uncalmed 
NKLMNC, inclemency 
NKLN, unclean, incline 
NKLNBL, uncleanable, inclinable 
NKLNCH, unclinch 
NKLND, inclined, unclean ed 
NKLNG, inkling, inclining, un- 


NKLNTN, inclination 
NKLPBL, inculpable 
NKLR, unclear 
NKLED, uncleared 
NKLKFD, unclarified 
NKLS, necklace, nucleus, uncles, 

uncoils, inclose, unclass, ankles 
NKLSD, inclosed, unclassed 
NKLSNG, inclosing, unclassing 
NKLSV, inclusive 
NKLTII, unclothe 
NKLTN, inoculation 
NKLTVTD, uncultivated 

ncome, encomum 
NKMB, uncomb 
NKMBNSY, incumbency 
NKMBNT, incumbent 
NKMBR, inoumber 
NKMBIID, incumbered 
NKMBSTBL, incombustible 
NKJIDS, incommodes 
NKHFRTBL, uncomfortable 
NKMLNS, uncomeliness 
NKMM, encomium 
NKMN, uncommon 




NKJTNKTD, uneommumcated 
!XKMxsBBii, incommensurable 

XKMPCT, incompact 
NKMPLD, uneon pelled 
NKMPLXC, incompliance 
NKMPLSHD, unaccomplished 
XKMPLT, incomplete 
IS'KMi'ND, unaccompanied 
NKMPKBL, incomparable 
NKMPKSBL, incompressible 
NK.MPHSD, uncompressed, uucom- 


NKMPS, encompass 
KKMPTBL, incompatible 
XKMPTNC, incompetenoo 
ISKMPTNT, incompetent 
KK.V, nankeen 
NKXCEN, unconcern 
KKNCVBL, inconceivable 
]\'KNCVD, unconceived 
NKND, unkind 
NKNDL, enkindle 
NKNDT, incondite 

, unconform 

T, inconformity 
L, uncanonical 
NKNM, nickname 
NKXS, unconscious 
NKNSBL, inconcealable 
JSKNSDRD, unconsidered 
NZNSDET, inconsiderate 
KKNSLBL, inconsolable 
NKXSMBL, inconsumable 
KKNSXST, inconsonancy 
XKNSPKS, inconspicuous 
NKNSTKCT, inconsistency 
NKNBV, inconceive 
NKNT, unknit 
NK>'TG8, incontiguous 
JfKKTy, incantation 
jS^KM'KT, incontinent 
KKXTEVET, incont rover t 
KKXVNS, inconvenience 
KKXWN, unknown 
NKPBL, incapable 

, unoccupied 
KKPL, uncouple 
?>KPS, incapacious 
JS'KPST, inca]>acity, incapacitate 
KEPT, uukept 
KKU, incur, encore 
NKUB, uncurb 
KKHBL, incurable 
KKBCH, encroacli 
JKEDBL, incredible 
NKEDLS, incredulous 

NKEGBL, incorrigible 
NKUL, uncurl 

, incriminate 

NKKNT, incarnate 

NKKPT, incorrupt 

KKKS, increase, incurs 

NKKSD, increased, uncursed 

NKHSN, incursion 

NKUSKTN, incarceration 

NKET, uncreate, uncart, inaccu- 


NKETD, uncreated, uncarted 
NKBTS, uncourteous 
NKK.WD, uncrowd 
NKHWN, uncrown 
NKS, inca#e, anxious, onyx, nox- 

ious, nicks, necks, nooks, inks 
NKSHSTBL, inexhaustible 
NKSHSTD, inexhau f ted 
NKSKTD, inexacted, unexecuted 
NKSKWSBL, inexcu.-able 
NKSMKD, unexamii.ed 
NKSMPLD, unexampled 
NKSNG, uncasing 
NKSPBL, inexpiable 
NKSPCTD, unexpected 
NKSPDNC, inexpedience 
NKSPDM, inexpedient 
NKSPLEBL, inexpl cable 
NKSPND, unexpand 
ISKSPBNC, inexperience 
NKSPBNSD, inexperienced 
KKSPKSBL, inexpressible 
NKSPKT, inexpert 





, unaccepted 
NKSPTNL, unexceptional 
NKSRBL, inexorable 
NKSBSD, unexercised 
NKSTMD, unaccustomed 
NKSTND, unextend, inkstand 
NKSTNGSHBL, inextinguishable 
NKSTRKBL, inextricable 
NKSTKPTD, unextirpated 
NKT, uncut, uncaught, enact 
NKTH, uncouth 
NKTN, inaction, unction 
NKTB, nectar 

NKTEN, nectarine, nocturn 
NKTBNL, nocturnal 
NKTBS, nectarous 
NKTS, incautious, unctuous 
NKTV, inactive 
NKVTD, incavated 
NKWL, unequal 
NKWLFD, xinqualified 
NKWLT, inequality 
NKWNCUD, unqucnched 
NKWNTD, unacquainted 
NKWE, inquire 
NEWED, inquired 
NKWBNG-, inquiring 
NKWST, inquest 
NKWSTN, inquisition 
NKWSTND, unquestioned 
NKWSTK, inquisitor 
NKWSTT, inquisitive 
NKWT, iniquity, unquiet 
NKWTBL, inequitable 
NKWTD, inquietude 
NKWTS, iniquitous 
NKWVCL, unequivocal 
NKT, inky 

.Ni,, nail, null, kneel, annual, nill 
NLBDNS, unlibidinous 
NLBED, unlaboured 
NLC, unlace 
NLCKD, unlicked 
NLCNSD, unlicensed 
KLCTD, unelected 
NLD, unallied, unlade, inlaid, un- 
load, annulled, kneeled, unlaid 


NLQCL, analogical 

NLGNC, inelegance 

NLGNT, inelegant 

NLGS, analogize, analogous 

NLGTN, enlirrliten 

NLGY, analogy 

NLK, unlike, unlock 

NLKD, unlocked, uuliked 

NLKTD, unelected 

NLKWHT, ineloquent 

NLEY, unlucky 

NLMNTD, unlamented 

NLJITD, unlimited 

NLNBL, inalienable 

NLND, inland, unlanded, un- 

NLNG, unleaning 

NLNK, unlink 

NLPTC, analeptic 

NLE, nailer 

NLEG, enlarge 

NLEGD, enlai-ired 

NLEGNG, enlarging 

NLUND, unlearned 

NLS, nails, unless, unloose, un- 
lace, analyze 

NLSD, unloosed, analyzed 

NLSND, unles-'ened, unlicensed 

NLSNG, analyzing 

NLST, enlist, analyst 

NLSTD, enlisted, unlisted 

NLSTN, analyzation 

NLT, inlet, nidlity, unlet 

NLTC, analytic 

NLTCHD, unlatched 

NLTKL, analytical 

NLTN, enlighten 

NLTEBL, unalterable 

NLTED, unlettered, unaltered 

NLWFL, unlawful 

NLTD, unloved 

NLVLD, unlevelled 

NLVN, enliven 

NLVND, unleavened 

NLY, inlay, inly, only 

NLYS, analyze 

IS r M, name, numb 
, numb 




NMBL, nimble 

KMBLY, nimbly 

NMBXS, numbness 

NMBR, number 

NMBKT, inumbrate 

KMCL, inimical 

KMD, unmade, named, numbed 

AMDVRT, animadvert 

NMGXBL, imaginable 

NMK, unmake 

NMKSD, unmixed 

;NML, animal, enamel 

NMLCL, animalcule 

NAILS, anomalous, nameless, ani- 

NMLY, anomaly, namely 

Niiir, unman, anemone 

RMXCLTB, nomenclator, nomen- 

NMNCS, mnemonics 

NMND, unmanned 

NSIXGBL, unmanageable 

RMXGD, unmanaged 

KSIXGLD, unmingled 

NMNL, nominal 

NMNLY, unmanly 

NMNBLT, unmannerly 

NMNT, nominate 

KM .VXD, nominated 

NMNTS, nominates 

NMPCHD, unimpeached 

KMPH, nymph 

NMPLD, unemployed 

NMPRBL, unimpairable 

NIIPRTND, unimportuned 

NMPKTXT, unimportant 

NMPEYD, unimproved 

NMB, enamour, namer 

NMHCFL, unmerciful 

NMKCL, numerical 

NMBD, enamoured 

NMHGD, unmortgaged 

NMUL, numeral 

^MRS, numerous, enamours 

NMKT, enumerate 

NMRTD, unmerited, enumerated 

NMRTGD, unmortgaged 
, numeration 

NMRTE, numerator 

NMRTS, enumerates 

Nils, animus, names, numbs 

NMSCL, unmusical 

NMSK;, namesake, unmask 

NSISKD, unmasked 

NMSKL, numskull 

SMSL, unmuzzle 

NSISXG, unamusing 

NJJSED, unmeasured 

NMST, inmost, animosity 

KJIT, inmate, animate, unmeet, 
unmet, pneumatic, enmity 

NMTBL, inimitable 
j NMTCS, pneumatics 
j NMTD, animated, unmated 
j NMTNG, animating 
I NUT, enemy 

NK, noon, union, anon, noun, 
none, onion, nine, nun, ennui 

KKC, announce, nuncio, annoy- 

NNCD, announced 

IfifCNC, innocence 

NNCNT, innocent 

NNCT, enunciate 

NNCTK, enunciation 

NND, inuendo 

NNDT, inundate 

NNDTD, inundated 

NNFLMD, uninflamed 

NNFRMD, uninloruiea 

NXG, annoving 

NNGD, unenjoyed 

NNGNS, uningemous 

NNGR, non-juror 

NNGRD, uninjured 

NNHBTD, uninhabited 

NNHLT, annihilate 

NNKS, annex, innoxious 

NNKSTNC, non-existence 

NNL, annual, annul, anneal 

NNLD, annulled, unnailed 

NXLGTND, uneub'ghtened 

NNLK, annular 

NNLBGD, unenlarged 

NNLS, annals 

NNLTD, annulated 





, unnamed 

NNMBBL, innumerable 

NNMRD, unnumbered 

NNMRS, innumerous 

NNMS, unanimous 

NNMT, unanimity, inanimate 

NNPLS, nonplus 

NNPEL, nonpareil 

NNE, inner 

NNET, unnerve 

KKS, onions, annoi:nce, nouns, 
nuns, unions, annoys, annoy- 
ance, nuncio 

XSSD, announced 

XNSNS, nonsense, innocence 

NNSNT, innocent 

NNSPKD, uninspired 

NNSRY, unnecessary 

NNST, nonsuit, enunciate 

NNSTN, enunciation, unsustaiu 

NNSTUCTD, uidnstructed 

NNSWHBL, unanswerable 

NNT, innate, annuity, anoint, 
ninety, nonentity 

NNTD, anointed 

NNTH, ninth 

NNTLGNT, unintelligent 

If KIN, inanition 

NNTNG, anointing 

NNTNT, annuitant 

NNTNTNL, unintentional 

NNTKPET, un interpret 

NNTBPTD, uninterrupted 

NSTBSTD, uninterested 

XNTD, unenvied 

NNVGBL, unnavigable 

XNVSTGTD, uninvestigated 

NNVTU, uninvited 

NNT, annoy 

NP, nap, nip, nape, neap 

XPBLSHD, unpublished 

NpCBt, unpeaceable 

NPD, unpaid, nipped 

NPG, unpeg 

NPHLSFCL, un philosophical 

2fpnw, nephew 

NPKN, napkin 

N PL, nipple, unpile 

i, inapplicable 
NPLCTN, inapplication 
NPLD, unappalled, unapplied, un- 

appealed, unpealed, unpilcd, 

unpolled, unpeopled 
NPIEBL, inapplicable 
NPLKTN, inapplication 
NPLNT, unpliant, unplant 
NPLS, nipples, napless, Naples 
NPLSHD, unpcilished 
NPLT, unpolite 
NPN, unpin 
NPND, unpinned 
NPNFL, unpainful 
NPNSHD, unpunished 
NPNSND, unpensionnd 
NPPESTD, unappreciated 
NPR, nipper 
NPRC, un pierce 
NPRCDNTD, unprecedented 
NPKCLMD, unproclaimed 
NPECV, un perceive 
NPED, unpaired 
NPRUCTT, unproductive 
NPRDND, unpardoned 
KPRFD, unpurified 
KPKFND, unprofanccl, unprofuuud 
NPHFED, unpreferred 
NPEFKMD, unptrformed 
KPUFTBL, unproCtable 
NPEGDCD, unprejudiced 
NPBGED, unperjured 
KPRHBTD, unprohibited 
KPRLD, unparallelled 
K PRLMNTRY, unparliamentary 
KI-EMDTD, unpremeditated 
NPRNCD, unpronounced 
UPENCPLD, unprincipled 
NPRPD, unpropped 
NPUPLKSD, unperplexed 
NPRPHD, unprepared 
KPRPHTM), unproportioned 
NPRPTS, unpropitious 
NPES, nippers, unpierce 
^'riiSD, unpraised, unpursued, 

unpressed, unprized, unpierced 
NPRSPRS, un prosperous 
NPRTN, inopportune 



iTD, unpretend 
NPKTV, inoperative 
NPBVD, unprovide 
NPHVKD, unprovoked 
NPKVLXG, unprevailing 
NPBVNTD, un prevented 
NFS, i ips 

NPSBL, unappeasable, unpeaceable 
KPSD, unpassed, unopposed 
Npsr, inapposite 
NPT, nipt, unput, unapt, unpity, 

NPTD, unpitied, inaptitude, neap- 


jS>TH, naphtha 
NPTL, nuptial 


NB, nor, near, inner, inure 
NRB, enrobe, unrobe 
NHBD, enrohecl, unrobed 
NKBKBL, unrebukable 
NKBXG, enrobing 
NUB NT, inurbanity 
NBCH, enrich 

NECHD, enriched, unreached 
HECHNG, enriching 
NBCHST, anarchist 
NRCHT, anarchy 
NKCLMD, unreclaimed 
NECMPNSD, unrecompensed 
^S'RCED, unrecorded 
NECKTD, unrecruited 
NECT, narcotic 
NKD, inroad, inured, unread 
NEBCD, unreduced 
NBDL, unriddle 
KBDN, unridden 
NKDNO, inordinacy 
NKDND, unordained 
NKDST, inordinate 
KBDT, unrearly 
XKFL, unruffle 
NBFLCTD, unrellpcted 
NKFRCTD, unrel'racted 
NRFIISHD, unrefre>hed 
NRG, energy, enrage, unrig 
NKGD, enraged, unargued 
, inorganic 

NBGNET, unregpnerate 

NBGNSD, unorganized 

NKGBD, unregard 

NRGTC, energetic 

NRE unrake 

NKKD, unraked, unracked 

NEKLMD, unreclnimed 

NEKHD, unrecorded 

NUKRTD, unrecruited 

NBKT, narcotic 

NRKWTBL, unrequitable 

NRKWTD, unrequited 

NEL, unreal, gnarl, unrule, enrol, 


NRLD, enrolled, unrolled, unruled 
NHLNTNG, unrelenting 
NBLVD, unrelieved 
NIILY, nearly, unruly 
NRM, unarm 

NUMD. unroamed, unarmed 
NRMDBL, unremediable 
NEML, normal 
NKSINT. inurement 
NRMNTC, unromantic 
NEMS, enormous 
NEMTD, unremitted 
NKMTNG, unremitting 
NRMTF, enormity 
NRND, unreined, unrounded 
NRNG, unerring, unvvrung 
NRNK, enrank 
NRP, unripe, unrip 
.NHPD, unreaped, unripped, un- 


NRPLNSH, unrcplenish 
NKPN, enripen 
NRPNTD, unrepentcd 
NKPKCHBr,, unreproachable 
NRPKCHD, unreproached 
NKPTRD, enraptured, unruptured 
NRR, nearer 
IS'KRD, unreared 
NRHNG, unerring 
NRRVD, unarrived 
NRS, nurse, onerou?, inures 
NRSD, nursed, unerased, un- 

NRSH, nourish 





NBSLNG, nursling 

NRSLVD, unresolved 

NBSNBL, unreasonable 

NRSNTD, unresented 

NRSPCTD, unrespected 

NRSRVD, unreserved 

NBSRY, nursery 

NRST, nearest, unrest 

NBSTD, unresisted 

NBSTRND, unrestrained 

NET, inert, unroot, narrate, one- 

NBTCLT, inarticulate 

NBTD, narrated, unrooted 

NBTFCI, inartificial 

NBTFL, unartful, unriglitful 

NBTH, north, unwreathe 

NBTHEN, northern 

NBTN, unwritten, unrotten, nar- 

NETS, narrator, nurture 

NBTBD, nurtured 

NET, nerve 

NBYD, nerved, unarrived 

NBVKD, unrevoked 

NBVL, unravel, unreveal, tra- 

NETLD, unrivalled, unrevealed, 
unravelled, unrevelled 

NEVNGD, unrevenged 

NEVEND, unreverend 

NETESD, unreversed 

NETS, nerves, nervoua 

NETT, unrivet, enervate 

NEW, narrow 

NRWD, narrowed, unrewarded 

NEY, nunnery 

Ns, nose, niece, ensue, nausea, 
anise, nice, noise, nauseous, 
noes, ones, inns, noose 

NSBL, unsociable 

NSBE, unsober 

NSBET, insobriety 

NSCBL, unsociable 

NSCHDLD, unscheduled 

NSCHLD, unschooled 

NSCLP, inscnlp 

NSCND, unseconded 

NSCPTBL, unsusceptible 

NSCE, insecure 

NSCKBD, inscribed, unscrubbed 

NSCECHD, unscorched 

NSCED, unsacred, unsecured, un- 


NSCEND, unscreened 
NSCEPTN, inscription 
NSCET, insecurity 
NSCETBL, inscrutable 
Nscs, unsuccess 
NSCSFL, unsuccessful 
NSCT, insect 
NSCTN, insection 
NSD, noised, ensued, unsued, Tin- 

said, unsided, iuside, unused 
NSDNC, incidence 
NSDS, insiduous, insides 
NSF, unsafe 
NSFCXC, insufficiency 
NSFCNT, insufilcient 
NSFRBL, insuflerable 
NSFKS, nuciferous 
NSFTD, unsifted 
NSG-, unassuage 
NSGD, unassuaged 
NSQHT, insight, unsought 
NSGHTLY, unsightly 
, ensign 

NSGND, unsigned 
NSGNFCNT, insignificant 
NSGED, unsugared 
NSGY, nosegay 
NSHD, gnashed, unshod 
NSHDLD, unscheduled 
NsnED, unshocked 
NSHEL, unshackle 
NSHLD, enshield 
NSHLTED, unsheltered 
NSHPD, unshipped, unshapcd 
NSHPX, unshapen 
NSIIED, unshared 
NSHEN, enslirine, unshorn 
NSHTH, unsheathe 
NSKD, unasked, unsoaked 
NSKLFL, unskilful 
NSKLPD, encyclopaedia 
NSKND, unseconded 




NSKR, insecure 

NSKKBD, inscribed, unscrubbed 

NSKBND, unscreened 

NSKBPTN, inscription 

NSKRT, insecurity 

NSKBTBL, inscrutable 

NSKS, unsuccess 

NSKT, insect 

NSKTN, insection 

NSL, unseal, unusual, nasal, nozzle, 

NSLBL, unassailable 

NSLBES, insalubrious 

NSLD, unassuiled, unsold, un- 
soiled, unslide, unsullied, un- 
solid, unslayed, unsealed 

NSLKD, unslaked 

NSLNC, insolence 

NSLNT, insolent 

NSLB, insular 

NSLET, ancillary 

NSLT, insulate, insult 

NSLTD, insulted, unsaltcd, insu- 

NSLTN, insolation 

NSLV, enslave 

NSLTD, enslaved, unsolved 

NSLVST, insolvent 

Nsir, noisome, uiiseem 

NSMCH, inasmuch 

NSMD, unassumed 

NssiNa, unassuming 

NSMPL, ensample 

NSN, insane, unison, unseftu. en- 
sign, unsign, incision 

Nsxcu, insincere 

NSSCTFD, unsanctified 

NSND, unsiuned, unsigned, un- 

NsNDiisir, incendiarism 

NSNDIIT, incendiary 

NsNG, unsung, ensuing, noising 

XSNQN, ensanguine 

Jfsxu, ensnare 

Ns-xs, uneasines?, noisiness, in- 
nocence, incense, unsense 

NSKSBLT, insensibility 

, insanity, insinuate, ancient, 
innocent, incessant 

NSNTD, insinuated, uuscented 

NSNTL, unessential 

NSSTN, insinuation 

KSNTV, incentive 

NSPCJYTV, unspeculative 

NSPCS, inauspicious 

NSPCT, inspect 

NSPCTD, inspected 

NSPCTK, inspection 

NSPCTE, inspector 

NSPD, insipid, umpired 

NSPLNTD, uusupplanted 

KSPLT, unspilt 

NSPNC, insipience 

NSPNT, unspent 

NSPE, inspire 

NSPEBL, inseparable, insuperable 

NSPRBLT, inseparability, insupera- 

NSPBD, inspirerl, unspared 

NspiiKa, unaspiring, unsprung, 

NSPKT, inspirit, unsupport 

NSPETBL, unsupportablo 

NSPETD, inspirited, unsupported, 

NSPRTN, inspiration 

NSPRTKG, inspiriting, unsupport- 

NSPS, inauspicious 

NSPTL, ancipital 

NSE, answer, ensure, nicer 

NSBCTN, insurrection 

NSRD, answered, ensured 

NSRKL, encircle 

NSEKMSN, uncircumci'ion 

NSKKIISPET, uncircumspect 

NSEMNTBL, insurmountable 

NSBSINTD, uusurmounted 

NSENG, answering, insuring 

NSBS, necessaries, answers, ensures 

NSBT, insert 

NSSTD, inserted, unasscrtcd, un- 
assorted, unsorted, incertitude 
N, insertion, uncertain 





NSEYD, un served 

NSEY, necessary 

NSST, unassist 

NST, nest, insight, nasty, insist, 
institute, nicety, necessity, neces- 
sitate, onset, nauseate, noisiest, 

NSTBL, unstable, insatiable, un- 

NSTBLNS, unsuitableness, insa- 

NSTBLSHD, unestablished 

NSTBLT, instability 

NSTD, instead, unassisted, in- 
sisted, instituted, unsuited, un- 
staid, unstudied, necessitated 

NSTDY, unsteady 

NSTFD, un stuffed 

NSTGT, instigate 

NSTGTN, instigation 

NSTL, unsettle, install, nestle, 

NSTLD, instilled, installed, un- 

NSTLMNT, instalment, unsettle- 

NSTLNG, nestling, unsettling, in- 

NSTLY, nastily, unsightly 

NSTMBL, inestimable 

NSTN, institution, unstain, unsus- 
tain, incitation 

NSTNC, instance, insistency 

NSTNCHD, unstaunched 

NSTNCT, instinct 

NSTNCTV, instinctive 

NSTND, unsu^tainer), unstained 

NSTNO, insisting, instituting 

NSTNT, insistent, instant 

NSTNTD, unstinted 

NsrNTNS, instantaneous 

NSTP, instep, unstop 

!NsTPD, unstopped 

NSTE, institutor, Nestor, ancestor 

IV'STHCT, instruct 

NSTED, unstirred 

NSTEL, nostril, ancestral 

NsTEir, nostrum 

NSTRMD, nnstormcd 

NSTEMNT, instrument 

NSTKND, unstrained 

NSTENG, unstrung, unstring 

NSTRTND, unstraitened 

NSTEY, ancestry 

NSTS, nests, insists, in?titute8, 

necessitous, ince>ts, incestuous 
NSTSFCTN, nnsatisfaction 
NSTSFD, unsatisfied 
NSTY, necessity, nasty 
NSTL, uncivil 
NSVLSD, uncivilized 
NSVLT, incivility 
NSVED, unsavoured 
NSVRY, unsavoury , 

NSWD, unswaved 
NSWE, answer 
NSWBD, answered 
NSY, uneasy, noisy, un?ay 
NSYKLPD, encyclopaedia 
NT, not, nut, net, unit, unite, 

into, nit, ant, neat, note, untie, 

aunt, anoint, inmate, naught, 

knit, night, knight 
NTBL, notable 
NTBLT, notability 
NTC, notice, entice, antic 
NTCD, noticed, enticed, antecce 
NTCDJJT, antecedent 
NTCH, untouch, notch 
NTCHD, unattached, untouched, 


NTCHNG, notching 
NTCL, nautical 
NTCXG, noticing, enticing 
NTCP, nightcap 
NTCPT, anticipate 
NTCT, intact 
NTD, untied, noted, united, netted, 

initiated, knitted, knighted 
NTDLVN, antediluvian 
XTDT, antidote 
NTFD, notified 
NTGHT, untaught 
NTGMNT, integument 
NTGNSM, antagonism 
NTQBL, integral 




NTGUT, integrity 

NTHOHT, um bought 

NTHLG, anthology 

NTHM, anthem, anathema 

NTHIITS, anathematize 

KTHXG, nothing 

NTHSEFL, unthankful 

"NTHNKNG, unthinking 

.NTHU, neither, another, anther, 

IsTnRFr, unthrift 

NTHKL, enthral 

HTHKMST, nethermost 

NTHKX, enthrone 

NTHKSD, unauthorized 

NTHKTSD, unthreatened 

KTHSAf, enthusiasm 

NTHST, enthusiast 

NTHT, unthought 

NTHWD, unthawed 

NTIC, antique 

NTKSCT, intoxicate 

NTKSCTN, intoxication 

NTKWRN, antiquarian 

NTKWEY, antiquary 

NTKWT, antiquity 

NTL, nettle, initial, until, natal, 
inutile, entail, entitle 

NTLCT, intellect 

NTLCTL, intellectual 

NTLD, untold, entitled, intituled, 
unti led, uniailed, entailed 

NTLGBL, intelligible 

NTLGSC, intrlligence 

KTLGST, intelligent 

NTLP, antelope 

NTLB, antler 

NTLHBL, intolerable 

NTLUST, intolerant 

KTLS, initiaU, nautilus 

NTLY, neatly 

NTM, nntame 

NTMB, entomb 

NTMC, intimacy 

NTMCL, anatomical 

NTMD, untimed, imtamed, en- 

NTMDT, intimidate, intimidity 

NTMG, nutmeg 

N'IMI.G, entomology 

NTMNT, ointment, untaminate 

N'i MNTD, untarainated 

NTMXY, antimony 

NTMPHD, untempered 

NTKPHNO, intemperance 

NTMPUT, intemperate 

NTMPTD, unattempted 

NTME, nightmare 

NTMS, anatomize, untames, un- 

NTMST, anatomist 

KTMSY, intimacy 

NTMT, intimate 

NTMTD, intimated 

NTMTN, intimation 

NTN, nation, unattain, uneaten, 
intone, notion, initiation, nuta- 
tion, intuition, notation, un- 
atone, untune 

NTNBL, untenable, unattainable, 

NTND, unattained, intoned, un- 
attended, intend, unattuned, 
unatoned, unattend, untoned, 

NTNDNG, intending, unattending 

NTXG, uniting, unattaining, ini- 
tiating, noting, netting, knitting, 
anointing, untying, unatoning, 

NTNGD, untinged 

NTNGL entangle, nightingale, un- 

NTNL, national 

NTNMN, Antinomian 

NTKNTBI, untenantable 

yi>.STD, untenanted 

NTNKT, intenerate 

NTNS, intense, neatness, unattains, 
notions, initiations, nations, uu- 
atones, notations, intone.", un- 

JfxNsv, intensive 

NTNT, intent, untaint 

NTNTD, untainted, untenuatcd 
, intention, intonation 



NTNTNL, intentional 

NTNTV, intentive 

NTPDS, antipodes 

NTPST, antepast 

NTPIHY, antipathy 

NTR, enter, inter, untrue, nature, 
nitre, interior, anterior, entire, 
neuter, inter- (compound, i.e., 

NTRBL, unutterable 

NTRC, uutrace 

NTRCBL, untraceable 

NTRCD, intercede, untraced 

NTRCHNG, interchange 

NTRCPT, intercept 

NTBCRS, intercourse 

NTRCSN, intercession 

NTRCSR, intercessor 

NTRCST, intricacy 

XT ROT, intricate 

NTRCTBL, intractable 

NTRCTC, antarctic 

NTRD, entered, intrude, interred, 
untired, untried, untutored, un- 
teared, untrod, untared, na- 
tured (good-natured) 

NTRDC, introduce 

NTRDCTN, introduction 

NTRDNG, intruding 

NTRDE, intruder 

NTRFR, interfere 

NTRFBNC, interference 

NTRG, intrigue 

NTRGCNT, interjacent 

NTRGCTN, interjection 

NTRGD, intrigued 

NTRGNG, intriguing 

NTRGNM, interregnum 

NTRGT, interrogate 

NTRGTRT, interrogatory 

NTRGTT, interrogative 

NTRL, neutral, natural 

NTRLC, interlace 

NTRLCTN, interlocution 

NTRLD, interlude, interlaid 

NTHLN, interline 

NTELP, interlope 

NTULS, entrails, neutrals, naturalize 

NTELST, naturalist 

NTHLT, neutrality 

NTRLV, interleave 

NTRM, interim, untrinx 

NTHMD, untrimmed 

NTRMDL, intermeddle 

NTRMDT, intermediate 

NTRMKS, intermix 

UTRMNBL, interminable 

NTHMNDN, intermundane 

NTUMNGL, intermingle 

NTHJINT, interment, nutriment 

KTRMRG, intermarriage 

NTRHSN, intermission 

NTRMT, intermit 

NTRN, unturn 

NTRNC, entrance 

NTRNCH, intrench 

NTRND, unturned, untrained 

NTRNG, entering, unturnirg, in- 

terring, untiring 
NTRNL, internal 
NTRNS, entrance 
NTKNSC, intrinsic 
NTRNSMTBL, intransmutable 
NTENSPRNT, untransparcnt 
NTRNSTV, intransitive 
NTENTNL, international 
NTRP, entrap 
NTRPD, intrepid 
NTEPDT, intrepidity 
NTRPLD, interplead 
NTHPLT, interpolate 
NTRPNG, entrapping 
NTRPRS, enterprise 
KTRPRT, interpret 
NTHPRTN, interpretation 
NTRPETU, interpreter 
NTRPS, interpose 
NTRPSNG, interposing 
NTRPSTN, interpositi-n 
NTRPT, interrupt 
NTEPTN, interruption 
NTRS, enters, entries, notorious, 


NTRSCT, intersect 
NTRSCTN, intersection 
NTESN, intrusion 




NTBSPCTN, introspection 

NTRSPRS, intersperse 

NTBST, interest, intrust 

NTBSTC, interstice 

NTESTD, intrusted, interested 

NTBSTXG, interesting, intrusting 

NTRST, intrusive 

NTBT, entreat, notoriety, entreaty 

NTRTD, entreated 

NTBTN, entertain, nutrition 

NTBT>*G, entreating, entertaining 

NTRTS, entreats, nutritious 

NTETV, nutritive 

NTBTWN, intertwine 

NTBVL, interval 

NTHVN, intervene 

NTRYNTN, intervention 

NTBVAY, interview 

NTRWV, interweave 

NTRY, entry, notary 

NTS, nuts, initiates, nits, nets, 

unites, aunts, units, unties, ants, 

notes, nights, anoints, notice 
NTST, intestate 
NTSTD, untested, untasted 
NTSTN, intestine 
NTSTNL, intestinal 
NTTN, intuition, notation, unat- 


NTTND, unattained 
NTTV, intuitive, initiative 
NTV, native, initiative 
NTVT, nativity 
NTWN, entwine, untwine 
NTWBD, untoward 
NTWT.HSTNDXG, notwithstanding 
NTT, unity, entity, naughty 
Nv, nave, naive, November, never, 


NVBI/, enviable 
Nvc, invoice, novice 
NVCT, invocate, novitiate 
NVCTN, invocation 
NYCTV, invective 
NVD, unavoided, envied, invade 
NVDBL, unavoidable 
NVDXG, unavoiiiing 
NVDE, invader 

NVDS, invidious, invades 

NVGBL, navigable 

NVGH, inveigh 

NVGL, inveigle 

NVGLE, inveigler 

NVGBT, inyigorate 

NTGT, navigate 

NVGTN, navigation 

NTGTR, navigator 

NVK, invoke 

NVKTN, invocation 

Nvx, naval, navel, novel, unvail, 

NVLBL, unavailable, invaluable, 


NVLD, invalid, unvailed, unvalued 
NTLDT, invalidate 
NVLNRBL, invulnerable 
NVLJTTBY, involuntary 
NVLP, envelope 
NVLPD, enveloped 
NTLPNG, enveloping 
Nvis, novels, anvils, unveils 
NVLST, novelist 
NVLT, inviolate, novelty 
NVLTD, inviolated 
NVLT, involve 
NVLVD, involved 
NVMBB, November 
NVN, uneven 
NTKCBL, invincible 
NvNKWsnD, unvanquished 
NVNM, envenom 
NVNIID, envenomed 
NVNT, invent 
NVNTD, invented 
NVNTN, invention 
NVNTRY, inventory 
NVKTV, inventive 
NVB, never 
NVEBL, invariable 
NVBD, unvaried, unveered 
NVBN, environ 
NVBND, environed 
NVBNG, unvarying, unveering 
NVBS, universe, inverse 
NVBSD, unversed 
NVKSL, universal 





NVBSKY, anniversary 
NvBST, university 
NTHT, invert 
NVBTDLY, invertedly 
NVSBL, invisible 
NVSBLT, invisibility 
NTS, envious, naves, novice 
NVSN, invasion 
NVST, invest 

NVSTD, invested, unvisifed 
NVSTGTN, investigation 
KTSTMNT, investment 
NVSTTE, investiture 
NVT, invite, novitiate 
NVTBL, inevitable 
NVTD, invited, unvoted 
NVTN, invitation 
NVTB,, inviter 
NYTUC, inveteracy 
NVTET, inveterate 
NVY, navy, envy, envoy 
Nw, gnaw, anew, new, now, know, 


NWD, gnawed, unawed 
NWHLSM, unwholesome 
JfwHFT, unwhipt 
NWHB, nowhere 
WWL, unwell 
NWI.CM, unwelcome 
UWLD, un walled, unwailed, un- 

wield, unwilled 

, unwilling, unwailing 

Ts WNS, newness 

NWNTD, unwanted, unwonted 

NWVD, unwhipped, unwiped 

NWPT, unwept 

]S T wii, unaware, nowhere 

KWED, inward, onward, un- 

NWEGHT, unwrought 

KWRLK, unwarlike 

NWRLY, unwarily 

NWKN, unworn 

NwR> T D, unwarned 

NWENG, unwrung 

TfwuxT, unwarrant 

KWRXTBL, unwarrantable 

NWEP, unwarp 

NWRT, unwrought 

NWRTH, inwreathe, unworth, un- 

NWRTX, unwritten 

NWRY, unweary, unwary 

^N'ws, unwise, news, nowise 

!NwsPE, newspaper 

NWSTD, unwasted 

NWT, newt 

NWTNGLY, unwittingly 

NWTY, unwitty 

Nwv, inweave 

NY, any, nay 

XYK, unyoke 

XYLD, unyield 


P occurs, it is principally the first letter in words. For 
instance, in a page of a work entitled "The Bible not of 
Man," by Dr. Spring (read without selection), I found fifteen 
words beginning with P and five with P as a central letter ; 
but three of the latter had also P for the first letter. The 
reason of this is, P is followed chiefly by r, as in the common 
prefixes par, per, pro, and especially pre. Next to r, P is 
followed by Z, in point of numbers, either as a consecutive 



letter, or by omitting the intervening vowel. This is un- 
doubtedly the reason why gentlemen who write Odell's or 
Taylor's improved systems use Pitman's pr and pi, which is 
formed by merely omitting to complete the small circle or 
eyelet in the beginning of P, and leaving it a pothook, having 
the hook to the left when pr, and to the right when pi. [The 
same plan can be used with respect to br and U, and tr and tl, 
with advantage, if desirable.] The power of P as an initial 
letter, is further increased by the omission of the preceding 
vowel a about 100 times, c 80, i 1, o 85, and u 35. 

Words beginning with PC will also be found classified as 
PK or Ps, according to their sound. 

P, pea, pay, pie, pip, ape, up, up- 


PEL, pebble, payable 
PBLCT, publicity 
PBLD, piebald, pebbled 
PBLK, public 
PBLKN, publican 
PBLKIN, publication 
PBLE, pabular 
PELS, pabulous, pebbles 
PBLSH, publish 
PBLSHR, publisher 
PBLST, publicity 
PBRD, upbraid 
PBRDNO, upbraiding 
PBRDS, upbraids 
PERT, puberty 
PBSNC, pubescence 
PBSXT, pubescent 
PC,* pace, peace, piece, epic 
PCBL, peaceable, peccable 
PCD, paced 
PcFK, pacific 
PCFKTN, pacification 
PCFKTR, pacificator 
PCFL, peaceful 
PCFR, pacifier 
PCFIT, pacify 

PCH, peach, poach, pouch, epoch 
PCHNO, poaching 


PCHE, poacher 

PCE, peck, pock, puck, epoch, 


PCKBL, peccable 
PCKL, pickle 

PCKR, pucker, pe'-ker, picker 
PCLR, peculiar, piacular 
PCLRT, peculiarity 
PCLS, peaceless 
PCLT, peculate 
PCSIL, piecemeal 
Pcxo, pacing, piecing 
PCXRT, pecuniary 
PCXT, peccant 
Pea, pacer, epicure, piecer 
Pcax, epicurean 
PCS, pieces 
Per, paucity 
PCTR, picture 
PCTHL, pectoral, pictorial 
Pcir, paucity, opacity 
PD, paid, pad, pied, pod, aped, 


PDBPTSM, pedobaptism 
PDG, podge 
PDGO, pedagogue 
PDGB, pedigree 
PDK, paddock 

PDL, paddle, peddle, pedal, puddle 
I PDX-K, padlock 

' The following words are also arranged under I'K and Fs. 





PDLNG, peddling 

PDLK, pedler 

PDLKY, peddlery 

PJJLS, paddles, pedals, puddles, 


PDMC, epidemic 
PDMCL, epidemical 
PDMCS, epidemics 
PDMNT, pediment 
PDNCY, pudency 
PDNG, pudding, padding 
PDNT, pedant 
PDNTC, pedantic 
PDNTEY, pedantry 
PDS, pods, pads, epodes 
PDSTL, pedestal 
PDSTBL, pedestrial 
PDSTKNSM, pedestrianism 
PF,* puff 
PFD, puffi-d 
PFNG, puffing 
PFU, puffer 
PFS, puffs 
PFT, puffy 
PG, peg, pig, page, pug, pag, 


PGLS, peggles, pegless, pageless 
PGLSM, pugilism 
PGLST, pugilist 
PGLSTC, pugilistic 
PGMNT, pigment 
PGMT, pigmy, pygmy 
PON, pagan, pigeon 
PGKS, pigeons, pagans 
PGNSM, paganism 
PGNT, pageant, poignant 
PGKM, epigram 
PGKMTST, epigrammatist 
PH,f epha 
PHD, epliod 
PHL, phial, uphill 
PHLBTMY, phlebotomy 
PHLCTEY, phylactery 
PHLD, upheld, uphold 
PDLG, philology 

PHI.GM, phlegm 

PHLML, philomel 

PHLXKS, phalanx 

PHLNTHKPY, philanthropy 

PHLSPHK, philosopher 

PHLSPUY, philosophy 

PHI. SIR, upholster, upholsterer 

PHME, ephemera 

PHMRL, ephemeral 

PHMEST, ephemerist 

PUN, peahen 

PHKKS, plicenii 

PHNMN, phenomenon, phenomena 

Piivnr, phantom 

PHNTSM, phantasm 

PHEMCTKL, pharmaceutical 

PHHS, phrase, pharisee 

PHHPKL, phari?aical 

PHESM, aphorism 

Pus, phase, phases, phiz, physics 

Fuse, physic 

Pii>CL, physical 

PHSLG, physiology 

PHSLS, pha^eless 

PHSN, phjsician 

PJISXMY, physiognomy 

PHSST, pheasant 

PnspHRS, phosphorus 

PHT, epithet 

PHTN, phaeton 

PK, pack, peck, pick, peak, poke, 

peacock, opaque, epoch, epic, 

pique, pike, pica 
PKBL, peccable 
PKD, picked, pecked, peaked, 

poked, packed 
PKG, package 
PEHES, packhorse 
PKK, peacock 
PKL, pickle 
PKLK, picklock 
PKLPS, apocalypse 
PKLPTKL, apocalyptical 
PKLE, peculiar 
PKLET, peculiarity 

* St e alfo TV. 

t The following words in PH are also to be found under F. 




PKLT, peculate 

I'KNG, packing, picking, poking, 

PKNEY, pecuniary 

PENT, piquant 

PKU, packer, poker, pecker, puck- 
er, epicure, picker 

PKRN, epicurean 

PKUS, packers, pokers, peckers, 
puckers, pickers, epicures 

PKS, peaks, pecks, packs, picks, 
pokes, pix, epochs, epics, apex 

PKSTF, pikestaff 

PKT, packet, pocket, picket, pi- 
quet, epact 

PKTR, picture 

PKTRL, pectoral, pictorial 

PL, pile, pull, pill, Poll, peal, pal, 
pall, pole, poll, pale, pail, peel, 
ply, plea, pool, pupil, appal, 
appeal, apple, opal 

PLBL, pliable, appliable 

PLIJN, plebeian 

PLBSCT, plebiscite* 

PLC, palace, police, place, policy, 

PLCBL, placable 

PLCD, pellucid, placid, placed 

PLCK, pluck 

PLCL, pellicle 

PLCLS, placeless 

PLCN, pelican 

PLONT. applicant 

PLCRD, placard 

PLCS, palaces, places 

PLOT, placate 

PLCTN, application 

PLCY, policy 

PLD, pallid, pulled, pailed, piled, 
paled, pealed, polled, appalled, 
appealed, plaid, plead, plod, 
applaud, applauded, applied, 
played, plied 

PLDG, pledge 

PLDNG, pleading, plodding, ap- 

PLDE, pleader, plodder, applauder 

PLDS, plaids, pleads, Pleiades, ap- 
plauds, plods 

PLDT, plaudit 

PLDTBY, plauditory 

PLF, pelf 

PLFCD, pale-faced 

PLFL, playful, pailful 

PLFNSM, polyphonism 

PLFR, pilfer 

PLFUY, palfrey 

PLFT, uplift 

PLFTD, uplifted 

PLFTNG, uplifting 

PiFrs, uplifts 

PLG, pillage, plague, plug, pupil- 
age, apology, apologue, epi- 
logue ^u.<xc-C 

PLGD, plagued, plugged, pillaged 

PLGH, plough 

PLGHNG, ploughing 

PLGHS, ploughs 

PLOHT, plight 

PLGLT, polyglot 

PLGMST, polygamisfc 

PLGMY, polygamy 

PLGN, polygon 

PLGNG, plaguing, pillaging, plug- 

PLGRFY, polygraphy . 

PLGRM, pilgrim, polygram 

PLGRMG, pilgrimage 

PLGRSM, plagiarism 

PLGUST, plagiarist 

PLGRY, plagiary 

PLQS, plagues, plugs, pillages, 

PLGSNG, apologising 

PLK, pluck 

PLKBL, applicable, placable 

PLKD, plucked 

PLKL, pellicle 

PLKKD, placard 

PLKS, poleaxe, plucks 

PLKTN, application 

PLM, plum, plumb, plume, palm 

The hard c's are also under K, and the soft under s. 





PLMBR, plumber 

PLMC, polemic 

PLMD, palmed, plumed 

PLMG, plumage 

PLML, pellmell 

PLMNC, pulmonic 

PLMKG, palming 

PLMNUY, pulmonary 

PLMP, plump 

PLMPB, plumper 

PL5IK, plumber 

PLUS, plumose, plums, plumes, 


PLM*T, palmiest 
PLMT, plummet, parliament 
PLMY, palmy, plumy 
PLN, pillion, plain, plan, plane, 


PLXC, appliance, opulence 
PLND, upLmr), planned, planed 
PLUDB, plunder 
PLNG, paling, pulling, pealing, 

polling, piling, plunge, apply- 
ing, Hppulling 
PLNK, plank 
PLKKWN, palanquin 
PLNPTNT, pleni potent 
PLNPTNTEY, plenipotentiary 
PLNBY, plenary 
PLNS, paleness, plainness, plans, 

appliance, opulence, plains 
PLUSFB, planisphere 
PI.NST, plainest 
PLNT, plaint, planet, plant, plenty, 

pliant, opulent, appellant 
PLNTD, planted 
PT.NTF, plain' iff 
PLNTFL, plentiful 
PLVIHS, polyanthus 
PIATN, plantation 
PLXTNO, planting 
PLNTE, planter 
PLNTEY, planetary 
PLKTS, plants, plaints, planets, 

plaintiffs, plenteous 
PLNTV, plaintive 
PLP, )>ulp 

PLPBL, palpable, pulpable 

PLPBLY, pnlpably 

Pi.PSY, epilepsy 

PLPT, palpitate, pulpit 

PLPTC, epileptic 

PI.PTD, palpitated 

PI.PTN, iialpitation 

Pf.PY, pulpy 

PLU, pillar, player, pleura, 

PLKD, pillared, pol'ard 

PI.RI, plural 

PI.ELST, pluralist 

PLBLT, plurality 

PLKS, pliers, pillars, players 

PLUSY, pleurisy 

PLKTC, pleuritic 

PLKTY, polarity 

PLBY, pillory 

PLS, pelisse, please, pulse, pulls, 
peals, piles, pills, palea, pails, 
poles, polls, peels, pupils, ap- 
pals, applies, pulleys, plies, 
plays, plaice, palace, place, plea- 
less, police 

PLSBL, plausible 

PLSD, palsied, paliside, pellucid, 
pleased, placid, placed 

PLSH, plash, plush, polish, palish, 

PLSHNG, polishing 

PJ.SHE, polisher 

PLSLBL, polysyllable 

Pi SLS, placeless, pulseless 

PLSM, playsome 

PLSNG, pleasing 

PLSNT, pleasant 

PLSNTKY, pleasantry 

PI.SE, plea^iin-, ple;iser 

PLSBBL, pleasurable 

PLST, pulsate 

PLSTC, plastic 

PLST.V, pulsation 

PJ.STB, plaster, polestar 

PLS is, pulsates 

PLSV, plausive, applausive 

PLSY, palsy 

PLT, palate, plate, plot, plat, 
palette, pallet, pellet, pelt, pilot, 



plait, plight, polite, polity, pol- 
lute, poult, pullet, epaulet 

PLTC, politic, poultice 

PLTCL, political 

PLTCN, politician 

PLTCS, politic?, poultices 

PLTD, plated, plaited, pelted, 
piloted, polluted 

PLTFUM, platform 

PLTO, pilotage 

PLTUNG, plaything 

PLTHH, plethora 

PLTHSM, polytheism 

PLTK, politic 

PLTKL, political 

PI.TKS, politics 

PLTL, palatial 

PLTN, platen, platina, platoon, 
population, appellation, pala- 

PLTKC, Platonic 

PITXG, pelting, plaiting, plotting, 

PLTK, poulterer, plater, politer, 

PLTBN, poltroon 

PLTKY, paltry, poultry 

PLTS, plots, plats, pelts, palates, 
plates, palettes, pallets, pilots, 
plaits, epaulets, pollutes, poul- 

PLTSN, politician 

PLVL, pluvial 

PLVB, plover 

PLVBS, pulverize, plovers 

PLVS, pluvious 

PLW, pillow, plough 

PLWD, pillowed, ploughed 

PLWXO, plougliing, pillowing 

PLWS, ploughs, pillows 

PLY, play, ply, pulley, apply 

PM, poem, opium 

PMC, pumice 

PMCS, pomaceous 

PMD, pomade 

PMFLT, pamplilet 

PMFIJS, pomiferous 

PMGHNT, pomegranate 

PMKN, pumpkin 

PML, pommel 

PMNT, payment 

PMP, pomp, pump 

PMPHLT, pamplilet 

PJIPL, pimple 

PMPN, pompion 

PllPJfG, pumping 

PMPE, pamper 

PMPS, pompous, pumps, pomps 

PUPST, pomposity 

PMS, pumice, poems 

PMST, upmost 

PMTM, pomatum 

PN, pin, pain, pen, pan, pun, pine, 
upon, open, opine, pane, opinion, 
prean, pinion 

PNBKKB, pawnbroker 

PMC, panic, panacea, pounce, pin- 
nace, penance, pence 

PNCH, punch, paunch, pinch 

PNCUBK, pinchbeck 

PNCHN, puncheon 

PNCIINL, punchinello 

PNCL, pencil, pinnacle 

PNCLNG, pencilling 

PNCES, pincers 

PKCS, panics, pounces 

PNCSN, pincushion 

PNCT, punctuate 

PXCXL, punctual 

PNCTLS, punctilious 

PNCTN, punctuation 

PNCTB, puncture 

PKD, pined, pained, pinned, pond, 
append, pouuded, pinioned, 
pound, penned 

PNDG, poundage 

PNDLM, pendulum 

PNDLS, pendulous 

PXDXC, pendence 

PNDJJG, pending, pounding 

PNDNT, pendant, pendent 

PNDE, ponder, pander 

PXDES, ponderous, ponders 

PNFL, painful 

PXFLD, pinfold 

pang, aping, openinc; 



PNGNC, pungence 

PNGNT, pungent 

PNGBC, panegyria 

PNK, panic, pink 

PNKL, pinnacle 

PNKNF, penknife 

PNKS, panics 

PNKTL, punctual 

PNKTLS, punctilious 

PNKTN, punctuation 

PNKTB, puncture 

PNL, penal, panel, pannel 

PNLT, penalty 

PNMBE, penumbra 

PNMNSHP, penmanship 

PNN, opinion, pennon 

PNPL, pineapple 

PNPLY, panoply 

PNE, pioneer, pannier 

PNBD, pioneered, poniard 

PNBS, penurious, pioneer?, pan- 

PNEY, penury 

PNS, open; 1 , pens, pains, pins, puns, 
pines, paeans, pence, openness, 
pinions, pounce, panacea, pe- 
nance, pinnace 

PNSH, punish, punch 

PNSL, peninsula, pencil 

PNSLNG, pencilling 

PNSN, pension 

PNSND, pensioned 

PNSNG-, pensioning 

PNSNE, pensioner 

PNSBS, pincers 

PNSTE, punster 

PNSV, pensive 

PNSY, pansy 

PNT, paint, point, pint, pent, pant, 
appoint, opponent 

PNTCH, pentateuch 

PNTCST, Pentecost 

PNTD, painted, pointed, panted, 

PNTF, pontiff 

PNTFC, pontifice 

PNTFCL, pontifical 

PNTFCT, pontificate 

PNTHU-, pantheon 

PNTHE, pantlier 

PNTLN, pantaloon 

PNTLS, pointless 

PNTMM, pantomime 

PNTN, pontoon 

PNTNC, penitence 

PNTNG, painting, pointing, pant- 
ing, appointing 

PNTNT, penitent 

PNTNTL, penitential 

PNTNTEY, penitentiary 

PNTET, penetrate 

PNTKTV, penetrative 

PNTEY, pantry 

PNTS, paints, pants, points, ap- 
points, opponents, pints 

PNY, penny, pony, puny 

PP, poop, peep, pipe, pop, pup, 
pap, pope, papa, pip 

PPC, papacy 

PPD, piped, popped, peeped, 

PPDM, popedoin 

PPL, papal, people, pupil, appal, 
apple, appeal 

PPLBL, appliable 

PPLC, populace 

PPLCNT, applicant 

PPLCTN, application 

PPLD, applaud, applied, appalled, 
appealed, peopled 

PPLDNO, applauding 

PPLDS, applauds 

PPLKBL, applicable 

PPLKSY, apoplexy 

PPLNC, appliance 

PPLNG, appalling, applying, ap- 

PPLKT, appellant 

PPIB, poplai-, popular 

PPIBT, pupilary 

PPLS, appals, pupils, apples, popu- 
lace, peoples 

PPLT, populate 

PPLTN, population, appellation 

PPLY, apply 

PPN, pippin, oppugn 




PPND, append, nppcndcd 

PPNDG, appendage 

PPXUKS, appendix 

PPNDNG, appending 

PFXG, piping, popping 

PPNT, appoint, opponent 

PPNTD, appointed 

PPXTNG, appointing 

PPNTS, appoints 

PPK, paper, pepper, pauper, piper, 
appear, upper 

PPRBRM, opprobrium 

PPKBKS, opprobrious 

PPBBTN, approbation 

PPECH, approach 

PPRCHD, approached 

PPRCDS, approaches 

PPRCRN, peppt rcoru 

PPBCT, appreciate 

PPBCTNG, appncmling 

PPRCTS, appreciates 

PPED, papered, peppered, ap- 

PPRHND, apprehend 

PPRHXDNG, apprehending 

PPHKRN, peppercorn 

PPRKSMT, approximate 

PPRL, apparel 

PPRMST, peppermint 

PPEXG, peppering, papering, ap- 

PPRXT, apparent 

PPRNTC, apprentice 

PPRPRT, appropriate 

PPBS, appear?, papers, paupers, 
peppers, pipers, pauperise, ap- 
praise, oppress, oppresses, ap- 

PPRSD, oppressed, apprised, ap- 
praised, pauperized 

PPRSN, oppression 

PPESNG, appraising, pauperizing, 
apprising, oppressing 

PPBSB, oppressor 

PPRST, appreciate 

PPRSTD, appreciated 

PPRSTNG, appreciating 

PPBSTS, appreciates 

PPRSV, oppressive 

PPRTN, apparition, appertain, ap- 
portion, opportune 

PPRTXG, appertaining, apportion- 

PPHTNS, apparitions, appertains, 

PPBTNT, opportunity 

PPRTS, apparatus 

PPRTV, operative, aperitive 

PPRT, approve 

PPRTD, approved 

PPRVL, approval 

PPRT, popery 

PPS, appease, oppose, pups, peeps, 
pipes, pops, popes 

PPSD, opposed, appeased 

PPSH, popisli 

PPST, papist, opposite, apposite 

PPSTRY, papistry 

PPST, papacy 

PPT, puppet, appetite 

PPTS, puppets, appetites 

PB, prior, purr, pyre, appear, 
upper, uproar, prairie, pair, 
poor, pear, pore, par, pare, peer, 
pure, pier, paragraph, paper, 
pauper, pour, prayer, pre- (pre- 
occupy), pro- (procreate), pre- 

PRB, probe 

PIIBD, probed 

PBBL, parable, probable, parabola, 

PBBLKL, parabolical 

PBBLM, problem 

PHBLMTKL, problematical 

PBBLND, purblind 

PRBLSM, parabolism 

PEBND, prebend 

PBBNDEY, prebendary 

PRBNG, probing 

PEBHM, opprobri'im 

PBBBS, opprobrious 

PEBS, probes 

PBBSCS, proboscis 

PEBT, probate, probity 

PEBTD, probated 





PEBTS, probation, approbation 

PHBTT, probity 

PEC, pierce, price, piracy 

PECD, precede, .proceed, pierced, 

PECDNC, precedence 

PRCDNG, preceding 

PRCDNT, precedent 

PECDR, procedure 

PROGNTN, precognition 

PECH, parch, perch, porch, preach, 

PECRL, parochial 

PRCHMNT, parchment 

PECHNC, perchance 

PRCUS, purchase 

PRCL, parcel 

PRCLD, preclude 

PRCLDNG, precluding 

PiiCLDS, precludes 

PRCLM, proclaim 

PRCLN, porcelain 

PRCLT, percolate 

PRCLVT, proclivity 

PRCNCPTN, precouception 

PRCNCT, precinct 

PRCNCV, preconceive 

PRCNG, piercing, preceding, pro- 

PRCNSL, proconsul 

PRCNTR, precentor 

PRCPC, precipice 

PRCPNCY, preoccupancy 

PRCPT, precept, precipitate 

PRCPTBL, perceptible 

PRCPTN, perception, precipitation, 

PRCPTNC, precipitance 

PRCPTNT, precipitant 

PRCPTR, preceptor 

PBCPTS, precipitous, precepts 

PRCPTT, perceptive, preceptive 

PRCR, procure 

PRCHBL, procurable 

PRCRXM, pericranium 

PRCRNT, procreant 

PECKS, precarious, procuress, pro- 
cure?, precurse 

PRCRSR, precursor 

PKCBSTST, procrastinate 

PKCJ.IT, procreate 

PKCHTN, procreation 

PHCRTH, procurator 

PRCS, precious, precise, prices, 
precocious, process, pierces 

PRCSN, percussion, precession, 
procession, precision 

PKCSNS, preciseness, processions, 

PKCST, precisive 

PRCT, precocity, appreciate 

PRCTD, appreciated 

PHCTJJ, precaution 

PECTNG, appreciating 

PRCTNR, practitioner 

PBCTR, proctor 

PRCTS, practise 

PRCV, perceive 

PRCVKG, perceiving 

PRO, parade, paired, pared, pour- 
ed, prude, pride, period, preved, 
proud, prayed, appeared, pa- 
rody, parried 

PRDC, produce 

PRDCBL, predicable 

PRDCL, periodical 

PRDCMNT, predicament 

PRDCXG, producing 

PEDCNT, predicant 

PKDCS, predaceous, produces 

PRDC^E, predecessor 

PRDCT, predicate, predict, pro- 

PEDCTN, production, prediction 

PRDCTR, predictor 

PHDCTV, productive, predictive 

PRDG, porridge, prodigy 

PRDGI, prodigal 

PRDGS, prodigious, prodigies 

PRDGT, prodigy 

PRDKMNT, predicament 

PRDKNT, predicant 

PRDKS, paradox 

PEDKT, predicate, predict, product 

PRDKTN, prediction, production 

PEDKTB, predictor 




PBDKTV, productive, predictive 

PBDL, predal, predial 

PBDLCTN, predilection 

PBDMNC, predominance 

PBDJINT, predominate 

PEDN, pardon 

PBDNC, or PIIDXS, prudence 

PBDNT, prudent 

PEDNTL, prudential 

PEDEY, prudery 

PRDS, paradise, produce, periods, 

parades, parodies, prudes 
PBDSKL, paradisaical 
PEDSPS, predispose 
PEDSTN, predestine 
PBDSTNRN, predestinarian 
PRDSTNT, predestinate 
PBDSTNTN, predestination 
PRDSTNTR, predestinator 
PKDTN, perdition 
PRDTKMN, predetermine 
PBDTRMND, predetermined 
PRDTRMNTN, predetermination 
PRDTRY, predatory 
PRDVNTK, peradventure 
PRDY, parody 
PRF, proof 
PRFC, preface 
PRFCNCY, proficiency 
PHFCNG, prophesying 
PHFCNT, proficient 
PEFCT, perfect, prefect 
PRFCTN, perfection, purification 
PRFC rv, perfective 
PRFCY, prophecy 
PEFDS, perfidious 
PRFDY, perfidy 
PRFQR, prefigure 
PEFKS, prefix 
PRFKT, perfect 

PBFETN, perfection, purification 
PRFL, profile 
PRFLGT, profligate 
PUFLS, prooflt-ss, profiler 
PEFM, perfume 
PIIFMR, perfumer 
PBFN, profane, parafHn 
PBFND, profound 

PRFNI, paraphernalia 

PHFNE, profaner 

PBFE, prefer, profler, purifier 

PRFRC, perforce 

PUFUM, perform 

Pr.FRMNC, performance 

PRFRM.NT, preferment 

PRFRNC, preference 

PRFRNG, preferring, proffering 

PRFRS, proffers, prefers, perforce, 


PRFRSTKL, paraphrastical 
PEFRT, perforate 
PRFS, profess, proofs, professes, 

profuse, preface 
PRFSD, professed 
Pursy, profusion, profesiiou 
PEFSNL, professional 
PEFSNS, profuseness 
PHFSNSY, proficiency 
PBFSNT, proficient 
PEFSR, professor 
PRFSY, prophesy 
PBFT, profit, prophet 
PBFTC, prophetic 
PRFTLS, profitless 
PBFTNG, profiting 
PKFTS, prophets, prophetess 
PEFY, purify 
PEG, peerage, perigee, prig, prog, 

prorogue, purge 
PEGCT, project 
PBGCTL, projectile 
PEGCTN, pmjection 
PKGCTK, projector 
PBGD, prigged, prorogued, purged 
PHGDC, prt-judice 
PROD CD, prejudiced 
PfiGDCn, prejudicial 
PBGDCT, prej dicate 
PBGDO, pri-judge 
PBGDS, prejudice 
PRGHT, upright 
PRGKT, project 
PBGKTL, projeclile 
PEGKTN, projectiou 
PRGKI'E, projector 
PEON, paragon 





PBGNCY, pregnancy 

PBG>'G, purging, proroguing, 


PBGNS, progenies 
PBGXSTC, prognostic 
PBGNSTCT, prognosticate 
PRGNSTCTJT, prognostication 
PBGNSTCTB, prognosticator 
PEGNT, pregnant 
PRGXTR, progenitor 
PEGNT, progeny 
PBGE, perjure, perjurer 
PEGRC, paregoric 
PEGRF, paragraph 
PEGBNT, peregrinate 
PBGRNTN, peregrination 
PBGRS, progress 
PBGRSN, progression 
PRGBSV, progressive 
PRGET, perjury 
PEGS, purges, prigs, prorogues 
PRGTN, purgation 
PRGTBY, purgatory 
PBGTV, purgative 
PEHBT, prohibit 
PBHBTX, prohibition 
PBHBTEY, prohibitory 
PBHLM, perihelium 
PBHND, apprehend, apprehended 
PRHNDNG, apprehending 
PBHNDS, apprehends 
PHHPS, perhaps 
PRK, park, peruke, pork, prick 
PEKD, pricked 
PBEGNTN, precognition 
PBKL, prickle, parochial 
PBEID, preclude 
PRKLDXG, precluding 
PBKLDS, precludes 
PEKIM, proclaim 
PBKLNG, porkling, prickling 
PBKLT, pai-aclete, percolate 
PEKLVT, proclivity 
PEKNSL, proconsul 
PEKNSPTN, preconception 
PEKNSV, preconceive 
PBKNTK, precognition 
PBKPXSY, preoccupancy 

PEER, porker, procure 

PBERNM:, pericranium 

PRKHNT, procreant 

PBKBS, precarious, procuress, pro- 

PBKRSE, precursor 

PKKRSTNT, procrastinate 

PEKET, procreate 

PiiKRTN, procreation 

PRKRTE, procurator 

PEES, park?, perukes, precocious 

PBKSM, paroxysm 

PEKSMT, proximate, proximity, 

PRKSN, percussion 

PRKST, pre-exist, precocity 

PEKSY, proxy 

PRKT, apricot 

PRKTN, precaution 

PEKTXE, practitioner 

PRKTE, proctor 

PEKTS, practice 

PBEWST, perquisite 

PEL, parallel, parley, parole, pearl, 
peril, prowl, puerile, purl, ap- 
parel, April, poral 

PELC, prelacy 

PELCT, pre-elect 

PRLCTE, parallactic 

PBLCTB, prolocutor 

PBLD, pearled, parleyed, paroled, 
parallelled, prelude, apparelled 

PELDS, preludes 

PELFC, prolific 

PELG, prologue 

PBLGEM, parallelogram 

PRIGSM, paralogism 

PELES, prolix, parallax 

PRLEST, prolixity 

PELKT, pre-elect 

PELETE, prolocutor 

PRLMNEY, preliminary 

PRLMNT, parliament 

PRLN, purloin 

PRLNG, purloining, purling, pro- 

PRLNGS, prolongs 

PRLNGTN, prolongation 




PELS, perils, paralyze, pearls, 
peerless, parallels, paralysis, 
prayerless, perilous 

Piasv, prelusive 

PELSY, prelacy 

PKLT, prelate, prolate, puerility 

PRLY, pearly, parley, poorly, 

PRM, prime, prim, premium 

PRJIBL, permeable, preamble 

PRMBLT, perambulate 

PEMCY, primacy 

PRMD, pyramid, primed, primmed 

PRMDCL, pyramidical 

PRMDL, pyramidal 

PRMDT, premeditate 

PRMG, primage 

PBMGNL, primogenial 

PBMGNTR, primogeniture, primo- 

PRMLG, promulge 

PRMLGT, promulgate 

PRMLGTN, promulgation 

PRMLGTK, promulgator 

PRMNC, pre-eminence, perma- 
nence, prominence 

PRMND, promenade 

PRMNSH, premonish 

PRMNT, paramount, permanent, 
pre-eminent, prominent 

PRMXTN, premonition 

PRMNTRY, premonitory, promon- 

PRMPT, prompt 

PEMPTD, promptitude 

PBMPTN, pre-emption 

PEMPTE, prompter 

PEMPTRY, peremptory 

PRMR, paramour, primer, premier 

PEMEUL, primordial 

PJBMES, primrose, primers, para- 

PEMEY, primary 

PEMS, premise, premises, premiss, 
premiums, promises, promise 

PEMSBL, permissible 

PEMSCS, promiscuous 

PEMSN, permission 

PRMSNG, promising, premising 

PEMSR, promiser 

PEMSEY, promissory 

PHMST, primest 

PEMSV, permissive 

PRMT, permit, promote, primate 

PEMTE, premature, promoter, 

PEMTS, permits, promotes 

Pfijm', primitive, promotive 

PRMVL, primeval 

PEN, prone, pronoun, prune, 
apron, preen 

PRNC, prance, prince, pronounce, 

PRNCDM, princedom 

PE\CPL, principle, principal 

PENCPLT, principality 

PRNCS, pernicious, appearances, 
princess, princes 

PRNCTN, pronunciation 

PRNG, pairing, pouring, paring, 
praying, pre-engage, preying, 
prong, appearing, pruning, par- 

PENGD, pre-engaged 

PENGR, porringer 

PRNK, prank 

PRNL, perennial 

PENSINT, prcnominate 

PRNN, pronoun 

PENS, proneness, appearance, 
prunes, aprons, pronouns 

PRNSV, apprehensive 

PENT, parent, print, prurient, 
aperient, apparent 

PRNTC, appreniice 

PENTCD, parenticide, apprenticed 

PRNTD, printed 

PRKTG, parentage 

PBNTHS, parenthesis 

PRMHTKL, parenthetical 

PENTL, parental 

PENTLS, parentless 

PENTNG, printing 

PENTR, printer 

PRNTSD, parenticide 

PEP, prop 





PRPG-T, propagate 

PRPGTS, propagates 

PupHcr, prophecy 

PEPHT, prophet 

PIIPL, propel, purple 

PKPLKS, perplex 

PEPI.KST, perplexity 

PRPLNG, propelling 

PRPLS, propels 

PRPLSN, propulsion 

PRPND, propound 

PRPNDCLB, perpendicular 

PRPND u, preponder 

PEPNDET, preponderate 

PRPNG, propping 

PEPNST, propensity 

PRPMT, proponent 

PRPR, prepare, proper 

PRPRD, prepared 

PRPRT, property, propriety, pur- 
port, appropriate 

PRPRTN, preparation, proportion 

PRPRTNBL, proportionable 

PRPKTNL, proportional 

PRPETNS, proportions, appropri- 

PRPETNT, proportionate 

PRPHTR, proprietor 

PRPRTRT, proprietary 

PRPRTV, preparative 

PEPS, propose, porpoise, purpose, 
props, perhaps, prepossess, 

PEPSD, prepossessed, purposed, 

PRPSL, proposal 

PRPSN, prepossession 

PKPSR, proposer 

PR PSTN, preposition 

PEPSTRS, preposterous 

PRPT, propitiate, perpetuity 

PRPTL, perpetual 

PUPTN, perpetuation 

PBPTNG, propitiating 

PKPTRT, perpetrate 

PRPTRT, propitiatory 

PRPTS, propitious, propitiates 

PRPTY, perpetuity 

PEE, prior, poorer, purer, prayer, 
uproar, prairie 

PERDN, pre-ordain 

PRRGTV, prerogative 

PERKWST, prerequisite 

PRRS, prairies, pravera 

PKRT, priority, parrot 

PERT, priory 

PRS, peers, parse, pairs, pours, 
purse, peeress, pears, piers, pa- 
pers, pursue, peruse, porous, 
praise, prays, press, preys 
price, prize, prioress, prose 
pyres, appears, oppress, apprize 
appraise, uprise, uprose, prairies 
pars, pierce, parries, precise 
process, precious,* pierces 

PESBTR, presbyter 

PRSBTRL, presbyterial 

PRSBTRN, presbyterian 

PKSC, prosaic 

PKSCND, prescind 

PHSCRBD, prescribed, proscribed 

PE-^CRBS, prescribes, proscribes 

PRSCEPT, prescript 

PRSCRPTN, prescription 

PESCT, prosecute, persecute 

PRSCTR, prosecutor, persecutor 

PRSD, praised, pressed, perused, 
preside, oppressed, prized, par- 
ricide, persuade, precede, pro- 
ceed, pierced, prosody 

PRSDNG, presiding, persuading, 

PESDNS, precedence 

* Words like precious may look singular when classed under Pus, but it is 
unavoidable in ays ems not having c in the alphabet. Probably th^se centlernen 
who <io rot write c, yet, like others, use a grammalogue for o, and thus write 
prs~oux for precious, or write an enlarged a. For myself, I use Mr. Pitman's 
pr, in addition to a Kra'nmalogue for ous ; thug I should write pr-c-tiut for 
precious, only three characters. 




PBSDNT, president, precedent 

PESDH, procedure 

PBSDT, prosody 

PESO, presage 

PBSGNG, pressgang, presaging 

PUSH, parish, perish, poorish 

PRSHNG, perishing 

PKSHNB, parishioner 

PKSHS, perishes, parishes 

PESE, prosaic 

PRSKBB, prescribe 

PESKEPT, prescript 

PKSKKPTX, prescription 

PKSKT, prosecute, persecute 

PBSKTB, prosecutor, persecutor 

PBSL, parasol, parcel, pursual, 

PESLN, porcelain 

PESLT, prose! v to 

PRSLTNG, proselyting 

PKSLTS, proselytes 

PKSLY, parsley 

PBSM, prism, presume 

PKSMNG, presuming 

PESMNS, parsimonious 

PBSMNY, parsimony 

PRSMTC, prismatic 

PBSMTS, presumptuous 

PBSX, parson, person, prison, per- 
suasion, oppression, precession, 
procession, precision 

PKSNC, presence, pursuance, pre- 

PBSND, prisoned, prescind 

PBSNFY, personify 

PBSNG, personage, preceding, pro- 
ceeding, parsing, pursuing, 
perusing, pressing, praising, 
prizing, piercing 

PRSNL, personal 

PESNI.T, personality 

PBSNP, parsnip 

PBSNB, prisoner 

PESNS, prisons, parsons, persons, 

PBSNT, present, personate, pur- 
suant, precinct 

PBSSTD, presented, personated 

PRSNTMNT, presentment, presen- 

PKSNTN, presentation 

PBSNTR, presenter, precentor 

PUSNTS, presents, personates 

PKSPCS, perspicuous 

PBSPCT, prospect, perspicuity 

PRSPCTS, prospects, prospectus 

PBSPCTV, perspective, prospective 

PHSPK, prosper, perspire 

PKSPUD, prospered, perspired 

PBSPES, prospers, prosperous, 

PBSPRT, prosperity 

PESPBTN, perspiration 

PBSPS, precipice 

PBSPT, precept, precipitate 

PBSPTBL, perceptible 

PBSPTN, perception, precipitation 

PBSPTNS, precipitance 

PESPTNT, precipitant 

PRSPTB, preceptor 

PBSPTS, precepts, precipitous 

PBSE, pursuer, purser, oppressor, 

PBSEV, preserve 

PUSBTB, preserver 

PBSKVTN, preservation 

PBSBVTV, preservative 

PBSS (see PBS) 

PBST, priest, prest, persist, para- 
site, pursuit, prostitute, appre- 

PRSTCBFT, priestcraft 

PBSTD, persisted, prostituted, ap- 

PSSTHD, priesthood 

PESTN, prostitution, pristine 

PHSTNC, persistence 

PBSTNG, persisting, prostituting, 

PBSTNS, persistence 

PKSTEDN, priestridden 

PBSTET, prostrate 

PBS i BID, prostrated 

PKSTKTN, prostration 

PBSTUTS, prostrates 

PKSTS, priests, priestec?, pur- 




suits, persists, prostitutes, ap- 

PBSTY, porosity 

PBSV, persuasive, perceive, pre- 

PBSVBL, perceivable 

PBSVNG, perceiving 

PBSVE, persevere 

PESTBNC, perseverance 

PESY, piracy, prosy 

PET, part, operate, pert, port, 
pirate, parrot, Porte, prate, 
apart, uproot, priority, upright, 
purity, party, parity 

PETBL, portable, partable 

PETBENC, protuberance 

PETC, portico 

PETCHNKL, pyrotechnical 

PETCL, particle, protocol 

PETCLB, particular 

PETCLBS, particularize, particulars 

PRTCPL, participle 

PETCPKT, participant 

PETCPT, participate 

PETCT, protect 

PBTCTNG, protecting 

PBTCTXST, protectionist 

PRTCTE, protector 

PETCTS, protects 

PETCTV, protective 

PETD, parted, operated, uprooted, 
pirated, prated 

PKTFL, portfolio 

PRTG, portage, protege 

PETH, prithee 

PETK, partake, partook, portico 

PETKL, particle, protocol 

PBTKLB, particular 

PETKLES, particulars, particularize 

PBTKST, pretext 

PETKT, protect 

PRTKTNST, protectionist 

PETKTR, protector 

PETKTV, protective 

PBTL, partial, portal, prattle 

PETLB, prattler 

PBTLS, partless, prattles 

PBTLY, portly, partly, pertly 

PETMNT, apartment. 

PBTN, portion, partition, pertain, 
Puritan, operation, apportion, 
apparition, peroration 

PBTNC, pertinence, pretence, pur- 

PKTNCL, Puritanical 

PETNCS, pretences, pertinacious, 

PBTNCT, pertinacity 

PETND, portend, portioned, par- 
titioned, pretend 

PETNDK, pretender 

PBTNG, parting, pirating, prating, 

PETNKL, Puritanical 

PitTNB, partner 

PKTNS, appurtenance, portions, 
pretence, partitions, pertains, 
operations, apparitions, pero- 
rations, Puritans 

PETNSM, Puritanism 

PETNS>*, pretension 

PETNST, pertinacity 

PKTNT, pertinent, portent 

PHTNTS, portentous 

PETP, prototype 

PETE, porter, aperture, operator, 
pear-tree, pretor, parterre, up- 

PETEBD, perturbed 

PKTEBL, perturbable 

PETKBXO, perturbing 

PETEBTN, perturbation 

PETECT, protract 

PETECTS, protracts 

PRTBCTV, protractive 

PETED, protrude, portrayed 

PETEDG, partridge 

PETEDS, protrudes 

PETEG, porterage 

PETRKT, protract 

PETBKTV, protractive 

PETENG, portraying 

PjtTBNTEt, preternatural 

PUTES, porteress, apertures, por- 
ters, operators, uprooters 

PETESN, protrusion 




PETRT, portrait, preterite 

PETET, portray 

PETS, parts, ports, parrots, pirates, 
uproots, prates, pyrites, appa- 
ratus, operates, uprights 

PBTSN, partisan, pretension 

PETSPL, participle 

PETSPT, participate 

PETST, protest 

PRTSTX, protestation 

PBTSTNG, protesting 

PETSTNT, Protestant 

PKTY, operative, aperitive 

PETY, party, parity, purity 

PEV, prove, approve 

PBTBL, provable, approvable 

PKYC, privacy 

PBVCTX, provocation 

PBVCY, privacy 

PETD, proved, pervade, provide, 
approved, purveyed 

PEYDNC, providence 

PBVDXG, pervading, providing 

PEVBNS, providence 

PETDNT, provident 

PEVDXTL, providential 

PEVDS, pervades, provides 

PBTK, provoke 

PEVKD, provoked 

PETES, provokes 

PBYL, prevail, approval 

PEVLD, prevailed 

PBVLG, privilege 

PBYLNT, prevalent 

PEVLT, privily 

PRVN, proven 

PBVNC, province, purveyance 

PETNCL, provincial 

PBYNDB, provender 

PBVXG, proving, approving, pur- 

PBTNS, purveyance, province 

PBYNSL, provincial 

PRVI.T, prevent 

PRVNTN, prevention 

PBVNTXG, preventing 

PBYB, purveyor, prover 

PBYBB, proverb 

PBYEBL, proverbial 

PRVRCT, prevaricate 

PEVBS, perverse, purveyors 

PEYBSN, perversion 

PEYEST, perversity 

PEYRT, pervert 

PEYBTNG, perverting 

PBYETS, perverts 

PEYS, previous, pervious, proviso, 
approves, purveys 

PRYST, provost 

PRYST, privacy 

PBVT, private, privity 

PBYTN, privation 

PKYTB, privateer, perverter 

PEVTY, privity 

PEYT, privy, purvey 

Pswii, prowl 

PEWLD, prowled 

PBWLB, prowler 

PEWX, prawn 

PRWNKL, periwinkle 

PEWS, prowess, prows 

PET, pry, parry, pray, prey, pory, 
perry, priory 

Ps, pass, posse, possess, pause, 
apes, pace, piece, peace, apsis, 
pipes, pious, poise, poises, pose, 
poses, puss, appease, passes, 
pauses, opposes, appeases 

PSBL, passable, possible, passible, 
peaceable, appeasable 

PSBLT, possibility 

PSCHL, paschal 

PSCL, paschal 

PSCPCY, episcopacy 

PSCPL, episcopal 

PSCPLN, episcopalian 

PSCRY, piscary 

PSCTBY, piscatory 

PSD, passed, paused, possessed, 
posed, pseudo, episode, upside, 
paced, opposed, pieced, poised, 

PSFD, pacified 

PSFK, pacific 

PSFKTN, pacification 

PSFL, peaceful 





PSFR, pacifier 

PSFT, pacify 

PSG-, passage, 

PSH, pish, push 

PSHD, pushed 

PSHNG, pushing 

PSHS, pushes 

PSHT, upshot 

PSHW, pshaw 

PSKL, paschal 

PSKPL, episcopal 

PSKPLN, episcopalian 

PSKPSY, episcopacy 

PSKRY, piscary 

PSKTET, piscatory 

PSL, puzzle 

PSLM, psalm 

PSLMDT, psalmody 

PSLMST, psalmist 

PSLNG, puzzling 

PSLNMS, pusillanimous 

PSLNMT, pusillanimity 

PSLS, puzzles, peaceless 

PSLTK, psalter 

PSLTKY, psaltery 

PSML, piecemeal 

PSMK, pismire 

Psy, passion, poison, puisne 

PSNC, puissance 

PSXD, poisoned 

Psxo, passing, possessing, paus- 
ing, poising, appeasing, posing, 
pacing, poisoning, opposing 

PSXGR, passenger 

PSNS, poisons, passions, poisonous, 

PSNT, passionate/peasant, puissant 

PSNTBY, peasantry 

PSXTS, peasants 

PSPBT, passport 

PSR, possessor, passer, poser, 

Psa, see Ps 

PST, past, paste, post, pest, posset, 
upset, opposite, apposite, pau- 
city, opacity, apostate 

Psxc, apostacy 

PSTD, posted, pasted, posited 

PSTDLVN, postdiluvian 

PSTFRS, pestiferous 

PST&, postage 

PSTHMS, posthumous 

PSTHS, pesthouse 

PSTL, pestle, pistol, apostle, pis- 
tole, epistle, pustule 

PSTLK, apostolic 

PSTLN, postillion 

PSTLNC, pestilence 

PSTLNT, pestilent 

PSTLS. apostles, pestles, pistols, 
epistles, pustules, postless 

PSTLT, postulate 

PSTLTN, postulation 

PSTM, pastime 

PSTN, piston, position, opposition 

PSTXST, oppositionist 

PSTPN, postpone 

PSTE, pasture, pastor, poster, 
pester, posterior, posture, pi- 

PSTRBL, pasturable 

PSTRF, apostrophe 

PsTEG, pasturage 

PSTKX, postern 

PSTBT, posterity, upstart 

PSTKY, pastry 

PSTS, posts, pests, pastes, apostates, 
apostacy, apostatize 

PSTSY, apostacy 

PSTV, positive 

PSTY, pasty 

Psv, passive, possessive 

PSVB, passover 

PSY, posy 

Px, put, peat, pat, pit, pet, pot, 
pate, piety, apt, epithet, opiate, 
appetite, pout, potato, pcet, 

PTBL, pitiable, potable 

PTBLD, potbellied . 

PTC, optic 

PTCH, patch, pitch 

PTCHNG, pitching, patching 

PTCHB, pitcher 

PTCL, poetical 

PTCN, optician 




PTCS, optics 

PTCT, petticoat 

PTD, pitied, putid, pitted, puttied, 
aptitude, pouted, potted, petted 

PTF, epitaph 

PTFGNG, pettifogging 

PTFL, pitfall, pitiful 

PTFS, epitaphs 

PTG, pottage 

PTH, path, pith 

PTHGJT, apothegm 

PTHKRY, apothecary 

PTHLG, pathology 

PTHLS, pathless, pithless 

PTHM, apothegm 

PTHS, pathos, paths 

PTHTK, pathetic, apathetic 

PTHTKL, pathetical 

PTHY, pithy, apathy 

PTKL, poetical 

PTKS, optics 

PTKT, petticoat 

PTL, petal 

PTLNT, petulant 

PTLS, pitiless, aptless, petals, 

PTLT, patly 

PTM, epitome 

PTMN, pitman 

PTX, patten, petition, potation, 
potion, option 

PTXC, patience, pittance, potency 

PTNCY, potency 

PTXD, petitioned 

PTNQ, putting, pouting, patting, 
pitting, petting, puttying, pot- 

PTNE, petitioner 

PTNS, patience, petitions, pittance 

PTXSY, potency 

PT.ST, patent, patentee, patient 
potent, potentate 

PTNTD, patented 

PTXTL, potential 

PTPH, epitaph 

PTR, patter, potter, Peter 

PTECH, patriarch 

PTRCHT, patriarchate 

PTECX, patrician 

PTBD, putrid 

PTEFCTN, putrefaction, petriflca- 

PTRFCTV, putrefactive 

PTKFY, putrefy, petrify 

PTBL, patrol, petrel 

PTEMNL, patrimonial 

PTEMNY, patrimony 

PTBN, patron, pattern 

PTENG, patronage, pattering, pot- 

PTRNL, paternal 

PTRNS, patterns, patrons 

PTRNSTB, paternoster 

PTHNTY, paternity 

PTES, patters, potters, Peter's 

PTRSCNT, putrescent 

PTET, patriot 

PTETC, patriotic 

PTBTSM, patriotism 

PTBY, poetry, pottery 

PTS, pits, puts, peats, pats, pet?, 
pots, pates, piteous, poets, 
poetess, pouts, potatoes, appe- 
tites, epithets 

PTSTI, pettish, potash 

PTSHBD, potsherd 

PTSM, pietism 

PTSN, optician, patrician 

PTT, potato, Pitt 

PTTD, aptitude 

PTV, putative 

PXY, petty, piety, pity, putty 

PT,* pave 

Pro, paved 

Pvix, pavillion 

PTMNT, pavement 

PVE, paver, pavier 

PTET, poverty 

PVSH, peevish 

PVT, pivot 

Pw, paw, pew 

PWD, pewed, pawed 

* See also PP if v and p are written alike. 




PWDE, powder 
PWDENG, powdering 
PWDES, powders 
PWN, pawn 

PWNBBKB, pawnbroker 
PWE, power 

PWED, upward 
PWRDS, upward^ 
PWRFL, powerful 
Pws, paws, pews 
PWTE, pewter 
PY, pay 


R is a semi- vowel, which acts an important part in many words, 
and the omission to sound it by careless people, especially in 
the south of England, is a deplorable nuisance to a person 
writing after a speaker. To ignore the letter h is far more 
pardonable than v; and rapid speakers, whose gibberish is 
carried on by murdering r and t, often have to complain of 
being misunderstood if they see their remarks in print. It is 
best to stop writing when men do not speak the English 
language. E. is preceded by a 140 times, e 30, i 26, o 150, and 

PB.EFIX. Ir-, which is a negative not of frequent occur- 
rence, e.g., ir-regular. 


E, or, our, oar, ore, era, ere, ear, 
are, area, hear, hire, here, hare, 
Arabs, roe, ire, air, err, error, 
rear, rue, roar, rare, re- 

EB, rob, robe, rub, rib, rabbi, orb, 

BBCLE, orbicular 

BED, robbed, robed, rubbed, 
ribbed, rabid, orbed 

EBF, rebuff 

BBFD, rebuffed 

BBFY, rubify 

EBK, rebuke, re-book 

BBKD, rebuked, re-booked 

BBKLB, orbicular 

BBKN&, rebuking, re-booking 

EBL, rebel, rabble, arable, hor- 

EBLD, ribald, rebelled, re- 


BBLDRY, ribaldry 

BBLN, rebellion 

EBLS, rebellious, rebels, robeless, 
orbless, ribless 

EBN, robin, urbane, ribbon, Ara- 

EBNCL, rabbinical 

BUND, ribband, rebound 

EBNG, orbing, robing, robbing, 

EBNKL, rabbinical 

EBNTY, urbanity 

EBPTS, re-baptize 

EBB, robber, rober, rubber, ar- 

EBEB, rhubarb 

EBEC, rubric 
EBEKLTE, arboriculture 
EBET, Eoberfc 

EBEY, robbery 




BBS, rebus, robes, ribs, robs, rubs, 
orbs, Arabs 

EBSH, rubbish 

EBST, robust 

EBT, rabbit, rabbet, rebut, rebate, 

EBTE, arbiter, rebutter 

BBTRT, arbitrate 

KBT, ruby 

EC, race, rice 

ECD, recede, arcade, receded, 

ECD xo, receding 

BCGXS, recognize 

ECQNSD, recognized 

BCGXSNC, recognizance 

BCGNSXG, recognizing 

Ecn, reach, rich, roach, arch 

BCHBSHP, archbishop 

BCHD, reached, arched 

ECHDK, archduke 

ECUDKN, arch deacon 

ECHLGCL, arcli geological 

Ecnso, reaching, re-change, arch- 

ECHNGL, archangel 

ECHPLG, archipelago 

ECHE, archer, richer, re-chair 

ECHED, re-chaired, orchard, Eich- 

ECHBO, re-charge 

ECHEY, archery 

BCHS, riches, reaches, arches 

ECHSTE, orchestra 

ECHTCT, architect 

ECHTCTEL, architectural 

ECHV, archive 

BCKN, reckon 

ECKND, reckoned 

ECKSG, reckoning 

ECKT, racket, rocket 

ECKTS, rickets 

BCKTY, rickety 

BCKY, rocky 

ECL, recall, recoil, oracle, auricula 

ECLCT, recollect 

ECLCTD, recollected 

BOLD, recalled, recoiled, re-clad 

ECLIT, reclaim 

ECLMD, reclaimed 

BCLN, recline 

ECLND, reclined 

BCLNG, recalling, reclining, recoil- 


ECLB, auricular 
ECLS, recalls, reckless, re-close, 

recluse, recoils 
ECMBNC, recumbency 
ECMBST, recumbent 
BCMNC, recommence 
ECMNCD, recommenced 
ECMXD, recommend 
ECMNDTN, recommendation 
ECMPL, re-compile 
ECMPXC, recompense 
ECSIPS, re-compose 
ECMT, re-commit 
ECN, racoon, re-coin, re-cane 

ECNCLMNT, reconcilement 
BCXCLTN, reconciliation 
ECKCLTEY, reconcik'atory 
ECNDCT, re-conduct 
ECNDT, recondite 
ECNG, racing 
ECNKWB, reconquer 
ECNS, raciness 

ECXT, recant, recent, recount 
ECNTE reconnoitre 
ECNTBD, reconnoitred 
KCNVX, re-convene 
ECP, recipe, recoup 
BCPNG, recouping 
ECPXT, recipient 
ECPBCL, reciprocal 
ECPECT, reciprocate 
ECPS, recoup?, recipes 
ECPT, receipt 
BCPTCL, receptacle 
ECPTD, receipted 
ECPTLT, recapitulate 
ECPTLTD, recapitulated 
BCPTN, reception 
ECPTB, recapture 
ECPTV, receptive 
ECE, recur, racer 





ECED, recurred, record 

ECHDE, recorder 

ECEMNT, recrement, recriminate 

BCRNC, recurrence 

BCRNG, recurring 

ECRNT, recreant, recurrent 

ECRS, recourse, racers, recurs 

ECRT, recreate, recruit, re-cart 

BCETN, recreation 

ECRTNG, recreating, recruiting 

ECRTS, recreates, recruits, re-carts 

Ecs, recess, re-access, races, raci- 

ECSN, recession, recision 

ECT, receipt, react, recite, erect 

Ecxc, arctic 

ECTCT, architect 

BCTCTRL, architectural 

ECTD, receipted, reacted, recti- 
tude, recited, erected 

ECTFBL, rectifiable 

ECTFD, rectified 

BCTFN&, rectifying 

ECTFE, rectifier 

ECTFS, rectifies 

ECTI/, recital 

ECTLNE, rectilinear 

ECTN, reaction, recitation, erection 

BCTNG, receipting, reciting, re- 
acting, erecting 

BCTNGL, rectangle 

ECTE, rector, reciter 

ECTRY, rectory 

ECTV, recitative 

EOT, receive 

ECVBL, receivable 

ECVD, received 

ECVE, receiver, recover 

ECVEBL, recoverable 

ECVRD, recovered 

Bcvs, receives 

ECY, racy 

ED, read, rode, ride, rude, raid, 
road, rid, red, reed, reared, 
roared, rued, aired, eared, 
oared, arid, rood, erred, heard, 

EDBL, re-double, readable 

EDBT, redoubt 

Unc reduce 

BDCD, reduced 

EDCL, radical, ridicule 

KDCLS, ridiculous, ridicules, ra- 

EDCLSM, radicalism 

EDCS, reduces 

EDCT, radicate, eradicate, re- 

EDCTN, reduction, eradication 

BDFY, re-edify 

EDO, ridge, re-dig 

EDKL, radical, ridicule 

EDKLS, ridiculous, radicals, ridi- 

EDKLSM:, radicalism 

EUKT, eradicate, re-dedicate, ra- 

BDKTN, reduction, eradication 

EDL, riddle, ordeals 

BOLD, riddled 

EDLNC, redolence 

EDLNT, redolent 

BDLS, riddles, ordeals 

EDLVE, re-deliver 

EDM, redeem 

EDMD, redeemed 

EDMPTN, redemption 

BDMH, redeemer 

EDMRL, rear-admiral 

BDMSN, re-admission 

EDMT, re-admit, rudiment 

EDN, redden, ordain 

EDNC, radiance, riddance, ordi- 
nance, ardency 

EDXCY, ardency, radiancy 

EDND, redound, ordained 

EDNDNC, redundance, redundancy 

BDNDNT, redundant 

EDNG, reading, riding, ridding, 

EDNL, ordinal 

BDNRY, ordinary 

EDNS, readiness, ruddiness, rude- 
ness, ordains, redounds 

EDNSY, ardency, radiancy 

EDNT, radiant, ordinate, ardent 




EDNTN, ordination 

BDPLCT, re-duplicate 

BDPTD, re-adpted, re-adopted 

EDPTN, re-adoption 

EDPTNG, re-adopting, re-adapting 

EDE, reader, rider, rudder, redder, 
order, re-order, ruddier, ardour 

BDRLS, orderless, rudderless, ri- 

EDKS, redress, orders, reader?, 
riders, rudders 

EDS, radius, rods, reads, roads, 
rides, raids, red?, reduces, re- 
duce, arduous, reeds, roods 

EDSD, reduced 

ED?H, radish, reddish 

BDSXG, reducing 

EDT, radiate, redoubt, erudite, 
re-dedicate, re-date 

EDTD, radiated, re-dedicated, re- 

BDTX, radiation, erudition, re- 

BDTXG, radiating, re-dating 

BDY, ready, ruddy, reedy 

P.F,*raff, rufl', roof, reef, rife, rough 

EFC, orifice, re-face 
BFCTN, rarefaction, refection 
EFCTKY, refectory 

EFD, reefed, roofed, roughed, re- 
fed, rarefied 

EFO. refuge, refugee 

HTL, raflle, rifle, ruffle, ireful, 


EFLCT, reflect 

EFLCTD, re-afflicted, reflected 
BFLCTXG, reflecting 
EFX.CTR, reflector 
EFLCTV, reflective 
BFLGXC, refulgence 
EFLGNT, refulgent 
EFLKS, reflex, reflux 
EFLKSII, re-flourish 
EFLS, rifles, ruffles, re-feels, raffles, 

EFLW, re-flow 

BFX, refine, ruffian, orphan 

EFND, refined, refund 

EFXG, refining, orphanage 

EFXGK, re-finger 

KFNR, refiner 

EF.SS, orphans, roughness, refines 

RFK, refer, referee, re-fire, rougher 

KFUBL, referable 

EFUCT, refract 

EFRCTD, refracted 

EFECTN, refraction 

EFHCTET, refractory 

RFEI>, referred, re-fired 

EFRGBL, refragable 

EFEGEXT, refrigerant 

EFKGET, refrigerate 

RFRM, reform, re-affirm 

EFRMD, re-affirmed, reformed, re- 

EFRMNG, reforming, re-affirming, 

EFEX, refrain 

EFRNC, reference 

EFKXG, refraining, referring 

EFRNGBL, refrangible 

KFRS, auriferous, referees, refers 

EFRSH, refresh 

EFRSHXG, refreshing 

EFS, refuse, roofs, reefs, roughs, 
orifice, re-face, rarefies 

EFSL, refusal 

EFSNG, refushig 

EFSE, refuser 

EFT, raft, re fit, refute, rift 

EFTD, refuted, re-footed, re-fitted 

EFTX, refutation 

EFTSG, refuting 

EFTR, rafter 

EFTS, rafts, refutes, refits 

EFY, rarefy 

EG, rag, rug, rig, rogue, rage, 
rouge, urge, argue 

EGC, rejoice 

EGCD, regicide, rejoiced 

Eocs, rejoices 

EGCT, riject 


* See also Rv, if v and r are written alike. 




EGCTD, rejected 

BGCT^G, rejecting 

BGD, ragged, rueged, rigged, 
rouged, raged, rigid, re-rigged, 
argued, urged 

EGDG-, re-judge 

EGDT, rigidity 

EGH, rough 

BGHT, right 

EGL, regal, regale, regalia 

BGLD, regaled 

EGLXG, regaling 

EGLB, regular 

EGLT, regality, regulate, reglet, 

BGLTD, regulated, re-gilted 

BGLTX, regulation 

EGLTE, regulator 

EGMK, regimen 

BGMNT, regiment, argument 

EGN, regain, reign, region, rejoin, 
organ, origin 

EGNC, regency, organic, urgency 

BGSD, regained, reigned, rejoined 

BGNDE, rejoiiicier 

EGNG, regaining, reigning, rejoin- 
ing, rigging, urging, raging, 
roguing, arguing 

EGXE, organic 

BGNL, original 

BGNBT, regenerate 

BGHBTD, regenerated 

BGNBTX, regeneration 

EG>'S, regions, regains, reigns, or- 
ganize, organs, origins, rejoins, 
urgency, regency, reorganize 

EGNSM, organism 

BGNST, organist 

BGJTSTN, organization 

EGNSY, regency, urgency 

BGNT, regent, regnant, originate, 
urgent, arrogant 

EGNTD, originated, re-jointed 

BOB, rigour, urger 

EGED, regard, regarded 

EGEDLS, regardless 

BGEDNG, regarding 

EGEDS, regards 

EGBG, regorge 

BGRMXTN, regermination 

EGRS, regress, rigorous 

EGET, regrate, regret, regirt 

EGBTD, regretted, regrated 

BGS, rags, orgies, urges, Argus, 
rages, argues, rugs, rigs, rogues, 
rejoice, rejoices 

EGSD, rejoiced, regicide 

EGSH, roguish 

EGSXG, rejoicing 

EGSTE, register, registrar 

BGSTBD, registered 

EGT, arrogate, right 

EGTN, rogation 

EHBRB,* rhubarb 

EHM, rhyme 

EHMTC, rheumatic 

EHMTSM, rheumatism 

EHXCBS, rhinoceros 

BHPSDST, rhapsodist 

EHPSDY, rhapsody 

EHB, re-hear 

BHED, re-heard 

EHBNG, re-bearing 

Enus, re-hears, rehearse, re-horse 

EUKSD, rehearsed, re-horsed 

EHESL, rehearsal 

EHESNG, rehearsing 

EHTHMCL, rhythmical 

EHTBC, rhetoric 

EK, ark, arch, wreak, re-cock, rack, 
rake, rock, wreck, reck, rook, 

BED, raked, racked, arcade, re- 
cooked, wreaked 

EKGNS, recognize 

EKGNSNS, recognizance 

EKL, recall, recoil, oracle, auri- 

EKLB, recalled, recoiled 

EKLDN, euroclydon 

The following words beginning with EH will also be found without n in 
the proper place. 




RKLGCL, archaeological 

RKLKT, recollect 

RKLM, reclaim 

RKLN, recline 

RKLB, auricular 

EELS, reckless, rockless, recalls, 

recluse, recoils, re-close 
RKMBXS, recumbency 
RKIIBXT, recumbent 
RKMND, recommend 
EKMXS, recommence 
RKMPI, re-compile 
EKMPXS, recompense 
EKMPS, recompose 
BKMT, re-commit 
BKN, racoon, reckon, re-cane, ra- 


BKXD, reckoned, re-coined 
EKNDL, rekindle 
BKKDNS, re-condense 
BKSDT, recondite 
BKXG, reckoning, reeking, raking, 

racking, wrecking, wreaking, 


BKXGL, archangel 
EKNKWE, reconquer 
RKNSL, reconcile 
RKNSLTN, reconcil: 
BKNT. recant, recount 
EKNTH, reconnoitre 
EKNVX, re-conrene 
EKP, recoup 
KKPNG, recouping 
EKPTLT, recapitulate 
EKPTE, recapture 
EKE, raker, recur 
EKED, recurred, record 
EKRDB, recorder 
EKKS, recurs 
EKET, recruit, recreate 
EKRTN, recreation 
EKET, rookery 
RKS, racks, rucks, rakes, rocks, 

wrecks, rooks, wreaks 
RKSH, rakish 
RKSSI, irksome 
RKSMN, re-examine 
RKSIB, orchestra 

RKT, racket, rocket, ricket, 

rickety, erect, re-act 
RKTD, rectitude, erected, rc-actccl 
RKTFD, rectified 
RKTFNa, rectifying 
RKTFS, rectifies 
RKIFT, rectify 
RKTK, arctic 
RKTKT, architect 
RKTKTEL, architectural 
RKTLSE, rectilinear 
RKTN, re-action, erection 
EKTNQ, erecting, re-ucting 
EKTXGL, rectangle 
RKTE, rector 
EKTEY, rectory 
RKV, archive 
RKWII, requiem 
RKWE, require 
RKWST, request, requisite 
EKWSTN, requisition 
RKWT, requite 
EKWTL, requitai 
RKY, rocky 
EL, rail, real, roll, rule, rill, reel, 

relay, royal, early, aerial,' ear), 

oral, rural 
RLO, relic 
RLCS, relics 
RLCT, re-elect 
RXCTD, re-elected 
RLCTN, re-election 
RLCTNC, reluctance 
RLCTNT, reluctant 
RLCTS, re-elects, relicts 
RLD, relied, rolled, railed, ruled, 

reeled, relayed 
RLDOM, earldom 
ELF, relief 
RLFD, re-leafed 
RLGD, re-legged 
RLGN, religion 
RLGNS, religions 
ELK, re-look, relic 
RLKS, relax, relics, re-looks 
RLKSD, relaxed 
RLKSTN, relaxation 
RLKT, relict, re-elect 





RLKTD, re-elected 

RLKTN, re-election 

RLKTNT, reluctant 

ELKTS, re-elects, relicts 

ELM, realm, relumine 

RIMX, re-illumine 

ELMS, realms 

RLNC, reliance 

ELNG, ruling, rolling, railing, 

erelong, relying 
EINKWSH, relinquish 
ELNS, reliance 
ELXT, relent 
RLNTD, rebnted 
ELPS, relapse 
RLPSD, relapsed 
RLE, roller, ruler, railer, earlier 
ELET, raillery 
ELS, realize, rules, rolls, rails, 

rills, reels, release, relics, eurls, 

earless, airless, ruralize 
RLSD, released, realized 
RLSH, relish 
ELSHD, relished 
ELSHNG, relishing 
BLSN&, releasing 
ELST, royalist 
BIT, relate, reality, royalty, re-lot, 


ELTD, related, re-halted 
BLTV, relative 
BLTY, reality, royalty 
ELA*, relieve, re-love 
BLVD, relieved, re-loved 
RLYNT, relevant, irrelevant (see 

ELY, really, rally, roily, rely, relay, 

rarely, early 
liir, rum, ram, rim, Rome, room, 

ream, rhyme, roam, rime, arm, 


EMBD, re-embodied 
RMBDT, re-embody 
RMBL, ramble, rumble 
BMBLNG, rambling, rumbling 
EMBLB, rambler 
RMBB, remember, re-member 
RMBEK, re-embark 

EMBENC, remembrance 

RMBENCE, remembrancer 

RMBES, reimburse, remembers 

RMBESD, reimbursed 

RIID, roamed, rammed, roomed, 
rhymed, remedy, rimmed, ar- 
mada, armed 

EMDBL, remediable 

EMDLS, remediless 

EMDY, remedy 

EMFI/, armful, roomful 

EMFY, ramify 

EMG, rummage , 

RMGD, rummaged 

EJILS, armless, roomless, rhyme- 
less, rimless 

EMLT, armlet 

EMIIG, rummage 

ESIMNT, armament 

EMN, remain, Eoman, ermine, Ar- 

EMNC, romance 

EMNCK, romancer 

EiiUT), remained, remand, remind, 

RMNDXG, remanding, reminding 

RMNEBL, remunerable 

E.MNRT, remunerate 

RMNETD, remunerated 

RMNETN, remuneration 

EMNETNG, remunerating 

ESINIITV, remunerative 

EMNS, remains, Eomans, Arrni- 
nians, romance 

EMNSNC, reminiscence 

RMNSTEKC, remonstrance 

EMNSTET, remonstrate 

EMNT, raiment, remnant, remount, 
ruminate, armament 

RMNTC, romantic 

EMXTD, re-mounted 

RMXTK, romantic 

RMP, ramp, romp, rump 

RMPD, romped 

RMPL, rumple 

EMPXT, rampant 

RIIPESX, re-impression 

RMPET, rampart 




RMPT, armpit 

UMK, rammer, roamer, re-murmur, 

rumour, armour 
RMRD, ramrod, rumoured 
RMKK, remark 
RMRKXG, remarking 
RMRI, armorial 
RMRS, remorse 
RMUSLS, remorseless 
RMRY, armoury 
EMS, remiss, rooms, reams, rams, 

roams, rhymes, arms, armies 
RMSBL, remissible 
RMSX, remission 
RMSTC, armistice 
RMT, remit, remote 
RMTC, rheumatic, aromatic 
RMTD, remitted 
RMTK, rheumatic, aromatic 
RMTX, re-motion 
RMTXC, remittance 
RMTXS, remoteness, remittance 
RMTS, remits 
RMTSST, rheumatism 
RMV, remove 
HMTD, removed 
RMVL, removal 
RMT, rimy, roomy, army 
Rs, rain, run, ran, ruin, rein, 

reign, iron, urn, urine, earn, 

roan, renown, Arian, Aaron 
RNBW, rainbow 
RNC, renounce, Aaronie, rinse 
RXCD, rancid, renounced, rinsed, 

RXCLS, ranunculus 
RNCNTB, rencounter 
RNCB, rancour, renouncer 
RNCRS, rhinoceros 
RNCTN, renunciation 
RXD, rand, rend, rended, renowned, 

errand, ruined, rounded, earned, 

rained, round, rind, around, 


RSDM, random 
RXDNG, rending, rounding 
RSDB, render, reindeer, rounder 
EXDS, rends, rounds 

RXDSVS, rendezvous 

RNDTX, rendition 

RXFKC, re-enforce 

RNFBCD, re-enforced 

RXG, rang, ring, wrung, range, re- 
enjoy, ruining, rueiug, arrange, 
earning, roaring, rearing, airing, 
earring, orange, erring, rung 

RXGD, re-enjoyed, renegade, ar- 
ranged, ranged 

RNGLDB, ringleader 

RNGLT, ringlet 

RNGB, ranger, ringer, arranger 

RNGS, rings, earring?, oranges, 

RXGT, runagate 

RXK, rank 

RXKD, ranked 

RNKL, rankle, ironical 

RNKXDL, re-enkindle 

RNKR, rancour 

RNL, urinal 

RNMLD, ironmould 

RXMNGB, ironmonger 

RNMT, re-animate 

RNMTD, re-animated 

RXMTS, re-animates 

RXN, renown, reunion 

RXR, runner, ruiner, earner 

RNBD, reynard 

RXBS, rhinoceros 

RNS, rareness, reins, rains, runs, 
ruins, reigns, renounce, rinse, 
earns, erroneous, irons, Arians, 

RNSCBL, renascible 

RXSCXT, renascent 

RXSD, rinsed, renounced 

RXSK, ransack 

RNSM ransom, Arianism 

RNSXG rinsing, renouncing 

RNSPR, re-inspire 

RNSB, renouncer 

RXST, re-instate, earnest 

RNSTL, re-instal 

RNT, rant, rent, runt, re-unite, 
orient, aeronaut 

RJ.ID, rented, ranted, re-united 




ENTHXG, ornithology 

ENTL, rental, oriental 

ENTN, ruination 

ENTNC, renitency 

BNTNG, renting, ranting 

ENTNT. renitent 

ENTB, renter, re-enter, ranter, 

ENTS, rents, rants, runts, re- 
unites, aeronauts 

BNVST, re-invest 

ENVT, re-invite, renovate 

ENVTN, renovation, re-invitation 

ENVTS, renovates, re-invites 

RNW, renew 

ENWD, renewed 

ENWL, renewal 

ENWN, renown 

ENWND, renowned 

ENWNG, renewing 

BNY, rainy, irony 

EP, rap, rape, ripe, rope, reap, 
repay, rip, rupee 

EPBLC, republic 

BPBLCN, republican 

EPOS, rapacious 

EPCT, rapacity 

EPD, rapid, ripped, roped, 

EPDT, repudiate, rapidity 

EPDTD, repudiated 

EPDTN, repudiation 

RPDTNG, repudiating 

EPDTS, repudiates 

BPG, re-pae 

EPGD, re-paged 

EPGNC, repugnance 

EPGNT, repugnant 

EPGS, Areopagus 

EPHN, orphan 

EPHNG, orphanage 

EPHNS, orphans 

EPL, repeal, repel, re-pile, re-poll, 
re-pull, ripple 

EPLC, replace 

EPLCD, replaced 

EPLD, repealed, repelled, rippled, 

EPLNQ-, repealing, repelling, rip- 
pling, replying 

EPLNSH, replenish 

EPLNT, replant 

EPLS, repulse, repeals, repels, re- 
plies, ripples, replace 

EPLSD, repulsed, replaced 

EPLSH, repolish 

KPLSRY, repulsory 

EPLST, repulsive 

EPLT, replete, riplet 

EPLTN, repletion 

EPLTN, replevin 

EPLY, reply 

EPN, rapine, ripen, repine, re- 

EPND, repined, ripened, re-pound, 

EPNG, ripening, repining, reaping, 
rapping, roping, repaying, rip- 
ping, re-opening 

EPNE, repiner 

EPN3, ripens, ripeness, re-opens 

EPNT, repent, re-point, re-paint 

EPNTD, repented, re-pointed, re- 

EPNTNC, repenlance 

EPNTNT, repentant 

EPE, re-appear, reaper, repair 

EPRBL, repairable 

EPKBT, reprobate 

EPRCH, reproach 

EPRCTIS, reproaches, re-purcluise 

EPRD, re-appeared, repaired 

EPHDC, reproduce 

EPRDCTN, reproduction 

EPKF, reproof 

EPRHND, reprehend 

EPRHNSV, reprehensive 

EPIIMND, reprimand 

EPRN, re-prune 

EPRNC, re-appearance 

UPRNG, re-appearing, repairing 

EPRNT, reprint 

EPKS, repairs, reapers, re-appears, 

EPKSD, repressed 

EPESL, reprisal 




BPESXT, represent 

BPKSSTD, represented 

BPESV, repressive 

BFKT. report, reporter 

EPETD, reported, re-parted 

BPBTN, reparation 

BPBTXG, reporting 

BPETBY, repertory 

EPEV, reprieve, reprove 

BPUYBL, reprovable 

BPBVD, reprieved, reproved 

EPS, repose, raps, reaps, repas?. 
repossess, ropes, rips, rapacious 

EPSD, reposed, re-passed, rhap- 

EPST, repast, reposit, rapacity 

BPSTBY, repository 

EPT, repeat, repute, re-put, rapt 

BPTL, reptile 

BPTX, repetition, reputation, 

BPTNG, repeating, re-putting 

EPTE, rapture, rupture, repeater 

EPTED, ruptured 

BPTS, repeats 

EPT, repay, ropy 

EE, rare, rear, roar, err, error, 
arrear, aurora, rarer, roarer, 

BRCLMBL, irreclaimable 

BBCXCLBL, irreconcilable 

BECVUBX, irrecoverable 

BBD, arrayed, reared, roared, 
erred, re-read, re-heard 

ERDCBL, irreducible 

BEDN, re- ordain 

BBDXG, re-reading, re-ordaining 

EEDT, irradiate 

EEFCTX, rarefaction 

EKFEGBLT, irrefragability 

EKFRNGBL, irrefrangible 

EKFTBL, irrefutable 

EEFY, rarefy 

EBGLE, irregular 

EBGLT, irregulate 

EEGN, re-arraign 

EBGNS, reorganize 

BBGST, arrogant 

EBGT, irrigate, arrogate 

EBGTD, irrigated, arrogated 

EBGTN, irrigation, arrogation 

EBKLMBL, irreclaimable 

EEKXSBL, irreconcilable 

EBKTBBL, irrecoverable 

EEL, rural, re-roll 

EKLGN, irreligion 

EBLGS, irreligious 

EELTV, irrelative 

EELVNT, irrelevant 

EELY, rarely 

EEMDBL, irremediable 

EEIISBL, irremissible 

EBMTBL, irremovable 

BEN, re-run, arraign 

EBNG, earring, arraigning, ar- 
range, erring, arraying, re-hear- 

BENS, rareness, erronious 

BENT, arrant 

BEPBBL, irreparable 

BBPBCHBL, irreproachable 

EHPENSBL, irreprehensible 

BBPRTUL, irreprovable, irrepriev- 

EEPTif, irruption 

BBS, arrears, roars, rears, errors, 
roarers, arrays 

EBSD, rehearsed 

BRSLT, irresolute 

BEST, arrest 

BBSTBL, irresistible 

EBSTD, arrested 

BESTS, arrests 

BET, errata 

BETBL, irritable 

BETX, irritation 

BETNL, irrational 

BETKTBL, irretrievable 

Buv, arrive 

BEVCBL, irrevocable 

EBVD, arrived 

EBVL, arrival 

EEVNG, arriving 

BKVBNC, irreverence 

EKVENT, irreverent 

EKVESBL, irreversible 





ERVS, arrives 

EKW, arrow 

BRWED, rereward 

ERY, array, orrery 

Es, raise, race, rise, rase, rays, 
raze, rose, rouse, recess, rice, 
erases, errs, errors, rears, rues, 
roars, arise, arose, arouse, ar- 
rears, eras, oars, ours, airs, iris, 
erase, ears 

RSBL, risible 

Esc, rescue 

ESCBL, irascible 

ESCD, rescued 

ESCL, rascal 

ESCND, rescind, rescinded 

ESCNDNG, rescinding 

ESCNDS, rescinds 

ESCNG, rescuing 

ESCEB, re-scrub 

ESCEPT, rescript 

ESCSN, rescission 

ESCT, resuscitate 

Escxu, resuscitation 

ESD, reside, resided, residue, 
raised, roused, re-said, rased, 
raced, aroused, eraser!, recede 

ESDL, residual, re-saddle 

ESDXC, residence 

ESDNG, residing, receding 

ESDNS, residence 

ESDNT, resident 

ESDEY, residuary 

Bsoy, resign 

BSGND, resigned 

ESGNTX, resignation 

ESH, rash, rush, rarish 

ESHNS, rashness 

ESHE, rasher 

BSK, risk, re-seek, re-ask, re-sack 

BSKD, risked, re-sacked, re-asked, 

ESKL, rascal 

ESKW, rescue 

EeKWD, rescued 

BSKWNG, rescuing 

BSL, re-sale, re-s.-U, re-sole, re-seal 

ESLD, ra-sold, re-sailed, re-sealed 

BSLXT, resilient 

ESLT, resolute, result, re-salute, 

ESLTD, resulted, re-slated, re- 


BSLTN. resolution 
ESLTNG, resulting, re-slating, re- 


ESLV, resolve, re-sleeve 
ESLVBL, resolvable 
ESLVD, resolved 
ESLVS, ourselves 
ESM, resume, re-seam 
ESMBL, re-assemble, resumable, 


ESIIBLNC, resemblance 
ESMD, resumed, re-seamed 

, resumng 
ESUPTX, resumption 
ESMPTV, resumptive 
ESJIS, resumes 
ESN, raisin, risen, reason, rosin, 

arson, erasion, recision, re-seen 
ESNBI, reasonable 
ESKC, arsenic 

ESND, reasoned, resound, rescind 
ESNDNG, rescinding, resounding 
Es>"G, reasoning, rising, raising, 

rousing, arousing, arising, re- 

signing, re-sing 
Ei-NK, arsenic 
ESNL, arsenal 
Esss, reasons, resinous, raijins, 

rosins, erasions, raciness 
ESXT, resent, resonant, recent 
ESNTD, resented 
ESKTNG, resenting 
ESP, rasp, recipe, re-soap 
ESPBEY, raspberry 
ESPCT, respect 
ESPCTD, respected 
ESPCTV, respective 
ESPB, rasped, re-spied 
ESPLDNT, resplendent 
ESPND, respond, responded 
ESPNDNT, respondent 
ESP^S, response 
ESPNSBL, responsible 




RSPNT, recipient 

RSPB, respire, rasper 

RSPBD, respired 

BSPEKL, reciprocal 

RSPBKT, reciprocate 

RSPBTN, respiration 

Esps, recipes, rasps 

ESPT, respite, receipt 

ESPTD, respited, receipted 

RSPTKL, receptacle 

E?PTX, reception 

BSPTV, receptive 

B>n, rasure, razor, razure, re- 
assure, eraser, racer 

RSBB, resorb 

ESBC, resource 

ESECH, research 

HSRCTX, resurrection 

ESRD, re-assured 

ESEETN, resurrection 

BSBXG, re-assuring 

ESES, resource 

ESBT, resort, re-assert 

BSRTD, resorted, re-asserted 

Rsi:v, reserve 

ESEVD, reserved, re-served 

BSRVXG, reserving 

ESEVE, reservoir 

BSKVS, reserves 

ESETTX, reservation 

ESEVT, re-survey 

Bssy, recision 

ESSB, re-assure 

ESST, resuscitate, resist, russet 

EST, resist, rest, rust, wrist, wrest, 
roast, roost, recite, receipt, 
reset, arrest, russet, roseate, 

RSTBL, resistible 

RSTBLSH, re-establish 

RSTC, rustic 
RSTCRCT, aristocracy 

RSTCET, aristocrat 
ESTCT, rusticate 
ESTCTT, rusticity 
ESTD, resisted, rested, rusted, 
roasted, arrested, resuscitated, 
recited, receipted 

RSTL, re-settle, rustle, recital 

BSTLS, resistless, restless, rustless 

BSTX, restitution, recitation 

KSTXC, resistance 

BSTNG, arresting, resting, reset- 
ting, rusting, wresting, roosting, 
roasting, rousting, resisting, re- 
citing, receipting 

ESTR, restore, reciter, rooster 

ESTRCT, restrict 

RSTRCTT, restrictive 

ESTED, restored, re-stirred 

BsTRjf , rostrum 

RSTEX, restrain 

BSTRXGXT, restringent 

ESTENT, restraint, restaurant 

BSTRTX, restoration 

BSTKTV, restorative 

ESTS, arrests, rests, resist?, roasts, 
roosts, rusts, resets 

ESTV, restive, recitative 

Esir, rusty, reisty 

Bsv, receive 

RSVKG, receiving 

RSVR, receiver 

Esvs, receives 

Bsr, rosy, racy, re-say 

RT, rat, rot, rate, wrought, wright, 
right, riot, rite, aerate, rut, 
route, rout, rote, root, rarity, 

RTBL, ratable 

RTC, erratic 

RTCH, retch, wretch, retouch 

ETCL, article, reticule 

RTCLB, reticular 

RTCLS, articles 

RTCLT, articulate 

ETCNTX, ratiocination 

RTD, rated, rotted, righted, 
rooted, routed, aerated, rioted 

RTFO, artifice 

ETFCI,, artificial 

ETFCE, artificer 
RTPCTN, ratification 
RTFD, ratified 
RTFKTN, ratification 
RTFL, artful, rightful 




ET:FS, artifice 

ETFSE, artificer 

ETFY, ratify 

ETH, earth, wreath 

ETHD, earthed, wreathed 

ETHDKS, orthodox 

ETHGKPHB, orthographer 

ETHLY, earthly 

ETHMTC, arithmetic 

ETHN, earthen 

ETHPY, orthoepy 

ETIIB, rather 

BTHWBK, earthwork 

ETK, retake, erratic, ratio 

ETEI/, article, reticule 

ETKLB, reticular 

ETKLS, articles 

ETKLT, articulate 

ETKN, retaken 

ETL, rattle, retail, ritual, ratal, 

ETLD, re-told, retailed 

ETLB, retailer, rattler 

ETLBY, artillery 

ETLS, artless, routless, rootless, 
rateless, riteless, retails, rattles 

ETLSM, ritualism 

ETLSNK, rattlesnake 

BTLT, retaliate 

ETLTD, retaliated 

ETLTN, retaliation 

ETN, ration, ratoon, retain, re- 
tinue, rotation, rotten, oration 

ETND, retained, rotund, rattened 

ETNG-, rioting, rating, routing, 
rotting, righting, writing, aerat- 
ing, retaining 

ETNL, rational 

ETNLT, rationality 

ETNS, orations, retains, rations, 

ETNTN, retention 

ETNTV, retentive 

ETE, retire, re tear, router, orator, 
rater, rioter, re-tar, writer, 

ETRBTN, retribution 

RTEC, retrace, rhetoric 

ETRCL, oratorical, rhetorical 

ETECSN, retrocession 

ETECT, retract 

ETECTN, retraction, retractation 

ETRD, retired, retard, retarded 

ETEDNG, retarding 

ETEGRP, retrograde 

ETRGRSN, retrogression 

ETKE, rhetoric 

ETEKL, oratorical, rhetorical 

ETRKT, retract 

ETHKTN, retraction, retractation 

ETBL, arterial, oratorical 

ETEN, return 

ETENCH, retrench 

ETEND, returned 

ETUS, retrace, retires, rioter?, 
orators, oratorios, writers 

ETKSN, retrocession 

ETESPCT, retrospect 

ETET. retort, retreat, reiterate 

ETETD, retorted, retreated, reite- 

ETETNG-, retorting, retreating, re- 

ETET, retrieve 

ETBY, rotatory, oratory, artery 

ETS, re-toss, righteous, riotous, 
arts, rots, roots, riots, rats, rates, 
aerates, rights, writes 

ETSB, re-tossed, rightsided 

Exsu", artesian, artisan 

HTSNTN, ratiocination 

ETST, artist, artiste, re-taste, re- 

ETSTC, artistic 

ETT, rative 

ETY, rarity, rutty, rooty 

Ev,* reverend, rave, rove, rive, 

E.VBRT, re-vibrate 

EVCBL, revocable 

RVCT, revocate 

EVCTL, re-victual 


* See also EF, if r and v are written 




RVCTX, revocation 

KVD, arrived, roved, raved, re- 
viewed , revived 

RVFY, revivify 

RVG, ravage 

RVGXG, ravaging 

RVE, revoke 

RVKBL, revocable 

RVKD, revoked 

RVL, revel, ravel, reveal, revile, 
revival, rival, arrival, rivel 

RVXD, revealed, revelled, reviled, 

RYXBT, revelry 

Rvxs, reveals, revel?, ravels, re- 
viles, revivals, arrivals, rivals 

RVLSX, revulsion 

RVT.T, revolt, rivulet 

RVLTD, revolted 

RV,LTX, revolution 

KVI.T- , revolts, rivulets 

Rvx, raven, riven, ravine, revenue 

Rvxo, revenge, roving, reviving, 

RVXGD, revenged 

Rvxs, ravenous, revenues, ravens, 

RVE, revere, river, rover, reviewer 

RVBBT, reverberate 

RVKD, revered 

RTKXC, reverence 

EVENT, reverent 

RVBS, reverse, rivers, roverp, re- 

RVKSL, reversal 

RVRSX, reversion 

RVET, revert 

KVET, re very 

Rvs, revise, roves, rives, revive?, 
arrives, reviews, raves 

RVSD, revised 

RVSH, ravish 

Rvsno, ravished 

RVSIIXG, ravishing 

RVSHB, ravisher 

Rvst, revisal 

Rvs.v, revision 

RVST, revest, re-visit 

RTT, rivet, re-vote 

RYTD, riveted, re-voted 

RVTL, re-victual 

RTV, revive 

Rvvr>, revived 

RVVL, revival 

R^^r, review 

RVWD, reviewed 

Rw, raw, row, re-woo 

RWBNS, rawbones 

RWD, rowed, rued, rude, re- wade, 
re-wooed, re-waded 

Rwxs, rawness, re-wins 

RWE, rower, re-wear 

RwED,reward, re-word 

KT, ray, rye, airy, hurry 


THERE are not so many -words in the English language begin- 
ning with S as C, but it is nevertheless the most frequently 
occurring consonant in all English composition. We seldom 
have double c, but often find double s, and in addition to this, 
s is used to form the plural number of nearly all nouns, and 
the indicative mood of verbs. Thus a book, the looks ; I love, 
-. For these reasons, as well as the fact that C is the 
most frequent initial letter, S ought not to be encumbered by 



doing duty for C. It is as easy to write a c as an s; and as 
what is written requires to be read afterwards, why should a 
writer lose time in puzzling out such letters as prs for precious 
(see PBS), rds for reduces, and other instances where c pre- 
cedes s ? In transcribing, much time must be lost in puzzling 
out such words, unless a couple of vowels are written, at the 
expense of losing as many words, or, what is still worse, the 
sense of a speaker's remarks. A good reporter is jealous of 
the slightest hindrance, and is always on the look out for any- 
thing which expedites his work. S is not often made the 
initial letter by the disuse of vowels, the instances being only 
a 120 times, e 60, i 20, o 35, and u 20. 

Under S will also be found all words beginning with a soft 
C, e.g., civil. 


S, use, i?, so, as, us, sue, sea, see, 
ass, ice, ease, cease, sess, seize, 
size, ooze, osseous, issues, issue, 
oozes, assizes, assess, uses, souse, 

SB, sob, sub 

SBD, subdue, sobbed 

SBDCT, subduct 

SBDNO, subduing 

SBDS, subdues 

SBDVD, subdivide 

SBGCNT, subjacent 

SBGCT, subject 

SBGCTV, subjective 

SBGJT, subjoin 

SBGNCT.V, subj unction 

SBGT, subjugate 

SBGTN, subjugation, subjection 

SBL, sable, seizable, suasible, usa- 
ble, sociable 

SBLM, sublime 

SBLMT, sublimity 

SBLNB, sublunar 

SBLNT, sibilant 

SBLS, sabulous 

SBLTEN, subaltern 

SB MEN, submarine 

SBMESD, submersed 
, submersion 


SBMSN, submission 
SBMSV, submissive 
SBMT, submit 
SBMTS, submits 
SBNG, sobbing 
SBPN, subpceua 
SEE, sabre, sober 
SERBS, suburbs 
SBRD, sabred, sobered 
SBRDNT, subordinate 
SEEN, suborn 
SBET, sobriety 
SBS, sobs, subs 
SBSCRB, subscribe 
SBSCEPTN, subscription 
SBSD, subside, subsided 
SBSDRY, subsidiary 
SBSDY, subsidy 
SBSKWNT, subsequent 
SBSN, subsign 
SBSRV, subserve 
SBSEVNC, subservience 
SBST, subsist, substitute 
SBSTKC, subsistence, substance 
SBSTNT, substantiate 
SBSTXTD, substantiated 
SBSTNTL, substantial 
SBSTNTV, substantive 
SBSTETM, substratum 




SBTCL, sabbatical 

SBTH, sabbath, iabaoth 

SBTL, subtile, subtle 

SBTLNS, subtileness 

SBTLS, subtilize 

SBTLT, subtilty 

SBTXD, subtend 

SBTNS, subtense 

SBTRCT, subtract 

SBTECTD, subtracted 

SBTKFG, subterfuge 

SBTKN, subterranean 

SBVRSN, subversion 

SBVET, subvert 

Sc, sauce 

SCB, scab 

SCBD, scabbed 

SCBL, sociable 

SCBHD, scabbard 

SCCLNT, succulent 

SCCMB. succumb 

SCCTN, siccation 

SCD, scud, succeed, succeeded, 
secede, seceded, sauced, suicide 

SCDL, suicidal 

SCDXG, succeeding, seceding, scud- 

SCDS, suicides, secedes, succeeds, 

SCF, scoff 

SCFD, scoffed 

SCFL, SCUllta 

SCFLD, scaffold 
SCFLNG, scuffling 
SCFXG, scolling 
SCFXT, sycophant 
SCFE. scoffer 
SCFS, scoffs 
SCFY, ossify 
SCH, such 
SCHDL, schedule 
Sent, school, satchel 
SCHLXG, schooling 
SCHLK, scholar 
SCHLS, schools, satchels 
SCHLSTC, scholastic 
SCHM, scheme 
SCHMD, schemed 

SCHMNO, scheming 

SCHEN, saccharine 

SCHSIT, schism 

SCUSMTC, schismatic 

SCHW, eschew 

SCHWD, eschewed 

SCUWNO, eschewing 

SCHWS, eschews 

SCK, sack, suck, sock, sick 

SCKL, sucklfi, sickle 

SCKLNG, suckling 

SCKNG, sucking, sacking, sicken- 

SCKU, sucker, sacker 

SCKT, socket 

SCL, scale, scull, social, school 

SCLD, scaled, scold, scald, scolded, 
scalded, seclude, schooled 

SCLDNG, secluding, scalding, scold- 

SCLDS, secludes, scolds, scalds 

SCLN, scallion, scullion 

SCLNC, esculence 

SCLNG, scaling, schooling 

SCLNT, esculent 

SCLP, scalp, scollop 

SCLPTL, sculptile 

SCLPTR, sculptor, sculpture 

SCLPTED, sculptured 

SCLE, sculler, secular 

SCLE.S, secularize, scullers 

SCLBY, scullery 

SCLS, scales 

SCLT, sociality, osi-illatc 

SCLTD, oscillated 

SCLTN, oscillation 

SCLTNG, oscillating 

SCLTS, oscillates 

SCLY, scaly, socially 

SCM, scum 

SCMBL, scamble 

SCMPU, scamper 

SCMPED, scampered 

SCMPS, scamps 

SCUTE, scimitar 

SCN, scan, scene, scion, Socinian 

iicxc, scenic, science, sconce 

Sexes, sciences 





SCXD, scanned, second, ascend, 

ascended, seconded 
SCNDL, scandal 

SCXDLS, scandalous, scandalize' 
SCNDN, secundine 
SCNDXG, seconding, ascending 
SCNDNT, ascendant 
SCNDRI, scoundrel 
SCSDEY, secondary 
SCXG, saucing, scanning 
, Socinian 

SCXEY, scenery 
SCNS, sauciness, scenes, scans, So- 

ciuians, scions 
SCXSM, Socinianism 
SCNT, scant, scanty, scent, secant, 

succinct, ascent 
SCXTFC, scientific 
SCNTLNG, scantling 
SCXTLT, scintillate 
SCNTLTN, scintillation 
SCNTLTNG, scintillating 
SCNTNS, scantness 
SCP, scape, scope, scoop, escape 
SCPD, escaped, scooped 
SCPLE, scapular 
SCPN, saucepan 
SCPKG, escaping, scooping 
SCPS, escapes, scoops 
SCPTBL, susceptible 
SCPTC, sceptic 
SCPTX, susception 
SCPTE, sceptre 
SCPTSIT, scepticism 
SCPTY, susceptive 
SCK, scar, succour, saucer, scare, 

score, scour, secure 
SCEB, scribe, ascribe, scrub 
SCEBD, ascribed, scrubbed 
SCEBL, securable, scribble 
SCEBLE, scribbler 
SCRBXG, ascribing, scrubbing 
SCRBS, scribes, scrubs, ascribes 
SCEBTC, scorbutic 
SCEC, scarce 
SCBCH, scorch, screech 
SCECHD, scorched 

SCKCY, secrecy 

SCUD, scared, scarred, scored, 
scoured, secured, sacred, suc- 

SCEDTL, sacerdotal 

SCEF, scarf, scurf 

SCEFC, sacrifice 

SCRFCTX, scarification 

SCRFL, scrofula 

SCBFLS, scurfless, scrofulous 

SCUFE, scarifier 

SCEFY, scarify, scurvy 

SCEG, scourge, scrag 

SCEGD, scourged 

SCEK, screak 

SCEL, scroll 

SCELG, sacrilege 

SCELS, scurrilous, sccurclcss 

SCELT, scarlet, scurrility 

SCEIT, scream 

SCEMBL, scramble 

SCEMCH, scaramouch 

SCRM;>'T, sacrament 

SCEN, scorn, screen 

SCBND, scorned, screened 

ScRJfFL, scornful 

SCBXG, scorning, scaring, securing, 

SCEP, scrap, scrape, scrip 

SCRPD, scraped 

SCRPI, scruple 

SCRPLS, scrupulous, scruples 

ScEP>f, scorpion 

SCRPE, scraper 

SCKPTN, ascription 

SCRPTR, scripture 

SCES, secures, scares, score?, scarce, 
succours, saucers 

SCRT, secret, secrete, security, es- 

SCETBL, secretable, escortable, 

SCRTCH, scratch 

SCRTD, secreted, escorted 

SCRTN, ascertain, secretion 

SCBTJ.G, secreting, escorting 

SCBTNE, scrutineer 

SCKTNS, scrutinize, secretions 




SCBTNY, scrutiny 

SCUTE, escritoire, ecrutoir, secretor 

SCRTS, secrets, secretes, securities, 

SCRTNR, scrivener 

Scs, success, sauces 

SCSBL, scissible 

SCSN, scission, secession, succes- 

SCSR, successor 

SCSRS, scissors, successors 

Scsv, successive 

SCT, skate, sect, Scot, scout, so- 
ciety, secretary, suscitate, as- 

SCTCHMN, Scotchman 

SCTCHN, scutcheon, escutcheon 

SCTD, associated, scouted 

SCTH, scath, scythe 

SCTHD, scathed 

SCTHNG, scathing 

SCTHS, scathes 

SCTL, scuttle 

SCTN, section, siccatio-i, suction, 
suscitution, oscitation, associa- 

SCTNG, associating, scouting 

SCTR, scatter 

SCTRD, scattered 

SCTENG, scattering 

SCTRS, scatters 

SCTEY, sectary 

SCTS, associates, sects, scouts, so- 

SCVNGR, scavenger 

SCWL, scowl 

SCWLD, scowled 

SCWLNG, scowling 

SCY, saucy 

SD, seed, sad, said, side, aside, 
sued, used, sod, soda, iced, 
oozed, issued, assessed, acid, 
ceded, cede 

SDBRD, sideboard 

SDC, seduce 
SDCD, seduced 
SDCMNT, seducement 
SDCNG, seducing 

^, seduction 

SDCTY, seductive 

SDFY, acidify 

SDG, sedge 

SDGY, sedgy 

SDL, saddle 

SDLNG, seedling, saddling 

SDLS, sedulous, saddles 

SDLT, acidulate 

SDLTY, sedulity 

SDMNT, sediment 

SDM.T, Sodomite 

SDMY, sodomy 

SDK, sedan, sodden, sudden, sad- 

SDND, saddened, soddened 

SDXG, seeding, ceding, siding, sod- 
ding, saddening 

SDNS, sadness, saddens, sodden?, 
sedans, suddenness 

SDNTEY, sedentary 

SDR, soder, cedar, cider, sider, 

SDEFC, sudorific 

SDEL, sidereal 

SDETD, siderafed 

SDETN, sideration 

SDS, sods, seeds, sides, suds, as- 
siduous, cedes 

SDSMN, seedsman, sidesman 

SDST, sawdust, saidst, saddest 

SDT, sedate 

SDTIT, seedtime 

SDTN, sedition 

SDTNS, sedateness, seditions 

SDTS, seditious 

SDTY, assiduity, acidity 

SDY, seedy 

SF, safe, sofa 

SFC, suffice 

SFCNC, sufficiency 

SFCNT, sufficient 

SFCT, suffocate 

SFCTD, suffocated 

SFCTN, ossification, suffocation 

SFD, ossified 

SFGBD, safeguard 
X, suffragan 





SFEST, asphyxy 

SFL, useful 

SFLT, asphalt 

SFB, suffer, sphere, safer, sufferer, 
cipher, zephyr 

SFRCL, spherical 

SFEG, suffrage 

SFRN T , saffron 

SFBNC, sufferance 

SFBNG, seafaring, suffering, cipher- 

SFES, sassafras, suffers, spheres 

SFS, sofas, safes, suffuse, ossifies, 

SFSD, suffused 

SFSN, suffusion 

SFSNSY, sufficiency 

SFSNT, sufficient 

SFST, safest 

SFSTCT, sophisticate 

SFSTRY, sophistry 

SFT, sift, soft, safety 

SFTD, sifted 

SFTN, soften 

SFTNG, sifting 

SFTNS, softness 

SFTE, softer, sifter 

SFTS, zoophytes, sifts 

SFTT, safety 

SFY, ossify 

So, sage, sausage, siege, sag, sago, 
zig-zag, usage, assuage 

SGCT, sagacity 

SGD, assuaged, sagged 

SGH, sigh 

SGHT, sight, sought 

SGHTLS, sightless 

SGL, seagull 

SGMNT, segment 

SGN, sign, assign 

SGNFD, signified 

SGNFKC, significance 

SGNFNG, signifying 

SGNFS, signifies 

SGNFY, signify 

SGNG, assigning, assuaging, sag- 
ging, signing 

SGNL, signal 

SGNLS, signalize, signals 

SGNR, seignior 

SGNS, assigns, signs 

SGNT, signet 

SGNTR, signature 

SGR, sugar, cigar 

SGUFY, zoography 

SGEN, sojourn 

SGBND, sojourned 

SGRXG, sojourning 

SORT, sea-girt 

SGET, sugary 

SGS, sages, sausages, sagacious, 

assuages, sags, usages 
SGST, suggest, sagacity 
SGSTD, suggested 

SH, sash, shoe, ash, shy, she S/vO ur- 
SHBLT, shabbily 
SHBNS, shabbiness 
SHBE, shabbier 
SHBT, shabby 
SHCK, shock 
SHCKD, shocked 
SHCKL, shackle 
SHCKNG, shocking 
SHD, shade, shed, shoed, shied, 


SHDNG, shading, shedding 
SHDXS, shadiness 
SHDB, shudder, shadier 
SHDS, s>hedf>, shades 
SHDW, shadow 
SHDT, shady, shoddy 
SHF, sheaf 
SHFL, shuffle 
SHFLB, shuffler 
SHFLS, sheafless 
SHFT, shaft, shift 
SHFTLS, shiftless, shaftless 
SHG, shag 
SHGEK, shagreen 
SHOT, shaggy 
SHE, shook, shake, shock 
SHED, shocked 
SHEL, shackle, shekel 
SHEXG, shaking, shocking 
SHES, shakes, shocks 
SHL, shall, shell, shoal 




SHLD, shield, shielded, should, 
shoaled, shelled 

SHLDNG, shielding 

SIILDR, shoulder 

SHLF, shelf 

SHLNG, shilling, shelling, shoaling 

SHLS, shells, shoals 

SHLT, shalot, shalt 

SHLTK, shelter 

SHLVNG, shelving 

SULTS, shelves 

SHLW, shallow 

SHLY, shyly 

SUM, shame, sham 

SHMBLNG, shambling 

SHJIBLS, shambles 

SHMD, ashamed, shamed, sham- 

SHMFCD, shamefaced 

SIIMFL, shameful 

SIIMKB, shoemaker 

SHMLS, shameless 

SHMNG, shaming 

SHMRK, shamrock 

SHN, sheen, shone, shine, shin, 

SHND, shined, shunned 

SHNG, shining, shying, shoeing, 
sashing, ashing, shunning 

SHNGLS, shingles 

SHXK, shank 

SHNE, shiner 

SHNS, shines, shins, shuns 

SIIXY, shiny 

SHP, shape, ship, shop, sheep 

SHPBRD, sliopboard 

SHPHBD, shepherd 

SHPKPB, shopkeeper 

SHPLFTNG, shoplifting 

SHPLS, shapeless, sheepless, ship- 

SHPMS, shipman, shopman 

SHPNG, shopping, shipping, shap- 

SHPRDS, shepherds, shepherdess 

SHPS, shop?, shapes, ships 

SHPSH, sheepish 

SHPWRK, shipwreck 


SHE, share, sheer, shire, shore, 
sharer, shearer, shear, shoar, 

SHEB, shrub 

SHEET, sherbet 

SHED, shred, shroud, shared, 
sheered, shored, ushered 

SHEDS, shreds, shrouds 

SHRF, sheriff 

SHRFT, shrift 

SHEG, shrug 

SHEK, shark, shirk, shriek 

SHRL, shrill 

SHRLS, shoreless, shareless 

SHEMP, shrimp 

SHBN, shorn, shrine 

SHBNG, sharing, sheering, shear- 
ing, shoring, ushering 

SHRNK, shrink, shrunk 

SHBP, sharp 

SHRPN, sharpen 

SHEPE, sharper 

SHRS, shears, ushers, sheers, shares, 
shires, shores 

SHBT, shirt, short 

SHRTHND, shorthand 

SHKTLS, shirtless 

SHBTND, shortened 

SHBTNG, shirting, shortening 

SHRTKS, shortness 

SHBVL, shrivel 

SHRVTD, shrove-tide 

SHHW, shrew 

SHBWD, shrewd 

SHRY, sherry 

Sns, ashes, shoes, shies, sashes 

SHT, sheet, shoot, shut, shot, 

SHTD, shouted, sheeted 

SHTH, sheath 

SHTL, shuttle 

SHTLCK, shuttlecock 

SHTM, shittim 

SHTNCHR, sheet-anchor 

SHTKG, shouting, sheeting, shut 
ting, shooting 





SHTE, shatter, shutter, shooter, 

SHTS, sheets, shots, shoots, shuts, 

SHV, shave, shove, shive 

SHVD, shaved, shoved 

SHVL, shovel 

SHVNG, shaving, shoving 

SHVR, shaver 

SHVS, shoves, shaves 

Saw, shaw, show, shew, shoe 

SHWD, showed 

SHWL, shawl 

SHWR, shower 

Sawr, showy 

SHY, shy 

SK, sack, seek, sick, suck, sake, 
Suke, skue, sky, ask, sock, soak 

SEB, scab 

SEED, scabbed 

BKBED, scabbard 

SED, soaked, sacked, sucked, 
asked, scud 

SKDNG, scudding 

SKDS, scuds 

SEF, skiff, scoff 

SEFD, scoffed 

SKFL, scuffle 

SKFLNG, scuffling 

SEFNG, scoffing 

SEFNT, sycophant 

SJCFB, scoffer 

SKFS, scoffs 

SKL, sickle, skill, skull, suckle, 
icicle, cycle, scale, school 

SELD, skilled, scold, scaled, se- 
clude, scald 

SKLDNG, scalding, scolding, se- 

SELDS, secludes, scolds, scalds 

SKLFL, skilful 

SKLGHT, skylight 

SKLK, skulk 

SELN, ecallion, scullion 

SELNG, scaling, suckling 

SKLNS, esculence 

SKLNT, siocnlant, esculent 

SKLP, scalp, scollop 

SKLPD, cyclopaedia, scalped 

SKXPTB, sculpture 

SKLPTED, sculptured 

SKLE, secular, sculler, sicklier 

SKLEK, skylark 

SKLBS, secularize, scullers 

SKLEY, scullery 

SKLS, scales 

SKLTN, skeleton 

SKLY, scaly, sickly 

SKM, skim, scum 

SKMB, succumb 

SKMD, skimmed 

SKMNG, skimming 

SKMPR, scamper 

SKMPRD, scampered 

SKMPS, scamps 

SEME, skimmer 

SEMS, skims 

SEN, sicken, skein, skin, scan 

SEND, skinned, scanned, second, 

SENDL, scandal 

SENDLS, scandalize, scandalous 
SENDBL, scoundrel 
SENDEY, secondary 
SENG, asking, sucking, seeking, 

sacking, sickening, soaking, 

SENR, skinner 
SENS, sickness, askance, sconce, 


SENT, scant, scanty, secant 
SKNTLNG, scantling 
SENTNS, scantiness 
SENY, skinny 
SEP, scope, skip, escape, skcp, 

scape, scoop 

SEPD, skipped, scooped, escaped 
SEPLE, scapular 

SEPNG, skipping, escaping, scoop- 

SEPE, skipper 
SEPS, skips, scopes, escapes, 


SEPTC, sceptic 
SEPTSM, scepticism 
SEE, succour, scour, secure, scare, 




score, scar, seeker, sucker, 

SKRB, ascribe, scribe, scrub 

SKEBD, scrubbed, scribed, as- 

SKRBL, securable, scribble 

SERBNG-, scribing, ascribing, scrub- 

SEBBS, scribes, scrubs, ascribes 

SKEBTC, scorbutic 

SKHCH, screech, scorch 

SKBCHD, screeched, scorched 

SEED, sacred, scared, scored, se- 
cured, scoured, succoured 

SERF, scarf, scurf 

SERFKTN, scarification 

SKRFI, scrofula 

SKRFLS, scrofulous, scurfless 

SKRFR, scarifier 

SERFS, scarfs, sacrifice 

SEKFT, scarify, scurfy 

SKBG, scrag, scourge 

SEEGD, scourged 

SERL, scroll 

SKBLG, sacrilege 

SEELS, scurrilous 

SEBLT, scarlet, scurrility 

SERM, scream 

SERMBL, scramble 

SEEMCH, scaramouch 

SKRMNT, sacrament 

SEEN, scorn 

SEENFL, scornful 

SERNG, scorning, scouring, suc- 
couring, scaring, securing 

SERP, scrap, scrape, scrip 

SERFD, scraped 

SERPL, scruple 

SKEPLS, scrupulous, scruplei 

SEEPN, scorpion 

SKRPR, scraper 

SERPT> T , ascription 

SKRPTR, scripture 

SEES, seekers, succours, suckers, 

SERT, skirt, secret, escort, secrete, 

SKETCH, scratch 

SEETD, skirted, secreted, escorted 

SKBTN, secretion 

SERTNR, scrutineer 

SKKTXS, scrutinize, secretions 

SEKTHT, secretary 

SKET3, secrets, skirts, secretes, 

escorts, securities 
SEBVNB, scrivener 
SKEVT, scurvy 
SERW, screw 
SKBWL, scrawl 
SES, sex, seeks, sacks, socks, six, 

soaks, asks, success 
SESD, succeed 
SESDNG, succeeding 
SESDS, succeeds 
SESGNBY, sexagenary 
SKSN, succession 
SESNGLB, sexangular 
SKSNL, sexennial, sectional 
SESNT, succinct 
SESPNS, sixpence 
SESB, successor 
SESBS, successors 
SESTL, sextile 
SESTN, sexton, sixteen 
SKSTNT, sextant 
SKSTPL, sextuple 
SKST, successive 
SET, skit, skate, scout, Scot, sect, 

socket, siccate 
SKTCH, sketch 
SETCHMN, Scotchman 
SKTCHN, escutcheon 
SKTD, scouted, skitted, skated 
SKTH, scath 
SETHD, scathed 
SETL, scuttle, skittle 
SKTLS, skittles, scuttles, skateless, 


SKTX, section, suction, siccation 
SKTNO, skating, scouting 
SETE, scatter, skitter, scouter, 


SKTBD, scattered 
SETRS, scouters, scatters, staters, 


SETS, sects, skates, scout?, skita 




SEVNGB, scarenger 

SKW, askew, skew 

SEWB, squib 

SEWED, squibbed 

SEWBL, squabble 

SKWDRIT, squadron 

SKWK, squeak 

SEWL, squeal, sequel, scowl 

SKWLD, squallid, squealed 

SEWLNG, scowling 

SEWMSH, squeamish 

SKWKC, sequence 

SEWNDB, squander 

SEWST, squint, fequent 

SEWB, square, esquire, skewer 

SEWED, skewered, squared 

SKWRL, squirrel 

SEWKNG, squaring, skewering 

SKWBS, skewers, squares, esquires 

SKWS, squeeze 

SEWSD, squeezed 

SKWSTE, sequester 

SEWSTBTN, sequestration 

SKWT, squat 

SKWTNG, squatting 

SKWTS, squats 

SKY, sky, soaky, Sukey 

Si, sail, sell, sill, soil, soul, sol, 
seal, sole, sale, sloe, solo, cell, 
assail, usual, social, zeal 

SLB, slab 

SLBC, celibacy 

SLBL, saleable, scalable, soluble, 

SLBNG, slabbing 

SIBE, slubber 

SLBHS, salubrious 

SLBRT, celebrate, celebrity 

SLBRTD, celebrated 

SI.BS, syllabus, slabs 

SLBY, slabby 

SLC, slice, sluice, solace 

SLCD, sliced, sluiced 

SLCH, slouch 

SLCHNG, slouching 

SLCK, slack 

SLCKX, slacken 

SLCKS, slacks 

SLCNG, sluicing, solacing 

SLCS, salacious, slices, sluices, 

SLCSM, solecism 

SLCT, select, solicit 

SLCTD, selected, solicited, solici- 

SLCTN, solicitation 

SLCTNG, selecting, soliciting 

SLCTR, solicitor 

SLOTS, solicitous 

SLD, soiled, sold, souled, salad, 
sealed, slide, solid, assailed, 

SLDG, sledge, sludge 

SLDM, seldom 

SLDN, slidden 

SLDKG, sliding 

SLDE, solder, soldier, slider 

SLDS, slide?, solids 

SLDT, solidity 

SLF, self, sylph 

SLFE, sulphur 

SLFRS, sulphurous 

SLFSH, selfish 

SLFSSI, selfsame 

SLG, slag, sledge, slug 

SIGH, sleigh, slough 

SLGHT, sleight, slight 

SLGHTD, slighted 

SLGHTE, slaughter, slighter 

SLGHY, sloughy 

SLGED, sluggard 

SLGSH, slug^i^li 

SLGTNG, slighting 

SLGY, zoology 

SLK, slack, silk, sulk, slake, sleek 

SLED, slacked, sulked, slaked 

SLEN, silken, slacken, sulken 

SLKNG, slackening, sulking 

SLENS, silkiness, sulkiness, slack- 

SLKWY, soliloquy 

SLEY, silky, sulky, slaky 

SLM, slam, slim, slime, asylum, 
solemn, psalm 

SLMBII, slumber 

SLMBENG, slumbering 




SLMBBS, slumbers 

SLMD, slammed, slimed 

SLMN, solemn, salmon, saleman 

SLMNDB, salamander 

SLMNS, solemnize 

SLMNSD, solemnized 

SLMNSTN, solemnization 

SLMNT, solemnity 

SLiis, slams, slums, asylums, 


SLMST, psalmist 
SLMY, slimy 

SLN, saline, saloon, slain, sullen 
SLNO, silence 
ST,KCD, silenced 
SLND, island 
SLNDB, slander, slanderer, slender, 

cylinder, islander 
SLNDBKL, cylindrical 
SLNDS, islands 

SLNG, sling, sealing, sailing, sell- 
ing, soling, slung, assailing, 

soiling, slang 
SLNGWKS, sealing-wax 
SLNK, slink, slunk 
SLNKD, slinked 
SLNKNG, slinking 
SLNKS, slinks 
SLNS, silliness, slyness, saloons, 

Bullenness, silence 
SLNSD, silenced 
SLNT, salient, silent, slant, aslant, 

SLNTD, slanted 
SMJTNG, slanting 
SLNTS, slants, assailants 
SLP, slap, sleep, slip, slop, slope, 

sloop, asleep 
SLPD, slipped, slopped, sloped, 


SLPDSH, slapdash 
SLPH, sylph 
SLPHE, sulphur 
SLPHBS, sulphurous 
SLPLS, sleepless, slopeless 
SLPNG, sleeping, slipping, sloping 
SLFB, sleeper, slipper 
SLPBY, sh'ppery 

SLPT, slept 

SLPTE, saltpetre 

SLPY, sleepy, slippy, sloppy 

SLE, sailor, soiler, slur, seller, 
sailer, sealer, solar, cellar, cel- 

SLRD, slurred 

SLBNG, slurring 

SLBT, celerity 

SLEY, salary, slurry, celery 

Sis, slice, souls, seals, sails, sells, 
soils, soles, sales, solace, useless, 
assails, ceaseless, cells, silicious, 

SLSD, solaced, sliced 

SLSH, slash, slush 

SLSM.V, salesman 

SLSNG, solacing, slicing 

SLSTC, solstice 

SLSTL, celestial 

SLT, salt, slate, slot, slit, slut, 
salute, sleet, sleight, slight, 
assault, isolate, oscillate, soci- 

SLTD, saluted, salted, sleighted, 
solitude, assaulted, oscillated, 

SI.TH, sloth 

SLTN, slitten, salutation, solution, 
sultan, sultana 

SLTNG, saluting, salting, slitting, 
slating, sleighting, assaulting, 
oscillating, isolating 

SLTE, salter, slater, slatter, slaugh- 
ter, solitaire, psalter 

SLTEN, slattern 

SLTEY, salutary, siiltry, solitary 

SLTS, isolates, slates, sluts, salutes, 
assaults, slits, oscillates 

SLTSH, saltish, sluttish, sleightish 

SLTV, solutive 

SLTY, sleety, slaty, salty 

SLV, salve, saliva, balvo, slave, 
sleeve, slive, solve 

SLVBL, salvable, solvable 

SLVD, solved, slaved, slived 

SLVG, salvage, selvage 

SLVN, silran, sloven, sylvan 




, slaving, sliving 

SLVNT, solvent 

SLVR, salver, silver, slaver, sliver 

SLVHS, salvers 

SLVRY, slavery 

SLVS, slaves, salves, sleeves, solves 

SLVSH, slavish 

SLVT, salivate 

SLVTN, salvation, salivation 

SLW, sallow, slow 

SLWD, sallowed 

SLWNS, slowness, sallowness 

SLY, sly, silly, slay, sully, easily, 

SLYD, slayed 

SM, seam, sum, some, same, as- 
sume, seem, semi- 

SMBD, somebody 

SMBL, symbol, cymbal, assemble, 

SMBLG, assemblage 

SMBLNC, semblance 

SMBLS, symbolize 

SMBR, sombre 

SMBRS, sombrous 

SMBRV, semibreve 

SMCK, smack, smock 

SMD, assumed, seamed, summed 

SMFNS, symphonious 

SMFNY, symphony 

SMGL, smuggle 

SMGLB, smuggler 

SMGLS, smuggles 

SMK, smack, smock, smoke 

SMKD, smoked, smacked 

SMKNG, smoking, smacking 

SMKS, smokes, smocks, smacks 

S.MKWTB, semiquaver 

SMKY, smoky 

SML, simile, smile, small, suiell 

SMLD, smiled, smelled 

SMLNG, smiling, smelling 

SMLNS, smallness 

SMLB, similar, smaller, smiler 

SMLBT, similarity 

SMLS, seamless, smiles, similes, 

SILLST, smallest 

SMLT, smelt, smalt, assimilate 

SMLTD, similitude, smelted, assi- 

SMLTN, simulation, assimilation 

SMLTNG, assimilating, smelting 

SMLTNS, simultaneous 

SMLTE, smelter 

SMLTS, assimilates, smalts, smelts 

SMN, seaman, summon 

SMND, summoned 

SMNFC, somnific 

SMNFES, somniferous 

SMNG, seeming, summing, assum- 
ing, seaming, summoning 

SMNL, seminal 

SMNMBLST, somnambulist 

SMNEY, seminary 

SMNS, sameness, summons 

SMNT, cement, assessment 

SMNTD, cemented 

SMNTN, semination 

SMNY, simony 

SMPL, sample, simple 

SMPLCT, simplicity 

SMPLE, sampler, simpler 

SMPITN, simpleton 

SMPLY, simply 

SMPE, simper 

SMPTHS, sympathize 

SMPTHTC, sympathetic 

SMPTHY, sympathy 

SMPTM, symptom 

SMPTN, assumption 

SMPTS, sumptuous 

SME, summer, simmer, smear 

SMED, smeared, simmered 

SMRK, smirk 

SMRLY, summarily 

SMRNG, smearing, simmering 

SMES, smears, summers, simmera, 

SMEST, Somerset 

SMET, smart 

SMRY, smeary, summary 

SMS, seams, sums, assumes, seems 

SMSTRS, seamstress 

SMT, smite, smote, smut, summit 

SMTH, smeath, smooth, smith 




SMTTTD, smoothed 

SJITHNG, something, smoothing 

SMTHB, smother, smoother 

SMTHS, smoothes, smiths 

SMTHY, smithy 

SMTSI, sometime, symptom 

SMTN, semitone, smitten 

SMTR, siuatter, smutter, scimitar 

SMTBCL, symmetrical 

SMTRY, symmetry, cemetery 

SMTS, smites, sumptuous, summits 

SMTY, smutty 

SMYWL, semi-vowel 

SN, sane, sin, soon, sun, seen, 
sine, season, session, scion, So- 
oinian, son, ocean, assassin, 
assign, assignee, suasion, zone 

SNB, snub, snob 

SNBD, snubbed 

SNBM, sunbeam 

SNBNG, snubbing 

SNBRNT, sunburnt 

SNC, since, science, essence, zinc, 

SNCHBNSM, synchronism 

SNCP, syncope 

SNCR, sincere, sinecure 

SNCRNSM, synchronism 

SNCET, sincerity 

SNCS, essences, sciences 

SNCT, sanctity 

SNCTFCTN, sanctification 

SNCTFD, sanctified 

SNCTFY, sanctify 

SNCTMNS, sanctimonious 

SNCTN, sanction 

SNCTBY, sanctuary 

SND, sand, send, sunned, sinned, 
seasoned, sound, synod, ascend, 

SNDL, sandal, sun-dial 
SNDNO, ascending, sounding, send- 

SNDNSY, ascendancy 
SND NT, ascendant 
SNDE, sunder, cinder, sundry, 

SNDS, sound?, sends, synods 

SNDSTN, sandstone 
SNDY, sandy, Sunday 
SNF, sniff, snuff 

SNFD, snuffed 

SNFL, snaffle, snuffle 

SXFLB, sunflower 

SNFNG, snufBng 

SNFBS, snuffers, soniferous 

SNG, sing, song, sung, saying, 
seasoning, seeing, singe, assig- 
nee, assigning, assessing, assay- 
ing, ceasing, synagogue, oozing, 
issuing, suing, snug, snag, using 

SNGFCTN, sanguification 

SNGFES, sanguiferous 

SNGL, single, snuggle 

SNGLB, singular 

SNGIRT, singularity 

SNGLS, isinglass 

SNGN, sanguine 

SNGNBY, sanguinary 

SXGNS, sanguineous 

SNGNT, sanguinity 

SNGH, singer 

SNGS, synagogues, sings, songs, 
sayings, seasonings, seeings, 
suings, singes 

SNGSTH, songster 

SNGY, snaggy 

SKHDRM, sanhedrim 

SNE, sink, sank, sunk, snack, 
snake, sneak, cynic, scenic, zinc 

SNKD, sneaked 

SNKNG, sneaking 

SNKP, syncope 

SNKE, sinecure, sneaker, sinker 

SNKRNSM, synchronism 

SXKS, sinks, snakes, sneaks 

SXKT, sanctity 

SNKTFD, sanctified 

SJJKTFKTN, sanctification 

SNKTFY, sanctify 

SNKTMNS, sanctimonious 

SNKTN, sanction 

SNKTBY, sanctuary 

SNL, snail, senile 

SNLS, sunless, sinless 

SNLT, senility 

* 167 



, cnnamon 

SNMNS, synonymous 

SNMNT, assignment 

SNMPH, sea-nymph 

SNN, senna, asinine 

SNND, sinned, sunned 

SNNGHT, sennight 

SNP, snap, snip, snipe 

SNPD, snapped, sniped 

SKPS, synopsis, snaps, snipes 

SNPSH, snappish 

SNE, senior, sinner, sneer, snare, 
snore, sooner 

SNBD, sneered, snared, snored 

SNBFC, sonorific 

SNEL, snarl 

SNBLE, snarler 

SNENG, sneering, snaring, snoring 

SNBS, sneers, seniors, sonorous, 
snares, snores, sunrise, sinners 

SNBT, seniority, snort 

SNEY, scenery, senary 

SKS, sins, suns, sans, sanious, sau- 
ciness, easiness, seasons, sense, 
sinuous, senses, census, sneeze, 
since, scions, scenes, science, 
sciences, essences, essence 

SNSBL, sensible 

SNSBLT, sensibly 

SNSCNC, senescence 

SBSD, sneezed 

SNSHN, sunshine 

SNSL, sensual 

SNSLS, senseless, sensualize 

SNSLST, sensualist 

SNSLT, sensuality 

SNSM, Socinianism 

SNSNG, sneezing 

SNSE, censure, censor, sincere, 

SNSEBL, censurable 

SNSED, censured 

SNSEM, sensorium 

SNSES, censorious, censures, cen- 

SNSBT, sincerity 

SNST, sunset, soonest 

SNSTN, sensation 

SNSTE, smister 

SNSTS, sensitize 

SNSTT, sensitive 

SNT, saint, sent, sanity, senate, 
snout, sonnet, cent, scent, as- 
sent, assassinate, ascent 

SNTD, sainted, assassinated, as- 
sented, scented 

SNTH, zenith 

SNTKS, syntax 

SNTL, essential 

SNTLS, essentials, scentless, saint- 

SNTLT, scintillate 

SNTLTN, scintillation 

SNTM, centum 

SNTMNT, sentiment 

SNTN, assassination 

SKTNC, sentence 

SNTNG, assenting 

SNTNL, centennial, sentinel 

SNTNEN, centenarian 

SNTNET, centenary 

SNTNS, sentence 

SNTPD, centipede 

SNTE, saunter, senator, center, 
centre, centaur 

SNTKB, sauntered, centred 

SNTRPGL, centrifugal 

SNTEK, centric 

SNTEL, central 

SNTBN, centurion 

SNTES, centres, senators, centaurs 

SXTET, sanitary, sentry 

SNTS, saints, senates, sonnets, 
snouts, cents, assents, scents 

SNTV, sanative 

SNW, suiew, snow 

SNWD, sinewed, snowed 

SNWS, snows, sinews 

SNWT, sinewy, snowy 

SNT, sunny, zany 

SP, sap, sop, soap, sup, sip, soup, 
spy, spa, asp 

SPG, space, spice, speck 

SPCD, spiced, spaced 

SPCFC, specific 

SPCFY, specify 




SrCH, speech 

SPCE, speck 

SPCL, special, especial 

SPCLM, speculum 

SPCLT, speciality, speculate 

SPCLTN, speculation 

SPCLTR, speculator 

SPCLTV, speculative 

SPCMK, specimen 

SPCN, suspicion 

SPCS, spacious, species, specious, 
spices, spaces, suspicious 

SPOT, suspect, aspect 

SPCTCL, spectacle 

SPCTCLS, spectacles 

SPCTD, suspected 

SPCTR, spectre, spectator 

SPOTS, suspects, aspects 

SPCY, spicy, spacy 

SPD, soaped, sipped, spied, spued, 
supped, sopped, speed, spade, 
sped, sapid, spuds, espied 

SPDNG, speeding 

SPDK, spider, speedier 

SPDY, speedy 

SPHN, syphon 

SPHR, sapphire, sphere 

SPHECL, spherical 

SPHST, sophist 

SPHSTCL, sophistical 

SPHSTCT, sophisticate 

SPHSTKY, sophistry 

SPHTS, zoophytes 

SPK, speak, spoke, spike, speck 

SPEBL, speakable 

SPKD, spiked, specked 

SPKLM, speculum 

SPELT, speculate 

SPELTD, speculated 

SPELTN, speculation 

SPELTS, speculator 

SPKLTS, speculates 

SPEN, spoken 

SPENG, speaking, spiking 

SPENRD, spikenard 

SPES, speaks, spokes, spikes, 

SPKT, aspect, suspect 

SPETD, suspected 

SPKTL, spectacle 

SPETLS, spectacles 

SPKTNG, suspecting 

SPETH, spectre, spectator 

SPKTS, suspects, aspects 

SPL, spell, spill, spoil, supply, 

SPLC, splice 

SPLCHE, sepulchre 

SPLCNT, supplicant 

SPLCT, supplicate 

SPLCTD, supplicated 

SPLCTN, supplication 

SPLCTNG, supplicating 

SPLD, spoiled, spilled, spelled, sup- 

SPLKT, supplicate 

SPLMNT, supplement 

SPLN, spleen 

SPLND, splendid, esplanade 

SPLNDE, splendour 

SPLNG, sapling, spelling, spilling, 
spoiling, supplying 

SPLNS, suppleness 

SPLNT, splint, supplant, suppliant 

SPLNTC, splenetic 

SPLNTE, splinter, supplanter 

SPLXTS, suppliants, supplants 

SPLB, spoiler, supplier 

SPLS, sapless, spoils, spells, sup- 
plies, spills 

SPLSH, splash 

SPLT, split, spoilt, spilt 

SPLTN, spoliation 

SPLTH, sepulture, splitter, splutter 

SPLTEY, suppletory 

SPLY, supply 

SPSI, spume 

SPJT, span, spin, spun, Spain, 
spine, spawn, spoon, supini-, 
aspen, saucepan 

SPNC, sapience 

SPND, spend, spanned, spinned, 
spawned, suspend, suspended 

SPNDL, spindle 

SPNDXG, spending, suspending 

SPNFL, spoonful 





SPNG, spinage, sponge, soaping, 
spying, spuing, supping 

SPNGD, sponged 

SPNGL, spangle 

SPNK, spank 

SPNKE, spanker 

SPNL, spaniel, spinal 

SPNB, spinner 

SPNS, spines, spins, spans, spi- 
nous, spoons, supineness, sus- 
pense, sapience, saucepans 

SPNSL, sponsal 

SPNSN, suspension 

SPNSB, sponsor 

SPNSTR, spinster 

SPNT, sapient, spinet, spent 

SPNTNS, spontaneous 

SPNTNSNS, spontaneousness 

SPE, sapor, spur, spare, spire, 
spar, spear, superior, aspire, 

SPEB, superb 

SPEBL, separable, superable 

SPBBND, superabound 

SPBBNDNC, superabundance 

SPEC, spruce 

SPBCLS, supercilious 

SPED, spread, speared, spurred, 
spared, sparred, aspired, su- 

SPEDNG, spreading 

SPEDS, spreads 

SPEFC, soporific, superfico 

SPBFCI/, superficial 

SPBFLS, superfluous 

SPEFLT, superfluity 

SPBFN, superfine 

SPEFES, soporiferous 

SPBFS, superficies 

SPBQ-, sprig 

SPBGHT, spright 

SPEGS, asparagus, sprigs 

SPEGTN, supererogation 

SPEK, spark 

SPEKL, sparkle 

SPEKSLNT, superexcellent 

SPBL, spiral 

SPBLTV, superlative 

SPEM, sperm, supremo 

SPEMC, supremacy 

SPEMNC, supereminence 

SPEMNT, supereminent 

SPEN, sprain, spurn 

SPRNCMBNT, superincumbent 

SPEND, spurned, sprained 

SPRNDC, superinduce 

SPRNG, sparing, spearing, spur- 
ring, spring, spurning, sprain- 
ing, aspiring 

SPENGS, springs 

SPENKL, sprinkle 

SPENL, supernal 

SPENMEY, supernumerary 

SPBNS, spurns, sprains 

SPENT, aspirant, superannuate 

SPKNTNDNT, superintendent 

SPENTKX, supernatural 

SPES, spears, spires, spares, spars, 
spurs, spurious, spruce, asperse, 
suppress, suppers, superiors 

SPESCEB, superscribe 

SPESCEPTN, superscription 

SPESD, supersede, suppressed, as- 

SPKSLS, surprisals, supercilious 

SPESN, aspersion 

SPESTN, superstition 

SPESTECTE, superstructure 

SPESTS, superstitious 

SPRT, spirit, separate, spurt, sup- 
port, sport, superiority, sup- 
purate, sprout, sprite, sprit, 
sprat, asperity, aspirate, seaport 

SPETBL, supportable 

SPRTD, spirited, supported, sepa- 
rated, spurted, sported, suppu- 

SPETL, spiritual 

SPRTLS, spiritualize 

SPRTN, separation, suppuration 

SPRTNG, supporting, sporting, 

SPRTR, supporter, separator, 

SPETET, aspiratory 

SPETS, spirits, separates, sup- 




ports, spurts, spirituous, sprats, 


SPETV, sportive 
SPBVN, supervene 
SPBVNTN, supervention 
SPRVS, supervise 
SPBVSE, supervisor 
SPEW, sparrow 
SPEWL, sprawl 
SPBWLXG, sprawling 
SPRY, spray 
SPS, soaps, spies, sips, saps, soups, 

spas, sups, spouse, suppose, 

auspicious, espouse, espouses, 

suspicious, spacious, spices, 

spaces, spice, space, species, 

SPSD, supposed, espoused, spaced, 


SPSFK, specific 
SPSFT, specify 
SPSL, spousal, espousal, special, 


SPSLS, espousals 
SPSLT, specialty 
SPSM, spasm 
SPSMDC, spasmodic 
SPSMN, specimen 
SPSN, suspicion 
SPSNG, supposing, espousing 
SPSXS, suspicions 
SPSTN, supposition 
SPSTNS, suppositions 
SPSY, spicy, spacy 
SPT, Sept., September, spot, spit, 

spat, spite, spout 
SPTBL, susceptible 
SPTD, spouted, spotted 
SPTFL, spiteful 
SPTGNEY, septuagenary 
SPTGNT, Septuagint 
SPTL, spittle 
SPTLS, spotless, spoutless 
SPTNG, spouting, spitting 
SPTNL, septennial 
SPTKEY, septenary 
SPTPL, septuple 
SPTB, spatter, sceptre, spouter 

SPTS, spots, spouts, spits, spites 

SPTT, susceptive 

SPW, spew 

SPY, sappy, spy, Sepoy, espy 

SB, sear, sir, soar, sore, sire, seer, 

seizure, sere, sure, sizar, sour, 

Caesar, Czar, azure, assure, osier, 

SEC, source 
SECFGS, sarcophagus 
SBCH, search 
SBCHD, searched 
SRCHNG, searching 
SBCHEG, surcharge 
SRCNT, sarcenet 
SRCB, sorcerer 
SRCBS, sorceress 
SBCEY, sorcery 
SRCS, sources 
SBCSJI, sarcasm 
SRCSTC, sarcastic 
SED, assured, seared, soared, 

sword, assured, sordid, soured 
SHDN, sardine 
SRDTL, sacerdotal 
SBF, seraph, serf 
SBFC, seraphic, surface 
SiiFir, seraphim 
SEFT, surfeit 
SRG, surge, serge 
SBGCL, surgical 
SEGL, seraglio 
SBGN, surgeon 
SRGNT, sergeant, serjeant 
SRGBY, surgery 
SRGT, surrogate 
SBKL, circle 
SRKLR, circular 
SBKLTN, circulation 
SBKMBLT, circumambulate 
SEKMFBNS, circumference 
SEKMLKTN, circumlocution 
SBEMNTGT, circumnavigate 
SBKMS, circumcise 
SBKMSKBB, circumscribe 
SBKMSN, circumcision 
SRKMSPKT, circumspect 
SBKMSINS, circumstance 




r, circumvention 

SEKSM, sarcasm 

SBKSTK, sarcastic 

SBKT, circuit 

SEKTS, circuitous 

SEL, sorrel, serial 

SsiS, serials, sourless 

SELY, surely, sourly, surly, sorely 

SEM, serum 

SBMN, sermon 

SEMNL, ceremonial 

SKMNS, sermonize, sermons, cere- 

SRMNT, surmount 

SBMSTY, ceremony 

SBMS, surmise 

SEN, serene, syren, Assyrian 

SRNC, assurance 

SEND, serenade, surround 

SBNDNG, serenading, surrounding 

SENDS, surrender, serenader 

SENDS, surrounds, serenades 

SENG, soaring, searing, syringe, 

SENSI, surname 

SENS, sereneness, assurance, sere- 

SENT, serenity 

SEP, syrup, usurp 

SEPD, usurped 

SEPH, seraph 

SBPLC, surplice 

SEPLS, surplus 

SBPNG, usurping 

SBPNT, serpent 

SEPNTN, serpentine 

SBPES, surprise, usurpers 

SEPBSD, surprised 

SBPRSL, surprisal 

SBPRSNG, surprising 

SEPS, surpass, usurps 

SBPSD, surpassed 

SBPTN, usurpation 

SEPTS, surreptitious 

SRS, series, sirs, searg, soars, 
sires, sores, seers, seizures, se- 
rious, serous, Sirius, osiers, 
scissors, source 

SESH, sourish 

SRSNS, seriousness 

SRSPEL, sarsaparilla 

SRSRS, sorceress 

SRSEY, sorcery 

SEST, serosity 

SET, serrate, sort, surtout, assert, 

SBTD, serrated, sorted, assorted, 

SETFKT, certificate 

SETFY, certify 

SRTMXT, assortment, sortment 

SETN, certain, ascertain, assertion 

SETNG, assorting, asserting 

SETNT, certainty 

SETT, surtout 

SETV, assertive 

SETT, surety 

SET, serve, survive, survej 

SEVC, service 

SRVD, served, surveyed, survived 

SRVL, servile 

SEVLT, servility 

SEVNG, surveying, surviving, 

SEVNT, servant 

SEVB, survivor, surveyor, server 

SEVRSHP, surveyorship, survivor- 

SEYTD, servitude 

SEYTE, servitor 

SEVY, survey 

SEW, sorrow 

SEWD, sorrowed 

SEWNG, sorrowing 

SE\VS, sorrows 

SEY, sorry, usury 

Ss, assess, seize, size, ass, a?o?, 
osseous, issues, eases, uses, sues, 
says, sighs, seas, sees, assize, 
souse, ices, ceases, oozes, sauces 

SSBL, suasible, assessable 

SSD, secede, sauced, suicide, as- 
sessed, seized, issued, eased, 
used, soused, ceased, oozed 

SSDL, suicidal 

SsDUG-, seceding 




SSFD, ossified 

SSFKTN, ossification 

SSFY, ossify 

SSG, sausage, assuage 

SSLT, sociality, oscillate, assault 

SSLTD, oscillated, assaulted 

SSLTXG, oscillating, assaulting 

SSLTS, oscillates, assaults 

SSLY, socially, easily 

SSN, session, seizin, suasion, sea- 
son, Socinian, scion, secession 

SSND, seasoned, ascend, ascended 

SSNG, seasoning 

SSNS, seasons, sauciness, Socinians 

SSPN, saucepan 

SSPTBL, susceptible 

SSB, saucer, assure 

SSEDTL, sacerdotal 

SSETN, assertion, ascertain 

SST, assist, associate, suscitate 

SSTN, sustain 

SSTNO, assisting, associating 

SSTS, assists, societies, associates 

Ssv, suasive 

SSY, saucy 

ST, sat, set, sot, soot, street, site, 
sought, estate, sate, satiate, sa- 
tiety, seat, settee, statue, sit, 
situate, state, statute, stout, 
suet, suit, oust, east, astute, 
associate, assist, cite, suite, sus- 
citate, zest 

STB, stab, stub 

STBD, stabbed, stubbed 

STBL, stable, stubble, suitable, 

STBLSII, establish 

STBLSHD, established 

STBLSHS, establishes 

STBXG, stabbing, stubbing 

STBRN, stubborn 

STBS, stabs, stubs 

Sic, static, stoic, stucco, acetic, 

STCH, stitch 

STCHD, stitched 

STCHL, satchel 

STCHNO, stitching 

STCHS, stitches 

SICK, stack, stock, stick, stoak 

STCKL, stickle 

SICKLE, stickler 

SiCKNa, stocking, sticking, stack- 

STCKS, sticks, stocks, stacks, 

STCKY, sticky 

STD, situated, stead, steed, seated, 
sooted, staid, stated, stayed, 
studied, stud, cited, satiated, 
ousted, . associated, assisted, 

STDFST, steadfast 

STDL, citadel 

STDNS, steadiness 

STDNT, student 

STDS, studious, steeds, studs, stu- 
dies, steadies 

STDY, study, steady 

STP, staff, stiff, stuff 

STFD, stuffed 

STFL, stifle 

STFLD, stifled 

STFLNG, stifling 

STFN, stiffen 

STFNG, stuffing 

Sirs, stuffs, staffs 

STG, stag, stage 

STGM, stigma 

STGMTS, stigmatize 

SIGN, Stygian 

STGNT, stagnant, stagnate 

STGE, stagger, stager 

STGS, stages, stags 

STH, south, soothe, sooth 

STEM, asthma 

STHMS, isthmus 

STHMTC, asthmatic 

STHNG, soothing 

STHS, soothes 

STK, stake, stock, steak, stick, 
stack, Asiatic 

STKL, stickle 

STKLH, stickler 

STKNG, stocking, stacking, stick* 





STKS, stocks, sticks, stacks 

STKT, sticky 

STL, settle, stool, still, stall, stale, 
stole, steal, steel, stile, stiletto, 
style, cital 

STLD, settled, styled, stilled, 

STLFBS, stelliferous 

SILK, stalk 

STLMNT, settlement 

STLN, stallion 

STLNG, stealing, settling, stalling, 
styling, steeling 

STLB, stellar, settler, stealer, sut- 
ler, ostler 

STLS, styles, steals, steels, stalls, 
stools, settles 

STLSH, stylish, stalish, stillish 

STLT, satellite 

STLTPY, stultify 

STLTH, stealth 

STLTS, satellites, stilts 

STLT, stately 

STM, steam, item, system, esteem 

STMBL, stumble, estimable 

STMBLR, stumbler 

STMCH, stomach 

STMCHC, stomachic 

STMCHR, stomacher 

STMD, steamed, esteemed 

STMLT, stimulate 

STMLTNG, stimulating 

STMN, stamina 

STMNG, steaming, esteeming 

STMNT, statement 

STMP, stamp, stump 

STMB, steamer, stammer 

STMS, steams, stems, esteems, 

STMST, zootomist 

STMT, estimate 

STMTC, systematic 

STMTCL, systematical 

STMTS, estimates 

STN, stain, Satan, stone, stun, 
satin, seton, situation, station, 
sustain, cessation, association 

STNC, satanic, sustenance 

STNCH, stanch, stench 

STNCHN, stanchion 

STND, stand, stunned, stained, 
stoned, astound 

STNDNG, standing, astounding 

STNDBD, standard 

STNG, sting, stung, stang, sitting, 
setting, satiating, staining, stat- 
ing, stingy, citing, assisting, 
ousting, associating 

STNGNS, stinginess 

STNGBFY, stenography 

SINK, stink, satanic 

STNB, stationer, stainer, stoner 

SINS, stanzas, stoutness, assist- 
ance, stones, stains, associations, 
sustains, situations, satins, stuns, 

STNSBL, ostensible 

STNSH, astonish 

STNSHD, astonished 

STJTSHNG, astonishing 

STNSV, ostensive 

STNT, stint, stunt, assistant 

STNTD, stinted, stunted 

STNTBN, stentorian 

STXTS, ostentatious 

STNT, stony 

STP, steep, stop, stoop, step 

STPD, steeped, stopped, stooped, 
stepped, stupid 

STPDT, stupidity 

STPFCTN, stupefaction 

STPG, stoppage 

STPL, staple, steeple 

STPLB, stapler 

STPLT, stipulate 

STPLTB, stipulator 

STPND, stipend 

STPNDBT, stipendiary 

STPNDS, stupendous, stipends 

STPNG, steeping, stepping, stoop- 
ing, stopping 

STPB, stopper, stupor, steeper 

STPS, steeps, stops, stoops, steps 

STPST, steepest 

SIR, satire, stir, steer, store, 
star, sister, stare, Easter, stair, 




setter, satyr, stature, stutter, 
suitor, austere, Austria, stouter 

STEC, satiric 

STECH, starch 

STRCL, satirical 

STRCT, strict 

STECTE, structure 

STED, stride, stared, stirred, stored, 
steered, stuttered, Saturday, 
starred, asteroid, sturdy 

STRDL, straddle 

STEP, strife 

STBG, steerage, storage 

STEGL, struggle, straggle 

STEGN, sturgeon 

STUK, stark, satiric, strike, stork, 
stroke, streak 

STEKD, stroked, streaked 

STEEL, satirical 

STHKN, stricken 

STBKNG, striking, stroking, streak- 

STEKT, strict 

STEL, sterile, stroll, austral, 

STBID, strolled 

STELG, astrology 

STHLN, Australian 

STELNG, sterling 

STELS, strolls, sterilize, starless 

STRLY, easterly, austerely, sisterly 

STEM, stream, storm 

STBMD, stormed, streamed 

STEMLT, streamlet 

STRUNG, storming, streaming 

STEMPT, strumpet 

STEMS, streamer, stormier 

STEMS, storms, streams 

STEN, stern, Saturn, saturnine, 
strain, cistern, citron, astern, 
eastern, saturnian, Austrian 

STBND, strand, strained, stranded 

STENG, string, strung, stirring, 
storing, steering, starring, star- 
ing, stuttering, strange, estrange, 

STRNGD, estranged, stringed 

STBNGL, strangle 

STENGNG, estranging 

STRNGNT, stringent 

STRNGE, stranger 

STENGS, strings, estranges, stir- 

STENGTH, strength 

STENME, astronomer 

STBNMY, astronomy 

STRNS, strenuous, sterns, strains, 

STEP, strap, strip, stripe, stirrup 

STRPD, strapped, stripped 

STBPLNG, stripling 

SIRS, stars, stirs, steers, stores, 
satirize, sisters, stares, stairs, 
statures, stress, suitress, suitors, 
estuaries, stutters 

STRSK, asterisk 

STRST, satirist 

STRT, street, saturate, start, strait, 
austerity, strata, straight 

STETCH, stretch 

STETD, started, strutted 

STRTG, strategy 

STRTGM, stratagem 

STRTL, startle 

STETLS, startles, startless 

STRTM, stratum 

STRTN, straiten 

STRTNG, starting, strutting 

STETP, stereotype 

STRTE, starter, strutte* 

STEV, starve, strive 

STETN, striven 

STRVS, strives, starves 

STEW, strew, straw 

STEWD, strawed, strewed 

STEWS, straws, strews 

STRY, estuary, statuary, story, 
stray, starry 

STS, sits, sets, sots, ousts, assets, 
stays, assists, estates, seats, sta- 
tues, associates, societies, states 

STSFCTN, satisfaction 

STSFD, satisfied 

STSFY, satisfy 

STSH, sottish 

, statesman. 





STSN, citizen 

STST, statist, stoutest 

STSTCI/, statistical 

STSTCS, statistics 

STT, statue, statute, situate, state, 

stout, astute 
STTD, situated, stated 
STV, stave, stove, stive 
STTD, staved, stoved 
STVNG, staving, stoving 
STTS, staves, stoves 
Srw, stew, stow 
STWD, stewed, stowed 
STWG, stowage 
STWNG, stewing, stowing 
STWRD, steward 
STWBDS, stewardess, stewards 
STY, sooty, sty, satiety, stay, 

suety, city 
Sv, save, sieve 
SVG, savage 
SVK, civic 
Svx, civil, save all 
STIN, civilian 
SVLS, civilize, savealls 
SVLSD, civilized 
SVLSTN, civilization 
SVLT, civility 
SVN, seven 
STNFLD, sevenfold 
SYNG, saving 

SVR, Saviour, savour, sever, severe 
SVBD, savoured, severed 
SVBGN, sovereign 
SVHGNT, sovereignty 
SVRL, several 

SVRNG, savouring, severing 
SVBT, severity 
STBY, savoury 
Svs, saves, sieves 
SVT, suavity, civet 
SVY, Savoy 
Sw, saw, sew, sow 
SWB, swab 
SWBD, swabbed 
SWD, sewed, sowed, swayed 
SWDL, swaddle 

SWDST, sawdust 

SWFT, swift 

SWG, swag, assuage, swig, sewage 

SWGD, assuaged 

SWGR, swagger, assuager 

SWGRD, swaggered 

SWL, sweal, swell, swill 

SWLNG, swelling, swilling, sweal- 

SWLTR, swelter 

SWLW, swallow 

SWM, swim 

SWMP, swamp 

SWN, swain, swan, swine, swoon, 
sown, sewn 

SWXDL, swindle 

SWNG, swing, swinge, swooning, 
sowing, sewing, swaying 

SWNGNG, swinging, swinging 

SWNSH, swinish 

SWP, swap, sweep, swoop 

SWPXG, sweeping, swapping 

SWPT, sawpit, swept 

SWE, swear, sawyer, sewer, sower, 
swearer, swore 

SWRD, seaward, sward, sword 

SwBii, swarm 

SWRN, sworn 

SWES, sowers, swears, sewers, saw- 
yers, swearers 

SWHTH, swarthy 

SWRV, swerve 

SWEVD, swerved 

SWEVNG, swerving 

SWRVS, swerves 

Sws, sows, sews, sways 

SWSH, swash 

Swsv, assuasive 

SWT, sweat, swee 

SWTCH, switch 

SWTH, swathe 

SWTN, sweeten 

SWTSH, sweetish 

SWTI, swivel 

SWY, sway 

SY, say, icy, assay, easy, essay, 




THIS is the twentieth letter in the English alphabet, but only 
the thirteenth or fourteenth in stenography. It is a pure con- 
sonant, but owing to being not often preceded by a vowel in 
the beginning of words, it is comparatively a small letter. T 
is preceded by a 45 times, e 8, i 10, o 6, and u 20. There is also 
a compound (out) often before words, c. g., ouf-spoken ; but it 
is advisable to use a grammalogue for out, and thus t will not 
stand alone in such words. The compound occurs nearly 100 


T, at, it, to, eat, tea, tie, too, toe, 
taw, tight, tit, oat, out, ate 

TB, tub, tube 

TBC, tobacco 

TBCNST, tobacconist 

TBD, tabicl, tubed 

TBK, tobacco 

TBL, table, eatable 

TBLU, tabular, tubular 

TBLT, tablet 

TBLTD, tabulated 

TBLTR, tabluture 

TBNQ, tubing 

TBRCL, tub.-rcle 

TBRNCL, tub Tnacle 

Ts9, tubs, tubes 

TBT, titbit 

Tc, tack, tick, attic 

TCH, teach, touch, etch, itch, at- 

TCHD, touched, attached, itched 

TCHMNT, attachment 

TCHNCL, technical 

TCHNO, attaching, etching, itching, 

TCHE, teacher, toucher, etcher 

TCHS, teaches, touches, attaches, 
itches, etches 

TCK, tick, tack, tuck 

TCKL, tackle, tickle 

TCKLD, tackled, tickled 

TCKLNO, tackling, tickling 

TCKNO, tucking, ticking, tacking 

TCKK, tucker 

Tcs, attics 

Tex, tacit 

TCTC, tactic 

TCTL, tactile 

TCTKN, taciturn 

TCTENT, taciturnity 

TCTS, tuctics 

TD, tied, toed, tide, toad, attitude 

TLL, tidal 

TDM, Te Deum 

TDNGS, tidings 

TONS, tidiness 

TDPL, tadpole 

TDS, tedious, attitudes, tides, 


TDSIL, toadstool 
TDY, tidy, toady 
'1'f, tiff, tough 
TFT, tuft 
TFTD, tufted 
TFTS, tufts 
TFTY, tufty 
To, tag, tujr, teg 
TOD, tugged 
TGH, tough 
TOUT, tight 
TOHT.V, tighten 
TGHTNS, tightness 
TGXINT, tegument 
TOE, tiger 

TGBFY, or TGRPHY, orthography 
TGKS, tigress, tigers 





TGS, tug?, tags 

TGTHR, together 

TH, teeth (see Tin), the, thee, 
thigh, thou, tithe, tooth, oath 

Tnc, ethic 

THCRCY, theocracy 

THCRTCL, theocratical 

THCS, ethics 

THD, tithed, toothed 

THDLT, theodolite 

THF, thief 

THFT, theft 

THGH, thigh, though 

THGHT, thought 

THK, thick, tooth-ache, ethic 

THKN, thicken 

THKNG, thickening 

THKRSY, theocracy 

THKS, ethics 

THKST, thickest 

THKT, thicket 

THLG, theology 

THLGN, theologian 

THLGST, theologist 

THIS, toothless, titheless, oath- 

THLTC, athletic 

THM, them, theme, thyme 

THMB, thumb 

THMBL, thimble 

THMP, thump 

THMPR, thumper 

THN, thin, than, then, thine, 

THNC, thence 

THND, thinned 

THNDE, thunder, thunderer 

THNG, thinning, thing, thong, 

THNGS, thongs, things, thinnings 

THNK, think, thank 

THNKD, thanked 

THNKFL, thankful 

THNKLS, thankless 

THNKNG, thinking, thanking 

THNKS, thinks, thanks 

THNLY, thinly 

THNM, atheneeum 

THNS, thins, thinness, Athens, 


THNTC, authentic 
THNTCT, authenticate 
THNTCTY, authenticity 
THR, tether, there, their, throe, 

theory, thither, three, tither, 

other, either, ether, author 
THRB, throb 
THRC, thoracic, thrice 
THRD, tethered, thread, third 
THRFLD, threefold 
THEFT, thrift, thrifty 
THHFTLS, thriftless 
THRGH, thorough, through 
THRKS, thorax 
THRL, thrill, ethereal 
THRLDM, thraldom 
THRN, thorn, throne 
THENG, throng 
THRP, threap 
THES, theories, others, tethers, 

authors, thrice, theirs, authorize, 


THRSD, authorized, theorized 
THHSDY, Thursday 
THESH, thrash, thresh, thrush 
THRSHLD, threshold 
THRSHNG, thrashing, threshing 
THRSHE, thresher 
THESNG, theorizing, authorizing 
THRST, theorist, thirst, thirsty, 

thrust, athirst 
THRSTD, thirsted 
THRSTL, throstle 
THRSTNG, thirsting, thrusting 
THESTNS, thirstiness 
THET, thereat, throat 
THETCL, theoretical 
THRTL, throttle 
THETN, thirteen, threaten 
THRTV, authoritative 
THRTY, authority, thirty 
THET, thrive 
THRW, throw 
THR\VNG, throwing 
THEWS, otherwise 
THEY, theory 




THS, thus, thaws, these, thesis, 

those, tithes, oaths, thia 
THSM, theism, toothsome, atheism 
THSND, thousand 
THST, atheist 
THSTL, thistle 
THT, that, thought 
THTCH, thatch 
THTCHR, thatcher 
THTE, theatre 
THTRCL, theatrical 
THY, thieve 
THVNG, thieving 
THVRY, thievery 
THVS, thieves 
THVSII, thievish 
THW, thaw 
THWD, thawed 
THWK, thwack 
THWNO, thawing 
THWET, thwart, athwart 
Tnws, thaws 
THT, they, thy 
TK, take, took, tack, tick, attack, 


TKBL, takable 
TED, tacked, attacked 
TKL, tackle, tickle 
TKLD, tackled, tickled 
TKLXG, tackling, tickling 
TKN, token, taken 
TKXG, taking, ticking, tucking, 


TKNKL, technical 
TKS, tax, taxes, takes, tacks, 

attacks, ticks, attics 
TKSBL, taxable 
TKSD, taxed 
TKSX, taxation 
TKSXG, taxing 
TEST, text 
TKSTL, textile 
TKSTE, texture 
TKSTET, textuary 
TKTK, tactic 
TKTKS, tactics 
TKTL, tactile 
TKWT, etiquette 

TL, tail, tell, tile, till, toll, 
tulle, tall, tale, tattle, tittle, 
title, toil, tool, total 

TLBL, tillable 

TLBE, talebearer 

TLBT, talbot 

TLD, titled, told, tailed, tilled, 
tolled, toiled, tooled 

TIG, tutelage, tillage 

TLGEP, telegraph 

TLGBFD, telegraphed 

TLGRFS, telegraphs 

TLGRXI, telegram 

TLGT, tautology 

TLK, talk 

TLKD, talked 

TLKNG, talking 

TLKB, talker 

TLKS, talks 

TLKTT, talkative 

TLMD, Talmud 

TLMN, tallyman 

TLN, talon 

TING, telling, tolling, toiling, 

TLMT, talent 

TLNTC, Atlantic 

TLNTD, talented 

TLNTS, talents 

TLP, tuh'p 

TLPG, title-page 

TLPS, tulips 

TLR, tailor, tiler, teller, toller, 
taller, tiller, titular, tutelar 

TLEBL, tolerable 

TLENC, tolerance 

TLET, tolerate 

TLETD, tolerated 

TLRTN, toleration 

Its, tales, tails, tells, tolls, tiles, 
toils, tools, atlas, toolless, tail- 
less, titles, tittles, tills, totals, 

TLSCP, telescope 

TLSM, toilsome 

TLSMN, talisman 

TLST, tallest, tellest, tollest 

TLT, tilt, toilet, utility 





TLTD, tilted 

TITL, tell-tale 

TlTNG, tilting 

TLW, tallow 

TLT, tally, Italy 

TM, tame, team, time, teem, 
tomb, tome, atom, item, au- 

TMB, tomb 

TMBL, tumble 

TMBLS, tombless, tumbles 

TMBU, tambour, timber 

TMBHD, timbered 

TMBBL, timbrel, tumbrel 

TMBEN, tambourine 

TMBKS, timbers 

TMBSTN, tombstone 

TMC, atomic 

TMD, timid, tamed, timed, teemed, 

TMFCTN, tumefaction 

TMFY, tumefy 

TMHK, tomahawk 

TMK, atomic 

TMKPU, time-keeper 

TML, oatmeal 

TMLO, etymology, timely 

TMLS, timeless, tombless, tame- 

TMLT, tumult 

TMLTS, tumultuous, tumults 

TMNG, teeming, timing, taming 

TNNL, autumnal 

TMNS, tameness 

TMPC, timepiece 

TMPL, temple 

TMPLK, templar 

TMPN, tympan 

TMPNM, tympanum 

TMPK, tamper, temper, attemper 

TMPBL, temporal 

TMPHLT, temporality 

TMPKMNT, temperament 

TMPBNC, temperance 

TMPES, temporize, tempers 

TMPBT, temperate 

TMPETK, temperature 

TMPRT, temporary 

TMPS, timepiece 

TMPST, tempest 

TMPSTS, tempestuous, tempests 

TMPT, tempt, attempt 

TMPTD, tempted, attempted 

TMPTN, temptation 

IMPING, tempting 

TMPTII, tempter 

TMPTS, attempts 

TMB, tamer, timer, tumour 

TMBND, tamarind 

TMEES, temerarious 

TMES, timorous, tumorous 

TMET, temerity 

TMS, times, teams, titmouse, 
tombs, tomes, atoms, teems, 

TMSFE, or TMSPHE, atmosphere 

TMST, utmost 

TMSTN, tombstone 

TMT, tomtit, tempt 

TMTN, automaton 

TN, ten, tan, tun, ton, tone, tine, 
tune, teen, oaten, eaten, attune, 
attain, atone, tin, tighten 

TNBL, tenable, tunable, atonable 

TNBES, tenebrous 

TNC, tonic, tunic 

TNCS, tenacious, tonics, tunica 

TKCSNS, tenaciousness 

TNCT, tenacity 

TNCTE, tincture 

TNCF, tenancy 

TND, toned, tuned, tanned, tend, 
tended, tinned, attained, at- 
tend, attended, attuned, atoned 

TNDN, tendon 

TNDXC, tendency, attendance 

TNDNS, tendinous, tendons 

TNDNSY, tendency 

TNDNT, attendant 

TNDE, tender, tinder 

TNDBL, tendril 

TNDELS, tendrils 

TNDUNS, tenderness 

TNDS, tends 

TNFL, tuneful, tinfoil 




TNG, tang, tongue, tinge, tongs, 
tonnage, atoning, toning, at- 

TNGBL, tangible 

TNGD, tinged, tongued 

TNGL, tangle, tingle 

TNGLD, tangled 

TXGSG, tonguing,tinging 

TNGNT, tangent 

TNGS, tinges, tongues, tong3 

TNGTD, tongue-tied 

TXK, tank, tonic, tunic 

TNKL, tinkle 

TNKLNG, tinkling 

TNKB, tinker 

TNZED, tankard 

TNKS, tonics, tanks, tunica 

TNKTE, tincture 

TNL, tunnel 

TNLS, tuneless, tunnels, toneless, 

TNMN, tinman 

TNXIM, tenement, atonement, 

TNNG, tonnage, atoning, attaining 

TXNE, tinner, tanner 

TNNSY, tenancy 

TNNT, tenant 

TNNTD, tenanted 

TNNTLS, tenantless 

TNNTS, tenants 

TUB, tenor, tuner, toner, tanner, 
tenure, tinner 

TNBNT, itinerant 

TXRT, itinerate 

TNETNG, itinerating 

TNRY, itinerary 

TNS, teeus, tons, tuns, tunes, tines, 
tones, tens, tennis, tense, tena- 
cious, attains, tius, tenuous 

TNSBL, tensible 

TNSL, tinsel, utensil 

TXSN, tension 

TNSNS, tenseness, tenaciousness 

TNSB, tonsure 

TNST, tenacity, tiniest 

TN.-V, tensive 
, tenancy 

TNT, taint, taunt, tenant, tenet, 
tent, tenuity, attenuate, tint 

TNTBL, tenantable 

TNTD, tainted, taunted, tenanted, 
tented, tinted, attenuated 

TNTLS, tantalize, tenantless, taint- 
less, tintlesa 

TNTMNT, tantamount 

TNTN, attention 

TNTNG, tainting, taunting, tenant- 
ing, tenting 

TNTE, tainture, tenter, tinter 

TNTS, taints, taunts, tenants, 
tenets, tents, tints 

TNTV, attentive 

TNY, tiny 

TP, tap, top, tip, tup, tape, type, 

TPC, topic 

TPCL, typical 

TPD, tepid, topped, tapped 

TPGKFE, typographer 

TPGEFF, typography, topogra- 


TPGEPHE, typographer 

TPK, topic 

TPKL, typical 

TPL, tipple, topple 

TPLD, tippled, toppled 

TPLNG, tippling, toppling 

TPLE, tippler 

TPLS, tipples, tapless, tapeleas, 
topless, topples 

TPMST, topmost, topmast 

TPN, Utopian 

TPNG, topping, tapping, tipping 

TPE, taper, tapper, topper, tipper, 

TPS, tops, taps, tips, tups, topaz 
tapes, tjpes 

TPSL, topsail 
TPSTEV, topsy-turvy 

TPSTKY, tapestry 

I'PSY, tipsy, topsy 

TPT, tippet, tiptoe, tipt, topt 

Tu, tar, tear, tore, tire, tare, ter- 
rier, tatter, tolter, terror, utter, 
otter, attire, tyro, tutor, true, 




trio, tree, tower, tour, tier, 
tiara, titter 

TBB, tribe 

TEBD, turbid 

TEBL, terrible, treble, trouble 

TBBLD, troubled 

TEBLNC, turbulence 

TBBLNG, troubling 

TBBLNT, turbulent 

TKBLS, troubles, trebles, tribeless 

TBBI.SM, troublesome 

TEBLTN, tribulation 

TBBN, tribune, turban 

TRB NI, tribunal 

TEBNS, turbans, tribunes 

TEBS, tribes 

TEBT, tribute, turbot, attribute 

TEBTD, attributed 

TEBTL, attributable 

TBBTET, tributary 

TEC, terrace, trace, trick, truce 

TBCBL, traceable 

TECD, traced, terraced 

TRCB:, torch 

TECHRS, treacherous 

TBCHBY, treachery 

TECK, track, trick, truck 

TECKL, trickle, truckle 

TBCKLNG, trickling, truckling 

TKCKLS, trickless, trackless 

TECL, treacle 

TBCLNT, truculent 

TRCNG, tracing, terracing 

TECS, traces, terraces, truces, atro- 

TECT, tract, attract 

TBCTBL, tractable, attractable 

TBCTL, tractile 

TECTN, attraction, traction 

TED, torrid, tired, tarred, tiered, 
towered, trade, tread, uttered, 
attired, tried, trode, triad, trod 

TEDC, traduce 

TBDCBL, traduciblo 

TBDCB, traducer 

TEDCTN, traduction 

TEDO, trudge 

TBDN, trodden 

TBDNG, trading, treading 

TBDNT, trident 

TRDB, trader, treader 

TRDS, trades, treads, trod?, tra- 

THDSBL, traducible 

TRDSJIN, tradesman 

TRDSNG, traducing 

TRDSB, traducer 

TBDTN, tradition 

TRDY, tardy 

TBF, tariff, turf, terrific, terrify, 

TRFC, traffic 

TBFCTN, torrefactioa 

TKFD, terrified 

TEFK, traffic 

TRFKNG, trafficking 

TKFL, tearful, trefoil, trifle 

TRFLD, trifled 

TEFLNG, trifling 

TRFLR, trifler 

TBFLS, trifles 

TRFNG, terrifying 

TBFS, trophies, troughs, turf* 

TRFT, terrify, trophy, turfy 

TRG, tutorage 

TRGC, tragic 

TRGCL, tragical 

TEGD, turgid 

TRGDN, tragedian 

TBGDS, tragedies 

TRGDT, tragedy 

TRGH, trough 

TRGK, tragic 

TRGKL, tragical 

TRGXMTRy, trigonometry 

TEGNT, turgent 

TEGB, trigger 

TEGT, target 

TRGTRSTN, tergiversation 

TRK, track, Turk, truck, trick,, 

TRKD, tracked, tricked 

TBKL, trickle, truckle, treacle 

TRKLNG, trickling, truckling^ 

TEKLNT, truculent 




TBKLS, trickless, trackless, trickles, 

TBKXG, tracking, tricking 

TRKS, tracks, trucks, tricks, 
Turks, turkeys 

TRET, attract, tract 

TEKTBL, tractable, attractable 

TBKTL, tractile 

TRKTN, traction, attraction 

TBK'WS, terraqueous 

TEKT, turkey, Turkey 

TEL, trail, trial, trill 

TRLX, trillion 

TRLXG, trailing 

TRLS, trails, trials, tearless, tire- 
less, treeless 

TBLTBI, trilateral 

TELT, utterly, truly 

TIIM, term, trim 

TBMBL, tremble 

TEMD, trimmed 

TBMF, triumph 

TBMFL, triumphal 

TBML, trammel, turmoil 

TRMLS, termless, turmoils, tremu- 
lous, trimless 

TEMN, termini 

TRMXBL, terminable 

TRMXDS, tremendous 

TRMXS, terminus 

TRMNT, terminate, torment 

TBMXTD, terminated, tormented 

TBMNTXG, terminating, torment- 

TBMNTR, terminator, tormentor 

TBMNTS, terminates, torments 

TKMP, trump 

TRMPH, triumph 

TBMPHL, triumphal 

TBJIPL, trample 

TRMPLD, trampled 

TRMPT, trumpet 

TBMPTB, trumpeter 

TRMB, tremor, trimmer 

TEMS, terms, trims 

TRMST, uttermost 

TRMVHT, triumvirate 

Tsy, train, turn, triune 

TBNBL, turnable, trainable 

TBNC, trance, utterance 

TENCH, trench 

TRNCHN, truncheon 

TP.XCHNT, trenchant 

TBXCIIR, trencher 

TBNCL, tyrannical 

TRND, tornado, turned, trained 

TRNDL. trundle 

TBNG, tiring, tiering, attiring, 

tarring, tearing, trying, turning, 

training, uttering 
TBNGL, triangle 
TH>'K, trunk 
TBNKL, tyrannical 
TRNKT, trinket 
TBNICSVL, tranquil 
TRNKVTLS, tranquillize 
TRXL, triennial, eternal 
TBSMXT, tournament 
TRNP, turnip 
TBNPK, turnpike 
TBNR, turner, trainer 
TENS, trains, turns, tyrannous, 

trueness, attorneys, utterance, 


TBNSBSTNTN, transubstantiation 
TENSCND, transcend 
TBNSCNDNT, transcendent 
TBNSCBB, transcribe 
TBNSCT, transact 
TRXSCTN, transaction 
TRNSCTNG, transacting 
TEXSFGETX, transfiguration. 
TBNSFKS, transfix 

TENSFB, transfer ( 

TBNSFRM, transform 
TBNSFS, transfuse 
TRXSG-KS, transgress 
TEXSGRSR, transgressor 
TRNSH, tarnish 
TBNSKRB, transcribe 
TEXSKT, transact 
TBNSLCD; translucid 
TBNSLT, translate 
TBNSMGBT, transmigrate 
TBXSMSX, transmission 
TBNSMT, transmit, transmute 




TRNSMTBL, transmutable 

TBNSND, transcend 

TBNSNT, transient 

TENSPLNT, transplant 

TRNSPE, transpire 

TRNSPRNT, transparent 

TKNSPET, transport 

TKNSPS, transpose 

TENST, transit 

TRNSTL, turnstile 

TRNSTN, transition 

TRNSTRY, transitory 

TBNSVKS, transverse 

TENT, torrent, trinity, truant, 
tyrant, eternity 

TENTS, tyrants, torrents, truants 

TENTY, trinity, eternity 

TRNY, tyranny, attorney 

TEP, trap, trip, tripe, troop 

TIIPC, tropic 

TEPCL, tropical 

TRPCS, tropics 

TRPD, torpedo, torpid, trapped, 
trepid, tripod, trooped 

TEPHD, trophied 

TEPHS, trophies, 

TEPHY, trophy 

TEPK, tropic 

TRPKL, tropical 

TRPKS, tropics 

TRPL, triple 

TRPLCT, triplicate 

TRPLXG, tarpauling 

TRPLT, triplet 

TEPNG, trapping, tripping, troop- 

TRPNT, torpenfc 

TEPNTK, turpentine 

TRPB, torpor, trooper 

TRPS, traps, trips, troops, turps, 
tripods, torpedos 

TEPTD, turpitude 

TEE, terrier, tearer, terror, truer 

TRRY, tarry 

TKS, tares, tires, tears, trays, tar- 
ries, Tories, trace, atrocious, 
truce, trice, terrace, terrors, 
terse, trees, tresses, utters, 

otters, tutors, tutoress, tries, 


TRSBL, traceable 
THSCT, atrocity 
TRSD, traced, terraced 
TRSH, trash 
TRSL, tressel 

TRSJI, tiresome, truism, Toryism 
TRSN, treason 
TRSNG, tracing, terracing 
TRSPS, trespasses, trespass 
TRSE, treasure, treasurer 
TRSRS, trousers 
TUSRY, treasury 
TUST, trust, trustee, truest 
THSTL, terrestrial 
TKSTNO, trusting 
TESTS, trustees, trusts 
TESTY, trusty, atrocity 
TUT, tart, tort, trait,' treat, tret, 

trite, trot, trout, turret, iterate 
TRTD, treated, trotteJ, turreted, 


TETH, troth, truth 
TRTHD, trothcd 
TETHS, truths, troths 
TETL, turtle 
TKTLY, tartly, tritely 
TuTMNT, treatment 
TRTN, tartan, tertian 
TETNG, treating, trotting, ite- 

TRTNS, tartness 
TRTB, Tartar, torture, traitor, ite- 

rater, trotter 
TRTED, tortured 
TRTRNG, torturing 
TETES, tortures, traitors, trotters, 

traitress, tiaitorous 
TRTRY, territory, Tartary 
TRTS, tortoise, tortuous, treatise, 

traits, treats, treatises, treaties, 

turrets, trots 
TRTV, tortive 
TETY, treaty 

TKVL, travail, travel, trivia! 
TRVLD, travc lied 
TRVLNG, travelling 




TRVLR, traveller 

TRVLS, travels, travails 

TRVR, trover 

TRVRS, traverse 

TRW, trow 

TRWL, trowel, trawl 

TRY, tarry, try, Tory, tray, trey 

Ts, toss, tease, teas, toes, tissue, 

oats, outs, toys 
TSD, teased, tossed 
TSDY, Tuesday 
TSH, tush 
TSK, task, tusk 
TSKD, tasked, tusked 
TSKKG, tasking 
TSKS, tasks, tusks 
TSL, tassel, tussle 
TSLF, itself 
TSLTD, tesselated 
Tsxo, tossing, teasing 
Tss, tosses 
TST, taste, test, testate, testy, 

toast, attest, tacit 
TSTCL, testicle 
TSTCS, testaceous 
TSTD, tasted, tested, toasted, 

TSTF, testify 
TSTFCTN, testification 
TSTFE, testifier 
TSTLS, tasteless 
TSTMNL, testimonial 
TSTM XT, testament 
TSTMXTRY, testamentary 
TSTMNY, testimony 
TSTN, attestation 
TSTNG, testing, tasting, toasting, 

TSTR, tester, taster, testator, 


TSTRKS, testatrix 
TSTRN, taciturn 

TSTS, toasts, tests, tastes, testa- 
TT, tattoo, teat, Ute-a-Ute, tight, 

tit, tut 
TTBT, titbit 
Tic, attic 

TTCH, attach 

TTCHD, attached 

TTCHXG, attaching 

TTCHS, attaches 

TTD, tattooed, attitude 

TTDS, attitudes 

TTH, teeth, tithe, tooth 

TTHBL, tithable 

TTHCH, toothache 

TTHD, tithed, teethed, toothed 

TTHK, toothache 

TTHLS, toothless, titheless 

TxHxa, tithing, teething 

TTHE, tether, either 

TTHKD, tethered 

TTHRKO, tethering 

TTHRS, tethers 

TTUSM, toothsome 

TTK, attack 

TTKD, attacked 

TTL, tattle, tittle, title, total 

TTLO, tautology, tutelage 

TTLPG, title-page 

TTLE, tattler, tittler, tutelar, 


TTLEY, tutelary 
TTLT, titillate 
TTMPR, attemper 
TTMPT, attempt 
TTMS, titmouse 
TTN, tuition, attain, attune, 

TTND, attend, attended, attained, 


TTNDNC, attendance 
TTNDNT, attendant 
TTNMNT, attainment 
TTNS, attains 
TINT, attenuate 
TTNTD, attenuated 
TTNTN, attention 
TTNTV, attentive 
TIE, tatter, titter, totter, tutor, 


TTRBT, attribute 
TTUBTD, attributed 
TTKBTNG, attributing 
TTRCH, tetrarch 





TTECT, attract 

TTECTK, attraction 

TTECTS, attracts 

TTBCTV, attractive 

TIED, tutored, tittered, tottered, 


TTBG, tutorage 
TTENS, attorneys 
TTBNY, attorney 
TTKS, tutors, titters, totters, 


TTBTN, attrition 
TTS, teats, tattoos 
TTST, attest 
TTSTN, attestation 
TVKN, tavern 
Tw, taw, tow, two 
Two, twice 
TWD, towed, toed 
TWDL, tweedle, twaddle 
TWDRT, tawdry 
TWFLD, twofold 
Two, twig, towage 
TWL, towel 
TWXD, twilled 
TWLFTH, twelfth 
TWLGHT, or TwiT, twilight 
Twiv, twelve 

TWN, town, twain, twine, twin 

TWND, twined 

TWNG, towing, twining, twang, 


TWNKLNG, twinkling 
TWNLNG, twinling 
TWNS, towns, twines, twins 
TWNT, twenty 
TWNY, tawny 
TWPNC, twopence 
TWE, tower 

TWBD, towered, toward 
TWEDS, towards 
TWEL, twirl 
TWELNG, twirling 
TWES, towers 
Tws, tows, twos, twice 
TWSES, tweezers 
TWST, twist 
TWSTD, twisted 
TWSTNG, twisting 
TWSTS, twists 
TWT, twit, 
TWTCH, twitch 
TWTD, twitted 
TWTNG, twitting 
TWTE, twitter 
TY, toy 


IN most systems of shorthand V and F are formed alike. 
(See introduction to letter F.) 

The words in italics belong to the F series. 

V, vie, via, have, q/ 1 , if, foe, off", 

fee, fief, fife, feoff 
VBKT, vibrate 
VBBTD, vibrated 
VBRTN, vibration 
VBBTKG, vibrating 


VBBTS, vibrates 

Vc, vice, voice, face, efface, office 

VCBLBY, vocabulary 

VCFET, vociferate 

VCFETN, vociferation 

VCGBNC, vicegerency 




VCGRNT, vicegerent 

VCH, vouch 

YCHD, vouched 

VCHNG, vouching 

YCHR, voucher 

VCHSF, vouchsafe 

VCL, vocal, vehicle, fickle, official, 

YCLT. vacillate, facility, family, 

VCLTNG, vacillating 

YCLTS, vacillates, facilitates 

YCM, vacuum 

VCNC, vacancy, efficiency 

YCNT, vaccinate, vicinity, vis- 
count, vacant 

YCNTX, vaccination 

YCXTNG, vaccinating 

YCNTS, viscountess, viscounts 

VCB, vicar, officer, forcer, effacer 

YCEG, vicarage 

VCEL, vicarial 

VCES, vicarious, vicars 

YCHT, viceroy 

Yes, vacuous, 'vicious, vivacious, 
voices, vices, focus, efficacious, 
officious, effaces, offices 

VCSTD, vicissitude 

YCT, vacate, Victoria, victory, 
vacuity, vivacity, evict, evacu- 
ate, effect, fact 

YCTD, vacated, effected, affected 

VCTL, victual, effectual 

YCTLR, victualler 

YCTM, victim 

YCTMS, victims, victimize 

YCTMSD, victimized 

VCTN, vacation, vocation, evacua- 
tion, avocation, eviction,_/ic<io?j, 
faction, affection, affectation 

YCTNG, vacating, evacuating, 
affecting, effecting 

YCTR, victor, vacator, factor 

YCTRS, victorious, victors, vie- 
toress, factors 

YCTBT, victory, factory 

VCTY, vacuity, vivacity 

YD, ride, vied, vivid, void, avoid, 

evade, ivied, avoided, evaded, 

fade, fed, feed, feud, food, faded 
VDNC, evidence 
VDNCNG, evidencing 
VDNCS, evidences 
VDNG, avoiding, evading, failing, 


YDNS, vividness, evidence 
YDNT, evident 
YDS, avoids, evades, voids 
VDT, avidity 
VFC, viviGc, office, efface 
VFHM, oviform 
Yrr, vivify 
VG, vague, vogue, voyage, fig, 

fog Jag, effigy 
VGBND, vagabond 
VGD, voyaged, fogged 
VGL, vigil 
VGLNC, vigilance 
VGLNT, vigilant 
YGNG, voyaging, Jagging, Jogging, 

VGNT, vignette 
VGR, vigour, voyager, vaguer, 


YG-KNT, vagrant 
YGES, vigorous, figures 
YGRT, vagary 
VGS, voyages, figs, fogs, effigies, 


YGST, vaguest 
YGT, vegetatej/o^jrotf 
YGTBL, vegetable 
YGTD, vegetated 
YGTN, vegetation 
YGTT, vegetative 
VHCL, vehicle 
YHMNC, vehemence 
VHMNT, vehement 
YE, evoke 

VKBLRY, vocabulary 
YKL, vocal, vehicle, fickle 
VKM, vacuum 
VKNST, vacancy 
VKNT, vacant, viscount 
YKU, vicar 
YKBG, vicarage 





VKRL, vicarial 

VKRS, vicarious, vicars 

YKS, vex, evokes, fix, fox, focus, 
affix, efficacious 

VKSD, vexed, fixed, focused, 

VKSN, vixen 

VKSNG, vexing, fixing, focusing 

VKSNT, vaccinate 

VKSTS, vexatious 

YKT, vacate, Victoria, vacuity, 
evict, evacuate, fact, affect, 

VKTM, victim 

VKTMS, victimize, victims 

VKTN, evacuation, vocation, avo- 
cation, eviction, affection, fic- 
tion, faction, affectation 

VKTNG, vacating, evacuating, 
effecting, affecting 

VKTRS, victorious, victors, factors 

VL, vail, vale, value, vial, vile, 
villa, viol, uvula, oval, evil, 
avail, veal, vei\, fail, fall, feel, 
fell, fill, flea, foul, fool, phial, 
fuel, full, foil, folio, flue, filial, 
file, offal, flail, foal 

VIBL, valuable, available, violable, 
voluble, fallible 

VLBLT, volubility 

VLCN, Vulcan, volcano 

VLCT, velocity, fluctuate, afflict 

VlD, valid, veiled, valued, availed, 
field, flood, fluid, fold, filed, 
fouled, failed, filled, foaled, 
fooled, foiled, felled, folioed 

VLFNG, vilifying 

VLFS, vilifies 

VLFY, vilify 

ViG, village, flag, flog, foliage, 

VLGB, villager, vulgar 

VLGRT, vulgarity 

VLGS, villages 

VI.GT, vulgate, flageolet 

VLKN, Vulcan, volcano 

VLM, vellum, volume, film, flam, 
flame, fleam 

VLMS, volumes, flames 

VlN, villain, violin, feline, felon, 

ViJfC, valance, violence, fluency, 
affluence, flounce 

VLNCL, violoncello 

VLNG, valuing, veiling, availing, 
failing, falling, feeling, filing, 
fling, filling, flung, foiling, fell- 
ing, fooling, fouling 

VLNBBL, vulnerable 

VLNEY, vulnerary 

VLNS, vileneus, villainous, violins, 
villains, valance, violence, felo- 
nious, foulness, flounce, fluence, 
fluency, affluence, felons 

VLNT, valiant, violent, volant, 
flint, flaunt, affluent, fluent 

VLNTN, valentine 

VLNTE, volunteer 

VLNTED, volunteered 

VLNTEY, voluntary 

VLNY, villainy, felony 

VLPTRY, voluptuary 

VLPTS, voluptuous 

VIE, valour, valuer, viler, failure, 
flare, floor, flour, feller 

VLES, valorous, valuers 

Vis, veils, vales, values, vials, 
villas, volleys, valueless, orals, 
evils, avails, vMejs, fallacious, 
fallacies, false, fleece, fools, 
falls, fails, feels, fills, fleas, 
foils, foals, files, fells, offals, 
folios, flues 

VLSN, avulsion 

VLST, violist, velocity, vilest 

VLT, valet, vault, violate, violet, 
volt, fault, felt, float, flout, flat, 
flute, flit, filltt, faulty, fealty, 
flight, foliate, affiliate, afloat, 

VLTD, violated, vaulted, floated, 
fluted, flitted, foliated 

VLTDNEX, volet udinarian 

VLTL, volatile 

VLTN, valuation, violation, voli- 
tion, flatten, affiliation, ajjlation 




VI/TNG, violating, vaulting, float- 

*" '$ '> flouting 

VlTii, vulture, volter, filter, flat- 
ter, Jlnflfr 
VITRS, vulturous, filters, flutters, 

VLTS, violates, violets, vaults, 

valets, faults, fillets, flats,fleets, 

flutes, fits, foliates, floats, 

flouts, affiliates 
VLV, valve, iffluvia 
YLVT, velvet 
VLY, valley, rolley, vilely, fly, 

filly, fully, folly, flay 
YMP, vamp 
YMPR, vampire 
YMT, vomit 
YMTD, vomited 
VMTNO, vomiting 
Yiixs, vomits 
Y>", vain, vane, vein, heaven, even, 

oven, van, vine, avenue, fain, 

fane, fan, fine, fun, faun, feign, 

fen, fin 
YNC, evince, offence, finance, fence, 

fancy, affiance 
YNCBL, vincible 
YNCD, evinced, fenced, affianced, 


YNCXO, evincing 
YKD, vend, vendee, viand, veined, 

find , found, feigned, feind, fend, 

fond, fanned, fund, offend 
VNDBL, vendible 
YNDCT, vindicate 
YXDCTN, vindication 
VNDCTV, vindictive 
YNDXG, vending, finding, funding, 

off ending, founding 
YNDR, vendor, fender, founder, 

finder, offender, fonder 
VNDS, vends, viands, funds 
YNG, avenge, evening, vying, 

fang, offing, feigning, fining, 


YKOD, avenged 
VNGFL, vengeful 
YKGLCL, evangelical 

YNGLS, evangelize, fangless 

YNGLST, evangelist 

YNGKC, vengeance 

VNGNG, avenging 

VNGR, vinegar, avengerj^/Zngw 

YNGRD, vanguard 

YXGS, evenings, avenges, fangs, 


YXKWSH, vanquish 
VNL, venal, venial, final, funnel, 


YXI.T, venality, finality 
YNLT, vainly, evenly, heavenly, 

finally, finely 
VXM, venom 
VNNG, evening, feigning, fanning, 


YXNGS, evenings 

YXK, veneer, evener, vainer, finer 
VXRBL, venerable 
VXKD, vineyard, veneered 
VXHL, venereal, funeral 
VXRS, veneers 
YNKT, venerate 
VNRTN, veneration 
VKS, vines, veins, evens, ovens, 
vans, vinous, avenues, evince, 

fens, finis, finance, fence, offence, 

feigns, fans, affiance, finesse, 
offences, fines 
VKSD, evinced, fenced 
YXSH, vanish, finish 
VNSHD, vanished, finislied 
Yxsx-, venison 
YNSXG, evincing 
VNSNT, evanescent 
YNST, vainest, evenest, ./?*, fun- 
YNT, vanity, vaunt, vent, event, 

faint, feint, finite, font, fount, 

VNTD, vaunted, eventide 
YNTG, vantage, vintage 
YNTL, eventual, eventually 
YXTLT, ventilate 
VNTLTD, ventilated 
VKTNG, vaunting, venting, faint- 





VNTR, venture 

YNTBCL, ventricle 

YNTBD, ventured 

VNTBLKWST, ventriloquist 

YNTRXG, venturing 

YNTRS, ventures, venturous 

YNTKSM, venturesome 

YNTS, vaunts, events, founts, 

VPD, vapid 
YPR, vapour, viper 
YPES, vaporous, vapours, vipers, 

viviparous, oviparous 
YPBT, evaporate 
VPRTD, evaporated 
YPBTX, evaporation 
VPETS, evaporates 
YB, veer, aver, ever, over, far, 

fair, fare, furrier, afar, offer, 

farrier, fear, for, fir, fro, 
affair, jftre, fore, fray, free, 


VEB, verb 

VEBD, overbid, forbid, forebode 
YBBL, verbal, offerable, friable, 


YBBBD, overboard 
YBBBDN, overburden 
VEBS, verbs, verbose 
YRBTM, verbatim 
YEC, avarice, force, farce, fierce 
YBCH, overreach 
YECHBG, overcharge 
YRCLD, overclad, overcloud 
VBCM, overcome 
YBCS, voracious, avariciouSj/crces, 


YRCST, overcast, forecast 
YBCSTXG, overcasting, forecasting 
YECSTS, overcasts 
YBCT, veracity, overact, ferocity 
YED, varied, veered, hovered, 

overdo, overdid, overdue, 
averred, ford, feared, fared, 

forded, fraud, fired, frayed, 

freed, Friday, Fred, furred, 

fried, offered, afford, afraid 
VBDCT, verdict 

YEDGES, verdigris 

VRDNT, verdant 

VRDPS, avoirdupois 

VBDR, verdure 

VEDRX, overdrawn 

VBDRV, overdrive 

VEFD, verified, overfed 

VBFLW, overflow 

VEFS, verifies 

VRFT, verify 

YRO, verge, virago, average, 
forage, forego, forge, frog 

YBGD, overjoyed, averaged, verged, 
forged, frigid, foraged 

YBGN, virgin, foreign 

VBGNG, averaging, verging, forg- 
ing, foraging 

VEGNT, virginity 

YEGB, verger, forger 

VKGRN, evergreen, overgrown 

VRGS, averages 

VRGT, variegate, forget, frigate 

VRGTD, variegated 

YRGTN, variegation 

VRGTNG, variegating 

YBGTS, variegates 

VEHD, overhead 

VRHL, overhaul 

VEHTD, overheated 

YHL, overlay, frail, frill, furl, 

VELD, overlaid, overruled, over- 

YELK, overlook, frolic, forelock, 

VRLNC, virulence 

VELNT, virulent 

YELSTKG, everlasting 

VRLVNG, everliving 

VRMLN, vermilion 

YRMN, vermin, freemen, fireman, 
ferryman, foreman 

YEMNT, averment, ferment, firma- 

YEMK, evermore, firmer, former, 
framer, farmer 

YEN, overrun, fern, forenoon 

YRKC, variance, furnace 




YBNCLB, vernacular 

VENG, overrunning, varying 

VBNL, vernal 

YBNSH, varnish, furnish 

VEP, overpay 

YEPD, overpaid 

VBPLS, overplus 

VEPNG, overpaying 

VRPBS, overpress 

VBPWES, overpowers 

VES, various, verse, virus, averse, 
ovarious, veers, avers, oversee, 
aviaries, ovaries, varies, fares, 
farce, firs, feracious, ferocious, 
fierce, force, fears, foresee, 
friars, fires, furious, furze, 
freeze, frieze, affairs, phrase 

YKSD, versed, oversaid, forced, 

YBSFCTN, versification 

YBSGHT, oversight 

VBSHDW, overshadow 

YBSHT, overshoot, overshot 

YBSLP, oversleep 

YBSN, version, aversion, variation, 
foreseen, frozen 

VBSNG, overseeing, foreseeing 

YBSPRD, overspread 

YESE, overseer 

YBST, overset, oversight, first, 
ferocity, forest, frost 

YBSTK, overstock 

YESTL, versatile, forestall 

YBSTLT, versatility 

YRT, variety, verity, virtue, avert, 
overrate, effort, fort, ferret, 
fret, fruit 

VBTBL, veritable 

VBTBE, vertebra 

VBTBBL, vertebral 

YBTCL, vertical 

YETD, averted, overrated,./ 'retted, 
fortitude, ferreted 

VETHEW, overthrow 

VBTK, overtake 

VBTKL, vertical 

YETKS, vortex, overtakes 

YETI/, virtual, fertile, foretell 

YBTK, variation, version, aversion, 
fortune, fruition 

YETNG, averting, overtoning,/er- 
reting, fretting, fortifying 

VETP, overtop, foretop 

VETE, overture, fritter, fruiterer 

VETRN, overturn 

VETES, overtures, fritters, fruiter' 
ers, fortress 

YETS, virtuous, virtues, averts, 
efforts, forts, ferrets, frets, 
fortuitous, frights 

YEVL, overvalue 

VRVLD, overvalued 

VBVXS, overvalues, frivolous 

YEWHLM, overwhelm 

VEWEGHT, overwrought 

YEWT, overweight 

YET, very, every, ivory, ovary, 
aviary, vary, fry, fray, fury, 
furry, fairy, fiery, affray 

Vs, vase, vies, viz., vice, voice, 
vicious, face, fuse, fosse, fusee, 
fuss, fuzz, office, efface, effuse, 

YSBL, visible, fusible, feasible 

YSBLNS, visibleness 

VSBLT, visibility 

YSCL, vesicle 

YSCLE, vascular 

YSCNT, viscount 

Vscs, viscous, vicious 

YSFBT, vociferate 

VSFBTN, vociferation 

YSG, visage 

YSGENT, vicegerent 

YSKL, vesicle 

YSKLB, vascular 

YSKNT, viscount 

YSL, vessel, vassal, visual, fossil, 
facile, official 

YsiG, vassalage, pJiysiology 

YSLT, vacillate, facilitate, facility 

YSLTS, vacillates, facilities 

YSN, Tision, evasion, fusion, fas- 
cine, affusion 

YSNBY, visionary 

YSNS, viciousness, visions 




VSPE, vesper 

VSE, visor, vizier, fissure, officer, 


VSBY, viceroy 
Vss, vicious, voices, vases 
VST, vast, vest, visit, vista, avast, 

vivacity, fast, feast, fist, fusty, 

officiate, <>ff-iet t foist,fest 
VSTBL, vestibule 
VSTG, vestige 
VSTL, vestal, festal, fistula 
YSTMXT, vestment 
YSTN, visitation, fasten, festoon, 


TSTXS, vastness, visitations 
VSTNT, visitant 
VSTE, vesture, visitor, foster, 


VsTur, vestry 
Ysv, evasive, effusive 
YT, vat, vote, vivat, veto, fit, oft, 

fat, fate, fete, feet, fiat, fight, 

fought, foot, aft, feat 
YTD, voted, fatted, fetid, footed, 

fitted, fated, feted 
YTL, vital, victual, fatal, futile, 

VTLS, vital?, victuals, roteless, 

footless, fitless.fttals 
YTLT, vitality 
YIN, vitiation, ovation, fatten, 

phaeton, fifteen 

VT> T G, votinsr, footing, fating, 

fitting, fighting 
YTPET, vituperate 
YTPBTX, vituperation 
YTH, voter, future, feature, fetter, 

after, jitter, fighter 
VTBFY, vitrify 
YTEL, vitriol 
YTBN, veteran, afternoon 
YTBNET, veterinary 
YTES, vitreous, voters 
YTS, votes, vats, vetoes, fits, fates, 


YTV, votive 
Yves, vivacious 
YVCT, vivacity 
VVCTT, vivacity 
YVD, vivid 
VVDSS, vividness 
YVFC, vivific 
YVFS, vivifies 
YVFY. vivify 
YVPES, viviparous 
Vvss, vivacious 
Yw, view, vow, few 
YWD. viewed, vowed, avowed 
Ywi, vowel, avowal, fowl, fuel, 

YWNG, viewing, vowing, avowing, 


Yws, views, vows, avows 
YY, ivy,/e 


WUATEVEE. may be said about YV being double U, it ought to 
be regarded as a true consonant. It is only preceded by a 
vowel in comparatively a few instances. 


W, we, woe, wee, woo, way, awe, 

ewe, owe, who 
YTs, web 
YVBD, webbed 


WBFT, webfoot 
WBL, wabble, o\vable 
WCH, which 
WCK, wick 




WCKD, wicked 

WCKR, wicker 

WCKT, wicket 

WD, wooed, wad, wed, wood, 
wade, wide, weed, owed, wooded 

WDBN, woodbine 

WDG, wedge 

WDL, waddle, wheedle 

WDLK, wedlock 

WDLND, woodland 

WDMN, woodman 

WDN, widen, wooden 

WDNG, wadding, wedding, wad- 
ing, widening, weeding 

WDKSD, Wednesday 

WDNT, woodnote 

WDS, wades, woods, weds, weeds 

WDTH, width 

Wow, widow 

WDWR, widower 

WDT, woody 

WF, waif, wife, woof, whiff 

WFL, awful, woful 

WFLKS, awfulness 

WFLT, awfully 

WFR, wafer, wayfarer, wherefore 

WFRNG, wayfaring 

WFS, waifs 

WFT, waft, weft 

Wo, wag, wage, wig, Whig 

WGD, waged, wagged 

WGH, weigh 

WGHD, weighed 

WGHNG, weighing 

WGHT, weight, wight 

WGHTNS, weightiness 

WGL, waggle 

WGN, wagon 

WGNG, waging, wagging 

WGNB, wagoner 

Wos, wage?, wags, wigs 

WGSH, waggish 

WGTL, wagtail 

WGWM, wigwam 

WH, who, which 

WHCH, which 

WHDL, wheedle 

WHDLNG, wheedling 

WHF, whiff 
WHG, Whig 
WHL, whale, while, whole, wheel, 

wheal, awhile 
WHLBEW, wheelbarrow 
WHLD, wheeled, whiled, whealed 
WHLM, whelm 
WHLP, whelp 
WHLSL, wholesale 
WHLSM, wholesome 
WHM, whom, whim 
WHMPR, whimper 
WHMSCL, whimsical 
WHN, when, whine 
WHNSVR, whensoever 
WHNVR, whenever 
WHP, whip, whoop 
WHPNO, whipping, whooping 
WHPS, whoops, whips 
WHB, whore, where 
WHRB, whereby 
WHRBTS, whereabouts 
WHRF, wharf, whereof 
WHRFNOR, wharfinger 
WHRL, whirl 
WHKLPL, whirlpool 
WHRNG, whirring 
WHRS, whereas, whores 
WHRT, whereat 
WHRWTHL, wherewithal 
WHRY, wherry 
WHS, whose, wheeze, whit 
WHSKNG, whisking 
WHSKR, whisker 
WHSKY, whisky 
WHSPR, whisper 
WHSPRNG, whispering 
WHST, whist 
WHSTL, whistle 
WHT, wheat, what, whet, whit, 


WHTHR, whether, whither 
WHTL, whittle 
WHTLW, whitlow 
WHTN, whiten, wheaten 
WHTNG, whiting 
WHTSNTB, Whitsuntidf 
WHFE. whoever 




WHY, whey, why 

WK, wake, awoke, week, weak, 


WED, week-day, awaked, wicked 
WKN, waken, awaken, weaken 
WKNG, weakening, wakening 
WKK, wicker, weaker 
WES, wax, weeks 
WKSD, waxed 
WKSN, waxen, wixen 
WEST, weakest 
WET, wicket 
WEWED, awkward 
WL, wail, will, well, wall, wale, 

waylay, weal, whole, weel, wile, 

wool, awl, owl, whale, wheel, 


WLBNG-, well-being 
WLBRD, well-bred 
WLCM, welcome 
WLD, would, weld, wield, welded, 

wielded, wild, wold, whiled 
WLDFB, wildfire 
WLDK, well-done 
WLDXG, welding, wielding 
WLDNS, wildness 
WIDENS, wilderness 
WLDS, welds, wields, wilds, wolds 
WLF, wolf 
WLFI, wilful 
WLFB, welfare 
WLK, walk 
WLED, walked 
WLEM, welcome 
WLENG, walking 
WLKB, walker 
WLES, walks 
WLW, woollen 

WLNG, willing, wailing, wiling 
WLNT, walnut 
WLP, wallop, whelp 
WLS, awless, wails, wills, walls, 

wells, wheels, owls, wiles, awls, 

whales, whiles 
WLSL, wholesale 
WLSM, wholesome 
WLSTPIB, woolstapler 
WLT, wallet, wilt, welt 

WLTH, wealth 

WLTB, welter 

WLW, wallow, willow 

WLT, wholly, wily, wooily 

WM, whim, whom, womb 

WMB, womb 

WMN, woman, women 

WMPB, whimper 

WN, wain, won, wine, win, wan, 

wane, wean, ween, when, whine, 

own, awn 

WNCH, wench, winch 
WND, wand, wound, wind, wind 

(to wind up), weaned, wend 
WNDLS, windlass 
WNDNG, winding, wending, 

WNDP, windpipe 
WNDE, wander, wonder 
WNDBS, wondrous, wonders 
WNDS, wands, winds, wounds, 

winds (winding up) 
WNDW, window 
WNDWBD, windward 
WNDT, windy 
Wxa, wooing, weaning, winning, 

waning, whining, owing, awn- 
ing, wing 
WNGD, winged 
WXK, wink 
WNNG-, winning 
WNNE, winner 
WNNW, winnow 
WNB, owner, winner 
WNBSHP, ownership 
WNS, wanes, wins, weans, 


WNSCT, wainscot 
WNT, want, went, wont 
WNTD, wanted 
WNT.V, wanton 
WNTB, winter 
WNTS, wants ' 
WNTE, whenever 
W T P, weep, wipe, whip 
WPN, weapon 
WPNTE, wapentake 
WE, war, wire, were, ware, wora, 




warrior, wear, wearer, wooer, 
aware, where, ewer 

WBD, whereby 

WBBL, warble 

WECK, wreck 

WECKD, wrecked 

WED, ward, wared, word, wired, 
waj ward, award,warred,wearied 

WRDMT, wardinote 

WEDN, warden 

WEDB, warder 

WEDBB, wardrobe 

WRDS, words, wards 

WBDSHP, wardship 

WBF, wharf, whereof 

WBFB, warfare 

WKGHT, wright, wrought 

WBGL, wriggle 

WKHS, warehouse 

WBK, work, wreck, wreak 

WBKHS, workhouse 

WEKMN, workman 

WBKNG, working, wrecking, 

WEKSHP, workshop 

WELD, world 

WELK, warh'ke 

WBLPL, whirlpool 

WELT, warily 

WBM, warm, worm 

WBMD, wormed 

WBMTH, warmth 

WBMTN, wormeaten 

WEN, warn, worn, warren, wivn 

WBXCH, wrench 

WBNG, waring, warning, wring, 
wrung, wearing, warring, wir- 
ing, wrong, wearying 

WBNGFL, wrongful 

WKNOL, wrangle 

WBNKL, wrinkle 

WBJJS, weariness, warns, war- 

WENT, warrant, warranty 

WEP, warp, wrap 

WEPD, warped 

WBPE, wrapper 

WEE, warrior, wearer 

WES, wars, wears, wires, wares, 

worse, whereas 
WESHP, worship, war-ship 
WESM, wearisome 
WEST, worst, wrest, wrist 
WESTBND, wristband 
WBSTD, worsted, wrested 
WBSTL, wrestle 
WKSTLNG, wrestling 
WET, wart, wert, wort, writ, 

write, wrote 
WBTCH, wretch 
WETH, worth, wrath, wreath, 

WETHLS, worthless, wrcathless, 


WBTHNG, writhing, wreathing 
WETHS, writhes, wrtaths 
WBTN, written 
WBTNG-, writing 
WETS, writes, writs, warts 
WET, wary, weary, wiry, worry, 

wry, wherry, awry 
Ws, wise, woos, owes, woes, awes, 

ewes, ways, whose, wheeze, 


WSCB, wiseacre 
WSDM, wisdom 
WSH, wash, wish 
WSHD, wished, washed 
WSHNG, wishing, washing 
WSHE, wisher, washer 
WSHY, washy 
WSK, whisky 
WSKB, wiseacre, whisker 
WSL, wassail, weasel 
WSN, wizen 
WSP, wasp, wisp 
WSPE, whisper 
WSB, wiser 
WSED, wizard 
WST, waist, waste, west, wist, 

whist, wisest 
WSTCT, waistcoat 
WSTD, wasted 
WSTFL, wistful 
WSTL, whistle 
WSTNG, wasting 




WSTRN, western 

WSTS, wastes, waists 

Wl, wait, wet. wit, wot, await, 

out,* white, wheat, what, whet, 


WTBD, outbid 
WTBSD, outbound 
WTBBK, outbreak 
WTCH, watch, witch 
WTCHMN, watchman 
WTCHSS, watching 
WTCHS, witches, watches 
WTCHT, outcry 
WTCSM, witticism 
\VTCST, outcast 
WTD, waited, wetted, outdo 
WTHDBW, withdraw 
WTHL, withal 
WTHLD, withhold 
WTHN, within 
WTHB, weather, wether, wither, 

whether, whither 
WTHBBTX, weatherbeaten 
\VTHBWS, weatherwise 

WTHSTND, withstand 

WTHT, without 

WTL, whittle 

WTLS, witless 

\YTLW, whitlow 

WTLT, wittily 

\Vrx, whiten, wlieiten 

WTNG, waiting, wetting, awaiting, 


WTNS, witnesses, whitens 
WTNSD, witnessed 
WTR, waiter, water, outer, wetter 
WTKCRS, watercourse, watercress 
WTKMN, waterman 
WTKS, waters, waiters, waitress 
WTUT, watery 
WTS, waits, wets, whets 
WTSH, wettish 
Wv, wave, wove, weave 
WVD, waved, weaved 
WVNG, weaving, waving 
WVE, waver, weaver, whoever 
WTS, wives, weaves, wavea 
WY, whey, why, way, wey, 


X seldom occurs in the middle of words, and for this reason 
it is sometimes not found in shorthand alphabets, writers 
preferring to use ks on such occasions. It is almost entirely 
as an initiatory letter that x occurs, by dropping the preceding 
vowel e; for example, ex-plain. It then stands as a prefix, 
and, if represented by a hyphen, is easily written and read. 
It is well, however, not to join it with the next letter, but to 
place it rather high up, and in such a way as to readily show 
that it is a part of the word represented by the following 
letters. Mr. Pitman's system of phonography adopts this 
plan. It is also used in the same way by some shorthand 
writers, though tho sign is not a hyphen. A glance at Dr. 

Out should be represented by a grammalogue, and the best for this pur- 
pose is a small o. It is also useful in compound vrjrds, such as outbreak, etc. 
e>e introduction to T. 


Johnson's Dictionary will at once show the excellence of this 
arrangement. In Chambers' " Comprehensive Dictionary," 
which is, perhaps, the largest word-book published, there are 
about five hundred instances of ex as a prefix ; whilst under 
the letter x, as an initiatory character, there are not more than 
forty, and these, which have the sound of z, are names, not 


XBRNT, exuberant 
XBT, exhibit 
XBIN, exhibition 
XCD, exceed, exceeded 
XCDXG, exceeding 
XCOT, excogitate 
XCHKWB, exchequer 
XciiNG, exchange 
Xci, excel 

XCLD, excelled, exclude 
XCLM, exclaim 
XCLMKG, exclaiming 
XCLM.TBY, exclamatory 
XCLNC, excellence 
XCLKT, excellent 
XCLPT, exculpate 
XCLSR, excelsior 
XCLSV, exclusive 
XCLSVNS, exclusivenesa 
XCMNCT, excommunicate 
Xt/MXCTD, excommunicated 
XCPT. except 
XCPTK, exception 
XCEBL, execrable 
XCBMKT, excrement 
XCHPT, excerpt 
XCKSN, excursion 
XCKST, excursive 
XCBT, excoriate, excruciate, exe- 

XcBTJf, excruciation, execration 
XCKTNG, excruciating, execrating 
Xcs, excess, excuse, excise 
XCSBL, excusable, excitable 
XCSLS, excuseless 
XCSMN, exciseman 
Xcsx, excision 
Xcsv, excessive 


XCT, exact, excite, execute 

XCTD, exacted, executed, excited 

XCTMNT, excitement 

XCTN, execution, exaction 

XCTNB, executioner 

XCTB, exciter, executor, execukr, 


XCTEKS, executrix 
XCTT, executive 
XCVT, excavate 
XCVTS, excavates 
XD, exude 
XDS, exudes 
XDTN, exudation 
XFLT, exfoliate 
XGNS, exigence 
XGNT, exigent 
XGBT, exaggerate 
XGBTN, exaggeration 
XGS, exiguous 
XHBT, exhibit 
XHBTK, exhibition 
XHBTS, exhibits 
XHL, exhale 
XHLET, exhilarate 
XULIN, exhalation 
XHM, exhume 
XHMTN, exhumation 
XHBT, exhort 
XHST, exhaust 
XKGT, excogitate 
XKLM, exclaim 
XKLIITBY, exclamatory 
XKLNS, excellence 
XKLPT, exculpate 
XKMKKT, excommunicate 
XKKBL, execrable 
XKKMNT. excrement 





XKKSN, excursion 

XKBSV, excursive 

XKET, execrate, excruciate, ex- 

XKRTD, execrated, excoriated 

XKRTX, excruciation, excoriation 

XKBTNG, excruciating, excori- 
ating, execrating 

XKS, excuse, excess, excise 

XKSBL, excusable, excisable 

XKSLS, excuseless. excels 

XKT, exact, execute 

XKTD, exacted, executed 

XKTN, execution, exaction 

XKTNB, executioner 

XKTB, executor 

XKTEKS, executrix 

XKTS, executes, exacts 

XITV, executive 

XKVT, excavate 

XKVTX, excavation 

XKWS, excuse, exequies 

XKWST, exquisite 

Xx, exile, excel 

XLD, excelled 

XLSC, excellence 

XLNT, excellent 

XLS, excels 

XLSB, excelsior 

XLT, exalt, exult 

XLTD, exalted, exulted 

XLTN, exaltation, exultation 

XLTNG, exalting, exulting 

XLTS, exalts, exults 

XMN, examine 

XMPL, example 

XMPLFT, exemplify 

XMPLB, exemplar 

XMPT, exempt 

XMPTN, exemption 

XNDT, exundate 

XNDTN, exundation 

XNMT, exanimate 

XNBT, exonerate 

XPBL, expiable 

XPCT, expect 

XPCTNC, expectancy 

XPCTNT, expectant 

XPCTRT, expectorate 

XPCTRTN, expectoration 

XPDNC, expedience 

XPDNS, expediences 

XPDNT, expedient 

XPDT, expedite 

XPDTN, expedition 

XPDTS, expeditious 

XPGX, expugn 

XPKT, expect 

XPKTNS, expectancy 

XPKTNT, expectant 

XPKTET, expectorate 

XPKTRTN, expectoration 

XPL, expel 

XPLCBL, explicable 

XPLCT, explicit, explicate 

XPLD, explode, expelled 

XPLKBL, explicable 

XPLKT, explicate 

XPLN, explain 

XPLB, explore 

XPLSN, explosion, expulsion 

XPLST, explicit 

XPLST, explosive 

XPLT, exploit 

XPLTV, expletive 

XPND, expand, expend, expound 

XPXG, expunge 

XPNS, expense, expanse 

XpNiN, expansion 

XPE, expire 

XPEGTEY, expurgatory 

XPEMXT, experiment 

XPENC, experience 

XPES, express, expires 

XPBT, expert, export 

XPETN, exportation, expiration 

XPS, expose 

XPSE, exposure 

XPSTLT, expostulate 

XPSTN*, exposition 

XP~TE, expositor 

XPT, expatiate, expiate 

XPTBTD, expatriated 

XPTRY, expiatory 

XKBL, exorable 

XEBTHT, exorbitant 




XECS, exercise, exorcise 
XRDM, exordium 
XBS, uxorious, exercise, exor- 

XBSD, exercised 
XRSNG-, exercising 
XHT, exert, exhort 
Xs, excise, excess 
XSCXT, exsiccant 
XSCT, exsiccate 
XSD, exceed 
XSDNO, exceeding 
XSL, excel 
XSLD, excelled 
XSLNS, excellence 
XSLSB, excelsior 
XSMN, exciseman 
XSN, excision 
XSPT, except 
XSPTN, exception 
XST, exist, excite 
XSTD, existed. exrito<l 
XSTMNT, excitement 
XSTNT, existent 
Xsxs, exists, excites 
XST, excessive 
XT, exit 

XTBBNC, extuberance 
XTC, exotic 
XTL, extol, extil 
XTLTM, extillatiou, exfoliation 

XTMPE, extempore 

XTMPENS, extemporaneous 

XT M PBS, extemporiz 

XTNCT, extinct 

XTNCTN, extinction 

XTND, extend 

XTNGSH, extinguish 

XTNSN, extension 

XTNSV, extensive 

XTNT, extant, extent, extenuate 

XTNTD, extenuated 

XTNTN, extenuation 

XTNTNG, extenuating 

XTR, extra, exterior 

XTRCT, extract 

XTRD, extrude 

XTBDNRY, extraordinary 

XTRDTN, extradition 

XTRODCL, extra-judicial 

XTHM, extreme 

XTRMNDN, extra-munrlane 

XTRMNT, exterminate 

XTRMT, extremity 

XTENL, external 

XTRNS, extraneous 

XTBPRCHL, extra-parochial 

XTRPT, extirpate 

XTRT, extort 

XTRTN, extortion 

XTRVQNT, extravagant. 

XTRVSTD, extravasated 


Y is the last letter in stenography, as Z is superfluous, and 
well expressed by S. As a final letter, it is not written when 
preceded by t and c (providing c is one of the characters of the 
alphabet of the system in use), because t sounds like ty, thus 
pln-t for plenty, and^rw-c for privacy. But ry, as in memory, 
requires a final y ; also ly, which is very common. 




Y, you, why, ye, yea, aye 

YCHT, yacht 

YK, yoke 

YED, joked 

YKNG, yoking 

YKS, yokes 

YL, yell, yule 

YLD, yield, yielded 

YLDNG, yielding 

YLDS, yields 

YLK, yolk 

YIP, yelp 

YLPD, yelped 

YLPNG, yelping 

YLPS, yelps 

YLW, yellow 

YLWHMR, yellow-hammer 

YLWS, yellows 

Yic, yam 

YMN, yeoman 

YMNBY, yeomanry 

YK, yean, yon 

YKDE, yonder 

YNG, young 

YNGB, younger 
YNLNG, yeanling 
YE, year, your, yore 
YED, yard 
YRK, yerk, York 
YELNO, yearling 
YEN, yearn, yarn 
YEND, yearned 
YENG, yearning 
; YENS, yeams 
YESLF, yourself 
Ys, yes, ayes 
YST, yeast 
YSTB, oyster 
YSTED, yesterday 
YT, yet, yacht 
YTH, youth 
YTHFL, youthful 
Yw, yew 
YWL, yawl 
YWN, yawn 
YWND, yawned 
YWNG, yawning 
YWNS, yawus 







Ill Illlll Hill llll! 

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