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Record,. ofLarly Fnglish Drama 

Fhe Records 



Records of Early English Drama 



The Records 


© University ofToronto Press 1994 
Toronto Buffalo London 
Printed in Canada 
ISBN 0-8020-0648-5 

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data 
Main ŒEntry under title: 
(Records ofearly English drama) 
Contents: 1. The records - 2. Editorial apparatus. 
Includes bibliographical references and index. 
ISBN 0-8020-0648-5 (set) 
1. Pefforming arts - England - Shropshire - History - 
Sources. 2. Theater- England - Shropshire- 
History- Sources. . Somerset, J.A.B. . Series. 
PN2595.5.$57S57 1994 790.2'0942'45 C94-931991-0 

The research and typesetting costs of 
Records ofEarly English Drama 
bave been underwritten by the 
National Endowment for the Humanities and the 
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada 

This book has been published with the help ofa grant fiom the 
Canadian Federation for the Humanities, using funds provided by 
the Social Sciences and Huma,fities Research Council of Canada 






Records of Early English Drama 

The aire of Records of Early English Drama (WED) is tu find, transcribe, and publish 
externaJ evidence ofdramadc, ceremoniaJ, and minstrel activity in Great Britain before 
1642. The executive editor would be grateful for comments on and corrections tu the 
present volume and for having any relevant additionaJ material drawn tu her attention. 

SALLY-BETH MACLEAN University ofToronto EXEctrrq EDITOR 



PETER CLARK University of Leicester 
JOANNA DUTKA University of Toronto 
DAVIDGALLOWAY University of New Brunswick 
L I.Xç.SHigE University of Toronto 
PETER MEREDITH University of Leeds 
^.H. NELSON University ofCalifornia, Berkeley 
j.^.B. SOMEaSET University of Western Ontario 


WILLIAM COOKE PaleographedGIossarian 
STEVEN J. KILLINGS Bibliographic Assistant 
SHEENA LEVITT Administrative Assistant 
MARGARET OWENS Patrons Researcher 
ARLEANE RALPH Patrons Researcher 
MmL'a sroE Bibliographer/Copy FAitor 
ABIGA]L ANN YOUNG Paleographer/Glossarian 

J.J. ANDERSON University of Manchester 
D^WD BEVNGTON University of Chicago 
L.M. CLOPVER Indiana University 
D^Vm MtLLS University of Liverpool 
mO-LM VROUDFOOT King's College, 
gOSEgT TTTLEg Concordia University 
LAETITIA YEANDLE Folger Shakespeare 


As a REID editor sits in record offices with heaps of documents awaiting attention, Aips on 
Aips arising, he or she may muse about metaphors to describe the labours past and labours 
ïet to corne. Atone stage I likened the research to coal-mining - solitary, endless, and often 
grimy labour at the coal face. But as mï research developed over the ïears I happened upon a 
happier and more accurate metaphor: long-distance sailing. I set out upon this adventurous 
and challenging voyage in 1979, launched bï mï long-rime friend and staunch academic 
colleague, Aiexandra Johnston, director ofthe EED project. I value her friendship, encourage- 
ment, and advice more than words can saï; we have had some exciting times keeping the 
Shropshire project (and the tH) project itself) afloat and moving forward, and I am deeplï 
grateful for her loyalty, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Ail who have been associated with EEt) 
well appreciate that the project owes an incalculable debt of gratitude to Prudence Tracy, whose 
death in 1993 saddened us immensely. Prudence acted for manï ïears as the University of 
Toronto Press representative at .ED, and her wise counsel was invaluable. I personallï profited 
from her advice as I negotiated the tricky shoals ofgrant applications and other negotiations 
and I mark her passing with deep regret. 
A long sailing voyage means, inevitably, lengthy periods ofsolitary toil. To mï continual 
delight and wonderment, the little ship which has been the Shropshire project gathered 
increasing numbers of persons who have corne on board. Some have staïed a short rime, while 
others have been at mï elbow for manï years; some were invited aboard because of particular 
expert skills and knowledge, while others hailed the vessel and cheerfullï volunteered their 
assistance. Some have helped me to navigate over tricky areas ofinterpretation, some have rowed 
energetically during periods when the winds were calm, and others have retraced yesterday's 
course to ensure that errors were caught and corrected. Not to stretch my metaphor too far, 
nobody has been a laggard or even just a passenger on the little ship Shropshire - everyone 
has offered advice, energy, and expertise freely and unstintingly or, ifunable to assist because 
ofother commitments, has provided wonderfully suitable alternates. To round off my sailing 
metaphor, now that I ara putting the gear away and thanking this willing and expert crew, I 
do so with a sense of relief because the voyage is over, mingled with a sense of regret because 
the voyage has been challenging, valuable, and fun. 
The first persons encountered during a I_ED project are the archivists and librarians under 
whose care the documents and other materials are preserved. As I acknowledge later in discussing 


the documents, I owe a great debt to the past keepers ofthe Shropshire records, over the 
centuries, who bave preserved such a wonderfully complete array of resources for present and 
future researchers. This important work ofcare and interpretation still goes forward and so I 
turn to thank, gratefully, the present conservators ofthe archives. My research would bave 
been impossible without the kindness, care, and expertise I bave enjoyed in the repositories 
where I bave spent so many fruitful days and weeks. Beyond providing access, the continua] 
kindness shown by the archivists in answering my many and continuous questions, as weil as 
their facilitating my photographing ofthe documents for checking, eased my way and speeded 
the research. My greatest debts here are to Mrs Marion T. Ha]ford, Shropshire county archivist 
(now retired), and ber successor, Miss Ruth E. Bagley, head of Records and Research for the 
Shropshire County Council, and to their ever willing and expert staffs at the Shropshire 
Record Office. At the Local Studies Library Mr Anthony Carr, deputy head of Records and 
Research, and his staffhave been unfailingly obliging and helpful, particulady over the retrieval 
and identification of illustrations for the volume. At Shrewsbury School the librarian, Mr James 
Lawson, bas accommodated with unfailing enthu.siasm my requests to consult and re-consult 
the documents in }ris care. Mr Anthony Wherry, county archivist at the Hereford and Worcester 
Record Office, and his assistants in Hereford, D.S. Hubbard and her staff, have been unfail- 
ingly patient with requests for assistance either while on the spot or (more frequent lately) 
from a distance. In London Miss Anne F. Sutton, archivist ofthe Worshipful Company of 
Mercers of London, bas obligingly allowed access to the Genera] Order and Record Book 
of the Mercers', Drapers', and Ironmongers' company of Bridgnorth, and bas cheerfully 
responded to many queries from a distance. 
While these are the primary repositories in which I bave consulted documents, other libraries 
and archives bave been vital in filling out the records or answering other questions. I would 
like to thank the staffs ofthe following repositories for their help: the University of Birmingham 
Library, the Bodleian Library, the British Library, Cambridge University Library, the library 
of Dulwich College, the Glamorgan Record Office, the Huntington Library, the National 
Library ofWales, the Public Record Office, St John's College Library, Cambridge, the Shakespeare 
Centre, and Dr Williams's Library. To the staffs ofthe iibraries ofthe Centre for Reformation 
and Renaissance Studies, the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, the Pontifical Institute 
of Mediaeva] Studies, the University of Toronto, and the University of Western Ontario I owe 
many debts, not the least ofwhich are for congenia] working surroundings, expert advice, and 
speedy inter-library loan service. 
I have sailed far afield to these many repositories while at home port my coileagues, the staff 
in the gEEt) office, have toiled, hoped, encouraged, and advised; without their help this volume 
would have been impossible. William Cooke, Edward English, Anne Quick, and Abigail Ann 
Young have carefully checked transcriptions and have resolved pa]eographical puzzles with tact 
and expertise. Theodore DeWelles and Miriam Skey provided constant bibliographical support; 
Miriam Skey a]so copy-edited the volume and chased down a number ofelusive records ffom 
printed sources. Steven J. Killings valuably assisted her in the checks of bibliography and cita- 
tions. Abigail Ann Young provided both the Latin Translations and the Latin Glossary, and 
these were checked by Catherine Emerson. Abigail Ann Young was also largely responsible 


for the description of the form of proceedings in the ecclesiastical courts of the diocese of 
Hereford. William Cooke prepared the English Glossary. Arleane Ralph and Margaret Owens 
have been largely responsible for the biographical research for the list of Patrons and Travel- 
ling Companies, with assistance in the initial stages provided by Janet Ritch. Will iam Edwards 
checked the Anglo-Norman text and prepared its translation. The map of Shropshire was 
carefully designed by Michael Waldin. The volume was typeset by William Rowcliffe, and 
proofreading was carried out by Miriam Skey, Abigail Ann Young, and William Cooke. 
Sheena Levitt at RI/ED and Isabel Austin, administrative officer of the department of English 
at the University of Western Ontario, have expertly and cheerfully kept track of research 
grant budgets and payments for services. Last but not least, Susan Desmond, my administra- 
tive secretary during my terre as chair of that department, helpfully arranged that I would 
have time to devote to research, and cheerfully ensured that I could work without interrup- 
Leading this array of experts in my home port has been Sally-Beth MacLean, REED'S execu- 
tire editor. I have marvelled at her cheerful patience in resolving details large and small, in 
overseeing the process of book-production while being constantly aware of the human needs 
ofher staff (and the volume editor!), and providing an example of energy, consistency, and 
fair-mindedness that has been a wholly admirable source ofdelight. 
To return to the wide seas again on which I have been sailing, a goodly number ofpersons 
from far and wide have assisted with my work. Bibliographical checking of resources in England 
and elsewhere has been undertaken by Willis Johnson, Elisabeth Leedham-Green, and Julia 
Merritt. Elza "Iïner has provided invaluable bibliographical support from the Widener Library, 
Harvard University. Paleographical and other checking in London has been done by Claire 
Breay, Jodi-Ann George, Annette Jacob, and Ann Rycraft. Susan Brock undertook extensive 
work for me on the diocese of Hereford Acts of Office books, and visited p rivate repositories 
that I was unable to consult in person; I ara also grateful to Muriel Tonkin for later checking 
of documents at the Hereford Record Office. At the Bodleian Library, Michael Heaney has 
cheerfully volunteered his expertise on many points about documents there. For work in Wales 
I am very grateful to Janet Burton, Luned M. Davies, Susan Davies, and Ceridwen IAoyd-Morgan 
for paleographical work with documents, and to Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan for her expert 
translation ofthe Welsh verses and her assistance with the Welsh Glossary. A document in 
Ireland was helpfully traced by Alan J. Fletcher. Most important, at the Shropshire Record 
Office I have had the invaluable expert assistance, in the latter stages ofchecking, of Rosalind 
Caird (whose delightful children devour Pevsner's Buildings of Englandat an age when most 
children read Mother Goose). 
PEED is a collaborative voyage, and I ara happy to acknowledge the assistance of REED editors 
past (whose volumes, valuable to me in many ways, are acknowledged in the notes). Among 
editors present and future, Barbara Palmer and John Wasson have assisted with information 
about the earl of Shrewsbury, and Mark Pilkinton's collection of records for Bristol has been 
very helpful. Particularly I wish to thank David N. Klausner, with whom I have exchanged 
many documents across the boundaries ofhis counties and mine. He has also valuably checked 
the translation ofthe Welsh verses and compiled the Welsh Glossary; his convivial company, 


over a pint or two of reai aie has often relieved the pressures ofdays poring over the documents 
in England. 
In the later stages ofthis research I have been valuably aided by a number ofscholars whose 
particular funds of knowledge have saved me from errors and pointed out new directions. 
Particularly here I gratcfully mention William A. Champion and James B. Lawson, whose 
encyclopaedic knowledge ofthe early history ofthe county has been wonderfully useful. Both 
of them have read extensive parts of the volume with dose attention, have offered many 
invaiuable suggestions, and have quickly and helpfully responded to my further questions. 
The research staff of the Victoria County History of Shropshire bave offered many helpful 
suggestions; here I am particulady happy to name Mr G.C. Baugh, county editor, and Dr D.C. 
Cox, assistant county editor. Paul Stamper, of the Archaeology Unit, Leisure Services Depart- 
ment of Shropslaire County Council, bas taken a keen and helpful interest in the quarry and 
its early theatre, about which he facilitated my first (and only) interview on live local radio. 
Robert Tittler and Peter Clark read parts ofthe volume with the keen eyes oftrained historians 
and made many helpful suggestions. Tom Green, Cynthia Herrup, and Robert J. Sharpe 
have commented on aspects ofthe volume as legal historians, and I have welcomed their expert 
advice. Other welcome assistance has been given by Annette Burton, Christopher Harley, 
Germaine Warkentin, and Clive White. 
I am most grateful to the following for their kind permission to publish extracts from 
documents in their possession: Viscount De Elsle (for a document from his private archive), 
the Master and Wardens of the Drapers' Company of Shrewsbury, for documents deposited 
at the Shropshire Record Office, the Governors ofDulwich College, for the library of Dulwich 
College, Mr Christopher Harley, Mr and Mrs Murray McLaggan, the Worshipful Company of 
Mercers, London, and the Chairman and Governors ofShrewsbury School, for the Shrewsbury 
School Library. I am aiso happy to acknowledge formal permission to publish extracts from 
documents in the foliowing libraries and record repositories: the Bodleian Library, the British 
Library, the South Glamorgan County Library, the Hereford and Worcester Record Office, the 
National Library ofWales, the Public Record Office, the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records 
Office, the Shrewsbury Local Studies Library, and the Shropshire Records and Research Unit. 
I am grateful to the Local Studies Library, Shrewsbury, for Iocating photographs ofearly 
illustrations and for assistance in attempting to trace the originals. The illustration ofthe Booth 
Hall (p 386) is from a photograph in the Local Studies Library; the original was formerly 
in the possession ofthe Salop Club, Shrewsbury, but it is not now traceable. The illustration 
showing the dry quarry (p 389) is from a photograph in the Local Studies Library of an 
unknown original, whose present whereabouts cannot be traced despite extensive enquiries. 
A project like this not only takes rime, it costs money; I am very grateful for financial 
assistance for the volume and the research, which has come from the Social Sciences and 
Humanities Research Council of Canada, at first through the tED negotiated grant and later 
through a personal research grant. The National Endowment for the Humanities and the 
University of Western Ontario have aiso provided welcome support for the project. Generous 
private support for the research has corne from the Jackman Foundation by courtesy of 
Reverend Edward Jackman, o.v., which has enabled RED to prepare the complex county map. 


The Metcalf Foundation, by courtesy ofJohanna Metcalf, has also generously supported the 
research. I am especially grateful to the University of Western Ontario for a year ofstudy leave 
which allowed me to begin the research in England, and for a second study leave, just ending, 
which has allowed me to bring it to a conclusion. The volume has been published with the 
generous assistance ofa grant from the Canadian Federation for the Humanities, for which I 
am very grateful. 
Finally, and happily, a debt most personal and incalculable: this book has been a family 
affair. It has occupied me for many years, during which out family has grown in maturity (as 
our three older children have reached adulthood) and in numbers (as out younger two adopted 
children have corne to us from afar and have enriched our lires). Ail rive children have assisted 
RF.ED and the project. Fiona and Andrew, at ages 13 and 11, laboured through a long day at 
the Shropshire Record Office in 1981, efficiently photographing documents. Lately, I spent 
a particularly happy and memorable day with Fiona at the Public Record Office while she 
assisted me with checking by taking a day offfrom her own doctoral research. James has 
assisted with computer applications in connection with my research, and Sara Han Sin and 
Melanie Min Ae have volunteered their services at the REED office. Beyond out children, I 
welcome the chance to thank my mother-in-law, Catherine (Kitty) Martin; during the past 
eleven years I have spent over six happy months, at various times, as her house-guest while I 
pursued my research in Shropshire. We have enjoyed many convivial times together and I am 
gratefully aware that her cheerful hospitality has saved me from the frequent rate ofthe REED 
editor, far from home in a provincial town: long and lonely evenings. Finally, a debt impossible 
to acknowledge adequately in words - these absences, and my many days of toil over photo- 
copies or a computer, have too-ofien meant that I have had to 'absent [me] from Felicity awhile'; 
but my wife, Felicity, has borne these enforced separations with patience and has poured upon 
me every encouragement. I dedicate this volume with thanks to my wonderfully supportive 
To everyone mentioned in these acknowledgements, a final comment in Hamlet's words: 
'Beggar that I am, I am [even] poor in thanks, but I thank you.' (Hamlet, II.ii.272-3) 




[ 1 

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Council Office 
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Antiquarian Compilation 
Antiquarian Collection 
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Endnote material 
Oxford English Dictionary 
Records of Early English Drama 
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a blank in the original where writing would be expected 
matter in the original added in another hand 
interlineation above the line 
interlineation below the line 
caret mark in the original 
ellipsis of original matter 
change of folio, membrane, sheet, or page in passages ofcontinuous prose 
right-hand marginale 
marginale too long for the left-hand margin 



Articles of Enquiry ofBishop William Overton sTc: 10224 
sig A3v s 
19 Whether the Minister or Churchwardens haue suffered anye Lordes of 
Misrule, or Sommer Lords or Ladies, or any disguised persons, or Morisedancers, 
or others at Christmas, or any time in sommer to corne vnreuerently pyping, 
dauncing, or playing in church or churchyarde, with vnseemely scoffes, 10 
iestes, ribauldrie, or at any other place & time, namely in time ofdeuine 
Seruice, or Serinons, and what they be that commit such disorders, or 
accompanie, or maintaine them? 

Articles of Enquiry of Archbishop Richard Bancro src: 10225 
sig B2 
51 Item Whether haue you or ¥our predecessors Church-wardens there 
suffered since the last parson.' any playes, feasts banquets Church-ales, 
drinkings, or any other prophane vsages to be kept in your church, Chappeles 
or church yard, or bels to be rung in superstitiously vpon holydaies or daies 
abrogated by Law 

Articles of Enqulry of Bishop Richard Neile src: 10226 
sig A4* 
21 Whether doth your Parson, Vicar, or Curate, keepe any man or woman in 






their houses, that are suspected to be either ofeuill religion, or ofbad life; 
or whether he they or any ofthem incontinent persons themselues, or giuen 
to drunkennesse, or to be haunters ofTauerns, Alehouses, or suspected places, 
common Dicers, Carders, Tableplayers, Swearers, Dauncers, or otherwise 
suspected persons, ofany notorious crime, or light and vnseemely behauiour, 
or giue euill example oflife? 

sigs B3-3v* 
20 Whether the Ministers and Church-wardens haue suffered any Feastes, 
Banquets, Churchales, or Drinkinges in the Church, or any Lords of Misrule, 
or Summer Lord or Lady, or any disguised persons: I any Players, or May- 
games, or any Moris dauncers at any time to corne vnreuerently into the Church 
or Church-yarde, and there to daunce or play, or shew themselues disguised 15 
in the time ofcommon prayer, and what they be that commit such disorder, 
or that accompanied or maintayned them, or any Playes to be played in the 


Articles of Enquiry of Bishop Thomas Morton src: 10227 
sigs Blv-2 
35 Whether you and the Church-wardens, Quest-men, or Side-men from 25 
time to time, doe, and haue done their diligences, in not suffering any idle 
person to abide either in the Church-yard, or Church-porch, in Seruice or 
Sermon time, but causing them either to corne into the Church to heare 
diuine Seruice, or to depart, and not disturbe such as be hearers there? And 
whether haue they, and doe you diligently see the parishioners duly resort to 30 
the Church euery Sunday and Holiday, and there to remaine during diuine 
Seruice I and Sermon? And whether you or your predecessors, Church- 
wardens there, surfer any Playes, Feasts, Drinkings, or any other prophane 
vsages, to be kept in your Church, Chappell, or Church-yards, or haue 
suffered to your and their vttermost power and endeuour, any person or 55 
persons to be tippling or drinking in any Inne or Victualing house in your 
Parish, during the time ofdiuine Seruice or Sermon, on Sundaies and 

13/ any2: Any appears as catchword on sig B3 


Articles of Enquiry of Arclbslmp GeooEe Abbot sc: 10227.3 
sigs Bl-lv 

VI. Touching the Church-wardens and Sidemen. 
34 VVHether you the Churchwardens, Quest-men, or Sidemen from time 
to time do &haue done their diligences, in not suffering any idle person to 
abide either in the Church-yard, or Church-porch in Seruice or Sermon time, 
but causing them either to corne into the Church to heare diuine Seruice, or 
to depart, & not disturbe such as bee hearers there? And whether haue they, 10 
and do you diligently see the I Parishioners duly resort to the Church euery 
Sunday and Holy-day, and there to remaine during diuine Seruice & Sermon? 
And whether you or your predecessors Church-wardens there, suffer any 
Playes, Feasts, Drinkings, or any other prophane vsages, to bee kept in your 
Church, Chappel or Church yards, or haue suffered to your and their 
vttermost power and endeauour, any person or persons, to be tippling or 
drinking in any Inne or Victualling house in your Parish, during the time 
ofdiuine Seruice or Sermon, on Sundayes or Holydayes? 



®^a ¶ 
theatrales fieri 
in eccleiis 

Register of Bislmt John Trillek 
ff 91-1v* (60ctober) 



Quia iuxta prophete vocem, domum domini decet sanccitudol in ea quicquam 
excerceri non conuenit quod a cultu religionis fuerit alienum. Cure igitur in 
ludis theatralibus qui interdum in ecclesiis fiunt scurilitas & turpiloquium 
que ab apostolo nedum in templo domini quod domus oracionis te.ste saluatore 30 
fore & vocari debet/sedvbilibet simpliciter prohibentur, aliaque ad ludibrium 
pertinencia, ex quibus corda tïdelium qui in loc/ eisdem attendere debent 
sacra solempnia & deuot/ oracionibus insisterel ad inania distrahantur, & 
deuocio subtrahitur eorundem ut plurimum interuenire dinoscanturl in diuini 
nominis offensam, & assistencium seu spectancium perniciosum exemplum. 
nos hui usmodi abusum prout tenemur iuxta sacrorum canon um sancciones, 
ne per huiusmodi turpitudinem ecdesie inquinetur honestas.' ab ecclesiis nostre 
dioces/ extirpare cupientes/tibi in virtute sancte obediencie districte precipimus 
& firmiteriniungendo mandamus quatenus huiusmodi ludos siue interludia 
in ecclesia de .|. eiusdem nostre diocesis, in qua talia inhonesta frequencius 40 

11! Parishionem Parishio appean as «atchword on sig BI 

6 DIOCESE OF ttEREFORD 1348-1634 

ve intelleximus fieri solebant sub interminacione anathematis de cetero studeas 
prohibere. Quos vero in bac parte contradictores inueneris seu rebelles 
tanquam diuini oftïcij perturbatores denuncies sentenciam excommunicacionis 
ipso facto dampnabiliter  incurrisse, nihilominus eos de quorum nominibus 
tibi per inquisicionem, quam super hoc per te fieri volumus, constiterit/cites 
eos seu citari facias quod compareant coram nobis seu Commissario nostro 
in ecclesia nostra Cathedrali herefordie .x mo. die post 2 factam citacionem si 
iuridicus fuerit Alioquin proximo die iuridico sequenti super huiusmodi 
rebellione & contemptu responsuri & iuri parituri ac recepturi quod iusticia 
suadebit. Certificans nos per .iiij. dies ante terminum huiusmodi eis per te 
prefigendum quid feceris in premissis per litteras tuas patentes habentes hunc 
tenorem aliquo sigillo auctentico consignatas./Datum &c 

Articles of Enquiry of Bisbop Herbert Wesoealing src: 10215 
sig Blv 
41 Whether any Lords of misrule, dauncers, plaiers, or any other disguised 
persons do daunce, or play any vnseemly parts in the Church, Church-yard, 2o 
or Chappell-yard, or whether are there any playes or common drinking kept 
in church, or Church-yarde, who maintaine & accompany such? 

1592 2 
Articles of Enquiry of Bishop Herbert Wesoealing src: 10215.5 
sig Blv 
40. Whether the minister and churchwardens haue suffered any lordes of 
misrule, dancers, plaiers, or any other disguised persons to daunce, or play 30 
any vnseemely pattes in the church or church-yarde, chappell or chappel- 
yarde, if they haue what be the names ofsuch Iordes of misrule, dauncers, 
plaiers &c. And whether are there any plaies or any drinkings kept in any of 
the said places, who maintaine and accompany such? 


Articles of Enquiry of Bishop Augustine Lindsdl src: 10216 
p 6 (Concerning church property andfurnishings) 

7 Whether is your Church or Chappell-yard well fenced, and kept without 

33/ drinkings: comon added belote thi word by hand in Lincoln College Library copy. N. 1.24(1) 



abuse: and if hot, whose is the default? Hath any person encroached upon 
the ground of the Church-yard? hath any used that place, consecrated to an 
holy use, prophanely or wickedly? Hath any quarrelled or stricken one another, 
either in the Church or Church-yard? Hath any person behaved himself 
rudely, and disorderly in either, used any filthy or prophane talk, or any 
other rude or immodest behaviour in them? Have any Playes, Feasts, Banquets, 
Suppers, Church-ales, Drinkings, temporall Courts or Leets, Lay-juries, 
Musters, or any other prophane usage been suffered to be kept in your 
Church, Chappell, or Church-yard? Have any annoyed your Church-yard, 
or the fence thereof, by putting in ofcattell, by hanging of clothes, or by 
laying any dust, dung, or other filthinesse there? 



Articles of Enquiry of Bislop Mattlew Wren STC: 10217 
p 4 (Concerning church property andfurnishings) 


7 Whether is your Church-yard or Chappell yard well-fenced, and kept 
without abuse? and if hot, whose is the default? hath any person encroached 
vpon the Church-yard, by setting vp any kinde of building or fence vpon 
it, or by opening any doore, gare, or stile into it? hath any vsed that place 
(consecrated to an holie vse) prophanely or wickedly? hath any quarrelled or 
stricken one another, either in the Church or Church-yard? hath any person 
behaued himselfe rudely, and disordedy in either, or vsed any fdthy or prophane 
talke, or any other rude and immodest behauiour in them? haue any Playes, 
Feasts, Banquets, Suppers, Church ales, Drinkings, Temporall Courts, or 
Leets, Lay-iuries, Musters, exercise of dancing, stoole-ball, foot-ball, or the 
like, or any other prophane vsage, beene suffered to be kept in your Church, 
Chappell, or Church-yard? Haue any annoied your Church-yard, or the 
fence thereof, by putting in of chattell, by hanging vp ofclothes, or by 
laying any dust, dung, or other filthiness there? When graues are digged, are 
the bones ofthe dead piously vsed, and decently interred againe, and laid vp 
in some fit place as beseemeth Christians? And is the whole consecrate ground 
kept free from swine, and ail other nastinesse? 


Articles of Enquiry of ArclMeacon Morgan Goodwyn src: 10217.5 
sigs B2v-3" (Concerning the conduct of parishioners) 
17 Whether any person in your Parish do exercise any trade or labour, buy 
or sell, or keepe open Shops or Ware-houses upon any Sundaie or Holy-da); 



by themselves, their servants, or Apprentises, or have otherwise prophaned 
the said dayes, contrary to the Orders ofthe Church of England? And 
whether I there be any In-keepers, Ale-house-keepers, Victuallers or other 
Persons, that permit any Persons in their Houses to eate, drinke, or play, 
during the rime of Divine Service or Sermon, or reading the Homilies, in 
the forenoone or afiernoone upon those dayes? 

sig B3v (Concerning the conduct of churchwardens and sidesmen) 
°°° I0 
1 VVhether you, and the Church-wardens, Quest-men, or Side-men from 
rime to rime do, and have done their diligence, in not suffering any idle 
person to abide either in the Church-yard, or Church-porch, in Service or 
Sermon rime, but causing them either to corne into the Church to heare 
Divine Service, or to depart, and not to disturbe such as be hearers there? 15 
And whether they have, and you do diligently see the Parishioners duly re.sort 
to the Church every Sunday and Holy-day, and there to remaine during 
Divine Service and Sermon? And whether you or your predecessors, Church- 
wardens there, surfer any Playes, Feasts, Drinkings, or other prophaine usages 
to bee kept in your Church, Chappell, or Church-yards, or have suffered 20 
any person or persons, without restreining them to your and their uttermost 
power to be tipling or drinking in any lnne or victualling house, in your 
Parish, during the rime of Divine Service and Sermons on Sundays and 


Articles of Enquiry of Bishop George Coke src: 10218 
sigs A3-3v* (Concerning church property and furnishings) 
7 Whether is your Church or Chappell-yard well fenced, and kept without 
abuse and if not whose is the default? hath any person incroached upon the 
ground ofthe churchyard? hath any used that place consecrated to an holy 
use, prophanely or wickedly? Hath any quarrelled or stricken one another, 
either in the Church or Churchyard? Hath any person behaved himselfe 
rudely, and disorderly in either, used any filthy I filthy or prophane talk, or 
any other rude and immodest behaviour in them? Have any playes, Feasts, 
Banquets, Suppers, Church-ales, Drinkings, temporall Courts or Leets, Lay- 
juries, Musters, or any other prophane usage been suffered to be kept in your 



111 VVhethe*: large initial VV 
36/ filthy I fdthy: diuography;fira filthy act as catchword 


Church, Chappeil, or Church-yard? Have any annoyed your Church-yard, 
or the fence thereof, by putting in ofcatteii, by hanging ofciothes, or by 
iaying any dust, dung, or other fiithinesse there? And kept free from Swine, 
and ail other nastinesse? 

Boroughs and Parishes 


Inquest on the Death of Hugh de Weston 
single mb* (30June) 

pro: c 145/48 

Inquisicdo facta die louis in crastino Sancti Petri & Pauli anno regni regis 
Edwardi .xvij °. per hos Iuratores subscr/ptos videlicet. Rogerum filium 
Stephani de Atton Willelmum filium Rogeri de Stonacton RJcardum filium 
Regina/di de Hatton Willelmum Kete de Hattone Regina/dum Crate de 0 
eadem Thomam Russel de Stonacton Ricardum Hamund de eadem Henricum 
fflium Thome de eadem Pdcardum fflium Iohannis fabri de Walle Ricardmn 
filium Willelmi Roberd de Walle Willelmum de le Wode & Ricardum de 
Cimiterio de Hope. Ad inquirendum supersacramentum suum vtrum 
Iohannes de Quercubus de Scottes Acton rettatus de morte Hugonis de 5 
Weston Capellani interfecit eundem Hugonem se defendendo Ita quod mortem 
propriam alitereuasisse non potuit an per feloniam aut maliciam excogitatam 
nec ne Qui d/ctmt supersacramentum suum quod non per feloniam nec 
maliciam excogitatam sedse defendendo Ira videlicet quod contigit die 
Natiuitatis domini post solis occasum anno regni regis .Edwardi. xvj. quod eo 
RJcardus filius Willelmi de Skottesacton tenuit quamdam tabernam in eadem 
villa et cum eam tenuit erant quidam cantantes ante domumin qua taberna 
predicta tenebatur. Ira quod Hugo de Weston Capellanus venit transiens per 
hostelarium d/cti Ricardi filiiWillelmi & litigauit cum cantatoribus ibidem 
astantibus qu/a immense erat inebriatus et cum certasset vidit dictum e5 
Iohannem de quercubus astantem & cantantem quem quidem Iohannem 
aliquantulum odio habebat eo quod bene cantauit & habere voluit amorem 
q uarumdam mulierum quarum dictus Hugo amorem multum habere affectauit 

19-201 die Natiuitatis ... xvj: 25 December 1287 
211 quamdam: qu u,m'tten overotherletters 

221 etant: smail hok follows; no tert miuing 
251 immense: 6 rninims in Ms 


que ibidem erant prope ilios in quodam campo & confestim arripuit quendam 
gladium nudum in manu sua & occurrit ei & ipsum rlohanneml percussit 
cum dto Giadio in capite semei secundo tercio & plagam ei dedit immensam 
& eciam amputauit fere duos digitos de manu sinistra et cure percussit dictus 
Iohannes flexis genibus & manibu leuatis petiit pacem dei & domini Regis 
Tandem dictus Iohannes ridera mortis periculum ^rsibil iminere occurrit in 
quendam angulum prope vicum/sub quodaml muro iapideo lapideo & 
extraxit cutellum voluit ipsum defendisse Et predictus Hugo capellanus 
occurrit ei & voluit ipsum occidisse Et predictus lohannes vidit (...)tem 
propriam euasisse alittr non potuit percussit dictum Hugonem Capellanum 
cum d&to cultello in pectore vnde statim post (...) Iohannes occidit dictum 
Hugonem Capellanum se defendendo & aliter non- 



Wh,thill I 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
f [35]* (8 November) 

vIRo: box 35, vol 142 


Proceedings of the court hem before James Bailelg LI, in the presence of James 20 
Lawrence, notary public and deputy registrar 
Catherina lones de eadem/detecta per Rectorem ib/dem, that she she vppon 
the next Sundaie after michellmas; to be at Evening Praier there to be 
catechised she cam, not but went to a wake to Aston/. quesita in 13 diem 25 
decembris predicti &c ex certificario appam'toris &c vijs et mod/s in proximum 
&c./citata per publicum edictum in ecclesia ib/dem in xviij, lanuarij predicti 
&c ex certificario apparitoris &c excommunicata &ci. 
Contra eandem 
Vppon the xiij * of November 1608 being reproved by some ofher honest 
parishioners for dancing on the Saboath daie and not comming to be 
catechesed; said, l care not for pamon Acton toord in his teathe; I will dance 
on the Saboath daie in despite ofhim even at his nose.! 

7/ lapideo lapideo: 
8/ cutellum: #r cultellum 
91 ...)rem: lower  corner torn; lOmm of rem lost. probably quod mortem 
l l I (...): lower  corner torn; 25mm oftext lost 
23/ she she: ttography 
24/ next Sundaie ... last: 20ctober 1608 


"ad graciaml ° 

°ad gradam ° 



Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Odce 
pp 308-9 (31 October) 

HRO: box 35, vol 129 

Proceedings of the court held for Clun deanedy beforeJames Baile LLD, vicar 
general of Robert Bennett, bishop of Hereford 
Andreas Mason detectus that he keepeth these persons drinckinge in his 
howse at prayer tyme vpon a Saboth day two strange minstrelles ffrauncis 
More FAward ap Iohn & Iohn Madox 
°Citatus &c excommunicatusl &c [vltimo die Martij 1607 comparuit] ° I 

ffranciscus More detectus that he did drincke in an Alehowse vpon a Saboth 
day at prayer tyme °Citatus &c excommunicatus &c Quo die dominus decretu't 
vt supra/xxij die Iulij 1607 comparuit et reseruata est &c Et dominus ipsum 
dimisit sub admonicione &c ° 

Edwardus ap lohn pro Consimili °Citatus &c excommunicatus &c Quo die 
simib'ter vt supra/° 

lohannes Madox pro Consimili °[Citatus] Citatus &c in xix diem Novembris 
predicti &c excommunicatusl Quo die simiFter vt supra/° 

Thomas Bird pro Consimili °xxx ° die Martij 1607 comparuit et dominus 
ipsum cum admonitione dimisit ° 

Hugo Watters detectus that he did keepe minstrelles and dauncinge vpon a 
Saboth day at the tyme ofdivyne service at Eveninge °quesitus &c. Citatus 
&c in xix diem Novembris predicti &c excommunicatus/Quo die similiter 
vt supra/° 


Archdeaconry ofLudlowActs of Ojîce HRO: box 35, vol 129 
p 145" 
ffranciscus Smithes de Snitton parochie predicte for keeping dauncing in his 
howse die dominico, &c aboutes a forrnight last past [pu] intimated the [16] 








°debet feodum ° 

ad g raciarn 

Citatus in 


BITTERLE¥ 1606 / BRIDGNORTH c 1305--15 

14 ofOctober 1606: vocetur ad respondendum et ad specificandum nomina 
delinquencium &c penultimo Octobris 1606. comparuit et negauit that there 
was noe dauncing in his howse but at his howse and by 2 for 31 of humfry 
Coundleys maides of the saine Vnde dimissus 

p 240* (30 October) 

Proceedings of tloe court Ioeld for Ludlow deanery belote James Bailey, zzo, vicar 
general of Robert Bennett, bisloop of Hereford. in tloe presence of James 
Lawrence, notary public and deputy registrar 

Nicholas ^r°Dauies °1 servant to Elinor Berrie de eadem for dauncing on the 
saboath daie in the parish of Bitterley °18 Novembris comparet et respondet 
°the dauncinge was in ° ffrancis Smithes howse çpresentea Iohn Prince [Bridger 
Hare] Eiizabeth Prince and Ann Price Gerge Chese ° 

lohn watkis ofthe same pro simili Citatus perApparitorem preconizatus non 

Thomas walker de Snitton pro simili comparu# [fatetur] et cum admonitione 

Iohannes Prince ofledwich parochie de Ludford pro simi/i quesitus citatus in 
xviij decembrb predicti &c non comparuit &c excommunicatusl 

Bridget hare [of] servant to Humilie Coundler pro simili/dimittitur 







c 1305-15 
Inquest on the Death of William de Baveney 
single mb* (5 December) 

PRO." C 145/67/20 


I nquisic/o facta die louis die Comitatus salopescire In vigilia Beati Nicholai 
coram vicecomite & custodibus placitorum Corone eiusdem Comitatus de 3s 
Morte Willelmi de Balbeneye apud Bruges interfecti per hos subscriptos 
.videlicet. Rogerum sperrenghose Wiilelmum de ceperleton milites Henricum 
de morfe/d Hugonem de Dodemonston Philippum de Beckeburr' Adam 
Huberd Oliuerum fiat-rem suum Hugonem de Wlonkesiowe Philippum de 
Eggedon Iohannem Conseyl Ranulphumde Harpecote Robertum de Doditon 40 

3-41 was noe ... dimissur, continued in lefi margin 

14 BRIDGNORTH c 1305-1502 

Qui dicunt super eorum sacramentum quod cure quidem homines de terra 
domini Rogeri de Mortuo mari venerunt apud Bruges die Beati Iacobi 
Apostoli ad quandam carolam causa Ludendi Quedam contencio mota fuit 
inter predictos hommes & hommes de villa de Bruges Inter quos predictus 
Willelmus de Balbeneye percussit Rogerum Husse in capite & ab eo sanguinem 
extraxit & predictus Rogerus statim adiuit Walterum fib'um Willelmi de 
Phenes qui tunc erat Constabularius eiusdem ville & blliuus Hundredi de 
Stottesdon faciendo grauem inde querimoniam petens sibi Iusticiam exhiberi 
qui d/ctus Walterus surexit &Iuit cure dicto Rogero & inuenit hommes quam 
plures extra muros de Brugesversusvillam sagittantes & homines predicte 
ville minantes & dictus Walterus qui erat baJlliuus perpredictam querimoniam 
peciit ab eisdem plegios standi recto, qui noluerunt set predictus Willelmus 
de Balbeneye insultum fecit predicto Waltero & ipsum cepit per humeros & 
prostrauit ad pedes suos bis semel bis ter & cum quarto ipsum prostrare 
voluerit predictus Walterus quandam haccarn de poco arripuit & predictum 
Willelmum de Balbeneye causa fugiend/ab eo cum alacritate euadere non 
potuit percussit in gargeta Ita quod obiit. In huius rei testimonium predicti 
Iuratores huic Inqu/sicaoni sigilla sua apposuerunt. 

Mercers; Drapers; and Ironmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 100" (2January-I January) (Payments) 
Item for berynge the lyh3te on corpus christi day 
Item payd to the mynstrell and berynge the baner 
Item for breke faste on corpus christi day 
Item for a stryke whete 
Item savorcorrte clowys and mace to the kakys 
Item for bottur to kakys 
Item for mowtton to sopper 
Item for xii chekyns 
Item for bakynge the bredd and kakys 
Item for wood to dyh3tte soppere thys ij tymys 
Item for xvj galons aie 


ij s. iij d. s 
vij d. 
vij d. 
iii d. ob. 
iii d. s0 
xii d. 
ij d. 
iiij d. 

2-31 die ... Apostoli: 25July 
141 bis ... bis:firstbis redundant 
25/ corpuschr/rti day: lOJune 1501 

BKIDGNORTH 1502-- 4 15 

Mercers; Drapers; and Ironmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 100v* (2January-1 January) (Payments) 
Item spende at the fest of Corpus christityd a stryk ofwhet 
Item the bakyng thetof 
Item spi .cys & butter to the Cakys ^r& to supperl 
Item xvj Galluns aie 
Item payd for flesche 
Item payd for Bred to Breckfast 
Item payd for the beryng of the lyht 
Item payd to the mynstrel| 
Item payd for wod for dy3ting the breckfast & soper 
Item ^rpayd for xii1Chekyns the price 
Item payd for v shuldurs Motun and a brest & a 
Cost ofthe same 
Item for Costardys with othyr thyngys 

Mercers; Drapers; and Ironmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 101 (2January-IJanuary)(Paymentsandreceipts) 

Item payd for a stryke and di. whett 
Item payd for [xvj] rxviiil Galluns aie the price 
Item payd for Motun 
Item payd for a quarter ofvell 
Item payd for ^rxij Chekyns [xij] 
Item payd for spice for the kakys & for sopper & Brekfst 

payd for Buttur for the Chekyns & to the kakys 
for Bakyng of Bred and Kakys 
Item for makyng of the Custardys & Creyme & Reyssyngys 
to the Samer& suger 1 
Item payd for lyre to dy3t your Breckffast & soper 
Item Reyssyng),s 
Item payd for the Beryng ofthe ly3t on Corpus christi day 
Item payd to the mynstrell and for his dyner 

[xviij d.] 

i d . 
vj d. 
ij s. 
iiij d. 
iii d. 
xii d. 

xij d. 

vij d. 
xii d. 
viii d. 
iiij d. 

i d • 
ij s. il d. 
vj d. 






6/ lest ... chr/stityd: 26May 1502 
161 sb.u|dum, ur wrirten out and also inicated by abbrevimion mark 

38/ Corptm chr/sti day: 15June 1503 


BRIDGNORTt! 1503-12 
Item payd to the mynstemllys at soper 

iiij d. 

Mercers; Drapers; and Ironmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 102v* (2 Janua.-1 Janua.) (Payments and receipts) 


for berrynge the lyh3tt and a mynsterell on corpus christ] day 
for ij stryke whett 
for xviij galons aie price 
for iiij scheldurs motten and a quoste 

for a legge velle 
for xij chekyns 
for a lambe 
for butter 
for spyce 
for sugere and for chese 
for woode and seruanttes 

iiij 6) 
ij (...) 




and the 

Mercers ; Drapers ; and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 103v* (2 Janua.-1Janua.) (Eapenses and receipts) 
Item for berynge the lyh3t and the baner 
Item payde to the mynsterelle 

Mercers; Drapers; and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Arctuves 
f 105v (2Janua.-1Janua.) (Expenses and receipts) 

Item ffor beryng the lyh3tt and the baneron corpus chr/t] day 





91 corpuchruti day: 11June 1506 
91 (...): turm on f lO2v partly illegible due to tight binding 
18/ fo?: wrirto over il/egible letters 
27/ ij(...): mrn on f lO3v partly illegble duc to tight binding 
36/ corpu, chritti da)t. 19June 1511 
36/ ij(...): mrm on f lO5v partly illegible du, to tight binding 

BRIDGNORTH 1511--41 17 

Item flot v li. wax to make ij torchys 
Item payde flot makyng ofthe ij new torchys 
Item for vij li. wax to pez and schotte 
Item for iiij li. wax to cope the torchys 
Item payde to Iohn degere flot schettyng of xii torchys 
Item ffor coping of iiij torchys to the same Iohn 
Item spend vppon a barrege when we made the torchys 
Item payde flot a quart and a halfof rosen to the torchys 
Item payde flot pake thredde to bynde the torchys when 
there pesyde 

IIj s. 

viii d. 
iiij s viij (.) 
ij s. viii 

iiij d. 

ij d. 


Mercers; Drapers; and Ironmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 106v* (2January-1 January) (Payments and receipts) 
Item payd for the beryng ofthe ly3t and the baner with 
the mynstrell 

ij s. j d. 



Mercers; Drapers; and Ironraongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 107" (2 January-I January) (Payments and receipts) 
Item payd for the beryng ofthe ly3t 
Item payd to ij mynstrellys 

ij s. vj d. 
vj d. 



Mercers', Draters" , and Ironrnongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 44* (2January-1 January)(Payments) 
Item paid for berryng xiiij torchis on Corppus Crystis day 
Item paid for beryng our bannar 
Item paid to our Mynsterelles for his peyns taking 

xiiij d. 
[vj d.] ij d. 



38/ Corppus Crystis day: 27May 1540 40/ Mynsterelles: firMynsterell (?) 


BRIDGNORTll 1540-52 
f 44v* 

paid on Corpua 
Item pmd 
on Corpus 

The ere of rorde 154 
Crysty day for Carreche the lyght and the banar 
Item the Mynstorell 
Crysry day for Carreche the iyght and the bannar 
Item to the Mynstorels 

xj d. 
xii d. 
iiij d. 

on Corpu 
Crysty day 

,lercers; Drapers; and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 45v (2Janua.-1 Janua.) (Payments) 

the ere ofour lorde 1543 
Item for Carreche of the bannar 
Item for vij torges 
Item to the Mynstorell 
Item paid for a Man to wateApon Thomas Whord and 
lhon tayllar balles 
Item paid for A harnes Man in fowke leis Tyme and 
thomas bettertons being balles 

ij d. 
vij d. 

vij d. 

vj d. 




M emorand um 
on Corpu 
Crysty day 

Mercers', Drapers; and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 45v (2 Janua.- 1Janua.) (Payments) 
the ere of out lorde god 1544 
Item for Carreche ofthe bannar and iiij torchis 
Item for watares r°daw lees °1 pleying before the sacroment 

vj d. 
ij d. 



C]mmberlaln'sAccounts silo: 4000/F/l/I 
single mb (2 January-1Janua. ) (Allowances) 
... Et de xx d. to the pleyers at the commaund of toaster ballyffes... 


3/ rorde:Jrour I,,rde (?) 
3/ 154:r 1540 

16-17m/ Corpu Crysty day: 24 May 1543 
31-2m/ Corpu Crysty day: 12 June 1544 

...Et de v s. to the kynges mynstrellesAt the commaund of toaster ballyffes.. 


GreatLeetBook SRO: 4001/J/5, No. 2 5 
f 629* (2January-I January) (Decision of2January assembly) 
At wh/ch daie it is concorded and agreed aswell by the bailiffes and xxiiij 
A]dermen as also by the comburgesses that no playars or Berwardsshalbe 
receved vpon the Townes chardges, but ifany will see the saine Plaies or l0 
Bere baytinges, the saine most be vpon there owne costes & chardges And 
that Richard Ma)' from hensforth shall receave no money ofthe Towne for 
instructing ofthe children, but onlie xl s. out ofthe vsshers stipend 

Mercers', Drapers', and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 31v (2January-1January) (Payments a]ïer31 March) 
paid the mynstrells at pyples 

viii ci. 


Chamberlain'sAccounts SRO: 4000/F/1/7 
mb 5* (2 Jan#ary-1January) (Allowan«es for 25 April-1Jan#ary) 
...Item paied at Roger Harleis b)' the commaundment of toaster bailiffesvpon 
them wh/ch plaied Robin Hood ii s. vj d .... 

Chamberlain's Accounts SRO: 4000/F/119 
mb 3* (2 January-1 January) (Allowances) 
...Item bestowed vpon the Queenes pla)'ers at the dauncinge on the Rop b)' 
debenter x s .... 



20 BRIDGNORTH 1592-9 

Mercers; Drapers; and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 36* (2January- 1 January) (Payments) 
paid ffor charge ofour soper bred & drinke ix s. and paid 
the plaers x d. & payd more to Roo xvj d. & to the Ringers 
xij d. [all] is 

xij s. iiij d. 

Chamberlain's Accounts sRo: 4000/FIl/13 
single mb (2 January-1Janua_) (Allowances) 
... Item to my Lorddudleyes Berewarde at thappoyntment of master Bailliffes 
ij s. vj d .... 

Chamberlain's Accounts s,o: 4000/FIl/14 
mb 1 (2 January-1January) (Allowances) 
... Item payd to the Queens payers at master Bailiffes apoyntment ^rby 
debenterl xx s .... 

Mercers; Drapers; and lronmongers" Company Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 39* (Payments) 
Laid out at out Last meating at Thomas Smites for out bankett 
deliuerd the poore in bred 
paid to a Virginall player 

viij d. 
xii d. 

Chamberlain'sAccounts sRo: 4000/F/1/17 
mb 1 (2January-l January) (Allowances) 
... Item to Players at master Bailliffes appoyntment vj s. viij d .... 





231 Baillffe: for Bailliffes 

BR] DGNORTH 1601-6 21 

GreatLeetBook SRO: 4001/J/5, No. 3 
p 54 (2January-1 January) (Town ordinances adopted 4 December) 
[Item that from hencefurth no playors ofcommedies Tragedies or other stage 
playes shalbe permytted to be played in the Counsell howse or Towne Hall, 
but that the playors therofmay playe in their Innes, yfyt so please them./] 

Chamberlain'sAccounts SRO: 4000/F/1/21 
mb 4* (2 January- l January) (Allowances) 
Item payed to theme wh/ch played on the dromme and ffyffe 
at the coronation daye 

nf* (Attached notes) 
Item paied to the kinges players 

ij li. 




Chamberlain'sAccounts SRO: 4000/F/1/22 
mb 4 (2 January-l January) (Allowances) 
Item Payed to Players at the appoyntment of master Bailliffes 



A4ercers; Drapers; and Ironraongers" Corapany Book 
Mercers' Company of London Archives 
f 2 (2January-1January) (Payments) 
Item paid at out metings at Mrs Stantis flot wyne Mynstres & 
for Richard May & mr Tydd 




15/ coronation daye: 25July 1603 


nullus talis 

BgiDGNOgrU 1606--17 / Cnt0RCn STRETFON 1589 
Chamberlain'sAccounts sRo: 4000/F/1/24 
mb 4 (2 Janua_ -I January) (Allowances) 
Item Payed to the plears by toaster Bailliffes appoyntrnent 
Item Payed to Tomlins the Berward by master Bailliffes 
ap oyn t ment 

ii i s. iiij d. 

Chamberlain'sAccounts s.o: 4000/F/1/25 
f [lv]* (Expenses for the lordpresident) 
geeven to the pleyers that came with my Lord from Kynlett 


Chamberlain'sAccounts SRO: 4000/F/1/26 
mb 4 (2 Janua. -1Janua. ) (Allowances) 
Item Payed by debenter to mr Baker for money bestowed on 
the Princes players 

Chamberlain'sAccounts SRO: 4000/F/1/35 
single mb* (2 January-1 Janua_) (Allowances) 

Item geven to two lttaylians by toaster Bailiffes appoyntment 



Diocese of Herefora Acts of Ojce 
f {2331 (8 September) 

HRO: box 17, vol 68 

Proceedings of the court heM]or Wenlock deanery be]ore William Lang/eord, 
deputy judge of Francis Bevans, tto, vicar general of Hereford diocese 

Walterus Burrie Ludimagisterl notatus anglice for setting forth playes and 
enterludes on the sabothe daye/ 





CLAVERLEY 1621 23 


Bill of Complaint and Answer in Ridge v. Elliots 
mbs [2-3]* (I3 November) 

eRo: STAC 8/250/31 

To the Kin(...) most excellent Maiestie 
(...) Complayninge sheweth and lnformeth your most excellente maiestie 
y(...) highnes most faithfull and obedyente Subiects Iohn Rydge of Claverly 
in the Countie ofSalopp Clerke william Pratt of Bobington in the ^rcountie 
of Stafford yeoman and Elizabeth his wyffe That (..3 ail subtill and 
ffradulente attempts plotts and practisses and espetially suche (.)s (.)end to 
the abuse ofthe innocencie ofthe vnexperiencid yeares ofvnmaried damsells 
by drawinge them by Conynge insynuation/to giue theriare consents 
(...)ithout consente oftheire parents or governors haue bine found by 
experyence to be so dangerusly pernyciouse to your maieties peaceable and 
happie govermente of this your highnes kingdom of England Çhat there 
/haue heeretofore bine made and (...)nd holsom lawes and stattuts within 
this your Maiesties said kingdom of England for the suppressinge of the 
same and in wh/ch said/lawes & Stattuts dyverse sharpe and seveere 20 
punnishmentes are to bee inflycted vpon offendors in that kinde (...)id 
subiecte Iohn Rydge havinge yssue your said Subiecte Elizabeth Pratt his 
onlie daughter whom hee had soe vertuusly brought vpp and educated that 
shee was by reason ofher sober and honest Conversacion well reputed (...)11 
the beter sore ofyour Maiesties subiects Inhabytinge therabouts Now so it 25 
is yf it shall please your most excellente Maiestie one Humfrie Elliotts of 
Claverly in the said Countie gentleman well knowinge that your said subiecte 
lohn (...) his fatherly affeccion towords the said Elizabeth did intende and 
was Resolved hOt only to giue her for her advancmente in mariadge a great 
porc/on ofhis estate but to conferr vpon her all the Resydewe therofafter 
his death (...)he said lohn Rydge (...)d noe waie bee drawne to Consente 
that the said Elizabeth should marie with him the said Humfrie Elliotts hee 
the said Humfrie Elliotts owt ofa most Covetuse & greedie desire to gaine 
to (...) the greatest (.)ar(...) estate ofyour said subiecte lohn Ridge did 
without any feare or dread ofany your maiesties said lawes & stattuts ofthis 35 
your highnes kingdom of England vnlawfully Resolve to attempte to procure 
(...)beth to marie wlth him the said Humfrie Elliotts or with some other 

81 I...): 45mm of text damaged by wear and hole 
11 / (...): 75mm of text damaged by wear and hole 
151 I...)ithout: 50mm of text obliterated by hole 
18/ (...)nd: 58mm of text obliterated by hole 
2 i I (...)id: 56mm oftext obliterated by hole 

24/ (...)Il: 52mm of text obliterated by hole 
28/ (...): 45mm of text oblitemted by hole 
31/ (...)he: 40mm of text oblitevated by hole 
34/ (...): 45mm of text obliterated by hole 
37/ (...)beth: 42mm of text oblttevated by hole 

24 CLAVERLEY 1621 

such person as would vpon Mariadge with the said Elizabeth giue vnto him 
the said Humilie Elliotts a great parte of the said lohn Rydges estate (...)ge 
soe ent(...)d into the CoC)tuse and wicked herte ofthe said H(.)mfry Elliotts 
hee the said Humilie Ellrilotts did make such his resolucion knowne ^rto 
onel Edward Hinkes of C|averly afforesaid yeoman and thervpon the said 
Humfrie Elliotts a(...)rd Hinkes did vnlawfully confederate Conclude and 
agree to geather to attempt to marrie with the said Elizabeth without the 
Consente ofyour said subiecte the said lohn Rydge & thatl wh/ch of them 
soeuershould ffïrst ^rsol obteyne the said H(...)th in maria(...) should giue 
(..)to the other fiue hundred pounds which vnlawfull Contracte and bargaine 
beinge soe concluded and agreed vpon betweene them, they the said Humfrie 
Elliotts and Edward Hinkes assocyatinge (...) them selues for (.)he effectinge 
therof ;william Elliottes of Cla(.)erlie aforesaid gent/eman Thomas (.)hitmore 
of Clauerly aforesaid gentleman ffrancis Hinkes of Bridgenorth laborer 
David Evans of Claverly afforesaid husbandman Hlinor Smyth of Claverly 
afforesaid spinster Richard Soley of Claverly afforesaid laborer and Margarett 
his wyffe ^rdaniel key aiias keyme alias kemey lohn Grauenor of Clauerley 
aforesaid laborer and Thomas Sotherne of Bridgnorth in the said Countie 
^ butcher whome they knew to bee ail ffïtt persons to bee Instruments for 
the effectinge of any wicked or ^rvnllawfull accion they the said Humfrie 
Elliotts Edward Hinkes ^rwilliam ElliottesThomas whitmore ffrancis Hinkes 
Daniell key al/as kemye al/as kemey Dauid Evans Ellinor Smyth Richard 
S(.)ley Margarett Soley ^rlohn Grau(.)nor  and Thomas Sotherne did most 
wi(.)kedly Corruptly and vnlawfully in the moneth of Attgust in the seaventeenth 
yeare ofyour Maiesties Raigne ouer this your highnes kingdom of England 
plott practysse Combyne Conf(.)derate and agree together to procure the 
said Edward Hinkes to bee reteïned bï ïour said subiect the said lohn Rydge 
as his sarvant in howshould with him to the intente and purposse that hee 
mïght therbï haue the more ffred(...)er(.)ie ofaccesse from tyme to ryme to 
the said Elizabeth to solicitt her first to marie the said Humfrie Elliotts and 
ïf hee fownd her hOt inclïnable thervnto then ^rtol sollicytte her in that 
behalfe for him selle the said Edward Hinkes and the said Confederatts did 
farther for the effectinge therofwith the lesse dïffyculty as they Conceyved 
most wickedlï Corruptlï and vnlawfullï plott Confederatt Conclude and 
agree to gether to dïscorradge ail other parsons to attempte to (.)bteïne the 
said Elizabeth in mariadge by publishinge and devulginge generally ^rfaise 
and slanderuse raies and Reproaches against the said Elizabeth and with ail 
vnder Coller ofthe said Edward Hinkes lyvinge in howse with her to scandalyse 

2/ (...)ge: 30mm of text obliterated by hole 
6/ a(...)rd: 25mm of tex't obliterated bv hole 
9/ El(...)t h: 20mm of text obliterated by hole 

12/ assocyatinge: 4 minims in MS 
24/ seaventeenth: a written over another letter, potsiblyv 
29/ ffred(...)er(. )ie: 27mm of text worn or obwured 



h(..) Chastitie with to much famyliaritye with the said Edward Hinkes and 
to devuige the saine in/diuersl scanda]us and Infamus lybellus verses Rymes 
plaies and enterluds and that yf they Could hOt by any of those waies or 
meanes (.)orke and effecte such theire intended purpose that then the said 
Confederatts should & would ffalsly pretende that the said Edward Hinkes 
and the said Elizabeth were lawfully Contracted in matrimoney together and 
that hee the said Edward Hinkes should sue the said Elizabeth vpon the said 
Contracte and that the said Humfrie Elliotts ^rwilliam Elliottes Thomas 
Whitmore ffrancis Hinkes Daniell key alias keme al/as kemeyl David Evans 
Elinor Smyth Richard Soley Margarett his wyffe ^tlohn Grauenor and 
Thomas Sotherne should be produced as wittnesses to proue the said fa]se 
pre(.)ended Contracte and should vpon theire Corporall oathes when they 
were soe produced willfully ffa]sly and Corruptly depose matter to proue the 
said Contracte Ail which beinge soe concluded and agreed vpon as afforesaid 
they the said Confederatts did in execucion ofth(.) said plott practisse and 
Confederacie by themselues and the^ri re frends procure your said subiecte 
Iohn Rydge to Reteyne as his sarvante in howse with him the said Edward 
Hinkes who beinge soe Reteyned did within short tyme afier in farther 
execucon ofthe said vnlawfull plott and practisse and by the vnlawfull 
abetmente and procuremente ofthe said other Confederats sollicitt the said 
Elizabeth to marie with him the said Humfry Elliotts and perceavinge that 
shee was fully Resolved hOt to agree thervnto hee the said Edward Hinkes 
did eftsones in farther execucion of the said plott and practisse and by the 
vnlawfull abettment and procurmente ofthe said other Confederats (hee the 
said Edward Hinkes beinge then saruante in howse with your said subiecte 
Iohn Rydge as afforesaid and withowt his ^tconsent) labor and sollicitt the 
sa(..) Elizabeth to marrie with him the said Edward Hink(..)/butl the said 
Elizabeth much dysdeyninge that the said Hinkes should attempte to move 
ber therin did giue him such a scornefull and Resolute denya]l that hee the 
said E(.)ward Hinkes was a]together hoples to obteyne the saine which beinge 
made knowne to the said other Confederats hee the said Edward Hinkes & 
the said other Confederats in farther execucn ofthe said plott & practisse 
d(..) most ma]icittsly fa]sly & vnlawfully publish and devulge both in Claverly 
afforesaid & alsoe in dyverse other places therabouts that the said Elizabeth 
was in love with the said Edward Hinkes and that hee had abusd ber (.)hastitie 
and gotten her with Child and that hee was Co(...)acted vnto her and the 
said Confederats did soe devulge and publish such theire said most false & 

81 ^: rater written over a lener, pomblyp 
111 produced: correctedfrom produces 
121 theire: corrected]om there 
151 th(.): final later obliterated by small hole 

191 execucon: )r execuc/on; abbreviation nmrk omined 
271 H ink(.. ): final letter obliterated by rmall hole 
361 Co(...)acte& letters obliterated by snmll hole 

26 CLAVERLEY 1621 

wicked accusacion with such Confydence & fayned false lmagined 
Cyrcomstances that many ofyour maiesties subiects dweilinge therabouts 
who were hOt partyculerly acquaynted with the said Eiizabeth her vertuose 
mynde & modeste sober & honest cariadge did giue faith & Creditt to the 
saine But the said Confederats havinge soe devuiged the said false and wicked s 
accusacons They the said Confederats together with one Samueli Hill of 
Ciaverly afforesaid Nayior ffrancis Daie of the saine Cooper ^rDanieli key 
al/as keyme alias Kemeyl and dyverse other vnlawfuli persons theire ^raydersl 
[ape(.)res] and Assystantes and whose names your said subiects most humblie 
praie maie be incerted into this bill as they shali hapen to bee knowne in 0 
farther execucion of the said plott and practysse did to the intente and 
purpose hOt only so to defame the said Eiizabeth but alsoe to make her the 
more vile odyuse and Contemptyble did most wickedly mallicyusly scandalusly 
& vnlawfully penn wryght fframe & devyse or cause to bee penned wrytten 
framed or devysed dyverse scandaluse & iybeiluse and infamus verses in 5 
nature & forme of a plaie dyaloggwise wherin it was devysed that one ofthe 
actors should bee apparelled in womens appareil & boistered & sert forth as 
though shee were great with Child & shouid apparsonatt the said Eiizabeth 
vnder the naine of Ienney & one other of the said actors should apparsonate 
the said Edward Hinkes vnder the name ofIockey & that your said subiecte 20 
the said Eiizabeth vnder the name of the said Ienney shouid ff),rst Chardge 
the said Hinkes [(...)] ^rvnderl the naine of Iockey that hee was father ofher 
Child And that two others ofthe said actors shouid apparsonate ^rone of 
them3 vnder the name [(.)] of ffurioso the said Humfrie Eiiotts, and ^rthe 
other3 vnder the name of Tumido an vnknowne Ruffian who should also 25 
Ins[t]ynuate that they had abusd the Chastetie ofyour said subiecte Eiizabeth 
so apparsonated by the name of Ienney & wh/ch said scandalus iybeli and 
verses doe Conteyne also dyverse other like scandalus & iybeluse matters of 
Reproach in dyverse other pattes and passadges theroftendinge to the great 
Reproach scandall and Infamie of the said Elizabeth wh/ch said Infamuse and 30 
scandalus iybells & verses ffollow in hec verba ffooles fortune to the tune of 
A:B:C: Ginny: whenas I slept in fortunes rlapp3: then tender in her fickeli 
eye: beinge kept by her fiom ali myshap from [owe] rwoe3 from shame from 
povertie: Then did my frends come in by flockes the ^rfirstel scarce gonn 
the second knocks: And still they haunte mee frequently stili vowing love & 35 
Constancie: But sith the Castle of my faine: is ranseckte by eternall shame 
Like summer birdes they falsly flie: the winters ofmy messerie, wheras braue 
gallants fi»r me stroue: for euerie daie I had a loue ail winds ^rdid3 then [did] 
blow sutors home: when now thers none will at mee corne which maks mee 

61 accusacons: ./r accusactons; abbre«,iation mark otni.ed 
3 l/ hec: e correctedfvom  

371 summer: 4 miniras in 

CLAVERLEY 1621 27 

lyue thus in destresse: thus pininge in my hevynes & like the turtle makinge 
mone: to liue lamente & lie alone: Enter Iockey: rto the tune of barnaby:l 
Ginney: welcome Iockey to thine owne sweetinge: Iockey: Thankes sweete 
Iinney weell kise at our meetinge: they kise Ginney: howe couldst thou this 
longe for goe mee: & hOt once in a moneth corne to mee: Iockey: it was 
because thou wouldst not loue mee Ginny: Alasse sweet Iockey it was to proue 
thee: Nea from a woman is noe denyilh aske thrise at least to make a triall: 
But sith constant I doe the finde: To thee lle be lovinge to thee Ile be kinde: 
Iie loue thee hot weekly noe ^rnoel nor yearly Ile loue thee daylie Ile loue 
thee deerly: lle loue thee onlie Ile loue thee ever thers nothinge [but nothinge] 
but death shall vs two sever: Iockey: who o o oo vp the Case is altered [is 
altered] now I could not haue a kise the last tyme I was heere vnder a spetiall 
suplycavitt Itts fit[ly] sweet Ginney thou shouldest be righted & [they] ^rthyel 
loue with loue requited lle loue thee lap thee and Imbrace thee kyse thee clip 
thee and vnlace thee But what ist I feele heere ginney Alasse doe not spie it 
it is thine owne picture yfthat thou couldst see it: Iockey: yf thes by thy 
pictures lle none ofthy payntinge: linney: O turne gaine Iockey & keepe 
mee from fayntinge Iockey: Ile turne to thee ginney but alwaies provid thou 
finde another father this knaverie to hide ^rIinny:l Its honor sweet Iockey for 
to bee a father: Iockey. To bee without warshipp I sure had rather: ginney: A 
ffather hath blessings Cap Cursie and knee: lockey: Lett mothers then take 
such honors for mee: Ginney: And doe you refuse your Iinney to marrie: 
Iockey: my backe is to weeke such burthens to carrie why should I take thee 
for to vndoe mee: linnie: whi should you forsake mee havinge done this vnto 
mee: lockey: I did but in lest for wh/ch I am sorrie: Iinnie: It proued in 
earnest as appeares by the storrie: wh/ch yfyou refuse I must tell you the 
lawes ofthe land they shall compell you: Iockey: for now it is gott it must 
haue [(.)] bredinge yfI did finde gettinge then thou finde ffeedinge: Iinie/ 
Thus be they servd that men doe trust: whose words are false & deeds vniust: 
whose flinty harts ^rand 1 Addears eares regard not wofull womens teares what 
should I doe I cannot die: my whings are Clipt ^rI [&] cannot flie & heere 
to liue thus in disgrace its worse then hell or hellish place: well sith they practisse 
knaverie thers knaves abroade as well as they and before Ile be abusd ^rthese 
knaues like knaues shall sure be vsdk The rorars that did doe this wronge: 
will coin from sea befort [it] be longe: & lett my belly be espeied A new 

11 iyue: correctedjçom loue 
41 linney: correctedjçom ginney 
61 Ginny: 4 minims in MS 
171 thy: correctedjçom the 
17/ linney: 4 minim in Ms 
18/ ginney: 4 minima in M 

191 flinnyk 4 minima in MS 
231 why: correctedj%m whi 
251 linnie: 5 minima in MS 
261 muSt: u written over another letter, poublyo 
35/ befort: correctedfrom befor¢ 

28 CLAVERLEY 1621 

knaves trap I wili provid To take these gailants vnder hand: as soone as they 
sett foote on land for sith that lacks proue periured men what foole wouid 
trust his master lohn: Enter [ffurrosso] rffuriosol: Tumido gallents lockey 
there man ^rTo the tune of (blank) ffurioso: (its) marveli shee is so longe 
shee was vsd att becke to flic vnlesse that shee doth corne anon I wili forswere 
her companie: Tumido: why braue Brother whats the matter: that you mutter 
at her hast yf theire were a reson why I am the man that shouid dystaste 
[ffurioso:] you knowe the wench is myne by course rffurioso such courses 
now I must dysdaine I must bee first & you shali staie vntill her tayle bee 
coole againe Tumido: zoones 1 scorne thuse to bee vsd, & will you offer to 
ffrend, shart before fie bee abused [y]our swords [y]our loues and iyves shali 
end: ffurioso: have patience brother & though[t] I bee earnest bente against 
the game lle make a motion reasonably yfthat your furie iike the same wee 
wili cast iotts who shali inioy her no other strife weeli haue about her yfthat 
you drawe the iongeste from mee you shall haue the wench lle goe without 
her: Iock: lle make the cutts: ffurioso: drawe firste brother for aduantadge: 
Tumido: the iongest the iongest lle haue the prise: ffurioso: Nea firste letts 
see what is my fortune: it fortunes that my brother lies: Enter linney: & the 
Counstable & sturdie: Tumido: Thcn ioe shee cornes enough for twentie take 
hcr take her to thy cali: lackey: this once lle stepp before my master lest poore 
lockey paie for ail: linney: hasten Constable they are runninge o faine they 
wouid vs overgoe Constable: One knaue prevents anothers [Cr(.. 3] ^rconing 
I scorne that they shouid serve ^rmee soe to make such hast it doth not boote 
sir: heere I doe arest you both. ffurrioso How now sir knave & at whose 
suite sir to obey wee wouid bee ioath: Constab/e: Att her sute where you haue 
bine suters [(.. 3] ^rlocyl draw toaster draw: ConstMe Nea hould your hands 
& doe not swagger: ffurioso: out you knaves you base promooters knowe 
then gallants from a begger: Constable I am in office & doe knowe dyrectly 
what the law doth saie yfsoe bee rich men doe offende as wdl as poore they 
must obey: Tumido: who is it sir knave that wee offend. Constab/e: Loe hee're 
shee cornes thats your accusor: Turru'do: althoughe that wee for her did send 
wee haue noe (stomacke now to vse her) linney O wouid your stomacks had 
binne soe weake whcn (you attempted) my defame: ffurioso[io]/out thou 

41 (its): now illegibl*; read by Siswn 
61 Tumido: u apparently addtd as correction 
141 strife: • wmten over another letwr, pombly t 
17! Tumk/o: 4minimmm$ 
181 wht: wrinen over anothe, partially erased word 
18! ! in ne),: 4 minims in $ 
191 Tumido: u addedlater 
211 linneF: 4mintmtinMs 
241 whose: written over another word 
30.311 Turnk/o: 4 minirm in  
32/ (stomacl ... her): 60mm ofdamagedtemï 
read by Siuon 
321 linney: 4 minims in m 
331 soc: wr/tten overanother word 
331 (Fou attempted): 40mm ofdamagedtexî. 
read by Si*on 

CLAVERLEY 1621 29 

strumpett basse & shamlesse wee know thee not nor scarce thy naine 
remember sir your former follies vpon the (saine yor wrongd linney ffurioso:) 
Lewd Impudent you lie you lie my (shoulder shapd for noe such carriadge 
Constable these words) sweete sole they will hot serve the law the law it shall 
inforce to aright the wronge (ffurioso: prate hOt knaue lest that wee turne) 5 
thee to a cours: flot dost thou thinke that gentell blod & men that bee most 
brauely borne: will seeme to staine there noble race with things that bee the 
Contries scorne Iinney The tree is knowne (still by ^rhisl) frught strangers 
blush to heere you brage it is a Coblers base Condytion for to giue a maid 
the (bagg) ffurioso: An auntiente slander [toi ^rof 1 the trade to bee a maid is 10 
seldum seene And ofthy nain I nere knew any that could (reach) aleaventeene: 
liney: A maid I was but you inticd mee and attempted my dysg^rrlace 
^rffuriosol Blith pockey queane didst thou hot spice mee the first tyme I [sri.)] 
rsawd thy face fraise mens words they are noe slander sweet Neybour keepe 
them both in hould (I must home) I (burst) in sunder my tormets they are ,5 
manyfold O my back o my bones O my head doth cleaue in twayne I may 
thanke myne owne kynd harte for procuring ail this paine: Constable: looke 
to them ^rSturdiel Iockey: its better for to bee (a foole then to) bee (a rich) 
mans Child for fooles oft tymes they haue ^rgreaO fortunes when the wiser 
are beguild As plainly now it doth apeare by this my luckey lockeys case 20 
wheras the sarvant sings the songe and the toaster beares the basse (harke) 
harke harke, ffurioso: brother sith that wee bee taken & censure most abide 
be it what it will as lovinge frends out costs & Chardges weell Devide: TumMo: 
faire words fond fellowes they may flatter & the (ffolish man beguile but with 
mee) hers noe such marrer I like hot to Devid such spoile the law allowes no 25 

2/ remember: eechpreJçx linney mi,ing 
2/ (samc ... firioso): lOOmra of damaged tewt; read by Sisson 
3-4/ (shoulder ... words): 200mra of damaged tex't; read by Siuon 
51 (ffurioso ... turne ): lOOmra of damaged tex't: read by Siison 
8/ linney: 4 minira, in Ms 
8/ (still by ^hisl): 30rata of damaged tex't: read by Sisson 
10/ (bagg): now illegible; read by Sisson 
i i/ (reach): now i]legible; read by Sisson 
14/ fraise: eechprefioc linney missing 
15 / (! rn ust ho me ) ! (b u rst ): 55mm ofdamaged text; read kit Sisson 
15/ tormets:]brtorments; abbreviation mark missing 
18/ (a foole then to) bec (a rich): 62ramofdamagedtexr; readbySisson 
19/ tymes: irregular blank area. extending 65rara x 40 to 56rata begms bere; no te't missing 
21/ (harke): now d/egible; read by Sisson 
23/ Tunu/o: 4 rainirnj m bts 
24-5/ (ffolish ... mee ): 80mm of damaged text; read by Sisaon 

30 CLAVERLEY 1621 

such particion nor ffathers more then one to bee wherfore sweet sir as you 
did gett it you shall keep it (... ffurioso:) vnlesse that thou will yeald & vow 
to mce to kcepe a part as a parte to thee beiongs I vow to see thy faithlesse 
harte Sturdy: Be quiett gentlemen be quiett helpe master helpe: Tumid0: I 
scome to take (3 part in paine w/th him that would haue ail the sporte remember 
that you did mee wronge: ffurioso: then base false ffrend haue at thy harte 
Eter the Constable Exit Iockey hee creeps Iockey: O the Constable the 
Constable scape now & scape for euer: Constable: Keepe the peace or strike 
them downe Ile haue noe brablinge heere [(.. 3] beleevit yfeither offer once 
^ra blow strike him downe that first shall [quiet] ^rgiue itl whats the mat-ter 
that )'ou brable: Turru'd0: ^rthe marrer isl I wronge sustaine ffurioso: Iudg you 
yf(having sharre) in pleasure hot likwisse sharre in paine hee had his 
parte with mee in pleasure TumM0: so perhaps had many more but you as 
fools doe pr0myse maryadge & are like to paie ^rhereforO [therefore] & I the 
same will witnes with you ^rffuriosol Ile witnes you did what you durst Tumido: 
but second actions naught prevaile but only to destroie the first Enter the 
mydwiffe & doll ber maid with a maultsiue with two Children one ber head 
Constable: heers comes a marron graue & iearned in the art ofLechery Lett 
ber now end ail greife betweene ),ou & sert things streight wh/ch be awrie what 
saie you mother these two gallants kyst a wench & shees with Child now ),ou 
must ludg who ought to keepe it but lett the wench hot bee ^rbOguild: 
Midwyfe: ffirst I would haue ),ou for to binde them to [obeye] ^rabidel the 
[emde] ^rendl I make Tumid0: wee both agree Midwyfe then doll sett downe 
fie fitt them for the wenches sake Heers for you your M/stris token A boie 
wh/ch ),ou cannot dislike And hers for you a bounsinge wench O hould your 
bandes & doe hot strike: ffurioso: Zoones giuest mee a foolish wench take it 
backe vnto the mother: Midug]ë: & why hot you good sir I praie goe I Drincke 
vntoot as well (...) Take it take it & be thankfull & that I may prevent your 
Curses follow mee and I will shew you where that ),ou shall gett your nurses 
Exit Midwytë: Constable'. sturdy: ffurioso: Tumido: Doll Its hapie that poore 
doll is easd of ber load & (other) waie for it is odd I wente to look a needle 
in a load of haye O one Iockey should haue had the wench but sith hee scaped 
in such sorte the tricke is new & yf I finde him Iockey hee shall paie mee 
forte Enter Iockey ^rto the tune ofthe new masque  the pr0verb it proues still 
true for mee (wheras ail doe saie its better) to ^rbe a foole then to bee a rich 

21 (... ffurioso): 90mm of damaged text; 
4,11,13,15,23/ Tumt: 4 minirm in MS 
6/ ffrend: aplarently wrinen over an eramre 
12/ (having sharre): now iiltgible; read by Siuon 
121 sharre2: secondr wrinen over another lettev 

18/ heers: )r heere (?) 
26/ Zoones: Z written over another letter 
28/ (...): 22mm of damaged text 
31/ (other): now illeg'ble; read by Sismn 
35/ (wheras ... better): 77mm ofdamagedtext; 
,ead by Sisoen 

CLAVERLE¥ 1621 31 

mans Child for fooles they haue fortune the wyse are beguild for lockey still 
goes free goes free for Iockey stili goes free wheras noe lesse then a Cuple of 
babes ofIockes owne gettinge ofthe drabes had (fathers) (...) Iockes (...) but 
now (...) gallants proue nurces for mee And Iockey still goes free goes free 
and Iockey still goes free But now sith that the daunger is past & I ara free 
Ile haue another cast sith I haue the (...)ince againe for Iockey still goes free 
goes free for Iockey still goes free Enter the Constable sturdy doll Constabell 
yett not so free as you supose you shall be a ffather in dispite ofyour nose the 
Ch(ild ...)her & find (...) gett it Iockey no no no Constabell But did you 
(not) gett it Iockey. no. Constable. This no: no: no: it will not serve Although 
you deny the Child to deserve the wench (...) her (...) And cann you deny it 
Iockey no no no (Constab/e you deny it Iockey no Howe what will you 
giue me yf^rI doe tell a tricke to defeate her this trike (I can sell coin out with 
your money and down with yor purse Iockey no no no neuer the Childe is 
at nurse and Iockey still goes free goes free & Iockey still goes free Constable 
nea yfyou had hope) heers one will depose shee said you infor^rcd her. her 
creditt to loose its death by the law & hange thou shalt & art thou not guilty 
ofthis (fault confesse confesse Iockey & be hanged & be hanged confesse & 
be hanged ...) ofthis crime shee should h haue confesd it belote this rime the 
daunger is past: Constab/e:. first gett rai release com (coin) I must haue you 
(to) a Iustice of pea(ce) for Iockey not goe free goe free for Iockey 
not goe ffree Iockey (harke) first toaster Constable a worde in your eare nea 
corne further ofthey (ought not) to heare this ail that I saie to him thats in 
bandes one [(...)] rpayrel ofheeles is worth two [peare] rpayre ofhands: 

3/ (fathers): now illegible; read by Sisson 
3-4/ ri..) Iockes (...) but now (...): 175mm oftorn or obcured 
6/ l|e: l written over another letter 
6/ fi..)ince: 180mm of torn or damaged text; Sismn readince a nurce 
9/ Ch(i|d ...)her: 175mm of damaged or torn text: pariy read by 
9/ (...): 80mm of damagedor torn text 
10/ (hot): now il/egqble; read by Sisson 
11/ (...)2: 210mm of darnaged or torn text 
12/ (Constable can): now much obscured" read by Sisson 
12/ Howe: speech prefix Constable missing 
13-16/ (I tan ... hope ): 550mm of damaged or torn tex't; read by Siuon 
18-191 (fau|t ... hanged ...): 325mm of damaged or tom tex't; partly read by 
20/ (coin): now illegible; read by Siuon 
21/ (to): now illegible; read by Sisson 
21/ pea(ce): now illegible; rad . Sison 
22/ (harke): now illegible; read by Sisson 
23/ (ought not ): now illegible: read by Sismn 

32 CLAVERLEY 1621 

Constable: 0 hould the theiffe hees gone hees gon(.) o hould the theiffe hees 
gone And the said Samuell Hill ffrancis Daie Humfry E(.)iottes Edward 
HC)kes (...) Evans Ellinor Smyth rwilliam E( .... )tts (...) (.)hit(.)ore francis 
Hinkes Dan(...) key alias keyme alias kemey R(...)ard Soley Mar(..)rett his 
wyffe 2Iohn G( .... )norThomas Sotherne havinge soe (...)ysed fframed s 
penned and writen the said false scandalus & Infamus lybell plaie interlude 
& verses or Caused the same to bee soe devised penned fframed & (...) 
ffrancis daie (.)umfrie Elliotts Edward Hinkes ^rwilliam Elliottes thomas 
(...)tmoC) ffrancis Hinkes daniell key al/as keyme al/as kemey David EC)ns 
Ellinor Smyth Richard Soley Margarett Soley ^rIohn Grauenore & Thomas t0 
Sotherne assocyattinge vnto them selves one Richard white ofClauerly bla(ck) 
smyth & w(.)lliam har(...) ofthe saine (..3 & dyve^rr se other vnknowne 
persons whose names also your said subiectes humblie praie may be herin 
incerted as they shall hereafier happen to b(.) knowne did in farther execucion 
ofthe said plott and practisse to defame (.)he said Elyzabeth (..3 said most 15 
(...)ly malicy(.)sly & vnlawfully singe sale (.)evu(.)ge & publish the said fa]se 
scandalus & Infamtts lybell and verses in the said Towne ofClaverly & in 
dyuerse other places in the Countie of Salopp and elswhere within your 
(...)line of England or the (...) ofdyverse your maC)sties Subiects and did 
malliciusly & vnlawfully vpon such theire readinge & pub(...)hinge therof 20 
interp(...) & expound the same Infamus & scandulus lybell & verses and 
perticul(...)press that your s(...) subi(...) and intended by the said Ienney & 
the said Edward Hinkes by the said Iockey And not so contented they the 
said Samuell Hill ffrancis Daie William Hardwi(.)ke H(.)mfr(.)e EC)iotts 
(..)ward Hynkes ^r(.)illiam (...) thC)as wh(.)tm(...) ffr(...)is Hinkes (...)Il 2s 
key (...) key(..) alias kemey D(...)d E(...) Ellinor Smyth Richard Soley 
Margarett Soley ^çIohn Grauenor Thomas Sotherne Richard white & the 
said other vnknowne persons did also in farther execucion ofthe said plott 
& practisse wickedly mail(...)ly & vnlawfully (...) the xii th day offAugust 
last beinge the Saboth daie appareil & disgruise the said william HardC)ke 
at Claverly afforesaid in womens appareil bolstered & sett owt in shew and 
sem(...)nce as yf(...) then great with Ch(...)hend also appareil and disguise 
the said Richard white and dyvers others ofthe said Confederats & persons 
vnknowne in seuerall other formes and fashions ofattyer & they beinge ail 
ofthem (...) aparellC) and dysguised (...) said william Hardwicke did then 
& there by the vnlawfull abettmente and procuremente of ail the seid other 

7/ (...): lOOmm of damaged text 
221 pertkul(...)press: 55mm of damaged and obscure tex* 
221 subi(...): 80mm of damaged and obscure te 
32/ Ff (...): 40mm of illeble tem 
321 Ch(...)hend: 60mm of damaged and obwure tem 



Confederats vnlawfully wickedly and mailiciusly plaie r&l acte the parte of 
the seid Ienny and the said R(.)cha(..) (.)hiC) (...) by the vnlawfull abetmente 
and procuremente of the said other Confederats [(...)] vnlawfully and 
Mailiciusly plaie and acte the parte ofthe said lockey and the said other 
Confederats did by the vnlawfi (...) & pr0curemente (..) the said Confederats s 
then & ther aiso acte the other partes ofthe said lybeilus and Infamus plaie 
and verses everie of them most mailiciusly [seinge] rsayeingel and Repeatinge 
the severaii partes ofthe said iybellus plaie (...) the saine (...)yshed & 
expressed as afforesaid in the presence ofa great Number ofyour Maiesties 
subiectes so assembled purposly vpon the ^rsaidl saboth daie to heere the 0 
same at Claverly afforesaid and did also malliciusly vn]awfully and scandaiusC) 
saie repeate and acte the same both at Claverly & at dyverse and ^rseverali 1 
other tymes and places within the said County & elswhere in your Maiesties 
Reaime of England at dyverse & severai! other tymes the s(.)id actors & 
Confederats much reioysinge at the sainge actinge plainge & Repeatinge 15 
therofto the great & Intolerable abuse [&] scandall ^r&l reproach ofyour 
said subiecte [(.)] the said Elizabeth And the said Confederats hOt s(.) 
sattysfied did aiso in farther execucion of the said plott and practisse and to 
the end farther to traduce and scandaliz your said subiects the said Elizabeth 
and the said Iohn Rydge her father did most wickedly malliciusly and z0 
scandallusly devyse penn frame and wright an other false Infamus lybellus 
and sandaluse wrighting(.) in the nature ^f(.) fforme of an Interlude or plaie 
in prose and which said lybellus enterlude or plaie the said Confederats at 
Claverly afforesaid & in dyverse other places in the said Countie and elswhere 
did mailiciusly scandaiiusly and iybellusly repeat plaie & acte in the presence 25 
ofa great multytude ofyour Maiestiessubiects assembled together to heere 
the same in wh/ch said last menc/oned lybellus and Infamus plaie or Interlude 
your said subiecte[(.)] the said Elizabeth was againe apparsonated by [the] 
fone [said] lohn Bett [(.)] beinge then & there Attyr(.)d in womens appareil 
& did then & there plaie & Represent a most Impudente bould a^ruldaciuse 3o 
strumpett & wh/ch hee then & there soe Represented by the said vnlawfull 
abettmente & pr0curemente of the said other Confederats to apparsonatt 
therby your said subiecte Elizabeth and least that the said Malliciouse purpose 
ofthe said Confederats therin myght hOt bee generaiiy conceived & 
vnderstoode by ail the said spectators they the said Confederats did openly 35 
& publicly in the tyme of such theire actinge & repeatinge of the said plaie 
& interlude interprett & expownd them sdves & saie that by the said strumpett 
they did intende & meane Rydges Daughter meaninge your said subiect the 
said Eiizabeth daughter ofyour said subiecte the said Iohn Rydge as afforesaid 

21 ri..): 80mm of illegible tewt 
81 (...): 42mm of illegible text 

81 (...)yshed: 35mm of illegible text 
22/ sandaluse: brscandaluse 

.34 CLAVERLEY 1621 

to the farther great reproach & scandall of your said subiects And wheras 
with in short tyme a(...) notwithstandinge ail the said wicked plotts & 
practisses and the execuc/on ofthe saine as afforsaid your said subiect Elizabeth 
was with the good likinge & consente ofher said ffather most willingly 
Contracted & maried to your said subiect william Pratt And that (...) Daies 
in question for such theire (...) as afforesaid hee the said Edward Hinkes 
Conceavinge a deepe & setled Mallice (...) your said subiectes william Pratt 
& Elizabeth his wyffe partly in execucion ofthe said Mallice & partly to 
prevente such punishmente as they feared would bee inflicted vpon them for 
that wh/ch they had soe acted & donne as afforesaid did by the vnlawfull 
abettmente & procurement ofthe said other Confederats assocyat vnto him 
selle [one] ,,r the said lohn Gravenor of Claverly afforesaid laborer Edward 
Tymyns ofLondon yeoman ffrancis Tymyns ofLondon afforesaid yeoman 
& giuen to vnderstand that your said Subiects the said william Pratt & 
Elizabeth his wiffe/did determinel the ffowerteenth daie of Iuly last past 
in the night tyme ofthe saine daie to passe alonge togeather in your Maiesties 
highe waie leadinge frome Claverlie to (..)e bridge in the said Countye neere 
vnto the Mantion [(or)] ,,r&l dwellinge howse ofthe said Iohn Ridge & 
beinge soe asociated they the said Edward Hinkes Iohn Gravynor Edward 
Tymyns and ffrancis Tymyns did by the vnlawfull abetment & procuremente 
of the said other Confederates most wickedly plott practisse Conspier & agree 
to gether to lie ,,rin waite in the said highe waie where they Conceived your 
said subtes william Pratt & Elizabeth his wyffe then soe intended to passe 
afforesaid & then & there suddenly & at vnawares to laie violente hands 
vpon them & to murther them wh/ch beinge soe vnlawfully [(...)1 Conspired 
plotted Concluded & agreed vpon betweene them they the said Edward 
Hinkes Iohn Gravenor Edward Tymyns & ffrancis Tymyns by the vnlawfull 
abetmente & procurmente ofthe said other Confederats did vppon the said 
ffowerteenth daie of Iuly last past at Claverly afforesaid array and weapon 
them selues with longe pike staues bills swords daggerrs & other weapons 
aswell invasiue as Defensiue & beinge soe armed weaponed & arrayed they 
the said Edward Hinkes Iohn Grauynor Edward Tymyns [(...)] and ffrancis 
Tymyns did in riotuse & vnlawfull mannor secretly lie in waite in the said 
highe waie where they expected the Cominge ofyour said subiects as afforesaid 
to haue supresed & murthered them as afforesaid & then & there soe 
Contynued weaponed & expectinge the Cominge of your said subiects 
[dyucrse (...)] togethcr but your said subiects beinge hapilie deverted vpon 
other occacons not to returne to the said lohn Ridge his howse as they 

51 (...): 183mm ofillegiblt texr 
61 (...): 45mm of illegible tex* 
71 (...): 45mm of illegible tex't 

231 subtes : fbr subiectea;, abbreviation mark missing 
251 I(...)]: 60mm eramre covered by line fillem 
3,81 occacons: ]br occacions; abbreviation mark mismg 

CLAVERLEY 1621 35 

intended & one wiiliam Knowles & Alice prestwood then Cominge Causuaily 
alonge in the waie where the said Consperators soe laie in waite as affores(...) 
And the said Consperators veinly thinkinge & Imagininge that they the said 
william Knowles & Alice Prestwoode had bin your said subiects the said 
william Pratte & Elizabeth his wyffe they the said Edward Hinkes Iohn 
Gravenor Edward Tymyns and ffrancis Tymyns soe weaponed armed & 
prepared as afforesaid did then & there in the nyght tyme Ryottusly & 
vnlawfully assalte the ^rsaidl william Knowles And Alce Prestwood who 
forth w/th fledd from them & with ail possible speed hasted to recover the 
said Towne of Claverly for theire succor & defence vnto wh/ch said Towne 
the said [C(.. 3] ^rconspiratorsl Ryottusly & vnlawfully pursued afier them 
with such furie & rage that dyverse the inhabytta^rnlts of the said Towne 
were Inforced to Ryse out oftheire bedds to saue them from the daunger & 
Myscheefe soe intended against them To the great terror & affrightmente of 
ai! your maiea.ies lovinge subiects dwellinge & inhabitinge therabouts But 
the said Humfrie Elliotts & Edward Hinkes not soe contente in farther 
execucion ofthe said first plott & confederacie & by the vnlawfull abetmente 
& procuremente ofthe rsaid william ElliottesThomas Whitmore ffrancis 
Hinkes Danidl Key al/as Keyme aiias Kemeyl David Evans Ellinor Smyth 
Richard Soley & Margarett his wyffe/Iohn Grauenore & Thomas Sothernel 
& ofthe said other Confederats did faisly wickedly & vnlawfully pretende 
& publish in the moneth ofAugust last past & at dyverse & sundrie other 
tymes sythence at Claverly afforesaid & dyverse other places in the said 
County ofSaiopp & elswhere that hee the said Edward Hinkes was lawfully 
Contracted in Matrimony to the said Elizabeth & hath also vnlawfully & 
Corruptly labored sollicited & suborned the said/william Elliottes Thomas 
whitmore ffrancis Hinkes David Evans Ellinor Smyth Richard Soley [(3] 
Margarett his wyffe ^rlohn Grauener & Thomas Sotherne faisly corruptly 
willfully & vnlawfully lA] and directly Contrarie to theire owne expresse 
knowledges to swere depose & testifie vpon theire Corporall oathes when 
soeuer they shai! bee thervnto legaily Called to testifie as witness(.)s in any 
your Maiesties temporall or ecclesyasticail Cour(.)es Concerninge the said 
supposed Contracte that they were presente & did both heare & see the said 
Edward Hinkes lawfully contracted to your said subiecte Elizabeth & also 
that they haue heard the said Elizabeth often Confesse the saine wheras in 
truth the said Edward Hinkes doth well know that there was [not] ^rneucrl 
any words of contracte nor any words tendinge to any such purpose vsed 
between(.) him & the said Elizabeth And the rather to induce the said David 
Evans Ellinor Smyth Richard Soley & Margarett Soley to contynew & persiste 
in such theire false wicked intended purpose [the] hee the said Edward Hinkes 

81 Alce:/Gr Alice 

36 CLAVERLEY 1621 

[(...)] ^rhathl given to the said David Evans a hatt a doublett a dagger & 
other apare as a reward in that be haire & to the said El|inor Smyth severa|| 
somes of money amountinge to the some of ffiue shilinges as a (..)ward in 
that behalfe & to the said Richard ^rSoleyl & Margarett his wyffe daylie 
Maynteynance & Releiffe together with dyverse other somes of money gifts  
& rewards wh/ch the said Edward Hinkes hath given & promysed to giue 
vnto them wickedly & falsy to witnes & testifie the said Contracte as 
afforesaid I(3 tender Consyderac/on v¢herof & forasmuch as ail & singuler 
the said consperacies confederacies plotts & practisses makinge fframinge 
writtinge dyvulginge & publishinge ofthe said scandalus & (...) Rymes & t0 
lybel|us enterluds & plaies Ryotts seduceinge of faise vdttnesses & ail & 
singuler the said offences & mysdemeanors are directly contrarie to dyvers 
the good & holsom lawes & statuts ofthis your Maiesties Realme of England 
And haue bin ail d(.)n & comitted since your Maiesties |ast most gratius 
generall & ffree pardon And that it would be great incorradgemente to ts 
other offendors ofthis kinde to comitt the like offences yf theis soe great & 
heynous offenders should escape vnpunished Maie it therfore please your 
Mdestie to graunte your highnes most gratious writts ofSubpena to bee 
directed to ye ^rsaidl Humfry Elliottes Edward Hinkes Thomas Sotherne 
Thomas whytmore William FAliotts ffrancis Hinkes Samuell Hill ffrancis 20 
Daie Richard white william Hardwicke Iohn Bett David Evans FAlinor Smyth 
Richard Soley & Margarett his wyffe Edward Tymyns ffrancis Tymyns 
,,r Daniell key a(...) (...)me a(...) (.)emey 1 Iohn Gra(.)enor Comaundinge 
them therby at a certaine daie & vnder a ^rcertainel paine therin to bee 
lymytted personally to bee & appeare belote your Mdestie & your most 25 
honora(...) (..)unsell in your Mestes high Courte ofStarchamber (.)hen & 
there to Aunswere the [per] premysses & to stand to & abid such farther 
order & dereccions there in as to your MMestie & your said counsell shall bee 
thought fitt & your said sub(...)s shall daylie praie for the longe contynuan(.)e 
ofyour Mestes happie Raigne over vs:/ 30 
(signed) Higg(o)ns 

mb [1] (19 November) 

°decima nona die Novembr/s Anno 19 lacobi Regis ° 3s 
(signed) °T Sherker ° 
The ioynt and seuerall answers ofEdward Hincks Samuell Hill and ffrances 
daye defendants to the Bill of Complainte of Iohn Ridge Clerk Will/am Pratt 
and Elizabeth named in the said Bill uiffe ofthe said Pratt complaynantes./ 
The said defendantes and euery of them ail advantage of Exception to the 40 

5/girls: 2 minims in m 

CLAVERLEï 1621 37 

incertaynty and insufflciency ofthe said Bill to them laid, euery ofthem nowe 
and at ail tymes hereafter saved and reserved for fi.tll and derect answere to 
the same Bill say and euery of them sayeth as followeth, And ferst the said 
Edward Hyncks sayeth that he verylie beleveth that the said Bill is exhibited 
against this defendante of mere malice to vex this defendante and to put 5 
hym to causlesse charge and expence to deterr and hinder this defendante 
from prosecutinge his iust cause in the ecdesiasticall Court against the said 
Elizabeth for and vppon a contract of marriadge ruade betweene her and 
this defendante for which this defendante hath heretofore comenced suite in 
the ecclesiasticall Court against her for this defendante hath heard that some 10 
ofthe Complaynantes have said and given out in speaches that if they gott 
this defendante to London they would make this defendante fast enough 
from pursuying vppon the said Contract. But for manifestaca'on ofthe truth 
ofsoe much as concerneth this defendante to answere vnto he this defendante 
denyeth that there was at any tyme any such practize or agreement betweene 15 
Eliots in the Bill named a defendante and this defendante as is by the Bill 
pretended And this defendante doth alsoe deny that euer he moued or 
solicited the said Elizabeth to marry with the said Elliorts But this defendante 
sayeth that itis true that this defendante was heretofore servant in howse to 
the Complaynant Ridge and Xrhilst this defendante was soe servant to the 20 
said Ridge and the said Elizabeth daughter to the said Ridge beinge then 
sing|e and vnmarryed in the same howse shee beinge then as this defendante 
thinketh and hopeth to prove ofthe adge ofseaventeene yeares or thereabouts 
there grewe effecca'on of loue in way of marryage betwene this defendante 
and the said Elizabeth soe as at last a contrect ofmarryage was had and made 2s 
betweene this defendante and the said Elizabeth as this defendante hopeth 
suffîciendy to proue and manifest after wh/ch contract made this defendante 
vnderstandinge of a marryage intended by the Complaynant Ridge tobe had 
betwene the said EIoEabeth and the said Complaynant Pratt this defendante 
did before the marryage of the said Pratt with the said Elizabeth put in his 30 
Caveat in the peculiar Ecdesiasticall Court of Bridgnorth in the County of 
Salopp within the Iurisdicc/on ofwhich peculiar Court the said towne of 
Claverlye is scituatt and afterwardes this defendant procured forth ofthe said 
peculiar Court a Citacion against the said Elizabeth to appeare and answere 
in the said Court for and Concerninge the said Contract wh/ch Citacion as 3s 
this defendante heard was shewed to the said Ridge but the said Elizabeth 
did not appeare therevppon and therefore this defendante procured another 
Citaon against the said Elezabeth forth ofthe same Court to appeare and 
answere there for and Concerninge the said Contract wh/ch Citac/on was 
served vppon her but shee appeared not in person and was therefore by order 40 
ofthat Court excommunicated after wh/ch about Barthor..)mew tyde now 
last past shee appeared in the ecclesiasticall Court ofthe Arches and was there 

38 CLAVERLEY 1621 

as this defendante heard absolued from her excommunicac/on and obteyned 
out ofthe same Court of Arches an inhibition to the said peculiar Court but 
hath not yet ^rhether toi served this defendante with any processe to appeare 
in the said Court of arches vpon the said appeale howbeit this defendante 
ivttendeth to proceed against the said Elizabeth in the ecc|esiastical| Court for 
and concerninge the said Contract as he hopeth is lawfu|l for him to doe and 
hopeth that this honorable Court wil| hOt be p|eased to deeme his beinge 
contracted to the said Elezabeth any offence at al| worthy any examinacion 
or Censure of or in this honorable Court But this defendante denyeth that 
he hath cast any aspersions ofvnchastity or incontinency vppon the said 
Elizabeth or hath given out that shee was or is with Child by this defendante 
or any other nor was this defendante any actor in the play or p|ayes in the 
Bill mencioned nor knoweth who made the same nor doth this defendante 
knowe or beleeve that the same play or p|ayes or any thinge therein was made 
or ment by of or concerning the said Elezabeth or this defendante or by the 
said Pratt or by of or concerninge any other person whome this defendante 
knoweth And this defendante denyeth that he hath given or promised any 
thinge to any person or persons whatsoever to become false witnesses on his 
behalfe in any matter howbeit this defendant/Confessethl that whilst he 
dwelt with the plainant Ridge he this defendante gave an old hatt at on tyme 
and two pence at other tyme to FAenor Smyth a servant then in the same howse 
whoe vsed to drive the piowe and to doe other drudgery and this defendante 
did alsoe give to one other servant then in the same house called davy whome 
as this defendante thinketh the Bill nameth to be David Evans an old cast 
dublet But this defendante ^rdenyeth that he gave any the said things to 
drawe the said David or Elenor to be false witnesses in any matter or for any 
other vnlawfuli cause or Considerac/on And the said Samuel| Hili and 
ffrances Day for themselues respectively say that for these twelue yeares last 
past or more these defendants with others have for the lawfull merryment 
^rand recreacionl of themselves and theire neighbors for the most parte yearly 
in sommer/tyme acted some interlude or play in the presence of inhabitants 
of Claverly and others whoe have bene spectators and auditors and present 
thereat and that the said Samuell/hill hath for the most parte acted the 
parte ofthe Clowne or foole in such playes and interluds And it is true that 
these defendantes Samuell and ffrances accordinge to theire said former vse 
and custome in other former yeares for other playes were aisoe actors in the 
play or enterlude in the Bill ofComplaynt mencioned and did act theire parts 
therein the said Samuell actinge the parte of on Ioculus the foo|e or clowne 
therein and the said ffrancis actinge therin the parte ofone Loueland an 
vsurer and aisoe the parte ofa philosopher but these defendants nor e)rther 

7/ his: written over erasure 3 i/ sommer: 4 rainiras in MS 

CLAVERLEY 1621 39 

ofthem did meane or intend to scandaiize any ofthe plainantes thereby or 
any other nor doe knowe or beleve nor have published that any parte or pattes 
in the same play was or were ruade meant or intended by of or concerninge 
any ofthe Complaynants or by of or concerninge the said defendante Hincks 
But these defendantes say that they first acted the saine play on a Sunday in 
the after noone after Eveninge prayer the plainant Ridge himselfe havinge 
ended Eveninge prayer that day very erly in the afiernoone and soener then 
vsually of purpose that there might be tyme for the actinge of the saine play 
for the recreacion ofthe spectators And the plaintiffes Ridge and Elizabeth 
were present and spectators at the actinge there at both then and at some 
other tymes when the saine was acted in Ciaverly aforesaid and the said Pratt 
was alsoe present at some ofthose tymes ofactinge thereof as these defendants 
vetyly thinke And the said Elizabeth was alsoe present and a spectator atone 
tyme when the saine play was acted by these defendants and theire fellowe 
actors in the Towne of Bobeton But these defendants say that true itis that 
atone ofthe tymes ofactinge the same play one ofthere fellowe actors called 
danyell whose Sirname these defendants knowe hot actinge the parte of one 
cailed Bravado in that play when he should as his parte was bave said Iustics 
mittimus daughter said in steade thereofMaster [Riches] ^rRidgesl daughter 
but for what cause or reason he soe said ail these defendantes say they knowe 
nor doe thinke that the same was soe spoken with any intent to defame or 
scandaiize the said FAizabeth And these defendantes did hot at any tyme act 
the same play or any parte therein at any tyme duringe the tyme of devine 
service nor did any thinge therein with purpose or intent to wrong abuse or 
offend any person or per'son whatsoever And are therefore hopefull that this 
Court will hot be pleased to deeme theire actinge of and in the saine play to 
be any offence worthy the examinaca'on or Censure ofthis Honorable Court 
And ail these defendants say and euery ofthem respectiuely for himselfe sa),th 
as to ail and euery the Conspiracyes confederacyes plotts practizes makinge 
framinge writinge divulginge and publishinge ofscandalous and infamous 
Rymes and Libellous interludes and playes Riotts seducinge of faise witnesses 
offences and misdemeanors in the Bill ofComplaynt [men] menŒEoned and 
therein or thereby Layde to the Charge of these defendants or any of them 
they these defendants and euery ofthem are thereof and ofeuery of them hOt 
guilty in such sort manner and forme as the same are in and by the said bill 
ofComplaynt sett forth and declared ail wh/ch these defendantes and euery 
of them respectiuely doe and will averr and proue as this honorable Court 
shall award and doe humbly pray to be hence dismissed with theire and 
euery of theire Costes and Chardges in this behalfe wrongfully susteyned/./ 
(signed) ffferroux 

7/ended: wr/tten over erarure 25/ pemon2:./Grpersons 


Arcbdeaconry of Hereford Acts of Office 
f [254v]* (12 October) 

no: box 24, vol 90 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery belote Gabriel Wallwin, fa, 
deputy judge of Oliver Lloy o#îcial principal, in the presence of Jams Lawrence, 
notary public 

Nicolaus Mylychap for using the communion cloath of Abdon for a flagge in 
a motrice daunce! 

ff [378v-9] (13 October) 


Proceedings of the court held for Wenlock deanery bfore Gabriel Wallwin, 
deputy judge of Oliver Lloy o#îcial principal, in the presence of Jams Lawrence, 
notary public 
Isacus Evans 
Iohannes Meole 
gardiani ibidem, notanturofficio that the communion cloath was lent to make 
a flagge for a motrice dance. 16 die decembris 1619 in ecclesia de ludlowe 
coram magistro wallweyne deputato &c comparuerunt personab'ter dicti 
gardiani; quos dominus examinavit quoad huiusmodi articulum; ipsi 
responderunt That one Nicholas Mylychap ofthe parishe ^rofSaint Margaretes 
Cleal (as they heard) did borrow the said cloathe, and that one Thomas 
Chellmicke ofAbdon did take the said cloathe out ofthe said churche of 
Abdon profaning the saine by vsing it as a flagg in a morrice dance: vnde 
dominus decrevit dtum Mylychap, et Chdlmicke citandos fore erga proximum 
&c ad informandum animum suum in hac parte, et ad respondendum [&ci 
articulis huiusmodi excessus concernentibus &c!l 


Su: Margaretts 


Nicho/aus Mylychap vt supra 
Thomas Cheimick vt supra 


331 concernentibu, obscured by ink blot 

CLEE ST MARGARET 1619/20 41 



Archieaco.ry of Ludlow Acts of Office 
ff [13v-2]* (18Ja.uary) 

HRO: box 36, vol 136 

Proceedings of the court held for Wenlock deanery bore Gabriel Wallwin, , 
deputy judge of Oliver Lloy official principal, in thepresence of Thomas Duppa 
andJames Lawrence, notaries public 

Isacus Evans 
Iohannes Meole 10 
gardiani ib/dem the communion cloath was lent to make a flagge for a morrice 
dance comparuerunt quos dominus examinavit quoad huiusmodi articulum, 
ipsi responderunt That one Nicholas Millichapp ofthe parrishe of St Margaret 
Clea (as they heatd) did botrowe the said cloathe, and that one Thomas 
Chelmick ofAbdon did take the said cloathe out ofthe church of Abdon 1 
profaning the saine by vsing it as a flagg in a morrice dance: vnde dominus 
decrevit dictos Millichapp et Chelmicke citandos fore erga proximum &c ad 
informandum animum suum in bac parte, et ad respondendum huiusmodï 
excessum concernentibus &c °8 ffebruarij 1619 dominus eos dimisit ad 
promam deteccionem ° 20 

Thomas Chellmicke pro consimili vt supra 
°Quo die comparuit personaliter ctus Chellmicke, obiectoque ei articulo 
&c et interrogatus: de modo huiusmodi excessus oblatoque ei iuramento de 
veritate in hac parte dicenda [et in] ad interrogacionem &c necnon trina 2s 
vice requisitus et iussus per dominum quod subitet huiumodi iuramentum 
pertinaciter tecusavit &c vnde dominus ptonunciauit eum contumacem &c 
et in penam &c decrevit excommunicatum fore/° °8 ffebtuar/j 1619 in ecclesia 
de Ludlowe coram mag/stro Wallwin surtogaro &c comparuit dictus Chelmicke 
quem dominus ad eius peticionem facta prius ride absolvit a sentencia &c 30 
deinde interrogatus in viro iuramenti sui respondet that he had the key of the 
church dore at mr Taskers house yat m/stres Tasker threw it on the boord & 
he tooke them & went to the church & fetched the comunion table carpette 
at the request ofNicholas Millichop as he thinketh I Chelmicke he brought 
it to mr Taskers bouse & threew it on the table & Millichap tooke it thence, 3s 
& he further confessed that it was vsed two dayes in a morrice daunce & that 
[one day] it was carried by Edward Millichop ofthe heath,/and that he, Iohn 
Barrett William Millichop ofthe heath, Walter Millichop of St Margaret 
clee Ioseph Tedstell ofthe clee Nicholas Tudge William amaund of the Clee 
& Iohn Chelmicke./° 


34-401 Che|micke he b*ought ... Che|micke.l°: continuation on f [132] linked to main text . matching iga 

42 CLEE ST MARGARET 1619/20 

Cterur in 

f I6l* 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery before Gabriel Wallwin, Ma, 
deputyjudge of Oliver Lloya offîcial principal, in thepresence of James Lawrence, 
nota_ public 

*Nicholaus Millichapp for vsing the communion cioath of Abdon for a flagg 
in a Morrice dance* *citatus 4 ffebruarij 1619 personaliter per Thomam 
lames 9 ffebruarij predicti preconizato &c et non comparente &c daminus 
pronunciavit eum contumacem &c sed reservavit eius penam in proximum o 
2 d° Martij 1619 apud Ludlowe coram magistro Wallwin surrogato &c 
comparuit dictus Millichap et dominus oneravit eum de fideliter respondendo 
&c deposuit that one [Randle Baylie] Thomas Chelmarshe did fetch the 
Comunion table carpet from the church to the parsons house wherewas then 
the said Millichap the parsons wyfe maid & mother in lawe & the said t 
Millichap tooke it & carried it to the place where the same was vsed for a 
flagge in a morrice daunce, and he saith that Thomas Chelmicke Iohn 
Chelmicke Nicolas Evans Iohn Barrett william Millichap Ioseph Tedstell 
walter semant ofwilliam Knott ofthe Heath & William Amaund did daunce 
& that Edward Millichap did carry the flagge/quam confessionem dominus 2o 
acceptavit et dominus monuit eum ad comparendum apud herefordiam 27 
instant/ Martij vide in 7 sequenti folio/* 


f [134] (8February) 25 

Proceedings of the court beld for Wenlock deanery in The Angel in Ludlow before 
Gabriel Wallwin, Ma, depuy jud«e, in tbepresence of Thomas Crumpe (recording) 
and Thomas Duppa, nomries public 

contra Iohannem Tasker clericum/ 
8 ° ffebruarij anno domini 1619 iuxta &c in camera vocata the hall of stage 
in hospitio vocato the Angell apud Ludlow Coram mag/stro Gabriele Wallwyn 
surrogato &c ^rpresente Thoma duppa 1 comparuit personab'ter dictus Iohannes 
Tasker clericus quem dominus iuramento oneravit de fideliter respondendo 
&c qui sic iuratus et interrogatus in vim iuramenti sui predicti respondit et 
fassus est that on the friday next before whitsonday last past one Nicholas 



161 where: w written overh 
17-22/ lohn Chelmicke ... folio/: continued in lçfi margin and linked to main text by matching sig¢a 
22/ in 7 sequen folio: ie, on f [13v]. tramcr,bed below (p 45) 
371 the friday ... last past: 14May 1619 

[St IV[argarett 
de Abdon 
°citaur in Iovis 
ante Pasche ° 
10 (.) A vacat ° 

de Abdon 
In decanatu de 

de Abdon 
In decanatu de 

In decanat de 

CLEE ST MARGARET 1619/20 43 

Millichap came fo him & desired him that he might have the loane of 
the comunion table carpett, and told him the said Tasker that he had the 
goodwill of ffrancis weaver Isaack Dewe and Edward Millichap, and that he 
the said Tasker answered that ifthe said Millichapp had theire good willes 
therevnto he the said Tasker would not be against it, and that the said 5 
Millichapp the next daï af-ter did fetch the said Comunion table carpett owt 
of his the said Taskers howse w/thout his the said Taskers consent/or privitie 
Quam confessionem dominus acceptavit et monuit dctum Tasker ad denuo 
comparendum coram domino vicario generali in loco Consistoriali Herefordie 
xxvij m° Martij prordmi ad videndum vlteriorem processum fieri in hoc negotio. 10 
27 Martij 1620 in loco Consistoriali &c coram domino vicario generali &c 
comparuit ctus Ta.sker quem dominus monuit ad comparendum coram eo 
in camera sua hodie inter horas 3 et 4 ara postea coram domino vicario generali 
&c inter horas predictas in dus camera &c comparuit dictus Tasker qui 
interrogatus per dominum Iudicantem in viro iuramenti sui alias prestiti 5 
aflîrmavit that he was not told nor did vnderstand ^rnor conceive 1 to what 
purpose the said Millichap would borow the said carpett vntill the said 
carpett had bene vsed for a flagge at the morrice daunce, & that he would 
hOt bave consented to have lent the saine, ifhe had knowne to what vse they 
would have put it o 
per me (signed) Iohannem Tasker 

ff [12v-131" (21 March) 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery before Gabriel Wallwin, ma, 
deputyjudge, in the presence of Jams Lawrence 


[Thomas Chellmarshe vt supra videlicet: for yat he fetche the communion 
table cloathe of Abdon and vsed the saine as a flagg in a motrice dance] 


Thomas Chellmicke for dancing the said morrice dance die dominico 

Iohannes Chellmick pro consimili (blank) 


Nicholas Evans pro consimili (blank) 

29-30m/ lovis ante Pa.sche: 25 Match 1619 

44 CLEE ST MARGARET 1619/20 

Ste M aaret 
°dbn/,io ° 
°dimis'o ° 

S toke 

° dimissio ° 

M ilboroughe 

Ste Margarete 

C'etur in 

lohannes Barret pro consimilil xxj die martij predicti in ecclesia de ludlowe 
coram magistro Wallwayne deputato &c comparuit et dominus iniunxit ei 
ad comparendum coram eo ve| a|io quocunque competent/ludice in |oco 
consistoriali herefordie die lunœe proximo- xxvij riz die Martij instant/s [hora] 
inter horas ix et xj ante merid/em I 

Willimus Mylychap pro consimili °12 Aprilis 1620 apud Ludlowe coram 
magistro lames surrogato &c comparuit dictus Willimus Millychap et 
dominus eum iuramento oneravit de fideb'ter respondendo &c qui sic iuratus 
et interrogatus negavit that he was ever consentinge or privie to the borowinge l0 
of the carpet articulate tamen fassus est that he did daunce in the motrice 
articulate in wh/ch the comunion carpett articu/ate was vsed & a flagge & 
that he vnderstood & knewe yat it was the comunion carpett articulate [before] 
fwhenl he daunced before it in the motrice articulate & not before quam 
confessionem dominus acceptavit quatentLs &c et iniunxit ei penitenciam 15 
iuxta schedu/am &c ° °16 lunij predicti comparuit et certificavit in viro &c ° 

losephus Tedstill pro consimilil xxj Martij predictisimiliter vt in causa contra 


Walterus °Pugh ° Servus willelmi Knot pro consimili Quo die simtliter vt in 
proxima precedenti causa ! °12 Aprilis predicti comparuit &'ctus Pugh &c 
dominus oneravit eum de fideliter respondendo &c qui sic iuratus et interrogatus 
in viro iuramenti sui deposuit that he was hot privie nor consentinge to the 
borowinge ofthe carpett nor ever heard that it should be borowed or brought 25 
to the place [(st)] where the motrice was to be daunced vntill he came to the 
place & sawe it & heard it reported soe to be tamen fassus est that he did 
daunce before it after he knew it to be the comunion carpet quam confessionem 
dominus acceptavit quatenus &c et [domintLs] iniuxit peru'tenciam vt Edwardo 
Millichap o o 

Willimus a Maunde pro consimifi °12 April 162 dominus oneravit eum 
iuramento de fidel/ter respondendo &c qui sic iuratus et interrogatus fassus est 
that he heard talke that a cloth should be borowed at Abdon to be vsed in 

12/ & a flagge:Jbr as a flagge 
14-16/ in the motrice ... in viro &c°: continued in lefi margin and linked to main text by matching sigla 
21 / °Pugh°: added in handof Thoma Crumpe. pmbably on 12 April 
26/ th¢ ! : th written over other letter 
27-30/ he did daunce ... M dliclap°: ¢ontmued in lefi margin and linked to main text by matcling sigla 
29/ iniuxit: Jbr iniunxit; abbreviation mark miuing 
321 162:Jbr 1620 

CLEE ST MARGARET 1619120 45 

°dimissio ° 

the morrice articu/ate & that he daunced the morrice before it & vnderstood 
at the tyme when he soe daunced that it was the comunion table carpett ^r & 
hot beforel quam confessionem dominus acceptavit quatenus &c et iniunxit 
penitenciam iuxta &c ° °vjo die Septembris 1620 comparuit et introduxit 
formam et in viro iuramenti sui certificavit de peractione penitencie vnde 
dimissus ° 

*dimsio o 

St. Margar¢tes 


Edwardus Mylychap did carry the flagge °12 Aprilis 1620 Apud Ludlow 
coram magistro Iames surrogato &c comparuit dictus Edwardus Millichap et 
dominus eum iuramento oneravit de fidel/ter respondendo &c qui sic iuratus t0 
et interrogatus in viro iuramenti sui fassus est that he & divers others did 
agree to daunce a morrice & to borrow a flagge from Ludlowe & coming [did 
by chaunce corne] where the morrice daunce articulate was & [did daunce 
with them &] did beare a cloth (wh/ch was there brought to be vsed for a 
flagge) as a flagge in the saine morrice, & that since the said dauncinge this ts 
deponent hath heard that the said cloth [was the said cloth] was the carpett 
ofthe comunion table ofAbdon & he further deposeth that he was hOt 
consentinge nor privie to the borowing of the said carpet nor knew or had 
heard that it was the said carpet vntill it had bene one day by him vsed tamen 
fassus est that he did beare the said carpet as a flagge two dayes after in the 20 
said morrice daunce quam confessionem dominus accepmvit quatenus et 
monuit eum ad agnoscendum eius cuIpam coram ministro et gardianis &c 
iuxta schedu/am et monuit eum ad extrahendum schedu/am &c et ad 
certificandum  °16 Iunij predicti comparuit et certificavit in viro &c ° 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
f [13ri (27March) 

HRO: box 36, vol 136 

Proceedings of the court held in the consistory of Hereford Cathedral and in the 
official principal's quarters before Oliver Lloy official principal, in the presence 
of Thomas Crumpe 

contra Millichop! 27 Martij 1620 in loco Consistoriali comparuit dictus 
Millichap quem dominus monuit ad comparendum coram eo in camera 
sua hodie inter horas 3 et 4 postea coram domino vicario generali &c in eius 
camera &c inter horas pred/ctas, comparuit d/ctus Millichap qui interrogatus 




11-12/ & divers ... & coming: imerted in ma,gin and linked to main tea't by matching sigla 
15/ this: i wrinen over e 
21-4/ quatenus ...viro &c°: contmued in lefl margin and linked to main text by matching sigla 
21/ et:3'br &c et 



per dominum Iudicantem in vim iuramenti sui fassus est that hel the said 
Nicolas Millichap [&] rtogether withl [Nicolas Evans Iohn Barrett Edward 
Millichap William Millichap Walter the servant of william Thomas] Thomas 
Chelmeck/& lohn Chelmecke ofAbdon, Ioseph Tedstell william a Maund 
Iohn Barret of the parishe of St Margaretes Clee [of the oC)g] Nicholas s 
Evans al/as Tudge ofthe ouerland in the parishe of Munslowe and [Edward 
M illichap &] William Millichap of the parishe of Stoke Milborowe did 
consent that the comunion table carpett ofAbdon should be borowed to be 
vsed for a flagge in a motrice daunce in the parishe of St Margaretes clee, & 
that he the said Nicolas Millichap went & borowed accordingly, but beleeveth 10 
that the said Mr Tasker did not know to what vse the said carpett was soe 
borowed, but saith it was vsed as a flagge in a motrice daunce in the parishe 
of St Margaret Clee on Munday & tewsday in whitson weeke last & that 
he is very sorofull for the said offence, et submisit se &c vnde dominus 
iniunxit ei penitencam pub/icaml iuxta [si schedu/am &c et monuit eum ms 
ad extrahendum °vjo die Septembris 1620 apud ludlowe coram mag/stro 
Wallwin &c comparuit et introduxit formam et in vim iuramenti sui 
certificavit de peractione penitencie vnde dimissus./° 

f [138v] (12A/,,-il) 


Proceedings ofthe court held for Wenlock deanery bCoreJohn James, deputy judge, 
in the presence of Thomas Crumpe, notary public 



Nicho/aus Evans/12 April/s 1620 apud Ludlowe coram mag/stro Iohanne 25 
lames surrogato comparuit et dominus eum iuramento oneravit de fideb'ter 
respondendo qui sic iuratus et interrogatus fassus est that he did daunce the 
motrice articu/ate where the carpett art/cu/ate was vsed as a flagge [et in vim 
iuramenti sui prech'ctiJ and that at the tyme when he soe daunced he vnderstood 
that & was told that the said flagge was fetched from Abdon church & that 30 
it had bene vsed there for the comunion table carpett & not before quam 
confessionem dominus acceptavit quatenus &c et iniuxit penitendam iuxta 
schedu/am &c et monuit eum ad extrahendum schedu/am &c et ad certificandum 
&c °citatus per Evaine apparitorem 5 Maij vkimi ad comparendum in ecclesia 
de ludlowe xxiij ° die Maij precb'cti publice preco trina vice dicto Evaine 35 
et nullo modo comparente dominus pronuntiavit ipsum contumacem 
decimo sexto die lunij predicti comparuit et dominus revocavit decretum 

101 the: wr/tten overthis 
131 Munday ... las't: 17-18 May 1619 
321 iniuxit:.firiniunxit; abbreviation mark missing 

341 Evaine: wr/tten over another word 
351 preco: fbr preconizato (?.) 
351 Evaine: Jr Evans 



di m/s/o 

CLEE ST t,dCARET 1620 


excommunicationis et ad statim introduxit formam et in vim iuramenti sui 
certijçcavit de peractione penitentie vnde dimissus.* 

Iohannes Cheimeckel pro consimili 12 April/ 1620 apud Ludlowe &c 
comparuit &c et dominus eum iuramento oneravit de fideliter respondendo 
&c qui sic iuratus et interrogatus in vim iuramenti sui deposuit that he heard 
before the morrice daunce articu/ate some speece that the comunion carpett 
articu/ate should be [vsed] borowed to be vsed at the said morrice for a flagge 
but gave noe consent thereto tamen fatetur that he did daunce before the 
said carpett in the morrice articu/ate & did before the said dauncinge know 
that dae said cioth did vsually iye on Abdon comunion & had often seene it 
lye there [at] the [tyme ofthe] comunion table quam confessionem dominus 
acceptavit quatenus &c et iniunxit ei penitencam iuxta schedu/am *decimo 
sexto die Iunij prediai introducta forma cum certijçcarijs dimissus* 

f [141" 



Proceedings of tbe court held for Ludlow deanery before John James, deputy 
judge, in the presence of TIoomas Crumpe, notary public 


Iohannes Barret, 12 AprilE 1620 apud Ludlowe coram magistro Iohanne lames 
surrogato &c comparuit dictus Barret quem dominus iuramento oneravit de 
fideliter respondendo qui sic iuratus et interrogatus deposuit that he & others 
had speech ofborrowinge [the] a cloth flore Abdon church to be vsed as a 
flagge in a morrice daunce articulme & that this deponent did his endeavour 
to borowe the saine of Isaake Dewse & ffrauncis weaver ofAbdon & that they 
refused to lend it or to give theire [goe] consentes thereto & bad dais deponent 
to goe to the churchwardens, & he further deposeth that after wardes the said 
cloth was borowed & brought to the place where the morrice articu/ate was 
daunced & that this deponent did daunce ye motrice articu/ate belote the 
said carpett & that he did vnderstand at the tyme when he soe daunced & 
before that the said carpet was vsually laid on the comunion table ofAbdon at 
the tyme of the comunion quam confessionem dominus acceptavit quatenus 
&c et iniunxit penitencam iuxta schedu/am &c °decimo quinto die Iunij 
predicticomparuitet introduxit formam et in vim iuramenti sui certi3çcavit 
de peractione penitentie iuxta &c* 

Iosephus Tedstill/12 Apriiis pred/cti comparuit &c et dominus iuramento 
eum oneravit de fidel/ter respondendo &c qui sic iuratus et interrogatus 

71 speece: jr speeche 
111 comunion: ./rcomunion table 

121 ther:.]brthere on orvpon 


°dimmo ° 

deposuit that he with others did daunce the morrice articu/ate before the 
carpett articu/ate & that he never heard that Abdon comunion table carpett 
shoulde be borowed not ever knew nor head that it was the comunion 
carpett vntill longe since the said dauncinge quam confessionem dominus 
acceptavit quatenus &c et monuit eum ne vlterius &c eumque dimisit &c 

f [17]* 

°Adam Wildinge drummer at a morrice dance ° quesitus 8 April/s 1620 in 
ecclesia de Ludlowe dominus decrevit eum citandum vijs et modis in proya'mum, 
°xxiij ° die Maij 1620 apud ludlowe coram mag/stro Iames &c comparuitdictus 
Wilding et obiecto ei articulo fassus est articulum esse verum et iuramentum 
prestitit that he did not knowe that the cloth carried as a flagg in the morrice 
daunce articulat was the cloth vsed for the ministracion ofthe communion in 
the church ofAbdon articulat: neither was he consenting to the borroweing 
ofthe same cloath quam confessionem dominus accepmv/t et dimisit ipsum 
dimisit cum admonicione ° 

'Villimus Poulter servus lohannis Smith 
the lordes shepperd ° 4 Maij 1620 in ecclesia de Ludlowe comparu/t et dominus 
eum dimisit cum admonicione. 

f [141v]* (3 May) 

Proceedings ofthe court held for Wenlock deanery bCoreJohn James, deputyjudge, 
in the presence of Thomas Duppa, notary public 

Nicholaus Reighnoldeswas ffrier at the morrice daunce at St Margaretes Clee 
citatus &c in 3 diem Maij predicti in ecclesia de Ludlowe coram magistro 
lames artium magistro deputato &c comparuit personaliter cb'ctus [Rog] 
Reighnoldes et obiecto ei articulo fassus est articulum esse verum et submisit 
se correctioni domini Iudicant/s quam confessionem dominus acceptavit et 
iniunxit ei vnum [dec] diem penitent/a/i more et monuit ipsum ad extrahendum 
formam et ad certificandum hoc in loco 23 Maij instantis/°quarto lulij 
preconizatus &c non comparuit &c reservata pena in proximum &c/° decimo 
nono die mensis decembris 1620 in ecclesia de ludlowe coram magistro 
Gabriele Wallwin artium mag/tro deputato &c et continuavit certificarium 


3/ hot:tir nor 
3/ head: for heard 
16-17/ dimisit ipsum dimisit: seconddimisit redundant 

16/ ipsum: 4 minims in s 
38/ &c et: tir &c comparuit et (?.) 

ctE sT MC.ARST 1620 49 

peru'tent/e in proximum deinde dominus wallwin dec4t ipsum excommunicatum 
fore/°16 die Ianuarij 1620 in ecclesia de ludlowe coram mag/stris Wallwin et 
Iames deputatis &c comparuit et domini revocarunt decretum ex errore &c 
et quoad causam principalem dimissus est cure admonicione &c ° 


f [16]* (4 May) 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery before Gabriel Wallwin, M, 
deputy judge, in the presence of James Lawrence, notary public o 
°Iohannes Bottrell for carringe a swoord in morrice daunce betweene morninge 
and eveninge praier die dominico ° Quarto die Maij 1620 coram magistro 
Gabrie/ewallweyne Surrogato &c comparuitpersonalitec apud ludlowe presente 
me Iacobo Lawrence; obiectoqueei articulo fassusest articulum esse verum: 5 
et iuramentum prestitit that he did hot knowe that the cloath carried as a 
flagg in the morrice dance articutat was the cloath vsed for the ministracbn 
ofthe communion in the churche ofAbdon articulat: neither was he consenting 
to the borowing of the saine cloath Quam confessionem dominus acceptav/t 
et inflixit ei vnum diem penitencie iuxta schedulam &c et monuit ad 20 
comparendum in proximo ad certificandum &c/Postea dominus ipsum sub 
admonicione &c dimisit! 


"dimissio ° 

f [17v]* 2s 

°Pdcardus eudlicke the hobbie horse ° 4 ° Maij 1620 comparuit et obiecto 
articulo fassus est &c et simil/ter vt Walterus Millichap habet ad certificandum 
4 Iulij proximol °5 Iulij 1620 preconizatus &c nullo modo comparens &c 
excommunicatus, ° °deinde sedente curia comparuit et introduxit formam et 
in vim iuramenti sui certificavit de peractione penitentie iuxta &c dimissus ° 

°Walterus [eudlicke] Millichapp my lordes vice or sonne ° 4 Maij 1620 in 
ecclesia de Ludlow coram magistro Wallwin comparuit dictus Walterus 
Millichap et obiecto articulo fassus est that he was the lordes foole & did 
daunce in the motrice where the comunion table carpett was vsed as a flagge 
& that he then knew that it was the said carpet at the tyme when he did 
daunce & that Iohn Barrett & the test ofthe morrice dauncers were consentinge 
& did give theire consent to the borowinge thereof quam confessionem 



2-4/ ac ludlowc ¢oram ... admonicione &x°: continued in i main and linked to main text by matching sigla 
211 compar¢ndum: 4 minims in Ms 



dominus acceptavit quatenus &c et iniunxit ei penitenciam iuxta schedu/am 
&c °xvo die lunij precb'cticomparuitet introduxit formam et in vim &c 
certificavit ° 




Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oc« 
ff [77v-8]* (23 November) 

HRO: box 35, vol 132 

Proceedings of the court held for Burford deanery belote Silas Griffithes. sro, 
depu _ty judge of Jams Bailey, vicar general, in the presence of Thomas Duppa, 
nota, public 
Richardus Clea/ 
for plaieinge a stage plaie on the saboth daie Quo die comparuit alias 
personabter apprehensus; obiectoque ei articulo fassus est that he and his 
companie plaied at Cleburie on a munday, and at Neene on a Tuesday, and 
not and not vppon the saboth day at any tyme: vnde prestito iuramento &c 
dominus eum ab officio suo dimisit/ 


d u'nL.,ol 

Thomas Watmoore for plaienge a stage plaie on the Saboth daie, in the 
parrishe ofCleburie Mortimer, and Rocke ex relcacaone Iohannis Bach in 
vim luramenti sui / °viii die ffebruarij 1613 coram domino doctore Griffith 
deputato &c comparuitobiectoqueei articulo &c fassus est esse verum: [(...)] 
et submisit se &c Vnde monitus est quod deinceps &c Et sic dimissusl ° 


Thomas Turner al/as dawson de eadem 
pro consimili/°Citatus in viij diem ffebruanj predicti &c preconizatus &c 
nullo modo comparuit &c °  

lohannes Turner alias dawson de eadem 
pro consimilil °viij die ffebruarj precb'cti Simliter vt supra dimissus cum 
• o O 
admon tcone &c. 

Iohannes ffarmer pro consimili/ 
°Citatus per publicum edictum in viij diem ffebruanj precb'cti &c preconizatus 
&c nullo modo comparuit &c reservata pena in proximum &c/° 

19-201 and not and hot: dittography 
241 relcac/om: ]r relacione 



Hopton Wafers 


Per llimum 



Willimus Norgrove de eadm pro consimilil 
°Quo die Simlliter vt supra dimissus est cum admonicione &c ° 

Humfridus Evans pro consimilil 
°Quo die SimlUter ° 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
f [23]* (23 May) 

HiO: box 36, vol 134 

Proceedings of the court held for BuuCord deanery before Gabriel Wallwin, M, 
depu judge a. «eric 


Wiilimus Pennell de Barnes Landes parochie predicte 
notatur oflïcio for makeinge and singinge a rime as followeth videlicet s 
goodman Blake can knitt a knott hey dirrie sandie, and goodwief Blake can 
crusse a pott that is as fine as can be, William Blake is poore & bare &che 
gaged his sawe for a pott of aie &c Robert Blake can heele a hose &c the 
goodwief Camebridg will hOt parte from the droppinge ofher nose &c 
Ann Biake is as leane as a rake and Margerie Blake can cracke a cake &c 20 
reservata pena in hunc diem/°17 die Iulij predicticomparuit personab'ter 
obiectoque ei articulo &c negavit esse verum. Vnde dominus eum admonuit 
&c et sic dimissus est. ° 

Thomas Pennell eius filius pro consimili Similiter vt supra *17 die Iulij 
predicti Simter vt supra./* 

(blank) Goodward serviens dicti Willimi pro consimili Simib'ter *17 lulij 
predicti Sim,liter vt sup fa. / ° 



Ar«hd«a«onry of Ludlow Acts of 0«« 
f [64v] (18 February) 


HRO: box 36, vol 136 35 

Proceedings of the court held for Stottesdon deanery bqCore Gabriel Wallwin, M, 
deputyjudge of Oliver Lloyd, w, official principal and comissary, in the 
presence of James Lawrence, notary public 

Thomas dailowe rairas ffawconerj for selling of aie tempore divinorum and 
keepeing dancing in his howse citatus &c in vjtum diem decembris preda'cti 



comparuit et obiecto ei art/culo fassus est art/culum esse verum quam confess/onem 
dominus acceptav/t &c postea dominus ex causis ipsum dimisit cum admonicione 


[ didlburie] 



Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Office 
ff [21-1 v]* (23 November) 

HRO: box 35, vol 132 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery bCore Silas Griflïthes, s', deputy 
judge of Iames Baile. L, vicar general 

3 dies penitencie 1 in ecclesia propr/a 1 in ecclesia de Lidbury Northe 1 in 
ecclesia de Ludlow " 
°Iohannes Gardner for plainge of an enterlude vppon the saboth daie ° 
Quo die comparuit personaliter d/c.tus Iohannes Gardener, obiectoque ei 
articulo &c fassus est esse verum, et fassus est vlterius that he withe his 
Companie plaied likewise at lidbury northe vppon a Saboathe daie; Vnde 
dominus iniunxit ei penitenciam &c iuxta formam scheduloe &c et monuit ad 
comparendum in prox/mo ad certificandum &c/dein dominus [eum Iuramento] 
obtulit ei iuramentum de fldel/ter respondendo &c et de detegendo nomina 
spectatorum &c recusavit subire illud Iuramentum Vnde dominus pronunc/av/t 
eum contumacem &c et in penam &c decrev/t excommunicatum fore/ 

3 dies 1 in ecclesia propr/a 1 in ecclesia de Rushbury 1 in ecclesia de Eaton/" 
Iohannes Spraggs pro consimili! 
°Quo die Simliter vt supra/° 

3 dies in ecclesia 1 in ecck-sia de Stanton lacie 
ecclesia de Culmington/" 
Charolus Troit pro consimili / 
°Quo die sim,liter/[vnde] ° 

1 in ecclesia de Bromfield 1 in 

Henricus Weauer pro consimili/ 
°Citatus in hos diem et locum &c excommunicatus/° 

°Thomas hamond pro consimili ° 
xiiij o die decembr/s predicti in ecclesia de Ludlowe coram doctore Griflïthes 
Surrogato &c comparuit, obiectoque ei articulo &c fassus est esse verum: dein 
dominus obtulit ei Iuramentum vt supra &c recusav/t subite &c Vnde dominus" 
pronunciavit eum contumacem &c et in penam &c decrevit excommunicatum 



° dimiuio ° 
he being 
required to 
take his oathe 
touching this 
marrer, said he 
w0uld sware fast 
the booke/ 

°dimiuio ° 

°ffranciscus ap humfrey pro consimi/i ° 
Quo die Simliter vt supra/excommunicatus in recusando subite luramentum 
vt supra/xix n° die Ianuarij predictiSimib'ter vt in actu contra ffostbrooke./°  

°Willimus Barker pro consimili ° 5 
Quo die excommunicatus vt supra excommunicatus in recusando subire 
Iuramentum &c °xixo die Ianuarij predicti Simil/ter vt in actu contra 
ffostbrooke octavo die mensis ffebruarij 1613 iuxta &c in Ecclesia de ludlowe 
coram doctore Griffithes deputato &c comparuit personab'ter cb'ctus Willimus 
Barker et introduxit formam et in vim iuramenti sui certificavit de peractione 10 
penitentie vnde dimissus/° 

°Georgius ffostbrooke pro consimili ° 
Quo die excommunicatusvt supra/°xixo die mensis Ianuarij 1613 iuxta &c 
in Ecclesia parochiali de ludlowe coram venerabili viro magistro Silvano 15 
Griffithes [de] sacre theologie professore deputato &c comparuit personal/ter 
dictus Georgius fforst[C)]brooke et prestito prius iuramento de parendo iuri 
tunc dominus ipsum absoluit et examinatus in viro iurament/sui respondet 
vt in charta vnde dominus super confessione sua iniunxit ei vnum dieim 
penitentie in Ecclesia ibidem more penitentia/i et ad confitendum articulum 2o 
flesgenibus Et ad certificandum in proximo/° viii die ffebruarij predicti 
[comparuit preconizatus &ci °Simib'ter vt supra/° 


* dimiuio o 
°in proximo 
secundo die 


° dimiuio ° 

iohannes dun 
parchie de 
milboroughe was 
aLLso prese«te 
[( ..... ci..)] 

lohannes Wellence pro consimili l 
°Quo die excommunicatus vt supra ° 

Thomas Tegge pro consimili 
°Quo die excommunicatus vt supra/°xixo die Ianuarij predicti Similiter vt supra 
viijo die ffebruarij predicti Similiter vt supra/° 

Nicholaus Tippin pro consimili/ 
°Quo die excommunicatus vt supra / ° 

f [27I 

°lohannes Corser for beinge present at an enterlude in didleburie vppon the 
saboth daie ! ° 
viii die ffebruarij predicti in ecclesia de Ludlow coram doctore Griffithes 
Surrogato &c comparuit cb'ctus lohannes Corser; obiectoque ei articulo &c 
fassus est esse verum: Vnde dimissus est cum admonictone &c 

19/ dieim:]br diem 





Iohannes Nornecott de Corfton 
pro consimili l °viii die ffebruamj predicti (blank) ° 
Iohannes Higgins de eadem 
pro consimilil °Citatus in viii diem ffebruarij predicti &c preconizatus &c 
ex communica tus l ° 


c 1625-40 
Richard Baxter, Reliquioe Baxteriane Wing: B 1370 
pp 1-3" 
We lived in a Country that had but little Preaching at ail: In the Village 
where I was born there was four Readers successively in Six years rime, 
ignorant Men, and two ofthem immoral in their lives; who were ail my 
School masters. In the Village where my Father iived, there was a Reader of 
about Eighty years ofAge that never preached, and had two Churches about 
Twenty toiles distant: His Eye-sight failing him, he said Common-Prayer 
without Book; but for the Reading ofthe Psalms and Chapters, he got a 
Common Thresher and Day-Labourer one year, and a Taylor another year: 
(for the Cierk could hOt read well): And at last he had a Kinsman ofhis own, 
(the excellentest Stage-player in ail the Country, and a good Gamester and 
good Fellow) that got Orders and suppiied one ofhis Places! Afier him another 
younger Kinsman, that could write and read, got Orders: And at the saine 
rime another Neighbour's Son that had been a while at Schooi turn'd Minister, 
and who wouid needs go further than the test, ventur'd to preach (and after 
got a Living in Staffordshire,) and when he had been a Preacher about Twelve 
or Sixteen years, he was fain to give over, it being discovered that his Orders 
were forged by the first ingenious Stage-Piayer. Afier him another Neighbour's 
Son took Orders, when he had been a while an Attorney's Clerk, and a 
common Drunkard, and tipled himselfinto so great Poverty, that he had no 
other way to live: It I was feared that he and more ofthem came by their 
Orders the saine way... 
In the village where I iived the Reader read the Common-Prayer briefly, 
and the test ofthe Day even till dark Night almost, except Eating rime, was 
spent in Dancing under a May-Pole and a great Tree, hOt far from my Father's 
Door: where ail the Town did meet together: And though one of my Father's 
own Tenants was the Piper, he could hOt restrain him, nor break the Sport: 
So that we could hOt read the Scripture in out Family without the great 


disturbance ofthe Taber and Pipe and Noise in the Street ! Many times my 
Mind was inclined tobe among them, and sometimes l broke loose from 
Conscience, and joyned with them; and the more I did it the more I was 
enc/ined to ic But when I heard them call my Father Puritan, it did much to 
cure me and alienate me from them: for I consider'd that my Father's Exercise 
ofReading the Scripture, was better than theirs, and would surely be better 
thought on by ail men at the last; and I considered what it was for that he 
and others were thus derided. When I heard them speak I scornfully ofothers 
as Puritans whom I never knew, I was at first apt to believe ail the Lies and 
Slanders wherewith they loaded them: But when I heard my own Father so 
reproached, and perceived the Drunkards were the forwardest in the reproach, 
I perceived that it was mere Malice: For my Father never scrupled Common- 
Prayer or Ceremonies, nor spake against Bishops, nor ever so much as prayed 
but by a Book or Form, being hOt ever acquainted then with any that did 
otherwise: But only for reading Scripture when the rest were Dancing on the 
Lord's Day, and for praying (by a Form out ofthe end ofthe Common 
Prayer Book) in his House, and for reproving Drunkards and Swearers, and 
for talking sometimes a few words of Scripture and the Lire to corne, he was 
reviled commonly by the name of Puritan, Precisian and Hypocrite: and so 
were the Godly Conformable Ministers that lived any where in the Country 
near us, hot only by our Neighbours, but by the common talk of the Vulgar 
Rabble of ail about us. By this Experience I was fully convinc'd that Godly 
People were the best, and those that despised them and lived in Sin and 
Pleasure, were a malignant unhappy sort of People: and this kept me out 
oftheir Company, except now and then when the Love of Sports and Play 
enticed me. 

Ricbard Baxter, Tbe Divine Appointnent of tbe Lords Day Wing: B1253 
pp 115-17" 3 
4. These Dancings, and Playes, and Wakes and other riotous sports, are a 
strong temptation I also to them that are hOt of the riotous societies, but have 
convictions on their hearts, that they have greater and better things to mind 
Without accusing others, I may say that I know this by bad experience. I 35 
cannot forget, when my Conscience was against their courses, ,and called me 
to better things, how hardly when I was young, 1 passed by the Dancing, and 
the Playing Congregations; and especially when in the Passage I must bear 
their scorn. 
And I was one Year a School-master, and round how hard it was for the 4o 
poor Children, to avoid such snares, even when thcy were sure to be whipt 
the next day for their pleasures. 



5. And those Riots and Piayes are injurious to the pious and sober persons 
who dislike them. For it is they that shall be ruade the Rabbles Scorn, and 
the Drunkards Song; Besides that the noise oft times annoyeth them when 
they should be calmely serving God. And they are hindered from governing 
and instructing their Families, while their Children and Servants are thus 
tempted tobe gone, and their hearts are ail the while in the piaying place. 
Never did a hungry dog more grudge at his restraint from meat, than Children 
and young Servants usually grudge, tobe Catechised, or kept to holy exercises, 
when they hear the pipe, or the noise ofthe iicentious multitude in the Streets. 
I cannot forger, that in my Youth in those iate rimes, when we lost the labours 
ofsome of out Conformable Godly Teachers, for not Reading publickly the 
Book for Sports and Dancing on the I Lords dayes, one of my Fathers own 
Tenants was the Town Piper, hired by the Year (for many Years together) and 
the place ofthe Dancing Assembly was not an hundred yards from out door; 
and we could not on the Lords day, either read a Chapter, or Pray, or sing a 
Psalm, or Catechise or instruct a Servant, but with the noise of the Pipe and 
Taber, and the Whootings in the Street, continually in our Ears; And even 
among a tractable people, we were the common Scorn of ail the Rabble in the 
Streets, and called Puritans, Precisians and Hypocrites, because we rather chose 
but to read the Scriptures, than to do as they did (Though there was no 
favour of any Non-conformity in out Family.) And when the people by the 
Book were ailowed to Play and Dance, out of publick Service-rime, they 
could so hardly break offtheir Sports, that many a rime the Reader was fain 
to stay 611 the Piper and Piayers would give over; And sometimes the Morrice- 
Dancers wouid corne into the Church, in ail their Linnen and Scarfs and 
Antick Dresses, with Morrice-bells jingling at their leggs. And as soon as 
Common Prayer was read, did haste out presently to their Piay again .... 

f [4261" (June) 

HRO: box 39, vol 146 30 

Proceedings of the court held for Wenlock deanery 

Iohannes Philips detectus for vnlawfully rearing and setting a summer Powle 
vpon the ffeast day ofPentecost iast past contrary to the Kings mesties Lawes 
continuata causa in banc diem quo die comparuit idem Thomas Phillips et 
dominus au&ta causa dira/sit &c sine feoda. 


36/ Pentecost: 28 May 1637 37/ Thom-',:Jr lohannes (?.) 

FARLOW 1608 57 






Arddeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
p 35* (13 October) 

ltRo: box 35, vol 130 

Proceedings of the court hem bore James Bailey, ls_D, vicar general, in the presence 
of James Lawrence, notary public 

°Thomas walker informatus per mag/strum Acton Rectorem ibidem that he 
was absent the fowerrlth of September beinge sonday from eveninge prayer 
and prophaninge the saboth day in dauncinge and drinckeinge art ffarlowes 
wake./° (blank) 


°Iudea Matell pro consimili ° xiij die Octobris 1608 coram magistro Iacobo 5 
Bailye legum doctore &c comparuit dicta Iuditha obiectoque ei articulo 
huiusmodi, fassa est eundem esse verum Et interrogata per dominum Iudicantem, 
quoad ceteros delinquentes in hac parte loco et tempore predictis, dicit quod 
Thomas Walker Willelmus Doughtie/de Whethilll Thomas Nicholles de 
ffarelowe, Catherina lones, serua magistri Detton, ^rRobertusl lames de 20 
Whethill, Edwardus Corfielde de whethill, Morrice Iones mr Actons man 
fuerunt tunc et ib/dem presentes, et hoc in vim iuramenti sui &c Vnde dominus 
monuit eam de reformando se in posterum &c Et sic dimissa est 

°Katherina ° ^rlonesl °serva magistri Detton pro consimili ° Quo xiij ri° die 2 
Octobris predicti comparu/t d/cta Katherina, Cui dominus obtulit Iuramentum 
de dicendo veritatem in bac parte super interrogacione &c fatetur delictum 
per se &c et interrogata de interessentibus &c in vim iuramenti &c dicit; 
Willelmum Doughtie; Thomam Doughtie de whethill; et margareta eius 
vxorem, Robertum lames gardianum de Whethill; Thomam walker de eadem; 30 
Thomam Nicholles de ffarelowe, Iuditham Mande; Edwardum Corfielde de 
whethill, [(.)] Thomam Malpas de Clebury mortimer, Thomam Ellcox de 
Stotesden; Annam Angell de ffarelowe; fuisse tunc et ibidem presentes &c 
Vnde monita est posthac &c vt supra &c 

Edwardus Corfeild pro consimilil (blank) 


15/ Matell:JrMantell (?); op !.31 
261 luramentum: u written over other letten, possibly iu 
29/ margareta:îàr margaretam; abbreviation mark missing 

58 FARLOW 1608 


Archdeaconry ofLudlowActs ofOflîce HaO: box 35, vol 142 
f [25]* (8 November) 

Proceedings of the court held before James Bailey, ,.o, vicar general 
Thomas Nicholles de ffarelowe; for[(..)] concealing the disorder, donne and 
committed by drincking dancing, and other misbehavioure; by diuers persons 
[and] on a Sundaie latelie, rempote divinorum Quo die comparuit dictus 
Thomas Nicholles obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi negavit &c Vnde dominus 
monuit eum ad comparendum in loco consistoriali Herefordie; die veneris 
promo ad septimanam coram eo &c. hora canonicarum &c ad recipiendum 
articulos in hac parte &c sub pena iuris &c! Postea prestito iuramento per 
eundem; de fideliter requirendo in hac parte &c monitus est ad exhibendum 
presentacionem in prox/mo &c dein dominus dimisit ipsum cum admonidone 


al/as dim/mo 



ff [33-5]* (8 November) 

Proceed, ngs of the court held bCore James Bailey, tt3, vicar general, in the presence 2o 
of James Lawrence, notary public and deputy registrar 
°Thomas walker informatus per mag/strum Iohannem Acton Rectorem ib/d,m 
that he was absent the fowenh ofSeptember beinge sonday from ev[(.)]ieninge 
prayer and prophaninge the saboth day in Dauncinge and drinckeinge at 2s 
ffarlowes wake ° Quo die comparuit d/ctus Walker; obiectoque ei articulo 
huiusmodi, fassus est eundem esse verum, quoad absenciam ab ecclesia 
vespertinis precibus tempore articulato/cetera negavit &c Vnde habet ad 
comparendum apud Herefordiam prox/mo Consistorio &c. ad recipiendum 
articulos &c. postea fatetur that he did dance the time and place articulat &c. 30 
Vnde habet ad peragendum penitenciam per vnum diem more penitenciali 
&c in ecclesia ibidem &c et ad certificandum in proximo &c 

°Willimus Doughtie pro consimili ° Quo die comparuit cb'ctus WilL'mus 
Doughtie, obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi, negavit &c Vnde habet, ad 
purgandum se in prox/mo &c cure sexta manu &c. facta proclamao'one &c 
postea submisit se &c. et agnovit cuIpam in ea parte, seque eiusdem rite 
penituisse et penitere &c. Vnde dimissus sub admonicione &ci 

°Thomas Nicholles pro consimili, ° Quo die comparuit cb'ctus Nicholles 

1 11 canomcarum: ]rcanonica 

FARLO¢ 1608 59 




Citetur in 



obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi, oblatoque ei iuramento &c de fideb'ter 
respondendo interrogatis per dominum in hac parte, prestitoque. &c fatetur 
that he was present the rime and place articulat: Vnde habet vnum diem 
penitencie more penitenciali &c in ecclesia ibidem et ad certi]ïcandum in 
proya'mo &c/Postea dimissus est cum admonicione I 

°Mauritius Iones servus magistri Acton pro consimili ° 
Quo die comparuitdictus Mauritius Iones; quem dominus iuramento oneravit 
de fidel/ter respondendo Sc. dixit, that Thomas doughtie; w;lliam doughtie; 
Thomas Nicholles, William Mylychap, and Robert Trowe de Aston Botreli; 
Iohn Sharpe; et ab'os in proxima sequenti pagina sequenti annotatos &c; et 
dicit se interfuisse &c but did hot dance. &c Vnde d'vnissus 


°Robertus lames gardianus 
pro consimili* 15 
Quo die comparuit d/crus Robertus lames et dominus ipsum examinavit in 
vim iuramenti sui &c dicit in vim eiusdem sui iuramenti that was both at 
morning and Evening praier, at his one parishe Churche, and did go to 
ffarelowe, to supperbut did hot then dance, nether did anie dauncing at that 
time Vnde dimissus 2o 

*Thomas Doughtie pro consimili* 
Quo die comparuit dictus Thomas doughtie obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi 
fassus est that he present the time and place articulat, &c Vnde habet ad 
peragendum vnum diem penitencie more penitenciali &c in ecclesia ibidem 
&c et ad certi]ïcandum in promo &c. / 
13 decembris predicti preconizatus &c non certi]ïcauit &c 14 Martij 1608 
comparuit et petijt beneficium absolucionis et dominus ipsum absoivit et 
dimisit / 

°Margareta eius vxor pro consimili, ° quesita &c vijs et modis &c in proximum 
&c; citata in 13 diem decembris predicti &c ex certifoeario Sowtherne apparitoris 
&c preconizata &c non comparuit &c Quo die in persona dic mariti sui 
absolvitur et dimittitur 

°Anna Angell de ffarlowe pro consimili ° 
[citata &c] quesita Sc. vijs et modis Sc. Postea dominus dimisit d/ctam 
Annam Angeli sub admonione Sc. I 



111 sequenti pagina sequenti: secondsequenti redundant 
171 was: fit he was 

24/present:rwas pre.s¢nt 
36m/ Fareiowe: in italic avipt 



FARLOW 1608 

°Thomas Hlcox pro consimili ° 
Quo die comparuit dicas Ellcox obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi; fassus est 
that he did plaie the rime and place articulat as ministrell Vnde dominus 
inflixit ei vnum diem penitencie more penitenciali in ecclesia ibidem &c et 
ad certificandum in prox/m0 &c Poætea dimissus est sub admonicione &c 

°Edwardus Corfeild pro consimili ° 
Quo die comparuit dicas Edwardus Corfelde; obiectoque ei articulo 
huiusmodi fassus est that he was there present, but did hOt dance at ail. 
Vnde monitus est imposterum &c Vnde dimissus est &c/ 


Asto n 




(Afier 8 November) 

Proceedings at various sessions arisingjçom Maurice Jones'statement 

William Mylychap, for being at ffarelowes wake as abovesaid, prophaning 
the Sabaoth daie in drincking, dancing, &c quesitus in 13 diem decembris 
precb'cti &c ex certificario apparitoris &c vijs et mocb's in proximum &c °xvijo 
die mensis Ianuarij 1608 iuxta &c in Ecclesia de ludlowe coram domino 
Vicario generali &c comparuit personaliter dics Willelmus et super 
examinatione articuli dominus cure admonition(.) ipsum dimisit/° 

Robertus Trowe pro consimili quesitus in 13 diem decembris predicti &c ex 
certificario apparitoris &c. vijs et mo&'s in proximum &c °xvij ° die Ianuarij 
1608 iuxta &c in Ecclesia de ludlowe coram domino vicario generali &c 
comparuit personaliter dics Robertus Trowe et dominus cum admonicdone 
ipsum dimisit./° 

Ex informatione Mauritij Iones in vim iuramenti sui. 

Iohannes Sharpe pro consimilil 24 die Novembris predicti, comparuit dictus 
Iohannes Sharpe; obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi negav/t &c. Vnde prestito 
iuramento, that he did neither dance nor drincke there dimissus est. &c/ 

Iane (b/ank)Sister in law to mr detton pro consimili xxiiijto die Novembris 
1608 examinata causa per dominum, dimissa est sub admonicdone/&c./ 

Humfridus ffarelowe pro consimili, 24 die Novembris 1608 in ecclesia de 

22/ admonition(. ): edge of sheet eut offi probably admonitione 
30/ Ex... sui: in italic script in leJi maoEin and connected to aiA caes on f [34v] by brace 

FARLOW 1608 61 





Neene Savadge 

Mr Heynams 3 

Ludlowe. coram magistro Iacobo Bailie doctore &c comparuit &'cas ffareley. 
Cui dominus obiecit articulum ipse negavit. Vnde habet ad purgandum se in 
proximo cum 3 manu &c ficta proclamac/one &c/13 die decembris 1608 in 
ecclesia de Ludlow coram domino Vicario generali &c comparuit dictus 
Humfridus ffarelowe; et super vlteriori examinacione cause &c dominus 
dimisit, ipsum sub admonica'one &c 

Edwardus ffarelow pro consimili 24 die Novembris 1608. in ecclesia de 
Ludlowe comparuit dictus ffarelowe obiectoque ei articulo &c negavit 
articulum esse verum Vnde habet ad purgandum se in prox/mo cum 3 manu 
&c f.ta proclamac/one &c 13 die decembris, predicti super vlteriori 
examinaca'one causee &c. monitus est posthac &c. 

Iohannes Salsburie pro consimili 24 die Novembris predicti comparuit 
dictus Salsburie; obiectoque ei articulo huiusmo negavit, Vnde facta 
f/de &c dominus ipsum dimisit. 



ffraunciscus Roe; did fight with Humfrey ffarelowe, tunc et ibidem, quesitus 
in xxiiij diem Novembris predicti &c vijs et modis in proximum &c 18 die 
Ianuarij Anno domini 1608 in ecclesia de Ludlowe coram domino Vicario 20 
generali &c comparuit dictus ffranciscus Roe obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi 
fatetur that he was there the rime aad place articMat, cetera negavit &c Vnde 
habet ad purgandum se in promo cum 3 manu &c facta proclamacione &c/. 
x ° ffebrarij 1608 preconizatus non comparuit 7 Aprilis 1609 comparuit et 
superexaminacione cause dominus inflixit ad confitendum articulum in vsuali 25 
vestitu &c et ad certificandum in proximo &c I 

ex informatione Mauritij Iones in viro iuramenti sui 

Vide superiorem actum. 

Humfridus ffarelow, pro consimili &c (blank) 

Mr. Heynams 3 daughters (blank) 

margeria Heynam 24 die Novembris predicti; comparuit dicta margeria, 



3-6/ in ecdefia de Ludlow ... admonico»e &c: cominued in lefi margn a,M linked to mare text . rmtching ,igda 
12/ caume:.#r cause 
24/ ffebrarij: #r ffebruarij 
28! « ... sui: i, i,di, ,cri», in lefi ,,,,'gi,, and ,o»,,ect«a fo d» fim d, ree ,,,«, o,, f [351 . »,*« 
32/ Vide superiorem aetum: in itaBc script 
34-5m/ Mr Heynams 3 daughters: in italic soqpt 

62 FARLOW1608 / GREET 1606 

obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi negavit eundem esse verum .&c Vnde habet 
ad purgandum se in prox/m0 cum 2 manu &c postea prestito iuramento de 
innocenc/a dimissa est. 

Quo die Robertus lames de Whethill. in vim iuramenti sui aflîrmavit that 
he did here William Doughtie saie, that he wold dance on the Saboath daie 
(excepting Service time) in despite of master Chauncellor./ 




Archdeaconry of Ludtow Acts of Oflîce 
pp 15-17" (30July) 

HRO: box 35, vol 129 

Proceedings of the court hem before James Baile LLD, vicar general 
°Iohn Hall./for dauncing vppon the sabboth day/° Quo die comparuit d/ctus 
Iohannes Hall et fassus est articulum esse verum &c Vnde monitus est &c 

°Edward Hall/pro consimtli ° Quo die sim«b'ter vt supra 


°Iohn Heycockes/pro consim«li/° Quo die simtliter vt 
supra &c/ 

°Charles Tyler/pro consimîli ° Quo die simtliter vt supra 



non solvit 


°George Broley/pro consimli/° Quo die s'mliter 
°Arthure the servaunt of Henry Cooke. 
pro consimîli/° Quo die sim«l/ter vt supra &ci 
°Dauid the servaunt of Richard hall./ 
pro consimtli/° Quo die sim«liter vt supra &ci 
°Iohn Lewes/pro consim«li ° Quo die simiLiter vt supra &ci 
°lames Deykyns/pro consim«li/° Quo die simtliter vt supra &ci  
°Edward Noble/pro consim«li/° excommunicatusl 

GREET 1606 / :OPESAY 1622 
Thomas yop ministrell, he plaied &c/citatus in proximum/citatus per 
pub/icum edictum in 4 Septembris predicti &c excommunicatus 




Arctdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
f [315v]* (26 October) 

HRO: box 38, vol 139 

Proceedings of the court held for Pontesbury deanery before Thomas Colbatch, ,, 
deputyjudge, in the presence of Thomas Laurrence, notary public 
Pdchardus Cowper detectus for plaieng with a taber and pipe in time of divine 
service in the afternoone the xv th day of Maie being sondaie vijs et midis in 
hunc diem vltimo lanuarij predicti simtliter vt in actu contra Beddowe 




20 Novembr/s 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
f 274* (31 October) 

HRO: box 37, vo1138 

Proceedings of the court held for Clun deanery before Gabriel Wallwin, M, 
deputyjudge of Oliver Lloyd, LLD, official principal and commissary, in the 
presence of James Lawrence, notary public and registrar 

contra Charolum Whitall 
detectus for dauncing on the sabaoth day betweene morning and evening 
praier./°Quo die introducta citacione &c. preconizatus &c comparuit 
personaliter obiectoque ei articulo &c fatetur esse verum, vnde habet ad 
peragendum vnum diem penitencie &c et monuit ad comparendum in 
proximo & ad certificandum &c et tunc &c ° 

contra Samuelem wall/pro consimilil °Quo die simzliter ° 

contra Thomam wall iunioreml pro consimilil °Quo die simtliter ° 
contra Thomam Bright pro consimili/ °Quo die simzliter ° 




151 midis: r modis 




contra Edwardum Hamons pro consimili/ °Quo die simliter vt supra ° 

contra lohannem Bridges/pro consimilil °Quo die sim;Liter ° 


Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Office 
f [53] (30July) 

HRO: box 38, vol 140 

Proceedings of the court held for Stottesdon deanery bore William Skinner, 
vicar general, in the presence of Richard Brasier, notary public and registrar 
Ricardus Hardinge detectus for sellinge of aie commonly vpon ye saboth day 
in ye time of diuine prayer and ye last sunday beinge ye 5 day ofIuly had 
dauncinge and reuelinge at his house ail Eueninge praier tyme. °nono 
Septembris 1635 introducta citac/one personal/ter executa per Powell 15 die 
Augusti vltimi infra parochiam predictam preconizato trina vice dicto hardinge 
et nullo modo comparente dominus pronunciavit eum contumacem et in 
penam excommunicationis 22 ° die mensis Octobris 1635 in ecclesia pachiali 
de Ludlowe corarn Erasmo Powell artium magistro deputato &c comparuit 
personab'ter dictus Hardinge et dominus ad eius petio'onem eum absolvit a 
sentencia excommunicacionis prestito prius iuramento de parendo iuri &c 
deinde examinata causa eum d'vnisit cum admonicione ° 







Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Office 
f [88v] (1 September) 

HRO: box 36, vol 135 30 

Proceedings of the court hem bore Gabriel Waawin, , d«puy judg« 

Evanus Yates for piaieinge vpon the saboath daie at Lite Weniocke citatus 
&c in xij diem Novembris predcti preconizatus &c comparuitpersonaliter 
dictus Yates et obiecto ei articulo vnde dominus iniunxit ei ad confltendum 
articulum coram ministro et gardianis de Wenlocke parva die dominico 
proximo immediate post preces flnitas Et ad certificandum in proximoprim(.) 
die mensis decembris 1618 apud ludlowe coram magistro Gabriele Wallwin 
artium mag/tro deputato &c comparuitpersonab'ter Iohannes [Yates] hochkis 

23-41 &c deinde ... admonicione°: cominuedin margin 

et introduxit formam et in vim iuramenti sui certificavit dictum Yates 
peregisse penitentiam iuxta formam &c vnde dimissus 


Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oflïc¢ 
f [102] (lONovember) 

HRO: box 36, vol 135 5 


Maria Blakeway fllia Rogeri Blakeway de eadem detecra that shee the xxij day 
of August 1619 being sunday together with others did manteigne a minstrell 
to play with taber and pipe in the howse ofone Edward harding aie seller/ 
betweene morning and Evening praier she with others there dancing before 
Evening praier 10 die Novembris 1619 in ecclesia de ludlowe coram mag/stro 
Wallwine depumto &c comparuit personab'ter obiectoque ei articulo &c fassa 
est esse verum &c vnde habet ad peragendum 3 dies penitencie iuxta schedulam 
&c et ad comparendum in proximo &c 1 viz. die decembris proximi hoc in 
loco ad certificandum &c/°primo die decembris predicti preconizata trina 
vice et nullo modo comparente neque de peractione penitentie certiflcante 
dominus pronuntiavit ipsam contumacem et in penam excommunicationis 
per magistrum Iames xixo die Ianuarij 1619 iuxta &c apud Ludlowe coram 
magistro Iohanne Iames artium magLtro deputato &c comparuit Iohannes 
hochkis ad cuius petic2onem dominus ipsam absolvit a sententia 
excommunicationis in dus persona &c et [int] dominus intersicit decretum 
vt dicta Maria agnoscat detectum suum coram ministro et gardianis ibidem 
aliquo die dominico Et ad certOçcandum in proximo secundo die Martij prech'cti 
&c ad idem in proximum xxjo die Martij predicti introducto certificario 
dimissa ° 

vide retroacta 

Edwardus harding vt supra 10 die Novembris predicti comparuit dictus 
Edwardus Harding 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oflïc¢ 
f [49v]* (before 19 F«bruary) 

HRO: box 37, vol 143 


contra Iannam Chilton/for keepinge drinkinge & dauncinge in her house 
at tyme ofeveninge prayer the xvth ofAprill beynge the sabaoth day quesita 
&c in hos diem et locum preconizata &c non comparuitvijs et modis in 
proximum citata per pub/icum edictum 19 ffebruarij 1621 preconizata et 
non comparuit &c excommunicata 



221 intersicit: jr interserit (?) 231 detectum: jr defectum (;) 



Archd«aconry of Ludlow Act. of Oîc« 
f [419v] (9 November) 

HRO: box 39, vol 146 

Proceedings of the court held before William Skinner, LLD, vicar general and 
official principal of the bishop of Hereford 

lohannes Binner minstrell detectus for not coming to morning prayer on 
Sunday the 8 t day ofMay, alsoe beinge absent both from morning and 
evening prayer vpon Ascention day being vpon both the said dayes tabouring 
and playing in the towne aforesaid./ 



Bill of Complaint and Interrogatory in Lloyd  ap Edward 
PRO: STAC 8/205/21 
sheet [35]* (9 November) (Bill of complaint) 
...since wh/ch time they the sayd lohn ap Edward ap Richard and the residue 
ofthe said conspirators [(.)] or some ofthem have ruade and contrived 
divers faulse and slanderous libells against your said subiectes his wiffe and 
children wh/ch they have put in verse or rime and caused them to be songe 
wh/ch your said subiect cannot as yett gett a sight or Coppie ofintendinge 
as much as in them lieth to Defame slander and take awaie your said subiectes 
good naine... 




sheet l'31 ] * (20 November) (lnterrogatories to be administered to dqCendants) o 
Item whether did the said Richard Edwardes or you devise and make any 
welshe or English slanderous libells or Rimes ofthe complaynant, his wiffe 
and children or not, and whether did the said Richard ^rEdwardesl make any 
slanderous libelles or wdlch songes ofone Catthering Verch David ap Howell ss 
ap lenkin neighbours to the compktynant, what was the effecte ofthe same 
libelles Rimes and songes and when where and in what company did you 
heare the said Richard Edwardes publish and pronounce the said libelles and 
Rimes, and whether is he not a comon libeller or maker of songes and Rimes 
and against what other persons haue you knowne him to make libelles and 40 

10/ Ascention day: 26May 1636 36/ neighbours:]brneighbour (?) 

LLANSZLZN 1612 67 

songes and what weare the same libells and songes, and did he or you publish 
any libelles ofany noble man or woman declare it and whether are not theD,] 
said lohn ap Edward and Richard Edwardes common coseners and deceivers 
ofthe kinges mw'esties subiecteswith false dice, what persons haue they or 
either ofso Cosened and deceived wheire att what gamne, wherein, att what 
place, and whether are they common Defamers of Ladies gentlewomen and 
others, whom have they soe defamed, wherein and vppon what occasion, and 
by whose pr0curement, declare what you knowe or have credebly heard to be 
true herein 


sheets [17-18]* (Welsh verses attached to bill of complaint) 

Gwryndewch gwynfan dyn anapis 
owraydd calon y difaris 
sydd heb fedrv mor ymendio 
nes i grist rhoi dial arno 


2 nid ympeched i fy hvnan 
sidd yn fe[d] rbin me ir owan 
ond yn siwr mai holl pechode 
ar awneth fi dad ara teidie 



och ne nethim ddrwg vn amser 
ir sawl sydd mewn gormod trimder 
ag in wythe yneb a sklawndred 
ddim o ddiwrth i beie agodod 

Coiliwch y gwir heb i dd[i]owtio 
nedwch yr fall gael ych dwyllo 
gresnit ywr gam yr parlie 
os manegir hin o chwedle 



gwe fl ddvw er iodd y geni 
gwae na beswn gwedi gladdv 
Gwae fi genedl sydd dosdvrvs 
fod y carwr mor anapys 


51 of: forof them 21/ owan: forowran (?) 


LLAN$1LI N 1612 

Gwae fi consienc i fi trwblio 
gwae fi or wlad y maged ynddo 
guae y ddiaren fod vn kristion 
yn dwyn tinged mor anraslon 

Can gwae fi holl ddiddie fi ennioes 
pen fawn i mi neithim achos 
yn rhoi kyscod i finegv 
kelwydd dibryd foi gwyr Iesv 

gwae ir eneidie y sawl ai cododd 
gwae heb pwyll ai kimerodd 
a gwae llawer sydd mewn trimder 
otan achos hin o sklawnder 

10 dioddefaswn fi llebyddio 
ag y ddarne man fi mrivo 
er na biase sklawnder crevlon 
yn rhyngv bodd fi gasion 

11 Onest wir agwragedd diviol 
y sawl sy yn arwain meddwl grasol 
na rhowch glvst y wrando anwiredd 
o flaen dvw mae hyni yn fiedd 

12 kyfion frenin y gwirionedd 
addial yn drwn yn y diwedd 
gwiliwch hawir lywenichv 
mae yn ddrwg gormod yw fi/negv 

ffinis ych kar kwnfannys ai kant 





9 y Sawl ar E'nfentiodd hyn o Chwedle 
fell perylws i bo yn diodde 
ar sawl sydd ai bryd yw maentunio 
yn dan gwillt fel Crowsu or Elo 

2/ y maged:]ry'm maged 

LLANSZLZtq 1612 69 




sheet [19]* (English verses attached to bill of complaint) 

Heare lise Intombed wormes meate 
Litle Robin while he lived the greate 
Neither Robin Red brest nor Robin hood 
But Robin that was borne never to doe good 
But now I thinke we have earthed the fox 
who stunke while he lived and died ofthe pox 

The Bible is a bable 
the lord Chamberlen is a foole 
The ould Queene a bastard 
the Lord Treasurer a long toole 

sheet [21 ]* (Welsh verses attached to bill of complaint) 

Gwrandewch arna (i) yn canmol maeden 
yn (i) fwrch mae hi yn llathen 

Gwrandewch arna (i) yn mynegv 
part (o) hanes mawr (i) brynti 
gwedi powlio hi haelie yn gwtta 
ni gawn adlodd erbyn gala 

Ar (i) mam hih aeth yn feistres 
hithe (a) yr hono iw lloches 
bi a byriododd O r) dorth fara 
nvs ddvw a baid byth (ai) bwvta 

myna ithi [gyr] grys or caniog tewglyd 
I roi ara (i) chorfvn krachlyd 
a chrwn nad[d]rodd ar ^r(i) dwvfron 
yno bydd (r) hwch yn wych ddi [o]gon 

myna iddi own (o) groen hen gefi/l 
gwedi tori hwnco yn gynyl 
ag (a) chab (o) risglyn derw 
yno (i) byth yr hwch yn hoiw 

Myna slymedg (o) groen draenog 
lw roi yn feind ar frest y wilog 
Rag ofn ir hwch wrth fwvtta 
ddwyno [g] yr gown a gostiodd fowrdda 








70 LLANSILIN 1612 / LLANYBLODWELL c 1615-25 


Iscryffin [(..)] in cribin haiarn 
Pigforch anferth ydiw (r) widdan 
af (y) ddiowlddes wraig ymladdog 
dyna (i) chwi gynedde yr wilog 

The rimes agaynst Cattrin verch Dauid 

sheet [22]* 

Kadi hir or ty yn y Koed 
y fferch af toed goletbai 
Hir (i) sowdl bras (i) bram 
hi (a) gyr (i) man pen myno 


c 1615-25 
GHevances against the Court in the Marches 
South Glamorgan County Library (Cardiff): Ms 3.25 
pp 166-9" 




... Peter Brereton bering a malice to one lohn Gryffyth an auntient gent/eman 
by descent havinge a seate or kneelinge place in the Chaunsell ofhis parish 
church, the sayd Brereton (faylinge by vnsemely words to provocke the sayd 
Gryffyth to replies vnto hym any worde, or to say or doe any thinge to the 25 
sayd Brereton  in the church wheareby hee might haue advantage against 
hym) came one a certayne Saboth Day from his owne ministers seate to the 
seate ofthe sayd Iohn Gryffyth & there read service & the next Saboth day 
folowinge the sayd Iohn Gryffyth and Davyd Ianes his sune came to there 
aforesayd seate in the sayd Church and the service booke & the surpiisses 30 
being sett of purpose by the sayd Breretons directiones eyther vppon the sayd 
bench or seate of the sayd lohn Gryffyth or downe by the seate vppon the 
russhes & dyd ley downe by the seate when the sayd Iohn Gryffyth & his 
svnne came to there sayd seates in the sayd church: And hearevppon the sayd 
Peeter dyd cause an Informatione to be drawen in the naine ofa relator against 3s 
the sayd lohn Gryffyth & Davyd his sonne for boulinge pipinge and dansinge 
vppon the saboth Day, & walkinge in the church vppon the saboth Day at 
service tyme & for castinge downe the booke & surplusses from the seate &c. 
& the sayd Iohn and davyd pleaded not quylty & by the testimony of 21. 
Indifferent wittlnesses of the parishioners cleered themselfi's of the offences 40 

! 1/ toed:]rtroed 
251 replies:tir replie 

381 tyme: 4 minims in Ms 
39/ quylty: )r guylty 


layd to there charge & the sayd Brereton likewise havinge examined aboutes 
.21. wittnesses missed to prove any ofthe sayd offences layd to the sayd Iohn 
& Davyds charge by any Indifferent persone thereof, savinge only the sayd 
Breretons sonne, his sisters sonne, his sexton, and an other fellow dyd prove 
that the sayd Brereton should aske publickly who had cast downe the sayd s 
booke and surplusses, and that the sayd Iohn Gryffyth should aunswere & 
say whosoever dyd cast them, if they were vncast they should be cast againe 
& I will bere hym out: and the sayd Iohn & davyd beinge examined vppon 
Interrogataries denied that they dyd cast downe the booke & surplusses & 
nonne ofthe sayd parishioners could prove that the sayd lohn or Davyd had 0 
cast downe the sayd booke and surplusses or spoke any such words as were 
probed by the sayd 4. wittnesses 36: ofthe sayd parishioners beinge examined 
betweene them one both sydes./I And at the hearinge ofthe sayd case when 
the matter was called to be harde, This is the matter I looke for: And vpon 
the aforesayd proofs the sayd Councell convinced the sayd Iohn Gryff'yth & 5 
his sonne for the sayd misdemenors & fined the sayd Iohn Gryffh in 100. li. 
and the sayd davyd in .40. ii. & .20. nobles Costs noe proofe at ail beinge that 
the sayd Iohn or Davyd had caste downe the sayd booke or surplusses but that 
the sayd Iohn should speke the aforesayd words & the sayd Iohn remayned in 
prisone for the sayd f[(.)]ine And the sayd Iohn out ofthe prisone throwe the 20 
Iron grate spoke to Iustice Whitlocke & desired hym to bee good vnto hym 
the sayd Iohn & to haue commisseratione ofhis long imprisonmet; who sayd 
vnto him, sell your landeswhearvppon the sayd Iohn replied & sayd: I haue 
noe landes ytt is taken from mee then the Iustice sayd you haue a revertione./ 



Arrbdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of OOïce 
ff [172-2v]* (2June) 

qao: box 38, vol 140 


221 imprisonmet:.rimprisonment; abbreviation mark missing 

Proceedings of the court held for Wenlock deanery before Erasmus Powel in the 
presence of Thomas Duppa, notary public 
contra Willimum Cleevely detectum for dauncing contrarie to the kinges 55 
Maiesties prohibicion on the saboath dayes betwixt morning aride evening 
prayer. Quo die comparuit cui obiect0 articulo &c fassus est articulum esse 
verum &c quam confessionem dominus acceptavit &c et iniunxit ei ad 
confitendum articulum in ecclesia predicta tempore divinorum matutin0rum 
^r&cl [verum] et [&c] monuit &c ad certcandum &c in proximo certcario 40 
ministri &c °28° die octobris 1635 quo die vt supra ° 

72 LOqG STAIqTOIq 1635 

conlintur in 
auditu domini 



°dim,o ° 

lohannes Simons uvus Ricardî Dike detectus pro consimili quo die comparu/t 
&c et fassus est &c cui dominus iniunxit vt in actu contra Willimum Cleevdy 
&c "2 ° die mensh Octobr/s 1635 coram domino Thoma Colbatch surrogato 
&c preconizato dicto Situons &c comparuit sed non certificavit peractionem 
penitencioe ei al/as iniunctae iuxta &c vnde dominus pronunciavit eum 
contumacem &c et in poenam excommunicacionis &c ° °28o octobris 1635 
excommunicatus in non certificando ° 

contra Rogerum duddall rvum Mauricij ffewterell detectum pro consimili 
Quo die simlb'ter vt supra contra Cleevely et dike et dominus simliter iniunxit 
in Ecclesia de Holdgate &c °20 die mensh Octobris 1635 coram domino 
Colbatch prech'cto comparuit dictus duddall sed non certificavit &c vnde 
dominus pronunciavit &c et in poenam excommunicacionisl deinde renovato 
tdecreto &c ° 

Anna Gefferes famula Willelmj Cox detecta pro consimiliQuo die simliterl 
°2 ° die mens/s Octobrh 1635 coram domino Thoma Colbatch surrogato &c 
comparuit dicta Iefferies sed non certificavit &c iuxta &c vnde dominus 
pronunciavit &c et in poenam excommunicacionis deinde renovato decreto ° 

Anna Gittins serva mr Thomas detecta pro consimiliQuo die simliterl 
°2 ° die mens/s Octobr/s 1635 comparuit sed non certificavit &c vnde 
excommunicata vt supra dominus decrevit ad confitendum &c coram 
Ministro et gard/anh et ad certificandum &c in proximo ° I 

Iana Wooffe Fil/a Pdcardi wooffe detecm pro consimili Quo die simtliter 
°2 ° die mensh Octobrh 1635 coram domino Thoma Colbatch surrogato &c 
comparuit sed non certificavit peractionem penitencoe &c iuxta Iudicialem 
monicionem et iniunc2onem &c vnde dominus pronunciavit &c et in poenam 
excommunicacionis renovato decreto &c ° °quo die in proximo ° 

Anna Smith detecta pro consimili 17 die Maij 1635 personab'ter citara infra 
parochiam predictam per Meole &c prout rfideml &c Quo die preconizata 
et non comparente excommunicata &c °22 ° die Octobris 1635 absoluta est 
in persona Iohannis Meole per magistrum Colbach et dominus examinata 
causa eam dimisit cure admonicione ° 

contra Willimum °Carpenrterl ° the piper detectus pro consimili. Quo die 
preconizatus &c et non comparuà&c vnde vijs et mod/s in proximum &c 







23-4/ ad confitendum ... proimo: coutinued iu le/i margiu 
38/ °Carpenr ter1 ": naine apparently added by fburth regtrar in ace lefi by firw 

LONG STANTON 1635--6 / LUDLOW 1284 73 

°nono die Septembris 1635 introducto decreto vijs et modis personaliter 
executo 23 die Augusti viffmi infra parochiam de didleburie wr Meele (prout 
ipse ridera fecit) preconizatus &c et non comparuit excommunicatus per 
dominum vicarium generalem* 

f [173v]* 


Iohannes Harley detectus per vicarium ibidem for vseinge vnreverent speeches 
against the minister saieinge that he would exercise that manner ofdancinge 0 
accordinge as it is commonlie vsed to the despite ofthe said minister nono 
die mens/ Septembris 1635 coram Thoma Coibach artium mag/stro deputato 
&c comparuit personaliter dtus harley et obiecto ei articuio fassus est 
articulum esse verum quam confessionem dominus acceptavit quatenus &c 
et initmxit ei ad reconsiliandum ministro ibidem et ad certificandum in t» 
proximo 21 ° die Octobris 1635 introducta forma cum certiJïcario dimissus 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oce 
f [440]* (9 November) 

VIRO: box 39, vol 146 


Proceedings of the court hem belote William Skinner, LLo, vicar general and 
offîcial principal of the bishop of Hereford 
Wiilimus Carpender detectus for playinge on his pipe and taber on the lords 
daye betwixt morning and Eveninge prayer, contrarie to the kings Maiesties 
prohibicion and alsoe absentinge himseife from church in time ofcatechisinge. 
°25 Iunij 1637 quoesitus per Meole ibidem &c 5 Iui o" 1637 vijs et mod/s in 30 
proximum. 26 Julij predicti continuatur in proximum* 


Palmers' Guild Ordinances r,to: C 47/45/392 
mb 1" 
... Si vero masculus quisquam voluerit vt est moris eiusdem defuncti vel 



LUDLOW 1284--1523 
defuncte nocturnis vigiliis inttresse hoc fieri permittatur, dum tamen (...) 
nec monstra larvarum inducere, nec corp0ris vel faine sue ludibria nec 
ludos alios inhonestos, presumat aliqualiterartemptare... 

Palmers" Guild Stewards'Accounts sRo: LB 5/3/28 
mb 8 (29 September-28 September) (Expenses) 
Et in stipendium Symonis Harper existent/s cum Gilda in eodem festo ij s. ri d. 


Bailis'and Chamberlains'Aeeaunt sRo: LB 8/1/14 
f [16v] (October/November-October/November) (E:cpenses ofJohn Sparchford 
and Henry Colewalle, baili) 


Item for too gownes paied to Iohn Adames for e waytes 

Item paied to e kinges Mynstrell 
Item for wyn to le saine Mynstreli 

vj s. viii d. 20 
iiij d. 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sao: LB 811122 
f [ 19] * (October/November- October/November) (Expenses of Walter Rogers, 
igh bailif# 

Item gave vnto le kynges mynstres 

vj s. viij d. 


f [31 ]* (Allowancesfor Richard Vaughan, common sergeant) 
Ioem Iohn luter 
Wilb'arn baker rnynstrel 

vj s. viii d. 


101 eodart festo: Pemecost. 28 May 1447 
181 (...): upper inner corner of booklet damaged 

LUDLOW 1528--34 75 

Bailiffs" and C[amberlains'Accounts SRO: LB 8/1/25 
f [16]* (October/November-October/November) (Costs ofJohn Cother and Rager 
Ferne, baili) 

Item paid for a gowne clothe to Morris piper ayenst cristenmas 

vij s. 

Item gave yn Reward To Mr Talbottes Mynstrelles & sir Edward 
a crofoes Mynstrels/sir Thomas a cornewall & Mr Newportes 
Mynstrelles at Mr Rogers tavarne 

xijd. I0 

Item in a Rewarde to the kyng¢s mynstrell¢s 

vj s. viii d. ls 

Bailiffs" and Chamberlains" Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/26 
f [lv] (/November-31 October) (Expenses ofWalter Rogers and John Bradshaw, 20 

Item spend on my lady princes players 
Item gave them in reward 
Item spend on le kynges mynstres in wyn & perys 
Item to le kynges mynstreiles 

xij d. 
iii s. iiij d. 
iij s. iiij d. 
vj s. viij d. 


Bailis'and C[amberlains'Accounts SRO: LB 8/1/29 
f [ll (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofWilliam Langford and John Lane, 
Item gave e kyynges Mynstrelles vj s. viii d. 
Item paid ffor j pottell ofMallsey ffor them vj d. 

¢ [21 
Item spend on e kynges mynstrelles 

xxii d. 





LUDLOW 1533--40 
Palmers" Guild Stewards" Accounts szo: LB 5/3/31 
mb 5 (30 November-29 November) (Expemes) 
... Et solutum Edward perkins histrionum pro labore suo ij s. vj d. & in Regardo 
dicto perkyns iiij d./... 

Bailiffs' and Ctmmlerlains'Accounts sao: LB 811131 
f [1] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofJohn Taylor and William Phelips, 
Item paid to le kynges mynstrelles 
Item spend the saine tyme at lhon tunlyns on [e kynges 

vj s. viii d. 

Baili'and Chamberlains'A«counts silo: LB 8/1/33 
f [3]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofWilliam Evam and Thomas 2o 
Whelar, bailiffs) 
Item gevne to my lorde prevey sealls pleyers 
Item more spent on them at Mr Wyttalls 
Item gevne to the prine mynstrells 2 
Item more spent on them & ther horsys 

viii d. 
vj s. viii d. 
iii s. iiij d. 

Palraers' Guild Stewards'Accounts sRo: LB 5/3/32 
mb 3* (30 November-29 November) (Expemes) 

... Et in regardo homini cantatori venienti ab Wellesxij d .... 


25/ prine:]rprince orprinces 

LUDLOW 1540-4 77 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Account sRo: LB 811135 
f [36v]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses of]ohn Bradshaw and Richard 
Bradford, bailiç) 

Item paid to the pleyars iii s. iiij d. 

f [37v]* 

Item pakt to the prynces pieyars for their piey in the chyrche 
Item the same tyme for wyne 
Item for there piey pieyed at Alsopps 
Item for the wyne then 

vj s. viij d. 
ij s. vj d. 
xviij d. 
xii d. 


Palmers" Guild Stewards'Accounts silo: LB 5/3/33 
mb 1 * (30 November-29 November) (Expenses) 
...Datum est in Regardo homini cantatori venienti a magLtro varnwt xij d .... 


Bailiffi'and Chamberlains'Accounts sao: LB 8/1/37 
f [20] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofThomas Cother and William Coxe, 2s 

Item payd [by] to the duke of Suffoike pleyars 
[Item spent on them at Mr alsops 
[Item spent on the pryns berward by Mr alsops 
Item gave in reward to the sayd bereward 

vj s. viii d. 
xvj d.l 
ijs. xd.] 
[xij s.] v s. 

f [20v] 
Item payd Mr pakyngton Mynstreli 

xij d. 


f [21]* 
°Item more spent vpon Mr pope Mr brewton at there fyrst 


78 LUDLOW 1543--6 

Comyng after they wer baylifes at alsoppes In wyn wyne 
& suger 
Item more spent ther apon out company atte duke of 
suffolkes pleyers 
Item spent vpon your bretherin arte berbayting [ij s.] 

ij s. vij d. 
iij s. viij d. 
ij s. xd. ° 

Bali" and Chamberlaim'Account sRo: LB 8/1/38 l0 
f [24]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofWilliam Foxe and l'chard 
Langford, bailiffi) 
Item to the maire of Chesters Mynstrelles in rewarde viii d. 
Item gevyn to mr packyngtons mynstrelles at candelmas 
in reward xx d. 

1545-6 20 
Baliï'and Chamberlalm'Account s,o: LB 8/1/39 
f [ 1 ]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses of John Taylor and John Hoke, 
Item spend vpon maister high Sherif being here with the 25 
commissioners of the subsydye xvj d. 
Item gyven than vnto mr payckyntons mynstrelles the foresaid 
commissioners than being here xij d. 

f [lv]* 
Item gyven vnto the kynges mynstrelles 
Item spend vpon the kynges mynstrelles besyde theyre wyne 
Item gyven vnto my Lordes mynstrelles that cam from lychfeld 

vj s. viij d. 

iiij d. 



l/ wyn wyne: 'tography 

LtDLOW 1546--51 79 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlalns'Accounts silo: LB 8/1/40 
f [34] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses andgifis of John Passie and Lewis 
Phillips, baili) 
Item gevyn in rewarde to the kynges gester (blank)the fi/ft 
day of november xx d. 
gevyn to the kynges berwart in Rewarde for his pastyme xvj d. 


f [34v]* 
gevyn to my lord feris mynstreles 
gevyn to the waytes of Salop In lune Mr handley Mr Alsop 
the Chamerley and others beying present 

viij d. 

xij ,t. 

f [351 
Spent apon the kynges mynstrelles in augttst at Mr alsows 
dyvers ofour brethers beyng there 
gewn to them in Rewarde 

xxj d. 
vj s. viii d. 



Bailiffs'and Chamberlain'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/41 
f [30] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses and repairs ofThomas BlashfieM and 
John Cocks, baili) 3o 
Geven my Lorde mercus berewardes in Rewardes iii s. 
Geven to the kinges mynstrelles & Iesters at two seuerall 
tymes 3s 

viii s. iiij d. 

16/ Mrl: apparently written over mmethin else 


LUDLOW 1550-6 
f [3Or]* 
By a consent geven to walter Tailor in ffebruary for his pastyme 
in Christmas 


f [3 lv]* 

Paied for serchyng of iiij er quorses 
Then spend one the vice president thre pottelles ofwyne 
That tyme geven the yerle ofderbyes minstreiles 

[iiij d.] 
ij s. 
ij s. 


BailiffYand Chamberlains'Accounts sgo: LB 8/1/42 
f [33] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofJohn Hoke and Lewis Crowther, 
Item givin to Water tayler yn Reward for hys playeng at crystenmas x s. 



Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Accounts sgo: LB 8/1/43 
f [66v]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofWïlliam Foxe andEdmund 
Sherman, baili) 

Paid to the players whiche played the enterlude in the Castell 

xvj d. 


(Ex-penses of John Taylor, high bailiff) 
Inprimis to the players 


Bailiffs" and Chamberlains'Accounts sgo: LB 8/1/44 
f [37v] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofWilliam Parterich and Robert 
Mason. bailiffi) 

Item paid to the kynges and quenes mynstrelles in Reward 

ij s. [iiij d.] 



LI3DLOW 1555--9 
Item pa/d in Reward to the quenes [pleads] pleyars 

vj s. viij d. 


Bailiffs'and Chamberlaim'Accounts silo: LB 8/1/45 
f [39]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses andpayments ofLewis Phillips and 
William Poughnil bailiffi) 

paid for govne powder spent In pastyme on Seint georges daye 
may day & holyrod day 
paid for the drinkyng ofthe dauncers in out pastyme at maye 
paid for pwder at the pastime at whitsontyde 
paid to the peinter for the king & quenes iyueryes & for plaing 
on a drom 
paid to Mr phellypps for his plaiers gere 
paid for caring oftimber & bordes & for dringk to those that 
paid for the drinkyng ofthe dauncers ther 
paid to oone to goo to crofi for a Drom 
for the plaiers meate at Reveityd 

for the courte Dynners 

iij s. iiij d. 
iij s. viij d. 
vij s. 

xii d. 

xvij d. 
Summa xxviiij s. iii d. 




Bailiçs'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/47 
f [26v] (28 October-27 October) (Costs, giJïs, and rewards ofjohn Cocks and 
John Bell, baili) 
Item the xviij day of Ianuary gyvyn to the lord shandose players 
in reward for the towne 




9-22/ paid for govne ... Dynners: administrative cancellation byauditors 
9/ Seint georgeJdaye: 23 April1557 
10/ mal' dal': 1 Ma2/1557 
10/ holyrod dal,: 3 May 1557 
12/ whitsontyde: 6-12June 1557 
20/ Reveltyd: 20June 1557 

82 LUDLOW 1559-67 

Baili" and Cbamberlains" Accounts SRo: LB 8/1/48 
f [30v] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofThomas Blash]ïeldand Lawrence 
Beck, baili) 
Item when the qvenes playeres played tin Novembre1 at the 
yeld halle spent and geven them [in] in reward viii s. i(...) 

f [31vl 
Item the mynstrelles of brystowe for the townes sake 
consedryinge the showed them selfes as men geven 

xi i d. 

Town Rent Gatherer's Account sRo: LB 4/2/124 
f [2]* (24June-23June) 
pa/d Master Thornton As Aperythe by Master baylyes warrant 
for the saine 
°for appareil for a play he devysed ° 

xxxvij s. x d. 


Bailis'and Chamberlains'Accounts SRo: LB 8/1/49 
f [3Or] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofLawrence Beck and Richard 
Rascoll, bailiffs) 
gyven to therle ofoxfordes pleyars [iii ij s. 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Accounts so: LB 8/1]51 
f [39v] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofJohn Sherman and William 
Pinner, bailiffs) 
paid the fyrst day of february to the quenes Iester iii(...) 


71 i(...): Jurainguuer 
13/ them: 2 minims in I 
371 iii(...): tutu in gutter 

LUDLOW 1566-9 
f [4oi 
more that was geven to Robyn whod 
payd the xxix th ofmay to the chylderne wh/ch did play in the castell 



X$. 5 

Bailiffs" and Ctmrnberlains'A««our, ts s,o: LB 8/1/52 
f [33] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofRobert Lewis and Edward Badger, o 
Item Gyven to the berwarde in the naine ofthe towne iii s. iiij d. 
Item gyven agaynst Crystemas to the oflîcers ofthe Castell to 
the musyssions ij s./to mr Syngelton iii s. iiij d./to mr Becwith 
iii s. iiij d./to mr Whitfyld iii s. iiij d./to the Coke iii s. iiij d./ 
to the baker xii d./to the bruer xii d./to the Amner xij d./to 
the porter xx d./to the wyne sellers man vj d./to the boy of 
the Chytthin vj d./ xxj s. 20 

f [36v] 
Item gyven to the Pleyers 

viii d. 25 

Bailiffs" and Cbamberlains" Accounts s,o: LB 811153 
f [32]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses of Richard Farr, high bailiff) 
geven in Rewarde to the Scollmaster oflemster Comynge to thys 
[s]towne and pleynge with hys scollers before vs and certen of out 
brethern at my lady townsendes 

vj s. vi ij d. 

f [341 
geven in Rewarde to on mr lockrood the Quenys mayestys lestere 
the iii day ofseptember 

ijs. vj d. 




84 LUDLOW 1569-76 

Stitchmen' Guild 2Vlinute Book sRO: LB 1712 
f 7 (8 May- 7 May) 
Memorandum that the xvjth day of may 1569 order ys taken that at the the s 
metynge of thocupacyon at supper on Revelles Sonday by the consentte of 
the wholle ocupacyon that the vj men shalle paye to the stuardes at the same 
supper iiij d. a pes and euery other master [or fremen] shall pay ij d. a pes 
[apon] towardes the stuardes charges 
and aile forene bretherne shall pay at the saine supar iiij d. a pes 1o 

Stitchmen' Guild2Vlinute Book sp, o: LB 1712 
f [1 la]* (6May 1571-3 May 1573)(Account ofThomas Candlar steward) 
Item for wyne bestowed at my Suppar on out feast daye v s. 
Item paid to mynstrells the same nyght xij d. 


Baili'and Chamberlaim'Accounts s,o: LB 811156 
f [9v] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofLawrence Beck and John Brasier) 
Item gewn to my lord ofleysttrs players the xx th ofoctober by 



Bailiff'and Chamberlains'Accounts sp, o: LB 8/1/58 
f [2]* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofWilliam PoughnillandRichard 3o 
Swanson, baili) 
Item geven to Stanney the Queenes man in waye of reward by 
assent ofa nomber ofthe companie x s. 
Item geven to the childerne or schollers by way of reward for 
playing afore vs and oure bretherne x s. 
Item to my Irdof Purgeveneys plaiers by wey ofreward 

vj s. viii d. 

5/ the the: d, ttography 6/ Revelles Sonday: 12June 1569 

LUDLOW 1576-82 85 


Bailiffs'and Cimmberlaim'Account silo: LB 8/1/59 
bifolium 1, f [1] (28 October-27 October) (Charges laid out by John Sherman, 
high bailiff) 

Item geven to my lorde stafordes players in the ester weeke 
that played in the castell 

xiij s. iiij d. 

bifolium 2, f [1] (Charges laid out by Thomas Candland, low bailifJ) 
(...) payd to the (...)ers players 


BaiIiffs'and Chamberlains'Account SRO: LB 811/61 
f [1]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses of John Brasier and John Waties, 
Bestowed on my lord Burley his players the first of december by 
consent of Mr Blashefild Mr Poghnill Mr Partritche and others vj s. viii d. 20 

Asserab[yMinute Booe Bodl.: Ms Ashmole 1131 
f 33* (10 March) 
It is agreed vpon by this assembly yat master Bayliffes shall Call before them 
ye 6 persons vnder named of theyr brethren as soon as conveniently may 
and they ail to conferre & lay down a place, how my Lord president shall 
be gratifyed by ye Town towards ye keepinge of St Georges [his] [day] feast. 
ifit be kept heere, and ye said Bayliffes & theyr associates haue Comission 
vpon theyr meetinge to call afore them att convenient tyme two out ofeuery 
occupacion in ye town & conferr with yem how ye charges may be leuied & 
ye same two to be ofthis company or other ofye best sort ofeuery occupatdon. 
Thomas Blashfield Richard ffarr Thomas Canland 35 
William Poughnell chard Rascoll Thomas Langford 
chard Bayly 

61 ester weeke: 7-13 Aprd 1577 
12/ {...). {...)ets: both caused by hol in sheet. 25mm x 70mm 

191 players: ay wmtten over other laters 

86 LUDLOW 1581-2 

( X 8 ,priO 

deliuered out ofye tresury to master Baylyes to defray charges ye same day 
viii I/. 
deliuered to toaster Chamberlaine ye same day iij b'. lackinge x s. for ye 
furniture ofye reparations ofye Town. 
Memorandumyat there was deliuered to toaster Bayliffs ye x th of Match 1581 
x I/. to defray charges. 

Bailiffs' and Chamberlains'Accounts sro: LB 8/1/62 
f [4] (28 October-27 October) (Charges laid out by William Pinner and Roger 
payd the xj th day ofSeptember to my Iorde bardeys pleyars for 
a Reward, by the apoynntment of mr blashfield mr poghnell 
mr bayle & others 

vj s. vii(.) d. 

f [61" 
payd Roger boke the hocher for his paynes for goynge to 
mr harvys to bu}, x wethers & to mr Cowrmeys to buy a 
noxe to gyve ye Iorde presydent a gaynst St [I] gorgys lest 
payd mr Cowrmey for a noxe to gyve my Iorde presydent a 
gaynst St gorgys l'est 
payd more for x wethers to gyve my lorde the saine tyme 
payde the xx rb of aprell in the newe howse to make the sygynge 
men drynke that came from harford to St gorgys lest 
payd thomas allen for settyng vp ofthe armes ofthe garter and 
for the prefasse 

xij d. 
vj ll. xs. 
vli. xs. 
ij s. viii d. 

xi i d. 

f [6ri* 
gyven to the mynstrelles by the apoyntment ofmr Raskall 
mr bayle mr waytes and others 

ij s. vj d. 

241 St ... 23Aprd 1581 281 sygynge:#rsyngynge 

LLIDLOW 1581-4 87 

f [Tv] 
gyven to my lorde ofhonsdons playars for a Reward the last ofluly 

f [8v] 
gyven for a Reward to my lorde shendows plears by the a 
poïntrnent of mr blashfyld mr poghnell and others 


vj s. viii d. 


Hammermen's Guild Minute Book silo: LB 16/6 
f [21] (7May 1581-5 May 1583) (Disbursements) 
Item the xxij of may at william Symons 
Item for spice and wyne at the first hall 
Item on the morow breck£ast in wyne 
Item to the mynstrells 
Item at the ouerplus of a shot at will/am walles 
Item to the mynsterells the morow after the hall 

iij s. ij d. 
iiiJ S. 
xiiij d. 
xii d. 

iiij d. 



Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/63 
f [8] (28 October-27 October) (Money laid out by Richard Rascoll and John 
Blashfield, bailiffi) 
gyven the vijth of december to the toaster of the revells players x s. 



f [91 
gyven my lord ofessex players in Iulye 
gyven the 5 ofaugust taï lord of oxfordes players 

xiij s. iiij d. 
VilJ s. 


21 / will/am: 2 minima in IS 


LUDLOW 1583-92 
Hammermen' Guild Minute Bool sRo: LB 16/6 
f [23v] (5 May 1583-9 May 1585) (Disbursements) 
pa/d to musytions 

ij s. 

Bailiï'and Chamberlaim'Account sRo: LB 8/1/64 
f [3v]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofThomas BlashfieldandJohn 
Crowther, baili) 
By consent gave Shington my lordes foole xii d. 

By consente geve my lorde ofesex players in apryll 
mot for that they playd one the next daye 

xvj s. 
m! s. 

Bail°frs'and Chamberlaim'Account silo: LB 8/1/66 
f [4v] (28 October-27 October) (Disbursements of Robert Berr)¢ low bailifJ) 
Item to the Queenes maiestie players x s. 
Item vnto them a gift ofwhyte wyne and Sugar at there 
departinge [xv] xij d. 

Bai2iff'and Chamberlaim'Account sRo: LB 8/1/67 
f [8v] (28 October-27 October) (Charges ofThomas Candland, high bailifJ) 

Item gave my Lord bartleys players by consent the xjthe 
of Iune 

vj s. viij d. 

Item bestowed vpon my Lord darsyes players by consent 
the 4 of lulye 

xiij s. iiij d. 

LUDLOW 1592-7 89 

Baili'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sRo: LB 811168 
f [3] (28 October-27 October) (Disbursements of Robert Berr high bailiff) 

Item to my I_ardpresidentesplayers a quarte ofwhit wine 
and suger in the new howse 
Item to them for there play 

Bailiffs'and Cbamberlaim'Accounts sRo: LB 811171 
f [1] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofThomas Langford, high bailiff) 

Item payd the yerrle ofworceters players The thryd daye 
of dessember [bi by Consent of some of our Companye 

vj s. viij d. 



Item geven my Lord of essexe mvsissyons 

xii d. 


f [3v] 
Item payd to the Quynes players 


A grand 
chrismas at 

Sir Joim Stradling, Tbe Storie of tbe Lower Borowes 
ff 13v-14* (28 October-27 October) 

Merthyr Mawr House 


...W/rhin few weekes after was kept a grand Christmas in the castle of Ludlowe, 
whither among others ofthis countrie, resorted the young gent/eman Edmond 
van to do his lord & I toaster the Earle of Pembroke seruice at that solemne 
rime^ what he spent there ys hot to be estemed, being bestowed in ye seruice 3s 
of his good lorde, at so solemne a season, among such honorable, worshipfull 
& gentlemanlie companie, where a young man might haue learned as much 
good behauiour & manners, as should haue stuck by him ever after whiles he 
lived. And yf I be not deceaued, our young gendeman learned somewhat there 
that he shall hOt forgett these ri i yeares, though he would. He was at that feast 40 
squier of the body [at yat feast] to one of king Arthures knights (Sir Gawen 

33/ countrie: 3 minims in lS 

90 LUDLOW 1596-- 1603 

A notofio 
donc by him & 
his men in 

I trowe was his naine) from the estimacon ofwhich supertîciall aduauncement, 
distiiled into his head such a supenquous humor of vaine se|fweening and 
ambition, that vnneth xvj. ounces ofthe purest tobacco receaued in at his nares 
by artificyall fumigaça'on might stop the course thereof. Ofthe aboundance of 
this humor was engendred a festred ulcer, wh/ch sithens hath broken out to so 
daungerous a sore, that I doubt the curing ofyt wi|| cost |itle lesse then rive 
hundred powndes. 

Baili'and Chamberlains'Accounts SRO: LB 8/1/125 
f [5v] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofEdward Powis, high bailiff) 
Item geuen to the Quenes plaiers the vjth ofdecember 
Item geue to the waites of Hereford by the apointment 
ofthe company 

f [10] (Ex'penses ofWilliam Hughes, low bailif 
Item geven to my Lord Shandoes players 


ij s. 





Hammermen's Guild Minute Book SRO: LB 16/6 
f [32] (lOMay 1601-8May 1603) (Jones disbursemen s) 

mynstrells ij s. vj d. 



Bailiffs' and Chamberlains" Accounts SRO: LB 8/1/127 
f [13] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofPdchard Bailey, high bailif 

Item payd by the appoyntmem of the Company to Arthure 
Brate musitian at my fellowes howse in the Christmas 

I I estimacon: .r estimaca'on; abbreviation mark missing 
37 at: wrawn otcr otb¢r letten; reading conjectural 
37/ my fellowes: John Cale'and, low bailiff thi year 

LDLOW 1605-10 

Bailiï'and Chamberlalns'Accounts SRO: LB 8/1/130 
f [5v] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofSamuel Parker, low bailiff) 
bestowed the 4 ofseprtmber vpon the Queenes players 

Hammermen's GuiM Minute Book SRO: LB 16/6 
f [33v] (5 May 1605-10 May 1607) (Disbursements ofFrancis Hinton) 

ffor wyne at his supper 
at the sealing ofthe bands for wyne 
on the mondaye after the feast for wyne 
for spice 
To the Clark 
for mynstrells 

iij s. iiij d. 
xij d. 
ij s. viij d. 
ij s. vj d. 
ij s. 
vj d. 



xj $. 

( Disbursements of Richard Cole) 

for wyne at his supper 
on the morow for wyne 
for spice 
for mynstrells 
To the Clarke 

iij s. iiij d. 
ij s. viij d. 
ij s. vj d. 
vj d. 
ij s. 



Baili'and Chamberlains'Accounts SRO: LB 8/1/131 
f [9]* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes of Richard Edwards, low bailiff) 
Item Bestowed on the musisions the last lawdaye by that 
apointment ofthe company iij s. 

Bailiflï" and Chamberlains'Accounts sRo: LB 8111134 
f [18v] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes of Richard Fisher, high bailiff) 
Item given by appointment to the players ofmy Lord President xxx s. 




92 LUDLOW 1613-15 

Bailiffs" and Chamberlaim'Accounts silo: LB 8/I/136 
f il 5]* (Late October-late October) (Expenses ofThomas Blashfield, chamberlain) 
Item to a worke man to pull downe the poulie in Galford 
to make a powle [fo] for ri/er iiij d. 

Baili'and Chamberlaim'Accounts silo: LB 8/I/137 
f [Svl* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofThomas Heath, low bailif 

paid the waytes for piaijnge vpon the tower at the cominge 
of my lord and lady Ewre into this towne 

iij s. iiij d. 

f [156v]* (18January) 

Proceedings of the court held before Silas Griffithes, SrD, official principal and 
commissay of t»« bis,op of Hr&rd 
contra eundem musiciens playinge belote him alnight at the bull in Ludlowe 
and was drincking sacke and playeinge at tables allnight 

Accounts of the Council in the Marches r,to: SP 46/164 
f 74* (12 November-18 April) (Accounts ofThomas Eyton, clerk ofthe kitchen) 

To the Taber and pype in the hall at chr/stmas 

ij s. vj d. 

Accounts of the Council in the Marches t,lO: E I01/616/21 
sheet [3]* (29 September-28 September) (Accounts of Alexander Roberts, receiver 

Rewardes to Players and Musicons 

vj li. iij s. 





13/ cominge: 7mmims in #es 
23/ eundtm: Roger lalughton, former churchwarden of Cardeton 
37/ Musicons: ]brMusicions; abbreviation mark missing 

LUDLO'W 1615-17 93 

Accounts of the Council in the 24arcle$ PRO: E 101/613! 13 
f [2,,1" (R.A.ed 12 November) (Accounts ofThomas Eyton, ckrk ofthe kitchen) 

To the Musitions by your lorAfhipps appointment 23 October 

xiij s. iiij d. 

To the Queenes players by your IorAfhipps appointment vto November xl s. 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Accounts sv.o: LB 811/139 
f 5* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofWilliam Gregory, high bailiff) 


Layd owte at the Creating of the Prince in Charge as followeth 
payed for musycke 0 5 0 s 
gave to the queristers for theyre paynes 0 2 0 
gave Lenort lloyde for his paynes 0 2 0 
payed for bred butter drinke & fagots for the vij Children & 
others to sett them in a redines when thay Carred the armes 
thaybeeinginthenewhowse 0 3 0 20 
gave the drumor for his paynes 0 1 0 
layed owte in gunpowder for the same seruis 0 17 1 
payed ma:ter powell as by order doothe appeare for mackeing 
a report to the prince his boocke 2 0 0 
gave the queeanes players by the Consent of master fisher & 25 
ooethers ofthe Coompany in november 0 6 8 


gave the noble mans players of Scottland wh/ch Receved the 
lorde Evers with theyre trumpets at gallvartes gare & at the 
Castell gare by Consent ofSoome ofthe Coompany 0 7 0 
payed for xj li. ofgounpowder & mache for Servis at the Saine 
tyme beeing the 15 of Ianuarie or thereaboughtes to feche in 35 
mylord Evers by Consent ofSoome ofthe Coompany 0 13 4 
Hee Sent for the Baylyeffes & Soome ofthe Coompany the 
Saine nighte to See a playe in the Castell & beeing tacken 
afierward into the sellor thay thowghte yt fkting to geave 
masterwilliams ofthe Sellor & theportor 0 3 0 40 

94 LUDLOW 1616-17 


Spent vppon the mayor of heriford w/th the Captayne of the 
Sowldiers & Soome ofthe Coompany in the new howse at the 
lorde presidentes Cooming to the towne in wine & other things 
gave one ofthe drumers for his paynes 
payed love the musissioner & his Coompany for ail theyre 
musike at the feaste & the lawe day & my lords Cooming 
the 26 of may 
payed to thomas hoocke for 48 powndes ofgownpowder for 
the feching in ofmy Lorde Gerard the same tyme at xvj d. 
the pownde 
payed for 48 yeardes of mach for the same servis 
beestowed vppon the trayne sowlediers & other orations 
gave a nother drumer for his paynes 





0 5 


0 4 0 
0 1 6 
0 0 6 5 


gave vnto v ofthe kings trumpiters who Cam to Ludlow to 
See the towne & the Castell as thay weare passing in to the 
northe fo meete tbe king tbere was Spent vppon them in w*ne 
bred & beare & other things 
& there was geaven them by Concent ofsoome ofthe 

0 2 2 


0 10 0 2s 

f 17 (Expenses of Thomas BlashfieM, low bailiff) 
ffor the Pennons or Bannerolls oftbe Armes of Prince Charles 
ofWales, paid to Richard Adames wh/ch Coates of Armes tbe 
Schollers did beare in their handes 

vij s. 


Daniel Powel The Love of Wales to their soveraigne Pn'nce 
sigs B2-D2v* 
HIs Maiesties said Counsell in the Dominion and Principalitie of Wales, and 
the Marches of the saine (beeing at Ludlow, where his Higbnesse chiefe 
Seate and Castle for the said Principalitie, now is, and of a long time hath 

src:. 20159 


7/ musissioner. 4 minims in les 38/ H Is: ornamental initial H 

LUDLOW 1616--17 95 

beene) for a Remembrance to ail succeeding Ages, haue (by the appoyntment 
and direction ofthe right honourable Raph, Lord Eure, Lord President of 
the said Counsell beeing then absent) commaunded, that the said day, in the 
yeare aforesaid, being Monday the first day ofthis present Terme, holden 
belote the said Counsell (bel ing the very day, whereon the most renowned, 
high, and mightie Prince Charles Prince ofGreat Britaine, &c. was at his 
Maiesties Pailace ofWhite-Hail created Prince of Waies, and Earle of Chester) 
should be solemnized. 
For which purpose, the said lustice took speciall care, as the shortnes of 
the time would permit, being newly corne from London, where he left sir l0 
Henry Touneshend, and sir Francis Eure Knights, with Nicholas Ouerbury 
Esquier, three of the learned Counsell Resident for the saide Principalitie 
and Marches thereof, at that time attending his Maiesties speciail seruice at 
London:) and caused to repaire, and assemble at the said Castle of Ludlow, 
the forenamed sir Thomas Cornewaile high Sherife of the sayd County, with lS 
his Staffe of Office, and the said Thomas Harley Esquier (being two of his 
Counsell there as aforesayd) together with sir Robert Harley Knight ofthe 
Bath, sir Francis Cornewaile Knight, Marmaduke Lloyd Esquier, his Maiesties 
Atturney there, Thomas Poweli Esquier his Highnesse Sollicitor, attending 
the sayd Counsell, lohn Ddabere Doctor of Physicke, Williarn Fox, Williarn 
Vaughan, Gruffith Lioyd Esquiers, and many other worthy Gentlemen 
and persons of good account of the Counties of Saiop, Hereford, Denbigh, 
Mountgogomery, Caernaruon, Merioneth, and other countries adioyning, 
to the number of many thousand persons. I 
The true manner ofwhich Solemnization was as followeth: 
First, the said htstice commanded that out said Prince his Armes, with his 
Name, and Stile there-vnder in Characters fairely subscribed, shotdd be set vp 
and published, as well vnder the Pulpit of the church of Saint Laurence in 
Ludlow, and in his Maiesties Chappel within the said Casde, and in the Court- 
hottse ofthe Principalitie there, as also vpon the gates ofthe said Towne, and 30 
high Crosse there, and likewise vppon the principall Posts and Pillars standing 
in the Market place within the said Towne of Ludlow. 

The tenour ofwhich Stile and Subscription here insueth. 

Quarto Nouembris. An no Domini 1616. 


91 said lustice: Sir Thomas Cbamberlain. cbief jutice of Cbester 
141 London:): no opening parenthesis 
231 Mountgogomety:JbrMountgomery; syllable repeated afier hne-break 

96 LU DLOW' 1616--17 

THe right high, Mighty and excellent Prince Charles, Prince of great Britaine 
and Ireland, Duke ofCornewali, Yorke and ofAlbany, Marquesse of Ormont, 
Earle of Rosse, Baron of Armanoch, of the most noble off der of the Garter, 
Knight, Second Sonne by Birth, and now the only and first begotten sonne 
ofthe most puissant and potent lames by the grace ofGod, of England, 
Scotland, France and Ireland King, is this day at White-Hali Created Prince 
of Wales, and Erle of Chester: and here at Ludiow by vs ofthe Counsell 
solemnized within the said Principalitie of Wales. 
Afterwards, about nine ofthe Ciocke in the fore-noone ofthe said fourth 
ofNouember, William Gregory, and Thomas Biashfieid Esquiers, Bailifes of 
the said Towne ofLudiow, accompanied with the Magistrates their Brethren, 
and ail the chiefe Burgesses ofthe said Towne, very richly dad and apparrelled, 
attended by their Officers with their Maces before them, and ail the Quire 
ofthe Church there, singing of Hymnes and Psalmes ofthankesgiuing and 
praise for our sayd Prince, bringing with them sixe yong Youths, being Schollers 
of the Kings free Schoole of the said Towne, well and richly decked and 
adorned, I who did beare in their hands seuerali Penons and Bannerolis of 
the Armes and Atchiuements ofour said Prince Charles, that is to say: 
The formost Scholler bore in his hand the Armes of England and 
The second carried the Armes ofthe Brittains and Saxons. 
The third, France and Ireland. 
The fourth, Northwales and Southwales. 
The fift, Cornewall and Chester. 
The sixt and the last, carried the Armes of Yorke and Lancaster, with the 
Plume of feathers and the Prince his Naine; 
Hauing before them the Towne Waites and other lowd Instruments of 
Musicke, and belote the musicke marched a long the number oftwo hundred 
souldiers being weli appointed and furnished with Halberds, Pikes, Corslets, 
Muskets, and Caliuers, vnder the conduct and leading ofLeonard Lioyd there 
then Captaine (who in good order had his Lieutenants, and Sergeants braudy 
arrayed, hauing foure Drums, and two Trumpets sounding before them, 
besides Fifes, and other winde Instruments, who ail of them thus appoynted, 
came vp to the Castle to attend and bring the said Iustice and Counsell to 
the Church: 
And hauing repayred to the Castle Greene there, and meeting Maister 
Iustice in his Scarlet Robes, with the rest ofthe Counsell before named in 
decent maner, vpon the Castle bridge, ac I companied with ail the worshipful 
Counseiiors of Law, Atturneis and Clarks beionging to that Court, with sundry 
Esquiers and Gentlemen, hauing before them Richard Iones Esquier, Sergeant 

I / THe: ornamental initial T 32/ arrayed.: comma uaedas closingtmrenthesi (?) 

LUDLOW 1616-17 97 

at Armes, carrying his Maiesties Mace, William Gooderick Esquier, gentleman 
Porter, Richard Collins, one ofthe Vshers ofhis Maiesties Chamber, and 
the two messengers of the Court, riz. Piers Grufflth, and Thomas Pingle 
gendemen, in rich coates; Francis Trollop gentleman, Marshall ofthe said 
Court, Thomas Steuens Gentleman, Yeoman ofthe Kings Wardrobe there,  
Gruffith Iones Constable ofthe Castle, together with ail the chiefe Oflïcers of 
the said Casde (being ail of them very richly apparrelled, and hauing another 
company of Waits and good consorts of Musicke, as Cornets, Sagbuts, and 
other winde Instruments, playing and sounding ail along the way before them) 
a great Volley of shot was discharged by the said Muskettiers and Caliuers, t0 
which so pierced the Ayre with the great noyse of Drummes, and sound of 
Trumpets, Files, Flutes, and other Instruments, as the like in these parts hath 
not beene seene, to the great admiration, and much reioycing of ai! the 
And thereupon marshalling themselues in good array, they ail went through  
the Towne streets, to the Church, singing and reioycing ail the way they went, 
where was another Volley ofshotte discharged. 
After Prayers said, and Psalmes sung, one M. Thomas Pierson, a graue 
reuerend diuine and worthy Preacher, made a very leamed Sermon of an hour 
and a halflong, vpon the first verse ofthe 72. Psalme, riz. 20 
Giue the King thy Iudgements, O God, and thy Righteousnesse to the 
Kings sonne. 
Which Sermon being ended, and Psalmes sung by the Singing-men and 
Quiristers, to and with the great Organs there, ail the whole Company 
returned. 25 
And as they issued out of the Church and Chutch-yard into the Market 
place, there was a new Scaffolde purposly erected neare vnto the high Crosse 
(with a great Bonefire hot farre distant) vpon which Scaffolde the said Schollers 
with their Penons or Banerols of Armes in their hands, as aforesaid, ascended; 
and as the said Iustice and Counsell passed by, alternatim vttered, and 30 
pronounced these seuerall Speeches following: 

CAmbria toile caput nuper perpessa dolores 
Gaudia nunc animo conduplicata tuo. 
Auspicijs Ioetis Princeps hac luce creatur, 
Carolus: ô totus Gratia, totus Amor! 
Splendida progenies coelo delapsa supremo 
Delicioe nostri dimidiumque louis ! 
Pluribus obsequijs nos hac de gente tenemur 
ô Princeps laudes amplificare tuas. 



331 CAmbriœe/age initialC 

98 LUDLOW 1616-17 

Ych Dyn 

Pluribus oftïcijs nos hac de sede locoque I 
Debcmus titulos concelebrare tuos. 
Ecce tua ipsius proprio tibi iure dicata 
Symboloe iudicibus conueneranda Dijs 
Piuma triplex rutilî puichre deuincta coronî 
Orbis inexhaustas flammeus ambit eas 
Illa feras, pardosque truces, aquilasque fugaces 
Exuperant titulis nobilitata suis. 
Scilicet in coelum super oetheris ardua Sanctos 
Virtutum studijs penna volare notat. 
Vox diuina subest coelesti pectore digna 
Sub louis Imperijs * Seruio non alijs. 
Nemo meis dignus nisi qui sit Summus in orbe 
Oftïcijs: Sors est libera namque mea. 
Sic antiqua docent nos Vatum oracula rectè 
(Sors est à prim. Sorte secunda mea.) 
Clara coronatoe nos hic Insignia plumoe 
Principis armigeri scutiferique damus. 
Vit venerandè tibi; quoe (te custode) reposta 
Principis hinc nostri nomen in astra ferant. 
Dixit Iohannes Cotton. 




®" Ordouices 
& Silures. 
Northwales & 

POndera magna (licet pueri) gestamus; Honoris 
Plena; sed Herculeis viribus oequa satis 
Atlantisque Humeris: de Gentibus vndique nostris 
Debetur titulis lmperialis honos. 
Anglia prima suos clarissima signa Leones 
Gestat: cognatos Scotia gestat eos 
lnde perantiquo splendentes iumine Gentes 
Brito Leone nitet: Saxo crucemque gerit I 
Gallia succedit, cui iuncta Hybernica tellus 
Portans dulcisona Lilia nexa Lyra. 
Hinc diuisa * duas in partes Cambrioe Suntque 
Signa Leone rapax cum gradiente Leo. 
Cestria gestit ouans & ouans Cornubia quinto 
Ostentans titulos amplificansque suos 
Eboraco tandem Lancastria iungitur: illis 
Candida purpureoe sic rosa iuncta rosoe 
Singula pulchra satis licet ingens pondus Honoris 
Sola tenent: Ducibus nobilitata suis 





12m/ Ych Dyn: printed in black-letter 23/ POndera:/,,rge initial P 

LUDLOW 1616--17 99 

Vnde paterna fluit maternaque Gentis origo 
Regibus innumeris quoe numeretur auis 
At splendoris habent immensum corpore in vno 
Crux, Rosa, Spica, Globi, Lilia, Plectra, Leo. 
Vis vnita valet: virtus coniuncta nitescit 
Clarior: Hoec nostri Principis arma docent 
Significantque suis. Quœeque hœec dignissima sacris 
Arcanis, (rature ni minuenda rides) 
Diuinos mores, coelestia pectora, Mentes 
Plusquam mortales Regibus esse pijs. 
Hos fidei curœeque tuoe mandamus Honores 
O princeps nostri luxque decusque Fori. 
Dixit Thomas Fisher. 

QVid Phoeboea canit vel iactat nomina Delos? 
Creta quid omnipotens nomen louiale recenset? 
Principis hœec nostri superabit nomina nomen 
Clara per immensum fundens miracula mundum ? 
lllum pro cunctis sua Cambria prœedicet vnum I 
Vnum proe cunctis vaga fama recenseat illum, 
Spargat & Argolicas tua nomina clara per vrbes 
Vrbes Italiœe noscant tua nomina tanta 
Tanta per Assyrios volitent tua nomina muros 
Muros Barbariœe collustrent nomina sacra 
Sacra vel extremoe captant tua nomina Gentes 
Gentes condiscant & tradant Posteritati, 
Posteritas tanto gaudebit nomine lœeta 
Carole gentis honos nostroe, Lux altera Mundi 
Dixit Simon Cotton. 

Hoec dies nobis niueo lapillo 
Hoec dies festo numeranda ramo 
Carolus Princeps pius hac nitenti 
Luce creatur. 
Principi nostro meritos honores 
Maximos illi meritosque amores 
Demus: & quartoe memores Nouembris 
Simus in œeuum. 
Bellicus artes amer & Trophœea 
Candidus doctis faueat Camoenis 








151 QVid: large initialQ 

100 LUDLOW 1616-17 

Victor educto gladio rebellem 
Terreat hostem. 
Inclytus factis super astra notis 
Exprimat patrem, pietate matrem 
Et Senex vitoe numeret beatoe 
Tempora Ionga 
Dixit Edoardvs Savnders. I 

Ail which were principally inuented and made by the painfull industrie of 
that iudicious and laborious maister ofArtes Humfrey Herbert chiefe Schoole- 
maister of his Maiesties free-Schoole there, vpon one dayes warning. 
As also these that foilow, were then pronounced, being made by that worthy 
Alderman of Ludlow maister Richard Fisher. 

a Camdens Remaines 
b Verstegans etymologies 
c Cardanus inuicta superare significat. 
d Principem & virum magnanimum. 
e Symbolum christianoe professionis. 
f Lilium & rosoe, pulchritudinem, gratiam, bonam famam, & iusta facta 
g Harmonia, sapientiam diuinam. 
h Vnitatem & securitatem. 
i Garba, spica deorum sunt coronoe, prosperitatem & benignitatem 
significant & denotant. Cardanus' ® 

That which the fullnesse ofour Ioy brings forth, 
Although not equall to the causes worth; 
That which our humble duetie moues vs to, 
Ail that our meane Abilitie can do, 
Vnto our deare Prince Charles we consecrate, 
His faire beginning to congratulate, 
Charles aValiant and bAll-Noble signifies, 
And loe, these Emblemes well the same implies 
The cOstrich feathers, Fortitude expresse 
The Kingly dLions intimate no lesse: 
The eCrosse Religion, and these fragrant fflowers 
The gSlash, the hGlobes & iCrowne ofheauenly powers, 
Are Hieroglyphicks of Nobilitie, 
High Birth, true Wisedome, lustice, Pietie. 
These we present vnto his sacred Name, 
Whose worth containes the Character of Fame. 
Thomas Gregorie. I 








LUD LOW" 1616-17 101 

"The Honou- 
,-able Coun- 
sdi ofthe 

THrice blessed be the heauenly Prouidence, 
That gau's a Prince ofsuch magnificence, 
Who is the most illustrious flowring Bud 
Ofmany famous Kingdomes royail Blud, 
And out great Britaines hopefull ornament 
Hee shail protect this happy *Gouernment. 
And proudest opposition learne to know, 
The Dutie to out Soueraigne King we owe. 
Now Ludlow maist thou hope (ifGods will bee) 
Thy Princes sacred person heere to see, 
And streame out ail thy Ioyes to veiw his Face, 
And some officious seruice do his Grace. 
O prosper may he, and his glory more, 
Than any Charles the World had e're before: 
His future yeares exceeding ten times ten, 
Ail those that loue Prince Charles will say Amen. 
Walter Aston. 


THe which Speeches being ended by the said Schollers (who thereby for 
their gracious boldnesse in the deliuerie thereof, got great applause by the 20 
said Iustice and ail the Auditorie) and after another volley of shot discharged, 
they marched and passed by sundry other great Bonfires, whereofone was 
by the Castle Gate, and another was within the vtter Court, or Greene of l 
the said Castle, and there marching, discharging of shot, singing, playing on 
instruments and heartily reioycing, proceeded into the Court-home of the 2s 
said Principalitie, where the said Iustice very grauely, in the presence and 
audience of ail the whole Company there assembled, deliuered these words 
following, or the like in effect, viz. 
THis happy and glorious Day, the bright Sunne-shining glory of Great 
Britaine, being the first day ofthe Weeke, and the first day ofour Terme, 30 
and the next day to the Lords owne Day, his holy Sabaoth: and the next day 
before our wonderfull day ofour great deliuerance from the Gunpowder- 
Treason, the Kings day: 
The High and Mighty Prince Charles our first Prince ofthat Name, Prince of 
Great Britaine and Ireland, Duke ofCornewail, Yorke, and Aibany, Marques 3s 
ofOrmont, Earle of Rosse, Baron ofArmanoch, ofthe most Noble Order 
ofthe Garter, Knight: Second Sonne by Birth, and now the Onely, and 
First Begotten Sonne ofthe most potent and puissant Iames, by the Grace 
ofGod, ofEngland, Scotland, France and lreland, King; is this day, at his 

il THrice:/arge initiaiT 
191 THe:/aoEe initiaiT 

291 THis:/age/nit/a/T 

102 LUDLOW 1616--17 

Maiesties Paiace ofWhite-hall, created Prince of Wales and Earle of Chester, 
being the thirteenth Prince by Creation, in succession of this his Noble 
Principalitie of Waies.I 
This most excellent Prince thus stated and stiled, takes it for a high honour, 
and gteat dignitie vnto himselfe tobe created Prince of Waies; and therfore 
ail we ofthis Principaiitie and lurisdiction, are the rather bound to yeeld ail 
honour, dutie, and seruice to him who hath so much honoured vs, and ail 
And therefore let none scorne nor contemne the power and authoritie thereof, 
(his Highnesse being graciously pleased to signifie his pleasure to me and 
my said Brethren ofthis Counsell) That he would protect and defend the 
same both by his Highnesse himselfe, and by his Princely meanes to the 
King his father. 
And as he is now our first Prince of that naine, so I hope he shalbe as religious, 
victorious, and renowned within these his Maiesties Kingdoms and the 
Dominions thereofin future rimes, as those ofhis Name haue bene in other 
Kingdomes in former Ages before him, to the great glory of great Britaine. 
Therefore ail our Prayers to God shalbe, that our said Prince may be a continuall 
comfort and Honour to the King his father, our dread Soueraigne, during 
his raigne (which God long continue) and afterwards to be the staffe and 
strength of vs and ail Christendome, for the protection and defence of the 
Church of God, his holy word and Gospel, and that God will blesse Prince 
Charles our said Prince ofWaies, with ail his blessings from Heauen, fit 
for so high and mighty a Prince as he is; as also with long life, royail issue, 
and happy dayes, lot the I good and welfare of this out Church and 
And let this happy day ofthe Creation of out sayd Prince ofWaies be heere 
recorded by vs, for a memoriail to ail succeeding rimes: and so againe we say; 
God saue and bless Prince Charles out said Prince of Wales, and his royail 
Posterity for euer. 
These were the words of that reuerend ludge, there 
wanteth nothing saue that Grace and Zeale 
wherewith he pronounced them. 
Whereunto ail the people with a loud voyce prayed and cryed, Amen, Amen. 
And thereupon ail the Musick played, Drums were strucke, Flutes whistled, 
Trumpets sounded, people showted, and another piercing and thundring 
Volley of shot was let flie, the eccho and report whereofresounded admirably, 
to the great solace and comfort of ail present. 
And then being full one ofthe clocke in the after noone, the said lustice, 
and Counseli, with the Knights, Esquiers, and best sort ofGentlemen returned 
into the Castle to dinner (where was a great Feast prouided, with excellent 
musicke) the Bailiffes also with their Brethren and Burgesses went downe to 

LUDLO 1616-17 103 

the Towne, to spend the rest ofthe day in ail ioyfull and iouiaiI manner, 
hauing I ail of them, before their departure thence, in the presence, and by 
the appointment of Raph Mansfield Esquier, chiefe Steward to the Kings 
Houshold there, drunke plentifully ofwine, to the happie heaith and 
prosperitie, of our said gracious Prince of Wales. 
Dinner being scarse ended in the Castle, the aforesaide Bailiffes in like 
pompe, beeing gaine accompanied with the whole Quire of the Church, and 
the Penon-bearers with their Banerols of Armes in their hands, and their 
Musicke playing before them, came vp in great solemnitie into the Castle, 
where Maister Iustice ioyfully receiuing them, brought them straight into the 
Chappell, there to offer their Euening Sacrifice, where much reioycing was 
without doores, and excellent Musicke of Voyces, in singing many Psalmes and 
new Anthemes within the saide Chappell. 
VVhich being finished, the aforesaid Schollers ver), humbly prostrating 
themselues with Iow obeisance, deliuered vp their sayd seuerall Banerolls into 
the hands ofthe said Iustice, who willed Richard Adams Gentleman, being 
skilful in Heraldrie there present, to see them orderly placed in the said 
Chappel, where they now remaine as remarkeable Trophies ofthat Solemnitie. 
And after Prayers ended, the Bailiffes with their company humbly taking 
their leaue ofthe I Counsell, Maister Iustice required them still to continue 
their Ringing, as wdl for the full solemnizing ofthe said day ofour Prince his 
sayd Creation, as also to expresse their ioy and thanksgiuing vnto Almightie 
God for out said dread Soueraignes most admirable Deliuerance, with the 
royall Queene, illustrious Prince, ail the Lords Spirituall and Temporall, and 
Commons ofthis Realme assembled together in Parliament from the Papists 
treasonable and horrible conspiracie, and vnmatchable intended Practise of 
the Gunne-powder treason, in the yeare of out Lord God, one thousand sixe 
hundred and fiue, and to bee in a readinesse with the sayd lustice, and 
Counsell the next morning, to praise God for the same. 
VVhich accordingly was performed the next day, and a ver), learned Sermon 
preached by Maister Thomas Kaye, the Kings Chaplaine, attending the Lord 
President and Counsell there, vpon the twelue and thirteene Verses of the 
116. Psalme. 

What shall I render vnto the Lord for ail his benefites towards me? 
I will take the cup of Saluation, and call vpon the naine of the Lord. 


Which Sermon being ended, euery man returned to their home, the 
Musicke, Ringing, and Bonefires continuing to the great comfort of ail I his 
Maiesties said Iouing and faithfull Subiects ail the said day. 


104 LUDLOW 1616--20 

This Solemnization the said lustice was carefu|l to obserue, for the Glorie 
ofGod, the Honour ofthe King, and Prince of Wales; as well to testifie and 
expresse his Duetie and Seruice, as also the loyaltie and heartie ioy of ail his 
Maiesties louing Subiects then assembled. 


Baili'and Cbamberlaim'Aeeounts sao: LB 811/140 
f [41" (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofSimon Cupper, high bailifJ) 
To the dromer one the kinges byrth daie xij d. 


6. dec.nb 

Baili" and Ctmrnberlains'Accounts sto: LB 8111141 
f [3]* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofEllis Beddoe, low bailif 

Item to marten Slaughter the queenes playars 


f 16]* (Expemes ofRichard Fisher, high bailiff) 

Item to the Queenes maiesties players by advise of somme of 
the vj: men 


f [8v] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofThomas Edwards, chamberlain) 

Item given vnto the musitions at the law day after Easter by 
toaster Baylieffs and the companies appoyntment 






Bailiff'and Charnberlains'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/142 
f [1] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofRoger Cotton, high bailiff) 

Given to the Kinges players 

ijs. vd. 


121 the kingesbyrth chie: 19June 



LUDLOW 1619-21 105 
11 To the Lady Elizabeths players lanuary 16. 1619: 5 
,7. to the Lady Elizabeths players August 23 5 s. 


f [5v] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofValentine Dawes, chamberlain) 
payd the musicke by the Companyes apointment tatt my feastj x s. 

List of Finesjom the Council in the Marches B.: Harley 4220 
f 88 (28 October-27 October) (Fines assessed at 12June session) 
Richard Bulkeley of Bromfield Esquire for assault and 
affray and beating ofwill/am Sherwood at the suite of 
Georg Mooreley Relator 
lohn wall of ffelton for the like 
Richard wigley of hewton for the like 
Will/am Sherwood ofthe towne of Ludlow for singing of 
Rybaldry songs and vsing undecent speeches to Richard 
Bulkley Esquire in an alehouse at the suite oflohn Atkins 

v li. 
v li. 
xxxiij s. iii d. 

iii ll. vj s. viii d. 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Accounts sRo: LB 8/11143 
f [1] (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofThomas Edwards, low bailiff) 
Item giuen to the Princes players the 27 th of September v s. 






Bailiffs'and Chamberlains'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/143 
f [2] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofAdam Acton, chamberlain) 
paid musicke att my lest art master bailyes Comand r°not 
alo wid°l Iv s.] ij s. vj d. 


1/ 5:r5 s. (?) 
8/ musicke: u dottedin error 

301 |rem giu¢n ... ,¢ s.: administrative anellation by auditor 
36/ musicke ... Comand: administrative cancellation by auditors 

106 t DO 1621-3 

Baili'and Chamberlaim'A««ounts sto: LB 8/1/144 
f [2v] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofPdchard Baker, chamberlain) 
Item for musick att my first feast [ri rv s.1 

mr G rffuh 
IIoyd to send 
notyce to 
rot Oliuer 

Baili'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sto: LB 8/1/144 
f [2v]* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofThomas Heath, high bailifj9 
paid the musyssyans in the exas by the apoyntment ofthe company 
for theyr musycke when ^rthe Earle and his countessel my lord 
Compton and his lady and toaster lustice and his lady were at dinner 
at my howse 



Examinatiom Concernlng a Thej¢ at a Bear-Baitlng 
ff [ 1-3] (27 November) 

sto: LB 11/4/50 


Taken bore the baili, Thomas Blashfield and Pa'chard Baker 
Hugh Stevens ofthe parish ofdisserth in the Countie of Radnor yoman adged 
xxxv yeares or there aboutes being examined conserning the stealing ofhis pursse 
deposeth and sayth that having occasions at this towne ofludlowe to depose 
the serving ofprocesse and being in the Castell greene vewinge the beare bayting 
there had in his pursse fyve shillinges eight pence and hearinge [one] rone aske 
who hath lost a pursse this deponent serched for his pursse and missed the 
same and lokinge vpon the [BI pursse shewed did know the saine to be this 
deponentes and which was taken from [this deponent] hym in the Castell greene 
with fyve shillinges eight pence w/thin the same./signum h predicti hugonis 

Hugo Stevens Manucepit in xl li. ad parendum ad proximam sessionem 

Thomas Peers ofludlowe in the Countie ofSalop adged xxiij yeares or there ss 
aboutes sworne and examined conserning the stealing of the foresaid pursse 
deposeth and sayth that he being in the Castell greene this present daye a 
vewinge the beare baytinge did se the woman who nameth her selfe FAizabeth 

51 for musick: administrative cancellatton by auditors 
13/ dinner: 4 minima in Ms 
231 dis,rth: Diserth and Tre-goea Radnorshire 

28ml Gruïtir. expansion uncertain 
311 h: Stevem haa signed with his initial 
331 partndum: for comparendum 

LUDLOW 1622--3 107 

Powell gird by the side ofthe former deponent and put somwhat vnder her 
aperne ^rwhich she had from hym [and so departed] having a man w/th a 
cutt fustian ginger color[ed] and one other woman w/th her and so ^rtheyl 
departed and this deponent went to speke w/th the former deponent to know 
ifhe had lost any thinge but the former deponent was removed and this 
deponent cold not fi/nd hym 
(signed) Thomas Peerse I 

Elizabeth Powell of the lye in the Countie of woster the wyffe of lenkyn 
Powell ofthe same Cordiner beinge examined when she cam to this tow(..) ,0 
of ludlow and vpon what occasions sayth that she cam to this towne this 
present daye a littell before she cam to the Castell greene to se the sportes 
there and the cause ofher Comynge was to looke for her husband who had 
departed from this examinat for som debt and denyeth that she was hOt in 
this towne neither [this] risterl Daye nor vpon mondaye and beinge examined s 
where she mett with the [girle mayde] rwoman wh/ch was with her sayth 
that she mett with that [mayde] rwoman in the Castell greene and [did] 
Denyeth that she was hOt in ^rher compeny [with the said mayd] these three 
dayes/to her knowleget and denyeth the taking awaye ofany pursse/neither 
doth this examinat know what the naine ofthe said [mayde is] woman is 20 

Arme Price of llanavon vawer in the Countie of Brecknock the wyeff of lohn 
Evans of the same petychapman being examined conserning the stealinge of 
the foresaid pursse confesseth that she cam to this towne isterdaye aboutes 
x«n of the dock in the affore nonn and was isterdaye at the Castell greene 25 
vewing the sportes there and went aboutes a myle out of towne to her lodging 
and cam this Daye agayne aboutes ix ch ofthe dock and went to Castell greene 
this after nonne to se the sportes to enquier for her husband wh/ch was 
departed from her these fyve weekes and there mett w/th the former examinat 
and the former examinat promised to bestowe som meate and Drynke onn 3o 
this examinat And being demaunded where she had the pursse wh/ch was 
taken with them Denyeth that she never saw hit vntill if was taken from the 
grounde and denyeth that ^rshe was in the compeny of the former examinat 
either isterdaye or mondaye .last. 
signum predicte Anne + I 35 

Thomas Powdl of ludlow Butcher Deposeth that he beinge in the Castdl 
greene this after nonn was toi(.) by lohn Prince that the former examinates 

9/ the lye:/.ye. Worcestershtre. near Stourb6etge 
101 tow{..): hole in sheet 
221 Ilanavon vawe. Llanafan Fawr. Brecimockshire 

351 +: Pro'ce bas signed with ber penonal mark 
38/ toi(.): hole in sheet 

108 LUDLOW 1622-3 

were both cutpurses where vpon this deponent followed them and did se the 
woman who nameth her selle Elizabeth Powell [and thother] make sondry 
offers into mens pockettes and thother woman who calls her selle Ann Price 
thrustinge after her and towe seuerall tymes they were prevented and at the 
leanght they cam to the man wh/ch Iost his Pursse and the older woman s 
called Elizabeth did with thone hand lyfte vp her apperne and with thother 
hand tooke the mans pursse out ofhis pockett and went ther wayes and this 
deponent followed them and acquaynted one Richard Voyle with what they 
had done and so Voyle requested one Richard Nott to goe w/th this deponent 
and so they both went after the women and nere the markett howse the twoe 10 
women met with the man in the Cutt dublett who calls hym selle Ienkyn 
Moris and they talked together and so the mann depaxed from them and 
this deponent and Nott followed the twoe women and [the] in the Church 
yarde ofthis ^rtowne theyl were overtaken and the women seing them selves 
pursued one ofthem did lett rail the pursse and money [wh/ch they] r[sto]l s 
^r [were] wh/ch money was brought vnto master Baylieffes w/th the said ^rtwoe 
women and when master Baylieffes had taken out the money they gave the 
pursse tobe proclamed wh/ch was challendged by the first deponent and 
further deposeth that the man cam w/th the twoe women from the Castell 
greene [talkynk] talkynge together./  
signum + predicti Thome I 

Richard Nott of l udford in the Countie of Herefordtayler adged xxiiij yeares 
or there aboutes deposeth that he and the former deponent (..)omas Powell 
pursued the [tow] twoe women vntill they cam to the Church yarde and this 
Deponent laying hold of the twoe women chardged them to com belote 
master Baylieffes for stealinge ^rofl a pursse and with that one of them did 
lett rail a pursse and money and so this deponent brought the pursse and 
money and ^rthe twoe women before masterBaylieffes (signed)Richard hOt 

ffrancis Smyth of ludlowe Cordiner adged xxxiiij yeares or there aboutes 
Deposeth that seing Richard Not and Thomas Powell ^rthis present daye in 
the Chyrch Yardel pursuinge twoe women and chardging them to com before 
master Baylieffes did se the woman who calls her selle Ann Price flyng the 
said pursse and money from her and so the twoe women and the pursse was 
brought belote master Baylieffes 
(signed) Thomas Blashfdd 
Richard Baker ffrances Smith 



2 ! I + : Powell bas signed with his permnal mark 241 (..)omm: hole in heet 

LUDLOW 1622-- 5 109 

[lenkyn Moris Powell of] I 

lenkyn Moris Powell ofllanarda in the Countie of Monmouth beinge examined 
when he cam to this towne ofludlow and vpon what occasions and w(..) 
were in his compeny sayth that he cam isterdaye 2to this townel iate in the 5 
eveninge and there cam with hym from Ricardes Castell somm thre or route 
men and women and this examinat and one ofthe women cana to the whitt 
harte and this examinat iaye there hym sdfe a lone and the cause ofthis examinat 
Comyng was to goe to wemm to worke and this examinat confesseth that he 
was this after nonne in the Castell greene but Denyeth that he spake w/th an), 10 
women as he cam out of the Castell gate and beinge examined howe he cam 
by the wollen doth wh/ch he gave to make a lerkyn sayth that ^risterdayel 
he bought the said Cloth of a man and a woman at Odeton and gave for the 
same vj s. beinge three yardes and after his Comynge to this towne sent the 
same to make hym a lerkyn and this Daye pawned the said Ierkyn to his hoste t5 
for iiij s. and this examinat sayth that he Doth hOt know one [kathe] Elizabeth 
Powell neither doth he know one Ann Price neither did this examinat goe 
towardes the Casteli greene w/th an), woman or was an)" body in his compeny 
going thither. 
(signed) Thomas Blashfild 20 
Richard Baker 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/146 
f [1 ]* (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofAdam Acton, low bailif 25 
Item payd the knges players v s. 
Item payd for gonepowder when my lord Came att michellmas ij s. iij d. 
Item payd to the [musis] musyke when my lord Came at 30 
mycheilmas terme and when my lord was w/th me art 
Crysemas and att my fest x s. 

Bailiffs'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/147 
f [1 ]* (28 October-27 October) (Expenses ofEllis Beddoe, high bailiff) 
Item for musicke at Cristmas x s. [(...)] 


31 Ilanarth: Llan-arth, Monmouth*hire 
41 w(..7: bole in ,heer 
281 michellmas: 29 September 1624 

321 Crysemas: 25 December 1623 
39/ Cristmas: 25 December 1624 

112 LODLOW 1627-32 

insultum et affraiam fecit et ipsum Willimum Baker adtunc et ibidem 
vetbetaverunt vu|neravetunt et Ma|eractavetunt Ira quod de vita sua 
desperabatur, et aba enorrru'a ei intu|eruntad graue damnum ipsiusWillimi 
Baker et Contra pacem domini Dornini Regis nunc Coronam et dignitatem 
suas &c 
°Cogniciones sui proprie Curie quolibet in ij s. vj d. 
Powell & price in gaolda (blank) Willelrnus Baker sequitur hanc billam ° I 

Bila vera 

Executrix's Memo of Bailiff's Expenses 
f [25]* (8 March 1631/2) 
Item to the kings Players 

SRO: LB 8/1/152 

0 2 


6 15 



Baili" and Cbamberlains" Accounts sRo: LB 8/1/153 
f [3] (28 October-27 October) (Accounts ofEdwardJones, high bailiff) 

Item for the [spetinge] Eatinge the bucke 
Item to the keeper that brought the bucke °his man 
& the sendinge the warrant ° 
Item for musicke at that tyrne 

Iv li.] iiij |i. 
[x s.] °xiij s. ° 
iii s. iiij d. 



f [7] (Expenses ofEdrnund Gregory, chamberlain) 
Item to the musitions art my feastd 

O0 5 0 


f [8] (Expenses ofJohn Patchett, low bailiff) 
ffor musick at Christmas and other wiese 

vj s. 


il fecit: ]br fecerunt 
21 Maleractaverunt: tir Maletractaverunt 
61 sui: tir sue 

LUDLOW 1632--5 113 

Bailid'and Chamberlains'Accounts silo: LB 8/1/154 
f [4] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofWilliam Powis, low bailiff) 
°!30 a]OWa13S ° 
Ittem ffor musicke 0 5 


f [4ri (Auditor's adjustments) 

°Somme totall of toaster Bayliffe powies desbursments is xxviij li. ix s. vj d. 
out ofwhich there is deducted for a quarttrsessions dynner ij ll. 
a somme of money which is Charged vpon Bayliffe Baker v li. iii s. 
and for musicke v s. ° 

Baili'and Chamberlaim'Accounts sto: LB 8/1/155 
f [2] (28 October-27 October) (Expemes ofThomas Crowther, low bailiff) 
To the Kinges pleyers 00 05 00 




f [ 11 v]* (Expemes ofEdward Colbatch, high bailiff) 
Ittem for a sugerloafe to Edwarde Berry beinge one of those 
was presented to the Countesse 
Ittem to some ofthe officers when wee were invited to the 

O0 16 

O0 2 6 

Baili'and Chamberlaim'Accounts silo: LB 8/1/156 
single sheet (28 October-27 October) (F_.xpemes of Thomas Edwards, high baili 
ffor Musicke at Severall Tymes This present yeare 0 15 O0 


6/ Ittem... 0 5 O: adminirtrative cancellation by auda'tors 
13/ Bayliffe Baker: Richard Baker. higb bailiff this year 
21/ Kinga. 05: adminirtrative cancellatiom by auditom 

114 LUDLOW 1642 

Letter from Ly Brilliana Harley to ber son, F_ward 
Brampton Bryan Hall: Harley MS 161 
ff[l-lv]* (4lune) 

My deare Ned 
now I thanke you for your let-ter by Mr Braughton whoo brought it this 
day some[t]thinge late so that. I ara shortned in rime to rwite to you, 
I thinke we ail acknowledeg. Gods greate mercy that the Plot for the 
takeing of Hull was discouered. I pray God derect the Parlement what they 10 
ought to doo for they haue Enimys Enough to looke with an Euill Eye at 
what thea[y] re [doe] Actions. 
at Louwdlow they sed vp a May Pole and a thinge like a h[e]reald upon 
i[s]t and so they did and Croft and gathered a greate many about it and shot 
at it in deristion of Round heads' at Loudlow they rebused Mr Bauges sonne 15 
uery much and are so Insolent that they (durst) rdursO [le] hot leaue theare 
howes to corne to the lest I acknowledg I doo not thinke me sdfe ^rsafe 
whear I ana I loos' the Comfirt ofyour fathers Company and ara in but littell 
safety but that my trust is in God, and what is doun in your fathers' Estate 
pleasess him not so tha I wisch me selle with ail my hart at Loundoun. and z0 
then your father might be a witmes ofwhat is spent: but ifyour father thinke 
it beest for me to be in the Cuntry I arn Every wdi Pleased with what He 
shall. I thinke beest, 
I haue sent you by this Carryer in a box 3 shirts theare is another but it was 
not quite ruade on ofthem is not wasched. I [m]will and Pleas. God send you 25 
a nother the next weeke and some Handchershey 
I Rwite yesterday to you by the Post ofLoudlow how my thankes was taken 
at Heariford 
I Pray God Biles you and keepe you from sinn and from ail other Euills and 
giue you a loyfull meeting with 30 
Most Affectinat Mother 
(signed) Brilliana Harley 
your sister [BI Doll is hot [!!] well shee bas a great weakenes upon ber yet 
I thanke God this day shee is some thinge better then shee was 3s 
June 4 
Brampton castell 

131 seel:]brset (?) 201 so tlaaz.rso tlaat 
141 and2:.rat (?.) 20-3/ I wisch ... He shall: wr/tten in le] ma,gin 
151 çcbus¢d: tir abus¢d (?) 221 Evew:firvew orEvew wa), (?.) 
161 Cdurst)f dufstl: rira dufst obwured by in k blot. wcond written in above it 

LYDBURY NORTH 1589 / MORV1LLE 1611/12 


Dio«ese of liereford A«ts of Offlce 
f 206v* (1 August) 

HRO: box 17, vol 68 

Proceedings of the court held for Clun deanery before Francis Bevans, t.t.D, vicar 
general of the bishop of Herord 
Ludi magister notatus anglice for making and setting forth of playes and 
enterludes diebus dominicis 



gardiani ibidem ad presentandum nomina eorum qui [&] interfuerunt 
huiusmodi Ioco, seu iusui/. 

gardiani ad presentandum sim,liter./ 




Register of Sir Tbomas Botelar, Vicar of lIuch Wenlock Leighton: 'Register' 
p 106" (17July) 
17 July. 1547. Eodem die fuit communis ludus apud Hopton monachorum 
cujusludi fuit director Richard Lawley. 





Ar«hdea«onry of Ludlow Acts of Oîce 
p 129" (17Match) 

HRO: box 35, vol 131 


Proceedings of the court held before James Baile)x Lt_o, official principal 3s 
°Robertus Corser/* assembled withe others in the parishe of morvielde; at 
the sound of a drum, whereby the Saboathe daie was profaned, in the 2 daie 
of ffebruary iast/7 die mensis [ffebruarij] rAprilisl^ 1612 apud iudlowe in 
ecdesia ib/dem coram domino Vicar/o generali &c comparuit dictus Robertus 40 
Corser obiectoque ei articulo &c negavit esse verum: vnde habet ad 

116 MORVILLE 1611/12 / MUNSLOW 1606 



"in proximo" 

introducendum certificarium &c in proxJ'mo &c et tunc &c °vij die lulij 1612 
in ecclesia de ludlowe coram domino vicario generali &c comparuit dictus 
Corser et exam inata causa dimittitur cum ad monicionel* 

proximum perendinatof 
*vxor eius consimilil* 7 ° die mensis ffebruanj predicti Similiter vt supra in 
persona mariti &c *7 ° die lulij 1612 Similiter vt supra/* 



Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Odce 
p 272 (31 October) 

HRO." box 35, vol 129 

P,oceeaings of the court held for Wenlock deanery before James Bailey, 1al.D, vicar 15 
general, in the presence of James La wrence, notary public 

(blank) Bird detectus that he vpon sonday the xxviij th ofSeptember last past 
1606 he came to Munslowe with a beare and there bayted the same beare 
without the licence of any of the parrishe 


dictus (blank) Millard pro Consimili 

Gardiani ibidem moniti ad presentandum the names of ail those that were at 
the beare baitinge *Quo die comparuerunt &c habent ad speccandum citra 25 
recessum &c* 


p 277" 
Thomas Arundell detectus for being present at a bearebaiting at Munslowe 
vppon the Sabaoth daie, and for gathering money then &c./Citatus &c in 
xix Novembris predicti &c preconizatus. / &c non comparuit &c. 
ex commun icatus l 

Thomas Sheparde of Balcot, for being then and there present &c/. xixo die 
Novembris predicti comparuit &c et super examinacione articuli &c dimissus 
est cum admonicione 



6/ consimili: tir pro consimili 6/ ffebruan'j: ]brAprilis (?): seep 115, L28 

MUNSLOW 1606 / MYNDTOWN 1613 117 



p 278* 

( blank) dus vxor pro consimili &c xixo die Novembris predicti &c similiter 
vt supra. &c 

Isack Shapard eorum filius pro consimili &ci xixo die Novembrissimiliter 
vt supra &ci 



p 324 (31 October) 

Proceedings of the court held for Clun deanery before James Bailey, t», vicar 
genera« of the bishop of Hereford 

Humfrey Lawe detectus per gardianos de Munslowe for being present at a 
bearbaiting at Munslowe vppon the Saboath daie and, putting his dogg then 
and there at the said Beare/xixo die mensis Novembris predicti comparuitl 
ch'crus Humfridus Law obiectoque ei articulo huiusmodi &c fassus est &c 
monitus est inposterum &c dimissus est 





Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of O/ïce 
f [167]* (24 November) 

HRO: box 35, vol 132 25 

Proceedings of the court held for Clun deanery before Silas Griffïthes, sro, deputy 
judge of James Baile LL», vicar general 
o.. 31) 
°W'dlimus ffrancke, did keepe dancing in his howse in time of Evening praierl 
on the Saboathe daie being the x the daie of Octeber last/° quesitus &c xvtO 
die mensis decembris predicti comparuit personaliter Elizabetha ffrancke ad 
cuius peticionem dominus continuavit causam in proximam secundam curiam 
post festum Purificacionis proximuml °nono die ffebruarij" precb'cti &c 3 
preconizatus &c excommunicatus ° 

321 Octeber. firOctober 
35/ festum Puritïcam/ 2Februawl613/14 

118 NFEN SAVAGE 1618 



Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of 
f [54]* (1 September) 

HRO'- box 36, vol 135 

Proceedings of the court held belote Gabriel Wallwin, ua, deputy judge 

Edwardus ffarmer for dancinge ont the (...) daie contrarie to his maiestie decree 
citatus &c per publi(...) in xv diem decembris precti preconizatus &c non 
comparuit &c ex(...) 


Thomas Barker pro consimili xxijo die Septembris predicti comparuit et 
obiecto ei articulo fassus est articulum esse verum vnde dominus iniunxit ei 
penitentiam iuxra formarn schedule Et ad certificandum in proximo xx o die Is 
Octobris precb'cti comparuit et dominus ad dus peticionem continuavit 
certificarium penitentie in proximum xjo die mensh Novembris 1618 in 
ecclesia de Ludiowe corarn mag/rtro Gabriele Wallwin artium mag/tro deputato 
&c comparuit personab'ter ctus Barker et introduxit formam et in vim 
iuramenti sui certificavit de peractione penitentie iuxta &c vnde dimissus 2o 

Walterus Batheridge pro consimili [Quo dit] vicesimo dit mens/s Octobris 
predicti comparuit personal/ter ctus Mantle et obiecto ei articulo fassus est 
articulum esse verum vnde dominus iniunxit ei 2 dies penitentie more 
penitentiali Et ad certifoeandum in pmximo xjo die mens/s Novembris predicti 
preconizatus & non comparuit &c xixO die mens/s Ianuarij 1618 iuxta &c 
apud Ludlowe coram magistro Gabriele Wallwin artium magistro deputato 
&c comparuit et dominus ad eius peticionem ipsum absoluit a sententia 
excommunicationis et revocavit prius decretum et iniunxit ei ad confitendum 
articulum coram ministro et gardJanis ibidem die dominico proximo nono 
dit ffebruarij precb'cti comparuit et in vim iuramenti certificavit de peractione 
penitentie &c 

Thomas Mantle xxijo Septembris predicti comparuit °personaliter obiectoque 
ei articulo [fassus est] negauit esse verum vnde habet ad purgandum se in 
proximo &c cure bina manu &c facta proclamacione &c/° xxo die mensh 
Octobris predicti [comparuit personaliter] preconizatus &c non comparuit 
neque produxit compurgatores iuxta &c vnde dominus pronuntiavR &c et 
decrevit ipsum citandum fore erga proximum dicere causas quare &c xj ° die 


9/ ¢...): sheet tare; sabbath miaig (7.) 
10/ publiL..): heet torn: publicum edictum miang (?.) 

11/ OEL..): hea tom; excommunicattm miug(?.) 
29/ prius: us wriuen above illegible erarure 

NEEN SAVA(;E 1618--19 / NEWCASTLE 1637 119 

mensh Novembris predicti preconizatus &c comparuit personaliter dictus 
Mantle et iuramentum prestit de innocentia sua./ 

f [292] (20 October) 

HRO: box 24, vol 90 

Proceedings of the court held for Stottesdon deanery bqCore Gabriel Wallwin, , 
deputyjudge of Oliver Lloyd, IS_O, official principal of the bishop of Hereford 

Iohannes Barker aleman had dauncing in his howse about the xxjth daie of 
Iune Last past being the saboath daie, and a great assemblie there drinckeing 
Quo die comparait et obiecto ei articuio negavit articulum esse verum vnde 
dominus iniunxit ei ad purgandum se in proximo cure vjta manu &c facta 
proclamacion¢ [se] primo die decembr/s predicti preconizatus &c non comparait 
neque produx/t compurgatores &c vnde dominus pronuntiavit eum defecisse 
in purgacionesua et pro convicto haberi et decrevit ipsum citandum fore erga 
proximum dicere causas quare &c citatus &c per publicum edictum in xv diem 
decembris predicti preconizatus &c non comparuit &c excommunicatus yAxO 
die Ianuarij predicti comparuit et dominus ipsum absoluit a sententia 
excommunicationis &c et ex causis retulit causam ad proximum presentem 







Archa«aconry of Ludlow Acts of O« 
f [290]* (Afier 30 May) 

HRO: box 39, vol 146 


Proceedings oçcourts held for Clun deanery, taken out of the book beginning 3o 
14 February 1636/7, and held before the oJ]ïcial principal 
Dauid Lewis detectus for prophaning the iords day by going out of [theire] 
^rhisl owne parish vnto another parish to the Wake & pastime in New Castle 
for absenting himselfe from evening prayer, °Quo die comparuit dictus Lewis 35 
et ridera fecit se precibus matutinis in ecdesia sua parochiali predicta die 
prelibato dominico interfuisse et negotiatum esse post meridiem &c in 
Newcastle necessario &c et dominus perpensa causa dirm'sit admonicione &c ° 

°Thomas Bridges detectus pro consimili 30 Maij 1637 citatus intra parochiam 
predictam per ffrayteli. Quo die preconizatus &c non comparait &c 

351 himselfe: written as correcuon over themselues 381 admoniciot:forcum admonicione (?) 




excommunicatus &c* *4o die lulij 1637 predicticomparuitet perpensa causa 
dominus eum dimisit cum admonic/one* 
"Griflînus ap lobn detecruspmconsimili.I Quo die Sim//iter vt in actu contraLew* 


Arc»a««on. ,,l"l.,dl, Aa, ,,1" o« 
f [243]* (4June) 

HRO: box 34, vol 126 

Proceedings of tbe court beld in the parish church of Ludford before Roger Grene, 
deputy judge, in the presence of Thomas Crumpe 
contra Thomam Oliuers iuniorem 
notatus anglice for drincking dauncing, & banquetting or such like/tempore 
diuinorum, [& shoting of guns,] dmtus per yong apparitorem &ci comparuit 
dictus primo die Iulij predicti/& examinatus super huiusmodi articulo sub vi 
Iuramenti &c negauit &c vnde dimissus &ci 

contra dictum Thomam Oliuers 
notatus anglice for shooting ofguns tempore diuinoruml & for dauncing 
tempore diuinorum/&c Quo [die] primo die lulij predicti &c quia denegatur 
&c vnde d'vnissus &c 

contra Richardum Corbet iuniorem 
pro simili./quo [die] primo die lulij predicticomparuitdictus Richardus 
Corbet Junior & super examinacione articuli sub ri Iuramenti negau/t ^r(vt 
supra) 1 [precipue infra parochiam de Westburne] 

contra [Richardum] Iohannem Peens 
notatus pro simdi/quodque est vsurarius/quo die dominus super examinacione 
articuli huiusmoaq sub vi Iuramenti sui eundem Iohannem Peens/dimisit &ci 






contra Pdchardum Collins 35 
notatus anglice being a minstrell for plaieng at divine service vpon trinitie 
sunday last & diuers other [su(.)d] sundaies/& shoting ofhis [gow] gunne 
in the sermon tyme vpon whitson munday to the disturbance ofthe Preacher 
& hearers ofthe word/quo die comparuit, & examinatus sub ri Iuramenti 
huiusmodi &c dominus eundem Pdchardum Coilins dimitti &c 40 

361 anglice: 3 minims m Ms 
36-71 trinitie sunday last: 6June 1596 

381 whitson munday: 31 May 1596 
401 dimitti:]brdimitti decreuit (?) 

PREES 1601 / RUSHBURY 1621 121 


Examination of Rictard Burde 
single sheet* 

SRO: 3365/2211/7 

xxviijo die lunij 
The examinacion of Richard Burde ofwellington 
Being examined howe he behaved himselfvpon whidsonday the monday & 
Tewsday nexte after sayth that he & his maister beinge on ffraunces Sukar 10 
cam from wellington vpon whidsonday & lay ail night art Prees ^rat his 
maisters mothers housel & on monday they went to whitchurche ffayre & 
monday night thay lay at Prees & on Tewsday this examinant went to the 
horse Runninge at Prees ^rheathl but his maister stayed at Prees ail that day 
and they lay togethet at Prees on Tewsday night & on wensday in the morninge s 
this examinant went to wellington & lefte his maister att Prees Beinge 
examined whoe sent him to this Towne & ^rforl what [sent him] he cam 
hether sayth on margarert Coxe beinge his maisters Landlady sent him to 
this Towne to see what his maister did want & howe ail marters stood with 
him and to travell to his maisters ffrendes to procure sureties to Baie his 20 
maister vntill the Assises 



Ar«[Æ««onry of Luow Acts of O«e 
f [83]* HMay) 

nRo: box 37, vol 137 


Proceedings agaimt those detected at the bishop's visitation in April 1621, hem 
for Wenlock deanery before Gabrid Wallwin, 1, deputy judge, in thepresence 3o 
of James Lawrence, notary public 
contra Iohannem Munslow alias yeoman/ 
detectus for vsing vnlawfull sportes in the churchyard of Rushburie on the 
sabaoth dayes & namely on the fifieenth & xxijth ofApril last rurtinge playnge 35 
at stoole ball leapinge & iumppinge & beyinge admonished by the parson 
said it was but the wearinge a sheete & for that he did hOt care before most 
that were at Eveninge prayer in derision, in leapinge he doeth breake the 
graves with his heeles, vlffmo Maij 162l comparuit et fassus est that he 

391 1621: date underlimedimls 

122 RUSHBURY 1621 / SHEINTON 1614 

did daunce in the churchyard with an hobby horse & leap there & beynge 
forbidden by the pamon [did] saying that he would presente him [said] 
bad him doe it ifhe would & did againe leap after him quam confessmnem 
dominus acceptavit quatenus &c et iniunxit ei penitenciam iuxta schedu/am 
&c et monuit eum ad extrahendum schedu/am &c et ad certificandum 19 Iunij 
1621 dominus continuavit in proximum 27 Iunij 1621 Iohannes Englishe 
certificavit et dominus eum dimisit 


Attorney-General's Information about Libellous Songs 
mb 3* (8 November) 

PRO: STAC 8/20/8 


To the Kinges most excdlent Mestie 15 
In most humble wise complayning sheweth and informeth to your highnes 
Sir ffrancis Bacon knight your Maiesties Atturney generali That whereas one 
Henry Wood ofwestcopice in the County ofSalop gentleman a man of 
good name and faine and by ail the tyme ofhis liefhither vnto hath duly 
and honestly behaved himself in his vocacion and calling and hath iived in 20 
good creditt and estimation amongst his neighbours without any note or 
tanth ofscandall and infamy Neverthdes so it is may it please your highnes 
that one Richard Batley and Iohn Shawe men ofvery dissolute iiefand 
behaviour and being Common depravers ofthe Creditt and good naine of 
theyr neighbours greatly maligning the sayd Henry wood and desyring to 25 
drawe him into publique scandall and reproch they the sayd Richard Batley 
and Iohn Shawe not having the feare ofgod before theyr eyes nor regarding 
your Maiesties lawes and the severe punishment most iustly due to the makers 
contrivers and publishers of false and infamous iibeils and rymes did most 
vnlawfully and malitiously confederate and plott amongst them selves and 30 
with other like evill disposed peinons to your sayd Atturney yett vnknowen 
whose names when they shall be knowen he humbly prayeth they may be 
inserted into this Information and made defendantes to the same how and 
by what meanes they might vtterly overthrow the good name and creditt 
ofthe sayd Henry Wood and bring him into vtter scandali and reproch 35 
and therevpon they the sayd Richard Batley and lohn Shawe and other the 
ConfedeÆats aforesayd by the confederacy and piott aforesayd in the monethes 
ofDecember lanuary and ffebruary now past did most vnlawfully and 
malitiously make invent contrive and putt in writing the most infamous and 

61 lohannes Englishe: Jbr lohannes Munslow (?) 

SHEINTON 1614 123 

scandaious libell herevnto annexed and divers other scandaious and libellous 
songes and rymes the sayd libell herevnto annexed and the sayd other libellous 
and infamous songes and rymes conteyning and purporting most faise 
scandaious and reprochfull infamyes and vntruthes of and concerning the 
sayd Henry wood tending to the sayd Henry woodes greate infamy disgrace 
and damage And the sayd Richard Batley and lohn Shawe and other the 
Confederatours aforesayd by the confederacy aforesayd art the tymes aforesayd 
and art divers tymes sithence to the greate and insupportable wrong iniury 
sclaunder disgrace and damage ofthe sayd Henry wood have ruade divers 
and sundry Copyes ofthe sayd infamous libell and libellous songes and rymes 
and the same bave fLxed vpon postes and scartered in publique places and art 
great assemblies and meetinges to the end the saine might be the more generally 
knowen divulged and spredd abroade to the vtter infamy and disgrace ofthe 
sayd Henry wood and have ailso sent divers Copyes ofthe sayd libell and 
libellous songes and rymes to divers oftheyr freindes and acquaintans as 
tokens and newyeres gifles and have likewise published and divulged the sayd 
libell and libellous songes and rymes both by reading and singing the saine 
and by delivering Copyes thereof to divers other posons and by divers other 
wayes and meanes whereby the sayd Henry wood bath bene most vniustly 
and causelesly sdaundered defamed wronged and damnifi/ed In consideracion 
whereofand for that ail and singuler the offences & misdemeanours aforesayd 
were committed and done sithence your Mes6es last generall and free pardon 
and are very greate and grievous and if the saine should not be punished 
would tend to the encouragement and evill example of other like lewd and 
dissolute people and to the intent the sayd offendors may receive condigne 
punishment for theyr so great and greivous offences may it please your highnes 
to graunt to your sayd Atturney your Maiesties most gracious writt of sub pena 
to the sayd Richard Batley and Iohn Shawe and theyr Confederates to be 
directed thereby charging and comaunding them and every of them att a 
certein day and vnder a certein payne therein tobe limited personaily to be 
and appeare before your hignes and your most honnourable Councdl in your 
Ma/est/es highe Court ofstarrchamber then and there to answere the premisses 
and to stand to and abyde such further order and direccion there in as to 
your highnes sayd Councdl shail seeme to stand with iustice and your sayd 
Arturney as he is bound shail ever pray for your Maiesties most happy Raigne 
over these your Reaimes long to continew 
(signed) Francis Bacon 
Thomas Coventry 

311 higncs: jr hlghnes 

124 SHE|NTON 1614 

°Parker ° 

mb 2 (Attacted extibit: text of libellous rhyme) 

Roume Sheinton roume in tyme ofdeath 
I wish to rest in thee 
not with Hancockes nor with woodcockes 
but with Heathcocke would I bee 
O Heathe in thy lief thou house and wief 
didest guyde from here flie 
thou stoodest for Christ thou didest resist 
Popes and theyr hierarchie 
thou servantes sure thou keepest pure 
theyr liberty so restrained 
thou proud thou envious noe 
hit might not be mainteyned 
since thy tyme alas to faccions passe 
I was both tand and taught 
theise popishe bages with uncleane Cages 
were about me wrought 
Hancockes brought me Heathcockes taught me 
Woodcockes fraught me with Imagerie 
In resurreccion iust o Christ I trust 
with Heath to be with thee 
what say the pure doe they deplore 
yes and make this mocion 
that this deathes fitt he might have quitt 
that gave the last potion 
Sheinton for my grave thankes thou shalt have 
when woodcocke endes his lief 
Lend him a tome for hether he will corne 
but lay him with Cooke his wief 

Demurrer to th¢ Attorn¢y-G¢neral's Information vao: STAC 8/20/8 
mb 1 (21 November) 




The severail demurrer of Richard Batteley gent/eman one 3s 
of the defendauntes to the Informacion of Sir ffrauncis 
Bacon Knight his Mesties Attorney generail 
Ail advantages of exception to the incerteyntie insuflïciencie and imperfeccions 
ofthe saide Infourmacion to him this defendant nowe and art ail tymes 
hereafter beinge saved, And by protestacion not confessinge or acknowledginge 40 

13/ noe:./rone (?) 16/ tand:r tarte, le. ta'en (?.) 

SHEINTON 1614 125 

any of the supposed offences or misdemeanors in contrivinge devisinge 
makinge or publishinge the libell or wrytinge to the saide lnformacion 
annexed, saieth That he thinketh the saine Informacion to be pr0cured ruade 
and exhibited into this honorable Courte against him this defendaunt, and 
Iohn Shawe therein named, by the Relacion and att the onely Costes and s 
Charges in the iawe of Henry Woode therein also named supposed to be 
wronged and Scandalized thereby, who is instigated and sert on soe to doe by 
one Peter Wood vndersheriffe ofthe Countie of Salopp for the yeare last past, 
which saide Henrye Wood (ifhe had any iust came of Complainte againste 
him this defendaunt shoulde and might more properly haue complayned in 
his owne name) but that he beinge a Recusant/heretofore 1 convicted and 
excommunicated and soe ytt standeth and contynueth obstinated in his 
opinion of recusancie, and will by noe meanes conforme him selle to his 
maiesties lawes, or lire or be retayned in his due obedience, as a good and 
duetifuli Subiecte ought to doe./And forasmuch as the Complainte of 15 
the saide Informacion is for makinge devisinge and publishinge ofa most 
infamous and scandalous iibeil supposed to conteyne scandalous and 
reproachfuli infamye and vntruthes of and concerninge the saide Henrie Wood 
tendinge to lais greate infamye disgrace and damage, And for that alsoe the 
wrytinge tearmed a libell annexed to the saide Informacion, which is supposed 
to be made ofthe saide Henrye Wood, dothe in noe sorte name him, directly 
or indirectly, nor can be drawne by any construccion or intendement to 
concerne him the saide Wood if it were a libeli (as in truthe it seemeth hOt 
to be any libell at ail) nor any waie defamatorie to the saide Wood, or any 
other. And for that alsoe the saide wrytinge soe tearmed a libeli, to the saide 
Informacion annexed, nor any one sentence or worde therof, is expressed 
mencioned or sert downe in the saide Informacion (as it ought to be) and a 
certeyne charge thereoflaied againste this defendaunt in the said Informacion, 
neither is it expressed therein howe or in what sorte the saide wrytinge can 
be construed, applyed, or intended, to haue beene made by the saide Henrye 
Wood: This defendaunt aswell in respecte ofthe causes aforesaide as alsoe 
for divers and sondrie other apparaunte causes insuftîciencies and defectes in 
the saide Informacion appearinge (vnder the favoure ofthis most honorable 
Courte, dothe humbly demurre and abide in the iawe and most humbly 
demaundeth the Iudgement ofthis most honorable Courte whether he shalbe 
compelled to make any other or further answere to the saide lnformac/on 
And humbly praieth to be dismissed out ofthis honorable Courte with his 
Costes against the saide Henrye Woode the Relator for his vniuste vexacion 
and trouble in this causeles suite./ 
(signed) Iames Moore/ 40 

i il name): par#nd/, d/Jpl,,cedfrom Z !0, aBer defendaunt 341 Courte; vmma used.[br clasinpan, mhesh (?) 


SHIPTON 1635 / $11REWSBURY 1269-1305 


Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oàce 
f [191] (3OJuly) 

HRO: box 38, vol 140 

Proceedings of the court held for Wenlock deanery before the vicar general in the 
presence of Richard Brasier, registrar 
Thomas Crumpe ^rmusicus detectus ^rwrgardianos de shipton for playing 
in the parish of Shipton on saboath & holydayes being a Recusant and for 
not coming to Church °citatus 19 die Augusti 1635 infra parochia de 
didleburie prout Meele fidem fecit/preconizato trina vice et nullo modo 
comparente dominus pronunciavit eum contumacem et in penam 
ex communicacionis ° 




Abbati Salopie 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/311 
m b 3" (Expenses) 
Symorff filio Hugon/s le harpare, v. d. oh. 

Letter from Edward, Prince of Wales, to the Abbot of Sbrewsbury 
pro: E 163/5/2 
mb 14" (12 September) 
Al Abbe de Salop' saluz e chiers amistez. Pur ceo que [nostre] Richard nostre 
Rymour desire moult daprendre la menestralcie de Crouther e nous auoms 
entendu que vus auez vn bon Croutheour oue vus'. vus priouns chierment 
que vus voillez comander a vostre Croutheour quil apreigne al dit Richardsa 
menstralcie. E que vus voillez truuer a meismes celi Richardsa sustenaunce en 
vostre dite maison tant corne il y demorra entur la prise de la dite menestralcie 
pur lamur de nus. E nusvus enuoloms especiaument estre tenuz a mercier. 
bon' souz &c. a WhiteWaltham le xii iour de septembre. 

38/ souz: possiblyforsaioutz 
38/ WhiteWaitham: White Waltham. Berkshire 





sri REWStltJRV 1388--90 127 


Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 33651349 
mb ld (Expenses) 
Item pacatum de Tollneto pro histrion'ComitisArundeil & 
histdon'domini le Straunge 

Bailiffs" WeeIdy Accounts silo: 33651350 
mb 2d (17- 23 January) 

Item solutum pro rpanel & uino Mandatis domino Burnell 
tempore Sessionis v s. v d. 
Item in expensis NichoZai Gerady in dicta sessione ij s. v d. 
Item in expensis alia die sessionis circa dominum de burnell v s. j. d. 
Item Datum histrionibus domino Burnell die dominica proxima ante festum 
Epiphanie iii s. iiij d. Et in Expensis Balliuorum apud Acton Burnell eodem 
rempote viij d. 

(23 - 9 May) 




+ Item in expensis ad prandium & ad Cenam circa histriones 
®+ ComitisArundeli die Mercur/jin Septimana Pasche 

xvij s. iiij d. ob. 

c 1389-90 
Assembly Minute Book 1 
f A col 1" 

sco: 67 No. I 

Ordinacio Procescionis. Artificum Ville. Salopie. In Festo Corporis Chr/sti 
F Molendinarij. 
C Pistores. 
IlS Coci 


141 blicho/i Gerady: apparemly town derk 
141 ij s. v d.: ij, v wriuen as correction, over erasure 
161 dommo: Jbr domini 
16-171 die dommica ... Epiphanie: 3 ]anuary 1388/9 
241 die MercurO... Pasche: 21 Apri11389 

128 SHREWSBtR¥ 1389--1401 

Carnilïces ÷ 
Barcarij. ÷ 
(.)arpentarij. ÷ 
fflechers Cowpers & Bowers. ÷ 
(.)onsarij cum Barbitonsoribus. 
(.)potecarij. ÷ 
(...)res. ÷ 


Bailiffs'Accounts sp, o: 3365/353 i 
mb l d* (Expenses) 
... Item in pane & ceruisia expenditis circa Bracy & herbergiator' domini 
Principis & histriones Comitis Staffordie xvj. d. Item in pane & ceruisia 
expendit/f circa vnum seruientem domini Regh ad arma commedentem cum 20 
balliuis, xj. d. C Item in pane & ceruisia expendith circa histriones domini 
Principis cenantes cum balliuis, xij d. 
Item in diuersis expensis factis per balliuos in honore ville circa Ministros 
Principis videlicet herbergiator'histriones Magistrum equorum & histriones 2 
ComitisStaffordie ix s. iiij d .... 

mb 2d 

...Item datum Ministr' ComitisArundell vj s. viii d .... Item in expensisde 
Menstralls Comitum Wygore & Staffordie ac Ministr' Arundell. per tres 
vices ix s. iiij d. Item in expensh vicecomitis. & ociorum suorum iij. s. iij d. 

mb 3d 

... Item datum histrion' domini Regis in vigib'a sancti Egid/j vj s. viii d .... 


6/ (. arpentarij: r Carpentarij; edge damaged 
9/ (. onsarij: r Tonsarij; edge damaged 
10/ t.. )potecarij: Jbr Apotecarij; edge ,maged 

32/ Arundell: Jbr comitis de Arundell (?.) 
38/ vigiliasancti Egicbï: 31 August 1389 

$1tREWSBURY 1407-8 129 

Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 33651355 
mb ld* (Expenses) 
Item dati ij histrionibus Comit/sArrundell 
Item pro cerusia dictorum histfionum 
Item datum cuidam histrioni Comitisse arrundell per Iohannem glouer 
balb'uum in honore ville xii d. 
Item in expensis circa Iohannem Brugge Escheatorem 
existentem in domo Iohannis Glouer balliui 
In expens£¢ circa histriones domini Powisie ib/dem 
Item datum eisdem histfionibus in auto 

Item datum histrionibus ad Sponsalt consanguinei dauid 
Holbache in honore ville 

xl. d. 
iiij s. vij d. 
iii s. iiij d. 



mb 2d* 
Item solutum vj. hominl'ous stantibus ad portam lapideam 
illo die quo dominm de ffurnyvale venit ad villam Salopie 

ij s. 


Item solutum lohanni Rygale nuncio Comith arrundell vj s. viii d. Item 2s 
histrion' eiusdem Comit/s. iij s. iiij. d. Item histrionibus domini de Talbot 
ij s. Item histrionibus domini de ffurnyvale ij.s. 
... Item ad domum dauid holbache illo die quo Consanguineus suus desponsatus 
fuit iij. lagene vini rubei ... Item Wele & laken quando venerunt cure balliuis 5o 
de domo holbache j potellum vini rubei & j. potellum vini albi Item eisdem 
Wele & laken in comitiua balliuorum alia vice j. lagena j. quarta vini rubei & 
j. potellum vini albi Item eisdem j. lagena j. lagena vini rubei & j. lagena vini 
albi Item domino de furnyvale iiij. lagenevini Item domino Talbot iij. lagene 
Item Comiti arrundell in die sessionis iiij. lagenevini rubei & j iagena albi... s 

33/ j. lagena j. lagena: dittography 

130 S HREWSBURY 1426--33 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/363 
mb l d* (Expenses) 
Item datum histrionibus ad sponsalia in domo lohannis Perle 
in honore ville 
Item datum histrionibus ducis Gloucestrie in honore ville 
Item datum j. lagene vini eisdem histrion/bus de Romeney & 
Item pro expensis factis circa histriones domini Talbot 
Item datum eisdem histrionibus in honore ville 

vj s. viij 
vj s. vi ij 
iiij s. vj 
vj s. viii 


mb 2d* 
Item datum ad sponsalia Iohannis Shotton lunioris ad 
histriones domini Grey & al' histrionum 

x s. iiij d. 


mb 3d 

Item datum histrion/bus ducis Gloucestrie 
In vino expendito super dictos histriones 

vj s. viij d. 
viii d. 


Bailiffs'Accounts sv, o: 3365/364 
mb 2d* (Expenses) 
Item pro liberatis trium Subbalb'uorum duorum histrionum 
& Clamatoris 

ls. vjd. 

10/ Malmescy: 2 rn«nirm m m 
19/ ai' histrionum: for alium or alio histrion um (?) 

SHREWSBURY 1435--9 131 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/367 
mb ld (Expenses) 
Item solutum pro liberatis trium Weytes ville & Communitatis 
hoc ail Ilo 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/373 
mb 2d (Expenses) 
Item in denariis datis Ministrallis Comitis Staffordie. vj s. viii d. 
Item solutum pro vino dato eisdem Ministrali/s xvij d. 

Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 3365/370(a) 
mb 3 (Expenses) 
Item pro liberata. Clamatoris & duorum Ministrallorum. 
vocatorum Waytes ville predicte xv. s. x. d. 
Item pro expens/ factis in vino super Magnam Inquisicionem. ville 
ad Sessionem Iusticiariorum pac/ tentam die Martis in crastino 
sancti Hillarij anno xvjo. & Ministrallos. Comitis Staffordie 
eodem tempore apud Salopiam existentes xix. d. 
ltem in denariis dat predictis Ministrailis vj s. viii d. 

Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 3365/375 
mb 2 (Expenses) 
ltem Thome fforster pro iiberata panni sex sessorum iiij ii. duorum histrionurn 
vocatorum Waytes. x s. & Clamatoris v s. 
Item pro iiberata Balliuorum xl s. v i li. xv s. 







25-6/ die Mart/s ... ano xvjo: Tuesday, 14 January 16Henry v1, te. 1437/8 
35-6/ iiij ll., x s., v s.: underlined in M 

132 SllREWSBURï 1441--5 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/377 
mb 1" (Ex'penses) 
Item in denariis datis, histrionibus. Regis pro honestate ville rmense 
Item in vino expendito super balliuos & eosdem histriones. 
Item solutum Edwardo Bastard pro liberatis Clamatoris & 
trium histrionum vocatorum Waytes quolibet capiente v. s. 

XXo So 


Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/377 
mb 2 (Ex'penses) 
Item in regardo facto histrionibus Comitis Staffordie. 
Item in vino expendito super Balliuos & eosdem Ministrallos. 
Item solutum Edwardo Bastard pro liberata trium histrionum 
vocatorum Waytes quobbet capiente v. s. 

vj s. viii d. 
xxij. d. 

XVo S. 



Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/377 
mb 3 (Ex'penses) 
Item in denariis datis, histrionibus Comitis Salopie pro 
honestate ville 
Item pro vino expendito super Balliuos & eosdem histriones. 



Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/377 
mb 4 (Ex'penses) 
Item in denariis datis histrionibus Comitis arundell &c. 
Item in vino expendito super balliuos &. eosdem ministrallos. 

vj s. viii d. 
xii. d. ob. 


10. 211 v.s.: underlinedin¢s 

SHREWSSUR' 1444--6 133 

Item ^rWille/rno lewterl Ministrallo eunti coram Balliuis in 
vigilia Natiuitatis lohannis. 
Item pro pane & vino expenditt2 super ball iuis & aliis probis 
homin,bus secum ambulantibus eadem nocte 

iiij. s. viii d. 

Item pro [vino] pane & vino ^rvidelicet vj. lagenisl expenditis 
super balliuis & aliis probis hominibus, cum illis ambulantibus 
in vigilia apostolorum petri & pauli 

iiij. s. 

Item solutum histrioni vocato Trumpet eundo coram Balliuis in 
vigiliis Natiuitatis Iohannis Bapt/rte & apostolorum petri & pauli 

xii d. 


mb 4d 
Item in denariis datis, histrionibus Regis pro honestate rvillel 
Item pro vino expendito super balliuos & eosdem histriones 
Item in denariis solutis histrionibus Comitis Salopie pro honestate 
ville &c 
Item in vino expend/to super Balliuos & eosdem histriones 

X. So 
xviij d. 



Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/377 
mb 5* (Expenses) 
Item in denariis, dat/s histrionibus Comit/s arundell 
Item in vino [d] expendito super balliuos. & eosdem histriones 
Item in denariis datis Ministrallis Comith de Tankeruill pro 
honestate ville ^riiij s. & pro vino eisdem iiij d.3 &c. 
Item in denariis datis cuidam histrioni veteri Comitis Salopie 
Item in denariis da vj histrionibus ducis Eboraci 

iiij. s. iiij. d. 

iii. s. iiij d. 
vj. s. viii. d. 




21 villia.., lohannis: 23 June 1445 
81 villia ... pauli: 28 June 1445 
32/ iiij s.1, iiij d.l: underlinedins 

134 S))REWSUaV 1445- 6 

Item pro expens/s Balliuorum & hominum secum existencium 
& sequenHum in vigilia Natiuitatis sancti Iohannis Baptiste 
videlicet in vino 
Item in denariisdatis [Ioh] Willelmo luter Ministrallo eadem 
nocte ambulante coram Balliuis pro labore ^rsuol 
Item pro expens Balliuorum in vigilia apostolorum petri & 
pauli & hominum illos sequencium pro honestate ville & 
conseruacione pac/s 
Item in denariis data's duobus Ministrallh eadem nocte &c 
Item pro expensh domine de Talbot vxoris Mag/tri lohannis 
Talbot ad iantaculum suum & in vino expendito super d/ctam 
dominam in Mansione sua ad lusum, extra Muros in septimana 
pentecostes duobus diebus, eiusdem septimane 
Item in vino (.)xpendito super Magistrum Iohannem Talbot 
Mi/item in vigilia Translacionis sancti Thome 
Item in vino expenditosuperMinistrall" Magistri Iohannis 

mb 5d 

Item in denariis datis histrionibus Comith Southfi/kie 
Item in vino expendito super Balliuos. lnquisitores vi/le de 
probis hominibus pro rakyng & predictos histriones 

ni s. 
×ij d. 

lxxvj s. vj. d. 





2/ vigi|ia ... Bapte: 23furie 1446 
5/ ambulante: for ambulanti 
6-7/ vigdia.., pauli: 28June 1446 
71 sequencium: q obwured by blot 
I II domine de Talbot: Elizabeth. wife ofJohn Talbot. laterfifih earl of Shrewsbury 
12/ Talbot: o obwuredby blot 
13-14/ septinuana pentecostes: 5-11June 1446 
161 (. )xpendim: for expendito;/etter illegible 
17/ in vigdia ... Thome: cuber Smurday. 2July, the eve of the Tramlatmn of St Thomas the Apoul, or 
Wedneday. 6 July, the eve of the Tramlation of St Thomas of Cnte,bury 

StREWSIUl¥ 1446- 8 135 

Bailiffs'Accouuts silo: 3365/377 
mb 6 (Expenses) 
Item in denariis datis histrionibus Comit/ de Tankeruill. 

iii s. iiij d. 

Item ^rtribusl Ministrallk Regis de regardo [sibi] rillisl facto 
pro honestate ^rviilek vj. s. viii. d. 
Item vni Ministralio Comit/s Salopie pro consim«'li regardo, xx. d. 
Item pro vino expendito super Ministralios predictos xv. d. 10 
Item Ministraliisducis Eboracide regardo illis facto &c vj. s. viij. d. 
Item pro vino expendito super e[(.)]ro sdem Ministralios xii. d. 
Item pro vino expendito, super Bailiuos & alios probos & iegales 
homines illos sequentes in vigi//a Natiuitatis lohannis Baptiste iij s. vj. d. 
Item ^rduobus Ministraliis euntibus coram Baliiuis eadem nocte viii. d. 15 

Item Thome fforster pro iiberata trium histrionum vocatorum Waytes 
& Iohannis Caluerhali Ciamatoris ville quolibet capiente v. s. 

XXo S° 

mb 6d 
Item pro qu(.)dam regardo facto histrionibus siue Ministralih Regis 
pro honestate ville videlicet vj. vitra seruientes suos 
Item in vino dato eisdem Balliuis & aliis ibidem existentibus 

Xo So 



Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/377 
mb 7 (Expenses) 
Item in denariis datis Mimis Comitis Staffordie ^rxl. d.1 & Mimis 
Cotais de arundell pro honestate ville vj. s. viij. d. et pro vino 
eisdem per ball iuos ibidem xx. d. 
Item duobus Ministra}lis Comitis Tankeruyle pro regardo pro 
honestate ville 

xj. s. viij d. 

iij s. iiij d. 



141 vigilia ... Baptute: 23 June 1447 
171 Thome fforster: bailiffthiyear 
171 histrionum: t obscured by creaJe in membrane 

171 vocatorum: oc obwured by blot 
181 v.s.: underlined in M$ 
331 Comis: r C, orn/tis; abbreviation mark misJing 


SHREWSBtJr¥ 1447--51 
mb 7d* 
Item dauid Bent Coruisario pro expens/s factos equitando 
propter Min istrall' ad Gloucestr/am 

Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/377 
mb 8 (Expenses) 
Item denarijs dat/s iiij or histrionibus domini Regis ij os pro 
honestate ville. 
In vino expen&to super eosdem Minstrallos eodem tempore. 
pro honestate ville 

mb 8d 

Item in exemijs datis videlicet in I. pipa vini rubij data domino 
duc/Eboraci in suo aduentu a terra hibernie xijo die Mensis 
Item in denar/js dat/s histrionibus dicti domini eodem tempore 
pro honestate ville 
Item in vino expendendo super eosdem Minstrallos pro honestate 
ville odem tempore & super alijs seruientibus dicti domini 

vj. s. viii d. 

iiij li. 

iiij s. ij d. 





Bailiffs'A««ounts sRo: 33651377 
mb 9 (Expenses) 3o 
In denarijs datis Histrionibus domini ducis de Bukyngham cum balliuis 
existentibus xiij s. iiij d. & in vino expendito Supereosdem Minstrallos pro 
Honestate ville ij s. iii d. 
Item tribus Mynstrallis ville pre&'cte vocat Waytes pro togis 
suis emptis pro honestate ville xv s. xv s. 

3/ factos: Jbr lattis 
I I/ ijo*: meaningunclear 
25/ odem: Jbr codera 

33-4/ xiij s. iiij d., ijs. iii d.: underlinedinls 
371 xv s. 1 : underlined in MS 

SH REWSBLIRî 1450--2 137 

 Item Solutum Mynstrall' domini Comitis de arondell 
 Item solutum & datum histrioni domini Comitis Salopie pro 
honestate ville, iij s. iiij d. & in vino expendito super eundem 
Minstrallum in presencia Balliuorum & aliorum proborum xij d. 
 Item Minstrall' domini lohannis Talbot Militis pro honestate 
 Item pro quatuor Minstrall/ domini ComitisArundel[ pro 
Honestate ville in presencia Balliuorum Ricardi Stury Rogeri 
Eyton & aliorum proborum hominum x s. in vino expendito 
Super eosdem Minstrallos in presencia Balliuorum &c xvj d. 
IE Item in vino expendito Super Balliuos & alios probos homines 
illis existentes in vigilia Natiuitatis Sa»cti lohannis Baptiste pro 
honestate ville 
 Item vno Minstrallo Comit/s Salopie eunti coram Balliuis & 
al/js probis hominibus in vigilia Natiuitatis Sancti Iohannis 
Baptiste pro honestate ville 

mb 9d 

Item Histrionibus domini ducis Eboraci pro honestate ville 
Item in vino expenditosupereosdem Minstrallosin presencia 
Balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum pro Honestate ville 
Item in denarijs datis vni Minstrallo domini Comit/s Salopie 

iiij s. iiij d. 

iii s. iiij d. 

xj s. iiij d. 

viij s. x d. 

iii s. iiij d. 


ij s. 






Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/380 
series 2, mb 1 (Expenses) 
Item in denarijs datis & in vino expendendo super quodam Minstrallo 


11/ Ricardl Stury: bailiff1445-6and 1452-3; lvtP 1444-6 
1 I-12/ Rogeri Eyton: bailiff1445-6and 1449-50 
16/ illis:]brcum illis; ix obg'uredby blot 

16/ vig/lfia ... Baptiste: 23June 1451 
18/vno:.flr vni 
28/ x.x d.l: underlined,ns 

138 SHREWSBUR¥ 1451--3 

domini Comit/s salopie in presenc/a Balliuorum & aliorum 
proborum hominum pro honestate ville iiij s. ix d. 
Item in denarijs dat/s histrionibus domini ducis de Bokynham 
videiicet quatuor in presencia Balliuorum Rficardi Stury Roberti 
Scryven Thome forster & aliorum proborum hominum pro 
honestate ville 
In vino expendito super eosdem eodem tempore 

mb ld 

Item pro lantaculo Balliuorum & aliorum legalium hominum 
ad Secundam Magnam Cur/am tentam die louis prordmo ante 
festum Sancti Georgij Martiris hoc anno 
Item duobus histrionibus domini de awdeley eodem die in 
presencia Balliuorum & aliorum legalium hominum 
Item quatuor Ministrallis domini ducis Eboraci in presencia 
Balb'uorum &. aborum proborum hominum pro honestate 
Item in vino expendito super eosdem Ministrall0s pro 
honestate ville 

iii i s. ix (.) 

xii i s. iiij d. 
iijs. ixd. 

non lo,atr 

xvij s. iij d. 
iii s. iiij d. 

xiij s. iiij d. 
i ij s. vj d. 

Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/382 
mb 1 (Expenses) 
Item vni Minstrallo coram Balliuis transeunti [coram] in vigilijs 
Natiuitatis Sancti Iohannis Baptiste & Sancti Petri pro honestate 
Item duobus homim'bus duo Candelabra vocata Cressantes coram 
Balb'uh portant/bus pro honestate ville in noctibus predictis 







5/ Pocardi Stury: bail,ff1445-6and 1452-3: I 1444-6 
5-6/ Roberti Scryven: bailiff1450-1 
6/ Thome forster: bailiff1446-7 
14-15/ die ... Martiris: 20 April1452 
30-1/ vigdït ... Petri: 23 and28June 1453 

SHRESBURY 1452--8 1 9 


Item in denarijs dat/s histronibus domini duc/s de Excestra 
pro honestate ville persuperuisum sex Sessorum 
In vino expendendo super eosdern pro honestate ville 
In denarijs dat£« iiijor histrionibus domini ducis de Bukynham 
pro honestate ville & solutum est per Manus Iohannis Colton 
In pane & vino expendit/ super eosdem pro honestate ville 

vj s. viij d. 
x'viij d. 

xiij s. iiij d. 

mb 2d* 
" In denar/js datis lohanni Gos Minstrallo domini Comit/s Salopie 
pro honestate ville in presencia Balliuorum & aliorum proborum 
hominum vj s. viij d. 
• In pane & vino expendendo super eodem Minstrallo eodem 
rempote x'viij d. 
• In vino expendito super quodam Ministralo domini Comith Salopie vj d. 
IE Item in denarijs datis eidem Ministrallo pro honestate ville iij s. iiij d. 
" Item Iohanni Phelypps Pyper pro suo labore in vigilia Natiuitatis 
Sancti lohannis Baptiste & in vigilia Sancti Petri ij s. 

Bailiffs'Accounts sp, o: 33651385 
mb 1 (Expenses) 
Et in denar/js solutis iiijor Minstral|is domini duc/s de 
Bukyngham pro quodam regardo ill/s dato pro honestate 
ville & solutum ad Manus Rogeri Sorysby xiij s. iiij d. 
Et in denarijs solutis pro vino expendito super dictos 
Minstrallos eodem tempore & solutum ad Manus dicti 
Rogeri Sorysby ij s. ij d. 
Et in denar/js solutis pro duabus lagenis vini albi vocati Ruynysch 
Wyne & vna lagena vini Rubij dat/s domino de Powys pro honestate 
ville & solutum est ad manus Willelmi Nesse iii s. viii d. 

7/ lohann/ Cotton: one ordre Six Men di» year 
32/ Rogeri Sorysby: one of the Six Men thi» year 

391 Wi|lelrni Nesse: one of tbe Six Men tbù.rear 






140 s11REWSBURY 1457--8 

Et in denar/js dath duobus Minstrall/s domini de Powys pro 
honestate ville & solutum est ad manusWilldmi Wootten 
Et in denar/.ïs soluth pro vna lagena vini de Ruyn data dicth 
Minstrallis pro honestate ville & solutum est ad Manus 
Willelmi Nesse xv I d. 
Et in denarOs dat/s duobus Minstrall/s domini Comitis Salopie 
in presencia Balbuorum & aliorum proborum hominum pro 
honestate ville v s. 
Et in denar/js Soluth pro vino expendito super eosdem Minstrall0s 
pro honestate ville & solutum est ad manusWillelmi Nesse xviij d. 
Et in denarijs dath vni Minstrall0 domini principis & suo puero 
pro honestate ville & solutum est ad Manus Rogeri Sorysby x s. 
Et in denar/.ïs Soluth pro vino expendito super dictum Minstrallum 
pro honestate, ville. & solutum est ad Manus dicti Rogeri xx d. 

vj s. viii d. 

mb ld 

Et (..) denarijs dat/s tribus Minstrallh domini de Penbrok pro 
honestate ville et solutum est ad manus Rogeri Sorysby 
Et (..) denarijs soluth pro vino expendito super d/c(...) 
Minstrall0s in presenc/a Balliuorum et aliorum proborum 
hominum & solutum est ad manum dicti Rogeri 

Et in denars Solut/s tribus Minstrallh domini comith Salopie 
pro honestate ville in presenc/a Balliuorum & aliorum proborum 
Et in vino expendito superdictos Minstrallospro honestate ville 
& sol utum est ad Manus Willdmi Wootton 

Et in denar/.ïs dath vj Ministrallh dom/ni Regis in presencia 
Balliuorum et aliorum proborum hominum pro honestate. 
ville & solutum per manus Rogeri Sorysby 
Et in vino expendito super eosdem Minstrallos pro honestate 
ville & solutum est ad manus dicti Rogeri Sorysby 

vj s. viij d. 

xij d. 

21 Willeimi Wootten: one of the Six Men this year 
2/Wootten: tt obscured by biot 
2 i. 23/ (..) denar/js: text ver,_/worn:probably in denarijs 

23/ dc(...): text ver. worn; probablydictos 

SHR.EWSBUR¥ | 457--61 141 

Et in denarjs Solutis & datis quatuor Minstrall/s domini duc/s 
de. Eboraco. pro honestate ville 
Et in vino expendito super dictos Minstral[os pro honestate ville 
et So[utum est ad manus dicti Rogeri Sorysby 

mb 2 

Et in denar/js quatuor Minstrallis domini duch de Excestra 
pro honestate ville & solutum est ad manus Rogeri adys 
Et in denarijssolutis pro vino expendito super dictos Minstrallos 
pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus Willelmi Nesse 

xiij s. iiij d. 
ij s. ij d. 


Bailiffs" Accounts 
mb 1 (Expenses) 

sRo: 33651387 

Et in denarijs Soluth tribus Minstrallh vocat/s Waytes pro liberata 
eorum quolibet eorum capiente pro liberata prdicta v s. 
Et in denarijs dat/s pro regardo vni Minstrallo domini principis 
pro honestate ville & sol utum ad man us Willelmi Bykton 
Et in denarijsSolutisprol vino expenditosuperdictum 
Minstrallum & solutum est ad manus eiusdem Willelmi 


vj s. vii i d 

ij s. 




Assembly Minute Book 1 sco: 67 No. ! 
f 86" (31 May) (Agreement on the Corpus Christi procession) 
To ail tho this present writyng endented schal see or here Iohn Bulcley weuer 
william Nesse Coruisor Iohn wiche Coruisor and Robart Vryen send gretyng 
that wher diuers contrauercyes and debatz were had moued and stered With 
in the Towne ofSchrouesbyry by twyn the Craftes of fflechers Cowpers and 
Bowers on that on parte and Carpenters on that other parte oi:the Whiche s 

Co||ationwithsco:67No. i (D)f 86: 3ll endented] Domits 32/ william 
Nesse ... Vryenl Iohn ffox Sadi|lor Hugh Kynton an Willyam Nesse Coruisers D 

9/ Rogeri adys: bailiffthisyear 
19/ v s.: underlinedin lt¢S 
22/ Willelmi Bykton: one of the Six Men this year 

231 I:firlagena (?) 
31/ tho:Jbr tho that 

142 SHREWSBURY 1460-- 1 

Contrauercyce and debatz as wd the seid fflechers Cowpers and Bowers as 
the seid Carpenters were compromysed and ensured to stond and abide for 
theym and ail other of the seid Craftz that shal suceede after theym to suche 
award and rule as was to us thoght resonable and Conuenable bytwyn the 
seid parties of and in EspeciaiI among other thynges as for that goyng in 5 
procession on Corpus chr/sti day ffurst we award and deme that from thys 
tyme furth in the seid pœeocession the baneœe and Wax ofthe seid Carpenteœes 
schal go on the right honde at the first setyng out of the seid procession so 
that the baner of lurneymen of Carpenters go on the lifte honde of the baner 
ofthe maysturs of fflechers Cowpers and Bowers And in iikewise we award 0 
and deme that the baner and wax ofthe seid f[lechers Cowpers and Bowers go 
on the lift honde the baner of maysters of Carpenters in the seid precession 
And ifso be the maysters of fflechers Cowpers and Bowers [make] make a 
nother baner in tyme comyng ofther owne propire goodes that then the seid 
baner go in the seid procession bytwyn the baners of maysters ofCarpenters s 
and the baner of Iurneymen ofthe seid Carpenters And ifso happen in tyme 
to corne that the seruauntz of fflechers Cowpers and Bowers make a baner that 
then the seid bener go on the lift bonde the baner ofIurneymen of Carpenters 
in the seid procession Also we award that ai! the wax and ai! the baners ofthe 
seid Craftes a.fore the seid procession meet [together] ton corpus christi dayl 20 
[in Seynt] In the Churcheyerd ofSeynt Iulians rofSaiop so that al the seid 
craftz after lere assemble mayl and [Whether corne furst to a bide other And 
so toi go to the abbay after the Custume and vsage as other Crafies haue vsed 
tieme out ofmynd [and ifany ofthe seid parties that now be or intyme 
comyng] shalbe Item we award and deme for vnite tranquillite and pes for 25 
euer tobe had among the parties aforeseid as for their goyng in the seid 
procession that an aiderman of f[lechers Cowpers and Bowers go on the right 
bonde and in like wise an alderman of Carpenters on the lift honde and then 
an alderman of Carpenters on the right bond and a f[lecher Bower or Cowper 
on the lift bonde and so to continue in the seid precession person by petson 30 
egaiy as ferre as the nowmber woll extend and ifso happen in tyme to corne 
that ther be more persons on that on parte then on that other parte that then 
we award and deme the more part be put in dowble nowmbre afore so that 
the rule ofEldermen be kept ofboth the seid parties as hit is afore expressed 

Collation with sco: 67 No. I (D) f 86: 3/ that shal] as schall D zi/ bytwyn] 
berwlx D 5] that] theire D 8-10/ oftheseid procession ... and Bowers] [of] 
r& so is fro1 conrynue in 1 the seid procession D 11/ go] schall goe D 15-25/ the 
baners of maysters ... shalbe] in the seid procession D 27/ and Bowers] or bowere 
D 28/ on] of D 28/ andthen] andin0ykewise]thenD 291 on] of D 31/and 
if] ifhit D 321 ther be] there schall be D 32/ that3} the D 33/ deme the] deme 
that the D 

Sri REWS BUI¥ 1460-1 143 

and ifany ofthe seid parties that now be or in tyme comyng shalbe contrarye 
any parcell of this award afore expressed that he lose at euery suche defaut 
xiij s. iiij d. halfto the baillifs for the tyme beyng to the vse ofthe comyns 
and that other halfto the seid light lat so forfet with out grace or pardon and 
if an(.) persone or posons ofthe seid craftes that now be or in tyme comyng 
shalbe absent hym from the seid procession without cause resonable that he 
lose at euery suche defaut xiij s. iiij d. and ifany persone or persons ofthe seid 
craftz that now be or in tyme comyng shalbe make any affray or assaut in 
disturbyng ofthe seid pre,:ession that he Iose at euery suche defaut vj s. viii d. 
to the sustentacion ofhis light that makyh thaffray without grace or pardon 
in maner and furme a_fore expressed also we award and deme that yfso be the 
wardens and Stuardes for the tyme beyng woll hot leve the peyne or peynes 
aboueseid so forfet that then the seid wardens and Stuardes forfet and lose at 
euery suche defaut xxvj s. viii d. without grace or pardon ofthe whiche xiij s. 
iiij d. to the baillifs for the tyme beyng to the vse ofthe comyns and xiij s. 
iiij d. to the Sustentaca'on the light that so forfet Also we award and deme that 
non ofthe seid parties reseyue no manerlaborer into the seid lightes but he 
occupie the seid craftz with out thassent and agreement of ail the seid Craftz 
In witnes wherofwe the seid Iohn W(...) Iohn and Robart arbiters afore named 
with pe Seales ofIohn Haidlagh William Tyler (...) wardens & Stuardes of 
Carpen(...) Nicho/aus fflecher Edmund Cowper lohn Gogh Cowper and 
IchardGwyn fflecher wardens and Stuardes offflechers Cowpers and Bowe(..) 
to this our award endented haue putt our Seales in feith and Truth of the 
premysses that on parte to remayne with Carpenters (...) pat oler parte to 
remayne with fflechers Bowers and Cowpers at Salop on Sonday next before 
Corpus ch6sti day the yere ofthe regne ofkyng Edward the fourth the first/ 

Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/899 
mb 15d (Expenses) 
Et in denarïs Solutis pro duobus, togis empt/ pro duobus 
Minstrall ville vocatis Wayes pro iiberata sua. 
Et solutum pro vna toga empta pro vno Minstrallo ville, dict0 
le Waytes. pro honestate ville & solutum est ad manus dauid 
Bagle Tayilor 

x[v] s. 


Collation with sco: 67 No. ! ('D,) f 86: 

16/ the l ight: ]br of the l ight 
191 W(...): lwer right tide of tbeet ioorn 
34/ vna: a wHtten over illegible erarure 

1-26/ and ifany of... the first/] D omits 
35/ Waytet.:]brWate. (?) 
35-6/ dauid Bagle: one of the Six Aen thit year 

144 SHREWSBURY 1460--4 

mb 16d 

Et in denatjs Solutù & datù quinque Minstrallis domini Regis 
pro quodam regardo illh dato pro honestate ville 
Et in denarjs Solut/s pro vino dato dict/s Ministrall/s pro 
honestate ville & solutum est ad manus Willelmi Walford 

ij s. 

Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/391 
mb 1 (Expemes) 
Et in denar0s Soluth pro quodam regardo [(...)] dato [i]iijb,s 
Minstrallis domini Regis pro honestate ville & solutum ad 
Manus Iohannis Colton 
Et in denar/js Solut/s pro vino dato dicth Minstrall/s pro 
honestate ville & solutum ad Manus Roberti Vryen 

xiij s. iiij d. 
IllJ $. 

Bailiffs'Account$ silo: 3365/392 
mb l d* (Expwzses) 
Et in denarijs solut/s tribus Minstrall/s vocatisWaytes et pro 
Liberata eorum quolibet eorum capiente pro liberata predicta 
v s. & solutum ad manus hugonis hosyer 
Et in denar0s Solut/s ade Goldesmyth pro factura circulorum 
de la Scochyns histrionu ville vocatorum Waytes 
Et in denar/js Solutis pro vino dato abbati Salopie in festo 
corporis christi pro honestate ville 

xxxiij s. 

viij d. 

mb 2 

Et in denarOs Solutis pro quodam regardo dato quinque Minstrallisdomini 

31 denatij: #r denarijs 
61 Willelrni Walford: one of the Six Men this year 
151 lohannis Colton: one of the Six Men thi year 
171 Roberti Vryen: one of the Six Men this year 
261 v s.: underlined in M$ 

26/ hugonis hosyer, bailiffthisyear 
291 histrionu:]rhistrionum; abbreviation mark missing 
291 xxxiij: correctedfrom xxxij 
31-21 festo corporis chr/sti: 31 May 1464 

4637 145 

Reg/s in presencia, balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum 
pro honestate, ville & solutum est ad Manus Rogeri ffox 
Et in denarijssolutis pro vino dato dictis histrionibus in presencia 
balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum pro honestate ville 
solutum est ad Manus Rogeri ffox 

iii s. vj d. 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRo: 3365/396 
mb 1 d* (Expenses) 
Et in denarijs Solutis pro quodam regardo dato quinque 
Minstrall/s domini Reg/s & solutum per Manus Thome 
Et in denarijs Solut/s pro vino dato dictis Minstrallfi pro 
honestate ville & solutum ad manus Iohannis Otteley 

xiij s. iiij d. 
!1j s. 



Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 3365/398 
mb 1 (Expenses) 
Et de xv s. solutiseidem Willelmo pro liberata trium 
Minstrallorum vocatorum Wates hoc anno 
Et de iij s. vj d. solut/s pro vino dato Minstrall' Comit/s Wygornie 
pro honestate ville & solutum ad Manus Wille/mi Pontesbury 

iij (...) 



mb ld 
Et in denarijs Solutis sex Mynstrallis domini Regis pro quodam regardo 
illis dato pro honestate ville & soluto ad manus Iohannis Wyrall 

21 Rogeri ffox: one of the Sbe Men thu year 
121 dato: t obwurtdby blot 
13-141 Thome Goldesmyth: one of the Six Men thu year 
23/ x-v s.: underlinedin 1$ 
231 eidtm Wille/mo: William Sugdon. named in the preceding entry, one of he Six Men his year 
27/ Willelmi Pontesbury: mercer, guild warden 1482-3. one of the Six Men thi year 
271 iii (...): edge of membrane torn away 
33/ lohannis Wyrall: one of the Six Men this year 

146 si IREWSBUR¥ 1466--8 

Et in denarijssolutis pro vino dato eisdem Minstrallibus pro 
honestate ville & solut/s ad manus Roberti Vryen 
Et in denarjs solut/s Iohanni Otteley pro vino aretro non soluto & 
dato Mynstrall ibus Coin iris Wygorn/e in eius itinere ad castrum 
de dynbiegh iii s. vj d. 

iij s. vj d. 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/401 
mb 1 (Expenses) 
Et de xv s. solut/s pro liberata trium histrionum siue Minstrallorum 
vocatorum Waytes quilibet capiens pro Liberata predicta v s. 
& solutum ad ManusWillelmi Sugdon 

mb ld 
Et in denarijs Solut/s tribus histrionibus vocat/s siue dict/s Waytes 
de villa hoc anno pro quodam regardo illis dato 


mb 3d 
Et in denarijssolutis tribus Minstrallis domini Regis cure balliuis 
existent/bus pro quodam regardo ill/s dato pro honestate ville & 
solutum ad Manus Willelmi Sugdon 
Et in vino dato eisdem Minstrall/s in presencia, balliuorum & 
aliorum proborum hominum cum dicra's balliuis existentium & 
solutum ad Manus. Iohannis Otteley. 

2/ Robcrti Vrycn: one of the Six Men thu year 
2/ <...>: edge of membrane torn away 
4/ lohanni Otteley: one of the Twenty-Jîve this year 
5-6/ castrum de dynbiegh: Denbigh OEtle. 
Denbighd, lre. about 20 mile]çom Wrexham 

6/ iij s. vj d. 1: underlinedm IS 
14/ v s.: underlinedin I$ 
15/ Wille/mi Sugdon: one of the Six Men thi year 
30/ cure: obscured by blot 
31/ lohannis Otteley: coron« thisyear 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1467-9 147 

Shearmen's Comioany Book Ni.W: Castle Hill MS 2641 
f [lv]* (9Apri! 1467-28April 1468) (lnventory) 

Memorandum that ther was delyuerd to Hewe ffyssher and Thomas Beche by 
Hewe seymrer and Wiih'am iongdon, xlj torches xij towres xii rwhite 1 bcndes 
j black bende a skochon of rede Sylke xl pensels ... 

f [2] (Refurbishing oftorches) 

Costes of torches renued and repayred by Thomas Barbor Anno. vijo Regt2 
Edwardi i iii ri 
There was delyuerd to the said Thomas Barbor by the stywardes in Wex. six 
score & .xviiij Ij. 
And he delyuerd agayne .x. score and xix li. [euery li. at iiij d.] 
so that to hym was paid for iiij xx ^rpoundO and on euery pound 
at iiij d. the hool summe paid to hym xxvj s. viii d. 



1468-9 20 
Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Casde Hill MS 264 l 
f [2]* (28April-13 April) 
...Item the stywardes bene alowid for wex berying vj d. of money forfett 
Memorandum of costez and expences done by dauid ap herry and Thomas 25 

madockes agayns Corpus chr/sti feest anno &c viijo 
ffirst for cakys xxij d. 
Item for safron vj d. 
Item for Iouebrede to children viii d. 
Item for a sester aie and an half iii s. 30 
Item for viii galons aie for children viii d. 
Item for byrches & ryshes iiij d. 
Thees bene the costes done by the said stywardes 
agayns sonday after corpus christi day 
In primis for kakes ij s. ij d. 35 
Item for safron x d. 
Item for a sester and haifofale iij s. 
Item for chese for ail le both dayes ij s. viii d. 
ltem for ryshes j d. 
Item paide to the waites ofthe towne iiij d. 40 

25-6/ dauid ... madockes: guilduewarda thisyear 
26/ Corpus ... viijo: 16June 1468 

34/ sonday.., day: 19June 1468 

148 SHREWSBURY 1470-4 

Shearmen's CompanyBook N.w: Castle Hill Ms 2641 
f [3] (3 May-25 April) (Goods received 19 September) 
Richard Bromley and Hew ffissher haue receyued xl torches, xl towres xi 
pensellz, xl bendys. [ij baners] ij baner poilez. A Sokket 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/407 
mbs 8-8d (Expenses) 
Et in denarijs solutis pro liberata trium Minstrallorum hoc/anno 
Et in denar/js solutis quinque Minstrall domini ducis Glowcestrie 
pro quodam regardo illis dato pro honestate ville 
Et in denar/js solutis pro pane & vino dat/s dictis Minstrallis pro 
honestate ville in presencia balliuorum & aliorum proborum 
hominum cum dicth balliuis existencium 
Et in denar/js solut/ vni Minstrallo domini principis pro regardo 
sibi dato pro honestate ville 
Et in denarijssolutis pro vino dato eidem Minstrallo pro 
honestate ville in presenc/a balliuorum & aliorum proborum 
Et in denar/js solut/ pro quodam regardo dato quinque 
M instrallis domini ducis de clarence pro honestate ville 
Et in denarjs solutis pro vino dato dictis Minstraliis in 
presencia balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum & 
solutum ad manus Iohannis Ennesdon 
Et in denars solutis pro quodam regardo dato vni Minstralio 
domini principis pro honestate ville 
Et in denar/js solut/s pro vino dato dicto Minstrallo in 
presencia bailiuorum & aliorum proborum hominum pro 
honestate ville 

xiij s. iiij d. 

vj s. viii d. 

xxij d., 
xvj s. viij d. 

vj s. xj d. 
iij s. iiij d. 

xiij d. off) 

13/ olutu: t obcuredby blot 
30/ lohanms Ennesdon: one of the Six Men thi year 

SHREWSBURY 1473--7 149 

mb 10 
Et in denar/js solut/s tribus Mitais siue histrionibus Regine pro 
quardo illis dato pro honestate ville 
Et in denar/js solut/s pro vino dato dictis Minstrall/s in presencia 
balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum pro honestate ville 

iijs. ixd. 

1474- 5 
Bailiffs'Accounts sro: 3365/409 
mb 1 (Expenses) 
Et in denar/js solut pro liberata trium Minstrallorum vocatorum 
Waytes quilibet eorum capiens pro l iberata predicta v s. 

mb ld 
Et in denar/js datis de regardo duobus Minstrallis domini 
principis pro honestate ville 
Et in denar/js solutis pro vino dato ch'cris Minstrallibus 

XV $. 

vj s. viii d. 
xviij d. 




mb 2 
Et in denarjs pro quodam regardo dato Minstrallis ducis de 
Clarence pro honestate ville 
Et in dena.js solut/s pro vino dato eisdem Minstrallis 

xiij s. iiij d. 
ij s. viij d. 


Bailiffi'Accounts SRO: 3365/410 
mb 1 (Expenses) 
Et in denartjs solut/ pro quodam regardo dato quatuor 
Minstrallis vocatis Trumpettes domini principis & 
solutum ad manus Iohannis Guttyns 

xiij s. iiij d. 


14/ v s.: underlinedin lS 
37/ lobannis Gunyns: one of the Sia¢ Men this year 

150 SIREWSBURy 1476-7 

Et in dcnijssolutisprovino datodictisMinstrallisin presencia 
balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum & solutum ad manus 
Wille/mi Pontesbury 
Et in denarjs solut/s & datis Waltero Harper & Gutto Glyn 
duobus Minstrallis principis pro honestate ville & solutum ad 
Manus Wille/mi Pontesbury 
Et in denarjssolut/s & regardo dato vij Mynstrallibus ducis 
GIoucestrie pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus Iohannis 
Et in denar]s dat/s vni Minstrallo d/cti ducisvocatosiue 
dicto le Taberrer & solutum ad manus eiusdem Iohannis 
pro honestate ville 
Et in denars solut£¢ pro vino dat0 Minstrallis ducis GIoucestrie 

III] S. 

vj s. viii d. 

iii s. iiij d. 
vjs. j d. 

mb ld 

" Et in denar/js soluth pro quodam regardo dato sex Minstrallh domini 
Reg/s in presencia balliuorum & aliorum proborum homb2um pro 
honestate ville & solutum ad manusThome Chyrcheyard 
C Et in denaros solut/s pro quodam regardo dato tribus Minstrallh 
Regine & solutum ad manus Iohannis Guttyns 
" Et in denarijs solutis pro vino dato Minstrallis domini Regis pro 
honestate ville et solutum ad manus Willelmi Pontesbury 
Ç Et in denarssolut/sWilldmo Pontesbury pro vino dato 
Minstrallis Regine pro honestate ville 
 Et in denarijs soluti¢ pro quodam regardo dato iiij °r Minstall/¢ 
ducts clarencie pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus Willelmi 
Ç Et in denars solut/¢ pro vino dato dicth Minstrall) & solutum 
ad manus cbcti Willelmi 

ixs. vjd. 


xiij s. iiij d. 
ixs. xj d. 

Et in denar/js solutis pro liberata trium histrionum vocatorum 
Waytes quilibet eorum capiem pro liberata precb'cta v s. 

XV S. 

31 Willelmi Pontesbury: one of the Six Men this year 
221 Thome Chyrcheyard: one of the Six Men this year 

30/ Minstalb's: ]r Minstrallis 
37/ v s.: underlinedin tas 

SHREWSBUP,' 1476--8 151 

" • kepyng his 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Gold,¢miths" Company Articles LSL." 4260 
f 24" (Meeting held 20 IVovember) (Ordersfor the Corpus Christi procession 
a.d feast) 
Itemwe be Condissended and agreed ail the seyd ffelesschip the saine daye & 
yere afore Rehersid lat euery person of the seyd ffelesschip schall kepe his 
presessyon on Corpus chrLti daye like wyse as hcre Wardcns ^r& le cowm(...)1 
for le tyme being schall assigne them for to goe with his ffelowe/and ifsoe be 
lat any of rvs 1 ail doe le contrarye & breke there Commaundement that then 
euerych ofvs is agreed for to lose v i s. vii i d. to le vse ofle seyd ffelesschip 
and for to be ruade leuy by the wardens for the tyme being In maner as is 
afore Rehersid 


f Rydyng to 
Covyrare feyre 

Corpus chr/ti 

Itemwe be Condissended and agreed ail the seid ffelesschip the saine daye & 
yere afore Rehersid ]at ifsoe be pat any person ofvs ail Ryde or goe vnto 
Covyntre ffeyre or to any plase els and kepe hot his precessyon on Corpus 
chr/ti daye ]at then euery ofvs is agreed for to lose xij d. to the sustentacion 
ofthe seid lyght & to be ruade leuy by the wardens for ]at tyme being In 
maner as is afore Rehersid 

Item we be Condissended and agreed ail the seid ffeleschip the same daye & 
yere afore Rehersid that euery person ofvs ail scha]! paye for his Commyns at 
Corpus christi ffeest viii d. & noe more/and that the wardens for the tyme 
being excede hOt ofthe Commyn godes at the seid ffeest not past v s. at there 
owne perell/and if the seid wardens make any large exspensis at the seid ffeest 
that then they be agreed for to bere hyt ofthere owne propre godes 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/413 
mb 1 (Ex'penses) 
Et in denar/js solut£ pro liberata trium [s] Minstrallorum vocatorum 
Waytes riz pro tribus tog/s & solutum ad manus lohannis selke 
Et in denar/jssolutL pro quodam regardo dato vni Minstrallo ducis 
Iv] Gloucestrie & solutum ad manus lohannis selke 
Et in denarijs solut/s pro vino dato d/cto Minstrallo pro honestate 
ville et solutum ad manus Iohannis selke 

XV S. 

vj s. viii d. 
xvij d. 






33/ Iohannis selke: one of the Six /fen this year 

152 SnREWSBUI¥ 1477-8 

" Et in denarOssoluthsex Minstrall/sducis Gloucestriepro 
quodam regardo ilh's dato pro honestate ville & solutum 
ad ma.nus Ricardi walus 
" Et in denarijssolutispro [q] vino datodictisMinstrallh 
& balliuis ac alijs probis hominibus cure dictis balliuis 
existentibus pro honestate ville 

xii s. vj d. 

mb ld 

" Et in denars solut/s Minstrall/s domini principis viz Waltero 
Harper et Gutto Glyn & solurum ad manus Wille/mi 
OE Et in denarijssolutisproquodam regardo datoduobus 
Minstrallis ducis Eboraci & solutum ad manus Ricardî 
" Et in denarijssolutisprovino datodictisMinstrallispro 
honestate ville & solut/s ad manus dicti Pdcardi Walus 

iii s. iiij d. 

[si vj s. vii i d. 


Et in denarijs solu tribus M instralh's Regine pro quodam 
regardo dato pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus Rogeri 
fforster rvj s. viii d.1 [xiij s. iiij d.] 

mb 2 

Et in denarijs pro quodam regardo dato quatuor Minstrallh 
domini Reg/s pro honestate ville & ad manus Edward/hosyer 

Et in denarOs solut/f pro vino dato ^rdict/fl Minstrall)domini 
Regis pro honestate ville 

xiij s. iiij d. 

nj s. 

Drapers" Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 6" (24 Match 1476/7-24 March 1477/8) (Payments) 

Thereofpayed to will/am phelypp v s. iii d. that the seyd william payed to 
RichardBarbor for makynge ofWax riiij s. iiij d.1 ... 

3/ Ricardi walus: one of the Six Men this year 
12-13/ Willelmi Mynsteey: one of the Six Men this year 
21-2/ Roge fforster: one of the Six/to* this year 

27/ pro: obscured by blot 
28/ Edwarcb" hosyer: one of the Six/ten this year 
38/fiiij s. iiij d.f: sure undedined 

SH[tEWSBOR' 1478--9 153 

lailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/414 
mb I (Expenses) 
Et in denars solutk Waitero Harper Minstrallo domini principis 
pro honestate ville et solutum per manus Thome Vmfreston 

ij s. iiij d. 

mb ld 
IL" Et in denarOs solut/ pro quodam regardo dato vni Minstrallo 
ducis Gloucestrie vocato le Taborer & solutum ad manus 
Nicho/ai Pontesbury 
IE Et in denarijssolutisprovino dato eidem Minstrailo pro 
honestate ville et solutum ad manus Nicholai Pontesbury 
lE Et in denars solut/s pro quodam regardo dato Sex Minstrallibus 
domini Regis die Sabbat/proximo post festum natiuitatis sancti 
lohannis Baptiste pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus 
Nicho/ai Pontesbury 
IL" Et in denars solut/ pro pane et vino da6s dictis Minstrail/s 
pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus Nicho/ai Pontesbury 

iij s. iiij d. 

iii s. viii d. ob. 




Shearmen's CompanyBook NLW: Castle Hill MS 2641 
f [4v]* (2 April 1478-22 Apri11479) (Expensesfor Corpus Christi) 

(..) mynd that the cost At the lest of corpus crysty yn the reng of le kyng 
edward De iiij xviij ere 
Item the generale A cowt of ai! rycknyg betox the shermen & the barbures 
in ail maner ofexpensyse 
In primis in bred in wyne in Aie & Ail manire ofkostys the 
sumeof v s. vij d. 


61 Thome Vmfreston: one of the Six Men thiJ year 
131 NichaLai Pontesbury: one of the Six A4en th*J year 
18-191 die Sabbati ... Baptiste: 26June 1479 
281 test ... crysty: 21 May 1478 
301 A cowt: .]br A cownt; abbreviation mark misng 

154 SllREWSBUR¥ 1479-82 

Bailis'Accounts SRO: 3365/417 
single mb (Expenses) 
Et in denarijs solut/sWille/mo Sugdon pro liberata Minstrallorum 
vocatorum Waytes quilibet capiens Ix s.] v s. 
Et in denarijs solutis pro conductione vnius Minstral|i vocati Wayte 
villa de Norhampton vsque Salopiam 
Et in denar0s solut/s pro iantaculo balFuorum ad nwdinas tentas 
die louis in festo corporis chr/sti 
Et in denar0s solut/ pro quodam regardo dat0 Minstralb's domini 
Regis et solutum ad manus hugonis Seymoer nomine dauid Guttyns 
Et in denarijs so|ut/s pro vino dat0 dictis Minstral|is in presencia 
balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum & solutum ad manus 
Thome Whitmor 

uj s. 

ij s. iiij d 

vs. jd. 

Et in denarijs solut/s pro quodam regardo dato vni Minstrall0 
domini Reg/ via elemosina6a causa eius paupertatis & etatis 

viij . 

Drapers" Company Book SRO: 18311611 
p 36 (24 Match 1479/80-24 Match 1481/2)(Payments) 
Item for reparacion of the Torches 

xiiij s. v d. 

p 37 (Inventory ofgooek) 
Memorandum that there ys [(.)] in the cofur [x_x] xlvj Torches Item there ys 
in the preestes handes ij ° Torches Item there ys vj Tapurs of Wax. 

5/ Wille/rno Sugdon: bailiffthisyear 
6/ v s.: underlinedin td 
12/ die louis ... chrsti: IJune 1480 

14/ hugonis Seymoer: one of the Six Men this year 
14/ dau,d Guttyns: one of the Six Men this year 
17/ Thome Whitmor: one of the Six Men this year 

SHREWSBURV 1481--3 155 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 33651418 
single mb* (Expenses) 
Et in denarjs solut/ Pdcardo Watur pro liberata trium Minstrallorum 
vocatorum Waytes quolibet capiente pro liberata predicta v s. Summa 


Bailiffs'Accounts sv.o: 3365/421 
mb 2 (ExTenses) 
Et in denars solut/s pro vino data domini de powys et vxori eius 
pro honestate ville et solutum ad manus Roberti Thornes iiij s. 
Et in denarjs solut/s pro vino dat0 Minstrallibus domini de Powys 
pro honestate ville et solutum ad manus Roberti Thornes iij s. iiij d. 
Et in denarjs solut/s pro quodam regardo data duobus Minstrallibus 
domini Regis pro honestate ville & solutum ad manusThome 
Chircheyard x s. 
Et in denar/js solut/s pro liberata trium histrionum vocatorum Waytes 
quilibet eorum capiens pro liberata predicta et solutum ad manus 
Ricardi Watur xv s. 
Et in denar/js solut pro quodam regardo dato Minstrallibus 
domini de Powys vj s. viii d. 
Et in denar/js solut/s pro vino data eisdem Minstrallibus pro 
honestate ville xij d. 

mb 2d 
Et denarijs solut/s pro vino dato domino de Powys pro honestate ville 

ij s. 35 

51 Ricardo Watur: draper, guild warden 1485--7 
61 v s.: undtrlined in ms 
141 Roberti Thornes: one of the Six Men this year 
20-11 Thome Chircheyard: one of tbe Six Men thiJ year 
24/ predicta:]brpredict, v s. (?) 

156 $11REWSBURY 1482-4 

qu,wti vicesimo 

Drapers" Company Book SRO: 1831/6/1 
p 37 (24 March 1481/2-24 March 1482/3) (lnventory ofgoods) 
Memorandum that there ys in the cofur I Torchys Item thereys in the chyrche 
iiij tapurs and j tapur in the cofur in the hall also j torche in De chyrche with 
De preest. 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/425 
single mb (Expenses) 
Et in denartjs solut/s pro quodam regardo dato sex histrionibus 
domini Rcgis pro honestate ville 
Et in denarijs solutis pro vino dato dictis histrionibus in presencia 
balliuorum & aliorum proborum hominum pro honestate ville 
Et in denartjs solut/s vrsenario domini [p] Reg/s pro quodam regardo 
sibi dato pro honestate ville 







Et in denar0ssolut/s duobus Minstrallibus domini de Powys pro 
quodam regardo ill/s dato pro honestate ville 

Et in denart)'s solut/s Ricardo Watur pro libata trium histrionum 
vocatorum Wa)-tes 

vj s. vii i d. 

/lercers; Ironmongers', and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL" 4260 
f 4v* (2 June 1483-21June 1484) (Goods remaining in wardens'possession) 

... Item a Nue Baner and an olde Item iiij Banerrys for the Mynstrellys weryng 
Item xliiij Waxe dysshis of pewtyr Item xliiij pencellys ther to ... Item xii 
Stompys of Torches 



27/ libata: ]rliberata; abbrevmt*on mark miing 

SHREWSBJR' 1486--9 157 


Bailis'Accounts SRo: 33651948 
single mb (Eopenses) 
Et in denars solut pro tribus tog/s de Waytes vt pro liberata sua 
hoc anno & solutum ad manusThome Burghton xv s. 
Et in denarijssolutis pro emendacione de le Skuchons Minstrallorum 
vocatorum Waytes xvj d. 
Et in denar/js solut/s pro quodam regardo dato tribus Minstrall/s 
Comit/s Salopie pro honestate ville & solutum ad manus Edvard 
hosyer x s. 
Et in denartjs solut/s pro vino dato dictis Minstrall/s in 
presencia balliuorum et aliorum proborum hominum [sol] iiij s. iiij d. 
Et in denarijs solut/s pro emendacione del Skochyns de Waytes 
& solutum ad manus Thome Wyche xvj d. 

 Et in denarOs solut/s pro quodam regardo dato sex Minstrallis 
domini reg/s in presencia balliuorum & aliorum proborum 
hominum pro honestate ville 
 Et in denarOs so]ut pro vino dato dictis Minstralb's et solutum 
ad manus (blank) 



Drapers" Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 65 (24 March 1486/7-29 March 1488/9) (çZardens'payments) 
ffyrst payed to the Stuwardes for ij o Ester dayes & iio Corpus 
christi dayes aboue the comyns that was gedered 

iii li. xxij d. 



6/ Thome Burghton: one of the Six Men thi year 
12-13/ Edvard hosyer, one of the Six Men thia year 
18/ Thome Wyche: one of the Six Men this year 


Sla_EWSBUa¥ 1487-93 
Item more payed to the mynstrell in reward for hys processyon 
Item payed for wyn that was spend vppon RogerThornes & 
grotemore at Es°er dayes for the worshyp ofthe ffeloshyp & 
corpus chr/sti Tyde 

iii s. iiij d. 

xj s iiij d. 

p 66 
Memorandum that the wardens of the last ij yeres pa.ssed [the wardeynsl 
haue deliuerd to the wardeyns of the ij yeres foloing thes parcels ... Item vij 
baners ... Item a baner... 

Drapers' Comtany Book sao: 1831/6/1 
p 72* (24 March 1490/1-24 March 1492/3) (Payments) 

paied to Iohn Barbor forl dressing & casting ofxl rtorchisl 

paied for wyne drongyn in the golet by ]e hole Company at 
corpus chr/sti day 
paied for aie to wax bereres at corpus cristitide 

ministrell { ' 

paied for costes & rewardes for the veneson & eting therof 
paied for abrekfast Jupon] to the ffeleschip at the casting of 

paied to the Minstrell for ij yeres precession 
paied to the Mynstrell for M idsomer we(.)ge 
paied for the wax bering & baner at the first corpus christi day 
paied for chese to the wax berers bred & aie 
paied for the wax bering the second yere 

xxxj s. iiij d. 

viij s. iiij d. 
xxj d. 

xxj s. ob. 

iij s. ij d. 

IIlJ S. 
iiij s. ij d. 
iij s. xd. 




p 73" 

Item paied for wyne at the Sextre in the tyme ofthe wecch at 

lllJ $. 


3/ RogerThornes: draper, town bailiff1497-8, 1505-6, 15o9-1o. and 1515-16 
29/ we(.)ge: le. wegg¢ (?) 
30/ the first corpus chriu'i day: 2June 1491 

SHREWSSt./a¥ 1492--3 159 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 33651951 
mb l d* (Expenses) 
Et de xx s. solut in regardo histrionibus domini Regis hoc anno De ij s. ij d. 
^rsolut/sl pro vino dato eisdem histrion/bus in audiendo melod/am suam De x s. 
solutis in regardo histrionCus domine Regine hoc anno De xvj d. solut pro 
vino dato eisdem histrion/bus De x s. solut/s histrion/bus Comitt3 Salopie De 
xvj d. solut/ pro vino dato eisdem histrion/bus De iij s. iiij d. dat/s in regardo 
histrion' domini powys hocanno Devj s. viij d. solut/s in regardo histrionibus 
Comit/ Anmdell De xi i d. solut/ pro vino dato eisdem histrion/bus in audiendo 
melodiam suam Summa Iv s. x d. 
Et de xxxiij s. vj d. solut/s pro pane dato in exheru'o domino principi arthuro 
ad suum aduentum ville Salopie hoc anno De viij li. solutis pro dolio vini 
vasconici dato domini principi ad idem tempus De xxvj s. viij d. solutt3 pro iiijo* 
semidolijs seruicie datis domino principi ad idem tempus ^r+De ij s. viij d. 
pro (...)se ad servic/am.÷l De xxij d. solut/s pro ferentibus panis supradicti De 
ij s. vj d. solutis pro cariagio predictorum vini et seruicie ad Abbathiam De 
viij d. solutbThome Couperpro conduccione predicti vini ad abbathiam De 20 
xviij d. pro pane seruic/a et alijs victua[ibus expendit/ in cariando predictos 
panera seruic/am & vinum De iiij s. iiij d. solut/s pictoribus pingentibus diuersa 
necessaria circa interludum ad obuiandum dictum dominum principem De 
i iii d. solutb Thome skyn ner pro emendacione barbarum ad op us l udencium 
ad idem tempus De xviij d. solutù pro goldfoyle & alijs necessar/js expenditis 
super dicrds ludentibus De xii d. solut/s pro vj duodenis punctorum expendit/s 
super hominibus in armis ad idem tempus De De viii d. solutis pro clauis 
expenditis super mancione dictorum ludenca'um De viij d. solutis duobus 
operantibus circa predictam mansionem De ix d. solutis pro potu expencb'to 
super preds'ctos ludentes Dexiiij d. solut/s pro papiro & panno lineo expendit/s 30 
super predictis ludentibus Devj s. viii d. solut/ in regardo soluto seruient' de 
armis ad clauamdomini Regb ad idem tempus Dev s. solutb in ^rregardo dato 
pedestribus domini principis ad idem tempus De vj s. viij d. solutb in regardo 
dato herod' de armis domini principis Dexiij d. solura's pro vino expendito 
super dictis pedestribus herod' et seruient' ad idem tempus De xx d. sol utis 
custodi leonis domini Regis Summa xiij li. x d 

51 de mi s.: this and follawing su,u in fhis toaragraph underlined 
22/ De iiij s. iiij d.: this andfollowingrums in thisparagraph underimed 
271 De De: dittography 
28/ duobus: min,rn missing in secondu in lUIS 

160 SHREWSBURY 1493--5 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/426 
mb ld (Expenses) 
Et de xx s. solut/s in regarda histrion/busdomini Reg/s hoc anno Devj s. x d. 
solut/s pro vino expendito super eosdem histriones Dex s. solut/s in regardo 
dato histrion/bus domine Regine hoc anno De v s. ij d. solut/s pro vino expendito 
super dictos histriones De x s. solut/s in regardo dato histrion' Comi6s Salopie 
hoc anno De xxij d. solut/s pro vino expendito super dict' histrion" De iii s. 
iiij d. solut/s in regarda data histrion/domini Powis hoc anno De xx d. solutis 
pro vino dato & expendito super dictum histrionem 


mb 2d 
... De xv s. s (...) tribus histrion/bus vocatis le Waytes hoc anno... 


Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 6v (lOJune-2June) (Goods received by new wardens) 
... Item a Nue Baner and an olde [Item for the Minstrellys iiij Banerrys at (..) 
Item .x]iiij ri. waxe dysshis pewter. Item .x]iiij ri. pencellys to the saine ... 
...Item iiij Baners for Mynstrellys 
Item in Torches (blank)Suffycyent & Item (blank)Stumpys oftorchys 

Drapers' Company Book silo: 1831/6/1 
p 79* (24 Match 1492/3-24 Marclo 1494/5) (Payments) 
Item paied for costes at corpus christi lest for wax bering the 
first yere 
Item for wyne bred aie & chese at that season 
Item [for wyne] tin reward paied to the Mynstrell for ij yeres 
Item paied for wyne to my lord straunge & costes to Ellismer 
Item paied for costes the first Estir 

iij s. iiij d. 
xjs. jd. 
vj s. viij d. 
vij s. 
xxj s. vij d. 

161 s(...}: tex* worn. probabl solutis 
35/ corpuchr*sti lest: 6June 1493 

40/ Estir: 7Apri11493 




sic REWSBUaY 1493-- 5 161 

t17 Item paied for costes at corpus christi day the latir wax bering 
• Item paied for vo'ne aie & chese at that feast 
 Item paied to Iohn barbor for dressing the wax 

iii s. viii d. 
v s. xj d. ob. 
xiiij s. x d. 

p 80 (Final settlement) 
. ..Item paied to the Stuardes for costes by them doon aboue theire Receytes 
at Corpus day the first yere aboue Thomas Wallis payment v s. vij d .... 


Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/427 
mb ld* (Expenses) 
... De ij s. v d. solutis pro vino dato elemosinario & alijs comissionars 
domini principis De ij s. ij d. solutis pro vino expendito super ballios & aiias 
in aduentu domini principis De xix d. solutis pro vino expendito quando 
dominus princeps exiret de villa... De vj s. ix d. solut£¢ pro vino dato domino 
principi ad ludum in quarell... 
Et de x s. solutis pro pane dato in exhenio domino principi De iiij li. da pro 
semidolio vini dato principi De xvij d. solutis ferent' dicti panis & vin/ 
Et de xl s. solutispro pane dato in exhenio domino Regi ad suum aduentum 
huic ville De viij li. solutis pro dolio vini dato domino Regi De xlvj s. solutis 
pro sex semidol0s seruicie De iiij s. solut/ pro sex sernidols vacuis De vj s. ij d. 
soluta's ferentibus predicteseruiciepanis & vin/De iii li. vj s. viii d. solutis 
pro iiijor bobis De xxxij s. solut/ prorxxiiij or1 ouibus Dexvj s. solutis pro 
xxiiijor lagen/ vini datis domino Regi & suis dominis et seruientibus in castro 
De xvj d. solutis pro pane crociato ibirn De iiij s. solutis pro sex lagen/s vini 
ad faciendum ypocras datum Regine De xiij s. ix d. pro speciebus & sugur 
ad faciendum ypocras De ij s. viij d. pro vino mollidato regine Dexiiij s. x d. 
solutis pro vino dato valettis corone & de gard domini Regis De xiij s. ij d. 
solutis pro vino expendito super generosis domini Regis in sextre De vj s. v d. 
solut/s pro vino expendito super Mynstrell/ domini Regis De ij s. viij d. solut/s 
pro collobio panis & (...) dat/s Regine 
De xx s. solutls in remuneratione data heredibus domini Reg/s De xx s. solutis 
seruientibus ad clauam domini Regis 

11 corpuJchr/ti da},: 29May 1494 
9/ Thomas Wallis: long-rime bailiff'of tbe Drape" Company 
17/ ballios: .r balliuos; abbreviation mark mming 
171 alias: J'br alios 
19/ vj s. ix d.: underlined in Ms 

271 bob': forbov' orbobus 
32/ gard: ./br garda 
33/ vj s. v d.: underlinedin Is 
35/ panis:flrpane (?) 

162 SliREWSBURY 1494-7 

De xx s. solut/s Mynstrell/s domini Regis De x s. solut/s Mynstrellis Regine 
De v s. soluth Clerico mercati 
De vj s. viii d. solut/s histrionibus domini principis De iii s. iiij d. datis 
histrion/bus domini derby Dex s. solut/s pedestribus domini Regh De iij s. iiij d. 
solutis pedestribus domini principis De x s. dath henkysmen domini Regis De 
vj s. viij d. dat/s pedestribus Regine De vj s. viij d. datis pedestribus domine 
matris Regh De vj s. viij d. solut/sseruient/ad clauam domini principis Dex s. 
solut/s histrionibus Comit/s Saiopie 

3 lercers ; Ironmongers ; and Goldsm iths" Company Book 
f 90* (22 June-6June) (Charges for the royal visit) 

LSL: 4260 


Memorandum that in the yereofour lord god a m I .CCCC iiij xx. xv and in 
the .x the. yereof oure Souerayne lord kyng harry the .vijthe. In. whiche yere *s 
and tyme. Iohn Git(t)yns and laurens draper were Baylyffes of the Towne and 
ffraunches of Shrouesbury And in ther yere & tyme. oure Seyde Souerayne 
lord. w/th oure Souerayne lady the Quene. And oure Right Excellent & Nobull 
prynce. The (blank)day in the Monythe of Iuylli came ffrom ludlowe, vnto 
the Towne of Shrowesbury and In at the Walshe Gate. and soe forthe vnto 20 
Thabbey. at Whiche tyme ail the Burges and Commyners horsyd mette them 
at Baystons hyll euery Man In grene! 
Memorandum ffor a present In. Worshippe ofthe Towne to hys good grace. 
In Bredde (blank) In aie (blank).In Wyne (blank) 
Memorandum that the ffeloshippe were chargid to bere thereto Summa iiij li. 25 
xiij s. iiij d. ffor Whiche they had graundyd iij Burges to be Nue ruade... 

Drajoers" Comjoany Book sao: 1831/6/1 
pp 85-6 (24 Match 1494/5-24 Match 1496/7)(Payments) 
Item paied for wax bering for ij yeres at Corpus christi 
Item paied for corpuschr/sti ffest oon yereabove the 
receyte of bredirn 
Item paied for the Mynstrels reward for ij yeres 

[vij s. ij d J ij s. xj d. 
xiij s. iiij d. 
vj s. viii d. 



211 Commyners: 4 min,rm form in Ms 
35/ corpuJ ... oon yere: 18June 1495 

SHREWSBURY 1495--1501 163 

Item paied for Corpus Chrhti ffest the Second yere 
Item paied for bred aie & chese to wax berers for ij yeres 

VIl S. 
iii i s. [vi i s. ix d.] 

Drapers" Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 88 (25 March 1497-24 March 1498/9) (Good received by new wardens) 
Memorandum that the same wardens haue receiued in the coofir in the hall 
thes parcels foloing Item a baner... 


p 91 * (Payments) 
Item paied for wax bering for ij yeres at corpus christi fest 
r[iij s. viii d.]l 
Item paied for the mynstrell reward for ij yeresr[iij s. iiij d.]l 
Item paied for bred aie & chese to wax berers in tyme of ij 
yeresprocession r[xv(...)r&l iiij d.] 
Item paied for wyne in tyme ofprocession to Thomas 
pontesbury for ij yeres r[iij s. ij d. xii d.] 

vij s. iiij d. 
vj s. vii i d. 

iii s. iiij d. 




Mercers; lronmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 7v (3 June 1499-22June 1500) (Good received by new wardens) 
Item. ij Baners. Item iiij Baners for the Mynstrellis. 
Item. x]iiijti waxe disshis. Item xliiijti pencellis. 



Draers" Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 99 (25 March 1499-24 March 1500/1) (Allowances for payments) 

Item payd 
Item payd 
Item payd 
Item payd 
Item payd 

for wax berynge for ij yeres at corpus christi feest 
for bred aie & chese to waxberers for i i yeres 
for Wyn yn tym ofprocession for ij yeres 
to a Straunge Mynstreli for Reward 
for the Mynstrell Reward for ij yeres 

vij s. ij d. 
iii s. ix d. 
vj s. 
xii d. 
vj s. viii d. 


Corpus ... Second yere: 2June 1496 


StIREWSBURY 1499-- 1503 
Item payd to Richard Barbor & to Iohn Barbor for the 
toppynge ofcerten torches 

v s. ixd. 

Drapers" Company Book SRO: 1831/6/1 
p 105 (25 AIarch 1501-24 Match 1502/3) (Guild bailiff'spayments) 

Item payd for Wax beryng for ij yeres at corpus christi lest 
Item payd for brede aie & chese for ij yeres to wax berers 
Item payd the mynstrell for ij yeres 
Item payd yeryen barbur for [j] topyng ofxxti torches 
Item payd Iohn barbur for toppyng ofx torches 
Item payd Iohn coton barbur for x torches toppyng 

vjs. xd. 
vj s. viij d. 
vj s. viij d. 
iiij s. vj d. 
iii s. iiij d. 

p 106 
Item payd on corpus christi day past for wyne and 
waffurys and apulles bred & aie 

Summa iiij s. vj d. 



p 107 
Item spynd on corpus chr/sti day at brekfast 

ij d. 


Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/431 (a) 
f [lv]* 
Et in Regardo dato ij Waiicis histrionibus domini Regis 
Et in vino dato ball/Ms audientibus Melodiam eorum 

Et in Regardo dato histrionibus domini Regis 
Et in Rcgardo dato histrionibus comit arundell 
Et in vino expendito audiendo melodiam eorum 

ij s. viii d. 
viij d. 

vj s. viij d. 




19/ corpuschr/sti day last pas't: IOJune 1501 25/ corpuschr/sti day: 26May 1502 

SHRESBURY | 502--5 165 

Et in Regardo dato histrionibus comitis Saiopie 
Et in Vino expend/to circa melodiam eorum 
Et in Regardo dato histriombus matris Regis 
Et in Vino expendito circa melodiam eorum 
Et solutum in (..)od' histrionum vocatorum le Waytes 

vs. ijd. 
ij s. xj d. 

DralOers" ComlOany Book so: 18311611 
p 112 (25 March-24 March) (Costs) 


to lohn Barbor for toppyng ofx torches 
for beryng the light & Baner on corpus christi 
for Bredde aie & Chese to chyldyrn the same day 
to the Mynstrell to goo on procession 
for wyn on corpus chr/sti day to the feleshipp 
for waffors the said daye 

lllJ S. 
iiij s. ij d. 
ij s. xj d. 
iij s. iiij d. 
iii s. viii d. 
iiij d. 

Drapers" Company Book sao: 1831/6/1 
p 115* (25 March-24 March) (Costs) 





for Beryng the light & the baner on corpus chr/sti day iii s. viii d. 23 
to a Mynstrell the said day iii d. 
to a nother mynstrell the same day ij s. 
spend yn wyne & vitail the said day iij d. 
paid to my lord ofSchrousbury mynstreli iii s. iiij d. 
spend on hym the said day viii d. 30 

xiiij d. 

paid to Iohn Coly for Bredd & aie 

for Chese to the Chyldyrn 

vj d. 

p 119* (Final sertlement) 
Summa totalis of the wardens charge for rijl yeres xxviij li. viii s. [ix d] x d .... 


61 (..)od': boit in Imper. robably food' 
141 corpus chr/sti: 15June 15o3 

251 cQrpuschr/sti day: 6June 1504 
391 xxviij: vii i vnudged 


Item paid for Toppyng of the Torches to Iohn barbor Thomas Barbor & to 
Iohn Cotton vj s. ij d. Item for the Mynstreli dyner to Iohn Coily xvj d .... 

Nota histrione 

Assembly Minute Book I SRO: 67 No. l 
f 108v* (1 December) 
Memorandum quod die lune primo die mensis decembris Anno regni regis 
henrici septimi xxjO Pdcardus hynko tayler & (blank) manuceperunt pro 
Willt/mo Breese vno ['fistrionum ville vocato leWayte pro le coler redeliberando 
quando requisitus fuerit per baiiiuos pro tempore existentes quiquidem coler 
ponderat quinque vncias et dimid/am partem vnius vncie & sic deliberatus 
fuit in Scaccario & omnes colers recepti fuerunt de histrionibus & custoditi 
in Scacc(.)r(..) 

Drapers" Company Book SRO" 1831/6/1 
p 121 (25 March-24 March) (GuiM bailiff's payments) 
Item payd for Beryng Torches on Corpus christi Daye 
Item for Beryng of the Baner the seid day 
Item spend in Bred & aie to the wax berers 
Item for Toppyng torches. 
Item to the Mynstreli on Corpus Christi day. 

iij s. iiij d. 
iiij d. 
xvij d. 

v s. viij d. 
iij s. iiij d. 



Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 33651431 (b) 
ff [1 v-2] (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo (.)ato tribus histrionibus domini Res 
Et in vino dato Baliiuis. & aiijs audiencium Meiodiam eorum 
Et in Regardo dat0 histrionibus gilberti Taibot militis (...) 

iiij s. ix d.  


I O/ (blank): 40mm pace lefor wcond naine 
21/ Corpschrufi Daye: 22May1505 
35/ militis (...): edgeofheettorn 

SHRLWSBt;R' 1506--9 167 

Et in vino dato Balb'uis & aiijs audientibus Melodiam (.)orum (...) 
Et in Regardo dato iiij °r histrionibus comit/s Saiopie x s. 
Et in vino expendito super eos & Baib'uum lister equitant' versus 
london/am iij s. x d. 
Et in Regardo dato Iohanru" Ianyns histrioni domini princip/ v s. 
Et in vino expendito super eum xv d. 
Et in Regardo dat0 histrionibus comitis Arundell pro expens/s eorum xx d. 

Drapers" Company Book silo: 1831/6/1 
p 124 (25 March-24 March) (Guild bailiff's payments) 
Item payd to the berers ofthe wax on Corpus Chr/sti day 
Item to the baner berer the Same daye 
Item to the Mynstrell the Seid day 
Item for pakthred & Erbys the seid day 

Summa vij s. j d. 

iij s. iiij d. 
iiij d. 
iij s. iiij d. 



Drapers" Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 129* (25 March 1507-24 March 1508/9) (Guild bailiff's payments) 


Item Beryng wax on Corpus chr/sti day for ij yeres vj s. viij d. 2 
Item to a man for beryng the Baner ij yeres & at the tryvmphs xij d. 
Item paid to the Mynstrell for his Reward for ij yere. vj s. viii d. 
Item for pakthred & herbes for ij yeres iij d. 
Item paid for Bred & aie & chese for berers ofthe lyght ij yeres 
with the expences don apon the Mynstrell dyner & for kakes vj s. iij d. 30 
Item paid for wyn drunk in the Tavern on corpus christi day for 
ij yere & also at the Tryvmphe by the master & the company xxij s. xj d. 
Item for Safforn Kakes & Chese at the seid Tryumphe xvij d. 
Item for Toppyng of Torches for ij yere & for castyng j torch 
newe xii s. vj d. 35 
Item for makyng wax ageynst the ffest ofthe trynyte viii d. 
 Summa lviij s. iiij d. 

11 (.)orum (...): edgr of*heetfadedandtom 
14/ Corpus Chr/sti day: llJune 1506 

168 SHRESBtJR¥ 1508--10 

Assembly Minute Book I srto: 67 No. ! 
f 108v* (18 December) 
Memorandum quod xviijo die decembris Anno xxiiijto regni regis henrici 
sepra'mi tres colers argenti deliberati fuerunt Willelmo hethe Wiilelmo fforce 
& lohanni Eton histrionibus ville Salopie qui ponderant xv vncias & quartam 
partem vnius vncie Et manucapti sunt pro valore de colers salue custodiend/s 
& redeliberand/s ad vsum ville quando per Balliuos requisiti fuerint per 
Pdcardum ffurbur citheratorem & Wille/mum hordley pro Wiilelmo fforce. 
quiquidem Willehnus fforce recessit & dictus Wiilelmus hordley deliberauit 
le coler dicti Wille/mi fforce pro quo manucepit Edwardo hosier & dauid 
lrdand balliuis & sex sessoribus in Scaccario xj a septimana tempore Balliuorum 
tunc existenHum & dicti[s] anno dicti colers redeliberard fuerunt in Scaccario 
d/cAs Ball/uis & Sessoribus & remanent in Baga thesauri recepŒEseptiminatim 

Bailiff'Account, sao: 3365/438 
Et in Regardo dato tribus histrionibus ciuitat/s ce.strie 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus comit/s Salop/e 
Et in vino dato Balliuis & alijs probis hominibusaudientibus 
Melodiam eorum 

rx s.1 [iij s. iiij d.] 
ii i s. iiij d. 

Et in Regardo dato histrionibus domini Regis 
Et in vino dato Balliuis & alijs probis hominibusaudientibus 
Melodiam eorum 

ni I s. 

Et in Regardo dato vrsinario domini Regh 

(...) emendacione & reparacione de le colers histrionum ville 

iii s. iiij d. 
vj d. 





Collation with sRo: 3365/438 (D) f 10v: 24 [iij s. iiij d.]] D omits 25 dato ... 
audientibus] expendito super Balliuos & alios probos hommes audiendo D 
26 iii s. iiij d.] xl d. D 34 de] D omits 34 ville] D omits 

13-14/ ,tja ... exiswncium: 13-19 December l510 341 (...): lOmm of tea't lom probablyforEt pro as in D 
141 dicti|s]: ]r dicto 

SHREWSBURY 1509--11 
(...) Regardo dato histrioni ducis Bukkyngham (...)ni comitis 

iij s. iiij d. 


f [2]* 
Et solutum pro liberata trium histrionum vocatorum le waytes 

f [6]* 
Et solutum per ipsum Ricardum Nicholas Margerie Knight pro 
liberata histrionum vocatorum le waytes 
Et solutum [h] per ipsum histrionibus [coin] ducis Bukyngham 
& coitis oxoe 

iij s. iiij d. 



chi/sri day 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f  5 (i i June-3 June) (Good r«æi»ed  e ward., 21 

... Item ij baners/Item x]iiij wax disses/Item x]iiij ti penselles ... Item iiij baners 
for the mynstrdl ... Item xiij torches... 

Drapers" Company Book sgo: 1831/6/1 
p 135 (25March 1509-24March 1510/11)(Payments) 
Item paid to the berers ofwax for ij yeres 
Item for beryng the Baner ij yeres 
Item paid to the Mynstrell for ij yeres 
Item for herbes and pakthred 
Item for Toppyng xij Torches 

vj s. viii d. 
viij d. 
vj s. viii d. 
iij d. 
iiij s. 




Collation with sao: 3365/438 (D) f 10v: 
d uca's de Bukkyngham & comiffs oxon ie D 

11 (...): lOmm of text lost; probablyforfo, Et in as in D 
11 (...)ni: 62mm oftext lost;.probab?forct alij histrioni; 
121 làcardum Nicholas: one of the Six Men this year 

1-2 histrioni ... oxonie] histrionibus 

151 iprum: Roger Donn. one of the Six Mm this year 
15/ [toit/s]: tir [comitis]; abbreviation mark missing 
161 coitù:f0rcomitis; abbreviation mark missing 

170 SHREWSBURY 1509--13 

Item for Bred aie and Chese to the Chyldern 
Item in Wyn to the master and ffeleschip 
Item in Cakes and Chese for ij yeres 
Item for Reparacion of Tapurs for ij yeres 

Summa xxxij s. v d. 

iiij s. vij d. 
iij s. ij d. 
viii d. 


Bailiffs" Accounts 
f 19" (Expemes) 

SRO: 3365/438 

in Regardo dato [Nunc'] histrion' domini Regis xx s. 
in Regardo dato histrion' cestrie v s. 
in vino expendito super eos & aijs expensh ib/dem  
in vino dato Rogero Thornes equitando ad ludlow circa Negoc£a ville J v d. 

in Regardo dato histrion' gilberti talbot milith 
in Regardo dato duobus histrionibus comith Salopie 
solutum pro liberata duorum histrionum ville 

Et in vino dato histrion' domini Regis & histrion' cestrie ac al/js 
diuersis expensis fact/s cure Rogero donn pro honestate ville 

vj s. viii d. 

xiij s. iiij d. 

xxmj s. 





f 19v 
Et in Regardo dato lusoribus in festo pentecostes 



2lercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsniths" Company Book LSL: 
f 15* (14June-30 May) (Goods received by new wardem, 14July) 


... Item ij baners Item xliiij, wax. dysses Item xliiij penselles ... Item iiij. baners 
flot the mynstrell ... Item xiij torches... 

15/ Rogem Thornes: draper, toum bailiff1497-8, 1505-6. 1509-10, 1515-16 
24/ Rog#m donn: one of the Six Men, 1509-10 
29/ in festo pentecoJteJ: 8June 1511 

SH RL$BURY 1513-16 171 
A4ercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 15v (30 May 1513-19June 1514) (Goods received by new wardens, 16July) 
... Item ij baners Item xliiijti wax dishes Item xliiij penselles... Item iiij baners s 
for the mynstrelles... Item xiij torches... 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 264 1 
f [ 11 ]* (Paymentsfor the hall) 
Item payd for le waxe beryng 
Item payd to le wayd & le iurnamens minsturel 
Item payd for le iurnamens baner 

ij s. viij d. 
viij d. 

[ij s. ix d.] iij s. v d. 


Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 
f 15v (19Jun«-ll Jun«) (Goods r«c«iv«d by new wardens, 14July) 

Item iiij baners ror le mynstrelles 


Item ij baners 
Item xliiij wax dishes 
Item xliiij pensellis 

Item xiij torches 



Baili'Accounts SRO: 3365/438 
f 31 (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus domini Regis hoc pro honestate ville 
Et in vino expendito per Balliuos et compares suos ac alios probos 
homines audientes Melodiam eorundem histrionttm 


f 31v 
Et in vino pomis Waffers et alijs nouellis dau's et expendiu's super abbatem 


331 hoc:firhoc anno (?) 

172 SHREWSBUR¥ 1515--17 

Salopie et famulos suos ad ludum et demonstracionem Martiriorum 
feliciane et Sabine martirum in quarera pone muros ville pro 
honestate d/ct ville in Septimana pentacostes hoc anno iij s. 
Et in Regardo data lusoribus eiusdem Martirij tunc temporis hoc anno x s. 
Et in Regardo dato duobus histrionibus comitis Salopie 
Et in vino data eisdem histrionibus per communem clericum et 
vj Sessores viii d. 
Et in vino dato abbati Salop/e et comitiue sue necnon Balh'uis 
ad generalem processionem habitam in festo corporis chffsti 

f 32v 
Et solutum pro liberata trium histrionum ville vocatorum Waytes 

vj s. viii d. 

xxd. ob. 

xxvj s. 


Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/438 
f 44 (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato histrioni abbat/s Salopie 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus Baronis de Burford et griffini 
Rees militum pro honestate ville 

f 44v 

Et in Regardo dato vrsinario comk/s oxonie 
Et Regardo dato quatuor histrionibus domini Regis 
Et in vino expendito super eos per balliuos et alios probos homines 
audientes melodiam dictorum histrionum 

f 45 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus comit/ Salopie 

31 Septimana pentacoste: ll-17May 1516 
111 festo ... cht/ti: 22May 1516 

321 Et:tirEt in 

ij s. 






SHREWSBUR¥ 1516-18 173 

Et in vino expendito super balliuos et alios de comitiua sua 
audiendo melodiam eorum 
Et in vino dato balb'uis Et abbati Salop/e & comitiue sue ad 
processionem in festo corporis chrhti hoc anno 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinario domini Regh pro agitacione 
bestiarum suarum ultra denarios tunc ibidem coilectos 

Et in Regardo dato tribus histrionibus de Notyngham 

iii s. xj d. 
xxiij d. 
vj s. viii d. 

f 46 
Et solutum pro liberatis ( blank) histrionum 



Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/438 
f 53v (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo Dato histrioni abbath Salopie pro honestate ville 
Et in Regardo Dato histrionibusThome Corneweli militisac Pdcardi 
cornewell armigeri pro honestate ville 
Et in Regardo Dato quatuor histrionibus domini Regh pro honestate 
Et in vino expendito super dictos histriones ac super Balliuos et 
compares suos & alios probos homines audientes melodiam 
dictorum histrionum 
Et in Regardo dato ij histrionibus comith Derby pro honestate 
ville Salopie 
Et in Regardo dato ij histrionibus comith Salopie pro honestate 

f 54 
Et in vino expendito super tres Reges colonie equitantibus in 
interludo pro solacio ville Salop/e in festo pentacostes 


ij s. ij d. 

vj s. viii d. 

iiij d. 




41 festo ... cht/sti: llJune 1517 
381 equitantibtu:Jbrequitantes (?) 

39! in ftsto pentacoste»: 23 May 1518 

174 SHRErSBUR¥ 1517-20 

Et in vino Data abbati/Salopiel & famulis suis ad generalem 
processionem in festo corporis chr/sti pro honestate ville Salopie 
Et in Regardo Dato iiijor histrionibus comit/s arundell pro 
honestate ville 
Et in vino dato eis in presencia Balliuorum et aliorum proborum 
hominum audiencium melodiam eorum 

f 54v 

Et in Regardo Dato vrsinario comith de Derby vltra ij s. collectos 
de comitiua presenti ad agitacionem vrsuum suorum 

f 57v 
Et in liberatis duorum histrionum pro honestate ville 

Bailiffi'Accounts SRO: 3365/480/10 
single sheet (Rendered Michaelmas 1519) 
The waytes fee 

Town Payment Claires SRO: 3365/480/16 
single sheet* (Payments) 
Item spend apon the kynges mynstrelles in wyne 
Item land yow to gyffe the kynges mynstrelles 

Bailiffs" Accounts 
f 62 (Expemes) 

SRO: 33651438 

Et in Regardo data histrionibusThome Cornewall milit/s 

21 festo ... chr/sti: 3June 1518 

x'viij d. ob. 

iiij s. viij d. 

xvij s. 

xiij s. iiij d. 






SHRLWSBUR 1519-20 
comissionarij domini Reg/ et Pdcardi Cornewell Armigeri pro 
honestate ville 


ij s. 

f 62v 
Et in pane et vino dato abbati Salopt et alijs ad generalem 
processionem in festo corporis chr/sti 
Et in Regardo Dato Radulpho hubard histrioni domini de 
Mountegyll pro honestate ville 
Et in vino dato eidem histrioni ac balliuis et alijs probis hominîbus 
audientibus melodiam dicti histrionis 

ff 63-3v 
Et in Regardo dato iiijor histrionibus ville de Notyngham pro 
honestate ville Salopie 
Et in vino expendito super Balliuos & compares suos audientes 
melodiam dictorum histrionum vltra ij d. collectos de qualibet 
persona ib/dem non extranea 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinarijs ducis Suffolcie et comitis Oxon/e 
ultra denarios collectos ad agitacionem vrsuum suarum in 
quarera pone muros 
Et in vino expendito super dictos vrsinarios ultra ij d. collectos 
qualibet pemona ville tunc presenti 
Et in Regardo dato iiijor Interlusoribus comit/ Arundelle 
ostendentibus balb'uis et comparibus suis diuersa Interluda 
Et in vino dato eis et alijs extraneis personis Intuentibus 
Interluda ultra denarios collectos 

ijs. j d. 

ij s. 

iiij s. I 

vj s. viij d. 
xiiij d. 
vj s. viii d. 
iiij s. iiij d. 





ff 64-4v 
Et in Regardo dat0 iiijor histrionibus domini Reg/s 


8/ festo ... chr/sti: 7June 1520 
27/ coilectos:.#r coilectos de 

176 st IREWSBUR¥ 1519-21 

Et in vino dato Balh'uis et comparibus suis audientibus me|odiam 
dictorum histrionum 
Et in Regardo dato duobus histrionibus comit/s de derby 
Et in Regardo dato duobus histrionibus comitis Salopie 
Et in vino dato dictis histrionibus comitis Salopie 

iii s. iiij d. 
vj s. viii d.I 
[iiij d.] iiij d. 

f 69 
Et in Regardo Interlusoribus comit/s arundell 
Et tunc in vino expendito ultra denarios collectos 
Et in Regardo dato ij histrionibus comit/ Salopie 
Et in vino dato dict histrionibus 

vj s. viij d. 
j s. ni d. 
iiij d. 


Bailiffi'Accounts sgo: 3365/450 
f [3] (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus Iohannis Talbot Milit/s pro 
melodia eorum facta in presenda Balliuorum 

ij s. 

f [5v] 
Et in Regardo dato iiij or histrionibus domini Reg/s ex consuetudine xx s. 
Et in vino dato Balh'uis & comparibussuis audientibus melodiam 
eorum xv d. 


Et in Regardo dato histrionibus comitis de derby pronunciantibus 
melodiam suam Balbuis et comparibus suis xl d. 
Et solutum in Regardo dato portatori communis campane circa 
villam pro proclamacione facta pro attendencia facienda super abbatem 
de Marham temporij Maij hoc anno j d. 



391 temporij: fortempore 

SHiWSBUR¥ 1520--1 177 

Et in vino dato Episcopo Couentrie & lichfl/d/e presidenti consilij 
domini Reg/s in marchijs Wale & alijs commissionarijs domini 
Reg/s ad generalem processionem in ffesto corporis chr/sti hoc 
Et in Regardo dato Radulpho hubard histrioni domini de Mount 
Egle pro melodia sua facta coram Baluis & comparibus suis 

iij s. viij d. 

f [71 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinario duc/s suffolcie ultra duos solidos tres 
denarios de pecunijs collect/s de circumstantibus ad agitacionem 
vrsLU} sLar m 

iiij s. v d. 



f [7v] 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinario domini Marchionis dorsett ultra 
iiij s. vj d. collectos de circumstantibus ad agitacionem eorum 

f [Sri 

Et solutum in Regardo dato histrionibus comitisse de derby 
pronunciantibus melodiam suam coram Balliuis et comparibus suis 
Et in Regardo data histrionibus de Notyngham 

Bailiffs'Accounts Owen and Blakeway: History, vol 1 
p 326* 
In regardo dato Benet & Welles histrionibus comit/s Salop 

ij s. ij d. 

ij s. 




p 327" 
In regardo dato & vino expendito super Willium More, histrionem domini 
Regh eo quod est cecus & principalis citherator Anglie 


31 ffesto ... chr/M: 30 May 1521 

178 SHREWSBUI¥ 1520--2 

p 33l* 
Regardo dato Magistro Brandon Joculatori domini Regis pro honestate ville 
xi.d. Et in vino expendito per ballivos & compares suos videntes lusum & 
joculacionem d/cri Joculatoris ultra ii denarios collectos de qualibet persona 
ville extraneis exceptis, xvi.d. 

p 332* 
Solutum pro una roba nova depicta, sotularibus, & aliis necessariis regardis & 
expensis factis super Pdcardum Glasyer, Abbatem de Marham, pro honestate 
& jocunditate ville. 

Mercers ; Ironmongers ; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 
f 16 (! ! June-30 May) (Goods received by new wardens, 26June) 

Item ij baners 
Item xliiij wax dishes 
Item xliiij penselles 

Item xv torches 
Item iij baners for the mynstrelles 





Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 16v (30 May 1521-23 June 1522) (Goods received by new wardens, 
20June 1521) 

Item ij baners 
Item xliiij wax dishes 
Item xliiij penselles 

Item iii baners for the mynstreiles 

Item ^rxv torches 


SHREWSBUR¥ 1521 --3 179 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Casde Hill Ms 2641 
f [20] (11 April 1521-1 May 1522) (lnventory) 

Item delyuerd to  stewardesxxiiij torchys ij baners ... & a salett & a sworde... 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRO: 33651438 
f 97v (Expenses) 
Et pro Regardo dato vrsinario domini duc/s Suffolcie ultra denarios 
collectos de circustatibus 

xxiij d. 


f 99 
Et in pane et vino datis Ball/uis et allijs ad generalem processionem 
in festo corporis christi 


f 99v 


Et in Regardo dato iiijor histrionibus Comitis Arundelle 

f 100 

Et in Regardo Dato tribus histrionibus domini Regis 
Et in vino expendito super Balliuos et compares suos audientes 
melodiam eorum 

Et in Regardo dato Ioculatori domini Regis 

iiij s. viii d. 
vj s. viii d. 



Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 
f 17 (23]une-8June) (Goods received by new wardens, lOJuly) 

• ij baners 
• Item xliiij waxe disches 
• Item xliiij penselles 




11/ cin:ustatibus: fiwcin:umstantibu; abbreviation marin missing 
16/ allijs: flr alijs; correctedom abbiis (?.) 

171 festo ... chr/ai: 4June 1523 

180 SHREWSBURY 1522--5 

Chr/.rri day 

• xv torchers 
Itn iij. [baners]/[(...)] for the mymtrellts 

Drapers" Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 158 (25 March-24 March) (Guild bailiff's payments) 

In pn'm/s paid on Corpus chr/sti day for Beryng lyght 
Item paid to the Mynstre|| for the said day & afterward 
Item delyuered to the Stuardes in Redy money toward costes 
Summa xxxvij s. j d. 

iiij s. viii d. 
xiij s. iiij d. 
xix s. j d. 


Baili.'Accounts SRO: 3365/438 
f 131 (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato histrioni henrici knight 
Et in Regardo dato iiij or Interlusoribus duc/s Suffolcie 
Et in vino expendito super Balliuos & compares suos ad visum 
I nterlusorum suor um 

Et in Regardo dato iiijor histrionibus comit/s arundell 

ij s. 
tttj s. 
iii s. viij d. 



f 131v 

Et in Regardo dato vrsinario ducL suffolcie ultra denarios 
collectos de circumstantibus ad agitacionem vrsuum suarum 
Et in vino expendito super dictum vrsinarium 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus domini Reg/s 
Et in vino expendito per balliuos et compares suos audientes 
melodiam dictorum histrionum 

f 132v 

Et in Regardo dato vrsinario domini Reg/s 

iii s. xj d. 
xiij d. 

xxj d. 

vj s. viii d. 




91 Corpus chr/sti day: 4June 1523 

SHREWSBt3R¥ 1524--6 

Et in vino expendito super dictum vrsinarium 
Et in vino dato Abbati Salopie cure balliuis ad processionem 
in festo corporis chr/sti 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus comitis de derby & domini 
Mount Egle 
Et in dato eis et balliuis ac comparibus suis audientibus melodiam 

f 133 

ij s. iij d. 
vj s. viii d. 
ij s. xj d. 

Et in Regado dato loculatori domini Regis vj s. viij d. 
Et in vino dato ei et balliuis et comparibus suis suwruidentibus 
lusum suum xxij d. s 

Drapers" Company Book sao: 1831/6/1 
p 160 (25 Match-24 Match) (Gui/d bailiff's payments) 
Item paid in money to the stuardes toward the costes on 
corpus christi day 

xxiij s. iiij d. 


Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 18 col 1 (30 May 1524-19June 1525) (Goock received by new wardens, 12July) 


iii skochions for mynstrelles 

ij baners 
xliiij wax dishes 
xliiij penselles 

xv torches 

Assembly Minute Book 4 s¢o: 75 
f l v* (25 April) (Decisions made by baili and council) 
They be Agreed that euery Alderman pay towardes the play 



31 festo ... chr/sti: 15June 1525 
71 in:.rin vino (?.) 

i 31 Regado: 3r Regardo 


SHREWSUI¥ 1525-6 
Euery of the comen counsell 
Euery wardin of occupacion 
And euery other of occupacion at 

Baili'Accounts silo: 3365/438 
f 144 (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato custodi cameli domini Res ostendenti 
balbuis & comparibussuis Ioca illius cameli 

iij s. iiij d. 

f 144v 
Et in Regardo dato iiij or histrionibus domini Regis xx s. 
Et in vino dato Balb'uis & comparibussuis audientibus melodiam 
dictorum histrionum domini Regis ij s. 
Et solutum in Regardo dato Interlusoribus domine principisse x s. 
Et in vino expendito per balliuos & compares suos. ad visum 
& auditum interluda eorum iij s. viij d. 

f 145 
Et in Regardo dato Wille/mo Breese histrioni ad laborandum 
& prouidendum pro alijs duobus histrionibus pro villa 
Et in Regardo dato iiijor histrionibus comit/s arundell 

Et in vino expendito super balliuos & compares suos 
audientes melodiam & ludentes inspicientes 
Et in pane & vino datis Balb'uis & abbati Salopie in processione 
ad festum corporis christi 
Et in Regardo dato Radulpho hubard & (blank) lokkett 
histrionibus comit/s de derby & domini Mount Egle 
Et in vino dato Ball/uis & comparibus suis audientibus 
melodiam eorum 

viij d. 
[vj s. viij d.] v s. 
xij a. 

xvij a. 
vj s. viij d. 
ij s. 

201 visum: written over another wora of which only medial ti/ :,isibl 
341 festum ... chr/ti: 31 May 1526 

SHWSBtR ' 1525--6 183 


Et solutum Roberto heyffeld pro reparacione et emendacione trium 
colarium argenteorum pro tribus histrionibus 

xvij d. 

f 147v 
Et in liberatis [de] duorum histrionum 


f 150v* (Trinity term) (Accounts of PdchardAtkis) 
Item in Redy money by thandes ofMaster bailly hosior for to pay 
for the play 

f 153v (Further disbursements by PdchardAtkis) 
Item to the lord [audeley] rofarundelll is mynstrelles 

f 154 (Paymentsfor the play by three ofthe Six Men) 




Memorandum that George spurstow RAchardatkis & Adam Wiswall haue 
Resayued of M aster bailly hosier of the Comen tre.sure of the towne of Salop 
the ij de Day of Iune the xviij th yere ofthe Regne of Kyng Henry the eight 
fyve poundes sterling for to pay for dyuers charges that was spend at Saynt 
Kateryn is play. 
Item paid to Will/am edwerdes opon the rest of a bill of parcelles xxiij d. 

Item more to the said Will/am for his rewerd xxvj s. viij d. 
Item paid to Ichardhigons by bill iiij s. iiij d. s0 
Item paid to Roger hill by bill xviij s. 
Item paid to lohn Croukeby bill xvj d. 
Item to hughe coly by bill xvij d. 
Item to lohn peynter by bill iiij s. vj d. 
Item to lchardGlasier for beyng lord of mysrule & other his s 
labor vj s. viii d. 
Item to lchardbrodbent mynstrell v s. 
Item to Adam Wiswall by bill iiij s. iiij d. 
Item to Morris ap Ienner by William edwardes & Thomas 
couper by bill xvjd. 40 
Item to william alcroffte by bill viii s. 
Item for mosse to a woman ij d. 

184 SHREWSBt)I¥ 1525--6 

I t«'n to 
Item to 
[Item to 
Item to 
Item to 
Item to 

william longdon by Richard atkis 
thomas couper opon the test of his bill 
william longdon by bill 
Iohn osteler by bill 
Roger couper by bill 
Edward fisher by bill 

f 156v 

xii d. 
IIIJ $. 
vs. ijd. 
xiiij d. 

Costes for the play 
Item iii h(.)des of herre ij berdes with a [deder] desertes hed 
& berd 

Item a dossen syluer papers 

I ttTI 

j dossen gold papers 
j dossen Synaper & grene paper 
j li. C Arsedyn 
j dossen gold foyle 
vj dossen belles 
iiij li. gonne poudor 
in Camfer & sait peter 

Summa xiiij s. 6 d. 

iiij s. x d. 
xii d. 
xiiij d. 
xiiij d. 
xxj d. 
iiij d. 
ij s. 
ij s. 

f 157 
[Item pa/d to dyuers persones for the play as aperith by 
particuler parcelles 
Item paid to dyuers persones for the play as aperith by 
particuler parcelles 

iiij li. xvj s. viij d.] 

iiij li. xvj s. viij d. 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 55 (19 June-4June) (Decision of26April assembly) 

The wardens let Sompum the holle Company to gether the xxvj day ofaprill 35 
anno xviij ° henrici octaui by the commandement of Master baillifs to know 
ofthe company whether that they wilbe wylling to haue any sport or play at 
Penticost next foloyng or hot 

38/ Penticost: 20 May 1526 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1526-7 185 


Assembly Minute Book 4 sco: 75 
f 10" (12 October) 
They be Agreed that Richard Atk/s shall haue iiij li. ofthe comen tresury 
aboute the townes besynes and that Master baillieffes a warant ofx li. wherof 
rtol Remayne with the Baillieffes vj li. 

f [17ai* (September 1527) (Councilagenda with decisions) 
Item Whether they will haue Waytes or hot 
they will haue Waytes 


Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/438 15 
f 162" (Expenses) 
Et solutum pro Regardo dato iiijor histrionibus domini Regis xx s. 
Et solutum pro vino expendito [si per balliuos & compares suos 
& ipsos histriones ^rtuncl presentes & audientes melodiam 20 
eorum iiij s. viii d. 

f 163" 
Et solutum pro Regardo vrsinario domini Reg gerentem vrsum 
Et in [Regardo] ^rvinol dato interlusoribus domine principisse 
Et in Regardo dato dicth interlusoribus domine principisse 

ii i s. x d. 


f 163v* 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus Baronis de burford 
Et in vino dato dictis histrionibus & Balliuis audientibus melodiam 
dictorum histrionum 

ij s. 
xix d. 

18/ x. s.: s apparently wrinen overd 
19/ per:jr super 

20/ prt"sel',le...ç; es wtten o*,er ozber ]¢tters 
26/ gerentem: .]br gerenti 

186 SHIEWSBUR¥ 1526--8 

f 164v 
Et in Regardo dato tribus novis histrionibus ludentibus coram 
balliuis in Scaccario 
Et in vino expendito super dictos histriones ibidem 

xij d. 
iiij d. 

f 166 

Et solutum pro liberaffs duorum histrionum ville hoc/anno 1 
vocatorum lez waytes pro honestate ville hoc tempore 

xvj s. 

Town Payment Claires sRo: 3365/457/30 
single sheet* (Expense report for David ap Regnald, one of the Six Men) 
Item on corpus christi day to mardoll heyd ij gallons ofclartt wyne 
& a quartt flore Roger Iones Son xviij d. 

Assembly Minute Book 3 sco: 75 
f 2v* (22 May) 
They be aggred that theire comen pasture of Kingesland shalbe sert for the 
space ofcerten yeres for iii il. is offerd for iii Id.] yeres after iij li. a yere & that 
is offerd ix li. in hand and any man wyll yeff more take the 
the herbers & buttes to euery occupaciones Et memorandum that mater is putt 
to the discrecion ofA]dermen & comen counsell 

Bailiffs'Accounts sv, o: 3365/438 
f 110 (Expenses) 
Et solutum pro vna baga ad Imponendum colers histrionum 
Et solutum in Regardo dat0 loculatori domini Reg/s 
Et in vino Expendit0 super eum & balliuos circa visum r Dictil 

ij d. 
v i s. viii d. 
iij s. vij d. 




171 corpus chruti day: 20June 1527 
29/ comen: 3 m,nrns forn 

Et in Regardo dato vrsinario ducis suffoicie ultra xviij d. collectos 
de circustantibus ad agitacionem vrsuum suorum 

f ll0v 
Et solutum per biilam pro Regardo dato histrionibus Thome 
cornewell et Ricardi Cornewell militum pro honestate ville 
Et solutum pro Regatdo dat0 histrionibus Ionnis Talbot milir./s 
vice comitis Salopescire 


ij s. vj d. 

ij s. 

f 111 5 

Et solutum in Regardo dato iiij °r histrionibus domini Regh xx s. 
Et solutum pro vino expendito super Balliuos & compares su(..) 
audientes melodiam dictorum histrionum vj s. viij d. 
Et solutum pro Regardo dato quinque histrionibus comitis arundelle v s. 
Et in Regado dato Histrionibus comitis derby & domini Mount 
Egle vj s. viij d. 
Et in vino expendito sup balliuos & alios audientes melodiam 
eorum v s. iiij d. 

Et solutum pro pane succato & vino dat/s BalLiuis & abbati Salopie 
in festo corporis chr/sti ad generalem processionem iii s. 
Et in Regardo datorh(.)strionibusl Iohannis talbot MilitisArthuri 
Neuton et lohannis lyngen Militis ij s. 

f lllv 

Et in Regardo dato histrionibus Magistri delves & Magistri calueley iiij d. 



f 112 
Et in Regardo dato interlusoribus domini Reg/s 

x s. 60 

2/ circustantibua:Jrci*cumstantibus; abbreviation mark miasing 24/ sup:rsuper; abbreviatian mark rniasing 
22/ Regado:.rRegatdo 28/ festo ... chr/sti: llJune 1528 

188 SVtREWSBURY 1527--30 

Et in vino expendito super dictos interlusores & bailiuos & compares 
suos ultra ij s. ij d. colectos viij s. 
Et in Regardo dato lusoribusville temporeveris & mensis Maij pro 
locunditate ville vj s. viii d. 

Assembly Minute Book 4 sco: 75 
f 23v (11 December) 
Also that the Baylieffes now being to call for the thrid color ofthe waytes 



Mercers', Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 57 (15June-31 May) (Decision of 28 May assembly) 
Meenorandum that the fryday next after the ffeest of Corpus chr/sfi anno xvCxxix 
that Thomas byryton & Richardyeman wardens let Somimun Master dudley 
Masser Ireland Richard hussey Richard brikdale Richard atkys & will/am 
alcroffte to shew vnto theym how that Thomas Ireland & Roger phelips did 
depart at saynt Mates churche style from theire company & went home oute 
ofthe precession contrary to the olde auncient custume & ordre hade emongest 
the holle felleship of mercers/And opon theire assembly hade in theire hall for 
the causes aboue rehersed/It was then ordred that the saide Thomas Ireland 
& Roger phelips shuld be send fore [ty] before theym in examinacion ofthe 
premisses to make answer what was the cause oftheire departyng/And they 
answered opon theire othes that they departyd thens for Ignorans & that they 
did not know but that they myght iawffully departe ther at that place 


Drapers' Company Book sRo: 1831/6/1 
p 176 (25 March-24 March) 
Memorandum that the said baily haue paid to the stewardes at corpus chr/sti 
fest in the furst yere. 
paid to the said stewardes by billeswrittyn in parcelles 
Summa xxxvj s. vj d. 



18/ fryday ... x-vcdx: 28 May 1529 
361 the said baily: Matthew Owen. guild bailiff 

36-71 corpus ... yere: 27May 1529 

SHREWSBURY 1529--31 189 

p 177 
Paid to the steward at corpus chrhti day & the Sunday after 

Bailis'Accounts SRO: 3365/438 
f 172v (Ewpenses) 
Et solutum in Regardo dato vrsinario duch Somersett post 
Agitacionem vrsuum suorum coram balliuis & comitate ville 

xlj s. ob. 

vj s. viij d. 

f 173 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus Baronis de Burfford 


f 174 
Et in pane rij d.1 et vino datis abbati Salopie et Balb'uis ad 
generalem processionem in festo corporis christi 

ij s. ij d. 


f 174v 
Et in Regardo dat0 Interlusoribus domine principisse ludendo 
coram eis & comparibus suis 
Et in vino expendito per ballios & compares et dictos interlusores 
post lusum eorum 



vj s. j d. o 

f 175 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus domini Arundell 
Et in vino expendito super dictos histriones comitisArundell 
pro honestate ville 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus domini Regis 

11/ comitate:rcomunitate; abbreviation mark missing 
22/ festo ... chr/sti: 8June 1531 
29/ ballios:. r balliuos; abbreviation mark missing 

ij s. 


Et solutum pro vino dato eis Et balliuis et comparibus suis 
audientibus melodiam eorundem histrionum 

iiij s. 

® solutum Atkis 

f 176" 
Et allocatum lusoribus 

f 177v 
Et solutum ad manus Thome clerke pro lusoribus 

Drapers' Company Book sp, o: 1831/6/1 
p 179 (25)larch-24 Match) 
More for wyne to william baly at corpus christi feest wmo x.xj th 
that was laft on Rekynd 

ij s. [j] d. 

Assembly )linute Book 5 sco: 75 
f 7* (lIay) 
They be content to haue a piey at Wytsyntyde ifmaisters baylieffes thynk it 

Bailiffs'Accounts sp, o: 3365/438 
f 184v (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinario comitis de derby post Agitacionem 
vrsuum suorum pro Iocuditate baJliuorum & comparium suorum 
ultra denarios collectos de diuersis honestis personis ibidem 
presentibus iiij s. [(..)] iiij d. 



111 Thome clerke: one o]Cthe Six Men this year 
171 corpu*chri*ti feest: 16June 153o 
32/ Iocuditate: r Iocunditate; abbreviation mark missing 
33/ collectos: os written over iilegible letter, 

SHRE¢SBUR'/ 1532-3 191 

f 185 

Et in Regardo dato histrionibus Pdcardi Maynwaring Militis 
Pdcardi Egerton & Arthuri Neuton armigerorum 

Et in expensis fact/s in garniamentis liberatis & histrionibus pro 
domino abbate de Marham tempore mensis Maij pro honestate 
ville hoc anno vj s 

[xj d.] vij d. 

f 185v 
Et solutiThome Eton pro factura vnius mansionis de duobus stagijs 
pro domino presidenti & balliuis tempore ludi septimana pentacostes 
Et in Regardo dato lusoribus ad dictum lusum & pro reparacione 
ornamentorum suorum 

ij s. 



f 186 
Et in vino dato domino presidenti & Ball/uis in mansione sua 
tempore lusi in quarera pone muros xvj d. 
Et in pane & vino datis abbati Salopie & conuentui suo & Balb'uis 
post processionem generalem in ffesto corporis chrhti ij s. viij (.) 
Et solutum pro Regardo consueto daw histrionibus domini ;Reg/sl 
hoc Anno & tempore balliuorum predictorum xx s. 
Et in vino dato Balb'uis & comparibus & alijs honestis wrsonis 
audientibus melodiam histrionum d/cri domini Regis v s. viii d. 

f 186v 
Et in Regardo dato lusoribus & lnterlusoribus domini Regis 
ib/dem ostendentibus & offerentibus Ioca sua 


14/ domino presidenti: Rougand Lee. bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, lord presglent of the Council in the 
Marches of Wales 
141 septimana pentacoslts: l-TJune 1533 
22/ in: wn'tten over in 
25/ ffesto ... chri/ti: 12June 1533 

192 SHREWSBURY 1532-5 

Et in vino expendito super eos & comitiuam Balliorum et 
comparium suorum audientem & supervidentem lusum & 
melodiam eorum 

Bailij'A¢¢ounts SRO: 33651438 
f 195 (Expe,ues) 
Et 2in 1 Regardo dato histrioni Baronis de Burfford 
Et in vino expendito super vrsinarium Marchionis dorsett post 
Agitacionem vrsuum suorum coram coitate 

f 195v 
Et in vino expendito super Balliuos & compares suos cum [lui 
Interlusoribus domini Reg/s hoc anno 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinario marchionis dorsett ultra denarijs 
coilectos de circumstantibus 
Et soluti in Regardo data interlusoribus domini Reg/s hoc anno 

iiij s. ri d. 

xij d. t0 

viii d. 

v s. iiij d. 

xiij s. iiij (.) 




f 196 

Et solutum pro Regardo dato iiijor histrionibus domini Reg/ 
Et in vino expendito super Balliuos & compares suos & alios 
Audientes melodiam dictorum histrionum 
Et in vino datoAbbati Salopie cure ballis in festo corporis 
christi ad generalem processionem 
Et in expensis factis per ballios in crastino festi corporis 
christi audiendo diuersos histriones 

iiij s. vj d. 
ij s. viij d. 
viij d. 35 

I I Balliorum: fir Ba]liuorum; abbreviation mark missing 
121 post: p corrected]kom pro 
131 vrsuum: s apparendy wrinen over erasure 
131 coitatt: for commurfitate; abbreviation mark missing 
21 / denarijs: .#r denarios 

241 interlusoribus: I wr/tten overs 
32/ ba]lis: ./r balliu/s; abbreviation mark missing 
32-31 festo ... chr/sri: 27 May 1535 
341 ballio fir balliuos; abbreviation mark mim'ng 
34-51 in crastiBo ... cktiai: 28 May 1535 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1534-6 

Et in Regardo Magistro Brandon loculatori Domini Regis 
Et in vino expendito per balliuos & comitiuam eorum ad eius 
Et solutum pro Regardo dato histrionibus ciuitatis herfordie 
Et in Regardo dato histrionibus extraneis melodiam & cantilenas 
coram Ball/Ms & comparibus prontmciantibus 

Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 3365/438 
f 202v (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato interlusoribus domini Regis in presencia 
Balliuorum & comparium suorum 
Et solutum pro vino expendito super dictos interlusores 
temp0re ludi eorum 

f 203v 
Et solutum pro Regardo dato per Balliuos histrionibus Baronis 
de Burford & Thome Neuport armigeri 
Et in vino expendito per Ballios & compares suos super dictos 

f 205 
Et in vino dato vrsinario 
Et in Regardo dato vrsinario 

vij s. x d. 
iii s. viii d. 
viii d. s 

viij d. 



viij d. zs 

v d. 30 
III I $. 

Town Payment Claires sao: 3365/465 
single sheet* (Expemes claimed by John Mackworth. one of the Six AIen) 
Item Master baliffes spend aponn the berward 
Item I gave the berward for ys Reward 

II1 $. 

2/ eius: written over corum 
24/ Ball*os: for Balliuos; abbreviation mark miuing 

194 SHREWSmJa¥ 1535-7 

Town Payment Clairas sRo: 3365/465 
f [1]* (Expenses claimed byJohn Mackworth, one ofthe Six Men) 
Item paid for Cakes on Corpuschr/sti Day provided for my lord abott 
whiche Master baliffes had in the marsser hall 

Assembly Minute Book 5 sco: 75 
f 34 (26ApriO 
They be aggreid that the waytes shalbe hïred for this ïere folowying & to haue 
suche [wages] lyverye as hertofore hath byn vsed & acustomed and they to entre 
a thinvencion ofthe holy crosse 

Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/438 
f 213v (Expenses) 
Et datum in Regardo histrioni domini stafford& 

Et datum in Regardo 
Et datum in Regardo 
Et datum in Regardo 
Et datum in Regardo 
Et datum in Regardo 
Et datum in Regardo 

tribus le waytes ville Salopie in primo adventu 
histrionibus domini Regis 
tribus le waytes in die ascencionis 
vrsiario domini Marques de Exetor 
lusoribus domini privati Sigilli 
lusoribus domini Regis 

xij d. 
xii d. 
xiij s. iiij d. 
vj s. viii d. 
vij s. vj d. 

f 214 
Et datum in Regardo histrionibus Regine 
Et solutum pro vino & tortis datis Balliuis & abbati Salopie post 
processionem in festo Corporis christi 


[xij d.] xiiij d. 







4/ Corpttschriui Day: 15lune 1536 
14/ a:]brat (?) 
141 thinvenc/on of the holy crosse: 3 May 

24/ in die ascenckmis: IOMay 1537 
371 festo ... chr/sti: 31 May 1537 

SrlREWSBtSIY 1536--8 
Et post pr0cessionem predictam datum in vino sex Sessoribus pro 
Attendenciis suis 

f 215 

Et expenditum per Balliuos & compares suos audientes melodiam 
histrionum domini Regis 
Et datum in Regardo histrioni Thome Cornewall militis 

Et expenditum per Sessores super lusores domini privati Sigilli 
Et expenditum per balliuos super lusores domini Reg/s 
Et expenditum super lusores Regine 

Draoer$" Comoan3t Book SRO: 1831/6/I 
p 186 (25 March-24 March) (Allowances) 
for breckfast on corpus christi day 
paid to lse stevardes 
for beryng of le torchis and baner 
paid for le mynstrelses dener 
paid to lse mynstrelses for there wages 
paid for mendyng ofthe torchis 
Item for bred & aill 
spend apon the Mynstrels 
Item to lse stevardes at corpus christi day 
Summa xxx s. xj d. 


Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/438 
f 220v (Expemes) 
Et in Regardo dato Ioculatori domini Regis ludenti coram 
Balliuis & comparibus suis 
Et solutum tribus le waytes ville pro stipendtjs suis 


vij s. 
xii d. 

xiiij d. 
ij s. ij d. 

ij s. 
iiij s. iii d. 
ij s. 
Vil I S. 
tlIJ S. 
ij s. 
xij s. 
ij s. 







191 corpuschr'u'i da)': 15June 1536 


SHgEWSBUR¥ 1537--8 
Et datum in Regardo histrionibusThome Cornewall Militis 
& Thome Newport Armigeri 

xij d. 

f 221 
Et datum in Regardo vrsiario domini Marques de exetor 
Et solutum Rogero philipps goldsmyth pro Argento & 
emendacione Colarium histrionum ville 
Et datum in Regardo vrsinario Comit/s de derby 
Et datum in Regardo lusoribus Domini privati Sigilli 

V$. vd. 

xiij s. iij d. 




f 221v 
Et datum in Regardo lusoribus domini principis 
Et datum ;in Regardo 1 histrionibus domini Marques de Exetur 
Et solutum pro vino & tortis dat/s Balliuis & Abbati Salopie ad 
processionem in festo Corporis christi 

xiij s. iiij d. 
iii s. iiij d. 

( blank) 

f 223* 

Et Expenditum super lusores domini principis domini privati Sigilli 
domini visitatoris ac super seruientes domini presidentis vicecomitis 
Salopescire & super consilium & aliis generosis pro honestate ville 

xxij s. 




Drapers' Company Book sp, o: 18311611 
p 188 (25 March-24 Match) (Allowances) 

paid to le stevardes at corpus chr/sti day 
paid to le Mynstrels 
paid for wyne 
paid to lrrean barbur for Mendyng of torchis 
paid for iij grene chesis 

v s. iiij d. 
ij s. iiij d° 
ij s. iiij d. 

20/ de: d wntten overanotherlater 
23/ festo ... chr/ai: 20June 1538 

36/corpus chrùti day: 31 May 1537 



$HREW$BUR¥ 1537--41 197 

paid for beryng of torchis & baner 
paid for bred & ayll 
paid for le stewardes breckfast 
Item on trinite svnday 

Summa xlv s. 

iiij s. iij d. 
iiij s. vij d. 

Bailiï'Accounts SRO: 3365/438 
f 231 
Et in Regardo dato vrsiario duc/s norfoxie & pro vino dato Balliuis 
& comparibus suis post Agitacionem dictorum vrsorum vj s. vj d. 
Et in Regardo ac vino dat/s histrionibus domini Regis iiij s. iiij d. 
Et datum in Regardo quibusdam interlusoribus de wrexam ludentibus 
coram Balliuis & comparibus suis & in vino tunc expendito v s. j d. 
Et datum in Regardo cuidam Iugulatori ludenti coram balliuis xij d. 




f 231v 
Et datum in Regard interlusoribus domini Regis 
Et solutum pro vino & tort/ dat/s Balliuis & comparibus suis 
ad processionem in festo Corporis chr/ti 
Et in vino dato Ballis & comparibus suis videntibus interludum 
interlusorum domini Regis 

xij d. 

vij s. viii d. o(.) 30 

f 232 
Et datum in Regardo inter|usoribus domini principis 

XX $. 35 

24/ Regard: fit Regardo 
26/ vino: minim missing in ms 

27/ festo ... chr/sti: 16June 1541 
29/ Ba]lis:./br Balliuis; abbreviation mark missing 



f 232v 
Et expenditum per balliuos & compares suos super interlusores 
domini Reg£¢ & domini principis [vij s. vij d. ob.] 
Et in Regardo dato cuidam Roberto Andrews cantanti coram balliuis iiij d. 



cxor«l, r 

cxon«l, r 

Toton Payment Claires sRo: 3365/470/2 
single sheet (Expenses claimed by John Skinner, one of the Six Men) ,o 
Item Maystre bayleffes spende appon hary the berwarde by the over 
syght of the vj men xviij d. 
Item there was laft on paid att breckefast by the over syght of 
vj men at Maystre bayleffesgooyeng to london iiij s. 
Somma v s. vj d. 
Et solutum Iohanni skynner. 

Toton Payment Claires sgo: 3365147018 
single sheet (Expenses claimed by John Mackworth, bailiff) 
Item on Corpuschrristi day Mayster bayleffes drancke at 
mardall apotte/ofClarett & apotte/ofWhyt 
Item for Cackes 

viij d. 
ij d. 

Toton Payment Claires sRo: 3365/470/10 
f [lv]* 
Item Mayster bayleffes sende for to the halle aquart of Claret Wyne 
Item there was gevyn a man yat brow3ght a bowck from my lord 
Item for the backyng ofhyt 
Item there was laft on paid at the Ettyng ofthe venson 
Item Mayster bayleffes laft on paid more the saine day af after 
the pleye 
Item the vj men spend appon the kynges pleyeres in wyne 

ij (...) 

ij «..) 

iiij d. 
xij d. ob. 





3-4rn/ Vacat Alib,': margina/e h bracketed with both thi 30,321 ij (...): remainder of sum lost in bindng 
enry and the otherwie unrelated one ]bilowing 341 x (...): remainder of sure lost in bin'ng 
221 Corpuschrristi day: I6June 1541 351 af afitr. ]rafter 

SHREWSBURY 1540--3 199 


Town Payment Claires sto: 33651470112 
single sheet 

Item there was laft on paid by Mayster baylefs with my Iorde 
prinsys pleares on sonday ail(. )r seint bartlamerolw day 
Item there was send them the nyght to suppar apottel of Red 
and apotte/of Clarett 

Item Mayster bayleffes lafi on paid on sonday after owre lade day 
wyth my lorde prinsys pleares 

xjd. s 
vii i d. 

viii d. to 

Baili" Acc ounts 
f 242 

SRO: 3365/438 

Et datum per balliuos in Regardo cuidam vrsuario de 
La northewiche 

f 243 
Et datum in Regardo cuidam Vrsiario domini [m] marques 
Dorsett pro honestate ville 

ij s. iiij d. 

iii s. iiij d. 




f 243v* 

Et solutum pro vino expendito super balliuos et al ios compare[(.)]s 
[super] post Agitacionem vrsorum domini marques Dorsett 
Et Datum in Regardo vrsiario comitisderby 
Et in Regardo Data vrsiario domini Regh 
Et in vino Data interlusoribus post interlusum in cimittrio sancti 
Cedde Salop/e coram Comissionarijs domini Regis Balb'uis et alijs 
Et solutum pro tortis et wafurnes Dath domino nuper presidenu" 
alia vice 

ijs. xd. 
iii s. iiij d. 
vij s. vj d. 



51 on sonday ... day: 28Augmt 1541 
61 nyght: 3 minirm in Ms 

91 on sondaF ... daF: 27Match 1541 

200 SHREWSBURY 1542-8 

f 244 

Et solutum pro reparacone et pictura ornamentorum Abbat/s 
de maïroll iiij s. iiij d. 
Et solutum pro vna Toga De nouo facta D/cto Abbati De Mayroll v s. j d. 
Et solutum Ricardo Glasier pro labore suo in ludendo Abbatem de 
mareall vij s. iiij d. 

Bailij'Accounts sRo: 3365/486 
f 4 (Expenses) 
Et solutum pro vino et Tortis dat/s balb'uis et associatds suis in 
festo Corporis chr/sti euntibus in processione 

f 5v 
Et datum in Regardo interlusoribus domini Regis 

xj s. 





Bailij'Accounts sRo: 3365/486 
f 13 (Expenses) 
Et solutum pro Vino dato Istrionibus domini Reg/s 

f 13v 
Et solutum pro vino dato domino president/capiendo Musturum 
virorum armatorum et furnitorum utrsus Cociam 
Et datum in regardo Istrionibus [le] ludentibus ante viros Armatos 
Et datum in regardo interlusoribus ludentibus cum domino abbate 
de Marall 

iii s. vij d. 
xij d. 

vij s. iiij d. 




31 paraconc :]r -ix*rone; ablm, viation mark misang 
16/ festo ... chr/ai: 9lune 1547 

33/ clanuno presidentd: R/dmrdSampwn, b/p of 
C0veny and L/dfid/om't of,e C0und 
341 armatorum: torum correaedfrom tta 

SHREWSiUI' 1547--9 
Et ulterius datum in regardo dictis intertusoribus ludentibus cure 
dicto abbate ac solutum pro seruisia data eisdem 


ij s. viij d. 

f 14 
Et datum in regardo cuidam Rogero harper istrioni 
Et solutum Iohanni mason peynter pro pictura toge pro dicto 
domini Abbate de marrall 


xij d. 


f 14v 
Et datum in regardo cuidam histrioni ludenti ante viros equiles 
Armatos equitantes ad Scociam 

xii d. 


f 15 
Et datum in regardo intertusoribus domini Regis 

[vs. ixd.] iiij s. ixd. 


BaHiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/486 
f 23v (Expenses) 
Et in Regardo dato interlusoribus domini Custod/s privati 
Sigilli domini Regis 
Et in Regardo dato interlusoribus domini Regis 
Et in vino dato eisdem interlusoribus 

x s. iiij d. 
vj s. vii i d. 
xij d. 



f 24 
Et in Regardo dato lacobo lockwod seruienti ac gestatori 
domini Regis 

vj s. viii d. 


10/ domini:.[br domino 

202 SHREWSBURY 1548--50 

"Dr Taylor's History" SSL 
f 68v* 

this yeare & the tuesday after ester hoilydays ij yonge men ofSalop whose 
names were Edmvnde reynoldes & Robart clarcke were Smootherd vnder the 
casteli hiil hiding thon selues from maydes the hili fallinge part therofvpon 

Baili'Accoun s.o: 3365/486 
f 33 (Expemes) 
Et Datum in regardo Dato histrionibus domini Regis 
Et solutum pro Tunicis Dat/s Le waïttes huius ville Salopie 
Et datum in regardo interlusoribus Iohannis bridges milioE 

f 33v* 

Et datum in regardo histrionibus domini fferrers 
Et in vino dato eisdem histrionibus 

Et datum in regardo waltero Tayior et alijs interlusoribusville 
Salopie ludentibus ib/dem in mense maij 
Et solutum pro Calceis eisdem interlusoribus 
Et Datum in regardo interlusor' domini Edwardi braye 
Et Datum in regardo histrionibus Wille/mi Sheldon Armigeri 

vj s. viij d. 
xxij s. vj d. 


vj s. viii d. 






f 35 
Et in vino dato per balliuos quibusdam interlusoribus 

vij d. 


4/ yonge: 3 minirm in MS 

SHREWSBJR¥ 1551 --3 203 

Bailiffi" Accounts 
f 43 (Expenses) 

sRo: 3365/486 

Et solutum in regardo dato histrionibus et wayts de brudgenorth iij s. iiij d. 

Et solutum pro liberath histrionum Ville 

xxxvij s. vj d. 

Et solutum Domino de Abbott marram et pro apparatu eorum 
videlicet pro calciamenth tunicis et al/js vestibus viii s. [v] iiij d. 

Bailiffs'Accounts sgo: 3365/486 
f 51 
Et datum in regardo interlusor' domini Russdl 
Et datum in regardo histrionibus domini Reg/s 

vs. vj d. 
vj s. viij d. 




f 51v 
Et ex(.)enditum (...) balliuos(...) suos die lune in 
Le Whitson wiick post visum lusum 

iii s. viii d. 

f 52 

Et solutum pro tunicis et al/js vestiment/s ac pistura 
earundem tpro Robyn hoodj [lvj s. ij d.] lix s. iii d. ob. 
Et ira vitao dato eisdem inteAusoribus xiiij s. 
Et dati in regardo le Tomlers ij s. 



281 Le Whitson wiick: 21-7May 1553 331 pistura: tir pictura 


SHREWSUV.¥ 1552-- 5 
"Escutcbeons of tle Bail" ssL 
f 60v* 
Mr. htons tiret playe in Shrsbury [ofMr. htons] 

Baili'Account SRO: 33651486 
f 59v* (Expenses) 
Et Datum in regardo Thome staney Le lugler 

ij s. 

f 60* 
Et datum in regardo wyett Le gester 
Et Datum in regardo Iohanni Sekerton 

VS. 15 

Mercers', Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 20 
f 78v (5June-28 May) (Decision of18 May assembly) 
The wardens Let somen the wholle companye to ther halle the 18 of maie [th] 
anno Domini 1554 to comyne conserning the renewing and seting fforwardes 
ofthe presesion a gaynest corpus chrhite daie than next enshewing... 2s 


Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 
f 80v (28 May 1554-17June 1555) (Decision of6June assembly) 

The wardens let somon the hole companye or occupacon of mercers. 
Goldesmythes and Cappers tappere the vj th daye of Iune Annis Regnorum 
Phillipi & marie primo & secundo/for & concernyng the lyght to be ruade 
agaynst corpus christi daye next at whiche daye the persons vnder namyd did 
absent them selffes. 

( blank) 

35/ corpus chri'i daye: 13June 1555 

251 corpus ... enshewing: 24May 1554 
321 occupacon: tir occupac/on; abbreviation mark mising 


SHREWSBtSR¥ 1555--7 205 

Assembly Minute Book 6 
f 18v (16May) 

sco: 76 

They be aggreid at this assembly That master Baylieffes shall cause robe sett 
forwardes the staige playe nowe couyned of/this next whitsontyde for the 
wurshipp ofthe Towne/by honest players/and that toaster Baylieffes with vj 
men shall hot disburse ofthe comen goodes ofthe towne aboue fyve poundes 
aboutes the fornyture ofthe seid playe 


A¢ercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 81 v (17June-8June) (Decision of15 May assembly) 
In the tyme ofThomas Buryngton 
and Robert Ireland wardeyns anno domini 1556 15 
The same wardeyns Let'c sommon the hole companye together the Xv th of Maye 
anno predicto/At which assembley motion was made by the sayde wardens 
to the company what they wold be content to geve towarde the furnyture & 
charge of a playe at whitsontyde next to be played in the qwareli behynde the 
walles/wherunto master bayliffes haue reqwyred the ayede ofthis felowshipp 20 
ofthe mercers etc. wheruppon they haue agreed to be cemed as att their names 

Bailis'Accounts SRO: 33651486 
f 69 (Expemes) 
Et datum in regard0 histrionibus/interlusoribus 1 et vrssiarijs 
angb'ce Berwardes ad diuersa temp0ra 


I s. iiij d. 30 

"Escutcheons of the Bailiffs" SSL 
f 62v 

This yeare was the playe of St Iulian the Apostate played in the quarrell 
The play called Anot & Magot 


6/ whitsontyde: 24-30 May 1556 

206 SHREWSBUR¥ 1557--60 

Mercers; lromogers; ad Goldsmitbs" Compay Book t.SL: 4260 
f 84v (21Jun«-13Jun«) (D««ision of3Jun« asonbly) 
Item further [t] yt ys assented and agreid that the furnytur for the prosesscyon 
shall stand in such order as yt ys nowe./wkhout [(.)] repayring or amendynge. 

Baili'Account, SRO: 3365/486 
f 79v (Allowances) 
Allocatur pro vino dato Henrico Stafforde militi et domine 
Stafford sorori sue 
Allocatur eis pro regardo dato vrsiatori prepotent/ viri Comitis 
Derby ad dua separalia tempora 
Datum in Regardo Lusiatori domini Stafford hoc Anno 

iiij s. viij d. 
xs. ijd. 
iij s. iiij d. 




Town Payment Claires sRo: 33651541 
f [1] (Baili'itemized bill) 
Item spend upon the Quens pleyers the furst daye 
Item gyven to theym for a rewarde 

iij s. vj d. 







Item gyven in rewarde to the mynstrell/serunte to vicount herford 

Item gyuen & payd to Sekurton the berward for the reward duringe 
the ryme ofshroue(.)yd 

f [2v] 
Item gyven to my Lorde staffordes mynstrells 


ij s. 



SHREWSBUR¥ 1559--64 207 


f [3] 

Item payd to Lokewood the quenes lester in Reward 

Bailis" Accounts 
f 89v (Expemes) 

sRo: 3365/486 

Et datum in regardo histr/onibus vrsar/js et interlusoribus domine 
Regine et magnatum 

v s. iii d. 

xlvs. v d. 


Town Bi SRo: 3365/489/12 
single sheet 

Item gyuyn vnto my lord wyllybes playarys In Reward 
It spent at the Gullet on the saem playarys 

vj s. viii d. 
iiij s. xj d. ob. 


"Escutcheons of the Bailiffs" sSL 
f 63v* 


°Mr Ashton's first playe ° playe vpon the passion of Christe begon in Sa]op 

Assembly Minute Book 6 
ff 67v-8" (1 December) 

sco: 76 

...and they be also agreed that the master baylyffes shall confer with mr 
assheton to knowe the charges to set furth a play at wytsontyde next and to 
knowe the benyvolens of ail I occupacions and other persons what they wyll 
gyue towardes the setryng furthe of the same and so to procede to set hyt 
furthe accordyngly &c 



Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 95v (14June-5June) (Decision of 9 March assembly) 
At whyche tyme the wardenes declared to the rest ofthys felowshipp that the 
bailiffes required the ayde and assistance ofthis felowshippe towaxdes the setting 
forthe ofthe playes to be had at whitsontyde next ffor the accomplyshement 40 

171 lt: fir ltem: abbreviation mark miaing 
38/ wardenes: written aa correction over illegible lettrrs 

381 thys: writen as correction verthe 
40/ whitsontyde nex't: 21-7May 1564 



SIRWSBUR' 1565--7 
Baili'Accounts Owen and Blakeway: History, vol 1 
p 331" 
To Master Baly Purseli with the Quenes players, 2s. 4d. 

 "Escutcheons of the BailiaO" ssL 
f 65v* 

Queene Hizabeth ruade progresse as farre as Couintry intending for Salop 
to See Mr. Astons play, but it was ended. 


c 1565-75 
Contributors to the Whitsuntide Play 
single sheet* 

sRo: 336512617129 

the names ofthem that geve money oward the Setteinge fourthe ofthe pley 

mr Rychard iyster x s. 
lamys marshe iiij d. 20 
Thomas pychefart iiij d. 
Iohn dounton xii d. 
Thomas amys iiij d. 
gorge dounton iiij d. 
lamys hankoxe iiij d. 25 
Wyilyam Wyccherley vjjj d. 
Rychard hankoxe iiij d. 
Thomas hyggynson iiij d. 
Edward hankoxe iiij d. 
Ellyn Wood (blank) 3o 
Iohn Pridden (blank) 
Thomas Rydley xii d. 
Somm ys xv s. iiij d. 

Bailiffs' Accounts 
f 126v 

sao: 33651486 

Et datum in regarda Lusoribus magnatum quam custoda'bus 
vrsorum magnatum venientium ad villam et super eos expe(...) 

x'vj s. vii i d. 



SHREWSBIJRY 1566-9 211 

Town Payment Claires sRo: 3365/497 
f [ 1 ]* (40ctober) (Disbursements) 

Paymentes payd by me as 
ffollowith The 4 of octobre Anno 15661 
Item payd to mr Astone for the Rest of his moneye 
Item payd to mr owen for that he payd to mr Astone 

xxiij li. xiiij s. viii d. 
iij ll. 

Shearmen's CompanyBook NLW: Castle Hill MS 2641 ii 
f [12] (10 Apri11567-22 May 1568) (Good received by new wardens, 17April) 
Item on iacke on payre of splentes on sa]et & on sorde iiij sheffe arowes/on 
payre ofsheres rive torches & too Linkes & on baner ofblewe sarsnett 



"Escutcheons of the Bailiffs" SSL 
f 65v 

Itis recorded by rsome that the greate playe of Mr. Ashtons in Salop was this yeare 

Assembly Minute Book 6 sco: 76 
f 117v (7April) 
The be agreed at this assemblie that there shale be geuen oute of the treasure 
of the[(.)] towne the some of x l i. towardes the maynteynaunce of the playe 
at whyt sontide ouer and aboue suche money wh/che shalbe Levied by all the 
occupacca'ons ofthis towne or ofanye other that will giue anye money towardes 
the saine as weli in the toune as countrey, and ffurther yf that mr ashton shale 
declare by his honestie that there shalbe wantinge of anye money rather then 
the said mr ashton shulde therbye be alooser that then the said money wantinge 
shall likweis be discharged by the tounel 

Guild Contributions to the lThitsuntide Play sRo: 3365/2620 
single sheet* (afier 14 January) 

The Wardens ofthe shermen will giue ^riiij 1i.1 towardes the playe [xl s. 40 

301 whyt sontide: 29May-4June 1569 

21  StlREWSBURY 1568-70 

®Slop ° 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW." Castle Hill MS 2641 ii 
f [14] (22 May-24 April) (Goods received by new wardens) 
Item the blue bannerofsarsnet 
Item apere ofsheres Item the baner pole 
Item a sword Item iiij shef arowes 
Item a lacke 
Item a sa]et 
Item apere ofsplentes 

"Dr Taylor's History" SSL 
f 107 

... thise yeare at whytsoontyd was a notable stage playe playeed in shrosberie 
in a place there cally(.) the quarrell wh/ch lastid a]l the holly dayes vnto the 
wh/ch cam greate nvmber ofpeople of noblemen and others the wh/ch was 
praysed greatlye and the chyffe auctor therofwas one master Astoon beinge 
the head scoolemaster ofthe free scoole there a godly and lernyd man who 
toocke marvelous greate paynes therin... 

Assembly Minute Book 6 sco: 76 
« 272" (13July) 
They ^rare1 likwise ^r [arep agreed by the voyce ofthe said william Tenche that 
william heringe Richard gardyner and will/am lones sha]l have a lease for terme 
oftenne yeres ofa certen pastuer called behind the wa]les exceptinge the 
quarrell where the plases have bine Accustomed to be vsyd To have to them 
& theire Assignes except before excepted from the feast ofthe purificacion of 
out lady next vnto thend & terme ofxe yeres then next After without payinge 
any Rent for the saine and that they before the comencement of the said 
[(s...le)] lease shall find sufficient suerties to be bounden by obligacion in 
the some ofv C li. to the bailiffes & burgesses ofthe said Towne that they 
vpon there owne proper costes & chardges sha]l before the feast of St michell 
tharchangell [sh] wh/ch sha]be in the yere of out lord god 1571 shall in 
substanciall order & sufficyently at the over sight & Appoyntment of the 
balliffes ofthe [said] said Towne for the terne beinge by Conduct in lead convey 
& bringe the water or springe called brodwa]le to the highe Crose w/rhin this 
towne there to remaine in Cesterne of free stone in suche sort as maye bave 



14/ why',.soontyd: 29 May-4June 1569 
i 51 cally(. ): smudged 

29-30/ feast ... next: 2 February 1570/1 
34-5/ feast ... 1571: 29September 1571 

SHREWSBtR¥ 1569--72 215 

contynuance at the over sight of the bailliffes of the said Towne As aforesaid 

Drapers" Company Book SRO: 1831/6/1 
p 254 (25 March-24 March) (Decision of 14 April assembly) 
Item they be aggreid at this assemblye/That the seid baylieff shall paye and 
gyve to mr Asheton towardes the [ff] setting furthe ofthe pley at Whitsontyde 
the soin of fyve poundes! 

Stearmen's Comloany Book qLX¢: Castle Hill as 2641 ii 
f [17] (24 April-6April) (Goods received by new wardens) 

Item a blwe banner ofsarsnet 
Item a peare of sheres 
Item a sorde 
Item a Iaccke 
Item a sallett 
Item a payre ofsplentes 
Item a baner poole 
Item la shefe] j shoffe arow(..) 

çtearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2641 ii 
f I18ri (6April 1570-26April 1571) (Goods received by new wardens) 
a blo baner ofsarnet 




Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/486 
f 137v 
Item paid and geuen to my Lardsandwayes man the berwart 


Depositions in Beanes v. Heringe SRO: 3365/2501 
sheets 4-5* (15 April) (Deposition of Robert Ireland, esquire, age 45) 

Taken in Shrewsbury before Sir Andrew Corbet, Richard Mytton, and Thomas 



7/ the seid bayliefE John Hiccockes, guiid bailiff this year 8/ Whitsontyde: 29 May-4 June 1569 

216 SIIREWSBURY 1571 --2 

Poyn commissioners to take evidence in this case, upon interrogatories on behalf 
of Thomas Geves, William Heringe, and William Jones, defendants 
Item to the fyveth and last interrogatorie he this deponent knoweth no 
otherwise herein then before he hathe sayd savinge that he hathe Knowen 
that ail the tyme ofhis remembraunce the said pasture behinde the walles hath 
been A place wherevnto ail the hole inhabitantes of the sayd Towne haue had 
their ffre libertye to make any pastyme or pleasure at ail tymes before the 
graunte of the sayd Indenture w/thout restraint ofanye mannor ofposon And 
further he Cannot saye towchinge the matter/ 10 

( Deposition of Roger Luter, esquire, age 45) 

Item to the fyveth and last Interrogatorie he this deponent sayeth he can ls 
no further depose, but that the bayliffes and burgesses of the Towne of 
Shrewisburye and the officers by ther appointment did paye yearlye to Mr 
Houmffrey Onslowe esquire in the Right ofhis wief fyftye shillinges and 
eighte pence out of the sayd pasture, whos estate the phyntifnow claymeth 
to have, and this deponent further sayeth that sithence the death of Roger 20 
beanes, Controversie did arise betwene the Towne of Shrewisburye I and the 
playntiffor the sayd pasture, and the same beinge Called before the Counsaill 
in the marches ofwales, a Commission went furthe for the examinacion of 
the marrer, and vpon Comunicacion before the bayliffes and the Counsaill 
of the Towne, and by mocion of freendes of both partyes )st was agreed 25 
that she the sayde playnt/fshould haue payed vnto her yearely at the bayliffes 
bandes the some ofl s. viij d. and in consideracion she had a great charge 
upon ber she shoulde bave yerely one Cowes grasse in the pasture behinde 
the walles without payinge any thinge for the saine And further he can hOt 
saye towchinge the matter. 30 

( Deposition of Thomas Hosier, gentleman, age 76) 

Item to the fyveth and last interrogatorie he sayeth that he this Deponent beinge 35 
onste bayliffofthe company ofthe drapera did then receive ofone Robart lye 
the rent due to the drapera out ofthe sayd pasture behinde the walles for ther 
porc/on there the sayd Robart lye then beinge appointed to laye Cattalles to 
Ioystement in the sayd pasture and further cannot saye. 


SHREWSBURY 1571--2 217 

sheet 6 (Deposition of Robert Gittyns, shearman, age 67) 

Item to the iiij th & v th Interrogatories this deponen sayeth that he knoweh 
the bayliffes & burgesses ofthe Towne ofShrewisburie did make such lease to 
herringe Ionnes and gardiner as in he saine Interrogatories is mencioned for 
tearme of terme yeares and more he can hot saye towchinge the sayd marrer 
in variance. 

sheet 7 (Deposition of George Higgons, esquire, age 52) Jo 
Item to the fyveth lnterrogatorie he this deponent sayeth that the Inhabitantes 
of the sayd Towne of Shrewisbury haue bene vsed to d igge Claye in the pasture 
behinde the walles in a hole neare the mideeste ofthe saine pasure and 
sometymes in the side thereof, as the Inhabitartes weare pieased, without s 
restraint, and more touchinge the sayde matter he cannott depose/ 

( Deposition of Richard Owen, esquire, age 60) 

Item to the thride fowrthe and fyveth the deponent sayeth in effecte as George 
higgons the former deponent hathe sayed and more can hot saye touchinge 
this matter. 

sheet 8* (Deposition of Thomas Fletcher, fletcher, age 74) 
Item to the fyveth and last interrogatorie he the sayd deponent sayeth that the 
Towne and I nhabitantes of Shrewisbury haue bine accustomed heretofore to 
digge or gett out of the said pasture behinde the walles in Certayne places 
therof Claye at ther pleasures without restrainte and that the saine claye hathe 
bene goten At A place ther Callyd the water Quarrell beinge in the middle 
ofthe said pasture And more touchinge the said matter in variance he this 
Deponent knoweh hot. 

Declsion in Beanes v. Heringe sRo: 3365/2501 
single mb (lOJune) 

Decimo die lunij Anno Regni 
Regine Elizabethe Quarto Decimo 





40/ De¢imo die: in display script 

2 18 SHREWSBURY 157 1- 2 

In the matter in varyaunce Dependinge in the Quenes maiesties honorable 
courte of Requestes betwene loyce Baynes ofLondon widowe phynetifand 
wilam Heringe and others defendantes flot so touche as it appearethe and is 
dyrectlye proved that Rycharde Lynyall sometyme Pryor of the howse of freers 
Heremytes ofthe order of St Austen in the Towne of Salopp and the Covente  
of the same have leased vnto Iohn Beanes deceased by theire Indenture beringe 
date the Twelvethe daye of maye in the ffiftenthe yere of the Raigne of out 
late soueraigne lorde kinge Henrye the Eighte Ail those theire landes as they lye 
and are scytuate behinde the walles of Salopp in afeilde theire called behinde 
the walles for and duringe the terme of ffourescore yeres ffrome the daye of 10 
the date of the said Indenture As by the saide dede shewed forthe and proved 
in open courte more playnelye did appere/And for so touche as the intereste 
of and in the saide lease is by due meanes and lawfull conveyaunce corne vnto 
loyce Beanes widowe nowe playnetif, It ys therefore ordered and decreed in 
this courte that the saide Ioyce her executors and assignes shall and maye 5 
lawfullye enioye the said landes Tenementes and heredytamentes accordinge 
to the tenure and effecte ofthe saide dede Duringe the saide yeres in as ample 
manner and forme as the saide Pryor and Covente or any other havinge theire 
Intereste myght haue enioyed the saine And forsomuche as it dothe not appere 
in this Courte certenlye where the saide landes lye by meates and boundes nor 20 
what be the certayne contentes ofthe Actes ofthe saine/It is therefore ordered 
that acomyssion shalbe awarded oute ofthis courte the same tobe directed 
vnto Thomas Spencer of Westburye in the countye of Salopp Esquier George 
Lighe Esquier Hughe Edwardes and Roberte Cloughe gentilman to lymitt 
bounde and sett forthe in severaltye the said landes and Tenementes and vpon 25 
the same founde and retourned into this courte, It is ordered that the said loyce 
her executors and assignes shall enioye the saine in seueraltie by meates and 
boundes for and Duringe the terme aforesaid vntill better matter be shewed 
in this honorable courte or vntil the saine be evicted by the ordynarye course 
ofthe comon lawe:/:/ 30 
(signed) Thomas Selford 
Thomas Wylson.! 
°Concordata cum reg/tro 
(signed) K. Oseley.* 

Shearmen's Company Book NLw: Castle Hill MS 2641 ii 
f [21 ] (26 April- 1 7 April) (Goods received by new wardens) 
A Iacke 
A pere of splentes 



1/ In the: in display script 
14/ It y," in diplay soqpt 

331 °Concordata cure ,eg/mo: apparendy in saine hand 
as ngnate of Celey below 

SHREWSBURY 1571-- 4 
A sorde 
a stole 
A baner pole & a baner 


Sbearmen's ComiOany Book LXV: CaMe Hill MS 2641 ii 
f [411 (17April-2April) (Good received by nw wardens) 
Item a Iacke/a sallet, a paire ofsplentes, a sworde a banner and a pole for the 10 

*Sop ° 

D" Tlyo'$ Histoi $SL 
f 112v* 

This year there was brought to the boothehall in shreusbury the head of a 
monsterows callffe wh/ch had iiij Eyes two mowthes iiij Eares and but one 
fyrme & playne head wh/ch was calvyd w/rhin iiij myles ofthe sayd towne... 



Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 33651486 
f 143 (Expemes) 
Et datum in regardo lusoribus magnatum quam Custod/bus 
vrsarum magnatum venientibus ad villam et super eos 
expend/tum iiij li. txij s.j [vij s. vj d.] 


Shearmen's Company Book IqLW'. Castle Hill Ms 2641 ii 
f [43] (2 Apri11573-22 Apri11574) (Goods received by new wardens) 
Item a Iacke a sallet, a paire ofsplentes a sworde and a banner pole 
Item in the handes of Pdchard meghen a ban ner of sylke 

f [44v] (Wardem'payments) 
Item to the apprentices mynstrell 



220 SlIREWSBtR¥ 1574--5 

Assembly Minute Book 6 sco: 76 
f 196v* (23ApriO 
They be agreed at this assemblye that Wheras the frame of tituber that stood 
in the quarell behind the walles is taken doune that the saine tymber shale 
presendye be deliuered to the schalmaster to the vse ofthe schall(.) accordinglye 
as mr ashton hathe at this tyme written the wh/ch hathe bine red 


f 203v ° (18July) 
They be agreed at this assemblye that there shalbe geuen to mr (blank) 
churchard the some ofv markes, for his paines taken in setting farthe of Shewe 
against the Quenes maiesties cominge beinge sent hether by my Lordpresident 

Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 33651505 
f [2v]* (Expenses) 
Item players of noble men & others and berwardes of noble 
men & minstrellesofnoble men this yere 

iiij I. x s. viij d. 





f [31" 

Geven to the quenes herbinger in gold and spent vpon her 
graces servauntes resortinge to this towne at sondrye times 
this yere concerninge her graces cominge to this town 
Geven mr churchyerd in Rewarde beinge sent vnto vs by my 
lord president with lettres concerninge the cominge of the 
quenes mdestie to this towne by the assent ofthe aldermen 
& counsellers 

xlvij s. x d. 

iij li. vj s. viij d. 

Payd for the Inclosinge of kingsland this yere as appereth by 
a bill of particulers 

xxxvij s. vj d. 

f [3v]* 
Payde for the waittmens cottes at mr david Iloydes 
28-91 my lord presidem: Sir Henry Sdney, lord Ore*ident of the Council 

xliiij s. xj d. 



SHREWSBUR¥ 1574-6 221 

Shearmen's Company Book qLW: Castle Hiil MS 2641 ii 
f [45] (22 April-14 April) (Goods received by new wardens 22 April) 
Item a Iacke a sa]let, a paire ofsplentes a sworde and a banner pole/ 
Item in the handes of Pdchard meghen a banner ofsylke 


f [45v]* (22 May) (Assembly minutes) 

Hit ^ris 1 agreed vpon the said daie by the hole feloshipps assent and pronounced 
to the wardens by the mowth of Robert Richardson elected ^rspeaker for the 
hole felowship that euery one ofcombrethren shalbe contributorye and paie 
there accostomed porcion towardes the keping haule/ 

f [46v]* (On or near 14April) (Wardens'receipts) 
Recevid of the companye towardes the kepinge of the halle 

xvj s. x d. 

Dr Tayor l-lito SSL 
f l19v 

This yeare at one Allons howse sherman in Knoockyn streete in shreusberie 
there was a pygge faryeed wh/ch had viij feete .v. eares wh/che was presentid 
to the aforesayde baylyffes and seene of manye... 




Town Payment Claires SRO: 3365/508/2/7 
single sheet (Expenses of David Lloyd, bailiff) 
Item for the waytmens coattes 

Town Payment Claires sao: 3365/508/10/4 
single sheet* 
Item Leid out to my Lord of derby And my Lord staffartes 
musitions at the appoyntment of allen Ionsunne 

xiij s. iiij d. 

ij s. vj d. 




And: wrinen over hem (?) 

222 SHREWSBURy 1575--7 

Torches in the 
hall sold °givtn 
to paye seuerall 
sommes of 
money lent ° 

Drapers" Company Book SRO2 1831/6/1 
p 279* (25 Match-24 Match) (Meeting held 8 November) 

Memorandum that theight daye of NovemberAnno xvijo Elizabethe regine 
Anglie The Torches beyng fourtye in number wh/ch did belonge to the 5 
ffraternytie Were [f] sold by the hoole companyes consent there assembled 
to William Iones Nicolas Prowde and [Iohn browne] rRichard gardynerl for 
the soin of fyve[des] poundes and to theym were then & there delyuered for 
the dettes to theym owing/And wh/ch was by theym land to the vse ofthe 
seid companye/And thervppon theye and euery of theym confesse theym 10 
selffes fully satisfied & payed ofthe [seid] seuerall somes to theym owing. 

Baili" Accounts 
f 175 

SRO: 3365/486 

Et datum in regardo lusoribus magnatum quam custodibus 
vrsarum magnatum venientibus ad villam 

Court Fines for Non-appearance SRO: 336511076 

De Ga/frMo cley quia non venir ad presentamentum cum vicinis 
rad billam secundaml 

vj d. 




Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL-" 4260 
f 130v (22June-lOJune) (Decision of 6June meeting) 
Item it is agreid by the company assembled for as muche as thei think a 
necessary thing for the increse ofamytie & Love amongest them. that a Dyner 
be kept once euery yere by the wardens for the tyme beinge, and neuertheles 
for that it can hOt be but chardgeable by reson ofthe derth ofvictualles and 
that thallownce of tenn shillinges ofold tyme alowed toward the sayd dyner 
is but sdender Therfor the whole assemby ar agreid that the wardens that norwl 
be and ail other the wardens that herafter shalbe shall kepe the dynner yerly 
at such tyme in the yere as it shall to them seme propre and that for the beL-ter 
chere to be had it is agreid that the wardens that nowe be & the wardens 


91 vse: v apparently wrstten 
18/ ri..): right edge of sheet damaged 

36/ assemby: Jbr as,mbly 

herafter shalbe, shall haue allowed yerly tenne shillinges, ouer & besyde thold 
tenne shillinges by the composicion befor allowed 


(Meeting hem on election day. l O June) 

at wh/ch assembly it is ageid that what so euerexpences in wyne be spendid this 
day by the wardens that the company shall allow the saine and also iii s. iiij d. 
for [wyne] mynstrels and that also from hencefurth ifit fortune that any warden 
shall hOt or [be] ;will nota [Remisse to] mak his a there dynner once in the tyme 10 
ofther office shall forfeit xlv s. to be imployd to thuse ofthe Company 

"Dr Taylor's History" SSL 
f 123v* 

...This yeare and in the sayd moonthe in a village callyd Lackon besyde 
the towne ofwem vij myles from shreusberie awoman was delyuefid of a 
monsterous childe beinge in the maner and forme to saye withe ij heades 
and iiij feete iiij Armes as it were two bodies loynyd togeather at the Lower 
partes and there the iiij Legges cam a furthe mynglyd one over anothere hedd 
and body vp wardes and hed and body downewardes the one ofthe bodies 
aperyd to be a man childe and theother a woman childe the body ofthe boye 
dyeed the daye after they were borne and the gyrle or wenche dyed the daye 
after the deathe of the boye &c... 




Information against Thomas Davyes and Othem 
ff [1-21 

SRO: 3365/1076 


Enformacions presented to the Right worshipfull 
master ballyffes ofthe towne ofSalop by the persons 
subscribed ageinst Thomas Davies showmaker owen 
the paynter geffery dey & [will/am Bedowe] skynner 
That whereas the defendants beinge knowen to be lewd persons deryders and 3s 
scoffers of there neybors r& the serchers of godes worde1 and soo haue ben 
reputed & takon & yett be soo takon, And common nyght walkers in hauntyng 
of alehouses & tavornes, and when ail there cuppes be in, then they falle to 
deryding them who thinke them noo harme and howe they have to maynteyne 
this ther lewd lyfytt is not knowen, and they escape vnexamined, and also ,t0 

71 ageid:)r agreid 
101 a: Jror (?.) 

161 sayd moonthe: Janua7 1576/7 
22/ man: a corrected from another letter 

224 SHREWSBURY 1577-8 

vnponyshed, soo that therby yt dothe soo anymate them that they care not 
what they sey or what they doe in depravinge & dyscredytyng ther neybors, 
beinge honest personaiges of honest callyng & lyvinge, and soo haue vsed 
them as is well knowen unto your worshippes, and  nowe soe ytt is and ytt 
may pleas you r worshippes that apon sonday last past betwene xiij ° & oone 
ofthe clocke in the nyght, when they neybors were in bedde &: quyett Rest, 
the defendants vnlawfully assembled them selles together, and resorted to the 
house of oone Roger Downe showmaker who kepeth a typlynge house who 
is bound or ought to be bounde for the good Rule of the same ! And when 
the defendants hadde [full] ail there cuppes in, and then to please them 
selles with som Comedye or leste or play to pleasur [them] there fansy, and 
to dyscredyte there honest neybors a lowde made an oye to the dysturbans 
ofthere neybors & there called in my lordes court as they termed yt-t, and 
called in som ofyour orates by name, termyng som ofthem they shuld be 
my Iordes bakers as they hadd ben by reason ofthere noses & faces, som my 
lordes smyth som my lordes bowyers som my lordes vynteners som my lordes 
furryers, [vynteners]/showmakers & rsuch lyke, And soo at euery ther leste 
struke vpp w/th a gytterne to pleasur there bodyes w/th such I Lewd behavurs 
& vndecent termes that they waked [they] rthe neybors ther beinge faste a 
slepe, wh/ch indyrect doinges vnlafull assemblye & lewd behavyors is contrairy 
to the Lawes & statutes of this Re.aime and worthy of Condygne & seuere 
Ponyshment w/th fynes to the example ofsuche lyke offenders flot Reformacon 
whereof and for feare of further Inconveynyens rthey may thereapon ensue 
may ytt pleas your worshippes to calle the seyd defendants together w/th the 
seyd Roger Downe before you [to answer herevnto] in exaicon herofand to 
answer herevnto rsoo that your orators mede noo further complayn0 this for 
godes love 
Thomas hosyer 
Thomas Downe 
Robert Rowles 
Rfichard higons 
[Thomas ca(. )des] 
Will/am bowyer 
John capper 
Randell Rowles 
[Robcrt tenche] 
David ap Rice with a aboutes a c more 
Pdchardmeryd ofhonest &: worshipfull in the towne 
John webster &: liberties 

5/ xii/°:r xii ° 
14/ orates: flr orators 

221 Reformacon:f0r Reformaciom abbreviation mark missing 
25/ exaicon: fvrexaminacion; abbreviation markmissing 

SHREWSBtm¥ 1577--80 225 

Shrewsbury Free Grammar School Ordinances SSL 
single mb* (11 February) 

Item euery Thursday the schollars of the highest forme before they go to play 
shaiI for exercise declame and play oon acte ofa Comedy and euery Saturday 
versyfye and against monday Morning gyve vp their Theames or Epystles and 
ail other exercyses ofwryting or speaking shalbe vsed in Latten ... 

Shearmen's Company Book qLW: Castle Hill as 2641 ii 
f [50] (18 April-I0 April) (Goods received by new wardens) 
Item in the handes of Pdchard meghen a silke banner [(.. 3] 
Item a Iacke, a sallet, a paire of splentes a sworde and a banner pole 



Shearmen's Company Boolt qLW: Casde HiI! MS 2641 ii 
f [52] (IO April 1578-30 Apri11579) (Goods received by new wardens) 
Item a banner in the bandes of Rychardmeghen 
Item a Iacke a saler a paire ofsplentes a sword and a banner pole 


f [52v] (lOMay)(Assembly minutes) 25 

yt was agred by the company ofshermen assemblyd in the hawle the x t ofmay 
by the mowthe of Robert Rycarson speker chosen by the company that ail the 
combrederyn of the saine company shali assemble them selfes to ther hawle 
the sonday next after corpus [c(.)ysty] cfisti day next and ther to Reseve shuche 30 
Recratyon as the wardenes shall prowde for them and he that dothe absent hym 
selfe & hot corne acoerdyrdy shall pay ij d. toward the charges ofthe sayd wardenes 

1579- 80 
Bailiffs'Accounts sao: 
f [1 ] (Expenses) 
ffor Players & berwardes 





301 th¢ sonday ... next: IJune 1578 

226 SI-IREWSBURY 1579--81 

"Sop ° 


Shearmen's CompanyBook NLW: Castle Hili Ms 2641 ii 
f [55] (30 April- 14 April) (Good.f received by new wardem) 
Item a banner in the handes of Rychard meghen 
Item a Iacke a Sallet a paire ofsplentes a sworde and banner pole 

f [57] (14April) (Wardem'payments) 
paid for vj strycke of malte for the hall 
paid for bred to out haule 
paid to the stewerds for cupes trenchers & boughes 
& mendinge of the stears & formes 
spent the sondaye after out ellecsion daye [(.)] overe 
shote at davy [d] Longdons 
geven to a mynstrell 
paid for ij pottells ofwyne to out houses one out feaste daye 

xij s. 
vj s. vj d. 

vj s. vj d. 

ij s. vj d. 
ij s. 
ij s. 




"Dr Taylor's History" SSL 
f 136V* 
This yeare and the xxij daye of lune cam to the towne ofshrewsbury a boye 
vnder the age of viii yeares old wh/ch was borne in the cytye ofyorke whose 2s 
name ys danyell mason soon to one wil/iam mason dwellinge at St marygate 
in the suburbs of the sayde cytie the wh/che boye had bothe hys feete doyen 
and hys Right hand alsoe cloven lycke sheeps feete and had no synger or any 
marcke in hys brest where the dydys should be bvt ail clene & smoothe as 
the reast of hys bodye and ail other partes in good proporcion and a coomely 30 
vysage & well spocken, the pycture ofwhom stoodd vp in a banner at the 
abbey fayre where the sayde boye was to be seene... 

Assembly Minute Book 6 
f 353v* (16December) 

sco: 76 35 

They be also agreed at this said Assemblie that there shalbe geven to the wayte 
men newe coates ofbroad clothe ofthe color oforinge tawnye in Respecte of 
their paines takinge to playe every morninge the gevinge ofwhich coates is 
Referred to master bailliffes discrecion 


5/ sworde: • wntten as correction over- es ugn 28/ synger: for fynger 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1580-- l 227 

f 357" (I#April) 
They be also agreed that wheras the Lordpresident entendeth to kepe St George 
his feast in this towne that there shalbe geven to him a fatt oxe And that the 
saine shalbe paid for with such money as master bailliffes have collected of 
sondrie [occup] occupacions and other persons beinge victualers with/n the 
towne And the Resdue of the said money shalbe borne out ofthe treasure of 
the towne 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldmniths" Company Book I.Sl.: 4260 
f 137 (6June-29 May) (Meeting held21 April) 


The assemble of the Compani the xxj th ofaprill anno Regni Regine Elizabethe 
&c xxiijo at wh/ch Said fassembley it was agreid by the whoell Compani then 
assembled that ther shuld be assesment for the reryng ofthe soin ofxxvj s. 
viii d. throw the whoell Compani to be geuing vnto [vnto] my Lorde President 
in som gyfie and the saine to be bestouid By the discression of the wardens 
and the same sessment to Sessid and getherid w/rhin x daes after the daett herof 

Sbearmen's CompanyBook t4Lw: Castle Hill Ms 2641 il 
f [58] (14 April-6 April) (Goods received by new wardens) 
Item a bannar in the handes of Pdchardmeyghen 
Item a lacke a sallett a payre of splentes a sworde a bannar polie 




f [591 (Wardens'payments) 
payd to mynsterell sondery tymes 
gyvn to the prentes 
payd for wyne in our hawle & at our feaste 
payd for brede at the saine tyrne 
payd for xxij galones ofbere at iiij d. 
more for xl galones at i i d. ob. 

vii s. 
xii d. 
III s. 
vl s. 
vij s. iiij d. 
viii s. iiij d. 


f [59v]* 
payd for copes trenchers & bowes in our hawle 

nlj s. 


3-41 St Gcorge his feast: 23 Apri11581 
71 Re.sduc: for Residuc 

18/ to:./brto be 


gyven to the lornemen for brynge home A trey 

xi i d. 



*Dr Taylor$ Histo" SSL 
ff 140--1v* (23 April-8 May) 

... This yeare 1581 and the xxiij th ofAprell beinge St georges daye, the right 
honorable Sir Henry Sidney lord president of the marches ofwales beinge of 
the pryvey counsell and one ofthe Knightesofthe most noble order ofthe 
garter keapt St georges feast in shreusbery most honorably comminge the sayd 0 
day from the counsell howse there in hys knightly robbes most valiaunt with 
hys gentilmen belote hym and hys knightes followinge hym in brave order 
and after them ye baylyffes and aldermen in theire scarlett gownes withe the 
companyes of ail occupacions in the sayd towne in their best lyuereys and 
before euery wardenis of etwry company their ij stuardes before them with ,5 
white roddes in theire handes wh/ch devydid euery company followinge in 
good and seemely order towardes St chaddes churche where he was stallid 
vppon the right syde of the quyer where he was stallid vpon the right hande 
in the said chaunsell nere vnto the queenes Maiesties place preparid in the same 
quyer also with ail the nobiliffes armes that were knightesofthe garter I And 20 
passing and repassing by the queenes maiesties place he dyd as muche honor 
as thoughe hir mMestie had ben present, where he had there ye devine serues 
songe by note to the glorifienge ofgod and to the greate honor ofthe said Sir 
Henrie who began hys feast vppon the even and kept open howsehold for the 
tyme, it tys to be notyd yat there was sutche a goodly nvmber oftownes men 2s 
followinge hym to the churche that when he entrid into the churche the later 
end ofthe trayne was at my Lordes place r°or counsell house °1 wh/che ys the 
iust Lengthe of.700, pases at the Leastll. 

This yeare and the rst daye of maye the mastersofthe free scoole in shrosbery 30 
whose names were. Thomas Larrance. Iohn Backer, Rychard Atkys and Roger 
kennt ruade a brave and costly bancket after supper ofthe saine daye to the 
nvmber ofxl dyshes and the masters before them, euery scoole presentinge 
[to] x dyshes wythe a shewe before euery scoole pr0nowncynge thesse woordes 

Larrance l 
Backer. 2 

Thesse are ail of Larance Lofe 
acompt hys hart aboue hys store 
Thesse x are ail ofbackers bannde 
good royll not welthe nowe to be stande 


l/ brynge: ]br bryngynge 
10/ comminge: 8 minims in Ms 

33/ xl dyshes: run on m Ms but marked for teparation 

580-1 229 



Atkys 3 

[ backer] rkennt3 4 

Thesse x axe ail in Atkys chardge 
hys gyfftes are smale hys good wyli lardge 
Thesse x coom iast and are the ieast 
yett Kenntes good wyli ys withe the beast 

Thes verses followinge were written that heareafter followe about the bancketinge 

Cure mittunt librum libram non mittere possunt 
Virgam non vaccam mittere quisque potest 


The seconnde daye of maye ail the scoilam ofthe said free scoole beinge taught 
by the foresaid [three] ^rfoure3 masters beinge in nvmber CCCIx withe theire 
masteres belote euery ofthem I marching bravely from the free scoole in battell 
order w/th theire generalls, captens Droomes, Trompettes and Ensinges before 
them throughe the towne towardes a Lardge fillde callyd the geye beinge in 
the abbey suburbes of Salop and there devydinge their banndes in iiij pattes 
mett the sayde lord president beinge vppon a iusty courser invyroninge hym 
aboute and cam to hym the generali openinge to hys Iordship hys purposse and 
assembly ofhym and the reast, then he withe the other captens made theire 
oracons howe valiandy they wold feight and defennde the coontrey at wh/che 
the sayde ;lord had greate pleasure and mutche reeioysyd gyvynge great prayse 
to the sayde toaster for the FAoquency thereof &c/ 



This yeare and the viij th daye of maye syr henry sydney lord presydent 
afore saide depaxtid from shreusbery by water and toocke hys bardge vnder 
the casteli hyll by hys place and as he passid by ther were xiiij chamber peces 
bravely shott ofwithe a serten shott of haxgabusheyrs and so passinge alongst 
not the Lengthe ofa quaxter ofa myle ofby water there weare placid in an 
Ilett hard by the watersyde serten apoyntyd scollars ofthe free scoole beinge 
aparrelyd ai! in greene and greene wy|lows vppon theire heades mvrningely 
callinge to hym macking there lamentable orac/ons sorrowinge hys departure 
the wh/che was doon so pytyfully and ofsutche Exceilency that truly itt ruade 
many bothe in the bardge vppon the water as also people vpon Land to weepe 
and my Lorde hym seiffe to chandge countenance and because the oracons of 
the sayde nymphes are soomwhat tedious to put them here downe I thought 
it beast to place here the fynyshinge of the Later staffe of the Last nymphe 
that spacke wh/che sange the hole songe I with muses playeinge & fynyshinge 
in this maner 

211 oracons: tir oracaons; abbreviation mark miuing 
351 oracons: j'r oracdons; abbreviation mark miring 

230 StlREWSBURY 1580-1 


And wyll your honor needes depart 
& most it needes be soe 
wold god wee could lycke fi/shes swyme 
that we might with the goe 
or e||s woid god this Lytill Ile 
were stretched owt so Lardge 
That we one foote might follow ye 
& wayte vpon thy bardge 
but seinge we cannot swyme 
and llelandes at an ennde 
saffe passage with a short returne 
the myghtie god thee sende 

and so the bardge departid the baylyffes and serten of the aldermen 
accompaninge hym by water vntill he cam to Atcham brydge and there 
they dynyd ail togeather in the bardge vppon the water and after dyner 
tackinge theire leaue withe moorninge countenances departid &c... 

Verses fbr Sir Henry Sidne)s Departure Phillips: History 
pp 45-6" (8 May) 

(The orations ruade upon this occasion being too many to insert in this place, 
one part shall be quoted as a specimen.) 

"One boy alone. 

"Oh stay the barge, rowe not soe fast, 
"Rowe not soe fast, oh stay awhile; 
"Oh stay and hear the playutts at last, 
"Of nymphs, that harbour in thys isle. 

"Thear woe is greate, greate moan they make, 
"With doleful tunes they doe lament, 
"They howle, they crie, their leave to tacke, 
"Theire garments greene for woe they rent. 

"O Seavern, turn thy stream quite backe, 
«Alas why doyst thou us anoye? 
"Wilt thou cause us this Lord to lacke, 
"Whose presince is out onelie joye? 








291 p|aFutts: Jbrp|ayntts; invertedletter 

SHREWSBi3RY | 580- | 231 

"But harke, methinks I heare a sounde, 
"A wofull sounde I plaguly heare, 
"Some sorrow greate thear hart dothe wound, 
"Pass on my Lord, to them draw neare. 

"Four boys appear in green, singing. 

"O Woefull wretched tyme, oh doleful day and houre, 
"Lament we may the Ioss we have, and floods oftears out poure. 
"Come nymphs ofwoods and hilles, come help us moane we pray, 
"The water nymphes out sisters dear, do take out Lord away. 
"Bewayle we may out wrongs, revenge we cannot take, 
"Oh that the gods would bring him back, out sorrows for to slake. I 


"One alone with musick. 


"O pinching payne, that gripes my hart, O thrise unhappy wight, 
"O sillie soule, what hap have I, to see this woful sight; 
«Shall I now leave my lovinge Lord, shall he now from me goe? 
"Why wyll he Salop nowe forsake, alas why wyll he so? 
"Alas my sorrows doe increase, my hart doth rent in twayne. 
"For that my Lord doth hence depart, and will not hear remayne. 

"And wyll youre honor now depart? 
"And must it needs be soe? 
"Wouid God we could lyke fishes swyme 
"That we myght wyth thee goe. 

"Or else would god this littil isle, 
"Were stretched out soe lardge, 
"That we on foot, myght follow thee, 
"And wayt upon thy bardge. 

"But seeing that we cannot swyme, 
"And island's at an end, 
"Saffe passage with a short return, 
"The myghry God thee sende. 






®Wrioen vpon 
^fgl lCOt 
pane over the 
Chimney. In 
the Ch 
of ncord at 

Inscription Describing St George's Feast 
f 65" 

Bodl.: Ms Ashmole 1112 

Be it remembred that in the yeare ofour Lord 1581: & in the 23 th yeare of 
the raigne of out most dread soveraign Lady Que;elne Elirzlabeth the feast s 
ofthe most noble order ofthe Garter, was right honor^falably kept in the 
good & right renawned Towne ofsalop by the right honorable Sir Henry 
Sidney then lord president ofthe Councell established in the principality of 
wales & marches ofthe same, one ofthe Companions ofthe same order, the 
Armes ofthe Soveraigne & others Kings, Princes & nobles then installed in 10 
the sa^rild noble order were fixed in the Church ofthe same Towne during 
the service & Ceremonies belonging to the same ordre 
Be it further remembred that at that tyme then was elected but not installed 
these Princes following Rodolphus the 2 d of that name, Emperor of the 
Romanes King ofHungary & Bohemia Arch duke of Austria Henry the 3 d ls 
french King Christian King of Denmarke & the most noble Prince Ihon 
Cosimire Duke of Bavaria & Palatine ofthe Rhien, then being Baylifes Willam 
Iones, & willam Hering, who together with the cheifaines of the Seuerall 
Companies ofthat good Towne did in most decent sort attend vpon the said 
Lord Prisident during the said ffeast together with the Aldermen & Bailiffes 20 
peers, in there Scarlet Robes, & other cheiftaines. 

Assembly Minute Boole 6 sco: 76 
f 368* (19 or 29 September) 25 
They be Also Agreed that mr Thomas donne shall have in fee farine a 
void parcell ofground in kingsland adioyninge to the glouers harber 
there conteyninge in leingthe xxd [si yerdes & in breadthe as muche 
payinge vj d. yerelie Rent yfthe commons shall thinke it Requis(.)t & 30 
will consent And This to be moved to the cornons at their next metinge 

Town Payment Claires sRo: 3365/516 
single sheet (Payments madt on bailiffi'ordtrs) 
Inprimis to my Lord Staffordts Players 
Town Payment Claires sao: 3365/525 
single sheet* 
To the Right worshipfull master baylyffes as ffolowythe 



SHREWSBUR¥ 1581--2 


Inprimis spent by them and the vj men in the company of the 
Right Honorable the yerle ofLesters men And toaster heyghe 
sheryffes dowghter in the gullett 

vj s. viij d. 

Richard Dawes 
Rychard andeton 
Rychard meghen 

Thomas Sherer. 
Thomas Leywis 
Thomas mytton 
Richard higgins 

Petition of Join Mebin sgo: 336512621/4 
single sheet* 

To the Right worshipfull master bailiffs of the 
towne of Sa]op 
In his most humble wise sheweth vnto your good worshippes your poore or(...)r 
Iohn mehin of this towne of Sa]op shomaker That wheras your worshipes 15 
caused proclamacion to be made thar non should wa]ke at any vndue rime of 
night your Said orator dothe confesse thar he hath offendid your worshipes 
for that contrary to your worshipes proclamation did wa]ke at vndue rime of 
night for to sing lr tender consideraon wherofhe desireth your worshipes 
to release your orator hoping never to offend your worshipes any more in any 20 
respect and [(.)] thus for goddes Love 
your worshipes orator now in the castell ward 
Iohn mehin 

P«tition ofTbow.zs Wise suo: 33651262114 
single sheet 

To the Right worshipfull master bailiffes of The 
Towne of Sa]op 
In his most Humbell wise shewith vnto your good worshipes your poore 30 
or(.)tor Thomas wise ofThis towne of Sa]op sherman That whereas he being 
committed at your worshipes [at] appointment to the castell gare of this towne 
for walking at vndue rime of night he confesseth that he your orator hath 
offendid for he contrary to your worshipes proclamation did walke at vndue 
rime ofnight but being ordy [(.)] intised at the request of on Iohn mehen now 35 
remaininge in the Said gare with vs In tender considerac/on whereofhe desireth 
your worshipes to be so good as to realease your orator out ofward hoping 
never to offend your worshipes in any respect And thus for goddes Love 
Your worshipes orator now in the caste|l ward 
Thomas Wise 4 

141 or(...)r: hole in lea 

234 SHREWSBURy 1581--2 

Petition of Humohrey Groome s.o: 3365/2621/4 
single sheet 

To the right worshipfull master bailiffes ofthe towne of Salop 
In h(. )s most humble wise shewithe vnto your good worshippes your poore 
orator humfrey groome of this towne shomaker dothe acknowledge & confesse 
that he your Sayd orator hathe offendid your worshipes that he contrary to 
your worshippes proclamacion did walke in the night rime at no due rime 
[being p(. )] r[for to singe]l wherfore he hathe deservid severe punishment 
according to your worshipes discrefion this being the first rime wold desire 
your good worships to be so good as to release him your Said orator out of 
ward hoping it to be the Last rime that he will offend your worshipes in any 
respect and thus for goddes Love 
your worshipes orator now in the castell ward 
Humfrey Groome 

Petition of Ellis Beddo sRo: 3365/2621/4 
single sheet 

To the Right worshipfull« bailiffes ofThe towne of Salop 20 
In his most humble wise shewith vnto your good worshippes your poore orator 
[ hum frey groome] ellis beddo of this towne of Salop shomaker That whereas 
he being commited at your worshipes appoyntment to the castell gate he 
confessethe that he your orator hathe offendid your worshipes for that he 
contrary to your worshipes proclamation did goe to sing at vndue time of 2s 
night wherfor he desirethe your good worshipes to be so good as to realease 
your orator out ofward hoping never to offend your worshipes in any respect 
In tender consideracion wherofhe desirethe your worshipes to let him go home 
and Thus for godes Love 
your worshipes orator now in the castell ward 30 
Ellis beddo 

Letter of Francis Neurport sRo: 3365/2620 
single sheet* 

Master Bayliffes I have not att anye ryme thees(. ) vij years sollicited the suite 
I nowe have which is to gett the schollers leave to playe, & tharfore I hope you 
will not denye hit mee 
your frend 
(signed) Francis Newport 



SHREWSBURY 1 .$81--3 235 


Shearmen's CompanyBook qLW: Castle Hill Ms 2641 il 
f [62]* (6Apri11581-25 April 1582) (Payments) 

gyven to my lorde presydent at hys kepyne of St georges 
hys feast 
payd to sherynton the mynstrelle 
gyvne to the prenteses 
payd for brede at out kepynge of the hawle 
payd for vj gallenes of aie 
payd for xlvij gallenes of bere thays xxix at iiij d. and 
xviij at ij d. ob. 
payd to the stuertes for boues Roshes copes and trensues 

payd for wyne to our hawle ij dayes °at our generall assembley ° 

xii d. 
vij s. 
ij s. viij d. 

xnl s. 
ij s. 

iii s. viii d. 



"Dr Taylor's History" ssL 
ff 144-4v* 

...This yeare and the xxvth daye ofAprell cam I cam to the towne ofshreusberie 20 
on namyd Anthony frynpan beinge a flemminge borne, and ofthe towne of 
handwerp who was ij yardes and halffe ofheyght and Lodgid at master thomas 
myttoons howse vnder the wyle and manï people resortid bothe ofthe towne 
and coountrey to see sutche rare syghtes and departinge from shreusberie towardes 
Loondoon he was robbid of ail the moneï he hadd for he had gotten before 2s 
he cam to the sayde towne a greate peece ofmoney and by the way as he cam 
as also comminge into the towne wold keepe hym sellffe privey and wold not 
be seene without money wherfore for hys couetous mynde he was preventid 
and so lost ail that he hadd for he vsid to keepe hys money with hym whyther 
soeuer he went &c... 30 

Bailiffs'Accounts sgo: 33651522 
f [lv] (ExpenseÆ) 
Item bestowed on her maiestes players this yere 

xl s. vj d. 


4-51 St georges hys feast: 23 Apri11581 
71 gyvne: changedjçom gyvyng 

101 thays:flir that ys (?) 
201 cana I cam: diuography 

236 SllREWS;tR¥ 1582--3 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book t.SL: 4260 
f 141" (18June-3June) (Decision of 3June meeting) 
The company where assembled the thyrday of lune 1583 for the makyng of 
to newe wardens and other offycers acordyng to out compossycyon and ytt ys 
forther agreed by the consent ofthe compayny that the wyne and mynstrelles 
and for the floures that dressed out hall shuld be payd by the companye yff 
the wardens ^rhauel not suffycient monay in there handes to pay the sam then 
ytt ys agreed by the forsayd compaynye that att the neaxt brother that commethe 
in to be a fre man of thys phelowshyp to paye the same vnto the sayd now 
wardens wyllyam peres and Rychard owenl geant/eman 

Sbearmen's Company Book Nt.w: Castle Hill MS 2641 ii 
f [62v] (25 April- 11 April) (Goods received by new wardens) 
...a banner in the handes of Pdchard meghen a lacke a sallet and a payre 
ofsplentes a sworde and a banner poole... 

f [65] (Wardens'payments) 
I ttem payd for 48 gallenes off beere at ower halle at 3 2 a gallen 14 s. 0 
Ittem payd flot 8 gallenes offaelle 3 s. 4 d. 
Ittem payd flot bred to the halle 8 s. 6 d. 
Ittem payd the mynstrelle 5 s. 
Ittem payd to the prentes 12 d. 
Ittem payd flot coppes trenchares Roshees and bowes 2 s. 0 

"Dr Taylor's History" sst. 
f 147v 

This yeare and the xj th daye of marche beinge moonday at nyght the right 
honorable lady mary sydneye cam to this towne of Salop in hyr wagon and 
toocke hyr lodgynge at my lords place there, and the xix th day Ensuinge the 
most valyant knyght Sir Harry sydney hyr Husbannd beinge Lorde president 
ofthe marches cam also from Ludlowe to this towne of Salop in honorable 
maner and as he passyd in hys wagen by the coondit at the wyldecoppe were 
made ij Excellent oraca'ons by twoe ofthe freescoole scollars whose names were 
Ierram wryght And thomas crewe stainge in hys waggon to heare the saine 
the wh/ch in the ennde he praysed verey well, and so passinge throughe 

SHO.LVSBtR¥ 1582- 3 237 
towardes hys ladye w/th hys troompeter blowynge verey ioyfully to behold and 
see &ci 


ff 148-8v 5 

This yeare and the [(. )] xvijth daye of Iuly cam to the towne ofshreusbery one 
Iohn Taylor soomtymes a marchant ofloondoon and free ofthe coompany 
of fyshmoongers there who iodgyd atone lohn blesse I and brought thyder 
with hym strange and woonderfull syghts that ys to saye a dead childe in a 
coffyn wh/ch had ij heades and one hole bodye proporshyonally the wh/ch 
bodie had ij bake boanes. More a lyve sheep beinge a tupp the wh/ch had vj 
feete iiij ofthose feete as other sheep haue in perfect place and proporcion and 
theoder ij feete commynge owt vnder hys foondement wh/ch dyd hang downe 
and neuer towchyd ye grownde, More hec had ij foondementes vnder hys 
tayle, aiso ij pysseils and ij payre of codds devydyd sonderly beinge in theyr 
vsuall places and yfthe partie wh/ch keapt hym wold aske hym and saye be 
thosse peopie welcoom he woid lyft vp hys foorefoote and Crye heighe, heighe, 
heighe, More he brought with hym a pygge the wh/ch had ij lytyll hornes 
growinge owt ofhys headd hys tayle growing owt ofhis backe and a monsterous 
bygge belly and ofshortnes iycke a purpentyne; also more a lyve Eagle, a 
purpentyne ofthe sea dead and a dead calffe w/th ij heades and also a wylde 
lyre lynckes commvnly callyd a wyld catt beinge a fyrce beast to whom the 
keeper wold offer to stricke but shee wold firscly defennde the blowe with 
hyr pawes rasing the staffe myschevouslye And also more a glasse artyfycially 
ruade beinge but ij canddls therin and a chayne with ij faces or pycturs wh/ch 
wolld represent inwardly to the sight of the beholders soondrye candells, 
chaynes facys, luells and other thinges myracu/ously 

f 149" 

...This yeare and the iiijth daye ofoctober beinge fryday in the morninge 
before they went to the election of the newe baylyffes there was by the oide 
baylyffes proclamacion ruade throughe the towne ofSalop that no scollars, 
boyes nor prentises shulld that nyght goe a broade to dysquyett the towne 
with vnreasonable noyses feyghtinges and dysorderrs wh/ch were woontt 
vsuaily to proceede as that nyght and yat euery housholder should hOt surfer 
theire seruauntes scoilars nor others in theire howses ^rto depart furthe that 



38/ as:Jbras on 

240 SHREWSBUIRY 1584-6 

Item whether theire haue bene any vnreuerende pipinge, dauncinge, piayinge 
in ye Church or churchyarde, or any other place within ye parishe vpon ye 
Saboth dayes or holy dayes, & who they are yat haue so vayne|y exercised 
them selues? 


"Dr Taylor's Histor3/ sst, 
f 157v* 

This yeare and the 15. daye of maye Lord Robar Devereux/yongel Earle of l0 
Essex cam ffom master leightoons ofwatilsboorowe throughe the towne of 
shreusberie before whom was made soondrie oracions by the scollares ofthe 
free scoole and standinge in battell raye w/th bowes & arrowes at hys passadge 
throughe the castell gare reioysyd at the sight ofthem gyvinge them great 
rewardeswithe harty thanckes &c/ 


f 166v 

This yeare and the .8. daye of September beinge thursdaye the scollars ofthe 20 
ffee scoole in shrowsberie made a trivmphe in warlicke maner in a feeld there 
callyd behinde the wales against the popes army and other rebells whom they 
trivmpphantly vanquished to the greate reioysinge ofthe beholders departinge 
flore the filld throughe the towne victoriously towardes the castell there beinge 
over the towne where they withe soownde of tromper dromme and shoutes 25 
sowndid owt theire victory withe great fyers made and thanckfull/psalmes 
most ioyfully soonge to god in the comfortable hearinge of ail the towne withe 
ioyfu|! and ha rty thanckes gyuinge... 

Presentments for Failure to Bait Bulls 
single sheet verso (22 October) 

SRO: 3365/1098 


vera xij d. 
Item we present Thomas Clarke butcher by the complainte ofRAchardstubb s 
for killing ofa Bull vnbayted 
vera xiij d. 
Itemwe present Edward Clarke ^rbutcher 1 for [bayting a Bull ri killing a bull 
vera xij d. 
Item we present Thomas Hughes butcher for killing a Bull vnbayted 

SHSBURY 1585--7 
Shrewsbury Free Grammar School Acount Book SSL: 
f 49* (16 November- 16 November) (Necessary expenses) vna Scena vocata a scaffold iiij s .... 



Shearmen's CompanyBook rqLW: Castle Hiil Ms 2641 ii 
f [71 ]* (22 April- 14 April) (Wardens'payments) 
Geven to the prentices 
Geven to the mynstrell 
paied for xxxij gallons of'Aie at v d. a gallon 
paied for xvj gallons at iij d. 
paied for viii dosson ofbreade 
paied for trenchores cuppes a dushes for the haule 
paied for gunpoulder 
paied for ij pottells ofwyn to out howses 

paied for too pottells ofsacke & a pottell ofclaret vpon 
out feast daie to the haule 

xij d. 0 
xiiij s. viii d. 
iliJ $. 
Viii $. 
iij s. iiij d. s 
ij s. 
ij s. viii d. 

iij s. iiij d. 20 

f [71ri 
Paied for ij pottelles ofwyn to the eating ofthe venyson 
geven by our mynstrell 

ij s. iiij d. 


Town Bills SRO: 3365/527 
single sheet* (30 September) (Meal account) 
Item spent by rnaster bayliffes and mr newport with diuers 
the Warshipe ofthe toune beinge comissyoners and Cessors 
for the subsedye 
Item for Wine at the same dinner 
[Sure xxv s. iiij d] 
Item geuen to certen minstrells at yat dinner 
xxxvj s. iiij d. 
paid and quit 

xxvj s. viij d. 
viii s. viii d. 

xij d. 




15/ a:]brand 6 ») 

242 SmEWSSURV 1586-7 

Town Bills silo: 3365/527 
si ngle sheet (31 May) (Payments for wine) 
Item Wine geuen to the quens taber 

Expenditures Made from Gare Money silo: 3365/2632 
single sheet* (19 June-7 August) 
Delyuerd to wilb'am lee for the Earle of Essex players 

ij s. ij d. 

XX$. 10 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL-" 4260 
f 151 (16June 1586-19June 1587) (Decision ofll Juneassembly) 
°oo 15 
The companye where assembled the xjth day of Iune in anno domini 1587 
by the comaundement of toaster wardens! thassemble was for the kepyng of 
a dynner att our Eleccion day! and ytt ys agreed by the whole companye by 
Reason that ail thynges are deare the are agreed that th(. ) wardens shall make 
a drynkyng to the whole companye/att the discrecion ofthe to wardens and 20 
the to be alowed ofthe companye for the wyne and mynstrelles 

Shearmen's Comt)any Book NLW: Castle Hill Ms 2641 ii 
f [74] (14April 1586-27Apri11587) (Wardens'payments) 

Item paied 
Item paied 
Item paied 
Item paied 

for cupps and trenchores 
for byrches bowes Russhys & floweres 
for matche and gunpoulder 
for cuttinge downe the tree and to the 
to spend 

Item paied for a gallon ofwyn to the wardens wieves 
Item paied for xlvj gallons of Aie and bere 
Item paled for xvj dossen ofbread 
Item paied for a quart ofwyn to make gentlewemen 
drinke tn our haule 
Item paled to the mynstrells 
Item paied for wyn at our haule at the feast 
Item geuen to the prentices 

ij s. iiij d. 

ij s. viii d. 
xxxviij s. iiij d. 
xv s. 

vj d. 
ij s. iiij d. 
xij d. 





191 th(.): page cropped 

SrtREWSBORï 1586--7 243 

®A pleasant and 
artificiall peece 

®Maister Aston 
was a good and 
godly Poeacher. 

®A Friery house 
stood by this 
ground called 
the Welsh 
Fryers. In 
weoe three 
Fryer houses. 

Thomas Churchyar¢£ The Worthines of Wales 
sigs K4v-L* (Description of Shrewsbury) 
I Had such haste, in hope to be but briefe, 
That Monuments, in Churches were forgot: I 
And somewhat more, behind the walles as chiefe, 
Where Playes bave bin, which is rnost worthie note. 
There is a ground, newe rnade Theator wise, 
Both deepe and hye, in goodly auncient guise: 
Where well may sit, ten thousand men at ease, 
And yet the one, the other not displease. 

STC: 5261 


A space belowe, to bayt both Bull and Beare, 
For Players too, great rourne and place at will. 
And in the same, a Cocke pit wondrous feare, 
Besides where men, rnay wrastle in their fill. 
A ground most apt, and they that sits aboue, 
At once in vewe, ail this may see for loue: 
At Astons Play, who had beheld this then, 
Might well haue seene, there twentie thousand rnen. 



Fayre Seuarne streame, runs round about this ground, 
Saue that one side, is closde with Shrewsebrie wall: 
And Seuarne bankes, whose beautie doth abound, 
In that same Soyle, behold at will ye shall. 
Who cornes to rnarke, and note what rnay be seene, 
Shall surely see, great pleasures on this greene: 
Who walkes the bankes, and thinkes his payne hOt greate, 
Shall say the Towne, is sure a princely Seate. 



"Dr Taylor's History' SSL 
f 168v (17December) 
This year and the 17. day ofdecember the shereffproclayrnid in salop ... the 
sayd traitor the scottishe queene hathe iudgernent to dye and for ioye therof 
the baylyffes and aldermen caused bon)rfiers and ball ringins w/th assernbblynge 
thern selues in theire beast araye in banquetinge and reioysinge the same 
praysing god w/da trivmphand sownde of trumpet &c 



36/ scottishe queene: MaoE. Queen of&ou 

244 SHREWSBt0R¥ 1587--9 

Shearmen's CompanyBook ILW: Castle Hill Ms 2641 ii 
f [75] (Armour received by new wardens) 
A sworde and dagger: A payre of splentes/& a paire of boouites 
A lacke, and a banner pole 

Mercers; Ironmongers', and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 10 
f 153" (lOJune-2June) (Decision of 28 May assembly) 
...and also ytt ys forther a greed by the whole compaynye that the company 
shali geue vnto master wardens the somme ofxx s. [for to paye for wyne and 
other charges apo(. ) out Eleccion day] accordyng as ytt hathe byn lS 
accostomed/and for the wyne 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hifl MS 2641 ii 
f [76v] (18 April- 10 April) (Armour received by new wardens) 
A payre ofsplentes a lacke a pere of boites a banar polie 

ff [77-7v} (Wardens'payments) 
Item payd for gonpowder 
Item payd to corbet for playing on the drome 
Item payd for xl galands of aile at vij d. a galane 
Item payd for xl desen of bred 
Item payd ij mynstrelis 
Item payd for pounde ofgonne powder & a haliffe 
Item payd for wynne to oure hal 
Item payd for trenchards copes bowes roshyis 
Item ij potteils ofsacke on oure lest day 

iiij d. 

xxiij s. iiij (.) 

iiij s. 




29/ iiij (.): page cropped 33/ (..-): damage to corner ofleaf 

SHREWSBURY 1588--90 245 

"Dr Taylor's History" SSL 
f 174v* 
This yeare and the .7. daye of Ianuarij. 1588. beinge the quarter sessions for 
the shire, vsually keapt in shreusberie the tuesday after xij th daye there had 5 
licke to have been greate hurt doon throughe the blowinge ofa troompett by 
Master frances newpardes troompetur over against toaster david lloydes house 
in whose howse was one toaster owen vaughan & his meen beinge a stoute 
gentilman betweene whom was an ollde grudge, the wh/ch troompetur beinge 
foounde faullt withall drewe out his swoorde to strike at the partie and l0 
thervpon the oder hys fellows drewe and the bayliffes being in the hall cam 
amongist them to keepe peace were hOt regardid vppon the saine the common 
bell was ronge then the townes men. assisted the bayl¥ffes and then they were 
forcid to put vpp their weapons with halfe a dossun broken pates and ail this 
[t]wile the sayd mr owen vaghan and ail his men keapt the howse and by 15 
counsell sterrid hOt wh/che yfhe and his men had coom furthe there had been 
a bloddie daye, but god be thanckid it was for that tyme pacifieed/ 

f 175" 

This yeare in the moonths of maye, and lune was soom contrauersie ^tin the 
towne ofsalopl about the settinge vpp of maye poales and bonyfiers mackinge, 
and erection of tresse before the shermans haule and other places the wh/che 
one mr tomkys publicke prechar there did preche against and the saide prechar 
beinge presennt at then perswadinge reformacion was there thretenid and 
pushid at by certen lewde persoonns but in the ennde it was reformid b¥ the 
bayliffes &c/ 

BaiIis'Accounts SRO: 3365/530 
f [2v]* (Disbursements) 
Item geuen rtol the quene her mestes players in a rewarde 

Town Bills SRO: 3365/530/16 
single sheet 

for toaster Bayliffes & the Comissioners [dinner] of 




26/ at then:]r as then orand then 

246 SHREWSBURY 1589--90 

the [subd] Subsedye ^rther dynner with aldermen(.)a 
[the] tewsday being the xvth of September 
Imprimis [iiij] rv Iointes mutton to seth & make pyes Ix] iii s. viii d. 
A brisket of Beeffe powderid & sode ij s. x d. 
iij gesse iiij s. 
vij Ribbes Byefto rost iij s. ij d. 
r[tw] iij loines & a shulder ofveale iij s. viij d. 
v Rabetes xxij d. 
vij [fl] chykines xxiij d. 
Towe dosen halfpidgions rosted & baked iij s. ix d. 
flower for bakinge venison minsed pyes & pigion pyes 
& Aple teartes v s. ij d. 
Butter iii s. vj d. 
spices, riz Resinges shuger pepper Cloves & mase [&] 
synamondes [&] gynger r& Comfetesl vij s. vj d. 
fruet riz. peres Aples walnotes Dampsons xiij d. 
Bred iii dosen half iii s. vj d. 
Bere v s. iiij d. 
fil/er & paynes, what yt will pleas Master Baylifes & vj men °iiij s. iiij d. ° 
payd minstreles ij s. vj d. 
To the baker for baking xij d. 
vj partriches bestowed 

°more j pint of Swyett water 
Item to the messenger that brought the Venson frome 
toaster newport 
Item for Wine at the eatinge ofthe sayd venson 
Summa iij li. xvi s. j d. 
paid and quite/ 
Seen and allowed ° 
(signed) lohn Baylly 
Richard Waring 
And rew Lewis 
Roger blakwey 

57s. 9d. 

xij s. iiij d. 

Presentment for Damage at Kingsland 
single sheet (16 October) 

SRO: 3365/1107/B 

°[vera] pauper ° 
We present Evan ap edward flot Cutting of hedges and asshes at the scumakeres 

SHREWSBUg¥ 1589-90 247 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hifl MS 2641 il 
f [79v]* (10 Apri11589-30 Apri11590) (Armour and other things received 
by new wardem) 

a payre ofspientes & a gacke a payre oi r bovlltes & a baner polie 

"Dr Taylor's History" SSL 
ff 182v-3" 
This yeare and the xxiiijth [of] rday of Iulyl there was a scaffoild put vp in the 
cornemarket in salop vpon the wh/ch an hongarian and other ofthe queenes 
Maiesties players and tvmblars vsid and excersisid them seives in sutche maner 
of tvmblinge and tvrninge as the the lick was never seene in shrewsburie before, 
that is to saye in this maner, they wold tvrne them selves twise bothe backward 
and forward without towchinge any grownde in iightinge or fallinge vpon 
theire feete soin ofthem also wold apeare in a bagge vpright in the same beinge 
tieed fast at the mowthe above his head and woid beinge in the sayde bagge 
turne bothe foreward and backward w/thout towchinge any grownde in falling 
vpright vppon his feete in the sayde bagge marvelous to the beholders also a 20 
iitill from the sayde stadge there was a gable roape tighted and drawen strayte 
vppon poales erectid against toaster pursers place in the sayde corne market 
vpon the wh/che roape the sayde hongarian did assende and goe vppon withe 
his bare feete having a longe poale in his hanndes over his headd and wold 
rail stridlengesvppon the sayde roap and mowntinge vp againe vpon the same 25 
withe hys feete verey myraculous to the beholders at soondrie tymes and in 
soondrie maners, aso vppon the topp ofthe saine roape goinge streight from 
bothe the sloapes he went to & fro the same in daunsinge and turninge hym 
sellffwithe hoidinge stili his saide poale wh/ch wayed above xxxviij ll. weight 
and also he put on two broadeshues ofcopper vpon hys feete not towching 
them w/th hys handes and went vpright vpon the saide roape never suarvinge on 
no syde in woonderfull maner and after he had put downe the poale he shewyd 
woonderfuli feates and knackes in fallinge his head and handes downewardes 
and hangid at the roape by his feete and assendid vp agayne and after that 
hangid by his handes and ail his feete & body downewardes and turnid hys 
body backward & forward betwyxt his handes & the rope as nymbell I as yf 
it had been an eele in sutche woonderfull maner that the licke was neuerseene 
oi r the inhabitantes there before that tyme 

141 the the: dittography 
271 aso:.r lso 

248 SHREWSBURY 1590-1 

Baili'Accounts s,o: 3365/532/1 
f [1 v]* (Expenses) 
Spent vpon Sir Richarde Shuttleworth master Sergeant owen & the 
lustices ofpeace with odaer gent ofworshipp in money geven to divers 
Preachers aswell at quarter Semions as att other tymes cominge to dais 
towne as by particulers may appeare & for learned Assistance to 
nu/st« Bailiffes in Court 
[xxiiij li. vij s. v d.] rxxiij li. vj s. vj d. [x d. iiij s.]lt23 li. 6 s. 6 d.j 

Bailiffs'Accounts s,o: 3365/532/3 
f [1 ]* (Itemized expenses) 
Item paid and geuen to the quene her mMesties players 

f [2]* 
Item paid and geuen to my Lardbeachams men beinge 

xiij s. iiij d. 


f [2v]* 
Item paid to iiij or men that warded the vj ofIune conserninge 
some specyall causes ofthe tounes 
Item paid and geuen to my LardofDarbyes musysyoners and 
to the [el] erle ofWosters players 

xvj d. 
xxiij s. viij d. 



Bailiffs'Accounts s,o: 3365/532/4 
f [1 ri* (Itemized expenses) 
Item paid for the charges ofthe toune Sessions holden the 
23 th of auguste 

xix s. iiij d. 


6/ gent" for gent/emen; abbreviation mark raising 

590-1 249 

Town Payment Claires sgo: 3365/532/29 
single sheet* 

Item paid for the expenses ofthe Comon sergeant & CITer with 
others in in cryinge proclamacion aboutes the townes affaires xij d. 
Item paid to Richard hamondes for three seuerall lorneyes to 
mr ffowler & others concerninge the townes affaires xvj d. 
Sure totall 2 li. 9 s. 6 d. 
Seen and allow(..) 
(signed) Roger marshall 10 
william proud(. ) 
Richard wicherley 
°Allocaturxlvij s. ij d./° °And the rest not allowed for that the proclamacons 
were made eyther without warrant oflawe or against lawe: And besides that 
for the Comen Sergeant to make proclamacions in lawfull causes the same 
doth properly belong vnto his offyce for wh/ch he bath his fee/° 
(signed) Nicho/aus Gybbons Iohn ff(...) 
Willthm Hering John Baylly ffrancys mit-ton 

Town Payment Claires SRO: 3365/532/30 
single sheet* 


Item payd to Richard morryes in goyinge iij seuerall Iorneys 
aboutes the tounes busnes xvj d. 
Item payd for the hyer ofa horse and for a messengers paynes 2 
in goyinge to Sir edward leighton aboutes the tounes affayres ij s. 
Item payd for the Wrytinge ofseuerall bookes for the toune vj s. viij d. 
Sumnm x s. 
[Iohn Robynson] 
Payd and quite Seen and allowed o 
(signed) Iohn Robynson 
Roger marshall 
william proude 
Iohn dowhnes 
Pdchard wicherley 3» 
°non Allocatur./° °The busynes before menc/oned was not touching the Townes 
busynes, but the saine travayling was to obteyne Credytt Iv(. )toi for Master 
Bayllyffes in their dealing aboutes the Shermans tree and not aboutes any other 

51 in in: diuography 
7/ concerninge: 4 minima in Ms 
13/ proclamacons:Jbrpr0clamacns; abbreviation mark missing 

i 7/ ff(...): Du, er right corner ofheet torn: 
probably fferhis, ee p 251, l. 27 belous 

250 $tlREWSBURY 1590-1 

°thi tytle is  
wthout such 
warrant as is 
alledged. And 
hot truc in 
substance as is 

busynes ofthe towne, as ail the generall state ofthe towne doth well knowe 
to be moost true. And the wrytten booke aboue mencioned ys A very vayne 
thing, wrytten by Master Bayllyffes towching the same matter, to make A fayre 
shewe oftheir dealing therin and good gouernement in matters ofgretter 
ymportans to shadowe the same. wheare in very dede, the Shermans tree was 
Causa sine qua non. &c. ° (signed) Nicho/aus Gybbons ff(...) 
william hering Iohn Baylly ffrauncys m(ytton) 

Town Payment Claima SRO: 3365/532/31 
single sheet-single sheet verso* 

Chardges susteigned by warrant from the Bailiffes A]dermen & Comon 
Counsaill & ouerseen in the bestowinge therofaccordinge to the Composicion 
in a matter touchinge the liberties & State ofgovernment ofthe Towne bmught 

in question by one Richard ffernes & others./1591./ 
Inpmis paid for dynner for the Bailiffes mr ffowler & the 
test at hampton on Saterday beinge the .24. day of Iuly 
Item paid for horsmeate there 
Item for supper at Birmicham that nighte 
Item for horsmeate there 
Item paid master Sergeant puckeringe for his ffees to be at 
Counsaill with master Bailiffi's 
Item for dynner & supper at warwicke vpon sonday 
the .25. day 
Item for dynner on monday the .26. day 
Item paid for thre(. ) seuerall Rowmes for lodginge in 
Item for horsmeate there 

I tem 

for supper on monday night at Birmicham 
spent by master Bailiffe Burnell in travelinge home 
for breckfast on Tusday the .27. day 

for horsmeate there 
for dynner & supper the saine day at Bewdley 
for breckfaste on wensday the .28. day 
for horsmeate at that tyme 
for dynner that daye at Bridgenorth 
for horsmeate at that baite 

iiij s. vj d. 
xiiij s. x d. 
xij s. vj d. 

ij li. xvj s. iiij d. 

iij s. vj d. 
xxs. vj d. 
XVj $. 
xvj ci. 
iiij s. ij d. 
xv s. vj d. 
xvij s. 
ij s. viij d. 
ix s. vj d. 
vs. xd. 
iij s. iiij d. 

6/ Causa ... non: in italic script 
6/ ff(...): probably fferhis; see p 251. £27 belaw 
7/ m(ytton): sheet damaged but tops of letters survive 

16/ Inpmis:Jbr Imprhnig abbreviationmark miasing 
161 the 2: corrected frora others by erasure 
30/ Bailiffe: • written over -es sign 

SHREWSBURY 1590-1 251 

Summa Totalh xii ll. xvij s. vj d. 
Seen and allowed. 
(signed) Thomas Sherer 
Thomas Burnell 
Richard Witcherley 5 
Iohn Robynson 
griflîn maddox marke + 
Roger marshall 
Iohn downes 
william proude o 
°This by|l is hOt allowed raswelll for that there was no necessytie that Master 
bayll(. )esshould goe vnto warwyck in their wrsons, in respect the matter was 
but for the taking bayle ofthe said ffearnes & the rest being comytted for 
brynging in the Shermans tree: As also for that Master Baylyffes long before 
this money was expendyd, & before th(. ) supposed warrant to be had [vppon] 15 
from the/saidl Aldermen & Counsell, the saine bayliffes, had Dyreccion by 
lettres from Master Serieant Owen out recorder to enlarge the Prysoner(...) 
lettre Master Bayllyffes dyd suppresse & Conceale from the said Aldermen & 
Counsell (...) besydes that because Master Bayllyffes dyd deale in that matter 
at the begyning without the 20 
plus in dorso I 
advyse ofthe learned Counsell ofthe Towne And further for that the Comon 
Serieant of that Towne, vnto whom the Cariage of the sayd ffearnes & the 
rest, dyd apperteyne, ys allowed for the brynging ofthem to warwyck the soin 
oftwentye shillinges ° (signed) Nicho/aus Gybbons 25 
(signed) wilh'am Heringe 
lohn Baylly labn fferhis 
ffrauncis mytton 
ffor answeare to your malycious Cavelinge to our Accompte suffycyently 
warrented by Act ofCounsaili & by out Composicion yow were chosen 30 
Auditours to allowe & disallowe in forme ofAccompte wherin ifyow haue 
a privat Respect/yow shewd your selffes to be carried away w/th vaine affeccion/ 
yow can disaliowe of nothinge that we haue laid downe vnder our handes vnles 
the saine be hOt trewly caste/your writinge is satis pro imperio.! 
We Require yow in her maiesties name that yow protracte no tyme to hynder 55 
our ordynaly Eleccion/for if there happen any disturbance of Comon quyet 
to the breache ofher maiestiespeace! we lett yow witt that we ca no lesse lay 
the saine to your chardge! And for the Censuringe of out doynges we Referr 
our seifi's to the Iudgement ofour Recorder. 
(signed) Thomas Sherer 0 

71 ÷: Maddox bas igned with hi, peonal mark 

252 SHREWSBURY 1590--1 

°Master Bayilyffes wee protract 
no t-yme for wee haue cast vpp 
the [discharge] Charge & 
Dyscharge belote the delyuery 
herof vnto out handes* 

(signed) Thomas Burnell 
Roger Marshall 
Iohn downes 
Rychard wicherley 
lohn Robynson 
griffin maddockes (...) 

Submission of Robert Stepbens andJotm Lewis sao: 3365/1113 
single sheet* (6-8June) 

To the Right worshipfull master Bailiffes ofthe Towne of Salop 
And to Thomas Boycott and Rowland ap Rees wardens ofthe 
fellowshipp or Company ofSharmen ofthe same Towne. 

Humbly submytt[et]inge out selles vnto your worships your Oratours Robert 
Stevens a ffree man of the fellowship foresaid And lohn lewis lorneyman of 
the said Companye and Servaunte to Richard Calcott of the saine Towne 
beinge Comytted to ward by your worships for that we contrary to your 
worships comaundmentes & the Comaundymentes of out said wardens did 
fetche & bringe into this towne A Tree [&ci & [fixed] rconssented to plasel 
the saine art the hall doore ofthe said Company/Wherin we acknowledge 
to haue offended & confesse out worthy desert ofthe said imprisonment, 
beinge both willinge hereafter to observe ail your conunaundymentes as 
dutie byndeth vs & never hereafier to offende in the iike./ 

your obedyent Orato(..)s 25 
(signed) Robart Steuenes 

xj e die Iunij. 1591/ 

Vpon sight & Recepte of this peticion [ed] to the bailiffes & watdens aboue 
named the peticoners acknowledge their offences & promise that hereafter 
they will not commytt the like And for that the wardens acknowledge that 
for their pattes they haue persuaded the whole Company to confyrme them 
selles to obedyens in this behaulfthat they were so agreed in their hall therfore 
the said peticionors aswell by constat ofthe said Bailiffes as by the consent 
ofthe said wardens vpon this their humble Submission as aforesaid are set at 

6/ grfffin maddockes (...): probably marke ÷ a above, p 251. 1.7 
26/ *: probably John Lewis'mark 
32/ Feticoners: .rFetici°ners; abbreviation mark miuing 

SHREWSBtJRY 1590-1 253 

Submission of Robert Blower silo: 3365/1113 
single sheet* (6-8June) 

To the Right Worshipeli Master 
baIives & the wardines of 
this town ofsalop 
Humbly Submythe hyme selfe vnto your worshipes your orittor Richard blower 
the younger ofthis towne shermon was Comytted to warde by Thomas boycot 
and Roland apries nove wardines ofthe Shermen/. for that your orittor did 
breke master baIives Commavndiment and aiso for ientynge ofthe Caye of 
[the] ^rourl hall/2doorl to Richard fearnes withe out The wardenes Consent 
therfor your orittore is hartely sory and dothe thinke hyme seille worthy of" 
this pvneshment for his fauit and therfor/he reqvesthe yow master wardenes 
most humbly to intrete master baIives worshipes to be in larged at this tyme & 
this for godes loue and your oritor wili hot ofend in the iyke sort [enye] any 
your orittor 
(signed) Richard biower 

°xjo die lunij 1591 20 
vppon sight and recept ofthis petytyon deliuered to the bayliffes and wardens 
aboue named the petytyner acknolegynge his offence and promysinge that 
herafter he Wili hOt comitt the iike and for that the wardens acknoleginge 
that for theire pattes they haue perswaded the Whole companye, to conferme 
them selles to obedyens in this behaife that they were soe agreed in theire 25 
hall therfore the sayd petycyoner asweil by consent ofthe sayd bayliffes as by 
the consent ofthe sayd Wardens vppon this, his humble submission ^rasl 
aforesayd is sett at iibertye 
(signed) Thomas Sherer ° 

Examination of Geoffrey Heath sRO: 3365/1113 
single sheet-single sheet verso* (8June) 


apud Salopiam viii o die [(...)1 rlunel anno 
Regni Regine elizabethe etc xxxiijo 
The examinacion and sayinge of of leffrey heathe ofthis towne of 
Salop sherman taken before Thomas burneli gent/eman on of the 
bayliffes ofthe towne of SaIop and dauid Iloyd gent/eman deputye 
to Thomas sherer gent/eman thother bayliffe of the sayd towne 


23/ like: obscured by biotct 
34/flunel:Jr lunij 

361 of of: dittograp. 

254 SIlREWSBURY 1590--1 

first beinge examined whether he had/anyel vnderstandinge or notice ether by 
the wardens ofthe sherman or by anye other ofthe brethren ofthat companye, 
that master bayliffes had comaunded that there shuld noe tree be fatcht in to 
the towne [and] or be sett vp at the shermens halle this yere in superstycyus 
order or not, sayeth he hard nothinge to the contrarye, savinge that some 
personns sayd hit shuld not be fatcht in and some sayd hit shuld be fatcht in 

and further sayeth that vppon saterdaye morninge after the shermen had mett 
togeather in there hall that he harde Roland ap Rees [of] on of the wardens 
ofthe sayd companye [saye] as he was goyinge downe mardowell, saye that 
hit was agreed, that the tree shuld not be medlett w/th ail [that]  this 1 yere 


beinge examined ofwhome he hard that the tree shuld be fatcht in, sayeth, 
that Richard fernes, Robert walker aL/as stephens, Thomas evans, Iohn lewis 
seruant to Richardcalcott, and Iohn bickerstaffe, and Iohn evans and Richard 
spristowe, with this examinant did agree to fatche in the tree, but Iohn evans 
and Richard spristowe did not goe with them, 


And beinge examinant by what warrant they went to fathe in the tree sayeth 
that nether wardens nor stewardes nor anye others did agree to this but the 
personns before named  


And further sayeth that vppon saterdaye in the eveninge between viijt and ixen 
of the clocke at night he this examinant together w/th the other ve personns 
before named went oute (..) the castle yate ofthis towne aboutes a [f] milne z 
hence to a copye or wood wh/ch he taketh to be allman parke and there with 
a hatchett did cut downe a yonge saplinge and the saine did take and carye to 
this toune and came in w/th the saine aboutes towe ofthe docke after midnight 
and did sert the saine vp at the shermans halle, and they brought the same in 
to the toune vnder the castle and soe vp the Waterlood 30 

beinge examined whether they did not determine to sett vp the Quens armes 
vppon the saine tree sayeth that he harde nothing therof 

beinge examined wherfore they wold not open the dore of the shermens hall 
to lett master bayliffes com Inne after they had sert vp the tree beinge required 
soe to doe by [the bayliffes] mr burnell on ofthe bayliffes sayethe that he 
harde noe suche commandment 


beinge examined werfore they wold enterprice this acte with oute warrant, 40 

19/ examinan t: ]r examined 
19/ fathe: ./br fatche 

25/ (..): hole in shea 

sayeh that they supposed hat he saine had not bin against the lawe and 
statures of this reaime 

And fi,-ther beinge examined at that tyme when they did sett vp the saine tree, 
by whome they [(...)] wold be ludged whether they had donne well or not 
(...) they ail sayed ^rthat they wold be iudged by anye that was lerned but 
afterwardes they saydl that they wold haue mr prince & mr gibbons or on of 
them and noe other 

beinge examined whoe gaue them counsaylle or did incoradge them in this 
act sayethe, that ^rnoe maner of personns but them selfes 



Examination of Tlomas Evans SRo: 336511113 
single sheet-single sheet verso* (8June) 

The examinacion and sayinge ofThomas evans of this toune 
sherman taken the daye and yere aforesaid 

beinge examined whether he be free of the companye of shermen of this toune 
or not sayeth he is 

beinge examined whether he were sumoned to com ^rtol the sherme(. ) halle 
vpoon saterdaye morninge last, sayeth that he will not anshere thervnto 

being examined whether he did not heare that the wardens and other there 
brethern had agreed that there shuld be noe medlinge with the sayd tree sayeth 
he did and did hot 




beinge examined howe manye did agree to the fatchinge in ofthe tree, sayeth 
that master bayliffes dothe know and therefore he will hOt name them 

beinge examined whether the stewardes or anye of them did giue anye warrant 
in this enterprice sayeth he will [ansher] answer noe further at this tyme 

beinge examined what tyme he and his companyons went oute of this toune 
to fatch in the tree sayeth he will saye noe more 

and being examined where they had the tree/sayeth I saye nothinge 


! 21 W: Heath bas signed with hi loeroenal mark 

256 StlREWSBURY 1590-- 1 

beinge examined what tyme they came w/th the tree in to the toune, sayeth 
he hathe spoken alireadye 

beinge examined wh/ch waye they came into the toune with the sayd tree, 
sayeth that if they haue done anye thinge against the statutes and iawes ofthe 
iand they are to be ponyshed and other answere he wiil hOt make 

beinge examined whate tyme ofthe night they did sert vp the tree, sayeth we 
most answere hit as we maye  

beinge examined [wh(. )y] whye thay woid hOt open the doore at the shermens 
hall to toaster bayliffe burneii at such tyme as they had sert vp the tree beinge 
requyred by him soe to doe, sayeth ifthey did offend they most answere hit 

beinge examined whate answere he made to master bayliffe burneii, by whome 
they wulde be tryed whether they had offended or not sayeth he [wîli] ^rdothel 
hOt answere nor to any other matter wili answhere 

and nowe in the end beinge required to put his hond or make a marke to 
this his examinacion, vtterlye refuseth soe ^tol doe 




(signed) Thomas Burneii 
Dauid lloid 
Richard owen 
Richard powell 
michaeli Chambre 
Iohn Webbe. 


Examinations of John Bickerstaff and Richard Fernes SRO: 3365/1113 
ff [1-2ri* (8June) 

The examinacion and sayinge oflohn bickerstaffe lunior ofthis toune 
sherman taken the daye and yere aforesaid 

first beinge examined whether he be free ofthe companye ofShermen sayeth 
he is 

beinge examined whether he were scnmoned to come to the shermens hall 
on saterdaye morninge iast sayeth he was hot 

beinge examined whether he did not heare that the wardens and other there 
brethcrn had agrecd that there shuld be noe medlinge w/th the tree sayeth he 




SHREWSBURY 1590--1 257 

did heare the saine and that toaster bayliffes had commanded the [contrarye] 

beinge examined whether the stewardes or anye ofthem did request him to 
goe for the tree sayeth they did not 5 

beinge exaied howe manye did agree to the fatching in ofthe tree say vje vZ. 
Richard fearnes Thomas evans, Ieffrey heath & Robert stephens, Iohn lewis, 
and him selfe, and Iohn evans and Richard spristowe promised to corne w/th 
them but they cam not 


beinge examined whate tyme he and his companyons went oute ofthe toune 
to fatche in the tree sayethe aboutes ixen of the docke on saterdaye night and 
wente oute of the castle yate and soe vnder cotton bill and soe the next waye 
to allman parke and there Ieffrey heathe did cut downe a tree with a hatchett, 
the wh/ch tree they tooke awaye frome thens and brought the saine to this 
toune and they came w/th the same vnder the castle hill and soe vp the 
Waterlood and soe directlye to the shermens hall beinge then aboutes ij of 
the clocke after midnight [ 

beinge examined by whome he was perswaded to goe for the tree sayeth that 
Richardfernes and the other before named w(. )lled him this examinant to 
goe with them for the tree the wh/ch he granted to doe 



beinge examined wate answere he made to toaster bayliffe burnell at the stone 25 
gate, when toaster bayliffe told them that they had not done well and therfore 
wished to knowe of them by whome they wolde be Iudged whether they had 
done well or not sayeth that Richard fearnes did nominate mr prince and mr 
gibbons or on ofthem, or els they wold haue non and to this they did ail 
agree 50 

The examinacion and sayinge of Richard fernes of this toune sherman 

first beinge examined whether he be burges ofthis towne and whether he be 
sworne sayeth that he is a free burges of this toune and hathe taken the burges 


71 exaied: rexamined; abbreviation mark mhng 
221 w(. )lled: hole in sheet 
321 + : Bickerstaff has signed with his personal mark 

258 SHREWSBURY 1 $90-1 

beinge examined whether he be free w/th the companye ofsherman sayeth he 
is not but is prentice w/th mr Richard meighen and hathe aboutes ayere as yet 
to serue 

beinge examined whether he were hOt priuey that the Wardens of the shermen 
and other there bretherne had agred that there shuld be noe medlinge with 
the tree and that toaster bayliffes had likwise commanded the same, to this 
he sayeth that he can saye nothinge to hit  

beinge examined wether the stewardes or anye ofthem did giue anye warrant l0 
to them or anye ofthem to fatch in the tree, sayeth they did not 

beinge examined howe [d] manye did agree to the fatchinge ofthe tree, and 
wh/ch waye they went and where they had the same, sayeth that him self to 
geather with leffrey heathe, lohn bickerstaffe, Robert stephens lohn lewis 
and Thomas evans did agree togeather and did goe aboutes ixen aclocke on 
saterdaye night oute ofthe castle yate to fatche the sayd tree and soe they went 
directlye to [(. )] almon parke and there they did cut downe a yonge saplinge 
beinge geuen them by on morryes lones seruant to mr lucye, they wh/ch they 
did take awaye and carye to this toune, and they brought the same vnder the 
castle hill and soe vp the Waterlood and soe directelye to the shermens hall, 
and there they tyed the saa'ne to the ^rstayres ofthel [shermens] hall, beinge 
aboutes towe ofthe clocke afier midnight 



beinge examined whye they did ^rnotl open the/sterel [halle] dore to master 25 
bayliffe burndl being required soe to doe at suche tyme as they had sett vp the 
tree, sayeth, that they wolde haue opened the dote, but the same was broken 
open before they could doe hit and sayeth that he had the key ofthe dore ofthe 
steward blowre, the wh/ch key he reddiuered vnto the sayd blowre after he was 
in ward, and further sayeth that he borrowed the sayd key ofthe sayd blowre 30 
nere vnto his fathers hous aboutes ix en ofthe cloke on saterdaye night I 

beinge examined whate answere he made to master bayliffe burnell at suche 
tyme as he roide rhiml that they had not well donne, sayeth that he [wol] 
wisshed that this marrer might be put to the Iudgment ofmr prince and mr 
gibbons or to on ofthem for he thought them most indifferent for them for 
other tbey wold not chuse 


beinge examined whether that afier he had chosen mr prince and mr gibbons 
or on of them and noe other whether he did ^rno0 saye to the sayd master 
bayliffe burnell that he trusted within xije yeres to see the sayd tree to be 
brought in/in as soleme an order as ever hit had bine and that nether bayliffe 




nor anye other shuld speake against hit, sayethe he did hot speake anye such 
(signed) Richard ffearnes/ 

Memorandum that the daye and yere oresayd 
the sayd iiij °r personns before named were 
required to put in shurtyes for there aparence 
at the next Sessyons to answer etc but they 
refuced soe to doe savinge Iohn bickerstaffe 
Ieffrey heatla and Thomas evans requested to 
be aduised vntle the next morninge vij en a 
clocke at wh/ch tyme likewise the sayd iii e 
personns were sent for belote the sayd bayliffes 
but they in like sorte nowe at this tyme doe 
refuce to enter into bondes wherfore they are 
ail comitted to remaine vntle the enter in bond 
as aforesayd 
(signed) Thomas Burnell 
Dauid lloid deputy 

Bailiffs" Order in Siearmen's Tree Case SRO: 
ff [-21 (lO]une) 

(signed) Thomas Burnell 
Dauid lloid deputie 
for mr Sherer 
Richard owen 
Richard powell 
michaell Chambre 
lohn webbe 




apud Saiopiam xo die Iunij anno Regni 
Regine elizabethe etc. xxxiijo 
Wheras Richard fearns, leffrey heathe, Iohn bickerstaff Iunior, and Thomas 
evans, beinge latelye apprehended (.)ithin this towne and liberties of 
shrowsburye for that they vppon saterdaye at night last beinge the vth of 
this moneth did vnlawfullye assemble them selfes together ofthere owne 
aucthorytye to intent to disturbe the comen quiett ofthis toune of SMowsburye, 
by fatchinge in of a certen ogke tree, to be sert vp belote the hglle of the 
combrethem ofshermen contrarye to the commandment geuen by the bayliffes 
ofthe sayd toune for the tyme beinge, to the Wardens ofthe sayd companye 
wh/ch was publisshed in there ^rhailel [the] ^rand there agreed to be obserued 
thel sayd saterdaye morninge before the sayd thinge attempted, and yet 
notwithstandinge they the sayd pemonns before named some ofthem beinge 
freemen of there companye and some others of them beinge fre burges and 
therby tyed by othe to obedyence, withoute regard ether of there othes or of 
there dutyes otherwise doe confesse that they brought in the sayd tree vppon 
sonndaye morninge last aboutes towe ofthe clocke in the morninge beinge 
oute aboutes the saine ai! the night belote, and [tooke the] cutt downe the 

241 lunij: 4 minims in lS 

260 SHREWSBURY 1590-- 1 

same at a place called allmon parke w/thin the libees of this tourie, not shewinge 
anye suffycyent matter for there doynges in that behalfe and allthoughe they 
knewe that there was watche and warde keapt for that purpose, yet did they 
priuilye conveye I them selfes by backe wayes to avoyd the watche, and soe 
brought the sayd tre before the halle of the shermen and there did sett vp the 
saine ^ras aforesaydl in mere derycion and mockerye ofthe aucthorytye rand 
co(. )andmentl of the sayd baylyffes to them geuen in that behalfe to the 
contrarye, and forasmuche as they haue bin sondrye times examined tochinge 
this matter by whate warrant they did the same and by wose commandment 
and procurement and whate moved them to doe the same/haue shewed noe 
matter at ail of Iustyfycac/on in this behalfe./And beinge as well hertofore 
as presentlye at this tyme requyred to fynd shurtyes to answher suche matter 
as shuld be layed to there chardge on her maiesties behalfe for the offences 
aforesayd, haue [refuced soe] and doe refuce soe to doe and beinge at this tyme 
further required seuerally to answher vppon there othes to suche questyons 
as shuld be demanded ofthem, haue verye obstynatlye and wilfullye refuced 
to answere anye questyon, sayinge that they wolde not be sworne to answher 
to anye questyon of them demaunded, hit is therfore ordred, by the sayd 
bayliffes that the sayd iiijor personns before named shalbe comitted to warde, 
to the custodye ofthe comen seriant ofthis toune of shrowsburye there to 
remaine vntle they shale find suff)'cyent shurtyes for there apparence before I 
the bayliffes ofthe sayd toune at the next Sessyons to be holden before them 
to answhere to suche matter as [shuld] ^rshalel be layed to there chardge on her 
maiesties behalfe and at there apparence not ^rto departe withoute specyall 
lycens, and in the meane tyme to [k] obserue and keape the quene her ma/est/es 
peace against ail her heighnes subiectes, and vntle the further myndes ofthe 
sayd bayliffes shalbe knowen in this behalfe 
(signed) Thomas Sherer 

Depositions for Shearmen's Tree Inquest SRO: 336511113 
f [1 ]* (12June) 


The deposicion & sainge ofThomas Burnell gent/eman one ofthe Bailiffes 
of the Towne of Shrewesbury taken the daye & yeare foresaid, touchinge & 
concerninge his knowledge ofcertayne wordes & speaches/spoken ^r& vttered 
by Richarde[(. )] freines of the same Towne sherman, the vjth daye of Iune last 
past att such. tyme as the said Richard was commytted to the Ston ward of 
the said Towne by the said Thomas Burnell for his misdemeanors & offenses 
comytted at that tyme beinge apprehended & taken by the quenes maiesties 
watch there aboutes ij of the Clocke after mydnighte the same mornynge./ 

8/ sondrye: 3 m,nims in las 10/ moved: altered.lçom moued 

SHREWSBURY 1590--1 261 

The said deponent deposeth & saieth that he chardginge the said ffernes with 
his mysdemeanors ^rand breach of the Bailiffes commaundementesl at the 
saine tyme The said Richard[es] ffernes then & there answeared, speakinge 
these wordes followinge/videloeet/well master Bailiff I trust within these twelve 
yeares that I shall see the Tree brought into this Towne of Salop in as solemne 
Order as euer it was/And that nether Bailiffnor any other person within the 
said Towne shall gainsay the saine/ 
(signed) per me Thomam Burndl 

william hurste ofthe Towne of Salop in the countie of 0 
Salop one of the vnder officers of the same towne beinge 
F_.xamined concerninge the speakinge ofthe saine wordes 
by the said Richard ffernes, deposeth & saith &c./ 
The said deponent deposeth & saieth that he harde the forenamed Richard 
ffernes speake the said wordes vnto the said toaster Bailiffe Burnell in manner 
& forme as the said mr Burnell before hath declared 

(signed) William hvrst 

George Clerke of the said towne yeman beinge examined 
concerninge the same cause deposeth & saieth as folioweth./ 
The said deponent Likewise deposeth & saieth that he also hard the said 
Richard ffernes speake & pronownce the said wordes vnto the said master 
BailiffBurnell in manner & forme as the same mr Burnell [(. )] before hath 


(signed) George Clearke 25 

ff [2-2v] 

The deposicion & sainge of Thomas Boycott one of the wardens of the 
Company or fellowshipp ofShermen w/thin the towne ofShrewesbury taken 30 
the daye and yeare foresaid/before [the] Thomas Sherer and Thomas Burnell 
gent/emen Bailiffes ofthe said towne touchinge & concerninge his knowledge 
in the cause foresaid 

The said deponent saieth that he & his fellowe warden Rowland ap Rees, 
beinge both called ^r for1 before the bailiffes forsaide the fourth daye of lune 
laste, att wh/ch tyme the said Bailiffes made it knowne vnto them whate 
contenc/ons Iv] & vprores were had ij or three ^ryearesl paste together touchinge 
the fetchinge in & [erected] rerectingel vpp of the Tree vsually plased before 
their hall/& further said vnto them that gretter inconvenyens would ensue 
ifby good advise it were not prevented/Att wh/ch tyme therfore the said 
Bailiffes gave commandment to the said deponent & his fellowe warden/the 

262 SHREWSBURY 1590-- 1 

next morninge by [sixe] rfivel of the Clocke to Somon their Combretheren 
together, & to make knowen vnto them that the saide Bailiffes pleasure & 
commaundyment was that no Tree should either by them, their Servantes 
[& apprentizes] or by any others at their procurementts bee [of] brought into 
the said towne to bee plased & erected as in former tyme it was, for stay & 
pacifyinge of troubles that otherwaise were like to faiI out/whereupon this 
deponent & his said fellowe the next mominge by the said houre gave sommons 
to their Combretheren accordingly/& imparted vnto t.hem the Comandymentes 
& pleasures of toaster Bailifs as aforesaid/At wh/ch tyme/therunto/they ail 
[semed very willinge to consent & so departed] / that were then present [semed] 
rdidl very willingly [toi consent, but whether any ofthe Offenders were then 
present this deponent knoweth not./but it was fully agreed by ail the said 
Company at that tyme/that there should be no entermedlynge with the tree 
at that tyme for this yere/ 



the deposicion & sainge of Rowland ap Rees 
thother warden of the said fellowshipp 
The said deponent deposeth & saieth in manner & forme as his fellowe warden 
the former deponent hath said./ 
(signed) Roland Pris 

Humfrey hughes of the same towne sherman beinge examined 
concerninge the same cause deposeth & saieth as followeth./ 
The said Examinat deposeth & saieth that he beinge one ofthe masters or 
,,rfreemen ofthe Compay [ofthe occu(.)acion] ofshermenwithin the said 25 
towne was called by the former deponentes the wardens ofthe said Company 
to their hall vpon Saterday morninge beinge the fiveth day of Iune last art 
what tyme he hard the former deponentes beinge his wardens declare to the 
whole company then assembled together that master Bailifs pleasure was for 
divers inconvenyences that might ensue that there should be no entermedlinge 30 
with the fetchinge or erectinge ofany tree before theire hall that yeare, And 
wished that their Company would therunto agree/whereunto he this deponent 
,,rand his [fellowe] wardens 1 with the Residue ofthe said Company then present 
did ail willingly consent for he this deponent at that tyme did heare non of 
the said Company gainsay the same 3s 

25/ Compay: ]rCompany; abbreviation mark mising 
36/ H H : Hughe ima ,igned with his initiaL 

SHn.EWStJ¥ 1590-1 263 


DepoMtion for Shearmen's Tree Inquest sRo: 3365/1113 
f Il ] (12June) 

The deposicion and sayinge of William lenckes of the toune 
of Salop [sherm] draper taken before the bayliffes of the sayd 
toune conserninge his knoledge in the cause aforesayd. 
The sayd deponent deposeth and sayethe that vppon frydaye the iiij th daye 
ofthis Iune last aboutes ixe* ofthe clocke in the eveninge the same daye, he 
this examinant comminge to his lodgynge at mr Thomas charltons house, did 
finde at or neare the sayd dore, Richard fearnes and diuem others talkinge l0 
aboutes the fatchinge in and [(...)] erectinge of a tre the next daye before the 
hall ofthe shermen, beinge verye ernest in talke theraboutes, whervppon he 
this examinant sayd vnto them, that hit was hot good for them to entermedle 
with that matter, for nought hit is, and therfore noe good can com ofhit, 
whervnto the sayd fearnes answered w/th verye bad speches, soe this examinant 
departed vnto his chamber and leaninge in his chambar windowe towardes 
the streat, where they were still talkinge ofthat matter, ^r°then ffearnes & 
other ij or iij departed and went awaye °1 and determyninge with them selfes 
whate they shuld doe, if noe other wold doe anye thinge, and I harde fearnes 
saye r°as they went betwixt y lodge and the condithe*l and incoradge the other 20 
ij or iij that weare with him that they shuld sticke vnto him, for the settinge 
vp ofthe tree, and that he him selfe wolde sticke vnto hit let com on hit whate 
wolde, and more in effect touchinge the same can not depose 
(signed) by me william lenckes./ 

Sh¢armen's Tree Inquest sRo: 3365/1113 
single mb* (12June) 

Inquisica'o Capta apud Villam Salopie predctam in guihalda ibidem Ad 30 
specialem Sessiontm pacis infra villam predictam et lihertates eiusdem tentam 
Coram Thoma Sherer et Thoma Burnell generosis Balliujs ville iilius et 
Willielmo ffowler Armigero Sentscallo eiusdem ville ac lusticiarijs domine 
Regine ad pacem infra Villam et libertates eiusdem Conseruandam necnon 
ad diuersas felon/as transgressiones et alia malefacta infra predictam villam et 35 
libertates eiusdem perpetratas Audiendas et terminandas iuxta libertates et 
ffranchcsias eiusdem ville a tempore quo non extat memoria vsitas et 
approbatas in eadem villa die Sabbati videb'cet duodecimo die lunij Anno 
Regni domine nostre Elizabethe dei gracia Anglit ffrauncit et hibernie Regine 

! 7-181 d*then ... awaye**: interlineatian ber« and L20 in Jenckes" hand 
201 y Iodge: ]br ye Iodge (?) 

264 SHREWSBURY 1590-- 1 

fidei defensor/s &c Tricesimo tercio per Sacramentum Pdcardi Betton generosi 
Ricardi Cherwell draperWillelmi Kinge draper Rolandi Langley draperThome 
Whitfoote draperWillelmi Medlicott brickman Ricardi Leaton weuer Willelmi 
ffawkener baker Iohannis Hussey Coruiser Petri Studley coruiser Iohannis 
Edwardes Brickman Pdcardi Maninge tailer Iohannis Tench draper Roberti 
Stevens draper et Pdcar Taller mercer Iuratorum qui dicunt super Sacramentum 
suum quod Pdcardus ffernes de villa Salopie in Comitatu Salopesciresherman 
Iohannes Bickerstaffe de villa et Comitatu predictis sherman Thomas Evans 
de villa et Comitatu prectis sherman et Galfridus Heathe de eisdem villa 
et Comitatu sherman cum multis alijs Malefactoribus eis agregat/s et pacis 
domine nostre Regine perturbatoribus ignot/s, modo guerimo Arraiat/s vniter se 
assemblards et Congregards ad numerum viginrd personarum Riotose Rowtose 
et modo nove insurreccionis et Conventic// illicit/s et modo guerrimo arraiatis 
ad magnum terrorem et perturbacionem diuersorum ligeorum et Subditorum 
dicte domine Regine Quinto die Iunij Anno Regni domine nostre Elizabethe 
dei gracia AngEe ffrauncie et hibernie Regine fidei defensor/s &c Tricesimo 
tercio ri et Armis videlicet Baculis gladijs Securibus et Alijs Armis invasivis 
Clausum Andree Lewis draper apud Allmoner parke alias dictum Allmore 
parke prope villam Salopie predictam infra parochiam Sancte Marie infra 
Villam et Comitatum predictas ac Infra Iurisdiccionem huius Curie vocatum 
the Coppyes Riotose fregerunt et intraverunt ac quendam Arborera quercium 
ad tunc et ibidem crescentem Anglice vocatam an Ocke tree precij duorum 
solidorum de bonis et Cattall/s cuiusdem Edmundi Lusy Armigeris, Cum 
Securibus et alijs instrumentis secativis secaverunt et dictam Arborera ab inde 
Removerunt et Asportauerunt et ad villam Salop/e predictam infra Iurisdicc2onem 
predictam circa horam secundam post Concubiam noctis eiusdem diei 
portaverunt et d/ctam Arborera in quadam platea ville predicte vocata 
mylke street infra Iurisdiccioeem predictam Riotose Rowtose et modo nove 
insurreccioeis et Conventiclis illicit/s et modo guerrimmo Arraiatis fixerunt 
et locaverunt Contra Mandatum Balliuorum ville Salop/e predicte preantea illis 
et multis alijs videl/cet quarto die Iunij Anno Regni dicte domine Regine nunc 
Tricesimo tercio in Contrarium datum in magnum terrorem et perturbacionem 
diuersorum ligeorum et Subditorum dicte domine Regine in Villa predicta et 
infra Iurisdicca'onem predictam InhabitantiumAc Contra formam diuersorum 
Statutorum de Riotth et Rowtis et alijs Conventiclis illicitis inde nuper 
editorum et prouisorum Et Contra pacem dicte domine Regine Coronam et 
dignitatem suas &c 

Iuratipredictivlterius dicunt quod Ràcardus ffernes de villa Salopie in Comitatu 
Salopesciresherman deum pre oculis suis non habens sed instigac/one diabolica a0 

211 quendam: • correctedfroma 
211 quercium: 4 mininu inhts 

341 inhabitantium: tium correctedjçom tem 

SHKESBU¥ 1590-1 265 

seductus Ac ligeariam suam erga dominam nostram Elizabetham dei gracia 
Anglie Reginam &c parvi pendens Ac leges et Statuta huius Regni Anglie 
minime estimans nec penam in eisdem Contentam aliqualiter verens Sexto die 
lunij Anno Regni dicte domine nostre Elizabethe dei gracia Anglie ffrauncie 
et hibernie Regine fidei defensort3 &c Tricesimo Tercio Apud villam Salop/e  
predictam in Comitatu predicto ac infra lurisdiccioeem huius Cur/e in 
Contemptu dicte domine Regine et eius statutorum huius Regni Angh'e 
Aduisate et cum maliciosa intencione ex sua propria imaginacione hec falsa 
sediciosa et scandalosa verba Anglicana sequencia Cuidam Thome Burnell 
generoso vno Balliuorum dicte domine Regine Ville Salopiepredicte in Audiencia 0 
et presencia multorum ligeorum dicte domine Regine dixit et propalauitl 
videlicetl Wel[ Master Bai[lift I trust within these twelve yeres that I shall see 
the tree; meaninge the Shermans tree before by the Bailiffes of the sayed towne 
ofSalop forbydden to be medled withall, brought into this Towne of Salop in 
as Solemne Order as ever it was And that nether Bailiffnor any other person 5 
within the same Towne shall gaynsaye the same, Contra formam diuersorum 
Statutorum in huiusmodi cas/s nuper Editorum et prouisorum Ett contra pacem 
dicte domine Regine Coronam et dignitatem suas &c/ 

( After 26 July) (Report of Ferns' trial for slanderous and sedÆtious words) 


*predictus Ricardus ffernes dica't se non esse Culpabilem 
et inde ponit se super patriam et domina Regina simtliter 
lurati pro domina Regina dicunt quod predictus Ricardus 
ffernes non est Cuoabilis. I* 


Habtas Corpus Writ in Shtarmen't Trie Case sao: 3365/1113 
single mb* (23June) 

Elizabeth dei gracia Angl/e ffranc/e & hibernie Regina fidei defensor &c Ballijs 30 
ville Saloppiesalutem precipimus vobh quod corpora Pdcardi ffearnes lohannis 
Byckarstaffe Thome Evans & GalfrMi heathe in prisona nostra sub Custodia 
vestra vt dicitur detenta sub saluo & securo conductu vna cure die & causa 
capcionis & detencionis suarum quibuscunque nominibus ijdem Ricardus 
Iohannes Thomas & Galfridus cenceantur in eadem habeath coram dilecto 3s 
& fideli nostro ffrancisco Gawdye vno htsticiariorum nostrorum ad piacita 
in Cur nostra coram nobis tenenda assignato die lune xxvjo die lulij Apud 
Warwicum in Comitatu Warrwici ad faciendum & recipiendum ea omn ia & 
singula que prefatus Iusticiarius nouer de eis adtunc & ibidern consideret in hac 
parte Et hoc nullatenus omittat/s sub pena Centum librarum Et habeath ibi 40 

101 vno: ]br vni 301 Ballijs: ]br Balliujs; abbreviation mark miuing 

266 SHREX¢SBtJR¥ 1590-- 1 

tunc hoc breue Teste Christophero Wraye apud Westmonasterium xxiijo die 
Iunij Anno regni nostri tricesimo tercio 
Rooper & Rooper 


Virtute istius breuis nobis directi Corpora infranominatorum Ricardi ffearnes 
Iohannis BickarstaffThome Evans & Galfr/di heath coram Iusticiario domine 
Regine infranominato ad diem & Iocum infracontenta parata habemus vnacum 
die & causa capcionis & detencionis eorundem Pdcar Iohannis Thome & 
Galfr/di prout patet in quibusdam scedul/s huic breui annex/s prout interius 
nobis precipitur 

Responsa *Thome Sherer* *Thome Bumell* balliuorum ville Salop/e infrascripta 
deliberaturde recordo Termino & rotulo infrascriptis 

Iohn Weme 



Copies of Asernbly Minutes sRo: 3365/1113 
f [2]* (Meetingof2July) 
wheras Richard ffernes, Iohn Bickerstaff Iefferey Heath, and Thomas Evans 
Shermen haue bene heretofore commytted by toaster Bailiffes for certen 
contemptes & misdemeno/'s by them comytted att this Assembly, the saide 
Cause of mysdemeanors haue ben examined and it is thought Requisite by this 
Assembly that except they will submytt them selfes or put in Suerties for the 
peace, and for their apparance att the next Sessions, that they shal[be] still 
Remayne in ward for their foresaid Offences./ 

Bailiffs" Reply to Writ sRo: 3365/1113 
ff [1-5v]* (3-2OJuly) 

Thaunswere ofThomas Sherer, and Thomas Burnell gent/emen Baylieffes of 
the Town of Salop in her Maiestieswrytt to these scedules annexed spec/fied 
to the said wrytt 

The deputie Lyeutenantes and lustices ofpeace ofthe comityofSalop assembling 



71 (...): hok in keet; pouibly a filing endomement 
151 *Tome ... Busrdl*: both bailiffi bave signed in the slace provided for their naine 

SHREWSBt3R¥ 1590--I 267 

them selves at the Town of Shrewsbury for service of her ma/estie shordy af-ter 
Easter last past dedared tovs the Baylieffes of the said Town & liberties that 
in the countyes of Chester & Stafford confyning vpon the corrffty of Salop 
there were at that rime xxx ri or xl rie persons in a company on horsebacke & 
foote dayly & nightly w/th Armor and weopon riding vp & down the countrey 
neare adioyning to the said Town of Shrewsbury wh/ch had robbed and 
spoyled the countrey aswell by daie as by night of M M tpoundesa and more 
to Iv(...) and] the great terror & feare of the inhabitantes there and to their 
great losse & hinderaunce And that some of the malefactors were noted to 
tresord [inhabite] [w/rhin] rintol the said com/ty of Salop And as the considerac(...) 
therof moved the said deputie Lyeutenantes & iustices that for the apprehenc/on 
ofsuch offendors there shold be watching by night and warding by daie in the 
said com/ty of Salop, Even so they required vs the Baylieffes in her maiesties 
name to take like order with the said town and liberties the rather for that 
hertofore there weare such like attemptes made against the Townes men in 
ther travaill to the merkett of oswestry: I wh/ch service for her Ma/estie being 
by vs putt in due execuc/on we found profitable to the common wealth for 
avoyding ofoccacions of resort ofsuspec(. ) persons to fayors and markettes 
likely to comitt such offences: And because the good gouernement of her 
maiesties subiectes residing & dwelling within the said Town & liberties dyd 
and doth chiefly consist in maintenance of peas & quietnes by putting the 
Lawes ofthe Realme and the Lawdable costomes ofthe town confirmed by 
aucthoritie of parlament in due execuc/on And for [A(...)] that a Burgesse of 
the Town & freemen ofevery occupac/on is bounden by oth to be obedient 
in this behaulfto the Baylieffes for the time being as the chier Magistrates of 
the Town vnder her mestie: we the said Baylieffes in respect of the chardg 
to vs comitted as aforesaid taking consideracion herin as apperteigned and 
hearing that for sondry yeares in former time the sonday next after Trynyty 
Sonday yearely was so prophaned from morning to evening by the fteemen 
Iorneymen & apprentizes of diuers occupacions by vnlawfull & Riotous 
assemblyes by excesse of eating and drinking by fighting quarrding and 
vnlawfull pastymes necessary ne),ther for body nor mynde that thereby the 
most parte of them & specially of the youthfull sort absented them selves from 
their parishe Churches at the rime ofdevyne service And herin of out own 
knowledg vnderstanding that for the space ofthree yeares I last past the wardens 
& Combrethern of Shermen contended amongest them selves for the setting 
vp of an Oke tree the sathurday before for shewe ofthe place ofthdr assemblyes 
the daie aforesaid that there was suche partes taking amongest them, and such 
great contencion that thone partie wold haue the tree vpp and thotlaer parte 
wold haue the tree cast down, whereby there was every yeare of the said three 

101 considerac(...): hole in sheet 181 suspec(. ): hole in sheet 

268 SHREWSBLIRY 1590-- 1 

yeares such concorse & resort of people as weare esteemed some yeares above 
the nomber ofiijc that the Baylieffes for the time being not without great care 
and diligence could not pacefy the contencion and specially the last yeare 
past the nomber there so vnlawfully assembled weare by estimacion above 
V c persons refusing by any perswacion to disperse themselves Although 
proclamacion was ruade vpon the Statute of Rebdlion vnto wh/ch they gave 
smale regard/And this yeare for the preventing ofsuch the like misdemenors 
in this daungerous time we the Baylieffes thought it very necessary and convenient 
to geve direccion to the wardens to assemble their Company togeather the 
said sathurday morning at their hall being the v th of Iune last to thentent 
that by consent ofthem and the whole company then assembled such order 
shold be taken as might prevent the comitting ofsuch vnlawfull & Riotouse 
assemblyes & other misdemenors tending so much to the disturbaunce of 
the Common quiet of the Town and  inhabitantes therofwherupon they 
assembling them seives togeather dyd consent & agree to perfor(. )e the saine 
dyreccion as lawfull and necessary to be obeyed for avoyding the like strief 
contencion and other misdemenors as aforesaid./ 

After this order so taken and agreed vpon by the wardens & brethern in their 
hall and a declarardon oftheir conformitie ruade to vs the magistrates thesame 20 
was openly published and commaundment geven to the test ofthe brethern 
not present at the assembly and to ail Iorneymen and apprentises ofthe company 
that the saine shold be obeyed according to the oth wh/ch they had seuerally 
taken in that behaulf 


This not w/thstanding some ofthe yongest freemen ofthe company as namdy 
Robert Stephens, Iohn Bickerstaff, Thomas Evans, and Geffi'ey heath, one Iohn 
Lewes a Iorneyman and Richard ffernes an apprentize ofthat occupacion and 
diuem others (as yet vnknowen) vpon knowledg to them geven ofthe saine the 
said vth of lune vnlawfully assembled themselfes togeather in diuers and sondry 
places ofthe Town by the procurement ofsome evdl disposed persons to thonly 
entent and purpose not only to sowe Sedicion, but also to styrre the common 
sort of people to an vpproare or Muteny to w/thstand and resist the gouernement 
of the Magistrates: And for performaunce therof before they slept they combyned 
them I seives by promise one to an other making such apparant shewe ofthe 
eveil by them entended that the said ffernes being (.)herunto procured by 
Elizabeth ffernes widowe his mother and others as yet vnknowen sticked not 
in the stretes as they walked in the hearing ofsome ofcredit to speake Lowdly 
to the test wh/ch beganne to mislike ofthe enterprise that they should stand 
stowtely to the matter or elles they shou]d be noted as Cowardes 

15/ peffor(- )e: hole m sheet 36/ (.)herunto: hole m sheet 

SHREWSBUIq.Y 1590--1 269 

In this sort the¥ keaping company togeather the most parte otrthe said vth 
oflune aboutes ix en ofthe clocke late in the evening they issued out of town 
in b¥-wayes well weaponed to thentent to avoyde apprehencion ofthe watchmen 
who were chardged by oth in every ward to apprehend vagrant persons night 
walkers and other Malefactors &c. 

And aboutes two ofthe clocke in the morning following being Saboth daie 
afier the¥ had ben aboutes the vnlawfull fact ail night and had accomplished 
the same in their retorne backe some of them were apprehended b¥ the watch 
and some ofthem escaped, and yett in thend they being ail apprehended and 
brought belote Thomas Burnell gentleman one of the Baylieffes as vagrant 
persons taken by the watch he comitted them vntill they shold be examined 

Vpon their examinacions Robert Stephens, and lohn Lewes two of the said 
malefactors confessing the misdemenors & submitting them selves to the 
correcca'on ofthe Ba¥1ieffes were furthwith  dischardged and sett at libertie 
without further punishment. 


Thother foure falling into this kynde ofdisobedyence by sinister procurement 20 
as aforesaid obstynatly refuced to answer or to submitt them selves contrary 
to their othes, by reason ofwhich disobedience, vpon sonday the vjth of lune 
xlte of the apprentizes of that company foliowed Iohn Tompkys the publique 
preacher through diuers Stretes ofthe Town as he cam from the visitacion of 
one that was sicke in St Chaddes parish having a blynd mynstrell playing vpon 
a harpe ledd belote them and when the preacher stayed at an), turning to knowe 
their entent they stayed a]so behind him and when he went forward the¥ 
foilowed afier w/th the blynde mynstrell pla¥ing before them vntill they had 
in this mocking and flowting manner brought him to his howse/And afier 
they had in this sort brought him to his howse being in St Maryes Church 
yard they there caused the blynd mynstrell to goe round about the church 
yard playing belote them & they following after according to the old order 
of pr0cessio n. I 

Item afier this they went to the said ffernes and his company and there 
banqueted making a Iest oftheir abvsing ofthe preacher as aforesaid./ 


Item the said iiij °r persons by encorragement ofothers refusing to submitt 
them seifes & so tobe dischardged or to putt in  suerties for apperaunce to 
aunswer in this behaulf, Orelles to fynde suerties for the peace as aforesaid, the 
said Baylieffes (.)eclared to them that b), the advise oftheir Counceil learned 


411 (.)tc|artd:/oLe in »heet 

270 SHREWSBURY 1 590-1 

a Sessions was appointed ^fto be keptel to inquire of the offences of them & 
others/according to the due corse oflawe and her maiesties graunt by point 
of Charter, And if they wold conforme them selves to answer and tobe reformed 
[otherwiese]: ^rthen 1 there shold no Sessions be keapt, wherunto they wold in 
noe wiese yeld or obey,  &l two dayes before the Sessions, And vpon the Sessions 
daie belote the begining ofthe ^rsamel [Sessions] ^rthey being ^t [eftes(...)]1 
called before the said Bayliefl:es and will/am ffowler Esquier their Steward they 
were eftsones perxwaded ^tbyl the space of three howars to aconformitie in 
this behaulf, lerting them to wirt that if they contynued in that disobedyence 
and obstynacy, the example oftheir disobedyence to the gouernement was so 
apparant to ail men that for suppressing such a great outrage the Baylieffes as 
Iustices ofpeace next adioyning could hOt avoyde the penalty ofC li. but by 
Inquisicon according to the Stature in that case provided./they muste nedes 
procedel Wherunto after long speaches they aunswered that they could hOt so 
doe for that they had sent theyr money to London and that they wold haue I 
advise of their Councell before they wold doe any any thing Wherupon the 
said Baylieffes and Steward in dischardg oftheir duetyes, were vrged by this 
their wilfulnes & disobedyence to proceade in the said Sessions/where they 
were Indicted hOt only for vnlawfull assembly & Ryott/but also the said freines 
was indicted for speaking of Sedicyous and slaunderous wordes against the 
Queene her ma/estie r (as we take it) &l as appeareth by the Inquisicon annexed 

Item the Baylieffes ofthe town perceaving that the said/iiij °ri persons hot of 
them selfes/but rather by sinister procurement ofothers shewed them selves so 
disobedyent and fearing that great Inconvenience and breach of her maesties 
peace wold thereby ensue vnles the same were speadely prevented, vsed gentle 
persuacions with them from the begining offering them libertie from rime to 
rime vpon suertyes to answer to such marrer wh/ch on her maiesties behaulf 
shold be layed to their chardg And to observe the peace against ail the Queens 
Subiectes and hOt to procure the breach thero wherin they answered flatly 
that they wold neyther submirt them selves nor yet ynd suertyes eyher for 
apperaunce  [or] for the peace wh/ch was and is the cause oftheir deteignement 
in ward from the x th of Iune vntill the second of Iuly 1591: 


Vpon wh/ch second ofluly they being callid before the BaylieffesAldermen 35 
and comen Councell of the town assembled togeather for consultac/on openly 
assented and ydded to be bounden one for an other for the peas and apperaunce 
&c. And yet neuertheles they haue hitherunto by thonly procurement of the 
said ffernes the Apprentize of their own wilfuines remayned in ward for no 
other cause but only for no performaunce of the premisses 40 

13,211 Inquisicon:Jbr Inquisic./on; abbreviaon mark missing 161 an}, any: dittography 

SHREWSBtR¥ 1590-- 1 271 

Item it faileth out furdaer that by dais disobedyence not corrected the common 
sort ofpeople are greatly incoraged to ail disobedyence ,,rto daeire magestratesl 
as for example the lorneymen ofShowmakers being an other occupacion in 
Town Subiect to dae correccion ofthe Baylieffes and wardens of that company 
haue sythence the begining of this disorder vsed resistaunce against the 
aucthoritie of daeir wardens wh/ch could hot easely be[yl pacefyed. 

Item we receavid her Maiestieswritt ofhabeas corpus I the xix th of lune last 
past retornable at westminster in the queene her Maiesties bench the xxij th 
daie of the said moneth which writt we retorned tarde, for that in trueth we 
could not in due time accomplish the tenure therofbeing sixe score myles 
distante from Westminsterl 
(signed) Thomas Sherer 
Thomas Burnell 

°mr Mytton I praye you sende me thys booke agayne yours will ffowler ° 



IPs" Letter to Sir Francis Gawdy SRO: 3365/1113 
f [ll* (2OJuly) 


Maie it pleas you right worship.fiAI / That vnderstanding by dae declaraca'on of 
dae Baylieffes of Shrewsbury they haue receaved ber maiesties writt of habeas 
corpora at dae suit of Richard ffernes & odaers retornable before your worshipp 
as one of her highnes lustices of ber maiesties Bench at westrru'nster at the 
Town ofwarwicke vpon Monday the xxvjth ofthis present with certificat of 25 
the cause oftheir taking & deteigning in ward, And being requested by the 
said Baylieffes to geve aduertisement ofour knowledg touching the pointes of 
their certificat sent to your worshipp wh/ch we haue seene. These may be to 
signify to the saine daat like as for dae first part ofthe matters conteigned daerin 
for watch and warding we can no lesse but testefy that the saine proceaded 30 
by out direccion for the considerac/ons layed down in the same, Even so for 
the rest of the matters touching their imprisonment doe fynde that their own 
wilfulnes & disobedience was & is dae cause daemfAnd daat for fiu'ther correcc/on 
they haue we|l deserved (in out opinions) to be bounden to daeir good behavior 
which referring to your worshipps consideradon we take Leave ffrom Shrewsbury 35 
the xxth of luly 1591./ 
yors with that we may 
(signed) Francis Newport Edward Leigh ton 
Rowland berker Thomas Wylb'ams 
Wyll/am ffowler Andrew Charlton 40 

161 *mr ... ffowIer*: enclora, roche written cvusswa)a following a 55mm ace 
22-31 habeas corpora: in display 

274 SHREWSBURY 1590-- 1 

 Pdcardus moyne baker 
C]Edwardus gyttyns baker 
¢] lohannes ap rees corser 
 RAcardus harryes tanner 
 Thomas Crowther [weauer] glouer 
 Robertus powell glouer 
 Edwardus Crowther glouer 

ri Ieramy ap william baker 
 Pdcardus Skotte taylor 
? Robertus eyword corser 
ci lohannes oneslow yoman 
 Edwardus baxter sherman 
c Robertus Slieete tanner 
 Willelmus ffarmer weauer 
 Humfredus gardener glouer/. 
lohannes poyner baker! 
wille/mus turnor corser 
Griffinus bronlow corser 
Thomas everall corser 
lohannes tenche draper. / 

Iur atus 






Submission of Bicherstaff, Evans, Ferns, and Heath SRO: 3365/1113 
f [1]* (c 23 August) 

We whose names are subscribed doe submitt ourselves to out bailiffes; and doe 25 
confesse that we fetched in the Shermans tree contrary to the commaundment 
of toaster Bailiffes deliuered to our wardens, and contrarie to the commaundment 
of out wardens.' Neuerthelesse wee pray that ail lawfull customes of out company 
may be saved and reserved./ 
(signed) Richard ffearnes 30 
Signum ÷ Iohannis Bickerstaffe. 
Signum + Galffidi Heath 
Signum ÷ Thomae Evans 


Charges against John Williams, Minstrel, and Edmund Newcombe 
sRO: 3365/2626 
single sheet verso* (16 February) (Charges submitted to inquest jury) 

A fray ruade betwene lohn williams [ofminsterley] fA minstrell 1 & Edmond 


81 williarm 2 minims in les 
311 ÷: Bickerstaff, Heath, and Evam bave signed with their personal radrks 

590-1 275 



newcombe.! manucaptor pro newcombe Thomas Howell coruisorl 
Suertie for Iohn williams Richard mynton glouer.! 

Examination of Magaret Betton silo: 336512626 
single sheet (19 May) 
The examinacion & sainge of margarett Betton taken the daye & yeare foresaid 
belote Thomas Burnell gent/eman ^rone of thel Bail iffes of the towne of Salop 
concerninge ber knowledge touchinge a fray ruade by [the] will/am pilkinton 10 
vpon Robert betton her brother/ 
She saieth that the said pilkinton comynge into her ^rsaidl brother his shopp 
demanded the sight of Lute Stringes/& as [as] he ^was lookinge vpon them/ 
he brake oute in these [pres] speeches againste the said Robert betton sainge/ 
Thou art a lewde knave for vsinge my cosin as thow hast donn/& therupon 
havinge ^rai white Ridinge Rodd in his hand did strike the said Roberte [ouer] 
vpon the face with the same 

*Dr Taylor$ Hi$o/ SSL 
f 185v* 


This yeare and the .6. day oflune beinge [ff] soondaye and the festivall day 
of the company ofthe shermen ^rofsaiopl aboute the settinge vpp ofa greene 
tree by serten yongemen ofthe saide company belote their hall doore as of 25 
many yeares before have ben acostomid but preachid against by the publicke 
precher there and commawndid by the Baylyffes that non sutche shoulde be 
vsid and for the disobedience therein theye were put in prison and a privey 
sessions callid and there also indictid and stili remayne vntill the ne towne 
sessions for further Triail as hearafier in parcell 26. may apeare &c. 30 

ff 187v-8" 

This yeare and the 23 th daye of august anno predicto was the towne sessions 
and thosse prisoners that were, were savid vnder the la] value & by their 
boocke also thesse youthes whyche weare indictid about the erecting of the 
shermans tree and vppon their submission there then were quit for their 
disobedience and for ail matters and the matter therin to be endid by Master 
sergiant owen who determinid the matter the the vsuall tree shulld be vsyd 40 

111 Robert betton: bail,'ffin 1604-S and1609-10 
111 her: correctedfrom his 

181 + : Beton  siged wi*h her peronal mark 
401 the the: dittography 

276 SHREWSBUR¥ 1590--3 


as heretofore have ben soit be don syvely and in lovinge order without 
contencion &c. ! 
This yeare and against the assise tyme on Master banckes a staffordshire 
gentilman brought into this towne of Salop a white horsse vhiche volld s 
doe woonderfull and strange thinges as thesse wold in a company or prese 
Te|| howe many peeces of money by his foote were in a mans purse also yf 
the partie his master [his toaster] wolld naine any man beinge hyd neuerso 
secret in the company wold fatche hym owt with his mowthe either naminge 
hym the veriest knave in the company or what cullerid coate he hadd he 
pronowncid further to his horse and said sir ha there be two baylyves in 
this towne the one ofthem bids mee welcom vnto the towne and vsid me 
in frindly maner I wold haue the goe to hym and gyve hym thanckes for mee  
And he wold goe truly to the right baylyff that did so vse hys sayd Master 
as he did in the sight of a nvmber of people vnto toaster bay|yffe sherar and 
bowyd vnto hym in makinge curchey withe hys foote in sutche maner as 
he coullde withe sutche strange feates for sutche a a beast to doe that many 
people iudgid that it were vnpossible to be don except he had a famylar or 
don by the arte of magicke &ci 


Baili'Accounts sRo: 3365/534 
bifolium 1, f[lv]* (Disbursements) 

+ Item geuen to sir fouke grifvells man beinge a berward 
+ Item to my Lordmorleys men beinge players 

bifolium 2, f [1 v]* (Afier 20June) 
Item geuen to my LordDarsyes men beinge players 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/535 
bifolium 1, f[lv]* (Disbursements) 

Item paid and geven to my Lordadmeralls players 

xiij s. iiij d. 






41 the assise t/me: 16-18 Setember 1591 171 a a: dittography 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1592--3 277 

bifolium 1, f [2v]* 

Item to my lorde presydentes players cominge to this (.) toune 

bifolium 2, f [1]* (Afier 24July) 

Item paid and geuen to my Lordstrange and my Lordadmyralls 


negam't cure 
Ricardo teggrin 

Town Payment Claires SRO: 3365/535 
single sheet (3 February 1592/3) 

The iij daie of ffebruarie 1592 
(.)estowed vppon the players of my Lorde Admyrall 

Borougb Court Book SRO: 3365/1114 
f [22] (List offine«) 
De Rogero lowe quia ludebat super instrumentum suum 
apud domum Raulphe Bradeley die dominica tempore 
divine servicie 

[xij d.] rexonereturl 


f [30v]* 25 

De Thoma Iones butcher quia mortavit taurum sine 
baytinge contra formam statut/ 

xij d. 

Examination of Thomas Dawes SRO: 3365/2208 
single sheet (6January) 


The examinacion and sayinge ofThomas Dawes of 
this toune ofSalop labarar taken before the bayliffs 
of the tourie of Salop conserninge the stealinge of a 35 
violett ottherwise called a fiddle w/th ij stringes beinge 
the goodes of on francis Vppon/ 
The sayd examinant sayethe that on frydaye was senight last beinge the 
X3Olix th ofdecember last he this examinant beinge at the halle ofhussey did 
did see a talle man in blewe coate there havinge the sayd vyolett did borrowe 40 

391 ¢,.ixth:./rgxix th 39-401 did did: eh'rtography 

278 SI-|REWSBURY 1592--3 

the saine ofhim to the end to learne to playe theron and promysed to bringe 
the saine againe within xen daye(.) and soe on Wensdaye last he went backe 
w/th the saine thyther intendinge to borrowe the saine for a lengar tyme, but 
in the waye he was stayed by on he knoweth not and soe brought hether to be 
examined, but he sayeth he never intended to steale the saine nor anye other 
(signed) Robart Irland 
michell Chambre 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 158v (29 May 1592-18June 1593) (Decision of 8June 1593 assembly) 
... the cause of thassemble was as conscernyng the bankett made by master 
wardens to the companye/th(.) companye ys agreed for to paye for the wyne 
and monay to the mynstrelles so that ytt doe not Exceed the somme ofxx s. 
for wyne & mystreiles 

Letter from Edward Alleyn to his Wife, Joan Dulwich College: MS 1 
single sheet* (1 August) 

My good sweett mouse I comend me hartely to you And to my father my 
mother & my sister bess hoping in god thought the siknes beround about 
you yett by his mercy itt may escape your house wh/ch by ye grace ofgod it 
shall therfor vse this corse kepe your house fayr and dean wh/ch I knowe you 25 
will and every eveninge throwe water before your dore and in your bakcsid 
and haue in your windowes good store ofrwe and herbe ofgrace and with 
ail the grace ofgod wh/ch must be obtaynd by prayers and so doinge no dout, 
but ye Lord will mercyfully defend you: now good mouse I haue no newse to 
send you but this thatt we haue ail our helth for wh/ch the Lord be praysed 
I reseved your letter art bristo by richard couley for the wich I thank you I haue 
sent you by this berer Thomas popes kinsman my whit wascote bec.ame it is 
a trobeii to me to cary it reseave it with this Letter And Lay it vp for me tili 
I coin ifyou send any mot Letters send to ^rmel by the cariers ofshrowsbery 
or to west chester or to york to be keptt till my Lord stranges players coin and 35 
thus sweett hartt with my harty comendation to ail out frends I sess flore bristo 
this wensday afier saynt Iams his day being redy to begin the playe of hary 
of cornwail mouse do my harty comendation to mr grigs his wifand ail his 
houshould and to my sister phillyps 
your Loving housband EdwardAlleyn 4o 

23/ thought:]r though 

SHREWSBURY 1592-4 279 

mouse you send me no newes ^rof 1 any things you shouid send of your 
domestycall matters such things as hapens att home as how your distilled 
watter proves or this or that or any thing what you will. 

and lug I pray you Lett my orayng tawny stokins ofwolen be dyed a very s 
good blak against I coin hom to wear in the winter you sente me nott word 
of my garden but next tym you will but remember this in any case that ail 
that bed wh/ch was parsley in the month ofseptember you sowe itt with 
spinage for then is the tyme I would do it my self but we shall nott com hom 
till allholand tyd and so swett farwell and broke out Long Iomey with 10 

Examinationa of Thomas Jones and Richard Golborne 
ff [1-1v]* (2May) 

silo: 3365/2209/B/23 


lohannis Blakeway 
secundo die maij Anno Regni Regine Elizabethe &c xxxvjO 
The examinacion & sainge ofThomas Iones of longe vpon Terne taken the 
daye & yeare foresaid before the bailiffes of Salop, apprehended as a Roge or 20 
Beinge asked 2because he had a liuery Coote vpon his backel whose man he 
was, answeared he did belonge to no man/beinge then asked where he had 
the lyuery Coote he ware, answeared he bought it ofa mylner [the yesterday] 
tin Shrewsburyl the first of this maye [who affirmed himsdfe to be Mr ffowlers 25 
man]/[& his livery (..)]1 but his naine he knoweth not who told this examinat 
it was a liuery of [the said] Mr ^rwl fowlers/^r& paide for the same iiij s.1 
beinge asked when he came from longe vpon terne, answeared he came thense 
aboutes a fortenight sithens, and bath byne euersithens that tyme & a weeke 
belote synginge rof may songes1 abrode the contrey accompanyed with one 30 
Richarde golborne and Katheryn [golborne] rhis 1 wif, Beinge asked ofwhat 
profession or occupacion he is [was of] answeared he [was] ^ris1 a Tailer, but 
kepeth no shopp nether was in any mans service sithens harvest laste, beinge 
asked where he was on Sat(.)rday night iastl answeareth he was in the company 
ofthe persons foresaid singinge at Vckington, donington, yeaton, leighton & 3s 
from thense in the ^rnextl morninge he went ouer the water to Cressege & 
vpon sonday they dyned at harley. & from thense to wiggwige, from thense to 
bdserdyne, from thense to sheynton. & so that night backe againe to Cressage 
vpon Sonday night to Coonde & from thense to harnage & from thens backe 
againe to Cressage & there staide vntill the eveninge on monday, & then they 40 

211 vagabonde: 3 minima in lOtS 

280 SHREWSBI3R¥ 1593--4 

baillium sol uit. 

baillium sol u,t 

went to the Iron fornaces, from thense to Mr Christapher[n]! lacons from 
thense to Kenley. & then to Litle Langley. & from thens [to] backe againe to 
Cressage to the house ofone Churche their accustomed Iodginge & ther 
staied [vntill] vpon Tuseday vntill the eveninge, & then went to Coonde & 
there staied ail night at the house ofwilliam hoggins, And vpon may daye 
in the mornynge this examinat & his Companyon Richard golborne, came to 
Shrewesbury, to thentent to by for this Examinat suche apparrdl & he wanted, 
[videlicet] r& there boughtl, the Coote foresaid & a paire ofshoes I 

The Examinacion of Richard golborne 1o 
Beinge asked where he dwelleth ^f& [fo] what trade he professethl saieth rhe 
dwelleth 1 at Alscotte & is a [p(.)ler] rpavier by his occupacion, beinge asked 
where he had the liverey Coote he wereth/answeareth he bought it ^raboutes 
a weeke past ofone lames in the house ofgeorge [vpon] vpton at walcott & 
paide for the saine vij s. & that the said lames told him it was a liuery Coote *s 
ofMr Edward Cluddes beinge asked when he wrought last at his occupacion, 
saieth aboutes rive yeare ago & neuersithens, beinge asked what course oflif 
he taketh & howe he liveth [&] in mayntenance ofhim sdf, saieth in Reapinge 
w/th mr ffowler, & mr ^rleram Cobett & from gentilmans house to gentilmans 
house vpon their benevolence, Beinge asked when be came from his owne 20 
house/answeareth aboutes satorday was three weekes, & sithens hath vsed the 
Company of the former Examinat/[Iones]//onel Awsten warberton, & his 
owne wif in singinge ofmay songes abrode the Contrey, beinge asked howe 
he bestowed his tyme senthens Satorday laste, answeareth in euery poynt  [& 
place]  as the former Examinat hath confessed, accompanyed with [hym] 25 
^rlonesl & his owne wife, in singinge abrode the Contrey & vpon may daye 
in the morning he sent his wifwhome 

Recognizances for Edward Hughes and John Williams, Musiians 
sRo." 3365/2209/A/40 


Edwardus Hughes music/on manucaptus est per Richardus Iones corser et 
william Hardinge glouer pro comparicione per discresionem Balliuorum 


lohannes williams musicdon manucaptus est per Edmundum newcombe weuer 
et Humfridum Cley painter pro comparicione per discresionem Balliuorum 


7/ &:./r as (?.) 34/ Wlchardus: flbr Richtrdum 

SH,ESBU« 1593-- 5 281 


Borough Court Book sto: 3365/1120 
f [71" 

Edwardus ap hughe musition quia fecit affraiam pacissuper 
Rogerum owe 
°per humfridum gardner glouer ° 
Edwardus ap hughe quia fecit affra/am pacis super Edwardum 
ap Thomas bargeman 
f [sri 
Iohannes williams musytion quia fecit affra/am pacis super 
hugonem [meredith] medlicott 

iij s. iiij d. 

iii s. iiij d. 

iij s. iiij d. 

Toton Orders Owen and B|akeway: History, vol 1 
p 396* 
8 October 1594. Agreed that there shall hot be hereafter any enterludes or 
playes ruade within this towne or iiberties uppon anye soundaye, or in the 
night-tyme. Neyther shali there be any playinge at foot-ball, or at hiltes, or 
wastrells, or beare baytinge, within the walles ofthis towne. 

Deposition about the Murder of Tbomas Lacon s,o: 3365122091CI7 
f [lv]* ( Taken 70ctober) (Deposition ofAdam Downinge) 





And beinge asked ifhe knewe ofany former malice betwene Hughe ap Rees 3o 
will/am morries & lacon ^for any oftheml, answeareth that he [f] ofhis one 
knowledge doth knowe that [euer thence h(. 3] rat the tyme in1 this Somer 
when certen [of the] Shermen of this towne brought in the shermans tree att 
wh/ch tyme Richard Cherweli toaster to the said lacon [came] r[d(..)d(..)s he 
had] ^rat the request ofmr hughes thon bailiffe comaunded3 the said lacon  
to fetche him a sawe to sawe the saide tree in sonder/at wh/ch tyme the said 
lacon havinge the sawe on [th] his backe ^rcomynge homewardes3 hughe ap 
Rees asked him who bidd thee fetche that sawe/lacon answerd my master 
[b] Then said hughe ap Rees thy toaster is a woodcock & a ^rwhifelerl 
[whisler wifeler & lacon heringe him give his rnaster those lewde termes 40 
would have fought with him] & therupon hughe ap Rees & lacon would 
presently have fought together/& beinge then staied by this Examinat & 


SHREWSBURX, 1594--5 
others/they appointed to goo & meete at the fense schoole to breake a 

Deioosition about the Murder of Thomas Lacon s,o: 3365122091Cll 1 
f [1 ]* (Taken 11 October) (Deposition ofRichard Cherwell, draper) 
The said deponent beinge examined whether he did knowe of any mallice 
that hathe contynuid betwyne Hughe ap Res ^ servent to Robert tayler°l & 
will/am morries shermen and Thomas Lacon late servant to this deponent t0 
and Lately [slayne by] supposed to be slayne by the said Hughe ap Res & 
wilb'am morries/deposeth that vpon a moundaye morninge aboutes the °feast 
of St Iohn baptist last past/he [beinge] tacking his iorneye towardes Press 
markett as drapers of this towne done vse to doe mr heughes then ^ton ofthel 
Baylyfs of this towne dyslyking with [f] a tre thatt laye in a wayne brought 
thether by some shermen betext the end of ffranckwell and the wyndmyll att 
the end of the said towne willed this deponent to healpe him to an axe or a 
sawe to the entente to cutt the said tree! vppon whych Request made this 
deponent torned his horse downe ffranckwell and overtackinge his man lacon 
(thatt had browght downe this deponentes horse as the vse is) bade him go 
ffetche a sawe or an axe/and therwythe this deponent Rod vp towardes mr 
[bay(. )] heughes then baylyffe w/th the test ofthe company then tarrying vntyll 
my comming to them art whych tyme mr heughes & this deponent he with 
others wente to on Iohn wornell/howse then constable of ffranckwell and 
the said constable dyd then lente an axe vnto mr ^rhewghes then baylyf 
with whiche axe mr hewghes with the healpe of this deponente dyd cutt 
the said tre and so we touck our Iourneye towardes out markett of Press as 
out manner is/and art the comming home of this deponente art nyght the 
same daye/the wyffe ofthis deponente said there is a servante of Robert taylors 
r.hart quarrelled w/rb your man this daye because thart he bmwght asawe art your 
commaundment/but the tre was cutt beffore [y(.)el he came w/th the sawe... 

Deposition about the Murder of Thomas la,con 
sRo: 3365122091CI8-CI9 
No 8, f [2v] - No 9, f [1 ]* (Taken 15 October) (Deposition ofRoger Wootten) 

...on David ap Thomas seruant to Wilb'am poynersherman, havinge 
occasyon to corne to the stable ofWilb'am kinge draper beinge nere vnto the 
shope where this deponent did worke, came and leaned over the banke of the 
sayde shope and then begane to talke of them that were imprisoned for the 
murder of the sayd lacon/and sayd that mr churwell had caused a parcyall 
Iurye to be retorned before the coroners for the inquerye ofthe sayd murder, 

SHREXVSBURY 1594--6 283 

and that they were frendes and nere neighbures to the sayd mr churwell and 
his workmen, then this deponent answered hit is not mr churwell that dothe 
that but the coroners, and he affirmed still hit was mr churwells doyinge and 
sayd further, I wolde have hughe ap Rees to sue mr chirwell aboue forthe for 
this cause, then this deponent demaunded ofhim howe longe the quarell had 
bine betwen Thomas lacon and hughe ap Rees, and he sayed, sethens the 
comynge in ofthe shermens tree, and this deponent then sayed hit had bin 
better that tree had bin I leaft a loone then he sayd whye shuld we not haue 
hit [a] when we haue woone hit by lawe ^rthenl this deponent demaunded 
howe the quarell begane and he sayd because Thomas lacon did fatche a sawe 
to cut the tree,/this deponent sayd, whye there was noe fait in him to doe his 
masters comandment, then he sayd, he might haue stayed somwhate lenger 
vntle his master had bin gone, for his master could not haue stayed aboue 
halfe an hower, but mr Ienkes did cut more ofthe tree then his master did, 
and ifhe goe abrode he shalbe knoct for hit then this deponent sayd/hit is 15 
best take [head] heed of knockinge vntle you see howe these spead that be 
in warde for the like, and with that he departed 

A¢ercers; Ironmongers; and Goldmnith' Company Booi 
f 162v (23June-14June) (Decision of8June assembly) 

LSL: 4260 

The companye where assembled the viijt day of Iune 1596 the cause of 
thassemble was to knowe what thys compayny wold geue to toaster wardens 
for the kepyng ofthere feast ytt ys agreed att thys assemble that the compaynye 
shall paye for the wyne that ys spent att the feast and the monay that ys gyven 
to the musycyons 



Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2642 
f [ 1 ] (1 May-22 April) (Wardens'payments) 
spent over shott at thomas stodleyes a pone our election day 
spent over shot on monday next after ther 
payd for mvsicke the ij dayes 

00 06 0 
00 10 8 
00 00 8 



15/ knoct: t wntten as correction over [kedl (?) 

284 SHREWSBURY 1596--8 

Bailiffs'Accounts SRO: 3365/538 
f [1 ]* (Exp«ns«s) 
Item paid and geuen to the quene ber maiestes players 

XXS. 5 

Shearmen's Company Book N.w: Castle Hill MS 2642 
« [2v] (22 ApÆa-7ApÆiO OVaÆa,'paym«.tO 
payd for xij Galones of aie [08] 08 00 
payd for xlix Galones ofberre 00 12 3 
payd for A Galon[s] ofsacke the feast day 00 04 00 
payd for xiiijth dysone & a hale ofbrede yt the feast 00 14 06 
payd for a quart ofsacke at that tyme 00 01 00 
payd to out mynstrell at out feaste 00 05 00 
Gyven to the apprentysses 00 01 00 20 
Gyven to our stuardes for cuppes trenchers bowes and Rosshes 00 04 06 

"Dr TaylorH&tory" 
f 214v 



This yeare in aprill and in the ester weeke was a great cockfeight and other 
pastymes kept in shreusbury at Rychard hortoons bouse beinge geylar ofthe 30 
towne vpon whose backsid a howse and the pitt was ruade for the peaple to 
stannd and see ^r& stand saffe 1 from weather vnto the wh/ch cam lordes knightes 
and gentilmen at the wh/ch was grete soms ofmoney woon and Iost, The 
matche was ruade betweene the Cockes of cheshire and lanckashir against the 
cockes ofshropshire and wales thider cam lvndenereswithe their cockeswhiche 3s 
held with shropshiremen but in the ennd the cheshiremen and lancashir had 
the victory and wennt away with the gaynes ofgreate soms of Money 

12/ 12: changedfrom 02 
16/ yt:Jbr at 

29/enter weeke: 16-22 Ap11598 

SHREWSBURY 1598--1600 285 


Bailiffs'Accounts silo: 3365/540 
bifolium 1, f [2]* (Expenses) 
Item paid and geven to the Quene her maiesties players 

Shearmen's Company Boole NLW: Castle Hill Ms 2642 
f [6] (27April- 19 April) (Wardens'payments) 
payd for xij Galondes of bette at iij d. 0 
payd for xiiij dysone ofbrede with ther vantage 0 
Alowed the stuartes for bohes Rosses copes & trenches 0 
payd to one wh/ch kept the dote 0 
for ij portes of Aie bestoed a pone mrs price & other gent/e women 
wh/ch came to sey the hawle becase ours was not set a broch 0 
payd for ij potteiles ofwyne bestoyd apone stragers & genteimen 
& apone bretheryne in the hawle 0 
Gyven to the prenryces to pay ther mynstrell 0 
payd to our mynstreiles 0 

f [6v] 

payd for A pottell ofwyne bestoyd A pone out wyves at the fest day 0 

XXS. 5 

O3 0 
14 0 
O4 0 
00 4 
00 2 

O3 8 
01 0 
05 0 20 

02 0 2s 

Shearmen'$ Comjany Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2642 
f [7v] (19 April-3 April) (Wardem" re«eipts) 
Resevyd of out brederyne in the hawle the day of out feaste 

f [8] (Wardens'payments) 
gyven to the stuardes for boes copes [(. )] Russes & trenchers 
payd for xvj dyson ofbrede at out feste 

171 stragers: r strangers; abbreviation mark miuing 
321 xviij s. x(...): remainder of sure tom away 

xviij s. x(...) 


xvj s. 



286 SHREWSBURY 1599-- 1601 

payd for a barrell ofdowbell bere xxiiij galones 
payd for a fyrkyne sengell bere vj galones 
Gyven to the prentyces 
sent to out wyfes a galone ofwyne 
bestoyd apone dyverce gentellmen the seconde day ofour feste 
in the hawle by the consent ofthe company present in wyne 
payd to our mynstrell beyng in nomber 

xii d. 

ij s. 

payd to one wh/ch kept the dore at our lest 
payd to Iohen Lewes the yonger for A plater loste at our feaste 

ij s. 

Baili'Accounts s,o: 33651542 
bifolium 1, f [1] (Expenses) 
Item geven to the Quenes meties Players 


Shearmen' Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2643 
f [5v] (3 April 1600-23 Apri11601) (Decision of 29 April assembly) 
yt was Agreyd ... that the hawle shalbe kept accordyne to ancyet costome 

f [6v] (Wardem'receipts) 
Resevyd ofour bretheryne on out feste day 

xvj s. vj d. 

f [7] (Wardem'payments) 

payd for iij xx vj galones of Aie at our feast 
payd for xiiij dysone ofbredes then 
payd for drynke at the thryd metyng then in out hawle 

xxij s. 
ij s. 






13/ (...): sure torn away 281 ancyct:jr ancyent; abbreviation mark mis, ing 

SHREWSBURY 1600-- 2 287 

payd to our mynstreii for hys musyke 
Gyven to the prenryse 
Gyven to one to kepe the dore 

payd for A galone ofwyne gyven to out wyfes at out feaste 
Gyven to the stuardes for bohes copees trenchers and other ther 
charges about the kepyng of out hawle 

xij d. 
vj d. 

lllJ $. 


Mercers; Ironmonger$; and Goldsmid$" Company Book LSL: 4260 t5 
f 171 (15June-7June)(Decision of3Juneassembly) 
The Compay weare assembled the 3 th day ofIune anno 1602 at the apoyntment 
of master wardens and the cawse ofther assembly was that whear as hyt hath 
byn accostomed that the wardens for the yeare being doe bestoe vpon the 20 
company a ffest of ther owne costes & charges by agrement made by the 
company, towardeswhich ther charges the company have vsually bestoed vpon 
the wardens the some ofxx s. w/th wyne & musyck hyt is agreed by the company 
at this meytyng that the company will gyve the wardens towardes a dyner to 
be made the said some oftwenty shillynges as also allow them the some of 25 
tenne shillynges to be spent in wyne & also to pay for mvsyck & not to excede 
that exspences wh/ch ifhyt happen the overplus to be at the charges of the 
wardens at that tyme being 

S[earmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2643 
f [9] (23 April- 15 April) (Wardens" receipts) 
Resevyd of out bretheryne in the hawl on owe leste day by pole 
ij d. every on 


xvj S. 35 

( W rdem payments) 
payd to our mynstrelles on owre lest day 

vj s. 


181 Compay: ]brCompany; abbreviation mark missing 34/ owe: ]browre 

288 SHREWSUR¥ 1601--3 


To Purchase 
parte of ye 

f [gv] 

payd for iij xx gaiones of Aie at our feste 
more for xxty gaiones ofstronger aie 
payd for xwj dyson ofbrede 
payd for iii quartes ofsacke bestoyd A pone dyverce gentulmen 
& others our bretheryn 
Gyven to the apprentyce 
Gyven to one that kepte the dore 
payd for ij poteles ofwyne bestoyd apone our wyves 
Aloyd the steward for boes copes trencher Rossyes and other 
chargys abute the hawle 

xx, j s. 

u I s. 
xii d. 


Assembly Minutes 
f 164v* (19May) 

Bodl.: Ms Gough Shrops 1 



63. That a Comission be sued forth directed to Master Recorder & 2 others 
to determine ail matters between ye Town & Mr Roger Pope & Mr Charlton 20 
touching with Lands they have in the pasture behind the walls & thereupon 
to make a final End & Order touching the purchasing ye said Lands to the 
use ofye Corporation and yat Mr Charlton & Mr Pope should have 5 L. 6 s. 
8 d. rent for their cheif rent out ofthe same pasture untill Candlemas & that 
Mr pope should have a reasonable way for his Cattle & Carriage to his Barn 25 
in the Meantime. 


Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 33651544 
bifolium 1, f [2v]* (Expenses) 
Item geven to the kinges his maiestes players 

Mercers', Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Book LSL: 4260 
f 172v (7June 1602-27June 1603) (Decision of3June assembly) 

The compenny weare assembled the 3 rh of lune 1603 [at wh/ch tyme] by 
the appoyntment of^rmaster 1 wardens at wh/ch tyme hit was agreede by the 
compenny that theare showld be a ffeste ofthe sayde wardens costes and 




2 I/ with: forwhich 22/ End:./br Endenture; abbreviation mark mimng 

SHREWSBVR¥ 1602--5 


charges vnto the wh/ch [th(..)] the compenny hath agreade to allow toaster 
wardens xiij s. iiij d. towardeswyne and mvsicke and the saine tobe payd the 
same daye... 

( Decision of 2O June assembly) 

The compeny weare assembled the 20 th day of Iune 1603 by the appoyntment 
of master wardens at wh/ch tyme hit was agread by the consent ofthe compenny 
yat master wardens showld have alowed them towardes theare dyner x s. be 
sydes the xiij s. iiij d. wh/ch was alowed them affore flot wyne and mvsycke 
the wh/ch x s. is to be alowed and [them] payed them out of the stocke of 
the Copenny 



Pae of Quary 

1603-4 15 
Assemblylinut«s Bodl.: MS Gough Shrops 1 
f 165" (lOMay) 
77. That a comission issue for mearing out the Lands ofMr Pope & Mr 
Charlton in the said pasture behind the walls from the other lands in the 20 
said pasture. And that the said Mr pope shall have a reasonable way for his 
Cattle and Carriages to his Bain there. 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill Ms 2640 25 
f [2] (5 May- 19 April) (Wardem'payments) 
payd for ij pottelis ofwyne on the feast day at the hawle iii s. iiij d. 
payd more on the twesday after out feast day in the hawle for Wne iii i s. 
payd to the mynstreles the same tyme v s. 3« 

Mercers; Ironmongers; and Goldsmiths" Company Accounts 
f [1] (llJune-3June) (Wardem'disbursements) 
Item that we are to be alowed for keepinge a dynner by consent 
ofthe Compeny 
Item more we are to be alowed for wyne and musicke the some of 

121 Copenny:rCompenny; abbreviation raark miing 

LSL: 4258 


x $. 4O 

290 SltREWSBURY ! 604--7 

Soe the Compeny resteth indebted tovse in the som of ij s. iiij d. 
The xj th day of lune 1605 the Auditors did pervse this accomptes (..) because 
there was noe e(.}trye made in the boke what money the Compeney wouid 
alowe towardes keepinge the ffeast, yt is thought good to abate the ij s. iiij d. 
wh/ch they make the Compeny to be indebted vnt(.) them, And therevnto 
the Auditors haue put their handes.I 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS: 2640 
f [5] (19 April- I I April) (Wardem'payments) 
payd to out mynstreli 
payd for wyne to out feast sondry dayes 

vn s. 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS: 2640 
f [7v] (l I April 1605- l May 1606) (Wardem'payments) 
payd for kepynge ofthe dote in the feste daye 
payd to out mynstr¢lle 
payd for mortes to be eaten at thomas gutryns overshott art 
the saine ryme 
payd for brede & drynke at out feaste 

iiij d. 

iiij s. iiij d. 
xxxij s. 







Assembly Minutes Bodl.: MS: Gough Shrops 1 
f 166v (26 September) 
105. That a Composition be made with Mr Roger Pope for his Title to some 
ofthe Lands in the Pasture behind the walls wh/ch he Claimeth. 


Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 3365/549 
f [ll" (Exp«m«s) 

Item paM & geven to the quenes mMesties Players 

Examination of Jotm Hawkes sRo: 3365/2214 
single sheet* (20 December) 

The examinacion & Sayenge of lohn Hawkes of the Abbey fforehead [(..)] vn 



SHREWSBURY 1606--7 291 
ofthe subvrbs ofthe Towne ofSalop aforsayd glotu'r/taken as aforsayd the 
daye & yere aforsayd,/ 

... Beinge examined when/and vpon what occacion he this examinate was 
^rirstl acquoynted with the foriner examinate sayth that aboutes ^rThursday 
beforel the feast Daye of Saint Luke the evangeliste last past he this examinat 
& the former examinate beinge art A Beare baytinge in the Abbey Court w/rhin 
the Abbey fforhead aforsayd he this examinate & the foriner examinate did 
rail out and soe frendes drawinge thein together to Inake thein frendes they 
wente to [drinke] drinke together... 

Recognizances for Richard Nashe and his Wife, Aune sao: 3365/2214 
single sheet (11 September) 
Pdchardus Nashe & Anna vxor eius Inanucapti sunt per Georgium spurstoe 
sherman & (Richardum) flair Inusic/on pro pace erga Willelmuin Peplowe 
°exactus per curiam ° 

Petition of John Nunnely and Others sao: 3365/2620 
single sheet* 


To the right worshipfull Wilb'ain Wilkes & Arthure Kynaston gentlemen 
Bayliffes of Shrewsbury/ 
Most humbly doe subinitt theinselves vnto your worshipps your Inost huinble 
orators & prisoners Iohn Noniley Iohn Edwardes & Wilb'ain Cockes nowe 
reinayninge in warde in the Casde gate by your wouh/pps Coinittmente for 
that your sayd Inost huinble orators & Prysoners Iohn Noniley & Iohn 
Edw(...) did walke abroad the streetes of this Towne art vndue tyine of the 
night & Iohn Noniley abusinge a pote harper in takinge his harpe froin hiin 
& playenge vpon the saine alonge the sreetes after nyne ofthe Clocke att night s0 
& your sayd orators & prisoners lohn Edwardes & wilb'am Cockes for abusinge 
theinselfes in throwinge ofstones froin the Garettes of Saint Maryes Staples 
(.)owardes Iohn Case the wh/ch offences your sayd Inost huinble orators & 
prisoners doe Inost huinbly confesse [doth] doe deserve greater punishinente 
then they have already susteyned yett forasinuch as your sayd orators & 
Prisoners are Inost hertely sory for their sayd offences & doe hope & herby 
doe proinise neuer to offend in like case herafter their Inost huinble desyres 
vnto your worshipps is that yf it wold please the saine to restore thein to their 
foriner liberty agayne & thus for godes love. ! 

5-61 Thursday ... |ast past: 23 October 1606 
10! [drinkel: k written overg 

27-8/ lohn Edw(...): hole m heet 
30/ srtetes: Jr streetes 

292 SHREWSBURY 1606--8 

your worshipps most humble orators & prisoners 
(signed) lohn nunnely 
Iohn Edwardes william 
°Master Sergeant Philipes at ix ofthe CIocke this night sett theis parties at 
libertie (signed) william wilkes ° 

Shearmen's Comloany Boole NLW: Castle Hill Ms: 2640 
f [9] (1 May- 16April) (Wardens'payments) 

payd to the Minstrells 
payd for Wine att the feast 
payd for bread 

I. s. d. 
00 03 04 

00 O3 
00 02 


Town Orders 
p 167* 


'Orders of the Corporation' 

Five town Musicians appointed & 
they to have liveries & cognizances. 


Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill Ms: 2640 
f [ 10] (16 April- 7 April) (Wardens "payments) 
Item payd at wiiliam morris house for over shotte and vpon 
musitions, the day we were ruade wardens. 
Item spent at the keeping of out hall vpon the worshipfull and 
out bretheren which were there for bread, beare, and. aie. wine 
and suger musitions bowes rushes flowers with cuppes and 

Item payd to the apprentices to pay for there musicke vj d. 

ij s. vj d. 

Ivj s. iiij d. 




SHREWSBURY 1608--9 293 



Bailiffs" Accounts 
f [1]* (Expenses) 

sgo: 3365/551 

paid for ve cottes for the waightes 

iij li. xvs. 5 

f [2]* 
geven to the princes Players 
geven to the quenes Phyers 
paid by a byll to Thomas ffryre for the Schuchin for the waytes 
paid wh/ch was geven vnto the Lord President his players 

x s. viii d. 


Town Payment Claires so: 3365/551/33 
single sheet* (29 November) (Claires for clothing) 


delivered for. ve. Coates. for. the waightes, the 29th. of. 20 
November 1608. iii li. xv s. 
&. for a yard and halfe of. tawney for RichardMoris at x s. 
viij d. the yard xvj s. 
Some is iiij ii. xj s. 
by a Comon Halle of the burgies hit was agred that there shuld begiven v z5 
Cottes to the wayghtes/. 
(signed) Edmond Clark 
Richard Peers 
George Harries 

Town Payment Claires sRo: 3365/551/59 
single sheet (Claim for a wait's badge) 

iiij li. xj s. iij d. 
(signed) George Harries 
humffrey ffawkener 
Richard Scott 

flot the makynge ofthe Scuchinge & Chayne for the waytes 
wh/ch wayes xij oz. quarter at v s. the oz. iij li. xv d. & for 
the makynge ofthe saine xxx s. the wiche xxx s. the towne is 
to paye & Iohn Ludman is to paye iii li. j s. iii d. 
[Summe (...) ii. xj s. iii d.] 
Somme to be awnswered  
bie ye Corporation 




361 xxx s.l: sure underlinedin 

294 SHREWSBURY 1608--9 

Interrogatories and Depositions in Pope v. Bailiffs and Burgesses 
sRo: 3365/2502 
sheets 60-1 * (21 April) (lnterrogatories administered on behalf of the defendants) 

Hearing held at the Guildhall before Thomas Edwardes, Richard Moore, and 
Robert Luter, royal commissioners appointed by the court of chancery to take 
depositions on behalf of the defendants 
Item do yow knowe one close pasture or parceli of Land Lieinge in or neare 
the saide towne of Shrewsburye and adioyneinge to the walles of the sarne 
towne comonly called by the name ofbehind the walles and how Longe haue 
yow knowne the same/. 
Item doth the said close or parceli of Land adioyne on the  East side the Wales 
of the said town of Shrewsbury and westward on the Riuer of Severne and 
Northward vpon the scite ofthe Late disolued priory or ffriery Comonly called 
Sct: Augustine ffriers now in the occupacion ofthe said Complainaunt, And 
whether doth it conteyne by estimacion aboute thirtie Acres and not much 
aboue and ofwhat yere]y ,a]]ue is the saine to be sert or Lett one yeare with 
an other in your knowledge or as yow ,erilie thinke, And howe many kine wili 
the same close or pasture sommer, And what hath beine paied in Aunctient 20 
tyme for [one] the someringe./ofa Cow there/. 



sheet 67 


sheets 69-72 

Item whether hath the saide close and pasture and ail the ground within the 
bounds and Limitts thereof from tyme to tyme dureinge ail the tyme ofyour 
remembrance bene vsed and impioyed by the Balyffs and burgesses ofthe 
saide towne as a publique place and common ground beionginge onely to the 
baliffs and burgesses ofthe said towne as in right oftheir Corporacion for the 
service ofthe kings highnes I and ofhis noble progenitors asweli for the body 



Item whether haue the Burgesses and the lnhabitants of the said towne of 
Shrewsbury from tyme to tyme at their wili and pleasure by the. Licence and 
permission ofthe balif of Shrewsbury for the tyme beinge digged and gotten 
stone and clay in the said close or pasture called behind the walles in severall 
places thereof for the Reparacion oftheir seuerali buildings and for other ftïtt 30 
and necessary vses and the saine quietly inioyed and carried away without lett 
or interruption of the said complainaunt or any of his Auncestors or anye 
other person or persons/. 

SHWSBtR¥ 1608- 9 295 




ofthe County of Salopp as for the towne and Liberties ofShrewsbury aforesaide 
and for the traineinge ofSouldiers both on horsback and on foote and for 
other like publique services for his mestie and his predecessors and the Realme, 
without licence or interuption ofthe Complainaunte or of an)' person or 
Item whether haue the saide dose called behind the walles from tyme to tyme 
dureinge ail your Remembrance bene vsed and served for the convenient and 
necessary meetinge and assembleinge ofthe companies and guudes ofthe [th] 
saide Towne of Shrewsbury for the Choosinge of their warden and other 
off(.)cers and for other necessary occac_ions and services ofthe saide Companies, 
And also for the recreacions and Lawdable excercise aswell ofthe scoilers of 
the ffree gam mer I Schole of Shrewsbury aforesaide as of the rest of the 
Burgesses and Inhabitantes ofthe said towne, in shooteinge with their longe 
bowes and vseinge other Lawfuli and comendable actiuities and disports And 
that by the Licence and sufferance ofthe baliffs ofthe saide towne for the 
tyme beinge without licence or interruption ofany other person or persons 
And how Longe haue yow knowne the saide dose soe vsed and impioyed, And 
whether is there an)' other close pasture or parceli ofLand belonging to the 
saide corporacion w/thin the said towne of Shrewsbury or betwene the walles 
ofthe saide towne and the Riuer Seaverne adioyneinge vsed or impioyed or 
ffitt to be vsed or imployed for such publique services excercises or recreacons 
as is aforesaid/. 
Item whether hath [(..)] one parcell ofthe saide close next adioyneinge to the 
scite ofthe saide ffriery called the I dry quarrell from tyme to tyme dureinge 
your remembrance bene vsed and imployed by the burgesses and lnhabitants 
ofthe saide towne for bearebaytings bullbaiteings makeinge butts and shootinge 
for stage plaies and Common playes siluer gaines wresding Runninge Leapeinge, 
and other like actiuities and recreacions, And whether haue they as occasion 
served at their will and pleasure made scaffolds erected boothes and ^rtentesl 
[tenements] made stayres and digged and troaden the ground & soyle aswell 
within the compasse ofthe saide drie quarrell as in other parts ofthe close 
aboue the saide quarrell for the better behoidinge and takeinge the pleasure 
ofthe said Common plaies and other excercises and disports without licence 
or Restraint ofthe said complainaunte or his Auncestors or ofany other person 
or persons other then the baliffs ofthe towne of Shrewsburye/. 

sheets 1 O-11 (Deposition of Richard Higgons the elder, age 85) 
To the Eleaventh lnterrogatorie hee sayeth that diverse Burgesses and 
inhabitantes ofthe saide towne of Shrewsburie art diverse tymes as they 


81 guudes: Jr guildes 
121 gammer: ]r gramrner 

211 recreacons: r recreac/ons; abbreviation mark missing 

296 SHREWSBURY 1608-9 

had occassion somme tymes with Licence of the Bayliffes of the towne of 
Shrewsburie aforesaide I and somme tymes without Licence have digged 
and gotten stone and [Cei] Cieye ^rin [within] a place ^rwithin [of] the 
saide pasture called the water quarrey and have vsed to digge Cieye in an 
other parte of the said pasture called the drye [pasture] quarrey for the 
Reparacion of there buildinges and other fitt and necessarie vses and have 
quietlie enioyed the same without Lett or interrupcion of the Complaynant 
or anye of his Auncestors to this deponentes knowledge./ 

sheets 13-18 




To the fowerteenth Interrogatorie hee sayeth that I the sa]de Close and pasture 
called behinde the walis, and ail the grownde within the boundes and Lymittes 
thereof from tyme to tyme as occasion required duringe ail the tyme ofthis 
deponentes Remembrance hath byn vsed and Imployed by the Bayliffes and 
Burgesses of the sa]de towne as a publique place for Musters trayninge of 
souidgers both on horsbacke and on ffoote and for shootinge and footeball 
playinge as a place belonginge to the Bayliffes and Burgesses ofthe sa]de 
Towne in righte of there sa]d Corporacion for such occasions and excercises 
without Licence or interrupcions of the said Complaynant or ofanye other 
person or persons to this deponentes knowledge. ! 
To the fifteenth Interrogatorie hee sayeth hee hath I knowne that diverse 
Companies of occupac/ons within the sa]de towne have vsed yearelie to meete 
and assemble themseives in the saide close asweli for the makeinge ofthere 
wardens as for the choosinge of other officers belonginge to theire sa]de 
severali Companies and hath alsoe knowne manye ofthe Schollers ofthe ffree 
gramer Schoole of the sa]de towne and other Burgesses and inhabitantes ofthe 
saide towne vse shootinge in theire Lonnge bowes and other Lawfuli and 
Comendable activities and pastymes in the saide pasture called behinde the 
walles by the Lycence or sufferance ofthe Bayliffes ofthe sa]de towne for the 
tyme beinge without Lycence or interrupcion ofthe Complaynant or I of 
anye other person or persons to this deponentes knowledge and hath knowne 
the same to bee soe vsed and Imployed for the space of these threescore and 
tweive yeares or thereaboutes saveinge when the same hath beene plowed and 
sowed as aforesa]d And further sayeth that hee knoweth noe other place or 
parceli ofgrownde Imployed or vsed for such publique services excercises or 
recreations (excepte one dose called by the name of Sturries dose in which dose 
this deponent hath seene mustringe and trayninge ofsouidgers as hee this 
deponent remembreth about the tyme that the sa]de close or pasture called 

181 souldgtrs: correctedçrom souidgts 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1608--9 297 



behinde the walls had grayne growinge vppon yt and ïet the saide trayninge 
and musteringe in the saide Sturris close as aforesaid was bï Licence of the 
then owner of the saide Sturries close./ 
To the sixteenth lnterrogatorie hee saïeth that one parcell of the saJde dose 
named behinde the walles called the drye quarreï nexte adioïninge to the scite 
ofthe saide ffrierie from tyme to tyme duringe this deponentes Remembrance 
bath bïn ImpIoïed and vsed bï the burgesses and inhabitantes of the saJde 
towne (as ofie as theï thoughte fytt) for bearebaytinges bulbaytinges makeinge 
buttes and shootinge, for stage playes and common playes [payes] silver games 
wrastlinge Runninge Leapinge and other Like activeties and recreacions and as 
ofien as occasion served art there wills and  pleasures they the saide Burgesses 
and inhabitantes of the towne aforesaide have ruade scaffoldes erected boothes 
and tentes ruade stayers [in] and digged and troden the grownde and soyle 
aswell within the Compasse ofthe saide drie [quare] quarrey as in other partes 
ofthe saide Close above they saide quarrey for the better behouldinge and 
takeinge the p|easure ofthe saide common playes and other excercises and sportes 
without Lycence or restraynte ofthe saide Complaynant, or his Auncestors 
[or] or anye other person or persons other then the Bayliffes ofthe towne of 
Shrewsburye ! 


sheet 33 (Deposition of Humphrey Leaton, weaver, age 63) 

To the Eleaventh lnterrogatorie hee sayeth that the ^rBurgessesl [Bayliffes] and 
inhabitantes ofthe saide towne ofShrewsburie from tyme to tyme duringe z5 
this deponentes Remembrance by Licence and permission of the Bayliffes of 
Shrewsburie for the tyme beinge have digged and gotten stoane and Cleye in 
the saide Close or pasture called behinde the walles in severall places thereof 
for the Reprac/ons of theire severall buildinges and other necessarie vses and 
the same stoane and Cley have Carried awaye and quiettlie enioyed by the 30 
Licence and permission aforesaide without Lett or interrupcbn of the 
Complaynant or anye of his Auncestors or anye other pemon or posons/ 


sheets 36-40 

To the fowerteenth Interrogatorie hee sayeth that the saide Close and pasture 
and ail the grownde within the [saide] boundes and Lymittes thereof from 
tyme to tyme as ofte as occasion required saveinge when the same close was 
plowed duringe the tyme of this deponentes Remembrance hath byne vsed 

31 close.l: virgule uwd flor closing parenthesiz 
271 Cleye: first e written over a 

291 Repracions:. r Reparacions 



298 SHRWSU¥ 1608- 9 



and Imployed bï and with the Leave and consente ofthe Bayliffes ofthe sa/de 
towne as a publique place for the service ofthe kinges hignes and his noble 
progenitors for the trayninge ofSouldgers bothe on horsbacke and on foote 
[and] and for other Like the kinges or Queenes [pli publique services without 
Licence I or interrupc/on ofthe Complaynant or anye other person or persons:/ 
To the fifteenth Interrogatorie hee sayeth that duringe the tyme of ail this 
deponentes Remembrance which is aboute fiftie sixe yeares the saide close or 
pasture called behinde the walles hath byn vsed for meetinge and assemblinge 
of Companyes and ofthe saide towne of Shrewsburie and for choosinge of 
there wardens and other offîcers and for other necessarie occasions and 
meetinges ofthe saide Companies and alsoe for recreacion ofthe Schollers 
of the [(.)] ffree gramer Schoole of Shrewsburie aforesaid in shootinge with 
there Lonnge bowes and other disportes as alsoe for ail other the inhabitantes 
ofthe sa/de towne by the Lycence I and sufferance ofthe Bayliffes ofthe sa/de 
towne for the tyme beinge without Lycence or interruption of anye other 
person or posons and knoweth noe other place or pasture betweene the walles 
ofthe saide towne and the River ofSeavome vsed or I mployed for such publique 
services or recreacions as aforesaid but that the owners ofthe sa/de pastures 
will hinder Lett or drive awaïe anye such persons soe meetinge vnlesse such 
meetings weare by the Consente or sufferance ofthe owners thereofi/. 
To the sixteenth Interrogatorie hee sayeth that one parcell ofthe sa/de close 
nexte adioyninge to the scite ofthe sa/de ffrierie called the drye quarrey from 
tyme to tyme duringe this I deponentes Remembrance which is fifiie yeares 
and above have byne vsed and Imployed by the burgesses and inhabitantes 
ofthe sa/de towne of Shrewsburie for bearebaytinges bullbaytinges makeinge 
Buttes and shootinge for stage playes and other playes for silver games wrasdinge 
Runinge Leapinge and other recreacions and the sa/de Burgesses and and 
inhabitantes by the Licence ofthe Bayliffes ofthe towne aforesa/de bave made 
Skaffoldes erected boothes and rentes ruade stayres and digged and troden 
the grownde and soyle aswell within the Compasse ofthe sa/de drie quarrey 
as in other places ofthe saide close aboute the saide quarrey for the better 
behouldinge and takeinge pleasure ofthe saide Common playes I and other 
[excercises] excercises and disportes without Licence or restraynte ofthe 
Complaynant or his Auncestors or anye other person or persons other then 
the Bayliffes and sixe men ofthe towne of Shrewsburie as aforesaid:l 


sheets 51-2 (Deposition of alderman John Perche, gentleman, age 60) 
To the eleuenth |nterrogatorie he saieth that cliuerse of the burgesses and 
Inhabitantes ofthe said towne ofShrewsbury from tyme to tyme by the 

2/ hignes: .r highnes 27/ and and: diuograpby 

SHREWSUa¥ 1608-9 299 

Licence and permission of the baliffs of the said towne haue digged and 
gotten stone in the said close or pasture called behind the walles for makeinge 
or repaireinge oftheir buidings and other necessary vses And that he this 
Deponent hath had by the Licence ofthe saide Baliffs as aforesaide many 
Loades ofstone out ofthe said close for the buildinge ofhis owne [vse] howse, 
And hath quietly carried away  the same w/thout Licence or interruption of 
the Complainant or any other person or persons 


15. 16 

sheets 53-6 
To the ffourteinth Interrogatorie he saith that the said close and pasture (as it 
now lieth vndevided) bath beene vsed from tyme to tyme dureinge the space 
oftheis fforty yeares and vpwards as a publique I place belonginge to the Balif 
and Burgesses ofthe said towne, And hath byn vsed for the mustering and 
traineinge ofSouldiers both on horsback and on foote and for other like 
publique services aswell for the County of Salopp as for the towne of 
Shrewsbury, without licence, or interruption ofthe Complainaunte or ofany 
other person or persons other then the baliffs ofthe said towne for the tyme 
To the ffifteinth and sixteinth Interrogatories he saieth that the saide close 
called behind the walles hath comonly byn vsed for the meeteinge of Companies 
ofthe said [tenement] towne, and choseinge their wardom and for recreacions 
and disports aswell by the Schollers ofthe ffree Grammer schole as other I the 
inhabitants ofthe said towne, AJid that a certeine place in the said close called 25 
the dry quarrey hath Likewise byn vsed by the lnhabitants ofthe said towne 
for bearebaitings bullbaiteings makeing butts, and shooteinge and for stage 
plaies and other like actiuities and recreacions And that the said inhabitants 
of the said towne of Shrewsbury haue ruade Scaffolds erected boothes and 
ruade stayres and digged and troden the ground and soyle aswe|! withine the 
compass ofthe said Quarrey [for the better beholdinge] as in other pattes of 
the said close aboue the said Quarrey for the better beholdinge and takeinge 
veiwe ofthe said plaies and other disports without licence or restrainte ofthe 
Complainaunte or his Auncestors or any other person or persons other then 
the Bayliffs ofl the said towne of Shrewsburye. 35 

Recognizances for Richard Nashe and Thomas Fart sao: 3365/2215 
f [ 1 ]* (24 August) 
Pdcardus Nashe music/on manucaptus est per Rogerum Barker al/as Griffithes 
et Hugone Revell sherman pro pace erga [Elinoram] Willelmum Peplowe 
renovatur per predictum pleg/um 




SHREWSBUR¥ 1608--11 

Thomas ffarre music/on manucaptus est per [Pdcardum Nashe music/on et 
Iohannem wood ] Pdcardum ffarr cuttler et Iohannem Ludnam music/on pro 
pace erga Iohannem Ludnam/pro pace erga Wille/mum Peplowe 
°exactus per curiam ° 

Town Payment Claim 
single sheet* 

SRO: 3365/554 

Item bestowed of the players servantes to the Right honourable 
Raphe Lord Evre Lord President of the kJnges maiestes Councell 
in the marches and principalitie of Wales 

(signed) Edward Higgons 
Hughe Harries 
Richard Prowde 
Richard Iones 

Shearmen' Company Book NLw: Castle Hill MS: 2640 
f [14v] (27April- 19 AprÆ1) (Warden'spayments) 
payd flot ij ° pownd of powder to ffech The tree 
Item giueenn: to the Steward flot Bowes & Rushes tffor the hallj 

ij s. iiij d. 
ij s. vj d. 

Bailiff'Accounts silo: 3365/556 
f [lv]* (Expenses) 
paid for the Lyveres ofthe waightes beadle & the marshalls gowne 

vij li. vj s. 






Town Payment Claim silo: 3365/556 
single sheet* (15 December) (Claires for clothing) 

oflohn Niccolls } 

deliuered to mr George Wright for thvse of 
Richard Morris the 15 th ofdecember 1610 

Imprimis a yeard halle ofliutry tawney cloth at x s. viij d. 
the yeard 
& for Iohn Ludnam vij yeardes halle ofthe same cloth at 
x s. viii d. the yeard 

li. s. d. 

0 16 0 
4 00 0 



SHREWSBUR¥ 1610-12 301 

Somme is iiij li. xvj s. 0 d. 
°& more for a gowne cloth for the marshall. I s. 
Totall is vij li. vj s. 0 d. 
(signed) Richard betton 
Roger blakwey. 
George wrighte. 
Richard Collines 

Richard Betton ° 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hdl Ms 2640 
f [18v] (19 April-4April) (Wardens'payments) 
payd the mynstrels at oure feastivale day 
payd to Rychard Morys for keping the doore 
payd to the stewardes ofthe prentesses 
payd for wyne bestowed on oure wyves 
payd for Beere [to Mr Rowley to oure hale] 

iiij d. 
xii d. 



Bailiffs'Accounts sRo: 33651555 
f [2]* (Expenses) 
payd to Iohn Ludnam to buy Coates for the wayte players 

iii li. xv s. 

Town Payment Claires sRo: 3365/555 
single sheet* 

A note for money that was gi(...) Master Bayliffes to the Queenes 
Maiest(ies ...) wh/ch [doth] was xx s./ 
(signed) Thomas Wolley 
Iohn Hawkeshed 
°allowed by the auditers ° 
(signed) Richard beddowe 

Decision in Pope v. Bailiffs and Burgesses SRO: 336512751 
ff [1-1v]* (28 November) 

Iovis xxviijo die Novembris Anno Regni Iacobi Regis 
nono Inter Rogerum Pope Armigerum querelentem 
Balliuos et Burgenses ville Salopie defendantes. 

Where as vppon the hearinge ofthe cause the nynth ofthis moneth It was 






302 SHREWSSUR¥ 1611--12 

ordered and decreed that the defendantes shoulde setffourth vnto the plaintiff 
xiiijen acres of lande together in the ffeilde menc/oned in the same order next 
to the plaintiffes howse and Close belonginge to the saide howse/And yet 
because yt then appeared that the saide ffielde wherein the saide landes did 
lye, had for a longe tyme bene ymployed for the necessary vse ofthe sayde 5 
Towne, This Cotte therefore wished that the plaintffshoulde either sell 
thinheritance of the saide landes to the saide Towne, or els that he should 
make them a lease therof for vaiuable consideracion, for that ail the rest of 
the saide fielde did ailready belonge to the saide Towne And for that purpose 
one Mr Iones and Mr Gibbons were to conferre with the plaintiffabout the 10 
saine by that daie sennight, otherwise the lord Chaunceilor, and the master of 
the Rolls would then be pleased to mediate the marrer betweene the parties: 
fforasmuch as the saide parties cannot agree vppon the price therof, Itis nowe 
thought meete by his Lordship and the master of the Rolls and soe ordered 
that the defendantes shai! paye vnto the plaintifffor the I xiiij en acres ofland 15 
soe tobe sert out after the rate ofxx s. an acre and x:x tie years purchase for 
the same and that at the plaintiffes Comeinge into the Countrey assurance 
shaibe made and given both ofthe saide lande discharged of ai! incombrances 
^rdonne by himl and for the saide money as shaibe fitt: And the defendantes 
are aisoe to paye vnto the plaintiffthe last yeares rent for the saide landes 20 
Provided ailwaies and yt is aisoe ordered that in the Assurance ofthe saide 
xiiij en acres the defendantts shall allowe such/indifferent and convenient waye 
to the plaintiffes barne ^rstable and owt howsel there, as heretofore bath bene 

Shearmen' Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2640 
f [20] (4April 1611-23 Apri11612) (Wardens'payments) 

payd to the aprentizes the vsuai somm ailowd them 
payd for bread and beare wh/ch was spent in our hall at 
out hall keepinge 
payd to the stewardes for bowes and Rushes and makinge 
cleane of out hall against out feast 

payd for wyne and suger wh/ch was spent in the hall 

xii d. 30 
vn I s. 
ij s. vj d. 
iiij s. vjij d. 

36/ viii: correctedom vj (?) 

1612-14 303 

Baili'AccounU sRo: 3365/557 
f [2]* (Expenses) 
paid wh/ch was geven to Lady Elizabeth her players 

Town Payment Clalm silo: 3365/558 
single sheet* (26 November) 
geven to the Princes lady Elizabeth her players 
(signed) William Stephens 
Richard Nettles 



Town Payment Claires so: 3365/558 
single sheet (9 February) 

9 ° ffebruary 1613 
geven to the queenes ma/eties Players xx s. 
(signed) Richard Nettles 
Roger Bone his mark (.) 
Iohn Poyne(r) 

Examination of Jobn Evan and Otbers sao: 336512218 
ff [1-2]* (2-7December) 


231 (. : Bone baz igned witl li» permnal marle, now illegible 311 Satterday night: 27 Novembr1613 

The examinacion & sayenge of Iohn Evans sherman 
The sayd examinat beinge examined confesseth & sayth that He was att the 30 
Playe in the booth hall vpon Satterday night & ater the Playe ended he went 
vnto the House of/Richard Harries and att his retorne thether he found 
Edward Philipes ;& EAward Bostockel there and stayed there but a small 
space & then went vnto his lodginge at EAward Philipes his house and sayeth 
further that EAward Philipes did hot corne home vntill ver), neere daye & 3s 
then he came to bed and rose vpp agayne before this examinate wh/ch was 
aboutes viijte of the CIocke on sondaye morninge and sayth likewise that he 
was not att any Churche eyther morninge or Eveninge prayer or Sermon & 
sayth that he [was] went vpp & downe the streetes in the aternone ;& went 
[(.)] into [(.)] rhowelesl house [(.)] did sitt in the hey street & mardoll & 40 
did sit in the wyddowe leeche her house readinge his booke in the fforenone 

304 SHREWSBtJI¥ 1613--14 

and dyned att Edward Howells his house & did eat noe supper att ail on 
Sondaye night And yett sayth [that he] upon his better remembrance that he 
did suppe att Richard Harries his house & Edward Bostocke & Edward 
Philipes did suppe ther allsoe havinge sawsages to their suppers from John 
Browns the Cooke r& beefe of Richard harriesl & this examinat did Iodge ail 
night att Harries his house but Bostocke & Philçes went to Philçes his house 
& vpon monday mominge he spent the grettest parte ofthe forenone in Iookinge 
[of] rvponl John swayne and Thomas newell playing att the Tables in harries 
his house 

septimo decembr/s Anno predicto I 


The examinacion & sayenge of Edward Philipes sherman 
He sayth that he did suppe art the wyddowe Leeche her house and from thence 
he wente vnto Pylkytons house and stayed there a little space & from thence 
he went vnto Richard Harries his house & there he found Iohn Evam Edward 
Morris Richard Harris himselfe William Burche & Ludnams menthe musica'on 
and then morris Evans & Harries went to the playe and this examinate and 
william Burche stayed syttinge by the ri/er in harries his house & Thomas dyos 
of the wildcoppe & Iohn Iovell corser did corne into Harries his house & did 
^rdrinke & keepe Company w/th them there vntill the playe was ended & then 
Evans & Harries retorned thether and shortly afier this examinat went vnto 
Pilkitons to bed & vpon Sondaye he went ^rhome aboutes vj ofthe Clocke & 
lay in his owne bed vntill viij & changed his shirte & rose vpp but went not 
toi [not] Churche but dyned at Harries his house & stayed ther the most parte 
ofthat afiernone & supped there and after supper ended he stayed [vnt] there 
vntill betwene ixen & xen of the CIocke art night as he taketh ytt [& then] 
together with Iohn Evans & Edwarde Bostocke And sayth further that other 
the examinat & bostocke wente together to bedd to this examinates house & 
Evans stayed ail night att Harries his house And sayth that he did entreate [te] 
Bostocke to Iodge with him for that Evans denyed to goe home with him! I 

The examinacion of Iohn Hancox 
He sayth that vpon Satterday night last he was art the Playe in the booth hall 
and assoone as the playe was ended he retorned home to his maysters house 
with his maysters daughter and then he went to his bedd & laye there ail that 
night & did staye in his maysters house ail daye on Sonday & did not goe to 
Churche vpon Sonday and aboutes ixen ofthe CIocke vpon Sonday night he 
wente to his bedd & there laye in bedd in his maysters house vntill mondaye 
in the morninge aboutes vij en or viii te ofthe CIock... 
(signed) Iohn Hancockes 

The examinacion of edward Bostocke 
he sayth that he did sitt one Houre at Harries his house ^rdrinkinge with [(...)] 

Sri REX¢SBUIY 1613-- 14 305 

edward morrisl aboutesviij te ofthe Ciocke ^ton Sarterday neghtl and went from 
thence and was at his Maysters house in bedd before the play was ended And 
sayth that as theyware syttinge in Harries his house Ludnams menthe music/on 
did corne in thether and soe did Richard Hosyer And did not ryse ^rvpon 
Sondayl vntiil morninge prayer was ended and went to the sermon art [St] 
Snt Maryes & dyned art Home and [goinge] ^rafier dynnerwentl vpp to speake 
with Edward morris [before] but he was gone to O swestree... 

F_.xamina¢ions of Ra'chard Harries and Others silo: 3365/2218 
single sheet - single sheet verso* 


The examinacion & sayenge of Richard Harriesl 
he sayth that vpon Satteay night he was att the Plea in the booth hall & from 
thence he went vnto Rondle Iones his house with mr wolley & there did drinke 
& from thence aboutesTenne ofthe Ciocke art night he wente home and s 
there went to bedd & |aye ail night vntill vijen or viijte of the C|ocke on 
Sonday morninge and vpon Sondaye night he was att his owne house ail the 
night and one Iohn Evans sherman kepte him company vntill he this examinat 
did goe to bedd wh/ch Iohn Evans did iodge in this examinates house the saine 
night & rthis examinat did arise aboutes vijen or viijte of the Clocke vpon 20 
Monday in the morninge/And sayth further that vpon Monday in the morninge 
he [spoke with Edward Meriden in mi went to the Castle gates & retorned 
home agayne & then he herd ofthe breakinge ofthexchequier and shortly 
after he wente to the gates agayne and then heringe one cal| Edward meriden 
to hunte swyne out ofhis garden & this examinate feringe lest a sowe ofhis 2s 
owne was there wente to see whether shee were there or not and the rsaid 
Edward meriden did Axe this examinat what newes was aboutes the exchecquire 
and soe dyvers speeches concerninge the robbinge of the exchequier passad 
betwee(.) them 

[John Evans sherman] 


The examinacion & sayenge of Hughe Ciey 
he sayth that he went from toaster Bayliffes house to Thomas Stubbes house 
vpon Satterday night last & from thence to Abtaham Tydders house & soe to 5 
his ^rowne house and to his bedd... 

The examinacion & sayenge of Edward Cowper 
he sayth that vppon Satterday night he cam to the boothali to see a piay & 
bycause the company ^rwas vnruly he wente vnto Thomas Conyes house & 
stayed there a little space & thence he went home to his owne house... 


306 SHREWSBURY 1613-- 15 


S}earmen's Company Book lqLW: Castle Hill Ms 2640 
f [24v] (15 April 1613-5 May 1614) (Assembly minutes) 
The Last day of Aprill 1613 Mr. Richardhardinge beinge speker it was agreed 
vpon by the body ofthe Compenye to keepe a hall as in ancient tyme it hath byne 

f [25v] (Wardens'payments) 

lnprimis spent the first day ofour wardenship at 
Richard ffearnes his howse 
Ittem for Beere to mr. Rowley 
Ittem for bread 
Ittem payd to the Minstrells 
Ittem payd to hime that keept the hall dore 

I. s. d. lo 

O0 05 00 
02 13 00 
00 18 00 
O0 05 O0 ls 

O0 O0 04 

f [261 
lttem payd to the stewardes for Cupps and trenchers 

O0 05 


Toton Payment Claires sgo: 
single sheet* (20 September) 



20 september 1615 
payd to the Prynce his players 
(signed) george Benyan 
Iohn Balle 
Richard Wyldinge 


Toton Payment Claims sgo: 3365/561 
single sheet* 

Item bestowed vpon the queens players 
(signed) george Benyan 
Iohn Balle 
Roger Blakwey 
Iohn Manyng 



41 1613: undlincd in Igç 51 by ne: 3 minims in Ms 

SHREWSBtR¥ 1614--15 307 

Petition of Thomas Fart and Others sRo: 3365/2634, Part 1 
single sheet 

To the right worshipfuii lohn Gardner and Thomas 
ffawkener Bayliffes of Shrewsbury 
Most Humbly Doe beseeche your worshipps your orators & prisoners Thomas 
ffarr Richard Willson and Will/am ffox nowe remayninge in warde by your 
worships comitmente for that your sayd most humble orators and Prysoners 
did hot only walke abroade art vndue tyme ofthe night but did vse their 
profession ofmusicke in the house oflohn Pryce being a vintner and keepinge l0 
a Comon Inne and for that at the same [CI tyme a greate misdemener was 
comitted in the streete there the wh/ch offence your sayd most humble orators 
& prisoners most humbly doe confesse doth deserve gretter punishment than 
he hath alreddy susteyned yett forasmuch as your sayd most humble orators 
& prisoners be most hartely sory for ther sayd offences and Doe hope & hereby 
promise neuer to offend in iike case herafter his most humble desyre vnto your 
worshçps is that ytt wili woid please the same to restore him to his former 
iibertie agayne and thus for godes love:/ 
your worshçps most humble orators and prisoners 
The marke of Thomas flair + 
The marke of Richard Wilson 
The marke ofWiiliam ffox + 

Shearmen's Company Book NLW; Castle Hill MS 2640 
f [29]* (4 May-20 April) (Assembly minutes) 25 
The 28 day ofMay ^r16141 mr. Richardffernes beinge speker yt was agreed 
vpon by the Compeny that a hall shali be kept as in former tyme and they 
wili to the vttermost of ther power performe do doe ther endevou(.) in Regard 
the treasure ys but smali or non/ 30 

f [30v] (Wardens'payments) 
Ittem for Bred for the hall 
Ittem for mault for drinke for the hall 

00 15 06 35 
01 15 00 

171 will wold: .r wold (?) 
20-2/ + : Fait, Wilon, and Fox bave igned with their personal mark 
271 r 16141: underlincdin l.ç 

29/ endevou(.): sheet cropped 

308 SHREWSBUR¢ 1614-- 17 

Ittem payd to the minstrels 00 05 00 
Ittem to the dote keper 00 00 06 
Ittem layd out more for Bred and drinke at out hall keepinge 00 01 06 

Shearmen' Company Book NLW: Castle Hill Ms 2640 
« [33] (20April-ll April) (Assemb/y minutes) 

The [19] r[viij]l r12 of May 1615 by the Assent ofthe whole/compeniel it 
was agreede vpon that the whole Compeny or the most of them Richard 
Hardinge beinge speker, that ther shall be noe hall kept/ 


f [34] (Warden Griffe'spayments) 
payd for gunepowder for to fetch in the tree 

O0 03 O0 


( Warden ThomasJuckes'payments) 
Ittem for a poule ofsacke vpon the fest day 
Ittem for powder to fetch in the tree 

00 02 00 


00 03 00 

f [34v] (Warden GHfe'spayments) 
payd for a staffe to hang out flqagg 

O0 02 O0 


Bailiff'Accounts sgo: 3365/563 
f [2]* (Expenses) 
Giuen to tbe kinges ma/ees Trompeters and to tbe princes players 

xlij s. 


i01 Ma}': obwured by tear in heet 

SHREW¢SB. UR¥ 1618--19 
Shearmen's Company Book st.w: Casde Hill MS 2640 
f [43v] (16April-9 April) (Wardens'payments) 
Ittem for poulder at the bringinge in ofthe tree 


O0 06 O0 5 

Bd/a vera 

Examination ofRalph IVhoode atut Others sRo: 3365/1198/1 
pp 1.15-1.17" (June) 
xxxmo Maij 1619 
William Cheshire glouer an affray and blood vppon redd Iohn ap morgan 
seruant to my lady Buckley plegij Abraham longe & George Cheshire/per 
Thomam hancox 5 
deposed per Peter ffrance 

Richard harries Corser de ffarata monachorum Did byte Richard de 
ffranckwell by the flînger & drew blood 
reported per Peter ffrance 
vppon his oath 


George Cheshire rglouerl [sonne of Thomas] 25 
Euan Iones my lady Buckleies man had his head broken. 
reported by Peter ffrance 
vppon his oath./ 
repoted that George Cheshire 
did it by the oath of 30 
Dauid Plume 


iij s. iiij d. 
Dauid Plume for an affray vppon william Cock taylor 
deposed per &'ctum will/am 
Io Calcott 
Will/am Cock doth depose that dauid Hum did strick him vppon the head 
with the staffe that did beare the flagg donne about x a clock vppon sunday 
nigh the xxx may 


29/ repoted: tir reported 
361 lo:]àrlohn; abbreviation mark miuing 

37/ strick: s wntten overd 
391 nigh: tir night; 4 miniras in ms 

10 SHREWSBURy 1618--19 





Owen williams laborer did strike hym the said will/am Cock vppon the head 
with a staffe about x a dock the same [day] r nightl 
deposed by william Cock I 

iij s. iiij d. 
Dauid [Stanley] r Raynoldesl al/as padd ^ mad an assalt vppon the said wiil/am 

deposed by william Cock 

iii s. iiij d. iii s. iiij d. 
redd lohn ap morgan for 2 affrays made vppon william cheshire 
deposed per Dauid Plume 


9 Richard mr Rockes man for an affray made vppon George Cheshire 
L reported by dauid Plum 5 

Bd./a vera 

Richard harries Corser predictus did strick ffrancis ffrance with a staffe & 
did hit him 

reported per dauid Plum 20 

°Raphe whoode deposeth & sayeth that vpon Sonday the XXX th daye of May he beinge lord ofmisrule & the reste ofhis company were hOt [(.)] art 
Eueninge prayer but did continue att playe & dauncinge ail the afternoone 
vntill afier Eyght ofthe clocke./ 


wi///am harrison deposeth & sayth the persons subscribed wold have put 
whoode in the stockes* 

col 1 


exoneretur iij s. iiij d. °Symon Holmes ° 
exoneretur iij s. iiij d. °dauid Stanley ° 
exoneretur iii s. iiij d. °Roger Addemon ° 
exoneretur iij s. iiij d. wilb'am O[(.)]alde), ° 
exoneretur iii s. iiij d. °Richard mach),n ° 
exoneretur iij s. iiij d. °Richard a servante to mr Rocke ° 
exoneretur iii s. iiij d. °Richard [grovesJ [ff(...)] groves ° 


6/ ^: no interlineation in IS 10/ iii s. iiij d. ii i 

SHREXVSBURY 1618-19 311 

Bi//a vera 

Bi// vera 

Bi//-, vera 1 

col 2 

exoneretur iii s. iiij d. °ffrauncis ffraunce ° 
exoneretur iij s. iiij d. °Peter france ° 
exoneretur iii s. iiij d. °Richard Andrewes ° I 
°And [f(..)] for his hot beinge art eveninge ^rprayerl vpon the Sonndaye 
aforeseyd he deposeth as Whoode./ 

ffrauncis ffraunce deposeth that he and the resydue of the mords dauncers 
were in my lady Buckleys hall att Eveninge prayer tyme vpon Sonday last ° 


iij s. iiij d. 
Richard Morry Corser for a ffray and a blood ruade vpon [will/am] rPhillipl 
Speake glouer. Pieg' pro morry Edward Prichard & Raynold ffox per Iohn 
p richard relatorem/ 
Edward vaughan servant 
to walter grinsell 


Speake doth depose that hee came along the streete when the Mords dauncers 
were dauncing and [this] Morry did corne and strike this deponent vpon the 20 
brest, to make roome for the dauncers, and afterwardes ^ras 1 this deponent was 
going into mr Scottes the same Morry did againe assah this deponent and 
this deponent was in the thronge cast downe and had his face scratcht and 
blood drawne 


Vaughan doth depose that he did see Mory strike speake on his heade wtth 
a staffe 

Petition of Ralph 1lThoode and Others sgo: 
single sheet 

To the right worshipfull Arthure Kynaston and 
Iohn Garbett Bayliffes of Shrewsbury 
The Humble submissions of 
Raphe Whoode 
Wiiliam Harrison 
David Plume 
Richard Machyn 
Richard Groves 

3365/2637 30 



61 If(..)]: obwured by ink blot 101 tyme: 2 m,nims in MS 


ffrauncis ffraunce 
Peter ffraunce 
Simon Homes 
Richard Andrewes 
lohn Gould s 
Most humbly doe beseeche your worshipps your/saydl most humble 
petitioners and prisoners nowe remayninge in warde by your worshipps 
Committmente and by your worshipps worthely committed not only in 
profaninge the Sabboth daye vpon Sonday last the XXX th of May 1619 
videlicet for dauncinge the morris daunce [(..)] out oftheir parishe into an ,0 
other parishe immediatly after dynner wherby they themselves and ail the 
behoulders of them did absent themselves from Eveninge prayer that daye 
And therby allsoe dyvers breaches of the peace & other misdemeaners were 
committed ail wh/ch offences your sayd humble petitioners doe humbly 
confesse And doe Acknowledge that they doe deserve greater punishmente ,s 
then they have alreddy susteyned yett forasmuche as they are poore men and 
are hartely sory for their sayd offences they most humbly doe intreate to be 
restored to their former lybertye agayne and thus for godes love: / hereby 
allsoe pr0misinge never to offend in like case hereafter 
your most humble petitioners:/ 20 
(signed) Rare whod 
william harisons marke + 
David plummes marke + 
Richard machins marke + 
Richard Groues marke + 25 
ffrancis ffrances marke + 
Peeeter ffrances marke + 
Symon homes marke + 
Richard Andrews marke + 
Iohn Gouldes marke + 30 

Shearmen' Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2640 
f [45] (9 April 1619-28 Apri11620) (Decision oflO May assembly) 

An assembly made the 10 th ofMay 1619 as concerninge the keepinge of a hall 
as the auncient accostome was, wh/ch is for keepinge a feast/To the wh/ch 
mocion the whole compeny will not consent w/thout a tree/bee brought/ 


22-5/ +: Harriaon. Plum. Machyn. and Grove*. bave ,igned with their peroenal marks 
261 +: Franci France haa dgned with hia penonal mark. now obwured by ink blot 
27- 301 +: Peter France. Homa, Andrew*. and Gould bave ,igned with their perœenal marlu 

SHgEWSSU¥ 1619--22 313 

f [45v] (Wardens'payments) 
Inprimis for Beere & aie at the feast 
htem for bread 
htem for musicke at our feast 





Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2644 
f [lv] (28 April-13 April) (Decision of 22 May assembly) 

An assembly made the 22 th ofMay(... ) (.)homas Iuckes beinge speaker as 
concerninge the keep(..)ge of a hall as in auncyent tyme hathe byn/And the 
whole Compeny are willinge to haue yt kept/ 
(signed) Thomas luckes 



( Decision of 17#y assmby) 

An assembly made the 17 th ofluly 1620 Thomas Iuckes speker to haue the 
whole Compeny to goe brotherly to gether to KingsIand & to meete wher 
the wardens shall apoynt payinge for there dynner as they shall be seassed/ 
(signed) Thomas luckes 



Shearmen's Company Book NLW: Castle Hill MS 2644 
f [6] (13 Apri11621-3 May 1622) (Wardens'payments) 
Ittem for gonpowder 
htem gevin to the lournymen and prentices 
Ittem for musicke at our meetinge 

O0 06 O0 

O0 03 O0 
O0 04 O0 



! 31 (... : tear in Imper 
21/ 1620: underlinedin 


SHREWSBURY 1622-- 5 
Shearmen's Company Book qLW: Castle Hill Ms 2644 
f [9] (3 May-25 April) (Wardens'payments) 

li. s. d. 
Inp for beare & aie at the ffeast 01 08 Off) 
Ittem for bread 00 13 0(.) 
Ittem for Powder 00 06 00 
Ittem for musicke at the feast 00 05 00 
Ittem for Cupps & trenchers 00 05 00 
Ittem for wyne at the ffeast 00 02 04 
[Ittem for Cupps & trenchers 00 05 00] s 

PetitionofRichardScott SRO: 3365/2639 
single sheet* (21 September) 2o 
The humble peticion of Richard Scotte Corser 
Sheweth vnto Your good Worships that your peticioner was Comitted to the 
Custody ofthe Common Sargeant [and] ysterday last beinge the xxth daye of 
this instant September and that iustly for misbehavinge and disorderinge 
himselfe w/thin the Company ofthe persons herevnder mencioned in makinge 
of Richard Burche sherman Bayliffe belote his tyme and disquietinge of the 
neightboures there aboutes at vndue rime of nighte to the greate contempte 
of Your Worships gouermente flot wh/ch offence is most hartelie sorrye, & 
desiereth your good worshipps [toe] to bee pleased to remitt and to pardon 30 
him for his offence & in soe doinge he shall ever take cause to be careful of 
his good carrage hereafier and shall be bond to pray for Your Worships health 

°Iohn Taylers Man the dier, hee bare the bell, 
Richard Williames Iohn Downes his man, he was one of the Election/ 
Richard Collinns Iohn ffox his sonn the Ioyner 
Richard Edmonds Thomas Wildings man. ° 

(signed) lohn Studley 
Thomas Mathewes Richard Scoott 


6/ lnp :tir lnprimi; abbreviation mark miuing 

Petition of Richard Boîeld 
single sheet* (6 December) 

SRO: 3365/2639 


Right worshipfull may it please your worshipps to vnderstand That whereas 5 
the last nyght beinge the 5 of this moneth ofdecember I beyinge ail day at my 
shop to sell my meate/l cominge home at night, there coins a wendlocke man 
to my howse & desiers Lodginge/& I tould hime he should haue lodginge & 
was welcome/& w/th hime as I heare since thomas pynner a neighbour dwellinge 
nere to the Crosse, whom I ame aitogether vnaquainted with./Soe syttinge l0 
quietly by my ffyer (because I will certyfy rtol yowerworshipps the truth/) 
there cornes in a neighboures Child of Coleham & would singe/And I tould 
hime yt was noe due tymes for singinge & would hOt surfer hime/yt beinge a 
bout ix of the Ciocke/wherevpon the stranger would haue him singe/And 
began to quarrdl w/th me/but to be short they both fasmed vpon me & have 15 
gevin me 5 woundes in the head besyd most grevous blowes vpon my Armes 
& showlders And as yet vntill the Surgion hath serched these woundes I know 
hOt in what state I am in 
Therefore good your worshipps in Regard of my weaknes as aiso hOt knowinge 
as yet in what state I ara in/I would desier your worshipps that the stranger 20 
may bee foorth cominge vntill my Surgion have serched the woundes. 
besechinge you to consydder of the premisses And now against the tyme 
havinge no(...)se my ware nor kill my Cattle (..)now hOt what I shai! doe/ 
But only refert(.) my sellf to your worshipps & to consydder my hurtes & the 
damadge I haue Receaved & shall Receave against now this bussy tyme. 2s 
Yout worshipps to bee Comanded 
(signed) Richard Botfield 

Not«book of Evan Lloyd of BaIa 
f [46] (Week of7December) 
Item at Salop to fidlers 

NLW: Wynnstay Ms 84 30 

0 1 0 

11.211 tuF: 4minirminM$ 
22/ premisscs: top of irregular hole in deet fol/ows; no text apparendy mssmg 
231 no(...)se: irregular hok m sheet 
23/ (..)now: i.egu/ar hok in #seet 
261 Comanded: 4 mmims]br m in tds 

316 SttREWSBtaR¥ 1628--9 

Examination of Ozia Lloyd sRo: 3365/2230 
single sheet-single sheet verso (5July) 
The examinaca'on of [Gyst(..)s] rOziasl lloyd of Shrewsbury in the Countie of  
Salop Baker [aged but(.)tch] aged xxtie yeares or thereaboutes beinge (.)xamined 
what rtymel hee cam this day to mr Mittons hall sayeth hee cam [aboutes] ^ratt 
or aboutes frire of the docke this afternone, and [sayeth] beinge asked what 
he buissnes hee had there sayeth that hee and other apprentices cam thither 
to [eate] be merry for an howre or two [but] and to [h] eate sillibowkes and 0 
greene Cheese but the names of the sayd apprentices hee knoweth not, and 
sayeth that there were [aboutes] many other strangers ^rTownesmen whom 
hee sayeth hee knoweth not, and beinge demaunded whether they did eate 
& drinke with them sayeth they did, and beinge asked whether there were any 
maydes were there in theire company sayeth that there were aboutessix or more,  
whereof one was this examinantes Sister, called Elizabeth lloyd; but the names 
ofthe ^rrest ofthe mayds [names] hee knoweth not but they tooke parte of 
that ^rprovision this examinant & his Company had provided and sayeth that 
they had three mutisioners one Richard ffarre and his two men, and confesseth 
that [they tarryed] this examinant tarryed till master Bailiffe Rowley came; and 20 
this examinantes fellowe Steward went away when hee hard toaster Bailiffe 
knocke att the doore & the test went away aboutes a quarter of an howre before 
and beinge asked why there Musique cam thither sayeth they cam thither by 
the [main entreaty] request of the maydes, and sayeth that the musitioners 
were with them ffrom ve of the docke till eighte this present nighte, and 2 
beinge asked who daunced sayeth that the Maydes daunced and somme of 
the ïouthes daunced w/th them [wh] but [who] ^rtheire names [ofthe youthes]l 
hee knoweth not and beinge demaunded whether r [he] [they were there w/th 
the consent ofthe wardens] hee and his ffellowe Steward whom hee calleth 
Humphrey ffawckner were there with the[yr] [ffathers consent] wardens 30 
consent sayeth that they were to looke for the[m] rsayd wardens but that 
they were not within:/and afterwardes they spake not with the sayd wardens, 
and sayeth hee had the consent ofthis examinantes Master and beinge 
demaunded how longe hee hath byn apprentice sayeth hee hath byn these 
ffive yeares and sayeth in that tyme of fiïve yeares hee was never att such a 3 
meetinge but the last yeare, and this tyme: and rbeinge demaunded whether 
the last years meetinge was on the sabath dayl sayeth that [the last yeares 
meetinge] was not [on the Sabboth day] and beinge demaunded why they 
mett this yeare on the Sabboth day sayeth that this examinant and his ffellowe 

9/ he: redundant 
14/ there were: redundan! 

191 mutisionc fs: Jr musitioncrs 
331 this: correaedfrom his 

SHREWSBUR¥ 1628--9 317 

appoynted this day and beinge demaunded whether hee was att Church this 
[afternoone] ^rdayl or noe sayeth hee was [not] in the morneinge ^r [prayer]l 
att six ofthe Clocke {(..)] att morneinge prayer but [(..)] sayeth that hee was 
not att service att nyne ofthe Clocke neither art the Sermon in the morneinge 
nor in the afternone:/and beinge demaunded whath[er] ^rwordes hee sayd 
{that] af-ter hee was apprehended, standinge art Thomas Gittins his doore 
sayeth yfthat hee were comitted hee would Chuse his Sergeant I and goe to 
Sergeant Cowper [and] and beinge demaunded [whether Sayd hee would lye 
a weeke there or noe or] whether hee ^rsayd hee ^ [layd] would lye there till 
Master BailiffGibbons came home sayeth hee did say soe! 
(signed) [Ozu] Ozias LLoid 


Pelition of John Davyes SRO: 336512639 
single sheet* 


To the Righte Worshifull the Bayliffes of Shrewsbury 
The humble peticion of lohn Davyes Taberer 
Humbly sheweth that your poore peticionerwas taken by master Bayliffe 
rowley vpon saterday nighte la.ste aboutes Twelve of the Clocke in Playinge 
vpon the Taber & pipe in a Bardge at the Key in ffranckwell amongeste a 20 
Company of Bardgemen and therevpon in respecte of the vnseasonablenes 
ofthe tyme he was for his miscariage thereir comitted to the stone gare 
where hee hath ever sithence remayned in greate misery havinge noe bed to 
lye vpon but the bare flore 
Hee therefore humbly prayeth Your worshipps in respecte hee is a stranger & 25 
not knowinge the good gouermente ofthis Towne to remitte this offence & 
to dischardge out of prison & hee shall ever reste bound to pray for Your 
worsh/pps & thus for godes love 
Iohannis + davyes 30 
Vpon this submission the peticoner was discharged promising to leave of 
playinge on the Taber & pipe hearafter 
(signed) Edward Donner 
William Rowley 

51 whath[er]:.rwhat; incomplete correctionrom whather 
101 came: 2 minirm in Is 
191 in: obscuredbyblot 
201 thel: anqtten over illegible letters 
221 he: obscured by blot 
301 +: Davy ha signed with his personal raark 
311 peticoner: Er petic/oaer; abbreviation mark miuing 

318 SHREWSBURy 1630-2 

Vagrants Arrest«d b«tw«en Sessions of Gaol D«livery silo: 3365/2232 
single sheet* (Arrests ruade since sessions of 2 December) 
Edward Koffin ludgler comitted for Iuglinge and Wanderinge the xiiij daye of 
ffebruary ponished & dischardged the xixth of ffebruary 

Vagrants Arrested between Sessions of Gaol Delivery sao: 3365/2232 
f [ l } (Arrests ruade since sessions ofl December) 
Iohn Evans Bagpiper comitted the xviij th of Aprell 1632 for Wanderinge 
ponished & dischardged the xxth of Aprell 1632 



Petition of Humlbrey Ridge and Edward Koffïn sao: 336512628 
single sheet* (9January) 
The Humble peticion and summission ofHumfrey Ridge Bagpiper & Edward 20 
Koflîn Curg(. ) 
Humbly sheweth vnto your worshipps that your said peticioners were taken 
very late isternight in ffranckwell by your worshipps & comitted to the Custody 
of the sargeante Peers where they have sithence remayned ffor wh/ch offence 
they are hartely sorry and doe confess that they have deserved farre greater 2 
ponishment that as yet they have endured yet in regarde they are hartely sorry 
for the saine & promise[th] never to offende any more humbly praye[th] your 
wouhipps to discharge them for this offence & in soe doinge they shall ever 
reste bound to pray for your worshipps/ 
(signed) Humfrey Ridge 30 
Edwara + Koffin 
dischardged 9 lanuarij 1631 

211 Curg(.): culttode'pherduetocrowdmgatedgeofshea 
221 were: corrected]çom was 
241 have: corrected]çom hath 
25/ are: corrected[rom is 
251 doe: corrected[rom doth 

261 that:.]br than 
261 have: correctedfrom hath 
261 are: corrected from is 
281 them: correctedfrom him 
321 ÷: Kon lins signed with his pemonal mark 

SHREWSBURY | 631 --9 319 


Petition of DavidJones and David Williams sRo: 3365/2628 
single sheet (21June) 
The Humble peticion ofDauid Iones and Dauid voys boy remayninge in the 
howse of Correction 
Humbly sheweth that your said peticioners were both comitted to the howse 
of Correction yisterdaye beinge both taken by your wors/0/pps wanderinge in 
Towne and havinge noe iuste cause of excuse but confessinge that [they] ^rweel 
are minstrells by profession wh/ch wee confesse is againste the lawe [they] wee 
hauinge noe passe vnder 2 Iustices ofthe peace there handes l0 
ffor wh/ch offence they are very hartely sorrye and desire your wors/0ipps to 
graunte them a passe to travell to Monmorth 2wherel they confesse they 
were borne & where the¥ will settle themselves & not travell any more 
without [yo] a passe vnder 2 Iustices ofpeace there handes & to releas them of 
there ymprisonmente & this for godes love 
Dauid ÷ Iones 
Dauid + Williams 
21 s lunij 1632 20 
The Bayliffes are contentid to dischardge them & to graunte them a passe/ 

Vagrants Arrested between Sessions of Gaol Delivery sRo: 3365/2234 
f [lv] (Arrests ruade between sessiom ofl I April 1634 and 27 March 1635) 
Elen wife oflohn Smyth Piper and Ann her daughter FAizabeth hughes daughter 
of Henry ap Evan ofllanvoyle (...) & Mary wife ofWilliam Stanley of Nantwich 
comitted the 31 th of October 1634 for Wanderers the said Elen & Ann 
punished & dischardged the fite daye of November 1634 The said Elizabeth 
hughes dischardged vpon ber punishment the Thride daie of November 1634... 

StJulian's Ctmrclnvardens'Accounts SRO: 271 llChll 
f 3 lv col 2 (1 April- 1 April) (Receipts) 
Item ofThomas Peacock loyner for a little Chest belonging 
to the company of musitians 

2s. 4d. 



8/ confessinge: inge corrected over ed 17, 19/ ÷: Jones and Williams ha*e signed with their penonal marlu 
i 2/ Monmo2m Monmouth. Monmouthshire 

320 SHRE%VSBURY 1639--42 

Glovers'and S'nners" Company Accounts LSL: 126 
p 13" (17June-8June) (Gooda received by new wardens) 
...Twoe keyes, one for kingsland, the other for the Cheste... 

Mayor's Accounts sao: 3365/585 
t" [1] (F-pe=es) 
paid the Musitians by consente ofthe house 

02: 00: 00 



G ratuities to 
Kings Servants 

1641-2 5 
Assernbly Minutes LSL: 290 
nf (28 September) 
They be also agreed that the Chamberlaine shall pay the Kings Princes and 
Dukes Footmen and Trumpeters such Gratuities as they have received in 20 
other Corporations the whole sume amountinge to 17 li. as is Conceived 

Mayor's Accounts sao: 3365/586 
f [21" (F-pees) 

Paid wh/ch was bestowed by waye ofgratuitye from the 
Corporation [from the] to the Kinge the Prynce & dukes 
servantes at there beinge in Shrewsburye 


019 10 O4 

Depositlons of Richard Powell and Others sao: 3365/2240 
ff 1-2 (28 December) 

28 decembris 1641 3s 
Richard Powell Constab/e of the Abby fforryatt [(...)] deposeth that Raph 
Bayly. Peer. Bayly Abraham Bayly & Richard Griflïthes were singinge in the 
streate isterday nyght beinge Mondaye the 27 th daye ofthis instant December 
1641 aboutes seaven ofthe Clocke in the Abby fforryatt/& thys deponent 
beinge Constable wished him to forbare singinge whervpon [hi said] one of 40 

21/ sume: 6minirtu in $ 

SHREWSBURY 1641-2 321 

the Company [said] wh/ch this deponent thinckes to be Peter. said to this 
deponent that he paid the fidlers soe well the laste tyme that they would [pipe 
& playe] rsingel in spighte ofany one that spake aginst them Thervpon this 
deponent put his handes gentlly vpon Peter Baylys Arme & wished him to 
forbeare otherwise he woud prouide him a Iodginge & therevpon Peter Bayly  
laye violente hande vpon this deponent vpon the skirtes & boosome & stroke 
him ^rseueralll [s d(.)ff(...)] blowes soe that the tire burst out ofhis Eyes & 
then amongest them but wh/ch ofthem it was this deponent dooth hOt knowe 
torre ofhis skirtes [vpo] ofhis dublet wherevpon this deponent reysed dae Crye 
& then Richard Morgan came in & rescued him from them rotherwise he l0 
thought he should haue bene killed. but the reste ofdae neighbors stirred hOt 
to ayde or asseste him videl/cet [Raph] Hugh Davys ffrancis Pendleton Raph 
Whood & Mary wife ofPeter Bayly abused the said Constab/e & called him 
Base Roge, Welshe Rogue, & Buttermilke Rogue & [sara] Elizabeth Bayly. 
daughter ofRaph Bayly. knocked at the windoe ofthe said Constable & said 5 
she would haue him hanged/& dais morning she called him Buttermilke slave/ 
and after Peter was comitted by master Maior the said Constab/e put his hande 
vpon the said Peter to ayde [(...)] William davyes the officer & other officers 
to bringe him to prison stroke the said Constab/e divers blows more/ 
(signed) Richard Powell 20 

Richard Morgan ofAbby fforrgat laborer deposeda daat sittinge at his tire [he] 
ysternighte heard a greate vproare in the streete wherevpon dais deponent went 
oute & there found Peter Bayly to haue houlde of rmr Richard Powell the 
Constable & did see the said Bayly strike the said mr Powell but the braule 
was almost ended before this deponent came 
Richardi + Morgan I 


Henry Davys Cloathmaker deposeth that isternight beinge at his fathers at 30 
supper in the Abbey fforyatt heard a greate n(ois)e in the strete & cominge 
out sawe Raph Bayly Wi///am Davys & Mr Powell & others & herd FAizabeth 
Bayly saye that her fadaer Raph Bayly. should hOt goe alonge w/da daem to toaster 
Maior & so(..)ge the Company he said wold knocke him downe. 
signum 3s 
henry H Davis 

Ann wife of Richard Powell Constab/e ofAbby fforyatt saith that ysternight 
her husband beinge abused by Peter Bayly & others & beinge affrighted wente 
from [(...)] bouse to bouse to get helpe to rescue him from them & metyng 

8/ then: tir then one (?) 36/ H: Davh bas ued hisiçmt initial as a permnal mark 
28! +: Morgan bas signed with hia peronal mark 

322 SHREWSBURY 1641--2 I SIDBURY 1636 

with ffrancis Pendleton glouer charged him to ayde & assiste her husband. 
refused then she bade her made goe to Hugh Davyes to chardge him to corne 
to assiste him & he [made] did hOt corne & then Mary wife ofthe said Bayly 
cryed at her Buttermilke Buttermilke in a revilinge manner & she charged 
Robert Wyete glouer to assiste her & he refused. 
Anne ÷ Powell 

Richard Mompas Constab/e ofAbby fforryatt being in the house of the said 
Richard Powell afier the brade was ended Dorothy Bayley & Elizabeth her 10 
daghter came to the windoe of the said Richard Powell & [said] rayled & 
scoled at mr Powell & said that ifMary Bayly died the woud laye her deth 
vpon him but soe soone as this deponent spake vnto her promised ther to 
forbeare & (...) they departed 
signum Richard ÷ Mompas. 1.5 

Roger [Bayty] ffoxe one ofthe Constab/es ofAbby fforryatt dep0seth that Peter Bayly 
& Mary his wife were comitted to mr Davys to be put in the Bushell home they 
strugled & Mary Bayly reviled at mr Powell & called him Buttermilke gent/errmn 
(signed) Roger ffoxel 20 

Ann Emerye spinster deposeth that isternight she herd mr Powell. [mr (...)] 
crye for helpe wherevpon she wente to se the matter & sawe Peter Bayly (..) 
strike mr Powell 3 tymes & Richard Griffis glover standinge neare vnto the 
place the said Griffis said harke harke mr Powell calls for helpe & stoode 25 
laughing at him & did hOt corne to helpe him 
Anne ÷ Emerye 
28 decembris. 
Peter Bayly ordred to finde suretys for his good behauour & comitted to the 0 
Common sarient. 

Archdeaconry ofLudlowActs ofOffïce HRO: box 39, vol 146 
f [494]* (9November) 
New cases: proceedings of the court held before William Skinner, lS_O, vicar general 


7, 15, 28/ *: Powell, Mompas. and Emerye bave igned with their permnal marks 

$1DBUR¥ 1636 / STAIqTON LACY 1588--1611/12 323 



and official principal of the bishop of Hereford, and in the presence of Richard 
Brasier, notary public 
°contra Pdchardum Ienken. ibidem detectum for singinge of Rimes [against] 
against ail the men and their wifes or the most parte of them in the parish, ° 
Quo die introducta citacione personaliter executa in prefatum Ienkin secundo 
die Novembris instanth infra parochiam predictam apud oedes suas patris sui 
per Meole (prout ridera fecit) preconizato trina vice dicra lenkin et nullo modo 
compan'nte dom/nus pronunt/av/t eum contttmacem et in penam exoemmunicationh 
*postea comparu/t et fassus et dominus iniunxit ei ad confitendum* *14 ffebruar 0" 
predicti Comparuit Certificavit et dirm'ssus* 




Diocese of Uereford Acts of Office 
f 65v* (29 March) 

HRO; box 17, vol 67 


Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery at the church or chapd of Ludford o 
bçore William Grenewi«h, 1, deputy judge 
Contra Wilh'mum Corser/[het] suspensus eo quod defecit in purgacione sua 
cure 4 ta Manu honestorum virorum eo quod ^rviz. 1 he played vpon a tabber 
tempore divinoruml quo die publice preconizatus &c non comparuit &c. 2s 


Ar«hdea«onry of Ludlow Acts of Office 
p 10 (26 February) 

HRO" box 35, vol 131 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery before Silas Griffithes, s', deputy 
judge of Jams Baile L, of/ïcial principal 
willelmus wilkes 
detectus that he counterfaited the divell in the morrice dance vppon the Saboath 



Isacus the drummer 
for plaieng on the drumme tempore divinorum citatus &c in xvij diem Martij 
1611 ° iuxta &c preconizatus &c non comparuit &c excommunicatus 



STANTON LACY 1611/12--17 
Hum ff/dus Brioley minstrell 
for piaieng then on his instrument, swearing brawling, and quarreling and 
committing other disorder/ 

Dîoc«s« of Hrefrd Acts of Oî«« 
ff [155v-6] 

HRO: box 24A, vol 71 

quere a magi#ro 
Thackham pro 
actu vbi dim/#ua 

Proceedings of the court heM for Ludlow deanery 
Philippus Abree detectus he absented himselfvpon the saboath daie from 
praier, for noe other cause as it is reported but to hier minstreiles citatus &c 
in quartum diem Septembris 1617 [in ecclesia] preconizatus &c in ecclesia 
de ludlowe coram magistro Thoma haberley artium magistro deputato &c 
comparuit personaliter dictus Abree et obiecto ei artL,'ulo negavit articulum esse s 
verum vnde dominus iniunxit ei ad purgandum se in proximo cure vjta manu 
&c facta proclamacione &c xxiijo die mensis Septembris predicti preconizatus 
&c non comparuit nequeprodmfit compurgatores iuxta &c vnde [pro] dominus 
pronunciavit ipsum defecisse in purgacione sua et pro convicto haberi &c et 
decrevit ipsum citandum fore erga proximum quare &c  20 

nu/lus taIis 

contra eundem vpon St Iohn Baptist daie last past absented him self from 
morninge praier, being at that tyme guised and leading the waie to a Motrice 
dawnce, and was the principall cause that ail the Morice dawncers and diuers 
other were absent the same daie from morninge praier quarto die mensis 
Septembris predicti comparuit personal/ter dictus Abree et obiecto ei articulo 
fassus est articulum esse verum vnde dominus iniunxit ei penitenciam iuxta 
formam schedule Et ad certificandum in proximo postea dominus ipsum dimisit 
cum admonicione/ 

contra (blank)Malpasse minstrell 
did plaie and diuers daunced after his musicke vpon whitsondaie last, profaninge 
the saboath & contrarie to the lawes ofgod, and the kinge, the said Abree 
countenancinge them, he had afore hyred the minstreiles 




221 St lohn ... pas-t: 24June 1617 
321 whitsondaie last: 8June 1617 




Archdeaconry of nereford Acts of Off'ce 
f [252v] (12 October) 

HRO: box 24, vol 90 

Proceedings of the court heM for Ludlow deanery before Gabriel Wallwin, 
deputy judg« «f Oliv«r Lloyd, tzo, offwial principal of che bishop of Hereford 

Icardus Blayney soulde and kept disorder in his howse vpon the saboath daie 
citatus &c in nonum diem Novembr/s predoetl comparuit personah'ter d/crus 
Biayney et obiecto ci articulo fassus est articulum esse verum vnde dominus 
iniunxit ci ad confitendum articulum die dominico proximo in vsuali vestitu 
in ecclesia ib/dem immediate post preces finiras Et ad certificandum in proximo 
postea dominus ipsum dimisit cure admonicionel 


Catherina Harris vidua pro consimilivt supra and as wee haue heard a ministreil 15 
plaieinge at the tyme ofeveninge praier nono die mensis Novembris predicti 
comparuitpersonaliter dicta Catherina et obiecto ei articulo negavit articu{um 
esse verum vnde prestito per eam iuramento that she had noe musing in her 
howse at tyme ofevening praier nor sould noe aie at that tyme quam confess/0nem 
dominus acceptavit et dimisit ipsam 20 



1615 25 
Archd«aconry ofLudlowActs of Oc« HRO: box 36, vol 134 
ff [7-7v]* 
Icardus Bishop de Clea Stawnton 
detectus was at a stage p]aye at stokes gorst vpon the saboth daie about 30 
St Bartheiomewe iast past where he committed greate assaultes and ditwrs 
misdeameannors b¥ reason whereofmuch bludd was shed: And then most 
wickedlie blashephemed the naine ofgod 
Citatus in 27 diem Septembris predicti &c ex certificario Thome lames &c 
preconizatus &c comparuit &c obiectoque ci articui &c fassus est esse verum: 35 
Vnde habet penitenciam &c iuxta &c et monitus ad comparendum in proximo 
ad certificandum &l ° Postea dominus ipsum dimisit cure admonicione 

8/ soulde:rsoulde aie (as in twopreviou entries) 
181 musing: #r music 
30-1/ the saboth daie about ... past: 20 or 27August 1615 



ex informacione 
Richaedi Bushop 



[ dim/ssio] 




Iohannes Goodman was present as above said [xvj] xvijo die Octobris 1615 
in ecdesia de iudiowe coram domino vicario generali &c comparuit personal/ter 
d/ctus Goodman obiectoque ei articuio fassus est articulum esse verum vnde 
dominus ipsum dimisit cum admonicione 

Thomas Bushopp de Stoke 
pro consimili xvij die octobris predicti Similiter vt supra 

°Thomas Bushop de Kinson pro consimili ° xvij o die mens/sOctobris predicti 
comparuit et fassus est articulum esse verum vnde dominus monuit eum ad 
comparendum in proximam curiam apud herefordiam ad respondendum 
articulis &c Postea dominus ipsum dimisit cure admonicione &c 

contra prefatum Pdchardum Bushopp 
for dauncinge vppon Stokes Greene vppon sondaie next after midsommer 
daye iast past a greate parte of the said daie vppon Stokes Greene xxvjo die 
mensh Septembris 1615 predicti Similiter vt supra I 

ffrandsca eius vxor pro consimilixxvijo die Septembris prech'c." Similiter vt supra/ 

Thomas Bushopp pro consimili xvijo die Octobris predicti comparuit et 
fatetur articulum vnde dominus ex causis ipsum dimisit cum admonic/one &c 





Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oflïce 
p 241 * (30 October) 

HRO: box 35, vol 129 

Proceedings of the court held for Ludlow deanery bCore James Baile D, vicar 
genera in the presence of James Lawrence, notary public and deputy registrar 


Peeter Edwardes for prophaning the saboath daie viz ^rkeeping 1 drincking 
dauncing and plaieng, 18 die decembris 1606 coram mag/stro Iacobo Bailie 
iegum doctore &c comparuit dictus Petrus Edwardes obiectoque ei articulo 
huiusmodi negavit eundem articulum esse verum Vnde dominus iniunxit ei 
ad purgandum se in proximo cum sexta manu &c facta prodamacione &ci 
nono die mensh Ianuarij prech'cti preconizatus &c non comparuit &c citatus 
dicere causas &c postea comparuit dictus Petrus Edwardes, et non produxit 

15-16/ sondaie ... past: 25June 1615 
15-16/ vppon Stokes Greene ... vppon Stokes Greene: second occurrence redundant 

:iterur in 

;totesden et 
qccnc savadge 



STOKESA¥ 1606 / STOW 1606 327 
&C Vnde dominus pronunciavit eum defecisse &c et inflixit penitenciam iuxta 
&c et ad certificandum in proximo &c 

Margaret his wiefpro simili. Citata in nonum diem Ianuarij precb'cti 
ex certificario Thome lames &c preconizata &c non comparuit &c 
excommunicata &c [postea absoluta est in persona dicti Petri Mariti sui 
a sentenc/a excommunicacionis &ci: et habet ad comparendum in prox/mo 
ad videndum vlterius &c. / 


Arcbdeaconry of Ludlow Acu of Oïce 
f [62v1 (1 S«ptember) 

HRO: box 36, vol 135 

Proceedings of the court held before Gabriel Wallwin, ma, deputy judge 

Ricardus Iddith for selling aie die dominico tempore divinorum citatus &c 
in xxiij diem Septembris predicti in ecclesia parochiaJi de Ludlowe coram 
mag/stro Iohanne Barker artium magistro deputato comparuit personab'ter 
dictus Iddith et obiecto ei articulo negavit articulum esse verum vnde 
dominus super examinacione cause ipsum admonuit posthac 

contra eundem kept reveling in his howse and drinckeing & dauncing one 
St Mathias daie at tyme ofevening praier xxiijo die Septembris predicti 

Thomas [FAip] FAcockes was that plaid ax that tyme xxiij o die mens/s Septembr/s 
predicti similiter 


Archdeaconry of Ludlow Acts of Oflîce 
p 319" (3! October) 

HRO: box 35, vol 129 

Proceedings of the court held for C/un deanery before James Baile LD, vicar 
g«neral of the bishop of Hereford 






261 St Mathias daie: 24 February 1617/18 291 Septembris: obscured by. ink blat 

328 STOWi606-22 

of the parish 
of Brompton 
did play therel 

°Richard Bowld detectus that he did keepe dauncinge in his howse the x of 
August ^rlastl in the tyme ofdivyne service beinge vpon the Saboth day  Quo 
die comparuit dictus Boulde obiectoque ei articulo huiusmoaq, fassus est 
eundem esse verum Vnde habet ad peragendum vnum diem penitencie iuxta 
&c et ad certificandum in prox/mo &c./xixo die Novembr/ pred/cti comparuit 
dictus Pdcardus Boulde et introduxit formam &c et in vim iuramenti certificavit 
penitenciam &c Vnde dim/sus 

C iterur in 

Archdeaconry of Ludlow Act of Ooee 
f 291 * (19 November) 

Hio: box 37, vol 138 

Proceedings of the court ield for Clun deanery bCore Gabriel Wallwin, MX, deputy 
judge, in the presence of James Lawrence, notary public and registrar 
Gard/ani ib/dem videlicet Lewes goughe et °Iohannes Grifflthes de lurnehope 
Iohannes Doncastell Iohannes ap owen Iohannes Griffithes de Stowe Iacobus 
Woodhowse assistentes l ° 
notativt supra for hot presenting vnlawfull gaming one the Sabaoth day as 
koile plaieing quoiting dancinge and drinking at praier time quo die introducta 
citacione executa vt supra in prefat/ °Quo die comparuit personaliter d:tus 
ludovicus Goughe quem dominus monu/t ad denuo comparendum in proya'm0 
&c ad videndum vlte6us &c et decrevit ceteros citandos in eundem diem &c ° 



f 303v (3 December) 

Proceedings of the court ield for Clun deanery bCore Gabriel Wallwin, , deputy 
judge of Oliver Lloyd, u_, vicar genera in the presence of James Lawrence, notary 
public and registrar 
Gardiani ib/dem videlicet Ludovicus Goughe, et Iohannes Griffithes de 
Lurnehope, Iohannes doncastell Iohannes ap owen, Iohannes Griffithes de 
Stowe et Iacobus woodhowse assistentes; notantur oftîcio ex pub/ica fama 35 
referente for concealing and hot presenting such persons as plaied at vnlawfull 
games on the saboath daies this presente yere 1622 since they came into theire 
office videlicet at Keiles, at quoiting, and such as did dance, and tiple and 
drinck in alehowses on such daies in time of divine praier in the parishe 
churche there//Quo die comparuerunt obiectoque eis articulo &c fatentur 

171 iurnehope: Lurkenhope 

STOW 1622 I WATERS UPTON 1609 329 

that there was tennys plaieng there the said yere diebus dominicis &c vnde 
habent ad detegendum nomma &c citra recessum &c/sub pena Iuris/ 


Bill of Complaint and Amwer in Low et al ix Meddins et ai 
pro: STAC 8/202/4 
m b 2 (20 May) 


To the Y-dnges most excellent Maiestie 
In ail humblenes Complayning shew vnto your highnes your faithfull and 
loving subiectes Roger Low of Waters Vpton in the County of Salop Clerke 
and Iane his wief and Richard Rocksby of Waters Vpton aforesayd yeoman 
That whereas your sayd subiectes are and by ail their lier tyme have bene of 
good naine and conversation and have ever hithervnto duly and honestly 
behaved themselves in their seuerall vocations and Callinges and lived in good 
creditt and estimacion amongst their neighbours without any note or touch 
ofscandall and infamy Nevertheles so it is may it please your most Excellent 
Maiestie that one William Meddins of Rowton in the sayd County of Salop 
Clerke Richard Arnewey of Rowton aforesaid lhon Lancashire of Rodington 
in the sayd County of Salop yeoman Thomas Leake of Osbaston in the County 
aforesaid Thomas Vaughan of Waters Vpton aforesayd yeoman men of very 
dissolute lief and behaviour and being Common depravers of the Credit and 
good name of their neighbours and greatly maligning your sayd subiectes and 
desiring to draw them and especially your sayd subiect Roger Lowe and his 
profession into publique scandali and reproche they the sayd William Meddins 
Richard Arnewey Ihon Lancashire Thomas Leake and Thomas Vaughan hOt 
having the feare ofgod belote their eyes nor regarding your Maiesties Lawes 
ruade against the makers Contrivers and publishers of false and infamous 
libelles did most vnlawfuii¥ and malitiously confederate among themseives 
and with other iike evili disposed persons to your sayd subiectes yet vnknowne 
whose names when the¥ shali be knowne he prayeth may be inserted into 
this Bill how and b¥ what meanes the¥ might vtterly overthrow the good 
naine and Credites ofyour sayd subiectes and every of them and bring them 
and every ofthem into vtter scandall infamy and reproche And therevpon 
they the sayd Wiiliam Meddins Richard Arnewe¥ Ihon Lancashire Thomas 
Leake and Thomas Vaughan and other the Confederates aforesayd by the 
confederacy and piort aforesayd the sixtenth day ofApriii last past did most 
vnlawfully and maliciously Contrive and putt in writing the most infamous 
iibeii herevnto annexed Conteyning most false scandalous and reprochfuli 

13/ Clerke: fini • wntten over another later 151 are: a wnuen over another later 

330 WATERS UPTON 1609 

infamies and vntruthes ofyour sayd subiectes Roger Low lane his wiefand 
Richard Rocksby And the sayd William Meddins Richard Arnewey lhon 
Lancashire Thomas Leake and Thomas Vaughan and other the Confederatours 
aforesayd by the Confederacy aforesayd the day and yere aforesaid and divers 
and sundry tymes sythence for your subiectes more disgrace and infamy have 
made divers and sundry Copies ofthe sayd infamous libell and have fixed the 
same vpon a post in the Chappell of Rowton aforesayd and in diuers other 
publique places against the tyme of devine service and ofother greate assemblies 
and meetinge to the end the saine might be the more generaily divulged and 
spread abroade to the vtter disgrace ofyour sayd subiectes and have likewise 
published and divulged the sayd libell both by reading and singing the saine 
and by deliuering Copies thereofto divers other persons and by diuers other 
waies and meanes whereby your sayd subiectes and every ofthem have bene 
most vniustly and causelesly sclaundered defamed wronged and damnifled 
And your sayd subiect Roger Low and his profession and ministrye greatly 
scorned and scandaiized In Consideracion whereofand for that ail and singuler 
the offences and misdemeanours aforesayd were committed and done sythence 
your Ma/esties last generail and free pardon and are very greate and greivious 
tending to the incouragement and evill example ofother like dissolute and 
malicious persons ifthe same should hOt be severely punished And to the 
intent that the sayd offendours and every ofthem might be punished according 
to their so greivious offences. May it please your most Excellent MMestie to 
grant to your sayd subiectes your highnes most gratious writt ofsubpena to 
the sayd William Meddins Richard Arneway Iohn Lancashire Thomas Leake 
and Thomas Vaughan to be directed thereby charging them & every ofthem 
at a certein day & vnder a certein payne therein to bee limited personally to 
appeare before your highnes and your most honourable Counsail in your 
Ma/est/es high court of Starchamber Then and there to answere to the premisses 
and to abide such order and direction as to your highnes and your sayd 
Counsail shaiibe thought consonant and agreable to Iustice And your sayd 
subiectes as they are most bounden will daily pray to god for the long 
continuance ofyour Mesties most happy Raigne over vs:// 
(signed) Ih(..) Touter 
Thomas Coventrye 

mb 1 (Attached exhibit: text of libellous song) 

Thereto it is and soe lle laye my lief 
That Richard the Myllnar hath laped the parsons wief 
the parson doeth hOt him blame 
he knowes it and wynkes at the same 
she is a Iade he is a Cuckwold 
A knave and a Bawde 



WATERS UPTON 1609 331 

Thapparitor will beare blame 
when Master Chauncellor doeth knowe that he wynkes at the saine 

mb 3 (22June) 

°Iuratus 22 ° Iunij Anno septimi lacobi Regis 
Edwardus Iones ° 
The Ioynt and seuerail answers ofwilliam Meddins Richard 
Arnwey and Thomas vaughan three ofthe defendants to the 
slaunderous and vntrue Bill of Complaint of Roger Lowe 10 
Clarke fane his wyfe and Richard Rocksbye Complainantes 
The said defendantes not confessing or acknowledginge any the martets or thinges 
(..) the said Bill ofComplaint conteyned against them the said defendantes 
or any of them to be lust or true in such sort manner and forme as in and 
by the said Bill ofComplaint is most vntruely surmised and ailedged by ts 
protestac/on such that the said Bill of Complaint and rail & eueryl the matters 
and thinges therein conteyned against them the said defendantes are in the 
most matteriai! pattes thereofailtogether vntrue and devised and exhibited 
into this honorable Court against theese defendantes, vppon purpose and 
lmaginacion to procure theese defendantes for the avoyding of Chardges and 20 
expences in lawe to make some Composicion with them the said defendantes 
or other wise to putt them theese defendantes to great and vnnecessary Costes 
Chardges and expences in lawe without any lust cause or occasion soe to doe 
Neutrthelesse theese defendantes saveing to them selves and euery of them 
now and art ail tymes hereafter ail and euery the benefittes and advantages of 25 
excepcion to the incertenties insuffîciencies contraryeties and imperfeccions 
ofthe said Bill of Complaint for full and true answere therevnto or vnto asmuch 
thereofas any way concerneth them the said defendantes or any of them, and 
for a full and true dedaracion and satisfaccion vnto this honorable Court of 
the innooende oftheese defendantes and ofeuery ofthem of in and Concerninge 3o 
ail and euery the Misdemeasnors and offences in and by the said Bill of 
Complaint vniustly laied to the Chardg of these defendantes or any of them 
[or any ofthem] say and euery one ofthem for him selfseueraily sayeth in 
Manner and forme foliowinge and first the said defendant William Meddins 
for him sdfseueraily sayeth that on or aboutes Monday in the Easter weeke 35 
last past coming to the vsuail place to the Chappell of Rowton within the 
said Countie of Salop as formerly for many yeres hee had done to reade 
morning praier being Curate or reader there went to the accustomed place 
in the said Chappell for reading ofdyvine service, and Coming thether hee 
espied a paper, wh/ch was fixed vppon a poast full in his vewe and therevppon 40 
this defendant went to the said poast wherevppon the said paperwas fixed or 

20/ Imaginaedon: 2minimsforin in fs 35-61 Monday ... past: 17Aori11609 

332 WATERS UPTON 1609 

fastned and puiled the saine downe and vewed the saine pryvatly to him 
seife before his reading prayers wh/ch paper (as this defendant 2thinkethl 
Conteyneth the saine matter as the same wryteing or iybeli in ail poyntes in 
the said Bill mencioned And after prayers was done this defendant (conceavyng 
the saine paper was there fLxed to disgrace him this defendant and his wyfe) 
was much moved therewith and therevppon pubiquely toid the people then 
present that hee was wronged for that hee supposed the said paper was sett 
vpp in his disgrace and then entreated the said people in the said Chappell 
to beare with him yfhee should then staye long from eveninge prayer for 
that hee would goe to the Iustices ofthe peace to Complayne ofthe wronge 
he had receyved or vsed wordes or speeches to such or the iyke effect and 
therevppon this defendant afier dynner ofthe saine day went towardes Sir 
Robert Vernon knight then and yet one of his Maiesties Iustices ofthe Peace 
for the Countie of Salop, and going on his way towardes Hodnett where the 
said Sir Robert Vernon then and yett dweileth Thomas Leake one ofthe 
defendantes in the Bill named mett this defendant and demaunded ofhim 
this defendant whither hee went wherevppon this defendant answered he 
went to Complaine to Sir Robert Vernon ofwronge wh/ch hee had receyved 
who told this defendant that the said [defendan] Sir Robert had straungers 
and Could not be at leasure to be spoaken with or vsed wordes to such or the 
iyke effect wherevppon this defendant returned backe againe and repayred to 
the howse of the defendant Richard Arnwey and toid him the whole matter 
who gave this defendant counsayle to goe home and kepe yt Close to him self 
wherevppon this defendant departed home to his owne howse and afiwardes 
(as this defendant taketh yt) vppon thursday in the Easter weeke last the 
said Complainant Lowe Came vnto this defendantes howse and asked this 
defendant for the paper hee found in Rowton Chappeli vppon the Monday 
before and desired to see the same or vsed wordes to such or the lyke effect 
where vppon this defendant delyuered the saine paper to the said Complainant 
Lowe and this defendant still finding bim self agreeved with the said paper 
or wryteing conceaveing the same to be meant by him and his wyfe did the 
next day afier repayre vnto one ofhis maiesties Iustices ofthe peace for the 
said County and ruade knowne vnto him how much he was Iniured and/in 
what sort 1 and aboutes fowr or fyve dayes after the said Compiainant Lowe 
caused this defendant to be brought before Sir ffrauncis Newport knight 
then and yett one ofhis maiesties Iustices ^rofye peacel for the said Countie 
of Salop and there wyshed this defendant to Ioyne with him in suyte of 
iawe, for the said wrong wh/ch this defendant refused, sayeing yfthe said 
Complainant conceaved the saine to be ruade in disgrace ofhim the said 

2/ ^r thinkethl: cladngparentheds oraitted 
6/ pubiquely: #r publiquely 

24/ aftwardes:firafi,,rwardes; abbreviation mark missing 
25/ thursday ... 20 Api11609 

WATER UPTON 1609 333 

Complainant yt had much misled this defendant and hee shouid thincke 
better ofhis wyf'e then other wyse hee should have donne or vsed wordes to 
such or the iyke effect and this defendant denyeth that he entermedled with 
the said slaunderous wryteinge in the Bill mencioned in any other sort then 
hee hath herein and hereby expressed sett forth and declared to this defendantes 
best remembraunce And the said defendant Richard Arnwey for him seifsayeth 
that hee was not art the Chappell ofRowton being his place ofresort to heare 
devine service) vppon monday in the Easter weeke art wh/ch tyme the same 
or the like slaunderous Wryteinge mencioned in the said Bill was there fownd 
as this defendant hath heard But this defendant sayeth that hee being at his 
own howse in Rowton aforesaid art dynner vppon the said Monday in the 
F_aster weeke with some of his frendes the defendant Meddins came into this 
defendantes howse, and seemeing marvelously discontented told this defendant 
howe hee had beene much wronged and then related vnto this defendant ofthe 
paper sert vpp by the place hee vsually said service and shewed the same vnto 
him this defendant pryvatdy being as hee taketh yt the very same slaunderous 
wryteing in the Bill menc/oned the said defendant Meddins (as this defendant 
thincketh), conceaveing the same to be meant against him and his wyfe and 
said there had beene before that tyme dyuerse slaunderous things wrytten in 
the prayer Booke wh/ch hee vsually read ofwherevppon this defendant wyshed 
him to be quiet and promised him to doe his best endevor to discouer who 
was the author thereofand to finde out whose hand wryteing the [the] said 
slaunderous wryteing was or vsed wordes to such or the iyke purpose and 
therevppon the said Meddins departed and this defendant further sayeth 
that vppon tuesday in the easter weeke last this defendant repayreing to the 
foresaid Chappell ofRowton to heare Morning prayer after service was done 
Came vnto the howse ofthe defendant Meddins and to the end the Contryver 
ofthe said slaunderous wryteinge might bee the better knowne or round out 
hee desired a sight againe ofthe said wryteing conceaveinge the saine to be 
meant by the defendant Meddins and his wyfe and this defendant haveing the 
same delyuered him by the said defendant Meddins did therevppon wyshe 
one Richard ffelton being then present to wryte a Coppy thereof for this 
defendant to take Counsayle of yt on the behalf of the said Meddins wh/ch 
the said ffelton did accordingly But this defendant sayeth thar yf hee shewed 
the said Coppye or did conferre w/th anie one concerning the same before his 
being ruade a partie herevnto yt was to the intent the framers or contryvers 
ofthe same slaunderous wryteing might be discouered, or to the end to knowe 
what course was fit-te for the said Meddins ^rto take 1 Concerninge the same 
wh/ch was ail this defendant did concerning the saine slaunderous wryteing 

17/ defedant: d written over another letter 

251 tuesday ... last: 1SAlami 1609 
29/ conceaveinge: veinge wuen over erasure 

334 WATERS UPTON 1609 / WELLINGTON 1606-7 

to his now remembrance, for that afterwardes the said Complainant Lowe 
tooke the same wryteing to be meant by him and his wyfe And the said 
defendantes William Meddins Richard Arnwey and Thomas vaughan doe 
further say that they have Credybly heard that the said Rockesby one ofthe 
Complainantes hath songe the said slaunderous wordes in the said lybell s 
mencioned in an alehowse and these defendantes doe verely conceave that hee 
was the author thereofand the said defendantes are the Rather perswaded soe 
to conceave for that the said Complainant Rocksby (as theese defendantes 
have heard and hope to prove) is knowen to be a disordered feilowe and hath 
heretofore made framed and published slaunderous Rymes and songes of his t0 
neighbors, and the said defendantes William Meddins Richard Arnwey and 
Thomas Vaughan doe Ioyntly further saye and euery one for him selfseuerally 
sayeth that they have not nor any ^rone of them hath made or contryved 
nor doe or any one ofthem doth knowe who did make or Contryve the said 
slaunderous wryteinge in the said Bill menc/oned, and that theese defendantes ts 
are not nor any one ofthem is ofthe said plotting confederacie malicious 
contryveing and putting in wryteing ofthe said iybell or publishinge or gyveing 
Coppies ofthe same or any the misdemeasnors in the said Bill of Complaint 
Conteyned guyltie in such manner and forme as in and by the said Complainantes 
in their said Bill ofComplaint is most vntruely alledged, or in any other Manner z0 
then they and euery ofthem in their answeres have seuerally sett forth, and 
Ioyntly and seuerally traverse and say without that that any other matter or 
thinge in the said Bill ofComplaint conteyned against theese defendantes or 
any ofthem & not herein by them the said defendantes or some or one ofthem 
sufiîciently answered vnto confessed and avoyded rorl denyed [or t] is to the zs 
knowledg oftheese defendantes or any ofthem true ail wh/ch matters and 
thinges theese defendantes axe and euery one ofthem is Ready to averre Iustifie 
maintayne and prove as this most honorable Court shali award, and humbly 
pray and eutxy one for him seuerally [saye] prayeth to be hence dismissed wh 
their reasonable Costes and Chardges in this behalfmost wrongfully susteyned/ 30 
(signed) Edward Breintry 


Order jom Andrew Charlton, le, to the Bailiffs of Shrewsbury 
sRo: 3365/2214 
single sheet-single sheet verso* 

Worshfiall my heartiest commendacions vnto yow both remembred: wheras 

17/ lybell: umtten over erasure of longer word(,) and foilowed by hue fiflers to covev remaining ,pace 



WELLI NGTON 1606--7 335 

about Michaelmas last the persons whose names are vnderwritten (who as 
they confessed did dwell within your towne of Salop or the liberties therof) 
assembled themselues in the towne ofWellington with intent to haue acted 
a stage plaie, openlie vppon the Saboth chie, before the whole assemblie, before 
evening praier ofthe same Saboth daie. Whervppon notice therofbeing given s 
vnto mee I immediatlie sent for the constables, charging them on the behalfe 
ofhis maiestie to giue expresse commandment in his maiestes naine vnto the 
persons aforsaid, and other there Complices that they should desist ffom there 
intended purpose for that daie, wh/ch the constables forthwith accomplished 
accordinglie Notwithstanding they dissobeying the charge ofthe constables 0 
acted the saine plaie after eveninge praier ofthe saine Saboth wherby the Saboth 
was prophaned and the lawes ofthe realme and statuts in that case ruade and 
provided w[h]ere inffinged Wherfore my request vnto yow is that yow will 
cause the peinons aforsaid to come belote yow and them to examine conceminge 
there misdemainor aforsaid as shali appertaine as also who were the cheife s 
pr0curers ofthe committinge ofthe said misdemanor and also to bind them 
the pr0curers and acters as you vppon examinacion shall find culpable by 
recognizaunce to answer for the breach ofthe law aforsaid before the lustices 
of Assise at the next generall Assise or gaole deliuery to bee holden for this 
countie to the end that such punishment maie bee inflicted vppon them as u0 
by reason ofthe misdemainor aforsaid they haue deserved And to thensample 
ofothers herafter hot to commit the like And so nothing doubting ofyour 
accomplishment herofpraying to bee aduertised somtime before the Assises how 
far yow haue proceeded in this busines 1 leaue yow to the most righteous 
Your very loving frend to vse us 
(signed) A: Charlton 

./Iohn Hawkes 
./Humfrey Wever 
/.Ioseph Scott 
./Abraham Iones 
./Richard Waters 
/Richard Hurst 
/Thomas lones 
/Thomas Boyer I 



persuadors to the players to playe 
(..) wellingeton on the saboth daye/ 

1 / Michaelmas last: probably 29 SelOtember 1606 
38/(.. ): sheet damaged 

338 WELLINGTON 1614 

fforster his wiefe lohn Laude Robert Gratton lohn Chapman Elizabeth 
Chapman Iane Iones loane Iones Iohn Cooke alias Sherman Thomas Cooke 
alias Sherman and the said other persons whose names are yet vnknowne to your 
said subiectes for and by reason ofthe said Conspiracie PIott, Combynacion 
Confederacie practize persuasion and Incouragement ofthe said Thomas s 
fforster not haveinge the feare of God before their Eyes nor havinge respecte 
to your Maiesties peaceable and quiet gouernement nor to the Violatinge and 
breakinge ofyour highenes good lawes and statutes ordayned & provided for 
the saine: Haue sithence the said xvjth daie of Aprill in the Twelueth yeere of 
your highenes raigne of England ffraunce and Ireland and ofScottland the 10 
xlvij th and euerie one ofthem hath together and seuerallie and att dyuers tymes 
and in sundrye places in and throughe the towne ofwe|lington and els where 
within your highenes said Countie ofSalop w/th Ioude and lyfted vp voyces 
published dyvulged spoken songe and repeated the said Infamous and scandalous 
lybell in hec verba viz. lohn Bennett is to London gone proces for to bringe 15 
and he that saies Iane Bennett is a whore shall kneele before the kinge But I 
will to London goe and kneele before his grace and there Ile saye she is a whore 
in spire of Bennettes face. And the saine scandalous Libell they doe and euerie 
one ofthem yet doth daielie publishe dyvulge speake synge and repeat. And 
for the further and greater disgracinge and discreditinge ofyour highenes said 2o 
subiectes The said Thomas fforster and the said ffrauncis fforster Iohn Laude 
Roberte Gratton Iohn Chapman Elizabeth Chapman Iane Iones Ioane Iones 
Iohn Cooke alias Sherman Thomas Cooke al/as Sherman and the said other 
persons to your highenes said subiectes vnknowne by the persuasion procurement 
and Incouragement ofthe said Thomas fforster and for and by reason ofthe 25 
Combynacion Conspiracie plott and Confederacie aforesaid Haue and euerie 
one ofthem hath sithence the said Sixteenthe daie ofAprill dyuers and sundrie 
tymes vpon the ntarket daies in the towne of Wellington in markett tyme and 
in and neere vnto the markett place there in the presence and hearinge ofverye 
many your highenes subiectes there assembled to doe their Marketteswith 30 
loude voyces published dyvulged spoken sunge and repeated the said scandalous 
libell. And not onlie soe But they the said Thomas fforster & ffrauncis fforster 
Iohn Laud Roberte Gratton Iohn Chapman Elizabeth Chapman Iane Iones 
Ioane Iones Iohn Cooke al/as Sherman Thomas Cooke al/as Sherman and the 
said other persons whose names are yet vnknowne vnto your subiectes by the 35 
^respeciall 1 procurement Instigacion & Incoragement ofthe said Thomas fforster 
and for and by reason ofthe Conspiracie and Combynacion aforesaid Haue 
and euerie one ofthem hath and yett doe and euerie ofthem doth ^rdailiel 
Resorte and repaire neere and belote the dote ofthe house where your said 
subiectes doe dwell in Wellington aforesaid and there not onlie in the daie tyme «0 

15-18/ in hec verba, lohn Iknnett ... face: m italiccHpt 

WELLINGTON 1614 339 

but att vndue & vnfittinge tymes in the night season in Contemptuous & 
disgracefull manner haue and euerie one of them hath and yet doe and euerie 
one ofthem doth there with loude voyces Publishe dyvulge speake singe and 
repeate the said infamous and scandalous libell to the vtter defamacion scandall 
discredit and disgrace ofyour highenes said subiectes and the greate disquiet s 
and disturbance oftheWhole Neighbourhood In tender Considerac/on Whereof 
and forasmuch as the framinge Contryvinge Makinge & publishinge of the 
said scandalous libell and Conspiracye Combynacion and Confederacie aforesaid 
and thother Misdeameanours and Offences are directlie contrarie to your 
highenes good Lawes and statutes in such cases made & prouided and the 0 
peace and tranquillitie ofyour highenes peaceable and ^rgood 1 gouernement 
And haue been Committed perpetrated published made and done sithence 
your Maiesties late generall & free pardon And that yf the said Malefactours 
should Escape condigne and due punishement for the said Makinge framinge 
Contryvinge and publishinge the said scandalous Libell and thother 1.5 
Misdeameanours and offences yt would be a greate Incouragement and 
dangerous example to them and other like evill disposed persons to perpetrate 
Comitt make and publishe the like scandalous libells Misdeameanours and 
Offences And forasmuch as the demeritt and due punishement of the said 
devisinge Contryvinge makinge and publishinge ofthe said scandalous libell 20 
& thother Misdeameanours and Offenceswill terrifie and forwarne the said 
Malefactours and other like evill disposed persons to perpetrate Comitt and 
doe such or other like: Maie it please your gracious Ma/estie ofyour accustomed 
Ciemencie and goodnoe to graunte to your said subiectes your gracious Writt 
of Subpena to be directed vnto the said Thomas fforster frauncis fforster lohn 2s 
Laude Roberte Gratton Iohn Chapman Elizabeth Chapman Iane Iones Ioane 
Iones Iohn Cooke al/as Sherman Thomas Cooke al/as Sherman and to the said 
other persons to your said Subiectes as yet vnknowne to your said subiectes when 
they shalbe made knowne and to euerie one of them Thereby Comaundinge 
them and euerie of'them art a certaine daie and vnder a certaine Faine thereby 30 
by your highenes to be lymyted to be and personallie to appeare before your 
Maiesties most honourable Councell in your highenes Courte of Starrchamber 
then and there to answere vnto the premisses and euerie parte & parcell thereof 
vpon their seuerall Corporali Oathes and to doe, stande to, performe 
and Abide such Order and direction in the premisses and to receaue endure 35 
and surfer such Condigne and demeritt punishement for their said Offences 
as to your Mestie And your highenes said Councell shall seeme fitt and 

(signed) Crowther 

28/ to ]cour said Subiectes... to your said subiecte,: ,econd occurrence rrdundant 

342 WHF_.ATHILL 1615 I WORFIELD 1500--3 

immediate post Evangelium tempore divinorum die dominico proximo et ad 
certificandum in proximo °Quinto die Septembr/s predicti preconizatus &c 


1500 - 1 
Cimrch and Cimutry Wardem" Accouu SRo: 1374/48 
p 3* (Rendered 22 February 1500/1) (Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In primis Receptum pro seruicia ad festum pentecostes 
Item De Iuuenibus 

Ciurd and Cimntry Wardens" Accounts SRO: 1374148 
p 7* (Rendered 22 February 1501/2) (Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In pr/mis de seruicia in festo penthecostes de claro 
Item pro Iuuenibus 

iiij or iii(...) 




Church and Chantry Wardens" Accoun sRo: 1374148 
p 9* (Rendered 22 February 1502/3)(Churchwardens'receipts) 

In primis flot the pley clerely Rfceiuedthe pleyarars rewardyd 
for ler labor 

iii s. iiij d. 

p 11 (Chantry wardens'receipts) 

In primis pro seruicia in festo pentecostes de claro 

iij li. 

Item de luuenibus 

xiij d. 

I II pentecostts: 7June 150o 
I II (...): edgr ofheet damaged 
201 penthecostes: 30 May 1501 

291 pleyarars: #r pleyars 
351 pentecostes: 15 May 1502 




WORFIELD | 503--6 
CSurc5 and CSantr 1Tarden" Accounts SRO: 1374/48 
p 15 (Rendered 22 February 1503/4) (Chantry ward¢ns'receipts) 
Item pro seruicia in festo pentecostes de claro. 
Item de luuenibus 
p 16 (Chantry wardens'expenses) 
Item Iohanni Gyldon pro rege in festo pentecostes 

lj s. viii d. 
[iiij d.l v d. 



Church and Chantry grardens'Accounts sao: 1374/48 
p 19 (Rendered 22 February 1504/5) (Chantry ward¢m" receipts) 
Item pro seruicia in festo pentecostes de claro 
Item de luuenibus 

p 20 (Chantry wardem'expenses) 
Item pro frumento erga pentecosten 

Iii s. x d. 

xj d. 




Clurch and Clantry grardens" A.counts silo: 1374/48 
p 23 (Rendered 22 February 1505/6) (Chantry wardem'receipts) 
In primis de seruicia in festo pentecostes 
Item de luuenibus 

xlij s. iiij d. 
vj d. 



51 pentecostes: 4June 1503 
i 9/pentecostes: 26May 1504 
33/ pentecoues: 11 May 1505 

346 WORFIELD 1516-21 

Church and Chantry Wardem" Accoun SRO: 1374148 
p 51 (Rendered 24 February 1516/17)(Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In pr/mis pro seruisia In temporepentecostesde claro iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. 


Item for ij strike ofwhete ij s. 

Ctaurch and Ctaantry Wardem" Accoun SRO: 1374148 
p 53* (Rendered22 February 1517/18)(Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In pn'mis pro seruisia In tempore pentecostesde claro 


Church and Chantry Wardens'Accoun SRO: 1374148 
p 55 (Rendered 22 February 1518/19)(Chantry wardens" receipts) 
In prinfis pro seruisia In tempore pentecostes De Claro iij li. xiij s. iiij d. 

Ctaurcta and Ctaantry Wardem" Accoun SRO: 1374148 
p 58 (Rendered 22 February 1519/20) (Chantry wardens" receipts) 
In pn'mis pro seruisia In temporepentecostesde claro iii li. xvj d. ob. 

Church and Chantry Wardem" Accoun SRO: 1374148 
p 59 (Rendered 22 February 1520/1) (Churchwardens" receipts) 
Item ofthe pley. 

llJ $. 

51 pentecoes: 11 May 1516 
171 pentecosteJ: 31 May 1517 

241 pentecostes: 23 May 1518 
311 pentecosteJ: 12June 1519 







WORFIELD 1520-5 
p 60 (Chantry wardens" receipts) 
In primis pro seruisia In tempore pentecostes De c|aro 


iii li. xiij s. viii d. 

Church and Chantry llTarden'Account sao: 1374148 
p 62 (Rendered 22 February 1521/2)(Chantry wardem" receipts) 
In primis pro seruisia In tempore pentecostes De Claro v li. iii s. iiij d. 


Churh and Chantry llTarden'Acount sRo: 1374148 
p 63* (Rendered 22 February 1522/3)(Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In primis pro seruisia In tempore pentecostes de claro iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. 
Item de Iunioribus v d. 



Church and Chantry llTarden'Accounu sRo: 1374148 
p 172 (Rendered 22 February 1523/4) (Chantry wardens'receipts) 

In primis pro seruisia in tempore pentecostes de claro 

iii li. xvj s. iii d. 


Clurch and Chantry llTarden'Account sao: 1374/48 
p 175 (Rendered22 February 1524/5) (Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In primis pro seruisia in festo pentecostes de claro, iiij li. ix s. vij d. 

3/ pentecoues: 27 May 1520 
10/ pentecostes: 19 May 1521 
171 petecostes'. 8 June 1522 
261 pentecotes: 24 May 1523 
331 pentecostes: 15 May 1524 



WORFIELD 1535--44 
Church and Chantry Wardem'Ac«ount, sRo: 1374/48 
p 199 (Rendered 22 February 1535/6) (Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In pr/mis pro seruisia In festo pentecostes De claro, iiij li. xj s. x d. 

Church and Chantry Wardem'Acount sRo: 1374/48 
p 201 (Rendered 22 February 1536/7) (Chantry wardens'receipts) 
In pr/mis pro seruisia In festo pentecostes de claro receperunt 

iiij li. x s. 


Clurl and Ciantry Wardem" Acounts sRo: 1374148 
p 203* (Rendered 25 Match 1542) (Receipts of St Mary's ale wardens) 
In pn'mis pro seruitia in pentecoste de claro v li. vj s. vij d. 



Churh and Chantry Wardem'Acount.t sRo: 1374/48 
p 205 (Rendered 28 Match 1543) (Receipts of St Mary's ale wardens) 

In pr/mis pro seruisia in pentecoste de claro 

iij ll. miij s. ij d. 


Cturch and Chantry Wardem'Account.t sRo: 1374/48 
p 207 (Rendered 25 March 1544) (Receipts of St Mary's ale wardens) 

Pro'mis pro seruicia in Pentecoste de claro 

v li. vj[jl s. viij d. 


5/ pentecotte: 16May 1535 
12/ penteco,te: 4June 1536 
19/ pentecotte: 5 June 1541 

26/ pentecoste: 28 May 1542 
33/ Pentecotte: 13 May 1543 

WORFIELD 1544--6 351 

Cimri and Cimntry Wardem'Accounts silo: 1374148 
p 208 (Rendered 5 Apri11545) (Cturchwardem'payments) 
Item to the mynstreli for oid dette 

xj d. 

p 209 (Receipts of St Mary's ale wardtm) 
Primis pro seruitia In festo pentecostes 

iii ll. xvij s. 

Cimmi and Cimntry Warden'Ac«ounts silo: 1374/48 
p 210 (Rendered 11 March 1545/6) (Churchwardens'payments) 
Item for wax & meat & drinke a yenst whyttsontyd 

111 $. 

p 2 l l (Receipu of St Marri ale warderu) 
Primis pro seruitia In tempore pentecostes 

iiij li. 




Cimmb and Cimntry Warden" Accounts silo: 1374/48 
p 214* (Rtceipts of St Mary's ale wardem) 
In primis pro seruisia in tempore pentecostede c[aro iiij [i. [(..)] xv s. iiij d. 
ooo 30 

iiij s. iiij d. 

Cburcb and Ctmntry Warden," Accounts silo: 1374/48 
p 82 (25 Match-24 Match) (Receipts of St Mary's ale wardens) 
Receiued for the churchale 


51 xj &: part//, obcuredi,guner 
101 pente¢o*te,: 1 ]une 1544 

17/ whyttsontyd: 24 May 1545 
29/ Ixntec0e*: 13 Jtme 1546 

354 STRANGE oF BLACKMERE 1401--25 

M in kstrall0rum 

iiij Ministrall/s [domini] Comit/sArundell primo die April/s ex dono domini 
x s. Item solutum Alexandro flîthelere x die Decembr/s ex dono domini iij s. 
iiij d. Item solutum cuidam Citheratori [domini] Comitis Arundell xvjo die 
April/s ex dono domini xx d. 

Item solutum Thome Piper in plena solucione feodi sui vsque 
Natalem domini hoc anno capienti per annum xl s. 
Item solutum eidem Thome in partem feo&" post festum 
Nata// domini anno iijto capienti per annum vt supra 
Item solutum Bircestre socio suo in plena solucione feo&" sui 
usque Nata/em domini anno iijto capienti per annum vt supra 
Item solutum eidem Bircestre in partem feodi sui post dictum 
festum Anno iijto capienti per annum vt supra 
Item solutum Stephano socio suo in partem feodisui post 
dictum festum rvltra iii s. viii d. solutum eidem per dictum 
Wodburn alia vice1 capientiperannum vt supra 
Item solutum Henrico Trumpet in partem feo&'sui post 
dictum festum anno iijto capienti per annum vt supra 

vj s viii d. 
xiij s. iiij d. 
vj s. viii d. 
xiij s. iiij d. 

xiij s. iiij d. 
xiij s. iiij d. 



HouaehoM Accounts of Ankaret Talbot, Lady Strange sRo: 212/85 No. 3 
mb 6 (1 August 1411-30 September 1412) (January disbursements) 

... in oblacione domine die Sponsacionis Anne filie domine vij d .... Et 
solutum Galfrido loicchir' ad dandum Mynstrell' die SponsacionisAnne 
predicte xx s .... 



Hou, eiold Accounts of Jotm Talbot, Lord Strange SRO: 212/85 No. 6 
mb 2 (30 September-12 September) (Girls) 
...Et in dono. ij hominibus de Salop/a ludentibus quoddam inteudium coram 
domina die Epiphanie iii s. iiij d .... 


371 die Epiphanie: 6January 1424/5 




Inventory of Goods of Robert Needham, 1st Viscount Kilmorey 
Lyte: 'MSS of Earl of Kilmorey' 
p 374 
In the Great Parlour. "Three great mappes and three little mappes. One 
skreene .... A pair ofvirginalls on a frame." 
In the inner room. "One base vyall, one lute, one orpheron, one bandora 
with a case, one yron to roste aples." 


Household Accounts of Robert Needham, 2nd Viscount Kilmorey 
sRo: 946/B.30 
nf verso* (25 Match-24 Match 1639/40) (May disbursements) 
To ye musitian ofWhitchurche his boy yat brought a salmon 
from his master 000 



0 2O 

nf verso (15 June) (Rewards) 
To ye musitians man ofWhitchurch yat sent a salmon 


O2 0 


nf verso (August-January) (Payments) 
-Fo Mr Balle ye Dauncer, December ye 19 th, in part for 
teaching ye children to daunce after ye rate of 10 s. ye weeke 




nf* (Other disbursements) 
To ye musicke ofWhitchurch when ye Earle of Bridgewater 
was at Shenton 
To ye Newcastle musitians 
To ye Musitians of Bridgenorth 






0 40 


To ye Breretons musitians 
nf verso 
Giuen to ye musitians men of Whitchurch 
nf verso (January-March) (Disbursements) 
Giuen to Mr Balle ye dancer 






02 0 

10 0